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.A 4, 5 5 111251 f QQ" ' pg: V 3' V1 in V, yn, '55 5 IQ" ' -3' f UI El' ii-'L :T Lf f PT, fi, ' if 'Q : , if ' g,. . .H 3 . 2- . 4 1.2 -. U. ' w :Ei in in LJ wa-' il f 42 W R r . 'fx L-' ?: it f 42 H. 1. ,u F1 I,. 11 5 , QQ X , ,, -fi A ' - mu 'YQ' s 3 A , -fa Q. 1 14 'X The Cheholem Published annually by the Associated Student Body, Newberg Union High School N ewberg, Oregon Volume XXXIX 1947 Shirley Ryals - Bill Wallacex .............................. Co-Editors Mary Paddon .........................,.................. Associate Editor Betty Carothers, Bob Nelson, Bob Hoy .... Business Mgrs. Virginia Mosely .................. .................. ............. A d viser Foreword "All these are past and .should grow dim with all such things in hind, And yet their fragile fragments clog the traffic of my mind." -Jessie Farnham MR. GEORGE Dedication To Mr. Howard H. George, who for fifteen years as chairman of the Newberg Union High School board has devoted a large part of his time and energy toward making NUHS a better place in which to learn, we respectfully dedicate this 1947 Chehalem. Since Mr. George accepted the position which he now holds, the faculty has nearly doubled in size, many new sub- jects have been: added to the curriculum and, above all, the present building was constructed. 'Z"XUP QM Z0--ibn Superintendent ond Principal Administrators deluxe, Hubert E. Armstrong, superintendent, and Henry W. Sorick, principal, handled the monument- al tasks confronting them with compara- tive ease. Each has served three years in his present position, although Mr. Arm- strong has been many years in the New- herg school system as an instructor and as high school principal. No easy jobs, the principal's is to co- ordinate activities within the school and handle most student problems, while the superintendent's is to supervise all the Newberg school system and to work with the school board. A capable, friendly and easy-to-get- along with office secretary was Isabel Gill. A great help to all, Miss Gill aways had a paper clip, envelope or helping hand when- ever they were needed. IN School Board The guiding hand be- hind our entire school set-up is the Newberg High School Board. Headed by Howard George, chairman and consisting of Harry Cra- ter, Paul Newton, Au- gust Schaad, Dan Wohl- gemuth, and R. P. Gill, clerk, the board made the decisions which govern- ed student life for the 1946-47 year. EVILYN EAINTEI B.A.. Pacific Un- iversity f Biol0KY. Spanish - Svanish Club, ERNEST R. IIEIIEACII B, S., 0 r e it o n Siaucolleir fBoys' G e n e r all Science. Chemistry. Physirl --Sohhomore A d - vner. HOWARD V. BENNETT B.S.. Orelon State Collen - Agricul- ture-Future Farm- era. IIUANNA IIOKE. B.A., Linfield Col- lege - World His- t0l'Y. Orientation. - .si IIIIAI DAY B.A.. Wlllsmette Unlversit - Alie- Y bra. GeometYY. Ad- vanced lathematics YPreDvers. nonsnclz nucxnmasmw nh., Linfield col. len e Engun. lv, sped.. .An.-m:..- qu. Club - Drama- nc.. VINNIE B. FROST B,A.. Alma Col- lege---Library. nun. n. GILLIB n,s. Linfield con. lege - r. 1-:. . .l 4 Health Y Football! unennefn cnnf- Basketball-'I'umbL ing- Tuck- Junior Adviser 4 Commun- ity Lealue. FRANCIS T. KELTNEII nh, uh., um. venity of 0reKon-- Social Economies. Commercial Law, aookknping- Boys' Lealue---Senior Ad- viser' 'WrestIinl. HOWARD F. MILLER B.A-. Willamette University - Music Band Y Assembly Board. DOROTHY NEWTON B.S., Linfield Col- lege-l-Iome Ee. I and II. Typlnl I- I-H Club. IARY IILLER B.A.. Willamette University --Enzlixh II, Reading-Sophw more Adviser' - Tri. Y. MERCEDES J. PAUL ' nh., sul.. un. lversity of insho- Enzliah III,.Iournal- igmerzchoe-, Ju... ior Adviser, I r VIRGINIA KOSELY B.A., Linfield Col- leze --- Freshman EnRlish-- Freshman Adviser Vllhehalem. r ? FLOYD A. RISTEI! B. A.. 0 r e II u n State College f- In- dustrial Arms-Bane ball S Football 3 Tizer Knizhts. ALVIN IULLIKIN B.S.. Linfield Col- lere - Health and Physica l-zaumlon, Remedial Arithme. tic, Business Arith- mezic - ns-mb-ll. Football, Track - H i -Y - Freshman A.m.ef. AIIY C. SPERIIY B. A., O r e I 0 n State Collele - Homemakinz I I I . G e n e ral Science. Freshman Health. Biololy-FHA. ELVA MARTIN B. A.. Nebraska State Colleze-Tyw in! I, Shorthand I and I---Commercial Ctlnttlt. LUCILE KYEIIS B.A., Linfield Col- lete - P. E. and Health-Pen Squad ---GAA-Bousllrs. HARY STATE B,A. University of Orelon f American Hilt0l'YfGirIs' Ad- viser 4-Girls' Lellue --Homeroom Presi- l'I Q n I g Al:!iYilY Schedule Y- Senior Adviser. BOB HALSTEAD I Student Officers Howann NEw'roN Q nd Student Council Ably fulfilling its many governmental duties, this year's Student Council helped to make l946-47 very eventful and successful. With barriers and problems to face, the group was very fortunate in having capable officers to lead them. Howard New- ton devoted much time to his office of President of the Council. His secretary, Shir- ley Ryals, proved both efficient and punctual in carrying out her many respon- sibilities. Other officers of the student government were Bob Halstead, vice-presi- dent: and Alda Hoch, treasurer. Also included in the president's cabinet were Peggy Heiser, activities chairmang Helen Snider, assemblies chairmang Judy Hoy, secre- tary of public relationsg Dan Hess, secretary of labor: Bob Halstead, secretary of buildings and groundsg and Chuck Ferrell, secretary of consumers goods. SHIRLEY RYALS . 1-'si' . Q ALDA HOCH A mmwHPPO -NX CHUCK FERRELL DAN HESS JUDY HOY Senior Class The thirty-sixth senior class to graduate from this high school completed its last year at Newberg Union high. Having been active in school affairs, the class successfully presented the senior class play, "The Green Light", which was rated one of the best mystery thrillers in several years. Important days for the senors were their trip to Salem, skip day, dress-up day, and the junior-senior banquet and prom. Class officers were Chuck Ferrell, presidentg Dan Hess, vice-presidentg Judy Hoy, secretary-treasurer, who replaced Betty Jo Fuzzellg and Bill McCoy, repre- sentativeg with Mrs. State and Mr. Keltner, advisers. 0 A-Q r 9 BILL Mccoy MRS. STATE MR, KELTNER BONNIE ARTHUR Girls' Lellue 3-4- FHA 1-2-4, Y-Teens I-3. MELVA BALDWIN Girls' Lelltue 3-4- Mssque I-2-3-4. Boostern 3-4. FHA 1-2-3. GAA 2. Y- Teens I-2-3-4, Pres. Prenpen 2. V.-Pres. Tri-Y 3. Pres. 4. Echoes 2-3. S. Council I, Intru- mursls I-2-3-4. GENE BUTCHER Boys' Luzue 4. .15 . 352- DICK BAILEY Trlnsf. from Lin- coln. Portnnd, I. Bon' League 4, Order of N 3-4, NTK 3-4, I-Ii-Y 2-:1-4, Honor Soc. 4. Quill 1 Scroll 4, Echoes 4. Hobby Club I-2, S. Cuuncil 4, Foot- ball 3-4, Bsaketbsll 2, Track 4. Intrs- murlls 1-2-3-4. RICHARD BARKER mm' Lelgue 4. Svsnish Club 4. Band 1-z-a, Hobby Club 1, s. council 2, Basketball 1. 