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-. v-qi is -if ? . 3 .. ,Q ': Z .r-a:1,?"5M,f"v1-y ' " w ,, "wx r. ,"75, in " Q,-. Lfielff.. . ' fffmwk 'Z ..L9,+,f-v-,..a51 3'W' Q. 1 L lm - ' NV A,,, ,jg J - '+L ,ggi iQ:,g,,,: , 5 4Af11m,'3,Li?gxV gjagfi 45:49 A 4 " V ' .'fL'52 . Q31 2 A 31- 1. it A 9,-,QQ .gf ,Q W , , Y , :ei fi? F 2 xy I X .. J x - Q fiigfuff LE QA wi QV nf ' ,-v'v"i!l'5"' I A - - 515' 'V fi Li ' Iii: arg '-161' fy 124 - ,fc 'sv new qf, ? 1 ,f as ng , X '-' M' ' M A - 1 QQ A , X' X- . ,w'- f 4, vw. 'x: 'Ji ' W MQ A M RN ' - Lu' , J - y y ' . - ' Q wi . 1 vf , if , K A 5 'si 'f ' ' ' 41 M E ' s"'5Q. fp ,1 7 . wvme' V w H g-A un: as Af 1 +-,W ' " ' 'mix K .5 ff. K A wil ft: 'mam L A ,Q , 1' ,f " V' ' ' 5 ' 2 ' 1' M f'4 'V' . ' f5 l, W 5 5. , ' f . ,Af 1, ', , 1-. 'f :X Y, fr Q ' 'T - . " ,-Q' '51 T L ff f: , if K V ky Q.,,,w V ' I . 37 1 N X ,.,4Ma. 1512, el Q 5 ' , N, b Q - g . nr " fv,,,., . -- ,--' b, , ag' , . g if 5 NJN .' fgqy, .4 - j . .-r 5 5 1' 4 . ,. ' J' 1- .gg " ' wi -'ww X if gifs 12? . 1 :Lf 'Wax ' .f A fffjlj ' - p . , 1'nL?,-+V A ' ' Aff. EA 'k L" ""n"'9-, 1' Nffig 3, M. A... ,L .KF -, , ,ggtx :ig N, 1.,,, .K kr Y 33' f . 'gf S? ' lg'-,W ' , , 65" -'fmt ' V, 3 k r ,,.g,:'i13 4553! Rfk, ' N it 1' 15 I viz-1: f, ,, V 5 M vm, ,Y I , 'fwcffg 4, Q ' Q 1 Y' ..' V . ,,, .f gf 0 J' U2"".'V- 141 r .. Vt 4' V fv,Q:T-'A 1 W ffgxffi 1 ' f 4 .-:fav-avg,-,,,A V uv I v Y . mwikajw 4 x'.:,,?, , -f WN mr--',..,..,,L ' ',u ,, .m,ii,x.,5,,0., Y. 3 . gmt:-rf v-fb' -r Y-A ""fs,,..,,' 4 I ' 'Q L4 y , 7 . f ,lr-W..-.N A I M "",""""" 1.-f "' 5 - at ' , :SHI - 31-,rv -,iw ' "'a.. QL, '5"?i"-. ,,--W f W ,, . " 'A 'D A N F 9 5 " '51, . gh' N- 3 .f-Q., lf. , ff' :J , V V L . A 1 X4 ' QQ , ua ,mm ,rf 1-ix .Gnu ,V K, E V ' 3 " 1 3,13 gp L HQ, Lx.. . an 1 A 4 I x '7 "-1g:x- 'Ii M V 74 iH K U M -M-wN-.h,, .,4 Ri - li Q Q 4 h VA My -,.,.,,mN-. v S , , 'P'-Q-ff..L,..., ' "A .. - J "'f1:i'sf - -. ' 'V Hr 'Z ' ' ' 2 I H fb Q 'M '- 'aa .1 Y A V 2 K 'Paw A J' 'u ,b 1 'V 1 M . fQ5Q.,5,5gq' 6' il 1 'vw W ff ' 'M . , 92 gf, ' ' vfcffijf - iffw' " ufnwmf-mqpq " .1 "' ' N.-ff f' , -M M H 4. . A, w ' if f b . -A V ..,,MAHv D M ' W W .g-W:-f"f' il ,-5' ,. fjiij f" . 'fi t M'N'ff4?fr- gf ..-1 .. v 951: 'Q-if., 'J .Aw xr x ""'.f..f- qi uawg I Y'r""':vs.. ' lrfkw, n hw I . 'Gunn "1'5q.,, 'fi-. AY Rh-'v'a'?f'g8E -W. 1 r E H w 12- AFV '5'?"q. f'i'i " .His-1 il' T 'W' HL" . , ' ' 53 - ' Yi-1-H 'rr-P"i , ifA.5f5'Zi4731i:Q-ff, x-5: LL' -. " f"5?ii ie. Luis: ' ' The Cfzefmlem Published Annually by the Associated Student Body Newberg Union High School Nezuberg, Oregorn VOLUME XLIV 1 9 5 2 Edited biy --444-'-,.-..4-- ,,,,,,.,,, R obert L. Byrd printed by ,.A----,,,..-,--',,,, .,........ N ewberg Graphic' Lithographing by .......... b'------ B emfliff Pfifltef Photos by ................... ------------------------- R 1137 To you, the student, this book is pre- sented in the sincere belief that it holds memories of your high school career you will ever cherish. The Chehalern Staff i .,-v--vain ff' 'A A J V ', -6' To Loran Douglas, excellent and respected principal, booster of student in- terests and welfare, and co-operative friend, we the staff dedicate the Chehalem of 1952. 1 sw be '63 M2 bi 5- PRINCIPAL LORAN DOUGLAS V Completing his third year as prin- cipal of Newberg Union high, Loran Douglas is well-liked and respected by all who work under him. His policies of fairness and self-government, carried out with a pleasant efficiency, make him popular with students and towns- people alike. sur:nm1':NnEN'r HUBERT ARMSTRONG Heading the Newberg school sys- tem is Hubert Armstrong, superinten- dent of schools. His seventh year in this position, as the six preceding, has been one of harmony and co-operation, and his quiet smile and greeting are a pleas- ant part of Newberg high school's friendly atmosphere. SCHOOL BOARD SECRETARY EDNA GILLIS To every member of the stu- dent body Edna Gillis is sunshine and efficiency in her capacity as office secretary. Her wllingness to be of help to both students and faculty in addition to regular of- fice work, has won her admina- tion and respect. VICE-PRESIDENT DARREL JONES 'rnnsukin LEWIS SCHAAD rnssmsm' sicuzrnv LYNWOOD LUNDQUIST MYRNA HOY Student ouncil The Student Council made an excellent record in govern- ing our school affairs this year. Representatives from classes, clubs and home rooms met to discuss the school's problems and voted to sponsor a Halloween party, noon movies and the University Singers' concert. Student body officers were Lynwood Lundquist, presidentg Darrel Jones, vice-presidentg Myrna Hoy, secretaryg Lewis Schaad, treasurer and Dorothy Gimbel, assistant treasurer. Mr. Loran Douglas advised the council. PAGE EIGHT MARY ANDERSEN B. S. University of Idaho. Book- keeping, Shorthand I, Consumer Ec., Typing I, II, Boost- ers, FBLA, VINNIE B. FROST B. A. Alma Col- lege. Library. JAY C. HOCKETT B. A. University of Oregon. English III, Remedial Read- ing, Junior Class BETTY BARNER B. S. Oregon State College Hom emaking I, Dean of Girls, Girls' League. GRETCHEN GEORGE B. S. Grinell. Bi clogy, Sopho m o r Class. 5. FLORENCE HUCKLEBERRY B. A. Linfie ld College. H a n di- craft, Sophomore, C ra ft, Advanced Art, Masque Club, Thespians. is HOWARD V. BENNETT B. S. O r e g o n State College. Agriculature, FFA. EARL R. GILLIS B. S. Linfield College. Driver Training, B o y s ' Counselor, Wrestl- ing, Sopho m or e Class, Boys' League. HELEN JOHNSTON B. A. Pacific Un- iversity. English I, Freshman Class, RALPH DAVIS B. S. O regon State College. Boys' PE, Social Science, Football, Freshman Basketball, A s s t . Track, Order of N. CHARLES B. GILMAN B. A., M. A., New York State College for Teach- ers. Remedial Arith- metic, World Cul- ture, Speech, Stage Craft, Junior Class. NINA A. JOHNSON B. A. L i n field College. Typing I, Latin. General Math. ALFRED FEDJE B. S. Willamette University. General M a t h , Geometry, Algebra, Hi-Y, Freshmen Football "B" Squad, Basket- ball. ,. MELVIN L. GILSON B. M. Willamette University. General Music, Band, Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Dance Band, As- sembly Adviser. FRANCIS T. KELTNER B. S., M. A. Um- Jersity of Oregon. Social Ec., Commer- cial Law, Student Finance. S e n i o r Class. NAOMI FLATEN B. A. Concordia College. American History. Social Stu- dies, National Hon- or Society, Junior Class. ERNEST ll HEIMIACH B. S. O regon State College. Gen- eral Science, Chem- istry, Physics, Cam- era and Projector Club, Audio Visual Aids. ' ALVIN N. MULLIKIN B. S. L i n field C o 1 lege , Physical Education and Health, B Squad Football, Basket. ball, Track, Fresh- man Class BARBARA Mzncznis J. FLOYD A. RUTH AMY c. MARGARET DQNALD OLSON PAUL RISTER SHIPLER SPERRY TANGEN 1-Hom-SON B. A. Willamette B- A.. M. A. Un- B. A. 0 regon B. S. University B. S. 0 resvn B. A. University B. S. L i n field University. PE, General Science, Y- Teens. iversity of Idaho. State College. In- of Oregon. Girls' State College. Home of Oregon. English 'Z , IH' IV' dl-lsfrial Arts. Base- PE, GAA, Pep Economics, Boys' II, Tigergttes, Journalism. Echoes. ball. Football. Ti- staff. Cookery, FHA. Quill and Scroll, ger Knights. En lish Senior Class. College. Math, So- cial Science, Junior Rod and Gun Club, Chehalem. r I fmlmi: if A ,fn 4 5 L .. ,nv- W4 , I - r - . : .'.:1f'3"'5'5: ' 1 f , Y ,f fm 4 14.5 9 ,A . .,M.,5?1- ',s W, if Vggiiiv ,, CANE EMT3 f A if-ij 15. .A 12 h Z: . ., .s i til VN Q H M.mxNNvf,,Q g MSLAQLA :gp NEWRFRL Nf - '3 N- MMM pm 'V' ff WE if: F V14 W ,A .-,f 6 Uk sf' -,::5F.2f,'3- :- . H . v qw - mel! HU., .. 11451 33523555 'I N -xS' X Xx ' 3 QXUH '5HOwBoAT 6 A N9 f sgcnn-Aly PRESIDENT MARY HOOVER ELVIN SYVERSEN Sembr Class An active school life has drawn to a close for the Class of '52. Among their many activities for the year were the fresh- man welcome, two assemblies, dress-up day, skip day, and an annual visit to Salem institutions. Leaders of the class were Elvin Syversen, presidentg Rob- ert Harriman, vice-presidentg Mary Hoover, secretaryg Arlyn Ely, treasurerg and Michael Jackets, representative. Mer- cedes Paul and Francis Keltner were advisers. vlcs-rnzsrnsrrr ROBERT HARRIMAN 'rnnsunfn ARLYN ELY Aovlsza ADVISER FRANCIS KELTNER MERCEDES PAUL REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL JACKETS PAGE THIRTEEN ILENE ANDERSON LAYNE ANSPACH ERMA ASHBY VERNA ATTRELL DONNA BALES JOANN MORTER BALES GEORGE BEAUDOIN EDENE BARBOUR KENNETH BEEBE THETTER BEESON DOROTHY BELL KATHLEEN BENCH LOUISE BURRILL ROBERT BYRD MARY ELLEN CHAMBERS LAWRENCE CHRISTENSON WAGE FOURTEEN ALLEN CLARK CORA DELL CLOEPFIL CURTIS COOPER JACK CRATER VIRGINIA CURRIER CORA LOU DANIELS ALBERT DAVID MYRON DAVID ELVA MAE DAVIS HAROLD DAVIS ROXANNA DAVIS CARQLYN DENT MARGARETTE DESERSA TED DRAHN ADILINE EDELMAN ARLYN ELY PAGE FIFTEFN ooLoREs EAIRCLOTH FLORENCE GATES DOROTHY GIMBEI- JOHN GOODRICH ROY HACKER DAVID HICKS if-GE SIXTEEN MARY ALICE GRAY AUBREY GREEN ROBERT HARRIMAN ARNOLD HEIMBACH MARY HOOVER BOB HINSHAW JOYCE GISI VIRGINIA HAAG JACK HERRING SHIRLEY HUTCHENS MYRNA nov DERYL INGRAHAM MICHAEL JACKETS GLENN JAQUITH DARREL JONES JOANNE JOHNSTON SHIRLEY JUNGWIRTH DORIS KING L RACHEL KING BURNELL KRAGER GENE KUCH DALE LUNG LYNWOOD LUNDQUIST CECIL LUNSFORD DOROTHY MEYERS EUGENE MILLER PAGE SEVENTEEN FRANCES MCAD GEORGE MCADAMS ERMA MCBRIDE ALVIN MCCABE eos MCINTYRE C'-E0 NELSON LILA NEWMAN MARTIN Nlcnous DON PETRIE JENNIE PHILLIPS JOE PLEWS MARGARET PUCKETT oovuua RANDOL JOYCE RAHHER .nom Rsaouv. CALVIN new AGE FNGHTEEN ALLYN SCHWINKENDORF ELDORA SCHAAD Ja, wr y-fn-f Y fi .L EDWARD SHERBURNE JANIE SHUEY LLOYD SOVEY BETTY STEVENS DON SHERIDAN LARRY STEELE LEWIS SCHAAD JENNIE SHEPLEY MARCHETA SMITH MARY SORENSEN ELVIN SYVERSEN SAM SCOTT GERALD TAYLQR EVERETT THOMSON PAGE NINETEEN GARY TRINKLEIN LESLIE UMFLEET BETTY VAN DEIIEY DOLLY WALKER 5LL5N WILKINS MARY WILLIAMS EILEEN ZIMBRICK PIIYLLIS ZIMBRICK L:NonA zsmcz MAnclu.e rANKHAussn GRACE GREEN PAGE TWENTY ANDERSON, ILENE Girls' League 4 FBLA,-4 GAA 4 Transferred from Woodburn Horizon Club 1-2 GAA 1-3 FHA 1 Girls' League 1-2-3 ANSPACH, LAYNE Student Council 1-3-4 One Act Plays 2-3 Masque Club 3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Chehalem 3 H National Honor Society 3-4, Vice-President 4 Camera and Projector Club 3-4, Darkroom Mgr. 4 Student Body Play 2-3 Junior-Senior Play 4 Thespians 3-4 ASHBY, ERMA Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 , Mixed Chorus 3 ATTRELL, YERNA Student Council 3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Youth for Christ 