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.748 J ,Wm 1951- v""t, Jcum ,sw Editor-in-Chief 77, Associate Editors LITERARY: Annetta Ferguson Marjorie Brown jean XVallaee Florenee XVapnariek Charlotte Ross Faye Lane Peggy Lane Carolyn Sharp janet Laws PHOTOCRAPIIY: Barhara Schultz Betty Griffith -loan Brown ART: Peggy Smith Betty Xie-Connnons Ann Nic-Lean 'ITCACIIER SPONSOR: Stanley Cihhs 0l'eLU0l' ,WPATSY I'I.-XRVEY BARTON XIACKEY, ALLEN LEE BUSINESS: Aliee Loekaril james Thornton Charles Morrison Betty Poole jucly Colhurn MAKE YP: jane Clark Aclrienne Flora Catherine Brown Yvonne Evelancl CLEHIC.-XL ASSISTANCE: Peggy Reynolds Virginia Blanstielcl lfaye Huffington Xlary Lou Strickland janet Xlelfarlin Xlargaret Sullivan As you glance through this cliary, we invite you to share with us the reineinhranees ot vc 1 pleasantries and harcl work which we eniovecl during our high sehool days. The Krawen Staff wishes to thank all who have helped us puhlish this 1951 edition. izbeclicafion ix! 'M'-Y Xlr Eugene Kelechava came to Newark lll 1946 as fzn art ll1StlllCtOI' He has unselfishlv glV6l1 h1s tune and h1s effort to help make our hlgh school vears happv and successful In evcpresslng our appreclatlon and SIIICCIG thanks We helleve we ale speaklng not onlv for our own class hut for the entlre School To Nlr Kelechava who has worked llI1tlI'1l1glV for the Newarlx Hlgh School we are proud to dechcate the 1901 Kraus EN 1 Cu' . I m Q J V S 3 1 M-we X1 e A ALA 9. 632 : 1 ' U L 1 if , I . . A 1 c .1 1 . . I I I A 7 1 7 Y ! 1 ' I r . . , 1 . i . -f Y 7 , - . . . l'l'lll'll5fI'Cltl0l'l 5" f ff 1 Xu n Sl Supa rmfz nrlf nt """" 1' lU:.Dl:.llICK B km L Pr1mzpaI Nr ,J is -K R VK aux Ninn JANE K HAH Su fl tflru Sc 1 rc fury BOARD OF EDUCATIOIN josxil n NICX EY , ,,,, Prcsidcnt FIXANK XVu.sox , Vice-I'rc.s'idcr1t Puuzctl-: CIANN C. NI. OLSON XVILMER E, Snug 7, , .A ,,,,,,, ,, ,,Y,, S ccrctury to the Board liulaml Arulc-rwn WA, 4 1..- Ann Chulnu-rs Iiuyxnoncl justin .qt vzkrmvttz' Ylillilfilllglljlllllll , 5 E1 In-no XVilkinson Ann NVootm-n lil' 6LCll,Ey ada! .SQUAQJ Annu Callaher Stanley Gibbs Crctu NIL-Kinsey Frvd Spusato 41 fs ov CML:- orei n an ua 'en 9 9 ? at W" W, aw an Q If I c lic-lic-Lui Kirk lfisis- livtz i Q A " rf C Q swf' Y , H Q 'ff-W-ww----...,J.,,, Iiugcnc Ixclcciiaxai Neil Osburii ' y 'af' Huy Civsiiiski ffii1ii1irvOtC ur Lewis Miller Cc-cirgv Nickle Xlulu-I Uvcrlxy Ifligviic' Smith W-1 'O 2 , 'N v NQ4 Qs. 7WafAemaficd Catharine Bonney Ann Stautcr XVilliam Morrison Mary Armstrong Doris Dean Evelyn Curothcrs 0 C I 0 Il 0 6 Hl 3 ' . v L " U I j X 'N Ml' 6LCll,Ag Esther Ft-nton XYaltcr BI Ernest YVildcr 3 5 i C a as. LL C Cl l i 0 n att E llcn Fitts X ,Q nv gricugure I ... A IW - H If ,L W.LKHW' k' Y f -034 fi ,uv-u. f' 1 y 454 1? 7.3 gh 4? . ff if Ns.: Mildred Clmwq Leonard Hitch Frank Mercer LIBRARIANA AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURE S-NR '55 ' 'T Dorothy NI lrknt EHSWOIKIW HOHIH IH NI xrth 1 Cox url Ill, Ehsbeth X1 ul lry GUIDAVCE INDUSTRIAL ARTS SCHOOL NURSE READING and SPELLING am J Qoclzwo c plz school LOIIIKIK f' nt Il hllmxshll of hu IHLIIIIN is QT W , :Q I .' I 'Rf f 'S ...qv v Rail ff . . I In W' . A " jf ffff A I A X . ,Q ,f , rw , l E I? . EW f - ,K ' ' 1 Q i , 0 ' 1 . IQ , A W 4 9- f . fy if . . I I Th A -' - 'Vllmcv nf Tm-uc'I1c'1's hrrld CXLICII year at Clamp T1OCI1XYU.,I'l. the Y. XI. C. A. camp rm H111 cII1l'SllPl'llIM' Buy. Ilrlx lll'C'1IlIlt' ll rm-Q"I,:r part of tlw sr-110111 Xlxilf. Fllw two days arc' spa- 1 lllifaurixilnq L'0lllIl1IttC't'S. Illt'kfIllQ with initrd nxjc rts. clnjwyilli tlll' A I i "HY ' "hitting tlw tmilf' nml I-njmryilng -cmd ford. x Xgiiih X MM 5 f,Zf-'Gig LAWRENCE ABRAMS Abe Abe, our friendly Ag. student who dislikes world history, hails from Christ- iana. His hobbies include skating, hunting, and Hsh- ing. His ambition is to be- come a telephone lineman. pf LOIS ALDERMAN Cuddles Lois joined us in the eleventh grade from West Chester. She will always be remembered for her flute playing and as president of the band. Her favorite pas- time includes listening to the radio and playing the piano. Lois plans to enter college and become a teacher. JOANNE BARCZEWSKI Ioan After graduation Joan plans to enter Colorado A. and M. College to study to be a veterinarian. She was a valuable member of the hockey squad for three years. Her hobbies are horseback-riding, and knitting. L- 'Q' DONALD BEIDERMAN Don Don is the shy CPD senior who likes hunting, horse racing, and auto racing. Four years of F. F. A. training will help Don be- come a veterinarian, his main ambition. - , - I fi - s 1 S Cz I 1 EI Fa Aj f'L f , if 'i V tow Q 5' "fr-" W- Z ig 'I-if 1 S 'Niki Zi-2.-YY ,1 . ""' l- i4 -41- p ...F ' .. - ,, 5, , y, VIRGINIA BLANSFIELD CATHERINE BROWN JOAN BROWN MARIORIE BROVVN Boots Cathie Blondie Margie We shall always remem- ber "Boots', for her high, happy laugh. She is liked by her classmates and has a pleasing personality. Boots enjoys roller skating fremember the floor-wip- ing job you did??J and swims like a fish. She'plans to become a typist. Cathie, one of our cutest girls, has quite a wardrobe. She always has a good joke handy and enjoys a good time. Gets along well with the opposite sex. She claims Northeast, Mary- land, as her home. Cathie plans to be a private secre- tary. Lucky boss! Ioan is a tall, dignified blonde who plans to enter the U. of D. after gradu- ation. She has quite a date book and a way of winning friends. Joan, who likes bowling and dancing, is always ready for a good time. Margie, one of the brains of the senior class, is al- ways friendly to everyone. Her hobbies are writing poetry, writing to her sol- dier friends, and eating. Margie, a bookworm, will go far. Her ambition is to be happily married. I0 W E, ' Q.. Sur '59 Q4 1. JAMES BUECHE Crying I im Everybody knows "Cry- ing Jim," our lanky foot- ball end. Jim's height has been a great asset to him in both football and basket- ball. He says he hasn't any hobbies, but we know FAY BUFFINGTON Faysie Fay's hobbies are riding and skating. You can usu- ally see her at the Merry- land Roller Rink. She's known for her quick blush- ing and many jokes. You can depend on Fay for a LEONARD CAMPBELL Soupie One of Leonard's am- bitions after graduation is to drive an Anchor Freight Tmck. His hobbies include hunting, swimming, and fishing. We will always re- member his favorite saying, RONALD CHEADLE Ron ld one of the uiet " , q est and most bashful boys in the senior class is usu ally seen standing at his traffic post. His ambition is to become a fanner and raise a family. gifferently. His lsecret am- good time. IlWell, 5 myself." Alghiiugh ition is to ma e money. eonar is a quiet ow, We don't know what he his pet peeve is ustuik-up has in mind, but we hope pe0ple." he will be careful. -11""- - 55? ei.- zo: I E-2:,'H -I f Q 19555 : if ' ' xx a - l l 0 I U. Q l l ' E Q A V lf. J S t' ' i L -E an at rail " A 5 3335 pai' .s 1 -' ', -1 f JANE CLARK ANNIS CLEAVER JUDITH COLBURN HENRY CORRELL Janie Annie Judy Hank Janie will always be re- membered as the manager of the girls' basketball team. Jane's favorite pas- time includes sewing, cook- ing, dancing, and a certain interest in Henry. After graduation Jane plans to attend Beacom College. Annie gets a lot of fun out of li.e. Always ready for a good laugh and has a good sense of humor. Gets along quite well with Mr. Nickle. She loves to play the piano. It will be a lucky boss who gains Annie for his secretary. Loquacious Judy, a per- fect combination of vitality and versatility, is always rushing somewhere to at- tend to her many activities. She is an individualist with definite ideas about every- thing in general. She is sensible and nonsensical as the occasion demands. With a fine scholastic re- cord, Judy is headed for Smith College. Hank is the '51 football captain to whom we can give credit for leading the Yellowjackets through an undefeated season. Playing football, basketball, and baseball are our Star Grid- iron Player's hobbies. Whenever a deep-hearty laugh is heard, Henry's around. To be a profes- sional hobo is Hank's am- bition. SN v7"'Y 'bf i'f"if"lY' JOSEPH CHOOKSHANKS 108 joe-'s ambition after graduaton is to be a loco- motive fireman. His hob- bies are hunting and fishing. VVe will always remember his big smile for everyone and his interest in l3ill's sister. joe can be seen working for Mr. NVilder. MARIE CROOKSHANKS Bill After graduation Marie plans to work in an office or to travel. Her favorite pastime includes crocheting and a certain interest in writing letters. She is a very quiet and shy girl. NANCY DIANICH Nance Nancy's main interest is Buicks?????? Her hobbies are drawing, music, and skating. She plans to attend Michigan State College. Cood luck, Nance. 7 x l"i l,-A' XT X l Q it SUZANNE DWYER Suzie Suzie is one of our quietest seniors. Known as a senior soloist she likes to read, cook, sing, or watch television. Her main inter- est centers around a certain blond. Z' ii 1 YVONNE EVELAND Vonnie After graduation Vonnie plans to enter nurses' train- ing school at the Delaware Hospital. She is well liked by all and should be a success. Some of her many hobbies are knitting, cook- ing, and swimming. Put dependability and a good student together and you have Vonnie. ANNETTA FERGUSON Netta Netta is a friendly girl. Her ambition after gradu- ation is to travel around the world. She likes photo- graphy and painting and enjoys dancing at all times. She is also a neat dresser. ADRIENNE FLORA Andi Andi can usually be found in the DeLuxe with Carol. She talks a lot and is always giggling! Loafing and cutting her hair are her hobbies. After gradu- ation Andi plans to enter nursing school. JAMES FRAZE Iim Jim, with his slow grin and dimples, is known as the lady-killer of the class. Ice-skating and raising wild life are jim's hobbies. May- be his luck with the ladies will come in handy since jim plans to be a chicken farmer after graduation. ,N if ' uv, CEFiTRL'DE CRAY Gert Gertrude is one who really enjoys typing. After graduation she hopes to be- come a secretary. Her hob- bies include reading, knit- ting, and roller-skating. 