Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Www WWW W THE SENIOR CLASS NEWARK IHLLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL NEWARK VALLE YN Y School Mmnries VDITORIAL The year, 1950, marks both a beginning and an end ing An endin of our adolescence and he beginnlnp of ed from its adolescerce and is now ready to take its place among the great civilizations of the past Ne have attempt ed to catch some glimpses of this period with our division pages Our motto, 'The higher we rise, the grander the view,n is very fitting at thls time for we are just beginning our ascent The higher we set our goal the more glorious our lives will become Our intimate photo graphs portray various instances in our rise thus far The ultim te goal is to establish a generation of which all Americans past and present can be proud - P 3 ' our adulthood. Our country has, in a sense, just emerg- I A . v - I V - A F . ed :at u 'Rx lm 31.55 X 81 X' def We, the Class of 1950, dedicate our thirteenth edition of SCHOOL MEMORIES to you, Mrs Elizabeth Lewis For your sincere interest and faithful ser vice to our school for the past twelve years, we, 1 behalf of the entire student body, wish that we may transmit to you our feeling of gratitude Mrs Lewis, you, although not always in the center of school acti vity, have with your quiet, conscientious ways, per formed many duties without which our school could not function with such ease This is indeed a small way to recognize your great contribution to our school life I I ee - A , 7 X, 5 5 ' 5, Pl: eeiafin appreciation for your work of the last three years We shall remember you, not only as our first foot ball coach but as a gentleman and friend to all who knew and played under you We regret your leaving but you will have our best wishes for a very success ful future To you, Coach Hoover, we extend our most sincere 'I-'E' Crw C' a.c TE ' Lerrf r woo x. A M h Iona P01 ard GRAD TA F ART STA? etrici G'vere L1 or .ee w1'Qon Catlerine Kar Vofce M arsere Ven Sc Cons emo: Va f1I1W9 9 Q 1a S Berme Tomrkins Bever y Swith Shlrlev Flvens Iarv Ann Terbox t6'I' ,J f' 'T' Q vmnwd Cnofrlo Ec VWoxd Vlx aa7vzb0re S 0 EOF T D S Berma momryine Beverly Svith ADVEFTICE'EH1 SCIT TOHS Floyu fix ADVIQCRQ DE e'en M Donohue B Qckoonmaner I BeverJ C'eveWenm Vdltef 1 vrend Yomas Ru h very cwero arf Iona Po G ec C Lotalini Georse Belokur J. I' Margaret Van Qccten Catherine Van Vorce Jean Nileon Barbara Rice !EnHBCiI S-n.. T"""f12 Lewl- e-iver ASiI--AVT EDTTCF 1' .MFhS'HE: Q' 'xi H T C1 EVSTWESS KAN GEF L3 ' I' C 'I F , , U A .. P e - . -E' t , if - - '-V M - rp ,. vm, V m , ,, .f,.k .. Q f - r A , , . U M CLYB ST FF EHCTO STAFF M -A C 1. 5 1-Editfr E1 1 CI, X-Eclto ti. 1 Hgnhes llerd SL- A y Heff r. 1 Tye M ' j Har- reno T SE,HTS S-hFF .a,H.u A - '1 A 1' gan, 'IFI'T . Q 1. f , 1 nv . Q AN A44 .4u- A- .4 -f ' 1 A , - J . v . I v ,. . W . ,ir .ax Ll Ni- H - '. MI' F, , .., A Y BOARD OF EDUCATI N LESTER HYATT JAY PURPLE HAROLD HENDERSON WILLIAM STIMMING HIRAH NICKERSON HOWARD CURKENDALL NATHAN HALL 7 CAFETERIA STAFF A Kenyon, R Mix, P Smith, L Sears, B Davis, M Walt I 4' BUS MAIN 'XI NCE JANITORS veritq w, L Decfce P Hov r McPhereo , Saddlemire, R Stiles 8 . . . . . , ' 2 'u 1 ,, X :Q X H I f 9 ', ' n . ' . 5 if ' I? , .. 43' J " 1 ' 14 . 4 ' C v ? fx. N. ,A le . ' ' r, . . e E. R E. . Q0 W I cu 'SQ-wg? in 'P QQ If '1 . U P I o?.,': .f f u. Wx A W, 7' Q3 354 QP' ff x Z? 5 ef xl "o Nathan Hall bupervlsing Pr1n Mansfield, Susquehanna, Bucknell Y Clerk of Bosrd, Pr1ncipal's becretary Rose DePasquale, Mynderse Academy Ass't Secretary Helen Joseph Office Assistant Dr Aumock, Buffalo U School Dentist Elizabeth C Lewis, Syracuge Amsterdam Hospital School Nurse, Attendance Ruth Ken on Fredonia 'Pr -1:1- jzii 11 James Weeks Geneseo, Buffalo, N Y Triple Cities Jr H Science Harry Van Deusen, Union, Columbia Mathematics, Physics Maud S Chidester, Cortland Jr H Mathematics Malcom Plester, Hartwick, Triple Cities St Lawrence, Buffalo U , Paul Smiths Vice Prln , Guidance Paul Higgins, Scranton U 9 10 English Isabelle H Patch, Oneonta Jr H Subjects Mildred Lundy, Mansfield Jr H English, Earle L Bidlack, Mansfield, Duke U Penn State, Triple Cities Engnsn, D cLJt,24f 12 of-lv e Swe m1nster ology, Health, Soc. Studies 9 Iris Graham, Ithaca College Vocal Music Jean Drexler Ellira. S r U. sr. H. soemi Studies y awe' Marjorie L. Backlund, Albany Jr. H. Social Studies Helen Donohue, Albany Commercial Subjects Reed Gilbert, Cornell Agriculture Helen McPherson, Cornell Home Economics Fd ar Babenzien, Oswebo, Syracuse, Cornell Industrial Arte Richard Joseph Ithaca College Instrumental Music Alice Wearne, Syracuse Art Mazfy Lou ierce, Cortland Girls' Physical Education Grace Lewis, Cornell Librarian Floyd Schoonmakor, Syracuse Albany State, U of Madrid Wm W W Richard Hoover, Moravian, Triple Cities Sixth Grade Georgia Curkendall Cortland Fifth Grade Alberta Stoughton, Cortland Sixth Grade Ruth Rockwell Bloomeburg, Penn State, Cortland Ruth Ardell Buffalo Fifth Grade 16+ -..s- I1 19 QV s U 1, K3 , ,3 I fa cj A - 1 1 lflm I 'af 1 , K I Q JL . ' 5 1 tif Y 1 arian Durie Oneonta Second Grade tnel Long Cortland Secord Grade Mildred Griffin Vansfleld, Buffalo L Winlfred McPherson, Cortland syracuse Fourth Grade Isabelle Lawton Mansfield Second Grade Jargaret Caswell Bloomsbury, Denn State Cortland First Grade Wilma Hines Cortland First Grade Louise Dean Oneonta First Grade Marian Shoultes, Cortland Kindergarten Gladys Atwater, Alfred Kindergarten V J , 'I' 4-f -' A! I1 A Y . G , U Third Grade ' D . , . . . . , A A l I I Patricia Givens KGrahamD, Margaret Vanscoten CChidesterD, Richard Lewis CP1esterJ, John Okrepkie iHa11l, Salvatore Spano CSchoonmakerD, Raymond Onofrio Kweeksl, Norman Watkins fDePasqualel Barbara Bharp lP1ercel Jean Wilson QDonohueJ, Ruth Every lWearneJ, John Thomas fVanDeusenJ, Margaret Sohoonmaker iJosephJ, Lewis Oliver CBack1undD, Bonita Weber lH1gg1nsD Lorraine Rood QPatchJ Edvard Clark KGi1bertD, Anna Klossner KMePhersonD Mary Meyers CG.Lew1el, Bernice Compton KG.Lew1sD, Joyce Baker CDrex1erl Albert deLor1m1er Ksweeneyl, George Darling KLundyD, Raymond Shaver KBabenz1enJ Raymond Thomas Cwearnel, LeRoy Negus KB1d1ackJ 14 one JZ. .. Student Control Day Teachers I I I - 7 i h 1 Maria Spano Dioloma Academic 'Joy rises in me like a summer's morn' Art Club 1, Seasonal Sports l Usher Junior Play 5, Transmitter Club 5 F H A 5 ub Club 4 Shirley Heffere - Honor Student Diploma: Academic 'The fairest garden in her looks and in her mind the wisest books' J.V. Basketball Cheerleader 23 Art Club 2,53 Student Council Play Cast 5: Junior Play Cast Sp Usher: Baccalaureate, Commencement 31 Junior Prom Comm. 5g Senior Play Cast 45 Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 4g Pub Club 45 Leaders Club 45 Athletic Association 4. Albert de Lorlmier Honor Student Dioloma College Entrance 'Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power' Seasonal Sports l Rifle Club l,2,5, Student Control Day Teacher 4, Volley Ball 4 1 x X X . - 3 : ' 5 . . . 5 P M7 8 . Z ',! K Q - 1, at lx X nh v A 5 . . fr J x . v' W' ,,,Q' A 'UN 1 16 H ' 'Q Lewis Oliver Honor Student Diploma College Entrance 'Riser in his own conceit than seven men that can render a reason' Season l Sports l, Library Club 9,3, Student COL1DC1l Play C3St 2131 Football 2 3 41 Stud-ent Control Day Teacher 2,5,4, Rifle Club 2,3, Junior Play Cast 5, Senior Play Cast 4, Senior 'lass Pres 4 Editor in Chief 'School Memories' 4, Assembly Comm 4 Duane Walker Diploma Vocational Agriculture 'I believe the first receipt to farm well is to be rich' Seasonal Sports 1, F F A l 2 5 Rifle Club 2 5 4, F F A Basketball 2 Norman Watkins Honor Student Diploma Colleire Entrance 'Conceit is God's gift to little menu Seasonal Sports 1 2 Rifle Club 2 5 4 s Council 2 5 4. Baseball 2 5 4 Basketballudegt Football s sen1or P1 C t 4 2 Q Day Teacher 4 BY HS , Student Control 17 V . I I . . 