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Text from Pages 1 - 198 of the 1938 volume:

4 a E 3 3 ' 1 '1 3 45 .4 5 -N 1 X, . 15. 1 , 1.- A 'SY 41 in' X - ., Q N ' ,f,f,1-iff-'REL - , J w ' f. sf . if. R -Y . 'Q 1 W. ,Q A X Q ,X -. 1' 2 . 1 I w 1, 1 Q. f X 1 - - . 1 - N w 7 X . RVN I f X L , . A , , J V 5 K' WJ' .A K ,fx QV , V , X 'J 6,11 . , fx 1 -L1 - f 'xl .Y ',.2Ybf.5g I Y V, 'ny' EXW'-' ,S mf WLM JMU' 'WHS QQ' SWMU- V?" QB- FV' at U. :fi ,.....u--v""r 1 'P fs.':"'1A lim Wu 3 ll -wg. C+ gi '1 iybf Y 1 om. 'Wg f Inn-,"""" P,-.-d""d I 'fgggk may 1 M 1 1. .rw I,-2.11"-Q, fLj'VM:,.v1 Fm A fl rw Wk! grip: -045 I F, mx u',4' -QT gag! . "Li-. ' -75:3 , ,---, - ., M I K W ax .gg F 1 ,- ' ,Z w"?:""!-- j .. -vl11v44-.vw . ' ' w U ,,,...,.... ,. , Q, A . 1 ' . Mx U-L X .,,, -.. I W A I 111: -- 'f ,, 'W--., "'- VH, -..W A ff- , . '...9 u . ' - -2' ' 'fgrs ' .2'Yf?'2f-'g- -' ' 1. 5 Y ,, . - A 1- .- .. Mn .,,, , ll vnll r t. .4 M - - " W , '?'fvw - -. H.. .V ,llv ,.f-' fu . r r 'ff 1 I ."':... ww fi. 1' 'fel ,ywt 2. 'L' 1. ' "1 .P '-1 - 4 if 'fu "Y"--.U J. . Z ,J -1-I:-ff'- ' ' A-:,"t3.?f" 'FQIEJ if Lllllllllllllllll EMERSQN Quality and Value Reign Some Styles Appear for a Day Then Pass Into Utter Darkness EMERSON CLQTHES are made expressly for young men who stick to the game .... Always in the lead .... Wear them in any City in the land and they will be found up-to the-minute in HW HHHHHHMHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHNN ' HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMNUMNHHHHHHH 1353 Ex VT N xx :until l f, QTW1 X4 lvl H W fl ll A l fa itll ' Nl ll A pmlnHl lla . . . Qzwzlizgf amd Szyle HLWWHHLAQJH lLLLNNMULHHHMMHAHMLJHHwUHLnl LATEST STYLE HATS FURNISHINGS, SHOES HHJHHNNNNHHMNHHMHHUHHJMHHVUHUHHLM, A ROE EMERSON 11 S. West Side Square Newark ' x ,,.. cl East Entrance 1938 Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Earl Haynes Mary jane Russell Volume 28 Price 31.00 f4HmwyCmgumMmmuMMSmwmUWM Much Sueeess uuei Happiness in Theie Future , . . - uf 1TgLd45J55' 3ifROBDE bafoguupbs Auyufheue Anytime sw Phone 2291 Reveille Staff of Newark Senior High School Newark, Ohio 4, Y, Associate Editor Sports Ralph Cook Howard Upson Helen Glass Phyllis Hutchison Photographer Earl Haynes Assistants Mavis Bachelor Aimee Stuart Ann Warner gs 851' " - sf . , nw A Business Staff Assistant Business Manager Beulah Binger Assistant Subscription Manager Charlotte Bushfield Mary Cunningham Ruth Damuth Art Editor Clarence Shields Typist Marian Miller Dorothy Walters Allan Cook Richard Taafel Subscription Manager Ralph Swartz Ella Miller Maxine Sparks Charlene Edmunds Marian Miller jean Lichtenstein Betty Hill Katheryn Wilson Helen Spellman Diana Seufert Mary Myer Dorothy Lewis jean Chrisman Freda Brucker Betty Anderson Helen Pound Virginia Milbaugh Leona Prysi Wilina Bermerman Rosalie Richards Kathleen Phillips Margaret Myers Hazel Arnold lane Cagney jean Crant Ruth Davidson Eileen Bruney Charlot Bell Charlotte Bushfield Phyllis Schenk Sue Marie johnson Five E TAKE this opportunity to thank each and every member of Newark High School who has so generously contrib- uted to the success of our Athletic Depart- ment . . . CS? 9 uamulm-Pnw' Simi Eyestrain Picks Its Victims Young . . . 2 Out of 5 School Children Suffer From Defective Vision O t , . K. f E ,f XQNB iff! Have your Dealer show you the New I.E.S. Lamps ' an -. ,. X We OHIO POWER C- o W N O . X X 4 aaa f 2:63225 ' , .,.vv'CiYmv4" il v",vi,,w' 51 t.v'2ubt"' -:Q :E NL. Thg 0 I Sffaffzta, Reveille Staff- tConcludedj Cleo Baker Philip Christman Evelyn Frankerbery Emma Grimm Betty Haycook William Ingmire Betty Lawrence Ellen Levin Maxine Norpell Dick Raymond Virginia Scarbrough William Schenk Robert Pratt Virginia Milbaugh Phyllis Swigart Olga Vaiea David Williams janet Roof William Pletcher Margaret Myers Ralph Lane Room Agents Helen McDowell Charlotte Bushfield I.owell Baughman Ruth Criss William Erskine janet Horwitz Dick Graham Dorothy Lewis Elsworth Kelley Dorothy Walters Marjorie Young Ralph Swartz Roy Rowland Forrest King Geraldine Kegg ,Iim Goodwin Dorothy Crothers Beulah Binger Albert Berson Carl Tate Shirley Swigart Style PES Qzzazlity NEWARK, OHIO We feel that fifteen years of Farbion Leaderrlaip in Newark and our twenty years experience in the ready-to-wear business qualities us to write and publish this ad. EXPERIENCE has taught us that there are no miracles-you simply can't get something for nothing, and you get just about what you pay for. EXPERIENCE will teach you that the test of a bargain is not the price. EXPERIENCE has taught us that it is smart to deal with reliable manufacturers whose product is generally nationally advertised and prices standard. Who have stood the test of time and customer acceptance. EXPERIENCE will teach you that it is smart to trade at a reliable well established store that handles nationally known and advertised merchandise. EXPERIENCE has taught us that it is not how much you have in stock, it is what you have. Our customers like our policy of small selective stocks new fashions arriving daily as fast as they develop, and always something NEW. EXPERIENCE will teach you that you are far more likely to find what you want and much less likely to make a mistake in a store that merchandises in this manner. EXPERIENCE has taught us that it is profitable to give our customers a complete store service, charge accounts, layaways, approvals, alterations, deliveries. EXPERIENCE will give you an appreciation of this complete service. EXPERIENCE has taught us that it is smart to employ well informed, style-conscious, courteous, and willing sales people. EXPERIENCE will teach you that it is smart to accept the suggestions and advice of our sales girls. They will take a personal intelligent interest in your wardrobe needs. At SERGEANTKY exflufively in Netuark you will and-WOOLART coats and suits, AVENUE coats and Suits, SHIRLEY LEA dresses, WONDER FROCKS, MODE OF THE MOMENT dresses, GOTHAM GOLD STRIPE hose, BARBIZON SLIPS AND LINGERIE, STETSON HATS, CARTWRIGHT junior dresses, SHAGMOOR coats, LEIGHTON hats, LUSTERTONE coats and suits, LAMPL 8: SNYDER sportswear, Seven up Abbottls Shoe Store ,,, Advocate Printing Co., , Airesman Electric Co .,,,, , Alban, Sam Co., . YY,,,, , ,, Allen, Brashear 8: Haslop ,,,,, Art's Beauty Shoppe... , , Ashley's Electric Shop ,, Betty Gay Shop , , Burke Golf Co. ,,,,,,, , Callander Cleaning Co. ,,,,,,, , Index to Advertisers . 175 , ,,,,,, 170 179 , 186 187 188 185 172 ,, 183 182 Edmiston Book Store Co. ,, Elliot Hardware Co. ,. Emerson Store t,,t,,,, ., Furnas Ice Cream Co .,,,,,, Gaytime Frocks, Inc .,t,,, Grant, W. T. Co. . Gutliph, Henderson Halbrook's Florists , Haynes Bros. ,,,,,,, . , Hermann, George ,t,,,, H1851 ,.,178 2 , H191 .0188 191 185 186 ,,-,.,,184 ,,,,,,,,174 Carlile's Furniture 8: Rug Co. tt,,,, , t,,, 190 Hess, A. P. ,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,V, 1 91 Carroll, 1. J. .... , C ..... ....... . C 18 Hollar, O, D. 8: Sona.. 185 Central Ohio Sales Co. ..... ...., 1 83 Hoop Confectionery.. ..... , 185 Chatterbox Grill , .,,,, ,,,, 1 90 Horner's Newark Paint Co., H188 City Rapid Transit Lines ,, ,, 14 Hub, The ,,,.,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,,,,.,,, , , H190 Clunis 8: Householder .. , 191 Hunter, G. B. fTypewriter Agencyja 8.188 College of Commerce , , 181 Kresge, S. S. Co. Dollar Store ,,., , H191 Crane, Krieg 8: Flory Hardware Co. , 185 King's ,,.. ,......, ,..,, , ,.,,, , , 177 Criss Brothers ..,., ,.... , ..... 1 84 Kelley Grocery ,... , N185 Davis Co. , ......, H ,, 191 Kroger Grocery ....,, , , 189 Doneif Home Bakery , .... .,,,, 188 Licking Laundry Co.. .,,. 8.181 Mackenzies Diamond Store . ,,,, . 179 7f? .AfQ'., l - , V, . . , - e-be C' f' f' f 1 ' ' .,,'7'C 'Q G i""' -L We .,.,i,A, mm, Ant, W T-A W-,711 ---,:.:-nulhur-, W ' ...Q 7 l:, ,C 7 ....- W.. ,V "V I ' .- 1:- IF5. ' urlvji1'l""' M . uc, ,. - 1 U nH'l1l1U Jw' . " NW.-I "' X vlllllllfnflm' llllmm .ruf- 5,1,,1-.i5,,,flfI?p-tnb es, 'wxvx.l,'f 1. l:Wlr,l'J11llll' Hmllllur A lin.. .5 - 9 an if -rwllllll'Wli11111111l'l' 1 --'ff I - "1 ,,..- 'QL - -.fM"X 1'-,xml1l1111.l!l " f "1 '71f,f f M7 . 533 TTIFL-M fi- . 9 ' f- - ff J ,ff we fr 1- . if-r --' " :fig 4' Q ' .,,, r -' H -1- . ' - 5-.. -rf A - ' ,aff ,,-, C--,,, . H M-I ...nnqzn "' ' f5hleN57 'Clr-a...- rd- Maybold Shoe Store ,,,,,, Index to Advertisers 179 Powell Electric Co. ,,e,,, . . 185 May-Fieberger Co., The ,,,,,,, ,,,e,,. 1 87 Reynolds, Mrs. C. P .,,,,, 183 Mitchell, M. ,,,.,,, ee,,,,, . .. 179 Rutledge Brothers .. .. .. 18 Montgomery, Merrill R. ,,,, . 180 Ryan Brothers ,,t,,, 183 Mueller Studio ,r,, .. 4 Sawyer's Market ,,,, . ,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 86 McCament, E, V. .. .. ,,,, 180 Schonberg, M. 8: Sons. t,,, .. 189 McKim Supply Co. . 181 Sears, Roebuck Co. e,,,ee .. 189 New Arcade Theater . .. ,,,,, .. 181 Sergeant's ,,,,, ,,,,, . 7 Newark Auto Dealers' Ass'n. . .. 10 Sinclair Refining Co .,,,, ,,,, 1 88 Newark Daily News ,,,,, ,,,, . .. 172 Smith Cleaning Co. e,,, ,,ee,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 8 9 Newark Engraving Co.. A 12 Smith, P. Sons Lumber Co ....,....... ..,. . 184 Newark Fashion ,..,,,,, .. 182 Stewart Brothers 8: Alward Co. .,,., .. . 14 Newark Telephone Co. . 170 Stream, George L.-Machine .. .. .. .. 180 Newark Wall Paper Store .,,. 6 Superior Welding 8: Co .,.,,... . .. 189 Nobil's Shoe Store. .,., . .. 187 Swingle Music Store .,,, ,,,, . .. 190 Ohio Fuel Gas Co. .. . . 177 Tate, E. L.-Optometrist ,..,, .. .186 Ohio Power Co. .,,, .. ..,, 6 Thompson's Confectionery ,,,...,. .,,,,, . 182 Ohio Shoe Repair Shop. . . 183 Tracy, Walter D. .. ,,,...,,,,...., .189 Pfeffer, George ,,,, ,,,..,, ,,,,, 1 7 3 Union Electric Shop ,,,...,,, H190 Penney, j. C. Co. ,,,,.,, ,,,,..,, ,.., 1 7 6 White, W. W .............. . .. 16 Pound, Charles H. QFloristj ..... ...... . ....... 1 82 Wolfe Tire Co ......... ...... 1 78 - Younce, Mrs. Mabel .... . ..... ...... ........... 1 8 0 1 if' TT'1""'-,,. -. "'f"'w- he P-nk ,jfs . . 1 . , if we--9 ..--,.. .-.N w gw+tf""rr gmlfu. i ,Nm-um-B unnwmw 5" i if 1' "'7'Li,V dy mr 1 'li to :Q . ff 1 as 'l 1 g H g - If 'C' .ff X! QM? X1 ' ,gxxxfml '93 ' - 8 Q - 1 J! 74,,,.2sf Pt . SSXNXR fri" lu Mmm ll! ,, 1, wWmXs.x K 'W --' Lu "ff H lb 6 , 1-M... mg- Q ily 1+ WLM gfflf my WWII? ,nf 5 'A-,.f' ff te ,f v L . ,L 4 J "1 wk Y . 0 f - A X . 1 .f fe- "fe A-'16-.'w ' f Y' f """"""""-A ssl' il""""" 'H 'firm' il a P 1 ' 1. Af X ff "'5"fi- , K , ,'S-1-'12, 2 M' """'-Qnaisvf 4 xg ff., at ' ' ff , A ,, - ,nf 9 1' Y . ,, 1 i D I Q, .. 7 1 'liz' M ,Y ., . ff--' M' T .b -- ' .,.' ,v -4 v--- gf N ' ' ' ,V L-1. 1' " f -v 3' .Y ,. "'...' ....- .,. ""' hh' f-F" sC'3' Q ,,,.,.,.,.. .uns-M P .nate 5 ...TH ,v --I-T l ,117- The Newark Automobile Dealers Association A. P. Hess Ford Phalen 84 Cunningham Chevrolet E. A. Bryan Motor Co. Dodge-Plymouth Edwards-Merchant, Inc. Packard-Studebaker F. L. Elliott Motors, Inc. DeSoto-Plymouth F. M. Rugg Pontiac Spohn-Morin Motor Co Buick Curran Motor Co. Oldsmobile Licking Motor Sales Nash-Lafayette Tedols Super Service Graham Gymnasium ,XXX Eleven , - - TH? HEHARK EHSRAY N5 CB.. Qffnyia Q!!! sie 7 iiiififiififiif 9 i7iiifi7 . MM Photo-Engravings a For Newspapers, Magazines, Copper and Zinc Cuts for All Purposes Catalogs, School and Political Use. 4 ffm. Wikia rg vw AQ Twelve West Stairway Thirleen 1906 1938 NeWark's Complete . . . I-Iome-Furnishing Store Modern Furniture . . . Smart Rugs . . . Curtains . . . Draperies . . . Gas and Electric Ranges More Than 30 Yempf of Serving You! ru:-:ff f fmms. STEWARJ ALWARD6 THE ARCADE df UNUIN BLUCK NFWARKD LET US SOLVE YOUR PARKING PROBLEMS BY RIDING THE BUS! "Your Local Bus Company" CITY RAPID TRANSIT LINES, Inc. fnsauusnqhln wwf" """i'I'3:q-fqk,N,,,4-Y nge?" " ' -12,-nn-,F , V- sees? 4139 'G. ""-f... , -nah tiifg was v ,I Fr, QI' 'Lx ah- ' fn CONTENTS ji- Mn, 'Q 'Gala latin.. +3-2 nf ly. "rn-,aa ff,2wi,v? Mm le ."' ?'::35'3nE "Nw-.i.,,1-iai, ig' 2?f1i'1.zQE gn'-1 2 K 3 M5531 Gif?" Admimstration -332 ig 1. -QQ L If. l . - if.. as . A. fs s . V f- 2, 'FV-'I . in Mi' if ina 'igfz.XXI?akQgg 1 Q Classes V ,g i-!'n 's1,! ,K 5.-5.1-J' .A i kfsfg. 1 A -iisfg fy is 1 mr' rl 'fig .,, 2 s'11i?iffK44.Z. 'kia-'srfifjxx lei? Acti 't'es 4 M 'P' z' V11 33-F... X 5s ' , 5 M E"i4f'1f3" , is ' W Bw- S-M2 35 mx iw : -1 - ' S t .D-117+ ,.", - FF'- " Y' 37" Pi! Por S Qf"1.iQ fr ,, Lw ui-:rf :ei faifsl 1, s , .,:-:,5l1...q., " Q, .., ' 4' flfiiii ' 5.7, .Gif fm '--an L55"fk1:'Q T., rr' ,. f ...S---QL ....,l.., ..H-fwnsngqg-pg,Q1lv"""f jf"':.., H.. ,.,...',.-u-M, ..,...... ,....Np:,...,. , , , . ,..,,,.,,..-am-nz' 'Q , x "bg -, ,NnfiX1,?': ' ' fpwxafsii 7? ' vit . s f , .Q , F w -mth .35 " ww , Q ' ,X J ., , . .L 'Q .Q . 3 '? . 3' .- f AM X ' "":::f:7 x1 X' l.a.t:::::,J'. iff" 5 N L., , is-: ' '::"1 ,.,, -. ..... J s 2 f V Y, k N' 1 4- H- , 4 J Q X -2 . sf-'. ' FG. 1 if 5 1ss s , "'- f Q . . , ,Q 35 ,fl M- .L 4 ,fl A ff? 7 Al 1-1, - fan" J, ff Q! 7- af f ? 1? -fi' 'A i ' . -fan 1 -as-1f'L'1' . TY . 1 .,,f-'lf' ,gs f 19" W 1 SA -fx .- h Pofftmizif . . . of Cbazmcfezf WI-IITE'S STUDIQS M Hudson at Church Phone 4465 for Your Appointment Now West Entrance Seventeen "Nothing Succeecis Like Success" Your educationuis your foundation to success. It is up to you to build your structure. You must love the avocation you choose to make a success. The ladder may be highg but there is plenty of room at the top. Buy Your Clothes at RUTLEDGE BRO . and You Have Reached the Top in Clothes-Which Means Your Success in Appearance. "Quality Store" Phone 3755 21 S. Park, Newark, Ohio I The Store of f'cS'azz'Z,rf4zcz'01fy S e1f1JZce" For Over 51 Years Graduating has its little thrill for everyone, including the graduate, her parents and her friends .... The best thrill of all is giving them good clothes and many gifts. u Our Store Has al Large Assortment of Both The JCI-IN J. CARRCLL Store Eighteen To Mr. Frew C. Boyd, who has greatly furthered the cause of education, who has inspired us with a love of education and an increased desire for higher knowledge, and who has carefully guided us through our trials and problems, the 1938 issue of the Reveille is respectfully dedicated. Nifzeleerz Twenty Foreword In commemoration of the sequicentennial celebra- tion of the adoption of the Ordinance of 1787, which defined the boundary, government, and the policies of the Northwest Territory, the theme of this book has been planned that suitable tribute might be paid to those who settled and civilized that part of our country now constituting one of the major farming and industrial sections of our land. i f -x L ' NMM A ,, , A 1, I . , ft- ,li waziai-.e ' , I Made 5 Twenly-one Board of Education Left to Right-Dr. D. C. Swigart, Mr. Walter Keller, Mr. Stacy C. Conrad, Mr. J. M. Mitchell, Mr. George Pfeffer, Mr. P. B. Edwards, Miss Evelyn Hilleary. .i!i"r: 'lk ' .W ,K , Board of Education Control of the school faculty, building con- tracts, apportionment of funds and school cur- ricula is held by the members of the Board of Education. The Board is elected biennially in the November electionsg in the following Janu- ary, the Board is organized. Mr. J. M. Mitchell, who was First elected president of the Board in 1925, was again voted Twenty-two into the presidency this year. Mr. Mitchell is the proprietor of the Mitchell Clothing Store. Dr. David C. Swigart was elected vice-presi- dent of the organization. Mr. George F. Pfeifer, proprietor of the Pfeffer Clothing Store, was added this fall to the membership of the Board. Mr. Stacey C. Conrad and Mr. Walter Keller are the other members of this organization. P. B. Edwards B.S., Ohio State University M.A., Ohio State University Twenty-three Twenty-four Frew C. Boyd B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University M.A., Ohio State University Graduate Work at Ohio State University and Columbia George Stoeckmann B.A., Denison University Th.B., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary University of Illinois Graduate Work at Ohio State University and University of Wisconsin English and Biology Twenly-ive Ellen Dush Elizabeth Owen B.S. in Home Eco- nomics, Ohio State University Home Economics Ph.B., Denison Univ- Univ. of Chicago, O.S.U., Iowa State Univ., Home Eco- nomics, English .. ,I i - 1 , 1 r 1 Mary L. Huffman Dorothy Robb Bliss Business Col. A,B., O.S.U. Columbia University Stenography Stenography Typewriting Typewriting Dean of Girls Home Economics Home Economics provides for instruction in all phases of homemaking. It is concerned with problems of feeding, clothing, and housing fami- lies, and with all the hnancial implications of budgeting and buying. The textbooks used are: "The Family's Food,' "Art in Home and Cloth- ing," "Home Economics Omnibus," "Home Liv- ing," and "The Family and Its Relationships." Theory is taught, but the aim of the course is to give as much practical experience in each phase of homemaking as possible. This year lock- P. H. Sager A.B. Liberal Arts, Loyd G. Millisor Rochester Normal Ohio Northern Univ. University h B.S, Commerce, Head of Commercial 4 Department Bookkeeping i 5 1 A ' ' .Y , .2 - :irq r , Y 'Q X SS: - , :ff-G. ' rizf g .. WWW .. ,:. , if I "-- 'qty 1 ,i'7'y"Q.:' 5, D - Heckelmian A.B., O. Wes. U. Post Grad. Work at Ohio State Univ. Physics Practical Science Edith McCaughey B.A., O. Wes. U. M,A., O. Wes. U. Commercial Law Bookkeeping Salesmanship Home Economics ers were installed and bookshelves built in the department. Comm ercial The commercial course includes shorthand, typewriting, commercial law, bookkeeping, sales- manship, economics, sociology, and business Eng- lish. The purpose of the commercial course is to acquaint the pupils with business and the economic world and to train them in acquiring a skill in commercial subjects that will enable them to function satisfactorily in the business world. Twenty-.fix ,- t A , Y . . I W 0.1. Barnes F. W. Smith B.S., O. Wes. Univ, M.A-,, 0-S-LL Graduate Work at Chemistry A Cornell gg Columbia Practical Science Biology i 1 i r ' G. W. Brown B,Pd., Franklin Col. Mathematics Salesmanship Ph.B.,Mount Union Graduate work at College of Wooster Mathematics Rosa A. Pugh C. E. Orr Lester B. Cox Laura E. Hosick B.S., Muskingum Col. A.B., Muskingum C. A.B., Otterbein A.B., Denison Univ, Grad. work O.S.U. Grad. work O.S.U. Grad. work O.S.U. A.M.,U. of Chicago and Denison Univ. Sociology, Economics Economics American History ?5H9I'1C21f1 HISUTFV Athletic Coach Economic Geography Civics .IVICS Science Mathematics The science subjects are biology, chemistry, and physics. This year descriptive physics and de- scriptive chemistry have been added to the cur- riculum. The purpose of the science course is to train the pupil in exact scientific reasoning. Lab- oratory work is part of the program and is ac- companied by lecture demonstration. The study of scientific research in local industrial plants is conducted for its practical value and vocational guidance. In teaching mathematics, the object is to teach the pupils to use deductive reasoning in both academic and practical problems. Geometry is founded upon basic assumptionsg and studying this subject, the student discovers that all human thinking is based upon a similar set of assump- tions. Algebra furnishes a tool for the solution of many practical problems and provides a sound basis for the study of advanced mathematics. Twenty raven Dorothy Bline Nelle Smith A.B., O. Wes. Univ. B.S., Ohio Univ. M.A., O.S.U., Grad, Commercial Law work Univ, of Cin. General History English, History Sarah S. Schiffeler Mary Rexroth Xvells Col., B.A., A.B., Denison Univ. Denison Univ., Ohio University B,Mus., Denison U. French, Latin Grad. work O.S.U. French, German Social Sciences The history courses offered from the sophomore year through the senior year survey the develop- ment of history from ancient times up to the present day. The aim of the courses is to pro- mote an intelligent understanding of the progress and development of the laws, life, and manners of the world. This year the Constitution and the Northwest Ordinance were stressed in the American history classes. The economic course deals with the economic changes and problems of today. ' T. . I M ........,-. Louisa E. Orr Florence Boyd B.S. in Education, Ohio Univ., Grad, work Univ. Wis. and O.S.U., Modern and General History A.B., O. Wes. Univ. French, Latin C. P. Smith A.B., O. Wes. Univ. Grad. work O.S.U. Latin, Debate Eunice E. Thomas A.B., O. Wes. Univ. M.A., Columbia U. Ohio State Univ. English Foreign Languages The foreign languages taught here are Latin, French, and German. There are four aims in the teaching of the languages: reading, speak- ing, understanding, and Writing. While the im- mediate purpose of a language is to develop lin- guistic skill, the ultimate aim is the ability to understand foreign civilizations, the study of the life involved, the social customs and cultural atti- tudes of the people of other nations. English The course in English comprises grammar, com- position, and literature. In grammar emphasis is Twenty-eighl .J nl L . F ' 1 1 Helen Lavin Mildred Hawke Esther Larr Ph.B., University of Ph.B., Denison Univ. A.B., Col. ofWc1oster Chicago Graduate work at English A English Denison University Public Speaking English Dramatics Bertha L. Crilly A.B.,Den. U. gM.A., O.S.U., Grad, work C0lumbiaU., Middle- bury C., Northw. U. English, journalism . , . . C. W. Klopp Sam S. Gelfer Florence Myer Supgrvisof of Musig Institute of Applied B.S., Mich. State Music, New York Normal, Denison U. Head Violin Dept., Univ. ot' California Denison University Physican Education Instrumental Music English placed on the construction and usage of correct English. The purpose of composition is to give the pupil the power to present his ideas clearly and effectively. The aim of literature is to in- terest the pupil in reading with discrimination and appreciation. Extensive and varied reading is expected of all pupils in all courses. Mu sic Included in the music training offered to the students are the band, the operetta, and the or- chestra. The band aims to give its members a A. B. Long Purdue University Bradley Polytechnic Univ. of Wisconsin Director of Physical Education Music comprehensive playing knowledge and to develop rapid sight reading. The operetta serves as a natural means of self-expression and offers an op- portunity for a large number of pupils to par- ticipate. The orchestra provides instrumental ex- perience and stimulates an appreciation for good music. Physical Education Health classes, designed to supply the essen- tial knowledge necessaiy for the maintenance of personal hygiene have been added to the regu- Twenly nine Thirty Charles A. Eckert B.S. in Education, O.S.U., Grad. work Ohio State Univ. Director of Industrial Arts Luther Hanshue B.S. in Ed., Witten- berg C., Grad. work Witten. C., I-Iistory, Economic Geograph, Assistant Coach Willis A. Whitehead M.A. in Education, Ohio State Univ. BachelorArchitecture, Ohio State Univ. Industrial Arts james S. Kirkpatrick B.S. in Education, Ohio State Univ. Industrial Arts Mary E. Barnes Secretary to Principal Physical Education lar physical education curriculum. Students now attend three regular physical education classes and one health class a month as required by state law. The gymnasium classes have for their aim the strengthening of the body and the pro- viding of healthful hobbies for leisure time. Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Laboratories underwent many changes this year. The basis for these Frank G. Handel Superintendent of Buildings Attendance Officer Industrial Arts A changes is the growing belief that students must be given the opportunity for gaining disposi- tions relative to problems of living embodied in the material phases of man's existence. The heart of this new system is the planning center where the student may take up problems con- fronting him or plan his courses for the future. After a student has passed the planning center, he then contacts the laboratory where he may enter any technical or mechanical field. Fioneews 1937 Prize Awards The Harvard Cup, which is presented to the best all-around boy, is to encourage attendance at Harvard University. In 1957 it was awarded to Howard Siegel. During that year the boy and girl having the highest averages were Louis Mink and Anne Montgomery. This average was based on the grades received throughout the three years in Senior High School. Every year the Civic Society gives a cup- which has engraved on it the namef of the stu- dents having the highest average for each semes- ter. Last year the cup was awarded to William Fisk and jean Lichtenstein. A medal is awarded by the Eta Sigma fra- ternity of Denison University to the student having the highest average for four years in Latin. Since no discrimination could be made between their grades, Shirley Lewis and Willard Gold- berg were both awarded a medal. Anne Montgomery won the French prize for the highest average in advanced French. The Ger- man Maennerchor presents to the student having the highest average in German a prize of five dollars. Louis Mink was the recipient of the prize last year. I: Betty Strosnider and Thomas Norpell received the Roosevelt history prize last year, which is given to the boy and girl having the highest grade in American history. Annually an award of twenty-five dollars is presented to the student having the highest av- erage in four years of English. This award, which is the Mr. and Mrs. William E. Miller Memo- rial Prize, was divided between two contestants, Anne Montgomery and Louis Mink. Each year a Leland Baxter, jr. memorial award in journalism is given to the senior boy who in the estimation of the committee, under certain rules, is considered the rightful recipient. The prize shall be a cash award of 352500. The boy must be enrolled in journalism in his junior and senior years, must have an average rating in other subjects and must complete the College Preparatory course. In event that the most outstanding work is done by a girl, an ex- ception may be made in her favor. Such an honor was bestowed last year upon Juliet Upson. A Ray Hull cup is presented each year to the graduating boy with the best athletic record. Richard Reinbold received this award in 1936. Howard Siegel was awarded the cup in 1937. Athletic Award i civic cup I bn lysl wo Harvard Cup Latin Medal Walter Tracy Ralph Cook john Shinn Richard Imhoff Senior Class Officers President Ralph Cook Vice-President Richard lmhoff Secretary John Shinn Treasurer Walter Tracy Thirty-llzree Mavis Bachelor Betty Anderson Ruth Andrews "Betts" And ber moden' manner' and graregul air, Show er wire or Jive if fair. Pet Pursuit-Skyscrapers Science Club Girl Reserves Girls' Travel Club Hockey Wilbur Armstrong ..Army,. A quiet person whom we all like. Pet PursuitvTrying to drive a Model T Science Club Class Basketball Ruth Asbcraft A girl of worfla for mob ,rbe'r erer rolled. Pet Pursuit-The pursuit of happiness . Camera Club 1,- Girl Reserv s 'P XM .ef , lj :JZ f "Ruthie" Barlyfnl .fi77l'E'I'lIj' and ronzely lore. Pet Pursuit4The Midnight Shows. on Saturday Night Hazel Arnold "Ginger" Le!'.r be gay while we muy. Pet PursuitAFollowing the sun around Dramatic Club, G-Y, Girls Travel Club, Hockey Edward Babbitt "Eddie" Some tbink rhe nforla' ir made for fun and frolir, and .fo do I. Pet PursuitABlond junior Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Student Council A Home Room Otlrcer-President, Secretary Joseph Baggs And equal mixture of good hu- "joe" mor and good renre. Pet Pursuit-Sports Science ClubfPresident Usher Annual Staff Honor Society Lorraine Bailey "Bodine" A good, rinrere, friendly girl who if ever kind. Pet PursuitACollecting rings Chorus Ruth Barclay "Ruthie" Alwayr laughing and lmrin' fun. Pet Pursuit-Dee-dee Der Deutsche Verein G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus Thirty-four A rrbolm' and an all-rzromizl good fellow. Pet Pursuit!High Score Rifle Club-President Automobile Club Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Eileen Baker "Goofus" Dark ber hair, and bright ber' eyer. Pet Pursuit-Tall, dark, and handsome Knitting Club-President Girl Reserves Emojean Baughman "jean" Laugh and life, then learn. Pet Pursuit-Mt. Vernon Girl Reserves l l r Lowell Baughman Bruce Bazler "Baughey" "Bruce" He if a worlhy 1111111 wirhol. The hahit of lookillglon Ihe Pet Pursuit-First rlgry of rabbit bllgbl 'Wit' 'lf 'h"'gJ If lmflb Season more Ibdll 41 zhonirmd jeavxr. Room Agent Pct Pursuit-Trying to rrvoirl the love-bug Sophomore Hi-Y Senior HifY Jane Beall Dorothea Beatty "Beall" "Dot" Shell gel by rrilh lhril fzuizzhle in her eye. Pet Pursuit-Mountain Feud Der Deutsche Verein G-Y Girl Reserves Mary Beaumont Shetir aluioyr plermfrzf and zwllzng. Pet Pursuit--Trying to get A's Bird Club Girl Reserve Chorus She 4fll0I'Ef qniellj' rrhozft. alrwryr ,waking the herler lhingr in life. Pet Pursuit-Mt. Vernon Girl Reserve Marian Beaumont ' 'Chunk" Dorf! zuorrjl If maker deep ufrifrhler. Pet Pursuit-Me and my dogs Operetta Dramatic Club G-Y Girls' Sports, Basketball and Baseball Manager Tilton Bebout "Bayb0" The ber! woy lo he hrljljfy if io have a good lime. Pet Pursuitflmunging Sophomore Hi-Y Model Airplane, Sergeant-at-Arms Class Basketball Charlot Bell "Chocolate" Although .she if endowed with wit. A She ir wery rhy in mifrg 11. Pet Pursuit-Brunettes Girls' Travel Club-Treasurer Salesmanship Chorus Wilma Bermerman "Wems" jolly and guy, .rhelr frlimzyr that way. Pet Pursuit-Prysi and Sherrard G-Y Girl Reserves Business Staff Reveille Stuff james Beeney "Wedebrook" Heff o jolly good fellow. Pet Pursuit-Keeping Mercer from going back to Frazeysburg Varsity Football Baseball Minstrel Science Club Vfillis Berger "Bong" Life wizhouz ldughler would he nz dreary blank. Pet Pursuit-Ruth, Caroline, and Mnrgie Operetta Minstrel Stage Manager Reserve Football Philip Booth '-Flip" A friendly heart gel! rnony friemlr. Pet Pursuit-just someone and something Der Deutsche Verein Science Club Minstrel Chorus Thirty-five Betty Jane Briggs "Briggsy" Of plain round Jenxe, life'.f current eoin ir made. Pet Pursuit-Three guesses Home Room Officer-Secretary Freda Brucker "Fritz" Studiour and quiet, an ideal girl, Pet Pursuit-To Find a worm in "The Big Apple" Girls' Baseball Hockey Science Club G-Y Alice Buckingham . .Ab, , Learning ix wealth to lhe poor and honor lo lhe rich. Pet Pursuit-To shoe a horse Hy Salesmanship Bird Club Girl Reserves Chorus Thirty-Jix Betty Bostwi ck Mimeograph Staff Hockey Robert M. Boyd Dramatic Club Scrihblers Club Edward Boyling "Eddie" Good humor and generorizy Pet Pursuit-Waiting at the gate for "Katie" Class Basketball Sophomore I-Ii-Y Senior Hi-Y Louis Brooks "Louie" A roarteour and ajable genlleman, Pct Pursuit-Watching the Fords go by Room Agent Eileen Bruney "Dutchie" The failhful are fertain of lheir reward. Pet Pursuit-To lead a hot dog Scribblers Club Salesmanship G-Y Hockey Margaret Burden "Margie" Her willingneu to rerre maker life a pleafure. Pet Pursuitj-I ain't a sayin' Salesmanship Club Girl Reserves furry the day, the world over. Marjorie Botts A betler naiizre, lhere ix none. "Margie" Pet Pursuit-Everyone should Thofe who krzozo her berl, know. refpect and admire her mort. G1f1S Basketball Pet Pursuit-Don't you know? Band Dramatic Club Operetta G-Y Room Agent Edith Boyer "Bob" "Edie" One know: him by lhe A bigger hear! yolfll never good workmanfhip. WFP!