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L FINE CLOTHING READY MADE AND TO MEASURE LIVERIES AUTOMOBILE GAFIM ENTS AN D REQUISITES FURNISHINGS SHIFITINGS HOUSE GARMENTS SPORTING ACCESSOFIIES LEATHER AND WICKER GOODS TRAVELING AND TOILET ARTICLES ETC., Evo. ESTABLISHED 1818 BROOKS BROS. Broadway. Corner 22nd Street, New York City . Norfolk and Chester jackets, either separately, or with Kniekerbockers or Long Trousers to match. Single and Double Breasted Sack Suits in every variety of material. Boulton Coats, CllE'St61'fl6lClS, Sanclowns, Coverts, l7l- sters, and Heavy and Light XVeight Overcoats. Rain-proof Long Coats, niacle from specially prepared Tweecls and Coverts. Automobile Leather Suits, Rain and Dust Coats, Gog- gles, Gloves, Glasses, etc., etc. Much in Furnishings not found elsewhere. linglish Kit Bags, Leather Trunks, Fitted Cases, Holcl- alls. Cabin Bags, Shawls, Maucls and Rugs, and all other Rcquisites for Travel by land or sea. Catalogue containing over as Hundred and Fifty Illustrations Mailed on Request A iffan 86 . iamond and em Merchants Awards and Appointments 1901 Appointed Jewiif'1ifRiN?vE32"Jfi'E5ov11 H. M. QUEEN ALEXANDRA PAN AMERICAN EXPOSITION 1901 ' 8 cond Medan PARIS EXPOSITION 3 Grandf Prix I0 Gold Medals G a d Pr'zes and other Awards from all' ttlme International Expositionf 23 ROYAL APPOINTMENTS from the principal Courts of Europe and 3 Decorations upon memberf of the firm UNION SQUARE NEW YORK ' Makers of the Yale Bicentennial Medal Fraternity Pins Class Rings Class Cupf Trophies for Sports Invitations to Commencement Exercises, etc. Heraldic Engravings Book Plates, etc. Correspondence Invited I 3 I 1 v 0 U M A N 5 1 . a: I I LX R N -Q' . 1 If Xxx 3 fi ' ' I ' . M ,,.. . ' xl, CELEBRA TED HA TS A 7' 7 A 1 f WN fy ,f X 1 f 1 ' 1 I 'Vtlf 1 l - .- 1 , lf ' T lo fi c '-' xx' Tl ,xx ' -.5"2,'? f XX -andrew 1 Q KY ' 4 X , no .AL W 1 x 'PQ xx I 1 X' -R . -. -1: - --:L .ox ' ' 15221 , -X gy' By J ., x , XX R 5' K f f - 5 .. -a '-xx xi: , ROUND HATS OZXND BONNETS A CORRECT STYLES 'IN GOLFING AND OUTING HATS FOR MEN AND WOMEN PROPER HATS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ,mul lu :uv AUTHORIZED AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL CITIES 1101-1109 Broadway, Madison Sq., West WWE FOR BOOKLET 11 1 52, 158 Broadway, near LibortyS1. . x I no 7-T' f " v'1M . Tx so 9 uw ' :"'f.A5:f7' , -,-,,-au - o OF STYLES ,u,1Q1mm rhFu3, EL. ii New YORK UNIMERSITY University College, University Heights, New York City The college maintains a standard for tlte llachelor's Degree equal to that of tlte foremost colleges of America. Tlte tlepnrtmettt of Pltrsical Training has a well equipped gymnasium, xt superb athletic lield attd track, and fine tennis cottrts at its cottttttattd. New attd conttttodions resi- dence halls are now open. The last year ofthe college work may he fairly joined with work in one ofthe professional scltools. University 'School of Applied Science, University Heights, New York City 1 Four departtnents of Applied Science are now open: Civil Engineer- tng, leading to tlte degree of C. H., Mechanical Engineering, leading tothe degree of M.E.g Chemical lingineering attd Industrial Chemistry, leading to thedegree of li.s., attd Marine Engineering. The facilities forittstruc- tion, including buildings, plattt, attd tlte corps of instructors, ltave been greatly enlarged. Special advantages by reason of neighborsltip to Uni- versity College. University Law School, Washington Square, New York City Day Classes fl.L.l!. after two yearsj, 12 hours required work and 6 hours optional per week. Daily recitations front 3.30 to 6 t'.M. Evening Classes tl.l..B. after three yearsi. I0 hours required work attd 4 hours opttottal per week. Daily recitations front 8 tu to tum. The degree of I.l..M. is granted to all Bachelors wlto take an extra course of 8 hours and sttbntit a tltesis. University-Bellevue Hospital Medical College, E. 26th Street, New York City Composed of New York Uttiversity Medical College, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, and Carnegie Labot'ntory. A fottr years' graded course. Tlte recent consolidation of these two medical colleges affords greatly in- creased facilities for clittical attd laboratory work. The University cottt- ntands tlte services ofthe distinguished professors of both facttlties. University School of Pedagogy, Washington Square, New York City - fllhe aint- of this school is to furnish thorough attd complete profes- 5l0llIll 7-'flllllllll for teachers. lt ttnilics all knowledge tltat bears upon pedagogy, front edttcatiott, psycltologv, medicine, etltics, philosophv, zcstltettcs, sociology, etc., into a body of pedagogical doctrine, attd poittts out its application to tlte practical work of tlte educator. A choice of I3 courses is offered. The degree of Master of Pedagogy attd Doctor of Peda- gogy are granted upon tlte successful completion of 4 and to courses rc- spectively. University Graduate School, Washington Square, New York City This school includes all examinations and courses of instructiott offered by tlte Uttiversity to candidates lor tlte degree of Master of Arts, Master of Pltilosoplty, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Science. A choice of 113 courses. 'three courses are necessary for the Mastet"s Degree, 6 courses and a Thesis necessary for tlte Doctor's degree. New York-American Veterinary College, I4l W. 54th Street, New York City 'l'ltc ttttiott ofthe New York College of Veterinary Surgeons attd tlte Atnerican Veterinary College as a scuool ofthe New York University was accomplished in 1899. The new institution, with its enlarged faculty, cottt- posed entirely of experienced teachers, its increased attd abttnclttnt clinical resources, attd its regttlar ttse of tlte extensive laboratory equipment and advanced instruction of tlte University attd ltcllevtte llospital Medical Col- lcge,is enabled at ottce to olfer tlte means forthe attainment ofa thorough vertcrinary education. School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, Washington Square, New York City The School is founded inthe lirtn belief that business education, ade- quately to meet existing attd future cottditions of civilization, tttttst be placed ttpott a scientilicbasisg that traditional methods, oflice routine and procedure of control must be traced to tltcir ttntlerlying principles, tltat native genius for trade attd finance ntttst be rcittl'orccd by a well-grottndecl knowledge of ccottotttics, accountancy attd cotnntercial law. The course covers two tel yeat's ofwork of to ltottt's. Lectures front 8 to to t'.M. The Summer School, Washington Square, New York City 'l'lte course covers a period ol' live weeks dttring July attd August of each year. The instruction is given by tlte regular University Professors, and credits for wotk done are allowed by several tl' tlte scltools ofthe University as work for tlte degree. The Woman's Law Class, Washington Square, New York City A course of 48 lectures on tlte general outlines of l,nw. These lectures ltavc been framed to ttteet tlte wants of wontcu wlto desire fatniliarity witlt law, eitlter for practical purposes in business attd tlte adntinistration of trust estates, or for its value in general culture attd as a higher study for mental development 'l'ltev also l'ut'uish prt-paratiott for entrance upon tlte professional stttdy ol' law, witlt a view to active practice at tlte bar. For circulars glvlng full information, address L. J. Tompkins, Registrar, University Building, 'Washington Square, New York. AMERICA'S GREATEST TABLE YVIOI-IICITIN WATER, STILL OR SPARKLING AT ALL HOTELS, RESTAURANTS CLUBS AND CAFES Bottling Plant-Mohicun MOHICAN GINGER ALE A NATIONAL BEVERAGE 11 west zvm srreemiibsire Victoria, Hotel Telephone 2516 Madison Square IN DEVIIJOHNS FOR HOVIE USE .4-w.-di-1-W' 5, gs 1 1 .A gl d Cascade at Muhican I 1 - KNIGHT a BROWN Publisherf Exclusive Editionf DEFOE, FIELDING, SIVIOLLETT JANE AUSTEN AND OTHER ENGLISH AND FRENCH CLASSICS S g h g d 11 us ra. xons, on ppl: xon KNIGHT 8 BROWN 150 FIFTH AVENUE - - NEW YGRK - v The " Young I,oc:lIIuvnt"' of' the Southwest and West, 'I'hro' all the wide hortlet' its speed is the lie:-al. riusco SYSTEM St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company - KANSAS CITY, MEMPHIS 8a BIRMINGHAM RAILROAD FORTH WORTH SI, RIO GRANDE RAILWAY - Louis, KANsAs ein' l AND MEMPHIS, AN-D MISSOURI, KANSAS, ARKANSAS, INDIAN and OKLAHOMA TERRITORIES Texas K M exico Tlirongh Car Service to joplin, Mo.: Wichita, Kas.: Oklaltotna City, O. T. 1 Fort Smith, Ark. 3 Paris, Dallas, Houston, Galveston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Improved Vestihuled tlirough Buffet Sleupers between New York and Memphis, Tenn., via Washington, D. C., Atlanta, tia., and Birlnintflialn, Ala., in connection with Pennsylvania Railroad and Southern Railway F. D. RUSSELL, General Eastern Agent, 385 Broadway, New York A. HILTON, General Passenger Agent, Saint Louis. Mo. FOR THE WINTER G0 To B ER IVI LJ DA Got.:-', vAcI-ITING, FISHING 48 hours from New York by elegant steamships weekly. Frost unknown. Malaria impossible. The roads are generally level with easy grades over the hills, and are con- structed entirely of lime and sandstone, free from dust and dlrt and perfect for Cycling. Temperature averages about 70 degrees. I-'OR WINTER TOURS. GO TO VVEST INDIES qc days trip. zo days in the tropics. About 254.1-lon day for transporta- tion. Mealsand stateroom. For Illustrated Pamphlets, apply to A.. E. QUTERBRI DGE CSL CCD. Agmtsjbr Qucbe: 5. S. Ca., Limiled 39 BROADWAY, NEW YORK Or, Thomas Cook Cd Son, 26l Broadway. New York A. Ahern. Secretary, Quebec. Canada cl.wg-gg-3,.3NE FLORIDA The Only Direct All-Water Route NEW Yonx BOSTON AND CHARLESTON, S. C. Q l JACKSON ILLE Fh- Stdjohns River Service bctwccn Jacksonville an Sanford, Fla., and intermediate landings. ' BETWEEN Fast Modern Steamships Q1 Finest Service WM. P. CLYDE Q CO., Gen'l Agents THEO. G. EGER, 0.111.- l9 State Street, New York OIQGFYNIZIED I666 J. M. ALLEN, DFGSIGCHT V J. B. DIEIQCE, 5ccf-eral-v W. 15. PQANIQLIN, vice Du-esr. 5 L. aa. mnixlmi-mn, 'rreasurer F. B. ALLEN, 20 Vice Dresr. W L. P. MlDDl-E13Qoon, Asst. secv ,432 .21- ' 3 X., ,f ,iff f ' ! 41" 0 Xx x "' llll Q ,-,- f-'-Rx XXX ,f ',,. f X D STE x1QQ QQ. X ff ffff! ,H f"' "'A , '4gGiXP13TF6?zf80 XXX . L? ' Q2 Y , Alf' ,VHA 'I ,,,,,,. T t X . 000 Q X . O - f "A' ' ,," ' ,A 5,3 Q? ' Y ' X . W XX , ONAND ms , X i 00 zqggi m f ' 5 I N S P E C T I 0 N . 5 More H100 70,000 STCGIU Boilers HOW LIIXCIGI' TNG IIXSLIITIIXCG GHG IIXSIDCCHOIK or TNG COINDOIW viii h TR VELERS nsurance Company of Hartf rd, onn. .1 I 1 I A plainly worded Life Insurance contract, with an 0 0 absolutely safe Company 011 the most liberal terms, a and at the very lowest rates at which such a Com- pany can aiford to do business. l M Nothing indeiiniteg no uncertain "dividen,dsg" "so e e S : much insurance for so much 1noney,,' eyery cent I p of which is guaranteed and promptly paid when due. AQCIP QN T ,I N S U RAN CE- 32252022 1fflfllfl2F121Zi515221lZ1'iflfQeQ'l1liZ'i?3LKI Insurance Company in the Wo1'ld. You want the BEST, of course Why not be sure and get it? AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN ix TRIIPHIES STERLING AND SILVER PLATE Loving Cups, Punch Bowls, Shields, etc., for Golf, Bowling, Base Ball, Yachting, Bicycling, and all Athletic Events, from our regular stock, or special designs to order. INTERNATIONAL SILVER CO. MERIDEN ESRITANNIA CO. MERIDEN, CONN. 9,11,13 MAIDEN LANE and 208 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO Sold by Leading Dealers I I I I I I I I I I X R dl ESIGIQ UIISI Q IIIPGIIV OF NEW YORK No. 30 NASSAU STREET CAPITAL, suRPLus AIND UNDIVIDED PROFITS 51,900,000 DESIGNATED LEGAL DEPOSITORY Allows Interest on Deposits. Acts as Executor, Trustee, Registrar, etc. HENRY C. SWORDS, l'l'C5lLlEllt H. H. CAMMANN, Vice-President H. W. REIGHLEY, Secretary The Lawyers' Title Insurance ' Company of New York 37 Liberty Street, New York 38-44 Court Street, Brooklyn Capital and Surpluf, - 83,500,000 Furnishes money on lvl nd and mortgage. where the secur- ity is approved, to enable purchasers of real esmxelo cum- l..-.-...-.. plete trangqctiong .l HASKIN S Gt. SELLS, cznrlru-:D Puauc ACCOUNTANTS. 30 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK- 204 DEARBORN ST LINCOLN TRUST BLDG 30 COLEMAN ST CHICAGO ST LOUIS LONDON CABLE ADDRESS HASKSELLS ERTIFICATES of The Allan conipaay of New York covering accounting and physical examinations of proper- ties are accepted by financial houses. and are often made the basis of important underwriting agreements. THE AUDIT COMPANY Aids clients to determine proper plans for stock and bond capitalization. Arbitrates upon conflicting financial interests of industrial firms and companies, providing a fair basis for consolidation. May be consulted for advice on any subject requiring knowledge of correct commercial practice. May be named in mortgages covering industrial and other bonds- in cases of special agreements which safeguard the lien or income-to certify whether such provisions are being car- ried out. THE AUDIT COMPANY of New York QUEEN BUILDING N. Y. LIFE BLDG. Cedar and William Streets La Salle and Monroe Streets NEW YORK CITY h CHICAGO ronx Borough Bonn 7f5l TFCINOHT I-WCITLIC NSW YOVR CHU CAPITAL, ................ . . 550,000.00 SURPLUS AND PROFITS.. . . . 44,995.20 W1r,r,1AM H. BIRCHALL, . . . . President C. ADELBERT BEcKxf:R, . . . . Vice-President M. M. CORWIN, ..,.. , . . Cashier ' Solicits the accounts of firms, corporations and individuals having personal or business interests in the Bronx. wcnty- hird ard Bank OF NEW YORK CITY Corner 'Third Avenue and 135th Street CHAS. W. Booavcr I-'resident JOHN HAFFEN - - Vice-President GEORGE E. Enwmzns - - Cashier CITY DEPOSITORY FOR THE BOROUGH OF THE BRONX BUSINESS AND INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS SOLICITED X Spencer rask fs Co. ----1 BANKERS 27 AND 29 PINE STREET. NEW YORK Transact a general banking businessg act as Fiscal Agents for corporations, and negotiate security issues of railroads and other companies. Exccutc commission orders and deal in INVESTMENT SECURITIES E B E7 Members New York Stock Exchange 5 E! B BRANCH OFFICE, 65 STATE STREET. ALBANY J. E8 W. SELIOMAN Ed COIYIPANY BAN KERS NEW YORK Issue Letters of Credit to Travelers payable in any part of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America Draw bills of exchange and make Telegraphic transfers of money on Europe and California I I X111 VAN NORDEN TRUST COMPANY 351 FIFTH AVENUE Capital - SI,OO0,000.00 Surplus - - - 1,ooo,ooo.oo ALLOWS INTEREST ON DEPOSITS TRANSACTS GENERAL BANKING and TRUST BUSINESS WARNER M. VAN NORDEN, President WILLIAM F. HAVEMEYER, Vice-President MORTON C. NICHOLS, Vice-President :uid Secretary ARTHUR KING WOOD. Assistant Secretary EDWARD S. AVERY. Trust Orlicer WARNER VAN NORDEN WARNER M. VAN NORDEN WILLIAM F. HAVEMEYER JOHN H. FLAGLER JAMES TALCOTT JOHN H. WASHBURN JOHN CLAFLIN DUMONT CLARKE HENRY F. SHOEMAKER BENJAMIN PERKINS RICHARD L. EDWARDS JONATHAN B. CURREY THOMAS P. FOWLER CORNELIUS N. BLISS ERNST THALMANN MAHLON D. THATCHER HENRY H. COOK HENRY T. BRONSON ARTHUR A. FOWLER CHARLES W. MORSE THE NATIONAL PARK BANK OF NEW YORK ORGANIZED 1856 CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 56,000,000 OFFICERS RICHARD DELAFIELD STUYVESANT FISH vue:-Pnssuosnr PRESIDENT ALBERT H. wlc.GiN VICE-PRESIDENT GILBERT C.THORNE GEORGE S. HICKOK VICE-PRESIDENT CABHIER . EDWARD J. BALDWIN FRED'K O. FOXCROFT ASST. CASI-IIER 2ND ASST. CASHIER DIRECTORS JOSEPH T. MOORE STUYIVESANT FISH GEORGE S. HART CHARLES STERNBACH CHARLES SCRIBNER EDWARD C. HOYT W. ROC KHILL POTTS AUGUST BELMONT RICHARD DELAFIELD FRANCIS R. APPLETON JOHN JACOB ASTOR GEORGE S. HICKOK GEORGE FRED'K VIETOR ALBERT H. WIGGIN CORNELIUS VANDERBILT xiv Elnited States Qlurtgagc and Ernst Qtuinpang 59 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK Capital and Surplus Protlts ----- 30,000,000 Credits Monthly Interest on Depositors' Balances Acts in all Trust Capacities for Corporations and Individuals DIRECTORS 1 George W. Young, President Samuel D. Babcock C. C. Cuyler Wm. H. BaIdwin,lr. Charles D. Dickey Frederick 0. Barton William P. Dixon C. Ledyard Blair Robert A. Granniss Dumont Clarke G. G. Haven, lr. Chas. R. Henderson Gustav E. Kissel Luther Kountze, William B. Leeds Charlton T. Lewis Richard A. McCurdy Robert Olyphant Charles M. Pratt Mortimer L. Schiff James Timpson, Eben B. Thomas Corneliusvanderbilt The National Bank of North America 'I N N fI+I XV XT O li IC RICHARD L. EDWARDS, 1'RIcsIDI4:NT CHARLES W. MORSE, VICIQ-PRESIDENT HENRY CHAPIN, JR., VIC1f:-PR14:sImeN'r ALFRED H. CURTIS, CASHIFR J. FREDERICK SWEASY, ASsIS'rAN'r CASIIIIQR I3TIiI4lCfl'ORS HI-:NRY II. COOK RICHARD I.. EDWARDS WARNER M. VAN NORDIQN WARNER VAN NORDIQN AUGUST BELMONT OAKLEIGH THORNE DAVID II. HOUGH'l'AI.ING I-:DWARD T. IaI+:D1foRD HENRY CHAPIN, ju. JOHN II. 1fLA0LIf:R CIIARLIQS w. MORSE CHARLES 'r. RARNIQV I-IIQNRY If. DIMOCK ROBERT M. THOMPSON XVILLIAM SALOMON MAIILON D. THA'l'CI'IFR FRANK R. s'rUR0Is IIENRY IIUDGE WILLIAM If. IIAVEMEYIIQR BUYS AND SELLS FOREIGN DRAFTS ISSUES TRAVELERS LETTERS OF CREDIT S 'J' A TIG IW IG N 'J' , TI-IE NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH AMERICA AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS, FEBRUARY 25th, 1902 RESOURCES Loans, ---- - 358,390-797 U. S. Bonds, ----- 1,744,000 Other Bonds and Stocks, - - I ,097,770 Exchanges for C. H., 32,307,237 28 Cash, - ' ' 3-325,142 31 Due from Banks, - 2,855,693 71 8,968,073 325,700,640 Capital, . . Surplus and Profits, Circulation, . Deposits, . . LIABILITIES 552,000,000 2,030,687 826,700 20-343,253 525,700,640 BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Farmers Loan and Trust Company GHARTERED 1822 Nos. 16, r8, zo and 22 William Street - NEW YORK CAPITAL, - - 2?aI,OO0,000.00 UNDIVIDED Pkoifrrs, 6,5oo,ooo.oo The Company is a legal depository for moneys paid into Court, and is authorized to act as Executor, Administrator, Trus- tee, Guardian, Receiver, and in all other Fiduciary capacities. Acts as Trustee under Mortgages made by Railroad and other Corporations, and as Transfer Agent and Registrar of Stocks and Bonds. Receives deposits upon Certificates of Deposit, or subject to check and allows interest on daily balances. Manages Real Estate and lends money on bond and mort- gage. Acts as Agent for the transaction of any approved financial business. EDWIN S. M,xRs'roN, President Taos. J. BARNETT, ad Vice-President SAMUEL SLOAN, JR., Secretary Anonsrns V. HEELY, Assistant Secretary W1Lr.1AM B. Cfxranozo, Assistant Secretary CORNELIUS R. AGNEW, Assistant Secretary Samuel Sloan William WaldorfAstor D. 0. Mills Robert F. Ballantine Franklin D. Locke George F. Baker - A G. Agnew Charles A. Peabody Hugh D. Anchincloss James Stillman Henry A. C. Taylor D. I-I. King, Jr. Robert C. Boyd E. R. Holden William Rowland Edward R. Bacon W, 5. Bogert Edwin S. Marston Moses Taylor Pyne S. 5. Palmer Cleveland H. Dodge john L. Riker Daniel S. Lamont Henry Hentz I-I. Van Rensselaer Kennedy Archibald IJ. Russell P. A. Valentine l I I I I E 1 l I I xvi I-I. C. F. KOCH gl CO. NEAFIEST TO YOU THE LARGEST DEPARTMENT ms :..e.1.:sm...... STORE or UPPER 1eisj,L ts'rirrfrriis'-55' lI's.M'-En I . xn llllllllulh , 4" , 'mr :I " e .sin - fi cyl-'C 2- S: IDF!-I:-:1igI:':'::g:::::-iq:sts., Q . ,Mi- , fr. ' A rr... .4 ig? f flVY1f'f'-e"ff.f'Iisf'Zi.fw7- ' 7 475:-'feds'l:'H:.4f:'.:1.ra':': ii' 7- T 1 -shut i.. I-.e.f:.fli:1-.:g"s-.3a4f.:if.l'e1fj? K I I , ii-Exif!,?..!E:Ij!IL.,l.: W Q .4 .1 E iL..l.iL.-JDE.-.IJ HE mi- ix.: F ,-kj: -Q 4 ! f f J F QE 1' -1 g., . .f. P4411-I " . It I..-2... 1 Rr?" ' NEW YORK Assortments as big as can be found anywhere down town -PRICES POSITIVELY LOWER. l TWH .L.i'l nf jd' 3 All BI!! 1 gl: :nl 1 nn .911 i k g.- ii EVERY NEED or THE PERSON on THE HOME sarisracronnv sur- PLIED. k,gpi..II":ii3lf i I, N151-?m.... -fig! f- are NIEN'S SHIRTS, NECKWEAR, GLOVES UNIBRELLAS, LEATHER GOODS, JEWELRY BOOKS, STATIONERY, ENGRAVING COLLEGE RIBBONS, PILLOWS, ETC., ETC. 125th Street, West: Bd"mL3'Sl'Z.fE'iI"l.v...u.s l-1 - 41 l - L - is I., x X th Ti X N. K I mi ":A 55- t ,. if-5 :-N ' ' , 1 A ' A ,fff i J 2 ff . Q- Q a 9 UQQ3 VHQLW K wg O f PUBLHSHED BY 'THE JUNUQUQQLASS, K New Www UNHVERSHW "R 1: - , f1'7,.r"" - f f ' ' fr-1.3. 41,17 .fg,--Jr, .- ,H 1 ' - -- 1 Y N 'J P1 4, . , ' A E 53 N I lx ' 1- ' 1 1 1 T0 William A. Wheelock Who, by his loyalty, has proven his love for his Alma Mater . . The Class of Nineteen-Three Respectfully Dedicates this Volume. William A. Wheelock. N ILLIAM ALMY WHIQELOCK, wl1o llZlS kindly accepted tl1e dedication of this volume, has a notable - record i11l1is relation to New York University. linteriixg its lfreslinian Class in 1839 at fourteen years of age, l1e graduated in 1843, a11d was made a Master of Arts i11 1846, when only twenty-one. .N In the meantime he had been honored by the University witl1 an instructorship i11 the grammar gilt! school, which was then under its control. For tl1e next quarter of a century he held 110 relation to tl1e University, save that of a loyal alu11111us who 111et with his class every year, to keep alive aca- .f' demic associations. 'A From Dr. Sihler's sketch in " Universities and their Sonsf' we quote the following summary I of Mr. Wheelock's business career : "At nineteen he e11tered as clerk the jobbing house of Merritt, lily X Company, serving two years without compensation in order to lear11 tl1e business. Three years later he became a partner of the hrm. I11 ISSO he married Harriet, daughter of lilijah ll. lifner, of Buffalo, of what was then one of the oldest families ol' that city. From ISSOYISSS he acted as plll'Cll25G1' for his firm Cnow changed to Merritt, Bliss X Companyj at Manchester, lingland, Slllfl there both of his children were bor11. Having retired from this business in 1863, he became Director, in 1865, of the Central Natio11al Bank, and in 1866 President, which post he held to lS8I,WllCl1 l1e resigned. Mr. Wheelock has been associated with tl1e American Surety Company as Chairman of its Execu- tive Committee, the Equitable Life as 0116 of its Finance Committee, the New York, Lake Erie Elllfl Western Rail- road Company, the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company and the Central National Bank. He is a member of the Union League a11d of the Lawyers' Club. He has served in the adn1i11istratio11 of the American Tract Society, and has been an Elder of tl1e Presbyterian Church, at Xiashington Heights, for 11ea1'ly forty years : also a lllelll' ber ofthe Church lixtension COlllll1ltlCC of the Presbytery of New York." In 187 1, at forty-six years of age, Mr. Wheelock accepted a seat in the University Council g tl1e Silllle year he became Treasurer, continuing, however, for Ollly two years in office. But in 1881 he consented to 1'6Sllllle tl1e Treasurership, a11d held ofhee for ten years. All this while he served also upon the Finance Committee, of which he still remains the Chairman. In 1898 he was elected President of the Council, which oilice he holds at this time. 3 This bare recital of Mr. Wheelock's official relation to New York University, tells something of his career as a University man, but it is in the sa111e way that a catalogue of the different stations on a journey tells the ex- perience and achievements of the traveler. Mr. Wheelock started with New York University in the first te11 years of its existence, and has traveled along side of it for more than three score years. Always her devoted son, he is known for quiet, constant, successful service. He is equally spoken of as a strong, hearty leader in crises, when the very constitution of the University was in question. His abounding sympathy with students has been continually evinced by his aid to our literary, social and athletic enterprises. His wisdom in the financial affairs of the University, as also the wisdom of those associated with him, appears in the notable fact that not a dollar of the principal of any of our University endowments has ever been lost. Mr. Wheelock is never known to fail when it is possible for him to attend the annual reunions of the notable class of 1843. New York University does not need to concern herself as to the ideal college man in business, for in Mr. Wheelock she has at the head of her corporation a realization of the college man in business that may serve as an example to succeeding generations of undergraduates. lf! r. W ' fig - ,. W li. 4 . e Hli growth of our Alma Mater during the past decade has been truly a remarkable one. The liberality . of our friends, the energy and progressiveness of our Executive, the vigorous spirit manifested on the part of our Council and Faculty, all have combined to develop rapidly our college, and have enabled New York University to take its place among the great institutions of learning in the country. The student body has attempted to keep pace with this rapid advancement. In scholarship, in I literary work, in athletics, in all branches of college activity it has endeavored to uphold tl1e honor of the University, and to justify the efforts of those who have been the chief factors in its advancement. ,!eJ Throughout its college career, the Class of Nineteen-Three has exemplified this spirit, and we, r' as its representatives in publishing this volume of TI'Il5: VIOL1sT, have tried still further to carry out its policy. We have realized that a college annual should be indicative of the growth of the institu- tion it represents, and it has been our plan to make the book of the Class of Nineteen-Three a true book of N. Y. U. In this it will be evident we have not succeeded, but we ask that our attempt be taken into consideration, and that our finished product be judged accordingly. Per-sfanf el Pnfslare is the spirit in which all of ourcollege enterprises should be undertaken, and if this is kept in mind our annual publication will soon be worthy of the institution it represents. THE EDITORS. 5 . The f,l'l'.Yl'tI,Cl1f , If'1'1'c-I ,l't'.N'l'0,1 '11 I, Sz'f1'1'f1I1:l', . 73'm.v11n'1', lVII.I,I.XM A. Wllrelcrmclc. W1l.I.mM LORING Axvulaws. L1-:MUHL Slcrmloulc. XVILLIAM S. Ol'IJX'Iil'f. SAMUIQI, SLOAN. Imvm BANKS. Glccmucm AL1'2x.xNn1+:Ie, 11.13. Islmlcl. C.P11c1:SON, PILD. WILLIAAI F. HAv1':1x11cx'x-214. ' lleucnseil. Council of the University. Hi Officers of the Council. WII.l.l.X3I A. NV111cr':I.oc1c. 0143011014: AI.1cXJxN1m1c1e, D.D. Isxmlcr. C. PIICRSON, 1'n.IJ. XVlI.I.I.XM Roll of the Council. Ielxaxux' M. BINCCRACKICN, 1J.IJ., I.I..IJ CIIARLICS R. FLINT. JOHN P. MUNN, M.D. . CII.'XRl.l'fS R. OTIS. 211 lNlARCICI.I.US I-I.x1:'rr,1f:x'. Jmrmfzs INfIcCmc14.1u'. Cvlws C. MrI,r.1c1:. iiijonx J. 'lll7ClilCR. FRANK J. Goumm. WlI,I.IS FI.w1'cI-INR JOIINSUN. 6 If II.xx'm11-zvlcle. 'l'mm.xs 19. Gnu-:.xc1':x. :3iIJ.xvm H. MCAl.l'lN. Illcxxu' VAN Sclmlcli. W1I.I.x.xM M. KINc:SI.m'. C1I.xRI.l4tS A. Gnlumzxlclz. J.-XIXIICS G. Cfxxzyox. jm1NR143m, IJ.IJ. Axim!-:W ll. Gluclcx. :Z:lVlAl.'l'BIlC D. limzcoclc, D.IJ IION. NIURGAN 1.1':w1s. HON. S.-mmol. R. B1c'r'rs. HON. JAMES '1'.1xI,I,M.xm:11: JAINIIQS M. NIA'F'1'IiEWS, 13 f2liORGlC GRISNVOL13, Su. NIYNIDICRT X7AN Sci-IAIQK. S'l'E1'111'IN W111'1'N1cY. 1'1ON. Ar.mcR'1' G.xr.r..vr1N HON. NIORGAN Imtwls. 11ON. JAMES 'I'AI.mm1x:1f:. Founderf of the University. M.xN'r1N IC. 'l'11OAl1'sON. JOHN 131cI.A1f11':I.l3. JAMICS LENON. Snrular. XVAR13. VA1.1CN'1'1NlC MO'1"1', 31.13. EI3XV.XR13 131Cr..fxlfIl-21.13, 51.13. Snlrrrcr, HANSON CON, 13.13. JAMIQS MILNOR, 13.13. Presidents of the Council. fi.-XR13INlCR SPRING, 13.13. Cn.-xRI.14:S l3U'rI,1cR, 1.1..13. JOHN C. Gm-:x':N, 1,1,.13. Chancellors of the University. A1eQ1l11s.xl.n1N11xcl,.xv, 13.13. S1-1cNc1-in H. CONN, 13.13. Cvnufs 1NI.'XSC3N, 13.13. lvVI1.1.I.-X131 XV. XVl3f31,Sl'IY. CII.-XRLICS ST.-x 1: le. JOHN S.C1e.AxIO. Cv.X1iRIlC1. P. 131SOSw.ixx'. JOHN '1xAYl.l3R JOHNSTON. XV11.I.1Am AI.r.14:N BLf'1', WIr.r,I.fxM A. W11l'21C1.f3C1i. juries 1N1A'13'1'1I1CWS. D.I3. I'Il3XVARl3 Cuosnv, 13.13., 1,L.D. HON. '1'H1cO1moR14: FnV1c1.1NO1rm's14:N, LL 13. JOHN HAM., 13.13., 1,1,.13. ISAAC FPZRRIS, UU-, LL.13. H11:NRv B1I'1'C1'I1C1,L 1NfIAcCRAc1c1cN, 13.13., L1,.I3 7 fwQj L Copyrlght 1698, by Wm Ten Eyck Haxdenbxook Ill mQlIl0l'ldlII MARCELLUS HARTLEY BORN SEPTEMBER 23,1828 DIED JANUARY 8 1902 MEMBER OF THE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL , , ww ., I-I ,t ' .ah , I ,,-, J. - . ,V ,' A J, ' w X . o . A, W, 5 . .,- Q ,- , . V. -,D III IIIQIIIOIIGIII. IVIALTBIE DAVENPORT BABcocK BORN AUGUST 3 1858 DIED MAY 18 1901 MEMBER OF THE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL ! , . , . My yer I' H111 New York University Senate. Ii Ordinary Memberf. H1-:Nev M. M.xcCR.xe1c1cN, LI,.IJ., Clmncellor. HENRY M. B.xxRn, LL.D., Dean 1' Dixxnar. W. PIERING, Pn.D., MS., Prolessor Ax P 'School of Law. Isfxixc F. Rrssx-:r.L, LI..D., Professor Ax University College. Crdxulcxcic D. Asnmcv, Ll'..IJ., Dean I Dxx um G jxxx xx xx I I II em ibchool of Medlcme. l: '. . r Ava ': ', x . J., 4 4.IJ., I , . . lifzmiwi' Llftlfl-txfluc, NLD., Professor l J. P. Gonnxt Pn.D., Professor School of Pedagogy. jonx DYN1cI.x' PRINCE, P11.D., Dean l ., Vracllizxte School. FRANCIS Hoxflcx' Sronnixun, Pn.IJ.. Professor ' CIIARLES H. SNoxv, SC.D., Dean " jonN J. S'r1ex'1cNsoN, l.L.I7., Professor iSehool of Applied Science. Honorary and Advisory Members. President H1-txlzx' A. I3U'r'rz, lJ.IJ., LI,.lJ., Drew Theological Selninary. Very Rexx Ii. R. lJx'1iR, lJ.lJ., Rector of St. joseplfs Seminary, Dunxvoodie. Yonkers. President CHARLES Cl"lllIBliR'I' H,1x1,I,, IJ.lJ., Union Theological Seminary. Very Rev. Ii. A. HCll'lfNl4XN, lJ.ID., LL.lJ., General Theological Seminary. Professor 1"1c1amNrxNn S. SCIIICNCK, lJ.1J., New Brxmsxvick Retbrmecl Theological Seminary IO my University Faculty. HFINRX' M. AIACCRACKEN, D.D., LL.D., University Heights. CI-IANcI1:LI.oR: Professor of Philosophy. HENRY M. BAIRIJ, D.D., LL.D., L.H.D., University Heights. Dean of the Faculty of University College : Profes- sor of the Greek Language and Literature. JOHN J. S'rHvI+:NsoN, PI-1.D., LL.D., University Heights. Professor of Geology. - A. E. MAc1JoNAr.n, LL.B.. NLD., 26th'St. and Ist Ave. Emeritus Professor of Medical jurisprudence and Psychological Medicine. ISAAC F. RUSSELL, M.A., j.C.D., LL.D., Washing- ton Square. Professor of Law. DANIEL W. HPZRING, C.E.. PHD.. University Heights. Professor of Physics. HENRY G. PIFFARD, M.D., LL.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Emeritus Professor of Dermatology. PRINCE A. MoRRow, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Emeritus Professor of Genito-Urinary Diseases. ABRAM S. ISAACS, PII.D., Washington Square. Professor of German Literature. FRANK F. ELLINWOOD, D.D., LL.D., Washington Square. Professor of Comparative Religion. FRANCIS Hovrav STODDARD, PI-LD., University Heights. Professor of the English Language and Literature. ROBERT W. HALL, M.A., M.E., University Heights. Professor of Analytical Chemistry. WILLIAM KENDALI. GILLE'r'r, M.A., University Heights. . Professor of the French and Spanish Languages. EDWARD D. FISIIER, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System. CHARLES E. QUIMBY, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Medicine. EGBERT LE FEVRE, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Professor of Clinical Medicine and Associate Profes- sor of Therapeutics. MORRIS LOEB, PH.D., University Heights. Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Have- meyer Chemical Laboratory. CHARLES HENRY SNOW, C.E., SOD., University Heights. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering: Professor of Engineering. ERNEST G. SIHLER, PH.D., University Heights. Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. JOHN DYNELEY PRINCE, PH.D., University Heights. Dean of the Faculty of the Graduate School: Pro- fessor of Semitic Languages and of Comparative Phil- ology. ADDISON BALLARD, D.D., University Heights. Professor of Logic. FRANK ALEXANDER ERWIN, M.A., LL.M., Washing- ton Square. Professor of Law. CLARENCE D. ASHLliX', LL.D., Washington Square. Dean of the Faculty of Law 3 Professor of Law. POMEROY LADUE, B.S., University Heights. Professor of Mathematics. MARSHALL S. BROWN, M.A., University Heights. Professor of History and Political Science. CHARLES L. BRISTOI., PH.IJ., University Heights. Professor of Biology. CORNELIUS G. COAKLIW, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Laryngology. LAWRENCE A. NICLOUTIYI, B.A., University Heights. Proftssor of the German Language and Literature. SAMUEL McCAuLisv JACKSON, D.D., LL.D., Univers- ity Heights. Professor of Cl1urcl1 History. CARLOS C. Al.lJ1'ZN. LL.M.. Washington Square. Professor of Law QGracluatc Divisiouj. FREDERIC TABOR CoO1'1aR, M.A., LL.B., PH.D., Washington Square. Professor of Sanskritg Associate Professor of Latin. GEOROR: A. MILLER. LL.M., Washington Square. Professor of Law. 