Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY)

 - Class of 1946

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Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1946 volume:

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N6mO7Z.5S 1946 .pu60'S5e8 gy 2565 Senior Gfczss jwzcfarg Uaffgy Qenfrczf Jcgoof MUQTA Uaffg,Njff Editorial 'Peace on earth and goodwill toward men' , this and democracy, man has named his brightest dream. This is the goal toward which the world is striving. 'Let child love child , and strife will cease. Disarm the hearts , for that is Peace.W Peace as well as war demands intelligent and industrious men, Hof clean hands and pure hearts , imbued with the spirit of democracy 3 men with convictions and the courage to assert themg men who will not flinch in the face of duty , but with fearless devotion to the ideals of our democracy will hurl themselves into the forefront of the battle and lead the forces of law and justice to victory.n In the words of our late President Wilson, 'We fight for the ultimate peace of the world, for the rights of nations, great and small , and the privilege of men everywhere to choose their own way of life and obedience.W The realization of world democracy will usher in the day of permanent peace. The seniors of this school are glad to be able to embark upon the stream of life when peace seems possible. Peace presents to us problems just as momen- tous and riSkS just as-precarious as those involved in war. The solution of the real problems of world peace is ours Dorothy Needham Editor-in-chief 2 Qbezgfccz Non The Senior Class of 1946 sincerely dedicate the tenth edition of SCHOOL MEMORIES to Mr. Peck, our Principal. For many years he devoted much of his time to the cheerful guidance of the Newark Valley students,as our Vice-Principal. He has been a helpful friend to us in our school years and his sage advice in matters of our welfare wdll ever be remembered. To you, Mr. Peck, our class extends its gratitude. 3 J I We, the Clase of l946,w1sh to expr appreciation to you, Mies Marjorie Robe all the things you have done for us, in time you have been teaching here. Your ful manner and willing disposition have been an inspiration to ue and will stay us as we embark upon the stream of life 4 ees our rts,for the cheer- ever with oav-3 O Cgaucafzon Pres. William Stimming Mr. Howard J. Curkendall Mrs. Alta M. Pope Mr. Willard Huff Mr. Jay Purple 54 CAFETERIA Mrs. Sears, Mgr. Hrs. Belden Mrs. Snydor Miss Buck Mrs. Smith Mrs. Oakes JANITORB Mr. Lawton Mr. Saddlemiro, Bupt. Mr. McPherson 3 33332333 'S "3"3"S'1'1'1'1'! 0 00000000 ta 'JB WQYOFIOFO E o Q oooooooo 0 m 'U E' E' 3'z?'.'9l"5??E'? 5 O-3 n- g'4ou-PF'BPl'g v-3 D' 0Q0'UOH P S 'S' 8' 3 D D O Ill 2 F2141-ez Mr. . Merithew Mr. . Haines Mr. . Hoveg Bop Mr . W. Thomas Mr. Labour CULCZCLMZ ,.v- .23 .--I-ff' ""'? ' "-'MH'--'.TnT -- - "'- 1-5 --x -,X,,., A in f , .. ' up N., S WF sax -,' AZ vw 5 4 -,,.' . NY,-L L S V ,,, ,L --' M R T, ,-.- .M , ,, W 'X-f W f N -H f" . - , ' - -x ,-,. I , ....f- "' Q'-g 'W ' ' -rx xv ,, X " ' fx Y V Y -A Y f-Q1 - .+.,Qf- + W' ... "" 'k u '-'lk' 'Qs ni. ..,.f- N -ia -Y 33 -:wiv , - 4,,,.nf...-'--' --P M...-,-"W 4' , .g..-:.f.,,1F 1 4. , -.,W,,:'J,-',,.,v'- - ,x -W-4.-. .L x, 4 ,- .4 W' x ,. . 5, 1' , . . . . - . -. N . .5,C..n- r yin. -'.,.. . -, .-1 f , A., ' , f- ff .,,g.,H.. '-"5""".,-- - ..,.,-,ffW hir HJ- 4' -.Q 5:5 ..-- . .B-,-,,., - fd :J ', ," , , 1' ,. .6 , ...,,... ..- .Y f'1' 1" 1, . - rm 'win'-4? 4 , ' U ,-v-If". A M . fix "' ,,,- Y ..5'i.i 7 , fm- U ii- .-W, HA.. 5, 'a "'f':-"r'5vT1-,- " ' -Vi' ' 5: ,J -i f pmfx mf"-Q" 4,166 "' " ,,,,,.Mf.'gy53'H fag.. ', ' ' ' , ff' . ,..'N"",-. ' gag,--3gQ'f,1 x ' 5 - . - ' 1:-rv' r mmf I- .K - -- , N s, - "ix, ..- ' 7 ....-5. . V 6 JF, .I K Q Prln. Clifford M. Peckg A. B., M. S. in Ed.g Wheaton College, Cornell University, Syracuse Univ. Mr. Nathan T. Hallg A. B., M. S. in Ed.g Mansfield State Normal, Miss Georgia Rowang B. S.g Ithaca Collegeg Music. Mrs. Helen McPherson- B. S. Cornell Universltyg Home Ec Mrs. Cassie Chamberlain: Buffalo Normal, Albany Col- lege, Cornell University, Syracuse University. Elizabeth C. Lewisg Amster- dam Hospital, Syracuse Un1v.3 School Nurse Teacher, Atten- dance Supervisor. Miss Helen Donohue' N. Y. S. Teachers College--Albanyg A. B.g Commercial Subjects. Susquehanna Univ Bucknell Univ. Soc.St.9, El.Alg Guidance, Vice Prin. Mr. Earle Bldlack, B. S. of Ed.3 Mansfield State Teachers College, Penn State, Duke Univ., Eng. 1l,l2, Public Speaking. Mr.F.B.Schoonmakerg A.B., B.S. Lib. Sci., Syracuse Univ., Albany State, Univ. of Madrid, French, Latin, English 9. Mr.H.G.Van Deuseng B.A., M.A., Union College, Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., Math., Science Mr. James Weeks, B.S. of Ed., Geneseo Normal, Buffalo State Teachers College, N.Y. Univ., Jr. High Science, Soc. Studies Miss M.Robertsg A.B.g Houghton Collegeg Health, Biology, Eng.lO, Dramatlcs. Miss Mildred Q Lundy, Mansfield State Teachers College, English 7, 8. I 1 Mrs. J.M.Josl1ng Potsdam State Teachers College, Soc. St. 7,8,9. Mrs. Maud Chidester Cortland Normal, Math. 7,8. Miss Jeanette Estes A.B. Houghton Coll. Soc. St.l0,l1,l2. FRONT: Mr. Richard ChaunoeygB.S.g Cornell, Agriculture. Mr. Harold Goodfellowg B.S.gIthaca College, Syracuse, Physical Ed. Mr. Bernard Lynaughg B.S.g Ithaca College, History, Health, Coach. BACK: Mr. Robert DQ Rue, Boston Conservatory of Music, Ithaca Coll., Chicago Univ. Mr. Dermott Mannigang B. S.gOh1o State Univ., Ind. Arts, Mech. Drawing. lst. Row: Mrs. Louise Dean'0neonta 1st, 'Grade. Miss Mildred Kenyong Cort- land Normalg 2nd. Grade. 2nd. Row: Mrs. Gladys Atwaterg Al- fred Un1v.g Kindergarten Assistant. Miss Ruth Kinyong Princi- pal's Secretary Clerk of Board. Ceeateds Marian Hinrichseng Assist- ant Secretary. Qetandingl Mrs. Thelma Dodgeg B. S. of Ed.g Cortland State Teacher's Collegeg 6th. Grade. Mrs. Winifred Mc Phersong Cort- land State Teacher's Collegeg Syracuse Universityg 4th. Grade. Mrs. Marion Shoultesg Normalg Grd. Grade. Cortland Mr. Crede Hagertyg B. S. of Ed.g Buffalo State Teacher's Collegeg 5th. Grade. Miss G. E. Persleyg B. S. of Ed.g Potsdam Normalg 6th. Grade. Mrs. Wilma Hinesg Cortland Normalg Sth. Grade Mrs. Ethel Longg Cortland Normalg Buffalog Srd. Grade. Miss M. Walkerg Cortland Normalg 4th, Grade. Miss Elizabeth Mon- roeg Cortland Nor- malg Kindergarten. Miss Kennedyg Brook port Statey lst. Grade. Mrs. Reva Strattong Syracuse Un1vers1t5 Penn Stateg 2nd. Grade. 41: 'll ,,fe:rx '-N? Q-fi' V Y ,xkqw ii, f-' .. I-H"-':n.'2lv -.,x NX f-ff" . ,-.. ,hw X ,. 'f lL-,.Lj"N .,.. - 'N., ,,,- Q ,.f' . -4 , "-D - xg ff" J.- I' Nj-K MN.. .i pu, M"- ..,..,4 Agvf 1 . .aff . ""-A - .. ,.. 1,3-5'-"-"' N""'.':"'u"" '42 U'-:nfl - '..:.. ."'im. ' -f- , 4 ,-z..a...,.. - , I. ff 1 ,,.,. -- --we--..., . , C .f.m-- - ',,..- V q , I H I W ,Mn ...Lg-w.,1,,lM .- ' - ...- 1' ,. ., -ff ,mmf--H' . r , ' H.. ..., i mg5.g4o+1v.w---- ' 1 -exf- ,1fr4. Avi- -,wa-Q - , 'l ' 'Hwm2mmo.q, A,-H M-xx '. , 5"-.,--....,K f q ,Q- X. Q1-fax L' Sammi iff are DEP? iles HY wmcseii office S X Q ZZX, 5 ff X fx X fs f L R 1-X X President MARY NIZNIK NNizzieW WTO be great is to be misunderstood.n Ambition: Beautician Intramurals l,2,3,Lg Mixed Chorus l,Lg Dramatics Club 2g Senior Play, Junior Play, Camera Club 23 Prom Committee, Glee Club 1,25 Business Staff 33 Rifle Club Lg Operetta Usher 2, Newsletter Staff 3, Lg Dancing Club 1,23 Yearbook Staff 3,Lg Student Day teacher A Secretary PHYLLIS LYKE NPhylN 'Every artist was first an amateur.W Ambition: Costume Designer Secretary of Class lg Junior First Aid lg Mixed ' Chorus l,2,3,Lg Art Club l,2g Treasurer of Class 2 Dramatics Club 2, Junior Prom Committee, Yearbook Staff 3,hg Student Store Manager 3,L5 Newsletter Staff 3,L3 Dancing Club 35 Music Appreciation Club Lg Senior Play Cast Lg Operetta Principal Lg Girls Sextette Lg Girls Ensemble 33 Student Day teacher A Business Manager LAUREIN CALL WBlondieH WVivacity is the gift of woman.W Ambition: Featured Vocolist with Orchestra Yearbook Staff 3,A3 Music Appreciation 35 Junior Play Usher 35 Senior Play Usher Lg Bacca- laurate Usher 35 Operetta 25 Glee Club 1,2 I2 ian 12-Eff 2 QBY: W-ucgeiwi 5354355 Vice-President NORMAN THOMAS WNormieW NDance, laugh and be merry.' Ambition: Draftsman Swimming team 2: Dance Club lg Fife and drum Corp l,2g Rifle Club 3 Treasurer ANNA VAN VORCE HAnnW WA cheerful manner, a sunny smile, to know her is ' well worth your while.W Ambition: Beautician then Housewife Yearbook Staff 23 Band l,2,3,Lg Newsletter 3,Lg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,ug Ski Club lg Commercial Club Ag Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Girls Sports 25 Jr. Red Cross lg Student Board of Finance Lg Senior Play L: Ope- retta 2,Lg Prom Committee 3: Student Day teacher Lg Cheerleading 2,3,Ag Spring Concert l,3g Lit. Ed. of School Memories Lg Jr. Play Production 3: Girls Sextette 2,35 Girls Ensemble 3 Editor-in-Chief DOROTHY NEEDHAM WDotn 'The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid.W Ambition: Private Secretary Operetta Usher 2: Concert Usher 33 Senior Play Cast 4: Dancing Club 3, Newsletter Staff 3, Year- book Staff l,3,Lg Pub Club ug Student Day teacher 3: Commencement Usher 33 Christmas Play 3: Prom Committee 33 Jr. First Aid, Art Club l 'I3 5 ' mHilfii3T39j S is Valedictorian "FY, f fig' ' 117' I ,. Aa' NMRY HULL Wmaryn 'It is the quiet worker who succeeds.W Ambition: Housewife Camera Club 33 Sr tion Lg Operetta 2,4 Miss Club lg Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Thanksgiving Play L A r A z -. 