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-4 Office Staff 4 Junior Play Masque Club 3-4 Girls' Glee Club 2 National Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 4 Boosters Tigerettes 3-4, Vice-Pres. 3 Y-Teens 3-4 FHA 1-2 Homecoming Court Choir 2-3-4. Treasurer 4 Operetta 2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 BALES, DONNA Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Echoes 4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Office Staff 4 Masque Club 1-2-3 Girls Glee Club 2 Y-Teens Princess 4 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 FHA 1 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Intramurals 3 May Pole Dancer 3 BALES, JOANN MORTER Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Echoes 4 GAA 2-3-4 May Day Princess 3 One Act Plays 1 Masque Club 1-4 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 3-4 FHA 1 Choir 2 Operetta 2 Girl of the Month 3 Quill and Scroll 4 National Honor Society 4 BARBOUR, EDENE BEAL Girls League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Pep Band 4 Junior Play Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 1 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 2 Intramurals 1-2,-3-4 Tumbling 3-4 BEEBE, KENNETH Order of N 4 Football 1-2 Baseball 1-2-4 Wrestling 1-2-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 2-4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 4 Transferred from Kingman, Football 3 Intramurals 3 Boys' League 3 BEESON, THETTER Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Youth for Christ 4 GAA 2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 4 Y-Teens 1-2 FHA 1-2 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 BEAUDOIN, GEORGE Band 2-3-4 Pep Band 4 Junior Play Masque Club 4 Stage Craft Club 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 3 Operetta 3 Track 3-4 Intramurals 3-4 BELL, DOROTHY Girls' League 1-2-3-4, President 4 GAA 1-2-8-4 Office Staff 4 May Day Princess 2 Boosters, Vice-President Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2 Junior Class Treasurer BENCH, KATHLEEN Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3-4 One Act Plays 2 Masque Club 1-2 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2 Homecoming Court Choir 3-4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1 May Pole 2-3 BURRILL, LOUISE Girls' League 3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 4 Choir 3 Operetta 3 Intramurals 4 Transferred from Cleveland, Portland, Oregon Girls' League 2 Choir 2 BYRD, ROBERT Student Council 4 Echoes 4 Junior Plas' Masque Club 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Chehalem 4, Editor 4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Choir 3-4 Operetta 3-4 Quill and Scroll 4 National Honor Society 4 CHAMBERS, MARY ELLEN Youth for ChrisZ4 Girls' League 1- -3-4 GAA 1-2-3 Band 1-2-3-4 Pep Band 4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Chehalem 4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 3-4 Y-Teens 2-3 FHA 1-2 Choir 3 Operetta 3 Intramurals 1 CHRISTIENSON, LAWRENCE Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Sec.-Treas. 2, Hunting Chair man 3 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Basketball I-2-3 Track 1-2 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 CLARK, ALLEN FFA 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 CLOEPFII-I CORA DELL Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Corresponding Sec. 3 GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Squad 3 One Act Plays 1-2-3, Dir. 4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Boosters Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Choir 2-3 Operetta 3 Student Body Play 1 Thespians 2-3-4, Secretary 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 National Honor Society 4 COOPER, CURTIS Junior Rod and Gun Club 3 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 CRATER, JACK Student Council 1-2-4, Rep. 2 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 FFA 1-2 Junior Play One Act Plays 1-2-3, Dir. 4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4, President 4 ' Tiger Knights 1-2-3-4, Corporal Student Body Play 2-3 Thespians 3-4 Track 1-3-4 Intramurals 1-3-4 Secretary of Building and Grounds 4 CURRIER, VIRGINIA Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Echoes 4 Chehalem 4, Bus. Mgr. 4 Tigerettes 8-4 FHA 1-2-3-4, Parliamentarian 4 Spanish Club 3 DANIEL, CORA LOU Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Masque Club 1 Tigerettes 3-4, Secretary 4 FHA 1-2 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Mixed Chorus DAVI D, ALBERT Junior Rod and Gun Club 2 Football 2 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 1-2 DAVID, MYRON Student Council 3 One Act Plays 2 Masque Club 2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Student Body Play 2-3 Intramurals 2-3-4 Frosh Class Treasurer Junior Class Rep. DAVIS, ELYA MAE ELY1 ARLYN GREEN, GRACE Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Treas. Youth for Christ 1-2-4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Squad 2 May Day Princess 2 Masque Club 1-2 Girls' Glee Club 2-3 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2 Homecoming Court Choir 2-3-4, Secretary 4 Operetta 2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Mixed 'Chorus 1 May Pole 3 Sophomore Class Secretary Swing Choir 3 DAVIS' HAROLD Order of N 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Pep Squad 4 Junior Class Play Football 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Track 1-2-3 Intramurals 2-3-4 DAVIS, ROXANNA Girls League 1-2-3-4 Youth for Christ 4 GAA 1 Band 1-2-3-4 Masque Club 1 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Tumbling Team 3 DENT, CAROLYN GAA I-2-3-4 One Act Plays 1-2 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Boosters Tigerettes 4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4, President 3 Choir 2-3 Operetta 3 Student Body Play 1 Thespians 3-4 ' National Honor Society 4 Junior-Senior Play 4 DISERSA, MARGARETTE Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Treas. Echoes 3-4, Business Mgr. 4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Junior Play Junior-Senior Play 4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Boosters Tigerettes 3-4, President 4 FBLA 3 Y-Teens 4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Choir 3-4 Operetta 3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Thespians 4 Quill and Scroll 4 DRAHN, TED Echoes 4 Junior Play Boys' League 2-3-4 Choir 2-3-4, President 3-4 speretta 3-4 rack 2 May Day Escort 2-3 Swing Choir 2-3 Transferred from Tigard Basketball 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1 Pep Staff 2 National Honor Society 4 Quill and Scroll 4 EDELMAN, ADILINE Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA I-2-3-4 Office Staff 3 Tigerettes 3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4' Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Spanish Club 3 May Pole Dancer National Honor Society 3 4 Girls' League 3-4 GAA 3-4 Masque Club 4 Band 3 Boosters FHA 3 Transferred from Girls' Polytechnic, Portland, Oregon Junior Red Cross, President 2, Secretary 3 Band 2 FHA 2 Swimming 2-3 Girls' League 1-2 GAA 1-2 FAIRCLOTH, DOLORES Girls' League 4 FBLA 4 Transferred from Girls' Polytechnic, Portland, Ore. Sub Deb Fire Squad Thespians FANKHAUSER, MARCILLE Girls' League 4 Youth for Christ 4 GAA 4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Transferred from Friends Academy, Haviland, Kansas Pep Staff 2-3 Choir 1-3 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3 Sophomore Play Junior Class Vice-President Junior Play Library Staff 2-3 Intramurals 1-2-3 Society B. Girls Girls' Athletic President School Chorus 1-2-3 GATES, FLORENCE Girls' League 2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2 Tigerettes 3 FBLA 4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-4 HAAG1 VIRGINIA Girls' League 4 FHA 4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Transferred from Chester, Mont Junior Play Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3 Paper Staff 3 Student Council I HACKER, ROY Stage Craft Club 4 Boys' League I-2-3-4 HARRIMANI ROBERT Order of N 3-4, Secretary 4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Football I-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Intramural 1-2 May Day Escort 3 Senior Class Vice-President HEIMBACH, ARNOLD Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Wrestling 2 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Intramurals 3-4 HERRING, JACK Wrestling 4 Boys' League 4 Camera and Projector Club 4, FBLA 4 Projector Mana er 4 FHA 2-3-4 . ' 3 . . Library Staff 3 from McMinnville Camera Club 1-2-3 Gmail., nonornv 1.52232 "3 Student Council 4 Girls' League 3-4 Youth for Christ 3-4, HICKS, DAVID VicePresident 4 Junior Play Masque Club 4 Boosters 4 Tigerettes 3 FHA 3 Asst. Student Body Treasurer. GISI, JOYCE Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 2 FBLA 4 FHA 2-3-4 GOODRICH, JOHN Order of N 3-4 Junior Rod-and Gun Club 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2, Mgr. 3-4 Track 1-2, Mgr. 3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 GRAY, MARY ALICE Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Band 1-4 Pep Band 4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 3-4, Vice-President 4 Y-Teens 1-2 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 GREEN' AUBREY Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 2-3-4 Boys' League 4 Camera and Projector Club 4 Transferred from Sandy, Ore. Jr. Chamber of Commerce Junior Play Track 3 Intramurals 3 National Honor Society 3-4 HINSHAW, BOB Student Council 1 Order of N 3-4 Band 1-2-3-4, Mgr. 3-4, Pres. 4 Pep Band 4 Baseball Manager 2 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Chehalem 4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Dance Band 4 Basketball 2-3 Track Manager 3-4 Intramurals 2-3-4 May Pole 2 Sophomore Class Treasurer HOY, MYRNA Student Council 2-3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 3 Echoes 4 GAA 1-2-3-4, President 3 Office Staff 2 Junior Play One Act Plays 1-2-3. Dir. 4 Masque Club 1-2-3 Best Actress 1 Boosters Tigerettes 4 Y-Teens 1-2-3 Student Body Play 1-2 Thespians 3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Girl of the Month 2 Student Body Secretary 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Junior-Senior Play 4 HOOYER, MARY Echoes 4 GAA 1-2-3-4, Activity Chr. 3 Band 2-3 Accomp. Girls' Glee Club 2 National Honor Society 3-4 Boosters, President Tigerettes 3 