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■ r y w . w ay vjr jr ft if A M ' mIpI 1 1 y fill L T IL yz r 1 ' o v Y - (A A kkZfcyvO- 1 JL 1 § 5 ° 3 _ — o _;g 8 co 2 00 R ATT nJEW RK 5ENI0R HIGH SCHOOL HH ’■ _ fi l ■ jjsrsrs 11111161 K L»- «» • « 1 r ■■ ■ fc» S: M lllllbfljlf ' mWm mrnm If. Mi iWjgf ■ vmi Mil ANNUAL STAFF Associate Editors Amy Henzy, James Walker ASSISTANTS Cornelia Jones Suzanne Rivitz Mary Ann Hale Carolyn Crawford Giles Smucker Edwin Pryor ART PHOTOGRAPHERS Amy Henzy Patti Rice Richard Seiter Giles Smucker Richard Lippincott TYPIST Reatrice Mclnturf BUSINESS STAFF Robert Bain, Assistant Manager Charlene Canter Carol Cochran Betty Lou Eifinger John Ewald Faith Fletcher Ellen Flowers Richard Fluhart Jean Haas Carole Haley Ann Lou Harris Louise Jones Helen Orr Marjorie Simpson Jo Stichter Betty Tripp Sue Taylor Foreword Let ' s go to the circus! And where can one find a better circus than at Newark High School—the greatest show on earth? The members of the 1948 annual staff an¬ swered this guestion, ' ' Nowhere! ' ' and pro¬ ceeded to produce this year ' s annual with that very theme in mind, " Newark High School—The Greatest Show on Earth! " To portray the various phases of school life as a parallel to the phases of circus life was an amusing task, and those on the annual staff hope that this year ' s light-hearted theme gives others as much pleasure as it gave them to work on the 1948 Reveille. The Nineteen Hundred and Forty-eight Reveille is respectfully dedicated to Mr. Gor¬ don R. Kingery whose untiring efforts as ad¬ viser have produced this year s book. The editor dedicates this book to his friend in ap¬ preciation of his service as adviser and teacher. The staff likewise express their appreciation for the pleasant cooperation that has existed throughout the planning of the current volume. Seven After serving in the field of education for fifty consecutive years, Oren Jones Barnes retired from active school work at the end of the summer-school term in July, 1947, only to meet death as a result of OREN JONES BARNES complications following an opeiation. Throughout his educational career he maintained that schools weie established foi children, and no group of any kind should be allowed to interfere with their administration. Mi. Baines was born in a log house northeast of Newark. He worked his way through col¬ lege and graduated from Ohio Wesleyan with the Bachelor of Science degree. He did graduate study at Columbia and Cornell Universities. He taught thiee years in ungraded Licking County schools. He then went to Pennsylvania where he taught for six years in the State Normal School at Mansfield and later was principal at the Westchester High School, Pennsylvania, for five years. He came to Newark in 1911. Here he served as principal of Newark High School for seven years and as superintendent of Newark schools for fifteen years. Retiring from the superin¬ tendency, he taught an additional fourteen years in the high school. Further, he taught one summer at Wooster College and fifteen summers in Newark. In 1911 he initiated the Reveille. In 1913 he established the first playground, now known as White Athletic Field. During his superintendency, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson junior high schools, the gymnasium, the industrial arts building, and Cherry Valley school were built. In his fifty years as educator, Mr. Barnes was absent only eleven days. He died on Octo¬ ber 29, 1947. ght SYLVANUS MARION WOLFE In the death of Mr. S. M. Wolfe, the teachers and pupils of the Newark City Schools lost a true friend. He was keenly interested in education, in the welfare of youth, and in the personnel of the Newark school - teaching staff. This interest was manifest in the unlimited amount of time and energy that he gave so unstintingly to the city school system. At the time of his death, he was serving his eighteenth year as a member of the Newark City Board of Education. In 1912, Mr. Wolfe became a resident of Newark. He formerly had been associated with the rubber industries in Akron, Ohio. His knowledge of tire manufacturing enabled him to establish a business in North Newark known as the Newark Tire and Rubber Company. Following this venture, he became a retail tire dealer in North Third Street, a business known as the Wolfe Tire and Accessories Store. In this business he was engaged for the remainder of his life. On November 5, 1947, Mr. Wolfe became ill at his home, 95 Fairfield Avenue. Apparently there was no immediate awareness of the seriousness of his illness on the part of anyone. How¬ ever, on November 7, 1947, Mr. Wolfe died suddenly of a heart attack. A wide range of experience, knowledge of the city, and well balanced character made Mr. Wolfe a worthy citizen of Newark. His counsel and leadership were sought by many. His pro¬ gressive and constructive efforts in various civic affairs will be remembered by the community which he ably served. Nine With the closing of the school year in June, 1947, Miss Mildred Alice Hawke retired from the teaching pro¬ fession. Miss Hawke graduated from Denison University in 1912. She taught at Etna for two years and then went to Newton Township High School, at St. Louisville, for four years. She came to Newark High School in the fall of 1918 where she remained until her retirement. MILDRED ALICE HAWKE Miss Hawke was active in Girl Reserves work for nineteen years. She be¬ came program adviser in 1926 and chief adviser in 1927. She continued in this capacity until the fall of 1945. During her teaching career, Miss Hawke has taught commercial geography, commercial law, physical geography, general science, elementary algebra, English IX, and since 1930, English X. During her years at Newark High School, Miss Hawke has made many close friends among her students and among the faculty because of her sincerety, her loyalty, her high moral character, and her forthrightness. She will be greatly missed by everyone; her place will not easily be filled. PARENT - TEACHERS ' ASSOCIATION Seated—Frew C. Boyd. Standing left to right—Mrs. Alberta Harding, Mrs. Frank Evans, Miss Louada Morgan, Mrs. Lettitia Martin. The Parent-Teachers’ Association of Newark High School has a member¬ ship of 396 parents and teachers for the year. Our project this year was to ac¬ quaint parents with teachers through social functions. President. First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary. Treasurer ----- At our first meeting in October the unit entertained the teachers as their guests with a special program fol¬ lowed by a tea. The group has contributed to the Red Cross, March of Dimes, Christ¬ mas Seals, and Cancer Fund. Mrs. Alberta E. Harding Mrs. Frank Evans Mr. F. C. Boyd - Miss Louada Morgan Mrs. Lettitia Martin Eleven BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. STACY CONRAD President MRS. FREDA TAYLOR Vice President MR. B. W. DORNBIRER MR. GEORGE WEAVER (Retired December, 1947) MR. JOHN BRANSCOME (Retired December, 1947) DR. G. W. DELL DR. ROLAND W. JONES ( Retired December, 1947) MR. STEWART COX, Clerk Fourteen . f,. ' VV; | Paul B. Edwards, B.S., M.A. Superintendent Fifteen Frew C. Boyd, B.A., M.A. Principal ■■I Seventeen RUTH H. STEVENS, b.s., m.a., Home Economics CHARLES A. ECKERT, b.s., m.a., Industrial Arts HAROLD OATMAN, Industrial Arts ROBERT CASH, b.s., Industrial Arts FLOYD P. GEHRES, b.s.. Vocational Arts ARTHUR F. MILLER, b.s.. Industrial Arts FLORENCE MYER, b.s., m.a.. Physical Education A. B. LONG, b.a.. Physical Education MAXWELL DOUGLAS, b.a.. Science, Basketball Coach PAUL HARLOW, a.b., English, Track Coach, Athletic Director RAY SCHICK, a.b., b.s., Social Science, Football Coach MYRON PEARCE, b.s.. Music WENDELL M. JONES, b.s., m.a.. Music BERTHA L. CRILLY, a.b., m.a., English, Journalism HELEN LAVIN, ph.b., English JOAN F. PATTON, b.a., English, Speech GORDON R. KINGERY, a.b., m.a., English, Annual HELEN WILLIAMS, a.b., m.a., English PAULINE McCREARY, a.b., m.a., English, Modern Language CLINTON P. SMITH, a.b.. Language, Debate SARAH S. KREIG, a.b., m.a., b.mus.. Modern Language HELEN P. DORN, b.s., m.a.. Librarian FLORENCE E. BOYD, b.s., m.a.. Social Science NELL L. SMITH, b.s., m.a. Social Science EDWARD STRADLEY, b.s., Georgraphy, Mathematics MARIE MILLER, b.s.. Social Science F. W. SMITH, b.s., m.a.. Science P. G. STEINBERGER, b.s.. Science, Mathematics J. W. SWANK, ph.b.. Mathematics CHARLOTTE HARMON, b.s.. Art LOUADA M. MORGAN, m.a., b.a., Commercial Subjects DORIS M. OLPP, b.s., Commercial Subjects J. S. McCLEARY, b.s., m. ed., Commercial Subjects Twenty-Two H. C. ST. CLAIR, a.b., Commercial Subjects, Treasurer PAUL L. PFEIFFER, b.s., m.ed. Consumer Science MARY E. BARNES, Clerk BETTY JANE STEVENS, Secretary to Principal Twenty-Three Row 1—Cornelia Jones, Gordon R. Kingery, adviser, Don M. Smith, editor, Jim Walker, associate editor. Sugar Rivitz. Row 2—Ned Pyror, Carolyn Crawford, Mary Ann Hale, Giles Smucker. Not in picture—Amy Henzy. Annual Staff The annual staff—the historian of the school. Its job is to record the happenings, the social events, extra¬ curricular activities, athletic contests, studies, and school life in general. The staff this year has tried to present Newark High School to its readers in such a manner that it would be pleas¬ ing, unique, and informative. The theme, stated in the Foreword, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” is an at¬ tempt to draw the parallel between school life and circus life. There really is a likeness, of course. As years roll on and as students look back to high school days, they will ap¬ preciate the insight of the staff in se¬ lecting this gay interpretation of their school years. Twenty-Six Row 1—Ellen Flowers, Ruth Fisher, Marilyn Webb, Sue Taylor, Charlene Cantor, Carole Haley, Carol Cochran, Betty Lou Eifinger, Mr. Stoeckmann, adviser. Row 2—Helen Orr, Betty Tripp, Jean Haas, Robert Bain, John Ewald, Anna Lou Harris, Josephine Strichter, Faith Fletcher. Business Staff At the beginning of each year the business staff is organized for the pur¬ pose of soliciting advertisments for the Reveille Annual. Each member of the staff is given names of several advertisers whom he seeks personally. As a result of the work of these peo¬ ple, the annual is partially financed. Through this contact of students with advertisers, the student gains valuable experience and training in connection with the business world. The securing of advertisements de¬ velops a poise and ease that will be valuable in any future business con¬ tacts. It also affords the opportunity for staff members to become ac¬ quainted with local merchants. The officers are Mary Ruth Weak¬ ley, business manager and Robert Bain, assistant manager; the adviser is Mr. George Stoeckmann. Twenty-Seven Row 1—Allen Tilton, Carl Duncan, Paul Clifton, Chandler Waggoner, Kenneth McCreary, John Makris, Donald Evans, James Walker, Richard Ryan, Robert Hook, Paul Flannigan. Row 2—Barbara Allen, Flora Del Cecato, Molly Bob, Christine Kornman, Molly Schmutzler, Joan Busby, Georgeanne Penick, Lulu Vaia, Carolyn Crawford, Patsy Wise, Jean Ann Adams. Row 3—Mr. Boyd, adviser, Ellen Carpenter, Mary Lou Grandstaff, Virginia Oxley, Mildred Attlee, Nancy Branscome, Mary Ann Hale, Cornelia Jones, La Verne Dowler, Patti Rice, Joyce Butler, Sue MacNealy. Student Council The Student Council is the student governing body of the high school with Mr. Frew C. Boyd for adviser. Each class elects representatives who discuss matters of importance to the student body. The council sponsored dances, movies, and assemblies throughout the year. Appropriate records were played over the public address sys¬ tem during the Christmas season. The radio program over WCLT is the newest project of the council. Its purpose is to acquaint the public with the activities of the Newark school system. The officers this year were Ken¬ neth McCreary, president; David Chaney, vice president; Molly Bob, secretary; and Nancy Branscome, treasurer. The council along with the Athletic Association sponsored the colorful floats at the homecoming game in November. Twenty-Eight Row 1—Gary Griffith, Cornelia Jones, Joan Simpson, Esther Lammers, Sally Jane Beck, Mary Boyer, Mary Jane Wright, Lulu Weekley, Nancy Branscome, Richard Wareing. Row 2—James Walker, Molly Bob, Joan Busby, Joan Plaine, Patti Rice, Gloria Hendren, La Verne Dowl- er, Rita Jo Keckley, Johnny Makris, William Collins, Frankie Thomas. Row 3—Carl Duncan, Wilbur Phillips, Molly Schmutzler, Pat Phillips, Barbara Van Fleet, Margaret Mac¬ kenzie, Suzanne Rivitz, Kathryn Pfeffer, Marcia Moore, Betty Turk, Roger Search. Row 4—Kenneth McCreary, Richard Oder, Don Roberts, Winston Allen, Robert Stewart, Paul Norris, James Armbruster, John Ewald, Harry Butler. College Club The College Club is composed of senior students who expect to attend college. The purpose of this organiza¬ tion is to acquaint its members with the opportunities offered by various colleges and universities, to help them select the college which best suits their needs, and to prepare them for college life. This is accomplished by talks presented by representatives from various colleges who give infor¬ mation concerning location, expenses, requirements, and financial aids of their respective schools; talks concern¬ ing college life given by members of the club; and the taking of academic tests by the members. The College Club meets with its adviser, Miss Crillv, twice a month. William Col- lins is president, Cornelia Jones is secretary, and Katherine Pfeffer is treasurer. Twenty-Nine Thirty Row Florangela i-Lftha Dyer Beatrice Mclnturf, Emma Lou Redman, Naomi Del Cecato, Suzanne Rivitz. Evans, Joan Busby, Molly Schmutzler, Branscorne Miidred°AttIee? LaVerne ' Dowler R c ards ’ Wil ™ Sally Beck, Patricia McCann, Nancy Ware ' nT £ No? D " " “ National Honor Society To be a member of the National Honor Society, a student must possess a high scholastic average covering the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades. In Newark, members of this national or¬ ganization must be in the upper fif¬ teen percent of the senior class to be eligible for membership. The pur¬ pose of this club is to promote higher scholarship among students. A new plan was discussed this year whereby senior members would present voca¬ tional talks to sophomore English classes in order to impress them with the neces sity of preparing for life after graduation. Other annual activities include the formal presentation of new members in a school assembly and the Honor Society banquet. The ad¬ viser of this club is Miss Boyd. Row 1—Jean White, Patti Rice, Nancy Otterman, Molly Bob, Barbara Allen, Betty Lou Eifinger. Row 2—Sally Jane Beck, Mildred Attlee, Harry Butler, Nancy Branscome, Jo Anne Abbott, Richard Ryan. Journalism Staff The Journalism Staff, under the di¬ rection of Miss Bertha L. Crilly, is made up of junior and senior students who produce the Reveille News Sheet each week. The editor this year is Sally Jane Beck; associate editor, Richard Ryan; sports editor, Harry Butler; typist, Bonnie Rine; and cartoonist, Patti Rice. Molly Bob, Mildred Attlee, Barbara Allen, Jo Ann Abbott, Nancy Branscome, Nancy Ot¬ terman, Barbara Wooles, Jean White, and Betty Lou Eifinger are reporters. Two special issues were published at Christmas and at graduation. The class studied the standard text¬ book and the New York Times as a basis for its daily work in current events. The staff also was in charge of the main bulletin board. Thirty-One Row 1—Esther Lammars, Mary Jane Wright, La Verne Dowler, Joan Busby, Cornelia Jones, Rita Jo Keck- ley, Anna Massalas, Martha Goodlett, Kathryn Pfeffer, Sugar Rivitiz, Mrs. Krieg, adviser. Row 2—Sally Jane Beck, Marcia Moore, Mildred Attlee, Paul Norris, Bruce Ewald, Nancy Branscome, Mar- garite Lightner, Peggy Mackenzie, Jo Ann Plaine, Annabelle Alexander. Spanish Club The purpose of the Spanish Club is to bring to the student a better under¬ standing of Spanish culture, music, dancing, literature, and life of the Spanish people. The officers of the club are as fol¬ lows: Mildred Attlee, president; La Verne Dowler, secretary; and Marcia Moore, treasurer. The meetings consist of talks about the lives and vocations of Spaniards and Latin Americans, Spanish music, and Spanish dancing. The members of the club are planning to have a program on WCLT in April. They are also planning to write to boys and girls of Spain, South Amer¬ ica, and Central America. Their ad¬ viser is Mrs. Krieg. Thirty-Two Row 1—Christine Kornman, Patricia Parker, Laura Dalton, Nancy Otterman, Sue Taylor. Row 2—Hugh Lecky, Sally Jane Beck, Jo n Busby, Jo Anne Abbott, Barbara Allen, Gary Griffith. Latin Club Organized in the fall of 1945, the Latin Club consists of students in that subject for the junior and senior years. The objective of this group for 1947-’48 has been the revision and completion of materials which have been in the process of assembly for the past several years. These mater¬ ials have to do with the first six books of the Aeneid, and include mythology, literary contacts, grammar, scansion, figures of speech, historical back¬ ground, etc. When completed, the results will be put in more or less permanent form and made available to future students of the Aeneid. The officers for the year were, presi¬ dent, Gary Griffith; vice president, Nancy Otterman; secretary, Joan Busby; treasurer, Sue Taylor. Thirty-Three Row 1—Jessie Cooperider, Ruth Thorp, Barbara Shreve, Margaret Taylor, Winston Allen, Don R. Smith, Molly Bob, Betty Korb, Lulu Weekley, Betty Lou Eiflinger, Thalia Patton. Row 2—Gerry Overstreet, Shirley Lampson, NaomiEvans, Nancy Fatig, Patti Rice, Patricia Phillips, Lloyd Rhodes, Jack Schaller, Jim Walker, James Coyle, Robert Hook, Don M. Smith, Ralph Barrett, Mary A. Hale. Row 3—Barbara Van Fleet, Molly Schmutzler, Eloise Davidson, Joan Simpson, Jean Haas, Don Pepper, Jack Kincaid, Robert Stewart, Mary Ellen Eshelman, Sue Taylor, Diane Horwitz, June Deeds, Carolyn Craw¬ ford, Ann Russic, Frank Thomas. La Renaissance The object of La Renaissance, us¬ ually known as the French Club, is to acquaint the students in first- and second-year French with France prop¬ er. The members carried on corre¬ spondence with pen-pals in France and with other foreign countries. A French-Canadian Sunday newspaper, La Patrie, was enjoyed by the mem¬ bers. The group met every other week under the guidance of the adviser, Miss Pauline McCreary. At the homecoming game, the French float won second prize. The theme of the float was a Mardi Gras in contrast with homecoming. A king and a queen reigned on the float. The officers of the club were James Walker, president; Nancy Fatig, vice president; Jack Schaller, treasurer; and Patti Rice, secretary. Thirty-Four ■ ■ tf vOt mMM imM m wBUm JBji M Ppj| mrm n H . ' «! 9 ML It s m 1 J Row 1—Mary Ann Hale, Carolyn Crawford, Diane Horwitz, Mildred Attlee, Virginia Oxley, Rita Jo Keck- ley, Nancy Branscome, Suzanne Rivitz, Peggy Mackenzie, Cornelia Jones, Annabelle Alexander, Molly Bob, Miss McCreary. Row 2—June Deeds, Joyce, Redman, Sue Taylor, Ruby Tignor, Mary Lou Grandstaff, Dolores Logs¬ don, Margarite Lightner, Betty Lavelle, Barbara Allen, Jane Powell, Phyllis Powell, Charlene Pound. Row 3— Eloise Davidson, Hilda Bradfish, Dona Slebodnik, Jessie Cooperider, Virginia Walker, Martha Goodlett, Nancy Otterman, Nancy Idle, John Busby, Betty Truk, Marilyn Webb. Row 4-Marjory Evans, Susan Shields, Jo Ann Plaine, Joan Simpson, Nancy Frank, Betty McPeek, Nancy Fatig, Kathryn Pfeffer, Marcia Moore, Molly Schmutz- ler, Pat Phillips, Jerry Overstreet. Row 5—Sue MacNealy, Mary Ellen Eshelman, Mildred Lugar, Betty Lou Korb, Betty Eifinger, Nancy Riley, Eileen Roof, Carol Brooks, Pat Patrick, Pat Rice. Row 6—Jocye Keinath, Jo Ann Abott, Barbara Van Fleet, Dorothea Myers, Joan Gattrell, Virginia Perdue, Carol Zeiher, Patsy Wise, Marilyn Brown. Girls ' Youth Association The Girls’ Youth Association is an organization of junior and senior girls. These girls petition for membershio in the club and are voted on by members from the previous year. The purposes of the G.Y.A. are to promote an inter¬ est in community welfare, to promote scholarship, and to further the culture of members. The main project of the girls this year was to sell Newark High pen- and-pencil sets. The pens and pencils were red and white with a Newark High School wildcat on them. Some of the social activities this year were an acquaintance tea, a tea dance, an initiation party, a Hallow¬ een dance, and the spring formal. The club officers are, president, Molly Schmutzler; vice president, Nancy Idle; secretary, Barbara Van Fleet; treasurer, Annabelle Alexander; adviser, Miss Pauline McCreary. Thirtv-Five Row 1—Charlene Pound, Faith Fletcher, Eunice Varner, Ruth Fisher, Patti Rice, Letha Dyer. Row 2—Patricia Parker, Kenny McCreary, Jack Harding, Don Evans, Jim Armbruster. Scribblers Scribblers, which is under the di¬ rection of Mr. Jack Hale, meets every other Monday. The officers are as fol¬ lows: Jim Armbruster, president; Letha Dyer, vice president; and Bar¬ bara Bradford, treasurer. This year two new members have been taken into the club: Jack Hard¬ ing and Don Evans. The member¬ ship has disintegrated because several members found that they were mem¬ bers of five clubs and must drop one. The club hoped to put out Scrib- imus, but since only a few members attended the meetings, publication seemed doubtful. Thirty-Six Row 1—Jessie Cooperider, Christine Komman, Shirley Lamson, Dolores Logsdon, Ruth Fisher, Letha Dyer, Marilyn Brown, Peggy Mackenzie, Miss Patton. Row 2—Ellen Claggett, Sally Jane Beck, Marcia Moore, Pat Rice, Cornelia Jones, Suzanne Rivitz, Mary Willing, Bob McClain. Row 3—Hugh Lecky, Junior Block, Ralph Barrett, Gary Griffith, Kenneth McCreary, Jim Armbruster, Don Roberts, Frank Thomas, James Coyle. Masque and Gavel Masque and Gavel is the dramatic society of the high school. Its mem¬ bers are selected in the spring of each year by a committee of members ac¬ cording to the applicant’s dramatic ability. Miss Joan Patton is the able adviser. This year the club produced Dear Ruth, a comedy, in November of 1947. Masque and Gavel in cooperation with the dramatics class staged Cat o’ Nine Tails, a mystery, in February, 1948. Both plays were highly successful. The club has regular meetings on Tuesday every two weeks. Following the business meeting members of the club enact skits or give talks on dif¬ ferent phases of the theater, principal¬ ly make-up, stage directions, and sig¬ nals. The officers elected for this year are Robert McClain, president; Amy Henzy, secretary; and Sally Jane Beck, treasurer. Thirty-Seven Row 1—Winston Allen, Alec Leslie, William Rehbeck, Eugene Galbraith, Kenneth King, Jerry Bowden, Russell Peffers, Frank Thomas. Row 2—Carl Duncan, Donald Heatwole, Herbert Nye, Donald Howard, Robert Pound, Walter Hay, Jay Wilson. Row 3—Donald Pigman, Robert Ewing, Edward Ryan, Donald Alspach, William Hughe s, Robert Ault, Wil¬ bur Phillips. Row 4—Richard Feuerriegal, Paul Wetzel, James Walker, Robert Sherman, John Griffith, Paul Diller, Rob¬ ert Speer, Robert Bain. Hi-Y Hi-Y meets every Tuesday night under the supervision of Mr. Logan Crossland, Mr. Arthur Miller and Mr. Ralph Smith. The emblem of the club, a red triangle with a white cross in the center, stands for purity of spirit, mind, and body. Members enjoyed several activities during the year. Members and their dates participated in an outing at the YMCA Camp during the early fall. Before Halloween, members gave a party for boys of Newark. Later they organized a four-team basketball league; the games were played after the meetings. The officers of the club were Carl Duncan, president; William Hughes, vice president; Eugene Galbraith, secretary; and Paul Diller, treasurer. Thirty-Eight Row 1—Helen Orr, Anna Rusic, Sue Wilkin, Christine Kornman, Shirley Kilpatrick, Joyce Drake. Row 2—Betty Tripp, Shirley Lamson, Matgaret Taylor, Shirley Coyle, Margaret Miller, Miss Dorn, adviser. Library Assistants “To render a service to all students and faculty of Newark Senior High School” might be called the motto of library assistants. The group was first organized in 1940 and each year since has con¬ tinued to serve Newark High School. Only those students with a “B aver¬ age are considered for this work to which each must devote one period per day or its equivalent in order to receive scholastic credit. The students assist with the regular library pro¬ cedures, and, in addition, each as¬ sumes responsibility for a special dis¬ play, exhibit, or project during the year. Under the guidance of Miss Dorn, these student assistants constantly strive to improve the library service and to create an interest in “good reading.” Thirty-Nine Row 1—Helen Howard, Patti Rice, Mary Neff, Mildred Fields, Ruth Holmes, Linda Satterfield. Row 2—Emma Lou Redman, Eloise Strait, Evelyn Blodgett, Betty Moran, Mary Jane Montgomery, Don Pigman, Carol Russel, Mary Daugherty, Anna Massalas, Geraldine Coates, Evelyn Ford, Betty Matz, Miss Head- ly, adviser. Production Staff The Reveille News is mimeo¬ graphed by the girls in the office-ma¬ chines classes. The news is written and edited by the journalism class, then given to this group of senior girls who cut the stencils and letter them. They mimeograph them and distribute the newssheet to the home rooms. These girls also do mimeograph¬ ing and typewriting for the faculty. They learn to operate the Comptome¬ ter, Burroughs and Monroe calculat¬ ors, the adding machine, and the Dic¬ taphone. Mr. Spangler, Miss Morgan, and Miss Headlee are in charge of these classes. Forty Row 1—Flora Del Cecato, Carol Cochran, Joyce Drake, Gloria Fox, Evelyn Ford, Evelyn Blodgett, Nancy Haines, Carol Walker, Cornelia Jones, Jerry Overstreet, and adviser, George Stoeckmann. Row 2—Rose Fink, Marjorie Wince, Betty McCullough, Barbara Shreve, Mary Louise Schaller, Mary Lou Stauch, Barbara Allen, Harry Butler, Robert Ault, Bill Miller, Frank Thomas. Row 3—Richard Hayes, William Miller, Don Pigman, Rob¬ ert Livingston, Bob Warthan, Robert Steinberger, Don Gutridge, Robert Barrett, Robert Cates, James Helphrey. Row 4 —Ann Fairel, Betty Kidd, Carlene McMannis, Margaret Taylor, Ted Vaia, Jean Richards, Paul Flannigan, Richard Seiter, Allan Ewing, Eugene Anderson. ilM! - t ;? d,T; HI- nil Jffff sv ii urn on Mil - nmnnTi .i om , n: i y .i un. : n ' k - - r s a. r « Room Agents At the beginning of each year two students are chosen in each home room for the purpose of being agents for the Reveille News and the Re¬ veille Annual. They are also in charge of distributing those publications. A great deal of responsibility rests upon the shoulders of room agents. This responsibility helps develop a student’s ability for business and only dependable students are qualified for the job. At the beginning of the year they take orders for the News, and then during the second semester take orders for the Annual. The room agents definitely have great influence in creating better school spirit. Mr. George Stoeckmann is the adviser of this group. Forty-One Row 1-Jean Simco, Julia McGinnis, Juanita Blizzard, Geraldine Coates, Jean Honenberger, Annabelle Fieber, Mary Grimm, La Verna Butler. Row 2—Mr. Pfieffer, Charlotte Parlet, Joan Lowendick, Betty McCullough, Eugene Anderson, Robert Young, Elizabeth Leslie, Joan Rowe, Richard Ryan. Sales Organization The Sales Organization is composed of those students of the high school who wish to gain experience in selling by working in the concession stand at the football games and track meets. All students who work in the stand under the stadium are paid on an hourly basis plus an additional com¬ mission on all of their sales. The profit derived from the sale of refreshments is used to purchase vari¬ ous items of equipment for the school. Contributions are also made to or¬ ganizations of the school which are not self-supporting. Forty-Two Row 1—Jean Simco, Julia McGinnis, Juanita Blizzard, Geraldine Coates, Jean Honenberger, Annabelle Feiber, Darlene Hague, Norma Priest. Row 2—Carol Fluharty, Virginia Boyer, Rosemary Turner, Walter Woolard, Dick Redd, Eugene Anderson, Bob Young, Earl Gamerdinger, Merrill Jones, Robert Jones, Mr. Pfeiffer, adviser. The F. R. O. Club Future Retailers of Ohio is com¬ posed of members of the Cooperative Retailing Course and consists of sen¬ iors only. Students attend school half of the day and then work in local busi¬ nesses the other half and on Saturdays. In order to raise money for the club, several candy sales were held, a skat¬ ing party was held and Wildcat stick¬ ers sold. The club’s social functions consisted of a Christmas Party for the children of the Children’s Home and a banquet at Granville Inn for students and their employers. Meetings are held twice a month. Officers are, president, Richard Redd; vice president, Earl Gamerdinger; secretary, Ardella Shannon; treasurer, Rose Maria Turner; and adviser, Mr. Paul L. Pfeiffer. Forty-Three Row 1—Violet Mowrey, Rosalie Smith, Patsy Rice, LaVerne Butler, Phyllis Radcliffe, Estella Forsythe. Row 2—Joan Bockman, Shirley Wilson, Delores Spence, Evelyn Robinson, Sally Forbes, Rosa Wise, Mildred Brown, Joan Lowendick. Not in picture—Norma Priest, Joan Moore. Future Homemakers Of America The officers of this club are, presi¬ dent, Evelyn Robinson; secretary, Patti Rice; treasurer, Mildred Brown; sponsor, Mrs. Stevens. The club is new this year, and some of its pur¬ poses are to have an educational pro¬ gram which helps the girl to use her home economics training in meeting her home, school, and community problems; to nurture the love of home and to make a success of home and family relations; to encourage thrift as power to the plan for well rounded living; and to strengthen confidence in herself and her work. Early this year the members gave a tea for their parents and for the faculty. They have been studying about entertaining in the home. They have also made favors and placecards. Forty-Four Row 1—Esther Lammers, Robert Atherton, Don Pigman, Dick Ryan, Mary Boyer. Row 2—Beatrice Mclnturf, Virginia