Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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1 "rf 1,. 0. , A x gf, KT M -1 an , v Q. x.4 fi Q A v it' -. ri ki- i x ' 4 1 ., r ' .1 H4- .-Jr Ib 1 . 4-. R' MI . , 4 -'v .X r gi .L 1 V, 1, ..H, -QB-'1r f1' M H v1 yi' Qui in . 1- . Q ,nfl -X f 'UQ fill' 3 f ' 3-"W "' -.. '.W'?,V Qs ' .4495 :' J " . Ki 1 5, inf 4.1: . vm -. 'f. .qvavnf M- 2 ,J rm.,--w.:5 - .f,yf'.-'1:'g.'-'1,11,,, - wrf-1 -if 4 ' -H154 -Q' L .7-fi? ' ' ,157 ' R H1 ii"'f-la,-'4',. 1 wi T- A' .2 - 1",':!Ih,E'51f4e:'T-. 5' .,., ,A ji-5535, , U , gg 1iqL0.,Ht"g if fi 1 - "1 Mwi' '-315-51" N.. ,ww ' ', '- ,1'7'1. Lil. " Wszil'-ii' t- f- Q-Za, Jw u'.1 V1 Ii vi Q41 L Ai 'f qw h.. .. A1,"rsffuI 'H-71 gf., P: ' .3 ii, il if fx 1 my a , .,.. , . PE.w15'5g :. ., - , . Jw.-, V-1 x .wg Q MA 1,5 -Luz vi J M -'. X---vig!-'wi Jam, I I .sjj!gg:l?Y,.B'ki cefifi 'rf '7' LFIIE' 2 yi-'Aff I ' , 'i3A?'1u"' 1?uNIf", "Q , '55 iw u 4 2 .1, . 1 Q - If fs--1"123Q,'f .11 ,,'j IFJ' , -, .. L , 4 H V, . - , g.-Q. ' 1 , ' H, ' . f, A., u .u"' 'I M ,, 1 vu ,I . , " :WL W ' l, W, Wg , V :'.1ig1'J wx ,V, , , , Q. - 'L . , f 1 5 5+ 'fa E -, 3. LT ff? 1 if Z A 2' 'f ill' ' '1 .fi 7. ,,lA , ,L 4. .3 .+- I . X .. SIZ1ID0l"jIl'Z11IUTfiB5 194 8 Publ H21 bg Um Smwinr Qflnifi' Student? M Newark ,Ealing Cjeniral ,stlwunl Newark Unllng , CN . Editorial We have past the Nhorse and buggyn days. The age of air is strongly ap- pearing in every part of this experi- mental and democratic world. One must realize the advancement of atomic ener- gy and the other seemingly unrealistic procedures. To our forefathers, this would have seemed impossible and they might have sensed diminishing their feeling of security. With this gigan- tic power the future is not haulted and we must strive to keep this a peaceful world for the generations of today and tomorrow. Even in our span of time the realm of aviation has progressed through the glider, the P-38's, the helicopter, the jet-propelled, the rocket ship, and the new, huge flying fortress. But the end is not yet. The opportunity of educa- tion is flying abreast that of science as one can readily observe through the Wcockpitn of our educational institu- tions. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are forever glowing evidences of this atomic era. WPeaceW is the label imprinted upon the minds of the American people, and thru' the atomic Dower. it should enable us to preserve confidence in the minds of all peace-loving people throughout the world. We must live in hopes that no fa- tal blunders will be made and we should maintain loyality to the leaders of our nation, working always in the belief of our motto--Wln Ourselves Our Future Lies.W Editor-in-chief Evelyn E. Rose ' Izhirznfinn It is with deep sincerity and gratitude that we, the Class of l9L,8, dedicate this twelfth edition of School Memories to you, Mr. Earle L. BidlacE. Your friendly spirit, willing assistance, patient understanding and untiring efforts as our faithful advisor for two years, have endeared you to us all. APPRECIATION To you, Mrs. Joslin, we wish to express our deep appreciation for all the time and effort you have given N. V. C. S. In the past twenty years, your good humor, and sin- cere interest have been very effective upon us. May our best wishes be with you always. The Class of l9h8, Miss Donohue, wish to express to you, our appreciation. Your cheer- ful manner and willing disposition have always been an inspiration to us all. Your conscien- tious service and loyal support during the two years as our advisor, will ever be remembered. BOARD OF EDUCAT IGN, Lester Hyatt Howard Curkendall Alta Pope Jay Purple William Stimming Hiram Nickerson CAFETERIA Mrs. Belden Mrs. Johnson Miss Wait Miss Kenyon Mrs. Smith Mrs. Sears, Sup't. JANITORS E. Saddlemire, Sup't A. Labour E. McPherson BUS DRIVERS W. Bean A. Labour L. Decker Q C. Daniels " C . Truax N1 Merithew H. Daniels L . Spicer W. Kalken J. Haines G. Gray L. Hollenbeck E. Fiske 4 YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF H. Andersen, E. Shellhammer, Miss Donohue, M. Signs, S. Chrysler, D. Kent. J R . Oakes, C. Grimley, P. Needham, R. Van Gorder, . Woodmansee. I PUB CLUB M. Signs, H. Andersen, M. Dean, B. Mills, H. Hines, B. Jewett, Mr. Schoonmaker, S. Holden, J. Kellam, M. Thornton, E. Rose, G. Strope Ji Z' STUDENT STORE CLERKS C. Weeks, M. Signs, Miss Donohue STUDENTS CONTROL-DAY TEACHERS Snavely, J. Niefer, E. Kobylarz, D. Strope, L. Oliver, Onofrio, C. Brink, B. Best, F. Panas, T. Holmes, G. Strope Signs, P. Needham, R. Jackson, S. Holden. Ardell, B. Mills, R. Keane, L. Pastalan, E. Rose, Shellhammer, M. Signs, E. Sharp. fanulfg Nathan T. Hall, A.B., M.S., in Ed. Supervising Principal Ruth Kinyong Principal's Secretary, Clerk of Board. Marian Hinrichsen fabsentlg Ass't. Secretary. Elizabeth C. Lewis, R.N., Amsterdam H Syracuse Univ.--Nurse, Attendance. Harold F. Miller, B.S.,M.Sh, Buffalo State, Cornell--Vice Prin., Guidance. James Weeks, Ed.--Geneseo, Buffalo State--Jr. High Science. Barbara E. Douglas, B.A., Houghton, Sr. H. Social Studies. feorgia S. Curkendall, ortland--Grade 5. 'ilma C. Hines, ortlend--Gradell. Eildred Loomis Smith, B.S. Eansfield--Grade 5. 'ean T. Thomson, B.M. Lyracuse--Vocal Music. sabelle Danielski, B. S. ansfield--Grade 2. ichard Chauncey, B.S. ornell--Agriculture. essie M. Joslin, Potsdam--Jr. High aciel Studies. inifred M. McPherson, Jrtlend--Grade A. Lldred M. Griffin, ansfield--Grade L. Loyd B. Schoonmaker, A.B. Lb. Sci., Syracuse--Libra :reign Language. xrry G. VanDeusen, A.B., lion, Columbia--Math., Sc Lberta Stoughton, :rtland--Grade 6. Lchard A. Hoover, B.A., JravianCColl.--Grade 6. rnthia Snyder, Oneonta fade 3. shel M. Long Jrtland--Grade 3. , B.S. in fy: M.A. H ience. 1 ll John O. Sebast, B.S., Potsdam--Instr. Music. Henry D. Sweetman, B.S., Cortland--Phy. Education. Maud S. Chidester, Cortland--Jr. H. Math. O. Edgar Babenzien, B.S., Oswego--Indust. Arts. Helen McPherson, B.S. Cornell--Home Economics. GLadys M. Rumsey, B.S. in Buffalo--Grade 2. Louise M. Dean, Oneonta--Grade l. Gladys Atwater, Alfred--Kindergarten Marion C. Shoultes, Cortland--Kindergarten. Alice I. Wearne, B.F.A., Syracuse--Art. Helen Donohue, B.A., Albany--Commerical. Mildred Lundy, Mansfield--Jr. H, English Earle L. Eidlack, B.S. in Mansfield--Sr. H. English Irma. M. Taticchi, B.SSin Stroudsburg--Health,Biolov Enqlish 10. Bradley Gormel, B.S., M.S Cornell--English 9, Soc. 1 X Seuwrs X Howard Horton HHowieW Ambition: Coach WThe surest way to hit a woman's heart is to take aim kneeling.U President A: Sr. Play Cast A: Rifle Club A: Basket- ball h,3,2,l: Glee Club h,3,1: Yearbook Business Staff hz Vice Pres. 3,l: Operetta 2: Seasonal Sport 2: Boy's Quartette l 'Uulia Signs nJudyU Ambition: College WWhere there's music there can't be mischief.N Vice Pres. A: Sr. Play Cast L: Band A,3,2,l: Orches ra L,3,2,l: Band and Orchestra Treas. h,3: Transmit Club h: Glee Club h,2,l: Spring Concert h,3,2,l: St ent Day Teacher L: Jr. Play Cast 3: Jr. Prom Comm. Operetta 2: Sophmore Pres. 2: Christmas Play l iwelyn Rose WEvieW Ambition: Telephone Operator WNever idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others.N Secretary 4,3,2: F. H. A. Pres. L: Yearbook Editor- in-chief A: Sr. Play Cast A: Student Day Teacher ht Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Jr. Play Comm. 3: Jr. Play Usher Graduation and Baccalaureate Usher 3: Spring Concer Usher 3: Music Appreciation 2: Mixed Chorus l: Dano Club l: Girl Scouts l 'Mary Signs WBlondieW Ambition: Private Secretary WMischief comes by the ounce and goes away by the pound.n Treasurer L: Sr. Play Cast b: Yearbook Staff Manage A: Varsity Cheerleading L: Pub Club L: Glee Club A, Student Day Teacher h,32 Yearbook Business Staff 3: Jr. Play Usher 3: Graduation and Baccalaureate Ushe 3: Assistant Student Store Manager 3: Operetta Cast Music Appreciation Club 2: Art Club l: Seasonal Spo l: Spring Concert 1: Student Store Manager A Floyd Wade nJune' Ambition: Farmer nBut in this world nothing is sure but death and taxes.' Band 4,5,2,l: F. F. A. 4,5,22 Orchestra 4,5,2,l2 P. F. A. Basketball 4,5,2 Eugene Kobylarz WKobyn Ambition: College I'm modesty person1f1ed.' Btudent Day Teacher 4,5: Football 4: Baseball 4,5, 3,l: Basketball 4,5,l: Student Council Rep. 5,2,l: iasketball Captain 32 Glee Club 5,l: Jr. Prom Comm 5: Christmas Play 5: Soccer Varsity 5: Seasonal Sports lr Rifle Club l: Varsity Club Pres. l lorman Briggs uwhimpu Ambition: Machinist 'It is not good that man should be alone.N Baseball 52 F. F. A. 22 Industrial Arts 2,12 Seasonal Sports 2,l: 4-H 1: lartha Dean nPollyn Ambition Pat R1ch's Sec. uM1sch1ef is well said to have swift w1ngs.n Senior Play Usher4: Pub Club Grade Editor 4: Plee Club 4: Jr. Play Usher 5: Commencement and Baccalaureate Usher 5: Operetta 2: Operetta Fsher 22 Glee Club 2: Dancing Clubll J a Wu- 12 E: 1' lidlf Q-f- '9 WRussell Jackson HRustyN Ambition: To become rich! Wwhat dwarfs men are.H Student Day Teacher L: Sr. Play Cast L: Football A: Basketball h,3,2: Band L,3,2,l: Orchestra h,3: Seasonal