4: Vw Q y B ggi. 1 HV . I 0 ' 1 1 141 I 1 1 ' - . . 1 Varsity Volleyball 4. , if I K , I fl 1! U I ,r ' fjl 1 f Iliff 1 1 ' . ' S l . I I . , ' 3 f L a ku f Philip Davie Diploma Vocational Agriculture uThree acres and a car Patricia Givens Diploma: Music NOur temperatures differ in capacity of heat, or, we boil at different degreesn Usher: Spring Concert l, Commencement, Baccalaureate 3, Varsity Basketball Cheer- leader 25 Varsity Football Cheerleader 2,55 Transmitter Club 2,3g Glee Club 2,3,45 Athletic Association 2,3,4g Junior Play Cast 6 Student Control Day Teacher 3,45 Selected Choir 4' Senior Play Cast 4' Pub Club 4' Leaders Club 4 Loyde Spohn Diploma Vocational Agriculture nFarm1ng is not really a business, it is an occupation' Seasonal Sports 1, Varsity Football 2,5,4 F F A 2 1 4 Rifle Club 5 4 18 5 L W O I I I I ' L, l' . J X LL My X L r fr .1 ,' ll 7 l 1 V J 'I ' V l A A ' LVM XXV -IN Y W V V6 ., ' 5' an ,V BL Q rx I ll f, Rifle Club lg F.F.A. 1,2,:s,4. I tl s f- A ', s I 'T . , - - - H. s - ' r x " YV Qgffl, Beverly Smith Diploma: Academic UOpportun1t1es are seldom labeledu Library Club 2,35 Glee Club 2,5,4g Career Club 33 Student Control Day Teacher 55 Usher: Junior Play 3, Commencement 5, Senior Play 4 Selected Choir 45 Yearbook Business Staff 45 Pub Club. ,fi Y Robert May Diploma Voc tional Agriculture 'Mischief COMES by the pound and go away by the ouncen Seasonal Sports l F F A l,2,5,4 Footb ll 3, Stage Manager Junior Play Senior Play 4 Student Council Play 4 Floyd Mix Diploma Academic ' o tame the wolf you mus marry h J V Basketball l,? Baseball 2 Football 2 S Christmas Pageant 2,3 Seasonal Sports 2 3 Student Council Play 5 Varsity Basketball 5,4, Yearbook Business Staff 4, Pub Club 4 Senior Play 4 ,J 5 a . ' es ' g . . . g a ' : , . A l 1' ' I , . 40 U ' T t lm" 1 1 ,Q 5 , Z 1 1 5 : I. ' 5 , . J w ' A - g ' - az f' x Bonita Weber Honor Student Diploma Academic 'Happiness is a by product of an effort to make someone else happyu Seasonal Sports l J V Cheerleader 2 Library Club 3 Junior Play Cast 5, Senior Play Cast 4 Stud nt Control Day Tea er 4 Berma Tompkins Diploma Academic 'There is language in her eyes, her chee her llpsu Library Club 2, Glee Club 2 1 4 Student Council Play Cast 3 Junior Play Cast 3, Junior Prom Comm 5, Usher Baccalaureate Commencement 3 Student Store 5,4, Yearbook Business Staff 3,4, Senior Play Cast 4 Pub Club 4, Leaders Club 4 Christmas Pageant 4 Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 4, Athletic Association 4 PW Fred Holmes Honor Student Diploma Academic 'For love will not be drawn, but m st be ledu Orchestra l,2, Band 1 2,1,4, J V Basketball 2 Varsity Basketball 5,4, Football 5,4, Glee Club 5,4 70 12' 'Q 01 x ' x -. ' ' ks, gh . :Uni , 5 ' . - : , ,Q 5 ' ' 2 ' I I Y I - - S 2 , ' 3 ' . 'C 0 f 4 ,I IM f UW X ff J' . fy! A1 'J' J f r T 1 I z' l ' ' ' -' J l A ' I 4 i. . , , V ' u 1 6 4 5 ' , 1. ' n n Anna Klossner Diploma Vocational Hmkg Ulf you mean gettin' hitched m in Transmitter Club l Student Council 1,2,1 4 F h A 3 Glee Club 5,4, Treas of Student Council 5,4, Leaders Club 4 Usher Senior Play 4 Pres of Glee Club 4 Student Control Day Teacter 4 Lorraine Hood Honor Student Diploma College Entrance lence is more eloquent than wordsu Transmitter 2,1, Junior Play Cast 3 Junior Prom Comm 5 Usher Commencement 5 Chemistry Club 3 Student Control Day Teacher 5,4, Class Vice Pres 4 Aes't Editor uSchool Wemoriesn Treas of Yearbook Business Staff 4 21 Ac demic 19351, as quiet as a lamb Seasonal Sports l,2 Rifle Club 2,1,4 Baseball 3 4 I I II I , I . Q , V 1 I ' 'e 1 S . . . g r . , . 5 . S - 3 Y -A 0 Ml j . Wm 'x , if . A A all ' A1nB- Honor Student e , , 5 ,, , s',H u' 5 - .g L , 4. nS1 - 5 ' Q - 2 5 2 V 5 A . , Z , . Q . A , Raymonu Thomas Honor Student Diploma Comprehensive Art NNoth1ng can come out of an artist that is HOU in 8. man Art Club l Rifle Club l 2,3,4 Industrial Arts 4 Pub Club 4 Donald Romano Diploma School W oo good for banning too bad for blessing' Baseball 5,4, Football 3,4, Rifle 3 4 F F A 1 4 Seasonal Sports 5,4 Charlotte Stokes Diploma Academic NThere'e nothing half so sweet in life as ve's young dreamn Transmitter Club 2 Junior Prom Comm 5 Pub Club 4 77 . . . T , , . . . 9 1 1 . . v., I . " V-.QfE?.:g.. F: i . - X I , . . ll 2 J I ' 2 . . lo I v S ' 0 Beverly Cleveland Diploma Comprehensive Art 'Art is difficult, transient is her rew r Seasonal Sports l, Rifle Club 1,2 Library Club 2 3, Glee Club 2,3 4, Career Club 3 Jsher Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Pub Club 4 Iona Pollard Honor Student Diploma Academic 'Her face betokened all things dear and goo ' Cheerleading Club 3, Varsity Bas etball Cheer leader 3 Yearbook Business Staff 3 4, Glee Club 3 Pub Club 4, Varsity Football Cheer leader' 4 27.-Z 1 fx! MMWGMM Diploma Academic 'Han is no man, but a wolf' Game and Party Club 1 Library Club 2 x Rifle Club 2,3,4, Seasonal Sports 4 , Vw KVVJ J' a dn . S . x fx ' ' 1 . , d' 14? ' . D . " MXN lf" fa4AJ4l!l!c?7" e J' 0 'I IV I 1' , rf me P! ' ff 1, W' I S nf L Q, I 23 1 - 1 1 K' xl s U f' VJ' X Alton Alexander Q, Gladys Hotaling Diploma Comprehensive Hmkg "To stir men's blood, I only speak right on Seasonal Sports l, Art Cllb l,2, Transmitter Club 2 Usher Student Council Play 2 Baccalaureate Commencement 3 Junior Play Cast 5 Junior Prom Comm 3 Glee Club 5,4 F H A I5,4, Pub Club 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Diploma School Q Ten acres and a mule Hobby Club 1 F F' A l 2,5 4 Stage Manager Junior Play 5, Senior Play 4 Rifle Club 4 Chapter Delegate to National F F A Convention at Kansas City 4 ps ,Ive Ruth Every Diploma Comprehensive Art "A great artist can paint a great picture on a small canva s" Art Club l,2, Glee Club 2 3,4 Industrial Arts I5 Selected Choir 4 Pub Club 4 74 JVM 0 A I D , . - 3 3 I A , . J 0' lf fb WCWW3 ' 1 Q x , Y : J a ,Y n u S: U . ',.. '5 , I ' .1 S George Belokur Diploma Academic 'Love is like the measles we all have to go through lt' Seasonal Sports l J V Basketball 1 Baseball l,3 Varsity Basketball 2,5,4 Football 2,3,4, Student Council Play Cast 5 Junior Play Cast 3 Senior Play Cast 4, Pub Club 4 Maurice Oakes f Diploma Academic 'Who is it that can tell me who I am' Industrial Arts l, Hobby Club 2 Career Club 3, Rifle Club s,4, Glee Club 3,l4. X Jihifl' Zenon Janowski Diploma College Entrance 'Great bashfulness is oftener the effect of pride than of modesty' Boy Scouts l,2, Editor of Transmitter Club 2,5,4, Glee Club 2,4, Yearbook Business Staff 3, Uunior Prom Comm. 3 Christmas Pageant 3,4, Stage Manager: Senior Play 4, Student Council Play 4, Speaxlng Contests 4. 25 . 3 rx F .X 1' 2 JQY4 NF Lar Q 'YK U . . ' f N , NX lx l H? it K ' M . Y ffx If Edward Clark Dloloma Schqol 'O' how many torments lie in the small circle of a wedding ringu F F A l 2,5,4 J V Basketball 2 Football 2 4 F F A Pres 5 Baseball 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Pub Club 4 Student Control Day Teacher 4 John OPrepkie Salutatorian Diploma Colleze Entrance 'Nothlnv in the universe so solid as a thouehtu Seasonal Sports l J V Basketball 1 2 Foot ball Manager 0 Class Pres 2,3, Assembly Comm 2 3 Baseball 2,5,4, Student Council Vice Pres 5 Student Council Play Yanager 3 Junior Play Cast 3 Chemistry Club 3 Christmas Pageant Junior Prom Comm 3 Junior Dance Comm 5 Student Control Day Teacher 1 4 Varsity Basketball 1 4 Football 1 4 Rifle Club 1,4, Senior Play Cast 4 Physics Club 4 Freshman Initiation Comm 4 Student Council Pres 4 Catherine Van Vorce Diploma: Academic Hwas wont to be as still as a mouseu Band lg Library Club 27 Glee Club 2,3,4g Junior Play Cast 53 Usher: Student Council Play 3, Senior Play 42 Yearbook Business Staff 3,43 Pub Club 4. 