Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY)

 - Class of 1949

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Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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ubfwfwi b TI-IV EENIUH ELH55 f NELJHEI4 VPILLEY EENTIQHL EEHUUL NELXIIZHQK VIZILLEY N Y 1 jgbg MQW '51UH41m1fuwL IWW lu1lQruuf'5 fp W if 0l'elU0l' Thus book IS not only a record of the actnvxtnes of the year 1948 49 but at IS also a record of the past four years for the Class of 1949 who wlll no longer tread the halls of N VC S The theme of thus book IS Our Com munxty and was chosen rn recognmon of the fact that wxthout our fellow classmates who come from every corner of our commumty the Class of 49 would be mlimtely smaller We have endeavored to show you through the many photographs m thxs book the xmportance of the part the commumty plays m our lxves As we roundmgs have upon us Therefore throughout thxs book you wnll find the photographs and artxcles are mamly concerned wlth Our Commumty and :ts effect upon our hves It IS the spmt of true brotherhood and the dream of peace and happnness that makes us the closely kmt commumty wxth a common goal So rt xs wnth our class this Splflt has been carned from the home to the classroom We have become as one person m our thoughts and dreams I feel we owe a debt to Our Commumty for the mcentxve xt has gxven us to reach our common goal Commencement Now that we are reachmg th1s goal we can look back upon four very wonderful and happy years together Carol Ann Weeks Editor zn Clue 2 . . I have been progressing upward, we have realized how much influence our sur- ' I Ulmu at W n :rin N "J lt has long been the custom at Newark Valley Central School to dedlcate our yearbook to a mem ber of the faculty to whom we owe our apprecxatxon Thxs year however we wrsh to dedlcate this book jointly to you Mlss Lundy and Mr Schoonmaker our farthful advxsers for the past two years As leaders you have been a source of constant mspxratxon to all of us gnvmg generously of your trme and effort to help us m every posxble manner We realnze that thls book rs a very small token of our apprecnatlon but we trust that you wnll take pleasure xn the memorres lt wnll recall 3 ' 1 A all ,ff L W' f cv ,rl ,KW n r I "-11: , r 'I N . I in I "N lg., . 'T Ll' T 1 I 9 A . 5 , A ., A Alh' 1 Q. I, X M -P, alll S '. , P' 'S . Q G Vu. t , .HI . h , -Lx, ,. -11 -'La 'J J ai " E44 QW 5' 4. A HT Q if YEARBGGK STAFF Edztor Carol Weeks Asszstant Edztor Maxme F1Sk8 Buszness Manager Sybll Chrysler Photo Edztor Charles Brandes Grade Edztor Betty Bowen Club Edztor Myrna Partrldge Art Edztor Charlotte Clark Sports Edztor Robert Van Gorder Treasurer Maxme F1ske Typzsts Clarence Andersen Arlene Galpln eanette Baker Ann Keane ean Calverley Advertxsement Solzcztors Edward Shellhammer Catherme Van Vorce Clarence Andersen Zenon anowskr Barbara Best Berma Tompkxns Erwm Munch ean Wxlson Iona Pollard Aduzsers MISS Helen Donohue Mr F B Schoonmaker D Ruby Armstrong Erwin Munch l l I l . YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF C Van Vorce C Andersen S Chrysler Mnss Donohue M Flske B Best E Munch I Pollard I Wrlson Z Ianowslu E Shellhaxnmer B Tompkms ,--11 PUB CLUB R Armstrong B Bowen M Flske C Weeks I Baker A Galpxn C Brandes Mr Schoonmaker R Van Gorder C Andersen I Calverley A Keane E Munch R Shell hammer A. Demmg 7 . , . , . , l , . ' , . , . . . , . - , . G, . , . l . ,, .,-, ..f. J. ll , ' O .5 .,, ..- 'E 1 ' 5 . , . , . ' , . , . , . ' . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . - v n BOARD OF EDUCATION LESTER HYATT' NATHAN HALL WILLIAM STIMMING HIRAM NICKERSON HOWARD CURKENDALL HAROLD HENDERSON JAY PURPLE 8 R Hyatt STUDENT STORE CLERKS B. Tompkins Misa Donohue C. Weeks BANKING CLERKS Miss Donohue B Best STUDENT COUNCIL M Yenick S Chrysler I Okrepkie S Lawton M Needham D Alexander Mr Weeks N Watkms B Best A Klossner G Iohnson R Gxvens Mrs Wearne R. Lewis L. Tyrrel BU R Sutton L Decker B Hutchxnson A. Labou. W Decker W Bean W Kalkan I Hames E Frske G Gray N Menthew L Damels L Hollenbeck D Hover S DRIVERS CAFETERIA Anna Belden Mary Wait Lulu Sears Pearl Smith Amy Kenyon Grace Iohnson 1AN1ToRs Earl Saddlemxre Ray Stiles Edward McPherson pmnil.m'I..4L. ad .J 1' ""' WWW ' x.. ? j ,acfme vfzmmm f 9 '?' .9 Y NATHAN T HALL AB MS IN ED Supervxsxng Prmczpal ....L. RUTH KINYON MARIAN HINRICHSEN Clerk of Board Ass t Secretary Prmcxpal s Secretary 12 MALCOLM PIESTER BS M Ed Hartwxck St Lawrence Vice Prln. Guldance Chemxstry ALICE I WEARNE B FA Syracuse-Art ELIZABETH C LEWIS R N Amsterdam Hosp Syracuse Umv Nurse Attendance PAUL HIGGINS ABU of scfamn English 9 10 GRACE O LEWIS Comell Sub Lxbrary MILDRED LUNDY Mansdeld Ir Enghsh FLOYD B SCHOONMAKER AB BS Lxb Scl SYTBCUSBLLIIIJYBYY Forexgn Languages EARLE L BIDLACK BS m Ed Mansfield Sr H English Dramatncs PHYLLIS M ALLEN, BS Potsdam VocalMusxc guild RICHARD K IOSEPH, B S Ithaca College Instrumental Muslc HELEN DONOHLIE, B.A. Albany-Commercial HELEN McPHERSON, B.S. Cornell-Home Economics 4 ' "W Rf, ,jx lxfhx ',,QjfL,vX 12" Pm P MARIORIE L BACKLUND BA Albany Ir H Soc1alStud1es IUNE H GILBERT BA. U of Rochester-Sr H Soclal Studxes ISABELLE H PATCH Oneonta Ir H Subyects HARRY G VAN DEUSEN AB MA Umon Columbia Mathematics MAUD S CHIDESTER Cortland Ir H Mathematics MARY IANE SWEENEY BS Westmmster Bnology Health Soc Studies 9 IAMES WEEKS BS m Ed Buffalo-Ir H Science WINIFRED M McPHERSON Cortland-Grade 4 RUTH C ARDELL Buffalo-Grade 5 GEORGIA S CURKENDALL Cortland Grade 5 GLADYS M RUMSEY BS m Buffalo-Grade 4 RICHARD A HOOVER BA. Moravlan Grade 6 ALBERTA STOUGHTON Cortland Grade 6 Ed . ..- . ,. . ,.., .. ' 1 n--1 1 1 . ,.. . . ,.. . ,. ISABELLE DANIELSKI B S Mansield-Grade 2 MILDRED M GRIFFIN Mansfield-Grade 3 ETHEL M LONG Cortland-Grade 3 MARION E DURIE Oneonta--Grade 2 HENRY D SWEETMAN BS Cortland Boys Phy Educatxon REED D GILBERT BS Cornell Agriculture MARY LOU PIERCE BS Cortland-Gxrls Phy Educatxon O EDGAR BABENZIEN BS Oswego-Industnal Arts MARION C SHOULTES Cortland Kindergarten GLADYS AI WATER Alfred Kmdergarten LOUISE M DEAN Oneonta-Grade l WILMA C HINES Cortland-Grade l ff 4! Ll gc trff 1 E ,uv Student Control Day Teachers E Shellhammer B Smith M Partridge A Keane L Rood P Glvens C Weeks I Baker D Strope R Shaver R Lewis R Onofrlo L Ohver D Brlggs G Darlmg D Alexander 16 I. Calverley, C. Clark. S. Chrysler, B. Best. I. Okrepkie, R. Van Gorder, M. Fiske. 5 MAXINE FISKE Vocational Bkkg Its a womans busmess to get marrled as soon as possible Band l 2 Glee Club 2 Mlxed Chorus 2 Commercial Club 1 2 Football Cheerleader 3 4 Basketball Cheer leader 3 Baccalaureate usher 3 Commencement usher 3 Ir Prom Comm 3 Fxre Warden 3 4 Play usher 3 4 Athletxc Assoc 3 4 Year book Busmess Staff 4 Pub Club 4 gltuiegt Day Teacher 4 Transmitter My ANN IGANE Academic Life lives only In success Operetta 1 Musxc Appreciation 1 Glee Club I 2 Freshman Play Class Secretary 2 3 4 F1re Warden 2 3 4 Student Councll 3 lumor Play 3 Sensor Play 4 Pub Club 4 18 EHCHIUIHIIIL CLARENCE GRIMLEY Academic 'It takes a man to make a room silent. Rifle l 2 Seasonal S 1- Com. Club 2- Yrbk. Bus. Stag 3. MFEMIUIIFSIEE ANITA COLLYER Vocatxonal Bkkg Vzrtue rs doubly pleasmg m one whose form rs beautiful Band 1 3 4 Seasonal Sports l 2 Glee Club l Dance Club 2 Com mencement usher 3 Semor Play usher 4 CHARLES BRANDES Academlc Personalzty rs to a man what perfume rs to a flower Freshman Play l R1He Club l Hobby Club 2 Game and Party 2 Industnal Arts 3 4 Art Club 3 Stage Manager umor Play 3 Pub Club 4 Stage Manager Semor Play 4 19 EDWARD SHELLHAMMER Academic Get behmd me satan and dont push' Freshman Play 1 Operetta 1 Game and Party l Class Vice Pres l Stu dent Council Rep 2 Seasonal Sports 2 Class Pres 2 3 Glee Club 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Baseball 2 3 Yrbk Bus Staff 3 4 Iumor Plav 3 Student Counc1lV1ce Pres 3 Football 3 As sembly Comm 3 Transmitter Club 2 4 Student Day Teacher 3 4 Fresh man lmt Comm 4 Fire Warden 4 : : : ' . : - : . . : . : , 2 . : . . : ' : - 5 : - . : . : . : - . . z . - If 1 V Camera Club l: Stage Manager Q 9 ' 2 ' f- 1 : ' . I ' : z , . : , : 2 2 - z . CAROL PNN WEEKS College Entrance Every man s Ixfe as a fazry tale Student Council l Student Council Play l 3 Freshman Play 1 Band l 2 3 4 Ir Red Cross Treas 1 2 3 4 Transmxtter Club 2 4 Basketball Cheerleader 2 3 Football Cheerleader 3 4 Athletic Assoc 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Iumor Play 3 lumor Prom Comm 3 Commencement usher 3 Student Store Clerk 3 4 Student Day Teacher 3 4 Semor Play 4 Pub Club 4 Chemxstry Club 4 Honor Student CLARENCE ANDERSEN Academic I lzke work xt fascmates me I can sat and look at zt for hours Seasonal Sports l Operetta l Glee Club l Art Club 2 Iumor Pla 3 I V Basketball 3 Transmntter lub 3 Student Board of Fmance 3 Semor Play 4 Football 4 Varslty Basketball 4 Pub Club 3 Yrbk Bus Staff 4 20 EILHUUL 'Dfw l GEORGE ARNOLD College Entrance To say the truth I was tzred of bemg always wzse Freshman Play l Class Vxce Pres 2 Fxre Warden 3 4 Class Pres 4 Stu dent Day Teacher 4 Salutatorxan . .2 f f 1.2. -',f1 ., ,, 'C .yup ,. , . 1 I , an g PR I U A , , . . 1. .2 MEMUHIEE BEVERLY MIX Vocatxonal l-lmkg It IS better to be faxthful than famous Seasonal Sports l 2 Bible Club 2 Play usher 3 4 Cvlee Club 4 ERWIN MUNCH Colleqe Entrance So red the blush of bashfulness lndustnal Arts I 2 Rxfle Club 2 3 Pub Club 4 Semor Play Usher 4 Yearbook Bus Staff 4 21 MYRNA PARTRIDGE Voc Bkkg A smxle as golden so they say so I practzce day by day Commercxal Club 2 Class Treasurer 3 4 FHA 3 4 Iunlor Play 3 Semor Play 4 Pub Club 4 Baccalaureate and Commencement usher 3 Student Day Teacher 4 Honor Student ROBERT VAN GORDER College Entrance Blessmgs on hxm who fxrst an vented sleep Student Council l 2 3 Athletic Assoc l 2 3 4 Baseball Managerl Freshman Play Manager 1 Glee Club l 2 4 Commercxal Club 2 Varsity Football 3 4 Physics Club 3 Basket R1He Club 4 Student Day Teacher 4 Chemistry Club 4 CHARLOTTE CLARK Academic I lwe on the Sunny Szde of the street Commercxal Club 2 FHA 3 4 Iunior Play 3 Commencement usher 3 FHA Secretary 3 Pub Club 4 Senior Play usher 4 FHA Treasurer 4 Student Day Teacher 4 22 SIU-IIIIIKII. IAMES GALPIN Academic The bnggest rascal that walks upon two legs Industrial Artsl 2 3 4 Senior Play I I I I I I balllmanigelf 2, 4: Pub,:Club I MEMUWIEE LOWELL HINES Academxc I m always m haste but never m a hurry lndustnal Arts l 2 3 4 Iumor Pla Manager 3 Semor Play Manager IEANETTE BAKER Academic Rare ns the umon of beauty and modesty Glee Club l Gxrls Chorus 2 FHA 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Merry Makers Club 3 Iumor Play 3 Senior Play 4 Pub Club 4 Chnstmas Pageant 4 Student Control Day Teacher 4 23 DONNA STRATTON School A srmle for every gxrl two for every boy Buble Club 1 Band I 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 Iumor Play 3 Student Council Play 3 Basketball Cheerlead mg 2 3 Commencement usher 3 Semor Play 4 Football Cheerleading 4 Transmxtter Club 4 Student Day Teacher 4 4- . . , Q, H xy. I . Z 1, rn Q n . ' - f f . . 1 I . .,'q.',4 .'.. .-...!" -- -Ai. H . . H 2 Z I I , I I I - : 1 N. . . , U 114, I , . DAVID BRIGGS Academic So I sat thmkmg wtth my mmd lndustnal Arts I Iumor Prom Comm 3 lumor Play Sales Comm 3 Fresh man Imtlatlon Comm 4 Semor Play usher 4 Student Day Teacher 4 Valedxctonan DAVID ALEXANDER Vocatlonal Agrxculture All reformers are bachelors Council l 4 FFA Re resentatxve 1 Football 3 4 Student ay Teacher 4 24 EIEHIUIUU. SHIRLEY SHARP School Her ready speech flowed fan' and free Band l 2 3 4 Orchestra I 2 3 Honor Student FFA Basltetlaall 1. 2,61 4: sguden: 6 i s 5' " MEMIUWIEE 5 Sv .f W, ir! it CHARLES BAILOR Vocatlonal Agriculture The only way to have a frrend zs to be one Rlfle Club Treasurer 1 FFA l 2 3 4 FFA Basketball l 3 4 Rifle Club l 3 4 Football 3 - 3:6592-w - . V, r Ki-' 1 ' -- - . 2? M: Q' L F , "Wi N2 'I l' aff' , , 4 ' 5' . 