'IXHAIJDEUS D. KICNNESON, M.A., LL,M,, Washing- to11 Square. Professor of Law. ARTHUR C. ROUNDS, M.A., LL.B., Washington Square. Professor of Law. RALPH S. ROUNDS, B.A., LL.B., Washington Square. Professor of Law. FRANK H. SOMMIQR, I.L.B., Washington Square. Professor of Law. . TIIOMAS W. 12mIoNnsoN, PII.D., University Heights. Assistant Professor of Physics. WIl.l.IS E. FoRIJ, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Electro-Therapeutics. EDWARD G. J.xNI-zxvnv. M.D., LI,.D., 26th St. and ISY Ave. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine: Professor of Med- icine. A. AI.ExAN1n-:R SMITIK, M.D., I.L.lJ., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine. HERMANN M. BIGGS, M.D., 26th St. and ISt Ave. Professor of Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine. and Adjunct Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine. josm-II D. BRvAN'1', M.D., 26th St. and Ist. Ave. Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, Operative and Clinical Surgery. AUSTIN FLINT, JR., M.D., 261111 St. and Ist Ave. V Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Professor of Gynzccology. GEORGE D. STEWART, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Surgery. GR.xnAM LUSR, PII.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. Professor of Physiology. EDWARD K. DIINIIMI, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Pathology. lilCNRY C. Core, M.D., 26th St. and ISt Ave. Professor of Gynzecology. L. BoI.'roN B.xNos, M.D., 26th St. and ISt Ave. Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery. ll. l'i.XRQl'l-IAR CURTIS, M.D., 26th St. and ISt Ave. Professor of the Principles of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. IfR.xNcRI': H. BOSXVORTII, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Diseases of the Throat. BEvIaRI.Ev ROBINSON, M.D , 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Medicine. WII.I.IAM P. NOR'l'l'IRlIl', M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Pediatrics. C.xRI.os F. MAcDoNAI.D, M.D., 26th St. and ISt Ave. Professor of Mental Diseases and Medical jurispru- dence. CIIRISTIAN A. HIQRTI-:R, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Pathological Chemistry. joIIN A. FORDYCE, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology. PIENRY H. Rosnv, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacology. jonN A. MANDlfIl., SC.D., 26th St. and lst Ave. Professor of Chemistry and Physicsg of Physio- logical Chemistry. Iinw.xRn B. IJIQNCII, M.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. Professor of Otology. WIl.l.l:XBl H. PARK, M.D., 26th St. and ISt. Ave. Professor of Bacteriology and Hygiene. JOIIN F.l+lRn1x1ANN, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Surgery. REOINALI1 H. SAYRE. M.lJ., 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. JASPER J. G.xRn1ANv, M.lJ., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Surgery. IIENRY M. SILVER, M.D., 26th St. and ISL Ave. Clinical Professor of Surgery. PARKER Svius, M.lJ., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Professor of Surgery. COLLINS P. BLISS, M.A., University Heights. Associate Professor of Mechanical Ellglll0Cfllltf. XVILLIAM C. LUSK, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Practical Anatomy 3 Lecturer on Anat- omy. GEORGE C. MIASON, M.S., C.E., University Heights. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. GEORGE W. OSHORN, M.A.. University Heights. Assistant Professor of the Semitic Languages. C111xRLEs GRAY SHAXV, P11.D., University Heights. Assistant Professor Of Philosophy. ALEXANDER F. LIAUTARD, M.D., V.M.. I4I West 54th St. Dean of tl1e Veterinary Facultyg Professor of Anat- , only, Clinical Surgery. Veterinary Jurisprudence, and Sanitary Medicine. JAMES L. RonER'rsoN, M.D., D.V.S., I4I West 54th St. Professor of Principles and Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Medicine. HARRY D. GILL, V.S., I4I West 5401 St. Professor of Principles and Practice of Veterinary Surgery and Clinical Surgery. XVIl',l,I.XIlI J. CO.'XTl12S, M.lJ., D.V.S., 141 West 54th St. Professor ol' Veterinary Anatomy, Clinical Surgery and Medicine. ROSCOE R. BELL, D.V.S., 141 West 54th St. Professor of Veterinary Materia Medica and Thera- peutics. J. ELAIER RvDER, D.V.S., 141 West 54th St. Professor of Veterinary Obstetrics and Clinical Medicine. J. BETIAIUNE S'rE1N, M.D., 141 West 54th St. Professor of Veterinary Physiology. XVILFRIEIJ LELLMAN, D.V.M., 141 West 54th St. Professor of Parasite Diseases andCanine Pathology. JOHN A. LEIGI-1'roN, D.V.S., 141 West 54th St. Professor of Diseases of the Foot. JuL111s HULESEN, JR., D.V.S., I4I West 54111 St. Professor of Sanitary Veterinary Medicine. I'I.xRRv IJ. HANSON, D.V.S., 141 West 54111 St. Associate Professor of Principles and Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Medicine. JAMES E. LOUGH, PH.D., Washington Square. GEORGE G. VAN MATER, M.D., D.V.S., I4I West 54th St. Professor of Veterinary Ophthalmology. CARL C. THOMAS, M.E., University Heights. Associate Professor of Marine Engineering. ALFRED C. P. OPDVKE, A.M., LL.B., Washington Square. , Professor of Law. Louis A. LAGARDE, M.D., Major U.S.A., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Professor of Military Surgery. JOHN E. WEEKS, M.D., 26th St. and lst Ave. Professor of Ophthalmology. CHARLES HASKINS, C.P.A., Washington Square. Dean of Faculty of Commerce, Accounts and Fi- nance: Professor of Auditing and of the History of CHARLES E. SPRAGUE, M.A., PH.D., C.P.A., Wash ington Square. Professor of the Theory of Accounts. ANSON O. Kr'r'rREnGE, C.P.A., Washington Square Professor of Theory of Accounts. ARCHIBALD L. BOUTON, M.A., University Heights Assistant Professor of English. J. P. GORDY, PH.D., LL.D., Washington Square. Professor of the History of Education. ROBERT MACDOUGALI., PH.D., Washington Square Professor of Analytical Psychology. JOSEPH F. JOHNSON, A.B., Washington Square. Professor of Political Economy. W1LLrAM E. WATERS, PH.D.. Washington Square Associate Professor of Greek in Graduate School. Accountancy. Professor of Experimental Psychology. Lecturers. LESLIE J. TOMPKINS, M.S., LL.M., Washington FREDERICK MONTESER, Pn.D., PH.D., Washington Square. Square. Registrar and Lecturer on Law. Lecturer on Comparative Study of National School . , . , S 'ft EDWARD R. bl-IAXV, Pu.lJ., Washington Square. is emi' Lecturer on the Institutes of Pedagogy. LINNAQU5 E, LAFETRA, A,B,, M,D,' Washington WAI.I.ACPi Woon, M.D., Washington Square. Square. Lecturer on Art. . - Lecturer on Physiological Pedagogics. 16 FRANCIS COLLINGWOOD, C.E.. University Heights. Lecturer on Foundations. E. WEGMANN, JR., C.E., University Heights. Lecturer on Waterworks Construction. CARRILL PH. BAssr:'r'r, C.E., Pn.D, University Heights. Lecturer on Sanitation. AI.vAI-I H. SABIN, CE., University Heights. Lecturer on Oils. Paints and Varnishes. DOWNING VAUX, A.M.. University Heights. Lecturer on Landscape Gardening. HENRY P. NIORRISON, C.E., University Heights. Lecturer on Roads and Pavements. GEORGI-: P. Busos, M.D.. 26th St. and ISt Ave. Lecturer on Special Pathology. A. H. lJo'I'v, M.D., 26th St. and ISt Ave. Lecturer on Quarantine Sanitation. ROBERT J. CARLISLE, M.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. Clinical Lecturer on Medicine: Chief of Clinic. J. EDWARD S'rImIsER'r, M.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. Lecturer on Tropical Diseases. CHARLES H. Llcwls. M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Lecturer on Medicine. RAMON GUITISRAS. M.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. Clinical Lecturer on Genito-Urinary Surgery. F. E. KAVANAGII, PI-I.D., University Heights. Lecturer on the History of Philosophy. RonIsR'I' W. EI.LIs, D.V.S. Lecturer on Zootechnics and Veterinary Juris- prudence. - WII.I.IAnI A. PIIRRINGTON, LL.B. Lecturer on Law in Relation to Medical Practice. H. GRIFFIN, M.D. Clinical Lecturer on Diseases of the Throat. Joni: VAN lJ1+:RRm4:I., M.D. Clinical Lecturer on Gcnito-Urinary Diseases. 'I'III-:oIJoRIc C. JANI4:wAv, M.D., 26th St. and ISY Ave. Lecturer on Medical Diagnosis. FRANCIS W. AvIxIAR, LL.M., Washington Square. Lecturer on Insurance. juins L. S'I'I'IWAR'1', LLB., Washington Square. Lecturer on Patents. MoRRIs PIITNAAI S'rEvIcNs, LLM., Washington Square. Lecturer on Insurance. H. A. HANBOLD. M.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. U Lecturer on Clinical Surgery and Demonstrator of Operative Surgery. Rcn.ANn G. FREEMAN, M.D., 26th St. and lSt Ave. Clinical Lecturer on Pediatrics. WII.I.IAIwi P. BRANDI4:GEIf:, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Lecturer on Otology. J. Sirinm-:v I':A'1'0N, Washington Square. Lecturcr on Domestic Commerce. 'FIIICOIJORI5 IIUNIIAM, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Lecturer in Applied Pathology. XVII.I.I.XM C. XVICBSTICR. Pu.D., Washington Square. Lecturer on Theory, History and Geography of Commerce. Cl.lCVl5I..XNIJ lf. Bacox, A.l3., LL.B. Lecturer on Law in School of Commerce. XNILLIAM F. NVALSII, A.l3., LL.B. Lecturer on Law in School of Commerce. I-I. T.xvr.oR Caoxic, M.D., 141 West 54th St. Lecturer on Principles anil Practice of Antiseptic Surgery. BRANDIQZTII Svnoxns, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Lecturer on Life Insurance Examination. josicnir I-IARlJC.IS'l'LIC, C.P.A., Washington Square. Lecturer on Accounts of Trustees and Exeeutors. Cn.-xumfts N. joxics, A.M., Washington Square. Lecturer on Life Insurance. - Instructors. Roni-:RT C. JAMES, M.D., 26th St. and lst Ave. Instructor in Obstetrics. HENRY S. STIQARNS, M.D., 26tl1 St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Instructor in Gynaecology. H. HARLOXX' Bnooxs. M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Instructor in Normal Histology. S. A. BROXVN, M.D., 26tl1 St and lst Ave. Instructor in Physical Diagnosis. WINIFIELIJ Avi-ms, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Instructor and Demonstrator of Anatomy. ,Ions H. I-IUnD1.iis'1'oN, 26th St. and ist Ave. Instructor in History Taking: Clinical Registrar. Gicoauic I.. IIROIJIIEAD, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Instructor in Obstetrics, WJ. I'UI.I.r:Y, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Instructor in Medicine. O. H. HOLDER, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Instructor in Dermatology. R. S. Woomvoarn, PI-LD., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Instructor in Physiology. l'. S. BovN'roN, M.D., 26th St. and :st Ave. Demonstrator of Anatomy. H. F. Qnacmatxnos, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Demonstrator of Anatomy. Lnox T. L1ewAr.D, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Demonstrator of Gross Pathology. I'II'2NRY J. I'n1QN'rISs, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Ilemonstrator ol' Anatomy and Instructor in l'racti. cal Anatomy, Ii. I.. WllI'I"I'IERlt,lIilE, M.D., 2601 St. and Ist Ave. CAT1-tsnv JONES, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. J. A. BODINIC, M.D., 26th St. and lst Ave. Instructor in Gcnito-Urinary Diseases. ARTHUR S. TUTTLIQ, C.E., University Heights. Instructor in Engineering Design. JOHN S. MLIRIJOCIC, Pn.B., late Ist Lieut. U.S.A. Instructor in Mechanical and Civil Engineering. HFDNRX' W. WYANDPISS, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology. EREN FOSKJQT, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Instructor in Gynzecology. HIENRX' L. WINTER, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Instructor in Nervous Diseases. FRANCIS A. ScRA'rcn1.r:v, M.lJ., 26th St. and Ist Ave.. Clinical Instructor in Electro-Tlierapeutics. S. Ol'I'ICNl'IlEIIlIER, M.D., 26th St. and lst Ave. Clinical Instructor in Laryngology. Wn.I.rAM l5.'l'R1MnI.1f:, M.D., 26th St. and :st Ave Clinical Instructor in Surgery. XVILLIAM E. S'1'nnnnfoRn, M.IJ.,26tl1 St. and Ist Ave Instructor in Gynfecology. CLARK WIssr.1cR, PI-LD., Washington Square. Instructor in Pedagogy. MA'r'rmAs Nlcom., JR., M.D., 26th St. and :st Ave Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics. I-IoRs'r O1f:R'1'1fr., M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Instructor in Applied Pathology. CI-IARLICS B. SI.An1+:, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. 1J6lIl0lISll'Zlt0I'0f Anatomy. G. Rl-ZICSIC S.'t'1"1'nRr.1+tn, M.I7., 26th St. and lst Ave Instructor in Histology. PIIILII' IJ IQICRRISON, M.IJ., 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Instructor in Otology. Instructor in Bandaging and Surgical Dressing. Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology. JOIIN C. SHARP, M.D., 26th St. and 1st Ave. Clinical Instructor in Laryngology. EDWARD H. CARIQV, M.IJ., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Clinical Instructor in OlJIl1IlIlIlIl0l0gj'. Ronr1:R'r J Wn.soN, M.lJ., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Instructor in Bacteriology. XVARRICN S. ADAMS, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Instructor in Histology Technique. Assistants. W. N. I3ERRrn.nv, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. JOHN H. Hlllilflli, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Assistant to the Chair of Principles and Practice of Assistant to the Chair of Principles and Practice of Medicine. Medicine. I9 ALBl'fR'1' W. FERRIS, M IJ., 26th St. and ist Ave. Assistant to the Chair of Principles and Practice Medicine. O. D, F. Romcwrsox, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Prosector to the Chair of Auatomy. Davin GiL1n-:RT YA'1'ifS, 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Assistant iu Nervous Diseases. FRANK W. Sl-IIl'INlAN,1VI.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Assistant in Pathological Histology. JOHN W. D. MAl7RlCX', M.D.,26ll1 St. and ist Ave. Assistant in Pathological Histology. M. B. PAROUN.-xmax, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Assistant in Dermatology. LOUIS L. REIS, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Assistant in Medicine. W. V. BIESER, D.V.S., 141 West 54th St. of Denionstrator of Anatomy and Curator of the Museum. ARTHUR R. IYIANDEI., 141 West 54th St. Assistant in Cliemistry. Library Staff and BELLE CORWIN, M.D., University Heights. ' Assistant Librarian, General Library. THOMAS K. MCCLELLAND, JR., University Heights. Assistant in the General Library. JOHN R. KNAW, M.D., 26i,il St. and 1stAve. Assistant to the Chair of Mental Diseases. W. ALEX. CHISHOLM, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave Clinical Assistant in Laryngology. ERNEST C. SCHULTZE, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave Assistant to the Chair of Pediatrics. FRANCIS E. BUTLER, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Assistant to the Chair of Pediatrics. W. BONAMY POWER, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. R. A. BEBB, M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave. Assistant in Bacteriology. C CLARENCE S1cHEr., M.D., 26th St. and Ist Ave Clinical Assistant in Gynzecology. GEORGE H. CLOSE, M.D., 26th St. and ist Ave. Clinical Assistant in Dermatology. EDWARD T. HENDEE, B.S., University Heights. Assistant in Chemistry. Other Officers. JOHN QUINN, University Heights. Curator of Periodical Rooin. M. O'1'Is Cox, Washington Square. Assistant in the Law Library. MAY MYERS, Washington Square. Assistant in the Law Library. WILLIAM H. VVALSII, Washington Square. Assistant in the Law Library. FRANCES M. WOODWARD, Washington Square. Assistant in the Pcflagogical Library. FRANK H. CANN, University Heights. Director ofthe College Gynlnasium. A LB!-CRT Woonsnv. Superintendent of University Heights Bnilfli ng. A. B. CROCKETT. Superintendent of XVHSl'llIlgl0ll Square Josrzvn V. S'rANn1sH. Clerk of the Facility of Medicine. Bnildin g LAURA V. Wool.I.m', University Heights. Clmncellor's Secretary. HELEN E. Conv, Washington Square. Assistant in Registrar? Oliice. I ,1'!'.Yl'lIll'lIf, I We-P1'cs1'rz'c11f, .S'rr1'cla ry, 7'l'L'tI.N'l17'1'1', . lx'qgfl'.vl1'm', A. B. IJJQFRIQQIQ, Pn.D., '67, I-I. C. QEIBSON, '54. Regular Annual M 't' Alumni Association. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. li Officers. . junx Rum, D.Il,, ,7O. IAIUN. W. II. NICIlClI.S, '7o. . W. J. CiRlCANl'Il,l.l'I., MJD., '90, C. C. M1r.1.lc1:, '38, . H. M. BAIRD, Ll,,l7., '5o. Executive Committee. A. W. TROTTJQR, Y75. C. W. HlTN'l', '76. G- B- TOWNSEND, '87. NV. A. Wu1ft15I.oC1:, '43 ee lllg' and General Alumni Reunion ll 1 l l e L on t 16 Saturday preceding Colnlnencement. 22 ... sclixlis AHUl"l' CHI I lflllf IU JB .I LIBRARY ANU H.-HJ. 01: FA UNT OF LIBRARY AND IIALI, UF l.ANGl'AGl'I5- L1.llUkil1g'SuuLh l90I Letter. K INCE the balmy days of june, when we were sent out upon the world, many have been the achieve- ments of Igor. Some work hard, some work their relatives 3 but, as in college, the motto of labor is ever regarded. Q The professions seem to be alluring to most. " Hans," Ben Belcher, Brill, Kimball, lid. Frankel, " Oak," " Kid Walton " and Wooley expect to make fortunes for the undertakers on a coin- mission basis after studying how to do it without the Reiorm Administration becoming wise. In view of possible trouble arising therefrom, " Bobby Bergman,'i Reese, " Stock " and Wallin are trying to get enough self-confidence not to be overawed by the Municipal Courts. The rest show a great diversity of callings, from pilots in the sky to curbstone magnates. We even understand that "Charlie Ross" is converting Yonkers. Harry Fernald is spreading knowledge among Filipinos, while Charlie Taylor thinks that Bridgeport is far enough away from Broadway. " Hop," owing to Larry's testimony of ability to speak German, tried it at Nyack, but the winter weather was too severe. Since " Dean " refused to return to college, " Bunny," wanting to see the " Free from Care Club 'l repre- sented, came back once more and incidentally earned the thanks of all for his work and interest in football. Recently he has become a junior partner in the firm of promoters, "Shad" Cornell, Hadley 81 Co., who are willing to promote anything, even their own interests, if the hours are not too long. " Billy " Young and " Napoleon " Belcher are beyond the Mississippi, while the opposite extreme of dis- tance is represented by "Art" Hill, who, under the excuse ofa fellowship, enjoys the queer life of washing bottles in the chemical lab. " Blendy," " Del," " Dog" Hyatt and the man who did all the work for the bunch, have, as engineers, victimized the railroads. But, to put aside frivolity, the efforts of Igor are, as in the past, for the welfare of her Alma Mater. The custom started by l1er of holding informal reunions of alunmi at quarterly intervals, where all may meet to talk ' E. 8 F KJ! fc! 26 over and look back with fond remembrance upon undergraduate scrapes, is one which every loyal son of N. Y. U. should, in duty to himself and his college, strive to advance. Every member of " Naughty-One" takes to heart the triumphs of the old college, where he passed four happy years. And whether he is far or near, that interest is ready to respond to the call for action. As a farewell word in our letter to those from wl1on1 we have just passed forth, let us say that it will be the personal effort of every man to be at the Heights on Alu111ni Day, and let those who come after us help to make that a day of pilgrimage to the scenes of college life, Where one may for the time shake oil' the cares of occupation and be once more simply "a college man." HAMII.'roN C. RICKAHY. f 1. 'ffj N1 150 UQJV Qfm 2 . 6 MIM JUN KWH , , ' Il j 'fllflxhl mm ,ff Imunmv ,. ' 'v--11' ' 27 Serra ia :QV , Class of 1902. smmolz YEAR. . vi Class Colors: Crimson and XVhite. Class Veil: Hacka-Racka, Ree Rah! Presz'a'm 1 , Via'-P1'fs1'zz'm!, FREDERICK R. W. CLIQVERIION, DAVIIQ V. Z. BoOI':u'I'. 73'l'll51U'l'2', FRANKLIN IJ. Bvxnme. Hzlvforzau, WII.I.IABI P. BANNINO. Cla.vsDa1' Oralar, DAVII: A. CRAIG. Class Dau' Poel, JOHN T. ALLIEN. Testafor, AnEI.1IIQ:R'r R. NICP10I.S. Prc'.v1wfa!z'o11 Uralor, GEORGE D. HADLEV. C'la.v.v lprll' Jlarshnl, Lxcwrs G. BLIIN'r. I-Iacka-Racka, Roo I Naughty-two, Naughty-two ! N. Y. U. Officers. N'EWTON CHAPIN. fbzmucucemeui zllarshal, DAVIII Y. Z. BOGERT.' f"0Illlll'6'I'S, Day Orafar, NVILIIIIR S. NVIl,IJING." Fo1nm'crs' Dfgf Puri, JOHN T. ALLI-:N. l'bznzde1's' Da1f.I7lar.vha!, FRIQDIQRICIQ R. W. CLEVERDON Slal1'.vlm2zn, CIIARI.If:r-1 W. W ALKIQR. Prophcl, AIII':I.m-:R'1' R. NICHOLS. hy' Orafor, ROswIcI.L L. BOWLBY. C-7'L'7lltll'I,lUI Oralur, LEWIS G. BLUNT. ffllll C'11.vlvrf1'a1f, GEORGE D. HADLEV. 28 x 4 . I vu.,- x-Q K9 '41 -rl? wg, P X... 'i's:'N.4 History of l902. li ORITUAV, 7'l:' SALU71-IIVUS! With the old Roman gladiator's cry, we bid farewell to N. Y. U., and may tl1e verdict of the world not be " thumbs down." Our college battles have been fierce, our numbers have fast been thi11ned, and we await the call to tl1e last, long, hard light. Yet, since we assumed the lqgfa w'rz'!z's i11 1898, our Alma Mater l1as been endowing us with the strength to enter the lists unflinchinglyg and we "go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly breast." This must be the history of four years. Retrospection is, indeed, pleasant 5 for, besides reviving the memories of victories i11 both literary and athletic lields, the history of I902 is contemporary with four years of unparalleled growth on the part of N. Y. U. It is 11ot our wish to rechronicle the achievements of 1902 which advanced her claim to supremacy till the coveted Bun was won, but rather to recall for the last time our efforts to put N. Y. U. higher i11 the roll of prominent and honorable uni- versities. The fact that N. Y. U. and 1902 are linked both in rl1ytl1111 and in rhyme is n1ore than a coin- cidence. Events like victorious cane-rushes, meteoric dinners, and a freshman football team that 111ade Columbia bite the dust, all tended to make 1902 pre-e111inent in tl1e college worldg but our battles have been waged and won for the. glory of N. Y. U. alone. Lanky Sam has not 111ade his marvellous athletic records for his class, but for his col- lege. Captain Blunt has not worked and shouted for 1902, but for the football status of N. Y. U. Our scholar- ship men have thought less of themselves than of the acade111ic standing that N. Y. U. endeavors to hold in the company of her greater co-workers. Our V101.1z'r was published to show the college world that New York Uni- versity has something to publish and can publish it. Our Junior Prom., the finest that University Heights ever witnessed, was conceived and executed to show that N. Y. U. has a delightful social life that Call alleviate the sorrows of " mid-years." When Prep. School Day has rolled around, wl1o have worked harder for the entertain- ment of our visitors than tl1e men of 1902 ? But it was done with no thought of self-aggrandizement, or hope of class prestige, but solely to put N. Y. U. i11 such a light that her campus and dormitories will become the goal of the preparatory schools for miles around. In short, the zeal and enthusiasm filling every man in 1902 have IlOt been class spirit, but N. Y. U. spirit-the spirit that makes sacrifice a pleasure and hard work a glory. But this avails us nothing. The thought returns more and more strenuously that we are Seniors leaving N. Y. U. There is much we can do in the outside world that will partly repay our college for her help and guidance and training. May we strive to do it with all our minds and strength. That is our last prayer. Farewell, N. Y. U. God bless her! XV. P. B. 'p ,TQ-'PQQQ 1 Y Lv ,,,.,li' Ar-,JS .-?-4.trIU.,S, :rg '4i i 'Ziff ' - V I , L' lf. .51 74' sfx . 0 Individual Records of I902. RICHARD CHARL1-is Abby, 532 Green Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. -I' I' Ag " H "3 Class Baseball Team 1152 Class Din- ner Committee 1255 Vice-President Tennis Association 1352 Secretary Students Organization 1351 Executive Committee of A. A. 135, Mandolin Club 135: Junior l'rom Reception Committee: Editor Fraternities 1902 VIOLI-:TQ Chess and Checker Club 1351 Philosophical Club 135. ALn19R'r ARTHUR AGRAMoN'1'1f:, Gould Hall, Univers- ity Heights : 313 West 14th St., New York City. ill K I'g Y. M. C. A. 3 Fencing Club. Jonn TR1avP:'r'r1s ALLEN, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. A Tg ill ll Kg Y. M. C. A. 3 Prize Scholarship 3 Ten- nis Association 11, 2, 3, 45g First Place Tennis Tourna- ment 1255 Representative of Tennis and Minor Sports 1353 Secretary of Chess and Checker Club 12, 351 Secre- tary Tennis Association 12, 35g Eucleian Literary Societyg Vice-President of Class 135g junior Prom Re- ception Committee: Secretary Eucleian Literary Society 135: Secretary Philosophical Club 135: Editor- in-Chief Yliangle 145. YVILLIAM PECR BANNING, Zeta Psi House, University Heightsg Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Z Nlfg Class Secretary 1l5Q Class President 125, Class Historian 13, 45 3 Class Dinner Committee 115 g Eucleian Literary Society: Pliilosophical Club: Tennis Associa- tionl Cross Country Club: Glee Club: Class Track Team 11, 255 Varsity Track Team 11, 2, 451 Executive Connnittee A. A. 135, Second Vice-President A. A. 135: Corresponding Secretary Eucleian 1251 Librarian Eucleian 135: President Eucleian 1453 Vice-President Chess Club 1353 Treasurer Tennis Association 1352 Ex- change Editor TI'l'llllg'ft'125I Associate Editor 73'I'tlII'Q'fl' 135 3 Associate Editor li'111'r,4'c'rborkzrr 135 1 Athletic Editor 1902 V1o1,1f:T 135: Chairman Senior Show Connnitteeg Senior Ball Committee. IsAAc CRAN19 BA'1'1cs, Newark, N. J. Y. M. C. A. 1 Butler Hall Dining Club. MAX LOUIS BERRY, Chrystie Place, University Place, Colorado Springs, Col. " H "2 Varsity Football Tea111 1253 Varsity Gym- nastic Teain 12, 45 5 Varsity Track Team 125. Liswis GARRl5T'l' lh.UN'r, Delta Phi House, University Heightsg Goshen, Md. A -lfg A I .tg " H "3 Varsity Football Team 11, 2, 3, 45 Q Captain Varsity Football Team 12, 45. DAVID VAN ZAN111' BoG1sR'r, Gould Hall, University Heights 5 Pearl River, Rockland County, N. Y. Class Secretary 145, Connnencement Day Marshalg Glee Club 145: Philosophical Club 5 Tennis Association Q Senior Show Connnittee. ROSWELI. SAMPSON Bowmzv, Delta Upsilon House, University Heights: Dover, N. J. A T: Y. M. C. A.: Corresponding Secretary Y. M. C. A. 131: Class Dinner Committee 131 I Glee Club 12, 41: Ivy Orator 141. FRANKLIN DIMON Bvxisrric, University Heights: New York City. Y. M. C. A.: Recording Secretary Y. M. C. A. 1411 Class Treasurer 13, 41. CARLTON S'rvn11f:'1"rs CARR1-:N'1'1eR, 166 Railroad Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Chairnian Stylus Board 141. NEWTON CIIARIN, Zeta Psi House, University Heights 3 274 North Fulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Z 111: Class Dinner Connnittee 121: Cross Country Club : Glee Club: Philosophical Club : Treasurer Encle- ian Literary Society 141: Tennis Club: Chess and Checker Club: Assistant Manager Baseball Tcain 131: Junior Proin Reception Connnittee: President Senior Class. FREDERICK R. W. CI.1sv1eRnoN, 551 East 179th St., Tremont, New York City. Red Dragon : " H " : K l51l'. DAVID ANDERSON CRAIG. Woodbridge, N. J. Y. M. C. A.: Class Orator 11, 2, 31: Class Day Orator 141. ALBERT ARTHUR EPSTIQIN. East 119th St.. New York City. -11:11. JOIIN W. DUB. GOULD, Psi Upsilon House, Univers- ity Heights: SQ Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers. N. Y. WT: Red Dragon: A I A: "HH: K B fb: "A, O, P. D." GIQORO1-: l1.xN111:1. HA111.11:Y, Psi Upsilon House, Uni- versity Heights: 521 West I23rd St., New York City. 'l' 110 N '51 " H "1 "A. O. P. D.": Y. M. C. A.: President Pennington Club: Philosophical Club: Cross Country Club: Mandolin Club 11, 2. 2. 41: Leader of Mandolin Club 141: Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Banjo Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Class Poet 121: Tennis Association: Prize Cup, Iireslnnan All-round Gyntnastics: Prize Cup, Gym- nastic Drill 121: TOZlStlll1iSi18l' Class Banquet 121: Bun Custodian 13., 41:Ju11iOr Prom Connnittee 131: College Cl1ee1' Leader 141 : College Song Leader 1412 Committee 11502 Vaudeville Show 141: Presentation Orator 141: Compiler of College Song Book: Cllillflllall Senior Ball Connnittee. I RoR11xos111:14:1 HAn1.1c:uc11I, Tokio, Japan. S.m1U1c1. Svn1M1N1:'roN JoN1as, Zeta Psi House, Uni- versity Heights : 220 Lafayette St., Bridgeport, Conn. , Z if: Red Dragon 1 .X I .Kg 11 N Ii: li ll ill. JACOB KO11N, 292 Springfield Ave., Newark, N. J. Vice-President Philosopliical Club: First Prize Silllllllillll Oration Contest, 1901. HENRY S'l'UAR'l' LYON, Gould Hall, University Heights: 234 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J. ADELBERT REID NICHOI.S, Oscawana, N. Y. 4 A wg K B ll' 9 Editor Illustrations lQ02 VIOLET. GEORGE GRAHAM SCUDDER, Gould Hall, University Heights: Roxbury, N. Y. Varsity Track Team Q33: X902 VIOLET Board. HENRX' STENGEL, JR.. Phi Gamma Delta House, Christie Place, University Heights, N. Y. 9 92 2lld Ave., New York City. fl' I' Ag IQOI Relay Teamg Cross Country Club: Philosophical Club 5 Chess and Checker Club. CHARLES L. THORNE, Psi Upsilon House, University Heights, 322 Smith St., Peekskill, N. Y. ll' T3 Red Dragon: A I Ag "A. O. P. D."gKBd1g IL Hu!! IRVING MASTEN VANDERHOFF, 9 Roe St., I-Ialedon, N. J. EDWIN VANDERWATER, 466 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J. CHARLES WI'Il'2EI.I42R WALKI42R, Rye, N. Y. fl- 1' A. , NIAURICIC X. C. XVICINBICRGER, 752 East 5th St., New York City. K ll 41 Q Varsity Football Teaxn Q3, 43. XVILHUR STONE VVILDING, Zeta Psi House, Univers- ity Heights 3 25 Cherry St., Elizabeth, N. J. Z ll' 3 Red Dragong A I A g dl I3 K, JACOB WOL1flf, 35I Walnut St., Yonkers, N. Y. FRANK EDWARD WOODROW, 79 New York Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Prize Scholarship: Alumni Prize 3 President Brook- lyn High School Club Q3, 43: Registrar Brooklyn High School Club Cl, 235 Y. M. C. A. f43g Pllilosophical Club 1435 Chess and Checker Club QI, 2, 3, 433 Cross Country Club fl, 233 Tennis Association 1135 Eucleian Q43 3 Fenc- ing Club Q43 g Class Dinner Committee f13g Class Recep- tion Coulmittee U33 Class Football Team U33 Class Baseball Team U3. C-'Q if-3 Z' , 1 Q , ,gxw J X RTW-- Nfx 1 9 511 Pp'5Wxfx3 Lf. , .I Q :Xxx 1 wt- 4 -'f'.,qi- ' V: .1-. .ff J -- Hs L,- nb VV' I 7.f- nXsQ5- 33 Prosidenl, . Vire- Pres :lie n I , Seerelary, . Treasurer, H zslorzan , Ora lor, Poel, . . Class of 1903. JUNIOR YEAR. Class Colors .- Class Yell.- li Red and Blue. Boom-Aracha I Boom-Aracha ! Boom-Aracha, R I-9-O-3, N. Y. U. Officers. Chairman Q' junior Promenade Commillee, Sergean 1-a I-A rms, 34 oo! AUSTIN K. GRIFFEN. DAVID F. BARNIQTT. THEODORE M. BEDWIN WII.LIAM H. LYON. LOUIS O. CONDIT. WILLIAM H. ORR. CHARLES I. ALLEN. EDWIN M. SIMPSON. TOM B. BROGAN. ,M I 'm We QMM 1 1 . V V I ' I History of 1903. Di F N the fall of 1899, some fourscore sturdy youths found their way to University Heights, signed the big book which is guarded by the genial Professor Gillette, and forthwith became the Freshman Class of New York University. It was no ordinary class, this Class of 1903, for fro111 Massachusetts to ' Kansas and from Texas to Pennsylvania, the nation had yielded up the choicest of her sons to form 5 A -'iii as nearly as possible an ideal class. Rarely, if ever, has the world seen such a splendid combination 'Q of brain and brawn. These were the men whose names were inscribed upon the college roll book in that eventful ,Ji year, and 1903 was quick to make good the brilliant promise of its early existence. To tell you of Q S' its deeds upon the field of battle and elsewhere during its Freshman year would be to bore you with a well-worn tale. For many a time the story has been told when a bunch of fellows, less studious than the rest, chose to lay aside all cares and spend the winter evening round a blazing' fire-place, while they filled the room with fragrant wreaths of blue tobacco smoke. When IQO3'S first sunnner vacation was over a11d the Freshman of the year before, now proud Sophomores. had drifted in by twos a11d threes, there was a new enemy in the field-this time the Class of 1904. HA few of the old guard were missing, but when the call to arms came, these Sophomores made short work of bringing into submission all belligerent Freshmen. Victory followed victory in quick succession, now in baseball, now in foot- ball, now in the cane-rush, until success and 1903 soon came to be synonymous. And so it was in everything. No matter whether it was a hand-to-hand scrimmage 011 the campus or the swellest of the college social functions, it was all the same, for the fates have given this remarkable class the faculty of making a success of everything with which it comes in contact. No wonder then, that it is whispered about the campus that IQO3 has a most excellent claim upon the Bun! And no wonder that we of 1903 are intensely proud of the record our class has made ! It seemed but natural, in view of the brilliant achievements of our first two years, that we should receive the honors usually allotted to Juniors when we entered upon our third year at the Heights. But we must admit 36 that it was an unexpected token of approbation when the college saw fit to bestow upon us two captaincies and as many managerships before we had attained the dignity of Seniors. But lest you tire, gentle reader, of the long story of the deeds of this justly famous class, the historian " lays down his pen,', conlident in the belief that IQO3 will in the future maintain the proud reputation it has won for itself. L, O, C, xml X455 ' W V' Y' rw' X453 iw fpj W flf .fff X 37 Individual Recordf of 1903. Mofs H. ABRAHAM, 70 7th St., New York City. JESSE JOHNSON ADAMS, Zeta Psi House, University Heights: Coshocton, Ohio. Z 'Pg A I A: 9 N E: " H "5 Class Baseball Team Q1, 255 Class Track Team Q2, 353 Varsity Track Team Q25, Varsity Relay Team Q25 Q Captain Varsity Track Team Q35 5 Secretary of Students' Organization Q35g Philosophical Club 3 Tennis Association. JAMES LUTHER ALLABEN, Gould Hall, University Heights, Margaretville, N. Y. Sphinx. CHARLES 'IHLING ALLEN, Psi Upsilon House, Uni- versity Heiglits: Sloatsbnrg, N. Y. tPTg 6 N Eg "I-I"g K Bfllg HA. O. P. D."g Rodand Gun Club: Class Football Team Q1, 25, College Orches- tra Q1, 25." EDWARD ANDERBERG, 28 South Terrace Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. A T g Chess and Checker Clubg Prize Scholarship. EDGAR VOORHEES ANDERSON, Zeta Psi House, Uni- versity Heightsg 39 West 124th St., New York City. Z ilfg A I Ag Golden Arrow, Varsity Track Team, 1903 Relay Team Q1, 25, Class Football Team Q25, Secre- tary Tennis Association Q2, 359 Cross Country Clubg Mandolin Club QI5g Tennis Team: Secretary Intercolle- giate Amateur Gymnastic Association 3 Assistant Manager Gymnastic Team Q25 3 Manager Gymnastic Team Q35 3 Preparatory School Day Committee Q25. DAVID FORD BARNETT, Gould Hall, University Heights, 434 Lane St., Topeka, Kan. THEODORE ME1GS BEDWIN, 44 Macon St., Brooklyn, New York City. Varsity Gymnastic Team Q1, 25, Glee Club Q2, 35g Class Secretary Q35g Chapel Choir. FREDERICK EDGAR BEEBE, 144 East 45th St., New York City. il' T5 Class Treasurer Q15 5 Exchange Editor Triangle Q25 g Associate Editor Triangle Q35g Tennis Association 5 Prize' Scholarship. TOM B. BROGAN, 6o Perry St., New York City. A T: csH'n GEORGE PERCY A. BRAYDON, Butler Hall, University Heights 9 221 Linden Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Gymnastic Team Q2, 353 Philosophical Club. ARTHUR ROSS BUTLER, Butler Hall, University Heightsg 125 Richmond Terrace, Port Richmond, N. Y. Class Baseball Team Q25. 