Walker, Catherine Warman, Faith Fletcher, Mary Jane Wright, Lula Weekley, Miss Olpp, adviser. The Penmanship Club The Penmanship club is a new club open to our student body. Miss Olpp, who helped to organized it, is its ad¬ viser. It meets the first and third Tuesday of every month. The purpose of this club is to pro¬ mote the improvement of penmanship in business, personal, and general uses. The officers are Richard Ryan, president; Mary Boyer, vice president; Beatrice Mclnturf, secretary; Don Pigman, treasurer. Forty-Five Row 1—Evelyn Ford, Anna Rusic, Christine Kornman, Shirley Lamson, Letha Dyer, Dolores Logsdon, Mari¬ lyn Webb, Mary Lou Grandstaff, Mildred Attlee, Esther Lammers, Barbara Bradford, Barbara Allen, Linda Satterfield, Mary Ann Bermerman. Row 2—Marlene Vann, Gergeann Penick, Nancy Haines, Margaret Miller, Nancy Branscome, Rita Jo Keckley, Evelyn Blodgett, Mary Boyer, Margurite Lightner, Wilma Butt, Barbara Null, Mary Lou Stauch. Row 3—Ruth Fisher, Sue Wilkin, Jean Ann Adams, Barbara Balding, Mary Lou Reid, Shirley Coyle, Nancy Otterman, Martha Goodlett, Gloria Fox, Clarice Hawes, Carol Walker, Virginia Oxley. Row 4—Dorothy Lewis, Elaine Creighton, Carol Cochran, Joyce Butler, Janice Grove, Betty Moran, Mary Daugherty, Kathleen Lawson, Carole Haley, Ruby Tignor, Margaret Waggoner, Kathleen Donaldson. Row 5—Tibbie Leslie, Bonnie Schlosser, Marjorie Rennecker, Joan MacNealy, Maxine Phares, Beverly Roley, Mary Schaller, Joe Anne Franklin, Reola Brown, Rose Soliday, Frances Elmore, Daisey Ward. Row 6—Nancy Lally, Joane Boyd, Joy Tomlinson, Marilyn Gamble, Joyce Drake, Patsy Larason, Marlene Ditter, Shirley Smith, Virginia Walker, Beatrice Mclnturf, Joan Warman, Faith Fletcher, Pat Anderson. Row 7—Mary Ann Hall, Barbara Turner, Sue Killinger, Mildred Helser, Joanne Nichols, Dona Smith, Pat Halbrook, Joan Bachman, Martha Evans, Gladys Coleman, Mary Allen. Y-Teens The purpose of the Y-Teens is to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in their common lives those ideals of personal and social living to which they are committed by their faith as Christians. Their projects this year have in¬ cluded an initiation party, the sponsor¬ ing of a carnival, the sending of cloth¬ ing to a family at Christmas and to a girl in Hungary, the sponsoring of a candy sale, and the entering of a float in the homecoming parade, which won second prize. The officers are Mary Lou Grand¬ staff, president; Mary Ann Bermer¬ man, secretarv; and Linda Satterfield, treasurer. The advisers are Miss Morgan and Miss Dorn. Forty-Six Row 1—James Reel, Carl Duncan, Jean Haas, Paul Clifton, Ralph Barrett, Frank Thomas. Row 2—Mr. P. G. Steinberger, adviser, James Walker, William Collins, Wilbur Phillips, Jerry Bowden, John Makris, Richard Wareing, Wayne Morrow, Robert Stewart, Roger Search. Science Club The Science Club consists of stu¬ dents interested in all forms of science. The club has been formed to better acquaint its members with science out¬ side die school curriculum by means of projects. Members study science both as it is taught in classes and as it appears in current articles. The ad¬ viser of the Science Club is Mr. P. G. Steinberger. The club meets in Room 304 every other Tuesday. The club’s program consists of speeches by its members, demonstra¬ tion of scientific principles, and other educational material. The officers of the club this year are president, Robert Search; secre¬ tary, Jean Haas; and treasurer, Frank Thomas. Forty-Seven Row 1—Electa Mae Roberts, Marilyn Stewart, Linda Martin, Shirley Coyle, Charlene Cantor, Anna Lou Harris. Row 2—Mr. Miller, adviser, Dwight Hackney, Robert Stewart, Harry Bay, Gordon Johnson, Paul Flannigan. Camera Club The Camera Club consists of stu¬ dents interested in both composing and processing pictures. The club meets every other Tuesday in Room 303. Members are continuing this year to take pictures of things of in¬ terest to the school. These pictures will be placed in a scrapbook. The officers of the club are presi¬ dent, Robert Stewart; vice president, Marilyn Stewart; secretary, Linda Martin; treasurer, Gordon Johnson. ■ " jcjl | Forty-Eight Row 1—Richard Retherford, Don Pepper, Rosalie Smitley, Evelyn Blodgett, Virginia Perdue, Doris Mac- Pherson, Donna Slebodnik, Phyllis Rine, Doris Wilcox, Phyllis Orr, Phyllis Howard, Robert Maidel, Mr. Pearce. Row 2—Mildred Snow, Alice Bragg, Shirley Gamble, Bill Jackson, Charles Dudley, Parker Reed, Bernard Fatig, Wayne Masters, Betty Rogers, Dona Parrish, Ruth Shell, Electa Roberts. Row 3—Joanne Busby, Dale Ralston, Calvert Hine, Jack Martin, Louanna Sturman, Joann Turk, Bredan Hobson, Carol Evans, Nancy Wickham, Shirley Brannon, Robert Cates, Eloise Strait, Margurite Lightner, Grant Stradley, James Denner. Row 4—Mar¬ tin Nusskern, Robert Speer, Rita Jo Keckley, Joyce Hess, Harriett Hagans, Emma Lou Redman, Harry Bay, Karl Varney, Barbara Fredericks, Hila Gibbs, Blanch Dutcher, Rita Palm, Crile Chaney. Row 5—Chandler Wag¬ goner, Dorothy Wolfe, Barbara Livingston, Fred Hayes, Jackie Miller, Betty McLeish, Wilson Henry, Betty Turk, Charles Angeletti, Robert Warthan, Richard Hall, Glen Fox, Gene Kinsey, Terry Long. Row 6—Barbara Bon¬ ham, Joan Zink, Betty Evans, Ellen Claggett, Gretchen Ellis, Carol Foit, Rita Pettit, Mary Jane Bebout, Mary Montgomery, Charlotte Nadolson, Annalou Henry, Claire Lindemann, Richard Senff, Robert Steinberger, Juan¬ ita Vermilion, Art Simpson. Row 7—Donald Roberts, Carol Jones, Lulu Vaia, Richard Lippincott, Douglas John¬ son, Bonita Lee Thompson, Shirley Post, Donald Kinney, Durwood Masters, Hugh Leckey, Phillip Dupler, Ruth Mason, Paul Smith, Richard Seiter. Band During the past year the Newark High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Myron Pearce, has had a very full schedule. This organization of approximately one hundred members attended all football ga mes, both home and away, ending the season with a very interesting pageant. A Ford car was raffled off by the band in order to raise money for uni¬ forms, instruments, and music. Thev also sold programs at both football and basketball games. The first Newark High School radio program was presented by the band. The band has entered into the fol¬ lowing contests: The District Con¬ test in Granville on March 19, 194S, for solo and ensembles; the State Solo and Ensemble Contests in Columbus, April 9 and 10; the District Band Con¬ test at Capital University, April 16; the State Band Contest in Columbus, May 7 and 8; and the Band Festival at Bexley High School, May 14 and 15. Forty-Nine Row 1—Nancy Fatig, Mary Boyer, Donna Jean Slebodnik, Richard Lippincott. Row 2—Harry Bay, Joyce Hess, Joan Turk, Betty Turk, Dick Senff, Claire Lindemann. Row 3—Crile Chaney, Grant Stradley, Karl Varney, Douglas Johnson, Bonita Thompson, Phil Dupler, Bob Steinberger, Paul Smith, Juanita Vermillion. Row 4—Joan Dixon, Sonny Reed, Mildred Snow, Ellen Clagget, Don Kinney. Front—Director, Myron Pearce. Not in picture—Mary Jane Montgomery. Orchestra The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Myron Pearce, affords music at assembles, plays, and various other school activities. Its purpose is to stimulate an appreciation for finer music in this way and by means of student participation. This organization meets every Tues¬ day and Wednesday the fifth period. The group’s chief functions are to play for assemblies, plays, and Baccalaure¬ ate. Fitty Row 1—Mary Daugherty, Betty Moran, Evelyn Love, Charles Pound, Robert Young, Albert McDowell, Clarence Purdy, Beverly Roley, Margaret M ller. Row 2—Mr. Jones, director, Barbara Livingston, Jean Simco, Marilyn Parker, Frances Richards, Wilma Richards, Joann Schultz, Katherine Warman, Relva Huffman, Wanda McPeek, Virginia Walker. Row 3—Shirley Lee, Charlotte McMullen, Lulu Weekley, Shirley Swan, Jane Steele, Mary Alice Simco, Norma Lane, Edna Mae Groce, Mary Black. Chorus Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Wendell Jones, participated in vari¬ ous activities throughout the year. The Chorus of two hundred voices was divided into seven classes, which met twice each week. The Chapel Choir of one hundred and twenty-five voices, which was selected from the Chorus, participated in the annual spring concert. The theme song, which is our Alma Mater, of our weekly “Hi Time” broadcast over WCLT was sung by selected voices from the Chapel Choir. The Chapel Choir and other small groups from the Chorus have sung for different civic organizations through¬ out the city. By doing this, good¬ will is gained for the high school, and, as a result, the school and commun¬ ity have come closer together. Fifty-One Row 1—Mr. Smith, Miss Smith, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Retherford, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Slebodnik, Mrs. Kinney. Row 2—Mrs. Shell, Mrs. Dutcher, Mrs. Post, Mr. Orr, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Chaney, Mr. Chaney, Mrs. Claggett, Mrs. Lindemann, Mrs. Bay, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Nadolson, Mrs. Keckley, Mrs. Butcher, Mrs. Bragg, Mrs. Hobson. Row 3—Mr. Varney, Mr. Steinberger, Mr. Bragg, Mr. Keckley, Mr. MacPherson, Mr. Slebodnik, Mr. Shell, Mr. Pearce. Band Club The Newark High School Band Parents ' Club was organized in 1939 by parents and friends of members of the High School Band who were in¬ terested in the welfare and growth of the band. The Motto of the club is " We Grow or We Go.” The aim of the club is to cooperate with and assist the band director in securing needed instruments and uni¬ forms and other necessary equipment for the band, and to furnish trans¬ portation of the band members to foot¬ ball games and other places where the band is to furnish music. The membership of the club con¬ sists of anyone interested in the wel¬ fare of the Newark High School Band. The club has an active membership of seventy-four members. The officers are as follows: Presi¬ dent, Mrs. Charles Harris; first vice president, Mr. Ivan Roberts; second vice president, Mr. Ernest Bay; secre¬ tary, Mrs. Harold Retherford; treas¬ urer, Mr. Ethan Roberts. Fitty-Two Row 1—Margaret Miller, Georgianna Penick, Barbara Van Fleet, Suzanne Rivitz, Donald M. Smith, presi¬ dent, Marjorie Evans, Annabelle Alexander, Margaret Mackenzie, Ruth Thorp. Row 2—Ruth Fisher, Anna Rusic, Margaret Waggoner, Bruce Ewald, Johnny Makris, William Collins, Maurice Burt, Mr. Gordon Kingery, adviser. Row 3—Barbara Yost, Mary Schaller, Susan Wilkin, Barbara Shreve, Gary Griffith, James Walker, Giles Smucker, Jo Ann Bell. Row 4—Carol Cochran, Mary Ann Hale, Carolyn Crawford, Eleanor Walker, Molly Lou Bob, Cornelia Jones, Patricia Phillips, Joyce Butler, Virginia Oxley, Janice Grove. Music Appreciation Music Appreciation is now in its third year of existence. The name of the club tells the aim of its members, that being to further the appreciation of better music. Great strides have been made in building a library of the classics, which are available to stu¬ dents of the high school. The Record Purchasing Committee has added to the collection this year the following albums and records: Tschaikovski’s Fifth Symphony, “Valse Trieste,’’ “Night on Bare Mountain,” “Fin¬ landia.” The officers for this year’s club are Don M. Smith, president; Mary Ann Hale, secretary; Giles Smucker, treas¬ urer. Fifty-Three Row 1—Harlan Taylor, Donald Evans, David Chaney, Donald Roberts. Row 2—Jean Haas, Emogene Shomaker, LaVerne Dowler, Allan Tilton. Advance Debating Winning 14 out of 22 debates in Class A, and 8 out of 16 in Class B, this year’s advance debate squad showed steady improvement through¬ out the season. Speakers participated in tournaments held at Newark, O. S. U., and Springfield. In the cen¬ tral District meet held at Derby Hall, February 28, Newark placed second, winning five of eight tries. In addition to the above program, David Chaney and Don Roberts ap¬ peared before the Newark Exchange Club, Jan. 6, and in a 45-minute Town-Meeting-of-the-Air program, December 17; while the B teams gave an exhibition debate before an as¬ semble at St. Francis de Sales School on February 5. The question under discussion had to do with compulsory arbitration of labor disputes. Fifty-Four Row 1—Nancy Haynes, Margaret Miller, Joyce Butler. Row 2—Jean Ann Adams, Allan Tilton, Bill Miller, Paul Clifton. Sophomore Debate In spite of their late start and their lack of experience, sophomore debate team had a very successful season. They participated in more tourna¬ ments than sophomore teams of pre¬ vious years. Their schedule included the Newark tournament, November 8; the Ohio State University Clinic tournament, December 13; and the Springfield tournament, January 17. The sophomore squad started the season at the Newark tournament with eight wins out of twelve tries, receiving the trophy for the C di¬ vision. At Columbus they won fifty per cent of their debates. They closed the season at Springfield, having won during the year eleven out of twenty- two debates, and with six of their number being enrolled in the N.F.L. Fifty-Five Row 1—Kenneth McCreary, Mr. Frew C. Boyd, Mr. C. P. Smith, Mr. George Stoeckmann. Row 2—Patti Rice, Shirley Lamson, Miss Patton. On The Air The year 1947- 48 marks the intro¬ duction of a new phase of speech work at Newark High—a 15-minute ra¬ dio program entitled It’s Hi-Time, sent out over the local FM Station WCLT, each Thursday evening at 8 o’clock. Through the excellent co-operation of faculty and students and the spon¬ sorship of the Student Council, a pro¬ gram of nineteen units was aired dur¬ ing the second semester, representing the various departments of senior high, junior high, and elementary schools of the city. The purpose of this type of work is two-fold: to encourage further de¬ velopment of pupils with special tal¬ ents, and to acquaint the community with the school program in general. It is hoped that this project will be¬ come a permanent part of school work. Fifty-Six ■-i ’ Row 1—June Jacobs, Ellen Carpenter, Joyce Keinath, Patsy Mann, Joan Gatrell. Row 2—Virginia Perdue, Marilyn Brown, Marilyn Webb, Barbara Van Fleet, Jo Ann Abbott, Dorothea Myers, Patsy Wise, Carol Zeiher. Cheerleaders One group of girls always present at at the Newark High School games are the cheerleaders. The girls who cheer at the varsity basketball games are the juniors and seniors. The sophomores cheer for the reserve games. Some of the necessary qualifications of a cheerleader are ability in the act of cheerleading, a pleasing personality, popularity with the student body, a democratic attitude, a good voice, and proper conduct at all times. Each girl must have the proper attitude to¬ ward her work and must graciously accept the responsibilities which such service necessarily will impose upon her. Furthermore, she must improve each year. The adviser is Miss Flor¬ ence Myer. Fifty-Seven DO NOT FEED THE: ANIMALS JUNIOR HIGHS Central Lincoln Wi Ison V. CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL LESTER B. COX Principal A.B., Otterbein College Graduate work, Ohio State University Sixty-One CENTRAL, Row 1—Barbara Andrews, Donna Ankrum, Don Bowman, Don Bradford, Phyllis Braid, Richard Branscome, Ronald Brown, Dwight Brownfield. Row 2—James Calloway, Wayne Campbell, Allen Chaney, Harold Clark, Patty Clark, Nancy Cornell, William Crawford, Carolyn Crego. Row 3—Martha Dague, Donald Oakley, Robert Davis, Betty Dean, John Di Blasio, Ronald Doll, Bonnie Drumm, Ronald Foote. Row 4—Barbara Ford, Fred Ford, Albert Frances, Milan Franga, Frances Hall, William Heim, Darlene Helms, Harry Holtinger. Row 5—Mary Lou Hummel, Elizabeth Johnson, Robert Johnson, John Jones, Josephine Jones, Shirley Kennington, Emily Kiger, Larry Landram. Row 6—Dean Laughery, Richard Lescody, Carolyn Linn, Virginia Loudin, John Love, Ruth Luther, Harold McBride, Eva McCullough. Row 7—Alice McDonald, Phyllis McDonald, Joanne McDonough, Leroy McGinnis, Lewis McIntosh, Donna Malherbe, Wilma Malherbe, Joann Meadows. Sixty-Two CENTRAL Row 1—Jeannine Meisenhelder, Robert Miller, Diane Mohler, Gene Monroe, Raymond Moore, Ronald Moore, Ruth Moran, Charles Morgan. Row 2—Marlene Murphy, Phyllis Nedelcoff, Dewey Oder, Donald Offenbaker, Ellen Of- fenbaker, Patricia Orris, Angeline Percoco, Mary Lou Pickering. Row 3—Stanton Porter, Dale Priest, Carol Radcliffe, James Raucher, Larry Reese, Patricia Regan, Valintine Richter, Conrad Russel. Row 4—William Schick, Alice Schmutzler, Donald Siegle, Shirley Siegle, Margaret Smith, Donald Snider, Anne Spencer, Robert Spencer. Row 5—Sue Steele, Barbara Stemm, Robert Toland, Richard Tripp, William Truex, Pauline Vaiea, Marilyn Vermilion, Rachel Vermillion. Row 6—Joyce Wareing, Marjorie Whipple, Dale White, Jo Ann Williams, Kenneth Wil¬ liams, Patricia Winegardner, James Wolfe, Shirley Wolfe. Row 7—Keith Yount. Sixty-Three CENTRAL CLUBS Row 1—Barbara Orris, Donna McCleary, Mickey Oxley, Barbara Moss, Nancy Toomey, Claire E. Palmer, Sylvia Clark, Helen McIntosh, Ruth Moran, Anne Spencer, Marjorie Whipple, Patricia Orris, Diane Mohler, Val¬ entine Richter, Joanne Buckey, Ann Baird. Row 2—Chris Baruxes, Leroy McGinnis, Phyllis Nedefcoff, Marian Loudin, Shirley Kennington, Janet Rich¬ ter, Winifred Plowed, Bonnie Drumm, Carolyn Linn, Joanne McDonough, Carma Acklin, Helen Tanner, Phyllis HcDonald, Martha Dague, Sue Steele, William Wheeler, Donald Turner. Row 3—Bill Heim, Roger Hanes, Allan Chaney, Dean Laughery, Donald Offenbaker, Richard Branscome, Larry Landrum, Raymond Moore, Ronald Foote, Milan Franga, Stanton Porter, William Schick, Robert Toland, Donald Oakley, James Calloway. In keeping with the policy of mak¬ ing school life a thoroughly enjoyable experience, clubs are given an out¬ standing role in the curriculum of Central Junior High School. Through club activities, students and teachers have the opportunity to share their special talents and hobbies, the pur¬ suit of which is necessarily limited in the classroom. The diversity of clubs gives the student ample opportunity to select membership in any two clubs. The fields from which he may choose in¬ clude athletics, dramatics, journalism, scholarship, and social service. Additional clubs may be organized when a number of students show a special interest and a member of the faculty can be enlisted as a sponsor. Sixty-Four WOODROW WILSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL E. H. HECKELMAN Principal A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University M.A., Ohio State University Sixty-Five WILSON Row 1—Josephine Annarino, Charles Bagent, Thomas Ballinger, Donald Black, Marguerite Bowman, Wilma Jean Burgess, Larry Campbell, Sally Cothran. Row 2—Frank Craig, David Creighton, Barbara Crozier, Kenneth Davis, Marvin Donley, Geraldine Franks, June Foster, Karl Gelfer. Row 3—Kenneth Gray, Paul Haas, George Hanners, Ned Harter, Richard Hendren, Duane Holmquist, Daniel Hose, Donald Hupp. Row 4—Ruth Hupp, John Iden, Patricia Jefferies, Richard Jones, Don Hoerner, William Kramer, Jacqueline Kreager, Keith Lindeman. Row 5—Carol Lingafelter, Dale Logsdan, Glenn Logsdon, Marilyn Logsdon, Augusta Lucas Sixty-Six WILSON Row 1—Herman Luckner, Betty Macy, John Markham, Patricia Myer, George Nash, Sue Nees, David Oliver, Orville Orr. Row 2—Louise Peffers, William Posey, Patty Pyle, Barbara Richardson, Leon Richey, George Riley, Virginia Rine, Earl Roberts. Row 3—Richard Roof, Shirley Rose, David Saylor, Richard Saylor, Janet Schultz, Don Shoe¬ maker, Robert Sims, Richard Smith. Row 4—Gerald Spiker, Homer Steele, James Steele, Chalmers Styers, Deloris Toothman, Janet Utterback, Frances Vandervender, Janet Wade. Row 5—Carol Waters, Sue Wigton, Richard Wilson, Helen Woolard, Nellie Wright. Sixty-Seven FALL MINSTREL AND VARIETY SHOW Row 1—Lynn Kramer, Ralph Lewis, Richard Wilson, Carol Waters, Janet Utterback, Carole Lingafelter, Marguerite Bowman, Interlocutor William Kramer, Marilyn Logsdon, Patty Jeffries, Betty Macy, Janet Wade, James Cromer, Harold Freshour, James Morgan. Row 2—Sue Nees, Janet Schutz, Barbara Crozier, August Lucas, Jean Burgess, Jackie Kreager, Patty Plye Frances Vandevender, Josephine Annarino, Louise Peffers. R ow 3—Don Black, Charles Bagent, William Smith, Richard Roof, Dale Logsdon, Richard Jones, Ruth Hupp, Virginia Rine, Oma Schritzinger, Deloris Toothman, Shirley Rose, Nellie Wright, Barbara Richardson, Helen Woolard, Geraldine Franks, Patty Myer, Craig Hindman, Gene Campolo, Herman Luckner, Leroy Carter, Walter Connelly, Kenneth Gray, James Deal. Row 4—Chalmers Styers, Donald Hideg, James Van- Winkle, Richard Reynard, John Iden, Ronald Harris, Robert Andrews, Richard Smith, Ronald Holdbrook, Paul Haas, Paul Brown, Don Hupp, Don Shoemaker, Richard Saylor, David Saylor, Glenn Logsdon, Karl Gelfer, Orrville Orr, Leon Richey, William Taylor, Robert Hughes. The above picture features the entire cast of our Fall Minstrel and Variety Show. This production pro¬ vided an opportunity for several de¬ partments of the school to participate. Along with the Music and Dramatic departments, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Physical Education and Art departments made their contribu¬ tion. It is the plan of the school to make this program an annual affair. Sixty-Eight ROOSEVELT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL EDITH FLEMING Principal B.S., Michigan State Normal College ROOSEVELT Row 1—Douglas Acord, Nancy Allen, Royal Anderson, Ruth Armstrong, Sue Asher, David Balding, Ann Barrick, Jerry Beall. Row 2—Emily Beardshear, Rose Ann Bebout, Thobern Blizzard, Charles Bradshaw, Frank¬ lin Brown, Janice Castle, James Cochlan, Darlene Cochran. Row 3—Phillip Cochran, Mary Jane Conklin, Barbara Crist, Richard Dickinson, Edwin Dellehay, Ann Dupler, Jane Embrey, Dona Fisher. Row 4—Pauline Frey, Mary Fulks, Carolyn Geiger, Robert Glasmeier, Donald Grigsby, Richard Hamann, Patricia Hart, Inez Harris. Row 5—Ronald Helman, Marilyn Hitchcock, James Hoffer, Robert Holmes, Alice Huber, June Hughes, Rodney Howarth, Geraldine Hoy. Seventy ROOSEVELT Row 1—Janet Jay, Norma Jones, George Kelley, Betty Kidwell, Carol Kiger, John Koontz, Edward Lightle, Norma Lightle. Row 2—Marilyn Loar, Leona Lugar, Marilyn Markle, Bonnie Mosteller, Franklin McCaf- ferty, Harold Miller, Charles Moyer, Margaret Parmalee. Row 3—Phyllis Jean Porter, Mona Potter, Leontine Purks, James Quickel, Clark Rader, Lawrence Rector, Carol Jean Rickrich, Sue Riehl. Row 4—Donald Ruschaupt, Suzanne Ryan, Charlotte Scott, William Slay, Patricia Smith, Smith, Richard Stafford, Jeremiah Steele, Donald Swartz. Row 5—Donald Tolliver, Nancy Wallace, Norma Watson, Robert Wenzel, Bonnie West- lake, Doris Williams, Janet Wolfe, John Wright. Seventy-One Honor Society Front table (left to right)—Lucile Tyrer, Carol Richrick, Mona Potter, Gloria Humbert, Janice Speelman. Second table—Walter Wiley, John Beckman, Richard Stafford, James Cochlan, Ronald Helman, Tom Bald¬ ing, Don Ruschaupt. Last row—Joyce Zinsmeister, Frances Kuster, Sandra Willey, Janet Jay, Leona Lugar, Ann Dupler, Mari¬ lyn Hitchcock, Ann Barrick, Cynthia Hale, Sandra Rivitz, Nancy Pearce, Janet Felumlee, Miss Alspach. Not in picture—Toby Blizzard. The Roosevelt Chapter (No. 485) of the National Junior Honor Society was organized in May 1946. Mem¬ bers are elected by the faculty from pupils who have made a semester average of A in at least three major subjects and have met the other four requirements of good citizenship, leadership, service, and character. Projects for the year included keeping a scrapbook of school affairs and writ¬ ing the school news. From the pro¬ ceeds of a school dance held in Oc¬ tober the society bought some new records for the juke box, a large elec¬ tric clock for study hall, and a scholar¬ ship trophy which is presented each six-weeks to the home room having the highest average. A spring frolic was held in March to raise money for “Care” packages for needy pupils in Europe. Sixteen new members were wel¬ comed at an induction ceremony in as¬ sembly on February 20, although they do not appear in the picture. They are Harold Miller, Mary Deck¬ er, Dorothy Miller, Henry Richardson, Toni Schonberg, Nancy Davis, Miriam Farmer, Jerry Harmon, Betty Leigh¬ ton, Paul Lawrence, Joan Rader, Mar¬ lene Reichly, Mary Ann Smucker, Danny Strieker, Charles Terrell, and Mary Jo Williams. Officers this year were president, Ann Barrick; vice president, Toby Blizzard; secretary, Lucile Tyrer; and treasurer, Tom Balding. Seventy-Two LINCOLN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ¥T THORA B. MacDONAUGH Principal A.B., Denison University M.A., Ohio State University Seventy-Three LINCOLN Row 1—Clyde Baker, Denver Ballenger, Esther Barker, Sue Baughman, Bernard Bishop, Wilda Bodkin, Mildred Boylan, Jean Brooks. Row 2—Marilyn Brooks, Barbara Brown, Lois Brownfield, Donnalea Cain, Charles Carson, Walter Chaney, Edwin Channell, Conrad Chesser. Row 3—Margaret Corder, Byron Cullison, Robert Cunningham, Nancy Darkes, Jack Davis, Barbara Decker, Howard Delancey, Charles Dennis. Row 4—Bernard Ditter, Charlotte Farley, Bernard Farmer, Nancy Francis, Tom Francis, Loren French, Carol Frey, Dorothy Geller. Row 5—Bob Gregg, Rhoda Hamilton, Annamae Harman, Jean Harman, Oren Harris, Richard Harris, Tom Hayes, Jean Hines. Row 6—Betty Hitchcock, Flora Hitchcock, Betty Holbert, Evelyn Hughes, Jean Ann Jackson, Joe Johnston. Seventy-Four LINCOLN Row 1—Anna Jones, Mona Keaser, Donna Keeran, Bob Kerns, Robert Kieber, Bob Lamp- ton, Bobby Sue Lauderdale, Norma Lewis. Row 2—Vera Lewis, David Linn, Margaret Livengood, Don Luby, Marjorie Luby, Jim Lucas, Mona Lusetti, Wilma McFarland. Row 3—Kay Mann, Bonnie Marmie, Billie Sue Melton, Wanda Miller, Peggy Mitchell, Patty Mohler, Walter Montgomery, Dorothy Morrow. Row 4—Marjorie Mummey, Ann O ' Neil, John Orr, Nancy Parker, James Richards, Paul Rine, Mary Robinson, Wilson Rosebraugh. Row 5-Vincen Ryan, Junior Sayler, Mary E. Sillin, Kathryn Snoor, William Stichter, Jack Thropp, Lois Ann Van Winkle, Maxine Victor. Row 6—Paul Waddell, Harriet Wagner, Rose Mary Walburn, Robert Weisant, Douglas White, John Wooles, Max Wright. Seventy-Five NINTH GRADE BOYS ' GLEE CLUB Row 1—Richard Harris, Joe Johnson, Conrad Chesser, Jack Davis, Bernard Ditter, Oren Harris, Robert Keiber, Clyde Baker. Row 2—Robert Cunningham, John Orr, Charles Carson, Erwin Channell, Leland Ridenbaugh, Loren French, Paul Rine, Douglas White, Walter Montgomery. Row 3—Robert Kerns, James Lucas, Vincent Ryan, Paul Waddell, William Stichter, Charles Dennis, Jack Thropp, David Linn, Robert Lampton, Tom Francis. The Ninth Grade Boys Glee Club was organized at Lincoln Junior High School in September, 1946. Under the direction of Mrs. Richard Wels- bacher, the group has presented pro¬ grams for assembly, local service clubs, and the Parent-Teacher Asso¬ ciation. Members of the glee club will singe the leading roles in H.M.S. Pinafore which is to be the spring production of the ninth grade chorus. Seventy-Six ONE DOWN - ! i h er V4ELL, WHbt Yft WaiTiN o V ? HliHN£:ss or BEAUTY ET TO WORK , LU S ! ERK AAJD GrOPDy EDITOR ADVISER - FRIENDS £Rlrt R D 8£ R IT THE EDITOR SPEAKS — AS USO JL Seventy-Seven — Phyllis Rine Secretary Ng Chu Kuey President Chandler Waggoner Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Robert Barrett Vice President Seventy-Eight SOPHOMORES Row 1—Jean Ann Adams, Norma Agey, Connie Allen, Homer Allen, Mary Anderson, George Andrews, Richard Angeletti, Connie Asher. Row 2—Jo Ann Backman, Barbara Balding, Harry Ballenger, Robert Barnes, Robert Bar¬ rett, Helen Baruxes, James Baumgartner, Harry Bay. Row 3—Merrill Beaver, Herbert Bebout, Ralph Bebout, Carol Beckman, Richard Beery, Phylis Beinhower, Earl Benner, Donna Bingham. Row 4—Charles Black, James Bline, Marcella Blizzard, Beverly Blowers, Mary Bonham, Don Bosscawen, Billie Boswell, Jo Ann Boyd. Row 5—Mary Braid, Shirley Brannon, Joan Bringardner, Barbara Brookover, Mildred Brown, Jo Ann Brownfield, Jo Ann Burden, Francis Burnette. Row 6—Jimmie Butler, Joyce Butler, La Verne Butler, Jo Ann Butt, Charles Buxton, Charlene Canter, Ellen Carpenter, Jack Cartnal. Row 7—Barbara Carson, James Carson, Robert Cates, Robert Chaney, Don Chapman, Fred Citrone, Lewis Claggett, Sally Clark. Row 8—Paul Clifton, Eddie Cline, Carol Cochran, Myrtle Cochran. Seventy-Nine SOPHOMORES Row 1—Robert Cochran, Gladys, Coleman, George Collet, Jack Conner, Anna Cope, Joyce Copley, Dwigllt Cottrell, Betty Courson. Row 2—William Coventry, Donald Coyle, Shirley Coyle, Charles Craig, Walter Cramer, Ralph Crane, Ruth Crawford, Elaine Creighton. Row 3—Dorothy Darling, Leroy Darnes, Hallie Davis, Jeanette Davis, Robert Deal, Richard Deeds, Betty Delaney, Fred Dillon. Row 4—Carol Disbennett, Marlene Ditter, Kathleen Donaldson, Joyce Drake, Charles Dudley, Edgar Dupler, Phillip Dupler, Blanche Dutcher. Row 5—Dixie Eisert, Frances Elmore, Robert Ervin, Carol Evans, Martha Evans, Trula Evans, Allen Ewing, Clarise Farley. Row 6—Frederick Fernow, Richard Field, Joseph Fiest, Benjamin Finckel, William Fish, Janice Flannigan, Richard Fleitz, Ellen Flowers. Row 7—Eugene Flowers, Marilyn Fluharty, Carol Foit, Estella Forsythe, Glen Fox, Jo Ann Franklin, Barbara Fredritz, Edward Friend. Row 8—Marilyn Gamble, Annabelle Garder, Lola Garrett, Robert Goodin. [ 1 Eighty SOPHOMORES Row 1—Gail Goss, James Green, Frances Grider, Mary Grimm, Janice Grove, Richard Grove, Hally Guyheart, Eugene Gutridge. Row 2—Dwight Hackney, Nancy Haines, Patricia Halbrooks, Verna Halblaub, Mary Hall, Richard Hall, Anna Harris, Robert Harris. Row 3—James Hartsough, Frederick Hayes, Richard Hayes, Florence Hayman, Eugene Haynes, Helen Helmick, Mildred Helser, Wilson Henry. Row 4—Billy Hitchcock, John Hitchcock, Brenna Hobson, Roger Hogue, Marjorie Holman, Mary Holman, Patricia Homman, Howard Hoon. Row 5—Paul Horton, Katherine House, Ruth Huff, Richard Humphreys, Nancy Hunt, Patricia Hunt, William Hunt, John Huston. Row 6—William Ingler, June Jacobs, Marian James, Douglas Johnson, Gordon Johnson, William Johnson, Helen Jones, Wayne Kaercher. Row 7—Sue Killinger, Shirley Kilpatrick, Alice King, Robert Kinney, Gene Kinsey, Bob Kirk, Ng Chu Kuey, Nancy