'T Sa THELNIA CRAY Ilopt' Thelma, one of our uiost dependable girls, will be remembered for her piano playing. She can often be seen around Newark with one of her handsome col- lege friends. She plans to be a secretary after gradu- ation. Lucky bosses who get those Cray girls. 5, sg-1' JOSEPH GREGG Joe Our class is very proud to have joe a member of Delaware-'s All State Foot- ball Team. joe loves sports -especially baseball and football. Ile hopes to enter the couunercial artist field, and some day his handi- craft will be seen from all modern billboards. BETTY GRIFFITH Bet Bet, one of the quiet girls of the class, is depend- able and liked by all. She surprised us all with her flashy diainond. She enjoys travelling, writing, and dancing, but her main in- terest is a certain sailor. 'vi' JV? 33.5 f -tar-gf HOWARD KEELEY WILLIAM KEENE KATHERINE Hump Here is a fellow who has a heart of gold, but he wouldn't want anybody to know it. Howard likes to be in on any action that may take place around Pop Roberts. Although he keeps one .eye on the recruiting posters, his plans for the future are quite uncertain. Bill Bill, star of senior play, is very active in school. He is always ready for a good time and is liked by everyone. Bill came to us in the junior year from Virginia. His ambition-to study medicine at U. of Va. KNIGHTON Kay Kay, the girl with sharp clothes and a personality plus, is one of those rare beings called an "all around girl." She is one of our best cheerleaders and likes dancing-with that certain tall "bow-tie." She plans to enter Delaware and later become a fashion stylist in New York. V.. MARGARET LANE Peg Whenever you hear a giggle, be on the lookout for Peg. Her hobbies are swimming, roller skating, and eating. Peggy gets along with Mr. Nickle very well and is sure to be a successful stenographer. She just hates boys. ,D X X I Q 4 if F r ' 1 ' . S X I 4 f X E 5 P ,J AX I X 1 V - -- g.L-. XX - -I - 5 X Q. X x gg kfg-.lwelv f S XX gg N tex 'N FAYE LANE JANET LAWS ALLEN LEE MARGARET LEHMAN Faye Ll1wSie Captain Peggy I4 After graduation Faye intends to become a steno- grapher. Faye has a special talent of getting along with people. She enjoys roller skating and movies as her hobbies. Faye is a quiet girl, liked by all her class- mates, and usually has a smile for everyone. Janet, our future Super- intendent of Delaware Hos- pital, always has a friendly smile. She enjoys eating and sleeping, likes to sew and read. Lawsie will al- ways be remembered for her "shortness" and her answers in Academic Eng- lish. Allen, our very capable traffic squad captain, hails from the territory around Nelson's Store. His hobbies are skating, baseball, hunt- ing, and women. Allen can usually be seen in his Popls car or at his favorite traffic post. After graduation Al- len hopes to become P. S. du Pont's financial secre- tary. Having been one of our twirlers for three years, Peg sure makes things spin. Since she eniovs swimming, ice skating, and roller skat- ing, she can usually be found at one of our neigh- boring rinks with anyone of her numerous friends. Af- ter graduation she wishes to work, perhaps as a "professional skater?" EDWIN LEID Sonny Sonny, our sailor boy who hails from Pennsyl- vania, is one of our most liked seniors. He is very studious and gets along in school very well. His hob- bies are hunting and fish- ing. His chief ambition is to become a Came Pro- tector. ALICE LOCKARD Al Babe Collecting souvenir hats is one of the hobbies of this future home econo- mist. She can be found talking and cutting up with Betty and Alta. She is well-liked by everyone who knows her. Al can usually be seen skating at the Dela- ware Roller Rink with that certain "Bill," 'Q' BARTON MACKEY Bart Bart plans to become a dentist after graduation. He can often be heard saying "Oh, really." Barton enjoys swimming, sailing, and hunting, and is one of our neat dressers. GEORGE MARTIN Q Ball George, one of the hand- somest of the senior boys, would like to be an X-Ray technician. His hobby is sports, the most important being football. and basket- ball. He has been on the track team for three years. He is known for his ready wit and many jokes. Q ' -.g Q -A-, Q-CQ X 5 D 9,3 I X51 C'-tg f -My L, 'cf' - x A Q E' ,Q X xi-ff? f- , T gi 9 tk -- Lliigk J ng 5 -ri, .f -Q' S' il 2-f QS,-'L 'gi i3Gft' 4' if "EW 3 A 1 '- ' n' 5 fa:-1-' -""" f TT 1 f l l' ix I M-. iw T Q "Ar in --- x Q I kg' xi Q Q f BETTY McCOMMONS JANET MCFARLIN ANNE MCLEAN PATRICIA MEADE Slim Mickey Reds Put "Bet" is bright-eyed and well groomed, with an ever passionate desire for clothes. She did an excel- lent job as drum majorette leading the band this vear. Along with twirling. Betty njoys dancing and driv- ng around with the "girls" r with Paul. Future plans or Betty-top-notch typist. A Janet is quiet, depend- able, and is always ready for a good laugh. She en- joys eating and collecting coins and plans to become a secretary. Anne, one of our cute girls, will always be re- membered for her many laughs with Carolyn and Mary Lou. Her favorite pastimes are being on com- mittees, swimming, and drawing. Anne plans to be- come an illustrator in an advertising department of a certain store. Best of luck, Anne. Pat, who came to us from Milford in her junior year, will be remembered for her vocabulary of fav- orite sayings and her jitter- bugging. She likes to collect post cards and make new friends, especially male friends. She plans to enter college after graduation. if CAROL MILLIKEN Mike After graduation Mike plans to enter nursing school. You can almost al- ways find her with "Andi" sitting in the Deluxe drink- ing a coke or riding around in that blue "Ford," Well- liked by everyone, Carol should be a success in everything she strives for. She says her hobby is "stamp" collecting. JEAN MOORE lean Iean is one of the cutest and best-dressed girls of our class and gets along with everyone. She enjoys dancing and swimming- especially at Rehoboth Beach in the summer. Her ambition is to go into Nurse's Training. CHARLES MORRISON C has Charles plans to enter the service after gradua- tion and someday become a "Gene-ral." His favorite pastime is hunting-also skating at the "Delaware Roller Rink." He will be remembered for his good sense of humor. Qi -.. ANDREXV MURPHY Andy, Muff VVe will always remem- ber Andy in football for his fine ability to punt deep into the opponent's territory. Andy has another ability that not everyone is acquainted with-that is the splendid cartoon draw- ings he is able to manu- facture. His ambition after ll graduation is to become a, traffic cop-in Korea. MARTIN MURPHY Marty Marty is one of the friendliest boys of the Sen- ior class. One of his pet peeves is working and that is one thing he does not do. Marty wants to join the Navy after school and to eat rice in Korea. -3 it w- LEONARD NELSON Len Len, the small but mighty member of our class, plans to enter Bea- com College next fall. Cum chewing and model trains use up much of his energy. What is left is spent in his father's general store. via -. I lil- I 'Q J . M 6 XX 0 Q :ws fi Ls I Qk LOUISE OSBORNE Louise Here is a tricky blond who gets along with the opposite sex quite well. You can always see her riding in many different makes of cars. We will never forget the time she fell while dancing. Louise is an active member of the Thespians. 3111.6 Q? ,Ti""r JP: V-in' Q24' lg 1 Q S I Q, S1551 ANN PETERSON Ann Ann, our cute senior, came to us in her freshman year from Kemblesville, Pa. She has a pleasing per- sonality, is quiet, and liked by all. Ann is talented in playing the piccolo in the school band. Her ambition is to be an elementary school teacher. Ui fs L. I f ts f' -1 'di' ibfx 'VN BETTY POOLE Poolesharp Although the youngest member of our class swims in the summer and ice- skates in the winter, craft- 'fork, reading, square danc- ig, and eating are her 'ear-round hobbies. During er world-wide tour Bets 'ill glance through Yale id Harvard looking for assmates. 'nge' DONALD POOLE Smiley Smiley, our friendly Model A driver from Penn- sylvania, likes hunting, fish- ing, swimming, and square dancing. Our roving traffic officer can usually be seen in the halls at various traf- fic posts. His chief am- bition is to become our president in 1972. ir"iv' 5 LESTER PRATT Pratty Lester hails from Penn- sylvania and is well-liked by everyone. Some day he hopes to grow up and be- come president of the United States. His main hobbies are hunting, ice skating, and "women." He finds much pleasure in visiting Elkton. Q'- MARCARET REYNOLDS Peg Peg, one of our best commercial students, en- joys life and is always ready for a laugh. If you look in the Farmers Tmst Com- pany, you will find Peg in- dustriously working? After graduation her ambition is to make plenty of money. She is quite interested in a certain junior from Mary- land. E 1 2 of Q .fe 5.54 e .-ig? C' -'E 4, ,L ,. so - gf ye' f v f 1 . Q , 4-12-54? f 4 2 X!! ages. f' , I H X 3- 4' Sql' l A 4 I, is 9 ! X VICTOR RICHARDS CLARA ROBINSON CHARLOTTE ROSS EARL SCHAEN ViC Clara Rossie Ollie Vic, one of our best dressed boys, hails from Kemblesville, Pa. He can usually be found working in his father's garage. Vic should become very rich because his hobby is col- lecting old money. Upon graduation hc plans to lic- comc a mechanic. Clara is one of our tall, popular seniors. Friendli- ness to the human race and kindness to dumb animals are practiced continually by Clara. To become a pro- fessional skater is her aim along with a dcsirc to do office work. Rossie, one of "51's" cute blondes, is dependable, ambitious, and a lot of fun. She enjoys square dancing fwith that! certain partyl, cooking, and sewing. We are sure she will be a suc- cess in anything she does . . . plans to be a steno- grapher. Good luck, Rossie. Earl, one of our nice- looking senior boys, can be found at "Pops" or driving his Ford past Winslow Road. He will be remem- bered for his football abil- ity. After graduation Earl plans to join the Navy. ju, bi as-Sl, 5' 'le-sv Nu f QM 'Nucl If BARBARA SCHIQLTZ Burby Barby's main goal in life is to marry a rich man. She spends her spare time swimming, ice skating or drawing. She is an ener- getic gum chewer and has a keen sense of humor. Noted for her carefree ways Barhy is liked by all her classmates. fm 79 CAHOLYN SIIAHP C Carolyn plans to do cler- ical work alter graduation. You can usually find her talking and giggling with Anne or Peg. Her hobby is playing the piano. She is always ready to listen to your troubles and offer advice. if ll X-XJ ,vsxfwf fy,-c,- ,,,. je- -'T QQ, 3 as Srl 'Q eggy, one of our at- tractive senior girls, will always be remembered for her wonderful sense of humor and her acting abil- ity in "Charlie's Aunt." She enjoys driving her friends around in the Lincoln and has the ability to handle horses. l'eg's ambition af- ter graduation is to sec the world. t lv 'tr RODNEY SMITH Smitty "It's football in fall and girls in spring," says Rod, our broad-shouldered, blonde tackle on the grid- iron. He finds motors a must on his fast-moving schedule. Rod, seldom ser- ious, is always welcome in any crowd, especially when he brings his camera. Fu- ture plans-run Sam Spade compegtion. 