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wk wp. Q, ,M 1 E' ,W 'W A The Chehcilem Pubished Annually by the Associated Student Body Newbery Union High School Newbery, Oregon Volume XL 1948 Mary Paddon .........,.,.... .,,,....,,,,..... . ,.,.... ,.,,,,............ E d itor Alvis Miller and Maria Puckett A.,,,.,A ..,,,,, A ssociate Editors Howard Case ....A..,...,.......,,,.v............. ................ S ports Editor Donald Duncan and Bob Drews ,,,A..,. ,...s,.,.. B usiness Managers Richard M. Motley ......................... ..........,............... A dviser I Foreword The 1948 Chehalem is present- ed to you with the hope that it will serve as a treasured memory hook for you in years to come. The Chehalem Staff Dedication In memory of Earl A'S1zoolcs" Gilbert, who lost his life in an automobile acident early last fall, we dedicate this 1948 Chehalem. Snoohs was a very promising athlete, a superior student, and an all-around good fellow. He was president of the Sophomore class. W'e treasure deeply our friendship and assoeiations with him. Chehcalem Staff ASSOCIATE EDITORS MARY PADDON MARIA PUCKETT ALVIS MILLER RICHARD M. MOTLEY BUSINESS MANAGER BUSINESS MANAGER SPORTS EDITOR DON DUNCAN BOB DREWS HOWARD CASE Student Council BOB NELSON The Student Council is the governing body of our student activities and relationships. It is composed of :representatives of home rooms, clubs, and classes. It meets every two weeks during the year and makes recommen- dations and decisions on school matters. Th Student Council during the past year had as its officers: Bob Nel- son, presidentg Fred Herring, vice-presidentg and Shirley Beeler, secretary. FRED HERRING SHIRLEY BEELER BILL MCDONALD w Gdmfnfsfraffon HOWARD V. BENNETT li, S. Oregon State Collet-te Al!- l'll'llll.lll'9, I" u t u r e lfurmers. ERNEST R. I-IEIMBACH B. S., Oregon State College-Chem- istry, Physics, Boys' General Science- Sophomore Adviser -Camera and Pro- jector Club. MARY MILLER B. A., Willamette University, M. Ed., University of Ore- gon - English II, Reading - Sopho- more Adviser-Tri- Y. Faculty MIRIAM DAY B. A., Willamette University -Geome- try, Gen. Mathema- tics, Algebra III, Trigonometry - Prep- pers. NAOMI FLATEN B. A., Concordia College-Geography, World Culture - Honor Society Ad- viser. FLORENCE HUCKLEBERRY B. A., Linfield College-English IV, Speech, Handicraft- Masque Club-Thes- pian. RICHARD M. MOTLEY B. A., Ohio State, M. A., University of P e n n sylvania - American History, Creative Writing - Junior Adviser - NINA JOHNSON B. A., Linfield College-Spanish I, II. VINNIE B. FROST B. A., Alma Col- lege-Library. HELEN JOHNSTON B. A., Pacific Un- iversity-English I, Girls' Health I- Freshman Adviser. GRETCHEN GEORGE B. S., Grinnell- Biology, G eneral Science-Senior Ad- viser. FRANCIS T. Kl'1l.'l'Nl'lR B. A., M. A., Un- iversity of Oreilun Social Economics, Commercial I. a w. Bookkeeping Boys' League--Senior Ad- viser----Wrestlimr. ALVIN MULLIKIN B. S., Linfield College - Health, Physical Education -Basketball - B Squad Foobtall - Track - Hi-Y - Freshman Adviser. MERCEDES J. PAUL B. A., M. A., Un iversity of Idaho - English III, Jour- nalism - Echoes- Junior Adviser. MARY LOU PEARSON B. A., Macalester College - Physical Education a n d Health - G.A.A.- PeD Squad - Social Club. Chehalem Adviser. AMY C. SPERRY B. A., Oregon State College - Homemaking II, IV -.F.H.A. HELEN SULLIVAN B. S., M. S., Oregon State Col- lege-Home Ec. I, III-Girls' League- Dean of Girls. M. E. WILEY B. S., Oregon State College - Typing I, II, Short- hand I, II-Booster Girls Adviser. EARL R. GILLIS B. S., Linfield College-P. E. and Health -Football - Lettermen's Club- B Squad Basketball -Tumbling- Track -Community League -Driving-Order of N. HOWARD F. MILLER B. A., Willamette University-Choir- Band - Assembly Board-Social Club. FLOYD A. RISTER B. A., Oregon State College- In- dustrial Arts-Base- ball - Football - Tiger Knights. 967 S Rx -Q Q9 Q' V kv W Q'-Q Q W QQ ,H .we li 6 rf '41-.,.i4'q . Q! I. 5 un Sl :Z ' ' 'Sz " A, I , "Ga, f,,,., uxxwqxmxxi m C .www xx D 0.51 1 'Wt WIN' H X' E N ' s. A 5 . M, PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY BOB TRIPP CLAUDE NORDHILL KAYE COLLING Senior Class The senior class of 1948 has completed its final year at Newberg Union High School. Some of its major activities were: the senior class play, Ghost lVanted, a my- stery comedyg skip dayg dress-up dayg and the annual trip to Salem to visit the capitol and penitentiary. Bob Tripp led the class as presidentg Claude Nordhill was vice-presidentg Kaye Colling was secretary, and Mary Paddon was class representative. Mrs. George and Mr. Keltner were the faculty advisers. REPRESENTATIVE ADVISER ADVISER MARY PADDON MRS. HOWARD GEORGE MR. FRANK KELTNER BETTY ANDERSON Sudent Council 1-3, Class Pres. 1, Chehalem 4, Echoes 1-2-3-4, Booster 4. Girls' League 2-3-4- Pres. 4, Honor So- ciety 4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Band 1-3- Sec. 3, Masque Club I-2-3-4, Song Queen 2, Intramurals 1, ROBERT ARNETT Transferred from Brownsville, Oregon 2, Boys' League 3- 4, Youth for Christ Club 4, Choir 2-3- 4-Pres. 2. Operetta 4, Masque Club 2, Boys' Intramurals 3-4. DONALD BAKER Order of N 4. Boys' League 3-4. Spanish C l u b 4, Masque Club 1. Football 1-2-3-4, Track 4, Boys' In- tramurals 2-3-4. LELAND BALES Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 4. NANCY BARKMAN Echoes 4, Booster 4, Girls' League 2- 3-4, Preppers 1-2, Tri-Y 3-4, F.H.A. 1-2, Band 1, Masque 1-2, Spanish Club 3, Band 1, Masque Club 1-2-3-4, One- Act Play 1, Student Body Play 3, G.A. A. 1-2, JACK BARTON Transferred from Bellevue, Washing- ton 4, Bellevue ac- tivities - Student Council 1-2, Hi-Y 1- 2, Class Vice-Presi- ident 1, Boys' Intra- murals 1-2. New- berg activities- Spanish Club 4, Boys' League 4. CAROL BEEBE Girls' League 1-2- 3, Preppers 1-2, Choir 2-3, Masque Club 3, 3 year grad- uate. 9 BERYL BURNHAM Girls' League 2-3- 4, F. H. A. 1-2-3. Girls' Intramurals 3. ,ILE GANO CLARK Transferred from Forest Grove, Ore- llon 4, Forest Grove activities--G.A.A. l- 2, Tri-Y 1-2-3-4, L a t i n Club 1-2- Treasurer 1, Class Sec. 2, T 8: I Club SHIRLEY BEELER Student B o d y Sec. 4. Student Council 2-4, Booster 4-Vice-Pres. 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Honor Society 3-4-Pres. 4, Preppers 2, Tri-Y 3-4-Sec. 3, F.H.A. 1- 2, Masoue Club 1-2- Plays Body 4. - ,f-sim -- 3,- "fax. .- 1'-Tslwfss 511.4451 , MARY BUTLER Transferred from Oakland, California 4, Oakland activi- tiesf-F.O.A. 1-2-3, Student Council 3. Newberg activities -Girls' League 4, Student Council 4. CHARLOTTE BELL Sec. of Assem- blies 4, Student Council 4, Booster 4-Sec. 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Honor Society 4, Preppers, 1-2. Tri-Y 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, M a s q u e Club 1-2-3-4, One- Act Plays 1, G.A.A. Camera Club 1. DICK CAFFALL C h e h a l e m 2. Echoes 2-3, Order ol' N 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Hi-Y 2- 3-4, Band 1-2, Mas- que Club 1-2-3-4, Football 1 -2 -3 -4, Baseball 3-4, Track 2-3-4, Wrestling 2, Handbook 2-Editor, Social Club 4. BILL CLELAND Order of N 4. Spanish Club 3. Choir 2-3-4, Mas- que Club 2, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2, Track 3, Wrest- ling 3, Boys' Intra- murals 1-2-3-4. . ,,,, . 2 . KIRK CLOEPFIL Sec. of Building and Grounds 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Order of N 3-4- Pres. 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Tigre Knights 3-4, F,F.A. 1, Football I-2-3-4, JUNIOR BISHOP Boys' League 3- 4, Spanish Club 3, Boys' Intramurals 2. ALICE CAMPBELL Girls' League 2-3- 4, Preppers 1-2. F. H.A. 1-2, Spanish Club Zi. Masque Club 1-2, G.A.A. 1. KAYE COLLING Treasurer 1, Sec. 2, Sec.-Treas. 