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1? lr . ' Jaffe-fx-4-fnvannlzvr , . . .. . . cv, Qgbgganwv Wx' 4' 90,164 wh WW ! I! QNX UWWUQ' W +5 ' mm if w X , Nyiwffwfjwp ' r "W MW , 'E' 51 .BJ 2 ff -U 79 Q-Das. O' 2252 'Q F 6, -I s 1, 5 r-24 .4 g.-- 4'T'f,l3x ' 15: W fr if. iw 9, my .' ,, , gf F , 511 . I r 5 1 + f P 15 x .ig rf' 1: A ii 'fi :il Yr .1 A :21Qf i 1 f--.4 , 1. . .U iq 1. I ,uw f 5 PN I v 3. .. HQ 5 1 an GIIIIHIUIES GIEIHIIIESIIHIIQLMBIEEIIMII PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF NEWBERG UNION HIGH SCHOOL, NEWBERG, OREGON. Prznted by the 7Vewb g Sc be, Newbery 0 g E g ings by Hicks-Chatten Eng ing Company, Po tl af 0 eg Photographs by Riley Stud Newberg, 0 g Mary Margaret Woodward - Editor Joe Kycek - - Business Manager C VOLUME TWENTY-EIGHT 1936 6 N A S Z S Z H Z K' Z S' Z W 'A Z S' Z S 'Z N 2 N 'Z N 'Z N 'Z N Z N 'Z N 'Z N V4 ki Y he 'Z N 'Z N 'Z 5 gs ke Y he Y ki '4 Ie L Dedication HE twenty-eighth edition of the Newberg High School's yearbook, the Chehalem, is appropriately dedicated to the American Indian. This great Northwest, at one time, was occupied by the various Indian tribes who were the rightful owners and inhabitants of this vast country. Because of the immigration of the "pale-faced" race, the Indians have had to take an inferior place in the modern United States. However, the spirit of the first Indian still lives, and it is to this spirit we pay our homage by the dedication of the l936 Chehalem. lN MEMOIlIAM VERA METCALF MEMBER OF THE 1936 JUNIOR CLASS Snow Scenes Taken of Your Alma Mater S 2 5 4 is 5 Q N 2 E fz E fz 5 4 4 L '4 L '4 L 'A gi ge he '4 4 4 Y LY Y ke '4 K Foreword HROUGHOUT the entire sixty pages of the '36 Chehalem, we have endeavored to recall fond memories for all those students who have passed this way, and to include for you of 1936 all the memories you would like to cherish. -The Chehalem Staff. 0rder of Books ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES X f Q T Y Just as rulers must be chosen To control our mighty nation, So our high school must be governed By a Wise administration I, , ,. . . ,. . K 1 I M NEWBERG UN1oN HIGH scHoo1. School Board H. H. George ..........,..... Chairman, Springbrook District A. J. Lyon ,,.......... .............,.,..i..,...,..,...,,,,,. D istrict 68 R. P. Gill ..........,,,......... .....,,,.,.,,,. D istriet 29 Don Wohlgemuth' ....... .,......., F ernwood A. Schaad .......,.,........ ..,,.....,.,.,....,..,, R ex W. W. Nelson .........,,.. ...,.......,,,...,,. C lerk, Newberg W. A. Oliver .........,....................,..,...,.,..., Superintendent HE school board of Newberg Union high school holds the position of inspector, so to speak, of an intricate machine, whose multiplex parts are human per- sonalities. Through its understanding of the needs of these personalities a better high school results. This year the school board created a new department in the school-the Home Economics department. Much new equipment was purchased and two work rooms well equipped for the work of this department. At its meetings the first Thursday of every month, the school board discusses matters concerning the school and carries on the business of the district. This in- cludes the difficult matter of balancing the budget. It also includes the up-keep and improvements of the school building and grounds. The selection of teachers for the various positions is also made by the board. With all of these responsibilities this year's school board has been one of the most efficient and business-like to work for this district.--Jean Spaulding. 5 I-...SAL -X R' Z H Z K Z K Z K Z H Z K Z H Zi K Z S Z H Z4 H Z X' Z R' Za X' 7 9 4 2 ? 4 '4 in S I4 N 2 B 'Z PA 2 ES 'A L1 'Z N 'Z :X 'Z N 'A ?Y K4 2 5 ke V4 E ki 'Z N 'Z N 'Z N 'Z N 'Z N 'Z N Z A HE school year of 1935-36 is nearly over, and it is with a feeling of regret that we say farewell to 69 members of our student body.To those 69, many of whom I have known for several years, I wish success and joy in the years to come. I hope that this book will assist in some small man- ner to recall for you many pleasant hours spent in New- herg high school and of friendships formed there. VV. A. OLIVER, Supt. X5 It V' 5 llll m.. -- - . .f.. ' I 1 ... Ill xl 1.7 1.1L p if -, jx! If Y' itll: N 'V 4-1' , I Top row lleft to rightiz Sherman, Clarke, Sitton, Mountain, Hendrick, Armstrong. Bottom row: Langton, Staley, Leth, Westhoff, Layman, Frost. Faculty OLIVER F. CLARKE "Let's have it a little less quiet please." A. B. and M. A. Stanford University Assistant Principal, School Treasurer Teaches General Science - Physics Adviser of Senate TED LANGTON "How's the fish bitin', boys?" B. S. Oregon State College Graduate Work at University of Oregon Athletic Coach Teaches Mathematics Adviser of Order of "N" WALTER C. LETH "What! No school spirit?" B. S. Agr. University of ldaho Graduate Work at Oregon State College Teaches Agriculture Adviser of Future Farmers and Tiger Knights MINNIE STALEY "Have you ever eaten Swiss stake?" B. S. Oregon State Dietitian-San Francisco Hospital Teaches Home Economics Adviser of Honor Society and Junior Class VINNIE B. FROST "I believe the last bell has rung" A. B. Alma College, Alma, Michigan Graduate Work at University of Washington, University of Oregon Teaches Senior English - Junior English Adviser of Girls' League BEATRICE WESTHOFF "Oh, this Senior Class!" B. S. Oregon State College Graduate Work at University of Oregon Teaches Typing - Shorthand - Bookkeeping Adviser of Senior Class and Glee Club ANNE SITTON "Keep all four legs on the floor, boys" Linfield College B. A. Teaches English 3 and 4 - Library Adviser of Girl Reserves DOROTHY SHERMAN "Could you possibly be still for 5 minutes ?' Oregon State, University of Oregon B. A. M. A. Teaches Civics - Biology Debate Coach Adviser of Booster Girls THOMAS MOUNTAIN "Go get a tardy slip" University of Oregon B.S., Social Science, P.E. Teaches Freshman History - Economic Geography Coaches B. Basketball and Tennis Club Adviser of Freshman Class MRS. BESS LAYMAN "Oh, where are my cough drops?" A. B. Pennsylvania College Graduate VVork at University of Oregon Teaches Freshman English - Latin Adviser of Sophomore Class MARIAN HENDRICK "Get hot! Put more pep into it !" Monmouth Normal, Graduate of U. of W., Columbia University B. S. and A. M. School of Theatre, Pasadena, California Teaches Dramatics - Art - Public Speaking Adviser of the Masque Coaches Dramatics HUBERT ARMSTRONG "Well, how's your work coming along?" A. B, Pacific University M. A. University of Oregon Teaches World History - American History Current Problems Adviser of Seriveners N . Q., ,. . . Q' VG Kgs 11'-!., nmllllnm ull ni . i z.. -f 1 ... ill I , lla y?',.?s,5 gy., W Q" -12, I' If 1-r'-A 4 - A . -1 -. ' is, ? ""',P'5y l .i'I..., ll . . -ee , f , v,,1,g - - S' -e--A B fr I W Z 5' A E F A E E H Z H Z4 5 A H Z4 R' 'A 5' t if fx. TOD POW lleft Stevens, Daniels. Stenfors. Bottom row: Frank, Oliver ladviserl Studenf p dunoilg Joe Kycek ..A.... ,..,A4,,,,,,,,, P resident David Boss ......,. ,,,w,,, X 'ice-President Ruth I'I0dS0n .,.,... ....,,....,,.,,4,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A.,,,v S ecretary Helen Stevens .,....,.....,........,.,,.,..,,.,,,,,,,,,4.,,,,,.,,, Treasurer VValter Frank, Audra Johnson, John Haworth, Councilmeu-at-large Ernest Daniels ...... ...,..... S enior Class President Harold Stenfors ,.., ......,... J unior Class President Helen Newland ........ ..... S ophomore Class President Clifford Spaulding ....,. ....... F reshman Class President VV. A. Oliver ......,..,.....,........r...r......,,....,.. Faculty Adviser T THE beginning of the present school year, the Student Council changed student body ticket prices by amending the constitution. After thorough in- vestigation and consideration a 552.00 student body ticket was introduced with the added privilege of admitting the holder to all home athletic contests free. The 751- ticket was raised to 51.25. The student council also decided to sponsor monthly student body assembly pro- grams for student body members which proved effective and will be continued next year. The members of the student council realized the need for a noon recreational pro- gram and set about to investigate types of game equipment. Checkers, table tennis equipment and various other types of games were purchased by the council. The council decided with the directors of the VVillamette Valley Interscholastic League to have uniform prices for all athletic contests--both at home and at other schools-for members of the schools of the league. The interests, desires and needs of the student body have at all times been kept in mind by the student council and measures have been carried out by which they be- lieve the school will benefit in future years.-Ruth Hodson. 8 .XX If f -. I is N kej,xi In 9, , 5 fire- -'-.. Ulllllgllllllllllll ml ui .. - f.. " ll w ill N ill 7-',-f-f',1r,, ' 'fill -'L A J 12. - - 4 '-i fi ' "" P1 4"I, ' 'N' L ' ' -'15, ' D it '1 V xi 'xutlwl full' - s 1' A -L .1 1, . . ...Sai A AM 6 1 VZ? Just as four legs are needed To support a little stool So the seniors, sophomores, juniors, And the freshmen make a school. Left to right: Daniels, Woodward, Gill, Westhoff tadviserj. Seniors Ernest Daniels ...,....,.,....4,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.4,,,,, P resident Mary Margaret VVoodward ...... ....... X 'ice-President Mary Ellen Gill l.,.,4A,,,,,,4l,,,,,. ,4,,,A,,,A,,,,,,,,,, S eeretary Miss Westhoff ............................,......,.... Faculty Adviser URING its final year at N If. H. S., the senior class began its activities under the leadership of Jack Bennett. Since encouraging participation in inter-class activities was one of its primary motives, this class headed both boys' and girls' inter-class bastketball. The senior girls' team won for the third consecutive year and were presented letters in the spring. The intra-mural debate tournament was also sponsored by the seniors. They had charge of the exhibit case in which various school activities had displays. A score board was made for the gym. Another useful activity was the senior girls' quartet which sang at several school and outside activities. Margaret Herring, who was chosen outstanding senior girl, won the D. A. R. award. Decorations were provided for Christmas week, and at the annual program Santa Claus appeared. In mid year, Ernest Daniels was elected to assume duties as chief executive of the class. Several brave warrious captured positions on the gridiron, basketball team and baseball squad. The seniors were also well represented in all other school organiza- tions. The annual Open House program was presented April 3, to acquaint the friends, parents and alumni of N. U. H. S. with high school life. The senior play, "The Queen's Husband", was presented at Central school auditorium April 24 and 25. Climaxing the eventful year, senior week occurred the second week of May. At this time the '36 Chehalem and Senior edition of the Echoes appeared. The senior picnic and class day were also celebrated with an added feature of campus day. Three important events awaited the seniors at the brink of Graduation Harbor. Baccalaureate occurred May Sl, while the upper classmen received their hard earned diplomas Thursday, June 4. Following the junior-senior banquet, the class of '36 set forth to tackle the great wide world.-Esther May Weesner. 9 5' 'ivllili nllllllm II u . D I l QV' M 'X A " ,. X5 . , .. Q, - ?' W "iles -:L ll x Ti1... "'Il1 i'. l l ' J, -. -' Pig , 'V'-v-V :- -, '4' -' N ' , - Y - I - ' f X' thy '7 """ 115' 'll lll, -.. . s ,aa 1 rf , t v tt.-a1...l all Q ' , 4' ' E' - V wget. '1 DE.. -fb U3 Z b Z ik V4 N C"ZH2R'ZS'2H2S' 'WA WY wrlgr 'WV 1:47 L I' L Y Ln B N '4 L '4 L HARVEY ANDERSON--"Harv" Here's to the boy with a smile. Junior Show 3, Chehalem Staff 4, Senior Class Play 4, Scriveners 4, Football SHIRLEY BEEDE--"Squirley" Each maid has her own method. Girl Reserves. Girls' League. ifijfl JACK BENNETT---"Percy" A woman is a riddle which I can't explain. Entered from Franklin Hi 1, Sen- ate 3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Scriv- eners 3-4, Tennis Club 3, Basket- ball 4, Football 4, Interelass Track 1, lnterc-lass Basketball 2- 3-4, Student Council 4, Editor of Echoes 4, Business Manalzer of Ef-hoes 3, Associate: Editor of Chehnlem 4. President of Scriv- eners 4, Tiger Knights 3-4, Or- der of N 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, Echoes Delegate to State Press Association 4, Newberg Hi Chem- istry Team 3, Badminton Champ- ionship Doubles Team W. V. I. L. 4, Advertising Manager Senior Play 4. KATHRYN BUCKLEY D'ye think a woman's silence can be nnturalf' Transferred from Carlton Hi 4. DOROTHY CROZER--"Dottie" I want a hero, an uncommon want, when every month brings forth a new one. Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Girl Rc'- serves 1-2 Gl Club 2-3-4 'WW ERNEST DANIELS---"Bebe" If this wide world were a little wider I might find room for my feet. Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Masque 1-2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Football 4, Student Body Play 4, Senior Play 4, Student Council 4, President Senior Class 4, Order of the N 4, Chehalem Staff 4. HAROLD DAVIS--"Buck" I never fuss, get fussed or am fussed! Baseball 4. f I GLENNA BARNE G e -3-4, B e all 1-2- 3- e , Te s Club 2, Girl R s -4, .-Sr. Banquet 3. ' -P e Girls' League 4, ost s 4, Student Body ay enior Play 4. The h rt is bestl ' n. 1 WARREN BEHRENS'--"Prof," Did I say so? Then. to be sure if I said so, it is so. ' Camera. Club 1. Tennis Club 1-2- 3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Baseball 4. BERTHA BUCKLEY There's a gift beyond the reach of art of being eloquently silent. Transferred from Carlton High School 4, Girls' League 4. M14 AILEEN BUSH Much study is a weariness to the flesh. Transferred from Orefzon City Hi 1, Glee Club 2-3, Masque 2-3-4, Girl Reserves 2-3-4. Girls' League 2-3-4, Student Body Play 4. LOUISE DAILEY-"Tiny" Common sense is nature's Rift. but reason is an art. Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Indoor Base- ball 1-2-3-4. ARZA DAVIS The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do. Baseball 1-2-3-4, F. F. A. 1-2-3. EARL EASTMAN Look out, he's winding up the watch of his wite s ' will strike. Masque 2-3- e nate 4. Junior S . "'f-f'3.45f-,- fw, DELBERT EBBERT-"Debbie" Manly in appearance and action Always. F. F. A. 2-3-4 MARJORIE FORSMAN Oh, for a thousand tongues. LORRY GARRISON A man of his word. "B" Basketball 1-2, Track 1, Wil- lamette Valley champion for pole vaulting 1, Art Club 1, Baseball 1, Poster Club 2, Football 3-4, Interclass B. B. 2-3, Order of the N 3-4, Vice-President 4, Tiger Knights 3, Tennis Club 3-4, Echoes and Chehalem Staffs 4, Senior Class Play 4. HENRY GETSINGER Looks are sometimes deceiving-- at times he's almost frivolous. Glee Club. Nfl' Q" f'.lv X-'. GEORGE GRAVES I'll pass if I can, and if I can't, I won't. Student Body Play 4, Senior Class Play 4, Masque 3-4, Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet,3. MARGARET HERRING-"Marg" Were she perfect one would ad- mire her more, but love her less. Girl Reserves 1, Junior Vice- President 3, Interclass Basketball 1-2-3-4, C l a s s Representative Girls' League 3, Girls' League President 4, Senior Play 4, Boos- ter Girls Secretary 4, Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet Toastmistress 3, Business Manager Junior Show 3. I MARJORIE HODGES What can be found to equal MARK FERRELL I am not only witty in myself, but the cause of wit in other men. Vice-president Freshman Class 1, Senior Class Play 4. 772016 RALPH FORSMAN Liberty is of more value than any gifts. Football 2-3-4, Captain 4, Basket- ball 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, Junior Movie 3, Order of the N 3-4. Tennis Club 3-4. ROY GARRISON-"Tuffy" He's made for athletics. Football 2-3, Basketball 4, Order of the N 4, Tiger Knights 4. Interclass Track 2, Interclass Basketball 3-4, Tennis Club 3, Chehalem Staff 4, Senior Class Play 4. ,, ,. T ? . ,,1uL4l"" .- f f ,4- MARY ELLEN GILL-"Merrily" Exceedingly wise, fair spoken, and persuading. Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, G. R. Treas- urer 3, Conference Representative 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Masque 3-4, Wardrobe Mistress "Oh Pro- fessor" 2, Girls' League Treasur- er 3, Conference representative 1. Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4, Class Secretary 4, Scriveners 3-4, Secretary 4, Junior Show 3, Jr.- Sr. Banquet 2-3, Booster Girls 4, Echoes and Chehalem Staffs 3-4. CLARENCE GUTCHER Studying hath made him quiet l?l. F. F. A. 2-3-4, Masque 3-4. FLOYD HESS Study is a weary thine--I wish I knew the remedy. Senior Play 4. RUTH HODSON-"Rufus" Her air, her manners, all who saw admired. mf1d9SiY7 Student Body Secretary 4, Class Girls' League 1-2-3-4. Secretary 1, Operetta 1, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4. Honor Society 4, Booster Girls 4, Masque 3-4, Senior Class Play 4, Junior Show 3, Chehalem and Echoes Staffs 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 2-3, Library Staff 4, Baccalaure- ate and Commencement Usher 3. f -. X . , . S A - .L ,..,.,fg vs qlfly ifltlxul l lll II L II I ' in l l lnll ll I " .7 U -Q-r 'Ny 1 EZ'--'T .. 1-Zlwg V4 :ii W -'- I A i N, xgvk f - P 4 gf ' X --ts. gi. 4 K4 Y A S 5 R' Z S Z S 'A S si 5' 5' E Z S 'A F A N 2 N 2 N 2 N 2 N 2 N 2 B 'Z KS 'Z N 'Z N 'Z N 2 N 'Z N 'Z N V4 L1 '4 L 'A LN '4 ks 'E h Z B 'Z N LESTER HOWARD' "Les" Why sulk when laugzhhim: is just as cheau? Junior Minstrel Show 3, Volleyball Tournament 4. HOMER JOHNSON Not for the great deeds but for good only. Football 4, Basebal 4. RAYMOND JUNGWIRTH- f Hskippyn . My highest ambition comes Just to my shoulders. F. F. A. 1-2-3-4. Vice President F. F. A. 3-4. ARBIE KELLAS All I know is that I know noth- ing. Tennis Club 3. VIDA LACY Why worry about little things. Girls' Leayzue 1-2-3-4, Girl Re- serves, Booster Club 4. KEITH MARLOWE Virtue is a habit consistent with nature, moderation and reason. F. F. A. l-2-3-4, Tiger Knights 3-4, lnrloor lnterclass Baseball 2- 3-4. BICSSIE METCALF lt's up to you. Transferred from Silverton 4, Girl Reserves 4, Girls' League 4. KENNETH HUBBARD Not on the heights but climbing. F. F, A. 1-2-3-4. Treasurer 3, President 4, State Farmer Degree 3, F. F. . Judizinxz team 4, Senate '1 4, Hon r Society 4, Basketball 4. V, UBY JOHNSON Curling irons hold no horrors for me. Girls' Leazue 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Handicraft Club, Scriv- eners 4, Honor Society 4, Poster Club, Library Staff 4. ESTHER JUNTUNEN Mistress of herself. tho' China fall. Girls League 1-2-3-4. 1-11: ,K JOE KYCEK There's a wee fault they would lay to me-I like the ladies-- please forgive me. Senate 2-3-4, Scriveners 4, Tennis Club 1, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Foot- ball 1-3-4, Baseball 1-2, Student Council 3-4, Business Manager of Chehalem 4, Tiger Knights 3-4, Firemen 1, Order of the N 1-2-3-4, Senirr Play 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, President of Junior Class 3, Sec- retary of Order of N 3. Interclass Track 1, Interclass Basketball 1. HAROLD MANION --"Pat" What gets your attention xzets you, especially girls. Freshman Vice-President 1, Class President 2, Yell King l-2-3, Junior Show 3, Dramatics 3. Basketball 3-4, Football 4, Tiger Knights 4, Order of N 4, Scriv- eners 4, Tennis Club 3. Student Council 1, Chehalem Staff 4. Interclass Basketball 2-3-4. ALFREDA MARTIN ---- "Marty" She sings ever soft, gentle, and low an excellent thing in a woman. Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Girl Reserves 2-3-4, Vice- President, 4, Chehalem Staff 4, Booster Girls 4, Yell Leader 4, Masque 3-4, lnterclass debate 3-4. Junior Show 3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet, Snior Quartet 4, F. F. A, Broad- Cast, School Broadcast. MONROE MILLER-Y --"Monk" Oh love in such a wilderness as this. President of Masque Club 4, Stu- dent Body Play 4, Senior Play 4, Vice-President of Glee Club 2, Junior Show 3, Baseball 2, Track 1. . -- f I GX- H . s i"i.lll"'lQll umllllnm ml an ' ll nl m llll ,X 'IIVZJ rw, '- A ' A A v 'x- H411-if--'Ill . - ee Q- -H1 '., F 4 fi-'Q EARL MILLS The mirror of all courtesy. Baseball 2-3-4, Order of N 4, F. F. A. 2-3, Interclass B. B. 2-3-4. LLOYD PARROTT I'll be as broad as the earth. I'll not be limited High school -2-3, Chehalem 4. CATHERINE REYNOLDS--"Kate" Write me as one who loves his fellowmen tmanl. Interclass Basketball I-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-3-4, Sextet 3-4, Quartet 4, Girl Reserves 1, Honor Society 4. Senior Class Play 4, Echoes and Chehalem Staffs 4, School Broad- cast, F. F. A. Broadcast, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 2-3, Junior Show 3. MARGARET RITTENHOUSE I rave as I go and I go on ever. Basketball 1, Gir Rese es 1-2- 3-4, Girls' League 2-3 . CHARLES W. SMITH- "Chuck" Silence is more musical than a song. Interc-lass Basketball 2-3-4, Var- sity Basketball 3-4, Football 3, Baseball 2-3, Baseball manager 4, Stage manager of Senior Play 4, Volleyball Team 4. JEAN SPAULDING I am a womanfwhen I think, I must speak. Girls League I-2-3-4, Cabinet 1, Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, President G. R. 4, Masque 3, Chehalem and Echoes Staffs 4, Honor Society 3-4, Vice-President 4, Glee Club 4, Junior Show 3, Jr,-Sr. Banquet 2-3. HELEN STEV S 1 Zealous yet dest. Poster u 1, Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, Club 4, onor So- ciety 4. nior Play ast 4, Girls' Leag 1-2-3-4, rary Club 1, Stud Body asurer 3-4. I L rf WANDA NEEDLES Genius is essentially creative. Transferred from Hermiston, Ore- gon 4, Girl Reserves 4, Girls' League 4. HAROLD PARRY Altho' he's a quiet fellow, I sus- pect he's not half he might be taken for in New York. Football 3-4, Tiger Knights, Ten- nis 3. ROBERT RICKERT-"Bob" Get thee behind me, fair maidens, there's but one for me. Student Council 1-3, Councilman- at-large 3, Class President 1. Senate 2-3-4, President of Senate 3, Fire Squad 2, Tiger Knights 3, Baseball Business Manager 3, Order of the N I-2-3-4, Vice- President Order of N 2, Football 1-2-3-4. HELEN SHANK Silence is deep as eternity. Speech is shallow as time. PHILIP SMITH He was a scholar and ripe and good one. Transferred from Lincoln Hi 3, Interclass debate 4. LIITHER STENFOR?j yA0pf Ill study when I eel like I don't, I don't. Baseball 2-3, Football 3-4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, Indoor baseball 1-2. Senior Class Play 4. FLEDA STRETCH I have none other than a woman's reason I think him .1 because 1 think him so. X Glee Club 1-2-3-4, ' esident 4, Girl Reserves f - s League Class Repre n 1 , E 3, Tennis Club 1, y i I S Basketball 1-2-3-4, Bus e : anager of Sen- ior Play 4 s ume Manager of S. B. Pl , Sextet 4, Quartet 4, Trio 2. 1 ff-1 TT " XX ,I :Ill nnllllnm llll ni 1 lllll -F , ll.,., vi " XXX , I . ,r 5 -' -e , we , " . vl - ,fm "T ck" :ly . n -g i ' in -'nfl' l l l,y l l , f ,Q " V4 Il F1 W -3 .4 -. . I -I f -... '- -..1l'.Q Q 3. L- ie- L - , , 1 - . -, , .1 it 4 -'-,IH 1,4 'H -, r 4- e - JL-, 1- W t f f ' ,gp-fs lbw- N Z A Z A Z B V A Y L 'A L1 74 ku Y It F' gr 'Z 'll' EZSZSZRCJZSZSLSZJV KENNETH SWENDSON -"Kenny" One cannot turn a minute, but mischief--there you're in it. Tennis Club 2-3, Baseball 4. Track 1 2-3, Poster Club 2-3. HELEN THOMPSON She is so light hearted and so RHY- Girls League 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1. Basketball 1-2-3-4, Class Secre- tary 2. MARGARET WEATHERLY All that a heart of a man could think to ask. Art Club 1-2, Glee Club 1, Girl Reserves 1, Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Girls League Class Representa- tive 4. ESTHER MAY WEESNER Softly her fingers wander o'er the yielding planks of the ivory floor. Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 4, Chehalem Staff 4, Masque 3-4, Girl Reserves 2-3-4, Treasurer 4, Glee Club 4, Pianist 4, Senior Class Play 4, Debate Squad 3-4, Team 4, 'Baccalaureate and Com- mencement Usher 3, Tennis Club 2-3, School Broadcast 4, S. B. Pianist 4. LILLIAN WILSON Quiet and jolly. What a happy combination. Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Girl Re- serves 1-2. WILLIAM WOOD---"Bill" Ready to help whomever he may. F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Football 3-4, Tiger Knights 3-4, Order of the N 3-4. ROBERT WORLEY -"Bob" Worry never, hurry never. Camera Club 1. JUNE TAYLOR There's little of the melancholy element in her. Girl Reserves 1-2, Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1. ERMA VERSTEEG Ambition has no rest. Honor Society 4, Girls' League 1-2-3-4, Glee Club, Scriveners 4, Chehalem staff 4. A RAYMOND WEIATHERLY--"Red" Come along and talk to me: have a laugh and be carefree. Qyaag LEONARD WHITMORE He who thinks for himself and imitates rarely is a free man. Tiger Knights 3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, High School Band 2-3, Manager Interclass Baseball Team 2. DELMER WOHLGEMUTH Strong reasons make strong ac- tions. Baseball 1-2-3, Senate 3-4, Masque 3, Scriveners 4, Echoes and Che- halem Staffs 4, Interclass sports 1-2-3-4. MARY MARGARET WOODWARD "Mugs" Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, G. R. Sec- retary 3, Tennis Club 2-3, Masque 3-4, Interclass debate 3-4, Debate Squad 3, Echoes and Chehalem Staffs 3-4, Chehalem editor 4, Assistant Editor Echoes 4, Class Secretary 3. Class Vice-President 4, Honor Society 3-4, Interclass Basketball 3-4, President Scriv- eners 4, President Booster Girls 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 2-3, Usher at Baccalaureate and Graduation 3. Yell Leader 4. 14 t gg! i " XXX' fy' 1 5 f-' if K XJR- if", E X if-P' fx U MTX .,lm -.lzllllllill lllilllllll llilll f' -- -I " IU V l ld hu ll lil 1' hw-E .KN - g - ' ' dh 1 r H f i A- h ,AALFL Q-ull, - --J --, 4 4. , Senior Class History - 1936 On a sunny autumn morning In the fall of thirty-two Many gay and carefree freshmen Stepped into surroundings new. Twenty-six above one hundred Started on their school career Seeking, searching after knowledge Which they thought could be found here. At an early business meeting This class chose their leaders four With Bob Rickert as their president And adviser-Clarence Moore. Then the class were up and going Working hard with all their might Tackling many worthwhile projects With the trophy cup in sight. Their first year they built the bonfire For the big homecoming game And the size of their great bonfire Put preceding ones to shame. Furthermore, the busy freshies Helped the school another way After games they slicked the field up And they held a clean-up day. Came the fateful day of finals For which every student crams Much relieved,they scanned report cards They had passed those stiff exams. Then, indeed, a strange thing happened When they came back in the fall For the lowly freshmen now were High and mighty sophomores all. Then the class went forward this year With Pat Manion at their head Mr. Clarke was their adviser And we went full steam ahead. Quite outstanding in athletics Has this class been every year. Then Joe Kycek, then a sophomore, Won his second letter here. Honors to the class were carried By their teams of basketball For the boys came out as second And the girls' team topped them all. Then Joe Kycek was made leader In the third yearof the class With Miss Westhoff as adviser They did former years surpass. The rousing rally of Thanksgiving Juniors sponsored in the fall And again the junior girls' team Won first place in basketball. Merits of the class debaters Are quite worthy to relate. 'Twas the four industrious juniors Won the interclass debate. Their weak treasury was strengthened As I've more than once heard said When the class put on the movie Headlined, "Happiness Ahead." An additional attraction Was the junior minstrel cruise And the sponsors of this feature Talent of this class did use. Then the junior-senior banquet This class sponsored in the spring And this project also turned out As a most succesful thing. For the graduation service Also baccalaureate With ferns and flowers the juniors Both the churches did bedeck. When vacation time was e11ded And we came back in the fall Feeling mighty proud we launched Upon the best year of them all. With Jack Bennett as the president On the class' closing year They began their final journey On their Newberg high career. With Miss Westhoff still adviser Our activities have begun Thinking still to win the trophy Working each and every one. Early in this active year our Busy president resigned And a nominee committee Then a new one had to find. Ernest Daniels was elected By the class as president Then toward winning of the trophy All the class their efforts bent. On the festive holly season Midst our school work did we pause To present a Christmas program With a jolly Santa Claus. An open house is being Sponsored by the seniors, too, When our school work will be open To our friends' and parents' view. Now as seniors when we look back On the four years which have passed We can boast that we have surely Been a very active class. We'll remember in the future Though we've scattered far apart And our years at Newberg High School Will be held within each heart. We hope that members of this class The whole world so will stir That the rest will proudly say, "I went To school with him or her." -Ruby Johnson -' GX 40' 1 5 f- LT . - fi'-N. ' 5 , if " A," ' .,:i.l3. fzillfmglllllllllllllllnllll ni 4 if.. 1 I i.. lIIlln lwllwl ,Q-+,f53r.,,,,,, , - be A --f A-1. .fe-QL. 1 N 'A S A S A 5 A W V A S A 5 L Y' Z S A 5 A X' Z S3 4 ?A 5' A K1 L Z W 6 ,A 5' A R' YI S 2 N 2 N V4 'll' 'll' 'lf 'UV YI' YI' Y fQY W YY 'll' qv 'Qt 17 VWZHCRV Junior Class Harold Stenfors ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,4,-, P resident I.orn Drummond ..,, ,,,A,,,,A. X 'ice-President Alice Grimes ..,... Secretary-Treasurer Miss Staley ..... ,,... ,,,.,. F a culty Adviser RIENDLINESS and cooperation were the watchwords of the junior class dur- ing the year of '35-36. In spite of the fact that the year was a comparatively quiet one, the juniors accomplished what they had set forth in their class charter. In order to help the freshmen get acquainted, a reception was given for them by the juniors near the first of the school year. Get-acquainted games were played and as an amusing feature of the evening, the juniors staged a take-off of a Freshie class meeting which ended in a riot. As part of their cooperative program, a special committee was appointed to help the janitor. An unusual archery display was spon- sored by the juniors in the showcase upstairs. They presented an animal film, "Cougar, the Killer", as the Junior Movie which for the past few years has replaced the Junior Jazz Jinx. The film was shown at the new Central school auditorium due to the larger seating capacity. A system by which students of the class may win letters was adopted. Scholar- ship, sportsmanship, and service to the class are the standards by which they are judged. A committee was appointed to observe the students and to select those ful- filling the requirements and judged most worthy to receive letters. In the realm of sports, the juniors were well represented. The football season found five juniors holding down regular positions on Coach Langton's team. They included Jim Hodson, Wally Frank, David Boss, Jack Arney, and Ted Green. The juniors were equally as prominent in basketball, with David Boss, Johnny Haworth and Wally Frank, the latter played only the first part of the season, representing them on the "A" squad. The junior boys' basketball team also won the inter-class basketball championship. It seemed that the class was in a winning mood for the jun' r debate team, in- cluding Nadine Chaney, Audra Johnson, Elma Juntunen an Lawrence Schaad, won the inter-class finals. Three juniors, Ralph Johnson, Nadine Chaney, and Jean Burt were members of the varsity squad. The class sponsored a pay assembly in the spring. They also presented a gift to the school. The three councilmen-at-large, this last year, were all juniors, which is rather an unusual occurrence. The juniors also were active participants in other extra-cur- ricular activities, including the Glee club, Dramatic club, Senate, and Echoes and Chehalem staffs. The decorating of the churches for baccalaureate and graduation was in charge of the juniors. Carrying on an old tradition, the annual junior-senior banquet was given. Having evinced not only initiative and leadership, but accomplishing what they had set out to do, it promises a bright future for the senior class of '37.--Arlee Gabel. First Panel: Back row fleft to rightb-Arney, Green, Boss, Frank, Guenther, Drummond: second row- Garland, Brian, Courser, Burt, Balcomb, Grimes, Barkman, Catton: first row-Davidson, Gabel, S. Burk- ett, Chaney, R.. Burkett, Frost, Ferrell, Gardner, Stenfors finserti. Second Panel: Back row lleft to right!