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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1960 volume:

4-'J -1 ,LV-.hen-S E' "M 1' fs- V if- an ff - Q ,- :,:.: -, I - w , , -1 , .4 A-1.4, . YJ., ,,, -,. . K mf A. gg wx fx - mf. 1 ig? X V 7. ,,p"2f--H .A 'v ,.1.u.. 'J. , A A 7.5 '- ' Q ff- 1 4' ' Q in ' f ffmf' 4. 1 g H '- -vi , , k , ,V .. T:-,mn A -. -Y I - . .W - -- - . ' V V ,: 1.- N - . V A :. F f,. 71- 5 -,1-' 1 ' , ,-:1- .J "Q 5 -,nv 1 ",'-1,17 V 7':.-,r."'y.,' ' f, I , 7-2 , , ' ' , ' 'A 3'-VIQ 'xzl , ' FL ' ,i Q wr! Sv: ,'-72 .I ' J , if ' .,. 5.3 215-. ' 1 , . ,Q --,1,.A1!'i f..j r lf' 1: ' -, , V . Y 4 .','f:+3'1-- , " - Lx, x-'f-'5,.j,g.',-V .' " - 'v -- JM- - -.. ' --H '. ' -fr-'A .', ' ' r-1--Y ' -1 1- I 5:H,,,.f, ,.n.f. . A 1?f.Sg'-:ff+ffI'- ,iz-Q G 'Tiff 1 'QQ' , , .n H, :,' , M' . 52 ,i N5 V. ',, S.. '- A .T fi .,.. 1. '.a w " Q51 -"C fr. -1 1 W: LJ"'t - f ,N . V .jimi ' 'N A X..-nw. :Lum 4 is-Lad-il H LH y .-,S . . . 91-fn' -' , . 1 w- . .:,,-3. . X, 1 ,V i..,:.x,' :Q U A 115- x 2 A - 1 . 4, .n.. .K 1-, k. Nz" . 4. . ,jx 4' n.m..1....1 Q. JMR., ' : f'y. w., A ' 1 - f H' 4-lr? 5 it N 3:9 4 y . x. .3Cg. 1 'ze 5:9 ., - . ' 1 ,V 1 Um V, :'5g,-- ff '-,vu L 'Ja 'rff l , f-ug -if . YK.:- -. .14 v - , f 1v i flrifb lfroin hooks. A great part of the worldls wisdom comes from hooks-hooks ol international scope to hooks of purely local interest. And a type of local hook is the community history. ln many respects, the Hcrezlle over the past fifty years has served as a history ol' Newark Senior lligh School. Before 1911 there had heen some pulm- lication efforts such as lletuek, hut in 1911 a seed fell on fertile groundg the lieecillc tools root and has flourished sinee. The initial issue was dated March 1, 1911. Three issues were published that year. The idea of an "annually evolved rather rapidly, however, for hy june, 1914. there was issued a Connneneeinent nuniher that included pictures of mem- hers of the graduating class. During the years from 1911 to 1917 there were six issues puhlished each year. Each issue contained departments consisting of such items as stories, essays, and poems hy students, editorials, letters from readers, jokes, and adyertisements. There was some news, hut a large proportion of it was in the realm of athletics. C111 this respect NHS has made no change over the years.1 The school year 1916 - 1917 however, marked a departure from the routine estalwlisliecl in 1911. lnstead of issuing six magazines, the staff pulm- lished sixteen issues of a hi-weekly newspaper, which followed somewhat the format of the current Rereille Iieivieut lt was printed commercially. The year ended, ueyertheless, with the traditional annual. XVhereas the final issue of the first year of puhlication contained fifty-two pages, hy 1917 the animal had gone to sixty-four pages. Again in 1918 the liereille published a newspaper. Because of the world war, howeyer, the annual was called Taps. It has heen said that no animal had lmeen planned for that year hecause of the world conflict, hut that four stu- -.. 'Y. V ' il?-ii' 11' ' -4- dents who were on the staff of T aps-Iames K. Miller, editor, G. Charnock Wilson, busi- ness manger, Donald C. Power, art manager, and Paul S. Schonberg, advertising manager, believed there should be such a publication and issued one of their own volition. Taps contained eighty pages. In September of 1918 the newspaper was discontinued be- cause of the war. After the armistice of No- vember, 1918, the publication returned to the six-issue magazine. By 1920 the Reveille annual had reached 100 pages and had ac- quired a more durable cover. The 1926 annual marked a step forward in planning the yearbook. It introduced a cen- tral art scheme, a new style of binding, and a new kind of insert page. The production, along with these several magazine issues, was made up in a newly organized journalism class whose members received one - half credit per year for their efforts. In addition to the six issues. the staff published a full page of high school news in each of the local papers. the American Tribune and the Newark Advocate. During the school year 1926- 1927 the Reveille News was introduced. The paper was run off on a multigraph machine. which had been presented to the school in 1926. In 1928 the Reveille staff published a bi-weeklv news sheet. four magazines, and the annual. The 1929 animal enlarged its page size from the old 694 x 1035 to 794 x 1034, a size it has continued to date. By 1930 iournalism was established as a full-credit subject. The staff issued four magazines, twenty-nine numbers of the news sheet. and the annual. However, the year 1930 - 1931 saw the drop- ping of the magazine. During the school year 1935 - 1936 the gradual change-over from multigraph to mimeograph was made in publishing the news sheet so that by the fall of 1936 the school newspaper was en- tirelv mimeographed. The 1937 annual was unusual in that it was published on paper of a dark buff color or sepia. Interestingly the price of the annual was one dollar, a price that had been main- tained for some years. The 1938 and 1939 yearbooks graduated to a semi-hard cover. but it was not until 1940 that the Reveille blossomed into a volume with a hard casing. In 1951 the annual graduated to the pad- ded cover, but otherwise the book remained 2 much the same as it had in the past ten years. And then at the beginning of the school year 1952- 1953 the Reveille News ceased publi- cation. News of the school was supplied daily to the Newark Advocate. From this point on no credit has been given for iournalism. In the fall of 1953 a newspaper was again published under the name of the Reveille Review. It remained a mimeographed maga- zine issued once a month until the autumn of 1956 when it once again became a printed newspaper issued once a month. During the year 1958- 1959 an attempt was made to issue the paper twice a month, a policy that was followed the latter part of the school year, but in 1959 - 1960, because of the lack of facilities and time, the paper again has been issued monthly. Meanwhile the annual for 1959 had re- turned to the hard cover, primarily because of the cost of the padded cover. For the past several years it had grown into a book of 240 pages at the price of 33.50. And so we arrive at the point where the reader has this issue in his hands-the Beveille that marks the Golden Anniversary of the publication. Over the years the annual has remained more conservative than many yearbooks by not sacrificing copy to a surfeit of pictures. Because of its peculiar function as a history to which many people in the community and in the school system turn for information, advisers and staffs have felt that the book should not be glamorized to the point of use- lessness to the detriment of future reference. Although the chief architects of the year- book have been the editorial staff, not a small part of its success over these past fifty years goes to the business staffs, patron staffs. and advertisers. Without the hard work of business staffs and the loyal support of ad- vertisers, the Heveille would have ceased publication years ago. What of the future? At this writing the staff of the 1960 book hopes that in 2010 another group will be able to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the Reveille Annual and that it will continue to be a repository of information to enrich the lives of students and alumni who peruse its pages in order to stimulate their memories and an aid to future historians of Newark Senior High School and the City of Newark. '7!wR ' fm 1960 fVewa21h Seniafz. Scfzaaf wfsxw- M ,ykxx -N .X.QX X 'NN-N 'l'lzca1mnflmzcrl olfservufory, ll hzlllnmrk of NHS., as it perclzes atop the west building today. gcldaa Budinud Mdlldfdd 7fzama4 Quaid Jfebieq efzaafed- Buanelle 7Uaacfen Annual SEM Standing-Nlr. Kingcry, linsc-lnury Crowlcy, Mary McCann, Sandy Luirci, Carol Children, l5z11'han'a1 Cninslcr Knm-ling-Rick VunNYinklc, Toni Hull, john I12llKiCf0id, Tom FOI'gl'llV0, Toni Hcisvy, vditor, Mike' .lnclgc KZXU Qaawmd This yczn' thc Anniml Stuff presents with pride the Cloidcn Annivcrszlry vdition of the Rcvciiiv. 4 Business Staff H1-ails-AI - .XII-l'l'lIil Ilaill. Iiiaum Irwin, Carol Burris, Xwllllklll X'K'llf.fl'l', I'L-ggi' Iiooli, Sully Iloalll, Comiii- Con-Ilio, Carol .-Xslic-rallit, Xlr. Stovcluiniiiii. Stumlingg Front Row-jmly IIc'Iplii'vy, QIOIIIIIL' Iliclmiuii, Simiiim- IIICIIQIITISUII. Pail Ilolminson. Pall Long, I':it Iliuiis, Sauuly Mullinnis, Nlolly Scott, Carol Cliilclron, .luliv Coomlwin, Put Iiliiir, Mary -Io XY:-Ils, Sm- Collis, jucly Poscy, IxIilI'IIlil IIz1IIowcII Soc- SL-Iioults. lizu-IQ Ilow-I,imI11 Sm-ssor, Carol Xlorgaul, l5a1i'Imm Clmm-wulnl, Xlairy NIL-Cziini, l'a1t Clnmlmlv. Dawn IIau'm's, Nlolly lizwrc-ll. Samcly Nh-Cuig, Iliamc llaiys, Yivlqi Slain, lilimlwtlm Qucvu. 74-e saw 'IIN' llunction of llu- four stuffs is as follows: flu' fllc Hmzrillr' in 4-zicll Ilolm- room. 'I'IicSv fllrvc' stuffs Cclitoriul Stall Imilcls tlw ycnrlmook Ivy im-mis of klI'UKIIIi1'L'li'LIIDf'XIV.ciL'0I'Q,'l'SIOCCIQIIILUIII. victim-s :incl copy. It is unclvr tliv clirvction of Mr. Um- OIIIUI' stuff. the 1ir'iir'illf' lif'l7Il'll,', issuvs thc Conlon II. Kingvry. Thi- Businvss Stuff solicits Scliool iwwspupm'oncczi montli. 'I'l1isst1nH', wliosc ulvvi'tism'l's. ilu' Iillfftlll Stuff scvks financizil support picturv 2l1JIJl'i1l'S fairtliur lmck in this Iioolx. is uncle-1 from imlivinlumls, zmcl tliv Iloim- Room Agcnts sc-II thc' a1cIx'isvrsI1ip ol Nlr. Kvrmit Long. Patrons Staff Svallml - I,ii11Ia1 xvlilblilfll, Put IIRIITIS, SLIIICIX Nlufliiuiis, Pali Long. Siillv Iloam, KLIYVII Clzirgvr, Carol .'xSIlCl'ill-I, Ilan'- 1 Imran Crovvs. Sflllllllllg-sill' Collis, Carol Cllilclrm-ii, Xlolly Scott, Nlzlry' Nlvifzuill, Iill fiill'1l3ll'- ,IIIIIP UINKIWIII Xlairy jo XVI-IIs, Nlr. Stocdmialliii, I':it Blair. Lust How - Carol Xlorgam, AI2llll'I XIOIIYUU, Almly Iliiullvy. Room Agents Row 1- xlill'll'l1l1 Xlurmim-, Szuuly Nctlu-rs, Pnl c:2lllllJll', Sully liozm, Kathy Copvluml, Kkll'l'Il 'l'x'4-111.21-1', lluw Powc-ll, liddic Brooks, Put Long, Tom Blackstone, Craig Robvrlson. Row 2-Rolla-1'tu XYIxitv, Carol Bowmzm, liairlmru Boycllun, Susan Greco, Sharon Adams, Judy Lord, Linda silllI1dC'I'S, NilI1l'tfl' Nl'Vl'l', Kay Koppm-rt, jumly Slmnnon, jim Curtiss, jim Calplingvr. 'lxlllll Morrison, Barry Rilvy. Row 3' Nlr. 5toc'L'kmzum, Dah' Crigslmy, Bill Nlllftill, Bob Hughes, Bill Cluggisll, Alam Beatty, David Coss, Clnzwlcs jackson, -luck Grady, Hon Sinvs. Editorial Staff Seniors Sophomores Sandra Laird Thomas F orgrave Rick VanWinlde Photographer Thomas Hall Juniors Artists Rosemary Crowley Carol Children Barbara Guinsler Robin Pierce Judy Posey, Assistant Business Manager Julie Goodwin Stella Hottle Linda Sessor Carol Wright Suzanne Wright Dawn Barnes Diane Glennan Mary Jo Wells Alfreda Hall Business Staff Peiggy Roof Ar ene Reinbeau Wanda Yeager Carol Morgan Carol Children Carol Ashcraft Suzanne Richardson Cheryl Iden Judi Helphrey Mary McCann Patricia Blair Vicki Slane Sylvia Shannon Sally Roan Sandra McCaig Pat Long Diane Irwin Connie Hickman Marsha Blizzard Susan Collis Pat Montanaro Janice Kemper Molly Barrett Sandra McGinnis Patrons Staff Linda Woolard - Manager Carol Ashcraft Patricia Blair Carol Children Pat Gamble Karen Garger SENIORS 309 Judy Boyer Richard Boder 311 Terry Cooperider Ruth Coffman 400 Patricia Gamble Dale Grigsby 401 Judy Iler Robert Hughes 402 Judy Lord Wil iam Martin 403 Sandra Nethers David Powell 406 Craig Robertson Linda Saunders 405 N omia Van Gilder Joyce Wears JUN IORS 213 Thomas Blackstone 300 Carole Bowman William Cluggish Julie Goodwin Barbara Grove Pat Long Janet Monroe Carole Morgan Typist Mary McCann Associates Mike Judge John Landefeld Richard Bibart Carol Burris Carol Campbell Nancy Boyd Pat Gamble Martha Hallowell Patty Harris Mollie Scott Pat Robison Connie Coelho Sue Shoults Liz Queen Barbara Grunewald Mary C. McCann Judy Ritchey Sally Roan Mollie Scott Mary Jo Wells Room Agents 301 302 303 304 306 314 3 15 3 13 James Curtis Penny Earl Jack Grady Barbara Grove Alfreda Hall Pete Hewitt Emily Hughes Stella Hottle Sandra Leek Michael Lanning Donna Marston Thomas Morrison Linda Rauck Philip Pierson Linda Swartz Jerry Ricciardo Roberta NVhite SOPHOMORES 201 202 204 Sharon Adam Robert Beatty Barbara Boychan Edwin Brooks Kathy Copeland Cheryl Criss 205 206 207 208 2 10 104 105 106 107 Jan Fink Sandra Demorest Susan Green David Goss Marilyn Hivnor David Hollis Kay Koppert Charles Jackson Patricia Long Jolm Linehan Marlena Marmic N anette Never Floyd O'N eil Sally Roan Barry Riley Judy Shannon Ronnie Sines 1 10 Karen Trager Thomas Southard 1 1 1 Susan Wright Gary Warthan leczficalzcw It is with great pleasure that the Ammul Staff dedicate-s its Colden Anniversary issue to Mr. Edward Stradley Gil Stoeckmann Year Editors 1911 W. Oscar Stanton 1912 Quincey A.Cheadle 1913 E. Gray Swingle 1914 juliet Besuden 1915 George Pfeffer 1916 Ava ballou 1917 Elizabeth Kibler 1918 james K. Miller 1919 Edwin Essington 1920 Elizabeth East 1921 Ruth Rogers 1922 Margaret Dorey 1923 Bertha Clutter and james Settles 1924 james Settles 1925 Helen Wyeth 1926 Edward Schnute 1927 Virginia Rohrboug 1928 Frances Hutchinson 1929 Albert Anderson 1930 Edwin Penny 1931 jacob Kuhn 1932 Carlyle jones 1933 john Blair 1934 Kenneth George 1935 Eugene Wallace 1936 Donald Stage 1937 Diana Shuebruk 1938 Earl Haynes 1939 Allen Cook and Clarence Shields 1940 Fred Tieman 1941 George Shinn 1942 julie Henzy 1943 Robert Avery jenkins 1944 George Hiatt, jr. 1945 Dorothy Henzy 1946 William Denman 1947 john F. Roberts 1948 Donald M. Smith 1949 Mary Ann Hale and Giles Smucker 1950 Susan Wilkin 1951 Leon Richey 1952 Alan Varner 1953 Nancy Bair 1954 Saundra Culp 1955 Charles F. Booher 1956 Edward McCament 1957 james Spangler 1958 D. Thomas Voris 1959 jack Shumaker 1960 Thomas C. Heisey EDITORS, BUSINESS MANAGERS, AND ADVISERS ovER THE PAST FIFTY YEARS Business Managers Stewart Sedgwick Roy Miller S. Howard Rugg Dode Fulk Guy Bazler Frank Taafel Frank Taafel G. Charnock Wilson Glenn Kreider Reull Cochran Floyd Layman Franklin Southard Donald Lindrooth Donald Lindrooth and Emmet Tomlinson Walter Settles Edward Brown Robert F lory William Crane james Cunningham james Cunningham George Kinsey john Shrontz john Shrontz jean Dowie Audrey Black Helen Hightshoe Lucille Hall Mary jane Russell john Chester Charles Robert Hill Robert A. jenkins Raymond Nourse Lorraine Schuler Carl L. Welsch Carl L. Welsch William Barrick Marjorie Hall Mary R. Weakley jean Haas Karl Gelfer Karl Gelfer David Roberts Mildred Swackhamm Mary Nethers Norma Stalter Marcia Deming Patricia Volz june Winkelman David Bero Charles Warden 'The first named adviser, when two directed the progress of the yearbook, is the editorial adviser is the adviser of the business and financial part of the book. Cl' 6 Advisers 55 '13 5? P-Cn-a 2.5 653 F1v S Q5 Vi V3 L? El. FP . Tait 5 wp . Tait . Tait . . Tait . .Tait vw-- af:-eww '4"l Wm u--n-I. PPP? +- P US? D' Tait . Tait ertha Crilly and j. A. Tait Crilly-Tait Crilly and P. B. Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-Edwards Crilly-George Stoeckmann Crilly-Stoeckmann Crilly-Stoeckmann Crilly-Stoeckmann Crilly-Stoeckmann Crilly-Stoeckmann Crilly-Stoeckmann Gordo n R. Kingery and Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann Kingery-Stoeckmann Kin gery-Stoeckmann a while the second named 9 Hanan! line lem 0M Selma! an Main Shed Whafs happening on the outside, chum? What ho! Don't get near the ivy. Some of it's the poison stuff . . . Yep, this is our hall of ivy . . . Reee! c"'Y xx, Fw' 1 - it i ' i' ,gn ,, V , ,wit f- , , A vig f-yy f,f:,1"N'4 . , ,4, ,' vm ,, "' 4, , W., v fp f A I . s h - , k J' 4 ..,..,q:.:':ew f ,. I .:. .. Q50 -1:1 q an 1 4 Escort Dick Bibart and Queen S-uellen Sutphen pose for posterity at the 1959 Junior-Senior Prom. Jimmy keeps his promise for a successful season Gab session the fifth period in 213. A moment's pause by the gang on the third floor, old building Cheerleaders at their Friday night post Studyingl?J in the auditorium J' The Annual staff goes into action High drama at the pep assembly before the Coshocton game . . . featuring the artistry of Quick Draw McGaw Who says there ain't no school spirit? Up and over at a phys ed assembly Mr. Rausch and his daughter watch a basketball game intently. Critics Prugh, Beadle, Deafenbaugh, and Barclay think that one over Playing for keeps l?l at a pep assembly. 'Chuck looks tired lnote the yawn of boredoml and Buster looks tagged. R N. NN-.YNM DJ N, f, M1 y"f',l -N... -. - . N., ex., N 'QM 5 D Xjinqb ,ye . 4 x "'Wa.. K'- 3 4 0 ii Q Q Q 'X 'y 'A ,iw 'Q fa fy MTJ x 1-X' .P se. Y. ., sa :Q 1 ' Z. A G," N9 JB -L X ,Nr fr X53 W sn, ,,..,...4ln R R1- JSK Q t4fi.:l'L:gY, .kil,I.!'J'f? if . 1 uf' pw sf Q ff. :rg ,I 2" 8 a 9 5 1 A Big Cheer For The B-ig Team we celebrate TOURNAMENT TIME The victories at Charberits 18 ?"Sn The cheerleaders And the team at the Center ,gr . e fans The pressure on the floor W The wild frenzy of the students . and that dang confetii 20 A . N .exbfmw MC A On the road to the District Crown Those little comments about the game KV. ., .iLa.m.x an-.NM The intense hope of success Mr. Demas reflects, well, he got 'em out safely during another fire drill --ww BOARD OF EDUCATION STACY CONRAD RODERIC JONES Pfesidem Vice President DR. JOHN L. CHYNOWETH CLAYTQN A, SMUCKER gd' ROBERT W. WORTMAN THELMA HOLCOMBE Clerk SUPERINTENDENT TIIONIAS B. SOUTIIARD li. S.. Capital l7llix'0l'sily X. li.. Capital l711ix'crsity Xl..X., Tin' Ohio Stutc l'nix'vrsity ROBERT XV. RARCLAY .'XSSlS'l'AX'I' lfiilxczlmi. R. S. in limi., Nluskingnm Coih-gn Xl. A., 'Vinh Ohio Shih- Univvrsity 3 FREXV CI. BOYD lfiiixczlml. A. B., Ohio XVQSIQ-yall Univvrsity Ni. A., Tha' Ohio Shih- Univvrsity GEORGE STOECKNIANN VICE 1'mNCl1',u, A.B., Denison University Th. R., Northx-rn Baptist 'l'lu-ologicul Svniinury M.A., Thi- Ohio State Univvrsity --rg----M---........,............ FA . .. i N Wg V M gifs xwfs If gi 1.-1. vu, I .,-q1.s,,.. .. . 1, . MONA CARLO A.B. Physical and Health Education MR. KTNQERV .Y t - .s - c ' Q as 1 . fs-M-S f . ,, . Lil , 3 :vw JAMESARB AUFN wluuwi H. MARTIN HELEN P. nom , - - B.s., M.F.A. B.s., M.A. Physmal anq Health Art Supervision Librarian Education Head Basketball Coach kha- 94 like -" I s 1 I I - pr GRACE B. RYDER HELEN WILLIAMS GORDON KINGERY ARPAD KURINSKY A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. B.S., M.A. English English English Orchestra Yearbook String Instruments MYRON PEARCE B.S., M.Ed. Director of Music Band RAYMOND H. BARRICK B.S., M.A. Band Instrumental Music THOMAS BYNUM B.Ed. Band Instrumental Music I I , 2 .f .,.. I ' xx W :El -. ,-:Lt .i 1'f ' fff'L1I VICTOR BATTERSON B.S., M.A. Choir Music History 27 Li' 5 I A .IIV ': iii' X ' -Q2-- M W , A QW V '-fm. m. z "" ' ., 1 -A ' ' .. ,-:, A , , il' 7 a " ' ' gy. if new . my I Q ,. ,ga l . ..,., . qt ' I--ii' :., 4 :IQ . ' .., i Z IX, zvl' ,Lf V'I :,.1...L 1 V5 ,.., 53- ,'-' A , - N' i MILDRED W. HEINRICHS AMY EDWARDS PAUL HARLOW T. EDWIN DICKERSON KERMIT LONG A,B, A.B., M.A. A.B. A.B., M.A., LLB. 8.5. English English English English English Head Track Coach Civics Director of Aihletics Commercial Law ill. 1 fr .. ,un f,, 1 ll X x ' l , ,lilll V' it -rl I 'Dall ii. .L my , liz, ill lf ' 1' i fx it , mlm S 'E Mix h ,fff l'i A ' vmcmm swim-i ill ' ' Q C - AB :ul F 7 V U Endligh ' ' 5 O. . 1 r i A ,O Q, I i f 1:1 f J - Q ' ' x-A s 1 g ., 2 . , : Q RQ 2 ' N ' S1 'N 'Go -lam! ' x ' 'S Q .. , -Q is .. I Q, E il gif lf it . CAROl SAYlES B.S. Publ ic Speaking Dramalics iii in v., T 1f-1-.fd D 1: 'Qi ,O Q O 5 -o Rx. ':' Vliss NQCREARY Q .,,. f .. ..N:g,: x X WILMA l. SLAY PAULINE MQCREARY ANNE RODGERS INGEBORG RODEMANN A.B. A.B., MA. A.B., M.A. B.S., M.5., M.A. Latin latin French German English Spanish History 8 .gif 0 16? FRANK SPENCER, JR. A.B., M.A. Russian if 5 Q fx 'H- Q X :Q I X 2 - 5 5 - W- '09 ix is ll N " . g f 'W iij Q 1 . ANNE COLLETT ELIZABETH ANN RILEY SARAH ERNST SUE CLOVER JACK R. HALE B.S. B.S. B.5. 8.5. B.S., M.A. Home Economics Vocational Home Home Economics Home Economics Economics Economics First Semesfer Second Semesier TY: AS. . , --Jaxx -2-I , .pt-I 9 Q Flwlid " 'Xl ll : "' 541 33 gl, l-,li SJ ligvzsigsgigx-ii! , vial.. QQ -i 'Q Fillflllg Hill!! I I NEMA gs i .-: 4 ll 0, v , 0 'Q ' ":'1:'s K 2 .Q :Q 2 o 0. "' 2'gI ":"c N I. Qty. 4 0 O .Q of Og.l 09' . Miss Rodcysns X , I' Z K i fs. il I l r 4 'L me i'- ff' '- "' .B - ,.:-:i-.--ei .imi- Nl. : ' ll g E ll, A , Q 'XL llI,' lstftoffq Rl., 'zz' '04 v 'J ., 'Q 0 4 . lf G' ,I ug a , ., 1 f gl' 'Of I r" i r Q 4 I F4 '4 RAYMOND L. RAUSCH GEORGE N. DEMAS JERRY L. DUDDING B.S. in Soc. Adm. A.B. 8.5. 'B.S. in Ed. History Civics History History Sociology Debale Reserve Basketball Coach Economics lPhys. Ed.J FLEETA R, DICKERSON B.S., M.A. Hisfory JOSEPH M. CARLO A.B., M.A. Hislory Physical Education Head Football Coach ri ? QM. . ' www ' Q . K RUTH PERRY B.Pl1. Hisiory Civics 29 Ng, if is-.i.,..j' . ,- 2 ? ' 55 :Q x gl ir' if fl e 11, I ""' CHARLES BEADLE CHARLES A. ECKERT ROBT. S. DEAFENBAUGH B-5- M-Ei B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. Hisvory Supervisor of Industrial Woodworking Ewnomif GSOQV-iphy Arts, Graphic Arls " ff 0 . A V ' ROBERT CASH B.S. Auron-nolives Drivers Ed. I e ROBIN SMITH B.S., Mid. Drafting Math MR. Beao1.E I on ,, I lOU.b,DA MORGAN A,B., M.A. Psychology 'Kr' lime by , J. S. McCLEARY B.S., M.Ed. Bookkeeping Salesmanship Office Practice E -..,. : :lu .lr A .. A L: lll l ,... ... I . Q XX We -. . " 4 . , - . g K f Y . S M 5 X 'iq w .- -ewxfur J A-'F' ' ,: 5: .- . W ' 'K 1 K ' HAROLD OATMAN Vocafional Machine Shop ROBERT ROSE B.S., M. Ed. Industrial Arts General Metals Engineering Drawing 7 I 1 Nm F ji g. wg. .W .... Y ..,..,,, .... . rx K H : x jw. f Wil '. . why? LETHA HEADLEE B.S., M.A. Sfenography Office Machines E DORIS M. OLPP B.A., B.S. Bookkeeping GN MARY BULLOCK RUTH HUDDY EDITH PARSONS B.Ed. Bus. A.B., 8.5. Stenography Typin Stenography Typing Englisi Typing Office Machines Office Machines NINA L. KECKLEY WILBER POWERS A.B., M.A. A.B.1 MA- Geomefry Trigonometry Algebra Solid Geometry Algebra hwy, S6125 6 X EQ EDWARD STRADLEY 4: X tw Matllriafics fc .1 gym!! . , ,. .,.4 . , 5 , , in i'i - NRS' RYDER R DONALD BUDD B.S., M.Ed. Algebra EDWARD LLOYD BELL FRANK R. PILCHER MAXWELL K. DOUGLAS B.5., M.Ed. B.S. A.B. Chemistry Biology Practical Science Practical Science VIRGIL ASHCRAFT P. G. STEINBERGER B.S., A.B. B.S. Biology Physics Practical Math 31 ,P 'ik' U gl.-A DOROTHY ORNDORFF PAUL ROBINSON JANE HOWARTH H. C. SI. CLAIR B.S., M.A. A.B., M.Ecl. A.B. A.B. COU'1S9l0I' Counselor Counsellor Treasurer at ,... ,, Ki? M' ' it ,B E 2 MARY E. BARNES ELEANOR QUEEN DOROTHY RUTH FUREDY Chief Clerk Secretary Vo Principal GOMERDINGER Assistant Secretary to ihe Secretary to PVlf'C5lNl Assistani Principal Mas. QUQQN 9 . I 'I 'I 4 4 I 'I 'I 1 I 'I I I 'I 'I I 1 4 'I I I 'I 4 'I 4 4 I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 1 I I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I I 1 I 'I 'I 4 I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 I I 1 1 I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 1 I 1 'I I lefirecf I I Mlss FLORENCE MYER Miss Florence Myer retired from the Newark City School System in june of 1959. She began her teaching career in Newark in 1910 in the East Main Street Elementary School. She came to the high school in 1925, where she taught girls' physical and health education. Miss Myer sponsored the Cheerleaders and the Girls' Athletic Association while she taught gym classes. ln addition she took charge of decorations at the annual athletic banquet. While at NHS, Miss Myer made many friends. A long tenure of service has been greatly appreciated by her school friends and colleagues. AFI 1 I 1 'I 'I I 4 'I 4 'I I 4 'I 'I 'I 4 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 1 1 1 I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 1 'I 1 4 4 I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 4 I 'I I 'I I :I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 4 'I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I s 33 Nlhleliw Now that you've got the ball, let's all chase you Row 1-Stan Gibson, Gary Debevoise, Fred Ando, Dave Adams, Bill Smith, Dale Roberts, Tom Wortman, Brook Seckle. Row 2-Mgr. Ron Carson, Gene Knight, John Glass, Tom Chronister, Phil Mitchell, Gene Swartz, Brad Williams, Bill Smucker, Mgr. Bob Gray. TRACK A BRIEF HISTORY OF TRACK AT NHS By TOM FORGRAVE ln line with the historical significance of this volume of the 'Reveille Annual, we present here a historical sketch of track at NHS. According to lssue 2 of Volume 1 of the Reveille, there was no organized athletic program at Newark High School previous to 1902. ln the Spring of that year, however, an Athletic Association was formed. The first group under its sponsorship was a baseball team. The interval between 1902 and 1911 at the moment remains unknown concerning trackg however, in the spring of 1911 faculty member Mr. John Edwards announced that if enough interest were manifisted, there would be held a High School Day made up of various sports among which in the afternoon would be planned a field meet with Granville, Zanesville and Columbus being represented along with Newark. Mr. Ed- wards served as faculty manager, Walter J. Livings- ton, who moved to Denison University the follow- ing year, was physical director. Whether the "school day" ever materialized was not recorded, nevertheless, in 1911 track certainly was an estab- lished sport, having come into the athletic pro- 36 gram some time between 1902 and 1911. And yet, established or not, track received small no- tice in the pages of the Reveille, for although base- ball, basketball, and football received a lion's share of publicity within the pages of the periodical in the early years of its publication, track got only a mention on page 18 of the October, 1913, issue when notice was given that Mr. Lloyd Millisor had postponed all track meets until spring. So we know that track was still in existance. In final is- sue of the 1913-1914 volume of the "annual," a picture of the track team appears for the first time. ln the April of 1915 a good track season was predicted with Mr. Stirnson as coach. ln the April, 1916, issue an article mentioned a class track meet, at which winners would as in the past year, receive gold medals in addition to rib- bons given for other events. So went track until 1924 when the COL was organized. More complete track records of Newark High school date back to 1924. In 1925 Westerville was COL champ. In 1930 the junior high department began to see that if Newark High were to have a good track team, boys needed to be trained be- fore they even entered high school. A track pro- gram was therefore initiated at Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Central. However, from 1929 to 1932, Lan- caster dominated track. Then in 1933 the junior high training showed re- sults because Newark High won the COL cham- pionship for the next twelve years. Marietta ended Newark's reign in 1946 and began theirs, which lasted for seven years. Newark again domin- ated the COL in 1953 and won five out of the last seven meets. Some of the Newark High record-holders in the COL are George Riley, who set the record in 1951 in the 100-yard dash and the 220-yard dash, Jerry Bishop in the 180-yard low hurdles, Bob McVey in 120-yard high hurdles, the 880-yard relay set by Balding, Campbell, Chappelier, and Riley, Jim Tyrer in the shotput, Dan Roike in the discus, and Fears in the broad jump. ln the spring of 1940, one of the finest athletic events trackwise was initiated. lt was the Newark Relays. Held the first Saturday in May, the Relays were staged until the spring of 1953 when the colorful event disappeared from athletic schedules. The reason for its disappearance was a lack of financial support from downtown merchants. For instance, at the last meet in 1951 the gate grossed ninety dollars, whereas the cost of the meet was 5800. The records for the district date back to 1926 when Columbus East won. From 1927 to 1932 Columbus Central dominated track. NHS got into the picture in 1933 and 1934 by becoming District champs. In 1936 the number-one position was split. For the next four years, Columbus North won the district. Columbus Central began in 1941 again to dominate the picture winning eight out of the next ten. Then in 1952 Columbus East dom- inated the picture. During this period, the Negro began to prove himself superior, especially in the speed events in track. This fact was due to two contributing factors: desire and inherent reflex in speed. Since 1952 Columbus East has won the district five times out of seven. ln 1954, Columbus South, with a sophomore Negro youth, won the district due to his exceptional speed. ln 1957, as a result of the increased time for practice due to the ac- quirement of the Denison Field House during the winter months, Newark won the district and was runner-up in 1958. Even in the state track events, the picture was very much the same: the schools containing the highest number of Negro athletes have dominated the state track meet. Beginning in 1932, Cleve- land East Tech, whose male enrollment has been over BOW Negro, has won the State eleven times. Other schools that have won the State Track meet are Mansfield, Dayton Dunbar, Cleveland Central, Cincinnati Central, Cleveland John Adams, Akron North, and Springfield. With a few exceptions, State track champions since 1932 have had a very high percentage of Negro athletes. Qs -..sit-P One interesting piece of information concerning a state Track occurred in 1954 when only one boy lecl Barberton to the championship. That boy was Glenn Davis. He is the only boy in the state track history who has compiled enough points to make his school state champion. At the present time, Glenn is the World's record holder of the 440-yard low hurdles and other events run only in the Olympic games. In 1958 Newark High placed the greatest num- ber ever to make a record for the school in the state. Usually one or two qualify for the event, but in 1958 nine places were won by Newark High ath- letes. The following placed in that state meet: 880-relay team, fifth place, 1:31.5, with Kinser, Lonzo, T. Myers, and Bishop, mile relay team, third place, 3:25.7, with Bishop, Leslie, T. Myers, and Metcalf, broad iump, third place 21 feet 8 inches, Jerry Bishop, 440-yard dash, fourth place, 50.4, Roger Metcalf. The outlook for Newark High School is not too bright. At the present time there are no outstand- ing sprint men in the city. ln the past three years, NHS has had only two varsity competitors, Gene Knight, an oustanding football and track man, and Cecil Steele, who was on the 1959 football team. ln this year's sophomore class there is only one ath- lete with exceptional capabilities. He is Bob Ross, who competed in athletics at Roosevelt Junior High School and has potential athletic qualities. Some of the boys upon whom Mr. Harlow, track coach, depends for the 1960 track squad are Mark Applegate, fullback on the 1959 football team, who has better-than-average speed, and Dale Roberts, Gary Debevoise, and Clyde Bartlett, who are the only boys available for the sprint events. Unfor- tunately, two boys upon whom the squad depends for the sprint events moved to other schools: Chron- ister and Ando. ln weight events, Charles Clark, Ed Smith, John Salyers, John Glass, and Ed Walters should do a creditable job in the shot and discus. ln the hurdles Mr. Harlow depends upon Brooke Seckle, Bill Smuc- ker, and Clyde Bartlett, who are the top candidates. Track is different from the other participant sports offered in high school in that each person does not usually rely on teamwork to win his letter for him but upon himself through which he must earn enough points to win it. Track, as a whole, is more of an individual sport than those relying on team- work such as football and basketball. KNIGHT PLACES IN DENISON RELAYS The Newark Senior High track squad competed in the annual Denison Relays held March 7. The only person to place from Newark was Gene Knight, who captured fourth place in the shot put with a heave of 46 feet 11 inches. BEARS OUTRUN 'CATS The NHS trackmen were defeated by Upper Ar- lington 79112 to 39V2, April 9 at Arlington. The Newarkers chalked up first place in four events and tied for first in another. Gene Knight took a first in the shot put with a throw of 48 feet one inch. Larry Urban hurdled his way to a win in the 120 high hurdles with a time of 16.6 seconds. Tom Wortman cleared 11 feet, 4 inches for a first in the pole vault. Brad Wil- liams threw the discus 125 feet to capture a first. Gene Swartz tied for first in the broad lump with a leap of 18 feet, 7 and 541 inches. Gen-e Knight finished second to Brad Williams in the discus to seize second place and to be New- ark's top point-earner with eight points. NEWARKITES GO TO MANSFIELD NHS's varsity track coach, Paul Harlow, took a group of Newark contenders to the Mansfield Re- lays on April 18 at Mansfield. However, not one of the Newark entries placed. NEWARK CINDERMEN SPIKE LANCASTER The NHS track squad romped past the Lancaster Golden Gales, 92-26, April 21 at White Field. The Harlowmen won 12 out of 14 first places in the meet. Brad Williams was the 'Cat's leading point-earner with a total of 18 points, which came after three firsts and a second. Williams won the broad jump, leaping 18 feet, 91f2 inches, then he went on to take the high iump by clearing a five-foot eight inch bar, and hurdled on for another first by win- ning the 180-yard low hurdles with a time of 21.9. Newark's field events were outstanding. Haul- ing the main load was Gene Knight, who threw the shot put 51 feet 7 inches and hurled the discus 124 feet 5 inches to finish as Newark's second best point earner. Other firsts for Newark were won by Stan Gib- son, who captured the 100-yard dash, being timed at 10.8 seconds. The 880-yard relay team, con- sisting of Stan Gibson, Dale Roberts, Gene Knight, and Jeff Roberts, was timed at one minute 40 sec- onds to cap another first for Newark. Tom Chronister took first place in the 440-yard run with a time of 55.7 seconds. Gibson won again, as he streaked for a first in the 220 in lust 24.7 seconds. Gary Jones ended the line of Newark firsts with a win in the 880-yard run in a time of 2 minutes 18.5 seconds. NEWARK PLACES- SECOND IN COL MEET The NHS Tracksters captured second place in the COL m-eet held May 6 at Ohio University in Athens. The Wildcats tallied 65V2 points, second to Marietta, who won with 801f2 points. Newark's Gene Knight broke the shot put record of 51 feet 7 inches set in 1956 by Jim Tyrer of Newark with a toss of 52 feet 4 inches. Another record was broken by Chillicothe's 880-yard relay team, who sped the distance in iust one minute 34 and 8 tenths seconds. In addition to Gene Knight's record-breaking toss, Newark won five first places in the contest. Stan Gibson chalked up firsts in 100- and 220-yard dashes with times of 10.5 and 23 seconds. Brad Williams leaped to another first in the high lump by clearing 5 feet 6 inches. A fast moving 53.1 seconds in the 440 by Tom Chronister set up the fifth and final first for the 'Cats. Other teams were Chillicothe, who placed third with 62172 points, and Lancaster, who finished last with 13V2 markers. 'CATS COLLECT SIX AT MUSKINGUM Paul Harlow, NHS track boss, entered two boys in the Muskingum relays held May 9 at Muskingum, where the Newarkites collected a total of six points. Tom Wortman placed fourth in the pole vault to collect two points. Gene Knight then hurled the shot put for a second place and four points for his effort. 'CATS TIE AT DISTRICT MEET Newark found itself in a three-way tie for sev- enth place in the Class AA Central District Track Meet, held at Ohio Wesleyan University on May 16. Columbus East won the meet with 62 points. Newark, Worthington, and Bexley each garnered nine to place seventh. Newark's 880-yard relay team of Gibson, Knight, Debevoise and Swartz captured a fourth. Knight garnered a second in the shot put while Swartz took a fourth in the same event. And finally the mile relay team of Gibson, Ando, Debevoise, and Chronister earned a fifth. NEWARK FLUNKS OUT AT STATE MEET Newark failed to place in the State Meet. 39 FOQYIJEALL 40 'CATS TAKE OPENER The Wildcats opened their '59 season on September 18 with a victory over the Co- lumbus Central Piates at White Field. The 'Cats scored once in each half and each time added a two-point conversion. Clyde Bart- lett scored 'first on a short plunge from three yards out. He also added the conversion to make the score read 8 to O. Central bounced right back into the game with a touchdown in the second quarter. Their try for a conversion tailed, however, and the half-time score read 8 to 6. The Wildcats promptly scored again the third quarter on a run by Dave Marzano. On the try for extra points, Bartlett tumbled the ball, but Marzano recovered to carry it over to complete the play. The remainder of the game was simply a series of ball exchanges. This pegged the final score at Newark lb, Columbus Central 6. 'CATS OVERPOWER WHITMER The Newark Wildcat's roared to a 20-to-l4 victory over visiting Toledo Whitmer for their second win in as many tries on September 25 on the local gridiron. Gary Debevoise gave the near capacity crowd an unbelievable aerial show, as he hit his target for eight out of ten passes, two of them resulting in touch- downs. Dave Marzano ran for lO5 yards in l5 carries for an average of seven yards per carry. Row 1-J. Brenhiser, T. Blackstone, B. Smith, D. Mariano, D. Bibart, W. Shonebarger, J. Roberts, P. Gibson, F. Sheldon, D. Fee, D. Pryor. Row 2-B. Snyder, B. Rader, J. Dickerson, D. Roberts, G. Johnson, D. Clauson, J. McKinney, C. Bartlett, C. Clark, E. Walters, R. Cherbini, D. Christ, B. Smucker. Row 3-V. Morgan, B. Corder, C. Steele, J. Salyer, D. liedy, B. Gearhart, J. Hughes, E. Smith, J. Stanford, S. Glass, M. Applegate, G. Debevoise, J. Hamm. Row 4-J. Richards, R. Seaman. R. Wiedner, B. Seckle, Mgr. G. Booher, Coaches Bob Wright, Head Coach Joe Carlo, Harold Prugh, Paul Forgraves, J. Forgrlves, Mgr. B. Gray. Bob Gearhart accounted for all three Newark touchdowns as he pulled in two scoring passes from Debevoise and one from Marzano. For a good part of the game, defense was com- pletely forgotten, as both teams had little trouble moving the pigskin. As a result of this strategy the 'Cats showed a definite improve- ment over the game they played the week before with Columbus Central. Newark gained a total of 318 yards, 212 on the ground and 129 in the 'CATS TURN BIG BLUE RED On Friday, October 2, the underdog Newarkites came up with a surprising 14-to-O win over Ham- ilton Garfield at Hamilton. A large home crowd traveled the 140 miles to watch their 'Cats win their third straight victory. air. Newark lost only 23 yards all night. Manager Bob Gray Coach Joe Carlo and Manager Gene Booher. 41 mi, Dick Bibart scored first on a fine pass from quarterback Gary Debevoise. The two-point con- version was a success, and Newark led at half time 8-to-O. The only other score came in third quarter when junior fullback Mark Applegate scored from twenty-one yards out. The conversion failed, and the remaining part of the game resulted in a con- tinual changing of the ball from one team to the other. 'CATS ROMP OVER MANS-FIELD On October 9, the Newarkites swamped Mans- field 36 to 12 at White Field. Dave Marzano tore the enemy defense to shreds with a thirty-nine yard run and a forty-three yard pass received from quarterback Gary Debevoise. The 'Cats got off to a quick start, scoring twenty- eight of their thirty-six points in the first half. The visiting Mansfield team was clearly outplayed as their defence and offence both were unable to hold the power-packed Wildcats. Bartlett bangs through the "Central" part of the line. GALES- BREEZE BY NEWARK The Newark Wildcats suffered a rough set back from a tough Lancaster team at Lancaster on Oc- tober lo in their COL opener. A hurricane seemed to be in the area as the Gales knocked over the locals. The Newark team was beaten chiefly by a number of completed passes, while at the same time the Wildcat pass defense was failing to click. The Newark scoring was accomplished by Mark Applegate from one yard out and Clyde Bartlett on a nine-yard advance. Bartlett also scored two extra points to bring the Wildcats total to 14. The Lancaster team, however, scored four times and converted two extra points to make the final tally read Newark l4, Lancaster 26 I guess this is the right way. Wait until I get my hands on youl 'CATS FORKED BY BLUE DEVILS The Zanesville Blue Devils took advantage ot a wet gridiron to thoroughly trounce the Newark Wildcats at White Field. For the losing hometown- ers it was their second straight setback in league play after winning tour straight non-league tilts. The loss virtually dropped Newark from any chance of regaining the COL title, Zanesville's little, tleetfooted Bill Portis scored two ot the winners' three touchdowns on runs ot tour and ninety yards respectively. The only New- ark tally came in the third period with Mark Ap- plegate scoring from one yard out, thus capping a sustained drive. Dave Marzano was stopped a yard short of the two-point conversion try. The hometown fans were still buzzing about this touch- down when deerlike Bill Fortis took the kickott on his own ten-yard line and raced into the clear to add another Zanesville score. Parents' Night Paul Harlow MC's Joe talks if over with the boys, 'Ban's mom gels mum 'CATS SCALP REDSKINS The hometown boys won their first COL game on October 30 with a 20-to-O win over winless Co- shocton at Coshocton. The game moved through the first half to a scoreless tie with both teams continually fumbling. The first score came on a one-yard smash by junior fullback Mark Applegate. Second string quarter- back Bill Smucker took over from there on and passed to Jack Dickerson for the second score. The final score was made on a nice 43-yard iaunt by Dave Marzano. DUELING 'CATS SHUT OUT CAVALIERS In a hard fought game, played at home on No- vember 6 in sub-freezing weather, the Newark High Wildcats won their second consecutive COL game over Chillicothe 22 to O. Clyde Bartlett scored one of Newark's touchdowns on a nice run off a pitchout from scrimmage. Bartlett promptly scored again on a perfect l5-yard pass-play from Gary Debevoise. Newark's other score was con- tributed by Dave Marzano on a fine 47-yard ex- ample of broken-field running. This was also Newark's homecomin ame, 9 There will be a hot time in the old dressing room tonight, eh, boys! Z-town Tallies CAT GLANCE Newark Columbus Central 6 Newark Toledo Whitmer l4 Newark Hamilton O Newark Mansfield l2 Newark Lancaster 26 Newark Zanesville 20 Newark Coshocton O Newark Chillicothe O Newark Marietta I4 with Miss Virgene Dowie crowned l959 homecom- ing queen. For seventeen seniors it was their last appear- ance at White Field in Newark High colors. 'CATS HANDED LOSS BY POWERFUL MARIETTA Powerful Marietta, ranked eighth in the state, shut out the hometowners by a score of I4 to O, at Marietta on November l3, to bring the local pigskin season to a close. The undefeated Tigers took the undisputed COL championship title with the win. Newark finished in a three-way tie with Lancaster and Chillicothe. Zanesville's 4-and-I rec- ord garnered second-place honors. Newark fin- ished the season with six wins and three defeats. The 'Cats, plagued with fumbles and pass inter- ceptions, came close several times to scoring on the Tigers. Mark Applegate carried most of the Wildcat's burden, picking up 75 yards in I9 car- ries. Marietta scored on a run by senior quarter- back Frank Christie, and Dick Croy on a fifteen-yard advance. Following the game, the wildly cheer- ing throng of Tigers fans paraded about the streets of Marietta while the Wildcats fans "silently stole away." First Row-lleff to right sifting,-Mike Peckham, manager, Jeff Wortman, Myron Peckham, Jim Pyle, Floyd O'Nell, John Bell, John Col lins, Mike Chelubini, Pa! Jeffreys, manager. Middle Row-David Wooles, Chuck Holman, Roger Goddard, Dave Sheldon, Jan Fink Chris Baruxes, Sieve Gordon, Gary Crego. Third Row-Jim Walson, manager, Jim Klein, Lincoln Spicer, Jim Fluharfy, Bud Riebesell Dick Mel, Don Pitman, Bob Howarth, Ronnie Schenk, Tom Forgrave, Joe Hollister, David Workman, manager, Coach Dick Schenk Coach Jim Tibbetts. RESERVE FOOTBALL The Newark High Reserves finished their T959 season with a record of 2-4. The reserves coached by Dick Schenk and Jim Tibbetts started the sea- son slowly but ended it with a two-game winning streak. The reserves were also scheduled to play Coshocton and Lancaster, but these games were cancelled because of rain. I Reserves 6 Columbus South l6 Reserves O Columbus Central 34 Reserves 6 Upper Arlington 40 Reserves O Whitehall 38 Reserves T6 Columbus North I2 Reserves 20 St. Charles 6 Reserves - Coshocton - Reserves Lancaster 45 M. Ghampfi vvuv fiegamd Raman Zip BA KETBALL COLUMBUS WEST In opening their 1959-1960 season on Novem- ber 27, the Newark High Wildcats pounced on their prey from Columbus West for a 65-to-34 victory, after stalking them for the first two quarters of the contest. Both teams made a poor showing in the first half through careless passing and shooting, chalking up a twenty-three to twenty-two score in favor of the local round-ballers. The Newarkites, however, were a different ball club in staging their second-half rally to clinch the win. Wayne Isaacs, playing a brilliant opening game, led the team in scoring and rebounds. 