New York University School of Medicine - Medical Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1936

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New York University School of Medicine - Medical Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 196 of the 1936 volume:

., 1 5 - Q -X .-- " ' . X - 'iii ' Wi' " .ffm - H' Wg- 111--3::f2?f'fS?1QiXi'r,55WXg1!1S 1-3-15.1.-.g-11' 51 .35. IX-gy c f .- 1 L.n.XXXYX 471,111 'Qf"21f. Z. V .-' - A 1'.'-1 f - L 1' 4'-'Q ,. - '1. ' ' 1 T " 15 .2 2"1."'-'-"1:7 '-,A-' -"1"-1- " 11. 1. -'-"-'f"--:11'- 1 ' H- .' -115f3Fj,5'g,1.. 2 ft .XX fg'E'l'- '- -,Xfgg " .Xfq f'114.1Xa'f1a.1'1 - .n'1XE-.'XV.1 1 'ff fe , 1- . ' i .',.11"Er1'f'L5TZ- -1111: ri. 1 .,. :,1W",f..1'X5 '51 1 5 XM 1 1.-.10 U II1.X:XX.:1- 1-3141 I hr' X, XX. 1XL'XX5X1,1 X 1X L X -.rg-H1J'XXX-.-1-11:'1111.iT'j.-X 1.X1E1r - 1,1 1 X X'-, X' pg..-XXX -1 3- 1. X v ii' .11111 - 3 -11 1 1115--X.XX .X- Xr XX' .XT -11 L X f,,,11l.':"f-Xlqxiu-.X :1 1--.'f'?1"f,'u '.'f1'i1'-L .rfv .- "'f--N: - -2111 .-.'1-1- -:u1'- . . -' 1 1 N ' . '- " , '- 1':.'1X--' . .1 51, " -- ,. J' ff' ' .IJ 1 -.-1'-Q, E-.Xl 1 '1.X-j- 1X,.gXj1X-X'XX-T11-" 1- .- "X-f ' p - ". - - 1 ,. 1 . X' - X X111-.XX ' ..' X ' ' 4.1 X . tj: . ,Q 1XjX'--1j,X11-'XX -X ' X 1 1 1 -X X ' X. - '1 - X- 'X,5'fn' EUXXX :1 X 1 X 1 1 1 .X X -1' 1 X X X- XXX X1X1..'1Q1Xl.C X -.1 1 1 - , 11, .,.,,-14' 1 .1 X ' ' 1 1 . 1 -XX '11:+.'-11XXX ' 1 1 1 ..--L if 1 X 1 X 1 1 1 1 , JW ' . 1 .X,HlX'1X'f , -X'X'f 'JET X., 1 1 11 1 ' '.-11'XXv . . X., ,XX ' - iv-- I ' ' .XIV ...':' ff . XX X, wg-gQ1XX . X XX Iwi' ,Q 1--4-X71 ' X' .f.?".1'f 1 1 X '1 .,ay1, X ' 1 Lg f-Jqli' 1 5 'l'.J ' 1 -1 : 1Xr . . X . 12 'V 11' 1' ' -:iq 4. X 1- - e! - 11E..X 1 Q, X X -X54 1 1 X X'.FV i J " W 1.1'I'k 1 'I :ELF-?' 4 NF 1 1 1 ' ...flu X 1 1 5- 1 . . -XX-.X-1 1. 1 1 X X 1 --?i,,jF , I X X 1 if .1 1 ' L" fi' P 1 X1 1- ' . .1 -A--X 1 ' - '.. XXX 1 XX 11 X 'A VX'X 'gc 1' 1 ' XX ' X f' 11' 1 ' ' 1 P: . 1 -'X . X. X X X ,L - , vr ' ' , 1 1 , 1.-4 X .. . L. 1 X -- - - 1 f X 1 1 " :1 , 11 - - , , 5 ' -.,.u.: ' -- - '1. I' 1 1 1 I . ' . -- ' ' , ' 'jf' ' I' 1 A f ' ' fs 1 P -fu .-1711, 1. 5 ' 1 - Q' ff'- 1 11 . X ' 'J il' ' .,I'- 4 P1 ' "-" ' -': . -.-ff. . . '1 I" . E L 7 Q , 1 Ji -'Az X , 11 1 1 ' .f I . 112 4' 1 Il fl ,fi 'ry 131'- 'li 91 1' I MXr 1 ' 1 . - -r 3 1'jk 1 L? rr- 1 M. ' L IJ 1 X HK, I II5 V 111 I '1.11 I HL' 74. W L U. ' ' 9 111, .- 1 1 '1 1 J 1 4:11 '11 T ' 7: ' . ' f.X ' 1 111 1 . 1 'Ps i . X ',X'111g . I 1 . X5 -TXX '. 1 X ' X 113: -Gi 'HT' ii' . 1:1 1' 1 - 1 'mg Y if' .1' X. .' 'L ' I . IH I 1 - --fm 1- . . - - ' -'ha X11 I i? X -X X X 1! 1 X.1I1r' '-U:-?"f,1 1 . -1- " ' X X 1. X - - X- vga 1 - - f " ' ' ' .:1'Q' 1- .. . 1 --m-1. 11 .5.'.-:XXX XX 1 1 . X 1 ' X 1 , X X- '5- 1 'L Q1. . 2 .. . - X ' - - 1 '1 . X 1' 1 1 .'+. 1,.. f i X IXX-Ekmgg J- i'X1"'5X .X,iXX4'.'g-.' .f X511-1. ,,1T.51X,11X:- . .- .XX . -XXL-, X J'-'Q . .X X -' ,i'fXf.g' j, - X-LX. ,XX X 11,.X X X X X.1X- , . - 11115--f'g,,-11: :LX-5g,X1,.X 1. pp ' Si' .1 - 4' 171 -1.5, -1. .X 1' X. 'I'..gX.'.'L 1 .9'-I1-1'-r ',-La' .--'f'?- ' QQ.-11 -125, .M-XX4'j1-I'.f,'1 .' 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Frii an hyg C ian . w e dedicate 'ali Viale T 1 3 4 annum 5. mmm Mmmfllmzm R. CAMHEL wsmwnesslmmnfsfn: WQLFMAN- DAVID-E SILBEBJMNN: LESTER FLGTHEESSER , a' Jig s HRX g J H, -fk Y ' 111 ' ' U ' I H ESTO PERPETUA 1' mst ,ff gf, EE ' I1 ii T he Oath of Hippocrates Health and All heal and all the gods and goddesses that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this oath and stipulation: to reckon him who taught me this art equally dear to fme as my parents, to share my s-ubstance with him and relieve his necessities if required, to regard his offspring as on the same footing with my own brothers, and to teach them this art if they should wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation, and that by precept, lecture and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons and to