4. Chehalem 2. Boost- er 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Honor Society 4, Preppers 1-2, Tri- Y 3-4, F.I'I.A. I-2, Choir 2-3, Masque ROY BLANCHETTE Transferred from St. Paul, Oregon 3, Order of N 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 4, Hi- Y 4, Masque Club 4, Football 3-4. Baseball 3-4, Track 3-4, Boys' Intra- murals 3-4. JOANN CARLISLE Sec. of Activities 4, Student Council 4, Girls' League 2- 3-4 - Rec - Sec. 4. Preppers I-2, G.A. A. 1, Tri-Y 3-4, F. H.A. 1-2, Band 1. Majorette 1-2-3-4. Masque Club 1-2-3- 4, One-Act Play 1, Social Club 4-Sec. FRED CORE Boys' League 3-4, Chcir 2-3-4, Mas- que Club 1-2-3-4, Baseball 2-3, Track 3, Wrestling 2, Boys' Intramurals 1-2-3-4. WAYNE BRANDT Transferred from Watertown High 4, Watertown activi- ties-Hi-Y 1, Bas- ball 1-2, Class Sec. 1. Newberg activi- ties-Boys' League 4. HOWARD CASE Class Offices-Sec. 1, Pres. 2, Echoes 2-3-4, Order of N 2-3-4, Honor So- ciety 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Band 1- 2-3-4, One-Act Play 1-2-3, Student Body 2-3-4, Tiger 2-3-4, Bask- 1-2-3-4, Base- RONALD CUMMINGS Transferred from Salem, Oregon 4, Salem activities- Football 2-3, Bas- ketball 2-3. New- berg activities- Hi- Y 4, Choir 4, PRISCILLA DOBLE C h e h a le m 4, Echoes 2-4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Honor Sciety 4, Tri-Y 4, Choir I-2-3-4, One- Act Play 2, Oper- etta 1-4, Triple Trio 2-4, Q u i l l and Scroll 4. DOROTHY DUDDING Transferred from Commerce, Port- land, Oregon 4, Commerce activities -Tri-Y 2, Band 1- 2-3, G.A.A. 1-2-3. Newberg activities ---Girls' League 4, GA.A. 4, Girls' In- tramurals 4. JOHN EDGINGTON Boys' League 3-4, Band 1-2, Masque Club 1-2-3, One-Act Play 1-2, Tiger Kn ghts I-2-3, Foot- ball 2, Basketball 1- 2, Baseball 1-2. B o y s' Intramurals 1-3-4. BETTY GEBHART Chehalem 4, Echoes 4, Booster 4, Girls' League 2-3- 4, Preppers 1-2, Tri-Y 3-4, Choir 4, Operetta 4, Mas- que Club 2-3, G.A. A. 1-2, Girls' Intra- murals 1-2-3-4, Ma- jorette 3-4, Social Club 4. DELORES GIBBS Booster 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Hon- or Society 1-2, Preppers 1-2, Tri- Y 3-4, Band 1-2-3- 4. G.A.A. 1-2-3. HARLEY GRAY Student Council 1-2, Order of N 2- 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, Pres. 4, Hi-Y 3- 4, Choir I-2-3, Sen- ior Class Play' 4, Tiger Knights 2-3- 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 4, Track 2- 3-4, Social Club 4. ager 2. GEORGE JENKINS Boys' League 3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3, Base- ball 2, Track 3, Boys' Intramurals 2. DOROTHY JOHNSON Class Treasurer 2, Girls' League 2-3-4, Preppers 1-2, Tri-Y 3-4, F.H.A. 1-2-3- Sec. 2, Choir 1-2-3- 4, Masque Club 1-2- 3-4, One-Act Plays, 2, G.A.A. 3, Song Queen 2. PATRICIA GAINER Transferred from Neche, North Dako- ta. Neche activities Class Play 2-3, Paper Staff 2-3, Newberg activities- Tri-Y 4, Choir 4. Operetta 4, Masque Club 4, G.A.A. 4, Class Play 4. MABEL GARLAND Girls' League 1-2- 3, Glee Club 1, 3 year graduate. BILL GEARIN Transferred from Tacoma, Washing- ton 2, Order of N 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, Hi-Y 4, Choir 4, Operetta 4, Mas- que Club 2-3, Tiger Knights 3-4, Foot- ball 2-3-4, Basket- ball 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, FRED HERRING S t u d e n t Body Vice-Pres. 4, Stu- dent Council 3-4, Echoes 4, Order of N 3-4, Boys' League 3-4-Pres. 3, Honor Society 4. Hi-Y 3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2, Track 3-4, Boys' Intramur- als 3-4, Quill and Scroll 4. KELLY KELLER Transferred from Bank, Oregon 2, Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 4, Choir 4, Track 2-3- 4, Wrestling 3-4, Boys' Intramurals 2-3-4. CLETIS KING Girls' League 2-3- 4, Preppers 1-2, Tri-Y 3-4-Treasurer 3- F.H.A. l-2-3-4- Pres. 4, Choir 1-2. G.A.A. I-2, Girls' Intramurals 1-2-3-4. ROSALIE KIPPENHAN Girls' League 2-3- 4, Youth for Christ 3-4-Pres. 4, G.A,A. 2-3-4, Girls' Intra- murals 3. LESTA LEWIS Transferred from Forest Grove 2, Girls' League 2-3-4, Preppers 2, Tri-Y .5-4, i-. H, A. 2-4, Youth for Christ 3-4. DALE LOCKHART Transferred from Los Angeles, Cali- fornia 4. Washing- t o n activities - - Sound Crew l-2-3, Stage Crew 1-2-3. Newberg activties V Stage Manager 4. JACK HICKERT Order of N 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, Choir 4, Football 3- 4, Track 3-4, Boys' Intramurals 2-3-4. Social Club 4. RALPH KELLER Boys' League 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Mas- que Club 4, One-Act Plays 4, Stage Man- ager 3-4. Baseball 2-3, Boys' Intra- murals 1-2, Cornet Trio I-2-3-4. MARVIN LOWE Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 3, Choir 4, Masque Club 1-2-3-4, One- Act Play Stage Manager 4, Student Body Play Stage Manager 4, MARGARET HOLBROOK Girls' League I-2- 4, Preppers 2, G.A. A 1-2-4, Girls' In- tramurals 1 - 2 - 4 , Camera Club 4. LETHA KIDD Echoes 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, F.H. A. 4, Spanish Club 3-4. MORTON LOWE Boys' League 3- 4, Choir 3-4, Mas- que Club 1-2, One- Act Play Stage Manager 4, Boys' Intramurals 1-2-3-4. HOWARD MAGNESS Boys' League 3-4. X MARCYLLE McCOY Girls' League 2- 3-4. MARJORIE MONTGOMERY Transferred from Medicine Lodge. Kansas 3, Medicine Lodge activities - Girls Reserves 1-2, Girls' Intramurals 1-2. Newberz acti- vities-Girls' Leapzue 3-4. CLAUDE NORDHILL Transferred from Spokane. Washing- ton 3. Class Vice- Pres- 4. Order of N 3-4, Honor Society 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Pres 4, Class Play 4, Tiger Knights 3-4, Foot. KATHLEEN MOORE E c h o e s 1-2-4, Tri-Y 3-4, F.H.A. 1- 2, Spanish Club 3-4, Sec. 3, Masque Club 1-2-3-4, One - Act Play 3, Student Body Play 3-4, G. A.A. 1, Social Club Play 4, ELLEN OSCANYAN Echoes 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Prep- pers 2, Tri Y 3-4, F.H.A. 1-2-3, Choir 1-2-3-4, Girls' In- tramurals 3-4, Op- eretta 1-4, Triple Trio 4. BILL MCDONALD S t u d e n t Body Treasurer 4, Stu- dent Council 4. Echoes 4 , Boys' League 3-4 , Honor Society 4, Tiger Knights 3-4, Track 2-3-4, Boys' Intra- murals 1-2-3-4, So- cial Club 4. VIRGINIA MOORE Girls' League 2-3- 4, Spanish Club 3-4. MARY McINNIS Echoes 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, F.H, A. 1-2, Choir 1-2-3. Masque Club 1-2-3- 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3, Preppers 2, Tri-Y 3. JAMES McMICHAEL Echoes 4, Buys' League 3-4. Quill and Scroll 4, Boys' Intramurals 4. MILO MEEKER Boys' League 3-4, F.F.A. 1-2, Foot- ball 3, Track 3-4, Boys' Intramurals 3-4. WESLEY MOORE Order of N 3-4. Choir 4, Masque Club 3, F.F.A. 1. F o 0 t ball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1, Base- ball 1-2-3-4, Wrest- ling 2-3-4, Boys' In- tramurals 2-3. ROBERT NELSON Student Body Pres. 4, Student Council 1-2-3-4, Order of N 3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Mas- que Club 1-2-3, Tig- er Knights 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Class HELEN NORBY Transferred from Watertown, South Dakota 3, Water- town activities-W. H. S. Paper 1, Choir 2, Masque Club 1-2. Newberiz activties-- Girls' League 3-4, F.H.A. 4, Choir 3-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Operetta 4. MARY PADDON Chehalem 3-4. As, I-Iditur 3, Editor 4. Echoes 2-4 Booster 4, Pres. 4, Honor Society' 4, Band 1-2- 3-4 Masque Club 1- 2-3-4, G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4, Intramural 1- 2-3-4, Cornet Trio BEVERLY PAI-IL Transferred from Woodburn 3, Echoes 4, Girls' League 3- 4, F.H.A. 3-4, Choir 3-4, Operetta 4, Masque Club 3-4, G.A.A. 3-4, Girls' Intramurals 3 - 4, Class 4, Quill ball 4. Basketball 2-4 NORMA POTEET Girls' League 2- 3-4, Premiers 2, Tri-Y 3, Spanish Club 3, Girls' In- tramurals 4. MARIA PUCKETT Chehalem 1-3-4, Associate Editor 4, Echoes 4, Booster 4, Honor Society 3-4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Masque Club 1-2-3, Student Body Play 3, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4-Pres. 3, Girls' Intramur- als I-2-3-4, Social Club 4, Class Play 4, Quill and Scroll Class DEAN RADER Boys' League 3-4, Buys' Intramurals 2-3. 4. Stu- DULCY RENNE Student Council 2, Echoes 2-4, Booster 4, Honor Society 4, Masque Club 1-2-3-4-Sec. 3, One-Act Plays 2-3- 4, Student Director 4, Yell Leader 3. Camera -Projector Club 1 -Vice-Pres. 1, Social Club 4, Class Play 4, Thes- pians 4. NINA POPHAM Transferred from Gresham 1, Girls' League 2-3-4, Tri Y 3, Girls' Intramur- als I-2-3-4. VICKIE PORTER Transferred from Vernonia, Orezon 4, Vernonia activities -Girls' League 1-2- 3, G.A.A. 1, Girls' Intramurals 1-2-3, Masque 1 , Glee Club Class Play Squad acti- ARTHUR RONCO Transferred from Falls City High 4, Falls City activities ---School Treasurer 2, Student Council 2-3, Student Body Play 2, Class Pres. 3, Tennis 3. New- berg activities - Boys' League 4, Youth for Christ 4. FRED SANDAU Order of N 2-3-4, Buys' League 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Tiger Knights 2-3-4, Foot- ball 1-2, Basketball 2, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Boys' Intramurals 1-2-3-4. GENE SAVAGE GLEN SAVAGE EDWARD Boys' League 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, SAVAGE Spanish Club 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4. Boys' League 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4. Choir 2-3-4, Track 2-3. MARY SCHWARZIN Booster 4, Student Council 1, Choir 1-2-3-4-Sec. 4, Mas- que Club 1-2-3-4- Pres. 4, One-Act Plays 1-3-4, Student Director 4, Student Body 'Plays 1-2-3, Class Play 4, Thes- pians 4. GENE SHERIDAN Transferred from Woodburn High 3, Woodburn activities - - Orchestra 1-2, Football 3, Class Play 3. Newberg activities -- Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 4, Football 4, ESTHER STEVENS Class Sec. 2, Girls' League 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Masque Club 1-2. BERTHA UPHOUSE Echoes 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Prep- pers 1-2. Tri-Y 3-4, F.H.A. 2-Il-4, Choir 2, Masque Club 2-3 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4. TOMMY SHRIVER Order of N 2-3-4, llcys' League 3-4, I".F.A. 1-2-3, Foot- ball 2-3, Basketball 3, Baseball 2-3-4, Boys' Intramurals l-2-3-4. WARREN STRUBLE Order of N 4, Boys' League 3-4. Honor Society 4, Band 1-2-3, Tiger Knights 4, Football 1-2-3-4. Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Track 3, Wrestling 2-3-4. Boys' Intramurals 3-4. ELSIE VORISEK Transferred from Lindblom H i IZ h , Chicago, Illinois 3, Lindblom activities - -G.A.A. 1-2, Latin Club 1-2. Newberg activities --Echoes 4, Girls' League 3-4. JACKIE RAE SMITH Transferred from Davis High, Cali- fornia il, Student Council 3, Girls' League 3-4, Tri-Y 3-4, Spanish Club 3. Masuue Club 3-4, G. A.A. 3. ROBERT TRIPP Student Council 4, Class Pres. 4, Or- der of N 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 3, Choir 2-3- 4-Pres. 4, Masque Club 1-2-3, One-Act Plays l, Tiger Knights 3-4, Bas- ketball 1-2-4-Mana- on A nassaui: 1 -7 LINDA WAHL Transferred from Twin Falls, Idaho 3, Twin Falls activi- tiesfGirls' League 1-2, G.A.A. 1-2, Girls' Intramurals 1-2-4. Newberg ac- tivities-Youtrh for Christ 3-4-Sec. 3, Girls' League 3-4, G.A.A. 3-4, Girls' Intramurals 3-4. MARILEE SMITH Transferred from Harrisburg, Oregon 4, Harrisburg acti- vities Y School Pa- per Reporter 1, F. H.A. 2-3. Newberg activities - Girls' League 4, F.H.A. 4. BETTY SHEPLEY Girls' League 1-2 3, Tri-Y 3, G.A.A. '3, 3 year graduate. JACK SHEPLEY Boys' League 3-4, Spanish Club 3. LELA STEELE Echoes 4, Booster 4, Girls' Leatue 2-3- 4, Preppers 1-2, Tri-Y 3-4-Pres. 4, F.H.A. 1-2-3. G.A. A. 2, Girls' Intra- iriurals 3-4. GEORGE TAYLOR Boys' League 3- 4, F.A.A. 1-2-3-4. JACK TWENGE Student Council 1- Class Vice-Pres. 1- Pres. 3. Order of N 3-4, Hi-Y 2-3-4, Choir 4, Masque Club 1-2, One- Act Plays 1, Tiger Knights 2-3-4, Foot- ball 1-2-3-4, Basket- ball 1-2-3-4, Base- RUTHENA WEISSHAAR Echoes 4, Girls' League 2-3-4, Choir 3-4, Masque Club 3- 4, Girls' Intramur- als 1-2-3-4. JEAN WHITMAN Sec. of Consumers Goods 4, Student Council 1-2-4, Or- der of N 4, Boys' League 3-4, Span- ish Club 3, Masque Club 1-2-3-4, One- Act Plays 1-2-3, Student Body Play 3, Tiger Knights 2- 3-4, Football 1-2-3, Track, 2-3-4, Wrest- ling 3, Boys' Intra- murals 1-2-3-4, Class Play 4. CARL STEIN Buys' League 3-4. LEONA MAE UMFLEl'IT Transferred from Jefferson H i if h , Portland, Oregon 4, Jefferson :activities Newbery: avtivitie: livhoes 4, Girls' League 4, Choir 4, Masque Club 4, G. A.A. 4. CAROL WILCOX Booster 4, Treas. 4, Girls' League 2- 3-4, Honor Societb' 4, Band 1-2-3, Mas- que Club 3-4, Social Club 4. DOROTHEA HOWARD WILKINS WILLIAMS Girls' league 2-3- Boys' League 3-4, 4, Youth for Christ F. F. A. 1-2-3-4- 3-4-Pres. 3, G.A.A. Treas. 3-4, Track 4. 3-4. EDWARD HOGENKAMP Not pictured. ARNOLD WINTERS Order of N 1-2-3- 4-Vice-Pres. 4, Hi- Y 3-4, Boys' League 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Tiger Knights 2-3- 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Masque Club 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, So- cial Club 4, Class Play 4. DOLORES WYMAN Transferred from Tillamook 2, Tilla- mook activities- -Re- porter School Pa- per 1-2, Class Vice- Pres. 1-Sec. 2. New- hertz activities - Girls' League 3-4. JOHN YATES Transferred from Eugene, Oregon 4, Eugene activities- Student Council 1, Boys' League 1-2-3, F.F.A. 2-3. New- berg activities - - Boys' Leazue 4, Boys' Intramurals 4. JOAN ZEMKE Echoes 4, Girls League 2-3-4, Girls Intramurals 3-4. Junior Closs PRESIDENT ADVISER DON DUNCAN MRS. MERCEDES PAUL MR. RICHARD M. MOTLEY This year's junior class under the capable leadership of Don Duncan, presi- dent, Richard Pedranti, vice-president, and Clara Koepplin, secretary, was especial- ly active in extra-curricular activities. The main class activities of the year were the assembly program and the Jun- ior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Money to carry on class activities was made by sell- ing candy during the noon hour. Mrs. Paul and Mr. Motley were the advisers. 4:35 Mi g M ""' Q 14' f A 'fx X J l ,""ntl.-9 l iiii ix s w, , Q . i - Z X f ' .--' Q .. , W. Adolf R. Allen B. Andrews E. Arnett L. Attrell K. Austin J. Barbour R. Barrington D- Baller V. Beardslee C. Bell N. Berreman C. Bishop M, Brandt M. Brown V. Brown F, Burkett G. Butcher J, Cady B. Carothers H, Carey C. Cluepfil L. Cluepfil R. Courtney J. Crane B. Crites B. Davis I. Davis B. Dodge J. Dolash J. Douthit B. Drews 22? f ' ay .FT '1 p .,.. 1 A fill' - f PF . .. V.. . , . . ' Tiff T f R x f ic.. A rflfif . K , Ei ' S W il :EL 5. 35.1 :K 51 if A A' I e . . I ...f - M l '- 1 Q,--K1-.Z k 1.' .f lk ...xg . .31J..5: Sh: 'ii' I 'k.. .Q - A .V ff M . . K 2 L nm-3f.g ' .!-mi V 'if' 1 ' 'fl x :::.,.f. 5.-1, 3 - i if 'E JJ 1 . , ll l i 'L ' - 3 f x . lf '-" -, - . 1 . . Q f i ' XL'-gf. ' x F2523 jx 'ffl' LL 'NW .gf V i 3 - as lhifrik. L 3 -1- . 1. T 1 K we .B n X 8' Q W .2 2. N . as lg, Q s A55 N., ,p is ix is -flfzwv- ,feff ' 1 . , i A Hifi M. Durschmldt N. Guedon A, Huch B. Kim: L. Lewis T. McDonald G. Miller l'. Everest A. Hanson L. Hodgrsun J. King D. Lilly li. McKindley J. Miller .sl ' f' 1? A iz E , - D. Fair R. Harwnud D. Hoy L. Kippenhan G. Litfin J. McKenzie M. Mills C. Fenrlall K. Fitch .I. Fnrkner S. Francis M. Hasselblad D. Hays 1, Hays E. Hermans J. James V. Jensen H. Jones J. Jones il.. A 5 : A li. Geursze J. Hinshaw K. Keller C. Kuepplin A. Kuehne J. Kuhn M, Lehmann S. LeMunt J- Lovell G- L'1YlflllUiSl- R. Lunsford E. McCormick M. McCracken D, McNabb H. Masznegs R. Marduck M. Meyers P. Moore lt. Morris R. Morse H. Murter A. Miller V. Murray r E. A .... . K K 1 'L', ' , '- Q' ! . 1 ",' Q, ' L ii 5' , iiziff "" . 41- , 5 IGESM ' . 'I' .. Ty? ," "'. ,. xr I f ' Q-3 ' ..,. Q, ' AH F' ' ' ' x ' ififf 'H 3' - 'f 3' Xa? - ,, ggi. . M ' ny Q Qriyfw- 53 , nf, JK . , . .. . . , , A . 1 'mi F I u . N, . LK' - In , ,f., 5 .Hb K ' ' . V ' . W t V ' ' ' I . E :., ' V Bmw: K. Murrell W. Norman G. Osborne B. Paul R. Pedran.i R. Petrie K. Pugh R. Reigle H- Refill' J. Reiser D. Reynolds H, Rubertzon M. Robertson K. Rolph F. Rowland B. Rummer E. RUSBW J. Ryals S. Safley J. Sanders R. Schatz E. Shaw T. Sherburne A. Speidel P. Stewart li. Strong D. Struuse G. Switzer D. Taylor A. Tessman B. Tiger M, Tully D. Verley H. Weesner W. Whisler D. Wisdom S. Wohhzemuth D. Wood K. Zlab Q 'lfil' -M W "Q , A if f f A . mb 5 yr W mf 5 W 1 va ff '51 W sf E ' 1 , I ,fx I if 1 - " ' X 9 f ' 1 'W :.:: :, M 4 W " ' A Q ? f 5 5 V35 A sf V Q? Q3 'E if ' fwI1Ll,Kr,3,f1 1 , W fi Y A 2 A " 5 4 WX A"5'Nwvi ' Mr 4k 25576, Q Y N. W . ai 5 ff ,Q t Q sl 'rf vw T- 5 fi? if WK, fs Q pf .U ,.. AN 5 , ,,, , 5 v L' Lf A 9 Wuy, g QV gvgifgkf X' 5 Q ' 'way' w ' gf 'S 'f Q, f W . 'N Q - fmt Qf , 3, S fl fm . fi A VV , Q K K ,I kim 'za' 'f 1 X Wg, f 5 " , if Q A is W X Yi' if wif' ,, W 'z QW' mr mf 7 .. Jw 6 1,5 ff' am ' ?' w K 5 3 ,V 1 K - 41 , 9 A I 3 Q 3 Q ,mf Q' ,V .M My 'N VfQffH?afwu!s4 viy ? f f l M f, 1 .a iw 'I A ,W RW L B has A Q :J wx H-in WW n 5 w WQWQ VA 2 X ff 'A , . 49 fs . - M W if 1 1 A 'i 3 55 is i X a u.-3. - . aj g,..w-+"" . M-or-""' waaf if 5 ,LA,L , Mn 'W wg M .ww M .., it x ,, f5,, ' K v .h x J ff , Mm - QC'l'fvi'f'fC':5 ' ,, Q -sv 0 A " fi ' .I iw I , Q .1::. W A f f 34 1. we 4 K Q, N X 2 "Q .1 ' , '. ' 5 ff' 'E agar VK S if gf 'i QQ x 'W if gf Q . Q f - Q fx -Q li' g 'Lf EE i b ' ' W. ,M I :Simi M a 1-gg? 5 1? J if in M ' ,Q Q, 4 r . F , ,. 'B' ? , .gen .- ., gg K, ff Lg Q , ,A 4555 ,4- 35 if if We ,Y ii A ,fm wx - f QL, '49 if-Q' -ur I da.. ' H, 4. , G x pf UT- I Q . as g? .N-.--Q-1----r--V . . 3' ,vw - Hifi iii QQ ,. .i it 1 hx ' , ., Z2 5 .gif f nw XV? fy, T m.,,,.. 