9-,'13a33wJ 11" iv ' "si, V-.,:fjJli'7 A 42 V A fl! H Q .4-Q S' -- - -Q ' 1 !' Yw , -, i' - . 3f5!T3?,45,f" iw, Av gat, fu . - . -, f' 3 . A , y ,Ai,, ,, ., ng A fy . .M.,u,. l 33714 My gh ,f.,,. Rs - f 492 , ' V . , 1 .v- at v ' U . , , Y" 4 f cf ' Q www lv U1 I . 4 . ' " l , A 3 . ' ,av , ' . - : --J , ' , . I 1 Q mf!" g.fC ,gp-1 CARL NILES School No crvzlrzed person goes to bed the same day he gets up Seasonal Sports 1 FFA 1 2 3 4 Industrial Arts 2 R1He Club 2 3 4 Varsxty Football 4 Stage Manager of Semor Play 4 PAUL WEBER Academxc Study as rf you were to lzue for ever 4H l Seasonal Sports l 2 Indus trial Arts I 2 Rxlle Club 3 Semor Play 4 Student Council Rep 4 Honor Student IEAN CALVERLEY Academic Heaven lent an angels beaufu to her face Bandl 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 umor Play 3 Student Council Play 3 unior Prom Comm 3 Baccalaureate usher 3 Semor Play 4 Pub Club 4 Student Day Teacher 4 Honor Student EI HIUHIUIL BETTY BOWEN Vocational Hmkg Be content to seem what you really are Charm Club l Game and Party 1 Commercial Club 2 Dance Club 2 lumor Play usher 3 Commencement usher3 FHA. 3 4 Chnstmas Pag eant 3 4 Pub Club 4 Honor Student. 26 ARNOLD DEMING Academic Anything for a quaet llfe ArtClubl IudustrlalArts2 4 Rille Club3 Ir PlaySalesComm 3 Pub Club4 SeniorPlayusher4 MEM IEE RUBY ARMSTRONG Vocational Hmkg "If there were man more lake her the stocks of halos would gave out " Commercial Club 2, FHA 3, tsgunlor Play usher 3. Baccalaureate er 3. Pub Club 4. Senior Play usher 4 ROBERT SHELLHAMMER Academic There s a deal of devdtry behmd that mxld exteruor Bible Club l Art Club 3 Rille Club 3 Industrial Arts4 Pub Club4 Base ball 4 Christmas Pageant 4 Senior Play Stage Manager 4 27 BARBARA ANN BEST Academic She was more than over shoes rn love Glee Club l Commercial Club l Freshman Play l Operetta l Sea sonal Sports 2 unlor Play 3 Student Control Day eacher 3 4 Senior Pla usher 4 Commencement usher 3 rbk Business Staff 4 Football Cheerleader 4 Athletic Assoc 4 Stu dent Council President 4 Freshman Initnation Comm 4 I I I I ' ' ' :ze ' QI' 4 o 4 A an 'L fl' ' Ig - 5 S D SYBIL CHRYSLER School Two starry eyes hung an the gloom of thought Transmitter Club 1 Yearbook Bus Staff 3 4 Cheerleadnnq Club 3 4 Student Council representatnve 3 4 Councxl Play usher 3 Iunior and Senior Play usher 3 4 Iumor Prom Comm 3 Baccalaureate and Com mencement usher 3 Student Council Secretary 4 Vice President of Senior Class 4 Athletnc Assoc 4 Cheer leader 4 Glee Club 4 Student Day Teacher 4 EEHHHL MEMMIEE ARLENE GALPIN School A good laugh rs sunshine an a house Band 1 2 3 4 Iunlor Play usher 3 Semor Play usher 4 Student Council Pla usher 3 Commencement usher 3 lee Club 4 Pub Club 4 28 CHARLES KASPER Academic Not merely a clup off the old block but the old block ztself Play Manager 3 4 Baseball Manager 3 lndustnal Arts 3 4 Football 3 4 Basketball and Baseball 3 4 I II I II I I I ' IW' -J' B 4 3 :C ::: . CLASS HISTORY When we entered the Town Hall for the first elections of our high school years and settled down to ballotmg for our Freshman officers we found the outcome to be Richard Tappan Mayor Edward Shellhammer Assistant Mayor Dawn Kent Community Secretary and Treas urer We had a very successful year with our adviser Coach Lynaugh We had two parties a sleighride and a hot dog roast In our Sophomore year we found commumty problems more pressing As Mayor we had Edward Shellhammer as Assistant Mayor we had George Arnold as Secretary Ann Keane and Commumty Treasurer was Marion Dunlop Our advisers were Mr Harold Miller and Miss Helen Donohue We held a sleighride in the winter and in the spring we went to Taughannock Falls for a picnic We also ordered our class rings When we started our umor year we had big plans We again elected as Mayor Edward Shellhammer Assistant Mayor Norman Shirrmacher Secretary Ann Keane and Treasurer Myrna Partridge Our advisers were Mr Schoonmaker and Miss Lundy We held a bake sale and produced our umor play Mama s Baby Boy which was a huge success We also sold writing paper to our fellow citizens The big event of our umor year was when we put on our unforgettable Moonlight Prom which was a social success as well as financial We Baccalaureate and Graduation The thrill of the year was moving up day when we left our Iumor seats and Eddie ushered us into the hallowed Senior Section At last' Our red letter year was here In the fall of 1948 we returned to school with the official title of Senior and fell to work with vigor our goal being the Washington trip ln the spring After electing officers Mayor George Arnold Assistant Mayor Sybil Chrysler Secretary Ann Keane Treasurer Myrna Partridge and carrying over our Iumor advisers Mr Schoonmaker and Miss Lundy we sold magazmes and that was supplemented by Christmas cards and wrapping paper We produced our Senior play ust Ducky which was a riotous success We had always suspected that we had Broadway material in our class but this was realization Our Woodhull dance in February netted us a good sum By this time we had met with Mr Van Zxle and planned our Washington trip Excitement is running high as we enter the last phase of our high school lxfe Commence ment the crowning glory of our four years will soon be here and all the good times yust a pleasant memory But the future has good outlook for the Class of 49 since TODAY DE- CIDES TOMORROW 29 worked on our Commencement duties, collecting peonies for stage decorations and ushering at i - ' , , A I . H ' I , Z 1 l 1 l D I . I Q ll NAME Davxd Alexander Clarence Andersen Ruby Armstrong George Arnold Charles Ballor Ieanette Baker Barbara Best Betty Bowen Charles Brandes Davld Bnggs Iean Calverley Sybxl Chrysler Charlotte Clark Anrta Collyer Arnold Deming Maxme Fxske Arlene Galprn Iames Galpln Clarence Grlmley Lowell Hmes Charles Kasper Ann Keane Beverly Mlx Erwm Munch Carl Niles Myrna Partrxdge Shirley Sharp Edward Shellhammer Robert Shellhammer Donna Stratton Robert Van Gorder Paul Weber Carol Ann Weeks PET PEEVE Early risxng Fords Hxstory Dirty cars Foohshness Algebra Rrvals Alcoholic beverages History Drrty cars Rivals School lunches Smarties Short weekends Hrtchhnkmg Short men Detained Working Sundays New cars Coming to school Snobs History English Frazer 1 Gettzng teased Getting ads Little sisters Baby sitting Trigonometry Waiting for others Mathematics NOTED FOR Good txmes Hrgh water pants Personalrty Flashy shuts Manners Curly haxr Diamond nng Shortness Gettxng out of classes Bnght remarks Slowness Blonde hatr Diamond rmg Smlle Selhng candy Telephone operator Dxmples Argumg Never at home Fords After basketball games Drsposmon Height Nervousness Fast dnving Always nn office Tallung Looks Ideas Late hours Talking Quletness Dramatxcs ALWAYS SAYING What7 Who me7 You dont know do you7 Confound it' Oh pshawl Im eanette' Oh darn' Hey you' Ill be darned! Oh fooey! Rats! Oh stop lt! Oh my land! Say now! I dont know! Oh ya yer ' You know lt? Run your mouth' Hey buddy! As you can plamly see' Holy cow! Hold your shrrt Mert! You dont know do you7 Hello Mort! What? Gorng up? You know what7 Go blow your noise! Dont know do you? That d be a catastrophe' Oh shut up' When we going to eat? He s gust my type! 30 WEAKNESS Women Teachnng Te Automobxle Sweets Spnngvrlle Buster Temper Women Trng problems Men Larry Short men Glrls Hot fudge sunda Eatlng Owego G1rls Connie Fast cars Must I tell7 Brble school Katy Mt Kxsco Money 1 Women Oral toplcs Letters Grrls Auto trips College men CS NICKNAME Dave Andy Rubxn Professor Charlie an Barb Peanuts Red Dave Ieanxe Sammy Blondie Nlta Demmg ax Chxck rm Brother Pouper Tiny Anme v Pete Pyler Myrme Beetle Bottom Shelly Frosty Web Weeksie - . - , . d n . -. . f I I . . --I n Bob .4 . -f ' ' ' k. "M " ' "Chick" ' . . 'T " . . . v , . , ..Be ,, . -.B.u-1 . . . 1- . n ' ' ' . B'll " . . ' "Bob" V my VA jf Mawr MW 224 Q ,93MwVii??w93 21 W QW W Wy M Q fm WLWW wxffw V220 ig WWW? B QQ GM! ffbzgljw QQ? MW X My WH ikffyf E1 QM ff vi fb JW XE M M ti mwL'9l4fM 3735 dwg' Q QE QQWNJQQWQL WWE! MQ W wx fm af' gijffgwyf, wk kb JB 'V ykgwwwwfwyyxw W WWCQ' W Q WMM? ww uf W fp yr BMW QQ df fZf,zg,ZL, My Qui REQ D g,f4l,,7'5 QQQAMHQAQ MQ X7 MW 2 d9fi?Zfwj2..w l M 'wwamum J fa W gfuuaidgffj KWMJW il-iibiydgj 34,315 x Qix J WJ W 9792! H22 Wwif, I 5. ff J ' EZ? M87 fxgx E X? 7' I , f I ' Agrzgq W , 3 Q? W A ff . DJ-4' - 7 i W Wy Q gm 55 U W' 3,4 xi Q gl -2.7 I x4-QD CX' ' J' , Q W jg gi 4:3 I h ,An A, Q0 f QP '. K' X U , e vm GW, W my 'ab M if Zia Qi M of g dp R . X .awfuw Rah- WA QWR WWW? QQVQPQMJQW Q!! jr 7 affix N4 by fox , f W M jk ' M 5 9 , M 1 734 " x . y N 4 ., J Q Wx ' ' sv YWEQK W J, rv A ' 5 lk-.DL:,'4,1.,l ' 1 f SQ! Q3 97701-faful' 1-1.4-wk Clfvv-M.-2. . 'ff' 5 kffilf-L ..fl,,,," i W ' , .I 0 'gif XD ,X ,WMM 1 My Q. pgs 'TVN-'-PM aiu' K 4'-w,- ' fy Q Q h ,I-VC on' H E,'f Fl E f 9,9 ecans 'fgiy ew" il w we svleu' 7, 0 Kaffe R05 ei mlm neo Remo mspmn Mau "M yqm Pun Rx CHIC REN FHRMER 8 E v. - N uRsE C57 ,-4" ", Fg v ' , Q A 1' Q- U - I , 'xx E 5 Pfv H NN-. 0145 5 GUIF C Nokmn VEHN FHRMEK5 IV! TH ..SfCRE -IIQR 7 gpm EGG FEDDI-EK C6295 35K N, E R sas LHP' 8 SP 08 y flags.: fr lJlaK5 OLDMHID 32 J "xx X :X lc t is 1. ,-., M , f" - 5' iw :WK ' i R vkk' ab NUI FE .2 J- W f L . -5 ' . . ma' 1,,. 8 el , X - "KF . 5 s 'Y V f . , 1 I. ,U-. "r-1 x . l VL HAM' R Ah V -,-"-- - AN 'W lu is ,ML LZ'2,.......,4,,,,, 1-'Z mum MQCMIUH-f Gionni 'maueuuc snzlsnn P27- 2 cfllpqs r, -MMM! 0-mf rave sg-nf 4055 gal' 9 wrfe wrfn-45 Boy f Bog- Elf C-I-gxCIlNl M1894 Hama' Fc HALEAYJ SECRCTDRY Hgh y. 885456 UEHNEW5 -3caecL Nqgsg 4141142 4 MHX- OLP MMD 5' up -Q T SJ i - 4 I A ' 0562140 , 5 33 -chap 5.'4,7. 'EK 2' I 9 1' .9 I Shmer F Rhodes I Mnchalak B Hover B Darhng C Katchuk N Smxth S McNexl I Rowe S Murch F May I Rosenberger I Bost I Wurtenberg C Wandell D Gray K Gray L Cnspell T Hoyt R Davls S Crossen B Roe G Hmes P Osovskl D Campbell C Mackey S Honmck D Brooks L Sweet N Roberts M Grabowskr C Thomson L Cornwell K Fxske B Shumway T Noble P Rupert C Gunther I Rlek D Wicks D Wicks S Smrth B Whlte W Love Mrs Shoultes W Stevens B Iohnson D Dlckmson S Tarbox M Fogle R Patterson I Dodge R Dmgman B Walters N Thompson L Prentice L Hatch D Decker M Kurht Mrs Atwater I Plester T Cody G Vroman C Chafee S Culver B Newman D Meddaugh I Moshner N Bendlck N Dmgman N Damels I Rowe I Noble R Marsh L Koroluck N Crandall E Ames I French G Stoughton T Tompkins G Van Vorce E Rowe W Wrlcox B Woods I Rosenberger P Pltcher M Moshler I Llsk N Lyon M Chrystler S Moshler M Andrews D Atwood S Wasylysyln G Dmgman I Roberts R Ford W Baker Mrs Dean R Sayman B Bendrck M Morgan D Post N Orchard K Okrepkxe B Grfford M Scott D Geerken D Grover M Martm B Meyers L Wxcks Mrs Hmes I Stelmack P Romano G Smith M Harboc R Rxek T Barley C McCullough M G Wakeman R Patterson T Sxsco I Gober B Thompson Hardmg R Paradxs C Grover R Honnxck E Cnspell M Chalfee C Smxth G Farrow V Sherman H Robbms W Getchell R Sharp P Smith D Lukensow 36 Klndergarten Grade 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 . .. ,. . ' I ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - .1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . ' I ' il ' .1 1 Y ' 1 ' l 1 ' I ' U I 7 1 1 . l 1 1 I , 1 I 1 1 . , . ' , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I , . , 1 1 . , . 1 1 , . , 1 . , . ' , . Q , . I 1 . , 1 . . , . 1 . , . , 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 - 1 1 1 . , . . ' v ' . 1 o . I 1 I 1 U I ' I ' I I ' I I I 1 , . I 1 1 , 1 , . . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 I I 1 I 1 ' , . , . -, . , 1 I 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 D 1 1 1 I I U I 'U . , . , . . , 1 , 1 . 1 , 1 ' , 1 . , . , 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 - l 1 - 1 . , . I , . 