26 I W 5 ,J . . WJ! Constance Hughes - St Diploma: Acacm mr ' Qcffv H'Twas her think r ade you think of hern Library Club 2,55 l Club 2,3,45 Cheer- leading Club 35 Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 35 Usher: Baccalaureate, Commencement 55 Junior Play Cast 55 Varsity Football Cheer- leader 45 Pub Club 45 Senior Play Cast 4. Diploma Academic tkan a business Band 5,4, Glee Club 4 George Darling Honor Student nPleasure is far sweeter as a recreation Seasonal Sports l, Football Manager 2 J V Basketball 2,5, Football 3,4 Ralph Gardner Honor Student Diploma Academic 'Anything for a quiet 1 N Seasonal Sports 1 Band 1,2 S, Glee Club 4 'K QIIPI A n : 'X ' V ' ife 2, I H 4: . A si ' A 'Q N9 Jean W11S0h Honor Student Diploma Academic 'The blush is beautiful, but it is sometimes inconvenient' Glee Club 2,3,4, Usher Student Council Play, Baccalaureate, Commencement 3 Senior Play 4 Transmitter Club 3, Junior A44-: 7 Raymond Onofrio Valedictorisn Diploma College Entrance nHe'll find money for mischief, when he can find none for corn' J V Basketball l, Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 Football 2,3,4, Rifle Club 2,3,4, Student Control Day Teacher 2,3,4, Baseball 3 Library Club 3, Junior Play Cast 3, Student Council Play Cast 3, Glee Club 3 Chemistry Initiation Comm 4, Pub Club 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Prom Comm 3 Yearbook Business Staff 3,4 Pub Club 4, Student Control Day Teacher 4 'NIO 'T-3' 435 1 John Thomas Honor Student Diploma College Entrance 'Simplicity is a state of mind' Rifle Club l,2,33 Junior Play Cast 33 Seasonal Sports 4, Student Control Day Teacher 4. 28 ,f A ' . 1 k,. I X ' nw I K lf , . ,-" 3 ik, t 4 ,N , , . b use 0 ' i S typ, t x . 5 ,Je F Club 35 Junior Prom Comm. 51 Freshman X .P ' ' . TQ, f . D +R ,V L , IJ, g I , r, z 1 M' . Margaret Van Scoten Honor Student Diploma Academic "1nd cannot follow it, nor words exrrees her infinite sweetness' Cheerleading C ub l, Dance Club l J V Cheerleader 2 Library Club 2 5 Glee Club 2,3 4 Junior Play Cast Z5 Varsity Basketball Cheerlegger 5 Usher COlnmenCement 5, Senior Play 4 Pub Club 4 Yearbook Businese Staff 4 Selected Choir 4 versity Football Cheerleader 4 Student Control Day Teacher 4 MM fe? Lorraine Plckert Honor Studgnt Diploma Academic 'Mischief is well said to have swift wings Orchestra 1,2 Band l 2,5,4 Junior Play v+'Cast 6 Junior Prom Comm 3 Usher Baccalaureate 3 D vbylilmyoj A' ass Treasurer 4 Glee Club 4 Selected Choir 4 KL A,,,ff lwgy fwfr Salvatore Spano Honor Student Diploma College Entrance 'I grow old learning something new every day Seasonal Sports l Rifle Club 2 Pub Club 4 Student Control Day Teacher 4 li! x.. ' ' " l ' I - - I ' 1 5 . I n . D 7 , . 3 J 5 1 . If . u ' I' . 1 n pf , P : , . 5 : Q,J , ' I ',-' 3 ance Band 5,47 Pep Band 3,47 Diggs? aff, C1 " 5 5 A Tight X yy! f , n dj Jfx , f 4 in ' . ' - 1, ,Y . , . 3 W If Jilin r ' I if I il ' If H f-' ' fq d f ,f C ,J .K V , ll 7 Z I X e Do.. 0 VT lx, ru V X9 my 4 P 'Q ck! EJ Cv- m had XDW Q0 b 005 uovwg- 0. Oyez, rlu v af'-'x ,DQ Arki 'BQ r, PON-Wh - Cxxcle, Romer 30 QDVQAVX UF 195 xv-'N ?f?f7f? ws xl-0 fc'-0 Aa. me 'alia ui 0 0 view-rx tux SVQQ hh ,L Se mit cdc Ou sQ lu?-Q.?Qr? N A-Kai' 31 ro hecq 'Nb 1 O ,JI uq+ Q00 f zoo xo Q, 1 9' rd"'N yr QOY' Yqoi-Lgvw --5 Tn A f' Q! KB xo C'0w-1"r'-Qf "1 'Wh u 'uhh Vr- sul Yr Vqqgg 1 Y-7 Quiz Q Q-Y' Vfih 7'-X Y-lx? Bur'-num Gqbbw -Y-Xmgbund, Hunfv-K 312 wo' Ae- o-Q50 if x we 1.4 I llllllllll Qjl:llllll uuuunnn I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Il llilllllllllllllllllllllllllll ann nun: nun: 1 'un' Y! , 2 x 7' iufalis E ggii-.5 .EEEEEEEEE Q -E'iE..'ifEEm 26 nw I l3IIlIIlI2l"""""" llillsllll I ' V , .asasaf " ' ,assess f "' ' 'H W Q "J XXX M N Ill 1 WI X I 1 ' . t X ' 1 Q J ' Q M KINDERGARTCN A M Thomson, C Mcoullough, E Katchuk, S Hall, S Sayman, T Moreland,L Lane. N Fufmlm Winters, F Balzar, G Smith, D Callahan, 3 yichard, D Thomas, L Lane, P Dalola, F Rhodes, A Liddington, L Sharp, C Russell, gravgsi1D Gower, I Thomas, I Cobler, S Dalton J Bush, C Dickinson, J Rupert, amp e Mrs Shoultes, R Stoughton, A Rulant, P Kent, W Lombardo, T Woodward, G Sherwood J Bakeman, J Rosenberger, K Richards, R Dunning, M Vandeventer, C Strickland KINDLRFART N P M Smith, J Geerken, P Shady, S Baker, L Madegezyk, K Orchard, J Haines Onofrio, P Roe, M hurtenberg, D Bpggkg. R Young, G Hoover, M Howard, V Gober, Rejmer, Mrs Shoultes Maybe, D Ostrander, C May, P Grqver, B Ulrick, F Wilcox, R Patton, J Hammond 34 D0 e A I 0 e l U I J. . . . ', , Do . e . e . e . e . Q 1 . , W. . . . . . . . , C. Bouren, K. Meade, C. Cornell, J. French, Mrs. Atwater 0 l Q- gf, J E. ' . . . . ' . . M. . . ' . . . . . D. ' . J. . . . , . . . GRADE I M Fogle, N Dingman, J Hauver, D Brooke, S Honnick, C Gunther, D Dickinson, D Wicks, J Nurtenburg, L Hatch, J Patton, H Bendick, G Smith, D Wicks D Heddaugh J Shiner, T Cody, S Culver, W Stevens, B Newman, N Roberts, G Vrooman, M Kuhrt. T Noble, F Rhodes, L Sweet, R Hills, D Seymour, R Dingman, B Shumway, N Tompson D Armstrong, S Murch, liss Caswell mrs Hines, J Tull, S Biggie, C Wandell, B Darling, S Tarbox, J Rqsenberger, R Patterson, L Crispell, T Sisco, G Smith, T Hoyt, C Katchuk, D Davis, M Garbowski, P Osovski, G Hines, C Mackey B Walters, D Campbell, S Smith K Fiske, R Sayman, K Gray, B Harsh, D Gray, J Piester, B Hover, S McNeil, J Riek, L Prentice, C Thompson, L Cornwell, N Daniels GRADE II B Rich, L Koroluck, J Stelmack, J French, G VanVorce, G Wakeman, I loshier, Orchard, L Wicks, B Mower, B Gower, K Okrepkie, C Wendel D Bendick T Bailey, H Harbac, R Ford, R Benjamin, B leyers, C Gunther, W Lyon, S loshier, Martin, M Andrews, G Dingman, J Lisk, E Ames, J Rosenberger, D Grover, D Geerke Pitcher, I Phrystler Hrs Durie, R Paradis, J Gober, P Smith, C Smith, B Wilcox, E Crispell, Balzar, R Sharp, J Harding, R Patterson, D Lukensow, B Woods, C Barney, J Roberts, Irs Lawton R Romano, C Cody, T Bowen, C Grover, W Baker, R Honnick, G Stoughton, V Thomas, C lccullough, B Birdsall, N Crandall, D Post, B Thompson, B DeVl1eger, J Lawrence 35 J: Dodge, J. Hoshier, Hrs. Dean . . ' 0 N, . ' . . . . , . Me . e . e . 0. e . 0 . e . g. ng P. H. ,, Ee V . O . O . O . I . .I Z O GRADE III P Ketchum, B Smith, 3 P19PC0. J Atwood, B Dunn. T Mc Neil, S Dalton,C Yaple McGill, J French. C Hill, I Lawrence, A Sherwood, J May G Marsh, T Tappan, D Spencer, J Bean, J Albrecht, E Biggie, J Stoughton, Warner, R Thurston, M Prentice, S Mower, N Cornwell, P Seymour, D Walters, Hrs Long, C Cody, L Ayers, W Dunn, B Crispell, B Cobler, R Fletcher, D Hoyt, Kosher, I Grabowski, J Daniels, A Gober, G Brooks, W Schultheis, J Gwara, Hrs Griffin C Maynard, B Shiner, J Kobylarz, J Walters, A Dingman, J Menten, S Zimmer, D Shiner, M Sweet, D Vrooman, D Slate, L Hvizdas, B Decker, C Dalola, F Onofrio R. E. R. F. GRADE IV S. Zimmer, L. Watkins, P. Lawrence, U. Kaler, N. Lyon, B. Stoughton, H. Panas, Kuhrt, J. Welser, M, Haines, C. Hill, E. Brink, E. Bailey D. Chrysler, N. Femia, R. Givens, D. Dingler, J. Bourne, J. Prentice, H. deHaan, Hammond, C. Gower, B. Gober, R. Jackson, B. Patterson, L. Wagner, R. Sherman, H.Watk1ns Kuhrt, 0. Yenick lies Rockwell, J. Thomas, D. Ace, J. Campbell, C. Needham, J. Chamberlin, J- Hollenbec Smith, V. Rupert, K. Alexander, D. Smith, J. Swagler, D. Grove, gps, winifygd Hcphepson, J. Dingman, C. Shumway, V. Spano, L. Bowen, C. Hughes, N. Deming, D. Palmer, U. Excell Callahan, D. Clearwater, A. Hilliard, R. Lange, N. Sylvester, E. Zimmer, L. Vanvorce, Hill, L. Gilbert 36 k. I CQ . Q . O . U ' I . : . . ' C' . C . V C . I . O. C ' C. Btarkweather, J- Hitch Re . O . U. .I O C . U S K GRADE V F