Lally. Row 8—Patricia Larason, Kathryn Lane, Norma Lane, Shirley Lee. Eighty-One SOPHOMORES T Row 1—Elizabeth Leslie, Barbara Levingston, Carol Lewis, Dorothy Lewis, Katherine Link, Richard Lippincott, Robert Livingston, Joanne Loewendick. Row 2—Mary Lombardo, Terrill Long, Carrie Ann Loughman, James McCualsky, Betty Jane McCullough, Albert McDowell, Ralph Mclnturf, Charles McLaughlin. Row 3—Charlotte McMullin, Joan MacNealy, Wanda McPeek, Robert McVey, Patricia Mann, Jack Martin, Linda Martin, Duane Masters. Row 4—Richard Lowell Melton, Albert Meriweather, Rose Messino, Alvin Miller, John Miller, Margaret Miller, Stanley Miller, William Miller. Row 5—James Moody, Ann Moore, Bonnie Moore, Prances Moore, Lreda Mossholder, Betty Myers, Donald Neighbor, Jo Ann Nichols. Row 6—Barbara Null, Mary Oakleaf, Ernest Oakley, Lewis Oder, Veronica Oreovac, Phyllis Orr, Rita Ann Palm, Richard Palmer. Row 7—Marilyn Parker, Anna Mae Parmelee, Patricia Parmelee, Donna Parrish, William Patten, Gordon Patton, Georgeann Penick, Maxine Phares. Rw 8—Charles Pickering, Joan Place, Franklin Earl Pollack, Melvijeane Posey. Eighty-Two SOPHOMORES Row 1—Charles Pound, Arlen Freas, Betty Jean Price, Ruth Price, Clarence Purdy, Edwin Redman, Joan Redman, Charles Reece. Row 2—Mary Lou Reid, Robert Reid, Robert Revd, Russel Reid, Cecil Rhodes, Janet Rice, Harold Richardson, Eugene Ridenhaugh. Row 3—Gerald Rine, Inez Rine, Phyllis Rine, Dolores Roach, Electa Mae Roberts, Beverly Roley, David Roof, William Rose. Row 4—Betty Rowe, Mary Schaller, Patricia Scott, Vernabelle Scott, Richard Schroats, Joanne Schultz, Richard Seiter, Richard Senff. Row 5—Ralph Sheeler, Robert Shaw, William Shibler, Jim Shields, Richard Shoemaker, Glen Sickles, Judy Siegel, Roger Seim. Row 6—Mary Sicmo, William Simms, Lawrence Sillin, Orville Simpson, Robert Slocumb, Dona Smith, John Smith, Paul Smith. Row 7—Rosalie Smith, Shirley Smith, Mary Lou Snelling, Richard Snelling, Joyce Spell¬ man, Dolores Spense, Bernard Spitzer, Shirley Staiger. Row 8—Mary Lou Stauch, Lois Steele, Robert Steinberger, Robert Stevens. Eighty-Three SOPHOMORES Row 1—Carl Stewart, Marilyn Stewart, Harriet Stickle, Howard Stickle, Ruth Stough, James Stradley, Phillip Sullivan, Louanna Sturman. Row 2—Shirley Swan, Dorothy Taylor, Raymond Teagarden, Donald Thomas, David Til¬ ton, Joy Tomlinson, Roy Tull, Joanne Turk. Row 3—Barbara Turner, Lewis Unternaker, Arlene Updike, Ronald Van Atta, Harriet Vandevender, Marlene Vann, Loyd, Varner, Karl Varney. Row 4—Chandler Waggoner, Roland Wagner, Carol Walker, Phillip Walker, Richard Wallenberg, Robert Warthen, Carol Watson. Eighty-Four SOPHOMORES Row 1—Roland Watson, Ruth Weekley, William Weekley, Dorothy Welsh, William Welsh, Richard West, Fred Wessinger, Ronnie White. Row 2—Donald White, Nancy Wickham, Ann Wilcox, Susan Wilkin, Beulah Williams, Mary Williams, Robert Williams, Warren Williams. Row 3—Donald Wills, David Wilson, Mary Wilson, Richard Wilson, Shirley Wilson, John Wince, Marjorie Wince, Nancy Wince. Row 4—Charles Winter, Minnie Winter, Nancy Woltjen, Wanda Woodruff, Frances Wright, Barbara Yost, Joan Zink. Eighty-Five James McFarland President Kenneth Roberts Vice President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Virginia Oxley Secretary Betty Eifinger Treasurer Eighty-Six JUNIORS Row 1-Jo Ann Abbot, Barbara Allen, Mary Ann Allen, Donn Alspach, Patricia Anderson, Robert Ault, Jo Ann Bachelor, Norma Jean Barcus. Row 2—Orville Baughman, June Beckman, Juanita Beeney, Joanne Belle, Dorothy Ben¬ nett, Richard Betz, Earl Bevard. Row 3—Margaret Binckley, Kathryn Birkey, Barbara Ann Black, Mary Louise Black, Emil Block, David Blowers, Joseph Bodle, Barbara Bonham. Row 4—Joyce Bonham, Charles Bounds, Maymie Bowen, Alice Ann Bragg, Richard Brandt, Hilda Bratfish, Marjorie Brecht, Wilma Brookin. r ow 5—Carol Brooks, Marilyn Brown, Murel Brown, Reola Don Brown, Richard Brown, Jesse Buchanan, Joan Burgess, Robert Burns. Row 6—Maurice Burt, Mary Butler, Ralph Crile, Chaney, William Chaney, Elizabeth Cochran, Roland Cochran, Kathryn Cole, William Coleman. Row 7—Lois May Cooksey, Jessie Mae Cooperider, James Coyle, Clarence Cramer, Carolyn Crawford, Juanita Cupps, Laura Dalton, Dorothy Mae Davidson. Row 8—Eloise Davidson, Freda Davis, Mable Ellen Davis, Richard Davis. Eighty-Seven JUNIORS Row 1—Alice Mae Dawson, June Deeds, Robert Delancey, Betty Eileen Dement, Andrew Dennison, Wilbur DiBlasio, Fern Virginia Dickerson, Addison. Row 2—Shirley Diller, Ruth Ellen Dillon, Joan Dixon, Eleanor Dodson, Betty Eifinger, Gretchen Ellis, Inez Elmore, Stanley Eriksen. Row 3—Mary Ellen Eshelman, Donald Evans, Ruth Ann Fairall, Jean Farmer, Richard Feurriegel, Donna Jean Fiest, Paul Flannigan, Faith Fletche r. r ow 4—Sally Lou Forbes, Alice May Frey, Janice Louise Frey, Joan Gatrell, Larry Gatrell, George George, William Gieger, James Gilham. Row 5—Janet Glasmeier, Effie Goble, Mary Lou Grandstaff, Paul Grigsby, Edna Groce, Joe Gutridge, Jean Haas, Harriet Hagans. Row 6—Mary Ann Hale, Carole Haley, Larry Handel, Keith Harbit, John Harding, John Hart, Clarice Hawes, Walter Hay. r ow 7_James Helphrey, Anna Lou Henry, William Henry, Joyce Hess, Harold Hickman, Calvert Hines, Betty Hoiley, Robert Hook. Row 8—Diane Horwitz, Donald Howard, Phyllis Howard, Relva Huffman. Eighty-Eight JUNIORS How 1—Joseph Hughes, Nonna Hunt, Clarence Huston, Ralph Jackson, Eileen Jeffries, Daniel Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Seward Johnson. Row 2—Ted Johnson, Richard Johnston, Dollie Jones, Donald Jones, Joseph Jones, Vir¬ ginia Jones, Robert Kane, Joyce Keineth. Row 3—Betty Kidd. Wilbert Kiger, John Kincaid, Donald Kinney, Betty Lou Korb, Christine Kornman, Shirley Lamson, Anna Lane. Row 4—John Larimore, Betty Lavelle, James Leach, Hugh Lecky, Kathleen Livingston, Dolores Logston, Evelyn Love, Mildred Lugar. Row 5—James McFarland, Mary McKnight, Carlene McManus, Edwin McPeek, Sue MacNealy, Doris MacPherson, Katherine Markham, Jack Marriott. Row 6—Barbara Martin, Ruth Mason, Durwood Masters, Robert Mathie, David Meckle y, Robert Messenger, William Martin, Shirley Miner. Row 7—Donald Moon, Harold Moore, Betty Moss, Violet Mowery, George Offenbaker, Helen Orr, Nancy Otterman, Virginia Oxley. Row 8—Charlotte Nadolson, Margaret Neal, Herbert Nye, Nancy Pancaw. Eighty-Nine JUNIORS Row 1—Max Ivers, Charlotte Parlet, Patricia Parker, Charles Peffers, Russel Peffers, Donald Pepper, Virginia Perdue, Shirley Petrey. Row 2—Charlotte Pickering, Ruth Poling, Shirley Post, Charleen Pound, Jane Powell, Phyllis Powell, Edwin G. Pryor, Jerry Rambo. Row 3—Joyce Redman, Parker Reed, Robert Reynard, Alice Rice, B. Jean Richards, Hallie Richards, Lena Ridenbaugh, Nancy Riley. Row 4—Kenneth Roberts, Donna Jean Robinson, Edgar Lee Robinson, Grace Rodgers, Betty Rogers, Minerva Rogers, Daniel Roike, Marjorie Rennecker. Row 5—Eileen Roof, Jo Anne Rowe, William Royster, Anna Rusic, Edward Ryan, Bernard Ruton, Alice Sands, Bonnie Sehlosser. Row 6—Harold Schmitt, Dolores Scott, Ellen Sennett, Ruth Shell, Barbara Shreve, Susan Shields, Marjorie Simpson, Donna Slebodnick. Row 7—Jean Smith, Thelma Smith, Giles Smucker, Robert Speer, Shirley Stasel, June Stedman, Claude Stickle. JUNIORS Row 1—Ellen Stickle, Josephine Sticher, Tom Still, Macille Swartz, Donald Tanner, Harland Taylor, Mar¬ garet Taylor, Sue Taylor. Row 2-Patricia Thomas, Bonita Thompson, Ruby Pearl Tignor, Betty Tripp, Lulu Vaia, Theodore Vaia, Mona Jean Vander Hoven, Talbot Van Ness. Row 3-Emma Van Winkle, Eugene Var- rasso, Eunice Varner, Dolores Vermilion, Juanita Vermilion, Margaret Waggoner, Doretha Waldren, Dolly Walk¬ er. Row 4-Daisy Ward, Glenn Warrick, Mary Ruth Weakley, Charles Weaver, Marilyn Webb, David Weller, Charles Wells, Denny Wheeler. Row 5-Mary Willing, Earl Wilson, J. Junior Wilson, Dorothy Wolfe, George Woolard, Barbara Wooles, Phyllis Worstall, Mabel Yarnelli. Row 6-Beverly Yount, Kenneth Yost, Larry Yaus, Carol Zieher. Ninety-One 1947 PRIZE AWARDS The annual commencement was held at the White Field Stadium at six-fifteen o’clock in the evening of June 5, 1947. During the program the following awards were made. Carol Kathryn Koveleski received the most recognition during the pres¬ entation of awards. She received the William E. and Annie S. Miller Prize in English. Further she received the Latin Medal, awarded by Zeta Chapter, Denison University, of Eta Sigma Phi. She was one of eight to get a scholar¬ ship to Capital University. And finally, she accepted a scholarship of seven hundred and fifty dollars a year to the University of Chicago. Com¬ petition for this scholarship was nationwide. Donald Logan Smith was awarded two athletic prizes. He was given the Athletic Award for being the best all-round athlete and the Roger Sedgwick Award for displaying excellence in basketball. Mary Janette Carpenter received two prizes in addition to a scholarship to Capital University. She received the French Prize for excellence in that language during her two-year study and a scholarship cash fund of one hundred dollars renewable each year she attends college, given by the Cen¬ tral Ohio Branch of the American As¬ sociation of University Women. The Harvard History Prize, for boys, was presented to Edwin Gene McMillen; the Theodore Roosevelt History Prize, for girls, was given to Patricia Ann Lowry. One of the oldest awards, the Har¬ vard Cup, given to the best all-round boy, was awarded to Robert Wolfe Crawford. One of the newest awards, the Soroptimist Club Award, given to the best all-round girl, was presented to Mona Rose Harris. For excellence in the field of commercial studies, Suz¬ anne Graves received the Commercial Award. For outstanding achieve¬ ment in journalism, John Richard Dettre accepted the Leland Baxter, Jr., Award. For commendable endeavor in the field of dramatics, Rich¬ ard Herron Mercer earned the Trophy, in memory of Flor¬ ence M. King. Four students received medals for work in debate. These National For¬ ensic Awards went to John Junior Brandt, Mary Janette Carpenter, Rich¬ ard Herron Mercer, and James Roger Reusser. Eight students received scholar¬ ships amounting to one-fourth tuition each of four years of normal college from Capital University. They were Mary Janette Carpenter, Robert Wolfe Crawford, Mona Rose Harris, Carol Kathryn Koveleski, Patricia Ann Low¬ ry, Patricia Ann McCracken, Elinor Joan Morin, and James Roger Reusser. Ninety-Four SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bonnie Rine Vice President Ralph Barrett Treasurer _ Ninety-Five Annabelle Alexander Jerry Anderson Mildred Attlee Ralph Barrett Winston Allen James Armbruster Robert Bain Kenneth Baughman Eugene Anderson Charles Atherton Wanda Ballentine Mary Jane Bebout Alexander, Annabelle “A.B.” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Alexander Krud’s Kraze—Slumber Parties Theater Street Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Treasurer, ’48; Home Room Offices, Secretary ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, 48. Anderson, Eugene Morris “Gene” Son of Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Anderson Don’t Frighten the Lion Krud’s Kraze—Staying out of trouble. Women in general. Room Agent ’47, ’48; F. R.O. ’47, ’48. Armbruster, Janies Herbert “Jim” or “Scotty” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Armbruster Mama’s Bank Account Krud’s Kraze—I’ll do any¬ thing to be different. Debate ’46, ’47; Music Appreciation ’47; College Club ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Scrib¬ blers ’47, ’48; President ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’46; B o y s’ Baseball ’48; Intramural Basketball ’48; Reserve Football ’45; Class Offi¬ cer, Treasurer ’47. Attlee, Mildred Hazel “Mim” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Attlee Just For Two Krud’s Kraze—Rushing to meet people. Student Council ’46, ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; President ’48; Li¬ brary Assistants ’46; Re¬ veille News Staff ’47, ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’47, ’48. Allen, Winston Moyar “Winnie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Winston C. Allen Complete Swimmer Krud’s Kraze—Frank Thomas always arguing with me. (Hi, Frankie.) College Club ’48; Hi-Y ’47, ’48; Intramural Bas¬ ketball ’47; La Renais¬ sance ’47, ’48; Camera Club ’47; Music Appre¬ ciation ’47. Anderson, Jerry Lee “Curly” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse S. Anderson Human Comedy Krud’s Kraze—Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning! Atherton, Charles Robert “Lute” Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Atherton The Fortunate Youth Krud’s Kraze — Calling Doctor “Shoemaker” (Hurry, “Doc”!) Penmanship Club ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’48; Tennis Squad ’48. Bain, Robert Eugene “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bain As I Was Saying Krud’s Kraze—Women La Renaissance ’48; Col¬ lege Club ’48; Hi-Y ’48. Ballentine, Wanda Charline “Casey” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ballentine One Foot in Heaven Krud’s Kraze—Smoke gets in your eyes (Chug-a- lug) Production Staff ’48; Y- Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Vice President ’46; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’48; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’47, ’48. Barrett, Ralph Rolland “Ralph” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrett The Stage Is Set Krud’s Kraze—Getting up on Monday mornings. Music Appreciation ’47; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Science Club ’48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, 48; Home Room Offices, President ’46; Class Of¬ fices, Vice-President ’46, President ’47, Treasurer ’48. Baughman, Kenneth Eujean “Kenny” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baughman Young Man of the World Krud’s Kraze—Last one in school and first one out. Room Agent ’45. Bebout, Mary Jane “Janie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Bebout Every Sold Is a Circus Krud’s Kraze — “Lookin’ over town for an aerial— “U-9899.” Sales Organization ’46; Library Assistants ’46; Chorus ’46; Room Agent ’46; Band ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46; G i r 1 s’ Baseball ’46; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46. Ninety-Six Beck, Sarah Jane “Sally” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Beck Behind the Front Page Krud’s Kraze—My brother and my friends’ sisters. Spanish Club ’47. ’48; Latin Club ’47, ’48; Re¬ veille News Staff ’47; Editor ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48. Bermerman, Mary Anne “Sandy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bermerman Red Rust Krud’s Kraze—Oh, to be a dentist (Hi, Tom) Chorus ’46, ’47; Y-Teens ’47, ’48; Secretary ’48; G i r 1 s’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Baseball ’46; Girls’ Volleyball ’46. Blizzard, Juanita Irene “Shorty” and “Curly” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Blizzard Mij Love Belongs to Me Krud’s Kraze — All these Jims! (Hi, Jim) Salesmanship Club ’46; Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; F.R.O. Club ’47, ’48. Bob, Molly Lou “Molly” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Bob How to Watch Football Krud’s Kraze—I can’t find my billfold! Student Council ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’46, ’47; College Club ’48; Chorus ’46; Reveille News Staff ’47, ’48; G. Y. A. ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’47, ’48. Benner, Garry Wallace “Pete” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Garry Benner Northern Summer Krud’s Kraze—My partner in physics. Boys’ Baseball ’46; In¬ tramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Varsity Football ’46, ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47. Blizzard, Donald Frank “Snow Bound” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Blizzard Remember the End Krud’s Kraze—People try¬ ing to figure out my nick¬ name. Chorus ’48. Blodgett, Evelyn Louise “Eve” Daughter of Mrs. Iola Blodgett Marching On Glee Club ’46; Mimeo- graff Staff ’47, ’48; Y- Teens ’46, ’47; Room Agent ’47, ’48; Band ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46; Girls’ Volleyball ’46; F.R.O. Club ' 48. Bowden, Jerry Edward “Jerry” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bowden 2500 Jokes Krud’s Kraze—I’m not a fighter—I’m a lover Debate ’46; Science Club ’48; Hi-Y ’47, ’48; “N” Club ’48; Intramural Bas¬ ketball ’47, ’48; Varsity Football ’46, ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48. Sally Jane Beck Donald Blizzard Molly Bob Virginia Boyer Garry Benner Juanita Blizzard Jerry Bowden Barbara Bradford Mary Anne Bermerman Evelyn Blodgett Mary Boyer Dennis Branham Boyer, Mary Elizabeth “Mary” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Boyer Heavenly Harmony Krud’s Kraze — My sister Jean. Art Staff ’46; Penmanship Club ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Chorus ’46; Y-Teens ’47, ’48; Orchestra ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’47, ’48. Boyer, Virginia Belle “Ginny Belle” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Boyer What’s It All About Krud’s Kraze — Wednes¬ day nights. Oh, Boy! Glee Club ’47, ’48; Fu¬ ture Retailers ’48. Bradford, Barbara Anne “Barb” Daughter of Mrs. G. Howard Innocent Merriment Krud’s Kraze — “Dancing in the Dark” Chorus ’46, ’47, ’48; Y- Teens ’47, ’48; Y-Teen Cabinet ’47, ’48; Scrib¬ blers ’47, ’48, Treasurer ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48. Branham, Dennis “Dink” Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Branham Bright Ideas for Enter¬ taining Krud’s Kraze—School Track ’48. Ninety-Seven Branscome, Nancy Louise “BlubbieH” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Branscome Living Again Krud’s Kraze—My name is NOT BlubbieH Student Council, Treasur¬ er ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; Library Assistants ’46; College Club ’48; Reveille News Staff ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y- Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’47; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’47; Girls’ Volley¬ ball ’47; Honor Society ’48. Brown, Mary Louise “Wrinkles” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Broivn Butter with My Bread Krud’s Kraze—Wednesday morning and Sunday morning. Ho hum (Hi, Gang) Girls’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Girl’s Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48; Chorus ’46. Busby, Joan Irwin “Joanie” Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James F. Busby The Bands Play On Krud’s Kraze—Those long rides home on the band bus. Student Council ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’48; Latin Club, Secretary ’47, Sec¬ retary ’48; College Club ’48; Honor Society ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Band ’46, ’47, ’48; Orchestra ’46. Calloway, Clinton “Pete” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton C. Calloway You Make Your Chon Luck Krud’s Kraze—Waiting at the hall intersection for everybody. 300 Club ’47; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Nancy Branscome Robert Brown Clinton Calloway Kenneth Channell Edith Brown Joan Busby Clara Carter John Chester Mary Brown Harry Butler David Chaney Ellen Claggett Brown, Edith Evaleen “Ede” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brown Slow Smoke Krud’s Kraze—The next m o rn i n g after those “slumber parties” at Mary’s (Hi, gang) Room Agent ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball 47, ’48. Brown, Robert Leland “Tude” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tudor F. Brown Letters to Susan Krud’s Kraze — Hurrying George Dine out of the dressing room. Spanish Club ’48; 100- Mile Club ’47; “N” Club ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46; Intramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46; Varsity Football ’46, ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47. Butler, Harry Martin, Jr. “Bud” Son of Dr. and Mrs. Har¬ ry M. Butler A Friend of Caesar Krud’s Kraze—Oh, sleep! it is a gentle thing, Be¬ loved from pole to pole. Student Council ’46, ’47; Debate ’46, ’47, ’48; Lat¬ in Club ’47, ’48; Science Club ’46, ’48; College Club ’48; Reveille News Staff ’48; Honor Society ’48; Home Room Agent ’48; Orchestra ’46. Carter, Clara Lee “Cart” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman F. Carter Living High Krud’s Kraze—Getting all the kids in one car. Chorus ’46; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46, ’47, ’48; Of¬ fice Machines ’48. Chaney, David Eugene “Dave” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Chaney Little David Krud’s Kraze—What’s that got to do with the price of eggs in China? Student Council ’48, Vice President ’48; Debate ’46, ’47, ’48, Co-Captain ’48; College Club ’48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’47; Reserve Football ’46; Camera Club ’47; Spanish Club ’47, ' 48; Honor Society ’48. Channell, Kenneth Eugene “Schannel” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Channell Devil to Pay Krud’s Kraze—“The Ice Man Cometh” Room Agent ’46; Reserve Football ’45. Chester, John Burner “Chesty” Son of Mrs. John Chester Exit Laughing Krud’s Kraze—I love them all. (Girls, that is) Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Stage Manager ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’47; Reserve Basketball, Manager ’46; Reserve Football, Man¬ ager ’46; Varsity Football, Manager ’47, ’48; Track Squad Manager ’46, ’47. Claggett, Ellen Louise “Lennie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Claggett F ortitude Krud’s Kraze — “Band Practices,” most any hour of the day! (Hi, Mr. Pearce!) Library Club ’46; Col¬ lege Club ' 48; Glee Club ’46; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Band ’46, ’47, ’48; Orchestra ’47, ’48. Ninety-Eight Coad, Charles Edward Son of Mrs. Rose A. Coad Code of the West Krud’s Kraze — Just noth¬ ing. Cocanour, John Roger “Coke” Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cocanour Invasion Krud’s Kraze — Where I could go if I had a car. 300 Club ' 47. Collins, Howard William “Bill” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Collins The Story Behind Great Inventions Krud’s Kraze — Thinking up a cute phrase for the Annual. Camera Club ’48; Music Appreciation ’48; Science Club ’48; College Club ’48, President ’48. Craig, Stella May “Sunshine” Daughter of Mr. James McMillen Sunny Stories Krud’s Kraze—Those Mon¬ days after a “Lost Week¬ end.” Future Retailers ’47, ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47, ’48. Coates, Geraldine Lois “Gerry” Daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Mayberry Just for Two Krud’s Kraze—Little Kir- kie.” Mimeograph Staff ’48; Band ’47; Retail Selling ’48. Cochran, Donald George ’Don” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Cochran Man of Art Krud’s Kraze—Having no time for play. Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47; Reserve Football ’46; Varsity Football ’47. Couden, Richard Eugene “Dick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Couden Baseball Krud’s Kraze—Aristocrats, teachers’ pets, hypocrits. Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; “N” Club ’48. Darling, Betty Jane “Darling” Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Stettler Forever Free Krud’s Kraze — Being called “Darling” by some people. Chorus ’46, ’47; Office Machines ’48. Charles Coad Donald Cochran Stella Craig Freda Davis Geraldine Coates John Cocanour William Collins Richard Couden Betty Jane Darling Mary Daugherty Oren Davis Florangela DelCecato Daugherty, Mary Alma “Mitzie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Daugherty Around the Clock Krud’s Kraze—When oth¬ ers are sad. I’ll still be Mary. Chorus ’40, ’47, ’48; Re¬ veille News Staff ’48; Y- Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Secretary ’46, ’47. Davis, Freda Evelyn “Freda” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delma Davis Your Hand Tells All Krud’s Kraze—These Guys from out of town. Glee Club ’46, ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’47. Davis, Oren Lester “Bud” Son of Mrs. Mary E. Davis Gazing at the Stars Krud’s Kraze—“Cranking the “T” for those week¬ end trips.” Home Room Offices, President ’46; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47; Re¬ serve Football ’46. DelCecato, Florangela “Flo” or “Flora” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. DelCecato The Honor Girl Krud’s Kraze—Waiting for g-RADU-ation. Student Council ’47, ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48, Room Agent ’48. Ninety-Nine James Denner Paul Diller Donald Dollison Letha Dyer Loretta Derringer Tracey Diller La Verne Dowler Charles Edwards Floyd Dickey George Dine Carl Duncan Janet Ellis Denner, James Edwin “Jim” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mildren C. Denner Trumpeter, Sound! Krud’s Kraze—Mr. Pearce’s drill and Marching Band. Band ’46, ’47 ’48; Or¬ chestra ’46, ’47; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Reserve Foot¬ ball ’46. Dickey, Floyd “Gussy” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Dickey Favorite Stories Krud’s Kraze—“Oh those weekend, out - of - town ‘Blonds’!” Hi-Y ’47, ’48; Camera Club ’47; Future Retail¬ ers ’47, ’48. Diller, Tracey Myron “Dink” Son of Mrs. Gladys Diller Between the Thunder Krud’s Kraze—Eight pe¬ riods a day. Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, President ’46; Intramural Basketball ’48. Dollison, Donald Wayne “Dolly” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dollison Night Flight Krud’s Kraze — “Get thee behind me, Satan, but don’t push.” Room Agent ’47; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Derringer, Loretta Jane “Boots” Daughter of Mr. Charles Derringer Driven Women Krud’s Kraze—The Week¬ ends! Chorus ’46; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. Diller, Paul David “Corkie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Diller Scarlet Fringe Krud’s Kraze — Monday Mornings! Hi-Y ’46, ’47; Band ’46, ’47; Intramural Basket¬ ball ’46; Speedball ’47. Dine, George William “George” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dine Knight of Wilderness Krud’s Kraze — Watching Robert “C a s a n o v a” Brown at work. “N” Club ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’48; Re¬ serve Basketball ’46; Var¬ sity Basketball ’47; Var¬ sity Football ’46, ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48. Dowler, Ruth La Verne “Duchess” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Verne Dowler Those Endearing Young Charms Krud’s Kraze — “People who call me ‘Stinkey’!” Student Council ’48; De¬ bate ’46, ’47, ’48; Span¬ ish Club ’47, ’48, Secre¬ tary ’48; College Club ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’47; Room Agent ’46; Orchestra ’46; Honor Society ’48. Duncan, Carl William, Jr. “Dunk” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Duncan This Thing Called Love Krud’s Kraze—“Listening for a certain someone ta say ‘Drop Dead’ (Hi, K.T.)” Student Council ’48; Science Club ’48; Col¬ lege Club ’48; Art Staff ’46; Hi-Y ’47, ’48; Pres¬ ident ’48; Intramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Re¬ serve Football ’46. Dyer, Letha Jean “Lee” or “Stinky” Daughter of Mrs. Flor¬ ence Dyer Curtain Going Up Krud’s Kraze—To be si¬ lent would be the death of me, but sometimes I would rather be dead. Chorus M6, ’47, ' 48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Scribblers ’47, ’48, Secretary ’48; Home Room Offices, Vice Presi¬ dent ’47. Edwards, Charles Keith “Red” Son of Mrs. Foster Ed¬ wards Storm Over the Land Krud’s Kraze—English teachers. Ellis, Janet Alorrene “Jan” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis The Dr ums of Morning Krud’s Kraze—These weekends (Hi! Roe and Shirley) Chorus ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’48; Y- Teens ’48 One Hundred Evans, Betty Nlati “Toad” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milo R. Evans Love, Life and Laughter Krud’s Kraze — Mending other people’s love af¬ fairs and not my own. (Hi, Evelyn and Dick!) Spanish Club ’47, ’48; Chorus ’46; Y-Teens ’46, ’47; Band ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’47. Evans, Marjorie Ruth “Margie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Evans Man Hunt Krud’s Kraze—Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits. G.Y.A. ’48; Business Staff ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basket¬ ball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’47, ’48; Reveille Art Staff ’46 ;Music Ap¬ preciation ’47, ’48; Bad¬ minton ’48. Ewald, John Bruce “Jack” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Ewald Music for Fun Krud’s Kraze—“I sigh the lack of many things I sought.” Page by page; foot by foot, I’ve labored with two Spanish books. (Hi! Dave) Camera Club ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’46, ’47; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47; Room Agent ’46, ’47; Business Staff ’46, ’47, ’48. Ewing, Robert Lowell “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Ewing Photography Today Krud’s Kraze — Pictures coming out blurry. Debate ’46; Spanish Club ’47; Music Appreciation ’46; Hi-Y ’48; Home Room Offices, Vice Presi¬ dent ’46; Camera Club, President ’47; Annual Photographer ’46, ’47; Track Squad ’46, ' 47, ' 48. Evans, George Franklin “George” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Desler F. Evans Butter with My Bread Krud’s Kraze—Chug-a- Lug. Chorus ’44. Ex-Service Man. Evans, Naomi Josephine “Noma” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Evans Listen, The Wind Krud’s Kraze—Those Sat¬ urday night slumber par¬ ties at Mary’s!! (Hi, Gang) La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’47; Honor Society ’48. Ewing, Janice Marie “Tenny” Daughter of Mrs. Gene¬ vieve Ewing . Little Red Riding Hood Krud’s Kraze—“What a lovely way to spend an evening.” Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’46, ’47 Fatig, Bernard Wilson “Bernie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Fatig Sea Scout Manuel Krud’s Kraze — Beautiful women (Guess who?) Debate ’46; Latin Club ’47; Band ’46, ’47, ’48. Betty Mae Evans Naomi Evans Robert Ewing Annabelle Feiber George Evans John Ewald Bernard Fatig Mildred Fields Marjorie Evans Janice Ewing Nancy Fatig Ruth Fisher Fatig, Nancy Ann “Fat” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Fatig Your Car Krud’s Kraze — “I’m not dragging my feet, June!” La Renaissance ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Glee Club ’47; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47; Or¬ chestra ' 46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ' 47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. Feiber, Annabelle Grace “Red” Daughter of Mrs. George Dietz. So You Think It’s Noon Krud’s Kraze—Oh, those weekends in Columbus! Future Retailers ’47, ’48; Chorus ’48, 47; Girls’ Baseball ’47. Fields, Mildred Elizabeth “Millie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fields The Long Voyage Home Krud’s Kraze—Blue Mon¬ day. Glee Club ’46, ’47; Mim¬ eograph Staff ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’46; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46. Fisher, Evelyn Ruth “Friend” Daughter of Mrs. O. W. Fisher This Face Is Familiar Krud’s Kraze — All those men from out of town. College Club ’48; Glee Club ’46; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Y- Teens ’46, ’47, ' 48; Scribblers ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’47; Music Appre¬ ciation ’46, ’47, ’48; Business Staff ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ' 47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. ' 48. One Hundred One ■■ Flowers, Frank Frederick “Frankie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Flowers Thunderbirds Krud’s Kraze—Going to school. 300 Club ’46. Fluharty, Carole Elizabeth “Blondie” Daughter of Mrs. M. Fluharty Cute Kid Krud’s Kraze—Waitin’ for the mailman. ( Hi, Andy) Chorus ’46; Future Re¬ tailers ’48; Y-Teens ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’46. Fox, Gloria Jean “Floxie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August L. Fox Lady of The Lake Krud’s Kraze — “Bill’s” “Ford” couldn’t Dodge the Indians at “Martha’s” farm. Glee Club ’46, ’47; Y- Teens ’46, ’47; Room Agent ’48; Band ’47, Majorette; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’48; Girls’ Basket¬ ball ’46, ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46, ’48. Franz, Ronald Henry “Ronnie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Franz In This, Our Life Krud’s Kraze—Hi, Honey. 300 Club ’46, ’47; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46, ’47. Frank Flowers Evelyn Ford Ronald Franz Earl Gamerdinger Richard Fluhart Gloria Fox Bernard Freas Robert Gardner Carole Fluharty Nancy Frank Eugene Galbraith James Garee Fluhart, Richard Eugene “Fluey” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fluhart Boy of the Woods Krud’s Kraze—Getting the car on Saturday night. Business Staff ’46, ’48. Ford, Evelyn Mae “Boots” Daughter of Mrs. Ira Ford Old Time Favorite Krud’s Kraze—This wait¬ ing around. Chorus ’46, ’47; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, Sergeant-at-arms ’48; Room Agent ’48; Treasurer ’48; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. Frank, Nancy Grace “Nance” Daughter of Mrs. Martha Frank Junior Miss Krud’s Kraze—Mt. Ver¬ non? Student Council ’46; Glee Club ’46; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47; Class Vice President ’46 at Mt. Vernon. Freas, Bernard Arthur “Berni” “Shorty” Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Freas The Long Valley Krud’s Kraze—Two cycle motors on Servi-cycles. Galbraith, Eugene Lee “Gabby” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Galbraith Best American Wit and Humor Krud’s Kraze — People calling me “Eugene.” Hi-Y, Secreaary ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, President ’47; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Gamerdinger, Earl Wilbur “Gomi” Son of Mrs. John Gamer¬ dinger Bag of Smoke Krud’s Kraze—Girls that live one mile and a half from bus stops. Home Room Offices, Vice President ’46, ’48; Room Agent ’47; F.R.O., Vice President ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’46. Gardner, Robert Wylie “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Gardner Dreams of Glory Krud’s Kraze—School days. Garee, James Richard “Jim” Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Garee Individuality in Clothes Krud’s Kraze—How much longer must I wait, Kate? Intramural Basketball ’46, 47; 300 Club ’46, ’47. One Hundred Two Garee, Ralph Edwin “Ralph” Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Garee Krud’s Kraze—Eighth pe¬ riods. 300 Club ’47; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’46. Goodlett, Martha Jean “Maidi” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Goodlett Chicken Little Krud’s Kraze — Paying li¬ brary bills. Spanish Club ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’46; College Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’46, ’47. Guy, Howard Kenneh “Kenny” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Guy Devil to Pay Krud’s Kraze—School Boys’ Baseball ’48. Hare, Martha Ann “Mert” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hare Rescued in the Clouds Krud’s Kraze—Skating at the Lake. (Hi, Bob) Glee Club ’48. Gleckler, Lawrence Edwin “Lawrence” Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Gleckler Captain Blood Krud’s Kraze—The morn¬ ing after the night be¬ fore. 300 Club ’47 Griffith, John Gerald II “Gary” or “Griff” Son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Griffith No Retreat from Love Krud’s Kraze — Taking biology my senior year. (Croak, croak.) Hi-Y ’47, ’48; Cross Country Squad ’46, ’47; Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48; Latin Club, Vice President ’47, President ’48; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Student Coun¬ cil ’46; Science Club ’48; College Club ’48; Band ’46, ’47; Masque and Gavel ’48; Honor Society ’48. Hague, Grace Darline “Darline” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David L. Yarger Portrait of a Lady Krud’s Kraze—George. Future Retailers ’47, ’48. Harper, Donna La-Von “Harp” or “Donn” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Harper The Rainbow Krud’s Kraze—That kid! The morning after the night before! (Hi, George) Production Staff ’48; G.Y.A. ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Of¬ fices, President ’46, Treasurer ’47; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48. H— Ralph Garee John Griffith Martha Hare Harry Harris Lawrence Gleckler Howard Guy Donna Harper Richard Hartman Martha Goodlett Grace Hague Chloe Harris Margaret Hauman Harris, Chloe Anna “Blondie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Harris Glass Slipper Krud’s Kraze—Those won¬ derful days in school. Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48. Harris, Harry Augustus ‘Harry” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Harris The Story of the Other Wise Man Krud’s Kraze—Physics class. Hartman, Richard Handley “Dick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Hartman Don’t Frighten the Lion! Krud’s Kraze — That won¬ derful salad and biscuits. (Hi, Joyce) Intramural Basketball ’46; Reserve Basketball ’48; Track Squad ’46, ' 47, ’48; Hi-Y ’47, ’48. Hauman, Margaret Ann “Margaret” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs , John Hauman This Is My Best Krud’s Kraze — Just any¬ thing. One Hundred Three Donald Heatwole Amy Henzy Rodney Hobbs Jeanne Honenberger Warren Heminger Robert Hill Ruth Holmes Helen Howard Gloria Hendren Bennie Hitchcock Gwendolyn Holmok William Hughes Heatwole, Donald Eugene “Happy” Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Heatwole The Unvanquished Krud’s Kraze—95 per cent of the girls in Ohio are beautiful. The other 5 per cent live in Newark. Ha! Ha! Hi-Y ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’47; Room Agent ’46; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Hendren, Gloria Maude “Glo” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hendren You Can Win Krud’s Kraze—Keeping up with everyone. Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48. Hill, Robert Duwane “Bob” Son of Mrs. Gladys Hill We Belong Together Krud’s Kraze-The trou¬ ble I have making enough money. Intramural Basketball’47; Room Agent ’46, ’47. Hobbs, Rodney Leroy “Ronney” Son of Mrs. E. Ashcraft The Man Who Went Away Krud’s Kraze—I hate to get up in the morning. Heminger, Warren Dean “Heminger” Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Heminger The Wolf Cry Krud’s Kraze—Having to report at 11:30. 300 Club ’46. Henzy, Amy Louise “Amy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Henzy May I Keep Dogs? Krud’s Kraze—Amy, Hur¬ ry! Annual Staff ’47, ’48; As¬ sociate Editor ’48; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48, Sec¬ retary ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Secretary ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48. Hitchcock, Renton Clay “Bennie” Son of Mrs. Ncll ' .e M. Hitchcock Too Many Yesterdays Krud’s Kraze—Trying to get to school on time. Holmes, Ruth Evelyn “Ruth” Daughter of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Harold Holmes The Man 1 Want Krud’s Kraze — The stars will foretell (Hi, Pat) Girls’ Volleyball ’46, 48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Retailer Club ’48. Holmok, Gwendolyn Elizabeth “Gwen” Daughter of Mr. an Mrs. Frank M. Holmok A Song for Cinderella Krud’s Kraze — Complica¬ tions setting in (Hi, Gang) Music Appreciation 46, ’47; Chorus ’46, ’48; Y-. Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Or¬ chestra ’46, ’47. Honenberger, Jeanne Louise “Hamburg” “Dark Eyes” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Honenberger When Our Ship Comes In Krud’s Kraze — Watching kids on Saturday nights (Hi, G.S.) Glee Club ’46, ’47; F.R. O. ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. Howard, Helen Rosetta “Helen” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Howard How To Play Pingpong Krud’s Kraze—People who have no sense of color harmony. Spanish Club ’46, ’47; Production Staff ’48. Hughes, James William “Bill” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paid C. Hughes Between You and Me Krud’s Kraze—“Girls” Hi-Y ’46, ’47, ’48; In¬ tramural Basketball ’46, ’47. One Hundred Four Hunter, Donald Arthur “Hunt” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Hunter Three Gals a Week Krud’s Kraze—Waiting on that slow sophomore. Idle, Nancy Rae “Nan” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Idle Nancy’s Mysterious Letter Krud’s Kraze—Just check¬ in’ Spanish Club ’46; G.Y.A. ’46, ’47, Vice President ’47; Home Room Offices, President ’46; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girl’s Volleyball ’46, ’47, 48. Johnson, Eugene “Doc” Son of Mrs. Nova Bell Coarse Gold Krud’s Kraze — Oh! You kid! To Anne, that is. Jones, Carol Jean “Jonesy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grove K. Jones Of Books and Men Krud’s Kraze—Some peo¬ ples’ cars. ( Hi, Gillam) Band ’47, ’48. Hutson, Norma Jean “Norm” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hutson Beloved Friend Krud’s Kraze—“The tem¬ per that goes with red hair.” (Hi, Red) Jenkins, Kenneth Ellis “Jenks” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eg¬ bert Jenkins Thor of are Krud’s Kraze—Getting out of that eighth period class. Retail Selling ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’48; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Johnson, Ronald Wayne “Ronnie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray¬ mond Johnson Goodbye, Mr. Chips Krud’s Kraze — Keeping gym periods straight. Jones, Cornelia Ruth “Cornel” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Jones American Beauty Krud’s Kraze — The Big City. Annual Staff ’47, ’48; Student Council ’46, ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Secretary ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Scrib¬ blers ’46,’47; Home Room Offices, Vice President ’46; Room Agent ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46. ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball 46, ’47, ’48. Donald Hunter Kenneth Jenkins Carol Jones Merrill Jones Norma Jean Hutson Eugene Johnson Cornelia Jones Robert Jones Nancy Idle Wayne Johnson Donald Jones Jo Ann Kaercher Jones, Donald Grove “Jonesy” Son of Mrs. Virginia S. Jones Majesty’s Rancho Krud’s Kraze — “Hi Ya, Nuts” Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basket¬ ball ’46, ’47, ’48. Jones, Merril Eugene “Ike” Son of Mr. John D. Jones and Mrs. Nelley Store Out on Any Limb Krud’s Kraze—Those lost weekends with Pat. Future Retailers ’48. Jones, Robert Dale “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Jones The School Bell Rings Krud’s Kraze—School Room Agent ’46; Retail Selling ’48; Boys’ Base¬ ball ’46; Intramural Bas¬ ketball ’46, ’47. Kaercher, Jo Ann “Jo” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kaercher All in Our Day Krud’s Kraze—Blond hair, blue eyes, and a blue Nash. (Hi, Burt!) Glee Club ' 46, ’47, ' 48; Y-Teens ’47; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ' 46. One Hundred Five Rita Jo Keckley Kenny King Jeanne Ann Kurtzhalz James Lawrence Marjorie Kelley Ruby Lou Kinneer Dick Lally Kathleen Lawson George Kiger William Knox Esther Lammers Alec Leslie Keckley, Rita Josephine “Joey” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest C. Keckley Romance for Sale Krud’s Kraze — Disc Joc¬ key, change the record! Spanish Club ’47, ’48; Library Club ’ 46; College Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’47. ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’46; Band ’47, ’48. Kiger, George Robert “George” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil¬ bert C. Kiger The Sea of Grass Krud’s Kraze — “Pardon Me” Kinneer, Ruby Lou “Jumbo” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Kinneer A Starry Night Krud’s Kraze—Ruby, why don’t you grow up? (Hi, T ommv) Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48 Kurtzhalz, Jeanne Ann “Jeannie” Daughter of Air. and Mrs. Charles O. Kurtzhalz Bachelor’s Bounty Krud’s Kraze—The Bache¬ lors. (Hi, Joanne) Home Room Offices, President ’47. Kelley, Marjorie Jean “Margie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelley People Who Come to Our House Krud’s Kraze — Who’s giving whom a break in this deal? Spanish Club ’47, 48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’46; Bus iness Staff ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. King, Kenneth Junior “Kenny” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. King Career Coach Krud’s Kraze—Women Hi-Y ’46, ’47, ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46. ’47, ’48; Varsity Football ’46, ’47; Track Squad ’46, ’47. Knox, William Gordon “Bill” Son of Mr. Claud Stevanus Basketball Krud’s Kraze—Sports and girls don’t mix. Boys’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Varsity Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Lally, Richard Charles “Lallygag” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lally Drills and Fundamentals Krud’s Kraze-Trying to learn football plays. Golf ’47; Reserve Foot¬ ball ’46; Varstiy Football ’47, ’48. Lawson, Kathleen Marie “Kathy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lawson Red Dynamite Krud’s Kraze—No matter how much change I have I still want a “Bill.” Salesmanship Club ’46; Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Production Staff ’48; Y- Teens ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’48; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’47. Leslie, Robert Alexander “Alec” Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Leslie Billiards Krud’s Kraze — Listening to Archie Waller tell Hi-Y ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46; Varsity Basketball ’47, ’48; Cross Country Squad ’47. Lammers, Esther Elizabeth “Liz” Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. L. H. Lammers Get Thee Behind Me Krud’s Kraze — Thinking up a pet peeve. Music Appreciation ’47, Penmanship Club ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48. Lawrence, James Franklin “Jim” or “Boo” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Les¬ ter B. Lawrence The Rover Krud’s Kraze—My seat in 105. Boy’s Baseball ’46; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46; Varsity Football ’46, ’47, ’48. One Hundred Six Lightner, Marguerite Eileen “Snookie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lightner The Bands Play On Krud’s Kraze — Give me five minutes more. Spanish Club ’47, ’48; G. Y. A. ’46, ’47, ’48; Band ’46, 47, ’48, Li¬ brarian ’47; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’46; Girls’ Basket¬ ball ’46. Linn, Marian Frances “Minnie” Daughter of Mrs. Bertha Linn Abundant Living Krud’s Kraze—People who call me “Minnie!” Livingston, Richard William “Mick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Livingston Three Gals a Week Krud’s Kraze—The record for tardy marks. Science Club ’46; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46, ’47. Love, James Edward “Curly” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Love Poems of the New World Krud’s Kraze—Cold weather and blizzards. Scribblers ’46, ’47. Lindemann, Claire “Lindy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lindemann The Chance of a Lifetime Krud’s Kraze—Kresge’s or Woolworth’s, I’ll always like Grant’s. Band ’47, ’48; Orchestra ’48. Litten, Keith Arlen “Arlie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Litten Adventures in Good Eat¬ ing Krud’s Kraze—“Scrubby” and “Jack” calling me “Argo.” Lomas, Thomas Henry “Tommy” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lomas Today Is Yours Krud’s Kraze—If it isn’t —it isn’t an evening. Lugar, Loren Lee “Leroy” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lor¬ en Lugar Time to Laugh Krud’s Kraze—Long as¬ signments. Home Room Offices, President ’46; Intramural Basketball ’46. Marguerite Lightner Keith Litten James Love Patricia McCann Claire Lindemann Richard Livingston Lee Lugar Robert McClain Marian Frances Linn Thomas Lomas Imogene Lyons Kenneth McCreary Lyons, Imogene “Shorty” or “Imy” Daughter or Mrs. Lydia Lyons Silly Willy Krud’s Kraze — Having to sit in front of Kenny, the pest. Girls’ Basketball ' 47; Girls’ Volleyball ’47. McCann, Patricia Sue “Patti” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. McCann Gold Krud’s Kraze—Why does it get so late, so early? (Hi, J.J.) Honor Society ’48; Home Room Offices, Secretary ’47. McClain, Robert Gene “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClain The Lay of the Last Min¬ strel Krud’s Kraze—I killed a man last night. (Hi, Ken) Home Room Offices, Vice President ’47; Room Agent ’48; Scribblers ’46, ’47, 48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48, Pres¬ ident ’47, ’48. McCreary, Kenneth Vernon “Ken” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lor¬ enzo D. McCreary Follow the Leader Krud’s Kraze—Just girls. Student Council ’46, ’47, ’48, President ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Scribblers ’46, ’47, ’48; Vice President ’47; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46; College Club ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46. One Hundred Seven Mary Ann McDonald Julia McGinnis Richard McNabb Robert Maidel Robert McDonald Beatrice Mclnturf Betty Jean McPeek John Maier Ida Belle McDowell Elizabeth McLeish Margaret Mackenzie John Makris McDonald, Mary Anri “Sunny” Daughter of Mr. and Mis. Otto McDonald The Lively Lady Krud’s Kraze—Ah, those letters from Virginia. (Hi, Buddie) Girl Reserves ’46; Girls’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46. McDowell, Ida Belle “Iidie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay McDowell Freedom from Chaos Krud’s Kraze—That sophomore brother of mine. Mclnturf, Beatrice Louise “Bea” Daughter of Mrs. Ruth C. Mclnturf Time to Inquire Krud’s Kraze—Getting up at five o’clock in the morning to study. Glee Club ’46, ’47; Hon¬ or Society ’47, ’48; Y- Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; An¬ nual Staff, Typist, ’48; Penmanship Club, Secre¬ tary, ’48. McNabb, Richard Clin¬ ton “Clint” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stan¬ ley W. McNabb 1 Must Have Liberty Krud’s Kraze—The long trail between Newark a nd Ohio University. 300 Club ’47; Hi-Y ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’46; R o o m Agent ’47; Intramural Basketball ’47. McDonald, Robert Eugene “Mac” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto McDonald Uncle Remus Krud’s Kraze—Stag “what a life.” F.R.O. Club ’47, ’48; Camera Club ’46, ’47, ’48. McGinnis, Julia Grace “Judy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McGinnis Quary Krud’s Kraze — Oh, gee, everything happens to me. F.R.O. Club ’47, ’48; Glee Club ’46; Girl Re¬ serves ’46. McLeish, Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McLeish Thus Be It Ever Krud’s Kraze—I’ve got my man. (Hi, Carl H.) Glee Club ’46, ’47; Band ’46, ’47, ’48. McPeek, Betty Jean “Mac” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McPeek The Search Krud’s Kraze — Always conducting a “search” for “Roger.” Glee Club ‘46, ’47; Home Room President; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’48; Class Secretary ’46; Girls’ Volleyball ’46. Mackenzie, Margaret Louise “Cisco” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ilarry W. Mackenzie The Gaucho Krud’s Kraze—Who next? Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ' 46, ' 47, ’48; Girls’ VolUyball ' 46, ' 47. ' 48. Maidel, Robert Frederick “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Maidel Dash and Dart Krud’s Kraze—Girls and people who call me “Flash.” Band ’46, ’47, ’48; In¬ tramural Basketball ’46, ’47. Maier, John Gilbert “Jack” Son of Mrs. E. B. Scholl Cameracrafts Krud’s Kraze—Peg of My Heart. (Hi, Pat) Camera Club ’48. Makris, John Evangelos “John” Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Makris Evenings with Music Krud’s Kraze—Basketball. Student Council ' 48; Sci¬ ence Club ’48; College Club ’48, Vice President; Room Agent ’46; Music Appreciation ’47, ' 48; Camera Club ’48; Re¬ serve Basketball ’46; Var¬ sity Basketball ’47; Cross Country ’46, ’47; Track Squad ' 46, ’47, 48. One Hundred Eight Klassalas, Anna “Lover” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Massalas Never Trust Love Krud’s Kraze—That cer¬ tain person—where is he? Mimeograph Staff ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, 48; Business Staff ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47; Span¬ ish Club ’47, ’48. Meaeham, Donald Gene “Don” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Meaeham Don of the Wolf Patrol Knid’s Kraze — Heavy English assignments. Room Agent ’47; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46. Miller, Jacqulyn Sue “Jackie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Miller Short Biography Krud’s Kraze—Fishing for the “Moon” (Hi, Don) Salesmanship Club ’46; Glee Club ’46, 47; Band ’47, ’48, Secretary ’48; Business Staff ’47. Montgomery, Mary Jane “Janie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard ]. Montgomery Innocent Merriment Krud’s Kraze—People who call me Speedo! Mimeograph Staff ’48; Band ’46. ’47, ’48; Or¬ chestra ’48. Matz, Elizabeth Jean “Betty” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Matz It’s Fun to Cook Krud’s Kraze — Bucker’s Filling Station. (Hi Pat¬ sy) Glee Club ’46, Home Room Vice President ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46 . Miller, Dale Eugene “Gene” Son of Mrs. Marie Miller The Unintentional Charm of Men Krud’s Kraze—Where are we staying tonight? Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Varsity Football ’46, ’47. ’48: Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48. Moffitt, Samuel Ellis “Eli” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam¬ uel Moffet For My Great Folly Krud’s Kraze—What will we do tonight? 300 Club ’47. Moore, Marcia Louisa “Marcia” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Moore I Remember, I Remember Krud’s Kraze—People who call me Mar-See-A. College Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’47, Treasurer ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47. Anna Massalas Gene Miller Mary Jane Montgomery Betty Moran Elizabeth Matz Jacqulyn Miller Marcia Moore Roger Morrow Donald Meaeham Ellis Moffitt Wayne Moore Dorothea Myers Moore, Wayne Frederick “Wayne” or “Waynus” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Moore All American Krud’s Kraze—My various classes in 107. Intramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46; Varsity Football ’46. ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48. Moran, Betty June “Butch” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moran The Dead Line Krud’s Kraze—My special order — one “Pound,” please. Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Mimeograph Staff ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47; Girl Reserves ’46, ’47, ’48; Business Staff ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’47; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’47. Morrow, Roger Wayne “Bones” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Morrow Skin and Bones Krud’s Kraze—I will my knowledge to Carol Kanes. Science Club ’47, ’48; Glee Club ’47, ’48; Re¬ tail Selling ’48. Myers, Dorothea Anne “Dot” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Myers She Strives to Conquer Krud’s Kraze—People who treat me mean. G.Y.A. ’48; Girl Reserves ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, 48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46, ’47 ’48; Cheerleader ’46, ’47, ’48. One Hundred Nine Myers, Richard Franklin “Dick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Per¬ ry F. Myers It’s a Great World Krud’s Kraze — Coming back to finish up. Ex-service Man. Neff, Mary Captolia “Coppy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O. Neff The Wishing Well Krud’s Kraze — Those weekend get - togethers. (Hi, Carol) Glee Club .46, Mimeo¬ graph Staff ’48. Norris, Paul Edward “Paul” Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Norris They Love to Love Krud’s Kraze—Le-e-roy. College Club ’48, Span¬ ish Club ’47, ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ‘47, ’48; Reserve Basketball, Mgr. ’46, ’47; Varsity Basket¬ ball, Mgr. ’48; Cross Country Squad, Mgr. ’47, ’48; Track Squad, Mgr. ’48; Speedball ’47. Oder, Richard Don “Dick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M. Oder Getting Along with People Krud’s Kraze—“Who’s got his algebra?” Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48. Nash, Gerald Eugene “Jerry” Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Nash The Art of Public Speak¬ ing Krud’s Kraze — Public Speaking Class. Nichols, Mary Lou “Louie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Nichols Drum Majorette Krud’s Kraze—Up front in the band. Glee Club ’46, ’47; Girl Reserves ’46, ’47; Band ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Volleyball ’46. Nusskern, Martin “Bud” Son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nusskern As I Was Saying Krud’s Kraze—Model air¬ plane flying. Spanish Club ’47; Band ’46, ’47, ’48. Overstreet, Geraldine Elsie Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ]. T. Overstreet Army Guide for Women Krud’s Kraze—Hurry up. Half Pint. (Hi, Bob) Music Appreciation ’47; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48; Badminton ’48. Richard Myers Mary Lou Nichols Richard Oder Patricia Patrick Gearld Nash Paul Norris Geraldine Overstreet Robert Patrick Mary Neff Martin Nusskern Richard Padar Thalia Patten Padar, Richard Louis “Dick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Padar Danger Is My Business Krud’s Kraze—People who don’t like Harley David¬ sons. Intramural Basketball ’46. Patrick, Patricia Marilyn “Pat” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gail Patrick Beauty for Ashes Krud’s Kraze—The Dairy Bar. G.Y.A. ’47, ' 48; Y-Teens ’47. Patrick, Bernard Robert “Pat” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ar¬ thur E. Patrick Lots of Laugh Krud’s Kraze—Girls Intramural Basketball ' 47, ’48; Reserve Football ’46; Cross Country Squad ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’47, ’48; Speedball ’48. Patten, Thalia Lenora “Pat” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Patten A Great Day Krud’s Kraze—People who mispronounce my name. La Renaissance ’48; Glee Club ’46. One Hundred Ten Patton, Loueda Wyvetta “Possie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brady Patton Time of Peace Krud’s Kraze — Seeing R. M. every night. Glee Club ’46, 47; Home Room Office, Secretarv ’46. Perdue, June Esther “June” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Perdue Snuggles Krud’s Kraze — Hang on but don’t drag your feet. G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’46; Home Room Of¬ fices, Secretary ’46, Treas¬ urer ’47. Phillips, Desso Wilbur “Will” or “Dess” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Desso W. Phillips Glorious Pool Krud’s Kraze—Getting the car to and from out-of- town games. College Club ’48; Science Club ’48, Vice President ’48; Hi-Y ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, President ’47; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Bas¬ ketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Re¬ serve Football ’45. Phillips, Patricia Lou “Pat” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Phillips I Never Knew That Before Krud’s Kraze—There may be a lot of runners, but only one Walker. Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47; La Ren¬ aissance ’47, ’48; Col¬ lege Club ’48; Room Agent ’47; Girls’ Basket¬ ball ’46, ’47, ' 48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ' 48; Badminton ’48. Penrose, Bruce Berry “Hot Rod” Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Penrose Early Summer Krud’s Kraze—Driving a car or motorcycle. Hi-Y ’47; Room Agent ’47, ’48. Pfeffer, Kathryn Joan “Katy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Pfeffer That Man Is Mine Krud’s Kraze—“Drop Dead!” Spanish Club ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Business Staff ’47; College Club ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, 47; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47. Phillips, Evelyn May “Evie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Wrobbel An Apple for Eve Krud’s Kraze—There may be a lot of Joes, but only one “Jack.” G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Girl Re¬ serves ’46, ’47, ’48; Band ’47. Pigman, Donald Evert “Pig” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Evert C. Pigman Table Tennis Krud’s Kraze—Meet me at the academy. (Hi, B.A.) Penmanship Club ’48; Iii- Y ’48; Production Staff ’48; Reveille News Staff ’48; Room Agent ’48; In¬ tramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Tennis Squad ’47. Loueda Patton Kathryn Pfeffer Patricia Phillips Wanda Lou Place Bruce Penrose Wilbur Phillips Donald Pigman Joan Plaine June Perdue Evelyn Phillips Rollie Pipes Robert Post Pipes, Rollie Ellsworth “Rollie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Des¬ so C. Pipes Your Carriage, Madame Krud’s Kraze — Dreaming of Jeanie with the light brown hair. “N” Club ’48; Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Boys’ Base¬ ball ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46; Intramur¬ al Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Place, Wanda Lou “Wanda” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Place Charm and Personality Krud’s Kraze—My middle name. Glee Club ’48; Mimeo¬ graph ’48. Plaine, Joan Ruth " Jo” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Plaine On a Note of Triumph Krud’s Kraze—Variety is the spice of life. (Hi, Jeanne) Spanish Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’48; Girl Reserves ’46, ’47. ’48. Post, Robert Thompson “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ev¬ erett Post Chins Up Krud’s Kraze—Girls who call me up on Friday nights. One Hundred Eleven Robert Pound Robert Ramey James Reel Richard Retherford Norma Priest Richard Redd William Rehbeck Lloyd Rhodes Wayne Queen Emma Lou Redman Lloyd Reinbeau Patricia Rice Pound, Robert Lee “L-B” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest E. Pound Quite Contrary Krud’s Kraze—For a ’41 Ford. Hi-Y ’46; Retail Selling ’48; Varsity Football ’48. Queen, Wayne Franklin “Queenie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Queen Your Career in Agricul¬ ture Krud’s Kraze—Hello, Rita. Intramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Varsity Football ’46, ’47; Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48; Future Retailers ’47, President ’48. Redd, Richard Virgil “Dick” Son of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Redd The Narroiv Corner Krud’s Kraze—If I only played in the band. (Hi, Betty) Future Retailers ’47, President ’48; Home Room Officers ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46, ’48. Reel, James Dixon “Jim” Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Reel I’ve Got Your Number Krud’s Kraze—“Dixie.” Science Club ’47. Priest, Norma Jean “Pug” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Priest The Night Before Christmas Krud’s Kraze — To spend those lost week-ends with Cutie. Glee Club ’46; Future Retailers ’48; F.G.A. Club ’48. Ramey, Robert Lauerne “Bob” Son of Mrs. Sarah Ramey No Hands on the Clock Krud’s Kraze—Like being sent to the office for a certain teacher. Redman, Emma Lou “Lulu” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hariy O. Redman New Hope Krud’s Kraze—Typing for some people (Hi, Paul) Glee Club ’46. ’47, ’48; Band ’47, ’48; Mimeo¬ graph Staff ’48; Honor Society ’48. Rehbeck, William Louis “Bill” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil¬ liam S. Rehbeck Calling All Women Krud ' s Kraze—To get four A s Hi-Y ’46, ’47, ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’47, ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47, ’48. Reinbeau, Lloyd Leroy “Rafn spout” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Buchanan The Rainbow Trail Krud’s Kraze—People who spell my name Rainbow. Retherford, Richard Eugene “Stilts” Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Retherford The Thin Man Krud’s Kraze—People with stunted growth. Band ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46; Varsity Basketball ’47, ’48; Cross Country Squad ’46, ’47. Rhodes, Lloyd Howard “Lloyd” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Rhodes French Self Taught Krud’s Kraze — Keeping my Servi-cycle running. La Renaissance ’47, 48; College Club ’48; Intra¬ mural Basketball ’47, ’48. Rice, Patricia Anne “Patti” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Rice Workaday Lady Krud’s Kraze — Drafting class ’48. “Duck, Amy! Here comes another eras¬ er.” Student Council ’48; Col¬ lege Club ’48; Debate ’46; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; La Renaissance ’47, Secretary ’48; Reveille News Staff ’47, ’48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Scribblers ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Vice President ’46; Busi¬ ness Staff ’47; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48. One Hundred Twelve Rice, Patsy Ilene “Pat” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Rice The Spy Krud’s Kraze — Only two nights a week with Iky. Sales Organization ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47; F.H.A. Club, Secretary, ’48. Richards, Wilma Ellen “Wilma” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richards The Blueberry Muffin Krud’s Kraze—Trying to get some leisure time. Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Penmanship Club ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48. Rine, Bonnie Mae “Mae” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ormond Rine Heaven Is Not Far Away Krud’s Kraze—That which costs the least and does the most is just a pleasant smile. Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Reveille News Staff ’48; G.Y.A. ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48, Cabinet Member ’47; Home Room Offices, Secretary ’47; Class Offices, Vice Presi¬ dent ’48. Rivitz, Ila Suzanne “Sugar” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rivitz No Retreat from Love Krud’s Kraze — “There’s daggers in men’s smiles,” by Shakespeare. Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Spanish Club ’47, ’48; Music Ap¬ preciation ’47, ’48; Stu¬ dent Council ’47; College Club ’48; Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’46, ’47; Annual Staff ’47, ’48: Girls’ Badminton ’48; Girls’ Athletic Council ’48. Richards, Frances Evelyn “Fran” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richards Usage and Abusage Krud’s Kraze—The week¬ ends are so short. Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’48; Penmanship Club ’48; Honor Society ’48. Rickies, Thomas Clayton “Tom” Son of Mrs. Helen G. Rickies Sentimental Tommy Krud’s Kraze—Frank Thomas. Music Appreciation ’47; Intramural Basketball ’47, ' 48; Reserve Football ’46. Ritchey, Alice Marie “Shorty” or “Ritchey” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Ritchey Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Krud’s Kraze — Oh! That brother of mine! (Hi, Joey) Home Room Offices, Secretary ’46; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls Basketball ’46, ’47. ’48: Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48. Roberts, Donald Merle “Don” Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Roberts The White House Gang Krud’s Kraze—“O for an engine to keep back all clocks!” Student Council ’47; De¬ bate ’46, ’47, ’48, Vice President ’48; Latin Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48, President ’48; Masque and Gavel ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’46, Vice President ’47; Band ’46, ’47, ’48; Golf ’47, ’48. Patti Ann Rice Tom Rickies Suzanne Rivitz Carol Russell Frances Richards Bonnie Rine Donald Roberts Richard Ryan Wilma Richards Alice Ritchey Evelyn Robinson Linda Satterfield Robinson, Evelyn Mae “Effie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Robinson Today the Sun Rises Krud’s Kraze — Waiting each noon at the Dairy Bar! (Hi. Shep) F.H.A. ’48, President ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’47, ’48. Russell, Carol Jeanne “Carol” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russell Carry Me Back Krud’s Kraze — Are you trying to crash our gang? Glee Club ’46; Mimeo¬ graph Staff ’48. Ryan, Richard Wright “Dick” Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wright For Love of Country Krud’s Kraze—Wanted—A 36-hour day. Student Council ’48; Re¬ veille News Staff ' 47, ’48; Room Agent ’47; Honor Society ’47, ’48; Pen¬ manship Club, President ’48. Satterfield, Linda Lucille “Lin” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Satterfield Life Now and Forever Krud’s Kraze—A guy named “Bill.” Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Mimeograph ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, Treasurer ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. One Hundred Thirteen Jack Schaller Molly Schmutzler Raymond Shaw Emogene Shomaker Charles Schenk Roger Search Harold Sheets Jean Simco Harry Schmitt Ardella Shannon Robert Sherman Arthur Simpson Schaller, Jack Albert “Jack” Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Schaller It’s All in Your Mind Krud’s Kraze — What are you doing New Year’s eve? Music Appreciation ’46, ’47; La Renaissance ’47, Treasurer ’48; Home Room Offices, President ’47. Schmitt, Harry William “Harry” Son of Mrs. Hazel Schmitt Rut You’ll Be Back Krud’s Kraze — Educated fools. Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Reserve Foot¬ ball ’46; Intramural Base¬ ball ’46, ’48. Search, Roger Mark “Rog” Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Pitcock Heart Throbs Krud’s Kraze-Twiddling thumbs. (Hi, Betty) Science Club ’48; Col¬ lege Club ’48; Room Agent ’46; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47. Shaw, Raymond Glen “Smiley” Son of Mrs. Charles Cramer Prelenders Island Krud’s Kraze—Chug-a-lug. Schenk, Charles F rederick “Bud” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Schenk Daddy Long Legs Krud’s Kraze—Dick John¬ ston in study hall. Hi-Y ’47; Home Room Offices, President ’46, Treasurer ’47; Reserve Basketball ’46; Varsity Basketball ’47, ’48; Speedball ’48. Schmutzler, Molly Ann “Molly” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alton D. Schmutzler When I Grow Up I’ll Be a Nurse Krud’s Kraze — Carrying a certain someone’s books (Hi, Harold) Girls’ Volleyball ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’47; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Student Council ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; G. Y.A. ’47, ’48, President ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48. Shannon, Ardella Mae “Della” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shannon Her Star in Sight Krud’s Kraze — Give me five minutes more (Hi, S.D.) Future Retailers, Secre¬ tary ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47; Y-Teens ’47. Sheets, Harold Herbert “Harold” Son of Mrs. Ida Mae Sheets Heavenly Harmony Krud’s Kraze — Watching the tears run out of a certain girl’s eyes. (Hi, Molly) Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural ’47, ’48; Reserve Basketball ’46. Sherman, Robert Eugene “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sherman Kit Carson Trail Blazer and Scout Krud’s Kraze — Out - of - town games! Intramural Basketball ’46, ’48; Varsity Football ’46; Cross Country Squad ’46; French Club ’47; Hi-Y ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46. Shomaker, Emogene Lou “Gene” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Shomaker Too Many Yesterdays Krud’s Kraze—People who call me Emmie. Glee Club ’46, ’47; Span¬ ish Club ’47, ’48; Debate ’46, ’47, ’48; College Club ’48. Simco, Jean Adrian “Jeanie” Daughter of Mr. John C. Simco Finders, Keepers Krud’s Kraze—Waiting for the Granville bus. (Hi, J. M.) Glee Club ’47, ’48; Y- Teens ’47; Future Re¬ tailers ’48. Simpson, Arthur Wayne “Simps” Son of Reverend and Mrs. J. Frank Simpson Bases Full Krud’s Kraze — Pearce’s Chain Gang (Hey! Wo¬ men! ) Band ’47, ’48; Orchestra ’47, ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Golf ’48. One Hundred Fourteen Simpson, Betty Joan “Joanie’ Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Simpson Dancing Star Krud’s Kraze—“The Wind and the Rain in My Hair.” La Renaissance ’48; Mu¬ sic Appreciation ' 48; Col¬ lege Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’48. Smith, Donald Melvin “Krud” Son of Mr. and Mrs. David M. Smith The Little Minister Krud’s Kraze — Where’s the dummy, huh, Gordy? Annual Staff ’46, ’47, ’48; Associate Editor ’47, Editor-in-Chief ’48; Mu¬ sic Appreciation ’46, ’47, ’48, President ’48; La Renaissance ’47, ’48, Ser- geant-at-arms ’48; Scrib¬ blers ’46, ’47, Treasurer ’47; “N” Club ’48; In¬ tramural Basketball ’47; Track ’46, ’47, ’48. Smith, George Walter “Smitty” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Smith Shop Notes Krud’s Kraze—Getting to shop class on time. Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Reserve Foot¬ ball ’46; Varsity Football ’47. Snow, Mildred Frances “Midge” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Snow Drums Krud’s Kraze — Watchin’ for the train to come in (Hi, Johnnie) Chorus ’46; Band ’47, ’48; Orchestra ’48; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’46. Singer, Margaret Nancy “Nancy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Krall Snowball Krud’s Kraze—Those Fri¬ day night get-togethers. (Hi, Gang) Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48. Smith, Donald Russell “Smitty” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Smith The Count of Monte Crlsto Krud’s Kraze—Let’s play hookey! La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’46, ’47; Camera Club ’47, Secretary ’47; Home Room Offices, Vice Pres¬ ident ’46. Smith, Ruth Ann “Ruthie” Daughter of Mrs. Eliza¬ beth Smith Week-end Companion Krud’s Kraze—Those lost weekends. (Hi, W.T.) Glee Club ’45; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’44; Girls’ Basket¬ ball ’44, ’ 45 ; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’44, ’45. Snyder, Robert “Bobby” Son of Reverend and Mrs. Virgil A. Snyder Old Time Favorite Krud’s Kraze—Jim Teusch- er calling me Snyder the Spider. Betty Simpson Donald R. Smith Mildred Snow Betty Stevens Margaret Singer George Smith Robert Snyder Robert Stewart Donald M. Smith Ruth Ann Smith Rose Soliday Elouise Strait Soliday, Rose Marie “Roe” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Soliday Volleyball Krud’s Kraze—These Sat¬ urday night dances in a barn (Hi, Kids) Girls’ Volleyball ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’48; Y- Teens ’47, ’48. Stevens, Betty Joanne “Stevie” Daughter of Mrs. Lillian Stevens Carry Me Back Krud’s Kraze — Oh, those lost weekends. (Hi, D.L.) Glee Club ’46. Stewart, Robert Wayne “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stewart Photo Guide Krud’s Kraze—Those fly¬ ing saucers (?) in algebra class. Camera Chib 47, ’48, Vice President ’47, President ’48; La Renaissance ’47, ’ 48 ; Science Club ’48; College Club ’48; Honor Society ’47, ’48. Strait, Eloise Lee “Strait” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Strait Career Stories For Girls Krud’s Kraze—Marching. Orchestra ’48; Mimeo¬ graph Staff ’48; Band ’46, ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’47, ’48. One Hundred Fifteen Street, Donald Edward “Moke” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Street In His Steps Krud’s Kraze—Getting up in the morning. Sullivan, Patricia Joan “Pal” Daughter of Mrs. Mildred Sullivan The Age of Innocence Krud’s Kraze—Get thee be¬ hind me, Satan, but don’t push. Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Girl’s Basketball ’47; Girls’ Baseball ’47; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; De¬ bate ’46; Y-Teens ’46, ’47 Home Room Offices, Sec¬ retary ’46. Teuscher, James Carroll “Jimmy” Son of Mrs. Lorena P. Hill Lord Jim Krud’s Kraze—That bench sure is hard. (Hi, Lally) Camera Club ’46; Reserve Football ’46; Varsity Football ’47, ’48; Track Squad ’46, ’47. Thompson, Maggie “Mag’ Daughter of Mrs. Leona Carpender The Quiet Lady Krud’s Kraze — Counting the hours ’til 3:15. (Hi, J.H.G.) Glee Club ’45, ’47. Styers, Julia Lee “Julie” Daughter of Mr. Howard Olmstead Cloud, Walking Krud’s Kraze—Muskingum Gentlemen. Sales Organization ’48; Future Retailers ’48; Camera Club ’47; Home Room Offices, Treaurer ’47. Teagarden, David William “Dave” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles T e agar den Bound for Glory Krud’s Kraze—Giving the Terroplane away. 300 Club ’46. Thomas, Frank Carl “Bonehead” Son of Mrs. Louise Thomas This Way To the Big Show Krud’s Kraze — Handsome Winne Allen. (Hi, Win¬ nie) Camera Club ’47, Vice President ’47; Music Ap¬ preciation ’46, ’47; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Sci¬ ence Club ’48, Treasurer ’48; College Club ’48: Masque and Gavel ’47, ’48; Hi-Y ’46. ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Pres¬ ident ’46; Room Agent ’46. ’47, ’48; Bovs’ Base¬ ball ’46, ’47, ’48: Intra¬ mural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Thorp, Ruth “Ruthie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Thorp Dreams of Glory Krud’s Kraze—I can’t have missed that bus again. La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Glee Club ’46; Music Ap¬ preciation ’47, ’48; Hon¬ or Society ’48. Donald Street David Teagaroen Maggie Thompson Gerald Trues Julia Styers James Teuscher Ruth Thorp Mary Tucker Patricia Sullivan Frank Thomas Betty T • mb c Betty Turk Trimble, Betty Jean “Bet” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trimble Cinderella Krud’s Kraze—People who call me “Blondie.” Truex, Gerald Robert “Gerald” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Truex Model Plan Annual Krud’s Kraze—Getting my statistics card in. Tucker, Mary JoAnne “Red” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs Lawrence E. Tucker With Prejudice toward Some Krud’s Kraze—Just wait¬ ing on him. (Hi, J. A.) Chorus ’45, ’46. Turk, Betty Louise “Turk” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Turk Don’t Mention My Name Krud’s Kraze—What color do you like? I like Red(d)! Glee Club ’46; Orchestra ’46, ’47, ’48; Spanish Club, ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Band ’46, ’47, ’48, Band Librarian ’47, ’48; G.Y.A. ’48; Y-Teens ’47, ’48. One Hundred Sixteen Turner, Rose Marie “Blonde” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Coffman Quiet Lady Krud’s Kraze — Moving chairs with redheads near by. Sales Organization ’46; Future Retailers ’48, Treasurer ’48; Chorus ’46, ’47, ’48. Van Horn, Frances Louise “Fran” Daughter of Mrs. Mary Van Horn The Silver Lining Krud’s Kraze—That five- minute bell in the morn¬ ing! (Hi, Betty) Chorus ’46, ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball ’46. Walker, James Richard “Jim” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rich¬ ard ]. Walker Amateurs at War Krud’s Kraze — “Pat, be there at 8:00!” Annual Staff ’47, ’48, As¬ sociate Editor ’48; Stu¬ dent Council ’47, ’48; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48, President ’47; La Renaissance ’47, ’48, President ’48; College Club ’48; Hi-Y ’48; In¬ tramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Reserve Foot¬ ball ’45, ’46; Honor So¬ ciety ’48. Waller, Archibald Smead, III “Archie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald S. Waller “It Runs in the Family” Krud’s Kraze — Faith in everything. Varsity Basketball ’47, ’48. Van Fleet, Barbara Ruth “Barb” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Van Fleet Autobiography of a Woman Reporter Krud’s Kraze—Henna. Music Appreciation ’46, ’47, ’48; La Renaissance ’47, ’48; Cheer Leaders ’46, ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; G.Y.A. ’47, ’48, Secretary ’48; Home Room Offices, Treasurer ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Vol¬ leyball 46, ’47, ’48. Vermilion, Newton Leland “Lee” or “Hayseed” Son of Mr. and Mrs. New¬ ton Vermilion Phijsics Made Easy Krud’s Kraze—I s’pose. Intramural Basketball ’46; Reserve Football ’46, Var¬ sity Football 47; College Club ’48. Walker, Virginia Ruth “Jinny” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dana D. Walker To the Last Man Krud’s Kraze—Not a run¬ ner, not a jumper, just a Walker. G.Y.A. ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’48; Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Penmanship ’48. Wareing, Richard Burleigh “Dick” Son of Reverend Joel M. Wareing Get Thee Behind Me Krud’s Kraze—There’s not one thing that I hate more than a person who never shuts a door. Music Appreciation ’47; Science Club ’47, 48; College Club ’48; Honor Society ’48. (Moved to Washington, D. C.) Rose Marie Turner Leland Vermilion Arch Waller Donn Watson Barbara Van Fleet James Walker Richard Wareing Nevil Watson Frances Van Horn Virginia Walker Catherine Warman Dolores Weed Warman, Catherine Joan “Kate” or “Joey” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Warman Skating Krud’s Kraze—Some peo¬ ple like Buicks, but I’ll take by “Essex.” (Hi, Chuck). Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Y-Teens ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Sec¬ retary ’46; Girls’ Basket¬ bal l ’47, ’48; Girls’ Base¬ ball ’47, ’48; Penmanship Club ' 48. Watson, Donn Frank Son of Mrs. Carl L. Wat¬ son Wolf in Man’s Clothing Krud’s Kraze—School. Home Room Offices, Pres¬ ident ’47; Intramural Basketball ’47, ’48. Watson, Nevil Wesley “Nev” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob¬ ert Watson The Wolf Cry Krud’s Kraze—Getting up early in the morning. Reserve Football ’45, ’46. Weed, Dolores Lucille “Dee” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Weed Entertainment Krud’s Kraze—Blond hair, blue eyes and an Irish grin. Music Appreciation ’46, ’47; Chorus ’46, ’47; Y- Teens ’46, ’47, ’48. One Hundred Seventeeil Weekley, Dorothy May “Dorothy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Weekley Rainbow at Dusk Krud’s Kraze — People smoking and drinking. Cooperative Retail ’47, ’48; Girls’ Volleyball ’46. Weller, James Edward “Wellie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil¬ liam G. Weller Tobacco Road Krud’s Kraze—People who talk too much! Intramural Basketball ’46, ’47, ’48. Westfall, Corabelle “Corki” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Westfall The School Bell Rings Krud’s Kraze—Getting my lessons. Retail Selling ’48. White, Juanita Jean “Jeannie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. White The Lady Means Business Krud’s Kraze—Me! Music Appreciation ’47; Latin Club ’47; Reveille News Staff ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’47. Dorothy Weekly Lulu Weekly James Weller Charles Wells Corabelle Westfall Paul Wetzel Juanita White Betty Williams Weekly, Lula Grace “Lou” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Weekly Insides Out Krud’s Kra e—Waiting on weekends. French Club ’47, ’48; College Club ’48; Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Secretary, 47; Music Appreciation ’47, ’48; Penmanship Club ’48. Wells, Charles William “Charlie” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wells How To Get Things Done Krud’s Kraze — Saturday nites at the Big Bear. Camera Club ’47. Wetzel, Paul Edward “Joe” Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wetzel Common Sense in Driv¬ ing a Car Krud’s Kraze—I may be no knight, but ... is my leader. Hi-Y ’48. Williams, Betty Lue “Wee” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Williams Catch a Falling Star Krud’s Kraze—All by my¬ self. Girls’ Volleyball ’46, ’47; Girls’ Basketball ’46, ’47. One Hundred Eighteen Winegardner, Shirley Jean “Shirl” Daughter of Mrs. E. Lallathin Her Star in Sight Krud’s Kraze — Our Big Buick (Hi, J. D.) Glee Club ’45, ’46; Mimeograph Staff ’48. Wise, Rosa Luella “Rosie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wise Love, Life and Laughter Krud’s Kraze — Our little Ford. Music Appreciation ’47; Room Agent ’48; Glee Club ' 46, ’47, ’48; F.H. A. ’48. Wise, Patricia Jane “Patsy” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Wise Yea, Wildcats Krud’s Kraze—People who treat me mean (Hi, Dor¬ othea ) Girl’s Volleyball ’46, ’47, ’48; Girls’ Basketball ’46; Girls’ Baseball ’46, ’47, ’48; Student Council 47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Vice President ’46, Presi¬ dent ’47; Class Offices, Treasurer ’46, Secretary ’48. Woolard, Charles “Charley” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil¬ lis Woolard Gentlemen Aren’t Sissies Krud’s Kraze—Oh, those short week ends. Intramural Basketball ’47, ’48; Home Room Offices, Vice President ’45. Woolard, Walter “Red” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil¬ lis Woolard With Malice Toward Some Krud’s Kraze — Co - op class skating at the Old Mill. (Hi, Redd) Future Retailers ’47, ’48; Intramural Basketball ’48. Worley, John “John” Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil¬ liam Worley The Cowboy Krud’s Kraze—“Eagle Beak.” Boys’ Baseball J46, ’47, ’48 ’48 ’46 ’47. Intramural Basketball Reserve Basketball Varsity Basketball Wright, Mary Jane “Janie” Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J . M. Wright Parasols Is for Ladies Krud’s Kraze—That Bos¬ tonian accent. (Hi, Jean) Spanish Club 47, ’48; College Club ’48; Glee Club ’48; Penmanship Club ’48; Music Appre¬ ciation ’48; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball ’48. Young, Robert Eugene “Slim” or “Bob” Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Young Forest Patrol Krud’s Kraze—Supplying gum to girls in Room 204. (Hi, Carol) Salesmanship Club ’46; Glee Club ’46, ’47, ’48; Room Agent ’46, ’47; Future Retailers ’48; Boys’ Baseball ’46; In¬ tramural Basketball ’46, ’47. Shirley Winegardner Patricia Wise Rosa Wise Charles Woolard Walter Woolard John Worley Mary Jane Wright Robert Young One Hundred Nineteen Senior Play Bill Rossell, holding test tube; John Brandt, doctor; Mary Burson, kneeling; Clarence Spencer, moving across stage; Phil Webb, seated; Glen Porter, standing; Myra Drumm, on davenport. On the evenings of May 8 and 9, in the high school auditorium, members of the Class of 1947 presented the play Spring Fever , by Glenn Hughes, and by special arrangement with Row, Peterson and Company. The farce, which takes place in a rooming house at a small college in the East, was di¬ rected by Miss Joan Patton. Members of the cast were as fol¬ lows: Joan Clark as Mrs. Spangler; Myra Drumm, Anne Purcell; Phyllis Webb, Vivian George; John Brandt, Vic Lewis; Fred Edwards and Wil¬ liam Rossel, Ed Burns (on alternate nights); Dolores Evans, Lou Herron; Glen Porter, Howard Brandt; Jerry Johnson and Clarence Spencer, Mr. Henry Purcell (on alternate nights); Coralie Roberts, Maud Corey; Mary Burson, Phoebe Purcell; James Fullen, Professor Virgil Bean; and Jack Det- tre, Dr. Dixon. Student directors of the play were Maurice Duffins and George Kinney. One Hundred Twenty The Baccalaureate Mr. Swaim addresses seniors. At two-thirty o’clock, on the after¬ noon of June 1, 1947, in the high school auditorium, the orchestra, un¬ der direction of Mr. Myron Pearce, began the playing of the “Grand Pro¬ cessional March,” from The Queen of Sheba, by Gounod. This number ac¬ companied the entrance of the senior class into the auditorium for the an¬ nual baccalaureate. The Reverend Robert L. Swaim, of the Second Presbyterian Church, pronounced the Invocation. This was followed by “Jesus, Our Lord, We Adore Thee,” Will James, by the choir, under the direction of Mr. Wendell Jones. “Where Do You Live?” was the subject chosen by the Reverend Mr. Swaim for his address to the senior class. The liturgical “O Lamb of God,” by Stainer, sung by the choir, con¬ cluded the service. Music used for the processional served also for the re¬ cessional. The audience remained seated during the exodus of the class. One Hundred Twenty-One The Commencement Commencement ceremonies begin On the evening of June 5, 1947, be¬ ginning at six-fifteen o’clock, the an¬ nual commencement was held at the White Field Stadium. Preceded by the Board of Education, the superintend¬ ent of Newark schools, the Reverend Mr. Updegraff, Dr. Harold L. Yo- chum, the principal and the vice prin¬ cipal of Newark High School, the graduating seniors moved to their places, ushered by Amy Henzy and Sally Jane Beck, to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance,” Elgar, played by the high school band, under the direction of Mr. Myron Pearce. The Reverend John C. Updegraff, pastor of the Central Church of Christ, uttered the invocation. The band followed with the number, “Legend of the Rockies,” by Clair Johnson. Dr. Harold L. Yochum, president of Capital University, chose “What Do You Mean—Higher Education?” as his commencement address. Fol¬ lowing the address, Superintendent Paul B. Edwards presented awards to several members of the class receiving special recognition. He also recog¬ nized the National Honor Society, the Student Council, the Reveille Annual Staff, the Business Staff, and students having consecutive years of perfect school attendance. Dr. Roland W. Jones, president of the Board of Education, presented di¬ ploma s to members of the graduation class with congratulations. The Rev¬ erend Mr. Updegraff pronounced the benediction, and the graduated seniors retired from the field to the stately tempo of “Pomp and Circumstance.” One Hundred Twenty-Two The Band Concert AND THE BAND PLAYED ON On the evenings of April 17 and 18, 1947, the Newark High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Myron A. Pearce, presented its annual spring concert. Richard Retherford per¬ formed the duties of master of cere¬ monies. The first part of the program was presented by a band composed of students from the four junior high schools. Bobby Cates acted as student director for the junior band. The second part of the program was played by the senior band, composed of students from the senior high school. Richard Retherford acted as student director for the senior aggre¬ gation. Soloists in band numbers were James Martin, baritorn horn, and Mona Rose Harris, flute. A large and appreciative audience was present for both performances. One Hundred Twenty-Three The Chorus Concert O SAY CAN YOU SEE? The seventh annual concert of the Newark High School Chorus was held on the evening of April 25, 1947, in the high school auditorium. Wendell M. Jones was the director, and Alice Butler, pianist. This program featured choral and solo selections, both vocal and instru¬ mental. Soloists were Alice Butler (piano), Carolyn Stockdale, Gerald Scott and Edwin Penick (duet), Jo Ann Clark, Marjorie Ulrey and James Fullen (duet), Grace Helser, Mar¬ garet Field, Gerald Scott, and Grace Helser and Margaret Field (duet). The program included six divisions. A number by Dr. R. W. Jones, brother of W. M. Jones, entitled “Drive On! Newark High! " featured Part III of the program. One Hundred Twenty-Four Dicnitv r?) W IYNE THE WflNO»%Ow Conference look iJUMUMlMat ?nACT ic ihjcf INN CM4 PENSIVE for D V if. j is : wmm | v • r: — ■ ji r 1 ' -- ' ■■ _ y-awu, MttWrfMrnTW » i« n dl 2 JN - e ti hf§Mgj r HB j !, president senior class « 2 EDITOR REVEILLE NEWS PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL . |S £, • •• EDITOR REVEILLE ANNUAL Tj-vn wa , STUDENT t kJaJLfitx- ROUND HONOR RE GATRELL RT LAWRENCE RG MOORE C KANE LG BENNER LT DINE LE FLOIVERS QB BROWN HB MILLER FB CRAIG HB M C VEY COACH SC HI CK MGR. CHESTER The 1947 Season Winning three games, losing two and tying one, Newark finished a very mediocre season, for them, in a three-way tie for second place in the Central Ohio League. The Wildcats won from Lancaster, Cambridge, and Marietta and lost to Zanesville and Coshocton. The Dover game ended in a six-to-six tie. The Cats lost all three of their non-league games. In the league games the ’Cats scored 59 points to their opponents’ 73. Zanes¬ ville finished first in the Central Ohio League. In the first game of the season, New¬ ark’s inexperienced Cats fell before a strong Cleveland Rhodes eleven 20 to 0. The Cats played a good first half game but failed in the second canto. The Middletown Middies swamped the ’Cats by a 39-to-7 score. The ’Cats were no match for the Middie eleven but managed to score. Zanesville still held its hex on New¬ ark by winning 41 to 6. The Wildcats could not keep up with the Blue Dev¬ ils scatback, Don Winters. Newark showed fine spirit and bet¬ ter team play in tying Dover 6 to 6. McVey had the honor of the “T.D.” when he plowed over from the two. Angered by the sign, “Puss-Kats,” painted on the stadium by several loyal Lancaster fans, Newark won its first tilt by the score of 13 to 7. De- lancey and McVey scored, and Barnes converted on one touchdown. Coshocton won from Newark by a 13-to-7 score. The Cats did not get moving until the third quarter when McVey scored from the one, and Barnes’ conversion was good. In a non-league game at Mt. Ver¬ non, the Wildcats were swamped by a 45-to-12 decision. The Cats were no match for the smooth-working eleven and were lucky in pushing ovei two touchdowns. Newark managed to win the home¬ coming game from Cambridge by a 7- to-0 score. In the last fifteen seconds, McVey went over from the two. Barnes successfully kicked the point. Marietta bowed to the ’Cats in the final game 20 to 6. Miller, McVey, and Craig each scored one touch- COACH SCHICK THE 1947 RECORD Newark 7_ .... Middletown 39 Newark 6...... . Zanesville 41 Newark 6. . Dover 6 Newark 13. .. Lancaster 7 Newark 7. .Coshocton 13 Newark 12. _Mt. Vernon 45 Newark 7. . Cambridge 0 down, and Miller and McVey added two extra points in plunges. The Wildcat squad was led this season by the co-captains, Garry Ben¬ ner and James Lawrence. One Hundred Thirty-Three Slow, Danger Zonel Coshocton (:m G. F. MF. PF ,T. Parvis, t. ........... 