- Pet Pursuit-Trying to escape Pet PursuitfDriving Chevrolets from the love-bug Mlmefigfaill Stall Band Salesmans ip Orchestra Honor Society Margaret Brandt "Margy' ' She frownf her lbdllghlj' will: ani. Pet Pursuit-Traveling in fl trailer Der Deutsche Verein Girl Reserves Student Council Hockey Clurellen Burton Her' .rmlrly zfi,r.1m.r11io11 if Ihe hcymfe of ,rnrre.r.r, Pet Pursuit-To rind people who can spell and pronounce my name correctly Rifle Club--Treasurer Hockey Science Club Girl Reserve Paul Cady Good naimre mfiiaier from him in erery rmile. Pet Pursuit-Trying to get to school three days a week. Varsity Football Senior Hi-Y Reveille Staff Globe Trotters Lawrence Callander "junior" The higherf u'i.rn'ol21 if mnfinlzal t'IJl'6l'flll7Z6',f.l'. Pet Pursuit-Alumna Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Home Room Oficeri Vice-President Prom Committee Charlotte Bushfield "Red" A piquavzr jferzrormlity u'i1h a darh of hlnrzur. Pet Pursuit-just a certain very small dog Girl Reserve Scribblers Club Reveille Stall Usher Martha Cagney A laugh if worlh a lholuand groom in any market. Pet Pursuit-To live and learn fmostly livej G-Y Girl Reserves Hockey Katherine Camlin "Kate" We can do more Zona' by being good than any of er way. Pet PursuitwDoclging cars and people French Club Science Club Rifle Club Girl Reserve r june Campbell "june" Her ambition k770M'I no refl. Pet Pursuit-To go places and meet people Dramatic Club G-Y Girl Reserves Girls' Baseball Neal Carpenter "Carpe" Character maker hir own defliriy. Pet Pursuit-Golf Russell Cates ' 'Russ' ' Men of few wordr are lhe bert men. Pet Pursuit-Riding a bicycle Lynn Campbell "Campbell" The worla' helongr zo lhe energezif. Pet Pursuit-Nurses Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Drafting Club Home Room Officer-Treasurer Martha Cass "Cassy" A good renrible maiden whore duty tombinef with plearufe. Pet Pursuit-To find a non- crashable automobile to ride in. G-Y Knitting Club Girl Reserves Girls' Baseball Margaret Catt ' 'Kitfyn She if wire who talhf but little. Pet Pursuit-Waiting for an or- chestra to play "Stardust" or "The One Rose" Girls' Basketball Home Rome Officer-Secretary G Y Girl Reserves Thirty-revere Anabel Cochran Wlilbur Coen "Skipper" "Willie" A Jhy, retiring maid, hat alwayx I have a lgearf with room willing to lend a band. Pet Pursuit-I wouldnit know ' Girls' Travel Club Chorus Book Club Wlalter Colville "Pete" A happry-go-lucley lad, Yet Jerzoax on demand. Pet Pursuit-Getting my schedule changed james Cope "Lockinvar" He enlefxr wholeheartedly into everything. Pet Pursuit-To beat Cambridge Senior Hi-Y "N" Club Reserve Football Varsity Football Thing'-eig bl Dorothy Cavendish "Dot" Common Jenre if no! a common thing Pet Pursuit-When I reach the age of twenty-one Martha Chester "Chubbie" Alwayr gay and Iva p , willy a rmile tha! never ffzdkf. Pet Pursuit-Going to movies Girl Reserves Jean Chrisrnan So!! peace .flae bningr w enerer :be arrfref. Pet Pursuit-Your guess is almost as good as mme Camera Club Science Club GiY Girl Reserves for every joy. Pet PursuitfTravel Ralph Cook "Cookie" A cheery rmile, a winning way maker lyorlr of friendr. Pet Pursuit-Turning off "Lights" President Senior Class "N" Club-President Varsity Football Track Squad Robert Copeland ' ' Bob' ' Not only pfeify good but prellj' good for romellfing. Pet Pursuit-Thinking up a Pet Pursuit, I betcha "N" Club Reserve Football Bonita Chaney "Skeeter" 1f'.r a .rmile that doer tb Pet Pursuit-Pursuing the pursuer Student Council- Social Chairman G-Y Girls' Travel Clube Vice-President Reveille Staff Mary Eleanor Chilcote e trick . She knowx what if what. Pet Pursuit4Polar Bears Science Club Girl Reserves Business Staff Room Agent Jerome Christman "Chrissie" W'here he facreedx, the all hir own. Pet Pursuit-Sports Camera Club Der Deutsche Verein Science Club Minstrel meril'.r Jeanne Crane A prelly mniderz good 1r'itlJo11l f71'elc'11.fe. Bleu with 1'L'1I.f0fI and commuu Pet PursuitA'l'o have and to hold imostly holdj G-Y Girl Rcscrvcs Ruth Criss "Ruthie" A maid of qlzivl, jrerirife wajxf. Pet Pursuit-Waiting for "Dawn" to come Room Agent Band Salesmanship Club Helen Crawford "Peggy" I A lme friend if forever 11 frieml. Pet Pursuit-Eating spaghetti with chopsticks Der Deutsche Vercin Girl Reserves Chorus Eugene Crouch ..JeeP,. How be erzjoyf life. Pet Pursuit-Learning football plays Automobile Club Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Girls' Travel Club MlU5ff9l Mary Cunningham Gilbert Curry "Cunnie" "Gil" Many a trick lmr .rbe dozzeg Alwayr iz .rmile in lair eye, But, l1i:1'er'tlwlc'.r.r, 'lwur alwup.r in ffm. Pet Pursuit--"Ignats" G-Y Girl Reserves Business Staff Salesmanship Pet Pursuit4Music in swing time Band Orchestra 1 5 . l Ernest Curry "Baldy" Every man i.f the maker af lair own fortzrner. Pet Pursuit-Going to shows. Printing Club Shop Superintendent Ruth Damuth ' 'Ruthie" A .fmiling maid will? rheerful wordr. Pet Pursuit-Hamburgers and root t?J beer Vernon Davidson ' 'Vern" Hir goal if ret high and be will rearb il. Pet Pursuit-Rcgaining my lost chewing gum Eileen Curts A pleamul dirporiliofz if ulwnyr bert. Pet Pursuit-1'm happy about the whole thing Student Council Rifle Club Girls' Travel Club Debate john Danford ' 'Bean-Ball" ll mullerr not bow lang we life, but bow. Pet Pursuit-Being called "Fish" Baseball Dorothy Davis "Dort" Kll7llif16.YJ it wirdo Ill . Pet Pursuit-Acting as servant for my sister every day. Tbirly-nine Mabel Davis "Maine" A real friend-loyal and rinrere. Pet Pursuit-History G-Y Girl Reserves Geraldine DeBoard "jerry" Life would be dull without ber. Pet Pursuit-Horseback riding Science Club Bird Club Civic Society Sophomore year in Vilonia, Arkansas Russell Deweese ' 'Russ" A friend ir wortly all brzzrzrdi we can mn. Pet Pursuit-Sleeping in study hall Robert Drurnm Robert Dusthimer "Pro" "Dusty" Franknexr ir the .foul of virtue. To be agreeable ir to bare Pet Pursuit-Not to fal asleep friendr. in history class Pet Pursuit-Pay Day "N" Club Hobby Club Golf Room Agent Orchestra Chorus Charlene Edmunds Cora Alice Edwards "Eddy" ' "Coralice" A dainly maid ir rlae Jo prim, The language of trail: ir rimple. Robert Davis "Bob" A ine fellow nm! 11 greill friend lo all. Pet Pursuit-To avoid flying crasers in Room 18 Camera Club Sophomore Hi-Y Bird Club Cross Country Squad Howard Decker If but emmrenlenl were lbe end af life. Pet Pursuit-Being good in Utica! Wildcat Rifle Club Wayne Dowie "Clark" I rland ul ibn' brink of rl grenl nu-eer, Wfill iomebody pleare rbore me off? Pet Pursuit-Blonds Soghomore Hi-Y Ri e Club Drafting Club Chorus I0 71861. Pet Pursuit-Chatterbox Girl Reserve G-Y Chorus Business Staff Robert Ellis ' 'Bob' ' The noblert mind the bei! Pet Pursuit-Going home on week-ends Girls' Travel Club Salesmanship Club Doris English "shorty" She lendr frerh interert to el contentment bar. Pet Pursuit-To grow up Airplane Chorus Forly lime-worn world. Pet Pursuit-Swinging in a "Harnmack" KA, W. HJ Operetta-Orchestra Band Orchestra Home Room Onicer-Treasurer ,5g,5gb'O Williainu Erskine "Willie" Nuzhing if hard fa 11 willing mimi. Pet Pursuit-Shooting low scores at the rifle meet Rifle Club Room Agent Reserve ootball Robert Evans "Curly' ' Darhing and daring, he winr hir way info many a girlirh heart. Pet Pursuit-Going to Columbus "N" Club Senior Hi-Y Reserve Basketball Varsity Basketball Edward Farmer "Preacher" For he if jun a quiet kind Whore nature never 1'arie,r. Pet Pursuit-Traveling Club Varsity Football Reserve Football Track Squad Jean Etnier "Jeanie" Her good azalzzre L'0lIqll6l'.l all. Pet Pursuit-To live and learn mostly to live. Girl Reserve Mimeograph Stal? Nicholas Evans "Nick" A niet man has hidden fl knowledge. Pet Pursuit-I ain't a saying French Club Science Club Soshomore Hi-Y Ri e Club Hazel Farquhar "Bill" :Tir good 77fllll1'6 'only u'ir1.r a heart and brlghfenr every feature of a fare. Pet Pursuit-Waiting for that certain knock. Girl Reserves I i William Farrow Cha1'les Felclner "Bill" He lirer twire who lirer well. Pet Pursuit-Not to let'school work interfere with outside ac- tivities. Science Club Chorus Marie Fisher She haf a heart of human kind- 71011. Pet Pursuit-Keeping out of trouble Girl Reserves Dorothy Flenner "Derry" She war ever fair and nefer prond. Pet Pursuit-Washington, D. C. lW. D. CJ The world ir aJ j'0If take il. Nothing more-nothing len. Pet Pursuit-Athletics Frances Fisher In her quiemerr ir rharm. Pet Pursuit-Riding a bicycle Girl Reserves Girls' Travel Club Ushers Rex Forbes ..PuP,, He workr hard and wins mrcerr. Pet Pursuit-Walking home from Utica Early-one 'inf . fhhvi fi' 2 WFv:"3k'J-3 , . Marion Geiger Grace Ghilgni Margaret Ford janet Franz "Tin Lizzie" "Franze" Not Ibdl I like ,windy le.r.i, bill Whale1'er elre you are in li e ibut I like fun more. be agreeable. Pet Pursuit-Pest in chemistry Pet Pursuit-Shadowing Cap n G-Y Kidd Girl Reserves Bird Club!Secretary Chorus Chorus Book Club Camera Club Calvin Friend Alice Frost "Cal" "Frostie" Wlyaterer if worth doing is Her nalnre, like ber voice 11 -F1uo1'thw-doing welll. W, -I rufeet. Pet'Pursuit-Growing a beard Pet Pursuit-Ford V-8's Sophomore Hi-Y Girls' Travel Club-Secretary Senior Hi-Y Honor Society Home Room Off1cer-Vice-Pres- ident Baseball Jeanne Fundabefg jasmine Garapedian "Funny" , ulazfyn I Dan't let ber innocent look slit' If full of flfflf and lfldlfl dgceim, you. lf'1olz.r, too. Pet Pursuit-va certain Ford PF: PufSl1lt"Fldd1in3 af Six G,Y o clock in the morning Girls' Travel Club Sclenfe Cl'-lb Girl Reserves QPCYQM Girls- Basketball Girls Travel Club Orchestra "J1ggS" I find il ben lo be a lilile re- .rer1fed. Pet Pursuit-Getting my lessons Model Airplane Club Chorus Drafting Club Henry Giles "jabbo" Skilled in erery manly Jport. Pet Pursuit- Athletic activities -Travel "N" Club Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Track Squad Thomas Goodwin "Gus" None but hinuelf if bi! parallel. Pet Pursuit-Lorraine Lydic Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Forty-zwo "Gracie" 01' .reriour wo:-zh and inward glee. Pet Pursuit-Hiking and read- ing Room Agent Helen Glass "Wozzy" Alwayr Jmiling, never lum, She'J a IMPPJG rbeerfulg flnmz. Pet Pursuit-Pushing cars Girl Reserves Annual Staff Home Room Officer-Treasurer Girls' Basketball Richard Graham ' 'Dick' ' Good naiufe ir of daily fue. Pet Pursuit-To be a second jabbo , Camera Club Minstrel Room Agent Track Squad-Manager . a I , . H Robert Green "Bob' ' Siflrere people are thofe who can laugh eren at fhern.relre.r. Pet Pursuit-Own a Packard "N" Club Baseball Civics Society Class Basketball Walter Handel "Uncle' ' Oh, why Jhould life all labor he? Pet Pursuit-Hunting Hobby Club Marjorie Harter "Marge' ' 'Tir Jweef Io be 1'ememher'wl. Pet Pursuit-One of the Smith Boys Science Club G-Y Girl Reserve I Robert Hammack "Bob" Quiet and referred but he'll make hir mark in Ihe rand! of lime. Pet Pursuit-Look out for the women drivers Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball David Hardman ..D., Whatever he doef, he doer well. Pet Pursuit-Explosions in chemistry French Club Science Club . Civic Society Athenian Club Betty Haudenschield "Howdy" She! nire lo know. V Pet Pursuit-Swimming and popv ular music Dramatic Club Girl Reserves . n Home Room Ofhccr--Vice-Presb dent Chorus Earl Haynes "Bill" A bury man, I do believe. He worler from early morn till eve. Pet Pursuit-Where's Hutchison? Camera Club-President Senior Hi-Y-Vice-President Annual Staff-Editor Home Room Othccr-President Elizabeth Heid "Libby" Rain 01' .rlJir1e, .rhefr always the Janie. Pet Pursuit-Tumblin' hard G-Y Girl Reserves Room Agent Mimeograph Stall' Mary Hideg A ..Heide.. YQ Charm ,rzriker iight, and merit wim the,.w11i. ' Pet Pursuit-3-'4Bob"Rg" Milwaukee, Wiiscodsill, '55-'36 ' Y , 'S mi W J N 1 Guy Haynes "Bud" l'm a hapjpy Jeniar hay with mme tronh e ana' .rome joy. Pet Pursuit-Gettting fun out of life Class Basketball Cheerleader Cross C try x Barbara 'Helm "Babbie" Her way i.r a rheery one. Pet Pursuit-Speaking Chin Dramatic Club I Civic Society-Vice-President Reveille Staff Hockey Bette Hill "Bet" Everyone can reaa' the language of a Jmile. Pet Pursuit-Sliding down to low C Girls' Travel club-President G-Y Band-Secretary Girl Reserves Bremen Rush-Creek Memorial High School, '56 Foriy-three Richard Huffman "Dickie Joe" Beware the .silent man. Pet Pursuit-Keeping the old Ford in running order Rifle Club Mary Hull A modert and retiring nature. Pet Pursuit-Gradu ation Girl Reserves eishey Qd. if i.r an irzgeniozu laa' and 5 Pursuit-Curing poison ivy ph Hirschberg Clarence Hoffman I ' " "Cy" Thou ar! u fellow of geud re Jpeft. Pet Pursuit-Staying home zsident Student Council nights amatic .Club-President Der Deutsche Verein nc Society-President rme Room OH5cer-Vice-Pres- 'nt y Hogue Wfarne Holcombe loguie" "Hok" od humor i.r the .mmhine of He ir full of fun and ifzdur ' world. frzour, too. 2 Pursuit-A certain Van Pet-Pursuit-Idle fancies amatic Club--Secretary Civic Society ieretta Band h rl Reserves-President Home Room Olicer-Vice-Pres- rl Reserve Play ident Athenian nice Holton Janet Horwitz ,nie Mischief twinkler in her elyer, But her whole hearth we rome rbmay we look befyre we find in be, Jmile. ,dfm H' w0"""'f 'md W Pei Pgysuii-A miie bit of F . . . everyt ing ' Pur?:"itED'5seCt'n3 Heaffs Dramatic ClubvVice-President inf U Operetta F , eserve Civic Society rls Bas etball Hockey s' B eball 1 "Marge" A regular girl, and the eft af palr. Pet Pursuit-The lady who couldn't be kissed iwith excep- tionsj Science Club Girl Reserves-Secretary Chorus Marjorie Hughes QQ Cheney Humphreys ' 'Hump" The deed I intend ii great, But what, af yet, I knew Mol. Pet Pursuit-Dodging home- work Der Deutsche Verein-Vice-Pres- ident Senior Hi-Y Reveille Staff Varsity Football Phyllis Hutchison Richard Irnhoff "Phil" Her Jterling character and in- dustry will win a way for her. Pet Pursuit-Where's Haynes? Annual StaffAAssociate Editor Home Rome Officer-Secretary G-Y-Treasurer Science Club-Secretary Forty-four "Dick" Happy and surrounded by friends, what more could he want? Pet Pursuit-Champion distance runner Varsity Football Varsity Basketball "N" Club Senior Hi-Y N X a V Myrtle Jaynes Eleanor Jeffers "Mert" Gow! humor only ferrfbex chrzrfzz Blened are lbey who are qllfel, far they rlmll 1101 be qnaled. Pet Pursuit-Mitchell's Grocery Boys Girl Reserves Virginia Jeffreys "Ginny" Confinzml IfbEB7'fll1I16.f.l' ir the rlgn of wudom. Pet Pursuit-Hunting license numbers Mrmeograph Staff Suemarie Johnson "Sue" jurt being happy if a good flying. Pet Pursuit-Meeting Sis Dramatic Club G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus lo lem. Pet Pursuit-To rind the shot heard 'round the world Rifle Club Girls' Travel Club Science Club Girl Reserves Marguerite Johnson "Siddy" Her ,rmile meum ,rlzmbifle Pet Pursuit-What do you think??? Lexington Higrb School, Lexington, Nebraska, '36 Ellsworth Jones Om' duly ir ta be fateful Pet Pursuit-Studying with air- cooled motors i 1 Q X Wynn Jones Jean Kanuckel ..T0ny,. Tlfir nmnfr Ima' merit ir fmt larrrd in ree. Pet Pursuit-Turning on the moon "N" Club Senior Hi-Y Varsity football Track Squad Shirley Keim "Shud" Happy 11111 I, from rare I'm free. Pet Pursuit-Frankie G-Y Girl Reserves Phyllis Kelley "Phil" Don't wait for success-go after rt. Pet PursuitiPlanning session room programs Home Room Othccr-Vice-Pres ident Bird Club-Treasurer Girl Reserves Girls' Basketball "Jeanie" just .fl little girl lm! lulf of ffm and perrorzulify, Pet Pursuit-just a Powell Girl Reserves Salesmanship Club Ellsworth Kelley "Kelley" A good man and lrne. Pet Pursuit-Pestering my fourth cousin, Ralph, or reading Lib- erty in study hall Der Deutsche Verein Dramatic Club Drafting Club Orchestra Ralph Kelley "Kelley" Dependable mul e1'eryor1e'r friend, Pet Pursuit-German Class Forly-five Robert Lambert "Dale" There ir llfilhlflg more ifrcfzil lbdll .rilenrzn Pet Pursuit-To read the morn' ing paper in study hall "N" Club Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Baseball Betty Lanning "Toots" Not by yeurr bn! by l!i.ff70.flll0II ix wisdom arqiiired. Pet Pursuit-Home, james! Band Orchestra Girls' Basketball Robert Lauver "Bob" Minsk not an idle nurse. Pet Pursuit-The search for a layout that will not be changed by the Newark Leader Der Deutsche Verein Reveille Stat? Furty-fix Clara Belle Kemp "Liz" I probably never will grow up Pet Pursuit-Reckless drivers G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus Girls' Travel Club Reveille Staff Ushers Lorin Kinkade "Kinky" Let lhe world rlide. Pet Pursuit-Keeping out of creeks Orchestra Band Rifle Club ' Sophomore Hi-Y, Shirley Lamp Whom erm rr-ilirr fail In i'v'i1ii'ize. Pet Pursuit-Hiking George Larason "Baldy" The word "imp0rrible" if fm! in my dirlionrzry. Pet Pursuit-Elbowing my way through the halls of N. H, S. French Club Cross Country Squad jacksontown Hih School, '35-36 Evelyn Lawson Hjeepi, Of Jurh are true friefzdr made. Pet Pursuit-Getting A's Girl Reserves Salesmanship Mimeograph Staff Chorus Joan Kidd "jone" Hfaulb romef buf wire in fx life- 11016. Pet Pursuit-I ain't a sayin' Bird Club Royal Keyes "junior" Hir qualifier are .rurb Ilya! ire can speak only good of him. Pet Pursuit--Oh, Shawl "N" Club Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball Beverly King "Bev" Kind at beurl, mind qliilr roinul A friend you like In lmre rzroimd. Pet Pursuit--Sports G-Y Girl Reserves Loudenville High Robert Kuninger "Bob" The happier lhe time, Ihr quifker il Pet Pursuit!Not to scrape any fenders IBF. Roy Lehman A good fellow har rome among III. Pet Pursuit-Commanding the byways and highways with a Ford V-8 Track Squad "N" Club Varsity Football Cross Country Squad John Lentz Be Jilenf and mfe. Silence never belrayr yon. Pet Pursuit-Aviation Molly Lewis "Jinx" A rongenial manner and a ready .fmile for all. Pet Pursuit-Bushfield's crushes Student CounciliVice-President Class Ofhcer-Treasurer, Junior Home Room Officer-President Scribblers Club-Secretnry- Treasurer june Lehr Generally Jpeaking, 4 woman if generally fpeaking. Pet Pursuit-Making hay while the sun shines Der Deutsche Verein G-Y Girl Reserve Dorothy Lewis "Dottie" She nzarzifenr a lively iniev-er: in all lblngr abou! ber. Pet Pursuit-Shf'tis a secret Science Club G-Y Rifle Club Girls' Travel Club jean Lichtenstein "Mitzi" Preliy ro walk u'illJ, W'lIlj' ro folk uiizh. Pet Pursuit-Picking Peaches Dramatic Club Civic Society-Secretary Honor Society Reveille Stall'-Editor "Bud" Neil Litten Ar proper' zz mon ll.l' one .flmll ,L s' Pet Pursuit-Loafing Baseball Reserve Basketball Russell Lovell "Prof ' 5m're,f.r ir lied lo llae mil of penreremnre. Pet Pursuit-Hobnobbing with Virgil Science Club-Secretiu'y- Treasurer Room A ent Memorial Day Program, '36 Honor Society Marie Loy Her manner if nlwayr plefiring lo olberr. Pet Pursuit-I'll betcha N v K as Ns " rw ,,, ,Z ' 1- . Alton Love ..A1., Hlf geoeml good will war mode nmniferl lo ull. Pet Pursuit-Blondes, brunettes and Redheads Track Squad Cross County Squad Sophomore Hi-Y Harvey Lowe "Shorty" The only img' lo bore o friend if to be one. Pet PurSuitfD1'iving down Rugg Ave. Science Club So homore Hi-Y Rise Club Senior Hi-Y Helen Lucas "Lukie" In ber you .mee 7?lllK'IJ yon will admire. Pet Pursuit-To take 11 trip to California Girl Reserves Girls' Basketball Chorus Forty-reven l t junior Mclnturf Ann McKin1 Anthony Luzio Lorraine Lydic "Tony" "Lorry" True greatne,r,r lier ln the ron- Charm ,finely ir in iff ohjectfi ,rria1t.fne.r,r of an honerl pw- heart. jmie in life. Pet Pursuit-Dark Roomisl Drafting Club George McAlpine "Percy' ' Little .mid it ,manert mended. Pet Pursuit-Stay awake in Chapel. Marion McCullough "Buttons" A maiden fair to ree. Pet Pursuit4Doing the May Dance in April Girl Reserves Pet Pursuit-A "Good One" G-Y Girl Reserves-Vice-President Mimeograph Stat? Chorus Margaret McCann "Margie" An earneit girl with a cheery .rnzile and tt good heart. Pet Pursuit7Swinging the jinx away. G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus Girls' Basketball Robert McDaniel "Mack" Wit ii the flower of the imagin- ation. Pet Pursuit-Drinking orangeade on St, Patrick's Day Student Council Dramatic Club Varsity Debate National Honor Society HJ. Rf, Happy men hare many lriemlr. Pet Pursuit-A. M. Operetta Minstrel . Salesmanship Club-President Mary Macdonald "Mary Mac" She ll11'5.f to play, yet the it a rcholar, ton. Pet Pursuit+To put an end to all Scotch jokes. Salesmanship-Treasurer Girl Reserves-Treasurer Scribhlers Club-Vice-President Reveille Staff-Typist Frances Martin "Frankie" A goad hearted and diligent maiden if .rhe. Pet Pursuit -- Landing Landing Place G-Y at the Girl Reserves Chorus Salesmanship Fatty-eight ..Amy,, Silence it the perfect herald of iw'- Pet Pursuit-Selecting boy friends tj. M. selectedl Knitting Club Salesmanshipf Girl Reserves Chorus Paul Maidel "Ducky" We'll all agree he ir a ndlw fellow. Pet Pursuitfl.. WU Printing Club So homore Hi Sitsmanthip 'Y A Vice-President v YN Frederick Martindale "Freddie" Nonrenre maker the heart gram fonder. Pet Pursuit-To "Cass" my net Student Council Automobile Club Home Room Officer-President Albert Marzano Juanita Mason UAV, .. ., Eady An athlete and popular among olherr. Pet Pursuit-Popping popcorn "N" Club-President Senior Hi-Y Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Ralph Mason "Pete" Every man if a 1'ol11me if you know how to read him. Pet Pursuit-Study Hall Der Deutsche Verein Science Club Clarence Mercer "Merse" He if ever ready lo do hir hit. Pet Pursuit-Graduating Cross Country Squad Baseball - I A cheerful, merry rpirit ha: the. Pet Pursuit-just a mechanic GAY Girl Reserves Chorus Salesmanship Ralph Melick I nerer tread a plearare under foot. Pet Pursuit-Not particular john Mercer "Merce' ' He i.r willing to he eonoinredg But find lhe one who ran con- rinfe him. Pet Pursuit-Being quiet in Study Hall "N" Club Operetta Minstrel Home Room Officer-Treasurer Robert Mercer Harold Messick "Buddy" Good hoyf lore lheir rinerr, But Jo good hare I grown, Tha! I love other girlrl Jixlerr df well a.f my own. Pet Pursuit-Helen Spellman "N" Club-Vice-President Senior Hi-Y Sophomore Hi-Y-Vice-President Student Council Virginia Milbaugh ujinnyu She lendr inierert to a time-worn world. Pet Pursuit-Tall, dark, and handsome G-Y Girls' Travel Club Business Staff Room Agent Ella Miller "Lolly" Always happy, always gay, alwayf driving care away. Pet Pursuit-"N" Club G-Y Girls' Travel Club Girl Reserves "Lanny" ln order to do great thingy, lhere mart be enlhuiiaim. Pet PursuitfRead,1, willing and able Operetta Minstrel Bird Club-President Dramatic Club-Sergeant-ab Arms Clifford Miller "Cliff" Young fellowf will he young fel- lowr. Pet Pursuit-To get a varsity letter for sports from "Red" Orr "N" Club Reserve Football Cross Country Squad Gerald Miller "jerry" 8: "Bud" Nothing if hard to a willing mind. Pet Pursuit-Football "N" Club Printing Club Reserve Football Forly-nine U n , f Robert Morgan "Bud" He'll rlimb if he will. Pet Pursuit-Country girls! Baseball Class Basketball Chorus Mary Myer "Shorty" With laughing eyer and happy dupwition. Pet Pursuit - To have an "Adam's Afzplen Dramatic C ub G-Y-Treasurer Der Deutsche Verein Girl Reserves Robert Needham "Bob" A likable fellow to all he meetr. Pet Pursuit-A sophomore Sophomore Hi-Y Fifty Marian Miller "Mimi" She'.t nicer! aJ her awn Jweet felf. Pet Pursuit-Not to let studies interfere with my education. Business Staff Reveille Girl Reserves Annual Staff Book Club Betty Mitchell A Iquiet little girl with a quiet litt e way. Pet Pursuit-Homework Girl Reserves Chorus Warren Montgomery ' 'Montie' ' A likable, free, friendly man. Pet Pursuit-Hunting and fishing Home Room Ofhcer Stanley Mueller "Stan" A happy and carefree lad ir he. Pet Pursuit-O. S. U. Dramatic Club-Sergeant-ab Arms Oferetta C ass Play Senior Hi-Y-Treasurer Frederick Myers "Fritz" A gaod eompanion maker good rompany. Pet Pursuit-Less noise in study hall Cross Country S uad Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball Track Squad Paige Nelson "Deacon" By diligenee he wins hir way. Pet Pursuit-To elude Mr. Han- shue in the halls "N" Club Track Squad Forest Mills ' 'Shortyn He rpeahr not., yet- there .reerzzr In be L'llt11'?1'J'dIIOt1 in hir eyer. Pet Pursuit-Trying to graduate Mary Louise Mitchell "Mary Lou" If you would hare friemlr, be one. Pet Pursuit-Don't ask me, 'tis a secret Operetta Chorus Marcella Morgan "Mar-C-ella" Right brirh war .rhe, and full of Jpiril. Pet Pets Der Bird I Robert Norman "Kid" A man of manly eirlue. Pet PursuitiTo stay single Automobile Club Room Agent Home Room Officer Cross Country Squad Harold O'Dell Harold The man who doer nolhing hu! .rmdy gen rather dull. Pet 'PursuitaGetting to games in time. Baseball Warren Orr "Red" He lookr quiet, but-.' Pet Pursuit-I ain't a sayin'! Operetta Minstrel Band Orchestra Bette Norris ' 'Bet" Her repulalion berpealar her eharaeter. Pet Pursuit-Two living as cheaply as one. Girl Reserves james Orr uhm., Quiet, hut a genuine pal. Pet Pursuit-Out-of-town games Sophomore Hi-Y Bird Club-Sec Senior Hi-Y Minstrel Marjorie Owen "Margie" With her, duly alwayr mmer jimi. Pet Pursuit-It' G-Y Girl Reserves retary s a Ford Mildred Owen William Passman Eye: that are fountainr of "Passie" 'bought and long' Opportunity Joyner or latex Pet Pursuit-Playing solitaire romer to all who work and Der Deutsche Verein-President wirh, Dlamatlc Club Pet Pursuit-Printing borders Girl Reserves Operetta Home Room Officer-Secretary Minstrel Band-President Orchestra Raymond Paulsen Hazel Peniclc "Ray" or "Clint" "Penny" Not widely known, preeialed. Pet Pursuit--Rifler Rifle Club- Vice-President and Range Officer Maeabelle Perkins "Cuddles" In maiden medilafian fanry free. Pet Pursuit-To be a Weaver hut well ap- She hath a quiet charm, A happy, friendly fare. A Jmile that one ir glad To :ee in any place. Pet Pursuit-Don't ask, 'tis a secret Student Council Mimeograph Staff Business Staff . Home Room Olficer-President Frances Phillips "Fanny" Dark hair, rhiny eyey, n Merry humor, Jhe'J a prize. Pet Pursuit-To be with-? When-P Where-? Operetta Salesmanship Club Camera Club Girl Reserve Fifty-one Leona Prysi Alice Puffer "Onie" I Her wap are ufrzyr of pleamnl- nerr. Pet Pursuit-Sherrard and Ber- merman G-Y Girl Reserves Room Agent Chorus Grace Queen ' 'Gracie' ' Her wil ir the keynote of her charm. Pet PursuitYvAll of the J. L.'s Maxine Reel "Weeke Reel" She has a Jweet dirpnrlfiun and 4 runny Jmile. Pet Pursuit-Being a Reel girl on Poplar Avenue. G-Y Girl Reserve Chorus Fifty-lwo "Auddy" Corrrteonr .the war, and willing Io be of rervire. Pet Pursuit-Guess! Girl Reserves I Hockey-Captain Girls' Basketball-Captain Girls' Baseball Betty Rechel Life would be dull wilhaur her. Pet Pursuit-Waiting ard and McCann G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus justin Reichert njus., A playful boy ir he, Pet Pursuit-Country Automobile Club Senior I-Ii-Y Minstrel Irma Porter Helen Pound "Sally" Her friend!--Ilaey are many, Her foer-are zlaere any? Pet Pursuit-Waiting for june, 1938 "P0umly" W'l1e11 fziglnl Iyar .rel bw' .rilrrr lrmlprr on lylgb. Then II Ilan' lime far' firmly. Pet Pursuitfwriting shorthand as fast as -it is dictated Salesmanship Room Agent Usher G-Y--Sergeantfat-Arms Don Powell Robert Pratt "DOH" "Pratt" if fame ir only to come after early, I'm in no buffy for lt, Pet Pursuit-I ain't a sayin' Minstrel Marr 6Z'U.l'lV'C,f In Hll lhe flip of life lo flue brim. Pet Pursuit-To hit a bull's eye at 20 paces with my back turned Room Agent Bonnilee Priest Elmer Prior ..Leek,, Her wqyr are gzriezg B142 quzetnerr lr eloquent. Pet Pursuit-More or "Les" Girl Reserves "Coach" Hir .rmlle and grind frllowrlaip bare :mu him barry of fr-iendr. Pet Pursuit-To learn something Sophomore Hi-Y Room Agent on Shep- lasses. l i l Hazel Reid S116 if wire zulw Ialkf biz! lilllr. Pet Pursuit-Homecomings Der Deutsche Verein C' Y ,. Girls' Basketball Girls' Baseball Esther Rine "Sis" A fair and friendly lan if 51141. F111 of fan and jolliij. Pet Pursuit-Live and let live Girl Reserves Ernest Romine "Ernie" or "Romeo" Nothing endnref bill 1H'l'.flIll:l1 qlmlilief. Pet Pursuit-Having a good time. Rosalie Richards "Rhodie" Af many ffiEl1dJ the bar af flame who know Iyer. Pet Pursuit-Football Plajers. Science Club G-Y Business Staff Mimeograph Staff Robert Roe "Bobzy" Gaod nature and good .renrre nmfl Mer join. Pet Pursuit-To be able to get home work Charles Ross "Charley" Carer and worficf Ibey? I know them noi. Pet Pursuit-To do a work sheet in bookkeeping correct the nrst time! "N" Club Class Basketball tuba! are Roy Rowland "Prof" The deed if glory naught. Pet Pursuit - "Blondes and Redheadsf' Minstrel Room Agent Drafting Club, President if-""' ereryflsing, but ew" Vice-President, janet Ruffner The .raft fha! men and ladier barb like to fall a friend. Pet Pursuit-That's confiden- tial French Club Dramatic Club Girl Reserve play, "The Empty Room" Home Room Ofhcer-Secretary Marcia Ryan "Sally" A runny dirparitian il lmlf :be baffle. Pet Pursuit-Caddying G-Y Girl Reserve Civic Society Girls' Basketball Norman Ruff "Norm" Happy men bare many friendr. Pet Pursuit-The morning after the night before Football Printing Club Ralph Russell "Rollo" The IIHIPOEFH ward never doe: harm. Pet Pursuit-Photography Ralph Ryan .'ROSyU Plain :peecb it betier than wil. Pet Pursuit-A girl with a good sound heart Band Baseball Fiffy-:href Spud ,he world knounr little o him, ul hir ahility run: deeper than Casey A friend, modert and quiet, too. Pet Pursuit-To end up in the bert Sanders Helen Sayatovich F . f . ,, Qhor 5 77' all. W lame' hos ital! P. S. As a nurse 'et Pursuit-A letter from Birclb Club .ima, Ohio Girl Reserves Dperetta Chorus A -lobby Club Salesmanship viinstrel -lome Room Officer ary Evelyn Schenck Phyll1S SCl'lCUCk Qne thing if foyever goody "SiS" Fhat one thing ir Jnecers. AJ merry 45 ,be day if lang, ,Cf P11F5Ulf""Y0Uf18'Un" Pet Pursuit-Some certain per- SY son in N.H.S. Cnitting Club G-Y Secretary Sirl Reserves Dramatic Club Girl Reserves Chorus adeleine Schleiffer RalPl7 Schwartz 'Maddy" "B111 ' 4 pleaxing nature and a friend Tb? WMI' dgfgmblf 0 411 mm' panionr ir a rimple rank man. Pet Pursuit-Getting even with ami Bruce Bazler and Cal Friend Room Agent Diana Seufert HDV. She ir ar good ar Jhe ir fair. Pet Pursuit - The brunette at Ohio State Der Deutsche Verein G-Y Girl Reserves Girl Reserve Play Eldon Shauck "Shaucky" A rlufdy, trurty fellow You ran depend upong 'Twill not he many yearr Before rueeexr ir won. Pet Pursuit-Page-makeup. Der Deutsche Verein, Secretary Reveille Staff Velma Shepherd "Bahy Fare" She mover a godderr and rhe lookr a queen. Pet Pursuit-Moonlight and Harpo G-Y Girl Reserves Mimeograph Staff Home Room Officer, Treasurer Fifty-four Pet Pursuit-A blonde at Notre D S-Y 'irl Reserves Chorus Mary Marjorie Shannon "Shannon" Virtue alone ir line nobility. Pet Pursuit-Shadowing Shields. Student Council Girl Reserves Usher I Home Room Officer-Vice President ,lr gif Mary Margaret Sheboy '.: "Muncie" "' A JF A modert w o fn a n ir e Ar ' amiable. 4 Pet Pursuit - Tall, dark, ayfd ' handsome ' Student Council, Secretary Dramatic Club Girl Reserves L Mimeograph Staff - fn' i '1 Q Q Jeannette Sherman "Sherman" A likeable girl with a winning perronality. Pet Pursuit-Being a twin cous- in to "Shields" Ogeretta C orus Girl Reserves Model Airplane Ruth Sherrard "Rufus" Am! the greelea' Ihe zrorld with rl ,rmile and fz laugh. Pet PursuitfBermerman and Prysi G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus Marcia Shields "Shields" Siuferity and frnlh are lhe harir of ererj' 1'Il'IIl6. Pet Pursuit-Being rr twin cous- in to "Sherman" Operetta Chorus Evelyn Siegle "Soapy" Kina'neJ.r ir 4 golden charm hy which ,roriety if hound to- geiher Pet Pursuit-Choppy Betty Jane Shields ushieldsiel' A rerue of humor if the :all of life. Pet Pursuit - Shadowing Shan- HOU Girl Reserves Hockey Girls' Basketball Girls' Baseball John Shinn "johnny" Hit thnnghir hare a high aim. Pet Pursuit-Keeping my grades up Der Deutsche Verein Senior Hi-Y Varsity Basketball Manager Camera Club Robert Simpson "Bob" Thereir zz lol of fun in lhe world if one lennwr where to fnd it. Pet Pursuit-Anything with no work connected "N" Club Reserve Basketball Cross Country Squad Baseball J. Donald Smith "Red" Newer fear: he'll find a awry. Pet Pursuit-Regaining lost sleep in study halls Ernest Smith "Smitty" Whalbrhonld 4 man do, buf he merry! Pet Pursuit-Peroxide Blondes Opal Smith "Smitty" She maker .rumhine in .rhady plarer. Pet Pursuit-Trying to act se- riously Operetta I Civic Society Chorus Salesmanship, Secretary Edna Smith "Smitty" Chararler ,if fhe rerlzlz af our mental alizmde. Pet Pursuit-I ain't a sayin' Salesmanship Club james Smith "Smitty" A friend if wnrlh all hazardr we mn ren. I Pet Pursuit-History Class Reva Smith "Blondie" My duyr pau pleumnlly away. Pet Pursuit-'Tis a secret Fifty-five Helen Spellmari Darrell Steele "J "Red" "Steely" A pretty peppy girl ir they Mimlr are like pat'arhztte.r. They What more ran any maiden only jimrtion when they are be? epezi. Pet Pursuit-Me and my Budd: Pet Pursuit-Sleeping in study Der Deutsche Verein hulls Operetta Automobile Club G-Y Salesmanship Club Girl Reserves Gladys Steele Mildred Steele "Gladie" "Millie" Moalerly if to merit ar rhade if to jigarer in a piftzzref it giver it nrength and maker it ,rtantl llilf. Pet Pursuit-The boy next door Civic Society Salesmanship Chorus Richard Steen "Dick" Why .rhonldfft you he merry? Pet Pursuit-Riding the Staff or jam Sessions Band ' Orchestra Fifty-fix ' 'Smokie" A faithful and romeientioztr worker. Pet Pursuitiiietting to school on time Class Basketball Salesmanship Harriet Somers Clever and qaief with little to -my, Wofh.r qltite hard the live long day. Pet Pursuit-Keeping up with the world Chorus H Marg a Spangler ui rtyxv A earing per-ran if a joy. Pursuit4Mutt and jeff L4 Q, P 's .K ting Club Xi: G' Reserves RA v , vi L A ., , F .. pw! K sfo-Q Life if but a mag. Pet Pursuit-I ain't a sayin' Salesmanship Louene Stevens "Lou" What dath her maderty can- real? Pet Pursuit-To be a secretary for a certain Taylor Girl Reserves Chorus Salesmanship Floyd Smoke Betty Snelling "Peggy" The glory of a firm, eaparioa: mind. Pet Pursuit-Waiting for the week-ends Girl Reserves Chorus Mildred Souslin "Millie" She and gloom are no relatian. Pet Pursuit- Huntington, West Virginia G-Y Girl Reserves Chorus Maxine Sparks "Sparky" Variety if the .fpire of life, that giver it all itr flavofr. Pet Pursuit-New Year's Eve and a Green V-8 G-Y Knitting Club Girl Reserves Chorus William Stevens Carl Swern "Bill" Good nature ir bo! one of hir firffzer. Pet Pursuit- Bill Trowbridge and his "Blonds Dramatic Club Printing Club Sophomore l-li-Y Room Agent Mabel Thompson "Mah" Tlzir learning, l4',Jdl a bore "Doc" He war full of joke and jerl, Pct Pursuit-Traveling fto from Columbusj Der Deutsche Verein Sophomore Hi-Y Operetta Senior Hi-Y and Paul Thompson "Reverend" The man that barb no murir ll? in bimrelf A Pet Pursuit-Trying to think Nor if noi moved with ronford of .rweet roundr, Ir fit for trearom Jtralagenzr and rpoilr. Pet Pursuit-Music Der Deutsche Verein, Treasurer Debate .lflmes Tiemflfm Margaret Tipton "Two Point" --peg-1 We mmf bg f""'g4"' 'n ffm A quid tongue flaowr a wire world of oarr. head, Pet Pursuit-Following the "Big -- - - Red Tribe, WOOOOOOOOOI geftepursuit Trying to Concen Printing Club Bird Club Slafiiityghllfiliisketball Girl'ReServeS 1 Chef Club' Girls Travel Cub Pet Pursuit-Charlie Girl Reserves Walter Tracey Pet Pursuit-Money Printing Club Scribblers Club Susanne Titus jean Toney "Susy" "Tony" ' A Jweet maid whom none mold The indurlriour are refrain af bare, their reward. "Walt" Ar good a rbap ar you rould know. Pet Pursuit-Teaching honor study hall I Student Council Home Room Officer, President Reserve Basketball Neil Trimble "Mike" A gentleman maker no noire. Pet Pursuit-Beneath the stars of Waikiki, Hawaii Girl Reserves Girls' Travel Club Chorus Carolyne Trefzer "Duchess" A good dirpofitzon ir more ral- uable than gold. Pet Pursuit-A h a n d s o m e Duke G-Y Girl Reserves Mimeograph Staff Chorus William Trowbridge "Bi11" Truth will not make ar rich, but it will make ur free. Pet Pursuit-Most anything "N" Club Dramatic Club Treasurer Senior Hi-Y Varsity Football Fifty-.feven ,, P K I , ,.-VA4 dj rv .ms N lg! X? Helen Van Fossen Mildred Van Fossen "Van" She war made for happy thonghtf. Pet Pursuit-Chrysler Roadster Chorus Girl Reserves Charles Van Voorhis "Charley" What matterr if we he happy. Pet Pursuit-To sleep in a study hall without being dis- turbed Elizabeth Vogel ..LiZZy,. A knowledge reeher and a dili- gent worker. Pet Pursuit-Md. Der Deutsche Verein Science Club Reveille Staff Dorothy Walters Raymond Walters "Dot" Dufky eyef, clear bright eyer, Soft and earring rrnilef Gentility ir her rharm, Cheerfulnetf her rtyle. Pet Pursuit-Letting my line get "Rusty." French Club Dramatic Club Operetta Annual Stall Josephine Walz "josey" A lovely girl ir ahore all ranh. Pet Pursuit-Walz-ing around Girls' Basketball Paul Wells "Wellsie" Trae blue through and through. Pet Pursuit-Getting to classes on time Science German Club Fifty-eight URW., Knowledge i.r more than equiva- lent to forte, Pet Pursuit-4:00 P. M. Luster Washington "Rica" A merry heart'.r the her! of rornpany Pet Pursuit-South Sea Island romance and J. G. Robert Wells "Griddy" All that he doer, he doe! well. Pet Pursuit-To try to get in bed by 10 o'clock. i Drafting Club Memorial Day Progra m '36 "Mid" Oh, ffl! great to he gay. Pet Pursuit-Happiness Girl Reserves Chorus Ann Varner "Annie" Carer may he many, hat none have I. Pet Pursuit-Winning an argu- rnent! Civic Society Treasurer Mimeograph Staff Salesmanship Chorus Bertha Walker "Berthie' ' There are few people horn to win-.rhe it one of them. Pet Pursuit-Trying to smile. G-Y Girl Reserves Mimeograph Staff Civic Society John William Wharton John Wieber "johnny" A wiJe man will make more opporrunity Ihan he jindr. Pet Pursuit-4:00. Lavina Wilkin Alwayr bury, nerer weary, Always' hdllpy, alwayr eheery. Pet Pursuit-Eating Mt, Sterling High School Girl Reserves Chorus Katheryn Wilson Martin Wilson "Katie" Her rweelnerr won her friend- .rhip a-plenty. Pet Pursuit-The Boyling Point Der Deutsche Verein Operetta G-Y Sec. and Pres. Girl Reserve Play Frances Williams J "jughaid" Sing away Jorrow, can away rare. Pet Pursuit-Trying to get in bed by 11 o'clock Fanny Quiet, faithful, and patient i ibn. Pet Pursuit-To have a trial balance come out right. G-Y Girl Reserves Salesmanship Club Chorus "Shorty" I Cheerfulnerr ir are ojfrhoot 0 goodnerr and of wlnlom. Pet Pursuit-Sleeping 'in scho , l ,.-X , ,' .Q . fi N T Ernest Wintermute ' "Ernie" To warte one'r lhonghlr in idle wordry Il il .ro ruthlerr, So, leave it to lhe eommon herdr. Pet Pursuit - Drumming up business for Storky. Inter-class Basketball Baseball Kenneth Wobbecke UKOHIH Would that there were more men like thir one. Pet Pursuit-A dark-eyed bru- nette "N" Club Automobile Club Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y President Mary Wolfe "Kit" She crown: her thoughlr with aetr. Pet Pursuit-Room 32 Honor Study hall, third period Dramatic Club Chorus jean Wintermute "Winnie" A light heart liver long, Pet Pursuit--Your guess is as good as mine. Operetta GY. Knitting Club Girl Reserves George Wolfe "Prof" My .ralad dayr When I was green in judgmeni. Pet Pursuit-Having a good time Automobile Club Science Club Sophomore Hi-Y Morris Wolfe ' 'Wolfee' ' An honert man! word ir ar good ar hir bond. Pet Pursuit-A letter from Co- lumbus, Ohio Fifty-nine Charles Wright "Chuck" A good man doe: good merely by living. Pet Pursuit--just hoping Cross Country Hi-Y Reserve Basketball Home Room Officer, Vice- President Louise Yingling "Louise" 'Tir only noble to be good. Pet Pursuit-'Tis a secret Granville High School Chorus S :xl y Warner Wolverton ' 'Warne' ' He trier und by hir efforlr, rur- feedf. Pet Pursuit-Getting t h i n g s done on time Dramatic Club "Spooks" Book Club Kent Public Speaking Contest Mildred Worley "Jinny" If you would ereule rometbing, you murt be rometlaing. Pet Pursuit-You guess "N" Club Automobile Club Sophomore Hi-Y Varsity Football Margaret Ann Wright USULIZH Her friend: are made by her plearunt manner. Pct Pursuit - To have the "Wright" answer? French Club G-Y V Hockey Girls' Basketball Marjorie Young "Marge" S129 if all d girl Jbould be. Pet Pursuit-That certain person who thought up the idea of having schools. Science Club Civic Society Rifle Club Girls' Basketball Bernadine Wood "Bernie" A :mile ir the main .rpring of lmppinerr. Pet Pursuit-Friday night until Monday morning Girl Reserves Robert Worth "Worthey" Your action! ure your bert in- trodurtion. Pet Pursuit-To learn to spell, Printing Club Class Basketball Class Baseball Deedr, not wordr, prove the Pet Pursuit-Something dumb Robert Wortman Arthur Wright "Bob" "Art" lmpulfiue, eornert, prompt to art. man. Pet Pursuit - Cross - Country Team "N" Club Track Squad Cross-Country Squad l SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES joseph Dankrner "joe" No man if bmw: without ambi- Iimzf, worldly de.rir'e.r. Pet Pursuit-Keeping my boys in line. Gene Edmonds "Doc Whimpcy" Erfrymze if lair friwld. Pct Pursuit-Aviation Harry Hinton "Willie" An e 4 1' I7 e ,r 1 ,ff1'tli,Zbff07'1L't17'd wan. Pet Pursuit-Being a friend. Der Deutsche Vcrcin john Ingmire "johnny" The afriofu of men arc lhe but ir1ferp1'eIer'J of tbouglyl. Pet PursuitiDrafting Drafting Club Charles Osborn "Chuck" And rerlaiazly he ii 4 good fellow, Pet Pursuit-Hunting and trap- ping and going to dances. Interclass Basketball Elsie Powell Richard Stevens "Dick" Hir heart wax ax open af the day. Pet Pursuit-Four years in Sen- ior High School Varsity Football Golf Lawrence Stought ,'F0ul7dl'lZ' rw a gnoaf old plan. A imc and doufuwgbz laoneil man." Pet PursuitfPrinting. . 