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 C Gunther M Laurence M Bean I DeHaan R Smullen I French B Decker S Hammond I Rupert N Cornwell B Stratton P Sweet I Danxels L Hvlzdos A Gober I Grabowslu F Onofrxo I Atwood A Dxngman I Walter S Dalton I Kobylarz F Lukensow C Dalola C Maynard B Dunn I Menten D Slate S Zlmmer R Burllngame D Vrooman D Decker I Albrecht B Cnspell I Marsh I Stoughton T Tappan C Tyrrel I Bean D Spencer E Bnggle G Roe P Txerney L Morehouse D Walters Mxss Damelskl Mrs Dune B Cobler D Hoyt L Ayers C Wamer R Steenrod D Thomas T Gray L Struble C Stark weather P Balzar S Smlth M Prentlce B Fletcher D Austxn D Thurston D Skmner I Callahan T Kuhrt C Cody T McNe1l B Wnlcox I Hatch C Naple D Walters W Schulters C M Haxnes S Kuhrt H Sherwood K Hammond M Patterson B Thomas M Huttleston O Yemck S Morehouse D Hartwell V Ruppert M Excell M Leach E Smxth I Bouren C Needham E Brmk G Snapp W Lamphere I Hollenbeck B Reynolds B Gober B Shiner D Palmer P Lawrence H DeHaan L Wagner E Zxmmer N Lyon L VanVorce N Sylvester U Kaler E Moshxer M Watkms R Kuhrt I Prentice B Smxth N Deming A Relk I Rxley R Iackson T Evans L Watkxns R Glvens I Dmgman D Smith D Grover R Callahan H Panas B Stoughton C Cody F Pnester Mrs Long I Hutchinson I Welser R Post C Hughes R Atwood G Iean D Clearwater K Alexander S Zxmmer E Barley A Hilliard L Bowen C Shumway V Spano R Lange Mrs Grain 37 Rupert, I. Harding. I. Gwara. A. Sherwood. G. Brooks. D. Huttleston. T. Bowen. S Rxce P Dalola M Fnske B Damels L Orchard M Felo B Snavely R Sherman M Bxrdsall M Slawnnsky D Smith A Thurston A Chamberlin F Buck B Clearwater R Onofrxo D ean D Moshler W DeHaan D Kaler T Bowen E Iehu E Lyon I Decker R VanDeventen W Rxley R Durfee R Hmes I Swagler I Howe W Evans I Enghsh E Clark Mrs W McPherson M Romano I Chamberhn L Vrooman E Russell M Plech D Baker L Arrmtage D Westfall I Lange E Snavely D Zrmmer M Morehouse B Rlce R Ayers Mrs Rumsey R Shumway A Camp D Ace D Morehouse R Blggxe D Lnddmgton B Budman D Mackey R Stough ton D Albncht C Snapp R Keene I Campbell I Krngman K Pxerce I Rtchards. M Hmes. D Huttleston F Bailey W Iohason C VanVorce A Labour A. Dmgman I Quxck F Rowe A. Lyon L Green B Walters V Moshxer S Soper F Grover D Bxehl D Austm S Chafee Mrs Curkendall B Brown S Armitage S Wilcox S Hubbs B Walters K Patterson S Legge M Hart well P Dutton I Cole B Harvey E Dmgman Mrs Ardell S Estep B Riley D Mock,I Pntcher L Whlte I Okrepkx R Cartland C Taylor. W Wakeman. D Ely D Marshall, D Budney, L Atwood, S Lukensow I Russell, C Hoyt. C Pierce. R Sm1th.W Needham. C Smnth, M Grover. N Matson R Kelth, B Packert R Bentley, E Mead, R Wakeman 38 Grade 4 Grade 5 ' A F L I ' 'A-'F I X I We It ' L' - X , VR , 1. , f v - 5 J ' A Q Q , ' ' ' . sf . "1 ' ' I z ll . - L A - 1 fl t H. Iohnson, M. Gober, L. Culver. Reik. H. Hyatt, C. Crossen. l C3 B 9 X I fi A-Q Hf ff ff' G5 23 53' xl A K Shxner N Gunther S Adamek B Belokur M Rehbem M Carr S Spano I Namaga W Reynolds D Rhodes P Damels D Gray B Crnspell R Austm I Felo S Prentice I Wandell D Mrs Stoughton I VVatkms D Patch M Qumn I Max M Wakeman I Graham G Snavely I Smxth V Scalra Mr Hoover F Thomas A. Wagner D Callahan M Welser G Hover T Hammond A Shady B Stoughton L Hames N Stevens D Marsh I French R Darlmg R Bowen K Ennqht R Maynard I Albrecht T Mernll V Alexander I Hover L Mllls S Crossen R Martm R Llsk W Swagler S Schoonmaker M Dmgler A Richards G Gwara I Pxtcher R Stoughton R Marsh L. Wicks Mrs Wearne F Srgns A Steenrod L Hmes V Snow L May S Darlmg F Stnckland B Harper B Zimmer B Lampbere Mrs Backlund D Lyons G Scalxa R Seymour E Hxlhard A. Wandell B Moshxer C Iewett B Thomas A Maynard D Watkins, D Thomas. I Smxth R Rutan. L Pierce, L Gnmn, A sf8lD.I Mannus. F Marshall. C Lake,I Overacker. L Mix, R VanDusen D VVh1tmarsh. D Walters 39 'V , ' 7 ,. ' rg V, 6 of 'Q ' " "' , , R Q 1 I I If .1 . I if ' . ' +1 , I f I 1 X I v ir, .X I lx . . X ' 1 g I ' . . I, . g s . 9 '. . g I ' n . p . , I Fishburne. x . , . . N l D Deming D Ayers Lyons B Davis I Mxlls S Patterson L Herrlck L Pmtler P Brmk M Dmgman D Yaple H Dmgman B Lynch I Gunther Mrs Chldester I Royce I Shellhammer E Dune I B1lls G Frost D Crlspell G Thomas P De Haan M Bowen D Hulslander M Barrett I Beebe A Bowen Mrs Wearne Merrlll I Rehbem F Harvey G Morehouse R Currier R Horton D Armitage R Martm G Wnlcox R Lukensow R Mnlls G Meyers R Dean. E Austxn D Curkendall R Bowen D Armltage R Givens G Ace R Stedwell I Kobylarz P Harder E Hatton L Bramer R Echorst G Callahan R Grummons M Rxchards K Besley R Sharp B Hamilton H Sokoloskl S Lawton C Shellhammer G Chrystler F Evans A Yaple R Moshner S Lajza P Swagler S Kulxkowskx I Settle C Kuhrt l Thomas H Slawmskx Mr Van Deusen D Collyer M Iayne M Stedwell D Fox B Every Iackson C English M Vargason L Weber M Graham N Txerney N R Romano B Hartwell G Herrick A Stoughton K Burlmgame B Avery R Snavely W Lusk M Panes R Turk R Kellam I Tappan D Marsh H Calxerley I Wood R Brmk C Buck W Cole F Woodard Vorce C Matson I Walters R Hyatt L Rlce C Allmandmger C Albrecht C Pxtcher Mxss Sweeney Mass Allen R Hines H Hatton I Woodard D Stoughton H Smnth 'I' Van 40 Grade 7 Grade 8 l l I. Tompkins, W. Andreas, D. Ayers, R. Cartland, H. Enright, S. deLorimier, F. Pellett. A. Spano, M. Campbell, Grade 9 Grade 10 Frwfhdn A5 AQ' W Hammond N Rowe B Osovskx K Hollenbeck M Negus M Ackerman E Snavely L Latler L Bean H Sharp I Snavely D Dmgler D Klossner C Luszczek I Walker I Belokur M Andreas M Dalola D Snapp B Compton M Decker I Foux M Okrepkxe M Vrooman E Iohnson I Chrysler S Llsk B Blewer P Purple Mrs Pxerce M Waxtl B Demmg M Hartnagel N Keith G Partrndge I Munch M Schoonmaker I Sears M Needham E Hmes P Iewett P Rxce M Zlmmer C Iordan I Ford I Hull Mr Hlggxns I Herrxck F Hamond E Moody H Tyrrel L Brandes C Armstrong R Iohnson G Harper S Ayers C Spxcer W Rnch I Hughes M Meyers R Smxth P Bxehl E Sharp E Kent R Case I Hyatt W Walker R Ollver D Iewett G Iohnson L Slgns P Kwxatkowskn E Gunther, N Collyer, H Weber, M Tarbox, I Shaver, M Yemck, M Sutton. F Delaney, I Moshxer, S Hltchcock, M Snavely Mr Weeks. V Richards, B Rxce, E Beebe. D Iordan, S G1vens.B Sharp,I Baker. N Weston, B Baker, I Lukensow, V Stokes, D Chrystler. M Gardner, Mlss Gxlbert S Yetter. L Negus, I deLorxm1er, R Shaver. G Pollard, P Baird, C Ackerman, B Caldwell, R Russell, S Mdls, E Rowe, B Walker F M1x,G Curkendall, W Curner. R Lew1s.R Woodard, C Dunham, H Collyer, D Armitage. D Stevens D Beebe. L Shellhammer, L Engllsh 41 ,AJ J 1 ' , 'r 4. ' ul I 'I I ll va Il A , 4 A 51 'Y t I- 1 3' 1 v ' ' J 3 A Q N V 9 I ll v I f ' 1. ' V ., . f y, .. ,,f ' B 1 I A W Mn . Q 1 .v I , l Y kv I f A " K 4 . , . , . l, . , . , . , . , . l , . , . , . , . ' , . , . . . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 - n 1 l 1 . 1 . , . , . , . . . . ' ' D ' . 1 ' . U ' I ' l V l ' Y ' I ' I ' U . 1 . l 1 . 1 . I 1 . ' 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 1 l l . . I , . , . 1 . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . 1 . 1 . . ' I I ' . I ' 7 ' P ' I ' I ' I ' l Y ' I ' I 0 I Y Vyvl, jsiigv BH' '1 Sai '1- G Hotalmg A Klossner M Morgan S Heifers C Van Vorce C Hughes B Smrth R Every B Cleveland Mr Bldlack I Pollard I W1lson L Rood C Stokes M Van Scoten B Weber B Tompkms P Gxvens L Pickert Mxss Donohue M Oakes R May D Strope I Okrepkie P Davis L Watkins Z Ianowskn N Watkins D Romano S Gyles S Spano E Clark G Darling F Holmes L Spohn L Olxver G Belokur R Onofno A deLorimier A Alexander R Thomas D Walker 'P'-Q B Best A. Keane S Chrysler G Arnold M Partridge D Alexander Mr Schoonmaker B Bowen I Calverley C Clark B M11 A Collyer C Weeks D Stratton Mrs Lundy S Sharp R Armstrong M Fxske L Hmes C Gnmley D Bnggs E Shellhammer I Baker A Galpln A Dernmg C Baxlor E Munch C Brandes R Van Gorder C Nxles C Kasper C Andersen R Shellhammer I Galpxn 42 Grade ll Grade 12 '1 1 I a . A, H 5 N ' 1- , ' 2: ' I L - .N Y Q A x Q A I . I , . , . , . 1 - r . , . l , . , . . o l I s g u I ' 4 y Q g a 7 u y a - g u . y p . . - v - n - 1 - 1 - r ' . 1 - .V - f . I . , . . . , . I , . , . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . . It L" 1 I A fe Q 31 if . .5 I f -F 'W A A. I 'Q 4 3 . ' I f - A I If A .V ' 3 t . 'L ' Y ,. I we a z 5 .QI V 1 - Y I , ,1 . , . 7 ' ' rg, 'j y ' 3f3'4"'1'. 1 y 1 A y n g q . y 1 4 - o - . - p - I - ' p v - , . , . . 1 I I I I ' 1 0 ' I Q l p a ' y n 5 l I n l 4 - . - - q I - 1 ' 1 - . - . 1 - 1 f r - 1 KINDERGARTEN Actuvutues were conducted wuth one group of chuldren un the Kundergarten room whule another group went to some other room for storues or games Twuce each week the whole class was guven a peruod of supervused play un the gym Thus gave them traunung un followung durectuons obeduence and faur play To teach the chuldren about theur communuty they were taken to vusut the bank post office and fure statuon Another tume they were taken to the raulroad statuon and saw a traun and the work of the statuon agent Une outstandung event un the Kundergarten thus year was the organuzatuon of a Mothers Club The mothers met one evenung a month un the Kundergarten room under the leadershup of theur chaurman Mrs Danuels Mrs Shoultes Mrs Atwater Grade 1 Learnung us mterestung un the first grade They have read four books accompanued by preparatory work books These books were the readung readuness books the Preprumer the Prumer and the Furst Reader Many supplementary readers have also been read In aruthmetuc they learned to count and read and wrute numbers from one to one hundred They also learned the comparuson and concepts of quantuty and how to tell tume The students made gufts for Chrustmas and Mothers Day They made an alphabetucal book at whuch they enjoyed lookung Theur curcus project consusted of anumals and clowns whuch the chuldren euther brought un or made They also made a study of burds and flowers Grade 2 Mrs Hunes Mrs Dean You d be surprused at the amount of readung that has been accomplushed by mud term Thus enables us to do some work un scuence learnung how thungs grow and then we supplement thus by project actuvuty Our readung unterests are as varued as the country un whuch we luve but then we journey off to some of the far away places to read about boys and gurls of other clumes Of course we always enjoy our playtume and that tume spent on our assembly program Then too we learn to make thungs at the dufferent holuday seasons Thus year we had a Mothers Club un our grade and when Mothers are unterested un thus way ff helps wuth pupul unterest Grade 3 There were two mam udeas carrued out durung the year Leadershup Traunung and Actuvutues For Leadershup Traunung the leaders were chosen dauly for health unspectuon room housekeepers cafeterua monutors and readung helpers We have had unuts on Socual Studues Scuence and Art We were fortunate to have Induan exhubuts whuch showed theur arrows clothes headdress drums and books We had a unut on Chuna whuch uncluded Hsh kutes puctures and board desugns Wall plaques tules and cloth wall hangungs helped us to under stand better our study of Holland Our books uncluded a unut that we studued on clothung Thus was ullustrated by a booklet An umportant unut that we studued was gardenung We were taught how to plan a garden A fall seed collectuon was made Seed desugns were mounted to ullustrate a flower garden In October we had our assembly program A Chrustmas party was held and the Mothers served cookues and fruut juuce Sux burthdays were celebrated un February at our Valentune party The boys and gurls acted as hosts and hostesses Gufts were made for Easter and Mothers Day At the end of the year we had a Last Day Party Mrs Long Art work was a feature at each holuday durung the year Pulgrums of cut paper Chrustmas cards wuth envelopes sulhouettes of Washungton and Luncoln showed orugunal creatuon Then came Easter baskets and May Day baskets wuth real flowers Certaunly Mother was remembered on her day wuth a guft or card exen paper mache dushes and handy boxes especially desugned and made from oatmeal boxes A Mothers Club met each month They planned monthly burthday partues Book day and story tellung was a real treat each Wednesday Each chuld s