3005 EE' 1196 JOIIN SPEICHEH, JR. Spike john, the president of the senior class, is always trying to help everyone. He took an active part in the senior play and will be re- membered for that kiss. His chief hohbv is stamp collecting. glohnis ambition is to go to college and he an English professor. MARY LOU STRICKLAND Chicken Mary Lou's ambition af- ter graduation is to be usiiccessl-ul.,' She is quite energetic and can be seen cheering at all the football and basketball games. Mary Lou enjoys dancing at any time or place. She can usually he seen at her traf- fic post talking to a certain "Hurt," fllottie, that isl. MARGARET SULLIVAN Marge Marge is a very quiet girl who gets along nicely with all the teachers. Her hobbies are collecting rec- ords and in u s i c-s h e e ts cooking, and baking. She will make some lucky fel- low a good wife-incident- ally, she writes to a certain marine who is very cute. JAMES THORNTON, IR. Jimmy One of our quietest boys is Iimmy. His ambition is to be a carpenter. Two of Iimmy's hobbies are air- plane modeling and fishing. Good luck to him as a carpenter, we know he'll make the grade. tif: Aif2Z'2sg Q-M wi 'Y' 'P'--v NICIIOLAS X LASX ELD Cite Nick one of ollr hind some stnlors dots un wall It weight llftlng whlth he h ls grunt lnttrt st Ill ullltcts guns lnd IS ll wlys llllnlflng for some thing, Owning sturll housts lllfl pltntv f ground IS hlS Illlln dt slrt lfter grlduwtlon Cltc ein usullly be seen boxing jim or helrd slnglng Q... JL 'X E XVACNER DIIIIIIICS um 1 LOIIIIHLILIII stu dcnt cm be sun pl lying l vlolln ln the orthestrl Although slle seems very qllllll shc IS llwlvs ready for 1 good llllgll Her m'un lntcrtst llts ln 'l certun till d lrk lllIllOf She finds much plt :sure ln dancing june IS well liked by ill JEAN WALLACE ellfl This secretary to be witches television most of the tllTlC when she IS home jc ln 15 a footb lll 'Ind base ball fm She llkes dancing ind lttends S lturdly nlght squlre dmces regularly Although Swlmmlng IS not 1 promoted hobby Jean spends much of her time with a pool ALTA WARRINGTON Altum This drumnler girl of '51 is very active and full of fun. Although Altum en- joys square-dancing in Pennsylvania, she spends ll10St of her "spare time with interests in Sussex County. Our member of the honor society plans to attend the University of Delaware. JOSEPH VVILLIAMS oe Joe is one of the slow and easy-going members of our class vsho can llsllal- ly be seen drixing his old Plymouth around town. After graduation he hopes to become President of the United States. JAMES WOLLASTON jimmy jimmy is our tall blond 'md handsome football end. In his spare time jimmy likes to dance and roller skate. After graduation his 'ambition is to have his own business-big business we re sure. Well always remember Iims ability to make the girls giggle in English class. Q16 gf FLORENCE WAPNAREK F lossy A cute brunette who IS well llked by everyone and who IS noted for her good sense of humor Flossy gets along with everyone and IS making out well as you can see by her hobbies boys roller skating and movles fDrlve IHS pre ferred D 6155 la!" JUNE 1946 We have finally completed our first year of yumor hugh school Our first experiences 1n changing classes were com plrcated by the discovery that there arc two starrways leading to the third floor When we fin rlly leamed which stairway led to general SCICHCL we werc furthcr mixed up by '1 marking period composed of many sclencc teachers endmg with the arrlval of Tex Mlller In the middle of the year our English teacher lcft md the vacancy was filled by Mr Wilder our musrc teacher Who will ever forget those Eng lrsh periods filled with facts about the Nuyf' JUNE 1947 In this our second year of yunror high school we were confronted with the Dewey Decimal System and the rlotous home economics and shop classes We labored through the trrals of Evangellne wlth Mlss Chalmers and spent our soclal studles classes leamrng what we should already have known Our art classes were filled wrth flying objects and clrculatmg stones After we had had our first class party we felt we were ready for the extracurricular and social side of school Many of us jomed actlvltles and some of us went to the basketball games and a fcw of the sport dances All of the glrls ln 8 B and 8 C wlll remember their math teacher Mr McDonald fwlth those beautlful eyes J JUNE 1948 At last we finished our ninth grade promotion exercises and climbed down off the risers most of us that 1S We had finally figured out what Mrs Armstrongs x meant and learned to add long columns of figures IU mtroductron to business After a few months of experrmentatron with differ ent subjects especrally Latm most of us settled down to the academic scientific vocational or commercial courses Many of the boys made daily VlSltS to the ag burldmg periods one and two Most of us had classes or study halls wrth upperclassmen for the first time fEspec1ally Miss Stauters sixth period study halll and we had our class party with the sophomores Many strangers came thls year the small nerghbonng schools sent us some new friends and from farther away came Richard Hardy Maxme Folk Chris Gretzrnger and Nancy Dusmberre JUNE 1949 Most of us were broke after turning rn our class dues of three dollars Some of the athletes among us made varsity but most of us played rumor varsity if anything Our experr ences with Miss Kirks Caesar rn Latin II and Napoleon rn world history finally ended and we breathed a sigh of relief The biology class made field trips to Longwood Gardens and The Philadelphia Zoo and spent their last few weeks cutting up frogs and struggling through Mr Millers flnal examlna tron Some of us learncd to speak a little French or Sp mush but our accent was very poor For the first tlme ln our history the class did something big we introduced TWIRP Season to Newark High The girls dug deep and treated the boys to dates and eats Twrrp week included a movie bo shxr he day when a person wore bowtres and shirts not tucked rn and ended with the Twlrp dance 'rt the Century Club Classmate Roger Wyatt transferred to Valley Forge Military Ac rdcmy Additions to our class were An nctta Furguson and Fay Buffmgton JUNE 1950 Another year of school drew to a close with the tradrtlon ll movmg up of the Junior class into the scnlor assembly seats This year the commercial students mct Mr Nickle s cutting remarks and Mrs Overby s Splt out your gum please while the academic and screntrfic students struggled through more algebra and lab work ln chemistry We all met thc strange Mr Justm and dldnt qulte figure out whether we llkcd hlm or not Hrs English classes were all Creek to us Several yumors participated in the Dramatrcs Class play Jane Eyre After much plannrng and work we presented our Junlor Prom to those lucky semors A large crowd danced to smooth musrc ln a HWWJIIHH atmosphere We were all thrilled to get our class rings early ln the year and some of us went to Mr Muller to get nd of that box top look New arrivals to our cl rss were Adrlcnne Flora and Lois Alderm in to get smaller every year Our last fling before becoming Seniors was a day spent at Hollaway Beach swrmmlng loafing and making plans for the big year ahead JANUARY 1951 The first semester of our Semor year was the busrest we remember Football season started off with a bang and the team wound up an undefeated season After many weeks of excrtxng rehearsals we presented our senlor plav Charley s Aunt under Mr Justlns drrectlon Blll Keene voted our class cut up amused everyonc rn the title role of Charley s Aunt We then sponsored the 'annual Sadie Hawkm s Dmce and us usual the crowd was huge and the costumes wcrc numerous and funny The dance wls followed closely by the Junior Senlor Class party held rn the gymnasium Every one present enyoyed the entertainment food and the smooth music by the high school dance band We confirmed all the tales we had heard about Mlss Callahers clvlcs class and many of us continued our struggles with shorthand French and physrcs We are anxiously awaltlng the list of seniors elrgrble for prlvlleges We are also lookmg forward to the three day trlp to Washlngton ln May The prom will follow and we will at last get something for nothing Finally will come the commenccment excrclses endlng one phase of our lrfe and marking the begmmng of anothcr Somc of us will start to work rlght after gr rduatron somc will go to collcgc some may get marrlccl but wherever we are and no mattcr what wc are doing we wlll alwlys remembcr our high school years . 1 1 - I - . ' I ll A I! 1 1 I . . . - 9 1 C, - ll 1 1 !! 1 1 . , , . - ' ' , ' 1 1 1 I l D . . t . 1 ' . . - 1 ' l . l , K I 1 - 4 1 ll I7 1 N 1 X 1 Y . 1 ' ' , . ' . , 1 1 1 . , . s ' , ' . . . I ' N - b . . 4 ' 1 1 . l u 2 ' h 1 o 1 I F ' Y Y , . . . . 1 3 . . ' 1 I . . . . . 1 , . . . , . , ' x ' 1 1 1 I l C . . 1 1 1 1. . . . . . 0 1 ' 1 K . K . . , x J 1 1 1 Cl ID - h ' . I ' ' ' . . ' s ' . ' ' We noticed during this year, that the seventh graders seemed ' l I Y ' . ! , I f 1 . - , . , .. ,, 1' 1 1 ' ' 7 3 l X , l , I , l . . . . 11 n 1 o 1 ll Pl 1 1 1 7 4 D , . . , 1 - . - . 1 . i . , , , ., v h X l 1 7 1 1' ' 5 . . . . 1 1 1 ' C K . I , I . - . Y . . - - , , . . . . , , , . . . I 3 7 I 3 , . , .- - . . . . , . 