Y-Teens 2-3, Vice-Pres. 3 FHA 1-2-3-4, Song Leader 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Girl of the Month 4 Senior Class Secretary Quill and Scroll 4 Youth for Christ 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 HUTCHENSv SHIRLEY Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Youth for Christ 2 GAA 1-2-3-4 Masque Club 2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 3-4 FHA 1 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Girl of the Month 3 Swing Choir 3 JACKETS, MICHAEL Student Council 4 Order of N 2-3-4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4, President 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 National Honor Society 4 Camera and Projector Club 1-2-3-4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Senior Class Rep. JAQUITH. GLENN Echoes 4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 1-2-3-4 Tiger Knights 1-2-3-4 Choir 3 Dance Band 4 Operetta 3 Student Body Play 1-2-3 Band 1-2-3-4, Std. Dir. 2-3-4 Pep Band 4 One Act Plays 1-2-3 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 2 Thespians 3-4 Basketball 1 Track 1-2 Quill and Scroll 4 JOHNSTON, JOANNE Student Council 2-3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Junior Rep., Recording Sec. 4 Echoes 3-4, Editor Quill and Scroll 3-4. Pres. 4 Youth for Christ 1 May Day Princess 1 Chehalem 3 National Honor Society 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2 FHA 1-2-3-4 Choir Pianist 2-3-4 Operetta Pianist 2-3-4 Freshman Class Secretary News Letter Editor 4 Girl of the Month 3 Girl of the Year 1-2-3 JONES: DARREL Student Council 4 Order of the N 4 FFA 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3, ' Point Tab. 4 Masque Club 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3 Track 4 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1 Junior Class Vice-President Toastmaster Jr.-Sr. Prom 3 S. B. Vice-President 4 National Honor Society 4 JUNGWIRTH, SHIRLEY Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Masque Club 1 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 4 Y-Teens 1-2 FHA 1-2-4 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 3-4 KING, DORIS Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Booster Tigerettes 4 FHA 1-2-3-4, President 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 KING, RACHEL Girls' League 1-2-8-4 Youth for Christ 1 GAA 1-2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 4, Historian 4 FHA 1-2 Choir 3-4 Intramurals 3-4 Operetta 3-4 KRAGER, BURNELL Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Vice-Pres. 3, Equip. Chr. 2 Masque Club 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4 Baseball 1-2 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 2-3-4, VicePresident 4 Student Body Play 2 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 KUCH, GENE Order of N 3-4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Football Manager 3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 1-2-3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Basketball 1-2 Intramurals 1-2-4 Mixed Chorus 3 LONG, DALE Order of N 3-4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Football 1-2, Mgr. 3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 2 Basketball 1-2 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 LUNIIQUIST, LYNWOOD Student Council 2-3-4 Order of N 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 FFA 1-2-3-4, Reporter 3, Vice-President 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Tiger Knights 1-2-3-4 Dance Band 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Student Body President 4 LUNSFORD, CECIL Masque Club 4 Stage Craft Club 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 McADAMS, GEORGE Order of N. 3-4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4, 'Representative 1 Tiger Knights 3-4 Choir 4 Track 1-2-3-4 MClRIDEy ERMA Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Squad 2-3 Masque Club 2-3 Boosters Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 2-3-4 FHA 2 Homecoming Court Choir 2-3-4 Intramurals 2-3 Mixed Chorus 1 May Pole 2-3 Girl of the Month 3 MCCABE, ALVIN Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Football 1-2 Wrestling 1 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 1-2 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1 May Day Escort 3 McINTYRE, BOB Junior Rod and Gun Club 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 MEYERS, DOROTHY Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 4 ' FHA 1-2-3-4, Song Leader 3-4, Vice-Pres. 4, Dis. Pres. 4, State Project Chr. 4 Choir 3 Operetta 3 MILLER, EUGENE Echoes 4 Boys' League 4 Transferred from Baker, Ore. Choir 2 Boys' League 1-2-3 One Act Plays 1 Junior Play Band 1 FTA 3 Annual Artist 3 MOAD, FRANCES Girls' League 1-2-3-4 FHA 3-4 NELSON' CLEO Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 4 Masque Club 3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 3 Y-Teens 3-4 NEWMANv LILA Transferred from Taft, Oregon Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3 Office Staff 1-2-3 Plays 1-3 Girls Glee Club 1-2 FHA 1-2-3 Library Staff 2-3-4 Operetta 1 NICKLOUSI MARTIN Student Council 1-2-4 Sec. Consumer Goods 4 Order of N 3-4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Homecoming Court Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 May Day Escort Frosh Class President PETRIE, DON Student Council 4 Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Football 1-2 Wrestling 3 Stage Craft Club 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1 PHILLIPS, JENNIE Girls' League 2-3-4 Tigerettes 3 FBLA 4 Transferred from Dallas, Ore. Girls' League 1 FHA 1 ' Choir 1 Operetta 1 PLEWS1 JOE Student Council 1-2-4 Echoes 4 Band 1-2-8 One Act Plays 1-2 Masque Club 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Chehalem 3 Camera and Projector Club 4 Tiger Knights 1-2-3-4, Capt. 4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Student Body Play 1-2 Thespians 2-3-4, President 3-4 Intramurals 1-2 May Day Escort 2 Sophomore Class President PUCKETT, MARGARET Student Council 2 Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Corresponding Secretary 4 Echoes 4 May Day Princess 1 One Act Plays 1-2 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 Chehalem 4, Asst. Editor 4 Boosters Y-Teens 2-3 FHA 1-2 Choir 2-3 Dance Band 4 Operetta 3-4 Student Body Play 1 Quill and Scroll 4 Transferred from Lincoln, Portland, Oregon Room Rep. 2 Girls' League Rep. 3 Linc 3 Kappa Zeta 3 Choir Accomp. 3 Junior Class Council 3 RAHIER, JOYCE Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3-4, Activity Chr. 4 Masque Club 1-2-3-4 - Girls' Glee Club 2 Boosters, Secretary Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 3 Y-Teens 2 FHA 1 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 RANDOLv DONALD Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3, Fishing Chr. 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Intramurals 3-4 REBOUL, JOAN Girls' League 3-4 Echoes 4 GAA 3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 3-4, President 4 Y-Teens 3-4 FHA 4 Intramurals 3-4 Transferred from Manhattan, Kansas Pep Club 2-3 M-Etta 1-2 Y-Teens 2 Girls' Glee Club 2 Business Club 2 REED, CALVIN Student Council 2-3 Order of N. 2-3-4 Foothball 1-2 Choir 4 Basketball 1 Intramurals 3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 SCHWINKENDORF1 ALLYN Order of N 3-4 Junior Rod and Gun Club I-2-3-4, President 3 Hi-Y 3-4, Sec.-Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4 FFA 1 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 4 Tiger Knights 1-2-3-4. Sergeant 2-3-4 Intramurals 3-4 May Day Escort 2 Knave of Hearts 4 Sophomore VicePx-esident SCHAAD, ELDORA Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Office Staff 3 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-4 FHA 1-2 Choir 4 Operetta 4 SCHAAD, LEWIS Student Council 4 Order of N 4 Band 1-2-3-4, Asst. Librarian 3 Pep Band 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Camera and Projector Club 2-3-4, Camera Mgr. 4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Dance Band 4 Basketball 1-2 Track 1-2-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3 S. B. Treasurer 4 National Honor Hociety 4 SHEPLEY, JENNIE Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Tigerettes 4 FBLA 4 Y-Teens 1-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Intramurals SHERBURNE, EDWARD Baseball 1 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 2-3 Operetta Z-3 Track 1 SHUEY, .IANIE Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 3-4 Pep Squad 4 Tigerettes 3-4, Treasurer 4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 4 Mixed Chorus 1 SMITH, MARCHETA Student Council 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2 FHA 1-2-3-4, Historian 3, Reporter 4 Choir 2-3-4 Operetta 3-4 Honor Society 4 Girl nf the Month 4 SORENSENy MARY Girls' League 4 Echoes 4 GAA 4 Masque Club 4 Tigerettes 4 FBLA 4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 4 Transferred from Canby, Ore. Shutterbugs 2-3 Girls' Glee 2 Girls' League Rep. 3 Intramurals 3 SOVEYy LLOYD Order of N 3-4 FFA 1 Masque Club 4 Wrestling 8-4 Stage Craft Club 4 Spanish Club 3 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 STEVENS, IETTY Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Masque Club 3 'Digerettes 3 FBLA 4 FHA 1-2-3-4 SYVERSON1 ELVIN Student Council 2-4 Order of N 2-3-4 I-li-Y 4 Masque Club 4 Football 1-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 2-3-4 Stage Craft Club 4 Boys' League I-2-3-4, Rep. 4 Tiger Knights 2-3-4, Sec. 4 Intramurals 1-2 Senior Class President SCOTT, SAM Student Council 4 Order of N 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 2 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Football I-2-3-4 Baseball '1 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Class Rep. 1-2 Tiger Knights 2-3-4 Choir 4 E Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 May Day Escort 2-3 Freshman Class Vice-Pres. Junior Class President SHERIDAN, DON FFA 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3 Boys' League .1-2-3-4 Basketball 1 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 STEELE, LARRY FFA 1-2-3 Wrestling 3 Boys' League I-2-3-4 TAYLOR, GERALD Order of N 4 FFA 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 3 President 4 Office Staff 4 Masque Club 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Stage Craft Club 3-4, Vice-President 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Intramurals I-2-3-4 THOMSON, EVERETT Junior Rod and Gun Club 2-3-4 