Buck, D Zimmer, M Gober, J Dingman, V Sayman, L Culver, S Gower E Lyon, D Chandler, J Smith, J Smith, B Snavely, C Searles, D Moshier, D Kaler, Smith, H Johnson, P Dalola, J Fowe, S Rice, B Brown, I English, A Chamberlin, Jehu Mrs Curkendall, K Pierce, R Bentley, M Slawlnski, R Biggle, B Rice, R Hines, Clearwater, R Ayers, J Russel, R Keith, R Shumway, Westfall, M Fiske, Mrs Ardell T Bowen, N Stewart, W deHaan, L Vrooman, C Snapp, J Lange, A Camp, D Baker, Piech, E Snavely, M Searles, D Albrecht, M Thomas, L Armitage, E Russel, Mackey GRADE VI J. Pitcher, D. Ely, J. Okrepki, W. Beldon, C. Vanvorce, W. Johnson, R. Cortland, J. Richards M. Grover, c. Smith, D. Budney, L. Atwood, A- Lyon- G- Stewart. J- Quick- S- Wilcox- S. Hubbs, S. Legge, V. Moshier, D. Marshall Mr. Hoover, B. Harvey, P. VanR1per, N, Matson, R. Smith, C. Hoyt, E. Meade, W. Needham, C. Taylor, C. Lusk, B. Pickert, Mrs. Stoughton M. Hines, S. Armitage, P. Dutton, B. Walters, S. Estep, D. Lunn. J- C0191 L- Chrysler S. Lukensow, D. Austin, B. Walters F. Bailey, D. Mock, D. Moffit, S. Soper, C. Pierce, F. Grover, W. Wakeman, D. Biehl, R. Wakeman, A. Labour 37 4 A -if . ' A k -. ' .f 25 ig gy M. Gillette, D. Haskin, B. Daniels, I. Clark, S. Hyatt, M. Felo, L. Orchard, C. Crossen D. U . I . I . A I . O . O . 0 J O E. B. . . ' . ' . .. D.. .. . , M. . . Q . . . . . . . . .. . M. . GRADE VII S. Spano, D. Rhodes, J. Beebe, P. Daniels, S. Jordan, D. Gray E. Lyon, B. Crispell, J. Namaga, M. Hall, B. Belokur, J. Wandell, D. Ayers, S, Adamek, S Prentice K Shiner, J F'elo, J Graham, J Mix, G Snavely, R Austin, D Fishburne, N Gunther: L Hill, Miss Sweeney L Hines, S Darling, J Smith, D Hutcheson, G Thomas, M Wakeman, B Swagler, J Watkins, B Lynch, V Scalia, M Carr GRADE VII J Merrill, M Welser, R Dean, A Shady, J Gunther, D Marsh, W Osburn, D Snow, h Stevens Q Lombardo, D Callahan, T Hammond, F Thomas Mr Higgins, J Alorecht, R Darling, S Schoonmaker, R Maynard, S Crossen, L Wicks, R Bowen, R Martin, Mr VanDeusen R Hills, W Stoughton, V Alexander, D Whitmarsh, H Dingman, R Horton, P Harders, D Thomas, G Hover, R Hakes 38 O 1' O - . O 0 I . I O Q O L. Haines, R. Jordan, A. Wagner, T. Cutting, D. Weston, T. Ingalls, D. Jordan, 0 I c -, 0 o o 0 GRADE VIII J Pitcher: B Davis, L Her-rick, H mngman, s Patterson, Mins, D Demi , B Chandler, J Snavely, M Dingler Miss Lundy, P Brink, B Zimmer, I Heffers, J Shellhanmer, M Dingman, L Ma J Royce, V Snow, D Yaple, Mrs Chidester D Hulslander, M Barrett, P deHaan, J Bills, D Crispell, G Frost, P Hall, A Wandell, E Durie GRADE VIII A. Brown, R. Stoughton, G. Scalia, R. VanDusen, Hrs. Backlund, E. Hilliard, R. Seymour, F. Harvey W. Swagler, G. Meyers, G. Wilcox, R. Martin, E. Hatton, A. Maynard, L. Bramer, D. Lyon D. Armitage, R. Echorst, R. Lukensow, L. Griffin, L. Mix, J. larinus. D. Watkins, J. Smith, F. Signs 39 ! 3 ay u 2' f - 1 I Z- , , o I 1 O' .1 f 3 ' S a 3. '-4 ' gn.. ' 'I I If ow yy , ' o o o n Io c ng o o 0 o n o o - e 9 yy e o o a o - n o n a o o o o GRADE IX D Fox, A Spano, N Pitcher, M Vargason, F Pellett, D Collyer, C English, Graham, L Weber, G Chrystler, S Lusk, M Campbell, H Enright, J Settle, B Every Kulikowski Shellhammer, S Sherwood, I Thomas, R Moshier, H Slawinski, C Allmandinger, deLor1m1er, C Albrecht, C Jackson, P Swagler, R Grummons Mr Gilbert, G Caldwell, L Rice, H Calverley M Panas, R Kellam, R Snavely, Andreas, R Sharp, R Gormel, R Turk, J Tompkins, N Holmes, R Cartland, M Richard Ayers, Miss Granam E Howard, J Tappan, N Lusk, D Marsh, A Stoughton, E Brind, H Hatton, D Stoughton, Cole, R Hyatt, C Matson, B Avery, R Brink, G Herrick, W Walker GRADE X R. Smith, L. Bean, D. Dingler, J. Foux, M. Vrooman, M. Okrepkie, J. Hull, J. Hoyt, J. Walker, D. Snapp, J. Hughes, D. Klossner M. Needham, J. Munch, M. Andreas, C. Jordan, M. Dalola, J. Chrysler, S. Lisk, M. Waitl, G. Partridge, B. Vanderpool, B. Comptonp M. Hartnagel, M. Short, Mrs. Pierce S. Squires, J. Snavely, K. Hollenbeck, J. Piech, H. Sharp, S. Ayers, W. Hammond, V. Schoonmaker, N. Keith, J. Sears, P. Orzel, J. Belokur, M. Meyers, Mr. Weeks M. Negus, P. Biehl, E. Kent, J. Zupancic, W. Walker, R. Oliver, J. Hyatt, D. Jewett, E. Sharp, P. Purple W. Rich, L. Signs, R. Johnson, G. Harper, L. Brandes, G. Johnson, J. Herrick, F. Hammond, C. Spicer 40 A Q g ' LJ' " M Mo . O. 9' .O O . 0 . U . O S. S. Lawton, F. Evans, B. Hamilton, H. Sokoloski, M. Jayne, A. Yaple, S. Lajza, C. . . . . . S. , ' . . . . wi . I 0 l . I . I . D . O . U D. ' W. 0 . . . . . O . . . . . . . , W GRADE XI V Stokes, F Delaney, J Moshier, M Gardner, V Richards, S Hitchcock, R Russell, G Pollard, D Armitage S Givens, H Tarbox, J Baker, B Rice, E Seeley, E Gunther, M Snavely, S Gunther, B Sharp, H Weber, M Yenick, I Shaver, E Beebe Mr Schoonmaker, E Rowe, S Mills, S Yetter, L Shellhemmer, B Baker, B Duell, B Caldwell, D Chrystler, C Ackerman, S Lawton, P Baird, Hrs Drexler C Valentine, L Negus, B Walker, R Shaver, G Curkendall, C Dunham, R Lewis, Stevens, H Collyer, L English, D Beebe GRADE XII M. Oakes, A. Alexander, S. Spano, E. Clark, P. Davis, D. Walker A. Klossner, R. Every, M. Spano, M. Vanscoten, J. Wilson, L. Rood, B. Weber, P. Givens, L. Pickert, G'. Hotaling Mr. Bidlack, C. Vanvorce, B. Tompkins, R. Gardner, S. Gyles, N. Watkins, J. Okrepkie, D. ROMBDO, R. May, B. Smith, S. H6ff6PS, M155 Donohue Z. Janowski, R. Thomas, L. Watkins, L. Oliver, G. Belokur, R, Onofrio, F, Mix, F. Holmes, A. deLor1mier, G. Darling, J. Thomas 41 , 4 L - W . . 5 A X I K T' , 4 . gg , ' me q Q 0 0 0 Q U O C I 9 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 I C I Q f 9 o 0 0 0 a Q I I C I O O I O C I C I O Do O U I I 1 NA' 2' xa Q 5 Ss-tghf? rr? uQ 0 Synrk up m"A'fAW "'i5f3"'Q vm. Q Qmm M4 1 PMA'-'B A ' M +'-D' i' 5 K B ho' ami Sus!-Q . v as Nm: ENR 5"'x" Vuik ' . ar- ,I A---5"""' All lfqg 1'-xNVKkQI1"' XdYw.X"s x 'Az g? Quin Bm-mei NM -tql kv-X MEX HQQPN on blk? Guts' mxgkx -N-511+ N se. kscvh Lpek a+ We b ba ' ifelrklus mv 'X Qcrk if GQ -41 X Walk 3 If N0-ffy K' oallfrgv' 1 H' Riu. PKG. RsxL NASHINGTON TRIP FRIDAY At last the day was here we were beginning our long awaited wasrlngton trip Although we started at flve ozclock in the morning everyone at all sleepy Our flrst stop was Harrlsburg where we were but unfortunatly it was closed Whlle we were looklng over a guard offered to show us around and so we did see some of We stopped for lunch 1H hlstoric Gettysburg and made a was too excited to be to tour the state capitol the hall 1n the bullding tour of the famous battle f1eld there Jhlle at the battlefleld we had an Off1C1al guide w o showed us many of tke polnfs if lnterest We then that afternoon After belng shown our rooms at rest of the nlght we had free to do as we wlshed SATURDAY left Gettysburg and arrived in Wash1ngton at five the Continental Hotel we had our dinner The Thls mornlng we had our picture taken ln front of the Capitol We shall all have one when we get home as a remembrance of our trip Next we vlsited the Llbrary of Congress where among many thlngs we saw the origlnal copies of the Constitution and the Declaratlon of Independence After thls we viewed one of the most interestlng bulldings of all, the Capitol Building Here our tour included the chambers where the House and Senate meet and the rotunda where are found the many famous murals and Statues Our next tour was the Natlonal Art Gallery 1n whlch we saw some of the out standlng Art of our country Most of us, however, were more greatly impressed by the indoor fountaln and beautiful flower garden To end our morn1ng's activitles we vlsited the Supreme Court We did not see a session but never the less we found the Supreme Co rt ctambers very interest1ng Here we also saw one of the two very rare and world famous sets of spiral stalrways