11-4411.11 I-2, Trsck s-4, Intramurals 1- 2-3-4, NAOIII BUTCIIER Girls' Leszue 3-4, Mlsque I, Blnd I- FHA I-4, 2-3, Choir 3-4, OD' eretls 2. Intramur- sls 3-4. ' Q 1' f' if f- .r-ui--.f1..f. . -, gf ,ff 353121521 . .1 nf" J A if f FRANK COLCORD BDYI' IAli'ue 4. Hi-Y 4. Chehllem 4. Bind I-Z-S-4. Pres. 4. Hobby' Club 1, Clmerl Club 2. STEPHEN DAVIS Boys' Lelnlue 4. FFA I-2-3-4, Re. Dorter 4. Choir 3-4. -Q J' GERALDINE BAILEY Girls' 1.011-14 a-4. M 4 4 41 -1 Q I-2-3-4. Boaters 4. FHA 1- 2-a, amd 2, s. B. Plsy 4, one-An Pny- 1-2-:4-4. . . . . -- 15.- . 1- .-1-QM, ..- K . , , ..,, .. .1--. - ' 1 5-Saw -FQS, , ., . "f - -ws 1 non BEASLEY Boys' Leszue 4. M..-qu- 4, Bsnd 1- 2-fs, Hobby club 1. Intramurals 1-2. , 4, I fi' l 1 FAYE CARTER Girls' Leszue 3-4, FHA 4. GAA 2, Y- Teens 2-3-4. Choir 2-4. Operetts 2, Trivle Trio 2-3-4. MILDBEII DOEHRING Girls' Lelzue 3-4. Tren. 4, Mslque I- FHA I-4. 2-3-4- GAA I-2-3, Y-Teens I-3-4, Tri-Y 4. V.- Pres.. QuilllScrull 4, Sbsnish Club 4. Echoes 4, S. B. Pill' 4, One-Act pl-n 2. , ..,,. .,.,5'f E4 . . .lf-,,k5g.,g5,,,--55125, QQ. 1. P1 -1 fffillifii Vg-. f U fi .1 . " , e s s :ff fs cz .sf -1 PIIYLLIS BAILEY T r u 11 s 1. from Scottsbluff. Neh r. 2, Girls' Lelllue 8- 4, Boosters 4. Sec. Spsnish Club .I-4, Sec. 3. Tren. 4. WANDA BRIDGES Girls' Leugue 3-4, FHA 1, 11-1'-411. 3- 4, hun. for cm-4 4, Choir 2-4, op... till. 1 PIIIBCILLA BAKKBN mm' Leslue s-4. F1-1.4 1-z-4. Y-'rum I-2-3, Band 1-2. if , 44 x Q V ,F 9 x' - A A , u1u1c.4nc1z-r snows DICK CIIAKBERLIN Boys' League 4. Quill I Scroll 4, Echoes 4. Hobby Club I. Bind I-2- 3-4. Olleretts 2. In- lrlmurlls 3-4. JOHN DUTTON Boys' Lesuue 4. FFA 1, I-'oozbnll 3- 4. EVELYN CIIIIISTIE Girls' Leilue 3-4. FHA I-2-3. GAA 4. Buketblll Z. Blse bill I-2-3-4. Intri- mursls 2-8. CHUCK FERRELL Boys' Leskue 4. Order of N 2-3-4. NTK 2-3-4. Iii-Y 2- 3-4. Pres. 4. FFA I. S. Council 2-4. Foothill I-2-3-4. Basketball I-2-3-4. B 41 se b A ll I-2-3-4. Sec. of Consumer! Goods 4. Clsu Pres. 4. Clus Rev. 2. Cllss Prem. I. lAlION FIBIIIK Trlnlf. I r u m Dundee 2, Glrll' Ltiluu Zi-4. Sunn- lnh Club 4, lnlrl- murIln Z-4. PATIICIA GAIVIN Trlnll. In Sl. Run Z. lrlns. from Bl. R000 4, Glrll' Lulu: 4. luquo 4. FHA 1-4, Y. Teens 1. Blnd I. Chnlr l. Ovvrettn 2. VEIIL FLIENER Boys' Lelxue 4. NTK 4, Hlnd l-2 3. Hobby' Club l I-'mm-ll 2, unf nun-mm z, up u - - - mn 1-2-s-4 Wreulllnx a-4, In- lrlmurlll I-1-B-4, ill l ,lm SHIRLEY GIIEII G. L. 3-4, V. V. 4, lurlue l-2-3-4. Boulton 3-4. FHA l-2.3-4, Hon. Soc. 4. Y-Tuul I-2-3-4. Q- l S. 4. Bvln. Cl. 4. V.P.. Ethan 3-4. Chehnlem 8-4. Hlndbool 2, S. H. Pl!! 3. Choir 2, Operull 2. Tripll 'ln-12-a. ILVIIN IALL 'I I I n I I. lrum Dundas 2, Boys' lallul 4. Choir 8-4. LUCILLI HAYB T r I n I L from lllwlulilf Hllh Girls' l.AInue 3- , FHA B. Y-Tien: 3. Lhnlr 4. I, 4 l0l IAIJTIAD 1' r I n I 1. from Dundee I. B. L. 4. lllllue I-4. 0. ol N I-8-4. NTK 4. Ill-Y 2-3-4. FFA 2. l-Ae! PII!! l. Choir 2. S. Conn. 4. Fam. ball 2-a-4, 'rms a, 4, Wratllng 8-4, lnlnmurnlu 2-a-4, S. B. V.-Pvc, 4. Bac. of Build. C Grounds 4. DAN IIBS B, langue 4, NTK 2-3-4, See, 3. Hi-Y 1-a-4. see. s-4, FFA l-2-3-4. BM. 3, V.P. 4. Echuel 1-4. Chulr 3. V.P., S. Councll 2-3. Poo!- bqll 3-4. Blllctbill 2-3. lnlrlm, 2-I-4. Bic. ul Llbor 4. Cluu V.P, 4, Clnl V.P. 2. non lm.4Ncls Tram. from mu liunry x, any-' 14-me 4. Mmm- 4, Choir 3-4. s. B, may 4, I-'wanna s, 'rm-u 3, wr-un., s, lm--mu--1. 3-4. DICK FRINCII Buy-' League 4. M-.que a-4. NTK 4. Hi-Y s-4, on--An Phys 2. Hubby Club 1. cum-- cnub 2, s. council 1-a, Football z-s-4. lx.-mb-ll 1, Bue- bull 2-a-4, wmu- anu a-4, mnmur- .1. I-2-8-4. .IIAN GULLIY cum' Lune 1.3, FHA l-2-3, GAA 1- 2-3. Y-'rum 1-2-as, Cholr l-2. Upfrelu l. Three Year Grud- ull!- ARCIIIE GWINN Boys' lnllue 4, llwue l. Choir 3. 4, 8. Council 1. F-.onull 1-z, Wreslllnl 3. lntn. murull 8. DON PHIRS1' mm' League 4, :YA 1-2-3-4. Choir GLENN GWINN Boys' lAIlue 4. luuue 1-2. Chuir l-2-8-4. Omron. 1. Fuu! b I l I 1-Z-8-4. Wrzulinx 8. Intru- murulI 1-1-8-4, Clul VIN-Pres. 2. JOHN IAIIIBON 1' r I n I I. hum Columbll P r 0 D . Portllnd 4. BOYI' Lellue 4. 'K'-ws FAYOLA IIASSELILAD T r I n I f, from Bellflower, CIIII. 3, Gm-' League a.4, luque 3-4, FHA 3. GAA 3-4. Y. Teen: 3, cm-if a-4, S. Council 4, 3 if ---5 ,' I A .-'A gf Aun nocn G, Leulul 3-4. I Illl ul X-2-8-4. B4-men s-4, FHA l-2-3. GAA l, Hun. Soc. 3-4, Y-Teen! l. 2-3-4. Echoel 3-4. Hlndbooln 2. S, B, PIIY 3-4. l-Act PIU! 2-8. S. Caun. 1-A-4, lntrum. I-2. 8-4, S. B, Troll. 4- Clnu Plly 4. BTIFANA IIOLAS Glrl'l KAI ue 4 I 8-. FHA I-2. Y-Teens l-2. IAIIVIN IIIATER B. Lellue 4, 0. of N 2-3-4, Prem. 4. NTK Z-8-4. Seniur Ll. 4. Hi-Y 3-4, Hunor sm. s-4, v. P. 4. Footblll l-2-3. 4, Bllbelblll l. Blleblll l-2, Truck 3-4. Intramural: l. 2-s-4. CIIII rl-y 4, Lllu Prel. 3. IDANNI IOPKINB T r I n I I. lrnm lla-novel! ll I l h. Portllnd. 4. Glrll' Lillut 4. . vfami mf M,-i -KX 1 if ' ' A, E -in BOB HOWARD Boys' Leuzue 4, Baseball Z, Wrestl- ini 3-4. JUDY BOY 'I' r I n s l. from Washington Hilh, Portlsnd, 3, Girls' Izllue 3-4. Boost- ers 4, VicePrel.. Choir 4, C. Cmlncil 4. Sec. nf Public Relniions. HERBERT KING T r s n I f , from Cushing, Okllhornl, 4, Boys' Lellue 4. , Q. P, Y 9 A U' X , . K -- 1 iff.. i f , -5 , ' .IBANNE M-cnuonn T r A n I I . from Woodburn Hilh 3. Girls' Lelgue 3-4, luque 3-4. Report er 4. FHA 3-4. Sec. 3. Y-Teens 3-4. ' x li ..., a X 7 ,. . l ws BITTY IACKEN T r l n I I . from Lincoln High, Port- llnd, 3, Girls' Lelille 3-4. lullue S. GAA 3. Y-Teens 3, Spsnilh Club B, S. B. Pin' 3. BAIBARA KINNEY Girls' Lelllue 2. luque B, FHA 1, GAA 1-2, Y-Teens 3, Tren. 2, Choir 3, Operetts 1, One- Aet Plays 1-2, Three Yelr Grldu- lie. LEE JOHNSON IILDKED TWILA JONES Bvyl' I-ensue 4. JOHNSON T r 1 n n 1 . from Quill I Scroll 4. Girls' Lelsue 3-4, Ysmhill High 4, vac.-Pm., sv-nm. Y-Teens s. cam' League 4. Club 4. S. B. Plly Youth for Chrllt 4. 3, Hobby Club l. lntrsmurlll 4. ALICE KNIGHT Girls' Leszue 3-4, Corres. Sec. 3, FHA 1-2-3, GAA 1-2-3. Y-Teens 3. Choir 4. rf Q ETHEL MAE leCORHICK Girls' Lellue 3-4. FHA I-3, Y-Teens 3-4. THELIA HIELKE Trsnlf. from Longview, Wuh- inlton, 3, Girls' Lellue B-4, Ml!- Que 3-4. I"I'IA 3-4. Reporter 3,Y-Teen: 3-4, lntrlmurlll 3. IRENE leC0lIllICK Girls' League 8-4. Vl0LE'I' KILLER Girls' Leilue 3-4. Tren. 3, Boosters 3-4, FHA 1-2-3-4. Y - Tee n I 1-2-3-4. Choir 3. AIANDA KOEPPLIN T r A n s f . from Elgin, N. Dnkotl, 2. Girls' Lenfue 3-4. Sec. 4, Boosters 3- 4, Prem. 4, FHA 2- 3-4, Reporter 4, Y- Teens 2-8.-4, Sec. 3. Trels. 2, Drum ll- ioretle 3-4. BOB LEMON T r s n s Y . from Grsnby High, Nor- folk, VA., 4, Boys' Lelgue 4, Football 4, Blsebsll 4, Truck 4. BILL llcCOY Boys' Lellue 4. NTK 3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Tren, 4, Honor Soc. 4, Echos 2. Hobby Club 1, S. Council 3-4, Bake!