46 Captain Dave Marzano came back with a rally of his own to boost the team with a seventeen-point total. Wayne Isaacs, playing a brilliant opening game, led the team in scoring and rebounds. Captain Dave Marzano came back with a rally of his own to boost the team with a seventeen-point total. NORWALK The battering Wildcats struggled in their second victory, in as many games, at Norwalk, on De- cember 5. The stubborn Norwalk Truckers fought every inch of the way before bowing to Newark Row I-.lim Slanforfh, Gary Debevoise, Mike Judge, Jerry McCann. Row 2-Bill Smuclcer Wayne Isaacs Bill Morgan Row 3 lsfancllngl Harry Lylle, manager, Dave Mariano, Dick Bibart, Bill Corder, Bill McCullough, Gary Palmer Jones Jim Allen Head Coach 57 to 53 for their first loss in three starts. Bob Middaugh, a Norwalk senior, led both teams in scoring with 20 points, Wayne Isaacs paced the N-ewark attack with lo points, followed by Mor- gan and Judge with 15 and T2 respectively, The Wildcats held several sizeable leads during the game, but allowed them to slip back into narrow margins, keeping the victory uncertain until the final buzzer sounded. LANCASTER COL competition was begun on December ll, when the Newark Wildcats, accompanied by many local fans, traveled to the home of the Golden Gales, The contest consisted of the style that is usually played on Lancaster's courtffast, rough, and close, with the customary Lancaster press, lack of of- ficials' whistles, and a few football tactics. New- ark possessed small leads throughout the game but was never in a position to relax, as the Gales tied the score in the closing minutes of the game. Amidst the uproar that filled the gym, Dave Mar- zano was able to break into the open for two "Back fo Back' Bibart Rallies With Double Trouble quick lay-ups that proved to be the deciding points. The Wildcats won this third game of the season 51 to 50. Wayne Isaacs netted 18 points to lead the scor- ing and pulled down 16 valuable rebounds, while helping to hold 6'8" Cox of Lancaster to a ten-point total. The few foul shots that were attempted were the winning factors in the contest as Lancaster out- scored Newark from the field by one basket. CHILLICOTHE On December 18, the Newark High School Wild- cats played the first of a series of four home games, playing host to the Cavaliers from Chillicothe. The red and white Newark team recorded its fourth win of the season without a setback, and their second COL victory, in a low scoring contest. The score at the final buzzer was 47 to 36, with only three boys breaking into the double figures. Dick Bibart, of the local quintet, and Chilli- cothe's Mickey each scored ten points. Wayne Isaacs, turning in another fine performance, once again led in scoring and rebounding. Isaacs was able to collect 19 points for the evening while Push loser 48 picking the ball off the boards 20 times, one short of a Newark Senior High School record. In spite of the fact that both teams had a hard time find- ing the scoring range, the Wildcats were able to control the lead and the game for the final three quarters to remain undefeated. MARION Returning to action on the home court on De- cember 23, the Newark Wildcats presented coach Jimmy Allen with an early Christmas present by defeating the visiting team from Marion 65 to 60 for the first victory over the Presidents since Al- len became head basketball mentor. The early moments of the game foretold a rugged, close game. Newark led at half-time by a small mar- gin, and then built up the lead to a 14-point spread in the third quarter. Entering the final stanza, the Wildcats became a little too relaxed as they al- lowed the visitors full court press to disrupt their offensive machine, however, the Newark quintet was able to survive this period of near panic to retain a five-point lead and their fifth victory. Newark had four players enter the double-figure scoring while Marion presented three. For New- ark, Marzano led the way with 19, followed by Isaacs with 15, Morgan with 12, and Bibart with IO. Kirk collected 18 points to lead the visitors in scoring. As predicted by the early moments, the play was accompanied by an abundance of fouls, as five players left the game via the foul route. COLUMBUS SOUTH Playing their second game of the Christmas va- cation and the last one of 1959, the Newark Wild- cats attacked and badly mauled the Bulldogs from Columbus South, 57 to 30, on December 29. After a close first quarter, the outcome of the game was never in doubt. All of the Newark bench saw ac- tion in the final quarter of the contest. Bill Mor- gan, iunior pivotman, compiled 18 points for the evening high, followed by captain Dave Marzano with 15 points. Isaacs, nursing an ankle iniury suffered in the Marion game, saw very little action, but still led the team in rebounding. TOLEDO WAITE On January 2, 1960, the new year was given a rousing beginning by the local roundballers. The 28 to 23. Rock Gallops For Two Wildcats extended their winning streak to seven as they defeated the Toledo Waite Indians by the score of 68 to 52. Much of the contest was spent in marching from one foul line to the other. Except for trading the lead a few times in the first quarter, the Wildcats never trailed. Isaacs, back again to usual form, poured 24 points through the nets, his highest to date. Dave Marzano was the only other Wild- cat in the double figures with IO. The Indians, however, were able to equal this total with two of their own boys, Fisher and Buschen, with I7 points each. ln this last contest of the holidays, the Newark squad saw one of its best shooting per- centages thus far in the season. This was also the final non-league game before returning to COL competition against Zanesville. At this point, the Wildcats shared the league lead with Marietta, with identical 2-0 league records. ZANESVILLE On January 8, the Zanesville Blue Devils turned the Newark WiIdcat's dream of an undefeated sea- son into a nightmare, as they turned the visiting Newarkites back 37 to 33. ln one of the worst showing of basketball prowess in the annals of Newark High School, the invading Wildcats failed to hit the basket effectively from any spot on the floor. The hosting Blue Devils, although winner, did not make a great impression through good shoot- ing or other skills, as they somewhat controlled the game for the first half, possessing a fragile five- point lead at the buzzer, 20 to 15. The low score gives an indication that both teams were having difficulty in putting the ball through the loop, but upon returning to the court after the halftime breather, the Wildcat's difficulties were greatly in- creased. Zanesville employed a full-court press that troubled the Wildcats no end. Between the intervals of their fouls, turnovers, and missed shots, 345. . SC . . :ffl Easy Does lt, Mike 5 .jf the visitors managed to score a meager three points, and found themselves trailing at the third buzzer, Although a small lead, the five-point spread proved to be an impassable barrier. Marzano with I3 points and Morgan with I2 led the scoring for the night. The Wildcats' win-streak snapped, they returned home without the share of the COL crown with which they had departed. MT. VERNON Taking the floor on January 9, Jim Allen's Felines still bore the marks of the previous night's defeat as they were again plagued by turnover and an abundance of mistakes. Outlasting the Mt. Vernon Yellow Jackets, the Wildcats were able to eke out only a 56-to-54 victory in the last second of the game. With the lead trading hands many times, the two teams battled back and forth only to find the score ti-ed with 30 seconds left in the game. With Newark in possession of the ball, the Allen- Tickles! men waited for one last shot, and with six seconds to go Marzano drove to the foul line for a iurnp shot. The ball rolled around the rim of the basket only to drop off to the side, but Bill Morgan re- bounded the ball through the nets for the winning margin. If U Q-0' Oooooh Honeyl Captain Dave Marzano hit for I9 points to lead the Newark aggregation in scoring, while Isaacs and Morgan scored I4 and I3 respectively. MARIETTA A powerful Marietta team arrived in Newark on January l5, leading the COL with a 3-O league record. The Tigers were greeted by a fired-up Newark squad and received a 63-to-49 thumping, before they boarded their bus that took them back to their lair on the river. The victory over the visiting Marietta team was a sweet one for the local cagers, as they regained a share of the league lead and snapped what seemed to have been a Marietta iinx that had plagued Newark gridders and roundballers in their recent encounters with the Tigers. In winning, the Wildcats played one of the finest team games in the school's history and saw the four starters break into the double figures. Junior center, Bill Morgan, paced both teams by gathering 20 points. Isaacs and Bibart followed with I4 and I3 points, and Dave Marzano added IO. The Wildcats far outshone the Tigers in all departments-eeshooting, rebounding, passing, and desire. After trading early I-eads, the Newarkites took the margin at 8 to 6 and were never again be- hind. The Wildcats steadly increased their lead, and with 3:10 left to be played, they owned their largest lead, 57 to 35. As the final buzzer sound- ed, the Newark fans, who had displayed as much spirit as the team, rushed to the playing floor to give the team a victory ride to the showers. COSHOCTON On January 22, the Wildcats traveled to the home of the Coshocton Redskins, resident of the league 50 Managers Hey, Watch Your Crowdin'! cellar. The Newark team suffered through an ex- pected and dreaded let-down after their important win over Marietta, to defeat Coshocton by only nine points, 46 to 37. Newark made an exactly opposite showing from the week before, as they failed to find the mark in the shooting, foul shots, and many of their passes. Plagued by turnovers and violations, Newark allowed the pesky Indians to remain within striking distance throughout the en- tire game. The small Coshocton club outrebounded, outran, and outscrapped the Wildcats but failed to steal enough points to turn the contest into an upset. MANSFIELD The Wildcats returned to action the following NHS , Kneeling-Mike Metzger, Jim Spalding. Sitting-Harry Bolen, Coriy Maple, Harry Lytle, Bill Douglas. night, January 23, against the Mansfield Tygers, whose season record indicated that they should present no great problems to the Newark five. This game was to be the first that Newark and Mansfield had played since their sports relations had been severed following a near riot after a Wildcat-Tyger contest some years ago. A some- what unfriendly attitude seems to have carried over, as the visitors concentrated more upon rough and tumble tactics rather than the spills of the game. More than once tempers flare-d on the court and the game threatened to turn into a box- ing match. Fortunately, blows were avoided, and an abundance of fouls was called, as the Wildcats came out on top 54 to 40. Isaacs led the Newark scoring with 15 points, followed by Morgan with 12. LANCASTER On January 29, the Golden Gales breezed into town with hopes of revenge for their one- n point loss at home earlier in the season. This game marked the opening of the second round of COL play which found Newark and Marietta leading the race with identical 4-1 league rec- ords. From the beginning of the game, it looked as if the Wildcats were about to be clethroned in short order, as the Gales out- played and outscrapped the hosts to take a 22-to-17 lead with them to the locker room at halftime. However, the Wildcats came onto the floor with increased determination and desire and took complete control of the game the second half. The Gales, outscored 21 to 12 the third quarter. had lost the drive they had exhibited in the first period, and found themselves be- hind 38 to 34. The Wildcats had found the mark and poured 22 points through the hooo in the final stanza, for a 60-to-56 victory. Bill Morgan and 6'8" Cox of Lancaster shared the scoring honors with 20 apiece. Marzano added 17 points for the victors, and was fol- l lowed by Dick Bibart with 10. NEW PHILADELPHRA It is were possible to loin the first half of this game with the previous night's second half against Lancaster, the Wildcats would have had a nearly perfect game from the two-game weekend. In the magnificence of a new and beautiful gym- nasium at New Philadelphia, the Newark quintet began the game by swishing four shots from far out on the court, two each by McCann and Marzano, before the host could score, and then followed with a barrage of points that equaled the point pro- duction of the second half of the night before, as they led 43 to 24 at halftime. The Wildcats per- formance, however, cooled off in the second stanza, while the Quakers' shooting picked up. New Philly was able to cut the 19-point lead to ten points but could gain no further, and were de- feated 72 to 62. CHILLRCOTHE Chillicothe hosted the Wildcats on February 5, and greeted them with a fired up, red-hot team. The Cavaliers lumped off to a quick and large lead in the first quarter, hitting the mark from all over their court. The Wildcats were badly outrebound- ed from the beginning of the game, and as the end of the first period were behind 20 to 10. Realizing the bad position they were in, the Wild- cats began to show some life as they cut the deficit to five points at the half, 30 to 25. Returning to the court, the fans saw the Cavaliers hit a dry spell in their scoring, a fact that gave the Wildcats chance to come back. However, the Newark team had worse difficulty in scoring, as they managed to gather just three for the quarter. The Wildcats were finished from that point on, as the Cavaliers coasted to a 58-to-44 victory to knock the Wildcats from a share of first place. Marzano was high for the losers with 15, while Isaacs netted 11. For the winners, Mickey scored 17 points and handled almost all of the game-re- Shuckins' lf'en You Fellers Don't Quit, l'm Goin' To Throw This Here Punkin At You. bounding chores to lead the Cavaliers to a revenge victory. ZANESVILLE On February 12, with a chance to remain in the race for the COL crown, the Wildcats met Zanes- ville, the first team to defeat Newark this season, to revenge the loss and get another chance at league lead. The first half was touch and go as the two teams traded small leads, with Zanesville on top 35 to 34 at halftime. In the second half, the Wildcats led by captain Dave Marzano took command of the game and steadily built up a lead until the buzzer sounded for a 68-to-54 victory. Marzano, enjoying his best shooting night of the year, poured 24 points through the hoop, as Mor- gan and Isaacs contributed 17 and 13, respectively. MARIETTA On February 19, the Newark High School Wild- 51 cats trekked through the snow covered hills of southern Ohio to play a do-or-die game with the Marietta Tigers, who were leading the league with a 7-1 record. The Wildcats, tied with Chillicothe for second place with 6-2 records, hoped to gain a share of the COL championship with an import- ant victory over the Tigers. This was not to be the case. however, as the breaks seemed to go against the Wildcats, who lost a heartbreaking over- time contest by two points. Marietta iumped off to a small early lead and was ahead at the half, 29 to 26. The Wildcats were not quitting, however, as they soared back to lead 40-36 at the end of the third quarter. Through costly mistakes against a Marietta full court press and dubious calls of the officials, the Wildcats sputtered and allowed the score to be tied at the end of the regulation game. To add tears to snif- fles the Newark team lost the services of its two best rebounder via the personal foul route in the third quarter, as Morgan and Isaacs were waved to the sidelines. As the overtime period began, the Wildcats got the tip-off but failed to score. The Tigers quickly picked up the slack, and iumped off to a six-point lead with less than two minutes remaining. The Wildcats, however, broke up a Marietta stall to score two baskets and trail by only two points. The Wildcats had the ball out of bounds under their own basket with about twenty seconds to play. The ball was thrown into Marzano, who was swarmed over by a host of Marietta players for what ap- peared to be a foul, however, the ball was given to the Wildcats out of bounds instead. After the throw-in this time, the ball was tied up for a iump ball with three seconds remaining. The ball was tipped from the Wildcat's basket to midcourt where Bibart got control and dribbled toward the basket for a last-second iump shot that bounced off the edge of the rim. The final score was 59 to 61. Isaacs was the high scorer in the Wildcat's third loss with 18, followed by Morgan and Bibart with 13 each. COSHOCTON February 26 brought many things concerning Newark Senior High School basketball to a close. Among them it marked the last home game to be played by the squad's six seniors-Richard Bibart, Jerry McCann, Wayne Isaacs, David Marzano, Gary Debevoise, and Gary Palmer Jones-and their two managers Harry Lytle and Courtland Maple. lt marked the end of the regular season in which the Allenmen had finished second in the COL with a 15-3 record. And it marked the last night school game to be played in the Fifth Street gymnasium, which will be replaced as the sports nerve center by the new and spacious building that will be an integral part of the campus-style high school. Hosting the hapless Coshocton Redskins, the Wildcats finished the season in proper style with a 67-to-47 victory. The Allenmen seized an early lead, and with Bill Morgan scoring 17 and seniors Dick Bibart and Wayne Isaacs and captain Dave Marzano adding 14, 13, and 10 respectively, they ended the game 20 points ahead of their north- eastern neighbors. The final standings in the COL found Marietta at the top of the heap with a 16-2 record, followed by Newark and Chillicothe for second, Zanesville, Lancaster, and Coshocton. REGULAR SEASON Newark Columbus West . .......... 34 Newark Marietta Newark Norwalk ........... . ....... 51 Newark Coshocton Newark Lancaster .. ..... 50 Newark Mansfield Newark Chillicother . .. 36 Newark Lancaster Newark Marion .... . .... ..... 60 Newark . New Philadelphia Newark Columbus South .. ....... .30 Newark Zanesville Newark Toledo Waite ........ 52 Newark .. .. Chilicothe Newark ........ .... Zanesville ...,.... ,... , .37 Newark L . Marietta . Newark Mt. Vernon .. . .. 54 Newark . Coshocton DISTRICT RESULTS Newark . .... 47 Mt. Vernon . .. Newark .. . ....46 Whitehall , . .. . Quarterfinals Newark -. .... 2.2.69 London .. Semifinals Newark . 65 Grandview . . Finals Newark .. 59 Linden McKinley Regional Newark . ..-69 Steubenville Newark . ..... .... 5 5 Canton Timkin 52 State Champ Dayton Roosevelt Rick Evans, Mike Judge, Gary Dilts, Terry King, .loo Goss, Tom Chlpmln, Miko Stroud, Robin Hendricks. GGLF The Newark ironmen turned in a good per- formance this past year despite the loss of Their first three players to grades. Those falling to Newark were Lancaster, l2V2 to 7Vz, Zanesville, 13 to 7 and i6V2 to 3i!2j Coshocton, IQV2 to 13V2g and Lynwood Jacksontown, 1456 to SV2. The 'Cat Linksman suffered their first loss of the season to Lancaster on the winner's course. The 'Cats suffered a surprising defeat in the COL meet held at Zanesville. They finished third behind Zanesville and Marietta respectively. New- ark did well in the district tying for third with Columbus West with a 336 total, on the Ohio State University, Scarlet Course. This meet was won by Upper Arlington with a 308 total and second was Whitehall with 319. Newark will lose only one man this season due to graduation, this being Tom Chapman. The other four top golfers consisted of Rick Evans, and Mike Straud, sophomores, and Joe Goss, and Terry King, juniors. The team ended up the season with a good 9-1 mark and is expected to do much better next season, according to Mr. Douglas. 53 INTRAMU RAL BASEBALL Coach Jim Allen, Tom Worfman, Pete Pharis, Mike Zaras, Dave Wright, Scott Marzano, Brad Williams, Terry Harfshorn, Dick Dudgeon, Roger Mitchell. The Intramural Baseball season came to an end when the Senior A team defeated the Senior B team 8 to 3 in the final play-off held May 25 at White Practice Field. The winners of this game have won it since they were sophomores and have been undefeated tor three straight years. The intramural program was also started three years ago and a record has been set already. Scott Marzano and Torn Wortman, both members of the Senior A squad, are the last boys from Newark to receive letters in baseball. Since they were on the last team Newark had when they were sopho- mores, the only way they could get their letters was playing intramural baseball during their last two years. In doing so they reecived their let- ters when they were seniors and had had three years of baseball behind them. 1959-1960 RESERVE BASKETBALL First row sitting: Jeff Harlow, Al Hauman, Jeff Worrman, Jan Fink. Second Row: Ronnie Schenk, Jerry Shonebarger, John Kramer, Bob Ross, Dave DeLong. Third Row: Managers, Mike Metzger and Jim Spaulding, Wallie Mclaughlin, Gordon Johnson, Jim Klein, larry Brown, Mr. Prugh. The Newark High Reserve basketball squad, coached by Harold Prugh, finished their 1959-60 season with a 16 and 1 record. This is one of the best seasons that a Newark Reserve team has ever had in The history of the school. Newark Reserves Columbus West Newark Reserves Norwalk Newark Reserves Lancaster Newark Reserves Chillicothe Newark Reserves Marion Newark Reserves Columbus South Newark Reserves Hi-Y Newark Reserves Zanesville Newark Reserves Mt. Vernon Newark Reserves Marietta 64 Newark Reserves Coshocton '33 Newark Reserves Mansfield 38 Newark Reserves Lancaster 38 Newark Reserves New Philadelphia 32 Newark Reserves Chillicothe 43 Newark Reserves Zanesville -53 Newark Reserves Marietta 47 Newark Reserves Coshocton 39 55 ad.. Time out for a snack between activities Myron listens for birdlike sounds in the woocllwindsi. The Annual this year begins its chronological Pursuit of activities with the band concert held early last spring and continues approximately through the time of the midyear play this year. lt is hoped that the arrangement will help readers of the yearbook to follow the highlights of the school year more easily. On April 16-17, 1959, the Newark High School Concert Band, with three other groups, presented the Nineteenth Annual Spring Band Concert, the thirteenth under the direction of Myron A. Pearce, with Thomas Bynum and Raymond Barrick acting as associate directors, and John Fisher serving as Master of Ceremonies. The program opened with the Beginners Band, followed by the Cadet and Junior Bands. The high school concert band presented Part II of the program using as a theme song, "Say It With Music." The program of the concert band opened with a march "Montmartre", by Robert Hawkins, and continued with the overture to the Marriage of Figaro by W. A. Mozart, a trumpet trio "Bugler's Holiday", by Leroy Anderson, featuring Catherine Hess, Roger Mitchell and Renny Richards. There followed next a flute ensemble playing "Medita- tion" from Thais, Massenet, featuring instrumental- 38 ists from the Cadet, Junior and Senior bands. The band continued with "Descriptive Scenes from the Sierras" by Dave Bennett, and "Holiday for Winds", by Glenn Asser. Following was "The Flight of the Bumble Bee", Rimsky-Korsakoff, featuring the clarinet section, a trombone solo, "Desert Star", by A. O. Davis, played by Phil Richcreek. A march, "The Stars and Stripes Forever", Sousa, ended the program, which concluded with the theme song. CHORUS CONCERT The next major event was the Newark High School Choir and Girls Glee Club, presenting their Nineteenth Annual Concert, "Springtime Serenade", in the high school auditorium on April 30 and May 1, at 8:00 P.M. Master of Ceremonies was Edward McGlone, and director, Mr. Victor Batterson. The accompanists were Susan Hupp, Mary Lou Tims, Joan Simpson, Sandra Bell, Vicki Keck, and Jane Farmer. The concert opened with the Girls Glee Club singing, "The Lord ls My Shepherd," Schubert, "Oh Mary Don't You Weep," arranged by Wilson, "Dream Song", Stringham, "Galway Piper", an Irish air arranged by Fletcher, and "Younger Than Springtime" by Rodgers. The Sophomore Girls Ensemble next sang "Madame Jeanette", Murray, "All Through the Day", Rodgers, "A Fellow Needs a Girl", Kern, and "Nocturne", Curran. The second part of the program was presented by the Choir, which offered "Now Let Every Tongue", Bach, "Lord God of Hosts How Lovely", Sateren, "Cherubim Song", Bortninansky. The Junior-Senior Girls Ensemble sang "Musetta's Waltz Song", Puccini. Judson Pomeroy, tenor, sang "Trade W.ncls," Keel. The choir then sang NIE'-'-l C H i - Charles Holler, Walter Bolton iran Ro k, Sp ritual, arranged Bruce wood' Fred Hyman by Smith. The Junior Girls En- semble sang "The Shepherdessf' Robertson, Larry Potter, baritone, sang "Kashmiri Song", Finden. The Senior Sextet sang "American Panorama", Williams. Selections were then offered by the Senior Sextet Georgia Teal, soprano, sang "I Get a Kick Out of You", Porter. The choir next sang "Johnny Schmokar", a novelty, arranged by Dengler, and selections from Oklahoma, by Rodgers. A choral benediction concluded the program. Seated: Tom Gardner. Standi Molly 'Barrett, Betty Retherford, As Mr. Robert C. Hughes' last contribution to Newark High School, his Thespian Troupe No. i273 presented three one-act plays on Friday, May 15, at 8:00 P,M., in the High School Auditorium. Mr. Hughes has been in charge of the Thespians for the past four years. The three plays were "Opening Night", by Cor- nelia Otis Skinner, "The Sheriff", by James W. Arnold, and ng: 'derkie Bloss Jackie Ketchum "A M i d - ln front: Walter Bolton, Hal Snow, lee Howard, Bill Ferry S U m m e r In back: John McClennehan, Bonnie Egnew, Al Tipka Night's Dream." CThe Interludej, by William Shake- speare. The cast for "Opening Night" was as follows: Jacquelyn Ketchum, Cornelia, Thomas Gardner, Victor invokes vocal vibrations as singers sound soothing serenade Alden, her husband, Linda Sipe, Lila, her maid, Joan Simpson, Buzzie, her best friend, Ann Wilson, Mrs. Judson, Karen Myers, Mrs. Palmer, Molly Barrett, Patsy, Rebecca Bloss, Jean, Betty Rether- ford, Thelma, Susan Collis, Dodie, Mary Lou Piper, Janice. The student director was Molly McLaugh- lin and stage manager was Larry Reynolds. The cast for "The Sheriff" was as follows: John Ankele, Pete, a Mexican, David Leidy, John Nolan, Sheriff, Walter Bolton, Ted, a boy, Fred Fryman, Hirim, elder of the town, Charles Hollar, Nott, a merchant, Bruce Wood, Abe a farmer, Linda Reckel, Ann Mitchell. Student director was Kim Thompson and stage manager was Lee Howard. The cast for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was as follows: Steve McNally, Theseus, Duke of Athens, Tom Richardson, Lysander, Robert Sheets, Demetrius, John McClenehan, Philostrate, Alan Tipka, Oberon, King of the Fairies, Hal Snow, Quince, the carpenter, Ed McGlone, Bottom, the weaver, Bill Ferry, Snug, the ioiner, Harold Claw- son, Flue, the bellows-mender, Walter Bolton, Snout, the tinker, Lee Howard, Starveling, the tail- or, Mary Anna Enich, Puck, Judy Gard, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, Bonnie Egnew, Hippolyta, Beth Belter, Helena, Sandra Bonham, Hermia, Mary Phares, Fairy. Student director was Joyce Ver- million and stage manager was Sherie Bontell. Seniors began their long-looked-for year-end ac- tivities with The Junior-Senior Prom which was held on May 23 in the Elk's Ballroom. Highlight of the evening was the crowning of Queen Suellen Sutphen by Dick Bibart, president of the Junior Class. Her court was composed of Marilyn Boyling, Carol Chase, Susan Goodwin, Susan Hupp, Sandy Morrison, and Sandy Scaffide. Music was furnished by the Starlighters. Eight days after the Prom, seniors arrived at their final week as students of NHS with the tradi- tional baccalaureate service. For the first time in the memory of many alumni of Newark High School, the site of the Baccalaureate service was changed from the high school auditorium to the Midland theater. The change brought about new problems, one being the difference in the two lines that promanaded to the main floor of the theater. These lines were formed under the direction of Mr. Boyd and Mr. Pearce. Also noticed was a considerable number of absentees. Piloted by Flory Jones and Barbara Kreider, graduates moved to their seats to the cadances of a Processional by Savino, played by the Newark High School Woodwind Ensemble under the hand of Myron A. Pearce. The Reverend Howard E. Dyer of the Christian Apostolic Church uttered the Invocation, and then the Ensemble played "Three Modern Chorales," by Gordon. The NHS Choir directed by Victor Bat- terson followed with "Sanctus" from the St. Cecelia Mass, Gounod. The Reverend Charles M. Pomeroy of the First Baptist Church chose as title of the address to the class "The Dead Branches of Life". After the sing- ing by the choir of the "Battle Hymn of the Re- 60 Junior Class President Dick Bihari dances with Queen Suellen Sutphen at the Junior-Senior Prom. 7 1 ia, F ,uk X X - fx xx SS Y asf' Sr X Q -:.5-,A W Q x 'Q we W X sw U VR s.. WP N gf - W u P W M x .fx .M N xx W 2 m S1 x ' X f f 1, 3 S X n 35 ' - mt? ..-. Sid' X K Outgoing Prexy Rirhcreek transfers problems to incoming Prexy Ankele. cumstancaf' played by the Band under the direction of Myron A. Pearce. The Reverend Evan D. Jones of the C. E. Memorial United Brethren Church de- livered the Invocation, which was follow-ed by a selection by the musical aggregation, "Holiday for Winds," Osser, with Mr. Pearce wielding the baton. "Characteristics of an Educated Man" was the title of the address delivered by Dr. W. Bay Irvine, president of Marietta College. Superintendent Thomas B. Southard presented the annual awards and Mr. Stacy Conrad, president of the Board of Education, issued the diplomas. The Reverend Mr. Jones stepped forward to pro- nounce the Benediction and the Class of l959 re- tired from the ti-eld to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstancef' 62 At l:l7 in the afternoon of June 5, machinery began to grind the school year to a successful end. Phillip Wayne Richcreek, outgoing prexy of Student Council, led the haltingly jerky rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance after which Principal Frew C. Boyd read parts of the First and Twenty- third Psalms and then uttered a prayer. After the Amen he assured the assembly that he would try to make the program brief. First on the agenda was a unique honor that was bestowed upon Mary Anna Enich. It was a special award in the form of a certificate originat- ing with the State Board of Education and pre- sented by Superintendent Thomas B. Southard to Miss Enich. The award recognized a completion of a course of basic studies in an academic sequence, which included four units of English, three of mathematics, three of science, three of social science, and four of foreign language. Stating that the recipient of the certificate was worthy of academic distinction, Mr. Southard asserted that this occasion marked the first time the award had ever been presented. Next Edward McGlone received from Mr. Wil- liam Brown of Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corpora- tion the Merit Scholarship Award. Mr. Brown stated that Fiberglas had sponsored four such awards. Mr. Boyd, acting on behalf of several uni- versities, presented to Linda Zeller a certificate of admission to Miami University, to Judy Gard a six-hundred-dollar General Motors scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, to David Smith scholar- ships to Harvard and Ohio State KSmith later en- rolled at the University of Michigan on another scholarshipi, to Sylvia Maddox a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, to Roberta MacTavish and Mary Phares scholarships to Muskingum Col- lege, to Carolyn Lonzc a scholarship from the Lick- ing County Nurses Society, to Phil Richcreek a scholarship to OSU, and to Gary Bolen a scholar- ship to Ohio University. Mr. T. Edwyn Dickerson next presented the Reese Debate Award for a sophomore debater to James L. Macklin. To Mary Anna Enich and Ro- berta MacTavish, Miss Anne Rodgers gave prizes in recognition of their four-point average in Span- ish. A gentleman who is a member of the Harvard Alumni Association of Central Ohio presented a book to Richard Bibart. The prize is given each year to an outstanding member of a junior class. Mr. Robert Hughes next stepped forward and for Thespians presented Gold Star Awards to Jack Shumaker, Dennis Runkel, Larry Reynolds, Joyce Vermilion, Kimberley Thompson, John Ankele, Su- san Collis, Karen Myers, Thomas Gardner, Mary Anna Enich, James Wright, Lee Howard, Jackie Ketchum, and Harold Clawson. The Gold Bar Award went to Harold Clawson. Certificates of Recognition were presented to Larry Reynolds and Lee Howard. Named best Thespians were Harold Clawson and Joyce Vermilion. Mr. Frank S. Farrington next presented scholar- ship pins from the Newark Kiwanis Club to Judy Gard, David Smith, Sylvia Maddox, Joy McPher- son, Melan-ee Morgan, Vicki Keck, Edward McGlone, and Roberta MacTavish. To Nicholas Zaras the Newark High School Bas- ketball Manager's Trophy was presented by Mr. James Reed. To Gene Knight, Robert Steele pre- sented the Ptolemy Award for an outstanding line- man on the football team in memory of Bill Cole- man. Mr. Robert Rose followed with Audio-Visual Service Club awards. For three years of service, awards went to Dale Grove, John Hendricks, Gary Scheffler, Raymond Walker, and Raymond White- man. Richard Wallace received an award for three years of service and for earning one hundred points per year. Mr. Boyd and Mr. Robert Powell, co- ordinator of Audio-Visual Services in the Newark 'i' Mr. Southard presents Mary Anna Enich certificate from State Board of Education. 63 City Schools, became honorary members of the high school unit. Sandy Birkey, Marilyn Boyling, Linda Buckey, Diana Douglas, Sylvia Hanna, Martha lmhoff, Bev- erly Martin, Julia Mercer, Patricia Montanaro, Diann Roan, Bonnie Sunkle, and Kimberly Thompson next received certificates of merit for cheerleading from Mrs. Mona Carlo. Mr. Maxwell Kipp Douglas then stepped forward to present gold awards to Tom Chapman, Rick Evans, Terry King, Joe Goss, and Mike Strand. Mr. Douglas then publicized opportunities derived from enrolling at the Newark Branch of OSU. The Commander of the VFW next presented the Good Sportsmanship Award to Gene Swartz. Mr. Paul Dorland Harlow then gave the Agonis Club Award to Gary Bolen. This presentation marked the last time this award will be made. Mr. Harlow then made his annual bow to the track squad. The president of the Class of l959, Jack Ful- ton, next presented to Mr. George Stoeckmann money from the class to the Reveille Annual. And finally Phil Richcreek happily presented the gavel of Student Council to the new president, Hum hwy scores John Ankele, who responded with a resound- P ing speech of acceptance and booming pronounce- ment of policy for year T959-1960. The meeting was adjourned. HOMECOMING 1959 Activities of the 1959 homecoming began at White Field, Friday, November 6, preceding the football game between Newark and Chillicothe, and ended with the dance held the following night. During the ceremonies at White Field, Queen Virgene Dowie was crowned by John Ankele, president of Student Council. She then presented the football to co-captain Dick Bibart and Dave Marzano- CHRISTMAS CONCERT Held in the Music Hall on December 20, the fourth annual Christmas concert of the Newark Public Schools was presented at three o'clock in the afternoon. The program began with the String En- semble, under the direction of Arpad Kurinsky, playing "Ave Verum," Mozart, and "Two Old Time Christmas Songs," Auer. The Girls Glee Club followed with "O Holy Night," Adam, "Croon Carol," German Carol, and "Carol of the Bells," Ukranian Carol. Victor Batter- son directed. The Band, under the Direction of Myron Pearce and Associate Directors Thomas Bynum and Ray- mond Barrick, played "March Grandioso," Seitz, Quiet Christmas which consisted of "A Little Child is Born," "Lullaby," and "Our Master Has a Gar- den," Grundman, "The Old Home Down on the Farm," Harloy, with John Whyde as soloist, "White Christmas," Leidzen. 64 Skipped in. Queen Virgene and her court. Standing- Tom Heisey, Becky Rader, Gary Jones, Bonnie Sunkle, Student Council President John Ankele, Queen Virgene Dowie, Glenn Vermilion, Lois Rey, Jerry McCann, Sandy Nethers. Cocaptains Dick Bibart and Dave Mariano ro- ceive football from the queen. The Choir completed the program with "Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light," Bach, "While Shepherds Watched," Jungst, "How Far ls lt to Bethlehem," Christiansen, and "Jingle Bells," Charles, Mr. Batterson directed. The program concluded with the audi- ence ioining the musicians in singing "Joy to the World," "O Come, All Ye Faithful," and "Silent Night." TEN LITTLE INDIANS During the evening of November 20, Miss Carole Sayles made her debut as faculty coach of the local Thespian troupe with the presentation of Ten Little ln- clians, by Agatha Christie. Assisting her as student director was Sue Collis, while Linda Pickett served as stage manager. Cast of the excellently presented pro- duction were William Anderson as Rod- gers, Victoria Lukasko as Mrs. Rodgers, Tom Richardson, Fred Narracott, Karen Myers, Vera Claythorne ifemale leadb, William Martin, Phillip Lombard imale leadl, Charles Boyd, Anthony Morston, John Ankele, William Blore, Tom Gard- ner, General MacKenzie, Joan Simpson, Emily Brent, Walter Bolton, Sir Lawrence Wargrave fthe villainl, and Jack Olpp, Dr. Armstrong. CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY At 8:30 in the morning of December 22, NHS staged it annual Christmas as- sembly. After leading his contempor- aries in the pledge of allegiance to the flag, John Ankele read the first fourteen verses of the second chapter of St, Luke. And then following the usual student in- tonation of the Lord's Prayer, the Choir, under the direction of Mr. Victor Batter- son, sang three numbers. They were "Break Fourth, O Beauteous Heaven- ly Light," Bach, the echol carol "While Shepherds Watched," Jungst, and "Jin- gle Bells," Charles. Mr. Batterson then directed the student body in the singing of "O Come All Ye Faithful" "Joy to the, World," and "Silent Night." The second part of the program was an adaptation by Miss Carol Sayles of O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi." John Ankele constructed the set design and directed the play. William Martin was the stage manager, Lee Howard and Larry Reynolds, the stage crew. The cast consisted of Sharyn Thompson, Joan Simpson, Charles Hollar, Walter Bolton, and Sue Collis. Cast of the "Ten Little lndians" was-Top panel- Bill Martin, Karen Myers, Joan Simpson, Charles Boyd, John Ankele, Walter Bolton, Tom Gardner, ipeekintg with head sticking above chairt. Second panel-Bill Martin, Karen Myers, Walter Bolton, Chuck Boyd lon floorl, Jack Olpp, John Ankele, William Anderson, Tom Gardner. Third panel-Bill Martin, Walter Bolton, John Ankele, Karen Myers. Bottom panel-Chuck Boyd, Jack Olpp, Walter Bolton, Tom Gardner, Vicki Lucasko, Bill Martin, Karen Myers, John Ankele, Bill Anderson, Chuck Boyd, Joan Simpson. 6 'F -,fl g,c.f.,1 ni " ,int N ffk , n C. Q . EY A N ,V::,..V, , it , A A 5 V , . . , : X S 4 4 ,. mx i 1 . Mwws ,ia - ---,.,. ,, ,.,. ,:,., 1 3 . ' '. Q s , A A ' A. - -- '1 . ls 1. 'x.. . nf' .2 '11 XM, Q f' 19 QQ? ZF 5 f 1 3.1-'UW X, xx 5" GT QW "A, :L I 'K .wx 11, 1 xg 3 THREE ON E-ACT PLAYS Seated-Karen Hoover, Gay Morgan, Joan Simpson, Molly Barrett, Sharon Boyer. Standing-Dave leidy, John Ankele, Jack Olpp, Tom Richardson. On March 25, at eight o'clock in the evening in the Newark Senior High School auditorium, Thes- pian Troupe No. l273 presented Three one-act plays. Directed by Miss Carol Sayles, the plays were Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton, Command Performance by Jack Knapp, and Hearts and Flow- ers by Henry Rowland. The cast for Dear Departed was Linda Pickett as Mrs. Slater, Jack Olpp, Mr, Slater, Becky Bloss, Vicky Slater, Kim Thompson, Mrs. Jordon, Dave Leidy, Mr. Jordan, and .lohn Ankele, Mr. Meri- wether. The cast of Command Performance was William Anderson as Raipoot, Sue Collis, Gay Morgan, Karen Hoover, Ayaks Cwhich means slave girll, Tom McPeck, Maharaiah, Karen Myers, Jeanette, Flory Jones, Claudia, Molly McLaughlin, Mabel, William Martin, John Kirby, John McClenahan, Henry, Tom Gardner, Albert, Charles Hollar, Van Loon. The cast tor Hearts and Flowers was Dave Leidy as Willey Work, Molly Barrett, Jessey Jassimine, Joan Simpson, True Hope, Jack Olpp, Block Black- man, John Ankele, Godfrey Goodhart, Sharon Boyer, Mrs. Gooclhart. Tom Richardson was stage manager tor the three plays. The crews included Barbara Williams, Bon- nie Sunkle, Julie Webb, properties, Judy Ashcratt, Karen Garger, and Anne Wilson, art, Lee Howard, Larry Reynolds, Jerry Richards, Tim Taylor, John McClenahan, stage, Tom Gardner, Robert Zelner, publicity, Mary Ann Cunningham, Winnie Hovis, Carole Bowman, makefup, and Bonnie Sunkle, Barbara Williams, and Carol Reid, lighting, 67 3 2 3 X55 Y REPUBLICANS: Row 'I-Mike Johnson, Bill Seth Powell, Terry King, Tom Heisey. Row 2-Sue Collis, lois Rey, Barb Kreider, Jane Pyle, Sarah Eardley, Linda Swartz. Row 3- Jim Hamm, Joan Simpson, Larry Swartz, Bob Gaunder. MOCK POLITICAL CONVENTION During the latter part ot the year, a mock political convention was held at Capital University on March 26 tor the Democrats and on April third for the Republicans, Ohio high schools were selected to represent the 50 states. Newark was Maryland. Mr. Jerry Dudding along with George Demas worked with each delegation and accompanied them on the political satari. DEMOCRATS: Row 'I-Chuck Hollar, Shannon VanWey, Jim Macklin, Bob Boyce. Row 2- Vicki Lukasko, Sally Slay, Sharyn Thompson, Flory Jones, Penny Shumaker. Row 3- Pete Hewitt, John Ankele, Ben Rader, larry Myers, Buster Bolton, Gary Hamer. 68 .. 'WF' We if X Sw, i ss. 6lu64ancf1qc" Hey, all you cubs! Where's the copy I wanted this morning? Row I-Mr. Boyd, Teresa Wagner, John Ankale, Sue Franklin, John Whyde, Sue Callandor, Julie Hupp, Jane Koller, Jane Plummer, Carol Campbell, Nancy Boyd, Martha Imhoff. Row 2-Jim Huffman, Dana McQuinn, Barb Kreider, linda Buckey, Judy Maddox, Bonnie Macklin, Gordon Johnson, Sally Erick, Karen Myers, Mary Lou Tims, Judy DeFrance, Flory Jonas, Sally Slay, Barb Guinslar, Doris Cline. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council under the supervision of Principal Frew C. Boyd is responsible for arrang- ing assemblies and supervising the activities of the school. Student Council represents the student body in all phases of school life. After each home football and basketball game, the group sponsored a dance. Officers this year were John Ankele, president, Teresa Wagner, vice-president, Sue Franklin, secre- tary, John Wyde, treasurer. 72 ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club, active for its fourth con- secutive year at NHS, continued work on their l2V2-inch telescope which was started in 1958. Most of their meetings are used as a workshop on the telescope. Outside of working on the tele- scope, the club visited the Perkins, Denison, and McMillan Observatories. The officers of the club are Becky Bloss, presi- dent, Judy Ashcraft, vice president, Lee Howard, secretary-terasurer, and Mr. Virgil Ashcraft, the faculty adviser. Row l-Ben Rader, Carl Oalman, larry Myers, Flory Jones, Mr. Kermit Long. Row 2-Becky Rader, Janet Long, Mary .lo Wells, Charlotte Lewis, Judy Maddux, Christen Rae, Janice Foltz, Sally Roan, Pat long. Row 3-Joan Simpson, Gwen Owen, Diane Helman, Robert Hall. JOURNALISM Ending their second year as a separate staff from the annual, the Reveille Review newspaper, under Kermit Long, ends another year as a worthwhile and interesting publication. During the year the news- paper staff received a second class rating from the NSPA iudging, National Scholastic Press Associa- tion. This organization to which the staff belongs iudges papers of high school and college all over the country. Larry Joe Myers, editor-in-chief of the paper, had a staff of 30 under him. included in the group of editors were Carl Oatman, news editor, Gwen Owen, assistant news editor, Flory Jones, feature editor, Diane I-lelman, assistant editor, Ben Rader, sports editor, Willa White, assistant sports editor, Jim Braden, business manager, and Judy Maddux, assistant business manager. The Reveille Review put out nine issues. Special issues were put out at Christmas and in May before graduation. Beside the publication of the paper, the staff is an active member of the Quill and Scroll, and international honorary society for out- standing high school journalists. Row l-Judy Ashcraft, linda Lawrence, Anne House, Flash Gordon. Row 2-lee Howard, larry Reynolds, Mr, Virgil Ashcraft, Bob Martin, .lohn Powell, Jim Stargell. 713 SENIOR Y-TEENS 5 Top Panel-Front Row-Gaylene Rowlad, Beatrice Mullens, Betsy Frey, Pat Kidd, Sandy Nethers, Linda Woolard, Kay Keller. Row 2- Carol King, Sharlet Trusler. Row 3-Mary Beth Hammond, Mary Jo Wells, Pat Blair. Row 4-Judy Defrance, Sheila Williams, Carol Beeney. Row 5-Sue Collis, Joyce Wears, Linda McKibben, Dixie Springston. Row 6-Virginia Wright, Carol McDowell, Phyllis Wilson. Sharon Winland. Row 7-Sharon Dunlap, Mariorie Patrick. Row 8-Carol Wright, Ann Wilson, Sandy Taylor, Judy Duncan. Row 9- Mary McCann, Marilyn Parker, Mary Lou Tims, Judy Kreager. Row 'IO-Janie Davidson, Pat Gamble, Sandra Smart. Row Il-Roddy Mae Bowman, Judy Mullenix, Linda Smart. Row I2-Judy Ritchey, lnot identifiablej, Willa White. Bottom Panel-Front Row-Linda Pickett, Pat Thompson, Carolyn Toothaker, Anita Freytag, Lynda Lorenzen, Phyllis Eagon, Carol Reid, Row 2-Buck Kemper, Sandy Laird, Sue Drumm, Sharon Smith. Row 3-Barb Williams, Joyce Weakley, Sylvia Shannon, Sandy Mar- bough. Row 4-Charlote Lewis, Bonnie Sunkle, Luanne Handel. Row 5-Janet Long, Donna George, Jo Ellen Klein, Virgene Dowie. Row 6-Burma Harmon, Connie Hlickman, Pat Montanaro. Row 7-Karessa Bare, Judy Helphrey, Tanny Goff. Row 8-Margie Van Orman, Carole Livingston, Linda Buckey. Row 9-Sharon Walsh, Cynthia Dillehay, Kathy Harris. Row 10-Linda Saunders, Karen Myers, Sharyn Thompson. Row ll-Janice Wolford, Barb Conner, Shirlee Mogler. Row 'I2-Sandy Pemberton, 'Barb Trickey. Row 13- Nancy Crist, Becky Radar, Judi Lord. This year's Senior Y-Teens had a very successful and busy year with many activities. During the month of October the membership drive was in full swing. The Formal Initiation at the Baptist Church and making decorations for the Tea House of the World Fellowship Bazaar kept November go- ing. At the December meeting Mrs. Boyd told about Christmas in other lands. ln January the Tel Mental Health Starlight classes at Conrad, Lincoln, and Keller began. The Y-Teens and the Hi-Y alter- nated in giving devotions. Then to round out the activities of the year a dance was held in April, called the Bunny Hop. This years officers were Anita Freytag, president, Barb Williams, vice-president, Luanne Handel, sec- retary, Virgene Dowie, treasurer. J UNIOR Y-TEENS Row I-Jackie Siegel, Anna Lou Howard, Nancy Neil, Judy Castle, Sandy Crawford, Becky Bloss, Barb Easton, Sandy McCaig, Rosemary Crowley, Sandy Leek. Row 2-Judy Nichols, Lynne Reed, Suzanne Morris, Emily Hughes, Lynn Miller, Judy Ashcraft, Carol Billett, Linda Bryan, Diana Dye, Janice Foltz. Row 3-Norma Osborne, Dottie Hufford, Barbara Grove, Sue Carper, Carol Ashcraft, Vivian Ludholtz, Judy Mullenix, Linda Himes, Lynne Corby, Elsa DeVaul. Row 4-Gwen Owen, Sally Vaughn, Sally Slay, Dawn Barnes, Sally Handel, Anita Lewis, Judy Keaser, Kathy Baggs, Debbie Campbell, Carol Jones, Carol Gearheart, Barb Bazler, Row 5-Judy Wilson, Judy Rauch, .ludy Ridge, Diane Helman, Pat Harris, Carol Children, Nancy Boyd, Carol Campbell, Susie Bacskay, Diane Pope, Darlene Burchard, Susan 0'Conner, Sandy Glasgow, Marcia Conner. Row 6-Miss Headlee, Jane Ramsey, Vicki Trimble, Sandy Rina, Norma Russell, .lanet Jones, Winnie Hovis, Sally Erick. The Junior Y-Teens has a membership of lOl girls. The officers are Anna Lou Howard, president, Nancy Boyd, vice-president, Susan Atkinson, secre- tary, and Sally Vaughn, treasurer. The cabinet are Carol Campbell, worship, Judy Ashcraft and Carol Children, publicity, Barbara Bazler, social, Lynn Reid, membership, Vicki Trimble, service, Debbie Campbell, program director. Activities included participation in the recogni- tion service, providing Christmas dinner tor a needy family, helping with the YWCA-JC's Pan- cake Day, working in the snack bar at the Newark Hospital, and decorating the bulletin board in the second floor hall. They held monthly meetings. Miss Heacllee was the faculty advisor. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS Row l-Sue Hill, Cheri Brooks, Barbara Jones, Arlane Williams, Karen Trager, Judith King. Row 2-Vic Hartman, Karen Hoover, Nancy Blamer, June Arnold, Irene Stroud, Charmane Williams, Claudia Smiley, Patricia Berry. Row 3-Phoebe Dan- tord, Sandra Cramer, Marilyn McGlaughlin, Sharry Masters, Sue Shoults, Elizabeth Queen, Barbara Grunwald, Ruth Parkin- son, Barbara Boyd. Row 4-Pam Trowbridge, Cheryl Criss, Sharon Moyer, Marianne Orr, Karen Bausman, Katy Krieder, Johanna Rey, Conny Clark, Mollie Scott, Cheryl Iden. Row 5-Rebecca Brands, Judy Jenkins, Sharon Roberts, Jane Plum- mer, Donna Hess, Donna Shaw, Cherylyn Clark, Sarah Braffett, Linda Spangler, Karen Campbell, Marsha Swick. Patty long. Row 6-Susan Green, Anne Jackson, Pat Hillis, Marilyn Hivnor, Beverly Soucek, Galen Morgan, Nancy Weidner. Constance Coehlo. Row 7-Susie Wright, Mariorie Cameron, Nancy Gerberich, Judith Acord, Wanda Yeager, Diane Irwin, Judith Posey, Gay Howard. Row 8-Karen Deweese, Norma Stedman, Christine Whitford, Judy House, Patty McKenna, Ruth Ann Wessinger. Row 9-Mrs. Huddy, Mrs. Whyde Owen, rep., Lois Norris, Bonny Houdeshell, Con- stance Crawford, Martha Lockhart, Nancie Weidaw, Karen Garger. The Sophomore Y-Teens Club, advised by Mrs. Ruth Huddy, had a membership of 78. Th-e ot- ficers were Cheri Criss, presidentg Cheryl lden, vice- president, Judy Posey, secretary, Linda Spangler, treasurer, Molly Scott, sergeant-at-arms. The club met monthly with a program presented at each meeting. At Christmas time the club had a project for the mentally ill. The members helped with the Jaycee-YMCA Pancake Day. The girls also sponsored the Bunny l-lop on April 30. Row I-Tom Blackstone, Glenn Vermilion, Bob Gearhart, Jerry Bren l1iSer, -lim Johnson, Charley Clark, Mr. Beaclle, Row 2-GGYY CON' roy, Steve Bolaot, Dick Marsh, Joe Hollister, Jerry Knappenberger, Horace Campbell, Jeff Wortman, Ed lewis, larry Myers, Rick Van- Winkle, Roy Hunkins. Row 3-Jeff Harlow, Dick Debevoise, Bob Grrey, Steve Street, Mike Stroud, Gene Booker, Ronnie Schenk, Bill Martin, Tom McPeck, Dick Jones. HLY ln 1959-60 the Newark Senior HiY Club had one of the largest memberships in its history. Mem- bership consisted of senior, junior and sophomore boys, who were interested in Their own future, both morally and physically. On October 31 the annual Halloween party was held, which was open to all of the children of the city. ln early December a few boys and the club adviser, Mr. Charles Beadle, went to Hi-Y confer- ence at Columbus. During the short break at Christmas time, there was a dance for all Hi-Y members and their guests. On January 2 the Hi-Y basketball team played the Kittens in the prelim- inary game when the 'Cats played Toledo Waite. Early in 1960 a formal induction was held for all new members. The 1959-60 officers consist of Jerry Brenhiser, president, Glenn Vermilion, vice-president, Bob Gearhart, secretary, Jim Johnson, treasurer, Tom Blackstone, chaplain, Charles Clark, sergeant-at- arms. KEY CLUB Having one of the most active Key Clubs in the state, the Newark High division, with Steve Gro- ban, president, Dave Leidy, vice-president, Shan- non Van Wey, treasurer, and Walter Bolton, secre- tary, participated in many proiects during the past year. As a junior organization of the Kiwanis Club, under the supervision of Mr. Jack Hale, the Key Club is mainly a service organization to the com- munity as well as the school. A few of the club's activities included assistance to the Licking County Tuberculosis Society in the distribution of Christmas Seals, a Christmas candy sale, the presentation of a wall clock to the school for the first-floor hall, providing ushers for foot- ball and basketball games, and participation in Key Club conventions. A new addition to the Key Clubs of Ohio was the organization of a Key Club Basketball League, in which the Newark quintet, definitely of cham- pionship quality, suffered through a season of bad luck and failed to capture the league championship. 