well told story encouraged others to read Socual studues was unterestung because of the unuts wuth exhubuts and ullustratuons These were espe cually well done for the Induans of North Ameruca and the Dutch Local gardenung wuth exhubuts of seeds and sumple gardens mterested us and then we planned meals and bought other foods not found un the garden Thus process helped wuth the busuness of handlunq money and uts value Mrs Grufhn 43 . A x ' - - . ' Y - . Y o ' Miss Danielski - Mrs. Sweetman - Mrs. Durie Grade 4 We wrote and received letters from children in England and Germany as well as the Navajo children Also we had a class paper containing original stories and articles We made large chalk and crayon drawings of animals and birds of the jungle and we made posters of scenes in Alaska Arabia and on the farm Both fourth grades made a movie on the Navajo Indians This unit included making clay animals of the different regions studied in social studies The fourth grades planned a very interesting assembly program in February They worked hard practicing for it and it proved very worthwhile in the end The comic books that we made were extremely attractive The book was SAFETY RULES FOR RUDDY Ruddy disobeyed the rules while Randy obeyed them Both grades made projects of Eskimo villages We had a Mothers Day Tea in May We had tasty things to eat and made it very enjoyable for the mothers On Student Teachers Day many members of our class took control of the various subjects taught in fourth grade The students enjoyed this very much Mrs Rumsey Mrs McPherson Grade 5 We continued to study the fundamental process in arithmetic besides learning to deal with fractions measurements and problems a subject of keen interest for social studies Our possessions and our neighbors of Canada Mexico and South America have been visited by both grades We studied the early hrstory of these countries also A Thanksgiving play was presented m November and at the same time a milk bottle drill Mrs Curkendall Mrs Ardell Grade 6 Both sixth grade groups have organized and elected officers Each had regular club meetmgs where practice was given in correct parliamentary procedure lt was interesting to work on various committees and help plan programs The big program of the year was our assembly which took place in March This year we featured western music and cowboy sluts Later in the year we took a trip to Triple Cities to visit places of interest Sixth grade social studies was especially interesting We studied Egypt the Near East Europe Asia Africa and Australia Since we delve mto the history as well as the geography of all of these countries and also try to follow the news of the present time this very definitely covers a vast amount of territory Mrs Stoughton Mr Hoover 44 The United States with its various regions, the corn belt, spring wheat belt, and others have made TRANISMITTILR CLUB C Vheeks E Beebe Z anovsslu G Curkendall M Flske 'Vllss Gxlbert VV1lson B Rlce E Gunther 'VI Snaxely S Glxens Mr Van Deusen L Rood Snaxely L Negus D Beebe l e Shellhammer P Gnens FHA B Bowen C Clark M Partrrdge I Ford E Hmes A Klossner M Decker M Zxmmer C Ackerman Mrs McPherson P Rlce G Hotalmg NATURE CLUB N Weston Mlss Sweeney S Gunther L Bean B Caldwell G Harper H Weber LIBRARY CLUB S Gyles H Weber M Van Scoten B Smxth L Ollver C Hughes B Cleveland, E Gunther I deLor1mxer Mr Schoonmalcer, R Onofr1o,B Weber I Hughes L - .' A .1. ' ,.'.. ,.. V V. . , ' ', . . . , Fi ch, E. CAREER CLUB I. Pitcher, I. Smith, B. Davis. M. Campbell, B. Harper. S. Lawton. F. Strickland. D. Yaple, M. Graham. P. DeHaan. B. Lynch. S. Patterson. C. Iackson, M. Waitl. M. Harthagel, C. Albrecht, C. Allmandinger. D. Crispell. B. Caldwell, B. Smith. B. Compton, S. Spano. K. Burlingame, M. Oakes, Mr. Piester, D. Curkendall, P. Iewett, N. Pitcher, B. Cleveland. FIRST AID CLUB C Iewett Mrs Backlund F Strickland F Signs E Hilliard B Hamilton S Schoonmaker AUDUBON CLUB I Tompkins K Hollenbeck P Biehl H Tyrrel I Tappan Miss Lundy S Squires P Swagler D Marsh R Cart and RIFLE CLUB Mr Saddlemire D Lyons L Negus I Herrick D D Dingler Weeks I Thomas T Van Vorce G Callahan S Gyles I deLonm1er R Russell D Stevens C Bailor I Okrepkie E Snavely L Pierce D Romano R Smith M Oakes L Watkins L Oliver R Onofno G Ace C Lake G Curken dall I.. Signs l l ' 1 ' o g u g a ' . Walker. D.,Galpin, L. R. Idhnson, S. Agfers. Mr. , . , . , . , . Fi' LDL! D V52-A u, GIRLS SILASONAL SPORTS F Pellett Pitcher N Pitcher Beebe I Brink S deLorimier A Spano B Deming S Darling D Hulslander A Wandell B Moshier Bills M Graham M Vargason Belokur Zimmer L Hines B Lamphere M Stedwell C Shellhammer S Sherwood F Strickland R Moshier I Lyons BOYS SEASONAL SPORTS Dean R Grummons G Scalia W Swagler D Curkendall Watkins L Wicks I Tappan I Tompkins M Panas D Armitage T Rehbein R Rutan M Sweetman Marsh G Wilcox R Mills F Harvey R Hyatt R Kellam B Avery W Andreas Herrick R Martin C Matson P Harder L Mix H Smith R Horton R Van Dusen B Hartwell STUDENT BOARD OF FINANCE B Mix M Partridge Miss Hinrxchsen G Belokur C Clark A Klossner F Delaney A deLor1m1er M Fiske G Curkendall S Lawton B Sharp BOY SCOLITS I. Smith, D. Armitage, R. Bowen, R. Rutan. I. Kobylarz, R. Currier, L. Wicks. D. Armitage, G Meyers. G. Scalia. BAND Stevens A Shady M Gardner G Partridge A Collyer R Olwer P ewett P KWl3f0WSkl H Sharp C Luszczel. E Beebe B Sharp M Schoon maker C Dunham N Rowe R Moshner R Sharp M Sutton V Stokes D Stratton A Galpm F Delaney V Rnchards I Thomas S Sharp I Moshler L Prckert Holmes G Darlmg P Barrd R Gardner R Brmk L Shellhammer H Smrth C Matson D Stevens L Brandes H Calverley L Grxflln Mr Ioseph SENIOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS Belokur C Brandes R Shellhammer Mr Babenzren A Deming L Hines I Galpm FROSH SOPH INDUSTRIAL ARTS E Iohnson I Sears Mr Babenzren P Purple S Yetter HOOK AND NEEDLE CLUB I Lyons, B Thomas. D Ayers, D Demrng, P Bnnk. D Hulslander. P DeHaan. I Malls, S Patterson, H Dmgman, L Herrick M Dmgman M Iayne. F Evans, H Enr1ght,B Every. F Pellett, R Moshrer. A Spano. M Stedwell, M Barrett, L Pmtler I Hull. M Dalola. B Hamxlton. E Beebe. D Iordan, C Engllsh, S Kulrkowskx. S Lawton, S Givens. M Tarbox, I Shaver, D Fox, N Tierney, I Bulls, M Bowen, M Meyers. M Okrepkne. M Vrooman, Mnss Grlbert 'RGD M2 HMS --H . .-. , 'LW Q i , fs Z , .2 I - ,bl if N. . . . . . . . . I !..,.,T . . I 1 - I I - v - 4- Lui' , . ', . , . . . - 6 - 4 C ,, -I A , . . ', n 1 - . y . , I I n I n g u . g Q g o I , 7 1 g I ' n 1 I F. . - ' . . ' . - . . . - 1 - . 1 n I 0 Y . , . . . . . . I in-eau..-.,,Qs., ...,, '., . X . f' -, I wi . G. , . , . . . , -,-f 1 p . y - Q ' I ,V . . . , - I . . . . . ,. ik I Sr' - v..v..wI.fs is ART CLUB B Zimmer D Demmg D Ayers I Mxlls I Snavely M ayne Mrs Wearne M Snavely S Helfers G Frost M Dmgman L Rice R Romano R Snavely A Steenrod I Hellers L Tyrrel R Horton C Englxsh COMMUNITY CLUB B Zimmer D Ayers I Snavely B Lamphere M Var gason B Harper A Rlchards D Deming Pxtcher Mrs Backlund I Mxlls G Gwara L Hmes F Struck land S Darlmg S Sherwood L May C Shell hammer D Hulslander P Brlnk Shellhammer G Scaha I Merrlll R Mxlls S Schoonmaker F Har vey A Tavxlll L Wlcks A Brown W Swagler B Davls Dusen R Martm F Sxgns IUNIOR HIGH INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr Babenzlen H Dmgman C Kuhrt G Frost D Cns pell B DBVIS N Tlerney M Bowen Shellhammer M Dune B Harper V Snow G Gwara A Yaple I Settle GLEE CLUB Miss Allen C Van Vorce M Okreplue M Vrooman A Klossner M Tarbox B Smxth N Collyer I Ford G Hotalmg V Rxchards Belokur B Tompkms I Wxlson D Stratton B Weber R Avery B Cleveland A Galpm F De laney M Decker C Hughes P Gnvens P Baxrd M Waxtl M Schoonmaker B Mnx N Kexth D Chrystler D Demxng M Hartnagel I Pollard K Hollenbeck M Oakes R Van Gorder F Holmes L Shellhammer . I . . , . , . , . , . . . ' , I. . G. Wilcox, R. Lukensow, G. Morehouse, L. Mix. R. Van . , I. , . ' , . , . 50 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Mr Ioseph S Chrysler Mr Hall B Baker Mr Gilbert Mxss Allen Mr Bxdlack R Oliver I Okrepkxe FFA L Negus L Bean B Walker F Hammond D Klossner D Walker Mr Gxlbert P Kwnatkowslu H Sharp L Eng hsh L Spohn C Nlles D Alex E Snavely D Romano E Sharp H Collyer R May A. Alexander C Spacer G Pollard C. Ballot STUDENT COUNCIL PLAY CAST F Mu! G Darllng G Belokur I Shaver L Ollver B Tompkxns R Lewls S HeEers P Glvens S Gxvens Mr Hlggms W Walker R Onofno D Alexander R Van Gorder I Okrepkxe Miss Gilbert N Kexth B Rice andef, R. case, E..Moody, P. Davis. 1' he Assembly Committee The Assembly Committee composed of presidents of classes and faculty members is charged with the responsibility of selecting programs to be presented during school hours during the school year Most of these programs are chosen from groups of traveling entertainers and are booked a year in advance throuqh an entertainment bureau The number of programs vary from 8 to I2 depending on the amount of money available for this service The programs are educational and entertaining and are selected so as to provide balance and co ordination with general school work The Student Council sponsors all programs and raises the necessary funds to pay for part of the service the school district pays the remaining amount The public is always urged to attend these programs without charge Career Club The members have been evaluatmg their interests and special aptitudes as a means of selecting a major occupational field under the direction of Mr Piester An outline of the important factors has been followed in the preparation of a Career Booklet The main aim has been to have each student conduct his or her own self analysis and thus have a better under standinc, of one s educational achievements and personality At the same time opportunities for higher educational occupational trends and other factors which may contribute to successful life adjustment are considered The actual meeting time is taken up by lectures panel discussions demonstrations debates and other informal exercises Library Club Enthusiasm was most evident for a prosperous year of work with books and story telling Most of last year s members showed up together with a full quota of new members A large order of new books qave ample incentive for starting off the year Later on came the rebound books to be prepared for circulation During the absence of the librarian Mr Schoonmaker several members were able to give very valuable assistance to the school and the substitute Mrs Lewis Some members are finding a great deal of pleasure in working with the younger grades during their Hook and Needle Club K 2 P 2 sl k p this is the strange language that the Hook and Needle Club has been learning this year ln order to accommodate the large group we divided into two sections the beginners and ad vanced After mastering the fundamental stitches the beginners worked on scarfs of varying color size and design Complex argyle socks fancy mittens caps and weaters occupied the attention of the advanced group It was an interesting and productive year tor everyone even Miss Gilbert in spite of dropped stitches tangled yarn and clumsy fingers lFor the uninformed the above signs stand for knit two stitches purl two stitches slip knit and pass J FHA The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of girls interested in homemakmg To become a member one must have had at least one course in homemakmg or be taking a homemakmg course The F H A aims to help develop personality and social skills as vtell as skills in homemakmg FFA Our year started off under direction of Mr Stoughton but Mr Gilbert came to us at mid year Four of our members who attended state camp during the summer of 48 helped us get off to a good start and vue selected two of them to attend the National t' F A convention at Kansas City Both Eddie Clark and Dave Alexander reported a good time We participated in a judging contest at Waverly and the mid winter rally at Spencer The chapter