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2 PROECC dx . V 'Xu E' Qonongn HI.. ,'llfl ss'.N rl' Q,.o""""""'o Q 51 9' Q J' 05.4 xl I Q.: A g 1 J 5 nm 36 E : :E vang E45 E X WAY! : X lo.. .fb .I 0 0... .QA 'O 9 le HISTORI NEWBERRY COLLE I I f f M55 S ' -0 ,r --"'0:frr""' 7952 W A ew errian lgeaenfa CAL SHETCHES GE. NEWBERRY, S. C. 1831 1952 N' --.+V . k 'T' vm ,NEW 4 W f YS,- ,. s.-- 1 V' ,MCE ,Y ' j -h i" A, .4 I , . .. lm , .Q I y ., r -M ' ' TH E AN N A ,lf . W! v, , " .. " 9 'W 5 v OF THE THU., , ,Hy Nu.. A "0O'.f.,-, A . . ,I yy, A , if . .. vu I I K ' ' '1 - 41,4 ' , , ' ,f . xg , ,- 1 .... ,, f . I ' W ,, , -3 " ' ' . H - -f .. V if ,, -fy Y' ' ' , V , 5 .1 1 v Q 4 ' , - M. ,.J'uji,' 4 sw, ' " . , . .,.., f ' H Y jykg ' ' - K"g7Q51f"d1j 'Y , , fiillzbjrfifi, JM-my .Wi lu ' -'L:U'?..4l,-' .:, ' fi "ff .U -, A A xx 1' Kg- - -,vu iw' J 'Q 3 'I uv- ' Q, , It . Af- ,1 ' W, rv K f l .Mull ey, -Qgffrfmiy f H, W-f75W:'2'34g2g,V,,,i?W 11,.,-iwygxr' ' ,kai E, ,lfkzw . ,fr K J V f V45 ' ff, ,W 3 '- ,- f':1xr,p' -M - 1- 1 42' w 'ff' f , f. 405' .wh 'A ' 4 1- AN . A , ' 1 , In-A f. ,. ,fuf 441141, - ,, -vw, ,,, ,, f ,qw spy , N , - 5- y , ,, 49' ' ' f 539 Y f 5. AWN' fha, ,914 2 if f 'f Www 1 , f My K 'X"w W f ,uw A 'ga' 'Aww Higham' . f w 'fs' 99:1 r 4 f f 1 ,J 31 'f'4:?1 I iwx - K w fi' 3' 'G ". - MVN AQ" "' M M' ' 2.15 4 Kww' ' "ff .1 ,v-5,g.A .TA QU - ,M , r, '-,V , . pf if 'P 1. j .4 If A J. M 'E .W A M4541 .L:55k'wV1'?Y",.f7f'fW"5f2if5 ' -1 - J, rf- i.fWh4iQ!fC9Y'a 1fL.1k'1.M. ...i..'fi'L ' 1- .s,'i2h.4M m fn-Mg-...uxafnaaeQ'iu'i.Jki f wvvwww , .Wm 4 .l nv ' . " 1. ,yu ' ,V P"-rf' u rv?" I 4 Q 'V N 1 -1 -H. A 1 1 .4 Wm f f 4 luv ,p .MI g ...f--n..-H 4.-., .,., 4 . WN' J v 5 'Q F qv! w ya-il'15""w ,,,.w -awww 4'ff+""""" ' -yu-pam .H . w,.v ,.,,M-. R A X 1 fm Un A x A M. ,Q ' ' - wwk' -K ww ,... , wcwxw 4-.wvvn-nw I Q. 4 .n -ll mpnnm- V H el .' ,Aww K 4 M . wal w vw-an X000-Gif" ,. . -1 M ,.. , .. V' f s n nun A . .,.,,g M av ,W ,,. ,. W- 'WW In . ' -an-'UF uv 'z"',...:J5 'Y . 1, W-Q. 3-.wr M- 4,4--g V M: M K- -1-'qua A -an ., ...xl Q , , .s.g.y, - unix .,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........ .....,...,.. ,. ... 4..-.- awp .... ww ,. .... QW' 'V ivkpvd ,, 1 'N' , X 5 ', ,ug , Q -. QI' . 1 . , ' rv ji 'A ' Q 3,1 ' 1 N ' W -, ,tw J '4-N Qyecbcafion DR. PAUL H. HICISPIY For his ready Wit and ever-present sense of humor5 for his constant loyalty to church and school and his unrestrained service to both5 for his Willingness to share with us his eminent wisdom-because he is a judicious philosopher, a steadfast friend, and a Christian teacher, We humbly dedicate this 1952 NEWBIQRRIAN to Dr. Paul H. I-leisey. A 5111 iilivmnriam SIMON RAY GRIMM H892-1951, For his friendliness, his unfailing humor, his sympathetic understand- ing and will to help, his fine Christian life and devotion to his church and communty, Dr. Grimm will long be- remembered by those who knew him. 5 is 'E'-we '- i-is J:--T.-f v .J ' "--- 1'LT3L.."'.,, ,..",j 1...- - , nn S - V I K.. -. . Q., , ,157 ..--' . -.-7-N - .zaf- "X-' .,. , ' .. -V ff. .f "f TM --F , -vgfa. . L 1 , 1l11The history of the efforts of South Carolina Lutherans to found an institution of higher learning began at the annual meeting of the South Carolina Synod in Charleston in 1828. The Rev. John Bach- man, D.D., President of the Synod of South Carolina and Adjacent States, recom- mended in his annual report the establish- ment of an institution of learning, the chief purpose of which was to be the training of ministers for the church. The Synod resolved to establish a seminary and to conduct in connection with it a "Classical Academy." This was the original school which some years later became Newberry College. T h e first session opened in February, 1831. 1lflAt the meeting of Synod in 1832, Lexington, S. C., was chosen as the loca- tion for the institution. From 1833 to 1853 the "Classical and Theological Insti- tute of the South Carolina Synod" was guided by the Rev. E. L. Hazelius, D.D. In 1854, the Synod considered it advis- able to seek a new home for the institution and to secure a charter constituting it a regular college with power to c o n f e r degrees. Proposals were received from Newberry and Walhalla and in 1856 New- berry was chosen. At the Synod meeting this year the school was known as "Luther College and Theological Seminary," but in the following year the present name, "Newberry College," was adopted. The college was chartered by the General As- sembly of South Carolina on December 20, 1 856. . At the meeting of the Board of Trustees on january 13, 1857, the contract was let for the erection of the first college building for the sum of :S18,000. The preparatory department was opened in October, 1858, and the college proper began operation in lfebruary, 1859. The first president was the Rev. Theophilus Stork, D.D., of Phila- delphia, but on account of sickness he returned North in the Spring of 1860 and the Rev. James Allen Brown, D.D., Pro- fessor of Theology, was elected as his successor. f Dr. Brown returned North in February, 1861, and the Board of Trustees elected as President the Rev. J. 1'. Smeltzer, 11.11, who guided the perilous fortune of the struggling little college during the war and the period of Reconstruction. In the sum- mer of 1865, the college building was occupied by the Federal garrison. In order to secure funds to keep the college open, Dr. Smeltzer baked bread and peddled it to the Union soldiers who would always make him eat a portion of each batch of bread that they might be sure he was not trying to poison them. Now came a crisis in the history of the college. Because of the damage done the college building by the 1"edera1 soldiers, it was considered un,- Nvmhrrrg Qlnllrgr 1831-1552 safe for occupancy, and there was no money for repairs. Endowment funds, invested in Confederate bonds, had been wiped out. At this time an offer was received from XValhal1a and the college was moved there. The people of Newberry could not long endure the sight of the ruins that had been a college. Grim and gaunt, the crumbling walls of that lone building on the hill beyond the town was a constant challenge to their enterprise. 1n 1876, the citizens of Newberry raised enough money to bring the college back home. 1111Under the wise administration of the beloved George W. Holland, 15.11, who served as president from 1877 to 1895 the J 'f .1 --- --- - --, 1 4,1 H -'- '- ' -- -lg-P? ' " Ei? -gl K 47: i -- x:2-'FETT-vf...t :JI'L. -1 .til 5- " N N N ---H -'----Q .e TL .-.ree-,:i - N - 'l'-EF-7'::-'fi-4' '-'.:.-I. -..--' - .- J- Pc?-5773-lfllv " - it 6- -- - . T -'L tlf--5: '--..,.-"-1'--f "-N. 'C-T-,.,-L1 -N12.. -----1-X 5 "-71'-:.Ti 5..-. -ff - -f . ---- 7' - "' ' 1 ' 'f' 7- - -"'.L'.1H:L:'Tf1 fix ft 3 "' -.25 F1 .i- - A -- PL:-5.5-,f3rlf,:, :LX ' ' f -: , , , ,..,.-..-- '-""'.-f- , --- -- , f-if . 11...-... sing- X ' .I - i' ef- - - 'l' 'M ' ' "L 5' ' -.- 1 - ' I 07 fx fig' ill? --?""' zz: -1. """ I r. -tif-ia..-1 -, --1. IT- I5 2, ru :- - ,:tl:L T- cL'L""T,1' TC' Fc ' l'-'C l-Y xl, ,,,,, :LL -an - sf' ff- lf f f .ers uv? gf? N 591'-rn ..V-,QV 1 EL- Li' -' + - G 9 ! 1 L- -- f I 7 4 . - .. , -- 7 . '- - - q L ' -, fr ' 3 3 7-7+ - - ' 71 W L , 'gf 3 "LH 'W 1 llllfri ,- -:-- 'vhfw 1... ff: "" ,jx x 2 1 I ,, ,Q 1.2 , lg, lg, niagw v,tt1 - 1' .1" G , hr., 4 ' I, 4 r I 2' Lil- - !'M'sl 1f' ll, fyjxhff' I g rim I 4'-Q--f' I 0 l .-X,-, Z " ' mn' ,r agff A rg Qc ' . - is 1 ,UV V. fl 1 7f.W'f'f 2,1 e 'Q 'figm '---'-- 'awquffg ,zfffzf '- - -Q h XM- ff., 4,-2 - s f -f fld s. V ""Z7 "' V ' .7 1-vflfi---,,,,f'ff 77 , .-.- 1 ,- . f- 62,51 1 1 x- f- .9-J-I-fhfjz My-'gf , f, -' f ,- s,..- k ...- a--,,,? ' ff- ,..- f-v --1.1 CI YIW N fl Sl U A4 am! WRIGll'l' UXIIJ, DIQRRICK HAIL ,7Vlen'5 Dm'111fimry college enjoyed a period of great progress. Dr. Holland, a one-armed Confederate veteran, gave his life to Newberry and when he died his last words were "God bless Newberry College." In 1895, Keller Hall was the next building erected on the campus. llllllr. George B. Cromer of Newberry, the first layman to serve as president of the college, was elected to succeed Dr. Holland. For eight years he gave the institution a brilliant administration. lt was during his presidency that Holland Hall, the main administration and academic building, was constructed. Dr. Cromer resigned in 1904 to resume the practice of law and was succeeded by the Rev. james f - Nemlnirrg Qlnllrgr 1 H31-1552 A. B. Scherer, LLD., Pii.D., who directed the college through steady progress until. 19118, when he resigned. ln 19117 Andrew Carnegie offered 251 U,- 000 for a new building on condition that the college raise an equal amount. ln live hours the total amount was secured in Newberry County and Carnegie Hall was soon built. lllllhe Rev. ul. Henry Harms, 13.11, suc- ceeded Dr. Scherer. He served until 1918, increasing the endowment of the college and its prestige in many fields. VVhen Dr. Harms resigned to become pastor to the Church of the Holy Communion in Phila- delphia, the Board of Trustees turned to the faculty for his successor and elected ' -H7 'N' 'XA .L ' N -mi ---bu, -...Q HWY s' 1 N was :Hs 3 1? 