Football 2 Stage Craft Club 3-4. Pres. 4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Student Body Play 2-3-4 Basketball 1 Track 1-2 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 TRINKLEINY GARY FFA 2-3-4 Football 1-2 Baseball 3 Wrestling 1-2-3-4 Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Choir 3-4 Operetta 4 Track 1 UMFLEET, LESLIE Order of N 3-4, President 4 FFA 1-2-3, Sentinel 3 Football 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 1-2-3-4, Capt Boys' League 1-2-3-4 Tiger Knights 3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 VAN DEHEYy BETTY Student Council 1 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA I-2-4 Tigerettes 3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Intramurals WALKER, DOLLY Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1 Office Staff 4 Tigerettes 3-4 FBLA 3-4, Treasurer 4 FHA 1-2-3-4 WILKINS, ELLEN Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3-4 May Day Princess 3 Masque Club 1-2 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2 Homecoming Court Choir 3-4 Operetta 3-4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1 May Pole 2 Junior Class Secretary WILLIAMS, MARY Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 FHA 1-2 ZIMBRlCKy EILEEN Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 1-2 Tigerettes 3 FBLA 3-4, Secretary 4 Y-Teens 1-2 FHA 1-2 ZIMBRICK, PHYLLIS Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2 Office Staff 4 Tigerettes 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2 FHA 1-2-3 ZEMKE, LENORA GAA 3-4 Boosters, Treasurer Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Tigerettes 3-4, Vice-Pres 4 Y-Teens 3-4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Intramurals 1-2-3-4 G if QV I .., wg Q r Q.xI?v+'4iw:vx:Jvv rnislnswr ALVIN CHRISTIE Junior Class VVith Alvin Christie, presidentg Roger Fendall, vice-pres- identg Arlie Eide, secretaryg Rose Kabusreiter, treasurerg Howard Tribbett, representativeg Nlaomi Flaten, Jay Hockett and Charles Gilman, advisers, the junior class proved very active. . The class presented a very elaborate assembly The Styles of '52, and included in their busy schedule the annual Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom plus a Junior-Senior play, Men Are Like Streetears. PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT Sopfzomore 67455 Don Blahnik, president, led the sophomore class through a very active year. Assisting Don were Dick Jordan, vice-pres- identg Sally Rittenhouse, secretaryg Sterling Eide, treasurerg Bruce Garvin, representativeg and advisers, Gretchen George and Earl Gillis. The sophomores presented a one-act play, The Shock of His Life, an assembly and sponsored a sophomore class party, as featured activities of the year. rnzslnsur DON BLAHNIK PAGE TWENTY-NI NE PRESIDENT KENNETH TURNIDGE 1 4i ,' I -a J ,fl 'l 9 freshman dass S liigfe The freshman, largest class in school, started the year with a party. The class dominated the one-act play contest by walking off with the best play, Candy Goff on a Diet, and the best actress award. Leading the class were Kenny Turnidge, presidentg Nlax Cullen, vice-president, Dorothy Hall and Neoma Jane Stone, secretaries, Betty Marks, treasurer, Luella Bauder, representa- tiveg Allan Herring, Sgt.-at-arms, and Helen Johnston and Alvin Mullikin, advisers, 1 PAGE THIRTY 5' ' S'S"!i'fSf dia mi N 94 as .. .- , ,ENV , s-nr I , U '1"?:f'F7f , in K . r 32 9 Q i 'Q A "J . , "3'T'1fs: TV!-'R"5""""3"V7' 'D ' 'K ' ' ' VY" T""" - X sf--.1 'rar - L C in ,lm T., ...fl L.: if ,Q 1, ' 'rl-um V Z., JJ: , , 4 1 '1 1-M s sa yr Fw ' ?4 I 6 if 'A A 95 Q YA ig M VA Q. fb r- -O , -. 11 -, ' '-,e- '-fd' 4' A 1 V v..,- ' ,. .,.f, rl Q as A s ON 3.3, R f Q4 . A Q 3.4 .' S N: V wiv 5 eq., N ? . , A H yi, , s K 1 ' 1A ' "'-'----f"' f W'f"""""f 'W' ,Zi, 2 r ---W--M--mmm-'f -M f V ' + g2z:::.LI'.::iT:3gg:i:gm.,, ' A- ,sv . f-it S 1, AWHM4 :il 4mu'T,fMwk1f!wvf-ini?-AV,,HV1 w,,,1,JwLW-4 N I 'f 4 1: 1 3 ' if 2 l x 1 X 4 l M f - I 3 if ? 'E f I X x ii M Q25 222 ' L Ei Z iw if 1. Q A 1 1 jf: H1235 . 1:3 ,,'- 'f-I w - W' i 1 nf 'vr v av v ,:'c.g:. , I. . , .f , i' vy ' x E X . . ' x '-wp, '-5 .rv . 5 4 , I E- Fs - L ig A , F 'Q 5.-I-T-g-31 123' fl ' .hi 1-nhl Vs' 4 x' " , '. ,IK ' . ,- :-...,1-, n ' 1 . n . n r , . , '44--'yi 'E-Wire' 1 114. - -V Y. 5.Q,-aligiu Y T' 1,5-,i.1l:.p:.1 iii. I-vw ,, 1 ' " , ' f 1--,J 2,17 - - qv Uifnpi,-E13 ainfggQk1Jifg.f lf, . 'g2f'r4f5', 1 . uv i. AL' iQ"5'-"-3--35:54-'I .1 : --Q-. -,H 'fH:'1:-wi -7 iii- ' '...fPF,' if ':'! '? 1' ..-ZF-:f 'E iE:f. Q ' - lt 1. '. ,f-we v- ' , . Wil 'mg x w 1. , 1x.,,,- ,P A A. 9, 1, I1 I M ,ww- .J W-' y .. , . , -v L- 1, , ,4- :X:?.5'f-f -, . " - L' . 4 .WEA 1 " I' -I X 1 I 'Z nt I 1 7-,Ln -, - . - . r F . , , ,. , 1 -w w.: .1 , Ml 1 'x A .45 ,-E-5.1 I i: ., "1 I ., ., J ' -A ,,.,1l,. fi -:ii 'J Band Among the many activities of the band this year, playing for all home football and basketball games, Christmas, March of Dimes and Spring concerts, band contest and for festivals during the summer, proved outstanding. Heading the band this year were Bob Hinshaw, presi- dent, Howard Tribbett, vice-president, Arlene Owens, secre- tary-treasurer, Pat Barker, point secretary and Melvin Gil- son, director. The dance band, which played for noon and after game dances, and pep band, which played at all home basketball games, were two new departments added to the band. Muon:-r'rzs NANCY ADAMS Ann SANDRA FERRELL Dance Band PAGE VHIRTY-THREE 671017 """CT0" vnzsiosrrr ACCOMPANIST MELVW GWSON TED DRAHN JOANNE JonNsroN Led for the second consecutive year by Ted Drahn, president, the Newberg High School Choir has been a very active organization in our school. They presented their annual operetta, .Meet Arzzona, Christmas, March of Dimes and Spring con- certs, sang at the Colleen Townsend Evans service, an Easter Vesper program and an Easter Sunrise service. The choir also traveled to Linfield College for the district music contest. Assisting Ted were Darrel Jones, vice-presidentg Elva Mae Davis, secretaryg Verna Attrell, treasurer and Erma lWcBride, robe chairman. Special mention should go to both Melvin Gilson, director, and Joanne John- ston, accompanist. Nlr. Gilson has been at Newberg for three years and has proved himself a hard working and able director of our music department. Joanne has ae- companied the choir for three years and has been a great help to Mr. Gilson and the choir, especially at operetta time. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR UN 'diff 2 'X Q Q . ge ,. J 75 -'Q ' M ASSISTANT eolron :aaron ASUSUNT 'WT9' Me alem Staff Anvlssn DONALD THOMPSON Editor ,....................... ...,....,....,....... .................... R 0 bert Byrd Assistant Editors ............,..,.. Margaret Puckett, Gayle Seidel Sports Editor ...,.,.,..............,...................,........... Bob Hinshaw Art Editors ................ Susan DeBusk, Mary Ellen Chambers Business Manager ..............,,.....,...,........t....... Virginia Currier Assistant Business Recorders ........ . ...... Adviser Manager .....,.,...................... Jack Bridges ....,Janice Boyes, Gladys Turnidge, Don Windsor, Carol Parrett, Norman Dy- er, Phyllis Thornton, Arlene Sather, Bon Fortune ........Donald Thompson PAGE THIRTY-SIX ill!! ADVISE!! MERCEDES PAUL Co-Editors .................. Managing Editor ...,..... Sports Editor ......... Sports Staff ........ Exchanges ........ Feature Editor .... MANAGING EDITOR c.,-,.,.m,, :omni JOHNSTON GAYLE semen .mace sores Eclzoes Staff ........Janice Boyes, Gayle Seidel Johnston Servine ........Dave King, Glenn Jaquith, Harry McAdams Puckett Bales Reporters ..,.,, ..,.... M ary Hoover, June Reighley, Donna Bales, Joe Plews, Mary Sorensen, Rose Kabusreiter, Carol Newton, Virginia Currier, Joan Reboul Art Editors ,o,,,A,,,,,,, .............................. S usan DeBusk, Eugene Miller Business Manager ,.... ...,...,.,..,.....,.....,.,,......,,.,.... M argarette DeSersa Advertising ,.,.,,,,,,,,. ......... R obert Byrd, Ted Drahn, Jim Flatters Circulation ..,....,...... .........................,..........,.,..........,.,. M yrna Hoy Make-up Editor ......... .......,............................,............. R onald Bauder Statisticians ...,..... Typists .,..,.,...,,. Adviser ..,....... ....................,..,Phyllis Ekrrian, Gladys Turnidge .,.....Arlene Owens, Shirley Burton, Phyllis-Hays Mercedes Paul PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN Nariona Honor Society Sworn in at a formal initiation held each year before the student body, mem- bers of this society are chosen upon the qualifications of character, scholarship, leader- ship and service. Officers were Jack Crater, presidentg Layne Anspach, vice-president, Verna Attrell, secretary, with Naomi Flaten as faculty adviser. Compiling the honor roll and selling candy at the junior-senior and student body plays kept the Honor Society busy. 011171 And Scroll Junior and senior journalism students compose the Ben Hur Lampman chap- ter Quill and Scroll at Newberg. Members are chosen for outstanding journalistic abilities or other creative work in this field. Joanne Johnston served as president with Mrs. Mercedes Paul as adviser. Annually they print the "Tiger's Guidef' PAGE THHQTY-EIGHT Boosters Led by President Mary Hoover, Vice-President Dorothy Bell, Secretary Joyce Rahier, Treasurer Lenora Zemke and Mary Andersen, adviser, the Booster Girls sold apples, hats, pencils, and pompons, decorated goal posts for football games, cleaned the school trophy case and prepared skits for pep assemblies. These four- teen girls, chosen for appearanc, scholarship, personality and school spirit, sponsor- ed banquets for the football and basketball teams and a picnic for the track, wrestlers and baseball teams to make this a very active year. Homecoming Court Chosen to rule over Homecoming at the NIcMinnville game were Queen Erma McBride and Princesses Kathleen Bench, Ellen Wilkins, Elva Mae Davis and Verna Attrell. The court was chosen from the senior class by the football team and the queen was elected by a student body vote. PAGE THIRTY-NINE Rod And 6110 Clab The 1951-52 school year saw the Junior Rod and Gun Club.grow to 50 active members, the largest ever recorded at Newberg. Michael Jackets led the group as presidentg with able asssitance from Alvin Christie, vice-presidentg Frank Buck, secretary-treasurerg and Donald Thompson, adviser. Safety and better sportsmanship, goals of the club, were practiced in activities of the past year, including