'Alu m "hw .. a :C fx ff' if-fl " '-Da., Q H ,- "A" Sixty-one Row 1-Wynn jones, Phyllis Hutchison, Katharine Camlin, Jeanne Fundaberg, Barbara Helm, jean Lichtenstein, Marcia Ryan, Phyllis Kelly, janet Horwitz. Row 24Marvis Bachelor, Bettv Briggs, Marjorie Young, Bonita Chaney, Ruth Hershberger, Bonnie Dustheimer, Mildred Owen, Charlotte Bushfield, Doris English. Row 5YGrace Ghiloni, Alice Frost, Ruth Damuth, Marjorie Shannon, Betty Shields, janet Ruffner, Elizabeth Vogel, joan Kidd. Row 4-Frances Fisher, Hazel Penick, Bertha Walker, Helen Sayatovitch, Edith Boyer, Olga Vaiea, Ruth Schinske, Charlotte Swain, Shirlene Stanley. Row 5-Ann Varner, Gladys Steele, joseph Hirshberg, Kenneth Wobbecke, Virginia Jeffreys, Elizabeth Heid, Evelyn Lawson, Ann McKim. Row 6-Howard Upson, Robert Lauver, Eldon Shauck, Helen Pound. Row 7-Neil Litten, Arthur Wright, William Erskine, Haynes, Not in Picture-Russell Lovell. Miss Laura Hosick, Bernice Holton, Robert Boyd, Robert McDaniel, Earl National Honor Society Officers President ..,......... ....,..,...... ...... J e an Lichtenstein Vice-President ,..... ........,,, W ynn jones Secretary ............ .... ....... M a rcia Ryan Treasurer .,...,,. ............... P hyllis Kelley Sponsor ........ Starting in 1921, the National Honor Society has grown steadily and today there are more than twenty-three hundred chapters in the best high schools in the country. The Honor So- ciety was first organized here last year, when only members of the senior class, whose grades were in "A" and high "B" were included. This however, a few juniors have been ad- year mitted on the basis of having completed in the past three semesters twelve hours of work with a grade "A" record. Forty-eight seniors and Sixty two .......Miss Laura Hosick seven juniors-make up this year's honor society. The object of the Honor Society is to have an active organization, whose purpose shall be to promote an interest in high scholastic standing. The Honor SOCiety's program consists chiefly of speakers. One of the outstanding events of the year was the invitation extended by Denison University to the members to hear Dr, Gordon Keith Chalmers, president of Kenyon College, deliver the annual Phi Beta Kappa address in Swasey Chapel. Row 1-Mary Hogue, jean Lichtenstein, Barbara Helm, Dorothy Walters, janet Horwitz, Hazel Arnold, Mildred Owen, Miss Esther Larr. Row 2-Ellen Roshon, Marjorie Botts, Janet Ruffner, Mary Margaret Sheboy, Mary Wolfe, Sue- marie Johnson, Phyllis Schenk, June Campbell, Mary Myer. Row 3-Harold Messick, joe Hirschberg, Ellsworth Kelley, Robert McDaniel, Robert Boyd, Stan Mueller, William Trowbridge, Warner Wolverton. YZF Senior Class Play "Stage Door" is a three-act play by Edna Fer- ber and George S. Kaufman. The story has to do with a large group of young and ambitious girls who have come to New York to study act- ing and find jobs in the theater. Though the prevailing tone is that of comedy, there are mo- ments of dramatic tension. The scene is Mrs. Orcutt's Footlights' Club, a boarding house for girls, where all the hopes and ambitions of six- teen young women are revealed in scenes of keen observation and entertaining comedy. Contrasted with this background are the pathetic cases of the girl without talent and the elderly actresses whose days are over. The central plot concerns the dy- namic and courageous Terry Randall, who through thick and thin fights her way against discourage- ment and poverty to a position in the theater where one feels sure she will conquer. All senior Dramatic Club members were given a speaking part in the play directed by Miss Esther Larr. Sixty three Chairman ,,,.,A Class Song ,,A.,. Piano Solo ,,,.,, Vocal Solo ,,,... Clarinet Duet. Vocal Solo ,..,. ClassDay CLASS OF 1958 Class Colors Blue and Gold Class Flower Dark Red Rose Class Motto "Perge modo, et, quo te ducit via, dirige gressumf'-Vergil. Only proceed, and wherever the way leads you, direct your steps. Senior Day Assembly Program Ralph Cook, .President of Class and Music by Wynn jones Members of Senior Class ...,,,,,,,,....Jean Toney Accompaniment-janet Horwitz Harold Messick , ,.... Robert Boyd, Gilbert Curry Trombone Solo ...,,. Vocal Solo ...... Violin Solo ,,..,... Accompaniment-joan Kidd 'B''XLQ5LLQpQQQQiLQJQA'flia1iQQiQ5IiIyogaBii Stanley Mueller Bette Hill Willis Berger ,. .. ,...... jasmine Garapedian Accompaniment-Marjorie Young Mary Hogue Vocal Solo .,.....,,,,., ..,,....,,,,,,....,,...,,,,,,,,A,.......,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,........,,,,,,,,....,,..,,,,,,,,., Brass Quartet ,..,, Trumpet Solo ,,,,,,,, ,.,..,.....,,,,,,,,.,......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,.,,...., R ichard Steen ..........,,,,,, Ruth Criss, William Passman, Betty Hill, Doris English Play, "A SUNNY MORNING" A Comedy ,,,,,,, ...V.,.,,, ,,........V...,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, B y Serann and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero CAST Dona Laura .,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,.,.,....,,,,,,,,,, .,,...,,,,,,,, I a ne Beall Petra fher maidj .,......... ,,,,,,,,,, V elma Shepherd Don Gonzalo ,,.....,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,....,...,,,,,,,,.,,,.,......,,, ,,,,,,......,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.r..,,, ,,,,,,.s,,,.,,, L y nn Campbell juanito this servantj ,,,,.,,,.,..,.,. ,,,,,, .,,. .....,,,,,.,,,,,,,.. ......,,v,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,..,. L a W r ence Callander Time: The Present . . . Scene: Madrid, Spain Senior Day Committees Decoration ,......,,,,,,,,,,,,........,,,,,,,,.,,.....,...,...,,,,,,,,,,.,............,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mildred Owen, Chairman Marian Miller, Paul Cady, Katherine Camlin, Robert Wortman, Phyllis Schenck, Edward Babbitt, Mavis Bachelor, Harvey Lowe, Robert Evans, Arthur Wright. Entertainment ,..,...,,,,,,,,i,,...,.........,,,,,,,,,,,.,.......,,,,,,,,,,.,,,........,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, William Trowbridge, Chairman Charlotte Bushfield, Albert Marzano, Roy Rowland, Earl Haynes, Royal Keyes, Marjorie Shannon. Refreshment .,..,..,,,,,,,,,,......,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,. , ........,,,,,,,..,......,....,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.......,,,,,, ,,William Stevens, Chairman Cheney Humphreys, Lynn Campbell, Clarellen Burton, Dorothy Walters, jean Lichtenstein, Margaret McCann. Senior Breakfast ...........,.,....................,...............,..,,...................,...,..........,. Velma Shepherd, Chairman Mary Macdonald, Marjorie Hughes, Diana Suefert, james Beeney, Kenneth Wobbecke, Tom Goodwin, Warne Holcomb, Wynn jones. Senior Class Day .....,..r.....................,,..,..,...............,,..,,.,.,........,......,.., ,..,,...,,,,,,, E ldon Shauck, Chairman Mary Myer, Harold Messick. Hosts and Hostesses ..........,........,..............,....,........,......... Class Party-janet Horwitz, james Tiemann Bertha Walker, Joseph Hirschberg, Helen Glass, Ralph Cook. Ring and Pin Committee ........,..,............,...........,,.,.... , ,..................,.,., .,,,..,, W ynn jones, Chairman Earl Haynes, Carolyne Trefzer. Flower Committee ............,.........,,.......... ,,.,.,., J anet Horwitz, Chairman Helen Glass, Elizabeth Heid. Class Invitation Committee ........,..,..,...,...,,. .,.,.... R obert Boyd, Chairman Dorothy Walters, Barbara Helm. Szxly four Class Song CLASS OF 1938 Ulnvoy lords and Muna K - L-4 , by Iwi? Jones , U Y, 977 ,Y 4 I V, ,,,, W ,-, 4 Y ,- ' ' ' - f- f' f '--rf: t 1 ' .Q 1 1 1 1 212. 1 1131 Sw 21 Ek 1- 1- ,f , . fi - 1 rhroe fond yearn ca- ,ern-U ---ard 111 these wang so I 7 I 4 3 my the rr1A11f1 shi 5:11-:U --ea In 0 r 11121-emu 1 f Wm... un Y N .,.1, 1. . 1 jzrg. ll I Q ,fag Y g-whiff. -3- '4 , : J 4 1:1 ' -' W- Vi, I ' --L,-fr I . 1 ,, 4, ,--, ,. ,, ...M f fri . , f - - -. J . J'-4 W 17 3' . 17 - . w - "Tl 1 J- J '- :f-3? If- 5 L ,I ji- z f f 111-ar v 'rn 1 11: w 1-1 .1111 nu-Ea 113111 1111 y c U . ' 'e:4- ' nays - 'fl - rin fn our r11e:n---1-.1--1 fr-fr- ge 11. 115 -Dv 'I J '1 ' - ,, Yilllbl- E73 B v 1 I 7-in 7, 'LA 7' fi? f ' ,Y-A J 4 W.- ,.,- ..-, ,, F Y . 'fb -' ti., ' ' QQE J J K K' WF' Jr I1 - ,lil JC fi ' 11 e v er 111c11111.1 111 c '-r J Bring' 11-1 111112 for' gl f' ' f ---1111 1111 111 ur-'S 1e11ry .me 111 111 -m. wercain M. B .., 41,1 12? . f r- 1,1 1 1 15 H1 EF 1 1 1, 1 gp . 1 E1 J 3 , J' J' il il il 4 3 , If-N 1 5 , , . , -5, J 1- fd Tl -4.51 4415, .5511 El :11-r: 1111: P011 '11-11: wnh rp- ,11-pp gf ' ' ' ' ' . rm- --111111 1.11131 Q11 rn--1-me 1 yw v,,, .,,,., . .,,,., for--- -f----f +-v-'- A- -' - I ' Q JE J- g. wi ljimie, Q E iq J J' 'IE' - ' . -, Joy mix?" 'fun 1' n ss 1111 hw-'n 1 11 11- vet 1-:E 1:11511 1 P - V 5 , ' . ? E'ev' Inn un-tain. u our clxerishci 'den' A1 ma 11st er ' PY' mf " """ " ' Pr nur Q A A 1 1 1 . ,-x . - 4 1 JA Q-1.:' "' d, - 3 'J ' A E. -Ai 1' J- ' J' ,-., F V5.1 ' X 1 if 'J 5 , e 5' 3 . f . 15. ,hu ,me er. 1 Q. nn 11 rm C 'gs 1 , L :1 vp-aJ N -7- 5 E! 77-JLYi,h 1 -f ' . - 'w J' ' J. , . gi .1 3' Fil? E 3 E! I Z3 :V 2 '11 1: ,,1,,:Q1f iwf.. . ,, ..., .... , ful ev ------- er the fu- --ture home? -I W2'11 D2 f If J. '. -J. rr . . J. Aj. if 4 F- JI 4 I J. .J. fd ,. , . N 4 , , : E 4 , , . . , . , 4 A , 1 , , . 4 if 4. . . - - , 5 .1 , :gg 1 1 . 1 1 , I 1.1111 -,-- 9 --L 11111 ' 1-Ach E 7 3 5 lay-al and hx-un no his'---A-lY'--C ---- -eight- warn , 1 J. J. . 71, ' - 5. J. . - f- --f ' 4 .1 2. . - Ia.. Xff9?:fiN !?'i1s1-3' , ETYPLJ 7""' . 1- 1' gd Sixty-five Six! 3'-fix President Paul Adams Paul Adams, Ruth Maharg, Robert Westbrook, Robert Boyd. Junior Class Officers Vice-President Robert Westbrook Secretary Ruth Maharg Treasurer Robert Boyd Si.x'l3'-.rez'efz Row Row Row Row Row S ix: y-eight , Junior Class 1-Williarmi Hill, Dana Hammond, Robert Hickman, Bernard Inscho. iMary Humble, Virginia Harris, Helen Jones, Betty Jones, Kathryn Jones, Betty Kep- hart, Jeanne Kemp, Dorothy Kemnitzer, Virginia Jones, Carolyn Keck, Marie Keller. Dorothy Harmuth, Mary Heil, Dorothy Jaynes, Dorothy Jeanne Homer, Geraldine Kegg. Marcella Jones, Nancy Henzy, Josephine Kirkpatrick, Olive Holman. Linnea Kessmeier, Ruth Hershberger, Eileen Hollar, Catherine Henry, Helen Hanby, Betty Haines, Laura Mae Harris, June Kocher, Eleanor Iden, Russell Hupp, Eleanora Humphrey, Anita Hollister, Ethel Johns. William Hess, Carl Hurlbutt, Herbert Howarth, Carl Hollar, Forrest King, Robert Iden, Raymond Hoover, Richard Idleman, Sylvester Ingmire. x Row Row Row Row Row junior Class 1-Edwin Pratt, Thomas Powell, Alfred Prince, Robert Oberfreld, Donald Myers, Paul Red- man, Floyd Orr. -Eileen Neighbor, Esther Nichols, Ruth Pierce, Janice Mulquin, Betty Rickus, Kathleen Phillips, Lois Myers, Alice Roberts, Virginia Priest, jean Radcliff, Annabelle Peck, Betty Parker, Geneva Murphy, Mary Restorick. -Margaret Myers, Margaret Orr, Anne Marie Queen, Delores Peart, Ellen Owen, Vir- ginia Roberts, Pauline Pritchard, Betty Rector, Mary Roach, Olive Morrison. joseph Negele, Russell O'Neal, Fred Ricketts, joe Painter, Paul Ricket, Vernon Penick, Robert Raymond, Vernon Paulson, Mary Angeletti, Evelyn Baker, Walter Nethers, Don Morrow, Richard O'Connor, Fred Moran, Raymond Rauch, Eugene Nehls. William Murray, Louis Rico, Howard Robinson, Owen Pease, VUilliam Pletcher. Sixty-nine Seventy Row Row Row Row 1, 21 3- 4.. Junior Class Elwyn Toothman, Howard Upson, Lawrence Wagner, john Telvin. Catherine Wright, Helen Yearian, Frances Yannelli, Margaret Wintermute, Marjorie Winn, joan Workman, Mildred Wolverton, Rachel Willey, Betty Tucker, Margaret Teuscher, Dorothy Vermillion, Virginia Tharp, Evelyn Young, Betty Wilson, Clara May Wilkin. Virginia Vogel, Phyllis Swigart, Olga Vaiea, Martha Wilkins, Juanita Rogers, Jean Young, Goldie White, Barbara Zipperer, Lillian Williams, Ann Warner, Esther Yost, Sarah Warthen, Helen Weiant, Charlotte Swain. Robert Varner, Charles White, Charles Wade, Herbert Thompson, jack Warington, Rob- ert Thompson, Donald Warman, William Yost, John Walker, Orville Varasso, Harold Welsch, Donald Tumblin, Wilbur Toothman, Richard Taafel, Ralph Woltjen, Robert Westbrook, David Williams. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 5- 6- 7, junior Class 1-Mary jane Russell, Sherlene Stanley, Bertaliene Sanders, jean Smiley. 2-Lucille Smith, Betty Stockdale, Mildred Stiff, Elizabeth Smith. -June Shearer, Janet Roof, Dorothy Shubirg, Betty Shrigley. 4iMargaret Sepos, Dorotha Stough, Wilma Smith. Wilma Steele, Sylvia Sutton, Ruth Slater, Betty Scales, Mary Skinner, Ruthellen Stevens, Aimee Stuart. Theodore Schonberg, june Stewart, Neva Scott, Ruth Schinske, Walter Scott, Clarence Shields, Laurence Stought. Eugene Shaw, Gladys Roley, Rosa Rowe, Irene Rupright, Kenneth Seaman, George Smothers, Warren Shaw. Dorothy Rose, Floyd Rusk, Wayne Rogers, Russell Simpson, Dana Savage, Stewart Sedg- wick. 9-Kenneth Smith, Samuel Sachs, Vfilliam Speaks. 10-joseph Stevens, Earl Settles, jr., William Ryan, joseph Schilling, Charles Smith. Seueniy-one Row Row Row Row Row Row Seventy-tufo 51 e junior Class -James Goodwin, William Groves, james Fernow, Robert Glover, Paul Gould, Dorothy Davis, jane Grigsby, Virginia Dudgeon, Betty Fulton, Dorothy Fuller, Christine Glover. Grace Dunn, julia Garapedian, Clyde Goff, Eugene Griffith, Dorothy Crothers, Marie Grieder, Luanna Devall, Sarah Frost, Florence Fuller, Wynona Eylar, jane Ferguson, Juanita Eylar, Georgiana Gerlach, Evelyn Gray, Dorothy Gamedinger, -Howard Goode, Norman Duvall, Ruth Graham, Ruth Davidson, jane Day, Dusthimer, Frances Cummins, Virginia Edwards, Irene Day, Margaret Crawford, Davis, Marian Finney, Shirley Grigsby. Cleophus Fears, Karl Deck, Kenneth Foster, Wayrie Davisson, Errol Gutliph, Cunningham, john Crawford, Clarence Fry, Williain Derringer, Robert Crouch, Gray, Robert Forgraves, Elder Duvall, Harry Dorsey, Robert Good, 6iWayne Hammock, Dale Guthridge, Bonnie Marian Robert Robert Row Row Row Row Row junior Class Randall Couden, Bernard Bickel. Leah Baughman, Beulah Binger, Lillian Baily, Vada Bell, Rebecca Bebout, jean Bache- lor, Willizrin Coelho, June Barrick, Robert Black, Harold Azbell, Olive Conner, Geraldine Bonham, Helen Bell, Oscar Cook, Richard Baker, Charlotte Branscome. Ozie Atwell, Ruth Craig, Mary Baughman, Helen Boyd, Betty Ball, .Evelyn Buchanan, Margaret Bonham, Mildred Braddock, Charlotte Bigony, Helen Brown, Faith Barlow, Jeanette Carson, Mary Anderson, Margaret Coyle. Stanley Brehm, john Chester, Richard Benner, Dale Cotterman, Albert Berson, Bessie Billman. Leland Ball, Robert Bolen, Robert Cramer, Clifford Clark, Robert Cartnal, William Ayers, Rollin Bishop, Robert Coconaur, Harry Baker, Robert Coffman, Robert Brown, Martin Bixler, Paul Adams, Robert Boyd, Russell Conley. Serferzly-lb1'ee Row Junior Class 1-James Montanaro, Richard Mitchell, Rollin jauchius, Donald McFarland, Kenneth Ken- non, Everett Keller, Joe Luzio, Richard LeBlanc, Kenneth Moore. Row 2-Catherine Lydic, Dorthy List, Helen McDowell, Ruth Maharg, Eleanor Lamp, Pauline Row 3 Row 4 juniors Seventy-f0u1' Lane, Marvene Lynch, Carrie Linton, Dorothy McDaniels, Ella jean Mason, Irene Linga- felter, Betty Lightner, Elizabeth Larason, Marguerite Lind, Anna Koman, Velda Lawyer, Evelyn Kreager. -Geneva McCutcheon, Betty Long, jane Lees, Ruth Lescalleet, Dorothy Meacham, Wilma Moorman, Eleanor Mills, Thelma Hawkins, Forrest McDonald, Edwin Moran, Russell McCullough, Marjorie Mix, Ruth Mickley, Frieda Hartmann, Marian Hartshorn, Anne Mitchell, Martha McKnight, Dorothy Moore, Ruth Miller. -Ralph Lane, Frank Kover, Robert King, Paul Mathews, Donald Layman, Carl Maddux, Mark Layman, John Loughridge, George Logan, Sergei jackson. not in picture-Charles Atherton, Arthur Fisher, Shirley Folger, Hazel Frazier, Forest Holcombe, Charles Horchler, Barbara Kelley, Carl Nourse, Lena Orr, Allen Cook. I President joan Schofield Joan Schofield, Marion Curp, Ann Davis, jean Williams. Sophomore Class Officers Vice-President Ann Davis Secretary jean Williams l V J Treasurer Marion Curp Seventy-lizfe Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Seventy-fix 1, Sophomore Class Richard Hall, james Holtshultz. Robert Hull, Raymond Heck, Helen Hoffer. 3-Betty Haycock, Wfilliam Ingmire, Arthur Hughes, Phyllis Holland. Maudie Haynes, Herbert Horton, Herbert jackson, Charles Huggins, Robert Hoyt, Doris Inlow. -'Goldie Hurst, Mary Holmes, Malcomb Idleman, james Hightshoe, Juanita Hull. Bessie Hightshoe, Louise Jacobs, Alice Holman, jerry Hess, jean Hazlett, Lorene jones. -Ann Hawkins, Helen Hay, Mary Horton, Ruth Kelley. -Esther Hupp, Claudette Hyatt, Katherine Kelley, Maxine Kanuckle, Leah Mae Kemp. Marie Hinger, Homer jones, Robert McGee, Gerald Juniper, Ralph Kastla, Paul Mar- tindale, Darwin Johnson, James Miller. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 10- i it Q Sophomore Class 1-Woodrow Frizzell. -Thelma Esworthy, Marshall Freeman. -Virginia Gantt, George Greer. 4-Henrietta Drumm, Alice Geidenberger, Evelyn Frankenbery. 5-jack Davis, Henry Drumm, Eva Gleckler, Norma Cougill, Helen Criss. 6-Robert Dudgeon, Albert Francis, Hilda Foreman, Enda Diehl, Ruth Drumm, 7-Robert Dornan, Katherine Eeldner, Betty Ford, Juanita Fogle, Anne Davis, Betty Duncan. 8kArthur Dodson, Thomas Flannigan, Leonard Emerson, Kermit Dilts, Dorothy Davis, Martha Field, Virginia Eckert, Mary Elizabeth Eddy. 9-Keith Cummins, Warren Darnes, Ray Davino, jean Fulton, Gertrude Glass, Bernice Gallagher, Bette Davis, john Denton, Eugene Debevois. Fields, Herman Fischer, Karl Gano. Marion Curp, William Diehl, june Hartman, Maxine Francis, Doretha Hartman, Gene Sevenly-raven Row Row Row Row Row Seventy-eight Sophomore Class -Virginia Wilson, Phoebe Jane Wyant, Beatrice Young, Phyllis Young, Betty Welsh, Marjorie Wagner, Mary Young. -jean Williams, Esther Wolverton, Beth Ann Woolard, Marjorie Weston, Sadie Wilson, Virginia Wonder, Martha Worley, Doris Williams, Mary White, Mary Zipperer, Kath- ryn Westbrook. -Harry Welsh, Thomas Walcutt, William Warthen, Kathleen Weekly, jean Yarger. -Walter Worden, Shirley Swigart, Elmer Wilkin, Fred Wise, Earl Walker, Frank Wessin- ger, Gene Woodyard, Robert Weaver. -Ray Walters, Donald Wilkins, Owen Weaver, Leland Varner, Robert Willard, Ralph Webb, George Weimer. Row Row Row Row Row Sophomore Class -Charles Beel, john Cornell, Edwin Anton, Floyd Armstrong, Arthur Armstrong, john Adams, Robert Braun. -Beatrice Amos, Ruth E. Burrier, Patty J. Burkham, Ada Barstow, Betty Bozman, Virginia Belt, Macille Betz. -Xenia Athan, jean Allen, Marian Buckingham, Janice Clay, Audrey Brooks, Gisela Bero, Doris June Brown, Roberta Conden, Frank Ball, Virginia Bowers, Virginia Blosser, Russell Baker, Donald Coss. -Dora Lee Barnes, Ralph Brooks, Marjorie Boring, Cleo Baker, june Bently, Helen Avast, Marguerite Ashcraft, Faustina Allen, Walter Bickle, jean Brush, Dorothy Beabout, Mar- garet Cherry, Byron Ashbrook, Donna Baughman, Marian Andrews, Leland Barclay. Richard Christy, George Budd, Philip Butler, Philip Christman, john Chism, Eston Armstrong, Wfilliam Berson. Seffefzljf-nifze Eighty Sophomore Class Row I-James Norris, james Moore, Marian Myers, Betty Nutter, Naomi Mitchell, Estella Orr, Bernice Popham, Kathryn Price, Ann Morgan, joy Mitchell, joan Myer, Maxine Nor- pell, Susan Nethers, Thomas Orr. Row 2-Harold Milligan, Marjorie Norman, Jean Myer, jean Miller, Marjorie Rankin, Martha Rankin, Janet Nye, Garnett Miller, Mary Lou Naylor, June Monroe, Virginia Pierce, Margaret Moore, Mary Mix, William Miller. Row 3--Luther Painter, Frank Popham, Charles Pope, Fred O'Dell, Richard Muhleman, Roy Plymale, Austin Peel, Gerald Mossman, jack Patterson, Roby Nelson, Clyde Priest, Rob- ert Mickley, Ralph Montanaro, Francis Munkachey, Fred Offenbaker, Paul O'Neil, Adrian Murphy, Henry Moore. Not in picture--Mary Richards, Louis Rector. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 7- 8- Sophomore Class Robert Van Winkle, Marie Thompson, Dorothy Riggleman, Sylvia Smith, Kenneth Stage, Elsie Olrick, Catherine Stiff, Rose Mary Stewart, Lucille Thompson. 2-Helen Rickrich, Dorothy Spitzer, Eileen Reid, Virginia Richards, Betty Smith, Enola Smith, Laverne Smith, jean Smith, Elma Smith, Harold Steele, Harold Tate, Bessie Stamas. 3--Dorothy Vance, Betty Sullivan. 4-jack Ridenous, Donald Speaks, Eugene Snelling, jack Utrevis. 5-George Rhodeback, Elsworth Smith, Fred Tiemann, Delbert Stroud. George Reese, William Spangler, Robert Smith, joseph Richards, james Sullivan. Carl Tate, Charles Stevans, Robert Swern. Frederick Truex, Lewis Swanbeck, Leonard Tyston. -Eugene Steinman, Carson Varner, Carl Van Curren. Eighty-one ROW Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Eighty-two Sophomore Class Charles Kline, George Lascu. Hugh Lauver, Virgil Lehman, Margaret Layton, Elizabeth McElwain, Betty Logan, Robert Matthews. Betty Laurence, Charlotte Lamb, Eileen Lalothin, Olivia Loper, Charles Lawrence. Ruth LeI-Iew, Ruth Marriott, Henrietta Mencer, Sue McFadden, Mildred Kirby, Mary Louise Kuhn, jean Jeffers, Mary Ellen Lentz, Ruth McDonald, Jean Kirk, Martha Lohley, Wayne Martin. Bernard Lee, Lee Layton, Donald Kisamore, Robert Mclnturf, Eva john, Margaret O'Con- ner, David Long, Maiybelle McKnight. -jack Raymond, Betty Meacham, Ellen Levin, Gwynfa Jones. Williaiil Lothes, joe McLean, Jack McClain, Cecil Meharry, Robert Meacham, Robert McNealy, Karl Lambert. Anton Mantz, John Maginness, Robert Marriott, Tom Massalos, Richard Loughman, Wayne McWilliams. Row Row Row Row Sophomore Class -Charles Ruton, Anthony Sforza, Gerald Peffers, Arland Rogers, Mary Redman, Minnie Schmoll, Mildred Ruffner, Elsie Ryan, Susanna Shackleford, Betty Rubel, Leah Scott, Betty Roderick, Edna Shaw, Marcella Shaw, Frances Radcliff, Virginia Scarbrough, Joan Schofield, Gloria Price, Esther Sherman. Pearl Roley, james Rutlidge, james Miller, joseph Sensabaugh, Paul Queen, Gerald Shubirg. Charles Slotterbeck, joseph Rizzo, Thomas Re-due, Estle Sanders, Edgar Richie, Richard Raymond, David Simpson, Clyde Shipp, Erwin Scott,,Russell Sampoul, William Schenk, james Sachs. Eighty-three Row Row Row Row Row Zi Sophomore Class Edward Hanes, Ralph Corbett, Robert Carlisle, Charles Cline, Eloise Cooper. Elizabeth Hankinson, Benjamin Goldberg, Maxine Hall, Grace Grigsby, Suzanne Good- win, Hubert Cocanour, Jane Campbell, Jane Camlin, Elaine Campbell. Martha Gutridge, Juanita Hardeman, Mary Martha Hackney, Eva Glaunsinger, Lester Hallisy, Ruby Connor, Gene Cassell, Eugene Cooperrider. Emma Grimm, Beulah Harris, Edith Hare, Mae Hankey, Marjorie Carpenter, Dorothy Carpenter, Eugene Green. Richard Harris, Delmar Handley, Earl Graham, Robert Fulke, james Good, James Gl-over. Sophornores not in picture-Herman Boyd, Dorothy Brown, Ralph Harris, Imogene Kilbury, Rob- Eighty-fam' ert Lannan, Louis Rector, Mary Richards, Otto Schmitt, Norman Scott, Carl Shannon, Esther Sherman, Harry Wallace Central School Central junior High School Department Dora Brennstuhl Principal Miami University Columbia University Michigan State Normal Eighty-ive Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Eigbly-,fix 1- Central Ninth Grade Dick Backenstos, Eldeen Dyer, Carl Ecleberry, Mildred Melick, Harry Crawford, Elizabeth Shannon, Gordon Crow, Thomas Darkes. 2-Tony Maniace, Jean McMullen, Leona Lawson, Louis Lammers, Thomas Evans, George Cotterman, Kathryn Kemnitzer, Ruth Barlow, Norma Baker, Dexter Whitmer, Basil Hare. -Virginia Vogan, Jean Wallace, Kathryn Why,de, Florence Evans, Marjorie Ford, Mary Unternaher, Mildred Cashdollar, Margaret Williams, Carol Binger. Dorothy Goodin, Charlene Swan, Margaret Cagney, Naomi Lahley, Virginia Maier, Valoy Lomas, Betty Hook. -Jack Pease, Herbert Swern, Ralph Livingston, Jane McDaniel, Juanita Higgins, Ruth Weymer, Jean Bixler, Josephine Lewis. -Harold Gartner, Hugh McCoy, Carl Rose, Bobby McDonald, Lawrence LaRue, Deloris Abel, David Brehm, Pearl McDonald, Wfilma Priest, Bertha I-Iookey. -Francis Wade, Robert Skinner, Virginia McDonald, Clyde Davis, Jane McDowell, Evelyn Fisher, Lillian Anderson, Pauline Smith, Bernice Wolfe, Oscar Smith, Juanita Jones, Peggy Horchler, Letty Cramer, Kathryn Mantz. Robert Mills, Herbert Porter, Harlan Cotterman, Russell James, Roy Waldren, Eugene Petrey, Charles Patterson, Bob Wfintermute, Thomas Reid, Carroll Linton, Bud Cole. 9-Kenneth Joyner, Fred Mossrnan, William Skinner, Robert Dunn, Robert Stair, William Jones, William Richardson. Row 1-Raymond Goodin, james Humphrey, james Coyne, Richard Dunn, Danny Corcoran, Richard Meacham, Gordon Crow. Row 2fDavid Brehm, Robert McDonald, Charles Patterson, Bill Ricl1:11'r.lson, Charles Gut- ridge, john Wager's, Hugh McCoy, Louis Lammers. Row 3-Robert Skinner, Harlan Cotterman, Bill jones, Robert Dunn, Robert Mills, Oscar Smith, William Skipper, Thomas Evans. Central Safety Patrol Five .days a Week at 8:15, 10:00, 11:00, 11:15, 11:30 A. M., 12:45, 1:45, 2:50, 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 4:00 P. M., in heat or cold, rain, snow, sleet or sunshine, two or six of the above twenty-three boys, according to the number needed, act as patrol to protect Central's boys and girls as they cross the street on their way to school, to and from Classes at Senior High and on their way home. Each boy has a regular schedule and seldom has any boy forgotten his duty. Not only to the student but also to the motorist are the boys' services valuable. We are indebted to the A.A.A. for initiating the patrol and furnishing the equipment: flags, belts, and badges. Wfe of Central are justly proud of our patrol. Eighty Jeven Ezgbfy-eigbl Woodrow Wilson School Woodrow Wilson junior High School f Louise W. Eichhorn Principal B.A., Denison University M.A., University of Michigan Row 1 Row 2 Row Row 4 Row Row 6 Row Pupils Woodrow Wilson Ninth Grade -Rupert Taylor, John Smith, Dean Vandayburg, Jack Cotterman, Ralph Renner, Russell Sessor, George Holcombe, Paul Shell, Oran Lane. -Bertha Haley, Lyndall Clark, Jeanne Kemp, June Redd, Maxine Rickus, Beatrice Belt, Frances Eddy, Jeanne Gibbony, Marjorie Walters, Iris Forster, Ruth Barringer, Imo- gene Butte, Pauline Fulton, Janice Hughes, Metha Rowe, Laura Warnock, Catherine Holton, Betty Long, Velma Kisamore, Muriel Armstrong, Doris Worden, Evelyn Bickle, Jeanne Roberts, Marjorie Prince. 3-Jeanne English, Geraldine Minor, Louisa Hagner, Ann Sprowls, Charlotte Myer, Jeanne Holcombe, Grace Adams, Margaret Mike, Maxine Bonham, Betty Jane Bradley, Louise Moore, Phyllis Lauver, Lenore Stevens, Betty Noblick, Elizabeth Matis, Aileen Mills, Constance Vaiea, Mary Edith Peifers, Bettina Colville, Virginia Buchanan, Myrtle Wil- liams, Grace Walters. -Ralph Daniels, James Browne, Raymond Leslie, Keith Priest, Richar.d Shell, George Laughery, Jack Russell, Richard Swan, Edward Allen, Sherman Green, Robert Wal- ters, Robert Ashcraft, William Dunwoody, Frank Borroway, Kenneth Snoor, Richard Smith, William Wilson, Dwayne Seese, Paul Simpson. 5-Grace Frost, Jeanne Embrey, Margaret Connor, Maxine Donnett, Susan Lombardo, Frances King, Virginia Jones, Stella Pletcher, Pauline Padgett, Jeanne Drumm, Betty Koman, Elizabeth Mackey, Mary Dunwoody, Eva Kelley, Jean Cochran, Doris Bradley, Frances Schoeller, Margaret Lee Wolfe, Mildred Morrow, Hilda Diffill, Betty Jane Lougheiy, Jean VanAtta, Frances Unteed, Kathryn Skinner. -Robert Ingold, Robert Frush, Leonard Bowers, Millard Henry, Hughey Houpt, Alan Burton, Carl Holman, Marvin Crouse, George Garee, Richard Dugan, James Buck, Gerald Bonham, David Copeland, Kenneth Felumlee, Robert Dumm, Byron Elder, William Steinman, David Worden, Bernard McCracken. 7-Herbert Martin, Frank Kirk, Junior Livingston, Charles Dyarmett, William Beard, Franklin Hanby, Russell Drumm, George Reck, Wayne Byers, William Kincaid, Richard Fouts, Richard Crothers, Stanley Booher, Keith Shaw, George Ridenbaugh, Harold Bonifant, William Weekley, John Luzio, James McCreary. not in picture-Isabella Kirk, Russell Sessor, James Touvell, John Wintermute. Eighty nine ll Nineiy Row Row Row Row Row R 1 x w Good Posture Group -Martha Lehman, Irene Touvell, Helen Trumpower, Mary Trace, Ruth Dufl, Eileen Smith, jean Roberts, Janice Hughes, Hazel Leslie, Martha Knai, Marjorie Glass, Edna Mae Gentry, Betty Buchanan, Pauline Padgett, Mary Dunwoody, Metha Rowe, Betty Noblick. Susan Lombardo, Marjorie Walters, jean Gibbony, Grace Adams, Doris Bradley, Margaret L. Wolf, Maxine Donnett, Charlotte Myer, Mildred Morrow, jean Holcomb, Eva Kelley, Frances Unteed, jean Drumm, Frances Schoeller, Ruth Barringer, jean Embrey, Iris Forster, and Miss Coons. Frances King, Virginia jones, Louise Danese, Margaret Getreu, Bonnie Barringer, Betty Crane, Luella Knai, Virginia Crego, june Rinehart, Delores Ogle, Linda Wells, Janet Seese, June Redd, Mary jo Greenlee, Elizabeth Matis. -Grace Walters, Myrtle Williams, Maxine Rickus, Constance Vaiea, Jean Cochran, Ruth Harris, Carol Porter, Pauline Dolan, Lucille Lane, Grace Coyle, Mary Vaiea, Virginia Spangler, Wilma Smith, Ivadel Schisler, Freda Orr, Barbara Rothstein. Bettv Bradley, Bonnie Hartman, Marjorie McElroy, Martha Roof, jean Smith, Kathleen Williams, Mary Hathaway, june Myer, Sara Davidson, Evelyn Collingsworth, Ilo Schnell, Louise Love, Bernice Lake, Pauline Fulton, Margaret Mike, Louisa Hagner. Mary Hull, Joanna Nehls, Betty Thompson, Dorothy Weiss, Mary jane Vintilla, Helen john, Helen Love, Lucille Love, Marie Sissea, Martha King, Martha Dietz, Thelma Fisher, Virginia Gutridge, Betty Clark and Eleanor Stevens. Wilson Champs Raymond Leslie, Robert Walters, Sherman Green, Junior Livingston, Richard Dugan, james Buch, john Luzio, Manager, Paul Simpson, Robert Ashcraft, Robert Smith, Edward Allen, Keith Priest, David Copeland, Manager. Max Douglas, Coach. Roosevelt School Roosevelt junior Hih School Department H. W. Carr Principal B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University M.A., Ohio State University Ninely-one I Roosevelt Ninth Grade Reading left to right: Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Not Ninefy-lwa 1-Roland Bailey, Donald Bebout, james johnson, Donald Hoskinson, Bill Tracey, Lowell Keyes, Franklin Souders, Harold Shrock, Dale Eshelman, Robert Evans, Ralph Levingston, Kenneth Penick, George Wfelsch, john Mix, Russell Murphy, Richard Gray. 2-fa-Margaret Shea, Ruth Roby, Evelyn Rolf, Betty Davis, june Drumm, Marjorie Walt, Barbara fs 3 Keim, Margaret johnson, Virginia Andrews, Jean McCracken, jean Reid, Barbara Mat- ticks, jane Groves, Dorothy john, Pauline Kelley, Lola Dunn, Carol Anderson, Marjorie Mossman, Beulah Armstrong. -Martha Layton, Annette Upson, Ann Humphreys, Barbara Baker, Alice,Rolph, Eloise Van Fossen, Ruth Layman, Dorothy Deck, Kathryn Fluharty, Mabel Becker, Martha Ann Cal- lander, Ruth James, Betty Mercer, Thelma Hall, Eleanor Brooks, Jeanne johnson, Barbara Mitchell, Margaret Phillips, Grace Hopkins, 4-Patrick Giblin, Edward Satterfield, Charles Paulson, George Bibart, Edwin Wright, Carl Miller, Richard Pierce, Homer Curry, Robert Ross, Richard Rusk, Gordon Ball, Walter Haas, Wilbur Martin, Victor Buchman, Hartsel Gibson, john Mitchell. 5-Dorothy Ferrell, Marjorie Lytle, jean Baird, Bernice Rowe, Joy W'eiss, Ruth Campbell, Wilma Sturm, Virginia Farley, Dorothy Wintermute, Ruth McGee, Mary Haycock, Maxine Wilson, Margaret Bower, Betty Iden, Eva Atherton, Elaine Horwitz, janet Chrisman, Marjorie Stage. 6sDonald Bailey, Charles Yaus, Harry Ewers, William Tait, jane Alexander, Sadie Gara- pedian, Elizabeth Azbell Clara Lou Swain, Avonne Kramer, Elizabeth Flannigan, Donald Shrock, Wayne Taylor, James Thomas, Arthur Selby, Earl Elliott, Raymond Pound, Donald Rose. 7sEdward Miller, Richard Brunner, Robert Meachem, Owen Heatwole, Paul Zeiher, William in Huffman, George Shinn, William Stoll, Donivan Hall, William VanAtta, Thomas john- son, Robert Sweeney, Eugene Stevens, Harold Board, Charles Frazier, Benjamin Friend, William Tanner. picture-Robert Bazler, Mary Peck, Maryane Stewart, Edward Perdue, Willie Williams, Bettie Bishop, Lugene Sutton, Horace Bucklin. First table-left to right: james Schaller, Gus Hess, Elaine Horwitz, Ann Humphreys, Clara Lou Swain. Second table-left to right: Eloise Van Fossen, Dorothy Deck, jean Reid, Elizabeth Flannigan, Marjorie Stage, Sadie Garapedian. Third table-left to right: Betty Francis, Donna jean Essig, Ruth Anderegg, Patricia Norpell, julie Henzy, Alice Rolph, Barbara Matticks. Around the wall, left to right: Bill Tait, George Welsch, Dick Pierce, George Ralph, john Babbitt, Angel Athan, Ruth Layman, Betty Iden, Barbara Baker, Annette Upson, Eva Mae Atherton, Miss Edith Fleming. The journalism Club The journalism Club of Roosevelt Junior High school was organized three years ago with the idea of giving students a little insight into jour- nalistic work. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays at three-fifteen p. m. The rudiments of journalism are taught, and the writing of school news for the Advocate, Daily News and Newark Leader is the duty of the club members. In addition to this,'a school paper, called the "Roosevelt News," is published monthly for about three hundred and lifty subscribers. The paper is partially hnanced by advertisements and is printed at the Postal Printing company. The last issue, however, was printed by the members of Mr. Roland Esper's printing club at Roosevelt School. Mr. Anderson of the Newark Daily News visit- ed the club one afternoon and answered many questions on the making of newspapers. The club members enjoyed a visit to the plant of the Daily News, where they were shown just how it is done. There are thirty-four members in the club, which is under the leadership of Miss Edith Fleming. The editors for the "Roosevelt News" are Dorothy Deck and George Welsch. Ninetj three Ninety-four Lincoln School Lincoln Junior High School Department Thom Mac Donagh Principal A.B., Denison University Row Row Row ROW Row Row Row Lincoln Ninth Grade -Richard Lecky, William Prior, Lawrence Hunter, Bob Baughman, Grover Loughman, Bob Winter, Edgar VanWinkle, Clyde Rine, Sidney Shoemaker. -Bettie McCloskey, Aline Richardson, Velma Rector, Elizabeth Kvintus, Margaret Campolo, Frances Holton, Helen Vermilion, Alma Morriss, Gloria O'Bannon, Betty Layton, Bernice Hull, Betty Cunningham, Virginia Jeffers, Annabelle Moats, Helen Schmitt, Leatrice Cooperider, Jessica Morrison, Lucile Mason, Marjorie Anderson, Bernice Hyatt, Florence Steele, Leah Koehler. -Clyde Houdeshell, Roger Howdyshell, Virginia Gallagher, Katherine Garrison, Imogene Berry, Geraldine Cates, Mary Settles, Mary Jeffreys, Cleo Rector, Eloise Gordon, Mamie Cramer, Gladys Rine, Evelyn Jones, Emily Freeman, Doris Church, Betty McLaughlin, Peggy Lou Gerlach, Yvonne Randahxe, Mildred Shepherd, Junior Bebout, Carl Nethers. -Richard Varner, Duane Myers, Don Smith, Edward Ramsey, Daniel Litton, Harold Claw- son, Charles Hensley, Sam Hitchcock, Clyde Crawford, Richard Emerson, Arthur Davis, James Smith, Walter Ryan, Gerald Freeman, Robert Milligan, James Wolfe, Robert Cherry, Dale Vermilion. -Maxine Frost, Ednamae Boggs, Edna Smith, Anna Hinger, Betty Moore, Leona Ice, June Kirk, Susie Phillips, Norma Jean Penick, Doris Howes, Geraldine Pritchett, June Vogel, Mazie Stephens, Eleanor W'intermute, Jean Griflin, Helen Hickey. -Harrod Cole, Robert Burden, Harry Andrews, Charles Hannigan. Gabriel Molnar, Luke Gordon, Ernest Busby, John McMurty, William Stockdale, Walter Dennis, Mark Van Winkle, Dale Diller, Leonard Clutter, William Townsend, John Mahon, Jack Tilton, Wiley Townsend, Dale Chaney, Willis Glover. Jacque Cullison, Edward Keller, Carl Bolen, Richard McCormick, Sidney Wolfe, Robert Harvey, Joe Jones, Gene Stevens, Kenneth Wright, Robert Hunt, George Hinger, Raymond Wright, Fred Cochran, Dick Martin, Karl Darnes, Arthur XVilson, Grover McKnight, Clair Weakley. Nizzezj ,Q Donald Smith, Robert Winter, james Wolfe, Clyde Rine, Herschel Nichols, Dick Martin, Ernest Busby, jack Tilton, Robert Burden. The Printing Laboratory At Lincoln Natural curiosity is a marked characteristic of the adolescent, and the modern program in in- dustrial arts is ,designed to capitalize upon this curiosity. The boys at Lincoln School, under the direction of Rolland Shell, study and experiment in the materials, processes and occupations of an industrial society. The shop plan makes no at- tempt to serve as any sort of trade apprentice ship but rather offers an opportunity for becom- ing familiar with the various tools used in differ- ent crafts, The print shop has become an important part of the industrial arts program at Lincoln junior High School. Basketball Boys of Lincoln School Under the leadership of Edgar Sherman, boys' physical education teacher at Lincoln junior High School, these boys participated in basketball ac- tivities: Manager, Leonard Clutter, Don Smith, William Hogue, Calvin Walker, Frederick Trager, junior Devoll, Gene Adams, Delbert Hanes, Edward Smith, Frank Kvintus, William Hammond, Ted Angeletti, john Curts, Doyle Hanes, Junior Chillis, Kenneth Wright, Dale Vermillion, Charles Hensley, Richard Emerson, Sidney Shoemaker, Tom Goff, Robert Milligan, Harold Claw- son, Arthur Davis, Daniel Litten, Morgan Corder. Nnzely-.fix Sew uf Nifzcfg- 1 erefz Row Behind Table-Howard Upson, Joseph Hirschberg, Molly Lewis. Front of Table-Robert Forgrave. Row 1 Maharg. Cback to frontj-Hazel Penick, Marjorie Shannon, Bonita Chaney, Walter Tracy, Ruth Row 2-Russell Hupp, Arthur Armstrong, Richard Taafel, Edward Babbitt, Charles Pope. Row 3-Betty Duncan, Joan Schofield, Lois Jean Myers, jean Williams, Ellin Levin. Row 4-Miss Rosa Pugh, Roland Bishop, Mr. C, P. Smith, Bessie Hightshoe. ' Student Council President ,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,.., Secretary ..,,..,,, Treasu rers .,,.,,..r Faculty Advisers ,,,,. The Student Council, which has been in opera- tion for two years in Newark High School, was organized in order to give the students a part in school aftairs. Thus, the members who were elected by and represent the student body have a part in deciding the important questions which confront the school. The Student Council took an active part in many of the school activities. It made several Nnzelj -eight ,,.,.,,,joseph Hirschberg ...........,..Molly Lewis Upson ,,....,,..,.Robert Forgrave, Lois Myers C. P. Smith, Miss Rosa Pugh necessary revisions in the school constitution which had been drawn up hy the Student Council of the previous year, The council also granted charters to the clubs and various organizations in the school. One of the most important activities of the council was planning many of the social functions of the year. Those planned by the coun- cil were the Friendship Dance, the Homecoming, and the Victory Dance, the latter being sponsored jointly by the Student Council and Girl Reserves. Row 1-james Cope, Ralph Cook, Robert Mercer, Robert Wortman, Henry Giles, Sam Sachs, Ralph Woltjen. Row 2-Royal Keyes, Arthur Wright, William Trowbridge, Kenneth Wobbecke, Roy Lehman, Wynn Jones. Row 5-james Fernow, Gerald Miller, Frederick Myers, john Mercer, William Speaks, Robert W'estbrook. Row 4-Robert Evans, Howard Upson, Robert Copeland, Paige Nelson, Norman Duvall, Clifford Miller, Elder Duvall. Row 5fHarry Dorsey, Charles Ross, William Ryan, Russell Hupp, Robert Raymond, Robert King, Sergei jackson. Row 6-Edward Farmer, Richard Imhoff. N Club President .,,,,,,,,, Vice-president Secretary ,..,,,.,,, Treasurer ,,,,,, The N Club was organized for the 1937-38 school year with Ralph Cook as president and Mr. C. E. Orr as faculty adviser. As in previous years, the requirement for membership is to earn an "N" in some sport. The main objectives of this club are to encourage, aid, and maintain good, clean, and sportsmanlike athletics and athletic programs. Activities which the N Club participated in during the 1937-38 school term included ushering, ticket-taking, and assisting visiting teams and their ,,..,,,,..Ralph Cook ,,....,,Robert Mercer .,,,,,,..Paul Adams .,....Richard Imhoff followers at basketball games, olhciating and aid- ing the officials at track meets, organizing and promoting pep rallies prior to football and basket- ball games, and assisting at football games. In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the N Club presents an annual award consisting of a bronze medal to the senior member who, in the opinion of the club members, has contributed the most toward high school athletics and to the N Club itself. Quentin English was awarded the medal in 1937. Ninety mne Row 1-Freda Brucker, Eileen Bruney, Catherine Wright, Janice Mulquin, Betty Bostwick, Ruth Ashcraft, Marian Beaumont, Mr. F. W. Smith, Row 2-Elizabeth Smith, Ruth Pierce, Kathleen Philips, Margaret Myers, janet Franz, Virginia Roberts, Elizabeth Vogel, Charlotte Branscome, jean Christman. Row 3-Thomas Powell, Elwyn Toothman, Robert Lauver, Margaret Orr, Mary Anderson, Betty Lightner, Jerome Christman, William Pletcher. Row 4-Nicholas Evans, Robert Davis Harold Messick, Albert Berson, james Beeney, Carl Nourse, Earl Haynes, William Murray. Q, ,....1. Camera Club President ..,............. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.........,..., .......,, E a rl Haynes Vice-President ....,..... Secretary-Treasurer ...,. Faculty Adviser .,,, The Camera Club was organized with two main objectives in view for its members-to pro- vide useful information in photography and to give them a fascinating as well as a useful hobby. An elementary knowledge in this field is necessary to secure good pictures. The club held its meetings every two weeks. At these meetings discussions on the various parts of a camera were made. Individual members also led discussions on the various phases of photography. One Hundred ...mjanice Mulquin ............Carl Nourse ......Mr. F. W. Smith A commercial camera was taken apart, and the various parts were explained to the members. In this way many interesting facts about the operation and construction of cameras were pointed out. Club members made a trip through a local en- graving plant to see how plates and special cuts are made for printing. Experience in developing and printing pictures also constitutes one of the principal interests of the club. There are ap- proximately thirty-hve members. Row 1 fkneelingj-Richard Curry, Richard Steen. Row 2 Cstanding in front of carl-Eugene Griffith, David Williams, Calvin Friend, William Coelho, Lorin Kinkade. Row 3 fstanding behind carb--Forrest King, Mr. J. S. Kirkpatrick, Rex Forbes. Automobile Club President ..,,.,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Adviser The Automobile Club, which is made up of ten members who are all boys, holds its weekly meet- ings every Monday at the Arts-Industries Labora- tory. For their programs the members studied safety facts, safety maps, and statistics on accidents. It ....,..William Coelho ...............Richard Steen . ,..,,..,,,,,,, Calvin Friend . Mr. 1. S. Kirkpatrick is through these studies that they learned the dangers and hazards of careless driving, and with this information in mind hope to reduce the automobile accidents in the city. This organiza- tion planned to take L1 trip to the automobile plant at Toledo on il week-end or holiday. One Hll77d7'Ed One Row 1fMrs. Sarah Schiffeler, Mary Myer, Virginia Roberts, Margaret Orr, Margaret Winter- mute, Clarellen Burton, Mary Eleanor Chilcote, Phillip Booth. Row 2-Mildred Owen, Marjorie Winn, Helen Crawford, Ellen Owen, Sarah Warthen, Mar- cella Morgan, Margaret Brandt, Elizabeth Vogel. Row 3-Olga Vaiea, june Lehr, Diana Seufert, jean Lichtenstein, Betty Haines, Ruth Barclay, Mary Anderson, Samuel Sachs. Row 44-Hazel Reid, Helen Spellman, Ralph Mason, Irene Rupright, Ruth Schinske, Clara Mae Wilkins, Donald McFarland, jane Beall. Row 5-Charlotte Branscome, Eldon Shauck, Clarence Huffman, Wlarren Holcombe, Anne Mitchell, Eleanor Mills, Harvey Lowe, Robert Lauver. Row 6-Cheney Humphreys, Paul Thompson. Apu' NE' Der Deutsche Verein President ,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ..,., Secretary , ,,,, , Treasurer ..,,,.,,..,,, Faculty Adviser ..,,. The German Club was organized to promote a broader, more extensive interpretation of the cus- toms, language, and people of Germany. Through their programs the members gain a more spe- cific knowledge of Germany. At one of the meet- ings Reverend XW. M. Brandt reviewed two books, Ludeke's, I Knew Hiller and Kraffs Hiller rfefifuf Christ. His talk was given to eradicate some of the false ideas concerning the present regime in Germany. At another meeting Mr. Hanshue spoke on My Family in Germany, and German Curtomr. He brought handkerchiefs, spoons, and various objects of interest, illustrating German art and skill. One Hundred Tzm .,,,,,,,,,,Mildred Owen ,,...,Chaney Humphreys ,,,,,,,.,,,,,Eldon Shauck ........,.,.,.,Paul Thompson .,,.,,Mrs. Sarah Schiffeler A travel program was arranged by the club. Two of the subjects discussed were "The Black Forest" and "Heidelberg" Another interesting subject coming under the topic of travel was "The Rhine Country." This proved a very interesting subject. Discussion was held on legends, castles, operas, etc. A very amusing comedy, "Emil und Die Detektive," which was read by the Senior Germans and which deals with present day Ger- man, was presented to the students. As an innovation in the study of German mu- sic and musicians, there has been organized a lit- tle German band which adds to the zest of the students by playing folk songs and well-known German melodies. Row 1-Wilma Steele, Ruth Maharg, Geraldine Kegg, Elizabeth Larason, Marcella jones, Nancy Henzy, Charlotte Swain, Mrs. Louisa Orr. Row 2-Marian Hartshorn, Ruth Hershberger, Julia Garapedian, Eleanor Mills, june Barrick, Jayne Day, Margaret Crawford, Ann Warner. Row Cummins, Shirley Folger. 3-Marybelle McKnight, Henrietta Menser, Eva John, Ruth Dumm, jean Yarger, Francis Row 4-Theodore Schonberg, Leonard Emerson, Laverne Smith, joan Schofield, Richard Michell, Edwin Moran, William Pletcher. Not in picture-Shirley Swigart, Elaine Campbell. .ff 1 1 1- it is French Club President ,,,.,,..... Vice-President ,,.... Secretary ....,,,,,,,. Treasurer ,,,,,,......,. Sergeant-at-Arms ..... Faculty Adviser ,,., The French Club has a membership of thirty students from the sophomore and junior French classes. To be eligible to this club it is necessary to maintain a "B" average. At the meetings this year the members translated a French play, worked French cross-word puzzles, and played French games. In this way, each indi- vidual increased his vocabulary and knowledge of France and its customs. The students have also learned many French .......Nancy Henzy ...........joan Schofield ...........Charlotte Swain .......Theodore Schonberg ...........Marcella Jones ......Mrs. Louisa Orr songs, especially Christmas carols. The programs were built around the daily classwork. This year there were two guest speakers, Miss Mary Mc- Clure, who lived in France for several months, and Mrs. john King, a native of France. These talks were very instructive and gave the pupils a first- hand picture of life in France. Mrs. King spoke about the town in which she was born, Aix-les- Bains, and also described the mountains, water- falls, and summer resorts in this section of France. One Hundred Tha ee Row 1-Miss Esther Larr, Mary Hogue, Barbara Helm, Jean Lichtenstein, Dorothy Walters, janet Horwitz, janet Roof, Goldie White, Ann Warner. Row 2feTheodore Schonberg, Stanley Mueller, Dorothy Jeanne Homer, Ethel johns, Ellen Owen, Janice Mulquin, Virginia Edwards, Anna Koman. Row 5-Dorothy jaynes, Ruth Hershberger, Anita Hollister, Marian Davis, Margaret Winter- mute, Frances Cummins, Mary Myer, Mildred Owen. Row 4-Marian Beaumont, Hazel Arnold, Irene Rupright, joan Workman, joseph Hirsch- berg, William Trowbridge, Harold Messick. Row S-Ellen Roshon, Phyllis Schenk, Suemarie johnson, Robert McDaniel, Ellsworth Kelley, Carl Hollar, Russell Younce, Floyd Rusk, Roland jauchius. Row 6-Warner Wolverton, William Stevens, Mary Wolfe, janet Ruffner, Mary Margaret Sheboy, Dana Hammond, Floyd Orr, Robert Boyd. Not in picture4Marjorie Botts, june Campbell. Dramatic Club President .,,,,,.. Vice-President ,,,,, Secretary ,,,,,,.,,,,, Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,, Faculty Adviser Many one-act plays were given at the meetings of the Dramatic Club. During this year, all mem- bers were given an opportunity to participate in at least one play. These plays are directed by students of the dramatic class. Special attention is given to enunciation, naturalness, and posture, After the presentation of a play, a discussion is held to criticize the performance. The work is divided into different groupsg such as, costuming, make-up, publicity, stage effects, Ofze Humired Fam' ,,,,,,,,joseph Hirschberg ,,,,,,,,,,,janet Horwitz Hogue , ,,,, William Trowbridge Stanley Mueller ...,,.,Robert McDaniel ,...,,..Miss Esther Larr and interpretative reading. At the beginning of the year, a choice is made by the students as to which group they wish to belong to. At least one meeting is given to each of these groups when a demonstration is given pertaining to that par- ticular unit. This year at the meeting planned by the make-up section, several members portrayed certain movie stars. This is the first time such an attempt had been made and it proved to be fairly successful. a 1 1 Row 1-Forrest King, Harold Messick, Wynn Jones, Cal Friend, Cheney Humphreys, Edward Babbit, Lynn Campbell, Sam Sachs, William Trowbridge, Russell Hupp, james Goodwi n. Row Z-Bob Black, Richard Imhott, Robert Lambert, james Cope, Ralph Woltjen, A jr., Stewart Sedgewick, Robert Forgrave, Robert Crouch, Robert Westbrook, Charles Wright, Edward Boyling, Mr. Heckelman, Advisor. Row 3-Mr. Smith, Advisor, john Shinn, Eugene Crouch, Ralph Cook, Robert Boyd, Joseph Baggs, Harvey Lowe, Floyd Rusk, David Williams, Kenneth Wobbecke, Robert Brown, Richard Taafel, Howard Upson, Bruce Bazler, Tom Goodwin, Stanley Mueller. Row 4-Earl Haynes, justin Reichart, William Murray. Not in Picture-Lawrence Callander, Paul Cady, Robert Evans, Albert Marzano, Carl Nourse, Robert Mercer, james Orr, Paul Adams. Senior Hi-Y President ,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,.,,, Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ,,,,,.,,,.,, Faculty Adviser ,,,,,,,, .. . Y, M. C. A. Adviser ...... "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community 21 high standard of Christian character." This is the purpose and the plank on which the Senior Hi-Y is built. The Senior Hi-Y meets every Wfednesday eve- ning at 7:30 at the Y. M. C. A. The meeting opens with ordinary club business. There are usually a guest speaker and gymnasium activi- ties. This year the Hi-Y sponsored Dr. Frank B. Slutz, noted Ohio speaker, to lecture to the Club. The following topics have been discussed Kenneth Wobbecke . ...Earl Haynes .. .... John Shinn .Stanley Mueller ..Mr. E. H. Heckelman Ralph G. Smith this year: boy and girl relationship, laws and enforcements, and the labor question. Each year the Hi-Y sponsors a dance. This year the Hi-Y sponsored a school friendship dance and il club dance. A parents' banquet in connection with the induction of new officers was held at the end of the year. Mr. E. H. Heckelman, adviser, has given much of his time to the advancement of the group, and his helpful advice has done much toward co- operation of the members. One Hundred Fwe Row 1-Wayne Martin, David Long, Richard Loughman, Ervin Scott, Clyde ShiPP, Robert Matthews, Thomas Walcutt. Row 2-Mr. Ralph Smith, Robert Fulke, james Sachs, Vir il Lehman, Eugene Snelling, Donald Coss, joseph McClain, William Lothes, Earl Wafker, Ellsworth Smith, George Greer, Roy Plymale, Mr. Lester Cox. Row 3-Hugh Lauver, Robert Hull, Gene Woodyard, Charles Stevens, Eugene Steinman, Darwin johnson, Thomas Massalas, Robert Dornan, Delmar Handley, aff! . Sophomore Hi-Y President ........,..., Vice-President ,,,,.,r Secretary ,.,........ Treasurer ,,,,.,, The Sophomore Hi-Y Club was organized again this year with the aim of promoting the ideals of good sportsmanship and clean living. Due to the wide interest in this club, more boys signed for it than were able to be accommodated. For this reason the selection of the thirty members was done by the boys themselves. The Hi-Y program consisted this year of busi- ness meetings, lectures, and social events. The lectures, chosen from subjects likely to he instruc- One Hundred Six ..,,.,....,....Clyde Shipp ......Richard Loughman Scott a ,,,,,,,Thomas Walcutt tive and valuable to the boys, were given by Chief Curtis Berry and others. Social events spon- sored by the club included dances, suppers, and an open-house party. Besides these activities there were recreational contests between the members at the Y. M. C. A. clubrooms. The attendance and interest in the club were very satisfactory this year and most of the pro- gram was carried out, indicating a successful and beneficial year's work. V l. Row lfCharlotte Bushlield, Margaret Brandt, Kathleen Phillips, Dorothy Crothers, Hazel Arnold, Nancy Hcnzy, Charlotte Swain, Mary Myer, Mildred Owen, jean Winter- mute. Row 2-Betty Anderson, jean Lichtenstein, Catherine Wright, jean Chrisman, Marian Miller, janet Franz, jane Beall, Ellen Roshon. Row g-Aimee Stuart, Olga Vaiea, Elizabeth Vogel, Mary Eleanor Chilcote, Hazel Reid, Eliza- beth Larason, Marcella jones, Dorothy Walters, Geraldine Kegg. Row 4-Betty Haines, jasmine Garapeclian, Grace Ghiloni, Theodore Schonberg, Orville Varasso, Paul Cady, Warner Wolverton, Ralph Cook. Row 5-Dorothy Jeanne Homer, Doris English, Anabel Cochran, Robert Iden, james Beeney, Roy Rowland, Howard Upson. Row 6-Philip Booth, Robert King, Russell Hupp, john Walker, Norman Duvall, Robert Cunningham. Book Club President .. Vice-President ,,,, Secretary ,,,, Treasurer ,,,,,,,,, Faculty Adviser ,,,, The Book Club, which was organized this year for those students who like to read, meets every other Friday and has hfty-four members. The purpose of the club is to further the appreciation of books and to make reading easier for its mem- bers. Book reviews given by the members and by outside speakers comprised the club programs. Some of the outstanding book reviews given for the club were "The Citadel" by Miss Mary Mc- ,....,..Charlotte Bushfield Cady .,,....Mary Eleanor Chilcote ....,.....,...,....Doris English ......Miss Bertha Crilly Clure, "Madame Curie" by Miss Mabel Pugh, a former English teacher, and "Time to Live" by the Reverend james E. Vlfolfe. Forum discussions were held after these reviews were given in which the members were given an opportunity to express their opinions on the books. The Book Club also brought Mrs. L. S. Teeters, head of the Lazarus Book Shop in Columbus, Ohio, to the school in a chapel program in which she spoke on "Books," One Ilmzdred Seven Row 1-Barbara Helm, jean Lichtenstein, Janet Horwitz, Ann Varner, Opal Smith. Row 2-David Hardman, Nicholas Evans, Robert Green, Joseph Hirschberg, Miss Laura Hosick, Theodore Schonberg. Row 5-Bertha Walker, Marjory Young, Marcia Ryan, Gladys Steele, Chaney Humphreys, Stanley Mueller. Not in picture-Hazel Penick, Warne Holcombe. 0551 Civics Society President ,s,,.,,,,sss, Vice-President ....... Secretary .,,,.,ss.,,,. Treasurer ............... Faculty Adviser ,,...,. This year the Civic Society, one of the hon- orary clubs of the high school, took as its work the study of crime prevention. The club stressed especially the study of the cause and prevention of juvenile crime and, for this purpose, communi- cated with the Lancaster Reform School. In a letter from this school it was suggested by the administrators that the club visit the institution. The club planned to visit the school some Sat- urday. For their programs the club had speakers among whom were Mrs. Kate Kibler, who talked on juvenile crime in our own community, and One Hmzdred Eight ,,,,,..joseph Hirschberg .........,.Barbara Helm ,wajean Lichtenstein Varner ....,.,Miss Laura Hosick Mr. Glen Kreider, who talked on causes of juve- nile crime in general. At the other programs various members of the club gave short talks which dealt with the subject of juvenile crime prevention. Each year the Civics Society tries to study something which will aid in the civic im- provement of the high school and the commu- nity. In order to be admitted to the Civics Society it is necessary to achieve a B average in all sub- jects. At the end of each semester an award is made to the student in the society who gained the highest scholarship average for the semester. Row 1-jasmine Garapedian, Hazel Penick, Ella Miller, Bonnie Dusthimer, Alice Frost, Betty Hill, Bonita Chaney, Charlot Bell. Row 2-Helen Bell, Anabel Cochran, Cora Alice Edwards, Ruth Criss, Miss Rosa Pugh, Eleanor jeifers, Eileen Curts. Row 3-Mary Virginia jones, Virginia Roberts, Linnea Kessmeier, Dorothy Kemnitzer, Frances Fisher, Helen Boyd. Not in picture-Betty Anderson, Molly Lewis, Marguerite Lind, Margaret Tipton. ' QQ Girls' Travel Club President ,,...,,,,, Vice-President .,Y, Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,, Faculty Adviser The Girls' Travel Club, which was organized four years ago especially for those students inter- ested in travel, meets every other Thursday and has twenty-four members. The purpose of the Travel Club is to create a desire for travel in our own country and in for- eign countries, as well as to increase the knowl- edge of life and civilization in these countries. Club programs consist of talks given by the mem- bers describing their trips, reports given by Miss Pugh which proved very interesting and instruct- ......,,....Befiy Hill ,,.,,,,,Bonita Chaney ,,,.,,,Alice Frost ,...,..,,,,,Charlot Bell ,,,,,,,,Miss Rosa Pugh ive, and quizzes given on transportation, clothing, and places to visit. This year special attention was paid to the customs and the various places of interest in France and England. A new project of the year is a scrapbook, containing travel ar- ticles, kept by the club. Another outstanding activity of the year was the Annual Tea given on April twenty-third at the home of Miss Rosa Pugh. This year the club has had three new oth- cers: the librarian, the scrap-book keeper, and the typist. One HllIZd1'6d Nine Row 1-Helen Anast, Bessie Stamas, Marjorie Young, james Tiemann, Maxine Sparks, Marvis Bachelor, Eleanor Jeffers, Phyllis Hutchison, Helen Criss. Row 2-Freda Brucker, Eileen Bruney, Betty Anderson,A Norma Cougill, Katherine Camlin, Phyllis Swigart, Virginia Roberts, Betty Hill, Marian Beaumont, Row 3-Mary Anderson, Charlotte Branscome, Goldie White, Margaret Wintermute, Bernice Holton, Clarellen Burton, Jean Chrisman, Eileen Curts. Row 4-Wilbur Armstrong, Donald McFarland, Fred Tiemann, William Berson, Woodrow Frizzell, Kenneth Seaman, Jerome Chrisman. Row 5-Philip Booth, Robert Iden, Forrest King, George Wolfe, Robert Fulke, Robert Brown, Robert Cunningh am. Row 631-Iarold Tate, Harvey Lowe, David Hardman, Billy Hill, Charles Smith, Phil Butler, Dana Hammond. Row 7-Nicholas Evans, Elizabeth Vogel, jerry Hess, Marian Buckingham, jean Allen, Dorothy Lewis, Russell Lovell, Richard Mitchell, john H, Loughridge. Science Club President ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.,...,,,,,,.,. Vice-President ,..,. Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ..,............ Faculty Adviser ,,,,,,, A part of this year's Science Club program was composed of chemical experiments, two of which were the preparation of, test for. and uses of oxygeng and the making and explanation ol an ammonia fountain. These demonstrations were prepared and given by members entered in the Chemistry course. Short scientific articles and questions were read before the Club. Outside speakers gave variety to the programs. Approxi- mately thirty sophomores and juniors interested in science were admitted into the organization dur- Ofze Hlnzdred Tefz .. . ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, M avis Bachelor Marjorie Young Phyllis Hutchison ...Hjames Tiemann Mr. O. 1. Barnes ing the second semester. Six books were pur- chased by the Club to add to the school library. These books are "The Story of Chemistry," "Man vs. Microbes," "History of Biology," "Man and the Stars," "Electrical Wonders," and "Astronomy," The social function of the year was an informal party at the close of the school term. Science rooms give atmosphere to the meetings which are held every other Monday. Ofhcers for the follow- ing year are elected at one of the late meetings of the organization. Row ROW Theodore Schonberg. Row Stanley Mueller. Not in Picture-Hazel Penick, Wfarne Holcombe. 1-Barbara Helm, jean Lichtenstein, janet Horwitz, Ann Varner, Opal Smith. Z-David Hardman, Nicholas Evans, Robert Green, joseph Hirschberg, Miss Laura Hosick, 3-Bertha Walker, Marjory Young, Marcia Ryan, Gladys Steele, Chaney Humphreys, anim'- ' gr Chefs Club President ,,,., Secretary ...,,,Y Treasurer ,.....,,,,,,,, Faculty Adviser ,..... Although this is the first year that the Chefs Club has been organized, it has proved to be very popular. Many more have sought admittance than the facilities of the club could accommodate. The objective of the club is to train the mem- bers in the art of cooking. Meetings were held each week, business and discussion periods being alternated with work pe- riods. Discussions were made of social and table Russell Baker ,,,,,,,..W7illiain Horton ,.....,Eugene Cooperider ,,,,,,,,,Miss Ellen Dush etiquette and of the opportunities open for men in the field of foods. A sale of candy which had been made by club members was held to raise money for the club picture. The membership of the club was limited to twenty-four boys, sophomore, junior, or senior. The prospects for the development of the club in future years are very good. One Hlf7ld67'd Uez en Row 1-Joan Workman, Catherine Wright, Janice Mulquin, Katheryn Wilson, Phyllis Schenk, Phyllis Hutchison, Helen Pound, Miss Laura Hosick. Row 2-Evelyn Kreager, Velda Lawyer, Suemarie Johnson, Betty Hill, Helen Spellman, Dorothy Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Not in 6- Walters, Mary Myer, Lorraine Lydic. 3-Mar aret Ford, Rosalie Richards, Bertha Walker, Jean Wintermute, Clarabelle Kemp, Shiriey Keim, Hazel Reid, Maxine Reel. 4-Marjorie Winn, June Lehr, Ruth Sherrard, Wilma Bermerman, Leona Prysi, Jane Messick, Virginia Milbaugh, Dorothy Lewis, Kathleen Phillips, Mavis Bachelor. 5-Marian Beaumont, Shirley Grigsby, Ellen Roshan, Jane Beall, June Kocher, Eleanor Iden, Rebecca Bebout, Freda Brucker. Betty Shields, Marjorie Shannon, Mary Cunningham, Charlene Edmunds, Velma Shepherd, Mary Evelyn Schenck, Marjorie Young, Jeanne Fundaberg, Maxine Sparks. 7-Phyllis Swigart, Ruth Barclay, Margaret Ann Wright, Marcia Ryan, Eileen Bruney, Mary Anderson, Margaret Coyle, Wilma Smith. 8-Janet Roof, Marcella Jones, Ruth Slater, Phyllis Kelley, Margaret Orr, Margaret Bon- garni Charlotte Branscome, Martha Cass, Madeline Schleiffer, Jean Smiley, Carolyn ec '. 9AMary Jane Russell, Dorothy List, Kathryn Lydic, Goldie White, Margaret Crawford, Jane Ferguson, Juanita Mason, Geneva Murphy, Betty Rechel, Margaret McCann, Carolyn Trefzer, Marjorie Hughes, Betty Scales, Bertaline Sanders. pictur-Evelyn Gray, Dorothy Kemniltzer, Elizabeth Larason, Betty Lightner, Margaret McCann, Rosalie Richards. G-Y President ,.,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,, Secretary .,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ,.....,,,,,, Faculty Adviser ,..,,,,, ..... ....,...,,, ,,,.,,,,,, The meetings of the G-Y Club are held every other week at 7:30 at the Y. M. C. A. This year the club has had many interesting speakers who have talked on subjects which were instructive to the girls of the club. For their social recreation the girls had a party at the beginning of the year and a formal dance at the end of the year. The mothers of the girls acted as chaperons at One Hundred Twelve ,.....Kathyrn Wilson ,,,...Janice Mulquin .....,...Phyllis Schenck ,,,,,,,,Phyllis Hutchison ......Miss Laura Hosick both functions. An initiation for the new mem- bers of the organization was held at one of the first meetings. On Tuesday nights the girls who attended the previous meeting were permitted to swim in the HY" swimming pool. Since the G-Y Club is a branch of the Girl Reserves, every G-Y member is required to be a member of the Girl Reserves in order to belong to the G-Y. Row 1-Alice Buckingham, Margaret Tipton, Miss Dorothy Bline, Marie Greider, joan Kidd, janet Franz. Row 2-Ben Goldberg, Harold Messick, Eleanor Lamp, Luanna Duvall, Margaret Coyle, Marcella Morgan, Phyllis Kelley. Row 3-Howard Goode, Charles Wright, james Orr, Delmar Hanley, Richard Christy, Clye Goff. Not in picture-Eileen Bruney, Phil Butler, Charles Cline, Pauline Lane, Shirlene Stanley, Clara Mae Wilkin. Bird Club President , Vice-President ,,,, Secretary ..,,, ,, Treasurer , ,,,,,,,,, . Faculty Adviser ..,, This is only the second year that this club has existed. There were twenty-five members in the Bird Club this year. At each meeting two or three members spoke on selected birds and other related topics. Mem- bers of the club were urged to keep individual records throughout the year. Much emphasis was placed on conservation and the relationship of . ..... . ...., Harold Messick ,.,,,.,Marie Greider ........j'ames Orr ...............,..Phyllis Kelly ,,,..,Miss Dorothy Bline bird life with nature and the out-of-doors in gen- eral. Some time was also devoted to a fun period at every meeting. Dr. Prior and John Cicur were among the many guest speakers. At one of the meetings a set of colored slides of birds was shown. These slides were obtained from the State Department of Visual Education. The members have taken several hikes this year to Buckeye Lake, Horn's Hill, and Goose Pond. Ofze Hundred Thu leezz Row 1-Mary Myer, Helen Spellman, Katherine Camlin, Eileen Baker, Martha Cass, Marjorie Winn, Katheryn Wilson, Mary Macdonald, Marjorie Young, Marian Beaumont. Row 2-Dorothy Davis, Marian Myer, Kathleen Phillips, Dorothy Lewis, Velda Lawlyer, Maxine Sparks, Jeanne Fundaberg, Joan Workman, Catherine Wright, Mary Eve yn Schenk, Eleanor jeers. Row 3-Freda Brucker, Eileen Bruney, Betty Nutter, Ann Morgan, Gloria Price, Evelyn Kreager, Irene Day, Margaret Ann Wright, jane Cagney, Hazel Arnold, Betty Anderson. Not in picture-Margarite Ashcraft, june Campbell, Jean Chrisman, Thelma Esworthy, Virginia Gant, Eva Glaunsinger, Emma Grimm, Helen McDowell, Marcella Spangler, Jayne Daye. Knitting Club President .,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ..,, Secretary .......... Treasurer ...... New stitches, new patterns, and new color com- binations were three of the topics informally dis- cussed and demonstrated in the Girls, Knitting Club. Amateurs in knitting learned the art through this Club. Those girls more advanced in knitting were taught to make more difficult gar- ments as well as to block their knitted sweaters and skirts. Discussions were also held on the laundering, drying, and general care of knitted clothing. The knitting instructor from the Carroll Store, Mrs. Mary Simpson, addressed the girls at One Hundred Fourteen .........,......Eileen Baker .......Katherine Camlin .,.,..Marjorie Ellen Young ........Mary Macdonald one of the meetings. She told about the knitting during the World W'ar. The knitted clothing at that time usually turned out to be proportionless and misfitting. Not scholastic standing, but interest in knitting is required for entrance into this organization. About thirty girls participated in the Knitting Club activities this year. The meetings were held every other Friday. At the end of the school year, the ofiicers for the following year are elected. Row 1-Wfalter Tracey, joseph Baggs, Forrest King, William Ayres, Fred Tiemann. Row 2-William Erskine, james Tiemann, Harvey Lowe, Mr. Kirkpatrick, Raymond Paulsen, Nicholas Evans. Rifle Club President ,,,..,..,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. Vice-President-Range Officer Secreta ry-Treasurer .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Faculty Adviser ,,,,, The Newark High Rifle Club has now com- pleted its third year of successful existence. The shooting range is located nt the Y. M. C. A. This year five new members were admitted to the club. Under the careful guidance of Mr. Kirkpatrick the members have learned to use firearms as a safe ,,,,,,,,...,joseph Baggs ,,,.....Raymond Paulsen ......,,,,,,,,,,...Forrest King J. S. Kirkpatrick sport. This hobby, while it furnishes excellent training for the coordination of the faculties, can also be one of the most hazardous. This year the club has entered three contests with outside or- ganizations in the city. The members, led by President joseph Baggs, have attained high scores. 0120 Hzzmired Fzftc elz Row 1-Robert McDaniel, Marian Andrews, joseph Hirschberg, Eileen Curts. Row 2-Sylvester lngmire, Paul Thompson, Suzanne Titus. Debate First Attirmative .,..,,,, Second AH71rmative ,,,,.. First Negative ......,.,,, Second Negative ,,,s, Coach ,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,,,, The work of the debate class this year was re- search to exhaust all statistics, details, and possible arguments on the question, "Resolved: That the several states of the United States should adopt the unicameral system of legislation." National honor was gained for the ,debate group by joseph Hirschberg and Eileen Curts through a contact speech written by them on the debate question. This was announced in the March, 1938, issue of "The Rostrumj' the official publication of the ,,,,,,,,Eileen Cuits ,Mjoseph Hirschberg ,,,,,,Marian Andrews ,.,,....Robert McDonald C. P. Smith National Forensic League. At the District Meet of the Ohio State Speech League, Newark won the majority of the decisions. The New- ark speakers were assigned to District twelve which was composed of Ashland, Orrville, Shelby, Vlfadsworth, and Newark. In addition to the scheduled debates, Newark met many other teams, among which were Marion, Canton McKinley, Danville, Columbus North, Marietta, East Pales- tine, Kent High, Vfadsworth, Delaware Willis, and Zanesville. Decision Debate Schedule School Ashland ,,,,,, Orrville ,,,,,, Shelby ,,,,,,,,,i,, Wadswmvrth ,,,,,, Wfadsworth ,,,.,, St. Clairsville ,,,,,, One H mid red Sixlcwz Winner' ,, , Newark-Afhrmative ,, ..,,,, Newark-Afiirmative ,, , .,,.,,. Newark-Negative , XWadsworth-Affirmative .. ,,,,,,, Newark-Afhrmative St. Clairsville-Negative 1 Table 1-Patty June Burkham, Ann Davis, Joann Schofield, Xenia Athen. Table Z-Robert Hickman, Elizabeth McElwain, Marybelle McKnight. Table 3-Marian Andrews, Susanne Goodwin, Olga Vaeia, Mary Heil, Charlotte Bushtield, Charlotte Swain, Mary Macdonald, Marjorie Carpenter. Standing-Miss Lavin, Warne Holcombe, Neil Trimble, Roland jauchius, Henrietta Menser, Wilma Steele. Scribblers Club President ,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,.,,., Secretary-Treasurer .,,.. Faculty Adviser ..r.. The aim of the Scribblers Club is to promote creative expression by encouraging beginners to write short stories and verse. Sometimes the members are given a subject noun upon which they must write without previous preparation. The adviser of the club often assists the members, but ..,,.,Charlotte Bushheld Mary Macdonald .......Charlotte Swain .......Miss Helen Lavin for the most part they are allowed to write as they please. A note book, which contains the best work of members, is kept by the club, and a special issue of the Reveille News Sheet contain- ing the best creative work of the club members is issued during the last period of the second semes- ter. One Hzmdred Sei 61116972 Row 1-Mary Myer, Mildred Owen, Charlotte Swain, Helen Glass, jean Lichtenstein, Phyllis Hutchison, Elizabeth Larason, Jean Williams, Molly Lewis. Row 2-Laverne Smith, .Virginia Gantt, Edith Hare, Esther Wolverton, Hazel Penick, Velma Shepherd, Phyllis Kelley, Eloise Cooper, ,Ioan Schotfield, Betty Duncan, Lois Jeanne Myers. Row 3-Tom Powell, Joseph Baggs, Marjorie Shannon, janet Rulfner, Francis Cummins, Eileen Curts, Bonita Cheney, Doris English, Garnet Miller, Sue McFadden, Mar- garet Myers. Row 4-Tom Walcutt, William Warthen, James Sachs, Richard Taafel, Howard Upson, Robert Norman, Janice Mulquin, Ellen Levin, Kathleen Phillips. Row 5-MWalter Tracey, Rollin Bishop, james Cocanour, Robert Boyd, Carl Hollar, Russel Hupp, Richard Benner, Herman Fisher. Row 6-Clyde Shipp, Richard Loughman, Arthur Armstrong, Forrest Holcombe, Clyde Priest, Carl Norris, joseph Hirschberg, David Long. Row 7-Robert Forgraves, Robert Crouch, Clarence Frye, Roy Plymale, Charles Pope, Warne Holcombe, Harry Welsch, Robert Westbrook, William Coelho. Session Room Officers The session room officers, chosen by their re- spective rooms, represent the new session-room plan, which, if properly carried out, should es- tablish a guidance center for the student. These officers, the president, the vice-president, the sec- retary, and the treasurer, besides various commit- tees, appointed by the president, are responsible for the programs and business affairs of their rooms. In addition the presidents and in some cases the vice-presidents represent the members of their session rooms in the central representa- tive body, the student council. The representative, One Iizmdred Eighteen having attended a meeting of this council, should then report its activities to the home room in order that the council come into a more direct contact with the student. Since this guidance in scholastic work, attendance, and various other subjects for certain pupils is to be administered principally by other students, the responsibility for its success or failure rests with the student body. However, it lies especially with these ofiicers to promote democratic government to the point where it can be of greatest benefit to all the students. Row 1-Olga Vaiea, Paul Cady. Row 2-Nancy Henzy, Wilma Bermerman, Bonita Chaney. Row 3-Charlotte Swain, jean Lichtenstein, Russel Hupp, Theodore Schonberg, Eldon Schauk, Mary Macdonald, Charlotte Bushheld, Robert Lauver, Cheney Humphreys, Marie Keller, joan Kidd, Geraldine Kegg. 4'fjQi s a s Journalism Editor-in-Chief .,,,........ Associate Editor ,,,,,,,,.,,.....,,.,,,,,,,,, Editor for the Leader page ,,,,,,,,,,,, Editor for the Daily Newr page ,,,,, A weekly news sheet, a page of school news every week in the ,Newark Leader and in the Daily Neufr are productions regularly made by the journalism class. Editorials, fun-columns, sports, articles, and activities all have to be writ- ten, typed, checked, and finally arranged in the "dummy," the model news sheet. Then the papers are mimeographed and distributed to the subscribers. A Christmas issue, "Nut" issue, and ,Jean Lichtenstein ,,,...,Charlotte Bushlield Robert Lauver Paul Cady Senior issue were the special numbers printed this year. Besides the regular editing, a textbook is stud- ied by the journalists. Vocabulary and current events based on the reading of the New York Timer are studied by this group, since both studies are so essential in newspaper work. Neatness in appearance, cleverness in interview- ing, keenness of observation, accuracy in mem- ory, and originality in writing are all necessary for good newspaper work. One Ilzmdred Nmel en Row 1-Clarence Shields, Beulah Binger, Howard Upson, Aimee Stuart, Marian Miller, Earl Haynes, Miss Bertha Crilly. Row 2--Richard Taafel, Allan Cook, Ralph Cook, Dorothy Walters, Mavis Bachelor, Phyllis Hutchison. The Annual Staff Editor ,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,, Associate Editor ,..., Girls' Sports ,,.i,,. Boys' Sports The Reveille Annual tries to fulfill several specific aims. The book is written primarily for the purpose of serving as an informal record of the events and achievements of the student body and the administration. With this purpose in mind, it reflects and interprets these activities to the community. The book should also give an opportunity for the expression of student talent and initiative. It should incorporate the opinions, activities, and characteristics of the high school One Ilzzndrezl Trzfenly ,....,........Earl Haynes' .......Phyllis Hutchison .. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H elen Glass ..Howard Upson, Ralph Cook students and of the town. It reflects clearly in each article and photograph its preconceived theme. In observing these aims, the staff has also striven for the life, reader interest, and individ- uality of the book. All these points are of inter- est to the success of the Annual. Finally, and most important, the staff hopes that the students will receive it favorably and regard it as their book. If this is the case, the Annual has fulfilled its purpose. Row 1-Mary Myer, Helen Spellman, Betty Hill, Katheryn Wilson, Kathleen Phillips, Dorothy Lewis, Jean Lichtenstein, Charlotte Bushfleld, Hazel Arnold. Row 2-Maxine Sparks, Helen Pound, Freda Brucker, Phyllis Schenk, Rosalie Richards, Vir- ginia Milbaugh, Betty Anderson, Marian Miller. Row 3--jean Chrisman, Mary Ilane Russell, Leona Prysi, Wilma Bermerman, Eileen Bruney, Ella Miller, Charlot Bel. Row 4-Ruth Davidson, Beulah Binger, Charlene Edmunds, Mary Cunningham, Ruth Damuth, Martha Cagney, Jeanne Crane. Business Staff Business Manager ,,,,, Assistant Manager ,,,,.. Faculty A.dviser ,,,..., This group has for its specific duty the so- liciting of advertisements for the Reveille Annual, Early in December the staff organized and began its work, Certain advertisers were chosen by each member of the staff and were interviewed accord- ingly. It is through the Contact with the business men of Newark, that the members of the business staff gain invaluable experience and business training. If there is anything that a business man hates, it is a stiff, nervous, uncertain individual who knows what he wants, but doesrft know how to go about .,,,,,,,,Mary Jane Russell ....,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,Beulah Binger .,,,,,Mr. George Stoeckmann getting it. A business man expects to have a salesman sell himself first. One phase of the train- ing received from this experience is the develop- ment of poise and ease in making contacts. This will be of great value to the student in any kind of work that he chances to engage in. However, it must be remembered that the mem- bers of the Business Staff do not get all the bene- lit from the work. It is upon this staff that much of the success of the Annual depends. Also, the advertisers have their part in contributing to the success of the book. They aid greatly in making this year-book possible. 0110 Huzzdred Twenty one Row 1-fVirginia Milbaugh, janet Horwitz, Dorothy Walters, Charlotte Bushfield, Ellen Levin, Geraldine Kegg. Row 2AShirley Swigart, Ruth Criss, Betty Haycock, Maxine Norpell, Betty Lawrence, Dorothy Lewis, Cleo Baker, Marjory Young. Row 3-Phyllis Swigart, Janet Roof, Emma Grimm, Evelyn Frankenbery, Dorothy Crothers, Beulah Binger, Helen MacDowell, Virginia Scarbrough. Row 4-Richard Graham, William Ingmire, Robert Pratt, james Goodwin, Lowell Baughman, William Erskine, Paul Queen, Forrest King. Row 5-Ellsworth Kelley, David Williams, William Schenk, Ralph Lane, Carl Tate, William Pletcher. Room Agents Subscription Manager ,,,,.. Assistant Manager ,,,,,, Faculty Adviser ..r. A great deal of responsibility is placed on the shoulders of the room agents. One might say it is the room agents who make a part of the pro- gram carried on by the other Reveille staffs pos- sible. At the beginning of the school year a boy and a girl are chosen by the session-room teachers as room agents, of course, the room agents have to be students who can be depended upon and have some idea of accurateness. It is the duty of the room agents to interview each person in the One Hundred Tufeniy-two ,.,r.,,,...Ralph Schwartz ., . ..,,,,,,, Charlotte Bushfield ,,,.,,,Mr. George Stoeckmann school and solicit his or her subscription to the Reveille News. Then again after the first semes- ter, the room agents solicit the students for sub- scriptions to the Reveille Annual. The room agents play an important part in keeping the student body informed on the activi- ties of the school. The room agents are in charge of selling tickets to students for all school func- tions. It is their job to create interest in all entertainments of the High School, therefore, the room agents have a large part in creating school spirit. Row 1-Virginia jeHreys, Mary Margaret Sheboy, Lorraine Lydic, Ann Varner. Row 2-'Bertha Walker, Rosalie Richards, Velma Shepherd, Carolyn Trefzer, jean Etnier. Row 3-Hazel Penick, Edith Boyer, Elizabeth Heid, Evelyn Lawson. Not in picture-Betty Bostwiek. Mimeograph Staff Faculty Adviser ,,.,, The mimeograph staff this year is made up of fourteen senior and eleven junior girls. Juniors have been added this year for the First time. The requirements for being a member of the mimeo- graph staff are as follows: a girl must have ex- cellent typing ability and a high scholastic stand- ing. This staff works in cooperation with the journalism Class in preparing the weekly six-page Mrs. Dorothy Robb news sheet. The paper is written and typed by the Journalism Class and sent to the Mimeograph Department where the stencils are cut and then mimeographed. The paper is then folded and made ready for distribution to the various session rooms. Besides getting out the Reveille News sheet, the Mimeograph Staff does a large amount of additional work for the teachers and for the odice. One Hzzmlred Twenty llaree Row 1-Eileen Bruney, Alice Buckingham, Edith Boyer, Mary Macdonald, Ann McKim, junior Mclnturf, Opal Smith, Ann Varner. Row 2-Cora Alice Edwards, Louene Stevens, Helen Sayatovich, Mary Cunningham, Mildred Steele, Gladys Steele, Row 3-Evelyn Lawson, Frances Williams, Frances Phillips, Ruth Criss, Phyllis Kelley, Helen Pound, Robert Kunninger. Row 4-Mr. Brown, Marcella Morgan, Frances Martin, Dorothy Lewis, Wilbur Toothman, Row 5-Sylvia Sutton, Lillian Williams, Henry jones, William Stevens. Not in picture-Charlot Bell, Margaret Burden, Henry Drumm, jean Kanuckel, Dorothy Lewis, Paul Maidel, juanita Mason, Gleneva Pritchett, Edna Smith. S 5. , Salesmanship Club President ,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,, Secretary ,, ,, ,, Treasurer ,,,,,,,.,,r Faculty Adviser ,,,, Each member of the Salesmanship club must be interested in salesmanship and take an active part in the club activities. A "B" average in salesmanship is required for membership. The club has thirty-five members. The aim of the club is to give its members a more advanced knowledge of salesmanship. The meetings of the club were held every two weeks. Each meeting consisted of a program One Illmdred Twenty-fozzr ,.......-Iunior Mclnturf ............Ann McKim ,.....,......Opal Smith ,.,..,.Mary Macdonald G. W. Brown pertaining to salesmanship and a business meet- ing. Club members sent to several large com- panies for their sales manuals. Using information from these, they led very interesting and instruct- ive discussions at several club meetings. A party for club members was given in March. This party, which is an annual alfair, consisted of dancing and playing games. The club had charge of all selling of refreshments at the school games. Helen Spellman, Alice Puller, Leona Prysi, Jane Messick, Wilma Bermerman, Maxine Sparks, Miss Florence Myers, Mary Myers, Janice Mulquin. ff' Girls' Archery Club President ..,.,, Secretary ,, Treasurer . ,,.,,,,, , Faculty Adviser ,...., The Girls' Archery Club met each Monday eve- ning at the Y, M. C, A. After the regular busi- ness meeting the members shot four rounds in target practice. Each member made her own arrows under the supervision of Mr. Ralph Smith of the Y. M. C. A. During bad Weather indoor target practice was heldg however, in the spring, target practice was held outdoors at Everett's Field. ,,,,,.,Wilma Bermerman ,,,,,,,,Maxine Sparks .,..,,......Helen Spellman ..,,,,,Miss Florence Myer The Girls' Archery Club has proved to be very entertaining as well as beneficial to its mem- bers. Archery is purely a recreational sport, and, unlike the highly organized sports such as basket- ball, the members plan to carry it over into their later lives as a leisure time activity. The aim of the club is to promote good sportsmanship and to train the members in archery, The member- ship is limited to hfteen girls who may be either juniors or seniors. One Hl1lZd77'6d Tufentj ve Row 1-Marie Keller, Clarellen Burton, Eileen Curts, Eleanor jeffers, Mary Macdonald. Row 2-Miss Ellen Dush, Marjorie Ellen Young, Katherine Camlin, jane Ferguson, Anne Mitchell, Dorothy List. Girls' Rifle Club President ,,,.,.,..,.... Vice-President .,,,,,.,, Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,, Faculty Adviser .,..., This is the first year that the School has had a Girls' Rifle Club. Miss Ellen Dush, the adviser, has announced that the Club is definitely a success. To promote sportsmanship and to develop skill in the handling of rifles are the purposes of the club. The club meets every Tuesday evening at 7:00 o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. This year the Girls' Rifle Club held one meet against the Boys' Rifle Club and another with the Y. M. C. A. Boys' Rifle Club. One flzmdred Twefzty-fix ............Eileen Curts .........Eleanor Jeffers .,.......Clarellen Burton ........Miss Ellen Dush The club is limited to ten girls for member- ship. The graduating seniors will be replaced by juniors and senior girls. To be eligible for membership each girl will be required to have access to her own rifle. A meet will be held and the low scorers will be eliminatedg thus, making it easier to select the girls for membership. The Club's Constitution provides for one social function a year. This year a party was held for the members and their guests. Row 1-janet Horwitz, Charlotte Bushfield, Barbara Helm, jean Lichtenstein, Mavis Bache- lor, Phyllis Hutchison. Row ZgMarjorie Shannon, Frances Fisher, Helen Pound, Elizabeth Vogel, joan Kidd. Ushers It is necessary for the ushers to show courtesy, to possess initiative to cope with any unusual sit- uations that might arise, and to display ability to manage large crowds with facility. It is with these facts in mind that Mr. Boyd carefully selects the ushers. Each year sophomore girls fill the vacancies left by the graduating seniors who were ushers. One of the requirements for being an usher is that the girl must be of high scholastic standing with a majority of her grades in A. The ushers are divided into two divisions: one of these divisions is stationed on the lower Hoorg the other, on the balcony floor. On each floor there is a head usher, whose duty it is to take the tickets and superintend the seating of the audi- ence. Class plays, operetta, and night school were some of the functions at which the ushers worked. On the evening of june 2 the ushers executed their last and most important duty of the year, that of ushering at Commencement. One Hmzdred Tufwzzg rerfefz First Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Senior Girl Reserves Picture, Row 1-Miss Mildred Hawke, Betty Haines, Mary Hogue, Lorraine.Lyclic, Mar- jorie Hughes, Charlotte Bushfield, Mary Macdonald, Jean Lichtenstein, Mildred Owen, Mary Myer, Miss Florence Boyd. 2-Marian Beaumont, Jean Etnier, Phyllis Schenk, Suemarie Johnson, Dorothy Walters, Kath- eryn Wilson, Helen Spellman, Ellen Roshon, Phyllis Hutchison, Mavis Bachelor. 5-Martha Chester, Anna Marie Fisher, Charlene Edmunds, Mary Cunningham, Martha Cass, Madeleine Shleiffer, Jeanne Fundaberg, Maxine Sparks, Freda Brucker, Mar- jorie Owen. 4gBetty Stockdale, Virginia Milbaugh, Rosalie Richards, Margaret Ford, Dorothy Lewis, Helen Lucas, Betty Mitchell, Eileen Bruney, Alice Buckingham. 5-Jean Wintermute, Jane Beall, June Lehr, Dorothy Beatty, Emojean Baughman, Frances Philips, Helen Pound, Margaret Catt, Phyllis Kelley, Eileen Baker. 6-Carolyn Trefzer, Bett Rechel, Janet Ruffner, Mary Margaret Sheboy, Ruth Barclay, Clarabelle Kemp, Shirlley Keim, Juanita Mason, Marjorie Ellen Young. 7-Margaret McCann, Frances Williams, Ruth Sherrard, Wilma Bermerman, Leona Prysi, Jane Messick, Bertha VUalker, Laverne Smith, Harriet Somers, Bernadine W'ood, Mary Evelyn Schenck. 8-Margaret Ann Wright, Jean Toney, Bernice Holton, Marjorie Shannon, Betty Shields, Marcia Ryan, Velma Shepherd, Hazel Reid, Alice PuFfer, Mildred Van Fossen. Not in picture-Clarellan Burton, June Campbell, Ruth Ashcraft, Marcella Spangler, Lucille Price, Esther Rine, Betty Snelling, Diana Seufert. Girl Reserves President ,,,,,,...,, .,,.,,,,, M ary Hogue Vice-president .,,.rr ........ L orraine Lydic Secretary ,,,,......,, ..,,,.,, M arjorie Hughes Treasurer ,,,,.,..,.... ..,... . .. ,...................,..,,,,,.,, ...,,.......... M ary Macdonald Faculty Advisers ,,... ,,,,,,,,, ...........,,,,,.,,,,,..................,,,,,, M i ss Mildred Hawke, Miss Florence Boyd Other Advisers ,,,, .,..,.,. .,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,....,..,. M i ss Velma Lattimer, Mrs. A. S. Wall, Mrs. J. L. Boyd, Mrs. Frank Hogue, Mrs. Earl Allen, Miss Florence Myer, Miss Esther Larr The national Girl Reserve organization is the high school branch of the Y. W. C. A. The purpose is to develop members to be spiritually, mentally, and physically strong. These three points are represented on the G. R. emblem, each side of the triangle meaning one of the three. The programs are discussed and carefully planned by the program committee, the advisers, and the other officers. One Hzuzdred Twenty-eiglaz The initiation of the new members was the first social function of the year. The next activity in which the G. R.'s participated was the Thanks- giving Day program which they presented. The ring ceremony was held March 133 sixteen senior girls received rings. The Southern Ohio Girl Re- serve Conference, held at Cincinnati this year, was attended by Mary Hogue, Jeanne Radcliff, and Anabel Peck. These girls' experiences were later told to the club. l r I r Row 1vMarjorie Winn, Helen Wyant, Eleanora Humphrey, Catherine Wright, Clara Mae Wilkin, Ellen Owen, Carrie Linton, Velda Lawyer, Evelyn Kreager. Row Z-Phyllis Swigart, Ruth Slater, Jane Grigsby, Shirley Grigsby, Janet Roof, Margaret Myer, Kathleen Phillips, Dorothy McDaniels. Row 3-Betty Ball, Bertaline Sanders, Jean Smiley, Carolyn Keck, Margaret Orr, Betty Light- ner, Mary Anderson, Margaret Coyle, Beulah Binger, Row 4-Evelyn Buchanan, Virginia Edwards, Goldie White, Catherine Lydic, Dorothy List, Margaret Bonham, Charlotte Branscome, Kathrine jones, jeane Kemp. Row 5-Marvene Lynch, Betty Long, Geneva McCutchion, Mary Baughman, Dorothy Ver- milion, janet Carson, Helen jones, Leah Baughman, Mary Heil, Barbara Zipperer. Row 6-Francis Cummins, Thelma Hawkins, Virginia Tharp, Wilma Smith, Dorothy Moore, Eleanor Mills, June Kocher, Eleanor Iden, Rebecca Bebout, Betty Fulton. Row 7-Margaret Wintermute, ,loan Workman, Rosa Rowe, Delores Peart, Ruth Lescaleet, Gladys Roley, Lois Jeanne Myers, Anabelle Peck, jean Radcliffe. Row 8-Marcella jones, Mary jane Russell, jane Ferguson, Margaret Crawford, Betty Hauden- shield, Mildred Wolverton, Margaret Brandt, Ruth Schinske, Betty Scales, Dorothy Rose, Not in picture-Dorothy Jeanne Homer, Betty Kephart, Ruth Miller, Marjorie Mix, Geneva Murphy. junior Girl Reserves This organization co-sponsored with the Student Council a victory dance on April 8. A Mother- Daughter banquet on May 9 completed the year's activities. To receive a ring is one of the highest attain- ments to which a Girl Reserve may aspire. This year sixteen girls received rings in the ceremony held at St, Paul's Parish House. To receive a ring, a Girl Reserve must be a senior class mem- ber, must memorize the code, purpose, and official benediction, and must compose three themes, one oral and two written. Besides these qualifications, a Girl Reserve must possess a perfect body and spirit, develop a keen mind, possess a good char- acter and have a willingness to cooperate and as- sume leadership, and must be approved by the faculty adviser and by the ring committee in order to receive a ring. The purpose of the ring is to make the wearers better Girl Reserves and to recognize their activities as Girl Reserves. Out' I11nzfz'red Tuwzzj zznze 3 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Not Second in Sophomore Girl Reserves 1-Ruth Evelyn Burrier, Beth Ann Woolard, Marian Myer, Ann Morgan, joy Mitchell, Gloria Price, Jean Williams, Maxine Norpell, Jean Allen, Eloise Cooper. 2-Marjorie Wagner, Betty Nutter, Marian Andrews, Patty june Burkham, Virginia Pierce, Martha Rankin, jean Castla, Marjorie Carpenter, Virginia Blosser. 3-Bessie Stamas, Ann Hawkins, Suzanne Goodwin, jerry Hess, Virginia Scarbrough, Joan Myer, Marjorie Rankin, Ruth Durnm, Esther Sherman, Betty Dunson. 4-Mary Lou Naylor, june Monroe, Garnet Miller, Marjorie Young, Janice Clay, Betty Bozman, jean Yarger, Virginia Belt, Ann Davis. 5eDorothy Hartman, Dorothy Vance, Margaret Moore, Mary Zipperer, Mary Mix, Sue Nethers, Marcella Shaw, jean Myers, Shirley Swigart. 6-Betty Lawrence, Sue McFadden, Henrietta Drumm, Enola Smith, Mildred Rurfner, Betty Rubel, Margaret O'Connor, Francis Radcliffe, Doris Brown, Faustina Allen. 7-Marybelle McKnight, Elizabeth McElwain, Naomi Mitchell, Betty Davis, Edith Hare, Helen Richrick, Estella Orr, Elizabeth Hankinson, Emma Grimm. 8-Ruth Le Hew, Betty Logan, Ellen Levin, jean Kush, Mary Katherine Holmes, Reah Seigle, Pearl Roley, Katherine Feldner. picture-Elaine Campbell, janet Nye, Mary Eddy, Betty Sullivan, Helen Holler, jean Kirk, Esther Wolverton, Beatrice Young, Mary Young, Phyllis Young, jean Yarger. Picture, Row 1ARuth Marriott, Mary Louise Kuhn, Charlotte Lamb, Eileen Lallathin, Maude Haynes. Row 2-Virginia Richards, Mildred Kirby, Esther Huff, Leah Scott, Alice Holman, Leah Kemp. One Hundred Thirty Row 1 Row 2 Row 5 Row -1 -Joan Workman, Jeanne Myer, Jerry Hess, Frances Cummins, Geraldine Kegg. Wynona Eylar, Maxine Norpell, Willis Berger, Helen Spellman, Marcella Spangler, Marian Beau- mont, Dorothy Jeanne Homer. ilivelyn Gray, Phyllis Hutchison, Jean Wfintermute, Mavis Bachelor, Jeanette Sherman, Marcia Shields, Marianne Finney, Ruth Maharg, Robert Sanders, Phyllis Swigart, Junior Mclnturf, Mary Hogue, Stanley Mueller, Janet Horwitz, Harold Messick, Joy Mitchell, Charlotte Swain, Diana Seufert, Margaret Crawford. -Marie Keller, Jean Smith, Opal Smith, Maxine Francis, Garnet Miller, Jasmine Gara- pedian, Shirley Swigart, Macille Betz, Robert Carlisle, Patty Burkham, Ruth Slater, Bettv Rickus, Janet Roof, Betty Hill, Kenneth Smith, Mary Myer, Dorothy Walters, Katheryn Wilson, Rosalie Richards, Velda Lawyer. fMarian Hartshotn, Marjorie Botts, Carolyn Keck, Hugh Lauver, Dorothy Vermilion, Tom Walcutt, Carl Tate, Stewart Sedgewick, William Berson, James Orr, Mary Heil, Barbara Zipperer, Betty Fulton, Ruth IZ. Burrier. The Magazine Princess Operetta Leads Left to right: Junior Mclnturf, Ruth Maharg, Harold Messick, Janet Horwitz, Willis Berger, Mary Hogue, Phyllis Swigart, Robert Sanders, Marianne Finney, Stanley Mueller. One Hmzdfed 761113 one Suemarie Johnson, Janet Rulfner, Phyllis Schenck, Mavis Bachelor, Dana Hammond, Mary Evelyn Schenck, Warner Wolverton. "The Neighbors by Zona Gale November 24, 1957 Mis' Abel ,,,,, Inez ,...,., Peter ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,...... Ezra Williams ,,,,,,, Mis' Trot ,,,,,,,,,,,, Mis' Moran .,,., Grandma ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mis' Ellsworth ,.,,,,, .,,,,,,Suemarie johnson Mary Evelyn Schenck ,,,,,Warner Wolverton ,,,,,,,,,Dana Hammond ......,.,.,,...janet Rulfner ,,,,,Wilma Bermerman .....,...Phyllis Schenk ,,,,,,,,Mavis Bachelor For the Thanksgiving program the Girl Re- Carrie Ellsworth's nephew and the disappointment serves presented "The Neighbors," the setting of of all the charitable friends when they learn that which is a small hamlet in Wisconsin. The story the lad has been given into the care of someone tells of the preparations for the coming of Mis' else. One fimzdred Tbirly-Iwo Seated Row 1-Margaret Brandt, Hazel Arnold, Jeanne Crane. Row 24-Floyd Orr, Mary Wolfe, Mary Margaret Sheboy. Row 3-Leona Prysi, Phyllis Schenk, William Passman, justin Reichert. Standing-Marian Miller, Suemarie Johnson, john Mercer, William Stevens, Clarellen Burton, June Lehr, Marjorie Botts, Alton Love, Jane Beall. Stanley Mueller, Mary Mver, Neil Trimble, Wilma Bermerman, jane Cagney, Ruth Sherrard, Miss Esther Larr, Ellsworth Kelley, William Pletcher, Clarebelle Kemp, Esther Nichols. "The Three Graces" Mr. Sims ....... ,..,,...,...,,.., Harriet ,..,,,,, Nancy ...,,, Sarah ........ Bob ,,..,.. Eloise ,,s,...,. Pinkie ,..,,,,,,,, Miss Price .,..., Horace ,..,,,.,,,,,, Edna Carr ,,,,,,,., . Coach Farmer ..,.,. Dean Coulter ,,,,,,, This play, a three-act comedy under the direc- tion of Miss Esther Larr, was presented to the public by members of the Dramatic class. It deals with the adventures, tragical and hilarious, of three girls at college. The characterizations of these girls were portrayed by Mary Myer, jane Beall, and Wilma Bermerman. ..,.................Floyd Orr ,,,.,,,Wilma Bermerman .,.,.........,Mary Myer ,,,....,,.,,,-lane Beall ,,.,,,,,Stanley Mueller ...,...Mary Wolfe ,,,,,,,,Alton Love ,,.,,,Marjorie Botts Neil Trimble .......Mary Margaret Sheboy ,,,,........,.,.,J0llI1 Mercer .,,,,,,,William Stevens The three girls get a brilliant idea, and they begin to change the house that Mary has inher- ited into a tearoom for the students of Hargate College. Complications followed when the star football player of the college broke training rules by eating a waffle at the tearoom, but everything ended happily. Our' llmzdred Tbirfy lbfee Left to right-Theodore Schonberg, Ellen Owen, Frances Cummins, Ann Warner, Floyd Rusk. "Christmas Is For Children" Bert Winslow ..,,, Hope Winslow ,,,,,,, Ruth, an orphan ..,,,, Aboy ....,,.,,.,,,,,,,, A girl ,,,,, "Christmas Is For Children" was the one-act Christmas play presented by the Dramatic Club. The cast consisted of junior members only and was supervised by Miss Esther Larr. It was pre- sented before the Parent Teacher Association and the high school student body. Hope and Bert Winslow believed that presents "were things that someone bought to tie up in tis- One Hundred Tl1i1'Iy-fam' ,Floyd Rusk Warner ...,...Frances Cummins ,,,,,,Theodore Schonberg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ellen Owen sue paper and red ribbon." With the entrance of two children, a boy and a girl who portray Bert and Hope as they were as youths, the life of an orphan who works at the Winslows is changed from a tragic state to one of joy and comfort. Realizing their mistakes in regard to the spirit of the Yuletide season, the Winslows adopt the child for whom there had never been a Christmas previ- ous to this time. Row 1-Wayne Martin, Richard Williams, Warren Orr, Floyd Rusk, Eugene Snelling, Allan Burton, Mr. Sam Gelfer. ' Row 2-Keith Cummins, Robert Smith, Ruth Criss, Betty Lanning, Doris English, Betty I-lill, Virginia Edwards, Thelma Hawkins. Row 3-Robert Winter, William Yost, Paul Ricket, Errol Gutliph, Gilbert Curry, Robert M. Boyd, Ruth Pierce, Oscar Cook. Row 4-Richard Lang, Carl Tate, Fred Wise, Robert Iden, Marshall Freeman, Robert Brown, William Passman, Richard Harris. Row 5-Betty Bostwick, Janice Mulquin, Frederick Wise, Thomas Walcutt, Lorin Kinkade, David Williams. Row 6-joseph Painter, Stewart Sedgewick, Harry Welch, Jack Warrington. The Band President ,,,,,,, Secretary .,.r, Treasurer ,,,,,,, Librarian ...,... Manager ,,.,,.. Director ....,,, The school band played at all of the home football and basketball games this past year. The band was also present at all of the state tourna- ment games and thus added much school spirit and enthusiasm to the Newark fans who at- tended. Besides participating in these events, it played in civic parades. There were fifty members in the band this year who met on Mondays and Fridays. Red jackets and hats and white trousers comprise the ......William Passman .............Betty Hill ...,........Robert Boyd ........David Williams .................Floyd Rusk Sam Gelfer uniforms. These outfits were purchased from funds received from the senior play of 1935. Money was also raised by business concerns of this city to buy hats and caps. The band was first organized in 1925 when Russell Loughman was the leader. Mr. Sam Gelfer became director of the band in 1928 and has continued faithfully in this capacity. This year for the first time since the band was or- ganized, officers were elected. One Hundred Thing five Row 1-jasmine Garapedian, Robert Smith, Bernard Lee, Robert M. Boyd, Gilbert Curry, Janice Mulquin, Wynn jones, William Hess, Floyd Rusk, Warren Orr, Mary Virginia Jones, Betty Ruble, Dortha Hartman. Row 2-Jack Raymond, Errol Gutliph, Paul Ricket, Betty Bostwick, William Yost, Eugene Snelling, Doris English, William Passman, Robert Brown, Loren Kinkade, Richard Steen, Mr. Sam Gelfer, Thomas Walcutt, David Williams, Fred Wise, Marshall Freeman, Keith Cummins, Carl Tate, Oscar Cook, Ruth Criss, Betty Hill, Wayne Martin. Orchestra The orchestra was organized by Mr. T. R. Neil- son in 1910. Mr. C. W. Klopp then was ap- pointed the director. At that time there were twelve members in the organization. It was in 1928 that Mr. Gelfer assumed that responsibility and is now acting in that capacity. The members meet regularly on Wednesday and Friday. There are approximately forty stu- dents in the orchestra this year. During the One Hundred Thirty-fix year they have played at most of the chapel pro- grams, the senior play, and the operetta. An outstanding event of the year was the an- nual concert given by the orchestra. This con- cert was sponsored by the Womens Music Club of Newark. "Maritana," "Voice of Spring" and "Pique Dame" were three of the selections played by the orchestra. They also played at the North- west Territory Pageant. Scams One' IJIHYKIITEKI? Tbirly-,reven r-, One Hundred Thing'-eiglvf Wildcats, New Lair New Stadium for Wildcats The site of the new Wildcat Stadium was pur- chased in 1912 by the Board of Education. At that time it was used for a show ground and football field. In 1913 the students of the school organized into teams and raised 35,500 by solicited subscriptions to grade and equip the field. Mr. Archibald White, of New York City, a native of Newark, was the largest donor. Therefore, the field was named in his honor. The seating facilities for football and track meets have always been a serious problem, but it is now to be solved by the construction of the stadium. The plans for the stadium were first discussed in 1934, but because of lack of funds the board was unable to undertake the project. In the fall of 1937 the Board of Edu- cation through cooperation with the Boosters Club undertook the project and chose Mr. Merle Orr, Newark High alumnus, as architect. The stadium is to be 351 feet long and 41 feet wide. It will have a seating capacity of 3,000. Beneath the stadium are two large dress- ing rooms with showers, heating plant, stands for concessions, ticket booths, and rifle and arch- ery ranges. Breaking Ground for the Stadium One Hundred Tbiriy mne Athletic Board Mr. L. G. Millisor, Mr. C. E. Orr, Mr, Lester Cox, Mr. A. B. Long, Mr. F. C. Boyd, Mr. Luther Hanshue, joseph Hirschberg. Important Factors In Athletics The purpose of the athletic board is to con- trol athletics, supervise schedules, award letters, and promote better relations with other schools. The board also controls the spending of all money. The members of the board are Mr. Orr and Mr. Hanshue, of the coaching staff, Principal Boyd, Mr. Millisor, Mr. Long, and Mr. Cox of the high school faculty. Joseph Hirschberg rep- resents the student body. The Newark Boosters Club, which was formed only last year, is of great help to the school and the community. Not only have they given service for a score board to the Newark gym, but have also given service in their drive for the new high The club consists of many prom- school stadium. inent business men who are loyal supporters of Newark High. The officers for this year are Mr. Carl Siegel, president, Dr. R. W. jones, first vice-presidentg Phil Heinz, second vice-president, George Hunt- er, third vice-president, D. A. O'Neill, fourth vice-presidentg R. Paul Sachs, secretary, and Ray Hull, treasurer. Executive Board of Booster Club Mr. Buckey, Mr. Sachs, Mr. Baker, Mr. Siegel, Mr, Leedy, Dr. jones, Mr. Heinz, Mr. Schrack, Mr. Hull, Mr. M. Orr, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Edwards. One llimdrffd Fnrl y Top row, left to right-Morrow, rnanagerg Woodyard, Sachs, Cope, Humphreys, Miller, Shipp, Trowbridge, Crouch, Adams, Cook, jones, Plymale, manager, Lascu, manag':r. Bottom tow, left to right-Coach Orr, Beeney, Imholf, Wortman, Farmer, Giles, Keyes, jackson, Rauck, Welsc , Pope, Wobbecke, Assistant Coach Hanshue. Not in picture-Montanero, Marzano, and Upson. These Boys Broke the Ice Co-champs of the C. O. L. for 1937 are these Wildcat gridders, who annexed a share of the championship with Marietta, despite suffering several setbacks in their pre-league games. At least some of the blame for these early game losses may be attributed to injuries and the lion's share of bad breaks. The boys proved this when they came through for the league crown by tak- ing four out of five games from strong rivals, including the one in which they won their de- cisive 32-0 victory over Cambridge in the deciding game. As usual, the only setback came from Marietta, which has more than once proved it- self to be a jinx to Newark outfits. By all in- dications and by way of comparative scores, Newark held a wide edge over the Tigers and so was favored to take its first C. O, L. title undisputed. But in spite of this defeat, the school is still proud of its co-championship, espe- cially when the loss by the squad of valuable men through injuries is taken into consideration. Probably one of the most severe losses to the 'Cats was the service of the veteran quarterback and captain, Al Marzano. Because of a bril- liant athletic career in his sophomore and junior years, Al carried many of Newark's victory hopes. It must be mentioned, however, that his post was well filled by Paul Adams, a junior member of the squad, who had hitherto seen little action as a varsity player. Paul was assigned the kick- ing post and, as everyone agrees, did a fine job of handling it. Another veteran, Fullback Henry Giles, a regular for three years, "delivered" con- sistently with his line plunges and smashing end runs. Royal Keyes, endg Bill Trowbridge, guard, Ralph Cook, halfbackg Bob Wortman, guard, Ed Farmer, halfbackg Serge jackson, halfback, and jim Cope, tackle-all members of last year's squad, also had a major part in Newark's suc- cess. Of these boys Giles, Wortman, and Wobbecke were chosen for the mythical all-C. O. L. Hrst team, while Adams, Keyes, and Trowbridge were chosen for the second team. Although Newark has never claimed an out- right C .O. L. title, if the high school produces men like these next year, hopes for a success- ful season will be high. Ofze Hznzdred Fwlj one Lascu, Manager Morrow, Manager One Hundred Forly-Iwo Top, left to right-Shipp, Trowbridge, Wobbecke, Wfortman, Imhoff, Keyes. 1957 Middle-Rauch, Farmer, jackson, Adams, Cook, Giles, Marzano. Bottom--jones, Cope. CHAMPS Plymale, Manager Black, Cheer Leader Ko" 1-4" 'T 3.9 ,an ,f f ff , Ofze I-Izuzdred F0113 -lbree - It's a pass I Gales just a Breeze The Newark Wildcats opened up what finally was destined to be the most successful league ever in the history of the school by handing Lan- caster a 13-0 setback in the 'Cats' league opener. The Wildcats entered the game as the under- dog, but they quickly overcame all .doubts by scoring early in the first period. A beautiful catch by Rauck of a pass from Adams put the ball on I.ancaster's 2-yard line. From there Giles plunged over for the first touchdown. Farmer made good the extra point on a pass from Adams. After driving down the field with excellent blocking, the Wildcats tried feverishly to score Om Hzmrlrecl Ff11'ty-fuzz:- in the second quarter. However, their hopes were crushed when a touchdown was called back after two eligible receivers touched the ball. In the third qu-arter the Wildcats again took to the air. Three passes were completed to jones, Giles, and Keyes. Then followed a punt- ing duel between Adams and Wright. As a re- sult of the exchange of kicks, the 'Cats took possession of the ball on the 3-yard line from where jackson slipped off tackle for Newark's second score. The fourth quarter found the Wildcat line content to protect their lead and keep Lancaster well back in their own territory. Q 3 Mr. C. E. Orr came to our school as head coach of the football, basketball, and track teams in 1929. "Red" was grad- uated from Muskingum College, where he received his bachelor of arts degree. Mr. Orr has built up an enviable record in his nine years at N.H.S. His track teams have won the C.'O.L. track title reg- ularly, his basketball teams, the 1936 edition of which won the state tournament, led the C. O. I.. in the number of cham- pionships won, and his football teams are always respected by the other members of the league. In 1957 his team won the first C. O. L. football championship for our school. In the accompanying picture "Red" is shown in the foot- ball togs he wore while playing halfback for Muskingum College. At Muskingum, he was a star on the football and basketball teams, and it was to "Red" himself went the honor of making the first touchdown in Muskingumls stadium. Wildcats on the march. Those Tigers Again Newark was handed its first set back in the' C. O. League race at the hands of Marietta. Marietta started early in the first quarter to drive the Wildcats into their own territory. After an exchange of punts, Williams skirted end for a touchdown to register the Tigers 'lirst score. The Tigers lost no time in scoring upon the Wildcats. The extra point was good. Not long after this, Nichols made their third touchdown by way of a lateral pass. "Little Tiger, Mr. Luther Hanshue, commonly known as "Shue" to the stu- dent body and the faculty, came to our school in the fall of 1935. He received his B.S. degree from Wittenberg College in 1933 and his A.B. degree from the same school in 1935. While at Wittenberg "Shue" won varsity football letters in 1932 and 1933. In '32 he alternated at guard and center, and in '33 he played first string guard. In the photograph on the right "Shue" is shown in the Wittenberg football uniform in which he scared opposing linemen for two years. In his three years at Newark Mr. Hanshue has served as the reserve basketball and golf coach and the assistant football coach. In addition he was coach of the reserve football team be- fore the junior high mentors took over that job during the 1937 563500. Marietta came back strong after the intermis- sion to score again. Williams, after a short time, ran off tackle for 25 yards to scoi'e. Nichols plunged through for the extra point. The Wild- cats at this point began to show life in making short but steady gains. The Wildcats' only touchdown came in the fourth quarter, largely the result of their passing attack. Giles, after taking a pass on the 6- yard line plunged over for a touchdown. One Hundred F0113 Ere Touchdown bound. Braves Are Scalped Showing a complete reversal of form from the Marietta game, a scrappy band of Wildcat grid- ders defeated a highly touted Coshocton team by a score of 19 to 7. Until the Newark game, Coshocton had showed a great deal of power and deception, and for this reason was the odds on favorite to capture the C. O. L. pennant. How- ever, after their defeat at the hands of the Wild- cats, the Braves suffered a severe let down to lose all the rest of their games. The determined 'Cats scored midway in the first quarter as a result of a drive from near midfield, with Crouch hnally smashing over from the three-yard line. Giles converted the extra point on an end sweep. Early in the second quarter, Crouch, break- ing loose off tackle, made a spectacular 60-yard run to the Coshocton 10, where he lateraled to Wobbecke, who dashed the remaining distance to score standing up. The pass for the extra point was incomplete. Later in the same quarter, Adams passed 30 yards to Ray Rauck, who made a beautiful catch on the Coshocton one-foot line. Giles smashed the center of the line to score Newark's final marker. After the intermission, Coshocton came back strong to bottle up all of Newark's scoring threats. The Braves' only score came late in the fourth quarter on an end run from the New- ark six-yard line. For Newark, the running of Gene Crouch and the line play of Imhoff, Keyes, and Rauck were outstanding. The bright spots on the Co- shocton team were M. Barnes and Hasse. 