45 'ff' ANNE RABENSTEIN WEinstinen , 'A book is a friend that never deceives.n Ambition? High School Language Teacher Mixed Chorus lg Jr. Red Cross lg Jr. First Aid lg Spring Concert lg Operetta production 2g Public Speaking 23 Dramatics Club 23 Stamp and Bond Collector 3g Art Club-Secretary Lg Commercial Clubl Lg Music Appreciation Ag Christmas Play Cast Lg Piano Group 2,3,Lg Switchboard Operator 2,33 Student Day teacher 3,L . Play Usher Lg Music Apprecia- g Spring Concert 1,33 Modern MARIAN HOTT Hmariann . WFrom the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.H ' Ambition: Nurse Seasonal Sports 3,Lg Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Press Club 35 Yearbook Business Staff Lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,Lg Jr. Red Cross lg Jr. First Aid lg Operetta 2,Lg Baccalaurate Usher 33 Head Usher of the Senior Play ug Student Day teacher A3 Spring Concert 1,3 I4 - ual! f m mm f i n PHOEBE BUCK WPhoebn WThere is nothing half as sweet in life as love's young dream.W Ambition: Housewife Library Club lg Dancing Club l,2g Seasonal Sports 1,23 Pub Club Lg Signal Corp 2g Operetta Usher 3g Junior Play Usher 3g Senior Play Usher L ROY BRIGGS WBriggsy' WA sensible fellow you can bet, A For he doesn't care for girls as yet.W Ambition: Civil Engineer Student Council lg Camera Club lg Seasonal Sport lg Victory Corp lg Intramurals l,2,3,hg Art Club bg Student Day teacher L ROSE MARIE COLLINS WRosieN WShe wears her faith but as the fashion of her hat.n Ambition: Housewife Jr. Play Cast 3g Sr. Play Cast Lg Rifle Club-h'- Pub Club bg Student Day teacher Ag Cheerleading 2, - 3,Lg Ski Club lg Jr. First Aid lg Salavage Corp lg Girls Seasonal Sports 2g Glee Club 1,3 I5 5? ' S 5 3-554 fi FRANK MEADE NFrankieN WMusic is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune.N Ambition: Musician Band l,2,3,bg Orchestra l,2,3,L Salutatorian ELIZABETH EASTON WBetW WHeart on her lip and soul within her eyes.N Ambition: Farmer's Wife Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Mixed Chorus Lg Student Day teacher Ag Sr. Play Usher Ag Rifle Club Lg News- paper work l,2,3g Pub Club A BETTY MIX 'Betn WHuman things must be known to be loved but Divine things must be loved to be known.n Ambition: On to school Bible Club L, Pres.g Thanksgiving Play 4 I6 ay -'4 X-5 Q ggg., sg- r -Q-'ji - K jjifgfi-N-4 F-55 A L Q-14? 5 ANN LACEY nAnnieW Wwe rarely repent of speaking little, but often of speaking too much.' Ambition: Housewife Glee Club lg Camera Club l SHIRLEY ACE WShirk' WA willing heart and a willing hand.W Ambition: College and Journalism Pub Club 3, Camera Club l,2g Yearbook Staff 3,4 -Associate Editor Lg Treasurer of Class 33 Junior Play Cast 35 Christmas Play 3 EDWIN ARMITAGE nlken WA loyal, just, and upright gentlemen.N f Ambition: Agricultural Extension Agent Salvage Club l, A H Club l, FFA-treasurer 2' Dancing Club 2, FFA-treasurer 33 Hiking and Nature - Club 3, FFA-treasurer Ag Yearbook Business Staff A l7, 52525514 ll Htnufllf is sig BETTY JEAN BRADLEY HBetn WAlways at work! Ambition: Secretary Newsletter-Art Editor 1,23 Yearbook Staff l,2, 33 Secretary of Class 2,33 Jr. Red Cross l, Art Club lg Dramatics Club 23 School Paper-Art Ed. Lg Christmas Play A BARBARA BAILOR 'Barbsn WModesty is a diamond setting to female beauty.N Ambition: Housewife Glee Club 2,33 Seasonal Sports l,2,3,Lg Jr. First Aid lg Needle Craft lg Dance Club 3 GEORGE BEEBE 'BeebeW 'Love is a beautiful dream.' Ambition: Vocational Agriculture Seasonal Sports l,2,3g President of Junior Classg Junior Play Cast'3g FFA 3,L I8 X - X .1 1 JEEEEEEEE Er""f55 lla ':t3::1..i'i1i.Ei TNQ Ei 2 :- 5 2. fxl JOYCE HAINES WShortW 'What a miserable world! - - trouble if we love, ,and trouble if we do not love.' 3 Ambition: Music teacher or Wife ' Glee Club l,2,3,hQ Band l,2,3,hj Orchestra l,2,3, A3 Dramatics Club l3 Operetta Cast 2,43 Jr. Play Cast 33 Pub Club 3,L3 Yearbook Staff kj Editor of Newsletter 33 Dance Club 23 Student Day teacher L3 Switchboard Operator 3 THELMA WEBER nThe1mn 'One hour's sleep before midnight is worth two after.n Ambition: Housewife Yearbook Business Staff 3,L3 Rifle Club Lg Yearbook Staff L3 Pub Club 33 Newsletter Staff 33 Dancing Club 33 Jr. Red Cross 23 A-H 1323 Victory Corp 1, Dramatics Club l OLGA OKREPKIE N'KrepW WR. S. V. P. Eyesn Ambition: Commercial Teacher or Personnel Worker Band 3,L3 Glee Club l,2,3,LQ Mixed Chorus l,2,3, L3 Spring Concert l,3Q Girls Sextette 2,3,hj Girls Ensemble 33 Operetta 2,L3 Student Day teacher 3,L3 Cheerleading 2,3,LQ Pub Club 33 Student Council 2, 3,b-PT6S.j Student Council Play 33 Christmas Play 23 Prom Com.3 Com. Club A3 Public Speaking 1,2Q Seasonal Sports lg Fire Warden 23 Athletic Assoc. Vice-Pres. 3 Treas. L3 Switchboard Operator 33 Jr. Play 33 Picture Crew 33 Jr. First Aid lg Ski Club 13 Hall Monitor Com. 33 Dance Club 23 School Memories Staff 1,3 I9 X g 5-:-5,7--l :E??E?i?5::E:---ff'T.:LZ:ff5 I - EnM5u'EEE::1-- j31Qjif5:tt?l',g DORRIS COUTS nTheiferW WMaybe you think I'm a little girl but wait till I grow up.W Ambition: Nurse Glee Club lg Operetta 2g Spring Concert 35 Sr. ?igYlh3 Band 2,3,Lg Orchestra l,2,3,Lg Jr. First A SUZANNE DELANEY nSuzie' 'Silent when glad, affectionate, though shy.' Ambition: College Graduate Spring Concert 1,33 Dancing Club 1,23 Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Prom Committee 35 Jr. Play Production 35 Operetta 2,Lg Orchestra l,2,3,L3 Sr. Dance Com- mittee hg Sr. Play Stage Manager Lg Seasonal Sports lg Commencement Usher 35 Yearbook Business Staff Lg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,L LORETTA DEMING NRustieW WOur enemies are our outward conscience.W Ambition: Nurse Commencement Usher 33 Baccalaurate Usher 33 Glee Club 2,3,Lg Seasonal Sports 1,3,Ag Student Day teacher ug Jr. First Aid 1, Yearbook Business Staff A 20 if -Ziglar-34 UM ENRU K Sis Sig MARTHA LOU HOWE nMarty Loun WWe tire of those pleasures we take, but never of those we give.H Ambition: Beautician- - -Rich man's Wife Dance Club lg Band l,2,3,hg Orchestra l,2,3,A, Intramurals l,2g Basketball l,2g Dance Committee l,2,3,Lg Gym Club l,2g Trampaline 1,2 GERALD TULL WGerry' nLike a blossom can not live without sunshine, A man cannot live without love.W Ambition: Professional Baseball Player Baseball 2,3,Ag Jay-Vees 1,23 Varsity 3,Ag FFA 2,3,Lg Rifle Club l,2g Student Council l, Dance Club 2,3g Seasonal Sports l,2,3 MILDRED FISKE WFiskien WFaith builds a bridge from this world to the next.N Ambition: Housewife Newsletter 35 Girls Ensemble 3g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,Lg Glee Club l,2,3,hg Band l,2,3,Lg Cheer- leading 2,3,Ag Ski Club lg Jr. First Aid lg Jr. Class Vice Pres. 3, Student Day teacher 3, Girls Sports 23 School Memories Business Staff 25 News letter Staff 33 Student Board of Finance 35 Year- book Staff Ag Christmas Play gg Jr. Play Usher 3' Spring Concert l,3g Operetta 2,hg Air Raid Warden 3, Sr. Banquet Waitress 3 2l 5-fkigsezf Di HENUNE S Lie HUBERT MINOR 'Huben 'Something between a hindrance and a he1p.' 4Amb1t1on: Farmer Band 1,2,5j Orchestra 1,2Q Jr.P1ay 33 Seasonal Sports 23 Student Day Teacher 2,53 Student Council 23 F.F.A. Basketball 43 Operetta 23 Model Building 1 Evangeline HOTALING 'Vang1en 'Love is the pass-key to the heart'. Ambition: Social Worker and Housewife Glee Club 1: Snrinz Concert 1: Hook And Needle Club lj Girls 4-H 13 Pres. Art Club 43 Dramatics Club 23 Dance Club 53 Nature Club 33 Junior Prom Committee 53 Usher Sr.Play 4 FRANCOISE deLORIMIER nFP8H' nAnd gentle dulness ever loves a joke.' Ambition: Graduate from