1 lx 2 . , . 5 . . , . . I . I Q I . , 3 . ' x B . . , 1 . . , y . C , l . A I 1 1 ' , x 1 ' , ' Q ' I . 20 QITLQITL QI' Lawrence Abram s slxm trrm Lors Alderman s grggles Joan Barczewskr s crrtlcrzmg the mrlk Donald Blederman s shyness Vrrgrnra Blansfield s daydreammg rn CIVICS Cathenne Brown s neatness and elflcrency Joan Brown s perfect posture Marjorle Brown s long memory James Bueche s easy gomg Faye Bufllngton s love letters Leonard Campbell rrdrng the scooter Ronald Cheadle Dodgmg out Caprtal Trarl Jane Clark s blushlng way Annls Cleaver s arguments wlth Lester Judy Colbum s abrlxty to get along wlth teachers Henry Correll s wrsecracks Joe Crookshank s short b0Wfl8 twm Mane Crookshank s shyness Suzanne Dwyer s soft volce Yvonne Eveland s dependabrlrty Annetta Ferguson jltterbuggrng Adrienne Flora s continuous talking Jrmmy Fraze s Internatronal Gertrude Cray s sweet tooth for lce cream Thelma Cray s pleasant ways Joe Gregg s football playrng Betty Lou Grrffith s engagement rrng Richard Hardy srngrng ln the showers Patsy Harvey flrrtxng wrth the large and small Wrllram Hawthome gomg to Glasgow Road Nlrchael Hudak playing the hannonlca Howard keeley loafing yet making out XV1ll1am lxeene as Charlle s Aunt Kay Knlghton s battlng eyelashes Faye Lane s blushmg when a bnll rs mentroned Peggy Lane countlng minutes untll lunch Janet Law s pretty pretty sweaters Allen Lee s tricky sport jackets Edwin Lred s retum from the lNavy Peggy Lehman s abrlrty to get along wrth Nlr Justm Alrce Lockard s trrcky nght eyebrow Barton Mackey sellmg ads for the Krawen George Nlartln s black curly harr Betty McCommon s nrce clothes Janet NflcFarl1n s Mornson trot Anne McLean s freckles and red haxr Pat Meade s speed at the typewrrter Carol Mrllrken s favorite weed study Jean Nloore s five art sketches Charles Niorrrson s McFarlm trot Andy Murphy s flne quarterbackmg Marty Murphy s rdleness Leonard Nelson as football Humphrey Louise Osbum s slowness lwalkrng onlyl Ann Peterson s creamy complexron Betty Poole swoonmg ln audltorlum Donald Poole s smrles Peggy Reynolds lunch tlme laughs Vrctor Rrchard s tall bowtre twrn Clara Robmson s problems wlth slcatmg brlls Charlotte Ross square dancmg Earl Schaen s fullback figure Barbara Schultz s cracking chewmg gum Carolme Sharp carrymg Eve cokes Peggy Smith s Lmcoln ndes Rodney Smrth s tuba playmg John Spercher s towenng herght May Lou Strrckland s trlppmg rn late Margaret Sullrvan s letters to the Marmc Corps Jrmmy Thomton s bashfulness lN1ck Vlasveld s frrendly muscles June Wagner s dlmples Jean Wallace s reserve seat m a Model A Florence Wapnarek being teased by the boys Alta Warnngton s black gym shorts Joe hVllll8mS hooking classes wrthout bemg caught Jrmmy Wollaston dancmg South Amencan style . 0 l L . . , . . . .. . ., L , A . . , . .. ,, Nancy Dianich's cafeteria aprons Lester Pratt's arguments with Annis 7 ' D - u , . . . v . I T. , ' I v . 1 4 7 ' , . . , , . . . 2l CAM YM I Lawrence Abrams w1ll to any Iumor my U S Hlstory book which had two years of hard use I LOIS Alderman w1ll my helght to Ianet Crow I Ioan Barczewksl leave to Gertrude Delp hockey strck No 3 and fullback pos1t1on on the team I Donald Blederman leave to B111 Wood the heater out of my truck to keep hrs lady frrend warm I V1rg1n1a Blansfield w1ll to any Iunlor the fun I had IH my Semor year I Cathy Brown leave all the lucky commercral Iunrors to cope with 1nte1l1 gent Mr Nlckle I Ioan Brown leave all the trafhc, on Old Oak Road to Amy Lovett and hope she has as much fun as I dld I Marlorre Brown leave my traffic post to Bunny Blaney I Irm Bueche w1ll to Albre Sparks two more years of athletrc successes I Faye Buffmgton w1ll two years of hard labor to my srster Betty I Leonard Campbell w1ll Francls Iamlson the power to get through school I Ronald Cheadle w1ll plane geometry class to some unfortunate tenth grader I jane Clark w1ll to next years Student Councrl Treasurer all my account books rn hopes that he w1ll have lots of study halls to spend balancmg them I Anms Cleaver will my abrlrty to patch up quarrels to Rose Duffy and Charlotte Murphy I Judy Colburn w1ll to Paul Fa1r both my C1V1CS notebooks I Henry Correll w1ll my broken rn sweat socks to Lum Thorpe rn apprecra tron of hrs puntrng ab111ty I oe Crookshanks w1ll my best necktle to MISS Gallaher I Mane Crookshanks w1ll the commercral junlors one more year of nerve wreckmg classes I Nancy Dramch w1ll my books to next years Senrors I Suzanne Dwyer leave two years of shorthand wrth 'vlr Nrckle to Honora Dwyer Yvonne Eveland leave physrcs to Mr Mlller Annetta Ferguson leave Newark Hrgh without my father burnrng rt down Adrlenne Flora w1ll my seat ln the Deluxe to Ellen Cooper 11m Fraze w1ll Boo Boo Delp my love for MISS Gallaher Gertrude Gr ry w1ll the joys of Mr Nlckle to all the lucky tenth grade commerclal students I Thelma Gray w1ll to the Nlodern Dance girls my old clothes so they wont have to go around half dressed I oseph Gregg., le ne to Alvln Sparks my art of Cllttlflg classes I Betty Lou Grrfhth leave my ablllty to get my c1v1cs notebooks rn on tlme to Ioan Clough I Rrchard Hardy hereby leave Faye Meredrth all the fun and work of bemg Buzz Edltor I Patsy Harvey w1ll to WVayne Sparks about Hve lnches of my helght 1 Wllham H ws thorne leave the footb 111 pl lyers to hook the L0 lches classes but onlv during footb 111 se lsou Xlrchael Hud 1k le ue my seat m Nllss Gallahers room to Harry Harrrs Hovs ard Keeley w1ll my fatlgue pants to B111 Brlerley B111 Keene vs 111 to Iulle Dlehl all the good lookmg boys ln the eleventh grade K ix KDIBIIIOII xx 111 to Agnes Tlerney the fun of Cheer ful senlor year Faye Lane xx 111 1fPeggX w1ll 22 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' I - , , ., . u 11 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 7 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' ,I , . 1 1 ' , . . 1 . 1 1 ' , 1 , c c . c I . I, , . - I, , . I, , . I, . , . 1, . , . 1 . . 1 1 1 - ,I Y, 2 ' . . . , , 'lc 1. , 1 4 1 4 , 1 , 1. 1 . ' ' . 1 1 1 1 . . . , L c , L L c , 1 1 12 . I . 4 1 A I V . . ' 1v . , . 1 , L 1 L 1 4 . I Y . . . . 1 1 ' I . 7. . . - . . 1 1 I V . Y . . u 11 . . 1 , , cl , c . I Y Y. . 7 . 1 1 ' ' r L. ' CEM lf!! Margaret Lane w1ll lf Faye will Ianet Laws leave dear old Newark High at last Hurray' Allen Lee w1ll nothing to nobody Margaret Lehman leave my band umform to anyone who wants lt Edwin Leld will English first period to any Iunlor who wishes to have It Alice Lockard w1ll my colorful gym suit ln a backbend positron to Norma Laws to crawl into Barton Mackey leave my ability to drive one handed to Stu Carswell George Martin leave to Tom Burke my ability to get along with girls Betty McCommons leave Nell Kline to find another semor girl to tease Janet McFarl1n leave my traffic post to anyone who wants it Anne McLean w1ll to my sister jacquelme mv ablllty to get all A s Pat Meade will to Miss Callaher my successful love life Carol Mllhken leave Newark Hlgh to anyone who wants It lean Moore leave locker 16 to the person ln the junior class who has strength I Charles Morrison will Jim Clancy the lob of carrying mail I Andy Murphy w1ll too I Martln Murphy w1ll to Bunny Blaney and Bob Boutm one pack of used chewmg gum I Leonard Nelson leave my laziness to Bob Boutm I Louise Osborne will my ability to get a few hours of sleep a mght to an one who wants it Ann Peterson will 1f no one else wants to Betty Poole will my shoulders to anyone who can keep them st1ll Donald Poole w1ll my looks to Boo Boo Delp Lester Pratt leave Mr Nlckle to the mercy of the Iunlors Peg Reynolds leave 'vlr Smlth and Mr Nickle one well used giggle Clara Robmson will all the school s closets to Xlr Nlxller Charlotte Boss will a happy Senlor vear to any junior Earl Schaen will my favorite whlte gym shorts to Xlr Nlatt Barbara Schultz w1ll to my slster Nlflry Ellen the ab1l1ty to chew gum 'is well as I did Carolyn Sharp lease Mr Smlth in peace and qulet Peggy Smlth leave my car to anyone with enough money to run it Rodney Smlth w1ll my favorite parking places to Danny P llmer John Spelcher w1ll to the unlor class a New York Senlor trip Nlary Lou Strlckland w1ll to Dottle Xlurphy George Margaret Sulllvan w1ll my ability to get along w1th all the teachers to the class of 52 I ames Thornton xx 1ll my seat ln CIVICS class to Phll I N1Ck Vlasveld vslll to some lucky junior the boxing gloxes ln Nlr Nlatts oflice Good luck buddy Iune WVagner w1ll my Senior happiness to the lunlors Jean Wallace will another vear of school to the Iumors Florence XVapnarek leave three more years of school to my sister Bermce Alta Warrington w1ll the remains of the drum section to jlm Clancy Joe hV1lll3.1'TlS w1ll reveal her secret Nllss Callaher IS the Thlng 1m NVallaston vull to Bob Boutm my rlght end pOSltlOIl on the foot ball team 24 C l I, L , . . . ' I, , ' , . . I, y . . . u. I, ' , ' ' . L . . , . . . . . . t I, . , . . . . . I, , . . . - . I, . , .. . . . I, y 6 . . . . I I, ' , ' . I, , . . , . , 1 . . .. . I, , ' ' . ' . L . . , . . . I, , .. ,, . . , . I y . . . A . Y- I, , ' ' . . I, , ' , ' ,. I, , ' . I, , . ' ' . I, , 4 . ' . ' - ' . I, Vic Richards, will my bus line from Kemblesville to any of my riders. I, ' , ' l I . I ' . I, , ' ' , . . f ' . I, ' , ' ' Q I . - . I, , ' ' , r . , ' ' . I, , ' . ' ' . . ' . L . , . . ' I, ' , ' . ' ' . 1 . I, . , . I . . . I I, I ' , ' ' . -" ,L K H . , . . . . ,J 7 V. . . . . A , , Y 7 , I I 1' . . I, , . . . . I I, , ' , ' . I, I , ' , ' . I, . , . . . . u I, . . , . 5 A . . .. . I, , y. . . . . - enior erfionagfiea , 6 967 06 Q T UWMLX Cutest Zin, CKJCNW Andy Niurphy H C0 Anne N1cLcan ,K aan Bfown and lfiitlfssgme st p,XX6YQdx:f2j,r ax! The Tallcst and Shortest Innmx Buuhe Lols Alderman jf died' F endlzest N ost grggtche' 'Vik V l'1sx eld km jane Clark L .- il 'Host Popular Henry Correll Peggy Smith 's 1110 'es owdrd A rol Xlilliisy -u.,,,Q- Elgglery ion-TRI 6 S Aldgrmdil A B167 r0fldA XXX- .Vlxqn c ears g C if gy Sfmt x1 P1 sl Dre ssul Cumrgl Xl lrtln Bm tts Xlpfommons V. 4' in .1 41 It '11 . !N Z B1 Y X A Ca In . Fl s ' ' A A ' Y V 3 L81 I , - . L I. 'l ,V Lo- IV on :A it 4 g 1. . w ' ' A9 7" A 1 ix F P ' . - .10 . PC. "- , '11 24 F 1 V A '4 ,O if 'Rx -J 1 fe F1055 jsgqoiseu Yghxwafgxngt fy Qian Xiack6Y Adrxdlfle 0 .