5 t m-1, - C yy. K .QQ ulvbi vsgs' :gen -lx X, ,s r 67, 3 '5 1 We fx, Tir .giqgisfs 31 f fs:- 321 K' tp? e lets 1 " 51sf...,. . ......' - f ss. Xi-xxabsix 2 5x u .e rg -Z 4 af? 1 , - "' 2 Nj '- M ff Q New ia? ? Ee Fi ' .5 hy! ' .. i -1 L: - ii- ' , .- ,QL 'rf' I l kj Kg 9 T- a ' Fr-r15i5 : P-V xii. Ill li mm Z e V r F !E,,.,ijgliani.u X X- -, . N ill, ,, Ill Qt 1 1 . ff - Q -' 1,1111 ll 1 3"f11'l1111'1llllllll il 1111111 1 1ft'EWff ti f fs 1 5"1f-llilsflll 1 '11- -U-,Mn ' ' 'e 11-in V F..--2 i '5:?'g"'c' 3Bg7k'l"'N- Ml, M-fb 1-5'iief.g11iSf37 --i'42".: "3 -24-if ' "1 .. .".!5'9"'f!a2253Sq,g..E?lE--- '." --1: ------ - ---- l --'.. Tru- s- ff.?.si-1-f' ---f. "--,- - . X f -Xe N 'QQEQTQLNN '-.T.'....TT'..'.T-v ' -44,,N ,V - Q- ,.-... -get .,.. . '- I --nh' ,W ..,.. - -f. , .35 Q59 -Y.K. -rf- ,fs " J f' fs MA- ,.. .,.,,,.a..:-f" 4, ff?" , x N A I, .. v-W 'iwii ,. A :Bu 'Q ' PM-I A 1 - ,.. 1 . sq., . ' 4 ..-UN, F-4. yi! M- "ya A A ' x A' ,, -V . ,Lim K . x '1 'li' .fn pw . mpg: . . K as 5, ,ff-A 1 .1 V, N ' 'QM ll, ,-z. I V 206- 3' . . rw' hmp13'5 ' 'iff A -' ww .. . 495 . ' -5" ff fi- if - .1 ,A ggi' yiffxgg A . wi' , r - ,lf Y X 49 ,. " 9, Q 1" ' 'Jfy g " " ul L," ' " ,A I ..,. 0 ' ',' 1 It ,:.. ,N I 'W I X uf ' F ". 1 , W ' 43' 'fx' 1 ww.. M -w ,. , ,,4 , A 1 mf V' 6 ' wa'--"' V.-ff ' A M ww f.-,,'-' " ' A --W' f , . 'F' AM ...J . ,, ,..,.,.-u-vjwfp , , J ig: ..--,,,.,,,p'P.vT'M', W' --r- ..-J ,- J in- Dr. Sidney Derrick. During his ad- ministration the citizens of Newberry made liberal donations to help buildagymnasium 119231 and a men's Dormitory 1,192-1-D, now named Derrick Hall. Dr. Derrick resigned in 1930 to resume his place on the faculty as Professor of History. He died June 13, 194-8. james C. Kinard, L1'r'r.D., LL.D., who has been a member of the faculty since 1916, succeeded Dr. Derrick. Much prog- ress and growth have marked his wise administration. In 1936 the college was admitted to membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and has continued to maintain its high 'academic standing. During 194-3-45, through the Navy V-12 Program, the col- lege trained more than 1,000 men from all over the country. In 194-4 the citizens built and equipped VVright Recreation Hall for the use of the faculty and students. It was named in honor of the late Dr. Z. F. Wright of Newberry a prominent alumnus Nrxuhrrrg 6111111-gr IB 31-155 2 of the college and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 1I1lVVith a rich heritage of service behind it, Newberry College looks forward to a greater tomorrow. In 1949, President Kinard announced a seven-year develop- ment program, aimed at successful culmi- nation by 1956, the centennial year. The endowment has been increased and funds are being sought for the erection of new buildings, the two most immediate needs being a modern library and a chapel. Funds for the two buildings will come from the Christian Higher Education Year appeal 1 19501 of the ULCA. lllllfunds have already been appropriated for the new library and work has begun on this building. It is hoped that the chapel will be started in the near future. 1HlWith the loyal support of the church, the alumni, and other interested friends, the college is confident of a steadily grow- ing future. grim -2-'-L' ,ml "IY'.s,,,x - czfq' "uhh E- ?LuZ 1' ll 1 ,H E:-':-1 L- - ffllll 'in ' - -,Q E is-.. -' Zfualfl 1,1 Ulm --, 5mTI?mVmllT"lll'Swimlllrlllmlllnlllz-ml'llll"llllMllUlll"lTralll.l, ll ll llilllllff liqfllllllllS11ilr1N'1lNMl I Wimmfi? '1 1, I 3 111' '?:l, rilr ' Q -, , I 1 e 1,4 fv r -i l wllllllllll 1 mf... 1 1 mm I l 11 le 1 ,R 011' lllgf 1112 11, 11 11111 111,13 1111 ,1 111, 1 15,1 me , lg, XC 'fi - .ir Ilflljr kk: f 13 l ' lzl ... 1 fl , 11111-1 ' 51111111 .iff 11'11?gl'l ll iilli M M i 1, WMM? ld Il milf l - I III 55111 1,1Lv,f - ,-. - ,I .,,,., 1 ,vi - ' "tif 9' . - ,- "AN ,-Cf- ....ii.--f- .. -L-L-5 ,.. - - ,.'.. f Q .-----i..-- "l --, 5-.,..-L ---5.. H,-I -n,,f,. - -F-DQ I -ff Y' , --+1 .L - Jae .fdcfminidfrafion I DR. JAMES C. KINARD Presidefzz I I PHILIP T. KELLY, ,IR. HATTIE BELLE LESTER Dem of Men Dem of Women I2 Dear Friends: Greetings 1 nm glad to extend to you. This NICWIIERRIAN wiII be treasured as a record of college days. I hope that it will :always bring back happy memories. May the "Scarlet :md Gray" ties that bind us become stronger as the years come and go. Cordinlly yours, .IAMES C. KINARD, President. CHRIS A. KAUFMANN, A.B. lo Ihr Pn'xi1l1'nl R. A. GOODMAN, A.B., D.D. Srrrrlary of Ihr Fncully .IAMPIS C. ABRAMS, AB. Rrgixtrnr R. WRIGHT CANNON, AB. Rvgixlral' B. OSBORNE LONG, A.B. lfn.vim'.r.v lWr1m1g1'r ami 7'rm.vur1'r CAROLYN C RONIRR I.ibra1'inn MRS. MIQLANIE MARTIN Ajffifilllf I.ilvnu'irur Hr:L111N I.. HUGHES, RN. Rt'.Tilll"lf IVIIILH' ROBERT SVVYGERT fVlmmgrr nf lfmlnfing Hall R. HENDRIX MONTS Sup1'l'irll4'mlf'ul of lfuildiugx mul fiflllffllf MRS. IVIILTON NIOORR A.rEf.vtar1l in Cnllrgr Offfcx MRS. DOROTHY LONG SENN r1s.ri.vranr in. l1'n.vim'.rx iWn1mgvr'.v 0,07m: .748 j6ZClftAg PARK IEPTING AMAN MOORE VOIG'l' McCONN1iLL NELSON SETZLER GRAHAM EI.LIO'l"l' P. ll. HIEISIEY MARTIN KINARD HIGHTOWICR BRUBAKIER I.. HEISEY DlcMIfIN'l' MONTGOMERY BRASK M. DOMINICK A. DOMINICK GOODMAN CROWELL MONTS URAVICS 'l'A'l'lE gl WMF JAMES C. KINARD, LL.D., LI'l"l'.D. l'rv.vi4l1-nf R. A. GOODMAN, A.B., D.D. l'rvIle.'.vx1Jr of lfilflr JAMES G. PARK, A.M. I'r0fr.v.wr of Nuluml Srirlzcrx TI-IOIVIAS EDWARD EIYIIING, A.IVI. Profrxxnr uf l.m1g1mgr.v JOHN ANDREW AMAN, A.IVI., PII.. Prnf1's.vur of Caum.w'r1:1' MILTON VV. IVIOORE, M.IVIUs. Profvxmr of Music NORBORNE HARRIS CROWELL, A. Profrxsnr of Hi.vrory and Poliliml Sl'fc'll4'4' GILBERT IJ. VOIGT, A.M., PH.D. Profr.v.vnr of Erlglfxll E. R. MCCONNELL, A.M. l'roff' of l"hy,rm1l Ellllftlflflll ALVIN F. NELSON, A.M., Pu.D. l"rof4'.r.vor nj Elillt'llflllll mul I'.vyrh0Ingy HUBERT H. SETZLER, A.M. .4S.flIEiflft' Profrxsor of Nalurnl Scimlcfzv W. EDWARD MONTS, A.M. D. M., PILD. flmocffzrr' l"rafc,r.rur of Efflrrzllirnl ami Pxyrhology BOTHWELL GRAHAM, A.M. flxxocialv Prnffxvsor of Lmlglmgvs I". SCOTT ELLIOT, A.M. flsxurifm' Prufanvsar of Englixll PAUL H. HEISEY, A.M., B.D., D.D., lx D .fl.f.VIIl'iflfl' l,l'IIft'.f.Ylll' nf lffbfv' S. TAYLOR MARTIN, A.I3. .'I.r.raufan' l'rufv.v.vr1r nf llflnllfwmllfnv LAWERENCE I3. GRAVES, A.M. .'I.v.v114'f1ll1' Pl'nff' nf l:0IlHlIl'l'1Tt' ESTELLE HIGHTOWER, A.M., En.D .'I.v.vucifllf' I'rn.h'.vxnr nf llixlnry ami Puliliml DORIS BRUBAKER, B.IVIUS. .'I.vsi.vnn1f I'rof4'.vsnr nf M11.vic MRS. LILLIAN C. HEISEY, A.M. .ffxxixrfulr Pl'lI'fl'.Y.VIlf of M11.vi4: RUSSELL D. DICIVIENT, A.M. lJl'lI,ft'5.YlIl' of Fvglfxh ROBERT TA'I'I'I. II.S. ' A, I,l'llIf.l'.Y.Tlll' of l'0y.vf1'rlf lfffllrzlfillu MRS. WILDA LEA MONTGOMERY A.M., En.D. fI.Y,YI.I'fI1llf 1'rnjr.v.vur uf Fflflrzllinrl mul Pxyrhr n WILLARD J. G. BRASK, M.MUs. l"f-ofrxxnf' nf llluxifr MAZIE DOMINICK Iuxfrmwvr in'.v.r flflwirli I lliun mul Pip I MRS. ALVA SEGER DOMINICK, A.I3 ,lI.Yll'lll'flIl' in l1'rr.:im'.v.r Ariminislralioll I rn' 1, ww !E11m IE. ' ' an +mL.,.d1 mv-niv . efbfgiiw U U 'Q BETH HARMON S 1, cn tary JA M E S FLOYD Treasurer 1948 1949 1950 1951 RICHARD FOSTER'enl RALPH JOHNSON Vin--I're.ririenl f 95 2 .gzniom "Rats" . . . Freshman Hop. "The Almighty Sophomore" . . . Ratting The Poor Freshmen. JUNIOR-SENIOR! I! Senior Privileges . . . Practice Teaching . . . Ring Order . . . Application for Degrees . . . Graduation . . . THE FUTURE . . . Farewell to the "Home of the Fighting Redskins". 418 Wll41S Wllu 4, Gamma Sigma, Historian 3, Vice- 4i May Day Court l., 2, Players lg Boosters Club 3, 4, Social Council 4, Nr:wm:unlAN 4. CARLOS H. ABLE, l3.S. SA1.un.-x, S, C, Day Students Club lg lVl.S.l". l, 2, Y.M.C.A. l, 2, Kappa lllli 3, 'lll'l'llSllI'L7l' 43 Business Student l, 2. DORIS RUTH BOOZICR, B.S. I.m:svn.l.i-1, S. C. 3 President 4, Women's Council 4, L.S.A. l, 2, 3, S-C.A. l, 2, 3, l.R.C. 45 Euterpean Music Club CARLOS ll. Al3l.lC I DORIS RUTH BOOZER eniom FLOYD W. BUST, A.B. CONCORD, N. C. Day Students Club l, 2, 3, -lg 'l'l1et'l Qigma Ft'l l, 2, 3, 4, Gamma Sigma 4. LEONARD C. BRANK GRAYSON C. BROWN, SR. I9 l FLOYD W. HOST l.l'lONARD C. BRANK, AB. Wlll'l'h1llll1Z, S. C. GRAYSON C. BROWN, SR., B.S. Mmm, l:l.URlDA Westminster Fellowship l, 2, 4, Vice-President l, Secretary-'I'rv:asurer 4, Veterans Club l, 4, Vice- President 4, Newberry College Players l, 2, 4, Vice-President 4, Gamma Sigma 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Social Council 4. eniom ARTIES B. CAMPBELL ERNEST D. CHILDERS, JR. ARTIES B. CAMPBELL, B.S. ERNEST D. CHILDERS, JR., B.S SARms, CYEURGIA SAVANNAH, Gr:oRG1A Day Students Club I, 2, 3, Mcn's Council L.S.A. l, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3. Basketball Manager 2, Indian Staff 2, NbIW'BPZliRfAN 4. B. FRED DERRICK, JR., B.S. HENRY C. DAY, Rs. HENRY G. DECK, KIR., Rs. ,MVIMI S' C' Nrzwmaunv, S. C. P1-:r.z1-nn, S. C. Baseball 1, 2, 35 mock ,,N,, Club 1, 2, Husrhull 23 Block "NU Club 2, 3, 4. Vctvrzms Club 3. 