1957 Varsity Football Scores September 18-Chillicothe at Newark-7-2. September 24-Newark at Mt. Vernon-0-15. October October 2-Philo at Newark-53-0. 9-Newark at Columbus West-0-20. October 15-Lancaster at Newark-14-0. October 23-Newark at Marietta-0-26. October 30-Newark at Coshocton-'19-7. November 6-Zanesville at Newark-19-6, November 13-Cambridge at Newark--32-0. One Hundred Forty-.fix A close one. Queen Brings Victory The Newark Wildcats were successful in winning their first home-coming game by a 19-6 score. The first quarter found both teams con- tinually losing possession of the ball by the way of fumbles and numerous exchanges of punts. The second quarter found the Spartans driving the 'Cats far back into their own territory. Good- rich finally plunged over for the Spartans' only score. During the second quarter Rauck starred for the 'Cats by recovering the two fumbles. Early in the third quarter the reinvigorated ,Cats secured a touchdown after gaining by sev- eral short passes, which put the hall on the 3- yard line. From here jackson shot through a wide hole opened by the Newark line to score. Later in this period a 'Cat lineman, Trowbridge, blocked a punt which gave the ball to Newark on the 1-yard strip. Giles then dashed off tackle for the touchdown. The 'Cats secured their last touchdown in the fourth quarter as Imhoff intercepted a Spartan pass and raced 25 yards behind good blocking. Besides the run of Imhoff, the tackling of Woi't- man, Keyes, and Rauck featured. 7 t Football Schedule for 1958 September 16-Columbus West ftentative night gamej. September 25-Mount Vernon ftentative night gamej. September 30-At Lancaster tnightj. October 8-Marietta. October 15-At Zanesville. October 22-At Cambridge. October 29-Coshocton. November 5-Dayton Steele. November 11--At Chillicothe. One Hundred Forly fevezz Up and over. Brownies Are Tamed An inspired Newark team made a strong fin- ish to an exceptionally good football season by swamping Cambridge 32-0, thereby winning a C. O. L. co-championship. From the moment in the first quarter when Giles went over for the first counter and made good the try for extra point, it looked as though Newark would hold the upper hand during the game. In the second quarter there was no score, but Newark displayed the stronger defense, the work of Giles, Keyes, Imhoff, and Wortman being the most outstanding for the Orrmen. Then in the third quarter it was Giles again, who skirting the right end behind perfect interfer- ence, crossed the line. However, the trial for extra point failed. Later in the same quarter Adams grabbed a Brownie pass near Newark's goal line and galloped ninety-five yards for a touchdown. A pass from Crouch to Wortman accounted for the extra point. As the game entered the fourth stanza it took on the look of a rout. A successful passing combine of Adams to Jackson advanced the ball to within two yards of the Brownie goal. From this point "jabbo" took it over for his last Newark touch- down. The try for conversion failed. In the last of the period Ralph Cook broke loose and scored the season's last marker. Throughout most of game Keyes did the kicking for the 'Cats, at which post he turned in a fine average of 345 yards, as compared to the rival Moorhead's 272. Playing their last game for the Crimson and White were the following: Wobbecke,,centerg Wortman and Trowbridge, guardsg Cope and Im- hoif, tackles, Keyes and jones, ends, along with Cooke, Crouch, Giles, Farmer and Humphreys in the backfield. From these, Wortman was chosen as an alternate on the all-star team. Total Individual Scoring Records of 1937 Players for the Seasons of 1935, 1936, and 1937 Player Touchdowns Extra Points Total Giles ........ ............. 2 1 4 1 30 Marzano ..... .......... 1 0 2 62 Adams ...... 6 2 38 Jackson ....... 3 0 18 Im hoff ...... 3 1 19 Cook ..... 1 1 7 Sachs ........ 1 1 7 Crouch .... 1 0 6 Farmer ....... 1 1 7 Wobbecke ...... 2 0 12 Wlortman ...... O 1 1 Keyes ......... O 1 1 Rauch ............ 0 1 1 Humphreys ........ 0 1 1 Cady ........,...,. 0 1 1 One Hundred Forty-eight Standing, left to right-Burton, managerg Walters, Davis, Lauver, S. Green, Steinman, Ash- craft, C. Green, Armentraut, Bibart, Allen, Raymond, E. Duval, Myers, manager. Kneeling, left to right-Stage, Murphy, Hill, Cornell, Long, Anton, Martindale, Curry, Living- stone, Schenk, N. Duval, Prvor, Shell. Not in picture-Copeland, manager, Barclay. Wildcat Cubs Compiling a record of five wins, two losses, and one tie, the reserve football team of Newark High School completed a highly successful eight- game schedule. Games were played on a home and home basis with Lancaster, Zanesville, and Mt. Vernon, while Pataskala and Utica were met in single games. The 1937 season marked the second year of organized competition for the reserves, the 1936 team having played only a five-game schedule. The purpose of having a reserve team is to give freshman and sophomore players a chance to gain valuable experience by playing in actual games, and at the same time to enable the coaches to get a line on the best prospects for the var- sity squad. The 1937 edition reserves registered a double victory over Lancaster and single wins over Mt. Vernon, Zanesville, and Utica, losing only to Pataskala and Mt. Vernon and playing tie in their final game with Zanesville. 1937 Reserve Scores At Pataskala ......... .. ...................,............. ...... 7 -13 Lancaster ......... ....... 6 -0 Zanesville ..... ...... 1 3-0 Mt. Vernon .... At Utica .......,. At Lancaster .... At Mt. Vernon ..... At Zanesville .... ......19-0 ....,,...27-6 .......15-14 ......18-18 Sherman Douglas i Long Harlow One Hundred Forty mne C. O. L. Champs Row 1-Left to right-Forgrve, Woltjen, Myers, Mercer, Adams, Westbrook. Row 2-Giles, lmhotf, Rauck, Tiemann, Ryan, Keyes, Evans. Hail the Champions! To the group above goes the distinction of compiling the most outstanding record of any team our school has ever put out. These cagers won twenty-four out of twenty-live games that they played, thereby taking down their second consecutive C.O.L, title, their third straight Cen- tral District toga, and their second State Cham- pionship in the last three years. The only loss came at the hands of Massillon's Tigers, who eliminated the 1936-37 'Cat squad in the first round of last year's state tourney. The 1937-38 squad was composed of eight seniors and eight juniors. Senior members were Marzano, Giles, Mercer, Myers, Evans, Keyes, Imhoff, and Tiemann. The junior class was rep- resented by Adams, Rauch, Ryan, Westbrook, Forgrave, Jackson, Woltjen and Gray. Of the starting five, four were seniors, namely, Mercer, Giles, Myers, and Evans. Paul Adams was the only junior member of the first string, although Rauch, Westbrook, Ryan, and Forgrave fre- quently broke into the lineup. Albert Marzano, senior, who was a member of the State Champs of 1936 and played in the State Meet in 1937, was injured early in the season and was out of uniform until the last four games. However, "Alu returned for the state meet and was the 'Cats' chief troubleshooter in the championship fight. SCORES 1958 C. O. L. 33 .,,,,,,, ,,,..,, N ewark ......... january 7 ,,,,.,... ....,.,. Ca mbrid ge ...... ........ 2 2 3 2 ....,., ..,..., N ewark ...,..... January 14 ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, C oshocton ..,,, ........ 2 1 42 ..,.,,. ....... N ewark ....i.... january 1 5 ...... ........ L ancaster ....... ........ 1 1 26 ....... ....... N ewark ......... january 2 1 ....., ....,,,. lv Iarietta ....... ........ 2 2 33 ........ .,..... N ewark ......... January 28 .,.,., ,..,.... Z anesville ..... ........ 1 8 38 ,.....,. ....... N ewark ......... February 4 ,,,,.,,,. ..,,.... C ambridge ...... ........ 2 8 3 5 ,....... ....... N ewark ......... February 11 ..,... ......... C oshocton ...... ........ 2 8 5 0 ,....... ,...... N ewark ,......., February 12 ,.,.., ........ L ancaster ......, ........ 2 4 48 ,....... ....... N ewark .,...... ............ F ebruary 1 8 ....., ..,,.... M arietta ,...... ........ 2 6 33 ,....... ....... N ewark ........................ February 22 .............,.,........ Zanesville ...,. ......., 2 5 Central District Tournament 45 ,..,,.. ....... N ewark ......... .. ......... March 4 ,.........,............. Westerville ...... ...,.... 1 9 36 ,,,.... .,i... N ewark ........, Ma rch 5 ,...,. ...,.... L ancaster .,........ ......., 2 2 22 ,,...,. ,..,.., N ewark ,....... .......,. M arch 1 1 .,...i... ......... M t. Vernon ,...... ....,.,. 2 O 4 5 ....... ......, N ewark ......... March 2 2 .,,..........,.......... Marion ............... ........ 4 4 State Tournament 50 ,,,,,,, ,,... N ewark ......... ......... M arch 17 ..,,..................., Youngstown East .,,,. ......., 3 7 2 5 ..,,.i.. ....... N ewark ......... ......... M arch 18 ............,....,,..... Cincinnati .............. ........ 2 2 5 1 ........ ....... N ewark ......... March 19 ....,,... ........ B ridgeport .................. ...,..., 2 4 28 .,....,. ..,. . .Newark ,........ .......,. M arch 19 ..,,..... ......... N ew Philadelphia .....,. ........ 2 7 One Hundred Fifly Wildcat Cubs Row 1-Left to rightvTiemann, Greer, Hull, Loughman, Snelling, Steinman, Massalas. Row 2-Walcutt, manager: Walker, Mathews, Pope, Popham, Shipp, McLean, Cocanour Coach Hanshue, Future Champs This year's reserve crew under the guiding hand of assistant Coach Hanshue has accumulated quite a record for itself, having .dropped but two of 15 contests, and one of these to Glenford, really a varsity team. The Reserve Squad, com- posed of Sophomore boys alone, draws from former junior High talent and serves as a varsity farm. This outfit has had the good fortune to incorporate the best qualities of a large team and a fast team. The result of these features is a bunch that has rolled up the creditable showing of 462 points to opponents' 330. The Wildcat Cubs receiving numerals are the following: Shipp, Walker, Mathews, Greer, McLean, and Steinman. This outfit reminds us of the squad of two years ago which this year composed the state champion- ship team. It's certain that they have the stuff that it takes and we hope to have them bring us back another title. Reserve Basketball Scores 1937-38 33 ..,,.., ....... N ewark ...,.. ........ 3 2 ...... ....... N ewark ...... ........ 45 ....... .....,. N ewark ...... ........ 44 ,,.... ...... N ewark ...... ........ Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark 18 ....... ...,... 20 ....... ....... 33 ....... a.-.-a- 33 33 ....... ....... 3 1 ....... ,.,.... N ewark 49 .....,. ...... N ewark 2 3 ....... ...... N ewark 3 8 ....... ....... N ewark 32 ....... ...... N ewark 27... .... Newark First U. B, .... ......... 2 8 Senior Hi-Y ..... ......... 2 6 jacksontown ..... . ..i.... 17 Toboso .......... ......... 2 3 Coshocton ...... ...... 1 4 Lancaster ...... ...... 1 6 Massillon ...... ......... 2 9 Zanesville ...... ...... 1 9 Mt. Vernon ..... ......... 2 8 Glenford ...... ...... 3 2 Coshocton ...... ......... 2 3 Lancaster ................. ...... 1 7 First Presbyterian .... ......... 2 3 Zanesville ........... I. ...... 35 Hebron ....... ...... 1 8 One Hundred Fifty one Champs Three Times One Hundred Fiffy-11110 JW f 4,7 4 4 ., pfif w I , f 51 Left to right----Evans, Adams, Giles, Myers, Mercer, Murray, Shinn, Swalcutt E 1 Champs Three Times I 'uk i an-, L. Top Row-Forgrave, Rauck. Middle Row-Tiemann, Ryan, Keyes, Marzano. Bottom Row--Vifestbmok, Wcmltien. One Hundred Fifty-llzree 1 1 Mark One Up for "Curly" Newark Romps Over Golden Gales The Wildcats went on a rampage to overpower the Lancaster Golden Gales 42-11. Making bas- kets at their own free will the fast but diminu- tive Xwildcats were able to give the crowd a thrill in the art of point making. The Golden Gales were considered a fairly hard team to beat after their defeat of Marietta 20-16. Captain Buddy Mercer led his team to victory with a total of nine points. Following close behind were Freddy Myers and Ray Rauck with eight and seven points respectively. 'Cats Tough for Spartans For the first time in twelve years the Newark 'Cats have been able to accomplish a feat no other team in the conference has been able to do. This was to go undefeated in league play. By playing a rough, but fast game the 'Cats took a 33-25 victory over the Zanesville Spartans. Although it was a fast game, both teams were slowed down because of excessive fouling. The 'Cats were never behind .due to the basket mak- ing of Adams, Myers, and Mercer. The effective stall that lasted over half of the last nine minutes was easily the standout performance of the game. Individual Scoring G. F. T. Mercer ..... 119 49 287 Adams ..... 75 43 189 Myers . .... S3 55 221 Evans . 33 24 90 Giles ....... , 20 12 52 Rauch ....... .. 6 5 17 Forgrave ....... . 6 4 16 Ryan . . 5 3 13 One Hifndred Iiifly-fam' G, F. T. Woltjen .... 3 1 7 Wfestbrook .. .. 2 9 15 Keyes .......... 1 O 2 Imhoff ...... 1 0 2 Gray ........ 1 1 3 Tiemann ..... 1 0 2 Marzano ...... l 6 8 jackson .... 1 0 2 Freddy Flips One Too Many Wildcats The Wfildcats trounced the Cambridge Brownies by a score of 35-22 for their first league win. In this initial C. O. L. fray as well as in the preceding non-league game, Meyers paced New- ark, scoring with eleven points, Along with Meyers, Evans chalked up a notable performance, making four points to put the 'Cats out in front in the first half. Robinson of the Brownies was high for the evening with twelve points. Leading 14-10 at the start of the last half, Captain Mercer and company kept up the good work so well that Coach Orr was able to sub- stitute freely, giving six extra boys a chance to Last Quarter Rally Downs Braves The 'Cats took Coshocton's Braves for a 32-21 count in winning their fifth victory in as many starts. By taking Coshocton, rated among the best in the C. O. L., Newark forecast its promise as a league champ. Although the Braves held the height advantage, Giles accounted for more than his share of the rebounds, and this coupled with Evans' stellar defensive play, together with the rnarksmanship of Mercer, Adams, and Meyers, proved too much for Coach Wiley's men. The contest was nip and tuck throughout its early moments, but a brilliant 18-point rally by the 'Cats in the final quarter put the game on ice see action in the last quarter. as the gun ended it at 32-21. Basketball Schedule December 7--Alumni December 9-Columbus Fast. December 16-At Findlay. December 17-Hamilton December 23fDayton Roosevelt january 6-Cambridge january 13-Coshocton January 14-At Lancaster january 20-Marietta 1938-1939 january 21-At Massillon january 27-At Zanesville February At Cambridge February Mt. Vernon February -At Coshocton February Lancaster February -At Marietta February -Canton McKinley February Zanesville One Hundred Fifiy-five Presenting Mr. Mercer Spartans Are Smotherecl Newark High's cagers romped over Zanes- ville's Spartans with a 35-18 count in the last game of first round play. By winning this game, the Newark boys chalked up their fifth con- secutive victory, having remained undefeated in the first round of play. Paul Adams, junior for- ward, got the nod over Ray Rauch, and pro- ceeded to hang up twelve markers to head both teams in scoring. The Wildcat team seemed to have little trouble in scoring over their Spartan opponents, and held an ample lead which kept them out of danger throughout the game. 'Cats Clinch Toga In winning their first clear Central Ohio League Basketball title since 1933 the Newark 'Cats swamped the stubborn Tigers of Marietta. The victory was the ninth successive league win out of nine starts. In the season's sched- ule it was the fifteenth out of sixteen starts. The game turned out to be a walk away from the very start. With Buddy Mercer and Freddy Myers contributing 17 and 13 points respective- ly, enough to overcome the Tigers whole score of 26, there was no trouble at all. Four other members of the squad served a hand in collect- ing the 'Cats 48 points. 'Cats Sweep Golden Gales Running wild to win their eighth straight league game the Newark Wildcats defeated the Lan- caster Golden Gales 50-24. Starting from the first tip-ofi' the Newark boys scored at their own free will. In the first quarter the 'Cats were able to run up a total of 19 points, almost as many as the Golden Gales were able to make throughout the game. The second quarter found the 'Cats able to score 14 points. The last half of the game was filled with substitutions. Newark used the total of 15 players, while Lancaster had 11 men seeing action. Buddy Mercer led the day's scoring with a total of Z1 points. Nineteen of his points were secured in the first half. Freddy Myers was second in line with a total of 14 points. From the defensive side of the game Evans, Giles, and Adams starred. One Ilmzdretf Fiffi-.tix 1 l Wildcats At Work It's a Habit The pennant bound Wildcats of Newark High scored their sixth consecutive C. O. L. victory and made it two in a row over Cambridge for the season by trouncing the Brownies 38 to 28. By clearing this hurdle, Newark preserved its clean slate in C. O. L. warfare and removed a dangerous obstacle in their path to an undisputed championship. Fred Myers, Paul "Sparky" Adams, and Bud Mercer shared scoring honors for the 'Cats as they turned in totals of 10, 11, and 11 points re- spectively. Evans, although not figuring in the scoring, played a brilliant floor game and was effective on scoring the rebounds. Frank Ballan- tine, Brownie ace, tallied 11 markers to lead the men of Coach Wiley. Happy Hunting Ground Newark beat Coshocton 35 to 29 in a hard- fought duel on the Newark fioor. Against the tall, strong team. the Wildcats team barely held their own in the early moments of the game, finally managing to gain the advantage of a 12 to 14 score at the half. The second half, how- ever, was a different story as the 'Cats ran around the big fellows of Coshocton with a new burst of speed. As the Braves began to slow down in the final moments of the game, Newark rolled up a six-point advantage which left the score at 35 to 29 at the gun. The game was high-lighted with the ,defensive work of Evans and the scoring of Evans and Mercer. Foster was outstanding in both these fields for the Braves. Marietta Jinx Broken Newark broke its Marietta jinx to the tune of a 26-to-22 score in handing the Bengals their first Newark defeat under the C. O. L. Although the 'Cats appeared a bit ragged as compared to previous game standards, they fought hard against the Tigers' early advantage to eke out a 4-point lead at the final gun. In the opening moments of the game, the 'Cats seemed to be unable to click, thus giving Ma- rietta its chance to roll up a lead which grew to five points at the half. In this canto, Myers' two fielders and those of Mercer and Adams with Evans' foul accounted for Newark's nine points, while Marietta rolled up fourteen tallies. Then fighting hard, added the successful scoring in the final half, the 'Cats, still a little off form but attempts of Adams and Mercer and their tally to gain a four-point margin with three minutes to go. With this lead Newark started the stall which was the high-point of the game. By depriving margin till the gun. Marietta of any scoring chance, Newark held their slim 0120 Hl!lZLfl'U!f liiflqg -.1 0I'Ull Danger! Giles ! Last Minute Play The second close game won for the Newark bucketeers came as a result of a left-handed sucker shot by Freddy Myers. This, the final and de- ciding game of the District Tourney, ended 45- 44 in favor of our own 'Cats. The 'Cats Hght- ing hard, as usual, broke up the Marion Harding stall just oneminute and 30 seconds before the end of the game. After gaining possession of the ball they proceeded to secure the winning bas- ket. After this, the five speedsters set up a stall that put the game on ice. Paul Adams and Buddy Mercer led in points with 19 and 18 respectively. Three Newark boys were given special recogni- tion for their excellent play in the District Tour- ney. Buddy Mercer and Bob Evans, both guards, were given first team all-star honors. "jabbo" Giles, center, was given honorable mention for the all-tourney teams. "Sparky" Scores One Hundred Fifly-eigb! Golden Gales Taken Once More Newark 'Cats continued winning their way into the State tourney meet by defeating the Lancaster Golden Gales 36-22. After a slow start the Newark 'Cats Hnally piled up enough points to have a good lead at the half. The first half ended 25-12 in favor of Newark. The second half found Newark playing a de- fensive brand of ball. This lasted until about the end of the fourth quarter when "Jabbo" Henry Giles again went into the game. Then the New- ark boy turned on the heat to pile up the 36-22 victory. They're Off Y The Newark Wildcats started off the defense of their Central District title with a convincing 45-19 victory over Wfesterville. The 'Cats took an early lead and from the opening whistle the outcome was never in doubt. Mercer and Myers were the big guns of the Newark offense scoring 15 and 12 points respec- tively. Adams to-ok a hand in the scoring with eight markers, and in addition played a sparkling floor game. Giles and Evans were particularly effective in scoring the rebounds. Giles contrib- uted three points and Evans four. Sudden Death Overtime basket wins game for Newark 'Cats as Mercer slipped one through the hoop from mid-floor. Amid heart-attacks and heart aches the Newark bucketeers came through for their third win in the District Tourney. With excellent defensive work and fair offensive power both the Newark 'Cats and Mt, Vernon Yellow Jackets were able to play a half, third quarter, and game tie. Fight- ing desperately throughout the game both tried the utmost to conquer the other. Finally it was Buddy Mercer's overtime toss that won the game for Newark 22-20, State Champs for 1958 Row 1-Myers, Evans, Giles, Adams, Mercer. Row 2--Shinn, Mgr., Forgrave, Wfolticn, Rauck, Marzano, Westbrook, Coach Orr. On to Victory Displaying rare form the Newark 'Cats easily downed the stubborn Youngstown East quintet, 50-57. By making a second quarter rally the Newark speedsters were able to have a comfort- able lead of 24-10 at the end of the first half. The Newark squad showed an all-around good performance. Although Giles and Evans were the outstanding defensive performers, Mercer, My- ers, and Adams displayed the scoring punch for Newark. This game found Albert Marzano, All- State forward of 1936 All-State team, back in his old form. The second half found the Newark team play- ing their fast-break and scoring enough points to lead all teams in individual scoring for the day. Both Newark and Youngstown displayed a very high type basketball. Bring Home the Bacon Newark High's rampaging cage team defeated the stubborn Cincinnati Roger Bacon aggrega- tion 25 to 22 in the quarter finals of the state tourney. The game was a hard but a well fought battle by both quintets. Although Newark was off in their shooting, their fine defensive play enabled them once more to be crowned the victors. The Roger Bacon five, the underdog, proved to be a great threat due to their determination and spirit, but the small and mighty Newark team turned out to be a Iittie stronger. Coach C. E. "Red" Orr, using the best of judgment, used but seven players during the entire game. In addition to the first five, Westbrook and Marzano saw considerable service. Roll Along Sharpshooting until the final gun the Newark 'Cats downed Bridgeport by a 51-24 count. The Newark bucketeers just couldn't miss the loop, at least that's what about 5,000 fans seemed to think. Four of the five starting players donned their uniforms for the next to last time, but they can be proud of the fact that they won the distinction a very few teams ever have had the privilege to secure. Henry Giles and Bob Evans played the finest defensive game witnessed in the Coliseum, while Buddy Mercer and Freddy Myers found the loop quite frequently to roll up 22 and 10 points respectively. Paul Adams, the lone junior, played a steady game both from the of- fensive and defensive view of play. Yea State Champs!!! Newark's scrappy 'Cats won their secon.d state title in three years by taking a hot climax game from New Philadelphia. In a game that was marked with thrills all the way, Newark pounded out a bare 28-27 victory over tough Quaker op- ponents. This game, like many of those before tuck affair which it, was a harrowing nip and finally found the 'Cats riding their slim margin at the gun. Although placed at a disadvantage by the height of Philly's crew, Newark produced a superior scoring punch, along with almost fault- less defensive play and ,ball-retrieving work. Finally, and not the least important, the 'Cats showed their ability to hit in the pinches by their brilliant stand at the final gun which left them with a one point advantage and a state title. One Hlnzdfed Fiflj 721716 Tracksters Left to right-Row 1-Black, manager, Forgrave, Varasso, N. Duval, Adams, Grey, Fields, Lehman, Groves, Sachs, Montgomery, Love, Coach Orr. Row 2-Peel, Wright, Myers, Dorsey, Farmer, Giles, jackson, Kilworth, Nelson, E. Duval, Jones, Not in picture-J. Mercer, Cook. 1937 Wildcat Thin Clads The Newark thin clads finished a successful track season by winning two meets, tying one, placing second in the district, and losing their annual meet with Mansfield. In the C.O.L. meet, which Newark Won, there were eight records broken. The three stars for Newark were Myers, Forgrave and Giles. Besides the foregoing meets a few runners and two field men were entered in the Ohio Wesleyan and Mansheld relays. This year's squad showed promise of develop- ing into the best track team Newark has ever put on the cinder path. The squad consistel of five seniors, nine juniors, and eight sophomores. From this account, we can expect the '58 squad to produce some real winners. After being defeated by Mansfield, the Newark thin clads came back to win their next two meets to place second in the District, and to swamp Marietta and Lancaster in the Central Ohio League meet. Much credit should be given the Newark squad and Coach C. E. Orr. Track Scores Mansfield ..... ......... 7 5 Newark ,,,,,.. ....... 5 7 Westerville ..,. ....,,... 3 9M Newark ....,,,, ....... 9 2M North ........ .......,, 6 6 Newark ....... ........ 6 6 District North ..,.. ,.,,., 7 9 Newark ....... ......., 5 6 C.O.L Newark 88-Marietta 66-Lancaster 17 Wesleyan Relays Giles 2nd in shot-put Myers 4th in mile Mansfield Relays Newark 6 One Hundred Sixzy IM He made it! Mansfield Jinx Almost Broken Giles' heave in the discus of 130 feet 11 inches and Diales' throw of 176 feet 6 inches in the javelin carried off top honors in the first meet of the Newark thinclads. In spite of the cold weather the Wildcats stayed fairly close to the winning Mansfield team. The visitors, however, were able to Win 70 to 57. "Jabbo" Giles with thirteen points was the high scorer in the meet, which was the sixth annual contest between the rival schools. 'Cats Down Chillicothe Records fell when the Newark Wildcats downed Chillicothe track men by a score of 89-43. Freddy Myers and Robert Forgraves lowered the times in the mile run and 200-yard low hurdles. Freddy clipped 4.3 seconds from the mile record of 4 minutes 49.5 secondsg while Bob lowered the 200-yard low hurdle record of 26.3 by .6 of a second. The feature of the meet was the battle between Dorsey and Fields in the half mile. Fields finally won by a last-minute burst of speed. Wildcats Claw Westerville The Newark thinclads swamped Westerville by a 92V2 to 39W score. Making a clean sweep of the track events and placing in all the field events, the Newark team had little trouble to defeat their rivals. The improved relay teams featured the Newark thinclads. All three relay teams scored a first place among the thirteen secured by the Newark squad. For the second straight week Henry "Jabbo" Giles accounted for the most of NeWark's points. "jabbo" took first in the shot put, discus, 100-yard dash, and in addition was a member of the win- ning medley relay team. Wildcats and Polar Bears Battle In the last ,dual meet of the season and the first night encounter since the C. O. L. meet in Lancaster in 1930 the Wildcats journeyed to Columbus North to battle to a 66-66 dead- lock. By taking the final event in the meet, the mile relay, the Bears were able to secure a tie. Each team took eight firsts out of a possible sixteen first places. Henry Giles lead in the point making for the day with 18 markers, with Day of Columbus North, close behind with 10 points. One HllfZd1'Cd Siatj alle Hill and Dalers Left to right-Myers, Miller, Wfright, Glover, Dorsey, Mercer, Varner, Raymond, Graham, manager, A. B.' The Newark harriers had a very successful season, winning three dual meets and the dis- trict meet. Four lettermen with 12 bright pros- pects composed the Newark squad for the 1937 season. Under the careful and able instruction of Coach A. B. Long, the Newark harriers triumphed over Mansfield, capturing the first five places. In this meet, Freddie Myers and Carson Varner tied for first place. Their time was 11 minutes, 21 and five-tenth seconds. Dorsey, Glover and Raymond finished third, fourth and fifth, respectively. Inspired by their first victory, the Newark har- riers defeated Columbus North by a 20 to 35 score. Although Cobb of Columbus North came in first, Varner, Myers, Dorsey and Raymond were close enough behind to give Newark the edge. Cobb of Columbus, and Varner of Newark, dis- played a nip and tuck battle all the way. Newark defeated their second Columbus vic- tim by a 20-35 score. Columbus Central fared a little better than North by placing two men S Boys in the first five. Freddie Myers turned in his best performance for the year in turning in a time of ten minutes and thirty seconds for the two-mile distance. Varner, Newarkg Raymond, Newarkg Argisti, Columbus, and Learned, Co- lumbus, followed in this order. Leading the pack, the Newark cross-country squad showed its power in the Central and North Southwestern District meet at the Foun- tain Park in Piqua. By placing four men with- in the first ten Newark was made eligible for the state finals at Delaware. The boys placing from Newark were Myers, 25 Varner, 4g Raymond, 7g Dorsey, 10, and Glover, 24. In the final meet of the year the Newark harriers finished Delaware. The following order: sey and Glover. Lettermen for Myers, James Glover, Carson Varner, Harry Dor- sey, seventh in the state meet at Newark boys finished in the Varner, Raymond, Myers, Dor- the 1937 season were: Freddy and Bob Raymond. Score: Date Score: Newark ..... ......., 1 5 October 4 Mansfield .............. ....... 4 0 Newark ..... ..,..... 2 O October 14 Columbus North ......... ....... 3 5 Newark ..... .,.,...,.......,,, 2 0 October 19 Columbus Central ....... ....... 3 5 CENTRAL SOUTH-WESTERN DISTRICT AT PIQUA Newark ..... ....,...,.,...,... 4 7 October 23 Springfield ...... ....... 7 1 STATE AT COLUMBUS Newark .,... ...... 1 89 October 30 Akron East ...... ....... 7 3 One Hundred Sixty-Iwo Hanshue's Swingsters Stevens, Drumm, Goff, Evans. Putt- With a record of four Wins and one loss, the golf team, coached by Mr. Luther Han- shue, completed a successful five-match sched- ule. Single Wins were registered over Gran- ville and Bexley, with a double victory re- corded over Coshocton. The only loss came at the hands of Granville's Blue Aces. The 1957 pill pushing squad was made up of Dick Stevens, Bob "Curly" Evans, Clyde Goff, and Bob Drumm. Drumm was the No. Putt 1 ball chaser, with Evans ranking second, fol- lowed by Goff and Stevens as Nos. 3 and 4 respectively. In the last few years, little recognition has been given to the golf team, which was once coached by Mr. F. C. Boyd. However, golf is a competitive sport in which letters are awarded, and as such merits more support by the student body. Then, too, golf is a sport that will carry over into later life, and should be backed by the students for this reason also. Scores Newark ...... ..... 5 g At Granville ...... ....,,, 7 Newafk ...... ..... 7 g Granville .,....... ,,,.,,, 5 Newafk ...... ..... 9 3 At Coshocton ...... ,,,,,,, 3 Newark ..... ..... 8 3 Coshocton ,.., 1 N6WH1'k ...... ....,............,.,.........,. 1 2 g Bexley .......,.,.........,. ,,,,,,, 0 District Tournament-Tied for Third Place. One Hundred Sixty tbfcc Don jim johnny juniors Edge Veterans The juniors copped the honors in the intra- mural baseball league this year. Displaying steady fielding and consistent strength at the plate throughout their schedule, they claimed live wins to one loss. Holding second place were the seniors, having won four and lost two, leaving the cellar to the sophomores who lost all six. The main factor of the juniors was the excellent work of Pitcher John Wfeiber, with Clarence Mercer and Cal Friend on the receiving end. For the seniors john Danford and jack Lytle were the outstanding batteries. Letters were awarded to the following: John Weiber, Bob Lambert, Cal Friend, Charles Ross, Jack Lytle, Paul Clary, Don Schofield, John XWaggenheim, George Daniels, john Danford, Ray Rauch, and john Telvin. Chosen as captains of their respective teams were seniors, jack Lytle and Paul Clary, juniors, Bud Mercer and john Weiberg sophomores, Don Tumblin and Bob Westbrook. STANDINGS Player G AB R H S F Chance B 'Za FZ, Rank Lytle ..,. Y... 4 6 5 5 2 0 4-2-0-7 500 1000 1 Pettit ........ ..,. 5 0 1 5 1 1 8-8-8-7 500 734 2 Daniels ,...,,..... .... 5 12 2 5 2 0 0-1-1-0-1 1000 708 3 Clary .............,.... .... 4 10 3 4 2 0 1-2-0 400 1000 4 Waggenheim .... .... 6 15 5 5 5 0 1-0-0-0-1-1 400 1000 5 SCl'1OH6ld ......... ,... 5 15 5 5 4 0 5-4-7-O-4-3 357 1000 6 TClVi1'1 .,,.,,Y., .... 4 7 0 2 0 0 O-1-1-3 286 1000 7 Danford ..,.,, .... 4 4 0 1 0 0 0-0-0-0 250 1000 8 L2l1'1'1l361't ..,.,.. ...., 5 8 1 2 1 0 1-1-0-2-1 250 1000 9 Ra1lCl'1 rrrrrr ..., 6 14 2 3 0 0 3-0-2-O-0-2 214 1000 10 Friend ...... .... 4 8 2 2 0 1 5-7-9-0 250 953 11 Wlebef .... .... 6 10 0 2 0 0 5-2-5-0-1-2 200 1000 12 Ross .. ,. .,.. 4 5 4 1 5 0 2-0-0-1 200 1000 13 One Hzuzdred Sixty-four Row 1-Mary MacDonald, Margaret Wright, Freda Brucker, Eileen Bruney, Alice Puifer, Phyllis Hutchison, Doris English, Betty Bostwick, Marjorie Young. 