- hsll l-2-3. liuebsll I-2. Truck 3. Intru- murlll I-2-3-4,Cll.l.l Ren. 4, Clssl Rep. 3, Cllss V.P. 1. VARA IRINTYKE Trsnsf. from line Adlml Hilh. Porllsnd. Z, Girls' Leuxue 3-4, Y-Teens 2-3-4, Choir 2-4, Op- erelts 2. LE'I'I'IA MONTGOMERY Girls' Leslue 3- 4, Muque I-2-3. Boosters 4, FHA 1- 2-3, GAA 1. Y- Teens l-2-3, Quill I Scroll 4, Echoes 2- 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Sec. 3. S. B. Pls! 3, 0neAnt PIIYI Z, Triple Trio 2-3-4. PAT NELSON G, L. 3-4, V.P. 3. Mllqlle I-2-3-4, V. P. 3, Booster! 3-4. FHA 1-2. GAA 1-2- 3-4, V.P. 3. Y- Teens, 1-2-3. Echoes 4, S. B. Pls! 4. One-Act Pllyl 2-3, Choir 2-3-4. Over- ene 2. lnlrsm. 1-2- 3-4, Triple Trio 2- 3-4, sen. Pl-y 4, .24 'nd' . - , H-jx ' 2 ff -fb. H TQ fl! 1 1 . 1 L - 15. K X li? ah? . ' wr li I 13 J. x. :i?lE'.' .xx 1 3 'I uowum NEWTON 11. 1.. 4, M..-.1114 1.4. 0. nl N 2-J-4. NTK 2-I-4, H1.Y 1- 2,8-4, mm. eu..-. 3. 4, r:v..v..l.m z. 1- A.-1 l'Iayn 1, se... may 4, s. u....... 1- z.a.4, 1-'....n..11, llaa. 1.411.411 I-2-3-4. lc-401.411 n, lm.-m. 1.z-n.4, s. 11. rm., Ju... mp, som., rm. JOIN PADDON lluyu' lnaaua 4. llllluf 4. NTK 2-8- 4, Sli.. 4. Hand I. 1-I-4 .Choir 4. S. B. PII! 8. Ono-Ae! Pla!! 1-3, Camera cm. 1.2, nun., Club I, Wrdlllnl l, llllrlmurlll 2-8. 4, Clan mu 4. .. I 1 rnAN4'ls REID u. lAllue 3-4. 1-14. 1. M..-1-R 1.2. a.4. ax.-. 2. cl... l'lly 4, 114.4-ur. 1. 4. GAA I-2-3-4, Q. A s. 4, I-10.1.0 2.2. 4, Hlndbuok z, I-141. 41.1. 1-Af: run 2. Il-4. c'r...1. 2-s-4, 1... um.. l-2-Il-4, clu- 14.4. 1, 'r-me Tn.. 2.2.4. PAUL SHINE Trlnlf, from Walluw Hllh 2. H-'A n, 14..y..- Lelluz 4. 'Q CONN!! NICKEY Tr...-1. from Muntlcello, Minn., 2, cm-' 1.--me 2. a, lalque 2-3, Y. Tun- a, 01.01. 2. 4, Trlnle Tn.. :4, Three Year Gradu- -44. '51 CAROL OLSON Glrln' Lulu: 3.4, lalllue l-2-3, Boon. m 4, 1-'HA l-2-ll. GAA l-2-3-4, Y. Teen: I-2, E1-rm... 4. Cum- 2-3-4, 01-er. ell! 2, lnlllmllrlll 3-4, Trlvle Trio 2. 3-4. IALPI FAIKII BQYI' llllut 4. lllllul 3-4. NTK 4. Ill-Y 4. Quill I se.-on 4, um. 4. 8. Il. Pl!! 8-4. Ons Ar! Playa 8. Cllla PII! 4. Hobby Club 1. B. Cuuncll 1. Football l-2. Bale- ball l. Track 3-4. Intramural: 4. PEGGY REIBEK G. L. 3-4. lllllue 1-2-3-4, v.v. 2, H...-m 4.4, GAA 1- 2-3-4, Prtl. 3, Hun. sw. 4. Q. A s. 4. Erhnea 2-fl-4, s. ls. VII! fl, l-Arn I-1- 4, Sen. l'Ily 4, rr...1. 2-3-4, s. cw... l-3-4. Intra- murlln l-2-3-4, Pub. Ch. 1. A4-1. cr.. 4, Trihle Trio 2-3-4. Q if .. 5 'E HELEN SNIDER. T r a n 11 1 , from Salem Cl. G. Leuzue x-4, Munn- J-4. I'ren. 4, liooalerl 4. Hunur Sur. 4, Y- Teenn 4, Y. for F. 4, Srllnillh Club 3-4, Prtl. 3, Chehllrm Zi, S. H. l'lly Il. Clan: l'lly 4. Cholr 4. S. Council 4, Sec. of Allembllen. Clan Treaa. 3. GEIIA LD PARIIBII Hoya' League 4, Nw 4, FFA 1.1. :4-4. 'r.-m. 1, Pm. 4, crmn- 2-3-4, nue- ball I-2-3.4. ROBERT DRNDUFF Hoya' Lealue 4. FFA l-2-fl-4, Sec. 4. s ., x K A VIVIAN PIPER Glrll' Lellue 2-5. lllque l-2-8, I-'HA l-B, GAA l-2-B, Y. 'hens I-2. Band 1. 2-3. Intramural! I- 2-3, Three Year Graduate. IIARIAN OTTENRACKER Girls' Lelnlua 3-4. FHA l-Z. lnlrlmur- als 1.2-3-4. IARJORIE PUGII Tranul. frum Brooklyn Hllh. P. 1-:. 1.. c-11-414. 1, Glrll' Leanne 3-4. lllllue 3, FHA 4. Band 3-4. lnlra- murals 3-4. SIIIIILEY RYALS T r l n I Y . from Dundee 2, Girls' Lellrue 3-4, Sec. 3. Pres. 4, Booster: 4. uw... soc. a.4, se.-. 4. Quill A s-1-on 4. Echoes 2-3, Alloc. Ed. Cl, Chchllem 4. Cu-Ed., S. B. Plllf 3, cm. 2.4, s. Cuun. 4, S. B. Ser. 4, Trivle Trio 2-3-4. ' 'C ' -1 1 ,-.6 ELKKR SPEIDEL liuyn' Leurue 4, Ser.. Order 414 N 3. 4, se-. 4. NTK n.4, Ser. 4. FFA 1, Hon. ur Sur. 4, Sblnilh Club fl-4, l'rel. 4, S. Counril 4, Hankel- hall l-2-3-4. Hale- blll I-2-4, lnlra. m u r a l 14 I-2-Il-4. llllu Soc. 3. ARTHUR BASSE Buys' Lelzue 4. lnlramurala 4. GALE BTALEY ,- ff, DOROTHY SCHIULTZ Tranlf. from Jane Adam: Hlrh, Purlland. 2. Youth lor Chrill 4. :vw I , ve l NEAL BTELLER 'I' r I I1 I I . from Dundee 2, Hoya' Leazue 4, Snamch Cluh 2-3-4. r Q RUTH STOKES Girls' Leakue 2-3, FHA I-2-H, Y-Teena 2-3. Band 2. Three Year Graduate. EDWIN STROTHER Bays' League 4, Order of N 3-4, NTK 2-3-4, Hi-Y 2-3-4, Chaplain 4, Echoes 2-3, Chehal- em 3, S. B. Play 4, One-Act Plays 3, Choir 3-4, Football 2-3, Basketball 1-2. 3-4. Baseball 1-2-3- 4. EDNA IIAE TIKUNDB Girls' Lealtue 3-4. Booster: 4. FHA l 2-3-4, Sec, 4, Y- Teenn I-2-3, Vice- Pres. I-2, Echoes 4 DOUGLAS TURNIDGE BONNY WILD!!! VIRGINIA EARL BUTCIIEII BOB BOY Girls' League 3-4, WOODRING Y-Teens I, Choir 2- 3. JACK BWONGEB Boys' League 4, Order of N 4. FFA I-2-3, Football 3-4. Basketball 1, Base- ball I. Intramurals I-2-3-4. ESTHER TRIETCH T r a n 5 f . from St. Petenburi. Fluridl. 4, Girll' Lelzue 4. D0l0'l'IlY TIUNDI Girls' lgaeua 3-4. Booatere 3-4, Tren. 4. FHA I-Z-Z-4. VicePres. 3, Pre. 4, Honor Soc. 4. Y-Teena 1-2-3, Sec. 2. Quill I Scroll 4, Fmhoea 4. S. Coun- cil 3, 'D D L . . .-,eww g. ' S 3 g MIKE TWBNGE Boys' Lelllue 4. Order of N Z-3-4, NTK 2-3-4, Jr. Lt. 3, Capt. 4, Hi-Y 2- 3-4. Honor Soc. 3- 4, Pres. 4. Hand- book 2, Choir 4, Football I-2-3-4. Basketball I-2-3. Baseball I-2-3-4, In- tramurals I, Claaa Vice-Pres. 3. BILL WALLACE Buys' League 4. NTK 2-3-4, Honor Soc. 4, Quill I Scroll 4. Echoes 2- 3-4, Edibor 3-4, Che- halem 3-4, Ccrlidi- tor 4, I-Act Playa I-2, Hobby Club I, Band l-2-3-4, Cam- erl Cluh 2-3, Coun- cil 3-4. ALVINA WEISBIIAAR T r a n I I . lrum Dundee 2. Girll' Leaue 3-4. Editor 4. Chehalem 3-4, Aunt. Art Editor 3, Ar! Editor 4, Choir 4. Intramural! 2-3-4. RAY JONES. Jll. Not Pictured. Junior Closs Soon to be the senior class, the juniors will undoubtedly know how to handle the reins of leadership after a very successful third year. In this year many of its members displayed their ability in offices of importance. Most of the year was spent making plans and raising money for the junior-senior banquet and prom which was given May 23 in the school cafeteria and gym. Listed among the activities of the year was an all-school skating party, sponsored by the juniors, and numerous candy sales and sock dances. Capable leaders were Jack Twenge, Bob Nelson, Esther Stevens, and Bob Hoy, president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. Howard Case acted as council representativeg Mrs. Paul and Mr. Gillis, advisers. Sophomore Closs This year's sophomore class is awaiting the coming year with much anxiety and expectancy at the thought of at last becoming upper classmen. Stuart Francis led the class as its president, with Ralph Petrie, vice- presidentg Kenny Rolph, secretaryg Harriet Robertson, treasurerg and Dick Reynolds, council representative: to assist him. Probably the most active group in school for the past year, the class gave an exclusively sophomore party November 27 and a very clever as- sembl . Bllrs. Nliller and Mr. Heimbach were sophomore advisers. STUART FRANCIS M ,E 55 90' A Baez Q ,J-v x 1. d 5 J Fw' ' ,A v"'W Q, Q Q., a . airy 'fix xx F ,, :M fl -G 2 .sm ' JG ,PQ M . '-:ith Q' .4 'LPM -ff1'5?f, V vf -f--1 mfiwsww if G 'E N 'Q' -Se, U .ei M if V -ar Sv E .. sf.