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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1916 volume:

.4l2?':'-' .3 1l ? ...':- 'T .4 " , ' a'w,.gz,saEisff+s Q 'f ' 4, s j -1 r '- A 1 fr 4,1 .- ,T..11'.',"-YW v - w- -,,.- Frances Evans f"Juli"J- "There is but one With whom she has a heart to be gay." Grace Berry - Commence- ment Oration- "Modesty is the epidermis of the soul." l'lau-ence Hertel-- "Seen but not heard." Jesse Berger- "He stood a spell on one foot first, Then stood a spell on t'oth- er " Violet Coss- 'tReasons are the most awkward things in the world because they seldom fit." Helen Ferguson C"Lnff" J - "A cheerful temper join- ed with innocence? Albert Howard 1"1Iose"J. Football 1915- "lf you would make the best of your time look after the minutes." J ulin n Ball- "If she do frown 'tis not in hate of thee. But rather to beg at more love in thee." S, Q, Quotations Helen Rossel 0'Dut,cl1"J- Senior play, Girls' Bas- ket Ball 1913-14-15, Commencement p r o - gram- "Her eyes as stars of Twi- light fair, Like Twilight too, her dusky hail." Lela Davis f"Betsy"J Re- veille Staff 1915-16. Junior play, Senior play, Commencement program! "And she wears her hat a tilt Over curls that do not wilt ln the dew." David Thompson "l'huliliy", Football '15- "Be calm in arguing: for fierceness makes error a fault and truth discourt- esy." Frank Francis, Athenian. Commencement O 1' a - tion4 "A strappin' youth he takes the n1aiden's eye." Edith liaison- "She speaks, behaves and acts just as she ought." Lueille Dicken-- "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax Her cheeks like the dawn of day," Dorothy Roe-ser fullest"- Those raven locks so aptly twined. lVhose every hair a soul doth bind. ' lliclmrd Fatiig: f"Dick"j, Athenian. Minstrel, Or- chestra '13, '14, '15, 336, Minstrel, Baseball 1915-16. Commence- ment program- He takes things as they come And loves to take on girls apparel. ss ' ' P'-2 f 1 L11 YL-rim Seyniuur- ' ' V. -. "zMi1 " ' ' uotatlons "Her looks do argue her replete with modesty." Ava Hulluu t"Ahbie"j, Tha- lian. Sc-hlarship for ' Girls. Commencement Oration. Thalian play. ' Class Poet, Reyeille n Staff 1912-13. 1913- - 14. 1914-15, Editor-in- Chief 1915-16- "She openeth her mouth with wisdom: and in her tongue is the law of kind- 1 ness." 4 l 1 l 3 George 1YileyflCheer Lead- er- "Here is George who l clieerffully yells." Q XYQ-bster Hieherhaeli "1Vehlm" Football '15, Track '15- '16- "Let us be up and doing." l , Louise Smith, Senior play. l , 1 Commencement p r o - grani- "I have finished and yet she will be talking." Lois Buckland Q"Jilllllli0' 'J "It is good to put a both- er away over night. It al- ways straightens out in the morning." 4 Helen Snelling' Q"l'0te"J- "Come on, girls. what do we care." I-ldmond Bonluun- "1-iis limbs would toss about . Lilie branches. when strong him with delight , winds the trees annoy." will glial Z' P i - A .F V, il I- uotations Oma Mat.rin- "That though on pleasure bent she had a frugal mind." Pa uline Stasel- "Her sunny locks Hang on her temples like a golden fleece." George Mayer, Minstrel Or- chestra '16, Football '15, Track 14-15-16. Baseball '16, Basketball '16, C 0 in m e n cement program- "Cheerful at morn he wakes from short repose." R a-1 p h XYoltjen, Reveille Staff Artist- "Of all affection taught a lover yet. "'Tis sure the hardest science to forget." Mildred McCahon f"BIidge"j Thaliau, Thalian play- i'Grurnblers never work and workers never grum- ble." Sara Louise Taylor- "And when she did what e'er she pleased, A gentle maid was she." Leon Pfleigel' f"Red"l- Track 1915, Minstrel- "My chief delight is fishing But oh no, not alone." XVa1'1-en NVeian't, Athenian, Minstrel. Orchestra 14- ior play, Commence- 15-16, Junior play, Sen- ment- "Charge it up to fatherf J :sf . . .. ,.r "r" , uotations Emilia XVheeler- "And her face so fair Stirr'd with her dream, as rose- leaves with the air." Plan-ai Bragg Q"Billie"J- "Success doesn't happen. It is orgainzed. captured by concentrated common sense." Uharles Thompson- "Avoid popularity: it has many snares and no real benefit." Arthur Andrews f"Bil1"j , Track 1915-16- "Who shall dispute what he says." Lillian Seymour f"Spuzzy"J For if she will. she will, you may depend on't. And if she won't. she won't. so there's an end on't. Ella Bain- "Virtue alone is happiness forever." Alice Weekly- "I have worked with patience, which means almost power." Hnymond Allison- "He is well paid that is well satisfied." 1?-E -x-f.,f.. . -, .,. . D. . M. A... 'maes- '- 59:31-'H ' 1 -'sz pf ffg-arg' A i . . .:,,..,.'nw.. P' ?li?i v 1 1 I gs V .tr . 'Ani .7 X . fgu-.-' MQ- is . leg. uotations Yr-1-na Stasel- "A soft answer turneth away wrath." Indus Dush- "The season's flush was on her cheek." 5 l Paul Taylor f"Puss"J, Min- I strel, Baseball 1915-16, 1 'Could I love less I would be happier now." John Chester, Minstrel, OI- N I rhestra '12, '13, '14, I '15, '16, Minstrel- 4 "A merrier man I Wm-.m the limit of becom- 5 - ing mirth." 3 Pearl Spenks- f "None but herself can be her parallel." Ruth Davis f"Pntsy"J- "With fresh young lips and ' brow of pearl, Shadowed by inany a care- , I less Curl." l Helen Stump f"Siumpy"j- , I "A dancing shade and image ! 'gayl , To haunt, to startle, and . waylayf' Thomas Dennis, Senior l play- 1 "And still they gazed and wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew." F in gm , Quotatiors t ,lf ' We We il- I-if V. 1. Ag- t:xy.',,3.5.g1,.- A t w"-'Q' A Qrrfffsilz " -, .sz-W1 1 e " ,gf-X 'ig' , . ,cy I 4, IT - l N , ' l l 1 I , l I i 31 -1 l i i lla Biddle- "Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together." Elizabeth Clayton' f"I.izz"J, Thalian, Junior play, Senior play. Com- mencement program- "Modest and shy as a nun is she." V41 ul Ikuvklnnd, C rchestra '11-'16, Minstrel- "l would rather have a fool to make me happy than experience to make me sad." Phan los Ba! nett- "Things won are done, joys soul lies in the doing." lYi' :Ita il rmstrong Q"Hal:e"J "I desire to die when I have nobody left to laugh with me." F arab I30l'l'0U'i1 5'- "Faitl1fulness in little things fits one for heroism when the great trials rome." Charles Brown t"Mutts" J , Football 1913 - 14 - 15. Minstrel, Track '14- "I shall the effect of this good lesson keep, As watchman to my heart." Atlee Belt, Minstrel- "Sober and solemn was he." QUOtBtlOHS Romaine Moriarity- "A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men." Allie Mac Clark- "Oh! fairest of the ruril maids." John Pitzer- "Stately and tall. he moves in the hall A chief of a thousand for grace? Fairl Cluggish- "I think your great big cities very pretty, But I want to go back to the farm." Edith Nichols- "Her smile will be the cause of many a chase." Della Collville- "It is well to think