Pratt Glee Club 1,23 Cheerleading 2,5,4: Dance Club 2,53 Seasonal Sports lg Art Club 13 Yearbook Business Manager 23 Jr. Red Cross 23 French Play 23 Jr. Play 53 Yearbook Staff 53 Newsletter 33 Prom Committee 53 Camera Crew 53 Yearbook Business Manager 43 Student Council 4-Treasurer3 Rifle Club 43 Christmas Pagent 4 22 g E'-534 I nm HENDKW SE- ESTHER STEENROD nRedn 'Friendship is but a name. I love no one! Ambition: Artist or Vocalist Music Appreciation 45 Seasonal Sports 4, First Aid lg Dance Club 55 Operetta 2,43 Glee Club l,2, 3,45 Yearbook Art Staff 5 CHARLOTTE HOLTMAN WChar' , nS1lence is a fine Jewel for woman, but its little worn. Ambition: Fancler Modern Miss Club lg Red Cross lg Jr. First Aid lg Seasonal Sports 2,53 Dance Club 2,5g Sr. Play Usher 4 ELEANOR RIDGEWAY nR1dgn nHope is a light diet but very stimulat1ng.u Ambition: Beautician -- Professor's Wife Band l,2,5,43 Orchestra l,2,5,4g Jr. Orchestra v 1,23 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,5,43 Prom Committee 35 Spring Concert 55 Girls Sextette 2,5, 45 Girls Ensemble 55 Operetta 2,4g Student Day teacher 1,5,4g Cheerleading 2,5,4g Press Club 2, School Memories Staff 23 Student Council 5,43 Sr. Banquet Waitress 5, Student Council Secretary 43 Student Council Play 5, Christmas Play 2,45 Class Vice-President lg Assembly Committee 4, Vice- Pr1nc1pal's Secretary 4 23 B Ill Em is-:i ii EMILY BEEBE HEmn . NNothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety.n Ambition: Army Nurse or Farmer's Wife Band 2,3,u, Glee Club 2,3, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Seasonal Sports l,3, Leader's Club 2, Jr. Red Cross 1, Modern Miss 1, Intramurals l SOPHIE JUDSKI NSophN 'When women love they forgive everything.' Ambition: Private Secretary Glee Club l,2,3,u, Band l,2,3, Orchestra l,2,3 L, Ski Club l, Operetta 2,A, Spring Concert l,3, Leader's Club 2, Dancing Club l,2,3, Seasonal Sports l,2, Baccalaurate Usher 3, Commencement Usher 3, Prom Committee 3, Jr. Play Usher 3, Year- book Staff A, Commercial Club-Business Manager L, Sr. Dance Committee A, Student Day teacher A JEAN VAN SUSAN WMiss Mellonstalku WOur best thoughts come from others.W Ambition: Model and Wife Band l,2,3,L, Orchestra l,2,3,L, Glee Club l,2, 3,L, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,L, Jr. Play prompter 3, Prom Committee 3, Sr. Dance Committee 3, Dance Club 2,3,L, Cheerleading 2,3,L, Rifle Club L,' Operetta 2,L, Atheletic Association L 24 i ELMO SEARS nMusclesn WHis car has four speeds3 first, second, third, and you'1l be sorry.n Ambition: Teacher Boy Scouts lg Rifle Club 13 Signal Corp lg School.Memories Staff lg Jay-Vees 13 Ski Club lg Leaders Club 23 Boy Scouts 23 Dramatics Club 23 Seasonal Sports 23 Boy Scouts 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Defense Shop 33 Prom Committee 33 Boy Scouts bg Sr. Play Committee A School Memories Staff Lg Commercial Club A SARA HALL nHallyN WGood humor is always a success.W Ambition: Elementary Teacher Glee Club l,2,3,bQ Mixed Chorus l,2,LQ Band 23 Orchestra l,2,3,LQ Tri Hi Y 13 Dance Club 23 Jr. Play 33 Nature Club 33 Spring Concert 33 Operetta 2,h3 Baccalaurate Usher 33 Commencement Usher 33 Prom Committee 33 Yearbook Business Staff by Sr. Play L3 Commercial Club hy School Memories-Trea- surer Lg Senior Dance Committee A RICHARD LOEFFLER HDickW 'He looks like an angel --- the little villianln Ambition: New York State Game Warden Boy Scouts 13 Rifle Club 13 Band 13 Orchestra l, 23 Seasonal Sports 33 Band 33 Jr. Play 33 Band 23 Baseball 2,3,LQ Rifle Club bg FFA L3 Sr. Play A ' 25 1-if S PEGGY WALKER WPegN Nlt is much easier to be critical than to be correct.n Ambition: Beautician Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Pub Club Ag School News- paper l52,3g Rifle Club L x JOHN VAN GORDER NDickH WHe's got a good head on his shoulders - - - , but its a different one every night.n Ambition: Coach A Basketball Varsity 3,Lg Soccer 3,Ag Basketball C Manager 2,3g Boys Glee Club 3g Senior Play A HELEN VAN VORCE WShortyN nSmall of stature, but big of heart.n Ambition: Housewife L-H Club l,2g Pub Club 3,Ag Glee Club 2g Com- mercial Club Ag Yearbook Staff 23 Dance Club 2g Student Council 3g Hook and Needle Club lg Jr. Play Usher 33 Sr. Play Usher Lg Red Cross lg Girl Scouts l,2g Newsletter Staff Ag Fire Warden A 26 SONG ITION PET PEEVE WEAKNESS SAYING NOTED FOR NAME 2 C0 H0 C S Us-I 5 Ev-1 0 O 5:0 'U PIE I-IIS 0:-ll E' 0 I Ol-I E-I 3 O0 E-40 C C0 2? kv E-'D ID o .EIU E46 o hm O In EU 1-lr-I WO 0 ms fa Q- 9-1 5 O Ca gnu Hz' E III meal er a full 42 1-I ISU 30 gs lah!-I v 0 o ww 3 A m 0 mcao d u u M 5 O lil In I-4 DJ- om can CLA-I o ht-I Sm! mws2 m-44:50 SKDQ IB I-I0 H: 1-I EIO I-1 D0 HO- . 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I WO - 0 on S4 0 Q .212 30 z -. 1-I III I U u Q5 92 v H2 o - 5 Q 3 Ig IQ? , U ?' go o U 0 Q 55 g I W 9 m S m Q '40 "c ma ca Pu 0 c wo an-I m.5 E 9 Z u Y-I :QS 0144-10 07-112115451 Q-O PIO!-IIT! I-41-IU 54.0212 I5 F4 0 0 U 'U F4 la OF-II-1 00 MD Q! 3 I5 as hDr-I NIU 0-G IME-I 58 m n Ob 5 CC GG 55 05 Om C C G 41 D D C CGD MCI-I 223 CLASS HISTORY September '42' found us as freshmen very happy and glad to be ln' high school at last. Gerry Bates was our president, secretary Phyllis Lyke and treasurer Hubert Minor. Our council representatives were Gerry Tull and Roy Briggs and our advisors Miss Gaylord and Mr. Brown. We were divided into two homerooms under the.superv1s1on of Miss Snow and Miss McCully. During the winter we had a sleigh ride party and. oh! what fun! After riding around town we had refreshments in the gymg this was followed by games and dancing. As sophomores we were still divided into two rooms with Mrs. Chamberlain and Mr. Stoughton in charge. We elected Teddy Pastalan as president, Gerald Tull, vice-president, Betty Jean Bradley, secretary and Phyllis Lyke, treasurer. Our class advisors were Miss Donohue and Mr. Stoughton. Our student council representatives were Olga Okrepkie and Hubert Minor. In November we held a party in the gym and about danced our feet off. Later in the evening a going-away remembrance was given to Gerry Bates who was leaving us to move to Florida. Next came ou- fnior year and the time for us to try to settle down and earn money 1 4 our senior trip. We elected George Beebe as our president, Mildred Fiske, vice-president, Betty Jean Bradley, secretary, Shirley Ace, treasurer. Our council representatives were Olga Okrepkie and Eleanor Ridgeway. We were still separated into two homerooms which were under the supervision of Miss Gilliland and Miss Bartlett. Under the guidance of Miss Klely, our advisor, we sold stationery, put on a play nAunt Suzie Shoots The Worksu and held a Junior Prom which turned out to be very successful. Our order of class rings arrived in the fall and were we thrilled! Some of us had hardly a chance to wear them before 'someone elsen had them on. Now, at last we are seniors, 48 of us, together finally in the library with Mr. Weeks in charge. At the first opportunity we held a class election. Our president, Mary Niznik, vice-president, Norman Thomas, secretary, Phylhds Lyke, treasurer, Anna Van Vorce and our Business Manager, Laureln Call. As our advisors we chose Miss Roberts and Mr. Weeks. Council representatives were Eleanor Ridgeway and Frannle deLor1m1er. To finance our long awaited New York trip, we held a round and square dance in the gym in October, held two bake sales, presented our play 'Let Me Grow Up , sold magazine subscriptions and greeting cards We received the proceeds from the wego-Newark Valley game. At all the home games we sold ice-cream, pop, pop corn, and hot dogs and rented ' pillows. However, the date for our long waited trip arrived and on the evening of April 23 we started for New York and what a tlmel In spite of the loss of sleep and acquiring sore feet, all who went had a wonderful time. After a few weeks of much needed rest we again gathered to enjoy a formal banquet at the Arlington Hotel. w And so we come to the end of our high school career. We have had fun and a wonderful time and greatly regret leaving, but the time has come for us to go out into the world for new adventures. In leaving, we wish to express our appreciation to the Board of Education for the kind propogitignthey offered us which gave us the profits from the Saturday night movies and for giving us financial aid on our trip to New York o With the years of pleasant memories that will forever remain with uB,We. the class of '46 bid a farewell to Principal C. M. Peck,,V1ce- L Principal Nathan Hall, faculty members and school friends, and wish the Juniors the best of luck as they try to fill our shoes. 