0 0 1 1 [Hooprick, f. .. 0 0 0 0 IStevens, c. 2 2 3 1 ipavis, e. 0 o 2 2 IWfiarton, g. 1 2 3 2 llfiate, g, ........_2 2 1 2 lOUnger, g. . 1 0 1 j pfnker, g. ....- 0 0 0 1 I Totals . 7 S 11 14 .Newark m G. F. M, PF [Waller, f. ........... 0 0 0 3 [Woolard, f, ..,, 5 5 0 i ! Lari more, f, ........ 2 2 I 0 [Schenk, f. 0 0 0 1 !Retherlord, e. ...... 4 3 1 1 Leslie, g. ... 4 2 2 4 Meekley, g. ........ 0 0 0 1 Davis, g, .. o 2 0 1 McFarland, g. ..... 3 0 0 l 5 Totals .18 14 I 13 Score at the end of each quarter- Coshocton .. 3 5 ,11 Newark .13 23 37 Officials—Mechling and Keyes. swarlc FcftjM To me FronProiind Down Invaders Sparks Newark Attack With Total 15 Points; East Dominates First Half ' x Play; Cambridge Is Here Friday Night m ,62 C HAM PS % fX A ' X 4 e ° «gSvX X Q ,4 ©fVrf - ‘ k; 4 7 00 qX a vA s 4 £x % A 8 } q HA „ X " ,S «• £» JX. -a ' J ’ V o ; 4 «Xf 4 xX X Wv% °OA ' p 5 a W 3? 07 ; x $S° JX AA A; :ww % • X W . °A . ! X Xrx SX - - AA ' Xi 7 X 1% A .o r k« e t %Z A £ S £ ' poM a % x v — s syo •$tti ' ! g$ J ?-‘ V, V ' aXPS ' j $ % isXX " Z ■ 1 » »? ' A y «, , VoZ , 6 X? , 5 tftC a o o e Si i, Vv« e t , AO’t ' i.. e ' ' , -r » X vVvC X 3- X . v-CV .V • %%$ A ' n:f ' ' ' " i i wp l BASKETBALL — 1948 Under the fine coaching of Max Douglas, the Wildcats completed a fine season with a record of sixteen wins and three defeats in the regular season, and four wins and one defeat in the district. The defeats came at the hand of Lancaster, 50 to 46, in the Central Ohio League and Middletown, 36 to 34, and Columbus West, 52 to 41, in non-league games. The Wildcats were also defeated by Columbus Central 36 to 35 in the semi-final game at the District Tourney at Columbus. Central later lost their first game in the regional tournament to Hamilton Catholic 43 to 37. Central’s Edel Grey gained a berth on the third team All-Ohio squad along with Dick Reth- erford of the Wildcats. In the Central Ohio League, the ’Cats won eleven and lost one to gain the title. The Wildcats really began to roll during the latter part of the season, averaging almost sixty points per contest. The highest score marked up all season by the Cats was against Zanesville in the final Central Ohio League game, when the Cats dropped in 68 points. The Wildcats, defeated by Lancaster in their first encounter by four points, came back to win the second fracas by a margin of 14 points, the score being 58 to 44. The Cats were defeated by West to the tune of eleven odd points. In a late season game the Wildcats con¬ quered a stubborn Columbus South team by nine points. Then the under¬ dog South team tripped up a seeded West team 56 to 45 in the tourney. This was the major upset of the tour¬ nament. Then Newark again defeated South by winning the consolation game. The Middletown “Middies, State Champs in 1947, were hard pressed to win a 36-34 count from the Wildcats in the regular season. The Middies were later upset in the district tourney and had no chance to repeat as champs. In the district tournament at Co¬ lumbus four teams were seeded. They were Newark, Columbus Central, Co¬ lumbus West, and Grandview. New¬ ark went into the tourney a seven-time winner of the district. The officials in the district, Stanton Jones, Charles Koterba, Lowell Wrigley, and Joel Burghalter were all Columbus men. Newark was unlucky in drawing the number-one spot, which meant that five games must be won in order to win the championship. This was the first time Newark has drawn the num¬ ber-one spot. In the first game of the district tournament, Newark defeated a rather weak Upper Arlington squad by a 26 point majority. In the second round, Newark put down an Aquinas squad 42 to 29. Mc¬ Farland, coming out of his game slump, hit for 12 points. Knox tallied 13 to lead the field. The Terriers didn’t even come close, and Newark was ahead at all the quarters. The third round found a good New¬ ark team. Bexley bowed to the Cats with a 53-to-29 count. Retherford showed fine form, netting 21 points, and Knox followed with 10. The semi-final game with Central was a heartbreaker. The officiating was rather poor, and the “breaks ' seemed to go to Central. Several good shots were missed when they were badly needed. One basket by Woolard was no good because of traveling. This score might have been the winning one. Retherford dropped in eighteen to pace the losers and lead the field, and Readout followed for the winners with twelve. Newark played a sluggish first quarter in all of the tourney games, but seemed to catch fire during the second half. Alec Leslie turned out to be the disappointment of the tourney. He didn’t show his usual sparkling play in any of the games, although he showed fine play during the regular season. However, the 1948 edition of the Wildcats need not apologize to anyone for their play during the season or in the tourna¬ ment. SCORES 38 Columbus East. .36 Newark. .53 Cambridge ... .27 Newark. .42 Coshocton . .....40 Newark. .41 Columbus West . .....52 Newark . . .46 Lancaster . ...50 Newark. .45 Marietta .. .36 Newark_ .34 Middletown . ... 36 55 Dayton Fairview . ... 45 49 Dover . .33 Newark. .57 Mount Vernon. .31 Newark. 46 Zanesville . .42 Newark. 53 Cambridge . .44 Newark_ Coshocton . .23 Newark. .39 Marietta . __ ...28 Newark ... 58 Lancaster . . .... 44 Newark. .67 Dover . ... 47 Newark .. 56 Mount Vernon . .38 Newark.. 68 Zanesville . . .44 Newark. 51 Columbus South . .42 TOURNAMENTS Newark. .57 Arlington . .31 42 Columbus Aquinas ... .21 Newark. 53 Bexlev . . .29 Newark. .35 Columbus Central . .36 Newark... 57 Columbus South. .47 District Champ: Columbus Central Regional Champ : Hamilton Catholic State Champ: Findlay One Hundred Thirty-Seven Broad Jump - ' Cmitty 440- " Gen Lows - JkAITT ' V ' Harlow - Coach Pole Vault - " Dick’ ' V 1, If •I 220- " Gr.ff " Shot Put - ' Queen i£ S ' CLADS 100 - Gf?IFF Discus D ' ck Highs - ' ' jMirrr " The Finish Smitty is nosed out by inches! Columbus Central The Newark thinclads lost their first track meet of the ’47 season to a powerful Columbus Central squad, 79 to 39. Newark took two first places: Jim Riley won the high jump, and Dick Hartman copped the pole vault. Newark’s high-point man was Don M. Smith with seven points. Marietta Newark cinder men went down to defeat for a second time, this time at the hands of an experienced Marietta squad 79 - 39. Newark’s only first places were won by Gene Miller in the 440 and Don M. Smith in the 220- yard low hurdles. High-point man for Newark and for the meet was Don M. Smith with 11 points. Mansfield Relays The Newark track team went to the sixteenth annual Mansfield Relays for its third meet of the year. Coach Har¬ low took only four boys to compete: Don Idle, in the 880 and mile run, Jim Riley, in the high jump, Gary Griffith, in the low hurdles, and Don M. Smith, in the low hurdles. Don Idle was the only point getter. He copped second place in the mile. Approximately seventy teams attended. Columbus Central won the meet with 31 points. Mansfield Newark thinclads went down in de¬ feat for the fourth time at the hands, this time, of a strong Mansfield squad. Don Idle snared two first places: one in the mile; the other in the half-mile. Gene Miller also took a first in the 440. Jim Rrutchey won the 100-vard dash, while Gary Griffith won the 220-yard dash. Don M. Smith took a second in the 220-yard low hurdles and a third in the broad jump. One Hundred Forty Track Queens yVH f 1 s ; .. Left to right—Patsy Wise, Bonnie Rine, Phyllis Webb, Dolores Evans, Pat Taylor. Uhrichsville Relays By bettering a field of eighteen en¬ tries, Newark won the tenth annual Uhrichsville Relays with 36.7 points. The Newark thinclads who led the way were Don Idle, with a first in the half-mile and a second in the mile; Gene Miller, with a first in the 440, a fourth in the half-mile, and a “leg” of the winning shuttle relay; Don M. Smith, with a second in the high hur¬ dles and a second in the 220-yard low low hurdles. Smith also anchored the winning shuttle relay. High-point man for the Cats was Idle with 10 points: he was runner- up to Clifford of Canton McKinley, who took top scoring honors with 13 2 points. In fact, Newark’s closest com¬ petitor was Canton McKinley with 36 points. Columbus West The Wildcat tracksters lost a very close dual meet to Columbus West 59 2 to 58 2. Those leading the way for Newark were Don M. Smith, with a first in both hurdles and a third in the broad jump; Don Idle, with a first in the mile and a tie with Gene Miller for first in the half; Gene Mil¬ ler, with a first in the 440 in addition to tie with Idle in the half mile; Gary Griffith, with a first in the 220; and Dick Hartman and Bob Ewing, with a tie for first in the pole vault. High scorer for the meet was Don M. Smith with 11 points earned. C. O. L. Marietta again walked off with the C.O.L. meet for the second consecu¬ tive time. Newark ' garnered four firsts: Gary Griffith, the 220-yd. dash; Gene Miller, the 440-yd. dash; W. Queen, the shot put; Don M. Smith, the 220-yd. low hurdles. Smith was also high point-maker for the Har¬ low outfit. The final score follows: Marietta 85, Newark 59 2, Zanesville 30, Mt. Vernon 27, Cambridge 12, Dover 10 One Hundred Forty-One Medley Relay Team Left to right—Gene Miller, Gary Griffith, Dick Schenk, Don Idle, Paul Harlow. Y Bridge Relays The Newark Wildcats copped third place in their ninth meet of the year in the Y Bridge Relays at Muskingum College. Those scoring for Newark were as follows: Gene Miller won a first in the 440, anchored the 880 re¬ lay which took a third, and ran in the mile relay which copped a fifth. Don Idle took a third in the mile and sec¬ ond in the half-mile. Gary Griffith earned a third in the 220-yard dash and a “leg” of the 880 relay. Dick Hartman copped a second in the pole vault, while teammate Bob Ewing tied for fifth with four others. Wayne Queen copped a fifth in the shot- put. Dick Schenk took a fourth in the discus. Don M. Smith snared a third in the 120-yard high hurdles and a second in the 220-yard low hurdles. Newark earned a sum total of 36 points. District Meet Newark cindermen went to Dela¬ ware for the District Track and Field Meet. This was the last meet for most of the boys, although four participants qualified to go to the state meet held in Columbus on May 30 and 31. Don Idle, in the mile, Gene Miller, in the half-mile, Dick Hartman and Robert Ewing (Ewing did not attend the state meet), in the pole vault, and Don M. Smith, in the 220-yard low hurdles—each copped a second in his event. The team tied for third place with Columbus East with 25.3 points. Other winners were as follows: the 880 relay team, fourth; Dick Schenk, discus, fourth; Gary Griffith, 220- yard dash, fourth; Don M. Smith, high hurdles, third. State Meet Newark qualified four boys to par¬ ticipate in the fortieth annual state track meet at Columbus. They were as follows: Don Idle in the mile; Gene Miller in the 880; Dick Hartman in the pole vault; and Don M. Smith in the 220 lows. The meet was won by Cleveland Central. One Hundred Forty-Two The Track Squad Row 1—John Chester, manager, Don Idle, Don M. Smith, Gene Miller, Dick Hartman, John Griffith, Charles Peffers, Calvert Hines, Kenneth Roberts, Robert Patrick, Wilbur Di Blasio. Row 2—Durwood Masters, Ted Vaia, Robert Ewing, Dan Roike, John Makris, George Wool- ard, Robert Mathie, George Dine, Wayne Queen, Richard Schenk, Jerry Bowden, Russell Peffers, and Coach Paul Harlow. Newark Relays Tantalizing clouds mocked partici¬ pants in the eighth annual Newark Relays during the morning and after¬ noon of May 3, at Whites Field, but they failed to follow up their threat, and runners were not hindered by rain which had harassed them the year before. Approximately 350 athletes participated. A well-balanced Springfield team walked off with top honors, with Co¬ lumbus Central right behind them. Springfield tallied 62 2 points while the runner-up snared 57. The home team took ninth place with eleven points. They copped one first place in the medley relay with a crack team of Dick Schenk, Gary Griffith, Gene Miller, and Don Idle. This race gave the ’Cats six points. They picked up one more by getting fifth in the shut¬ tle. D on Idle picked up two addi¬ tional points with a fourth in the half- mile; Don M. Smith added the last two tallies by capturing a fourth in the 220-low hurdles. Five records were broken; namely, the half-mile, shuttle relay, two-mile relay, 220-yard dash, and the 120- yard high hurdles. 1947 Relays Statistics Springfield .62 2 Columbus Central.57 Akron North.26 2 Marietta . 23 Columbus East .16 2 Mansfield .14 Bexley .12 Linden McKinley .12 Newark .11 Columbus North .10 2 Chillicothe .10 Columbus West. 7 Ashland. 7 Upper Arlington . 2 Cleveland Heights . 1 Lima Central. 0 Marion Harding. 0 One Hundred Forty-Three The Team Row 1—Mr. Joseph Carlo, Mr. Paul Adams, Wayne Moore, Jim Lawrence, Dick Benner, Bob McVey, Clarence Cramer, Dave Blowers, Charlie Craig, Dick Fleitz, Bob Reynard, Bob DeLancey, Bob Barnes, Bill Coventy, Bob Brown, Mr. Ray Schick, Mr. Paul Harlow, Wilbur DiBlasio. Row 2—Kenny King, Larry Gatrell, Bob Pound, Albert Merryweather, Paul Flowers, George Woolard, Dan Roike, Gerry Bowden, Kentrell Miller, Dick Lally, George Dine, Ed Dupler, Bob Kane, Harlan Taylor, Garry Benner, Gene Miller, Jim Teuscher, Don Idle, John Chester. Mr. Ray Schick, during this year, his first as head mentor of the Wildcat squad, coached his team to a three- way tie for second place. The Cats tied with Dover and Coshocton, each team winning 3, losing two, and tying one. The Wildcat squad was led this year by the co-captains Jim Lawrence and Gary Benner. Although having a fair season the ’Cats should make a better showing next fall. Mr. Schick lost nine seniors from this year’s squad. They are Miller, Law¬ rence, Pound, Teuscher, Bowden, Benner, Moore, Dine, and Brown. Mr. ‘‘Woody’ Hayes, the coach of the undefeated, untied Denison eleven was the main speaker at the annual football banquet. The dinner was served in the Masonic Temple on the evening of November 26, 1947. One Hundred Forty-Four Varsity Basketball Row 1—James McFarland, Alec Leslie, Charles Schenk, Richard Retherford, George Woolard, Archibald Waller, David Meckley. Row 2—Assistant Paul Harlow, Richard Johnston, Richard Davis, Paul Norris, manager; William Knox, John Larimore, Coach Maxwell Douglas. Showing fine team spirit and superb coaching, the 1948 Cats captured the Central Ohio League and reached the semi-finals in the district tournament. Under the tutorship of Max Douglas, the Wildcats dropped in 1136 points to their opponents’ 1055. Dick Retherford, Alec Leslie, Bill Knox, George Woolard, and Jim Mc¬ Farland paced the Newark squad during the season and were ably backed by the second string—Charles Schenk, John Larimore, Dave Meck¬ ley, Arch Waller and Dick Davis. Newark placed four men on the All- Central-Ohio-League Teams. Dick Retherford and Bill Knox gained first- team berths while Alec Leslie and George Woolard were elected to the second team. Jim McFarland re¬ ceived honorable mention. Besides receiving this honor, Retherford was elected to the Dispatch All-District team and found a third-team berth on the All-Ohio squad. Bill Knox re¬ ceived honorable mention for all-state. The Cats lost five seniors by grad¬ uation. They are Captain Bill Knox, Dick Retherford, Alec Leslie, Arch Waller, and Charles Schenk. John Larimore will be unable to play also, because of repeating the ninth grade due to illness. Coach Douglas will have a fine nucleus for next year’s team in George Woolard and Jim Mc¬ Farland. Other future stars are Dave Meckley and Dick Davis. There will also be plenty of good material up from the reserves. One Hundred Forty-Five Reserve Basketball Row 1—Eugene Haynes, John Cartnal, James Bline, James Shields, Robert Stevens, Richard Deeds, Ralph Crane, James McCaulsky, Robert Barnes. Row 2—Coach Paul Harlow, Richard Schroats, manager; Richard Fleitz, Roland Wagner, Lloyd Varner, Durwood Masters, manager; Robert Barrett, Roger Seim, Eugene Watson, William Miller, manager; William Ingler. The Wildcat Junior Varsity, com¬ monly called the Reserces, under the capable eye of Coach Paul Harlow, came through the season with a fair record of twelve wins and seven de¬ feats. The junior ’Cats lost twice to the Lancaster reserves. The scores were 32 to 39 and 25 to 31. Gran¬ ville, one of the leading county teams, topped Newark by a 43-to-37 score. Newark also lost to Zanesville, Cam¬ bridge, and Coshocton by scores of 36 to 38, 23 to 35, and 28 to 36 re¬ spectively. The teams the Reserves conquered were Columbus East 37 to 31, Cambridge 35 to 25, Coshocton 29 to 26, Columbus West 25 to 12, Marietta 22 to 21, Dover 35 to 22, Mount Vernon 31 to 24, Marietta 26 to 24, Johnstown 37 to 34, Dover 45 to 35, Zanesville 37 to 30, and Columbus South 25 to 23. The lineup during the year varied, but Dick Flietz, Bob Stevens, Ken- trell Miller, Jim Bline, Lloyd Varner, Bob Barnes, and Ralph Crane car¬ ried the brunt of the attack during the season. These players were re¬ lieved by Jack Cartnal, Dick Johnston, Gene Haynes, Jim McCaulsky, Roger Seim, Dick Deeds, Bob Barrett, Jim Shields, and Gene Watson. Dick Flietz, Ralph Crane, and Jim Bline were the leading scorers. One boy who showed quite a bit of talent in the late part of the season was Jack Cartnal. He showed fine team spirit and good play. These boys, with a few others, will be very good material for Max Douglas’s varsity squad in the coming years. One Hundred Forty-Six Cross Country Squad Row 1—Ted Johnson, Richard Reery, Robert Stevens, Gary Griffith. Row 2—Paul Harlow, coach, Robert Patrick, Robert Kearcher, John Harding, Paul Norris, manager. This year Newark High’s cross¬ country squad experienced a poor sea¬ son. In three meets, the best the team could do was to tie for second in a triangular run with Columbus East and Columbus Central. The second meet, which Newark lost, was with Marietta. The third meet was a triangular affair with Co¬ lumbus West and Mansfield. Newark again finished at the short end of the score. The letter winners this year were Robert Stevens, Robert Patrick, Rob¬ ert Kaercher, Richard Beery, and Ted Johnson. Mr. Harlow coached the squad. Paul Norris, who also received a letter, served as manager. One Hundred Forty-Seven Golf Left to right—Bud Haga, Dick Lally, Mr. Douglas, Talbot Van Ness, Don Roberts, Bill Knox. Absent from picture—Bob Sherman. Not since the spring of 1940 has golf been a part of the athletic scene at Newark High School. In the spring of 1947, however, the sport was revived under the leadership of Max Douglas. Mr. Douglas had only raw material with which to work since some of the boys had never played golf before. As a result, Newark did not experience a brilliant season in so far as games won were concerned. The value lay in the fact that the game again took its place in the sports curriculum. Newark played four games: two with Lancaster and two with Zanes¬ ville. The scores were as follows: Newark 34, Lancaster 1534; Newark 7, Lancaster 9; Newark 1 2, Zanesville 14M; Newark 0, Zanesville 16. Mr. Douglas believes that prospec¬ tive members of the high-school golf team should avail themselves of the opportunity offered by the caddy serv¬ ice at Moundbuilders Country Club. One Hundred Forty—Eight Tennis Left to right—Dick Ryan, Bill Lavelle, Don Pigman, Jim McFarland, Rolley Pipes, Keith Harbit. Like golf, tennis has been absent from the sports curriculum of New¬ ark High School for several years. Un¬ like golf, however, no matches with other schools were scheduled during the spring. Rather, members of the tennis team played matches among themselves in order to improve their game and prepare for the 1948 season. The weather hindered much activity, however, because of the abnormal rainfall during the months of April and May. Practices were held at Everett Field. Mr. Hanshue served as coach. He stated that William Lavelle, sen¬ ior, was the outstanding player on the squad. One Hundred Forty-Nine Boys ' Intramural Baseball Row 1—Heatwole, Simpson, Lavelle, D. Johnston, Handel, Ryan, Larimore, Ruton. Row 2—Dollison, Sheets, Reynard, Sessor, Peterson, Ault, Naylor, Benner. Row 3—Harbit, Couden, Gatrell, Phillips, Williams, Welsh, Helphry, Betz, Franklin. The seniors, led by Co-Captains Lavelle and Hepsworth, seized first place in the intramural baseball league. They had a record of six won and none lost. Next were the juniors with a record of two won and four lost. Arthur Simpson led the juniors and the whole league in batting and fielding with an .875 average. Last were the sophomores with a one-won and five-lost record. The twelve boys who won letters were Arthur Simpson, Lester Frank¬ lin, Dick Couden, Ed Ballinger, Bill Lavelle, Howard Wilson, Don Dolli¬ son, Bollie Pipes, Kieth Harbit, Don L. Smith, Ronnie Dickerson, and Son¬ ny Ruton. One Hundred Fifty Girls ' Baseball Row 1—Alice Ritchey, Ann Morrow, Clara Caiter, Betty Stebelton, Bonnie Ditter, Juanita Mar¬ tin, Lillian Van Wey, Betty Wadell, Earlene Mossholder, Pat Carey, Coralie Roberts, Donna Harper, Miss Myers. Row 2—Jo Ann Abbott, Hallie Richards, Barbara Allen, Juanita Beeney, Anna Rusic, Barbara Wooles, Virginia Perdue, Dorethea Myers, Marilyn Webb, Marilyn Brown, Beverly Yount, Mary Ruth Weakly, Carol Haley, Betty Lavelle. Row 3—Naomi Evans, Edith Brown, Mary Brown, Freida Davis, Ruth Tabler, Dorothy Wright, Anna Wessinger, Harriet Winters, Joan Burgess, Betty Moran, Joey Stichter, Juanita Swan, Mary Butler, Ruth Dillon. Row 4—Betty Subora,GizelIa Kovreg, Mildred Gutridge, Mary Ann Allen, Pat Sullivan, Jessie Cooperider, Mary Ann Hale, Molly Bob, Peggy Mackenzie, Sugar Rivitz, Cornelia Jones, Barbara Van Fleet. Row 5—Patricia Parker, Donna Slebodnik, Pat Rice, Wanda Ballentine, Anna Massalas, Anna- belle Alexander, Katy Pfeffer, Nancy Idle, Marjorie Evans, Pat Phillips, Gerry Oxer- street. Row 6—Ruth Smith, Evelyn Robinson, Mary Boyer, Patsy Wise, Katherine Warman. The Senior team of 47, captained by Dorinda Smith, was champion of the girls’ baseball league. This team won all of the five games that it played. Three outstanding pitchers made the games especially interesting. They were senior pitcher Lillian Van Wey, junior pitcher Betty McPeek, and sophomore pitcher Juanita Beeney. One Hundred Fifty-One Girls ' Basketball Row 1—Betty Lavelle, Barbara Wooles, Dorothet Myers, Sugar Rivitz, Marjory Evans, Peggy Machenzie, Glorie Fox, Nancy Idle, Clara Carter, Mary Boyer, Cornelia Jones, Chloe Harris, Kathleen Lawson, Miss Flor¬ ence Myer. Row 2—Carolyn Crawford, Carol Zeiher, Mary Lou Grandstaff, Marilyn Brown, Marilyn Webb, Sue Taylor, Mary Butler, Ruth Dillon, Annabelle Alexander, Barbara Allen, Betty Eifinger, Marjorie Brecht, Frances Richards, Wanda McPeek. Row 3—Virginia Perdue, Charlene Pounds, Betty Cochran, Joyce Keinath, Jessie Cooperider, Eloise Davidson, Joan Gattrell, Juanita Beeney, Harriett Stickle, Nancy Hunt, Janice Flannigan, Patricia Parmelee, Carlene McMannis. Row 4—Jo Ann Bell, Mary Ellen Eshelman, Hallie Richards, Anna Lou Harris, Joan Redman, Eloise Wright, Patricia Scott, Elizabeth Leslie, Jean Grieder, Patsy Mann. Row 5— Wilma Richards, Dorothy Darling, Mary Ann Hale, Jean Haas, Shirley Coyle, Carol Beckman, Betty McCul¬ lough, La Verne Butler, Barbara Yost, Barbara Brookover. Row 6—Mildred Helser, Dona Smith, Elaine Creighton, Shirley Smith, Shirley Staiger, Nancy Woltjen, Ellen Carpenter, Nancy Haynes, Sue Wilkin. Two teams tied for first place dur¬ ing the current basketball season. They were the junior team captained by Juanita Beeny and the sophomore team led by Tibbie Leslie. Eight teams participated in the season’s play. Nancy Idle and Suzanne Rivitz each headed a senior team; Juanita Beeny, Marilyn Brown, and Virginia Perdue led junior teams; and Tibbie Leslie, Shirley Smith, and Eloise Wright captained sophomore squads. Outstanding players were, for the seniors, Suzanne Rivitz and Dorothy Meyers, forwards, and Nancy Fatig and Chloe Harris, guards; for the juniors, Juanita Beeney and Dorothy Ward, forwards, and Ruth Dillon, Joyce Keinath, and Joan Gatrell, guards; and for the sophomores, Joan Redman, Shirley Smith, and Tibbie Leslie, forwards, and Betty McCul¬ lough, guard. One Hundred Fifty-Two Girls ' Volleyball Row 1—Barbara Wooles, Patsy Wise, Suzanne Rivitz, Margie Evans, Peggy Mackenzie, Gloria Fox, Nancy Idle, Clara Carter, Mary Boyer, Cornelia Jones, Wanda McPeek, Miss Florence Myer. Row 2—Margaret Wag¬ goner, Marilyn Webb, Sue Taylor, Dorothea Myers, Mary Butler, Ruth Dillon, Annabelle Alexander, Barbara Allen, Patricia Parker, Betty Lou Eifinger, Marjorie Brecht, Frances Richards. Row 3—Charlene Pound, Betty Cochran, Joyce Keinath, Jessie Cooperider, Eloise Davidson, Joan Gattrell, Nancy Riley, Charlotte Parlet, Jean Adams, Nancy Hunt, Janice Flannigan, Patricia Parmalee. Row 4—Hallie Richards, Juanita Beeney, Jean Haas, Annalou Henry, Margaret Miller, Nancy Lally, Patricia Scott, Nancy Haynes, Tibbie Leslie, Jean Grieder, Sue Wilkin, Patsy Mann. Row 5—Dorothy Lena Ridenbaugh, Mary Ann Hale, Mary Grimm, Joan Redman, Eloise Wright, Shirley Coyle, Carol Beckman, Betty McCullough, Marlene Ditter, La Verne Butler. Row 6— Shirley Smith, Shirley Staiger, Nancy Woltjen, Ellen Carpenter, Kathleen Donaldson, Connie Asher, Marilyn Gamble. Seven teams participated in the 1947-48 volleyball season sponsored by the athletic department. The sen¬ ior team was captained by Rose Soli- day. Three junior teams were headed by Betty Cochran, Joan Gatrell and Margaret Neal respectively. Three sophomore teams were captained by Pat Hunt, Margaret Miller, and Patricia Scott. Joan Gatrell’s team won the championship. Outstanding players were Patsy Wise and Gloria Fox, seniors, Marilyn Brown, Joyce Keinath, Jean Coop¬ erider, juniors, and Pat Scott, Joy Tomalson, and Eloise Wright, sopho¬ mores. One Hundred Fifty-Three Girls ' Athletic Council Left to right—Suzanne Rivitz, Carol Jean Beckman, Miss Florence Meyer, Patricia Scott, Barbara Van Fleet, Barbara Wooles, Barbara Allen. The Girls’ Athletic Council func¬ tioned for its sixth season this year. The main purpose of this organization is to administer all the games. It de¬ cides all the policies to be carried out in girls’ sports, and it sees that the intramural games function properly. Further, members assist with scoring, keeping records of contests, and of¬ ficiating at games. Suzanne Rivitz served as chair¬ woman. 