4 LOUIS OGDEN CONDIT, Psi Upsilon House, University Heights: Essex Ave., Boouton, N. J. il' T: A I A : "A. O. P. D.": Y. M. C. A.: Glee Club 135: Tennis Club 11, 2 35 1 Philosopliical Clllll 135: Class Historian 135: Class Dinner Connnittee 125: Class Base- ball Team 11, 25: junior Prom Committee 1351 Editor Grinds 1903 V1or,14:'r: Varsity Baseball Team 11, 25: Captain Varsity liaseball Team 135. HENRY NIURRAY YINC1-:NT Coxx1i1.1.v. 57 West 75th St., New York City. 15 N lil: A l A: " H ": Class Football Team 125: Class Baseball Team 125: Varsity Football Team 11, 2,35: Captain Varsity Football Team 141: Varsity Baseball Team 125: Varsity Track Team 125 : Cross Country Club: Haddock Eating Club. li. LESTER CRocK14:R, Zeta Psi House, University Heihtsg Tarrytown-on-Huclson, N. Y. Z NP: Sphinx: Golden Arrow: Associate Editor YH- a11gle135: Glee Club 135: Eucleian: Secretary of Class! 1 5: Cross Country Club. Q ELLIS FINK, Delta Upsilon House, University Heights: 642 East ioth Ave., Winfield, Kan. A T: Vice-President Eucleian 155: Class Historian 115- CLARENCE S. FLANDREAUX, 44 Washington Ave.. New Rochelle, N. Y. Class Football Team 125. CHARLES EARL12 FUNK, Zeta Psi House, University Heights : West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. Z QP: Sphinx: Eucleian Literary Society: Entrance Examination Prize : Track Team 125 : Class Relay Team 115: Cross Country Club: Glee Club 11, 25: Vice-Presi- 1lentY. M. C. A. EVER1-:'1"1' GILL, Delta Upsilon House, University Heights: Andes, N. Y. .l YZ Y. M. C. .-X. rXLEx.xNnaR JAMES GoRmN, 1026 Caudwell Ave.. New York City. FRr:meR1cR Aimins GR.xsn1ncR. Zeta Psi House, Uni- versity Heights: IQ3 Edgecombe Ave., New York City. Z Y: Sphinx: Golden Arrow: Varsity Track Team 1 1.2, 35 : Vice-President Class115 : Prep School Day Com- mittee: Captain Class Track Team 125: Y. M. C. A.: Cross Country Club: Assistant Manager Baseball Team 125: Class Football Team 125: junior Prom Committee. josisvn W. GREACEN, Zeta Psi House, University Heights: 6 West 50th St., New York City. Z NI' 3 A 1 A : Golden Arrow : junior Prom Committee : Class Dinner Committee 125: Prep School Day Commit- tee 115: Mandolin Club 11, 2, 35: Banjo Club 11, gy 35: Tennis Team 125 : Cross Country Club: Class Track Team 11, 25: Manager Varsity Baseball Team 135. Ansrnv K. GRIFFEN, Mamaroneck, N. Y. Sphinx: Class President 135: Class Treasurer 125: Class Football Team 125: Varsity Football Team 12, 35: Treasurer of Student Organization 135: First Vice-President of Athletic Association 135. EDMUND J. GU'r1-1R1r:, Gould Hall, University Heights: Nutley,N.J. ' HENRY JAMES JOHNSTON, Mariners' Harbor, Staten Island, New York City. in I' A. FRANCIS PARHAM HEARTSILL. Gould Hall, Uni- versity Heightsg 410 East Rusk St., Marshall, Tex. " M. H. B."g Y. M. C. A. 12, 31g Tennis Associa- tion 12, 31: Class Track Team 1213 Varsity Track Team 121: Cross Country Club 121. SAMUEL A. HERZOG, 476 East 177th St., New York City. Business Manager Siylusf Varsity Tennis Team 121 5 Philosophical Club: Tennis Association, Chess and Checker Club. CHARLES J. HOLLAND, 978 Forest Ave., New York City. Literary Editor VIOLET: Editor Sly!11.r,' Philosoph- ical Clubg Philomathean Literary Society 11, 213 Class Poet 121. JEROME S. JAEGER, 234 East 7ISt St., New York City. 1 Cross Country Club 1115 Tennis Club 121: Class Football Team 121. MYRON B. KEATOR, Gould Hall, University Heights: Roxbury, N. Y. "M. H. B."5 "H."g Y. M. C. A.: Cross Country Clubg Philosophical Club: Mandolin Clubg Chess and Checker Club: Corresponding Secretary Y. M. C. A. 131. GEORGE TITUS KRAFT, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights. fb 'I' A 3 " H." 3 Assistant Manager Football Team 1315 Manager Chess and Checker Club 5 Vice-President Chess and Checker Club : President Brooklyn High School Club 121 : Cross Country Club. FREDERICK VAN ZANDT LANE, Delta Phi House, University Heights: 159 Sidney Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. A 'Pi "H-"S 9 N ES A I A: Captain Class Baseball Team 1l1: Varsity Football Team 12, 31 g Varsity Baseball Team 11, 215 Varsity Track Team 11, 215 junior Prom Committee. HENRY LASKER, Butler Hall, University Heightsg 70 Ferry St., Springfield. Mass. Chess and Checker Club: Tennis Association Q Philo- sophical Club g Secretary Philosophical Club 131. HENRY M. LEFKOWITSH, 453 Atlantic Ave., Brook- lyn, N. Y. , Fencing Clubg Brooklyn High School Club: Chess and Checker Club: Class Football Team 121: Orches- tra 121. WILLIABI H. LYON, Delta Upsilon House, University Heightsg T9 South Broadway, White Plains, N. Y. A T5 Eucleiang Varsity Football Team 111: Class Football Team 121: Class Track Team 1I, 21: First Lieu- tenant Cross Country Club 1215 Business Manager 1903 VIOLET: Class Treasurer 1315 President White Plains High School Club. . GUY ROBERT MARIE, Delta Upsilon House, Univers- ity Heights: El Dorado, Kan. A T: Librarian Eucleian: Class Football Team 125: Tennis Club. ' ERNEST ARTHUR MOORE, Zeta Psi House, University Heights: East Hartford, Conn. Z NP: Sphinx: Golden Arrow: Varsity Football Team 125 : Varsity Baseball Team 125: Class Football Team 125: Class Baseball Team 11, 25: Class President 125: Eucle- ian: Assistant Business Manager 7'rz'augIe 125: Cross Country Club. EDWARD T. MOORE, Zeta Psi House, University Heights 5 Passaic, N. J. ZW: Sphinx: Y. M. C. A. : Eucleian : Cross Country Club : Glee Club 11, 2, 35: Mandolin Club1I, 2, 35: Assist- ant Manager Musical Clubs 125 : Manager Musical Clubs 12, 35: Orchestra 1I, 2, 35. EDWARD MULDOON, JR., 23I Wadsworth Ave., New York City. Varsity Baseball 115: Class Baseball 11, 25: Class Football 11, 25. A. LINDSAY O'CONNOR, 568 East 179th St., Tremont, New York City: Hobart, N. Y. Varsity Baseball Team 125: Class Baseball Team 11, 25: Class Football Team 125. WILLIAM HOWELL ORR, 568 East 179th St., Tremont, New York City. l Z NP: Sphinx: Golden Arrow: Glee Club 1I, 25: Class Track Team 125: Varsity Track Team 125 : Editor-in-Chief 1903 VIOLET: Associate Editor Triangle 13,5 : Class Orator 1352 Chapel Choir 135. BENJAMIN B. PAYNE, Hollis, Long Island, N. Y. Tennis Association : Junior Prom Committee. JOHN FRANKLIN PERRINE, 206 Lockwood St., As- toria, New York City. ERNEST GAREIELD RAYNOR, Gould Hall, University Heights : East Moriches, Long Island, N. Y. " M. H. B.": Physical Development Prize 115. VICTOR MARCUS SALVATOR, 345 East 113th St., New York City. Chapel Choir 135. HARVEY R. SAYLE, Delta Phi House, University Heights: 138 Manhattan Ave., New York City. 4 -II, o N 1-:g FORD LEWIS SIIOTWELL, Psi Upsilon House, Uni- versity Heights : East Stroudsburg, Pa. V ll' TS Sphillxi U N H2 " H "3 Y. M. C. A.: Tennis Club : Cross Country Club : Pennington Club. GEORGE ALBERT SIMONS, 463 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. EDWIN NIIDDLETON SIMPSON, 474 Central Park. West, New York City. Z tif: Sphinx: Golden Arrow: Varsity Track Team 115: Glee Club 12, 35 : Eucleian : Class Dinner Committee 115: Class Orator 125 : Corresponding Secretary Athletic Asso- ciation 125 : Chairman of junior Prom Committee. WILLIAM H. SOOSEN, x 394 Prospect Ave., New York City. A T: Class Football Team 121: Cross Country Club 111: Orchestra 111. HARRY MORTIMER SPECHT, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights: Skaneateles, N. Y. fl' ll A: "H": G N E: Mandolin Club 11, 2, 31: President Chess and Checker Club 121 : Assistant Mana- ger Track Team 121: Editor Fraternities 1903 VIOLETC junior Prom Committee. fiEORGE Svxrts, Delta Phi House, University Heights: 1619 17th St., Washington, D. C. A1ll:6 N Eg HH." GEORGE MA'rnrAs TREDE, 605 West 187th St., New York City. . A T: Class President 111: Varsity Relay Team 111: Varsity Track Team 11, 31: Varsity Football Team 131: Captain Cross Country Club 111: Captain Class Track Team 111: Chairman Class Dinner Committee 1r, 21: Class Relay Team 111: Class Football Team 121: Cross Country Club 11, 2, 31: Corresponding Secretary Ath- letic Association 131. CHARLES F. Twrnv, Delta Upsilon House, Univers- ity Heights: I8 South rrth Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. A 'I' 3 Sphinx : " H " : Varsity Football Team 11, 31: Manager Class Baseball Team 111: Captain Class Football Team 121: Class Vice-President 121: Assistant Manager of Track Team 1311 Second Vice-President Athletic Asso- ciation 131 : Manager Football Team 131. OscAR F. WARREN, White Plains, N. Y. M. SANFORD NVEIL, 261 Central Park, West, New York City. Glce Club 131: Tennis Association: Varsity Tennis Team 121: Chess and Checker Club: Fencing Club: Class Gymnastic Team 121. SIDNEY WEIL, 1867 Monroe Ave., New York City. Class Football Team 121: Varsity Football Team 12, 31: Tennis Association: Chess and Checker Club: Fencing Club. ALBERT L. WILCOX, Delta Upsilon House, Univers- ity Heights : loo Upson Ave., El Paso, Texas. A T: Sphinx: Golden Arrow: Varsity Baseball Team 111: Class Baseball Team 11, 21: Varsity Track Team 12, 31: Varsity Gymnastic Team 121: Class Football Team 121: Tennis Association: Cross Country Club: Eucleian Lit- erary Society: junior Prom Committee: Executive Committee Athletic Association: Business Manager Triax ngle. FRANK WELLS XVILCOX, Psi Upsilon House, Univers- ity Heights: 327 Central Park, West, New York City. ' il"1':AIA:"A.O.P.D.":Y.M.C.A.:Tenns Club: Chairman junior Prom Reception Committee. Sometime Members '03 In memoriam WILLIAM MCKENZIE GILLIE BORN NOVEMBER 23,1873 man JANUARY 5 1902 Pres idea 1 , V zke- Presz'a'en l, Seerela ry, Treasurer, H zslorza n , Ora lor, Poel, . Sergeanl-al-Arms, Class of 1904. SOPHOMORE YEAR. ii Class Colors: Black and Gold. Class Yell: Holla-bal-loo I Rip-rah-rue ! Naughty-four N. Y. U. A Officers. 48 EDWARD J. L. RALDIRIS. FREDERICK A. RUSSELL, JR WALTER C. LEONARD. FREDERICK R. HEATH. CHARLES W. GERSTENBERG CHESTER H. LANE. ARCHIBALD E. STEVENSON MIGUEL G. GUTIEREZ. f 1 .'.urr'1' I'ufr.n History of I904. li IRGIL sang of heroism and a hero, and his song filled twelve long books : how much longer would his epic have been had he warbled of the heroes and the heroism of the Class of 1904 ! And yet it is - necessary for the writer, who has imbibed only slightly in the spiritsifi of the great singer, to try to ,U K condense this history into a few lines 3 'QVQQS Talking of singers and songs, in our Freshman year we loaned the voices of some of our menu- Q, A bers to the Glee Club, and " Chad " and Davis helped to carry the club through a smooth, success- , ful season, while " Wa1'd " even reached a high note without the use of a step-ladder. It might be fat-5 stated here that this class has never had need of any outside aid. Again in our Sophomore year have X- ff we made the Instrumental Clubs strong and mighty by the deeds of " Castoria " and the others. But while our vocal and musical talents displayed themselves, physically some of our members have surpassed the stars themselves, and have become fixed in the firmament as planets. Even while we were Freshmen " Pop " and " Bacteria " and " Johnny " and " Tut " helped the football team hold the Army team, at West Point, down to one touch-down. This year, the most successful in N. Y. U.'s football history, the greater part of the line came from our ranks. " Cl1esty," " Ral " and " Friedy " were the tripping triplets that often could be seen bounding down the field for touch-downs. In baseball, third base was covered with honor by " Silent Sim," and substitutes could be drawn from our class to fill all the other positions. If our life has been "just as rosy as a sunny day in june " on the diamond and gridiron, it has wreathed itself with laurels in the gymnasium and on the track. Half of the relay team that covered itself with glory at Philadelphia were " Naughty-Fours," and our Belcher was the first Freshman in years to be both gymnasium champion and captain of the team. A long time ago, we remember it well, " Iiddie Ral " walked up a " Mossy " " Lane" and helped to win the cane spree without much " Mofojre " trouble. ln fact, few other classes-'i' 1902 being the only one the writer can call to mind-have been so imbued with the true college spirit, or so deeply dyed in the violet of our Alma Mater as is this, the Class of " Naughty-Four." 'Xt What was it, " Roman punch? " " Praise be to Jupiter, you ' iinbibed only slightly.' " + What's this, a bid for the " bun? " 50 Now, leave the man with the brawny arm. From the fertile brain of our "0l'g81llSl1l " the chapel choir sprang like Minerva into being, and who but a Sophomore could stand the strain of the daily quick change after the Doxology ? On the eighteenth day of November last year, just before we all went joyfully into chapel, our class re- lieved the University of all fear of destruction by fire. NVe formed among the babes in the class below us a fire department, with "Babe LOl1gllllllH as driver and the Latin babes as horses! At another time we held an oratory contest, and " Big Babe " Tibbets won the palm from some twenty of his classmates by the heart-rending rendering of that well-known poem on " The Thunder, the Clouds, the Lightning and tl1e Pig." Another occur- rence that won the approbation of all the upper classmen and the united faculty-the fact that all the Freshmen have water on the brain may be attributed to us, for we were the first Sophomores to duck an entire Freshman Class in the Fountain of Learning. Though some of our leading lights left us for other ways of wisdom our lustre is i11 no wise diminished, for their places have bee11 taken by new comers. Go round the world Cyou need not travel in record-breaking time, like our " Euny " did,j and you will find it hard to discover the equal of the " Class of Nineteen Hundred and Four." W. C. L., Si'c'1,l' pro 141111. Our " Soph " chronicler forgets the baseball, football, cane rush and track contests with 'o3. We wonder why ? l I 51 lndividual Recordf of I904. C11.-xR1.1cs Rom-:R'1' Anmls, Psi Upsilon House, Uni- versity Heightsg 1 Adams St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. -lf T1 Mandolin Club 123. AN111cRs ANDERSON, Gould Hall, University Heightsg 3,30 19th St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. VACLAV P. BACKORA, 428 East 71st St., New York City. Varsity Football 'l'eamf131 Class Football Team QI, 23. BRUCE BALLARD, University Heights: Roxbury, Del- aware County, N. Y. ' Y. M. C. A. i AR'1'1-IUR C111cs'1'1cR BECKICR, 893 Park Ave., New York City. WAIQD CRAXVFORD B1e1.e111cR, II Jane St., New,York City. Z +1 ll':'1 Gymnastic Team QI, 231 Captain Varsity Gymnastic Team QQ31 Glee Club Q131 Prep School Day Committee QI3. EDMUNIJ V. BRAGDON, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights1 87 West 32d St., Bayonne, N.J. d'l'A. CAnA1.I.1fRo, Adjuntas, Porto Rico. 0. ALIIIQRT CARLSON, IIS South Oxford St., Brook- lyn, N. Y. Y. M. C. A. 1 Philosophical Club. CvR11.1.1-: CARRRA11, JR., Psi Upsilon House, Univers- ity Heights: 654 Madison Ave., New York City. il' T1 " H "1 Class Relay Team U31 Class Dinner Committeef13: Mandolin Club fi, 231 Banjo Club fl, 231 Glee Club 1231 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs 1231 Cross Country Club: Tennis Association: Chess and Checker Club: Philosophical Club. Ano1.P11 C. CARs'1'EN, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights 1 S2J6ffC1'SOll St., Hoboken, N.j. 'If I' A 1 Varsity Football Q1, 23 1 Captain Class Football - Team Q23 1 Class President Q 13 1 Recording Secretary Ath- letic Association U31 Mandolin Club tl, 231 Banjo Club 11, 231 Leader Banjo Club 1231 Treasurer l'hilosophical Club Q231 Chess and Checker Clnbg Tennis Club. Hl'IRl3lCR'l' C. CLARK, West New Brighton. Staten Island, N. Y. Cross Country Club tr, 231 Captain Class Football Team U31 Class Football Team 4231 Class Baseball Team UD- RALPH DEB. CLARKE, 410 Plane St., Newark, N. J. fl' I' A 5 Philosophical Club Q Class Dinner Committee f25. RICHARD GREY COONIQV, 224 East 26tll St.. New York City. fl' l' Ag Y. M. C. A. CLARENCE LIsw1s DAv1s, Gould Hall, University Heights 3 1056 East 175th St., New York City. AP T 3 Glee Club g Assistant Biological Laboratory. ROBERT EDWIN DIQNIKE, White Plains, N. Y. A T3 Class Secretary 1153 Class Track Team C151 Chairman Class Dinner Committee U53 Cross Country Club 11, 25: Second Assistant Manager Football Team Q25 3 Glee Club C25 5 Secretary White Plains High School Club Q25. CARLOS DE ZAFRA, 312 West 81st St., New York City. Aw. Lotus ST. CLAIR EuNsON, 426 West 154th St., New York City. - 'lf T 5 Class Finance Committee f25. LOu1s C. FR1f:Es, 612 East 156th St., New York City. .X T 3 Chess and Checker Club 3 Tennis Club 3 Cross ' Country Club Q Class Reception Committee. JOHN RIQMINOTON FREXV, Gould Hall, University Heights: Coshocton, N. Y. iaH-in NIILLARD JA111es FRIEDBERG, . 352 West 115th St., New York City. . Class Football Team QI, 253 Varsity Football Team Q25 3 Mandolin Club 125. CHARLES W. G1cRs'rIsNIs1f:RO, IIS Division Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Class Historian Q25 5 Glce Club QI, 25 1 Philosophical Clubg Leader Chapel Choirg Editor Slylusp Brooklyn High School Club 3 Supplementary Prize. JOSI'fl'I'I S. GIBB, Paterson, N. I. NIIGUIEL GIERONOMO GU'r1IeRRI2z, Cardeuas, Cuba. FRIQDIQRICK RIQID HliA'l'I-I, 51 Wall St., New York City. Class Football Team 1253 Class Orator U55 Class Treasurer f 25. WI1,L1A1u HIQRRMANN, White Plains, N. Y. G. CHARLES HORWOOD, Phi Gannna Delta House. University Heights 5 1250 Garden St., Hoboken, N. fl' I' A 3 Captain Class Baseball Team Q15 5 Banjo Club Q25. ARTIAIIIR MARSHALL JOHNSON, 129 South I2tl1 Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Class Track Tcani Q15 3 Class Baseball Team Q15 5 Class Football Team 3 Varsity Football Team 115. EDWARD PIQRCV KINC9, l42 West 133d St., New York City. AT. JEROME ARNOLD Konx, 18 East 95th St., New York City. . Class Track Team 111 1 Class Football Tean1 121. C1-1as'r1eR l-I1f:Rn1aN Lass, Gould Hall, University Heights 1 New Germantown, N. J. Y. M. C. A. 1 Tennis Association 1 Eucleian Literary Society 11, 25 1 Recording Secretary Eucleian 125 1 Varsity Gvinnastic Team 11, 25 : Class Gymnastic Team 115 1 Class Track Tean1 115 1 Varsity Football Team 125 1 Philosoph- ical Club 125 1 Cross Country Club 121 1 Class Orator 121. W. C1.Av'roN LEONARD, l.l.28 Webster Ave., New York City. Entrance Examination Prize: Class Secretary'1211 Glee Club 125: Banjo Club 1251 Brooklyn High School Club. ERNEST W. I.1':ON11AR11'1', 2049 Anthony Ave., New York City. Class Finance Committee 125. ' LANSING Yarns LIPPINCOTT, Psi Upsilon House. University Heightsg 65 West 83d St., New York City. il' T1 Class Football Team 11, 251 Varsity Football Team 1251 Banjo Club 1251 Glee Club 1251 Associate Editor of Trianglr. ROBERT Gr:oRo1-2 BIERZ, 57 9th Ave., Newark, N. J. SOL D. Moss, Phi Gamma Delta' House, University Heights: 205 East 62d St., New York City. -I1 I' A1 "H"1 Class Historian 1151 Class Dinner Committee 115: Class Baseball TBZIIIII Class Football Team 1 Class Relay Team 1 Cross Country Club: Tennis Association: Chess and Checker Club: Philosophical Club: Banjo Club 1211 Assistant Manager of yyfllllgft. 5I1cHa1c1. Joux O'N1-:11.1., Gould Hall, University Heights: Roxbury. N. Y. EDWARD S'r1'..1R'r PICCK, 53 West 5Oth St., New York City. 'I' Y: Gymnastic Team 11, 21: Tennis Team 111: Assistant Manager 7'r1'angle125 1 Chairman Class Recep- tion Committee 1151 Chairman Class Dinner Committee 121. G1-:oR1:11: S. PROC1-mzk.-x. 134 North Terrace Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Class Football Team 121. E11w.xR11 J. I. R.t1.D1R1s, 2083 Washington Ave.. New York City. - "l-I": Class President 1251 Recording Secretary Athletic Association 1251 Class Football Team 11, 25: Assistant Business Manager Sfvlus. FR1-:DERICR A. RUSSELL, JR., Delta Upsilon House. University Heights: Tarrytown, N. Y. .1 Y 1 Class Vice-Preside11t 1251 Class Football Team 125: Cross Country Clllb 1151 Class Di1mer Conm1ittee 125. Rtnowav F. SHINN, Metropolitan. N. Y. Drew Theological Seminary, 'oo: President Y. M, C. A. 1 President Philosophical Cl11b. ROBERT ALFRED SIBENMAN, 150 West 129th St., New York City. 11' l' A 1 Class Relay Team 115 1 Class Track Team 115 1 Varsity Relay Tefllll 115: Cross Country Club: Tennis Association. WM.'1'xf:k i5.l.XNlJliVIl,l.l'I Su.1,i4:cic, I9 West ized St.. New York City. Z tl' 3 11133 Class Relay Team lI5 1 Captain Class Track Team tI5g Class Football Team ll, 21: Class Vice- l'I'CSltl6lltfI5. ' Joi-ix Pam. Simmons, 46 Park Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. A fl- 3 " H " 5 Class Baseball Team I I5 Z Varsity Base- ball Team Q15 : Class Dinner Committee. S'rE1f1-:EN M. S-M1'1'H, 71 Perry St.. New York City. Tennis Club tx, 25: Class Gymnastic Team gl, 251 Presirlent Fencing Clnlm. C1.A1usNc1-: FEL'rn:R Snmmicicx, Gould Hall, Univers- ity Heights: Haverstraw. N. Y. Y. M. C. A. 3 Cla:-as Finance Committee. El.r.Io'r FR15noN'1' SOULE, ja., 57o East 179th St., New York City. AReum,xi.n liwixo S'1'1svENsoN, 568 West End Ave., New York City. A -I-. Romcmi M. STRONG, Gould Hall, University Heightsg Pasadena, Cal. ll' I' Ag Mandolin Club l25Q Banjo Club 125. jmlifts G. 'lXAYl.OR, 1So West 82d St.. New York City. fn- I' .i J. l.1ss'1'1f:R TU'l'llILI.- Zeta Psi House, University Heights: Goshen, N. Y. Z il' 5 -Wg Varsity Football Team tl, 251 Class Foot- ball Team gi, 25 Q Class Baseball Team Q15. Cfxav me VILLE WATERS, Ossiniug, N. Y. ll' I' A 1 " H " 1 Class Football Team 125: Reception Committee QI5. PAUL Wnxmcamcn, 126 liatst 62d St., New York City. in A X. I N .1179 -fm f'4' S' N 5 . gs Q13 S-'Y' ' . , A if f.-1, , .-f' r- 4 . ' 'ns' fllisxfnlf ' I '1'4'.v1'r1'a111, . V1'rc'-l'1'c.v1'1I'1w 1, . Srnwlazy, . 7'n'a.v11n'r, ll1'.vfar1'a11 , Ora lor, Por! , . .ql'1:Q'l'tl1lf'!If'.'1I ms, Class of 1905. FRESHMAN YEAR. C zass Colors . Class YW! : Ui ' Old Gold and Blue. Hoo Rah, He Rah : Hi Rah Hoo. I-9-o-5 : N. Y. U. Officers. . Fummmcx Sxvmck. RomeR'r C. lixxcrzk. . Ruler. S. DARLING, Jn. Glcoumi '1'xcAc:urZ. . T. '1'lmRN'roN R1-:Il.I.x'. RICINALD XVlERRl'INRA'l'H . IQ. 'I'1mx1'r'rs. Romani' M. SIMPSON. 56 11' v LM' 41.1 5 gui' 'givrf sb.,- ""Fu'iT"i'T'f'n-va, arg - ' i History of 1905. BI from the four corners of the universe, met on the threshold of a college career at University Heights. We were fully determined to do honor to our class and to our Alma Mater. How well we have carried out our purpose thus far can best be seen by a review of our accomplishments during the short time we have been in college. We have defeated our arch enemies, the Sophs, at every point, and now, whenever thev hear the name of '05 mentioned, they tremble with fear. 'ln the Class fights the class 'of 'o5 has in every instance carried off the palm. The Snphs will not fo1'get for a long time to come the evening when we captured eight of their number in front of the dormitory and carried them OH' in triumph, while the remainder of their classmates, with quaking knees, stayed in their rooms listening to the heart-reudiug cries for help from their comrades, but none dared venture forth to their aid. And the football game! Neither tongue nor pen can give an adequate description of the shock to the 'i sensitive feelings of our enemy on that occasion. The Soph Team, containing six Varsity men, came on the field with chests inflated and heads high, for the express purpose of slaughtering the poor innocent " Freshiesf' But the Freshman Team were not over-awed at this display of majestic grandeur, and each man, with a smile that boded no good to '04, buckled down to the work in hand. They ripped the Sophs' line apart from end to end, dragged the man with the ball along for yards and yards after he had been tackled. and presented a stonewall front to the Sophs' ineffectual attempts to gain ground. The game ended 6 to 5 in 'o5's Hivor, but this score fails to show the vast superiority of the Freshman Team. In the fight between the halves our class was again victorious, and after the game we succeeded in getting the ball and keeping it from the Sophomores. In the evening the victory was duly celebrated by a parade through Tremont. N THE last week of September, Nineteen Hundred and One, a baud of sun-burned youths, gathered it This chronicle is written in rather a boastful tone. lt must be that thc Freshman scriptor was not thoroughly immersed in the fountain. 't These " sensitive " feelings were the result of numerous contests with IQO3 last year. ' 58 Nineteen-Five was also well represented on the Varsity gridiron last fall, and the men deserve much praise for their regular attendance at practice and their faithful work on the field. ' XVe have done much in the short time that we have been here, but I will invade the realm of the Prophet to make the conhdent prediction that '05 will do much more before its college course is finished 1 it will leave behind it when it graduates a name second to none, together with those clear memories which make the traditions ofa college worthy to he preserved hy incoming classes for countless years. 'I'. T. R. Q A , an- Q'-Kid? Qqmjfs Z 4952: V? GD :' lil' iw W3 503' rc!-,4 7?-7 5 KQV' ci 'aid' 265' If 3' U S9 Individual Records of 1905. Alrousrus NlCXl"ll0N Ai.I..xn1cN, Gould llall. Uni- versity Heights : Margaretville, N. Y. Prepared at Margarctville High School. ROlilCR'l' C. BAK1-ik. Dover, N. J. Prepared at Dover High School 3 Class Vice-President. Tn.xN1c I-Lxuklsox B.xi.nw1N, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights: 74 Christopher St., Montclair, N. J 'I' I' Ag " Il " : Class Football Team. I-Irxaonn HUGO BALI., Iilmhurst, N. Y. Glee Club: Prepared at Newtown High School. lVlAR'l'IN EMERSON Br..xUv1sr.'r, 3 Robbins Place. Prepared at Yonkers High School. Hl9RlllilQ'l' SMCNCICR Born, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Prepared at Pennington. I-laukv hlOR'l'llNllCR liRl'1MlCR, l'7l5 Washington Ave., New York City. Prepared privately: Prize Scholarship. Licwxs lhwr. Bnmucie, I7I5 Washington Ave., New York City. Prepared privately. li Rrclman J. BROWN, 57 Taylor St., Newark, N. J. Prepared at Newark High School, Vice-President Freshman Debating Society. R1'ssi4:i.1. DUNCAN Bnacnakn, 165 Lexington Ave., New York City. A -I-3 Prepared at Drisler School. L19 MON'ric TnOMvsON CLARK, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights: Lake Mahopac, N. Y. 'I' l' A 3 " H " 5 Prepared at Bcrkely School. NVxI.1.1.xM Ii. Con, Cold Spring, N. Y. Prepared at XVesleyan Academy, XYilbrahani, Mass. 3 Varsity Football Team 5 Class Football Team. Noiumx M. Comix, 154 West izoth St., New York City. Prepared at DeWitt Clinton High School. Fai-:ni-:nick Cons, Butler Hall, University Heights, Springfield, Mass. josici-n Cinxmcxcic Coi.i.v1sR. White Plains. N. Y. Prepared at White Plains High School 5 Substitute Varsity Football Team 3 Class Football Team. Rum. Smrrn lJ.xRr.rNo. JR., Delta Phi House, Uni- versity I-leights 3 167 West Sist St., New York City. A fl' 3 " H " 3 Prepared at Txinity Chapel High School. ARTHIIR S'rIn1soN DRAPER, Gould Hall, University Heights: New Dorf, Staten Island, N. Y. Al' '1' 5 Prepared at Westerleigh Collegiate Institute : Captain Class Football Team. RALPH P. FAIRCI-IILD, 557 West I2..ltl1 St., New York City. fl' 1' A: Prepared at Bristol, Conn., High School: Class Football Team: Varsity Football Squad. G1-:oRGE COLLINGVVOOD FELTER. Gould Hall, Uni- versity Heights: Haverstraw, N. Y. Y. M. C. A.: Freshman Debating Society: Prepared at Haverstraw High School. OLIVER CIIAUNCEY GARVIN, Gould Hall, University Heights: 878 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. all T : " H " : Varsity Football Team : Class Football Team : Prepared at Polyteclmic Preparatory School. FRANCIS LEWIS GOULD, Gould Hall, University Heights: 59 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. APT: "HH: Y. M. C. A.: Class Football Team: Prepared at Yonkers High School. ARTHUR BUTLER GRAHAM, Delta Phi House, Uni- versity Heights : 9 West 65th St., New York City. A 10: " H "Q Prepared at Trinity Chapel High School. HOWARD EDWARD GREENE, 203 7th Ave., Brook- lyn, N. Y. Prepared at Boys High School, Brooklyn. FRANCIS C. C. GROSSELFINGICR, New York City. IQUGENE I'IAI.PIN, William St. and Hamilton Ave White Plains, N. Y. 'W Prepared at White Plains High School. GEORGE V. I-IALSICY, Gould Hall, University Heights: Ridgewood, N. J. Prepared at Hackettstown. CHARLES R. HARDY. 115 South First Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Prepared at Mt. Vernon High School. WILLIAII1 B. HAzELwooD, 549 Lorinier St., Brook- lyn, N. Y. Prepared at Hackettstown. ' M. MoN'rIE HENSCIIEL, Amityville, N. Y. Prepared at Amityville High School. YVILLIAM G. HILLE, Gould Hall, University Heights: Union Hill, N. I. Prepared at Hoboken Acadeiny. C. RAYMOND H11LsAR'r, Gould Hall, University Heights: Dover, N. J. .A T : Prepared at Dover High School. llIAURIClC HVMAN, 166 East 64th St., New York City. Prepared at De XVitt Clinton High School: Fresh- man Debating Society. ADOI.l'I'I jARIx1I1L0xvsIIv, IO2 East 6oth St., New York City. Prepared at C. C. N. Y.: Freshman Debating Society. CHARLES R. K1xosLEr, JR., Gould Hall, University Heights, West New Brighton, N. Y. Z 'l', Glee Club, Mandolin Club. GEORGE BERNARD LAUGn1.1N, JR., 31 South Sth Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Prepared at Mt. Vernon High School. ROBERT S. LEIGHTON, Gould Hall, University Heights, 282 De Kalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Z 'l' , Prepared at Philips Exeter Academy. GREGORIE SAMUEL LEVIN, I.l,l Cooper St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Prepared at Brooklyn High School. LESLIE LOBINGIER, 1280 Franklin Aye., Mt. Vernon, v N. Y . Prepared at Peter Cooper High School. ARSHAO GABRIEL DER M.-XIIDESIAN, Harport, Turkey. ALEXANDER MCCLINCHI1-I, 480 7tl1St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Prepared at Boys High School, Brooklyn: Fresh- man Debating Society. GEORGE P. lVlEADlC, 172 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Prepared at Yonkers High School. ROBERT S. MILLER, Chestnut Hill Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Prepared at White Plains High School. SIDNEY R. MILLER, Gould Hall, University Heights: rO96 Broad St., Newark, N. J. Z NP, Eucleian Literary Society, Tennis Association, Cross Country Club , Prepared at Newark Academy and Bai llilfd School. JAA11-:s LEs'1'1-:R NIORAN, White Plains, N. Y, AT, Mandolin Club, Prepared at White Plains High School. GEORGE MUNRO, 16 East 78th St., New York City. il' T , Prepared at Columbia Grammar School. FRED LE ROY NAFIS. 