3, 4. .470 'X' HENRY C. DAY HENRY G. DECK, JR. B. FRED DERRICK, JR. 20 7952 f moms s. DOMINICK MAX s. Dm'll0Sl'I DORIS S. DOMINICK, A.B. MAX S. DUBOSIQ, 13.8. 'N'5W"'f'UU'n 5- C- BlSllUl'Vll..l.l'1, S. C. Vlcv-l'1'n'sinlvl1t Student limly 3, Clams Suc- rctnry 3, Nl-:wsu-:vuuAN 3, Wlm's Who 3, Sung,-rx l, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. l, 2, S.C.A. 3, 1 5 v 7 l-'nnllmalll l, 2, 3, 4, llnsulmll l, 2, 3, 4, llluck "N" Clulw l, 2, 3, 4, VVllu's Wlxu 4. l, .., 3, Daly Stumlvnts Club l, .., 3, 'l'l'l'ilSlII'l'l' l, l'1'm-sldvut 2, liutvrpvzlu Music Clulw l, 2, 3, 'l'l'c:lsurcl' 3, Mzly lilly .'xtll'llkl1lllt l, 2. .IOHN H. l"lCLLlfIRS, B.S. UCOLUMHIA, S. C. IANHQS llfifjyljv Singers l, 2, l'l:lym'rs l, 2, 3, 4, Radio ' AYNUN Q C llll.l.ll'l l"fll.l'lY Club 4, lmliun Stall' l, 2, 3, l'llllCl'fN'IlII ' " ' , i ' , Music Clulw l, l..S.A. l, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. 'l'r:msf,'r Sp:u't:mluu'g Alunlur Cullvgv 3, Nl'-WNHRRY' 5' L' ln 2, 3, 4. M.9.lf. 3, 4, Class 'l'l'l'Il5lIl'l'I' 4. l.R.C. 4. QIOIIN ll. Fl5l.l.lERS -IAMES C. FLOYD llll.l.ll.j IQIIANI FQ 2l eniom ROBERT L. FRASER, A.B. F1.oluaNcr:, S. C. L.s.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.M.c.A. 1, 2, 3, S.C.A. 43 Theta Sigma Eta 2, 3, 43 Boosters Club 3, 43 Nlcwxax-:ruuAN 23 Class Treasurer 33 Dance Association 2, 3, 43 lmlimz Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor 3, Editor 43 Singers l, 2, 3, 43 Blue Key 3, 4, Social Council 4. ,I EN NYLBE C. lfOS'l'l5R ,IENNYLEE C. FOSTER, B.S. PROSl'Elil'I'Y, S. C. Singers l, 2, 33 Cllcerleanler 2, 33 May Court 33 NIEX!'liEIllllAN 4. PAUL K. FULLER, B.S. NliX8'IiEliIlY, S. C. Day Students Club l, 2, 3, 43 junior Var- sity Baseball 23 M.S.I". l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD P. FOS'l'l'IR RICHARD P. FOSTER, B.S. l'nos1'ER1'l'v, S. C. Transfer 33 President of Senior Class 4 NHWHMNRIAN 4. BILL R. GANTZ, B.S. PAMPA, Txexfxs Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball li Bloc "N" Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT L. FRASER PAUL K. FULLER BILL R. GANTZ 22 it 792 BOBBY E. GRUHN FABER HANCE I- X Y Y :, BOBBY lf. GRUHN, B.S. l"ABl'IR HANCIC, B.S. MAcoN, KIIEURGIA NlNF1'l'l' Sax, S. C. lfuutlwnll l, 2, 3, 4, Class Prcsidcnt 3, lfuutbull l, 2, 3, 4, Block "N" Clulm l, Kzlppu Phi 2, 3, 4, lllnck "N" Club 2, 2, 3, 4. 3, 4, Svcrvtzlry-'l'rc':lsurm' 4. CLARA li. HARMAN, l3.S. LExlNm'oN, S. C. L.S.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. l, 2, 3, S.C.A. 4, lmfian- Staff l, 2, 3, 45 Wmm'n's Council l, '35 May Daly AtlL'l1Ll2llll 3, Nxcwm:muAN Iiditoriul Stall' 4, Svcrctzlry- ,l'I't'1lSll!'l'I' uf Bunstcrs Club 4-5 Class D' 'VND RV' Svcrvtury 4. Nowru CllAHl.li5'l'0N, S. C. Mumgmg, N, C, CLARA 15. HARMAN GEORGE D. HARRIS, LIR. 'HSD H, HENDRICK 23 ROSS QI. HORTON, B.S. .0 .Q ll eniorzf WlLLlAlVl F. HINCK, JR. JOHN D. HORTON WILLIAM F. HINCK, JR., B.S. NIOHN D. HORTON, B.S. LONG ISLAND, N. Y. BE-,-,,,JN,,, gl C, llluc Kvy 3, 4, Alumni Secretary 3, 4, ' V,.tL.m,.,S Clllh 1, 2, 4, Sccr,.t,,,.y 4, New, llasvlwall l, 2, 3, 4-9 Block "N" Club 1, 2 hurry pl,,,,,,,,S 2, 3, 45 L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, All-Statc Baseball 'l'm-ani I, 2, 3 S.C.A. 4, I.R.C. 3, 4, Bnusturs Club 3, 4, ll'S'U' lf 2, 3, 4' N IEXVIH-ZRRIAN Stnfl' 4. LEWIS H. HUNT, B.S. CllAlU.ES'l'0N, S. C. BATHUNF Q C Dance Association 2, 3, Gamma Sigma 2, P' " " ' 3, 4, Secretary 4, Indian Stall' 2, 3, B,S, Kappa Phi l, 2 3 4, Baseball l 2 3 4' NkZWliPZIlIilAN Staff 4, Singers l 2 3 4- , rm v . Block "N" Clulw l, 2, 3, 45 ll.S.Ul li 2, Veterans Club l, 2, Euturpuan hllusiic Chnl: L'HARLLMlm' S' L' 3, 4, Clnss Prcsiclvnt 25 Y.lVl.C.A. l, 2, 35 2, 3, 4-, l,l'l'Sll'll'I1l 4, I..S.A. 3, 45 Y.lVl.C.A. Transfer lg Nvwl'wrry Plzlyurrl 2, 3, 4- S.C.A. 4. l, 2, 3, S.C.A. 4. l.R.C. 3, 45 S.C.A. 4, Social Cnuncil 4 ROSS J. HORTON LEWIS H. HUNT ASHLEY B. HUTCHINSON, JR. 24 S qs, 792 IHELTON H. jOHNSON, -IR. FREDERICK S. -IOHNSON Bl'Il.'l'ON H. JOHNSON, JR., B.S. FRICDICRICK S. KIOHNSON, l3.S. Wmnsun, S. C. Isl.:-1 or-' PM ms, S. C. Mvn's Council 35 VlCK"l,l'l'5lLll'lll ul' Class 3, llluv Key 3, 4, Vicm'-l'rvsidcnt -lf, NNW- lll'IllIllAN Slillli 3, 4, lialitor 4. RALPH F. JOHNSON, B.S. WINDS . S- C- U N . iii i .S. . . . "" -l H -l KRU"f'l'Ri B v,xUL.x 11. l,AYNl'., in l.R.C. l, 2, 3, l'rcsidL'nt 2, Vicu-I'x'csiLluxit -lACKSONVll.l.l-I, l:l.0IllhA A V C. 3l B's'.U' IVZ' 35 mm' KW 2' R' Cori Class President la llnncv Association 2 I Imam' 'HIRGIA responding Sl'Cl'l'lill'y 3, Nl-:win-:IARIAN Stull 1 4 Vicc-Ch,lirm,m 1 C h ,I i r m ,I n 4" 'l'l'illlSfi'l' 33 VVI'l11l"1'5 Cvllllfil lv 'l' UNH 2, 3, junior llusinvss lvlilllilgfl' 2, llusinvss kglunln-I Qi mi 2 '4 illisngri-in 4' i,lWN-L man 45 NICNYIHCIKIQIAN llusinmw Stull -l- lVl:ln:lgvr 3, VlCl'-l'I'l'Sltll'l1f Senior Class 3, ,i I '+P i,r:-qigigm' +I Blulh KZDV 4x lmliml Stall -lf, llonsturs Club I 4 S L X S.C.A. 3, Wlinls Wlm 3. H' i' ' i i ' i' ' -l-4 ll:lsk0tl1:lll M:mngvr 4, ILS L -l Rccnrding Secretary 4-5 Clmirinun ul' Social Council 45 Radio Club -l-. RALPH F. JOHNSON JOHN -I. KRUEGER PAULA F. LAYNI 25 eniom ....',Ail. . . WILLIAM H. LEE REBECCA LINDLER WILLIAIVI H. LEE, l'l.S. REBECCA LINDLER, KS. Cmasrrzu, S. C. LVr'x'i.E MouN'rAxN, S. C. ll.S.U. lg Veterans Club 4-5 Kappa Phi 4. Dany Students Club l, 2, 39 L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-5 -Y.W.C.A. 35 S.C.A. 43 Euturpcaln Music Club 3, 4-5 NPZNVIIPZRIQIAN Business Stuff 4. WILBUR N. LOOPER, B.S. Fr.muaNCE, S. C. VERNON DLIVINGSTON, B.S. KHPPHbPl:i L. 2,h3.lii,N?fvSidCl124g 50013813 U , Basket nl nsc n anngcr ' oc 4, Ni-.wmcluwi S. L. i.Nn Cluh,2, 3, 4. Mcnis CmmLil,45 Girls, .IllVllVlll. D. MAIN, B.S. Vvtvrflns Club 4- ll:1skctb:ill Conch 4. OLAR, S. C. VERNON J. LIVINGSTON WILBUR N. Looman JIMMIE D, MAIN 26 1952 R. LEON MAXWELL ,IAMES P. MORGAN R. LEON IVIAXWELL, B.S. JAMES P. NIORGAN, B.S. Nllli'l'll CHARLIiS'l'0N, S. C. GREAT FALLS, S. C. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Veterans Cluh l, 2, 4-5 B.S.U. 4-3 I.R.C. 45 Block "N" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Kappa Phi Nmvm:muAN Stall 4. l, 2, 3, 4. HENRY D. OTT, JR., B.S. ST. MA'I"l'liFlWS, S. C. 1, C, NQBLES, 3.3, A verenms Club 1, 4, M.s.1f. 1, 2, 3, 4, ' In , ., , 'l'rv.-asurcr 3, Vice-President 4-3 Kappa Phi pkoslhmn' S' L' L' LMJAND NOEIJTJ' 3, 4, Prvsidcnt 4, lmlian Staff 3, 45 Veterans Club l, 2, 4. clREl'ZNSHUll0, N. C. Nrzwmtknmx Stall' 45 Y.M.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4. w J. C. NOBLES L. LELAND NOELL HENRY D, OTT, JR, 27 eniom MARY K. OTTMAN GEORGE R. OWENS MARY K. OTTMAN, B.S. GEORGE R. OWENS, B.S WASlilNG'l'0N, D. C. Nnwxncluw, S. C. "Y" Cabinet 2i Womcn's Council 3. Veterans Club l, 2, 4. GERALD S. PA'l'I1I, B.S. Blsumlvulw' S- C' NORMAN PULIJIAM, B.S. N- BRICE OXNFR, B-5 1-x...uw11 1 1 1 4- Huck HN" Club 'f E"'m"""W' m"'m"l l.w:svlr.l,r:, S. C. 3, 4. Phi 'l'nu 3, 49 Vctcrzms Club 4. N. BRICE OXNER GERALD S. PATE NORMAN PULLIAM 28 192 CHARLES E. REAMES MARY P. RINGER CHARLES E. REAMES, B.S. lVlARY P. RlNGl3iR, l'l.S. BATH, S. C. Nnw'mamu', S. C. llluck "N" Club l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, Transfer 35 May Court 35 I.R.C. 45 L.S.A. 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 3, 45 Wonu-n's Council 45 Day Studm-nts Kappa Phi 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Club 3, 45 S.C.A. 4. r Social Council 4. MARY BARBARA SCHWARL, B.S. .lAL'KSONYll.l.E, lilmuxm Singers l, 2, 3, 45 Players l5 S.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 L.S.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Eutcrpa.-an Music Club l, 2, 3, 4, VlCt'-l,l'L'SlLlt'l1l 2, Svcrctary 35 BONNARD l'l. ROACHR, B.S. RICHARD H. RUFF, l3.S. Dum'-' Assoclmlflll lv 3: 3: 4, Sl'C"f'V"'Y 2, P., S C Nh' Q , q C 3, Vicc-President 45 lmiizm Staff 3, 4, Mimi' ' ' PMMMM' " " Associatu Editor 45 NEWBERRIAN Staff 45 Boosters Club 3, 45 l!.S.U. l, 2, 3, 45 Day Students Club l, 2, 3, 45 L.S.A. l, 2, Womcn's Cuuncil 3, 45 May C u u rt l.R.C. 4. 3, 4. Attcndant 3. BONNARD ROACHE RICHARD H. RUFF MARY BARBARA SCHWARZ 29 eniom CLARENCE A. SHEALY, JR. EUGENE SIOCKMAN CLARENCE A. SHEALY, JR., B.S. N1-:vvm-zaav, S. C. Day Students Club l, 2, 3, 45 M.S.F. 3, 4. CHARLES H. STOUDEMIRE, B.S. ,,,C,,.,.,,,, S, C, KARL F. SUHR, A.B. imkfumix 1, 2, 3, 4, nn..-bull 1, 2, 3, 4, AL'GUS""" C'E0"G"' Block "N" Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4, Phi Tau 2, 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 2, 3, Secretary 35 'l'rrasurf:r of Student Body 45 Who's Who 4. 4. Transfer 39 Theta Sigma Eta 3, 45 L.S.A. 3, 4, S.C.A. 3, 4, President 4, Blue Key 4, Singers 3, 4, Chairman of Mcn's Council 4, Social Council 4, Who's Who CHARLES H. STOUDIQMIRE KARL F. SUHR .,KJ',JLQ22, A 30 EUGENE STOCKMAN B S N 1-zwamuw, S. C. Day Students Club l 2 3 4- Vctcrm Club x, 2, 4, 1.R.c CLAUDE L. WEEKS CLAUDE L. WEEKS, B.S. CHAal.1f:s1'oN, S. C. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 35 Tennis l, 25 Theta Sigma Eta l, 2, Vice- President 2, Y.M.C.A. l, 2, 3, Treasurer 25 S.C.A. 45 Men's Council l, 2, 3, M.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3, Program Chairman 45 Phi Tau 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Trensurer 2, Vice-President 45 Blue Key 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Student Body Treasurer 35 Student Body President 45 President Boosters Club 4-5 Social Coun- fil 45 Wlm's ,Whog Freshman Class Secre- taryi Sophomore Class President. 1952 LORBTTA ANN WHATLBY, B.S. AUGUSTA, Glsuncm Transfer 3, B.S.U. 3, 45 Y.W.C.A. 35 Day Students Club 4, Euterpean Music Club 4, S.C.A. 4-5 Radio Club 45 Basketball 45 Gamma Sigma 45 Nmwmeuaum Staff 4. LORETTA ANN WHATLEY WHUS WHCD The students recognized in VVho's VVho each year are nominated from approximately 600 colleges and uni- versities. Selections are made accord- ing to the student's scholarshipi his cooperation and leadership in acaclemic :1 nd extra-curricular activitiesg his citizenship and service to the schoolg and his promise of future usefulness. DORIS liOOZl'fll is i'ice-presl'- tlent of Gannna Signing secretary ol' Ilie Wonien's Councilg a ineniher of the International Relations Cluhg tlie lluterpean Music Clubg the l,utlieran Student Associationg and the Student Christian Association. Doris has liatl part in the May Day program lor several years. Sw.1lvil.' DORIS BOOZICR, L'l.AL'lJli VVICICKS, DORIS DOMlNli'K. Shiv IOHNSON, L'llARI,l'IS S'I'OL'Dl'IMlRl'f, MAX DVIIOSIC. ' e. i .9- 21 Q:-n' i3 1,7.2, ' 51 2 . M... il ...,.5Mr l 4 -5 l il l l Q., ltd .I MAX DUBOSE is an outstanding athlete at Newberry College. He is the winner of the 1951 W. L. Laval Trophy Award. This award is based on athletic achievement, scholarship, Character, and leadership. Max is eo- captain of the football team, a mem- ber of the Block "NU Club, and also plays rightlield on the baseball team. KARL SUHR is president of the Student Christian Association, editor of the student handbook, The Indian Guide, and chairman of the Men's Council. Karl is a member of Theta Sigma Eta, Lutheran Student Associa- tion, the Newberry College Singers, and Blue Key. CLAUDE WEEKS is president of the student body, president of Blue Key, and vice-president of Phi Tau. Claude is a member of the Methodist Student Fellowship, the Block "N" Club, and the Student Christian Association. In athletics he is outstand- ing, playing football and basketball. ll 'nili t RALPH JOHNSON is business manager of Tun N1CNVIl14ZlllllAN. He is corresponding secretary for Blue Key, vice-president of the Interna- tional Relations Club, vice-president of the senior class, and a member of the Baptist Student Union. CHARLES STOUDEMIRE is president of the Block "N" Club, president of Phi Tau, and treasurer of the student body. Charlie, an out- standing athlete, is a pitcher on the baseball team and plays forward on the basketball team. 33 omiom c,llAll'lC'l'lVlCI junior-Senior. Plumnl-:Mi Raise money and collect dues. R1csL'l.'l': One hcaldnchc. Cum-3: 'l'wo aspirin n dziy. j UNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET DAVID 'l'. RCIHNSON 1'l'1'.H'1f1'lIf ff N? CARROLL WRSSINGICR .BONNELLIE GRAHAM JOHN BEDENBAUGH Vicf'-l"m'.viJw1l Srrn'lrlr'y 7'rrn.v11r4'r 34 .M 'iw omiom BIC'I'rI'Y JICAN ADAMS SAI,IIIxA, S. C. JAMIIS S. AULL GRI-:I-:NwooIm, S. C. I.I'IS'I'ICR B. BAILICY, JR. CQNIVAY, S. C. JAMICS H. B.-XRNICS PIIosvI':III'I'Y. S. C. JOHN ADAM BICDICNBAUGH IIImsIfI-'III'I'Y. S. C. JOHN H. BICDICNBAUGH LANIIIIIINI, S. C. CHARIJCS IC. BICRRY JAcIIsoNvII.I.I-1, FI.A. VICTOR J. BICR'I'OLUZZI, JR. IC. MCKI'1I-1Sl'KlIl'l', PA. MARIANN.-X BUNGICR SAVANNAII, GA. ANDICR J. CALDICR MIII.I,INs, S. C. YOUNG JOHN CASON I'IIosI'I-:III'I'I', S. C. Ii. MARION CH.-XPI.IN CIIAIII,II:s'I'oN, S. C. X Viv! nfI I If ' Firfr Row: IMOGICNIII COUNTS, LI'I"1'I.If: MOUN'l'AIN, S. C.g BILLY M. DAVIS, WINS'l'lDN-SAI.EM N. C.g MURRAY L. DAVIS, ORANGLLIILIRG, S. C.3 M. BANKSTON DIIRRICK, SALUDA, S. C. VIRGINIA F. DREW, NAVAL BAsIc, S. C. .9gw,I,I1e0w,- CIIARLIIZS II. DUIIOSIII, JR-, LAMAR, S- C- CHARLICS W. ICASLEY, GEORG1f1'I'OIVN, S. C.5 OLIN Ii. ICVANS, N1-:IvIIIcIuw, S. C.g QUAY B FARR, JR., AI.I,l2NlJAI.1E, S. C.g BEN H. FLOYD, LAKIQ CI'I'Y, S. C. 35 I omiom LIAMICS Ii. FULMICR IXIIQNVIIICRRY, S. C. IIONNI'1LLI'I IC. GRAHAM PUMARIA, S. C. HICLICN L. HUGHICS LIAMDICN, N. DAVID IC. -IICNKINS N1-:Wm-zklzy, S. C. AIAMICS W. KICLLIAIR Sr. S'r1-:vm-:Ns, S. C. GUY I". KICNNICDY I3A'l'1f:snU1u:, S. C. YICRNA S. KOHN Nlcwnlcxuzy, S. C. I'fRNI'2S'I'INIC LIVINGSTON I,ROSl'I'IRl'l'Y, S. C. MARTHA IC. LOMINICK NI-ZWBICRRY, S. C. I'lRNl'2S"I' MCDOWIILL DIICWIIICILRY, S. C. THICODOSIA MAQMURPHY :xUGUS'I'A, GA. .IOAN Ii. MCNICILL AUc:Us'1'A, GA. Fifzrr Row: NICKOLAUS MAHLSTI'IIYI', AUGUSTA GA.g JOHN H. OHSIFK, -IR., SAVANNAH, GA.g I'IRNl'IS'I' PARKICR, CAMIBICN, S. C.g PEGGY ANN I'I'fIiLI'1, CHARM-:s'1'oN, S. C., MARY ELLEN RAWL, Gll.n1':u'1', S. C. Second Rgzv: CONSTANCIC RI'II'fVI'IS, PIIII.ADlCI.l'lIlA, PA., PICKICNS H. RISICR, LliIC5VILI.l'I, S. C.g DAVID T. ROBINSON, Svumr: Guovl-1, PA.g RICHARD H. ROSS, PROSPIiRl'l'Y, S. C.g GICORGIC M. RUSHI2, WEST CoJ.uMmA, S. C. 1 36 omiom WILLIAM S. SANDICL I,x'r'1'1.11: MOUNTAIN, S. C. HICYWVARD G. SHRALY IAl'l"l'I.1C MoUN'1'A1N, S. C. FRANK R. SI-IICAROUSIC Hcrl' SPRINGS, N. C. MURRAY D. SI-IULL. JR. Nl'IIX'Ill'IlillY, S. C. ICLLABII Ii. SUMMICR CIIAPIN, S. C. BARBARA MAIC TAYLOR Nlcwmclzuv, S. C. WILLIAM L. THOMPSON ANm-:ksoN, S. C. ALLAN L. WICRTZ, JR. Nlcw MARKIET, VA. CARROLL L. WFISSINGPIR, CHAPIN, S. C.g ARMSTRONG G. WVIIST, JR., SAVANNAH G MARILYN W'HITENICR, N1'2NVlllERRY, S. C.g JOHN A. WILLIAMS, JR., NENVl3l4IRRY, S C PHYLLIS ANNE WISH, PROsPE1u'1'Y, S. C. 37 TIIIS IS REALLY LIVING No more mt caps . . . those Freshmen sure are dumb . . . Wish I could go to the Junior- Scuior . . . Whz1t's 21 major cm'd??? . . two down, two to go. ' I IC RN ICS'I' Il If LVIN l'ru.vfrl1'nl 3,9 0lf1fL0lf'85 MIRIAM SIIIEALY JIESSIIQ KOON JOE ML-KNIGIVI Ifvflfl'-l,l't'5fllt'lIf Sdtrrlrlry T1'f',f1x111'L'r 38 DONALD L. ARDITO IIOIIBY R. BAILICY TICDDY IC. BARKICR ICDD GRII"l"I'IN BARNIQS ICRNICST A. IIICLVIN .IOAN CLAIRIC BOOZICR VICTOR W. IIRADLICY DOROTHY P. BRANDT LIOHN Z. BRANDT, DIR. WILLIAM S. ISRISSICY WADIC M. BRODIIC HARRY T. BROWN FAITH C. IIUNGICR CLINGMAN C. CAPPS MARY KIANIC CAUGI-IIVIAN RICHARD S. CLARK .IAMICS R. CONNI-1LLY, JR. KAY B. CONNICLLY ROBERT R. CRIIIICKMORIC -IAIVIICS W. CROOKS L. IC. CUMIIFIF ICUNICII F. DICNDY PATRICK H. DENNIS CLARFNCIC K. DICRRICK, JR ANG US IC. 'DICKICRT DANIIQL DOAR BICN-IAMIN W. DOIVIINICK SUSANNIC IIBICRT .IOHN L. EDWARDS ALVIN G. FULMICR BOBBY GILLIAM DICWIIY G. GOLDICN 52,0 0l'lfL0l"86 WI'II5S"1'I'1R D. GRAYSON BILLIIC DOVE GRIGGS ICGBICRT C. GRIGGS I3I"1NNIC'l"I' W. GUNTIIIR ALVIN H. HAIGLICR HARRY I. HAMMOND FRANK HARBOL ICDMUND L. HI'1S"I'I'IR JOHN V. HO'I"I'I'IL RONALD IC. HOUSIIIR RICHARD C. JANSON CARL A. JOHNSON FRANKIIC B. JOYIC IEUGIIINIC G. KINARD JAMICS PING KING JOHN C. KIRKLAND, JR JICSSIIC L. KOON DONALD LAYTON CARLYLIC J. LICVICR WYMAN S. LINDLICY DONALD B. LOADHOLT DONALD O. LONG GLADYS B. LONG JO14: 111. MCKNIGHT WILLIAM H. MCLEOD, JR. MICHAICL J. MAKSIM DONALD C. MAXWELL JAMICS IC. MEDLOCK KENNETH METZE CHARLICS IC. IVIILLICR HUBICRT H. MORRIS LICNORID T. NOBLICS ICUGICNIC ll. NORRIS GICORGIC R. OWIIN FRANCIS IVI. POSICY PATRICIA ANNII PRICIC ICDWARD L. RAST SAIDIIC RAIC RAWL DWIGHT L. ROISICRTS RIIISICKAH SICASIC GICORGIC II. SHICALY -IAIVIICS B. SHICALY IVIIRIAIVI B. SHICALY PAUL O. SLICIC A SUZANNIC L. STARLING ANNIE IVIARIIC SUIKICR ADRIAN IVI. SUIVIIVIICR AIAIVIIIS H. SUIVIIVIICRS ROBICRT L. SWYGICRT GROVICR C. '1'ALI3I'IR'I', IR. VICRA THOMPSON AIULIAN P. Ii. TURKICT'I' ICDWARD ULRICH ARTHUR W. WARNICR, IR. -IAMICS H. WIFIHLIFI VICRNON K. WILLIAMS CURTIS K. WISIC, -IR. ROIIICRT IC. YOUNG 5 1 'wif 'u I ,JI "' V' 0,9 0l'VL0l"8:5 sg"8f5AIfIfL8l'L Rcgistmtion . . . mt Court . . . homecoming . . . guard thc football field . . . homesick . . . boy, those exams . . . just wait until next year. STANLEY BESSINGER l'l'f,'si1f4'rlt COLLEGE MEN? ?? MARY lf'l'lllCL HUTTO JOAN SPIGNHR WILLIAM LlflTNER View-l'rr.virlf'rll Sucrrmry Trvrlillrff 42 E.. mm PAUL LICON AIVIICK ROBI'IR'I' W. BARNIQS S'I'ANI.I'IY R. BICSSINGICR -IAIVIICS ROBI'1R'I' BISHOP, .IR bl. HICNRI BISHOP IVIAIVIIII BISHOP ICLDON C. BOA'l'WRIGH'I' Ii. WAYNIC BOOSIC DONALD I". BOWICRS ALBI'IR'I' L. BRODIIC, KIR. ROBICR'I' W. BRUCIC, IR. LICWIS BRYAN ROSICIVIARY CHINNICRS C. S"I'ICVI'IN CLARDY WILLIAIVI 'l'. CLOWNICY WILLIAM O. COLICIVIAN BARBARA il. COUNTS GURDON W. COUNTS, JR. I-IICNRY O. COUNTS, JR. DORIS IC. COWAN GROVICR M. DAVIS IC. HARVEY DICKICRT CARROLL B. DORITY, -IR. ICDWARD -I. DZIUBINSKI ROBICRT A. ICLSNICR PATRICIA J. PARIS .IOI-IN S. FLOYD, III .lARRI'1'l"I' LI. FRIICR SMITH A. GAUSIQ .IOHN R. GLASS '1'H11:1zoN L. GIUQGORY EQJAMQW WARREN G. HARMON PATRICIA sl. HARNISH FORREST C. HICNTZ, JR. CHARLES E. HOLMES WILLIAM C. HOWELL EMMETT HUTTO MARY E'1'HEL HUTTO I"RED GRIST .IOLLAY GERALD L. KIBLER VIRGINIA M. KLOEPPEL WILLIAM D. LEITNER BRUCE M. LINEBAUGH CLARENCE l. LIVINGSTON MARY FRANCES LONG MARY LESLIE MAC NEAL NORMAN C. MARTIN hlfxlvms 111. METTS ' WINONA MILLS PEGGY MINICK BIOHN H. MOVE MICHAEL P. OLLIC, -IR. WALTER E. POND, JR. MARILYN L. PRICE GEORGE J. RENWICK 41 LQPQJAWQQVL MILDRED ANNE RHYNE R. DELANO RICARD CHARLES R. RICHARDSON THOMAS P. RISER I.. CARL ROGERS MARY MARGARET ROGERS HILTON ROOF QIOYCE L. RUUS w.5'f4,of,:u,v ' away? Aafua KZ-Za if fff 8EiiR?...'S'SAi3.f'il5BUfE' MJ RoIs1-IIQIT l+2.HSxEIIst1'RUNK 'fn B1c'1"1'Y MAUD11: SIQTZLIQR 7' than 7414- 4-fn mob .K 4 2"0U"f7.f fd 94-'4 wal Xyxiogf il. RUDY SHEELY 1 ,gf CYRIL SHULL 97, CHARLES A. SCHUMPERT MADISON Q. SMITH, III RILLIE -IOAN SPIGNER JAMES W. STOCKMAN .IAMES I". STOUDEMIRE -IAMES L. SUMMER R. COURTNEY THOMAS, II SAMUEL A. TILSON, IR. GEORGE SHIH CHANG WANG NV. HERLONG YARBOROUGH minem .9lfl,J6l'Lff5 NANCY SHICALY JOAN SHEALY l'n'.riflrur l'it'r'-l'1'v.riflrr1l IOYCE PITTS PATSY KINARD Svcrcfnry Tl'l'fISllI'1'l' Clicktey clack, clicktey clack, Shift here and roll. it back. VVe take shorthand day by day, Our only Wish to Finish in May. The bell has rung to our delight, But now to Carnegie, the first door to the right. Here the debits, the credits, the purchases return Make us think, Won't We ever learn? 