2-Gladys Grigsby, Frances Yanelli, Clarellen Burton, Barbara Helm, janet Horwitz, Hazel Arnold, Mavis Bachelor, jane Cagney, Betty Anderson, Margaret Brandt, Marjorie Winn, Catherine Wright, Mary Myers. Row 3-Lois Myers, jerry Hess, Marian Myers, Betty Logan, Dorothy Bebout, Dorothy Crothers, Ruth Lescalleet, leanor Mills, Dorothy Davis, Marie Greider, Kathlene Phillips, Miss Florence Myer. 4-Ann Davis, Suzanne Goodwin, Virginia Scarbrough, Maxine Nor ell, joan Myers, Jean Allen, Marcella Shaw, joy Mitchel Dorothy Spitzer, Evelyn Frankenberry. Row Row Seniors Awarded The senior girls' hockey team went through their final year of hockey without meeting de- feat. Their six victories gave them unquestion- able claim to the hockey title. Alice Puffer, the The junior and first sophomore girls wishing to be on the team made it necessary to divide the girls into two teams. Team No. 2 Won four games, the most prominent players being Betty Ruble, right inner, Grace Grigsby, left inner, and Marcella Shaw, center half. Alice P Betty Duncan, Gloria Price, ,Lean Williams, l, Betty Rubel, Gene Casseil, Grace Grigsby, Championship center half-back, was one of the most efficient senior players. Phyllis Hutchison, center, and Doris English, left fullback, also showed outstand- ing ability. uffer The large number of sophomore teams tied for third place. Marion My- ers filled her position in left inner very efficiently. Charlotte Swain as center half, and jane Grigsby as left wing were alert and fast players. Although each team played well, they were able to win only one game each. One Hundred Sixty-five Girls' Athletic Supervisor For the past twelve years Miss Florence Myer has been supervisor of the girls' athletic department. She superintends not only the girls' senior high department but also the Central junior high. She also directs the dancers for the operetta. Her education has been obtained from various out- standing colleges. Her Hrst two years were spent at Ohio State University and Michigan State Normal School. She has studied in several well-known schools in the West and attended summer school at Denison Uni- versity. Girls' 'Baseball A favorite spring sport, which a large number of girls participate in, is baseball. This year an average of forty girls participated. Among the outstanding players in baseball are Alice Puffer, who does exceptionally well as pitcher, Doris English, catcher, and Marcia Ryan, first base. In the outfield are Phyllis Hutchison and Mavis Bachelor. All games are played at Everett's Field and are ref- ereed by Miss Myer. Girls' Basketball Squad One Hznzdred Sixly-Jix Girls' Basketball Nine basketball teams of girls were organized this season because of the very large number of girls wish- ing to participate in this sport. Three teams were made from each class. Sophomore teams No. 1 and No. 2, and junior team No. 1 were the outstanding teams of the year. A few of the exceedingly alert and steady players were Helen Glass, Mary Myer, jean Allen, Eva johns, Jane Grigsby, Joy Mitchell, and jerry Hess. As guards, Alice Puffer and Mary Cunningham did especially well. All the girls' basketball games were played after school in the high school gymnasium with Miss Myer ofhciating, Awarding of Letters A new system for the awarding of letters was set up this year by the girls' athletic director of the Newark schools. Formerly, the ten girls who did excellent work in baseball and basketball and who participated in the majority of the games were awarded letters by Miss Myer. In baseball the girls who had the most out- standing batting and fielding averages and who were especially efficient in fielding were given letters. According to the new system, each girl must now total one thousand points to receive a red letter and fifteen hundred points for a white letter. For each one hundred points received by a girl, one of the following requirements must be fulfilled: one hundred miles of hiking, participation in all major sports, junior Red Cross life-saving, or a high yearly average in gym classes. For minor work, health re- ports, and skating, fifty points are awarded. One Hundred Sixty-seven The Cameraman in Girls' Sports Archery Baseball Hockey On B asketball Tenniquoit Gymnastics Giant Ball e HlZWd7'FLi Sixty-eigbl PORTRAKFLNDEX Ball, Gorden .,...... Ball, Leland ......,. Barclay, Leland ,,,......,...... 79 Barclay, Ruth ...128, 34, 102, 112 Barlow, Faith ..,........,..... 73 Barlow, Ruth ..........,.,... 86 Barnes, Dora ,,,..,..,.. ,.... 7 9 Barnes, Mrs. Mary E. ...,,..... 30 Barnes, Mr. O. J. ............ 27 Barrick, June .,....,, ..,. 7 3, 103 Barringer, Bonnie .. Barringer, Ruth , , . . Barstow, Ada ...... Bebout, Donald ..... A Abel, Sarah Deloris . . . . . . .86 Adams, Gene ,.....,.,...... , 66 Adams, Grace .,.,..,....,,. 89, 90 Adams, John .... ...,,....., 7 9 Adams, Paul .... 67, 73, 141, 142, 150, 152, 159 Alexander, jane ............,.. 92 Allen, Edward ........ 89, 90, 149 Allen, Faustina .. ,...... 79, 130 Allen, jean ...., 79, 130, 165, 110 Amos, Beatrice ..............., 79 Anast, Helen .......,...,, 79, 110 Anderegg, Ruth .,.......,..... 93 Anderson, Betty 107, 121, 34, 114, 165, 110 Anderson, Carol .......,...,... 92 Anderson, Lillian .......,..... 86 Anderson, Marjorie ,....,..,,. 95 Anderson Mary E.. .. 129, 73, 102, 112, 110, 100 Andrews, Harry . . . ........ . . 95 Andrews, Marian 79, 130, 116, 117 Andrews, Ruth ..., ...,,...... 3 4 Andrews, Virginia , ,,.,,...... 92 Angeletti, Mary ..... ...V 6 9, 79 An eletti Theodore ..,. ., 66 a , , Anton, Edwin ,. Armentrout, Floyd . . . Bebout .,..79, 149 ,.....79,149 Baughman Donna Baughman Emojean Baughman Leah .. Baughman, Lowell . Baughman, Mary . . , Baughman Robert , Bazler, Bruce . . , . . . Bazler, Robert ....... Beabout, Dorothy . Beall, jane ..... 133, 128, Beard, William ,,... Beatty, Dorothea . . . ..11fS9,'90 .......79 ..........79 ..H..128,34 .. ,... 75, 129 .. .... 35, 122 U..73,129 .....,.95 ... 55, 105 ...,......92 ..........79 ......... 92 107,112, 55, 102 .......128, 55 Beaumont, Marion . . .128, 104, 131, 112,35, Beaumont, Mary .,... 114, 110, 100 ...,......55 Bonham, Geraldine .. Bonham, Maxine .. .....73 89 Bonifant, Harold ...,...... ., .. 89 Booher, Stanley . . ..... . . . , . 89 Booth, Philip ...110, 107, 35, 102 Borcer, Norma ..,,.....,,.... 95 Boring, Marjorie ..., Borroway, Frank ,..., ,.... Boss, Nyla ............... Bostwick, Betty Zane ......79 89 95 .. 136, 135, 100, 165, 123, 36 Botts, Marjorie ...... Bower, Margaret . . . Bowers, Leonard . . . Bowers, Lois ...... .133, 63, 104, 36,131 92 89 95 Beboutj Dorothy Mae ..,,,.,.. 165 Bowers, Virginia ..,. ........ 7 9 Boyd, Miss Florence ..,,.,. 128, 28 Boyd, Mr. Frew C.. .. ,... 19, 24, 139,140 Boyd, Helen ...., ,...... 1 09, 73 Boyd, Herman ........,,...... 79 Boyd, Robert L. ...... 67, 73, 105 Boyd, Robert M.. . .136, 135, 62, 63, 104, 56, 118 Boyer, Edith ...... 123, 36, 62, 124 Boyling, Edward ...,..,... 36, 105 Bozman, Elizabeth .......,. 79, 130 Braddock, Mildred , . . ,..... . .73 Bradley, Betty . . . .........,89, 90 john, jr. . . . , Armstrong, Arthur. . . , ,79, 98, 118 Armstrong, Beulah , ...,....... 92 Armstrong, Eston .. ...,..... 79 Armstrong, Floyd . . . . , . , .79 Armstrong, Muriel . ,,,........ 89 Armstrong Wilbur , ............ 34 Arnold, Hazel .... 165, 121, 63, 107, 54, 155, 104, 114 Ashbrook, Byron ...,.,......,,. 79 Ashcraft, Marguerite ........... 79 Ashcraft, Robert ,.... 89, 90, 149 Ashcraft, Ruth .....,...... 100, 34 Athan, Angel ,... ,,....... 9 3 Athan, Xenia ..,,... .... 7 9, 117 Bebout, Tilton ..,......,...,,. 35 Bebout, Rebecca ....... 129, 73, 112 Becker, Mable ..,,............. 92 Beeney, James ........ 35, 141, 164, 107, 100 Bell, Charles . . . ......,,,. . .79 Bell, Charlot .... . . . 109, 121, 35 Bell, Helen .... ....,, 1 09, 73 Bell, Vada .. ,... ......,.. 7 3 Belt, Beatrice ,,.. ......... 8 9 Belt, Virginia ..... . . .79, 130 Benjamin, Robert. . . Benner, Richard .... Bentley, june ,,,... . . Berger, Willis ,..., Buckingham, Mariann Atherton, Charles ...,. .....,. 7 4 Atherton, Eva Mae ,.,, .... 9 2, 93 Atwell, Ozie ,...... ....... 7 3 Ayers, William ,... 73, 115 Azbell, Elizabeth , . . ..... 4 .92 Azbell, Harold ..... ,... 7 3 B Babbitt, Edward ...,,... 34, 98, 105 Babbitt, john .,....,.......... 93 Bachelor, jean ..,.....,........ 73 Bachelor, Mavis .. 34, 62, 110, 112, 127, 128, 151, 132, 165, 120 .,ff75,'11a ,...,,....79 ...,,.131, 55 Bermerman, Wilma .133, 128, 132, 125, 121, 55, 119, 112 Bero, Gisela ..,..... Berry, Imogene .,.... Berson, Albert .,.... 100, 73 Berson, William ,.,,,. 110, 79, 131 Betz, Macille ..... ...,... 7 9, 131 Bibart, George ...,.. ...... 9 2, 149 Bickle, Bernard ....., ....... 7 3 Bickle, Evelyn Mae . . . . . . . .89 Bickle, Walter .,.. , . .79 Bigony, Charlotte . ..,......,... 73 Billman, Bessie ................ 73 Binger, Beulah ..,,... 73, 120, 122, 121, 129 Binger, Carol .,... ........,. 8 6 Bishop, Betty jean ..,....,..... 89 Bishop, Rollin ......,.. 73, 98, 118 Bixler, Martin ,...,..,......... 73 Backenstos, Richard .......... 86 Baggs, joseph .... 34, 105, 115, 118 Bailey, Donald ...,,..,....... 92 Bailey, Lillian ........... .... 7 3 Bailey, Lorraine . . . . . . 34 Bailey, Roland . . ...... 92 Baird, jean ....,, ....... 9 2 Baker, Barbara ,,.. ..... 9 2, 93 Baker, Cleo ,,..,.,......,. 79, 122 Baker, Eileen ,...,.... 34, 114, 128 Baker, Mr. Edgar .............. 140 Baker, Evelyn ..,.. ..... 6 9, 79 Baker, Harry F. .,.. . .,,... 73 Baker, Marion . . . , , . , 89 Baker, Norma , . , . . . , 86 Baker, Richard . . ,......,. 73 Baker, Russel .... .,,. 7 9, 111 Ball, Betty .... ..,. 7 3, 129 Ball, Frank . .. .......79 Bixlerm, jean ...,,.. Black, Robert .,... 73 Bline, Miss Dorothy. Blosser, Virginia ..,. Board, Harold ..,,. Boggs, Ednamae Bolen, Carl ...,, Bolen, Robert ..... Bonham, Gerald , . . Bonham, Margaret . 5 143,160,107 .,.H.28,113 ......79, 150 ....,,.92 .....95 .,..,,.95 ..,.....73 ..,..73, 89 ....73, 129 Bradley, Doris ...,......... 89, 90 Brandt, Margaret ..,. 129, 107, 165, 133, 36, 102 Branscome, Charlotte ..... 110, 100, 75, 102, 112, 129 Braun, Robert ....,.......,.... 79 Brehm, David ............. 86, 87 Brehm, Stanley ,.... ..,... 7 3 Briggs, Betty jane ..... ..,. 3 6, 62 Brooke, Ralph ...... .,... 7 9, 111 Brooks, Audrey .... ..,..... 7 9 Brooks, Eleanor . . . .... . .92 Brooks, Louis .... ...... 3 6 Brown, Doris .,.. . . ,79, 130 Brown, Dorothy . . . .,,. . .79 Brown, Mr. G. W. ....,.... 27, 124 Brown, Helen ......,.,........ 73 Brown, Robert .,.... 136, 110, 135, 73, 105 Browne, james ..............., 89 Brucker, Freda, 128, 165, 100, 121, 112, 56, 114, 110 Bruney, Eileen, , .128, 165, 110, 121, 100, 112, 56, 114, 124 Brunner, Richard . . , . Brush, jean .....,.. Buch, james ..... Buchanan, Betty . .. Buchanan, Evelyn . . . Buchanan, Virginia . Buckman, Buckey, Mr. Buck, james .....,.. Buckingham, Alice . . Victor ..., Ernest. . Bucklin, Horace ..., Budd, George ...... Bullock, William .. Burden, Margaret . . , Burden, Robert ...., ......128, ...79 ......90 U90 ..,...73, 129 89 .... .,92 .... .140 . ....... 89 124, 36, 113 .....110, 79 92 . ....., 79 ' 86 ,..iiiiiiii36 .. 95, 66, 36 117 Burkham, june .... 79, 130, 131, Burrier, Ruth ,....... 130, 79, 131 Burton, Alan ...,..... 135, 89, 149 Burton, Clarellen .,.. 110, 133, 165, 126, 37, 102 One Hundred Sixly-nine Quality Printing Does Not Cost - IT PAYS j Phone 4056 The Advocate Printing Company Since 1820 THE NEWARK TELEPHONE COMPANY A HOME INSTITUTION Telephone Service a great convenience, the best approach to em ployment . . . Indispensable to success in business. CALL STATION 2011 When Applying for Service d dS Busby, Ernest ..,..,....,,... 95, 66 Bushfield, Charlotte. 117,122,101 31 Butler, Philip ........ .. 127, 12L 62, 119, 128 110,79,111 Butt, Maynard Dean .......,.... 79 Butte, Imogene ,...... .,..,. 8 9 Byers, Wayne ...... .,,. 8 9 C Cady, Paul ...,...,.... 37, 119, 107 Cagney, Margaret ..,.,. Cagney, Martha Jane. . Callander, Lawrence .. Callander, Martha ,,.. Camlin, Jane ......... Camlin, Katherine ,.,. 86 37,114,12L 165,133 .,..,....37 .. ..,... 92 84 37, 62, 114, 126, 110 Camp, George ,........,......... Campbell, Elaine ..... Campbell, Jane ....... Campbell, June ..,..... 63, 104, 37 Campbell, Lynn . . . ..,..37, 105 Campbell, Ruth ,....,. ..,..., 9 2 Campolo, Margaret .,........... 95 Carlisle, Robert ..... Carpenter, Dorothy ..,.131, 84 Carpenter, Mae ,...,........,,. 73 Carpenter, Marjorie .... 84, 130, 117 Carpenter, Neal .,,.,.......,.. 37 Carson, Jeannette .... Cartnal, Robert ..... 129 ....73, Carver, Francis ....,,,,........ 92 Cashdollar, Mildred ..........., 86 Cassell, Jean ........., 84, 130, 165 Cbsg Bdanha ...., 37,114,112,128 Cates, Geraldine .,,...,......... 95 Cates, Russell ......,,.......... 37 Catt, Margaret .,....,...., 37, 128 Cavendish, Dorothy ..,..,...... 38 Chaney, Bonita ..... 98, 38, 62, 119, 109,118 Chaney, Dale ...............,.. 95 Cherry, Margaret . . . Cherry, Robert .,.. ......79 .......95 Chester, John ......,....,..... 73 Chester, Martha ........... 38, 128 Chilcote, Mary Eleanor ,.,.. 38, 102, 107 Chillis, Junior ,,..,... ..... 6 6 Chism, John .,..,.............. 79 Chrisman, Janet ....,...,...,,. 92 Chrisman, Jean ....... 38, 121, 107, 110, 100 Christman, Jerome .... 38, 110, 100 Christman, Philip ...........,,. 79 Christy, Richard , , . Church, Doris . . . Clark, Betty .,.,,., Clark, Clifford ,.,. Clark, Lyndall ....., Clawson, Harold .,.. Clay, Janice ..,.... Cline, Charles ..... Clutter, Leonard. . . Cocanour, James .... Cocanour, Robert 113 .....,.95 M..79, ......90 ..,.73 89 ,..95, 66 ..,.79,130 H..84,111 .....95, 66 ....,.118 Cochenour, Hubert ..,..... Cochran, Anabel ,..... Cochran, Fred , . . 84,151 109,107,38 Cochran, Jean .,..,........ 89, 90 Coehlo, William .....,, 73, 118, 101 Coen, Wilbur . . . ......... . .38 Coffman, Robert ..., ......... 7 3 Cole, Harrod ,.,,..... .... 8 6 Colingsworth, Evelyn .,.. . . . 90 Colvile, Walter ....... .... 3 8 Colville, Bettina .,,. .,,.89 Conley, Russell ..,, . . .73 Conner, Olive , , , , , .73 Conner, Ruby ...., ,,... 8 4 Connor, Margaret .... . . .89 Conns, Miss ,.,,.,......,,..... 90 Conrad, Mr. Stacy C. .... ,,,.. . .22 Cook, Allan .............. 74, 120 Cook, Oscar .......... 73, 136, 135 Cbok Rdph ..... 99,105,107,12Q 33, 38, 141, 143, 160 Cooper, Eloise ,,,.,,.. 130, 84, 118 Cooperider, Leatrice Cooperrider, Eugene ...... 84, 111 Cope, James. .99, 105, 38, 141, 143 Copeland, David ........ 89, 90, 99 Copeland, Robert ........,,..,. 38 Corbett, Ralph ...., ..... 8 4, 111 Corcoran, Daniel ...., . . , .86, 87 Corder, Morgan ,.,, 66 Cornell, John .... 'fff79,'149 Corsi, Joseph .,...., 79 Coss, Donald ....... .... 7 9, 106 Cotterman, Dale .,.,, .,.,.,. 7 3 Cotterman, George ....,......, 86 Cotterman, Harlan ..... 86, 87 Cotterman, Jack ,.., .,.... , 89 Couden, Randall . , . . . . . .73 Couden, Roberta . . . , . . . , . , . ,79 Cougill, Norma ......,... 110, 77 Cox, Mr. Lester B. .... 106, 27, 140 Coyle, Grace .,..........,,..., 90 Coyle, Margaret. .73, 112, 113, 129 Coyne, James ...,........,,.... 87 Craig, Ruth ..,,.. , , . . . . Cramer, Mamie Cramer, Robert Cramer, Violetta ,..,...73 95 i.l1i73 86 Crane, Betty ..........,,...... 90 Crane, Jeanne ...,..... 133, 39, 121 Crawford, Clyde ............ , , .95 Crawford, Harry . . . .,..... , . ,86 Crawford, Helen ..,, ...... 3 9, 102 Crawford, John .....,.....,.... 72 Crawford, Crego, Virginia ..,..,.,. Crilly, Miss Bertha L.. . . . Crrss, Helen .,.........,. Criss, Ruth .....,,.. 136, 39, Crothers, Dorothy .,..,.., Crothers, Richard ....... Crouch, Eugene ..,. 28, 39, Crouch, Robert ...,... 72, Crouse, Marvin ...,.,.,. Crow, Gordon , , . . , Cullison, Jacque .....,., Culver, James .,,.,.,.,, Cummins, Frances .,.72, 118,134, Cummins, Keith ..... 136 Cunningham, Betty ..... Cunningham, Mary .... 128 Margaret. . .129, 72, 131 103, , 112 ..,,...90 29, 120 ..110, 77 135, 109, 122, 124 .72, 122 165, 107 ......89 141,105 118, 105 .89 M 86,87 ......95 104 13L 103, 129 , 135, 77 .......95 , 121, 39, 112, 124 Cunningham, Robert .110, 72, 107 Curp, Marian .,..,.,........ 75, 77 Curry, Gilbert ..,...,. 136, 135, 39 Curry, Homer .... ....,., 9 2, 149 Curry, Ernest ....,,......,. 101, 39 Curts, Eileen ....,... 110, 126, 109, 118, 116, 39 Curts, John ...,,....... D .,,....66 Damuth, Ruth ,...,.... 121, 39, 62 Damuth, Helen .,., . Danese, Ruth .... Danford, John .. 95 90 ...,.39 Daniels, Ralph .... .,,.. 8 9 Dankmer, Joseph , . ..... 61 Darkes, Thomas . . . . . . . .86 Darnes, Karl ..... .,,.. 9 5 Darnis, Warren , . . ,,,... , .77 Davidson, Ruth .... . . .72, 121 Davidson, Sarah . ., Davidson, Vernon ..,.. .,....90 ....,,39 Davino, Ray ...........,,,,.,.. 77 Davis Anne. .117, 75, 77, 130, 165 Davis, Arthur ,,,,.,.,....... 95, 66 Davis, Bette ...........,,.. 77, 130 Davis, Clyde ...,..,....... 86, 149 Davis, Dorothy Helen ,....,...,. 39 Davis, Dorothy Louise .......... 77 Davis, Dorothy Marie. .72, 114, 165 Davis Elizabeth ............... 92 Davis Jack . . ,,.. ..,..... 7 7 Davis Mabel .,.. ..,....... 4 0 Davis Marian ..... ...,. 7 2, 104 Davis, Robert .,... , . ,100, 40 Davisson, Wayne . . ..,..... 72 Day, Irene .,...... .,.,. 7 2, 114 Day, Jayne ........, ,..,,72, 103 Debevoise, Eugene ............. 77 Debevoise, Lawrence . . . DeBoard, Geraldine Deck, Dorothy ....... Deck, Karl , ,.., .. Decker, Howard . . . Dennis, Walter , . . Denton, John ..,,. Derringer, Wfilliam Devoll, Junior .,,. Devoll, Luanna .... DeWeese, Russell ,. Diehl, Enda ,.... . Diehl, William . .. Dietz, Martha ,... Diller, Dale Dilts, Kermit .,... Dodson, Arthur Dolan, Pauline Donnett, Maxine ..... Dorman, Robert ,..,... Dorsey, Harry ..,... Dowie, Wayne . .. Driscall, Drumm Drumm Drumm 3 Drumm, Drumm, Drumm, Ann ..,,. Henrietta ,,,. Henry .... Jeanne .... June . . , , . Robert ,... Russell , . . Dudgeon, Robert .. Dudgeon, Virginia . ....99, 92 93 U..92, ,.,...72 .....4O .,...95 77 Ilfl .1f1i172 66 .,..72,113 ....,.40 .,,..77 ,....77 U...90 .....95 .....77 .,.,.77 ...U.90 ...H.89,90 .,M.77,106 72, 160 . ,,,,,,... 95 ...77,130 .,..77,124 .H.89,90 ...,.40, 163 .....89,95 ......77 Duff, Ruth ......,, Duffill, Hilda ..... Dugan, Richard ..,,.. Douglas, Mr. Maxwell ..,,..... 149 72 ....,90 89 ......S9, 90 Dumm, Robert ..............,. 89 Dumm, Ruth ...,,.... 77, 130, 103 Duncan, Betty ......... 77, 98, 130, 118, 165 Dunn, Grace Eileen ....,,,...... 72 Dunn, Lola ....,,... .,,... 9 2 Dunn, Richard .,.,......,,..... 87 Dunn, Robert ............... 86, 87 Dunwoody, Mary Agnes ...... 89, 90 Dunwoody, William ,........... 89 Dush, Miss Ellen ..... 26, 126, 111 Dusthimer, Bonnie ..,... 109, 62, 72 Dusthimer, Robert ..........,.. 40 Duvall, Elder .,........ 99, 72, 149 Duvall, Norman 99, 107, 72, 149,160 ..,..,,.89 Dyarmett, Charles .... Dyer, Ruth Eldeen .,..,,....,,.. 86 One Hundred Seventy-one WREASONS WHY it pays to shop at BETTY GAY" You save because we sell only for cash. You are always sure of first quality merchandise. You find the same values in every Betty Gay Store You pay nothing extra for our Lay Away Plan. You make your selections from large assortments. You are always offered newest fashions first. You are always sure of courteous service. Concgmfulazriom To The Clan 0 1938 ll THE NEWARK NEWS Newarkk Only 7-Day Newrjmper One Hlmdred Seventy-two E F Forster, .Iris ...... ,.... 8 9, 90 Eckelman, Dale .....,.. 92 Farley, Virginia .....,.... 92 gow, Rgllgarf '4"' "" ' ' Eckert, Mr, Qhal-leg A, , , , , , , 30 Farmer, Edward ..., 41, 141, 142, Ffggg' Haazrefshshe' ' ' ' ' ' ' 74 Eckert, Virginia ....... ,,.. 7 7 160, 99 Francis' Albert "'i "" 7 7 Farquhar, Hazel ...,.,......,. 41 I' """ "" Eckleberry, Carl ...... , 7 86 . . Fmlmg Bet, I 1 , , I I 92, Farrow, Williain . . . ,... 41 ." Y ' ' ' ' 7 Eddy, Frances ,. 89 F Cl h Francis, Maxine .... . 77, 131 Eddy Mary ....,, 77 ears' eop Us V"" 12 Frankenberf Evel n 77 122 165 1 ""' Feldner Charles .... .. 41 ' 11 Y ' 1 Edmands, Gene . 61 Feldner' Katherine v'A.v 130 7-7 FYHUZ, Jfmef - - 100, 107, 42, 165 Edmunds, Charlene .... 138, 121, Felumlge, Kgnneth i 1 89 53211321 ----1---11'--- 0, 112 I - , .... .. , Edwards, Cora Alice 109, 40, 124 fZf?,5if'n15,2S,?,i,,' m7511103 1,261 152 Freeman, Marshall 136, 135, 77 Edwards, Mr. P. B. .... 22 23 Fernow james ,,..... 72 99 Frlendf Benwmln 92 ' ' 1 ' ' Friend Calvin 101 42 105 U t t 139, 140 Field, Martha 77 F. H W d ' 112, 77 Edwards, Virginia ....., 135, 72, Fields, Gene F. .. ., 77, 160 Fnzze Al. 00 row "" 109 47' 6, 104, 129 Finney, Marianne 72, 131 C5556 """" ' ' " 85 Elder, Byron . .. ....... 89 Fischer, Herman ., . ,. 77, 118 F "t' 1 "" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " 95 Elliot, REirl .... ..... Z 2 Fisher, Marie .... . , 128, 41 Figit' aff ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 77 '15, Oert .... 0 Fisher,Arthr... ,....,..... 74 ' ' Embfey, Jeanne .. , 89, 90 Fisher, Evelyln 86 EruShClRObert "A"""" 72 1553 i 2 84 'mef501'l, IC. 211' , is er, e ma ..... 90 ' "" 1 ' ' English, Doris 136, 135, 107, Flannigan, Elizabeth .. ., 92, 93 guna' Igilmthy """"""' " A 165, 40, 62, 118 Flannigan, Thomas ,... .,.. 7 7 Ful er' Botience ""' 72"i29"131 Emiish, Jeanne . 89 Fleming, Miss Edith ..,, 93 Fglfgg' Jsany ""' " ' 77 rs.1ne, William 115, 41, 62, 122 Flenner, Dorothy .,... . . . 41 Fulton, Pauling ' ' """" 'Sq '90 Essig, Donna jean ............ 93 Florian, june ..,,.. . .. 89 F d Be a ""' 1 '2'8",12 142 Esworthy, Thelma ,.,.. . , . . . 77 Fluharty, Kathryn . . .... 92 un a rg' If n ' ' ' ' 62 1 ui Etnier, jean ..... 128, 41, 123 Fogle, Juanita ..... , , . . . .77 ' Evans, Nicholas ...110, 100, 108, Folger, Shirley ...... 74, 103 ' G 115, 41 F be, R .,,.. ...,,.. 1 01, 41 Evans, Robert ...,1,........ 92, 99 F3id,SBetti1X. . ,,,.... ,,,... 7 7 Gano, Karl .......,.. .,... 7 7 Evans, Thomas .........,.. 86, 87 Ford, Margaret ,,.... 128, 42, 112 Gallagher, Bernice ..... ..... 7 7 Evans, Robert Charles .,.... 41, 150, Ford, Marjorie . . . . 86 Gallagher, Virginia ..... 95 152, 159, 163 Forgrave, Robert 72, 105, 118, 98, Gamerdinger, Dorothy ......... 72 Ewers, Harry rr-.....,..,...... 92 150, 153, 159, 160 Gantt, Virginia ...,....,.. 77, 118 EY12115 Juanita .... .......... 7 2 Foreman, Hilda .....,......,.. 77 Garapedian, jasmine ..... 136, 109, Eylar, Wynona .... .,... 7 2, 131 Foster, Kenneth ...,......,,... 72 107, 42, 131 GEORGE PF EFF ER Clothier 44 North Third Street NEWARK, GHIO One Hundred Scvefzty-ll71'ce Garapedian, julia ,......... 72, 103 Goodwin, james ..... .... 7 2, 105 Hagner, Louisa .4.. ,.... 8 9, 90 Garapedian, Sadie ..... 92, 93 Goodwin, Suzanne ......., 130 84, Hall, Donivan ..... ...... . 92 Garee, George ....., ...... 8 9 165, 117 Hall, Maxine .,.,... ..... 8 4 Gardner, Edith ,.... .... 9 5 Goodwin, Thomas ......... 42, 105 Haley, Bertha May .... ..... 8 9 Garrison, Katherine . . . . . . 95 Gordan, Elouise ..,. .,... . 95 Hall, Richard ......, . . . . .76 Gartner, Harold .... . . . 86 Gordan, Luke .,,., . . . .95 Hall, Thelma .,.,,. . . . . .92 Geidenberger, Alice .......,..., 77 Gould, Paul ........,.,,..... .72 Hallisy, Lester ..........,...,. 84 Geiger, Marion .....,........, 42 Graham, Earl .,.,,... ....,. . 84 Hammack, Robert .............. 43 Gelfer, Mr. Sam ,,.. 29, 136, 135 Graham, Richard .... 42, 122, 162 Hammack, Wayne ...,.......... 72 Gentry, Edna Mae ..,.......... 90 Graham, Ruth ....,........,. .72 Hammond, Dana .110, 68, 104, 132 Gerlach, Georgiana ........,... 72 Gray, Evelyn .... ....,. 7 2, 131 Hammond, William ........... 66 Gerlach, Peggy ..... ......... 9 5 Gray, Richard ..... 92 Hanby, Franklin ............. U89 Getreu, Margaret .........,.... 90 Gray, Robert ..... .... 7 2, 160 Hanby, Helen ,................ 68 Ghiloni, Grace ......... 42, 62, 107 Green, Eugene ..... .... 8 4, 149 Handel, Mr. Frank G. ........... 30 Gibbony, Jeanne ........ . . . 89, 90 Green, Robert .... . . . . . . 108 43 Handel, Walter .....,.. . , . . . . . 43 Giblin, Patrick ................ 92 Green, Sherman ..... 89, 90, 149 Handley, Delmar ..77, 84, 113, 106 Gibson, Hartsell ,....,......... 92 Greer, George ...... 77, 151, 106 Hanes, Betty ,..... 128, 68, 102, 107 Giles, Henry .,.... 42, 99, 141, 143, Greenlee, Mary Jo .......... .90 Hanes, Delbert .........,.,... 66 150, 152, 159, 160 Greider, Marie ....... 72, 165, 113 Hanes, Doyle .,................ 66 Gilette, Grace ,.,..,........... 95 Griffin, jean .....,.......... 95 Hanes, Edward ,........... 77, 84 Glass, Gertrude . . ,..,... .77 Griffith, Eugene , .. ..... 72, 101 Hankey, Mae .,..........., .77, 84 Glass, Helen ...... ..,.. 4 2, 118 Grigsby, Gladys ....... 165 Hankinson, Elizabeth .. .77, 84, 130 Glass, Marjorie . . . ...,.. ,90 Grigsby, Grace . . . ..,.. 84, 165 Hannigan, Charles ...... . . . . . .95 Glaunsinger, Eva ,.,. .... . 84 Grigsby, jane .... .. ..... 72, 129 Hanshue, Mr. Luther 30, 140, 141, Glecker, Eva ...,. ..,. . 77 Grigsby, Shirley ...... 72, 112, 129 145, 151 Glover, Christine ....., .72 Grimm, Emma ........ 122, 84, 130 Hardeman, Juanita .....,.... 77, 84 Glover, james .... .... 8 4, 162 Grove, jane .,..........,.... .92 Hardman, Alice .,...,...,..... 86 Glover, Robert .... ......... . 72 Groves, William .. . ........ .72 Hardman, David .,.... 43, 110, 108 Glover, Willis . . . ......,....,. 95 Grove, Ralph ..,... . . . 160 Hardway, Eugene ......... , . . . , . . Goff, Clyde . . . . . .72, 163, 113 Guthridge, Dale . , . ......,. .72 Hare, Basil ,......... . , . . . . . . .86 Goff, Thomas .........,. 66 Guthridge, Martha ........... .84 Hare, Edith ......, 130, 77, 84, 118 Goldberg, Ben . . . ..... 84, 113 Gutliph, Errol ......, 72, 136, 135 Harlow, Mr. Paul ......,..,... .149 Good, james ,... .,..... 8 4 Gutridge, Charles ............ ,87 Harmuth, Dorothy ...... ..68 Good, Robert ................. 72 Gutridge, Virginia ........... .87 Harris, Beulah ..... .... 7 7, 84 Goode, Howard .......,... 72, 113 H Harris, Laura Mae ..,........... 68 Goodin, Dorothy jean ......., 86 Haag, Walter ,,,.,,,,,., , 92 Harris, Ralph ..,..,........ 77, 84 Goodin, Raymond ...... ,..... 8 7 Hackney, Mary Martha ..., . .84 Harris, Richard .,..... 135, 77, 84 "Another new Jani? U , .ll 1 Ji U . Z QW fre ZA: ,xj M f , 1. 1' zany: 1 ffff A Wan ', :Wir 'Z 74442 rg 1244 ' 1 ff? ai aw an asm' fearaaz 5 fepa ,ff ?lz v. 32 Gee if!! a beam!" Tfaaff the way that the y ramble For if the lratla were known Only one Jail be owns Bat tlaere'J foar ways to wear this enfernble. ef 0 X 9 . .. .... , . , in , .'.' Under-Grad Suits a ma M, ay aa Complete 4-piece Ensembles 4 27.50 s west side square THE CLOTHIER. Newark, ohio 1 ' ' One Hundred Seventy-four The Store where Quality and Service count Harris, Ruth ..... Harris, Virginia ,.,,.90 ...U68 Harter, Marjorie ,,,.........,.. 43 Hartman, Bonnie Hartman, Dorotha ..... Hartman, Freida 90 136, 77, 130 Hartmann, june ,..,,.......... 77 Hartshorn, Marian Harvey, Robert . 74,103,131 H....M 95 Hathaway, Anne Patricia .,,.,. 89 Hathaway, Mary .,.....,,,..,. 90 Haudenshield, Betty ....... 129, 43 Hawkins, Ann .....,.,.... 76, 130 Hawkins, Thelma 135, 74, 129 Hawke, Miss Mildred ..... 128, 29 Hay, Helen ..,.......,.... . 76 Haycook, Betty ............ 76, 122 Haycook, Mary ....,......,.,, 92 Haynes, Earl 43, 62, 100, 105, 120 Haynes, Guy .... ....., . . 43 Haynes, Maudie .,,, .,.76, 130 Hazlett, Jean .,.,.... Heatwole, Owen Heck, Raymond , , , Heckelman, Mr. E. Heid, Elizabeth .....,. Heil, Mary. ..... . Heinz, Mr. Philip Helphrey, Richard Henry, Catherine . Henry, Millard . .. .......76 11, ...,,, 26, 105 43,62,123 68,117,131 ,...,.140 Helm, Barbara ..... 43, 62, 63, 108 122 104 165 .......89 Hensley, Charles .......,.. 66, 95 Henzy, Julia ,..........,....,. 93 Henzy, Nancy .. 68, 103, 107, 119 Hershberger, Ruth 62, 68 Hess, William .,,...... ., 68, 136 Hess, Geraldine ...... 76, Hess, Gus ..,,, Hickey, Helen ..., .,.. Hickman, Robert . . . , , Hideg, Mary ..... . . Higgins, Juanita Hightshoe, Bessie ,.,.... Hightshoe, james ..,., . . liar Bedy. 43,109,112, 136, Hill, William 68, 149, Hilleary, Miss Evelyn .,.. Hinger, Anne ,......... Hinger, George . . , . , Hinger, Marie ..., 103, 104 131, 130, 165 110 ......93 ,.H..95 ,68, 117 ......43 86 ,..76,98 . ,... 76 121,131, 110,135 110,111 22 95 ...95 ....76 Hinton, Harry ................. 61 Hirschberg, joseph . ,44, 62, 63, 98, 104,118,140,116,108 Hitchcock, Samuel .......,,.... 95 Hoffer, Helen ,,,,....,...,..., 76 Hoffman, Clarence ......,..... 44 Hogue, Mary ......... 44, 63, 104, 128,131 Hogue, William .....,..... . .66 Holcombe, Esther jean .... 89, 90 Holcombe, Forrest ......... 74, 118 Holcombe, George ....,..., .. 89 Holcombe, Warne . . .117, 108, 102, 44, 118 Holland, Phyllis ......,...,.... 76 Hollar, Carl ..,..... 68, 104, 118 Hollar, Eileen .,.,......,,..... 68 Hollister, Anita Helen ..,. 68, 104 ABBGTT, I-IGES IFCJIK 1KI.I. Uflili IFJXIVIIIQHK 3 SOUTH PARK Compliments of A ERIE D One Hundred Seventy-fiife Holman, Alice ,... .... 1 30, 76 Hull, Bernice . . . ...., 95 Ingold, Robert . . . . . 89 Holman, Carl ....,..,.......... 89 Hull, Juanita . . . ..... 76 Inlow, Doris . . . . , . .76 Holman. Olive ....,.., . . . .68 Hull, Mary .... ..,. 9 0 Inlow, Russel . . . . . . . Holmes, Mary Katherine .. 130-76 Hull, Mary ,... .... 4 4 Inscho, Bernard 68 Holton, Bernice . . 110, 128, 44, 62 Hull, Mr. Ray .... ..,,..... 1 40 Holton, catherine ,...V..,..... 89 Hull, Richard ,,,l,,,. .l.. 7 6 5 HOHOH, FrHI1C6S -----........... 95 Hull, Robert .. 106, 76, 151 Jackson, Herbert . . 76 Holtschulte, James ......,., M76 Humble, Mazy Elizabeth .. 68 Jackson, Sergei ...... 74, 141, 142, Homer, Dorothy Jeanne . 68, 104, Humphrey, Eleanora ..... 68, 129 160, 99 131, 107 Humphrey, James .....,.... 87 Jacobs, Louise .. ..... .. 76 Hook, Betty . . . ........... 86 Humphreys, Ann ...... . . 92, 93 James, Russell . .... . . . . 86 Hookey, Bertha Mae .,........ 86 Humphreys, Cheney 108, 105, 102, James, Ruth Ann . . 92 Hoover, Raymond ..... 68 44, 119, 141 Jauchius, Rollin 74, 104, 117 Hopkins, Grace .. . 92 Hunt, Robert .,.............. 95 Jaynes, Dorothy ..... 68, 104 Horchler, Charles C. .. 74 Hunter, Mr. George .... 140 Jaynes, Myrtle .. .. 45 Horchler, Margaret .... 86 Hunter, Lawrence .... .... 9 5 Jeffers, Eleanor . 110, 109, 114, Hormuth, Dorothy ,.., ,... 6 8 Hupp, Edward .... .,....... 9 5 45, 126 Horton, Mary ...... .. . 76 Hupp, Esther .,........... .. 76 Jeffers, Jean .. .....,.. .. 82 Horton, Xwilliam ......... 76, 111 Hupp, Russell ..... 105, 68, 98, Jeffers, Virginia ........ 95 Horwitz, Elaine . ,. 92, 93 99, 119, 118, 107 Jeffreys, Mary . . .. 95 Horwitz, Janet 127, 131, 165, 63, Hurlbutt, Carl ............... 68 Jeffreys, Virginia . 45, 62, 123 108, 62, 44, 104, 122 Hurst, Goldie ...... ,... . . 76 John, Dorothy .. ..... .. 92 Hosick, Miss Laura E. 108, 27, 112 Hutchison, Phyllis .. 127, 112, 165, John, Eva ...... .,,. 8 2, 103 Hoskinson, Donald ,..,.....,... 92 118, 128, 120, 110, 44, 62, 131 John, Helen .... .. 90 Houdeshell, Clyde .. ......... 95 Hyatt, Bernice ............,.... 95 Johns, Ethel 68, 104 Houpt, Hughey ,... .... 8 9 Hyatt, Claudette .,............. 76 Johnson, Darwin .. 76, 82, 106 Howarth, Herbert .. .... 68 I Johnson, James . .,..,.. . 92 Howdyshell, Roger .,.. ...... 9 5 Johnson, Jeanne ........... 92 Howes, Doris .,..,. ....... 9 5 Ice, Leona .......,........... 95 Johnson, Margaret ,............ 92 Hoyt, Robert ..,... ......... 7 6 Iden, Eleanor .... 129, 68, 112 Johnson, Marguerite .......... ..45 Huff, Esther ............., 130, 76 Iden, Elizabeth ........,.. 92, 93 Johnson, Suemarie. ..133, 128, 132, Huffman, Clarence .....,...... 102 Iden, Robert ..... 110, 135, 68, 107 63, 112, 45, 104 Huffman, Mrs. Mary L. ......... 26 Idleman, Malcolm ......... 76, 111 Johnson, Thomas ....,..,.,. 92 Huffman, Richard .... .... 4 4 Idleman, Richard ......... 68, 99 Jones, Betty May .... .......,. 6 8 Huffman, William . . ...... 92 Imhoff, Richard . . .105, 33, 44, 141, Jones, Ellsworth ., . . . . . . .45 Huggins, Charles . . . .,,.,.. 76 143, 150 Jones, Evelyn ...., ...... . .95 Hughes, Arthur ,... ......... 7 6 Ingmire, John ............. . . 61 Jones, Gwynfa .... .... . . .82 Hughes, Janice .... . 89, 90 Ingmire, Sylvester ..., ..... . 68 Jones, Helen .....68, 129 Hughes, Marjorie ...... 128, 44, 112 Ingmire, William .. .... 76, 122 Jones, Homer ,... 82, 111 Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPA Y, INC. DEPARTMENT STORES A Nation -Wide Institution 6-8-10 East Park Place, Newark, Ohio One HlI7Zd1'Ed Scz'cr1l3'-.fix Kvintus, Frank ..., Keyes, Lowell ,,...,....... .,.. 9 2 Kemnitzer, Kathryn ..........,. 86 Kemp, Clara Belle Kemp, Jeanne ,... Kemp, Jeanne ...., .... Kemp, Leah May. . . Kennon, Kenneth . Kephart, Betty .... ...,..133, 128, 46, 112 .. 68 98,129 ,...,76,82,130 Kessmeier, Linnea ......,., 109, 68 Jones, Juanita .... ........ 8 6 Jones, Joe ,.,.................. 95 Jones, Katherine ......,.,.. 68, 129 Jones, Laurene .,.......,...... 82 Jones, Marcella ...... 129, 103, 68, 112, 107 Jones, Mary Virginia .136, 109, 68 Jones, Dr. R. W. ..........,... 140 Jones, Virginia .....,.... 89, 90, 68 Jones, XVilliam ..,.,..,...,... 87 Jones, Wynn .,..., 45, 62, 141, 142, 160 105, 136, 99 Joyner, Kenneth ,... Juniper, Gerald K ..,..82 Keyes, Royal ...... Kidd, Joan ..,127, 113, 46, 62, 119 Kilbury, Imogene .... Killworth, William Kincaid, William . 46, 141, 143, 150, 155, 99 82 ...,,,....,160 Koman, Anna .,., .,.. 7 4, 104 Koman, Betty ,... ......... 8 9 Kover, Frank ........,........ 74 Kramer, Avonne ......,....,,,. 92 Kreager, Evelyn., 129, Kuhn, Mary Louise.. Kuninger, Robert Kvintus, Elizabeth L Lahley, Martha .... Lahley, Naomi . . . Lake, Bernice .,,. Lake, Lillian ,... Lallathin, Eileen . . . 74,114,112 .....s2, 130 ..,46, 124 ......95 66 ..,82 .....86 ,......9O ..,.130, 82 Kanuckel, Jean .,,.. ..., 4 5 King, Beverly ..,.,..........., 46 Lamb, Charlotte ,,,, ,,,, 1 30, 82 Kanuckel, Maxine .........,.... 82 King, Forrest ........ 110, 115, 68, Lambert, Karl ,,,,, U82 Kastla, Ralph ....,............. 82 105, 122, 101 Lambert, Rgberr ,,,, 46, 105 Keck. Carolyn .... 68, 131, 112, 129 King, FFHHCCS ....--,..,---- 90, 89 Lammers, Louis .... ..... 8 6, 87 Kegg, Geraldine .,.,. 68, 119, 131, King, Robert ....,..., 99, 74, 107 Lang, Richard ,,,,,, ,135 122, 107, 105 Kinkade, LOI'iH ...136, 135, 101, Lamp, Eleanor' I., In-,'74, 113 Keim, Barbara ...,.,.......... 92 Kirby, Mildred ....,,...,., 130, 82 Lamp, Shirley ,,,, H 46 Keim, Shirley ,....... 128, 45, 112 Kirk, Frank ....,......,......, 89 Lane Lucille -90 Keller, Edward .......,...,,,,, 95 Kirk, James . . . ..,.., 111 Lane, Oran V I 89 Keller, Everett .....,........... 74 Kirk, Jean ...... .,.. 8 2, 130 Lane, paulirlgn 1 iiliniu 74 Keller, Marie ,... 68, 119, 131, 126 Kirk, Gertrude ......,.....,..... Lane, Ra! h "" 'in Keller, Mr, Walter ..........,,. 22 Kirk, June ........,,,......,.. 95 L 3 If b ""' "t' ' 82 Kelley, Jean ,................. 74 Kirkpatrick, Mr. James S. ...,. 115, Lanmn' 5 en "" """' 4 6 Kelley, Ellsworth ....., 133, 63, 122, 50, 101 Lafmmg, EfFfYb"H -'e---'- ,531 4 45, 104 Kirkpatrick, Josephine ,...,...,. 68 mason' Ha et """' 113' 7 ' Kelley, Eva ,,...., ,.,... 9 0, 89 Kisamore, Velma ,.... ...,.. 8 9 L G , 8' 122 Kelley, Kathryn .,........,. 76, 82 Klserrlere, Donald .. .... 82 afasfmf. emge '1--e----'11e -' Kelley, paullnxe l..v"....'.-VA- 92 Kline, Charles lllpll AUIA 8 2 Larr, MISS Esther. .133, 29, 63, 104 Kelley, Phyllis ..,.,. 128, 113, 118, Klopp, Mr. C. W.. .. .... 29 LaRUe1LaWfCHfe ----4'--r-r- ---86 45, 62, 124 Knae, Luella lllll .l.A-.,,, 9 0 Lascu, George .... 82, 141, 142, 111 Kelley, RHIPI1 4'----r--4-,r--1. 45 Knae, Martha .... .,......... 9 0 Laughefh Betty .lane -----r---'4 89 Kelley, Ruth Evelyn ......... 76, 82 Kocher, June ,... . . .129, 68, 112 Laughery, George .,........... .89 Kemnitzer, Dorothy ..,..... 68, 109 Koehler, Leah . .. .....,... 95 Lauver, Hugh ........ 82, 106, 131 I The1'e'1 Nothing Belief Them 6, . Q I , V Slam 4 72260 75 'K wai - Gas 3.6 KlNG'S A V I ing s For Cooking Water Heating Refrigeration and Home Heating The Gm Company One Hznzdrcd SC'l'Ef1fJ'-1611771 Lauver, Robert ..... 100, 102, 46, 127, 128, 108, 62, 102, 47, Lydic, Catherine .....,. 129, 74, 112 62, 119 119, 11s Lydia, Lorraine ...128, 48, 112, 123 Lauver, Phyllis ............... 89 Lightle, Marjorie ....... ..,.. 9 2 Lynch, Marvene .,...,...., 129, 74 Lavin, Miss Helen ........ 29, 117 Lightner, Betty ...... 129, 74, 100 M Lawrence, Betty ..--- 82, 122, 130 Lind, Marguerite ........ ,..... 7 4 LHWFGUCC, ChH1'leS --'- - 1 1 -. 82 Lingafelter, Irene ....,.. ...,.. 7 4 McAlpine, George .,,......., H48 Lawson, Evelyn . . . 123, 46, 62, 124 Linton, Carrie .......... 129, 74 McCabe, Gerald ,.,.....,,.... , 95 1-HWS011, I-901111 ----..- '--'- 1 1 86 Linton, Caroll . . . . , .,,., 86 McCann, Margaret 128, 48, 112 Lawyer, Velda -4.... 129, 74, 151, List, Dorothy 129, 74, 112, 126 McCaughey, Mrs. Edith ....... . 26 114, 112 Litten, Daniel ,,,....,.. . 95, 66 McClain, jack ....,.,....,... 82 Layman, Donald ........., 74, 149 Litten, Neil . . . . . . . , 47, 62 McCloskey, Bettie .... . , . . . . . 95 Layman, Mark ---- ----i... 7 4 Livingston, Pearl Junior . . 89, 90 McCoy, Hugh .. 86-87 Layman, Ruth . . . . . . 92, 93 Livingston, Ralph .... . . 86, 149 McCracken, Bernard . . . . . . . 89 Layton, Betty ..... ......... 9 5 Logan, Betty ........ 82, 130, 165 McCracken, jean .,., ,... 9 2 1-2Yf0'f1, L66 --.----4---1-. 82, 111 Logan, George .. . .,.,. ...... 7 4 McCreary, james ..... , 89 Layton, Margaret ............. 