Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY)

 - Class of 1942

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SCHUUL MEMURMES 194-Z Published by the Senior Class Newark Valley Central School Newark Valley, New York First row E Tarbox, r Fsncher, H Simmons L Robbins, S Simmons Miss Snow, J Purple Second row D Lacey V Cobler, E Haecker M Harvey R Benjamin, H Niznik, G Harvey, R Ballou, G Davies, G Ball, H Lewis, B Seward V J Smith, B Hinrichsen, R Harter Staff of SCHOOL MEMOQILS Literary Business Editor in chief Lillian Robbins Business Manager Helen Simmons Associate Ldltor Sally Simmons Associate Business Manager Erma Tarbox Senior Ldltors Gloria Baldwin Subscription Manager LaVerna Vunch Wary Jean Smith Advertising Janaver Elaine Haecner Betty Hinrichsen G Violet gobler Feature cditors Helen Lewis wendolyn avies Rosemary Harter Subscription Associates Richard Benjamin Janet Purple George Harvey Photograph Editors Doris Keane Helen slznik S Ed George Ball Richard Ballou Ports itors Leonard Ball Advertising Associates Dorothy Lacey Typist June Baty Adviser Adviser Miss Snow Mr Fancher l Jae Harvey Raymond Ballard u lvl I . ll- . - , . . . , . . . 0 . y . . 1 ' I v .A I4 0 I 0 I 1 Q A , 1. . . , .. . . v vu L ..l...l. R " ' ..-. ...-.......... 1 'W ..... ...... 'I sn...-...Q 11 1 1 - 1 D .......... v-n . 'Y 4 Y Qillliloiqiols 000 ' A --...... .-ii... ' a AMERICA, THE LAND OF LIBERTY In New York harbor stands a statue that is the shrine of American demo- cracy It symbolizes what to Americans is a reality but what to other nations is only a cherished dream In these crltical times when the uod of War stalks the world leaving destruct'on, starvation and deatn behind him, we are awaken ing almost too slowlv to an ao reciatiou of what our Liberty means, Bunker will Lexington, Valley Forge Of late years these names have fallen on all too calloused ears Then the news of Pearl Harbor was flashed to the world Instantly all America was aroused, united strong and det rmined In tne tragic days since December 7 Americans have been Jarred out of their smug co placency, have become increasingly conscious of tne value of Lib rty and of the high price of Victory Newark Valley central School is a small democratic unit in a large demo cratic nation This nation is in the turmoil of a desperate world conflict Our country is working unit dly, continuoasly on an all out program for Victory On everyhand we are urged to do our part to help win the war High school boys and girls wonder how they car helo The hope of our country lies in its youth They it is who will determine the standards of a oost war world, theirs the duty to study now and prepare for future demands their country may make upon them The lessons learned today will make them the leaders of tomorrow High school graduates today pass into a world fraught with unforseen cri ses But they step, too, into a world humming with industry where golden oopor tunitles of all sorts await them Uncle Sam needs them, their vitality and enthusiasm, as never before If the great lady ln New York harbor, who symbolizes all that true Americans love and cherish is to continue to light her countrymen along the Democratic way youth today must accept her challenge, the challenge of fighting unselfish ly, uncea ingly and devotedly for the future welfare of America and the enslaved peoples of the world An editorial by Lillian Robbins ur 2 Y . .., 5 si v 1 ' Q l ' A , .L A L 4 " . " ' ' - . 1 LP A N ... -A , O 3 " . A - A , .. 9 . . U '- I 91 , 1 . . .n o .. . A . . 1 - '3 Q . . A 1 , - . A - I Q . . fs- - - - . J A L 1 . .. . , . . .. , -. 1 , , I e - . , A .. . ......... 4!,Q 31 Q is . ,g if Q , I Ki ' . If 5 1-. , , . an Q g g , , , ,. , . H ', 4- , -,-1.4. . Q1 - Dedication hrs easqie E Chamberlain Because of Her sweet caeerfulness her w lllnr as istance her oetient unkeretardinv and her fait? in us, we are eroud to ded c tele 1049 is ue of S HOJL P OPI S to one who has P'1ays looned for th beet in veryone wno has devoted her time end efforte unceaslngly to the uelfere of tue scnool a d who nas had an unfellinv Dersonal interest in eacn boy and girl 5 V A 5 - L. 4 ' 1 4 " . 1 , .L V S , A 7. . 1 2 . .. . ,, , 1 1 Cu? . ..f ..., S Y-Q ,H-, -Q v, v. Jil... . IL , AJ, f S 1 .. A 9 , L ... - ' ' ' 7 N H 4 - e Q A A . Newark Valley Central School The American public school IS the bulwark of de mocracy Board of Educatlon Decxdmg Educational Problems CVUQZZ ZZ P'-4 I3 O O EL rn "1 rn I3 n rn A Pp kLMPh F C lc P Supervising Prmclpal E A Frner Vlce Prmclpal Clifford Peck ee ' va l r. W'm. Stimming rs. Ita o e er . c erson resident . Moses rincipal E. A. Frier ice-Prin. C. Peck r. H. ur endall r. J. urple , Jr. - R , . Board and Admlmstratlve Staff willie Stimmina r rnest A Frier Jr Clifxord Peck Loren D Von QISOF Drivers 'iss Jun Da y Dr Hiram L Knan Wlss Q Elizabetn Cummin Wise Elizabeth Dicnman flss B Louise Vann Nr Albert rrost Vrs Helen B MacPherson iss Irene L Moody 4rs Christina I Paulus I' Ar I' I' earl Saldlemlre Clarence Lawton Clifford V Peck J DeAlton Hover Vorman Merithew r Raymond Briggs Harlow Daniels Edwin Fiske Arthur Frost dev Alexander Stec Mrs Mrs Mrs Helen B MacPherson Anna Pitcher Luella Korn ge Board of uducetior Fred E Voses, President Vrs Al a Po e xr Hofard J urdendall hr Jav Administrative Dtaff Sup rvl in Vice Secretary Purple Prlncl al Prircinal and Clern Secretary and Office Assistant Healtn Staff Faculty Club School Physician Nurse Ieacrer Dental Hygienist Student Nurse Vice President Secretary Treasurer Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Nr Gerald eray Janitor Janitor Yr Thomas qinrichsen Janitor I' Transoortation Gerald Gray Thomas Hinrichsen J DeAlton Hover Lacey Kenyon Norman Merlthew Religious Educ tion Cafeteria National Defense Director of Transportation Superintendent of Garage Garage Assistant Mr Richard Nichols Yr Vincent Russell Mr William Sawyer Nr Clarence Thompson Mrs Elaine Defalt Supervisor Manager Assistant Manager Mr Alexander Irwin Instructor Mr Frank Morley Instructor Mr Kenneth M Loomis Instructor Mr Joseph Prosch Instructor Vr Clifford M Peck Director Cadets Mr. Donald Bridgeman Miss Ruth Hood Miss Mildred Squires Mr. Edward Coates Miss Glenda Kenyon Miss Helen Steed Miss Lucy Greci Miss Theresa Mazzotti Miss Lena Thorn O O 0 - " . U PIP, ,M - LI , ff Au, p 5 u - 1 v fn 1 rv NF. - ,S H. P . - V . u ' 1 . , v. ' - - M f so Q me W ' .- ., . , ................................. --. -.L y 5 il Mr. In 94. ............-.............................. - A A . , Mr. . . A Inc' . ...... ............................. t f C 1 rw vw A e v. 't .............................. - . . . . rn, Jr. ...................................... , , I ' 'Ti ll la -. .. ......... . ....-..................... 5 ' A V V 5' . . ...-f. ... .-...-..-..-.-.- ........... 1, v J-A.. . Si ............................................. I 'W A . - ........................... ........................ President V' 0 0 g oonuunou nnennonvunu.-.gnu-qonnunueruuo - 'Y v 11 .N ................-................................ 1 I 1 . 1. ... .. . ................................... Y 1-1 4 M . f . .... A . ' ......... .... ! . ......... 1 . . A ........ bi . .r. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A . M . . . .... .. .. ................... ' R hr. .- .. . ........ ........ ...... ......... . M . Mr. . . - Mr. l Mr. - . . . I PGP. MF. . . I kr. M , ., , Hr. A 9 u Y . , , . I . . ... . ................ .. . .. ...,...... . ........ . ... .. ... ................ ...,........ Y . ........... ................... ........... . I :Quoin 0 A lnonu not . . . -... ' 1 .. ... AI, , , 5 RL ARS? ourt r e o air Lf rleol te Ae e ttee 4 S JMAJXQ B :A S N S aniek an lien Pre club Ad leer oolo or xi e ISS Q m B oo comnerciel Deoertxent Stu ent tore Director ent ree urer of Xtra claeeroo Flnds Defen e Ste Sale Dlrector e c er Adult ljoin las A FSVUEFI K BROe Sixth urede Fir t Aid Ine ructor Boy Scout ounQe'or B1c5c'e cldb Advieer S CASSI CHA,B2FLAl Librarian Art Deoartnent Llbrery club Adviser Art Cluo Advieer MRS LAUD S oPIDLSTEP Junior Hlgg dgghemetlcs ggd Reading dook and Needle Cldb Adviser ISS R E IZAEET1 CLMMI uS School hdree Teacner Atterdan e and Cenque Saoervlsor Social hygiene erber Student Aork Committee KISS HELE' J CUNNINGHAY Girle' Physical and Health Education Hygiene Seasonal Soorts Social Dancing Advieer IIR ROBEF T DeRUE Instrumental Music Band and Orchestra MISS ELIZABETQ M. DICKMAN Dental Hyvlenlst 6 1 'FHS fl . ARS. . In c. u-LL . -1 F I 2 Q sd N w A v U---,., - - . 0 S 1 2 '...L-L., Ate :A 5 . : 4.13111 .JOLAIHI K It -.v ,- f -:A -- ,wi A. - .. .Lv 4. .1 ka f- 7' T fv- QJ, .. . ,,. .. -H:-1 ..- ee ' ' 'V - 1 ,., . '1 A: S L1 I e olees nd' S r ., ,. .. ,-41 .u . .. Lf. A. L. R 6 vw , I A V . ,, 75A Y R QL , .I V M Y' 4. '1 V- , . rel - .s A C- -- in c 1111 4: ' ' c L. .. m - . me M H1 4. 9 ll , A 5 v S vw- rx rv 'ru . . A... . U vu 'Y .- .. 4. S , L, A , '1 v . - .L Y , A 7 I ce - . -. -- .- Y ., -f.- .."L"s . LL L. 1- '. N L ri N- c S, A r , A' H ' g 1 . A L . I ,, . , I I 1? T " ' T'f'! Lu . A.. I ' .- v, 1 ,. Lf - , '1 1 I . V . .. Q . me V V YY AQ .A , A L- 4 1 v It 4- , A -4. ,S . , . . A .. ,, . . ES DORCTHV DFOJARSYI Senior 41 h ns lsn and Latin Senior Cl Advl er E. P TL SO Vocal usic clee Clubs and Chorus Octette Freshman Class Adv'ser Studert Council Advlser MR L ROSCOL FANCHEH Senior Aatnematics and Science SCnuOL LEIORILS Business Adv' Stldent council Adviser HR EIRlESTA FRIER JR Supervising Principal Chairman New York State Association of Central School Prlncinals Member of State Regents Research Committee Sec Vember New York State Work Council retary Tioga County Selective Service Board MR ALBERT FROST Social Studies and Science President of Faculty Club Chairman, Student fork Committee Boy Scout Counselor Camera Club Adviser MR HAROLD S GOODFELLOW Qys' Phgsical and Health Education Personal and Social Hygiene Boys' Athletics Rifle Club Adviser Senior Class Adviser MR CREDE D HAGERTY Junior High Mathematics and Junior Varsity Track Junior High Seasonal Sp Boy Scout Counselor Freshman Class Adviser Science orts MRS WILMA HINES Fifth Grade MRS. JESSIE M JOSLIN Junior High Social Studies., Guidance and Safety Education MISS MILDRED KENYON Second Grgge Chairman, Primary Reading Committee Member, Publicity Committee of P-T. A 7 P .' 'l , . T . -A - ., , 4 V .A fl L ,rl A A 933 S s rv Y v-1, vy 1' S. .c .1 :D U U .. F u J. A f. ,., . 4' . n 111 - 1 . c S nf- sf r v-1 . a'. , lser 1 fl u Y '1 r . N . , . , , Q ' I 4 , -- v v 'L , V - I 14 . 1 I . . . . . -ll- - MR T1E LO+G Fourth and Fifth Ad1u tment Grade KENNETH LOCMIS Industrial Arts echanical Drawing Safe Driving Instructor national Defense School Iember Student Nor? Committee odel Building Club Adviser Homenaalnc Deoartment Teach r of Adult utrltlon Class MRS WINIFRED N HCPHERSON Junior high English Director of Dramatics Dramatics Club Adviser MISS JULIA NEDVE Se cond Grade Girl Scou counselor IISS IRENE L NOODY First Grade Chairman, Primary Assembly ommittee Secretary of Faculty Club MRS JAJE OGDEA Third Grade HRS MARJORIE T OWEN Grade 1 A Nothers' Club Adviser Vice President of P T A VRS ELIZABETH PATCH First Grade Chairman, Safety Committee HR. CLIFFORD M. PECK Vice Principal Guidance Counselor Director of Transportation Member, Student Work Committee Director of National Defense School 8 ' S. E Y L YC ,, . ,5 A ,, , HR. . . . U .-............ A , E 6 , - .I ' 1 . , . V9 JL - HRS. HELEN B. MaCPHERSON L i 7 is I 4 .e A ' N - - 1. ' - v . . A n ""' L'?"" u - x AL Q A n A 4 Nl K 1 . T F . A H . l 1 1 1 54 1 0 I 66-A 1 HRS CHRISTILA N PAJLUS Senior dl r Social Studies Junior Class Adviser S POV A PAJLUS Qgr culture De artment F A Adv s 4 H 'lub Adviser IISS LORLTLA B RAB TSTLI Sixth Grade CRS MARIA4 SLIOULTLS Third Grade Chairman Intermedlat ReadIng Committee Member Student Aorn Committee MISS DOROTHY E SIOW Senior Hiih Englisn and Public Soeaning Speaxlng Contest SCHOOL MEMORIES Literary Adviser MR NILLIAV L WEBSTER Instructor National Defense Cacnlne Shop MR LOREN B MCPHERSON Office Secretar Clerk of oard of ducatlon YISS JUNE C BATY Secretary to Suoervislng Princloal Member Publicity Committ of P T MISS DOROTHEA BELDEN Assistant grade 1 A MISS B LOUIS MANN Student Nurse 9 L.J UML, mwaeul 'arma- The -is Typist for SCHOOL MEYOPIES Board of Education dinner Homemaking girls who served dinner Vice Principal Peck Musical Foursome Janitors 'That's how he got his start.' Cafeteria Managers lO Q r ,J Ia 'T' I' ,Ill 3-wx Cadet Coach, Ted Coates 9. 10. Jay Vee Cheerleaders, VanVorce and Bushnell ll. Gym girls who went to Field Day at Ithaca College 12. Jay Vee Cheerleaders, Myott and Hinrichsen ' :z'z +' , -fs, .-. i"'fi ep! 1,21 ,.,, A ,, .fRL, .. ' 'L 1-'-5',F fl Q-HRH A M Q i v ' Q . 5 21' " I P+: A . 'is ll . 1 , .T J ii, Y - 9: ,A " ' ' ' , --" :' f K 1,1 u ' . ' w, + f . ., 4 , I' LJ v , . 'fn' ' x .. 9 ... g V ef A AM- C W I .: ga K S? . Y can E C - l v1" 45. 9 ' ' A A-f 'J si M'w 2 I . 'JY : , gy K ' I ' 5 5 r, r 1 -so gn is J ' H 'Semor Chss ITD IH.. n 'Lv D DECT! 4 H a 'W-3 J w u w J vs A3 Dv: c '39 Ser' or 09" 35OJf A.D L MQ 'WP 1 e bl :er I-.M Qabef 'wt Erooalet 4 Q19 e 'R 1 v O, un iver FAQ L w av eng to' . np' 7 1 vw V- C' nu effdo 1 RFQ O W D O m w 1 11 b we 'uve t the Broof H.. 'PD 'ver ws' 4r gng was Q yn on- ca M r' Freean Q lrear' 7 en Mn sal .416 n J v 1 HAR sa' U ' e n In A O6 CO L J M37 .A v M A +- Q F u P una u ' C Y ABF? A A vc 6' fu L Q LQQV w v Q U rv 'D Aw L 'N rv 6 t"e D P v 4M W t H, G V3 o 'O fo Q Q L Q I- qv Q ff, F 9. Ze 4 e orec e 9 o Our V as Gu cate Q M0 f Jig be, xor' oun D Q e d6VOflO n in? th Q,'rQL ons o e DQS of 9 Octe ll Q Q A Q L Q s Q W er dell Q 9 . 'Q fm UQ C Mew 5 qv ve V A L J QL HOV v on w 1 Vou 1 w n7fnv 1- I .x ' C x vsgiezt - Hs 'cn 'llen n:ne-ireslieat - Dogglvs Fibiiis TF'72H' F - H,leC Snxbv " Gtfry - 'V 3' Zfig' Fvejrisl' H - f H "- f f N -. 'w- A 7 v A H 'v Q.f1 ee: N-M --z - .,11, h,.cLe. ,lgfrg :ll-If 1' ,ll-5155 :1-.,4 ?j':i:th 31322 H9b.Q Elue Fil Ni-, UYOZ 'E zhf i3 , but Clihblxjn A p Wi Cl. sf A1jba':n,t THE .. NAI, 'I THE E"!E?-T A Ls' 51. Allen, tue Prxsiieit if the :l??SQ E if -or Brllfes, 2 :ijhty 2:33351 basil AS -,Ji 33, 3: +53 p1,h,-t5g ,yy-Liiy-,QA p-,A,e C L2 for Cham ..-y, the r.1..rx-nb:,at-tow. gk 1-Qqvre gm Brink 333 the 211- Y gm, D Ls for Eeznlrf, '.-Jhpse eQfes1V?f'e ll it zrzvr. 'je ggflmj clgngy but -my E lr for :.'1e:'rQ:1, tie lag :ati ine grlng gg gy inf-l V f A AH , F' Ls -far Frmii wiv- we stvrtei ing ' G is fx' 113 La, 'P 511 knot-J P ' 5 LAN Sgallow, gg5hLA 1- ' H 1: .or lelen, n no E p, be1'eg 4 - , .nat L1 ned G2 cali Lnl -- w-- I LS P ER? ?Hi -Agri to F53 -pf-V '15 gg gg 55 . J is for Ulrrxy, Ju. ,criccl ruler tr"'eg ?ke.e z0xtr?ry winls is b'ov. K 19 f5F liflfff '0i2 SOE31? iii AWUFL L is for Luezczeli--her ring' is no pizza-jig 159 313A-,g tj-jg the Pwlvep gf' lug If is fn' Pfuffy, th? ETPLQS 31' the 'QITSSQ Is dex wr 5:1 iq:-fer .pv TT is for forte. ffl? .,E'1", Exe 'f'1n't pafrg Tin: it wus' ir: P fence time v:3r'..i-- C L? TDI' ..-IST 'f."iiC1i 2-'6 211 Nfl -'L "V-in W I-11 4' fr Y' "ect .AQV P Lv fir' P'.LI"19 viii' :str IIEI.--:nl hon!! V Q if .QP nrtlcrxs vi: T5 7.'5',Z'I'.1T.-' beijlpsg 'Pe PL V A j1fv1l'J'Lge' , ue E is F :N F,3':1.gL:s-- .. lntelilw-nt ttflrtsg Agi A ,Q jqnyy lei-'-1 1. the TPI'-', S'r si mrfny--wh c2:'. list Lie. 15:95 E35 F- V H15 y flivg 'ey un, T Ls for 'sfly w1.o's full of' Qui C'.,,I"Q AM gba 1 vb ,-- Hough me: zzy M1 . U if fi? Uni E--Chft ZEKVS 5 7559 V is for -Aclet,-alw-irs Eta. .. Q wmk diheg J' St as .. I. r' ..., R, if is . 1' HL, P reilly 51,1 foutg jgiwq ,U . .-,Hg ,L X, f r "X-cues"-m0 aizittr-rf : t.. :E We 3111514 we 52355 ,ff . mb les Y is . YOU z.. J- ..,.:-as f1w:'t qpxevrg T9 .11-jig fq A 3'w f Z LS W :LCR--G:rLv1er1c,I.e'.t is hae! L1-1L..n Ffabbxm, F1 pl L tikn f 1. 