-2 R! as QQ ' sw , ll wx. C I I V I T I If S Cheholem B An inexperienced staff and many cooperative helpers is the story behind this year's annual. Edited by Shirley Ryals and Bill Wallace, co-editors, the Chehalem caused many a headache for its makers. Business Managers Betty Carothers, Bob Nelson, and Bob Hoy did the ad work, and Miss Mosely was adviser. Echoes A journalism class is a big help in issuing a paper-just ask editors VVallace and Case. Published for the first time in several years by a regular journalism class, the Echoes continued its policy of bringing the student body news and features concerning school life. The staff for the first semester was headed by Bill Wallace, with Howard Case as associate. Case took over at the halfway point. Adviser was Nlrs. Paul. -r H 1 ., --shy. if--W 11-gmt sirm,fruuns1's .15 1 m V . . ' .xmwagav -1 X. QZQPQ A Q , -gy .Qs 2 2 A 6 "" is Q y Q N 'f ge M A 1 sw Ac V Q .Q H , , . W 7 ML, wt adm . . . A .4 Q 5 . .. 2f, M i .q L, L.. f if 1 Q Q A 3 " -ffl V g - 2 W E W I 6 my hyffxz my M k In ,A A t Q. -L -A . 4: 1 ff H U i .fx wa A M... ..,, . 4... .Mm QM. X as ng ff ,fl JJ? I' tllnl-I . K ff Ps 'Gif-'Y 1 National Honor Society The National Honor society, a group of students selected for membership on character, scholarship, leadership and service, had a relatively uneventful but pro- fitable year. Culminating their activity list for 1946-47 was the initiation of thir- teen new members. Officers included Mike Twenge, presidentg Marvin Heater, vice-presidentg and Shirley Piyals, secretary. Adviser was Mr. Sorick. Quill ond Scroll The Ben Hur Lampman chapter of Quill and Scroll, the international honorary society for high school journalists, completed its first year at NUHS. The major task undertaken by the group was the publication of the Tigers' Guide, the handbook issued at the beginning of each school year. One hundred published column inches and a high scholastic standing are among requisites for membership in the organiza- tion. Officers were Howard Case, presidentg Lee Johnson, vice-presidentg and Teresa Worden, esecretary. Nlrs. Paul was adviser. Y-Teens The Y-Teens are two groups, the Preppers, a freshman and sophomore or- ganization and Tri-Y, the juniors and seniors. The Tri-Y sponsored an Easter assembly, held a party with the Hi-Y, and sponsored the May Day Festival. Officers were: president, Melva Baldwin, vice-president, Mildred Doehring: secretary, Shirley Beelerg treasurer, Cletis King. Mrs. Miller was adviser. The Preppers started the year by holding an initiation party for the new mem- bers, later held a Nickel Hop, and took charge of the eighth grade day. Officers were: president, Clara Koeppling vice-president, Betty Critesg secretary, Alice Hochg treasurer, Colleen Bishop. Miss Day advised. FHA Exhibiting their talent as homemakers, the FHA cooked and served the FFA banquet, an Easter breakfast for the faculty, a luncheon for the senior girls, and prepared food for the Girls' League conference and the FFA speaking contest. Other activities included selling candy bars, popcorn, and cookies, conducting installation of officers, and sending two delegates to the state FHA conference at Corvallis. Officers for the year were Dorothy Trunde, president, Clara Koepplin, vice-presi- dent, Edna Trunde, secretary, Alice Hoch, treasurer, Shirley Greer, historian, and Amanda Koepplin, reporter. Mrs. Sperry advised the group. Spanish Club Habla usted Espanol? It's a familiar question in the Spanish Club, and the answer is usually the affirmative. In its second year, the Spanish club, trained in the arts of the language by Miss Bainter, was led by Elmer Speidel, presidentg Shir. ley Greer, vice-presidentg and Kathleen Moore, secretary. Hi-Y The Hi-Y is the YMCA organization of high school boys. This year the club sponsored a sock dance, sold cokes and ice cream bars at the baseball games, spon- sored clean up week, placed bright yellow waste containers along College street, and held a party with the Tri-Y. Officers for the year were: president, Chuck Ferrellg vice-president, Mike Twengeg secretary, Dan Hessg treasurer, Bill McCoyg chap- lain, Edwin Strotherg and adviser, Mr. Mullikin. vw AHA 326 I I i ' Q! f-:!4.v-,A I-V . -L' L. . I 1 ? ' , , - A ' - x, 25'f'Qg4-ff' moms , - - ' X Q -fri n O I- lx Us . , oeuqgxy X. .Q r Quit- ' X A I gxb f' -vm pg if ' ' , fl Zu E' ,, 4 A wg M I ,wmv ,,X 5 I A ' i V f '21, 'gk ,' X wie' Rl. I V , 1 til' . Q ,A K A I 7 W ,4ih iz J 5 N , T 4 xi 'Is'-4 N' " v . All VII'-A ng' :L ' ,-.V 'TM if kr f 1 'f 4 ,UN f Q 3 Q xQx. We ,T . . . , 6 uf' x N H av ul :SQ J agqfggf 5- EXE' Q 3 Q , iw' 'S f Q- 5 '12 if Q Q1 .- Q. - if ' A, ., ,, , 1 Q44 513 AGM 'HS-f 4 Qi' 'i greg' g W 1 X S 5 f B, 51 awp- T? Stage Production "Young April," the Student Body Play, and "The Green Light," the Senior Class Play were two successful dramatic events of the year. The Student Body Play was a comedy dealing with the misadventures of the Nlclntyres, a college prof and his troublesome family. The Senior Play was a spine-chilling thriller, featur- ing a sleeping Spinster, who awoke and solved the whole mystery. Both productions were well staged, a Credit to John Paddon, stage manager. Miss Huckleberry was the director. GAA The Girls' Athletic Association, an organization for girls of the school who are interested in athletics, started its year by attending a basketball playday at McMinn- ville. The club's other activities were the intramural games at noon, a sox dance, a white elephant sale, and an assembly. Letters were given to girls who earned a cer- tain number of points. Officers for the year were: Maria Puckett, president, Mary Paddon, vice-president, Dulcy Renne, secretary, and Mrs. Myers, adviser. Pep Sq ucid This year's pep staff included Louise Cloepfil, Stu Francis, and Dulcy Henne as yell leaders. Clara Koepplin and Shirley Beeler were chosen song queens. This group worked out yells, improved pep techniques and were enthusiastically present at all games to stimulate Newberg's rooting sections. viii'I6fx'l1S5 :Q'T?3?EE?iKfs9. - - . . f aromas? to .' . 1 ' w- 1. '3g7"f" -.Mo L'l.1 M -9. - Q 'X ,G mx 1 v y y sg 5? Y' n v K x 'N , ,.., . n- 5 'S' v ' ' T N' X. 1 f Bw ni 'H' 5 jf ll if a D . x.,l,,,1,x .',U-J ,,. . 'V 1- Jw V T 12 . I sing Y-Li-fi I T.l..1J .,f , meg :f,': "1 T.AQ..L.Qig,Q,J' In . ,r T.,:r':r'A , : fT',T r-'11-fini VT: r 'V ' I 'TM ' f'f 1"1 'V' 1""1 "r"l'1' 1 r 111 ., :gf 'L-.L.'