158 7th St., Elmhurst, Long Island, N. Y. A T, Prepared at Newtown High School. ll. l'llCRBERT O'DOwD, Gould Hall,University Heights: Hartsdale, N. Y. Z NP, Eucleian Literary Society: Manager Fresh- nian Baseball Team, Manager Freshman Gymnastic Team, Tennis Association, Cross Country Club, Pre- pared at Barnard School. JOHN RACER, Gould Hall, University Heights, 31O East 71st St., New York City. Prepared at De Witt Clinton High School. V T1-1Oi1As THORNTON REILLEY, 147 Lenox Ave., New York City. A T, " H ", Prepared at Trinity Scl1ool, Varsity Football Team , Class Football Team , Class Historian. Enwin TEN EYCK REYNOLDS, . 224 West 52d St., New York City. 'lf T, "H", Prepared at De Witt Clinton High School, Substitute Varsity Football Te-ani, Class Foot- ball Team. VINCENT ROBERTS, Gould Hall, University Heights 3 Sanford Ave., Flushing, N. Y. il' T3 " H "3 Prepared at Flushing High School: Tennis Association: Mandolin Club: Chess and Checker Club 3 Freshman Debating Society. THEODORE G. RoRINsoN, 209 West 118th St., New York City. A T: Prepared at Omaha High School, Omaha, Neb. BENNET S. RUNDLE, Gould Hall, University Heights: Montague, N. J. Prepared at Hackettstown. EVERETT EUGENE SCUDDICR, Gould Hall, University Heights 3 Roxbury, N. Y. Prepared at Roxbury High School. C1-IARLES V. SHARING, Butler Hall, University Heights : 305 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Prepared at Boys High School, Brooklyn 1 Secretary Brooklyn High School Club. HUME R. SHIPMAN, Butler Hall, University Heights : Carlton, Orleans Co., N. Y. Y. M. C. A. 3 Prepared at Albion High School. FRANCIS L. SIELRE, r4o7 Vyse Ave., New York City. ' Prepared at Peter Cooper High School. ROBERT MIDDI.E'I'ON SIMPSON, 474 Central Park. West, New York City. Z 'l': Prepared privately. HAROLD L. SMALLEV, Phi Gamma Delta House, University Heights: Plainfield, N. J. fl' l' A : Plainfield High School. FREDERICK SNYDER, Delta Upsilon House, University Heights: 23 Bank St., Paterson, N. J. A T3 "H "3 Prepared at Paterson High SclIool3 Eueleian Literary Society: Class President: Class Foot- ball Team 3 Varsity Football Squad. PHILIP A. STINER, 149 West rzoth St., New York City. Preparedai De Witt Clinton High School. LAWRENCE HOPKINS STONE, 1048 5th Ave., New York City. Z NP: Class Football Team: Banio Club: Cross Country Club. FRED MORIE SWART, Gould Hall, University Heights: Margaretville, N. Y. Prepared at Margaretville High School. GEORGE TEAGUE. Butler Hall, University Heights: Port Oram, N. J. Prepared at Port Oram High School and privately : Class Treasurer: President Freshman Debating Society: Y. M. C. A. 1 Cross Country Club. FRED AIONTROSIC TIBBI-:'I"rs, Butler Hall, University Heights: Albion, N. Y. ..l T : " H " : Prepared at Albion High School. R.-u,1'n Ensox TIliIiI'1"1'S, Butler Hall, University Heights 3 Albion, N. Y. A Tj " II "3 Prcparocl at Albion High School 1 Snp- 1JlL'lllL'lll2ll'j' Prize i9X1lllllllill.lUll 3 Class Poet, Ai,1.nN Biftciquicv Wann, 69 West Iglst St., New York City. 'Iv I' Ag Vrcparcil at Ilarnarfl School. i,lCS'l'l'IR Pom' WAHI-'o1e1m, 59 Ilart St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Prcp:n'c4l at Brooklyn High School. ICLMIQR C. XVAYNJC, Gould 'Hall, University Heightsg Seneca Falls. N. Y. il' T3 Y. M. C. A. 5 l'roparcrl at Myndersc Acamlcniy, SCIICCII Falls, N. Y. 0 RlCINAl.lJ W1cR1:1':NRA'1'1r, 523 West 156th St., New York City. 'I' T3 Class Oratorg Class Cheer Leader 3 Glce Clnhg Chnpcl Choir: Brooklyn High School Chili: Preparcfl at Brooklyn High School. Wn.I.1AM XVIl.l'.IAINlS, 1955 Anthony Ave., New York City. Z 'l'. Kia'r1..xxn A1.1.1cN W1I.soN, 427 West 154th St., New York City. Prcparuml nt White Plains High School. XVll.l,I.Xll Iliaxiu' WooLI.1ex', 75 East 79th St., New York City. Z 'l'g Supplementary I':XillIllll3l2l0ll Scholarship: Preparccl at Ile Wilt Clinton High School. F-'T 'I b X fy. -1 1 I-IAVl'IMEYER CHEMICAL I.AIi0RA'l'0RX' AND CHARLES HlT'l'I,l42R HAI 5213934 HALL 01: LANGUAGES AND FRONT UF LIBRARY. QI.0Oking Nol'lh,J The University Law School. lf Class of 1902. mrmnnoon nIvIsIoN.p Officerf. Presz'deul, JIQI-IIAI. MAURIQI: ROIQDIQR. If1'a'-Pnfmiwff, WII.I.IAIII OLIVI-:R MOORE. SL'C7t'fd7:l', . SAIIIUIQI. MAURICIQ Lnvv. Omlur, . ' BAR'I'I.1-:v JOSIQPI-I WRIGHT. Swgg'muI-al-.'lrm.v, ROmcR'I' HAIIIIJION HIISXQARIJ. JIQSSIIQ AsIII.Icv. JOHN BUIJD BALI.. A NIARIAN ETIIEI. HARRON, B. A. BRN MARTIN BARRON. IWARIE LOUISI2 BAvI4:R. MARIIS LOUISE BIQAUIIRIAS. EMMA HliI.liN Iimzcz. JOSEPH FRANK BICNAIM. AIIRAIIAII JOSEIIII BIQRNSTIQIN DAVID BIQRNSTIQIN. SAMUEL BIKOFF. CIIARLIQS BISBERG. BIQRNARI1 BLOCII, B.S. Senior Cla.r.r. RO:-zAI.IIs CIII2s'I'I':RxIAN BOIUNI-2. MORRIS DAVID BOIIRAR. ANNA VAQIIIR: BOI.'I'Is. LO'I'TII+: WAsIIINc:'I'ON BOOTII. EIIWARII BURR BRA1mI,IcI'. BHRNARII BRIIc'I'IsAR'I'. TIIIQO. J. BRlil'l'WIl-ZSICR, B.S. SOLOMON BRINN. UI.IvIf:R G. BROWNIC. MICIIAEI. AIIGUSTUS BI'cRI.Isx'. JOsIcI-II HANSIIURV CAI.I.AOI-IAN. JOSIQIIII JEROME CAVANAGII. JACOII CIeIaIrI.SRv. 68 BIQRNARII CIIAAIIIIQRS, ILS. ICDWARIJ A. CIIILVIQR, B.A. IRWIN BRVSON COCIIRANIQ. HARRY COOK. JOSIQIIII FRANCIS PINS COSIIIQH NIARION WI-:s'I'ON C0'l'Tl.lC. MIQYI-:R CIISIINIQR. ISIIJOR LOUIS DANIIeI.s. CIIARLIQS AN'FI'IONX' DARIUS. SAIIIUIQI. DEUTSCII. JOHN A. DJI':RIf, A.B. CIIARLES 1WARVIN-DOLLIVICR. LIQIGH DORNRURGH. NIADELINE Z. DOTY, B.L. GEORGE EVELSON DRAPER. THOMAS FRANCIS DUNNE. GEORGE STEXVART EDIE. H ERMAN ELFERS. S'1'EWAR'1' ENGEL. DANIEL CORWIN EVANS. WII.I.IADI FICKERMAN. GEORGE YVALLACIC FILES. SAMUEL FINGERIIU'I'. JULIUS FISCHICR. MONROE FISCHER. BERNARD FLEASHNICK. SAMUEL FRANCIS FRANK, A.B. ARTHUR FRANK, B.S. NATIAIAN FRANK. AIORRIS GEORGE FRANKEL WILLIAM HARRISON FREEDMAN. CHARLES WILI.IABI FRICKE. OLIVE S'rO'r'r GABRIEL. EDWARD THOMAS GALI.OWAY. OLIVE ROSAMOND GARI.AND, HENRY PETER GEORGE. DAVID BERNARD GE'I'z. ANNA CATHERINE GIE. JOSEPH GII.nER'I'. DAVID JOSIAI-I GLADS'rONE. ABRAHAM HYMAN GOLDBICRC JOIIN B. CYOLIJEN. I'IJ'2RBI'IRT ISAAC GOLDSMI'1'1I A.B. HENRY P. GOLDS'I'EIN, 13.5. SOLOMON GOODMAN. ESRAS GO'I"rLIEIa. JAMES JOHN GREEN. NA'rHAN GREICNBAUM. RAYMOND LEE GRTFFISS. LOUIS HENRY GUTERMANN. LOUIS JOI-IN HAI,1il'2RT, JR. ESTELLA NIARY HANES. EDWARD HARTIIENCE. FLORENCE KING HASCALI.. GEORGE GORDON HASTINGS, GEORGE SAMUEL HELLINGER. ROBICRT HABIII.'1'ON IJIBISARD SAMUEL HOEEMAN. EUGENE HOLLEY. BERTON ARTHUR LENOX HOWE, A.B. LEO MACKEE HUTCHINS. MCCLURE JAQUES. CHARLES WILLIAM KAI'l'ICS. EDWARD JEREMIAH KELLEY. GEORGE JOSEPH KLEIN. JOSEPH SIGMUND KLEIN. ELI KOI'INl12R. M SAMUEL HAX'I'IS, C.E. FREDERICK WILLIAM KRIS'l'EI.I.ER. OVERTON LEA, JR., B.A. AHRAM LEICI-ITER. ISRAEL LIQVINE. AARON JEERERSON LEVY. 69 SAMUEL NIAURICE LEVY. HERMAN LUBETKIN. PATIENCE ELEANOR LUMLEY, PII.D. ALFRED BOUTON MACNAMARA. JACOB NIAGIDOFF. ARTHUR CHESTER MANDEL. JOSEPH STEVENSON J. MANNINCQ, M JACOB MAITRICIC MARCUSON. NIANTON MARKS. STANLEY HOI.COBIIli MOLLESON, PII.B YVILLIAM OLIVER MOORIQ, M.D. JOSEPH MORGENSTERN. NATIIAN NA'FI42I.SON. ISIDORIC NEUS'rAD'I'ER, PHARMJJ. ROBERT LIONEI. NOAH. THOMAS H1'2NRX' O'BRIEN. JOHN JOSEPH O,LEARY. HERINIAN PHILLIPS. TOWNSEND PINKNEY. MAX RADIN, A.B. IDA RAUII. RICHMOND JAFFRAY REESE, PH.B. JULIUS HENRY REITER. ANDRJCW VINCENT ROCI-IESTER. PAUL GAREIELD RODER. JEHIAL MAIJRICPS ROEDER, B.A. HERMAN ROSENBLUTH. SAMUEL ROSEN'I'HAL. LEO ROSICNZWICIG. MIAURICE HAROI,ID ROSENzWEIG. AARON BENNETT SALANT. B.S. LOUIS SALANT. WILLIAM ALLEN SAWYER. GEORGE OWEN SAYHR. SAMUEL SCHACK. LOUIS EMDON SCHARIRO. HERMAN SCHARRINGHAIISEN. ABRAHAM SCHEPPER. JACOR REUBEN SCHIFF, B.S. MILTON SCI-ICIENFICLD. WILLIAM HENRY SCIIWALENBIIRG. ADOLF SCHWARZ. NATHAN HALH SEIDMAN. JOHN NIARTYN SCOm.E. EDWARD ARTHUR SIDMAN, B.A. JACOB SILYERSTEIN. DAVID SILVERSTEIN. HENRY CLAY SIMONS. VIOLET EDITH SINSHEIMER. HARRY STACKELL. ISAAC STEINIIAUS. FRANCIS S. STICRLE. ALEX. JOHN STORMONT. ANDREW HIQNRX' A. THOMPSON. Class of 1903. QAFTERNOON DIVISIONJ LOUIS HENRY TOMEORD. JOHN I'IOW.-XRD TRACY. JOSEPH JOHN TIIOI-IY. ABRAHAM ISAAC VILKOMIRSON. YVILLIAM CASPER VOLCKHAITSEIN, B Q JOHN CARROLL WALLACE. MORRIE JOSEPH WERNER. ARRAHAM YVILKES. WILLIAM HUNTSMAN WILLIAMS HENRX' WILLIAM WOI.If. BARTLEY JOSEPH WRIGEIT. IIZVERI-:'r'r FRANKLIN XVRIGIVF. Officerf. Prendml, . . SAMUEL BOOKMAN. Fin! V1kf.'-Presz'zz'e1zI, MULFORD SAUNDERS WADE. Scroua'If'1'rc-Pn'sz'dml, . . ERNEST MAX GARBE. Sefrelagy, . RUDOLPH LEON CHERRDRG, 7'rea.s'w'f1', . HPZNRX' STERN. Oralor, THOMAS ALOYSIUS BRENNAN. junior Class. ALTER J. C. ABELSON. HARRX' ABRAMSON. JOSEPH ALTMAN, PH.B. RICHARD CHARLES ADDY, JR. SAMUEL JOSEPH ALBERT, B.S. RALPH GORDON BARCLAY. 70 HERBERT TOMRKINS BAROER. GEORGE HENRY ISECKYVITH. ADOLPH BENEVY. ISRAEL BERMAN. JACOB IRVING BERMAN. ERNEST ANTHONY BEZOUSKA. MILLICENT BOND BINOHAM. JOHN BISSELL. MARKS BLOCK. JULIUS BLUMOEE. SAMUEL BOOKMAN, l,II.D. THOMAS ALOYSIUS BRENN.+TN,A.15. AIJEI.1VIA HELENE BURD. ALVIN BARNES CH.-XMPLIN. RUDOLPH LEON CHI-IRBURG. BENJAMIN CHESS. JOSEPH WILLIAM CLAUSICN. HARRX' HERMAN COMANOR. HARVEY JAMES CONKEY. NA'FI'IAN B. L. COSEL. . CHARLES NORIiliR'l' Cox, A.M. WILLIAM JOHN CON. ' HERBIiR'1' CRACAUIER. NIEI. MONTGOMERY CURTIN. WII.I.IAM RAY DAVIS. THEODORE JOHN DRACH. SELH: EIJICLMIEN, A.B. DAVID WASHINGTON ELRELES. OLIVER EI,LSWOR'l'l'I. Al.FRED S'1'lCCKl.PIR ENGICL. CHARLES ENG, B.S. GUY LEVERNE FAKE. CATHERINE FARRAR. NIICHAEL B. FEENICY, M.D MARK SIMPSON FEILER. JESSE JAMES FEINRERG. BERNARD FICKIC. JAMES COLLINS FLANNARY. HIENRX' JAMES FLETTNER. THOMAS EDWIN FLYNN, B. JACOB FRANK. ALVAH PURDY FRENCH. LOUIS FRIEDMAN. MITCHELL FRIEND. LEONCE COUDERT FULLER. FLORA TODD FULLER, A.B ERNEST MAX GARRE. JOHN GIICS, JR. PAUL GOLDBERG. A. FREDERICK EDWARD CROLDSMITI1. DAVID ISIDOR GOLDSTEIN. DAVID GOLDSTEIN. LOUIS GOI.IJS'lxIEIN. DAVID GORP'INKIiI.. A.B. THEODORE DRA1-ER GOTTLIISB. Hl5NRX' LEE GRAITIF. SAMUEL WM. GREENBAUM, JOHN DANIEL GRIFFIN. CHARLES XVIGDOR GROLL. A.B., RICH.-X RD I'fACKBARTI-I, E. F 7K M.D. SIMON HAIIN. DAVID HAI-IN. MATILDA HALLEY. JEANNETTE HAMII.I,, A.B. OSCAR HAMIVIANN. GEORGE T. HAMMOND. CHARLES BENZION HARRIS. LOUIS SAMUEL HARRIS. MODIE HARRIS, B.A. JOSEPH PATRICK HEALY. JOHN ALOYSIUS Hl'INNESSX'. IQMIL HlfIIllNI:XNNI. HARRY E. HERMAN, B.A. :XBRAHHAM JACOE HERRICK. MARY IAZLIZAEETII HIBBARD SEIKICI-II HIRAEAYASHI. ALBERT HIRSII. EDNVARD PIOWARID. HELEN ICATIIERINE HOY, A H WILLIAM RANDOLPH JACKSON HENRY JAGER. ALFRED JELLIFFl12. HIENRY JOACIIIM. NAT I-IANIEI. FRANKLIN JON I4 S YVALTIER RALEIGH JONES. EDWARD R. W. KARUTZ. IRVING KATz. THOMAS KEANEY. HARRY KEMPNER. ROSETTA KISCPI. RAPIIAI I COWI N KORN, B A RuIDIIIIKUNI1,A15 'XRFIII R LFVIENIII II B S IOI IS I ISIIF LI VINL. AIIRAIIAM LEVII I. LIIARLES LIICBLING. JAMES LIEHLING. ANNA VON KEINRVSCII LLOYD, SAMUEL KOGAN. ' . 4: . an .' .J . i v 5 11 Luv! I . CIIARLES J OSEPII LESLIE. . ' T . IW' x 4, .. . .'. eff 1 B H.. BEATRICE LOWENSTEIN, A.B. HYMAN LURIO. . EDWARD FRANCIS MCSORLEY. S'l'lCPI'IEN JOSEPH MADIOAN. ERNEST JOSEPI-I KTAGEN. BIORRIS BIARCUS, B.S. RORER1' XVYLIIE MAY, C.P.A. CHARLES GRAY MICAIJ. IIENRY NIICNDIFILSOHN, A.B. SARA LIICI-IAELS. PIIILII' NIUNTER. FRED OSCAR NELSON, JR. LILLIAN S. N'EWMARK. CHARLES FRFDFRICK NI EBLING. . . I EMIL HENRX' NIEDNAKIICI.. JAMESON NOR'1'IiR01', PI-LB. MICHAEL AUOUS'rINE OyNEII.. DAVID ORR, PILB. JEREMIAII A. O'Ll'CARY. CIIARLES LEO O'REII.LY. GEORGE HIIINRX' PAYNH. ALERANDER PFEIFFICR. LOUIS NIARKS PICKER, B.A. NIAX Hl5RRI.XN PLEVY. PET1-:R DANIEL PI.UNRE'r'I'. LOUIS NIORTON POS'I'LEY. NIARY GRACE QUACRENEOS. MA'r'rIIIAS RADIN. JAMES ALEINUS RAEEERTY, A.B. CLIFFORD CARROLL RISEVIC, JR. FREDERICK :MORSE ROBINSON, PILB. CHARLES SFTLIG ROSICNBERG. PIIILIP RUSOO. BIORTON SCOTLANDIQR RUTSRY. ISLIZAEETII VISRONICA RYAN. NA'l'I'IAN SAMOSIC. LOUIS SAUNDERS. WILLIAM Hl'2NRX' VON SCIIACKY. WILLIAM AUOUS1' SCIIVMACKICR. ROIIER1' SCIIWAII. LESLIE CALHOUN Sl'lA'1"l'UK, B.S. JAMES WI'II'f1C SCI-IILLICR. SIDNEY TI-IEODORE SCIIILLER. DAVID SIEOELMAN. 72 IRVINO SIMON. CAROLINE HARRIET SMI'r1I. AIIRAIIAM HIiR'l'Z SOLO'rAROIfE, P EDWARD JAMES STACK. ABRAHAM ISIDOR STARR. HENRY STERN. NATIIAN HX'3IIXN STONE. AIIOUSTUS C. STITDICR. JAMES WII.I.I.'XhI TILFORD. CIIARLES TOLLERIS. ANTONIA TYRAB.-XSSO. EDWIN VANDEWATER. PIERCY CHESTER X7ANDEWA'l'ER. RAPIIAEI. XXISCIDI. WAL'1'ER J. V.Rl'Zl'CLAND. MULEORD SAUNDERS WADE. FRANCIS RAY WADIIAMS. JAMES WALSH. HAXRRX' GARFIIELD YVALTERS. CIIARLOjr'rE SZERENA WEISS. ISAAC RALIDII WELLER. ARTIIUR BERNARD WIDDECOMIII EDWARD JOSEPH WILSON. HUGO WOERNER. LEWIS GINTISR YOUNG. NIARTIN ZA'l'ULOvE. !'1'v.s'1'a'a'11 I , D Tre- I '1'a'.v1'a'4'11 I, Sfczwfarzy, 7 7'L'l7.VNl fr, xI.'Xl'RIClC BRANDT, BA. I'llH,Il' M. BROMmf:Rc:. WILLIAM FARRIQIJ, BROWN. OTIS SWAN CARROLL. HARVHV JIQSSI-2 COI-II-:N. f9ICORGlC COI.vIN. I,If:wIf-2 JOSIQI-H DOOI,I'1"rI,Ic, M I.AUR1cNCIc H. IJOURLY. WII.I.I.-xnr FARRICIJ, DOIIILIITY, ISAAC TOWNSIEND FL.X'1"l'O. WII.I.IAm CARRICK FOSTER. XVILBER CURTIS GOODALIQ. EUGICNIC IRVING GOT'I'I,IIcIa. PIQRCIVAI, PIOWARIJ GRIQOORV. .IC. M.E. Third Year Class. LEVENING nIvIsIoN.O+ Officerf. KIICIIAIQI. JOIIN MURRAY. JA COR J. LESSIQR. HARVI-tv JIQSSII: COIIICN. WH.I.IAM J. SIR-U.CIiIIAX'liR. FICRDINAND FRANKLIN HOHHY, JR. O'r'I'O J. Kf,JRli. JACOB J. LICSSICR, B.S. WII.I.IAM NA'1'IIJXNIl'II. LIIS'1'OAR'1'1f:N JOHN IVIANIIICIlNIliR. SAHIHQI. NIARKEWICI-I. EDGAR RODMAN MI'1AIJ. BLANCHIQ SALVADOR NIICNDICS. NIICHAIEI, JOIIN MURRAY. COLMAN S'1'uAR'I' O'LOIIGHI,IN, A .M WII.I,IAM O'r'rIwIsI.I.. N'IEXV'1'ON HAzI,I1:'rON PORTIQR. SvDNIcv DAVID RARIO. HIXRRX' RICIIARD. 73 CIIARIJCS AIIO. RII4:c:1':I.MAN, XVILLIAM C. ROIJGISR. TIIIQODORII: 1':lJW.'XRlJ ROSH. JOSICPII ROSIQZNIIAIIM. YVILLIAM ROSIN. ISAAC RO'rII. FRIcDI1:RICIc M. SCI-HCIDIQR, ll AAIQON ADAMS SCIIICYICR. WILLIAM J. S1fAI.CR1-IAvI':R. AIICLIISTIQ NIARIE TI-IIICRV, A HFINRX' WILKINSON XVOGRIIIS CI-IARLES RADLIQV XVICBIHCR, ALIQXANDIQR RI-:IQD XVILSUN. SIMON ZICVIH, ILS. Second Year Class. Officerf. President, . FREDERICK JOHN GROEHL. Vzke-Presidcnl, . ERNEST STURM. Secrelavy and Treasurer, JOHN JACOB WEISS. Hislorian, . WILLIAZVI WHITALL NIORGENTHAU. Sergeant-at-Arms, MYER KELLER. NATHAN APRIL. JOSEPH BENJAMIN BLOOM. CLIFFORD SPENCER BOSTWICR. CHARLES BERNARD BRETZEELDER. JOSEPH HERMAN BURNKRANT. FRED CANTRELL. CHARLES JAMES DORAN. SAMUEL GEORGE GELLER. SAMUEL GOLDSTEIN. ABRAHAM GREENBERG. FREDERICK JOHN GROEHI.. SIDNEY GROSS. HARRY HOUSTON HARRIS. DAVID MORDECAI HELD. MAX HEYMAN. CHARLES ALBERT HOUSTON, SAMUEL KAHAN. LOUIS LEOPOLD KAHN. B.A NIYER KELLER. ADOLRH KT.PIIN. JOHN EDWARD KNETZER. ISADORE M. LEVY. ISADORE BALCH LOUIS. NIICHAEL HENRY MCDONOUOH. ROBERT ALFRED MADDOCR. SADIE E. MARTIN. ALEXANDER ABRAHAM MAYRER. WILLIAM WHITALL MORGENTHAU. HENRY CLARENCE NEl7NVIR'PH. MARY ELLEN O'CONNELL. THOMAS AUGUSTIN O'KEEEE. JOHN CARLTON OREN. FREDERIC JOHN PARRY. BERNHARD RAYMOND. THOMAS JOSEPH REOAN. ISAAC RINGEL. 74 ISAAC SCHMAL. BENJAMIN CHARLES SEXTON JOHN HENRY SHERIDAN. LEON SILVERBERG. BEN WII.I.IAhI SLUTSKE. ADOLPII STERN. H.1KRRIE ODEI.L STEWART. WENDELL MELVII.I.E STRONG, ERNEST STURM. CHARLES SWANSON. JOSEPH FRANKLIN T.-IUSCH. WILLIAM SAMUEL TOwNER. SAMUEL VRABEL. THOMAS WALL. - LOUIS WEINBEROER. JOHN JACOB WEISS. NIORRIS WEISS. ISIDOR WEl.S. PHD P1 esiden I, . I 'z'rc- P1 L'Sl,!lII'llf, . .gL'L'7'6fll7:1', . I I isloria n . Ora lor, . .SCI1fl'll7I l- al-A rms, GEORGE RAYMOND ALLEN, A.B. WILLIAM BARNETT. AARON MATTHEW BECRER. C. GEORGE BEHRE. JOHN OUTWATER BENSON. LOUIS BERGER. WILLIAM BERNARD. HARRY BERNSTEIN. GEORGE MAR'1'IN BODE. CHARLES ROBERT BRADBURY. I DANIEL FREDERICK BURNETT,B.S NELI.IE ANN BURR, B.S. JOHN B. CARTWRIGI-IT. MICHAEL ANGEI.O CASTELLANO. FREDERICK BANKS CONANT. ROBERT WELLWOOD CRAWFORD. GEO.WASH1NGTON B. DAVENPORT. DAVID DRECHSLER. SAMUEL ECKER. First Year Class. Officerf. . JAMES CREVELING FITZPATRICK. ALBERT GROSS. HARRY GAREIELD WATERS. GEORGE MAR'1'IN BODE. MOSES CARI. LEVINE. GEORGE V. FOWLER. OLIVER ELLSWORTH. I.OUIS FEINBERG. JOHN LOUIS FINCK. FRANCIS FISCHER, B.A. REUBEN FISIAIMAN. JAMES CREVELING FITZPATRICK. JACOB NATHAN FLOWERMAN. GEORGE VERMII.YE FOWVLER, B MORRIS FRIEDBERG. JOSEPH GOODMAN. GUSTAV LOUIS GRAEIf. MORRIS GREENBLATT. ABRAHAM SAUI. GREENHAUS. MEYER A. GROPPER. ALBERT GROSS, B.A. JACOB NIAX GROSSMAN. JAMES H. GUEST. .A. EDWARD ROCHIE HARDY, PH.B. CHARLES EVANS HAYVTHORNE. 75 JULE LYON JANOVER. WALDEMAR BERNII. KAEIV1 BEEERT, ARTHUR KATZENELENBOGEN. JACOB KLEIN. LEO HIENRY KLUGHERZ. OTTO JOSEPH KNORR. WILI.IAM CHARLES KRONNIEYER. HARRY EDWARD KUHLMAN. EDWARD EVERETT LANG. GODEREY MONTAGUE LEBHAR. JOSEPH PATRICK LEDDY. SOLOMON LEEE. ISADORE LEIEER. MOSIES CARI. LEVINE. ABRAIiAM FRATER LEVINSON. JOSEPH LEVY. JOEL BRANDON LIBERMAN, B.S. LOUIS LICHTENBERG. HARRY HIRSH LIVINGSTON. B PIUGH NICDONALD. JOHN DELAMATIQR MAHER. EDWARD INIARTIN. ISAAC FRANCISCO ZMARTINEZ, B.A. ANTIIONv MARTIN BIENKPIL, A.B. HIXRRY' 1N'II'l'CHICLL. NIAURICE WILLIAM BIONHEIMISR. HARRY EDWARD PACKER. JULIUS JOHN PALLAY. GUTIIRIIC BLYSl'Z'1"l'IC PLANTIC. CHARLES EDWARD POENSOEN. YVALTER POZ. PIICNRY F. QUACKENIIOS, M.D. HIERTIIA BASS, A.B. ROBERT M. BECKI.I-tv. EUGENE BI.UMliN'l'IIAL, A.B., LL.B. FRANK NlT'l"PIXI.I. COCKCROIf'I'. GILBliR'I.' BIARSHALL CORNISH. LAWRENCE DAY. JOSEPH LAURENCH ENNIS. GEORGE PURDY FERGUSON. XVILLIS IJERMAN IFAILINO. JACOII I-IAMIIUROER. WILLIAM JAMES QUINLAN. WII.I.I:K3I RAPREL. ELMICR WALLACE ROBINSON, A.B. EDWARD ROSENTHAL. NIORRIS L. ROSENWASSER. YVILLIAM SCI-IEK, JR. HISNRX' SCI-ILOSBERG. CHARLES SIIAMROTII. SAMUEL SHIMANS. HIXRRX' J. SHIELDS. CI-IARLICS SOLOMON SIMON. ABRAHAM SAMUEL SOLOMON. CLARENCE ASHTON SIIARKS, B.S. Special Students. QUNDERGRADUATE DIVISIONJ ROBERT GRAY HAMILTON. PEDRO NICHOLAS HENRIQVIEZ. CARL THEODORE HEYIC. ANNA KEIEFER JOIINSTONE. XVILLIAM GEORGE KIRKLAND. WILLIAM JOSEPH MCNULTY. GEORGE NEELV LIESSERLIC. DUANIC E. MINARD. FRANK BURCII.-XRD OAKICS. Klili OWYANO. 76 FREDERICK CQRANT STEELMAN. JIEREMIAIJ VINClCN'1' SULLIVAN. JOHN SAXTON SUMNER. IQATHAN TOLK. CHARLES FREDERICK VIERGUTZ, J WILLIAM SCANLON WVADDY. JOIIN LEO WALSH. NVILLIAM DAVID XVARIJ. KIAURICIC SAMUEL XVEEKICR. JOHN E. NVHI'1'l2HICAl7. JOSEPH AARON XVI-IITEHORN. HENDERSON BIALCOLM XVOLFE. MAX HENRY Wl!R'lJZl'2i.. NVIIJJAM REISS. JOHN JOSEPH SAMMON. RUEUS GEORGE SI'IIRLlCY. ROSINA JOSEPHINE SILBICRIIURN. FRED LINCOLN STEAMS. SAMUEL J. STIEDEL, B.S. STIRLINO MCENERI' STUART. FREDERICA W. 'IXRONXU XVALTIQR HII.LII9R VOLCKENINO. THOMAS YVILLIAINI WIN'l'lili, JR. R University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College. P1 'l'Sl-61,171 I , l"ir.vl Vifff-l'1'c.f1'a'fvz I, Scrazzfz' Vfrc- l'res1'11'fr11 I , !I'mn'd1'11lQ' ,Sl?Cl'Ufll7:l', C'rv'r4'.s'f2o1z1z7z'21'Q' Sew 1'ftl7:l'. 7v'4'llSlH'l'l', flhrrsllal, ,Sl'1g'l'!l ll I-a 1-. -J 77115 , Ni Fourth Year. 1902. Officerf. Clhlllflllllll l:'.vL'1'ul1'f'1' C lIll1llll'fft'r', . . l,AWRl'2NCI'2 IJADIQ AI,I-ZNANIJIQR, JR. NIARTIN AUSRITZ. CI-IARLIIZS EUGENE BARIfIIcI.D, A.B. IXIJJCN H. BIQAIIAN. HICNRX' WIc1.I.S NIf:wI4:I.I. BIQNNI-DTT, A.B. FRANK ROBINSON BOYD. JAAIIQS JOSIQIIII BURNS. GIQOROI4: FREIJICRICK l'lU'1'TSCl'lARDT. CI-IARLES HOWARD CANDLIQR. HJXRRX' VINCENT CARROLI YVILLIAM JOSIQPI-I CONIJON JOIIN JOSIQIJII DONOYAN. SAMUEL :ARNOLD IJORISAI ST.-XNTON BI.AKl'l DRIQIY. DAVID AUSTIN FOX, JR. VICTOR FRIQDIQRICKSON. SAMUI-:L GIIQRIQN. JACOB CiOI,IJlCNlil'IRG. PIIILI1' HIR'I'1f:NS'I'I':IN. AUSTIN HOGAN. CQICORGIS JANIQWAY HONX'lCI.I,. 4 1401713 JAQOII LIRSIQT. ARTHUR JOI-IN HUEY. PAZFRICK JAM HLTCIII I-ZS. WIr.I.IAM K,-XRNIOI.. 77 VICTOR FRICIJICRICKSON. HIQNRY LINDI+:NIsAUIx1. STANTON B. DRIQW. JOHN J. DONOVIXN. FRANK R. BOYD. MAX A. WIQRNIQR. LOUIS V. MQGOYIQRN. GI-ZOROIQ If. llU'l"llSClI.XRIDT. AUSTIN IJOGAN. ANN, M.ID. AIJOLPII SAMUICI. KATMIAN. IAIICNRY KIf:I.I.IcR. CIIARLIQS IJIQNNY KIxI1a.xI.I., A. PARRS MCCOIIDS KING, AJS. NICHOLAS WILLIAM l,.-XWIJCSS. WII.I.IAM WIIIQIcI.OcR I.AzARUS ARRAIIAM LIGllTS'llONlf. PIICNRY LIND1f:NIzAUIxI. LOUIS VINCENT MCGOVIQRN. ARTIIUR RUDOLIIII lWANlDl'fI.. JOSIQRII MANDIQI.. I-IERMAN MICHAELSON. GEORGE WII.SON TERRY NIILLS. ALEXANDER WYLIE MOORE, M.D. YVATSON BUDLONG MORRIS. TIMOTHY J. O'CONNELI.. JAMES VAN PELT OGLESIIY, M.D. GEORGE PHILIP PAUL. Presidenl, . V :ke-Pr esidenl , ' Secrela ry, . Treasurer, . Scrgea 71 I-al-A rm IV a rskaf , . WILLIANI EDGAR BOYCE. CLAUDIUS LE ROY BOYD, PH.B. PAUL BELLOWS BROOKS. ERNEST ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL. BYRON H. CAPLES. SAMUEL COAN. WILLIAM MORRIS COLLINS. LEO HUBERT COSTIGAN. I CARLTON GRAVIS CRISLER. DAVID DAVIDSON. WII.LIA3I FRANKLIN PLUMLEY, A.B. HAYDON ROCHESTER. SIMON MIAXIMILLIAN ROTH. EDMUND WINCHESTER RUCKER, JR. JOSEPH SCHRIET. HENRX' SCHUHMANN. NIICHAEL SPINRAD. Third Year. mos. Officerf. ALBERT CROSS STEWART, A.B. JAMES WALTIER STILES, JR. HOWVARD FRANCIS STRINE. IW.-XURICE URAN. MARTIN WEINBERGER. MAX ABRAHABI WERNER. ISRAEL NAUM WORNOW. . . WILLIAM F. LORENZ. LEONARD H. SMITH. LOUIS KARMIOHL. ELMER I. HUPPERT. . ALRHONSE A. WREN. . . . . WILLIAM M. COLLINS. JOHN FLETCHER DENTON, JR., A.B. LAWRENCE DAVID DOYLE. LOUIS LABEL DULBERGER. FRANCIS CHARLES EDMONDS, V.S. CHARLES EDWARD ELKINS. JOHN EDWARD FARRELL. CLYDE ALEXANDER FINLEY, B.S. FRANK EDWARD GESSNER. JOSEPH EDWARD VINCENT GOLDING. JAMES CLEMENT HARKINS. 78 CLARENCE NIORRIS HATHEWAY JOHN ANTHONY HEITLINGER. RUDOLPH FRANCIS HERRIMAN. GEORGE FRANK HOLLAND. WILLIAM HENRX' HOLZAPFEI.. NATHAN MEYER HOROWITZ. ELMER ISADORE HURRERT. JOHN SUTHERLAND HURT, PH B CLINTON JOHN HYDE. MOSES KAHN. LOUIS KARMIOHL. CHARLES FLINT KLINE. HARRY ALLEN LAKIN, A.B. NATHANIEL EDGAR LANCASTER. WILLIAM FREDERICK LORENz. ADOLPH NOAH LYONS. JAMES ABRAHAM G. MACPHAIL. ROYAL ALBERT MCCUNE. JOHN JAMES MCGOWAN, A.B. I-IERMAN MENDLOWITZ. WILLIARI FRANCIS MULLIN. THOMAS JOSEPH MURPHY'. JAMES FRANCIS NAGLE. FREDERICK LAWRENCE NELSON,B JEREMIAH FRANCIS O,CONNOR. ALEXANDER DWIGHT PARCE, B.S. .S. MAX PERLMAN. RUDOLPH EMANUEL PICK. MAX LAWRENCE POLOWE. EDGAR HOWARD POWELL. ISRAEL JAY RACHLIN. THURLOW WEIED REED. HARVEY LAWRENCE REESE. RALPH TAYLOR RICHARDS. JOSEPH ROSENBERG. JOSEPH SAMENFELD. HENRY STANISLAUS SAUERBREY,B.S. SAMUEL JEROME SCADRON. HERDIAN SCHWARTZ. LEONARD HIGBIE SMITH, THOMAS EDWARD SMITH. DAVID LEON SOHN. Second Year. PH.B. EDWARD GUSTAVE STELTER. JOHN MILLER STEVENS, A.B. XVILLIAM CLEGG STOLWORTHY. GUSTAVE STRACK. IRA BREWSTER TERRY, JR. EDWARD MURRAY TRACY. WILLIAM DOMENICO VENTO. FELIX VILLAMIL. MARKS MURRAY WAXMAN. LEROY JOSEPH CHARLES WENGER HENRY REUREN WESTON, A.B. FILIP JOHAN WETTERVIK. PHILIP WOLFBIAN. ALPHONSE A. WREN. EMANUEL YADKOYVSKY'. WARREN HAS'1'INGS YOUNG, A.B . EDWARD S. RIMER. EDGAR N. BRASEIIIELD. . WII.FREIJ L. FOSTER. ROY TAYLOR. . E. J. HANSEN. 1904. Officerf. Preszderzl, . . . Vz'ce-Presideul, Sm elarjf, . Ykeasurer, . Sefjgeani-al-Arzzzs, .... FREDERICK ACKERMAN. BENJAMIN HOYT BELCHER. EUGENE BAUMAN. LOUIS BERNSTEIN. 79 PALMER ROMAINE BOYVDISH. EDGAR NORMAN BRASEFIELD. SAMIIIQL IXIONTOOMI-:RY BUCII. XVILLIAM EDGAR CALDWIQLL. DANIIQL PARKER CARD. ALFRIQD IQRYAN CIII':SL1':Y, A.B JAIYIIQ:-2 JOSICRI-I COLLINS. ICDXVARID LAWRIQNCIQ CORIu':'1"I'. JOIIN NIQLSON DRIIRY. SAMUIQI, TAYLOR EVANS. I.I-:O FRANCIS FARRIQLL. HA R RY MOORII: FIQLTON. JAMI-:S JOSICPIAI FOLIQY. XVILFRED L1':S'1'15R FOS'I'IcR. IIARRY GOLDMAN. SAMIII-EI, GRIQIQNIIICRG. CLIiMI'IN'1'.IACOl3 HAII.1'1'2RIN. IAEJNAR LIANSEN. ROLLICN WILDUR I-IARROD. XVILLIAM HIENRX' HI-:LnIO. ICIJWIN ELINIICR HOIiIiX', B.S. I ,1'L'Sl'lZIL'll I, V ire- Prcsidwz 1, Sccrclazjf, Tfcasurw-, NATHANIEL AARONSON. CLEMRNT S'rr.:I'HEN ADAMS. ROIIIQRT KAIIUS, JR. LIARK KIIZSTNIQR. IIQNATIUS IQORNISLUII. JOSIQI-II KRIMSKY. P1':RI'I'z NIICYICR KURZWI-LIL. XVILLIAM LAMII. MANII1-:L LAMELA, A.B. TIIOMAS FRANCIS LANCER. JR. CHARLES JACOB LARKICY. HONVARD FOS'1'I4:R LAWRENCE. JOIIN LINDI-:R. THOMAS IYARCY LUCAS. MURIJOCK Amex. MCAULAY. PIIILI1' STANISLAUS NICCORMICK. TIIODIAS LIQO MAIIONX'. WIl.I.IABl MIsIs'I'IA:R. BI-:NJAMIN MWIZ. HIcwLE'I"1' WHI'lx'1'X' OARLI-:Y, B. H IQRMAN POMI-:RANz. First Year. 1905. Officerf. SOLOMON BARON. EMIL JOSEP BECKER. 80 JACOR BERNARD PRAIQER. ISAAC RIcI'rzIfIf:I.D. IQIJWARD SIIRRRARD RIMI-:R. ISMMASON CIIARLI-:S ROSI-2. RORIQR1' ROSI4:NIfIcLD. IJARRY HI-:RmcR'I' SA'l'CI'IWlCLL. JOI-IN L1A'I"1'I'IEW SCANNI':LL. OSCAR HI'INRX' SEI.I.IcNINc:S. SAMUEL SIIAIf'I'EL. XVILLIAM FRANCIS SHAW. XVILLIAINI SIIIRO. PAUL PLUMMIQR SWl'2'l"1'. 1'2RNIeS'I' KI-:TCIIIIM 'ILANNICIL ROY TAYLOR. SAMUEL ALHERTUS VANDI4:wA'ruR GORDON GRAI-IABI WALTON, B.S FRANK HICNRX' WARNCRI-:. JOSIQRII ZLINROIfIf. M. B. SU'1"1'0N. HARRY L. WARREN. DAVID A. DEVANNV. JOIIN HENRS' BECKER, JR. ISIDOR PI-IINEAS BICHRMAN. PIIILIP BEREANO. HARRY BENJAMIN BISCOIY. HAROLD BONOEE. CHESTER R. BROWN. NOAH BUNIN. EUGENE WILSON CAI.AlJWEI.l.. JULIUS ELIAS CARLIN, B.S. CURTIS FRANK CLAASSEN. RALPII SPENCER CONE. EDNVIN RAISIIECK CROwE. DANIEL JOSEPH DALY. A B.S. B.S. ARTHUR LEIGHTON DENCIIFIELD, JAMES IJE P.-XSQUALE. CIIAUNCEY NIITCHICLI. DICPICW, JOHN FRANCIS DICSMOND. DAVID ALPIIONSUS IDEYANNY. ANDR EAS JOIIAN DICVOLIJ. JR., AUGUST FREDERICK EBI-'fRHARIJ'l'. ALEXANDER IiISENS'I'EDT. ALBERT ARTHUR EPSTEIN. HERBERT LAWRENCE FERGUSON. GEORGE WII.LIABI FINKE. XVALTIIHR FRITSCII. LOUIS GARHIXRINO. GEZA GREENEERG. LOUIS GRILL. WILI.IABI TE GUSSINKLO. THOMAS JETHRO HAI.I4 STANLEY DOUGLASS HART. A A.B. .-XRRAI-IAM HICRZLICH. GEORGE HENRY HICKS, JR. JOIIN JOSEPH HILL. SAMUEL HIRSCHBERG. CHARLES LEWIS HOI'1"l'. JAMES PETER HlTN'l'. CALDER JOHNSTON. ALEX. PHILIP KAPI..-KN. BENJAMIN EDWARD KAl'I..XN. FREDERICK BI.-XRTIN KEINIIW. HENRY KENDALL. JULIAN LEO KENDAI.I.. HENRY BENJAMIN KESSLER. XVILLIAINI TI-IOIIIAS KII.I-ATRICK. RALI-II KNOWLES. JAMES ARCHIBALD LIYINGSTON. LOIIIE XVARD LOCKE. JOHN PATRICK LYNCH. CANEIELD GEORGE LYONS. BURDGE PERINE MACLFfJXN, JR. GEORGE THOMAS W. NICNIURRAY. EDWARD LE ROY MACK. WILLIAM MzX'l"FI'IISflN. PERCV FARRINGTON INIILLER. HYMAN IYIORGENBESSER, B S. JOSEPH FRANK MORRIS. JAIvIES ALOYSIUS MULLIGAN. ADOLPI-I MULSTEIN. ANDRES ANDRESSEN OYE. WALTER PETERS. 8I DAVID RAHINOWITZ. JOHN WAYLAND RAYHILI.. MORRIS REICHARD. JOSEPH RINGIYALD. I.ES'l'l'fR BROOKS ROGERS. ELI ROSENSTEIN. SOLOMON ROTHIIIAN. GRIN XVINSLOW SAIJLPIR. JR. ISDGAR J. SANDERS, B.S. GEORGE SCHAUII. HARRY WILLIAM SEER. ISIDORE SEIEFERT. JOIIN FRANCIS SHARP. ROBERT SPIRO. RUI-ERT HOPE STOVALI.. GEORGE REILLY STUART. DANIEL JAMES SULLIVAN. NICWAL'PER BERN. SUTTON, B.S LOUIS HARRX' TAYLOR. ISIDOR TEPLITZ. IRVING MrXS'l'F2N VANDERHOFF. PAUL JACOII WAI.lJNER. HARRY LEON WARRlSN.' MAX WPIGHIANN. STANLEY ARTHUR WELLES. JOSEPH CLARK WINANS, A.B. RAPHAEL JOHN WREN. BERNARD LANGDON WY'ATT. CHARLES ZUNSER. EDWARD Ev1c1u2'r'1' Bmcnmx. THOMAS Anmusn C1-11f:A'1'1-mm, J JESSE .TUDSON D1s.AxRnORN. ABRA1-IAM EMQLMANN. GEORGE Enzx' HOUCK, M.D. Special Students. PIIILI1- KRONICNGOLD, M.D. JOHN BOWDOIN INIISARS, M.D. SOLOMON MORRIS ROBINSON. G1-:OKGH S'1'1sv14:NsON. KOSSUTH TINKER. M.D. IJ.wm UNOER. WYLLIS AUG. S1r.'1,IMAN, A.M., M.D. IQINDRED VIKO, M.D. JAMES HIiRBIiX' S'1'mm1NS, IR., O,2?1Ss-S, ,,' Q . :sf 2:Is'elsW.2-1- zf Fin? Q fm? N524 rv Q xx? 82 Pxr.D. Rrcn.-um Emmnn Wn.m:R, M.D 1833 1837 1339 1840. 1841 1842 1842 1843 1343 1843 1858 TH1s'1'.x. DELTA, BETA, SIGMA, GA1v1111A, ZETA, LAMBDA KAPPA. Psi, X1, . U PSILON, Psi Upsilon. Fo11ND1f:1J IN 1833. Roll of Chapterf. Union College. New York University. Vale University. Brown University. Amherst College. Dartmouth College. Columbia University. Bowdoin College. Hamilton College. Wesleyan University. Rochester University I86O. 1865 1875 1876 ISSO. 188.1 1891 1891 1896 1897 Io'1'.x, . P1-11, P1, C1-11. . BETA BETA ETA, . TAU, . MU, RHO, . OMEGA, . Kenyon College. University of Michigan. Syracuse University. Cornell University. Trinity College. Lehigh University. University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota. University of Wisconsin. University of Chicago. M Hrdrn, Phlfa Psi Upsilon. UEL'I'.-X CHAPTER. ES'I'ARLISHED 1837. C'0lo1:r.- GARNE1' AND GOLD. li Fratres in Concilio. FRANK JAY GOULD. WILLIAM MORGAN KINGSLEY, A.B., A.M. XVILLIS FLETCHER JOHNSON, LI'I'.M. XVILLI.-XM S'I'RvIcI':R 0Ifm'IcIf:, A.l3., LL.B. Fratres in Facultate. HICRMANN NIICIIAIQL BIGGS, A.B., M.D. CHARLES LAURENCE BRISTOL. M.A. Ii. FARQUHAR CURTIS, A.B., M.D. GICURGIS COTNER MASON, M.S., C.1'3. HENRY PRENTICE MCJRRISON, B.S., C.If2. JOHN JOSEPH MOORIIEAD, B.S., M.D. CHESTER F. S. YVHITNEY, A.B., M.D. A CHARLES IHLING ALLEN. FREDERICK EDGAR BEEBE. CHARLES ROIIERT ADAMS. ARTHUR STIIIISON DRAPER. OLIVER CHAUNCFIY GARVIN. LEONCE COUDERT FULLER. XVILLIAM FLETCHER IRWIN. ALIfRED OPDVIIE, M.A., LL.B. BRUCE GRA'r'rAN PIIILLIPS, PH.B., M.D. ISAAC FRANKLIN RUSSELL, M.A., J.C.D.. LL.D. G. REESE SA'rTERLEE, A.B., M.D. FRANCIS HOVEV STODDARD, PII.D. LESLIE JAY TOAIPIQINS. M.S., LL. Fratres in Praesenti. l902. JOHN XVARRI-DN IJUROIS GOULD. GEORGE DANIEL HIKDI,lCX'. 1903. LOUIS OGDIQN CONIDIT. FORD LENVIS SHOTWELL. 1994. CYRILLE CARREAU, JR. LOUIS ST. CLAIR EUNSON. CLARENCE LEXVIS DAvIS. LANSING YATES L1vI2INCo'rT. IQ05. FRANCIS LEWIS GOULD. EDXVIN TEN EYCK REYNOLDS. GEORGE MLVNR0. VINCENT ROBERTS. Fratres in Universitate. DAVID ORR. RICHARD STANLEY POVEV. FREDERICK MORSE ROBINSON. LEONARD I-IIOIIIE SMITH. Ss M. CHARLIIS LANSING THORNE. FRANCIS WEI,LS WII.Cox. EIJNVARIJ S'I'IIAR'r PNCK. ELMER CONANT NVAYNE. REINALD VVFIRRENRATH. MCWALTER BERNARD SUTTON 1827 1837 1841 1842 1846 1846. ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA. IJELTA, EPSILON. Zmvx, Delta Phi. FOUNDED IN 1827. Roll of Chapterf. Union College. Brown University. New York University. Columbia University.. Rutgers College. Harvard University. 1849. 1864. 1884. I885 1889 1891 ETA, . LAM mm, N1., . X1, OMICRON, . PI. University of Pennsylvania Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Lehigh University. Johns Hopkins University. Yale University. Cornell University. Delta. Phi. ' GAMBIA CHAPTER. ESTABLISHED 1841. Colors: BLUE, WIiI'1'FI AND BLUE. Ui Fratres in Facultate. JOHN J. STEVENSON, PH.D. NVILLIAM K. GII.LETT, A.M. JOHN DVNELEY PRINCE. PH.D CHARLES HENRY SNOW, C.E.. PI-I.D. Fratres in Praesenti. 1902. LEWIS GARRETT BLUNT. ADELBER 1903. HARVEY RUDOLPH SAVLE. FREDERICK VAN ZANDT LANE. 1904. ARCHIBALD EWING STEVENSON. JOHN PAUL SIMMONS. 1905. ARTHUR BUTLER GRAHANI. RUEI. SMITH DARLING. School of Law. STIRLING BICENIQRY STUART. 37 T REID NICHOLS. GEORGE SVRES. CARLOS DE ZAERA. RUSSELL DUNCAN BURCHARD. PHI, ZETA, DE1,'rA, SIGMA, CHI, Evsrrox, KAP1-ix, TAU, Uvsrnox, Xi, I.AMBnA Zeta. Psi. FOLTNDED .-vi' NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, Roll of Chapters. New York University. Williams College. Rutgers College. University of Pennsylvania. Colby College. Brown University. Tufts College. Lafayette College. University of North Carolina. University of Michigan. Bowdoin College. BETA, Psi, ' Iorix, ' Tniarrix Xi, t ALP1-m, Psi. Xu, . lvizx, Mu, . A LPIIA B 12'rA Josie 1, 1 , . 847. University of Virginia. Cornell University. University of California. University of Toronto. Columbia University. McGill University. Case School of Applied Science Yale University. Leland Stanford, Ir., University University of Minnesota. X.. ,f0,,,,.y4f.a fm, ., M..-B n mvmu Q XX ll I I ur PFLIS B XNNING. JI -,SI JOHNSON ADAMS. I DC AR X OORHI-1 s ANDERSON. E1 I RPTI' LFGTI R CROCRER. XR KRD CRXXNIORD BHLCHICR. Zeta Psa. PHI CHAPTER. FOUNDED JUNE I, 1847. LEMUEL SKIDMORIC, A.M. ISRAEL C. PIERSON, PH.D. MARSHALL S. BROWN, A.M. POMEROY LADUE, B.S. LANVRENCE A. MCLOUTH, A.B. YVILLIAM H. GOOD, A.B., LL.H. Colm' .- WHITE. li Fratres in Concilio. DAVID BANKS. CYRUS C. MILLER, A.B., LL.B Fratres in Facultate. CHRISTIAN A. HERTER, M.D. HENRY G. PIFFARD, M.D., LL D A. ALEXANDER SMITH, M.D., LI D EDWARD T. HENDEE, B.S. Fratres in Praesenti. 1902. NEWTON CHAPIN. SAMUEL SYMINGTON JONES. 1903. CHARLES EARLE FUNK. EDWARD THOMAS MOORIS. FREDERIC ADAMS GRASMUCK. ERNEST ARTHUR MOORE. JOSEPH WICELTINS GREACEN. 1904. W.-kI.'l'I6R MANDEVILLE SILLECR. JOHN R EMINOTON FREXV. ' HUGH DWIGHT MCDONALD qLaw5. WILBUR STONI XVII DING WILLIAM HOWLLI ORR EDYVINI MIDDLETON SIMPSON JOHN LESTER IU FHII I 1905. CHARLES RAWSON KINGSLIEY. SYDNEY ROBOTHAM MILLER. ROBERT 1VIIDDLETON SIMPSON. VVILLIAM WILLIAMS. ROBERT SISSON LEIOHTON. DENIS HERBERT O'DOWD. LAWRENCE HOPKINS STONE. XVILLIAM HENRY WOOLLEY. Fratres in Universitate. BENJAMIN HOYT BELCHICR, B.S. THOMAS KNOX MCCI.ELL:XND, JR., A.M. HEXVLITT XVI-IITTY OAKLEY, B.S 89 P WII,LIANlS. UNION. . HAMILTON, AMHERST, ADELBERT, COLBY, . ROCHESTER. MII:DI.EIzIIRv, BOWDOIN. RUTGERS.. BROWN, COLGATE, NEW YORK, CORNELL, MARIETTA, SVRACUSE, MICHIGAN, NORTHWESTERN, Delta Upsilon. FOUNDED 1834. Roll of Chapters. Williams College. Union College. Hamilton College. Amherst College. Western Reserve University. Colby University ' University of Rochester. Middlebury College. Bowdoin College. Rutgers College. Brown University. Colgate University. New York University. Cornell University. Marietta College. Syracuse University. University of Michigan. Northwestern University. HARVARID, XVISCONSIN. L:XlfAYET'l'E. COLUMBIA, LEHIGH, TUFTS. IDE PAUW. PENNSYLVA NIA, NIINNESOTA, TECIINOLOOV, SYVAR'l'HMORl'I, CALIFORNIA. STANFORD. MCGILL, . NEBRASKA, TORONTO. CHICAGO, Harvard University. University of Wisconsin. Lafayette College. Columbia University. Lehigh University. Tufts College. De Pauw College. University of Pennsylvania. University of Minnesota. Massachusetts Inst. of Technology Swarthmore College. University of California. Leland Stanford, Ir., University. McGill University. University of Nebraska. University of Toronto. Chicago University. ,N X? 5' , KU Q 'ffi097IK1Z 1 f1'yX3n le emi 'J44' 'b N059 H0 PHX f Ziff: one aw 911 '2.x.,-4. 