28 CLASS PROPHECY As a renowned fortune teller, I here foretell the future of the class of '46. As I look into my crystal ball, I first see a beauty shoppe owned and operated by Anna Van Vorce. I also see a man in her future, why, it looks like Buddy! iwho else could it be?D Peggy Walker is her chief assistant since Eleanor has become the perfect wife and mother. I can see her Dan and Dannie in their beautiful home. ' I gaze farther into the ball and see Olga Okrepkie as a com- mercial teacher at Albany State College for Teachers. I see Anne Rabenstein teaching there also. By continued observation, I perceive Mildred and her hubby, Gordle, prospering on their goat farm in our old home town. Back at old N. V. C. S. Mary Hull is manager of the cafeteria. Over Speedsville way I see George and Betty Beebe are raising a nice family. What's this! A baseball team coming on the diamond and who steps up to the pitcher's mound but the noted pitcher, Gerry Tull, a con- firmed bachelor. I now see one of the liveliest spots in New York City. Jeannie Van Susan and her 'Hep-Cats' are playing. Now featuring with her band is 'swoon-croon' Van Gorder and Frank Meade, the second Harry James Now I see a different scene coming into focus, this must be Paris for I see Phyllis Lyke and her husband Ken working side by side as famous dress designers. Giving them a helping hand is Esther Steenrod. None other than Francoise deLorim1er is doing the translating. As I look a little farther back to Hollywood, I see the famous dance team, Mary Van Gorder and Norman Thomas, creating a new dance for their next movie. Starring in the movie will be Rose Collinsg I see a string of broken hearts following her. What have we here? There is Shirley Ace now a well-known journa- list, busily typing an editorial. Ah, yes! I see a few prosperous farmersg Roy Briggs and Edwin Armitage are surely working to make those acres turn out perfect. Phoebe and Don are also doing wonders on their farm, and why wouldn't they? Just look at the three 'helping handsn there beside them. There's a few chickens flying around. Who's that in the middle of them? Well, if it isn't the former Sophie Judski! Earl has taught her the fundamentals of chicken care. Also in the chicken business is Charlotte Holtman. And here's Phil Sp1talny's nAll-Girln Orchestra tuning up with Suzanne Delaney as solo violinist and Sara Hall seated at the piano. 29 Now I see a wedding procession. It's Laurein Gall, her wish come true. Marriage. Wait 'til I look into this big office. There's Dorothy Needham doing very well as a private secretary before she is 191 This group of successful wives looks like a homsmakers'convent1on. Among them are: Ann Lacy, Helen Van Vorce, Thelma Weber, Barbara Bailor and Martha Howe, Ah, yes, and Evangeline Hotaling, her men have finally dwindled to one. ' A famous theater now comes into view. Loretta Deming is the man- ager with Marlon Hoyt as head usher and behind the curtains Elmo Sears has charge of the lights. Dick Loeffler and Hubert Minor, the wlttles and comedians are com1ng'on the stage. What a show this will bel There are many paintings in the lobby by the master artist, Betty Jean Bradley There are a few futures not quite visible, but for Mary Niznik, Emily Beebe, and Betty Mix, I see the word"SUCCESS',fblazingstrongly on their paths. And now coming into view is an old maid sitting before a fire, recalling pleasant memories. with nothing but a cat for a 'partner.n Well, who can it be? Me, of course. How disappointing! Now with a swift good-by, I place the cover on my crystal ball and leave it for some oncoming senior. --Joyce Haines 30 3 Class Will We, the senior class of nineteen hundred and ' forty-six, of Newark Valley Central School, being of normal minds and sane condition, do hereby make public our will and testament, and bequest the following: Unit I To Mr. Peck and all those who have tried to help us in these four years we leave our thanks and best wishes. Unit II To those two ambitious advisors, Miss Roberts and Mr. Weeks, we wish to show our deep appreciation for their understanding, patience, loyal interest, lasting sympathy, courage, outstanding cooperation, sunny disposition, and excellent humor. It has been a tough year for them. Unit III We,the class of 'L6, leave: Our regret for not having been the idol which we were supposed to have been. Our advisors whom every class will appreciate. Our ability to pinch pennies to the Junior class. fThey are going to need it.J To the Sophomore class, the hours we have spent in conference in Mr. Peck's office. To the Freshmen class, our class spirit and cooperation. CIt isn't much but we hope it will help.I Unit IV I, Gerry Tull, leave my pilot's license to Mrs. Chamberlain. I, Ann Rabenstein, will my interest in school to,Irma Bender. Doris Couts, will my height to Beverly Mix. Edwin Armitage, leave my manners to the seventh and eighth grade boys. I, Shirley Ace, will my size to Alice Wixson. I, Fran de Lorimier, will my cheerleading ability to whoever can improve it. I, Dorothy Needham, leave to Doris Pitcher my quietness. I, Sophie Judski, will Earl Clark to anyone who can keep track of him. I, Frank Mead, will my music ability to Phyllis Dalola. I, Mildred Fiske, will my daily walks to Carol and Russell. I, Olga Okrepkie, leave my arguments for Fords to Howard Horton. Loretta Deming, will my temper to Doris Lisk. Thelma Weber, will my late hours to my sister I. 1, I, I, 3l I, Eleanor Ridgeway, leave my poise to Marion Davey. I, Rose Collins, will my boyfriends to Flora Panas. I, Suzanne Delaney, will my violin toBuster Woodmansee. If Dick Loeffler, leave my mischievousness to George Arnold. I, Joyce Haines, will my broken heart to Jack Allen. . I, Anna Van Vorce, will my life with Olga to anyone who can stand it. I, Esther Steenrod, leave my approval of the male sex to Alice Purple. I, Betty Mix, leave my opinions to anyone who can express them. ' I, Sara Hall, leave my Wcacklen to Pat Bliss. Keep up the good work! I, Phyllis Lyke, leave my voice with Barbara Stoughton. Good luck, Cinderella! I, Marion Hoyt, will my griping to Si Wesche. I, Dick Van Gorder, leave. What else can I do? In conclusion, we constitute, appoint, and designate Mr. Schoonmaker as executor of this our last will and testament. Hereto we subscribe our names on this twenty-fourth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-six. ' The Class of l9L6 ALPHABET We present the epilogue of the Senior Class-- A is for Ann, with high honor she'11 pass. is for Beebeg also for Betty, is for Collins who always goes steady. is for DeLorimler, everyone's pal, is for Eleanor, the Navy's gal. F is for Frank, he's musically inclined, G is for Gerry, our nGlamor Boyn, B C D E H is for Haines, his pride and joy. I is for Isaac, more often called Ed, J is for Judski, oh! that blonde curly head. K is for Kids we know we will miss, L is for Loeffler, he won't miss a kiss! M is for Marys, there are three Also for Minor, so little and wee. N is for Needham, her beauty shines far, O is for Okrepkie, she loves that car. P is for Phyllis, Phoebe and Peg, Q is for questions, the answers we beg! R is for Roy, the strong, silent one, S is for Sara, full of giggles and fun. T is for Thomas, he heads the girls' list, U is for You,--the ones we have missed. V is for Van Susan, the Van Vorces and Van Gorders, It seems that the Dutch have expanded their borders. W is for Weber so small but oh my! is for You Seniors,--keep striving--don't stop, is for Zenith, you will all reach the top. X Z Class Flower- Red Rose Class Colors- Navy and White 32 C? was --, y 1.23 ,--' .- 'A-A-1, A --g X pf',4?-- . ,...""Qp- ,,,-,A Ag' jf- Ns-lf f' ..,.-5, X -g--' 'jf-4 - rl-.S x,"'sj- " ,- """ '-'K--f..,, 1'-5, v -..g--- .4 . ' 5,-,W .3v,.,. 1.3 . f!.. -Wu-of-.4 ..-Q a- -.h-0 smug' ,hmm ' ' 1 4-at ' " -'--vga.. -.