well, it is divine to act well." lla.ym.ond Paulson, Minstrel "His speech, his form, his action full of grace." Carlisle Conrad f"Ikc"J- Minstrel- "Look. 11e's winding up the watch of his wit, by and by it will strike." V ,- , Quotations iff WT: Mary Long, C"Shorty"J-Tha Senior Plays- , errors fall, forget theni all." Zelphav Carrol- with some one." Track 1915-16- the death of nie." Myron Cline- Mildl'e1lMeridith 1"Mid J Florence Coyle- my ear: A willowy brook, that turns a a mill, With many a fail, shall linger near. Dale lla1nhe1-t- fulness aside, to be deny'd. words. lian. Thalian play - Pronipter of Juniro and - "If to her share some female Look on her face and vou ll happiness is not complete unless it is shared John Blc'liitv1'ick, Atl'lE111'ELll t'To be silent, would be I care for nobody. no not I If no one cares for me. Thalian, Thaliau plai "Books, books, books thex give me ever more books Mine a cot beside the hill: ' A beehive's hum shall soothe To get thine ends lay bash Who fears to ask doth teach Donald Coulter f"Letts J Debate 1916, Athenian Conunencenient Oration A plain spoken peison and a man of very eu J Q uotations 2 l Grace Kussmaul, Debate 1916.Juniorplay. Com- L mencement program- "Never was I afraid of l man." I r Lona Howdeshell - Thalian 1 '- School Treasurer 1915- 16- "And virture is her own reward? V r Robert Irish, Senior play- "Precious things are done up in small bundles." Lawrence Klecker- "The brave men seek not popular applause." Edith Layman- "All the goodness in the world she displays from morn till night." Lettie Hankjson- "I'1l be merry and free, I'll be sad for nobody." YVil1iam Kling f"Bill"D, Or- chestra. Minstrel- "Why so pale and wan fond lover prithee why so pale " Dewey Jones, Athenian, Bas- ketball 1915-16- "Care and worry I de- spise, laughter suits me best." E . Quotations f 4 l I x, wmv V 1222- l' 3 - ., , ...... Marguerite Moore "Snooky" "Those dark eyes. so dark and so deep." Ioht Hart1'um- "I am inonarch of all I sur- Vey. My right there is none to dispute." Paul Blaranville, "399"-.. "Time wasted is existence. used is life." John Hiskey f"Jack"J- "A man may know his own mind und still not know a great dealfl Zelda Martin- "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, An excellent thing in wo- men." Elizabeth Hallett 1"Betsy"j Thalian, Thalian play- "No matter when or where I go I always am contented." Harry McFadden Q"Mac"j- Athenian- "Absence makes the heart grow fonderf Rudolph Hanlalm "Rudy"- He gained from Heaven. Ctwas all he wishedj a girl. ff v 'air " u , 3, ,, , 's 2, ,'g..Q1f,g.,..? - M.. 5. YS V .?- 4 .1 , . W 'i L Q48 wx 4 Q t- 'k Y " ft X gg'-HS . , New 24, Aw ,-.--rm-.n 1-xgr.-1 .J R - Q 1 fi' NI . it 'f .fxS5EY5" R541 ,i , ,'a.2J'xQ:.Qsfv 1 - K ,Jew 32 'ti -7 6 -'Y Q5 el-r 3 r -4 Q l . r v 4 1 I l I '4 ii I i uotations Olive Howard f"Pickles" J , Commencement p r o - gram, Basket Ball 1913- 14-15-16- "Al1 things I thought I knew but now confess The more I know, I know I know the less." Catherine Wolfe-Thalian. Thalian play, Reveille Staff 1915-16, Junior play, Commence- ment program. "I am wealthy in my friends" Frederick Jones f"Fritz"j , Athenian, Minstrel, Or- chestra '14-'15-'16. Bas- ketball '15, Commence- ment program, Football '14-'15, Basketball '14- '15-'16, Track '16, Champion '15-'16- "He is known near and far As our athletic star." '14-'15- Athlete Emery Redman- "The luck that I believe in is that which comes from work." Verna Keller- "A day for toil, an hour for sport, But for a friend is life too short?" Amy Wheeler-- "For whoever knows how to return a kindness he has re- ceived must be a friend above all price." Clarence Jefferies f"Jeff"J "Who thinks things are won by sighs." Elogeanne Wickham- "True as the needle to the pole, or as the dial to the sun." Hsu- l'l:!l'k--- ' Quotations , 'NVQ can rlo more gootl by lgeing good than in any oth- er way." ldlmy ll'vhl Q"ICl:"J- Uarnvl Illlth0I'f0l'd f"I'6g- sie-"J, Senior p 1 a y. Conunencelnent p 1' o - gram-3 "With fringed lids and l'a- zefl eyes I 'Witiz s:o"t brown Hesse? ovorhlowlif' l!::rol1l f':'1x"'!'c'l' "'l'i1"lry"- "Short and fat and round about ,Xnd yet unknown to wo- me-n." ll:-rold Yfun 'Tomo' f"Yan"J , Re Gnie Staff '1a, Orf chaqra '1591G, Ann- E strel- ' "'T?: said that this young j lod - Dfth lo"0 a Froshnmn lass." Eloy Diehl f"Eb."j- who lint: a voive of gfliclness fnrl u smile." 7-I:ng':rvt l7o'ul'ough Q"I'eg- gy"J - fNOll1l11Ql1CSI1lE'lli program- "Society, fl'lE'I1flSl1l'J anfl lo"P dirincly bostowed uyon 1. n::1n." I'vu'rj.' Fmith- "The ladies C211 hizn sweet." f4l'Yil-0 llawling,:-Atlleliian, Senior play- Scnle mon are born great. Cthers achieve greatness, Football 1915, Basket ball 5 1915-16, Traftk 1915, Bas- ketball. l uotatlons Elizabeth Jones Q"Beth" 5 , Thalian- "Of all our parts our eyes express, The sweetest kind of bash- fulness." Frances Powell f"NanCy"J "She was a form of life and light That seen. became a part of sight." Rolf:-rt Jones f'llob"j-- "My tongue within my lirs l rein I-'or who talks much, talks in vain." Floyd Felty, Minstrel, OI'- chestra, '15'-'16- Small yet mighty and his heart exalts in music. Elenore Johnson, Thaliau. Thalian play, Reveille Staff 1914-15- 1915-16. D e b a t e 1916, Cem- mencenient Oration4 "True happiness Consists not in the innltitude of friends, liut in their worth and choice." Grave Porter, Thalian, Tha- lian play- "XVhence is thy learning? Hath thy toil O'er books consumed the midnight oil." Forest Keckley, D e b a t e 1915-16, Athenian- "A faint heart never Won a fair lady." Sarah Williams- "Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait." Quotations Jfvliu l'lllQllI'!4, ll-1155-bull 1911- I1 , Nlx mil ml , 5' bt cs, were wo- mc-ii's looks .Xml I'olly's all they taught mp " lffclwaxnl l'l'lll'hilll t"llud"j- Huw-illfif Staff 111113. SQ- iiioi' play. .luliior play. Atlwiiiziii, lit-hato 11013- 107 "ily: lwzirt is sick with wr-i'y tlllyk I'P11Ol'I." CLASS POEIVI H t-1' timwiy ixivmlmw htiglit with tllllltl, llht- 1lIlIlt'lll2 livuis halve hottie this mlm Xml thou "Sixt4-vu." must lizisten Small. w. . . lime- wills. Arise-l Ansel Awziyl ou "5lXlt't'll.u loyal In tho last. l'l1y vliiltlrvn now l1lllFl.lHlll'llP.V t:l1': 9 vloutls ot' imrting gather lilst. lhit hm-lc ot'm't-iw' t-loutlk at stair. wt hill us go. though loathe to 1'12il't, litlllttillll thx' lilllllltll' hill us light- v ptlrlnlt-'s lin' thy royall llt'Hl't4, flue silvt-1' tin' thy guitling light. -A. B., 'lb 20 lll5YlCIl.l.l4I .- Wf?l1?ffQ.aQfQIl J FROM ONE OF THE ALUMNI OF TH!! CLASS OF 1866, NEXV.