Sports 2,l: Operetta 2 Monna Pollard WMonW Ambition: Housewife NA woman's work, grave sirs, is never done.U Dance Club 3: Jr. Play Usher 3: Music Appreciat- ion 2: Glee Club 2: Seasonal Sports 2: Red Cross l: Hook and Needle Club l VRobert Snavely nBobH Ambition: Machinist HWords of truth and soberness.W Student Day Teacher L: Industrial Arts Club L: Seasonal Sports 3 Harold Woodmansee nBusterU Ambition: Chicken Farmer? nTell me the cause, and I know there's a woman in it.W F. F. A. h,3,2,l: Sr. Play Cast M: Varsity Foot- ball L: Pub Club A: F. F. A. Basketball h,3,2: Jr. Class Pres. 3: Band and Orchestra 2,l: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Seasonal Sports 2,l: Varsity Soc- cer 2: Operetta 2 kF1ora Panas HF1oW Ambition: UCome live in my heart and pay no rent.U Band L+,3,2,1: Glee Club 4,2,1: Sr. Play Cast L.: Mix ed Chorus h,3,l: Student Day Teacher h,3: Spring Concert 3,l: Dance Club 3: Jr. Play Cast 3: Christ- mas Play 3: Graduation and Baccalaureate Usher 3: Gym Demonstration 3,1: Girlfs Sports 3,1: Seasonal Sports 2,1: Operetta 2: Girl Scouts 1: Art Club 1: School Memories Staff l Betty Mills WBetsn Ambition: Housewife UMen we love for what they promise to be.W Glee Club h,3,2,l: Band h,3,2: Glee Club Treas. L: Pub Club Photo Editor A: Mixed Chorus A,3,2: Sr. Play Cast A: Student Day Teacher A: Commercial Club 3: Jr. Play Cast 3: Spring Concert 3,l: Gym Dem- onstration 3,l: Graduation and Baccalaureate Usher 3: Operetta 2: Dramatics Club 1: Christmas Play 1: Girls Leaders 1 fGerald Strope HJerryH Ambition: Florist NSomething between a hinderance and a he1p.N Varsity Club h,3,2,l: Baseball b,3: Football L: Spring Concert L,3,2,l: Band L,3,2,l: Orchestra 3, 2,l: Pub Club Art Editor and Assoc. Editor A: Band Pres. L: Art Club L: Student Day Teacher L: Basket- ball 3,1: Sports Cordinator 3: Student Council Rep. 2,3: Glee Club 3,2,1: Jr. Play Cast 3: Boy Scouts 3,2,l: Soccer 2: Operetta Cast 2: Class Treas. 2: Student Council Play Cast 2: Fire Warden 1 Minnie Thornton Nuuddlesn Ambition: .Housewife WThey say there are sixty-seven different ways in which a woman can like a man.U Sr. Play Usher 4: Pub Club L: F. H. A. Vice Pres. A: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Jr. Play Usher 3: Dance Club 3,2: Seasonal Sports 2,1 wgnk Ml! 1 'W 17 U2 wma :wwf !,? Joyce Kellam HJoH Ambition: Tour U. S. A. UPeace rules the day, where reason rules the minc Sr. Play Usher A: Pub Club L: F. H. A. L: Industri Arts b,3: Art Club 2,l: Glee Club l Beverly Jewett NBevN Ambition: Housewife WA perfect wife, nobly planned.W Pub Club L: F. H. A. L: Sr. Play Usher L: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Graduation Usher 3: Spring Concert Usher Jr. Play Usher 3: Commercial Club 3: Glee Club l Leonard Cole UJimN Ambition: Pilot HThe word impossible is not in my dictionary.N Baseball L: Yearbook Business Staff L: Seasonal Sports 3,2,l: Operetta 2 John Oakes WSkeetsH Ambition: I. B. M. Worker HWolves lose their teeth, but not their nature.H Yearbook Business Staff 3,h: Rifle Club A,3,2: Jr. Play Comm. 3: Seasonal Sports 2,l: Hobby Club 2,l: Operetta 2,l: Christmas Play 2: Bible Club 2: Library Club 2: Camera Club l: Art Club l '15 WThelma Holmes nTuddlesW Ambition: Private Sec. WHe is no more than a stuffed man.N Band L,3,2,l: Glee Club h,25l: Vice Pres. of Band h,3: Cheerleading L: Student Day Teacher A: Jr. Play Cast 3: Orchestra 3,2,l: Spring Concert 3: Operetta Usher 2 YCarol Schirrmacher nRarryU Ambition: Nursing School NThe rule of my life is to make business a pleasure.N Pub Club A: Yearbook Business Staff A: Jr. Play Usher 3: Rifle Club 3: Graduation and Baccalaureate Usher 3: Music Appreciation 2: Dance Club 2 Patricia Cutting NPatN Ambition: Traveler WA poem round and perfect as a star.W Sr. Play Cast L: Jr. Play Usher 3: Music Appre- action 2: A-H 2: Assembly Comm. 3 'James Niefer WLankieW Ambition: Civil Engi- neer WA gentleman by nature, and a scholar by ed- ucation.W Rifle Club L,3: Student Council Treas. h,32 Sr. Play Cast L: Varsity Basketball L,3: Varsity Baseball L,3,2: Movie Machine A,3,2,l: Fire Warden Capt. L: Athletic Association h,3,2: Student Day Teacher A: Jr. Play Cast 3: Student Council Play Cast L: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Christmas play 3: Operetta Stage Manager 2: Varsity Basket- ball Manager 2: Industrial Arts Club 2: Boy Scouts 2,1 dwg? yd aww. ,fat iii is-ff' itasfinsm -, - ' A 3,1 f - 1- 4 fe William Simmons NBillW Ambition: Farmer HSuch stuff the world is made of.n F. F. A. A,3,2: F. F. A. Basketball Manager A: Seasonal Sports 3,2 Erwin Sharp UDullH Ambition: Farmer HAbsent in body, but present in spirit.n Sr. Play Cast A: Student Day Teacher A: F. F. A. A,3,2: F. F. A. Basketball A,3,2,l: Jr. Play Cast Seasonal Sports 3,2 Robert Keane WBobW Ambition: ?? '- HHandsome is, that handsome does.W Student Day Teacher A: Baseball A,3: Football A: Rifle Club 3: Seasonal Sports 2,l: Library Club l WEdward Donald Yescavage WDonH Ambition: Dairy Farme HMany a man fails to become a thinker for the s reason that his memory is too good.U F. F. A. A,3,2: Glee Club A: Rifle Club 3: Season Sports 3,l: Art Club 2,1: A-H Club l Harry Andersen 'Andy' Ambition: Sailor WTO tame the wolf you must marry him.W Yearbook Business Sfaff A,3: Pub Club A: United States Navel Reserve A: Baseball A: Art Club 2,l: Seasonal Sports 2,l: Rifle Club 2 Phyllis Needham WPhylW Ambition: Receptionist WThe very pink of perfection.n Student Council Sec. A: Yearbook Business Staff A: Sr. Play Cast A: Student Day Teacher A: Student Council Play Usher A: Student Council Rep. A: Rifle Club Treas. 3: Pub Club A: Graduation and Baccalau- reate Usher 3: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Jr. Play Cast 3: Student Board of Finance 3: Sports Coordinator 3: Music Appreciation 2: Dance Club 1 Carl Brink NCarlon Ambition: Farmer Wwomen and music should never be dated.' Band and Orchestra A,3,2,1: F. F. A. A,3,2,l: Vice Pres. of Local F. F. A. Chapter A: Pres. of Tioga, Broome, and Chemung County Group of F. F. A. A: Jr. Play Cast 3: Student Day Teacher A Philip Barden WPhil' Ambition: Own a new Car nOut of mind as soon as out of sight.W Baseball A: Student Day Teacher A: Rifle Club 3,2, 1: Art Club 2: F. F. A. 1: Industrial Arts l 11" x.,,,,,fI .gi WYE? Hattie Hines WHatW Ambition: Housewife W'Tis what I love determines how I love.N Sr. Play Usher L: Pub Club A: F. H. A. L: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Graduation Usher 3: Social Club 2: Studen Aid Work 2: Spring Concert Usher l Francis Snavely WFrankW Ambition: Jack of trades WSeldom he smiles, and smiles in such a sort.W Rifle Club 3,2: Industrial Arts Club 2 Junius Jewett WSkinny Atlasw Ambition: Engineer WThe timid man calls himself cautions.W Rifle Club L,3,2: Industrial Arts Club 2 Daniel Kubrack WDanW Ambition: NYoung fellows will be young fellows.W Rifle Club L,3,2: Seasonal Sports 2,1 Student Council President Leon Pastalan WLeeW Ambition: Coach WThe mildest manners and the gentlest heart.' Sr. Play Cast L: Student Day Teacher br Varsity Club h,3,2: Baseball u,3,2,l: Basketball h,3,2: Fire Warden 3: Rifle Club 3: Jr. Play Cast 3: Band and Orchestra 2,l: Boy Scouts 1 Valedictorian YSylvia Holden WSylW Ambition: Stewardess WHer ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.W Student Day Teacher I.: Pub Club I.: Sr. Play Cast L.: F. H. A. A: Glee Club u,l: Mixed Chorus h,l: Art Club 3,2,l: Industrial Arts Club l.,3: Jr. Play Usher 3: Music Appreciation 2: Seasonal Sports 2,l: Salutatorian A ,sy gggw 1David Rabenstein WDaveW Ambition: Farmer 'g SQ WLove seldom haunts the breast where learning A 'wiv lies.N 'j g F. F. A. L+,3,2,l: Boy scouts 2,1 fi 45 :.9Q6g ' Honor Students 'V .ng QQ' '. my 24 -In '43 153' '-4 ,,.5 Vig XZ Z Paul Thompson UTomW Ambition: I. B. M. Workel WThe world is a woman's book.W Band and Orchestra b,3,2,l: Jr. Band 3,2,l: Jr Orchestra 2,1 Llewellyn Chandler WLukeW Ambition: Toolmak4 WOne begins by being a dope and ends by being a rascal.N Boys' Glee Club 3: Jr. Varsity 3,l: Rifle Clul Allan Ardell NArdelN Ambition: College NOne hour of sleep before midnight is worth three after.N Rifle Club h,3,2,l: Student Council Play Cast L: Sr. Play Comm. L: Football A: Jr. Play Comm 3: Soccer 3: Chemistry Club 3: Basketball 2: Press Club 2,1 CLASS PROPHECY It is 1958, ten years since graduation and some of us are gathered at Newark Valley International Airport whose building was engineered by the famous Jewett and Niefer Construction Company. We have abandoned our superfortress of 'L8 and have taken our seats on Keane's Moon-o-plane. Our plane is warming up and the stewardess, Sylvia Holden, is checking our safety belts. The passengers are chatting pleasantly about experiences of the past years. Among them are Joyce Kellam and Patsy Cutting, the travelers, on their way to their dude ranch in Arizona. There are several housewives among the passengers, namely, Arlene Latier Cortright, Minnie Thornton Brill, Beverly Jewett lDavisl, Betty Mills CDaveyJ, Monna Pollard KAndersonJ, Hattie Hines lRhodesJ and Thelma