those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath, according to the law of medicine, but to none others. SWEAR by Apvao, the physician, and Aeseutapfus, and I will follow that method of treatment which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel ,' furthermore, I will not give to a woman an instrument to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my art. I will not cut a person who is suffering with a stone, but will leave this to be done by practitioners of this work. Into what- ever houses I enter I will go into them for the benefit of the sick and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corrupw tion, and further, from the seduction of females or males, bond or free. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice, or not in connection with it, I may see or hear in the lives of men which ought not to be spoken abroad, I wll not divulge, as reckoning that such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men at all times, but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot. "The world is supporfed by 'Four columns, The Ius'l'ice of The greai' The prayer of fhe righfeous, The bravery of ihe valian'r and The scuence of The physician." Arab myrh f 11ff!'1lSl25.VVV7ii ,VV rf 1.4 WJ-21 Q " " Lf 1 f1i.11.1:-1'-1F-- 0.215 11 1f5i121f15'5'g1fffWH'if?1151471521 "1rf 11-- '1:12.:21 f11ffS11fg.1+':-11.1'1.- 'f' 1.-1m1111'33,,1.- 1-1, 11,,V- --., 1- 1. V. - A f 1. , 'Fi' .1" 1,1-1':11'1'f"'1 '. 6 " 1721.1 1.-11"'. H E., 1121.11 ' . A 11. '- -. 1fLlZ"A1-:WT-T 7' 1 L 'if 1 1'-3. , . 111. 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GREGORY Professor of Pafhology Professor of Pediafrics Professor of Pharmacology Professor of Psychiafry X WILLIAM H. PARK Professor of Bacferiology Professor of Dermafology Professor of Forensic Medicine M i WEBB W. WEEKS ARTHUR KRIDA J. WINSTON FOWLKES Professor of Professor of Orfhopedics Professor of Ofo-Rl1ino- Opfhalmoiogy Laryngology Professor of Physiology Professor of Radiology Professrorrowf Slilrwgvery- 'Profegoruof'l:J:oRJgy- .1 '15 WM W DR. CURRIER Mc EWEN Assistani' Dean MISS HELEN BAYNE Librarian M R. EDGAR TILTON Secretary 3 20 ANATOMY HAROLD D. SENIOR BERTRAM G. SMITH Professor and Direcfor of Anafomical Labs. Professor JOSEPH H. GLOBUS EDWIN M. SHEARER Associare Professor of Neuroanafomy ' Assisfani' Professor 'lnsrrucrors GARMAN H. DARON ' WENDEL J. S. KRIE6 MORRIS J. TOBIAS BENJAMIN W. ZWEIFACH Assisfani' Assisiani' and Chrisfian A. Herfer Fellow I BACTERIOLOGY VYILLIAM I-LPARIQ Pro. and Dlrecior of Bac+erroIogxcaI Labs. JULIUS A. KLOSTERMAN MAURICE BRODIE Associafe Professor Assisfani' Professor Lecfurers BRET RATNER CHARLES R. TYLER Insfrucrors ELEANOR J. ALEXANDER RUTH W. KIDD VICTOR ROSS NATALIE COLOSI LUCY MISHULOW MORRIS SCHAEFFER PAULINE EPSTEIN CAROLYN OLDENBUSCH EUGENIA L. VALENTINE HERMAN GERBER LASZLO L. REINER MANFRED WEICHSEL CHEMISTRY MILTON LEVY R. KIETH CANNAN ISIDOR GREENWALD Assisfani Professor Professor Associafe Professor ALBERT H. PALMER HILDEGARDE N. WILSON Insfrucfor Assisfan-I Teaching Fellows JULIUS C. ABELS JONAS SALK SOLOMON H. RUBIN DERMATOLOGY and SYPHILOLOGY HOWARD FOX EDWARD R. MALONEY Profeszor As:ocIa+e Professor FRANK C. COMBES MIRHAN B. PAROUNAGIAN PAUL E. BECHET EMANUEL MUSKATBLIT ISIDOR APFELBERG DAVID BLOOM TIMOTHY J. RIORDAN MAURICE J. COSTELLO CIInIcaI Professors AssIsIenI CIInicaI Professors LOUIS SCHWARTZ Lfrcfurer InsI'ruc'I'ors VVILLIAM H. CAMERON WILLIAM DIRECTOR Assisianfs SEYMOUR H. SILVERS HARRY C. SAUNDERS LOUIS TULIPAN SAMUEL M. PECK LEO SPIEGEL SAMUEL IRGANG CLINTON H. MARTIN HERMAN SHARLIT EUGENE F. TRAUB 'I TT 'u""" ' TTZQQ 1 7" ITM' , l Q GRI f my LL., WM- NQezff'",,.'g5q-5535555135.rug,QE M os . H. uw Hx' M H1 ,.M1,,a I JSI ,H V www., U , VEB? vw,-Y W Fits GYNECOLOGY and OBSTETRICS WILLIAM E. STUDDIFORD HOWARD C. TAYLOR, Jr. Professor Associare Professor HENRY C. FALK FREDERICK C. FREED GEORGE L. BOWEN HENRY T. BURNS ENDRE K. BRUNNER LOUIS A. CUNIM MYRON