-1-L 'N :nf-A-A-145V D.Couts,J.Ha1nea,E.Hota1ng,S.De1aney,S.Judsk1,B.Easton, R.Collins,E.Steenrod. M.Hoyt,B.Brad1ey,S.Ha11,L.Dem1ng,A.VanVoroe,N.Thomas,M1es Sogerts,Mr.Weeks,M.N1zn1k,L.Ca11,E.R1dgeway,F.deLor1m1er, . lake, A.Lacey,A.Rabenete1n,M.Hul1,S.Ace,B.M1x,0.0krepk1e,J.Van Suean,M.VanGorder,D.Needham,P.Wa1ker,M.Howe,E.Be6be,C.Holtman E.Arm1tage,E.Seare,R,VanGorder,G.Tu1l,G.Beebe,R.Br1ggs,F.Meade. S.Gardner,A. C.Sca11a,D.Yeti Lawton,J.deLor1- ter,P.R1ch,A. m1er,A.Bacon,D. We1at,L.Avery, P1tcher,A.Purple P.Da1o1a,M.Den- P.B11ss,Miss n1s,D.Lake,R. Rowan,Hr.Schoon- Morehouse,J.Dun- maker,A.0nofr1o, 1op,B.Wa1ker, D. D.Rabenste1n,H. Ceurter,M.Ho1den K1ossner,J.Ste- B.W680h6. vens,A.W1xon. n.sm1gh,B.Ba11or B.Partridge,J.N1les,D.Lacey,C.Ku1ikowsk1,M.Weber,L.Hutcheson, B. Stoughton,E.Schm1dt,R.R1chardeon,D.Co1e,D.L1sk,A.Spano. J.W11son,A.Ardel1,G.Fie1ds,H.Hutch1nson,R.Woodmanaee,W.Rutan, W.Bunn,J.A11en,C.Harding,D.Comstock,K.Snavely,F.Snave1y,K.Marsh, R.Wh1tney. fff f'c9 .LaMonta1n,M.Pol1ard,P.Cutt1ng, H N.Dury,J.Ke11an,M1ss Donohue, A.Lat1er,H.Thornton,C.Runde11, J.S1gns,E.Rose,M.S1gns. S.Holden,F.Panas,S.Easton,C. Sh1rrmacher,M.Dun1op,T.Ho1mes, .Broadhurst,P.Needham, B.Jewett,M.Keyes,M.Dean,E.Thomas,A.Thomas, :Wa1ker,C.Ayere,F.Wade,L.Chand1er,H.Andersen,G.Strope,J.l1efer, .Simmons,P.Barden,J.Jewett,J.Oakes,D.She1p,R.Jackaon, R.Snave1y, V B Mills, W W i.Thompson, R.Keane, L.Co1e, J.Ca11ahan, D.Rabenste1n. ' .Pasta1an,D.Yescavage,J.Ros1nek1,E.Sharp,H.Evener,R.Andreas, 34 Grade 9 A.Keane, C.Weeks, B.Best, P.Z1mmer, B.Bowen, M.Spano, Mr.Lynaugh, M.Thomas, E,Marsh, M. Partridge, W.Marsh, G.Gardner, J.Warner. E.She11hammer, S.Chrys1er, A.Ga1p1n, D.M11- lor, D.Stratton, A.C111yer, B.M1x, R.Graham, M.F1ske, J.Ca1ver1y, C.C1ark, R.Armstrong, A.Dem1ng. R.Van Gorder, P.Weber, C,Huseon, C,Ni1es,C. Casper, J. Bartlett, R.Truax, H.Rabenste1n, N.Cortr1ght, L.Z1mmer, C.Brandes, R.Swag1er. L.H1nee, L.Sm1th, R.Tappan, R.Woodard, C. Andersen, A.Payne, E.Munch, G. Bowen, G. Arnold, C.Hammond, C.Grim1ey, R.She11hammer, D.Brigge. H.Co11yer, R.Gardner R.Lat1er, A.deLor1m1er, .J.oxu-epxie, J.Lyxe, f.Van vm-ee, N.watk1na, L.Watk1ns, H.Lampman, W.Nest1e, R.Thomas, S.Spano. B.C1eve1and, R.Kuhrt, M.Dauberman, S.G1vene, B.Sm1th, E.M1l1er, Mrs. Chideeter, Mrs. Joe- lin, S.Sharp, F.Dauberman, B,Weber, G,Hota1- ing, I.Po11ard, S.Heffere, R.Every, C.Hughes. N.Aust1n, J.Perry, M.VanScoten, P.G1vene, B.Tompk1ns, E.Meacham, E.Nace, C.Stokes, M.Yaman, V.Auat1n, I,WQQdard, J,W1150n, R, Morehouse, J.Ca11ahan. Z.Janowsk1, D.Strope, A.A1exander, F.Jordan, F,Mix, F.Rockwe11, D.A1exander, G.Be1okur, L.O11ver, H.Onofr1o, J.Vanderpoo1, L.Carro11, M.Oakes. J.Thomas, J.Hutcheson, S.Gy1ea, F.Ho1mea, R. Enright, F.Kinney,E.Bent1ey,C.A11en,E,C1ark, G.Dar11ng,R.May,R.Dun1op, L.Huason. Grade 8 Grade 7 B.Ca1dwel1, M.Co11yer, I.Shaver, M.Da1o1a, C,Jordan, F.Delaney, H.Weber, D.York, S.Ayers S,Yetter, S.M111e, B.Dean, RBent1ey A.Stough ton, J.Roberte, J.VanNorman M,Str1ck1and,T.Evener,J.Hbehiar,B.Deming, D.Cnrys1er ,J.Baker,N.Weston,Mr. VanDeuBen, Mr.Mann1gan, M.Gardner,E.Moshier,B.Sharp, E.Johneon,J.Aust1n,V.Stokes,H.Wa1tera. B.R1ce,K,R1ce,J.Mungh,D.Jordan,A.M111er, B.Vargason,F.Myers,L.She11hammer,R.Ruese11, R,Lew1s,R.Shaver,E.Thomae,G.Po1lard,D.Stev- ens.C.W1l11ams,P.K1nney,J.Wood. M.Snave1y,M.011ver,M.C0rw1n,E.H1nes,J.Wn1g- marsh,G.Curkendall,J.Murray,L.Mead,E.M11ks, R-Dan1e1S,A.Budney.R.Z1mmer,J.Sears,,B.Bgker, P.Ba1rd,L.A1brecht,M.Zimmer, L.York,D.Arm1tage,D.Beebe,G.Evene ,W.Thomas, 5-LHWt0n,L-BHiley,G.Hoyt,D.Jewett?B,Thomae, D-GH1P1U.D-LBCey,E.Snave1y,R.M1nor,L.Negus, J.deLor1m1er,E.H0ward,E.Kent. Grade 6 Grade 5 C.Luszczek,P.Purp1e,H.Sharp,W.Hammond,L.Junk, J.Chrysler,N.P1tbher,M.Meyers,RaEnr1ght,M.War ner,L.Barden,L.Lat1er, M.Okrepk1e,B.B1ewer,C.Buck,S.Squ1ree,H.Tyr- re11,P.Kw1atkoweki,Mre.Dodge,M1ss Parsley, R.Johnson,D.Marsh,J.Snave1y,C.Sp1cer,S.Kul1k- owek1,S.L1sk. R.Bowen,M.Graham,J.Hbyt,C.Shellhammer, R,H1nes W.Dan1e1s,G.Johnson,G.Harper,J.French,L.S1gns, R.Brink,K.Kuhrt,J.Wa1ters,L.Bean,K.Ho11enbeck. W.Wa1ker,J.Wakeman,A.Schm1dt,W.Wa1t,R.Ghamber- lain,F.Nace,R.O11ver,B.P1tcher,C.Lake,G.Truax L.Brandes. C.Sadd1em1re,M.Schoonmaker,J.Be1okur,N.Keith, M.Needham,K.Cortr1ght,D.KetchwmB.LaMonta1n, J.Hyatt,D.Snapp,J.Hughes,J.P1ech. 35 R.Mosh1er,F.Pe11ett,A.Spano,B.Dav1s,S.Lawton, M.Jayne,J.Settle,S.LaJza,G.Chrys1er,J.P1tcher D.Collyer,S.Pattereon,S.daLor1m1er I.M111s,B.Every,J.She11hammer,R.Sharp,D.Wh1t- marsh,H.Marsha11,Mrs.H1nea,Mr.Hagerty,G.Ace, W.Swackhammer,R,Snave1y,R,Turk,R.Hyatt,U.Ay- ere. J.Tomokins,R.Dav1e,J.M11ks,J.Tappan,J.Corwin, J.Overacker,D.Arm1tage,E.Babcock,D.Stoughton, J.Koby1arz,R.Ke11am,M.Panas,A.Steenrod, N.Ho1mee, R.Horton,G.Thomas,C.A1brecht,H.S1aw1nsky, L.Rice,H.Ca1ver1ey,P.Swag1er,L.Weber,S.Sher- wood,C.Jackson,C.Mataon,M.Campbe11,B.Hart- well, L.H1nes,B.Ham11ton,H.Soko1oak1,C.A11mand1nger B.Avery I.Thomas,G.Ca11ahan,H.Schm1dt,M.Var- gaaon ,B.Smith,M.5he1p,B.Lusk. C.Lyke, F.Str1ckland, J. Stroup, M.Dur1e S.Darl1nQ, D.Morr1s, B.Harper, D.Ayere,D. Deming, .Heffers, B.Z1mmer, M.Bowen,K. Dingler. H.D1ngman, E.Peck, A.Brown, E.5m1th, E. Hilliard, R.Marsh, Mrs. McPherson, Miss walker, L.Tyrre1, D.La Montain, L.W1cks, D.Thomae J Smith L.May, P.Br1nk. B.Swagler, h.L1sk: D.Hulelander, J.Grah8m. R,Watk1ns, B.Petzo1d, R.Mart1n, D.Watk1ns, J.Snavely, D.Arm1tage, G.Morehouee. F-HHP- vey, K.Enr1ght, A.Dauberman. R.Stoughton, J.Beebe, R.Bowen, J.M1x, E. Austin, F.Marshall, R.Rutan, P.DBHRHU.C- Allen, R.M1lle, V.Alexander, G.Meyers, F. Signs. S.Schoonmaker, J.Mar1nue, R.VanDueen, C. Jewett, E.Maynard, R.G1vens, G.Frost, D. Crispell, D.Curkendall, M.Barrett, D. Hutcheson. Grade 4 Grade 3 V.Mosh1er, R.Dar11ng, N.Stevens, F.Thomas, P.Dan1e1e, J.French, D.Marsh, B.Reynolds, S.Spano, J.Sopho, D.Rhodes, T.Hammond, M.H1nes, B,Be1okur, S, Adamic. J-L8MOntH1n, E.Long, M.Shoultea, S. Prentice, R.Auet1n, B.Sm1th, L.Ha1nes, L. White, P.Dutton. K.Sh1ner, R.Sm1th, M,We1ger, D, A.Shady, Belhl, M.Qu1nn, C.Sm1th, J.Harvey, D,Gray, S.Thomae, L.M111s, R.Ke1th, J.Ruseell, R. Clements. J.Okrepk1e, J.Sm1th, B.Cr1spell, D.w1ll1ame, E.Mead, J.Albrecht, G.Hover, T,Merr111, R, Miller, M.Wakeman, R,Maynard, D,DQmbept' A, Swackhammer, B.Stoughton. W.J6hnson, D.Marshal1, E.Boyce, B.Junk, C. VanVorce, D.Budney, B.Erown, W.DeHaan, S. ,Arm1tage, J.Thomas, S.Estep. 1E.Ruese11, A.Chamberla1n, A.Peck, K.Patter- son, C.Taylor, L.Chryaler, Mrs.Stratton, Miss Kenyon, S.Legge, S.Hubbs, L.Tob1n, F, Bailey, M.Hartwell. Grade 2 V.Burlarley, E.Harvey, S.Mil1er, J.Soper, N.Matson, B.Needham, A.Labour, W.Wakeman, D.Ace, J.Glezensk1, D.Austin. R,Stoughton, R.H1nes, P.Z1mmer, B.Morr1e, .Wakeman, D.Morehouse, C.SnapD, C.Hoyt, R C.Lusk, J.P1tcher, M.Lawton, T.Bowen. Grade 1 J.R1ek, M.Dauberman, B.Dan1e1s, R.Kuhrt, L.Orchard, S.Hyatt, E.Jehu, S.M11ks, B. VanDeventer, C.C1ements, S.R1ce. E.Kuhrt, R.Onofr1o, D.Mosh1er, M.B1rdeall, E.C1ark, C.Croesen, Miss Kennedy, Mrs. Dean, D.Watk1ne, L.Arm1tage, W.Z1mmer: J, Swagler, R.G1vene. D.Hartwe1l, J.Sm1th, A.Wakeman, J.Howe, B. Cobler, B.O1iver, D.Albrecht, E.Beam, M. Fiske, D.Z1mmer, B.Arthur, R.Kn1ffen. J.Lange, M.S1aw1nsky, P.Da1ola, D.Baker, B.Rice, E.Slate, L.G1lbert, D.Westfa1l, M. Plech, M.Mackey, T.Buck, L.Culver, J. Cham- berlain, S.G11l. Kindergarten B.Stoughton, A.R1ek, S.P1erce, S.Kuhrt D. Slate, C.Howland, ser, P.Lawrence, Moshler, L.Bowen. B.Reyno1de, R.Poat, H.DeHaan, H.Panas, E. M.Patterson, Mre.Atwater N.Dem1ng, W.Dunn, J.Wel- J.M1ller, D.Palmer, E. Brink, M.Watk1ns, Miss Munroe, C.Hughes, H.Sherwood, J. Hutchinson, A.Hi111ard, B.Sh1ner,M.Stroupe R.Jackson, E.Ba11ey, G.Snapp, C.Houghton, M.Ha1nee, G.Huff, L.Van Vorce, B.Thomas, D.Morr1e, E.Sm1th, G.Tob1n. V.Spano, H.Gallahan, K.A1oxander, J.Zaha- rowski, D.Sm1th, G.Petzo1d, C.Needham, C. Junk, S.Morehouse, K. Hammond, R.Longe, E. Zimmer. 36 GRADE NEWS Kindergarten Miss Munras Mrs. Atwater There are fifty-seven children in our kindergarten group at the present time. Seventeen of our group llve in town and go home at eleven-thirty in the morning on the bus. The remaining forty children stay all day and rest on cots during the We have had a great deal of sickness all during the year. One little boy afternoon. has had We At We perfect attendance at this writing. have enjoyed our games, music, stories, manuscript writing and art work. ten o'clock each morning we are served e lunch. ' have had several parties around the holidays and have celebrated two ch1ldren's birthdays by their bringing birthday cakes. Grade l Mrs. Dean Miss Kennedy There are 54 boys and girls in the first grades. Only one has had perfect attendance thus far. At Christmas time F9 put on a play entitled 'The Toys Find Chr1stmas.' Everyone had a part in the chorus, as a forest tree or as a toy. . We are starting a Dutch project. Come in and see our gay borders and Dio- tures. Grade 2 Mrs. Stratton Our second grade has had about twenty children all year. There are only seven girls so you see we have'many boys. We enjoyed the books our teacher brought from the library. She read many stories to us and we all took many books home. Every month we heard the story of Little Brown to say rhymes Bear in Children's Activities Magazine. Little Brown Bear always liked The most fun we've had has