bought F F A jackets for each lunior and senior boy and intends to carry on the project each year Various agricultural activities proxide money for the treasury 52 library periods. One member took over the librarian's duties for the student control day. Mlxed Clee Club The mnxed Cvlee Club of Newark Valley Central School has had quxte an eventful year Its 37 members started thus organlzatlon on xts way m the Chrnstmas assembly at whlch they blended thexr volces and efforts rn makmg the program one of dxstxnctxon Then too before the holidays the group sang carols at the Home for the Aged and at several other places ln the Communxty In March through the efforts of the Glee Club a very successful assembly was performed Many students dxsplayed other talents besxdes that of smgmg It was worthwhlle to see what a group of students could do when cooperatlon and good sp1r1t were workmg together Wlth the school band the Glee Club attended the Txoqa County Musxc Festival Also wlth the same orqamzatxon the Cvlee Club partlclpated ln the Sprmg Concert glven m the Newark Valley Central School Transmltter Club The Transmxtter IS our school paper and IS published by and for the students and faculty of N V C S Agam th1s year we have been under the handncap of trymg to put out a good paper wlth a staff most of whom were new at thls kmd of work However we have been fortunate m that thus staff mcluded many good faxthful workers We have tried to cover all kmds of school news and have en deavored to mtroduce new ldeas always keepmg m mmd the fact that the paper IS a representative of our school Thls year for the first tlme we became a member of the Emplre State School Press Assocxatlon and thxs has been helpful to us Coples of our paper were submltted for the annual Judgxng conducted by the E S S P A We were given a ratmg of Superlor whlch IS next to the top ratmg to be won by papers of our type Band Thus has been a busy year for the band We played for all of the home football games assembly proqrams and dramatlc presentatlons Our Pep Band provxded muslc for our basketball games Our membershxp now numbers 42 and we are stlll growmg We attended the annual Tloga County Musxc Festlval and on May 20th we presented our Sprmg Concert Nature Club The club has two alms One of them IS to study nature and the second IS to get close to nature In studyxng nature the students have exammed stuffed fowls nature plctures preserved msects and parts of anxmals and plants However th1s doesnt occur as often as gettxng close to nature If the weather permxts they hlke m the flelds and vuoodlands near the school but lf the ground IS damp they follow the nature collectxons stuffed m every pocket g1ve a faxr plcture of a Nature Club member under the guldance of Mlss Sweeney Know Your Communlty Club ln anuary a new club appeared The purpose of thxs club IS to explore the community for such th1ngs as mdustrles occupatrons government amusements populatxon and a b1t of the hlstory Although we are centermg our mterest on the communlty of Newark Valley we shall become acqualnted with other nexghbormg vxllages On our bt weekly trlps we haue hxked throuqh the vlllage notmg the mdustr es places of busmess and the res1dent1al area we have v1s1ted the school qarage whxch houses the school buses and we plan on v1s1t1ng the Borden plant the Ladder Factory Cooks Creamery the vnllage newspaper offlce the lnbrary the raxlroad statlon Stxmmmg s Florlst Shop and others Our group IS dlvlded m two sectlons and both are sponsored by Mrs Backlund Student Councll We are fourteen members elected from the 1umor semor hugh school xuth advisers Mrs Wearne and Mr Weeks Our student councxl Jomed the Natxonal Student Councll Organl atlon Fxrst we sponsored the maqxclan Lexx Thrasher Next the student councll made xt posslble for the football banquet that exeryone enjoyed xery much Later xxe sold the mechanncal penclls that the majorxty of the students are noxx usmg also vxe sold the llttle football pms Indnndual p1ctures and student control day are some of our annual actnxtles We also sponsored the plax Ple xsed to Meetch1 and X e plan to haue a suggestxon and questxon box 53 . . . . 7 . . road and study the various trees as they walk. Rosy cheeks, wind-blown hair, muddy shoes, various c , V I ' . ' ' U . . 7 . V . . c U' -I Q c H 'M' c V F h . Audubon Club The Audubon Club orgamzed by Mxss Lundy IS one of the many small branch groups of the Natnonal Audubon Socxety Ten members are needed before a club may be formed From the Audubon Socxety we recerve bxrd leaflets to study and pxctures to color We also have puzzles to flgure out We hope to be able to recognxze b1rds by therr songs shape and nests Thxs sprang we are gomg to bulld bxrd houses and feeders Savrngs Fund The Newark Valley Central School Savnngs Fund was started rn September 1947 and approxnmately 400 students have taken advantage of xt accumulatxng a fund of over S4000 to date Any amount over five cents may be deposxted and lnterest IS pand on any amount over five dollars Accordmg to local bankmg authorltnes thxs system IS the only one of xts kmd m that all money deposxted IS a central fund and all bookkeeping records and mdxvndual accounts are mamtamed by the school Deposxts and wrth drawals are made on Tuesdays Mlss Donohue advlser IS very ably assxsted by Barbara Best Pub Club To our club falls the prrvxlege of publxshmg the annual School Memortes We are all senxors workmg wxth our advrser Mr Schoonmaker In October after havxng been orgamzed our editor ln chxef together wlth our advlser and the advlser and the manager of the Yearbook Busmess Staff went to New York to attend the annual meetmg of the Columbla Press Assoclatxon Thxs was a novel occaslon as well as one of great mterest and profit We apprecxate the generous help of Mxss Donohue durmg our advlser s slckness Then came the pncture takmg and the mad scramble to get all the write ups assembled Work was found for everyone and the cooperatxon of the members was especnally noteworthy The Student Board of Fmance IS composed of the treasurers of classes and extra classroom actrvxty clubs and orgamzatxons These treasurers recelve and deposit the club money They can wrxte the order for dlsbursement of club funds The checks are drawn by M1ss Maman Hmrnchsen from the central bankmg fund of the school Careful accurate treasurers are an asset to any orgamzatxon Boy Scouts Troop 43 B S A meets nn the school every Monday durmg actxvxty perxod Mr Bama Eastman IS Scoutmaster and the group ns very actxve consxdermg the length of txme xt has to carry on nts work This troop IS made up of boys who do not have a troop near enough thenr home so they can afflllate wnth xt Advancement IS carrxed on and mstructxon ns gnven to all boys who register Art Club unlor and semor clubs meet every other week this year Most of the work of the club has been sketchmg ln crayon and chalk Our largest project was an exhxbnt m the gymnasxum the latter part of May Grades from kxndergarten through hxgh school exhnblted pneces Souvemrs of the occaslon were sold to benefit the department Much latent talent has been dxscovered Thus has created much mterest for the mdwndual and the benefit has been noted by posters and other bats of creatnve cuts displayed from tnme to txme as well as the program enacted for assembly Student Control Day Teachers The Student Council sponsors Student Control Day every year m February On thus day students are chosen to take the place of teachers Thls glves them better understandmg of a teacher s day glves them an opportumty to learn more about leadershxp and xt may help a student choose hns profession To select the students the teacher chooses three students preferably Semors and unxors and then the Student Councxl gxves the teacher thenr first chonce lf possnble 54 Student Board of Finance . . ' . . . 1 ' I ' ' Industrxal Arts Club Thxs year the lndustrxal Arts Club has been dnvxded mto three groups each meet1ng twxce a month as follows 7th 8th gxrls freshmen and sophomores yunnors and semors Although bl monthly meetmgs do not seem to offer much txrne It was necessary to do thls to accommodate everyone We have followed a varlety of work mcludmg lewelry machme shop art metal electrxcrty and xx oodworkmg Every member xull have some nlce artxcle to use as a result of bemg a club member as well as a general understandmg of the type of tools used and work done xn shop and lndustry Thxs vxork was performed under the dxrectxon of Mr Babenzxen Rrfle Club There are about forty members ln our Rxfle Club at the present txme They are all vxorklnq for badges nssued by the N R A and qxven according to the ab1l1ty of the shooter All of the members are past the marksmanshlp class and many have one or two bars on thexr sharpshooter s medal Last sprlng a rlfle team from our club accompamed by our sponsor Mr Weeks placed thnrd m a qroup of elghteen schools at the IB M Country Club Flrst And Club We orqamzed m September 48 for the purpose of acquamtmq ourselves vuth the prmclples of hrst amd Although no certlhcates were xssued because our members were under age qualxhcatxons vue learned the fundamentals We met ln the Homemakxnq House wxth Mrs Backlund as advxser Student Store Every mornmq from 8 30 untll 9 00 you wxll flnd us Carol Weeks and Berma TOmpklHS mn the Student Store ready to sell you any supphes that you may need We try to have on hand pencxls paper mk pens notebooks workbooks etc at the most reasonable prxces We sell supplles to all hlgh school and grade students order and sell workbooks keep mventory and try to balance the cash account daxly under the supervxsxon of Mlss Donohue The store IS sponsored by the Student Councll and frlls a very defimte need ln our daxly lxfe as a student 55 o . f - ' 1 . . ' - 1 , v V . V. . , v Q . . . V . A . . . . . V p , - l 4 . . . . Q Q r 1 ' . 7 A V ' f t . . . - - 1 - f - 1 , f , 1 v -I - . v , Trlp To W3Sh1HgIOH FRIDAY Fave o clock Friday mornmg saw all the Semors off to a yawning good time Everyone was up bright and early so they wouldnt miss the bus wnth the exceptnon of Bob Van Gorder who dldn t hear the alarm and over slept When all were present a pncture was taken m the middle of the confusxon of puttmg suitcases on the bus and trymg to put lunches cameras and pocketbooks out of sight After the plcture there was another mad scramble to say goodby to the one who was brave enough to get up and brmg us to the bus So after several goodbyes and knsses we were off m bus No 35 for Endicott In Owego a stop was made for a sleepy gal called Arlene who hoped she was on the right bus and that lt was Washmgton bound A lot of conversation carried us 1nto Endlcott and to our BUS and driver Kenneth Breese At first we were dxsappomted m the bus but after a few mules no one seemed to mmd of course there weren t any objections to the driver as he was quite easy on the eyes wouldn t you say Betty? We left Endicott a little after sux and headed down the Lackawanna Trall under the Nicholson bridge where several different stones were told of the men who were kllled whale workmg on It After queer looks and strange stares Scranton came mto vlew and kept m view for a lon txme or so xt seemed because of all the towns or burgs attached to xt Along about eight thnrty we ha a rest stop somewhere below Scranton and here we began to tackle the sandwiches and contmued to do so until they were all gone Back to the bus for the trnp to Harrisburg The journey to Harrnsburg was quxte uneventful only for a few cigars and lipstick on Eddle s face and sleep that Charlie Baxlor couldnt get Wonder why he was sleepy7 Sandwiches were stxll m the limelight and egg and olxve ones had the majornty but when another rest stop was made just before we reached Harrisburg a few cokes were drunk because by this time the weather was slightly warm The first thmg notlced after we crossed the river was the hotel m Harrisburg because