--m XIUSILIUYIS nh X N Sm gskkrm 111 QFUOI' Ql'50l'lClV ltlej ----1 Cllm Cl Class Cut Ups H' Bully keene Niary L qtnckl md ll' 81011 ml Nd? lr On J Il Sghultz N! l' Dzd rnostfor 'V H S B john Spucher est S K ly Ixnxbhton 1 H1611 1rf?irS buzmm Dqrdy WYCF q,..,..-v C' 'HV ff Host Bashful james Thomton Best Dane Qu... xidflt Crookshanks klmmy H oi? t 1 U Ixnlghfonb on Vast Dependable JIIHIHX Bm du Yxonnf. Ex el md Vos! Lrkely To Succeed john Spelcher janet Laws Q f 0 Q 5 3- 0 lv , Q ' sw S - s . f , .X i 1 1 A, RNA! . ", E -ff eg l Af - L- i"f','e. . ' 7 ill . A IS 5 . on A' .H 1 1. . X " L . 5 , V - A if A 9 . 95 . X A..,Jj My 1. .gt K . h ' k-..F1ra 1 "f wifi. e V 1 aiu' .Q Q 0 . - at .- A 4 N ' YW' aa Y ' " ' N . uv ' , K . 1 " 5 N , ' 'N , . A . - , if f. 1' T ' I. ,, , , xl I . . Name AlJl"1ITl9 Al1I1 rm 1n B lI'L7LWSkl B1ed1 rnnn Bl.1n1f1el1I Brown C Br11wn I Brown M B111 1l11 B11fHngton C amplxll Cl11 11ll1 Cl 1rl1 C11 IN cr Colbum Corr1ll Cro11l11l1 111l11 I Cr11ol11l1 lllk D1 lllllll D11 Nl r Ev1l1n1l F1rg111on Iflll frly Cr1y T Cr1gg Cflllltll Il 1r1l1 II 1111 y II 111tl1orn1 II111I 1k 1111011 V ki 1 111 Ixr11gl1t11n L n1 I I n1 L 1111 1 1 1 1N1 Crgdfaf K f Pct Peeuc Q1llO0l 1 11 I1 1 1 rs fllf 1 p1opl1 11111 p1opl1 l1l1 llll l1lon1les Ignor mt bovs 1l1ort men 1t11p11l miles g1rl1 th It smoke and drmk 111ol1l'11sh glrls 1111111 11p p1ople l1l ll lx D111l11,1 1 IIIN p111pl1 l1lj.,l1 Hung 1,1 SIIOIT 1111 I1 to tl11 ofIl1e notlces I Yflllll P1 opls NL 1111 r Br 11111 Dt 11pl1 tl11t 111111l11 1111l11111l p11l1l11 1111rl11rS 111111111111 r1t11 1 P1 opl1 l111l 1p11rt1 11l11111l C IX IL 1 l1orr11111r1 lJOX 1 11l1o 1lo11t t.1l1e 111 1111111 r 91l100l p1opl1 11 1tl1 p1 t 11111111 11111111 ll l'111r1 1 Co111pl11111 nt 1r1 p1ople g1rl1t1ll11ng1n 11155 1lr1 1111115 11p 1 1 Xl1111r1 I11111 111 1 QIYIS 11l111 111111l11 l1111111 NK 11rl1 11ll1 D1 opl1 NI111C 111 1l11 r 1 1111 111 1p11rt1 1 NI r1l OI' Pet Saymg 11 hat 1lo1o1 tl11nl11t IS good gr111 V1 1 l dog gone lt I1e1111t 111111 t1 pe II1111 1 ID 1011 tl ll I111 111no11 nt 111111t be n111 O11 l1r11tI11r XX 111 I 1111 11lf 11111 1l11n t 1 IX l1o11e11l1 l11rl11 111111 111112 tl11nl1 So Xl r1l1 0l1 Co1l1 11l1 1111 g11111l11111 11l1 1111 lor l11 11111 1 l11 I1 t1 S1111 1 11111 Tl 1111t pr11111l11e1l 11111 I1111111 lt lor 1r11111.i111tl11 l1111l11t for g111l1 1 1l11 1 C 1l1f11r111 1 I11 r1 I 1111111: C11 11l111 r g11111l11 5111111l11 11111 l111o11 11l1 11 I me 1n 11 I1 11 1 11p S I 1 111 1 1 lll 1l11 lt ki l111t 1l11g 11l1 1l1 111 ol1 for l11 111 I1 111115 NX 111 1111111 p111pl1 1 1lr11111 111 1 111 I1111111 l11l1ll1 1l11l11 10 yrs from now Nlr Amerlcl 111 1rr11 1l t11 1 111 foot1r In AKYQX 11 I111l111try 11111l 1 1r 1l1 1l1r l'1l1 11l11ng l11 r l111r 1t1ll 1o11111111t1r1g f1 1t11r1 1ttr11t1o11 it I1 Old Nhll 111111111 1l tr1111g to p 111 prol11b1t1o11 l'111 1 lf111111t t3 p11t tr111l1 1lr111r 1t1ll1111t11111 C 1p1tol Trul 111111151 1l111l11 111 I1111111 111111 l11rl1111ll11l1 1t1ll t1ll1111g lung of tl11 IIol1o1 111211111 if of N1 11 1rI1 Expreis 1t1ll l1l111l1111g 111111111 1111111 lll 11 11l1 11111111 r 11111151 l11 r 111111 11111151 111 111l1 p1rt1 1111 B1l111 Stl mg tl11 1111rl1l QL ltmq l11i1l111l 11 111 mt to Xlr NIL 1 111111 1 g111r1l lor tl11 12151111 r 11111111 l1ftl1 1 11lor1 1r1 111 11 r111111gt11rl11 1 1 1t1ll l11111g 1r1 111l1 nt of 3 6. 10 l11111l11111 lll C1111 n11t1l1ool11 D11l1 I'r111 1 11111 1l11r11t1r 1r11111., B 1 1111111 I1111111 11111 1111r11 1t D1 l 111 1r1 Il111p1t1l 1l1r1 1 tmg tr lllll t111rl1111.,1111tr111t11r 1111rl1l1 jlfl 111 11 pmt 1 k l . 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'1'1l" S1--1'1-t.11'x t11l'1'1-xi l1-111 Xl'-lll-1 4' tu 'la-1111 Qt 'ly 0.111-x1111 1-atcly, ll1- ,111-N S1- -'1-t,1r1' XXX 3 " Br. gg -rx Utlll. l tn 'till 1 -ll111L5l111r1111111- XY. 1 Il Sh 'lf-x S1111tl1 "l71 'txv111'1'x'.1l11 ' l1ly" 1111 -x11'tl1.1ll 11l11x1-1' Y' Q Ill, lltlllilllf' girls "l1-tH1111t I4l1Nll l ' mx" 11-ti ' -1l X11 ll1 ltlll -1 l xx111111-11 MXY1- lx 1 -littl -1 titn ll11l111l11-tlfxl11-.11'l11-1111l11-r ml! I 1 ! f f Q, 4 afyf 4:,, ., f . . fqxf., 4 X. , " ' rl My . Y , g 'x v -150 4 P Sk .elf , , Q ' ' K ,O X x "fr ,? , , cgi xX My Eoyff 7Wy5If,jffXf f f f any ofvajs s . ,riff ! ' v f 2 235' CLASS OFFICERS President SS,, S7,SSS7 , S S,S.A.ASS.7,SS77SSS,,SSSA,., SS.7SSS7, R ichard Dayton Vice-President SSSS 7 Paul Foland Secretary . SSSSS Margaret YVoc-rner Treasurer . 7ee,7 james Draper E 5'1- We, of the class of '52, having gone through eleven years of 'reading, 'writing, and 'rithrnetic, now take the places of the graduating class of '5l. XVe are ready and willing to carry out all responsibilities and to perform these duties to the best of our abilities. To you of the class of '51, we bid adieu, may your future be successful and may you never forget 'igoocl old N. H. S." I KCC55 0 7 952 1:F"'1 , ,Z -L41 aaa 0 I 5 President Vice-Pres-iclent Secretary , , Trca.s'urcr gi- 1 , , -fm -fxvmnnx'-'aw 5 ,..-- .f:'.- Y -.. fl'--H- .L .141 -it Ksf' As sophomores we are looking forward to the year of 53. VVe have been very successful the past two years and have great expectations for the remaining two. XVith more fun. stnclies. and pleasant ineinories facing us, we are sure we will reach our senior year. '-7-sur wr , R 1 ,'x:r,?,,,,,,,,,..,T,,,,,.,. ,,,.,,,,.i.,.,.., .,..,.,.,.,-,....,,XWi, 9. -oo JG C -4 -?.gs-Q Y un 1 Q0 I 'O x ,b "x YI :. sis an i o ar Ng, NVQ the cl1s5 of 04 are lookmg forward to 1 sucu ssful .md prosperous wear We are Cllllhdlllt lf wc abldg by 111 our school rulm, we wlll not onlv be good I H1 I1 I' Q 1, IIIL.: CAM 0 s Q I . Marie XVoerner Day ,. Diane Chalmers Arnoldine Reardon ' fig ff ' IE r""' I X 7' X1 95 A X Q 539' xt 4 if' r QS g'gif x A' , , sf' , yy H, ff, . I P' 'Q f .fjw A :Vx K VA, 'A v 4 Q k X 'fx F' 3 - 4 N ' f 1 , wwf! A , ii 1 2 ew: f M ,Q W? .4-X. . l. f .V wg - X Lyg I T? gf I, .gwf n ' K. 4 six wg X 1 x 9 vu f 5, ' 5 ,bv 4, ,, ,ff D X 4 -Za? of 13 350144, N - f 4 'vi A ' cfm' f . . ' H . 1 ig Af: Y' ' f fr, ,,, 40 , Q T? ,1 V ,Q L '- 5' ,3 :Jw 9 ifffm: -., ,i Q is V A ,-2 ' W ' J, rf A a In ' I N , - A S edlaialw The Thespians, a National Drama- tics Society, has only eight members. To become a Thespian one must have met certain specified requirements in dramatic work. Each year the Thes- pians select and present a play for the Delaware Dramatic Festival. Thes- pian oiiicers are: President, Iohn Speicher: Vice-president. Richard Hardyg Secretary. Ellen Cooperg Treasurer, Kay Knighton. K1 - 'CJ ' .f-. - 5' g00tAgAtel'6 The Footlighters, sponsored by Miss Stauter, is open to all senior high school students who are interested in dramatics. The main activity is work- ing with one-act plays. The present officers are: President, Janice Olsong Vice-president, Ellen Cooperg Secre- tary, Irene Klahrg Treasurer, Barbara Thuresson. 'fe it A , rojecfionifi fd l ,4 N AY as This is a very handy club to have in our activity prhgram. The mem- bers enjoy instruction on the latest type machines. Any member is eli- gible to be called on by any teacher to project at some stated time. The group is under the tutelage of Mr. Miller. 0 8l'l'l GHC? Niodern Dlnu is 1 Lornpiritiulx mods rn m Ins of self Lxprc ssion Stu dents viorlt with fund imc nt il mow ments and basic patterns and set them to music or poetry to compose original dances. The Newark High School group is working with classical music this year, JQWQJ UMA The Allied Youth Organization, sponsored by Mr. Crispell, meets twice a month after school hours. The of- ficers are: Herbert Martin, presidentg Rudolph johnson, secretaryg and Eil- een Follc, treasurer. The purpose of the club is to help individuals intelligent and informed decisions on the use of alcoholic beverages. i- M The Hi-Y carry on many activities in their club such as basketball games, paper drives, dances, and parties, having a bake, attending conferences in NVashington and Wilmington, and conducting an opening ceremony for a new club in Dover. They are under the able direction of Mr. Miller. .meddling 1'-if , 4 125, The debating club, under the direc- tion of Holland Anderson, is one of the new clubs started this year. Its four- teen members participate in informal discussions using topics such as cur- rent problems, world events, or prob- lems conceming the students of N. H. S. Rose Marie Duify, the presi- dent of the club hopes to have debates with teams of other schools next year. NIJ. The Fixture Homemakers of Ameri- ca, under the direction of Miss Dean, have sold Christmas cards, made dresses for girls at Stockley, attended the State Meeting at Conrad, worked in the cooking and sewing depart- ment, and made covers for the pro- grams for the State Meeting. For their social activity they attended the playhouse. yr. yourna iam The Iunior joumalism Class. spon- sored by Mrs. Bonney, is open to seventh and eighth graders who are good in English. They leam and use fundamentals of journalism and write fundamentals of joumalism: write news and feature articles for the Buzz and Newark Post. They have been successful in covering news of activi- ties in junior high school. C.lQ The C, A. P. is sponsored by Mr. Ott and consists of about sixteen mem- bers. They study fundamentals of aviation, flight theory, and weather. They have actual practice in the use of the trainer and in building model airplanes. OZ? PHP? The library club, under the direction of Mrs. Cleaves, leams the functions of a library. They learn the Dewey Decimal System, how to classify books, how to prepare the books to be put out on the shelves, and set up displays in the library at various times of the year. swf Th's year. the Buzz under the guidance of Miss jeannette Thorough- Qood and its editor, Richard Hardy, has continued the tradition of an excellent school newspaper. One of the highlights of the vear 'vas the trip to the News-lournal Company. Newark also sent many delegates to the Third Annual Press Conference held at the University of Delaware. Faye Meredith is the 1951 editor. .Simlenf ounci The student council is composed ot representatives from each homeroom and class through which the students present