After lunch we again started out w1tn our first stop at the Cherry Blossom FeSt1Val which was located on the shore of the Potomac River The Navy Band and Cherry Blossom Queen were among the interests there Then after a trlo out to Arllnvton Natlonal Cemetary we witnessed the hlghllght of our afternoon, the very impressive ceremony of the changlng of the guard at the Tomb or the Unknown Soldler Nlth a two hour stop at the Smithsonian Instltute where we each went to see what personally 1nt rested us most, we ended our tour for the afternoon In the Smithsonian I thlnk everyone saw somethlng whlch gave each particular engoyment After dinner we left for Glen Echo Park, where nearly everyone enjoyed a very exciting ride on the roller coaster among the many exclting events of the evening This was the opening nlght of the year at Glen Echo About ten o'clock everyone cllmbed back on the bus to complete the activity of a busy day SUNDAY At aporoximately f1ve o'c1ock the bus left with nearly everyone aboard for the Sunrise Servlce Because of a misunderstanding of time we were the first to arrlve and because or the extreme cold only five remalned for the entire service Those flve thoroughly enJoyed the service and every one saw the ceremony of placing the Cross of flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldler After returning to our hotel for breakfast we had the remalnlng t1me free to attend any church of our cholce if we deslred Soon after lunch we took a trip down the street on which the Embassies and Legations are located We made our flrst stop at the Franciscan Monastary where we toured the many beautiful rooms and the replica of the catacombs in Rome W also walked around the well cared for and beautlful gardens Following th1s we made a similar tour of the Washington Cathedral which is of equally inspiring beauty 43 - I A o Q ' 0 it. . ' 3 . . . . -g . , 4 u A A J.. 0 4 I . O O I 0 0 h . Q I ' 0 0 ' ll .L g . Q 0 u . . . A . . T Q ' A , A . u ' J .,, , -I O O s ' 0 I . ,, . u o O A 0 4 9 I . . u We ended our afternoon by visltlng the Washlngton zoo in which we saw many peculiar and rare animals along with many with which we were familiar The time flew by until we had to return to our hotel MONDAY After breakfast this morn1ng we took our bus to the Bureau of Printlng and Engraving where the paper money of the U S is printed We got there early but never the less we had to wait qulte a wh1le in order to get inside Our tour there was brief but very 1nteresting as we saw the printing and counting departments and also the department where the imperfect money is destroyed Following this we visited the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials, in that order The Lincoln Memorial was 1n my opinion, the most awe insnirlng of t three though all were beautiful The beauty of the Washlngton Monument lies in its simplicity After lunch we went out to Washington Rational Airport for one of the highlights of the trip It was here that we were fortunate enough to see President Truman and his daughter in person as they arrived by plane from their vacation in Florida W also saw many members of the Presidents Cablnet on hand to greet the Presldent We then took our bus out to Mt Vernon, Wash1ngton's home, and spent one of the man's home were beautiful and the two hours passed quickly Our dinner that night was eaten at the Lotus Club, one of the better restaurant of Washlngton While we were there we saw an excellent floor show and following this we had the rest of the evening free TUESDAY Following breakfast Tuesday morning we had the morn1ng free for shopping or whatever we wanted to do It rained some ln early morn1ng but the sunlsoon came out and we had perfect weather the rest of the day After lunch our party separated, some golng to the Botanical Gardens and the rest going to a session of the Senate In the Senate we saw many oi our well known statesmen including Senator Taft of Ohio. At the Botanlcal Gardens there were on display some of the exotic flowers from all over the world We unlted again at the Federal Bureau gf Investlgatlon bulldlng where we were taken on an hour tour by a very buslness llke G man Here we saw some examples of shootlng, and different methods of tracklng down our crimlnals Then it was time to leave Washlngton Our trio home was very pleasant, we stopped 1n Gettysburg for dinner and arrived back in Newark Valley at two o'clock Wednesday morn1ng 44 o ' . V. " ' he l V ' e pleasantest two hours of the-entire.trip. The grounds and buildings of this great 'J l'3'9 JUN! c 'Q g 094 ww " , X ,Q -3 R Horton, G Darling, G Harper, L Shellhammer Armitage, R Oliver, L Oliver, L Spohn, C Andersen R VanGorder R Onofrio, E Clark, F Holmes, G Belokur, D Armitage, E Rowe Coach Hoover, S Mills, H Hatton, R Shaver, R Case, J Hyatt, Kasper, D Salmon, E Brind, J Okrepkie, D Lyon, Coach DePasquale Football Cheerleaders S. Lisk, J. Baker, D. Chrystler, M. VanScoten, I. Pollard, C. Humhes 46 C. Matson, H. COHYGP, W. Hammond, D. Stevens, W. Cole, H. Calverley, D. . . . . , . I O I C - I Co VAHBITY FOOTBALL Oliver R VanGorder, E Clark, G Kasper, C Andersen, L Spohn, F Holmes R Shaver, G Belokur, J Okrepkie, R Onofrio With a decisive 27 13 win over Vestal last Armistice Day, the N V C S Cardinal and White football players brought to a close another fall campaign, the third in the school's history The season was suite memorable with a number of nflrstsn being recorded In the opener with Windsor, the visitors walked off with the win, thus the Valley suffered its first home grid defeat N V received a second loss the following week in the encounter with Watkins Glen After two decidedly easy wins over Horseheads and Holy Family of Auburn, the Cards played and lost their first night game to Waverly at the Wolverines new stadium One week later, the localites lost their second night game to Owego Free Academy Though radio station, a large crowd filled Marvin Field to witness the thrill packed encounten The wir over Vestal made the season a fairly successful one although a 5 4 record was posted November ll's contest broufht to a close the high school grid career of ten of the eleven starters Next fall a host of reserves, some of them no less sparkl'ng than the raduates, should provide us with a smooth working, hard driving ball club SCHEDULE 1959 50 Opponent Windsor Watkins Glen Horseheads Holy Family of Auburn Waverly Owego Vestal 47 as L. , . . . . . . . the weather was extremely cold and though the gamezwas broadcast by Endlcottss WENE S dd ' I -n - n N.V. 6 13 O 54 51 6 47 15 7 31 12 18 27 15 Varai Basketball ALJ' .f "' ,HIT S. Lisk J. Bake S Heff 'T Fl 5 gsozme-ocasv 5 4 0 '1 Johnson Harper Pollard Hyatt Lewis Walker Johnson Hammond O O W 0 D' U Q 'U W U E I-' 0 Kulikowski Fox Graham Belokur Demlng Chrystler I. Shaver B, Tompkins VARSITY BASKETBALL N Watkins, F Holmes, F Mix, C Kasper, C Andersen, R Onofrio, R Russell, J Okrepkie Inset D Ayers, G Belokur, Capt , D Stevens Schedule 1949 50 King Ferry Marathon Candor Elmira Heights Sayre Horseheads Watkins Glen Waverly Sayre Owego Elmira Heights Horseheads Candor Watkins Glen Waverly Owego Kin Ferry gTota1s 49 Opponent 108 1055 Nl VO 46 45 45 39 42 41 55 46 55 62 43 51 58 McGraw 32 51 72 41 70 62 71 42 57 62 69 46 55 49 48 52 42 65 42 54 5.9.3 .42 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL WINNERS OF INTER CLASS BASKETBALL TROPHY, SOPHOMORES F F A BASKETBALL 50 Holmes Lukensov Hyatt Avery Stoughton Hatton Givens Griffin Hatton Lusk Matson Inset H Calverley Coach DePasq S Ayers, H Johnson, G Pollard W Hammond, G Harper G Johnson, W Walker, J Hyatt Klossner Walker English Sharp Walker Clark Signs N. R. H. B. D. H. H. L. E. W. C. 'f A Q' ""n""""'mfI"""' . 