-Kellas, Burke, Hudson, Montgomery: second row-Hodges, Grove, Herrmann, Knowles, Martin, MacCarthy, R. Johnson: front row-Juntunen, A. Johnson, M. Meyst, Mumper, Metcalf. Staley fadviseri. Third Panel: Back row Qleft to righti--Smith, Swendson, Haworth, Stenfors, Richmond, second row-Strait, Hosford, C. Meyst, Thornton, Newell, Schaad: front row-Thompson, Williams, Wheeler, Stahlnecker, Winters, Wohlgemuth. Keiling, Payne : Parker. 16 f N Kgs, XX A X, li., 1 5 -utialliiliumlllnn ull n , ,, - ' n F w ill j ,l1yK'?+?pjglFq,,m .-,, .QM Q j if - - lj- - i ,XXI ,hx Im - " L' .-43 46 'f ' . M wmfffg WLM 7 , 1 -C,, '4 EN Z 9 Z 9- Z b Z A Z A Z 9 Z 9 Z b 2 N 2 N M N 2 N 2 N 2 FS 2 N 2 N 2 5 5 A 5 M N l Sophomore Class Helen Newland ......... ,,............, P resident Geraldine Eastman ,.,.,. ....,..., X 'ice-President Grace Cramer .............. ..... S ecretary-Treasurer hlrs. Layman .....,,.,.....,...,.......,,..,,,,.,.... Faculty Adviser HE sophomores, an active class in '34 when they entered high school, have demonstrated during this past year that they have lost none of this admirable quality. In order to begin the year fittingly they gave a class party. Appropriately closing the year, they entertained the seniors. The sophomores were represented in debate by Helen Newland, member of the varsity team. Early in the year a yell contest was held to arouse lagging school spirit, and it was decided that the sophomores made the most noiseg consequently they won the contest. As further evidence of their pep, a committee painted the gym floor. Bob Brian, the letterman of last year, was the sole representative on the gridiron. In basketball, however, that story was different. The "B" squad was almost wholly composed of sophomores. These players included Bob Brian, Vernon Gainer, Dean Tate, George Goodrich, and Gerry Newby, with Rolland Broadwell, another sopho- more, as manager. As their gift to the school, the sophomores installed a new, indirect lighting sys- tem in the show case which stands in the upper hall. With this new lighting sys- tem all displays may be shown to the best advantage. This class has also been well represented in other extra-curricular activities. With two successful years to their credit, the sophomores of '36 should become outstanding juniors of the coming year.-Arlee Gabel. 18 P" . . . Text t ' . if vf W3 I v Alhl- S ,syfi7L'E.Il a.,,l . if 1 ' ' "' 1 j A - , ,. f ' "- - ' I A- - - , F 4- r- ' . E 'f 'fiimx L 1 1 1 I Freshmen Class Clifford Spaulding ....,.. .....,,,,4,,,,,4.,44 P resident Maynard Macy ........ ............... X 'ice-President Kathleen McCoy ...... ...., S ecretary-Treasurer Mr. Mountain ........................................ Faculty Adviser HE class of '39 entered the portals of N. U. H. S. for the first time in the fall of '35, as a very active class. As well as their own party they gave a Frosh return to the juniors. This class should be congratulated on the fine showing in their studies, having maintained an average of eight on the honor roll. They also sponsored an exhibit in the show case. A clean-up around school was staged by the freshmen. Representatives from the class participating in the inter-class debate tournament were Corinne Rickert, Mary Lou Hoskins, Beverly Phillips, and Kathleen b1cCoy. These orators reached the semi-finals of the tournament. Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of the Freshies was the boys' basket- ball team. As well as playing on the "B" squad, this group participated in several games as a separate group. The players included George Bales, Clifford Spaulding, Elmer Crume, Clinton Walker, Jim Roberts, Henry Anderson and Elmer Juntunen. With this lineup the Frosh won two games from Newberg Junior Hi. They split decisions with the Canby freshmen. Although the 'fBaby Tigers" lost both games to the Tigard Red Devils fwho are sophomoresj they showed remarkable improve- ment in the second game. They dropped the games in which they were assisted by upper classmen to Junior Hi. The freshmen have also turned out for football and baseball. These achievements promise a very active sophomore class for '37.-Esther May Weesner. 19 Ci X ,J I iv' . an 1 an ll R ' A Il uifllr' 1' 1 M190 'W' lil ll ' L " " - '1 'l 'Q Milli... Il 2. .kb g Q- .:1'.T' -f I-2-gf Y :jg-Ag ' L Q Y I 'x f VX ix nul 'VXI g e' ee , ' A f-f V-L. 14- L '4 A 'Z AJZSZSYHEJESEJV WI' 'il' YVQY 'UFZSW L Y L Y L Y ki E V n Seniors, Farewell We are leaving you, old high school, We must say farewell to you And though eager for our new life We are sad at leaving, too. Farewell to your chalky blackboards Farewell to your squeaky chairs We are leaving your long hallways And your worn and trampled stairs. Fare you well, oh tattered textbooks Wherein penciled on with care Are the answers to the questions With a drawing here and there. Farewell to each different classroom Farewell to your oily floors We must bid farewell to all these Also your slam-banging doors. Fare you well, old scenes too common Farewell, noisy study hall Farewell to all wads of paper Fare you well, oh ink-smudged hall. And at last, farewell, dear classmates We are leaving with aching heart Never more a class together Cruel fate that we must part. But we'll have one thing in common Though we're scattered tar and nigh For we'll each one cherish memories Of our days at Newberg high. -Ruby Johnson World progress was made slowly B f 1' d e ore man rea, 1ze Any problem can be conquered If men tackle, organized. 2 bi Z S Z K Z H Z H Z S Z S Z S Z S Z H Z K Z S Z H Z S' Z H Z S A S Z Q Z xl z Back row tleft to rightb: Eastman, Frost, Manion, Frank. Third row: R. Garrison, R. Johnson, Boss, Daniels, Parrott, L. Garrison. Second row: Armstrong' ladviserl, Kyeek, Gabel, Versteerz, Reynolds, Burt, Balcomb, Hudson, Anderson. Front row: Weesner, Wohlgemuth, Bennett, Woodward, Spaulding, Martin, Gill, R. Johnson. o Scrlveners Nlary Margaret VVoodward .....,........,.,,,,,,.,,,., President Jack Bennett .,.,.,t.t,..,...........,. ..,, X 'ice-President Mary Ellen Gill . ,.,.,.. .........,,..,... S ecretary Mr. Armstrong , ,.,,.t...,................,.,.,.,...... Faculty Adviser HE Scriveners' club, organized in 1934, is composed of the combined Echoes and Chehalem staffs, and is undoubtedly one of the most active groups in school. The Echoes staff, with Jack Bennett as editor, Mary Margaret Woodward as associate editor and Hubert E. Armstrong as adviser, edited the Echoes, the school newspaper bi-weekly, for the entire school year. Considering the limited journalistic training and finances, an excellent newspaper was published. Special editions pub- lished were: F. F. A. edition, Chehalem edition, Girls' League edition, senior class edition, Christmas edition and April Fool edition. Business managers for the Echoes were Walter Frank and James Frost. Lorry Garrison was sports and art editor, and Ruby Johnson ably supplied appropriate poetry. The Chehalem staff, also under the supervision of Mr. Armstrong, published the 28th edition of the high scho0l's year book, the Chehalem. The Chehalem car- ried out the Indian theme in an attractive manner with its colorful illustrations and art work. Staff editors were: editor-in-chief, Mary Margaret Woodward, assistant editor, Jack Bennett, administration editor, Margaret Herring, editor of classes, Esther May Weesnerg organizations editor, Ruth Hodsong sports editor, Lorry Gar- rison, and feature editors, Mary Ellen Gill and Boy Garrison. Lorry Garrison sup- plied the art work and Ruby Johnson the poetry. The president of the Scriveners' club for the first semester was the editor of the Echoes, Jack Bennett, and vice-president was the editor of the Chehalem, Mary Mar- garet Woodward. The second semester, by pre-arrangement, they exchanged offices. The Scriveners as a social organization has been quite active. A leap-year party was held on February 29, the members went on a hike in the spring, and they also visited a Portland newspaper office.-Lloyd Parrott. 21 A Q f 11" X 'xl uf : 'r ar ,.- , J af f--, -.- . v ,g..,g.:,ss - , nmllllnn mlm ' mf H 'f .il l . -, Ill -,-,fin ft. :Q f T 51: F -., K 1 - V -. , ' ' it K s, t N""',,d "la .ll ..-. I -, we - , 4,.-, ,- f gf We-,.., , . - Ct- ,qi g . ' thx 16 l., Back row 6 t to rizhtl: Eastman, Arney, Boss, Bennett, Hudson, Hubbard. Front rowx' yeek, Green, Drummond, Wohlgemuth, Frost., Clarke tadviserh. kk Senate Jim Hodson .. .......,.,........ President David Boss .,.....,....... Vice-President Jim Frost ........ ...... S ecretary-Treasurer Mr. Clarke ......... ........,....... .....r. F a culty Adviser HE purpose of the Senate is to act as a booster organization for athletics throughout the school year. The student officers who have acted in conjunction with the adviser have made this a very successful year for the organization. Ticket selling at athletic contests was taken care of by the various business man- agers. Jack Arney was baseball business manager, Earl Eastman was business manager for basketball, and Kenneth Hubbard was football business manager. Ted Green, Jack Bennett, Joe Kycek, and Delmer Wohlgemuth were members of the committee. During the first semester the Senate held an outing at Sand Lake. The Senators spent the day in trying their luck at catching fish but only a few members were suc- cessful. The Senate has always been well-represented at all of the athletic contests and has done much to arouse the enthusiasm of the students. The members cooperate in trying to promote better school spirit among the students. New members will be taken into this organization during the spring and will be initiated at an outing. Plans have been made to hold this outing at Mount Hood. The Senate has been not only active in athletics but has also aided the various athletic teams. This action of the Senators has set a good example to which fu- ture high school representatives in this organization should seek to attain. Five Senators: Jack Bennett, Joe Kycek, Delmer Wohlgemuth, Earl Eastman, and Kenneth Hubbard, will leave the Senate when they graduate this spring, leaving an opening for other outstanding boys who are interested in the welfare of our high school.-Ralph Johnson. 22 1 fx bk 4-7 ' -' g g A. b sry ,V ., f, . 'ff' QQ Qi: . " .""l'l1l i lll lll n 5 " ' i i' V I A M H 'i ll fi ln.. .,,i, . . - , . .1 l .411 I Ns. ' ' ' 4 ATV X V Q' X gt..--.A wt in JAM xg?-' ea e, ml n, Back row lleft to rightl: Newland, Sherman fadviserl, Johnson, Burt. Seated: Weesner, Chaney, Juntunen. Debate HE question for debate this year was very interesting and closely associated to high school students. lt was, "Resolved: That the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical service available to all citizens at state expensen. The debate season was started in the same manner this year as it has for the past two years. New material was sought through the inter-class debates, sponsored by the seniors. The junior orators defeated the seniors in the finals, gaining the school championship. Under the able ccaching of Miss Dorothy Sherman the teamsrnet fair success throughout the entire season. At the Linfield college debate tournament, held on Janu- ary 3l and February l, the team distinguished itself by winning four out' of six en- counters. In the final debate of this tournament Dallas defeated Amity, thus gaining the championship and the right to debate representatives of Washington state. The affirmative team, composed of Nadine Chaney and Helen Newland, with Elma Jun- tunen as alternate, defeated Roseburg and Beaverton, but were defeated by Chilo- quin. The negative team, composed of Esther May Weesner and Ralph Johnson, with Jean Burt as alternate, met their lone Linfield defeat at the hands of Salem, but came back to defeat strong Salem and Eugene teams. The Newberg teams were not so fortunate in the district debates, losing to Amity, Sheridan, Canby, and Gresham, but conquering Milwaukie and Forest Grove. The season percentage was .500, through losing six and winning six encounters. The bright aspect, however, is that only one varsity member, Esther May Wees- ner, is graduating, leaving Jean Burt, Nadine Chaney, Elma Juntunen and Ralph Johnson to compose a complete experienced squad for next year.-Ralph Johnson. 23 uf ' '-' fx xx ,r QQ .,f x M X ,x- X J.. f . 551111 ,N J bw, m n Zi, I , L l 5 If' , mm l 1 Tm. ll Mi ll J.V,Q,5 M l' K T E-2-l- 4 A, , ff"' 1 - -A , ' ' ' ,N fx 2 "' "" Ml "lf .lil.,, . Nw. e e - - 5 L' L g V 54 . f i - v M-X-xALrl 'Ill , 5 ' - IT- T T T Q ' -4 JQM. Y 1 TF.. 9 A S Q Z Q 9 4 Z xi 6 N 6 5 A S 4 S 'A 5 .1 4 ki Z 5 A ka Z1 9 4 A 5 A KW Z1 N 4 N Z X 2 N YA R 'HS 'll' wggggr TVNMKYALTKHVALTHSVALTVALQVAJVALTVALTV 5. Back row lleft to ripzhtl: Behrens, Weesner, Reynolds, Versteegz. Stevens, Staley tadviserb. Johnson. Front row: Hubbard, Spaulding, Woodward, Gill, Hudson, Bennett. Honor Society Jack Bennett ,..... ........... P resident Jean Spaulding ......... .,l,. X 'ice-President Mary Ellen Gill ,......... Y,,......... S ecretary Esther Slay VVeesner ...... .....i..,.e.,e.. T reasurer Miss Staley ............................. ,... 1' 'aculty Adviser HIS year is the fifth year of the National Society in Newberg high school and it has been one of the most active years of the organization since its establish- ment. The year's activities were begun by the six members who were elected to the society during the last semester of their junior year. Under the direction of the new adviser, the members have tried to promote a high- er scholastic standard among the students and to sponsor many worthwhile projects. The organization is composed entirely of members of the senior class and it is a goal for which members of lower classes strive. The first project of the group was the initiation of six new members into this chapter, held during the beginning of the school year. The ceremony, a formal and very impressive one, was declared by many to be the best ever witnessed. The new members were presented with the pin of the society. Each pin bears a torch and the initials of the four cardinal points of the 0rganilation--character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service-for which qualities the new members are chosen. In February, this chapter sponsored a banquet for the alumni of the organization. All who were present voted that they wished the alumni banquet to be continued as an annual occurrence. The Newberg chapter of the honor society was chosen to act as co-host at the third annual state convention which was held this year at Reed college, Portland. The various committees promoted plans for the convention and all members worked to make it a success.-Ruby Johnson. 24 nf 5 " QX ,A ' 1 ,-2715 H s , "'1fiM1YxQ-'jr' TX , ' li ,sf 5 ..:m2R':-E' 1'1-.Atl nnllnn lIInn-- f-- -- -.f.. up t.. l Q l-'llllf','TT?ff"'g5f,.i'T. '-.. - 7 ff' ' ggh, 'f A ff, yj .---.i.,,'g'f"'11 - e sf -'1 .fe-M. f Back row ileft to rightb: Phillips, Johnson, Frost Qadviserb, Burt, Houser. Front row: Grimes, Barnes, Herring, Juntunen. ' 9 The Girls League Margaret Herring ......,..,...... ..r..,..........,,,,,.,,, P resident Glenna Barnes .......... ....,,,, X 'ice-president Jean Burt ............. .....,, ............ S e cretary Audra Johnson ..., ............,..........,,,,... T reasurer Alice Grimes ...........,. ...,.. C orresponding Secretary Mrs. Vinnie Frost ..............,...r......,.,,.,. Faculty Adviser HE Girls' League was organized six years ago in Newberg Union high school. Its purpose is to promote the interest and welfare of the girls and create a spirit of friendliness among them. Each girl who enters high school automatically becomes a member of this organization. This year a small due of 5 cents was paid by each girl to help finance the organization. The various class representatives were allowed to choose their own theme to por- tray at the programs, presented during the school year. The senior program, arranged by Margaret VVeatherly, senior representative, was on the subject of student body membership. The program presented by the juniors and directed by Elma Juntunen, was given at the Niothersi Tea. The sophomore program, presented by Hazel Mary Houser, consisted of several entertaining numbers which were given by the sopho- more girls. The last program of the year was given by the freshmen, under the di- rection of Beverly Phillips. The projects for the year were many. A Halloweyen party was held in the gym- nasium for all the girls. Scrapbooks were made by the girls and presented for the childrenls Christmas tree. Girls' League week was held much earlier in the spring this year. During this week there was a breakfast for members of the cabinet, and a general assembly at which the Linfield quartet entertained. It was the second ap- pearance of the quartet at Newberg high school this year. The annual basketball banquet was held in the home economics rooms on Wednesday evening. On Friday. a tea was given for mothers.