4 4049! fr? ff" aww' fflk-"eP'f" gg-5, mzxfflfy Z Q 5 . Qi rr, ,x 'X ' P ' 1,4 fy ff 1, I. A XX . 4, jg Q fx FLA , Jiiyx- , 'lv A , 'il 3 'fy L 00 " 47 . r'v,f4,4L ,LV E QS' PAQ? ,f 40 I' '12 G if Q 'H 4. 'fi,'Q..-fr 0,00 060 776' ' X00 "-341 X 'bfafefwhvff' 'gh 433- Gy its Ib Kg W' All 1' elm. , Y ' TDRUNTU CMUASQ , D In-1-lm: l'h1'nr. Delta Upsilon. NEW YORK CHAPTER. IESTAIILISHED 1865. Ii Frater in Concilio. JOHN REID, D.D. Frater in Senatus. HENRY ANSON BUT'1'z, D.D., LI.. Fratres in Facultate. HENRY MARTYN BAIRD, D.D., LL.D., I,.H.D. ADDISON BAI.I.ARD, D.D. ALBERT WARREN FERRIS, M.D. JOHN TREVETTE ALLEN. EDWARD ANDERBERO. EVERETT GILL. WILLIAM HENRY SOOSSEN. ROBERT EDXVIN DENIRE. CHARLES ALEXANDER MORRISON, CHARLES RAYMOND HULSART. FRED LE Rov NAEIS. FRED MONTROSE TIBBETTS. ALBERT ARTHUR ANDERSON, A.B. J AERA1-IAM S. ISAACS, 1'H.IJ. Fratres in Praesenti. 1902. ROSWEIZIZ SARIPSON BOwI.Hv. 1903. TOM BYRNES BROOAN. WILLIAM HENIIX' LYON. CHARLES FRANCIS Twmv. 1904. LOUIS CHARLES FREES. FREDERICK AvRA RUSSFIIJ.. JR. 1905. JAMES LESTER MORAN. THOMAS THORNTON REILLEV. Fratres in Universitate. BURTON MARCUS BALCH, A.M. STANLEY HOLCOMB MOLLESON, P1-LB. WARREN HASTINGS YOUNG, A.H. 91 CHARLES GALXVEY, A.B. WESLEV W. BURDEN. GEORGE MATHIAS TREDE ELLIS FINK. GUV ROBERT MARIE. ALBERT LOUIS WILCOX. EDWARD PERCV KING. FREDERICK SNYDER. RALPH EDSON TI1mETTs. THEODORE GARDNER ROBINSON ARTHUR LEIGHTON DENCHFIRID, B S 1848 1851 1856 1856 1858 1859 I86O. 1864. 1865 1866 1866 1866 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870. 1871 1375 1878 1879 1881 I882 1882 1882 1883 1884 ALPHA, . EPSILON, . LAMBDA, . NU, . XI, . - Omcnox, P1, . TAU, . UPs11,oN, . Psr, . OMEGA, ALPHA DIEUTERON. BETA D1cn'r1-:RoN, G.-xM1x1A D1znT1+:noN Z1c'rA DE111'11:RoN, T11rs'1'A D1cU'1'ERoN. D1+:1.'1'A D1f:U'1'ERON, Z11:TA, . . . NU DEUTERON, OMICRON DIil'Tl'ZRU D1c1.TA X1, . B1s'rA, . . ' DELTA, . . P1 Disnrfsuos, . R1-10 Dicurickox, SIGMA 1llCl"l'l'2RON. N.. 811:11 A . . . Phi Gamma Delta. FOUNDED 18.18. Roll of Chapters. Wash. and jeff. College. Univ. of North Carolina. De Pauw University. Bethel College. Pennsylvania College. University of Virginia. Allegheny College. Hanover College. College of the City of N. Y. Wabash College. ColumbiaUniversity. - Illinois VVesleyan Univ. Roanoke College. Knox College. Washington and Lee Univ. 0l1io Wesleyan University. Hampden Sidney College. Indiana University . Yale University. Ohio State University. University of California. University of Pennsylvania. Bucknell University. University of Kansas. Wooster University. Lafayette College. Wittenberg College. 1885 1886 1587 1887 ISSS ISFS 1889 1889 1889. 1890 1890 1891 1892 1893 1393 1993 1893 1397 1898 1899 1899 1900 1901 1901 1901 Ig0I LAMBDA D1f:n'r1':RoN ZETA PHI, . . BETA CHI, THETA Psi, . GAM11.-1 PIII, . KA111-A NU, . IOTA Mn, . Mn S1o11A, . Pl IOTA, . RHO Cm, . KAPPA Tan, . l"llf2'I'A Mn, . Nu E1's11.ox, . ALPHA Cm, TAU A1,1'11A, . Cm, . . Mu, . . A1.1'nA CHI, . I..x1v11-111.1 NU, . OMEGA Mn, CHI Mn, . SIGMA TAU, . DE1.'1'A NU, . SIGMA NU, . THETA, . . 'l'Au IJ1+:n'r11:RoN, . Denison University. William Jewell College. Lehigh University. Colgate University. Pennsylvania State College. Cornell University. Mass. Inst. of Technology. University of Minnesota. Worcester Polytechnic Inst Riclnnond College. University of Tennessee. johns Hopkins University. New York University. Amherst College. Trinity College. Union College. University of Wisconsin. University of Illinois. University of Nebraska. University of Maine. University of Missouri. University of Wasl1ingt11n. Dartrnouth College. Syracuse University. University of Alahaina. University of Texas. wnnwoon 1 1 Phi Gamma Delta. NU E1-SILON CHAIf'1'ER. ESTABLISHED 1892. Colwz- ROVAL PURPLE. li F ratres in Facultate. CORN:-:LIUS GOHI-'REV COAKLEY, M.D., A.M. RORERT COLEMAN JAMES, M.D. SAMUEL NIACAULAY JACKSON, NLD.. LL.D. SAMUEL ALBERTUS BROWN, M.D. CHARLES GRAN' SHAW, A.B.. P1I.D. EBICN FOSKETT, M.D. JOHN ALFRED NIANIJEL. GEORGE L. BROIJIIEAI1, M.D. JAMES PARTON HANEY, B.S , M.D. CARL CLAPI' THOMAS, M.E. RICHARD CHARLES Almv, JR. JAMES I-IExRv JOHNSTON. IEHLIIINI1 VERxI1I.x'A BRAGIJON. AI1OI.1'H CHRISTIAN CARSTEN. RALRH IDE ISALLARO CLARKE. RICHARD GREY COONEY. TIIANE BALDWIN. LA MONTE THOAIPSON CLARK E WILLIAIII H. PARK, M.D. Fratres in Praesenti. 1902. HENRY STENGEL, JR. 1903. JOHN BLAKE KELLOGG. HARRX' NIORTIMER SPECI-IT. 1904. GEORGE CHARLES HORXV'OOIJ. SOL DAVIS MOSS. ROBERT A. SIHENMAN. ROBERT RIARQUIS STRONG. 1905. RALPH FAIRCHILD. HAROLD LEIGII SMALLEV. 95 CHARLES WI-Il3EI.ER WAL GEORGE 'FITUS KRAET. JAMES GEORGE TAYLOR. K If CARY DE VILLE WA1'If2RS. LOUIS GEORGE XVEBER. ALLAN BECKLEY WARD. ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, ETA, THE'PA, IQTA, KAPPA, LAMBDA MU, . Theta Nu Epsilon. lfSTAlSl.ISHlClJ 1870. Chapter Roll. NVesleyan University. Syracuse University. Union College. . N Cornell University. Rochester University. University of California. Madison University. Kenyon College. Aclelbert College. Hamilton College. Rensselaer Institute. Stevens Institute. NU, . XI, OMICRON, PI, Ruo, . SIGMA, TAU, . U1fsrLoN, . Pm. . CHI, Psi, . Lafayette College. Amherst College. Allegheny College. Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania New York University. Wooster College. University of Michigan. Rutgers College. Dartlnoutli College. Ohio State College. . ,A 1 I I Theta Nu Epsilon. Ii 1902. GEORGE DANIEL HADL1-2X'. SAMUEL S. JONES. l9o3. JESSE J. ADAMS. FREDERICK Y. Z. LANE. HARRV M. SPECHQ HENRY M. V. CONNELLY. HARVEY R. SAVLE. GEORGE SVRES. CHARLES I. ALLEN. FORD L. SHOTWELL. 1904. 8.XE.1I.2,-I-,r. C,5,1,A,Y,H,S,5.1. u,W',o,Y,8z,rx,8z 8 I.S,A3.8l,II,Il,M. F.:5:..7E.I1,8. 95 Alpha Omicron Pi. li Roll of Chapters. ALPHA, . . Barnard College, Columbia University, New York City. PI, . H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, Tulane University. New Orleans. l.a NU, . New York University. New York City. 96 x x , 1 f Q ? 2 Nu HELEN VAN Tvcn :XRTI-IUR. JHSSIIC AsHLEv. ADELNA BURD. MARGARET MAY BURNET. Chapter, Alpha Omicron Pi. li 0 Roll of Members. XIADELEINE ZARRISRIE Dcvrv. FLORA Tom: FULLER. OLIVE ROSAMOND GARLANIA. FLORENCE KING I'IASCAI.L. IRIELEN KATHARINIC Hov, 97 FRANCES WORS'FEI.I. MARSIiAI.L HELEN ST. CLAIR MULLAN. MARY GRACE QUACKENBOS. IDA RAUII. KENT, BOOTH, STORY, CoOI.I:v. POMEROY. MARsI-I,xI.I., WEBS'FlfZR, HA MII.'rON, GIBSON. jAv, CHoAT1f:, XVAITE, FIIeI,n, CONKLIN. TIEDHMAN, MINOR, Law Law Law Law Law Law Law Law Law Department, Department. Department, Department, Department, Department, Department, Department, Department, Phi Delta. Phi. Roll of Chapters. Univ. of Michigan. Northwestern Univ. Columbia University. Washington Univ. ' Univ. of California. Columbian University Boston University. Univ. of Cincinnati.- Univ. of Pennsylvania Albany Law School, Union University. Harvard University Law School. Yale University Law School. New York University Law School. Cornell University Law School. Law Department. University of Missouri Law Department, University of Virginia. DILLON, DANIIQILS. Crmsxi, HARLAN, SWAN, NICCLAIN. LINCOLN, Osooonn, FIILLIQR, NIILIJCR, GRIQIQN. COAISTOCK DWIGHT, FOSTER, RANNEY. I.ANc':nEI.r., Law Department, Univ . of Minnesota Buffalo University Law School. Law Department, Univ Law Department. Univ Law Department, Ohio . of Oregon. . of Wisconsin State Univ Law Department, University of Iowa Law Department, Univ. of Nebraska Law School of Upper Canada. Law Department, Lake Forest Univ. Law Department, Stanford University Law Department, Univ. of Kansas. Syracuse University Law School. New York Law School. Law Department, Indiana University Western Reserve Law School. Law Department, Univ. of Illinois. X x . Lffss .V , Q, GQ ,,. V fi W iv ' ISA.-.c FRANIILIN RUSSICIJ., D.C.L., :'.L.D. FRANK A. ERXVIN, M.A., LL.M. 'tufmnxcus D. KENNIQSON, M.A., LL.M. ARTHUR C. Rouxns, M.A., LL.M. RALPH S. RIIUNDS, B.A., LL.B. BEN M.xR'I'IN BAIQRUN. j0sIeI'II H.-XNSBURV C.-xLI,.xIIAN. NVILLIAM FARREL Buowx. XVILLIS HERM.-KN FAILINQ. RICHARD CHARLES Annv, jk, joux BISSELI.. C Ll wo RU SI-I-:NCHR B0s'I'wIcIc. CII,auI,r:s AI,Hl'IR'l' HoIIs'I'oN, ILA, ROBl'2R'l' XVICLLXVOOIJ'1,-Om., HUGH MCDONALD. Phi Delta. Phi. lf'I1f:I,IJ CHAPTIQR. FOUNDEIJ 1888. Lblnr.v.- Rim AND BLACK. li Fratres in Facultate. Fratres in Praesenti. 1902. Afternoon Division. IRVINI: BRx'soN COCHRANII. BIf:R'roN I12uc:F:NIf: HoLLIf:v. Evening Division. NVILLIAM CARRICK Fos'1'I-211. " FERIIINAND FRANKLIN Hounv, IR. n9o3. Afternoon Division. H.uu'I+2x' -I.-xnxlis Cum-:l':x'. Lnfgoxcic CmrnI+:R'r FULLIQR. Imvm URR, PH.B. Evening Division. Rouicku' AI.If'RI1:n M.snn0cK. FRICIIHRICK JOHN lhsuav. l9o4. Evening Division. W.xI,'I'If:R BUTLI-:R MIQAHONV, .-LH. jmrx 5Ax'roN SVMNIQR. 99 1,1-:sLII': J. '1'omvI-zlxs, M.S.. LL.M. CARLOS C. ALIIHN. LL.M. ALFRED OI-Iwxre, A.M., LI,.B. FRANCIS W. AYMAR, LL.M. Elmuxulm SANFORD, A.B., I.L.B. MQRRIS l"lI'l'N.-XM S'I'I-:vI':Ns, LL.M. I,If:o MACKEE HUTCIIINS. S'I'.'xNI,If:x' HoLc0Mn MULLI-:soN, YVILLIAM JOHN S1'.xI,cIcIIAvIf:R. CHARLES RADLEY XVEBBER. In-:sI.II4: CALHOUN SH.x'I"I'ucI4, B.. . LEWIS GINTER YOUNG. XVENDELL M1il.N' STRONG, 1 XVIILLI.-X M SCANLON Wsnnv. Pl-LB Q 'H.D. CORNELL, NEW YORK, MINNESOTA, NORTHWESTERN, MICHIGAN, DICKINSON, . Delta Chi. KLEGAL FRATERNITYJ li Roll of Chapters. U Cornell University. CHIQAOO, . Chicago College of Law. New York University. BuIfIf.xI.O, Buffalo Law School. University of Minnesota' OSGOOD, . Osgood Hall Law School. Northwestern University. SYRACUSIQ. Syracuse University. University of Michigan. ALBANY, . . Union University. Dickinson Law School. WEST VIRGINIA, University of West Virginia IOO Urvlru, l'2u,Iu Delta Chi. NEW YORK CHAPTER. ESTABLISHED 1891. Colors : BUFF AND RED. li Fratres in Facultate. CLARENCE D. ASHLEY qDeany, B.A., LL.M., LL.D. JAMES HILLHOUSE, B.A., LL.B. WILLIAM H. GOOD, B.S., LL.B. FRANK H. SOMMER, LL.M. OTIS SWAN CARROLL. WILLIAM FARRELL DOUGHTY. GEORGE EVELSON DRAPER. WII.LlAhI JOHN Cox. GEORGE HAMMOND. CHARLES ROBERT BRADBURY GEORGE PURDY FERGUSON. Frater in Concilio. DAVID BANKS. Fratres in Praesenti. 1902. DANIEL CORWIN EVANS. GEORGE WALLACE FILES. WILLIAM OLIVER MOORE. TOXVNSEND PINKNEY. GEORGE OWEN SAYER. HENRY WILKINSON VOORHIS. ALEXANDER REED NVILSON. I9o3. THOMAS JOSEPH REGAN. RICHMOND JAFFRAY REESE. HARRIE ODELL STEWART. WAI.TER J. WHEELAND. ARTHUR BERNARD WIDIHECOMBE ' 1904. . EDWARD MARTIN. HARRY EDWARD PACKER. CLARENCE ASHTON SPARKS. Post Graduate. HENRV ELIHII JONES. JOSEPH KAHRS. Special. ROIIERT M. BECKLEY. RUFUS GEORGE SHIRLEY. IOI ALPHA, Bic'1'A, GA mm, DELTA, E1-SILQN, Phi Alpha Sigma. Fi Roll of Chapterf. l02 University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College University of Perma. Medical College. Phila., Pa. Cornell University Medical College. Jefferson Medical College, Phila., Pa. Cooper Medical College. San Francisco, Cal. AUs'rxN FLINT, JR., M.D. JOHN T. EARDM.-KN, M.D. CQEORGE D. ST1f:xv.xRT, M.D. D. HUNTER MCALl'IN, M.D. CORNELIUS G. CO.xR1.EY, M.D. WII.I.IAhI C. Lvslc, M.D. HHRMANN A. I-I.xNnOx.11, M.D DAVID A. Fox. F. R. BOYD. C. H. CANm.R:R. JOHN F. DIQNTON. J.-xmas F. NAGLE. I.. J. C. WENCIER. F. J. WETTERWICK. E. H. Powlsm.. Phi Alpha Sigm Llzloz-.vs BLACK AND WI-II'1'I'2. Hi Fratref in Facultate. H. HORLOW BROOKS. M.D. XV.-XRRIQN S. An.-ws. M.D. LEON T. LICWALD, M.D. W. J. PULLEY, M.D. A. R. GUERARD, M.D. 3. GEORGE L. BRODHEAD, M.D. W. Ii. STUDDIFORD, M.D. Fratref in Praefenti. Seniorf. VICTOR FREIHQRICKSON. GEORGPTJ. PIOWELI.. N. W. LAWLI-:ss. ,lunior.r. E. I. HU1'l'ER'l'. H. R. WESTON. Wm. F. LORENZ. C. J. HURT. J. C. HARRINS. Sophomore. T. IJ'ARCY LUCAS. Freshman. R. H. STOVAL. 103 Ii. F. QU.xcRn1:NHos, M.D. JOHN A. Hunm.lf:sToN, M.D EDWARD H. CAREY, M D. C. B. SLAD1-3. M.D. D. E. McSwn1:1eNr:Y, M.D. HORRION H. SINIITII, M.D. A. C. S'r1cwAR'r. J. W. STILES. H. W. N. BENNETT. J. J. MCGOYAN. C. I.. BOYD. T. J. IYIURPHY. E. M. TRACY. J. A. C. NICPHAII.. G. STRAQK. ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, ETA, . TI-IETA, IOTA, . KAPPA, LAMBDA, MU, NU, , . XI, OMICRON, RIIO, Pr, . SIGMA, TAU, . UPsILoN, PHI, . CHI, Nu Sigma. Nu. CMEDICAL FRATERNITYJ li Roll of Chapterf. 104 University of Michigan. Detroit College of Medicine. Medico-Chirurgical, Philadelphia. Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburg. University of Minnesota. Northwestern, Chicago. P. and S.. Chicago. University of Cincinnati. College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. Lake Forest CRushj. University of Pennsylvania. University' of Syracuse. University of Southern California. New York University and Bellevue Medical College Albany Medical College CUnionj. jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Washington University. Western Reserve University. Cornell University. Cooper Medical College. University of California. University of Toronto. 1' 5-o TXX I 7 fu- .WA , Q, l fn Nu Sigma Nu. XI CHAI-TER. C'olars.- RED AND WHITP' Pi Fratref in Facultate. S. A. BROWN, M.D. E. K. DUNIIAM, M.D. R. C T. C. JANEWAY, M.D. P. D. KISRRISON, M.D. H. J O. D. F. ROBERTSON, M.D. H. W. XNANDLESS, M.D. G. B R. J. WII.SON, M.D. Fratref in Univerfitate. JAMES. M.D. PRENTISS, M.D. WALLACE, M.D 1902. J. J. BURNS. C. IJ. KIMBAL1.. H. F STRINE. W. LAZARUS. A. R. MIXNDIEL. M. KING. E. W. RUCKER. T. J. O'CONNI'ILL. G. W. T. MILLS. 1903. E. A. CAMRBELI.. B. H. CAPLES. G. F. HOLLAND. C. A. FINLEY. J. A. HEITLINGER. D. PARCE. W. H. HOLZAPFEL. R. A. MCCUNE. B. TERRY, JR. R. T. RICHARDS. H. S. SAUERDREV. E. G. STELTER. F. C. EDMUNDS. 4 1904. R. W. PIARROD. E. E. HOBIiY. F. LANCER, JR. 1905. C. F. CLAASSEN. C. G LYONS. P. LYNCH. W. B. SUTTON. H. L. WARREN. 105 Omega Upsilon Phi. li Roll of Chapters. ALPHA, . University of Buffalo. Bl'2'1'A, University of Cincinnati. lJ1iL'rA, University of Denver. EPSILON, . University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College ZIQTA, Trinity Medical College CToronto, Canadal. ETA, University of Colorado. TI'IE'1'.-X, Cornell University f New Yorkil. lo'1'.x, Cooper Medical College. KAPPA, . College of P. and S., N. V. CC0lUl11bl2l Univ.j THETA DEUTERON, Cornell University llthacaj. Graduate Chapters. Roswr:1,1, PARK CHAPTER, . University of Buffalo. HENRY C. Cole CHAPTER, University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College 106 'sir Omega. Upsilon Phi IQPSILCDN CIIAI-'1'If:R. l'ah1r.v .- CRIMSON .-XNID GOLD. li Fratres in Facultate. 1,RCDlf.HPINRX'C.COIC, M.1D., M.R.C.S. l'ROIf. RIec:IN.xI.D H. SAVRI-2, MJD. f Fratres in Alumni. HOVI' A. BIMMAN, MJD. GIQOROI-2 A. BI..'XKlCSI.l'IlC, M.ID. XHCRNON BI,v'I'IIIa, M.ID. GUY A. BOIIGIFITON, M.ID. YVILLIAZXI B. BROOKS. M.ID. HICNRX' S. FOI.'IDz, M.ID. C. W. HICNIJRICIQSON, MJD. WAI.'I'1-:R W. I'AI.mIIaR, M.ID. I,I4:I4 RYAN, M.D. ICIDNVJXRID M. TI'IfDBIl'SlDN, M.lD IIARRY VINcI':N'r CARROI.. JOIIN JCDSIEIWI DONOVAN PADI. BIN:I.I.Ows BROOKS. CLARIQNCR MORRIS HIX'1'lIl'IXX' CLINTON JOIIN HVDIQ. PAI.IsIIf:R ROAIAINI1: BOXVIDISII. EIIIMASON CIIARLIIZS ROSIQ. CII,xRI.I4:s I.IcwIs IfIOI'r'r. BARDGIQ PIQRINIQ MCL:-:.xx. A HICNRY VV. BODECICIQR. M.ID. c5lEORGl9 C. COMSTOCK, M.ID. JAIIIIQS S. K. I'IALI., M.lD. AI.IfRIeD W. LOVI-2, M.ID. HARRY L. POMIQROV, MJD. I-IIIGII H. SIIAW, M.ID. S. IC. VMS, M.ID. Fratres in Praesenti. I902. WII.I.I,nI JCDSIEIWI CONDON. S'I'IxN'I'ON BI,.xIcIc DRIQW. I0o3. N.x'rII.xNIIcI. EDIIAR LANcIxs'I'I-:R FRANK EIDXYARID GIQSSNIQR. RIIDOLIIII FRANCIS HIQRRIMAN. 1904. ROY TAYLOR. XVILLIAM B1f:'l'R.xM NIl'IIS'l'lCR. I9o5. S'I'ANI.Icv ARTIIUR WI4:I.I.s. JA MHS ARQIIIIIA LID LIv1NcIs'1'ONI'.. Io7 Ali'1'1'IIIR B. BR.xDsII.xw. M.ID GILIIIAN H. CLOUGII, M.ID. H.-XRRX' H. HAI.I.INVEI.l., M.lD AI,ImN E. MUNSON, M.ID. WII.I.IAm V. QUINN, MJD. WAI.'I'I-:R '1'.xx'I.OR, M.ID. PI-III,Iv J. VIf:'I"1'I-:'R, M.ID. GIIZOROIC PIIILII' PADI.. HARRX' AI.I.14:N LARIN. FII.Ix YII.I.AxIII.. PAUL PLUMIIIIQR SwIs'I"I'. FRANK Hl'fRBIAN WARNHCRI-2 PICRCY FARRINGTON MILLICR liIcRN.fxRD LANGIDON WVzX'l"l'. ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, ETA, THETA, IOTA, Phi Beta Kappa. FOUNDED IN I776.' li Roll of Chapters in New York State. IOS Union College. New York University. College of the City of New York Columbia University. Hamilton College. Hobart College. Colgate University. Cornell University. University of Rochester. Phi Beta Kappa. BETA CHAPTER. ESTABLISHED 1838. !l Officers. Presz'denl, . PROFESSOR HENIQY M. BAIRD, D.D.. LL.D. Vzke-Preszofent, . PROFESSOR JOHN J. STEVENSON, PH.D., LL D. Corresponding Seoreiary, CHANCELLOR HENRY M. MACCRACKEN, D.D., LL.D. Recording Secreiarjy, PROFESSOR MARSI-iALL S. BROWN, A.M. Treasurer, . PROFESSOR DANIEL W. HIERING, PH.D., M.S. Membera' Elected in 1900 and 1901. l9ol. HENRY BARKER FERNALD. HEWLITT W. OAKLEY. WILLIAM JOHN WALLIN. CHARLES GALWEY. RICHMOND JAFFRAY JAMES STANLEY WOOLLEY. JULIUS GOTTLIEB. , GEORGE A. VOLLMAR. WILLIAM AUOUSTUS YOUNG ARTHUR EDWARD HILL. l902. JOHN TREVETTE ALLEN. WILBUR STONE WILDING. ALBERT A. EPSTEIN. 109 FREUERICK ROBERT WHEELER CLEXVERDON. JOHN WARREN DU Bors GOULD SAMUEL SYMIENGTON JONES. CHARLES LANSING THORNE. WILBUR STONE WILDING. IIO Delta Iota Delta. ljunior Societ'y.W moz. 1903. LICNVIS G, BLUNT, SAMUEL S. JDNES. JESSE J. ADAMS. HENRV M. V. CONNELLY H. LEWIS GORMLEY. CHARLES L. TI-IORNE. EDGAR V. ANDERSON. JOSEPII W. GREACEN. JOHN W. DEB. CSOULD. STANLEY Wrncox. Loms O. CONDIT. FREDERICK V. LANE. WILBUR S. WILDING. FRANK W. W1Lcox. III SPHINX. KJUNIOR SOCIETYJ JAMES LUTHER ALLABEN. EVERETT LESTER CROCKER. CHARLES EARLE FUNK. FREDERICK ADAMS GRASMUCK. AUSTIN KENELM GRIFFEN. EARNEST ARTHUR MOORE. li Ili EDWARD THOMAS MOORE. WILLIAM HOWELL ORR. FORD LEWIS SHOTWELL. EDWIN MIDDLETON SIMPSON CHARLES FRANCIS TWIDY. ALBERT Louis WILCOX. Y NRI? ff 5 X 3. W! . ,, FRESHIXIAN SocIIM:Tv. lfmIN1m RICIIARII C. Armv, JR Tom B. BROGAN. GIQORGI4: D. H..xm.1-:x'. HIQNRV M. V. CQNNIQ1. HARVEY R. SM'1.12. AIINIQR K. WIx1.'1'IcR. CVRILLI-2 CARRICAII. S. D. MOSS. R. IRVING '1'12Ic1111AN. '1'1IAN1R: H. B.x1.1JwIN. OLIv1+:R C. GARVIN. THOMAS T. RIEILLIQY. FRICIIICRICK SNYIHCR. Wi 1902. C11.-xR1.14:s I. AI.1.12N. FRI-:IIIQRIQR R. W. C1.1':v1-2 ClI.'XRI.l'fS L. TIIURNIC. IQO3. G1f:c1Rc:1': T. KRA1f'1'. HARRY M. Sl'ECI'I'l'. Ross IC. YIIUNG. 1904. F. 1111: GR.x1f1r. 11 FEBRUARY 22, 1898. RMON. I'ZIIw.fxRD J. L. R.-x1.11IRIs. A N 11R 113W WALZ. Loma G. W1-:1s1cR. 1905. L.-xMc1N'1' T. C1..xRR. FRANCIS L. GOULII. ICIIWARI1 T. R1f:vNoL11s. FRIQII M. 'I'I1111E'1"I's. II3 LEWIS G. BI.uN'1'. 101-IN W. D. GOUL11. FRIQIIIQRICR V. Z. LAN1 CII.-xR1.1cS F. TWIIJY. joux R. FREW. jonx PAUL SIMMONS. CARY DNV. WATIQDRS. Rum. S. IJ.xR1.INu. ARTIIIIR B. GRAIIA11. VINcIf:N'1' Ro1aIsR'rS. RALPH E. '1'I1z1IIc'r'rs. GEORGE G. SCUDDER. HENRY LASKER. ARTHUR R. BUTLER. RIDGWAY F. SHINN. GEORGE TEAGUE. 0,20 1902. FRANK E. WOODRUFF. HENRY S. LYON. 1903. BENJAMIN B. PAVNE. GEORGE P. A. BRAVDEN. 1904. CHESTER H. LANE. CLARENCE F. SNEDEKER 1905. HUME RANSOM SHIPMAN. LESTER P. WARFORD. 114 I. C. BATES. MX'RON BURR KEATOR DAVID F. BARNETT. ED. jAs. I.. RALDIRIS. CHARLES V. SEARING. KARDS. E L. BERRY. YJ. G. BLUNT. XS. W. CLEVERDON. R. J. ADAMS. H I. ALLEN. F V. ANDERSON. E F E B. BROGAN. 'W Charter Members. W 'um' 0 j Jw' .... ,J ff 5 ? ., 4' ' ' ii fx .2555 A QI 'if R - .lei CI A I 1:4 .ua 1.- --1 "f"' 1-H' 'lnnnumm ll Q L l BOOZE. lgoo. U T. HENDEE. l902. W. D. GOULD. S. JONES. HAMAGUCHI. 1903. M. V. CONNELLY. A. GRASMUCK. J. GUTHRIE. V. Z. LANE. A. MOORE. IIS PHLUNKS. WA. R. NICHOLS. WC. L. THORNE. XM. WEINBERGER E. T. MOORE. H. R. SAYLE. F. L. SHOTWELL C. F. Twmv. ' 1 ,. 1 TENNIS COURTS sf f W J M af. . f ' H Aff, 'pf , T g IDL! ' K ' ' K 'y ' f -M xu A ' ' "" :,"'A - Y, 'k 'J, - f ,JQl ' - , ff + Q gf, M f QmMS,? I Aw 1 fff fr' fn xn , ff Mn I me Av'yf, IHAW I f l f 5uFL of ,D 1 - K f"N N15 XQ A ' + ami!! I 1 f C I ' A 'I ' ,, 1 N. 6,4 bo Lx tl 1 ' 1 K lf! -.673 i X' ' "U 0 ' -f 15' f N 1' X . f J 3 ' f V X N K .f 2, ,X !' A 4 n ,J f , N W Tp it X 7? 1 If N: 4 5 LY, Q fl 43.51 ff I .NEA wh, 1 ,W Q .r X ,Gi X ,Intl I V r l f-rs. ' I ' 'V' I l A If I . ' s - ,Q ' 4 A em f , , , . A H , X., ,, , ' f 'll 2, md '-24 sm ,IU wx "N xx X - ,l X- V7 , ff , ff u. - 'V ,f ., A v , - Y W' ' 1 fw ' ' ll ' 'i . X :f-'L' ' x 'P' - ' FV 'Z 1" fwff' 1' . f? ,- - , -- 1 KN. . -' 5 Y , V i, Uv, , 1 I -- , -' 4 1 N3 anna, 5' ' ,V ,, 1 -z Ir ' '1 'f ,I 4 fg ' ,riff ' gm' ' X l I i ' fl - L. 1 ' ' f, .fri A lv J-I' Q I I-'7 " V,,f'd4afff N55 ,X-A FJ. , ,JJ a , I K ' 4 ., 51' " . , ., ' ,, 49,11 fig' .1-1 .1 , if - KU! - ,4::.g4'Qml!Q .Ml X 5 , W L ,,,! iff , f au.- f I ,Ng P-jg.,igANg. 493 'WI N.. I' 1 PTM, 7 , ff ' ,ff A .' - ,cl ,f H .f K, ' fm IH ,aa l ,,,,,.!, 2 -qw ,- .ay 35 n. V U K K gr vyn zj p 1 W4 U 'I xl vff! 4 17" ?-rl M'-'-f M may 2, I If 1 " f r mf 1, , ff ff' W QW fy 405' Q5- P .Wl. ,,2,,45rH.f1Q11l3 , f y!, ,:, ,? f ' f ,ft . j 1 I ' V' X , Q W' I l gQj:f'::.cf3.' 1 Ag 'Z,,:-A", " fb ' "4f'i".1l"'l -FI? IW 7 V , - QQV -' - Q1 . X 1 . w ., vc:-,Z ' . H "'g'1'Lj f' ::.' -2- , ' 'f .I Q Lil 1 If gnhsm r ,ft Wlwgh. Af 415 1, Pl K , M Q - A ' ' 51!f" I 'ff 4 1 ' , xp 1 ' 1 'WP' ' f , L T, f e ', ,.-' X ' - K , ' - ' -,. 4 v why X S K Q gy Q A f.u.,y' N'-,K ji Q :Y J 'llliiq' f FE: xg J. up 117 Musical Clubs. SEASON Igor-1902. Pi 1ll6ZlItlg'L'l', . EDWARD T. MOORE. .4ss1.vlm1f 4l!ll1NI'Q'L'l', . CYRILLE CARREAU, JR. Gln' Club Dl'7'1'ff01', . . FRANK J. SMITH. lJz'1'fffar l11.vl1'11mr11la! Clubs, FRED E. DUNN. Glee Club. A First Tenors. F. W. FISH. M. S'I'RIcKLE'r'r. R. B. YOUNG. C. Sm. Second Tenors. XVILBUR S. WIl.lJINlZ. F. LIQONARD. - C. R. KINGSLEY S. WEIL. Y. l,Il'PINCO'l"l'. H. H. BALL. First Basses. WILLIAM P. BANNING Lxss'rIA:Ia CROCKER. L. O. CONDIT. DARLING. Gm. D. HADLEY. E. DENIKE. A. B. GRAHAM. W. GERSTENBI-:RG Second Basses. Nrtwwox CIIA1-lx. L. BOWLBY. M. W. SMIT11. T. Mooms. EDWIN M. Smvsox. XVERRENROTH. C. CARREAU, JR. V. Z. BoGIf:R'1'. T. M. BIQDWIN. 118 uf Banjo Club. Mandolin .Club. !.fwdn', CvR11.1.1c CARR1f:.x1', ju. Lmdn-. Gno. D. H1XlJl.liX'. Banjeaurines. First Mandolins. F- DUNN- A- C- CARSTIQN- G- W- HOFF- G. n. Hmm-zv. 11. 12. DUNN. H. s. Lvox TEN EYCK. A . First Banjos. Guo. SVK1-ts. I.. Y. l.lPl'INCO'l"l'. R. DAR1.1Nc:. R. M. STRONG. Second Mandolins. C. R. Amms. M. B. Kl2A'l'OR. V. Romaxms Second Banjos. I.. H. S'roN1e. G. Houwoon. S. D. Moss. A v"""' mule- ILDWARIJ T. Moom-5. C. R. K1Nc:s1.1':v. Mandolins. G. D. HAIJl,P2X'. R. M. STRONG. Guitars- Guitars, J. W. Gamelan. C. CARREAU, Ju. A. C. Cmesn x J. W. Gumcrcx. C.CA1uue,x11.JR. H. IC. Cn11.ns. H. E. C1111.ns. jan. Centenar Church Newark 3, Y 1 - Jan. 10, University Heights Auditorium. 14, 155th St. Y. M. C. A. jan. jan. 1 5, Barnard College. Jan. 31, Passaic, N. J., Baptist Church. Alumni Dinner Hotel Savo Feb. 4, , . y, Feb. 5, Madison, N. J. Feb. 26, Newark Y. M. C. A. Feb. 27, Brooklyn. Feb. 28, Elmhurst, L. I. Mar. 5, Morristown, N. J. Mar. 7, Orange, N. J. Mar. 17, Wellesley, Blass. CONCERTS. SFIASON I9Ol'AI9O2. Mar. I20 Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Apr: Apr. Apr. Ar p . May May . - Holyoke College. Dover, N. J. Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Brooklyn Y. M. C. A. Brooklyn Y. M. C. A. Madison Square Garden Summit, N. J. Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Class Day, N. Y. U. Concert Hall Eucleiam Literary Society. I '1 csidcnl, 7 If"z'rc-I residenl, l1'ecora'z'ng' S86Ll', Co1'resj5oudz'11g' Trmszrnfr, l.l'!17'lI7'1'lII1 , C ?'llS0l', W11,1.I,xx1 P. DAVID F. 15.-IRNI-:'r'r. l'l1.I.Is FINK. SYDNEY R. MII.1.1f:R. Srrllf, BANNINI: IiS'I'AB1.IsHIA:D 1832. Fi Officers. . WI1.1.1.-1:11 P. BANNING ELLIS FINK, 'o3. CHESTER LANE, ,04. , ,O2. DAVID F. BARNETT, 'o3. N14:w'r0N CHAPIN, 'o2. GUY R. MA1sIr:, 'o3. . l'1eo1f. .-XRc11I13.-xI.n I.. BOUTON. Members. 1902. - NIQWTIJN C1m1'1x. 1903. 111. L14:s'r1cR CROCKIQR. A. L. WII.cox. CHARLIQS E. FUNK. 1904. CH1ftS'r1+:R LAN1-t. 1905. IJ. HPIRBl'2R'lx O'DowIm. 4110110 ,' 'Ari '.Xplr7Tri'.'ll'. I 21 li. A. IXIOORIC. Gm' R. NI.-Xlllli. FREIIERICII SNIDIQR. Q' R' i.L.Wa3nc 'Ni I UI l u. 1 v -. 1 ,gf S v 1 D "-.4-.I V .K ' 'fm' 1 f l' 1 '. 25 - 7 an 4, , I If a' F J 4 0. sk k g,,,,?fnw"f l'n'.vin'w1l Vz'ff'- I '1'e.w'dz'11 I , Officers. . . . RI1JG1sw.xx' F.S1 I1Nx. CIIAHLIQS E. FVNK. f'0?'7'l'Sf70Ill1IZ.lI'gf.S'I'I'il', MYRON B. Kl2A'1'0R. lfl'f0l'II'llll-Q' Sz I ' , 7?'l'61XlIl't'l', Fu.xN1cl.1x IJ. livxnlelc. . Pxmf. Co1.r,1Ns P. Brass Faculty Members. E.C.wu,qr, Nx,u. 'os Q. H. SNOW, C.1i., use. 'Ol f?" 122 C. P. Buss, M.A. G. SHAW, Pu.IJ. A. A. AGRAMONT1-2 A J. W. D. GOULD. G. S. SCUDDER. J. L. ALLABEN. F. P. HEARTSILI.. B. BALLARD. C. H. LANE. D. M. ARSHAG. F. L. GOULD. W. G. NEVINS. . G. TEAGUE. Mem bers. 1902. I. C. .BATl':S. .G. D. I-IADLEV. C. L. THORNE. 1903. L. O. CoNn1'r. M. B. KEATOR. 1904. O. A. CARLSON. L. Y. LrPPENco'r'r. C. F. SNEDFIKER. 1905. R. C. BAKER. W. G. I-IILLE. C. V. SEARING. R. E. TIBBETTS. I23 D. BYXBEE. HAMAGUCI-II. E. WOODRITIFF E. FUNK. T. Moomz. G. COONEY. F. SHINN. C. FELTER. R. HULSART. R. SHIPMAN. C. WAYNE. 1 QQ fx.. f .J ' Q Officers. !'re.w'llml, . . JOHN TR1f:v1f:'r'l'1f: A1.I.1f:N, '02 I'hw!5'm'11'mf, . jlxcolz Koxm, '02, .Sm-wlafjuf, . . HIQNRY I.As1uaR, 'o3. 7y'l'll.YlH'l'l', H remix' S. Lx'0N,' oz. .1fd'11l!I1'l"lIf'f.llIZ5"'l', . lm. Cnfxxmcs GRAY S1-1.-xw. Members. Faculty. Cn.-xRr.14:s GRM' Srmw, Pu D. .-X1ec11r1s,xl.1m I.. Bm"roN, AAI. Graduate School. NI1cr.vILL1e Y. BOVARD, D.D. C1r,uu.1cs Ross, A.B., 15.13. CITARIJCS G.-x1.wr:v, AJS., Fellow. JULIUS GO'l"l'I,lEl'l, A.B., Fellow. RICHARD C. ADDY, JR. JOHN T. ALLEN. WILLIAM P. BANNING. ISAAC C. BATES. DAVID VAN ZANDT BOGERT. 'CARLETON S. CARPENTER. JESSE J. ADAMS. GEORGE P. A. BRAYDEN. LOUIS O. CONDIT. CYRILLE CARREAU, JR. OTTO A. CARLSON. ADOLPI-I C. CARSTEN. 1902. NEWTON C11A1f1N. ALBERT A. IiPS'rE1N. GEORGE D. HADLEY. ROKUNOSEIKE HAMAGUCH1. JACOB KOHN. HENRY JAMES JOHNSTON. 1903. ALEXANDER J. GORDIN. SAMUEL A. HERZOG. CHARLES J. HOI.T.ANI'J. 1904. RALPH D. B. CLARKE. CHARLES G. GERSTENHERG. CHESTER H. LANE. 1905. HENRY S. LYON. GEORGE C. SCUDDER. HIENRY STENOEL, JR. IRVING M. VANDERHOEE FRANK E. WOODRUEE. JOHN B. WIEDINOER. MYRON B. KEATOR. HICNRY LASKER. SOL. D. MOSS. RIDGWAY F. SHINN. JOHN RACIK. HAROLD SMALLEY. T25 Tennis Club. Ui Office rf. Presidezzl, . . . . Vz'ce-Presidcnl, . Sefrela fy, . . . . Treasfzrer, .... Dclcgalc lo E.rcculiz'c Comm flied, . . . Roll of Memberf. 1902. CHARLES GAI.wEv. RICHARD C. ADDY, JR. EDGAR V. ANDERSON. WILLIABI P. BANNING. JOHN T. ALLEN. RICHARD C. ADDV. JOHN T. ALLEN. J. J. ADAMS. I- L. ALLABEN. Ii. V. ANDERSON. F. E. BEEEE. L. O. CONDIT. E. L. CROCKER. CvRII.I.E CARREAII. R. E. DFTNIKE. J. R. FREW. L. T. CLARK. A. S. DRAPER. O. C. GARVIN. WII.I.IAhI P. BANNING. NEWTON CHAPIN. J. W. DUB. GOULD. . 1903. J. W. GREACEN. F. B. HEAR'1'SII.T.. S. A. HERZOG. J. S. JAEGER. E. A. MOORE. li. T. MOORE. IQO4. C. H. LANE. S .. D. MOSS. Ii. S. PECK. 1905. F. I.. GOULD. C. R. KINGSI.liY. R. S. LEIGIITON. Y. ROBERTS. 126 CHAS. L. THORNE. WILEIIR S. WILDINE WM. H. ORR. B. B. PAYNE. E. M. SIMPSON. M. S. WEII.. S. YVEIL. F. W. WII.cOx. I.. X. LIPPENCOTT. W. M. SILLECK. S. M. SMITH. S. R. IYIILLER. IJ. H. O'DOwD. T. REYNOLDS. Cross Country Club. Lllplaiu, . Firsl ljeulemml, C. W T. J H C. E. Cv H. R. U. A. C. G. .-XLI.1iN. BANNING. BRUGAN. .-XILXMS. Axlnmsox. FU NR. H1c.xR'1's11.1.. 1-u1.1.1c CARRHA11 CLARK. DENIKE. GfXRVIN. GRAHAM. H111.SAk'1'. Lliml-1'roN. ,J Ii Officers. Members. 1902. N1ew'1'oN CHAPIN. J. W. D. Gown. F. R. W. Cr.14:vERnox. 1903. lf. A. Glmsmuclc. W. H. Lvox. E. A. Momuft. A. L. O'C0NN0R. C. F. Twmv. 1904. L. C. Farms. C. A. MORRISllN. jk. Q . . D. Moss. 1905. G. P. MEADIQ. S. R. MII,I,ER. D. H.O'D0w11. R. M. SIMPSON. W. P. BANNING. W. H. LYON. Q 1 l1.l1.SClIDDER. C. L. THORNE. C 1. D. HAn1.1-:v. WM. H. ORP.. B. B. P.wN14. E. M. SIMPSON. W. H. Sooslix. F. A. Russlim.. 112. J. L. RALDIR15. R. A. SIBENMAN. I.. H. S'roN14:. G. Tmr.:u1':. H. I.. SMALr.11:x'. W. H. WILLIAMS. 127 is 53311 'QETAV P - 1' - ' 1-"4 ' ,R wx if WT' . .. ' lt' W . W- ' V 9, ' w":'.,, N C, +6 1 1 1 . 599' J N:-, ..-T.... -,.t... ..,..3."':" --' ,Ci-1'q ' .ir ',. " 4...-f-.-'.. -2,-L . . . , Wf':::1H.. .... :mud-A c.. 1 Y ,f -tg - V-wx . ...M--'N-,,- K" . LA' 'W - A Wiir' KSN -lizfhf-151.12 MN H-:rw W AW- . Lx f :K l .. W lb x ,W 1 I 'fu' 'I I 5 1 ji! I A Il, , -p X s , ' ' ,X l N g:n:1'5i,f-Y-v--fi: ' i ' .r 1 'ki' ' x ' 1. 47 I ' -121' 2-. ...-.1..i. .... . . .... ....-. .......--...-.. ....:::'4 W- .-.-f ,S- .. XX-"il Q R N NY 1.,4ff - . - - -I 1 ' , ..- ,. ,gr ',f -in ! Py--U.U W: TNY- 1 X wg , .44 YV-t 'Si . ' XEfMN H- QLX H - --A W YASA - are le N .,., . A --c..:: -.':. F I' ' W Q6 5. 1-: 4 M W1 5' fl! ' 2 wg , ,. 5 'W -1.4- . M..- :1.g. ' -TQ . ff-. .,. 1 WL :5,,. J wr X XX N. 9 earqqx 4.. -FE We-. . iff? . 3 ex . .- CPE 4 xx In - H- fl we ' - if .. ' 4 'A ' M- .. .... f . X N f' fx Q0 .t ff 1 ,lui . 'fffl Q X ,M ' Ze. Xi. ,- 'rf X X 1 Miki hx f':pj. 'HK xf 5 3' ' Shy K' sauce ,os -06 X A 5. ' 1' Fencing Club. Ii Officers. Pre.w'dw1l, STIQPHEN M. SMITH. Ybrfzsnrvr, . HENRY M. LEFKOWITSH fllaxlw'-ai-A1-ms, ALB11:R'1' A. AGRAMONTE Members. A. A. AGR.u1oN'rE, 'o2. S. WBIII., 'o3. S. A. Hrruzoo, 'o3. S. CA1zA1.L1f:Ro, 'o4. H. M. I.n1f1coxv1'rs11, 'o3. M. G. GUTIEREZ, ,04 M. S. WRU., 'o3. S. M. SMITH, 'o4. Special. H. M. ROSENBLATT. IQS Brooklyn White Plains High School Club. High School Club. K Prcsidezzl, . FRANK EDWARD NVOODRUFF 7b'easm'cr, HIQNRV M. I,IeIfRowvI'I'SISI. Sm-elmy, . CHARLES V. SEARING. 1902. FRANK EDWARD WooDRIIIf1-'. 1903. GIf:oRG1e TITIIS KRAIf'I'. H ENRV M. L1aIfR0wI'1'S1I. 1904. CIIAS. W. GI4:RS'1'I':NIzERc:. WAl.'l'l4fR C. LEONARD. 1905. H. E. GREEN. CI-IAS. Y. SHARING. G. S. L11:vIN. L. P. WARFORD. A. NICCLINCI-IIIC. R. WIQRRIQNRAIIII. Post Graduate. GIQORGI-3 A. V0l.l.iNI.-Xll. l'rcsz'a'c1z 1, . If 'iz.'1.'- I '1 'cs z'n'w1 I , 717'C'tIXll7'L'7', .S'fr1'1'fa1j1', . CARIXI' hVILl.I.-XM H. Lv0N. Ro1s1eR'1' IC. DIQNIIQIQ. JIJSIQRII C. COLLYIQR. If2IIm:NIc H.-XI.1,1N, JR ICDWIN R. HOPKINS, 129 Wi . YVILLIAM H. LYON, 'o3. OSCAR L. WARREN, 'o3. . .KIRTLAND A. WILSON, '05 ROIIIQRT li. IJIQNIRI-2, 'o4. 1902. ON S. CAR1'1f:N'rIcR. 1903. OSCAR L. WARRISN. 1904. XVILLIAINI PIICRRMANN. 1905. J. L1f:S'I'1cR BIORAN. . RoIsI4:R'v S. MII.I.liR. JR. KIRTLAND A. WILSON. Founders Day. SIevI+:N'rIr:'rII ANNIVERSARY. CLASS OF Igol. April 19th, 1901. Fi EXERCISES IN AUDITORIUM. II A. M. I. Selection, . . GLEII: CLIIII. 6. Selection, . . 2. Invocation. - CHANCELLOR MACCRACKEN. 7. Founders Day Poem, . 3. Selection, . . . MANDOLIN CLUB. S. Selection, . . 4. I'resident's Address, . . ARTIIUR E. HILL. 9. History Of Four Years. 5. Founders Day Oi-ation, . IVILLIAN J. IVALLIN. Io. Selection, . . ANDOVER. BATLIN HIGII. BARNARD. BIQRIIIQLEV. BLAKE. I4IzOO1cI.vN HIGH. BUTLER. CLINTON HIGH. COLLEGIATE. COOPER HIGH. CUTLIf:R. D1-2 LA S.xr,LE. Montclair High, . Andover, . Trinity, . . Horace Munn, Mt. Ve I'llOll INTERSCHOLASTIC GAMES. OHIO FIELD. Preparatory Schools Represented. D'.vIGH'I'. I-IAIIIILTON INST. HEFFLEY. HORACE MANS. JAMAICA HIQZII. LICNOX lNs'r. Points Scored. MONTCLAIR HIGH. MT. VERNON HIGH PATTERSON HIGH. . 21 3 Brooklyn High and Poly Prep, . . Io: Cooper High, . . . . 8 5 Berkeley 2 lNsrRuMENTAI. QUARTI-:TTI-: . . CHARLES GALWEY . . BANJO CLUB HAMILTON C. RICKABY . . GLEE CLUB P. M. PORT RICHMOND HIGH l'RA'1'T INST. RAI-IXVAY HIGH. l'I+:NN1NG'rON. ST. GEORGE HALL. POLY l'Rr:I'. TRINITY. POIvI1fRE'I'. UNIvv:RsI'rv. . I5. . 9. , . . . . 5. High. Hefliey, Pennington, De La Salle, Dwight and Pomfret, 3. I30 Sandham Orations Contest. Di First Annual Contest. Second Annual Contest. JUNE 4, 1900. JUNE 3, IQOI. The British Federation, The Picture on the Wall, URIAH H. MCCLINCHIE. AARON EISEMAN American Citizenship, America, Yesterday and To-morrow, TRISTRAM W. METCALF. PHILIP W. HEMBT Patriotism and Gratitude, Webster and Calhoun, WALTER LEC. Bovme. ROIIRRT E. BERGMAN The College Man by Right an Optimist, XVhit1nan's Ride to Save Oregon. HENRY NOBLE MACCRACKEN. WII.LIANI J. WALLIN The Last Boer, The Maker of Lenses, STANLEY H. M0LLEs0N. JACOB KOHN Nathan Hale. The Moors of Alpujarras, AARON EISEMAN. DAVID A. CRAIG First Prize awarded to WALTIQR LEC. B0vER. First Prize awarded to Jrxcon KOHN. Second Prize awarded to AARON EISIQMAN. Second Prize awarded to ROBERT E. BERGMAN. 13,1 1901 Class Day. JUNE 4, IQOI. li Order of Exercises. Battery Hill. Half Past Two 0'Clock. I. Invocation, . DR. HENRY MITCHELL IWACCRACKEN. 5. 2. Roll Call, Class Secretary, EDXVARD FRANCIS RORKIE. 6. 3. PresideIIt'S Address, . . ARTIIUR EDWARD HILL. 7. 4. Class Poem, . . CI-IARLIIS GALWEY. S. Class History, Oration, . Prophecy, Pre:-zelltation , Ivy Exercises. Gould Hall. Four 0'Clock. I. Planting ofthe Ivy, . . . . 2. Ivy Oration, .... . HAIIIILTON C 3. Testator fRCildlllg of the Class Willj, . . Committee. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS YOUNG MERTON E. DE LA MATEIQ. EDWARD FRANCIS RORKE. I32 . HAIxIII.'I'oN CHARLES RICKABV . . XVILLIAM JOHN YVALLIN . VICTOR HOLLES S'I'oCKEI.L . SAMUEL HOPKINS HADLHY CLASS OF IQOI. HARLES RICKABY. HARRY MAGNUS. RICHMoND JAFFREY REESH University College and School of Applied Science. SIXTY-NINTH COMMENCEMENT. li SUNDAY, June zud, IQOI, I0.3O A. M.-BACCALAUREATE SERMON. By CHANCELLOR MACCRACICEN. MONDAY, June 3rd, 8.oo P. M.