their problems and suggestions to the council. The officers for this year are: jim Bueche, president, Kay Knighton, Vice-presidentg Pat Meade, secretaryg and Jane Clark, treasurer. erica 5:5 io fance The Clerical Assistance Club, under the direction of Mrs. Uverbey, aids in typing and gives students experience in the type of work they will en- counter "on the jobf' The members help out in the office and do extra typing for teachers. . x 33 The F. F. A., under the direction of Mr. Mercer and Mr. Hitch, is an activity under which many of the boys participate in basketball and soccer games with other state chapters of the F. F. A. They also sell baby chicks, have parties, banquets, and many agriculture projects. ome uming The Home Nursing Club is a new one this year and is under the super- vision of Mrs. Coverdale and Miss Dean. Mrs. Coverdale gives demon- strations on correct procedures to use in nursing, and they also have out- side speakers to help them. At the end of the year they receive a certifi- cate if they complete the course satisfactorily. ire pafrof The N. H. S. Fire Patrol, under the direction of Mr. Kutz leams the art of handling fire drills in an orderly manner, as well as, leaming how to handle the fire equipment provided by the school. They also conduct fire drills about once every month. The officers are Chief, Earl Schaen, As- sistant Chief, Henry Corell, and Fire Recorder, Martin Murphy. oyfi , goolfing This club is under the supervision of Miss Crothers and was organized this year for the second consecutive time. The boys are all from the ninth grade and are in this club to leam more about the womans job. They have made fudge, cakes, and even scrambled eggs. They also leam how to sew and knit. ja he qua in This group is organized to improve their techniques in math and to leam new procedures. They have been leaming how to operate office ma- chines and work out problems con- ceming such things. They are under the direction of Mr. Morrison. The traffic squad, under chief Allen Lee, has kept the traffic in the halls moving in a quiet orderly movement. The traffic officers are chosen from volunteers of the Senior Class. These officers are on duty between classes and have a term of one semester. 7Waf!. 30,1 u J 1a,.f..,z,g, cm This group has been studying different functions of the mind that help them understand themselves and others better. They also have discussions concerning spirits and other things of that nature. The club is under the direction of Mr. Justin. SVIIQP pills unior ramaficd The Junior Dramatics Club, sponsored by Miss Betz, consists of eighth graders who are interested in dramatics work. They study speech, plays and pantomime. Their meetings are spent planning a production. dnguage The Language Club is sponsored by Miss Betz. It consists mostly of seventh and eighth graders who are taught Spanish, German, and French. They also learn different expressions and songs of the foreign languages. The F. T. A. Chapter is a new organization in school this year. The club is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in teaching as a career. Some of its projects are tutoring, substitute-teaching, and put- ting uhelpful hints" on the morning bulletin. Mez' Pom 1' 1 A onor ociefiezi The Senior Honor Society is made up of seven pupils who have main- tained an average of 88 or better for one and a half years and have been approved by the faculty for their character, scholarship, leadership, and service. This school term, under the guidance of Miss S. Rebecca Kirk, the Society offered its services in case of a teacheris absence, tutored pupils who desired help and enter- tained an Honor Society from a near- by school. if IQWAO CM The Radio Club is composed of approximately twelve boys from the eighth and ninth grades. They learn the fundamentals of receiving and sending the Morse Code. Their plans are to set up an amateur radio station for the school in the near future. The Iunior Honor Society, a group of ninth-grade students, under the di- rection of Miss Markert, is active in such ways as ushering for school events, helping Mrs. Coverdale, and working in the elementary school li- brary. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, lead- ership, character, and service. bca! Maforg Junior-senior high school students who are interested in the history and development of Newark may join the Local History Club, which is sponsored by Miss Kirk. Some of the club's projects are making models of historic monuments, learning facts about Delaware, and making a scrapbook on Newark. it--55 'hql mfs, pA0!0gl"Cl,l0 g The Photography Club, under the direction of Mr. Frank Mercer, meets once a week to compare and discuss different techniques of taking pictures and to leam more about the art of developing and printing pictures. Q 7 fl UQP5 0141258 Students, under the direction of Mr. Merkel, leam the art of safe driving, as well as, the state laws for driving. After a period of road instruction and class instruction students are issued their driver's licenses at the end of the school year. jommerciaf This club, under the guidance of Mr. Smith was formed this year to give students practice in shorthand, bookkeeping, and other commercial subjects. The members discuss sub- jects such as job etiquette and work- ing conditions. They are thinking of starting a job-placement bureau for commercial students. fage CM The Stage Craft Club under the direction of Mr. Neil Osbome, is very helpful in setting up scenery and re- pairing stage equipment. On the opening night of all productions the members may be found doing the little things that make the perform- ance remembered. fe i Twrmi ,ME itz! Zee ,ggi xiii' 'QW ali! llll llll llll .SDA 0,2 0l'QH'l Qll The shop foremen group is com- posed of boys who are outstanding in shop work. They are relied upon hy the instructor to carrv out specific duties in the shop such as care and upkeep of the tool room. The Fix-It Club, under the direc- tion of Mr. Hitch is composed of boys in the seventh and eighth grades. Their job is to do general work and repairing throughout our school. Any teacher or homeroom who wish to have anything made or repaired may -x ' N I f. Q hh call on this club. MRL! This is a class group that has as part of its training the handling of general association accounts. It is the advanced bookkeeping class under the guidancc of Nlr. Nickle. They do all the banking for athletic events, plays and other school activities. ng U'lClJ'lCQ ,. ze .---- 1 ix-it C716 ,f unfing id ing l 51.35 DE rx The Hunting and Fishing Club, under the sponsorship of Sir. Ott, is an organization concerned with cur- 47 rent problems of "Outdoor life," Dis- cussion of fish and game laws, con- servation measures, and related topics are considered. Proper use and care of fire arms and fishing equipment is studied through demonstrations and reviews of appropriate articles found in Sportsmc-n's periodicals, Olga QP5 , This club meets once each week under the direction of Miss Fitts. The members are chosen for qualities of leadership and responsibility. Besides helping to teach gym classes, the girls are active in selling football and basketball pins. They plan to raise enough money to buy "warm-up" jackets for varsity players. alla em' CLA The Boys' Leaders Club, under the direction of Mr. XValter Matt, is organized to stress leadership and active participation in numerous sports and activities. In gym classes, intra- mural sports, and athletic meets, the members of the leaders club are quite helpful organizing and officiating when needed. The president of the club is David George. 05 gill The Boys Gym Club under the iection of NI Niitt an ganization in which the boys play different games. They learn the rules and fundamentals of these games and then apply them in their playing. They also have rope climbing and weight-lifting to build up the body and strengthen muscles. 48 K Z w EM PX Cf in X CUJWK X X 72 ofY IX X L., W X ,JS if qi f aw wi f 2 X f ff-X W, 75 X X , JU! ff? ' 9 ' Y Q 4 M, I joofdaf The 1950 football machine, under the excellent guidance of tutors Sposato, Ciesinski, and Anderson, ground out the first undefeated season in many years. Recognition by the Newark Town Council came with the presentation of a football trophy to Coach Sposato and Captain Correll. The 'mothers of the squad' also served a turkey din- ner as a token of recognition. Much of the success can be attributed to the hard blocking by Schaen, terrific running by Correll and Blaney, and the ex- cellent ball handling by Dave George. Outstanding in line play were blockers Bramble and Sparks, tacklers Gregg and Smith, and ball catchers Bueche and Smith. Other steady players included Don Sharpe, Jerry Leahy, Bob Boutin, Marty and Andy Murphy. .3 O , 5 P W . an ' 1 L ll. I Kim U H N,Ag.g,Q3 M l . ' " A x' ' 'ff 'f '41 1 xr 1 .. 1 P" . z. , Ag: A-if-0 - A ' -- M- ' 1' li f ,Q I la , 5 is 5 V ,N 1 'I 'fam ' ' 1 2 , 'x.,P' f - . . le. 4' 5 Al s Q lui ,fi 'I' gfg mf 1,465 "PROOF OF THE PUDDING" Ja-N Jang Q Newark 32 Elkton 14 1 1 f Lljlligffg' Newark 12 Salesianum 1 ' ' H Newark 6 Brow Voc. Newark 19 Wilmington Newark 39 William Penn 13 Newark 38 Claymont Newark 33 Mt. Pleasant Newark 26 A. I. duPont 13 Newark 14 Conrad Tot. Pts. - .. . 1 nff,a.12e2f.f4f14' ' O - O i A "T Q fx. .95 1 g.......,'2.:,.f 1 if 3 , fl 9' O Q -' are r , WJ 3 fr E mg ,W 3.,""'1Kx " JJ V 'Wg2j,'A1,Q ,, V ' ' 1 ea-'N ,, 1 Lge I f' If " "' fm., P lm. ' ,x 4 .2 "K W , 4 l, 1 w me N 5: z m I-utllfq ,VA ft 'fx xl ' , 1 . fa I 0.-. pxf llfll -, L . ' T' .1 . ef' 'P ?"L'f"!gUl X x? sl 1 . -lxg b .-.L ' I ,I AQ l 4 A " 'Q ' " Q f X' 5 x , x - '-Bay 1'3o'2l4', ur 'll A I I X I z ff if? v L W F vi ff , il Gfgfxgiiiiiit A x , - i U ' gl xx ' ' k' ' g , - .aw 3 1. . . , -4, 5 5' Q'? 4'- - gaif 23,1 3 A 5 3, .2 it ' 1 M51 6 U pu YQ 4 g ui xtx - MQ M W X xl' 1.