-': t ,z , r,f1" "ITU "'11'fAIf1.' L. "LA, 'rl 1 Q' if 7 ' 'FY . ' '.iTtf'j'g f'i+11 -1- i HA -A ' 4 1 f .re zz. M if N f 3' ,f 1 w 2 Ac' UNM, a 'N . Q r " . ' N iw I " f mam, UREL-50' X P ' Qi- - M Y 'ww' K Q 'M H ' I rf I ,Y ' V . - - N ,,,y.,,,.- f- 15" ."f Q 'V S' ' u . -1, X ' x ' 1 N x W 'K ' ' ""' w'i1:+'rif'i2?f?i?h"w '5?", x 5' N 'W Q 'Q - '. Lge ,"'W"'A':'d5"t'fL'A:" ' L Q, magzxgam-.Q,g?l+r:eqg,, www, 1 J- - ,. ' H- , 'f -, ' "L 'W' ' Q' ' 1. f I :ag , 1' 'U 1 ., l -f . , 3 .15 -Av. PM ' ,1 , - ,lhx k V. '5,,:f..,,,113' xv L X ,gin Q , J' A 53:41. 554 ' ' - - ,' . ,I K- K ,v 1 5 , Q,5,', V 5 Aww If 5 J ,N,1,.-f.xq.,? mr, X ,f N vs, , .1-. ., A arm' , ,V ' "", 1 -.H -"Q Y 1 inf!" ",,,"Y '., '15 , ' '- 'ur " F' :ala .firm ,4 ,vu lihuxw-vQKE,xga5'..,y. J,3:Y 15 Via? :,cyj,...,5,,.53W-.M W I' a Mx x 1 A A .V , V. ,J ,-,.-,Q . i1,i,., 1 k ',:.?k,Q?4TAxf X NM ' g' 'K-:LQ iu.L'Cv ,wg , at V 5 . . ,b,. -.I ,VA gxfl' . -sf L' if-19 .f -52 if 0 V 'Qi' quam LGTH6-I 4 x ' X N x x X , P J Mx ' f Bar-U1 , x Crownprincess merideth ncess W 'J' Z g .S Q " ARK orothmi Princess Phuillis 255 'Leia Princess Esther Q37 As- Qw ' -Y Sz Princess PriScillt Princess Juice, X L ,.-.. xx 'N 4 0 . x I . 0 2,2' 1 ,Q '. f -" s' - 4' y, I ' I -' H I : ' If L I iidfx 4 :- P.. 63 1 ' l xqxi A 4, ', f -,f....,V1.11. .R 'XX :V ' .Mm xx ,A i .4 N 4,39 -A C l. ,f 3 V sr- lv wwf' xg svn -1Q,Qgg,?w b ' 1' 3 M131 . , Q. , ,' 5, , 1 5 . 1 K. A . .Lil , r W w. ,rg ff X ' ., ' I 'P Umifgss. . .Xa V .Q L ' 3 . gr' . J fi , Q Q .,,., - sv 1 I ,4..QY,UQ, s :::f ,iw L 1" ff:-1 3? 7 ir .., 9.flgj',. ll. Nw vi Q15 QS! E ,.,,, 5 D- ' P x ' M .,5,x. ,5 1 3. E' we 35 XT -Q v 5 W x Q QT' .-"Vg K 'bil ,:-,f X I -. ,swf L' ui an--AHF:-IP' EARL GILLIS SWEDE MULLIKIN Cooches One of the finest coaching quartets anybody could ask for, the NUHS grid-hoop- mat-diamond foursome has come through again this year with top-flight aggrega- tions. Earl Gllis, head football coach, co-track coach, and assistant basketball coachg Swede Mullikin, head basketball coach, co-track coach, and assistant football coachg and Tex Rister, head baseball coach and assistant football coachg and Frank Keltner, wrestling coach make up the combination. For information on their teams and en- viable records, look at the next few pages. Q ff' TEX RISTER FRANK KELTNER Left to right, bottom row: Jackson lmgr.J, Moore, Winters, Newton, Gray, Cornett, Heater, Halstead, M. Twenge, Clausen, Fer- rell. Swonger, Bailey. Shriver, imgrb. Middle row: Head Coach Gillis, Caffall, Herring, Reynolds, Osborne, Cloepfil, Hess, Hickert, Tripp, Struble, Rolph, Asst. Coach Mullikin. Top row Boyer. Asst. Coach Rister, J. Twenge, Douthit, French, Blanchette, Gwinn, Cleland, Whitman, McNabb, Dutton, Murdock Football The Gillis system of football is summed up thus: "Be rough, be tough, be clean, and win." How well this psychology worked is to be seen by glancing at the figures given below. With a record of five wins and but two losses, the Tiger gridmen rolled up 173 counters to their opponent's 63. An all-around bunch of hard workers, the squad gave the paying customers their money's worth in thrills and sportsmanship. The '46 version of the Tigers operated from a single wing formation, and was more than a match for most 'comers. Starting lineup was as follows: LE-Harley Gray, junior, Forest Grove Times- News All-LeaguegLT-Wesley Moore, junior and Roy Blanchette, juniorg LG- Dick Bailey, senior, C--Howard Newton, senior, Hillsboro Argus All-League, RG-Jack Swonger, senior, TYV Second Squad, RT-Marvin Heater, senior, Hillsboro Argus All-Leagueg RE-Mike Twenge, senior, TYV Second Squad, Q-Chuck Ferrell, seniorg LH-Joe Cornett, senior, TYV second squad, RH- Orval Clausen, sophomore, F-Bob Halstead, senior, Hillsboro Argus All-League. Statistics for the year: GAME SCORES LEAGUE VVON-LOST RECORDS Newberg .....,..........,,., 25- O .... ........ .... .... W 0 0 dburn AND FINAL STANDINGS Newberg ....... . ........ 13- O .,,.,. Jamboree QTigardj McMinnville ........ ........ ........ 6 0 0 Newberg .......... ....... l 4-I8 ..,....... ............ B eaverton BCIIVCNOH ........ ......... 5 l Newberg .......... .....,. 3 8- O .,...... ,... .... ,... T i g ard Newberg ............ . ......... 5 2 Newberg ,..,,.,,.. ,.,.... 3 2- O .... .,.. . ,.......,. H illsboro Forest Grove ..... ......... 3 2 Newberg .,.....,... ...... 6 - O ....,.....,,...... Forest Grove HillSb01'0 --..---- ........ 3 4 Newberg .,.,.,. ,..,...,., 6- 33 .........,.. ..,. M cMinnville Tillamook ........ ......... 2 4 Newberg .,...,. .,........ 2 O- 6 .,....., . ..,...,. West Linn WCS! Lim! .-..-. ......... l 5 Newberg ,....,. ,....,. l 9- 6 .....,.. ....... T illamook Tlgiifd -..-..-... ........ 0 7 'L "lm S " ,I ww V . ,aim L,-f, .V ..:., 'Q ' 'N N, .filth X395 'vt . -Q V -- - . P55 ,..:wx- f .X A A , W1 f N, 3 Y wk' a Y fx Big-H .f " ,Q Q M, .Ji ..: 5 4 . 6 , . t, b .ky r ff Q? 3 ,ffl asf' "-'J fa nf:-55' . L .A iff' ' 451 Swv. ' - f img 5 'fan ff ar Bl Newberg ........ ......... Basketball In a season packed with excitement, thrills, and good, clean basketball, the New- berg Tiger hoop squad won 23 games and lost 7. Topping the honors won by this year's basketball team is that of fifth place in Oregon high school play. By winning the district championship, Newberg was automatcally entered in the state tournament at McArthur Court, Eugene, where they won their first two games and lost two. One of these wins was a one-point upset over the highly favored Salem Vikings. The Tigers also placed two men on the all-state team. Elmer Speidel on the first team and Don Hoy on the second team. In regular league play, the Tigers wound up in second place with 12 wins and two losses. Never down and out, the scrappy Mullikin men fought to the finish in every game, and it was this spirit which won them their many enthusiastic followers and a press nickname of state tournament "darlings" Highlights of the season were two overtime games with the Lewis and Clark college freshmen and the one point loss to the veteran-studded OSC rook team. Football Coach Gillis handled the "B" squad which played a regular season. This year for the first time Newberg freshmen played a ten game schedule. Here are statistics and scores for a most successful season: Individual scoring- Speidel, 4093 Hoy, 3745 Nordhill, 1573 Newton, 1555 Gray, 1435 Strother, 543 Ferrell, 39, Case, 26g Nelson, 19, Winters, 173 Gearin, 9g Twenge, 2. Newberg ,.,, ,,.,,.,,, 28--29 Newberg .....,. ........ Newberg .....,,, ,.,,,,,, .4 l--40 ,... GAME SCORES 50-39 ...... ........ L infield Frosh ................Gresham Lewis Sz Clark Frosh .39-30 .......... ........ O regon City Newberg ....... ......... 