46 DORIS RUTII BLAIR NI'1NN'III-1IkI!N', S. C. PICGGY ,lIiAN BOIDIIE N law lu-in la V, S. C. ICVICLYN IC. CANNON I.1'r'l'1.rc 1V1Ul'N'I'AIN, S. C. S1 IIRLICY GICRRYANN CLARK 11I'1AlI1"OII'l', S. C. .IOYCIC COLEMAN I.Alvul-Ns, S. C. .IICAN DAWKINS Nl-zwlxllzluw, S. C. 'I'. ,IOAN DICNNIS N1"XX'1II'IIl1lX', S. C. -I. SAM DICRRICK I.l'1"1'1.:c 1V10lIN'I'AlN, S. C. MARY MARTIN IJICKSON Cmvx-zu, S. C. MARY WRIGIV1' lJUCKIi'I"I' Wlll'I'h1I'l'l11, S. C. WILLIAM M. IVIENNICLL, JR. Nmvlllvilllw, S. C. I5I'1'I"I'Y ANN FULLICR Nmvmizmw, S. C. MAY'1'RU1J1'I FULMICR 1.1'.l4.SXII.I.Ia, S. C. lJORO'1'IIY li. GRANT W1lI'l'MIILl'Z, S. C. Ii. KA'I'III'1RINIC IIAWKINS I'lmsl'r:lu'1'x', S. C. LINDA M. IIICKMAN SOlI'l'lll'lIII'l', N. C. Firxl Rurr: MARIORIE IONIES, WlII'l4hIIIil'T, S. C.g 1iI.IZA1I1C'l'II KHARS15, W.'xl.'1'l-zlumluw, S. C.g VIRGINIA KICNSINGIER, SAVANNAH, GA PATSY RU'1'II KINARD-, N.I41NN'IIl'ZllILX', S. C.g WALTICR LIICII, 1V1YR'I'I.I'1 11I'ZAClI, S. C.. MARY FRANCES MuCAR'1'11A, 1,lIOSl'1CRl'1'Y, S. C .IOIIN M, ODOM, Gmgmgy S. C, Smfoml Raw: BARIIICIQ O. PARSONS, IIIQMINGW.-w, S. C.g -IOYCIC IC. I'1'1"1'S, IDHNMARK, S. C.. 110111111 DEAN Powlflzs, wlm-Mlm., s. C., JOAN smzmy. """""": M"UN'1-AIN. S. C.. NANCY cldxlm sluc.x1.x', N..1w..w..', s. C.. GREGOR1 C. TREFSGAR, Nmvmcluw, S. C. 47 if r 'wif' I 1 -1- Y . 3-ws. 9 s .fv- ' 2.42 K I xxx i Q N JJ! . .Ji-' f-.,N.... , ,., r- , sg, W... 4 . eg K- 'U-J"-" 9' 48 -pq-wnl Q- LR? in V uf .gtk-' new .xdcfiuified x 3 s 2 i E a 3 s 3 5 E . : s 1 s i 2 1 5 E i 1 J i 5 5 1 1 i r f 2 LLALDE WEEKS DORIS DOMINICK BETTY JEAN ADAMS CHARLES STOUDEMIRE President Vice-President Secretary Treasur r .S?lfL6!6I'Lf Ql!8l"l'Ll'l'L0l'Lt Student Government at Newberry is an essential part of college life. It is administered for the mutual welfare of the school and the student body. The officers and the members of the councils are elected by the students' in April for the next year. Every student has the opportunity to select the persons best suited for the offices. The president of the student body must be a rising senior boy5 the vice-president a rising senior girl. The secretary and the treasurer may be either rising juniors or seniors, male or female. Members of the Faculty Committee on Student Govern- ment act as advisors. These groups work in close cooperation and act jointly in all matters of mutual concern. 52 in I'.-Xl' I..-X IAYN I-I If fmil 111.111 N!.1rlJirlg.' l":Xl'l'll, HUN- KIICR, IJORIS ISOOZHR, SAIJIIC RAE R.-XXVI., SUE R.-XXVI.. Nmrrful: li .-X R- R A R A S L' ll W A R Z, l':XL'l.fX IAYNI-2, HON- Nl'Il,l.l-I CIR.-XIIAM. 2 IZVL5 0 amen A ozfmci Q omci wvamfnmww -wx X 1 XX ,x x. PN 42 W . 'X H V U- INA KARL Sl 1, f1.uf'w.u1 LIIXRIIS MILIJCR, .-XLI..-KN I.. VVl'IR'I'7 XR'l'Il"i li nnliulq: K'I.ARliNl'l'I K. IJICRRICK. ' .' ,Cf OLS! KARL SUHR, .IOHN H. OHS K XMl'lll'1l,l,. S.-.:lu.l: FRANK R. SHEAR '. z, 53 le Lrfl In Righl: DICK FOSTER, jIiNNYI,EI'I lfOS'I'lCR, BICTH HARMON, DORIS DOMINICK, FRICDDY JOHNSON, BARBARA SCHWARZ, ,IACK IHCDISNHAUGII. l"Rl'lDl'IRICK S. IIOIINSON lfflilor Interviews . . . search for ideas . . . headaches . . . layout . . . copy . . . reluctant advertisers . . . missing pictures . . . lust-minute changes . . . dend- line . . . "When will the zmiiuals arrive?" The N15wimRiuAN Staff :md your editor hope that this YCZIIJS zmnuul will be Well. received and that our mistakes will be dismissed lightly. 54 mu! erriom lCDl'l'ORIAl, S'l'Al"l" -Iohn H. Bedenhaugll Q-lunior llditorj, Doris Doininick, lfrnest Childers, Richard Foster, tlennylee Foster, lilizabeth Harman, llarha 1':x Schwarz. li USI N NSS STA Fl" Nickolaus Mahlstedt Qtlunior Business Managerj, Norman llulliain, Doris lloozer, Rebecca Lindler, William Hinck, Paula Layne, Henry Ott, Grayson Brown, Bonnard Roache, Kay Ottinan, William Lee. .RALPH F. -IOHNSON Is'n.riur.v.v Illinnlgrr Lwff fu Right: HENRY O'l"l', DORIS BOOZICR, REBECCA LINDLER, RALPH VIOIINSON, NORMAN l'Ul.l,lAM, PAULA LAYNIE. A6 ,Ql'L6k6LlfL 'V N non FRASER ' Eflilor-in-Chirf i ii TI-IE EDITORIAL STAFF The Indian offers students, friends, and alumni a bi-weekly record of the activities of the college. Since its initial issue in 1929, the college paper has occupied a popular and vital position in upf holding the ideals and traditions of the college. Sb EDl'l'ORIAI. S'l'AI"I" BOB FRASER ........ . . FRANK SIIEAROUSE . . . . . . -lnAN MVNEILL, BARBARA SCIIWARZ . . . . NEWS DEI'AR"I'MEN'I' 'l"I IE BUSINESS . lfffilnr'-ffl-Ifflfrf . lWmmging lflfilrn . .'I.r.vru'inlr lt'Jf!rlr.v ANNE PRICE ................. Vrn-.r Ffiirnr IIENRY O'l"I', BE'I'II IIARIVION, CARROLL NVESSINGER, ANNE RIIYNE, MARILYN PRICE, VIRGINIA KI.,EOI'I'EI., PEGGY ROGERS, I"AI'l'II BUNGER ....... CHARLES EASLEY ...... . JAMES CONNELLY, JOIIN GLASS ....... I"EA'I'URE DEI'AR'l'IVIEN'I' SUSANNE EBER'1' ....,....... JACK BEDENBAUGII ...... . VIRGINIA DREVV, GERRY CLARK ..... SI'OR'I'S DEI'AR"I'IVIENT PAT DENNIS ............. DON LONG, JIMMY BABB, JACK FLOYD . . TYPING DEPAR'l'IVIEN'I' IIAULA LAYNE ............ BILLIE GRIGGS, LIB KEARSE, SADIE RAE RAWI SUE RAWL, 'l'IIEO IVIAcMURI'IIY .... BUSINESS S'I'Al"I" . . . . Nrwx Sfajf R,-ligiuux A"rfv.v Eflirur R4'l1'ginn.v A'uvz-.r Smff . . . F:'IlI'lIl'z' lfrffinr fI.v.vm'1'alv I"rnl1u'r lfflirur . . . Fmlfr1r'r Slnff . Sfmrlx lfflifnr . Sfmrlx Slnff . . l1rmfTypi.vf . . 'l'yj1i.vl.v JIM AULI ,.... ........... I fn.v1'm',v.v lllfnmgrn JACK OIISIEK ............, R1m'r1r.v: llflmmgvr MARTIIA LOIVIINICK ........... XIJ-zwrlidng Aflmmgrr REBEKAII SEASE, DOTTIE BRANDT, SUZANNE STARLING, ALVIN IIAIGLER, WINONA MILLS, BRUCE LINEBAUGII . lz'uxim'.rs fI.v.v1'sIm1f.v ALLEN WERTZ ............. f:fl'CIlIl1l1I0ll- flflamlgrr IFRANKIE JOYE, JOAN BOOZER, I'A'1' IIARNISII WADE BRODIE .......... PROE. If. SCOTT ELLIOTT . PROE. If. WILLARD BRASK . I f irrr1lm'1'o ll' . . Fucully Azlvixar . Aflwixnr 57 ,C MI, JIM Aum, Is'uxi1n'.r.v lllnmzgrr Cgifnofenlf CAri51f1fcLn KARL SUHR DO'l"I'IE BRANDT l'n'.ri1l:'f1! Vim'-l'n'.tfdur1l . The Student Christian Association was organized on the campus near the close of the last school year. This move combined the Y. M. C. A. amd the Y. W. C. A. It is zlfhliated with the National Student Y. M. C. A. Mocivalfiolfa To unite all students, regardless of race or Creed, in :L common loyalty to jesus Christ5 to seek to understand the will of Cod through Worship, study, and 2lCflOll5 to :iid the student in his personal living und in Working toward at new society are the main purposes of S. C. A. I Qfonflieran egowfenf .Adociafion s. The Lutheran Student Association of Newberry College was organized in 1922, and is a member of the Southeastern Region of the Lutheran Stu- dent Association of America. Since its organization the association has been very active both on the campus and in the nation. Through its many activities, it strives to keep the students in close contact with their church and its Work. W P rf A nf'-fb QI .I OAN IIOOZICR Sf'cn'lnry CI IARLICS IVIILLICR Trraxnrrr JIM AULL BARBARA SCIIWARZ l'rusffl1,'r1t I"irr-l'1'f'xifl1.'ul SUSANNE EBERT l"rf'.vifl4'r1l C6'Ll'Lt8I"LlflJ"y The Newberry Canterbury Club is the religious organi- zation for Episcopal students on the campus. It is the youngest of the religious organizations here at Newberry, having been organized this past fall. It seeks to promote student fellowship and to accom- plish other worthwhile projects. The advisor for the Canterbury Club is the Rev. Edwin B. Clippard of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Newberry, S. C. bl gapfidf .giucfenf Union NIC PRICF l'n'.flfl1'rll G ROV li R '1' li R'I' l'ii'1'-l'l'1'.viJa'rll WADE BRODIIC Nrclvlflry N. The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the college student and the Baptist Church. Rach second Tuesday of the month, meetings are held. Socials and suppers are sponsored by the Union. Highlighting its calendar for this year were the Fall Retreat and the Spring Retreat held in Spartanburg and Anderson, respectively. Com- munity projects Were sponsored throughout the school year. e fn Q 62 mmockdf .glfozjenlf ZZQXAWAALP T h e Methodist Student Fellowship is nn influential campus organization for all Nlethodist students enrolled :it Newberry College. Since its orgztnizution in 1941, it has been 21 member of the South Carolina Nlethodist Student Nlovement which is zlfliliztted with the National Nlovement. The primary aims of this orgzmizzxtion are to build 21 closer relationship between the Methodist students and the Nlethodist Church, and to Work hand-in-hand with the other religious groups on the campus. 