--Jean Burt. 25 'T K , "' ,fmk X5 . 5. W -was 1'-1i"'1 1"LIH'1 H' H as 'ct :i l l f Y' rl"---in .' 'Ns X f rf- I- r , ggi Y: 1,-A 53. , ' X Wyre' A .Jax j , e 5' - is ' -'-Ex ?i 4 9 Q V A 5' A ka 'A F A A X 4 gi 4 a 5 L Z A 5 A 3 ? 4 N 4 N Q N Q L Y A S Q L Z N Z b Z b Z b Z b Z A Z ? 4 B Z b Z 9 K4 I4 Z b '4 it 4 b 4 v5 K4 '4 L1 Q B V4 N Z .x Back row tleft to riizhtb: Thorne, Hosford, Buckley, Crane, Guenther, Grove, Garland. Third row: Adolph, Case, Marlowe, Gutcher, Ebbert, Lacy, Lyon, Georize. Second row: Juntunen, Jones, Mills. Whitlow, Landauer, Garland, Schmoe, Payne, Anderson, Leth ladviserl. Front row: Schaad, Brian, Wood, Courser, Newell, Hubbard, Haworth, Dailey, Smith, Michener Future Farmers Kenneth Hubbard ...... .,...,.,,.., P resident John Haworth .......,. ,,,.... X 'ice-President Donald Courser ...,.., ............ S ecretary Phil Newell .,.,.,..... .,,........ T reasurer Bill VVood ,...,. .,,.,..,.......,..,. R eporter Mr. l.eth .,,,,,.,,.,,...,,................. .....,... F aculty Adviser HE Newberg chapter of Future Farmers of America has accomplished many worthwhile enterprises during this school year. A crowning laurel for Mr. l.eth and his "Ag" students this year was the award- ing of the American Farmer degree to l.eon Hubbard-a graduate of last year's class. The school has another reason to feel proud of the accomplishments of these stu- dents along this line, as this is the fourth American Farmer degree awarded to a New- berg high school student. No other school in Oregon has had more than one American Farmer to its credit. The Newberg chapter won more fame in the sectional and public speaking con- tests. The class took three firsts, two seconds, one third and one fourth place in the sectional contests which were held at Amity this year. Keith Nlarlowe won fourth place as Newberg's representative at the public speaking contest held in Salem. His subject was HI-Iayseed or VVhat ?" The organization entered livestock judging teams at the Pacific International livestock Exposition. They competed against 84 other teams from various other schools and made fair success of their work. The Future Farmers held their annual Father and Son Banquet in the late fall. The purpose of the banquet is to let the students entertain their fathers and to show the accomplishments of their work. This banquet helps to bring about a more inti- mate knowledge between father and son on their "Ag" projects. In order to develop a more brotherly feeling among themselves the club sponsored two parties-one of which was a "stag" party.-Delmer Wohlgemuth. 26 " , . be - .. , L, 'ff' ' ' 1"l.lU"ul,n nmnlllnm ull ni e f .. - ' s ... III l X 31 ,W lf, 'Nu 1- 'Z 2--' -- ' 41x H 'g ' '. A Ry! 3.1.-I im' , - A -12 we-Aa . ' Back row lleft to riirhtl: Hodson, Green, Bennett, Daniels, Haworth. Second row: Fnrsman, Boss, Wood, R. Garrison, Frank, Brian, Langton ladviserb. Front row: Mills, Kycek, Drummond, Arney, Manion, L. Garrison. The Ilrder 0f The "N" Bob Brian .............. .............,..,,,, P resident Ralph Forsman .,........ ................ X 'ice-President Lorn Drummond ...... ,..... S ecretary-Treasurer Coach Langton ..............,...........,.,,,..... Faculty Adviser HE Order of the "AN" is an organization composed of athletes who have earned a blue and gold "NH in some high school sport. The purpose of this organization is to promote athletics in the school. The mem- bers take part in the different types of sports and encourage others to enter athletic competition. This year an inter-class basketball tournament was sponsored by this group. Four members were chosen to coach teams from each of the four classes. Those appointed were: for the seniors, Jack Pfeiferg for the juniors, Ted Green, for the sophomores, Joe Kycekg for the freshmen, John Haworth. Members of the Order of the "N" help in the field duties at all home athletic con- tests. They help by taking tickets, by keeping time and the score at the game. They also keep records of lineups of the various teams and the substitutions. Early in February the regular members of this organization held the annual initiation for those athletes who had just earned their letters in some major sport. This initiation of the neophytes lasted for two days and was climaxed by an as- sembly. The Order sponsored its annual smoker early in the spring. Nearly every mem- ber takes part in this one way or another to help put the smoker across. The members of the Order of the "N" have cooperated in every way to make their organization one of the outstanding groups of the school.-Harvey Anderson. 27 .- N , A , -f . egg? V4 ,lily blull lv ll v-'I Hill' l l i j- l , V, uf, i "r-' fi. f T Eilf as gps :T 3' i" 1 'F 9 N.bf3i,Cl.,,2.l"""Ill 5 i - 'W ir ' - -bale Qu' ni 7 A F 5 'A 5' A S Y A 5 A 5 A H 'A 5 V A g 4 4 N A S 2 N 2 N 2 N 2 N 52 N 2 N Z N 2 N 2 N Q N Z ? N 2 ki 5 N N Z Q N ,--+ 2-- Back row lleft to rightr: Case, Lewis, Eastman, Dixon, Simmons, Hoskins, Sovey, Cook, Price, Bush, Penrose, Howard, Cramer, Knowles, Juntunen. Third row: Weesner, Pierce, Johnson, Gulley, Stevens, Lacy, Peffer, W. Martin, Williams, Gill, A. Martin, Peitz, V. Metcalf, Parker, Burt, Sitton Qadviserl. Second row: Needles, Fisher. Phillips, Rickert, Boor, Conklin, Houser, Garrison, Hodson, Mardock, Schick. Front row: Schaad, Brian, Lane, Reynolds, B. Metcalf, Spaulding, Newman, Beal, Ferrell, Newlunl, Woodward, Barnes. Girl Reset ves Jean Spaulding ...... ,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident Alfreda Martin ,..,,, 4.,. X 'ice-President Cecelia Beal ,,.,,.,..,.,... ......,,,.,,, S ecretary Esther May VVeesner ..... ...,,,......,., Treasurer Miss Sitton .....................,...,..............,,,, Faculty Adviser HE Girl Reserves is a girls, organization which has been in the high school a number of years. It is a branch of the Y. W. C. A., having "To find and give the best' as its purpose. About 40 of the 60 girls in the organization were recognized as members at a re- cognition ceremonial given by the regular members early in the fall. During all season of the year, the Girl Reserves, or Tri Y's, have been very active. At Christmas time Tuberculosis seals were sold by the Tri-Y girls as a com- munity project. Eleven girls and Miss Sitton, faculty adviser, attended the three- day mid-winter conference held in Salem January 31, February l and 2. Mary Ellen Gill, ceremonial chairman of the local society, was chairman of the church service. Margaret I.ou Parker and Esther May Weesner had important parts in the service. A Valentine party was given in the chamber of commerce rooms in February. Another social event was the St. Patrick's day program given March 20 in the Friends church basement. At the weekly meetings of the club crafts, discussion groups and various prograzns, in addition to the regular business meetings, were enjoyed. April 17-24 was National Girl Reserves week. Highlights of the week for the Newberg group included a church service, in which all Newberg Girl Reserves par- ticipatedg an assembly given for the high school studentsg a mother's day, faculty day and a Dad and Daughter banquet.-Jean Spaulding. 28 :nvliiflilginmllllmn III n . . .. -e 1 ' ... II l, X , - r ' --ui JAK, M' rf Back row tleft to rightl z Westhoff ladviserj, R. Burkett, Davidson, Gill, Daniels, S. Burkett, Meyst, Vinson. Middle row: St v ns Verstee' Weesner Wilson Crozer c a Mont e e , g, , , , S h ad, gomery, Johnson. Front row: Juntunen, Hodson, Lewis, Fisher, Frost, Barnes, Stretch, Martin, Burt, Parker, Dixon. Glee Club Fern Knowles ,,,..,....., ,, ,,,,,.r.,,,,,,,,,.,..,..,,...,,,,,,,,, President Audra Johnson ..,.......,,. ,.,,, S ecretary-Treasurer Esther May Weesner ....... ..................,,... P ianist Miss VVesthoff .,.,......,,..........,,,,,,......,,.. Faculty Adviser HE Glee club for the year 1935-'36 was composed of both boys and girls, the number of boys being a minority. The members have participated in various activities for this school year. The Glee Club sang at the Christmas assembly and at the Mother's tea, which was sponsored by the Girls' League. They were also featured prominently in the school broadcast which was given in Corvallis over station KOAC. The members have been presented in many other programs throughout the year. A senior girls' quartet, composed of Alfreda Martin, Glenna Barnes, Fleda Stretch and Catherine Reynolds, has been very active in singing at functions about the town as well as in school. This group sang at the Presbyterian church, at the Baptist church, for the Garden Club meeting, at the Honor Society banquet, at the basket- ball banquet, for the Newberg Future Farmers of America broadcast over KOAC, for the school broadcast at Corvallis, and for Open House which was held in the spring. The general school assemblies for which they sang are too numerous to men- tion. Alfreda Martin and Ernest Daniels are our school's popular soloists-they were heard not only on the school broadcast but also on various other programs. On March ll, the girls held a i'Pot Luck" supper in the home economics rooms. Since it was a leap year party each girl invited a guest. Afterwards the members took their guests to the show where seats had been reserved for the group. The Glee Club has been especially prominent this year and has brought the school much publicity through the many public appearances of this group.-Catherine Rey- nolds. 29 -f fx X A rf llllllllll - m l ll! '23, , . . -.. G v':'ii, f 1 1 I . " y TL' A qi Miva? w e - " ll "' c-. "H ' lil 'V .-.. Min... .' 'NE " 1' ' - " f' -"Z-Wg J V Z Q K ' f ,' X A ' ' f,,:-X-EQlxhxl,ix"lll f ' - ' ir- bf-1, 45 Q2 - i be 'i L Z A Z A Z FA V4 hw :4 '4 L Z B '4 L fe 'Z 9 5 'Z tb Z b Z 9 4 b Z E? 4 A Z b Z 9 Z Pb Hack row tleft to rightl: Sanderman, Hodson, Georfze, Frost. Bennett Haworth, Wood, Gainer, Stenfors. Middle row: MacCarthy, Marlowe. Landauer, Brian, Drummond, Crane, Parry, Kycek, Leth ladviserl. Front row: Boss, Frank, Manion, Spaulding, Garrison, Newby, Nelson, Arney. The Tiger Knights HE Tiger Knights is an organization of firemen, which also acts as traffic squad. The Tiger Knights were organized in l934, with Mr. VValter C. l.eth as adviser. All classes are represented in this club. The organization is divided into military units, each unit having special work to do in fire drills or in traffic regulations. In this method of division there are two companies, with lieutenant John D. Haworth leading Company A, and Lieutenant Jim Hodson as leader of Company B. Each company is divided into three squads composed of one corporal and three privates each. The corporals of Company A are Julienne McCarthy, Jack Bennett, and James Frost. The corporals of Company B are l.orn Drummond, David Boss and Marshall Sanderman. When a private's work is completed during a fire drill or during traffic duty, he reports to the cor- poral of his squad, who, in turn, reports to the lieutenant of his company. By this systematic arrangement of individual work for each Tiger Knight, the fire drills have been executed in a very short time. One fire drill was completed in sixty sec- onds, which was fifteen seconds faster than any fire drill of the school year l934- l935. However, it is believed that through increased efficiency the time can be re- duced to less than this. All of the Tiger Knights are cooperating to save time in the fire drills but the students must also do their share. As only a small percentage of the membership of this organization is seniors, the majority of the Knights will be familiar with the work and more capable of mak- ing this organization carry out its policy of efficiency.-Lloyd Parrott 30 uf f '- IXX 'si I - . w QQ '-1. f Q M.. e.. f ff- . r t -at rex +1 . ' 'lx bk" - - .' 'E In , I L: 1 'lot ' ' li ll l ' , '7W"' , 'f"'.4f.tp4.v , ' ,Y f c , -- - - , M ry 9 2 'Y1l1l.,.,lI - A - 4, f A f - . - f 'gQ'A" sf- '- i - s- -.L AM. Back row lleft to rightb: Juntunen, Gabel, Parker, Sherman ladviserl, Grimes, Lacy, Hodson. Second row: Herring, Stretch, Barnes, Jimmy Case tmascotb, Johnson, Knowles, Burl, Gill. Front row: Woodward, Martin. Booster Girls Mary Margaret Woodward ..,., .................... P resident Margaret Lou Parker .....,....,. ...........,,,. X 'ice-President Margaret Herring .........,..., ...., S ecretary-Treasurer Miss Sherman ,................,...,.............,.,., Faculty Adviser HE Booster Girls is a new organization in our school. It was started by a group of junior and senior girls to promote more pep and enthusiasm among the students. These girls have done much to arouse school spirit for the basketball season. To do this they have tried to have all of their members attend the basketball games in our gymnasium. They also tried to have a representative group at games that were played away from home. The girls have gay uniforms of blue and gold-the school colors--and these are worn at all games, thus setting apart the Booster Girls from the other spectators. New yells and new songs were introduced by this organization, and these have done much to arouse the interest of the students. Two members of the Booster Girls- Alfreda Martin and Mary Margaret Woodward-led the yells at the basketball games and later led yells in pep assemblies. These girls were named school yell leaders, which gave the Booster Club additional publicity. This organization has sponsored several pep assemblies throughout the year and the largest given was to arouse enthusiasm for the basketball game with Tigard. Between the halves of the basketball games the girls provided entertainment of var- ious types. A party was given for the members of the basketball team after one of the games. Since this year has proved to be so successful for this organization, the members hope to make the Booster Girls a permanent club in our school.-Ruth Hodson. 31 X 'W K 'X ' 4. gg' ' I' f-' 1 - 'iffy 7-A , P ' r " 4 ' ,,g..,i3 :yt :v,s,i,'mmiulllmurunui . r 1 i m lll . nl l,-Tags., :ff f 1' ft' f e -2 1 G 2 f S f l if6+g.':2t41.J,""-'-1I , e - 're is -a V 3, ta 4- -IAM Left to right: Daniels, Barnes, Bush, Parker, Abner, Stenfors, Graves, Herrmann, Miller, Broadwell, Lewis. 9 Student Body Plafkqxl N DECEMBER 6 and 7 the student body presented the thre ' 't coaimily 'lThe Tightwad", by Robert Keith. The play was under the able direction of Miss Marion Hendricks. The play has a modern-day setting with a modern theme. John Taylor, a middle-aged man, who is dissatisfied with his position as a book- keeper, is portrayed by George Graves. Nlargaret Iiou Parker, as his wife, tries to dissuade these ideas of hlr. Taylor. Tommy Jordan, played by Monroe Miller, is a young spendthrift and is interest- ed in Edna, the Taylors' daughter, played by Yvonne Herrmann. She has refused to marry him and declares she will not unless he becomes more conservative in his financial matters. Elmer Taylor, the son, characterized by Allan Abner, tries to impress Mamie Harris lRoberta Lewisj but she is only interested in the good times he can give her. Tommy is interested in a large business deal but lacking sufficient funds to carry this out, he gets John and Elmer Taylor to invest the desired amount of money. Soon the papers carry the news about a business deal which was successfully transacted. The Taylor family becomes jubilant but Harold Stenfors, as Orval Stone, a dishonest man, tells them Tommy was not behind the deal. Tommy has great difficulty clearing himself of the guilt which was thrust upon him, but he is finally absolved from anything which Orval Stone had said against him. Mr. Taylor resigns from his position and hires three Swedish servants, portrayed by Glenna Barnes, Aileen Bush, and Ernest Daniels-to carry on the work of his household. At last Tommy and Edna are successfully reunited. Jean Burt was the prompter for this playg .lim Hodson was stage manager and Fleda Stretch and Arlee Gabel were costume managers.