been learning the songs and parts for a short Red Hiding Hood operetta. We learned Red Riding Hood's songs, Grandma's song, the woodcutter's songs and best of all, the bad wolf's songs. In the fall we took a walk one noon hour to visit the postoffice and the fire station. The post-master showed us through the post-office. Doctor Milks let us spray some water like the firemen do to put out fires. We are collecting United States stamps to see how many different ones we can get. We have quite a few different three-cent stamps. ' Grade 2 We have day has been found in our We have Miss Kenyon done many interesting things this year. Our most important work every learning to read well. It has been fun to read all the good books we room. made many nice pictures for our room during the year. Some of them were on display in the hall for others to see. We also made some useful gifts to take home. ' At Christmas we presented a play, uToy Around the Christmas Treen for an assembly DPOSPHM- We have had a very happy year, working and playing together. Grade 3 There were twenty-one pupils in this grade. Grade level, completed. Special test many simple books were read to help create Mrs. Shoultes Some began work on the Third and some continued the work of the Second Grade which they had not emphasis was placed on improvement in reading. Besides the regular a desire to read more books. At Halloween time the class gave a play, uThe Scarecrown, for a grade assembly- A unit on Indian life was worked out. The children made a wigwam large enough to get into in our room. They learned about Indian designs and Indian sign language Health habits were studied and illustrated by making a health alphabet, with posters showing rhymes and pictures about good health. I Everyone in the group worked well, and we had a most pleasant year. Grade 3 Mrs. Long There are twenty-nine pupils in our third grade. During the year we have taken many imaginary trips in our studies. In early autumn we visited the Indians. While there we made rug designs, sign letters, pictures and posters to illustrate our unit. At other times we colored cross stitch samplers, made spelling booklets, wove small rugs for table mats, painted pictures and made several useful gifts for our parents. 37 GRADE News CCont1nued7 Out of our language work has developed the idea of illustrated poems that we liked best. We chose the title 'Me' for our cover deslgn. Our assembly program was a play 'Wedding of Jack and Jill' held in April. The entire grade took part. The monthly classes in the Library with Mrs. Chamberlain proved very enjoyable all during the year. The children have made fine progress in their reading and developed a love for good books. Grade 4 ' V Mrs. McPherson When school began in September we had eleven girls and twenty-one boys. Since then we have had four girls transfer to another school or room and had two new boys enroll. During the first Bart of the year we visited South America, Central America, and the Navaho Indian eservation in our own United States. While we were visiting the Navahos, we learned how to weave rugs and baskets. A1 kLater we went to New England to visit a fishing village and then journeyed to ss a. Grade 4 Miss Walker We have thirty-seven children in our room. Of these eleven are boys and twenty-six are girls. Since the beginning of the year three children have come to our room from other schools. We have monitors in the room who are chosen each week. The children take turns doing the dusting, caring for the bookshelves, washing boards, cleaning erasers and other things. We enjoy having duties ourselves. Grade 5 I Mrs. Hines We started out the year with 56 pupils. We had to change our room because our number was solarge . Since then two have been transferred to us from other schools in the state and one from Iowa. We elected class officers. Helen Sokoloski is president, Robert Kellam, vice-president, and James Milks, secretary. . Our books were new or nearly so. This has made our studies more interesting. In social studies we cover all of North America - United States, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. We continue the study of the four fundamental processes in arithmetic besides the 19lTn1QS of fractions, measurements, and problems. With the help of Mrs. Snyder's class we presented an assembly program, nPantomlme of Mother Goose Chsracters.n Garde 5 Mr. Hagerty During the year the fifth grade pupils, twenty-eight strong, have hitched their wagons to a star and have been building a firm foundation for future education. Our great country has been particularly stressed this year. Our journey has been from Boston to San Francisco and from Chicagg to New Orleans. South America and our other North American neighbors, too, became part of the itinerary. In our other subjects we have reviewed the fundamental processes and have learned many new things. At mid-term Mr. Hagerty became one of the fifth grade teachers. He replaced Mrs. Snyder. Educational films, assemblies, and a weekly radio program helped our under- standing of the new problems which confronted us. Grade 6 Mrs. Dodge g Miss Persley The two divisions of the sixth grade have an enrollment of sixty-six. We have undertaken several new projects this year. Our groups have planned assembly programs, displays for the showcase, and have made menus for each holiday for the Veteran's Hospital in Bath. 38 A . .J T x 'X 54 . .f N fl' wr -I 37 git- ", Qs- f - r f' AT.'yL I 1 Ng-,Q , h Vg".-5 --"7 , ff ' ,, ,-X. f5x -. , 4..f,.-ff , ,. f uv , A gs ,ir ,-1 -,r,z' -A I 5 X i .H 3-L ,- .-..f-- p 'wx , " N- 'f '1' . . . ..f 5 . -'x ' ' . '-F ,A --X. -x ..i1.i..ii,., gf-ZYQJNX Y -f ... -3 ,,,,,. 4-.N . x"'T ,,,..e-'ga '?'h,1 -. 1.,-.Lg -wg, ...,,,4 ,,.... -11... 'xx T .1-x X -...- . AA x ...Ns id-M ..--I - X f-sf . ' . . "-'va 1' 'x 39 ' -vnu'-fp v ' L-lg! - ,m 7' . fa.. F. ,. -15-"""Q-' ,-, :sd ,Q ox' W. M. le... 1 ,,.,.. . WW.- .......r....,.. M. Fiske, R. Collins, O. Okrepkle, C. Bailor, H. Woodmansee, R. E. Ridgeway, J. Van Susan, F. de Loeffler, G. Beebe, H. Minor. Lorimier, A. Van Vorce. C. Niles, Mr. Chauncey, E. Sharp .QJQ EZ,L444zJ Mr. Lynaugh, H. Woodmansee, R. Tappan, G. Beebe, D. Comstock, R. Ballard, W. Rutan, C. Grimley. H. Minor, G. Tull, J. Allen, R. Woodmansee, G. Kobylarz, R. Van Gorder, G. Strope, W. Dunn, H. Hutchinson, A. Ardell. R. Jackson, J. Allen, W. Dunn, A. Purple, P. Bliss, M. Weber, G. Strope, L. Pastalan. L. do Lorlmier. C. Grimley, W. Rutan, F. Mix, A, Bacon, D. Pitcher, M. Shell- D. Shelp, A. Ardell, Mr. Lynaugh. hammer, J. de Lorimier. 40 W Horton Ballard Hutchinson J. Niefer, Mgr. Mr. Lynaugh, Coach Tull Woodmansee Comstock Van Gorder ,, A , . I K 4, mv X 4l SOCCER The soccer season was short this year as a result of Koby breaking his leg in the last quarter of the second game with Marathon. The first game was played with a heavy rain and deep mud, but came motored to Marathon. The score of For their second game the team that game was 4-1, Marathon's favor JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL With Billy Dunn as their Captain the Jay-Vees had a fine season, winning eleven out of the seventeen games. One of their outstanding accomplishments was defeating Owego on th losers court by a score of 52-26. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Their years of cheerleading have three years they have shown excellent floor. come to an end. For the past leadership on the basketball To you, the future cheerleaders, they dedicate their ever popular 'Bo-Bon. Carry on! And may you have many victorious seasons. Bo Bo ski wot en dot, Wot dot en sh-h-h-h 2 Bo Bo ski wot en dot, Wot dot en sh-h-h-h 3 Ish ka bibble Ish ka bibble Bo Bo ski wot Wot dot en sh- bibble blbble, bibble bibble, en dot, h-h-h-h I JAY-VEE CHEERLEADERS Homer at Homer. The boys played in out the victors by a score of 2-1. f B The Jay-Vee cheerleaders really looked sharp in their new uniforms. They did a swell Job and will be back to cheer you on next year. , VARSITY BASKETBALL The Newark Valley Central School completed its basketball sea- son this year with nine wins and eleven losses and placing third in the Sect ionals . Our team was in a fast league of the southern tier consisting of Horseheads, Owego, Elmira Heights, Waverly and Watkins Glen. The games lost were hard fought and most of them close until about time for the last whistle. One of the many exciting games was with Elmira Heights on our home court. With a short time to play and the score being 59-58, our boys did a fine Job of freezing the ball making the victory our All the members of the team except two will be back on the floor next year to represent N. V. C, S. in another year of its favorite sport, basketball. 