of 1ts name the Harms burger After gomg through the downtown sectnon we turned off to the capxtol buxldmg and took several pictures but before we hardly had txme to notxce lt started to ram What a mad dash was made for the bus that was parked about a block down the street' Back to the road and on to Gettysburg By two we were glad to see the hotel come mto sight and rxor to hls Gettysburg Address and also many of his belongings and thmgs that were attached to hlm ter on the bus we wanted for Mr Schoonmaker to get a guide to tour the battlefields The tour took about an hour and nt was an hour full of thmgs to see but not so mterestmg stones of the battles and people who fought We stopped m the cemetery to get pictures and go up the look out tower After returnmg the gurde to where we found hmm and almost gettmg away without paymg hum our bus set out for the mam goal of the trxp good old Washmgton which was gettmg closer or so we thought It rs now gettmg to be late afternoon and everyone rs tnred but happy and by this time we were callin Mr Schoonmaker and Miss Lundy Uncle Bart and Aunt Mnldred Between Gettysburg an Washmgton we passed miles of beautlful homes and farms Then come looks from people we passed who acted as nf they thought we were crazy and no doubt they did because we had our heads out the windows wavmg and yellmg at everyone we saw The mules proved to be mterestmg with some of the love affairs gomg on m the back of the bus Several pictures were taken with a flash camera xn back and m the front of the bus over protests Sxgns glvmg the names of the hotels nn Washmgton were be mmng to appear and the number of mules to go but they were wrong because every sign we saw gave a dl erent and farther away number We arrived m Washmgton somewhere around seven but xt took some time to get to our hotel After stopping at a gas station to get directions nt dndn t take long to reach the hotel When we got to the hotel we were given some mstructnons by the manager and checked mto the rlght room and gxven a key Dmner was ready as soon as we had cleaned up Our rooms were small but that didnt matter too much Our mam dxfficulty was that we couldn t find one telephone and after a long search we were told to look under the bed and there nt was Soon after dmner everyone unpacked and put their rooms to rnghts and then went out to see the town and try to get lost Most of us walked around for awhile and then went to a movie Our curfew was mndmght and everyone was glad to get ln and hut the hay after our first and bug day of our trip SATURDAY It was the mornmg after the nnght before m every sense of the word It started of with a bang because the operator called us fifteen minutes earlier than she was supposed to After proppxng our eyes open and floodmg the floors with the shower water we managed to make nt to breakfast only ten xnmutes late 58 also our lunch. After a super lunch Mr. Schoonmaker showed us the room where Lincoln spent the night SATURDAY con t The sxghtseemg bus was wantmg for us when we left the hotel Mr Schoonmaker and Mxss Lundy herded us mto the bus and we started off on a tour of the crty We strarned our necks and ogled at every thmg m slght The people rn the streets must have thouqht we were escaped lunatxcs the way we pomted stared and took pictures of everythmg by hangmg out of the bus wmdows After the tour we went to the Lmcoln Memornal whrch was very beautxful and rmpressnve In front of the memorial we had our group pxctures taken and lt was there that our Colonel Grey was chrxstened Back to the hotel was our next stop and a much needed meal then we were off for an afternoon rn Vnrgmxa Our first stop was the Arlmgton Natlonal Cemetery where we vxsrted the tomb of the Unknown Soldler and trxed to flnrt wxth the poker faced guard All nn vam The amphntheater and Lee s Mansnon were also mcluded On the way to Mount Vernon we stopped to see the George Washmgton Masomc Memorlal and then on to the home of George Washmgton Boy nt was cold that day We had to stand an lme for so long we were lce cubes before we got rn the door and then we had no more than gotten thawed out than we were put out agam mto the cold cruel world We took some plctures and then the cameras froze so we walked back to the bus On our way back to Washmgton we went past the alrport where our gulde mformed us the Sacred Cow was kept We made rt back to the hotel all 1n one plece though we ll never know how I suppose the sensnble thmg to do after supper was to go to bed but who ever heard of Seniors bemg sens1ble7 Off we went ln every dlrectlon Movxes swlmmmg at the Ambassador taxr rrdmg burlesque shows for the fellows and dates for some After we finally made rt back to the hotel and we drd make the deadlme too belleve nt or not you would naturally expect us to go to bed Oh no-not us hollermg out the wmdows to krds from other schools pajama parades pnllow flghts and coke partles were more nn terestmg than sleep What a rugged mght that was for all concerned When we finally dld manage to go to bed lt was somewhere around around well mormng Sunday mormng sure came early SUNDAY Sunday? Yes lt s Easter Sunday' Well what comes off today7 Oh no' Dont tell us that you have forgotten the sunrxse servnce m the amphxtheater at 7 OO A M 7 Come to thunk of xt someone d1d say somethxng about that last mght Q2 00 A M and gomg strongl Come on pal pry open your eyes and get a move on there s a brg day ahead So our flrst move was to the sunrxse servrce at Arlmgton Cemetery The servxces were very rm presslve the umforms and hats of the men of the Grand Encampment of the Kmghts Templar added to the scene and beauty of the entrre affaxr The Marme Band7 It was great' The txmxng of every mstru ment was an lncxdent never to be for otten We then returned to our hotel and gulped our breakfast pxece by pxece From there each atten ed the church of hrs or her denommatron Our flrst stop happened to be at the zoo and belxeve me rt s the closest any of us wrll ever be to seemg our twm brothers or sxsters Leavxng the zoo after all of our rare specxes had been collected mto one group we then Vlslted the Eprscopal Cathedral lts beauty and archltecture were overwhelmmq Thls beautlful structure IS stlll rn the makmg although at present xt IS a mass of art work that only through actual seemg can one appre crate xt From there to the Francnscan Monastery whrch contams the exact replicas of the catacombs m Rome The long tunnel like passageways and the statues and l1fe lxke figures of the drfferent samts proved to be most mterestmg What was the next move? You can never guess' We ate' In order to make a day of xt we went to the Congressnonal Lrbrary nn the evenmg Scrnptures wrlt mgs plctures and everythmg else m the lme of readmg maternal has certamly found its way to this huge marble structure whlch ns dellmtely a part of our natxon s capltal Thls day brought forth a rather happy endmg to the majornty of us Some went to the movxes some went yaywalkmg and some even thought far enough ahead about the wonderful word known as SLEEP' And so to bed samtly lxttle semors to greet another brlght new day MONDAY Monday started as all Mondays do the wrong way ralny and blue We had all slept soundly and got up late whxch ln turn made us late for breakfast Then wxth all under control we were late catchmg our bus for the mornmg tour We went to the Bureau of Prmtlng and Engravxng and stood nn the ram around a half hour We gave lt up though there were so many m front of us We ran through the ram to the bus and settled down comfortably untxl our next stop was rn srght We had a guxded tour of the capxtol seemg the well known frelze the statues famous prmtmgs and the dome We also saw the Presldent s room where he wants to greet the new Presxdent on mauguratlon day 59 1 , . . 1- . t 1 1 , . . 11 11 . . . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 " 1 " .1 1 . , . . . . . .. , . 1 1 . , , 1 . , . r ' ' 1 . .v . . . . 1 1 1 v 1 Q. , - 1 . , -' 1 . . . . 1 . ' 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 - ' . . . . MONDAY con t We then went on to the Supreme Court Buxldmg and wanted until we had the honor of gomg to a session of the Supreme Court From there we went to the Folger Shakespearean Lxbrary where we saw varlous works of Shake speare and some of the costumes worn in his day There was a small model of an ancxent amphxtheater and also a large theater where they put on Shakespearean plays We returned to the hotel had lunch and some free time until three o clock Then we agam boarded the bus and went to the Washmgton Monument Some of us walked both ways lup and downl whlle others took the elevator one way A few boys made xt down rn 8 mmutes The vnew from the top was beautiful and some excellent pictures were taken We then went through the Pan Amerlcan Building We saw the patlo and parrots The most Impressive scene was the number of flags from all the countries represented m the Union We then had free tlme until supper which was a wonderful meal We had planned on going to Glen Echo Park but xt was ramy and cold We had a free night and did varlous thmgs untll mldnlght when we all supposedly went to bed TUESDAY After wrpmg the sleepy seeds from our eyes and lookmg out to see what kind of day xt was we began the last day of our long awaited tour We rushed down to breakfast of the usual bacon and eggs whlch of course alwayt tasted delicious The first place we went this morning was back to the Bureau of Prmtmg and Engravmg only this tlme we didn t have to stand in the ram A guide took us through the building explammg the process of makmg money bonds etc The sad part of this tour was that they didn t give out any souvenirs fHa' Hall After that we all piled mto the bus and headed for the F BI Buxldmg where all the handsome hunks of men are fHow about nt gxrls7J A very nice gunde showed us around the bunldmg and ex planned how they capture criminals evndence collected etc From the F BI Building we headed for the Smnthsonlan lnstntute where we could have spent all day and strll not have seen everythmg Because of our hmxted time we spent one hour going through both bulldmgs and the Anrcraft Building Here we saw many unusual thmgs mcludmg the planes Spmt of St Lours and the Kitty Hawk When all were rounded up we went back to our hotel for luncheon After luncheon everyone started packing for that journey home I guess a few had a httle dnlhculty rn getting all their belongmgs m the surtcases agam but when they sat on them they were successful Excitement ran through the bus when all were aboard and were homeward bound We hated to leave Washmgton as we were havmg such a wonderful time but yet we were a httle tired and so many massed their loved ones at home QD1dn t you Barb and Sh1rley7J We stopped at the U S Naval Academy rn Annapolis Md and the old State House It was hard to keep track of the girls seemg there were so many sailors wandering around We took a guide wlth us from Washmgton so he told us the history of the base From there Qhow we hated to leavel we started on our yourney to Gettysburg where we were to have dmner that night Traffic held us up ln Baltimore so therefore we were just two hours late so those peas really tasted good to us Mr Schoonmaker really enjoyed those carrot stxcks dndn t you Schooney7 Leavmg Gettysburg about nxne oclock P M we were now headed home Everyone was 1n high spirits and no one could sleep 1f he wanted to We had some new romances blossom out on our way home The bachelor of our class really surprised us all' Dave s shoulder really IS comfortable :sn t it Carol? And we all knew why Betty sat in the front seat commg home What s the matter Betty did your hand get cold7 That s okay Bet we understand David A found someone new m the class but that was on the way down Everyone agreed they made a cute couple Does anyone know why they called George Tonto 7 I guess Bob never did get his manicure did you Bob? Maybe Max was too sleepy to do lt then Whom did Miss Lundy recelve those letters from while we were there? fWe ll never telll Pete s radio came in handy a good deal on the way home Thanks a lot for taking It along After most everyone had taken their evenmg stroll up and down the alsle they finally settled down for a httle nap I rather thunk xt was the s w e e t muslc in the back of the bus that put most of them to sleep The bus began to buzz agam when we reached Bm hamton It seemed good to see familiar sur roundmgs We arrived ln Endicott about three o clock M We tabbed our bags and boarded the bus for good ole N V C S We reached home about four o clock A It sure seemed good to be back nn our httle town agam We drdn t realize how much we missed xt until we got back After waking some of our parents who were wantmg for us at school we went home and talked and talked finally off to bed I guess Annie had the record of sleeping the longest that next day Not one of us will ever forget the wonderful tame each had on our trip h Here s hoping that some day the Class of 49 may have a reunion and check the Prophecy 10 years ence 60 I S . . . ' I Y No one ever thought of taking home any souvenirs. QHa! Hall If , EQUQTE VARSITY BASKETBALL I. Okrepkie, G. Belokur, C. Andersen, h,Niefer, R. Onofrio, F. Mix. N. atkins. Mr. Sweetman, C. Luszczek. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS S Chrysler I Baker P Baird M Van Scoten I Pollard C Hughes I V BASKETBALL Russell Mr Sweetman D Strope G Pollard S Ayers E Rowe N Rowe R. Shaver, R. Lewis, F. Holmes, R. -..anno . 1.x A, R Horton D Armxtage G Harper N Watkms H Collyer D Romano R bhaver u Ionnson I Hyatt L Englxsh I Lyke G Darlmg L Ollver E Clark R Onofrlo D Stope R Keane G Belokur I Okrepkle L Shellhammer L Spohn F Mix Mr Hoover L Grxffm C Barnes R VanGorder C Nlles C Kasper D Alexander C Andersen F Holmes R Glvens Mr Sweetman Schedule 1948 49 V Opponent Ithaca 44' North I V Central V Horseheads Skaneateles Owego Coach Hoover S Givens C Weeks M Frske P Givens B Best D Stratton 63 Y N. . wg -I o Vestal as 4, 23 'J 40 4 33 . . 3 2 18 1. o 44 3 3 3 I 13 28 I as 3..3 18 27 2 . 213 l ffff 4: owl' FL1-24-M-v-J QW., J O-NL, 64 F.F.A. BASKETBALL L. English, C Bailor, D. Alexander, R. May. E. Clark. Mr. Gilbert, L. Signs. B. Walker, D. Klossner. I V CHEERLEADERS S Link, B Deming I Chrysler M Andreas D Chrystler B Blewer IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL G Iohnson G Harper I Hyatt. W P Kwiatkowski W Lusk L Signs R Iohnson W Hammond Mr Sweet man N Rowe C. Luszczek D Ayers ', 'R. .Glvens, 'DZ smugmug. Football Cheerleaders Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, was a cry that could be heard all over the school last fall when our football cheerleaders began to practice their cheers for the oncoming season. Their sharp looking uniforms consisted of red corduroy skirts lined in white, white sweaters with their letters which they proudly displayed, and little red beanies. They were, of course, a little messy after that great day of the Owego game. Despite that downpour our cheerleaders were out there leading the crowd in peppy cheers. They also invested in white megaphones with N. V. painted on them in red. They had two very successful bonfires, before the opening game and the great Owego game. The girls worked hard getting together the crates for the occasion. Their spirit was excellent during the whole season. To fill their places next year will require a great deal of initiative. F. F. A. Basketball The basketball team had a pretty successful season this year, winning four of the five league games. We lost to Waverly while winning from Owego, Candor, U. E. and Spencer. Varsity Basketball The Newark Valley Central School Cardinals with live varsity members back completed their basketball schedule to the tune of 6 wins and 12 losses One of the more exciting games was played with Horseheads After holding the lead for most of the game we lost out in the final minutes by a score of 42 40 Even though the season was not extremely successful good sportsmanship was always evident With five varsity members back next year we can look forward to a more successful season I V Basketball The junior varsity basketball team had higher average than the varsity They won 10 games out of 16 They played mostly man to man defense which was very effective In the second half of the season some of the best junior varsity players were promoted to varsity and some varsity players were demoted to junior varsity As usual spirit on the I V team ran high and teamwork as well as sportsmanship were well in evidence All the fellows wrll be fighting for a varsity position next year Football 1948 Newark Valley Central School in its second year of football had a very successful season Of the seven games played only one was lost For nine consecutxve weeks starting September first thirty boys reported faithfully each night Because of the rigid practices given by Coach Hoover and his assistant hank Sweetman the Cardinals went through the season with just one injury a broken nose in the Skaneateles game Our outstanding player of the year was Captain Bob Keane who at a banquet at the end of the season was awarded a trophy for this honor We look forward to the next year with great anticipation for there will be just three players from last year s starting eleven that will not return Varsity Baseball Lack of a good battery last year was the main cause of the baseball team ending the season with four wins and five losses Although we were unable to add another trophy to our case the boys tried hard and showed good sportsmanship in every game Although there will be no veteran players on the team this year there will be loads of good material and promising players going out for it The Cardinals this year may be composed of rookies but we are looking forward to a good season under the coaching of Mr Sweetman OPPONENTS THEY Chenango Forks Candor Waverly Cortland Waverly Owego Chenango Forks Candor 66 WE - 14 ...,.......................... .....,...............,........ 4 8 ...................................... ...................................... 3 5 .................................... .....................,.............. 6 1 ........,........,....,.....,..,...... Owego .....,....,.......,................... 3 4 ...,.,.............................. ...........................,,....... 7 13 ,..,.........,..............,....... .,...........i...................... 1 1 6 .......,..,,,..,...,..,............... ,t.............................,...... l 4 7 .........,......,............. ...................i.......... 1 0 6 .........,....,....,......,..,,....... .....,..,..t.............. - ........... 5 41 ,iJ,.nfl777 TOMPKIN S GARAGE KAISER FRAZER Sales and SCFVICCS -v ,MH NEWARK VALLEY New York as ,A-1Ei3'i' ?' Every day 'I' IS the img' lo day save .ur Ugg' iff.. IGA I I E 1 HOLLENBECK Newark Valley N Y 69 I G A stores '11 are home owned an owner operated Y k ' . , I V ln L X", Y AJ., I M jf I ' .ew ,Q L , K: 1 '- V o A v , ,MH W ,, we ' 5 . . ' Q' . --it ' ' " 2 J V ' , H' K- l E 1 , a ' 4 J ,. if 'l'- " I f ik' 5 ' 5 4 I ' ,, 1 ' I l"-' -.n.4..4 X , U T, I 7 ' ' is' r F ' ' 1 F o to I L-:JJ i? Jn'-i n ' V I :rf N - .,,, -I : ' V -, X . K4 w i fjii o N u d I at - A bf ,,.il?' ' , ' - - 'g3,,: 1 1 . . . '-. 4 Dfw rf xx, r W 1 f - 1 I 4. W 1 I ,I fl-:tl ' Y l I , for , I 1 , 1, Q ' , I .4 ,gi ' , . , P, . I . . - O O , . . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Newark Valley New York OFFICERS DIRECTORS IOHN W BRICK Presxdent IOHN W BRICK WILLIAM H STIMMING Vrce Pres HENRY A PATCH E MARGARET HOWLAND Asst Casluer IAY C PURPLE 70 7 l WILLIAM H. STIMMING GOLD MEDAL LADDERS Are Safe Ladders SOLD EVERYWHERE CHESEB R0 WHITMAN MANUFACTURING CORPORATION y Y ff Newark Valle , New ork C omplzments RAY S GARAGE WILLYS ovERLAND Sales and Servlce Phone 126 Newark Valley FOUNTAIN INN Meals and Fountann Servxce W St Iohn Proprzetor For Rapld Rellable Servxce ee RICE S GARAGE Speedsvnlle N Y STACEY SHOULTES Barber Shop Water Street GEORGE IORDON Local and Long Dlstance Haulmg Speedsvllle N Y SANTO ALOI AND SONS Fruxts and Vegetables Wholesale TUBBY S GARAGE Always Ready to Serve You Berksh re N Y Phone 44 F 2 BALLOU S SUNOCO STATION 156 Port Watson Street Cortland New York Phone 1426 72 7 Candor, New York Newark Valley, ANN S BEAUTY SHOP Brook Street Open Daly or Evenmgs By Appomtment Machxne Machxneless or Cold Wavmg Permanents Telephone 103 for Appomtment BEAUTY ARTS CENTER 330 W State St Ithaca N Y Best Wzshes rom OWEGO MOTORS Oldsmobxles Specialize In Sales and Servrces Permanent Wavxng Mnlton B Whipple Vlolet F Harmon pro Nancy M Wrlsley P LOWELL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS For a Good Busmess Trammg Courses prepare you for an excellent opportunnty nn a fine busmess office where good pay and advancement IS the rule Moderate Cost Indrvxdual Advancement Wrzte or call us or urther m ormatzon 116 FRONT STREET BINGHAMTON NEW YORK THE ECONOMY STORE 186 Mann St Owego We Outfxt The Entire Famnly I Paying high prices for JOB PRINTING E D BUSHNELL ROBERTS GROCERY General Merchandise Newark Valley N Y Red a Whne store Established 1880 Newark Valley Telephone 200 ome T 7644 For All Your Prmtmg Needs 73 , V I tap. 0 Q mx 1 1 Q ' C 'J- I Complzments o H T BECKWITH ord Sales and Servlce 21 Church Sr The Owego N Y Phone 797 Class of 1949 Good Luck To The Class of 49 SIMMONS HARDWARE Newark Valley N General Hardware Electrlcal Supplxes IOHN BRIDGES AND SON Contractor Sandmg Bullder Phones 183 M and 207 Newark Valley N Y MAKE A DATE EARLY HAVE YOUR TRACTOR OVER HAULED AND WINTERIZED Tractor Servzce on All Makes WELDING TRACTOR TIRES Electnc Fxrestone Acetylene Goodyear GARDEN TRACTORS MYERS IET PUMPS POWER LAWNMOWERS FARM MACHINERY ohn Deere New Idea Papec New Holland IAMESWAY BARN AND POULTRY EQUIPMENT SURGE DAIRY FARM EQUIPMENT MAZOUREK S Ithaca New York 74 I F ' Sanding Machine for Rent by the Hour TO - 9 N E W I N G EQUIPMENT CoRPoRAT1oN 707 711 Mzun Street Endlcott New York BROTAN S Famlly Clothler CREDIT? All You Want M 65 I LOCKER PLANT cess g S o n MEATS Pho e 199 Locke s No A al ble 75 Y 3 29 Washington Avenue Endicott. New York Pro in - rn ki g n r w v ia DONALD GARDNER General Truckxng Newark Valley Phone 75 R Complzments o SALLYS DRESS SHOP 119 Washlngton Avenue Endlcott N ANDY S SERVICE STATION Mobxlgas MObllUbIlCatlOH Moblloll Phone 221 Newark Valley New York SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Douglas Grant Manager Open 7 30 5 00 Phone 562 Owego New York 76 ' , N. Y. ' f 7 ' ' , . Y. Phone Endicott 5-9311 7 CENTRAL CITY BUSINESS INSTITUTE Registered By The New York State Department of Education FALL TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 6, 1949 Syracuse 2, New York Wlrrmu VEIGEL, Director L F HAMLIN INC The Red Cross Drug Store Phone 5 7441 59 Washlngton Avenue Endlcott N Y TO YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS From the Bakers of CHEESE ITS HYDROX COOKIES HI I-IO S ind KRISPY CRACKERS Phones 23 or 20 Y 4 All Loads Insured CRISPELL BROTHERS LoCAL AND LoNo DISTANCE Moron TRANsPoRTAT1oN Large Padded Moxmq Vans Busses for Charter Serwce Slaterxxlle Sprmgs New York ll SUNSHINE BISCUITS, INC. CQOKS MIIK 8. CREAM C 63 F RESTAURANT Ne 1rk Valley New York 7 Days Per Week Ho ze Made Pe IAMES QUINN Newark Vallev New York Phone 131 Complzments o SIDNEY R SMITH BERT BLISS 63 SON Coal Flour Feed Newark Valley N Y Phone 79 M CoNT1 IEWELER d dM kVlIyNY uso RAYMOND G WALKER 68 North Avenue Owego New York 78 1 , , Electric Motors Rc-wound an Rcpaired . f New and Use otors W' ' For Sale Real Home Cooking HAROLD I-ANGE Nino Years' Experience ' ' Newar a e , . . V n i Q Elm Street A Rhone -I Compliments of STEPHENS AND COMPANY IN 85-87 State Street PAPER PETER R. K EOUGH, Representative ROBERTSON S Central Drug Store 194 Front Street owego New York soda Fountain Drugs RAY VAN