--Delmer Wohlgemuth. 32 X . - ab ,, . W , A N V Xfxgi ,cgi A gk My Q, X .Qi W L FS' I1-4 . L li l I i' I - :i ll m' 'lf IA E A Ilg l ', ,N ll J .Q " D' mffll -'R -, "' Y-L . 4 I - - I N x N X n.... HQ I lllnu 'Nw " ' " ' ,'2'l H , 4 ' Y I , W ' 4.-'A Pr I Back row fleft to' rightlz' Ferrell. Graves, Daniels, Stenfors, Garrison, Anderson, Hess. Front row: Hendrick iadviserl, Kycek, Barnes, Herring, Hodson, Weesner, Stevens, Miller. Senior Class Play N APRIL 24 and 25 the class of 1936 presented "The Queen's Husband", a three-act comedy, directed by Nliss Nlarian Hendrick. A very eccentric plot, based upon the troubles of the kingdom of Mereland, cen- ters around Glenna Barnes as Princess Ann and Joe Kycek as Granton, private sec- retary to His Majesty the King and also the man of Ann's choice. Margaret Herring, as Queen Margaret, rules the kingdom-also the king-with an iron hand. She is a martyr, suffering all sorts of inconveniences for the sake of her country, and she allows no one to forget this fact for a minute. Aided by Ernest Daniels as Northrup, the Minister of VVar, and Monroe Miller as Birten, the queen plans a wedding for her daughter and Prince William of Greck, played by Floyd Hess, for purposes concerning foreign relations. Both parties con- cerned in the wedding are ignorant of the plans being made for them. George Graves as King Eric does his best to help Ann out of her predicament, because he would like to give her the opportunity to find happiness free from the in- cumbrances which have been bestowed upon her by royal birth. Shortly before the marriage is to be performed, a revolution breaks out among the masses, with Luther Stenfors as Dr. Fellman leading them. Harvey Anderson as Blent remains loyal to the king and proves very valuable in securing information from the war office concerning the moves of General Northrup. The queen orders Granton to be executed for conspiracy against the government, but in spite of all the difficulties, Ann and Granton finally escape and proceed to be married. Roy Garrison plays the part of Phipps, the king's man, and Mark Ferrell is Laker, a military man. Catherine Reynolds is Petley, maid to Her Majesty, and Ruth Hodson and Esther May Weesner are the ladies-in-waiting. Helen Stevens was chosen prompter, and Charles Smith was stage manager.-Catherine Reynolds. 33 H! ' -, fx xb t' I 5 - I l ' 'lil 1 - gui. ss -vs I-llll lllllllllll llllm -- --41-H11 1 . 1.1 1.1 11 ll -a, -wt, 1. 1fiAl'f'Q:g 2 'if ?if . ,P I--rm ii, -L V, ' V Q 1, v iw-iffi,:.Lr1lllll11-111 5 A - e ' 'Q P- H - are A at-als- ,, gx Q ? 4 N A F A A X A 5' A ka 'A H Z 5' Q ia A S Z S Z H Z H Z R' Z S 5 Z LW Z H Z IA Y M N M N M N M N M N M N M N M ES M L1 M N M N M 5 M 5 M 5 M 5 M N N 5 M N M N Back row lleft to rifzhtr: Lewis, Drummond, Eastman, Broadwell, Meyst, Abner, Michener. Third row: Case, Hudson, Eastman, Arney, Daniels, Stenfors, Graves, Frost, Miller. Second row: Hendrick fadviseri, Weesner, Newland, Knowles, Bush, Herrmann, Parker Juntunen Price. Front row: Johnson, Woodward, Rickert, Phillips, Baleomb, Burt, Davidson, Gabel, Miartin, R. Iiiodson, Gill. The Masque Monroe Miller .,.,.......,,,,,,,,. ,,,,.,,,,,,, , President Margaret Lou Parker ..,.. Vice-President Arlee Gabel .....,,.....,,,...... ,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,, S ecretary Jim Frost .............. ...,,. S ergeant-at-arms Miss Hendricks ............., ,.... ................. F a culty Adviser HE Masque was reorganized this year under the leadership of Miss Hendricks, retaining its original name. The point system was inaugurated this year and the membership of the organiza- tion was divided into two groups. The regular members were those who had earned during the year a specified number of points in acting and production. The pro- bationary members were those who had not earned the thirty points necessary for becoming a regular member. Formal initiation of regular members was held at the end of each semester, at which the new members were given the mask, for cornedyg the dagger, for tragedyg and the red rose, for romance. Several social nights were held at which groups composed of members of the Masque gave short skits and one- act plays. The club also sponsored a Masque Dime night at which three one-act plays were presented. Practically every one in the Masque had some part in making this new venture successful. A large sum of money was raised which helped materially to finance the organization. There were one-act plays or skits being rehearsed all the time and this gave every member a chance to act in p ays and also to work in production. The probation- ary members were usually featured in these for it gave them a chance to earn the points which are necessary for becoming a regular member of the club. The point system has produced valuable results in arousing the interests of the students in the Masque organization. It has given all members a chance to work in all types of play production.-Jean Burt. 34 nf , f ,,, ff"KX-six gk g Il UU 4 QQ 7- ig t wg v,4kw,,r ,,, .,.,nW gs 'f , ' ,A , , P , r . 3. umvgtavg-. i 3- . ,li LL? 1 1. m l -A Il , kxiwxl V luinlmxul if N I - I 4' P 'P K e'-'- if JA-Qiill i lies 'F- Sports teach us to be Willing To give as well as take And not to act for personal gain But for the Whole group,s sake. y.-E-9 A, ..5. 'H ,ew 'if A 4:11 vw ,M fl! 35 wi ,A ,A 14:5 I .- , :ii 'Y L W , rp--L1 ,E Y THE end of the present school year Coach Ted Langton will have been with the high school as athletic director for two years. Previous to this time he filled the position of coach at VVarrenton high school. He piloted an exceptionally light team through a football season. The team met with disasterous resultsg however, they managed to hold the score lower than teams of three or four years ago did. During a basketball season, due to inconsistency in team play, "Coach" was always in hot water. One night of wins brought encouragement while a loss would wipe away all traces of victory. In baseball little better prospects are faced with. Coach Langton must work with all new material. Several of last year's lettermen, in refusing to turn out, left several holes in a badly moth-eaten team. If Coach Langton succeeds in patching up these holes and makes a presentable team he will work miracles about the school. VVe wish him the best of luck next year. ss uf y " ' X X3 Ns i ,. 7-f"-I ,L J 43.1 2 1 'T ', . ix' . 'll'l i H Q . 'f"'.ff:'i N " ' Ae, My ul ll 'Ff I,-4. il f lr " ll .un....ll - , 'Rig t j '- fe , Zeffl 1-..- 1. as i A ' x Wil-'Ja 'T . - A f-f- A af. XX hw 'Z N 'Z 9 2 N V4 N 74 'Q N 'Z R 'Z N YA ki 'Z N 2 N VA hw 'Z 'F L4 Y -is sf is ts hz .N 'Z vb Back row tleft to rifzhtl: Roberts, Newby, Anderson, Parry, Broadwell, Stenfors, Boss, Drummond. S auldin , K cek Lan t o hl. D L! y , g on tc ae Middle row: Manion, L. Garrison, Green, Frank. Front row: R. Garrison, Forsman, Arney, Daniels, Hodson, Bennett, Brian. Football ANDICAPPED by being the lightest weight team in the league, the Newberg Tigers managed to give their opponents plenty to worry about, out on the old gridiron this season. Although it seemed a very dismal year as far as scores were concerned, the Tigers put up some excellent ball playing that is well worth mentioning. The team as a whole it as a very efficient ball machine considering their weight, but this disadvantage was the deciding factor in favor of all the opposing teams which outweighed the Tigers on the average of ten pounds. But the backfield had much better luck with their fast, shifty plays plus a veteran lineup which is always an advantage. The Tigers did not taste victory once during their six games but managed to cross the zero line twice for 12 points and took each conversion point, making a sen- sational score of l4 pointers. tNote: Two years ago there were no points madeg last year 7 points were taken from Tigard, and this year I4 points is ere added to the Tiger belts, so at this ac- celerated rate the Tiger eleven will capture 21 pointers during the season of l936l. The scores this year were taken from Canby and Woodburn. When Newberg checked up the seven points over Woodburn, the Tigers were ahead in their first game for the last four years. Some of the outstanding plays of the season were 1VIanion's seventy-yard dash toward the scoring zone, Greenis plunge through a solid opposing line for the first six points and in another game carried the conversion, Frankls 30-yard run across the goal line to score the second touchdown of the season with L. Garrison taking the extra point across for the conversion. There were many other outstanding plays throughout the grid season, for instance: Ralph Forsman's pile driver tackling and R. Garrison's pass receiving. Of course we all remember well the last game of the season with Tigard when the teams had to play with mud a foot thick all over the entire field, and each player stopped before making a tacke to make sure it was not one of his own men. Of the first line up six are graduating this year: Daniels, centerg Forsman, R. tackleg R. Garrison, R. end, Ptickert, L. tackleg L. Garrison, R. halfback, and Man- ion, quarterback.-Lorry Garrison. 36 T ,f 1 Q-L " P 'ff' 1 5 1"'l.SU"tlllnunnllllnm III nt . .. tt i 1 t.. Illl ll .lwn , - -if --5-M M Left to right: Drummond tmanagerl, Kycek, Garrison, Frank, Hubbard, Boss, Smith, Haworth, Bennett, Langton tcoachl. "AQ, Squad Basketball NCE again the basketball squad of Newberg Hi ran the gauntlet of a season vlith five victories and seven defeats in their League gamesg faring even worse in their traditional games, with two wins out of six games. This year the Tigers had the opportunity of entering the district tournament at Linfield college in Mchflinnville. In order to do this it was necessary to defeat In- pendence, the Hrunner-up" of Polk county. However, the Newberg basketeers didn't quite have the push to put over a victory and were dropped by the wayside. The season ended the high school playing career of the four-year veteran, "little" Joe Kycek and four other men: Roy Garrison, a guard, Jack Bennett at center, and Charles Smith and Kenneth Hubbard, guards. The latter four played their first year on the varsity this season. Lettermen who wi l return next year are: David Boss, a guard, Wally Frank, a forvi ard, and John D. Haworth, a guard. Wally developed a case of blood poisoning when the season was about two-thirds finished, preventing him from playing the remaining games. Joe Kycek acted as pilot for the squad. Johnny placed as the guard selected on the second team by the VV. V. I. L. office.-Jack Bennett. l'0NFERENl'E GAMES TRADITIONAL GAMES Newberg Dallas ....... 20 Newberg ..... 20 Alumni ...... 16 Newberg Silverton ---. 33 Newberg ..... 27 Tigard ..... - 40 Newberg Canby --- 19 Newberg ..... 22 McMinnville -- 37 Newberg West Linn 30 Newberg ..... 25 McMinnville -- 34 Newberg NVoodburn 17 Newberg ..... 13 Tigard ....... 21 Newberg Molalla ....... 32 Newberg ..... 36 Alumni ...... 34 Newberg Molalla --- ,,,,, 24 i -- Newberg Woodburn ,,,,,,,, 31 Totals 143 182 Newberg West Linn ,,,,.... 44 Newberg Canby ....... 5 Newberg Silverton - 49 Newberg Dallas --- 23 -1- TOURNAMENT PLAY OFF Totals 264 Newberg ..... 24 Independence .. 29 H' r"'IJ 1 37 nt? ' ll'-uf?-v .fu 3, , 'Il I llllllllllllll 1- na - , - Q., , , L , Fl-, , T 'C ' n t xiiiufll: I l ii lul l' V l, Y, ll rk 'JI IJ H In JAM- W rlrntirow: Crune, Anderson. Spaulding, Broadwell, Tate, Walker. V "B" Squad Basketball HE I936 "B" squad basketball hoopsters did no better toward scoring up the the games than did the "A" squad. But like their big brothers, put up some good ball playing and more than once gave their opponents plenty to worry about. Although only taking three of their games, they managed a pretty fair season which gave experience to some men who should go places this next season. The team was too light, which is Newberg's major disadvantage in all sports, but with a little more practice and experience, will make a very good ball team. Some of their games were very fast and provided plenty of excitement and others were not so good. Tate and Goodrich held down the forward positions and managed to take plenty of the score against the opposing team. Gainer held down the center post until the last half of the season when he was forced out by a sore knee. Nelson relieved him of his post and carried it through the remainder of the season, getting his share of all the tip-off plays. Forsman and Manion held back their opponents at the guarding line and also managed plenty of scores now and then. Other players who helped the "B" team through some tight spots were Newby, Brian, Spaulding, VValker. Crune, and Anderson.-l,orry Garrison. ss J jpg vhs ,-' g , - Q www . - jx- I ,M X' , .' ' A . ' N, E x, , uulllvllkf gi" L Li-ll' Q2 ll' ' ,,, j L g IH n l 1, lrl l f xfpx mm -N.. - f - - f , f , , w f 9 X, amml., 'Ill g , ' he an -L V Q, ' es- 46-M JT Back row lleft to rightb: Nelson, Parrish, Thorne, Davis, Crune, Behrens, Gower. Second row: Langwn icoachl, H. Johnson, R. Johnson, W. Smith, Rowland, Morris, Swendson, Kellas. Anderson. Front row: Broadwell, Detrick, Juntunen, Schmoe, MacCarthy, Brian, Newby, Richmond, Mills, C. Smith tmanagerj. Baseball ASEBALL season started this year with two defeats for Newberg, met at the , hands of Silverton and West Linn, two of the strongest opponents in the league. Coach Langton has poor prospects for a victorious team this year because the nine men are all inexperienced, but with more practicing the team should improve during the remaining games. To save expense it was decided to play double headers each week with the same high school, using first and second teams. The regular lineup is as follows: H. Johnson, pitcher, Brian, catcher, Detrick, first base, Anderson, second base, McCarthy, short stopg Kellas, third base, Davis, R. field, Mills, C. Field, and R. Johnson, L. field. Other members of the team are Richmond, Behrens, Rowland, Nelson, Parrish, Schmoe, Nelson, and Juntunen. Baseball managers are Smith and Broadwell. Only four men will graduate this spring, so it leaves bright prospects for next yearis squad. The schedule was as follows: April 7, Silverton ,..,..., ...,... A t Silverton April 17, West Linn ....... ....... A t Newberg May 1, Canby ............... ...,......,. A t Canby May 5, Woodburn .... May 8, Dallas ..,,.,.... May 15, Molalla .....,...,. ......... May 22, Independence ........ At Newberg At Dallas At Newberg At Independence .v "' vp MIWAYW VM b fri g V M , ,, Q gk-gg' W Qmjvlw 122. ffl. . lm' 'Will l 'um emfm? ln 'l l il llll ll .Q Hi 'L vvq--' " x '-T T-EQ .Q -' -HN - , - ' - I ' lg 7 WI-I PQI "M lfl ' ,-7 -Rst 8 Y 4 "- ff ' 42-gig 117, N ' f- I I f X xbyfxgrillrjrlulll f 'i - V -J., ,Q 'fi EN M 4-al Left to right: Metcalf, Woodward, Barnes, Thompson, Reynolds, Herring, Stretch. Girls, Interclass Basketball HAT have we here '? Seven girls and a ball-the 1935-'36 interclass basket- ball champions. This group of senior girls has held the interclass cham- pionship for three consecutive years. As freshmen the team was defeated by the high and mighty seniors known as the class of '33. However, as sophomores, they made a strong comeback and captured the title for that year. Moving into their third year this group again led with a string of victories. As a fitting climax to the second and third year victories, the girls won the championship in their senior year. ln recognition of this consistent performance the senior class presented the girls with letters. The girls in the picture above have played together for four years, with the exception of Bessie Metcalf. In the boys, division, the juniors captured the number one position, defeating the sophomores and seniors and breaking a three-way tie. Upsets were numerous as the four class teams made the rounds. The freshmen had the misfortune of losing all of their games. The seniors captured a game from the sophomores, the sophomores were victorious over the juniors, and the juniors defeated the seniors, bringing about a three-way tie until the juniors defeated both the sophomores and seniors in the playoff. Basketball lettermen are not permitted to play interclass basketball. There- fore, new materials for both the "A" and "B" squads are discovered-Jack Bennett. 40 -IRM ef l N r ef M . i - -Q' 'QQ wi mu 'M I H- I e - ' H' Q la, II si.. 