77 KEY CLUB Row l-Mr. O. D. Hollar, Waller Bolion, Tom Blackslone, John Ankele, Sieve Groban, Charles Jackson, Mr. Hale. Row 2-Carl Oatman, Jerry Cotferman, Bob Howarfh, Sieve Boboi, Shannon Van Wey, Brook Seckle, Frank Sheldon, Jim Hamm. Row 3-Jim Pyle, Bob Hall, Joe Goss, Charles Hollar, John McKinney, Fred Fryman, John Monigomery, Jim Lukasko. Row 4-Jim Buckey John Gall, Jack Gunther, Mike Fribley. SALES ORGANIZATION Seated-Carol King, Charlofle Lewis, Janice Wolford, Bill Barrick, Mr. Stradley, Dale Wiley. Standing-Tom lake, Ronnie Merrihs Dennis Elswick, Dick McClain, James Elswick. TS SALES ORGANIZATION The Sales Organization functions only during football season. its iob of selling refreshments at the games is directed by Mr. Edward Stradley. Each unit selling refreshments is under the supervision of a faculty member. This years supervisors were Mr. Powers, Mr. Dudding, Mr. Stradley, and Nlr. Watson. Students working were paid on an hour- ly and commission basis from which they gain much practical experience. Some of the profits have been used to replace equipment damaged in the January flood of T959 It is intended to spend some of the accumulated savings for items beneficial to the entire student body in the new high school. This practice has been followed in the past. The new unit used on the south side of the field during the T959 season was well accepted by the public. This mobile unit was made available through the cooperation of the Newark Coca-Cola Bottling Co. This year's program compared favorably with past years. I Sitting-Mr. Rose, Robin Hendricks, Larry Reynolds, lee Howard. Standing-William Barrick, Dick McClain, Paul Ackers Harry Bendick, John McClennahan, Tom Stream, Dwight Gibson, Danny Anco, Tim Taylor. AUDIO VISUAL SERVICE CLUB The Audio Visual Service Club is opened to all boys who are interested in tape recorders, record players, movie cameras, and other instruments such as these. Boys who are seeking membership for the club take a two-week training course on how to operate the machines. After the completion of this course, they are given an exam on the equip- ment which they have studied before they can be- come members. This is the only restriction con- cerning membership in the club. This year the club consists of I4 members, one of the smallest memberships the club has had. The boys run sound equipment for all of the assem- blies and are on call by any teacher who wishes to show a movie or has another need of this kind. Mr. Robert Rose, who is the adviser of the club, stated that "the boys are a very deep asset to the school." 1 The club has a point system, which is based on hours they participate in working for the club and for which a boy receives a proiector emblem for outstanding work. After eight hours of operation a boy may receive a certificate. In December of this year Lee Howard, Larry Rey- nolds, and Mr. Rose helped The Ohio State Uni- versity conduct an experiment in closed circuit TV. Lee and Larry operated a television camera while Mr. Rose learned to be a console operator, The boys helped OSU very much and learned some valuable information while doing so. Mr. Rose is hoping to have an amateur Radio Club next year that will be indirectly connected with the Audio-Visual Club. The club met the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month after school. Officers of the club were Larry Reynolds, president, Bill Palmer, vice-presi- dent, and Robin Hendricks, secretary-treasurer. Til N lies 4 ,J l L. -in 5. Row 1-Judy Iler, Sandy Cline, Sherrie Bantell, Jo'Ellen Klein, John Stevens. Row 2-Sandv Mevers, Charlene Thompson, Jean Norris. Row 3-Clavton Traqer, Carol McDowell. Row 4-Dave Sanor, Craig Robertson, Carol Fryling. Row 5-Charlene Walker, Carolyn Sunkle, Edris Adams. Row 6-Bob Wentz, Jane Wilson, Sharon Spangler. Row 7-Lee Orr, Ronnie Rose, Ronnie Smith. Row 8-Ross Bromberg, larry Cramer, Dick Boder. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The purpose of Distributive Education is to create an interest in the field of distribution. This club is open to seniors of Newark High School who are interested in salesmanship. The 28 members of the group enioyed an in- teresting and varied program during the school year. The club engaged in three sales proiects. At Christmas time it carried out two proiectsfthe col- lection of toys and clothing for the mentally re- tarded children at the Nloundbuilders Guidance Center, and the sponsoring of a needy family. Members toured many of the local retail stores, the local radio station WCLT, the Advocate. Also the group attended the Central and Southern re- gional convention of the D.E.C.A., where Sherrie HU Bantell was elected regional secretary treasurer, and the state Convention, which was held the first week in March. On the social side, the club held a Thanksgiv- ing party in the home of Edris Adams and a Christ- mas party at the home of the club advisor and co- ordinator, Mr. Bernard Nye. DE sponsored a "dress-up" week in the spring for the whole stu- dent body and a dance on April first. The an- nual employer-employee banquet was also held in the spring. The following officers guided the members through the year's activities: Judy Iler, president, John Stevens, vice president, Sandra Cline, secre- tary, and Jo Ellen Klein, treasurer, 5 5 xnxx Row I-Everett Cochran. Jack Gunther, Pat Montanaro. Row 2-Beth Hollar, Nancy Conner, Nancy Blamer, Bonnie Sunlxle. Row 3-Janice Foltz, Linda Swartz, Penny Earl, Kathy Copeland, Bill Martin. Row 4-Connie Coelho, Pat Robinson. Suzanne Morrison, Pat Long, Winnie Hovis. Row 5-Bob Gaunder. Tom Pitcock, Jean Taneyhill, Marilyn Mclaughlin, Janet Jones. Row 6-Dana McQuinn, Karon Urban, Sally Erick, Tom Gordon. Row 7-Bob Hughes, Carol Hanshue, Coral Evans, Janice Wolford. Row 8-Sandra Bell, Luanne Handel. Row 9-Linda Picket, Dave Tiede. Row 10-Joan Simpson, Flory Jones, Marty Kraft, Walter Bolton, Norma Russell, Linda l-limes, Linda Zesiger, Dawn Barnes, Charles Jackson. Ginnv Bull. Bob BOVCO. Charlie Hollar, Miss Orndorff, Shannon Van Wey. COLLEGE CLUB Active only the first semester, the College Club was under the direction of Miss Dorothy Orndorff. Members heard representatives from the Ohio State University Newark Branch, Capital University, Miami Valley Hospital, Washington and Jefferson College, Wittenberg College, and a panel from OSU. They heard matters concerning social, eco- nomic, and educational problems in relation to these respective schools. Officers were Walter Bolton, president, Linda Swartz, vice president, Penny Earl, secretary, and Pat Montanaro, treasurer. L.-f Row 'I-Winogene Acton, Carol Wright, Carolyn Holbert, Mr. Kingery. Row 2-Sue Collis, Virgina Bull, Mary McCann, Anita Frey- tag. Carolyn Toothaker, Linda Pickett, Carol Livingston, Diane Pope. Tom Whittington. Row 3-Bev. DeMooy, Kristine Rae, Anne Wilson, Marilyn Parker, Judy Kreiger, Vicki lukasko, Judy Helphrey, Connie Hickman, Carol Morgan, Linda lawrence, Anne House, Barbara Bazler, Tom Heisey. Row 4-Frank Whitis, Judy Myers, Coral Evans, Jean Parkinson, Sheryl Moorehead, Barbara Conner, Nancy McFarland, Sharon Thompson, Pat Gamble, Mary Lou Tims, Janice Woolford, Kim Thompson, Barb Kreider. MUSIC APPRECIATION Under the leadership of Carol Wright, president, Carolyn Holbert, secretary, and Winogene Acton, treasurer, Music Appreciation had a very satis- factory year. After listening to "Danse Macabre," Saint-Saens, and "A Night on Bald Mountain," Moussorgsky, as initial offerings in recognition of that greatest of all holidays, Halloween, the club, at the suggestion of its adviser, Mr. Gordon R, Kingery, voted to listen to a series of concertos featuring several different instruments and out- standing soloists, orchestras, and conductors. Members heard Concerto in E Minor, Mendelssohn, with Zino Francescatti, violinist, the Philharmonic- 82 Symphony Orchestra of New York, Dimitri Mitro- poulos, conductor, Concerto No. 2, in B-flat, Brahms, Emil Gilels, pianist, the Chicago Orchestra, Fritz Reiner, Concerto No. I, in B-flat Minor, Van Cliburn, pianist, with a symphony orchestra under the di- rection of Kiril Kondrashin, Concerto in G Minor for Organ, String Orchestra and Timpani, E. Power Biggs, organist, the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Richard Burgin, and Harold in Italy, Berlioz, William Primrose, violist, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Serge Koussevitzlcy. After the completion of the round of Concertos, the group listened to several symphonies and num- bers especially requested by individuals. l ,R i -f' ",g:s" W W: "' ' Q S v tl mf in f Q bk - J , . ' i., . ' Q Q1 Q ,Q an " YQ . f A 3 ' W' sw -Qi" l' 'Mvmw W -awww ' f .--' ,Mx . mmxwi, Y Q S W ,Afm -,xw.:b.,xx,, .:.x .5 - i x X E , .Q , WM , 5 lb 3 , -, ,IRNA .,N,mWwM.,..,Wwwww z K SW V Tw 1 KS .M Ss . . XQM-X. if XXWN. :w . 'F f :A ' ' I:i::2:-""'- Q" -:r:' -- . 5 XX " X! 2 Q wx Mmgssy Qg . X K.Q QNi5m5w sw -Kim gm -5 K NN! XQ.W,5yX X ....,..,.,.. S Q WWQW l W N ' 1 - X. '.,:- :x fx X ' ws s, - W XX XL...-.A X SQ ' ' .-Q,-.:., ,.3.., 222-1LEE:.,IjE3.j:5?f:ff5:5I'' -, 3 -1 'K xv" Y Q 9 - gugiifwfk 525326 S gixsgm News M A 2 ' Q X S W X W W X R 1 S2 ,b '5 W my an xx GLEE CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Victor Batterson, the Glee Club, 85 strong, participated in many music activities over the past year. Some of these included the Christmas program on December 21 at the Newark High Band Room and the Spring Music Festival April 29. Members of the sophomore ensemble have also sung at sev- eral meetings and other places during the year in- cluding the solo and ensemble contest held in Mount Vernon, March 5. At this contest ratings of excellent were received by both the ensemble and soloists. CHOIR With a membership of 65 the Newark High School Choir, under the direction of Victor Batterson, has had a year filled with many activities. They began the year with a select group singing for the Kiwanis Club's Thanksgiving luncheon. As Christmas approached, they had two music pro- grams. At the Second Baptist Church they pre- sented their annual program and on December 21, with the band and glee club, they presented an- other Christmas program to get all in the spirit for the coming holiday. At the Solo and Ensemble Contest the members that participated received superior, excellent, and good ratings. On March 19, the Choir participated in the district contest held in Newark. One of the highlights of the year for 16 mem- bers of the group was the trip to Ohio Wesleyan University where they were among 1350 other mu- sicians trom all over the State. In the day spent there they practiced eight numbers and recorded them that evening. 84 BAND The Band entered their annual training period in preparation for marching season on August 28 which continued through September 4. On September l the Band participated in the Labor Day Parade. It also took part ina series of parades including the United Appeal Parade, the Fun Fest parade, and the Santa Claus Parade. December 4-5 was the Annual Tag Day. The Christmas concert was held December 20. On January 20 the annual banquet was held at the Elks. March 5 marked the District Solo and Ensemble Contest. April 7-8 offered the Sping Band Concert. The Band Festival at Washington Court House was held May I3-14. The Band played for the Commencement Services on June 9. These musicians ended their year with the Summer Band Concert of July 28 and the Band school picnic on July 29. There were 120 members in the band whose officers included Terry Cooperider, president, Terry King, vice-president, Nancy Crist, treasurer, and Judy Duncan, secretary. LIBRARY CLUB Carol Billett, Kathie Copeland. Peggy Roof, Judv Ashcraft, Barbara Grunewald, Miss Dorn, Judy Truex, Donna Marsten, Sheryl Schneider. Missing from picture was Nancy Shubirg. A very useful club this year is the Library Club. The members assist with library routines, take care of bulletin boards, check on overdue and lost books, and process new books. During the second semester candy sales were used to pay for a subscription to HORIZON. This was their library proiect. A picnic was held in the spring and several meet- ings and parties were arranged during the spring. Members were Nancy Shubirg, Kathie Copeland, Judy Truex, Judy Ashcraft, Carol Billett, Barbara Grunewald, Peggy Roof, Donna Marsten, and Cheryl Schneider. Miss Dorn was adviser. Row I-Brenda Sue Schweinsberg, Mascot. Row 2-John McClennahan, drum maior, Sonya Clark, Head Drum Maiorette' Barb Foster, Rose- mary Crowley, Sharon Myers, Dwight Gibson, Tim Taylor, Larry Bending, Stuart Huffman, Judy Duncan, Ann House, Sandy Taylor, Andrea Groves Mr. Barrick. Row 3-Terry King, Dale Groves, Pat Ritchey, Ro ert Fike, Judy Fowler, Betty Thompson, Peggy Fike, Barbara Boyd, Judy King, Carol Surratt, Gary Warthen, Dave Bell, Mr. Bynum. Row 4-Greg Miller, Judy Mullennix, Carol Morgan, Sue Poerturf, Pat Campbell, Stella Hottla, Sharon Baker, Myrna Vermillion, Suzanne Ellis, Marilyn Parker, Lyn Wallace Gloria Marmie, Joan Garee, Pat Watson, Mr. Pearce. Row 5-Kay Busch, .lane Farmer, Peggy Cagney, .lo Reil, Peggy Chaoman, Sandy DeRorest, Ester Hitchcock, Allen Beatty, Paul Mallet, Sally Chapman, Joyce Hoy, Becky Bloss, Karen Tra er. Lindla Nagy, Bonita Buckwalter. Row 6-Ruth Cashdollar, Howard Mclean, Judy Kreagrer, Sharon Winland, Alice Kenstler, Violet Mclnturf, Bill Blackburn, Bernard Snow, Gene Layton, Gene Warman, Lincoln Conaway, Danny Anco, om Stream, Allen Nibarger, Don Morgan. Row 7-Dave Hollis, Roddy Bowman, Judy Truex, Maureen Moore, Marx Foster, Connie Montgomery, Beth Hollar, Sandy Marbaugh, Margie Cameron, .lane Davison, Harod Ogilbee, Lois Rey, Linda Smart, Pat Arnol , Dee Landis, and Allen Binckley. Row B-Dave Hinkleman, Jerry Watson, Ralph Spangler, Ronald Lumm, Gary Shy, Judy Acord, Carol Wright, Margaret Morgan, Fred Morehead, Jim Stargell, Alice Factor, Charlotte Workman, Janet Hilleary, Phyllis Eagon, Nancy Gerberich, Sharon Dunlap, Caro Crebs, Anita Freytag. Row 9-Bill Palmer, John Goodin, Kara Pound, Judy Castle, Jerry Tripp, Jim Mor an Bill Simpson, Wes Dickover, Ron Jackson, Peggy Packham, Nancy Crist, Chuck Hickerson, Elsa DeVaul, Marilyn Hivnor, Pam Oliver, John Wiyde. Row 10-Dick Foreman, Becky McFarland, Terry Cooperider, Wayne Lashley, Lesley Waldron, Jim Meacham, John Montgomery, and Bill Milbrandt. 85 Ju," i, . it Row 'I-.lim Lukasko, Nannet Never, Connie Ccelho, Sharyn Thompson, Penny Shumaker. Row 2-Mr. Dudding, Dick Marsh, Shannon Van Wey, Charlie Hollar, Buster Bolton, Bob Boyce, Jim Macklin. DEBATE By John Ankele Newark debaters devoted their research for the 1959-60 season to the topic, "Resolved, that the Federal Government should substantially increase its control over labor unions." The varsity team consisted of John Ankele ancl Charles Hollar on the affirmative, and Viki Lukasko, Walter Bolton, and Robert Boyce competing for po- sitions on the negative side, The over-all record for the team was as follows: Ankele and Hollar on the affirmative had 23 wins and two losses, Lukasko and Bolton had 10 wins and 15 losses. Penny Shumaker, Jane Plummer, Connie Coelho, Nanette Never, Sharyn Thompson, Jim Lukasko, Jim Macklin, Shannon Van Wey, and Dick Marsh alter- nated for positions on the "B" and "C" teams, with Thompson and Shumaker devoting most of their time to extemporaneous speaking. The season opened on October 24 with a novice tournament at Columbus East High. There the "C" team broke even with three wins and three losses. For the third consecutive year, NHS sponsored a tournament on November 14. Newark's "B" team won four and lost two. The "C" team again split with a 3-3 record. The following week the "A" team traveled to Louisville where John Ankele and Charles Hollar on the affirmative won three out of three and Viki Lukasko and Walter Bolton on the negative lost three out of three. On December 5 the Ohio High School Speech 86 League Tournament was held at The Ohio State University. The "A" team won all of their de- bates, the "B" team won two and lost two and the "C" team won three and lost one. At Wooster, on December 12, John Ankele and Charles Hollar won three out of three debates and Walter Bolton and Viki Lukasko won one and lost two in "A" division. The same week the "B" team won one and lost five at Dayton Fairmont High School. On January 9, Walter Bolton and Charles Hollar, debating the affirmative, won two and lost two at Port Clinton. Viki Lukasko and Robert Boyce on the negative lost three out of three in "A" divi- sion. An "A" team composed of those same de- baters won three and lost three at Delaware the following week. In "B" division Newarkers won five and lost one at that tournament. On February 6 the "B" team won one and lost five at Urbana, and at an OHSSL tournament an "A" team com- posed of Walter Bolton, Charles Hollar, Viki Lu- kasko,, and Robert Boyce lost four out of six at Heidelberg College. The OHSSL District tournament was held at Ohio State on February 20. John Ankele and Charles Hollar debating the affirmative won two and lost one. Walter Bolton and Viki Lukasko on the nega- tive lost three. The Newarkers were coached by Mr. Jerry Dud- ding. SCIENCE CLUB Seated-Coral Evans, Sandy McCoy, Winnie Hovis, Carol Bowman, Peggy Cagney, Winogene Acton, Fred Fryman. Standing P G Steinbergar, Robert Martin, Vicki lukasko, Joe Goss, Wayne Lashley, Robert Swisher, Gary Hamer, Shannon, Van Wey Jack Gunther Judy Meyers. Membership in the Science Club is open to any student having an interest in Science. The purpose of the Science Club is to supplement class discussion, to acquaint the student with careers open to him in science, and to try to pro- vide the student with incentive to do additional research on his own. The club used speakers, visual aids, and tours to acquaint its members with the different fields of science. Several members this year entered projects in the Ohio State Science Fair in April. Mr. P. B. Steinberger was the adviser of the club. Officers were Fred Fry- man, president, Sue Collis, vice-president, Sandra McCoy, secretary, and David Ashly, treasurer. MATH EMATICS CLU B Row 'I-Mr. Powers, Douglas Stauffer, Dana McQuinn, Carol Reid, Bob Gaunder. Row 2-Winnie I-lovis, Diane Pope, Nancy Howe, Suzanne Morris, Pat Robison, Sue Collis, Anita Freytag, Elsa Devaul, Joe Goss. Row 3-Ron Anderson, Palmer Jones, Dave leicly, Jerry McCann, Bob Hall, Jim Braden, Clyde Bartlett, John Lanclefeld, Fred Fryman, Coral Ehlans, Rick Coelho, George lable, Marilyn Parker, John McKinny, Pat McCoy. Row 4-Tom Gordon, Allen Zachary, Gary Convoy, Denis McKnew, Sandy Wells, Charles Hollar, Mick Coch- ran, Dick Marsh, 'Bell Stevens, Jim Hartman. Row 5-Dan Weakly, Tom Whittington, Dick Swank, Jack Gunther, Dennis Landis, Paul Sebright, Jim Curtis. The mathematics club this year had a member- ship of 62 iuniors and seniors who are now tak- ing or have completed their third year of college preparatory mathematics. The club began the year's activities with an im- pressive formal initiation held by candlelight. Sev- eral interesting and informative meetings were held throughout the year. Included in the meetings were speakers from colleges, industry, the fields of en- gineering and accounting, and our own member- ss ship. During the year we also toured Kaiser, State Farm Mutual Insurance, Booty Resineers and the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, Ohio. The club also sponsored a dance, a movie, and a panel discussion on radio WCLT. The year was concluded with a picnic given by the iunior members in honor of the graduation senior members. The officers for this year were Bob Gaunder, president, Carol Reid, vice-president, Dana McQuinn, secretary, Doug Stauffer, treasurer. FUTURE TEACHERS The purpose of the Future Teachers Group is This year the club consists of thirty members in- primarily for guiding prospectives in their pursuit terested in such phases of education as elementary of understanding and practical knowledge of teach- teaching, commercial and home economics teach- ing. This is accomplished through investigating ing, coaching, counseling, and administration. teaching requirements, studying the problems of The Officers of the Senior High Chapter were the teacher, observing the classroom in operation, Kathie Copeland, president, Janice Wolford, vice- and by means of Contact with qualified people in president, Suzanne Morris, secretary, and Nancy the various departments of the public educational Blamer, treasurer. system. Row I-Suzanne Morris, Nancy Blamer, Janice Wolford, Kathy Copeland. Row 2-Mr. Demas, Karen Urban, Jean Tanney- hill, Paulette Culver, Janice Foltz, June Arnold, Sharon Moyer. Row 3-Bonnie Macklin, Rick Vanwinkle, Glenn Vermil- lion, Teresa Wagner, Dawn Barnes. L THE GYM LEADERS CLUB Gym Leaders Club's meetings were held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each Month from 6:00 to 7:30. On October 13 the club had a spaghetti dinner at the Center Cafe and on November 24 a Thanks- giving dinner at the Maple Inn. On January 22 a play day for the ninth graders was held at Newark High School gym. The Gym Leaders sponsored it and served refreshments. The officers for this year were Barb Kreider, president, Bonnie Sunkle, vice-president, Anita Freytag, secretary. Sli GYM LEADERS Row I-Aniia Freyfag, Barb Kreider, Bonnie Sunkle. Row 2-Jane Pyle, Bonnie Macklin, Pat Montanaro, Sandy Leslie r Nancy Boyd, Barb Walker, Sally Erick, Sandy Laird. Row 3-Pam Oldham, Carol Children, Mariha Imhoff, Sylvia Hanna, Susan Roan, Barb Guinsler, Teresa Wagner, Ann Wilson, Mrs. Carlo, Row 4-Linda Buckey, Doris Cline, Sue Callander, Barb Williams, Kim Thompson, Norma Russell, Lincla Wollard. Row 5-Sue Franklin, Nancy Crisl, Lois Rey. GYMWD VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Martha Imhoff, Bonnie Sunlcle, Kim Thompson, Linda Buckey, Pa! Monfanaro, Sylvia Hanna. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Standing-Julie HUPP, Cheryl Iden, Susan Roan. Kneeling-Sara Braffett, Pat long, Bev Martin. CHEERLEADERSA-f"Memories were the cloth used this year as the cheerleading squad attempted to weave from the enthusiasm ot the student body, pep assemblies, and athletic contests themselves a tapestry ot school spirit." Seniors Bonnie Sunkel, Pat Montanaro, Linda Buckey, and Kim Thompson, and juniors Sylvia Hanna and Martha lmhotf col- laborated to bring together the golden threads ot such things as bus trips to Hamilton and Marietta, along with the "heart to heart" gab sessions in the back seat, and the excitement ot tournament time, urging and succeeding in making NHS prac- tice good sportsmanship, John Ankele's interpre- tation of Mr. Boyd at the football pep assemblies, the big bonfires before the Zanesville game, their "Harlem Globetrotteru routine at the basketball assembly, introducing assistant cheerleader Mr. Charles Beadle to the student body, thereby start- ing a new tradition, helping to train all sophomores trying out tor the reserve squad, the spaghetti sup- per at Montanaro's, eating after the games at the Center Cate, and, certainly very important, the friendships made with the cheerleaders from other schools. SH TH ESPIANS J it Row 1-Karen Meyers, John Ankele, Sharyn Thompson, Sharon Boyer, Molly Barrett, Becky Bloss, Carol Meyers, Row 2-Bob Martin, Kim Thompson, Flory Jones, Joan Simpson, Row 3-Sue Collis, Charles Hollar, linda Pickett, Tom Richardson. Row 4-Tom Gardner, Dave Leidy, Walter Bolton, Jack Olpp, Miss Sayles. The Thespian troupe of Newark High is interested in bringing drama into the reach of all the stu- dents. In line with this philosophy Thespians offered two plays to the student body this tall: a mystery, Ten Little Indians, and O'Henry's The Gift of the Magi. Thespians have had make-up demonstrations, stage practice demonstrations and two clean-up sessions. It is hoped the troup will be able to go to some dramatic performances later this year. Students wishing to become Thespians may earn points by working on committees during rehearsals of a play or by being a cast member. Thespian troupe 1273 hopes to present an evening of onevact plays and another three-act play dur- ing the 1959-1960 school year. Officers for the year were Walter Bolton, president, Karen Myers, vice-president, Mary Ann Cunning- ham, secretary, Joan Simpson, treasurer, FRENCH CLUB Row 1-Kay Kinsey, Linda Pickett, lois Rey, Flory Jones, Jane Pyle, Joyce Weakley, Emily Hughes, Ruth McMichael, Virginia Gressierer, Myrna Vermillion, Miss Rodgers, Sally Chapman. Row 2-Ellen McNamar, Eileen Cuson, Sandy McCoy, Marty Kraft, Linda Buckey, Joan Simpson, Luanne Handel, Donna Marston, Sally Slay, Susan Atkinson, Kristen Ree, Sally Wilson, Janet Jones, Linda Zesiger, Norma Russell, Peggy Cagey. Row 3-Sheryl Morehead, Jean Parkinson, Linda Nagy, Bonita Buckwalter, Teresa Wagner, John Ankele, Janice Foltz, Barb Baller, Penny Earl, Barb Guinsler, Susie Roan, Linda Swartz, Sally Erick, Linda lrlimes, Mary Ann Board. Row 4-Sandy Smart, Barbara Black, Adria Perrin, Barb Kreider, Penny Shumaker, Barb Walker, linda Rauck, Susie Richardson, Gwen Owen, lynn Reed, Judi Peck, Nancy Long, Judy Kreager, Lynn Wallace, Marilyn Parker. Row 5-John Gall, Joe Mitchell, Fred Fryman, Gary Hamer, Frank Morehouse. FRENCH CLUB The aim of the French Club this year is to supplement class room study with interesting activities based on the culture and civilization of the French people. During the year monthly meetings were held in the homes of members. Augmenting these regular meetings, two picnics and a Christmas party were held. Officers for 1959-60 were as follows: Jane Pyle, president, Flory Jones, vice president, Lois Rey, secretary, Joyce Weakley, treasurer. SPANISH CLUB Row I-Miss Rodgers, Tom Pitcoclr, Jane Skinner, Margaret Sprague, Becky Rader, Roberta Pettit, Lloyd Berger. Row 2- Wayne Donaglwe, Bob Huglies, Wayne Isaacs. Row 3-Rick Bowell, Judy Ashcraft, Carol Bowman, Dawn Barnes, Kathy Baggs, Bonnie Sunkle, Sandy Laird, Pat Sullivan, Molly Mclauglilin. Row 4-Pete Hewitt, Bill Douglas, Tom Morrison, Ron- nie Maddux, Bill Anderson, Tom Heisey, larry Ruton, Judy Maddux, Ann Wilson. The Spanish Club, under the supervision of Miss Ann Rodgers, has been extremely active this year as in past years. The officers of this club have spent much time and put forth great effort to make their meetings very interesting and enjoyable. The officers are Roberta Pettet, president, Bob Hughes, vice-president, Lloyd Berger, treasurer, and Becky Rader, secretary. Every year the Spanish Club holds three major events: a fall picnic, a Christmas Party, and a spring party or outing. The regular meetings are held at the houses of the students. The purpose of the club is to create a social at- mosphere such as exists in Spain and Mexico. At meetings, Spanish records are played, along with different games, and an interesting report is usual- ly given by one or more members. 93 Dancing Front:-Jack Olpp and Karen Myers. Dancing Rear-Bob Swisher and Sharyn Thompson. Sealed left to Right- Tom Rockey, John Whyde, Jim Macklin, Charles Hollar, Rosemary Crowley, Phyllis Hammond, Shannon VanWey, Jack Gunther, Sally Vaughn, lee Howard, Diane Helman. Standing Left to Right-Miss Rodemann, Anita Freytag, Barbara Williams, Vicki Lukasko, Nancy McFarland, Nancy Howell, Judy Pound, Pat Robison. GERMAN CLUB It is the aim of the German Club to better each member's knowledge of the history, geography, customs, traditions and people of German-speaking lands The following officers were elected at the start of the year: Sharyn Thompson, president, Vicki Lukasko, vice-president, Karen Myers, sec- retary, and James Macklin, treasurer. The Club was under the direction of Miss lngeborg Rode- mann. Several meetings were held in the homes of vari- ous members. The programs consisted of such things as learning German folk dances and games, singing German songs, and viewing films of the country. The Christmas party was given in the library. Those attending were members of the club, their guests, and others interested in Germany. For en- tertainment Dick Bibart and Ben Rader gave a hu- morous dialogue, Karen Myers told the story of "Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht," and a one act play under the direction of Vicki Lukasko was prea sented. Refreshments and decorations added to the festive German atmosphere. After learning German carols the club spent an evening caroling for German residents of Newark. The year's activities were brought to a close with a picnic on Horn's Hill. Hal LATIN CLUB The Latin Club began its second consecutive year in NHS with the finding of twelve Roman wall plaques which are being planned to be used in the new high school. The club also started a classical library which is presently located in lO6. A program was set up for every meeting which included lec- tures, movies, and an occasional visit from a twenty-year-old Italian named Lucio Benedetto. "We try to make the Latin Club a club that the member should be proud of," says Bob Hall, presi- dent. The other officers inthe club are Jack Dickerson, vice-president, Jerry Cotterman, secretary, Flory Jones, treasurer, and Miss Pauline McCreary, faculty adviser. PARENT-TEACH ERS ASSOCIATION l l 1 .Xxx l X .,.s.......-f---.-.....s...,,,,,,c Q ..--cl.-.. At Table-Don Dome, Ohio Power, Gale Piper, Newark Ohio Company, Harold Ballinger, President of First Na- tional Bank, Don Leidy, President of N.H'.S. P.T.A., Ray Blantz, Manager of J. C. Penney Company, Mr. W. L. Klare, B and L Motor Freight Company. These men led a panel at the second meeting. LATIN CLUB-Left to Right, Row I-Johanna Rey, Jane Keller, Carol Hanshue, Gaye Howard, Beverly DeMooy, Marilyn McLaughlin, Nancy Blamer, Jean Tanyhill, Jerry Cotterman, Jack Dickerson, Charles Jackson. Row 2-Nancy Wiedaw, Sandy McGinnis, Peggy Cagney, Phoebe Danford, Pam Trowbridge, Linda Lawrence, Becky Bloss, Robin Pierce, 'Bob Zyher, Janet Hillary, Tom Blackstone. Row 3-Miss McCreary, Carol Crebs, Karen Hoover, Ann House, Nancy Gerberich, Sandy Cramer, Connie Montgomery, Margie Cameron, Karen Trager, Bill Powell, Irene Stroud, Barbara Jones, Pat Jones, Pat Long. Row 4-Connie Crawford, Cheryl lden, Jane Plummer, Nanette Never, Kathy Copeland, Molly Scott, Sara Braffett, Beth Hollar, Karen Krebs, Bev Soucek, Gay Morgan, Sharon Moyer, Armane Wil- liams, Pat Montanaro. Row 5-Karen DeWeese, Cheri Brooks, Suzanne Hill, Martha lockart, Sue Collis, Pam Oldham, Flory Jones, Janet Long, Carol Livingston, Regina Johnson, Charmane Williams, Sue Franklin. Row 6-Mariann Orr, Karen Bausman, Mariann Board, Allen Binckley, Barb Bazler, Penny Earl, Sue Callander, June Arnold, Tom Forgrave, Jane Plummer. Row 7-John Powell, Larry Schwartz, Vic Landrum, Bob Martin, Bruce Woodard, Jim Lukasko, Bob Howarth, Joe Goss, Micky Lanning, Steve Bobot, Jerry Watson. Row 8-Mike Masters, Bob Hall, Bob Trimble, Mike Metzger, Gary Crego, Jim Buckey. 95 HONOR SOCIETY Q6 Row 1-Carolyn Tooihaker, Sue Franklin, Barb Williams, .lane Pyle. Row 2-Judy DeFrance, Teresa Wagner, Kay Kinsey. Row 3-Robert Hall, Dick Bibart, Judy Myers, Carol Hanshue. Row 4-Mrs. Ruth Perry, Sandy Nethers, Suzanne Richardson. Row 5-Robert Gaunder, Sandra Bonham, Carol Evans, Par Blair, Marsha Blizzard. Standing-Sheryl Moorehead, Linda Nagy, Barbara Conners, Marilyn Parker, .Iohn Whyde, Nancy McFarland, Carolyn Holberi, Mary Lou Tims, Judy Maddux, Flory Jones, The Newark chapter of the National Honor So- ciety was formed to create an enthusiasm tor schol- arship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students. Twentyseight seniors with a point average of 3.3 or above were taken into the society the second semester. Officers were Mary Lou Tirns, president, Jane Pyle, vice-president, Barbara Conner, secre- tary, and Sheryl Morehead, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Perry was the adviser. The Honor Society recognition assembly was held on April 26, the banquet May 4. ACTIVITIES AND .CLUBS---1911-1960 Clubs have played an important part in the currricular life at NHS, but how important their roles have been depends pretty much upon individuals who ioined and called themselves members. Many un- doubtedly have become members because of a sincere desire to serve in some way, others have ioined in search of status only. There were few clubs and activities in 1911. Athletics, of course, was not quite so supreme as now. Plays were produced before well filled houses. Athenians was the honor group for boys, Thalians, for girls. In these early years of the 'ReveilIe, debate was very important: competition among teams representing Newark, Mt. Vernon, and Zanesville ran high in the annual Triangular Debates. Because there were few cars, no spectacular motion pictures, no radio or TV to drain off interest of the less en- thusiastic, most activities and clubs were well supported. Club activity seemed to reach some sort of zenith between 1930 and 1950. There was a group for iust about every interest any group of students might have-from bird watching to writing. Student Council made its appearance in the mid 1930's and the Athenians and Thalians dissolved into the Na- tional Honor Society. Operetta even flourished for a few years and played to packed houses. But changes were quietly taking place and trends could be noted. First the iunior play disap- peared, and within the last year or so the senior play has disappeared from the stage. Dramatic groups have been playing to only a fraction of the audience the stage once commanded. Whereas plays at one time were offered twice at matinees and twice in evening performances, today a play is of- fered only one night to an audience which does not even fill the main floor of the auditorium. Like- wise debate has receded into the background, and most of its activity is carried on away from Newark. Also within the twenty years between 1930 and 1950 athletics zoomed to its stellar heights with the impetus given it by the organization of the Boosters Club. And then along came the Band Parents Club around 1940 which propelled the band into the eye of public appeal so that at this writing these two giants often vie for popular acclaim with their spectacular activity. But although the general public may not be aware of the fact and cares less, other activities and clubs still do exist. Many clubs today are an important adfunct to the regular classroom subiect. They carry on an active and effective program. There are two which are something new in structure-the Cup and Chaucer Club and the Sphinx Society-that are organizations in name only and have the sole function of building a classroom library in College English 12 and Ancient History. What clubs and organizations function today are strong and will probably continue for some years to come. Some will disappear but others will take their places. What is popular and supreme today may fifty years from now be a minor organization functioning well with its few enthusiasts keeping alive the spark of special interest. By the same token, a club such as the Astronomy Club, which today num- bers around a dozen members, may fifty years from now be one of the powerhouses of the school with its parents group known as the Rocketeers. 97 Zfncfmcfad l wmwfrit-we stfwlw-Q33l'x'p..".l1wf'a'ifw M ,iff 45.9 V i I X an at V Over this hole in the ground will in the near future resound the pitter- patter of the big feet of this year's iunior and sophomore classes. it .......4.. WOODROW WILSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Woodrow Wilson was the third of the new junior high school buildings to be opened in Newark. It opened its doors in I93O. However, in I9II, many pupils who now attend the school on Church Street went to Cherry Valley School, the old section of which is pictured below. CHERRY VALLEY SCHOOL I I I I WOODROW WILSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL In the school year 1958-1959 the first course in iunior high school Conversational French was established at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. Q The above picture is the present Eighth Grade Conversational French Class which was started last year. We anticipate that this group will elect to take Ninth Grade French next year. Similar classes have been established in all of the junior high schools in the city and Wilson School is proud to have pioneered this course of study with the above group under the direction of Mrs. John Mason. 2 Row I Bette Ann Ashcraft Pat Ayers Florina Baker Row 2 Constance Baldwin Richard Bartlett Kenneth Bartoe Row 3 Lynn Beach Joe Bill Bibart Sharon Boles Row 4 Brown Carol Cain Linda Campbell Row 5 Harold Carlson Gloria Carter Cheryl Clark Row 6 Judy Cramer Robert Crandall Sandra Cochran Row 7 Jerry Derringer Frank DeVoe Kathleen Dusthimer Row 8 Roger Everett Kay Marcia Faine Margo Franham Row 9 Fickel Larry Fifield Row 1 Sandra Flint Sharon Flint Frances Fox Row 2 Barbara Franck Judy Franklin Danny Fresher Row 3 James Graham Dale Hahn Susan Handel Row 4 Bayard Hardt Arnold Hartman Carol Harvey Row 5 Janice Hawkins David Hazlett Walter Hinger Mary Hollar Row 6 Dick Holmes Pat Hughes Row 7 Rebecca Hulburt Garrett Humes Harold Hunt Row 8 Sharon Joerg Stephen Jones Richard Kirkendall Row 9 Jerry Larason Karen Layman Not shown Leslie Lebold Row I Row I James Lenahan David Rowland Nancy Leslie Douglas Runkel Wilbur Loudermilk William Schuyler Row 2 Row 2 Marcia Lusk Shirley Shumaker Nancy Marbaugh James Shronk Bruce Marriott David Skinner Row 3 Row 3 Michael Miller Lynn Smith Mandy Mitchell Clara Spellman Marilyn Mitchell Alberta Sprague Row 4 Row 4 Te ry Morrison Charles Spring Rod Mosholder Linda Sullivan Hugh McClain Clifford Stalling Row 5 Row 5 Karen McKenna Barry Storey Danny Norris Myra Stuttler Steve O'DelI Janet Toothman Row 6 Row 6 Paul Parks Polley Trethway Julie Pharis Anna Vaughn Randy Philban John Vogelmeier Row 7 Row 7 Jerry Pickrell Bill Weaver Roseann Pound Sharon Wells Tom Reed Mollie Welsh Row 8 Row 8 Diane Regan Jerry Whittington Susan Reinhard Steve Weiber Howard Ridella ROQQI' Wills Row 9 Row 9 Terry Rigan Janice Wolfe Paul Robertson John Yockey an v Q ROOSEVELT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL North Fourth Street School was erected in 1874 so that by 1911 it would have been classed as an "old" school. ln 1929 when Roosevelt Junior High School was opened the old Fourth Street School was abandoned. NORTH FOURTH STREET SCHOOL N' ,.,. 1 ROOSEVELT J UNIOR HI-Y Jim Fokete, President, Bill Can, Vice President, Jim Tims, Secretary-Treasurer, John Egnow, Chaplain: Mr. James Gregory, Club Advisor. The Junior Hi-Y is one of the newest clubs to be organized at Roosevelt Junior High. lt is primarily a fellowship and service organization, sponsored jointly by the Newark Public Schools and the YMCA, and has 24 active members. The activities of the year included a trip to Cleveland to watch a Cleveland Brown's football game, a two-day camping trip, a basketball game with the faculty, a Youth in Government Day in which some of the boys took over a city govern- ment iob for a day, group swimming and basket- ball at the Y, and a school dance co-sponsored with the student council. The club, along with the ninth grade choir, put on an Easter assembly for the iunior high. At the end of the school year the club plans to donate the surplus in its treasury toward something needed for the school. 105 Raw 'I Jean Ault Sharon Barrick Kay Beeney Row 2 Thomas Berger Phyllis Barton Janet Billet Row I Richard Franklin David Froelich Richard Funk Row 2 ms David Garshaw 'M N Robert Gibson I. T William Glaunsinger "4- kai 1 T J T s l Q - F Q ? Row 3 Row 3 E y .E . X . Carol Bonham Sallie Grantz C Karen Bonham Vonnie Grover K, 'S Ronald Bothegal Patrick Handley 9 Y .. Tlx - Row 4 Row 4 Ei- . 'E - - John Bullock Mike Hauser . X P l Q y "" Katrinka Burch Duana Hess i ,gf X N Q H Sandra Burger Carol Hess 3 v nll if is jwk fx..-'HE' if ' if, it -- V' , Raw 5 Row 5 Q 5, f.. - 4. 1 A hi .ll Alice Bush Thomas Heckler + William Catt Christine Hill ' I Charlene Cline Donna Holt H T Row 6 Row 6 'F . ,i ., l J' . SQ Qld Q 1: ' .,: Jane Collis Carol Holton il , ...I Q 3' 1 if E David Coventry Randall Holton ' nzyl '5 5 ' i ,..-...1 ---- - .W . , x f 4 I' J Rebecca Crawford Thomas Holtshulfe i,,jgif'-"iff-ifffgff 1, I ffl' f 5 ' if ,mg ,,,. . is - 0- 5 E Row 7 Row 7 W , -5' as : fi!" '1 ' ci William Cunningham Donna lden .245 x ' 'i x ' 9 A N J Betsy Davidson Gary Jackson N l J . ' 1 -Vl:- ' .YQSW ii John Dean Connie John ' l 3 ..,.- -kj 'i-iii ll 5 fl, I ' R 3 Row 8 L., ,W Q J B ow 1. N E ,-M -. :ji 5 :azz-K ' K I William Dove i Carol Jones ,gl fs 1 N Q ' Barbara Davisson Danny Jones QW!! ' . L T' lf David Dragics Dale Johnson ' i f , ll . was l .... U x l 'V 4' 1' A Row 9 Row 9 in .P .25 .i is V' John fgnew Roger Johnson :rw be .II'Z.. W N i ,fr Joseph Eller Judy Kerr ,N J A if , ,A iw Jesse Elliott David Kenty .SE 1-f"g X r - ,. A. 1 .QM .ii if .. . f , - -fx H J H Q H Row I0 Row T0 " ,. , 3' 'lrz ' X 'JE A J, 1 .Ng K Elden Elswick James Kidd E1 X . Jane English Roger Kime - i 1 Jim Fekete William Klare "' 4 .. A W iz Row ll , Row ll Q A , Richard Fetter Wi Eve Knopp - . J -T r i Diane Fiecoat I' Linda Kna enber er pp 9 I A . gl ,x - .II-: .,.. : .,., I E: Billie Jean Fisher Joe Kraft m !I 5 if :QQ" :5f" 5i l':' 106 Karen ForrY X. 4 x 31. , 2, - sa sq -as X .gs ff, K' ,.. Q 4' is sa ,.,: it NY :- ',-' :gel X Nag' 1 It Ilfgeg. iw Q X X x R X XX L 5 E :sa . Q S+? 9 1 vLi i sf," fi? mf? . ., ,QW tg 'F' T fag, as ' , i 1 .V at S e . 5 , s i ' Row 1 Row I Richard Lewis Terry Puffer Gene Lightle Wahneta Roberts Jim Lightle David Rine Row 2 Row 2 Carol Linne Gary Reynard John Lorenzen Robert Ralston Richard Macklen Harold Rader Row 3 Row 3 Jackie Madison Tim Rodabaugh Fred Maidel Judith Saum Bill Maloney Diane Scheffler Row 4 Row 4 Connie Mathias Alan Shepherd 1 Carol Mathis Richard Sherman Gloria Markle Barbara Smith Row 5 Row 5 Cheri Mason Patricia Smith Mike Mercer Wanda Smith Martha Metzger Stephen Stockwell Row 6 Row 6 J Jack Miller David Stricker Pamela Miller Gwen Swank Gary Mitchell Barbara Symons K Row 7 Row 7 5 Idabell Moore Danny Taylor 4. , 'mg ! David Mossholder Linda Thompson LQ lzlll P Charlene Murphy James Tims Q Nj , X X .,.. a s Row 8 Row 8 ,, 'JO :" , Jane Myers Terry Treneff ig 9 li - 1- Joe Myers Gary Von Ins XM I- - John Myers Raymond Whyde f' Row 9 ROW 9 Linda Myers James Willey 'Zi gn V. it Karen McCann Carolyn Wilson Susan McClenahan Elaine Wilson 1'- Row 'IO Row 'IO I R Margaret McDonald Judy Wince ny . Darlene Oakleaf Pamela Wolf Barbara Owen . Mary Lou Woolard 'i" if Row ll Row Il Van Oxley gg? Nancy Wright uuqu if ..,, in Cynthia Phillips Robert Wright 'i'i f Don Powell f'Y435Zf,5:',". ' Judy Zeiher , Thomas Kreidf' 107 ' " Gif 'W M sisuih-'f',-,, xox , Q ,L -. CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL The most venerable spot for public school education in Newark is the one located on West Church Street on the site of Central Junior High School. Old Central was opened for business in the autumn of 1851 and remained in business until it was razed in 1939 to make way for the new structure. The Reveille was therefore launched well in the middle ofthe old school's long history. OLD CENTRAL Mary Jane Evans, Bonnie Williams, Suzanne Hoops, Susan Schwartz, Patti Hammond, Carolyn Back, Karen Holmes, Roberta Evert Virginia Wilson, Charlotte Shrader, Sally Griffith, Mrs. Miriam Walters, Carolyn Sams. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS AT CENTRAL Assisting in the library provides these girls with useful knowledge of library procedures and con- stitutes a valuable service to the school. They help in the various duties that are included in the school library facilities. Under the direction of Mrs. Miriam Walters, librarian, the girls are re- sponsible for charging and discharging books at the desk, preparing new books for circulation, bul- letin board displays, and many other tasks which are a part of operating a library. Both the school and the girls benefit from the services rendered by this group. 9 ext X " A Row I Row I Lonnie Aeby Rose Dunlap Sufan Albright Kenneth Eagle Toni Anarino Mary Evans Row 2 Row 2 Mary Antritt Bill Farmer Carolyn Back Wilma Forest Kenneth Barrett Charolette Fowls Row 3 Row 3 , is Dwight Bendure Leatha Fuller Nancy Blnckley James Garey Terry Bolen Sandra German Row 4 Row 4 Kay Bryson Dennis Griffith Thomas Burnard Nancy Groves James Cartner Ellerl Hamman Row 5 Row 5 Mary Chllcote Louise Harmon Connie Clme Michael Harvey William Clutter Bob Hayes Row 6 Row 6 John Cooper Carl Hayes Ronnie Courson Janice Headley Jeff Davis Jeff Hopkins Row 7 Row 7 L '53 John Davis Linda Johnson Nancy Dixon Janice Kopp Vick: Devereaux Violet Lacy Row B Row 8 Cecil Downs Sharon Lane 5. l i t .. x Row I Row I Mary Lehew John Scanlon Clyde Loper Sharon Scott Paula Mallory Patty Shumaker Row 2 Row 2 Ruth Martin Kathy Shackleford Bob Minor JoAnne Shannon Joseph Mullemx Sarah Sherman DAQV . , l ss 0 X Row 3 Row 3 Grace Murray Mary Simpkens Michael Neff Bull Smith Don Oder Noble Snow Row 4 Row Laura Oliver Lorna Stevens Margaret O'Toole Rita Sfoneburner Charles Parker Rae Straszewsk Row 5 Row 5 gifvkiv Joseph Peck Gary Turner 4 W' Q x H Thomas Pierce Kenny Warner .51 Danny Porter Jerry Welsh ' ' , . 1 , ill Row 6 Row 6 Mary Porter Linda White Gary Pound Bonnie Williams Jean Priest John Williams Row 7 Row 7 Sharon Roberts Jim Wilson Vernon Russell Dick Wise Gary Ryan Vivian Woodruff Row 8 Row 8 Bill Savage Margaret Woods si f' I is, A we - 2 111 LINCOLN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Students in East Newark attended the Mill Street School, located at the corner of East Main and Mill Street, in 1911. Today many pupils of the same grade level as those who at- tended Mill Street now attend the Lincoln Junior High School, which was opened in 1929, MILL STREET SCHOOL l , ll P Left: Mrs. Robert B. Thomas, Advisor, Joyce Hollingshead, Vice President, Dixie Hoyt, Treasurer, Jim Cocanour, President, Rhoda Gearhart, Secretary. Second Row-Kay Wilkins, Marsha Belter, Roberta Rightsell, Carolyn larry, Nancy Shumaker, larry Richards, Gerald Juniper, Gordon Hufford. Third Row-Harry Fitch, Don Lowery, John McCollum, Elizabeth Orr, Sherry Spray Patricia Duffee Patricia Wolverton Rosemar M M h , , , y c a n, Kathy Bringardner. HONOR SOCIETY AT 1959 - The Lincoln Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society was organized in 1946 to honor the out- standing students of the eighth and ninth grades. The aims ot the chapter are to create an enthusiasm for supreme scholarship, lo develop loyal pupil citizenship, to stimulate a desire to serve faith- fully ones school, community, and country, to pro- mote trustworthy leadership, and to instill exem- LINCOLN SCHOOL 60 plary qualities of character in the pupils of the school. The ninth grade of this Honor Society has at- tained and possesses to an outstanding degree these qualities in their other activities and clubs. The officers are as follows: James Cocanour, President, Joyce l-lollingshead, Vice President, Rhoda Gearhart, Secretary, Dixie Hoyt, Treasurer, Mrs. Robert B. Thomas, Sponsor. H3 Row I Eddie Allen Harry Bachman Patricia Barber Row 2 Marsha Belter Terry Bishop Richard Bixler Row 3 Don Braden Marla Brearley Kathy Bringardner Row 4 Virginia Brumage Paul Bryson Ed Burris Row 5 Lorraine Burg Wayne Campbell Bob Cashdollar Row 6 Denny Cluggish Jim Cocanour Bonnie Conner Row 7 Bill Cooperider Fred Coventry Bonita Davis Row 8 Douglas Day Patty Duffer Harry Fitch Row 9 Row I Rhonda Gearhart Harriet George Joe Goodwin Row 2 Jim Hall Bob Heightshoe Ronald Hively Row 3 John Horn Joyc e Hollingshead Larry Howell Row 4 Dixie Hoyt Go rden Hufford Connie Huston Row 5 Bob Jakeway Carolyn Jones Gerald Richard Jones Row 6 Juniper Don Kennon George Lacknett Row 7 Jerry Lane Judy L Ruth Lane Charles Laughery Row 8 oar Linda Loar Don Lowery Row 9 Barbara Franks Jane Luckett B ef 1 I . H i.. N ix 1 , llal M ' if Y 'tiki ik. ffxs' ea. I , . c . - so 9 +3 Q -. Q 'S N--N . -c , .,-- . J ...5 t -' 5 Jim Row 'I Mears Tom Montgomery Ron Mayhew Row 2 Brenda Miller Bob Charles Morehead Mike Morgan Row 3 Meyers Bill Myers Terry McClain Row 4 John McCollum Marrianne McCollum Rosemary McMahan Row 5 Sharon McMullen Charles Nalepa Mike Newman Row 6 Jim Nixon Libley Orr Dick Painter Row 7 Jeff Rey Larry Richards Roberta Rightsell Row 8 Mary Riley Craig Seese Marion Shaw Row 9 Mike Shultz Row 'I Nancy Shumaker Mildred Siegel Louis Smith Row 2 T Catherine Solomon L ? ...S William Spivey A is- -'2" ' ,fix-1 I J- : ' Sherry Spray l Row 3 , E . I . ' Libby Swan W .I 1? 