5 fi 'ill AQ ' , ,i 1' D. B. L. E. D. E. L. uale L PUB CLUB R Onofrio, M Van Scoten B Tompkins, L Oliver, L Hood, P Givens G Hotallng, S Heffers, M Spano, B Smith, R Thomas, F Mix, G Belokur, Mr Bchoonmaker, R Every, J Wilson, C Van Vorce, S Spano STUDENT STORE C11 M Yenick, I Shaver, B Tompkins, Miss Donohue YEARBOOK BUS STAFF Van Scoten J Wilson Tomokins, B Rice, C Van Voroe, Hood, M Tarbox, Miss Donohue Z l I , O C21 I . . C17 M. , .. , B. , .- . Q25 B.Sm1th, S.G1vens, F.M1x, Lo U Q "e. i 52 99,2 HUMEMAK M S MOD L CLUB R Cnavely, J Tomoklrs R Grummons, R Gormel, R Turk Andreas, L Howa d, D Mr Babenzien, G Caldwell, D Ayers, R Cartland lcre aw, A FamJoel 5 91 Son, Qet+1e 1 Uodt, 9 O zel, J rod , 11 cxcocy ASSSHBLY COHMITTSE Mr. Gilbert, Miss Graham, Mr. Hall, R.Oliver, N.Ho1mes D.Curkenda11, Mr. Higgins, L.Oliver, L.Griffin, B.Be1okur LEADERS CLUB G.Hotaling, S.Heffers, A.K1ossner, .Pitcher, J.Nama5a, D.Deming, .Chrysler, S.Adamek. D.Huls1ander, D.Fishburne, M.Barrett, P.Givens, B.Demin3, N.Weston, B.Tompkins, S.Lisk, Mrs. Pierce P.DeHaan, J.Graham, C.Jackson, C.A1brecht, C.Ackerman, N.Keith, I.Pol1ard J J SEASONAL SPORTS D Ayers, D Klossner, W Andreas K Hollenbeck Coach DePasquale, E Rowe, S Gyles, Hyatt, B Avery, G Pollard, Bean Horton, A deLor1m1er, D Armitage, Thomas, J Zupancic, H Armstrong, Holmes BOYS' GLEE CLUB Shellhammer, M Oakes, W Andrea Jewett, C Matson, N Holmes, Calverley, H Hatton, G Darl1ng, Stoughton, K Hollenbeck, Thomas, R Gardner, Z Janowski, Miss Graham S L. . . D. . . H. . . ' A. . R. . . 0 0 o , E.Howard, S.Ayers, R.Russel1, R. . I ' L. R. . . J. . . N. - 54 'Sri BOY SCOUTS G Qcalia, R Bowen, D Armitage, L Nix, J Qmith, R Jordan, A Tavelli, T Cutting H GIRLS CHORUS opano, D Rhodes, M Carr Gray, S Prentlce, P Daniels elof r, S Adamex, M Hall, Namaga, S Patterson, I Hef er D Velo, I Mllls, A Jandell Jakeman, J Hly, r Strlcxland, Vandell, J Graham, J Sn1th, Hall, V Tmsx, Hutcheson, Austin, iss Graham F. F. A. .Panae, J.Tappan, L.Bean, Steenrod .Marsn, H.Calver1ey, D.Romano, .Po1lard, M.Negus, D.Wa1ker, .Klossner, E.Snave1y, G.H11J .Hatton, L.Spohn, R.May, .Hammond, L.Eng1ish, A.Alexander .Davis, E.Wa1ker, Mr. Gilbert .Cartland, R.Johnson, C.Spicer, .Zupanc1c, C.Kasper, E.Sharp, .Sharp, L.Signs, G,Harper .Sharp, A.Stoughton, R.Brink, .Wa1ters, R.Kellam, G.Ca1dwe11, .Valentine TRA'S ITT R A Yavle D Tewie Z Janowskl urkendall B mire Q L2 ton a Q u res S untwar Van Deg n r Evans B Fawilton S aomolae 1 Seely Ieoer, flee Queery J Beebe, D Armlteve, L Nevue gf! SENIOR DLAY CAST .Heffers, G.Be1okur, Mr Bldl ck .Okrepkie R Onotriv G.Hotal1ng Givens, B.Weber B Tompkins, .mlX, L.Oliver, A.Alexander, .Way, N.Vatk1ns, Z.JanowsPi LIBRARY CLUB A Yavle S Gunther U Weber, Mrs Lewis, H Jpano, L Heber M Meyers B bornton M Short 3 'aldweL1, N V1CChCF, Juntner F ',' '-T' ff . , .... Y, . ,J. A H YJ V , V.. - , ... . , Y.?If:es. 3.3 her Jo N.O'i .1 oe I.' . T-xlnnf 'SG , ' ' ' v P . , . . .. , . -.. , ..,. . : -' ' I V 7' , ,..: L' . .4 --A , Q Q I WV I A V, . lo '19 if I 1 . V I V ,Ap A . rv I x ,1 1 -i' ' I ' V ' 7 1 N-,X i' ' Sy , i ' I 1 'V 1 ,Q I , I ' ' W . 'Il I, I 1 ' X 1 V , I I' "4 ' ' 1 ' ,'ff' 1' . 1 , Z, L . - 1 o fl, . 2 , . , .J H 0 'on 0 121. , au ' 0- Lix I S U . Q ., J , . - ., P. , . F ,.- 1 . R ,. .' -' . 56 SAVINGS CLERKS ill I Pollard, Miss Donohue STUDENT COUNCIL D Watkins, E Hilliard, Hr Bidlack, J Okrepkie, R Lewis, N Watkins, A Klossner M Yenick J French, J Watkins, G Johnson H.Hyatt, Iiss Lundy, N Keith, eber, L Negus STUDENT BOARD Of FINANCE L Pickett, A Klossner, Mrs DePasqua1e, L Wood, G Curkendall, F Delaney, D Klossner C22 S Lisk, B Sharp, W England, S.Lanton fl? . . 629 . . L.w . ' I ill . . 57 Asa. tw! 53,0 . '1- SELECTED MIXED CHOIR Row C11 S,deLor1m1er, Miss Graham, J.Baker, F,Evane, L,Weber, M,Graham, A,K1oesner, V,R1charde, S,Sherwood, B,Dem1ng, L.P1ckert Row C23 K,Ho11enbeck, S,G1vens, C,A1brecht, N.Ke1th, M.Schoonmaker M,Tarbox, P.G1vens, B,Sm1th, C,Jackson, M,Wa1t1, R,Every, G,A11mand1nger Row Q55 A,Stoughton, R.Thomas, C,Matson, R,Gardner, G,Dar11ng, H.H8tt0H, Z,Janowsk1, D.Jewett, L,She11hammer, M,Onkes, W.Andreas N,Ho1mes GIRLS GLEE CLUB 0 C3 Q3 1" st' 1, - ' 2 f'41x.m1Vf'm A ' Q Row C11 M,Gardner, S.Ku11kowsk1, H,Enr1ght, G,Hota11ng, D.Fox, F.Evang C,Hughes, C.Van Vorce, S.deL0r1m1er A,Yap1e, F.Pe11et, M,Vrooman J,Chrys1er, R,Moah1er, B,Every, D,Go111er, B,Vanderpoo1, J,Ford, J,Hul1 M,Campbe11 Miss Graham Row C22 B,fompk1ns, P.G1vens, B,R1ce, N.P1tcher, L,Weber, M,Graham S,Lawton, S,Sherwood, I.Thomas, A,K1osaner, B,Sm1th, L.P1ckert, B,Weber I,Po11ard, G,Partr1dge, C,Jackson, B.Dem1ng, J.Be1okur, M,Andreas, J,Sett1e Row KSU M,Yen1ck, S,G1vens, M,Tarbox, J,Mosh1er, V,Stokea, B,Baker, N,Weeton, N,Ke1th, M,Schoonmaker, J.W11eon, C.A11mand1nger, C,A1brecht S.L1sk, J.Baker, M,Wa1t1, M.Hartnager, D.Chryat1er, R,Bvery, V.R1chards 58 SVXTET r Delaney S Givens Schnonnaker, N Keith! M Tarbox M Van6coten M1 slGraham PEP BAND J Marinus H Smith C Matson F Delaney L Pickert M Schoonmaker VP JOB9ph N Rose L Shellhammar 2 x 89 RIPLL CLUB Ayers, J Qnavely, R Qeymour Enright, G Callahan, R Mille Van Dusen, D Watkins, V Lombardo Johnson, S Gyles, D Walker, R Thomas, V Alexander, J Woodard, D Walters Mr Saddlemire, M Negus, L Negus, Watkins, G Herrick, A deLor1m1er, Curkendall, W Hammond, M Oakes, Romano, M1 Weeks Signs, L Watkins, G Farper, Oliver, R Onofrio, W Walker, Hyatt A Alexander, P Davis, Dingler Romano, F Hammond, G Johnson, Kent, J Herrick, R qmlth, J Okrepkie, P Purple B A N D N Stevens A Shady, M Dlngler R Bharp B Sharp J Baker, L Piokert Matson, L Brandes, H Smith, H Calverley, R Givens, Mr Joseph P Kwlatkowski, H Waltl S Sherwood, M Jayne, M Gardner, J Moshier, Griffin, L Shellhammer, R Gardner, P Baird G Partridge, E Beebe, R Moshler Thomas, C Luszczek H Sharp N Rowe M. Richards C Lusk, D Collyer, D Patch, C Allmandinger, W Lusk, D Stoughton, Jewett, F. Holmes, G. Darling, J. Marinus, D. Thomas, M. Hartnagel, D. Crispell, Jewett, P. Brink, J. Bhellhammer, D. Hulslander, S. deLorlm1er, E. Durie. 60 A ff . , . . , . , . , . . , Schoonmaker, G. Frost, F. Delaney, V. Richards, S. Lawton, E. Hilliard, R. Brink, . . , . . . . . . . , . . . . 0 , o , n a , . . . . . . ll 4 G f "' TT" "' , S 5 5 f f 1 iw ,-1- ' 1 i 1 an ' fn-,U 1' N" J 'i'i' A gf! ff Jw? 0 l f 1 , x I , ,J , .. vi , , I - A 1 xx - I I' f 'P '- . e.' V I lf, ' E 4 ,Q A y E X K - - . val! Bw 'i?Z....l Ll.-gii - , 1"-f x af' 8 fl K 5 .4 .ZR 1 t I- 1--qv f my Q!-:HL U. ng -,...---f a V . '5J.1"- v . . 48-I ,.- T - gflfgi i A3 W ,W J 'f -1 1' 4. ,AQZDA ' ' -',,4iL74 -if - I Y Qhinvprfn I fi M ' ' 1. ' - r I , , x I. , , 4' F n vii? Q.-f Us 'w""1r FW, .7 .Q. 5' 2? ..'. J rf 1 s 1-W vl Q-'ar 0 2... VI b , 'S-is J JM'- '10 'fit as For Sale By The Class of 1950 Good Mill, Courtesv, Ambition Inte'11gence, Frlendli ess, Honesty Health, Sense of Pumor, Good Sportsma ship Anyone Interested, Call At NVC5 after June, 1950 Signed, Lewis Oliver President Kindness, Good Conduct, Reliability, Good KAISER FRAZER Sales and Service NEWARK VALLEY New York 64 T O M P K I N' S G A R A G E Wor1d's Largest Manufacturers I H1 Grade Ladders E S E B W H I T I MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Newark Valley, New York 65 ' I Compliments BEITY and STR TCH'S SODA A SNACK BAR Ice Cream Navazlnes heals Candy Snacks or N Best Wishes from OWEGO MOTORS Oldsmobiles Sales and Services Hilton B Whipple Prop BERKSHIRL INN IUHSPS and Ligat Lunches Proprietors DORIS and PPTL RALPERS Phone Lo F l3 lewar Valley ANDY'S SERVICE STATION Mobilubrication Mobilgas Mobiloil Newark Valley, New York Phone 221 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Personal Cards, Diplomas Club Insignia, Medals Trophies iAR!EY'S DRESS SHOP 139 Main Street Owego, N Y Dresses Millinery Lingerie The Little Snop on Main Street 66 6 . ,L J - w at .Aw " ii S ,E WIIIIIMXW w f m'. 