'Ns L - L' f , ,ggi V Q ' D' . xg xy X, -:Klang will JAM Back row tleft to rightl: MacCarthy, Mountain lcoachi, Tate, Newby, Haworth, Gainer, Forsman, E. Eastman. Johnson, Behrens, Hess. Front row: Wiley, Simmons, Peffer, G. Eastman, Case, Lewis, Hoskins, Dixon, Abner, Price. Tennis Club HE Tennis Club was organized in the spring for the purpose of teaching and encouraging students to enter tennis competition. Last year the team had a very successful season, and the prospect for another good team is bright, due to the return of some varsity players and of some promising new material. Mr. Mountain, the adviser, has picked the following students for the teams: Boys' Team-John D. Haworth, Dean Tate, George Bales, Vernon Gainer, Gerry Newby. Girls' Team-Carol Case, Mary Lou Hoskins, Roberta Lewis, Geraldine East- man, Peggy Simmons. Most of the members on the teams are underclassmen, so Newberg High has the prospects of a successful tennis team in years to come. This year is the first year for some time that Newberg has featured a girls, team to compete with other schools. Both teams won the tournament held at Canby on April 18.-Ralph Johnson. 4 1 pg-Ill Il 11 q 'll' l l ll l 53:1 Q '4 i " ,fGXxAQ .X ,, .. ,,g. - ?' 'Q HU- ' ll i iTllT'l'l'?' l , hi ll V, l if J lil K- :L r 3' 'iaf 4 - - X 1- 7-f 'r p f H, 1 ' ' '--- x r RFK ' 1 4.: 1: :-1, s V ' 1 X V xXkQ.""'lL'xYle?lIll A-iz' A . - ek' 5 JA i,. .-.M '4 b Z A Z A Z A 'Z b 'Z EB 'Z A L Z 9 as 9' L 'A his rg 4 r L1 N L '7 B I' Sportsmanship As the famous Hiawatha Showed himself a perfect sport With a gentle disposition Which would grace a kingly court. Striving many times to conquer Though he did not always win He had qualities of manhood And just "took it on the chin". Never gloomy-Hiawatha Cheerful in both loss and gain And when all things seemed against him Never once did he complain. Strong ot limb was Hiawatha Straight of step and broad of chest And in courage as in virtue He could equal any test. As he shot with bow and arrow This brave youth aimed for the sky Let us take a lesson from him And in life make our aim. high. --Ruby Johnson. 42 If We see the funny parts of life Our troubles melt away, So 1et's cast our cares behind us And be laughing, glad and gay. Class Will E, the seniors of Newberg union high school, being of imaginative nature and failing in health and memory, do now establish and declare this our last will and testament, in order to distribute impartially our possessions among our suc- CCSS0l'S. I, Harvey Anderson, leave nothing to nobody. I, Glenna Barnes, leave one freckle apiece to all members of the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. I, Shirley Beede, will my great gift of gab to Lloyd Guenther. I, Warren Behrens, leave my excep- tional ability in physics to Margaret Lou Parker. I, Jack Bennett, leave, will, bequeath and transmit to Ralph Johnson, the Echoes. I, Bertha Buckley, leave my quiet manner to Vera Metcalf. p I, Katherine Buckley, will my red hair to Virgil Nordyke. I, Aileen Bush, give my pet cat to Arlee Gable. I, Dorothy Crozer, will my EXCUSED absence slips to Ted Green. I, Louise Dailey, leave with anyone who will come with me. I, Ernest Daniels, will my deep bass voice to Lawrence Schaad. I, Arza Davis, leave my blond hair, blue eyes and fair complexion to Lorn Drummond. I, Harold Davis, leave as fast as I can. I, Earl Eastman, leave all my dates to the Red and White grocery. I, Delbert Ebbert, do hereby will my Scotchman's instinct to Dorothy Thomp- son. I, Mark Ferrell, do hereby bequeath my handsome senior picture to Beulah Barkman. I, Ralph Forsman, leave my tackling spirit to Jean Burt. I, Marjorie Forsman, leave my curves to Elma Juntunen. I, Lorry Garrison, bequeath my artis- tic ability to Bill Burke. I, Roy Garrison, leave my way with women to Jim Swendsen. I, Henry Getsinger, give my gorgeous blond hair to Dale Catton. I, Mary Ellen Gill, leave my beach cot- tage to the next party. We, George Graves and Monroe Mil- ler, leave the little brown jug-empty. I, Clarence Gutcher, will my last name to anyone who can pronounce it correctly. I, Margaret Herring, give my argu- mentive ability to Betty Brian. I, Floyd Hess, will my good behavior to the school at large. I, Marjorie Hodges, bequeath my "specs" to whoever needs them. I, Ruth Hodson, the "giggle-o", leave my giggle to Alberta Keiling. I, Lester Howard, leave my ability to tell good stories to David Boss. I, Kenneth Hubbard, leave my knowl- edge of farm cultivation to Fern Knowles. I, Homer Johnson, will my upright moral character to Jim Hodson. I, Ruby Johnson, leave my last name to my brother Ralph. I, Raymond Jungwirth, leave as all the other Jungwirths have left. I, Esther Juntunen, leave my desire for the last word to Audra Johnson. I, Arbie Kellas, leave my brother El- den to graduate next year. I, Joe Kycek, leave my "spells of luck" in basketball to the next basket- ball team. Good luck, fellows! I, Vida Lacy, bequeath my sunny smiles and sweet disposition to Wally Frank. I, Pat Manion, give my beautiful per- manent wave to Delmar Hodges. I, Keith Marlowe, leave my speaking ability in F. F. A. to Donald Garland. I, Alfreda Martin., leave in a cloud of dust. I, Bessie Metcalf, now leave high school. Bachelors take notice. I, Earl Mills, leave my love of high school to Betty Ferrell. I, Wanda Needles, will my ability to write poetry to Mac McCarthy. I, Lloyd Parrott, will my height to Muriel Frost. ' I, Harold Parry, leave my curly hair to Claire Williams. I, Catherine Reynolds, leave my place in the senior quartet to Clifford Mont- gomery. I, Bob Rickert, leave all other girls for Sylvia. I, Margaret Rittenhouse, leave my ability to make biscuits to the Home Ec. classes. I, Helen Shank, leave my forward manner to Lee Strait. I, Charles Smith, leave my length to Don Courser. I, Philip Smith, bequeath my manly stride to Yvonne Herrmann. We, Jean Spaulding and Ernest-"ine" Daniels, leave the Girl Reserves to any- one who will take it. I, Luther Stenfors, bequeath a can of Copenhagan to Charles Meyst. QContinued on page 461 'f " ,J-'X Q 5 ,X . 4' W Kiss- -lljjllmgllllllllllll ill ff' i w i ll . . II Jill'-It g , -- - :X - f ir f ,-....,v' fi H, . :Z 'kgg x ,- -:1f,, 4- I-2-L -74 :Egg 1- A , 1 i N, e 6,xR,,q-luxzrjlilll : - 7 if '21-: 1 I., s - Egg ki 7 5 E 5' A ri Z1 S Z 5' .1 S Z. 5' si Z S' Z H Z H 'A H Z K Z School life in reality!! 44 Guess who? 4 5 "CHQ 'lf WY WY WY YY 'll' 'UI' YY WI' WY I' SWMKMNVALVALQZNVALQVALQ T.-..........-........-..-..-...-...-i.-..-....-..-...F , DR. H. J. ALVIS M Physician and Surgeon il if Over Ben Franklin Store Phones: Office 235M: Residence 238W 4..-............................-..-..-.....-..,. To-nu-uniun-uu1u1-nu-un-unzunxan-nu-urn 1. W , C. A. BUMP, M. D. i Physician and Surgeon H H 1 Office over U. S. National Bank Ti li Phone: Office and Residence, 171W f -pf.. f..:..,..i. ....-..--314. .g........-............-..-..-...-..-...-....... gk If . ,I Frank T. W1lCOX, M. D. l Physician and Surgeon as H Office in First National Bank Building ,L if Newberg, Oregon i 4..e.-:. ::4:.,,..:::::.-...::.,:.:: - .:.-.+ Q..-............-..-...-...-...-..-........-...-...T ll . N Thos. W. Hester, M. D. if U Physician and Surgeon 5 'N Two doors west of City Hall ll RGB., 239.1 Office, 239J U -H---..-......-...-.............-...-...-...-..-..-ai. CLASS WILL iContinued from page 433 I, Helen Stevens, give my two years treasurership to whoever has the ability to do it again. I, Fleda Stretch, leave my dad's De- Soto in the garage. I, Kenneth Swendsen, the sailor boy, leave a woman in every port. I, June Taylor, leave now to wait for the next leap year. I, Helen Thompson, leave Mrs. Frost's English class. I, Erma Versteeg, leave my typing ability to Harold Judd if he thinks he needs it. I, Margaret Weatherly, leave my ex- ceptional ability to write notes to Sa- loma Burkett. I, Raymond Weatherly, leave what's left of my Ford to John Haworth. I, Esther May Weesner, leave my ability of never getting "called down" in English to Nadine Chaney. I, Leonard Whitmore, leave my knack of growing whiskers to Harold Stenfors. I, Lillian Wilson, leave my lily white complexion to Philip Newell. I, Delmer Wohlgemuth, leave my in- terest in the freshman girls to any boy who can "feed" them such a line as I my point in the eternal triangle to Alice Grimes. I, Bob Worley, leave my tardy slips to Wesley Smith. NEWBERG HIGH'S FUNNY PAPER CHARACTERS Hans and Fritz-Earl Eastman and Harvey Anderson. Terrible Tempered Mr. Bang-Percy Bennett. Suitcase Simpson-Chuck Smith. Tillie the Toiler-Dorothy Crozer. Harold Teen-Tom Richmond. Skeezix-Kenny Swendsen. Orphan Annie-Arlee Gabel. Jiggs-Joe Kycek. Maggie-Mary Maggie Woodward. Powerful Katrinka--Marty Martin Lena Fry-Merrily Gill. Happy Hooligan-Roy Garrison. Andy Gump-Ray Weatherly. Lil' Abner-Allan Abner. Simp O'Dill-Bebe Daniels. Junior Nebb-Buck Davis. Cicero Mutt-Prof. Behrens. Mr. Oliver: Are you a Junior? Mac: No, sir, I'm a McCarthy. .g....................-....-,..-.......-..-..-.......-.... 1 . . l GRAHAM'S , DRUG STORE l.......-.. .... .-........-.......i ,..-.....-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-. WO0D'S DRUG STORE T Q Formerly coolers D1-ug store l Under New Management ...............-....-..-...-.......-..-..........-..l. 4,.....,,.... .....- - .-..-..-...- E 5 Save With Safety at Your REXALL DRUG STORE 5 Lynn B. Ferguson i Prescription Druggist i I Phone 15W . . I have and get away with it. : D I, Bill Wood, leave school for no good I 302 FIFSUS Sifeet, Newberg, Oregon reason at all. I I, Mary Margaret Woodward, leave .i..g.....ff,:,...........i:..T..-...ia fe:--:up 46 nf : 'v Qxx ll ,, 1 5 ifilffs- Q'f.!nl"i1lu nnnllIm ul m f- 1 'N ... III T lll'7r',QrfiF:v.. In Ill. ., .. , x, ., i....p, ,,I fu. 2 f R - ' - 'rf 3' We-Q.'r.'-'-'ll - I ' -" -QR -fe-QQ! ' alu-u-u-nn-nn-1'-m-1-.1nn-.urns-n-m-ul. with 15 outstanding girls. I ' . : I Nov. 25-Honor Society elects new I I members tSeveral "Smart Alecs" won- I DENTIST dering if they get ini. - - H I Nov. 28, 29-Thanksgiving vacation Sssgnxf:Iggilvfgfktgfncgkyzggv 119 shopping days 'till Christmas-if I you don't eat too muchb. Dec. 2-Senior Girls win inter-class basketball-third' year. ......-...-...-........- ......-...-..-...............-4. 1"-""-""""""""""""""""""""""""'I' Dec. 3-Junior boys annex B. B. title. I , Dec. 6, 7--"Tightwad"-We saw i I I some of the most "chawming" couples. I X-RRY DiagI10S1S Dec. 11-Ag boys' Father and Son I DENTIST 5 banquet fdads fetedl. Office in First National Bank Building I thDeC- 14'-Ag b0yS broadcast Over the I e er. """-""" -""""-"""""'-"""-"""""' Dec. 19-Juniors win debate tourna- +.-u-n-n--n-n-n-u----an-W-,-M-,+ ment. My, what tongue twisters! 5 ' Dec. 20--Santa Claus comes to town. I Dec. 20-Newberg wins initial fracas I Dr. M. B. I from Dallas 30-20, , Dec. 30--Groans heard about school I due to lack of vacation. I I Dec. 31-See you next year. J..-..-..- -...-..........-..-.............-..-ai. Jan- 3-BOOBWT girls Put 011 DeDDY performance at B. B. game. 4..-........-..-........-..-.........-.......-.....g. Jan, 16-Ag boys skip school ieg. , . : I they went to Portlandl. I I Jan. 18-N. U. H. S. goes over the ' 5 air. I DENTISTRY Jan. 19-Sand Lake is scene of Sen- I Over U. S. National Bank Bldg. ate outing fWas you there, Charlie?J NI. fContinued on page 48l S01-1001, CALENDAR .!...-..g:.-..- ze.: - -ee-: ni -ee.. afar Sept. 23-Everyone treks off for the "little red schoolhouse". Did you see I all those green Rooks standing around? 2 NEWBERG SCRIBE H Sept. 23 t9:15J-Rush on Home I gl Economics courses. Sept. 24-Football practice begins. I Newberg has world championship feath- g I I ' I erweight team! . Oct. 1-Noble aspirants learned all Prlnters of 1' the rules at the movie to "Play Ball". : li Oct. 9-New S. B. tickets tIt's tough I "The Cheh2,lel'I1v on the boys whose girls didn't get onel. I I Oct 10-School turns out for live- I if stock show. Did you stall on Rex Hill? 0 ll Oct. 11-Newberg made a touch- I down!! lNote: Just watch some of I " those passesb. Con ratulates the Staff ll Oct. 12-F. F. A. again puts Newberg I g . It on the map. Leon Hubbard is state's I of th1S Year Book for ' delegate to the national convention. I . if Oct. 31-First snow fall-in October. , Its Enteyprlge ,I Various eerie noises heard from Girls' I I League Hallowe'en party. Nov. 6--21 on initial Honor Roll 18 : . u freshiesl. My, aren't we smart! Nov. 7-Tales of Chaucer floating . A I around halls, : See the Scribe for other e Nov. 8-Masque puts on "Touch- I , , , down", to arouse some much needed I pI'1I1t1YlgJ11StaS good It pep. ' " Nov. 12-Class meetings-riot call as b00k il turned in. . II Nov. 18-New organization puts in appearance-Booster Club organized icznz :Z gn Z . ,, -:L :W ,, -zznzui, 47 fl., . I' lwlmn umlllllmmlll ill f N K V vb-M I 3 " I I .,r , 5 'V' 1 . . -- fffx. ' .- X ' N' ' . 2 3 xqr I k ll' 'f l . K Ill ' l Il lll llil I I-I f Z III . f lib- ' ' f ' " ,'2Lw A i , I 1 ' I 1 X' II- V XII. Rxdwxl xuull 5 4 ik VA LY Y L V L :4 V L Y L Y L I' L I' ? L Y ALQVALWVALQYAL 'll' WI' 'IV WV 'VAL L. +..-...-..-....-.........,.-....-...-....-......n-..........-.. 5, 4 I ip R. H. C. BENNETT i Q LAWYER lf Office over U. S. Nat'l Bank 4..-......-...-...-....-...-,..-....-....-....-..-..-..i. .g...-...-...-....-.....................-................-....-.. 6' A . HERBERT SWIFT Attorney-At-Law g Office over U. S. Nat'l Bank I 1 Newberg. Oregon 4..-.....-......-..........-..-......-.. .......I. or---11.-1-1-1,1-u1sn1n-1u-uu1'-.-u--nn--ng. R . P . G I L L ii ,. Insurance ii li First National Bank Bldg. -u- l 47:1 :n7:ni:nl:ui:u-uugi-:n1nu-nu iz:-l:+ q...........-.......-..-..-...-...-.......-........-..!. Ii , it Newberg Truck Lines ll H All Kinds of Hauling, Anywhere if +4 J. A. Jossy, Manager .i.............-..-..-.......-..-...-..-..-..-..1. SCHOOL CALENDAR lContinued from page 471 Jan. 23-Dime Nite fMasque puts on some thrillersl. Jan. 29, 30-Everybody studiously leafing thru' books 5 minutes before exams. Jan. 30--Bebe Daniels is Senior Prexy and how he keeps order. Feb. 1-Netwberg debaters bring back 4 decisions from Linfield tournament. Feb. 2-Girl Reserve convention at Salem 1Newberg had charge of church servlcej. Feb. 3-Did you see the "Injuns"? fChehalem assemblyl. Begins Che- halem week. Feb. 7-Another assembly. Buy your annual now. Feb. 10-Junior movie "Cougar". Wild life! Feb. 12-Margaret Herring elected outstanding Senior girl-smart girl! Feb. 12-Keith Marlowe wins Ag. public speaking contest. Feb. 14-Booster party for basketball boys after Mac game. Tsk! Tsk! It was Valentlne's day! ? Feb. 29-Scriveners' party, and the aftermath! Feb. 29--Frosh entertain Juniors. What a party! March 1 and on-Seniors seen ex- changing cards. banquet iSwell and exclusive affair!! March 17-"1-atliei' put the cow away" heard about school for weeks fLinf.eld quartetl. March 18-Basketball banquet lAll the girls hoping to be inv.tedl. March '20-Girls' League lVIothers' Tea iMammas properly impressedl. March 20-Tri Y party iboys very curious to know who invited theml. March 21-12 aspiring "kids" hold a beach party. 4We've heard rumorsl. April 1--Merry Christmas!! CEchoes came out on Monday-no April Fool! I April 3-Open House QProduced by Seniorsi. April 4-Merrily throws big party. April 8-Ag. party fall sorts of un- usual couples put in their appearancel. April 13-Several new gowns and spring fever put in their appearance qDay after Easterl. April 13-S. B. elections fHigh and mighty Seniors descend from positionsl. Boss elected S. P. Prexy. Good luck to you, Davie. April 14--Masculine Physics mem- bers skip school fThey went to Mc- Minnville-so they sayl. April 15-Absence of boys in study hall lFirst day of recreational pro- graml. April 19-Church service CGirl Re- iContinued on page 493 T....-.......-..........-.....-..-..-..-..-u!u l THE 7 NEWBERG ii yi GRAPHIC ji T Chroniclers of Q Newberg History K li For the Past 47 l. l Years 11 il ' H ll ll il Believes in the if Youth of Newberg ll Q ll YOUR PATRONAGE ji i PAST AND FUTURE A IS APPRECIATED I March 14-Honor society Alumni .i..........-..- - -....-.....,,.........-.......,..l, ..f ' A K as p ...A . t ,.- QT B ' ffe ff- X .af F' " 1 .,Lf., 1'-. ii viii l l lllll limi till nu -- -- ..f. A 1 1, 1. . ill l 5,131 ,lm -NN . 9 Kg' 1 1:77 k A A KKK, gi Xxx Jxukxlliiil A -. ' Q--' - .L 4 A ' . i 'G J fe-Qu +1111-un:un1un1un1uu1uu1nu1un1nn1-in--uni.1, .l 5 ELLIS at EASTMAN THE 3 l RED 8: WHITE STORE I QUALITY FIRST ALWAYS ll 610 First Street. Phone 134R 2 .-........