SUSAN Carpenter Work Painting Furniture Repair Saw Filing Newark Valley New Ynrk Phone 166 C. Binghamton, New York Complzrnents o FRIEND Compliments FRIEND Compliments o GREEN S MILLINERY 27 Washington Ave Endicott N Y COOK S STORE Hardware Berkshire New York Phone 42 F 3 10 Cascade Paper Company th Hoo No th Adams School Supple Cafete a Eq ipment I cp a 'VIR E I COSTER 0 - - - . "On e sac River" ' ' ' Groceries - Plumbing ' ' I r ,Mass I l . i s V I V ' , ' ri u' 'our R resent tive A COMPLETE MUSICAL SERVICE HICKEYS MUSIC STORE 330 East State Street Ithaca N Y Phone 4 1101 Cornplzments o A f Off f I9 1 9 C ,, Offset Pr ntmg For All Types Of Ad ertxsmg Cedar Street Syracuse New York ' f Camp e f .ae rin in om any .9nc. 222 . PATCHES OF BERKSHIRE Burld ng Supplxes Lumber Roofing Fertlhzers Lrme Farm Supplles Phone 44 F 33 IAN s EAsH1oN Owego N Y STEPHANIE Owegos Leadmg Iumor MISSCS Womens BEAUTY SALON Dresses Coats Sults and Lmgerxe 80 REVLON Establlshes Matchmg Llps and Fmgertrps KENYON HUB STORE 5 Lake Street Owego New York RICHARDS FUNERAL HOMES NEWARK VALLEY N Y OWEGO N Ambulance SCFVICC R A TAPPAN AND SONS N Idea Fa Mach ne y C osley and Hotpo nt Appl ances Ph ne 104 Ne ark Valley Ne Yo k RAYMOND D EVANS eweler and Watchmaker Newark Valley New York TOMPKINS PHOTOGRAPHERS Best o Luck to The Class of 49 la-1 East State Street lthica New York 81 -' - i ew rm i r r i i Sales and Services o w , w r - - - l 41 7 D c . RICHFORD GARAGE Nell R MaCPhCfS0I1 Pme Grove Grocery E T Dame Prop Funeral D rector MRS IULIA LIPE FR GID I AIRES Newark Vallel' New York Newark Valley New York P d ro uct o Telephone 140 phone 78 R General Motors SEIBERLING TIRES TRUCK TIRE RECAPPING PASSENGER TIRE RECAPPING Low Pressure and Regular Motorola Car Radxo Zemth Home Rad1o Use Our Fnendly Credzt Plan T 1 BYRNE SERVICE l07 Washlngton Street Bmghamton New York Phones 2 OI38 2 2548 BROCKWAY BINGHAMTON C0 275 Chenango Street Bmghamton, N Y az . . , . i f Auto-Lite Batteries .. . Auto-Lite Spark Plugs AMELIA S BEAUTY SHOP Owners . . . Ellen and Georqe Reese . . . Operators ALL TYPES OF BEAUTY CULTURE Machine and Machineless Permanents - Also - COLD WAVES AND RADIO WAVES Phone 123 Newark Valley New York THE BENNER WHOLESALE COMPANY 309 Clara Street Endrcott, N Y Dzstrzbutors o White Ash Panama Ribbon Izaak Walton Clgars and Phone Endncott 1680 Complzments o WILLIAM E HALSTEAD Buxck Sales and Servlce 10 Court Street Phone 10 Dzstrlbutor or Mobxle Gas Mobxle O11 Mobxle Heat 83 Dagget Chocolates ' f . . f Local G L F Servlces Newark Valley Cooperatxve G L F Servxces Inc GIRLS LIKE TO SAY IT CAME FROM LEE S LEADS IN FASHION ENDICOTT KALKAN S Newark Valley The One Stop Store Home of Admxral Radxos and Appllances Phone 206 Phone 113 M KARL UMIKER GRADE MILK Berkshnre New York Constxne 8 Whltney Salted Nuts Potato Chxps Pop Corn 184 Robmson Street Bxnghamton N Y Phone 2 4951 Congratulations to the Class o 1949 CHUBB SHOES Children s Shoes a Specialty Fitting Checked by X Ray HILKINS Dxamonds ewelry Our 33d Year 46 Washmgton Avenue Endxcott N Y FOR FARM FRESH nd Pod UC Molyneaux s Market 300 No th Nantxcoke A enue Endlcott Ne York Phone 5 ll82 192 Front Street Owego New York 84 G. L. F. FARM STORE I -I ' A ' l I Fruita r uce . S f E H MILLER LUMBER COMPANY INC 162 176 North Avenue Owego N Y Telephone 134 Lumber Coal M111 work Buxld ng Materlals Planmg M111 SEELY S FEED STORE SPENCER S LEIGHTQN BRAMER Newark Valley I G A tore Berkshue New York Grocerxes Meat Produce W Telephone 120 Our Speclalty Rlchford New York Qualzty Cleanzng In Owegos Newest and Most Up to date Cleanmg Plant IAMES E DIBBLE Owego Plant 73 Adelme Street Call Owego 596 Your Fznest Garments Care ully Pressed Factory Fresh Candzes Tloga Co Appliances Complzments o R3dlOS From Refrlgerators Rejmer Manufacturmg Co Ranges and Stoves PAUL HARRIS CO Phonograph Records Berkshlre New York 83 0 l , ' - 1 . - n . i . H . . Plumbing and Heating Gas Stoves, Furnaces l . I S Newark Valley, N. Y. ' ' Phone 218 ' - - Repair ork t O I BUTLIEN S d D FOO FVVI' AR 33 Lake Street eqo New York Phone 3451 PRENTICE Radios an Appliances Green Lantern lnn F SPECIAL BANIQUET ROOMS NYE BAKING CO ty F 1876 Y CRAMERS AUTO PARTS iii? Automotive Replacement Parts and Equipment Specialized Machine Shop Service 619 W State Street ITHACA NEW YORK Good Luck to the C l a s s O f 19 4 9 THE AMERICAN LEGION Post 1541 Newark Valley, New York 86 1 1 l 1 l Sundial Shoe Store Famous For ood I an Rc airing A Q I Second floor For the d Entire Family l . Quali ood Since W V L Owego, New ork 7 I Complzments o ALONZO D HUNTER Dentlst PARTRIDGE S T e LEADWAY STORE MR and MRS B kh N Y Tloga County Herald er S Ire N D RICE Phone 42 F 5 BANDLER STILES AND KEYES Apparel for Men and Boys 19 Lake Street Owego New York lnterwoven Socks Stetson Hats 87 ' f Arrow Shirts . . . Michaels-Stern Clothes OWEGO MURRAY CO FOWLERS PIANO DEPT N.. Th Cl f 949 H ' PIANOS . . . WURLITZER . . . ORGANS t. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS t I RADIOS NAME You CAN TRUST th B f BROCKWAY TRUCKS Pioneers In The TRANSPURTATIUN Field Since 1875 The Best IH Motor Trucks for Over T hlrty Seven Years BROCKWAY MOTOR COMPANY INC fy 1 off 1 d Branches CS? Dealers Jn PFIDCIDGI Cztzes 88 ' 7 Front Street Owego, Y Extends Congratulations To O e ass o 1 ardware Farm Supplies Spor mg Goods Plumbing - Heating Elec rica Appliances A All e es in Records ' I Facto and Genera ice . . . Cort an , N. Y. W H CLUSE CO Oflice Machine and Supplies ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO. Inc. CLARY ADDING MACHINE CO. Typewriters and Adding Machines Sod - Rented - Repaired Royal and Smith Corona Portables For Better Grades Rent or Buy a Typewriter REACH FOR SUCCESSFUL CAREERS IN BUSINESS START AT RIDLEY S Insu e yo future by enrolling in Bingh mton's Leadi g Bus'ness School APPROVED BY NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Visit phone or write fo f ee 24-page illust ated catalog RIDLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Chamber of Commerce Building Binghamton New York STROEHMAN N S BREAD AT ITS BEST a r UI' Exclusive Representatives for a n I I 1 . l' I' , I' , 89 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rmgs and Pms Commencement Invxtatxons Club Insngma Memorlal Plaques Dxplomas Personal Cards Represented by Mr Leland Lee 164 Hermxtage Road Rochester New York HARTWELL S RED E1 WHITE STORE Berkshxre N Y IACK EDWARDS Greetmg Cards For All Occasnons Stationery Gxfts 31 Washmgton Avenue Endncott New York BLACKBURN S GAS STATION Grocerles Candles Tobacco and Cxgars Slatervllle Sprmgs Phone 39 Y 3 HENRY S ewelers 3 Washnngton Avenue Endncott N Y HARRIS MARSH General Trucking Berkshlre New York Authornzed Electrncal Underwriters Certxficate Guaranteed Berkshnre N Y Phone N V 47 F 31 TI-IE MILLER PAPER COMPANY INC Wholesale Only Paper Goods School Supphes Specnaltxes 204 208 East Wxllow Street Syracuse 1 New York Phone 3 0136 0 FRANK L. KESTER . I - 9 WthB tWh LYNN S DRUG STORE GEORGE CEURTER MELVIN I RUTAN General Truckmg N k V H ewar a ey Berkshlre New York lweltonvlllel R D 2 New York On the Avenue Pulls and Thzngs Owego New York THE TIOGA TELEPHONE COMPANY INC METRO SACKS CO HOWLAND BRos Co M Edell Manager INC 5 Washxngton Ave Berkshxre New York Endicott N Y N Y 43 F 2 CUMIVHN' GS MOTOR SALES Your Chrysler Plymouth Dealer Motor Parts and Accessones Factory Engzneered YtN TheIyWK TheF dsW Md DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM Auburn N Y 56 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 458 OWEGO N Y 91 i es is es , from your local Fuller Brush Dealer Y Y . . , "School Memories" Dim .. ' ' e ever Fade o s e new . , , nen e a e ' f . . , F 1 . . . - Complzments o MAUREAN LAUDER MEN S WEAR l7l l73 Wash qton St CONWAY S CLUB DINER Owego New York HALLIDAY MOTOR SALES Upper North Avenue Owego N Y Phone 374 KIES BOTTLING WORKS Owego New York MARCUS VAN VORCE General Trucklng Phone Candor 38 A Newark Valley New York Complzments of SARSY S INN Spaghettx Chops Complzments of Steaks IOE'S FREDS TAXI Carohne Center New York 92 RESTAURANT - int . ' - ' Binghamton, N. Y. 1AcKsoN S Newark Valley 20 F 3 Owego 1002 M 1 General Merchandlse GYOCQFIGS Meats Real Estate Fl6I'I1lf1gVlllC N Y Open Evenmgs LAWRENCE BROS BERKSHIRE INN FRED FRQST PLUNHHNG QML AUCTYDNEER an DORIS d IETE RAUPERS NEWARK VALLEY Phone 40 F 13 HEATING Ne ark Valley Telephone 216 Congratulatzons Upon A Worth Whxle Achlevement' Graduatlon from Hnqh School IS the completlon of a lob well done not only for the kno ledge gamed and put to use but for the character trammg as well McLean s congratulates you upon th s ach evement and extends best w shes for success throuqh the years to come B1cIQEfKPJf5 DEPARTMENT sToRE 93 - 7 . . . , . . . , . . Dinners and Li. unches Proprietors d an 7 W . . . , . Y W ' , ' ' . ' K i i , . i 9 HANSEN GROCERY KENNETH MEAD Meats Baked Goods Ge eral Merchandlse Pop Ca d n Y Welton lle New York Beverages Phone O ego 877 M l Slaterv lle Ne York FHGVGRS C C Noteware E3 Son R dyt W Complzments CHALIVIN S SODA an SNACK BAR 5 Water St Ne a k Valley N GOOD FOOD FOR IAPPI PLEASED 198 F G U E S T S .mnNS2Xf0llaco gums Phone 115 Owego N Y cmcmo Lone ISLAND cm REGISTERED HOLSTEIN CATTLE COMBINING PRODUCTION wlth EXCELLENT SHOW TYPE BIG ELM FARM PAUL SMITH Prop DOWNY ELAKE WANDALL ATLANTIC aa PACIFIC DQUGHNUT DEpQT TEA CO General Merchandlse Frozen Custard North Owego Nevxark Valley N Y Sandwlches Owego N Y 94 l I 1 U ' cl vi , W ..- - ' i , w W r , . Y. . 1 1 - I , Dry Goods. Furniture Floor Coverings ea -0- ear Y Electrica iances 196- ront Street O . y l U nAuAs-nuun nnsuuncn-nsuon-rnIIAo:IruIA - 1 I 1 - - v 1 V - I - - l - - CO"'P'f"'C'1'5 of BALL HATCHERY PETER GREGROW Bern Furniture Inc. Baby Chicks and General Merchandise of Hatching Eggs Speedsville, N. Y. Owego N Y Owego' New York DANIEL B HASKIN Insurance Surety Bonds Owego 975 976 Newark Valley N Y Your Insurance Needs Taken Care Of At Any and All Times ,4 y wazwasw Book I Pamphlet Binders Paper Rulers Gold Stamping 312 SOUTH FRANKLIN S'l'llB'l' SYRACUSE NEW YORK L...- AI ays Meat to Please Y VALLEY STUDIO nd Photo Shop Al aq Pl a ed to Meet You O e k Phone 210 S Ne ark V lley Ne York Phone 110 Nevxark Valley LOUIS HERMAN F ne Furs Storaqe 318 East Stare Sr Phone 4 0141 Ithaca Ne York 93 - y 1 u T 'inn i I i, f C ll "' 1 O O 's - v i v 1 l 1 V I V I l ll' F OU i 1 iz' A5 c 5 Repairing Remodeling C v r Ban ' , W a w . ' 1' I , w u To The Class of 1949 THE AMERICAN LEGION Post 1431 R1chford N ew York I Good Luck CHARLES S HILLS CO Dodge and Plymouth Dealer Sales and Servlce Dodge Trucks and School Buses Phone Owego 510 20 Church Street Owego New York 97 Manhattan Sh ts VAUGHNS C E SMULLEN th h p th y soo SHOP GEN UNG S S t PHARMACY ENDICOTT UNION N Y 1 A GEERKEN TUX RENTALS phone 5 2131 THE BURT COMPANY Washmgton Avenue Endicott N Y 98 ir a All e s ar Squires ' . shop e Esquire Hart, Schaffner 6 Ma and Boton " " Clothe ESQUIRE MEN'S 7 Iantzen and Donega por swear Down in Union Alex Wes Alexander Harvey 0 Q , . . STIWIMING FLORIST Newark Valley N Y To the Senlor Class of 1949 I w1sh to congratulate you upon your ac compllshments as graduates from our school I fully reallze that th1s has meant real effort and S3CPlf1C6 on the part of many of you I hope that thls w1ll truly be a stepplng stone 1n each one of your l1ves, truly a com mencement of real progress 1n the future, make your llves useful helpful and to do your b1t 1n helplng to make th1S a better world ln whlch to l1ve We must all expect both joy and sorrow 1n aCCOmp1lSh1Dg the best May you each have the courage and deter m1nat1on and be glven the strength by Almlghty God to achleve success ln the true meanlng of the word Slncerely M S W1ll1am St1mm1ng 90 1 1 .L ' to 1 7 iffy, 'J' f Jifh f'f'4f?2 f . L 4' ,Q avi? VT' .xy U! .UQ Q -11" ' 1 JL 9 1 1 I x.: ' 1 J ,.., Q 1 W' gf , ' ff' Wg" , by l

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