42 I GEMS ,A !'lX i ,,+,i- '-7 - if L L I-M k"NX ig gi- i 7-!',,,. M' J --A x is if -1-3,2 bbimmg- N h X k fl .1- . A A' x. 'R NX "fs,-f-. , 55'- mhffw EEE J' viva' L -o---v-vxafgd-., . xw vga"-ff -V mirrfia 43 fi wx -J? . -X NNN 5.-.T .., 1-uv' ,-0' NN-L 2 ' ,,.f' mf- .NN ,av eww , 607 G. Johnson, L. York, L. Barden, R. Bentley, S. Yetter, H. Calver- ley,H. c011yer,L. Negus, J. Van Norman, G. Harper. E.Shellhammer, R.Van Gorder,C. Brandes, G.Arnold, D.Comstock, L.Brandes, M.Warner, J.Jewett, D.Jewett, L.Shellhammer, R. Lewis, J.Lyke. D.Rabenste1n,Mr.Chauncey,A.Ardell, J.Niefer,G.Strope,W.Dunn,H.Hutch- 1nson,E.Sears,R.Bal1ard,C.Husson, Mr.Wesks, Z.Janowsk1. 2 Sf, F. Pellett, J.Shellhammer, D. York, L. May, H. Enright, M. Graham, S. Lawton, R. Moshier. F. Delaney, L. Junk, C. Shellhammer, S. Lisk, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Kenyon, E. Johnson, C. Albrecht, M. Schoonmaker, J. Hughes. D. Snapp, V. Stokes, B. Blewer, S. Lawton, L. Albrecht, P. Baird, J. Sears, D. Stratton, J. Moshier, I. Shaver. A, Peck, S. Legge, S. Estep, B. Junk, B. Brown, P. Zimmer, S. Hubba, L. Tobin, J. Stroup, G. Frost, M1ss Kennedy, Miss Munroe, S. Prentice, P. Daniels, K. Shiver, A. Chamberlain. C. Lyke, S. Darling, N. Matson, E. Durie, J. Smith, S. de Lori- mier, M. Quinn, I. Shaffer, L. Tyrrel. 44 Miss Rowan, E.Ridgeway, 0.0krepk1e, R.Woodmansee, F.deLor1m1er, Hr. O. Okrepkie, R. Ballard, A. Weeks. Purple. G. Curkendall, R.Van Gorder, C. Allen, G.Be1okur, G.Strope, M. R. Van Gorder, Mr. Lynaugh, Weber, C3Weeks,C,Sca11a, J. Van H. Horton, J. Van Susan. Norman. ' ' ' AW M. Hoyt, S. Judskl, A. Van Vorce, O. Okrepkie, Hf'F1ske, R. Collins, A. Onofrio, L. Deming. A. Lacey, E. Ridgeway, L. Hutcheson, J. do Lorimier, C. Scalia, M. Dennis, W. Rutan, R. Van Gorder, W. Dunn, C. Kulikowski, M. Weber, M. Niznik, B. Easton, A. Heist, J. Haines. 2aQ2aa2wz15Q5QQ2A4L,47! SZl9uznLup -,xgZl14fCfZ2ALA5db F. de Lorimier, O. Okrepkie, S. Hall, M. Hlnriohsen. H. Niznik, A. Van Voroe. P. Lyke, Miss Donohue, A. Purple. 8. Judski, J.Dudlop, G.Strope, E.Arm1tage, H.Andersen, H. Mead, . I. Shaver. 45 Miss Roberts, A. Van Vorce, P. Miss Rowan, C. Harding, J. Haines, Lyke, R. Van Gorder, S. Hall, G. Strope, B. Stoughton, H. Hor- D. Couts. ton, J. Van Susan. R. Loeffler, D. Needham, M. Niz- M. Hoyt, E. Shellhammer, J. de nik, R. Collins. Lorimier, L. Chandler, M. Van lk4QbLaytj7KQ:, 62, ,t Gorder, S. Halt? P. Lyke. i X RQ " I: Q an-if P. Givens, E. Miller, B. Mix, Miss Estes, H. Mead, B. Mix, R. Truax, J. Oakes. B. Caldwell, L. Bailey, M. Dauberman, W. Marsh, E. Meachem, R.She11- hammer, C. Weeks, E. Marsh, E. Miller, R. Every, M. Oakes, S. Givens. 7f44a?A Cggxzlfh 7fZQz9L4r'f'j2?Z4A,E4fL7?24ZZW? ads? Rogerga, W. Rutan. A. 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W 62 M.Gardner, C.Luszczek, H.Sharp, R.O11ver, R.Br1nk, R.Gardner, L.She11hammer, J.Mosh1er, P.Baird, N.Holmes, P.Kul1kowek1, R.Sharp, D.Coute, B.M111s,E.M111er.M-Dauber- man, C.D1ngler, S.Lyza. . D.Stratton, P.Thompson, D,Watk1ns, H.Co11yer, G.Dar11ng, M,Schoon- maker, J.Lyke, Mr.DeRue, V.Stokes, B.Sharp, L.Brandes, H.C81VeP1ey, D.Stevens,C,Van Vorce, S,Sharp. N.Weston, M.S1gns, S.Ayers, L0r1m19r A.Stoughton, L.Ba11ey, N.Co11yer, M.Da1o1a, D.York, B.R1ce, B.Ca1dwe11, G.Hota11ng, J.Baker, K4R1ce, Miss Lundy, Miss Rowan, H.Weber, F.De1aney, I.Sha- ver. C.Jordan, E.M111er. E,RQee, B.Thomas, J.Munch,M.O11ver D.Jordan, J.Stevens, A.Rabenste1n, E.Steenrod, E.H1nes, M.Corw1n, B.Vargason,A.M111er, M.Snave1y. G.W1111ama, G.Po11ard, R.Ruese11, A.Keane, M.Hu11, P.Needham, C.Hard1ng, B.Wa1ker, J.Dun1op, A.Lat1er, M.Dun1op, G.Curkenda11, R.Lew1s. 49 CQLQL L.Negus, L.A1brecht, J.Sears, E.Johnson, Mr.Mann1gan, D.Beebe, .Dean, M.Oakes, P.K1nney. ,Watk1ns, J.Okrepkie, F.Myers, Z.Janowsk1, A.A1exander, D.Strope R.Dun1op, S.Gy1es, H.Co1lyer, R.Lat1er, R.Enr1ght, E.Clark, J.Vanderpoo1, L.Carro11, D.A18Xan der L.0l1ver,R.0nofr1o, C.Shaver, R.May. B N QM: R.Every, I.Woodard, S.Ho1den, Mrs. Chamberlain, E.Hota11ng, H.Ander- sen, M.Snave1y, P-Givens. L,Huaaon, J.Thomae, J.Wh1tmarsh, J.Ke11am, N.Cortr1ght, C.Huseon, C.Andersen, L.Mead, E.Snave1y, R.Thomas. J.Lusk, D.A1brecht, M.Qu1nn,S.Pren tice ,D.Co11yer,L.Tyrre1,D.Dem1ng, S.Hubbe,L.Tob1n,A.Peck,N.Stevens. C.A11mand1nger. H.Ca1ver1eyE.H1111ard,B.Lusk,D. Curkendall,J.A1brecht,D.W1l11ams, P.Dan1e1s,K,8h1ner,J.Sett1e,M.Gra- ham,C.Jewett,J.Sm1th,S.deLor1m1er, L.Junk,B.Ca1dwe11. B.Ham11ton P.De Haan8.Lawton,M. Jayne.C,Albrecht.G.Ernat. P.Ba1rd, A.Rabenete1n,M1ss Burlington, C.Stokee, L.A1breoht,S.Lawton, 7fiLzfQJ'-jEZQi4P25Zm410f7zZ5vap V.Btokes,P.Z1mmer, B.Dem1ng,N.Co1lyer, B.Sherp. H.Sm1th, L.Barden, I.Thomas, R.G1vens, L.Dem1ng, S+Ha11, B.M1x, R.Truax, J.Jewett, P.Da1o1a, A.Keane, B.J.Brad1ey, D.Jewett, R.Lew15, J.Lyke. 50 S. Delaney, S. Hall, Miss Dono- E. Ridgeway, Misa Rowan, Prin. hue, F. de Lorimier, M. Hoyt. Peck, Miss Lundy, R. Whitney. L. Deming, L. Avery, E. Sears, W. guna, E. Armitage, S. Ace, Hr. Chauncey, Mr.B1d1ack. L. all. g...f,.J..+.e, 6494, 79 dam viz! 3404 8. Judski, A. Van Voroe, J. Haines, H. Fiske, R. Collins, M. Van Gorder. M. Niznlk, D. Needham, S. Ace, Hr. Schoonmaker, P. Walker, B. Easton, A. Onofrio, D. Pitcher. ' 7C5ZQ9z Cflazf E7fiQi4iZkLf'cZZ6auFf W. Woodmansee, C. Weeks, Hr. B- Easton, R' c0111n'w Hr' Bidlack, u. Weber, G. Strope. Sigvonmakor, J.Ha1neaf B. Jud- s . , R. Van Gorder, J. de Lorimier, P' '51k'r' E' s"r'v H' van D.'Comstook, L. naming, m. Shell- G0P4'f- hammer. Sl B.Cleve1and, R. Colling, E.Hota1- ing, A.Weist, B.Easton, Mr. Sad- dlemire, Mr. Weeks, Mgwbber, D. Lacy, M.Niznik, Lorimier R. Mbrehouse. A.Spano, C.Ayers, R.Tappan, A. Ardell, P.Wa1Ker, W.Rutan, J.Van Susan, J.Bartlett, R.Ba11ard, H. Andersen, P.Barden. R.Loeffler, E.BQnt1ey, F.Snave1y G.Fie1ds, J.Oakes, K.Snave1y, C. Grimley, S.Bai1or. maui E.M111er, D.Jordan, B.R1ce, R.Kuhrt, I.Po11ard, J.Perry, B.Weber, G.Hota11ng, H.Weber, H.Da1o1a, C.Jordan. F.De1aney, I.Shaver, H.Hoyt, J.Hunch, J.Baker, A.Lavton, Miss Bacon, P.R1ch, H.Thornton, L.DomingQ E.Steenrod, F.Panas. H.K1ossner, M.Davey, I.R1ce H.011vor E.Mosh1er, B.Dem1ng, B.Vargason, R.Horehouso E.fhomaa, D.f1sk. B,H111s. r.naub.rn.n,A.w.1n,A. Cfollyer, c.xu11xonn, n.x.aoey,a.Gramm. B.H1x,M.Weber,M.Keyes,A.Lat1qr,M.DunLop,D.Ceurter,H.8tr1ck1and. D.8trope,E.Tholas,l.Watkin!,S. Lycra,J.doLor1m1er,G.Po11srd,R. Rulao11.R.Lanpman. J,0kropk1eL.011ver,0.8havQr,F. Kinney.R.Lov1s,Hr.Good!e11or, lr. Lynaugn R.Buag1or,R.8havor, A.doLorinicr G.Dur11ng. G.Bo1okur I.iix,R.0notri0.V. Bart1ott,3.Heuderson,hdldxandnf J,1andcrpoo1,E.Bent1oygG.A11on, on o 52 RIFLE CLUB Due to reasons unknown an unusual number of girls registered for Rifle Club this year, therefore, making it necessary to have two separate meetings. The boys meet on Tuesdays and the girls on Thursdays. The aim of the club is to obtain ex- pert marksmanship. GAME AND PARTY CLUB Game and Party Club, organized by Mrs. Maud S. Chldestsr, consists or ten members of the eighth grads. It meets twice a month. Aparty was held at a recent meeting and before school closes a club picnic will be held. COMMERCIAL CLUB This year a new club was organized under the direction of Miss Helen Donohue. It began showing what oould be done with time, thinking, paper and pencil and within a short time the club published a paper called, 'TRANSMITTERW. This consisted of short stories, poems, Jokes, editorials and any articles desired to be printed, all of which was done by the students. During the year much talent was discovered that would never come to view. Our Chunks shouldgo to Miss Donohue and her club members for all the work in publishing a school paper. L-H CLUB The L-H consists of seven members in Junior high school who are interested in agriculture. All members own and have complete responsibility for some farm enter- prise. Their aim is to learn responsibilities and improved practices necessary tor successful farming. F. F. A. The F. F. A., under the direction of Richard Chauncey, has as its membership 32 vocational agriculture students. Their aim is to understand farming problems, learn agriculture and cooperation and to gain experience in social meeting and organiza- tion. SCOUTS The Boy Scout Association is combined with both the town troop No. 30 and the school troop No. LB. The directors of troop 30 are Mr. James Weeks and Mr. Earl Saddlemire, while Mr. Richard Chauncey and Mr. Nathan Hall are in charge of troop No. L3. BIBLE CLUB Bible Club is a new organization this year organized by Miss Jeanette Estes. It consists of approximately twenty members. The purpose of this club is to gain a better understanding of the Bible and also the study of the Book of Acts. PUB CLUB The Pub Club is sponsored by Mr. Schoonmaker. It consists of Juniors and 55111075 V010 IYISOT- OVSTY Tuesday. The work of this club is to lake s servlcemen's newsletter and mail it to every service man or woman who attended N. V. C. S. The last half of the year the club is kept busy working on the yearbook. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council this year was really tops. For the first time in the history of N. V. C. S. a girl held the office of president. This highly privileged student was 0158 Okrepkie. The other officers were Vice-President, Dick Woodmanseeg Sec- retary, Eleanor Ridgewayg Treasurer, Francoise deLorimier. Advisors were Miss Rowan and Mr. Weeks. Under the supervision of this group the dancing club, hall monitors and Student Control Day were organized. The members also participated in a play 'All Carrs To The Rescue' which was given for the public at an evening per- formance. STUDENT BOARD OF FINANCE The treasurer of each class and club is organized into the Board of Finance which handles the money of school activities. School secretary, Miss Marion Hinricheson is in charge of this organization. Each treasurer keeps a record of the financial status of the group he represents and handles all receipts and dis- bursements of money tor his group. BTUDIII STORE CLERKS Each morning before school the student store is open for the purpose of selling supplies and materials to the students. It is under the management of Miss Helen Donohue. SENIOR PLAY CAST It required much lost sleep, time and practice but the senior play, 'Let Me Grow Up', was finally presented on November 16, l9h5. It proved to be very suc- cessful and became the talk of the town. YEARBOOK STAFF Year after year from February until April is a very busy period for the members of the Yearbook Staff. During this time eds must be collected and brains must be racked to scrape up material to organize for our yearbook. Editor-in-Chief -- D. Needham Assistant Editor -- S. Ace Literary Editor -- A. Van Vorce Art Editor -- P. Lyks Sport Editor -- M. Fiske Photo Editor -- P. Walker Grade Editor -- M. Van Gorder Typlsts -- D. Needham, S. Ace, A. Rabenstein, P. Lyke, L. Deming. Business Manager -- F. deLorimier Treasurer -- S. Hall Literary Advisor -- Mr. Schoonmaker Business Advisor -- Miss Donohue ' Art Advisor -- Mrs. Chamberlain INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The Industrial Arts Club met each Thursday afternoon. The nine members car- ried on projects of their own choice. Work in leather, gimp braiding, art metal, and of many other kinds was done in the course of the year. HOBBY CLUB Hobby Club was divided into two sections which met on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively. A wide range of interests was evidenced in the work followed by the members of these two groups. 53 V W6'Nlll LEGS lll. Si ggi? 'Q v 9 11 an 6 I .wpb 5 3 .f,9.,i wi q., vqym REVE Fl HIV! seep' 'FRANU nw N5 . 3Qc'r-HER No' gfsfekuf L.oVEz MIND HATKS on R 4 Um? 56 lowing ? fi: This space is dedicated to those who gave so generously of their time and talents that our'commu- 'nity might have this modern and efficient school. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Newark Valley, New York 59 SQYYW 'N F, llll4 W ww , I fff Q? I w 4--X, Q f' ' 1 U X ff M gf ,KWH f 2325, l,I.s N A ,amd lvl A .. I X g li? " WL 1 mmiblm qlhx vim: I U 1 I X flngl 0 1 ,, l H1 7 K liiiiinil - W. H. STIMMING FLORIST Wholesale Retail GREENHOUSES Ithaca Newark Valley Ph Ne rk Valley 107 1 th 2158 '1 09,62 ' fs 60 CHESEBRO, WHITMAN COMPANY, INC. Nswmx vm.:-JY. NEW YORK U worms L.Ams:s.s-r MANumc'rufzafzs DF' SAFE. LADDZFIEJ AND SBAFFULUING E.'3IUJPME.NT 6I Interwoven Socks Owego BANDLER, STILES 6 KEYES Apparel for Men Michaels-Stern Clothes Arrow Shirts 19 Lake Street Mallory Hats X New York A Compliments of BERNS FURNITURE COMPANY Court Street Binghamton New York YE OLD RED MILL Sells Or Trades Most Anything Main Street Newark Valley Fred Frost Phone x Prop. 26-F-13 Compliments of Your Local Fuller Brush Dealer MELVIN J. RUTAN A R. D. 2 Newark Yalley New York CHARLES S. HILLS CO. DODGE and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 510 20 Church St. Owego, N. Y. MAIN STREET BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Margaret Horton Phone 112 Newark Valley, New York Compliments of HARRIS ARMY 6 NAVY STORE Athletic Supplies and Sport Clothing 167 Washington St. Binghamton New York Compliments of CASCADE PAPER COMPANY NORTH ADAMS, MASS. nNothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.W 62 I 'ti I YOU D0N'T HAVE MODERN SHOE sToRE T0 LIVE ON . Rebuilding and BREAD AND WATER f T Shoe Repairs Morris Butlien f WE SERVE MORE Proprietor I Compliments to The Clase of '46 District No. 4 R1 aurora, N. Y. Louise Armitage Trustee SANITARY APPLIANCE CO r Elmira , N. Y. J Building Maintenance Supplies COMPLIMENTS OF Atlantic 86 Pacific Tea Co. Newark Valley New Yo 'Q SEELY'S FEED STORE Newark Valley UWE GU,N.Y. Ne' York Telephone 120 rk Quality Cleaning In Owego's Newest and Most Up-to-date Cleaning Plant JAMES E. DIBBLE A Owego Plant 73 Adeline Street Call Owego 596 Your Finest Garments Carefully Pressed 63 BERN Compliments AMERICAN TAXI CAB CO. FURNITURE COMPANY Owego , New York of Tel. 202 Owego Gwego' N' Y' Jim Quinn Phone 716-Owego Chevrolet Cars and Trucks V2 TON PICKUPS - 2 TON HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS NO-W AVAILABLE ! Ben Hansen Chevrolet, Inc. DIRECT FACTORY DISTRIBUTORS OF GOODRICH AND FISK CAR -- TRUCK - TRACTOR TIRES 3 GRANT AVENUE TEL 1148 or 1150 ENDICOTT. NEW YORK Compliments of THE MARBLE BAR 64 l COHPLIMENTS of A FRIEND 0Zecm BIHICKWAY PRUGIRESS Pioneers in the transportation field since 1875 '74, zum mm 7ma,f.. dm '7wf,-fm am BRocKWAY Moron COMPANY, INC. BROCKWAY TRUCKS HOWLAND BROS. CO. INC. HAMLIN,s 1 RED CROSS DRUG STORES SIDNEY R. SMITH Berkshire, New York Binghamton I N Y 45f2 Johnson City RIGHFORD, NEW YORK ' ' Endicott 65 I JAMESW.lAlD COWWLHUDUS Real Es'l'a'l'o Insurance mows MILK 85 CREAM OF lIW3IlYHUllN,l.l mga- Newark Valley. New York GENUNG'S lug:aumq.un,u-maui: PILAJRLIAMTY IKIUIAIOI Phone 71-M Amelia's Beauty Shop COMPLIMENTS Frederic Permanents Zotos ar. Jamal Machineless . of Also Cold Waving a All Kinds of .Beauty Work FRIEND Phone 123 for Appointment ' Meet Ile at I THE GREEN LANTERN INN Owego, N. Y. 'After ,the Game DIRT BLISS AID ION Cocl.Floux.Food P1--M n.wmvu11q.u-'York 66 Peter R. Keough, COMPLIMENTS OF Stephens 5 Company Inc. School Supplies Rep. Binghamton, N. Y 145 Conklin Ave Compliments of Crowley's Milk Co. Inc Binghamton, N. Y. L. B. BALFOUH COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Compliments Class Rings 8 Pins Of Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards SWEET SHOPPE Represented by - Leland Lee 175 Main St. 164 Hermitage Road Rochester, N. Y. Owego , I R O B E R T S ' Q Q 3 a I Newark Va1ley's LYNN' B DR. C..H. MILKS ' -- MODERN -- - Veterinarian Drug star' PM 3'0" Gmc' AND H011 Pmzzscnnvrrous au usuun-rmmern s rmwnn vault, N. Y. .Owego , New York Establl shed 1880 67 THE TIOGA Compliments of I TELEPHONE COIVIPANY. Inc. Compliments of K COMPI-IMHNTS Compliments of , of Chcmvms Sc to 51.00 DAIRYLEA 7 t St 12 The La er ree Ice Cream I Tioga County Herald Nex-:ark Valley, N.Y. Compliments of LARKIN'S MUSICAL INSTRUMENT COMPANY, INC. 94 Chenango Street Dial 2-3933 Binghamton, New York ULRICH'S GARAGE General Repairing Newark Valley New York 68 Recapping Grade 'A' Rubber Seiberling Tires - Auto Lite Batteries Scandinavia Brake Lininge T. J. B Y R N E Washington and Hawley Streets Binghamton, N. Y. Phone 2-0158 Compliments C0mP1imeDtS of of Neil R. MacPherson Owego Diner GARDNER'S HOME Funeral Director SUPPLY Emma, Elsie, and Jim Newark Valley 187 Main St. Berkshire, N. Y. Owego, N. Y. New York t Telephone 140 phone 42F5 L. Rexford Marquette Proprietor JACKSON'S General -- Merchandise Groceries-Meats Tires and Recapping Flemingville Newark Valley ZOF3 Telephone Owego 2lF15 69 PRENTICE RADIO SERVICE Compliments BALLOU'S Service Station SUNOCO Phone 203 D. E. 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Suggestions in the Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) collection:

Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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