9 ' f- 6' D Qns L- A nl , tLi, ymje, Lo. tH,1r Q 1 g' ,ana v un, c - Pnl m-1-t .' n 1 f M r - me aff- ,'i .- f Ch A AA u3.,.- J.- 1.3. Senlor Class Hlstory The Seniors of '40 started their high school career as inex perl n ed freshmen in Sept mber, l95o with an enrollment of over eighty students After the votes were tallied in the class elec tion the following officers were elected Gordon Ghamoney, president Julia Luszczek, vice president Ruth Bridges, secre tary, and Helen Cook, treasurer Lillian Robbins and Sally Simmons were selected to be our Student Council representatives Because of the l rge enrollment, me were distributed among three homerooms whicn were suoervlsed by Mrs Drojarsk1,lrs Goodfellow and fiss E Medve In our sophomore year our homeroom teachers were Mrs Drojars'1 and Mrs Goodfellom Upon holding our class election we found the results to be Julia Luszczek, president, William kur, treasurer Our Student ouncll representatives were Helen Cook and James Nuttall As entertainment during this year, we held a party in the gymnasium which was chaperoned by Viss Julia Vedve, our class adviser As juniors we were greeted by our homeroom teachers, Miss Snow and hrs Drojarskl As class officers we elected Walter Okreokie, president, Leonard Ball, vice president Ruth Bridges, secretary and James Nuttall, treasurer Our Student Council representatives for this year were Emerson Avery and Marion Allen Under the able guidance of Hrs Drojarski and Mr Goodfellow, we started the tas' of financing our Senior trio by producing a very successful Junior play called 'The Charm Schooln under the direc tion of Mrs Drojarski Another enterprize carried on during this year was that of renting pillows at basketball games At the end of the year, we carried on Newark Valley tradition by holding a Prom, with Jerry Krcik providing the music September of 1941 again found us in rooms 259 and 241 with a prayer in our hearts and commencement on our minds Lhe results of our class election were as follows Marion Allen president, Douglas Robbins, vice president, Dorothy Hejmer, secretary, Helen Saxby, treasurer, and Julia Luszczek, business manager To finance our long awaited New York trip, we planned numer ous activities, including our class play entitled Freckles hany people enjoyed our Hallowe'en square dance We made over one hundred dollars by selling magazine subscriptions Although it has been hard to get candy, we have sold a great deal we had a house to house bake sale, where each senior solicited his own customer Each Nednesday eight seniors brought pies which was sold in the cafeteria All seniors expecting to take the trip deposited ten cents each week with our treasurer Our class ad vlsers were Mrs Drojarski and Mr uoodfellow The members of the graduating class of 1942 are confronted with graver responsibilities than their predecessors of former years. There are great opportunities for youth, now that there are many positions to be filled. As we think of our joyous years in high school and of our classmates who may soon be serving our great country, we say farewell with Ben Johnson: 'In the hope to meet Shortly again, and make our absence sweet.' Gordon Champney 12 O , O l . Q A M M .3 A A ' A - ' V V I u 4' , Q 1- -A, c Q .. " s V vb . o Z1 A ' - 5' - 1 1 ,, 1 If X . 4 . - . 45 v 0 L O A il A ' . Bridges, vice-president, Robert Fiske, secretary, and Helen Belo- 1 R . v 1 A A I N . - ' V -. s 3 . Ai O . . , . 1 Y : . , - - L II u -5 ' I - Q V 4 A s.. y A., 5 6 0 1 Y HCEMR ST 'DE T SEIICG LAQS PPe54DL STJDEI O IL SLCFETAFY erlon Allen ' 'evfoo ner f'15 ' ' and o torcae rever l For s v 1 o blt e to ar'ue or to re ar Am ion t'c- Teacher :reside t tics Fcte' e J ee lb I. :n ive orl O e ette rc stra Senior P1 St ue t ourcll tu'ert Da les St de ouncil Secretary S IOR IASQ I E P L Dou les Robb ns Doug inth thy toil o er ooofe consu tne anirht 0117 Anbltio urevvnolnd Bus Driver 1 Vlce Preqidert H J ce Club ' 'horl ode Bui'd C veretta nifl lub Senior Clav Q J D ro y t to u e rd Jt ta d 'irnt Ambition revel me be ret r lub J ee club tr urs Q lnlir :lea J r c oruw :ea onel S or e n n r 'ley HONOR ST'DENT IA5a TP:-.AS r neler qaxty 'I rate nobo y am in ckrrity wl M le nor d Ambltlor luree lnec resqlrer D ncln J ee ' Junior P'aj con it 1x 4 Chorus C erette con it ee OR S""'DL' SLTIOD 'AQ' 5 QI LSS A AJV' Julia Luszcze 'Luecnex 'ch erry m nth of Jure, Soon you'11 lav the wed Ambition aecre ery lase Presldert lass Vice Pree'dent Dancind vluc J ee c lb Intramurals Junior Pley Usher lxed Chorus O erect Cher Orc estra Seasonal S orts senior Bu inees ere er Sen! or Play Usher Student Day eacrer S oD"' C L PCLSIDL 'm s u tall ' ver saw le 'e t' area er leener Amb't Blaine s egnete amere uh claw lressurer c r lub glee vllh intra.: a Junior lay .ee 'xe' "orJs fodel :uild'n5 Senior 1 ocmit ee Studenf Council Studen council Prenldenc ne t Jaw Teac'er VAL DI 'CRIL1 1 S 'DE'T CO L VI E PFES 'E :ery Jean S ith ' u'fy' Ver very row e felrer far e 2 ' s A are lcn orne" JYQIJFIP Air Rei ani Fire verden H e bl or lttee Bard rc entre christmas Play 'ollege Cllb Drsnetl 5 luc Secretnrv t r in c ief of eerb on O erette 4 r 9' Octette u ee c 1 an' 'lxed c orue Journalism Award Junior Play Senior 51 5 ani Ple I E9 Senior Svuere Dance o 'ttee Stude t Dax Teacner Student ouncll Vice Pre ide t Studert etore vlerk Yearboo Staff H C9 S 'DE T c L PLASVV W Leonsra nell Bud ' 1 setter ' r a J b ue t en tlrr pale Ambition 1 er 5EFl1C94 ave Vice 'resident Drevat' Orc P re Ser ag Sen 1 o 1 ee er varnity Soccer Qtu'ent council Trenn e Vearboo S a f cner on A er 'n'tnout e douk. re Ambition Q oe ly om it e Col e e vlub Nlscuseion ub Drenntics iobby lub Intrp Jrels Jlnior Pla! est Serlor erdv a e Ser o 'les Soccer Student ouncll 8. A 9 Phe e-:eo " STUDEI' COU CIL F PCESLA All Anthony 'ee er Tony 'Amb tion hrs no rect Anbi lon rofeee' 3 ere Air ai' end Fire erde Defe Q Schoo Intre ur le Junior arelty aseba Senior farsi y B ebell Stllent ourcil Trac! Ngreit S or s Q 'SCO 9 J oloria Cal w ot P A bi 19 Da ci Nrane icq Glee Jlrior Pla 1 Pro 17ed orue ulory alo e IIE? O ere ittee Senior 'r Ge 10 w are Dance zeerbo 1 Ca' arc ' nrecle, .ucrx e er no J I w nler what fool 1t was F rc 1 L I s 1 V Ambition re ide t Ban Dlec lor C e 'lub Ir re r ln Jun' lxea r O'eretLs Orc'e rs Sen1or 1' el H Ser e Soccer n fred :.1"nex 'Budnev ee lr on P11 who first v ntel Ambition ler' Bac elor n I tra Jrrl Jun or and renee et Soloist O9 T'D' T uordon ar nev nalo .arle 'Q of life oe svice 0 V 1 e ' l tw' Ambitlnn Druw er 11 uuy 1 Bas4etoPll o eptaln laws Free ent Glee Club IHtTBTJP8y 'u 1or Bro o lttee unior r 1xeJ Hcru: Senior Varcltx Soccer Soccer Cqrte1 ere Eaeeb ltr :H uoTbardo s N tvuub re' V r 1ty lu' 1ce ref t XPF 'I F tb? 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Deferse Air Raid and Fire arden Art Club Glee Gluo Intramurals Fixed Chorus Fews Staff Operetta Usher Yearbooa Staff Vor, 2 2 singers 2 2 4 2 4 2 4 1, 1,2 1,2 M2 1,9 0 4 D rotrv e ni D 'Her eyes as starr of H1113 fair Anb tio Ilree hmaauwt mn Col ege Club COTQBDCCISHY Heber ba ci C ab Draaatlcs Jlee C ub Junior Plav Ueher Mixed uorus Seasonal Sports Senlor Square Dance Student Store Clary warre Hardlng Scrnozzola 1 2 2 omolttee nThree acres and a cow Amblt lon Famer Air Raid and Fire Warden Bachelor Club Dancin Club Intramurals Junior Play Committee Junior Prom Committee Model Building Club Wovie Hacrlne Ooerator Senior Play Committee Soccer Varqity Football Elizabeth Howard 'Her talents were silent class Ambition Nurse Dancing Club Dramatica Club Glen Club Intramurals Mixed chorus 4 'Betty more of the 2 5 4 2 4 John Howland 'Johnnie' I vaunts, is won Ambition Herdsman F F A Basketball The rece by vigour not I 2 5 Junior Play Committee Junior Prom Committee Junior Varsity Seasonal Soorts Senior Square Dance Committee Senior Varsity Varsity S orts Varsity Footbal 1,2 5 4 Edwin Kenyon Eddie 'I am a lone lorn creetur and every thing goes contralry with me Ambition Posteraduate Bachelor Club Band 1,2 F F A 1,2,5,4 2 F F A Basxetball Glee Club Intramurals Junior Varsity Vlxed Chorus Senior Varsity Soccer Varsity Soorts 5,4 1.2 5 5,4 4 5,4 5,4 HONOR STUDENT Tulle Kleda 'Tuffee 'This world belongs to the energetic Ambition Colleze Graduate Chrl tmae Play College Club Dancinb Club Dra.at1ce Glee Club Intramurals Junior Play Uaher Junior Prom Committee Vlxed Chorus Orcheetra Seasonal Soorts Yearbook Staff Julia Kllma 'Julie 'The milde t manner A e gertle t heart Ambition Author Archerv Club Baccalaureate Usher eommencement Usher D ncln Club Drsmatlcs Glee vlub Intramurals Junior Plas Uaher xed Chorus Ooeretts Seasonal S orts HOIC: STUDEBT Dorothy Lacey 'Rita 2 'Everyone s friend ro o ene Ambition uree C m ra elub Darclnr Club Glee Club 0 Junior Vlay Committee Jurlor Dro: 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Building vlab Senior 'lav Jsher Yearuoom 5 aff Ellzabe" O'del1 'Betty' 'Her smile and dlmtles and laughing eyee r ma e he blues ani troubles fly Amblt'on Beau'y ulturist Danclna Club J ee C uo 9 Junior Pro omxlttee xe borne Sen'or Play Usher Senior Souare Dance ommlttee Yearbook Staff Junlo :lei v0 lttee VCNOR S"DE Jane rr P Q for 9 e ' t'n Air O1 c11 ee b 0 ale O a fx eret C entre enlor Pla P e lor Sn re nce fs Stlde er o ,5, Yenne Y aaadle 1 se o rl u rals es A b tlo nero ne r o e A a 3 s Junior :lay Junio Ver ltv lxei bo '11 Oneret R1 le Club Senior Plej Sen or lar y Soccer r lt S o 3 HONOR STUD' Ierlan SH raood nDlmo1es B w r o e lnde t ons er chee s are dl les Aubltl ence voruer Art Club Dancing llb 9 Glee C ub ixed Cho' ' e s Sta'f Pobert Spencer Bob 'He was 9 .an of unbounied Stomach Ambition dprdaere ler Danclnb lub Intramurals 9 3,4 Junior P o, omu'tt e Junior erslty Senlor Play nO 1' ee Senior Var ltj Soccer Student Dpy eac er Varslt S or' 4 Yearboo St ' HONOR STUDENT iilllar fade B111 'He reels much, he 'Q a treat ob server and be look: quite tbrough the deeie o' en ' Amb't'on modern Ferrer Band l,2,3,4 P 9 A 2,3,4 Glee Club Int amvrals Vixed Cnorue Orchestre 2,:5,4 1,2,o,4 2,:s,4 1,2,:5,4 KL, OR an 'Q oln L1 -0 a vor s P ve e x ne 2 Le b Au nor a .d tor lr c lef of a JY te ar Auqrd S 1 r Olav a t S n or P ey on t Stuaent council eroo 5et'v Seward 'dette A mode ' maid an' rover too A b tion Private Secretary Arcnery 'lub acceleureate usher Cardinal Staff College Club onme cement ' her Dancln Club o'ee ub Junior Pro Connittee 'xed 'Horus eve Staff Yearbook Stsf SALUTATORIAJ Sally Lou Simmons Sal 'Most learned of toe fair no fair of the learned A.b1tlon edlcal Se retery Assembly Co mittee Band Danclnv Club Glee Club Junior Play Vlxed Chorus Operette Orc estra knmrnhy Student ouncll student Day Teacher learboo Staff Duane arbox Tar 'I can ar'ue with anvone ebolf eqvfhiqv ' Ambl lon Aeron u ice' rrlneer A I lb B e or blvb B nl 'rena" s glee loo Xntra.ura s 'xed rorus Soccer Jarei ootb ars Soorts Gear e NHee'er 'Vort'me ' O 2 2 0 I' I 'So 4 H to lo, so l't.1e dare Albltlon Businees Han G'ee Club In'remu als 1,9 Jlxed Chorus Se1'or Play Com.lttee .5. 1 1 4 5 1 4 Semor Class Prophecy One cool evening in September, 1952, as I sat in my der eating a late lunch before going to bed, I happened to glance upon my class picture as I got up from my comfortable chair to throw another log on the dying fire I took down the picture from the mantle, and started looking at the familiar faces As I began to reminisce, I soon felt drowsy and before I knew it I was asleep In my dreams I boarded a ship piloted by Leonard Ball the male genius of the class of '42 Surprise of surprises' The first person I met was the President of the U S Harold Bradley accompanied by his private secretary, Twlla Kleda I noticed that he was drawing something on a sheet of paper and as I looked closer I saw that a pic ture of an automobile was gradually taking shape on his makeshift easel Seated next to him were George Wheeler and James kuttall two big business magnates From the looks of J1mm1e's wife I should say e was a magnet I glanced down the deck and saw Dorothy Apolovich Knee Rejmerb and Helen Kowal Later I found out that since Dorothy's husband was ln the army, she and her upaln were taking a little trip I'll bet he had to give plenty of accordion lessons to pay for the trip they took As I did so, I noticed it was loose I called the steward, who, to my surprise, was Warren Harding, and asked for a wrench When he re turned and tightened up the chair, I observed that the wrench was from the 'Perfection Hardware Company owned by Robert Spencer Since I felt a little seasick, I went to the ship s hospital and was attended by three charming nurses Dorothy Dennis, Betty Howard and Dorothy Lacey Since my child was sick also, I was directed to take her to the ship s child nurse charming Norma Cortright While Norma gave my child some milk of magnesia, I saw that the medicine on tke ship had come from Myott's Pharmacy Say' I wonder whatever be came of Helen? To while away the time till evening, went to the library and picked out a book written by Julia Klima and Lillian Robbins That evening after I had read the book, which was most entertaining I went to the Beauty Salon after my wife While I waited for her, Ina Mix, the famous beauty culturist, told me that the rooms on the ship were designed by that noted interior decorator Isabel Kilbourne After my wife Joined me, we went to the dance floor and had a charming time dancin to the music of 'Champney's Champs This big name band featured fred Budney at the clarinet with the vocals by Marion Allen Included in the band were Gloria Baldwin, pianist, and Mae Gaul As I inquired further about Marion, I learned that she was soon quitting the band to get married And Judd had been Champ's best friend' Well, her husband is sure to get a lot of veterinary business from Mar1on's father An way Champ seemed to console himself pretty well with some of those g amorous S A senoritas He always was favorite with the ladies The band struck up a fast number and out on the floor stepped two professional dancers As I looked closer I recognized Ruth Bridges as one of the dancers. I wasn't surprised, because she always had been 'aces' on a dance floor 18 O o u--' ' A h ll ll: . B I soon became tired of roaming the deck, and sat down in a chair. n I I W . I - -- 0 I . ! is "' . y , . . . . 8 GLASS PQOrn eV KvOUtlHU8d, After tae nunber w s ove v t mf Q t room to mite a letter Slnce I was too lazf to write lt nvself r FJ or D e tary and was lnfor d that amon t os fron who I could choo e were Violet Cobler, LaVerna lunch and Bet y Sews d classnat s of mine After the letter wa written I tu ned on t e ra lo to et he a es rews A soeclal news b oadcast lnforn m tb t the Ya e had won the orld Series, with Emerson Avery and Tony K r the ay stars Th next mornin I ran uoon Vary Jean Smith who wa returning from a university in S A She informed me that she had won e scholar shlo in hlvh school and had been takin? advanced wor for the oast fev Daoers to see w at h d haooened to the rest of our classn tes mhe first article which attracted our attention was an announce ment of tne marriage of Sally Simmons It seemed that he vas volng to quit her job as a medical secret ry and marry Shiner h r Der ennlal boyfriend As we glan d trrouvh the v rlous items about defens worm, noticed that arlan Sherwood and Soohie .asoer are l A in this branch assisted by their secretary Julia Luszczen Julia said nBe1na a secretary is a cor in good job but Next we notl ed the picture of a beautiful new plane that had been desirned by Norman Lawrence Duane Tarbox, and Kenneth Saddlemire The article said that Janet nG1b' Purole would cult her job of breaa ing men's hearts to take a Job as air hostess on the olane, while fary doward would become the stewardess llliam Wade, noted modernlstic agriculturlst was one of the oassengers on her maiden voyage 4e went on to read that Helen Cook had accented a Job at Cornell as a Soanlsh teacher mo says beauty and brains don t mix? In the travel section we discovered that the well :nown erey hound bus driver, Douglas Sobblns, had been awarded the honor of driv ing the first 1952 Greyhound between Binghamton and New York, and that o his first trio Helen Saxby, noted organist, would be a oassenger On the women s page we found a news item say ng that Gertrude Cobler nd Mae Harvey had accented jobs at New York University as homemaking teachers Just before we put the oaner away we noticed that nRedH Haecaer has a position as teacher of ohysi al education at uortland Normal and that Ed Kenyon is a leading chicien farmer Then, as Mary Jean and I said good bye I waxed from my oleasant dream I've relived my dream w ile I've been telling you about it s I sit here now thinking about Une dream and all of my classmates th t I have met nsp1r1tually,' I wonder if they are really as I pictured them. I wonder . Gordon Champney Caided and abetted by?J 19 'N'?':lf1 I1 - A .