4 O--36 .... ..........,......... G resham Newberg ,...,,, ,...,,.,. Newberg ..,,... ..,,..,,, 50-39 .............. ..., O regon City 43-38 .......... .... L infield Frosh Newberg ........ ...,..... 5 2-27 ....... ........ F orest Grove Newberg ....... ......... 4 l-20 ...,.,,... ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, T igard Newberg ....... ......... 4 7-30 .......... ......... T illamook Newberg ....... ......... 5 4-30 .......... . ...... West Linn Newberg ....... ...,..... 4 5-28 .... ..... . ......... H illsboro Newberg ....... ......... 4 3-64 .......... ....... O SC Frosh Newberg ....... ...... 2 6-23 .... ...... ..... .... B e a verton Newberg .,................. .39-42 .... ............ M cMinnville Newberg ........ ........ Newberg ......,. ,,,,,,. Newberg Newberg Newberg .......,. ...,,... Newberg ..,..... ,,.,... Newberg .i....., .....,, Newberg ....,... ....,,. 50-32 .... .... .... .... F o r est Grove .43-44 ........ ..... .... O S C Frosh 47-36 .... ..... ........ T igard ........Tillamook ........6l-24 5 2-46 ........ ..... .... W e st 'Linn .38-28 .46-28 .45-47 ............Hillsboro .....................Beaverton ................McMinnville Newberg ....,... ....,... 5 5-34 ...,.... .... ........ W i llamina Newberg Newberg .,....... ........ Newberg Newberg Newberg ....,,,.. ..,...., Newberg ......... ....... ................McMinnville .Lewis 81 Clark Frosh ........48-29..,...................Hillsboro ............Salem 57-60 .............. Klamath Falls .49-66 .... .... ....... H ood River v,l .x 16' .4 x 7 1. ,A ' fiwrfx f A. .1 ,.. 1 X815 ,J 4' g F'- .,i xQs I! E ny., HQ: Baseball Getting off to an exceptionally strong start, and then running into some plenty tough competition, the Newberg Tiger diamond nine finished its league play with a record of seven wins and three losses. Pitching chores were divided between Mike Twenge and Honk Strother, a pair of senior right-handers. Catcher was Chuck Fer- rell, a dependable senior backstop. The first team, with the exception of the bat- tery, was: Howard Case, lbg Jack Twenge, Zbg Arny Winters, 3bg Elm Speidel, ssg Lefty Nordhill, lf, Verl Fleener, cf, and Fred Sandau, rf. Trock Still in the process of building up a strong track team, and greatly handicapped by the absence of anything resembling a track, coaches Gillis and Mullikin are op- timistic about fhe future of the sport at NUHS. A major sport for the first time, track draws a good turnout, and, to prove that something has happened, this year's cindermen broke 12 of l4 Newberg track records. This sport bears watching, it's coming up in the world. Wrestling One state champion, two runners-up, and two in the semi-finals isn't bad for a wrestling team in its second year. At least that's the opinion of Coach Keltner who guided the Tiger matmen through their falls and holds this season. The state cham- pion, Malo Hasselblad, has that spot for the second consecutive year. Possibilities for next season's squad are bright. Many freshman and sophomore wrestlers on this year's team will form the nuculeus of a top-flight mat aggregation. Youth for Christ The Youth for Christ Club became a charter organization at the last of the school year. They have been a small but active group, helping to publicize the Youth for Christ meetings held each week and sponsoring a school assembly fea- turing Phil Kerr. At their club meetings held at noon on Mondays they always had a special speaker and the group sang for a few minutes. Dorothea Wilkins acted as president. I? in if vnu X, K' wg ' K 1 X 515 xi, L MQ. , 4 ,444 N8 ' 4 S Q, 54.3 0 U I . 1 fa 1 ' 1- M .,, Q A v- O 1 3 Ei! si 4 'N 6- .vm :"' ' -qt 4 ' gc- , by W -. . l A YN'-. -fu.. I 1 .W A .1 r" N-.V . 1 8 1 '11- Qxs A. , E . f, W4 x -Rl ,QU W0 -Ti fl Q . A.-U AR if T wr-, Mk. Class Will I, Bonnie Arthur, will my ability to laugh at corny jokes to anyone that needs it. I, Dick Bailey, do hereby leave my honorary position as representative of the Texas Chamber of Commerce fand Amarillo too, if you want itj in NHS to Bertha George. I, Phyllis Bailey, will my three library per- iods a day to Mrs. Frost. I, Priscilla Bakken, will my ability to go to school on "dress up day" to all the next year sen- iors. I, Melva Baldwin, leave my spring fever to anyone who likes golf and Portland as well as I do. P. S.-There are a few fives attached. I, Dick Barker, leave my ability to play games to Harley Gray. I, Bob Beasley, do hereby leave my ability to break my glasses to Whitey Whitman. I, Wanda Bridges, being of unsound mind, due to goodness only knows what, bequeath every- thing that I'm not allowed to give away to all of the inmates left in our institution. I, Naomi Butcher, will my writing ability to Harriet Robertson. I, Faye Carter, will my ability to appreciate Mr. Keltner's jokes to Kelly Keller. I, Dick Chamberlin, leave this one-story build- ing for higher education. I, Evelyn Christie, leave-in a hurry! I, Frank Colcord, being of sound body but not mind, do hereby will my exquisite, streamlined, automobile, in plain words "hotrod" to the person of Don "Ozzie" Osborne. I, Stephen "Pinky" Davis, bequeath my un- ruly red hair and pink complexion to Wilfred Jones. I, Mildred Doehring, bequeath my job as typist on the Echoes staff to some patient soul who loves to type. I, John Dutton, on this day of May, being sound of mind and body, do hereby bequeath my many admirable qualities, such as my high intelli- gence, pleasing personality, muscular physique, glorious accomplishments, and my ability to keep out of trouble, to Ray Courtney. I, Chuck Ferrell, leave my ability to skip on dress up day to next year's senior class president. I, Marion Fisher, leave without much regret. I, Verl Fleener, will to any junior that doesn't like English my ability to get along with Miss Huckleberry. I, Bob Francis, leave to the next occupant of locker 447, one dirty shirt, one Reader's Digest written in Spanish, one beer bottle, one unused Gideon Bible, two rotten oranges, a picture of Jane Russell, assorted confessions of G. Butcher and N. Steller, a complete year's supply of Echoes, and a collection of junk equaled only by Langley Collier. I, Dick French, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to sleep in Physics class to any junior who wants it. I, Don Fuerst, hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with anyone, to anyone who wants rt. I, Pat Garvin, will my ability to reduce to Marjorie Montgomery. I, Shirley Greer, leave Newberg high school with no regrets, but worn to a frazzel! ' I, Jean Gulley, do hereby leave my passion of petting and playing with SNAKES to Mary Schwarzin. I, Archie Gwinn, leave my ability to get kick- ed out of