-SANDHALI ORATIONS IN THE AUDITORIUM. TUESDAY, June 4th, 2.30 P. M.4CI.ASS DAY EXERCISES ON BATTERY HILI.. 4.oo P. M.-IVY EXEROISES AT GOULD H.AI,L. 9.30 P. M.-SENIOR BALL IN THE GYMNASIUM. VVEDNESDAY, June 5th, 4.oo P. M.-COMMENCEMENT IN THE AUDITORIUM. HENRY BARKER FERNALD. JULIUS GOTTLIEB. PHILIP H. HEMBDT. HARRY OPPENHEIMER. VVILLTAM JOHN WALLIN. ABRAHAM BRILL. AARON EISEMAN. SAMUEL HOPKINS HADLEY. 8.oo P. M.-SENIOR BANQUET. DEGREES CONFERRED. av DEAN HENRY lvl. BAIRD, D.D., l.l..D. Bachelor of Arts. FRANK J. BELOHER, JR. CHARLES GALWEY. CHARLES DENNY KIhll5Al,I,. CHARLES FLINT KLINE. GEORGE FRANCIS LEE. Bachelor of Philosophy. JAMESON NOR'PI'IROP. CHARLES ANDRUS TAYLOR. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS YOUNG. 133 CHARLES RAYMOND ROSS. VICTOR HOLLES STOCKELL DAVID TROUT WEIDNER. WARREN H. YOUNG. ROBERT ERNEST BERGMAN RICHMOND JAFFREV REESE HAMILTON C. RICKABY. HANS BAUMOARD. JOHN CRAVICN HERRNIANN. ARTHUR EDWARD HILL. EDWARD FRANCIS RORKE. ROBERT W. BOYD, B.S. W. S. L. CLEVERDON, B. WALTER P. CORNELL. ROBERT W. GAY. The lfVz'!lz'am H. Inman Bachelor of Science. JAMES STANLEY WOOLLEY. MESROB ARAM YES!-IILIAN. BENJAMIN HOYT BELCIIER. ARTHUR LI-:IGI-ITON DENCHF HARRY CHARLES MAGNUS. HEXVLIT'1' XVHITTY OAKLEY. GORDON GRAHAM XVALTON. Il-CLD. BY DEAN C. H. SNOW, C.E., Sc.D. Civil Engineer. FRANOESCO MAURO, B.S. STUART A. STEVENSON, JR S. ALBERT N'ORTHRUl', B.S. GEORGE WOOD, B.S. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. HARIQY J. B-LENDERMAN. FRANCESCO NIAURO. JOSEPH DEVLIN. GEORGE A. VOLLMAR. CALEB HY.A'F'F. HONORS AND PRIZES. f2f!!owshzy5.-ARTHUR E. Samm-I li. f7lH:l'l'!l Frllowshzyz.-GEORGE A. VOLLM.-XR HILL. . lfzalfw' Classiml Fellowshzf.-JUI.IUS GOTTLIEB. The james G'ora'o1z lilfllllffl Pizza.-XVII.I.IAM J. WALLIN. Buffer Phz'la.wfmf'cal lfrllvwship,-CIIARLES GALWEY The Buffer Eurlezkm P1 lfL'S.1Ql J HENRY B. FICRN.-Xl.IJ : 12D CHARLES GA1.w Iirozjgfc fl11g'1zsl1z.v .glllllllfllllll l'1z'zcs.-CID JACOB KOHN Ev. Q25 ROBERT I-Z. I'3l'fRGMAN. lfVm. J1. Hoz', fr., Prize fbi' 1901.-ROBERT' XV. BOYD. f'Q1'L'tI'l'7'l'1'A' Srruam' lf1'b.w11 l'rz':c.-W1l.1.IAM J. XV.-XI.I.IN 134 ., B.S THE CPENING ALL OF AIVIE. May 30. 1901. Pi Programme. 1. AT THE PLATFORM ON WEST LAWN. THREE 0'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON. Music by the Seventh Regiment Band. Prayer by the Chaplain of the Day, Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis, D.D Oration by the Honorable Chauncey Mitchell Depew, LL.D. ll. AT THE COLONNADE. FOUR 0'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON. Formal Declaration of the Opening of Hall. Unveiling of Bronze Tablets. National Hymn, H America." 135 Roll of the Patriotic and Eo'1tmtz'onal 0fg'tl7IiZ!lf1.07IS who took part in the unveiling of the Twenty-nine Bronze Taolets in Honor of Great A1ner1'cons ,- together :mth the names of the Representatives ry each organization accredited for this ceremony. I.-STATESMEN'S CORNER. FRANKLIN-Colonial Mrs. Elizabeth D. Gillespie and Mrs. William Reed. WASHINGTON-Society of the Cincinnati. Hon. Asa Bird Gardiner and Mr. Talbot Olyphant. The Replica of Crawford's Inauguration of Washington was unveiled by the Colonial Dames: represented by Mrs. John Lyon Gardner and Miss Helen Van Cortlandt De Peystcr. ADAMS-Sons of the Revolution. . Mr. Morris P. Ferris, Vine-Dean of Secliony and Mr. Isaac Ferris Lloyd. JEFFERSON-Sons of the American Revolution. Mr. Samuel E. Gross and Mr. Edward V. Gazzam: WEBSTER--Daughterf of the American Revolution. Mrs. Charles W. Fairbanks and Mrs. Daniel Manningg Mrs. Samuel Verplank, Alternate. CLAY-Daughterf of the Revolution. Miss Adaline W. Sterling and Mrs. Nathaniel Seaver Keayg Mrs. Henry Sanger Snow, Alternate. LINCOLN-Military Order of the Loyal Legion. General John M. Schofield, Deon of Serliun : and Gen- eral Henry L Burnett. I ll.-JURISTS' SECTION. MARSHALL-American Bar Association. Mr. Edmund Wetmore, Dean of Section. and Mr. William B. Hornblowerg Mr. Austen G. Fox, Alter- nate. KENT-Bar Association of New York. Ex-Judge James M. Varnum. STORY-American Academy of Political and Social Science. Mr. Samuel McCune Lindsay and Mr. James T. Young: Mr. James B. Dill and Mr. Edward T. Devine, Alter- notes. III.-SOLDIERS' SECTION. GRANT-Grand Army of the Republic. Commander Theron E. Parsons, Capt. George P. Barrett, and Major H. A. Wilkins. FARRAGUT-National Association of Naval Veteranf. Past Rear Admiral Daniel Kelly and W. H. S. Banks: J. E. Smith, P. J. Doherty, Alternates. LEE-United Daughterf of the Confederacy. Mrs. Edwin G. Weed and Miss Mary F. Meares: Mrs. W. W. Reade and Mrs. Parker, Atternates. IV.--SEPTIMI SECTION. VI.-TEACHERS' SECTION. PEABODY--Peabody Education Fund. EDWARDS-Society of Christian Endeavor. Hon. J. L. M. Curry, Dean of Seuliwz, and Hon. Hen- MT- John Wiiiis Baer- derson M. Somerville. COOPER--Cooper Institute. Mr. Edward Cooper and Hon. Abram S. Hewittg R. Ful- ton Cutting, Allernale. ST UART-National Academy of Design. Mr. Frederick Dielman and Mr. Henry W. Watrousg Mr. J. G. Brown and Mr. Eastman Jolmson, Aliernales. V.-SCIENTISTS' SECTION. MANN-National Educational Association. Dr. J. M. Green, Dean QfSL't'lf01l, and Hon. C. J. Bax ter: Mr. Frank A. Hill, Hon. S. St. J. McCutchen fllleruales. BEECHER--Young Men'.r Christian Association. Mr. Lucien C. Warner and Mr. Alfred Marlingg Mr Frederick B. Scheuck, Allerzzale. CHANNING-New England Society. Mr. George H. Sargent. FULTON--American Society of Civil Engineers. Mr. J. James R. Croes and Mr. Charles Warren Hunt. ' ORSE A . I . t f El t . 1 E . EMERSON-New York Normal College. M - mencmi mmu e 0 ec mm ihglwerff Miss Nellie L. R. Goodwin, Dean of Section, and Miss Mr' Gaim Sliieck Dunn and Mr' Francis Wiley Jones' Emma Pearl Beattie: Miss Elcauor Guiterman and Miss "m""mle"' Clarihel Sprague, Allemrztes. WHITNEY--American Society of Mechanical Engineerf. HAWTHORNE-Peter Cooper High school. Professor Robert H' '1'11ufSf0'1, Dm of 5ff"'0'l" Mr' Miss Elizabeth Day and Miss Sarah Eustis: Miss Marie Henry R' Towne' Glassmaclier and Miss Elizabeth Evans, Allermzles. AUDUBON-American Society of Naturalistf. lRvINGTwadleigh High School, Mf- Wiiiiaiii T- Sedgwick- Miss Anna A. Skinner and Miss Laura O'Brieng Miss Maud I. Heilner and Miss Helen Schaffer, flllernales. GRAY-Botanical Society of America. Dr. Benjamin L. Robinson and Prof. Byron D. Halstead 5 LONGFELLGW-Bi'00kiYii Gifil' High 5Ch00i- Mr. George W. Atkinson, Prof. N. L. Britton and Dr. L. Miss Stella M. Tomlin and Miss Florence A. Nelson M. Underwood. Miss Marie Rochsler and Miss Lillian Nash, Allermzles I W J uunuuns nuuuuu uununu A 9-95a 61 ,S CUUNC ' H R0 ' OM, ml!! A X9"""i " ' . - Ya . . R 9 Q '- rf . .' f fi' YYQQ KC Tn -V .. Z2 .Aff-mf gel! . cfm 1 K lr f -f 1 I X l . -iw: -- """' '- f .52 W Z ...... - ei ' ' if - f if I' Q Q fx 331, It S . M Q M 3 -fi HX , Um, 1' "--A K : fm, -.s ag gy 7 -1.4 Nx If ' ' iv' 3, 14 .QQFHYQI ' Qfug C E: ,.i,:,!, 1 '- f .H ' 5 ' x.. ' y '- X X fl u spizrbliiili 'L 'W E -- 'ZW' , ' 'WN Q! X. RM if?-E ff ,,-MT, hw' ff-li I I 4, 1 'tif' L" A.-,... 1. ff' iff' X 'Q x 1' "3 l rf'c',- -,V 9 fm .WA , x I -,giggw , ,:,, "M 5 ' -'Q QI? --,, X l 'sifyvff - "P , 5 '- 'A , ,f aff: "-1 ' -4 ,--ng Q X 'Q' ,gvniw ' ll ,- 4 nm'-I I. , J , I? ' F.5lPUl!-H ' 9 .X 1y - .. , ' x - 139 Editorial. Fi THLETIC affairs at New York University during the past year have been in keeping with the progres- - sive spirit which is making itself felt in all branches of student enterprise. In many respects the results attained are an advance over those of the previous year. Better scores and more enthusiasm wi-1 over athletic matters in general have been present. The regular gymnasium work has brought out :.Q'-Tiiviiiiif many good men who gave little promise of athletic ability earlier in their course. The participation of a number of men from the schools down town also added to our athletic prowess. fy The gymnastic team held a meet with Lehigh, March 22, at South Bethlehem, and returned I victorious with a score of forty-seven to thirty-four. More meets, if held with teams in our own class, if would no doubt have resulted as favorably as the Lehigh meet. Especial mention might be made of the fact that B. H. Belcher, '01, took second place in work on the side horse in a partial meet with Columbia, and that G. P. A. Brayden, '03, secured second place in the Intercollegiate in club-swinging. The result of the baseball season was not very flattering. The lack of sufficient practice before the season began and the lack of unity in the team, caused by absence of important players from practice games, soon became manifest in unfavorable scores 3 and, while the closing games of the season showed 111uch spirit and energy, the team hardly retrieved itself with the game at West Point, in which the score was a tie, or with its victory over Rutgers by a score of eight to three. Only one all-round meet was held by the track and field team. This was with Hamilton. The defeat of our adversaries was complete, and the result most encouraging. Numerous partial meets were held 3 S. S. Jones, '02, distinguishing himself as usual. In particular might be mentioned his winning of first place in the high jump at the regular Intercollegiate meet in May, and also his winning the same event at the Buffalo Exposition during the summer. In football we have been quite successful. A large majority of the games played were won, and the spirit aroused augurs well for our future in that branch of athletics. The splendid game with Princeton, although no score resulted for N. Y. U., made a favorable impression against a team quite out of our class. Several things I40 have contributed to the success of the football team. First, the increased number of men in the active squads and along the side lines during practice, and, secondly, the etiicient coaching of the material thus afforded. For the latter too much credit cannot be given Captain Blunt and Coach W. H. Rorke. Perhaps the most significant feature of our athletic aifairs this year has been the opening of a new branch of sport. Through the generosity of Commodore David Banks it has been arranged that we may take advantage of the opportunities which our position on the Harlem affords for boating. A crew is to be organized. Already two shells and a coach have been placed at the disposal of those who wish to compete. A beginning has been made, and New York University may expect to become an earnest competitor for laurels in this direction in the near future. D, F, B, W v zf ' l i A X41 New York University Athletic Association. ORGANIZIQD r8go. li Ofiicerf for 1901-l902. l'm-fkfwll, ..... Com1oDoR1s DAVID BANKS. lfiirsl VM'-l'rw.v1'rlr11I, A. K. GRI1f1fi43N, 'o3. Scmud Vz'rc-l'n'.vz'zz'cul, C. F. TKWIDY, 03. fl1lY'07'!Z'l-ily' Scfrvlazgf, . Ii. J. L. RALDIRIS. 'o4. Cbz'f'c.v15v11d1'11,g' .qL'L'1'L'ftN:l', G. M. TRIQDE, 'oy,. 77'm.v111'c1' ,..... IDR. RomaR'r W. H.xl.1.. Executive Committee. DAVID BANKS. G. M. TRED143, 'o3. I.. O. CONDIT, 'o3. IDR. Ron1:R'r W. HAL1.. A. L. Wu.cox, 'o3. F. R. W. CLRVERDON, 'oz IJ1Rif1c'r0R F. H. CANN. H. M. V. CONN15I.i.x', '03, Ii. V. ANDERSON, 'o3. A. K. GRIFFICN, '03, J. W. AGRICACICN, 'o3. XV.-KRD B1Q:I.C1IER, 'o4. Ii. J. I.. RALDIRIS, '04, J. J. All.-XINIS, 'o3. J. T. AI.I.r1N, 'o2. Advisory Committee. WII.I,I:X3l M. Kixczsnitv .... DR. CHARLES H. SNOW. DR. Ar.m4:R'r W. FRRRIS. JOHN V. IRWIN, '94, . EDWARD T. HICNIJIQIC, 'oo, . . The General Committee. From From From From From Members of Executive and Advisory Committees. I42 the Council. the Faculty. the Alumni. the Alumni. the Alumni. 'Yu T' IN THE MVSEUM. .wr iq, fn., ,,.f 'lx-ef' , ,I-'A' Football Team. SEASON 1901. Pi Capiain, LEWIS G. BLUN1' Xllauager, . . . CHARLES L THORNE Asszlvlam' Manager, G. T. KRAPT O3 Coach, . , . . W. H. RORKF G. BLUNT, 'o2. C. CARSTEN, 'o4. R. W. CLEVERDON, 'o2. M. V. CONNELLY, 'o3. J. FRIEDBERG, '04, Oct. 5, at Garden City, Cl 9, ll H 26 Nov. 5, CK 9, " 16 ll 23, Princeton, . Berkeley Oval, New Brunswick, Berkeley' Oval, Hartford, . Berkeley Oval, Berkeley Oval, H C. GARVIN, 'o5. K. GRIFFEN, '03, . LANE, 'o4. V. Z. LANE, 'o3. Y. LIPPINCOTT, 'o4. Games. St. Paul, . Princeton, . St. Stephens, . . Rutgers, . N. Y. U. 8L Bel. Med., . . Trinity, Rensselaer Pol., . . Union, 144 0 23 0 0 ll 16 5 II LIL? ,- -X- Jp w ' Q4 f? -bf 5, ,.., .,w-'U' A Y... .... A x UQ-1. ' I-. ' -........ . .4 .- Q.-ex , .. ,... ., .. inn., ".,..., A" 'j .Billflill La " ' '1 l-- 'H' VARSITY lf0O'l'BAI.L TEAM. Baseball Team. SEASON 1901 Wi Caj51'az'n, CHARLES A. TAYLOR, ,OI. Marzager, . . , WILLIAM A. YOUNG, 'o1. Asszlviarzl Ma11agz'r, NEWTON CHAPIN, ,O2. J. J. CAVANAUGH, Law, ,02. L. O. CONDIT, 'o3. H. M. V. CONNELLY, 'o3. T. J. HIGGINS, Law, 'o1. F. V. Z. LANE, 'o3. A. L. O'CONNOR, 'o3. JAMES DE PASQUALE, E. F. RORKE, 'o1. Games. March 30, at Jasper Oval, . April 11, ' ll li is I7 in 1 Ci li v May 3. at K6 3. an I5 As 7 22, sn H Jasper Oval, . South Bethlehem, Ohio Field, . Easton, . Ohio Field, Hartford, . West Point, . New Brunswick. 146 Med., 'o3. Columbia, . Manhattan . Lehigh Lafayette Lafayette Cornell . Trinity . West Point Rutgers 22 I9 6 21 26 28 5 6 3 J. P. SIMMONS, 'o4. J. B. SELLENING, Law, 'oz C. A. TAYLOR, 'or. W. A. YOUNG, ,0I. N. Y. U., 5. N. Y. U., 1. N. Y. U., 5. N. Y. U., 9. N. Y. U., 4. N. Y. U., 8. N. Y. U., 1. N. Y. U., 6. N. Y. U., 8. 451 if iw QM- , , R Try' ' ,Mr f XJ nil . I gi: SQ .li-:R ,...-- rf f .5 H .e 3,1 ' 1 , ,, K., 1 uf. ' U "'1:K"f"91'izff'."-k"""i"'' "' I":L ' 1 r L-1 Q . 'X - f... . ..x if . I' ' ' ' ' E. N 'VA RSITY BASEBALL TEAM. 1 Caplam, Manager, . Assislani fllanager, H. J. BLENDERMAN, 'o1. A. L. DENCHFIELD, 'o1. C. HYATT, 'O1. W. A. YOUNG, 'o1. Track Team. SEASON 1901. li S. S. JONES, ,O2. G. G. SCUDDER, 'O2. J. J. ADAMS, 'O3. E. V. ANDERSON, 'o3. H. M. V. CONNELLY, 'o3. 145 S. S. JONES, '02, F. W. CLEVERDON, 'O2. J. N. CLEMENTS, 'o3. F. P. HEARTSILL, '03 W. H. ORR, 'O3. A. L. W1LcOx, 'o3. A. WALZ, 'O4. VARSITY TRACK TEAM IUO 220' .uv NSU - New York University vs. Hamilton College. Oum Fncnn, UNIVERSITY Hisioirrs, N. Y., NIAY 11, 1901. Track Eventf. Yards Dash.-Won by A. L. IJENCI-1F11-21.11, N. Y. U., second, R. I-I. JON!-ts, Hamilton, third, J. W. VAN ALLEN, Hamilton. Time--IO 2-5 seconds. Yards Dash.-Won by A. L. DENCHFIELD, N. Y. U 3 second, R. H. JONES, Hamilton, third, A. WiXI.Z N. Y. U. Y cz1'n's ltjllll N. Y. U Yards Run Time -23 seconds. -Won by A. NVALZ, N. Y. U. , second, J. J. ADAMS, N. Y. U., third, A. L. DIQNCHFU-:Ln Time-54 seconds. -Won by J S. CARMIQN, Hamilton, second, C. E. lN'Ill.LlSR, Hamilton: third, SHERMAN Hamilton. Time-2 minutes, 8 4-5 seconds. .Vile Irma.-Won by S. SHERMAN, Hamilton, second, A. H. NAYLON, Hamilton, third, G. C. SCUDDER N. Y. U. Time-5 minutes, 2-5 second. Yiw-fllile Run.-Won by A. H. N:XYI.OR, Hamilton, second, W. COLLINS, Hamilton, third, N. Y. U. Time-io minutes, 58 2-5 seconds. 120-Yaraiv Hurdle.-Won by S. S. JONES, N. Y. U., second, C. HYATT, N. Y. U.: and W. J. QUINN, Ham ilton. Time-17 3-5 seconds. 220- Yards Hurdle.-Won by W. H. ORR, N. Y. U. , second, J. W. VAN ALLEN, Hamilton : HAUS, Hamilton. Time-28 4-5 seconds. F. P. HEARTSILL third, J. B. Mn. - Field Eventf. HvA'r'1', N. Y. U Hzfgh jump.--Won by S. S. JONES, N. Y. U., and A. L. WILCOX, N. Y. U., third, C. Heighth-5 feet, 4 inches. b'roadj1zmjJ.--WOI1 by S. S. JONES, N. Y. U., second, W. MCLAUCQHLIN, Hamilton, third, LIN, Hamilton. Distance-20 feet, 8 inches. Pale Vauli.-Won by H. J. BLIQNDERMAN, N. Y. U., and W. A. YOUNG, N. Y. U. , third, N. Y. U., and J. CARTER, Hamilton. Heighth - 8 feet, IOiI1Cl16S. flammcr Throw.-Won by H. V. CONNELLY, N. Y. U 1 second, R. DRUMMOND, Hamilton , third, S.'BLAKELY Hamilton. IJlSt2IllCC'--I I3 feet, 4 I-2 inches. .Sfmt Pnl.-Won by S. S. JONES, N. Y. U. 1 second, H. V. CONN:-:LLv, N. Y. U., third, Ll. D. WEBSTER, Ham ilton. Distance-36 feet, 5 inches. F. D. MCLAUGI-I E. V. ANDERSON Pointf. FIRSTS. SECONDS. THXRDS. TOTAL. N.Y.U.,. ..Io.. ..6.. ..69M HIXBIILTON, . . 3 ...... an . . . .7 . . . .475 150 Twelfth Annual Spring Gamer. OHIO FIELD, MAY 2, 1901. zoo-Yards Dash.-Won by ANDREW WALz, i04g second, ARTHUR L. DENCHFIELD, 'org third,EDw1N SIMP. SON, '03. Time-IO 4-5 seconds. 220-Yards Hurdle.-Won by WILLIAM H. ORR, '03g second, EDWIN SIMPSON, '03g third, HENRY BLENDER- MAN, ,OI. Time-29 1-5 seconds. M176 Run.-Won by F. P. HEARTSILL, V032 second, R. E. DENIKH, ,043 third, F. A. RUSSELL, ,O4. Time-5 minutes, 3 seconds. .980-Yards Run.-Won by R. A. SIBENMAN, ,O4 3 second, G. G. SCUDDER, '02 3 third, C. E. FUNK, '03, Time.. 2 minutes, I3 3-5 seconds. Mo-Yards Run.-Won by A. L. DENCHFIELIJ, 'OI 5 second, S. D. MOSS, '04 3 third, A. JOHNSON, ,O4, Time.. 57 4-5 seconds. 220-Yards Run.-Won by A. L. DENCI-IFIELD, 'OIQ second, A. WAI,Z, '04, third, C. E. FUNK, '03, Time... 23 4-5 seconds. Two-!llz'!c Run.-Won by F. P. HEAR'l'SII.I., '03, second, J. W. LYONS, 'o4g third, W. H. LYON, 'o3. Time-12 minutes, 6 2-5 seconds. Hzlgh jump.-Won by A. L. WILCOX, 'o3g second, C. E. FUNK, ,035 third, A. HERZOG, '03. Heighth-5 feet, 6 inches. Broad jump.--Won by E. V. ANDERSON, '03 g second, C. E. FUNK, '03 3 third, M. E. D1-: LA MATER, ,OI. Dis- tance-I9 feet, 2 inches. Pole Vaull.-Won by E. V. ANDERSON, '03, second, H. BLENDERMAN, 'or g third, M. E. Dr: LA MATER, '0i. Heighth-9 feet. I-lammer Yhrow.-Won by M. E. E A DiSt811CE-IO2 feet, 5 inches. Sim! Put.-Tie between C. H. LANE, ,O4, and H. CONNELLY, ,045 third, F. V. Z. LANE, 'o3. Distance--33 D L MATER, 'Ora Second, H. CONNELLXU ,049 third, H. B. FERNALD, 'o1. feet. Pointf. FIRSTS. SECONDS. THIRD5. TOTAL. IQO3. ..6. ..3.. ..6.. ..45 1904. ..3.. ..6.. ..2.. ..35 1901. ..2.. ..4.. ..25 1902. ..O... ..1.. ..O.. ..3 151 New York University Records. 100- Yards Dash. 220- Yards Dash. 440- Yards Run. 880- Yards Run. fllile Run. Mile Walk. 120- Yards H ardle. 220' Yards Hurdle High jump. .6'r0adjump. Pole Vault. Shot Pai. OUT-Doon RECORDS. DENC1-11f1E1,1J, 'ox DENcH1f1EL1m, 'or DENCHFIELD, 'ol REMINGTON, ,99. . I-IEARTs1L1., 'o3. FERNALD, 'OI. BARRINGER, '98. SMITH, ,99. JONES, 'o2. JONES, 'o2. YOUNG, 'o1. JONES, 'o2. Hammer Throw. CONNELLY, '03, lliscus Throw. NIAHONEY, Law, '98. 1 1 , IN-DOOR RECORDS. 1 100- Yards Dash. DENC1-1F1E1.D, 'o1. 11-1 l 1 72-E225 252531-h' " "q'15ENcZ1p1Er.n, -O.. ' I-T 16 .120-Vafa'.v Dash. 26-1 if?-255 .111 - .1EE1E5'fEfE?39 E414 QS 880-Yards Run. R1cx11N1:'roN, ,99. 2-6 ii '-f?fB?'5fiff7 m ., '03- -2635 lllife 181471. ' REMINGTON, ,99. 4-49 9386-'if'dhZ'Z1?E2Zfi h A M' MACCRACEEQV 450. 3-27 ,175T5di?2i. icfV" VAN vnacx, 'mf-N' 23-2 ' hrriifiiil' ' 'TJTIES-film 6-55 If Iii.-h1'Qz'2L72.' 5 jgxff 'H-Q25 - A 3i.Lz1f2Q2Q' A ciiffiiiilfxigf -3?-fi M' ' FQQIZQ Arfilalfmh HZ' 25b,6.?'Z'iZ5I1l fs Z. -"?oMpK1Ns, '9s. 'M8f2' 1o-2 53-1 "Zig 5-3 W 7-225 16-3 ,-.22-I. iii? lg 36-5 113-45 . .M 2 N. Y. U. CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS, 1901-11102 Gymnastic Team. SEASON 1902. li Ckzplairz, . W. C. BELCHER, 'OJ,. Manager, . li. V. ANDERSON, '03, I .-Issisiani Xllazzager, . C. DEZAFRA, 'O4. W. C. BELCHER, '04 C. DEZAERA, '04, E. S. PECK, '04, M. L. BERREY, '02. S. S. JONES, 'o2. A. E. S'rEvENsON, '04 G. P. A. BRAYDEN, '03, C. H. LANE, 'O4. A. L. WILCOX, '03. l54 VA RSITY GY MNASTIC TEAM Gymnastic Contest. SoU'rH BETHLEHEM, MARCH 22- I901- li N. Y. U. vs. Lehigh. Horizozzlal Bar.-Won by F. J. BELCHER, N. Y. U. 5 second, HARRON, Lehighg third, HERRMANN, N. Y. U. 7Q1l7llb!l'7lg'.1W0D by F. J. BELCHER, N. Y. U, 5 second, ERB, Lehigh5 third, HERRMANN, N. Y. U. High jump.-Won by A. L. WILCOX, N. Y. U. 5 second, S. S. JONES, N. Y. U. 5 third, SYMINGTON, Lehigh Heighth-5 feet, 6 inches. ' Fgfing Rings.-Won by TERRY, Lehighg second, ANDERSON, Lehighg third, F. J. BELCHER, N. Y. U. High Kick.--Tie between SYMINGTON, Lehigh, and A. L. WILCOX, N. Y. U. 5 third, ERB, Lehigh. Heighth- 9 feet, 2 inches. Parallel l3'ars.- Won by F. J. BELCHER, N. Y. U. 5 second, HARRON, Lehighg third, HERRMANN, N. Y. U. Fence Vaull.-Tie between S. S. JONES, N.. Y. U., and C. H. LANE, N. Y. U.5 third, CASTELLANOS, Lehigh I-Ieighth--6 feet, 9 inches. Side Horse.-Won by HARRON, Lehigh 5 second, E. S. PECK, N. Y. U. 5 third, WALTON, N. Y. U. Club Swingz'ng.-Won by LORD, Lehighg second, W. P. A. BRAYDON, N. Y. U.5 third, T. M. BEDWIN N. Y. U. Pointf. FIRSTS. SECONDS. THXRDS. TOTALS, N.Y.U... ..5M.. ..6.. ..47 Lehigh.. ..3M.. ..3.. .34 156 1895 1896 FEATHERSTONE, .--SELZ, '98. 1896.-CANNIFF. '97, 1894 1895 1896 1895. 1896 1897. 1896. 1 897 WAI.SHEID, ,95. KAFKA, '96. VALENTINE, '98 ROBERTS, '96. REMINGTON, '99, WIGHTMAN, '97. V. S. TOMPKINS G. F. ROSE, 'oo. 91 '9 N. Y. U. Captainf. 1 89 5-1 902. li Ba.reba.ll. 1897.-HATCH, ,99. I898.-HATCH, ,99. 1899.-VAN VLECK, 'oo. Football. 1897.-KEANE, 'oo. 1898.-HATCH, ,Q9. I899.-BLUNT, 'o2. Track. 1898.-SMITH, ,99. 1899.-Hrcxs, 'oo. I900.-DENCHFIELD, 'o1. 1898.- Gymnaftic. 1899.-F. J. BELCHER, 'oo 157 F. J. BELCHER. 'oo. 19oo 190 1 T902 1900 1901 1902. Igor 1902 1 goo. 1901 .-NORTHROP, 'oo .-TAYLOR, 'o1. -CONDIT, 'o3. .--RORKE, ,OI. .--BLUNT, ,02. CONNELLY, 'o3. .-JONES, 'o2. .--ADAMS, 'o3. B. H. BELCHER OI W. C. BELCHER 4 W P. BANNING. I G. BLUNT. Wearerf of the P W. CLEVERDON. J J. ADAMS. M. BEDWIN. P. A. BRAYDEN. O. CONDIT. M. V. CONNELLY. BACKORA. C. CARSTEN. J. FRIEDBERG O. C. GARVIN. . X. C. YVEINBERGI-R N. Y. U. Ii 1902. . A. CRAIG. C. L. THORNE S. JONES. NI . G. SCUDDER. . 1903. A. GRASMUCK. W. H. ORR. K- GRIFFEN- G. M. TREDE. P. HEARTSILL. S. WML V. Z. LANE. A. L. W A IVIOORE. ILCOX 1904. H. LANE. J. P. SIMMONS. Y. LIPPENCOTT. J, L, Tm-HILL S. PECK. 1905. 158 T. T. REILLEY T THE IOLET. THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE JUNIOR CLASS OF NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Vol. Xlll. Flay, 1902. Ea'ii01'-z'1z- Chz'eL Business Marla ge Lilerary Edilof , A ihlelics, F ra fern iiies, Grinds, . llluslralzlvzs, 7', li Board of Editorf. QFOR THE CLASS OF 1908.3 160 WILLIAINI HOWPZLI. ORR. WILLIAM HENRY LYON. CHARLES J. HOLI.AND. DAVID FORD BARNETT. HARRY MORTIMER SPECHT. LOUIS OGDEN CONDIT. HARVEY RUDOLPH SAVLE. VUE IDI!!! VIOLET BOARD Former Editors and Managers 1891. CHARLES ELLISON CRAYVFORI1. Ed1'f0f-I'lI-Ch1'Lf ARTHUR T. GASTON, WALTER C. REDDV, Business fllamzgcrs. 1894. JOHN JOSEPH MOREHEAD, Edilor-in-Chief THEODORE BARNE BARRINGER, lfusinvss Illafmger. 1897. MOODX' BLISS GATES, lidiior-iv:-Chz'Lf FIOXVARD BILL, j. TURNER FEATHERSTONE, HIl.YI'7lf5.S' Jlhznagwrs. 1909. FRED CHARLES MACDONALD, Edilor-1'r1-C'h1'ey'I FREDERICK ALLEN XVILKINSON, BlI.YfIl8.YS fllanager. Ui 1892. YVILLIAM CURTIS MAINS, Ed1'l01'-ill-Chihd CHARLES HENRY KELBEY, CLARENCE ALANSON PALMER, 3IlS1'lIESS MH!llIgff.9. 1895. JAMES OSCAR Bovn, Editor-in-Chzky. BENJAMIN HORACE STERN, Business fllrwager. 1898. LEON C. PRINCE, Edilor-1'r1-Chiqff JOHN R. PRATT, Business Illamzger. 1901. TRISTRAM W. METCALFE. Edilor-in-Chzkf EDWIN BLAKELEY MCK1I,L1I', Bzrsinexs Zllamzger. 162 of the Violet. 1893. 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FRANK WI'ZI.I,S W11,cox, L'!1airnmn II W1c:c:1Ns G141c.1c1sN. 191416111-:R1c1c VAN Z1xN11'1' L.xN1Q. C1mR1.1+:s FRANCIS '1 WIIJX 13 II 1 :'Yjp11:"fl'T1 "lf I1fl'f'fI'1HW 11.11 1,. IMJMWW 'j'1f1r'1f1'p1gy1H1H1 I1 RU fd, ji 1:M1!. W, 11.11 1g,g11,EgMl W1 blwqwww 1111111vfr1,4'11yf1Lq5,A5.1Hg W""1 W1 A'u"!g' '9e1 'mf 1,n,.n ,'imf?IiM11f-6' wi 4111 1? hr?IL1'lyw'1hW"u. 24:1 1 'H,lmM7l,,,', A .Ili M131-,Jlm " cf ' ,1 '11 1' 1 N 1 1 '-Maafg?1?x151?f:F f Wqifffqmmm' H 1. 11,11 11 13,11 1 , , Zfumor Womena e 'Q Class o N cum "1-W 'L 'then 3 gmnaslum '1 llnwexsfgg Nemghfs 'fx Yebrua1fgSeuenYh 111 W 'Tllneieen Two QQ111 111. x .I Ny. Wm A 1 .Mr , .11 N nr!! .11 ,I M M JAMES LUT11131: A1,1,.x1s1 N Ii jx. "J 'f-'M.I11lJI?Jgm11.1111-ff-'1 n , , ' ""'11r"F" 11 "f 1 5 11 wr' I p IQ vw' Ifnui I, yy ., M 11,1 - J N 'WII1 ' 1'1 V" M 1 'liken H I 15 Nj! H IU!! , ' . 1- 'I S 'A I I 1 Q ,i , 1 . Mg- W .w ,131 4 Y,' 4.1,,F' " ,xx ..1 Q qflsm 1If!Iii ,11f,'.lL F tiff, u Jlyfl E2'i'u!'WL '1 "W 33,15-511' .1 1- V Elf 1i :i1111-E 1 1-'f'1lf1,piE' 1' V :V "W 'Wi l.4mA'IT1l"I .' ,ln 1 ,' , , , W1 . 111' lf - Q ' icjmlk fm 1 Nz' ,X 1j,l, F . , A: 1 1 1' 1111 1 1 1 fnbe L"-+'F!L1,.ndNi1151iV?f1 .nY1!1b111fl' .M 167 ,-I jest'sp1'osfJcrz'ty lies in Me car Qf him Ura! hears il, nerw' in fha l0lI'g"lH' Uf him Mal uzakrxv il." -.S'hlIA'L'Sf7!'tIf!', 168 N.YU 05 FACULTY. "Some are wise and some are otherwise." Ii " CI-IANCY MAC. " PROF. BROWN. " The image of authority." " The noblest Roman of them all." " UNCLE HENRY " BA1Rn. " LARRY " MCLOUTH. " His life is gentle, and the elements " None took him but to fear him, So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up. N01' Clit llilll but to flllllk-" And say to all the world, 'This is a n1an.' " " TOMMY " EDMONDSON. " STEVIE, " " A scholar, and a ripe and good one, too. H Worth, courage, honor, these indeed, Exceeding wise, fair-spoken and persuading." Your sustenance and birthright are." PROF. BURDEN. " DANNY H HERING. " A stranger in a strange land." " As tedious as a twice-told tale PROF. OSBORN, Vexillg the dun em' Of 3 df0W5Y man-H " 'Mid earthly scenes forgotten or unknown, PROF. STODDARD. Lives in ideal worlds and wanders there alone." 4 r ' Y i r " A very merry man was he." I ARCHU1 B0U10N- H BOBBIE 1, HALL. " Manhood, when verging into age, grows thoughtful " Tho' modest, on his unembarrass'd brow, PROF- BLISS- Nature had written-GentlemanJ' " Along the cool, sequestered vale of life H BILLY ,, GILLETT' He keeps the even tenor of his way." " Besides he isrso sober, courteous and precise." PROF- MASON' H GOTTLIEB ,, SIHLER. " Sarcasm is the language of the devil." " Now by two-headed Janus, Nature hath formed strange fellows in her time." " His Cogitafiye faculties imm91'S9d In cogibundity of cogitationf' PROF. JOHNSON. PROF. BALLARD. " That good, gray head that all men know. ' , " DOMINIE " JACKSON. " By the white neck-cloth with its straightened tie, " POM. H LADUE. I The sober hat, the Sabbath-speaking eye, " M21l1'S lllhulllalllty to UI9-Il, Severe and smileless, he that runs may read Makes countless thousands mourn." The stern disciple of Geneva's creed." 169 I 902. ' Iv iends fy' 7llYl'-1'0lllh, a las! adicn ! flaply some day me mee! agvzirl. Val new- Me sefflsamc mm shall :wel ,' YM' ,vmrx slmll makr' us nlhfrr meal." Di . B,vricS. ,.l 1 I . CARviiN'rER. C Height 6 feet, io inchesjb LYON, 1 le maven 5 hum' " They say there's always room at the top, so keep on growing, ' C:irpv,' and von may get JONES. .1 ' ,, ' ' " He pays the freight " 1 lem some dai' A ' ROUKOUSOUKEI HAMAGUCHI, 51 i"Nc'1"It' H . t I " I clo beseech you- Presnlent of the Boothckmg Association. chiefly that I might Set it in my prayers- XVHQDINGIQR, What is your name?" " Dotll make the night joint-laborer with the clay." U PHILOSOPHER H KOIIN. f , tl ' A ' V . , ' , 1 . 1 , . FHORNPU Some people who think they know it all, aren t wort 1 as .. An the worm loves H lm,e,.lH much as a ten-cent encyclopaedia." -Sayings of Uncle Bill, WOODRUW' Caoaor HADLFY " O! ye gorls, render me worthy of my noble wife." I ' U ' , ', ' , A trusty villain, sir, that very oft HANN ING. When I am dull with care and melanchol , Y " The man who would he king." Liglitens my humor with his merry jests.'-' -And they woulrln't let him. CMWMN BLUNT' Sclillljfck' " Great in council and great in war, .I Hmm cn todas lmrtesiv Foremost captain of his time, Rich in saving common sense, GOULD- And as the greatest only are, " A man of good repute, carriage, bearing and estimation," In his Silnplicity Suhlimcp WILDING. Womuf. - " In faith he is a worth ' entleman, " I am His Highness' do at Kew, . 5 IE S Iixceeflingly well read. " 170 Pray tell me, sir, whose clog are you ? " 1903. " YWF f7I'l'51Nlfffl'!7f1'!Ul ffall Mal is z'1'rl110lzs." Fi " Sl'l,IN'1'lCR " S,xv1.1-3. " 'Pom " Baoc:.xN. " Never l1as a eorkiug good time unless it's an uiieorking " A ffentlenlan, a st-l1olzu', axul a -foovl 'udffe ot' whiskc-v." 1, 4 h P1 J B . good time." ,WUI DOOY A 4 1 1 5 AYDIQN. .. , 1 R , , , " 1he1'e's a mlaee called Castle fiilftllfll, l " Let lnm be kept lrom paper, Pell and mk, wg nude of mud ,md brickq So he may cease to write and learn totl1ink." V. , .' U f' - And every tllllll :1 ship comes 1n, CIUJ1- It clumps :1 load ol' micksf' 'L INS Volifc 110 7-011011 Ut llfU'l'l0l15' ilfllllllfh -To this fact we are indebted for the existence ol Irregularly deep and shrill by titsf' MR, Mmpooy, WUFFEN- " DINNV " ALLEN. nl ' ' . . . , ' . Q, ' I ' .lhou sayestsuch.u1 lllllllh'plltLtl thmg, 11 He knew the mvems wen H, every mwno, In such a solemn way." Ho1.r.xNn. H BALDY H Sliloimvnlm' H liI1l"Ll0ll l md tlll nl ' 1 id faunt " . 2-1 cc: z at rmaif' . 't I'm known as the Grand Old Man, 3' g "' I'mha1d, but I don't give a --- 5 " CORDAEGICR H HliAR'l'SlI.I.. I'm well versed i11 the stage for one of n1y age, H They say- you are fl melgmcholy fellow," So I talk just as fast as I eau." -Well, you look it, BARNP3'I'T. ' ' ff BHIY H ORR 'tl am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips, let no :log ,.l,m,he1Sa -OHV ,ood fcllmvvn lrtrk " J Y L i I-Inkzocz. ' BNN H BU'1'UfR- ..T11tre 118 1 ll 1' 1 '1' 1' H . . . 1 vz .' a a Illl rr '1 m us sneer. " My lunbs are bowed, though Il0t Wltll toil, g 5 el But rusted witl1 a vile repose." Ll2lfKOX'l'I'l'Sll. H - " O 1: Don't call him a grind, because that would he rude. RNII1 O R .. " Peck's Bad Boy." E. T. MOORE- " SHORTY " BEEB112. " Others may be perfect, - " Still waters run deep." But heavens--I am Moore." I7I '-JESS " ADAINIS, " TEDDY " BEDWIN. " Mal' '10 m'd1'efm15 disturb my refill " A modest, meek and melancholy lad, NO! Powers of darkness me molest-H Who most the time looks sorrowful and sad." " DIMPLES " Wxncox. " l'd rather be called a drunkard than to have my dimples mentioned." 1904. " Those who jiglzl and run away Will live lojighl lZlI0ih6'I'dllj'." Ui " IJo1n1N1E " SHINN. SOULE, " Of VCU' reverend feputfltioll-" " Of manners gentle, of affections mild." R. D. C1.aRkE. - H EUNSON' If - , Q My haw 15 gray, but not mth Wars' " I awoke one morning to find myself famous." " CANDY Cass " Cauusatx. TUTHILL " Talks while you sleep." ' , . N " Behold in me a tired man, N POP CARSTEN' In the race of life I'm an ' also ran.' " " Thou aft 215 wise HS thou aft beillltiflll-" -But quite otherwise on the football field. GU'r1ERREz. SH I FCK H The college 4 cut'up', H " I've had a good time you'll all agree, COONEY. But you see what booze has done for me, " My face is my fortune." So good-bye booze. --Well, it's no crime to be poor. Forevermore." O,NEILL. t " MOTHER " LIPPINCOTT. " And 011 his tender lips the downy hair "There was an old woman, named ' Ma' Lippincott Did now but freshly spring, and silken blossoms bear." Her feet were as big as a ten-acre lot, HORWOOD. Whenever she happens to travel about, .. Mislike me not formy complexiony The rest of the neighborhood has to move out." " KIDNEY " CLARK. RALDIRIS. " A man is like a barrel : when his head swells it's a sign " What cracker is this that deafs our ears that the timber wasn't properly seasoned." With this abundance of superfluous breath." 