- - 1 f a- r, I ren to 5 -ta e a 'Y' , - , 3 . l,, ., I a.Q f a s cre- . ' me . g h e M - 2 - I s V , . . u d C ,F --a 1 1 6 . . . s . ., r ' h d 5 t . lot t . v . s, r d s ned e .a U nie s , t .- Y . ' H ' H 'aspe , I d , s . 9 . A LL . . L , .I S , , Aa A. K Q s - 1. . " 1 A . H . J Ii . 1 J 11- .0 H ' ' years. Mary Jean and I spent the rest ol the day looking through tne . - A Q 8 I D - u El . .L L I - . . . . . . . sn : M U H II . a r --.e , - - . ce , C . a ' e ' we ll . V! . L " Q X. - - A . I , V 1 o 1 Q , I I 1 u X , I .......... , I fi o 5 1 - - I 1 - V - . 1 A L' ' LY V L A ... . 'V 4. L .. , , . 1 ' ' 1 v. I - A . I A H '1 s "1 " L A. - n , . , I 4 v A , J.. Q YY u Q . A . . A . I - A 4 1 A 5. L 9 .- I . . . I 1 - , - M . Q . A, ' 9 - a v unior Class Mrs Paulus First row I Bakeman J Warner B Bender B Barden D Keane E Tarbox Second row E Gardner V Fedorowicz B Collum B Hinrichsen D Galoin Mrs Paulus H Simmons H Lewis R Cole J Goodrich Third row S Okrepkie V Spencer H Beebe A Jewett H Niznik G Royce J Good rich F Norris Fourth row R Harter Z Rosinski E Soule H Saxby G Yaman D Marshall J Lawton A Kulikowskl H Vanvorce R Gregrow C Munch D Ballou JUNIOR HISTORY The class of '43 began its freshman year by pouring into the rooms of Mrs Chamberlain and Nr Loomis We were now important freshman, and the first five letters of our title certainly sulted us We began our year by electing the following class officers president Donald Galpln vice pres ident, Marlon Fisae, secretary, Rosemary Harter, assistant secretary, Law rence Grant, and treasurer, George Yaman Our class advisers were Mr Fancner and Mrs Goodfellow During the year we had two parties which every one enjoyed During our sophomore year our class officers were president, Richard Ballou vice president, Elwood Mathewson, secretary, Rosemary Harter, Treas urer, George Yaman That year we had only one party We were beginning to calm down and prepare ourselves for our taxing year as juniors and seniors This year our class officers are president, Helen Simmons, vice president, Donald Galpin, secretary, Betty Hinrichsen treasurer, Helen Lewis Ve had one class party, for now that we are serious upper classmen we have had no time for more Our class dvlser is Yrs Paulus Helen Simmons 20 : . , . , . , . , . , . . 2 . , . , . , . , . , , . . . . . , . , . . : - , r - 1 - 1 ' I - 9 - 1 - ' 2 . , . , . , . , . , . , . . , . . Fifth row: D. Benjamin, G. Ball, J. Delaney, B. Bartlett, B. Grant, C. Rice, R. Ballard, . , . 1 . . 5 Q A . , L . C , Q - - . H U - g -L . A . - - - ' I Sophomore Class Miss Besanson First row R Allmandlnger P Baldwin A Nash L Barrows D Bushnell P Bliss A Vyott F Gould Second row B Cleveland M Meddaugh A Zimmer D Nestfall, V Bradley Miss Besanson G Kobylarz, R Keith D Raynsford A Myott P Hotallng Third row B Rlvenberg H Shoultes E Benjamin B Whittaker N Marshall J Wood ard G Cook E Howard S Bean L Becker V Chauvln Ostrander E Newman D Keith D Bolson, H Dalton Fifth row A Beloxur E Wheeler J Ridgeway D Lewis E Nett J Jacason G Okreokie L Bakeman F Tiffany, G Vorrleon K Lawtor SOPHJWORE V STORY The class of 1944 held one meeting during their freshmen year at which they elected officers as follows president, Dorla Bushnell, secretary treasurer, Helen Lewis Student Council representatives, Peggy Bliss and Lee Ostrander The class held an ice skating party on the school rink on February 5 While they were freshmen, Miss E Medve acted as their class adviser Their homeroom teachers were Miss Cunningham and Mr Loomis As sophomores they held a meeting to elect officers The offices were all filled by boys, as follows Daniel Lewis, president, James Ridgeway vice president Joe Bates, secretary, George Okrepkle, treasurer Alex Belo kur and Virginia Bradley were Student Council representatives They had one party which was held in the school gymnasium Dancing and games were en Joyed The class adviser has been Miss Besanson Dorla Bushnell 21 : . , . , . , . , . , . , . A , . . , Y . . , , . , . , . . , . , . - 1 - 1 - 1 - - : . , . , . , . , . , . - , . , . , . , . , . . Fourth row: G. Dudek, C. Spencer, C. Grimley, H. Cornwell, B. Estep, J. Bates, L. , . , . , . . . : . ' , . , . , . , . , . ' , . A , , , , . Ll , , A. '. UI' L I 1 ' ., , - 5 - . Freshmen Class li ij. r Ldson Mr Hagerty Fir t row T Miller L Bowen A Luszczek R Dlngler G Dunn F Tiffany L Cook Second row G Delaney 1 Vurphy L Leedham J Stimming Mrs Edson Mr Hagerty T Lynch F Snaop D Enright Luszczek B Crispell G Beebe H Lynch Kenwood FRESHHEN HISTORY The freshmen class started off the year by elec lug Lewis 'ook as Dresident Onalea Graves as vlce president, Daniel Bender as secretary and Betty Lawrence as treasurer Betty Lawrence and Poser Snenn were elect ed for Student Council reoresentativee The freshmen girls had the Library as a homeroom under the direction of rrs Chamberlain the boys were ln room 211 with Urs Paulus oresldlng hrs Ruth Edson and Mr Crede Ha5erty were chosen as lass advisers In the latter part of the fall season a party was held in the school gymnasium Classmates were allowed to bring outside friends if they wished The class of 1945 has started on its upward climb Newark Valley C ntral School exnects great things of them Janet Stimmlnz 22 ' ' Z1 I I 3 I I i I I II I H l I . M s ' . S I . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : ' I 'L U I ' Y I ' 7 1 1 ' 1 . , H A , . Y . Third row: R. Avery, M. Kozanoski, M. Wait, E. Holden, H. Spencer, M. Stevens, T. . , . , . , . , w. . .4 P' 4-1 A ' LI ' SJ - S - ' ' I 7 nu V . 3 - 'A . . I ,Q fs ' . . KJ I 4- , , . . . - , . e . A L , , Ja es 'H Sally Sn Chatter PI'Tb1aSQUn S NIO S a la QEEQGT Dlsest Iuttall is a leader 0' el ant a fol ower women S1W1OH e was dl 'es lice s.all wrlrloools in her 0 eers Jordon Cremonev estless a a cn onunq tal H Helen Cook 'Fvery man in the room was trylnv to get her wave length but are mouldn' tune in George Weeler 'He was ll tenlnb out of the corner his mind ' Ruth Bridgeq 'She lives a date to date existen Emer on Averv 'As persistent as whiskers Mary Jean Smith 'She s a chain talcer, lights ea sen tence from the soar! of the last Bill Wade 'He is a man of a fem hundred words Elaine Haecyer 'She owns and operates a ferocious temper Janet Purple 'When she walks her whole figure mak s eyes at you Marlon Allen 'A voice with a song around the edges Dorothy Rejmer 'She came in on a wave of perfume Bob Spencer 'He offered a large limp hand as if he himself had no further use for it Julia Luszczek: 'Busy as a fiddlefs elbow. Helen Saxby: 'Jingling with laughter as though she has swallowed sle1ghbells.' Leonard Ball: 'He is an all round man.' Duane Tarbox: 'Now before I start I want to say some th1ng.' Tony Kasper: 'His tone not only closed the subject but sat on the l1d.' v . L fl A E C ' . f 'S f , ' -le 4' . 1-1 ....... .02 ffl u . 1 Q D- , ' .E ., l I2 1' . HL . 1 ' L M 1 of ' I A.N v L .Q .............. V ....... .OO V, - A D - - 'H pq 1 - 'M' Sin - W, H ll Q U i' , . . ......... 4. .Ou -L A n., :A Llafql. T1 -L AA - A4 - v Q . . . .1-5.00 Q X - V ' m f l ..... . .00 , Q , - - f s ..... ...l5 Hn - --' su 11 H 1's 1. ' ' 'S M OO ' o -oqaa.n..-...Q..--fsn.-.:n A, 0 , s .- s A f . 'Q ..... ...... . ............. 25.00 H - W ' Y - t Knee warmers for Helen Lewlsg A N W ' 'A ' X - - ... l.OO ' . . ' sa ' ' .OO , . , I Q .. . .... 50.00 -.1 - vu " s 1 of O3 1 ' u' ..... .OO ,- -' .. . ........... ......... 10.00 ' ' r Ce' M ..... 1.00 Q , a .... 10.00 M ' . 31 ' ' . . ....... .OO ' " ' ' - - A . ..... 7.00 r , , ' H. .... . .00 ' 1 1 -- ch - I vi . ll I -- 2 1' r V' u -- I ,H L . , -- D H J .U -- n ' 5 if ------7' e , -- -N m .n u- n 1 n : I -- A ,W -- u m A O "" c 3 -- ' u .' . -- -- " - l X W - u n 25 EXPEHS AC OUNT Anotb r man f?l for Yrs Fdson Boon resort cards for tne h oltual forgetters Combs for the 'Got 2 c0mb?' Qmgrug 25 Dynamite for the livht ousrers by the girls' locners 'OO Larlier hours for the7Tl1 girls Fewer jones fro Fran Gould lOOO Gallon of aaa or Soence' car Hair ralslnp stories in an lisb class Imoos lble problems to tumo hr Fancher GOO that sxating sz1rt's so short Longer hair on the oa 'etoall team oO dore marriaees in the faculty New giggle for 'uffy for does she need 1t?J Organ Kwhen will we get 1t?J 2000 Poor answer Cjust one! from Leonard Ball Records with 'oomph' for Bed Springs for Bud B tes' jallopy Turn proof Ford for Purp lOOO Up to date map for Yr Paulus Warmer rooms in tne buildlnt lOO PET SAYINGS Janet Purple 'Look A man Ars Paulus 'Anymore quest1ons?' Betty Seward ' 'm sleepy Mr Frier 'Stand by for mornlnv announcements Helen Lewis 'Lord and Butter' Helen Simmons 'Wouldn't it be funny Mr Paulus 'I have just a few announce ents Ed Kenyon What s it to you? Frances Gould 'They died with their boots on ' Miss Brooms 'D1dn't you people hear the bell?' Sally Simmons Oh Fooey Bob Bartlett 'Hi kid W Miss Snow Q let please' fl Hazel Vanvorce 'Have you got a pencil with an eraser on it?' Harold Bradley 'Is this m desk?' Bud Grant 'Are yd kldaln? Rosemary Harter - Oh Shoot! NICKNAMES Bud ...... ... L. Ball, L. Grant Cookie ... .. .... .. Helen Cook Champ Jimmy .. Missy Muffy Nizzy .. Purp Gordon Champney .. James Nuttall . . Amelia Myott Mary Jean Smith .. Helen Niznik ... Janet Purple Red .... ... Elaine Haecker Spence Tuffy Zlssy .. Robert Spencer .. ...... Twila Kleda .. ...Zigmont Rosinski ASS'WBLY September 10 September 22 October October October October November November November D cember December J nuary l4 January 26 February March March 18 March April April April April Around School PDO RAMS 1941 42 Sound System Presentation Albert Payne Senate Page Boy Rainbow Indians Max Gene Nohl Master Singers Howard cleaves Animals at Night Assembly Sing Sweethearts of Song Ir Chavre Hindu travelers Salisbury Players play Chorus broadcast from aud ltorlum Ithaca Colle e Freshman Pepertolre ompany Burton L Jackson marlm ba player Girls' Basketball Game Basketball game Delbert K Harter adven turer Mr DeRue musical program Bob Burns Arkansas Trave ler Lane Newberry artist Hartwick College speakers Mr Fancher and Mr Frost science program mrs Eason musical pro gram Sybil Shearer dancer Mrs Chamberlain Speaking Contest We wish to express our appreciation to the basketball team for the contribu tions to the financing of the 1942 issue of SCHOOL MEMORIES. PUPIL E LPLOYMEI' Part time student employment through special school and CYA funds has provl ded experience on real and needed jobs to many of our students during the past six years These students have made a real contribution to the school, and their work has helped to improve and extend the services which the school has ren dered to all those concerned, teachers and pupils alike This part time employment h s also provided additional educational op or tunies to many of our economically hand lcapped students Employment under syn pathetic supervision, has been used in this country to make more use of youth since early colonial times Such work experience can become, and in our schools we must see that it does become, a valu able educational experience for boys and girls who are receiving this training SNIMNING The swimming program of Newark Val ley Central School was ag in held at Mr Mooney's pool south of the village All beginners were taken ln the late morning There were forty seven all together About fifty per cent learned to swim well enough to take care of themselves The other fifty per cent were very young but learned enough that this year they should develop rapid Something new ln life guards and student instructors was tried out and worked very successfully Instructors before had only been boys This year two girls were added to the staff and turned in a very good account of them selves This policy of boy and girl ln structors will be permanent The swimmers group in the afternoon had an attendance of about fifty or six ty per day This swimming program is under the direction of the Physio 1 Education partment with Mr Goodfellow in charge We have not published pictures from the Snapshot Contest because there were not enough pictures entered to warrant fair competition. Each contributor will receive a free issue of the 1942 SCHOOL MEMORIES. He Who would save liberty must put his trust in democracy. 24 Norman Thomas L11 .. G - I sT 8 I -- 15 - . . 1 - 21 -. 1 ' , 28 - f' - - .Q 3 I 12 - . UI 19 - . A 28 - 4 . - - ' A e 3 - - ' 17 - - - December 23 - Christmas Program A ' 25 - ' 11 - . so ' - - - - ly. ' 25 - . - , 1:5 - - - ' , ' 15 - - , I 22 - ' 29 - . . - Hay 6 - U . ' - - uf aL De' May 15 - - ' . May 20 - . May 27 A .1, er"r2 fo ifth row: R. F-r ' "' -x A lrst row: J. -'1r,', -1. COMICS. stfell, T. ?aste1'21 Eozelle , r' land, F.. Post, s. sallor. -Ci .,,,.1 A rel., .-,.1.. FGM- -1, - J ster, Felo, L. J "ri row: Eiinor, A :u - 2 ',' "M- . sie, anvopce, S I' v- " Tun' vw 'J -a--o., ., -.-..-e-, .. 'ev F " "J1"""':" .. , . c..- - -c., -. Eeebe, J., .-clone,-, C. islzl, r. Zalnla, 3. oyt, T. Weber, E. Fox, Ford, E. Sears. r Howard, I-I. Hull, IZ. 4- -,-.., .v-C ,,,95, ..'f'......, --.- :,-. - I' art? row: S-. Mills, . -Q..., . Loeffler, sell, .wa . V-.. 4.1, .-.-. ---nL, .. . 'fanl-'orce, 1 . 2-Z. Collin 'F eei. 5 1 -,Le, S. -e Uonlrv' -.o .a--nL .. 3-A..,W -. n!'.JS .1I',,.l Eoltzan , 5. ":re,k1e, I-Z. E. E1 igeway L I 1 E, Armstrong, -...,-J. Zr,k . V E171 s . , Corwin, 3. Ileeinaz, L. Call, SJ er V Q Ace, L. Nichols, J. s:Qws11, H. errill, 3. ?'.arve3'. sixth row: f.. .o:.n1:lnS1 5" 'ireifii-9 .1 rl ic e J " 1 1 'lnr hs n, ". 529551 I.. F-' 5 eel 1 1.a3n1e, A. I-ierrill, A. I-izslowskl. Idexander, D. Gardner, 5- 50?-Ol9SK11 Grades F Jayne, J. Illles, 3. Fussell, ?-.B!'15ffS- Mrs. Joslin EIGHTH GRADE Mrs. Chidester The eighth grade homeroons have been in rooms 209 and 210 with Mrs Chldester and Mrs Joslin the respective room supervisors The class nresldents were Gerald Bates and Teddy Pestalen Eleanor dldvewag acted for Teddy wher he was absent from school with a broken leg George Beebe and Laureln Call were Student Council reoresentatlves Eivhtv nine ouolls have been enrolled during the year Of this num ber, four have left school to worn, five have transferred to other school , one has left scnool on account of health, and eighteen were promoted to the ninth grade at the close of Regents week in Januarv The following new ouplls have entered who were not enrolled in our school previously Ann Lacey, Betty Woodard, Helen Marshall Shirley Ace, Helen Felo, Oscar Felo, James Hinrichsen, Charlotte Holtman, Marion Hoyt Marv Hull Phyllis Lyke Martin LaDue, and iazel Morris The members of the seventh grade were divided into two groups with drs Winlfred McPherson and Mr Frost as advisers At the beginning of the year there were about eighty students enrolled Billy Dunn and Freeman Cooper were elected as reoresentatlves to he Student Council Later Raloh Ballard was chosen to fill the vacancy created when Freeman moved away During the year several new ou ils have enrolled Among those were Dorla Lacey, Delores Cole from Rlchford and Llewellyn Chandler from Dryden Mrs McPherson Mr Frost H 25 rst row h Armstron oder 'i 1-utch nsor C Kullmws icbols lor J ner A dell Second row C Ayers Us el D vo s o cPherson r o Ballard P arden 'ewrar H Andersen "'r r' row J Lasby F Bowen V -va in in K 4 r Scallo Lolden A Sfencer .J Pitcrer A wixon Four' S evens Q iner S n weber L deLor mier P Rich e and L nsor .zrp e rf Av in r r I a ifth row a er a 'n :lac an .saver T hover E a o s mee l W bourne Shellha .mer D Cortr Sixth row F lanO trend :Iussell nes C anSusan A L- orehou e Pe d D earner Bender E Budney n Davis Seeley Coo -11 Uollenoec A .Jnofrio . - , . 