-KKK HIGH SCHOOL 1 cannot recall my Class in the recita- tion room or why we were so few in num- bers. But l can see us all plainly on that memorable day when we received our di- plomas. The exercises were held in the high school room. That was the northeast room of the Central School House. Joe Knight, a rather tall, slim, blue- eyed-fair-faced and ligth-haired young fel- low. was on my right. Will Warner, also rather tall. slim, brown eyes and hair and rosy-cheeked. sat on my left. Our fav ness in number as we sat facsng the superin- tendent, Mr. Travis, and the august body, the Board of Education, made us icel vcry shy and embarrassed-as we read mr spoke. The president of the Board, the l'on Gibson Atherton, in a kindly, genial way soon relieved the tension and p 939.1 egl us with our little white ribboned, red sell- ed passports. The good old sc-hocl days were over. We parted as we leit the bui d- ing. never io meet again as a Class, though we are all living in this year of 1916. which dates our 50th anniversary. ZOE DAVIS DEAN. .' im -gs' ' AFYFV I I "1 1 . fra,-33:25 M , .f 1 ' - it 'E if l 5, . . . i,Y f. 1' T ff-'Tk- ' 4' ' fp. V ' xx ' 'Q'i'i! 1 ' : 5 1 fx' xi T for ef f-ffvgiwxaraufrartxra it ' T N 1 U ' ,ei i T Q , 2 I 5 an 4 Q vm-so f if N 1 1 5 - ,fe ,Q . . , H , T hx 5 i , V. "Y WV V U ,. . J , AX I i b e V 3 .. - Q,,.s. rx-on, 1, M, 1. -trail f T 5 j - , vip J, fr : JSR- V Y X fm J 3 1 L- el e ff-ag-fx? To all who l'1'illlllN'S91l-'fll'l'S,Sl'llIl X., y 5 T 2- f .Q!s.hS, , g 4161, ' F, ifv'n1fy'21fffff:':r14A1f"?,L'?k ggi! 1 is 241051011 main 117.uubzffffbfyf-rffmfffrlf V 2?"'.x"x,V X ' ! , Y 'N , ff9frv.1f!n7Qn,'fnffffffffxffrffffbjfhviifzfafy if 16' .if i lfwgflvafrflzo af yf?nf57 ZZZI DQIIIIIQH, rffyylffff V 3 l 1 yfwfy nf l!lff0flf- 1011401 wr, fnfffjwvffzzfffffxygt ' l'WflfWfir011Qfm,,Z2'fr4zffxL R- , . ,QAM A ,ma 1 4 ' R ey . Aixlgsti . .' .1 ,m,f.w,. ,17-Zn.4,,M.f...vlf' 'jmtif -4: 2 N: E ' f f f' ' i ' J . .. .4-ff14'.,'f'f,-fz' ' - yiwqf, . gf! ff ' ' f 'gy f '77, h -M if Q , Wit. , Ziff All V ,ZZ g',' ..a,s. rift- F T L., .5 Mliyam Q10 MH 0,7 iff' Lf , ji1,,',,,y.f N k 'V Y 1"nT2 ,im ' J 4 R24 - REVEILLE ll L 'Av' .q'll"l - fe-in ,unvfai 2 . HHS !!l!!Es:.E'.:!: f f !EbF?':,:'!T" x x' IQ! . . Fx X 1 I fx! 101 'N '- lil H" if I V' F 'V I " - Eli' Ti g m' f.- '- ' L. X" ' .. .Q...+ 19"'- f lv Ex- f :i7,'f':'? 1,'f:"ual1:f.'1f"r2 sl-situ: .1 L., 'gf xl j aaa r.xif:.1:.m9's ..u.n??i". ""'-'T History of Class of 1916 My ability as a historian could surely not be given freer scope for development than in compiling the history of the class of 1916. However. time and space have limited me to a few brief statements of fact. I cannot here tell the exact number of Freshmen in 1912. who were lost in the halls of N. H. S.. nor how many rolled downstairs in their haste to get to class on time, nor of the flood of tears that gave the janitors extra work when the re- port cards came out for the first time. nor how many times a study hail has been de- prived of the noble and illustrious presence of a member of '16: all these incidents I must leave to your imagination to supply. In the fall of 1912 we were rudely torn from our mothers' apron strings and thrust into the whirlpool of life in the Newark High School. Soon two hundred and five green Freshmen were organized into the "Tyronian Literary Society." which held monthly meetings in the chapel. Though We began our activities with a flourish. they suffered a relapse in the fol- lowing year and as Sopliomores we formed a very small cog in the wheel of High School affairs. The end of the Freshman year marked the fate of tl.e "Tyronian Lit- erary Societyf and only brass monuments in the form of the Society pins were left to show that such an organization had ever existed. The only sorrow of our sec- ond year was when the Angel of Death took from us one of our number, Olive Minor. ln the Junior year of our course our first move was to elect officers which were as follows: President. Lee Williams: vice president. Harry Matthews: secretary Gladys Drumm. and treasurer. YVilbur Grandle. lt fell to the lot of the Juniors to give the Christmas play. so our first appearance behind the footlights was in the presenta tion of "The Man Who Stole the Castle' YVe next ventured in amateur theatricals by giving "The Prince of Liars" as our EE-play. YVe showed our ability not only in dramatics but in oratory as well for we furnished three star debaters. Rob ert Swingle. Edward Pearsall and Forrest Keckley. for the annual debate. It was during this same year that New ark High School became aware of the fact that some of her best athletes were mem bers of the class of '16. for its basketball team won the class championship. The idea of beautifying the lawn be longs to the members of our class who sat in Room 19 during the Junior year. XYe ate following the same course of action by leaving four entrance columns as the class n emorial. When school opened in the fall of 191- we came back undecided whether we slfould feel sorry because this was our last year at dear old N. H. S., or whether we should rejoice because it was the last year of hard grind. The vice president. Harry Matthews. re 22 IIYIILLI signed and the class elected Robert Swin- gle to take his position. The remaini-ng Junior officers were retained for the Sen- ior year. To the three debalers whom we had fur- nished in our Junior year we added three more in our Senior year: Elenore John- son. Donald Coulter and Grace Kussmaul. Two more scalps were added to our tro- phies as a result of their efforts. Our boys took the lead in athletics. Those starring in the different branches of athletics were: Frederick Jones, Orville Rawlings, Dewey Jones and George Mayer in basketball: Webster Bieberback. Albert Howard. Frederick Jones. Orville Rawl- ings, Charles Brown, Paul Taylor and Da- vid Thompson i11 football. XVe were again called upon to present the Christmas play and this time we chose "Dickens Christmas Carol." The fourth and last time we appeared before the foot- lights was in the presentation of "The Good-Natured Man" for the Senior play. During our Senior year many innova-- tions were introduced into the High School. A few seniors as well as a limit- ed number from each of the other classes, received a blow when it was announced that students exempt from all examina- tions must elect one. That we might re- ceive more careful supervision the group system was adopted. Last and most dire- fxxi of all was lengthening the afternoon period fifteen minutes. YVe appreciate the fact that we will not be here next year when the tardy bell rings at 8:10 a. m. YVe rather suspect that there'll be a good many others not here at that time and those who are fortunate enough to hear the alarm clock will be very hungry before 11:30 since they are minus a breakfast. The hours of the Seniors grow shorter and our course will soon be all history. XVe have left our prints on the tiles of N. H. S. halls. but a little