63 FRAN KI IC OY IC S1'1fl'1'f1 MARION Cl IAPLIN I rraxurrr Rl"'l"l'Y IICAN .-XD.-XMS HENRY O l'l'rvnlrrll l fri-l'1-4-ml I we tbl td, ii A LLAN W li RTZ UA RROLL W HSS I NG lil! l,l't'.Yf1fl'lll Via'-l'rr.rf1f1'lll CI IARLES EAS LICY Snrrvlnry BOB FRASER 7'rra.mrr1' Theta Sigma Eta, a fraternity of young men studying for the ministry or any other phase of full-time church Work, was organized in 1948. This year there are twenty-nine members repre- senting several denominations. VVeekly devotional programs, occasional social functions, and special campus projects provide Christian fellowship and inspiration for the members. 64 ' .f,' 80:35 """' fmldfmilfwfer NQZZAWJALWO The VVestminster 'Fellowship is composed of the Presbyterian students on the campus. This group is :1 member of the VVestminster Fellowship in the Synod of South Carolina und was organized in 1942. The purpose of this organization is to deepen the students' faith in Christ, to help them in the development of Christian character and leadership, and to provide 11 church home for its members during their college days. SUZANNE STARLING LINDA IIICKMAN GRAYSON BROVVN 1,l'L'Si1ll'Nf Virv-I'n'.viJf'11t Srrrrlmy 65 is mwgerry ingem M I l,'I'0N llfrwrlfll' ,, 'I' ' N We-T' "Wg , .A ,Q 34 g' I Y s Rl'IlIl'I,Ml9uXl, M00 RIC ,,,.'f.1- ,Ye-is ' 1 ICUN IC fl NAU fupuuixl ON TOUR li DICNDY fll, l Q ' l 1 s The Singers are one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus. Each year they have gained much recognition from their wide tours. For the past three years the Singers have also presented nationwide broadcasts over the Mutual Network. Under the able direction of Professor Milton Moore, this a cappella choir has grown to be one of the finest choral groups in the South. 67 guferpean owic The liuterpean Music Club, organized in 1931, enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest clubs on the campus. The programs of the club promote and encourage nn appreciation of the best in music. During the year the club participates in programs for the public schools, the Newberry College Hour, and the student body. MARIANNA BUNGER MIRIAM SIIEALY IIICRLONG YARHOROUGII DORIS DOMINTCK l,I't'.Vl'1,l'IIl' I'fn'-l'1'r.i'iffn1l SI'tTl'I'fNl'y 7ll'l'Il.Wll'!'l' 68 jnfernafiona Qfalfiond BEDENBAUGH BOOZER BRODIE BUNGER CUMBEE HAIGLER HINCK HUGHES HUTCHINSON KENNEDY MAHLSTEDQI' MILLS MORGAN ROACHIC STARLING STOCKMAN WIEHLE WILLIAMS The International. Relations Club is endowed by the Carnegie Foundation for International. Peace. This Foundation furnishes the Newberry Chapter with books which are used in planning programs. The I. R. C. was first organized in iliebruary, 1938. During the War the club Was discontinued and reorganized in 1948. Students of history, interested in world affairs, are eligible for membership. The club endeavors to keep the students informed and educated in international affairs. Members are given the privilege to discuss and debate the timely problems of the world. lJO'I"I'Hi BRANDT RALPH JOHNSON RTEBEKAH SEASE I'fr.vi4l4'nl l'irr-I'n'.ri1lf'f1I Svcfrlary 69 0 X l 'll fill ERNIE BELVIN BOBBY GRUHN BILL LEE WILHUR LOOPER I HENRY D. OTT LESTER B. BAILEY Prcxidmt Vicc-1'rr.ti1lc11t GENE KINARD Sccrclary CARLOS II. ABLE Trvamrcr FRANK HARBOL ROSS HORTON CHARLES REAMES BILL WARNER .jcaloloa !9!Li The Kappa Phi Club, the oldest social fraternity on the campus, has been active since its organi- zation some twenty-three years ago. It is an organization to promote fellowship and to offer recreation for its members. Membership in the Kappa Phi is exclusive, bids being extended only to those who maintain high scholastic records, who show marked ability for leadership, and who manifest a true and loyal Newberry spirit through support of all college interests. 70 JIM AULL CHARLES BERRY CLARENCE DISRRICK CARI. DIOIINSON NORMAN PULLIAM BILL DAVIS !9Ai jan Phi Tau social fraternity was organized for the purpose of promoting scholarship in the classroom and fellowship on the campus. To become a member of Phi Tau, a student must be unanimously elected by the club members. Nlembers are chosen for their friendliness, scho- lastic standing and their ability for leadership and interest in campus activities. Weekly meetings are held to take care of the club business. Occasional social functions provide entertainment for the members. ALLAN WI'1R'I'Z Srcrrlary-fI'n'fm1r1:r 7I C IIARLES STOUDEM I RIC C LAUDIC WIC ICKS l"r'z'.viflrr1t Vim'-PrI'.viJrr1l JOHN KRUIECER CRAYSON BROWN BE'l"l'Y -UCAN ADAMS Prcsizlcnl V1'c4'-l"rr'sifIw1f Sri:r1'mry-Y'r4'amrfr may err? pfagera Organized to provide d r a m a t i c training and entertainment for stu- dents, the Newberry College Players s.- L KJV! is one of the older organizations on the campus. Membership consists of students who are actively interested in dramatics. Their ability has been Well. represented in the variety of entertainment they have provided, including "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder and "Could Be" by Fifi Factor, during the 1951 season. t ance ddociafion The Newberry College Dance Association was organized several years a student project. It is a closed group of thirteen members Whose purpose it is to promote, plan, and provide dances on the college campus. The Work done and the sacrifices made by members of this group have accounted for many splendid social events at Newberry College. JOHN KRUEGER BARBARA SCHWARZ FAITH RUNGER NICK MAHLS'I'lCD'1' Chairman Vim'-f.'hrrirnmn Srcrrlnry Tr,-fymffr 73 FRANK SHIEAROUSH DORIS BOOZER .IOHN KRUEGER LEWIS HUNT GRAYSON BROWN PfL'Xf1ff'!ll Vin'-I'1'f'xiif1.'1ll I1i.Yf0I'irUl Svrrrlrvry 7'rz'aJ11rz'r amma igma Gamma Sigma Was organized in 1938 under the direction of Dr. Erland Nelson, who was at that time Professor of Psychology. The organization was founded as a national honorary psychology society for undergraduates. Meetings at which programs on the subject of psychology are presented are held twice monthly. Professor W. If.. lV1onts is the chapter's sponsor. To be eligible for membership, prospective Gamma Sigma members are required to have a high scholastic record and manifest an interest in psychology and its application. AULL BEDENBAUGH HOST BUNGER COUNTS EBERT GRAHAM OHSIEK WEHLE WHATLEY 74 CLAUDE WEEK FREDERICK JOHNSON JOHN KRUEGER RALPH JOHNSON WILLIAM HINCK I'rvriflcr1l Vice-Prvxiflcnr Rrcorfling Sccrefary Cnrrcxpunding Sccrvlary Almmli Scan.-tary gf!! J I, 'QTTTX 1 If I ,,,. I P xl - ,,,.., E r --I-' 5 li L X 3- E ' notice rnitg " ' .:,. f, W? ..,., ,.... ,,,,. I ...... . ,I,. K, I 4 v 1 A li' 5' l JIM AULL ALLAN WERTZ JOHN OHSIEK JOHN BEDENBAUGH FRANK SHEAROUSE ROBERT FRASER KARL SUI-IR The Newberry Chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, having been organized in 1951, is one of the newest organizations on the campus. Its members are chosen on the basis of leadership and scholarship. The purpose of Blue Key can best be summarized in one word-service. 75 H-1410 mr IAMICS WICHLIS AIOHN 1" C , , 'I I I 'rm wr frm' or SF 1 if 76 1 3 R1 il The Radio Club was orgzuiized in the full of 1951 with the purpose of making :1 cultural contribution in the form of 11 Weekly radio program, "The Newberry College Hour." A highlight of this yez1r's Work has been Ll drzimzitizzition of the history of the college in 21 trilogy. J. V. HOTTEL Pn'.riflenl GRAYSON C. BROWN Vicc-Prvsiricnl WILLIAM F. HINCK Svcrclnry-Trvasurer wfefdnd The Veterans Club of Newberry College is an organization of former members of the Armed Forces of the United States, and membership is open to any member of the student body who holds an honorable discharge. Its objectives are the encouragement and promotion of comradeship among veterans at Newberry Collegeg to further friendship among all students5 to promote a better school5 and to adhere to ideals and conduct con- current with the best traditions of' Newberry College. BLR I OLULLI DECK EDWARDS GRIGGS HOLMES LEE LEVER LIVINC9 PON MORGAN NOBLES O'I'T OWENS PULLIAM ROBINSON SMITH STOCKMAN SWYGERT TILSON WILLIAMS 77 ocia Gained The Social. Council, though inactive for several years, was reorganized in the fall of '51 with the help of the Faculty Committee on lfixtra-Curricular Activities. It has been revived as a student service organization for the purpose of providing Week-end activities for the student body. Its membership is composed of a representative from each of the several student organizations and, With the cooperation of these representative groups and the faculty, endeavors to make the social life on the Newberry campus more beneficial. ,1oHN KRUEGER JIM AULL- l'n'.r1'flrrll Srrrrlnry 78 66? xS?lfL6!0l'Lff5 The Day Students Club was first organized in I9-I-I in order to bring students closer together in fellowship and by service. All members must reside off the college CIIIN PHS. C-l'.Ol MHC Slll'I.fXl.Y FRANKIIC 'IOYIC SUZANNIC S'l'.