5 if Q -12151 .. .Q ,,, '-0-ws Echoes' Stoll The Echoes' staff, which is composed of members of the journalism class, worked hard this year to issue an excellent school paper every two weeks. The editor for the first term was Howard Case. At midyezir, Bob Paul took over the editorship. Mrs. Paul was faculty adviser. Quill and Scroll The Ben Hur Lampman chapter of Quill and Scroll is composed of upperclassmen who do superior journalistic or other creative work and are recommended by their supervisors. At the begin- ning of the year they published their annual "Tig:-rs' Guidei' for the students of N.L'.H.S. This year the club was led by Howard Case. Mrs. Mercedes Paul was adviser. Booster Girls The Booster Girls, led by Mary Paddon, president, Shirley Beeler, vice-president, Char- lotte Bell, secretary, and Carol VVilcox, treasurer, contributed much toward promoting pep at this year's ball games. The annual football and basketball banquets headed the list of activities. Skits, exchange assemblies with McMinnville, candy sales, and selling singing Valentines added enjoy- ment to the year's activities. Miss Mary VViley was the adviser. Tiger Knights The Tiger Knights, traffic officers of the Newberg halls, did much to keep the halls in order this year. They also conducted fire drills. The officers for the year were: Howard Case, captain, Harley Gray, senior lieutenant, and Dick Reynolds, junior lieutenant. Mr. Rister was faculty adviser. Y-Teens The Y-Teens are two groups: the Preppers, a freshman and sophomore organization, and the Tri-Y, a junior and senior organization. Activities of the year were a dance given with the Hi-Y boys, an assembly, and the annual Blay Day Festival. Officers of the Tri-Y were: president, Lela Steele, vice-president, Janice Sanders, secretary, Alice Hochg and treasurer, Gladys Osborne. Mrs. Miller was the faculty adviser. Officers of the Preppers were: Joan Griffin, presidentg Marilyn Hess, vice-president, Susan Swart, secretaryg and lienora Koepplin, treasurer. Miss Day was the faculty adviser. Hi-Y The Hi-Y, a YMCA organization for high school boys, sponsored noon movies and joined with the Tri-Y in giving a successful Valentine dance. Officers for the year were: Lefty Nordhill, president, Jim James, vice-presidentg and Stuart Francis, secretary. Mr. Mullikin acted as advisor. FHA The Future Homemakers of America had a busy year helping cook and serve banquets for various school and community organizations. They sponsored the Hayseed Hop. The group was led by Cletis King, presidentg Alice Hoch, vice-presidentg Betty Anderson, secretary, I.enora Koepplin, treasurerg Janice Sanders, historiang Gladys Osborne, reporter. Mrs. Amy Sperry was the adviser. FFA The Newberg Chapter of Future Farmers of America had a very successful year. They won many awards and gained much recognition. About 350 people attended the annual Parent and Son banquet. A Chapter speaking contest, a potluck dinner, and a project tour were included in their ac- complishments. The Parliamentary team won the District Contest and went on to the State Contest. President Delbert Bauer, Vice-president Richard Pedranti, Secretary Marvin Robertson, Treasurer Howard VVilliams, and Reporter Merle Brandt served as officers during the year. Mr. Howard Bennett was the adviser. Bond The band played capably at all of the pep assemblies and major athletic contests. It was a major factor in boosting our school spirit. Among the other activities of the year were the combined concerts with Tigard's band and the music contest at Oregon City. Howard Case was president, Gene Jackson was vice-president, and Nlary Paddon was secretary. Mr. Bliller directed. Choir The highlight of the year for the choir was the presentation of the comic operetta, HH. NI. S. Pinaforef' Besides presenting and participating in several muscial programs during the school year, the choir entered the music contest at Oregon City in the spring. Mr. Howard F. Miller led the group. Officers of the year were: Bob Tripp, presidentg Fred Sandau, vice-presidentg and ,Mary Schwarzin, secretary. GAA e The Girls' Athletic Association sponsored the homecoming activity, which is to become an an nual affair at Newberg. Several playdays were held, and an amusing assembly program was pre sented to the school. The club was led by Louise Cloepfil, presidentg Ann Foster, vice-president and Joyce Walker, secretary-treasurer. Miss Mary Lou Pearson was the adviser. Social Club Formerly an independent group, the Social Club has reorganized to become an active school club. Dances were held regularly during the year. Officers of the year were: Emery Hermans, presidentg Fred Herring, vice-presidentg and Joann Carlisle, secretary. The advisers were Mr. Miller and Miss Pearson. Youth For Christ Club In its second year, the Youth for Christ Club, led by Rosalie Kippenhan, grew in member- ship. Besides their Monday meetings, they sponsored an assembly put on by the Four Flats from Pacific College. They also provided advertisement for the Youth for Christ Rallies. Sponish Club The purpose of the Spanish Club is to Create a greater interest in the ways of the Spanish- speaking people. Leading the club this year were: Mariheth McCracken, presidentg Kenny Rolph, vice-presidentg and Hazel Jones, secretary-treasurer. Miss Nina Johnson was the adviser. n r Student Body Ploy One of the finest events of the year was the annual Student Body play, "The Charm Schoolf The play was about an enterprising young man who inherited a very conventional girls school, and who attempted to introduce modern ways and methods into the school. Howard Case, Dulcy Renne, Kathleen Moore, and Louise Cloepfil held the leads in the play Miss Florence Huckleberry directed. Senior Class Ploy "Ghost Wanted", a mystery comedy, was capably presented by the graduating class of 1948 Two young men answered an advertisement to haunt an island home as ghosts, solved a murder and exposed a spy ring while doing it. Lefty Nordhill, Dulcy Renne, Howard Case and Mary Pad- don played the leads. The play was directed by Miss Florence Huckleberry. 1 One Act Ploys . The Junior play, "Confessional," di- rected by Mary Schwarzin, won the cup for the best play. The play was concerned with a banker's struggle with his con- science about whether to reveal that his best friend had embezzled money and of- fered him a large sum to keep quiet about it. Jim Lovell and Gwenn Switzer held the leads. "The Ghost VVore Whitefl was the name of the Freshman play. It was direct- ed by Dulcy Reniie. The play was about a family that moved into a house haunted by a ghost who was hired to scare them away because of money and important papers that a real estate man knew were hidden someplace in the old house. Don Patrick and Goldie Ryals played the lead- ing roles. The award of best actress was won by Goldie Ryals. Dulcy Renne was the student director. The Sophomore play, "Rats," was about a young inventor who discovered a new kind of rat poison and tried to sell it to his rich uncle. Kemps Jones, Sonja Zlab, and Chuck Burgess held the leads. Chuck Burgess was voted for the second time the role of best actor. This play was directed by Beverly Pahl. Pep Stuff This year pep staff worked out new yells. arranged pep assemblies, and followed our teznns to all the gaunes. They invoked the neuessnry school spirit to give us winning teams. The yell leaders were Beverly Heater, Meredith Jones. and Bertha George. Alice Hoch and Ruthie Allen were song queens. Moiorettes As is their usual custom, the major- ettes performed at several of the football and basketball games. Rita Reigle also twirled at the girls' slumber party. They joined with The Dalles major- ettes to twirl at the district championship basketball game and with the Tigard majorettes to perform for the combination band concert. Betty Gebhart twirled at the state contest. Camera Club The Camera Club is a newly formed club for the boys and girls who have an interest in photography. Officers for this year are: Bob Paul, presidentg Kenny Austin, vice-presidentg Janice Fork- ner, secretaryg Bob Drews, dark room managerg and Jim Dolash, projector manager. Ernest Heim- bach was adviser. Office ancl Library Stall Our office and library assistants this year were an unusually capable, pleasant, and coopera- 'ive group of girls. These girls deserve much credit in rendering an important service to the school. Miss Evelyn Stalwick nnot pictured! did much to help office activities run smoothly. X, f Qxfhdl fu Football Queen This was the first year New- berg has had a football queen. The affair was sponsored by the G. A. A., and the football boys chose the queen. Queen Shirley Beeler was pre- sented officially to the large crowd attending the football game be- tween Newberg and McMinnville, October 24, 1947. Attendants of the queen were Kathleen Moore, Dulcy Renne, Kaye Calling, Nancy Barkman. May Day Festival Because the May Queen and her 'SAA c ourt were not chosen until after the 1948 Chehalem went to press, it has been impos- sible to include names and pictures. You may insert the names below. IICCH ................ Crown Princesses ..... Attendants - - f' AX A X s L Q 4!,,e!,,fH,QV ., QifXl'1i-12112 as 'Ax . ' ,L , W A W fa ff A X ' N31 Mg S' Q' 2 Q, . Q95 ., -. 'K - - f K 1. ' 3 'U-",,.w W X mf f 2 r asm F Q' , 5 'X ' 'Q 4 yf. Lia Lf! . ,- Q V . , QQMI gf f 'Ik 5, Z ,W k . 5- sm ff, , , Y . ,gk 'fav F f 1 I NJ V X, E . 'arf as ' , X M NM , ' 4 ,, L A m Lk , tux Q. P .! 1 is , L A 4 faawx 5' L? ., Q, il if "Ffa fy if 1 'Q , L2 ,f,Y, 2vfwg5FQ xi' Q Af fb Q- .5535 ,. 1' f,-,., M5 S351 E+ 2 I 7 ,M ""-nm fm sfjg r 'f' , 1.