soap and water wielded by an industrious janitor will soon remove these. ln your memories may the footprints be deeper, where only "Old Father Time" can touch them with a de- structive finger, GLADYS DRUMM. y16. CLASS WELL Know all men by these presents: That we, the members of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred sixteen, Newark I-ligh School, County of Licking and State of Ohio, being of sound and disposing mind. do make. declare and publish the follow- ing to be our last will and testament: Firstly-To the entire school we leave one perfectly good lawn: one California Privet hedge and one very exceiient assort- ment of shrubbery. Also to the above- mentioned school we leave four unique gate posts together with six dozen extra bricks to be thrown at all freshmen who trample. break down or otherwise destroy or injure said lawn or shrubbery. Secondly-To anyone at all who is es- pecially desirous of a legacy, we give full right and privilege of building, equipping and donating to the Newark High School a gymnasium. Thirdly-XVe do bequeath both to Mr. Barnes and to Mr. Gingery the right of again raising one full-sized mustache each. And to Mr. Tait. in order that he may still continue to stand alone in facial ap- pearance we give the free and unlimited right of way, no rights reserved, to both grow and preserve as long as he sees fit. one full-sized dark-colored goatee. Fourthly-We leave to Mr. Painter the right and privilege of running his buzz- sasv at all hours of the day. Fifthly-To Mr. Cockayne we give the CContinued on page 243 RIYEIIALE Class Pfiropfrnecy Several days ago. during my vacation. I decided that I was in need of a little recreation. so I took a short pleasure trip to the island of Delos. As soon as I land- ed on this island I noticed a very queer thing. Although it was spring. the ground was literally covered with leaves. At first I was very surprised but in a moment I remembered that o11 this island was the Oracle of Apollo and that the prophecies of this oracle were all written on leaves. I at once became very interested to know what these leaves should hold in store for the members of the class of 1916. Ac- cordingly I called upon the oracle to fore- tell the fates of the members of this class. Yllhen I picked up the first leaf, to my amazement I found that Frank Francis was to become the principal of the new High School at Fleatown, Ohio. And that at this same school Grace Kussmaul was to be the debate coach and Fred Jones the athletic coach. Moreover, I found that this school will have a lecture course of which one entertainment will be a soprano soloist. A soloist who in her school days was noted for her wonderfully strong voice. Lona Howdeshell by name. On the next leaf I found that some of our class are to be in a production of "I'ncle Tom's Cabinf, Robert .Iones will take the part of Uncle Tom and lflorence Coyle will be Little Eva. But what is more wonderful. Clarence Jeffries and Raymond Paulsen will be the hounds a11d Julian Ball will act as the cake of ice. Then again I discoveiea that Robert Swingle will be one of Granville's mos enterprising young lawyers Hlld he shall sue the city to widen Broadway. But "Bud" Pearsall's fate will be much dif- fe 'ent. He will be one of L'tica's highest salaried living models. Much to my regret. on the next leaf I found that two members of this class will be rivals in business ibut what a busi- nessll Donald Coulter and George 1Viley will be competitive undertakers. Another leaf told me that Helen Rossel will go to England to study the tactics of the militant suffragettes and then shall return here to carry on her work. YVher- ever she shall go she will take Atlee Belt and Forrest Keckley to carry the suffrage banter. For only throwing a brick through a window she will be arrested by David Thompson, now a policeman. He in tu1'u will be very much beaten up by Olive Howard. who for that crime will be placed in the fitv prison, Here, I find. there will be another pris- oner. Ralph XVoltjen, who will he placed here for stealing from Harry McFadden, a grocer, a loaf of bread to keep his starv- ing family alive. From another leaf I learned that Arthur Andrews will earn his living by giving lec- tures on the subject of the fine service given by the B. 8: O. railroad. At this I was not at all surprised. However, what DID Sl1I'DI'lS6 was that I found that Leon Pfleiger will be a lion tamer for Ringling Bros? circus. Somehow, I never associated Leon with lions. The oracle also told me that on Feb. 30, 1920, Sara Louise Taylor will be in- stalled as an inspector of steam boilers for the Licking Light and Power Plant. And that on the same day Grace Berry. after passing an examination, will be made a conductor on the Ohio Electric Railway. I was much astonished when the next leaf told me that Mary Long will become a missionary and will go to India. accom- panied by Carlisle Conrad. an excellent minister to the heathen. Then I found that Orville Rawlings will spend his time cooking for a bridge gang working on the South Fork of the Licking River. He will afterward cook for a hotel kept by John Hisky. is x v I 'J nb, 24 REVEILL I picked up another leaf which said that the first gymnasium instructor in the new High School gym will be Romaine Moriar- ty, of the class of '16. One leaf related that Emery Redman and Charles Thompson will go on a canoe trip around the world. And that Edith layman will invent a new keyless type- vriter. This typewriter will be used by Mildred Meridith in writing her book en- titled "Travels in Mars." Also I learned that Thomas Dennis will become quite proficient in talking with his hands and will lecture to the deaf. He will take with him on his lecturing tours Helen Stump, whom he will label the "best giggler in captivity." I discovered from the next leaf of the oracle that there will be built in future years a subway under Niagara Falls. John McKitrick and Ernest Walters will be em- ployed in this work. The subway will be in order that jitney busses may go from the U. S. to Canada. Indeed, Violet Goss will become a famous jitney bus driver. Then to my astonishment I found that Elizabeth Hazlett and Lillian Seymour will make a cross country tour in their Ford limousine in behalf of the associated chari- ties. However, the last leaf held the most wonderful fates. From it I learned that in 1932 Rudolph Hamann will be appoint- ed Secretary of State of the United Statesg that Warren Weiant will be the presidents valet: that Lawrence Klecker will be the president's chauffeur, and that the presi- dent will be John Pitzer. -ELENORE JOHNSON, '16. CLASS VVILL, Continued from page 22 free and unlimited right of acquiring a thorough and efficient knowledge of French, and with this in view we do most