-..-.....-..-.....-..-........i. .sa-1a-u1nn1un1nn1un1nn1uu1un1un1nn1nn-n-axe Q, I E. C. BAIRD ! Dealer in T GENERAL MERCHANDISE : Phone 37R l ..-..........-................,........- -....-........q. +--- I ...-...-......-...-..-..-....-...-..-..-4. Q SAFEWAY STORES l Wish Newberg Union High School more success in the coming year I ........-..-....................-..-.......4. ga-..-....-...-..-....-..........-....-...-...-..........-..1, j STONE'S GROCERY l Courteous, Dependable Service Q l Always the Best in I I Produce and Staples 1 ' Phone 170J. First and Howard Streets l l1qq1,.1p.-...ing1nn1nn..un1nu1uninn1nn1- i -1- SCHOOL CALENDAR iContinued from page 483 serves hold impressive meetingj. April 21-Girl Reserve Dad and Daughter banquet. April 24, 25-"The Queen's Hus- band". May Seniors put on their best looks. 1-April showers bring May flowers. Hey boys, watch out for the girls. May 2-All the "brain trust" travel to Portland to help entertain all the Honor Societies of the state at Reed College. May 9-Booster Girls take their "best boy frans" to Silver Creek Falls. May May graphs May sure to May 11-Campus Day-more fun! 12-Chehalem appears. Auto- walking all over school. 13-Senior Class Day fSeniors put it on thickb. 14-Senior picnic iQuiet day observed by underclassmenj. May 3 1-Baccalaureate QWords of wisdoml. June 1, 2-Final exams 10h well, it won't be long nowb. June 4-Graduation iFarewell to high school daysb. June 5-Junior-Senior banquet fJun- ior treatl. Good Luck! Pat Manion was Seen frying his bacon in Lux to keep it from shrinking. SENIOR QUESTIONNAIRE The outcome of the questionnaires, which were answered by the members of the senior class, are as follows: The boys seem to be undecided wheth- er they like brunettes or red heads the best, for they chose Margaret Herring as the most popular girl, with Glenna Barnes a close second and "Mugs" Woodward third. The girls are no doubt attracted by the athletes, choosing Joe Kycek first. Jack Bennett second, and Pat Manion third for the boys whom they consider the most popular. As to the nicest, the boys had no trouble deciding that Marg Herring was the nicest girl they knew, and they chose "Rufus" Hodson second, with Glenna Barnes third. The girls seem to, in the long run, measure niceness by a man's silence, for Philip Smith was selected the nicest boy. Jack Bennett drew second place in this division, and Keith Marlowe and Joe Kycek tied for third place. Margaret Weatherly was voted first under the heading of prettiest girls- Ugentlemen prefer blondes"-and Glen- na Barnes and Dorothy Crozer tied as second choice. "Kate" Reynolds was voted third choice on this score. In choosing the most handsome boy, fContinued on page 501 T1un:uu-uu1 nlvu -nn1un1m11nu1un1nn1un1nu1ugv GAINER'S CASH I GROCERY and V 5 MARKET ! o i l "GAIN AT GAINERSH 7 L 0 ! E i 1 - Free Delivery - i l I 9 i I l Phone 240R lu - - - 49 +--H- - ------ -----1- Q Ol! : " , Y I A ,r 1 L ,... -- -eff-X., - R, , -- N " ,xx ' .,:f., 'Muslim lillllllllll ullm .nw an 1., lI. III Af?-f53:2,.I I ft. :L 2 T :'iQ,f- . , i f- -. ' ' 'l x, 4 ,"",-1 I H.-,E w N' ' ' A- , , A x vw.ftliJS" Q' -rv!-Q2 S 2 N 3 Q E 2 N 'Z N 'Z N V4 N 2 N 'Z 5 ki 2 N Z B '4 In 'Z N V n. V u. V u. Y ki V L Z L 4.........-...- .. ....-...-...............-..-. . T 154- 1 v fr 1' " f W' I L E E I ETHEL BEAUTY iq E SHOPPE A li T ii ' I ii H Evening Appointments ll: H PHONE 149.1 gg H il H ' il H H -i "Satisfaction Our Motto" H li il 4an-uu1cu1nn-1nu1ul1uucvnn1nn1ls1ln1uu1un1ssf SENIOR QUESTIONNAIRE tContinued from page 491 the girls were undecided-too many heart-crashers-but they still prefer the "dark and handsomes", for Har- vey Anderson, Joe Kycek, and "Bebe" Daniels tied for first place. Luther Stenfors and Pat Manion drew the berth of second place, and it was impossible to determine who was chosen third. The girls' basketball teams seems to have it for the best sports. Glenna Barnes was chosen first, Fleda Stretch and Marg Herring second, and Helen Thompson third. The athletes win out in the boys too, for Joe Kycek was voted best sport, Roy Garrison second, and Lloyd Parrott third. The Honor Society claims the girls who were chosen as the successful wo- men. Mary Margaret Woodward was voted the girl who is most apt to suc- ceed in later life-the red-headed Irish- man gets it-Esther May Weesner re- ceived second place, and Mary Ellen 'l' that "Dot" Crozer was first among man hunters. Fleda Stretch came out sec- ond, and Glenna Barnes received third place. The girls had trouble again in decid- ing what boys were the ladies' men. Ernest Daniels was chosen first, Mark Ferrell second, and Earl Eastman, Pat Manion, Jack Bennett, and Roy Garri- son tied for third place. In the women dictator class "Mugs" Woodward was voted first place by a very big majority. Alfreda Martin was chosen second place for the first woman dictator, and Jean Spaulding received third place. The seniors selected Ernest Daniels as the boy most apt to be another Hit- ler tquit picking on the prexyj, Jack Bennett was voted next best, with War- ren Behrens third. Votes for the boy who is most apt to be a movie star were widely distributed. Earl Eastman and Monroe Miller tied for first place, Harvey Anderson, Pat Manion, Lloyd Parrott, George Graves, and Ernie Daniels tied for second place, and there were too many thirds to list. The boys had' an easier time choosing their movie actresses. Glenna Barnes received the largest number of votes, Dorothy Crozer came out second, and Bessie Metcalf was chosen third. Philip Smith and Fleda Stretch came iContinued on page 511 4...-.2 ..-..:......::......::.. ..:.:,,: .1 nl, I JEAN'S BEAUTY sHoP 1 Above Stone's Grocery Q Phone 213W -i------ - -------------------------9 1:--u: -:L :7n:- C. A. M o R RIS M QUALITY JEWELER Doctor of Optometry 4.-.-..-.............-..-...........-........I. .:.1.p1m-.nn-s.1n-nn1nu-nn--un--In-nn--In-:ig H V. V. GOULD it Q HAMILTON - ELGIN if if WATCHES .i.,-.,.- - -.........-..-....-..-......-...-..-4. G ill th ird. q..-.......-....-a....-..-...........-..-...-..-.,l, Evidently the girls think the "tall 5 " blondes" are most apt to succeed, be- in cause Jack Bennett received first place, I . . R Ernest Daniels second, and Keith Mar- Fall' V3,I'16ty Store i lowe and Kenneth Hubbard tied for ' third place. NEWBERG, OREGON g The boys had little trouble deciding .L,.,,,,,,,,,,-,,,-,,,-,,,..,,.-..,..,-...-..-........,....l. 1 V- Q ' -,tr - 5 5 'g -- , 7' - , ,,- pr . 5 p ' hi - . K , ,,..,, fIfl2u"l1In nmllllmn llll nn-. .. . H.. li ki m ill ,X wily- 13,553 rmwil . wsu z : j , 1:57 1' A A X I. Vx , 5 "'-ll ,'..1n-u-1.n-n-1.-1..1,.-ns-lu--k--..n.1 L . Q SIGNAL OIL CO. Q BEST BROS. I I Agents I Newberg, OregoI1 Q .i. ...-.....-...................-..-.........-..1L o!n1-n-------un1m-mi-u-un-m-m--m.-,m- T Q Bob's Service Station Q I ASSOCIATED GAS AND OILS I LIGHT GROOERIES I I ?n1-n1nn-In--nu1nn1n-n1uu1I-u-nn1u.-uni Q Berman Service Station Q Q EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CAR I leneral Gasoline - Phone 4M I T -.....-...-...........-........-....................-.q. .-..-,..-....-..-....-....-.......-...-..-..-.4. . Im I Q Palmer'S Garage, Inc. : I UNION OIL PRODUCTS I I Plymouth and De Soto Dealers I I Newberg, Oregon Q .i. -.....-..-..............-..-..............-..Q. SENIOR QUESTIONNAIRE fContinued from page 507 off with first place for the best dress- ers, "Merrily" Gill and Jack Bennett were second place among the dressers. Margaret Weatherly and Glenna Barnes tied for third place, and "Monk" Miller was chosen third among the boys. The seniors were unable to agree just who would live longest. Among the girls Alfreda Martin walked off with high honors and Warren Behrens was first among the boys. They were voted as those who are most apt to be alive in 2036. The other girls who were voted most apt to be alive a century from now were Jean Spaulding second place, with Aileen Bush and Helen Thompson tying for third. Among the boys Earl Eastman and Pat Manion tied for second place, and Roy Garrison, Joe Kycek, Ernest Daniels, Jack Bennett, and Bob Worley tied for third choice. The boys chose- as the most feminine women Esther Juntunen first, Margaret Weatherly second, and Merrily Gill third. The girls met much disagree- ment in choosing the mist "he-man" type of boy. Roy Garrison and Leonard Whitmore tied for first place, Pat Man- ion and "Bebe" Daniels tied for second choice, and Ralph Forsman was voted third. Esther May Weesner and Warren .EAI Q IIIIIIII mllllmu lil ll Behrens rated first place among the studious people. Jean Spaulding and Philip Smith were second choice, with Ruby Johnson and Jack Bennett third. SVVEETENING UP SLANG There seems to have been some diffi- culty over the slang used by N. U. H. S. students, so, as conscientious peda- gogs, we are publishing a list of misused phrases and their confections: Hail, hail, the gang's all here!-Hail, hail, the multitude has assembled. What in the -- do we care?-What in perdition Should we concern our- selves ,Can that stuff-Preserve that mate- rial. Smart Alec-Intelligent Alexander. Hot time--Up on the carpet. Hot dog-Perspiring canine, sizzling Spaniel, feverish fido. Nigger in the woodpile--A colored man in the fuel. Ruth Hodson fat postofficela I'd like to see some of your three-cent stamps, please. Clerk produced a sheet of 100 threes. Rufus, pointing to stamp in center: I'll take that one, please. .g..-.... ........... ...... 1. I I I I 7 UNITED STATES I NATIONAL BANK I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I ESTABLISHED 1889 I I I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I I Member Federal Deposit I I I Q Insurance Corporation Q I I . .i..........-...-.. -....-...-..- - -...-.--....-...-up Y Nu ll illffit-', I 'X f N X-, .. f - ?" W 1 If-TF' ilk. I ' I i" 7 f-I I in I ,kffgfn Il 15. it Q T fp-7 . ,Q Q' X ii- - '. J, I ' ' ' ' Xi, Edit, 'MV' ml 5 , Q '4-R O- R 'T - 'Oli' J-J-:de S 2 S 2 hw 2 N 2 L1 2 S V4 85328532 'Z WY ZSZSQMCJ' +' mir r --7 -7 -- -- - -f -- ----- -i -3--lsr-:ln-:::ua1:: u1s-7nu-s:-n1nn-s:...u:1n-sn1en-n1oo1n1ln1ln1 ck 1, H In these PHQTOGRAPHS lg 1 You have preserved for future years ,X the happiness you have experienced in High School days. RILEY STU Dio Ii L . 1.-..-. ..s.e.s.. .1 Mrs. Frost: Give me a sentence with a direct object. Mark Ferrell: You are pretty. Mrs. Frost: What's the object? Mark: A good grade. After terrific struggles, Roy Garrison finally finished his algebra exam, and then, at the end he wrote: Dear Coach, if you can sell any of my answers to the funny papers, I ex- pect you to split fifty-fifty with me. Joe Kycek: Do you know anything about golf? Pat Manion: I can swear. What is this Senior Skip day?-a myth or a legend. Mr. Clarke: What three words are used by high school students the most? Prof. Behrens: I don't know? Mr. Clarke: Right. How far should an adviser advise? This is a troubling question in a great many senlor's minds. Helen Thompson: What profession requires the most head-work Glenna Barnes: Being a barber. Mary Margaret Woodward fwhile Esther May Weesne-r was playing the piano at randoml: Do you know any piece by heart? Esther May Weesner: No I've never heard of him. Dorothy Crozer: I want some pow- der. Clerk: The kind that goes off with a bang? Dorothy: No, the kind that goes on with a puff. Jim Hodson: What kind of tooth- paste do you use? Jack Arney: I don't use any, my teeth aren't loose. Coach Langton: Always remember, "early to bed and early to rise." Wally Frank: And your girl goes out with other guys. Harold Stenfors: There's an old clothes dealer at the door. Luthe-r Stenfors: Tell him I've got all I need. Ask Mr. Oliver to describe dotted Swiss, batlste or organdy. He suggested them for the girls' graduation dresses. . " , . Ax -I V. 'ff' ' ' ,gg 1v'!,uv'lll 1 nmllllnm lllll nl - -- A. .. nm 1 .. I llll ,N 31.3.- .Hb :Qu : f 5-, - liw ff e 1 xk, I V' xx. Jvmlu-al 4 parvum - W" ' -'QL 4 f ' 'fi-W +.......-...-.......-.................-.............-..-.,!, D0 YQU REMEBER WHEN: l . l Mrs. Frost had plenty to say about Holllngsworth i three certain seniors?--pet's no doubt. I SL Son, Inc' i thflilloi '3fZl1'2e31lL"f,?fZ'Le2aL16223630 MOBTICIANSI-.FURNITURE and patch over one eye? ' l Service that Satisfies. Phone 94W E Mary Margaret Woodward Seemed to -il.-...-..- ...............- -.-..-...-..-..-.4 think that the most comfortable position was sitting on the gym floor? '!'f1'f2-2:-if--'--21------'::'::':f'1: I ' The Echoes office was daily interrupt- ed by Miss Sitton? A relief from her H the T classes, no doubt. H AND CLEANER : Warren Behrens invented some the- Quality Work Always I ories that were very doubtful? Q 108 South Cone e St Phone 32M Twelve lively seniors could do noth- g ' E ing but talk about the beach two weeks 'l"---------------------------H--H-I' before and three weeks after an event- ful Saturday? Quia, -..:f..-.::..:L...-..::.:f....::, ...P R . . I . oy Garrison came to school with a H PATRONIZE THE g beautiful shiner?-Bumped into a door, 2 no doubt. Q The senior play cast had to "get hot" 1 , at dress rehearsals? And were they ff We do the Best We Can I not: .L The geometry class was actually still ----u-u--v ----::1::,..-::-:::1r ,::-- 1: for two minutes? 4, 3-,iw,:-nicgnfz,lhnrfl:-.-:T a+ Ray Weatherly couldn't keep his 5 i mouth shut in civics class-or any other 'i i tmliezther M Weesne uld ke " s ay r co ep so "SERVICE THAT SATISFIESU i still in English class and never get ,L : called down? Phone 85-7 Q Jack Bennett was a member of the -i-...........-..-......-.....-...............L wontinued on page 541 Mr. Armstrong: Name all the presi- 'F":' ':L':'::-l1':: " :Z 2' Z' :Z dents of the United States. 1 Betty Brian: I can't. I l . A.: ' - ' ' com do maflhen I was H mile boy I ! Wllson Sportlng Goods Betty: Well, you didn't have so many I H presidents to learn. F Monarch Ranges ll l E I 1 Mrs. Layman: Eugene, do you know if "How Doth the- Little Busy Bee"? . n-un SE E 'S E 5 5 --574' 3 :deg -:fig an vs 'Q D1 40 5' E,-sg' 'cgig of' 'fag m ugm O,.,S,',... 93 Suns: m Fam 'FU'-152 F ,Si P' Q 3 FU Q U2 Q oscu QS.. o as B'p"1 p UQ arg 5 aug ing 2 N, ... ESE E S E F? s 9 af C' " a. 5 se EE 9 5 5 'rg' 2 5 'E' 5 E "' Q ... 25 9 " F 5' 5 3 pg " - 55 Q E 5 ff' S ' rv 0 -- CD g rv FT' FD 3 Q -1 2 5 05' 5 w Q O Eg Q 4 O 3 2 cg- S' 0 rs Q ::' op v-1 E, F' 0 Fw T' Q. B F 2 ......-...........-..-..-............-.....-..- E E L. F' S o 3 55 5 gp m o U Z G '11 "4 Z :' 2 Z 'J-1 2 zu ' ' H ca 'A so 'U Z L21 " FU -1 P11 gg E11 r-4 :U E11 " Q Z m cn '4 L21 O - P1 ni cr S 5:2 Sw? :vm get gag .,... cu: SW? :YO .. ,lj rn Era? wa. 's' " Em s: -nga QW -4413 Sm? ,Si om? :RC .... :r gsm CN-eh N ,K if ,f X v,.l'll1fcH,h x s f Qgngllnnn ull nl -it N . M i by I , I 1 i..wgf,,, I 'M' ' Jig, 1 P t ML4i,t,t,N,1x' . - ' ---c 46 ,- - rs. SOTSGOUS D0liCem3n- .in-::..-u-tg -.:: Q: :::Y:.i:f -1, exif 53 N - . 'X -I ', ' W ,N .1 ' W ' I H ,'Till'l',' I N 'lil i I X N , 5 ,II N f f A N 4 'Xl 1 "" I 'Rr K N Z B 'Z N '4 'i VAV 'lf 'll' 'lf YI' 'IV 'lf YY 'll' snr N232 A 431:9-..-.qlun1n1u-41.111-.un1uu.-nn1un.-n f CITY MEAT MARKET I J. Wesley Boyes I H Quality Meats - Zeero Ice 1.-14:3 ls QE is i5 li le l ! is 15 ga .LSU -'P iq.-gg-as ?: :n-11 :: :aT ssc: :: :1114-Q-T 1:1 : i. 'v . il ,, ii gf P il In ii 2 MZ -l I Q 15415-fu i m m FCI H -I 9.-rg 1 fs cr' 2 1 32205-. w pcm I Qsselitsig, is H 505012 11 ggi'-Us H g f We-1 1 :Pi fb iwsgmiso... g s?:- 'wg,OCfg ' on ,-.,-.31 i 6. N O 2 Z 5 Q,-' . 2 v-Q 2 2 m 9-Z H ---c" '11 2 li :s IH F1 I : a-Qing!!! : 2 51331,-4: - Y' 3: v"7 I I HZ I l 1. 0 s I I . ei S: . :v Z. . T 'SHCI A li 9 EEO I T mel 2 E ' , I iii 1 i .g....-..-..-.. 4. ....-...-...-... 4. ... Qs--.1nu...-1..1n-an--u.