E. GOLDBLATT VV. SPENCER GURNEE LOUIS C. BLAHA JOSEPH DePIETRO WILLIAM FILLER J. RANDOLPH GEPFERT 23 Clinical Professors FRANCIS W. SOAK ONSLOW A. GORDON, Jr. EDWIN W. HOLLADAY Assisrani' Ciinical Professors ARTHUR M. REICH CLAUDE E. HEATON SOPHIA J. KLEEGMAN DAVID N. BARROWS Lecfurer Ins'IrucIors HERMAN LARDARO MORTIMER D. SPEISER RAYMOND R. SQUIER IRWIN WELLEN Assis+an+s ERNST KULKA LANCE T. MONROE GEORGIA REID MELVIN L. STONE M E D I C I N E JOHN WYCKOFF Professor ARTHUR R. MANDEL MILLS STURTEVANT Professor of Clinical Pa'II1oIogy Professor of Clinical Medicine ARTHUR C. De6RAFF JOSEPH E. CONNERY Samuei A. Brown Professor of Therapeufics Associafe Professor of CIinicaI Pafhoiogy Assisfani' Professors CLARENCE E. deLa CHAPELLE CURRIER McEWEN ELAINE P. RALLI Assisiani Professors of Clinical Medicine J. BURNS AMBERSON, Jr. NORMAN JOLLIFFE WILLIAM GOLDRING EVAN W. McLAVE Clinical Professors SIMON R. BLATTEIS ISADORE W. HELD LUTHER B. MACKENZIE JESSE G. M. BULLOWA MILTON B. ROSENBLUTH ALBERT A. EPSTEIN THOMAS A. MARTIN Assis'I'an'I' Clinical Professors AARON BROWN WILLIAM H. LEWIS, Jr. ROBERT P. WALLACE OSWALD LaROTUNDA EDWARD J. REILLY HARRY A. SOLOMON LILIAN C. WARNSHUIS AUGUST A. THOMEN WILLIAM BIERMAN LecI'urer Leciurer on Therapeufics 24 CLINICAL PATHOLOGY lMedicine1 lns+ruc'rors MORRIS BLOCK MARGERY SHEARER MAX P. COWETT ISRAEL STEINBERG LEONARD J. GOLDWATER CLIFFORD G. WESTON lns+ruc'I'ors in Clinical Medicine EMANUIEL APPELBAUM BENJAMIN MESSINGER MAX TRUBEK EUGENE CALVELLI HARRY SATCHWELL FREDERICK W. WILLIAMS ARNOLD KOFFLER JOHN E. SAWHILL J. ALLEN YAGER BENJAMIN DUBOVSKY FLOYD C. RAYMOND lnslrucfor in Clinical Pafhology lnsfrucfor in Tlwerapeufics AssisI'an+s KALMAN APFEL HERBERT CHASIS BRUNO A. MARANGONI IRVING APPELBAUM I SIDNEY COHEN J. ERNEST NADLER HAROLD BRANDALEONE CHARLES A. R. CONNOR ARTHUR C. PARIENTE MARSHALL S. BROWN, Jr. MORRIS HERMAN HARRY MOST JOSEPH J. BUNIM PHILIP JOFFE ALICE M. WATERHOUSE CHARLES E. KOSSMANN AssisI'an'I' Clinical Professors GLADYS L. CARR FRANK S. FRENCH HARRY SHILKRET FREDERICK E. K. CLARKE PHILIP GOLDSTEIN ARTHUR STERN IRVING EHRENFELD JULES LESSEM ABRAHAM O. TUMEN SAMUEL FEUERSTEIN SAMUEL B. LEVY LOUIS D. ZEIDBERG ARTHUR FISCHL WILLIAM B. PROUT WILLIAM ZITRON ETHYL GREENWALD RINGER THELMA J. RYAN Assisfanf in Clinical Pafhology Assisfanl' in Tlmerapeufics Research Fellows GERALD FLAUM CLARA H. PRESENT GEORGE H. STUECK, Jr. Henry Sfrong Denison Fellow 25 N E U R O L O G Y EMANUEL D. FRIEDMAN Professor SAMUEL BROCK S. BERNARD WORTIS Associafe Professor Assis1'an+ Professor HAROLD R. MERWARTH FRANZ SCHUECK Clinical Professor Lecfurer and Visifing Research Fellow AARON BELL Ins+ruc+ors EUGENE C. MILCH Assis'I'an'Is JOSEPH LANDER ISIDORE NEISTADT MARY O'SULLIVAN H. S. MILLETT HELEN J. ROGERS ALEXANDER WOLF I JUANITA THOMPSON Research Fellow OPHTHALMOLOGY WEBB. W. WEEKS EDWARD B. GRESSER Professor ' Assisfanf Professor Assisranl Clinical Professors SGMUND A. AGATSTON I WILLIAM B. DOHERTY 'I 'I' MARK H. BARNES BERNIARLDZ FRSEAD WENDELL L. HUGHES FRI'IZ J. BLOCH ARTHUR A. GALLO ARNO E. TOWN DAVID C. BRAUN LOREN P. GUY ERVIN A. TUSAK SIDNEY A. FOX Assisfani' ISIDORE GIVNER BENJAMIN GINSBERG FRANCESCO PAGANO ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY PAUL C. COLONNA ARTHUR KRIDA JOSEPH BUCHMAN Clinical Professor Professor Assisfanf Clinical Professor Inslruclors JOHN C. McCAULEY, Jr. PHILIP PALEW SEYMOUR ZALLER Assisranf OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY J. WINSTON FOWLKES J. SWIFT HANLEY Professor Assisfanf Clinical Professor Insfruciors GERARD H. COX WILLIAM M. DICK HAROLD LIGGETT ASHBY G. MARTIN SAUL J. APFEL DAVID C. BRAUN ROBERT GEWANTER M. MARTYN KAFKA 27 ISADORE MILLER JOHN MILLER EUGENE H. MOYLE EDGAR M. POPE Assis'I'anfs LEO A. KALLEN ALFRED KORNBLUT H. ROBERT LANDON ROLAND F. MARKS Leclurer ARTHUR J. HUEY JACKSON A. SEWARD JAMES B. SHANNON J. DASHELL WHITHAM PETER YUDKOWSKY MAXWELL D. RYAN NELSON SISSON JOSEPH L. SZEKELY VAN RENSSELAER