heartily recommend Miss Jones as a most excellent instructor. Sixthly-To Mr. Stimpson we give the free and unlimited right to enter the build- ing at any time during the summer in or- der that he may visit Minerva. Or if he so desres he may, so far as we are con- cerned, take the aforementioned Minerva to his home for the summer and thus have her company perpetually. Seventhly-To the Juniors we bequeath our Senior dignity. our ambition, our school spirit, and the honor of taking any of the Senior studies, share and share alike. Also, in order that said Juniors may possibly be able to run the school bet- ter next year with the help of the faculty than they did this year without itg we do leave to the aforesaid Juniors the entire faculty: and beg to instruct said faculty to he as obedient and dutiful as possible. I'TighthlyfTo each member of the fac- The Exchange department is in receipt of two very interesting war numbers from Vanada, "The Vox Lycei," Hamilton, On- tario, and "The Blue and XVhite," Rothe- say, B. The editor reports the total number r'f ulty we leave a small but mighty flower- a forget-me-not. V Ninthly-To the new Reveille Staff we leave a most sacred trust, namely. the care and protection of the Reveille. Tenthly-To Paul Moranville we be- queath all gas fixtures and hot air regis- teis throughout the building including the fan in the basement. Lastly-To George Stukey we bequeath the studious ability of our most revered Frank Francis, and also to the above-men- tioned George Stukey we leave full and un- limited right of winning next years schol- arship. In testimony whereof, we have set our hand to this last will and testament at Newark, Ohio, this third day of May, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixteen. fSignedJ CLASS OF 1916. Wilbur L. Grandle, Professional Will Maker. Witnesses:- Wilson Hawkins. O. J. Barnes. exchanges as seventy. In a recent num- ber of the Forum there is a very indignant vrite-up on the debate, which we would be glad to let anyone see, who is interest- ed. According to the Forum, Mt. Vernon won, but failed to get the decision. IIEVEILLE '--5 - X UG! V1 1 . X47-If - I -4 S- .1 1 1 1 4,9 1, L , ,Q , x za' I 64.4 4 "' -Ai Q0 Lf, 2'-W rf:"Q Ylffnzffa ,x.. -'. 451.18 ,Q -rl ,syn nrs,111 :Rowan numr IRUP111 N.H.S.vsMl1V.H.S. N, H. S1 vs. Z1 H1 S WON RY WON BY NEWARK NEWARK 1916 1916 Champions of the Triangular Debating League 26 REVEILLE i 1 1 2' 13 , i 1, x :Q ' ,M . f'3,:f.', .,.:x .3-17 . 1.-QM , - ,' -ff" :.' W 1: . ' N. H. S. MINSTREL 1916 REVEILLE Junior CHQSS Qfficceifs ELWYN DAVIES, President ELIZABETH KIBLER, Secretary N ., . ...Y. ,,,,,,,:.5,w,,:.x....,,.-Q.,4,..,...---- -----. -- HARRY WOLTJEN, Vice-President w 1 w Vi R N ,R R R ,-,..... FRANK TAFFEL, Treasurer 1 REVEILLE REVEILLE RNEVEILLE REYEILLE - .......,,-1 31 ru ' f w ! ' REVEILLE , , .Q ,M,YV-,.4.N ,. , X .,x,,,,,m: M4 . ,N mm. WQ.,,,,,, Y A Af! r L .1 ' as :Ei '. gf E ff " :ww wwg-gf-f-:rm-mx, , -W -.,-,Y W.: , ,- , , ' X 1. M. I Q '75 ' 4 " 22: ' F' Q Y ' 9 af. f Q, I . ,,.,1, wgfyrz , .1 P QE r , i1..', v 42. 'g ' ,gif V: gk - ,Q x i 1 -:A4 3' xg .1-'.x1.?fi f 7 A- K ' 73 - ,L yn y 5 f, Y y -wan' 1 X , f ,:g5::: . , J-." J . ga - X ' if ' ,if ' w Y-QHOQ V Z1-AVUTQI , D: YI 'c,.fp, wr. ' ,if .71-XVQQSI 044, QQQNE? s fs 5, 'lx' A . . Q ,,.,.-3 ' . ' if!! NAL-LAB ophy Room. Room, lower left, Tr mry U ..- Il .E .av .. .. U 2 2 6 Q. N .C LJ J 2 I: U U J C TE Upper left, Corridor, upper right, Corr REYEILLE 33 - -: - ' X if , , . ZX - gif' Q -. iis as S k .fa 0 0 0 ff M .gig-img is B T, .i.c scss. Q 21 - --' B q,. '- 5 I 5 E - .A Y.-.' FRQM LGS ANGELES TO SEAM CALENDAR FUI! i'0MNll'lXl'l'INll-INT XVEEK Sunday, June 4, 3:00 P. M.AHigl1 School Auditorium, Baccalaureate Sermon, Bev. Don Tullis. Monday. Julie 5, Senior Picnic. Tuesday. June li. S115 P. M.gHigh School Auditorium-Senior Play, "The Good-Natured Man." Wednesday, June T, 2:1130 P. M.fH. S. Auditorium. Class Day Exercises. Thursday. JLlllQ S. 8:00 F. ALA-H. S. Auditorium, Comment-einent Ext-iwises. Tuesday, Julie 123, 0:30 P. M -Masonic Temple. Alumni Banquet. SENIOR PLAY On the sixth of .lnne the Senior Class presented the "Good-Xaturetl Man." bg Cliver Goldsmith. The house was packed and all enjoyed the performance. Cast of f'hill'2ll'I i-rs: Mr. Honeymoon. . . Croaker .......... Lotty .......... . . Sir 'Wm. Honeymoon .,.. Leontine ......... Jarvis . . Butler , . l?ai1iff . . . Dnbarien ..... Post Boy ........ Miss Richland . .. Olivia ....... Mrs. Croaker .. Garnet ..... landlady . .. Prcmpter .,.. Pioperty Man .... . .Robert Swingle . . .Edward Pearsall . . . .Lee XVilliams . .XYiIbur Grandle . .XVarren XVeiant .Orville Rawlines . .Thomas Dennis Lawrence Klecl-:er . . .Ralph Woltjen . . . . .Robert Irish Elizabeth Claytor . ,.... Lela Davis . . . .Helen Hossel Hazel Rutherfoi'-.l . . . .Louise Smith . . . . . .Mary Lon: .Raymond Allison Coached by Miss Mercer, 'HIM The Thalian Literary Society held its tustomary picnic Saturday, May 13th, at Staddon's Bridge. It was an unusual ef- fort on the part of the girls to get up and he .it the place of meeting at 6:00 a. in.. out the pleasure of the day was well worth it. The previous evening had been rather cloudy, but the girls are never daunted by weather. It is nearly always cloudy before their picnic, though this cannot be accounted for. Additions to the party were made at 8:00 and 10:00 a. ni. The 5-arty did not break up until 4:00 p. ni. It was one of the best and probably the last for some of them. A few of the fac- ulty accompanied the girls and ot course. the beloved critic. LUNI 'HEON TU ISOAIID The domestic science department of the Newark schools entertained the members of the Board of Education and other prominent men of the city with a luncheon Tuesday. May 16. The decorations made by the girls were very pretty. The place cards were designed by Mary Elizabeth Avery. The luncheon was quite a succesa. Those present were: Hon. Frank B. Pear- l'0ll, Mr. W. E. Miller. Mr, XV. C. Christian, Mr. Ben L. Montgomery. Mr. Seth W. Haight. Mr. Wilson Hawkins. Mr. J. M. Mitchell. Mr. O. J. Barnes, Mr. J. A. Tait, Rev. Don D, Tullis. Mr. C. L. H. Long, Mr. C. H. Spencer. Mr. F. L. Begsg. Mr. Ed- ward Kibler. Dr. D. H. Rank, Mr. J. K. Dewey, Mr. Frank Handel and Mr. NV. H. Broome. Miss Carrie Zentmyer, a domestic scienre teacher, assisted in preparing the luncheon. is x v I 'J nb, 34 REVEILLE South Pasadena High School has a novel way of getting subscriptions paid. To be- gin with, they publish the initials of every non-paid subscriber in the school paper. Each time the paper is issued another let- ter is added to each name. Some people are rather good guessers and it is wise to pay up early. XYhy couldn't Newark adopt this plan? The week of May 15th was set aside