-n--.11-ui I ,V Palace Meat Market I Wilhelmson 8: Son 'I Fresh, Smoked and Cured Meats D0 YOU REMEMBER WHEN? 1Continued from page 531 "angelic class"? How come? The seniors surprised the school with both the Christmas program and open house? We mustn't forget the play- such success! Ray Weatherly took the top off of his so-called Ford? Bob Worley was really in the school building before the tardy bell rang? Dave Boss and Pat Manion took top honors with their effeminate garb? John D. Haworth was the "peoples' choice"? "Boss for president" was the battle cry? "Little" Joe Kycek had spells of good luck at hitting the bucket? Mr. Oliver acted as an authority on graduation dresses for the senior girls? The Girl Reserves furnished a ladder for the superstitious people to walk un- Alfreda Martin came to school, smell- ing like a funeral, with a different brand of perfume on each day for a week? Merrily Gill went rushing around with her kodak, like a chicken with its head off? The sixth period English class always felt happy because of the nice compli- ments they received? Mugs Woodward had "something on her mind"? She shouldn't let it get her down. Bebe Daniels could do "Herr Hitler unt Gott und h-h-how" to perfection? Kenny Swendsen and Pat Manion had to sit in study hall one sixth period with a whole mess of gals 'cause they were naughty boys in the art class? Glenna Barnes could proudly display a "mill-man's muscle"? Seniors clamored for a kid day and skip day but were unsuccessful iso the faculty thought! ? Ray Weatherly could so excellently change the subject in civics? Ernestine Daniels reluctantly attend- ed Girl Reserve meeting? Newberg made her first touchdown of the season in the Newberg-Canby game? Earl Eastman portrayed Mr. Clarke with his characteristic lock of hair? 1..-..-..-..................-..-...-..-.......-9 l i H 3 - Knowledge - V f then H 1, - Service - ,, g to your if Fellowman A ii l l 0 .5 s 2 That is :N Q YOUR WORK y I ., and OURS der in the study hall? I Jack Bennett got mad' and kicked the : ' ll ping pong players out of the Echoes I office? I Ernie Daniels brought Mrs. Frost a 2 - - H bouquet of flowers just before taking ! Yamhlll Electrlc ,L a test? N Jean Burt came to school with a Company U black eye--a hang over from a skating Newberg, Oregon party? ii Mr. Oliver called on Pat and Mike to lead 501119 YGUS? .fn-..::.-..::.-..-..,,:.-...-..::.-.:,,.l. ,f f -t KQNNX if . s .- f - xg .s -' N 'L ev-,tp-allmgl mlllhm ill Ill -- --M V I k i.. Hl .NM Ill fe Fm ,TMI :th 3 3 A , .div K A - x X , I K sixxlwkl lnulll V p ,,..- -L db, V 5 K . , .?,iq...,...-R11nina-nniuw-nu1ulI-11'-""-"""' U!! E R 1 N K ' s 1 For School Books i i and Supplies .. - - -W.--.---------------M------+ 4..-..-..-................-..-....--..------------1. i IDEAL COFFEE SHOP 1 f l l Sandwiches - Meals - Steaks l Prices Reasonable .. - - -..-......-..-..-..-..-.......g. trninzr'nn--ninu1nnvu:1un:nn-nniu: .1 -1 -1, 3 PARKER HARDWARE I COMPANY i I Always Ready to Serve .-...-..-...-..-..-..-......-..-..-...,,.,4, Ulf:--:-n--mf--ei..-.--.::..-..::....-:g ,:e,..,!, i MORSE FLORAL COMPANY F Flowers for All Occasions -i- 1 qi.,.,1..1mi.,1..-.'.1,.1..q.uu1nni..1,..- Sunday school Superintendent: Now children, we'll try that again-"Little Drops of Water"-and 1et's put a little spirit into it. Miss Sherman fto her civics classl: There will be a make-up examination for all students who flunked in the ex- amination. The other two may leave the room. Kenny Swendsen: Why do girls talk less in Febuary than in any other month? Arbie Kellas: I don't know. Kenny: Because it hasn't as many days. "Ah, the pause that refreshes!" said Mrs. Frost when she saw the comma in the Junior's English theme. Mrs. Clarke: Baby has swallowed the camera film. Mr. Clark: Oh my! I hope nothing will develop. Spinster Gill: What do you desire most in your husband: brains, wealth, or appearance Spinster Martin: Appearance, and the sooner the better. Mr. Clarke: Man can today fly like a bird, but he will never be able to sit comfortably on a barbed wire fence. If Jack Bennett fell down he'd be half way home. George Graves: Did you ever take a tail-spin in an aeroplane? Roy Garrison: No, but I've been called on unexpectedly in speech class and the sensation is about the same. Thelma Fisher: You can't believe ev- erything you hear. Muriel Frost: But you can repeat it. Jean Spaulding: He who laughs last laughs best. Clifford Spaulding: But he soon gets the reputation of being dumb. Ernie Daniels fwith hands over her eyeslz If you can't guess who this is in three guesses, I'm going to kiss you. Alfreda Martin: Jack Frost, Davy Jones, Santa Claus. Miss Staley fto Mr. Mountainlz Let's play house, huh? You be steak and I'll pound you. 4..-.,.....-..-....-............-.....,.......,.......g. . . l l I STYLE - BEAUTY T ! . 1 PERSONALITY li 1 l I a privilege and necessity to the I well-dressed woman 5 Milady Dress Shop " 5 Clara M. Jones ! Q I I i HIDDEN CHARM 1' i Perhaps you, too, have "hidden charm" that would be revealed i by a new i EUGENE OIL PERMANENT l Milady Beauty Salon T Mary N. Gilbert Phone 224R 5 lx i nina: 1 iunxun--an-uu1 1 1nu1nu1uu:n1fn 55 QX Ijulgll llllwlllllll llli lll . if . mn-" 1 N w ill , III fa -kb' x 4 :"..-. -- --24. K ii g - V ,V I- l tl xxw,x.A1wx1V's1l-.1 JAM- N S VALWQWJLW '! 'QV 'IV ALWYAJV YV 'QV 'QV YV 'lV 'IV 'QV 'UV 'IV VAL A 1 'A L1 V4 ki V L nk-11:-nn-u-.-1 MILLER MERCANTILE Quality Merchandise CGMPANY -.u1u.111-..-111-.--ui in Glenna Barnes: Pa looked through the keyhole when Joe called to see me last night. Fleda Stretch: What did he find out? Glenna: Oh, the electric lights. Miss Sherman: Look here, I can write my name in the dust on this desk. Mr. Baird: My goodness, there is nothing like a little education, is there, ma'am? George Goodrich: I've just been read- ing some statistics - every time I breathe a man dies. Kenneth Field: Gosh, man! Why don't you use Listerine? Mr. Clarke: fin Physics classic Now, are there any questions on tomorrow's questions? Margaret Herring: Yes! What are the answers? Last summer, during the vacation, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver were traveling to Washington. On the way they passed several flocks of sheep. Mrs. Oliver: Bill, I think sheep are the stupidist things. Mr. Oliver: Yes, my lamb. Latest Questions in Objective Tests 1. When was the war of 1812 2. Who is the author of Beard's His- tory of the U. S.? 3. What countries took part in the Spanish-American War? 4. What season of the year did Wash- ington spend his winter at Valley Forge 5. What was the duration of the 100 year's war? Mrs. Frost: What was Shakespeare's motive in putting in the knocking at the end of the third act of Macbeth? Kenny Swendsen: Oh, I guess that was Duncan kicking the bucket. Mrs. Layman: Jimmy, give me a sen- tence using the word "satiate". Jimmy Price: I took Corinne Rick- ert to a picnic last summer and I'll sa- tiate a lot. Wally Frank: I asked if I could see her home. Jack Arney: Well, what about it? Wally: She offered to send me a pic- ture of it. Joe Kycek: Why does my girl close her eyes when she is being kissed? Pat: Look in the mirror. nf f -v V V is h kxxuxx A Q, . 5 tl'-llluml llllllllllll ull m y fn.. -f l ... ill Fm 1 -xt 2 f f' , ,L 'j ' A P- V T j-"I L ' 4--' L1 Y' . CLASS PROPHECY As near as we can figure out from the horoscope and stars twith the aid of some "know-allers"J the following is in store for the senior class of '36: Shirley Beede--Slays more in one min- ute than any other human being. Helen Stevens-Prompter for New York's Little Theater group. Lester Howard-Guard at Oregon State penitentiary. Kenneth Hubbard-United States sec- cretary of agriculture. Ruth Hodson-Meier and Frank's fashion artist. Wanda Needles-Is teaching the poor kids about Chaucer. Kate Reynolds-World's most famous contralto soloist. George Graves-Takes Wallace Beery's place. Pat Manion--'Druant officer of N. U. H. S. Delbert Ebbert-Champion hog caller of Timbuctoo. Bob Worley-Writes the second "And sudden death" while driving towards the corner at 60 miles per hour. Helen Shank-,Head of rest home for the aged. Joe Kycek-Tiddley Winks Cham- pion at the Olympic games. Glenna Barnes-Married the world's champion tiddley winker. flncident- ally, their six kids got the letter present- ed to Joe for Senior basketballl. Jack Bennett-Is United States dic- tator in Ethiopia. Erma Versteeg-Writes short stories for the Oregonian. Earl Mills-Vice-president of the Webster Dictionary Firm. Mark Ferrell-Leader of anarchist uprising, May 1, 1951. Homer Johnson-Pitcher on White Sox baseball team. Kathryn Buckley-Winner of the trophy in the Red Head Roundup at Taft. Raymond Jungwirth--Is i11 Miss Sherman's adult education class for civics. Jean Spaulding-Caretaker for the cat and dog hospital. Fleda Stretch-Fashion model for Montgomery Ward and Company, Chi- CagO. the new cars in the General Motors Company. Harvey Anderson-World's romantic lover from Hollywood. Louise Dailey-Geometry teacher at Newberg Hi. Mary Ellen Gill-President of the NVorld's Association for Better Golf Links. Kenneth Swendsen-Admiral in the U. S. Navy fwe hopel. Arza Davis-Baseball coach at N. U. H. S. Bill Wood-Manager of the model farm of the Willamette valley. Marjorie Forsman-Costume man- ager in Hollywood. Charles Smith-Originator of bigger and better shoes. Roy Garrison-Butler of John D. Rockefeller Sr. in 1947. Dorothy Crozer-Dancing teacher at West Point. Oh boys! Leonard Whitmore-Captain of the House of David baseball team. tHe grows the whiskersj. Bob Rickert-President of the Stan- dard Oil Company of California. Ernest Daniels-Second Huey P. Long of 1950. fContinued on page 581 a?a1nn1n-n-1m.1.n1..-..1qp1I-11-----1.1. is I I I I 3 J. c. PENNEY co. I ' I I . I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I The HOME of VALUES I ! 3 i ! I I i l I I i June Taylor-Still hands out movie I I programs for Newberg. Henry Getsinger-Has charge of the 5 , book reviews for J. K. Gill Book Store. 1 Margaret Rittenhouse-Portland's I I head telephone operator. i Luther Stenfors-Model tester of all ,iw-M- ---- ----- I n-I--I+ W Q. .. ,, .a -f VG "J ,, , ' . N 'R PL ,5g5guwMmWnmnuU-nwgIjtMI,yWw,mM5M Z 5' A F A 5' 4 9 A 5' Ai F A S A K1 'A K1 'A S 4 5' A 1 L 6 Z4 ? A K1 'A L1 'A K1 'A S A S A 5' A S 2 N 'Z N 'Z N V4 LY 'Z N 'Z N 'Z B Z L 'A ki '4 L Y L F' .A YY 'li' YY CLASS PROPI-IECY tContinued from page 573 Vida Lacy-The ideal housewife. Alfreda Martin-Opera star in Ma- dam Butterfly." Harold Parry-Beauty Shoppe oper- ator in Paris. Marjorie Hodges-Leader of red- headed parade of 1945. Mary Margaret Woodward-Leading member of the splnster society and na- tional president of the W. C. T. U. Earl Eastman-President of the Red and White Chain stores. Lillian Wilson-Secretary of the Mu- tual Lite Insurance company. Bertha Buckley-With her quiet dis- position she is nurse at the hospital for the invalid. Phil Smith--Has reached his ambi- tion to "marry into wealth." Buck Davis-Is the leading midget of the Al G. Barnes circus. Lloyd Parrott-Chief executioner at Sing Sing. Esther Juntenen-Advertiser of the School Girl Complexion. Delmer Wohlgemuth-Spends his time making toy electric motors for Freshies. Clarence Gutcher--Horse doctor for old nags. Floyd Hess-Crowned by Prince Wil- liam of Greck with a brick bat. Esther May Weesner-Pianist for Rubinotfs orchestra. Arbie Kellas-Professional man of leisure. Keith Marlowe-Soap box orator about "Hayseeds of the United States." Ruby Johnson-Just published the fifteenth edition of her world famous bed time stories. Ralph Forsman-Second Bobby Gray- son from Stanford. Monroe Miller-Got the gong on Ma- jor Bowes Amateur hour for tap danc- ing. Margaret Weatherly-Successor to Jean Harlowe. Warren Behrens-Breaks into the social limelight. fWhee! Are we re- lievedl. Bessie Metcalf-Gym teacher at Yale of Fords as Henry's successor. Margaret Herring--Daring bareback rider for a circus. She fell and broke her neck in 1943. Helen Thompson-President of the Women's Federation of Labor. Aileen Bush--Hairdresser in Pierre's Shoppe. Mary Margaret Woodward: What have you there? Jack Bennett: Insect powder. Mary Margaret Woodward: Heavens! You aren't going to commit suicide! Buck Davis: Mother, let me go to see the monkeys. Mrs. Davis: Why Harold, what an idea! Imagine wanting to see monkeys when your Aunt Betsy is here. DEPOT TAVERN xl INVITES YOU TO VISIT THEIR +-7na1n-far -- n--W u--H Y ' c-fain: - n 5 1- 44 FOUNTAIN i 4.-..... - ....-...-..-......-.........-..-4. 4.::.....:,..:, Y .K :--f e-. .ef--.ef-.1-f :ef .....l. fi THOMPSON AUTO co. ll li H N il fi ' ii FORD Sales 'L and 'i I Service If I li 0 A N YY Y 'IVA A ,, fjif 3 far. 2 gi .-13 'F ' 3' I E 9 5 S .: sr :fx E . ? E . :X Q 1- , I Q9 1 n I I fi I :fx .1 : I if X I I elf Q Sf' - l gi . L I' L college. Lorry Garrison-Illustrator for the Hearst newspaper chain. Q if 1 "Watch The Fords GO By" J Editorial Appreciation HE 1936 CHEHALEM has been successful through the loyal help extended by the annual staff, the business men, and the members of Newberg high school who have supported by their cooperation in buying the Chehalem. The editor wishes to acknowledge her appreciation to the following who are de- serving of special mention for their help: Hubert E. Armstrong adviser, for his valuable help and advice during the en- tire year. Mr. R. J. Black, of the Hicks-Chatten Engraving company, who has been of invaluable assistance to the editor. The Newberg Scribe, which has so ably pub- lished our yearbook. Mr. Riley, of Riley's Studio, who has contributed so much of his time and energy to the taking of individual and group pictures. The editor extends special gratitude to Joe Kycek, Harold Manion and Jack Ben- nett, the business managers, and to the student body for their enthusiasm in buying our beloved Chehalem. The following persons are members of the 1936 Chehalem staff: Assistant editor-J ack Bennett. Administration editor-Margaret Herring: assistant, Jean Spaulding. Classes editor-Esther May Weesnerg assistant, Arlee Gable. Organizations editor-Ruth Hodsong assistants, Ruby Johnson, Catherine Rey- nolds, Jean Burt, Ralph Johnson, Harvey Anderson, Lloyd Parrott and Delmer Wohlgemuth. Sports editor-Lorry Garrisong assistant, Jack Bennett. Feature editors-Mary Ellen Gill and Roy Garrisong assistants, Alfreda Martin and Ernest Daniels. Art editor-Lorry Garrison. Poetry-Ruby Johnson. Bookkeeper-Erma Versteeg. -Mary Margaret Woodward, editor. Merrily Gill tbeing arrestedjz But, officer, I'm a student at Newberg Union High School. Officer: Ignorance is no excuse. Miss Sitton: Have you read "To a Field Mouse?" Jim Hodson: No, I haven't. How can you get them to listen? Margaret Lou Parker: Do you really like conceited men better than the other' kind? , Elma Juntunen: What other kind? David Boss: I'm a little stiff from bowling. Coach: I don't care where you are from, get on your duds and get to Work. Coach Langton: What is a circle? Mugs Woodward: A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle-. What's the use of learning An ancient history date When I can make a modern one At a quarter after eight? 1. Q-. Answers Found in School Exams Geography-"In India, a man out of a cask may not marry a woman out of another cask." American Government -- "Qualifica- tions are that you must be a neutral born to be made a citizen." Physiology-"The liver is an infernal organ." Physics-"Gravitation is that it there were none, we should all fly away." Zoology-"Name twelve animals of the polar regions." Answer: Six polar bears, six seals. -n---u-------------------------------+ 1 BROOKS PRINTERY I 410 First Street I Phone 22W , i Newberg, Oregon Oil u:nu:nu1uu--un14141:nu1uu1nn1nn-nuinninniuqfg BOOSTER LIST KIENLE MUSIC STORE JOHNSON'S MOTOR CO. SELF SERVICE STORE +a1n1uu-un1nu-u ::11 an1nn1un-uu1uu1uu-uu1nu--nn-- :nu1nn1nn 1i11 uni 1 - + i Pacino College NEWBERG, OREGON Your Own Home College Work leading to the A. B. or B. S. Degree in:- Philosophy and Ethics French I Spanish Religious Education I Psychology and Education Mathematics y Physics History and Political Science ll Economics and Sociology Chemistry Biology English and Literature Public Speaking Music H German Dramatics l l A Standard College of Qregon '1IGraduates certified for High School teaching, and cred- H its transferable at face value to any other college under j approval of American Association of Collegiate Registrars A liberal education under the best Christian 1 influence at a minimum expense. l l l For catalogue and full information see or address LEVI T. PENNINGTON, President Pacific College l Newberg, Oregon tl.- .l.. -M - -..-l-l.l- l.l. -l-.l- .l.. - .l.l l.l. - ..l. -.Ml-W- l.l. - l.l. -.l.- ..l. -u.,-m.-..-l.,-..n-.. + so -tl-, yilulu nmlllmn llll lu 'C in- " I m il Q III :gf fi., .NN t T - ' ' "ZH I k Q ' gr F AA- p, v'XMK Nhxlwil All W.-M M 2 Q Y, ' Z .. 5 ' Q- FL . 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Suggestions in the Newberg High School - Chehalem Yearbook (Newberg, OR) collection:

Newberg High School - Chehalem Yearbook (Newberg, OR) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


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