school to Ronnie Baker. I, Glenn Gwinn, leave with Thelma and be- queath my school skipping to some poor soul who thinks he can do it without getting caught. I, Elvern Hall, will my seat in the bass sec- tion to any sucker who will take it. I, Bob Halstead, leave sadly what little foot- ball equipment I left in the athletic department to next year's freshmen. fThere's not enough for the varsity.j I, Fayola Hasselblad, leave to Jean Reiser my outstanding record of regular attendance. I, Marvin Heater, leave my shot-putting ability to Ronnie Baker. I, Lucille Hays, will my place in Social Ee. to the poor soul who gets it. I, Dan Hess, leave to Marilyn Hess my abil- ity to go through a school year on 15 cents worth of notebook paper, and to Dale Robertson my sin- cerest regrets for all the money I owe him. I, Alda Hoch, will to my sister the tiresome test of telling people that you spell "Hoch" with an "H" and not a "K"! I, Stefana Holas, leave for greener pastures and deeper seas. I, Joanne Hopkins, leave my bashfulness to Betty Dalquist. I, Bob Howard, leave. I, Judy Hoy, will my ability to do a little homework once in a while and get along with my teachers to my brother, Don. He needs them. I, Lee Johnson, leave my basketball ability to anyone who will take a joke. I, Mildred Johnson, leave my dirty locker to Ruth Boyle. I, Twila Jones, will to Bertha Uphouse my great ability to sing, in hopes that she will use it more wisely than I. I, Herbert King, do hereby bequeath, upon graduation, my most valuable possesions found in locker 87 to the next renter. Among these valuables is found one very good issue of Esquire magazine, one tooth-pick, one aged stocking, and a safety pin to be used in case of emergency. I, Barbara Kinney, leave my corny jokes to anyone who has an empty harvest field. I, Alice Knight, being a senior, have nothing left to leave. I, Amanda Koepplin, will my ability to twirl to Dale Robertson. I, Bob Lemon, hereby will my ability to say yes to all the girls who ask me for dates, and my athletic ability to James James. I, Jeanne McClymond, leave my Social Ec. scrapbook to any junior who will have Mr. Keltner next year. I, Ethel McCormick, leave my good grades and my ability to get along with the teachers to my sister, Eva. I, Irene McCormick, leave my temper to Francis Lane, grab my diploma-and run, not walk to the nearest exit. I, Bill McCoy, leave my ability to play "pas- ture pool" to Stu Francis. I, Vara McIntyre, will to Ellen Oscanyon my ability to laugh at Mr. Keltner's jokes. I, Betty Macken, leave Negvberg high to any- one who wants it. I, Thelma Mielke, am leaving, "Thank Good- ness," and I'm taking Glenn with me. I, Violet Miller, will to some lucky person, the chance to go with the school treasurer on sunny days to pay bills. I, Letha Montgomery, leave before the School Board change their minds. We, Pat Nelson, Peggy Reiser and Frances Reid, the trio, bequeath our melodious voices to Louise Cloepfil, Dulcy Renne, and Kathleen Moore. I, Howard Newton, leave my chair in the library to anyone who wants to rest. I, Connie Nickey, will my handwriting to lNIr. Keltner. I, Carol Olson, leave my ability to go to Rockaway on week-ends to Dulcy Renne. I, Robert Ornduff, being of unsound mind, be- queath to VVilliam Green my height and my size 13 shoes. I, lVIarian Ottenbacher, will my popularity to my sister, Thelma. I, John Paddon, leave the stage, the horrors connected therewith, and my ability to get out of class on its account, to anyone who needs a little extra sleep. I, Ralph Parker, brought nothing with me so it is impossible for me to leave anyone anything. I, Gerald Parrish, leave my unspeakable speaking ability to a next year's public speaking student. I, Vivian Piper, being sound in body, and sup- posedly in mind, do hereby leave to anyone in the junior class who cares to accept it, my arguments with Mr. Keltner. May they win more often than I have. I, Marjorie Pugh, will my place in the clar- inet section to anyone who is brave enough to try it. I, Shirley Ryals, bequeath to Mary Paddon my gluey fingers from working on the Chehalem and will my headaches and fun to Betty Anderson, next year's Girls' League prexy. I, Arthur Sasse, sound of mind, leave a hand- ful of hair to Mr. Sorick, or any other member of the faculty more deserving. I, Dorothy Schultz, will to Althea Kippenham my ability to whisper in class, and the push-ups that Mrs. Meyers gives out so freely. I, Paul Shine, will my brains to handicap some poor freshman. I, Helen Snider, will my ability to talk in- cessantly to Warren Struble. I, Elmer Speidel, will to Bill Gearin and Lefty Nordhill all of my ability to get along with Mrs. Frost in library. I, Neal Steller, leave all my books, notes and assorted junk to any student so unfortunate as to acquire them. I, Ruth Stokes, will my diamond-acquiring ability to Lela Steele. I, Honk Strother, leave my long eyelashes to Kay Colling. I, Esther Trietch, will my quietness to Betty, my sister. I, Edna Trunde, will all of my 4 feet ll inches to Cletis King. I, Dorothy Trunide, leave my position as FHA prexy to next year's president and hope she has the successful year I did. I, Mike Twenge, leave to any junior my ability to study during my senior year. I, Bill Wallace, leave my suction to Alvis Miller. I, Alvina Weisshaar, will leave after that fateful night of May 29th. I, Bonny Wilder, leave my "quietness" to the most talkative person in school. I, Geraldine Bailey, leave before the teachers change their minds. ELLIS' Grocery and L. H. Peek, M. D. Market Physician and Surgeon " 6085 First St. The Red Sz White Store N ewberg Oregon Congratulations to the CLASS OF '47 Ivo J. Koll, Owner LOCALLY OWNED R, E, DREWS NATIONALLY ORGANIZED Jewelry Phone 48J . Newberg, Ore. it--H-mvswm .M Ezzrl L. Richardso Jas. W. Richardson Salesman Realtor I Willamina, Ph. 563 Res. Ph. Dayton 9X18 Haircuts That Fit the Bean Tonics and Stuff Richardson Sz Gearin REALTORS Let Us Get in Your Hair Phone 314 81055 E. First Street, Newberg Mrs. Ruth Gearin George Tonkin .101 55 First St. Newberg, Ore. Realtor Salesman Res. Phone 1728M Res. Phone139M Goin ot 18Y ears of Dependable Food Free Delivery Goiners Service Congratulations and I-lollinqsWorth'C-Erwin BEST WISHES Funeral Directors CLASS OF '47 Phone 94 Day or Night Commercial Bank Of Newberg St. Paul Truck Line F. C. Herring, Prop. ANYWHERE FOR HIRE MOVING Daily Service Insured Carrier ST. PAUL NEWBERG PORTLAND Phone 371 Phone 266W Ph. EA. 9131 N ewberg Branch First National Bank WISHE Member of Federa Of Portland S SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF '47 1Deposit I C p t When good fellows get together It's John'S Ice Cream Newberg Phone 305 Imperial