-, f xv, . .G i, W . :rf - 5 kkiww 'f ' hllllfnaw mlm-if-:M 1 zkh fa 3 i giy fx W ff f fa 1: . .QQSWQ W f 335+ .ar A , V. 1 .3 if Q. ' I A+ y Q ' ig . in . K 55 W N L ,QQ fa m , - I , V Q K 9 '53 'LJ ik Wr- , p . ff . P gray--l . x ri' 3 5 .gf I film- , 1323: Q . an if '? if IWW' 6,1 iuiiupmuyuun-Jll, W V will nf- -- - f -H '-' 'WW FTW 512055 l 4 EARL GILLIS SWEDE MULLIKIN Coaches Newberg Union High School has one of the finest coaching staffs in the sate. Four teachers devote part of their time to the development of the athletic program. Earl Gillis is head football coach. Alvin HSwede'l Nlullikin takes over the helm when basketball rolls around. These two coaches combine their talents in de- veloping the track team. Frank Keltner guides the Tiger musclemen in wrestling. Floyd "Tex" Rister coaches baseball. N. U. H. S. can certainly be proud of these coaches, records during the past few years. TEX RISTER FRANK KELTNER Left to ri-zht, bottom row: McNabb, Douthit, Reynolds, Caffall, Gray, Cloepfil, Blanchette, Gearin, Twenge, Hickert, Andrews. Middle row: Head Coach Gillis, Byers, Austin, Baker, Sheridan, Ncrdnill, Rolph, Struble, James, Courtney, Cleland, Core, As- sistant Coaches: Rister, Mullikin. Top row: Rhodes, Renne, Crabtree, Ellis, Smith, Berreman, Wisdom, Pedranti, Rhodes, Whitman, Riley, Palmer, Young, Mardock. MANAGERS COACH Football The Newberg Tiger grid team completed a very success- ful football season this year, bowing only to Tigard in the , first league tilt. In seven con- ference games the Tigers won five, lost one, and tied one. Two of the highlights of the season were: a 6-6 tie with Hillsboro, runner-up for the state championshipg and a 12-7 victory over their traditional rivals, the McMinnville Griz- zlies, in the season's top game. EARL GILLIS JACKSON, DICKIE The Tigers will be minus thirteen lettermen next year, but the coaches still will have several men left over with some experience in the T-formation for next year's campaign. Harley Gray, fullback, Kirk Cloepfil, guard, and Bill Gearin, end, rated berths on the TYV all-star team. Wes Moore, tackle, placed on the second team. I," Iwwlgg W A 1947 SCORES 'ga' ii Newberg . 25 Lincoln . 2 Newberg . 22 Tigorcl . 24 Newberg . 6 Forest Grove. O I Newberg. 6 Hillsboro . 6 Newberg . 12 McMinnville . 7 Newberg.14 Tillomook . 0 qff'-Xi' Newberg 24 West Llnn fs ,fav X l 1'-.2351 . U . 0 V ,, Q 6 - O ,Jr 5. 5, Newberg .40 .Beoverfon W: llllx f- , Doug McNabb One Year Letterman End Arny Winters Two Year Letterman Backfield Kirk Cloepfil Two Year Letterman Guard TYV A11 Star 1947 Warren Struble One Year Letterman Guard Jim James One Year Letterman Guard Dick Caffall Two Year Letterman Guard Jerry Douthit One Year Letterman Backfield Harley Gray Bill Cleland Three Year Letterman Qne year Letterman End, Backfield Backfield TYV A11 Star 1947 GRID LETTEF Fred Herring Two Year Letterman Center, Guard Don Hoy One Year Letterman Backfield, End NAEN 1947 Kenny Rolph One Year Letterman Center, Guard Ray Courtney One Year Letterman Backfield Don Baker One Year Letterman Tackle Roy Blanchette Two Year Letterman Tackle Jack Hickert One Year Letterman End Bart Andrews One Year Letterman Tackle Lefty Nordhill One Year Letterman Backfield Dick Reynolds Two Year Letterman Backfield -731014 Twenge Bill Gearin Wes Moore one Year Letterman Two Year Letterman Two Year Letterman End End Tackle TYV A11 Star 1947 TYV All Star 1947 Ralph Mardock One Year Letterman Backfield fNot Pictured? Basketball This year's basketball team made TYY league history when the Mullikinmen finished the cir- cuit undefeated. This is the first time that a team has accomplished this feat. The District Tourna- ment was won with ease. They lost the opening game of the State Tournament to Tigard 58-55 in an overtime game, but the defeat of highly-touted Jefferson lPortla,ndj in the consolation almost ' compensated for the Tigard upset. Bill Gearin and Don Hoy won berths on the first TYV team, while Harley Gray and Claude "Lefty" Nordhill rated the second team. Don Hoy won honorable mention at the state tournament. Newberg .,....,,, ,,,,,,,, Newberg Newber g Newberg ...,.,,,, ,,,,.,,, Newberg Newberg ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Newberg ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Newberg hewberg .,...,,,, ,,..,,, Newberg ......... ,,,.,,,, Newberg .......,. ,,.,,.,, Newberg Newberg ......... ......., Newberg Newberg ....,.,,. .,,,l,,, Newberg ,,,,..... ,,,,,,,, .41-32 .........,. .........47-35 ........43-28 20-19 ......... Scores - - 1947 .- .,...,. Gresham ........Franklin ................................Oregon City .McMinnville CJamboreej 29-38 ........ .,....,,...,.......... ...,,..,.... G r ant 30-28 ........,............... ........ O regon City .37-32 ,..,.....42-31 .43-38 ....... 49-25 ....... 36-30 ,,..,.. .........56-25 ..........Gresham ..............Franklin .......Linfield Frosh ..........Forest Grove ................Tigard ...,,,.....Tillamook 52-43 ........... ...,,,,,,,,,,,,, W est Linn 41-39 ....,... .. ..,.... ............,,.. H illsboro 26-29 ......, 46-34 ....... Newberg .,....... ,..,,,.., 5 6-38 .........Oregon State Rocks .......,....Beaverton ....,....McMinnville Newberg ....... ........,. Newberg .....,. ...,..,.. 13-55 .,,..,,., Newberg .....,. ..... ..... 4 0 -36 ,....... . .5 0-36 .....,,,Linfield Frosh ..........Forest Grove ...,........,...........Tigard Newberg ....... .......... 4 l-39 .......,. ....... O regon State Hooks .48-37 Newberg ....... .......... ' Newbe rg ......, ......... Newberg ..,,,., ,........, Newberg Newberg ....... ........,. Newberg ...,..., ,...,,.,, Newberg Newberg 63-J 5 ..,.,.... 50-29 ......... 40-24 ........ . 5 2744 ,....,.i. ....................Tillamook ..............West Linn ..........I-Iillsboro .,....,..Beaverton . ...... McMinnville .46-50 ..,,..,.. ,.,.,,..,,.. L infield Frosh ..........41-25 ..........52-28 Newberg ....... ....,.,,., 5 9-45 ................. Newberg ...,,.. ...,.,.... 5 5-58 Newberg Newberg ....... ......... Newberg ..,.... .......... .....,......,....McMinnville .Lewis Sr Clark Frosh ..........53-41 .62-45 35-45 .......... ....................Pendleton . ...Jefferson ...,....Klamath Falls Basketball Lettermen FORWARD FORWARD CENTER GUARD GUARD DON HOY BILL GEARIN HARLEY GRAY LEF'I'Y NORDHILL JACK TWENGE FORWARD FORWARD CENTER GUARD GUARD ARNY WINTERS HOWARD CASE RON CUMMINGS BOB NELSON KENNY ROLPH COACH MAbCOT MANAGER SWEDE MULLIKIN MIKE MULLIKIN BOB TRIPP Baseball Hopes are running high this year for a championship baseball team. The five returning let- termen will be supported by several veterans of the American Legion teams who played during the summer. The sacks are complete with returning lettermen with Case at first, Twenge at second, and Winters at third. The two remaining lettermen, Sandau and Nordhill, are fly-chasers, although both will probably be slated for pitching duties. Bill Gearin, Ted Rosen, Milt Krueger, Verne Martin, Dwayne VVisdom, and Wes Moore are the big guns from the Legion teams. e Coach Tex Rister's diamondites have put in their spare time fixing up the new diamond in preparation for the season. NORDHILL WINTERS CASE SANDAU TWENGE Track Coaches Earl Gillis and Swede Mullikin combine their talents annually to turn out the N. U. H. S. track team. Although track is a comparatively new sport to Newberg boys, it has pick- ed up considerably during the past two seasons under the guidance of the coaches. Track was dis- continued because of lack of interest a few years ago and is just getting back into the swing again. Last year was the first year that the sport was given a major rating in the TYV circuit. Several individuals won consistenly for the Tiger thinclads last season and are returning for another try. The main competition comes in the TYY, county, district, and state meets, although dual or triangular meets may be scheduled. Tumbling The tumbling club is a newly-organized club for boys interested in tumbling. They put on a tumbling exhibition at the hlay Day Festival. Offioers were: Don Duncan, presidentg Jim Bar- bour, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Gillis was the adviser. Wrestling The Newberg wrestlers completed a highly successful season on the mat. Eight Tiger grunt- and-groan artists qualified for the state semi-finals with Malo Hasselblad winning his third state crown and Bill Bales receiving runner-up honors. Coach Frank Keltner's boys are expecting a good season next year. 1 ,J 'M Ji! if x 'A A, ?"M-.nv .355 I ii 3 fOlfQ 535'g X 115 Ep' a 55 3 My Closs Prophecy I was returning from Washington, D. C., after spending the week conferring withthe Presi- dent and Secretary of State, Dale Lockhart and Gene Jackson, respectively. tMy chauffeur, Bob Tripp, settled my 1960 Baker auto-plane to my roof-top where my handy man, Bob Nelson, put it in my new dumb-waiter garage. This house was a beauty-styled by' Lowe, Uphouse, and Lowe. It is two-thirds underground. I betook myself down the escalator to my private sitting room where my new valet, from Bales' Bros. Valet Service, took my coatg and I settled myself for a quiet evening of