3' Karen Swords " V " ' .. John Taggart J I Row 4 e ' ... ': l s. , Mable Taylor in ' Sharan Taylor " " ' ,:,.. lf' XS Rufus Thomas X Q ' 3, 'N R I 'ixi Row 5 . Barbara Thompson Fred Watson A Q X Jim Weaver X Row 6 Marsha Welsh Gary Wheeler Kay Wilkins Row 7 Bill Wiseman Patti Wolvery Charles Woods Row 8 Bill Wright . Jack Wright Jerry Wright 115 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL In IQI I, when the Reveille was introduced, elementary pupils attended the old Franklin School, a one-room schoolhouse on Prospect Street. Today elementry pupils, along with intermediate students and iunior high school people, attend the modern Beniarnin Franklin Junior High School. FRANKLIN SCHOOL - "' 'Q Ninth grade homemaking girls at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School reading left to right, standing: Karen Householder, Marilyn Ford, How- anna Roy, Duaina Goble, Patty Williams, Vickie Luebbers, and Shirley Oakleaf, seated at the table: Bonnie Westbrook, Vickie Luebbers, and Shirley Oaklet are shown preparing and serving their final breakfast, a part of Their food study unit. - 117 Row I Row 'I Janice Arbogast Sharon Dodson Earl Armentrout William Donnett Mike Arnold Kermane Eckman Row 2 Row 2 Walter Arnold Loretta Elliott Phyllis Barley Paul Esch Linda Be Carl Eshelman Row 3 Row 3 Clifford Bendure Forest Fairburn John Benlamin Ronald Farquhar Wilma Bennett Marilyn Ford Row 4 Row 4 Connie Berger Darlene Frazier Paul Berger Sharon Fulton James Blanchette Danny Gartner Row 5 Row 5 Sandra Bonham Raymond Glasgow Sally Blizzard Duaina Goble Nellie Burchard Janice Gough Row 6 Row 6 Robert Campbell Gloria Hall Roger Campbell Joe Hamm Richard Cayton John Hammond Row 7 Row 7 David Cisler Anna Hampshire Evelyn Coble Tom Harvey John Crawford David Ha Row 8 Row B William Crothers Ronnie Helmick Glenn Cunningham Richard Hirst Fred Davis Polly Hoffe 'W 'LS K rf", X X X X Q Q w s as 1 X ui' X . n I 5 4 JF P in if is i ' - 1' . H . x Row I James Hottinger Karen Householder Ralph Howard Row 2 Judy Hunt Nellie Hunt Terry Hupp Row 3 Judy Keller Jackie King Jack Knepper Row 4 William Koppert Bonita Linton Vickie Luebbers Row 5 James McClain Vickie Marriott Darlene Messina Row 6 Charles Miller William Moore Sally Myers Row 7 John Newland Jannett Norman Shirley Oakleaf Row 8 Joe Orr Mike Peck Herbert Piper Row I Howanna Roy Billy Scanlon Thomas Scanlon Row 2 Kay Seaton Roland Shaner Marsha Shauck Row 3 Jack Sherman Nancy Stickle James Taylor Row 4 John Thomas Carolyn Tyhurst Pamela Vandayburg Row 5 Ronnie Waddell Roby Watson Barbara Weakley Row 6 Charlotte Webb Bonnie Westbrook Suzie Willey Row 7 Patty Williams Dessie Williamson Mike Wimer Row 8 Walter Winters Dwight Wiseman Sandra York Row 9 Jeff Yost Y Sophomore Class Gfzicers JOHN KRAMER JAMES BUCKEY President ."--' Vice-President EQEQEEEQEQEQEQEEEEEEE 5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E3E5E JANE PLUMMER JULIE HUPP Secretary Treasurer ii ggi, 4 ' : ' 1 Y ww or .. 7' . .W U X Aw 3, gil! x' 1. P' . f S Nur - ix f . ' M-Q -a ' J.. K' 2 B Air. . 1 be .ig 1 . . . r w Q L wi 5 .sv Q R--. ,fag - 1 X lg - S, X, A A ' , . x K. "r"F... 9.5 Sy . .- x ,. N.. ,fx .X , . 'P M' X 1, et tfifiiy X N f:- '-'ew - sw.-1 . Qgxt - s. .l',-. WH ff WI' .1 . Si ' KQ3. 'F' 5-F 7 ' ATTN vs-,1 ,J N A i rj.. .L i -L wg , - -Q at-si .N ., , of Row.. I " Judy Acord 4 .E Sharon Adamsg q Dan Anco Row --2 Sue Anderson Betty Anderson Nancy Anderson R6w'3 i Lana Angelletti Sharon Anthony Tom Anton R6w4' Connie Arick Richard -Arick Jerry'Armentrout Row5' Chuck Arnold June Ann Arnold Richard Athey Row 6' Richard Atwood Loni Avery Cherole Bachman Row 7 Carl Bagent Sarah Bailey Hazel Baker Row 8 Rita Baker Sam Baker Ken Barclay Row 9 Barbara Barton Donna Barton Chris Baruxes Row I0 Karen Bausman Allan Beatty Bill Beck Row Il David Bell . John Bell Harry Bendick Row l Larry Bending Patricia Berry -- Freda Bethards Row 2 Brenda Binckley Sharon Binckley William Blackburn Row 3 Janice Blacksten David Blamer Nancy Blamer Row 4 Ralph Blanchette Linda Bodah James Boner Row 5 Lawrence Booher Sharon Booher Judy Borist Row 6 Theodore Bourst Barbara Boychan Barbara Boyd Row 7 Sara Braffett Becky Blands Gerald Braunbeck Row 8 Robert Briggs Benny Bristle Sharon Bromberg Row 9 Cheryl Brooks Ed Brooks Nancy Brooks Row I0 Jane Brown Larry Brown James Buckey Row ll- Pat Burden William Burge Donna Burkham 1-1' -.-s ', 121 Row I Raw I David Burt Curl Davis Marlene Butler Sharon Davis Mariie Cameron Tom Davis Row 2 Row 2 Karen Campbell Tom Dawson Ronnie Campbell Georganna Decker Susan Campbell Dave DeLong Row J low 3 Jim Capllhgef Beverly DeMooy Affl'lUI' Cifpenfef Sandy DeMorrest Brenf Carson Karen DeWeese Row 4 Row 4 Jerry Carver Dana Dick Ruth Cashdollar Sue Daze.- Joyce Chapman Mary Dunlap ROW 5 Row 5 Mike Cherubini pal Dunlap Cheralyn Clark Mike Dyal- Connie Clark Mike Dyer ROW 6 Igw 6 Patricia Clawson Monfy Elllol SUE Clemings .lane Elliot Terry Clowe Jim Elliot Row 7 low 1 Connie Coelho . Marlene Ellis John C0ll"'5 H Dennis Elswick Sandra Collins Dick Falmhlld Row 8 Row 3 l-BUY COPE Linda Feuerriegel Kathy Copeland peggy pike James Co"-le" Beverly Filkill Row 9 Row 9 Sandy Cramer Jan Fink Connie Crawford Tom Finley Carol Crebs Jim Fluharty Row I0 Row 10 Gary Crego Terry Foreman Cheryl Criss Tom Forgrave Bonnie Cullins George Fortney Row 'll Row II Phoebe Danford Violet Foster Sarah Danielson Ralph Foster Ricky Davenport Pat Franks isis? ,.f'l' 'L as i' , an 2 Q R " , if H 'ws is sw .::. Q . x N 52 in 4 ., E. X xr ' x' l X , - -1' ng - a-i:sgL1Q.s. - - as mai' .wr f ixnwlzxay- t . ' .' X s .J H . 4- 5 3 :S t ' ' 35' lx .sf ' of tg .tis A l inx""v . . W .. ws. 1 : new-f vs X Nvk ,. Q ft Sf s Q . X -r tn WW .1 jsgjiis I' K L5 is W S- s it -fs . M .if .:. ,.::g:5fj.i .ASQ sew, is X . - Q giisssgifff' ke xr, its -,'h , - - t , -S-:st I K K It W: ,- , S, Xffi J ' " 3544 1 X5 ' fs' Wt. .. sv tts 1 1 W J 1 :- .- ,C,.,.,:.:.:aFEi 'FSI-2 sen '2':-sEie.:sssf1-- tm' X N '-si-'15 H Will' -5:9 . . -,,, .ts . M H ' X, .. is " " -flstt' Q X X -5.4515 sn-Q .g It ,. -I? i ' x X QN S? W si if 2 t X NI ,X ss X x X3 Row I Mildred Freeman Bernard Frey Mike Fribley Row 2 Steve Gall Karen Garger Mary Ann Garman Row 3 Willis Gatrell Janice Gatten Nancy Gerberick Row 4 Dwight Gibson Annabelle Gillespie Roger Goddard Row 5 Steve Goff John Goodin Steve Gorden Row 6 David Goss Susan Green Carolyn Gregg Row 7 Betty Grigsby Steven Charles Groban Richard Grove Row 8 Andria Grove Barb Grunewald Marvin Hall Row 9 Steve Hall Martha Hallowell Bob Hamilton Row I0 Jim Hampton Jeff Harlow Nancy Hartless Row 'll Vicki Hartman Alan Hauman Danny Hay Row I Diane Hayes Jim Hayes Roberta Heightshoe Row 2 Rolf Helbing Darlene Helms Rose Herron Row 3 Donna Hess Paul Hill Suzanne Hill Row 4 Janet Hilleary Patty Hillis David Hinkelman Row 5 Marilyn Hivnor Beth Hollar Virginia Holley Row 6 Dave Hollis Joe Hollister Chuck Holman Row 7 Connie Holton Manuel Holtz Ronnie Holtz Row I Karen Hoover Ed Hoskinson Bonnie Houdeshell Row 9 Ken Householder Gay Howard Bob Howarth Row 10 Roberta Howell Judy Howes Jim Hoy Row ll James Huffman Stuart Huffman Darlene Hughes Row I Marilyn Hughes Roy Hunkins Nancy Hunter Row 2 Julie Hupp Cheryl lden Harry ller Row 3 Diana lrwin Ann Jackson Charles Jackson Row 4 Pat Jeffries Judy Jenkins Ronnie Jenkins Row 5 Russell Joerg Gordon Johnson Regina Johnson Row 6 Barbara Jones Carol Jones Darrell Jones Row 7 Jerry Jones Olan Jones Perry Jones Row 8 Woodrow Jones Gary Korns Jane Keller Row '9 Jim Kennedy Carl Kidd Don Kiger Row 10 Rickey Kincaid Judy King Gary Kinney 1 Row I1 E Donna Klein Jim Klein Tom Knopp P l 124 Row 1 Georgann Koman Larry ' Kopp Karen Koppert Row 2 John Kramer Karen Krebs Kathy Kreider Row 3 Stanley Kuenn Sharon Kunkle Bill Kuster Row 4 Linda Laferty Darrell Lafferty David Lee Row 5 Loren Lee Barbara Legace Roger Lehman Row 6 Sharon LeMasters Elizabeth LePage Linda Leslie Row 7 Bill Linehan Gary Lippincott Judy Lloyd Row B Martha Lockhart Pat Long Bob Loudermilk Row 9 Earl Loughrnan Larry Lowery Carole Ludwig Row I0 Jim Lukasko Charles McCartney June McClain Row II Tom McClain Otis McCloud Carol McConnell z. 3 x X x X fax if ,S a S s ala L ' W l x L Q S' Mia s sta x :Ky W .,, is . X., x .Ss Q32 N . Q rf. 1' . Q 'fb' Eflwl , xk 2 a .. W , E-Q' S ii' .gi 'Q l XZ 1 wk 4 l ss? i - .... . 'W --r 5 fa. if x za. gk 1 P '- 'ft , .5163 -Y L, ,wg .,. N 4- J . , :-: N V 1, , V' . ..,. 1.: ., E ,J 5 I X if, J- ' if if X tr iif:-I, 3 JQNZQ U V . ,X S - -1"' Q 5 ' ' "fx -.-. wa, a . z' Q' 1 '- . i W' .L ,-:qv .1 , x, --as ., My J - g lz.. I V N .. g 2, ,S , ,.,. . , - .L J P L ' ,.,, , 1 , - li- .... F fy : N. . 5-1 ' ...rp - f 5 . ' ,,.,. , 5.2 ,gg wgllfff A - M ,. -L S N J .Egg f 3 ,,,. i A ..,. x -r t X Y Q. 2 V ..e,.Z,..'1-. ' "3 ., ,. ... .. ...ts .L .1 ,.., . , Z ff' i 1 Yin: 1 We . Q 'S- "E 4 2 , , A K . ..'. s . , t ---. J ,Q s e t :,, ,, s ' AE , -:::.:- , . 2. s . ' tg' S S, "I ' -. N552 .4552 ' f ::i:1g:-if, I . 'A ta 5: ,sl .- g' . ' ' Ax: . V ,. .. , ,. . N In X Row I Jim McCullough Phillip McDaniel Becky McFarland Row 2 Roger McFarland Sandy McGinnis David McGonagle Row 3 Henry McGreevy Violet Mclnture Pat McKenna Row 4 Barbara McGuiIlion Marilyn McLaughlin Wally McLaughlin 'Row 5 Carol McLean Goldie McMullen Linda Maharg Row 6 Paul Mallet Iva Marise Ralph Marrnie Row 7 Marlene Marmie Cheryl Marple Charles Martin Row 8 Bob Martin Mike Masters Ronnie Matthews Row 9 Dick May Jim Meacham Joy Mechling Row I0 Clara Meisenhelder Jerry Merritts Rodney Merritts Row 'll Mike Metzger Bob Milhoan Greg Miller Row I Robert Miller Sandra Miller Suellen Mitchell Row 2 Sue Monroe Mike Montanaro Connie Montgomery Row 3 John Montgomery Carl Moore Kathy Moore Row 4 Linda Moran Fred Moorehead Toni Morgan Row 5 Gaye Morgan Jim Morgan Dave Morrow Row 6 Sue Mount Dick Mount Sharon Moyer Row 7 Max Mullis Mary Munyan Gary Myers Row 8 Karen Myers George Nalepa Allen Neighbarger Row 9 John Nethers Nannette Never Tom Newman Row 'IO Ella Norris Lois Norris ' Bob Oldham Row 'll 'loyd O'Neal Marianne Orr Pat Osborn r 1:25 26 Row 1 Row I -MQ. .'.- Larry Overby Pat Ritchey Mike Packham Sally Roan Myron Packham Gary Roberson Row 2 Row 2 Margaret Painter Sharon Roberts Ruth Parkinson Mary Rodgers Hannah Parsell Clyde Rodgers Row 3 Row 3 John Paul Joan Romine Dellas Pennington Pat Ross Anna Petriconis Bob Ross Row 4 Row 4 Jeff Peterson Jerry Ruffer Bob Pickering Ed Saad Don Pitman Nancy Salyer Row 5 Row 5 Jane Plummer Jim Saunders . Marcus Pomeroy Diane Scheffler Carolyn Porter Betty Scheiber 535.365 .. Row 6 Row 6 S' Judy Posey Ronnie Schenk .4 X Kara Pound Cheryl Schneider Q" Roger Powell Judy Scott gt Row 7 Row 7 'A . it Ann Pratt Molly Scott Z up - "" " Al Gaye Provost Dick Scott Q s , ""' M Jim Pyle Sandra Seaman E a :'l ' S A Row8 Row8 in "H Q' Elizabeth Queen Bob Sessor , M J 3 2 me: Danny Queen Linda Shannon Q 1 ff-' Doris Redman Judi Shannon l ' TT ' a ' ' Row 9 Row 9 ,Z A- 1 f 1 I. Dorothy Reed Donna Shaw P Z' W f I Jerry Renzello Dave Sheldon 1 "ff Jonanna Rey Jerry Shonebarger ,, s X I I X K, .4,. H Row 'IO Row I0 I W, b ' , Kay Rich Sue Shoults in Fro u Q 'Q t l . ' Mary Richards Sally Shublrg an Jeff Richcreek Jacqueline Siegel Qf ,51,i,' xc.s19'ie5ilx Q ' Row ll Row II .. S Rf ,ia L W i ts 1, 1 Bud Riebesell Jerry Simmers Q 5: V ----.- J t Joy Riehl Ronnie Sines S BarrY RileY Vicki Slane t'--- 4 Row I Phyllis Slay Claudia Smiley Claude Smiley Row 2 Larry Smith Madeline Smith Melvin Smith low 3 Ray Smith Rex Smith Russell Smith Row 4 Marvin Snow Ralph Sorrell Bev Soucek Row 5 Tom Southard Ralph Spangler Jim Spaulding Row 6 Jack Spicer Jerry Spicer Lincoln Spicer Row 7 Carol Springston Mildred Spurrier Donna Stage Row 8 Charles Stalego Beverly Stapleton Phillip Stalling Row 9 Lours Stargell Norma Stedman Sue Stickle low 'IO Wilma Storer Tom Stream Bob Street Row I'I Irene Stoud Marsha Swick Ronnie Swick Row I Jean Taneyhill Dick Tayler Eddie Thompson Row 2 Gary Thompson Glen Thompson Jim Thompson Row 3 Bobby Timson Curtis Tipton Karen Trager Row 4 Bob Trimble Jerry Tripp Pam Trowbridge low 5 Judy Truex Karen Urban Jackie Utrevis Row 6 Gary Van Winkle David Vermillion C. V. Vick Row 7 Ed Walters Gary Warthen Gary Waters Row 8 Tom Waters Jim Watson Patty Warson Row 9 Jerry Weakley Julia Webb Mariorie Webb Row I0 Nancy Wiedaw Nancy Weidner Ruth Wessinger Row II Mary Whitaker Jim White Christine Whitford Xx .,-:,::ag::2eg:Z f X Q ' Q 1 T l ' Y i I' ' 5P'f"34.'V"" -:'-:-so 5::,5g::-Q.-.::.'gr:::,,,.. .N- ' I , I ., .1 g ' . ,,..,, 5' -Y 2 ,.., . , may -"" f . we 531. - Q- " . - A - .yr ' ' ' : 3-532' 4.,.w ' .. ,p 5 i c V355 ,pgx -.-. its . , M X s .am - ' 4' at I- :Q E, N: H 5. . - X if X 'Y - is ' SQ .,.,: J , gzf ,, A , ....: A ...: , Mg S. 1 f K .4 1 ' .f i iw "1 1. X35 Q K 2: +55 T' Si- Q if .- 1 :Sf ' ,isfim - EW --F1 ' ' - .... lx 7, 1 X..,. , W S! Y, X . jigggs zt - Yibffx ' . ' - fre? " I . v - . ,V-,, ,:I:s:, -'A' - K if "I fr, . ' We .f,,.,, ,. X5 -3 W sa t.. 3 L 'L xt 1 KA ll zM.,.lq.,Sq maya vi if A, W .- .. as SME-Ezsgfl? xXl.llx'llt'fi- .Kill il,"3 X . :Nw5,?,m1 . . ,, . , Q , . - ' W-,xx 'Ex ' Q K f 3 1 ,aifi - " wg Q' ' 5 by t :I :f. X , 1j1' .!f'E'.3:1 I " 'K N i ' K i'1gI? . w i+.,, W- ifi: ""'f' Q 'rf-1 r "9 1 H .-H . 1 :'e"'5.'s,. si' 1 i. , ms- a 'Aw XRS 5.2 Q . - ig ,w N 5 if vi , . in-4 .3 Q Q . 1 'R L I. x. 'F 2. 4 ' .. ,, E-S::Efi5.,,r?-S ., S fi fi was . x , -. . .,.. :::e:m:, ' , , :: . V V- ---- . Q if 2 5 - was , . , 127 Row I Row I Bev Wickham Dave Wooles Don Wilkin Dave Workman Arlene Williams Jeff Wortman Row Z 'hw 2 Chamane Williams -lim Wfighl ' Dev, Wirson Suzanne Wright Kay Wince David Yarger Row 3 low 3 David Wolford Wand' Ye'9e'f Gary Wood Bob Zelher Bruce Woodwmd Donna Zimmerman Row 4 Larry Zimmerman Junior Class Ofzicers WILLIAM SMUCKER THOMAS BLACKSTONE President Vice-President E3EfE5E5E5E5Ef55E5E55f 'E5E5E:5:E5E5E5E5Z5E DORIS CLINE CAROL CHILDREN Secretary Treasurer Row 'I Curt Abbott Kay Ables Paul Ackers Row 2 Barbara Alberry Bill Anderson Joe Andrews Row 3 Paul Anthony Mark Applegate Carol Ashcraft Row 4 Judy Ashcraft Susan Atkinson Madelaine Ayers Row 5 Susie Bacskay Judy Bagent Kathy Baggs Row 6 Charlie Baker Buford Baker JoAnn Baker Row 7 Judy Baker Victor Balser Mike Barclay Row B Linda Barcus Carl Barker Connie Barnes Row 9 Dawn Barnes Molly Barrett Bill Barrick Row I0 Diane Barzan Barbara Bazler Judy Bennett Row II Fred Bethards Larry Bevard Tom Bibart Row 1 Sandy Bierly Carol Billet! Allen Binckley Row 2 Sandra Binning Mary Bird Barbara Black Row 3 Tom Blackstone Becky Bloss Maryann Board Row 4 Steve Bobo? Charles Boerstler Harry Bolen Row 5 Rick Bowell Don Bowers Barbara Bowman Row 6 Carole Bowman Sandra Bowman Bob Boyce Row 7 Nancy Boyd Sharon Boyer Ann Broseus Row 8 Artistia Brown Lynda Bryan Rita Buchanan Row 9 Bonnie Buchwalter Darlene Burchard Walter Burnard Row 'IO Carol Burris Robert Burris Carol Bush Row 'll Peggy Cagney Sue Callander Debbie Campbell Row I Pat Campbell Ronald Campbell Carol Campbell low 2 Sue Carper Bill Cashdollar Judy Cherubini Row 3 Sally Chapman Dick Charles Roger Cherubini Row 4 Carol Children Jim Claggett Dave Clawson Row 5 Doris Cline Bill Cluggish Terry Coats Row 6 Everet Cochran Sarah Cochran Norma Conkle Row 7 Marcia Conner Lincoln Conway Nancv Conner Row 8 Gary Conroy Gene Cooperider Nick Cook Row 9 Mary Lynn Corby Bill Corder Joyce Courson Row I0 Jerry Cowles Doug Crawford Sandra Crawford Row ll Dave Crist Rosemary Crowley Paulette Culver Row I Jim Curtis Arthur Curtis Eileen Cuson Row 2 Margaret Dean Elsa DeVaul Freda DeVaul Row 3 Humphrey Dickerson Wesley Dickover Wayne Donaghue Row 4 Melva Doty Bill Douglas Ralph Drumm Row 5 Marilou Dunn Connie Dutcher Diana Dye Row 6 Sally Eardley Penny Earl Barbara Easton Row 7 Ronnie Ecleberry Larry Edwards John Elliott Row 8 Sally Erick Richard Evans Jane Farmer Row 9 Nancy Farnham Bruce Fike Mary Ann Fletcher Row 10 Bethann Fluharty Janice Foltz Dick Foreman Row ll Judy Fowler Bonita Frank Betti Freeman 2 Row I John Gall Danny Gander Bob Gartner Row 2 Linda Gentry Carol Gearhart Phil Gibson Row 3 Sandy Glasgow John Glass Marilyn Glennan Row 4 Ted Glover John Goodin Nelson Gorley Row 5 Judy Gorsuch Jack Grady Linda Gray Row 6 Ann Gregg Virginia Gressierer Barbara Grove Row 7 Barbara Guinsler Jack Gunther Bob Hahn Row 8 Alfreda Hall Tom Hall Phyllis Hamann Row 9 Sally Handel Sylvia Hanna Tom Hanes Row 10 Paul Harble Marvetta Harding Pat Harris Row II Jim Hartman Bob Hartman Glenn Hawkins Row I Janet Hayden ' Jim Haynes Diane Helman Row 2 Gloria Helphrey Robin Hendricks , Gene Henry Row 3 Pete Hewitt Charles Hickerson Linda Himes Row 4 Roger Hinger Esther Hitchcock James Hite Row 5 Carolyn Hoffer Charles Hollar John Hollar Row 6 Everett Hollingshead Bill Holister Judy Holton Row 7 Judy Home Christine Horst Ron Hoskinson Row 8 Stella Hottle Pat Houdeshell Winona Hovis Row 9 Anna Lou Howard Nancy Howell Dottie Hufford Row 10 Emily Hughes Jim Hughes Jim Hunt Row 'll Cecil Hyre Martha lmhoff Geraldine Jacks 1 X we Q x sk- yg Q ,,,.- -fr Row 1 Row I Carol Johnson John Lewis John Lightle Delores Lombardo Sue Johnson Mike Johnson Row 2 Row 2 Carol Jones Nancy Long Darlene Jones Sue Long Janet Jones Fred Lowe Row 3 Row 3 Mike Judge Vivian Ludholtz Judy Keaser Ronnie Lumm Leah Kelley Bob McCall Row 4 Row 4 Lloyd Kelley Sandy McCaig Dave Kerr David McClellan Mary Kidd John McClenahan Row 5 Row 5 Dorothy Kiger Ronald McConnell Carol King Pat McCoy Ruth Kinser Bill McCullough Row 6 Row 6 Alice Kinstler Margaret McGill Paul Knechtges John McKinney Cynthia Knisley Dennis McKnew Row 7 Row 7 Judy Kramer Janice McKnight Gary Kurtz Sandy McCoy Donna Lake Howard McClean Row 8 Row B Tom Lake Ruth McMichael Mary Lambert Shirley McMillan John Landefeld Ellen McNamar Row 9 Row 9 Dee Landis Tom McPeck Vick Landram Larry McPherson Mickey Lanning Gary McRee Row 'IO Row I0 David Lashley Becky McVey Steve L:-:Masters Jim Macklin James LePage Nancy Maddux Row II Row ll Sandy Leek Ronnie Maddux Anita Lewis Mickey Maring Ed Lewis Gloria Marmie .5 1' -51? 5- XX, . .. 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' g i '- Q ,. . Q, ' ,t :gs - . - : . it 'K'fI'E'FE:-'r-:Iii - ..: Mags:-xswgyetc - -,mt -', .g::A a . .TX Q - ,N C 'Ti , f y .I -We s.. r. an ,LQ it . -. . ,, ix ,f s . -' ff'-v " "" f 'Q ' .. l a dk. K . f- - if N. 1 ,..,.,. , Q Z, if I ' , ,.,. .5g:s::.. 1 Y iz 1 i '-fcgi ig ,J 4 1 1 ,, 5 .N Q-ff I an i ' " QS mf V MY , . W. Q. lg - I ., I W X K Q ,Q as . - 4 f TI, . f 4 , , W 3' as r xref E l M-' Nga. a Q t F I A" - . . , 'Q I-. " S 'K l - .,. 1 -.55 i W -r - X - 1 135 L ,X N33- 16. -is , -.kv I 295 r ., .IQ YI Sail " 1 as .. , Q 'TJ' , .N .N S .3 ' J JU' w ' eiii T in Xf- 'Qtr K X sw'd? ,, 'UD' fi -i . . . ,. .... I '3 'V " ""' I gat' z at --z glinki' .? 55.ggL9 9 . . , 3 Y 'Z Q s wx Xu S L Q X X ,. X Q 1 , sg , . " i ll I . ' rf-r . at yy T W A ,K gf X A. . . -Q' Q 1' -lf. l at , S W- f ' ,, ..,.: ,si -s K, A fl . ' 5 -8 6 ' ,L I s Y M 'Ty 4 f' , ra pn, M 1 . 1,2 ,,,, I f I ,VIN ,1 A lllli Row 1 Linda Swartz Connie Taylor Joe Taylor Row 2 Tim Taylor Toni Taylor Ernie Thompson Row 3 Larry Thompson Dave Tiede Ted Tower Row 4 Vicki Trimble Lois Tronstein April Van Gilder Row 5 Shannon VanWey Pat Varner Pat Vaughn Row 6 Sally Vaughn Larry Vermillion Myrna Vermillion Row 7 Donald Villers Barb Walker Gene Warman Row 8 Shirley Warner Jim Waters Jerry Watson Row 1 Danny Weakley Mike Weed Sandy Wells Row 2 Roberta White Judy Wildman Dale Wiley Row 3 Danny Wilken Doug Williams Lorraine Williams Row 4 Georganna Wilson Judy Wilson Mariorie Wilson Row 5 Sally Wilson Sandra Wilson Ronald Wise Row 6 Rosemary Wolfe Kathy Wolford Joyce Woody Row 7 Kay Woodyard Charlotte Workman Rick Young Row 8 George Zabel Linda Zesiger Vicki Zieske ,,,,.., ...... xbwos f. T 1 3 Q The First Reveille llere ls the Front of Volume l. Number l. of The lleveille. Published Xlarch l. 1911. 4 A A K1b,x-k KWSNXNS px A .Z iz. .... A..' ' ' .,... . I kg:-i . A X A hx l Q fl' i H - Q 1 .-5,, i ' t f Q s .. s - . ' 'is SV fo " 'Y 0 . 5 - w e i i 5 o f lelfgg ,, Q of fix. i 815 ' 5 ' QQNTzim:attf...Q3p him. 'mwzrh 1, 1911 f. L55 Editorial comment concerning the first issue of the Heueille may be found on page l-1 of that periodi- cal and inns. in pait. as follows: 'fFollowing out the principle embodied in that old axiom. 'Evervthing must have '1 beffinnins.5 the llereillz' of Newark lligh has begun . . . 1 C I 5 K "The 'lleveille' is not the result of a sudden inspiration on the part of the Senior Class. nor of am one person. l'or several vears a hi fli school g, paper had been talked ot. and planncdg it has remained for the Class of l9ll to take action on the matter . . The editorial COIlClllClCS--Wl'llCl'8f0l'0, let every loyal student of Newark High respond to the 'Heueille' and form an invincible cohort through whose untiring eflorts our paper may be carried on to certain success and reach its place among the best. 13 - A f Take a last long look, Seniors mn .o ,,,X,..m-.www Newark Senior High School June 4, 1959 AWARDS AND IPIRIIZIES Straight "Av Average for four years .,..,.,,...,.......... Judith Ann Gard ........David Lee Smith The William E. and Anna S Miller English Prize ...... Edward Leon McGlone The Theodore Roosevelt History Prize ..,,e,..,,.,... .Judith Ann Gard The French Prize .,........ Vicki Lynn Keck The Leland Baxter, jr. Award In journalism ,...,c,,.,..r.., Lorna Kay Swart The Award in Commerce .......... Phyllis Ann VVoodward The Florence E. King Trophy In Dramatics ...... Harold E. Clawson, Ir. The Reese Debate Award... .......,,... Edward Leon McGlone The National Forensic League Awards 1. Richard Maxiam Kuninger 2. Charles Thomas Leighton 3. Edward Leon Mcclone 4. William Franklin Toothman The Soroptimist Club Award ....... .................... I udith Ann Gard The Lincoln Parent-Teachers Associa- tion Scholarship .......... Ioyce Ann Farmer Melynda Lee Rockey The Charles L. Haslop Memorial Scholarship ...... Phillip Wayne Richcreek The Moundbuilders Chapter of the National Secretaries Association .........,............ Mary Lou Piper The Annual Pilot Club Scholastic Award .... Mary June Hornyak The Beta Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Future Teachers, Award ...... Joy Ann McPherson The Blue Triangle Award ...................... Sylvia june Maddox The Newark Bynai Blrith Good Citizenship Award..General Grant Oliver The Loyd G. Millisor Memorial Trophy .................. Carl Thomas Wortman The Roger Sedgwick Award in Basketball ........ ............,. L arry Lee Urban Senior Class Officers RICHARD BIBART CLYDE BART'-ETT President X CAROLYN TOOTHAKER Secretary Vice President THOMAS HEISEY Treasurer lf 142 Ruth Winogene Acton William Clark Anderson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Durward Acton. Babbling Beatnik: People who try to sell me something I don't want, can't afford, and will never use. "Winny, Windy" was in Music Appreciation '60' treasurer, Latin Club '58, Science Club '60, Y- Teens '58, '59, 60, Office Work '58, Future Teachers '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, College Club '6O. Edris Rose Adams Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adams. Babbling Beatnik: Little sisters who see all hear all and tell all! "Edie" was in Future Re- tailers '60, La Renaissance '59, '60, Latin Club '59, Y-Teens '58, Cup andl Chau- cer '60, H-C Club '58, G.A.A. '59, '60, Girls' En- semble '5B, '59, Chorus '58, Choir '59. William Charles Adams Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams- Babbling Beatnik: These halls are lonely iHi, Karoll. "Willie" was in Science Club '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. John Freeman Anderson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Anderson. Babbling Beat- nik: Keeping black cars cleanl "Andy" was Room Agent '58, Linda louise Anderson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson. Babbling Beatnik: Sticks and' stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us. lRight, Sandy?l "Lin" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Home Room Agent '59, Fu- ture Homemaker '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '60. Ronald William Anderson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis F. Anderson. Babbling Beat- nik: People that are always busy. "Ron" was in Latin Club '58, Science Club '59, '60, College Club '59, '60, Math Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam M. Anderson. Bab- bling Beatnik: Ninety per cent of the cars are dogs, ten per cent are "Fords." "Andy," John Mowery Ankele Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ankele. Babbling Beatnik: "John, they even dyed your eyebrowsl" "Herman" was in Annual Staff '58, Student Council '60, presi- dent, Varsity Debate '58, '59, '60, French Club vice president '59, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Reveille Review Staff '58, Masque and Gavel '58, '59, '60, Key Club '58, '59, vice Dresident '60, "Mrs. Mc- Thing" '58, "Lute Song" '59, "The Sheriff" '59, "Ten Little Indians" '60, "One Foot ln Heaven" '60, At- torney General at Buckeye Boys' State '59, Best Radio Announcer Award '59, Na- tional Forensics League Degree of Distinction '60, Reese Debate Award '58, Thespians '59, '60, President of the Newark Chapter of National Forensics .League '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, Jane Kaye Ankrum Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ankrum. Babbling Beatnik: Some people like to walk, but I prefer to Staggerlsl iHi, Paull "Jake" was in Girls' Volleyball '58, '59 Janet Faye Ankrum Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Edward Ankrum. Babbl ing Beatnik: People who stay out till three in the morn- ing. iHi, Sharon and Janel "Tub" was in Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59. Patricia Ann Arnold Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peters. Babbling Beatnik, Those short rides to Hanover, il-li, gangj "Patti" was ln G.A.A. '58, '59, Band' '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Leonard Willis Baker, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs- Leon- ard W. Baker. Babbling Beatnik: Say, gang, remem- ber those Monday Morningsl "Lennie" dis-H ti W. Sharon Marie Baker Daughter of Mrs. Oliver Baker and the late Robert A. Baker. Babbling Beatnik, See, l told you so. I'm al- ways right. lExcept in school subiects.l "Bake" was in G.A.A. '58, Band '58, '59, '60, Pep Bandl '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '5B. Sheryl Virginia Bantell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bantell. Babbling Beatnik: "Bubbles, Bangles, Beads." My various nick- names are Sher, Sherrie, Shibbles, Ears, Bangles. lHi, gangli "Sherri" was in Fu- ture Retailers '60, Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, '60, Room Agent '59, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, G.A.A. '58. Karessa Kay Bare Daughter of Mrs. David Mentzer and Mr. Fred Bare. Babbling Beatnik: People who swim all hours of the night. lHi, Margiel "Yogi" was in Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '59, '60. Judith Kay Barrett Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Barrett. Babbling Beatnik: When some people get mad, they boil, me, I Simmerisj lHi, Jerry, Hi, Molly.J "Judie" was in Sales Organization '58, '59, Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Clyde Ray Bartlett Son of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Bartlett. Babbling Beatnik: But, Joe, I got my man iand wornanl - Hi, Bonl "Cleo" was in Boys' Base- ball '58, '59, '60, Reserve Basketball '57, Reserve Football '57, Varsity Foot- ball '58, '59, '60, Track Squad '58, '59, '60, Mu Alpha Theta '59, German Club '58, '59, Key Club '58, '59, Vice President of Class '58, '59. Alvena Ruth Bates Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Legg. Babbling Beatnik: People who are always teasing me. lHi, Dickj "Al" was in Y-Teens '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '59, Girls' Volleyball '59. Carol Jane Beenay Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Beeney. Babbling Beat- nik: The things I couldfve done, but didn't, but got blamed for anyway. iHi, gangl "Carolie" was in Music Appreciation '58, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '60. Saundra Kay Bell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. Bell. Babbling Beatnik: Teachers who made us Ex-Friendly Enemies in our sophomore year. lHi, Carol.l "Sonie" was in Music Appreciation '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, College Club '58, '60, Chorus '58, '59, Y-Teens '58, Cup and Chaucer '60. David Lee Bennett Son of Mr. William K. Ben- nett and Mrs. Genevieve Bennett. Babbling 4 Beatnik: Studying. "Dave" was in Boys' Baseball '58, Reserve Basketball '57, '58. Lloyd Delno Berger Son of Mr. C. D. Berger. Babbling Beatnik, Signing enrollment cards at the be- ginning of the year. "Floydie" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, treasurer '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Math Club '60. Richard Lee Bibart Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Bibart. Babbling Beatnik: Promises in Pep-meetings. "Crazylegs" was in Student Council '59, Latin Club '58, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Reserve Basketball '58, Var- sity Basketball '59, '60, Re- serve Football '58, Varsity Football '58, '59, Track Squad '58, German Club '59, '60, Key Club '59, '60, Junior Class President '59, Senior Class President '60, Co-captain Football Team '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Math Club '60, Honor So- ciety '60. Loretta Jane Billman Daughter of Mr. andl Mrs. S. C. Billman. Babbling Beatnik: People who used to call other people Hill- billies. iHi, Gang.J "Loretta" was in Chorus '58, Girls' Basketball '60, Girls' Base- ball '60, Girls' Volleyball IW Nw... Edward Robert Blaho Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ward Blaho. Babbling Beat- nik: Trying to keep gas in the big Olds. "Bob." Patricia Jane Blair Daughter ot Mrs. F. E. Darnes and' the late John C. Blair. Babbling Beatnik: Visitors are interesting, al- ways. "Tike" was in Pro- duction Staff '59, '60, Y- Teens '58, '60, Business '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball 58, '59, 60, Honor So- ciety '60. Marsha Sue Blizzard Daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. Robert Blizzard. Babbling Beatnik: Guys from Utica, Cleveland dance steps, and a certain sophomore boy- they're the greatest. "Fuz- zy" was in Patron Statt '60, Reveille Review Staff '59, Y-Teens '58, Business Staff '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '59, '60, Honor Society Richard Francis Boder Son of Mr. Walter Boder and Mrs. Louise Warthen. Babbling Beatnik: Econom- ics in 402. "Dick" was in Future Retailers '60, Chorus '58, '59, Room Agent '60. Molly Ann Bodoh Daughter of Mr. andl Mrs. H. K. Bodoh. Babbling Beatnik: Famous last words: Take a Break! iHi, Judie.l "Molly" was in Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59, '60. Walter Upson Bolton Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter U. Bolton. Babbling Beat- nik: To all my friends who helped me get over those "Bumps at Intervals." "Bus- ter" was in Debate '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, 60, Col- lege Club President '60, Room Agent '59, Boys' Baseball '58, Thespians '59, '60, President '60, "H.M.S. Pinafore" '58, "Mrs. Mc- Thing" '59, "The Sheriff" '59, "Midsummer Night's Dream" '59, "Ten Little Indians" '60, National For- ensic League '59, '60, Con- test Speaking '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Key Club '59, '60, Secretary '60, Radio '60. Nancy Jean Bonlm Daughter of Mr. Joseph R. Bonam and Mrs. Betty M. Hinton. "Nancy" was in Chorus '57, '58, '59, Banc '58, '59, '60. Sandra Ellen Bonham Daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. Wayne Bonham. Babbling Beatnik: Some like Brown- ing, others like Keats, but the poem I like is hard to beat: "Navy blue and De- troit too." iHi, Bill and Larry.i "Bony" was in Y- Teens '58, Room Agent '58, Business Staff '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, Dramatics '58, '59, '60, Honor S0- ciety '60. Alice Marian Bonner Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bonner, Babbling Beatnik: l don't know. "Butch" was in Glee Club '58, '59, '60. William Eugene Booher Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Booher. Babbling Beatnik: lt's better to wear out than to rust out. "Boo-Boo" was in Hi-Y '60, Boys' Base- ball '58, '59, Varsity Foot- ball '58, '59, Track Squad '60. Charles Linden Bowers Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Bowers. Babbling Beatnik: "Civics is a long drawn--out affair." "Charlie." Rogerette Mae Bowman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bowman. Babbling Beatnik: People who think l am a sophomore. iHi, PhiI.l "Roddy" was in Y- Teens '59, '60, Band '58, '53, '60, Girls' Volleyball '5 Donald Boyce Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Boyce. "Don." Charles Richard Boyd Son of Mr. and' Mrs. A. F. Boyd. Babbling Beatnik: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar ls sweet, and so are you. tHi, Sue., Judith Eileen Boyer Daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. Joseph William. Babbling Beatnik: A certain guy who calls me brat. iHi, Dale., "Judy" was in Chorus '57, '58, '59, Room Agent '59. James Douglas Braden Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Braden. Babbling Beatnik: Saturday night card parties and also losing. "Jamo" was in Chorus '5B, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, German Cggb '60, "H.M.S. Pinafore" Carl luther Braddock Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Braddock. Babbling Beat- nik: A certain sophomore girl who has grown up. iHi, Diane.l "Speedy" was in Latin Club '58, '59, Room Agent '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer '60. Bartholomew Matthew Bradley Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam B. Bradley. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me Bartholomew. iHi, An- gel., "Brad" Gerald Douglas Brenhiser Son ot Mr. and Mrs. Arvil A. Brenhiser. Babbling Beatnik: Those training meals on road trips. "Jer- ry" was in College Club '60, "N" Club '60, Hi-Y '58, '59, '60, President '59, '60, Sergeant-at-Arms '53, Future Teachers '60, Math Club '60, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Reserve Football 828, Varsity Football '59, Ross Wesley Bromberg Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Bromberg. Babbling Beat- nik: Teachers who wake me up in class and those that let me sleep in study halll "Rosie" was in Fu- tzae Retailers '60, Sphinx Guy Brown Son of Mr. and Mrs. Del- mar Brown. Babbling Beat- nik: People who drive Fords. "Brownie" was ln Chorus '59. Thomas Alan Brumage Son of Reverend and Mrs. F. V. Brumage. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me Francis. "AI" was Room Agent '55, '56, Home Room Offices '55, '56: ln- tramural Basketball '55, '56. Patricia Mae Bryant Granddaughter of Mrs. Min- nie Fears. Babbling Beatnik: Everybody iust ain't able. fHi, Ray.l "Pee" was in Y-Teens '57, Future Home- makers '59, '60, Girls' Bas- ketball '57, '58, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59. Barbara Ann Bryson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bryson. Babbling Beatnik: People who don't have faith in Oldsmobiles. iHi, Joell "Barb" was in Y-Teens '58, '59. linda lea Buckey Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Buckey. Babbling Beatnik: Love is all in a gamel "Buck" was in Stu- dent Council '60, French Club '59, '60, latin Club '58, Cheerleaders '58, '59, Varsity '60, College Club '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '58, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Gym Leaders '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Co-edl Volleyball '59. Virginia lee Bull Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bull. Babbling Beat- nik: When l'm not near the man I love, I love the man l'm near. "Ginn Lee" was in Music Appreciation '60, Spanish Club '58, '59, College Club '60, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, News Editor '60, Future Teachers '28, '59, Cup and Chaucer Mary Kay Busch Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl T. Busch. Babbling Beatnik: Most people like a whole meal, but 'Juice" is enough for me. lHi, Joyce., "Gooch" was in Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Y-Teens '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, German Club '59, '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Horace Campbell Son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Delancey. Babbling Beatnik: Not preparing for Ancient Histor and Civics becomes .a problem. "Horatio" was in Hi-Y '59, '60, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, Cross Country Squad '57, Speed- ball '58, '59. larry David Carver Son of Mr. and Mrs. l.. B. Carver. Babbling Beatnik: Flat tires and those hard-to- find parking places. "Larry" was in Latin Club '58, Sci- ence Club '57, Reserve Foot- ball '57, '58. Margaret Ann Chapman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Chapman. Babbling Beatnik: Good, Better, Best -never let it rest till the good is better and the bet- ter, best. "Peggy" was in Music Appreciation '58, '60, Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Chorus '58, Y- Teens '59, Band '56, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Charles Raymond Clark Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Cark. Babbling Beatnik: l'll be down East if you need me. "Chuck" was in Football '58, '59, '60, Mu Alpha Theta '60, Track '58, '59, '60. Sonya Kay Clark Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clark. Babbling Beat- nik: Most people who have cars like to be drivers, but me, l'd rather be a Parker. "Sonya" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, College Club '60, Y-Teens '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, French Club '59, '60, Band Council '58, '59, '60, Maiorette '58, '59, Head' Drum Mariorette '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Sandra Sue Cline Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Cline. Babbling Beat- nik: Watching and waiting for the mailman. lHi, Bob.J "Sandy" was in Future Re- tailer '60, secretary '60, Chorus '58, '59, -Teens '58, '59, 60, Room Agent '59, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. James Michael Cochran Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cochran. Babbling Beatnik: Those engines iust keep burning up. "Mick" was in Science Club '60, Math Club '59, '60, Reserve Football '58, Speedball '58, Cup and Chaucer '60. Loyal Burdatt Cochran Son of Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Cochran. Babbling Beatnik: Those once-a-week datesll fHi, Dixie.l "Lo'yal." Richard William Ceelho Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam J. Coelho. Babbling Beatnik: Mornings fafterl. "Bill" was in Debate '57, Radlio Club '57, German Seb '60, Mu Alpha Theta Ruth Ann Coffman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland D. Coffman. Bab- bling Beatnik: Most people move with a moving van, but l prefer my Sulli-van. lHi, Charlie.l "Ruthie" was in Latin Club '58, Girls' Ensemble '59, '60, Chorus '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, ggls' Volleyball '58, '59, Susan Gary Collis Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Collis. Babbling Beatnik: Prologue: Act one. "Sue" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, Latin Club '59, '60, Science Club '58, vice president '60, College Club '60,Y-Teens '58, '60, Room Agent '59, Business Staff '60, Girls' Baseball '58, Girls' Volleyball '53, Thespians '59, '60, Math Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, "Mrs. McThing" '59, "Lute Song" '59, "Opening Night" '59, "Teahouse of the August Moon" '58, "The Happy Journey" '58, "Ten Little lndians" '60, "Gift of the Magi" '60, "No Boys Allowed" '58, ,ggommand Performance' I Paul Bruce Conkle Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Conkle. Babbling Beat- nik: De I like ice cream? Huhl "Bruce" was in Math Club '58. Barbara Ann Conner Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Conner. Babbling Beatnik: Working on Fri- dlay nights, and trying to learn to drive. "Barbie" was in Music Appreciation '60, Latin Club '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '5B, '59, 60, Honor Society '60. Terry Lee Cooperider Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooperider. Babbling Beat- nik: People. "Coop" was in Music Appreciation '58, Science Club '58, '59, '60, Audio Visual '58, Room Agent '60, Band '58, '59, president, Manager '58, Jerry Douglas Cotterman Son of Mr. andl Mrs. Dale Cotterman. Babbling Beat- nik: lf I ever break my leg I won't need a cane, but a "Walker." lHi, Barb.l "Pherry" was in Latin Club '58, '59, '60, secretary '60, Key Club '60, Room Agent '58, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Rachel Charlene Courson Daughter of Mrs. Lena Cour- son. Babbling Beatnik: Most girls prefer Tom or 'Dick, but I go for Harry. "Char- lie" was in Y-Teens '5B, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, Girls' Basbetball '58. Larry Eugene Cramer Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rus- sell Cramer. Babbling Beat- nik: "That's iust like a woman!" Larry was in Fu- ture Retailers '59, '60. Nancy Lee Crist Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Crist. Babbling Beat- nik: No men, no money, but plenty of troublesl "Nance" was in French Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Gym Leaders '59, '60, College Club '59, Glee Club '58, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, vice president '60, Band '58, '59, '60, treasurer '60, Orches- tra '58, Cup and Chaucer '60, Girls' Basketball '59, Biphomore Class Secretary Larry Wallace Crothers Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crothers. Babbling Beatnik: Why should' I worry? Only the good' die youngl fHi, Mary .lane.l "Wally" was in Sphinx '60, Reserve Foot- ball '58, Room Agent '59. Sally Jeannine Croy Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Croy. Babbling Beatnik: Boys who don't like girls. "Sally" was in Girls' Bas- ketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Mary Ann Cunningham Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cunningham. Babbling B e a t nik: "DODGE-ing" around after the ball games. lHi, Gangll "M.A.C." was in Music Appreciation, '58, '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '58, '60, Chor- us '5B, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, Choir '59, Girls' Ensemble '58, '59, Thespians '59, '60, sec- retary, Cup and .Chaucer '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Delores Ann Cupples Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cupples. Babbling Beatnik: Teachers who call on me when l'm not ready. "Gale." David Leon Cuson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Cuson. Babbling Beatnik: Take the world as you find it: but leave it better. "Dave" came from Detroit this year and at NHS was in Cup and Chaucer '6O. Rebecca Jane Davidson Dau hter of Mr. and Mrs. Frani Davidson. Babbling Beatnik: People who drive Corvairs that won't turn over. "Jane" was in French Club '59, '60: College Club '58, '59, '60: Y-Teens '58, '59, '60: Band '58, '59, '60: Girls' Volleyball '58, '59. Ralph William Davis Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Davis. "Bill," Thomas Eugene Davis Son of Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Felumlee. Babbling Beat- nik: l'm a senior and she's a sophomore. fHi, Karen.l "Eugene." Gary Allan Debevoise Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Debevoise. Babbling Beat- nik: Football season with bad breaks and' short week- ends. "Garry" was in Latin Club '5B: Boys' Basketball '58, '59, '60: Reserve Bas- ketball '58: Varsity Basket- ball '59, '60: Reserve Foot- ball '58: Varsitgq Football '59, '60: Track uad '58, '59, '60: Class Treasurer '59: Cup and Chaucer '60: "N" Club '59, '60, Richard Lee Debevoise Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Debevoise. Babbling Beatnik: A little blue Ford that says "coax-me.' "Debby" was in Hi-Y '59, '60: Boys' Baseball '58, '59: Audio Visual '58. Gary Dennison Deckard Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Deckard. Babbling Beatnik: My old Man! "Toad" was in Science Club '58, '595 Cup and Chaucer '6O. Judith lee Delirance Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Hugh DeFrance. Babbling Beatnik: People who ask if l'm a certain boy's sister. "Judy" was in Student Council '59, '60: Chorus '59: Y-Teens '58, '59, '6O: Glee Club '58 Girls' Vol- lzgball '58: Honor Society .lack Edward Dickerson Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dickerson. Babbling Beat- nik: "Chubby Chops," Training Rules, White Field at 2:30 A.M. "Can l drive, Pleasel?" "Humphrey" was in Latin Club '58, vice pres- ident '60: College Club '58, Hi-Y '60, Reserve Football '58: Varsity Football '59, '6O: Track Squad' '58: Cup and Chaucer '6O: Key Club '59: Thespians '6O: "N" Club '60. Barbara Etta Dickerson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Ford. Babbling Beat- nik: Oh these big schools. lHi, Jim.l "Babes" was in Chorus '57, '58: Girls' Bas- ketball '57, '58: Girls' Vol- leyball '57, '58. Gary leon Dilts Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Dilts. Babbling Beatnik: Good-by to NHS from "Pop." "Fuzzy" was in Hi-Y '58: Room Agent '58: Boys' Baseball '58, '59: Cross Country Squad '5By Golf '58, '59. Virgene Lena Dowie Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dowie. Babbling Beatnik: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how do your Cockles grow? il-li, Dick., "Jeannie" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, treasurer, home room officers '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Homecoming Queen '60. Jerilynn Sue Drake Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Drake. Babbling Beat- nik: "My poor arithmetic: 5 hours homework, 3 hours of time and places to go. Woe is mel" "Jerry" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Glee Club '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, '60, Margaret Sue Drumm Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Drumm. Babbling Beatnik: Let's get this show on the roadl lHi, Sharon.l "Maggie" was in Chorus '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '59, Glee Club '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Judith Ann Duncan Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duncan. Babbling Beatnik: Long Names, Short Cars, and a certain person who makes fun of my driving. "Dune" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '58, Band Council '60, Girls' Volley- ball '59: Assistant Head Maiorette '59, '60, Secretary of Band '60, Sharon Kay Dunlap Daughter of Mr. andi Mrs. Sam Dunlap. Baobling Beat- nik: People who don't be- lieve me when l'm serious. "Peach" was in Y-Teens '58, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Phyllis Ann Eagon Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Fitch. Babblinq Beatnik: Everybody has a Tom, Dick or Harry, but I have my Gary. lPidock, that is.l "Phyll" was in Music Appreciation '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Chorus '58, Band '58, '59, '60, Girls Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Dance Band '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Bruce Vincent Edgell Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Edgell. Babbling Beatnik: People who don't believe l'm a genius. "Bruce." Suzanne Ellis Daughter of Mary M. Ellis and the late John D. Ellis. Babbling Beatnik: Some people who won't let you loiter in the halls. "Suzie" was in Music Appreciation '58, '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, Band '58, '59, '60. James lee English Son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. English. Babbling Beat- nik: People who say l'm ornery, "Ornery" was in Boys' Baseball '58, '60, Room Agent '58, '59, Math Club '6, Cup and Chau- cer '60, Sphinx Club '60. Coral Ann Evens Daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. Robert W. Evans. Babbling Beatnik: People who cal me Carol. "Coral" was in Music Appreciation '58, '60, Latin Club '58, Science Club '60, Colle e Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Math Club '60. Alyca Linda Factor Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Factor. Babbling Beatnik: People who are never on timel "AIyce" was in French Club 58, '59, '60, College Club '58, '59, Y- Teens '58, Room Agent '58, '59, Band '58, '59, '60, Dance Band '59, '60, Pep Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, Girls' Bas- ketball '58, '59, '60. Lanny Ray Farley Son ot Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Farley. Babbling Beat- nik: People who do not agree with me on Fords and Chevies. "Farley" was in Sales Organization '58. s Loretta Farmer Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Farmer. Babbling Beatnik: "Kid, you should have heard-I mean, you should have seen-Oh, kid, you should have been therel" ll-li, Genell "Ret" was in Chorus '56, '57, Y- Teens '56, '57, Future Home- makers '59, '60, Girls' Bas- ketball '57, Girls' Volley- ball '60. Donald Edward Fee Son of Mr. and' Mrs. C. E. Fee. Babbling Beatnik: Keeping away from tele- phone poles and bicycles. "Fe-Fe" was in Hi-Y '58, Baseball '58, '59, '60, Re- serve Football '58, Varsity Football '59, '60. Vic Kenneth Fink Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fink. Babbling Beatnik: There are many kinds of transportation, but l prefer a C.A.R. "Perry" was in Co-Ed Volleyball '58, '59. Robert Scott Fitch Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fitch. Babbling Beatnik: Monday morning testsl "Bob" was in Hi-Y '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60. Beth Ann Fluharty Daughter of James B. Flu- harty. Darla Kay Fluharty Sister of Mrs. J. R. Green. Babbling Beatnik: Ricky Nelson and Tab Hunter may be all right for some people, but Little Richard's mine. lHi, Dickll "De K" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Barbara Ellen Foster Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Murray C. Foster. Babbling Beatnik: "Let's be young forever." There's only sev- en days a week. lHi, John and Stan.l "Babs" was in Band '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Maiorette '59. Sue Whitehall Franklin Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Franklin. Bab- bling Beatnik: Toyn Bee Dube, penny rides, and people who get nervous when l d'rive. "Susie" was in Student Council '60, sec- retary, Latin Club '58, '59, 60, College Club '58, Chorus '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer Club '60, Sphinx '60, Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60, Co-Ed Volleyball '59, Y-Teens Cabinet '58, '59, Honor Society '60. Anita Jean Freytag Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Freytag.. Babbling Beatnik: E v e n - tempered males who "aren't" pos- sessive. "Nita" was in Math Club '60, Latin Club '58, Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60, secretary-treasurer '60, College Club '58, '59, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Band' '58, '59, '60, German Club '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Future Teachers '58. Hugh Raymond Friel Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Friel. Babbling Beatnik: lt sounds impossible, let me try it first. "Huey.' Betsy Ann Frye Daughter ot Mr. and' Mrs. Wendell T. Frye. Babbling Beatnik: Everything is nice and brightesince a Sunday night and: Charlie White. iHi, B.E., Gang.l "Bets" was in Chorus '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58,'59,'60, Girls Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59, '60. James Frederick Fryman Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fryman. Babbling Beatnik: People who say l am slow. "Fred" was in Science Club '58, '59, '60, vice president '59, president '60, College Club '59, '60, Key Club '59, '60, Astronomy Club '58, '59, French Club '59, '60, Math Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Robert Lee Gabe Son of Mr. andl Mrs. Gerald Gabe. Babbling Beatnik: A person who pinches me on the back in 5th period. KN. GJ "Bob" was in Sphinx '60. Patricia Ann Gamble Daughter of Mrs. Pauline Gamble and the late Wil- liam Gamble. Babbling Beatnik: Growing up was an awful bore - school, homework, lots of chores. My life was really such a mess, but on May 24th along came Hess. lHi, Bill., "Pat" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, College Club '60, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Band '58, Room Agent '60, Business Staff '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Sphinx '60. Thomas Davenport Gardner lll Son of Mir. and Mrs. T. D. Gardlner ll. Babbling Beat- nik: Steep hills leading up to vertical driveways fHi, Suziel and fireplugs. "Gards" was in Astronomy Club '60, Music Apprecia- tion '58, '60, Latin Club '58, Thespians '60, College Club '58, Chorus '58, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Dale Franklin Garee Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Garee. Babbling Beatnik: Long school days and short weekends. lHi, Judy.J "Dale" was in Band '58, '59, '60. .loan Elaine Garee Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Garee. Babbling Beat- gyc nik: Those short Saturday nights that I dislike most. "Joan" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Glee Club '58, Girls Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59. Jerome Larry Gartner Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gartner. Babbling Beatnik: People who dye their hair. Marianne Gaslcella Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gaskella. Babbling Beatnik: Getting up at 7:20 and catching the 7:30 bus. lHi, Peg and' Judy., "Mari- anne" was in Latin Club '58, Chorus '58, Girls' Bas- ketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Marilyn Ann Gast Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gast. Babbling Beatnik: Certain people who call me Mac. fHi, everybody.J "Maggie" was in Chorus '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- gigl '58, Girls' Volleyball Robert Glenn Gaunder Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Gaunder. Babbling Beatnik: Plan your work and work your plan. "Bob" was in Student Council '58, '60, Science Club '58, vice pres- ident, Latin Club '58, Col- lege Club '59, '60, Math Club lMu Alpha Thetal '59, '60, president, World At- fairs Institute '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Honor So- ciety '60. Robert Eli Gearhart Son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Gearhart. Babbling Beatnik: A certain girl that wears glasses and crazy shoes. "Skip" was in Latin Club '58, College Club '58, '59, Hi-Y '59, '60, Math Club '60, "N" Club '60, Boy's Baseball '58, Varsity Foot- ball '59, '60, Cup and Chau- cer '60. Donna Jean George Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike George. Babbling Beatnik: The long climb to the 4th floor: "Donna" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60. Ralph William Gerhart Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gerhart. Babbling Beatnik: So long to thee, cruel world. "Bill" was in Hi-Y '58, '59. 