4 a A LY b 1 . . A. . Q tj ' . A L ,. . - . O U .. A - , M . .. A 1 A l A -S ' ,- A l . . A A . L . . . - . . , - 1 , .- ., 1 1 ' - l I A C - . . . . . A . H . - :1 - . 1 . f . Q 1' . - .. I 1lz1l1.:lf I! I 2 ,Fil -- e1H-Y- 1, A 1 1 1, . in 1-tl, A. -' .. , G. Tay' , . f-ar , . Ar- W : . g I , J. ' hes, R. 1-ox , . " m t cle, hrs. If . s- , 1. -: . Fr st, R. , .E ., C. .- .. ., . L. A .1 .. ' : . ' , .. . C ln , J. Foe s y, J. ..eLo Lmier, - -. . . B.. ..enn1s, C, - ., .L .. , , , . .1 .. Hg A K1 J , A 1 - 1 J. .-.eddaugn , ... 2-.eai. ' th row: J. t . , ... E-Z , J. 15. s, YC. " , . ' 1. , . ., A. Clev l.. , , riutchl ., A. P' l , E. Myow, L. ery, E. I-Z e , 2, Hiller, G. St 1c'.l nd. 1' .1 : W. Ulnn, L. Chhil , R. If s.., D. , L. ' , . .I , .E lt n, P. 511 s, F. F j , K. n11's, H. .1nes, K. Kil , M. v-- lvht . . . , .Y lc.. . R .. : .. s ..-, J. . G. H1 , . V , . Hiclnson, R.x , 5, L .1 ,U.u , L ' 1 V- ' 1 - 1 A. la, . . .. ' Zz, . C. , - l Z K a I '.4L A . First row: J. Dlngler, P. Zimmer J. Whitney, B. Hotallng, J. Kellam, D. Shellhammer, A. Deming. Second row: C. Bailor, C. Grimley, D. Yescavage, E. Jackson, Miss Raben- stein, Hr. Brown, R. Eice, P. Thompson A. Steenrod, L. Zimmer. Third row: R. Tappan, F. Panas, D. Nichols, H. Thornton, M. Stinsrd, D. Noxel, M. Signs, C. Brandes, 3. BOWEN, A. Miner, K. Austin. Fourth row: H, Horton, L. Pastalan, E. Rose, F. Wade, P. Needham, B. Hov- ard, A. Frier, S. Holden, J. Niefer, N. Briggs, C. Zimmer. Fifth rowl L. Cook, H. Keyes, E. Kobylarz, H. Murphy, A. Cornell, R. Miner, D. Berg, L. Morrison, C. Brine, J. Bartlett, W. Gaul, G. Strope, D. Strait. Miss Rabensteln Mr. Brown SIXTH GRADE The room registration during the year for the combined sixth grades was fifty five pupils New pupils entering the grade were Charles Ballor, Robert Keane, William Gaul, Lloyd Zimmer and John Dingler There are a number of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in this grade The two rooms have studied reading, arithmetic, art, history and geo graphy this year They found the last two subjects rather hard to study with conditions changing as they do, but they found their work more inter eating when they correlated current events with their study In February this grade presented a patriotic assembly, most appro priate for the season FIFTH GRADE AND FOURTH AND FIFTH ADJUSTMENT GRADE During the year our thirty eight puoils in fifth grade have traveled in imagination from the time of the fall of Home up to the settlement of our country In geography we have toured our continent from Alaska to the Panama Canal In arithmetic we have reviewed the fundamental processes and have made a new study of fractions We learned much from many educa tional films and assemblies The fourth and fifth year specials have stressed individual progress this year One of the Christmas highlights was sawing useful novelties from hickory nuts and walnuts While the boys made belts and watch fobs, the girls made bracelets and necklaces Educational films, radio broad casts, and many fine folk dances helped carry out the diversified program Mrs Hines Mrs Long Fir t row D Vooer A Brlna E Hlne A Galvin S Chrysler P Givens J alverley I Bates J Warner B Bowen Second ron H Cornell F Hill L eade W Yemen hiss Steed Yre Long Hines B Pit her B C eveland aniels D Bickham M Flame I Sanford J Hutcheson J V rderoool f Hover P Enri ht Sh ver R Sus ler B Bartlett A Budney Fourth row Aait A Stinard L Correll P eber D Bri? s H Ailport L Hollensecs Harter G Arnoll J O eq Bailey J Yurray L Shellham ner Fifth row R 5a1o1n C Andersen Horton C 1 es iller Kasper Lane G Alexander K Strait R Hutcre on Ford E Soule R Daniels Z6 "' . . . I 1 . - . A . 1 J. . . . - . . . . - . . . f , 5 s 1 . - ' , . ', . 5 -P V f I f . S . - , . , . . 1.f . , I A I Y J A ' ' l . w , '4. , . , . W H '. . . , . v v I .2 , .., , . , . . , hrsg , . c. , . 1 , lx, u . ,, . , . V . Third row: H. Zimmer, L. Hines, L. I , -. s , . . , . 1. A , L. , .. gn , C. .a , . g , . , . , v N . N. , . , . L' ., 4 I - " 1 - ...:. I ' 1 . . G . H , . , . . . w ., r. , , . , . - :-. ' 4' --' ' A ' I' , . n 1 , C, A , C, A , 5. , .' , . , . y . s ., L. , . . . . ' I' First row: E. Johtstn, P. Mitne'-', '. Ianiels, 7. '-'az'-'cz-ce, Seczni row: J. Lyke, Serlnar, 1 .flss Squires, Mrs. Ardell, 53121 .-5. T-feshier, A. ieLcr1:Ler. """' 'ow' L lf:"f1rs Q 'Ye M. Stricnlanl, -. Austin, ... Cfrep- kzie, 3-5, Sskes, L. Howard, S. Ayers. Fourth row: Ch5:ber-a-.., t.. W1 IH rt F "' or ' L' e -, , . , .-.. - 5... ,. , e. uv aj Carroll, Cnofric, Daniels. 1 fs. .,. - ..,-. Flf... ro.. S. S..e,.,er, -. -e-,aur, .. .. ,r E. 213- . ... :x FE, ..- ,, ... ,.,,.-- -,..,A-, , - . .rs Ardell FOUP 6 'SAD This year there are thirty nine uoils enroll d in th fourth arade Early in the year, we oresented a harvest oroaram for assembly During the civilization of and animals and ence has taught other things we ha e knit for the fense Stamps year we have studied all the continents and the ancient some countries, learned two part singing, made calico birds worked to lmnrove our writing, speecn and soelllng Sci us about foods, insects, gnawlng animals, fish, and many Our safety has helped us to be more careful in our daily life done our bit for national defense also Some of our girls have Red Cross, our class has saved oaoer, and we have bought De THIRD GRADE This vear the two divisions of the third grade included fifty boys and E55-F18 In January we presented an assembly orogram for the grades During the year we studied various thin s Art orojects correlating with Social Studies, such as ones on Indians, NS imos, and the Dutch, were done Multiolication and division were introduced as new processes in arithmetic Mrs Edson instructed the Cbi1QPSH in choral reading During the course of the year, hiss Kenyon, Iiss Steed, and Visa Mazzotti worked in the grades Mrs Ogden Mrs Shoultes rst row L Signs B emlng arner F Delaney J Hill Second row J Wood E Bowen R Jo'-mgon Mrs Ogden drs Shoultes J delorimier B Snarp J' oshiex' h veber D Dingle:- 'hird row P Biehl K Krna L Brgndes L Iham G Cursendall G Hoyt K 'ornwell Y Dslo s V G-sd ner J Hines Fourtn row M A Tarbox J Austin I Shaver S Lawton D Stevens F larae P L Baird D .raloin Bri k B Siem-am V Zimoer Fiftn row H Filler R Shaver Ifilks R ewi C Sadd e ire H Brlrf J Waaemar J Cornwell J Sears F leyers P Corwin 27 vM.a'...C,el A. M' " Ville , see, A A ev er YI A' , Pl' , 7:1 .LA JL 4.4 ' -fx V :A Q - L s.. .' :J v . x.1 AA 5-I s 5 f- M . A A, A J ,... ..,, . , n , .. . , N.- c. t , 1 . . he s . t I 1 . . . . vr V o . . ., - . . L x.I N' ' 5 ' l ' -4 ,F . . -I lx. - . A . S . . . . , . T I , 4 1 'n 'A .- . . . . 'N F1 . . , . -1, , S. Kullxowslci, A-. ritcher, D. Philips, I-1, If , . ' , . . : . , . , . , . , , . . g , A . . , - U . , . . , . -- . . ,. . - , . . A 1 . . , . , . , . s . - '- , - 1 . , ,t , N f, H r- . , . . I I . . . - . , . , . , . ,. . . J. . , . . , . A , C. 5, , .. .. , 1 . ' 2 . . . . ,f-. Z , . , L s, . l 1 , .. .'., . -n - 1 - .I w , , . -, .. . N Miss Medve L. Jan: J. P ,ei Inrignt. 2 2. ,ina 2 "l"1 - ' 'Wwe 'exp cle -,-, ,.- 9 ..,l., ..-ss .e:'.':. ... .J .... QI, :e..,e1e 3. I.,-L,-e" I, fills. 'qhird r:'..': C .'-r-:Q: E Austin J. Loomis, 5. Halzonl J. Hoyt 3. ..,...,., , . .,... -. - -., A.. r..., Fourth rev: E, Johnson, L, Bee: Sher--, Meyers, E. Kline, J. lveraclier, L. 31:25, J. Koh,-'larz . Sv-lnew V :I -'-L .- J-- ., ..-..,.,.a.... Fifth rowl r. Kwlat.-Lowell, r. ..::, f- Bac-V, ' 1' ' clk, R. norton, L. V. A ,., -l Pierce, 5. Holkzl, II. .-eeikf: F. Sliver, Brink '. Eclolcur. Miss Kenyon SECOND GRADE At the beginning of the school year, there were twenty nineteen girls enrolled in the second grades six boys and e have branched out from the study of Home and Farm life of last year to units centered about Our Community Life and Helpers and Transpor tation We have worked out many interesting activities ln connection with them We put on an assembly program for the Elementary Grades It was spooky Ha1lowe'en operetta appropriately called nHa1lowe'en Pranksn Everyone enjoyed the program very much The first grades grade l A They were thirty pupils in Mrs During the year seven GRADE 1 B began in September with fifty eight people from divided into two groups, and called 1 B There were Patch's room and twenty eight in Miss Moody's room new people came to the grade The programs of the two grades are very similar inasmuch as the same level of material is used by both Features of the year have been a Hallowe'en party, a Christmas party a Valentine party, an master party, and a June picnic Also, in April the two grades sponsored an assembly program Mrs Patch Miss Moody ir t rov. LI S' winslfy S debori mer D ver A Steenroo D Isram Sv-9 arp V Lajza J Pitcher Qecon rox I Alexander ilss Bows S S ervood lric r etch 'J zo' llli L KU o rne I' ve wto ' n 1 1" .asv 'N Power L. J Sur S oar b rox. K r-rr I' D 61" H' ers al CDK so e ora ve le pl V o Ye' S J OVEI' J 28 .. . YY 11 . . . 8 . . . . . .. . - V . . . . A I - . . . F s 'Z .. la .', . ' - KY ' .."-, s, . R ',. .., ' -Y L. ,. ncer, 5. Sh, , , D. ..os..ier. S. , . . . - ,I -'Z '. " . , J. If ' , lil ,, F , L' " ,- .., . .. . , .. - .., files Hoody, H 5, P .., .. Turk, B. Pet li, 5, .. , afzs, . -b L: , Tnlrd ow: M. I' tt, ... ' s, S. ' La n, 3. farlso., C. English, C. Al me.--n-er, " Ls, J. TEQYHYT, 5- Lu If : 'or"we"' B K' L ., -f .. --, . . . F' t.. 'Z . '. iihf, E. Erown, J. Settle, EZ. Afaizexzan, J. Eeebe, E. Ave y, E. '-'.n5 Q, 5, . llaf., -. Jaclsan 3515, 32-L'1351.1 If. Pages, P-. '-'an3.:sen. Fifth ro'f'2 F.. ' w n '. , P. Svsfl , J, C 'ln, G. 192152, 2. Stlnsrd,-:. -91 r gs, ri. ..1ti,'K. ..e ..s-n, -1. wil: arsk, L. I-Kills, 2. ff. F 1, 3. 5231515 U. Flr-t row: Y :r fl' U Uo"e"ec-1 Sezoni rov: c, -Ht-. .,. --l-,-r...f -- -1. " u. -1 K , 'N "nrt-'v-v-' " ' "A A- - :Va p p-,...Y- : 5weh,,,. : -', '. First ro .ma D Demi Harzuond D Hutch rsor L Ha S1 ner B va er S cond row D Ayer Peer: Pitcher F Sigrs Daniels L e R Dedalt Hines K Ding er Third row F1 Keltn S rossen Smit Ve ers e a D uraendall B rrett E Dur e B Zimmer B Ulrich Fourth row D Thomas R stains c ham D a n D ivens Mrs Owen G Frost D Hulsland r J .arinus C Loomis P Brink H65 Mrs Owen GRADE l A This year the total registration for the l A group was fifty pupils twenty girls and thirty boys, between the ages of four and six A social ized program was used the first ten weeks At the beginning of the second ten weeks, manuscript writing and preparation for reading and numbers were added to the program The last twenty weeks were spent in more difficult reading material, counting and writing numbers Our group presented an ooeretta for our mothers and friends s Edson helped us get ready This year we have had many parties and surprises which have been prepared by our lothers' Club The Mothers' Club leaders were as follows first semester, Mrs Lucien Marlnus second semester, Mrs Clifford Peck GRADE ASSEMBLIES The assembly programs in the grades have been interesting and varied In October the primary grades were invited to attend two high school assem blies 'The Indians' and 'Master Sin ers The Second Grades entertained with an operetta, 'Hallowe'en Pranks In November we attended the high school assembly, 'Sweethearts of Song'. At Christmas time we sang Christmas songs and enjoyed movie shorts furnished by the Elks Club of Owego. In Janu ary Mrs. Shoultes' Third Grade gave the play, 'The Golden Touch'. Mrs. Og den's Third Grade presented a Mlnuet Dance in costume. During January we were invited to hear Burton L. Jackson and his marimba program. Mrs. Long's group invited us to see their play in March. The First Grades gave a ealth play, 'Tommy Learns a Lesson' for our April assembly. 'Belling the Cat' was the name of the operetta given by Mrs. Owen's grade. Our assembly program closed for the year with several movie shorts. During the year, each of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades under the direction character group and' grams, we nd1ans', also seen of its teacher has presented a program. These have varied in Each program was planned so as to be entertaining to their to be of educational value as well. In addition to these pro have attended some of the high school assemblies, such as 'The 'the Marlmba Solo1st', the Christmas Play and others. We have some of the primary grade's programs. 29 w: G. " ra. . . ng, T. '1 , . Lt A, . 1 , K. .1 , . S gl . n e . I , N SL :., ', '- - 1 -V 1 1 "- -1 C. yk , . , M. , . 1 , . . .- . . . , . x , J. h, G. ..y , D.Dh1t, .C ' ,x, 3 ,ra , ' 5 - , . , . .. A J. ' ' A ' ' C. 5115. , . -1 tkl E, . 3 , . , . , . Lf. 'E , U . . , . . , . . . ' 1 . .. H ' .J . . , , . Mr . . 1 '- . I . I . Q . .... 5 . . 5' 1 gi 4 'wav A-.Q N xx The Finish Ready for the long drive The Commencement Do you know 'em? Puzzling 1sn't it? Gym class hiking First urade Fort Commander of the Fleet The Fleet 'V for Victory 50 -v' il .. - ' I ' . . -- J f ' .1 ' ' I ' I ' , ,f of - ' . - . . if . V ' "". . " R' z an - ' uh: 'Q 5 . ,, - . , A V' I M ', ,' , j fe ' 5 " . J' , XL. N n- 5 y e T . A 1 , ., i l - . Q ri 5 . '-' . - :A N N . I L 4 r x ' 1 ' - As .Inj 4- - ' 0 R' . O U Tait., - . , 4 - as W A . Ma! . A Q TMNXNV Z d , wi . T ' tg J Q X ' 9 AFg459F2 TT? . 3 . .,:.,,, W 2 '.-L' , 1 ,Q x man I L- -TNS W 'fxwg ,t ,X , Q' V ' N N' v ' ' ' Sw T?x N, -W 1 J lf . . x -, , . L- V j ,-: o 'z ' . 1. 5. 2. 6. 5. , 7. 4. ' 8. 9. -- fl Act1v1t1es First row Mr Fancher, M Allen, J Nuttall I J Smith, L Ball, Mrs Edson Second row D Keane, R Ballard, V Bradley, L Call, Dunn H Vanvorce A Belokur, H Beebe STUDENT COUNCIL Wwe, the students of the Newars Valley Central School, in order to promote a better understanding be tween the faculty and students of this school, to create a better school spirit among the students, to encourage achievement in scholarship, citizenship, athletics courtesy and fellowship and to consider all suggestions by the student body to this council regarding changes and improvements in school activities, do hereby unite into an organization which shall be known as the Student Council of the Newark Valley Central School ' Thus the preamble of the constitution of the or ganization states the purpose and sims of the Council Its members are elected from the student body bv the students, it represents both the junior and senior high school Its success has resulted from the coopera tion and support that has come from the students, the faculty and the School Board With the advancement of the interests of the students as its aim, the Council hopes to continue as an organization of the students, by the students and for the students Mr Fancher Mrs Ldson 'Governments are republican only in proportion as they embody the will of the people, and execute it Thomas Jefferson 51 O 0 O : . '. . . 