relaxation. ' After my supper, served by Ellen Oscanyan and Marjorie Montgomery, the best maids avail- able through Stevens' Employment, Agency, I turn- ed on my Gene Sheridan phonograph and listened to some sentimental ballads by the Four Men and a Mouse team, consisting of Arny Winters, Fred Core, Jack Hickert, Kelly Keller and Kirk Cloep- fil. Tiring of this in the first thirty seconds, I turned on my radiovision set to my favorite pro- gram: 'iMac Umfleet and her album of Al Jol- son records." This type of program has been very popular since Petrillo banned the making of rec- ords by members of the Musicians' Union back in 1948. The lVIaster of Ceremonies was Johnny Yates, and the Kidd, King, and Kippenhan trio sang a serenade to Struble Soup. lNIae's guest tonight was Boy Blanchette, Hollywoodls latest screen hit who stars with the glamorous Gano Clark in "The Secret Life of Milo lVIeeker,,' written by Virginia Moore, produced by Jean Whitman, and directed by Arthur Ronco. Another guest artist was Ronald Cummings, who played the new Boogie hit, "Pahl-y, Wahl-y, Doble All the Day". Suddenly a news flash interrupted the pro- gram: "Junior Bishop and Jack Barton, scien- tists from Vickville, Wyoming, have at last suc- ceeded in reaching the moon in their Garvin rocket- plane. Ther assistants, Merle Herr and Edward Hogenkamp, received this message from them at their laboratory in Vicksville, today: 'On the moon, Junior and I are playing golf on a twenty-mile course with extinct craters for cups. Bringing some uranium containing rock. Will be home for Chrsit- mask" After the Mae Umfleet program, I picked up my New York Times' and turned first, of course, to read Jack Shepleyis editorial and the weather report by Howard Case. Delores Gibbs' society column today featured the Women's Civil Civic Club, who are sponsoring the Feed the Florida Farmer Drive. The W.C.C.C. and this drive are being backed most heartily by the Nlesdames Dulcy Renne A. and Kathleen Moore B., who are perhapsethe most civic-minded women in the community. A Front page news attracted my attention. Caf- falland, the new country on the continent of Ant- arctica, was registered as a member of the U.N. at a special session today. The flag, designed by Dorothy Dudding, is black and white with a pen- guin design in he middle. It was represented by its founder, Dick Caffa-ll, and Fred Herring, mayor of ,its largest city, Herringville. At a spe- cial news conference Mr. Caffall gave the credit for perfecting the colony's atomic light and heat- ing plant to Howard Magness, while Norma Po- teet developed the ground insulation plan. One of the thriving industries is the Pop- hamfljuckett Penguin Packing Plant, which- is relieving the meat shortage in Guatemala and Wales. Harley Gray perfected the famed 'ishoot lem, but 'em, and leave 'em in the snowu freezing process. Helen Norby and Mable Garland oper- ate the penguin hatchery which is twenty-seven miles from the plant, and the birds are transport- ed by Jenkins and Jackson, by flat car. The Magness atomic light and heating plant also' supplies warmth and vitamin D for Howard Willia.ns' truck farm ,which supplies fruit and vegetables for Caffalland from a two-acre green house. The plants are raised by chemical food alone, as Melvin McBride's exploration party dis- covered that they would have to drill twelve hun- dred eighty-seven feet to hit dirt. The 2764 people maintain a high school, grade school, and kindergarten. The principal of the High School is Johnny Edgington, while Jacklyn Smith and Lesta Lewis are leaders of the grade school and kindergarten respectively. Social life of the colony has as its leader the beautiful and talented wife of the Mayor, Mrs. Kaye C. Herring. She manages the Teen Can- teen and the Wo:nen's Literary Society. In the May issue of "Easily Digested Print- ed Matter for Headers" was an article by Thomas Shriver about the colony and the atomic heating process used there. This process, it is believed by the most conservative economists and scientists, will be used universally within the next five years. The firm of Zernke and Wilkins is now putting out in mass production the indivdual house units, called Zemkins, for a cost of S5l0.00, including in- stallation. The cost of operation per-annum for the average home is 50247. The city of Herringville, which covers ten square miles, has the atmosphere for 200 feet up and all public buildings and parks heated 'for a cost of 5.63 per year. - When I had finished my reading, I sat back a moment and thought off the changes! in the world since I left old Newberg Hi back in 'll:94S. And my old classmates! So many of them I still could keep track of, as they were in the public eye. I was just wondering what had happened to the others when my butler, Mary Faye, announced a caller. Yes, it was another classmate, Lynn Hodgson, Su- perintendent of the Newberg Schools. I asked him whether he knew where any more of our old pals were. "Yup," he said, "I meet lots of people in my business, and most of them know some one I know." Ibegged him to tell me toog so he lit up his pipe and began: "Alice Campbell discovered that she was the sole heir of the founder of the Campbell Soup Company and inherited the business, but she sold it to the Struble Soups, Inc., and now lives in the mansion on the hill. Wesley Moore is her chauf- feur. K'Betty Gebhart runs a marriage bureau in Chicago, although she was voted by the National Board of Better Bureaus as the woman least like- ly to be successful in managing marriages. Mary Mclnnis is her secretary. The three educated Savages-Glen, Gene, and Ed-are sitting in a bamboo tree in the Belgian Congo. They decided that civilizaton was against their inherent natures. "Fred Sandau is with the Brooklyn Dodgers, for which team Jack Twenge is water boy. "Jimmie McMichael and Ruthena Weisshaar are co-foreign ministers to Pakistan. Tch!Tch! And it all started in journalism class. "Carol Wilcox married a jockey and now has a famous stable and training ranch in New lVIexico. "Mary Paddon is in the state institution for Annual editors and Booster presidents. Elsie Vorisek, a nurse at the hospital, spends all her time trying to control Mary and keep the gag in her mouth. "Charlotte Bell is a millionaire. She believes that 'necessity is the mother of invention'. She in- vented a car battery that doesn't run down if you leave the lights on all night. Wayne Brandt is su- perintendent of her factory. "Bill Gearin, otherwise known as Monsieur Gueronne, is the latest New York hairdresser. One of his higher paying customers is none other than Mary Schwarzin, who has made good in the kind of singing she likes best. UNO one has seen Joann Carlisle for years, but it is rumored that she wanders around mutter- ing, 'May I have your attention, pleaseff, while Patricia Gainer has sacrificed her life to following her around and trying to see that people don't take her too seriously. "Dolores Wyman is a clerk for Montgomery Ward Co. in Newberg. "Margaret Holbrook has been named 'Miss Babe Didrickson of 1960. "After their hard eighteen years of schooling to get their M.A. degrees, Betty Anderson and Bill McDonald have a promising job of cleaning out ink wells at Dundee Grade School. !'Bill Cleland has been compiling a book en- titled "Anecdotes to Be Used as Antidotes for So- cial Economics Session Survivors'. "Dorothy Johnson makes a charming snake charmer for Barnum and Bailey. ' "Bob Arnette is the new lyric tenor with the Metropolitan Opera Company. He made his debut in 'Don Giovanni' last season. "Well, I must be gettin home," said Dale as he finished his tale land fourth pipefulj. " I don't know about the others. Maybe they're deadf! And with that, he left. Dead! Dead! The thought haunted me. Were my old schoolmates dead? I could think of some of their names. Gone to their reward? Nancy Barkman, Lefty Nordhill, George Taylor, Ralph Keller, and others. I went to bed, my thoughts still with them and their faces still haunting me. It must have been two o'clock when the police siren awoke me. I sent my valet to see what was up, as the car had stopped in the next block. There really wasn,t much to it. Carl Stein, the night patrolman, thought it was a raider, but found that it was just a Rader QDEANJ, who was trying to crawl through his own window because he had forgotten his key when he went on the evening shift at Steele's Simply Super Suppers. In the morning when I awoke, I turned on my television ceiling projector to watch my favorite morning program, Barkman's Body and Building Branch of Health and Happiness, Incorporated. After the commercial advertising for McCoy's Messless Mustard Mixer, Miss Barkman came on to the screen and demonstrated the morning's exercises: treadmill, bicycle, push-ups. Then her face attracted my