as Patrons' IVeek in the Newark Schools. All parents and friends were urged to visit and inspect the schools during this week. In the past years over 2,000 people had vis- ited during this week Education expected a year. As a special feature F. B. Pearson. State and the Board of larger crowd this of the week. Hon Superintendent of Schools, addressed a mass meeting of par- ents, citizens and teachers Tuesday, May 16. at 2:30 o'clock in the High School Auditorium. The slogan this year was, "A Visitor for Every Child in Every School." The High School Orchestra gave a fif- teen-minute musical program preceding the address. "OPEN NIGHT" For a few years it has been the custom cf South Pasadena High School to hate what they term "Open Night." A program of music. speaking and various athletic feats is given by the students. Everyone is welcome at this performance. The last program contained a selection by the or- chestra, a speech of welcome, debate, sing- ing of various kinds, athletic stunts by gym classes, a shadowgraph and a skit. A cup was presented to the class winning the debate and medals to the winning de- bators. lYe find such programs given in the grammar school. but it almost disappears. when the students enter High School. This should not be. There is nothing undigni- fied about such a program and the public ought to see what the High School is ac- complishing. The plan is a good one and more schools ought to adopt it. The Board of Education has decided to give a lovely electric flag to the High School. It will be placed at the front of the High School Auditorium. It will prob- ably be there before commencement so that this Senior class may enjoy it also. A NEW COURSE T0 BE OFFERED NEXT YEAR 100 students of the from some districts Every year about Newark Schools are outside of Newark. They pay very nearly 354,000 a year for tuition. XVhen they leave school they are not fitted to cope with the occupation their parents had before them. Realizing this nee-cl a plan has been adopt- eo which will remedy this defect. Some instructor from an agricuriurnl college will be employed to give :1 small course in agriculture. Small tracts of lautl will be given to each student. on which he will learn to plant and reap his crop to the best advantage. All money made on this tract will be his own. Credit will be giv- en to the pupil toward his diploma. Of course. he will have a number of other studies in school. but these will in some way help in this course. Perhaps there will be a chance to learn to raise chickens. It is a great course and from all appear- ances will take well with the student body. KITE DAY IN SOMERSET, KENTIJFKY The Somerset High School has a day on their calendar set aside as kite day, upon which day the students try their skill in flying a kite. This year about 200 boys and girls entered the contest. As there was a lack of wind the kites did not leave the earth for a very long time and the flying was not a success. Prizes are award- ed to the best flyer. Rather good idea, isn't it? SALESMANSHIP CLASS BRING HONOR TO N. H. S. During the past six weeks Mr. Dickerson took his salesmanship class to the Nation- al Cash Register Co., where one girl gave a fine selling talk demonstrating the cash iegister. It was the first time such a thing had been done anywhere. The talk was excellent and, as the proprietors were p-eased with it, they have decided to send out the talk in bulletin form all over the world, A picture will probably be inserted in the bulletin. The school is very proud of the class and the girl, Alice YVeekly. who gave this talk. Mr. Hawkins, superintendent of Newark schools, has been re-elected for five years. REVEHJLE of REVEILLE J I lilCYl'III.l.E 'i GIRLS BASKET BALL TEAMS -5 FY T61 2533 'Si REVEILLE H. S. 'I6 FOOTBALL TEAM , .g. 1 - :vs : if-its ,Qwe- I x gqar ' . . 4 I , . v X e- 'N . , .,, A. 1 A . . v 3.1 'J , ,. -'. -.4 5 . ., ,NT I ,IL fl .,. A. -.x ., . 4 x . Y . TA ,1'-Ttlif ' T,..' 1 ,, N 5 uf'- aiij , A ? fa, .i.,.-,',' V ,., ,, 4 ,V .1 . .,,M,j 'T ' -, -1.4-2 . 1- -- ,, -- 91.5.5 mvff.,...?S.:.:f3f".t..11. . . - Qi 1. Lmmi -1 114-3.-142151-, Q- b- A . - - -f 3' 3. s--.'r,i,Z?m':iff:,-,5,,-,-- 4 - , W ,A . ,Q In - . 4 U- 1 .,h,b,.:4-V34-wx 5.53-.A -. -. f W Q f"fff'1"'5f'3,'v'af5i?Z!!?15f w f f A f ' -g 1 'fy ,, 1 lj' -L1,.2"'5-52.4 :::f' f Vi-My AV- -Y Y . REYEILLE BALL TEAM SE BA 16 N. H. S. ' X . REVEILLE xj A - S N Ii T I , E 1 n 3 4 3 ! , E V 1 5 , E X' .. 1 n V I , .L +1 V' ' , H. S. '16 BASKETBALL TEAM REVEILLE 41 REVEILLE STAFF-Page 2 Back Row, left to right-Wilber Grandle, Franlr Taafel, Edward Pearsall, Edwin Essington, Robert Swingle, Catherine Wolf, George Arensberg, Elenore johnson. Second Row-Harold Van Tassel, Sarah Long, Elizabeth Kibler, Helen Norpell. Cornelia Ellis, Gladys Drumm, Lela Davis, Ava Ballou, fEditor-in-Chief, Front RowgFrancis Moran, Leland Windle. ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY-Page 35 Back Row, left to rightfWarren Weiant, Marshal Ditter, Robert Swingle, John Fuller, Elwyn Davies, Fredericlr Jones, Mr. Cocltayne fcriticj. Second Row-Sal Schonberg, Wayne Norris, Wendle Postle, George Arensberg, Dewey jones, Charles Hess, Wilbur Grandle, Frank Taafel Front Row-Edward Pearsall, Forest Keclcley, Philip Puckett, Frank Francis, Orville Rawlings, Charles Brubaker, Richard Fatig. THALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY'-Page 36 Back Row, left to right-Letitia Long, Arlien Parker, Ruth Wilkin, Miss Madge Lindsay, fcriticf, Wilma Cooperi- der, Joel jones, Catherine Wolfe, Elenore johnson, Mildred Meredith, Helen Peck Second Row -Cornelia Ellis, Elizabeth Hazlett, Lana Howdeshell, Mary Long, Camille Cluse, Ruth Allen, Eliza- beth Kibler, Lorena Berger, Eva Swern, Gertrude Harrison, Myrtle Ross Third Row---Helen Vogelmeier, Ava Ballou, Martha Grace Miller. IVlabeIle johnson, Esther Hartshorn, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Long, Grace Porter, Mildred McCahon Front Row-Lillian Lindrooth, Marian Roeser, Evelyn Stevenson, Emily Hampshire, Helen Willey, Dottie lVIcCurdy. GIRLS BASKET-BALL TEAIVIS-Page 37 First Picture, left to right-Letta Pemberton, Helen Caldwell, Clarise Roney, Miss Crilley fcoachl, Alberta Em- mons, Anneita Southard, Armadella Wiley, Mildred Mayer Jessie Simpson. Second picture-Elizabeth Keyes, Miss Crilley fcoachl, Helen Macmillan, Marjorie Carr, Dorothy Glenn, Olive Howard, Romaine Mc ria ty. FOOTBALL TEAM-Page 38 Back Row, Iett to righthMillisor fcoachj, O'Hara, "Piggy", De Freize, "jack", De France, Brown, "Mutz" Taylor, "pus", Hendren, "Dude" Rawlings, Mayer, G. Front Row-Matthews, Thompson, "Chubby", Bieberbach, "Bebby" Africa, -Iones,"Fritz", Howard, "Al", Mayer, C. BASEBALL TEAM-Page 39 Back Row, left to right-IVIr. Long fcoachj, John Hughes. Raymond