VOISLAWSKY HARRY BAKWIN PEDIATRICS CHARLES HENDEE SMITH Professor AssIsI'a ni' Professors EDITH M. LINCOLN CIinicaI Professors HUGH CHAPLIN ALEXANDER T. MARTIN GAYLORD W. GRAVES GIUSEPPE PREVITALI Assisfani' Clinical Professors SAMUEL D. BELL ISIDORE H. GOLDBERGER Insfruciors ELIZABETH T. ANDREWS HERBERT L. ELIAS RUTH BAKWIN LOUIS BERLINROOD OSCAR BODANSKY IRVING CLAMAN KATHERINE C. DODGE LILLIAN MILGRAM GEORGE B. DORFF ALFRED E. FISCHER JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN HAROLD JACO BZI N ER JEROME L. KOHN JACQUES M. LEWIS LUCY P. SUTTON BRET BATNER EDWARD S. RIMER FRANK McLEAN JEAN H. PATTISON ANTOINETTE RAIA RICHARD SCHORR GERTRUDE SHULTS REUBEN TURNER ROSA LEE NEMIR STANLEY M. WERSHOF BLANDINA WORCESTER Assisfanfs DABNEY MOON-ADAMS HAROLD R. FOX MARGARET E. FRIES 28 PATHOLOGY DOUGLAS SYMMERS IRVING GRAEF Professor and Direcfor of Pafhological Labs. Ass"r Prof. and Ass'f Direcfor of Pafhological Labs. JOSEPH H. GLOBUS THEODORE J. CURPHEY Associafe Professor of Neuropafhoiogy Assisfanf Professor LEWIS D. STEVENSON CLARENCE E. de LaCHAPELLE Assisfanf Professor of Neuropafhology Assisfanf Professor of Medicine JOHN E. McWHORTER CHARLES G. DARLINGTON Assisfanf Professor of Surgical PafI1oIogy Lecfurer on Denial PaII'1oIogy ANTONIO ROTTINO lnsfrucfors SIGMUND WILENS 'NALLACE B. MURPHY - Insfrucfor in Surgery ADOLPH R. BERGER Assisfanfs WILLIAM HUTCHESON EUGENE CLARKE DeWITT H. SMITH JOHN A. MCLEAN, Jr. LANCE T. MONROE Assisfani' in Neuropafhology Assisfanf in Obsfefrics and Gynecology PHARMACOLOGY GEORGE B. WALLACE AMEDEO S. MARRAZZI RICHARD C. BODO Professor Insfrucfor Associafe Professor BERNARD B. BRODIE Assisfanfs ALLAN J. STINCHFIELD STEPHEN K. MAYER Assisfanf and Research Fellow PHYSIOLOGY HOMER W. SMITH Professor JAMES A. SHANNON Asslslani Pfolessofs DUGALD E. s. BROWN ROBERT E. rms "'S"'uCl"'s ROBERT w. CLARKE HEINZ SPEC:-IT ASS'S'a""S JOSEPH J. BUNIM JACK TAROFSKY Chrisfian A. Herfer Fellow PSYCHIATRY MENAS S. GREGORY PAUL F. SCHILDER Professor Research Professor CARTER N. COLBERT SAMUEL FEIGIN Clinical Professor Assisfanf Clinical Professor BENJAMIN APFELBERG 'f1S+fuC+0fS SAM PARKER LAURETTA BENDER FRANK J- CURRAN NATHANIEL ROSS WALTER BROMBERG ASSiS+an'fS DAVID WECHSLER 30 RADIOLOGY I. SETH HIRSCH Professor Insfrucfors LEWIS J. FRIEDMAN THOMAS SCHOLZ SAMUEL E. SINBERG CHARLES GOTTLIEB JESSE SERWER JESSE D. STARK MOSES B. RADDIN6 A. V. SHAPIRO HENRY K. TAYLOR SAMUEL S. WALD MYRON M. SCHWARTZSCHILD Ins+rucIor in Den+aI Radiology I Physicisf ABRAHAM L. GREENFIELD Lecfurer on Den'IaI RacIioIogy U R O L O G Y ALFRED T. OSGOOD Professor MEREDITH F. CAMPBELL Clinical Professors WALTER H. McNEILL, Jr. I GEORGE A. CHASMAN CLYDE W. COLLINEISNRIOIBSERT S. HOTCHKISS HARRY E. PLUMMER HERMAN HORN Assis+an+s S. SYM NEWMAN 3I I SURGERY I ARTHUR M. WRIGHT ROBERT P. WADHAMS George David Slewarl' Professor Professor of Clinical Surgery FRANK W. C. TUT EMERY A. ROVENSTEIN Associa+e Professor of Experimenlal Surgery Assis+an+ Professor lln charge of Aneslhesial Clinical Professors W. HOWARD BARBER I JOHN DOUGLAS IRA I. KAPLAN FENWICK BEEKMAN CARL EGGERS GEORGE A. KOENIG CARL G. BURDICK HERMANN FISCHER ARTHUR S. McOUlLLAN WILLIAM T. DORAN CHARLES GOODMAN OTTO PICKHARDT DeWlTT STETTEN Anfhony S. Bogaflco Viclor Carahba Thomas Galvin Philip Allen John V. Bohrer Lesier Breidenbach Samuel B. Burl: Reynold E. Church Joseph Croce C. Joseph Delaney Edward V. Denneen Thomas J. Adams Raymond N. Allen Charles P. Acquavella Clyde N. Balmer Alfred J. Barra Edgar H. Bales Chrisiopher A. Beling Henry Blum Frances H. Bogallco Frank Cerniglia Assis'l'an'l' Clinical Professors Meyer J. Kulislner Louis C. Lange John Mulholland Joseph Nash Edward M. Livingsion John Nelson lnsrruciors Eilif C. Hanssen Norman Higinhorham J. William Hinfon Francis Huber Elmer I. Hupperl Vansel S. Johnson John A. Lawler, Jr. Kenne'Il1 M. Lewis Merrill D. Lipslcy Roland L. Maier A'I"l'IlliO Milici John H. Morris Samuel Mufson John Murphy