0ne Hundred Fifty-Four Athletic Board Row 1—Max Douglas, Ray Schick, P. B. Edwards, A. B. Long, Paul Harlow, Frew C. Boyd. Row 2—J. S. McCleary, Paul Adams, Leonard Wilhelm, Walter Stewart, H. C. St. Clair. The Athletic Board, including mem¬ bers of the faculty under the direc¬ tion of Mr. Boyd, controls all athletic activities by supervising schedules, awarding letters, and promoting bet¬ ter athletic relations with other schools. The board also controls all money pertaining to athletics. The Athletic Board this past year pur¬ chased new bleachers for White’s Field. One Hundred Fifty-Five ADVERTISERS Abbott Shoe Company Advocate Printing Company Airesman’s Electric Company Alban, Sam Company, The Albyn Nursery Shop Anderson’s Service Store Art, H. L., Jeweler Bain’s Hardware Bali Drive In Benner’s Grocery Best Jewelry Company Betty Gay Beverly Shop Borden’s Dairy and Ice Cream Co. Boston Store Bounds and Van Wey Funeral Home Brucker and Moody Service Station Burch Gift Shop, The Busy Bee Grill C. and B. News Callander Cleaning Company Campolo Grocery Carlile Furniture and Bug Company Carlile’s Sandwich Shop Carroll, John J., Department Store Central Ohio Sales Company Children’s Studio City Rapid Transit Lines College of Commerce Cornell Clothing Corner Pastry Shop Coyle, Charles B. Crane-Kreig-Flory Company Criss Brothers Dairy Bar, The Dinner Bell Dixie Coal Company Doneff’s Dowling Music Store Eardley Lumber, Inc. Edmiston Book Store Company, The Elliott Hardware Company Emerson Store Evans’ Two Drug Stores Fairfield Shoppe, The Fashion, The Fenton Dry Cleaning 500 Shop Gage Hat Shop Gift Box, The Glastonbury - Krall, Inc. Grant, W. T. Granville Street Pharmacy Green Bay Fur Company Gutliph and Henderson Gutridge, Cal, and Sons Halbrook Florists Hampshire, A. B. Harpster and Daugherty Haynes Brothers Jewelers Heisey, A. H. Hempleman Dance Studio Hermann the Clothier Holland Furnace Company Hollar, O. D. and Sons Horner’s Newark Paint Company Householder Funeral Home Hub, The Hull ' s Newark Wallpaper Store Hunter, G. B. Independent Dairy Isaly’s Dairy Store Jean Frocks, Inc. Johnson Lumber Company t One Hundred Fifty-Six ADVERTISERS Kelley Dairy Kent Flower Shop King’s Kreager and Toothman L. and K. Cleaners Licking Laundry Company, The Loose Coal and Junk Company McCracken, Earl McDonnell’s Shoes McKim Supply Company McLean’s Restaurant McMiehael Music Store Mackenzie Diamond Store, The Marietta Paint Store Mauger’s Seafoods May bold Shoes May-Fiebeger Company, The Midland and Auditorium Theaters Minnick Beauty School Mound City Cleaners Mueller Studio Murphy Market Myer’s Shop, Ada F. 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Sportswear Stetson Hats Van Heusen Shirts Hickok Belts and Jewelry Lamb - Knit Sweaters Botany Neckwear Congratulations to Class of 1948 Home of Hart, Schaffner Marx Clothes Hundred Fifty-Eight INDEX A Abbott, Joan.31, 33, 35, 57, 87, 151 Acord, Douglas.70 Acklin, Carma.64 Adams, Jean Ann.28, 46, 79 Adams, Paul.144, 151 Agey, Norma Jo.79 Alexander, Annabelle.32, 35, 53, 151, 96 Allen, Barbara.28, 31, 33, 35, 41, 46, 87, 151, 154 Allen, Connie May.79 Allen, Homer.49 Allen, Mary Ann.46, 87, 151 Allen, Nancy.70 Allen, Winston.29, 34, 38, 96 Alspaeh, Don Edward.38, 87 Alspach, Miss.72 Anderson, Eugene Morris....41, 42, 43, 96 Anderson, Jerry Lee.96 Anderson, Mary Jane. 79 Anderson, Patrica. 46, 87 Anderson, Royal.70 Andrews, Barbara.62 Andrews, George.79 Angeletti, Richard Charles.49, 79 Ankrum, Donna.62 Annarino, Josephine Marie.66 Armbruster, James.29, 36, 37, 96 Armstrong, Ruth. 70 Asher, Connstance.79 Asher, Sue.70 Atherton, Charles Robert. 45, 96 Attlee, Mildred H.28, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 96 Ault, Robert Daniel.38, 41, 87, 150 B Bachelor, Jo Ann Howard Backman, Jo Anne. Bagent, Charles Edward.. Bain, Robert E. Baird, Ann. Baker, Clyde. Balding, Barbara Ann. Balding, David. Balding, Tom. Ballanger, Denver. Ballenger, Harry Lee.. Bellentine, Wanda. Ballinger, Tommy William Barcus, Norma Jean. Barker, Esther.. Barnes, Mary Ellen. Barnes, Oren Jones. Barnes. Robert Leland. Barrett, Ralph R. Barrett, Robert Louis. Barrick, Ann. Baruxes, Chris. Baruxes, Helen. Baughman, Kenneth. Baughman, Orville. Baughman, Sue. Baumgartner, James. Bay, Harry Ernest. Beall, Jerry. Beardshear, Emily. Beaver, Merrill Kaye.. Bebout, Lewis Herbert.... Bebout, Mary Jane. Bebout, Ralph E. Bebout, Rose Ann. Beck, Sally Jane. Beckman, Carol Jean. Beckman, John. Beckman, June.. Beeney, Juanita . Beery, Richard. .87 .44, 46, 79 .66 .27, 38, 96 .64 .74, 76 .46, 79 .70 .72 .74 .79 .151, 96 .66 .87 .74 .23 .8 .79, 144, 146 .34, 37, 95, 96 41, 47, 77, 79, 146 .70, 72 .64 .79 .87 .74 .79 .48, 49, 50, 79 .70 .70 .79 .79 .49 .79 .70 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 126 .79, 154 .72 .87 .87, 151 .,.79, 147 Sergeant’s Congratulates the Class of 1948 and wishes you everything that is good through¬ out your lives. Exclusively at Sergeant’s Carlyle Jr. IDresses M ary Mufett Juniors Sportleigh Coats Season Skipper Coats Woolart Coats and Suits Swansdown Coats and Suits Syd Junior Dresses Junior House Dresses Teen House Dresses One Hundred Fifty-Nine • Compliments to the Class of 1948 The NEWARK AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ' ASSOCIATION ci - y ' h £ J c 4 o): S • E. A. Bryan Motor Co. Ray Merchant Motors Spohn Morin, Inc. F. M. Rugg Motor Sales Curran Motor Co. Siegle Motor Sales Phalen Cunningham Co. DeCola Motor Sales Newark Motor Sales Co. Walker Battat Motors Frank L. Elliott Motors, Inc. Park Motor Sales, Inc. A. P. Hess Co. Cochran Motor Sales Gibbs Motor Sales One Hundred Sixty Beinhower, Phyllis Jeanne.79 Bell, Joann Rebecca.53,87 Benner, Earl Lester.79 Benner, Gary Wallace.131, 144, 97 Benner, Richard.144, 150 Bennett, Dorothy.87 Bermerman, Mary Anne.46, 97 Berry, Richard Lee. Betz, Richard.87, 150 Bevard, Earl Dean. 87 Binckley, Margaret.87 Bingham, Donna Sue.79 Birkey, Kathryn R.87 Bishop, Bernard.74 Black, Barbara Ann.87 Black, Charles Albert. .79 Black, Donald Kelp.66 Black, Mary Louise..51, 87 Bline, James Roy.. 79, 146 Blizzard, Donald F.97 Blizzard, Juanita Irene.42, 43, 97 Blizzard, Marcella Rose.79 Blizzard, Thobern..70 Block, Emil. 37, 87 Blodgett, Evelyn Louise.40, 41, 46, 49, 97 Blowers, Beverly Ellen.. 79, 87 Blowers, David Leroy.144 Bob, Molly Lou.. ' ..28, 29, 31, 34, 35, 53, 151, 97 Bodkin, Wilda.... .74 Bodle, Joseph. 87 Bonham, Barbara Lee. 49, 87 Bonham, Joyce Barbara... 87 Bonham, Mary Florence...h..79 Boscawen, Don Loyd.. 79 Boswell, Billie Louise.....!. 79 Bounds, Charles.... 87 Bowden, Jerry Edward.38, 47, 143, 144, 97 Bowen, Maymie. 87 Bowman, Donald.62 Bowman, Marguerite Arlene...66 Boyd, Clara Ann. Boyd, Joan Lucille.46, 79 Boyd, Florence.. 20, 30 Boyd, Frew C..11, 16, 28, 56, 155 Boyer, Virginia Belle..43, 45, 97 Boyer, Mary.29, 46, 50, 151, 97 Boylan, Mildred...74 Bradford, Barbara Ann.46, 97 Bradford, Don.62 Bradshaw, Charles.70 Bragg, Alice Ann.49, 87 Braid, Mary Ann.79 Braid, Phyllis.62 Brandt, John.120 Brandt, Richard Eugene.87 Branham, Dennis.97 Brannon, Shirley Ann.49, 79 Branscome, John.14 Branscome, Nancy Louise 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 46, 98 Branscome, Richard. 62, 64 Bratfisch, Hilda Ann . 35, 87 Brecht, Margie Jo.87 Bricker, Charles. Bringardner, Joan Ruth.79 Brookin, Wilma.87 Brookover, Barbara Emalee.79 Brooks, Carol Jean.35, 87 Brooks, Jean.74 Brooks, Marilyn.74, 87 Brown, Barbara.74 Brown, Edith. 151, 98 Brown, Franklin.70 Brown, Marilyn Rose.35, 37, 57, 151 Brown, Mary Louise.151, 98 Brown, Mildred Jean.44, 79 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF “48” GLASTONBURY KRALL INC. 141 Wilson Street Phone 4524 Congratulations From Helen Vogelmeier ' s 10 Arcade One Hundred Sixty-One Class of 1948 Our Best Wishes For Success and Happiness PHAHIS ItihesI THE PHARIS TIRE AND RUBBER CO. Newark, Ohio One Hundred Sixty-Two Brown, Murel. Brown, Reola Don. Brown, Richard. Brown, Robert Leland. Brown, Ronald. Brownfield, Dwight Brownfield, Jo Ann. Brownfield, Lois. Buchanan, Jess E. Buckey, Joanne. Burden, Jo Ann. Burgess, Joan. Burgess, Wilma Jean.. Burke, Elizabeth. Burns, Robert. Burnette, Francis. Burs on, Mary. Burt, Maurice. Busby, Joan Irwin. Butler, Harry Martin... Butler, Jimmie. Butler, Joyce Hamlet... Butler, La Verne. Butler, Mary Elizabetl Butler, Wilbur. Butt, Joann Wilma_ Buxton, Charles Fred.. .87 .46, 87 .87 130, 144, 98 .62 62 .74 .87 .64 .79 87, 151 .66 .87 .79 .120 .53, 87 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 49, 98 .29, 30, 31, 41, 98 28, 46, 53, 55, 79 .42, 44, 79 ...87, 151 46, 79 .79 C Cain, Donnalea. .74 Calloway, Clinton. .98 Calloway, James. .64 Campbell, Jane.. ' Campbell, Larry Lee. .66 Campbell Wayne. .62 Canter, Donna Charlene. .27, 48, 79 Carey, Pat. .151 Carlo, Joe. .144 Carpenter, Barbara Ellen. ..28, 57, 79 Carson, Barbara Ann. .79 Carson, Charles... .74, 76 Carson, James Edward. ...79 Carter, Clara.... .... 151, 98 Cartnal, John Webster. .79, 146 Cash, Robert.... Cash, Robert Wayne. .. .18 Castle, Janice. ..70 Castle, Richard Wayne. Cates, Robert Clarence.. .41, 49, 79 Chaney, Allen. .62, 64 Chaney, David. .30, 54, 98 Chaney, Ralph Crile. ..49, 50, 87 Chaney, Robert I. . .79 Chaney, Walter. ..74 Chaney, William Richard. .87 Channell, Edwin. .74, 76, 98 Chapman, Don Marion. .79 Chesser, Conrad.... .74, 76 Chester, John Burner. .139, 143, 144, 98 Citrone, Fred Dale. .79 Claggett, Ellen Louise. .37, 49, 50, 98 Claggett, Lewis Edmond.. .79 Clark, Harold. .62 Clark, Patty. .62 Clark, Sally Mae. .79 Clark, Sylvia. .64 Clifton, Paul Edgar. .28, 47, 55 Cline, Eddie Cene. Coad, Charles. .99 Coates, Geraldine Lois. .40, 42, 43, 99 Cocanour, John Roger. .99 Cochlan, James. .70, 72 Cochran, Carol Lee. .27, 41, 46, 53, 79 Cochran, Darlene. .70 Cochran, Donald George. .99 Cochran, Elizabeth Ann. ..87 Cochran, Myrtle. .79 Cochran, Phillip. .70 Cochran, Robert W. .80 Cochran, Ronald Dean. .87 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 SILVER MOON Beauty Shoppe 13 2 South Third Street Phone 34551 Helen Crane Williams, Mgr. Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 The Burch Gift Shop 16 East Park Place One Hundred Sixty-Three Congratulations to the Class of 1948 The OHIO POWER co. Cole, Eugenia. Cole, Katherine Joan. Coleman, Bill. Coleman, Gladys. Collett, George Edward. Collins, Howard William... Conklin, Mary Jane. Connor, Jack Eugene. Conrad, Stacy. Cook, Wade. Cooksey, Lois Mac. Cooperider, Jessie Mae. Cope, Anna Lou. Copley, Joyce Ann. Corder, Margaret. Cornell, Nancy. Cothran, Sally. Cottrill, Dwight M. Couden, Richard Eugene.. Courson, Betty Jane. Cox, Lester B. Cox, Stewart. Coyle, Donald Charles. Coyle, James Franklin.. Coyle, Shirley Jean. Coventry, William Ralph... Craig, Charles Andrew. Craig, Frank Harry. Craig, Stella May. Cramer, Clarence.. Cramer, Walter Frederick Cr ane, Ralph.. Crawford, Carolyn. Crawford, Ruth.. Crawford, William. Crego, Carolyn. Creighton, Elaine. Creighton, John David. Crilly, Bertha C.. Crist, Barbara. Crow, Carl. Crozier, Barbara Jean. Cullison, Byron.. Culver, Dorothy. Cunningham, Cleda Mae.. Cunningham, Robert. Cupps, Juanita. Curp, Doris Jean. .87 .87 .46, 79 .80 29, 47, 53, 99 .70 .80 .14 .87 .34, 35, 36, 87, 151 .80 .80 .74 .62 ...66 .80 .150, 99 .80 .61 .14 ...80 ..34, 87 .39, 46, 47, 80 .80, 144 .80, 130, 144 .66 .99 .87, 144 .80 .80, 146 .26, 28, 34, 35, 53, 77, 87 ..80 .62 ....62 .46, 80 .66 .19 .70 66 .74 74, 76 .87 D Dague, Martha. Dalton, Laura. Darkes, Nancy. Darling, Betty Jane. Darling, Dorothy Louise.... Darnes, Leroy Gail. Daugherty, Mary Alma. Davidson, Dorothy Ann. Davidson, Eloise. Davis, Hallie Louise. Davis, Fred Evelyn. Davis, Jack. Davis, Jeannetta Mae. Davis, Kenneth Eugene. Davis, Mabel Ellen. Davis, Oren Lester. Davis Richard . Davis, Robert. Dawson, Alice Mae. Deal, James Edward. Deal, Robert Eugene. Dean, Betty. Decker, Barbara. Deeds, Marilyn June. Deeds, Richard Edward. Delancey, Betty Lou. Delancey, Howard. .62, 64 .33, 87 .74 .99 .80 .. SO 40, 46, 51, 99 .87 .34, 35, 87 .80 ....87, 151, 99 ...74, 76 .80 . 66 .87 .99 87, 145 .62 .88 .80 .62 .74 34, 35, 88 .80, 146 .80 .74 Congratulations 1948 Class NEWARK PLASTIC ENGINEERING CO. Designers and Builders of Quality Tools for the Plastics Moulding Industry Newark, Ohio Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 r = Granville Street Pharmacy One Hundred Sixty-Five WHITE ' S STUDIO A Good Photograph is with you always Phone 4465 For Appointment Delancey, Robert Earl. DelCecato, Florangela. Dell, Dr. G. W. Dement, Betty Eileen. Denner, James. Dennis, Charles. Dennison, Andrew. Derringer, Loretta Jane. DiBlasio, John. DiBlasio, Wilbur. Dickerson, Fern Virginia ... Dickenson, Richard. Dickerson, T. Edwyn. Dickinson, Addison M. Dicky, Floyd Darwin. Dillehay, Edwin. Diller, Paul David. Diller, Shirley Jeanette. Diller, Tracy. Dillon, Fred. Dillon, Ruth Ellen. Dine, George William. Disbennett, Carol June. Ditter, Bernard. Ditter, Bonnie. Ditter, Marlene. Dixon, Joan Delores. Dodson, Eleanor Lucille. Doll, Ronald. Dollison, Donald Wayne. Donaldson, Beatrice. Donavon, John Francis. Donley, Marvin... Dorn, Helen P.. Dornbirer, B. W. Douglas, Maxwell. Dowler, Ruth La Verne. Drake, Joyce Ann..... Drumm, Bonita.. Drumm, Myra. D’Spain, James Lynn. Dudley, Charles Earl. Duncan, Carl William. Dupler, Ann.. Dupler, Edgar Martin_ Dupler, Phillip Henry. Dutcher, Blanche Leona_ Dyer, Letha Jean. E Eckert, Charles A... Edwards, Charles Keith. Edwards, Paul B. Eifinger, Betty Lou.. Ellis, Gretchen Louise. Ellis, Janet. Ellis, Richard. Elmore, Frances. Elmore, Inez. Eisert, Dixie Lee.. Elmore, Francis. Embrey, Jane. Erikson, Stanley... Ervin, Robert Joseph. Eshelman, Mary Ellen. Evans, Betty Mae. Evans, Carol Sue. Evans, Delores. Evans, Don Alan. Evans, Mrs. Frank. Evans, George Franklin. Evans, Marjorie Ruth. Evans, Martha. Evans, Naomi Josephine. Evans, Trula Mae. Ewald, John Bruce. Ewing, Allen. Ewing, Janice. Ewing, Martha. Ewing, Robert. .88, 144 28, 30, 41, 99 .14 .88 .49, 99 .74, 76 .88 .100 .62 ...88, 143, 144 .88 .70 .21 .100 .70 .38, 100 .88 .100 .80 .88, 151 131, 143, 144, 100 .80 .74, 76 .151 .46, 80 .50, 88 ....88 .62 150, 100 ...46, 80 .66 .20, 39 . 14 .19, 145, 148, 155 28, 29, 30, 32, 54, 100 .39, 41, 46, 80 .62, 64 .120 .49, 80 28, 29, 38, 47, 100 .70, 72 .80, 144 .49, 50, 80 .49, 80 .30, 36, 37, 46, 100 .18 .100 .15, 155 27, 31, 34, 35, 88 .49, 88 .100 .46 .88 .80 .80 .70 .88 .80 .34, 35, 88 ...49, 100 .49, 80 .141 .28, 54, 88 .11 .101 35, 53, 80, 151, 101 .46 30, 34, 151, 101 .80 . 27, 29, 32, 53, 101 .80 .101 38, 41, 143, 101 Spalding Farm Center, Inc. 600 West Church Street NEWARK, OHIO INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farm Machines Refrigeration and Genuine Parts Compliments of The FAIRFIELD SHOPPE Ice Cream, Confections Lunclies, Sandwidies 62 Fairfield Ave. Phone 6510 One Hundred Si.xtv-Seven Congratulations . . . Seniors MUELLER’S FLUORESCENT LIGHTINGS GIVE BEST RESULTS Cool — No Glare — Comfortable The MUELLER STUDIO CLARENCE A. TREXEL, Proprietor 35 Arcade Telephone 2921 One Hundred Sixty-Eight Fairall, Ruth Ann. ...41, 88 Farley, Charlotte. .74 Farley, Clarice Ethelyn. .80 Farmer, Bernard. .74 Farmer, Jean. .88 Fatig, Bernard W. .49, 101 Fatig, Nancy Ann. .34, 35, 50, 101 Feiber, Annabel Grace. .42, 43, 101 Felumlee, Janet... .72 Fernow, Frederick Eugene. . 80 Feuerriegel, Richard.. ....38, 88 Field, Richard Lee. .80 Fields, Mildred E. 40, 101 Fiest, Donna Jean. .88 Fiest, Joseph Walter. .80 Finckel, Benjamin Ray. .80 Fink, Rose Ann. .41 Fish, William Newell . .80 Fisher, Donna . 70 Fisher, Ruth Evelyn. .27, 37, 46, 53, 101 Flanigan, Paul Michael. .28, 41, 48, 88 Flannigan, Janice Carrol. .80 Fleitz, Richard Allen. .80, 144, 146 Fleming, Edith. .69 Fletcher, Faith. .27, 4.5, 46, 88 Flowers, Ellen Louise. ...27, 80 Flowers, Eugene Paul__ .80, 131, 144 Flowers, Frank Frederick. .101 Fluhart, Richard Eugene. .102 Fluharty Carole. .43, 102 Fluharty, Marilyn Lee. .80 Foit, Carol Jean. ....49, 80 Foote, Ronnie. ...62, 64 Forbes, Sally Lou.. ... 44, 88 Ford, Barbara. .62 Ford, Evelyn Mae. .40, 41, 46, 102 Ford, Fred. .62 Forsythe, Estella Mae. .80 Foster, Jane Elizabeth. .66 Fox, Glenn Eugene. ....49, 80 Fox, Gloria. .41, 46, 102 Francis, Albert. .62 Francis, Nancy. .74 Francis, Thomas. ....74, 76 Franga, Milan. ....62, 64 Frank, Nancy Grace. ..35, 102 Franklin, Jo Ann. ....46, 80 Franklin, Lester. .150 Franks, Margaret Geraldine_ .66 Franz, Ronald Henry. .102 Freas Bernard Arthur. .102 Fredritz, Barbara Ann. .80 Friend, Edward Ralph. ... .80 French, Loren. ... 74, 76 Frey, Alice Mae. .88 Frey, Carole. .74 Frey, Janice Louise. .88 Frey, Pauline. .70 Fulks, Mary. Fullen, Lewis. .70 G Gamble, Marilyn Rose. ... 46, 80 Gamble, Shirley Gayle. .49 Galbraith, Engene Lee. .,38, 102 Gamerdinger, Earl. Gardner, Annabel Lydia. .102 .80 Gardner, Robert . .102 Garee, James Richard. .102 Garee, Ralph E. .102 Garrett, Lola Jane. .80 Gatrell, Joan Corrine. .35, 57, 88 Gatrell, Larry Lee. Gayhart, Hollie. .88, 130, 144, 150 Gehres, Mr. Floyd P. .18 Geiger, Carolyn. .70 Gelfer, Karl Jordon. .66 Geller, Dorothy. .74 Compliments of SUPERIOR AUTO PARTS and MACHINE CO., INC. 201 -205 West Main Street Newark, Ohio Phones 2264 - 2269 MARIETTA PAINT STORE 39 West Church St. Phone 4419 Newark, Ohio ■ Marietta Paints ■ Enamels ■ Varnishes ■ Glass ■ Wallpaper ■ P ainters Supplies One Hundred Sixty-Nine One Hundred Seventy George, George Michael.88 Gibbs, Genevieve Hilali.49 Gieger, William Howard.88 Gilliam, James.88 Glasmeier, Janet Lucille.88 Glasmeier, Richard. Glasmeier, Robert.70 Gleekler, Lawrence.103 Goble, Effie Mae.88 Goodin, Robert Dean. Goodlett, Maitha Jean.32, 35, 46, 103 Goss, Gail Ernest.81 Grandstaff, Mary Lou.28, 35, 46, 88 Gray, Kenneth Ronald.66 Green, James.81 Gregg, Robert.74 Grider, Frances Jean.81 Griffith, John G.29, 30, 33, 38, 53, 138, 139, 142, 103, 143 Grigsby, Donald.70 Grigsby, Paul Leroy.88 Grimes, Daniel. Grimm, Mary Evelyn. 42, 81 Groce, Edna Mae.51, 88 Grove, Janice Ruth.46, 53, 81 Grove, Richard Lee.81 Gutridge, Eugene Donald.41, 81 Gutridge, Joe William.88 Gutridge, Mildred.151 Guy, Howard Kenneth.103 Guyheart, Hally.81 Haas, Jean Frances.27, 34, 47, 88, 54 Haas, Paul Frederick..;.66 Hackney, Dwight Ross. 48, 81 Hackney, Faith. Haga, Howard Frederick. 148 Hagans, Harriett Ellen.49, 88 Hague, Grace Darlene.43, 103 Haines, Nancy.41, 46, 55, 81 Halblaub, Verna Juanita.81 Halbrooks, Patricia Ann.46, 81 Hale, Cynthia.72 Hale, Jack R.21 Hale, Mary Ann.26, 28, 34, 35, 53, 77, 88, 151 Haley, Carole Louise.27, 46, 88, 151 Hall, Frances.62 Hall, Mary Ann.46, 81 Hall, Richard David.81 Hamann, Richard.70 Hamilton, Rhoda.74 Handel, Larry Lester.88, 150 Hanes, Roger.64 Hanna, Wilma Jean. Hanners, George William.66 Harbit, Keith Bond...88, 149, 450 Harding, Mrs. Alberta.11 Harding, John Edward.88, 147 Hare, Martha A. 103 Harlow, Paul.19, 138, 140, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 155 Harman, Annamae.74 Harman, Charlotte.21 Harman, Jean.74 Harman, Rosalie. Harper, Donna L.151, 103 Harris, Anna Lou.27, 48, 81 Harris, Chloe A.103 Harris, Harry A.103 Harris, Inez.70 Harris, Mrs.52 Harris, Oren.74, 76 Harris, Richard.74, 76 Harris, Robert E.81 Hart, Jack Armstrong..88 Hart, Patricia.70 Harter, Ned Eugene.66 Hartman, Richard.138, 143, 103 Hartsough, James Franklin.81 Hartley, Barbara. Compliments of T. G. ROBISON Sheet Metal Work Roofing Furnaces 145 West Canal Street Compliments of Bounds Van Wey Funeral Home Phone 20 81 One Hundred Seventy-One SHOP BAIN’S FIRST... SAVE TIME and MONEY Congratulations Newark High School Personnel and Students BILL BAIN Invites You To Make " BAIN ' S " Your Headquarters When In Need of Hardware . . . Plumbing . . . Electrical . . . Farm and Household Supplies WHOLESALE and RETAIL -Two Stores- First and Main Streets 607-09 Main Street NEWARK, OHIO Phones 3703 and 3727 COSHOCTON, OHIO Phone 923 Associate United Independent Hardware Stores One Hundred Seventy-Two Iauman, Margaret Ann.103 lawke, Mildred.10 lawes, Clarice.46, 88 lay, Walter Edward.38, 88 layes, Frederich Lee.49, 81 layes, Richard Lewis.41, 81 layes, Tom.74 layman, Florence Pauline.81 laynes, Eugene Marion..81, 146 leadlee, Letha....22, 40 deatwole, Donald Eugene.38, 150, 103 deckleman, D. H.65 leim, William..62, 64 Ielman, Ronald.70 delms, Darlene.62 delmick, Helen.81 lelphrey, Jimmie Lee.41, 88, 150 delser, Mildred Irene.46, 81 deminger, Warren D. .104 lendren, Gloria Maude.29, 101 dendren, Richard Orlando.66 lenry, Anna Lou.49, 88 lenry, William Howard.88 lenry, Wilson Frederick..49, 81 lenzy, Army Louise.26, 30, 34, 35, 77, 127, 104 dess, James....... less, Joyce... 49, 50, 88 dickman, Harold Vernon.88 dill, Robert D.104 lines, Calvert.49, 88 dines, Jean. 74 ditchcock, Bennie. 104 litchcock, Betty. 74 litchcock, Billie. 81 ditchcock, Flora.74 ditchcock, John.81 ditchcock, Marilyn.70, 72 dobbs, Rodney. 104 lobson, Brende Lee .49, 81 doerner, Don. 66 doffer, James.70 dogue, Roger Larry..81 dolbert, Betty.74 lolley, Betty Mae.88 dolman, Margaret Ann. dolman, Marjorie. 81 dolman, Mary Virginia.81 dolmes, Robert.70 dolmes, Ruth Evelyn.40, 104 dolmok, Gwendolyn E.104 dolmquist, Arthur Duane. 66 doltinger, Harry.62 domman, Patricia Louise. 81 donebarger, Jeanne Louise.42, 43, 104 dook, Robert H.28, 34, 88 doon, Howard Alan.81 dorton, Paul.81 dorwitz, Carolyn Diane.34, 35, 88 dose, Daniel Paul.66 lottinger, Harry. louse, Mary Katherine.81 toward, Donald E. .38, 88 loward, Helen Rosetta.40, 104 toward, Phyllis Jean.49, 88 iowarth, Rodney.70 dowell, Winifred.64 dowes, Clarice Marjorie. Ioy, Geraldine.70 tuber, Alice.70 tudson, loan.. luff, Ruth Maxine.81 Iuffman, Relva Jean.51, 88 dughes, Evelyn.74 fughes, James William.38, 104 lughes, Joseph Clayton.89 The LICKING LAUNDRY CO. Dry Cleaning, Rug Cleaning Furriers Phone 4045 The PHIL VOGELMEIER COMPANY MOVERS of Household Goods Buildings and Machinery Agent: Aero Mayflower Transit Co. Phone 5063 One Hundred Seventy-Three 1948 Means Much to Us Too... Ten years ago as third graders, most of your schooling lay ahead of you. Today as members of the 1948 graduating class, you have completed a most important phase in your training for the future. It was back in 1938 when our company was formed to continue the development of basic engineering materials and expand their com¬ mercial applications. In the decade that followed, our growth as a company has been a steady one to indicate a promising future ahead. Thus, more than 2800 of your friends at Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation share with you a pride of accomplishment as 1948 marks a significant milestone for all of us. To each member of the class of 1948, our congratulations and sincere best wishes for continued success. -- OWENS - CORNING Fiberglas TM 1(0 US »AT 0M V_ 4 One Hundred Seventy-Four Hughes, June.70 Humbert, Gloria.72 Hummell, Mary.62 Humphreys, Richard.81 Hunt, Nancy Lee.81 Hunt, Norma Jean.89 Hunt, Patricia Lou.81 Hunt, William Nicholas.81 Hunter, Donald A.104 Hupp, Donald Lee.66 Hupp, Ruth Doris.66 Huston, Clarence.89 Huston, Robert John...81 Hutson Norma Jean.105 Iden, John. Idle, Don. Idle, Nancy Rae Iler, Patricia. Ingler, William.. Ivers, Max. .66, 144 139, 142, 143, 151 .35, 105 .81, 146 .90 Jackson, Jean Ann. Jackson, W. Ralph..... Jacobs, Laura June.. James, Marion Sue. Jay, Janet.....-. Jeffers, Treva Eileen_ Jeffries, Patricia May. Jenkins, Kenneth. Johnson, Daniel William. Johnson, Douglas.. Johnson, Elizabeth. Johnson, Eugene. Johnson, Gordon Lee. Johnson, Robert.. Johnson, Ronald Wayne Johnson, Seward Harris. Johnson, Ted Noah_ Johnson, William. Johnstone, Joe. Johnston, Richard Park. Jones, Anna Louise_ Jones, Carol Jean. Jones, Cornelia Ruth. Jones, Dollie Mae. Jones, Donald Grove. Jones, Donald William... Jones, Harriett Virginia. Jones, Helen Louise. Jones, John. Jones, Joseph. Jones, Joseph Clyde. Jones, Josephine. Jones, Merrill Eugene.... Jones, Norma. Jones, Richard Eugene. Jones, Robert Dale. Jones, Dr. Roland. Jones, Virginia. Jones, Wendell. J .74 .49, 89 ...57, 81 .81 ...71, 72 .89 .....66 .105 .89 . ' ..49, 50, 81 . 62 .105 .48, 81 .62 .89, 105 .89 .89, 147 .81 .74, 76 .89, 145, 150 .75 .49, 105 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 35, 37 41, 53, 56, 77, 151, 105 .89 .105 .89 81 62 89 .62 .43, 105 .71 .66 .43, 105 .14 .89 .51 Kaercher, Jo Ann. Kaercher, Wayne. Kalt, Bobby. Kane, Robert Earl. Keaser, Mona Fay. Keckley, Rita Jo. Keeran, Donna. Keinath, Joyce Eileen Kelly, George. Kelley, Marjorie . Kennington, Shirley... Kerns, Robert. Kidd, Betty Jane. Kidwell, Betty. Kieber, Robert. 81, 147 .89, 130, 144 .75 29, 32, 35, 46, 49, 105 .75 .35, 57, 89 .71 .106 .63, 64 .75, 76 .41, 89 .71 .75, 76, 106 GEORGE PFEFFER Clothier 44 North Third Street Newark, O. Congratulations To All High School Graduates QUALITY FURNITURE CARLI LE ' S Furniture and Rug Co. Neicark’s Dependable Home Furnishers West Main at Arcade Newark, O. One Hundred Seventy-Five ✓ One Hundred Seventy-Six Kiger, Carol.71 Kiger, Emily.62 Kiger, George Robert.106 Kiger, Wilburt Hursey.89 Killinger, Marilyn Sue. 46, 81 Kilpatrick, Shirley Joan.39, 81 Kincaid, John Clarence.34, 89 King, Alice Marie.81 King, Kenny.38, 144, 106 Kingery, Eric.77 Kingery, Mr. Gordon R.7, 20, 26, 53, 77 Kineer, Ruby Lou.106 Kinney, Donald Dwight...49, 50, 89 Kinney, Mrs. Kinney, Robert E.81 Kinsey, Gene Raymond.49. 81 Kirk, Robert Harlan.81 Knox, William.145, 148, 106 Koerner, Donald Saunders... Koontz, John.71 Korb, Betty Lou.....34, 35, 89 Kornman, Christine.....28, 33, 37, 39, 46, 56, 89 Kovrig, Gizella. 151 Kramer, William Max.66 Kreager, Jacqueline Lee. 66 Krieg, Mrs. Sharah S. 20, 32 Kuey, Ng Chu. 78, 81 Kurtzhalz, Jeanne Ann.106 Kuster, Frances.—.72 Lally, Nancy Ruth.46, 81 Lally, Richard...144, 148, 106 Lambert, Burrell, Jr. Lammers, Esther Elizabeth.29, 32, 45, 46, 106 Lamson, Shirley Ann..34, 37, 39, 46, 56, 89 Lampton, Robert.75, 76 Lancaster, Kenneth. Landram, Larry... 62, 64 Lane, Annabel.89 Lane, Kathryn.81 Lane, Norma Jean.51, 81 Larason, Patricia Anna.46, 81 Larimore, John.89, 145, 150 Lauderdale, Sue.75 Laughery, Dean.62, 64 Lavelle, William.149, 150 Lavelle, Betty Marie.35, 89, 151 Lavin, Helen.19 Lawrence, James..130, 144, 106 Lawson, Kathleen.46, 106 Leach, Edgar James.89 Lecky, Hugh Franklin.33, 37, 49, 89 Lee, Shirley Anne.51, 81 Lescody, Richard.62 Leslie, Alec...38, 145, 106 Leslie, Elizabeth R.42, 46, 82 Leslie, James. Levingston, Barbara.82 Levingston, Kathleen.89 Lewis, Carol Marlene.82 Lewis, Dorothy.46, 82 Lewis, James Richard. Linn, Marian Frances.107 Lippincott, Richard.49, 50, 82 Litten, Keith Arlen.107 Bicycle Supplies Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle Guns, Ammunition M odels ANDERSON ' S SERVICE STORE 11 North Fourth St. Opposite Fire Dept. Melton ' DAIRY BAR 76 West Main Street Lewis, Norma. ..75 Lewis, Vera. ..75 Lightle, Edward. ..71 Lightle, Norma. ..71 Lightner, Marguerite. .32, 35, 46, 49, 106 Lindeman, Keith. .66 Lindemann Claire. .49, 50, 107 Lingafelter, Carole Virginia. ..66 Link, Katherine Virgina. ..82 Linn, Carolyn. .62, 64 Linn, David. ..75, 76 Ice Cream — Sandiciches Fountain Service CARRY OUT SERVICE One Hundred Seventy-Seven CORRECT DRESS Consideration of your figure and type. Recognition of the fact that all things cannot he becoming to all men. Na¬ ture has not endowed all men equally. With a variety of types, it behooves every man to study himself, that he may make the most of his gifts and the least of his defects. This is not vanity— it is self-respect. Sam Peck and Campus Tog Clothes for Young Men Dobbs Hats and Caps Manhattan and Shapeley Shirts . . . Sportswear Nunn Bush and Edgerton Shoes Koe Emerson Quality — Service — Courtesy Since 1887 11 South West Side Square One Hundred Seventy-Eight Litton, Lois Virginia. Livengood, Margaret.75 Livingston, Barbara.49, 51 Livingston, Lenora Belle. Livingston, Richard.107 Livingston, Robert Eugene.41,82 Lloyd, Mary Mildred. Loar, Marilyn.71 Loewendict, Joanne Sally.42, 44, 82 Logsdon, Dale Edwin.66 Logsdan, Dolores Mae.35, 37, 46, 89 Logsdon, Glenn Miller.66 Logsdon, Marilyn Jane.66 Lomas, Thomas Henry.107 Lombardo, Mary Jane.82 Long, A B.18, 155 Long, Terrill Jewell.49, 82 Loulin, Marian.64 Loudin, Virginia.62 Loughman, Carrie Ann.82 Love, Evelyn.51, 89 Love, James.107 Love, John. ...62 Luby, Donald..75 Luby, Marjorie.. 75 Lucas, Augusta.66 Lucas, James.75, 76 Luckner, Herman Richard III..67 Lugar, Lee.107 Lugar, Leona.71, 72 Lugar, Mildred Elizabeth.89 Luseeti, Mona.s..75 Luther, Ruth.62 Lyons, Imogene..107 Me McBride, Harold.62 McCafferty, Franklin.71 McCann, Patricia Sue.30, 107 McClain, Robert Gene.37, 107 McCleary, Donna......64 McCleary, J. S.22, 155 McCollum, Barbara Ann. McCreary, Kenneth Vernon..28, 29, 30, 36, 37, 56, 126 107 McCreary, Pauline.20, 35 McCaulsky, James William.82, 146 McCullough, Betty June.41, 42, 82 McCullough, Eva.62 McDonald, Alice.62 McDonald, Mary Ann.107 McDonald, Phyllis.. 