-XRLINC l"1'f'.riflrf1l l'irf'-l' Nrrrrlnry-Tn'.:.vu1-.v- 'ill 79 ,Snark , ll, M""QU6l4j, -1 kk.- 'x MW' 2 1134" awww 5 Q ' .Ll 1' X, .h -A 'N i 3- J' 'Q "M" ,.s,-MV . -3'Z'g.f-'Q C.. in . 2 NAfH:f4 'W -,mr -.' 41. , " .axial 15,1 'HV-f'.'rf 'hh'-. Q' 451312 1' iff ' iw K . V : M y ,S 3 , A .JL , 'v ' , . " :' X -Y. XV : F Juf V 3" ' v7 . "1 we A ' ,-" ' 1"jL.3.,, .eI..nfy'., K:'v..,M ' Y ,I M W 5 1 ', ,wa v .. www Q V lkk, ,K 7' Q ..v.k, 1.5 M, . , .LWQQ-.M ' ,,. 434,64 'l N " 64,4 jd jfuki , il ' X ff' f WM M ' I jp 'V f I V140 'ez' r 1 'D ywffff' J J ' l 2 -qyfy if 1,1161 ls' ,454 iff' 'eff ,W , CHARLES STOUDEMIRE PICKENS RISER BOBBY GRUHN - ' , A v l'rrxiilm1l l'iui'-Pn'.viflrrl! Sf'rn'mry-7'rra.vurrr I 4' f fff W It is the aim of every Newberry athlete to some day Wear the coveted Block "N" which marks him as being not only an outstanding athlete, but also a man who possesses the qualities of true sportsmanship. t These men have done their part to increase the glory of the "Fighting Redskins" on the pages of our athletic history. b . ,tx A K . . f Q, , ik y !1 v- 4 V i i nik. ARDITO BABB BAILEY BERRY BESSINGICR BRISSEY CAPPS , C. Dulzoslc S2 Lv ' f " 'z fa Ai M. DUBOSE GANTZ KINARD l PATE ...SY , an :,, , , , 4 In il, f-if i Y U I Li -mn DOAR HANCE D. MAXWELL Inf'--' 41' 9 .fur I N Q, - xl gg: .Ni f RAST ULRICH m S A .,,,, K -. - ,Qi I I W I XM I G. DAVIS M. DAVIS , FARR IIARBOL HIESTER HORTON I.. MAXWELL MORRIS OWENS . Q , , A I, W I I as '9 .mr K r Q. Lk REAMIES ROGERS 'I'I IOMPSON WARNER WEEKS 83 Ia F R. NIL'l'ONNl'fl.l. Hrmf f.'I1m'f! ROIHCRT '1'A'I'E .'l,r,ri.rmul I.'nfn'h FGCDTBALI. 1 q v 31 43 ,. k i f if " .-. ' e 13 25? SICNIORS ON THE '51 SQUAD. If'ir.vf Rau-: REAMIES, WEEKS, DUBOSIE. Sn:- nml Ruse: IIANCE, CANTZ, GRUHN, l'A'I'lC. Newberry didn't have much to shout about in the way of victories during the 1951 season. We are proud, though, of the way our boys always kept fighting until. the last whistle, even in the face of certain defeat. The two biggest foes that the team had were the draft and injuries. These things kept the team in a Constant state of reorgan- ization throughout the season. Playing under this handicap, our players continued to show the courage and determination that has won for them the name of "Fighting Redskins". 'J BERRY KINARD WEEKS BESSINGICR BRUCE rv ,! .MZ :LEW FRESIELONE ARDITO B RISSIEY M AXWIC LL HU'I"I'O DUBOSE FARR . iff? 'J S-li BABB GOLDEN A - 'ggywgm'xq1-,vga 'g33N,, X . . lucfxmuas McKNlGH'l' C.-wvs nom: ROGERS .,f rmNc1a cfxsm 1 ULRICH owlaNs Vi GRUIIN ,f11.W GANTZ RAST M. DAVIS IIARBOL G. DAVIS 87 Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry DUBOSE SCORES AGAINST IERSKINIC SCI-1Ii1JUI,l'1 . U C hZ1ft2l.I100g2l . U Catawba . . . 0 Lenoir-Rhyme . 6 lfrskine . . . 7 The Citadel . . O VVofford . . . 12 Elon . . . 13 l"L1I'lTlZ111 . . . 6 Appzllachiun . . 0 Presbyterizln C 88 ol lege CAI "PS IS S'l'OPPICD Alf'l'l'IR .-X LONG L DUBOSIE AROUND END 89 N52 14 '- :., - fl-Wil" "kv, ill . 'VT' ii, 1-15 XQ- BASKETBALL The haskethall team, which was off to a good start, was hit hard after the first semester, when two first-string regulars with- drew from school. It was necessary to luring up inexperienced hoys to take their places, hut even with this, the team managed to have a fairly successful season. Two players, Charles Stoudemire and Leon Maxwell, who have heen outstanding on the hardwood for the past few years, wrung down the curtain on their college court careers with the close of this season. STOUDICNI I R Ii, C MAXWIELI. BAILEY IILANKO RUSSO I.. Ii ITN Ii R R0'1'u S'I'OUDI'IMIRI-I, .1 RUSIIIE I-'RICSOLON Ii MORRIS SIIULI, I I ICSTIER GIRLS' BASKETBALL Though few games were scheduled, the New- berry College girls made a good record for them- selves during the basketball season this year. Under th e creditable coaching of VVilbur Looper, the team, made up of six freshmen and four upperclassmen, Won a majority of the games played With surrounding communities. vvnaacia Looviciz ffnnrh I"ir.vl Row: STARLING, MINICK, CHINNERS, Sl5'I'ZI.ER, SHEALY. Svmuil Row: LOOPICR, Cfmrhg HICKMAN, GRIGGS, BISHOP, KOON, I'I'1"I'S. ' 92 ' s Fira! .Run-: D. MAXWELL, DOAR, DUKES, L. MAXWELL, LOOPIER, R. HORTON. Scrum! Roca-: j. NORTON llURCKHAI.'l'I5R, REAMIES, McALLIS'l'ER, BORING, CLEMENTS. Third Rurc: lVlcCONNELL, Cunclzg DVHOQI, S'l'OUDEMIRli, RISER, BAILEY. li. R. QTUCKJ MCCONNELL Cunrh BASEBALL The 1951 Newberry baseball team went through an undefeated season and won the state Champion- ship. They also returned the Bronze Derby to the Newberry campus. In addition to this, five of the players, "Sug" Horton, Leon Maxwell, Charles Stoudemire, "Pic" Riser, and hlax DuBose, were selected to the All-State team. 93 j 801 flftlfelf Q4 'xxmsm Q' I ,, S. L. .gn x M 'U' J vs 3' N' F o "" "" -,WJ """n-,Y 77 -..,,,,,. 'O A 'L 0 V .. "QQ, if s-QQ, 'Y x 'ir-if 'TY uw , " 1. ,V .W x b ,-H, sm. K ,. .nt is ba, W7 It ff 4 Q .Q - 14 W-. N '94 ' '7-'W I je-1-1--M , - , Q .. 1 . ,, tn , I . lg x , A , fy V J z ' L" , N xr K . C1 Nvsx VL i ml ,,. 39 , K Q I fix.. f.. x ,VXA , . N 'wc TU - 'Mu L- f "W" mf 7 xx Q13 in V, a.7,.fff'ygm2 gg, A X 5 23Qxfi2?'uLQ:4,'f'Q'Qu:jxyf L' 9 K r K M. ' ' ,, "RWE ,A ' A . Mx, K , 1 , '. Ah 4 ' A as r V Q H Q M Q H V' A .VV, .L W3 X , W . , , W'vm,m.,3f'h,,,wWMW'-X MMQWM ew W' MISS MATHILDA SUBIQR 1951 Alay Day Queen 2 l 96 my ay fQ5f Newberry College, following the age-old custom of May Day, observed the beginning of May by crowning a Queen, Miss Nlathilda Suber, to reign over the campus. This has become an annual event and is one of the highlights of the college year. This year a pageant was presented which included tumblers, characters from Nlother Goose, and May Pole dancers. As usual, the gala affairs was attended by a large number of persons. ILL. Ea NF, ax, .Al - ' ' 'W' " ' j" ' ' I' "YT T i 'D' ,rr R 14, 1 fl , mi' E Q, sg , r . ' is A ef T, ' ' W' . . , 1 l T,-3 N 4 K . 0' , ff las, , , p, .. ' Q, gf - 1 , .v , . . K. ni 'H - V , . .. . Q f f fi 4 - - A' .' 'f 4 ' 'Z . , ' f H, -A fy , ' . - I - g. ' - , I' ' . '. . . I' 4 I sd f Q K I J.. I Q z 5 I ' an ' 4 7 ,D fi ? 1 , 3 'W V ,... K A , Q " v 'QT f ' 4 Agri ni ,V I l 4 ' 1' . if .. V . , " fi i ' ,. .- -" 4 PM vx , wh 9 V , ' -.vt f 123. ?i..,.l r 1 ' an -QN , J 1 A . ,f , J 'Q - f ft ' , ' 1 A - . 'J 1 rgx ' X v I A ,, ' 'X L mv " 'Y 'XXX - 'X . ff- 5 '- . ' X V: ' N li' 1 'fag E mf- jk--, yi 3174 ff A xr X, AY 2 q K .9 ' 1 .,h, ' c x- ykfg- ., ' Y k K Xl L 'A 5 3 - 1 h L K! 4, f W A ' L ' 1 2 x 1. 4 f A 4 , f 'f ' ' X 5 4 j . " , A f X 1 WI! ff! IH' ' 1 J, I K 1 Af X , 1, 4 ' 5 f ' ., e 2,1 Q-. J'.i ' ew , V Q ,IK Ai.. in N. . i 'lk X A '50-f-Q 'ff . , -Q it 3 " +-'f f ' - x"f'.-f .J uf".-r-1' -1 , 1 ' q., - .. .- - ' ' ' ' ,, 'lg' 'gl A v Z' up X , -s. X X, A 1 X Q f 1, ,MX . K, fir, I, gr ' . I if X 3 Ai .le 'QS ., 3, fax Xtys, ,Q-gf '55, Blfl'1"1'Y J RAN ADAMS ,fl Ilewrfzwl 3 JOYCE COLEMAN A flemlcml 5 1 .ww "T" .1 ' , Y. .y -W, .4 " ' JOAN BOOZHR Queen 292 MISS BILLIIC DOVE GRIGGS Fon Cmxunxss S'l'OUlH'IMlRl'I l'rwi1le11r of Block "N" Club l're.rirfe1lf nf PM Tau MRS. RICHARD FOSTER Fon RICHARD Fos'r1au l're.rif!eur of Senior Clary 792 IOOVLJOV5 MISS MARY KIANIC CAUGI-IMAN Fon I'IRI'IDlCRlCK JOHNSON Ifflimr of NIEXVIII-IRIKIAN MISS WINONA MII,I,S VOR Rfxuvll -IOIINSON ln'u.ri11e.f.r Alrlllrlgtfl' of INIICXVIEICRRIAN MISS CA ROLYN CALVICRT Fon jour: Kaul-zcslfzu l'resif!eul of l'l21yer.r MISS FAYIC MITCHUM Fon Roni-:u'1' FRASI-:R Effifor nf "lm!i1m" 7952 l00lfL:50I":5 MRS. CIAUIDIC WICICKS Fon Cl,ALIlD1'Z Wm-:ics l'1'1f.fiflz:11r of Slllrftllf Bally l're.rif!w1r of Blue Key SS ICRNlCS'l'INlC S' 1-'ou H1-:Nav O'r'r, ju. Pr f'.v iffdllf nf Kappa Phi MISS ANN DENNIS FOR TVERRI BODIE Prcriflezzt of Rarliok Club MISS ANADELE KRUEGER Fon JOHN KRUEGER Prexifleut of Social Council 192 P Olfbff 0l"5 MISS FRANCES BUCK Fon NRNI-1S'l' B1c1.v1N Prefifleut of Sophwzmrc Clan MISS MARY ANN WICRTZ mm ALLAN W1-:RW l'z'rf.fiffe11f of yvhffzl Sigma l1'r,f1 MRS. I". S. SUHR mm KARL SUIIR ffhzlfflllrlll of fVl1:11'.r Cnlmnil l,l'1f.l'ilf6llf nf S. C. A. 79 MRS. I". W. KRUIQGHR wok ,lmw Klum-21:1-zu l'1'1v.riflr1fl nf llflmre A. r,rff Cfzllilill -eY l" P 0146 0144 MISS 'l'HICR1'ISA LIGHTSICY mm SUMNNI-1 S'1'AR1.1Nc: l'1'e.vif!e11r of M!l3.fflllfll.ffBI' Fallocuxhijm MRS. -IOHN D. BUNGICR von MARIANNA BUNIIICR 1' r'1'.v iflfrur of Eurfrpe flfl MlI.YiCT Club MR. AND MRS. AI. P. ADAMS vnu B14:'l"1'Y EAN Amms l'r'mif!euI of fVlz:lhmlisf Sfllffdllf I"ello':cf.fhip 792 MR. AND MRS. D. O. LAYNE Fon PAULA LAYN1-1 Cfhtlffllldll of MIIIIIIBIISV Council l00lfLZ50I":5 DR. AND MRS. WII,l,I.AXM H. PRICE 1-'ma ,-XNN1-2 Pulrl-1 l'r1'.ri1lw1l of lfapliff Sllnfrur Ulliml MRS. OLIN SHIC.