1. . t : . . . . G. ' Third row: E. Avery, A. Kasper, J, Lawton, R. Snapp, B. Lawrence - I ll .n .n Mrs Chamberlain LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club meets twice a month in the Library First rom B Strlcll nd A Iyott F Clark J Oakes Second row R Bowen J barner Mrs Chamberlain Ballard V Galoln Third row Talcott Allen Budney Avery Jayne Briggs A regular pro gram is arranged by a comlittee from the members This may consist of any thing that has to do with books, papers or the Library Most of the bro grams have consisted of readings, telling the stories of books the members have lined, giving of interesting facts found in magazines, and testing he knowledge of the members of familiar characters in well known books Norman Allen is president of the Library Club The Press Club was formed in the middle of the year by Miss Gladys Besanson At our first meeting, Janet Stimming was elected as editor in chief, and Erma Tarbox as assistant editor The duty of the Press Club is to canvass the school each week for news to hand in to the Tlo a County Herald There are eleven members in all and each has a special duty Th deoartments and reoorters are chosen so as to cover all school activities These deoartments and reoorters are Sports Janet Stimming Camera Club and Faculty Thomas Lynch Music and Evening entertainments Dorla Bushnell and Irene Bakeman Library and Defense Stamps and Bonds Peggy Bliss D 1 ramatlcs and Grade kews Erma Tarbox and Hazel Brandes Home Economics and Exhibits Verna Spencer Future Farmers of America and Assemblies Morley Keyes Faculty and Future Farmers of America Richard Marshall Student Council and Assembly Alfred Budney First row P Bliss E Tarbox Miss Besanson J Stimming D Bushnell Second row Soencer Bakeman Brandes Belokur Esteo Third row D Marshall M Keyes A Budney T Lynch 52 Miss Besanson I "J R. ' E. . N. E. R. sl l F- s. PRESS CLUB . 9 v, A ' 1. H. A. B. A First row D Dennis J Purple Canager F Haeczer Second row H Cook D iss Brooks Bridges Assistant Manager J Smith Piss Brooks TAL STUDENT STORE The Student Store operates under the s onsor V10 of the Student Councll to enable nuoils of the school to ourcnese scnoo' suonlie end workbooks in t1e buildlns at reasonable orlces The Store is ooen before school and lurln the lunch riods ev y day The Store Staff is selected by the Stddent Council from e list of recommendations b the facultv advisor Apoolntment to the staff is in dlcetive of resoonslbillty nd trustworthiness The store manager and assistant Hanes r receive noninal salaries br the year THE STUDLWT BOARD OF FIhA CE student 'ith the exercise ctivlties maklnv detosits in the Extra las room Activitv Funds faculty sponso s of the activities and cluos renresented they control ov r student funds under t e supervl ion of iss Brooks as Central Treasarer and ere de oslted throu h tle payments are made by chec the Central lrea urer and dents exercise control of guardinv them r Frier as Controller All funds collected central reasurer in one banf account, and all s drawn on tni account under th sisnature of the Controller Through this system the stu their funds without the resoonsibllity of safe hiss Brooks First row hiss Brooks Lewis Myott Lawrence Beebe Purnle Second row Saxby Ball Nurtenbe Okreokie Hinrichsen Nade FS 55 . ? n , i 1 v I AN 451 5.1, Il H. . Z . ' U su' M ' L 1 . . - . I.- 1 l s . . 1 J , ,. A . o A . f g ' oe er' . NJ . A ' 1 A V A V V . D .. a -- 9 - L . . YG . A NUS .1 , .. . ..- I . ' -1-' A v ay lv The Student Board of Finance is composed of the treasurers of all . a . ' .C j -C -s t, . W . ' rs . . . u '- A , - L e 'A h s Il ' .-1 . K . C . , 3 n 5 A C , T . L , F ' ' k M ' e ' .e - F1 Q . S1 - 5, .L " V . it H. W, B. G. J. A H, L. B.' G, A' B, - W.' Mrs Chamberlain First row Ave s H Yo A Vlxson, L deLor1m1er J Steohens D Vlller Second row y tt, A B ox, Wrs vnalberlaln I Iuckey L Demine H Felo Third row A Higginson R Warner, D Bender, A Balzar ott O Oarepkie, E Hotal ART CLUB The Art Club meets the ei hth period every Tuesday in the Art doom The members have been allowed to work along the lines they wished to choose The most oooular lines have been leather work, pencil drawings ben and lnk and water color work Some of the students have done excel lent oieces of work The officers of the Art Club are president, Joe Hyott vice oresi dent Eleanor Vyott, secretary, Olga Okrepkie MODEL BUILDING CLUB The model airolane club members consist of boys who are interested in building models of small airplanes The nrices of these models range from sd to sod The club has use of a nBrown, Jr lf5 h D and a 'Mighty Aton' lflO h p motor The members have been working on a 5 year old 'Quaker' which is owned by the school The model was being rebuilt when work was susoended for a few weeks wdile members worked on scale wooden models for the Army and Navy First row R VanOstrand, J Lasby, E Westfall, C Hammond C Ayers, B Dlngler, H Miner Second row Mr Loomis, R Loeffler, L Chandler, C Hard ing, E Sears, S Bailor, B. Estep. Third row: J. Myott, F Corn well, M LaDue, M Ayers, E. Sokoloski, E. Newman. I lr Loomis I 54 vs C. , r , , der . 3 - . . , . , n - U - 2 E. M'o . Myott . F A . H. A , . '- 3 . D, . . , . 0 . H ., A, . T 4 I -5- I J, My , . I . - ing, E. Steenrod. I 4' fv- . - 5 - . Y ' . - ' ' I . S' L '- A U ' 2 ' 5 -A - , L ' . A c A .' , - L ll . . , , ' 1 A I 5 . . 0 ' a First row G Beebe B Bender B Howard V Rosenzrant H Simmons Second row H lznik L Robbins B Hinrichsen Ball H Lewis J Stlmminv A Myott V Goble? Third row M 'urvhy J Klrma A Partridge Mrs VcPhereOn Howard V Allen M 'eacnam Fourth row H VanVorce R Har ter H Cook I Tarbox B Lawrence 0 Graves W Rosalak P lunch D Robbins H Brandes L Ball I doodard D Hover Mrs McPherson DRAVATIGS CLUB The Dramatlcs Club officers were elected was organized again this year and the following George Ball, oresiient, Lillian Robbins vice nresldent, Helen Lewis, secretary, Betty hinrichsen, treasurer I December the entire club went to ithaca College and saw a oroduc lon of Two On An Island The club also was in charge of the Christmas P T A and assembly programs On January 14th it sponsored two plays g'ven for an assembly program by the Freshman Afterwards a tea was enjoyed by the making House The rest of the year skits and pamtomimes SENIOR nepertory Comoany of Ithaca College club members and cast in the Home was filled with group work including PLAY CAST On October 24th, 1941 the class of 1942 presented 'Freckles dramatization of Gene Stratton Porter s most famous novel The play, starring Emerson Avery and Helen Cook, was under the direction of Mrs Winifred McPherson The cast included Sally Simmons, Leonard Ball Dorothy Pejmer, Mary Jean Smith Helen Cook, Harold Bradley Lillian Robbins, Marion Allen, Walter Myott Douglas Robbins, -ae Harvey Kenneth Saddlemire and Mary Jean Howard The proceeds, which amounted to Q75 OO were turned over to the fund for the senior trip to New York City in May Mrs McPherson First row: E Avery H Cook Mrs McPherson S Simmons L Ball Second row: M Howard Allen Rejmer , J. Smith Harvey Robbins M D H M L Third row: H, Bradley K Saddlemire D Robbins W Myott 55 I. ' 1 M 1 4 +1 .I f s I I . A - 1 , , I., H , . . . 1' . , gn , . 1 H . Q V- 1 - n , V, , A , . . , I . A . .1 - , - 1 . 1 - ' F M' A , , .u , .. .4 . I . , - ' I ' 1 ' V 'I ' . I , ' , . AA . - Fifth row: R. Benjamin, L. Avery. , , . 1 - 1 1 1 1 u, , . . . L A , A Q 1 ' , - . 0 . ' ' n 4- - u . 5. it I U T. ... - - . H A . . . , . ' ll I i 8- - I . . . tk , , Q -" V I 1 il r A' l 9 A A , L . ' , , . . First row: R, Tompkins, B. Wade, R. Gregrow, E. Kenyon, D. Galpln, D. Bolson, G. Morri- son, H. Saxby. Second row: Mr. Paulus, R. Poet. J. Niles, E. Soule. C. Grlmley, A Kullkowski, G. Har vey, G Mills, F Morris Third row W Merrill, K Damon, D Marshall, C Munch, H Lynch, D Gardner, R Russell E Clark Fourth row C Ford, M Okrep kie, A Merrill, T izalowskl, K Russell, A Balzar, J Delaney, W Harding Mr Paulus FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers' Club is an organization of students studyin agriculture in high school The club members take part in an educational, cooperative and recreational program and hold regular monthly meetings The 1941 42 officers are as follows president, Donald Galpin, vice president Edwin Kenyon secretary, Roy Gregrow treasurer, William Wad reoorter, George Morrison social chairman, Harold Saxby, athletic chair man, Donald Bolson 4H CLUB The 4H Clubs are made up of Junior High School boys and girls who are interested in a riculture This year there are two clubs, a Boys' 4H Club and a Girls 4H Club, and in their studies the members cover dairy, poultry and garden subjects The lrls' club meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month and the boys club meets the second and fourth Tuesdays The 1941 42 officers are as follows Girls' Club president Mildred Fiske, vice president Myrtle Rosengrant secretary, vice president Melvin Ayres, secretary, Marian Okrepkle, treasurer, Richard Bowen Mr Paulus First row G Mills, V Evensr, J Haines, M Fiske A VanVorce, H VanVorce Second row M Okrepkie, G Beebe, A Lacey, Mr Paulus, B Fox, T Weber, R Bowen Third row E Budney A Merrill M Ayres G Morri son, D Bolson, E Clark 56 . . . , . ' ' .N ' ' 8 , 3 3 93 Grace Beebeg treasurer, Betty Fox, Boysi Club -- president, Earl Clark, 3 Wm , . . , . . ,5 1 . , . , Q , o ' F11-straw: as aft- - - - K. Lawton J. Stimmlng M. Keyes Mr. Frost Second row: D. Comstock R. Noxel J. Whitney L. Hutchinson L, Avery Third row: Call Hull Newman Grimley Mr Frost CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club with an average of eleven members through the 5ear has studied camera structures and uses The use of different lighting effects the making of slides for classroom use and experimenting with colored film in regular cameras have been studied Several students have become interested enough in club studies to build and equip their own dark room at home RIFLE CLUB The Newark Valley Central School Junior Rifle Club is now two years old This club was formed to teach boys and girls how to handle firearms safely and to derive fun and enjoyment from 22 caliber rifle shooting The club is a member of the National Rifle Association and bays a member ship fee of S5 OO The fee places the entire club in good standing with t e N R A for the calendar year Membership buttons and rule books are sent to the club so that each member may have one A charter suit able for framing and hanging in the room used for club meetings is sent to the adult leader The N R A has provided a complete series of medals and diplomas which boys and girls may win These medals and diplomas are indications of the skill of the individual shooter The N R A set up a Soortsmen Code which every member must memorize Every shooting accident that ever occurred was caused by disregard of some of the various points mentioned in this code The club has an outdoor range and this year, through the cooperation of the school and Senior Rifle Club, has an indoor range Mr Goodfellow First row E Holden J Woodard, B Rivenberg, E Nash L Barrows, B Morris, C Ford Second row F Tiffany, M LaDue A Balzar, M Ayers, E Newman Third row Coach Good fellow, K Saddlemire, K Lawton M Keyes E Wheeler, Mr Saddlemire Fourth row J Ridgeway, E Gardner, E Kenyon, J Myott, L Ostrander, G Yaman 57 L. M. E. S. Ace C. af' H X . . ' 3 1 s I 5 if EI 3 I . ' ? 5 ,V 1 3 - ' ' ' ' First row! V. Holden A. wixson J. Nhltney E. Hotaling Mrs. Chldes- ter M. Dennis H. VanV0rce J, Stevens. Second row: E. Armstrong . Kull- kovsai L. deLor1m1er B. Bailor M. Weber L. Deming G. Strickland G. Taylor. Third row: M. Shellhammer B, Dal- ton H. Felo P. Dalola L. Hutcheson I, Mix T. Weber H. Hines T. Hover O. Okrepkie. Fourth row' E. Steenrod K. Kil- bourne H. Marshall L. Nichols L. Call D. Cole P. Bliss I. Ben er L. Hauver L. Avery V. Corwin. Mrs hldester HOOK AND NEEDLE CLUB The Hook and Needle Club ls composed of seventh and eighth grade girls who ere interested in handiwork The first term thev met in two separate groups and spent most of their time in crocheting The second term they came together as a unit The Red Cros presid nt appealed for help in knitting and sewlng which the girls agreed to undertake The chief dlfficllty was in setting supplies of material to work with Glor'a Baldwin, Marion Sherwood and Dorothy Blanchard Kindly agreed to help get the larger group started The present officers are Helen VanVorce, president Shirley Ace vice president, Mildred Heber, secretary and treasurer BICYCLE CLUB Thursday activity period The club consists of about forty members Th objectives of the club are to practice and observe at all times the bicy cle safety rules Since there is one bicycle to every four automobiles, the observance of safety rules is urgently important Jo meetings of the club were held during the winter months Th club will start again in April at which time a more intensive program will be adopted Mr Brown First row Hr Brown A Steenrod G Bowen R Jackson C Hammond R Tappan B Howard A Frier R Rice Second row J Warner C Zimmer B Dunn F Moore E Sears G Ba es K Horton J Neifer B Bartlett Third row J Bartlett B Gaul L Chandler C Harding G Mills H Loetfler G Strope E We tfall C Newton B Strickland P Dalola 58 ' A I H ' I I I I I H Q 'U I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I d I vi I1 ,U , h 1 5- Y , U L Q A . s e . - A Y bu J - . 4 A 3 3 - . . I This club was organized in October and the meetings are held every . - . . e I . e 2 . , - . . ,- 1- I- I- 1- '- Za I' I . ,.n ,- I- r , H , . , . 3. I- I . ,. 1- I . , . , - S A . Q go I I' ' First row: . Hover L. Flsze A. VanVorce J. Werner . -s Kedve D. Blanchard D. oxel . Whltrey J. a ver ey. Second row: M. Bates . Whitney B. Howard O. Okrepkle . Hotaling H. Lyncr H. VanVorce E. Yyott 7. rose. lrd row: .. Hoyt . venar H. Okrepxie M. Shellhammer '. Ke e- A. Purple M. Collins D. Haynsford B, Crispell A. Frier. Fourth row' J. Stowell D. ieedham H. hi nik V. Corwin P. Bl ss . VanSusan E Bender L Lauver K Kllbourne E Steenrod P Rich lisa edve GIRL SCOUTS We had thirty six Girl Scouts registered this year under tne leader shin of Miss Julie ledve and Dorothy Blanchard There are eighteen girls ln the town group and eighteen in the school group Both groups have been stressing activities in connection with Civilian Defense They have lived uo to their slogan nVolunteers for Victory Their defense activities that adults would be free for defense worn, acting as messengers study ing First Aid Morse Code and signaling Their social activities consisted of two dances seasonal o rties a silver tea a Girl Scout luncheon, the burning of Christmas trees, hlk and camping trips BOY SCOUTS The Boy Scouts of Newarx Valley are divided into two troops One troop, No 45 is th school troop having only members who ride on the bus This troop meets on Thursday activity periods w'th Mr Brown as Scoutmaster The town troop No 30, has town boys as me bers, meeting ln their own rooms at the Municipal Building with Mr Reese ss their Scoutmaster Both troops are sponsored by the Newark Valley P 1 A Activities in outdoor and avocatlonal nature are stressed as well as duties and practice of better citizenship This year has brought many opportunities for helping in Civilian Defense as plane spotting, messenger service training First Aid training and waste material collectlons Several visits through the school term were made to our new Scout cab n on the school property Summer camping was under the leadership of Mr Hagedw Mr Brown Mr Reese First row R Tappan B Bart lett R Loeffler V Galpin E Shellhammer J Warner Second row M Keyes B Horton R Noxel H Hutchinson A Ardell B Dunn G Strooe E Sears Third row R VanOstrand H Yoder R Bowen D Comstock P Barden R Ballard C Brandes C Hammond Fourth row Mr Hagerty D Keith G Russell G Harvey G Hines F Jayne R Warner Dunn N Allen H Seeley Mr Brown 59 Q i 2 t Q tg, I D , f 1 , e . - . Us , . N . J A . Cl 1 , J , I I E I ll I A I Th 1 , v E , V r' , , A y Q. . B . I I x ' I V V Z 1 n 1 1 J l ' I ' I ' , . , . . I 'I A' A'L I -,l -A l - A A 4. 