- loring .fgflzificri somaf The Softball Squad is under the direction of Miss Fitts and Miss VVooten. Eight games are scheduled with the neighboring schools. Much interest has been aroused in this spring sport in recent years. As a result our team has been showing steady progress. KCMQLCLK The baseball squad, coached by Mr. Frank Mer- cer, has a fourteen game card this season. The first game was played on April 17, with Conrad. Leading candidates for opening mound assignments are A. Lee, B. Blaney, and T. Baker. Mr. Lewis Miller is assistant coach. l JPUC The track team under the direction of Coaches Anderson and Smith is aiming for even greater honors than they attained last year. Meets are schcduled with the leading track teams of the county, climaxed by the Delaware Interscholastics, May 26. LAWRENCE ABRAMS F F A Prorectxonxst Club Hunting and F1sh1ng Club LOIS ALDERNIAN Orchestra Swlmmmg Club Band Pres 50 51 IOAN BARCZEWSKI Hockey Mixed Choms Dnvers Course Buzz Dramatxcs DONALD BIEDERMAN C A P F F A Wild Lxfe Club VIRGINIA BLANSFIELD Dr1vers Course Clencal Assistance KRAWEN CATHIE BROWN M1xed Chorus Hockey Dramatics Leaders Club Dnvers Course KRAWEN Cler1cal Assistance Home Nursmg Traffic Squad Llbrary And JOAN BROWN Dramatncs Colorguard Traffic Squad KRAWEN Dance Group Mixed Chorus Dnvers Course Swlmmmg Club MARIORIE BROWN Modem Dance Basketball G1rls Leaders Club Dnvers Course KRAWEN Semor Honor Socnety Traffic Squad F T A IIM BUECHE Football Basketball Pres of Student Council Buzz PYOICCTIOHISI Club FAYE BUFFINGTON Dnvers Course G1rls Glee Club KRAWEN Clerical Assistance Traffic Squad LEONARD CAMPBELL Dnvers Course F F A C A P WV1ld Llfe Club J enior .fdcfiuified RONALD CHEADLE F F A Prcs 50 51 Boys Gym Club H11nt1ng 1nd FlSlIlIlg Club Tr lffic Squad IANE CLARK Student Council Trc xsurer Buzz KRAWEN Basketball Manager 51 Druers Course Dramatxcs ANINIS CLEAVER Drlvers Course Glrls Glee Club KRAWEN Traffic Squad Clerlcal Assxstance Semor Play Commlttee JUDY COLBUBN Swmunmg Club Colorg11 1rd Band Buzz Mlxed Chorus Traffic Squad Dramatlcs KRAWEN Basketb 1ll Semor Play Dance Group Dr1vers Co11rse HENRY CORRELL Football Basketball HI Y Student Councll Fxre Patrol JOE CROORSHANKS Band Druers Course Nllxed Chorus NIARIE CROOKSHAINKS Dr1vers Course G1rls Glee Club KRAWEN Clerical Ass1stance Traffic Squad Semor Play Usherette NIANCY DIANICH Bmd F H A Druers Course SUZANNE DVVYER Glee Club Dnvers Coursc KRAWEN! Traffic Squad Clerxcal Assnst mce Scnlor Pl ly Ushcrc tte YVONNE EVELAND Basketb 1ll Hockcy Dru c rs Coursc Semor Play Student Council Buzz IKHAW EN Leadc rs Club AN 'N ETTA FERGL SONJ Tr ifhc Squad Dr un IIICS Thc sp: 1ns Swimming Club Dru c rs Course Buzz RBAVVEN ADRIEINNE FLORA RRANVEN Scmor Trip Committee Dru crs Course Clerlc ll Asslstance IANIES FRAZE Gym Club Hunting and Flshmg Club F F A CERTRL DE GRAY Cxrls Leaders Club B lslcf tball Nlxxccl Choms Dru c rs Co11rse Sc mor Class Vice President Intr unurals TIIELNIA GRAY Orchestra Xloclern Dance Group Xllxc cl Chorus Clrls Clee Club TL nms Clllb Swuunung Club Baskc tball Intr unurals JOE GREGG Footb ull B lscball H1 Y C' unc r 1 Club BETTY GRIFFITH C uncr 1 Club Nlued Chorus C A P IXBAVVEN Homc NllTSlng PATSY HARVEY B md B lskctball Sw1mn11ng CIIID Twlrlmg Club Dru c rs Course Tr 1ff1c Squad Intr 1m11rals Editor of RRAXK EN HICIIABD II ARDY Sc nlor Pl ly Dr un IIILS B 1nd Editor of Buzz Klum cl Chorus Sc mor Trlp COIHIHIIIKK BILL IIAXX TIIORNE Footb all St :gc Cr 1ft Lt lcla rs Club ll1 Y C unc r 1 Club l'1rc P ltrol Sc mor Pl u COIIIHIIIIKP Intr unur mls NIICIIAEL IIUDAR C A P H1 Y HOXVARD REELEY H1 Y Xllxed Choms Footblll Intramurals BILL KEENE Semor Pla Nlued Choms Prolectlonlsts Cl11b H1 Y Student Councll Buzz Tr lffic Squad RAY KINIGHTON Student Council Vice President Hockcy Buzz Glrls Leaders Cl11b Chccrleader Thcspxans PEGGY LANE Nlvcecl Chorus Traffic Squad Scnlor Play Committee RRANVEIN Clcrlc ll Asslstance FAYE LANE KRAW EN CIEYICTI Asslstance Nllxed Chorus Traffic Squad IAN ET LANVS Buzz Nlued Chorus Semor Honor Soclcty Semor Class Secret lry Home Nursmg Club Psychology Club ALLEN LEE F F A Assocxate Ed1tor of KRAWEN Tr iffic Squad Stage Craft Intramurals Student Councll PEGGY LEHXIAN B 1nd TWlTllng Club C 1mcr1 Club Drucrs Course Psychology Club FDVVIN LEID Sc n1or Pl IV Committee Intr 1mur1ls ALICE LOCRARD Dru c rs Course Xlvcc cl Chorus Buzz RHAW EN Tr xfhc Squ 1d Sc mor Pl av COIHITIIIIQ8 v 1. , , . A 1.1 1 1 . , . . . . . . .- - 1 - . . . . . . V, . . a 1 - 1 '."z 1 R , V. . I D C 1 ' ' 'V I , , I ' 'vs-' . y Y i . 1 Y I 1 I ' . . . . . . i n n 1 I V . . , l 1 ' v 1 ', , 1 . h . . . ' D 1 4 U 1 . , ' ' I Yr' . 1 1 1- . . 1 , 4 ' l 1 I -1 .1 . 1 , 1 . P A .L ' i L .. 1 ' J ' ' . 1 1 K , ' 1 . , , , 1 ' ' 1.11 1' . . 1 . . . ' KC i C 1 1 I T S I 1 . , A. . - 1-1 I . . 1 B ' I .1 -1 1 uzz B 1 1 ' os rl lb ' v , Y Lsdfffs C11 RRAWEIN -, ' 1 'z - -' 1 I '. ' '1 1 . . , 1 2 q 1 V ' ' . , x . , . , I I . 2 o u 1 . 1 n ' ,, x . . . . . 1 ' - - - z . ' c 1 . z a ' 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 .Y . . , , , 4 . A i. 1 K! R 1 if A 1, 1 1 's L T ' E I l -vb P ' . 1 1 I 1 . , L. i in , .U 1 .1 I . n I 1- 1 . , 1 . . 11 1 1 K ' . 1 ' I 1 -- fa" 1 '. . . , 1 , 1 ' ' .' . . 11 .L ., I , , . u 1 1 L K . . . . 1 1- 1. . f 1 1 ' '1 A I if 1' 2' 1 . 0l'll0l" BARTON NIACREY ANDY Ml RPIIY B and Bllll ASSOLI atc Edltor of RRAXVEIN Sc mor Pl ly Sc mor Trlp Commxttcc CEOIICE XIARTIN Footb lll B iskctball Track H1 Y BETTY NRCONINIONS Nllxctl Chorus Bmd Twlrlfrs Club Drlvcrs Course Buzz RPIAVVEN Semor Play COUTIIIIIILC Tr lllic Squad JAINET lXlcFABLIN Drutrs Course Tr xflic Squ ld Clc rlcal Asslst lncc Bascb lll Sc mor Play Comnnttee AIN NE McLEAN RIIAVVEN Hockey Traffic Squad Scnlor Play Dru ers Course Swlmmmg Club Nlued Chorus Senior Trrp Commlttee PAT 'MEADE Soft Ball Hockey Drrvcrs Course C A P Student Councll Secretary Grrls Leaders Club CAROL MILLIKEN C A P JEAN INIOORE Hockey Soltball B askctball C hcc rleader Intramurals Nllxrd Chorus Le xclc rs Club Swunmmg Club Homc Nursmg Club Sc mor Play Committee CH -XRLES NIORRISON RRAVVEN F F A Proyectlonlst Club Trafllc Squad Druers Course Semor Play Comnuttee Football B lskctb all H1 Y St xgc Cr aft Nhxcd Chorus Buzz Boys Lc ulc rs Club Shop Forunans Club Fire Patrol MARTIN NIURPIIY Baskctb Ill Football H1 Y Buzz Nllxed Chorus F ure Patrol Intramurals LEONARD NELSON Nhxc cl Chorus Hr Y Flre P ltrol Cym Club Football Intramurals LOUISE OSBORNE History Club Dramatlcs Club Thesplans Buzz Drrvers Course ANNE PETERSON F H A TrafIic Squad Band 'Nhxed Chorus Intramurals Local Hlstory Club BETTY POOLE F T A Clencal Asslstance KRAWEN Semor Play Commlttee Nlodern Dance Trafllc Squad Buzz Intramurals DONALD POOLE Prolectlomsts Club .fdcfz ua hefi VICTOR RICI IARDS Dnvers Coursc Wnld Llfc Club XIIKLCI Choms CLARA ROBINSOIN 'vhxed Chorus Psychology Club CHARLOTTE ROSS KRAWEN Trfnflic Squad Clencal ASSISIRHCC Semor Play Usher EARL SCHAEN BIIXBII Chorus F F A H1 Y Football Track Basketball Manager Intramurals BARBARA SCHULTZ RRANVEN Clencal Assnstance Smger at Semor Play Intr :murals CAROLYN SHARP KRAWEN Mixed Chorus Dnvers Chorus Swlmmlng Club Traffic Squad Clencal Asslstance PEGGY S'vIITH KRAWEN Basketball Student Council Buzz Color Guard Leaders Club Mxxed Chorus Semor Honor Socnety Swlmmlng Club Traflic Squad Semor Play RODNEY SMITH Football Band GYITI Club Camera Club Hunting and Flshmg Club Mixed Chorus Stage Craft Semor Play Committee PECCY SULLIVAN Mxxed Chorus KRAWEN Hxstory Club Smgcr at Semor Play Clencal Assistance Traflic Squad JAMES THORNTON Prolectlonlsts Club KRAWEN Drivers Course NICK VLASVELD Gym Club Mlxed Choms Boxlng Shop Semor Play JUNE WAGNER Clencal Assxstance Orchestra Traffic Squad Semor Honor Society Mlxed Chorus Semor Play Commltte JEAN WALLACE KRAWEN Clencal Asslstance Lrbrary Club Softball Traffic Squad C Semor Play Committee FLORENCE WAPNAREK KRAWEN Dnvers Course Llbrary Club Tralllc Squad Usher at Semor Play ALTA WARRINGTON Band Hockey Basketball Buzz Allred Youth Traflic Squad Orchestra Swrmmmg Club Dnvers Course Semor Honor Society Intramurals LESTER PRATT JOE VVILLIAMS Semor Play Commlttee prmectlonlst Club PTOJCCIIODISIS Club Dnvcrs Course Clencal Assxstancc Tralllc Squad Xllxed Chorus PEGGY REYNOLDS KRAWEN Llbrary Club Traflic Squad Clencal Assistance L sher for Semor Play JOHN SPEICHER Student Councnl Stage Craft Thespxans gy? ilub Buzz Dramahcs Intramurals Semor Play MARY LOU STRICLLAND LRANVEN Cheerleader Traflic Squad Drivers Course Semor Plav Commlttee JANIES VVOLLASTOIN Band Football H1 Y Boys Leaders Club Dance Group Nhxed Choms O O O C , , Y I , I I , 1 1 I ' ' as - a 2 , . .,,. . . 'a ' ' ' - I , A I' . 1 R I 3 . , . , ' I 4 W Y , 1 , ' n I I A' A ' I' , 1 I 1 ' x I A e u e A. . I A A K C - I ' I I , - a , - . . . 1 ' ' - V I A I s 1 u 1 . P 1 1 A K v h S . , Y -1 1 - Q . KIIAMIEN Mixed Chorus Y , ' I ' I ' I 7 A A Q l A ' A n 4 2 . , . . . , . . . I . . . , . , I , , A I . . . . . , . I as 1 ' .I 1 . A . x v . , V 4 . . . x 1' I ' Q A I I I Y Y I ' r I - Q n 7 A A D I . . I A ' A WAR 3 ,- YW AL' igfZ2QfT ,aw W5 fgfmff N ,, 'Q 'f la A 1 I Il 1' , , N ifi fZfZZgZ?l +unUavQyY' xS9'5 --x ,: Y.- Y,. OI D COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF DELAYVARE For 118 vea1s Old College has keynoted the Splflt of the UHIVCTSIIY To 1951 graduates of Newark Hlgh School your UIIIVCTSIIV extends congratulatlons To the many among you who w1ll jom Newark alumm among our students we add a hearty welcome RUPERT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 3400 LANCASTER AVENUE WILMINGTON, DELAWARE ADDRESS MAIL TO BOX 1189 TELEPHONE 3 8871 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION X . .1 . 'Q rg, I ' r , V l J , a o I 1 . . . . . . . . 7 , ' . . . . , . T. T. WELDIN 8. SONS COMPANY PL UMBING - HEATING VENTILATION 3101 XIARKET STREET W ILMHNCTON DELAXVARE PHONE 63311 CURTIS PAPER COMPANY NEXVAHK DELAWARE the Hner grades of paper made 111 the Unrtecl States It has been an rmportant element 111 the l1fe of New ark smce 1848 1 7 f Y 7 The Curtis Mill has always been among a small group of makers of . . . , V X. DODCE CARS - DODGE "JOB RATEDR TRUCKS - PLYMOUTH CARS PHONE 4381 NENVARK, DEL. NIO PAR FACTORY PARTS USED FOR COMPLETE SERVICE Best XVISIIQS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 From WEST END DAIRY Refresh Add Zest To The Hour ADX gf Q MT WW DELAWARE COCA COLA BOTTLING CO Y O O D ,S if if . Un., 9' 3-'V A A ,Lg ,f- ,. I 4., 5:'hglr1nl54 Pczsonal Ioan 41110111111 Home Iloflcrnz afzrm loans Lou BML RXTES NEWARK TRUST COMPANY Ask Xbout Olll NI ARE THIS YOUR LOC MXL BAINK STILTZ NC NEWARIX DELAXX ARE GARRETT MILLER and COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTIN C' XVILNIIXCTONI PHONE 64771 NATIONAL VULCANIZED FIBRE COMPANY N EW ARR DEL AXVARE 'A' 7 'I J - L . ' ': ' J .' , I . 