1 . I G E N U N G' S - 3 I A 'A' P H A R M A C Y 1 , , - - I ', Phone Shoo O HGLMES 8 RETYEA JO N DEERE FARl ACHIIERY SEEDS FEEDS FERTILIZERS OWEGO, NEW YORK Phone Mill 12 ATLAITIC K PACIFIC A CU Newark Valley, N Y INSTALL AND SERVICE THE VALLEY RADIO SAT S 8 SV1VICE Radio Apolianoes Television 102 North Avenue Oweqo, N Y RXDE ILK Berfsnire, New York L.... ..... Compliments Of O U Wholesale Confectionery 26 Exchange Street Binghamton, New York 67 U Y 1.1: Li! XI L+ 5' 3 WE Q- C An' 5.a , 2-:HAT 1-IE SELL MRL WIKER . . G f 'ffl - ef M? ..J.-J A lu ' 5- G E R c- E w. B c K CENTRAL CITY BUSINESS INSTITUTE Approved by the New York State Department of Education FALL TERM-BEGINS SEPTEMBER 5, 1950 Syracuse 2, New York W1111am J Veigel, Director COM LIMENTS Roger F Dibble CENTRAL AUTO SALES Sales and Service Central Avenue Owego, New Ybrk xxsxxmxxxm Phone 355 LOUIS HERMAN PETER D GREGROW WHITTEMORE GROCERY Fine Furs North Qwego Repalrinv Remodeling G 1 Me ts Groceries and Meats Hargigs-Z egoft Srinks Storage G 5 O11 Ice Cream, Gasoline Ice Cream' as 318 East State St. Speedeville and 011 New York Phone 4 0141 Ithaca, New York 68 OF P 0 N T I A C Bhd C A D I L L A C 1 - I ,- 1 - 1 1 u HOVhR'S GHOLLRY Hershey's Ice Cream Sinclair Gas 8 Oils Goodrich Tires A Tubes Highland Dairy Products All-popular Soft Drinks Flemingville New York Meats 8 Vegetables Red R White Groceries Good Luck To The Class of 1950 THE AM RICAN LEGION Post l5Al Newark Valley New York KENNETH MEAD HARRIS MARSH General Merchandise Radios Weltonville, New York General Trucking Refrigerators Phone Owego 889J1 Ranges and Stoves Berkshire, N Y 69 Phonograph Records Phone 22h Newark Valley Tioga Co. Appliances THE MILLER PAPER COMPANY, INC H T BECKWITH wholesale only Ford Sales and Service Pqnersiiggf Supplfggne 3 0156 21 church sn owego N Y Specialties Phone 797 2043528Ciggtlwigigwxifieet Manager Welt r T Shelton 9 0 CLVMINGD MOTOR SALVS 56 Central Ave O ego, N Y Phone 458 YOU? CHHYDLER PLY'OUTH DVATUR 3 R I O N ord Tractors Dearborn Warm quipment ondicott New York Yolrs for Better Farming 10 pq Il , - . , ' TL ,- W . .4 N E W I N G E Q U I 1 M E N T C O R P O A T 1 1- -- BROCKWAY BINCHAMTON CO. 275 Chenango Street Binghamton, N. Y. Con ratulations to the Class of 1950 CHUBB SHOES Ch1ldren's Shoes a Speclalty Flttlng Checked by A Ray 192 Front Street Owego, New York sUCChssPUL LARELRD IN BUSINLso bTA1T AT RIDLhY's Insure your future by enrolllng ln B1nghsmton's Leadlng BUSIPGSS ochoo APPROVLD BY N M IONK bTnTE DEPAdF1.NT OF DUCATION AL page, lllustrated catalog nIDLnY o C WTfnIhL QLEOOL Chamber of Commerce 3U1ldlHF Qlnfrb Muon, New York OWEGO MURRAY COMPANY Front Street Omego, N Hardware Farm Sunolies Sporting Cooos Plumbing Heating Electrical Apoliances A NAT' YOU CAI RU T 71 If L2 . . , - W1 'l"1"N '5 W 'V 'W , ,.mD . ,, L H fi 4 V ' ' 1 1 .. ' N . A . . - L to - .E, , U , , H' wi 2 A' 1.4 1 VISIC, phone, or wrlte for free - , F . - 7 , t I 'r'v 'mf' D pf- A U W ' I A.: ALL.: . 4 m A , V - - I- 2 O h.8f 1 i N I Q I C i THE BURT COMPANY For 30 Years Greater End1eott's Family Store BRUSH AND PALETTE TAVERN Le1gh Jayne, Proprletor Steaks Chops Ch1cken Cater1ng to Partles and Banquets Candor Owego Road Route 96 JOHN SEXTON A CO antfacturlng Nholesale rocers NUJ VOR? 1 T YVQRII' SUGAR BOWL BALLOU'S Homemade Candy Light Lunch8B SUNOCO Ice Cream STATION Opposite Ovego Theater Constine A Whitney Salted Nuts Potato Chips PoD Corn 18 Robinson Street Binghamton, N Y Phone 2 951 77 1.1 1 ' 2 P. o. Box 425 e.P.o. nf - 1 , -zz-3 .t'. - S. I N I LL -br ' ' 1 1 Comnliments E. J. WESTFALL SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS - STATION of Lpnge,S Electric Lmobilgas Mobiloil Motor Service Phone h3'F'L2 Newark Valley, N. Y. Berkshire N. Yv KIES BOTTLING WORKS To The SENIOR CLASS 8 Mrs N D W Owegg New York Reach for Bread at 1tS Best hn- HANAFIN EQUIPMENT LOIPANY, I IHt6PD3tlOH31 Trucks Hudson Automoblles McCorm1ck Farm Machlnes Sales Parts Servlce 26A North Avenue Owevo Phone 660 701 North Street LHdlCOtC Phone 5 92ul NC 73 Mr. . . . .ice 1 ' L 1 lui I 1 I 1 1 S T R O E H M A N N' S RAYMOND D. EVANS Jeweler and Watchmaker Newark Valley, New York Compliments of ENDICOTT TIRE R SUPPLY CO 113 Washington Avenue Endicott, N Y THE BENNER WHOLESALE Co Distributors For 107 Duane Avenue DAGGETT'S ENDICOTT, NEW YORK CHOCOLATES PHONE 5 2741 Phone CRAMER'S AUTO PARTS Phone 5451 5452 Automotive Replacement Parts and Equipment Specialized Machine Shop Service 619 W State Street Ithaca, New York 74 1 I 0 0 I 1 ll, 7.1, 1 . tw O N A J LOCYER PLANT Prooessln SmOklDP MEATS Phone 199 Lockers Now Available Quallty Cleaning In Owego's Newest and Host Up to date Cleaning Plant JAMES E DIBBLE Owe o Plant 75 Adeline Street Your Flnest Garments Carefully Pressed SEELY'e FELD STORE Newark Valley Berkshlre Telephone 120 New York L F HAMLIN INC The Red Cross Drug Store 5 7Abl Phone 5 5191 59 Washlngton Avenue Endlcott, New York 75 . 3 - . O D 'cai1'oJ1ego 596 il I- l O 0 , O JOSIE DINGLER Meats and Groceries Gas and Oil - Notions Dry Goods - Ice Cream Caroline Center, N.Y. Telephone Slaterville 12-F-2 hILKINS Dlamonds Jewelry Our 3Lth Year A6 washlngton Avenue FHd1COtC, N Y momplum nts of Bern Furniture Inc Owego, N Y G-L-F Service Store Feed seed Fertilizer Phone 113 G-L-F Farm Store Farm Supplies Phone ll3M REIGEL PHARMACY Maxwell Hiegel Ph. G The Rexall Store 54 North Avenue Phone Owego 359 BALL HATCHLRY Baby Chicks and Hatching Eggs Owego, New York LAWRENCE BRNS PLUZBING and HLATING PARTRIDGL' LEADAAY STORE Berkshlre, N Y Phone L2 F HALLIDAY STUDLBAA R SAL S E S RVIC Upper North Avenue Owego, N Y Phone 37 AULTIONLEH NEWAMK VALLEY Telephone 216 76 L , U . ' e .. of I O FAED FROST ' S . 1, s E O O . . - -5 h ROBBRTSOh'S Central Drug Store lOL Pront Street Owego, New York BERT BLISS R SON Coal Flour Feed Newark Valley, N Phone 79 M Compliments of a Friend VAUGHN'S Hart, Schaffner 6 Marx and otony 'soo' Clothes Jantzen and Donegal Sportswear ENDICOTT UNION Phone 5 2131 C C NUTEWHNE 8 SON Dry Goods, burniture Floor Coverings Ready to wear Electrical Appliances 196 198 Pront street Phone 115 Owego, N Y LYNN'S DPUG STORE On the Avenue Pills and Thin ' Owego, New York STEPHANIE Owego's Leadlng BEAUTY SALON E. D. BUSHNELL General Merchandise Red 5 White Store Newark Valley Telephone 200 KALKAN'S Newark Valley Your Television Headquarters and The One Stop Store Phone 206 77 nTUBBY'Sn GARAGE Always Ready To Serve You Berkshire, N. Y. Phone AL-F-2 X 1 -. ,. 1 o 0 Soda Fountain---Drugs I B D 9 o Ye n 8 33' N. Y. To you our heartiest CON RATULATIONS1 Con ratulations upon your rraduation' May a measure of the success you so rlghtfully en Joy today be evident in all ou do And may you realize the fulfillment of the plans you have mace for a useful, purposeful life A COMPLLTV MUSICAL SLRVICE HICKEY'S MUQIC STORE 330 East 'tate Street Ithaca, Phone L 1101 THE TIOGA TELEPHONE COMPANY, NC 78 W c- - N. Y. ' I . Please You Always Meat to E i Always Pleased to Meet You WOOD'S MARKET Phone llO MSUIW HIGVGRS -4-1 uw 'fUI'l'l0l'S Compllments of nnocxwzur Moron comrmsnr, mc MMUFAHSISSG CO Berkshlre, New York Branches :S Dealers 1n PIIHCIPGI Clues TOMPKINS PHOTOGRAPHERS Best of luck to The Class of' '50 134 East State Street Ithaca, New York 79 4 . . ' 2 6 dBA xlx I N Q X0 . Yi Factory 6. General Office - - - Cortland, N. Y. l A . P SIMMONS' HARDWARE Compliments Newark Valley, N. Y. General Hardware of The Checkerboard Electrical Supplies Feed Store STALDER'S ATLANTIC SERVICE North Avenue and Chestnut Street OWEGO, N. Y. Phone 295-W RICHARDS FUNERAL HOMES Newark Valley N Y Owego, N Y Monuments Compliments of THE ATLANTIC QEFININJ CO , INC Petroleum Products ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP Brook Street All Type Permanente Hair Shaping A Specialty Appointments Day and Evennng Phone 103 Compliments of Chevrolet Inc 3 Grant Ave Endicott, N Y For Cnildreu CAnd Adults, Tool VIE' MASTER Stereoscopic Full Color Pictures KENYON HUB STOR1 S Lake Street Owego, N Y 80 , C Q Q . f' 1 . Q ' , . 