44 . . . YI . consisted of: raising money for the Red Cross, staying with children so 1 V x, M - . , . - : , . ,a , , es ' u Q . . , o . n -L Q . , . m 4. ' ' L -r-1' I 0 4 .L : . , . - I ' 'I ' I ' , . . : - 9 - I . , . , . , . , . A , . . : . , . I ' I ' I . , . . . , . I . , . , . , 5 L . ,v . , . , u. , . , . . . F l Coach Goodfellow Beginners' Summer Swimming Group Coach Cunningham Whose are these? Young Swimmers 40 First Grade Train Playing Hockey Wwanna play-tra1n?' "That's all today. " 'Headyl Swingf' MUSIC Fir t row B '-lows-rd Shoul llarner 'K Bridges D Lace S1 tons E 'Iaecfer 'R Keith B Bender uould L V nch Z P-osinsq P R Aver Exshnell B ste att J Este n A e ozur Second row F Beebe Hsrve Peddaag J Stix-.lin a .fdsor J Luszczel-f ri Dalton Myott E Howard V Bradley D Vwest fall D Bender Third row J Parole B Cleve and '-' L S B 1 11' lfade ewi ean zn Chauvn I. Beer D aynsford owen .x zczef oser r Bare D Keene Dunha... A Je uowar '- Simone Pourtn row J Klima Seldwir Cobler B iverberg Y-I Saxby Sherwood V Snence A Zin er F 'nsndl Brandes .osalalf Oakes E Taroox A Partridge P '-Io taling Ayers LI Bradley Fifth row Bal ob s -'ade K Saddlemire J Delaney yott D Lewis R Bartlet R -iarter H VanVorce B Hinrlchsen E Kenyon Yeyes D Bolson K Lawton Yaman G Okreokie Ml-S Edson MIXED CHORUS The largest musical organization in the high school is the Mixed Chorus This is the combination of the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, and meets once a week The Girls' Glee Club which has over eighty members and the Boys' Glee Club of twenty seven members, meet twice a week At Christmas time these organizations gave an assembly broadcast of Christmas music over the sound system In May each of them particloated in the annual County Sorlng Music Festival which was held at Soencer this year In addition, the Girls' Glee Club broadcast over WHCU on May 16th OPERETTA In April the Mixed Chorus gave a highly successful performance of Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan The story is laid in Venice in 1750 Two gondoliers, George Ball and Robert Bartlett, marry Tessa and Gianetta, Marr Howard and Marion Allen, but, alas, one of the gondollers is revealed by Don Alhambra Bolero, Charles Varlnus, to be the son of the King of Bara tarla, who was wed when an infant to Casilda, Geraldine Cook, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro, Daniel and Helen Lewis No one seems to know, however, whico gondolier it is, but Inez, Amloa Partridge, the orince s old nurse,who reveals that it is really Luiz, Harold Bradley As Luiz is in love with Casilda everything ends happily Mrs. Edson First row: G. Ball H. Lewis Mrs. Edson G. Cook M. Allen Second row: C. Grimley R. Bartlett C. Marinus D. Lewis Z. Roslnski D. Bolson 41 o s : . . , . tes, J. 4 5 - , W l , .-- .. IHS-F--1 1, l ' a . . . , ., ,, . , . . " I , , ..u , . . I ', . Bliss, ' A .. y, D. ' .. , . 3 9, A. My , . s, D. D1 gler, . B 1 1 . . H ,. ., . , , h., ' fn, . ' 5, G. Cook, A. 21 sh, - ., . ., . ', A. , . . , . ' , . - 1 - - . 1 . -, , . Q Q. , P, ' , .., 5, , , f., f. ., . V. . 1 , . e , . F , P. Baldwin, I-Z, Stevens, A, Luszczek, L. 5 , T. L' s '., 34. R .gf ant, B. d n, . ' , , G. .. ", . wett, . A . I , ,. .. L., . , , , I 2 . , G, ., G, U . , . R . , .. , , 1 l . r, .1 , -.HA1l- .. nger, n. , n. F . ., , . , . ', . . , . . - , -'-. , -. . . . 2 3. 1, D. R bin , W. 'Y . . . . - '. J. .-, , , , , t, , . , V- , - n - G . -. N , . , . . . , . , . . . - r A 1 O ' Q L A L . . . . K A ' . 1 ' . . 4r Edson TRIPLE TRIO First row D Bushnell B Howard hrs Edson Purole J Stlnming Second row Partrid e Harter J Smith Lewis Allen The Girls' Triple Trio was formed last fall, and immediately began slngln in oublic They san at bancuets and meetlngs of various organi zations in the village On the Christmas assembly broadcast, they sang s number of very lovelv carols from the different countries reoresented in the school Eaci carol was announced in toe language of the country Iron whlcm it came In February this organization gave a half hour broad cast over WHCU, singing among otners, Giddv ap Little Rocain' Horse, Q11 via, Pale Toon and Lift Thine Eyes This program was varied by solos from two of the members, Helen Lewis and Dorla Bushnell INSTRUMENTAL TRIO hr DeRue has an average of ten classes a day consisting of from two to twelve members Students are not started on instruments until they are in the fourth grade Puoils must bring their own instruments I struction is free, during tne school year and during summer vacation The eighth period is used for band and orchestra rehearsals Nancy Oakes Sophie Judski Mr DeRue Mr DeRue 42 . , . . 1 A ... . 1 . . - A N ' 5 R, 11 JL, , H. - M, I - S. 5 A - - S L ' Pr Q A L . g, . ' 4 v 4 1 - . .T . l . 4' . 1 A A ' 9 A 1 'Q 1 v f f L1 if 5 Yi I 1 il ,,Y , ' , n 5 -L AA g A I zu .- r . I 1 L . A . . n- ,, 1 Q . O - . . . . Fipgt row B Beebe I Bakeman, L Becker, S Delaney, J Van5usaH mam, P a1see,1a,, s Judsll f Allen Second row P Wade H Lewis Bushnell P Bliss W Smith V Bradler, J Signs. A nlchols J Posinski, Ball L Bowen Third row D Bolson, T Hiller, 1 Hlnrlchsen B ade, P Baldwin. S Okreokle, T Pastalan, D LeW1B, R Ballard, Mr DeRue Mr DePue SENIOF OP CHE STV-ZA The Senior Orcdestra has thlrty five members fron the seventh grade to the thirteenth The orchestra has made oroedcasts over WNBF and NHCU besides olaylng for local festivities It has won hlvn honors at the of Music Russell carter Honor emblems are granted to pupils mno rema'h in the scnool band or orchestra until tne end of their senior year SENIOR BAhD The Senior Band has forty four members and rehearses everv Tlursday activity oerlod It played veekly ban concerts ln tne summer and has pl yed for the Tloaa County Fair for seven years Last year, in the con test at the Ouego Fair, it wo tne first prize o' C50 OO Other engage ments are as follovs the sand has played at the Svracuse State Fair, Speedsville Old Home Dav, the Reoublfceh Convention and the New York World's Fair The nroceeds from engavements help to support the band hr DeRue First row D Bolson, V Bradley, T Miller, M Hinrich sen, S Simmons, D Bushnell E Ridgeway, P Bliss Second row Mr DeRue, J Van Susan, M Walt P Wade, H Miner, J Signs, F Meade, A Budney, S Howard, R Avery, G Dunham, L Mead, H Hutchin son, M Fiske Third row B Wade, P Bald win, S Okrepkie A VanVorce, N Oakes, T Pastalan, J Brink, J Jackson, C Marinus, J. Purple, H. Beebe, M. J. Smith, L. Bakeman, D. Lewis, R. Ballard, E. Howard, G. 45 Strope. : .. , . 1 V . - I I U V -. v er ' K'-. --. - L 1 ! LA, , : . ' , F. , D, , . --, A. J. 1 - X ' - ' . Q A - sv I . b J. , . 1: :', ,' . W . . L I - - A . Q V . . , . . . A , - , . . D festivals and contests and flattering praises from the State Supervisor I1 n , . . A A .1 1. 1 ,.I.L -L W Q - - - . - - A ' L ' ' d ' n v a . H . - - J . n " - ' . . - J 2 . V' . L V L ... ,l . 1. A Q c . I l P . . - y . . , . , . . 2 . . - . , . GIFIS Athletlcs First row L eLor mier Derrls J deborimier P :ali yo Secon ro e cer L Ssrraw is C n Dalton Keane B Bsrden ieLor1 lex' r row Y oze o eber V Spencer I Bakeman S Dear lnes aylor Kulikows 1 cart row on Fe o De ing L Hutcnln on Bee e Fox Luszczelf I-' o engrant r t row a r T Hover eebe I 1 ey Ga e F' Fnyce L Avery A Luszczez. P Collin xt row Bliss "' Bend r .fould Ke t R Bridge Koby arz H .Brandes J oodsrd Zin. er E Bu me Miss Cunningham GIRLS' ATHLETICS This year we had only our Seasonal Sports Club which includes both Junior and senior high school people There are forty eight members in the club which meets every Monday during activitv period In the fall had hockey and tennis and during the winter we had basketball In the spring the program included tennis, hiking, archery and softball Th officiating and scoring for these groups is done by students We had a very successful hockey season this year Since the weather was very favorable we had outdoor work until Thanksgiving time A group of five of our senior high school girls was invited to go to Ithaca last fall to attend a hockey field day They were Priscilla Baldwin, Dorla Bushnell Janet Purple Helen Lewis and Mary Jean Smith The program in cluded games for girls of high school age, demonstration games by Ithaca College students and discussions on rules The senior teams were winners of class basketball The referees for the final game were Virginia Kieda and Betty Bender All intramural games were held during the fourth and fifth period lunch hours During the fall the senior nigh school girls played hockey during this t1me We had seven basketball teams in the fourth intramural period and five teams in the fifth intramural period The officials for intramural basketball this year were Elaine Haecker and Ruth Bridges The scorers were Gwendolyn Davies, Marion Sherwood, Hazel Brandes and Ruth Allmandinger Because we had a heavy schedule for activities, we did not have any social dancing this year as an activity However, we did have dancing before school in the morning and at noon on Fridays. The first and second period on Friday morning were devoted to social dancing, folk dancing and square dancing. We had eight instruction periods in square dancing in gym In all time of our distress And in our triumph too, The game is more than the player of the game, And the ship is more than the crew! Rudyard Kipling 44 o , o Y : S. 1 , I-1. .. . , . ' ss, A. E-Z' tt. 5. w: C. Sp n , . e 3. Tfesh, fl s u zinghsm, . , D. , , , F, m . Thi d : .. K n ski, M. 11' , . , . ' , . ' ., ri. : , G. T , C. ' ' lc . F' h 2 B. Balt , H. 1 , L. ru M. . i s , G. b , B. , 4. ,, ., R 5 , 'lf 11 Z B. B llc , .. , E. B , . Luck ', O.x r v s, . , . , . , -. s. S1 ': P. , ... e , F. ' , Fi' 1 h, . H s, 3. - l , . , . 2' , A. .1 , . Iiyctt, D. sl ll. . V . we . 6 . . D ' . I 1 2 ' ' . . . . . . . . Boys' Athletics First row: C. Harding, R. Dingler, Z. Eozinski, G. Wheel- er, D, Enright, H. Spencer. Second row: N. Allen, B. Estep, D. Alexander, G. Bee- be, G, Dunn. Third row: F. Morris, H. Saxby, L. Bakeman, R. Snapp, A. Kullkowski, G. Yaman. Fourth row Coach Goodfel- low, W Harding D Tarbox, B Wurtenber , G Champney R Gregrow, Varshall Er Goodfellow INTRANURAL FOOTBALL Intramural football takes up the better part of tne boys' lunch hours in the fall The touch system is used, elimin ting the dangers of tackling and the inconvenience of so much equipment The best players of the upper grades are in division A, the next best in B, and the seventh and eighth grades in C Each classification 1 divided into teams At the end of the season the winners from each classification play each other to determine the champion Intramural football provides a means of re creation and works towards developing sportsmanship in the boys of our school SOCCER Soccer, a new game for our school, mas played tqis year for the second time Comprised for the most part of green material, the team started slowly loslng the first two games, one to Nhltney Point, O 5 the other to Windsor, 2 5 Gaining rapidly with experience and keen com petition, our players split the following four games with two victories over Chenango Forks, 6 O and ll 5, and two ties, one with Whitney Point 5 3, the other with Windsor, 4 4 The game 1s gaining rapidly in popularity and everyone is looking forward to a successful year for '42 with over half the regulars expected back Lr Hagerty Hr Goodfellow T Lynch, J Bates, B Estep, E Westfall Second row Coach Hager ty, E Avery, J Lawton, W Myott, D Ballou, Coach Goodfellow Third row L Ball, K Saddlemire, H Keyes, J Ridgeway, D Lewis Fourth row W Harding, E Kenyon, B Wurtenberg, I B Bartlett, G Champney 45 . . , . . 3 . . , A 5 A . . a . I L . . s . L7 Q 4 ' 1 I - - V 'I I' . - , - -,-N 3 I ' 1 A - A , . I . . L , l , 5 5 M f 5 y V Z 5 f 5. 5 f First row: A. Belokur, 4 k I . x . , 'gg 1 1. . L - y , ' 'gg - Q 1 Vx W K . . First row Co c Hagerty J Bates vott owc oa es Coach uoodtellow Second row Saddle 1 e Keyes larbox Kasper Third row Soencer Ballard urtenberg Grant Champney Mr uoodfellow Mr Hagerty VARSITV CDUB The Varsity Club is the honor society of Iewark Val1ey's athletes, being madeup of the letternen from all sports of the preceding year Bacaed by the School Board, it is the guiding hand of the school's ath letic program, particularly intramural activities An athletic goods store was inaugurated this year as the club's principle brainstorm Jorklna on a non profit basis, the store was or prized to bring necessary equipment to the students at reduced prices If this enterprise is practical it will be continued The officers are Gordon Champney, president, Halter Myott, seore tary treasurer JUNIOR VARSITY 'The Jay Vees are reported to have played also This appears to be the stock sentence to end the report of the usual Friday night game during the basaetball season For a team ending its third consecutive year undefeated in league competition, this seems to be a masterpiece of understatement The Jay vee team is the proving ground for future varsity players It is after they have won their promotion that they receive the honors Next year it will be these players who are promoted who, together with those of the varsity who do not graduate, will carry its banner of the Newark Valley Varsity on the basketball court The scores of their league games are Windsor, 5 22 20 22 Vestal, 15 22 15 23 Chenango Forks, 19 22 18 28, Whitney Point, 6 30, 14 29 Yr Hagerty Mr Goodfellow First row Estep Bates Tiffany Belokur Westfall Second row Coach Hagerty J Lawton V Keyes J. Ridgeway D. Keith Coach Goodfellow Third row: J. Myott D. Bender J. Jackson D. Lewis A.Balzar 46 . , v ' Y- ' L E. .1 L, . vlr gg n, -ur A Fl 4. v 2 2 v -J 'T .. A .L . . K. m r V' .. P., D. m . . R. R. , , B nv e " B. u G. Q 1 . , Q, 1' A. V A - Y . . . 7 Q - ' " . . 2 ' 'I 4. 5 'T A ' , . . . .. v. A - O ' A B? " -' Z - - J . - . - U - , . . . v O A 7 " o Il " e . 1 N. 1 . . - A . . - . . - . - . - . - . ' 1 1 1 J . - . . -N , - .. . 4 4 ' s . ' 1 B. J. F. A, E. . . . Al First row Coach Coates E Westfall K Saddlemire W Myott, D Ballou Coach Goodfellow Second row Avery, B Bartlett R Ballard G Chamoney B Spencer Third row L Ball, L Nett E Kenyon B Wurtenberg B Grant G Okrepkie November December December 'January 'January January January 'January 'February 'February 'February February 'February 'March 6 " March 15 Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Vestal BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark West Valley Valley Vallev Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley CSouthern Tier Central School League? ' League Games " All Star Game Union Endicott Owego Ludlowville Windsor Vestal Marathon Owego Chenango Forks Whitney Point Windsor Vestal Ludlowvllle Chenango Forks Whitney Point East For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game 47 Grantland Rice 28 27 - 5 A 21 9 V 41 December 25 Away Newark Valley 52 Marathon 4 9 62 16 24 25 52 27 ' 19 50 40 D 6 58 10 43 15 20 20 17 27 28 58 51 BALL - Center VYOTT Guard BALLOU Forward BA.LAPD uuard VARSITY MEN nBudn 1 year varsity 'Better late than nevern Bud started late but had the ability and speed to help his team. 'Wurtn 4 years varsity all star '41 'The big fellow' His height made him a good pivot man. Walt 2 years varsity all star '42 Hard worn knows no defeat ' alt gave everything he had to the ga e Soence 2 years varsity all star '42 HA true though ansound hero' The key hole olayer for the team 'Dion 1 year varsity Shiftyn of soeed and drive coming down the floor Plenty 'Avery 1 year varsity good s t sho Accompllshment comes will to do' from tae Ray 1 year varsity A good defensive player Always after the ball at the basaet board Champ 5 years varsity all star '42 nA hard man to gn F3Dt in and backbone o' tne team few, we MDD J few, ve bard of br hers 48 WURTENBERG - Center SPENCER Center AVERY Guard 'HAMPNEY Forward n n 0 II ' 4 4 W o - m . n n . - V 'A . A Q AL 1 Q I 1 H ll N ll N Il A e - t . .L - A . 