Holmes K?J. They are on their way to attend the first class at Cornell's new child clinic. Allan Ardell has finished school, quit hitch-hiking and now is one of our passengers on his way to Hollywood, Ito stand on the corner of Hollywood and Vinei. Russell Jackson, the super salesman, is travelling with him, he is sell- ing lady's colored plastic pipes as well as his good looks. Now our ship has levelled off after a smooth, fast take-off and we are floating over beautiful, forested hills and orderly farms. That one belongs to Donald Yescavage. There's Carl Brink's, David Rabenstein's and Floyd Wade's. We are now over Berkshire and can see The Simmons and Woodmansee Hatchery. There is Erwin Sharp's artificial breeding farm over that way, too. We are now practically over Ithaca. That little black bug down there must be Philip Barden's new 1958 Kaiser. We leave Ithaca after having our plane checked by Robert Snavely, mechanic, and losing some of our passengers. The oo-pilot has taken over and we see our pilot for the first time--none other than Leonard Cole. He is strolling through the plane with the book, 'How to Fly in Twenty Easy Lessonsu, under his arm. One of the passengers gasps and faints. Carol Schirrmacher, now a trained nurse helps to revive her and we see stat it is Martha Dean, the rich, pretty secretary of Van Johnson. As Martha is chatting with us, we find that Mary Signs is the private secretary for the Chandler and Briggs tool shop. Julia Signs has taken a special course at Col- umbia University and is now the head of the personnel department of the Standard Oil Company. Leon Pastalan has graduated from West Point and is now coach of the Army's football team. The team is enroute to play Navy whose coach is now Howard Hort- on, a veteran in league football. Eugene Kobylarz is on the famous Cinderella basketball team of Utah University. After leaving Martha we settle down in a seat to read the New York Times. We see in the society column that Daniel Kubrack is a retired millionaire at the age of twenty-eight Kgood going, hm, hml. Phyllis Needham is now recept- ionist at the Stork Club. As we turn to the ad section we come across Gerald Strope's advertisements of his greenhouse and flower shops in several of the large cities. In the Binghamton news is the final write up about the I. B. M. disaster where the foreman Paul Thompson, through his quick thinking and coolness saved the lives of sixty-four of his fellow workers. Another news from item that interests us very much, is that Flora Panas has refused a teaching position at North High to get married. Glancing on farther we find that Evelyn Rose is a telephone operator in Buffalo. We are now over the airport in San Francisco, we get our landing direction from the tower, which is operated by Francis Snavely. We swoop down like a graceful sea gull making a perfect landing. The passengers hurry off to various parts of the city. The reporters rush out to meet our celebrated Harry Andersen, the magician lwatch the rabbit as he tips his hatl. ' cuss WILL We, the Seniors of N. V. C. S., being mentally sane and physically strong, and realizing that our stay will soon have been nity and other worldly possessions of our class To the Junior Class we will our ability to To the Sophomore class we will the ability To the Freshmen we will the brains that we Cleregceg also, Henry. I, Allan Ardell will my late hours to Dick I. I. I, concluded, demise the honor, dig as follows: raise money, to argue our way into something. as yet have not found. Harry Andersen will my beauty parlor appointments to my brother, Tappan. Philip Burden will 'Rlchfordn to Ann Keane, for keeps. Don't let me down' Norman Briggs will my book reports to Sybil Chrysler, Carl Brink will my farming ability to Clarence Grimley. I, Llewlyn Chandler will my fast driving to Charles Kasper. If Leonard Cole will my quietness to Ed. Shellhammer. I, Patricia Cutting will my giggle to Anita Collyer. I, Martha Dean will my memories to Maxine Fiske. I, Hattie Hines will my days absent to anyone who can do better. I, Sylvia Holden will myknowledgeto Bob Van Gorder. I, Thelma Holmes will my ability to hold a man to Betty Bowen. I, Howard Horton will my deep voice to George Arnold. I, Russell Jackson will my wolfing, to Charles Brandes. I, Beverly Jewett will my ring to---No !I want lt. I, Junlus Jewett Jr. wlll my female desires to Charles Ballor. I, Robert Keane will my hair curlers to Paul Weber. I, Joyce Xellam will my shyness to Jim Galpin. I, Eugene Kobylarz, who have so much of which to dispose, will my study halls to Carol Weeks. I, Danlel Kubrack will bus 25 to Arlene Galpln. I, Betty Mills will---??? I Can't, I'll get married instead. I, Phyllis Needham will my tallness to Ruby Armstrong-no wllllng of those hours at the switchboard. I, James Nlefer will my class arguments to Jean Celverly and my play partner to Carl Niles. I, Flora Panas will some of my boyfriends to Barbara Best, I, Leon Pastalan will my car to the Givens Sisters. I, Monna Pollard will my typing to Myrna Partridge. I, Devld Rabensteln will my brains to David Briggs. I, Evelyn Hose will Erwin---but how I hate too. I, Julia Signs will my quickness to Donna Stratton. I, Mary Signs will my gum-chewing ability to Paul Purple. I, William Simmons will my beshfulness to Beverly Mix. I, Francis Snsvely will my partnership ln the farm to Charlotte Clark. I, Robert Snavely will my marks to any Junior asplrsnt. I, Gerald Strope will my 'form' to Normle Watkins. I, Paul Thompson will my Plymouth to the one who can keep lt rolling. I, Minnie Thornton will Julius Caesar to a fellow sufferer next year. I, Floyd Wade will Owego lf you must have it. I, Harold Woodmansee will my ambition to---Ch no! I have none to spare. I, Donald Yescavage wlll my temper to Dawn Kent. I, John Oakes will my teeth to anyone who can use them or keep them ln. That this our last will and testament may be fully and completely executed we do hereby appoint Mr. Andrew Labour as sole executor. , Signed and sealed at Newark Valley Glass of 1948 WASHINGTON TRIP On March 29, 1948, we left for Washington, D. C. at 5:00 A. M. We stopped at Harrisburg and visited the Educational Building and Capitol. We went on to Gettysburg where we stopped at the hotel for luncheon. After every one was on the bus we took a two-hour tour of the battlefield with a gulde showing us the high spots. Upon our return we left the guide and continued on to Washington. Despite the olgar smoke we all arrived at our hotel at 6:00 P. M. Our first desire was to eat. Everyone rushed to his room, unpacked, cleaned up and rushed for food. After dinner we went ln for big business. We went to the ConZP9BS10HB1 Library. There many couples mated and then went out for a movie. Omlttlng the pillow fight we all went to sleep fast that night except the girls ln Thelma's room, of course Gerry was on the trip so she had to do her hair up so the rest of the girls could not get to sleep till she got ln bed. Around szoo A. M. Hanna, Betty, Thelma and Flora woke up to the music of a radio. Gee, Russell, the least you could have done was turn it down so we could- not hear it across the hall. After a group of us came out of our conductor had a brilliant idea. any way. Has any one ever seen Miss There were some nice girls over his face? the Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving Miss Donohue did not like lt but we used lt Donohue on a motorcycle? Ph1l's room. Who got the pitcher of water in It seems Howie needed a needle and thread. He could not ask any one from our school for lt. There must have been a lot of thread on the needle for lt to reach from 7th. floor to 6th. floor. How did you give it back? Yeah, we know. How many ordered 'peas' at the Lotus Club? Sylvia and Pat had to slt down and rest ln the Smithsonian. What was the attraction girls? We noticed we had to wait for Junius too. Was that it? Did Gene's face ever get red when the F. B. I. man started looking for his picture ln the criminal files. Who did the manager complain about? Or is that just a rumor? Come on con- fess, were Erwin What's the was all tired out when he matter, Evelyn and Julia, Those cares when revolving doors are quite you or were you not whistling at blondes, Mr. B.? reached the top of the Washington Monument. couldn't you make lt? a hindrance when you are hungry. But who you have to eat peas every meal? Why was Howie mad one night? You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Gene. Howie asked her first. The Lincoln Memorial is nice at go around it again' he'll be sorry. night but if we catch the one who said 'Let's Who asked Miss Donohue 'how Washington could throw a dollar across the Potomac?' That was a good answer, Miss Donohue. After this, Russell when you take a shower at 2:00 A.M. please don't go around knocking on people's doors to tell them. Friday morning came fast and went fast. The shopping tour was very short but we were glad because it wasn't pleasant walking in the rain. We wonder if Jimmy has learned At 12:00 noon we were ready