152 Diane Glennan Daughter ol Mrs. Dorothy B. Glennan. Babbling Beat- nik: Waiting for that cer- tain Ford Convertible. "Dee- Dee Dinah" was in Span- ish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, Y-Teens '58, '60, Room Agent '59, Busi- ness Staff '58, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Patron Staff '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '6O. Tanya Kay Goff Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Clyd'e Goff. Babbling Beat- nik: Some people like carmel corn, others like candy corn, but really, I prefer Carl Corn. lHi, Streve.J "Tanny" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, sec- retary '58, Girls' Basket- ball '5B, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Julie Ann Goodwin Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goodwin. Babbling Beatnik: Some people blow their horns, but only one rings a bell. lDing-Dong., "Julie" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room A ent '58, Girls' Basketball '53, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Business Statt '59, '60, Patron Staff '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Thomas Gordon Son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Morrison. Babbling Beatnik: People who walk on other people's shoes. "Flash" was in French Club '58, '59, Science Club '58, '59, '60, Math Club '59, '60, College Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Joseph Henry Goss Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goss. Babbling Beatnik: Pinchers. "Gus" was in Camera Club '59, Latin Club '58, '59, '60, Science Club '60, College Club '59, '60, Chorus '58, Room Agent '58, Golf '58, '59, '60, Key Club '59, '60, Math Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Robert William Gray Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gray. Babbling Beat- nik: People who do not support the football team. "Bret" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Hi-Y '60, College Club '60, Astronomy Club '59, Reserve Football '58, Varsity "Football '59, '60, manager, Track Squad '58, '59, '60, Mu Alpha Theta '23, '60, Cup and Chaucer Herbert Henley Gregg Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Milhoan. Babbling Beatnik: Twenty-four hours a day. "Herb" was in Hi-Y '58, Key Club '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. 'Dale Lester Grlgsby Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam J. Grigsby. Babbling Beatnik: From a certain place on W. Main Street to the fourth Floor at noon. lHi, Marilyn., "Grigsby" was in Sales Organization '58, Science Club '60, Room Agent '59, '60, Radio Club '58, Co-ed Volleyball '59. Betty Carol Grimm Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Grimm, Jr. Bab- bling Beatnik: lt's habit forming. lHi, Linda., "Terri" Stephen Edward Groban Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nate Groban. Babbling Beatnik: Picking the outstanding teacher of the monthl "Brook" was in Student Council '60, Music Appre- ciation '58, '59, '60, Latin Club '5B, '59, '60, vice president '59, College Club '59, '60, Chorus '58, Key Club '58, '59, '60, presi- dbznt '60, Cup and Chaucer John Howard Grunewald Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark P. Grunewald. Babbling Beatnik: I am attracted' by the simpler things of li e. Womenl "Punkey." Nancy Louise Guess Daughter of Mrs. Juanita Guess and the late Mr. Har- old Guess. Babbling Beat- nik: A certain red-head with a temper. lHi, Dave., "Nance" was in Glee Club '59, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '5B- Girls' Basket- ggi '53, Girls' Volleyball aetf' K4 Neal Martin Hahn Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mar- tin G. Hahn. Babbling Beatnik: Those first-period American History classes. lHi, Larryll. "Bo1zer was in '59, '60, Boys' Base- a . Robert Douglas Hall Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hall. Babbling Beatnik: Not being able to think of a "Pet Peace." "Bob" was in Camera Club '59, Latin Club '58, '59, '60, President '60, Chorus '58, Reveille Re- view Staff '59, '60, Intra- mural '59, Golf '59, '60, Key Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '6O: Mu Alpha Theta '60, Honor Society 60. Gary Kenneth Hamer Son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen K. Hamer. Babbling Beat- nik: People who call me "Hammer." "Gary" was in Science Club '60, College Club '59, '60, French Club '23, '60, Cup and Chaucer James Albert Hamm Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hamm. Babbling Beatnik: People who like you when you win but hate you when you lose. "Jim" was in Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Reserve Football '58, Varsit Football '59, '60, Track Squad '59, Key Club '60. Mary Beth Hammond Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hammond. Bab- bling Beatnik: Climbin all those stairs from first ?loor to the fourth. "Mary" was in Y-Teens '59, '60. Luanne Ruth Handel Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Handel. Babblin Beatnik: My various nice names: Lui, Wump, Annie, Peter Flandle, Ethel, Ruth, Dora Knobs, Archie, Pugh, Minnie, Jonesy, and Gurn- stance. lFeast in the beastj. "Gurney" was in Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58. '59, '60-Seo retary '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, French Club '59, '60, Co-Ed Volleyball '59. Carol Lynne Hanshue Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hanshue. Babbling Beatnik: The sagging floors and surrendering plaster of the old building. "Carol" was in Latin Club '58, '59, '60, College Club '59, '60, Mathematics Club '60, Cup and Chaucer Club '60, Hon- or Society '60. Burma Susan Harman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Harman. Bab- bling Beatnik: Friday nights and those crazy girl drivers. lHi-Kidsj. "Burmuda" was in Latin Club '58, '59, '60, Library assistant '58, College Club '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '23, '60, Girls' Basketball Kathleen Zoe Harris Daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. C. E. Harris. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me Kath- leen. lHl, Tomi. "Kathy" was in Glee Club '58, Y- Teens '59, '60, Girls' Bas- ketball '58. Linda Ella Harris Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Harris. Babblin Beat- n i k: "People." "Charlie" was in Chorus '58, Y- Teens '58. Thomas Curtis Heisey Son of Mr. and' Mrs. George D. Heisey. Babbling Beat- nik: Hitching Barb wire on one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four "Fence Posts." "Fleabus" was in Annual Staff '58, '59, '60, Music Appreciation '60, Spanish Club '59, '60, Lat- in Club '58, Cup and' Chaucer '60, College Club '59, Varsity Football '59, Senior Class Treasurer '60. Judith Ann Helphrey Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Helphrey. Babbling Beatnik: Love ceases to be a pleasure when it ceases to be a secret. People who call me Boots. lHi, Gangl. "Judi" with in Music Ap- preciation '60, Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Busi- ness Staff '60, Girls' Bas- ketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, 59, 60. 153 iv -df 'N s X-as ......e...-1 , wg Arlene Hess Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H e s s. Babbling Beatnik: Home Economics teachersl Arlene was in Y-Teens '5B. Connie Sue Hickman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Hickman. Babbling Beatnik: People who laugh at a ioke and then say "l don't get it." lHi, Judy.J "Susie" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Chorus '58, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '59, Patron Staff '60, Business Staff '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Earls' Volleyball '58, '59, Mary Lucille Hill Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hill, Babbling Beatnik: My happiness is not com- plete unless it is shared with someone. lHi, Butchl. "Gillie" was in Chorus '56, '57, Y-Teens '56, '57, '58, Girls' Basketball '57, Girls' Volleyball '57, Mary Leota Hoffer Daughter of Mr. Robert Hof- fer and Mrs. Zeraline Hoffer. Babbling Beatnik: Boy, that Studty Hall Room 3l3l IHi, Jimlj. "Bo-Bo" was in An- nual Staff '58, Music Ap- preciation '58, Libragy As- sistant '57, Chorus '5 , '58, '59, Reveille Review Staff '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Home Room Agent '56, Business Staff '59, Girls' Basketball '57, '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, Future Teach- ers '57, Carolyn Sue Holbert Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L e w i s Holbert. Babbling Beatnik: Day time may be all right for some people, but I like "Knight," "Carole" was in Music Ap- preciation '5B, secretary 59, Y-Teens '58, Girls' Basket- ball '5B, Girls' Volleyball '58, Patron Staff '58, French Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Honor Society '60. Terry Tim Holton Son of Mr. and Mrs. Finley Holton. Babbling Beatnik: People who don't like horses. The "7" was in Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Cross Country Squad '58, Intramural Volleyball '59, Sphinx '60. 154 John Charles Houdeshell Son of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Houdeshell. Margaret Anne House Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. House. Babbling Beatnik: Beatnik beaters. "Anne" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '60, Chorus '58, '59, Band '58, '59, '60, Maiorette '60, Math Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, French Club '23, '60, Astronomy Club Edgar Lee Howard Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Howard. Babbling Beat- nik: The poor elevator service to the fourth floor and that wall at the bot- tom of the fourth floor court stairway. lHi, Every- bodylj. "Skipper" was in Camera Club '58, '59, '60, Science Club '59, '60, Reveille R e v i e w Staff photographer '59, '60, Math Club '58, '59, '60, Audio Visual Service Club '58, '59, '60, Astronomy Club '58, '60, secretary '58, '59, '60, "Midsummer Night's Dream" '59. Joyce Ann Hoy Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hoy. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me "Juice", lHi,GangJ. "Yoy- cie" was in Music Appricia- tion '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '58, Band '58, '59, '60, Future Teachers '59, '60, Pep Band '59, '60, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59, '60. Barbara Ann Hughes Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H u g h e s. Babbling Beatnik: Trying to get something out of our locker when it has five gym cases, three coats, and two lunches in it. CHuh, Joyce?J John Robert Hughes Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes. Babbling Beatnik: People who are never on time. "Bob" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, vice-president '60, Room Agent '60, College Club '60, Reserve Basketball '58, Track Squad '58, '59, '60, Speed Ball '58, '60, Intra- mural Volleyball '58, Cup and Chaucer '60. Edward Charles Hummel Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ward Hummel. Babbling Beatnik: Those women drivers and Friday and Sat- urday nights on the Square. 'ggdn was in Boys' baseball Neva Mae Hunt Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Hunt. Babblin Beatnik: Bashful people wao are al- lergic to hints. lHi B. E. gangj. "Mae" was in Fu- ture Retailers '60, Y-Teens gg, '59, '60, Chorus '58, Judith Ann llor Daughter of Mrs. Ruth ller. Babbling Beatnik: The things I can't buy in a Drug Store. lHi M-.GQ and lP.P.j. "Judy" was in Fu- ture Retailers '60, president '60, Latin Club '58, Chorus '58, Choir '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Sphinx '60. Roger Gary lnlow Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph lnlow. Babbling Beatnik: "Why be serious. lt isn't any fun.' "Gary" was a Room Agent '59. Stuart Wayne Isaacs Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- lsaacs. Babbling Beatnik: People who like horses bet- ter than girls lHi, "Tut "Stu" was in Spanish Clu '59, '60, College Club '60, Reserve Basketball '58, Var- sity Basketball '59, '60, Cross Country Squad '58, Track Squad '59, '60, Speed- ball '59, '60, Intramural Volleyball '59, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. William Ronald Jackson Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jackson. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me William. "Ron" was in Dance Band '58, '59, '60 Band '58, '59 '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Sandra Kay Jinks Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Jinks. Babbling Beatnik. A certain guy in a certain green coupe. lHi, Andyl. "Sandy" was in Sales Organization '59, Chorus '58, '59, Y-Teens '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. James Charles Johnson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson. Bab- blng B e a t n i k: English classes S will they end? "Jim" was in Cup and Chaucer '60, Hi-Y '58, '59, '60, Treasurer '60, Math Club '59, '60. Linda Ann Johnson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson. Babbling Beatnik: All those rides in a certain green Chevy. lHi, Gangj. "Blandie" was in Y-Teens '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Gary Lee Jones Son of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Jones. Babbling Beatnik: A girl who goes to Utica High School. lHi, Sandyl. "Gary Lee" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Gary Palmer Jones Son of Mr. and' Mrs. Palmer Jones. Babbling Beatnik: Those days when Mr. Spen- cer's absent. "G. P." was in Math Club '60, Room Agent 58, Reserve Basketball '58, Varsity Basketball '59, '60, Reserve Football '58, Track Squad '58, '59, '60, Speed Ball '58, '59, '60, Key Club '59, '60, Georgia Flory .lones Daughter of Mr. Roderick Jones and the late Betty Jones. Babbling Beatnik: Editor - in - chiefs, beatniks, pizzas, ice skating and crispie parties. "Flory" was in Student Council '59, '60, Debate '58, French Club '59, '60, vice president '60, Lat- in Club '58, '59, '60, treasure, C o I I e g e Club '59, '60, Revenue Review Staff '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, Room Agent '59, National Forensic League '58, Thes- pians '59, '60, Historical So- city Play '58, "The Whole Town's Talking" '58, "Mrs. McThing" '59, World Affairs Institute '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, Honor Society '60. Sf har Mary Carolyn Jones Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jones. Babbling Beatnik: Certain guys in the service. lHi, Don and Joej. "Carol" was in Sales Organization '58, '59, '60, Chorus '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls Volleyball '58, '60. Richard Delmon Jones Son of Mr. andl Mrs. Wil- liam W. Jones. Babblin Beatnik: I eat well, drini well and sleep well. But that's all brother. "Dicher" was in Hi-Y '58, '60. Stanley Edward Janes Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Jones. Babbling Beatnik: The way time flies. "Stan" was in Science Club '58, '59, president, Home Room Of- icers '58, linda Sue Keaser Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Keaser. Bab- bling Beatnik: There may be a lot of Larry's-but there is only one that holds the lMcj Kee to my heart. "Lynn" was in Y-Teens '59, '60, G.A.A. '59, '60, Girls Basketball '58, '59, '60, Cggls' Volleyball '58, '59, Madeline Kay Keller Dau hter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralpat Raymond Keller. Bab- bling Beatnik: Connie, how about those Friday nightsl "Real Cool". lHi, Donl. "Kay" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '60: Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58 '59, '60. Janice Adele Kemper Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kemrer. Babbling Beatnik: Haloweening, re- strictions and people who walk up to me and say, "Hi, Gangl" "Buck" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '69, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '60, Girls' Volleyball '59, '60, Co-Ed Volleyball '59. Barbara Lucille Kennedy Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kennedy. Bab- bing Beatnik: People who call me- ou know what. llinda and' Ka,'lJ "Barb" was in Music Appreciation '59, French Club '59, '60, Col- lege Club '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Patricia Merle Kidd Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William K id d. Babbling Beatnik: Sayings people have w h e n they get shocked. lHi, Bobl. "Pat- tie" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, ggls' Volleyball '58, '59, Carel Jean King Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. King. Babbling Beatnik: Listening to ex- cuses for being late. lHi, Johnl. "Jellybean" was in Latin Club '58, Future Teach- ers '58, Y-Teens '58, '60, Glee Club '58. Terry lee King Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil, liam King. Babbling Beat- nik: Some boys like girls big and tall, but l'll take Rosy short and small. "Ter- ry" was in Band '58 '59. '60, vice president '59, 60, Golf 58, '59, Cup and Chaucer 60. Kathryn Kay Kinsey Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. George Kinsey. Babbling Beatnik: lt takes someone special to make me feel that way. Maybe someday? "Kay" was in Music Ap- preciation '58, French Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '58, '59, '60: Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, G.A.A. '58, 59, '60, Co-Ed Volleyball '59, Honor So- ciety '60. Jo Ellen Klein Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Klein. Babbling Beat- nik: l am of German de- scent, but l am going to be a Scott. lHi, G a r ylj. "Joker" was in Future Re- tailers '60, Treasurer '60, Chorus '58, '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, axis' Basketball '58, '59, wh' Jerry lea Knappenborger Son of Mr. and' Mrs. John H. Knappenberger. Babbl- ing Beatnik, "People who don't like poeple." "Jerry" was in Latin Club '58, Cup and Chaucer '60, College Club '59, '60, Hi-Y '59, '60, Boys' Baseball '59, '60, Eugene Knight Son of Mrs. Lula Walker. Babbling Beatnik: W h y can't we have Beatniks in N e w a r k High School? "Gene-o" was in Varsity Football '58, '59, Track Squad '58, '59. Linda Ann Kornbauer Daughter of Mr. Charles Kornbauer and Mrs, E. E. McHenry. Babbling Beatnik: "Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, comes a rider known as K r e i d e r." lHi. Buckl. "Korny" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60: Glee Club '58: G.A.A. '58, '59, '6O. Martha Ann Kraft Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K r a ft. Babblinq Beatnik: People who think I can't make decisions. "Marty" was in French Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59. Judith Ann Kruger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kreager. Babbling Beatnik. Confusing people who get me more confused. "Judy" was in Music Ap- preciation '58. '59. '60, Col- lege Club '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '6O- Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '59, Dance Band '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, French Club '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Barbara Nan Kreider Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jared Kreider. Babbling Beatnik. Some girls want to be a queen, but I am qo- ing to be a King. "Bar- bie" was in Historical So- ciety Plav '58, Student Council '59, '60, Varsity De- bate '58, '59, Music Ap- preciation '60, French Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, Math Club '60, College Club '59, '60, Chorus '58, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Presi- dent '59, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders '58, '59, '60, President '60, 'Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. 157 Sandra Diane lalrd Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. E. Laird. Babblin Beat- nik: Many people pre?er ten- nis, but as for me, I like Golf. "Wallie" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, vice president '60, An- nual Staff '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G,A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Gym Lead- ers '59, '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Mary Joanne Lake Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lake. Babbling Beatnik: The distance Uncle Sam can put between two people. iHi, Gar l. "Mud- puddle" was in Chorus '58, Choir '59, '60, Secretary- Treasurer in '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' En- semble '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Evelyn May Lane Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Lane. Babbling Beat- nik: A certain guy who teases me a b o u t my freckles. lHi, H a r o I dl. "Eve" was in Music Ap- preciation '59, '60, V- Teens '59, '60, Chorus '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60: Girls Vol- leyball '59, '60. Linda .lo Lawrence Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lawrence. Babbling Beatnik: From fourth floor to first floor, from first floor to fourth floor on gronking grass grabbers. Arrghl "Linda" was in Music Appreciation '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, '60, College Club '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, Astronomy Club '60, Future Teachers '58, Math Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Eugene Thompson Layton Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Layton. Babbling Beatnik, People who like Chevies. "Gene" was in Band '58, '59, '60. Allen Wheeler Leckrone Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Leckrone. Babbling Beatnik: People who call my car a dog. "Big Al" was Room Agent '58, '59. 'Q Kills '53 J Robert Bradford Lederer wane" Ricl""d Lewis Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Son of Mr. and Mrs. War- ren Lewis Babbling Beat- Lederer. Babbling Beatnik: V . .. ' - ,, wggkgie gvgabriing, gggaiggkg 2J5.....i?,.Fe?f52Ekf- Pi.. 'li' ,60. " f' U Ha-Y '58, '59, 'oo. Douglas McArthur LeMasters Son of Mr. and' Mrs. Charles R. LeMasters. Babbling Beatnik: All the memories ot high school and people who think Fords are so hot. "Councilman" was in Boys' Baseball '58, Reserve Foot- ball '58, Speedball '58. David Alan Leidy Son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leidy. Babbling Beatnik: Who were those silly things that started that silly Beat- nik tad? "Dave" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, vice president '59, Latin Club '58, Key Club '58, '59, '60, vice president '60, Thespians '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, Speedball '59, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60: Tennis '59, Reserve Football '58, Varsity Foot- gigl '60, Reserve Basketball Sandra Sue Leslie Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Leslie. Babbling Beatnik: Forever morel lHi, Georgeann.J "Ding" was in Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60, Glee Club '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Charlotte Ann Lewis Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edlwin L. Lewis. Babbling Beatnik: People who think they know everything, and they dol "Char" was in Sales Organization '58, '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Re: veille Review Stall '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60. Robert Rees Lewis Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Lewis. Babbling Beatnik: Girls who are bossy. "Louie." David Eugene Lindsey Son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lindsey. Babbling Beat- nik: "Go Beatnik." P.P. No sweatshirts. "Dave." Carole Jo Anne Livingston Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carter. Babbling Beatnik: Boys who call me hot rod when they know l am a very slow and cau- tious driver, "Lee" was in Music Appreciation '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, '60, Girls Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Junior-Senior Girls' Ensemble '58, '59, Senior Girls' Ensemble '59, '60, Girls Glee Club '58, Choir '58, '59, '60. Dorothy Jean Loar Daughter of Ross W. Loar. Babbling Beatnik: Those long walks to "Fourth floor" and teachers who give too much homework. ll-li, Julie, Molly and Lor- etta.l "Dort" was in Sales Organization '58, '59, Chor- us '59, Y-Teens '58, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Janet Arlene Long Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rollins Long. Babbling Beat- nik: People who say l walk like a submarine. "Shorty" was in Latin Club '58, '60, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '60, Girls' Volley- ball '5B, Cup and Chaucer Club '6O. Richard Leland Long Son of Mr. andl Mrs. Greer Long. Babbling Beatnik: Certain teachers and others who don't appreciate beat- niks, and whose idea was it? lGo, beatnik.l "Dick" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Judith lou Lord Li Daughter of Mr. Robert Lord and Mrs. Allen Badger. Babbling Beatnik: A cer- tain boy who won't watch the road while he's driv- ing, lHi, Dick.l "Butterball" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, 60, Cup and Chaucer '6O. nda Marie lnrenzen Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lorenzen. Babbling Beatnik: You iuniors Mark my words, your senior year will be your greatest! lFeast in the Beast.l "Walph" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Co-Ed Vollevball '59. Steve Luckett V Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Luckett. "Steve." ictoria Jane lukasko Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Ray Lukasko. Babbling Beat- nik: The state of confusion that ensues when my great- est critic is my biggest fan! lHi, Bruce.J "Tiger" was in Debate '58, '59, '60, Music Appreciation '59, Latin Club '58, Science Club '59, Col- lege Club '59, '60, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Room Agent '59, German Club '59, '60, Vice president '60, Thespians '59, "Mrs. Mc- Thing" '59, "Ten Little ln- dians" '60, Cup and Chau- cer '60, Harry Edward lytle Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Lytle. Babbling Beatnik: English teacher's remarks. "Hars" was in Annual Staff '58, Student Council '58, '59, Reveille Review Staff '58, Boys' Baseball '58, Re- serve Basketball Manager '58, Varsity Basketball Man- ager '59, '60, Room Agent '59, Key Club '59, '60, Cup and' Chaucer '60, Sphinx '6O. Gerald lee McCann Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. McCann. Babbling Beat- nik: "What a half-time when you are behindl" "Jerry" was in Student Council '58, '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Math Club '60, Key Club '59, '60, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Re- serve Basketball '5B, Varsity Basketball '59, '60, Cross Country Squad '58, Speed- ball '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '6O. Mary Catharine McCann Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. McCann. Babbling Beatnik: Frozen toes, a broken nose, a fraternity pin, and' a boy named Kenl "Dwart' was in Annual Staff '60, Music Apprecia- tion '6O, Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '60, Glee Club '58, Choir '59, '60, Reveille Re- view Staff '59, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Business Staff '60, Pa- trons Staff '60, Girls' Vol- leyball '59, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sophomore and Junior En- semble '58, '59, Senior En- semble '6O. Brenda Arlene McDonald Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto McDonald. Babbling Beatnik: People who put their class ring in a finger- bowl. lHi, Rod.l "Brenda" was in Future Retailers '59, Girls Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '57, '58, Mary Joyce McCIeary Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jason McCleary. Babbling Beatnik: Never being in one school long enough! "Joycie Lou" w a s in Chorus '58, Choir '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, 60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, At Mansfield High school Joyce was in Girls Archery tournaments: Swimming Team, Baseball Tournaments, "T w o's a Crowd." Joyce moved away from NHS before graduating. Carolyn Ann McDowell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Croy, Babbling Beat- nik: Who says you can't put twelve in a phone booth? lHi, Garyll "Carol" was in Future Retailers '59, '60, Y- Teens '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, '60. Nancy Diane McFarland Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. McFarland. Bab- bling Beatnik: Oh, Those tiresome 8th period history classes. "Nancy" was in Music Appreciation '59, '60, Latin Club '57, '58, Col- lege Club '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '57, '59, Ger- man Club '59, '60: Sphinx Club '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Honor Society 'oO. Linda Darlene McKibben Daughter of Mrs. Robert J. Handley and the late Col- lier McKibben. Babbling Beatnik: Oh! those crazy slumber parties, the person who dreamed' them up should be shot at dawn. Pedestrians, look out for small girl in big white con- vertible. Gif: Q rw x J Molly Darlene Mclaughlin Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. McLaughlin. Bab- bling Beatnik: A lot of people were crazy about our own fifth president, but I'm Screwy about my own James Monroel "Molly" was in Music Appreciation '58, Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '60, Room Agent '58, '59, Busi- ness Staff '58, '59, Girls' Basketball '59, Girls' Volley- ball '59: Patron Staff '58, '59, Thespians '60, Radio Club '58. Nancy Lee Mclaughlin Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Mclaughlin. Bab- bling Beatnik: Some girls prefer a live man, but l prefer a "Dead Man." lHi, Jack.l "Nance" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Glee Club '58, '59. Maxine Gayle Mclean Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLean. Babblin Beatnik: People who can me Pixie. lHi, Wavelll "Max" was in Chorus '57. Richard Leroy McMahan Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dar- win McMahan. Babbling Beatnik: People who spell my name wrongl "Dick" was in Math Club '59, '60, Sphinx '60. Delores Marie McMurty Daughter of Mrs. Mabel Mc- Murty. Babbling Beatnik: A certain boy' who calls me little girll l i, Maiorlj "Dee" was in Chorus '58, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Vol- leyball '58. Dana Lee McQuinn Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hansel D. McQuinn. Babbling Beat- nik: People who talk with- out saying anything. "D.L." was in Student Council '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Boys' Baseball '59, Math Club '59, '60, secre- tary '60, lntramural Volley- agl '59, Cup and Chaucer Bonnie lee Macklin Daughter of Mrs. Martin Steinhauer and the late Mr. Harold Macklin. Babbling Beatnik: Grade cards, speed- ing tickets, unsuitable nick- names, and instructions for a fire in 402. lFootball Flyer.l "Mack" was in Stu- dent Council '60, Latin Club '58, '59, Science Club '60, College Club '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders '58, '59, '60, Future Teachers '58, '59, '60, Glee Club '58, Sphinx 60, Cup and Chau- cer '60. Judy Ann Madclux Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Maddux. Babbling Beatnik: lt may be dan- gerous on wet roads, but personally I like them Slick. "Judy" was in Student Council '59, '60, Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Feature Editor '59, Assistant Business Manager '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, Honor Society '60. Louis Richard Malherbe Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Malherbe. Babbling Beat- nik: Ninety-nine per cent of the girls in the world are good looking, the other one per Cent live in Newark. Courtland Daniel Maple Son of Mr. and Mrs. C, R. Maple. Babbling Beatnik: People who misspell my name. lHi, Tom, Bill.l "Cor- ty" was in Sphinx '60, Re- serve Basketball Manager '58, Varsity Basketball Man- ager '59, '60. Sandra Kay Marbaugh Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Marbaugh. Babbling Beatnik: People who are alwa s late. "Sand " was in xTeens '59, Ba Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, Biology Club '57, '58, Tri-Hi-Y '58, '59, Thespians '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Carol Jane Martin Daughter of Mrs. William Crowley and Mr. Herbert Martin. Babbling Beatnik: Would you believe itl We're seniorsl "Men" was in Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- bsu 'sa, '59, '40, cms' Volleyball '58 '59, '60, ibm Leaders Club '58, '59, William Olsen Martin Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam Martin. Babbling Beat- nik: People who think of Mansfield only as a re- formatoryl lVive la Beat- nikslj "Willy" was in Col- lege Club '60: Hi-Y '60: Room Agent '60: Cup and' Chaucer '60: "Ten Little lndians" '60: In Mansfield he was on the Swimming Team '58: Pep Club '58: Hi-Y '58. David Owen Marxano Son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Marzano. Babbling Beatnik: Want some more candy, little girl? "Rocky" was in Spanish Club '59, '60: Boys' Baseball '58, '59: Reserve Basketball '58: Varsity Bas- ketball '59, '60, Reserve Football '58: Varsity Foot- ball '59, '60: Track Squad '58: Class president '58, Cup and Chaucer '60, Richard Eugene Mathews Son of Mr. and Mrs. Georgia Mathews. Babbling Beatni : To the teachers who give their tests all on the same dayl "Dick" was in Audio- Visual Club '60. Robert Rodney Meadows Nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Ira F. White. "Troj." William Bill Milbrandt Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Milbrandt. Babbling Beatnik: Doing homeworkl "Willie" was Room Agent '58y Band '58, '59, '60. Sharon Ann Mitchell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mitchell. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me "Gracie," "Sherry" was in Chorus '58: G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Shirley Catherine Mogler Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mogler. Babbling Beat- nik: Seniors should have lockersl "Shirley" attended Parsippany H i g h, Parsip- pany, New Jersey. She was in Y-Teens '58, '59: Field Hockey Club '58, '59: Volleyball '58, '59. Janet Lee Monroe Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Monroe. Babbling Beatnik: The long climb to the fourth floor so early in the morning and the short noon hours. "Janet" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '59, Patricia Ann Montanaro Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Montanaro. Babbling Beatnik: I only have gym two days a week, but l'd rather have Jim everyday of the week. lFeast in the Beast.J "Wedigie" was in Student Council '58, Latin Club '58, '59, '60: College Club '59, '60, treasurer '6O: Y-Teens '59, '59, '60, treasurer '58: Room Agent '58, Reserve Cheerleader '58: Varsity Cheerleader '59, '60: G.A.A. '58, '59, '60: Gym leaders Club '58, '59, '60: Girls' Basketball '5B: Girls' Volleyball '5By Co-Ed Volleyball '59: Re- veille Review Staff '6O: Sphinx '60, Cup and Chau- cer '6O. Louis Chalmers Moran Son of Mr. and Mrs. Har- ley Moran. Babbling Beat- nik: Smarter than the av- erage bearl "Louie" was in Sphinx '60. Sheryl Lou Morehead Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Morehead. Bab- bling Beatnik: People who say I should drive an ambu- lancel "Mark" was in Music Appreciation '6O: French Club '59, '60p Colleq Club '59: Honor Society '60. Frank Wilbert Morehouse Son of Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Morehouse. Babbling Beat- nik: People who can speak Frenchl "Frank" was in Music Appreciation '60: French Club '59, '60: Col- lege Club '59, '60: Astron- orny Club '60: Cup and Chaucer Club '60. -of Donald Melvin Morgan Son of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Morgan. "Don" was in Band '58, '59, '60. Virgil Lee Morgan Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan. "Tink" was in Reserve Football '58, Varsity Football '59, '60. Judith Elaine Mount Daughter of M-r. and Mrs. Harold Mount. Babbling Beatnik: Some people have fun on the road, some in allies, but we all have fun with Street. ll-li. Steeve.J "June" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, 60, G.A. . '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60. Judith Ann Mullenix Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph L. Mullenix. Bab- bling Beatnik, Two little brothers who see all, hear all, and bribe or tell alll "Judy" was in Latin Club '58, Y-Teens '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Cup and' Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60. Beatrice Kay Mullins Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer C. Smith. Babbling Beatnik, Trying to get a shoemaker. lHi, B.E.J "Bea Kay" was in Y-Teens '59, '6O. Carol Sue Myers Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Myers. Babbling Beatnik: Life is what we make it. "Carol" was in Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '6Oi Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Thespians '59, .'60, "Whole Town's Talking" '58, Student Director of "Lute Song" '59. 2 16 'ijf Judith Ellen Myers Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Myers. Babbling Beatnik: Small friends with large mouths. iHi, Winnyl. "Judy" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, Latin Club '58, Science Club '60, Col- lege Club '59, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Honor Society '60. Karen Mae Myers Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William C. Myers. Babbling Beatnik: Some like legs. but l like Ankelelsl. "Kim" was in Student Council '59, '60, Music Appreciation '59, '60, College Club '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, vice president '58, Room Agent '59, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, German Club '59, '60, sec- retary '60, G.A.A. '58x '59, '60, Thespians '58, '59, '60, vice presidtent '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, "Whole Town's Talking" '58, "Lute Song" '59, "Christmas at the Crossroads" '59, "Opening Night" '59, "Ten Little ln- dians" '60. Larry Joseph Myers Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Myers. Babbling Beatnik: "God bless the iuniors." "Ronda" was in Latin Club '58: College Club '59, Re- veille Review Staff '59, '60, Sports' Editor '59, Editor-in- chief '60, Room Agent '59, Hi-Y '60. Patricia Ann Myers Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Myers. "Pat" was in Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60. Sharon Kay Myers Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Myers. Babbling Beatnik, Everyone has their favorite movie star-mine is "Renny Tin Tin." "Sherrie" was in Music Appreciation '60, French Club '59. '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y- Teens '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Pep Band '59, '60, Head Maiorette '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Girls' Basketball '60, Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60. Linda Marie Nagy Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nagy. Babbling Beat- nik: Some people have a parakeet but l have a ROBIN. "Linda" was in French Club '59, '60, Col- lege Club '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Honor So- ciety '60. Sandra Sue Nethers Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Nethers. Babbling Beatnik: Remember the fun we had at the fairs? I do. Boy that "hay" sure smells good. The iokes on them, right Linda? "Sandy" was in Chorus '58, '59, Reveille Review Staff '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, Honor Society '60. Jean Ann Norris Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Norris. Babbling Beatnik: lt's early yet. lHi, Billie and Kayll 'Jan" was in Future Retailers '60, Chorus '58. Karen Lynne Norris Dauohter of Mr. and' Mrs. Donald Norris. Babbling Beatnik, There are hunt- ing licenses, fishing licenses, and auto licenses-NC-52. fHi Ned, Mom, Dad and' Sharonl. "Karen" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y- Teens '58, '59, Room Agent '58, Girls' Volleyball '58. Sharon Ann Oakley Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Oakley. Babbl- ing Beatnik, People l must Dodge on the Square, lHi, Helen. Marcia, Jim and Karenl. "Annie" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y- Teens '58. Carl Louis Oatman, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Oatman, Sr. Babbling Beatnik: Weekend Card Games. "Carl" was in Latin Club '58, Reveille Re- view Staff '59, '60, associ- ate news editor '60, Key Club '58. '59, '60, German Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Carol Leo O'Brien Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O. O'Brien. Babbling Beatnik: Some people get bills by the dozen, but there is only one for me. fHi, Billl. "Carol" was in G.A A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58. n -J Pamela lee Oldham Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Robert G. Oldham. Babbling ' Beatnik: Some people need a microphone, but l iust need my Mike. "Pam" was in Music Appreciation '58, '59, '60, Latin Club '58, '59, '60, College Club '59, Y- Teens '58, '59. '60, Room Agent '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, Business Staff '59, Pa- trons Staff '59: G. A, A. '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders Club '58. '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Jack Edward Olpp, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Olpp. Babblin Beatnik, People who 3on't like "Beatniks." "Jack" was in Music Appreciation '58, Col- e Club '58, Chorus '58, , '60, Thespians '58, '59, '60, German Club '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. leg '59 Lee Robinson Orr Son of Mrs. Ruth Orr. Bab- bling B e a t n i k: Monde 's tests-too many tests. "Bob" was in Future Retailers '60. Dale Alexander Orris Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex O r r i s. Babbling Beatnik: Girls who think they can drive. IHI, Darlene.l "Dale", Rodney Eugene Osborne Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stan- ley E. Osborne. Babbling Beatnik: Girls who have mothers as neat as they are. IHE, Joy., "Rod". Sharon Ann O'Toole Daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. Thomas O'Toole. Babbling Beatnik, A certain twin who is tall and' has blond hair from Hanover. lHi, Larryl. "Sheryl" was in Girls' Bas- ketball '58, Girls' Baseball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58 at St. Francis. Peggy Lou Packham Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Peckham. Babbling Beatnik: There are lots of runners, but there's only one Walker for me lHi, Pauli. "Peg" was in Latin Cub '58: Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '58, Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59, '60. William McDill Palmer, Jr. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam M. Palmer. Babbling Beatnik: Nikita Pearce - chev and his democratic band. "Willy" was in Music Appreciation '58, '59, '60: Latin Club '58, Science Club '59, '60s Band '58, '59, '60, Audio Visual Service Club '60, Vice President '60, Astronomy Club '6O. Marilyn Sue Parker Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker. Babbling Beatnik: Certain people who give me certain nicknames. 