172 1905. " But wha! aw If An iffftlflf l'7j'l'7li2' in the mghl, A11 infaui crying for llze lighl. And wilh no language but a rr1l'." DARLING. " As fresh as the month of May." " VIN " ROBERTS. Ni " The size of a mau's hat is never an indication of his in- tellectuality. " WooLEv. " Much study hath made me very lean, And pale and leaden-eyed." BLAUVELT. X " I was not born for courts or great affairs, I pay my debts, believe and say my prayers." " Josu " BRowN.' " See how he laughs and crows and starts, Heav'n bless the merry child." McCL1Ncu1E. " So thin was he, a sort of skeleton key suspended at Death's door." BURCHARD. " There is not much harm in this boy." I GREEN. " I'd rather be a dog and bay the moon, Than such a man." LAUGHLIN. " Behold the child among its new-born blissesf' STQNE. " Go to the ant, thou sluggard, learn to live, And by her wary ways reform thine own." SMALLEY. A " Studious of ease and fond of humble things." LEIGHTON. " God made him, therefore let him pass fora man KINGSLEY. " Heav'n bless thee child 1 Thou hast the sweetest face I ever looked on." " TOM " REILLY. " Tis much he dares 9 And to that dauntless temper of his mind, He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valour." ECHOES FROM CLASSROOM AND CAMPUS. HOLLAND llearnedlyj : " Time is the test of literature as of everything else." PROF. S'1'oDDlxR1a: "I can't agree with you on that point, Mr. Holland. It is hardly a test of eggs." PRO1-'. BROWN fxabsent-mindedlyj1 " XVhat river is on the Ellie ? " It is said of thc junior class in mechanics that many are called, but few get up. , CIIAPIN Cat athletic contestm: "The program says that these runners are to l1ave an handicap. I should think they'd call it a footicapf' li Cass " CARRIQAU: " Does Jack Gould know anything about book-keeping? " GEORGE I'IADI.l'fV : " Well, he never brought back anything I lent him." Pkov. BROWN : " Mr, Wolff. can you define war? " NVOLFIP : " Yes, sir 3 war is an unnatural state of peace." " Rlfnm' " H1f:,xR'rs1L1.: " Say. Shot, clicln't they have any hair in heaven when you were made ? " " BALIJV " SIlO'l'Wl'2I.I.Z " Yes, but it was red, and I didn't want that kind." PROP. SNOW Ctallcing on the subject of packing supplies through a wildernessj: " Now, I myself am very sensitive to a load." HARRX' CONN:-:I.I.v ftranslating Frenchjz " Votre Altesse vent me hiire l' honneur d'entrer au salon? " "ll l' ' P" " XX 1 your ugliness come in and have a drink . Paola BROWN : " Mr. Gill, can you tell me what relation Louis XV was to Louis XIV? H GILI. frecovering from the night beforej: " If my memory serves me, he was Louis XIV's niece." "Suo'1"' : " I think I'll enter the track games this spring." Iflxniitzk D1NNv: " You'cl better not, ' Shotf you'll get run over." Picon. S'1'1ev1':NsoN Cin geologyj: "A stratum, gentlemen, is a layer of anything. Now, Mr. Shot- well, will you give me an example ? " SlIO'l'Wl'lI.I. lawaking suddenly from a pleasant pipe dreamt? : " A hen.', Prior. BROWN! " Mr. Addy, were the rules of war in the Middle Ages more or less strict than at present ? " Aimv : " Yes, sir: I think they weref' PROi-'. STIQVIQNSON Clin geologybz " What sort of soil would you expect to find in such a case P " JAEGIQR: " Timber." PROIF. JOHNSON Cin conversation with Prof. Stod- clardb: " Now, there's that man Stengel, he's a Senior, and I don't like to keep him from getting a degree, but he'cl he a disgrace tothe university if I passed him." PROF. STOIJDARIJ: " Well, pass him anyway, we've had him around here long enough." PROF. HERING : " Mr. Guthrie, what do you re- quire to measure high temperatures? " GUTIRIRIIC : " A hellometer, sir." PROF. SHAW Cin psychologyj 2 " An linglislnnan wouldn't know a Giitterdamnierung from a warship." PROF. BROWN : " What are the constitutional re- quirements for the President? " FRED. GRASMUCK : " He must be thirty-five years of ageand a graduate of the electoral collegef' PROF. STEVENSON Cin anthropologyb : " Now, in reality, a man who is seventy years old to-day is not as old as a man of forty, fifty years ago? BANNING: " That's not so remarkable. A man of forty, fifty years ago would be ninety now." I W'OI,1fif Cdelivering a speech on the colonial policy of Napoleonb : " Before I begin to speak, I would like to say a few words." . BRAVDICN lltranslating Germany : " Der mond schien hell." " The moon shone like--like everything." O'CONNOR qfroin up the State, translating I-IoraceD: " Pol. nie miserumf, " By gosh, but I ani miserable." PROF. EDMONDSON Cphysics 35: " Mr. Silleck, what is Work ? " SILLICCR qafter some thought! : " I donlt know. sir." PROP. EIJMONDSON : " I thought so." PROF. l,0l'l'2Cl6Ctl1l'l11g in sociology on the sub- ject of pauperismj : " NVe must include in this class, gentlemen, widows whose husbands are dead and single female spinsters. H PROP. SI-IAW Clecturing in psychology to a class in the snnnner schoolj : " You will admit, of course, that in general the effect of squeezing and crushing is to create unpleasant sensationsf, ' C1-IARMING YOUNG LADY Qin the front rowb: " True, but with certain exceptions. " REVERIES OF A' SENIOR. Bv PETE PUTTV. Thrice blessed is he who doesn't understand music. for he doesn't mind going to chapel. Some fellows say they would rather dance than eat. but you notice that they always stop for the collation. Some professors are like fly-paper: they try their best to make you put your foot in it and are delighted when ,you get stuck. " jack " Gould thinks everybody knows him: that's why he writes his name so that nobody can read it. The chapel organ is like charity: endureth all things. Some fellows are about as inuch use to the college as last year's calendar. The three graces are Faith. Hope and Charity. No one ever tried to count the disgraces. There are always two sides to a question--Sihler's side and the right side. lf some of those Sophoniores were half as big as they think they are, the college buildings would have to be en- larged. li I Every man on the Glee Club quartette will tell you of three reasons why the organization is not absolutely perfect. They say that when Mason washes his face the water freezes. The dust that our football men were made of had sand in it. Y Therels one good thing about Sihler--he s worse in some thing-s than he is in others. " The lntnd th it rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." and the hand that rocks the crib makes Phi Bete. Prof. johnson says married men don't live longer than single ones--it only seems longer. The three elements of perfect manhood are : " Quit you like men," but don't get the reputation of being a quitter. ' " Give that " for which you have no further use. " As we have therefore opportunity, let us do," all nieu --but don't get pinched. Lots of fellows who expected to distribute copies of THE VIOLET among their lady friends have changed their minds since they saw the personal remarks. THE BOOK LOVER'S LIBRARY. fAny of the following volumes will be sent, post-paid, upon receipt of the published price.j "The Cultivation of Dimplesf' By F. WELLS WILCOX. One thousandth edition. Price, 60 cts. " Why I Love Larry McLouth." By BILLY BAN- NING. Price, 31.00. " Dead Men tell no Tales, or, Why I Seldom Talk." By C. E. FLUNK. Price, 5 cts. " How to Run a Baseball Team without Talk- ing." By CAPTAIN CONDIT. Price, 33.00. "Methods of Bootlickingf' By OILY STENGEL. Price, 31.00 per. " The Joys of Married Life." By F. E. Woon- RUFF. Price, S cts. "Why I Think I'm the only Thing that ever Happened." By C. CARREAU, JR. Price, 16 cts. each. " How to Sell Suspenders." By SOLOMON IAE- GER. Price, 85 cts. "Around the 'World in Forty Days, and How I Didn't do It." By L. ST.C. EUNSON. Price, 1 cent in Greater New York, 2 cents elsewhere. " How to Get a Swelled Head before Entering College, and How to Keep it While There." By V. ROBERTS, ESQ. Price, 32 cts. "Macaroni and Spaghetti." By V. SALVATOR. Price, 9 cts. " How to Get Rich 5 or, How I Paid for my High Hat." By B. T. MOORE, Manager of The Musical Clubs. Price, 325.00 per. "Scientific Broken English-Its Advantages in the Classroomf, By C. CARREAU, JR., Author of "The Secret of My Every-now-and-then Dialect." Price, 35.00. " How to Run a Yellow Journal." By AI.I.EN and WII.COX. Price, 5 cts. "The Dirty Art of Flunkingg or, How to Spoil a Senior's Chance for Phi Bete." By " THE DUTCH- MAN." Price. 32.50. , " The Interesting History of Meg or, How I Swain the Mississippi, the Rhine and the Tiber at the Age of Three Weeks." By the Author of " How to Kill an Organ." Price, 5gI5.00. " Music Hath Charms, or, How the Banjo Club Soothed a Savage Beast." By " P011 " CARSTEN, Au- thor of " Handsome Dan." Price, 33.00. " Before and Afterg or, The Value of Hair Oil." By F. L. SHOTWELL, Author of "A New and Origi- nal Treatise of Human Hair," and " Rules for Get- ting Through the World without Comb or Brushf Given away with every bottle of " Restorerf' 3 LAZY LARRY. ",-Iflfl' flIIll,IJ'l.llj,f' flflllllj' f,1'L"UL'l' in Mr' lllarnizlgz"-KIPLING. Wi Who is that huge hulk shambling there? " said Freshie, on parade, " 'Tis Larry, lazy Larry," the Upperclassman said: And why these wroth and angry looks? " said Freshie, on parade, "A group of undeserving Hunks," the Upperclassnlan said. Uh, he lives a life of flunking, it's his everlasting fun, llc loves to kill a Senior when Phi Bete is almost won, And hc laughs and gloats and chuckles at the dirty work he's done, After flunking'everybody at the Illld-yCilI'S. What makes him think hc's popular? " said Frcshie, on parade, "The stylish way he wears his rags," the Upperclassman said 3 Why does he think he draws the girls? " said Freshie, on parade, " The fancy way he writes his name," the Upperclassman said. Oh, he sits up in his oflicc, with a corncob in his face, While perplexed, despondent juniors for removals vainly race, And he gives a ghoulish snicker at an angry Soph's disgrace, After flunking everybody at the mid-years. What is that low-toned growl? " said Freshie, ou Parade, Q " 'Tis Larry saying 'how-d'ye-do,' " the Upperclassnian said Q p H And sec that yawning chasm there. said Freshic, on parade, "just one of Larry's foot-prints," the Upperclassman said. Oh, hc waddles and he shambles,-he's the soul of dignity, When, with feet upon the table, he throws verbs at you and mc, But he cares for naught but picturing his huge complacency, When he's flunking everybody at the mid-years. 178 SQUIBS. Ni Tlie late lamented GJ Professor Pope was delivering' o11e of his choice lectures to the class in Sociology upon the subject of " Crimes and their Punishment." A recent murder case was under discussion and Pope was giving the class the benelit of his opinion of the matter, whe11 Suddenly l1e stopped, looked sagely over his spec- tacles, and then delivered himself thus : " That reminds me of a mysterious crime that was committed out where I live in Minnesota. I'm sorry I can 't give you the details, but circumstances compelled me to leave for the East immediately afterward." It was the- Freshmenis first recitation with old " Doc " Sihler. One of theirnuniber, whom Sihler had picked out for an easy victim, was trying' his best to translate a rather difficult passage. He was having his troubles, so after a few minutes Sihler condescended to help him. " Now-go-way-back," began the modern Plato. " And sit down," suggested the whole class at once. There was a moment of awful silence, and the Freshmen, startled by their own audacity, sank back into their seats to await the storm. It was Sihleris oppor- tunity, and he knew it. So the " eminent classicistf' as he delights to call himself, devoted the remainder of the hour to a Hery lecture on " The humb le Freshman allfl how he should conduct himselff' one cold morning in January, when the snow of a11 eastern blizzard lay " full knee deep H upon the frozen ground, the Dutchman stalke two or three of " the faithful 'l who were huddled together in a corner. " Fine weather for cutters," growled Larry, in his most sarcastic tone. " l'm surprised to find such a large attendance. Really, I feel gratified that there should be so much interest manifested in one of my COl11'SCS. Such devotion deserves to be rewarded, so I will excuse you this morning, gentlemen, but just add two or three hun- d into his classroom with his usual pompous air, to find it deserted but for dred lines to the assignment in ' Die Meistersinger., " 179 And the Dutchman chuckled a self-satisfied chuckle as he hurried back to his cozy oiiice, where a morning newspaper and a well-seasoned pipe were awaiting his return. Not so very, very many years ago, an Institution in the Suburbs of the Metropolis was blessed by the Presence of an august Personage. The latter's cerebral Outfit was a Source of Wonderment to all Beholders. In fact, so weighty was the Wisdom in his massive Dome that it bent his Underpinning. Withal he was not proud but affably informed his admiring Disciples that he was considered one of the three greatest Commentators in America, and told of the Time when he and a shining Light of Naples had conversed for three Hours -in actual Latin and neither collapsed under the awful strain. In his Youth our Hero had been a Terror at the National Game. More than once he l1ad thrown the ball from center field to home Plate. When he was in the Field he used to catch all the hot Ones with one Hand, and when he was at the Bat, the slaughter was something terrific. His Forte in later Life was Music. It was his delight to sit beneath the great west Window and torture the defenceless Organ, meanwhile chirping as sweetly as any German Canary. Finally, becoming touched by re- morse, he gave the Opportunity of maltreating the Organ to a Sophomore and devoted most of his Time in Chapel to leading the Singing. Now among his various natural Endowments he had a strenuous Voice. Yea, many Visitors happening upon the Campus at Chapel Hour remarked the Violence of the Blasting. One day, after our worthy Hero had entered his Classroom and surveyed his Disciples, he noticed on his desk a Newspaper, placed there by some reckless Freshman. Finding that it was the journal, he carefully picked it up with two Books, not to soil his Hands, and deposited it outside the Door. After delivering a ten minutes lecture on the Turpitude of Yellow Sheets, he resumed the lesson, in which the river Tiber was n1en- tioned. A fly young Student, who was onto the fact that the Professor had a Story which he delivered to each succeeding Class, asked : ' " Doctor, has the River a rapid Current? " After pondering a Moment, the Professor answered in this Fashion : " Well, in some Places the Current is very rapid, but a strong Person can swim across it-I myself swam across- " But here the Student, who was on, cackled out loudly, and consequently was expelled from among the elect Latinarians. Moral : Saw wood and say as little as possible. 180 The mid-year examinations were in full blast and worried looks and bleary eyes were in order throughout the student body. The time set for the examination in psychology had arrived and a large class of juniors was prepared, in various ways, to undergo the ordeal, but with serious misgivings as to how far their preparation would prove valuable. Fully three-quarters of an hour before the time set for the agony, five bright, happy-looking lads strolled into the philosophy room and carefully arranging an effective barricade of coats and mackintoshes, settled down, with sighs of genuine relief, in the five seats on the very last row farthest from the door. Following them came the rest of the bunch with an eagerness to get to class such as is seldom seen at other times, and each looked more dismayed than the man before l1in1 when he saw the choice seats occupied. At last the bell dolefully tolled the death-knell, and as the echo died away two fellows in white sweaters, or rather what had once been White sweaters, stepped into the room. Their faces were a study of mingled sur- prise, horror and discouragement as they saw the well-filled room, and sank dejectedly into the two front seats nearest the door. Then, in all his majesty a11d Prince Isaac coat, the professor stalked into the 1'OO11l. 'L Gentlemen," said he, and his measured words fell with horrible force upon tl1e majority of his hearers, " I have decided to hold the examination in the matheniatics room, one floor above. " For a second or two there was a death-like stillness, and then he was roughly thrown aside, as with a ter- rible rush the maddened mass of students broke for the door and scaled the stone steps, four at a time, piling frantically into the room above. As soon as he could regain his presence of mind, the professor ascended to the fatal roo111, not stopping to notice the hats, coats and books strewn in his path, and soon his quick eye saw the cause of the scramble 5 for there in the farthest corner were two dirty white sweaters, topped off by two bright and happy faces, while just before him, on the very lirst row, sat the five early birds, their hopes changed to dark despair, their elation to chagrin and sorrow. A wan smile played underneath the foliage of the professor's physiognomy as he recalled the words of a certain scriptural passage and murmured in his most oppressively clerical tones, " Yea, verily, the last shall be first and the first shall be last, for many are cold but few are frozen." 151 BIOLOGICAL NOTES. Wi A H IC Prolessor enters. ten minutes late, and with sylph-like tread bustles up to the rostrum. - " Did the second bell ring yet?" he inquires, after sittings down and winding' his legs securely around the defenseless chair. A " Yes, . . . . . . . 1, M " Now, gentlemen, I must insist on punctuahty. I will not have you shirking' your biological work." ' Hy, Diseouise of lixe minutes on value ol punctuahty. If you do not begin your work upon the minute, you-er er"-after searching' for a word out of the window-" You 1il1I'tIfl.tIlllfl' your whole Q' college career. Now, gentlemen, verbum sapientibus satis est. Mr. -- where does the lesson begin ?" . " XVhy- er--at the-" 'A My dear sir, it is very bad form to delay your speech in that way." Picks up a piece of colored chalk, writes on the board, " NVhy - a" and "When - a." " Don't ever let me hear you use those hesitating syllables again, please. Now we will go on with the lesson. l'l1'fEl'-H suddenly recollecting himself: " What do you un- derstand by the embalomerous neurapopliyses of a selachiam, Mr. --? just a moment. Ilo you know the etymology of neurapophyses ?" 'tNo,si1'." " You ought to know the etymology of every word you come across. You can do anything' else you'1'e a mind to, almost, but to be a good biologist you've got to understand etymology and use clear grammatical lan- guage. The number of things that might otherwise confuse you are very- You wish to ask a question ?" L' Yes, Professor : will you tell me the etymology of embalon1erous?" " XVell, er-at this moment I cau't just recall-you look that up for the next lesson will you ?" use Looking at the book, " VVasn't there something about the cod in to-day's lesson ? Ah, yes Q-"'SOI1lElZlll1lg just occurs to me that may be of use to you in after life. If you ever become fathers of familiesl'-with a genial smirk-' ' clon't use the packed, shredded cod-fish. It's mostly haddock, and not cod at all. Buy the salted cod- fish at the store-you'll know it by the light line down its sides-and have it shredded at home. " But that isn't hearing the lesson, is it? Let us return to our muttons, as they say in French-H The bell rings. " Is that the bell? . You see how little we have got over to-day. You will have to go faster to-morrow, gentlemen. Take pages-wellgtake the same lesson for to-morrow. What's that ? You havenlt any biology hour to-morrow ? XVell, when I say to-morrow I mean the next hour. . You ought to know that. Tlmt'S all, gentlemen." .-- 1. .. . . ............. l -. ,N W , DUCKING FRESH NNN. 155 A VISION. BY YELLA SQUsA1.w:R P1r.Lnox. Ii T was one of those bal1ny, lazy days in Spring when a fellow feels most like least, and when, in the words of the poet, " He don't know nuthin', he can't do nuthin' and nuthin' will he try," but likes to lie around, thinking what a lovely place college would be if it weren't for recitations or lectures, or the rest of those things with which the Faculty is always trying to spoil college careers: when the air is soft and the sun is warm, and the birds sing sweetly in the trees 1 when the crows crow, the sparrows spar, the flies fly, and the spiders spy 3 when the whippoorwills whip, the owls howl, the whales wail, and the smelts smellg when the horses horse, making the rider haggard, and the dust coats the leaves which vest the trees, now no longer exposing their bare limbs to the naked eye. I was settled deep in 1ny big arm chair with a text-book on my knee and my head lying back, ostensibly pondering over my lesson, but in reality letting my thoughts wander fondly from myself to my leading lady, for I was in love, as are all decent, self-respecting college men. I thought of l1ow intensely I loved her- more than anything in the wide world-with myself as a close second, for of all my father's family, I like myself the best, when I heard the familiar sound of the college bell, and I got up and went to n1y class. But everything seemed to be completely changed. I was fully prepared on any subject, and I assumed a peculiarly important air as I walked into the room, and instead of going to my usual place, seated myself in the revolving chair behind the polished table in the front of the room and glanced condescendingly about me. Imagine my surprise when I saw before me a mixed aggregation of men, all on the shady side of thirty and many of them really quite venerable. I began to feel very church historyfiecl as I said, " I will call the roll first," and I smiled inwardly as I noticed that the Rev. S. McAuley jaxon answered for every one who was absent. My eyes first fell upon Pompadour Ladid sitting in the front row, and a sarcastic smile overspread my face as I started to teach him a thing or two about math. He interrupted me with a question, and I immediately made him feel as cheap as a hunk of putty by saying, curtly, " Although the figure is roughly drawn, the matter fo 51 70 KN A 2.3 lla, ' ffm ,, .1 f:,:'. 14 IS4 ought to be perfectly obvious to any one who is at all acquainted with the subject." I knew then that I had fixed him, so that he would rather stew over a problem all night than ever ask me anything again. I then turned to Brownie, and, toying with my silver-capped pencil, asked him to give me the history of the Roman Empire. " Do you mean the political-" he started to ask, when I replied, " I think I have stated tl1e question clearly enough.', He began to answer me, and I knew he knew it, but he didn't say it just as I wanted him to, and I didn't like him anyhow, so I took off my glasses which seemed to hurt my nose, blushed furiously, and said, in excruciatingly sarcastic tones, "That will do, Mr.--er-." My glance next fell upon Studdard, and I felt miles too little for the big chair I was in as I stroked the " raggy " looking fuzz that had appeared on 1ny face. I then took out my gold watch, and laying it upon the table and carefully winding the chain around it, started to tell the class a questionable story. My breath ca111e in short pants and now and then I cackled gleefully as I made a hit with myself by making a rotten pun. And then a sudden change took place. I looked at Stevie and felt myself grown old and slow and well versed in everything fro111 theology to bugs Cwhich are sometimes closely alliedb. My voice beca111e painfully slow and I saw heads nodding as I stroked my gray beard and explained the theory of the relation of petrified monkeys to pellucified men. After the class had taken five 01' six pages of notes, I said, " But don't misunder- stand me, gentlemen, this is a foolish theory of which you need take no notice," and delighted in seeing them draw their pencils through it all and begin over again. Standing up, I became peculiarly nervous as I stuck my hands into my hip pockets and looked into the inspiring face of little " Monk." It was no wonder I started to talk in bunches and felt a strange responsibility for the correctness with which the class took notes. " The object of glue," I began, " is to glue Cg-l-u-eb 3 the object of mathematics is to make mats Csemi-colonj 5 the object of psychology is to sigh, but the object of Sihlerls courses is entirely unknown. QPeriod, new paragraph, start the next sentence with a capital letterjf' Now, I became large and husky looking and my voice became gruff. Larry McClout was saying, " Ish, meiner, mein, mir, mick," and other things equally interesting, never 1'olling his " r's " and always pronouncing " z " like " z " shouldn't be pronounced. I guyed him for awhile and then looked around the room and picked out all the men whom I disliked personally, so that when the end of the term came I could flunk them, regardless of ability. Again I changed a11d now became wonderfully polite and gentlemanly as I called on " Billy " Gellotte. I made him feel good when he knew his French and treated him like a gentleman when he didn't. In fact, I made hi111 glad to come to me whenever he pleased and always had time to treat him well. 185 The bell rang, and I said, " I will only detain you a moment, gentlemen," when my eyes fell upon Mr. Chanceyniack, and a white beard covered my face as I drawled out, all in one breath, " Our opening words for Tuesday are the three elements of perfect manhood, please join responsively in the reading.-I have been re- quested to announce the regular meeting' of the Ladies' Lemonaid Society in Assassination Hall,-hymn number forty-five,-let us pray,-a-a-amen." XVhereupon, I grabbed my mortarboard from the chair behind me and rushed from the room with the whole faculty trailing after me. just as I stepped outside the door some one hit me with a Sofa pillow and shouted, " Come to life there, Dopey, it's time to go to that quiz." " Well, 1 must have been a-dreaming, While all this WflS1l'SCCllllllg'Q 'Cause I woke np with a-screaming, My eye:-A they were a-gleaming, My forehead was a-steaming, Perspiration was a-streaming: Yes, I innst have been a-dreaming, Dreaming, all the time! " , 1, I n .I 186 lEl'l'O9O Y Hi JBQ strong! we are not bere to plnxg, to Dream, to Driftg 'Gllle have barb work to Do, mlb loabs to lttt. Shun not the etruggleg face it: 'tis C5003 gift. JBC BUIOIIQ! 25212 IIOI IDC 021325 RFC Cvfl, wbo's to DIRIIIC HND f0lD TDC DRUIUS FIND 2'lCCllliC5CC'-WD SDRIIIC! 25171110 IID, BDCFIIZ Gllf HND DPFIVCHZ ill GOUB IIFIIIIC. JBC 5970110 I 1lt IIIFIITCYB IIOI bow beep CIIIYCIICDCU IDC WYOIIQ 'MQW DZIIID TDC DRIITIC QOCB, TDC D212 DOW IOIIQ. Ifailll' HOU ffQDt Olll TOFIUOFYOW COIIIC5 IDC 5OllQ. -llbnltbte E. JBubcoch IH7 vida., mm!! i 1-,,,,,,....--qwrU1'!TT llll KIUI Ol XLAI. ROOM IN TH li MUSEUM. E PA'El"A CE. In lhe fllidrlle Ages il was lhe cuslom for rzrl1'sl.v, who had pzzmied a piclure, lo label il with rz fflafarn' falling' what it rzrflrexwlied. 7Wu.v, lhe fgwzre of zz man would be lzzggged wilh Me 1'1zscr171l1'ou "Th1'.Y is a Ilhmf' 7 he olnjvczf of Mis prqara' is zfery much fy' ilze same mzlunr, viz., lo inyoruz people who would not olher- wise know Mal THIS IS THE LITEHAHY DEPARTMENT. LITERA R V EDITOR. 189 LINES TO THE HALL OF FAME. For thee, oh worthy halo ol' our laml- lfor thee, thou living pride of lJeath's elect, We humbly lift our grateful voice in song. The gleaming of thy honored hope shines forth ln radiant light to glowing clouds afar. The tempest winds grow mild in their wild sweep, And pass thy honored hosts with reverence. The torrents drop as gentle rains in spring And winter wraps her flceey garb of frost About thy open form in sheltering folds. The humble Harlem, at thy very base, Bears on with pride thy fountains sacred flow To old historic I-ludson's treasured stream. The verdant vales beneath ami far beyond, Bedecked in all their purity. extend The light of thy majestic heights in full. Methinks oh, crowning colonnades, I see The work of wond'rous wisdom's hand In all thy lines of sculptured characters. Their eloquent, dmnb figures from the soul Ut' thy appealing voice, enjoining all To higher aml to nobler efforts still. Whatever of intrinsic value, may Be placed on all thy precious parts, A nameless worth. attached by sentiinent's Hi O Artistic touch, doth raise thee far above All worldly cost-all earthly estimate. We can but view thy strangely stately stones As some celestial, hope-inspiring pile, Wrought by its superhuman master's skill In marvelous masonry, aml womler at Symbolic strength by scientific art ' Attained. 'Tis thus we gaze at truths discerned In thy embodiment and art-true art, llcfore our feelings, fades to nothingness. ltrofouudly dost thou teach enduring hopes in realistic types to all mankind. Indeed, thou art an inspiration come 'l'o stir the soul of ages yet to be, With energy ami genius of the past. The eye that reads thy tablet histories Must fill the being with a new-felt life. What miml can more along thy pillared walk Nor muse in ecstasy, in wonderment? In truth, a worthy wreath to crown the heights of learning's seat-our Alma Mater's site. linough-thou art with us for noble work. 'Tis ours to feel and thank thy spirit's power And pass with profit to the work that's ours. -Guo. P. A. BR.-xv1w:N, 'o3. Pliclciuiznsl Elie fllbeisterfluukers. AN OPERA. Music nv Foczxian. Wi Pl'ICliISIl'2ASllRl'I, Hams Socics, Umuc Ic1csi.1Nc:1C1e, Auousrus Nosicn, .... . WILD1-IAIR VoN S'ro1.ziNc:, a young Flunkonian knight, AN AGED A1.c1-112m1s'r, GOIQX'-HEADEIJ G1e1os'r, Citrus GRAcC1e1Us Woonsicws, Connnander of the Modern Roman Legions. Al'l'REN'l'ICl'IS. ...... SCENE I. Larry. Sihler. Snow. Bristol. Archie. Daddy Loeb Bliss. Students. Peckmeasure, Socks, Iceslingerg Noser, Wildlmir and Apprentices in Assembly. IRE.-" We have come here, yet, this evening' to discuss the question of that honoi system, alretty. Shall we institute it at N. Y- U., or not, once? That is the question." SOCKS.-" I consider this an important question. It will work a revolution in the Latin exams." NOSERCju111j7l'11'Q' up mm' .s'h1'1'z'A'1'11,Q'j.-" I protest against doing anything revolutionary. Ibelieve in evolution . U Cllr feazfcx his ffmir and mzfkx up mm' 11107571 1',w'1'l1'dZ1'. ywl' Ifozlif-Hmn'm' Chas! wzfvrs amz' .vils in his fha1'r.VJ CHORUS ov Al'PRl3N'1'IC1'2S C s1'11g'1'11g' la fha lmzc qf fha " Slar-,Sywan,gf!1vz' fJllll1llL'1'U.' J " Oho I What is this, so ruddy of hair, That comes and sits in Gus Noser's chair ? Who is it? NVhat is it? Your story quick tell ! Are you angel of heaven? or demon of-in plain prose, we want to knou what your game is, anyway ?" l9I SOCKS.--" He fixes me with his glassy eye. He wants this thing put to a vote right away. I must do it. All in favor raise your hands. Ufive or six apprentzkes raise their handsj Contrary minded raise hands. IA wild tumull takes plaee among the apprentzkes. They fall over eaeh other, everyone trying lo hold his hands the hzghestj Carried. The honor system is hereby introduced into N. Y. U. b y an overwhelming majority." Cf! rio! is about to lake jzlare among the apprentices, when the ghost is seen to 71.52.-J WILDHAIR.-" Silence ! He wants to speak ! Listen ! " GHOST.-" I come to advise." CHe slowbf casts a halehtl glanee around the assembbf. Noser stealthibf sneaks up and, taking away his chair to the eorner if the room, sits dowrz.j ALL.-" Speak on, O spook." GHOST.-" Never! Never ! Never ! Never vote on anything until you know it exists." ICESLINGER Qas he rises, a ehill comes over the assenzbbf. T he Ghost takes some brimsloue jkom his faoeleet and lights it to keep warutj.-" What the Ghost says is true. We have not yet ascertained the facts of this matter. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses will have to be made." WILDHAIR.-" Ho ! Noble Meisterflunkers, list unto me ! I know a sage versed in alchemy. And though those who seek the philosophers stone. Only waste all their goods and iind nary a bone, I declare it, I'll swear it, I'll e'en stake my job, He'11 get the last drop of honor from yon howling mob." APPRENTICES.-" Down with him ! We'll none of him l" CHORUS OF MEISTERFLUNKEXS.-"Send for him." CA messenger is despatched. T he Ghost, thinleiugf the chair is still behind, goes to sit down, but bumps the Uoor with a ghostbf thud. He lays there awhile, shahiftg his head with a pained expressz'o2t.D WILDHAIR Cabseut-mindedbfj.-" Never shake thy gory locks at me. Thou canst not say I did it." fE7lf8V the aged alehemistj 192 ALCH.--" Yes, gentlemen, I can perform this analysis, but we must adjourn to the campus. The audi- torium is not large enough for it.', PECKMEASURE Cpensivegfl.-" How abundant this honor must be that it cannot be contained within this spacious hall ! " ALCH.-H Oh, no! Don't misunderstand me, gentlemen, the honor could be held in here,ibut the appli- ances for extracting it cannot. To the campus then." CExit all.j SCENE II. THE Cmurus. Enter Caius Gracchus Woolseius instructing his modern Roman legions in placing massive machines in position. Hans Socks strolls in accompanied by the Alchemist and other Meisterflunkers. SOCKS Qsinging joyouslvj. -" For learning I burned 3 So Latin I learned. , Oh, how glad I am that to learning I turned ! ' Oho! Thou aged Alchemist, what are these enormous machines filling up our campus ? H ALCH.-K' Oh I those are just the instruments for extracting the honor? SOCKS.-H And what's that thimble in your hand for? " ALCH.-" Oh ! that's to hold the honor after it's extracted." CAIUS GRACCHUS WOOLSEIIIS.-" The appliances are ready." CFor an hour student after student is squeezed in the machines, whirled along, and finally thrown out at the other end M the campus. One machine goes through each man's clothes and tahes out the cribs, etc., while another pachs them in bales and piles them np. When the machines are through with the students they collapse, since, being deprived of their cribs, their onbf means cy' support, they can no longer stand. At last, the Alchemist comes forward to announce the result, peering into the thimble through a 77ZtZg'72wlZ'7lg' glassj ALCH.