attention. That name! That face! It was Nancy! Another classmate ac- counted for. Another I knew was not dead. I vsas so glad that it was she that I just lay and gazed instead of projecetd her on to the wall and doing them with her. Luckily, Miss Smith of Burnham and Smith Menu Makers watches my diet carefullyg and George, who owns Taylor's Taylory, does a beautiful job of letting my suits out. Thinking again of my classmates, I realized that nearly all seemed to be accounted for. That night, after worrying all day, I decided to go somewhere to drown my sorrow for those three who had evidently gone on to their reward. I drove out of town and found a beautiful little nite-spot called Nord-Hill. It looked good! I went in. It was good! And who should be the hat check girl but Shirley Beeler and who leading the orchestra but ol' Ralph Keller himsef? All accounted for and taken care of. I breathed a sigh of relief and whispered a fervent "God bless them, everyonef' Class Will I, Betty Anderson, as I leave this wonderful school with many happy memories, will to next year's Girls' League president the burdens of a few hundred things to make her late to every class and to next year's D.A.R. candidate-Good luck. I, Bob Arnette, leave my ability to sing high C to Alvin '4Swede" Mullikin. I ,Don Baker, leave my graceful walk, to Al- len King. I, Leland Bales, will my savings of worn out pencils to anyone who will accept them. I, Jack Barton, will my big blue eyes to Stan- ley Palmer. I, Shirley Beeler, hereby leave my ability to never be where I'm supposed to, to Louise Cloepfil, I, Charlotte Bell, will my position as first chair clarinet to Dale Woods. I, Junior Bishop, will my seat in Social Ec. to Bill Tiger. I, Roy Blanchette, will my ability to skip school and my good looks to Bart Andrews. I, Wayne Brandt, do hereby will my ability to keep off Mrs. Frost's nerves to Jack Crabtree. I, Beryl Burnham, leave my ability to laugh at Alice Campbell's corny jokes to Amelia Walton. I, Mary Buter, will my long black curly hair to Bertha George. I, Dick Caffall, will to Don Hoy my ability to stay out of trouble with my girl. I, Alice Campbell, leave my ability to dodge Mrs. Sullivan to Margaret Evans. I, Joann Carlise, leave my swing to Rita Reigle. I, Howard Case, leave my ability to get along with teachers to my little brother. He might need it. I, Bill Cleland, leave my beard and side-burns to Bob Swift. I, Kirk Cloepfil, leave my "loud mouth" to Jack Cady. We, Kaye Colling and Nancy Barkman, leave our fighting nature to Louise Cloepfil and Clara Koepplin of next year's Booster club. I, Fred Core, leave, by the skin of my teeth. I, Ron Cummings, will my rare collection of pipes to Ken Rolph for future use. I, Priscilla Doble, leave Newberg High with Swede's blessing on my career at P.C. I, Dorothy Dudding, will my shorthand ability to someone who is willing to study. I, Johnny Edginton, leave my ability to get out of coining to school in the mornings to someone who needs sleep. I, Patricia Gainer, leave to anv next year speech student who might need it my ability to speak slowly when giving speeches. I, Mabel Garland, will to Marie Durschrnidt my charming personality, and ability to laugh at Mr. Keltner's jokes. I, Bill Gearin, will all the good looking fresh- man girls to some future sucker in the senior class I, Betty Gebhart, leave my cherished position as Mrs. Frost's personal and private secretary to any girl who would like to know what goes on in the "inner chambers". I, Delores Gibbs, leave my natural curly hair to Bertha George and my famous parties to anyone who will have them. I, Harley Gray, leave my ability as center on the basketball team to Richard McCabe. I, Merle Herr, leave with no regrets. I, Fred Herring, leave with one football jer- sey, one pair of football shoes, three sweatshirts, and a myriad of other "borrowed articles". I, Jack Hickert, leave my ability of getting unexcused absences to Bart Andrews. I, Ed Hogenkamp, leave by the back way. I, Margaret Holbrook, leave all the future slumber parties to Mrs. Sullivan. I, Gene Jackson, leave my basketball ability to Jack Cady, who needs mine and much more. I, George Jenkins, leave my ability to squirrel to Jimmy Dolasll. I, Dorothy Johnson, leave a little early. I, Kelly Keller, will my wrestling ability to Bruce Hickert. I, Ralph Keller, leave all of my undiscovered and unexperienced talents to all of those who wish to find and experience them. I, Letha Kidd, hereby wil to any unsuspecting junior my mania for fighting with the teachers. I, Cletis King, will to the lucky girl who's chosen F.H.A. president all the work that has to bc done. I, Rosalie Kippenhan, bequeath my long legs to my sister, Althea, so she will be able to make her appearance over the hill before the bus comes. I, Lesta Lewis, leave my strong dislike for mustaches to certain Junior girls who know what I mean. I, Dale Lorkhart, will my grades in Handi- craft to anyone who wants them. I, Marvin Lowe, will my ability not to tell jokes to F. T. Keltner. I, Mort Lowe, leave my singing ability to Mr. Miller. I, Marcylle McCoy, leave my position as cage girl to Pat Hickert. I, Bill McDonald, leave my position as lieu- tenant in the Tiger Knights to Clara Koepplin. I, Mary Mclnnis, leave my 'incomparable capacity for getting in trouble with teachers to my angelic brother, Eddie. I, Jimmie McMichael, will my ability to get along with teachers to any Junior who might need it to graduate next year. I, Howard Magness, leave my locker to any- one who will clean it out. I, Milo Meeker, will my cage managers abil- ity to the next sucker. I, Marjorie Montgomery, leave my typing ability to Louise Cloepfil. I, Kathleen Moore, leave my journalistic abil- ability to Robert Paul. I, Virginia Moore, will my place in the office to some ambitious Junior girl. I, VVesley Moore, leave my shoeshine business to any sucker who thinks he can make it pay. I, Bob Nelson, leave my ability to "fire up' the boiler in my limousine to Thomas McDonald. I, Helen Norby, will my long, natural curly and colored hair to Marilyn Hess. I, Lefty Nordhill, leave my ability not to get caught skipping to Don Hoy. I, Ellen Oscanyan, leave a year after Gene- but don't worry, I'll catch up with him. I, Mary Paddon, leave one pair of slightly used unwanted skiis to lVIiss Pearson. I, Beverly Pahl, leave a lock of hair to Mr. Motley so he wonlt have to put his hat on when it gets coldl I, Nina Popham, will my four feet eleven and three-fourths inches to Richard McCabe, in hopes it will help him get up in the world. I, Vickie Porter, leave my collection of "Cash- mereisi' to Shirley Bither. VVe, Norma Poteet and Gano Clark, will our front seats in library to someone who has the abil- ity to smile at Mrs. Frost. I, Maria Puckett, will and bequeath my mathematical genius to Alvis Miller. I, Dean Rader, leave my quiet nature to Bill Garvin. I, Dulcy Renne, leave my "fickle eye" to Betty Mae Crites. I, Arthur Ronco, will my senior English book to some lucky junior. I, Fred Sandau, will my hotrod to Tom Mc- Donald's collection. VVe, Gene and Glen Savage, leave to Melvin and Marvin Rhodes the honor of being the only identical twins in Newberg High School. I, Mary Schwarzin, leave my ability to pros- crastinate and my infallible decisions to hir. hIot- ley, who knows what I mean. I, Betty Shepley, will to Thelma Sherburne my ability to remember to take her gum out of the desk after History class. I, Jack Shepley, will my poor grades in Eng- lish to anyone that wants them. I, Gene Sheridan, will my altitude to Bruce Rummer. I, Tom Shriver, will 6 toothpicks, 2 comic books, l Esquire magazine, l rotten apple, and an assortment of junk to the next sad case who will fill Locker 288. I, Jackie Smith, leave 5 polished apples, one new dust rag for Room 15, and an unabridged dic- tionary to Hazel Jones to add to her, shall we say, ability to get along with the teachers at NUHS. I, Marilee Smith, will to Rosalie Morris my ability to receive "l's" in Home Ec. I, Lela Steele, leaveg and will to all the girls at NUHS the bad Case of falling for the guyls line. I, Carl Stein, will all my good luck and for- tune to Virginia Hare. I, Esther Stevens, will my typing ability to Erma Rusaw. I, Warren Struble, leave my cherished locker, No. 306, with two ham sandwiches, assorted gum wrappers, six lunch sacks, a worn-out notebook with two clean sheets of paper, and a new trig book to any freshman who thinks he wants it. I, George Taylor, leave my laziness to any- one who wants it. I, Bob Tripp, will Ruthie to the one man who thinks he wants to worry about her as I did. I, Jack Twenge, leave my good training habits to Kenny Rolph. I'm sure he needs them. I, Leona Umfleet, will my ability to imitate Al Jolson to my sister, Margie Umfleet. I, Bertha