Saburo Emy, lnsfruclor in Anesihesia Assisranls George M. Cohn Sfuari' Z. Hawkes J. deRaismes Combes T. Campbell Hoolon Emil J. Delli Bovi Neil E. Eclcelherry Theodore Elsasser Beniamin S. Gordon John F. Grady Rubin Haclcmeyer Harold B. Harris Morlon B. George, Henry S. Huber Francis H. Keckeissen David Kershner Harold Koppleman Hyman Lieber Beniamin P. Malerba Lazarus Manoil Fellow in Aneslhesia CHARLES W. WALKER Harry A. O. O'Connor Samuel Slandard Hippolyfe Werfheim Wallace B. Murphy Richard O'Connell Joseph R. Shaelifer Beniamin Shalirolili Irwin E. Siris John E. Sullivan D. Wheeler Sweeney Joseph Welling G. Charles Morone John Muccigrosso Howard A. Planlc James A. Ramsay Rieva Rosch Sidney Rubenfeld Emil L. Sanlangelo Anna Schull: Abraham H. Spivaclc Moses Sucoff 32 PREVENTIVE MEDICINE WILLIAM H. PARK Biggs Professor K. GEORGE EALK ISRAEL WEINSTEIN Professor of CI1emicaI Bacreriology Assisrani Professor Lecrurers WILLIAM I'I. GUILFOY ANDREW J. PROVOST, Jr. MAY C. SCHRODER EDWARD S. MCSWEENEY EDWARD I-I. MARSH WILLIAM E. SNOW EMIL BOGEN Visiring Lecrurer Research Fellows GRACE McGUIRE EUGENIA VALENTINE FORENSIC MEDICINE HARRISON S. MARTLAND ALEXANDER O. GETTLER Professor Professor of ToxIcoIogy DOUGLAS SYMMERS THOMAS A. GONZALES Professor of Pafhology AssIsI'an'I' Professor ARMIN V. ST. GEORGE KURT LANDE Assis'I'an'I' Professor of Gross PaII1oIogy InsI'ruc,'I'or MILTON HELPERN BENJAMIN M. VANCE Leciurers 33 NO GREATER C-ELCRY Any lirsl year medical sludenl will admil, if queslioned, lhal by lhe end ol lhe year he will be ready lo accepl a prolessorship in any branch ol medicine olfered. ln lhe second year, lhe evil seeds ol cloubl are sown. He lhinks lhere may possibly be a few lhings he can slill learn-nol many, lhough. The iunior has a lol ol new equipmenl-a mouslache, a lillle confidence, and a pockel lull ol new inslrumenls-bul he begins lo wonder whelher he's learning any- lhing aboul medicine. The senior knows clelinilely lhal he doesn'l know any medicine, bul he's slill lhe ideal and lhe envy ol lirsl, second, and lhird year sludenls, decerasing quanli- lalively in lhal order. The lnlerne-loo busy wilh lhe nurses lo absorb any knowledge. He spends his spare lime leaching lhe visiling slalf. Firsl live years in praclice-brushing up on bridge and learning how lo slarve wilh genlilily. Nexl len years-"Who do you say you are? A palienl? Hmmm-palienl- palienl. You wanl lo see a doclor? O-oh yes, come in." Then-lime lor a coronary. Losing ground in lhe race ol progress. Paroxysmal hyperlension every lime- he goes lo a meeling and lislens lo some young upslarl lalk aboul lhe modern lrealmenl of lhis or lhal-and +alk as if he knew, loo. And lhen lhe coronary. Peace. al lasl. Valhalla-lhe valley of lhe gods. We are len lo lake your place, so-Pax Vobiscum, Thou Good And Failhlul Slave. Hail and Farewell. IN MEMORIAM u5Eww24-lIf- I .54 ,W When I, having Tinished wiTh Things below, Lie ouT 'neaTh The sod alone, Raise no cold monumenT To me Of brass or bronze or sTone: BuT planT me beneaTI1 a big oak Tree. WiTh iTs rooTs Tirmly 'Fixed in The sod, And iTs branches poinTing every- where To The Throne oT The living God. PIanT me ouT in The open on some fair hill And noT in a burying ground: 'Twoulcl be hard Tor me I know To keep s+iII WiTh oTher folk lying around: And if you can manage a glimpse oT The Bay, Where The whiTe sails shake in The sun, I know l'll be Tar more willing To sTay- I always did love a gun. BuT I s'pose ThaT shooTing will be forbid Unless you've goT a pull, Why! on accounT of The brimsTone, Kid! ThaT sTuFl7's inTlammable. There in Spring The wild geese will swing in a V, And drop down behind The hill, Coming near enough Tor a shoT To me, WiThouT Tear, I shall be so s+ilI. George David STewarT Memorial Page A Tired DocTor's Prayer DR. GEORGE DAVID STEWART And There in The Spring, The birds will come In The sun and The April rain, And I know ThaT l'll know when The sofT winds blow, And old EarTh