rifle shooting, program meetings and camping and fish- ing trips. Camera Ana' Projector dab For the students who rode this year's showboat and like photography, the Camera and Projector Club provided an ideal outlet. They learned how to run the school's projectors and helped with the noon movies. At the helm of the club was Dave Servine, presidentg assisted by Bumell Krager, vice-presidentg Lewis Schaad, camera managerg Jack Herring, projector PAGE FORTY managerg and Layne Anspach, dark-room manager. CAMELLIA COURT Princesses June Reighle?ificDonn1ahBales, Myrna Hkpy, Rossi Kabusreiter and Sue Ann A ins. e queen was c osen a the Camellia dance. Y'TEENs CABINET Janice Boyes, Barbara Olson, Carol Newton, Sue Ann Ad kins, and Marjorie Christie. Social responsibility, health, arts, religion and to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions and nationalities are the ideals of the Y-Teens organiz- ation. Sponsored during the year were a swimming party, dances, food sales and a spring formal. Officers of the group were Carol Newton, presidentg Janice Boyes, vice-pres- identg Sue Ann Adkins, secretary, Margie Christie, treasurer, and Barbara Olson, adviser. PAGE FORTY ONE Y-Teens Future Homemaker: of Amerika The Future Homemakers of America is an organization for girls who are completing or have completed a course in home economics. The purpose of the club is to further an interest in home- making. Officers including Doris King, presidentg Dorothy Meyers, vice-presidentg Emily bleyers, secretary, Arlie Eide, treasurerg and Helen Bixen, historiang Mrs. A. J. Sather, chapter motherg and Mrs. Amy Sperry, adviserg oversaw the FHA District Conference which was held in Newberg with Dorothy Meyers, acting chairman. Members served at many banquets including the FFA Parent-Son Banquet and sponsored an Easter breakfast for the faculty. future Farmers 0f America The FFA sponsored a very successful parent-son banquet this year with over 250 in attend- ance. The parliamentary team placed first in both the district and intersectional contests with Lyn- wood Lundquist taking first at the district speaking contest. Twenty-three members exhibited at various fairs where they took the following honors: state swine herd plaque for the Sth consecutive year, banner for herdsmanship for the second consecutive year, second place at the Clackamas Fair, third at the Deschutes Fair, and a first at the Pacific International Livestock Exhibition was won by the livestock judging team. The organization was led by Gerald Taylor, presidentg Lynwood Lundquist, vice-president, Roger Fendall, secretaryg Mickey Schwinkendorf, treasurer, Ted Bennett, recorder, and Don Sheri- dan, sentinel. Mr. Howard Bennett served as adviser. PAGE FORTY-TWO Dgfererfes Tigerettes, junior and senior girls only, had many activities this year, includ- ing the Red Cross and March of Dimes drives, food sale, visit to the children's home, and the May Day festival. Officers this year were Margarette DeSersa, presidentg Lenora Zemke, vice- presidentg Cora Lou Daniels, secretaryg and Janie Shuey, treasurer. The group was advised by Margaret Tangen. May Day I-'e.s'fivdl Always one of our most beautiful ceremonies, we on the NUI-IS Showboat look forward to May Day, a festival sponsored by the Tigerettes. As the court had not been chosen when the Chelzalem went to the printers this space has been provided to enter their names and positions. Queen ,...... ............. Crown Princesses ........ Attendants ,........... PAGE FORTY-THREE Future Business leaders of America The Future Business Leaders of America had a very active year under the leadership of Joan Reboul, president, Mary Alice Gray, vice-president, Eileen Zim- briek, secretary, Dolly Walker, treasurer, Rachel King, historian and Mary Ander- sen, adviser. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in business occupations and is open to students having earned two credits in commercial subjects. The activities cf the club in addition to their yearly project of looking for opportunities for em- ployment in surrounding towns included a skating party, assembly and a trip to the Northwestern School of Commerce. Tger Knglyfzfs PAGE Keeping order in the halls, assemblies, cafeteria and any other place they are needed is the task of the Tiger Knights, in addition to fire drills and sponsoring an assembly. The Tiger Knights were led this year by Joe Plews, captaing Sam Scott, lieu- tenantg Hugh Armstrong, junior lieutenant, Elvin Syversen, secretary-treasurer and FORTY-FOUR Floyd Rister, advised the group. 61715 league Open to all girls at NUHS is Girls, League, a club organized to teach leader- ship and sociability to its members. Activities carried out by the girls of the student body this year included a Hi-Day, a faculty tea, mother-daughter dessert, twirp week terminated by a date dance, a knave of hearts dance, a girls' league week, and an annual ssembly. Members comprising the cabinet were Dorothy Bell, president, Dorothy Meyers, vice-president, Joanne Johnston, secretary, Margie Puckett, cor- responding secretaryg Nlargarette DeSersa, treasurer, with Lola Diamond and Wilda Tucker acting as co-scrap book editors. Betty Barner advised the organization. Boys league Sponsoring assemblies and panel discussions were the main activities of the Boys' League, the club to which every boy at NUHS automatically belongs. This organization helps to iron out any problems the boys might have and tends to develop leadership. Leading the club this year were George McAdams, president, Allyn Schwink- endorf, vice-president, and Alvin Christie, secretary-treasurer. Representatives were Allan Herring, Bob Phillips, Doyle Litfin, John Robertson, Grant McCulloch, Harry McAdams, Elvin Syversen and Jack Herring. Earl Gillis advised the group. PAGE FORTY4-FIVE library and 0f02'e Staff These are the actual 'lbookwormsu of the school. The girls in the library work quietly and efficiently, without fanfare, to keep the books and magazines rolling while the office blood hounds manage the archives of student records. Mrs. Gillis is the guiding force in the office, assisted by Mrs. DeBoer, and Mrs. Frost in the library. Pep Staff Leading the yells this year were Carl Newton, Harry Davis, Judy Palmer, Bruce Garvin and Sally Rittenhouse. Song queens were Rose Kabusreiter, Sue Ann Adkins and Janie Shuey. Sally Rittenhouse was president of the group, Judy Palmer, representative, Carol Newton, speaker, and Ruth Shipler, adviser. Among their activities were the TYV Jamboree yell contest, sponsoring after game dances and leading the yells at all games. PAGE FORTY-SIX ADYISER FLORENCE HUCKLEBERRY The Masque club one of the few clubs in school that is open to the entire student body is a dramatic or- ganization. This year it was responsible for the annual one-act play contest, student body play and all publicity for other plays. Heading the club for 1952 were Bur- nell Krager, presidentg Joe Plews, vice-presidentg and Gayle Seidel, secretary-treasurerg Florence Huckleberry was the adviser. Masque Club PRESIDENT BURNELL KRAGER PAGE FORTY- SEVE N Student Body Play Cast members have not been chosen as we go to press, for the student body play, Green Vallley. Given in April, this play featured unusual stage effects and a cast depicting living people as wellas people returned from the dead. flzespians Thespians is an honorary organization for students outstanding in dramatics and is advised by Florence Huckleberry. Election of officers was dispensed with this year due to small membership. A Quiet Home Wedding, a one-act play, was presented by the ten active members as a benefit play for the March of Dimes. PAGE FORTY-EIGHT 0ne-Aer Play fonfesf Freshman Class The freshman play, Candy Goex on a Diet, brought two honors this year to the class. Neoma Jane Stone walked off as best actress, and Cora Cloepfil, student director, was awarded best director award. The play was concerned with the trials and tempta- tions of a young girl driven by jealousy, to diet. Leads were played by Neoma Jane Stone, and Max Mesplay. Sophomore Clos: The Shock of Hix Life produced by sophomores, also brought one of its members an award-that of best actor which Bruce Garvin claimed. Myrna Hoy, student direc- tor, guided the cast through the story of a man whose yearly medical check-up proved more than he could bear. Sterling Eide play- ed the misled father who confused telephone messages as a diagnosis of his state of health. Junior floss Thrills and chills dominated the junior production of The Laughing Ghost, a my- stery, coached by Jack Crater and featuring Sue Adkins and Dave Servine as leads. The play concerned a young couple whose mar- riage plans were threatened by a scheming relative. The juniors won first place in a window display contest held to promote pub- licity of the plays. A., Ygjitxx ' ri A3 PAGE FORTY-N I NE Junior - Sembr Play A The junior-senior classes combined their talents this year to present Men Are Lzke Streetrars, a comedy coached by Florence Huckleberry. A young miss was sure she had men all figured out, and consequently she got herself, her family and friends into a series of unpleasant situations. Leads were played by Rose Kabusreiter and Harold Smith, with Margarette Desersa, George Beaudoin and Gayle Seidel acting in supporting roles. Stage fraff Club PAGE FIFTY Taking care of the stage has been the purpose of the Stage Craft club, led by Everett Thompson, presidentg Gerald Taylor, vice-presidentg Emil Toedtli, secretary- treasurerg and Charles Gilman, adviser. Activities such as building sets for stage productions, building equipment, and taking care of proper stage lighting keep the club active. A limited amount of members are selected during the year after meeting certain qualifications making them eligible. Youll: or ffmlvr The purpose of Youth for Christ, to promote a better Christian way of life among the young people at NUHS, was carried out during the year through weekly meetings with special music and speakers, an assembly in which the movie, Caunler Aitavfc was shown, a formal banquet and a funspiration. Gladys Turnidge served as president assisted by Dorothy Gimbel, vice-presi- dentg Betty Christenson, secretary-treasurer, Carolann Moor, reporter-representa- tiveg and Rev. H. C. Moore, adviser. ffl'-Y To create, maintain, and extend throughout the community the high stand- ards of Christian character are the goals of the Hi-Y. Leading the group this year were Allyn Sehwinkendorf, presidentg Hugh Armstrong, secretary-treasurer, Robert Harriman, chaplain and Alfred Fedje, adviser. The organization, a branch of the YMCA, Portland, sold candy at games, presented an annual assembly and went swimming as a group at the Y. PAGE FIFTY'ONE Girl? Affzleflk' ASSOCIU Ibn The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization for athletic minded girls. The club, capably led by Phyllis Hays, presidentg Wilda Tucker, vice-presi- dentg Barbara Headley, secretary, June Reighley, treasurer, Pat Barker, editorg Shirley Hutchens, sgt.