1 ll H V 5' v N -. If 1 LA . ll I H 1 ard v A 5 . . 2 . 1 . . Y " v L - V 5 - ll ! II he ha.pL J 1 ott - Around School 49 Qflice of School Nurse Safeguarding Health b 1 Pck Homemakmg House Learning Child Care Teacher Mrs Helen Macplmerson Homemakmg House Learning the Art of Cleanliness Teacher Mrs Helen Macpherson Nliss R. Eliza e h Cummings, R.N. Geraldine Gwara Elvin e Cafetena NOON RUSH HOUR Mr: L Korn Cashier and ming Room Manager Mrs A Pntcher Kitchen Defense Work BUSY WITH MACHINES Teacher 'Vlr Wm Webster Defense Work MAKING MACHINE PARTS Teacher Mr K Loomns O .. . , ' D. . I . . , . Manager N I A . . V Square Dancmg EXERCISE FOR FUN Gxrls Gym Class Teacher M1ssH -I Cunningham Cheer Leaders Peggy Blass Helen Cool: Frances Gould Elaine Haecker Ruth Brlclges Rosemary Harter Basketball Scrrmmage PRACTICING FOR A GAME Coach Mr H Goodfellow The School and the Community OUR BOYS WITH UNCLE SAM Andersen, Harvey Andersen, Paul Arnold, James Bachmurskl, Stanl Bailey Harold Bartlett Richard Bates William Bell Charles Bishop Bernard Brace, Emilio Briggs Carl Briggs Harold Briggs James A Chauncey, James Cortrlght, Louis Dalton David Daniels, Fred Daniels Lester Delaney Jack Dlngler William C Dunham, Lester Echorst Elmer Echorst Ernest Echorst, William Gould Gurdon Hollenbeca, Earl Hollenbeck, Harold Hoskins Raymond Hover Gerald Hubba William Hyde, Francis Jayne, George Kenyon, Lowell Xobylarz, Geroge Kobylarz, Leo Kozanoeky Anthony Lawrence, Robert Maher, Gerald Hasler, Daniel Meddau h Leonard Mock, orthey E Monroe, Horace B N1 znik, Harry Noble, Roland Okrepkie, Mitchell Patterson Paul Rejmer, Stanley Rhodes Arthur D Rinker Raymond Roberts Lewis Robertson, Richard Scott, Alfred Wmlth, Harold Smith, Philip Smith, William Tarbox, Seth Tompkins Richard Van5coy, Harold VanVorce Hobert Wasylysyln, Nick diwlgac Chester Wiwlgac, Stanley Zimmer Gerald This is the latest list as of April l 1942 OUR LOCAL OBSERVATION POST About October l 1941 S Reed Snapp was appointed as Chief Observer of a lo cal observation post with the services of two assistant chiefs and fifteen ob servers This was to be the foundation when the post was needed in time of war participate in these activities the post was re-organized on a three-hour shift using ll2 observers. Many women in the community have taken their turn at 'roof duty'. The duties of the observer are slm ple He must be alert to see or hear any plane that passes near and phone the in formation to the Army Information Center at Mitchell Field immediately The observers are all very grateful to Reverend Burt and the other observers who assisted him in building a small room just outside the door that leads out on the roof of the building This has been a source of comfort during cold and stormy weather NATIONAL DEFENSE TRAININu CENTER Since the inauguration of our Nat ional Defense Machine Shop practice courses on February llth 1941 we have trained over 200 workers Classes have been in session continually since that date with the exception of two weeks recess last summer Courses have con slsted of actual machine shop experience together with instruction ln Blue Print Reading and Shop Mathematics There are now three types of pro grams in progress the supplementary and two types of pre employment One pre em ployment group trains for thirty hours per week Two other pre employment groups train for fifteen hours per week each The supplementary groups train for nine hours per week each The thlr ty hour per week ore employment course is the first course which was offered be glnnlng in February, 1941 In April, 1941 the two supplementary courses be gan, and in March 1942 the two fifteen hour pre employment courses were started These new courses increased our enrolment Later in that month, Mr Snaoo, and Mr Jay Purple spent a Sunday afternoon looking fo a suitable place for the post It had to be located within fif teen seconds of a phone The roof of the high school was chosen Accordingly a report was sent of the location of the Needham and Donald Atwater as assistants with fifteen other observers On December 8 1941 at lO OO P Y orders were received from headquarters to man the post at once Observers were to report all flights of planes and op erate the post twenty four hours a day After he had recruited observers, Mr Snapp started them working on a two hour shift once a week This required 168 ob servers to work in pairs two hours each weea Other civilian defense units were organized Since observers wished to to sixty six trainees in the month f March One of the latter oreem loyment courses is a class for women e other ls what is termed the Junior Defense program for high school boys Instructors are as fol ous Frank Vorley two pre employment courses Mr Alexander Irwin, Women's pre employ ment course Mr Joseph Prosch, supple mentary course, Mr Kenneth Loomis, supplementary course The director of th local Nations' Defer e ro'ra Mr Clifford N Peck COLLINS FLSTIVAL PROGRANS Ritz Trumpeteers 'Slim' Williams Hugo Brandt Company Play 'The Mollusc November 15 1941 November 22 1941 November 29 1941 December 6 1941 BY 1 I ' , . , - I 1 51 ' . , . I , . , . I , . . I I I 1 I ' A I ' - 1 - I 1 ' . I I I ' - 1 ' ' V I I I , . , - 1 r f ' " - ' Q e I I . , A U - o post and of the appointment of lllllam 1 ': thx . . -- -, 5 g . , . - , : . n ' . , .e .l U 1 - . .s p 5 m is V I ' . . ....... . , ........ V , h .... , I . 1 -- .... , 52 THE SCHOOL AAD THE COM UNITY lCont'dl SALE OF DEFEVSE BONDS AID S AMPS In February 1942 the sale of De fense Savings Stamps and Bonds was started in the Newark Valley Central School The purpose of the school sales system is to promote the buying of stamps and bonds and to mane it convenient for the students to pur hase stamps and order bonds in the school building Defense Stamp sales day is Tuesday in grades one through six and Thursday for the junior and senior high school To date our sales totals have been as follows stamps Sees 15 Bonds Sssoo oo Frler and Miss Brooks are direct ing this program assisted by students who collect orders and distribute stamps Student assistan s are Mar' Jean Smith harion Allen, Janet Purple Ruth Bridges and Elaine Haecker FIRST AID CLASSES Beginning January 8 1041 First Aid classes were started in Newark Valley with Vr Brown as instructor Begistra t'on in the classes was over 150 people Three Standard Red Cross courses and one advanced course were given The classes were conducted in the school library and gymnasium The standard First Aid course was a twenty hour course, given in ten two hour periods The advanced course was a ten hour course given in five two hour periods study of the six digital pressure points, artlficia' re plration, triangular ban dages, shocm, burrs, fractures, traction splln s and war gases Two First Aid stations have been set One at the school and the other ir the lunicipal Building A First Aid Souad of ten First Aiders and a leader, with a doctor as an adviser, is in charge of each station RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Since 1937 classes in Christian or Religious Education have been given to pupils in grades four through six and in high school This year classes were begun in the Third grades The classes n he Pro es en 'roups n rra es ree tnrough six have been taught by hrs De walt on Tuesdays and the athollc chil dren by Rev Alexander Stec on Thursdays An average of forty minutes per week is allowed to each group The Protestant chur hes have placed the responsibility of their program in tne Newark Valley Council of Christian .ducation consist ing of five members from each church This orovra of hrlstian .duo tion as conducted by Ars Dedalt and Rev Stec has as its purpose the furtherance of character building of the youth in the community TRANSPORTATION This year we have emphasized SAFETY ln our school bus transportation system especially in guarding small children who cross the highway after alighting from buses to go to their homes On the main highways bus monitors are provided with red flags which they hold out as a warning that pupils are crossing the road This monitor system was given con iderable publicity in October, 1941 Local papers publicized the plan O October 25, 1941 the Binghamton Press featured our monitor system with an ar ticle and large pictures, one showing the monitors in a group and anotner show ing a monitor on duty protecting small children from passing traffic Favorable comment on this monitor sys em was vol untarlly given to the school by man including Captain Fox of the State Troop er Headquarters in Sidney, and Sergeant Kelly of Ithaca The newest feature of the ranspor tation system is a new 21 passenger bus which was added to our fleet in the spring of 1942 This bus contributes considerably to the flexibility of our fleet ADULT YPI G CLASS An adult class in typewriting was started in the early spring About twenty five persons registered for he course Tu sday night was selected as the most convenient time for the reatest number who indicated interest ln the sub ject The class met weekly from 7 30 to 9 50 P f in Room 40 The objectives of the course were as follows 1 A fundamental mastery of the keyboard and it use for special char acters and leslgns 2 Business letter froms and en velope addressing 3 Arrangement of material tabulated form 4 A basis for speed building 5 Special uses of typewrltlng de sired by embers of the class 'Democracy is on trial in the world on a more colossal scale than ever before . . A A I X T ' , ' , - 'F I I - . . . . ' A - c 4 ' . . 1 1 , . . . . . I . 3 . . U Mr. - . . t 5 , S . , , A A . n - . 1 A 6- . 1 " V ' ' Q - - - y. , . . . . .. - - - . . A - g . . 1 - - c. . F! KV 1 n The First Aid courses included a L QA - ' v . ' - - t . t . - . e U E ' 1 . : E" , 1 . TA. 2 . . e ... - , . c . gl A A . . . ln . I 5 Q A 4- A . A 4-L . - .H . t. . 5 1 - - .H ' T A U - o . A . . V - WA P N4 o A c - l . 1 g m C T 2 'rl H SCHOOL AWD PIANO BFCITAL The annual Plano Recital of the pupils of Miss Grace Burlington was held Friday, June 13 1941 in the Central School auditorium The program consisted e Roll Along plaved by Richard Lewis 'March of by Richard Tappan and 'Aunt Susannah by Alice Bliss, Virginia Bradley, 'See Saw' by Dona Snapp by Pattv Lou Baird, by Gerry Curkendall Sky Fishes by Richard Lewis, 'Haste Ferry Millstream' by Shirley Givens 'Song of the Wermaids' by Patricia Givens, 'Spring Song and 'Air' by Arlene oalpin 'Theme From Liebestraum Vo 3 and 'Bus Little Bee' by Cora Ellen Deland 'Rlgo letto' by Audrey Frier, 'Distant Bells by Richard Tappan, 'The Clock by Ade line Onofrlo, 'Twilight in Sleepy Hollow by Alice Purple 'Variations on Carry Me Back to Old Virglnny' by Allan Ardell 'To a Skyscraper' by Phyllis Dalola, 'Jarabe Tapatio' by Phyllis Wade, 'Even tide' by Virginia Bradley 'A La Bien 'Merr11y, Joan Frier an the Soldiers Allan Ardell Purple Patsy Dorla Bushnell 'Hunting Song' Gentle Ni ht Rose' 'To Spring and 'Waltz' by Nay fred Stlmnlng March Pontificale' b Phyllis Jade and Helen Saxby May Time and 'Shepherd's Hey by Irene Roslnsky and Sarah Paterson 'Coronation Larch From the Prophet' by Dorla Bushnell, Sally Simmons, Mayfred Stlmming and Helen Esther Baker The ushers for the recital were Laura Becker, Peggy Bliss, Helen Lewis and Erma Tarbox YOUTH CAMP The Youth Camp of the school is one of the first of its kind ln the State Its purpose is to give boys of the school district a chance to spend an American boy's ideal vacation a week of camp life The cabin itself is situated one mile back of the school on a school owned forested area It has a kitchen, a meeting room, a dining room, and two sleeping alcoves plus an attic and a storage room Nearby is a sanitary spring Although a definite schedule is set up each year, the boys are allowed to choose what they would like to do after certain routine character build ng chores have been finished Various hikes, astronomy, exploring, supper, and over night are taken swimming pool is the camp itself truck is kept at the boys and to use in cases of emergency The Buddy system' is used by the boys while swimming, hiking and working each week Since the about four miles from the school pick up the camp to transport About forty six week campers and forty six day campers took advartage of the Youth Camp last year The supervl sion was under the Department of Physi cal Education of the school w'th Hr Crede Hagerty as Camp Director 54 """VU'1IAYfCOnu'dJ PAREwT TLAOHFBS' ASSOuIATIO TEWARK VALLLY C PTHAL SCHOO' Theme for year 'Know Your Schoo Subject Speaker Subject Speakers Christmas Committee Subject Speaker Subject Speaker Committee Subject Committee Subject Committee September 24 'Know Your Parent Teachers' Association Vrs Joseph LaDuska New York State Distric Leader of P T October L5 'Know Your Board of .duc tion Yrs Alta Pope Mr Stl ming Ir Purple December 17 Program Play 'Dre oward Betblehe ' Hrs Wlnlfred 'cPherson Jgngarg 21 'Know How Your School Is Financed' Superlntendert lyde B l,ers February 18 'Know Your Dist ict Suoerln tendent' Superintendent Hire ickerson Qgrch A Yrs rs rs Louis ooney, Chairman Janes elfer Anna CONSCOCA April l5 Your School Chi d' Reverend Harrison De alt halrman 'Knou C ifford nllks Dr Hiram L Knapp, Jr Mr Thur Smith lr Clifford Peck gy 20 now Your Modern Elementary chool Mrs nllzabeth Paton, Chairman 'rs Marian Shoultes Mr Frederick Brown MARRIAGES Miss 'sud Saxton to Dr Floyd Chidester Newark Valley New York lovenber 22 1941 41ss Dorothy koodcock to Fr George Dro jarskl, nest febster, New York, December 27, 1941 Yiss Elizabeth Howland to Nr Merrill Patch Newark Valley, New York, August 16, 1941 Miss Puth VcHahon to Mr Felipe Edson Elizabe h City North Carolina, January 2 1942 BIRTHS Son Jack Sheldon Goodfe low to rr an Mrs Harold S Goodfellow on June 4 1941 at Ideal Hospital Son, Dona'd Charles Fancher to Hr and Mrs L R Fancher on December 6 1941 at Packer 'capital Dau hter, Diane Scott Geerren to Vr and Mrs Albert Geerken on January 15, 1942 'IKE . . .HE col... .' "' ' ..... I' - A " .... " N of A I ' E. . T - , . : ' 1' of: W n 5 b . d 3 : . - I n, n Q Z L. . ' , - . , . t . - . . 5 ' 2 - : Z' at N ' g ' 5 'The 2 . . , ' . T , . 3 1 ' 2 . M A o -- , am . u A D 2 In m . . ' y ' : . . L . 9 I . ' . - n - . A . ' I : . A C . ,W I 2 : ' - 7 : ' - - 3 Q 3 I 1 1 I 16 Aimee' b Dorla Bushnell' 'To a Wild Sub ect! 'Know Your Teacher' I I 1' , 1 - : . , n . . 9 H y M . . zz v , u - w n ' ' . J - . 1 , . . 1 - , U Q . A U , o . Dr. l H 1 - u , M : 'K 5 n : . 'l . ' . n . . L' I " kk , , 1 A N , , - 2 ' - VY L . v I A - , - ' - . , . . . , , . -- Z , . .1 A " I 1 1" ' , - ' 0 , l V . d . . . 1 , 1 A i ' - . 1 . . A . - ' A . . . I A A 5 n . ' . g . '. . U . Adv erusements g if iukfwfft 4-4' +r4"'it Itgff 4' ,gi f 41 ,ff ' ADVERTISEMENTS The organ1zat1or1s whose advertlsements appear 1n the followmg pages have shown the1r fr1endsh1p to our school and our comrnumty They have rece1ved our staff members cord1ally and co operated w1th them gladly You w1ll fmcl these advertlsers pleasant people wxth whom to do busmess READ THE ADS 5 ts, rv- it Q 4' f p H A if 1 T bg You are now through School Days but your educatlon 1S but start1ng BUSINESS a greater or lesser degree Ih1S IS to be always w1th you Much of your success w1ll depend upon how you meet 1t and cooperate Wllh 1t and make 1t your fnend BANKS and BANKING are constantly used by BUSI NESS and are a b1g factor 1n 1ts operatrons Know how and do use BANK fac111t1es to the fullest extent START A BANK ACCOUNT Talk w1th your BANKER often better before you act than afterwards Hrram I. Knapp Sr Presrdent G C Hulxck Cashler Charles A Becordon Vlce Pres Clyde D Turk Asst Cashler FIRST NATICNAL BANK Newark Valley. New York 56 Irrespective of your future Profession-Trade-Position to CHESEBRO WHITMAN COMPANY INC NEWARK VALLEY NEW YORK Mcrnufcrcturlng home of GOLD MEDAL LADDERS Mallory Huis Interwoven Socks BANDLER 8c STILES 19 Lake Street Apparel for Men Mlchcrels Stern Clothes Arrow Shlrts OWEGO NEW YORK 57 Compliments of Paper Products I MCTAMNEY S Sold through your local dealer Paper Towels Pap?