1 ' I Ben Hansen W-, 4 . O 0 0 4 'fl N - o a GEORGE JORDON HARTWELL'S Local and Long RE R WH E Distance Hauling D IT STORE Berkshire, N Y Soeedsvllle N . CASCADE PAPER COMPANY On the Hoosac River North Adams, Mass School Supplies Cafeteria Equipment Your Representative M E J Cos r H O P 119 Washington Avenue Endicott, N Y COOK'S MILK M CREAM Newark Valley, New York Phone TOWN 8 COUNTRY SHOP 9 Lad1es'Appare1 Tioga County Herald 103 Washington Ave Compliments A E Van Atta Chevrolet Endicott N Y Dealer 81 i N Yi , Y I'. 0 . 158 s A L L Y ' s D R E s s s 71-M Th I or L STUDENTS Only S10 Down Buys C Smith and Corona The World's Fastest Portable' See Them Now At WALTERS k BOND -Lake St Owego Compliments EDGAR S COLLYER GREEN,s Plumblnv and Heating Free Estimates 27 washington Ave Appliances Endicott, N Phone 45-F 41 Berkshire, N Y of a n Typewriter MILLINERY O Yo 35 . Congratulations Class of 1950 L E Y M C R E I N C We Cater To Plcnics, Banquets, Reunions, Etc Newark Valley, R D i2 Phone Owego 886 W2 AMhLIA'S BPAUTY SHOP V A L A I D I C E A M Owners...E11en and George Reese...Operators ALL TYP S OF PERMAN NTS AND SCADP TREATM NTS We feature Zotos, Fluid Wave and Fluid Cut Professlonal waves are best for your hair Phone 123 Newark Valley, New York 82 0 . L7 Contractors O 0 ANDREAS PRESS Quallty Prlntlng Speedsvllle Nev Vork Phone 35F23 Compliments of Shulmans Ithaca's Oldest Furniture Store Ithaca, N Y BUDMAN MOTORS 23 Church Street Owego, N Y Sales and Service Phone 33 NE CAN MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS FOR HOTEL ENTERTAINMENT SIGHT SEEING AI BUS STEAMSHIP TRAIN for your next going away trip no reservation too small or too large Honeymoon Special Reservations CONSULT US ' R H Thompson Travel Bureau Charter Bus Service 621 Lackawanna Ave Scranton, Pa P6666 2 7200 14366 1,6665 JAN'S Compliments of BEST WISHES Owegg, N, Y, J GUNTHER Newark Valley visit Qu? Electrical Contractor TEEN DEPARTMENT Bowling Center Everything Electrical Phone 99-J 83 l 1 I I 1 A ll , . . Y . IO '14 .Q I o : 4. 0 " Ro 0 o o o n ..- U so so a - --. LL-- 0 Bill's Friendly Service Gas--Oil Grease-Accessories Ice Cream and Groceries Phone 22FlL Repairing ' I RAYMOND G. WALKER Pine Grove Grocery MRS. JULIA LIPE Newark Valley, New York Phone 78-R Compliments RAY'S GARAGE Willys Overland Sales and Service hone 126 Newark Valleys THE ECONOMY STORE 186 Main St Owego We outfit The Entire Family SARSY'S INN Caroline Center New York Spaghetti Steaks Television nightly Telephone Slaterville 12F2 Diamonds latches T Burr Charles Lake Street Owego 'Gifts of Distinction' Jewelry Silverware SPENCER'S Plumbing and Heating Gas Stoves, Furnaces Newark Valley, N Y Phone 218 Repair Work Our Specialty MILL STREET GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecker Service Welding and Repairing Of all Kinds Phone 147 84 COOK'S STORE Groceries Plumbing Hardware Berk hire, New York Phone M2 F 3 v I O 0 . . - I 1 I ' ' l W I 4 U l I u ,,,,l I ' L I I - O I ' S - - I 1 l Arrow DHIPUS blCh86lS Sterns Clothes BANDLPR, STILES AND KEYES Apparel for Men and Boys 19 Lake Street Owego, New York Interwoven Socks Stetson Hats BERKShIHE COOPEnATIVE G L F SERVICES, INC Feed Seed Fert1l1zer Farm Supplles Phone L5 F33 Phone A5 F 33 Jewelers and Engravers Bernard L hundin , Representative PATCHES BEHKSHIRE L1me Lumber Roof1ng Fert1l1zers Farm Supplles Telephone bb F 33 Q 85 s r B A S T I A N B R C T H B R S OF S -- I SUIBLRLIN TIR S TRUFf II? R CADPIN' PASSINPLR LIHE R CAPPTN' Low Pressure and Re ular Auto Llte Batterles Auto Lite Spark Plu s Motorola Car Radio Zenith Home Radlo Use Our Friendly Credit Plan T J BVRNE SERVICE lO7 Wasaln ton Street Binghamton, New York Phones 2 Ol58 2 2548 Co1ol1ment Contl Jeweler 38 North Xvenue Owe5o, New York PINE GROVE GULF STATION Open From a t 12 m Seven Days A Week Prop James Murray Compllments of STEPHENS E COMPAN 85 State bt Blnghamton, N P R Keough Y NC Y Ithaca N Y I H C Farm Implements Sales A Service J B Lang Engin and Garage Co Inc. 86 6 Phone 2777 '1 fq 1 4.4 1. .1 " ' T YI' U.- +4 4: 4.4 - J -1 'T' Y"1 TT' 1.4 J LJ ..a. ,T U' C.: . . - . . - - 0 3 ' 0 Q 4. ' w . U 1. ,xv .. - .- ' 's ' 5 nt I .J Q 1 of ' 6 emo ' O' pn o 1 f - f o I A. 2 ' u o f- o c o -. -. 4 l a 0 o i IEL B INSURANCE OWEGO RADIO RADIO Sales and Service 34 Lake St Phone Breyers Ice Cream lOl North Avenue Owego, New York SKINNEH'S ICL CRFAM BAR Phone 280 For Rapld Rellable Servlce See RICn'S GAHIGE Speedsvllle, N Y Telephone 35F22 STACY SHOULTES Barber Shop Water Street Newark Valley, N HOWLAND BROS CO INC Berkshire, New York N Y N3 f 2 ROBERT'S GROCERY Newark Valley N Y 70 Years of Service S A N T O N L O I A N D S O Wholesale For Health's Sake, N S Eat More Fresh Fruit and Produce Phone 11,26 Cortland, N. Y. l 87 Phone lO9 ave Your WA D A N . H A I vlaler Sfreef Newark Valley, I TV . 866 , o 0 Yo o o " ' Compllments of N W Y Ne1l R MacPherson U N Newark Valley, New York Owego New York elephone 1LO Wlth Best Wishes from your local Fuller brush Dealer MELVIN J RUTAN Newark Valley fw6ltOUVl119l D 2 New Yo O9 ll 113 Street Owego, New York Phone 13h Lumber Coal M111 work Bulldlng Mater1a1s Planlng M111 Compllments of S S 0 Bottled Gas Appllances Farm Equlpment Newark Vallev New York Phone lOL L E 88 rar ' ' ' I -S A C O A ' S C L B D I E R 1 R. . ', rk E. H. M I L L E R L U M B E R C 'O M P A N Y, I N C. 107 - 1 - l - - -- - R O A. T A P P A N k S N S . 9 C O M P I M E N T S O F A F R I N D DODGE CHARLES 5 P2 W fs. A R L E Authorized Dodge and Plymouth Dealer Sales and Service Dodge Trucks School Buses 20 Church Street Owego, New York Phone Owego 510 89 IL, his ' ', z af , H7 V V W' - A ff, .,,,,, wffo,w,-Qf.5 C H s S. H I L L s c 0. 174 ff?-Y 7673 we fig? A :Agai- LOW PRICES EVERYDAY E. J. HOLLBIBBCK Berark Valley New York 'l L l 90 l , V il PIL 'Eff f' 'fy ii,-Q 'sqft' ' fra, , f- I .af ' ' H. 1- L 2 I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Newark Valley, New York OFFICERS DIRECTORS John W Brick, President John W Brick William H Stim ing, Vice Pres William H Stim ing Henry A. Patch William P. Riordan Jay C. Purple Clyde D. Turk 91 f IQQQTZQQ W W,.N -N,4:lni D t xx A K . . ' X , Q . , 3 .W ..NN ,,,.,,, ,, I I . . . . QUAUTY wHoLEsALEcRoweRs Sggvmg 1'rHAcA NEWARK vALLev PLANT PLANT Pho e 2158 Pho C 107 Shuppmg POIh+ and Office Newark Valley N Y May I take this opportunity to wish each one of you real success in life I hope the good seeds that have been planted in your lives during your school days by your teachers and advisers here in Newark Valley Central School may grow and bear the right kind of fruit in your lives, thus making this a better world to live in I also wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you all May God help you to live lives that will bear rich fruit William H Stimming 97 . I To the Senior Class of 1950 7 ' H I x VOLLEY BALL C11 D.Wa1ker, D.Sa1mon, L.S1gns, R.Shaver C23 A.deLor1m1er, E.Br1nd, W.Wa1ker, D.Stevens, D.Jewett, Mr.DePasqua1e BATON C17 J Graham, J Menten, M Snavely gg, S Hyatt, J Sears,N Matson COUNCIL PLAY CAST Z Janowski, V Richards, M Needham Mr Bidlack, Miss Lundy, J Hyatt J Chrysler, G Harper, J Munch, Mr Higgins, N Keith IT OGR.5.?F"S 'A x X x, 4 1 'f j 1 4 J . I fm Y I , fv"1 A, ,'1714 If 10 Jw mfr fad l h x 1 I x Ht. . fvj I f f4 ,LM ,007 ,iwfff -'7 ww ' ff ' f M"

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