-at-arms, Joyce Rahier, activity chairmang and Ruth Shipler, adviser, sponsored a fun night, Homecoming, assembly, food sales, after-game dances, a beach party. and a play day the past year. Urder 0f The IV The Order of the N is an organization composed of boys who have earned a letter by showing outstanding ability in a major sport. Stationing men to control assemblies was one of their main duties and this year for the first time, they pre- sented an assembly, at which they demonstrated football plays. Serving as officers were Leslie Ymfleet, president, Doug Umfleet, vice-pres- identg Robert Harriman, secretary-treasurer and Ralph Davis, faculty adviser. PAGE Flrrv-TWO if - Q f ,v . I 9 'T 1 'L 'V P L ll?-ffwf f -fi 2?-E5 A 4'-' ff' - , , - ,, ,, ,,,. -,, ', '-.W X . f - 3 W. A -,:4iir:U , .-4 Q' '25-K f I-. . ,W A9 je, -"'f'f1, N,gg gf' 'JP' ,, ' . ipg j k..L ' , , 1-. ' . If ' -' ..-V, ,. 'E Q .' H? r fx ' f ' v. gr L, -4 I' T -41 jr J'-k N' -mf Af f- ., f k V- . :gg 1 ,f wwf 1, is ,5,,,f ff? ' ,J A Q , aff' I' ,gn , . if H f If - - ,,.1A..1 -. V .fQ9eif1r.. -r., A QF- . -L-. at 1 N , M - 1.23.51 Q 144. I 2 - f, ' ff A r Q ,Q 9. 4-,, ,Q 'J"9'?i?115ilrw-uv-N. K X Y 1 x X QU 0 . 0 as is Q4 Li? 'S X 1' wi' H155 fi',?' , A , 1 V rl 11: ' . iff 1 Y ' V -..I W 155: W ny - . ' ' Q' N--.L , . if 2 E 3, ' 4 - t X f . I 5 ,, H5332 'x f 1- f' , . - A . Q ' Y . - fn ' "F 1 f F N , A it X ' ff , , b ff-1 571 V .,.fe-if W' .:, X , 1 1 X 1 1 v , -5 - .g"'5. --. ' , I r I I Y- 1 .51 A. 5... nl ' , 1 . Q a'!1 , 4 .3 - 'N - N V-. , .p. n . I . . , ' - QE. '!.,,, N , , ' frfhg.. .. . 1- ' .1 , X. V.. y w , L 'jf fif' "il V - ., V: , ,. , ., . . i W 'f57 4.., fi ' ' 1 'S 1- "'a "g5'f1. ' mf" . ' ,Hurd ' ' , J . ff'--12-3, TA M: 1 -rein '-'g11gs2iALgL3yaE23:,N,g,g.' 3,1 ' ' 1 'WJ' 2. . ,,'1-1952 im- 5 954-421955 5 ' wffwu' ' A" ,ww z- ' 1 1:,'3".'?-V3 .nil-' I Q,,lf:'4 "N 'NriC.:, " 'gglfa z' .9 ,ff LRE if M ' .4+:::f. : hrasmrgiff'-.lg-ff:.f A - ,gg "fr ,HV-', ki 71534 1, "xF"s,,,.1g,,,5w'TQ, fy '. .. 1' .X L: i,.:M. '-i-'f4',:nu' ' .' ' ' 1 .5 ' f , . 55.a .f : :f:'.'- , .A ,, gm -' , ' . P f'f".'51Qg--v 3455 7 115. 193: . , N. 'f .ff E We 2' . V xiii' ' .Y Nl iii'- 1 1 r 4 .L 1 1 .1 1 v. . , n ,fu I-'007'BAll The Newberg Tigers under the leadership of their new coach Ralph Davis did very well considering they had only five returning lettermen and had to switcli rom T formation to single wing. They climaxed the season w1th a thrilling 14-14 tie with lNIcM1nnv1lle. George McAdams and Robert Harriman were chosen for the TYV all star team. get ,st is , V Q , k 5 , I , ,I i W ii -fl " 39923-?wW,, , 5' 5' i ' V - -' -1, 4:.M' Y'fi57- 5? 4 E505 nv." m x: V if'i'fi,-E: Ll' fi-,f'fN g-' ' - 1352533 wwe-W if ,f-fi ,il ,wk ff, -bmi-wtf:-, Eg-f-' 1,. -:fs-v,M,4w,g3 aff' ? ' if- znz: 44Az:e5!'1,fsg:t1: f -mfrllw ' :gi l - Q igg w ,t :g g 2 - f ' 1: if W ' i ' ' ily gl' ' at-P' Qf fi P55 5' ig. 'V A 'ni' ': 2 . 9 f,51',i: ,prix eff -A ix fi ' 'fffgff 9 'rvv Au. sn: COACH ROBERT HARRIMAN RM-PH 'MVIS Tvv ALL sun GEORGE MCADAMS Munoz: MANAGER J GENE KUCI1 T DALE LONG . .t PAGE FIFTY-FIVE -l 3 1 L . 3- ., . , if 6 :Q Q W V Q fm i H i 4 3 BOB HARRIMAN GUARD it is 4 f K fm: M- Q f- S 'L A Q ., AA. , js' , fb, Q- , I 3 ' H . , g .6 xx v rx I . af' HUGH ARMSTRONG Qunrnucx i, W. V0 iv 'I' 5 K ' W 1 CP' 1, S + L y ll! R ' A , X we an ' ' A ESE ,S A fx hi W u .W :J M N. -f,. ,EIL aww, , N ag X O A f- ilgf . mf HARRY MCADAMS 1'AcKLz 4: A Q J ' ' " E -"' A gm 'gf Egg ,,,- . 2, ' Q f,..- W F , 3 ...W . 1 J A: SAM SCOTT MALFBACK PAGE FIFTY-SIX 'Q Y ' A . jr : ,- 2 . MJ. Q-X9 1- , . L - :Wi -- i ' R ,f Q 1 5 ,Q W X r Q x Q GEORGE MCADAMS TACKLE . tg ' S fa W W My ' afigji Q R 15 if w M WW if M V 3? gs DARREL JONES MALFBACK I Vkivwih l, ?,,i2 ?L:gig D ESi,:f L,,:: ELVIN SYVERSEN rynuncx -sv Wm' X51 1 - , TV ' 1 Q 1 A , A V h VH MIKE CLOCK GUARD .:.: . X U' ,x M, 15 " K 5- I Q 1-fs XI D f X if A f is six' 3 3 'ffm his X ' lk ,, ,Q if M, ,, Q G Q MG ' if f 2 ' 'Q C 1 9 V as 18 U , X, L 4 i sf 38. 1 ra- .. -f-' ' If CHARLES COLLING FULLBACK F' -,J .- 52 ,.q, ii Q f -f il' , Q LESLIE UMFLEET GUARD RALPH STALEY CENTER qQmiQglJifi? wN.,m Xi, 34 HARRY DAVIS HALFBACK EE ,qL, ' A :J V X 4 MILTON RILEY HALFBACK DOUG DVORAK TACKLE EM? fwwg fi N5 Q, a ' , - I wr 'W , JP, I . Miz ,E E . E U,- . Q4 ff? I E9?R' ,Q -MIKE? xi u W J , Q "W T, gr , I ' , . HOWARD TRIBBETT W END . 5 MARTIN NlcKLous END :f S x vgEEifl, X I My 3 9 GRANT MccuLLocH END K .fk' ' ' , . ' 5 ,g1+uN- ,.:, ,V I Egg K ah , TED BENNETT END gr 51 L'lIIIIEIZ, I Hi? 4 xxaqiilffqhfm I 19 if RUSSELL ELY N END 'Qi' Q'ff " Wfmnkf UEETQ , I I I LEWIS SCHAAD GuAnn 'IE I TLT.T rkhr Mg "num ' DAVID KING HALFBACK If I 5? Q CHARLES ANDREWS CENTER PAGE FIFTY- SEVEN Basketball Coach "Swede" Mullikin proved that a team doesn't al-Q ways have to win to give the spectators a ood ame With 8 8 - . only one returning letterman the team was handicapped, but the hoopsters always played a clean, hard fought game. Sam Scott represented the Tigers on the TYV all-star team. Newberg N ewbe rg ,......,........ 44-52 ....,.. Newberg ......,..,...,.. 42-85 .,.. New be rg ...Silverton ....Franklin ........Gresham ..........Gresham ., ..,,,.rv.,,.. 56-45 .,.,.,,,....,. .... S ilvertort Newherg ......,, ..,,,,. 3 9-85 .... Willamette Frosh Newberg 41-34 ,...Y....... Forest Grove New berg ,,,,..,,,,.4.l.. 38-40 ,.,. ,..... ........ F r anklin Newberg ....,,,...,..... Newberg ..,....,......,. 31-96 .....,..... ...........Tlg3fd SAM SCOTT 'rvv ALL sn: PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT Newberg ................ 50-60 ...,..,,.... Oregon City Newberg ...........,..,. 44-63 ...........,.... West Linn Newberg ..,,,,.......... 47-64 ,..........,.,.,.. Hillsboro Newberg ..,...,..,.,.,,. 63-50 ...,.,...... .... B eaverton Newberg ..r,,,..,... - ..., 4 4-71 .... ......lVIc.lVIinnville Newberg ,,..,......,.... 45-65..... ..... Forest Grove Newberg ................ 35-64 ...................... Tigard Newberg ,lY.....Y......, 44-88 ............ Oregon City Newberg .,,.,.,.....,... 49-63 .,...,.......... West Linn Newberg ......,....,,.., 52-69 ..........,....... Hillsboro Newberg ..............., 55-48 ..........,..... Beaverton Newberg ...........,..,, 55' 72 ..., ..,...MclVIinnviVlle CUACH "SWEDE" MULLIKIN MAn'nN Nlcuous SAM 550-r-r ROBERT HARRIMAN CENT!! ronwnn Gun' PASKETBAZZ lf77ERMEN DAVE KING HOWARD TRIBBETT GUARD FORWARD RUBEN ROSEN TED BENNETT HUBERT ARMSTRONG ronwum Gun, Gunn PAGE FIFTY-NINE EARL GILLISy COACH. ozone: MCADAMS DUUG UMFLEET 178 pound class, State Champion. 106 pmmd class' State Champmn The Newberg matmen under the leadership of Earl "King" Gillis enjoyed one of their most successful seasons. During the regular season they won 11 matches while losing only two. In the TYV league tournament they took first place in three weight divisions, giving them second place in the league. The wrestlers also captured the District 2 tournament and claimed four cham- pionshipsg VVes Newby, 98 lb.g Doug Umfleet, IO5 1b.g Les Umfleet, 148 1b.g and George McAdams, 178 lb. Cheered on by students and townspeople who for the first time gave enthusi- astic support to them, the Gillismen went on to capture third place in the animal state tournament. Wresrhhg PAGE SIXTY Track Because track has not started as the Chehalem goes to press, we have little information on the 1952 eindermen. They will be lacking the experience which was present last year, but with traditional spirit they promise to do well in their meets. Again this year, they will be under the leadership of "Swede" Mullikin. Bdseball -...nuunuunii in lil? Prospects for the coming baseball season are very bright. With nine return- ing lettermen, the Newberg Tigers, under the able coaching of "Tex." Rister, are ex- pected to turn up in the thick of the battle -for the TYV league title. PAGE 5,XTY-ONE gan. " a an fi - QUNH Y4 pf 'V' l fuxamm lk! A ' 'gig unix gg my, , Somctnim' slippin' 5969135 1' ga ii' ,Vi . Q R ff .T ' ., - ff? ons of toil or tons of soil P, Ted gckllfi 031 if Q "J -, r' 'itftr fix Uewk' 'J I '- O 110 6 gf :'I!p-8' . , rx w L, 'YQ M W ff ' QW.. , -,', T H I gI'm gonna diet - torrmorz' note: it's RQCNZJ Queer! Waisch da oiffdle n s a f::"1"?i ,L Q, inau1mr:ma1:i':?u'HYP I X i Y 'ia Q51-1 F , 'JY Cascno va Crater E-iiles of Smiles s .i '. , , W wi. an la Q-f x ff S' J' X Q nur fs, H -4 xi ig: i Nm, . , Li " .1 1?'.52:.:i:,.i:v QEQQJM .ia , 451. V 'K 11 X 7' - M '...f., ,fw:.11'.- . -q. E ' 12351 "" ' "Fifi L 3? - , ,, 1. L W ,.,k.,k, 4 W 5 W ,. , X1 6 WY?" fixw.i'x 5' ,K -AgQ,,LM 5fgj'f 1 l , 5 ' C H 'W x 1 A? -L X 6134+ ig fi Sf? 