is alive again. l'll hear The birds TwiTTering Their love in The morn: And aT nighT, 'ere They sink To resT, They'll Tell me ThaT EarTh has been reborn In a way ThaT is God's very besT. l'll see again ThaT Tender haze ThaT comes wiTh The Spring so Tair: And Oh, how l'll love The long, long days, , For I shall have never a care. BuT l'll resT and resT Through The silenT days, Wi-th no clock or silver chime To remind me abouT my wasTeTuI ways Or hinT ThaT iT's "geTTing up Time." Oh God! Tor a day or Two oT resT Away from all sickness and sin, Where soTT winds blow The hours ouT oT The WesT, ThaT cool dawns have waTTed in. Yes, pIanT me beneaTh a big oak Tree Wide spread To each wind ThaT blows! IT There is none To be Tound, pIan+ a young one on me l'll have Time To waiT while iT grows. BENSON GOLD Ben Gold died aH'er a brief illness on March l8'rh of his senior year al' lhe age of 'rwenry-four. Wi+h us one day, gone almosl' 'ihe nexf, his dealh slunned and saddened rhe en'rire college, ancl lefl' a void in all who knew and worked wil'h him lhese pasr 'Four years. Ben look his academic preparafion 'lor medicine al' Cornell Universiry, gradu- aring wirh high honors in l932. Al' medi- cal college his aloili'I'y soon became mani- 'fesr and his line scholarship 'lhrough his medical course earned him disfincfion. Sludious and scholarly, he broughl +o learning 'I'he refinemenl' of shrewd obser- va'l'ion and keen cri'l'icism, so lhal' his knowledge, s+ill so young, had already ripened in+o wisdom. To The high regard we all hold for 37 him academically was added a genuine afieclion. Generous and underslancling, he had a rare humor and blulif good fellowship which made him a delighrful companion. He possessed an inimilable, unshakeable, semi-serious poise 'lhaf car- ried him along serenely, complelrely un- -perlurbed wilh circumsrance. Always leisurely he yer accomplished 'lhings wilh surprising efficiency and aplomb. ll is 'lragedy 'lhai' one who knew so well how +o live, and who promised so much, should die so young. To us rhe pleasure of his 'Friendship 'rhrough four siudenl' years makes his loss 'ihe more real. We shall always cherish his memory among 'lhe very pleasanlesr of our as- socialions ai' medical college. Richard Gubner ' my , 38 DR. CHARLES NORRIS 1867-1935 DISTINGUISHED and public figure was removed from fhe ranks of New York medicine by fhe unexpecfed deafh of Dr. Charles Norris, which occurred suddenly on Sepfember llfh, l935, af fhe age of 67 years. Known and hon- ored bofh in America and abroad, Dr. Norris held fhe respecf and affecfion nof only of his co-workers, fhe faculfy, and sfudenfs, buf also of fhe police, polificians and men acfive in all walks of life. Thaf his success was based upon long preparafion and fraining in many fields of medicine, scienfific and pracfical, is shown by fhe sfory of his early years. He was born in Hoboken, December 4, I867, fhe son of Joseph and Frances Sfevens Norris. He was a descendanf of fhe clisfinguished Norrises of Norris- fown, Pa., and wifh his fall well preserved physique, poinfecl Van Dyke, shaggy gray eyebrows and sfern penefrafing eyes, Dr. Norris was fhe cynosure of all eyes wherever he wenf. He affended CufIer's school in New York, was graduafed from Yale Scienfific School in I888, and re- ceived his medical degree from fhe Col- lege of Physicians and Surgeons in I892. Lafer he pursued posfgraduafe work af Vienna, Berlin and Goeffingen. His firsf experimenfal sfudy, in I897, was concerned wifh fhe bacfericidal acfion of lymph from fhe fhoracic ducf of fhe dog. He also developed new mefhods for fhe isolafion and culfivafion of fhe Iiffle sfudied anaerobes. For a shorf 'lime he faughf pafhology and bac- feriology af Columbia, and Iafer was appoinfed Professor of Pafhological Anafomy af Cornell. Finding himself Iimifed in his endeavors in an Universify environmenf, he resigned his posifion, and in l904 accepfed fhe opporfunify 39 fo become head of fhe