to was tired but wouldn't go to sleep, n't you Don? ---- pest! Miss D. and Mr. B had showers to smoke a cigar yet. leave for good ol' Newark Valley. Everyone if one did some one would wake him up., Would- on the way home. Although it wasn't showers of blessings, it was fun. We would have been ashamed to have all those papers around our seats. Well, here we are back in Newark Valley and back at the old familiar grind, but it really isn't so bad. Despite the rumors, we all had a wonderful time and as this is our last trip together we made it an enjoyable one and one to be remembered. Thanks to our chaperones for their wonderful counseling. CLASS HISTORY When the l9L5 glider took off from the Newark Valley Central School air field we had as our pilot, Gordon Tull, Howard Horton as our co-pilot and Russell Jack- son as our radio man and navigator. Our mechanic, who helped us keep our plane in tune was Mr. James Weeks. To help us further enjoy our airplane trip we had a hilarious party. As the age of speed advanced we found ourselves riding in a new l9L6 P. 38, At this time we had Julia Signs as our pilot, David Cortright as our co-pilot Evelyn Rose as our stewardess and Gerald Strope as our radio man. The voice in the control room to direct us through the air was that of Miss Helen Donohue. Stopping only long enough to pick up a few more passengers, we managed to hold a couple of parties and dances at which we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Furthering our knowledge of air power we discovered a different type of plane called the l9b7 helicopter. We had Harold Woodmansee as our pilot, Howard Horton as our co-pilot, Elvin Andreas as our radio man and we again had Evelyn Rose as our stewardess. Our new mechanicg Mr. Bidlack and his helper Miss Taticchi directed us through this air year. Our play 'Betty Mason-Detectiven was a howling success. We also featured WStardust Prom' which was a great social success. We all worked hard trying to raise money for next year's trip. We are now making our last mission on our trip. We are riding in a modern, streamlined flying fortress with L2 passengers aboard. Piloting our plane we have Howard Hortong Julia Signs as our co-pilot, Mary Signs, navigator and Evelyn Rose as our stewardess. Mr. Bidlack is still our faithful mechanic and to assist him is Miss Donohue. We have landed at several places selling everything, to make possible our senior trip. WPapa Says Non was our senior play which was very successful and entertaining. Climaxing our money raising campaign our posters urged everyone to 'Swing Your Partnern to the music of the Woodhulls. Washington was now in sight and even that has become history. We will miss our Alma Mater and life. her personnel as we change to the mission of Name Thornton Barden Anderson Schlrrmacher Panas Strope Brink Needham Mills Keane Sharp Hines Jewett Yescavage Cole Jewett Holmes Wade Snavely Rose Sign Noted For Saying Weakness Pet Peeve Song Wedding ring 'What ya do1n" Bob Blonde hair 'Until The End of Time' Richford 'If I had you Girls and Moon- Homely girls 'Hearteohes' alone' light Hair 'How about that' Girls Ford 'Sigged, Sealed an Delivered' Neat appearance 'Oh lPooh F Some men Twin brother 'I'll See You In My Dreams' Disposition 'Pickle Juice' Men Unfair gossip 'I Have But One Love' Athletics 'What you're do- Thelma Thelma's brother'A Fellow needs ing tonight' A Girl' Arguements on 'Gee Cats' Barbara Cops 'Because' telephone Her hair 'It's the style Clothes Short men 'Stardust' now Flngernalls 'Stop it F Red heads Big feet 'Penthouse Serenade' Sports 'At ease' Girls Math 'My Heart Is A Hobo Absentmindness 'Happy day' Women Typing class 'Always' Temper 'Censord' Flance Trouble maker 'Always' Big head: no- 'Ifr1ght,go Mr. Van Deusen Physics 'Tenting on the thins in it ahead' Old Camo Ground' Shynese 'I don't know' Pat. Cutting Lectures 'Home In Indiana' Dlmples 'It's not so Short girls Competition 'Temptation' bad EHERSGWGHV 'Oh 1 heck' Sheldon Long skirts 'Always' Music ability 'Wheresmy man' Gerald Russell Jackson 'I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now' Car crashing 'Love lt' Roller Skating long dresses 'Beg Your Pardon' Bright ideas 'Censored' Other peoples Math teachers 'A1n't We Crazy' business Personality 'Number Please' Driving Rude people 'To Each His Own' Blonde hair 'By the mighty' Being idle Those wolves 'It's all Over Now' Name Horton Slgns Kobylarz Briggs Dean Jackson Pollard Woodmansee Xellam Oakes Rabensteln Holden Pastalan Ardell Cutting Niefer Thompson Chandler Simmons Kubrack Snavely Noted For Saying Weakness Trips to 'Save your Women End1eoun money' Her friendly 'Oh lfish' Sleep smile Gray hair, ' ? ' Late hours Sports Hard looks 'Hi ya,Abe' The old 10 gauge Being good 'Let's get You'd be sur natured together' prisedt Teaslng the 'Take it easy' South Main girls Street Quletness 'Yes indeed IW Bob Lost week-ends 'Cheese and Trouble Crackers' Remarks 'For corn's Ranches sake' Teeth 'Oh IS ----- ugar Miss Douglas Errands for Miss 'Phooey' Girls Donohue Her problems 'Youknov what' Clothes Only left hand- 'Holy nellie' Left handed ed batter on team Pitchers Long distance 'Censored' Women hikes Whistling 'I'm scared' Horses Height 'I've been up the river for a stretchw Girls Fancy shirts 'Hello-Honey' Girls Late hours 'Who' A Junior Girl A Green truck 'Who Me' Women For abgences ' ? ' Bicycle rid- ing Quletness 'Not very Polka music much' Pet Peeve Trommervllle Rude people Getting up Morning Argument Class dues Girls A certain Ford car Baldheaded teachers Poor s ortsman- P ship' Little Brother My sister Gossips Basketball Referees Car don't run No dates school night New clothes Polloe or sherrlffs Why Going Steady Studying School Bong 'Women Are! a Dime a Dozen' 'Mother Dear' 'Dance Ballerina Dance' 'A Fellow Needs A Girl' 'How Soon' 'Peg of My Heart' 'Apple Blossom Wedding' 'Symphony' 'Always chasing Rainbows' 'Old Man River' 'It's My Lazy Day' 'It's A sin' 'After Graduation Day' 'Stardust' 'Drifting and Dreaming' 'I Want To be A Friend Of Your's' 'Doing What Comes Naturally' 'I Wonder' 'It's A Sin' 'A Fellow Needs A Girl' 'Too Fat Polka' 29 YEARBOOK STAFF Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Manager Art Editor Sports Editor Grade Editor Club Editor Photo Editor Treasurer Typiste Advertisement Solicitors Advisors Evelyn Rose Gerald Strope Mary Signs Edward Shellhammer Gerald Strope Harold Woodmansee Martha Dean Beverly Jewett Betty Mills Howard Horton Harry Andersen Hattie Hines Sylvia Holden Minnie Thornton Joyce Kellam Sybil Chrysler Clarence Grimley Dawn Kent John Oakes Phyllis Needham Carol Schirrmacher Robert Van Gorder Richard Woodmansee Helen Donohue F. 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Hammond, 3rd, G.Curkenda11, D.Stevens, D.Chrys1er, V.Austin, V.StoKes, I.Shaver, E.Gunther, S.Gunther, N.Collyer, E.Beebe, M.Snavely, N.Diokinson, B.Caldwel1, E.Thomas, C.Dunham, Lth, D.Jordam, J.Lukensow, K.Rice, R.Russell, F.Meyers, R. Shaver, D.Armitage, L.Negus, F.Hammond, J.Vanderpool, J.Austin, S.Lawton, P.Baird. 37 C.Brandes, D.Strope, F.Ho1mes, Lorimier, N.Watkins, D.Walker, S.Spano, R.Gardner, S.Gyles, J.Thomas, G.Belokur, H.Col1yer, J.Lyke, Mr.Weeks, B.Smith, B.C1eveland, G.Hotaling, S.Heffers, A.Klossner, C.Hughes, S.Van Vorce, S.Sharp, M.Morgan, L.PicKert, I.Po1lard,Mrs.Thomson. R.Onofrio, P.Davis, Z.Jonowski, R.May, M.Oakes, R.Thomas, J.0krepKie, E.C1ark, L.Watkins, G.Darling, A.A1exander, L.O1iver, M.Van Scoten, P.Givens, B.Weber, J.Morehouse, L.Rood, J.Wilson, B.Tompkins, R.Every, E.Nase, L.Carrol1. A.Deming, B.Best, M.Partridge, R.Armstrong, M.Spano, S.Chrys1er, B.Bowen, A.Keane, D.Stratton, J.Calverley, A.Galpin, R.She1lhammer, Mr.Schoonmaker, L.Hines, C.Grimley, N.Austin, C.C1ark, B.Mix, D.Kent, A.Collyer, M.Fiske, J.Galpin, D.Briggs, Miss Lundy, R.Tappan, P.Weber, R.Van Gorder, C.Andersen, G.Kasper, C.Ni1es, N.Sch1rrmacher, G.Arnold, E.Shellhammer. GRADE IO GRADE I KINDERGARTEN The Kindergarten started in September l9b7, with forty-eight boys and girls. At the beginning of the second term the enrollment had increased to sixty-four. There were many things to be learned when starting in school for the first timeg such as learning to work together, courtesy toward others, good eating hab- its and proper care of our clothing. All of these things make up a Kindergarten day. The group made many nice things for handwork. They learned to make Indian designs in the Indian unit. In the spring we made bird pictures and when we read about the circus, a Circus Parade was made. Manuscript lettering wasstarted in January and everyone learned to make some letters and numbers, and to print their own name. At each holiday the whole group had a nice party. Sometimes the mothers helped with the refreshments. The Christmas party was one of the nicest of the whole year. In May the Kindergarten gave a program for the Grade Assembly. It was planned around the songs, rhythmic dances and other activities carried on through- out the year. Mrs. Shoultes Mrs. Atwater First Grade On March 10, we presented,'A