Hotel GOOD LUCK, sEN1ORsz Phone 120W N ewberg Green Lantern Cafe DELICIOUS HOME COOKED MEALS Prompt Service 714 E. First St. Phone 286M Rygg Cleaners CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Quality Work Always 3-DAY SERVICE ON HATS Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Phone 32M 708 First St Congratulations CLASS OF '47 Don I-loolson CORRECT WASHING COURTESY AND COOPERATION Newberq Laundry Phone 85J C er College and Hancock Newberg, O Sportsman Air Park FLIGHT INSTRUCTION CHARTER TRIPS SCENIC RIDES Phone 1630M Newberg Congratulations- To the Class of '47 Cregon Farmers Union Cooperative Association Newberg Branch EALES Eiaos. FEED AND SEED ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone 270W Crumm's Market GROCERIES-FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES Phone 1620X 1 Mile East of Newberg on 99W Wm. J. McCreacly Lumber Co. Retail Lumber and Building Materials Portland Highway and Church Streets OUR RED TRUCKS DELIVER Hamner Drugs L. A. Hamner C. A. Bump, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Phone 113J 617 First Street Newberg Oregon 611 First Street Newberg, Or egon Besfs Cleaners A. G. Wehrley BEST OF REAL ESTATE CLASS OF ' 47 Phone 355 503 E. First St. Newberg, Oregon Best Wishes to Class of I47 FARMS-HOMES-ACREAGES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '47 Martin Redding INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS ' from Phone 340 Roy Baker BAKER RADIO Sz ELECTR 621 First St. Newberg, Ore. IC Dr. Iohn L. McKinney OPTOMETRIST Room 200 Commercial Bank Bldg. Newberg, Oregon EYES EXAMINED PROMPT SERVICE GLASSES FITTED Evenings by Appointment 045191 WM. STELLER Authorized Dealer 615 First St. Newberg Oregon Chamberlin Insurance 300 First Street F. T. Wilcox, M. D. Physician and Surgeon 214 E. First St. N ewberg Oregon V. A. Vincent REALTOR 210 First Street S Newberg Oregon ARMSTRONCFS NEW and USED HARDWARE and FURNITURE We Trade 206 First St. Phone 312 Home Appliance S1 Paint W. O. Owens Admiral-Kelvinator Phone 203W Newberg Oregon E. C. BAIRD Barber Shop G. R. Nugent, Prop. 705 E. First St. Newberg Newherg Feed Sz Seed "Quality Feeds and Seeds" Phone 195R 311 First Street Newberg, Oregon Pahner's Garage Hutchens Texaco Service Complete Station Automotive Service Phone 79M F IRESTONE Phone 301 TUBES-TIRES-BATTERIES MARFAK LUBRICATION Kenneth Newlin Marvin Moore Palace Meat Market PHELPS FRESH SMOKED AND CURED MEATS City Tire Service Complete Tire Service Phone 215W 808 E. First St. F our Boys and a Bass Phone 76R MARKET AND GROCERY We'1l Be Waiting to See You in the Future 908 First St. Phone 201W ADAMS SHELL SERVICE ' Phone 243R F rst and Main Newberg, Ore. MODERN APPLIANCE CO. Grayton Duggan HEADQUARTERS FOR RECORDS Newberg Phone 76R Oregon PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FQREVER 3 R I L E Y S T U D I O "Ever thing Photographic" MIME MEHEANHHL EUMPANY Sprinqbrook Packing Company Cooperative Affiliated with North Pacific Canners and Packers, Inc. Growers, Canners, Barrelers, and Shippers of Oregon Fruits BRANDS- MISTLAND SPRINGBROOK SPRINGDELL SPRINGDAY SPRINGWATER Springbrook Oregon Roblfs Barber Shop No p's SUPER MARKET NEWBERG'S FINEST COMPLETE MARKET CENTER Groceries-Meats Fountain and Cafe WHEN YOU BUY IT AT PENNEY'S IT'S RIGHT Shop at Penney's Wilbur Robb Howard Mills 1: O. llllli' U.-v flh- QIHCOI poratedl Newberg Oregon Dutch Maid Cafe The Best in the West Phone 31M 609 First Street N ewberg, Oregon The Book Store Mrs. Florence Reid, Prop. School Supplies-Gifts Greeting Cards-Stationery N ewberg Oregon TYLER S. SOINE, M. D. PHYSICIAN 8: SURGEON 105 S. Meridian Phone 330 DR. HOMER HESTER DENTIST Newberg Auto Freight ALL KINDS OF HAULING ANYWHERE Newberg Portland 187.1 EA. 5176 Newberg Lumber Yard A COMLETE LINE OF Building Materials 112 S. Edwards Phone 128J Lynn B. Ferguson Prescription Druggist The REXALL Store 302 First St t Newberg, Oregon Newberg Variety "THE FRIENDLY STORE" Newberg Opposite Post Office SUCESSFULLY YOURS Doug St IVIe1's Chevron Service 1004 E. First Street Phone 333X Newberg Oregon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF K04897 I Bolo's Auto Compony AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE TOP NOTCH MECHANICS BEST OF EQUIPMENT Ford Cars and Trucks Genuine Ford Paris Phone 316 809 E. First Street Newberg, Oregon VICE Richfield Siaiion A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE "HOT ROD" HEADQUARTERS Across From Nap's Phone 79J Ncwberg Oregon RENNE Hardware Company GENERAL HARDWARE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS The Sportsmalfs Store Phone 33W 701 First St TQHNSON 51 HEDMAN FARMERS FEED STORE Blacksmithing Quality Feeds and Supplies and - Welding Good Luck, Seniors! Phone 190 108 S' Meridian 202 E. First st. Phone 92.1 Thanks . . . for letting us print the 1947 Cheholem -NEWBERG GRAPHIC Editor's Acknowledgements For the help they gave the Editors and Staff whenever needed or asked, we wish to thank: MR. DENT, without whose unfailing help and advice the CHEHALEM probably' never would have come out at all. JOHN PADDON, who helped us in our writing and make-up. ALVINA WEISSHAAR, whose art 'labors produced the cover and division pages. FRANK COLCORD, who took a good portion of the snaps that appear on these pages. MAC, of the Graphic, whose pictures also make up a part of our snap pages. MR. RILEY, who did all the real photographic work, producing the senior pictures and the group photos. Our Salesmen, JUDY HOY, MARIA PUCKETT, GWEN SWITZER, MARYISABELLE MOORE, BOB HALSTEAD, FRED HERRING, RALPH PETRIE, and CHUCK BURGESS. Chuck, incidentally, was our leading salesmen. SHIRLEY GREER, who helped with writeups, and dug up statistics for us. MISS MOSELY'S FRESHMEN, who did some odd jobs, including ruling our dummy sheets. SONJA ZLAB, who designed the May Day page. MR. SORICK, who was always available for information. ISABEL GILL, who was also handy for reference. MRS. PAUL and the journalism department, who gave us fine co-operation. BUSHONG'S, who worked under the terrific handicap of our late copy. WALLACE'S VARIETY, who unknowingly contributed a few small items to the cause. BOB HALSTED, who helped with the ads. MISS MOSELY, who, as adviser, put up with us, and helped us so much. Our biggest thanks are reserved for her. -SHIRLEY RYALS and BILL WALLACE ? .F:EWx!'iIa.a."l"vi1'A2'WLE.'iv.iuA1'23'z' Q55-QTKQQ' PQ 5r? ' "lSll'l'f'h3lI7v"lETf' '!l?4.H'TJSA?X',TE J 1 FG, '10 Q'!"lm?-MJ' 4 I I. if 11 '!'fQ'2ViiRfI'R?.XNH14i'!YlH R '. 51 4. 'i'5E1iu A 3L:L'4:L.'.fN?VL5liT1HfT1,9,:i 3? 1x.:Z1'A4SEf'.E'i.'fi:'f2Lzmt.1,ii1i.fStiI 'T31" ' " ' ' ' ig , L .vs K An-f U u , S s 1 Q X H 4

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