'Au Q' ' U UM pamles flush. ri eniof Class W17l I, Ilene Anderson, will my smallness to Dar- lene Ware. I, Layne Anspach, will my brilliant Chinese dragon shirt to Margie Schwarzin because she is so fond of it. I, Erma Ashby, will my ability to get good grades in choir to anyone who needs said ability next year. I, Verna Attrell, will to Rose Kabusreiter my job as secretary of activities, last minute an- nouncements and all. I, Donna Bales, will Carol Newton my ability to wait for Ron. I, Mrs. Joann Bales, will my ability to fin- ish school, come what may, to Judy Palmer Mills. I, George Beaudoin, being of sound mind and body, take a look at my credits, will them to some needy freshman and leave while there is still time. I, Edene Beal Barbour, will the pleasure of decorating the school Christmas tree to Barbara DeGeer. I, Kenneth Beebe, will my colorful shoelaces to anyone who is goofy enough to wear the fool things. I, Dorothy Bell, leave my ability to get along well with Miss Barner to next year's Girls' league president. We, Kathleen Bench, Janie Shuey, Ellen Wil- ki.ns and Lenora Zemke, being of sound minds do hereby bequeath our favorite saying, "We don't mess around, boy!" to the forthcoming junior girls. I, Louise Burrill, will what little knowledge I have to my sister, Lorraine Burrill, I, Bob Byrd, will my ability to charm Mrs. Paul to Gayle Seidel. I, Mary Ellen Chambers, will and bequeath, my nice clean band uniform ithat cost 51.15 to get cleanedj to anyone who wants to wear it. I, Lawrence Christenson, will my ability to get excused from school for deer hunting to any interested hunter. I, Allen Clark, will my English grades to anyone with a shovel. I, Cora Dell Cloepfil, leave my nightmares in blue and gold to the 14 new Boosters along with my best wishes. I, Curtis Cooper, will sell my red convert- ible which has a pickup of two women per block to the Sophomore's biggest hub cap, John Jacobson. I, Jack Crater, will Butch Garvin all of the bruises he gave me during wrestling. May he rest in peace. I, Virginia Currier, will next years' senior class to Mr. Keltner in the hope that they will be able to learn as much from him as he learn- ed from us. I, Cora Lou Daniel, will my locker that doesn't open no matter what, to anyone unlucky enough to get it. I, Myron David, leave Mr. Keltner to the next year's unsuspecting social ec classes. I, Albert David, will leave. I, Elva Davis, will and bequeath Chuck An- drews to Rosie Kabusreiter in the hope that she takes good care of him. I, Harry Davis, being of sound body and blank mind, will my ability to take out fresh- men women to Grant McCulloch. I, Roxanna Davis, do hereby will my band uniform, coat No. 46 and trousers No. 23 with a.1l the coke and ice cream on it, to anyone in band next year. I, Carolyn Dent, will to Lolla Diamond all the fun I've had in high school. I, Margarette DeSersa, will to Phyllis Hays one tooth brush, one broken pencil, one finger and one used mat system with which to set up her Echoes ads. I, Ted Drahn, will my hamburger making ability to any future butcher in the junior class. I, Adiline Edelman, will my place of only girl in two classes of boys to Phyllis Ekman for future use. I, Arlyn Ely, having walked my final steps in the hallowed halls of NUHS do leave my simply super times to anyone who wants them. I, Marcille Fankhauser, will my ability to gain ten pounds in one school year to Mike Richardson. I, Florence Gates, being of sound mind, hereby bequeath my ability to go to the city library to do school work to Karen Teeney, class of '56, I, Dorothy Gimbel, will my ability to get along without boys to the freshman girls. I, Joyce Gisi, will leave and go out into the big wide world after over three years at good old NUHS. I, John Goodrich, being of sound mind will my alcfility to get along with Mr. Rister to any freshman who can't. I, Mary Alice Gray, will and bequeath my place in band to some lucky person. I, Aubrey Green, will my interest for knowl- edge of mathematics and science to LaMonte Johnson, knowing he is one who will take the most advantage of it. I, Grace Green, will my ability to catch the bus and make it wait for my brother, Raymond Green. I, Virginia Haag, will my great height to anyone who can use it. I, Roy Hacker, will my ability to miss sec- ond on a hot drag to my opponent. I, Bob Harriman, will David King my front seat in library. I, Arnie Heimbach, will my interest in girls to anyone unlucky enough to inherit it. I, Jack Herring, will my intelligence to anyone in the 1953 senior class who will be able to use it. I, David Hicks, will my ability to do geo- metry during basegall talks by Mr. Fedje to next year's geometry students. I, Mary Hoover, will to next year's Booster president a year's supply of "SWede's" little Mul- likin pills. I, Bob Hinshaw, being merely alive, will my broken locker, No. 44, to any lucky person who can get it. It sure is handy when you're late to class. I, Shirley Hutchens, will Newberg Union high school to Mr. Douglas while I join my man at the University of Oregon. I, Myrna Hoy, no longer of sound mind and body, will and bequeath to Barbara Headley the office of SB secretary and to her also I give up all the trials and tribulations that go along with it. I, Deryl Ingraham, will that I leave NUHS the same way I entered, via the back door. I, Michael Jackets, will to all juniors the fun of being a senior and hope you will take advantage of your chance to graduate. I, Glenn Jaquith, will the sweat on Mr. Gil- son's brow to his ear-splitting "Shut-ups" to next years' band and choir in hopes that they will benefit from them. I, Darrel Jones, will leave to join the FBI. I, Joanne Johnston, will to next year's choir accompanist my robe No. 13 and my ability to schedule the mumps on the ame night as the Hallelujah Chorus. I, Shirley Jungwirth, will to any patient un- derclassman, my locker, with the hope that he will have more success in getting it open and in thinking up tardy excuses than I. I, Doris King, will my ability to snag a man my freshman year and hold him all through school, finally to marry him, to Margie Schwarzin. I, Rachel King, will my ability to play bas- ketball to my little brother, David King. I, Burnell Krager, still being of sound mind, will to Harry McAdams a book entitled, "How to live alone and like it," and also a Betty Crocker cook book. I, Gene Kuch, being left nothin, leave nothin. I, Dale Long, will my smooth '38 Ford convertible to Roger Meyers so he will have a decent car to show off. I, Lynwood Lundquist, will my ability to get along with Mr. Rister to Mike Clock. I, Cecil Lunsford, will the seat beside Mr. Keltner's desk to someone who appreciates or understands his jokes. I, Dorothy Meyers, leave the good times I had cooking and serving meals for everyone, to any underclassmen who is willing to accept it. I, Gene Miller, will to Susan DeBusk my artistic abilities in hopes that she can find time to use them. I, Frances Moad, will my ability to not un- derstand what the teacher's talking about to some poor unsuspecting freshman. I, George McAdams, will my ability to get into trouble to anyone who wants it. I, Erma McBride, will nuthin to nobody. I will just leave in a hurry. I, Alvin McCabe, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to skip classes without getting caught to Pat Barker who is bound to do pretty well. Y I, Bob McIntyre, a.m willing. I, Cleo Nelson, will one of my many hair styles to some junior girl who's lonely. I, Lila Newman will my good grades to Lowell Newman. I, Martin Nicklous, as of the day I gradu- ate, will my ability to skip classes and mar tables to Garth Edner. I, Don Petrie, will to Grant McCulloch,, Joe Plews' ability to get along with Mr. Gilson. I, Jennie Phillips, will to my brother, Bob Phillips, my ability to talk in library. I, Joe Plews, will to Dick and Potts every- thing I have in high school if I'm lucky enough to get out. I, Margie Puckett, will counterfeit air mail stamps to Arlie Eide, pleasant moments in Boosters to Carol Newton and best wishes to underclassmen. I, Joyce Rahier, will to the next year's seniors my ability to get along with the under- classmen. I, Donald Randol, willgmy seat in social ec to anyone with the condition they study very hard. I, Joan Reboul, being of sound mind, hereby will my cast off Mac boys to Sally Simmons and Murel Taylor. I, Calvin Reed, will my crutches to Grant McCulloch. I, Allyn Schwinkendorf, being of sound mind, am going to take it with me. I, Eldora Schaad, will my ability to stay away from boys to Margie Schwarzin. I, Lewis Schaad, arriving with nothin and acquiring a headache, will it to any junior who also becomes a senior. I, Jennie Shepley, will my ability to sleep through only half the social ec classes to Bar- bara DeGeer. I, Jennie Shepley, will my long blonde hair to anyone who likes to stay up till all hours brushing and pin curling. I, Ed Sherburne, will to Harry McAdams all of my knowledge in order that he may also be- come a great senior. I, Marcheta Smith, will to my sister, Lucille, my ability to stick to one fellow. I, Ma.ry Sorensen, will and bequeath my ability to make my little sister angry to any un- derclassman who may also have little sisters. I, Lloyd Sovey, will being eighth from the bottom of the senior class to Hugh Armstrong. I, Betty Stevens, will my ability to get along with Mr. Keltner to some poor junior. I, Elvin Syversen, as of May 29, leave Leslie Umfleet, "my partner in crime," to Janet Eide. I, Sam Scott, will to the unlucky member of next year's track squad, who will be running the 440, the butter flies that I used to get before each race. I, Don Sheridan, leave to the junior class the next school year! "Have fun" I, Larry Steele, will my ability to find wild women to some freshman who hasn't already got one. I, Gerald Taylor, will if you will let me. I, Thetter Beeson Stretch, will to my sis- ter, Louise, my ability to get out of classes and ability to enjoy myself even in class when teacher is talking. my the I, Everett Thomson, will my chair in social ec to anyone crazy enough to take it. I, Gary Trinklein, will my ability to be ab- sent to Lee Staefen. I, Les Umfleet, will the hair on my chest to my brother, Doug. I, Betty Van Dehey, will to Arlie Eide my chair and table in social ec so she can catch up on sleep lost on week-ends. I, Dolly Walker, will my ability to get ex- cused absences to anyone who wants to skip school. I, Mary Williams, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Barbara Williams. I, Eileen Zimbrick, will to some poor junior my seat in social ec and commercial law. I, Phyllis Zimbrick, will my ability to keep quiet to Sally Simmons and Murel Taylor. embr Dhecrory ANDERSON, ILENE 14-44-52 ANSPACH, LAYNE 8-14-38-40-47-48-50 ASHBY, ERMA 14-34-35-43-44 ATTRELL, VERNA 8-14-34-35-38-39-41-43-46- 47-51-52 BALES, DONNA 14-34-35-37 BALES, JOANN 14-37-38-41-43-47-52 BEAUDOIN, GEORGE 14-33-47-50-58 BARBOUR, EDENE 14-33-43-47-50-52 BEEBE, KENNETH 14-34-35-52-60-61 BEESON, THETTER 14-43-44-51-52 BELL, DOROTHY 14-39-41-43-45-46-52 BENCH, KATHLEEN 14-34-35-39-41-43-52 BURRILL, LOUISE 14-43-44 BYRD, ROBERT 8-14-34-35-36-37-38-44-47 CHAMBERS, MARY ELLEN 14-33-43-44-47-52 CHRISTENSON, LAWRENCE 14-40 CONGRATULATIONS . . . CLARK, ALLEN 15-42 CLOEPFIL, CORA DELL 15-38-39-41-43-4'7- 48-49-52 COOPER, CURTIS 15 CRATER, JACK 8-15-38-40-44-47-48-49-50-60 CURRIER, VIRGINIA 15-36-37-42-43-44 DANIEL, CORA LOU 15-34-35-43 DAVID, ALBERT 15-34-35 DAVID, MYRON 15-34-35-43-44-47 DAVIS, ELVA MAE 15-34-35-39-41-43-51-52 DAVIS, HAROLD 15-34-35-46-51-52-55-57 DAVIS, ROXANNA 15-33-43-44-51 DENT, CAROLYN 15-38-39-41-43-47-48-50-52 DESERSA, MARGARETTE 15-34-35-37-38-39- 41-42-43-45-47 48-50-52 DRAHN, TED 15-34-35-37-38 EDELMAN, ADILINE 15-38-42-43-52 ELY, ARLYN 13-15-39-47-52 FAIRCLOTH, DELORES 16-44 FANKHAUSER, MARCILLE 