Mother Goose Paraden, for grades 1-6. We acted out twenty-three nursery rhymes. Nearly everyone in the two rooms nag had chicken pox. We hope the worst is over. Just before Easter we shall dye eggs and make Easter baskets for candy. We have large Easter eggs strung across our blackboards. Upon them we put stars and seals received for good work. Mrs. Dean Mrs. Hines Second Grade Our second grade put on the Christmas Assembly program. Early in the year we had a unit on the fire protection, to follow up the unit we took a trip to the fire station. Some of the units covered this year were: Indian Projectg Eskimo Unitg Homes and School Unitg Farm Unit, Post Office Unit and Winter and Spring Birds. For science we have attempted raising a flower garden from seeds and also bulbs. We learned to recognize birds by their color, size and call while mak- ing bird charts. For Health we have learned how good it is to be WHealthy-O'sH. Mrs. Rumsey Miss. Danielski Third Grade Te haye put special emphasis on reading for comprehension, word meaning and expression. nS a culminating activity we made illustrated alphabet posters. Social Studies is a new subject for us and we enjoy it. We are learning about our early pioneer history and the home life of the children of that time. Also we learn about our own foods and the materials of which our clothing is made. This year our grade combined with Mrs. Griffin's fourth grade to put on the April Assemuly Program. We carried out the vHelping Hand Ideau and HSpring Awak- ening in a Dutch Garden.N We helped make decorations and scenery for the play. Mrs. Snyder Mrs. Long lourth Grade Shortly after school began in September we decided we would organize our class into a village. We chose Wfriendly Villageu for the name of our community and elected Doris Marshall, Mayor, Sandra Estep, Carl Pierce and Louis White, village trustees and Creighton Lusk, Jrg as.Justice of the Peace. Once a week we held court at which time, all traffic violators and other offenders were given a fair hearing. In our community we had a Hobby Club, Book Club, and Historical Society. Our Hobby Club held a tea and hobby show in April and put on an assembly program in June. Through our small village we feel that we have learmed how to be better Americans. Mrs. Winifred McPherson In our fourth grade room, we find our interests to be many and varied. It has been difficult for us to find a common interest. As we began studying the Prairie farms in social studies class, we foundan,interest. From this unit of work, each one made a scrap book of pictures showing farm life, not only on Prairie lands but on the many farming lands of the world. To conclude our social studies for the year, we are going to take an imaginary trip across the United States on the Lincoln Highway. This will enable us to cross the various sections of our country and visit many of the principal cities. Our one big art project for the year centers around the use of papier mache. We have many different sizes and shapes of dishes. These were made over molds. Along with the dishes, some of the group made their own farm animals from the Papier Mache. All of this work,animals and dishes,are painted realistically and shellaced for permanency. It has been a great thrill for the boys and girls to complete their work and then put it on display in our cupboards. Mrs. Griffin Fifth Grade Both sections have been very interested in the national and international news. In November the two grades presented a pageant in the assembly entitled, 'All Aboard the Freedom Train.W During our Social Studies unit on New England, collections of articles used by the early settlers were made. The collection in Mrs. Miller's room included candle molds, a very old gun, and the shoes of an ox. At this time knitting was done in both rooms. The two grades competed in spelling and arithmetic contests, and in playground games with a great deal of enthusiasm. Home-room parties were held at Christmas and on Valentine's Day. Miss Loomis' room chose Grace Snavely, the outstanding student, Victor Alexander, the outstanding athlete, Billy Stoughton, the most ambitious person, Jimmy Miller, the most artistic, and Betty Belokur, most popular. Mrs. Miller resigned in December and Mrs. Curkendall became teacher in room lll. Mrs. Curkendall Miss. Loomis Mrs. Miller Sixth Grade During the year the two classes joined in many of their activities. Head- ing the list was the annual sixth grade assembly program, a minstrel show, which was presented in February to the entire student body and at an evening performance for the general public. Throughout the year hard work and keen competition were shown in both rooms as well as fine cooperative spirit on the playground. Mrs. Stoughton and Mr.Hoover feel that this group of students will go a long way towards their respective goals and wish to send their best wishes to everyone. Mrs. Alberta Stoughton Mr. Richard A. Hoover XX 55111115 X STUDENT COUNCIL M.Needham, E.Milks, R.VanGorder, Mr.Weeks, P.Needham, L.Pasralan, E.Shel1hammer, J.Niefer, Mn4Miller S.Chrysler, B.Sharp. N.Watkins, A.Klossner, B.Hammond, S.Lawton, R.Weist. ORCHESTRA J.Signs, S.Sharp, V.StoKes, F.Pana A.Ga1pin, M.Schoonmaker, R.Sharp, H.Sharp, M.Gardner. F.Delaney, J.Lukensow, F.Evans, P.Thompson, C.Brink, L.Pickert, F.Wade, F.Holmes, H.Calverley, M,Sutton, A.Latier, P.Kwiatkowski, R.O1iver, C.Luszczek. J.Lyke Mr.Sebast, R.Jackson, R. Brink, L.She1lhammer, J.Moshier, C.Dunham, B.Sharp. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Mrs. Chidester, Mr. Chauncey, F.De1 E.Shellhammer, Mr. Hall, J.OkrepKie Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Bidlack. STUDENT BOARD OF FINANCE C.Weeks, J.Lyke, M.Signs, M.Partrid D.Ga1pin, Miss Hinrichsen, J.Niefer D.Kent, B.Mi1ls, J.Signs, S.Holden. .Rabenstein, G.Be1okur, G.Curkenda .Andersen. D C ART CLUB B. Hamilton, H. Sokoloski, J. Pitcher, L. Bean, H. Smith, H. Tyrrell B. Every, J. Snavely, J. Hoyt, S. Lawton, R. Shellhammer, C. Matson, D. Beebe C. Albrecht, H. Slawinski, M. Meyers, P. Biehl, R. Russell, G. Hoyt C. Brandes, M. Snavely, J. Vander- pool, E. Howard, R. Lewis, Mrs.Wearne N. Keith, B. Rice, S. Heffers, R. Moshier, F. Pellett, G. Harper, W. Walker TRANSMITTER CLUB A. Klossner, G. Hotaling, P.G1vens, C. Stokes, N. Cortright, C.Andersen, E. Beebe, L. Rood J. Lyke, M. Tarbox, Miss. Taticchi, Z. Janowski, H. Collyer, J. Signs LIBRARY CLUB C. VanVorce, B. Tompkins, B. Smith, C. Hughes, S. Gyles, B. Cleveland M. VanScoten, L. Oliver, Mr. Schoonmaker, I. Shaver, H. Weber, R. Lewis GIRLS' GLEE CLUB D. Chrysler, B. Sharp, J. Wilson, A. Latier, M. Van Scoten, M. Yenick, M. Tarbox, E. Beebe. Mrs. Thomson, C. Hughes, M. Dean, S. Holden, B. Smith, J. Signs, H. We- ber, V. Stokes, B. Cleveland, M. Gardner, B. Mills, F. Panas, T. Holmes P. Givens, M. Sutton, J. Moshier, B. Tompkins, C. VanVorse, N. Weston, M. Signs, S. Givens, C. Weeks. P P 1 'S RIFLE CLUB R.Johnson, J.Thomas, S.Ayres, 5.Spar N.Watkins, J.OKrepKie, S.Yetter, L.Negus, J.Van Norman, Mr. Weeks. L.O1iver, J.Oakes, Lorimier, P.Kinney, S.Mills, D.Stevens, A.Deming P.Weber, J.French, A,Arde11, R.ShelI hammer, A.Stinard, C.Bailor, E.Howard A.Budney, D.Armitage, G.Hoyt, E.Kent, R.Thomas, S.Gy1es, E.Thomas, L.WatKin: Mr. Saddlemire. SENIOR PLAY M.Signs, J.Signs, Mr.Bidlack, F.Panas, J.Niefer, P.Needham, H.Woodmansee, B.M1lls, R.JacKson. L.Pastalan, C.BrinK, E.Rose, E.Shar1 S.Holden, P.Cutting, H.Horton. BAND M.Gardner, C.Waeks, A.Co1lyer, H. Sharp, M.Schoonmaker, F.Panas, A.Galp J.Moshier, L.Pickert, F.Wade, T.Holme C.LuszczeK, R.Oliver, P.Kw1atKowsK1 P.Thompson, C.Dunham, B.Sharp, J.Lyke R.Brink, N.Rowe, B.Mills, R.Gardnar, P.Baird, L.Shel1hammer. D.Stratton, J.Calverley, R.Sharp, A Latier, M.Sutton, F.De1aney, J.Signs, Mr.Sebast, F.Ho1mes, R.JacKson, S.Sharp, C.Brink, G.Strope. BOY SCOUTS D.Whitmarsh, J.Kobylarz, M.Panas, Z.JanowsKi, D.Armitage, B.Avery, G.Scalia, K.HollenbeoK, J.Whitmarsh, R.Esler, Mr.Gorme1, W.Andreas. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Jr. HIGH B. Avery, R. Esler, R. Kellam, W. Lusk, W. Andreas, P. Purple, R. Hyatt, C. Allmandinger, N. Pitcher, M. Camp- bell, Mr. Babenzein, D. Collyer, B. Davis, S. deLorimier, R. Bowen, R. Davis. D. Armita e G. Har er M. Andrea S . P , S, B, Dooty, C. Jackson, B. Grow, J. Belo- kur, B. Hartwell, E. Brind. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Sr.H.SCHOOL R. Snavely, J. Galpin, S. Holden, J. Kellam, C. Brandes, L. Hines, R. Tappan, C. Kasper, Mr. Babenzein, J. Vanderpool, F. Meyers, H. Andersen, INDUSTRIAL ARTS Jr. HIGH J. Tompkins, J. Kobylarz, M. Stedwell, M. Vargason, G. Partridge, M. Okrepkie, A. Spano, J. Settle, S. Sherwood, M. Vrooman, M. Needham, H. Smith, D. Ayres. G. Scalia, B. Hammond, A. Steenrod, R. Turk, R. Snavely, Mr. Babenzein, L. Rice, D. Mitchell, R. Morris, M. Panas, G. Herrick. J. Walters, D. Stoughton, A. Hinricksen H. Brink, W. Walker, G. Johnson, C. Spicer, J. Snavely. STUDENT COUNCIL PLAY G. Strope, D. Stratton, J. Neifer, Miss Douglas, L. Oliver, D. Kent, JJ. Calverley, A. Keane, R. Woodmansee, A. Ardell. ' Q "' AMEDRICA F. H. A. Armstrong, N. Austin, Partridge, B. Bowen, Osovski, B. Jewett, Kellam, H. Hines, Clark, E. Rose, Thornton, S. Holden, Spano, Mrs. McPherson. F. V. A. Alexander, R. Nay, Collyer, 1. English, Valentine, B. Walker, Pollard, G. Curkendal Simmons, E. Sharp, Woodmansee, Mr. Chaun Davis, C. Niles, Vescavage, C. Grimley Carroll, C. Bailor, Wade, D. Alexander, Brink, D. Rabenstein, Welder, E. Clark. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Janowski, D. Yescavag Brink, J. Oakes, Shellhammer. U. Colly Lyke, Mrs. Thomson. BAND This organization is made up of 36 members and, like the orchestra, has a com- letely new repertoire of selections which it will play in combined concert with the orchestra. This past summer the band played at the Tioga County Fair, and at the Clark Seed Farms. It has played at the Senior play and many student assemblies You'll hear us in the Park this summer. LIBRARY CLUB This as a new club in N.V.C.S. organized for the purpose of training student library assistants. We meet every Monday and have learned library arrangement, checking, slipping and signing our books. We had several interesting lessons in preparing new and rebound books for cir- culation. Several members have been able to act as student librarians during a free period and have rendered competent service to the school. The club put on a skit for P-T.A. in collaboration with Mr. Schoonmaker who had charge of the program for National Book Week. Some of the club are practicing story-telling, anticipating a novel experience with some of.the younger children. Lewis Oliver was librarian on student control day. YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF Just as a plane cannot remain aloft without wings, so SCHOOL MEMORIES cannot survive without financing--and that's where we come in! Early last fall, we started selling advertisements to the business people of Newark Valley and surrounding territory--even contacted the mythical 'Mr. Living- ston.' The response from our patrons was enthusiastic, latevunter found us work- ing on the lay-out for the advertisements. We worked hard on the set-up of the ads in an effort to present them in a conservative but attractive manner. During February and March, we waged an intensive sales campaign, contacting all students from Kindergarten through the Twelfth grade. We have enjoyed financing the publication of SCHOOL MEMORIES and have had a successful year, full of hard work, laughs, and fun. TRANSMITTER CLUB This year, not only the whole staff but also the advisor, Miss Taticchi, were inexperienced in the techniques of newspaper writing and printing. That Mimeograpb Machine--what a headache! And to sell enough copies to defray the cost of paper wasted while learning how to make legible sheets, this seemed hopeless. However, Zenon Janowski, with the help of Harold Collyer, succeeded in conquering the sit- uation and we have been able to put out a school paper once a month without going into the 'red'. Our staff has worked hard to secure everything interesting to the student body and faculty and it is quite justly proud of the many compliments received. PUB CLUB We are 'It', for ours is the duty of publishing this book. we are all l9L8 classmates and have enjoyed planning the yearbook as our final contribution to N.V.C.S. Criticismeaof our previous yearbooks have been appraised and comparisons with other school annuals, together with our own creative ability have produced this year's 'School Mamories'. Originality has been our watchword and we have covered every 'nook and cranny' to expose each phase of school life which has meant sofmuch to us at N.V.C.S. GLEE CLUB This is the year the glee clubs anxiously anticipate. It is the year for an operetta under the direction of Mrs. Thomson, and with Miss Lundy at the piano, the boys and girls have rehearsed faithfully in preparation for the operetta enti- tled 'Up in the Air'. This was presented in April. The girls' glee club also added much to our annual Christmas assembly. By their delightful rendition of carols, interspersed by tableans, the students enjoyed a very worshipful assembly. ART CLUB The art club has done many different things this year under the direction of Mrs. Wearne. On the seventh of Januarythe artistsTgave an assembly program enti- tled 'Art for Everyone'. There were students sketching, demonstrations of finger- painting, leather work, and other crafts. Charles Brandes showed the use of the air brush and how it worked. This new apparatus has been a revelation since the call for postersfwas' so numerous. The seventh grade modeled hats which they cre- ated. The boys were especially amusing as they walkedout on the stage garbed in high heels, stockings, black dresses and their so called 'hats! We also gave our program,to the P-T.A. Many animals and figurines have been done by the art ceramics department. Working with clay has been new to they have enjoyed playing in the 'Mud'. A kiln to fire available so in its place we have used plastiglaze. We kiln to bring real beauty to our clay pieces. BOY scoufrs TROUP L3 classes and the club in the many of the students and the pieces has not been are hoping some day for a This troop is sponsored by the P-T.A. of Newark Valley Central School, through the supervision of the Newark Valley Troop Committee of the Boy Scout organization. Troop L3 is somewhat unique in its organization. This is due to the fact that the troop is sponsored especially for those boys who come to the N.V.CAS. from are- as where scouting is not carried on in their local community. Character building, Americanization and citizenship training, learned through scouting activities, is the goal of this group. The troop is under the leadership of Mr. Gormel and has an Eagle and Lion patrol. STUDENT COUNCIL Leon Pastalan was elected president and Edward Shellhammer vice president of the council for l9L7-L8. At their first meeting Phyllis Needham was elected secretary, James Nieferytreasurer and Robert Van Gorder,sergeant at arms. During the year the council sponsored the taking of the pictures of the students, held a dance, sponsored a donkey basket ball game and a play. The proceeds from these events were used to pay part of the expense for the football equipment, which the Student Council agreed to pay. The council paid for five school assemblies which we have had this year. The council held meetings every Tuesday and tried to improve the attitude of Liihepuplls and the school spirit- ORCHESTRA Composed of 25 members this year, the orchestra has been working on all new se- lections which will be presented in a concert. The proceeds will be used to buy a set of tympani. The orchestra has played for the sixth grade Minstrels, the Student Council Play, and alternated with the band in playing for assembly programs. FUTURE FARMERS CHAPTER At mid year we are 22. The officers are: Harold Woodmansee Jr., ?res.5Carl Brink, Vice, Erwin Sharp, Sec., David Rabenstein, Trees., William Simmons Jr., Reporter: Charles Bailor, Sentinel, and Mr. Chauncey, Advisor. The members of the chapter are very proud that these officers have been able to open all meetings with the official ceremony which they have committed to memory. This is also the first year that a degree team has been developed, this requires the officers to learn more ritual. ' School day meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month and one evening meeting is held each month. Other evening activities include a basket- ball league with 8 teams, county meetings and Joint meetings with other chapters. This year the boys are especially pleased that Carl Brink is President of the Three--County Association, as well as an empire farmer--the first in several years at Newark Valley. , With assistance from the chapter, it was possible for Harold woodmansee, Floyd Wade, William Simmons, Erwin Sharp, and Carl Brink to attend the National F.F.A. Convention at Kansas City last fall. The chapter has an investment of approximately S300 in farm equipment and hopes to increase this investment this year. RIFLE CLUB Forty-six boys make up our l9b7-h8Rifle Club Most of the members have not belonged before and had to take the prelininarycourse with the sighting bar and general instructions. Due to the large number of members the club was divided into four groups, each group shooting twice a month. Mondays and Thursdays are the meeting days. To date the members have shown a great deal of improvement. We are affiliated with the N.R.A. again this year. STUDENT STORE CLERKS You'll find us every morning in the Student Store ready to sell you a pencil, fountain pen, a stamp, or workbook. The Student Store has on hand a complete stock of all school supplies as well as all the workbooks used in Grades A to 12. In addition to clerking, we keep a daily cash record, make out requests for sup- plies, inventory stock, and do all we can to make Newark Valley Central School self-sufficient and keep the students well equipped with the supplies needed for efficient work. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CHAPTER The Future Homemakers Chapter, founded June ll, l9h5, is a national organiza- tion of pupils studying homemaking in the junior and senior high schools of the United States and territories. The motto--learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow--expresses the purpose of the organization. The Newark Valley Chapter Future Homemakers of America was organized in Sep- tember l9L7 with twelve charter members: Ruby Armstrong, Norma Austin, Betty Bowen, Charlotte ClarkiSec.J, Hattie-Hines, Sylvia HoldenCTreasJ, Beverly Jewett, Joyce Kellam, Catherine Osovski, Myrna Partridge, Evelyn RoseKPres.J, Maria Spano, and Minnie ThorntonkV. Pres.J. The group meets every Monday with the first and third Monday's for business meetings, the other Mondays for social meetings. Our Chapter mothers are Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Jewett. We put on a banquet in December for the F.F.A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUBS This year there were five industrial arts clubs each of which met once a week. Four clubs were composed of Jr. High students and each ran for a period of twenty weeks. This arrangement enabled twice the number of Jr. High students to partici- pate as heretofore. One club was composed of Sr. High students and ran for forty weeks. This year, as since the war, the work was more or less concentrated in the field of woodworking since there still is a shortage of sheet metals. However, some machine shop, art metal,and jewelry work in plastics was done. PEP CLUB 'Rah, rah, rah, rah, Valley team, rah'...The Pep Club was organized for the purpose of choosing cheerleaders to represent the Junior Varsity and Varsity team in our school athletics. After they were chosen, the cheer club members supported the cheerleaders in the sale of football tickets and also by furnishing a large part of the cheering section of each game. The qualities of a good cheerleader were discussed at the meetings and also the problems involved in the creation of school spirit! A bonfire pep rally was held T the night preceeding Newark Valley's first football game in many years. Our aim for this school year is to promote better school spirit in our athlet1c's achieve- ment. -.-B' Kyla s nr Qaqx 19322 lv Vw 55,1 ww in as If 9 S A S l , Xxx? 'ln .AX A SG . ri? f W2 if-K 'MQ wr LQ 1+ .mx grid? 52 l w 53 54 R Slllllvfg A VARSITY CHEERLEADERS S. Givens D. Stratton C. Weeks M. Fiske P. Givens M. Signs 5 I 1 4135! FOOTBALL D. Strope, R. Jackson, E. Clark, E. Kobylarz, R. Keane, L. Carroll, R. Shaver, G. Belokur. J. Lyke, A. Ardell, R. VanGorder, J. Vanderpool, R. Tappan, E. Shellhammen C. Bailor, F. Mix, Mr. Hoover, H. Woodmansee, L. Oliver, D. Alexander, G. Strope, C. Kasper, H. Horton, D. Woodmansee, M. Howe, R. Onofrio, J. Okrepkie, N. Watkins. VARSITY BASKETBALL R. VanGorder, J. Lyke, R. Jackson, E. Eobylarz, G. Belokur, L. Pastalan, R. Onofrio, F. Mix, D. Woodmansee, J. Niefer Mr. Sweetman. BASEBALL . Horton, R. Keane, L. Pastalan, , Shellhammer, L. Wesche, . Kobylarz, R. Ballard, D. Wood- 8, mlsiee, H. Hutchinson, J. Allen, fllfafff A""m41.""'mfi , iefer. ,,, r. Goodfellow,N. Briggs, G. Strope, Y . Rutan, G. Belokur, L. Chandler, W, . wYWA EWU , Andreas. E. Kobylarz H. Horton D. Woodmansee Jr. HIGH BASKETBALL B. Rowe, G. Pollard, Mr, Sweetman, 2. Lewis, G. Johnson. L. Bean, S. Mills, A. Stoughton, V. Walker, S. Ayers, B. Hammond, 2. Luszczek. J. V. CHEERLEADERS S. Heffers B. Weber M. VanScoten T. Holmes J. V. BASKETBALL N. Watkins, C. Andersen, Mr. Sweetman, C. Kasper, F. Holmes. R. Shaver, G. Darling, D. Strope, E. Clark, R. Russell, J. Okrepkie. F. F. A. BASKETBALL F. Wade, E. Sharp, . Woodmansee, . Niles, C. Bailor. H C Mr. Chauncey, D. Alex- ander, L. English, D. Walker, R. May, W. Simmons. N. V. Basketball Schedule N. V. Opponent 22 Johnson City L8 39 North B 37 58 Candor 35 38 Elmira Heights A0 A2 Horseheads A7 7b Watkins Glen 37 LL Waverly Ll 50 Owego L6 37 Elmira Heights 57 36 North B L5 61 Horseheads 25 76 Watkins Glen L6 65 Candor 63 L7 Waverly L9 L9 Owego bl LL Elmira Southside36 50 Elmira Heights 69 I I VARSITY BASKETBALL Oh! another basket. With Gene Kobylarz as captain of the team and help from our other great players they had a sucessful year of winning 10 games out of 17. Without Woodmansee's height as a great magnet we would not have had the ball aiming at our basket so much of the time. All were pleased at Owego being defeated twice this season by Newark Valley. If Koby hadn't recovered J1m's cud of gum he lost on the floor the night of the Owego-Valley game we probably would have been defeated. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Dear me, I missed again. The Junior Varsity had some very good players this year that will make excellent varsity players next year to replace those leaving. With a gain of 4 out of 14 games the Junior Varsity still did a good Job. If only Normie had Charl1e's height he would have been able to just drop the ball in the basket. Don't get discouraged, 'Practice makes perfect.u FOOTBALL This year Newark Valley had a football team. This ls the first year for eleven man football here at Newark Valley and the boys worked hard and did a good Job. Euthuslasm ran high, with two teams reporting for practice each night. The experience gained this year did much for our school spirit and certainly used up considerable excess energy that might otherwise have been expended on 'Horse- play. As far as coaching was concerned we figure we had about the best. Our football supervisor was ncoachu Hoover and we appreciate his efforts toward our team. SCHEDULE NEWARK VALLEY GPPONENT 19 0 North High O 13 Ithaca 25 6 Cortland 12 14 Auburn 13 O Binghamton 15 25 North O 12 Owego F. F. A. BASKETBALL The F. F. A. basketball team has not been quite so peppy this year due to lack of time and no place to practice. We have played Endicott, Waverly, Owego, Vestal and Candor winning the last two. We hope that we can do better next year. BASEBALL Last year the baseball team enjoyed a very commendable season, winning 6 and losing 2 very close games to Candor and Owego. Behind the fine pitching staff and the superb fielding of both infield and outfield, we were able to add another trophy to our case. As this year's season approaches, the outlook is very fine. Each position should be filled by a veteran player, except for two out field positions and one infield position. The Cardinals are not in a league rivalry between the competi- tive teams. There is a bright outlook for the team, and each fan sh Qld be there to cheer it on to victory. X-L, Amar fx.- , , K I ' v ,. . ff- gf...-. 1.1.17 . 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P -- 'J-,':4a'i!a'4' 'H -JA I" A 'sl ,. X t I 5.1.4, Q V I . Q , L-. ' f .v, ' .L '-J ' , . 4 .3. -, j ' I r.. Q '4 I , L',,g,z,?-11", A -...L,- . l "e,f?5.J ri-2 '- " 551' fqj ,.v1-" v 1 A rl .4 ' T .- ,fx ': I rg -2 fi "3 71:5 NI' " , 1 1 num .S . -VV, .' wa:- I 'Y A 1 .. V .1 M!!! m ,. 'gg-" "3 . i5"cv, . 13 '14- :-:x'g,.' '1' "5 5, . .- ?'i"'-".'1r1 ':. 51' 'S5fiq,W'tri'3 - ,, '41,-wbe.-,lig-'gi -- ' gm- A.-V4.1 1- - 7.-QM -wk'-qjg,-, -. Q35 fc, 2'-1 .,,! .+Wg.'5g..5-.., :Z?'9'-GH'-'U V, ' ' ff' Q':l'f'fF " . I gg! .-,- -'W212-'ifg-Ql' e- - ,gli L , ' m . . Mfg- , .1 . 4 'vt' - - "fir-"w 4 r liar W --Q ,,..3,5- .A 4 , . " J, '- 'I QE?'bf'-Te" -f " 1- 'f eb .4541 I 'I A 4 I I rn U E '21-11 Z" ' kg . N Q Jw 5.11.- ,. -,..5,..l. , 1, J 1, V . , , L ,gg-'..:., - - -I: 4--r ? . . . . xv . ' WJ'-. . eq . 3 15 -'i-ml. - .-. H l v . .-.. ,., . .X -gil' VU ., "af, ,7 :1w'i'N ' Q . r D'-'mfey-s"i,'5.1 g.'.3'- H 1.-n.' j F -- v 4 . 'M,.gj.?f,jI -.ilu L, , --5. -. 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Phones 25 or 20-Y-4 CRISPELL BROTHERS All Loads Insured LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOTOR TRANSPORTATION Large Padded Moving Vansg Busses for Charter Service Slaterville Springs, New York REVLON Establishes Matching Lips DOWNY FLAKE DOUGHNUT HILKINS DEPOT and Diamonds - Jewelry Fingertips Frozen Custard POP Corn our Year 5 Lake street I L6 Washington Avenue Owego, New York Owego, New York--45R Endicott, N. Y. G R E E N L A N T E R N I N N 77 North Avenue Owego, N. Y. LUNCHEONS DINNERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE PRIVATE PARTIES---CARD, TEA, AND LUNCHEONS---SERVED IN OUR BANQUET ROOMS, SECOND FLOOR FINE PASTERIES AND DECORATED CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS BAKED IN OUR BAKERY 65 Quality Cleaning In 0wego's Newest and Most Up-to-date Cleaning Plant Owego Plant JAMES E. DIBBLE C311 Owego 596 75 Adeline Street Ygur Finest Garments Carefully PP9599d KENNETH MEAD SPENCER'S The General Merchandise Plumbing 5 Heating Weltonville Tioga County Herald Newark valley New York NSW York Phone Owego 872M1 Phone 218 Res. 95-I OLDSMOBILE Tel. 257 A. L. ROBERTSON DRUG COMPANY 194 Front Street Owego New York Sales M Service Owego Motors Milton P. Wood Prop DAY'S RED E WHITE STORE Berkshire, N. Y. Owego, N. Y. For Rapid Reliable Service See RICE'S GARAGE Speedsville N. Y. 1' HARRIS ARMY ICE and Leonard Junk PRENT NAVY STORE Complete Outf.tters Barber Shop Radios In Sporting Water Street and Goods Sport N k V ll ewar a ey Appliances And New York Work Clothes 167 Washington St. nossafrs Gsocsmf ' BERT BLISS AND SON Newark Valley, N. Y. BULMAN MUTORS Coal, Flour, Feed Established 1880 Newark Valley, N. Y. Phone 79-M l L. B. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas -- Personal Cards Memorial Plaques Club Insignia R Lel d L epresented by 164 Hermitage Road an ee Rochester, N. Y, R A Y ' s G A R A G E 1 Main Street Newark Valley, N. Y. Towing Phone 126 Service General Repairs and Welding Used Cars Bought and Sold I Pennzoil Lubrication 4 Mobile Products 1 For farm fresh fruit and produce SEE MOLYNEAUX'S MARKET 300 NORTH NANTICOKE AVE. ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 2518 Free Delivery THE MILLER PAPER CO. INC. PAPER GOODS SCHOOL SUPPLIES SPECIALTIES NWHOLESALE ONLY' 20h-208 EAST WILLOW ST. SYRACUSE 1, N. Y. PHONE,3-0136 SANTO ALOI Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale 156 Port Watson Street Cortland, New York Phone 1426 R. A. TAPPAN AND SONS Farm Machinery APP3-18309 9 Newark Valley Phone 104 New York SEELY'S FEED STORE JACK EDWARDS RAYMOND G. WALKER Greeting Cards N kVl1 for ewar a ey NEWARK VALLEY All occasions New york NEW YORK Stationery Gifts 31 Washington Avenue Telsphone 120 EI1diCOtt, N. Y. PETZOLD FARMS Milk Ice Cream Owego Phone 90 Box 120 Congratulations Upon A Worth-While Achievement! Graduation from High School is the completion of a job well done .... ...not only for the knowledge gained and put to use, but for the character training as well. McLean's congratulates you upon this achieve- ment, and extends best wishes for success through the years to come. M c L E A N ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BRCDCKWAY TRUCKS Pieneers In The TRANSPURTATIUN Field Since 1875 The Best in Motor Trucks for Over Thirty-SIX Years BRUCKWHY MUTUR CUMPHNY, INC. Factory 81 General Office - - - Cortland, N. Y. Branches 62 Dealers in Principal Cities HOWIE'S TAXI SERVICE Phone 32 60 North Avenue Owe80a N- Y- 2L,-Hour Service . 1 1 JAWS EICHFORD HARDWARE CONWATS General Hardware CLUB Owego, N. Y. Mf,g1ffsLIf3gps DINER Visit our Accegggries TEEN DEPARTMENT Phone 56'F'3 Owego New York Richford, New York ' I nn HARRIS COMPANY PAUL GEORGE JORDON Wholesalers Local and Long- Sayre Pa, CLARK'S SEED FARMS Distance Hauling d -C -T can y mars oys Richford Hardwares Housewares New York il Tires Appliances Speedsv le N. Y. Radios Glassware C. E. S M U L L E N Machine Work Phone 213 Welding Newark Valley N. Y. Why worry about Reservations of Tickets anywhere? WE CAN MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS FOR HOTEL : ENTERTAINMENT : SIGHT-SEEING AIR : BUS : STEAMSHIP : TRAIN for your next going away trip - - no reservation too small or too large All your travel arrangements completed at once CONSULT US l! THOMPSON TRAVEL BUREAU Charter Bus Service 621 Lackawanna Ave. Fort Durkee Hotel Scranton, Pa. Wilkes - Barre, Pa. Phone 2-7200 Phone 3-2156, 3-2157 STEPHENS 8 COMPANY INC. Paper Peter H. 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FARM STORE Phone 113-Mp IS-lihlilll-l ii! I1 1' KALKAN'S Eonoasws GARAGE Newark Valley Oil, gas tires, tubes JAMES QUINN The one-Stop Store Towing, auto aoessories- Home of Admiral I Radios ang Appliances Richford, N. Y. Phone 206 I 1 I CROWLEWS MILK CO. INC. Binghamton, N. Y. PINE GROVE GROCERY PATCHES OF BERKSHIRE Lumber Mrs. Julia Lipe Roofing Building Supplies HARRY D- WHITNEY Newark Valley Lime Fertilizers New York Farm Supplies Telephone Au-F-33 Phone 78-R 75 i' I Always meat to please WANDALL You Always pleased to meet General Merchandise you North Owego WOOD'S MARKET Phone 110-Newark Valley 7 1 l u REED S. SNAPP General Insurance HANSEN GROCERY x LAWRENCE BROS. PLUMBING and HEATING MH. PEARSON Meats Baked Goods BERN FURNITURE, INC General Merchandise POP Candy Owego, N. Y. Speedsvllle Beverages Cortland, N. Y. New York Slaterville Binghamton, N. Y. New York Ame1ia's Beauty Shop Zotos 8 Jamal Machineless Frederic Permanents All Kinds of Beauty Work Phone 123 for Appointment Cold Waving COOK'S MILK M CREAM Newark Valley, New York Phone 71-M SEIBERLING TIRES TRUCK TIRE RECAPPING PASSENGER TIRE RECAPPING Auto-Lite Batteries Motorola Car Radio Auto-Lite Spark Plugs Zenith Home Radio Use Our Friendly Credit Plan T. J. BYRNE SERVICE 107 Washington St. Binghamton, N. Y. Phones 2-0138 - 2-25L8 1-'1-F E. D. BUSHNELL BALLOU'S Atlantic and Pacific General Merchandise Service Station Tea Co. Red 6 White Store Sunoco Newark Valley Newark VH1l6Y, New York Gas and 011 Telephone 200 77 TOMPKIN'S GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecker Service General Repairing On All Makes Of Cars Newark Valley, New York JACKSON'S Newark Valley 20-F-6 Owego 889-M-l General Merchandise Groceries, Meats Flemingville, N. Y. Open Evenings V A L L E Y T A X I Local And Out Of Town Calls 2 4 H o u r S e r v 1 c e Phone 204 ' Newark Valley New York M. 6 J. LOCKER PLANT Processing Smoking MEATS Phone 199 Lockers Now Available FOWLER'S PIANO DEPARTMENT Binghamton, N. Y. Radios, Record Players, Records, Musical Instruments Congratulations to the Class of 1947 CHUBB SHOES Front Street DRESS SANDALS CHILDREN'S SHOES . Formerly Ripley Shoe Store H. W. Chubb, Prop. Owego, N. Y. BASKETBALL SHOES Fittings Checked by X-Ray Interwoven Socks BANDLER, STILES Sc KEYES Apparel for Men Michaels-Stern Clothes Arrow Shirts Mallory Hats Owego 19 Lake Street New York REGISTERED HOLSTEIN CATTLE COMBINING PRODUCTION with EXCELLENT SHOW TYPE BIG-ELM-FARM PAUL SMITH, PROP. with best wishes from your looal Fuller Brush Dealer MELVIN J. RUTAN MR. R MRS. N. D. RICE CASCADE PAPER COMPANY nOn the Hoosac River' North Adams Newark Valley Massachusetts I Cweltonvlllel School Paper I and e School Supplies R. D. 2 New York CONSTINE k WHITNEY Salted Nuts Potato Chips Pop Corn 18h Robinson Street Binghamton, N. Y. Phone 2-A951 H A M L I N ' S RED CROSS DRUG STORES BINGHAMTON JOHNSON CITY ENDICOTT J. A. GEERKEN C. C. NOTEWARE Q SON Dry Goods, Furniture Floor Coverings Ready-to-Wear Electrical Appliances 196-193 Front Street Phone 115 Owego, N. Y. SUNSHINE BISCUITS, INC. Bakers of Krispy Crackers, H1-Ho's. HYdP0X, Cheezlts and Many Other Quality Biscuits HThe Thousand Window Bakeriesn 80 THE BURT COMPANY Wasnington Avenue Endicott, N. THE BENNER WHOLESALE COMPANY 309 Clara Street Endicott, N. Y. Distributors of White Ash, Panama Ribbon, Izaak Walton Cigars, Q Daggett Chocolates. Phone Endicott-1680 I Neil R. MacPherson AHWAGA HOTEL Funeral Director GENUNG' 3 Newark Valley PHARMACY OWBSO, N- Y- New York Telephone 140 OWEGO MURRAY COMPANY Front Street, Owego, N. Y. Hardware Farm Supplies Sporting Goods V A U G H N Home of Hart, Schaffner R Marx Botony WSOOW, and Curlee Clothes Plumbing - Heating Electrical Appliances A NAME You CAN TRUST I Endicott, N. Y I Union District Phone 1025 GOOD FOOD FOR GUESTS mm: SIZXIZDII sf no CHICAGO LONG ISLAND CITY DALLAS ATLANTA PITTSBURGH DETROIT PHILADELPHIA E L K ' S Squires shop the Eskuire DODGE A L L E Y S and PLYMOUTH ESQUIRE MEN'S SHOP Sales and Service Down in Union Phone 510 Alex Wes Alexander Harvey 20 Church st- Owego, N, Y, Church St. Owego New York i i RICHARDS FUNERAL HOMES NEWARK VALLEY, N. Y. OWEGO, N. Y. Ambulance Service L Y N N ' S D R U G S T 0 R E OWEGO NEW YORK We sincerely appreciate your patronage. Your School Annual was bound by 14. Wfallon Z San Established 1888 Book 3 Pamphlet Binders, Paper Rulers, Gold Stamping 312 SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Good Luck To The CLASS OF l948 THE AMERICAN LEGION Post l54l Newark Valley New York 1 TO THE CLASS OF l9b8 INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF IS TH MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWARK VALLEY NEW YORK Clyde Turk Margaret Hbwland Cashier Asst. Cashier VALLEY STUDIO and PHOTO SHOP Over the Bank Telephone 210 Newark Valley, N. Y. WE DO Photostats Photocopies Tinting Enlargements WE TAKE Portraits Candid Wedding Photos Home Portraits Group Pictures WE SELL FILM Black and White Color Movie Film Cameras Still and Movie Camera Equipment Frames Cases Albums All professional work in this book was done by us , -1' wi-' '- N , Q .ju ' , 'P-N1 1-A www:-3.-,fw A :Q 5-'mr , " gf .fn WIA 491, ' ' , ' z,v,iv1j '1 " 1-J u mA? u. v , J I vw kt 'X M, ,N is-4: . , , , m":f, ,,I 'M4 N M-AA xE.I7:f. ,4 ,X 'v 1 1 : -JUN M.: 45, YZ, -Quin wil W I 1 fi' QW iq-'L1 I an ,.-'T' " -v In na F H fi,-5, gr ww. , fy WWW- s. .pw N.. -Q r A ffm 45? '59 ' .f fe: ' ' " ,441 if 5342? 'Q 3? TQ -fa-1EQf1g-' iii? " 'C' T'-. 'L -Huff' , ' HH any r- wr A M- '29 e 'Y L N. 'X Am- Hi W-LW is Kiwi fdmiin A Nf- -a 'Huw :M -J1,",.11 ,X "LU af ' I, 211 4' 1111 1 1, 1111- 1' 1' 1' " A p111.N ,111 , H111 U gh'-H11,'g'1'! 1 5 1"j 141- . 1111, "1 1 '11 " Q ,111 1111. 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Suggestions in the Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) collection:

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