-age11?ls'Iapk1ns Paper Plates Toxlet Paper Wntlng Paper Wrappmg Paper THE MILLER 71 Temple Street PAPER COMPANY Syracuse New York OWEGO NEW YORK School Supplzes and Phone 659 Statzonery McLEAN S Slxty one years of servlng people of northern Pennsylvama and southern New York yet as young as today and always alert to serve you the youth of Amencal HILLS MCLEAN 8: HASKINS BINGHAMTON NEW YORK 58 I J E . SHOP AT J E J WILL YOU SACRIFICE YOUR FUTURE FOR IMMEDIATE OR TEMPORARY GAIN? Clerk and messenger Jobs are easy to get under present war condrtrons-but what of the years ahead? Secretanal and ofhce trarmng partrcularly shorthand and typewntrng lead to better pos1t1ons and added secunty Dont sacnhce your future for lmmedlate ga1n The Bmghamton Busmess Instltute 1S trammg hundreds of hxgh school graduates for lucratxve pos1t1ons and assured futures Ind1v1dual rnstructron rn all phases of modern busrness procedure such as Typmg Shorthand Busmess Mach1nes Fxhng Bookkeep1ng Accountrng Aud 1t1ng Advertzsmg Merchandrsmg and Secretarial Work Free placement assrstance V1s1t the School or send for free catalog BINGHAMTON BUSINESS INSTITUTE JAMES H ROBINSON Duector 163 Front Street BINGHAMTON N Y TeL 4 2791 I-. Tom Lawler General Tues Inc Comphments 85 Washington St. Tel 2 1207 Bmghamton New York I C PENNEY CO Retread Head Quarters Bmghqmfon Compu-ny TRI For the best ln HOME MADE ICE CREAM 64 Court St 13 Washmgton Ave 50955 P-ND SUND-5-ES Stop at Bmghamton Endxcott GOODRICH'S ELVIN CONFECTIONERY STORE Apparel for Mllady Fountam Service 119 West Mann Street I "Where smart clothes need not be Umm' N Y expens1ve" Next no Elvm Theatre I-1 .... 59 s I 1 . . . . . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - Q 1 I 1 a . -ul Q l 1 1 I . ' I 0 . - 1 l Q o Q . I 1 1 1 . - L G Balfour Company Attleboro Massachusetts Known Where There Are Schools and Colleges Maker of Off1c1a1 Rmgs and Invxtatlons or classes of 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 Leland Lee-Representatxve Herrmtage Road Rochester N Y Pyro fax Gas Servrce Brnghamton Battery Sales Company 37 39 Collrer St Bmghamton N Y Humphries R G Moses Prop Sales Mgr Local Dealer THE R 6 P DINER 1304 E Mam Street Hamburgers N uh' Said Complzments BEN S CLOTHES SHOP Maxn and Wlllow s Iohnson Crty Complzments Lmdy Mrles Apphance Co 1504 North Street Opposte new IBM Bldg HARRIS ARMY 6. NAVY STORE Spomng Goods Endxcott New York Washmqton Ave Endxcott A J.. i ' I I I C. D. ' . . 164 ' , , lim Simmons . of ' ' St . of 1 . . I 51 . . . 60 CHARLES S HILLS CO Dodge Plymouth Sales and Servlce Texaco Good Year Gas T1res Towlnq SSIVICS Oweqo New York Phone 5 1 0 Flowers for Every Occas1on BOOL S FLOWERDALE Phone 2758 Ithaca N Y Comphments IE L D MILLINERY Complzments of WALTER R MILLER CO nc Statxoners Offxce Supply Dealers 170 Waslungton and 121 State St. Comphments of W1111am E Halstead See Us To Keep Your Car In Tr1m 10 Court St Owego N Phone I0 BEST WISHES from the ENDICOII THEATRES Strand Lyric State Elvin wonx HARD Fon VICTORY -and then relax at a movxel . I Next to Ithaca Hotel ' of ' . ., I . 57 Court Strecft, Binghumtofz, IV. Y. Binqhafnmnf N- Y' - I 5 l- : ' I o Yo 61 ASPHALT SHINGLES AND ROLL ROOFING Three carloads on hand ready for spnng dehvery vanous styles of stnp and hex shlngles 1n textured and plaxn surface Brlght blue Blue blends Ever green Wood blend Red and let Black Pnces based on d1rect factory shxpment We would welcome the opportun1ty of show1ng you samples and quohng you pnces on your requuements Come rn wnte or telephone E H M111er Lumber Co, Inc 162 176 North Avenue Phone 134 Owego New York he staff of SCHOOL MEMORIES 1942 ho by therr hnanclal support have helped to make th1s book poss1b1e There IS no flner house pa1nt made than VITA VAR Regardless of the PIICB you pay' It IS pamtmgs needs A. L DAVIS SON 45 49 Washlngton Street Bxnghamton N Y SHOP AT HAMLIN S WHERE YOUR DOCTOR BUYS HAMLINS RED CROSS DRUG STORE 59 Washxngton Avenue Endlcott N Y LINE S Endzcott s Boys Shop EVERYTHING FOR THE BOY AND HIS DAD 54 Washington Ave O l I l l T , - takes this opportunity of thanking all guaranteed wo? pure' See us 'for an W . . . . ' 9 62 you want somethmg smart and DEFENSE 1nexpens1ve call at THE BONNET SHOP at the Slgn of Dresses and M1I1mery Agamst Wear The Flymg Red Horse 144 E State Street Ithaca New York Socony Vacuum O11 Co nc E. I HOLLEN BECK Fancy Grocer1es Meats Fru1ts Compliments of and Vegetables FREE DELIVERY Chauvlns 5c to S1 00 Phone 133 Water Street Mam Street Newark Valley New York A FRIEND MILEAGE GASOLINE THE BEST FOR LESS "Right on the Curve" R. D. 2, Union, New York West Corners 65 If ' ' ., 1 . ' Mrs. I. Livermore, Prop. Compliments CITY NATIONAL BANK BIN GHAMTON Bmghamton s Oldest Bank Buy All The War Stamps and Bonds You Can As Often As You Can Try Vauqhn's The Store For Men and Boys Hart Schaffner 6. Marx Clothes Nunn Bush Shoes Endlcott Umon Dlstrlct D S DIMON OPTOMETRIST Eye S1ght Speclahst 73 Chenango Street Off Phone 2 1368 Complzments Complxments The S Alfred Seeley FEED STORES SIMMONS HARDWARE General Hardware Pamts O1lS Varmshes etc Plumbmg and Heatmg Electrlcal Merchandrse Phone 74 R of OF . . . of Ground Floor Office Binghamton, N. Y. Pitchers Gas Station of , ' , ' 64 H. B. ADAMS' SONS Tinning - Plumbing - Heating DuPont Paint - Varnish Phone 34 78 North Ave Oweqo New York TIOGA SHOE REPAIR JOE SANTACROCE Shoe Rebuilding Hats Cleaned and Blocked Shoes Sh1ned 45 Lake Street Oweqo Comphments of Paul Harns Company SAYRE PA Factory Fresh Candy Complzments of Mon mv UY End1cott Dry Cleamng Co C P MANOUSE All Klnds of Alterahons Fur Coats Remodeled Ofhce Plant 1200 North Street 22 Iackson Ave Phone 514 Endxcott New York Agent m Newark Valley Bushnell s Store CARGILL S Kelvlnator Electric Ranges Gas 6, Combmatlon Ranges Household Appllances 158 Court St Blnghamton N Y I .N. Y. A u Maytag Sales 61 Service I es Graduation Gifts Quality Luggage and Leather Goods asc D1amonds Watches Iewelry A B R A M S 49 Chenango Street Bmghamton New York MacCLARY - STABLER Agency Incorporated AUTOMOBILE FIRE INSURANCE ALLIED LINES Phone 418 105 East Mann Street Endxcott New York R C PATCH 6. 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I . 1 . 1 l - n u 9 u Q n T 66 YOUR SCHOOL BUSES YOUR MOST VALUABLE COMMUNITY ASSET IN NATIONAL EMERGENCY In case of evacuat1on of c1v1han populatton your school buses are wel equ1pped and your school bus dnvers well quahhed to do the job The school buses 1n da1ly use 1f mob1l1zed would be capable of transportmg approxrrnately 2 790 O00 troops at one tlme A MODERN MILITARY MIRACLE Therefore school buses are one of the Nat1on s greatest bulwarks 1n DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACY The safety and endurance of Penn Yan bu1lt bod1es have become trad1t1on PENN YAN BUSES Inc ELMER G ANGEVINE Ncrhonal Bank Buxldmg Cradle to College Wear Endicott New York For Infants Ch11dren and Mxsses Exghteen Years Expenence To-I-S To TEENS Underwntrng All Forms of Insurance 1n Nat1onally Endlcon New York Known Compan1es Comphmenfs of Ralph I Rogers Ieweler WHIPPLE s LUMBER YARD 52 CW' G' Wmmmon Bmghamton. New York Endwell New York GIIIS For the Years For All the Famxly Phone Endicott 1581 Also For Fnends and Sweethearts 67 . . .. . l I PENN YAN. NEW YORK " , , I . 1 I . - ' sn E l NOLAN CO Inc RICHF ORD BEACON Wholesale Coniechonery SERVICE STORE Schrafft s Chocolates Beacon Feeds and Beacon Servlce 3840 Market Street Phone 502 RICHFORD NEW YORK A1-lbum N Y Kenneth Barden Manager Mxlk Coolers Mxlkmg Machmes Comphmems Farm Machinery and Repaus Internatxonal Trucks and School Buses ROSS A TAPPAN COSENTINI SHOE REBUILDERS 217 East State Street Newark Valley New York ITHACA NEW YORK FLET HER 3 Pnce Cleanxng Servxce Standard S1 50 up Economy S1 00 up Compet 75c up Complete Fur Servlce Cold Storage S2 00 up Fur Cleanxng S2 50 up Dry Storage 75c up Repamng and Relmlng Blankets Drapes Curta1ns Rugs and Furnlture Cleaned 103 Dryden Road 205 North Aurora Street Ithaca New York In Newark Valley every Wednesday and Saturday B O I ll I I ' ' of 9 Can Serve Your Cleaning Needs With Their 6 COMPLIMENTS ENDICOTT JOHNSON WORKERS Comphments of SUNOCO GAS 6 OIL Greasmg and Washmq Newark Valley N Y Phone 69R Complzments COZY LUNCH Bertha Ferguson TIOGA COUNTY HERALD NEWARK VALLEY OF 1 N, R. Macpherson Cargill's Service Station of 69 M HOLLINGSWORTH Barber Shop OWEGO The School Memones Staff IS grateful to the followrng for the1r help 1n fmanc mg th1s book Mrs.I W Paul Newark Valley George E Roberts Newark Valley Good Fnend Shop Bmghamion Ioe Auth Barber Shop Owego Ahwaga Hotel, Owego Owego Natzonal Bank Owego Davxd A Welch, Owego Week s Quahty Bakery Owego Harveys Dress Shoppe Owego Lynns Dnzg Store Owego Nathan M. Hale Att Owego When you thmk of Insurance Thznk of REED SNAPP Phone 78 I You can usually flnd anythmg you want at BUSHNELL S RED 86 WHITE STORE Phone 761 Newark Valley New York F E MOSES SOCONY FILLING STATION COMPLIMENTS Mobxl and Ethyl Gas Mobzlozl and Sorosol Cleanmg Fluxd DR H L. KNAPP SR Owego Five 61 Ten. Owego 7 I O ' of U C , Q 70 JAMES W BAIRD Licensed Broker Real Estate and Insurance Phone 60-R News - Candy - Cigars Fountain Pens Greeting Cards Whitman s Candies MARVIN. A WElCH 47 Lake Street Owego New York Complrments of N P LEWIS RIPLEY SHOE COMPANY Success to the Class of 1942 192 Front Street Owego New York The Best Place to Shop When You are rn Ithaca ROTHSCHILD S For Over 60 Years Ithaca and Tompklns County Lead mg Department Store COMPLIMENTS GENUNG'S PHARMACY . U IS' 6. 0 .U "The Home of Good Shoes", - , OF . I . - ' 71 Com phments Newark Valley Coop GLF Servlce nc Newark Valley N Y Sh p At THE BUSY STORE l H d ed E. F Inderhed Hardware Co Endxcott N Y ELK S BOWLING ALLEYS Church St Owego New York Coal Flour Feed BERT BLISS AND SON Phone 79-M Newark Valley New York Complxments of THE TIOGA TELEPHONE COMPANY IIC of 9 . . . . . I . o for he best in ware, Se s. Fertili . Devoe Paints 6 Vamishes, elc. I I I I . I 72 Hardware - Farm Equipment Roofing - Plumbing Heating Owego Murray Co. Owego N Y Where Savmgs Are Made HUGH E. HOGAN CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Forsythe Avenue Owego, New York Telephone 182 R QUALITY CLEANING In Owego s Newest and Most Up to date Cleamng Plant JAMES E DIBBLE Moth Proofmg Dyerng Repcnnng Prompt Dehvery and P1ck Up Serv1ce Owego Plant 73 Adehne Street Call Owego 596 Newark Valley Branch of Offrce Robert s Store Your Fmest Garments Carefully Pressed I 75 COMPLIMEN TS OF General Dry Cleanzng I B Shepard 86 Son Endlcott New York COMPLIMENTS of STUMPS Sc to 51.00 Store in UNION, NEW YORK CHARLES D STARR JEWELRY and GIFT SHOP 15 LAKE STREET OWEGO NEW YORK COMPLIIVIENTS Dr George M Decker OWEGO NEW YORK Comphmenis GREEN LANTERN North Avenue Owego THE START OF ANYTHING IS BEGINNING Every accomphshment goes back to xts beg1nn1ng A thnft account here may prove your real start towards success Endrcott Trust Company Endzcott New York d posto by Fed al D post lnsur n Corpo t O O O I OF Q o I of U Deposits insured up to S5000 lor each e I r er e i a ce ra ion 74 Comphments TIOGA THEATRE Comphments of THE OWEGO DINER EMMA ELSIE and IIM We wrsh success to all Semors and the many frlends we have made The Endicott Natronal Bank 48 Washmgton Avenue Complete Bankmg Servlce Deposlt Insured Up To S5000 by Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatron The Bank of Frzendly Servrce TI-IE BURT COMPANY INC EN DICOTT NEW YORK GORDON S STUDIO PHONE 414 23 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT NEW YORK For Complete NEWS of the World and Local Area READ 6 Endrcott Dally Bulletln - F of , Everything Photographic I , I th 75 We guarantee to improve th-e performance of your car with the MASTER MOTO LAB TESTER Howard Maas Garage 23 McKinley Ave Endicott New York Telephone 731 WEAVER S'I'EERING CORRECTION COMPLIIVIENTS COOPER S Tioga Countys Largest Department Store Comer Front and Lake s Owego New York ff' Training Pays Dividends Today s High School student is the material from which wll be moulded the executive of tomorrow However success in bus ness can not be ga ned by wishful think ng requ res a sol d foundation of specialized tra ning If you hope to enter the field of business then take this all mportant step first give yourself the advantages of a Ridley Bus ness Train ng' It will provide you with the fundamentals so necessa y to a success ful career Write for our Free Illustrated Catalog no obligation Rn Y SECRETARIAL Sun Building Q Binghamton N Y EFFORT HAS ALWAYS PAID A PROFIT IT S the little effort that makes the shift from failure to achieve ment OFTEN-times the difference between success and failure lies in a very small margin and this marginal bit of effort of time of training will change the forces of failure for anyone WE can help with friendly counsel and advice UNION TRUST COMPANY of Endicott, N. Y A Marine Midland Bank Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Buy War Bonds and Stamps BABCOCK'S SPCRT SHCP Complete Equipment for Every Sport BABCOCK, HINDS and UN DERWOOD 174 Washlngton Street 123-125 State Street HARDWARE BIN GHAMTON USE THE IN STRUMEN THAT PROFESSION MUSICIANS PREP E MGIIID Buffet Blessmg Pedler Shngerlcmd W F Ludwrg Selmer Bcxldwm LARKIN Mustcal Instrument Co 94 Chenango St Bmghamton N Y T AL R IIC IIIGVERS Hcrrns Army Navy Store Complete Outfxtters or Gym Clothes 167 Washxnqton St Bmqhumton. New York Near Y M C A 77 , R ET ' f 1 " Sporting Goods, Sport and ' ., I . You Owe It To Yourself to Shop The Fa1r Store hot t 9 THE FAIR STORE Furmture Rugs Accessones Bmqhamton N Y Comphments CANCEIIAIIDN SHOE SIURE INC 192 Wash1ngton Street Blnghamton New York Home of famous shoes at almost half pnce Byrne Hrcaps Se1ber11ng T1res Byrne Recaps T I BYRNE SERVICE INC Phone 2-0138 Waslungton and Hawley Streets Binghamton New York USL Battenes Zemth Radlos Scandlnavia Brake LIIIIIIQS Accessories 78 ll of . ll Women w umish he' h t t f lly y and yet k p well within the' b dg t h been s y' th t I th g t' . ' I I l I 3 I ' H1 HIMKXN 7 ' 12 li 0 W FLORIST Wholesale Retall GREENHOUSES Ithaca Newark Valley Phone qs Q 5- ov' QLORISTS C' X 9 92 ii in 79 4 ,HIM ,,-Q 4 Chg I I f N VV H ST IM M ING N I My I l I A'x,IW'? fir' . --'f' If 3? 71? 1 Y' -gk! i Ei LMI ,... , . Yi - 107 Fi gl! nw X 4"f'Z W 4 ff-'Q i. 44 fri" 5 ff XX WW V X 'W 2 S 0 f 01 I ybm! KJMM 1 W f x '- BUY DEFENSE STAMPS AND BONDS Comphments of Q Fnend Q .I f Q' i Q 'I t i f fi 'R .p .L fx ia- if 80 N I Y J X x 3 V J X 1' 1 4 '. fy .4 : v X So . 1 X. v N -. : X , N X Q X l x :S W G xx 2 vo K I " g X i L a' - lf. ,. "K, ' xx, 0 Q' ff . 0 -vi 1 WZ X V ' r f ,- lr' ', im' wh, ' Q I ,O I' I I I 011, Z , i I fall H21 7 Q - "' X ' XX g 1' N X " " 4 5 " ., N ' N I S ' H S - , X W X 1 5 Q ,- If Nb.3 X fl j 3 f, ' x ""' 'V A f 'EN ' ,f f 1 ma fn 4 ,A ,X Z, 'L ll E qi? W f IM i ..lZ.i1:E,- 5 , 1 0 u , , N Xxx N 5 N J l 'ii Vw...!. . , X ii ' ' K V' 41 4' 4, E ,v 1 E S . 4' X 'E v , 4 31 fa A W- Y, , .N -.,,. -' LT'-J Y-is i 4-1 K

Suggestions in the Newark Valley Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Newark Valley, NY) collection:

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