-XLY von Gncoucal-: S111-:mx rllf of Dxlj' Sfllrffllfi Club M ISS PEGGY AULL mm -Iuvl Aum, ,L S5 ,,,.f" l'1'e.ri1!e2ll of Llztherml Sflllftillf .hfocizlriou K' it ' A:':-:x,:.-El lg7l5illt3,f.f MzIllc1AQEl' of Hllllfitllln Y ' - 'il-'fif .':Il5J.f'-G I AA ,5.-ff.-I.. ' N X., 5: 5 Qu 'S O. k x QRS? v. xx X X X 5. Q X as ' f-1 sl rg' '- ,I .N MISS DORA li. BICSSINGICR Fou S'l'ANI.l'1Y Blassmcax-in Przxfirlgzzr of F re.r!mm1f Clan A L 1 L MAS'l'I'IR .IOI-IN 'THOMAS l'lBl'IR'1' Fon SUSANNI-1 Elll'IR'l' 1'z'exif!1:11r of Cfu1re1'b1n'y Club ! 1001455 0144 MISS SARAH LOUISE BRANIYI' von Dc m'1" ru-1 BRANIYI' l'nf.rif! ffff r of lzlfff 1'11f1 rif lzlfl I Rfflari rffl .f Club jhe gfiying ,Q 14460 Qt Tozlay is well 'versell in, style 117111 cofzsequeilftly de- mamls the best. This we offer you at the lowest possible prices. There is no fifner way of l!.Z'll7'6.S'S'l:'Il-g yofufr sentiinents than- by 1I1'C'S6'Ilf?i'IIg a gift from your jeweler. of het, has ever been the surest way to a Z220'lfl1l'IL,S heart, mul, of rroiirse, we have ma-ny s'u,itable items for the man as well. You, will filul here articles too 1zu1nero11,s to 'mefn-tion., Ilfllll within, your allowa-hee. J ust come in anal we will help you .select the most appropriate gift. E. TUR ER l Ieweler Sterling by 'l'owL11: - LUNT - IN'1'ERNA'1'IONAI, - VVALLACE S'lj7'll-f'1lSl' China - CiIl,llI.l17'l!lgl3 Crystal 1X1 RY ITEM SOLD HICRIC IS ABSOLUTICLY GUARANTEED Il2 COMPLIME NTS OF Kemper Chevrolet Co. Sales - Parts - Service KCHEVROLI-:M 1515-17 MAIN STREET PHONES 982-264 NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA CITY OIF NEW MERRY "The City of 1f'1'iemlly 1f'0ll:'s" ll3 COMI'I,I1N'Il'IN'1'S OF JOHN N CE Distrilmtor for CLI-XUSSEN'S BREAD AND CAKES "1f'az'm'e1I over a. 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P I.I1Nl l'IN'l'S 0 I+' .lust as Reliable" NEWBERRY HOTEL coMPI,ET14: SERVICE - BARBER SHOP YICWIXVICILY, S. C. 'l'lf:I.1f:1'1loNlc 200 C RITZ THEATRE IOMPLINII IN IS OI THE 1f'P.I1+:ND1'.Y '1'H1+:A'1'1u4: IN NEWBERRY COUNTY BANK P THE FRIENDLY CITY PHONE 280 NlfIXI'IlI lung S. C , un n n n n n n n II9 N WHITAKER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service PHONE 270 1704 COLLEGE STREET NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA rhuununnununnuuunu COMPLIMENTS or CITY BARBER SHOP NEWBERRY, S. C. CUMPLIMENTS OF NEWBERRY STEAM LAUNDRY 6. DRY CLEANING CO. uvuuuuuvuwvuun 'nuvunvuunuuru auvuuunuuuuv COMPLIMIJNTS OF R. M. LOMINACK NE 13 Fon MUSIC - SPORTS - NEWS MYSTERY Hear RADIO STATION WKDK Your Voice of Good Will and the A Mutual Broadcasting System 1240 K.C. ON Youn RADIO DIAL nnnnnnnunnuhunnuu n:hunhuauunhunhnuhunhunnunnuuhnn HARDWARE 14109 MAIN S'I'Iu':E'I' PHO CLARY-MARTIN FEED 6 SEED STORE 1013 CALDWELL STREET ' NEWIlERRY,'S. C. COMPLIMENTS or YOUNG'S FRUIT STORE nunnnnunnnnnnununnnnhunnunnu COMPLIMENTS OF CLARENCE T. SUMMER, INC. NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA Dcalerv In HARDWARE, GROCERIES, PLUMBING, HEATING, ELECTRICAL AND BUILDING MATERIALS, FLINTKOTE ROOFING, GOODRICH TIRES, SHELL GASOLINE AND OILS, FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES, SHERVVIN- WILLIAMS PAINTS 'I'1c1,mmr0N,lcs 110 AND 109 f NIGHT 97 I - - - -1 'u'u'u'l u-u-u-um-un-u vu-u'u'u'u - ' ru-u-mm1-u-uf-U--vu-an m SMITH MOTOR COMPANY Dodge mul Plymof11ftl1L Autmnfobiles G. E. Applizmccs 1309 COLLEGE STREET TELEPHONE 777 NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA, CoMPL1M1'1N'1's ov WELLS THEATER NEWBERRY,S G. D. BLACKWELL NEWEST, MOST MODERN AND COMFORTABI ,E CoMPr,IM1f:N'1's ov CO1Wll'I.IBIl'lN'l'S ov PEOPLES BOOK STORE ODORLESS CLEANERS BOOKS - STATIONERY - GIFTS OFFICE SUPPLIES PHONE 177 NEwn1su1LY, S. C. ul-11.11. ,mn,n.11.1n.n.u.11.lG1l.v1,:l. I2I COM 111,151 11:N'1's mv ANDERSON'S SHOE STORE N1':wmf:lun', S. C. B. C. MOORE AND SONS Ml'lN'S CLOTHING LADIES' RICADY-'l'O-VVICAR Buy from Moore Illlll S11-we M orc CARPENTER'S VVOMEN'S APPARICI, DRY GOODS - MII,I,INl'IRY Nlawm-:luu', S. C. COM1'LIMI'1N'1'S OF DIXIE HOME STORE Yom' Complete F0011 Store EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE "cvo1i111f:cv'1"1 M14:Rc'HANDIs1c AT IQOVV PRICES Nlcvlc GIFTS-I.0v1cLY 1+'I,0W11:RS VERNA 6. HAL KOHN nuuu1111111111111111nnunun-111n11n111n1n1nuv1u1 1 LOMINI-XCK'S DRUG STORE PHONES 'l-118 AND 981 THE NEWBERRY OBSERVER PROFESSIONAL DRUG STORE P111N'1'1+:11s IQ l'UBLISH1'l1iS Puoxlc 11 PATRONAGIC APPRl'XTIA'1'l'lD IDeli'vc1'y Service Nl1:wm+:u1n', S. C. 1.11.1u.u.u.u.1n.1n.1n.1x.1u.1n.1n.n.11.11. 'n-n'u-n-in 'u-u-ulu-mmm -nm-n-11-1n'u'u'u'n -wu'n'n'u-mu wg:-1vi1'nnnmm:-u-u'u'mri mu- luInuin'nm-u-u-u-u'y'u'mu-n Our stock is complete in every department with the newest und most desirable jewelry. This lms been carefully selected for quality and beauty. Your buying problem will be un easy one if you select your merelmndise from our varied assortment of nationally advertised inerc-lnxndise. FENNELL'S IEWELRY STORE 1505 IVIAIN S'1'luf:r:'i' C,'ol11fmbiu IJLIIWIIOTIIIH - Lufut and Towle Stcrlifng - Elgin mul Iiulozw 1"Vntz:lw.v Iiavrlfrian China f G. B. SUMMER AND SONS SUNRISE FURNITURE AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Medimn ami High Grade IOBBERS AND DISTRIBUTORS RCA VICTOR AND PHILCO RADIOS Couxnn Boron AND CA1.mv1+1r.l, S'rs. Nnwnnlcuv, S. C. : NEWBERRY, S- C- NEWBERRY LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY "Completc' Protection" HOME OFFICE NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA COM1'l.IMEN'l'S or I-IIPP'S STATION SECURITY nsso SERVICE cor,LEun s'mnn'1' LOAN AND INVESTMENT I I '"""""""""""""""""'""""""""""'"""""""""""""""""""""""""""' ' COMPANY . ...., ..............,...,..,.,,..,..,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,T.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,, . 'r. L. HICKS, 1'1ucsi1nf:N'l' CAROLINA REMNANT SI-IOP Glco. s. DOMINICK, snclci-:'l'Aln' 14.01 MAKIN S'r1u-:p-rv Nmvimmw. S. C. INSURANCE - LOANS T "''""""""""""""-"-"' I "1"-"-""'-"-"-''-'"''-'""-""'-"-''-''-''-""'-"-"-""'-"-"' REAL ESTATE .-..-..-..-..-..-.,-.,-.,-..-..-..-... 5 ........,.................,..,. ........,.....,....., 1219 I1ox'c11-1 S'i'1u-im' Cm""1U""fN"'S 01' N,.,w,,,.5,,,,y, S, C, NEWBERRY LUMBER CO.. INC. IZ3 POMARIA GIN COMPANY LATEST DRYING AND CIJQANING EQUIPMENT IC. O. KINAIKD, H. NV. LOMINACK J. A. KINARD 1'oMA1u,x, S. C. T 6. C CLEANERS CLEAN CLOTHES LAST LONGER mn. CoMPLIM1cN'1's OF WHlT'S GRILL I4OCA'I'ED ON CII'1'-0F1+' N1-:w1uf:1uu', S. C. COMPLIMENTS or SMITH'S DRUG STORE 1212 MAIN STRfEE'I.' N1':xvn1':1un', S. C. an n n n n n u ru u n u 11 u nn n n u nun nn n u u u u u u n u u u n u u u u nun ns ROSE'S STATIONERY 0 COSMETICS Nmvlmlmv, S. C. ROYAL CROWN COLA "Best by Taste Test" ROYAL CROWN COLA AND NEHI BOTTLING CO. Puoxl-1 174--J N'EXV1!ERRY, S. C. .n.u.n,u.u. CoMPI.IMlcN'1's OF SHEALY LAUNDRY Gunmen CAI.mvm.r. AND I'Unc1f:1.1. PHONE 4435-W W e I,awmletr Everything from uf Hzmdlverchief to af Circus Tent CoM1fL1M1-:NTS OF T. ROY SUMMER "The 1lIa.71.'.s' Shop" . .u.n.n.u.u.u.1u.u.v1.u.u.u.u.n.sumn.1s.:1.1v.:1.11.1u.n.n.n.n.n.u.u. .n.u.u 1.u.u.u.u.u.u.: 1.1u.11.u.n.n.n.u.n.u.u.u.uu.n.n.n.n.r THE FASHION UP TO THE MINUTE IN STYLE Newberryie Leading Department Store FRIENDLY CAFE CHICKEN, STICAKS, CHOPS, DINNERS 1217 NANCE S'1'luc1f:'1' '1'ELlf:PHON15 215-W GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 1,4113 MAIN PHONE 275 PROSPERITY DRUG COMPANY 1,lHlS1',l'ZRI'1'Y, S. C. c lc. WHEl'1I.1CR '37 n.u.n.n.n.n mn. 'u'u'u'u'n'n'un'un'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'nvu1'n'u'u'u'u'u-n-u HAYES MOTOR CO. GMC TRUCKS o PONTIAC MAIN STREET FLORIST SHOP CADILLAC PHONE 61 1504 MAIN S,1,m,.E,1. NEWIII RRY, S. C. Nmwnmuuf, S. C. Q MEEK-HUTTO LUMBER CO. : PRO RIT I ff w F IT HE co. ff :+ : 1 W COLLEGE S'1'nEE'1' - T1 AMA NEWBERRY, S. C. P"0?1"':" 1' ' L' M ............ .... C . ,AJ ff' ' ff . HC f..f1ffQ"'MffJ ,ff "mfr I 'F' C 11,4 JMC 45,16 . . 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Suggestions in the Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) collection:

Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 87

1952, pg 87

Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 46

1952, pg 46

Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 75

1952, pg 75

Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 117

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Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

Newberry College - Newberrian Yearbook (Newberry, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 34

1952, pg 34

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