64 McDonald, Robert Eugene.108 McDonough, Joanne.62, 64 McDowell, Albert Lewis.51, 82 McDowell, Ida Belle.108 McDowell, Joanne. McFarland, James Edward.89, 145, 149 McFarland, Wilma.75 McGinnis, Leroy.63, 64 McGinnis, Julia Grace.42, 43, 108 McIntosh, Helen.64 McIntosh, Lewis.62 Mclnturf, Beatrice Louise.30, 45, 46, 108 Melnturf, Ralph Eugene.82 McKnight, Mary Elizabeth.89 McLaughlin, Charles.82 McLeish, Elizabeth Ann.49, 108 McMannis, Carlene Jane.98 McMullen, Charlotte.51, 82 McNabb, Richard Clinton.108 McPeek, Betty Jean.35, 108 McPeek, Ross Edwin.89 McPeek, Wanda.51, 82 McVey, Robert George.82, 131, 144 M MacNealy, Joan.46, 82 MacNealy, Sue.28, 35, 89 MacPherson, Doris Althea.49, 89 Mackenzie, Margaret Louise 29, 32, 35, 37, 53, 151,108 Congratulations To the Class of 1948 Wishing them success and happiness for the future MOUND CITY CLEANERS 26 South Third Street, Newark, O. One Hundred Seventy-Nine The Home of Favored Name Brand Qualities CONGRATULATIONS One Hundred Eighty 67 Macy, Elizabeth. Malherbe, Charles. Malherbe, Donna.62 Malherbe, Wilma.62 Malloy, Harold Chester. Maidel, Robert Frederick.49, 108 Maier, John Gilbert.108 Makris, John E.28, 29, 46, 53, 143, 108 Mann, Kay.75 Mann, Patricia Mae.57, 82 Mariani, James. Markham, John Walter.67 Markham, Katherine E.89 Markle, Marilyn.71 Marmie, Bonnie.75 Marple, Betty Alice. Marriett, Jack.89 Martin, Barbara.89 Martin, Jack Edward.49, 82 Martin, Juanita.151 Martin, Mrs. Letitia.11 Martin, Linda Jean.48,82 Mason, Frances Mae. M asin, Eileen. Mason, Ruth Anne.49, 89 Massalass, Anna.32, 40, 151, 108 Masters, Duane William.49, 82 Masters, Durwaixl H.49, 89, 143, 146 Mathie, Robert Charles.89, 143 Matz, Elizabeth Jean.40, 108 Meacham, Donald Gene.109 Meadows, Joanne. f .62 Meckley, David Wayne.89, 145 Meisenhelder, Jeannine.63 Melton, Billie Sue.75 Melton, Richard Lowell.82 Meriweather, Albert.82, 144 Messenger, Robert Lewis.89 Messino, Rose Marie.82 Miller, Alvin Claude.82 Miller, Arthur F...18, 48 Miller, Dale Gene....l30, 138, 139, 142, 143, 144, 109 Miller, Harold.71 Miller, Jacqulyn Sue.49, 109 Miller, John Kentrell.82, 144 Miller, Marie.21 Miller, Margaret.39, 46, 51, 53, 55, 82 Miller, Robert.63 Miller, Stanley Eugent.82 Miller, Wanda.75 Miller, William...41, 55, 146 Miller, William F.41, 82, 89 Miner, Shirley Jean.89 Mitchell, Peggy.75 Moffitt, Samuel Ellis.109 Mohler, Diane..63, 64 Mohler, Patty.75 Moody, James Edward.82 Monroe, Gene.63 Montgomery, Mary Jane.40, 49, 109 Montgomery, Walter.75, 76 Moss, Betty.89 Moon, Donald Keith.89 Moore, Ann.82 Moore, Bonnie Lou.82 Moore, Frances Jo Ann. 82 Moore, Harold Lewis.89 Moore, Marcia Louise.29, 32, 35, 37, 109 Moore, Margaret Ann. Moore, Raymond.63, 64 Moore, Ronald.63 Moore, Wayne Frederick.130, 144, 109 Moran, Betty June.40, 46, 51, 151, 109 Moran, Ruth.63, 64 Morgan, Charles.63 Morgan, Louada.11, 22 Morrow, Ann.151 Morrow, Dorothy.75 Morrow, Roger Wayne.47, 109 featuring Neumocle hosiery for the SPORT STYLE SUITS To Make Yourself Dressy and Attractive T1 One Hundred Eighty-One Congratulations To the Class of 1948 Wishing You Happines and Prosperity J. C PENNEY CO., Inc. A Nationwide Institution Everything to Wear QUALITY MERCHANDISE FOR LESS Congratulations to Class of 1948 BORDEN ' S Dairy and Ice Cream Company Corner Walnut and Third Phone 4054 One Hundred Eighty-Two 64 Moss, Barbara. Moss, Elizabeth Jean. Mossholder, Earleen. Mossholder, Freda. Mosteller, Bonnie. Mowrey, Violet Mae. Moyer, Charles. Mummey, Marjorie. Murphy, Marlene. Myer, Florence. Myers, Betty Marcela. Myers, Dorothea Anne. Myers, Patricia Frances. Myers, Richard F. N Nadolson, Charlotte Irene.... Nash, George, Jr. Nash, Gerald. Naylor, Joe. Neal, Margaret Rose. Nedelcoff, Phyllis. Nees, Susan Gail. Neighbor, Donald Lae. Neff, Mary Captolia. Nichols, Joe Anne. Nichols, Mary Lou. Norris, Paul E. Null, Barbara Lou. Nusskern, Martin. Nye, Herbert Glen. O Oakleaf, Mary Alice. Oakley, Donald. Oakley, Ernest William. Oatman, Harold. Oder, Dewey. Oder, Lewis Maxwell. Oder, Richard Don. Offenbaker, Ellen. Offenbaker, Donald. Offenbaker, Walter George.. Ogg, Ruth Jean. Oliver, David. Olpp, Doris... O’Neill, Ann. Orcovac Veronica. Orr, Helen Charlene. Orr, John. Orr, Orville. Orr, Phyllis Ann. Orris Barbara. Orris, Patricia. Otterman, Nancy Anne. Overstreet, Elsie Geraldine.. Oxley, Mickey. Oxley, Virginia Lee. Padar, Richard. Palm, Rita Ann. Palmer, Claire E.. Palmer, John. Palmer, Richard Albert. Pancaw, Nancy Adams.... Parker, Marilyn. Parker, Nancy. Parker, Patricia Jean. Parlet, Charlotte N. Parmelee, Anna May. Parmelee, Margaret. Parmelee, Patricia Louise Parrish, Dona Leah. Patrick, Bernard Robert... Patrick, Patricia Marilyn. Patten, Thalia Leonora.... .151 .82 .71 .44, 89 .71 .75 .63 18, 151, 154 .82 ..47, 151, 109 .67 .109 .49, 89 .67 . 110 .150 .89 .63, 64 .67 .82 .40, 110 .46, 82 . 110 29, 32, 145, 147, 110 .46, 82 .49, 110 .39, 89 .82 .64 .82 .18 .63 .82 .29, 110 .63 .63, 64 .89 .67 .22, 45 ..75 .82 .27, 39, 89 .75, 76 .67 .49, 82 .64 .63, 64 ...31, 33, 35, 46, 89 34, 35, 41, 151, 110 .64 ...28, 35, 46, 53, 89 . 110 49, 82 .64 .82 .89 .51, 82 .75 33, 36, 90, 151 .42, 90 .82 .71 .82 .49, 82 .143, 147 .35, 110 .34 SCOTT ' S Complete Home Furnishers East Park Place Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 ELLIOTT ' S HARDWARE STORE 16 West Main Street One Hundred Eighty-Three C ongratulations To The Class of 1948 Wishing Them Success and Happiness For the Future RIDE THE YELLOW CABS One Hundred Eighty-Four Patten, William. Patton, Gordon Leon. Patton, Joan. Patton, Loueda W. Pearce, Myron. Pearce, Nancy. Peffers, Anna Louise. Peffers, Charles. Peffers, Russel. Penick, Georgeann. Penrose, Bruce Berry. Pepper, Don. Percoco, Angeline. Perdue, June. Perdue, Virginia Grace. Peterson, Clyde William. Petrey, Shirley Anne. Pettit, Rita L. Pfeiffer, Paul. Pfeffer, Kathryn Joan. Phares, Maxine Leona. Phillips, Desso Wilbur. Phillips, Evelyn May. Phillips, Patricia Lou. Pickering, Charles... Pickering, Charlotte Jean.... Pickering, Mary Lou. Pierce, James. Pigman, Donald Evert. Pipes, Roland Ellsworth. Place, Joan Eileen. Place, Wanda Lou. Plaine, Jo Ann Ruth. Plotzman, Eugene. Poling, Ruth Evelyn. Pollock, Franklin Earl. Porter, Phyllis. Porter, Stanton. Posey, Melva Jane Nellie.... Posey, William Edward. Post, Robert T. Post, Shirley Louise. Potter, Mona. Pound, Alice Charlene. Pound, Charles Lee.. Pound, Robert L. Powell, Jane Madelyn. Powell, Phyllis E. Preas, Arlen. Price, Betty Jean. Price, Ruth. Priest, Dale. Priest, Norma Jean. Provin, Leon Jerry. Pryon, Edwin Gilchrist. Purdy, Clarence Lewis. Purks, Leontine Diane. Pyle, Patty Ann. Q Queen, Wayne Franklin. Quickel, James. R Radcliff, Carol. Radcliff, Phyllis. Rader, Clark. Radu, Constance. Ralston, Dale Herald. Rambo, Jerry Richard. Ramey, Robert L. Ranck, J ames. Randles, Frances Geraldine.. Randles, Goldie Mae. Raucher, James. Rauck, Annis. Rector, Lawrence. Redd, Richard. Redman, Edwin John. Redman, Emma Lou. Redman, Joan Carole. Redman, Joyce Ann. .82 .82 .19, 37, 56 .110 .19, 49, 50 .72 .67 .90, 143 .38, 90, 143 .28, 46, 53, 82 .Ill .34, 49, 90 .63 .Ill .35, 49, 57, 90, 151 .150 .90 .49 .23, 42, 43 .29, 32, 35, 151, 111 .46, 82 .29, 38, 47, 150, 111 .Ill 29, 34, 35, 53, 151, 111 .82 .90 .63 .38, 40, 41, 45, 149, 111 .95, 126, 149, 111 .82 .Ill .29, 32, 35, 111 ZZZZZZZZZ ' 90 .82 .71 .63, 64 .82 .67 .Ill .49, 90 .71, 72 .35, 36, 90 .51, 83 .38, 144, 111 .35, 90 .35, 90 .83 .83 .83 .63 .43, 112 Z " ZZZZ’26’ 7Z 90 .51, 83 .71 .67 .138, 143, 112 .71 63 .71 ..49 ..90 112 63 .71 .43, 112 .83 30, 40, 49, 112 .83 .35, 90 Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 ▼ c Compliments of the Hotel Warden To the Graduating Class One Hundred Eighty-Five THE NEWARK TELEPHONE COMPANY A Home Institution Telephone Service a great convenience, the best approach to employment . . . Indispensable to success in business . . . Compliments of L K CLEANERS One Hundred Eighty-Six Reece, Charles Lewis.83 Reed, Parker Edgar.49, 50, 90 Reel, James Dixon.47, 112 Reese, Larry.63 Regan, Patricia.63 Rehback, William Louis.38, 112 Reid, Mary Lou.46, 83 Reid, Robert Ray. Reid, Russell Lee.83 Ileinbeau, Lloyd L.112 Renneckar, Marjorie Jean.46, 9 0 Replogle, Marion. Retherford, Mrs.52 Retherford, Richard Eugene.49, 145, 112 Reynard, Robert.90, 144, 150 Rhodes, Cecil Glen.83 Rhodes, Lloyd.34, 112 Rice, Alice Eileen.90 Rice, Janet Jeanine.83 Rice, Patsy.44, 112 Rice, Patti Ann....28, 29, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 56, 151 112 Richards, Billie Jean.41, 90 Richards, Hallie Eleanor.90, 151 Richards, Frances Evelyn.30, 51, 113 Richards, James.75 Richards, Wilma Ellen.30,51,113 Richardson, Barbara.67 Richardson, Harold Eugene.83 Richey, George Albert... Richey, Leon Eugene.67 Richter, Janet.64 Richter, Valentine.:.63, 64 Rickies, Tom.113 Rickrich, Carol Jean.71, 72 Ridenbaugh, Harold Eugene.83 Ridenbaugh, Leland.76 Ridenbaugh, Lena J.90 Riehl, Sue.71 Riley, George Albert.67 Riley, James Paul.139 Riley, Nancy Jane.35, 90 Rine, Bonnie Mae.95, 141, 113 Rine, Gerald Lee.83 Rine, Inez Marie.83 Rine, Paul...75, 76 Rine, Phyllis Ann.49, 78, 83 Rine, Virginia.67 Ritchey, Alice.151, 113 AUVll j ) Alcl uuAaimc. kJ - 1 5 1 • 5 151, 154, 113 Rivitz, Sandra.72 Roach, Delores Irene.83 Roberts, Coralie.151 Robert, Donald Merle.29, 37, 49, 54, 56, 148, 113 Roberts, E. D.52 Roberts, Earl Eugene.67 Roberts, Electa Mae.48, 49, 83 Roberts, Jean. Roberts, Kenneth Harris.90, 143 Robinson, Donna Jean.90 Roberts, Patricia. Robinson, Edgar Lee.90 Robinson, Evelyn Mae.44, 151, 113 Robinson, Mary.75 Rodgers, Grace Karen.90 Rodgers, Minerva Fontell. Rogers, Betty Marie.49, 90 Roike, Daniel.90, 143, 144 Roley, Beverly Lou.46, 51, 83 Roof, David Gorden.83 Roof, G. Eileen.35, 90 Roof, Richard Sidney.67 Rose, Shirley Anne.67 Rose, William Benjamin.83 Rosebraugh, Wilson.75 Rossel, Win.120 Rowe, Betty Joan.42, 83 Rowe, Jo Anne Inez.90 Royster, William.90 Compliments of The Newark Ice. and Coal Co. and Newark Zero Cold Lockers HIGH GRADE PIES Donuts, Cakes and Pastries Decorated Cakes Our Specialty RILEY ' S BAKERY 19 West Church Street PHONE 3906 One Hundred Eighty-Seven Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1948 One Hundred Eighty-Eight Ruschaupt, Donald. Rusic, Anna. Russell, Carol Jeanne... Russell, Conrad. Russell, Mrs. Virginia. .. Ruton, Bernard C. Ryan, Edward Winnetl Ryan, Richard. Ryan, Suzanne. Ryan, Vincent. .71, 72 .34, 39, 46, 53, 90, 151 .40, 113 .63 .14 .90, 150 .38, 90 28, 30, 31, 42, 45, 149, 113 . 71 .75, 76 S Sands, Alice Louise. Satterrield, Linda. Saylor, David Lee. Saylor, Richard Arlen. Schaller, Jack Albert. Sehaller, Mary Louise. Schenk, Charles F. Schenk, Richard. Schick, Ray. Schick, William. Schlosser, Bonnie Lee. Schmitt, Harold Glen. Schmitt, Harry William. Schmutzler, Alice. Schmutzler, Molly Ann. Schroats, Richard Pryor. Schultz, Janet Louise. Schultz, Mary Joann. Scott, Charlotte. Scott, Delores Ann. Scott, Patricia Ann. Scott, Vernabelle. Search, Roger M. Seim, Roger Barry. Seiter, Richard. Senff, Richard L. Sennett, Ellen D. Sessor, Frank. Shackleford, Donald. Shanner, Ervin. Shannon, Ardella Mac. Shaw, Raymond Glenn. Shaw, Robert. Sheeler, Ralph. Sheets, Harold Herbert. Shell, Mrs. Shell, Ruth. Sherman, Robert Eugene.... Shesler, Ralph Eugene. Shibler, William Junior. Shields, James Raymond. Shields, Susan. Shoemaker, Donald Lee. Shomaker, Emogene Lou.. Shoemaker, Richard. Shrieve, Barbara J. Shields, Susan.•.. Sickles, Glenn. Siegel, Judy Jane. Siegle, Donald. Siegle, Shirley. Sillin, Lawrence. Sillin, Mary. Simco, Jean Adrian. Simco, Mary Alice. Simmers, John. Simms, William L. Simpson, Art. Simpson, Betty Joan. Simpson, Mariorie Ruth. Simpson. Orville Junior. Sims, Robert Franklin. Singer, Margaret Nancy. Slay, William. Slebodnik, Donna Jean. Slebodnik, Mrs. Slocumb, Robert Eugene... Smith, Clinton P. .90 .40, 46, 113 .67 .67, 75 .34, 113 .41, 46, 53, 83 .145, 113 .139, 142, 143 ...19, 131, 133, 144, 155 .63, 64 .46, 90 .46, 90 .114 .63 28, 29, 30, 34, 35, 114 .83, 146 .67 .51, 83 .71 .90 . ' .....83, 154 .83 .29, 47, 114 .83, 146 ..41, 49, 83 .49, 50, 83 ..90 .150 .114 .114 .83 .83 150, 114 .49, 90 38, 114 .83 .83, 146 .35 .67 .54, 114 .83 ....34, 41, 53, 90 . .90 .83 .83 .63 .63 .83 .75 42, 43, 51, 114 .51, 83 83 49,150,114 ... 29, 34, 114 .35, 90 .83 .67 .115 35, 49, 50, 90, 151 .52 .83 .20, 56 Congratulations FENTON CLEANERS 31 West Main Street Let Us Maintain the Appearance of Your Entire Wardrobe With Quick Dependable Service Phone Willard C. Yaus 3530 Mgr. ZEIHERS ' CORNERS HAWKINSON TREADS GENERAL TIRES 66 - 68 Union Street — Newark If you are interested in beauty cul¬ ture as a career we invite you to in¬ vestigate our methods of training. We can secure nice rooms in pleasant homes for our students at a reason¬ able price. If you desire, we will help you to obtain part-time employment while attending school. MINNICK BEAUTY SCHOOL PHONE 2616-6 78 North Diamond Street Mansfield, O. One Hundred Eighty-Nine Best Wishes for a Successful Future i THE BIG 500 599 East Main Street A Good Place to Gas and Eat Quality Foods, Hamburgers, Milk Shakes, Ice Cream, Confections Gas, Oil, Tire and Battery Service, Lubrication, Truck Service, Minor Repairs, Trailer Space Our Desire Is To Please You Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1948 TEDO ' S MOTOR SERVICE WE NEVER CLOSE Phone 3520 One Hundred Ninety Smith, Don Melvin.26, 34, 53, 77, 125, 127, 138, 139, 140, 143, 115 Smith, Dona Jean.46, 83, 90 Smith, Donald R.115 Smith, George.115 Smith, F. W.21 Smith, Jean.60 Smith, John.83 Smith, Margaret.63 Smith, Nell.20 Smith, Miss.52 Smith, Mr.52 Smith, Mrs.52 Smith, Patricia.71 Smith, Paul E.49, 50, 83 Smith, Richard.67 Smith, Rosalie Eileen.44, 83 Smith, Ruth Ann.151, 115 Smith, Shirley Ann.46, 83 Smith, Thelma Juanita.90 Smitley, Rosalee.49 Smucker, Giles.26, 53, 77, 90 Smyth, Barbara. Snelling Mary Lou....83 Snelling, Richard Wayne.83 Snider, Don.63 Snoor, Katherine.75 Snow, Mildred Frances.49, 50, 115 Snyder, Robert Adrian.115 Soliday, Rose Marie.46, 115 Spangler, A. C.22 Speelman, Janice.72 Spellman, Joyce Ann. 83 Speer, Robert Lloyd.38, 49, 90 Spence, Dolores Mae.43, 83 Spencer, Anne.63, 64 Spencer, Robert.63 Spiker, Gerald.67 Spitzer, Bernard A.83 Stafford, Richard.71, 72 Staiger, Shirley Ann.83 Stasel, Shirley Ann.90 Stauch, Mary Lou.41, 46, 83 St. Clair, H. C.23, 155 Stebelton, Betty.151 Stedman, June Joanne.90 Steele, Lois Jane.83 Steele, Homer Charles.67 Steele, James Junior.51, 67 Steele, Jeremiah.71 Steele, Sue.63, 64 Stemm, Barbara.63 Steinberger, P. G.21, 47, 49 Steinberger, Robert Wayne.41, 50, 83 Stevens, Betty Joanne.115 Stevens, Elizabeth.23 Stevens, George Robert.83, 146, 147 Stevens, Ruth.18 Stewart, Carl Lee.84 Stewart, Marilyn Frances.48, 84 Stewart, Robert Wayne.29, 30, 34, 47, 48, 115 Stewart, Walter.155 Stichter, Josephine T.91, 151 Stichter, William.75, 76 Stickle, Claude Willard.90 Stickle, Harriet Lucille.84 Stickle, Howard.84 Stickle, Jack Wesley. Stickle, Myrtle Ellen.91 Stickle, Walter Lee. Stiff, Peggy. Still, Roy Thomas.91 Stoeckmann, George.17, 27, 41, 56 Stokes, Colleen Catherine. Stough, Ruth Marie.84 Stradley, Edward. Stradley, James Grant.21, 49, 50, 84 MAUGER ' S SEAFOODS Fresh Fish Year Round Oysters in Season Forty-Seven Years on 4th Street Newark’s Exclusive Hat Shop GAGE HAT SHOP 28 West Main Street Newark, Ohio NORTH PARK DAIRY “Home of Quality Milk” Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 Phone 42358 Compliments of CARLISLE ' S SANDWICH SHOP Meet and Eat Where Good Food Is Served Phone 26351 22 South 2nd Sheet NEWARK, OHIO One Hundred Ninety-One A SALUTE TO LEADERS OF TOMORROW H A. H. HEISEY CO. NEWARK, OHIO V v CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 48 We Hope You Continue on to Greater Things ath-a-nor GAS—OIL—COAL THE MAY-FIEBEGER COMPANY South 21st Street-Phone 6069 Everything Pertaining To Warm Air Heating Air Conditioning—Stokers—Insulation—Cooling One Hundred Ninety-Two Strait, Eloise Lee.40, 49, 115 Street, Donald.115 Strichter, Josephine.27 Sturman, Louanna.49, 84 Styers, Chalmers Lewis.67 Styers, Julia.116 Subora, Betty.151 Sullivan, Patricia Jean.151, 116 Sullivan, Philip Wilbert.84 Swaim, Reverend Robert. 121 Swan, Juanita Mae.151 Swan, Shirley Ann.51, 84 Swank, J. W.21 Swartz, Donald.71 Swartz, Macille Evelyn.91 Swick, Charles Robert. Tabler, Ruth........151 Tanner, Donald F.91 Tanner, Helen.64 Taylor, Dorothy Elizabeth.84 Taylor, Mrs. Freda.14 Taylor, Harland._.91, 54, 144 Taylor, Margaret Irene.34, 39, 41, 91 Taylor, Sue Ann.27, 33, 34, 35, 91 Taylor, Patricia.141 Teagarden, David.116 Teagarden, Raymond Edwin.84 Teuscher, James Carroll.144, 116 Thomas, Donald Gene...84 Thomas, Frank Earl...29, 34, 37, 38, 41, 47, 116 Thomas, Patricia Ann. 91 Thompson, Bonita Lee.49, 50, 91 Thompson, Maggie... Thorp, Ruth...30, 34, 53, 116 Thropp, Jack...75, 76 Tignor, Ruby Pearl....35, 46, 91 Tilton, David Allan.28, 84, 54 Toland, Robert.63, 64 Tolliver, Donald.71 DIXIE COAL YARD Coal for Any Heating Job 41 Stanberry Street Phone 6020 NEWARK BARGAIN SHOE STORE 25-27 South Park Place NEWARK, OHIO Compliments of ADA F. MYERS SHOP For Gifts “That Are Different and Distinctive ” 47 2 North Third Street Newark, Ohio Cal Gutridge Son Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia Coal CHESTER GUTRIDGE, Owner 87 James Street Office Phone 3191 Res. Phone 30014 Say It With Flowers HALBROOKS FLORISTS We Grow Our Own Flowers 286 North Cedar Street Day Phone 3171 Greenhouse Nite Phone 5028 Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Drink . . . In Bottles COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Phone 5049 Newark, Ohio One Hundred Ninety-Three We Extend Our Warmest Congratulations To The AND MAY YOUR LIVES BE FILLED WITH SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS This Is the Sincerest Wish of the Class of 1948 Stev ARJ B lwahd@ THE ARCADE BUNION BLOCK NEWARK.0 “Where Good Furniture Is Not Expensive” Congratulations to the Class of 1948 ROWLAND CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors Phone 4597 109 Mt. Vernon Road Hundred Ninety-Four Tomlinson, Joy Loretta.. Toomey, Nancy. Toothman, Dolores Mae Trimble, Betty Jean. Tripp, Betty Rose. Tripp, Richard. Truex, Gerald Robert.... Truex, William. Tucker, Dale. Tucker, Maiy Joanne. Tull, Roy Edward. Turk, Betty Louise. Turk, Joanne Mae. Turner, Barbara. Turner, Donald. Turner, Rolland. Turner, Rose Marie. Tyer, Lucille. .46, 84 .64 .67 .116 27, 39, 91 .63 .116 .63 .84 29, 35, 49, 50, 116 .49, 50, 84 .84 .64 .43, 116 .72 U Unternaker, Lewis.’.84 Updike, Arlene Marie.84 Utterback, Janet Rae. 67 V Vaia, Lulu.28, 49, 91 Vaia, Ted...:.91, 143 Vaia, Pauline.63 VanAtta, Ronald George. 84 VanderHoven, Mona Jean.91 Vandevender, Frances.67, 91 Vandevender, Harriett Anne.84 Compliments of HOUSEHOLDER FUNERAL HOME Crane-Krieg-Flory HARDWARE N. 11 South Park Newark, Ohio The BOSTON STORE The family budget store of Newark. “The newest at the lowest ” for the whole family in infants’, girls’, juniors’, misses’, men’s and boys’ ready to wear. Compliments of GREEN BAY FUR CO. Phone 2242 AN INSTITUTION Devoted to the Selling of FINE FOODS For More Than Half a Century MURPHY ' S FOOD MARKET Established in 1886 O. D. HOLLAR AND SONS Maytag Washers Combustioneer Stokers Plumbing and Heating Plumbing that Stays, Service that Pays One Hundred Ninety-Five THE INDEPENDENT DAIRY PHIL R. DENMAN, Owner Pasteurized Dairy Products Milk Butter Cottage Cheese Cream Buttermilk FAIRMONT ' S ICE CREAM Phone 4352 48 Kreig Street Congratulations to Class of 1948 Congratulations to the Class of 1948 from MIDLAND AUDITORIUM THEATRES “Where Hits Are A Habit ’ One Hundred Ninety-Six VanFleet, Barbara Ruth.... VanHorn, Frances. VanMeter, Gene. Van, Marlene Sue. VanNess, Talbott. Van Wey, Lillian. VanWinkle, Emma. VanWinkle, Lois. Varasso, Eugene Camillo.... Varasso, Joe. Varner, Eunice Ann. Varner, Lloyd Kyle. Varney, Karl William. Vermilion, Dolores Evelyn Vermillion, Juanita Ann. 29, 34, 35, 53, 57, 151 154, 116 .117 46, 84 .148 .151 .91 .75 .91 .36, 91 .84, 146 49, 50, 84 .91 .49, 50, 91 Congratulations to the Class of 1948 KENT FLOWER STORE Cut Flowers Potted Plants Floral Designing Store: 28 West Church Street Phone 6523 Bonded Members of the Telegraph Delivery Association IN ANY EVENT WIRE FLOWERS We Congratulate the Class of 1948 BRUCKER ' S SERVICE STATION Fairfield Avenue and Mt. Vernon Road “Your Neighborhood Puroil Dealer ” Compliments of POUND ' S FLORISTS FLOWER SHOP Cedar and Everett Avenue Phone 5013 ! _ THE SMITH CLEANING COMPANY “The Place of Greater Care ” Newark, Ohio Phone 2758 Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Redman ' s Food Market Cor. Buena Vista and East Main Streets “The Best in Service Quality Merchandise— —At Fair Prices Sears ' Roebuck and Co. 2 Friendly Stores MAIN STORE-FARM STORE 35 West Main St. 36 South Fourth St. Shop at Sears and Save P. SMITH SONS LUMBER CO. Mule Hide Roofing Balsam-wood and Glass-wool Insulation Curtis Mill Work Blue Ribbon Paints One Hundred Ninety-Seven the advocate printing company Bank and Commercial Printers Engravers Complete Office Outfitters Phone 4056 QUALITY PRINTING does not cost it FAYS SMART AMERICA cc HERMANN THE One Hundred Ninety-Eight Vermillion, Marilyn.63 Vermilion, Newton Leland.117 Vermillion, Rachel.63 Victor, Maxine.75 W Wade, Ruth Janet.67 Waddell, Paul.75, 76 Waggoner, Chandler Chutter.28, 49, 56, 78, 84 Waggoner, Margaret Blodget.46, 53, 91 Wagner, Harriet.75 Wagner, Roland Baird.84, 146 Walburn, Rose Marie. 75 Waldren, Dorothea Louise.91 Walker, Carol Grace.41, 46, 84 Walker, Eleanor Jean.53, 91 Hageman ' s Dinner Bell fiesta uian t 26 West Main Street Ray P. Murphy’s Central Ohio Sales Co. 16 MM Motion Picture Div. 138 East Main Street — Newark, Ohio PHONE 2900 Projectors Religious Films Ampro Educational R. C. A. Feature Pictures Movie - Mite Radiant Screens Victor CORNELL 24 NORTH PARK NEWARK, OHIO MEN’S WEAR CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1948 Class of 1948 Welcome at 24 South Second 77th Year X-Ray Fitted Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 BUSY BEE GRILL (Frosted Malted Milk ) Compliments of KELLEY DAIRY Pasteurized Dairy Products Ice Cream Milk Cream Cottage Cheese 680 West Church Street EVANS ' Two Drug Stores North Side Square — East Side Square 6 Registered Pharmacists To Fill Your Doctors Prescriptions One Hundred Ninety-Nine For o tnichael usic store • PIANOS • RADIOS • RECORDS ' • INSTRUMENTS 17 West Church Street Phone 3916 Congratulations to CLASS OF 1948 McLEAN ' S RESTAURANT Opposite High School Everything In Insurance and Real Estate SERVICE C. D. Rankin Frank H. Kobe Guy Hartshorn Rankin Rankin, Inc, 20 No. Fourth St. Telephone 3700 Visit Our Fountain THE DIAMOND KREAGER TOOTHMAN Drug Store STORE 51 Hudson Avenue Takes This Opporunity To Congratulate 7 South Park Place Newark, Ohio The Graduates and Assure You of Our Appreciation of Your Phone 4347 . . . Patronage . . . Two Hundred Walker, James Richard 26, 28, 30, 34, 38, 47, 53 77, 127, 117 Walker, Virginia Ruth.35, 45, 46, 51, 117 Walker, Walter Phillip.84 Wallace, Nancy.71 Wallenberg, Richard Lawrence.84 Waller, Archibald Smeed III.145, 117 Ward, Daisy.--46, 91 Wareing, Joyce.63 Wareing, Richard.29, 30, 47, 117 Warman, Catherine.45, 51, 151, 117 Warman, Joan.46 Warthan, Robert.41, 49, 84 Warnock, Frances Maude.’. Warrick, Glenn William. 91 Waters, Carol Jean.67 Compliments of REED SHOE STORE All Shoes Fit by X-Ray Your Family Shoe Store 15 South Park Place Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 BEVERLY SHOP 19 South Park Place Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 A. B. HAMPSHIRE Painting and Decorating Phone 3741 91 South 30th Street For Quality Dry Cleaning and Pressing Service CALL 2710 CALLANDER CLEANING CO. Fourth and Church For Good Things To Eat Pies, Cakes, Rolls, Cookies and Pastries Corner Pastry Shop 49 Hudson Avenue Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 NEWARK LAUNDRY COMPANY 120 Cedar Street PHONE 5086 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Sponsored by Business Men Summer Term Opens June 14, 1948 Fall Term Opens September 13, 1948 2 Terms of 6 Weeks Each in BEGINNING TYPING PHONE 2092 Two Hundred One Congratulations to the Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 To the Class of 1948 CARL McCRACKEN GUTLIPH and Kitchen Units and Store Fixtures HENDERSON Route 5 — Newark Service Compliments Compliments MAYBOLD SHOES of 32 South Third Street Albyn Nursery Shop Newark’s Exclusive Hat Shop Compliments of the GAGE WOLFE TIRE SHOP HAT SHOP 28 West Main Street Newark, Ohio DR. E. L. TATE Compliments of LOOS COAL AND OPTOMETRIST JUNK COMPANY PHONE 4362 Rear 134 East Locust Street 31 N. Fourth Street Newark, Ohio Telephone 6442 Two-Hundred Two Watson, Carol Maxine. Watson, Donn Frank. Watson, Nevil Wesley.... Watson, Norma. Watson, Roland Gene. Warthen, Robert Charles Weakley, Mary Ruth. Weaver, Charles Vernon.. Weaver, George. Webb, Marilyn Joan. Webb, David Roy. Webb, Phyllis. Weed, Dolores Lucille.... Weekley, Dorothy May.. Weekley, Lulu. Weekley, Naomi June. .84 .117 .117 .71 85, 146 .91, 151 .91 .14 27, 35, 46, 57, 91, 151 .120, 141 .117 .117 29, 33, 45, 51 Compliments F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. We Congratulate THE CLASS OF 1948 BALI DRIVE IN 500 West Church Street Phone 34393 Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 BETTY GAY Compliments of PLAINE ' S Victor A. Plaine, Prop. Everything in Men’s Wear Established 1898 8 South Second Street Newark, Ohio Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. Congratulations to the Graduating Class C B NEWS 6 West Church Street Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 JEAN FROCKS, Inc. Two Hundred Three Congratulations to CLASS OF 1948 PHONE 4595 HEMPLEMAN DANCE STUDIO 109 2 Mt. Vernon Road Compliments of CRISS BROS. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 Ohio Shoe Repair 32 North Fourth Charles B. Coyle Insurance 60 North 31st Street Newark, Ohio Phone 49792 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 ISALY ' S DAIRY STORE 45 North Third Street Yes, we’re small, but we have EVERYTHING BENNER ' S Grocery 11 North 30th Street Phone 47303 Congratulations To the Class of 1948 Rehbeck ' s Market Groceries and Confections 1025 West Church Street Phone 63771 Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 CAMPOLO MKT. Open 8:30 A.M. — 10 o’Clock P. M. 9 A.M. — 1 o’Clock Sundays Complete Line of Frozen Foods Telephone 4490 Address 806 W. Main Two Hundred Four Weekley, William Glenn.85 Weekley, Ruth Evelyn.85 Weisent, Robert.75 Welsh, Samuel.150 Welsh, William Edward.85 Weller, David.91 Weller, James.118 Wells, Charles William.118 Welsh, Dorothy Lou.85 Wenzel, Robert.71 Wessinger, Anna.121 Wessinger, Fred.85 West, Richard Dean.85 Westfall, Corabelle.118 Westlake, Bonnie.71 Wetzel, Paul Edward.38, 118 GEORGE WELSH TIRE SHOP 29 South Fifth Street Newark, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1948 The Graduation Gifts EDMISTON ' S BOOK STORE CO. HOLLAND FURNACE CO. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems For the Home Furnaces Vacuum Cleaned GEORGE FLOWER, Branch Mgr. 44 South Second St. Phone 2976 We Congratulate the CLASS OF 1948 SPRING HILL BOTTLING CO. We Congratulate THE CLASS OF 1948 JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY Claylick, Ohio Phone 5923 Compliments From Your RCA RADIO DEALER McKim Supply Co. 58 South Second Street Phone 3326 Compliments Of AIRESMAN ' S 56 West Main Street Two Hundred Five When in Need of the Best In PAINTS AND WALL PAPER see HORNER ' S NEWARK PAINT CO. Phone 3524 Masonic Temple Building “When You’re In A Hurry” EARDLEY LUMBER, INC. “Everything in Music” Holton Band Instruments Pianos Records Sheet Music Accessories DOWLING MUSIC STORE 31 Arcade Phone 2996 ABBOTT ' S Shoes for All the Family Fitted by X-Ray 3 South Park Place Newark, Ohio STAR Roberts Grocery MARKETS Congratulates The Class of 1948 Newark, Ohio 93 Maholm Street Phone 2516 G. B. HUNTER Congratulations to Class of 1948 Typewriters Royal Typewriters Service Rentals 29-31 West Church St. Phone 3338 Harpster Daugherty Hardware and Implements Phone 6000 Two Hundred Six Wheeler, Denny Eugene.91 Wheeler, William.64 Whipple, Marjorie.63, 64 White, Bonnie Jean.31, 85 White, Dale.63 White, Don Patterson.85 White, Douglas.75, 76 White, Juanita Jean.118 Wickham, Nancy Jean.49, 85 Wigton, Sue Eileen.67 Wilcox, Ann Doris.49, 71, 85 Wilhelm, Leonard.155 Wilkin, Susan R.39, 46, 53, 85 Wiley, Walter.72 Willey, Sandra.72 Williams, Betty Lou.118 STAR DRY CLEANING AND TAILORING 49 East Main Street Phone 4353 We Satisfy the Most Particular Person Owner—Malcolm Garapedian Diamonds . . . Watches Jewelry HAYNES BROS. Established 1894 12 East Park Place . . North Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 And Best Wishes for Future Happiness and Success THE GIFT BOX 23 Arcade Thelman Tinnen Crossland Sincerest Wishes to the CLASS OF 1948 H. L. ART 18 North Park Place DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY FURNITURE RUGS STOVES SAM ALBAN 57-59 West Main Street DONEFF ' S Fine Foods 45 South Second Street Newark, Ohio Bakery — Food Market — Restaurant Two Hundred Seven For . QUALITY ZINCS COPPER HALFTONES See the . THE NEWARK ENGRAVING CO. JAMES DEAN MACKEY GEORGE EARL SMITH WILLIAM B. THOMPSON 65 Years of Combined Plate Making Experience The N ewark Engraving Co. 42 SOUTH FIRST STREET NEWARK, OHIO Two Hundred Eight William, Beulah Dorothy.85 Williams, Doris.71 Williams, Helen L.20 Williams, Jo Ann.63 Williams, Kenneth.63 Williams, Mary Magdeline.85 Williams, Robert Thomas.85 Williams, Vernon.150 Williams, Warren E.85 Willing, Mary Ann.37, 91 Wills, Donald Everett.85 Wilson, David Elmore.85 Wilson, David Richard.-. Wilson, Earl Raymond.91 Wilson, Jay Junior.38, 91 Wilson, Mary Evelyn.85 Wilson, Richard Eugene.67, 85 Wilson, Shirley.85 Wince, John David.85 Wince, Marjorie Ann.41, 85 Wince, Nancy.85 Winegardner, Patty.63 Winegardner, Shirley Jean.118 Winter, Charles Frederick.85 Winter, Minnie Louise.85 Winters, Harriett.151 Wise, Patricia Jane.28, 35, 57, 95, 141, 151, 118 Wise, Rosa Luella.43, 119 Wolfe, Dolores. Wolfe, Dorothy Ann.49, 91 Wolfe, James.63 Wolfe, Janet.71 Wolfe, Sam. Wolfe, Shirley.63 Wolfe, Sylvanus. 9 Woltjen, Nancy Lois.85 Woolard, Charles.:.119 Woodruff, Wanda Lee.85 Woolard, George.91, 143, 144, 145 Woolard, Helen.67 Woolard, Walter.43, 119 Wooles, Barbara Ann.91, 151, 154 Wooles, John.75 Worley, John.119 Worsted, Phyllis Lee.:.91 Wright, Dorothy.151 Wright, Frances Eloise.85 Wright, John.71 Wright, Mary Jane.29, 32, 45, 119 Wright, Max.75 Wright, Nellie.67 Y Yarnelli, Mable Irene.91 Yaus, Larry Lee.91 Yockey, Evelyn. Yost, Barbara Lou.53, 85 Yost, Kenneth Tulla.91 Young, Robert Eugene.43, 51, 119 Yount, Keith.63 Yount, Beverly Ann.91, 151 Z Zeiher, Carol Elizabeth.35, 57, 91 Zink, Joan Lee.49, 85 Zinsmeister, Joyce.72 AUTOGRAPHS Two Hundred Nine Two Hundred Ten _ . Two Hundred Eleven AUTOGRAPHS f ■ ' . ■ lit f M 1 IV 1 IV ' iK ■ ■ ■ Ml » 1 1 t il 1 Ml umy " y E] ' rjr 1 || | L.- POP RQflBi 1

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