17-34-35-51-52 GATES, FLORENCE 16-42-43-44 GIMBEL, DOROTHY 8-16-39-47-50-51 GISI, JOYCE 16-42-44 GOODRICH, JOHN 16-33-40-52-58-61 GRAY, MARY ALICE 16-33-43-44-47-52 GREEN, AUBREY 16-60 GREEN, GRACE 20-42-44 I-IAAG, VIRGINIA 16-34-35-42 HACKER, ROY 16-50 HARRIMAN, ROBERT 13-16-40-44-51-52-55- 56-58-61 HEIMBACH, ARNOLD 16-40-44 HERRING, JACK 16-40-45-60-61 HICKS, DAVID 16-40 HOOVER, MARY 13-16-37-38-39-42-51-52 HINSHAW, BOB 16-33-36-44-52-61 HUTCHENS, SHIRLEY 16-34-35-41-43-47-52 HOY, MYRNA 8-17-37-38-39-41-42-50-51-52 JACKETS, MICHAEL 8-13-17-38-40-44-52 JAQUITH, GLENN 17-33-37 -38-40-44-47 -48-50 George Fox College A Liberal Arts college offering major fields of study in Biology, Social Science, English, Language and Literature, Home Economics, Religion, Physical Education, Music, Foreign Languages, and Education. Alumni and former students from George Fox College now hold the fol- lowing positions: Lawyers, Business Men, Medical Doctors, Teachers, Min- isters, Dentists, Professors, Engineers, Horticulturist, Homemakers, Bankers, Railway Executives, United States Sec- retary of Commerce, Agriculturists, Surgeons, Missionaries, School Superin- tendents, and Ex-President of the Unit- ed States. Degrees offered: A.B., B.S. and Th.B. Write or phone for catalog N ewberg Oregon To the Class of '52 RENNE Hardware Company Phone 331 701 First st. SANDAGER SHELL SERVICE First and River Streets Newberg, Oregon Phone 3933 Phone 3622 Enterprise Floor Co. FLOOR covER1NGs Sales and Service Chas. A. "Pat" Hodson, Jr. 815 East First St. Newberg Our Best Wishes To the Class of '52 COMMERCIAL BANK OF NEWBERG Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Good Luck and Best Wishes for Success to the Class of '52 NEWBERG HARDWARE Sz TIRE 719 East First St. Newberg A Complete Line of A11 Kinds of Home Furnishings Collef and Hart A Gem Barber Shop N "Let Us Get Into Your Hair" BEST WISI-IES TO THE SENIOR Class of '52 50155 First Street Newberg, Oregon JONES, DARREL 8-17-34-35-38-40-42-44-47- 55-56-61 JOHNSTON, JOANNE 8-17 -34-35-37-38-42-45 JUNGWIRTH, SHIRLEY 17-34-35-42-43-44 KING, DORIS 17-39-42-43-52 KING, RACHEL 17-34-35-43-52 KRAGER, BURNELL 17-40-45-47 KUCH, GENE 17-34-35-40-47-52-55 LONG, DALE 17-40-52-55-61 LUNDQUIST, LYNWOOD 8-17-33-38-42-44- 51-52-60-61 LUNSFORD, CECIL 17-45-47-50 MEYERS, DOROTHY 17-42-45 MILLER, EUGENE 17-37 MOAD, FRANCES 18-42 MCADAMS, GEORGE 18-34-40-44-45-51-52 55-56-60-61 MCBRIDE, ERMA 18-34-35-39-41-43-52 McCABE, ALVIN 18-34-35-40 MCINTYRE, BOB 18-40 NELSON, CLEO 18-41-43-47-52 NEWMAN, LILA 18 NICKLOUS, MARTIN 8-18-51-52-55-58-61 PETRIE, DON 8-18-34-35-40-50 PHILLIPS, JENNIE 18-44 PLEWS, JOE 8-18-34-35-37-40-44-47-48 PUCKETT, MARGARET 18-33-36-37-38- 39-45-47 RAI-IIER, JOYCE 18-34-35-39-43-47-52 RANDOL, DONALD 18-40 REBOUL, JOAN 18-37-41-42-43-44-52 REED, CALVIN 18-34-52 SCHWINKENDORF, ALLYN 19-40-44-45- 51-52-61 SCHAAD, ELDORA 19-34-35-41-43 SCHAAD, LEWIS 8-19-33-38-40-44-51- 52-55-58-61 SHEPLEY, JENNIE 19-34-35-41-43-44 SHERBURNE, EDWARD 19 SHUEY, JANIE 19-34-35-41-43-46-52 SMITH, MARCHETA 8-19-34-35-38-42-43 SORENSEN, MARY 19-34-35-37-43-44-47-52 SOVEY, LLOYD 19-47-50-52-60 STEVENS, BETTY 19-42-44 SYVERSEN, ELVIN 8-13-19-44-45-47-50-51 52-56-60-61 SCOTT, SAM 8-19-34-40-44-51-52-55-56-58-61 SHERIDAN, DON 19-42 STEELE, LARRY 19 TAYLOR, GERALD 19-42-46-47-50-52-61 THOMSON, EVERETT 19-34-35-40-50 TRINKLEIN, GARY 20-34-35-42-60 UMFLEET, LESLIE 20-34-35-44-52-55-56-60 VAN DEHEY, BETTY 20-42-43-52 WALKER, DOLLY 20-42-43-44-46 WILKINS, ELLEN 20-34-35-39-41-43-52 WILLIAMS, MARY 20-35 ZIIVIBRICK, EILEEN 20-44 ZIMBRICK, PHYLLIS 20-46 ZEMKE, LENORA 20-34-35-39-41-43-52 mg ,wmnimirm J Wishes You Success for The Fufu re. BUTLER CHEVROLET co. THE BOOK STORE Mrs. Florence Reid Wishes the Grads of '51 W A SCHOOL SUPPLIES A11 Kinds of Luck 1 GIFTS GREETING CARDS STATIONERY 411 East First Newberg, Oregon Phone 752 Newberg, Oregon Superior Service MODEL LAUNDRY Meyer's Union Sfofion Phone 1361 1 NEWBERG, OREGON burner 'n Basket ST GEDEPO C FE KEIZUR'S SHOE STORE Extends It's Sincerest Best Wishes to the Class of T952 DEALERS IN RED GOOSE SHOES Let Us Take Care of All Your Shoe Needs Newberg O g GREEN LANTERN CAFE When Hungry Eat at the CLUB BAR B-Q CAFE WARDROBE CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, and Alterations Free Pick-Up and Delivery 708 E. First St. Newberg, O Phone 324 Cong ratulaiions. ELLIS' GROCERY AND MARKET and Best Wishes The Red 8: White Store Groceries from Fresh Meats Produce .jOhn'S Ice Cream Phone 1343 Free Delivery GRAY'S 5c TO 31.00 STORE CLEMMEN'S APPAREL Gifts , , AND FLOWERS Varieties School Supplies DTGSSSS C01'S286S Sportswear Cut Flowers Newberg oregon L Lingerie Potted Plants Phone 891 GREEN CHAIR BARBER SHOP Let U?.ff1k?f,1iZnff Your James McGuire and Harold Cornell 508 First St. Newberg Newberg, Oregon COLUMBIA FOOD MARKET Extends Sincere Wishes to the Class of 1952 WALLACE'S VARIETY STORE "Where a Little Money Goes a. Long Way" DR. F. T. WILCOX Physician and Surgeon SCOTT and REMENTERIA Home Furnishers Congratulates the Class of '52 Congratulations . . . ROBBINS APPLIANCE Hotpoint and G.E. Dealer 615 First Street Newberg Congratulations . . . To the Class of '52 N ICKELL'S AUTOMOTIVE BEST WISHES TO THE T952 N.U.H.S. GRADUATES IT WAS A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH THE STAFF OF THE '52 CHEHALEM---AS PUBLISHERS OF THIS FINE ANNUAL. NEWBERG GRAPHIC FINE PRINTING K g C dy Paul D . Th F t of Our Our Besf Wishes C ty Depends on You TO THE CLASS OF '52 Good Luck Class of '52 NEWBERG AUTO FREIGHT Newberg Portland NEWBERG CLEANERS 1872 EA 5176 711 E. Second St. Phone 52 GAIN AT GAINER'S 23 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE FREE DELIVERY Groceries Meats WM. J. MCCREADY LUMBER CO. Retail Lumber and Building Materials 1510 Portland Road Phone 291 OUR RED TRUCKS DELIVER WESTERN AUTO Extends Their Best Wishes to the Class of '52 Newberg, Oregon GLENN FLATTERS, Prop. Congratulations And Best Wishes to the Grade of '52 BARGAIN CITY MARKET ERNIE SMITH WALLY WALLACE DOROTI-IY'S RECORD SHOP Records of All Kinds Home Appliance and Paint Newberg Oregon ADMIRAL - KELVINATOR DU PONT PAINTS A Successful Future Wiring and Line Construction Grads of '52 Phone 671 Newberg, Ore. MODE O' DAY CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 to the KATHRYN'S SALON OF BEAUTY Class of Newberg McMinnville BEST OF LUCK to the CAMEO BEAUTY SHOP CLASS OF '52 Phone 3131 Newberg DR, 115 S. Howard Newberg GCSOD LUCK Congrotulotions o nd NEfiq5i,EE11fig,digiA3IEg1E,TY Best Wishes John Meynink, Prop. fC the Newberg Oregon C loss of 1952 Com pli ments of The First of Portland Apparel Newberg ' Bro nch U Newberg Or g 408 First Street Newberg, Oregon Berrion Service Stotion Congratulations and Mobilgas U. S. Royal Tires BEST WISHES Tune Up and Brake Service N EWB E RG Ph 44 Bob Harris FRIENDS CHURCH BEST CLEANERS Best of Luck SAMMY'S BILLIARD ACADEMY Class of 352 Sammy Bartolotti, Prop. If You're Ever in a Jam-See Sam Ph 3351 503 E. First St. Newberg 810 E F t St Newberg O NAP'S CASH GROCERY Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Meals and Fountain Service Phone 281 DR. l. R. ROOT Dentist First and Washington - Newberg, Ore BOB'S AUTO CO. Ford - Mercury Sales and Service ANDERSON HARDWARE Your Satisfaction Is Our Success 915 E- First St. Phone 4561 400 First St. Phone 2381 Newberg COHQYGTUIUTFOHS DR. HOMER HESTER to the Dentist Class of '52 DREWS' JEWELRY DR. JOHN MCKINNEY Newberg Oregon Optometrist BARON'S GARDEN SUPPLY EARL and MILDRED BARON East of Newberg on Portland Road Offers Their Congratulations Q to the Class of 1952 WENDELL R. BOYES Fishing Tackle and Automobile Needs East of Newberg on Portland Road ' .,a,".r- v. . , - 2 ..' 1' :. 'EA x-.:Di,i1.-1 Q- ,, - .. V' .V-: H --'irkq V- I 1... 1, ' .4 .6i.a'4: " ' ' F' 'rn--1-Y '--1' 1-v -1 f-- Av' 5 Me- ' fn: --'wig' ijy-wwsgygrg.-,4,-"-rv' aflwjgfw' ygwv-r ,'-,p-V15-vj:f'a?75A X HQ y 1 I '-:B A fJ"33Qj. . " -- ' f ,x ,, Af' " . ,I ' A ' . . 1, L ' 'I 'V , 'W .V ' Q , . 'um-.., - , n"' J' ' ' 1 U M V ' - "7 W--1.1:-mf.: v. A ' - .A , "ff '-'-' , - - - ' ' " '- -. v- . " ' . " 1543 ' W I f wigs. ,. . . iiwx , ' 2 "4 1f1ig :iz39?S '. 1 4332 .f , :. fi S 1513 Av ' , ' Em xx g .l" 5, A rv . gi l 'VZ' an ,' Im a, Kjjxi l " f 1' , I fx . , ww 1' . X h 'V nv gilt-gf 1 ' - qu I-29' A' '- wk! H 1 f - . M M wie.. if wiuif ' H 5 213. ,.f- , 'Q-1615 . ' V ' 1. Q .1 A 'dm 0 Nb ' x " 'T' ,aa '-gf" '- 'K -- ,,, ..!u,qk 1 'Q Q Q, .wg 'I 3 I 4 " , f, L 1: 'I'fjij,fi,. 7' V 11 1. 'f .V ' X Aff: . -- 'I' V .. Q N :wif ' 1' k - ' , ajax -, lg i gffl ,:,",g ng" , gs- V "fu 'JY ' f prlgk .1 ff-Q. q -cgi 5 . , ' A Q, 1. If A LQ! 29: 'wif ' i gf-11. .Q Q ,gs A " .f"', se- ' 43: V ik" , "fuss P 'WL-.11 2-Yiw ,G -' 2 ' '-'X--H 3, 't-' Q H1 ,- , a:, K ., wa "' wry-,-,Q-gs'-kivn f"'4-x,,,. 4 ft'-5 .f i '71 . ff " I ' 'S , 'x Q Y 4 -P .am-4,4 fy - Q' 'M , ' "L - A W " Q -dag 2 'J bi: ' in A 'SMH ,vm 1 Q , 15--' fa x M9171 :U-uf W' Y A, - griiiif '15, 35191 ' if 215' Q "W ,wi '12W""fk .fi ' aff x ' ff' ki V 5 . nw .-. - HSL.:-QA'-f.!',.' ,fa fi' W. ' -. - ' -'aihf . Nt ,-isis? , -ffxuix Y- ifgyp' ,, h Nr ai 'S dl ' 3? J. W 'f , X xl : nl lv ! Y M., Z ,f .. ,Q,,,L,.WWMMb .ww I M .N ,f - ' ' - 34-', N411 .ww-.vm1r'41f"' LD if . 3: Q' 9 , . . I Af - ,wF...k.,,.y f Q: A ' if w ,, A - v -.ard i , gf A- 'Q , , ' felt - x -'E "W w.13k3f7'51 "" 'r f . K r K s, ff-.2 .1 I A Y rg. A Jug, . ay 2 .V . 1 , Q 4 ni-Mvv-1wfa6Sa:"'fv . ,. QQ 2 fo-was ww ew' ein. -4. win - - l ga X L- ,Q 'iw...,, MV gy 4. ' 'LQ P' A 1 P V. , : V M V, f.. , .- ,. Q, , A ,W . . sf ,. - '. ., . fm QQ 4 Ji 2 - K an H V' 35' W' Q' N " " - 33x f"?Zf':",.'IL1'..'ifEfif"' 2 V W kt. I ,.... i g? at M, f , , ii ! 1 'Y ' I "7 " . V ' ,, ' . ' 'm4,,4g,gq,9', - 5 X i , - M - H4 -. V " E: 8 I Q' i k? Q ski ,-Qs, -.. :fu f " 1 L Y 1 D .g Ap. M, f ,3 fm w Q' iffy! m 'mfliiwmiwwm 'gm' .,. U W A 'VW W" ' N f A - Y h v , . I M A k -V w,,,,.,,W.. 'L A .-wg , N K, RWM . y YM" i W,,.,X .,yJv.NfW'f" "M ' - ff h Q , 1 M4 f .V-12. '. 1- , .A if-"iff ' f ' 'KF--. . . 1 ' 'Y ' V' fs,f" Y, .W sf Ae, , M-, qw. fm' 'Wm " 2 fY"V'i:'iZ5.:p. " 'jfkg - "', ' -' ' a 'L ' :.f" - .- 'D ,M . . f 1 Um, - f' wQ,3a.,,,1 15.1 QM ...H .- iw :fi ' 5 ,Q E Q .yy K 4 ' ' ' "W ,5M?s Q wfs'ifW,,, , V' V an krffnw.. A' E! V ,ff V My ' '91 V k'.L . fx 411:95 Q.,-A ,. ...QQ . ' Q, W 1. Tqmwy - ml: W ' ,vi A E 'm,,1'?91 1 , A , Sain. H Q , . 1 5 . X"'?4+ . "-W, , A , .xx tis? .z,M,t.. qw.. . 5 Us 'f QQ. ' '-.xx H

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