--H Gentlemen, the quantitative analysis has been performed. Owing to the very small result, which amounts to minus I,ooo,ooo grains, I shall not be able to make a qualitative analysis. But, in such small quantities it won't make any difference." -C. J. H. I93 411 THE FRESHMAN'S VISION. li NE evening, in one of the rooms on the top floor of Gould llall, a lircshman was translating Cicero lieing very tired after the labors of the day, the task of translation was more than usually arduous llrowsiness was slowly creeping upon him, and almost unawares the page in his book grew dim, the lines of Latin faded away, his head drew back on his chair-he was asleep. He dreamt that one night, as he was walking along the banks of the Tiber, near the Eternal City, at a time when the last glimmers of twilight had chased themselves into Oceanus, he had stumbled over a large stone and, falling upon it, had hurt himself badly. In a half-dazed condition he lay there for quite a while. No sound broke the solemn hush of night for a time, then, as if on purpose felis ,Q -xx ff rl 'Xt X, ,ff to disturb the perhaps too serene quietness, a faint noise came from the still, dark waters--of some one splashing the water,-some one swimming and at the same time humming' the tune of a hymn, " W'ork, for stopped,-apparently some one, after swimming in trom mid-stream, had come to land. Then a low, melancholy voice fqlrolled out in slow, uncertain tones, " I am, I am, I am." And tl1e river answered back, " I am." the Night is Comingfl The splashing of the water and the voice humming came near and then both Again from that voice came, " I am." . Then the voice seemed choked, flllll could o11ly mutter, " I am." The student, half-dazed as he was, cowered in terror. Thoughts of ghosts. of l1is past life, Christian science, cheap novels, and chapel music llew through his over-heated brain in rapid succession. He would have spoken, but terror overpowered him. I"I0.lfAf2ZIll'Z'l1Il.V haesfl. And still that voice repeated, " I am," and again the river answered back, " I am." At last, with one mighty effort, he raised his head from the ground, and, much to his terror, beheld the apparition of a large bald-headed man clad in a bathing suit. Then he gathered together all his courage for a final ti 'ial of strength. I " What are you ? " he shouted, distractedly. " I am the first, first, first-I' replied the spectre. t 4 L ' First what? " queried the student, distractedly. " .-Xre you Adam ? " ' Later, later. later than he," chanted the spectre. ' Are you Caesar? " moaned the student. 194 " Greater, greater, greater than he," sang out the voice. " Are you Aristotle ? H groaned the student. " A better, better, better teacher than he," piped-out the apparition. A " Are you George Washington ? 'i cried the student. " N obler, nobler, nobler than he," answered the fixed figure of the man-like form. " Are you an honest politician ? H ' " Rarer, rarer, rarer than he," was the answer. " Then what in t11e name of Shakespeare are you? " gasped the student, in the last extremity of mental anguish. " I am the first Ph.D. of johns Hopkins. Next stop, University Heightsf' I The next morning the doctor diagnosed the student's case as heart disease with about three other compli- cations of mental hysteria, shock, and contusion of the head. Later he was removed to a small room where only soft cushions and mattress-like arrangements serve as wall-paper. MORAL : The mills of the Latin class grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine. -L., 'o5. .is S Y., lr .. .- E A .- A-i 47 . ' 195 LL , 6 I "Mir film, . III: J.-. lxnf lb , I' fig? Ir ff' :Lf sf" A A' ' I 4 I ?F ' - XS If pgs? 5-P XM: Lili' 4' I XL V f r . Il"' . I W N1.f.MIIJ,!I " Wa , l IHIH1 ,. w ig II - 'r' -1 f ,ff , Q ff' 3 Q: I' L . J x wfbiwggl "'-f ' ffl . J 'ww' WI Mr fl f, mu J 1 I ' H Q I fvf' SVU "5 ' F 2 " 1 3.941-' - vQrlj?1'.'g:'i',f ..w""' A Hun LH.. A1 I S THE EDITOR OF ILLUSTRATIONS WISHES TO THANK MESSRS. SOOSEN, RALDIRIS, SIELKE, WAYNE AND SVKES FOR THE SKETCHES SUB- MITTED BY THEM, AND MR. A. G. CANNON AND DR. EDMONDSON FOR PHOTOGRAPHS OF OUR CAMPUS AND BUILDINGS. 196 TI ONS. 'J 'fM.g.':" ADVENTURES or SINBAD, 'rms sAlLoR. AT umvnnsmr umcnrs. vi OU who' have read of my other adventures lllay remember that I was frequently carried off by a gigantic bird called the roc, which bore me overland and sea, finally depositing me safely on fvrra jirma. Well, it so happened in tl1e reign of Haroun al Chancy, may he live forever, that tl1is same bird conveniently appeared again, so I mounted his back and we were soon off and away. I know it was the same bird 3 for since no one else ever saw a roc, I am convinced tl1at this is the only one in existence Can instance of special creation by the way, which ought to set at rest forever all tl1is talk about evolutionj. Besides, the bird did not deny it. When I asked him, he merely contented himself with winking in a way which might be interpreted as meaning " VVhat ifI am ? It won't' make any difference in your yarn, will it ?" XVe were soon high up and Bagdad, city of the Caliphs, seemed a mere grease spot in the distance. How long we traveled I do not know, for soon after we went up I fell asleep and was not awakened until I felt myself falling through the air at a terrific rate. I soon struck something. I am quite positive of this because, the first thing I knew, I realized that I was buried up to my armpits in soft mud. Off in the distance the roc was dwindling to a speck in the sky. A Before me rose majestic buildings, tall, stately, domed, and set with lofty columns round about. " Surely, " thought I, " this must be the palace of tl1e king of this land. Alas ! are there no attendants near to rescue me ? Must I miserably perish here P" But lo! even as I gave utterance to this thought, a man ran toward me with loud cries. He seemed a very important personage, and at first sigl1t I took him to be Captain of the Guards. On a nearer view I surmised that he must be Chief of the Eunuchs. But when I saw the bald oval on his head I immediately knew that he must be high in the counsels of the King-perhaps the Grand Vizier himself. He evidently had not seen me fall. " Dig down 5 dig down again," he cried. "Alas I sir," said I, " I cannot dig out, and as for digging down why should I do that ?" " Because their is an exclusion law against you Chinese fellows and you cannot get around it by burrowing up from China in this way." 'fu V4 rf-.715 " 'f.N'. gi, lib Af, Eb gjlf sly, fxghf. 2377: I. q A ww --.,-qntw. if Tfqhl h LN- J 1- " F , L' I 'L-1 3 197 I now saw that he thought me a Chinaman digging my way through the centre of the earth from the antipodes. Recognizing now that I was in the free land of America, I tried to explain matters but he would not listen. " Oh l I know you fellows. You'd better dig back down again, anyway, and burrow into the rapid transit tunnel. I can't have you making holes in the campus in that way. Why we'd soon have all the people in China coming up here and how would that campus look with four hundred million holes in it, hey ?" "Ah ! woe is me," sighed I, " I a1n a loyal subject of our sacred Caliph Haroun al Chaney and a faithful believer in Allah and in Allah's prophet. I am not a Chinamanf' By this time a crowd of swarthy-faced men appeared, offering suggestions to help me. " Getta da derrick, Meesta da Woolsa, lifta him up,'l said one. " No, you can't elevate a Chinaman, nohow. I know enough for that," said the Grand Vizier whom they called Mr. XVoolsey. I told my story as well as I could and finally convinced him that there might be son1e truth in it, for he at last gave orders to his swarthy minions to catch'1ne by the shoulders and pull me out. When they had extricated me I was about to thank my deliverers, but he suddenly dropped down on all fours and peered into the hole. " I want to see if any more Boxers are coming up," he said. I again protested that I was an Arabian and a subject of the Commander of the Faithful, Sinbad, the Sailor, by name. " O-0-oh! You're Sinbad, are you? Why didn't you say so before? I've heard of you. Come on! here's Mr. Cairn." He introduced me to a short, stout man who was sauntering along with his hands in his pockets, while two or three small editions of himself played tag around his legs. " VVho are these," I asked pointing at the children. 'A Oh, they're my young ideas," he said. " Oh, yes ! I see they are evidently half pint Canns ?" I bade farewell to these interesting gentlemen, but had not proceeded far when I saw a most extraordinary person. He wore a small peaked hat over his eyes. He possessed an extension jaw which seemed to be triple- plated. His skull was apparently of the same durable composition. He led four sorry looking curs by cords. I stooped to pat the most miserable specimen on the head but the poor beast being unused to kind treatment yelped a starved yelp. 198 " Say, leave dat sausage alone, can't you ? VV'ats de matter wid you, anyway P" said It. " That sausage," replied I, "appears to be all skin and no meat. May I inquire if you are taking them to the dog show ?" " Naw, I ain't. I'm takin' 'em to de dog meat joint to sell to Perfessor Bristol, see? An' he cuts 'em up to see w'ats inside, an' I gets a quarter apiece, see? An' I knows w'ats inside, too, see? 'Cause dey ain't nothin' inside ary one of 'em at all, see ?', " I think the Professor would get as ,good results if' he just hung them out on the line and let them dry out instead of cutting them up." "Ah -a-ah I youse furriners ain't got no right to say nuthin'. Youse'd own de country if weid let youse." The triple-plated jaw walked away to the " dog meat joint." He was truly a most extraordinary individual. I soon niet a ve1'y dignified gentleman who buttonholed me and asked me my name. H On being told he said "Ah I you are an Arabian. I speak your noble lauguagef, He then addressed me in a tongue I could not understand. When he had linished I asked him if he taught Arabic in this magnificent university. " No," he replied, " I teach Latin but I know Arabic as well as I do everything else." " Most wonderful," I answered. " You speak a dilferent dialect from that which I use. Yours is evidently that branch of the Arabian tongue which is spoken in Iceland." Perfectly amazed at his universal knowledge, I bowed low until he was out of sight. I then entered a noble building, the ceiling of which was radiant with gilded lacunars. Ascending a iiight of steps I was about to enter a beauteous portal when a personage, with the statue of Tom Thumb and the general appearance oi Caliban, shouted from the hole in the wall in which he was ensconced. " I-Iey ! come back here ! Gimme your 'hat l" " I would much rather keep my own hat," I answered, not wishing to give away the only turban I possessed. ' A " Well, say, you've got to leave your things l1e1'e, so if you hook anything from the library weill auction off your duds to make good," said Caliban. " Nay, must I doii' my duds to go within," I asked. " Forsooth, I will stay without then." I went out wandering across the campus to where many students were eating in a subterranean chamber. I saw there an Ethiopian woman, who, although probably a slave, I thought, must be from mine own land and would probably know my language. Rushing down stairs I seized her by the hand so suddenly that she dropped the dishes she was carrying. '99 A' My dear Dinah," I cried in Arabic, " how are the old folks to huin ?" " Lan' sakes," drawled Dinah, " des' heah dat man ! He must he crazy." "Are you not from Arabia, then ?" I asked in English. H I'm f'um Atlanta, Georgia: an' doan yo' fool wif me even if you is a swell nawthun niggah. Yo' hcah me ?" Here was I, mistaken first for a Chinaman and then for a negro,-and all in one dcgv. Apprehensive lest some one should make a worse blunder and accuse me of being that Professor of Political Economy who showed such exceedingly poor taste in flunkinga certain editor of Tllli V1oI.Is'1' I rushed hastily from the grounds. If this mistake had been made, there would have been no course open to me other than the dagger, poison, or the dark, cold river. The roc did not re-appear to help me back to Araby the blest, and as my supply of shekels was run- ning low I must perforce seek some congenial employment. That, dear reader, is why you see me to-day peddling figs and dates on the streets of New York. -C. I. H. 200 A jUNIOR'S TOAST. It seenies as if most all the boys Were wasting lots of breath 3 Blowing about this girl or that: Chinning themselves to death. For either it's " YM.: girl isa peach, A regular Gibson girl," Or it's H Say, you ought to see hcl' though, With her 'Janice Meredith ' curl ! " And so I hear a lot about The different girls each day,- The Gibson girl, the summer girl, The girl of the nmtineeg But when it comes right down to facts, And you think with judgement calm, Tl1ere's but one girl that takes the cake,- The girl of the Junior Prom. Ii When, in the life of a student, The happy time comes round, That he finds himself a junior 'Tis then he starts to sound, All the pretty girls about him, To choose who'll hold his palm, And of course he picks the prettiest, To take to the junior Proiu. And so, while other men may sing, To another girl their songs, I raise my cup to her to whom, The praise by right belongs. For when it comes right down to facts, And you think with judgement calm She is of girls the loveliest girl, The girl of thc junior Prom. So, gentlemen, I raise my cup, And a loving pledge I make, To the junior Prom. girl, sweet and true, True as are we to our N. Y. U.,-- So drink for our Prom. girl's sake ! -K1R'rLAND ALL1-:N WILSON, 'o5. 201 "A TRAMP IN THE WOODS." N NIC pleasant Saturday in Spring Mrs. Alina Mater decided to give all her friends at University Heights a picnic in the woods, so she invited everybody she could think of, from the Faculty down to Mrs. jones .'lll'tI'f'l'A'011 Sannny to go off on a trump in the woods. She couldn't hitch up the horses, as she had hoped, because the rats in the bitlflldfl up all the 5-7,5 harness the day before, so she told all the children to bring their Nichole so they could take the fig, C'az1'.rlw1 niinutes after ni11e in the morning. They could flffnbclz there earlier if they hadn't been forced to stop for umbrellas, their ankious mothers being afraid it might Mzyzzar hail and they might , get wet. viflii-H 'When they got off' the ears, they walked through I1 shady Lane to a .llasqy I-lualh where they spread the cloth for lunch, and as they discovered that they hadn't enough ginger ale to go 1'ound they got a bottle of water. I "Well l " said flfzfhfaazz, with his rich Hrqgwrn Irish gestures, " it Hales all, but do yez know I llazdlqr thought we'd have enough. I guess we'll give Va11a'vwalw', as he's de smallest." " ' Splinter ' Chula? is taking .lhwrc pie l " yelled ffffplkll, suddenly. " .lfabif I am," said " Splinter: " " but I paid for it." " Stop your linux there, Ifmrld: you never paid for anything in your life," chimed in .5:l'd'C.Y. " Oh! children, tut, tut, Tzzfhill you finish your luncl1! " exclaimed Mrs. Mater, "your quarrelling f,clYl'l1L'S nie. " " wvllflll can that lferluf doing? " yelled f'il'lllId'l'l,' l'V1'f!'0.l', breaking the fll'0l'd'l'lQl' i11 his eagerness to find out. He soon returned crying, however, to where Mrs. jones was !J,l'lQl'tIll'll fl little girl 's hair, und told the good woman that hc had run rt Thwvzr into his foot. Little Sammy, beginning to feel frisky, said, "I wonder if nm will let me climb that tree? I guess I 'l.askez'. " 202 " I donit believe you are .'16L'LS'01l,M said she kindly, whereupon he climbed to tl1e very top Allan a per- spiration. H " Now that he's Trade, Fm going for a SQl'f6,H said IfVz'!ding, who had discovered a crazy Krafi on the lfValcrs a short LW!! before. " I'd fldamsiglit rather stay on Shaw, because, if you fall in, you'll Frans," said Ba1zm'v1g', in language more forcible than elegant, as he started off to hunt Bcrzjys, but soon had his attention distracted by the incessant cawing of a Carman that had perched itself in a conspicuous place, and was unreservedly .elhrw its broken opinions. Blllllllill-Q' tried to shut it up but it Dorfgfcd his missiles, so he passed on, humming a l9a!!ara', until he observed by tl1e foot-Prizzfc in the Swalllpy Grasmzzck that he was coming upon the place where some of the Faculty had laid out golf fiukcs. Sitting O11 the ground in a lfrorwz suit he saw Chaney M8CC1'dfkCll about a Pack of nuts on a Slam? with one of his Cazyvczzlcfs Bfllllf instruments. "That was CfC'Z'l'1'lll01Z ! " he heard Sfodrlam' exclaim, regardless of grammar, as the chancellor struck his finger. " VVhat shall'uc? What shall l.aa'uc? screamed Chancy, jumping with pain. " just get some Cil'l'CZL'6'll a rag and tie it around your linger," suggested Gillellc witl1 xvliole-Sozzfdi sympa- thy, stumbling as he spoke, over some coal Orr Slavic had carefully collected, and barking his Sbinn. " Sfuda'w'way l-l'O11l here, you rascal! " shouted Sicwkf, angrily. " If you were as good a Mfalker as you are Skcalar you would never have fallen. You must have got Sholwcll on that last drink you had." just then a huge Hfoolgf WoW' appeared, frightening the111 all badly, and they scampered back to Mrs. Alma Mater, spattered and Sfzvrhl with mud. As daylight was Iflfayzzciiig, she was Slrorzgly in favor of getting the child1'en started homeward before li'nfg'h! set in, for she had often Bragdou her good sense 5 so she hustled them back to college, tired but happy. I -G. D. H., ioz. di -i 1 .L f' 203 WHEN HENNY TELLS A TALE. Oh ! Ruddie Kiplingls all 0. K. 3 Ed. Poe is out of sight 3 Miinchausen is as slick as oil 1 And Twain is pretty bright. But there is one fixed star which makes These lesser lights grow pale 1 For who will stand for musty Hikes When Henny tells a tale. Oh ! the magic of those stories Which he spins with such great ease 'Q Which 'liven up the dryest stuff Like mites in ancient cheese. When we're cribbing out some classic bl In flavor pretty stale, . uff, Then Henny starts " Once on a time "- And Henny tells a tale Ui Be it Randolph of Roanoke Of hoar Parnassus, storied mount, Of Delpl1i's silent shrine Q V Of Aganippe, limpid fount, Haunt of the sacred Nine 1 Of the light and shade and rolling hills Round tufted Ten1pe's vale 3 How Copais its dark caverns fills, Does Henny tell a tale. Now Gottlieb swam the Tiber Mississippi and the Nile, And the dagoes and the niggers gaped In blank amaze the while. But Henny could tell us better stuff If Truth did not prevailg Or if famed Ilyssus were deep enough For Henny to tell the tale. And his sayings sharp or vain g Or how pop-in-law an eagle shot With nothing but a cane 3 He can talk of any time, you bet, And his stock of yarns don't fail, But you don't know what you're going to get When Heuny tells a tale. ' 204 -c. J. H. DREAMING OF BELLS. Fi Clear skies, blne as angels' eyes unllecked By shadows of sorrow. Bells are ringing away Mid meadows of mingling flowers, waving unchecked Beneath the breeze. The dawning bells of day The morning glories over the gray stone wall Clainber on, clear-ringing their notes away And answer thus the wild bird's early call. At noon, beneath the cool and sheltering pine, The tiny bluebells tinkle silver songs, While with the death of day an evening chime Fills the hallowed aisles with Hairy throngs. So, when the sparkling stars ring far and fine Their silver vcsper bells, tl1ere's a joy divine If nature tolls in tune with this soul of thine. -Fmcnickrc FORTUN1-:. RIDDLE OF A ROUGH-HOUSE. Ni AN INgv1'1'ATION, . EVACUATION, PREMEDITATION, EXCLAMATION, THUNDERATION, ....... ---4.-A--ffl!Q--??F-H-N-zipsuv INDIGNATION, . . . . HUMII.IATION, . . . . . . . Qllepeat from beginning ml' ilfflilllillllllj. 205 ACC19PTA'r10N. DISSIPATION. EXPLORATION. AoGR1f:oA'r1oN. D14:MoRALIzA'r1oN FUMIGATION. R14:SIGNA'1'loN. G. P. A. B. " THE VIOLETI' Ii Uhe violet bl00lIl5 lll 5DlilllQlllll6 fl'lll', BND lJ6liflllll6 sbebs llll0ll HJC air, Go vie with lill2 Zlllb IDC F0801 EDC sweetest UOWCK' thc QSIIZOCII QIIOWS. Chorus. Zrhc violet-we sing its praise! Ghe liliolet---our voices raise: with steaofast faith ano loigal manhoo 'liille pleoge the liliolet of 1H. 19. Ill. the ll7lOl6t bI0Olll5 WlJCll lift? l5 llCW, UD6 worlo Ill8f blfelllllllfl I0 Olll' view. JBZM06 U36 QRIIDQII gate of l20lllClJ, Go DID KBOUSBDCCC lll W2'll26 ot ffllfb. I I I. Che lL7l0lCf lll0Olll5 Wlfblll CHCIJ IJCSUST, U TFUC, Safe CIJCNBDCD UJCIIC with Wl5D0lll'5 Fllil, 1lts sweet perfume in life to sheb, wn all the paths our feet map treao. -'lllllillls jflctcber Sobnson, '7fJ. 206 5 " OUR EMBLEMJ' Di 'Ulnoerncath the foliage, lln its bower set, 'loncliest or the flowers of spring, Jslooms the wlolet. Chorus. lltiolct, lviolet, flower of 1l'l. m. ill. 'llille will ever sing thiz praise, Go thee we'll e'er he true. Tilllhen the 'lililintevs frosts are gone Zlno the :Spring biros singg Seems to me their merrig songs, Wet our campus ring. Y .-- - En' llc' 1 -4 -. . 'VJ Av' "' ff I, -2 W i " f'i if iw 1 - 'L 1" f S x ' Mi- ' W VRS! ' M V ' -Q Sf'Zf1lQ'?', f f" QA 7.?m, ::, Hy: "A" . 'Q-4 eg fx Q - , iv' 1 ' - lg- K W E fy , Q kg J ,. V. U f l .N iq X YI, , .r , 5 , , l xr Z .TA-A: I -X , gizgx C 'gf X' 451.595 "" ' ' Ep' 0 X' g l! ,. u k I- Ha. I we Z u- I-. y kklix-w A44 gflfilx W 7 ' X ew Q g g .J Title Page . Dedication . . Frontispiece Biography . . . . . . Editorial ............ Contents. Officers and Council of the University ........ Founders, Presidents of the Council and Chancellors . . In Memoriam tUniverSity Councili New York University Senate . , The Faculty ....... Alumni Association .... Scenes about College . . . Library and Hall of Fame .... Front of Library and Hall of Lang 1901 Letter. . ....... . . TH 11: CLASSES : Oflicers of 1902 ...... 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The F1-eshman's Vision .... PAGE ..169 ..I70 ,.I7I ..172 - --173 . ..174 - ..176 ..177 ..178 ..179 ..182 -184 . ..187 .- ..188 . . 190 . , . 191 - - - 194 Adventures of Sinbad, the Sailor . . , , 197 A junior's Toast ....... " A Tramp in the Woods " . When Henny Tells a Tale . . Dreaming of Bells .... Riddle of a Rough House . . " The Violet H ...... " Our Emblem " . Finis......... 43-2' . .201 202 . .204 . .205 . .205 206 . .206 . .207 K OX'S H ATS Standard of Fashion Everywhere ,X RI DING ' qi- 42 'f 1:-: I-I N T I N N52 1 GQLFI NG gxOX7E0,,! llwl WQRQEI-Q10 'or-f"' ixx HATS Fon EVERY X KNOX 9 SP0 n'r Mrw Your Gentle1nen's, Ladies' and Ghildren's HATS FOR EVERY ONE NEW YORK 194 FIFTH AVENUE 212 BROADWAY 452 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN-340 FULTON STREET CHICAGO-187 and 189 STATE STREET AGENTS IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES All Orders by Mail Receive Careful and Prompt Attention Six Highest Awards at WorId'S Columbian Exposition 5iQ7fQfi0gfa Clothiers, Furnishers ---l'Iatters Merchant Tailors Latest Fabrics, Newest Styles and Most Reasonable Prices at all Seasons - .l BRoADwAY. COR. THIRTY-FIRST ST. Two Brooklyn Stores THE "POPULAR SHOP" ' FOR THF: COUN'l'Rl' IIOUSE 4 In the New Shop-West Enix ance Nexv Flax and Cotton Stulfs for Curtains N and Furniture , . 0 0 New Spring Ilnportatlons of Brlght Wall Papers A 'Phe Ilcllllgh CMi8Sl0llJ Fllfllllufe of NBUVC ABI! X The Mel-lugh Wllloxs' Seats The FOTIIIIDUH Caned Chairs GROUGH 61 FITZGERALD Sporting Trunks and Cases IN srocx AND T0 oRnER TRUNKS, BAGS AND VALISES W . 1 In the Old Shop-East Entrance , 4- 3 BEFOREI BEGINNING EXTENSIVE l fgxf I-J. -X Al,'PERA'l'l0NS, LIIIERAI. DISCOUNTS ON onus A - 1'4a':r,.r:...,,.,jfjjq-I, if Y - w Af -f "' , A180 IQNIDS N . Y A .L tl- f.,f::i,,,,3L q,, I Pottery, Metal and Glass Things N 'fjg X31:,g"'i.1LiIW ' FRlESl.AND HANGING Cl.0CKS 1 .A Q ,JA mm.r!1Hu.3'r ,. , -1215-fx , , :if Qjy!w'1gWNQi:N :xx Cushions ln U Liberty" Velvets and for Wvlllow 1 ,-pl.3',.Qf1,.2, "'- I Us Chairs ' - ''-E33.-Z-.'.k,',1fYi"f3?- Q. 5 v J fx. , , ... A, ' 'r.'g::- ig nm "1" I , 'V r "-:ffl-.oF:!!': 11-A 1' rl, ' Ml, "H 'A' X- f FI.ooR COY'ERlNGS '-iiiqgifjg V 'f23f:.7f'- X Morris Filling-Fibre Carpetlng-Bombay ' 'if-fzig A. :gg 'LE if Mulllmzs 3 Ffffff- A - - XR, -0 X, M331'vfii5!:'iML2tlTn'r+:,W.24nVT931n5?QyQ3a,?EM ' I AN'l'lQUE PERSIAN RUGS A f- 19- ,azjyf , 'WGAMf14SfGEp:YNfelilw lg , W 'nf' Q Q . .Mm,l'hymWv 1-V Y - .W . MMA f I ' 5, Bonne Pieces of Hand Made Furniture ,I ' -, 5" a:gff?,Qf:?55j7:5 4:?4uFmlM,wdiL?mWfiE1Wwmwwnnlnwunm-l 11 Ji ' f ' A " :sir -'ii-l1i1I2lfI:.' H, Y-JIM' 'R . A' N '! - sz.. wAI,I. PAI'I2Rs, 5,000 ROIIB an 50. " ", -- L .a455,gg5,fg,1::3-rf.: ,IW Wmmafmfmqfmnwmfmmmgmkff U " I0,000 Rolls at l0C. XX X kxim A :5':Q5-Qfgf'f2Q,fIfg3.,,'uummmmyl'' L" "-S? Cln Quantities Sutliclent for Single ROOIIISI N , 4 'iq 3 513fJgEQjg,QfQg.Q5:, '-lfgggf f.f'M9'f 753 Y 9' IEIJ 'Visitors Welcome 7-. ,, . . x Q' . ,Q-Ag. .Q A. f,...ew.,x. . No. I6l BROADWAY, below Cortlandt Street QSEpH P. MCHUGH G CQ, No. oss BROADWAV, below Fourth street 1 No. 723 SIXTH AVENUE below Forty-second Street 42d Street, West, at 5th Avenue A ' 1'l'mdr: Mark Registeredw 1 N E W Y 0 R K xviii Sandford ana Sandford ' Ask Your Dealer for Merchant Tailors an? Importerf 1 176 FIFTH AVENUE Between 22d an? 23rd Streets NEW YORK SCARFS AND SUSPENDER BEARING OUR TRADE MARK WIAQWA Qwrrw W ,X i W A 4 f Recommended for Correct Style and Superior Finish WELD, COLBURN ' AND WILC KENS, Manufacturers 806-808 BROADWAY, NEW YORK .N S INTERCOLLEGIATE BUREAU COTRELL C-J LEONARD My-W W 462-4-6-8 Broadway, Albany, N. Y. IMPORTING RETAILER OF THE CELEBRATED f Makers of the C ' CI...-Q' EPM... CAPS, GOWNS AND HOODS K To the American Colleges and Universities ' 'HMM 1 i Bulletins, Samples. etc.. on application. New York City representative will f i V1 ! Call upon request lu us. ff"'y ,-. , . ,.. ....,, ,., KID r , -- ,,r.,re Q 0 I' -' - 7, ' 1 SHIRT ' ' ' - 'U Q ' A r ' ' ' lr' ul' si' ' , Q r .T X 15111.11 bfi O 9"Y e. In ' i For I,rrdics', Gerrt1emen's and ffgff: I .0 0 ,ll W ' I x -f ' 5" Clrildrerfs Wcnr. Any shzule !"l'Z'iL1 - Y 'T -K ' .-A n '- for. Ope:'a,WReceptic1n arid "Fx - 5 1 ' ff' -- Y , tin I' c: r, ell rer in . i -In i ' ""' . -' stzgjgllclimit iuade Ito order at 'ysx x 'll "Ii gm' ! - ,Mus 1' short ti c. "WN r '-.Mk XJ ' 7 ' ' , ' " no C .-N ,Q-.T rr. .1 tgvifwsnkx t "1 - - 1 Qhirt t '. 'ik 555 ' A? ' ', V 3 . ' 5 3 of Dent,S Best 4--es-xxx, ggi - ' K f 'trading Makes V! - .X 3,4 Rx A , t mcn's fur- Ql .4 1'i k'qiligi'rL'l, , Xxx-X ! ,N I- '- N nishers', ll63 Gila ll65 R t 521 H ,.j A fm'Sl"' flt BROADWAY 1 i- will 1' Y, ' X i 42 Q se. ' Jobbcfs 5' .-' l Sly' 1 v i rotnilcrsl NEW YORK -si . 't 4--raffiiilbg-f U - N' .9 X 36. 41 . ' A , TI ff -A 1' V Q ' , 21 rind gd floor from 27th St. "" '3 ---- TA ?" ' K. Mx b I Q imimef xx 'l'l:m'i' X cfUNVl'Il4Sl'1. l""jQ'QgifQLfU"' 71, X Sl 'xYm'lh Struct, New York 'lnsrnx l,Illl.AlDIil.l'lIlA BAl,'l'lNl0N Cirlc-,uso '. NT. lmuls CHAS. BARTENS Late of Bartens 6: Rice WATCHES, DIAMONDS And other Precious Stones Telephone 8895.Cort. iz-I6 John St., New York Ivory Miniatures Carb0nS Crayons and Pastels Aon BROTHERS PHOTOGRAPH ERS 935 Broadway, Cor. 22nd St. NEW YORK Special Rates to Students E xxi J. F. NESAZYVYFN BGCIQQS, Ill dals, QISISS Pins DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES SUBMITTED ON REQUEST 9 JOHN STREET - NEW YORK NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL NEW YORK CITY Dxvight Method ot' Instruction Day School, 35 Ynssuu Sl. Evening School, 9 W. 18th St. Sllllllllel' School, LS weeks, jiiiie-.Mig'iistj, 35 Nils:-:nil Sl Degree of l.l..l!. :ilter two years' eourseg ol' l.l,.M. nfler three years' euur-ae. Prepares for hui' ofxill States. Number ofstudenls for the present yenr tigomqozl. 83 I, ol' whom 289 ure college grzuluates. The method ofstudy pursued uiins to give the student a thorough knowledge of legal principles nnd of the YCEISIIIIS upon which they rest, and to render him well equipped forthe prneliee of his profession. The location of' the School, in the midst ofthe courts und lawyers' olliees, nlfords also an invnlnnhle opportunity to gain n knowledge of eonrt procedure :ind the pructieal conduct of ziffnirs. Send for entnlogue explaining Dwight Method, courses of study, etc., to GEORGE CHASE, Deal! 35 Nassau Street THE ROESSLER 81 HASSLAGHER CHEMICAL C0 5 0 E. 5 U3 ff 'I 0 cu IT o 0 Q cr 2. Q. UQ 0 W E. 5 :a UQ KYWROESSLEPG4, 4 if n 4,9 'I :r - JN f r" Q -4 "Tor E P1 9 Q, 22 , Q 'P+ uv gg' 'Vdunz iviitn :En 5' 9 5 Z Z 5 z S' U3 S - 'fl rg-1 it S 11 T S g YJ z 31 -1 ' 0 3' O ,4 ou I Q Z E O 'T' 5 5- m O P Q F-' 7: 0 5 :I ge L4 1-... -..-- Philadelphia, .gr N. Front St. A TELEPHONE SERVICE Puts the whole organization of a great city at your finger's ends, day and night, and in all weathers. RA TES IN MANHA TTAN Residence from 54.00 a month. Business from 55.00 a month. One Year Contracts. Monthly Payments. YORK TELEPHONE CO. III West 38112 St. I5 Dey St. 215 West 125th St. NEW ICSTABLISHIED ISS! E I NI E R 8g A NI EDN D NAXHHIA-IlCl.ll1'Cl'S und Inlportcrs of Chemicals and Chemical Apparatus 205-211 Third Avenue, NEW Y0RK Cnr. r8lh Street Finest Bohemian and German Glassware, Roval Berlin :ind Meissen Porcelain, Purcst Hammered Platinum, Balances and Weights, Zeiss Microscopes and Bacterio- logical Apparatus, Chemically Pure Acids and Assay Goods, Af8.AlAbllllIll'S Chemicals, C. S. S. Filters. SOLE AGENTS FOR IENA LABORATORY GLASS, THE BEST GLASS MADE ,oe T' 1 FOR ALL HEADS FROM 3 FEET T0 2000 FEET. Q grvntusl. power with sinullesa quantity of walter, at both full :ind pair! Safes- mr V I Stale Il:-nd mul Power Rr'quh'1'd. ...J AUTOMATIC ENGINES , I0 to 50 ILP. 2lIlH'lllIf4'1'illl.! ln-at mel-cllrlv rcrzlllntlmi with hiizln-at 1-cmmlny in sfenlil rl Kt rs '04, 5 3' 2 to rn Wx, . ,u..'iVY"?2-fgi.. Adapted to all POWER Purposes. linsy working balanced KINGS W0 Hllllmlllce esaga ff j l i . il AH' 3 ' l YXII ' llplilul.ufuithurA'Vl ls-1- line H L'll K. clll llPl'liUll'-iUU- i JAMES LEFFEI. 81. GO., Springfield, Ohio, U. S. A. ELECTRIC LIGHT WIRING BURGLAR ALARMS FANS AND MOTORS GAS LIGHTING DYNAMOS TELEPHONES JOHN T. WHITEHEAD Electrical Contractor 1009 sixrii AVENUE 238:11 STLLZZS' tm" NEW YORK Repairs of Electrical Apparatus a Specialty ML ESTO N STANDARD IIOLTIVIETERS AND AMMETERS The most accurate, reli- able and sensitive portable large variety of ranges to all kinds of work. WESTON ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT CO. meet the requirements of B. A. 81 G. N. WILLIAMS Cut Stone Contractors OFFICE AND WORKS Cor. Avenue A and Sixty-eighth Street NEW YORK CITY ALL KINDS oi: FREESTONE AND MARBLE CHAS. A. SOI-IIEFZEN do CO. Mnnufucturers of - 5 N f MQ OAK ie LEATHER A I E 9 1Hg:l+i.L?2i-'iigli P ,, BELTIN G QW A QSM I 7.Jf Y W LACE LEATHER,ETC. RAD: MP3 Office and Fa0f0I'y, WAVERI-V PARK, ESSEX C0-y N- 1- 45, 47,49 and 51 Ferry St., Cor. Cliff, NEW YORK EMERY STUDENT lUaterman's ldtdl fountain N' PQI! N The greatest time and trouble saver tlmt can he put into the hands of nuy oue who does much writing. It is more convenient than a pencil, for it doesu't need sharpening and produces vastly better work. No more suitable gift could he given n young mnu or young womnu going to school or college thun one of our pens. Q Ask your stntioners or jewelers. L. E. WATERMAN C0., l73 Broadway, New York If the Baby is Cutting Teeth BE SURE AND SECURE THAT OLD AND VVELL TRIED REMEDY MPS. WiI1Sl0W'S SOOTHING SYRUP FOR CHILDREN TEETHING It Soothes the Child, Softens the Gurus, Allays all Pain, Cures Wind Colic, and is the Best Remedy for Diarrhoea : : : : TWENTY-FIVE CENTS L BOTTLE F ,ttt ie, , Q tt' Avia D. W. C.UX'l'1RIlAl 4 u, l'1'usidi'nt C. ll. Ox lzsrlmtmll, Vivo-I'rcsiclcnt j. MCK. CAMP, 'l'rensurer ' Represented ou Building Material lixclmugc, IS Cortlandt St., from r to 3 P. M. OVERBAUGH- CAMP COMPANY LUMBER, MASONS' Mliilifiilllit, com., BRICK, LIME CEMENT. LATH. SAND. GERMAN AND ENGLISH PORTIANDS. KING WINDSOR CEMENT AND LATH. MORTAR Yards: Kingsbridge, Morris Dock, Harlem River 'l'flCvh01w. S9 'l'1'em011l J. C. Uverlmugli, sum-ei ui Bamman' Grocery Morris Heights ! l wnnv ARTHUR JOHNSON db CO. OUTFITTERS TO THE STUDENT RTI-1 LE-TE BASEBALL, LACROSSE, TRACK and FIELD SUPPLIES, JERSEYS, CLASS CAPS, ETC. qg West Forty-second Street New York Near Sixth Avenue OFFICIAL OUTFITTERS TO THE N. Y. U. HORSMANZS cerebfafed Q GI ENNIS - Golf- ZXTHIJETIC Goons. ' 'msmfllxzno EXPERTX' AND PRINCETON SPECIAL., W ARE THE TOP-NOTCH RACKETS FOR IQO2. H GOLFERS wv-so WANT THE BEST CLUBS OBTAINABLE SHOULD USE. THE HORSMAIT' h A sl-:ND r-'OR CATALOGUE. . W E. 1.HORSMANCO. , c , 354 BROADWAY THETUXEDQ NEW YORK. Expgnf, Caterer and Confeetionerf X' -G5jm?wN's QQ, 5 Gordon Bleu. 2 O0 'Q hxv ?i:QsxY:kx.,l 6 J NIJEHQIK BRANCHES: 300 Columbia Avenue N. W. Corner 74th Street Telephone 132-Riverside I064 Madison Avenue Between Roth and 815131113015 Telcpeonu 348 79th Street 44 West l25th Street Bet. 5th and Lenox Avenues COrrIEiP7i4Iigt1fxStreet Telephone 125-Hnrlcrn NEW YORK. NEW YORK TELEPHONE CALL 402-381:-4 ST. '0NCE TRIED ' ALWAYS USED. 9 I Qntnlx 4 0 cuncntnnzy ' urh m Vw..-Q 0 nw" . A Ee A WITHIJUT ADULTERATIUN. A Nut higher in price than others. Luwer than some.-' n hwuv Ng gg 359:51 7 GRUCERS EVERYWHERE. INSIST UN GETTING GIBBS G VAN VLECK JEROME AVENUE N. Y. U. Stationers and Printers F p I-I A R M 106-108 FULTON STREET. NEW YORK A --- Printing, W.Vi. H. LUDLAM, Ph.G., Proprietor COPPER AND STEEL PLATE ENGRAVING I 1 Jerome Avenue, Cor. 184th Street PRINTING FROM STEEL DIES i Telerahone 2800 Iolm I - I Fordham, N. Y' SAMUELS 81 LIPPMAN WILLIAM SCHWENOER D1-:Ar,1f:Rs IN FIRST-CLASS BEEF, LAMB, MUTTQN 1 Bakery and Lunch Room Poultry, Game, Fish, Oysters AND ALL ASSORTED 4186 Park Avenue, TREMONT, NEW YORK Q T 1 1 c 11 A-1' r I e ep lone 8 ' 3K9 remon 1 Weddings and Parties Supplied at Short Notice 1 Special Rates to Clubs and Fraternities i Phiraueipma pouif.-yaspecrany I 2580 Jerome Ave., near 184th St., FORDHAIVI xvi 'S

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