Kelley, Russel Thorp, Dale Lambert, Balcom Wolfe, Franlt Berry. Paul Taylor fcaptainl. Front Row-Richard Fatig Imanagerl, james Orr, George Mayer, Clifford Edwards, Harry Woltjen, C. Mayer. BASKETBALL TEAM -Page 40 Rawlings tcaptainl, D. Jones, lmanagerl, F. jones, Chas. Mayer, Millisor lcoachl, Geo. Mayer, McLaughlin, Tharp, Simms. IIYIILLI The Crimson and the Whlte Newark High School, Newark High School Loyal now thy children stand, And we lift our song to praise thee, Fairest school in all the land. Although strong may be thy rivals, 1 They cannot withstand thy might For we all shall be defenders Of the Crimson and the VVhite. When at last our ways are parted By that mighty monarch, Time, And our duties shall await us In perliaps some distant elime, Then will others rise to praise thee, Who shall also know thy might, But we still shall be defenders Of the Crimson and the VVhite ---A. B. '16 REVEILLE HAIL, NEWARK HIGH SCHOOL, HAIL! lTllll6-lQLlSSlH11 National Hymnj Hail, Newark High Sclmol, Hail: Nwhle and strong: To thee with luyal hearts, XX'e raise nur song. Swelling to Heaven lmul, Hur praises ring. Hail, Newark High Seliool, Hail, Of thee we sing. Majesty as a cruwn rests on thy bmwg Prifle. Hmmr, Glory, Lnwe, Before thee bow. Ne'er can thy spirits die, Thy walls decay: Hail, Newark High Scheol, Hail, For thee we pray. Hail, Newark High Scliowl, Hail, Guide of our youth Lead thou thy children on to light and truth. Thee, when fleath summons us, Others shall praise, Hail, Newark High Selieul, Hail, Thru' endless days. e, g,1P'xc.L4o f 1 v -X w e-1 giiigeifm-ff2"4 'Ns' ' 1 fx' K 3 1,-ex I. , .M A 1 . 'l ' Y IA. A . 'vb . , sf '- Q , , PM i, I ,f"s ,f' 5, 8' 5 m 2,5 Ee! in ?' Qi I z F i .e K, 9 f w ff K P H 4 Commencement june 1916 M 5 F S fx i WM , '.f.f w A- V, . 1? ne PM Printing Co. ls thoroughly equipped to handle all kinds of printing, from a visiting card to a full sheet poster, and from a hro- chure to a novel. 'll lil 'll Let us make estimate on your next order for printing. We will he pleased to send our rep- resentative, Who is com- petent to estimate and render any assistance, as well as to design and lay out the Work to your entire satisfadtion. 'll 'QU 'EH 1345 Phone O S T A L RINTING CO. North 4th Street lst Floor, Masonic Temple REVEILLE El rlmericrs Nostl txquisile Sweels E Suarta's Ghncnlatesl l l Critical huyers and gittl r i11l2lliE'1':5 are enthusiastic in their praise of these superb r y cliovulates. Eat-h clioculute tl rare gem t Hl1tll6 L'Olll't'CllOll61',S nrt, is clispluyerl in 21 separate Cmn- ' xpartlnent and tastefully :rr- rzlngerl in our pretty ribbon hoxcs of zlssorterl calms. H w , X p kt ,N p The nrost rlelit-ions cliocolutes t i to he hurl anywhere l at any price. t I Tm' THEM l EI Sparta tonfedionery l 3 N. Third st. i NEWARK, OHIO r REVEILLE 45 C. F. H A G N E. R Professional Piano Tuner Voicing, Action Regulating, Player Pi- anos and Electric Pianos a Specialty Tlu- l't'1illll'Clllt'IllS ot' mmlvrn piano lun- lllg are sn grunt :xml so lllillllltiltl, flvnmml- nw nt tlle lIlHU'lll11t'llf m-1-Int-sn-ul vulunw 3 :mtl Y:ll'lvI.Y ntvolm' :ns muvln :ls utmost tlel- ivzlvy. t'lI'Ill'llt'r-S :xml tlmt lwzlrly tluulicy lu-- l vulizn' to tlle- piano Il2lSS1lg'l', tllzlt it is zu must lWl'Illl'XllIg lll'lbljlt'lll In tht- lblilllfllllllvl' lu s:ltist'y:1ll tlnc tlwllillltlr-2 ut' the XXtl1 illn- turuv pianist. l nwe-to L-x'el'y tolli-1-ix':1l+lv f . . . . WlSll nt tlw most CXQIUIIIIQ artist. My tom- lfjglllilflllg IS :I lllllgllklll' force Wllll'll l2lSl'lll :ltes all lllllrill' l0vce1's. C. F. HAGNER, Professional Piano Tuner Auto Phone 1777 NEWARK, OHIO. 77 Commodore St. The Newark Fashion 4 NORTH sms CF SQUARE El LADIES READY-TO-WEAR APPAREL SU ITS COATS DRESSES SKIRTS WAISTS Style Without Extravagance 46 REVEILLE I iii?f3i?gf??iS5i?5 LLUITRATI IN 52: 'nur BQ . 'df ixQi qfQx'fL1 L TS '- f, 'J "lg Six gl' 'VZKNVNRE' : xpyx' Wg .1d+.k-.Sk 44.23131 WW5fMw Ygd ' fxxvfflfg-in Y . 1 X' A x1 'Tkf ?E' ' ,- 'f A-xxx" F- Fw- W '- xi -34. '-px - ,1-!-v,,-- , - I' 5 E is IHESSENI rf" . aif'1f'?'fE Q i-in g1,f L- A f wf' 04177 ON Oh' V f ig ,i - - Z X 'xx X 'iix xx - : ff-" -x .bxxili-Egg. Q2 1- 1 Y, 0 1' if ,E 3 Q1 X,XifA.,w!!1xy 1 X NW' Rx X . y wg Z gf Q NAM- NX, Q jj P N EY ,-ii ? X X xx S, 1' , 1 ,,-fff-',e,x ' Y "UW ll ,ff-ggfsxif ,iff QW wxww ,'f :52f ' I , Y? V' ' --fig X I QXQNYQ' I' 4"- T" ' -121 A F I fi x 2 - :f'2' I X f Xkjfjg '-,f, , 'fx I NX? Xfkf ,f f , fl 10 ' - x -x X!" Xx'+E- 'Y -X TQ? S 47 NGRTOIXVS B O O K STORE Books, Stationery anol Wall Paper 66Get The Habit" llxe .Xl't'2'l1lt' NY. C,'llUl'l,'ll St. GRllN'S DYE WORKS r 1 -. Q 72 ' -1 B ' gg G St R BuS1eSt . I aaaa A .f gig' ,fQ,3lfffi""' 1 om...-its null. s.-1.....1 XXX- FJ! X Panamas Cleaned and Pressed 'll The Reveille Management olesires to puhlicly express their thanks to Newark merchants ancl all others, Whose patronage has enahlecl us to rnalqe the publication a success. H 'LIE' I 'I ' Hu lwl ' I lhlilll' lltLtllxc?S1u'lhgs. Purlty C halybeate .fpring water To hntl how good I :un c-all me hy Phones Auto 12'S1.wo1' Bell T-11-R :nnples Free Utlice 365 YY. Hain Ft REVEILLE TRY THE BUSY BIPS SPEClAl SUNDAY Price l5cts. The most delicious lce Cream Sundae ever pro- duced in this city. A Beautiful French Gray Silver Plated Spoon Given with each Sundae You will he pleased with a set of these spoons BOXED CANDY FOR GRADUATION THE BUSY BEE In The Arcade "Your friends can BUY anything you can give them except YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Kidwell Studio, :-: :-: Efoffnii, 1131133 Buy Newark Made Fly l-lulshizeris "Superlative" and "Best" are perfect Hours for Bread, Buns and Pastry "New-Bread" is a F ine Spring Wheat Bread Flour REVEILLE 49 Hlwellvr Svtuhin 1 if ' 554 . 