Deparfmenf of Pafhology in Bellevue Hospifal. Here he macle an imporfanf confribufion fo medical organizafion af fhe very sfarf by designing and equipping fhe large new Iaborafory of Bellevue and fhe new Cify Morgue. By combining fhe 'Iwo unifs, he was able fo provide abundanf quarfers for pafhological research and service, as well as facilifies for medico- legal aufopsies and foxicology. Agifafing againsf fhe old corrupf cor- oners' sysfem he succeeded in I9I7, affer a long campaign, in esfablishing fhe Medical Examiners office, and affer a nofably severe compefifive and fech- nical examinafion, Dr. Norris was ap- poinfed fhe firsf Chief Medical Exam- iner of New York Cify. Twice he re- signed his posf in an answer fo unjusf crificism by fhe cify adminisfrafion, and bofh fimes he was requesfed fo refurn by fhe same adminisfrafion. Through one of fhe mosf violenf eras in New York Cify, if was his iob fo ring down fhe curfain on fhousands of fra- gedies. Homicide and suicide cases, drownings and fafal accidenfs-all fhese passed in procession under fhe keen eyes of fhis skepfic, who, aside from being one of America's leading pafhologisfs, was a sound sfudenf of human nafure and characfer. The various polifical figures whom he mel' soon recognized in him a man of absolufe infegrify and sci- enfific aufhorify. He mef Mayors and Commissioners, docfors and pafienfs, be- reaved friends and criminals, wifh fhe same frankness and facilify. Dr. Norris was immune fo influence, fhe price of polifics, and fhe presfige of high places. He was a man of impeccable infegrify, Rabelaisian humor and wide undersfand- ing. He called a spade a spade, who- ever placed if on a fable. He was quick fo uncover schemes fo 'rurn suicides info murders for fhe purpose of assuring double indemnify from insurance com- panies. Someiimes, as in 'Phe celebrafed Elwell case, he had +o fighf hard +o convince 'rhe ofher invesiigafing au+h- orifies ihaf whal' 'I'hey were willing fo ac- cepi' as a suicide had really been a murder. Few of his diagnoses were ever opposed, and noi' many of his argu- menfs. Wl16l he said was always wi+h an air of finalify, even if if were a joke. ln December, I934 Dr. Norris received fhe highly prized Gold Medal of fhe New York Academy of Medicine for scienfific achievemenl' and oufsfanding public ser- vice which had placed his office "upon 'rhe highesf plane of any in 'rhe coun- +ry." Only fwo ofhers had previously held 'ihe award, Dr. Carl Kolner, and Dr. David Marine. On July 23rd, l927, he was made a Chevalier de l'Ordre de Couronne by fhe King of Belgium. From l93I-l933, he was Professor of Gross Pafhology af fhe New York Universify Medical College and from I933-I935 Professor of Forensic Medicine. He was a member of 'ihe American Associafion of Pafhologisfs and Bacferiologisfs, and The American Sociefy of Clinical Parh- ology. Dr. Ewing said of him - "His chief power lay. in his broad human under- sfanding, and clear menfal processes. His mind was enfirely free from obliqui- lies and obscurifies. He had a sirong sense of humor which he used wi'l'h de- vasfafing effecl' on all forms of sham and prefense, and fhe popular foibles of fhe clay. Yef fhose who knew him besi' realized 'ihal' he was enfirely free from personal ambifion, fhal' he overindulged in self crificism, and culfivafed an almosf childlike simplicify of fhoughf. A large circle of friends deeply deplore his pass- ing, 'ihe medical profession of New York is deprived of a unique figure, and fhe Cify adminisfrafion suffers an irrepar- able loss. His career forms a nofable chapfer in The hisfory of legal medicine in America, and his influence will survive." Nafhan Goldsfein PATHOL'OGY There are fhree wicks you know fo fhe lamp of a man's life: brain, blood and breafh. Press fhe brain a li'Hle, ifs Iighr goes ouf, 'followed by bofh ofhers. Sfop 'rhe heari a minufe, and ouf go all fhree of fhe wicks. Choke fhe air ouf of fhe lungs, and presenlly 'ihe fluid