82 Lomas, Valoy ,,... .... ..... 8 6 McCullough, Marion ., ....... 48 LflYi011, Martha 1, ---.,..-, 92 Lombardo, Susan ...,.. .. 90-89 McCullough, Russell ...,,.. .. 74 1-CB1Hf1C, Dale Richard .--....... 74 Long, Mr. A. B. ..... 29, 149, 140 McCutcheon, Geneva ...... 129, 74 Lecky, Richard .... ..,,....,..i 9 5 Long, Betty ...... . , 129, 74 McDaniel, Robert .,., 63, 62, 87, Lee, Charles Bernard .,,.. 82, 136 Long, David .. 82 149, 118, 106 48, 104, 116 Leedy, Mr. Elmer .... ....... 1 40 Long, Elizabeth .............. 89 McDaniel, Dorothy ,.,...... 129, 74 Lees, Betty jne ,... ..,....... 7 4 Loper, Olivia .......,........, 82 McDaniel, jane ,............. 86 LeHew, Ruth .,,.. ..,., 8 2, 130 Lothes, William .... .... 8 2, 106 McDaniel, Virginia , . . . . . . 86 Lehman, Maffha 1--.1,14-4--... 90 Loughman, Grover .,.. . . . . 95 McDonald, Forrest . . , . . . . .74 Lehman, Roy ........ 99, 47, 160 Loughman, Richard , .,,, 82, 151 McDonald, Pearl .... .,,. 8 6 Lehman, Virgil ,...,... 82, 106, 111 118, 106 McDonald Robert . . . . . . . .86 Lehr, June. .128, 133, 112, 47, 102 Loughridge, John . . . . . 110, 74 McDonald Ruth ..... .. . . .82 Lentz, john .....,......,.... 47 Love, Alton ...... 133, 47 McDowell, Helen ............, .74 Lentz, Mary Ellen .,............ 82 Love, Helen ...... ..,,... 9 0 McDowell, jane ..,,,...,,..,,. 86 Lescalleet, Ruth ...... 129, 74, 165 Love, Louise ......... 90 McElroy, Marjorie ..,.,,..... ..90 Leslie, Hazel ..,.......,..,..., 90 Love, Lucille .... ,......... 9 0 McElwain, Elizabeth . 82, 130, 117 Leslie, Raymond ..,........ 90, 89 Lovell, Russell ....,., 110, 47, 62 McFadden, Sue ...... 82, 130, 118 Levin, Ellen 82, 98, 122, 130, 118 Lowe, Harvey ........ 110, 115, 47, McFarland, Donald. . . .110, 74, 102 Lewis, Arthur ................, 95 102, 105 McGee, Robert .......,.... 76, 82 Lewis, Dorothy ,... 110, 124, 128, Loy, Marie ..,....... 47 McGee, Ruth ..............,. H92 112, 47, 122, 114 Lucas, Helen ..,, ,.., 4 7, 128 Mclnturf, junior ..... 131, 48, 124 Lewis, Josephine ....,.....,,.. 86 Luzio, Anthony . , . ,...,.. 48 Mclnturf, Robert ,....,..... , . 82 Lewis, Molly ........, 47, 98, 118 Luzio, john ...., 90, 89 McKim, Anne ..,....., 48, 62, 124 Lichtenstein, jean . , ,107, 121, 63, Luzio, joseph , . . ..,... 74 McKnight, Grover ........ . . . , .95 Sole Agenir For HANNA'S GREEN SEAL PAINT '39 Elliott Hardware Co. 16 West Main Street One Hundred Serfwzly-eight If If! Tires You Wan! SEE.. OLEE The Tire Man RO D ERVICE 61-63 N. Third Street Phone 2740 Newark, Ohio McKnight, Martha ........... .74 Massallas, George ...,........ 82 Miller, Ruth ......., ..... 7 4 McKnight, Marybelle 82, 130, 103, Massallas, Thomas ...106, 82, 151 Miller, William E. 80 117 Mathews, Paul .,..,.,. ,.,,... 7 4 Miller, William . . . . . . . 80 McLaughlin, Betty ........... .95 Mathews, Robert ....l 106, 82, 151 Milligan, Harold ..,,, ,,,.. . so McLean, joe K. ..... ..... 8 2, 151 Matis, Elizabeth . ........... 90 Milligan, Robert . . . . 95, 66 McMullen, Jane ,,.. .....,.. 8 6 Matticks, Barbara ........ 92, 93 Millisor, Mr. Loyd G. 26, 27, 140 McMurty, John .....,.. .... 9 5 Meacham, Betty , .... ..,,, . 82 Mills, Aileen .,,..,,. . 89 McWilliams, Wayne ,... ..,. 8 2 Meacham, Dorothy ,,...,,.. . .74 Mills, Eleanor ..,.... 129, 103, 74, MacDonald, Ruth ............., 82 Meacham, Howard ....... 82, 111 102, 165 MacNealy, Robert .......,.,.. 82 Meacham, Richard . . ..,,. . .87 Mills, Forest . . , ...,.. . . . .50 Macdonald, Mary . 117, 126, 165, Meacham, Robert . . .... 82, 92 Mills, Robert . . . . . , . . 86, 87 48, 119, 114, 128 Meharry, Cecil .. . ....... 82 Milner, Charles ,.., ......... . 89 MacDowell, Helen ,.........,. 122 Melick, Mildred . . ..., .... 8 6 Minor, Geraldine ..... .. .. 86 Mackey, Elizabeth ..........,.., 89 Melick, Ralph ..,,,.,......... 49 Mitchell, Anne ....,.,. 74, 102, 126 Maddux, Carl ,.........,... .74 Mencer, Henrietta ...117, 82, 103 Mitchell, Barbara ,.,......, .. 92 Maginness, john ...,......,,.. 82 Mercer, Betty ,,.....,,........, 92 Mitchell, Betty . ......,, 50, 128 Maharg, Ruth ..67, 131, 74, 98, 103 Mercer, Clarence ...,.,.,... 49 Mitchell, Mr. J. M. ...... 21, 22 Mahon, John ...............,, 95 Mercer, john .... 99, 133, 49, 162 Mitchell, John ..., .. ....... 92 Maidel, Paul ..,...... ........ 4 8 Mercer, Robert .. .49, 150, 152, Mitchell, Joy .... 80, 131, 130, 165 Maier, Virginia .... .... 8 6 159, 99 Mitchell, Mary Louise .... .. 50 Maniace, Anthony .... 86 Messick, Harold ..101, 131, 63, 49, Mitchell, Naomi ......... 80, 130 Mantz, Anton ,... ..., 8 2 104, 113, 105 Mitchell, Richard ..... 110, 74, 103 Mantz, Katherine ...... 86 Messick, jane .,...., 125, 112, 128 Mix, john ...., .......,... . . 92 Marriott, Robert .... ....... 8 2 Mickley, Robert ................ 80 Mix, Mary Elizabeth .... 80, 130 M2ffiOff, Ruth --,- ..... 8 2, 130 Mickley, Ruth ...., ........... 7 4 Mix, Marjorie ....,.,......... 74 Martin, Herbert .... . ,... 89, 66 Mike, Margaret ........... 90, 89 Moats, Annabelle .... ....., 9 5 Martin, Frances .....,...,.. 48, 124 Milbaugh, Virginia ...128, 121, 49, Molnar, Gabriel ,.... ..,.... . 95 Martin, Richard ....,.....,...., 95 122, 112 Monroe, june .......,..... 130. 80 Martin, Wayne .. .135, 82, 136, 106 Miller, Carl .,..... ........... 9 2 Montgomery, Harold . . . . . . . . 160 Martin, Wilbur ..,,.....,...,.. 92 Miller, Charles .... ...,.. 1 .,.. 8 3 Montgomery, Warren ..., .,.. 5 0 Martindale, Frederick ......,.. 48 Miller, Clifford .,..... 99, 49, 162 Montanaro, Charles .... .. 86 Martindale, Paul ........ 76, 82, 149 Miller, Edward ....,.......... 92 Montanaro, james . . . . . .74, 141 Matis, Elizabeth ......,.....,.. 89 Miller, Ella .,........ 109, 49, 121 Montanaro, Ralph .... .. 80 Marzano, Albert 49, 141, 143, Miller, Garnett' .. 130, 80, 131, 118 Moore, Betty ..,... ,,.. . . 95 153, 159 Miller, Gerald ........ 99, 49, 141 Moore, Dorothy .. 129, 74 Mason, Ella jean ,..,.......... 74 Miller, james. . ..,,......,.. 76, 83 Moore, Henry . . . . . . . . . 80 Mason, Juanita ........ 49, 112, 128 Miller, jean .... ....,... 8 0 Moore, james ..... ..... 8 0 Mason, Lucille , . , ,..,....... 95 Miller, Marian . . . ..... 50, 120, Moore, Kenneth . . . . . . . .74 Mason, Ralph ..... 49, 102 121, 107 Moore, Louise . . 89 om 1 . C P1 mmm of C om plzmentr Of AIRE SMAN'S ELECTRIC Co. 56 W. Main Street Newark, Ohio The Diamond Store 51 Hudson Avenue Takes this opportunity to congratulate the Graduates and assure you of our appreciation of your P2lt1'OI18.gC. MAYBOLD HOE TORE This is what a young fellow who was always well-dressed, said: "Yer, I feel well-drerred Iaemme I azlwayr buy my wearing apparel at MITCHELL' "East Side Square" One Hundred Sewwzly-1zi1ze Morrow, Mildred .........,. 9 Moore, Margaret . . . ,.... 80, 130 Moorman, Wilma .. ...... .. Moran, Edwin .,,,........ 74, 103 Morgan, Ann ........ 130, 80, 114 Morgan, Marcella. .50, 102, 124 Morgan, Robert Morin, Fredrick Morrison, Olive Morrison, Jessica . . . ..,.. . . . . Morriss, Alma . . . ...... . . . . Morrow, Donald ..... 69, 141, 142 Myers, Marian ...130, 80, 114, Myers, Margaret. .101, N Naylor, Mary Lou. . . Needham, Robert . .. Negele, Joseph . . . Nehls, Eugene Nehls, Joanna ,,.. Neighbor, Eileen .... Nelson, Paige ....... Nelson, Roby . . . 133 0,89 Mossman, Frederick ......,..,.. 86 Mossman, Gerald .............. 80 Mossman, Marjorie ............. 92 Mueller, Stanley..108, 131, 63, 50, 104, 105, Muhleman, Richard .......... Muhleman, Vivian ....,.... ..,.. Mulquin, Janice 136, 135, 69, 104, 118, 112 Murphy, Adrian ......... Munkachy, Francis ......,,. 80 80, 149 Murphy, Geneva ......,.., 69, 112 Nethers, Carl ..... Nethers, Susan . . . Nethers, Walter .. . Nichols, Esther ....,, Nichols, Herschel .... Noblich, Betty ....,. Norman, Marjorie .. Norman, Robert ..... Norpell, Maxine ,.... Norpell, Patricia . . Norris, Betty . . . Murray, Willian. .101, 69, 152, 105 Norris, Florence .. .,........ .. P Myer, Charlotte ........... 90, 89 Norris, James .. ........... 80 Padgett, Pauline ..,. .... 8 9, 90 Myer, Jeanne ........ 80, 131, 130 Nourse, Carl ..., ,,,. 1 01, 74, 118 Painter, Joseph ...., 135, 69 Myer, Miss Florence. . . 125, 29, 165 Nutter, Betty .,......,. 80, 130, 114 Painter, Luther .,..,.,......,. .80 Myer, Joan .,.,....... 130, 80, 165 Nye, Janet ,...,............... 80 Parker, Betty .................. 69 Myer, June ................... 90 O Passman, William.136, 135, 133, 51 Myer, Mary .... 112, 114, 125, 102, Patterson, Charles ........... 86 87 121, 128, 63, 50, 107, O'Bannon, Gloria .... ...... 9 5 Patterson, Jack ....,........... 80 131, 165, 104, 133, 118 Oberheld, Robert .,.. ........ 6 9 Paulsen, Charles ............... 92 Myers, Donald ................ 69 O'Connor, Richard ....,........ 69 Paulsen, Raymond .,....... 115, 51 Myers, Duane ...........,. 95, 149 O'Connor, Margaret ....,. 82, 130 Paulsen, Vernon ...... ..69 Myers Frederick. .99, 50, 150, 152, O'Dell, Fred ...,.... ........ 8 0 Peart, Dolores ..... ..... 1 29, 69 159, 160, 162 O'Dell, Harold ...,.... ...... 5 1 Pease, Jack ..... ........ 8 6 Myers, Lois. . .129, 69, 98, 118, 165 Offenbaker, Frederick .... .... 8 0 Pease, Owen . . . . . . . . .69 165 69, 118, 129 .....s0,130 50 69 69 69 160 .. 99, 50, ....,.....80 .....a0,130 69 .....69, ...95, 66 ...89,90 ..........s0 ..-51, 118 s0,122,131, 130,165 ......... 93 ..,...51 Ogle, Dolores ,... O'Neal, Paul ...... ....90 O'Neal, Russell H.. . .,....... .69 Orr, Mr. C. E. ..,. 27 140, 141, 144, 159, 160 Orr, Mrs. C. E. ............ 28, 103 Orr, Estella .,... . . ..... 80, 130 Orr, Floyd. . .. .... 133, 69, 104 Orr, Freda . .. ....... .. 90 Orr, James .... 51, 131,113 Orr, Lena ..... ............. 7 4 Orr, Margaret ........ 101, 129, 69, 102, 112 Orr, Mr. Merle .....,,..,.... 140 Orr, Thomas .................. 80 Orr Warren .....,.... 136, 135, 51 Osborn, Charles Owen, Miss Elizabeth ......... 26 Owen, Ellen ........ 129, 69, 104, lO2, 134 Owen, Marjorie .......,... 51, 128 Owen, Mildred. ,. 102, 63, 107, 51, 62, 104, 128, 118 Proferriorzal I rzrtrucliozz Rearorzable Rater Mabell Riggs Younce Teacher of Singing Studio 12k E. Park Place, N. Phone 21541 GEO. T. STREAM Plumbing and Heating Bicycles and Repairs Phone 3379 78 W. Main One Hundred Eight y St. Merrill R. Montgomery ,,,.h....,.fv-.fvvvv-. My-,vvvv-.fvvvv-vw Lumber and Builders' Supplies .,,,,,,,,.,,.,v.,-.Aa-rv-fvvvv-vvs ,,,,.,,.,.,vvv-,vv-vvvvvvv-vw 130-138 North Cedar Street E. V. McCament Ambulance Service 43, ,ir 95 56' Funeral Home, 117 W. Church St. Phone 2081 Peck, Annabel .,.. Peck, Mary ,... Peel, Austin .... Peel, Robert ...,.. Petfers, Gerald ..,,.. Peffers, Mary Edith Penick, Hazel .... 109 Penick, Kenneth .... Penick, Norma jean. . Penick, Vernon ..... Perdue, Edward Perkins, Maeabelle . Pethel, Dorothy Petrey, Eugene ..... Pfeffer Mr. George.. Phillips, Frances ..,.. ....129,69 ,.,.,.92 .....80 ,..,160 89 , 118, 51, 62, 98,123 ,... .95 69 .....92 . ,..,, 51 .,...77 .51, 124, 128 Phillips, Kathleen ...165, 129, 121, 107, 69, 101, 118,114, 112 Phillips, Margaret ......,...,... 92 Phillips, SUSIC ..,,,.,.......... 95 Pierce, Richard ...... Pierce, Ruth .,....... Pierce Vir inia .,,... .......92,93 135, 101, 69 ...,..80130 , 8 3 Pletcher, Stella ,,....,,..,...,. 89 Pletcher, William .... 101, 69, 122, 133 103, Plymale, Roy. .106, 80, 141, 143, 118 Pope, Charles .....,.... 80, 118, Popham, Bernice . . Popham, Frank . . . 98, 141, 151 . .,...,.., so ....s0, 151 Porter, Carol .,.,.,,..,.,,,..., 90 Porter, Herbert ,....,........, 86 Porter, Irma ,.......,......... 52 Pound, Helen .... 124, 128, 127, 52, 62, 112, 121 Pound, Raymond ............... 92 Powell, Don .... ,....,....... 5 2 Rankin, Martha .......,... 80, 130 Powell, Elsie .........,......, 61 Rauck, Raymond .. 69, 141, 142, Powell, Thomas ...... 101, 69, 118 150, 153, 159 Pratt, Edwin ......,,.......,.. 69 Raymond, john. .136, 82, 144, 160 Pratt, Robert ,.......,,.. 52, 122 Raymond, Richard ...,..,.. 83 Price, Gloria ..,. 83, 130, 114, 165 Raymond, Robert . 99, 69, 162 Price, Kathryn ..,,....,,.,.... 80 Reck, George ,,..... ,. 89 Price, Lucille ,....,........,,..., Rechel, Betty .... 52, 112, 128 Price, Maurice . ..... 95 Rector, Betty .. . ...... , .. 69 Priest, Bonnilee ....... 52 Rector, Cleo . . . ,,..,... . .95 Priest, Clyde .... .... 8 0, 118 Rector, Louis . . . . , . .77 Priest, Keith . . . . , 90, 89 Rector, Velma , . . . . . .95 Priest, Virginia ...., 69 Redd, June ..... .. 89, 90 Priest, Wilma . ..,. 86 Redman, Mary .. .... .83 Prince, Alfred . .... 69 Redman, Paul , , . . . .69 Prince, Marjorie ,,.... 89 Redman, Thelma ..... 95 Prior, Elmer ...... ...,.... 5 2 Redue, Thomas . ...... 83 Prior, William ...... ..... 9 5, 149 Reel, Maxine ...,. 52, 112 Pritchard, Pauline .,....... T. . .69 Pritchett, Geraldine Prysi, Leona ..,133, 128, 125, 112, Puffer, Alice ...,. 128, 125, 52, 52, 121 165 Pugh, Miss Rosa A. .... 109, 27, 98 Q Queen, Anna .... Queen, Grace .... Queen, Paul ,....... R Radcliff, Jeanne ..,.. Radcliff, Frances .,,., Radu, Thomas ..., Ralph, George ..... Ramsey, Edward ..,. .......,69 52 .....s3, 122 .....129,69 ....83, 130 .,,...,.77 --.---93 ,.....95 Randaxhe, Yvonne ..,. ........ 9 5 Rankin, Marjorie .... .....s0, 130 Reese, George .. Reichert, justin . Reid, Eileen Reid, Hazel, .53, 102, Reid, Jeanne ....,.. Reid, Thomas ..... Renner, Ralph .,... Restorick, Mary Rexroth, Mrs. Mary Rhodeback, George Richards, Mary .,.. Richards, joseph Richards, Rosalie 81 52,105,133 ......,..81 107, 112, 128 93 89 ....69 ...28 ....81 .,... H80 81 53, 112, 121, 128, 123, 131 Richards, Virginia .,...,... 81, 130 Richards, William ...,......... 86 Richardson, Arline ,.,,...,...., 95 Richardson, William ....,,. 86, 87 Ricket, Paul .......... 69, 135, 136 Ricketts, Fred ................. 64 Complimenlr of McKim upply Co. Thor Washers Ironers Leonard Refrigerators Fixtures Electrical Supplies Phone 3326 LICKING A LAUNDRY CQMP NY Sincere Good Wifher NEW ARCADE THEATRE Alwayr a better show! UTHERES ALWAYS A WOMAN" joan Blondell-Melvyn Douglas Coming Soon 29 North Fourth St. Men's Suits Cleaned and Pressed 01.00 Phone 4046 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Spomored by Bzzrinerfmen Summer Term: june 14-Aug. 20 Fall Term Starts Sept. 6 Phone 2092 One Hundred Eiglalykone Richrick, Helen Louise ,... 81, 130 Ross, Charles. ,. ...,. 99, 53 Sanders, Robert ,.., ,.,, 1 31, 54 Rickus, Betty Louise .,.... 69, 131 Ross, Robert ..... ....... 9 2 Satterfield, Eddie ,... .....,.. 9 2 Rickus, M21XinC .4.. ..., 8 9, 90 Rothstein, Barbara , ..... 90 Savage, Dana ..... ...... .... 7 1 Rico, Louis ,.,...,. ...... 6 9 Rowe, Bernice . . . .,...,, 92 Sayatovich, Helen, ,. . 54, 62, 124 Ridenour, Jack ...... .,.. 8 1 Rowe, Metha .......,,...,. 90, 89 Scales, Betty ........ . .129, 71, 112 Ridenbaugh, George . . . .,.... 89 Rowe, Rose .......,.,..,,. 129, 71 Scarbrough, Virginia ..,., 122, 83, Rigleman, Dorothy ......,.,. 81 Rowland, Roy ...,.,,..... 53, 107 130, 165 Rine, Clyde ..,....,. ,..,. 9 5, 66 Rubel, Betty ...,. 136, 83, 130, 165 Schaller, James .....,...,..,... 93 Rine, Elsie ........ .,.... 8 0 Ruff, Norman .......,...,.... 53 Schenck, Mary Evelyn 128, 63, 54, Rine, Esther ...., 53 Ruffner, Janet .132, 63, 53, 62, 104, 114, 112, 132 Rinehart, June . ,. .... 90 118, 128 Schenk, Phyllis. . .132, 133, 54, 104, Ritchie, Edgar .. ..... 83 Ruffner, Mildred .,....... 83, 130 112, 128 Rizzo, Frank ,,,..,.. .,,, 8 3 Rupright, Irene ...... 71, 104, 102 Schenk, William 83, 122, 149, 121 Roach, Mary .... ...... ..... 6 9 Rusk, Floyd ...... 136, 135, 71, 104, Schitfeler, Mrs. Sarah S. . 28, 102 Robb, Mrs, Dorothy ....,..,.., 26 134, 105 Schisler, Ivadel ...... ,....... 9 0 Roberts, Alice ,.,...........,. 69 Rusk, Richard .......,...,..... 92 Schleilfer, Madeline .. 54, 112, 128 Roberts, Jeanne ........,. 89, 90 Russell, Jack ..,.............,. 89 Schilling, Joseph ............,., 71 Roberts, Virginia ..,. 110, 109, 69, Russell, Mary Jane ..... 129, 71, Schinske, Ruth .,.. 129, 62, 71, 102 102, 101 112, 121 Schmoll, Minnie ...,...,....... 83 Robinson, Howard .,.........,, 69 Russell, Ralph ..... ...,..... 5 3 Schmitt, Helen ................ 95 Roby, Ruth .,.. . . . ....,.. 92 Rutledge, James . ..,.... 83 Schmitt, Otto ......,,...... . . .83 Roderick, Betty ..,, .... 8 3 Ruton, Charles ..,.,,..,,...... 83 Schoeller, Frances .......... 89, 90 Roe, Robert . ..... .... 5 3 Ryan, Elsie .,.....,.,.......,. 83 Schofield, Joann ...... 117, 83, 75, Rogers, Arland .... ..., 8 3 Ryan, Marcia .. .,,., 108, 53, 62, 118, 103 Rogers, Juanita ,... ......, 7 0 112, 128 Schonberg, Theodore 108, 71, 104, Rogers, Wayne ..,. .,...,... 7 1 Ryan, Ralph . . ..,.......,... 53 119 134, 107, 103 Roley, Gladys .,.. .... 1 29, 71 Ryan, Walter ...,.,..,........ 95 Schnell, Ilo ..........,......., 90 Roley, Pearl .... ... 83, 130 Ryan, William .,.99, 71, 150, 153 Schwartz, Ralph .,. ........,..54 Rolf, Evelyn ..... ....... 9 2 S Scott, Ervin ...,. .... 1 06, 83 Romine, Ernest ..,............. 53 Scott, Leah ,........ .,.. 1 30, 83 Rolph, Alice ,............. 92, 93 Sachs, James ....... .,..., 8 3, 118 Scott, Neva Jane ..,. ,...... 7 1 Roof, Janet .71, 122, 131, 112, 129 Sachs, Mr. Paul .............. 140 Scott, Norman ,,.. ...... 8 3 Roof, Martha ..,,............., 90 Sachs, Samuel ,... 99, 105, 71, 141, Scott, Walter .,.....,..,....,.. 71 Rose, Carl ......,........... 86 160, 102, 106 Seaman, Kenneth .......... 110, 71 Rose, Donald .......,......... 92 Sager, Mr. P. H. .......,.,...,. 26 Sedgwick, Stewart 135, 71, 131, 105 Rose, Dorothy .....,....... 129, 71 Sampoul, Russell ............, 83 Seese, Dwayne ,.,.......,...,. 89 Roshon, Ellen ...., 63, 104, 112, Sanders, Bertalene ,..., 129, 71, 112 Sees, Janet .................... 90 107, 128 Sanders, Estle .,............... 83 Selby, Arthur . . . . . . , ,89 IEE Congratulations Class ,38 C0mP11me'1f5 Q Of is iiiiziri T HOMPSON'S FOR HIGH-GRADE DRY Flowers CLEANING AND PRESSING SERVICE Call Callander Cleaning Co. Fourth and Church Phone 27 10 One Hundred Eiglazy-two for every occasion Pounds Flower Shop Hudson at Church Phone 3368 Sensabaugh, joseph . . . Sepos, Margaret ...... Sessor, Russell .... , Settles, Earl .... .,... Settles, Mary ......... , Seufert, Diana ,,..... 54, Sforza, Anthony .. ..,, .. 131 .83 .71 89 .71 95 102 83 Compliffzenls of the Shackleford, Susanna .,....... 83 Shannon, Carl .,.......,..., 83 Shannon, Elizabeth . , , . . . . 86 Shannon, Marjorie ., 128, 127, 112, 541621981118 BURKE GOLF Shauck, Eldon .,., 54, 62, 119, 102 Shaw, Edna .,..,....,,....... 83 Shaw, Eugene ..,...,. , . . . .71 Shaw, Marcella .,..,. 83, 130, 165 I Shaw, Keith , . , .,.,... . . 89 Shaw, Warren ............... .71 Shea, Margaret .....,........., 92 Shearer, june ...............,,. 71 Sheboy, Mary Margaret H128 63, 54, 104, 123, 153 Shell, Paul .................. 89 Rent 21 WURLITZER Shell, Richard ,,....,.... 89, 149 A , h Shepherd, Mildred ,........ . 95 Shepherd, Velma 128, 54, 118, utomatlc Onograp 112, 123 Sherman, Esther ,..,,...,. 83, 130 For Your Next Party Sherman, Jeanette .,...... 54, 131 Sherman, Mr. Edgar .....,..., 149 Sherrard, Ruth ...128, 133, 55, 112 Shields, Betty Jane. .128, 55, 62 112 Shields, Clarence ..,.,..., 71, 120 Shields, Marcia ..,.,.,..,.. 55, 131 1 ' Shinn, George ...,...,.,,.,,... 92 138 E. Main Street-Phone 2900 ' Shinn, John M33, 55, 152, 159, 105 N d U d R d ew an Je erm' I SEE IE YOU NEED . GLASSES SEE Powell Electric Company , for 1 MRS. C. P. REYNOLDS Electrical Work and Merchandise Dealers for Copeland Electric Refrigerators 18 E. Church Streetw-Ph. 5994 Congratulations to the Class of 138 . . . You can get INVISIBLE Half Soles at The Ohio Shoe Repair THE SQUARE DEAL OPTOMETRIST Twenty-seven years' experience in the examination of eves makes her especially capable of fitting you. Best Frames and Lenses Used Prices to Suit Each and Every One 71 East Main Street Phone 26111 Newark, Ohio Compliments of 32 NORTH RYA FOURTH sr. BRG , NEWARK One Hmzdfed Eighty-three Shipp, Clyde .... 106, 83, 141, 142, Smith, Enola .... ..., 8 1, 130 Speaks, William ..........., 99, 71 151, 118 Smith, Ernest .... ....,....., 5 5 Spellman, Helen .,.... 125, 121, 128, Shoemaker, Disney .,...,..,... 95 Smith, Mr. F. W. ...... 101, 27, 105 56, 131, 102 114, 112 Shoemaker, Sidney ......, 66 Smith, Ilene ....,. ....,...... 9 0 Spitzer, Dorothy ........... 81, 165 Shrigley, Betty .... .... 7 1 Smith, james ......... 55, 95 Sprowls, Ann ..... ....... . .89 Shrock, Donald ..,.... . ...., 92 Smith, jean ........,.. 81, 131, 90 Stage, Kenneth ..... 81, 149 Shrock, Mr. Edward ..... ..... 1 40 Smith, john ........,,.,......, 89 Stage, Marjorie .... ....... 9 2, 93 Sh1'OCk, Harfbld .... ..-. 9 2 Smith, Kenneth ...,........ 71, 131 Stair, Robert . . , .,..,..,... . .86 Shubirg, Dorothy ..,. 71 Smith, Laverne .... 128, 81, 118, 103 Stamas, Bessie ,...,... 110, 81, 130 Shubirg, Gerald ..... 83 Smith, Lucille .....,..,...,.... 71 Stanley, Shirlene ........,... 71, 62 Siegel, Mr. Carl ..,. ,..,, 1 40 Smith, Miss Nelle ..,......... 28 Steele, Darrell ................. 56 Siegle, Evelyn .... .,., 5 5 Smith, Opal ..,,.. 108, 55, 131, 124 Steele, Florence .....,.......... 95 Siegle, Rhea ..... ...., 1 30 Smith, Oscar ....,,...,.... 86, 87 Steele, Gladys ..,. 108, 56, 62, 124 Simpson, David . . . .,..., 83 Smith, Pauline ...... ,..... 8 6 Steele, Harold ............... . .81 Simpson, Paul ,,... .... 8 9, 90 Smith, Mr. Ralph ,.......,..,.. 106 Steele, Mildred ...,...,.... 56, 124 Simpson, Robert ,,.... 55 Smith, Reva .,...,.......,..... 55 Steele, Wilma .,.,.... 117, 71, 103 Simpson, Russell . . . .... 71 Smith, Richard ..............., 89 Steen, Richard ......... 136, 101, 56 Sipos, Margaret . . . ..,... Smith, Robert ...... 136, 135, 81, 90 Steinman, Eugene. .106, 81, 149, 151 Sissea, Marie ..,.. .... 9 0 Smith, Sylvia .... ,,,........ 8 1 Steinman, William ............. 89 Skinner, Kathryn . . . ..., 89 Smith, Wilbur . . . .....,....... 86 Stephans, Mazee ........, . . . . . .95 Skinner, Mary ..., ..,... 7 1 Smith, Wilma .... .... 1 29, 71, 112 Stevens, joseph Arthur ,,.....,.. 71 Skinner, Robert ............. 86, 87 Smith, Wilma .,..... .90 Stevens, Eugene ............,. .92 Skinner, William .,.....,... 86, 87 Smoke, Floyd ,... ...,..,..., . 56 Stevens, Charles ...,...,... 81, 106 Slater, Ruth .,... 129, 71, 131, 112 Smothers, George ........... .71 Stevens, Eleanor .. ......, 90 Slotterbeck, Charles ............ 83 Snelling, Betty . , . ,....,...., .56 Stevens, Lenore . . . . , . . . . . . .89 Smiley, Jeanne.. 129, 71, 112 Snelling, Eugene.. ...135, 81, 151, Stevens, Louene .,,. .. .56, 124 Smith, Betty ...,......,....,... 81 136, 106 Stevens, Gene .... ...,.,. 9 5 Smith, Edna .... ......... 9 5 Snoor, Kenneth .. .....,...., 89 Stevens, Richard ..,,.,,. .61, 163 Smith, Charles.. ..,., 110, 71 Somers, Harriet .... ..... 5 6, 128 Stevens, Ruthellen .,.....,.,... 71 Smith, Mr. C. P. ...,.... 116, 28, 98 Sou.ders, Franklin . . ....... 92 Stevens, William. . 133, 5 104, 124 Smith Donald . ..55, 95, 66 Souslin, Mildred . ..,,......... 56 Stewart, june Lucille .,....,,.. .71 Smith, Donald L. . . . ..,....... Spangler, Marcella .......... 56, 131 Stewart, Rosemary ..,,....,. . . .81 Smith Edna .,.... ....... 5 5 Spangler, William R. ..,...,..,. 81 Stiff, Catherine ....... ...... 8 1 Smith, Edward ..... .,......, 6 6 Spangler, Virginia .........,... 90 Stiff, Mildred ..... ....... 7 1 Smith, Elizabeth ..,.. ,... 1 01, 71 Sparks, Maxine ....... 110, 125, 56, Stockdale, Betty ..,........ 71, 128 Smith, Ellsworth ..,.. .... 1 06, 81 114, 112, 121, 128 Stockdale, William ,.,.,......, 95 Smith, Elma .,.... .....,. 8 1 Speaks, Donald ............,,.. 81 Stoeckmann, Mr. George .... 25, 30 Diiznzoniii' . . . WdlCb6.f C om plznienls jewelry HAYNES BROS. E.ftabli.rlaeii 1894 Of CRISS BROS. 12 East Park Place, North . SMITH SONS Established 1865 Serving Licking Connly Over 73 Years BUILDING MATERIAL and DEVOE PAINTS Phone 3736 One Hundred Eighty-fain' L. O. L. P. We Suggest Fountain Pens Calling Cards and Stationery for GRADUATION GIFTS The Edmistonis Book Store Co. I 1 Stoll, William . . . Stough, Dorotha . Stought, Lawrence Street, Robert Stroud, Delbert .. Stuart, Aimee ,,.. Sturn, Wilma Sullivan, Betty ., Sullivan, james . . Sutton, Eugene .. ....92 ....71 81 ...71, 120,107 Sutton, Sylvia .......,,.... 71, 124 Swain, Charlotte. . . 103, 107, 70, 62, 117 118 s Swain, Clara . .,.. . Swan, Charlene ..,, Swan, Richard .... Swank, Mr. J. W.. Swanbeck, Lewis . , . Sweeney, Robert . . . Swern, Carl ..... 131, 119, 93 89 ....27 Swern, Herbert .... Swern, Robert ..,.. Swigart, Mr. D. C.. Swigart, Phyllis, ,122, Swigart, Shirley. .78 .. .,,.81 92 I.fi57 ,.....86 7 .......22, 140 131, 70, 112, 129, 110 122, 131, 130 T Taafel, Richard ....... 105, 70, 98, 120, 118 Tait, William ...........,.. 92, 93 Targett, Margaret .,.,...,..,,.. 95 Tate, Carl E. ...... . .136, 135, 81, Ke1ley's Grocery X.J f'N 679 Hollander St. -:- 11 North 30th St. Tel. 48892 Tel. 47303 Ashley's Electric Shop Norge Appliances Wiring, Supplies and Fixtures Phone 35 33 122, 131 Tate, HafOld2 ......... 110, 111, 81 NO. Wgst Church Street Tauver, William ...,,,.......,. 92 Taylor, Rupert , . . . ,,...,.... 89 Newark, Ohio Crane-Krieg-Flory Cl!F HARDWARE Paints - - Glass O. D. Hollar 8: Son Plumbing and Heating Norge Refrigerators and Combustioneer Stokers 62 West Church St. Phone 2584, Newark, Ohio Our personal concern is in seeing that each service represents 21 real heartfelt tribute. Gutliph 8: Henderson Corner Church and Fifth Streets Phone 2082 Congratulations to Class of 1938 Complimenlf of Hoops Confectionery West Main St., Newark, Ohio One Hundred Eighty-jfzfe Thomas, james .,,.. Taylor, Wayne . ,. Teel, Kathleen ..,. Telvin, john ...,.... Teuscher, Margaret , . Tharp, Virginia ..... ......9z ......95 .....70,164 70 I. I. . '.i12.9.,i 70 Thomas, Miss Eunice ........,, 28 Thompson Betty ...,. ,... 92 90 70 81 Trowbridge, William .57, 63, 104, 105, Truex, Frederick ..,. 141, 142, 99 .....81,111 Trumpower, Helen ..,.......... 90 Tucker, Betty ...... Tumblin, Donald . . . Turner, Andrew .... .......70 ,....70,164 .......70 Varner, Richard .,,. .... 9 5 Varner, Robert . . . ,.,..... . .70 Vermillion, Dale ...,....... 95, 66 Vermilion, Dorothy .... 129, 70, 131 Vermillion, Helen ,...,....,... 95 Vogan, Virginia ,,,.......,,.. 86 Vintilla, Mary jane ..,.....,. 90 Vogel Elizabeth. .127, 58, 62, 110, Thompson, Hubert .... ..., U 102, 101, 107 Thompson, Lucille .... .... U 11-igh, Elgie ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 3 1 Vogel, june .........,...,..... 95 Thompson, Mabel . . . .,.... Unteed, Frances , , . .... 89, 90 Vogel Virginia ...,.., . . , . . .70 Thompson Marie .--. ..1.... U nternaher, Mary ............. 86 W ThOf1'1pSOl'l, Paul .....,.... 57, 1 Upggn, Annette .,-,,,,,,,, 92, Thompson, Robert .............. Upson, Hgward H 62 70, 98, 105, Wade, Charles .........., .... 8 6 Tiemann, Fred .,.. 110, 115, 81, 151 107, 118 120, 141, 99 Wade, Charles Francis .......... 70 Tiemann, james ..,... 110, 115, 57, Utrevis, jack ..,.....,,..,,,,, 81 Wagers, john ....,..,......... 87 150, 153 Vlfagner, Lawrence ..,...,....., 70 Tilton, jack ..,............. 95, 66 V Wagner, Marjorie .......... 78, 130 Tipltm, Leonard ..-4 ....... V aiea, Constance ...,...... 89, 90 Walcutt, Thomas ,.,. 136, 135, 106, Tipton, Margaret .... .... 5 7, 113 Vaiea, Mary .,................ 90 78, 131, 151, 152, 118 Titus, Suwnne A-A- -1..41. V aiea, Olga ..,... 117, 70, 62, 119, Waldren, Roy ................. 86 Toney, jean ........ ..., 1 28, 102, 107 Walker, Bertha .,.. 128, 108, 58, 62, Toothman, Elwyn ,.,. ,... 7 0, 101 VanAtta, Donna jean .....,,... 89 112, 123 Toothman, Xvilbur. .. .... 70, 124 Vance, Dorothy ....,...,. 81, 130 Walker, Calvin ............. .. 66 Touvell, Irene 1....,. VanCuren, Carl ..,....... 81, 111 Walker, Earl ...106, 78, 151 Touvell, JHITICS -'-.,- Vandayburg, Dean ..., .,..,... 8 9 Walker, john .... ....... 7 0, 107 TOUHSCUCL WllCY ---- VanFossen, Eloise .... .... 9 2, 93 Wallace, jean ,... .,,.,.. . .86 T0l1I1SCr1Cl, William ....-....... VanFossen, Helen ..,.. ,....... 5 8 Wallace, Harry . .. .,,....,. . .78 Trace, Mary ...,..,.,,........ VanFossen, Mildred . . ...... 128, 58 Walt, Marjorie ...,........... 92 Tracey, Walter ...,..... 33, 57, 98, Van Voorhis, Charles ...,....... 58 Walters, Dorothy ..... 112, 58, 63, 118, 115 Van Winkle, Edgar ,.......,... 95 121, 131, 128, 104, 122, 107, 120 Tracey, William 4.,-..--..-..,. 92 Van Winkle, Mark ............. 95 Walter, Clyde ........,,,.,... 149 Trai-'Y, Ruth ,-... ..---.-..... 1 . VanWinkle, Robert ........,... 81 Walters, Grace .,...,...... 90, 89 Trager, Frederick ..,.. ' ........ Varasso, Orville ..... 70, 160, 107 Walters, Marjorie .... .... 9 0, 89 Trefzer, Carolyne. .57, 112, 123, 128 Varner, Ann. ,108, 58, 62, 124, 123 Walters, Robert .... ,... 9 0, 89 Trimble, Neil -...-... 57, 117, 133 Varner, Carson ..,,...... ..81, 162 Walters, Ray . ,,,.... . .,.... 78 Trost, Ruth ........,...,...... 95 Varner, Leland ............,... 78 Walters, Raymond ..., ..., 5 8 Furniture Say It W'ith Flower! Rugs HALBROOKS FLORISTS Stoves WE GROW OUR OWN FLOWERS THF NPCOA Store Phone 3171 - 12 East Church Street 57-59 West Main Street Greenhouse Phone 5028 - 286 North Cedar Street Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Association SAWYER' Ellsworth L. Tate MARKET Save Your Eyes Optometrist , 'Gooo' Food It Gooo' Health" Phone 4362 27 N. Fourth St. Newark, Ohio 393 East Main Street One Hundred Eighty-tix Walz, Josephine .,............. 58 Warman, Donald ...,........,. 70 Warner, Ann ...,. .103, 104, 120, 70, 134 Warnock, Laura .......,......, 89 Warrington, jack .,..,.... 135, 70 Warthen, William .,....., 78, 118 Warthen, Elizabeth ......., 70, 102 Washington, Luster . . . ,.,., . .58 Weakley, Clair .,... Weaver, Owen ...,. Weaver, Robert ..... Webb, Ralph ,...,.. Weekley, William Weekl Kathleen Weia t Helen Y, n , . . . Weiss, Dorothy .,.. Weiss, joy .....,... Wells, Linda ..,.. Wells, Paul .... Wells, Robert ..,. Welsch, George .,... Welsh, Betty ,...... Welsch, Harold .... ,..-95 ,.,..78 ...,.78 .....78 89 .....,.78 ..,..129, 70 90 92 90 ...ass ..,,...5s .....92,93 ..,......78 .,...7O,141 Wfelsh, Harry ...... .,., 1 35, 78 Welsch, Mary ....,... ...... 1 18 Wentz, Douglas ...,..., .,.., 9 2 Wessinger, Elizabeth Wessinger, Frank ....,,.,....., 78 Westbrook, Kathryn ,,.,....,... 78 Westbrook, Robert .. 99, 105, 67, 70, 150, Weston, Marjorie .. Weymer, Ruth ..., Wharton, john . . . White, Charles 155, 159, 118 .....59 ....,70 CONGRATULATIONS 1938 CLASS Allen, Brashear 8: Haslop 9 West Park Place obil's Shoe Store Shoes of style and quality for the family at Reasonable Prices 14-16 North Park CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1938 We Hope You All Continue on to Greater Things! ATH- A- NOR THE MAY-FIEBEGER COMPA Y South 21st Street 1 -Ili Phone 6069 Everything Pertaining to Warm Air Heating Air Conditioning Stokers Insulation One Hzzndred Eiglaly-,ve1fen White, Goldie ,.,,,.. 110, 129, 70 104, 112 78 White, Mary ..,,...,,..,...... Whitehead, Mr. Willis A. ,...... 30 Whitmer, Dexter ..,..,..,..... 86 86 Whyde, Katherine ..,...,...... Wfieber, john ,,....,.......,.. 59 Wiemer, George ......,,....,.. 78 Wilkin, Clara Mae ..... 129, 70, 102 Wilkin, Donald ..,..........,. 78 Wilkin, Elmer .. .,....,,.. 78 Wilkin, Lavina .... .... 5 9 Wilkins, Martha ....... .... 7 0 Willard, Robert ,............,. 78 Willey, Rachel ...........,.... 70 Williams, David ,... 156, 70, 122, 105, 135, 101 Williams, Doris .........,.... 78 Williams, Frances ..... 128, 59, 124 Williams, jean .,.. 75, 78, 98, 130, 118 165 1 Williams, Kathleen ..,......... 90 Williams, Lillian .....,... 70, 124 Williams, Margaret ,.,.,....,.. 86 Williams, Myrtle .... .... 9 0, 89 Williams, Richard . . . .... .135 Williams, Willie .. .... 92 Wilson, Arthur . ,........... 95 Wilson, Betty ......,.,...,..... 70 Wilson, Forrest ..,..........,.. 92 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Katheryn .... 128, 59, 131, 114, 112, 121 Martin .,,,.,.... Maxine ......... Sadie , . . Virginia ......59 ......92 ....78 ....78 When in Need of PAINT See Horner's Newark Paint Co. Phone 3524-38 W. Church St. SINCLAIR H. C. Gasoline 1 to 3 more miler per gallon Compliment! of Donell's Home Bakery Butter Twist Bread and Cakes for All Occasions 45 South Second Street Phone 2927 G. B. HUNTER Typewriters Illllllllllllllllllllllll Royal Typewriters IIlllllllllllllllllllllll Rentals Service Complimenlf 0 f GAYTIME F ROCKS Coats-Suits-Dresses Millinery-Sport Wear 19 S. Park Place Tlaerebf 4 Reafofz Why Everyone Comer 20 ART' Beauty Saoppe ALL KINDS OF PERMANENT WAVES 3291.50 to 1110.00 215 West Main Street Phone 3338 29 W. Main Opposite Seventh Street Phone 2060 One Hundred Eighty-eiglo! r 1 1 l l Wilson, William ,.,....... 89 Winn, Marjorie ...,.. 165, 70, 102, 129, 114, 112 Winter, Robert .......,..,. 66, 135 Wintermute, Eleanor ...,,...,,, 95 Wintermute, Ernest ........... Wintermute, jean. .59, 131, 112, Wintermute, john ...,.....,..,, 89 Wintermute, Margaret ..... 129, 70, 104, 110, 102 Wintermute, Robert ....,....., 86 Winters, Robert ............... 95 Wise, Fred ..,,....... 136, 135, 78 Wobbecke, Kenneth ...99, 59, 62, 141, 142, 105 Wolfe, Bernice ................ 86 Wolfe, George ......,...., 110, 59 ,59 107 Wolfe, james ............... 95, 66 Wolfe, Margaret Lee ...,.. 90, 89 Wolfe, Mary ....., 133, 63, 59, 104 Wolfe, Morris ...........,.... 59 Wolfe, Sidney ,......,.,,..... 95 Woltjen, Ralph .,.99, 70, 150, 153, 159, 105 Wolverton, Esther .,......, 78, 118 Wolverton, Mildred .,....., 129, 70 Wolverton, Warner .... 132, 63, 60, 107 104, Wonders, Virginia ........... 78 Wood, Bernadine .,,...., 128, 60 Woodyard, Gene .... 106, 78, 141 Woolard, Beth Anne ........ 78, 130 Worden, Doris ....,..,...... , ,89 Worden, Walter ..,,.,,........ 78 Workman, Joan. .129, 104, 131, 70, 114, 112 Worley, Martha .....,....,,.., 78 Complimefztx Of Your Local KROGER Store Managers I-IOP SEAR' AVE AMERICAIS FINEST BICYCLES SPORTING GOODS Priced to Please We Service All Makes of Bicycles T R A C E Y ' S Opposite Postoffice SMITI-I'S DRY CLEANING "The Place of Greazer Carey' Phone 9758 111 W. Main St. Newark, Ohio SEE US FOR Welding and Machine Work Complete Stock of Standard Auto Parts SUPERIOR WELDING and MACHINE CO. Rear 58 W. Main St.-Phone 2269 M. Schonberg 81 Sons Fred Schonberg, Sole Owner Waite PHONE Auto Meztemzls 3 3 4 8 W1'eeking Scrap Iron, Rags, Metal, Paper Stock, junk, Used Cars, New and Used Parts, Used Cars, Glass Installed 113 to 143 Wfest Railroad Street One Hundred Eiglfly-nine Worley, Mildred ..... ...., 6 0 Worth, Robert ................ 60 Wortman, Robert 99, 60, 141, 143 Wright, Arthur ,...... 99, 60, 62, 160, 162 Wright, Catherine ...129, 107, 70, 101, 114, 112, 165 Wright, Charles ...... 60, 113, 105 Wright, Edwin ..,..,....,.... 92 Wright, Kenneth ........... 95, 66 Wright, Margaret Ann ,,.. 128, 60, 114, 112, 165 Wright, Raymond ..........,.. 95 Wyant, Phoebe jane. . , . . . . .78 Y Yannelli, Frances . , ,..... 70, 165 Yarger, jean ,...... ..78, 130, 103 Yaus, Charles . . . .......,. . .92 Yerian, Helen . . ..,,. 70 Yingling, Louise .,...,.., 60 Yost, Esther , . . ..,.,..,. . .70 Yost, William ........ 70, 135, 136 Congratulations to All Hi gh School Graduates QUALITY FURNITURE Carlile's Furniture 81 Rug Co. 'rNBZUd1'k'I Dependable Home FHl'7ZiJ'l967'JN West Main at Arcade, Newark, Ohio SPORT STYLE SUITS To Make Yourself Dressy and Attractive THE HUB C 0 n gmtulatio nr to the Clays 1938 .ab Svvingle Music Store One llrnzdrcd Nifzclj' C om plimentf 0 f the HANG-OUT Chatterbox Grill Compliments of Union Electric Shop C. W. BELT, W. L. BEARD 405 W. Main St.-Phone 6077 A. P. Hess Co. Younce, Russell ...... . . .104 Young, Beatrice . .. .78 Young, Evelyn .. ,. 70 Young, jean ..,,..,..... . .70 Young, Marjorie 60, 62, 110, 112, 114, 108, 122, 126, 128, 0, 165 Young, Mary ..., . .78 Young, Phyllis ...... ,.,, 7 8 Z Zeiher, Paul ............ 92 Zipperer, Barbara ..... 70, 129, 131 Zipperer, Mary ......., 8, 130 Patromze Our Adfuertzsers Advocate Print Newark, Ohio C 0 l1g1'6Zlllldfi0l7.1' to the CLASS OF 1938 Clunis 81 Householder O. For all your dairy food pmdzzfty MILK . . . COTTAGE CH EESE CREAM . . . BUTTERMILK THE DAVIS C A BUTTER . . ICE CRE b You can Whip Our Cream cannot beat Our Milk PHONE 4003 M ut you Conzplinzefztx of S. S. KRESGE CO. 25C to 351.00 Store 11 North Third Street Newark, Ohio 65 Newark, Ohio He1'e'5 Health . . . Perfectly Pasteurized Milk -:- Cream Cottage Cheese Buttermilk -:- Butter Furnas Quality Ice Cream THE FURNAS ICE CREAM COMPANY 4054-Phone-4054 W. T. Grant Co 17 South Third Street One Ilfnzdred Nirzcly , ,-..-1-..,..'v.,-.qi l , F , - 1 - Wutograpbs I ,ij xx. .. , M mx ,X wlfj Qsqlx K1 5 J U ' H . a JH! Qi Qwilzbzm Lg-,SLM WM ,3,- Qu CLWWQ 5' 'i ff MK A

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