1- fi, 1,2 , 3 e a A , P , b I I 'Q I ' le ,114 f 5 Hffiigi We xfvil Qfi'i'f Ava: ff! ' it 'i Better Work and Lower Rates on these Photos West End of Arcade---Second Floor NEWAR HIGH Newark High-Class Guaranteed Clothing Newark High School Should Buy Their Clothing of The High Class Clothing House RUTLEDGE BROS. 50 nn:vmu.1.n: Cox Sons 8 Vining 92 ,- Manufacturers of M rw sh ..,...,...1,W,: 1 L 'll Outfits may be pur- GQWHS i' ::: ' chased or rented. q The correct and dem- V ocratic costume for High ' ' V' School Commencements fl I -.': 72 Madison Avenue New York City OUR IWOTTO "LUalk up a Flight and .fave a Dollar" Special Prices on all Hats during Month of June IDA M. GUNDY I3 l-Z S. Third Street, up stairs One door north of T. L. Davies' Dry Goods Store WRIGHT 8: DITSGN Pioneers in Athletic Supplies 1 x 1 x 1 x ill Should you need any athletic goods just Write the Chicago House, I6 South LaSalle Street. xiii, 1 x 1 s 1 x ill FOCT BALL, BASE BALL, BAS- KET BALL, TENNIS AND GOLF. 1 x 1 x 1 n IQH See the new football pant before order- ing elsewhere. Wright 81 Ditson I6 South LaSalle St. Chicago, lll. REVEILLE NO DRUGS NO SURGERY . V. SCOTT Chiropractic Physician 69 West Main Street. Auto Phone 1357 All cases accepted by me are successfully treated Have that large neck made normal. Consultation and diagnosis free. Office Hours: 8:00 to 11:00 a. m.: 1:00 to 5:00, 7:00 to 9:00 p. m. For Milk, Cream and Ice Cream CALL The Licking Creamery Company Both Phones F or all favors, suggestions and courtesies extenned by the Postal Printing Co., due acknowledgement is hereby made. REVEILLE 53 MWWUNNEEDS ii' it lhewmtlllllerllardware Summer Suits: CO- palln Beach Fm' your wants in - and Flannel Hardware bummer Hats and Caps Athletic Underwear l P?:liI1iS, Qils, Glass Trunks. Suit Cases, Bags Fine 'Tools Aluminum Wa1'e Cutlery, Etc. LtHl'.3l'1I2lllli Malin 25 SOLlth pa,-A place Shoe Revairi11glE VA N ,mia While You VVait Sanitary Soda fountain SQ'l'.Ol1j'l11S2 cgualityand ECFVICC Tin-lv ll2lYl' just instnllwl :1 nan a Sanitary System lm- Fai-ling ilnir iprf ' all-livinlls alisln-s. Tin-5' :llsn linu- tln-ir ice Cwann lllllllld sIm'i:ul.,l11sI ian' lVlender of Soles livanas. Tin-y :mlm went to tina vxtrn ex- lwllsv nt' 1ll't'l5Zll'lllQ 21 High School Sp6Cii5lI which is just alt-licinns. L'N1uN SHUI' a Yun Ollgllt to try H119---100. a ?, H 1 A few of th V ' 1-W ,lI1'SZ Plasma 253144 S h , 'i f L I Mary Pxckford nn lce Cream Delight - l0c I Rainbow Sunclae - - - 10c Vvurk wllleal iijl' and 1leliV0l'w,l 1 Cheffy Mem? ' ' ' loc Banana Special - - 1Oc a IQCIIICIIIIJCI' the place Arcade i 4 and 6 Annex I Evans' Drug Store. East Side ! ---c :mon is' Tot Illcfeltio gint lulmel Slons ll "Plant J, lies iddibsl l l Made jiri Bal fmore by the same mantifacturers that make blouses for the Annapolis cadets. Best of materials and work- manship. 322252, 31.00 and up, att I JGIIN J. CARROLUS1 CLUTIIES WITH THE ,SPRING OF YOUTH ft' ITH the advent of Spring, 6 -iff proudly announce IIEIIM AIIVII V ' SMART CLIITIIES-not because they are .seiisons styles, but for their y . N., ie an snap. ? I ,,gmg,r1'. A We endorse these best clothes for is the service they give, for their fit . , gg N f "ity , and iinish and for their bigness of ,Z value at .yt -,,' -- , , .,... 510-f-315---520 I WHAT WE DO FOR JUNIORS THESE Junior suits of ours late especially designed to it lithei U1 on ina 11llI112Ltt'll9ld-dS,hDd they fulfill the11 mission. SPECIAL BI SIU. ERMANN fur CLOTHIER. "The Store in Newark where Quality Counts" 54 REVEILLE 9 North Side Square North Side Square 28 EIL S 28 White Net Dresses for Graduation or Informal Dress Some are all white, vxhile others are of the ecru net, with pastel shade ribbon as garnishing. Dainty wreaths of silk and handmade rosehuds emhelish the yoke and sleeves, at 58.50 to 319.50 CHAS. HEIL l-- TRY -- Home Dressed Meats ,S of all Home-Made Bread EP., N. 4th Q , Newark, Cw1'.4tl1 and West Mzlinfts. EAT AT MCDANIELS GrandTheatre He "James" You Right Before Building this Spring, let me Show you Some Beautiful Homes W. D. VAN TASSEL Phone 4417 Estimaets Cheerfully Given 239 13th St. ARCADE JEVVELRY STORE cl-IAS. W. GRIMM B. 6: O. Vvatch Inspector The Store of Quality GlVE US A TRIALi..'..T' Everything to Eat-From Soup to Nuts THE CONRAD GROCERY CO. Hnder,NeWlVlanagement Q Masonic Temple KENT BROTl'lERSl HUGH ELLIS l 'i-h I t l XVest Cliurch St. C Ons S l Auf., 10s.l Bell 705-K REVEILLE DGNHT HFLUNKH fi ny YOUR CLO'Iltj E Q 7652, SELECTION i fe' Wfwweizw dd You're not dressed your best if you are on Brand" Models---Every New Summer Style is Here. f ' -7 W? W J L the outside of one of these clever "Frat g e 0 8 5 Cool Kloth Pinch Back lx! Suits-Special 857.50 ' 72 crsfnfffeffiit... tt KI miter G4 Newark's Newark's fx' ' Young Men's Yourfg Men's Store Store d fflllllll llf Gllllll SIIUQ RQDGHIHQ. W0 REDHH' SHEETS WMI? YOU Weil Om' new rubber boot and 1'uitmlve1' over shoe vnlezmizing Illiwllillt' has ltwen installed FISHBAUGH BROTHERS 57 Hudson Avenue Newark, Ohio rv,-r-.. f -""- -Q. . , 1'-5-' -- -1 I iz? NEWARK HIGH SCHOOL t We wish to thank the students for their Patronage during the Winter months. We will be glacl to see you cluring Commencement e Week . ShondeIl's City Restaurant t H. A. SHONDELL, Proprietor 23 West Nlain St. Newark, Ohio HAYNES BROTHERS Jewelers---Kodakerv--Opticians 26 N. Side Square Newaak, Ohio I ' Engraved Cards, lnvitations H . C. X Commencement M Programs . 'MsimlNS. Wedding Stationery "3p- ,,fP ' Folders, Letter Heads, Etc. "The Home of Good Printing" Jeweler and Dptieian East Side Square 'Newark, Ohio OSTON IAN Famous Shun for Men ' CLICCH Qality Famous Shoe for Women STEPHAN, 2El3'i5ETS'?EE LEARN Toswnvr At the' Y. M. C. A. The Safest Place in the City. Summer Privileges S2 for 3 mos' The Val Dona Store The Home of the Best Chemicals and Drugs in town W. A. ERMAN , RUSSELUS PHUTU STUDIO High-Grade Photography Special Rates to Students 135 E.'Side Square, Newark, Ohio 9 at . t ,at 4 , l V, "Sun , , ,V-,.!' ,. . , . :rw 2-'fargo v ,. ..,:?gi'f-u'7'f M A 1- -- gr -cj-If ft ,1 W,xf4H ...- . ,, -W ,via-4 '-1-3 ip 5, N A . CL6THlE-5-If-C6 'o-iv Is Based Upon 5 Your Judgment, y X , It's an established fact that good clothes cost more than inferior clothesg Therefore true economy rests upon your choosing clothes that are ,priced to include Service as well as Style and good fit. it ' A The high-class clothing that we sell has always 'satisfieihuy our long-sighted customers, who consider the question 'bf' economy when selecting their wearing apparel. ' 'lie Not alone mms but in all departments you will iind the same high-class goods-Hats and Caps, an exceptionally large line of Panamas, straws, etc., from which to make a sie- lection. Shirts, Underwear, Hosiery, Trunks, Suit Cases, Bags, etc. ' i Y Your inspection is invited, whether you intend to buy or not. We ,want you to know the class of merchandise we carry. itchell Sci Miracle East Side Square me , Postal Printing Co. Newark, Ohio 2 W , raw F' itil' fd ill Iwi' sf? 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V . 451. . , , , A".g-uf . f ,. .1 ,:a,1' .. , J . , , ' 1. 1' L . 12. gly- 4 if f -1 f, '23 ' ' A .1-'.:i5A.4.f 'zzjff-17' ,,,.T1 A, V ..-. ...,7-,,,..,, , A.4P",. . .1 'c",' .,.-k,..-,f- ,.,. - . L'2-.,,....4.'- .-.,',, ..4,L-L.: - 11 '.,,g.,,,. , 5555 535' mm -. - ,. x xi l f , . e. . was QXJKQ: . ' ' 5332-1 PTB! X ' K X 24. Xl .QM .gs 9935 ' wiv " ., 514331 ,gmff v x X V x x N. . x 1, ' ' , J ,Lp REVEILLE STAFF

Suggestions in the Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) collection:

Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Newark High School - Reveille Yearbook (Newark, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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