7 7 A A 7 "Pay-As-You-COT' Check Accounts . . 7 ' ' Y Q I 'k , 1. L ' I T 7 ' I , . - 1 I A v X - u NEIGHBORS PHARMACY Exrcllcnf Iounfazn Sauce P1 escr zptzons P1 omptl 11 Fzllecl Pen and Penczl Sets FARMERS TRUST COMPANY NEWARK DELAXK ARE NlemIJerF D I C C 0n,g1 atulatzons and Success TO THE SENIOHS JACKSON S HARDWARE and Staff CONTINENTAL DIAMOND FIBRE CONIPANY AIND HAVEG CORPORATION xEn ABIT DEL -in -XRE "jg 2 7 ' Cz'-'wz OF ' 4 ' 1 7 SCIIOOI Supplies - T0iI6fl'iGS Serving This Community Since 1856 I EAGLE FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home F urnisllers 162 E. NI.-XTX STREET NEXVARK, DELAXVARE Phone 3311 STERLING AUTO SALES 2ncI and UNION STREETS Open Evenings 'Til 9 Fsed Cars 0fAII Makes XYil. 23701 NVILNIINCTON, DELAXVARE NATIONAL 5C and IOC to S3 STORES Compliment? DANITA HOSIERY COMPANY NEWARK FARM AND HOME SUPPLY Bl ICK CHEVROLET NEWARK AUTO SALES COMPANY 164 If AST NIAINI STREET INLXI ARR DLT AXVARE COIIE 'I O ANGIES R J LUMB .I M CASHO Puzntm azcl Papa han Ill Blue Hen Laundry and Dry Cleaners The Mark 0fQualztz1 NEW ARIS. DEL 'XLT -THE PHONE 7363 PHONI 6301 Of 7 - Plmnc 4321 . 3 , , 5 ' 1 'f .4 fu FOR SL'BS l,I10m's: 20372 - 227914 ' 7 r v L 77 NORTH ST. 39 EAST NIAIN ST Newark Real Estate 8. Insurance Co. "See DON ARMSTRONG First" Newark Trust Company Building NICXVARK, DEL.-UVARE Phone Newark 546 HARVEY REFRIGERATION CO NEWARK, DELAWARE SERUCE SINCE 19533 27 TYRE AVENUE PIIOTH' 579 DRY CLEANING LAUNDERALL Self Sauce Laumluf C lothes, XX 18116 d I 1rt1 lllx 1ndQ01nplLt4lx Drlccl XIEET NIE POP ROBERTS NEWARK LUMBER COMPANY I hon 3 NEWARK DEPARTMENT STORE Teen Age' junzm Vzss' AI1La1fsTl1e R1 11tFusl1z0ns Por The loan N ewarlxer PEGGY CRONIN FASHIONS NEWARK DEL MVARE ELKTON XI ARE LAN D WM B BRIDGEWATER ml alll I4 C1 fs mul Szher U ntelz Repazrznzg I NI-XIX STRII 'Xxlr 7 Y , 1717 , A -alt- 1 -'J""J ' L A K ' . 1,. , --- --- D' .I V' y x X V, .X ll ll I l I l ' , Q 70-1 4. 'Q , , lfstublinln- 1885 A H , .U I. I , .' PH ' ' jew- -' or D Y H117 Q I., ... 1-5 ' v. -2. I v g 7 - 1 1 1 - - ..- - - -Y - -,Q DQL... . . ual ' LW-A A A Q - fc-ku 141.7641 Louls Hoffman and Sons 06 E XIAIIN STREET N EXVARK DEL HUV ARE Ourllzty and Faslzzon zn Ven s VI ear PONTIAC KIMBLE PONTIAC XI AIN ST and LANDING LANE ELKTON MARYLAND RALPH XX XICCOOL Vgr Phone 700 KNIGHTHOOD FANC1 FOOD PRODUCTS GREGG JEWELERS Dzamonds Watches jewelry ON CREDIT OTIS H CRECG 178 E NIAIN ST NEWARK DEL H1m11tOl1 Elgm 81 Bulova Watches I R NVood 61 Prmcess D1amonds The Store For Better Values BUTLER S INC 410 XI ARKET STREET CONCORD AXE Gi XX ASHINCTON ST C F Nletfil OHice Furruture Dept 301 DELAWARE AVENUE Phone 7343 POFFENBERGER STUDIO Photog1aphe1 F01 The 1951 KRAW1-:N NEWARK CLEANERS and DYERS INC Same Day Cleanzng j-XXIES H COY Owner Tlanaber PHONES 7790 7 1511 J J MINSTER 8. SON JEWELERS S1xCE 1895 PHOINE 188 ELKTOY NIARYL-UND 7 1 . 1 ' ., , . I , . Stationers - Booksellers . I 7 . 7 1' AI . , . 4 . . 1 , ' 'L U T T 3 T HUBER 8. COMPANY Delawarefs Largest Sporting Goods Storey 216 XV. 9th STREET XVILNIINCTON Phone 89131 I'LL MEET YOU AT THE D E L U X E Candles Soclas Lunches XVILNIINGTON DELAXVARE SHORTY TWEED MARKET G1 oeer tes Meats Pzoduce NEWARK NEWS STAND 10 EAST BIAIN STREET Canning a complete lane of New sp lpers NI lg IZIHGS Tob lcco Smokmg ACCGSSOTIGS mal School Supphes PETE SALVATORE One ofDelau,a1e s Finest RetazlSto1es Open E.Ll,Hll1g,,S Plum 7 4341 X index er Avenue lncl C l lyxnont St VVILXIHNCTON DELAXVARE POWELL S ICE CREAM ind Uma g., 1 XV1tches MERVIN S DALE jeweler and QIILLISNIITIZ Stt'I'llIlj, Hx C mlm uns ITt'lI'lO0Il1 X 1 lu lntc In ltlflll Ll VVln W ltson xncl Snntll 'Jill XI IN Nl XVAHlx Dll 4, 3 A 7 1 . . ,, " f 2 ' '1 . . I '-2 ' f ,"z '-,'zz':- 1" '?"' ' V' '32 72 f 'Q la . ' T ' 3 Hamilton - Elgin - VVultlnnn 2 xfk L ' ,L I 2 -Q ' L' '2" ' Villa 1- P' 1 ' z - 'ting 7' Q A . . 7. C.. Al' fi '. C REES S. JARNION NEXYARK PI 1c11 ie- 2232 Public Liability For Farm - Business - Home lllorlcrnans Compensation Hospitalization Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Insurance Co. RHODES DRUG STORE NEXVARK, DELAXVARE Sclzool Supplies jane Logan Ice Cream II7l1lfNlflI1,S Canely Phone 581 or 2929 - XVe Deliver - NEWARK PHARMACY INC 183 EAST XIAIW STREET lNEXVARIx DEI MVARF IIIONE 78671 MARTIN S BILLIARD PARLOR TRU ADE BOTTLING CO TR U ADE ORANGE TRI -IDE GRAPE FROSTIE OLD FASHION ROOT BEER J C WLLIS PATCHELLS CONIRICIOR IILNS CIOFHINC Il L I L E S T A I L Estates Farms Homes I ots Rentals Colleetzons blllllllflllff Insuranee ' W HARRY DAWSON ,so L xisix sim LT PHONE 7 0441 ul I ' I N w ' I I 1 yw , 1 . , 1 JI I J J ,' . ' L ... - 0 1 7 'L ' I w vw vfw 1 wav v r ' , . I I I '. I 1, . I 1 v rw 1 4 , 4 . . Q I 3. .- - . 7. ' .' -' 4 - 5 , . 1. . 1 ,. I.- . - '. - -,- P1 O p Jn T v ,ra .T 2-- E J HOLLINGSWORTH CO Buzlder s Supplzes FUEL OIL COAL JOSEPH M BROWN Auto Supplzcs NEVVARK MACLARY S MARKET Groeenes Meat Produce VVL Dehur Phone 7374 REYNOLDS CLOTHIERS INC Campus Toes T119 Young Nlgn s C'I1o1u In CIKJLIIITII., POTI1111 XL 1 lr I'o Ilm 914 ORANGE STREE I' XI ILNIINGTOIN DLI ANN ARI' JUSTIS BROS INC MARRET md NIARY STREETS NEVVPORT DELAVVARE Electrzcal Applmnees W H COOK GROCERILS KIRK S FLOWERS LOGAN S BARBER SHOP DELAXVARE AX EN L L KEIL S 11th 'Ind TATNALL STREETS Phone 5 5531 LEON A POTTS EI6Cff1Ll1lA1717l1U7lCCS Telemkszon PHOINE 3821 44 E MAIN STREFT MURRAY S TOGGERY 173 E NIAIN STREET Men s Clothmg Haberdashery Jarman Shoes RAY ELLIOTTS SERVICE STATION FOSSETTS BARBER SHOP CHARLES S CORNOG Ileats Groeerzes Fro en Foods IVE DELIVER PHONE 3301 CUNNINGHAM S ERNEST L REED Successor 209 EAST NIAIN STREET RICHARDS DAIRY I ' ' , ,Lu I. Y YM: ,Z i Television PHONE 2907 NEXVARK, DELAXYARE Cllllllll 1111111110111 11111111 XI11111 I11 Cfllllll ABBOTTS THE GOODIE SHOP 'v-. INO P11oxE vw 1,, L xmx STRLET 9' EXST X15-IN STREET NI' XX ARR DELXXX ARL FRANK M SMITH JOHN M SINGLES 1111111111111 11n11'Aut11m11b1I1 51111111105 PIU"?I7m6 Heflflflg 51117191193 44 E xmx STREET NEXXARR DEL PHONE 4901 lvl EAST XHIN ST NEWARK SHOE HOSPITAL I lrst Cl us SI1111 R1p11r1ng, ROCRX L 1QL AC LIA P11111 NEXX ARR DILLAXX ARE LEN W WALDRIDGE IIION 7 n IJGE XIAIN NEXX ARR DEL-XXVARE KATHARINE W WILLIAMS Insurance and Heal Estate Not Irx Pubhc NEXX ARR DELAXX ARE COTE CONTENT II11111b11rffers Xlzlkslzczlxcs Snacks NORTH OF CLASCOXX BEACOM COLLEGE XX ILXIINC PON DELAXX -XRE NELSONS GENERAL STORE CENEIKAL Xlnnclnxnxsr C115 111111 O11 111 CFLIIIYI NEXX ARR DEL AXVARE ANNS BEAUTY SALON NEXX ARR DELAXX ARE N1 xx 1rIx 7749 XX1 C111 For md DQIIXLI' M 81 M CLEANERS 4 Hour SGTXILC 113 E XIAIN ST 75 XX XIAIN NEXXARR DELAXX ARE DANNEMANN XIILL REXIN ANTS COLEMAN S GARAGE XVeld1ng and Repazrs Complete Auto Rebuzlders Tow ING SERX ICE D 'NEXVARR DELAXX ARE Phone 6361 FLY LOX ETT AIRPORT INC fN1vs ark Elkton R11 lclj Pzpcr Cub Sulgs Flzght In5tru1t11111 Clmrtnr Seruzce S1g,l1tsee111g, 7 rzps COMMUNITY STORE, Inc XX E ARE ANNIOLS TO SERX E XOU J C SP-XRRS Xlgr , . -' -111- ,A , ., I, 'gt' f nr I , -4 ,J-3 :wln 4- v - 7 4 .E . ' . 1 .' .1 . Y v 4- L, - - ' . , , , . . Q., .P .H . . . - u ' Y ' Y -I -I 1 v .. . . A , - A ' ' ' A ' ' ff' I f ,V Y N I EL-0-'Tl 7' .. .' ST. 1 1- L 1 , ' ' ' ' R ' 4 ' 7 Y 4 1 - 1 A s 1 . ., U -A Il II- I-In AY 2 7 I' 1 fy-V 7 ' Newark L..1-12.17 1 1 V 7 A I RT. 40 1' 1 1 7 I lv. 'T T, A 1 , . , , A 1 ., . . A- Y - 1 , . 'Lgn - "va 1 I ' A ' I .. . .' . L.. HST. Y , 7 1 1 , . I . , , R.F.I.1 .' ', ' ut 71 ' . , . . , Y, , . , . "1 '- ' 1 ' . . jul- .I I i. 7 I 1 Av A.' -.., l' . y w.1- ' F M D MCMULLEN Veat Market PHONE 7595 31 VV NIAIN ST BUILDING VORE POWER FOR GREATER DELVARVA DELAWARE POWER 8. LIGHT CO GLASGOW ARMS DENNISON MOTOR COMPANY Vash Sales and Serwce RICHARD S MARKET CLOVER FARXI STORE ELK THEATER ELIXTON NIARXLAND PILNICKS SHOE AND VARIETY STORE Complzments of JIMMIES O MUTTER Reed Vlllage Open Sundays 1NEYVAR1x 78741 SHEAFFER S IVaIIpaper and Pamts STATE THEATRE HARRY MACLARY Atlrmtm Service PHONE 7947 .IOHN W COCHRAN Plastermg Stucco INEVVARR DELAVVARE MacKENZIE 8. STRICKLAND 136 ELRTON ROAD NEVVARR DEL DeSoto Plymouth Phone 3771 NEWARK BOWLING CENTER XIAL RICE ADANIS Vanager SPARKS BARBER SHOP 1 L ' A A I L. . - . 1 . 1 L I Q. I A . X ,a 1 Y I . ' 1 Meats and Groceries 4 - : , X , A - ,7 7 X ' Y GREENHILL DAIRIES AND CURB SHOP MARTIN-MURRAY COMPANY FADER MOTOR CO. I'ORD SERN ICE TRIVITS HOME APPLIANCES Philco - XV6SffllgllUllSC - RCA Telcuszon Refrzgerutron DELAWARE COACH COMPANY Let I s Do Tour Drnzng, For lou BARROWS BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY PARlOR SMART SHOP DEER pARK HQTEL Drrsscs Lmgerze Hosiery Hmu1Bu,L,s Sportsueur PHONE 7363 69 NIAINI STREEI' JOHN F THORNTON Pumungnt Drugs CO AL CR -XX EL I HONE 6468 NEXT -XRh DELAXVARE NARDOS DELICATESSEN STORE -XC -XDENIY STREET ELMER F CROSSAN Contrantor CHRISTIAN-X DEL-XXX ARE Phom N C 6839 NEWARK BILLIARD ACADEMY BEST H ISHES MAYNES TEXACO STATION NEXT LONDON ROAD JOHN W TWEED P nntmg Contractor Pfapermg Interlor Decorating Estzmates FUTIILSIIQII PHONE 7 6961 ORCH-XRD AN ENLE J ELMER BETTY 8. SONS INC FLORISTS PHONE 4339 401 DELAXX ARE AXE Behys Newark Flower and Glff Shop NN ILNIINCTON DELANY ARE PHONE 9991 NEXX ARR DELANVARE fl LI kufburk .4 San 1 .4 1 - . . , U 1 '- - 1 7 - w 1 - ' J J n ' ' ' I 7 D 9 " ' , . An rs - f r ..- - 1 . r ' 1 7 A I ' ' Pl' J , i , , , A . . . . , , v . . , r . A .- Y . 7 . , - I . . 1 - X . 1 1. I . i . . . . . - Q x in , , T . 1-1' ' A A . , . - -Y, , -v , . 1 ' V ' ' v 1 -' 1 v ' . . . , . . r .... . , Q . :vm ArxqmmS1 slum-.fu ll, ua n..4..... scnml Asn comer Av-uni SINCI 919

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1951, pg 76

Newark High School - Krawen Yearbook (Newark, DE) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 33

1951, pg 33

Newark High School - Krawen Yearbook (Newark, DE) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 34

1951, pg 34

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