'Marilyn" was in Music Appreciation '60, Student Council '59, '60, College Club '59, secretary '59, Y- Teens '58, '59. '60: Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58, French Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Math Club '60, Future Teachers '60, Honor Society '6O. Mary Jean Parkinson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Parkinson. Bab- bling Beatnik: Oh, those daily climbs to the fourth floor. "Jean" was in Music Appreciation '58, '60, Future Teachers Club '58: French Club '59, '60. Mariorie Ann Patrick Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Patrick. Babbling Beatnik: Some people may want silver and gold, but I prefer my own kind of "riches." "Margie" was in Chorus '58, '59, '60, Y- Teens '60. Brenda Sue Peck Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold' W. Peck. Babbling Beatnik: Those who fall in love find it hard' to get out of it. lsn't that right? lHi, Tomi. "Fatty" was in G.A.A. '23, '59, '60, Y-Teens '59, Saundra Leu Pemberton Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J o h n Lowery. Babbling Beatnik: Those short lunc hoursl "Sandy" was in Y-Teens '60, G.A.A. '60, at- tended Mansfield H ig h School '5B, '59. Roberta Jean Pettet Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R a l p h Pettet. Babbling Beatnik: That endless walk to the fourth floor. "Boo- bie Jean" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, president '60, Latin Club '58, Future Teachers Club '58, Cup and Chaucer '60. linda Kurtz Pickett Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Pickett. Babbling Beatnik: Life may be short, but so am l. "Shorty" was in Music Appreciation '5B. '60, French Club '59, '60, Library Assistance '58, Col- lege Club '59, '60, Chorus '58, '59, Ensemble '58, '59, Y-Tens '58, '59, '60, treasur- er '59, Thespians '60, "Whole Town's Talking '53, "Lute Song" '59, Stage Manager of "Ten Little ln- dians" '60, Cup and Chau- cer '60. John Vernon Pickrel Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Pickrel. Gary Eugene Pidock Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pidock. Babbling Beatnik: l'm nutty over "Phyll." "Squirrel" was in Latin Club '58, College Club '60, Hi-Y '58, '59, '60, treasur- er '59, secretary '60, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Re- serve Football '58, Future Teachers Club '60, Co-Ed Volleyball '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Robin Edgar Pierce Son of Mr. and Mrs. Har- old E. Pierce. Babbling Beatnik: Naegling was Beowulf's, Nagy is mine. "Rockin' Robin" was ln Latin Club '58, '59, '60: Room Agent '59, Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Artist of Reveille Annual '60, Music Appreciation '60. ew Eve- Thomas Craig Piteock Son of Mr. and Mrs. James 8. Pitcock. Babbling Beat- nik: People who beat me in bowling. "Luke" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Col- lege Club '60, Boys' Base- ball '58, '59, '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. David Royal Powell Son of Mr. and Mrs. Don I. Powell. Babblin Beat- nik: Sue's little brother. Please say, yes, Sue. "Dave" was in Latin Club '58, Room Agent '60, Track Squad '58. William Seth Powell, Jr. Son of lda Fay Powell and William Seth Powell, Sr. Babblini Beatnik: Life is so short, ut oh so sweet. "Seth" was in Boys' Base- ball '58, '59, '60, Reserve Football '58, Varsity Foot- ball '59. William Staats Powell Son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Powell. Babbling Beat- nik: Too many unsociable women. "Kookie" was in Latin Club '58, '59, '60, Re- veille Review Staff '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Gladys Arlene Purvis Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Purvis. Babbling Beatnik: Waiting for those Friday nights and the slum- ber party later. "Purkees" was in Chorus '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59. Jane Adele Pyle Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Pyle. Babbling Beatnik: The moral to that story is, "Never be cau ht without your Rolaicgf' "Pokerchips" was in Latin Club '58, '59, '60, French Club '59, '60, president '60, College Club '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '53, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Honor Soclety '60. Beniamin William Rader Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Radler. Babbling Beat- nik: People who ask me when l am getting an en- gine fOf my '34. lHi, Lindall. "Reggie" lVan Braup llll was in Latin Club '57, Reveille Review Staff '58, Sports Editor '59, Reserve Football '57, Varsity Football '58, '59, German Club '58, '59, Football Track '28, '59, Cup and Chaucer Rebecca Laue Rader Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clar C. Rader. Babbling Beatnik: Struggling from the first floor to the fourth- afraid it is going to cave in any time. lHi, llillli "Becky" was in Spanish Club '58, '59, '60, Secretary '59, '60, College Club '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Intramural Basketball '57, Girls' Volleyball '58, Cup and Chaucer Club '60. Don Allen Reel Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O Reel. Babbling Beatnik: That long walk to the fourth floor lHi, Brendai. Carol Ann Reid Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Reid. Babbling Beat- nik: VICtory, VlCtory, is my cry. "Chig" was in Student Council '58, Latin Club '57, '58, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Math Club '58, '59, Vice Presl- dent '58, '60, Co-ed Volley- ball '58, '59, lnterclub Council '60, president '60. Arlene Merle Reinlseau Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Reinbeau. Babblin Beatnik: Most people wig get "Bill" once in their lives, but no one will get mine. lHi, Billj. "Arlene" was in Y-Teens '58, '60, Business Staff '60. Lois Ann Rey Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Shoults. Bab- bling Beatnik: l'm not one for going fast, but l sure am one for Terrying. "Woody" was in French Club '59, '60, Secretary '60, Latin Club '58, Cup and Chaucer Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, College Club '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders '60, Girls' Basket- ball '59, Co-ed Voile ball '59, Y-Teen President '58. Larry Wallace Reynolds C359 Alan RO'-"5"'50f' Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Reynolds. Babbling Beat- nik, The 66 steps to home- room. "Larry" was in Math Club '59, '60, Thes- pians '59, '60, Astronomy '59, '60, A.V.S.C. '58, '59, '60, President '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. James Arthur Richardson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle S. Richardson. Babbling Beatnik: People who beat me at golf and bowling. "Butch" was in Spanish Club '59, Golf '59, '60, Sphinx '60. Suzanne Richardson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Richardson. Bab- bling Beatnik: Some peo- ple say Kats are always fighting, but we know bet- ter, don't we, Syl? "Suzie" was in Music Appreciation '59, '60, Chorus '58, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Patron Staff '59, '60, Business Staff '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, Honor Society '60. James Robert Ritchey Son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Ritchey. Babbling Beat- nik: People who drive dog- gie cars. lHi, Stuartll "The Kid" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Boys Baseball '58, '59, '60, Track Squad '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60. Judith Ann Ritchey Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Ritchey. Babbling Beatnik: Some people pre- fer change but I prefer "Bill", lGearlhart, that isl. Those people who think I don't like to dance. "Jude" was in Latin Club '58, Chorus '58, Y-Teens '60, Room Agent '58, Sphinx '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '59, Girls' Volleyball '59. Jeffrey Lee Roberts Son of Mrs. Margaret Rob- erts and the late Reginald Roberts. Babbling Beatnik: People who don't like foot- balll "Jeff" was in Ger- man Club '59, '60, Reserve Football '58, Varsity Foot- ball '59, '60, Track Squad '58, '59, '60, Cup end Chaucer '60. 166 Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Robertson. Babbling Beat- nik: People who call me names that give others the wrong impression! "Clap- py" was in Future Retail- ers '60, Spanish Club '59, Reveille Review Staff '60, Room Agent '60. Thomas Allen Rockey Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rockey. Babbling Beatnik: Elizabeth Queenl "Aly". Ronald Lee Rose Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rose. Babbling Beatnik: Those long weekends in my model, A. "Ron" was in Future Retailers '60, Boys Baseball '58. Gaylene Constance Rowland Daughter of Mrs. Olive Rowland. Babbling Beat- nik: All those wonderful times. fHi, B. E., Gangj. "Constance" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58. Dennis Alan Runkel Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Runkel. Babbling Beatnik: People under 25 who go over 75 arid' people over 75 who go under 25. "Denny" was in Chorus '57, '59, Audio Visual Club '57, '58, Draamatics '57, Thespians '58, '5 . Barbara Doris Russell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Carl R u s s ell. Babbling Beatnik, Certain guys with certain cars. lHi, B.E., Gang, Hi Bob, Mikel. "Barb" was in Hi-C Club '52, Chorus '59, Y-Teens '5 . larry Dale Ruten Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruton. Babbling Beatnik: 75 or 30 - ll or 8 "Ruttie" was in Spanish Club '59, '60, Room Agent '58, 59: Speedball 58, '59, '6O: Boys' Baseball '59. John Edward Salyer Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ho- bert Salyer. Babbling Beat- nik: Girls who come to your house for your foot- ball iacket. lHi, Linl. "Jon" was in Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Varsity Football :gg '60, Reserve Football David Allan Sanor Son of Dr. Glenn Sanur and Mrs. June Paublos. Bab- bling Beatnik: Chev and lit- tle female hot rodders don't mix. "Hot Rod" was in Future Retailers '60. Linda Kaye Saunders Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Saunders. Babbling Beatnik: They don't give you a medal for climbing that last flight of stairs with breath. Linda was in Latin Club '58, '59, '60, Col- lege Club '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Paul Roger Scanlan Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ward Earl Scanlan. Babblin Beatnik: "Rosie's Back Again. Chonka Chonka." "The Joker" was on Re- veille Review Staff '58, '60. Ruth Ellen Scheiber Daughter of Mrs. Wilma Scheiber. Babbling Beat- nik: Those wonderful week- ends! "Shorty" was in Chorus '58, Choir '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58 '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Paul William Seabright Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rus- se E. Seabright. "Paul" was ig9 Math Club '60, Chorus Rebecca June Shackleford Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S a m u el B. Shackleford. "Becky" was in Y-Teens '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Sylvia Mary Shannon Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shannon. Babbling Beatnik: Talking mothers into late hours for special reasons. Right Suzie? 10c- tober 9th and l7th, for ex- amplel lKatJ. "Sylvester" was in Music Appreciation '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Patron Staff '59, '60, Business Staff '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58. Frank Elliot Sheldon Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Sheldon. Babbling Beatnik: Teachers who won't let you sleep in study-halls. "The Bull" was in Key Club '60, Sphinx Club '60, Boys' Baseball '58, Reserve Foot- ball '58, Varsity Football '59, '60. James Harmon Shomaker Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Shomaker. Babbling Beat- nik: Mr. Hale's Economics C I a s s. "Jim" attended Granville and' was in Chorus '57, Boys' Baseball '57, ln- tramural Basketball '57, Re- serve Basketball '57, Re- serve Football '57, '58. Penelope Joan Shumakor Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Shumaker. "Pen- ny" was in Debate '60, Music Appreciation '60, French Club '60, College Club '60, Y-Teens '60, Girls' Volleyball '60, Tennis '60, G.A.A. '60, Cup and Chauc- er '60. Qt Gary Nolan Shy Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Shy. B a b bl i n g Beatnik: Peoplel "Gary" was in Music Appreciation '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Chorus '58, Band '58, '59, '6O: Cup and Chaucer '60. William Rae Simpson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Simpson. Bab- bling Beatnik: See the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet. "Bill" was in Band '58, '59, lg: Dance Band '58, '59, Linda Leu Sipe Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benton Sipe. Babbling Beat- nik: Boys who think l can't drive. lHi, Bobl. "Lola" was in Latin Club '58: Y- Teens '58, '59, '60: Room Agent '59, Business Staff '60: G.A.A. '58, '59, '60: "Whole Town's Talking" '58f "Lute Song" '59p "Opening Night" 59. Kenneth David Skeese Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ken- neth N. Skeese. linda Lou Smart Daughter ol' Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smart. Babbling Beatnik: People who say I talk too fast. "Linda" was in Music Appreciation '58: Y-Teens '59, 60: Band '58, '59, '6O: Dance Band '58, '59, '60: G.A.A. '58, '59, '60p Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60g Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, '60, Sandra Sue Smart Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smart. Babbling Beatnik: S t u d e n t s who travel through the halls slowly. "Sandy" was ln M u s i c Appreciation '58: French C I u b '58, '59, '6O: Latin Club '58: Science Club '60: Y-Teens '60: Sphinx '60: Cup and Chauc- er '60: G.A.A. '58, '59, '60. Daniel Wayne Smith Son of Mrs. Helen Magruder and the late John Smith. Babbling Beatnik: Running out of gas on the way to schooll "Dan" was in Boys' Baseball '58. Donna lee Smith Daughter of Mrs. Ruth E. Smith. Babbling' Beatnik: That certain red- eaded guy named Jack who is so un- predictable. lHi, honeyl. "Donna." Melanie lee Smith Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Redding. Babbling Beatnik: Those long phone calls and trying to get everything finished on time. "Melanie' was in Chorus '58 '59, '60: Future Home- makers '58, '59, '60, French Club '59, '60: Sphinx '60. Ronald Lee Smith Son of Mrs. Nora l. Smith Babbling Beatnik: Taking tests on Monday mornings. "Smitty" was in Future Re- tailers '60. Sharon Lynn Smith Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Smith. Babbling Beatnik: Some people may like their Budweiser, but I like my Brenhlser. lHi, Sussiel. "Smitte" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60: G.A.A. '58, '59, '60: Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60: Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Sharon Kay Spangler Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Spangler. Babbling Beatnik: Lats of people prefer Ricky Nelson, but for me it'll always be "Dave." ll-ti, Davel. "Sweets" was ln Future Retailers '6O: Chorus '58: Y-Teens '58: Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Mary Aldene Spence Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P au l Spence. Babbling Beatnik: That crazy wild man on the "beast.' lHi, Williel. "Ugly" was in Chorus '58, Business Staff '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60. Merle James Spicer Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Spicer. Babbling Beatnik: Suzannel Merle was in Boys' Baseball '58, '60, Sphinx '60. James Dale Spring Son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Burlison. Babbling Beat- nik: Should l come around the dressing room after a game? "Dinger." Dixie Lee Springston Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Springston. Babblin? Beatnik: One who is a- ways Loyall'sJ. "Dix's" was in Chorus '58, Choir '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Junior Ensemble '59, Senior Ensemble '59, '60, Douglas Roth Stauffer Son of Mr. and Mrs. War- ren L. Stauffer. Babbling Beatnik: People who like to read whiz-bang: "Little Stogy" was in C orus '58, '59, Room Agent '55, Co-Ed Volleyball '58, '59 '60, Math Club '58, '59, '60, izhinx '60, Cup and Chaucer Donna Jean Stevens Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Stevens. "Donna." lHi, Larryl. John Edward Stevens Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Antritt. Babbling Beatnik: A fire drill dur- ing one of Mr. HaIe's tests. "John" was in Future Re- tailers '60, vice president '60. Judith Kay Stoneburner Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. . Stoneburner. Babbl- ing Beatnik: Those Friday and Saturday night dates. lHi, kindsl. "Stony" was in Chorus '58, G.A.A. '58, '23, '60, Library Assistant James Charles Sullivan Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Sullivan. Babblin Beatnik: Waiting for peop?e to get ready. lHustle, Ruthiej. "Charlie" was in Latin Club '58, Varsity Football '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Science Club '60. Bennie Joyce Sunkle Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Bernard Sunkle. Babbling Beatnik: l agree with "The People's Choice." lHi, Cleoll lFeast in the Beastl. "Sonnie" was in Student Council '59, Music Apprecia- tion '60, Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Reserve Cheerleader '58, Varsity Cheerleader '39, '60, Col- lege Club '59, '60, Reveille Review Staff '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, 60, Gym Leaders Club '58, '59, '60, vice president '60, Dramatic: '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Vice President of Class '58, Homecoming Court '60. Carolyn Pauline Sunkle Daughter of Mrs. Virgil Sunkle. Babbling Beatnik: Many people can look at a wishing well, but l will al- ways hava my private "WeIls." Connie was in Y-Teens '58, '59, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Sigh' Volleyball '58, '59 Max Melton Swartz Son of Mrs. Frances Swartz. Babbling Beatnik: Limberger cheesel "Pork- chops.' Robert Eldon Swisher Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Swisher. Babbling Beatnik: Guys who carry my :ar around! "Bob lSwishl" was in Science Club '59, '60, German Club '59, '60, Chorus '58, Cup and Chauc- er '60, Sandra lane Taylor Daughter of Mrs. Mary Tay- lor. Babbling Beatnik: Aladdin had his lamp, but l have my Genie. lHi, Genel. "Sandie" was in Music Appreciation '60, Chorus '58, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '60, Girls' Volleyball '60, Maiorette '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders '58, '59, '60. Bonnie Mae Thompson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson. Babbling Beatnik: People who thin they know it all. "Pepper." Charlene Sue Thompson Daughter of Mr. Ernest Thompson and the late Mrs. Ernest Thompson. Babbling Beatnik: A boy wth brown hair. lHi, Bobl. "Red" was in Future Retailers '59, '60, Glee Club '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58. Kimberley Anne Thompson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thompson. Bab- bling Beatnik: Some peo- ple like the color redl, but l like "white" much bet- ter. lHi, Clenniel. "Kim" was ln Music Appreciation '60, Latin Club '58, '59, Re- serve Cheerleadler '58, '59, Varsity Cheerleader '60, College Club '60, Chorus '58, Reveille Review Staff '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Class Officers '58, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volley- ball '5B, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Gym Leaders '59, '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, "The Whole Town's Talking" '58, "Mrs. McThir1 " '58, "The Sgtsritfn lstugent Director, Patricia Ann Thompson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Thompson. Babbling Beatnik: A certain guy with a '55 Chevy. iHi, Tomi. "Pat" was in Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Sharyn Lee Thompson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C a r l Greider. Babbling Beatnik: Oh, that "pud- dle-iumper" lHi, Kiml. "Sharyn" was in Debate '58, '59, '60, secretary '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Reveille Review Staff '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '59, '60, Tennis '59, '60, German Club '59, '60, president '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Thespians '59, '60, "Lute Song" '59. Mary Lou Tims Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tims. Babbling Beatnik: B e i n g called "Mary", I don't like it! "Louie" was in Student Council '60, Music Apprecia- tion '59, '60, French Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Science Club '60, College Club '60, Chorus '58, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60, Choir '59, Honor So- ciety '60. Carolyn Louise Toothaker Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Royal Keyes. Babbling Beat- nik: Waiting for Tom- orrow, lHi, Tomi. "Toot" was in Student Council '59, Music Appreciation '58, '60, Latin Club '58, secretary, '59, Chorus '58 '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '59, Class Secretary '59, '60, Cup and' Chaucer '60, Sphinx '60, Honor Society '60. Clayton Hall Trager and Mrs H C. Son of Mr. ' . . Trager. Babbling Beatnik: Smarter than the average bear. 'Trig" was in Future Retailers '59. Barbara Jean Trickey Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee Cook. Babbling Beatnik: Most people like football, but I like a toot- ball player. lHi, Virgl. "Bobbie" was in Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- lczfgl '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, Linda Ann Trickle Daughter of Mr. and Mrs Robert Neighbarger. Bab- bling Beatnik: Some people prefer barns, but l like a House. lHi, Keithl. "Crisco" was in Y-Teens '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '60, G.A.A. 58, '59, '60, Sharlet Jean Trusler Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Chancey. Babbling Beatnik: People who can't spell the name Sharlet. "Sharlet" was in Y-Teens '59, '6O. Thomas Edward Tucker Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Tucker. Babbling Beatnik: "Those Ford lovers". fHi, Patl- "Tom" was on Annual Staff '58, Reveille Review Staff '58, Sphinx '60, Co- Ed Volleyball '59. Judith Ann Smith lulfilhl Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith. Babblin Beat- nik: The day Mari 8th, and the following day in Mr. Boyd's office. fHi, Chuckl. "Judy." Norma Erlene Van Gilder Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Armstrong. Babbling Beatnik: Some people like receipts, but I like a "Billl". ll-li, Billj. "Dutch- ess" was in Y-Teens '60, Room Agent '60, Girls' Bas- ketball '5B, '59, '60, Mariorie Bobbetta Van Orman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Orman. Babbl- ing Beatnik: People who tease me about my middle namel "Margie" was in Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, mls' Volleyball '58, '59, 171 Richard Melvin Van Winkle Son of Mr. and Mrs. Har- old Van Winkle. Babbling Beatnik: Down cellar be- hind the ax. "Rick" was in Annual Staff '59, '60, Music Appreciation '60, Lat- in Club '58, College Club '60, Hi-Y '59, '60, Boys' Baseball '58, '59, '60, Fu- ture Teachers '60, Co-Ed Volleyball '59, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Glenn Ivan Vermilion Son of Mr. and Mrs. Daw- son Vermilion. Babbling Beatnik: That's a good questionl "Tack" was in Music Appreciation '60, Latin Club '58, '59, College Club '60, Chaplain '59, Boys' Baseball '53, '59, '6Q, Fu- ture Teachers '60, Co-Ed Vol- leyball '59, Cup and Chau- cer '60. ' Teresa Diane Wagner Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner. Babbling Beatnik: People who laugh at me in French Class. "Tessie" was on Student Council '58, '59, '60, Vice- president '60, Music Ap- preciation '58, French Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, Chorus '58, College Club '59, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Secretary '60, Room Agent '58, '59, Gym Leaders '58, '59, '60, Future Teacher's Club '59, '60, Cup and Clgaucer '60, Honor Society '6 . Leslie James Waldron Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Waldren. Babbling Beat- nik: People who call me Lestoil. ll-li, Jani. "Les" was in Band '58, '59, '60, Senior Manager '6O. Charlene Kay Walker Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Walker. Babb'- ing Beatnik: "Those week- ends at the hospital!" "Charlie" was in Future Re- tailers '59, '60. Ronald Eugene Walker Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob- ert C. Walker. Babbling Beatnik: "Mr Nye and a certain girl that is awful- E.Q." "Ronnie" was in Chorus '58. Bernice Lyn Wallace Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wallace. Babbling Beatnik: "Life is iust a bowl of cherries, so start eating. lHi, Roryzy. "Lyn" was in Cup and C aucer 60. Sharon Kay Walsh Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Earl Walsh. "Sharon" was in Honor Society '60. Charles Burnette Warden Son of Mir. and Mrs. Charles B. Warden. Babblin Beat- nik: Some people like dol- lars, but as for me, I like Pennylsl. "Charlie" was in Latin Club '58, College Club '60, Hi-Y '59, Room Agent '59, Business Staff '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and' Chaucer '60, Business Man- ager of Reveille Annual '60, Joyce Carolyn Weakley Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weakley. Babbling Beatnik: Oh that lisa: Sethen, weather, skied, ot - er, the rither. "Zip" was in Music Appreciation '59, Lat- in Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Chorus '58, French Club '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Band '58, Treasur- er of French Club '60: Cup and Chaucer '60. William Bertram Wealrley Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam F. Weakley. Babbling Beatnik: Those people who like Fords and Studebakers. "Bert." Joyce lrve Wears Residing with Mr. and Mrs. John Klein. Babbling Beat- nik: Boys with persuading blue eyes and cute smiles fascinate me. lRonniej Oh those lunch periods in Phyllis's car. ll-li, Ganqll. "lrva" was in Chorus '58, '59, '60, Librarian '60, En- semble '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Room Agent '60, G.A.A. '58, 59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. 172 Stanley Webb Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Webb, Babbling Beatnik: loud teachers. 'Spider." Richard Weidner Son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Weidner. Bab- bling Beatnik: Girls in generall "Rich" was in Varsity Football '58, '59, '60. Thomas Frederick Weimar Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wiley. Babbling Beatnik: There's gotta be an easier way to do this. lHi, Nor- mal. "Weiner" was Room Agent '5B. Mary Jo Wells Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Wells. Babbling Beatnik: That which costs the least and does the most is a pleasant smile. "Jo" was in Production Staff '60: Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Assistant Feature Editor '59, Y-Teens '58, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60 Robert Douglas Wentz Son of Mr. D. C. Wentz and Mrs. E. H. Cooper. Babbling Beatnik: Girls with red hair. lHi, Charlenel. "Wince" was in Future Re- tailers '59, '60. lucy Anne West Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. West. Babbling Beatnik: Some prefer Ches- terfield, but l prefer Mans- field. lHi, Dalel. "Jake" was in Y-Teens. Willa Jeanne White Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. White. Babbling Beat- nik, People who do noth- ing but complain. "Willee" was in Reveille Review Staff '59, '60, Y-Teens '59, '60, Future Homemakers '58, '59, Cup and Chaucer '60, Booster Club '58, '59, Jun- ior Club Play. Frank Richard Whitis Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Whitis. Babbling Beat- nik: Teachers who give too much homework. "Dick" was in Music Appreciation '58, '59, '60, French Club '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Thomas Eugene Whittington Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Whittington. Babbling Beatnik: Mothers who for- bid their daughters to date boys who d'rive. lHi, Jeanl. "Whip" was in Chorus '58, Music Appreciation '58, '59, '60, Math Club '60. Earl Gerald Whyde Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Whyde. Babbling Beatnik: People who borrowed my money. "Carrot top." John Scott Whyde Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- bur E. Whyde. Babbling Beatnik: "Be" Talk - Goobie, Goobie. "John" was in Student Council '60, Treasurer '60, Music Ap- preciation '5B, Latin Club '5B, Science Club '60, Ger- man Club '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer Club '60, Astronomy Club '60, Honor Society '60. Donald Stanley Wildman Son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Wildman. Babbling Beat- nik Dear Mrs. Perry and civics classes. "Don.' Barbara Ann Williams Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Williams. Babbling Beatnik: Football, basket- ball coaches and' managers. "Barbie" was in Music Ap- preciation '59, German Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Glee Club '5B,, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, vice-president '60, Gym Leaders '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Vol- leyball '58, '59, Cup and glaaucer '60, Honor Society Darlene Kay Wills Daughter of Robert Wills. Babbling Beatnik: Some eople may have rabbits, but they will never have a bunny like mine. lHi, Georgel. "Dar" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Ann louise Wilson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Wilson. Babbling Beatnik: People who don't appreciate m pep and go to sleep at slumber parties. "Angela" was in Music Ap- preciation '60, Spanish Club '59, '60, Latin Club '58, College Club '59, '60, Re- veille Review Staff '59. '60, Y-Teens '56, '60, Girls' Bas- ketball '5B, Girl's Volley- ball '58, Tennis '59, Gym Leaders '58, '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, "Opening Night" '59, Cup and Chauc- er '60. Carol Darlene Wilson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wilson. Babbling Beatnik: People who say they are going to do some- thing. then they never do it. ll-li, Joel. "Slowpoke" was in Y-Teens '60, Girls' Basketball '55, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '60. Jane Ann Wilson Daughter of Mrs. Eloise Wilson. Babbling Beatnik: A certain person who says the planets twinkle lHi, Dickl. "Janie" was in Fu- ture Retailers '59, '60, Y- Teens '59, '60, Girls' Basket- ball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, '60. Sheila Ann Williams Daughter of Mr. Archie M. Williams and Mrs. Juanta Bradford. Babbling Beatnik: Lots of iokers with load's of laughs that keep me up late at our record partiesl ll-ii, kidsl. "Sheena" was in Chorus '60, Y-Teens '60, Room Agent '58, Girls' Vol- leyball '59, '60. i' Kenneth Franklin Wilson Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam F. Wilson. Babbling Beatnik: People who keep saying my car's on fire. iHi, Gangl. "Ken' was in Cup and Chaucer '60, Phyllis Grace Wilson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vance H, Wilson. Babbling Beatnik: Boys who are "GOING STEADY." ll"ley gang: Guess what? No keys! Hold the windowl To the station lt's dark. Watch out! You'll break itl lt's about timell "Phyll" was in G.A,A. '58, '59, '60, Y4Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volley- ball '58. Sharon Pauline Winland Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winland. Babbling Beatnik: Some like gar- ages, but I like BARNES. lHi, Ronniel. "Wendy" was in Y-Teens '59, '60, Band '5a, '59, '60, G.A,A. '58. '59, '60, Girls' basketball '58, '59, '60, Girls' Volley- ball '58, '59, '60. Barbara Jean Wise Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert W i s e. Babbling Beatnik: T h e y said' it could'n't be done. You know . . . they were right. "Babs" was in G.A.A. '58. '59, Room Agent '58, '59, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '58. Nancy Sue Wolfe Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Balcon R. Wolfe. Babbling Beatnik, Rainy days, leaky fountain pens, and slow school buses, "Nance" was in Music Appreciation '58, '60, Y-Teens '58, Girls' Bas- ketball '58, Girls' Volley- ball '58. Janice Adrian Wolford Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Wolford. Babbl- ing Beatnik: Keep a happy thought! "Jan" was in Sales Organization '58, '59, '60, Music Appreciation '58, '59, '6O- Latin Club '59, Y- Teens '59, '60, Reveille Re- view Staff '60, Typist, Col- lege Club '58, '59. '60, Future Teachers '58, '59, '60, vice-president '60, French Club '59, '60, Cup and Chaucer '6O. 1"'4 Linda Ann Woollrd Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Woolard. Babbling Beatnik: Rest is for the dead. "Abe" was in G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '60, Business Staff '58, Girls' Basketball '58, '59, Girls' Volleyball '58, '59, Tennis Gym Leaders '58, '59, Carol lea Wright Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wright. Babbling Beatnik: A certain Knechtges who calls me "idiot. ll-li, Johnl. "Carol" was in Patron Staff '59, '60, Music Appreciation '58, '59, '60, president '60, latin Club '58, College Club '60, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60, Band '58, '59, '60, G.A,A. '58, '59, '60, Business Staff '59, '60, Sphinx '60, Cup and Chaucer '60. Dorothy Sue Wright Daughter of Mrs. Merle Wright. Babbling Beatnik: A certain someone so far away. lHi, Floydl. Hey. gang, how's the Beatniks? "Dotsie" was in Future Re- tailers '59, '60, G.A.A. '58, '59, '60, Y-Teens '58, '59, '60, Girls' Basketball '58, Girls' Volleyball '59. Virginia louise Wright Daughter of Mrs. D. F. Farmer and Mr. Clarence Wright. Babbling Beatnik, Geel ls that so? lHi, Nedl. "Ginny" was in Chorus '58, G.A.A. '58, '59, '6Q, Y- Teens '58, '59, '60. Delores Antoinette Young Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Young. Babbling Beatnik: C e r t a i n boy's brothers that l'd like to date. lHi, gangl How're you fixed for blades?l Wayman Allan Zachary Son of Mr. and Mrs. Way- man Zachary. Babbling Beatnik: People who call me Zach Taylor. "Zach" was Math Club '60, Sphinx 743 Bm! New Sf-Jwal ezmmze of me Wm Nfawlueu fncfe Danger! This word was one of the first to be used in connection with the erection of the new Newark Senior High School. The above pictures show ground breaking and grading activities on the site of the new building. The fact that as the Reveille celebrates its fiftieth birthday it can look to a new home in the future is rather an auspicious situation. For fifty years the Reveille has been published within the venerable, although somewhat deteriorating walls of the old building on West Main Street. The Reveille can now look to fifty years of publication within the Hub ofthe new campus-style Newark Senior High School south of Sherwood Drive. For several years school people and many citizens have been aware of the fact that Newark would have to have a new high school building. Realiza- tion ot this fact did not come quickly, however. A brief tracing of the evolution of the high school can explain this. One worker swells with pride over his and his friends' tunnel which will house various pipe lines. 176 Newark's original public high school, as has been pointed out elsewhere, was Old Central, opened in the autumn of 1851 fthe third story was added in 18541. Old Central functioned as the high school until the erection of a building on West Main Street in 1884. Old Central continued to operate as an eight-grade school. By the fall of 1906, New- ark's school population had outgrown the single unit on West Main Street and, consequently, our an Another view uf the tunnel shortly after construction. W .fa Q nex was opened for student reception in the tall of 1908. Meanwhile, a long struggle had been going on to acquire for NHS a gymnasium. Some ot the earliest issues ot the Reveille point up Newark's need for a place to house its physical education and athletic program. However, not until September, 1924 did actual construction get under way. The Class of 1926 was the first group of seniors to use the new gym on Fifth Street. Another annex in the form of the Manual Arts Buildings and materials midway in the , 4 .,. The temporary construction building at the site of the new school Building was begun in 1928 when the Board of Education purchased ground across the alley in the rear ot the 1908 annex. But the school population continued to grow. Because of this growth and because of the fact that the original building of 1884 had become antiquated, a new building replaced the old in 1939. At the same time the 'Reveille tor 1939 showed an architectural drawing lon page 151 ot the pro- jected high school. This drawing incorporated the new wing. rising of the new campus group. f.. ff - , 9 Steel supports and pipe lines m one of the new units. Note the prison effect as these "bars" are put in place. Prophetic? Could this be the underpinnings of Warden Beadle's detention institution? By the late l95O's however, it becarne evident that the Main Street site was becoming quite unsat- isfactory. The center of population of the city had shifted westward, the area of land upon which the school was located was smaller than believed adequate by school authorities, the industrialized neighborhood was quite dirty because of smoke and dust stirred up by traffic, and traffic had in- creased on Main Street to such proportions that it was not only noisy but also dangerous. True, some land had been acquired by the Board of Education in anticipation of the building program on the pres- ent site, but by May of i957 the people of Newark wifi' 2 i at were confronted by a bond issue, part of which was to be used to erect a new high school. The issue passed. The next year was given over to meetings among faculty, administration, and architects concerning the nature of the new building. Somewhere along the line the campus style building emerged, and in the spring of T959 ground breaking ceremonies were held. Although more time has been asked by the con- tractor, the Board of Education has insisted that the school be ready for occupancy in September of 1960. And these men really work hard for our future comfort and pleasure' 178 Football season in full tilt. Chronicle for 1959-1960 AUGUST IO-15-Band goes to New York. I3-Varsity and Reserve football players get physicals. 20-Football practice starts. 27-First football scrimmage with Mt. Vernon-Newark wins 18-6. 30-Sept. 4-Band goes to camp. SEPTEMBER 3wFootball scrimmage with Columbus East. We win 24-18. 5-Football scrimmage with Columbus South. Newark wins 18-6. 8-Football scrimmage with Columbus West. Newark wins 18-6. School opens. Sophomores hold organizational meeting. 10-Senior class organizational meeting. 179 Assembly featuring Otto and Donna Schmidt Junior class organizational meeting. First Science Club meeting. First fire drill. Audio-Visual Club holds organizational meet- ing. Sportsmanship Assembly. Mr. Southard speaks on what he expects of student body. Key Club meeting. COTA meeting-No school! Newark beats Columbus Central l6-6. First Thespian meeting. Gym Leaders Club at 6:30. Sale of Reveille Review starts. Key Club Orientation meeting. Senior Y-Teens organizational Vincent Burns, "Poet laureate of America," reads selections of poetry January ninth. , 180 meeting. Astronomy Club organizational meeting. French Club meeting for election of officers. Spanish Club organizational meeting. Newark plays Toledo-Whitmer. We win 20-ld. Organizational meeting of College Club. Sophomore and Junior assemble at 8:30. Thespian meeting after school. Future Teachers organizational meeting. Sophomore class dues collected. Student Council at 7:30. OCTOBER Sophomore Y-Teens meeting. French and Spanish Clubs have picnic at Moundbuilders Park at 6:30. 6-Thespian meeting. Student Council at 7:30. German Club meeting. Fire drill. 7-Sophomore and Junior pictures taken. Thespian meeting after school. 8-Junior Y-Teens organizational meeting at 4:00. Official fire drill for fire prevention week. 9-Play tryouts after school. Football game. Newark downs Mansfield 36-12. Contest starts to name the theme for the Homecoming Dance. Five dollars reward to winner. First copy of Reveille Review is out. 12-Latin Club toniglzt at 7:30. College Club at 4:00. National Y-Teens Week. 13-Student Council meeting at 7:30. Gym Leaders dinner at Center Cafe. Announcement is made over WCLT that the old building of NHS does not pass fire inspection. l4-Organizational meeting of Music Appreciation. Officers elected. 15-Assembly at 1:00. John Nickles assembly on rnap making. Teachers meeting at 2:30. P.T.A. open house at 7:30. I6-Newark High's first pep assembly at 3:15 today. John Ankele, Harry Lytle, Jane Davidson, Steve Groban imperson- ate teachers. Mr. Beadle leads the Wildcats in a few cheers. Newark's first COL game proved fatal. Newark lost 36-12 to Lancaster. 20-German Club meeting at 4:00. Student Council at 7:30 in the art room. 21-Senior Y-Teens meeting at 4:00. Public Relations meeting of Student Council at 4:00. 22-Cabinet meeting of Junior Y-Teens at 4:00. Meeting of Social Committee at 3:15. Hi-Y meeting at 7:30 at YMCA. Beatnik Day at NHS. Students dressed as "beatniks" were sent home to change clothes. Big pep rally at White Field at 7:00, ending with a big bonfire. 23-Students rebel!! Beatniks change style and dress up. Big game with Zanesville. Newark is dropped 21-6. Parent's night. No difficulties after the game. 26-College Club at 4. Latin Club at 7:00 in library. Sophomore Y-Teens meeting. 27-Gym Leaders at 6:30 in Gym. Future Teachers at 4:00. lhespian meeting in auditorium. Audio-Visual Service Club at 4:00. Meeting of Public Relations Committee. 28-Key Club meeting at 7:30. 29-Math Club at 7:30 in band room. 30-Game at Coshocton. ln spite of the bad weather, Newark wins 20-0. NOVEMBER 2-Candidates for Homecoming meet with Mrs. Carlo at 4:00 to have pictures taken. 3-Student Council meeting at 7:30 in the art room. Plans for the Homecoming dance are made. 4-Sale of tickets for the Homecoming dance starts today. The school levy is defeated by over 1100 votes. On the other hand, Zanesville passes a bigger levy by 721: in addition to an income tax. 5-Collection of Junior Class dues starts today. 6-Newark's annual Homecoming game is held at White Field. Preceding the game, Virgene Dowie is crowned queen. Her court includes Bonnie Sunkle, Lois Rey, Becky Rader, and Sandy Nethers. Newark downs the Cavaliers 22-0. 7-The Homecoming dance is held in the gym from 9 to 12. Music is provided by the Jacketts. 8-College Club meeting at 4:00. Speaker from Miami Valley Hospital. ll-Congressman Levering is the speaker today at our Veterans Day assembly. A question-and-answer period followed his speech. 12-Mr. Powers is chosen "Teacher of the Month" by the Key Club. 13-Our last football game this season at Marietta. Marietta wins by a score of 14-0. I4-Statewide debate held in Newark. 17-Student Council cleans the trophy cases and Minerva. 19-Math Club holds formal initiation tonight. PTA tonight in the band room. 20-No games! One week of rest between basketball and foot- ball. Thespians present Ten Little Indians in school auditorium. -Gym Leaders go to the Maple Inn for Thanksgiving dinner. 25-Thanksgiving vacation begins today at 4:00. 27-Newark beats Columbus West 65-34 in the first basketball game this season. The Reserves also win 28-27. DECEMBER 4-Newark Travels to Norwalk for the second basketball game. Newark wins 57 to 53. 7-Math and science teachers participate in a work clinic that lasts for two weeks. 8-Boys' assemble at 8:30 for a movie on Scouting. -There was a fire drill at three today. I1-Pep Assembly at 3:15 today. The first COL game is played at Lancaster. Newark wins by a close 51 to 50. 15-The Student Council put up a Christmas tree in the second floor hall by Minerva. Mr. and Mrs. Stradley contribute the tree. "Ten Little Indians" held November twentieth -Assembly today at 1:00. Otto and Donna Schmidt demon- strate how to keep the body healthy through gymnastics. Rich Weidner helps with the demonstration by lifting weights. -Newark wins its fourth straight basketball game by defeating Chillicothe 47 to 36. -At the Christmas assembly, the Thespians present the play Gift of the Maii and Choir sings three songs to help bring forth Christmas spirit. School dismisses at 3:15, and Christ- mas vacation starts. -Newark beats Marion 65 to 60. --Columbus South suffers defeat by Newark 57 to 30. That makes six in at row! 181 ,.j,-g:.'.,4--- 3 R 'K Zanesville travels to Newark and is defeated 68-54. School relations between Newark and Zanesville have improved greatly since last year's debacle. School dismissed at 2:30 as a result of hazardous road con- ditions caused by the snow. PTA meeting postponed. Road conditions remain hazardous. No school today. Two buses scheduled to go to Marietta game canceled. Marietta stops Newark after a tough one: 61-59 in an overtime. -.lunior high basketball tournaments held in gym. False-alarm fire bell. Some ioker called in a bomb-scare and caused 1400 students to go out into the rain. Pep assembly at 3:15. Last COL game of the year. 'Cats dump Coshocton 67 to 47. Finals of the junior high basketball tournament. Wilson de- feats Mt. Vernon to cop iunior-high championship title. MARCH -The Newark basketball team travels to Columbus to play Mt. Vernon in the class AA basketball tournaments. Newark defeats Mt. Vernon 47-41. Newark defeats Whitehall 46-43 in class AA tournaments. Newark defeats London 69-48 in the quarter finals of tournament play. Linden McKinley is defeated by the Wildcats 59-45 in the semi-finals. Someone put limberger cheese on the radiator in the auditorium. The school had a very peculiar ill smell all afternoon. At the tournaments March nineteenth 0 -1 15- 20- Pep assembly before the Coshocton basketball game February 26 JANUARY Newark downs Toledo Waite 68 to 52. Newark travels to Zanesville but suffers a loss 37 to 33. Back on their own court, Newark tromps Mt. Vernon 56 to 54. ln an assembly, Vincent Burns, "poet laureate of Amer- ica," reads selections of poetry. There is a pep assemble at 3:15 and it pays off. Newark ties for first place in COL by beating Marietta 63 to 49. Exams start. More of the same. Still more of the same. All iuniors come to school at 8:30 to take test. Tests last till 12:15. -Wildcats stay in the COL lead by beating Coshocton 46 to 37. Junior high school play-day for girls held in high school gym. -Newark hosts Mansfield and wins 51 to 40. -Semester grade cards come out! -Newark slips by Lancaster 60 to 45. -Scoring another win, Newark beats New Philadelphia 72 to 62. FEBRUARY -'Cats lose their second game to Chillicothe 58-44. -Because of a faculty meeting, school dismissed at 2.30. -Newark fans watch a one-sided win as Newark takes the Class AA District tournaments by defeating Grandview 65-36. A caravan forms outside Granville to escort the team home. -Big pep meeting to celebrate the victory Saturday night. -Today is Career Day. Visitors from all types of occupations speak. -Teachers meeting today. School dismissed at 2:30. -Newark defeats Steubenville 69-58 in the Regional tournaments. -The Wildcats suffer defeat by Canton Timken in the regional finals by a scor of 59-52. District 7 Band and Chorus Contest here. National Merit Scholarship tests given. -Mr. Dudding takes his Democrats to mock convention at Capital U. -Thespians present three one-act plays. APRIL -D.E. dance. -Republican mock convention at Capital U. -Seniors measured for caps and gowns. -Joe Schechler assembly at one o'clock. First evening of annual Band Concert. -Easter chapel. Second evening of Band Concert presented. -Math Club dance is held. State Solo and Ensemble Contest scheduled. 16-Easter vacation-before Easter this year! -Everyone goes to church on Easter. -Track at Worthington. The Reveille Review rushing to meet deadline for the Senior Issue 183 -Golf at Zanesville. -PTA meeting. -Student Council dance. Golf here. -Band and Chorus State Finals here. -String concert at Music Hall for parents only. Honor So- ciety recognition assembly held. Lancaster and Zanesville here for golf. -Choir gives annual concert. 30-Senior Y-Teens dance held. MAY 4-Honor Society banquet. Teen-age health fair in gym begins. Golfers go to Lancaster. 9-Golfers go to Coshocton. I3-14-COL golf tournament. Band Festival at Washington Court House. 18-Track at Worthington. 24-Student Council banquet. 28-Junior-Senior Prom at Elks. JUNE -Give seniors caps and gowns. 7-Senior practice at stadium. 8-Class picnic at one o'clock. 9-Commencement. IO-School closes for another year. R ADVER'1'ISER'S INDEX On our fiftieth anniversary the Reveille Annual staffs for the past fifty years want to say a sincere thank-you for the support you advertisers have given us in order that we might put out this volume for the students of Newark Senior High School. We hope that you have liked our book and you will continue to like and to support us for the next fifty years. And to all of us at NHS, let us show our appreciation by making our purchases from these merchants who have so unselfishly helped us along. Abbott's Shoe Store Advocate Printing Company Airesman's Electric Company Alban, Sam, Company Albyn, H. A. Nursery Alten's Clothing Store, Inc. Annarino Bros., New Center Cafe Arensberg, George, Pharmacy Art, H. L. Jeweler Ashcraft Machine and Supply Company Athanor Heating Company B and L Auto Supply B and L Motor Freight, Inc. Baker, Joseph and Associates Bero Brothers Equipment and Supplies Beverly Dress Shop Borden Company Boyd Welding and Machine Company Boyer and Leech Detective Agency Brown, Johnny, Floors Brucker and Moody Buckeye Cleaners Bucy Lumber Inc. Burtic Jewelers Busy Bee Restaurant Callander Cleaning Company Carlisle Furniture and Rug Company Carroll's, John J., Department Store Cartnal and Sons Coca-Cola Bottling Company Continental Can Company, lnc. Cornell Men's and Boy's Wear Crane-Kreig-Flory Criss Brothers Danzenbaker, Otto F., Inc. Daugherty, Radio and Television DeFrance Construction DeWleese Bros. Market DeVito Book Store, J.A. Dinner Bell Restaurant Doneff's Food Inc. Dry Creek Crushed Gravel Company Edmiston Book Store Electric Wholesale, Inc. Emerson, Roe, Store, The Erick's Drugs Fairfield Shoppe Farquhar and Steinbaugh Floral Arts Studio Frenier Sheet Metal Gallaher Drugs Gay, Betty Goumas Candy Shop Gray Top Deluxe Cab Company Green Bay Fur Company Hall and Son Haynes Bros, lnc. Hazlett's Sunoco Station Heath Electric Company Helphrey, Pete Henderson, Ross, Inc. Hermann's Holland Electric Hollar, O. D. and Son, Inc, Holmquist Electric Horner's Paint Company Hotel Taft Howard Studio Hub, The HuIl's Wall Paper Store Hunter, G. B. Independent Dairy, Inc. ADV1CR'1'ISER'S INDEX Jeffries Supply Company Jerry's Fabrics K. and G. Lumber Co. Kaiser Aluminum Ka-Jean Beauty Salon Kaltek Company King's Department Store Kline's Department Store L. K. Drive ln Larson Manufacturing Company Laundry Land Larry's Drug Store Licking Laundry, Company, The Lust Marathon Mackenzie's Diamond Store Maggard and Moore Builders, In Martin's Music Center Marzano, Vic, insurance Agency Mathis, Ivan, Moving and Storage Company Mitchell's for Men Molenpah's Montgomery Lumber Company McCann's Body Shop McConnell, Walter, Radio and Television McDonneIl's Shoe Store McLean's Restaurant Newark Automobile Dealers Association, The Newark Bargain Shoe Store Newark College of Commerce Newark Engraving Company Newark Furniture Company Newark Leader Express Printing Company Newark Monument Company Newark Plaza Shopping Center Newark Telephone Company Newark Transit Company Newark Typographical Union No. 69 Nichols Grocery North Fork Gravel Company Ohio Power Company Owens-Corning Fiberglas C. Oxley Bros. Penney, J. C., Company Pettet, A. T., Real Estate Pitt's Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. Plaine's Plaza Hardware Plaza Pure Oil Pound's Florists Pound, Don, Studio Powell Electric, Inc. Pryor's Sunoco Rankin and Rankin, Inc. Riehl's Flower Shop Richardson's Upholstery Shop Ritch-ey's Restaurant Rockwell-Standard Sawyer's Market Scott's Furniture and Appliances Schiff's Shoes Sergeant's Shar'Ff's Fashion Sinsabaugh Oil Company Smith Cleaning Stewart Bros., Alward Company Superior Auto Parts and Machine Company Symon's Best Jewelry Company Taylor, C. D. Flooring Company Thompson, Roland Three-B School of Beauty Triplex Machine and Design, lnc Turner's Market Valley Lanes Vogelmeier, Helen Vogelmeier, Phil, Company Weiant, W. S. and Son, Inc. Westinghouse Electric Corporation Wilma's Wilson and Stricker White's Studios White's Motor Service Yellow Cab Company Young's Jewelry and Gifts Congratulations To the Class of 1960 F IBERGLAS vu. ua un un ou. Newark, Chic 1959-1960 Newark High Reveille Patrons Mr. H. K. Prugh Mr. Jim Allen Mr. and Mrs. Byron Woolard Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Quickie Mr. J. L. Soucek Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Burton John A. Mitchell, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Galleher L. S. Richardson Lester Hall L. E. Greer Billandi's Pizza Shop Mr. and Mrs. George Greer Mr. and Mrs. Olive Osburn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Atkinson John N. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Spencer Mr. Roderic M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Twine Doris M. Stro Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Prior m use J. P. Glaser, Jr. Frank S. Farrington Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Chapman W. J. Robertson Frew C. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. John H. Garger J. S. McClear Y Miss Edith M. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Ruth R. Perry Miss Letha Headley Mayor Richard V. Fortune Mrs. John Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rogers Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Griley Miss Helen Dorn Judge Henry C. Ashcraft Byron Van Atta Pearl W. Cartnal Herbert A. Koontz Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Winston C. Allen Mr. and Mrs. James L. McDonald Virgil Ashcraft Victor Batterson Donald R. Redding John E. Hendricks Jerry L. Graft Thomas Goodwin Mrs. Zoa Fi nkbone Mr. and Mrs. Ed Darnes Mr. and Mrs. Roy Swank Mrs. Mabel Blair Miss Nina Keckley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Hess Mrs. William Mr and Mrs. Judge Charles B. Holtsberry Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Huntington Royal Keyes Gordon Kingery R. G. Plummer George Stoeckmann Mrs. John Dowling Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oldham F. F. Blair Paul B. Grove Ronald Gamble Gamble Wayne Ault Walter Nethers Frank Davidson Carl Maddux Eugene Hess Gene Wallace David Grant John Tims Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Wells Miss Anne Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Barclay Wilbur Powers Evan's Mobile Homes Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Long Mr. and Mrs. Otho Simmons Chet Boyling Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Roan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shumaker Mr. and Mrs. Ross Axline Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Amos Mrs. Linnie Severance Miss Helen Williams Miss Louada Morgan Allan Zachary Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Seabright Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Ritchey Dale Crane Keith Irwin Mr. Dick Remmy Richard Orr Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Queen Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Monroe Mrs. Maurice Barrett Mr. and Mrs. James Hottle Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Collis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cabe Mr. Clark C. Rader John L. Chynoweth, D.D.S. Mrs. Dorothy Harris Mr. Bill Waller Mr. Glenn Cree Mrs. Ruth McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Roof McGuffey Elementary School joseph Baker and Associates N ewark, Ohm "Through the creative work of today, the traditions of tomorrow are builtf' Eliel Saarinen Architects 1396 OXLEY.BROS. 1960 Luggage for the Graduate Ladies- Troin Coses- O'Nites Pullmons- Hot Boxes Wo rol robes- Vonifies -MEN'S- Companions One Suiters Two Suifers Three Suifers The Present With A Future INDE A Abbott, Curtis ....... ............ .......,. 1 3 0 Ables, Beverly ..... .. ...... A ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,, U Ables, Sandra ....... ,,,,,,44,,,,,4,,,,, 1 30 Ackers, Paul .......... .......,....,.. 7 9, 130 Acord, Judith.. ...... ....,.., 7 6, 84, 121 Acton, Ruth ...,. ....... ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,A,,, 1 4 2 Acton, Winogem -,,,, ,,,.4,,,,, 8 7, 82 Adams, Dave ,.,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 6 Adams, Edris ..... ,,,...., 80, 152 Adams, Sharon ......,. ,,,Y,,, 6 , 121 ldams, WVilliam . . ..... ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 42 Aeby, Lonnie Carl ,.... ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,., 1 10 Albery, Barbara ...,... ....,... 8 3, 130 Albright, Susan ,.,,..,. ,,,,.,,.,,1, 1 10 Allen, Eddie .,.....,.. ..,,,,,,,,,,1,, 1 14 Allen, Patti-jo ....... ,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,..,,,, Allen, James ..,.... ,.,... 1 2, 27, 54 Anarino, Toni ..,.,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 10 Anco, Daniel ......... . ,..... 79, 84, 121 Ando, Fred ..,.. . .. A,1,,4,,,, .,,36, 37 Anderson, Betty... ,,,,,4,,,, ,,,,,118 Anderson, iohn . . . ..... .142 Anderson, incla ., , ,,,,,,,,, 142 Anderson, Nancy ,.,..... ,,.,,,,,,,V, 1 21 Anderson, Ronald ,.,.., 1 v'-'-w-- gg, 142 Anderson, Sue .,....... ,,....... ,v,,,,,,,,,, 1 2 1 Anderson, William C.. ..... ,,,,,,V,V,,- 1 42 Anderson, XVilliam M. ........ ..............., ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, 2 3 , 130 Andrews, Joseph .............,,,.. ...,...,,.,..,. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, ,,,,,-- 1 3 0 Anfelette, Lana ....... .... .... ...........,............ ,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 2 1 An ele, john... .. .. . 62. 6-1, 67, 68, 72, 78, 90, 92, 142 Anlcrnm, jane .. .. ....... ..,. .,.....,,,4,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , --142 Ankrnm, janet. .... . ........ ....... ......,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,142 Anthony, Paul ....... gqggg- 1 30 Anthony. Sharon ...... ,,'-,- 1 21 Anton, Thomas.. .. Antritt, Mary lane Applegate, Mark... Arhnugh, Terry Lee Arhogast, Janice . .-Xriek, Connie Sue., Arick, Harold .....,.. Arick, Richard. Armentrout, Earl ..,......... Anne-ntrout, jerry Lee .... .........l2l ............110 41 130 . ...... 118 ......121 Qfffiis ., .... 118 .....,121 Compliments Of CALLAN DER CLEANING CO Dry Cleaning- Shirt Laundering Host Rug Cleaning Polarized Fur and Wool Storage CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of T960 Your Favorite Store of Quality and Dependabilify Arnold, Arn.nn Charles ..,, ., unn- Arnold, Pa-tti-Ann.. Arnold M lke .,........ Arnold, Walter .,.......,.. Ashcraft, Bm-thanno ..... Ashcroft, Carol ..,,........... Ashcraft, Judy ,...,.,,..,... Ashcruft, Virgil Mr .... ,, Athvy, Richard Edward .,,,,,. Atkinson, Susan ,...,....... Atwood, Richard .. .,.,... ,. Ault, jc-an ,, ,.,,,.,. ., Avery, Lonnie .,.,.... Ayr-rs, lkiadolaine Ayers, Pat ...,,..,, Bm-hman, Che-role ..... liachman, Harry ........ Back. Carolyn ,,..,,..... Bacskav. C-in-lla ,..,,, Bagvnt, llagvnt, Carl ,,,,,,,..,, Indy.. .. Baggs, Katherine ,.,. llailrsy, Bailey, Halen-r, Phyllis ..... Sarah ,..,...,,. Buford ...,,, Baker, Charlvs .... Hake-r, Florina .,...... Bakr-r, llazvl . Bakr-r, ,loy Annu, Baker. Indy . .,.. . linker, Leonard .... . Baker, Pricr -,,, .,,,,. Baker, Rita , ,,,,, ,, Bakr-r. Sainncl, ,...,. , Bakr-r. Sharon. ., , . Baldwin, Constanvc, Balm:-r. Victor .. . , , llanlvll. Barhr-r. Bnrv. K Sheryl, Pat. .,,, arvssan . . , Barclay, Kr-nm-th ,. . Born-lay, Michael ,,., Barclay, Robert XV., hir, ,wrll , .,.,,,,76, 89, 94, mm, vs, 85, 93, ......92, 121, ,...75, 83, 99, ,..,......l18, , ,.., . . , 87, - -fr--' v 121 121 142 118 118 102 130 130 73 130 121 106 121 130 102 121 114 109 130 121 130 130 118 121 130 130 102 121 130 130 142 121 121 143 102 130 143 114 143 121 130 .26 Barons, Linda A ,,.,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.-,-,,,,-,w,,,-,,,,, .44,.,., 1 3 0 Harker, Carl., ,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,-,,,,,,,w,,.,,,,,,,,,,ww-,,-, - 130 Barnes, Connie Sm- ,,,,. , ,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,w,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. 1 3 0 Barrws. Dawn, , ,,,, 5, 8, 75, 81, 83, 89, 93, 130 llarnvs, Mary Mrs .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,-,,,,,,-,,--,,-,, N32 Barrett, Judith ,, ----.-'. 141, 143 Compliments Of VALLEY BOWL LAN ES Congratulations Senior GBE Tv GF LUCK SYMUNS BEST JEWELRY 1 orth Third Street Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1960 TRIPLEX MACHINE AND DESIGN C0 DI-3vIf:I.oI1MENT IUACHINE Womc WELDING AND MECHANICAL IIANDLING 180 Grant Street PHONE DI 4-4349 We Specialize in 0 Publication Printing 0 Catalogs 0 Annuals C Direct Mail Advertising 0 Business I Forms Stationery THE ADVOCATE PRINTING COMPANY Offset and Letterpress Printers -- Office Supplies -- Business Furniture ADVOCATE BUILDING NEWARK OHIO FAirfax 4-0561 -Q- , 1820 9 . 7 4' SINCE l 'gg ' 193 i 1' lm: 'F Y -5' -- NEWARK. o ,- Q O 4 . for Men and Young Menu DGWNTOWN UPTOWN Plaza Shopping Center Barrett, Kenneth Barrett, Molly. . . Barrick, Raymond .. Barrick, Sharon Barrick, William Bartlett, Clyde .. B rtl R' h I a ett, xc arm . Bnrtoe, Kenneth . Barton, Barbara. ..,.. . Barton, Donna ,,,,, Barton, Phyllis. . Baruxes, Chris. .. Baman, Diane... Bates, Alvenmx ...,. .. .. Batterson, Victor Mr .,... Bausman, Karen Bazler, Barbara Beadle, Ch aries, Mill... Beach, Lynne ............... Beatty, Allen... Beck, Carolyn Beck, William... Beeney, Carol ........ Bell, David .,...... Bell, E. L .,.., . Bell, lolm.... Bell, Linda .... .... Bell, Sandra ,..... Belter, Marsha ....... Bendick, Harrv ...,......,..,,. Bending, Larry ..,........,,,,.... Bendure, Clifford ........ . ...,...... Bendure, Dwigh Benjamin, John. t David ..... Bennett, David ........ . .. .. Bennett, Judy ............ Bennett, Wilma ......... Benney, Kay ....,.... Berger, Connie, 1 Berger, Lloyd .....,... Berger, Paul.. Berger, Tom.. .. Berry, Lorraine. .. Berry, Patricia ........ Bethards, Fred.. Bethards, Freda ........ Bevard, Larry ........... Bibart, Richard. Bibart, Thomas. Bibart, Wllllllm ..... .... Bierly, Sandy .... Billett, Carol ..... ..5, 12, 59, 67, 92 130 . ..........,........... ....... . .27 106 70, 130 . ..... 40, 41, ss, 141 143 .....102 102 121 .........83, 131 160 .........45, 121 130 83, 84 .. .............. 76, 83, 94, 121 5, 32, 92, 94, 112, 130 77 . .........., .................... 1 02 .......s, 84, 121 ....1.74, 106, 143 ........1...84, 131 95 . ......... 121 118 .........s1 143 .......113 114 .........79, 121 .. ...... 84, 121 118 110 118 143 130 118 118 143 118 106 106 .............106 114 . ....... 70, 78 121 121 130 12, 47, 64, 131 143 130 ............ 83 130 .......1-1, 51, 75 130 193 X Y E BETTE l60TRlGP'X'x I-E14 OHIO POWER COMPANY X-J' ELECTRIC POWER svs SINSABAUGH Ol L COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Billett, Janet .,,,,,... Billman, Loretta ...,..A f 1 n 1 1 n 1 Hinckley, Allen .....,.. A,,,,.A 8 4, 94 Hinckley, Brenda l,,l , .,v.,,,,,,,. H Binckley, Nancy ...,,,. H ..,. V ..,, , Binckley, Sharron ...,... ,,,,,vvVk Binning, Sandra.. .... ,,,,,A,,. 8 3 Bird, Mary .,... , , ,,,, Bishop, Terry. ....... Bixler, Richard ......... ,,,,,, Black, Barbara ........,,,, ,.,,,,,,. Black, Francis ...,.,,,.r.,.. , . ,,,,,,, ,,r,,,,.,,A,,,,,,,, ,A,v,,,,, , , Blackburn, William ...... . ,..,,,,,,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 44A,,,,, 8 4 Blacksten, Janice ....,...,,.. .... ,,.,,,.,,.r,4.v,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,AA, Blackstone, Thomas ,,,...i ..,,.,, 6 , 41, 77, 78, 94, 129 Blaho, Edward, .......,r ,, ,,..,....,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,Y,,,AA,,,,,Y , Blair, Patricia .,..,...,,, ,,,.,,,,Y,,,,,,,,v,AA4,,,,,,,,, 5 , 74 Blammer, David ,.,..,,.., ....,...,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,A Hlammer, Nancy ,.,,.,,,, rr,,,,. 7 6, 81, 83, 89, 94, Blanchette, james ...,,,., ,,,,,.,,, A,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,, , Blanchett, Ralph .,,.,,,,. ,.,..,.....,.,.,..,,,,,,,,4., ,.,,,,,,,, , Blizzard, Marsha ........, ......,..... ,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,, Blizzard, Sally ,....., .....,........, i.,,,,.,...,r,,,44,.,,, , Bloss. Rebecca r.,,,, , 59, 75, 83, 84 92, 84 Board, Maryann ,,.,... ........., .,......,......,,,i.. 9 2 , 94 Bobot, Stephen, ..,..,,, ....,..,............., 7 7, 78, 94 Boder, Richard ...,..... ,.............,.. 8 0 Bodah, Linda ,,,... , ....,,,.,...,,. 83 Bodah. Molly .... ,..., .......... Boerstlcr, Charles .,,.,,,, ,,...i... Boerstler. Richard ,,.,,,, .......,.,. Bolen, Harry ,...,..,.,,, ,,,..,,, 5 0, Bolen, Robert ..,.,.,, .. i,,,..,,.,,.,...,.. Bolen, Terry ....... 106 143 130 121 110 121 130 130 114 114 130 121 121 130 144 144 121 121 118 121 144 118 130 130 130 144 121 144 130 156 H6 Boles, Sharon ......,, ...,., . , ,,,., ,.... ..... , . .....l02 Bolton, Walter. .,,,,,, ......,, 5 9, 68, 78, 81, 92, 144 Boner, james ........, ..,,.. . ,. ,,..,.,.,.,,........, 83, 121 Bonham, Carol .,.,., , . . ,,,,,,..................... .106 Bonham. Karen ...,., ,,........,., 1 06 CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS Bonham, Nancy. , , .....,..,..,.. .144 Bonham, Sandra ,,,, .,.... 118, 144 Bonner, Alice ,,,,... ............ 1 44 Booher, Lawrence... . .,..... 77,121 Booher, Sharon ......., .. .....,....... 121 Booher, William ,...... ,,,...,. 4 1, 144 Bottegal, Ronnie .,..., ......,..,.. 1 06 Bourst, Iudy.. ....... ,,,,,, . ..12l Bourst. Teddy, .. ..,........ ....121 Howell, Richard ..,.,, .. .,,,. 93, 130 Bowers, Charles ,.,........ .144 Bowers, Don .,,....,.,. ,,......, 1 30 Bowman, Barbara ,..,.., ,,.,.. 1 30 PITTS LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. The Home of Guo rcnieed Soles and Service Edsel and English Ford 600 West Church S-tree! FA 4.0411 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 Compliments of K 8 G LUMBER C0 1960 Lumber and Supplies For All Types of Homes Congratulations The Class of 1960 D R Y C R E E K CRUSH ED GRAVEL CCMPANY WASHED, CRUSHED, AND GRADED GRAVEL HIGH QUALITY MASON'S SAND CONCRETE BLOCKS BUILDERS SUPPLIES 2097 Mt. Vernon Road FA 6 4481 Bowman, Carole ...... ..,......,.... 6 , 87, 93, 130 Bowman, Roddy, ...,.. .......Y...Y......... 7 4, 84, 144 Bowman, Sandra ,...., , ..v,................................Y. 130 Boyce, Bob ,... .,..,,... .,....... 6 8 , 81, 86, 130, 145 Boychan, Barbara ..,..... . ..... .......,......... . . ...... 6, 121 Boyd, Barbara ,......... ..,................ 7 6, 87, 121 Boyd, Charles .,.,... .....,..,................. 1 45 Boyd, Frew Mr ..... ........................ 2 6 72 Boyd, Nancy ,..... ..,..... 72, 75, 90, 130 Boyer, Judith ......., .,,.,............,. 8 3, 145 Boyer, Sharon. ,,.,..... ...,..... 6 1, 92, 130 Braddock, Curl ......... ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,., 1 45 Braden, James ......,,.. ,,.,..,,,,....,,..,... 8 8, 145 Braden, Donald ....,... .,.,,.,.......,.,..,............ 1 14 Bradley, Bart .,....,. . ,...,, ,,,,,.,..,,,,..,,,,,.,,,... . 145 Bmffett, Sarah .,,....... ,. ,,,,,, 76, 83, 91, 94, 121 Brands, Bc-cke-y ....,...,.. ,.,,,,..,.,,,...,. 7 6, 83, 121 Braunback, jerry ......... ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,.,,........ 1 21 Brearley, Marla ,....... ,,,,,,............,. 1 14 Brehm, William ,...... .,........................... Brenhiser, Jerry ......,.. ......,., 4 1, 77, 145 Briggs, Robert, ...,........ ...,................ 1 21 Bringardner, Kathy. ........ 113, 114 Bristle, Bonny ,..,,...,,... .,....,......... .121 Bromberg, Ross ........... ........,. 8 0, 145 Brombergz, Sharon .,.,.., .,.,,...,.... 9 4, 121 Brooks, Cheryl .......,. .......,. 7 6, 83, 121 Brooks, Edwin ........, ...........,... 6 , 121 Brooks, Nancy ..,,,..... ....... , ......... 1 21 Broseus. Margaret ....... ....... l 30 Brown, Artistin ....,.., ..,.... 1 30 Brown, Guy .......... ,.,,,,, 1 45 Brown, lane ,,..... ....... 1 21 Brown, Ioe ,........ ,,,.... 1 02 Brown, Larry .....,., ,,,, , H121 Brumage, Thomas ..,. ,,,,,,, 1 45 Brlunage, Virginian. ,,,,,,.,.,, 114 Bryan, Linda ,.....,,, ,,,,,,, 7 5, 130 Bryson, Kay .......... , ,.,,,,,,, 110 Bryant, Patricia. ....... ,,,,,,, 1 45 Bryson, Barbara ..,..,. ,,,,.,, 1 45 Bryson, Paul ......... .....,.........,,...,,....... 1 14 Buchanan, Rita .,,.,... .,..,.,,...,....,....,........,., 1 30 Buckey, james ......,... .............,,,......,.., 1 20, 121 Buckey, Linda ..,.,,....... ,,,.,.,. 7 2, 74, 90, 94, 146 Buckwalter, Bonita .,... ,.....,.... ,,,.... 8 4 , 92, 130 Budd, Donald, Mr ..,,..,. .,,,....,. , ..,.,,......,..,.... 3 1 Bull, Virginia ..,,..,,..,,,, ....,,... 8 1, 82, 146 Bullock, john ........... .,.,,.,..,.....,.... 1 06 Bullock, Mary ....... .............,.,... 3 1 Burch, Katrina ......... ...,,......... 1 06 Burclmrd, Darlene, .......75 130 Congratulations from All of Us at Ross Henderson FUNERAL HOME ff0Il,Lfl'!lflllllfiUllS In flzc Clfllllllllfillg Class of 1960 STUDIO Duck BmAn'l' If If Portraits with Personality 72, 90, 94, 180 'l'...l II PRINTERS Burclmrd, Nellie .,,,. Burden, P1itricia1.., Burg, Lorraine .. Burger, Sandra .,.,.... Burge, William Y.,,.,, Burkam, Donna ..,,.. Burnnrd, Tom ......,. Burnard. Walter A,,,, Burris, Carol ....i..,,,, Burris, Edw: rd ..,,, , Burris. Robert ..ii,,,,, Burt, David ,,..,..,..,, . Busch, Mary Kay ,,.,, .. Bush, Alice .,...,.,.,,, Bush, Carol ,.,,,,,.,. Butler, Marlene ,,,, ,,,,,, Bynum, Thomas, ,.,, , , Cngney, Peggy .r,,,r,, , , Czun, Carol ,.,..,.,, Callander, Sue ...,, Cn rlo, Jos Cameron, PUBLISHERS 159 NLWARK OHIO Czuupbell Campbell C ampbell, Campbell, Campbell, Caun pbel l, Caunpbell, Campbell, Campbell, Ronnie. Campbell, Susan, Mnrjiew fl1ll11Pl1t'll, Carol Campbell, Debby Cfunphell, Delbert , , Horace Karen ..,.. Linda .,,.. Sylvia , Cnplinger: Imnes ,.,., eph M r., Patty .,.,,, Roger, Roger ,,.. Ronnie ..,., I 1 I 'Q Carlo, Mona Mrs ..,, Carlson. Harold., ,, , Elzxrpenler. Arthur., la ' t' . S EXPRESS PRINTING co. 811.2211 arson, rent ...,,,,, ' I Carson, Ronald, , Printing That Pleases Carson, Rvsfnwry ,,,,,, Cartner, Gloria ,, ,, , 1734 West Main Street Cllffmfy hm -r--b---"rr Cartner, Danny ,.,,... Carver, jerry .....,., Carver, Larry ....... ......,.118 ..,.12l ., ...114 ...,.,..106 ,, ,,,, 121 .,.,...,121 ...,,,,.l10 , ,... V130 5. 130 ,,,,,,,.114 , ,.,.130 .,.,122 ...,,...84, 146 .,...,,.,,.l06 ,, N130 ,,,12l 28, 84 84. 87, 92, 94, 130 . . 102 12, 76, 84. 94, 122 75, 83, 122 ., .75, 88, 130 ...114 69, 77, 146 . 76, 83 102 , 181 . ., . ., ,118 84, 118 122 , 122 , 811. 122 72, 131 , fi, 122 29, 41 90 ,,,,102 ,, 122 ,,,,.,'75, 131 7'-'fflflii ,,..,,36 ,165 , ,,,,,, 110 Qfffffizi 146 Our Sincere 'Congratulations to the CLASS OF '60 on the completion of your high school course . . . may the foundations laid in these past years he secure for your lifetime of building and your ultimate success be assured. Sr EWKPI 3523563 TIIE AICAIIE A' IINIIIN BLIIIIK NIZWAIKII WHERE GOOD FU11N1TUP.15 IS NOT EXPENSWE 199 THE NEWARK AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSCCIATION CURRAN MOTOR Co. RAY NIEFICHANT MOTORS, INC Olds - Cadillac Chrysler - Dodge - Lark FRANK L. ELLIOTT MOTORS, INC. WALKER-BATTAT MOTORS DeSoto - Plymouth Ford - Falcon - Thunderbird COOPERRIDER CHEVROLET PETERSON - BUICK, INC. Chevrolet - Corvuir - Corvette Buick - Opel COCZHRAN MOTORS JIM GRAIJY PONTIAC INC. Puunbler - Willys Pontiac - Vauxhall PITTS LINCOLN - MERCURY, INC. Lincoln - Mercury - Comet Best Wishes To The Class of 1960 As you start a new era of your life, we at Westinghouse extend our best wishes to you. May the coming years hold thrilling experiences and proud moments of accomplishment for you. We salute you upon your graduation from Newark High School and may you accomplish your goals in lite, 422,00 h e NC 'UU 'O in are at em u o w Newark, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1960 Cash, Robert .................. ,,,,.,,,4,,,, 3 0 Cashdollar, Robert.. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 14 Cashdollar, Ruth ,.,.. ,,,,,,, 8 4, 122 Cashdollar, William ...,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 131 Cass, Betty ..,.. ......... . . ,,....,.,,,,,,,,,,.,, 83 Castle, Judy. .....,.,... ..,..... 7 5, 84, 131 Catt, William .......... .........,.. 1 05, 106 Cayton, Richard ............. .....,......,..,,,.... l 18 Chapman, Joyce ..,..,........,. ..,,.....,,,........,,... 1 22 Chapman, Margaret ,,,,.,,, , .,.s,,,....,.......... 84, 146 Chapman, Sarah ,,,......,., , ,,.. 83, 84, 92, 131 Chapman, Tom .,,.... ..,. ,......... .,...... ..... 5 3 Charles, Richard ...,.... .....,,......,,............ 3 1 Cherubini, Mike ,.... ..., .................,................ 4 5 Cherubini, Roger .,...... ........., ....,....,.. 4 1 , 122, 131 Chilcote, Mary Suv ,... .. ..,.... .............................,... 1 10 Children, Carol. .,.. 5, 75, 90, 129, 131 Chronister, Tom ,... ........ ..,..,... . .,.........,,..... 3 6 , 37, 38 Chyuoweth, john L ,,,,.,, ,..........,....... ..., ,.,,... ,,.... . . 2 4 Cisler, David ,..,..... . ,..... , ,,,,.,...A,...........,......,..... 118 Claggett, James ...,... ...........,.. 1 31 Clark, Charles .,......, ........r.... 4 1, 77 Clark, Cheralyn. ,,,,. ..,... 7 6, 853, 122 Clark, Cheryl .,,.,,,... ..........,.,..... 1 02 Clark, Constance. .....,,. 76, 122 HERMANINVS Quality Men's Store Since 1902 5 South Third Newark Furniture Company N6W21l'k,S Largest Furniture Store Specializing in Complete Room Outfits Offered at Real Savings To You Open Monday and Friday Evening to 9:00 P.M. ACROSS FROM BIG BEAR 42 S. Third Street FA 4-4411 Graduate of 1960 Have You Ever Thought of Being A Beautician? THE 3-B SCHOOL OF BEAUTY 1752 S. Park Pl. Phone FA 6-0381 Make That Dream Come True- Take That Beauty Course Now Day and Night Courses Available for Both Men and Women Complete Beauty Clinic Budget Tuition Plan 1754 S. Park Pl. Newark, Ohio L K DRIVE-IN Open 24 Hours A Day Home of Jumbo Hamburger Corner of Fourth and Locust Try Our Carry-Out Service Phone FA 5-8501 Newark College of Commerce Sponsored by Businessmen Summer Session Starts june 6 Fall Session Starts September 12 Phone FA 2-0921 Collis, Innem., Collis, Conkle, Conkle, Conner, Conner, Conner, Conner, Conrad, Conroy, Convoy. Conway, Susan ......,.. Nom1a ...... Paul ......,...... Barbara ,...,.., Bonnie ......... Marcia .,.,, N . ancy ..... 4 , ,, Stacy Mr .,... Gary .,.... Garry ..... , . Cook, Nick: ............... Cooper, john ......,...... ffffffff5"'6ii"'74'"Si4"S8"'5i"' y n v u - 1 "mQ1QfffQQrliQ" Lincolin ..,. ,,.,, ,,,,,,, Cooperider, Gene ...,.. Cooperider, Terry ..... Cooperrider, William .,,, Cope, Larry ..,..,,.....,. Copeland, Kathie ...... Corby, Mary ........... Corder, Iames .....,..... Clark, Sonya .,,..,....... Clawson, David ..... Clawson, Patricia ,..... ..,f.'.f6Q''siQ"65Q"55f' 106 147 131 147 147 114 131 131 ..24 131 U88 131 131 110 131 147 112 122 112 131 122 146 131 122 Best Wishes to the Class of '60 PLAZA PURE OIL Deo Drive and Mt. Vernon Road NEWARK, 0HIO DI 4-5050 7 'X, NX f X K 'Z' I X xx 4 I I I D N,X V ' 1 '- x x X -kkwrrrxx ,f ff igali ,., -CX. -:At X . 1 . AIR P- ff" - ' C' -i i B li J X X I Il , J -1 1' L I I l I I. lx T- .gdb xx ,L-' H -,-- ' I, f 1" ' "a1.f'Tx' I . 41- I'TJ TJ 1, Cf," :' QTL 2 F I 'LT 'Jil 'Q f "' ,T J, I -'A ll O4 1 fs- it - .V I 4- -'- ll - - I I lia? A I J I! 35Q5geg2:s:s -'L-" t "3" , ' , -'- Q ' Lf'1+w ' ' 1 A : a 2. I -v'3-it' is I ll- L Q LTA' V ,I 1- I T:- ', Alf :J - ' - - ',' ' -f .J f 4 ' ' - ' ' vii f iff" ,,.u'fzf1Iag.'7SF':.:"' ' - ' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1960 THE NEWARK ENGRAVING CO. 52 South First Street PHONE FA 4-4101 NEWARK, OHIO Congratulations to All High School Graduates When You Want Quality Furniture Go To CARLILE'S West Main at Arcade Annex Newark, Ohio Clemings, Harriet Sue .... ..... Cline. Charlene .,........,,,,.. .... Cline, Connie .........,...... ........ Cline. Doris ......... ,.,.i,, A Cline, Snncly ,,,..v.. ,,r4A Clowe, Terry ........... Clouse, Terry ....,....,,.. Cluggish, Denny ...........,,.. Clover. Mrs. Sue., ,.v......, ,. Cluggish. YVilliam .....,.,...,,,,,,, Clutter, Willard Russell ......... Coates, Terry .........,............. Coble, Evelyn .......i.......,i.. Cocunour, lim,, ,.,, , . Cochran, Everett ........ Cochran, Loyal ......,,,,... Cochran. Miclmol., Cochran, Sandra ..,..... ,i,i,,i, Cochran, Sarah ,...... ,,,,,, ,,,, , Coelho, Constance ,,.,. Coclho, Rick .... ,..... Coeho, William ....... Coffman, Ruth ........ Collins, john ........ ielheolnlie ................8o Qflfliii 1111116 ........8l ..,....88, ve, 881, ffffiii ........45 y 1 1 122 106 110 131 146 122 Iili .....29 131 110 131 118 114 131 146 146 102 131 122 146 141 122 Compliments Of GREEN BAY FUR CO. Phone FA 2-2421 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 KLINE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 19-21 South Third Street FREE PARKING snorrlnc cnnfn - LJLZIELEL FOR 1000 CARS CARTNAL SONS SHEET METAL ROOFING AND FURNACE CONTRACTORS Rear 58 South Fourth Street PHONE FA 4-4141 Serving the Public Since 1920 Congratulations from THE LICKING LAUNDRY CO. The Home of Personalized DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY Collins, Sandra r...... ........,.......w 1 22 Corder, William ......... ......... 4 1, 47 131 Cottemlan, jerry .,....., ......... 7 8, 94 147 Courson, Joyce ...,....... ......Y.YVw'..... 1 31 Courson, Rachel ........ ,.Y- ..A.. Y Y .- 147 Courson, Ronald. ,.,.... ,,,, 1 10 Coventry, David ........ ,,.. 1 06 Covertry, Fred ........ ..,,,,, 1 14 Cowles, Jerry --,.--- .,,......,... ,....,. 1 3 1 Cramer, Judy .......... .,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 02 Cramer, Larry .,....,.. A,,,,,A,,,,A,,,,Y,A,,,, 8 0 147 Cramer, Sandra ....,..... ,,,,,,,, 7 6, 33, 94, 121 Crandall, Robert. ..,..,, ,,,,v-v,,,-,Aw-,4" 3 8 102 Cmwford, Connie .,..... ,,,,,,,,, 7 6, 94, 122 Crawford, Doug ...,.,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, --131 Crawford, John ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 18 Crawford, Rebecca ..... ,,,,,,,4,A,,,,,,,,A,,,, 1 06 Crawford, Sandy .....,,. ,,,.,,,,,, 4,,,,,,,,,,, 7 5 , 131 Crebs, Carol ,..,........ ,,,,,,,, 3 3, 34, 94, 122 Crego, Gary ......,.. ..,,......., 4 5, 94, 122 Criss, Cheryl ......., 1,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, . 7 6, 122 Crist, Dave ..,.,.. .,..,.,.,,,,..,,.,. 4 1, 131 Crist, Nancy ......... ....,.,. 7 4, 84, 90, 147 Crothers, Larry ,....., ......,..,..,............. 1 47 Ncwark's most h modem department store g - ' Whether You're Shopping 7 - or "just Looking" ' You're Always Welcome at 4 ,ill i6,,74, ,1 I n . ., K I N G 's ll m e A Friendly sim lm! il 1 in s Friendly City FA 4-0451 Compliments of KAISER ALUMINUM Kaiser Aluminum 8. Chemical Corp Newark Works Congratulations from Congratulations H VOGELMEIER'S Phone FA 6-5311 10 Arcade AGENT Crothers, Willia x11, ,.......... ,,,,,A,A,,4,AAA,, 1 1 8 Crowley, Rosemary ......... . ,,,, 7, 75 131 Croy, Sally .,.,,.' ............. .,..,.,.,,,,A 1 4 7 Woodmen Accident and Life Company Cullins, Bonnie Jo ....,.., ,,.,,,,,,,,,, Culver, Martha, .,........., .,...,,, . . C-llver, Pullette. . .. Cunningham, Glenn ..,......,, Cunningham, Mary Ann ....,,,. Cunningham, William... ...., 1.ife-Health-Accident-Hospitalization- Group Insurance Cupples, Delores ,............ ,,.,,,, Curtis, Arthur. ......, .. ..,.... Curtis, jim ...,.....,,.. .....,.. 6 Cusnn, David, . ,.... .. Cuson. Eileen.. . Curtis, joshua ..,.. .......... ..,....... I 2632 N. Park Place FA 3-2141 D Danford. Phoebe ,..,... .......... .....,... 7 6 Danielson, Sarah ....... ...... .... Davenport, George .,.,,.. ......, Davidson, Betsy ..,..... ..., Davidson, jane ..... .... Davis, Bonita ...,.. Davis, Curt ,.... 122 151 118 147 118 148 131 131 148 131 122 122 122 106 148 118 122 GTTO F. DANZENBAKER, Inc. Successors To T. G. Robison Sheet Metal Work Roofing F urnaces 145 West Canal Street 0 Congratulations to The Class of 1960 NGRTH FORK GRAVEL CC. WASHED, CRUSHED, AND GRADED CRAVEL TOP QUALITY SANDS Waterworks Road DI 4-6347 E. Congratulations to Wilson ond Siricker Class of 1960 BUILDING CONTRACTORS L. Wilson FA 4-8814 May Your Future Be Successful Newark, Ohio and Happy W. J. Stricker FA 6-5561 Yellow Cob Company MONTANARO BROTHERS, Prop. Davis, David ......... Davis, Fred. .......,. .. Davis, jr-it ..,..,,., Davis, Lohn W ....., Davis, alph. ,'.. ,.... . Davis, Sharon ,...,... Davis, Tom E ......., Davis Tom H ....... Davis , son, Barbara... Dawson, Tom .,..... . ...... Dny, Douglas .................. Deafenbaugh, Robe Dean, Betty ............ rf ....,.... Dean, hxhn ,....,.,..... Denn, argnret ...... Dean, Martin I ....... ,. Debevoise, Curv .,,,. ,... .......118 .,,....110 ....,..110 .....,....148 .,,..,.106, 122 ..........114 ,......106 181 .......86, 37, 38, 41, 47, 148 Debevoise, Richard ,.,...,.. ...,... ,,,,.,,...........,....... 7 7 , 148 Decker, Gary .......,......, Decker, Georganna ......... DeFrance, Judy ....,, De Long, Dave ......,.. Dema s, George ...... De Mooy, Bev ...,,..... De Morest, Sandy.. 74, 148 89 83, 94, 122 122 Derringer, Ien'y,, ...,.. . Dethy, Ray C. ........ DeV11ul, Elsa ............. Devereaux, Vicki ....... De Voe, Frank ..... .. De Voll, Freda .......... Deweese, Karen ......,.. Dick, Dana ....... ............ Dickerson, Barbara ........., ........... Dickerson, Fleeta Mrs ..... ..........,... Dickerson, Jack .............,. .. ..... 28, Dickerson, T. Edwin.. Dickinson, Humphrey ......... .. ....,. .. Dickover, Wesley ................ ........ Dillehay, Cynthia ....... Dilts Ga ......,.. . , . ry .......... ..-.. Dixon, Nancy .....,... Dodson, Sharon ,.,. .,... Donaghue, Wayne ...., Donnett. William ......... Doty, Melva ......... .,.......... . . Douglas, Maxwell Mr ...... ......... Douglas, Robert ......... Douglas, William .,.... Dom, Helen ..........,... "iii "iii 'Q-iii 83 ...53 11155 93, 2 102 1 y 1 v 7. 110 102 131 122 122 2155 148 151 131 148 148 110 118 131 118 131 ..31 iiii as Compliments THE NEWARK MONUMENT CO., INC. EAST MAIN BY BRIDGE 124-134 EAST MAIN SANDY Imxs "A Portrait Lives Forever Weddings-Portraits Commercial-Photo Copying 4335 N. THIRD STREET PHONE FA 4-4651 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1960 WHlTE'S STUDIOS Bon Swisnm llovv. VVilli:un ilmviu, Virgulu- Duwns. Cm-oil Dom-r, Suv ,. Dralgics, Dnvinl Draikc, jurilynn Goocl Luck to the Class of ,60 MITCHELL'S . ,, ...106 f2'f?f?T?1i3E FOR MEN . ......., 106 ........ 149 Drnmm, Mur111u'1-t 74 Driun, Ralph Dilvkvtt, H0113 Dudd1n1.5. jerry Dnl'I'1-1-, Pant Dun1'aln, ljudy Dunlap, Iowzml Dunl.xp, Maury Dunlap. Putrh-in .. . ,. , 149 ...........13l .Q1fQQ1fQ9Q"ii6 1,s,,.,....11:3, 114 ..,..,74, 84, 119 'i'f1Ii1Ti7fiT'iigg Dick Oder Bob Forgruvc Dunlap, How Nlnriv K. Dunlap. Sharron Dunn, Malrilou Dnstlxilnrr. Kalthli-1-n llutc-hvr, Cnnnii- Sum- Dynr, hhL'ililt'i Dy:-, lliunax, Dycr, Miviialvl 91.4, sg, 14 . Newark, Ohm ,,, ,,,,, U12 .......131 ,, ..,1. 122 ......75 ...,,.,122 RGCKWELL-STANDARD 9.11111 coRPoRATloN Transmission ond Axle Division Newark, Ohio Congratulations to tin' Class of 1960 2 Last year was a good hula-hoop year . FI photograph IS u limo uxposuro mado m ll darkened room with pon litcs on 11 hula-hoop O 11.1 ll Ib was uscd dLll'll1Lf Ihv cxposuro to Iiuht Linda Rcchel, head drum mujorotte at NHS . any year is a good year to have Graduation, YVedding or Family Photographs Made at DON POUND STUDIO 535 Arcadc Call FA 2-9211 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 LARRY'S Engle, Kenny: ...,. lmgon, Phyllis, ,.,, ..,, A A,A,,, , ,, Eaxrdley, Sarah., , Enrl, Penny .,,,,,, , Easton, Bnrlmrn.. Eckert, Clmrlcsu .clclx-try, llunnim DRUG STORE "'l"" K L""m 350 EISE Main 20 S. 29th St. Ezlqell, Brut-mx, Edwards, An1y,,,,, Edwards, Pnnl B ..,, , Edwards, Lnrryn Egncw, Bonnie ..,. Egnow, john ,,... Elswick, Elden ...,.,. Eller, Im-,. Elliott Ellintt 1lll1l'5,,, 0550, ,,., ,..,...T4, 84 90, 92. 94 ....i..75, 82, ff1ffQ1'65 110 149 131 131 131 U30 118 131 149 U28 131 .59 106 H78 106 122 106 Elliott ,lame ,.... , ,,,,,,A, 122 Elliott, John ..,. A,,,,,, A131 Elliott, Loretta .,... .. ,,,,,A,, 118 Elliott, Monty ,,,,,i ,,,,A.-- 1 22 Elliott 1Villinm ,,,.,,,.,.A,A. Ellis, ltlarlcnv .,,,,. ,,,,,,,, 1 22 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '60 BUCKEYE CLEANERS 70 79 East Main Newark, Ohio DeFRANCE CONSTRUCTION 986 Woodlawn Ave. Newark, Ohio RESIDENTIAL BUILDER Thank You for Having Your Picture Taken in Granville ROLAN THOMPSON Ellis, Suzanne ...,...... Elswick, Dennis .,,..,, Elswick, Eugene ,,,,.r Els '-k ., swm , James ...... English, Lamfs. , Enoch, au .. Erick, Sally ...., . Ernist, Sarah ...,,,,. Esch, Paul .........,,,.... Eshelman, Carl ..,,,,, Evans, Coral ,.,...,. Evans, La Veme .,,,.. Evans, Mary Jane ,,,,,, Evans, Richard. Everett, Roger .,,.., Eve-rt, Roberta. . . Factor, Alyce ..,. Faine, Marcia ..,..., Fairburn, Forest... Fairchild, Dick ..,,. Farley, Lanny ..,.,,, Farmer, jane ....,., .. . , Farmer, Loretta. .. ..,,.,78, 106 """""'i6H , ....fQ'QiQ,"'7'S',m F 81, 90, 92, Q8iQ"2iE,"ES Qfffillfffiiiili .......53 ....,..B4 ,.,1Q11Q11s4 .....,..150 n a 149 122 1211158 149 131 ..29 118 118 149 110 131 102 109 149 102 118 122 149 181 154 FRENIER SHEET METAL Roofing and Spouting Furnace and Sheet Metal Work 125 East Church Street NEWARK, OHIO HORNER'S PAINT CO. Congrofulofions Farmer, William , F nhum, Marg F nlmm, Nancy Furquhur, Ron. ll Fntig, Mrs ..,,... Fenster, Phillip Fve, Don ............ Evketv, Iaunes ,.,,. erry, Bill, .,.....,., , Ferry, Robert. Fvtter, Richard l"c-uerrigul, L l Fickel, Kay, l'lll'L'01lt, Dis Flefivld. Lnrry Fikc, Bruce, , lfike, Margaret Fike, Peg ,,,,,,,A,,,l Fike, Robert ....... Filkill, Bev ....,. Pink, jun ,.,,..,,,,,,A Fink, Vic. Finkey, Toni ...., , FiQlu-r Billie Jo-in ........,,110 . .i....... 102 ...,......131 ..........118 ............41, 150 .,I...,...105, 106 .....,....106 .......,..122 .,,,.,,.,.102 ..,...,...106 ..........102 .........131 ..........122 ...,,....122 .,.45, 122 ..........150 ,,.....,..122 , .,., 106 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTINC RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL WIRING 1"ifvlhIiHrry--ff V 110 114 JEFFRIES SUPPLY Phone DI 4-5384 Heath, Ohio COMPANY Wholesale Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes Heath and Candy Co 1-11 er Fifth and woot Mom so-ooro El9Cl'I'lC COITIPCIDY Phones FA 2-7831- FA 3-3651 N EWARK, OHIO 2 MCDNTGOMERY LUMBER CCMPANY Lumber and Builders Supplies FA 5-0351 and FA 6-0131 130 - 138 NEWARK, Oruo North Cedar Street Fitch, Robert ,,,,....,,,.... Fletcher, Mary Ann ..... 150 131 Flint, Sandy ,,,,,,,.......... ....... 1 02 Flint, Sharon ,i.,.,..,,...,. .......... 1 02 Fluharty, Beth Ann ........ ,.....,......,.........,,.,. . 131 150 Fluharty. Darla ....,,,,.,., ,. ...., ............,....... 150 I'?lL1hml,, Janm"""" A'W"5"3W'i5"'iii'A"55" ' Lutz, anice .....,.... , , , , Congratulations to the Ford, ,vlarilynmmm 1,8 Foreman, Pollyn, ,,,.,,., ,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,...,.,... . . gore-man, liichard ,,,,,,., ,,.,..,.... 1 oreman, erry ,,,,, ..... ,,..,.....,. . . C1033 Of 160 Forgmver, jim Mr, ..., .....,,...,,..,,, . .41 Foregrave, Tom ....,... ,..,.., 4 , 45, 122 Forest, VVilmu ......, ,,,,,,,....... 1 10 Forty, Karen .....,. ,,...,,,,,. ,,,,.. Foster, Barb ,....... ,r,,r... 1 50 Foster, Mary ..,......, ..,,, 1 22 Foster, Ralph ....i,,., ,,,., 1 22 Fortney, George ,,,,.,, ...,.,. 1 22 Fowler, Judyw ......,,, ..,, ,,,, 1 3 1 Fowls, Charlotte .,,,.. ...., 1 10 Fox, Frances. ,........ .. 102 Franck, Barbara, 102 GR E Y T : P Frank, Bonita ,.... 131 CQ. Congratulations To Class of '60 NEWARK BARGAIN SHOE sToP.Es FA 2-2411 DOWNTOWN AND PLAZA Frnnklili, Rudy .,....... Franklin. ichard .,,,,., Franklin, Sue .,.,,.,.... Franks, Barbara .... Franks, Patty ....,... Fresher, Danny ....... Frazier, Darlene ....... Freemnn, Betti ,... ...... . ...QIfII?iQ"56l" Freeman, Mildred, ,,,,., .,,...,,,,,,A,,,,,,A4,,,, ,,,,,, , , A, Fr:-enmn, Willinmn .... . ,,.,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, 4, ,.,, ,.,, ,,,,, , , Frey, Bernard ........... Freytng, Anita ...,,.,... Frililey, Michael ....... Friel, Huff? ......,,...,,, Froelick, avid... Frye. Betsy .........,. Fryling, Carol .,..... F rynmn ...,..ll,.......,. Frymnn, James... . Fuller, Lenthn. Fulton, Sharon .......,. Funk, Richard .......... Furecly, Mrs. Ruth ....,. Galle, Bob ..... Gull, John ..... .... Gull. Steve ......,...,. Gamble, Put ,,....,. Gander, Danny ..,,.... Gardner, Tom ...,... Gurger, Karen.. Carey, James ...,.. , Gauger, Karen.. Guree, Dale ...,.., Gnree, joan .,,,. Carman, Mary ...,,. Gurshnw, David ....,,. Gartner, Bob ....... , Gartner, Danny ,..... Gartner, Jerome ...... Gartner, Larry, .,......... Gaskelln. Mari Anne ..,.. Gust, Marilyn ..... ..,.. Gntrell, Marvin .,,,,... Gntten, Janice .... Gnunder, Bob ....,,. Genrhnrt, Bob. ,.,.,.. , Genrhnrt, Carol .,....,.,. 4Q''ii5,"s3i',"B'8Q"ii6Q" 51" r isiiim a SSM' 102 106 150 114 122 102 118 131 123 51" 123 150 123 150 106 R7 88 ..,.....59, vs, 92, 150 131 6, 14, 82 151 sa, 92, 131 , ....,,.. 5, 123 ....,..84, 151 ......,84. 151 92 .,.....108 ..,,,..1s2 .,...,.118 .,1,...151 .......151 ......,ss, 151 ..,....,es, 81, sv, 151 ...,...,4l, 64 17, 131 as Geurhart, Rhoda ,,.,,. AYAQ ,-4-,-,.,. 1 10' 114 Gentry, Linda ,,,,,.,,4, .-..--- 8 3, 132 George. Donna ,..... .. 4,---,- 14, 151 Congratulations WlLMA'S BERO BROTHERS Headquarters for Chain Saws, Sawmills, Portable Heateis Equipment and Supplies 607-609 McKinley Avenue Newark, Ohio FA 9-4761 THE NEWARK TELEPHONE COMPANY A Home Institution Telephone Service A Great Convenience The Best Approach to Employment ' 0 I ndzspensable t Success in Business 2 Wk J CLOTHES- In Style for Play In Policy In Spmt - for Dress X ---EMERsoN--- uw ? , 2 in E p- P, ,j 2 for Every Occasion EMERSON Clothes Look Right- Wear Right -Feel Right The ROE, .IEMERSON Store 11 S. West Side Square George, Harriet .........,, ,........ .A.................. 1 1 4 Gerberich, Nancy. .... . . ,...... 76, 84, 92, 123 Gerhart, Carol.. ...... ........v.......... 1 2. 132 gerlgart, Ilfagph. ,.,,, ,,........ ............. 1 5 1 . er art, o er! ...., .. .................. ..... Coflgratlllatlofls Gerrnan, Sandra ,vv,,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . .110 Gibson, Dwight ...,... ......... 7 9, 84, 123 Gibson, Robert .,.... .. ...,................... 106 Class of '60 DEWEESE BRCS. MARKET THE DIAMOND STCJRE 51 Hudson Avenue Takes This Opportunity to Congratulate The Graduates and Assure You of Our Appreciation of Your Patronage Gibson, Phillip.. Gibson, Stan .,.r............ Gillespie, Anna Belle ..... Glaunsinger, VVilliaun.. Gwens, john., r...........,. .. Glasgow, Raymond ......,,., , 132 ........36, 37, 38 ...123 ffiiiii Glasglow, Sandra ,.......,.... ................ 75, 132 Glass, john Charles Il ........ ....,.... 3 6. 41, 132 Glennen, Diane ...i............. .... .....,.......... 1 5 1 Glennen, Marilyn ,,,.,.,,.,, ,............,.. . 132 Glover, Ted ...... ................ .132 Goble, Duaina.. ,....... 117, 118 Goddard, Roger .... ....... 4 2, 123 Goff, Sandra.. ,.....,,, ,... . .. .. ,....... Gotf, Stephen. . .. ..,. .. ........ .........., . ..123 Goff, Tanya .... ............... . . ...... .74, 151 Gomerdinger, Dorothy Mrs.,.. ...,.,.,..,... 132 Goodin, john A ......... ....,... ....... 8 4 , 123 Goodin, Iohn R .... ........... .......,... 1 3 4 Goodwin, joe .i,,,,,,,, ...,,,. , ,,,,,.,,.,.... 1 14 Goodwin, Julie ...... ......... 5 , 151 Gordon, james ...., ,.,,.,,......,,..,. Gordon, Steve ,.,,,,, .,,.... 4 5, 123 Gordon, Tom., ,..,. ......... 7 3, 81 Gorley, Nelson. ..... ,..,,...,.....,.... 8 3, 132 Gorsuch, Judy... . . ,,,,,,,, A ..,,....,,,,,, r...,.132 Goss, David .... ...,........,,,,..., 6 , 94, 123 Goss, 109 .....r.... .,..... 7 , 53, 78, 88, Gough, ,gqanice ....... Gough, om ...... Gra y, Jack .......... Graham, james .,.., Grantz, Sallie ......,. Gray, Bob .......... ., Gray, Linda ...... .. Gregg, Carolyn ,,,,.,,,... Gregg, Elizabeth ..,..,,,. Gregg, Herb .,....,.. Green, Susan .....,.,.,. Gressierer, Virginia ...,. Griffith, Dennis ...,... Griffith, Sally .....,. Grigsby, Grigsby, Dale ....... Grimm, Betty .,,,,... Betty ........ .,.....,...102 106 132 .. ..,... 123 ........132 ........152 6, 76 .......92, 132 ...........110 109 123 151 151 Ashcfaff Machine 8- HOLMQUIST ELECTRIC Supply Co. 185 Wilson Street Phone D1 4-8045 Motor Rewinding and Repair Vllashing Machine Parts MACHINE WORK-WELDING Vwillgef H0115 METALLIZINC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 115 N. 25111 SUE!!-E1 17110116 DI 4-2645 Groban, Steve C ..,.,,. Groban, Steve E ....... Grove, Barbara. ,,.. . Grove, Nuncy ....,,.., Grove, Richard ..,.... Grover, Connie... Groves. Andrea. .... . Gnmewald, Barham.. . Grunewald, john .,.,. G ' N ' ..... ness amy ... .. Guxnsler, Barb. ..., . Gunther, Im-lc . .. .. Hahn, Hnhn, Hahn. Hale, Hall. H l Dale .,,..... Neal... .. Robert .. ack R.. lfrecla. .. b 1 Bo .. 78, 123, 15, .......3, 123 ..4. 132 83, 123 132 151 Hall, Steve... ...... Hall, Tom ...... ..,.....,.. Hallowell, Martha Lou 110 Hammann, Phyllis. . 121 Hamer, Gary.. . .. 106 ...........84, 123 11 23 85 151 .. . .................. ...,..,,,..,,.... . 151 12, 72, 90, 72, 132 .. .. ...... ...s1, av, ss, 94, 132 H Hamilton, Betsy ..... ... Hamilton, Robert . Hamm, jim ......., . Hamm, joe.. . ..... Hamman, Bertha .. Hamman, Elleri ........ Hammond, john .. ...., .. Ifffjlllliss .........1a2 Ss, Hammond, Rohn. Hammond, lziry Beth ..... . ,,,,,, , 102 Hampahire, Anna.. .. Haiiuxton, jim. .. .. .. Han el, Luann... Handel, Sally. .... . 132 Handel, Susan 78 ......74, Hammond, Patty ...... 94, 92, 155 121111221 vs, 153 118 """""iI6 """"'IIEi 112112153 118 .......123 92. 153 ..32. 75 .......,..102 211, ........ 109 Hall, Gloria... .. . ............ 118 Handley, Patrick .,...... ,,,,,,-,, , N105 Hall, James.. ..................... Hanes, Tom ....... .... ,,,,,,,.,,.,,,, , , .132 Hull, Jim ---.4-, -..- ................... 1 1 4 Hanna, Sylvia.. ...... . ,,,,, .,,,,,, , 90, 13 HHH, MH1'Vi!1 -.----- ...................... 1 23 Hanshue, Carol ....... ,,,,,,, 8 1 94, 155 Hall, Robert ...... . ........ 73, 94, 153 Harble, Paul ........ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 1 32 Compliments Of .. .- ' N iiifjZfI'35Iffff:.:,ap15,,,.........:jgs:--5- 1 ' ' 1 '1 -"' .igjifgj3:Eiifiirifiiiiitiiissi s:::..f-A-. ,.,., , ' f ,, 1: 5 E.IHF Q EEI : 1:21325 51E,:g:f: ::::.l,w, Ji : "i' : :g::5:-gy:-.--I -.,'. i - . 1 V " ' . . 2. " i "1f:-'f:.:1ar.:1:,:Z:..E.555552-..........,......,...-....,....sisSzE,.:...,f52EQ.j.,.,.'iisifii' "P if 132 -:rf . . sf- .. .... H lvwm 'f'? - - Q of. .' 12, .. . . . . 352555551.155251532162wwfE252EEESESEEEEEEEEESEESSEEESE ' 1 . "''-''24:-:3:5:f:5:f:5:3:1:7:I:J5I725:3:3:i" :3:5:f5"" S' ''5:F:3flE7527S3:5Z3:7:5:3:3:1:5:ff3EffIS2537:3:ii5:T37:75771I755551Ifi5I7:fI315:it525:753:5:1Eff5152523I-33:5:I515:f:fZ3f5fIfCftf:5:T'!" ' 'i5P..Z54'v7Q. 325:24 .:RE121E1525:3:5:5:5:5:5:5?5ErE:Er1"51+ 'N ''I55252512r2525235'I-2-5:2-Q-'-1f'f'i'1'1f+'4:I''-4:3:5:5ErEfErErE1E:5:5:3:5:5:5:5:3:5E5E5E15rE:E:E:E:5:5:55:5:g:3:'f 1 'E-z' '+1::g::2S3E:5:,. 3? -bav '..:...:.,:,.,I, , .:- .gfg.gg1r.:5:3:s:5:s:5:gs5.51gigsg5:s:s:s:s?sS2:s:zS5Eg2gag' ' ' S :-:-. :,:,:-' 31y,:Qf 1 . -2-IQ., :3::zz:rn::1:,:,1:.,:-:-1-1:-..:::::2:::::::,:,:::-1-:-:rxff::zz:1z,:I:Mgt-1::1:r:1:f:2:r:r:r::::v .. ' -. " -ag., , ,,,, ,,, ,. ,ff.5.5:1.'3z f.--A-1,-:Pt-.-:g:g'.5 :5:I:11r:r-:-:-:-:-:1:5:2:I:1'f I-1-2 1 : 1-'--H 2 1-I 'I '- "- "-H" " " "" " " " '-'?5':u1wf'-'fq. . ,... ..... G ,.,.,. . . :Im ...... .. , 2g5s,55g.5Qr-1.1 "W 15551-9 .1 j ,. a ,ui , 2 Compliments M of 9th and Locust JERRY'S FABRICS Home of 26 South Second Street TUHNBABY MEATS Harding, Marve-mx. . . ..,...,..,. .132 Hnrdt, Bayard.. .,,.. ............... l 02 Harlow, Leff ........ ........ 7 7, 123 Harlow, aul.. . ....... ...12, 28 Harmon. Burma .... .. ...... ........ 7 4, 153 Hannon, Dorthy ............... .. ..... . ..... ...... . Hamion, Louise ..... .. ..... .......110 Hammond, Mary Beth ...., ......... ..74 G B H U N T E R Harper, Ginger ................. ..... ...........,...... ' ' Harris, Kathy... ......... ....... ........ 7 4 , 153 Harris, Linda.. . .. ..... .... ............ . . .153 Sarris, Pat ......,. ...... 5 , 75, 132 artgen, Tom .. ............... Hartlz-ss, Nancy ...... .. ............ 123 gunman, iirnold ....,.. ........ 9 - ' p arhnan, im.. ..... , Sei VIC" Rental Hartman. Bob... ..... . .,.. .......,.... . N132 Hartman, Vicki. ....... 65, 76, 124 Hartshom, Terry. ,,.. .................... 5 4 Harvey, Carol .... . ............... 102 29-31 W. Church St ....... Phone FA 3-3381 Hafwy' Mlke -----' ------ 1 10 Harvey, Tom.. . . ........ .118 Hallman, Alan... ..... ....l23 Hanman, Roger... .. ...... Hauser, Mike... ......106 SPORT STYLE SUITS To Make Yourself Dressy and Attractive TH 9 ,Agn srout nwmrllu- "THE HOME OF BETTER ATHLETIC GOODS" Hawkins, Glen, ,, Hawkins, janice. Hay, Danny.. Iiny, David., llnyrlen. juni-t ,.,, Hayes, Curl ........ guyz-S, Qianu- ,..,.. aycs, im ...,...,..... Hayes, gioln-rt.., Haynes, jim,. .,,, .. Huznvs, Murl.. Hnzlctt, David. HL-nelly, iulizcc., L-ur y, atm .. .... .. H4-cklcr, 'I'I1onms.. . Hcightshoe, Rnlwrtu ..... ..........15, .,........132 .......,..102 .,,.,.,,,.123 , .,..,. ...118 ..........132 110 123 ,QffIffffIT6 ,......,123, 132 'IIQQQ ffffflllfiffiiii 0 ..,..29. 75 .,,,......106 ..,,,.....123 111-fflcy Curl , ,. . ,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Y llciglltshne. Robert ...,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 14 llcinrichs, Mildred ,.,. . , ,A ,, ,,,,,,,,,,.v.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,m,27 Ilvisvy, Tom ,,., ,.,.., . . ..,...... 4, 82, 64, 93, 141, 153 Ile-lbing, Hull' ,, Hellsing, Str-vm '.,. llclnmn, Diann- Ilclmick, Rimnic llclms, Dnrlcmv., 75, 94, 132 Congratulations to Class of 1960 INDEPENDENT DAIRY, INC. FA 4-3521 48 Kreig Street YOUNG'S JEWELRY AND GIFTS Diamonds - Watches NVatch Repairs 23 E. Church St. FA 4-4341 Goumos Concly Shop HOME MADE CANDIES Hand-Dipped Chocolates, Caramel Kisses Caramel Apples-Caramel Pecan Rolls 4 Arcade Annex ,,..,... .....,,, F A 2-6091 Quality First In Conventional Homes Proven By Satisfied Customers! MAGGARD AND MOORE BUILDERS, INC. RESIDENTIAL BUILDERS 741 Country Club Drive Call DI 4-7181 Helms, Karen .........,,.....,..... ....... H iuger, Walter ,.,,, ....... 1 02 Helphrey, Gloria. ..Y,...,...........,....,. 132 Hinkelman, Dave. 84, 123 Helphrey, Judy ,,,.. ......,,, 5 , 74, 82, 13 Hirst, Richard ,,,, ....... 1 18 Hendershott, Anne... ...........,........... ..29 Hitchcock, Ester ..., ................ 8 7, 132 Hendricks, Robin., .....,.., 53, 79, 132 Hite, Ixunes .,... .. ....... 132 Henry, Gene ...... ............. 8 3 132 Hively, Ronald.. ., . .,... .114 Herron. Rose .. ,..,,,,.,,... 123 Hivnor, Marilyn... 84, 123 Hess, Arlene.. .. ....... 154 Hoffer, Carolyn.. .... ...132 Hess, Carol... , .......... 106 Hoffer, Maryn, 83, 154 Hess. Donna.. ,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 76 Hoffer, Pnllv ...... ,. .,.... .118 Hess, Duanu. , ...,....,.. 123 Holhert, Carolyn. 82, 154 Hesse, Ruth... .... .....,.....,.,,, ...,,. H o lhert, Rebecca. .... ...102 Hewett, Pete... ......, .......,. 6 8, 132 Holcomb, Richard.. , ..... Hickerson, Charles. ,, .........,,.,,,,.,, 132 Holcombe, Thelma. ., ..... ....24 Hickman, Connie .... ...... 5 , 74, 155 Hollar, Beth ..... 94, 123 Hill, Christine. . ................ 106 Hollar, Charles. ..7B, 81 Hill, Mary.. . ......,..,... ...... H ollar, john ..... . 92, 132 Hill. Monorv . . .,,.,. Hollar, Manu. ..... H102 Hill. Paul.. . ......... 123 Hollar, WVilliam,. . ....... Hill, Suzanne, . . ..,.. ...... I 23 Holley, Virginia. .,...,.l23 Hilleury, janet.. ...,.,,..,.. 87, 123 Hollis, jim- ........ . . .... Hillis, Pat. . .................,.,.. 123 Hollis, Dave ,,,.. .. , 84, 123 Himes, Linda. .....,.. 75, 81, 132 Hollingshead, Everett... . ......... 83, 132 Hinge-r. Roger .. .....,.......... 132 Hollingshead, Joyce 113, 114 The Younger Look In Shoes ln JARMAN and GLAMOUR Dees A B B O T T ' S Shoes As You Like Them 9 S. Park Place Newark, O PHIL VOGELMEIER COMPANY Household Goods Buildings and Machinery hio Agent: Wheaton Van Lines PHONE FA 3-4381 1 Congratulations and Best Wishes Congratulations to CICLS'-S' of Class of ERICKIS DRUGS THE BEVERLY SHOP 19 South Park Place 220 Granvllle St. Phone FA 4-4871 Hollister, we .,.,...,...,.. ....,..,. 4 5, 77, 123 Houdeshell, Bonnie ,.... .,.,.. ................,.... 1 5 4 Hollister, illiam .,,,., ............... 4 5 132 Houdeshell John ..,,..... ...... ,......,............. 1 3 2 Holman, Chuck .,,..,, . ......,........... 123 House, Judy ......,....,. ...........,,,,...,.A,...,,, , ,.,.,,, 7 6 Holmes, Dick .,..,, ....... 1 02, 104 House, Margaret .......... ..,...... 7 3, 82 84, 94, 154 Holt, Donna ......,, ......,. ...., 1 0 6 Householder, Karen ........ . ............. , ...,.,,,.. 117, 119 Holton, Connie ......, ........,. 1 23 Householder, Ken ......,..,,,... ...........,,,..,....,,,,.,,, ..,,, 1 2 3 Holton, Carol ........., 106 Householder, Roland ...,,,,... ...........,,.,......,.,..,,,,,, Holton, Judy .........,.... 132 Hovis, Winona. ......, ,,,,.... .,,,,,.,. 7 5 , 81 87, 88, 132 Holton, Randall .,.......... ,.... . 106 Howard. Anna ........ ,.......,....... ,,,,,,.,,,.,,. 8 0, 132 Holton, Terry Timm ,.., ...... 1 54 Howard, Ed ,....,.... , .,..,, 59, 73 79, 94, 154 Holtschulte, Tom .... .. .,.. ....,........... .........,.,. 1 0 6 Howard, Gay ......., ......,.., , ,76, 83, 94, 123 Holtz, Ronnie ...,., . ,,....,. .... .,,.......,.,.....,....., 1 2 3 Howard, Lois ......,..,, ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, A A .,,, Holtz, Manuel .,....... H ...............,.....,.......,...., , ........... Howard, Ral Jh ......,.. ,A ,,,,.,..,,,,.,,. , ,,,,,,,, 0,119 Hoover, Karen .,....., ........ 6 7, 76, 83, 94, 123 124 Howarth, Bol: ......,.... ...,,,,,,, 4 5 78, 94, 123 Hopkins, jeff .... ...,,, ,.,,,,,. ...,,..,.........,............ 1 1 0 Howarth, Mrs. jane.. ,,,,,, ,.,, ,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,, 3 2 Hopps, Suzanne ,...,.... ...... .....,.... ..., ............. 1 0 9 H owell, Larry .......,... .,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 14 Houdeshell, Pat ,.,,,,,. . ,.... 114 Howell, Nancy ....,e... ,,,,,,, 9 4, 132 Hom, john .........,, ,.,,,. I 32 Howell, Roberta ...,.,. .,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 23 Horne, Judy .,....... 132 Howes, Judy ......... , ,,,.,, 83, 123 Horst, Christinen, .,..,.,,....... Hoy, james ........ ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 123 Horsuch, Judy. .... . ..., .,.,, 1 32 Hoy, Joyce .,,,...,...... . ,,,,,,, 84, 154 Hoshinson, Ronnie .,,,, .,,... 1 23 Hoyt, Dixie .... ,,.., ..... .... ,,,,,,,, 1 1 0 , 114 Hoskinson, Eddie, ,.......,..., 119 Huddy, Mrs. Ruth ......,., ., ,.,,,,,,.. 31, 76 Hottinger, jxxmes., ....,..,. 84, 123 Hufford, Dotty ........,,,, ,,,, , 075, 83, 132 Hottle, Stella ...... ,,...........,. 7 6 Hufford, Cordon .,...,... ,,,,,,,, 1 13, 114 BUCY LUMBER IN C. Lumber and Building Supplies Cor. Sixth and Wilson Street Phone FA2-9261 - FA 9-0211 Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1960 J. C. Penney Co., Inc. HOTEL TAFT 81 COFFEE SHOP Newark, Ohio R. I. ULMAN, Owner 95 East Main Street FA 6-6411 Compliments of K. L. Holl 8. Son 82 North Third Street Cameras and Photo Supplies Residential Commercial Industrial O. D. Hollclr 84 Son, Inc. PLUMBING and HEATING 62 W. Church St. Phone FA 2-5841 Newark, Ohio C ongratulations, Class of 1960 BOYER AND LEECH DETECTIVE AGENCY DI 4-8215 Newark, Ohio Congratulations to the 1960 Graduates WALTER MCCONNELL Radio 8, TV Service 957 Woodlawn Avenue NEWARK, OHIO Congratulations To Class of 1960 DINNER BELL RESTAURANT 34 West Main Street Donornv AND SAM HAGEMAN, Owners Huffman, Jim ......... ...,,.,.... 7 2, 123 Johnson, James ..Y.......... -------- 7 7, 154 Huffman, Stuart ,,.,,.. ...,.......... 8 4, 123 Johnson, Linda Ann .... .... 4--- - - - ----- 110 Hughes, Bob, ,,,,,,,, .,..... 8 1, 93, 154 Johnson, Linda Sue ..... --------------- 1 55 Hughes, Barbara .,.,. ......,........... 1 54 Johnson, MQITIIYH Sue.. ------------------ 133 Hughes, Darlene ,,,A., ,A4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, 1 23 Johnson, Mike .,.,,..... ....-...-----.---- 5 8, 133 Hughes, Emilie ,,,,,, ,,,,,.,, 7 5, 92, 182 Johnson, Regina ,.,.. ....Y.--..---- 8 3, 94, 124 Hughes, Jim, w,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,.,,...,. 1 32 Johnson, Roger .......... ---,---------v----v---4A------4 1 05 Hughes, Mai-ilyii ..,,.li,, -,,,4,.,,, Jones, garbi ...........,Y...., A-------- 4 4, 741132, - ' ' ,,,,.,,v,- , ones, aro ...,........,,......, ................... , SI1QEQ?,Zg,Pfif,2?'?5jjg"' ........ 11, 124 Innes, Carol Louise... ......,........,.. 75, 133 Hum, Harrold -,,A-'4 ,--,-,--,-,. 1 02 Jones, Carol Louxse ...... ......-.........-- Hum, ,mn .---.,-. --,,,.,,, 1 32 Jones, Carolyn l,......... .-....... 1 14 Hunt, uddy ,,,,.Y, . ..... H3 loves, Barnel -,----- .4-- --,---, A -------,--- i 5 X-Digg v - ,ones, ar ene .,... ....... ................... , S3225 N5l2?1QiQ1jQ,1 211.155 .rnnen Darrell .LLa.. ....., 5 Q---55,-Ei-.-55---51---igg Hunter Nanc ....... ...........---- - -.----.-- A 7 """-""' ' ' ' ' ' Hummgl Ed y lgligg, gm? Lee ..,...,. ....................,........Y v.... 1 5 5 ' """" """""""""""" 1102 Jones, Gary Palmer ....,. .......,......., 4 7, 64, 88, 155 Humes, Garrett ...... ........--.-..---- - ----A-- - .,a-.t, 1 -t,----e gg 13:21 ssoo 111751.,f1f,,i22f,.1a: gupf' Tegyhgi ""' ' "'"""""""""""' i114 Jones: Mary Carolyn ....... ............. ......... I 5 6 Hgffeon'Cec?1 "" """""' :'fi:fffQ,132 Jones, 0561: ..-,,.,......,----- ------------ 1 1 ""A" """"' A ones, il .......,,,.,..., ................. 1 ge-rg-nk, ,,,---,, -------- 3 gr gg ,ones, rc nr .....,.. ,....... , 1 4, 124 Jones, Richnrd........ 1322: Sliiljiiiiii ...113lffi..?..I ....... 106 101185, godefw ----- --------- I gg Her Hany-mmm ,.-----.---.,'. liihllh 1 24 Jones, tan ,.,r.-.A---.- ..-.--.-. H ' d 80 155 Jones, Steve ....,..,....... ..................... 1 02 ,ek """" ' """' IjQ"'90' 132 Jones, Woodrow ...... ...................,.... . 124 Ina 0 'G 3 at """" """ A ' ' ' 155 Jones, WVilliam ...,.... ................................ . . ,"QW1DP'Y --A----'-'-- ------- 5 "':ig"'124 mage, Mike .....,,w.... A,...... . 4, 47, sa, 133 ,3f,i2g ,i1'1':,'.',1'.'. .... iiiiiiiiazvi 94: 155 IU-rw-fn Gerald -,,,-, ,--',"- --,---,- 1 1 8- 114 , J dy ,,,,,.,, .............. 7 5, 133 I K er neu, ymidine ...... .......... .........,.............,....... 1 3 2 Kiiien, Ltinda ........, .................. 9 a, 156 nckgon, Anne ,,,,,,,, .......,................... 76, 124 Keckley, Nina ..,.,.... .........,.................... 3 1 ark50n, Charles ..... .....,.. 6 , 78, 81, 94, 593911 1836 ,... ..... ...-,.. 7 2 , 83, 94, ackson, Gary .......,. ----------4------------,---4--- 6 H, .U Y 4--- ,--,---- ---------------------4-- ' 1. , ,,,,,,,,,.,, ,.,,,,..,,,....,.,,............... K ,ll ,K ......,,.,....... .,............ 7 4,156 29222. hgad ........ ........ 2 3, Ei 52322, 151-ndmne ...,. ..... . ...... 1 gg . rt ....... ............ , e e , Oy ......... --------------- ,, lu ,,,,.,... ...,..,. , , enne y, ar ....... ............... Jgnkigg, nnnlid .,,...,.. ............... s 3, 124 Kennedy, Jim ......... ............ 1 24 links, Sandra ........... . ...........,....... 155 Kennon, Donald ........ ......... 1 14 Joerg, Russell ......... ............... 1 Keuty, David .,,.....,. ......... 1 06 Joerg, Sharon ......... ............ K err, David ,,,...... ..,...... 1 33 John, Connie .... ..... ................ 1 0 6 Kerr, Judy ..,.... ...... ......... 1 0 6 Johnson. Carol .,.,..- ------..-... 2 Ig, 132 Ketchum, Jackie ,,... ........ 5 9 Johnson, D06 ----..-- --------------- , Keye', Earl, ..,...,.. ............... johnson, Carden ....... ........ 4 1, 72, 124 Kidd? Carol .... .. --------- 124 Lake, Donna ....... Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, Kiger, Kiger, Kime, Kmca Lxtmes ........ ary ......... Pat ............ Vemon ...... Ro er id, Don ............. Dorothy .,..... .........74, 156 .........124 122 LePage, Elizabeth ....... King, Carol Ann ........,. King Carol Jean ..,..... King: uckie. ........,...... King, udy. .,..,............,. King, 'e Lee .....,....... Kingery, 'Cordon Mr .... . ..,, Kinney, Garry .....,...... Kmser, Ruth .,.............. . Kinsey, Kay .........,....,... Kmstler, A ice ............. Kirkendall, liichard ........ Klare, Bill ,.....,,.,.,.....,. Klein, Donna ...........,,.. Klein, James ...... .............. Klein, o Ellen .,........, Knappenberger, J-en'y .... ..... Knap nher er, inda .,,..,. Kneclgtiges, Saul .......... Knepper Jack ............. Knight, Eugene .,,..l... Knisley, Cynthia ....... Knopp, Carl... ...... Knopp, Eve ,..,.....,,.. . Komun, Georgeann ..,.. Kopp, Larry ...,.,........ Kopp, Janice ...,,..,.. Koppert, Karen .,.....,. Koppert, William ,... ..,., Kombauer, Linda ..... Korns, Gary .........,, Korns, Sue .......... Kraft, Joe .,.....,.... Kraft, Martha ......... Krnmer, John ,.,...,., Kramer, Judy .,..,,.,, Kreager, Judy ..,..... Krebs, Karen ......,,., Kreider, Burl: .,,.,....... ........74, vs, 156, sa, 84, 124 .......5a, es, 84, 156 82, 127 ........,...133 .........92, 156 .........s7 133 .............1o2 ................106 124 ....,...74, so, 156 157 .,, sv, as, 151 .........l06 .........124 .......12, 14 , ....... 6, 127 .........119 .....,15'7 127 92, 157 ....,,92, 120, 127, 151 L Lacy, Violet ....,,. ,,,, .,,. , ,,,,. . , L K tt G ac ne , eorge ....... ....... Lacknett, Nancy ..,..... Laferty, Linda .....,..... ...... Lafterty, Darrell. Laird, Sandy ..,,...... ..... . .. Lake, Mary ...... Lake, Mary ...... Lake, Tom .... . ...... Lambert Ma ""'liQ" Landgfeid, 155155. Landis, Carl ..,....... Landis, Dennis ..,.. Landram, Victor.. Lane, Evelyn .,.,.., Lane, Jerry ,,,..... ,. Lane, Ruth .,,......... Lane Sharon ...,.. Lanning, Mickey:-In Lara: J .,., son erry ,. ..... . Larry, Carolyn.. .,.. .. Lashley, Dave ..,..... Lashley, Wayne ,... Laughery, Charles. Lawrence, Linda... Layman, Karen .,..., Y Layton, Gene ...... Lebold, Leslie ..,.... Leckrone, Allen ......... Lederer, Bob ..,...... Lee, Dave ....,...... Lee Loren. ..,.. ,....... Le-e1t, Sandra ......... Legore, Barb ......... Le eu, Mary Ann. :i3il"5iil"5iiQ" 'BBN' 88, 110 114 121 124 124 157 133 157 ..83 133 133 .......s4, ss, ...........94,, Iffffff53i1" 133 157 114 114 110 133 102 113 133 i5Q"82Q"5li," ............84, ffIIIf'iSl" Lehman, James.. . ...... Lehman, 'Roger ,......... L 'd D , , . ei y, ave , . LeMasters, Doug.. LeMasters, Sherry. LeMasters, Steven, 133 ......74, 82, 84, 92, 157 83, 94, 124 . ..... 68 72 82 90 92 157 41, LePage, James ........... LePage, Mary ......... 6?l"2i5l"62l" 114 157 102 157 157 158 124 124 124 133 124 111 124 158 157 157 133 Kreider. Thomas ....... --vv------,...-.-.--.-.---.- 1 07 Leslie, Linda --A,-.--f ..................... Krieder, Kathy ....... ......,.........------- 7 6. 83 Lesllei NHHCY ,,---.--- ............ 1 03, 127 Kuenn. Stan .......... .. ......... 124 LBSU0, Sandra '------- .............. 9 0, 158 Kurinsk , Arpad ....,.. ........,..,... 2 7 Lewis, Anita .,,........ ,.,,...,-,,------.,.- 7 5, 133 Kurtz, Cary .....,...,..... ..............,. 1 33 Lewis, Charlotte. ,... ,,,-,- 7 3, 74, 78' 157 Kunkel, Sharon ......... ......... 8 3, 127 Lewis, Ed .,.,,.,..,,. .--,,,-,,.---- 7 7, 133 Kuster, Bill ............ ...,......... 1 24 Lewis, John ......... ,,,v,,,.,-.-,,,,v-.-- 1 33 n ratz ti ns to C0 g 'la 0 FURNITURE Class of BORDEN'S STOVES Dairy 8. Ice Cream Co. THE SAM ALBAN CQ, PHONE FA 4-0531 Corner Walnut and Third 57-59 West Main Street Phone FA 3-1001 Best of Luck to the Class of '60 BUSY BEE GRILL Aihcmor Heotin Co. 9 Rear 120 West Main Street Opposite High School Sales and Service PHONE FA 6-0691 Headquarters for Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning NIAKE FLOWERS A HABIT Nor AN OCCASION Compliments Of RIEHL'S Congratulations to The cms of 1960 DONEFF'S, FINE F ooo INC. Lewis, Bob. .......... ------------ 1 58 Lewis, Dick ........i..., -----------,--------- Lewis, Richard... .... ------ 1 07, 158 Lightle, Eugene ,...... ............ 1 07 , Lightle, gim ,,,,,,,4,, ......... 1 07 Complzments I.1gh11e, ohn ...i,,,. ......... 1 as Lindsey, Dave ....,.,., ......... 1 58 of Linehan, James ..,....... .,....... 1 03 Linehan John ......... ......... 1 24 Linne, Carol ....,..., ..........................-v 1 07 Linton, Bonita .......,. ..........................Y..... 1 19 Lippincott, Gary .,.,. ............ ..,.,........... B 3 , 124 Livmdgstond Carol .,,. ......, 7 4, 82, 83:1 9gh lag Loy , Ju y ..........A,. ..........--.---.--.-. , . sAwYER's MARKET gm, iii..iitN NL...i...i.....,iii.iiti.i.. 1 58 oar, ary .........., ...................... LOHI, iudy ....,,.,..,,4,, ................... I 14 Loakh 'ind1G"A'1i""" ' oc art, art a .,.. .,,............................ . .. , , 393 East Main Street iohrgqagg Hlglinmmq om ar o, eores ..... ,.,,,.....,.......... .........,.....,................. Phone FA 9-6211 Long, cm-men ,,,,..iiiiii ......... 5 , 6, 73, 76, 81, 91, 94, 127 Long, iinet .........,t,. ....,.,..,...9.,t9............ 7 3, 74, 94, 158 Long, r. Kennit ,........ ................................,..,....,,. 7 3, 26 Long, Nancy .........., ............................ 9 2, Long, Susan ....... . ...........1........... ....... . For Your COKE DATE REMEMBER THE FAIRFIELD SHOPPE Fairfield at Mt. Vernon Road Long, Richard ...,,,,,. Loper, Clyde ......., Lord, Judi ............ Lorenzen, ohn ....,,, Lorenzen, Lyndan, . , .. Loudemi ilk. Bob ..,.. Loudermilk, Wilber .... Loughmau. Earl .,,,,,,,. Loughman, Fidy ..... Loughman, amela. Lowe, Freddie ......... Lowery, Donald ,..... Lowery, john, ...,..,.. . L L owery, any. ..,... .. Luckett, jane ......,,., Lucket-t, Steve ......... Ludholtz, Vivian ......... Ludwig, Carol ..,, ,..,, Luebbers, Vickie .... Lukasko, Tames.,,,.,, Lukasko, Vicki ....,,,, Lumm, Ronald ..,.,,,. Lusk, Marcia ........ Lytle, Harry ......,,, Machean, Richard ...... Macklin, Bonnie .......,, 133 133 158 111 ...... .... .. ....... ....... .......6, , "fQQQ1QQIQ79l" Illlfliififv ...1QIQIIIIIII73Q" ....IQQQQQfBE."117, .......'7o, 86, 94, ...........68, 87, ffffffffiilngof' M .......72. 89, 90, 159 107 159 127 103 127 133 114 127 114 159 133 127 119 124 159 E84 103 159 166 UPHOLSTERING AND FINISHING Compliments of SUITS and SPORT coArs TAILORED BY HCORTLEY HI" WILLIAM F. RICHARDSON and "CAMPUS-ToGs', C O R N E L L Phone FA 9,4081 Men's cmd Boys' Wear 178 East Main Street Congratulations from NICHOLS GROC ERY Open 9:00 to 9:00 Monday Through Saturday Sporting Goods Hardware Houseware Paint Toys PLAZA HARDWARE Newark Plaza Shopping Center Macklin, Richard ,,...... ...... , ......,,...... 1 07 Maddux, Judy ..,.....,. , ...... 73, 93, 160 Mnddux, Nancy ...., ,.,, ........... 7 2 , 133 Maddux, Ronnie ......,. ......,. 9 3, 133 Madison, Jackie. ....... ........... 1 07 Maharfz, Linda. ..... ...,.... 1 25 Maigel, NFred ,...,.,. ...... 1 07 an e , ancy ....... .,............... Mnlherbe,LouiS ........ ---v A ----A- 1 60 CO. Mallett, Paul .......... ........ 8 4, 125 Mallory, Paula .......... ............. 1 1 Maloney, William ......,. ............... 1 07 lllgapge, Ciloxgitlancg ....,,..,.. ....,... 5 0, 160 ar aug , ary o. ................,...... . Marbnugh, Nancy .v..,.er. .............. . ..... . 103 PHQNE FA 2-7581 Marbnugh, Sandra..,,,,, ........ 74, 84 160 Maring, Michael .... .,................ 1 33 Marise, lrin .,,....,.., ............... 1 25 Hallie' 5i"'l"""'s' Rl' e, 01111 ....... ............... v 1 Mamie, Gloria ..,....., ........ 8 4,133 111 W. Ma1n Street Newark, Oh1o Marmie, Larry ........... ,...... .... .... 1 3 4 Manuie, larlenu ....... .. .,.... 6, 125 Marmie, Ralph. . ......, ,,... . N125 Marple, Cheryl .......... ...,................. 1 25 Marriott, Bruce. ..r..... ............,,...,,. ,,., 1 0 3 Marriott Vickie ..... ............,............... 1 19 Marsh, Dick .,,......,.... ......, 7 7. 84, ss, 134 Marston, Donna ........ ....... S 2, 83, 92, 134 Marti, Ruth ............ .....,..............,... 1 11 Martin, Bob ......... ..................... 1 25 Martin,Bev ........... ....... 8 3, 91, 134 Mardi, gate: ......... ............ 1 60, ar , ar es ........ . .,.,..,,,,.,,,.,,,., . Martin, ames ........,.,.... ,,,,,..,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 34 M,,.1,,i4,,,,,,,,. ..,.,.,. .........,....,...................... P ETE HEI-PHREY Martin. Vlsqgprt .,....... ...,..... 6 ..... 7 3, 87, 92 94 arm, 1 mm ......., ....... . . , , , , - M,,,Q,,,,,,, Dm, ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,-,-w- 2 E: 21, 121 General Contractor and Builder Mzuzano, Scott ......... .,..,..,...,.,,,.,.,.,,,,,, , H54 Mason, Cheri ............ 107 Masters, M1 t r Kenny .,,..,.. Sh Mliiiitl, Rifiriidff ...... """fffIIff5li," 125 ..76 161 New Homes - Remodeling - Cabinets Mufilhewsh Ronnie ..... :ff1f1..,.f..125 at ias. unnie ........ ,,.,, ,.,,, w 1 07 Mathis, Carol .... .... ,,,,,,,, 1 0 7 PHONE May, Richard ......... , ,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,, 125 Mayhew, Ronald ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 5, 115 - - Mccaigx smdmmu 75, 133 323 South 21st Street Newark, Ohio McCall, Robert. ....... ..,...,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,, 1 33 McCann, Jerry ......... ......... 4 7, 59, 64 88 McCann, Karen ..,..... .......,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 07 Ornamental Railings- House Beams C Z, Fire Escapes - Lentals - Steel Fence Omp 'ments Burning - Welding of KALTEK CO., INC Builders of All Kinds STRUCTURAL STEE of L and BRIDGE WORK 157 West Poplar Avenue W. W. Greer Newark, Ohio Superior Auto Ports cmd Machine Co. Phone FA 2-2691 - FA 2-2641 201-205 West Main Street 0 A. T. PETTET REAL ESTATE BROKER R. W. PETTET, Salesman Satisfied Customers Our Greatest Ambition Congratulations to the Class of 1960 FLORAL ART STUDIO WooD FIBRE and LEATHER CRAFT 83 Roe Avenue FA 6-9462 Congratulations C R I S S B R O S. Granville Street at Ninth Compliments W H IT E'S MOTOR SERVICE Phone FA 3-5201-FA 5-8101 Fourth and Locust Streets NEWARK, Orno McCann, Mary .....,..... 4 5, 74, 82, 83, 159 McCartney, Charles ,... ..................... 1 24 McClain, Hugh ........... .............. 7 9, 103 McClain, james ....,,,... ,,,,,,.., 6 8, 119 llhjlicglain, anne ............ ,.,,.,,,,,.,,,, 1 ' c aln, om .,,.,..,.,., Our Congratulations Hogan Errymaxu-,WA M115 c ean, owar ,.,,,,,,,,, 84, 133 to the mcgieary, 5VIrs. I. S ....... .......,,,,, 3 0 0 wry, Oyce .............. .... 8 3, 159 Clas 1-Qw McClellan. Dave ............. ...... 1 33 S of McClennahan, john ......... 79 81, 133 McC1ennahan, Susan ..,..,. ,,,,, 1 07 McCloud, Otis ,.,,,,,,,,. .,.,.,,,,, 1 24 McCollum. Rohn., ,,,,,,,, N113, 115 McCollum, arrlanne ,,,,,,,,,,, 115 MccConnell, Carol ,.... ,,,, 4,,,,,, 1 2 4 McConnell. Ronnie ,,,,,,.,,,, 133 B ETTY GAY McCoy Miss Sand H87 92 Z 133 v Y , , 133 cCreary, Miss Pauli ,,.,.,,,,, 28, 94 McCullough, James ...,..... ,,,,,,,,,, 1 25 McCullough, William ..,... 47, 133 McDaniel, Phil ,..,..,.,, A ,,,,. 125 McDonald, Brenda ,..., 159 Best Wishes To The Class of ,60 THE EDMISTON BOOK STORE On the Square Since 1853 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 GEORGE K. SCOTT Furniture 8t Appliance Co. Ohio's Oldest Furniture Store ANNARINO BROS. NEW CENTER CAFE Where All Sports-Minded Folks Meet To Eat 73 E. Main St. FA 2-9291 MARTIN MUSIC CENTER "Newark's Traditional House of Music' 31 Arcade Hammond Organs Music's Most Glorious Voice McDonald, Marvure! .....,.. .,...... 1 07 Mellow:-ll, Cnrosl .,.,,.,....,,, ...74,80, 159 McFarland. Nancy ..,.,., ...,., 8 2, 94, 159 McFarland, Rebecca ..,. ,,,,,,,,,,.,, 8 4, 125 hlN:1IcFm1land, Roger... ........ 51, cull , Mar met .... .. ,......,. . ' Mccinnis, sfindy ,,v,,,,,, 5, 94, 125 Compliments McGonngle, Dave ,..... .. .. 125 McGrb-cvey, Henry .,,Y ...125 mCi:ll1llzlllli Bfxrh ,... ,,,,,..,., 1 c ntur , 'io et ,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,. 1 MfKe-mu. K1-fl-H 84 103, 125 McKenna, Put ,..,,,,,, .,,,,,,, 7 6 125 McKil7bc-n, Linda .... ,,,Y,,., 7 4, 159 MvKi1mf'y, John -..... 41, 78, 88 133 Mvgnvvif, lg:-nnis .... .......,..... 8 8, 133 Cl h d F c nig xt, nnice ......... ,,,,,, 8 3, 94, 133 - 1 - McLaughlin, Marilyn... 176, 81 125 lulc In lout Streets Mc-Laughlin, Molly ....., v,,Av,, A 93, 106 McLaughlin, Nancy ..... ,,,,,,,.,, 1 60 McLaughlin, Wallace.. ..,,.,, 125 McLean, Carol .,..,.., ..... ,,,,,,,,A, 1 2 5 McLean, Howard .... ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, McLean, Maxine ..... ,,,,,,,,,, 1 60 McMnlmn, Dick....., 160 Congratulations to H. Class of 1960 the L. ART Your Ieweler 18 North Park Place DIAINIONDS VVATCHES IEWELRY Congratulations to Class of 1960 McLEAN'S RESTAURANT Across From the High School THE LARSAN MANUFACTURING CO. GEO. ARENSBERG PHARMACY Specializing 25 South Eleventh Street in NEWARK, OHIO Prescriptions For 35 Years "Television Is Our Business- Not a Sideline" SALES AND SERVICE DAUGHERTY TELEVISION Congratulations to the Class of 1960 J. A. DeVito's Bookstore 35 West Church Street Established in 1948 7 N. Fourth Street Ph. FA 5-0131 "When You Started To School" mch1N?hhan,lR1gt,si111mry S""""' E 83 162' e'W' f eSsteSsS-detstsSeSsSet sott s+ss'b--e f A A Compliments M2'15'iEll?T:S.f12i22ffffff Sllll l'i"ZiEEEEE11q' 1213 of 115112321225 23353 ""'o 72' 81' 33 133 McPeck, 'rom .... ffffffj ififfflilfvv' 133 Mclghersrgi, Larry ..,,.,.,. ,....,.,.,, 1 I Figfiiiiiiiiiii t"" jg Eg A I R E S M A N S r1YI122d0wrg,' R0bEi4ff. '.S.' 161 MS212i1n2f"i5Q353j3ii535j ..., .,.,. 1 ii? MSil2H3i1!a1.S'Z?'yei5a1li" . 1 """ its 56 West Main Street Menon, Mari Luuwl fffl :l::...134 Mercer, Judy ..,,.....,,,..... ,,,,,,,,, 1 34 Phone FA 40771 5322? 5513.315-r,-pg e-eee-e-eQee 1107 522232: iff1'I?Igs11111ii Qiiigjjiiiijesgiii Messina, Darlene .,.,. ,............. 1 19 Congratulations Cla ,60 We Wish to Offer Our SS of Sincere Congratulations And Best Wishes B 811 L To Members of the Class of 1960 I n 171 Riverside Drive Newark, Ohio Congratulations to B 81 L Class of 1960 Self-Service, Regular Service Quality Shirts as West Main street Individual Wfwhings FOR ALL OF YOUR 50 North 11th Street Newark, Ohio AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS PHONE FA 2-2891 Compliments of POWELL ELECTRIC, INC. Contractors 1205 West Church Street NEWARK, OHIO Congratulations to the Class of 1960 Brucker ond Moody Complete Auto Service 493 Mt. Vernon Road Phone FA 6-8981 Newark, Ohio Compliments Of PLAINE'S VICTOR A. PLAINE, Prop. Established 1898 JOHNNY BROWN , Phone FA 9-4731 202-204 W. Main St. Newark, Ohio PERSONALIZED INSTALLATION CUSTOM DESIGNED FLOORS AND WALLS Linoleum - Asphalt - Rubber 8 South Second St. Newark, Ohio Plastic- Cover Base a Specialty Metz Darlene .,.. . ..... .,............... . Metzger, Markham ............. ....107 Metzger, Mike ...... , , .......... 94 125 Myers, john ......... ..... ....,......... . . 50 Meyers, Robert ,,... , ,,A,,,,,, 115 Meyers, Sandra ........,, ,L ,..,,. ..l.. ...... 8 0 Milbramdt, William ,,,,, .......... 8 4 161 Milhoun, Robert ........,. , .........., 5, 121 Miller, Brenda ....... ......... 1 15 Miller, Charles ..,., ..,...... 1 19 I Miller, awk ..,..,.... . . ...,..... 107 Miller, ames F... .... .,.,...,,,,.,, .... m 0 Miller, ames G... .. ...,.,,,.. 84 125 no mum mln S, Miller, nrilyn ......,, , , Miller, Michael ...,,, ,,,, .,.,........ Miller, Pamela ,...,, .,...,.. Miller, Robert ....,.... .....,... Miller, Roy A ......... 4,,,,,,,, Miller, E ,... ...........,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, Miller, Sandy .......... ,,,,,,,,,A,, Mills, Jim ..,.,., N75 103 107 125 134 134 125 Mink, Joyce ..,,.... ,,,,,,,,,,,, Robe t ......... ..........., Mmor, r Mitchell, Gary Mitchell, Joe 111 107 ..92 blualanf. .zluhanfzvaf uw 1670 Charter Buses Congratulations 022181518 BURTIC JEWELERS Nework Tronsit, Inc. FA 5-0501 233 2 Mitchell, Mitchell Mafcheilf Mn 11 ll Mandy .,,,,, . Marilyn .,... Philip .,..... R c e , oger ..,,., Mitchell, Shmon ,.,,,.,,. Mitchell Suellen ...... Mogler, ,Shirley ..,... , Monroe, Sue .... ..,., ..,l.. Monroe, Forrest, ..,. ..... .......103 ........,36, 134 .........125 .......125 ,......134 161 Monroe, Lane! ......... ...............,........ 5 , Monroe, at ........,, , ..................................... . Montannro, jim ...,....,. ............,.....................---- - . Montanaro, Pat ,.,.,...,.l. . ....... 74, 81, 90, 84, 161 Montgomery, Connie ...,. ........l......... 8 4, 94, 123 Montgomery, Jlohn ......,.. .. ....l........l, 78, 84, 123 Montgomery, om... ,,.,, ........,.,................ , 115 Moore, Carl ,........,.,,.., ................... 1 25 Moore, ldabell ,...,., . ....,.....,.... 107 Moore, Ier .,,,,,,,, ,..,,,. . ..... . . Moore, Kalliy... .......,.. ....,,...., . 125 Moore, William ,..,,.,...,.. .,.....,....... 1 19 Moore, Maureen .....,.,.....,, ,,....... 8 3, 134 Moran, Mr. Forest L ....... ........A............ Moran, Linda ,.,,,....,,,..,.. .,.... 1 25, 161 Moran, Louis ...........,,. ,...,,.,.......... Moran Urimay ..,.,,.,.,. ...................... . ..134 Morehead, Charles... Moreh d l'r d.. ea , e . ....... . Morehead, Sheryl ..... Morehouse, Frank ,..... . n Morgan, Donald ......... Morgan, Carol D ...,,.. Morgan, Carol I ......... Morgan Charlotte ...... Morgan, Gaye ..,..,.,. 125 ...,.82, 92, 115, 161 161 162 ............82, 134 ..,....5, 83, 134 fff.'fffffi6Q"S5Q"ES3i1 84 Morgan, Lanu-3 .,,,.r,... 30 organ, na u ......... ,,,,.,..........,. Morgan, Iijduis .,,..... ...,........ 1 61 Morgan, Lowell .......... ,,,.,....,...... 1 34 hhrilorgan, mrggnret ...... ...,.,,.. 8 4, organ, ..... , .. ,,,, . ..,.., Morgan, Ton? ......,. ,.......,........ i ,.,,,. .,.,.. 1 2 5 rltfzornun, wrggl ,.,..--A ..,.....,....,.......,... Z 133 or an, A mm ,,...... ..,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,, , . , Morris, Suzanne ....,. 75 81 88 89 Morrison, Terry. ...... Morrison, Tom ........ Morrow. Davis ..,..... Mosholder, Rod ....,..... Mossholder, David... . . . , 134 103 , 134 .........107 Mount, Judi ................ ......... 1 62 Mount, Richard .r..... ......... 1 25 Mount, Susan ....... ......... 1 25 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 Farquhar and Steinbaugh Fishing Tackle, Guns and Ammunition NVoolrich Woolens 116 Union Street DI 4-6200 Ka-Jean Beauty Salon Kathleen Bostic-jean Gamble, Owners "lf Your Hair lsnit Becoming- Be Coming To Us" FA 4-5121 Newark, Ohio 31 Good Luck Class of 1960 S C H I F F ' S Shoes for the Entire Family S. Park Place-Southside of Square Compliments GALLAHER DRUGS Compliments of PRYOR'S SUNOCO SERVICE Corner Sixth and Church Streets Newark, Ohio Phone FA 3-2702 Electrical Contracting Residential and Commercial WIRING AND FIXTURES Phone FA 3-0871 or FA 6-2281 HOLLAND Electric Shop 143 Everett Avenue Newark, Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1960 C. W. Toylor Flooring Co. Commercial and Residential Carpeting and Tiles 1046 Stewart DI 4-7390 1 f ts - ' -rNe- IISIIRAIICE r. am. :snri 20 North Fourth St., Phone FA 6-6581 NEWARK, OHIO Moyer, - Sharon ......,.....,. Mullenrx, Joe., .,.,..., . ,.,, Mullenix, Indy Carol ....... Mullenix, jndy Ann,. Mullins, Beatrice ....... Mullrs, Max ........,...,.. Murnmey, Rose Ann. Munyan, Mary ..,..,........ Murphy, Charlene. Murray, Grace ,,,... Myers, Carol ..,. ,,,,,..,.,., Myers Miss Edith ....... Myers, Gary ,,,,,,, ,,,,... Myers, jane, W V,,. Myers, john .......,.., Myers, joseph ......... Myers, Judy ............ Myers, Karen Mae ,,.. Myers, Karen Lee ..... Myers Larry .,,,.,.., , Myers, Linda, ....... . Myers, Mildred ..,..., Myers, Patricia .,.,.,. Myers Rohertn ,,., .. Myers, Sally.. Myers Myers Nagy, a 1 Sharron ,.,..,. VVil1iam ..,. Linda ,.., Nalepy, Charles .,,.,. Neff, Mike ,,,,. ,,.. .,,,. . Napela, George ,,.,.,... Neidig, Mary Edithw Neighbarger, Allen ...,.,. Neill, Nancy ,.,.....,,..., Nelson, David ..,...., Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Dennis .... Gary, .,...... . Robert ...,.... Nethers,Floyd ,,,. Nethers, Gloria ,..,.,. Nethers, james .,,,.,,... Nethers, Harry. ,.,.,.. . Nethers, Sandra Sue. Never, Nanetm ...,...... Newland, john ...,,.. Newman, Mike ......, Newman, Toni .....,,, Nice, Della Lee ..... Nichols, Judy ..,..,. Nixon, james ..,.... Nnhliek, Beulah ,... , N ...,..76. 89 ,,,,...75, ,.,.,......74 ........73 Ilfllfei ..,....82, 74, 92, 94 68, 73, 77 ........,...107 ........84 ...,...84. 92 1:12:75 I6I"6lif'75 fflffiliis 1 v 125 111 134 162 162 125 134 134 107 111 162 ..33 125 107 107 107 162 161 125 162 171 162 134 119 162 115 162 115 111 125 125 134 134 134 134 134 123 134 163 125 119 115 125 134 115 Headquarters for SPALDING SHOES ll' 'Wil N5 7171 -" iM,,H,H,,wwd5 MWWWWWWMHWJ Established 1870 Compliments Of RITCHEY'S RESTAURANT 22 S. 2nd Street FA 9-0511 X1Q1"l fi H.-wr: WELDER-WILL TRAVEL SEE BOYD BOYD Compliments Of POUND'S FLORISTS . , Corner Cedar and Everett Avenue Welding 81 Mochme Shop Phone FA 5-0,31 Fourth and Walnut Newark, Ohio FA 3-5631 2 HAYNES BROS. DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY H A Z L E T T ' S SUNOCO STATION Complete Auto Service Tires and Batteries l2 East Park Place . . North Ph0I1C FA 3-5571 234 Mt. Vernon Road Newark, Ohio ELECTRIC WHOLESALE, I NC. Compliments Distributors of A. Nursery Electrical Supplies, Equipment, and Fixtures Hanover, Ohio 31-33 N. 5th St. Phone FA 3-9941 CRANE-KRIEG-FLORY HARDWARE and SERGEANT'S Housawruua Congratulations and Best Wishes Winchester Guns and Ammunition To the Senior Class No. 11 So. Park Newark, Ohio Of NHS-1960 Noland, Kathi ............ ,......,. 1 34 Nonnan, Dap ine ..... . .............. . Nonnan, Iannette ........ ,,,...... 1 19 Norris, Daniel ........... ...... ...... 1 0 3 Norris, Ella. ............. ..,.....,.,. 1 25 Norris, kann .......... ........ 8 0, 163 Norris, aren ........... .,,..,..,.,, 1 63 Norris, Lois ................. ,,,.. . ..76, 125 Nott. Garland ....l..... ...... ....... .................. Nye, Mr. Bemard... .,... ............. ,,,,,.,i, . A 30 Oakleaf, Darlene ..... ............. ............... 1 0 7 Oakleaf, Sherley ......... ...... ..... .... 1 1 5 , 119 Oakley, Sharon ..... ................. .161 Oatman, Carl. ........ ........ 7 3, 78, 163 Oatman, Harold ....... .................... 3 0 O'Brien, Carol ....... .... ............... 1 6 3 O'Conner, Susan. ........ ...... . .75 134 Ode, Dennis .......... ............ 1 34 Oder, Don. ............ ......... 1 11 O'Dell, Steve ......... , ......... 103 Oder, Don ............. .................. Offenbaker, Carol.. ............. ..134 Ogilbee, Harold ..... . ........ 84, 134 Oldham, Pam ............ Oldham, Robert ........ Oliver, Laura ............ .....90, 94, 134, 163 Oliver, Pam .................. ,.....,,,....,..,......,..,,,, 8 4 Olpp, Miss Dorris ....... ................................... 3 0 Org, Jack ....................... ......,.. 6 7, 72, sa, 84, 163 O' eal, William ................. .................... 1 2 3 4 Omdorff, Miss Dorothy ........ ......................,, . 31, 81 Omdorff, Dorothy .............. .......... 9 5, 125 Orr, Elizabeth ................ ............,. 1 13, 115 Orr, Joe .................. ........................... 1 19 Orr, Lee ................. ....................... 8 0, 163 Orr, Marianne ........ ......... 7 6, 83, 94, 125 Orris, Dale ............. .......,,,,...,.......,i,,, 1 63 Osbom, Pat ............... ......,.. . ,.,..,.,,.,,,, 1 25 Osborne, Nomra ........ ..... . .75, 134 Osbome, Rodney ....... ,,,,.,,,,,, 1 63 O'Tool, Sharon .......... ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 63 O'Toole, Margaret ........ ....... 1 11 Overby. Larry ............ ........... 1 26 Overley, Larry ........... Overturf, Anita ......... Owen, Barbara ...... Owen, Gwen. ...... .. Oxley, Van ......... ...QIIQQ1...f1QfiiliQ"Iiili 92 134 .......73, 75, , Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1960 Weiant Gardens Hanover Road Newark, Ohio Wholesale growers of Greenhouse Leaf and Bibb Lettuce Tomatoes and Cucumbers Fresh Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cucumbers are Sold at our Roadside Stand from April to July Compliments Of Continental Can Company, Inc. CCC? P Puffer, Terry ........ Packham, Pe gy .,,.,,.,. Packham, Mae .....,..... Packham Myron ......... Painter, lviurgaret ....,.. Painter, Phil ....,..,.,,. Painter, Richard .,.... Palm, Robert ........... Palmer, William .....,... Parker, Charles ........ Parker, Marilyn ...r,.. Parkinson, gean ....... Parkinson, uth ,...... Parks, Paul ...........,,. Parsel, Hannah ,....... Parsons, Edith ....,.... Patrick Marjorie ....., Paul, Pllden ...........,...,. Paul, John ....,........,,..... Pearce, Mr. Myron .....,. Peck, Brenda .............. Peck, loc ................. Peck, ,udy ,,,,. .......... Peck, Larry ,,...,... . ......, Peck, Mike. ,... ....... ........ Pemberton. Sandra. ..,., .. Penick, lack ............... Pennington, Dellas ..,.. Perrin, Adria ........,....., Perry, Miss Ruth ....., Peterlconis, Anna ,.,..,. Petterson, Jeff .,...,.r.. Pettet, Roberta. Pharis, girlie ......... Pharis, ete ....,.....,. Phalcn, Randall ....... Philban, Randy, ...,.. . Phillips, Cynthia ..... Phillips, Larry ........,... Pickering, Robert ........ Pickett, linda ...,. ...,. Pickrel. John, ,...... . Pickrell, Terry ....... Pidock, Gary ....... , Pierce, Pierce, Robmr ..... .. Tom .,........ Pilcher. Frank ......... Finer. Herbert .,.,..... Pearson, Phillip ....... Pitcock, Tom ....,.,. Pitman, Don ........,,.. Plummer, Jane ..........,. Pomerov. Marcus ........ Pope, Diane .....,,..,,,, Poter, Carolyn. ........ Porter, Danny .,.,.... Porter, Mary ......... Posey, Indy .........,.... Potter, Mary Jane.. Pound. Gary .,,,........ Pound, Pound, Pound. Powell, Powell. Powell, Powell, Powell. Tudy ......... Kara ......... Rosennn ,...,.. David ,,..... Donald ......., Georgia ....... Tohn ..,............ Romer ...,..........., Powell. William Seth ,...... Powell, William Staats ,....... Powers, Mr. Wilbur ......... Pratt, Anna ...............,.... Price, Richard .......... Priest, lean ........ Priest, Terry ....... Prior, Dave ......,. Prior, Ed ..,........ Pritt, Barbara .......,.. Provost, Gay .,................ Prugh, Mr. Harold ....., .......84. 45 ....... , ....,.45. ......84, 92, 111, ............74, 82, .,.,...,82, 92, .......74, 164 126 126 126 134 115 134 164 164 126 164 126 103 126 ..31 164 """'4'll26 .........27. 84 ..,fffIffSQ," ...,....l34, 164 111 134 164 1QQQQ1QI185Q'4aaQU ..74 134 126 134 . ........ .,... ......... 2 9 126 ......ffffffffi'6'fQ" ..74 81 82 , ..... , , , 94, 126 164 103 ..54 103 134 126 164 164 165 itil 164 H31 93, 72 vs 94 120 sz, ss, fQQQQQI5Q"ti6,"5Ei," "'IffIIffffI15li," ......,84, , 134 165 126 126 126 123 134 111 111 126 111 134 126 103 165 107 134 134 126 165 .........31, 94. 165 31, 87 ...ffffiiifn ...leaf- 126 134 111 134 134 134 126 Purvis, . Gladys ..,... Pyle, gum ........,.. Pyle, ane ....... uast, Rebecca .... ueen, Danny ..,.,..,. ueen, Eleanor ....,,., . Sueen, Elizabeth ........ ueen, Franklin ......... Radabaugh. Tim ...... , Rader, Benjamin. ...,..,, Rader, Harold ...,...,, Rader, Rebecca ....... Ralston, Robert ....... Ramsey, Carol ,.,.,,,,..,. Ramsey, Mildred .....,,, aauiff, Ned .........,....,. Rauck, Lady .................. Rauck, mda ,,.. ..............,,... Rausch Mr R , - 5Yn Redman, Doris .......,. Redman, Mary .....,.. . ..,. .. Rec, Kristen.. ....... .. Reed, Dorothy. ..,... .. Reed, Lyn ........,.,, Reed, Thomas Reel, Don ......... Regan, Diane ..,..., Reid, Carol .,......,. Reid Dick .......,,...,.. Reinheau, Arlene .... Reinhard, Susan .,..... . Renner, Kenny ...,....,.. Renzello, Jerzy .............,. Retherford, Betty Loud Rey, eff ...................... . Rey, ohanna .............. Rey, ois ............. Reynard, Gary ......,,. Reynolds, Larry ....... Rian, Carl .......... .. Ricciardo, Jerry .....,, Rice, girly ...l,... .... Rich, onnita ....... Rich. Kay .............,. Richards, Iim ..............,, Richards, Larry .......,..... Richards, Mary Jane ...... Richardson, Iames .....,.., Richardson, Iudy ........,.. Richardson, Susan ......, ,. Richardson, Suzanne ..... Richardson, Tom ......., Richcreek, Leif ..,..... Richcreek, hil .....,,.... Ridella, Howard ......... Ridge, Judy ............. Rie esel, Bud ............ Riebesell, Chuck .....,... Riehl, Joy .................., Rigan, Ten'yi ...,.... ....... Rizhtsell, Roberta ....,..... R'l B M' h l ley, any ic ae ........ Riley, Elizabeth Ann .... Riley, Mrs. Mary ..,.....,. Rine, David ...,............ Rine, Sandy ............. Ritchey, jim ......... Ritchey, Iudy .....,. Richey, Mary ....... Ritchey, Pat......... Roan, Sally ,i,,,... Roan, Susan .......,. Roberson, Gary ..,.... Roberts, Dale ......, Roberts, Ieff ......... iond .... .. QQfQQQILi5Q"6E ....QQQ1QQfIlilQA'6ii ffIffIe5iQ"55Q'45li ,.,29, 107 165 , 126 92, 165 ........,.134 76 126 ..........l34 s ..........107 93 , 165 107 , ........... 75 ....,.....134 ...75, 134 ...72, 134 flffffffii flffffllifili 82, 134 ....,,.,..126 92 135 ...,,.....103 .......,.,165 ..........103 165 ,,.....75, ...r....103 ..,,....135 113 64, 68, 80, 90, , 126 92, 165 ...107 166 73, ..........135 135 y , 135 , ...... 41, 135 ...........113 126 ...92, 166 135 , 135 ,,..,5, 165 , ....,, 67, 135 125 103 .......75, .......45, 135 126 135 , 126 103 115 126 ........113, . ........ 6 115 ffffffffsl' ...fffffaafnaaf 107 ,75, 135 . ....... 166 74, 166 ........135 .84. 126 5, 6, 73 92, 135 ..........l..41, me 41, 135 Soucek, Beverly ............. 167 Spragu Sheldon, 2 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts Sharon Kay ...,.... Sharon Lee ........ Sharon Louise ..., Wah t ..,........,.. , ne Robertson, Craig .....,.,... Robertson, Paul ......,... Robinson, Paul ........ Robison, Pat ......... Rockey, Tom ....,................ Rodabaugh, Tim .........,,..... Rodemann Miss Inge borg ...,..... Rodger, Miss Anne ,...... Rodgers, Clyde ,.,..,........ Rodgers, Mary Ann ......,...... Romme, joan ,,....... ..... Roof, Peg? ................ Rose, Mr. obert ........ Rose, Ronnie .........., Ross, Pat .............,,,. Ross Robert .............., Rowland, David ...,........ Rowland, Gaylene ....... . Roy, Nawanna .,,....,.... Rufer, jerry Lee ........ Runkel, Dennis ......l. Runkel, Douglas ...... Russel, Barb .......... ........ Russell, Norma ......,.......... Russell, Vemon .....,..... ....,.... ..... Rutherford, Betty Lou .....,,, ..... Rutter, Kenny ..............,.... Ruton, Larry. ..... , ........... .. Ryder, Mrs. Grace ......... Rynn, Gary ..,...............,..,. Saad, Edward ....,. Salyer, kmhn, ..... Salyer, ancy .,.,.., Sams, Carolyn ,....... Sanor, Dave ............ Saum, Iudith .............. Saunders, im L .... ,... Saunders, im S ......... Saunders, inda .,....... Savage, William ..........., Sayles Miss Carole ...... Scaffide, Charles ...,,.., Scanlon, john ..,.,,. Scanlon, Paul ,..,., .... Scanlon, Tom ...,..,.... Scanlon, Billy .....,......,... Scheffler, Charlotte ......, Scheffler, Diane ...... ......... Scheiber, Betty Lou ......... Scheibcr, Ruth, .,,.... ,,,,,,,, , , Schenk, Mr. Richard ....... Schenk, Ronnie ,,,,,,,,,,.,,. Schneider. Cheryl ....... Schumaker. Patty ....... Schuyler, Wiliam ....... Schwartz, Larry ...... Schwartz Susan ........, Schweinsherg, ........ Scott, udy ...,......, Scott, lllolly ...,......,.. Scott, Richard .,..,..., Scott, Sharon ........... Seabright, Paul .....,.. Seaman, Ray. ......., . Seaman, Sandy .....,.. Seaton, Kay ..,.......... Seckel, Brooke ......... Seese, Crai ..,...,,,,,,, Sellers, Engine ........ Sessor, Linda .........,.... Sessor, Robert ..r....,......., Shackleford, Kathy ........ Shackleford. Rebecca Shaffer, Sally .,.....,.. Shaner, Roland ....... Shannon, Harry .,,....,.. Shannon, ganie ........,..,,, Shannon, o Anne .... ,.... Shannon, ludith ,,....... Shannon, Linda .....,.... Shannon, Svlvia ......... Shannon, Vivien ....l.... Shauck Marsha .......,.. Shaw, Donna ......,... Shaw, Marion ......, Shaw, Nancy ........ Shaw. Sue .......... ,. Dave .......,. Sheldon, Frank ...,... Shepherd, Alan ....... Sherman, lack ............ Sherman, Richard ...... Shennan, Sarah .,....., . Shoemaker, Linda ,,..,.. .. Shomaker, Jim .........,, Shomaker, Shirley .,.,..... Shonebarger, Jerry ...,,...... Shonebarger, Wendell .,.... Shoults. Sue .........l........... Shrader, Charlotte .,...... Shrider, Mildred ........ Shronk, james ......... ...fIIi6Q"iiiiQ" ,..IIff6,"ii6j" II5Q"iiIQ"i-iSl"5liQ" 135 111 126 1U7 166 103 ..s2 155 166 94 , .... .... 2 8, 92, 93 ss, 135 79 ,.....,.126, ..........74, ......,.117, 75f'B1Q"55Q--522-I ..80 166 126 103 166 119 126 166 103 166 135 ..59 .,....27, Illllfliiln 135 168 111 126 167 126 S0 I2QQII16l"?liQ" 167 107 126 167 .....,...27, 92 ...........135 ........111 ........164 ...........119 ........107, 126 167 ......-45, 77, 126 ....,,,..83, 85, 126 ...f.'.'f65Q ' 61' ' 'ibsu' .IfI1II5Q"?l5Q"5liQ" """IifQ1B5l" ,.,, 41, ----.---5, , QQQIIIIIIIQH ffffifililn ......7e, sa, .QIIIIIIES 1.....41, 78 .........41, .......,5, 76, v 1 135 109 184 126 126 126 111 167 135 126 119 135 115 135 135 126 111 167 135 119 135 ..12 135 126 126 167 135 119 126 115 135 126 167 119 167 126 135 126 109 135 103 Shuhirg, Nancy .... - .... Shubirg, Sally ...,...,.. Shultz, Mike .,.......... Shumaker, Nancy ....... Shumaker, Penn ..,..... ggumakg, Shirl,ey ....,..,. upe enny ,,.,....... ..,,.. Shy, Cary ,........ ........., Siegel, igckie ......... .. Siegel, ildred ....,.,, Simmers, Jerry ..,.....,... Simmers, Harold .......,. Simpkins, Mary ....... 68, 67, 73, , , , Simpson, ilham ,,,........,. ..,...,,,...,.,,.,.,,. Simpson, Wan: ......... Sines, Ronnie ...,,.........,... Stpe, Linda ..................,..,,....,, Sweese, Kenneth David ........ Skidmore, Yvonne ........... Skinner, David ...........,.... Skinner, Iane ,.......... Skinner, Susan ,..,,.... Slane, ..,..,,...... Slane, icki .,..,,. Slay, Phfrllisut .... Slay, Sa ly ..,,.,... Slay, Wilma ......... Smart, Linda ,....... Smart. Sandy .........., Smiley, Claude ......,. Smiley, Claudia .,..... Smith, Barbara ..,.,,,, Smith, Bill N ....... Smith, Charles ...,.. Smith, Daniel ....,., Smith, Donna ,...,., .. Smith, Ed ............... Smith, Iudy Ann ........ Smith, Larry ,,.,,.,,,.., Smith, Linda ........ Smith, Louis ......... Smith, Lynn ......... Smith, Madeline ...... Smith, Marilyn ........... Smith, Melanie ,......... Smith, Melvin Bruce .....,,, Smith, Patricia ....,......,... Smith, Ray ............,... f Smith, Rex ............ Smith, Russell ....... Smith, Robben ......,.. Smith, Ronnie ....... Smith, Sharon ...,.,, Smith, Virginia ....,.,.... Smith, Wanda ................ Smith, William .............---- Smucker, Claaton A ....... Smucker, Wi iam .......... Snow, Bemard ...,.......- Snow, Hal ........... Snow, Marvin .....,,... Snow, Noble ............... Snyder, William ......... .... Soloman Catherine ,.,.... Sorrell, Ralph ......... ,.-- Sorrell, Robert ,....,......... Southard Southard Spangler, B .,...... Thomas , Th ..,........ 011185 Linda ..,.....,..., Ralph ...,,.... P3-'JS ers Spangler, Roberta. Spangler, Sharon .,...,.. Spau ding, jim l..... L.. Speed, jean .......... Spellman, Clara .... S nce, Mary ..... ...... Sxncer, Frank jr ...,.,. Spicer, ack .......,..... Spicer, em' ---------,-- Spicer, incoln ...,.... Spicer, Merle, ........ .. Spivey, William ..,..,..., e, Alberta ............ Sprague Margaret ......... Spray, Sherry .......,,. Spring, Charles .....,.. Spring, james ............. Springston, Carol ........ Springston, Dixie .....,,. Spumer, Mildred ..,,.... Stage, Donna .........,. Sta ego, Charles ,..... Stalter, Shirley ......... Stanforth, aim .......... Stalling, P il ...,..,. ..... , . Stalling, Clifford ......,.. Stapleton, Beverly ,..... Stargell, James ........ Stargell, Louis ...... Starzewsk, Rae ....,... Stauffer, Douglass ...... St. Clair, H. C ...... Stedman, Norma ......,.. Steele, Cecil ............ Steele, Linda .............. Steinberger, P. G ....... .......85, ........113, QQ63i"'ii6"'5i"' f6ii"'iQ'A'5i"' y 1 n .,,....,.74, , .........76, , 135 126 115 115 111 103 167 167 126 115 126 135 111 135 167 126 167 167 135 103 135 135 135 126 177 135 ..28 74 67 127 167 127 111 41 103, .....,,...80, 135 167 135 127 115 127 135 167 127 107 127 127 127 -30 167 167 ....,..47, 107, 56l"1iil"iis, .......41, QFi6"'ii2i"'63i"' za 135 ..24 155 135 ...59 127 111 135 115 127 127 125 127 ........76, 83, 84 127 .......50, iii? 127 """""1Yiii ,.,....45, "TI .... fnaf ...... , ,,....41, 47, .......73, , .,....... 88, ,.,..,...1e, aa, ..28 127 127 127 167 115 103 135 115 103 167 127 167 127 127 127 135 135 127 103 127 ..84 127 111 167 ..32 127 135 ..31 Stemm, Frank ....... ,.., Stevens, Donna ......... Stevens, Lohn ............ Stevens, 01138. ......... Stevens, William ...,.. Stickle, Stickle, Nancy .......... Samuel ....,.,.. Stxckle, Sue ......... ..... Stiles, Charlotte ..Y.,,,.... Stockwell, Steve ........... . Stoeckmann, George ....... Stonebumer, kxdy ....... Stoneburner, ita .,,...,. Storer, Gerald ........... Storer, Wilma ....,,, Storey, Barry ......... Storey, Donna ....... Story, Dorothy ,....... . ......... . Stottler, Myra ................... Stradley, Edward ,.,.. . ...... . Straszewski, Rea Laveme ......, Stroud, Irene ................... Stroud, Mike ................,-- Stream, Tom ...,.......,..,,.. ..,. Street, Robert ..,,.... Street, Steve .,........ Stricker, David .,....,.. Stroud, Irene .....,.., Stuart, Danny ........ Stunnan, Roger ..... S tuttler, Myra ....,.... Sullivan, lames .,....,. Sullivan, Linda. .,..... . Sullivan. Patricia .... ...,. Sunkle, Sunkle, Bonnie ........ . Carolyn ,....... Surratt. Carrol ....,.,...... Sutphen, Suellen ....... . Swan. Libhie ......,,.... Swank, Gwen. .....,.. .. Swank, Richard., ....., Swartz. Gene. ..... .. Swartz, Helen .....,. S L' d wartz, in a .,..... Swartz, Melton ......... Swick, Marsha.. Swick, Ronald ....... Swisher. Robert ......,. Swords, Karen ....... Symons, Barb ......., Taggart, Tohn, ..... .. Tanneyhill, jean .,.... Tayler, Richard ...,... Taylor Connie ....,.... Taylor, Danny... Taylor, Eames .... .... Taylor, oe ....... ..... Taylor, Mabel ......, Taylor, Sandy ...... Taylor, Sarah .... ..., Taylor, Tim ....... Taylor, Toni. ........... . Thomas, Iohn ......,.,.... Thomas, Rufus .....,....... Thompson: Pat ..........,. blvfkitaker, Mary ......,.. Thompson Barbara ...,... Thompson: getty ...,.,..... Thompson , onnie .,..,.... Thompson, Charlene ......,., Thompson, Eddie ..,......,. Th Emest ..,,..... ompson, Thompson, Gary .......,.. Thompson Glen .....,..., Thompson1 im. .............. Thompson lienneth ,....... Thompson: Kim ........... Thompson Lzarry ....,... Thompson, Linda ........ Thompson Nancy ...... Thompson, gllussell ......... o , aryn .....,... Til?b1:Ft1s UM.. Jim ..,,,.,. Tiede, Dave .......,..... Tuna, lim .................... Tims, Mary Lou ..,.......... Timson, Bobby Ann ....... Tipka, Elan .................. Tipton, Curtis ..........,... Toothaker, Carolyn.. ..... . Toothman, Janet .......... Tower, Ted ..,,........... Trager, Clayton ........ Trager, Karen ........ Treneff, Ten'y .......... Trethewer, Polly ....... Trickey, Barb ........ 'I'rickle, Barb ......... Trickle, Linda ....... Trimble, Bob ......... Trimble, Vicki ....... Tripp, Jerry -.---..----.-, Tronstein, Lois ........, Trowbridge, Pam ......,.. Tucker, Tom ...,.......,. Truex, Judy ........... 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Charlotte, , Workman, David ,.., , ., Wortman, jeff ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wortman, Robert W. Wortman, Tom ............... Wright, Carol. ........ ,,,, Wright, Dave ...,..... Wright, Dottie ...... Wright, jack .,.... Wright, ames ......,... Wright, erxy ........., .. Wright, ancy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wright, Mr. Robert ....... Wright, Robert ,....,....., Wright, Suzanne ....,..,. Wright, Virginia ...,., Wright, Wanaka ...... Wright. William ...... Yarger, David ..,..,.,.. Yeager, VVanda ......,. Yoc ey, John ..,...... York, Sandra ......... Yost, Jeff .,........,..,,,,, Young, Delores ..,..,,,, Young, Richard ......., Zable. Georfe ......., Zackery, Alan ..,... Zaras, Nick ......, Zeiher, gludyr ,.... .,., Zeiher, obert, ...,., Zesiger, Linda .......,.. Zieske, Victoria ........,,. Ziaan, Ierry ................... Zimosuand, Sandra ,,...... Zimmerman, Dannv ....... Zimmemian, Donna ....,., Zimmerman, Larry ,,....,. Lipperer, Fred ,,,. Zorpdingle, Zelba Q ........ .,,.....s9 ,........115 ............12a ...,.,,.94 128 iae me 174 .......4s, 90 128 ...........B4 130 128 ,...,..45, 77 128 37, 54 14. 82, 34, 174 U54 114 115 ....,.115, 12a 101 ..41 101 182 ........74 114 115 128 76 128 103 119 119 ,.,......,.....174 we .,,.., 136 .,, 174 ..54 101 ....,..8l. 94 128 ......,,.,.92 me .,.,....,......136 .,..,.l28 ...miss ........24 DEMAND THIS LABEL . . . D PRIN by X,XE Tl G Q TRADES Hglgfgf council. 0 NEWARK ot-H0 ON ALL YOUR PRINTING This Label designates that the product was produced in Newark, by local union workmen receiving a union wage. Wages that are spent locally for the betterment of the entire com- munity. Support union labor and union labor will support you. The following are Union shops of Newark: ADVOCATE PRINTING COMPANY NEWARK LEADER NEIGHBOR and RIGGS CO. This ad is sponsored by the Typographical Union Local No. 69 Printing Pressmen's Union Local No. 245 Allied Printing Trades Council R p enting The Typographical Union Representing The Pressmen's U Robert Coyne LARRY PARKINSON Harry Hinton JOHN H- SMITH Richard Thompson GERALD PRIEST Gary Busby, Apprentice Observer See that your iob carries the Newark Union Label The REVEILLE Is Composed and Printed In Newark By Members of the Above Crafts . , n vu 4 f " 1 1 f af- 'L' . PQ ' 1 V 1 1 4 1 1 r ,gg in ,vm . .g.', lfdwzll' ' cp v' ' .g .',A T, . 1 . , " 1 -- sg.: .1- "'4 "1-'vQ'1.a'1 1 iv 4 "1 VJ'-QTSMYVTZA' . x lt :Ll 91 - H ' M53 .Egg 7 ffl. yi 2, ' .n.J1-.11 K vw. Y -- ,2 Mia. - , uf.-'. . ' .I '11 - Q .,.1 ffilif, JA .gg , . 4 r N -gp. TL- 5, 4,4 ' . -3 ', 1 -1,-,, '. wir, .. fy-Sa,-21 -'a 4341:-H-. -9,5 415. 'I ' "ix TLQQ- """'W"' "Y 'f , 'Trl A in f -'1, "sb E553-'S-' ' ' "pf 9331 R ' -. zf 1 l, l , F 1,---wg' +TT"1fE'..f.g: " 2' '- -f ag? ,J - . ,. 1".1.-'if' wr-4"-YI ' . 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