Uphouse, will my flirting ability to Kenny Rolph. I'm sure he needs it. I, Elsie Vorisek, leave to Bertha Osmundson my hopes for someday???? I, Linda Wahl, am leaving for a better fu- ture. I, Ruthena Weisshaar, leave my ability as the most trustworthy business manager of the Echoes to some unlucky person next year. I, Whitey Whitman, will my bottles to the next Secretary of Consumers' Goods. I, Carol Wilcox, leave my riding ability and my horse to Jeanne Rue. I, Dorothea Wilkins, leave to Winnicieta Whistler, my love for redheads. I, Howard Williams, will the ambition I have in the Ag shop to anyone who wants it. I, Arny VVinters, will my perfect attendance record to Don Hoy. I, Dolores Wyman, leave my dancing ability to Imogene Bennett. Even that little will help. I, Johnny Yates, leave Colleen Bishop with the hopes that she will make it next year. I, Joan Zemke, do hereby leave my outstand- ing skill to get out of school without being kick- ed out to anyone who thinks he won't make it. We, Mary Paddon and Ralph Keller, leave two empty chairs to Jack Cady, making it possible for him to play "solo cornetl' after many years of his 3rd and 4th chair experience. Editor's Acknowledgement No undertakng of this sort would be possible without the help of many individuals. Completion of the 1948 Chehalem has been made possible by work not only of the entire staff, but also of otheri persons who have generously contributed their time and services. ' To the following people I extend the deepest thanks for doing a splendid job: To Charlotte Bell, Dorothy Dudding and Betty Gebhart for helping with the typing of copy, which is no easy job when one has to read and decipher many styles of handwriting. To Rosalie Gano, who supplied necessary information, and who was always around when one wanted to borrow office equipment. To Priscilla Doble, who helped with the senior pages, and wrote the class prophecy. j To the salesmen: Pat Gainer, EllenfOscanyon, Jim Lovell, Betty Crites, Allen King, Chuck Burgess, Jim Case, and Delmer Aebischer. To Nlr. Nlotley, our adviser. To Mr. Markowitz, Bushong and Co., who was always co-operative and helpful. To Nlr. Riley, whose patience and general help, in addition to his photo- graphy, were greatly appreciated. V To Nlr. Dent, for putting up with a very inexperienced staff and continually offering helpful advice. To the townspeople, who so generously helped finance the yearbook. To all others who have had a part in the preparation of the annual. To you, purchasers of the 1948 Chehalem, as well as these-thanks. The Newleerg Grophic is proud to have been selected ogoin to print this yeolr's "CW HAZEM " BEST OF LUCK TO THE T948 GRADS FROM THE STAFF OF .... THE NEWBERG ORAHIC CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF H487! AG TILSE PONTIAC Newberg, Oregon Phone 296 'A1ex" Til C I O r . . . Manager H g d k DUTCH MAID CAFE Where Friends Meet-"Eat" Phone 31M 609 First Street Newberg, Oregon E BEST'S CLEANERS BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF '47 Phone 355 F t St Ncwberg 03 FERGUSON REXALL DRUGS Prescription Druggists 302 F St t Newberg, Or g HAMNER DRUGS Phone 113J 611 First St. Newberg, Oregon No p's SUPER MARKET NEWBERCKS FINEST COMPLETE MARKET CENTER Groceries - Meats Fountain and Cafe GRAY'S NEWBERG PHARMACY Bob Graynyour druggist Congratulations . . . Phone 55 CLASS OF '48 GOODYEAR STORE Tires-Batteries Home Appliances THE SPORT SHOP Phone 415 Newberg 719 E. First St coNoRAruLATloNs . . 5 A M M Y I 5 C1assof'48 and Sammy Bartolotti, Prop. District Basketball . 810 E. First St., - Newberg, Oregon Champlons S Sam for Latest West End Grocery Sports Rasmus Gain at Gainers 19 Years ot Dependable Food Service F ree Delivery V. A. Vincent 1' E D3 REALTOR WM. STELLAR Authorized Dealer , 210 Flrst Slreet 615 First St. Newberg Oregon Newberg Oregon Bolo's Auto Compony AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE TOP NOTCH MECHANICS BEST OF EQUIPMENT GENUINE FORD PARTS FORD CARS AND TRUCKS Phone 456 915 E. First St. I Newberg, Oregon RYGG CLEANERS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Quality Work Always 3-DAY SERVICE ON HATS - ' Rug and Upholstery Cleaning MARTIN REDDING INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Phone 340 621 First St. Newberg, Ore. WHEN YOU BUY IT AT PENNEY,S IT'S RIGHT Shop at Penneys Phone 32M 708 First Sb. dncorporatedb Newberg Oregon C. A. I-Ieuser Lumber Yard Milody Beoluiy Solon Mary N. Gilbert Newberg Lumber 613 First st. Phone 2241: Building Molierioils Generoll Points NEWBERG BAKERY ' Decorated Cakes for All Occasions First and Main Phone 76M Phone 327 CITY TIRE SERVICE Complete Tire Service Haircuts That Fit the Bean Phone 215W 808 E- First St- Tonics and Stuff Let Us Get in Your Hair Best Wishes Class ,118 From 5015 First st. Newberg, Ore. HUTT'S BAKERY Dr. lohn L. Mcliinney OPTOMETRIST Room 200 Commercial Bank Bldg. Newberg, Oregon EYES EXAMINED PROMPT SERVICE GLASSES FITTED Evenings by Appointment GIBBS ELECTRIC CO. Q General Electric Contracting 901 First St. Phone 103R Travel Information Cheerfully Given F. T. WILCOX, M. D. Lunch Counter Physician and Surgeon 214 E. First St. Newberg on ncl . Con roituloitions . . Sodci Fountain 9 CLASS OF '48 BEST WISHES CLASS OF '48 , . Joquith Florists ond NEWBERG, OREGON Nursery Phone 2J A. E. PADDON, D. V. M. TO THE CLASS 01.1.48 u D Veterinarian 414 N. College sr. Cong rcitulcitionsl NEWBERG, OREGON FROM FOUR BOYS and a BASS INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Phone 76R 300 FIRST ST. Wm. l. lVIOCreeOly Lumber CO. Retoiil Lumber oinol Building Mcitericils Portland Highway and Church Streets OUR RED TRUCKS DELIVER TYLER S. SOINE, M. D. Physician and Surgeon 105 S. Meridian Ph ne 330 DR. HOMER HESTER DENTIST L. H. PEEK, M. D. Physician and Surgeon 60816 First St. . N ewberg Oregon Congratulations Home Appliance 84 Paint CLASS OF '48 Admiral - Kelvinator Don Hodson Phone 203W Newberg Oregon Congratulations .... to the Class of ,48 Congratulations- Oregon Farmers Union and Cooperative Association Newberg Branch THE BOOK STORE Mrs. Florence Re.d, Prop. School Supplies-Gifts Greeting Carols-Stationery ' sl. N ewberg Oregon Best Wishes Class of '43 Commercial Bank Of Newberg Phone 434W GEARIN 8. CO. REAL ESTATE Anna Ruth Gearin, Broker 50815 E. First St. E. C. BAIRD GENERAL MERCHANDISE N ewberg Oregon Ivo J. Koll, Owner LOCALLY OWNED NATIONALLY ORGANIZED Phone 48.1 Newberg, Ore. NEWBERG VARIETY "THE FRIENDLY STORE" Newberg Opposite Post Office lol1n's Ice Cream SENIORS . . . Good Luck, We Will Miss You Underclassmen, Goodbye 'Till Fall Phone 305 510 First St H. C. SPAULDING CO. Frigidaire Appliances W. P. Fuller Paints Fairbanks-Morse Water Systems Emerson Radios 15 First St. Phone 26J WALLACE'S Newberg's Variety Store "'WHERE A LITTLE MONEY GOES A LONG WAY" CORRECT WASHING CONGRATULATIONS SAVE 10 Per Cent Cash and Carry to the CLASS OF '48 Newberg Laundry Phone gm R. E. DREWS 621 HANCOCK NEWBERG, ORE. Jewelry Robb's Barber Shop PaImer's Garage Complete Automotive Service Wilbur Robb Howard Mills Phone 30.1 Kenneth N ewlin Marvin Moore Palace Meat Marker Newberg Lumber Yard A COMPLETE LINE Of BUILDING MATERIALS 112 S. Edwards Phone 128J FRESH SMOKED AND CURED MEATS NEWBERG DAIRY Frozen Food Lockers MILK CREAM BUTTER EGGS CHEESE Phone ....... 24W Dr. I. R. Root DENTIST Gray's 5c to 31.00 The Home-Owned Store NEWBERG, OREGON A. G. Wehrley Real Estate Farms-Homes-Acreages Phone 33R Newberg, Oregon Sportsman Air Park FliL,ht Instruction Air Travel The Modern Way to Go Cross Country Phone 1630M Newberg When You Want Art and Choice Flowers Pete Manson DURAND'S GROCERY Candy-Pop Ice Cream-Gum Across from the High School FLORIST GREEN LANTERN CAFE Greenhouse 215 Vina Road DELICIOUS HOME COOKED MEALS Phone 56W Newberg, Ore. 714 E. Flrst St. Phone 286M FIRST CLASS MECHANICAL WORK , Congratulations . . . BODY AND FENDER WORK Heater's Repair Shop Clarence Heater, Prop. 113 S. Blaine St. Telephone 913 TO THE CLASS OF '48 NEWBERG CLEANERS Phone 215J 711 E. Second WMU! WEHEANWE EU. WISHES YOU SUCCESS FOR THE FUTURE. RENNE Hardware Company GENERAL HARDWARE GUMM'S MARKET GROCERIES-FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES Phone 162OX 1 Mile East of Newberg on 99W SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS C. A. BUMP, M. D. The SpOrtSman,S Store PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON 617 FiI'St St. Phgne 33W 701 First St- Newberg Oregon PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER? R I L E Y s T U D I o ffimyfhmg Plzatographicn Newberg Auto Freight ALL KINDS OF HAULING ANYWHERE 8 J g 2322 Hollingsworth-Gwin Funeral Direciors SUCCESSFULLY YOURS Phgmn Q4 ' ' 1 Day or Night DOUG 81 MEL'S CHEVRON SERVICE 1004 E. First Street Ph0ne 333X Newberg Oregon

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