ceases +o supply 'lhe ofher cenfers of flame, and all is soon sfagnafion, cold, and darkness. Oliver Wendell Holmes 40 DR. CORNELIU Wifh +he passing of Dr. Cornelius John Tyson on June 28'rh, I935, bolh +he Medical College and Bellevue Hos- pi+al losi a man who was associaied wiih bo'l'h insiiiuiions from +he very beginning of his medical career +o his sudden and unexpecied deaih. Born in New York Ciiy on July I7, l883, he a'Hended C.C.N.Y. for one was obliged of financial year, I898-I899, when he io leave college because reverses in his family, and consequenily accepfed a ' civil service posi+ion in 'ihe Depar+me,n+ of Heal'l'h. lmbued wiih +he same 'firmness and deiermina- 'lion 'rha+ he showed in his lal'er years, Dr. Tyson con- rinued his collegiaie s+udies ai nigh+, and even+ually received his M.D. degree from 'fhe uni- versify in I9I2. Upon graduaiion he received 'lhe Glover C. Arnold prize. Following a iwo year inferneship al' Bellevue, he was appoinred an in- sfrucior in 'ihe Depar'l'men'l' of Medicine, in which capaciiy he remained uniil l9I9. From l92O-27 he held 'ihe liile of "Lec'rurer," and from l928 uniil his dea'l'h he was a Clinical Professor of Medicine. During 'ihe World War he was promoied io +he rank of Capiain, while affached 'ro Base Hospiial Number l a+ Belfevue Hospiial. From l927 on he served as Medical Direcior of S+. Vin- cen1"s Hospifal, and upon ihe dea'I'h of Dr. George David Sfewari, became 4I S JOHN TYSON Presideni' of +he Medical Board for I933-35. Dr. Tyson was affiliaied wi1'h several ofher hospifals - Consulfing Physician +o +he French Hospi+al, Bruns- wick General Hospiial, Amifyville and Bayshore Hospifal. He also served as Secreiary of 'lhe Medical College Alumni from I9l6-20, always faking a greai in+eres+ in iis work and doing much +o furiher iis progress. Dr. Tyson was a scholarly worker, fair and exacfing wiih o+hers and none 'lhe less so wi+h himself. There was naughi' of sham or preiense in his make-up. ln his execuiive capaciiy he was quick +o recognize and io help fhose who showed abiliiy coupled wi+h a desire 'io help ihemselves. Dr. Wyckoff, in ad- dressing ihe universiiy Alumni Socie+y, said o'F him,-"Dr. Tyson was an ouisianding praciirioner in ihis ciiy and one who never losl' his inieresi' in ihe fundamen- 'ials upon which medicine is based. His ac+ivi'I'ies were varied. He was gener- ous in +he giving of his experience +o various medical chariiies, 'lo The boards of hospiials, 'ro his school and church. He was quie'r and unassuming in his man- ner bul' direcf and siraighiforward in his approach 'io quesiions and in his speech. Because of his willingness io fake re- sponsibiliiy, because of his abiliiy 'io give conceniraied 'rhoughi io any prob- lem brouglfrl' fo his aH'en1'ion, and be- cause of his iusiness in making decisions, he became an individual power in 'lhe broad fields in which he worked. His personal relafionships were marked wifh sympafhefic undersfanding, loyalfy and greaf generosify." Dr. Tyson died af fhe early age of fiffy-fwo. ln fhe cuffing shorf of his life af fhe heighf of his usefulness, fhe profession of medicine in New York has losf a member of power, fhe hospifals wifh which he was associafed a fellow worker who was a resourceful leader, and fhe medical sfudenfs an inferesfed, in- felligenf, effecfive and loyal friend. DR. MARCUS ADOLPHUS ROTHSCHILD Following almosf upon fhe heels of his appoinfmenf as Clinical Professor of Medicine in Ocfober, l935, came fhe sorrowful news of fhe deafh of Dr. Mar- cus Adolphus Rofhschild on February IS, l935, affer a brief illness. Dr. Rofhschild, Presidenf of fhe New York Counfy Medical Sociefy and a leading hearf specialisf, was forfy-eighf years of age. The son of Morris H. and Emily Blanche Rofhschild, he was born in Wod- ville, Mississippi, on July 4, I887. He was educafed af fhe Randolph Macon Academy in Virginia l9Ol-03, Horace Mann High School, l904, and received his B.A. from Columbia in l907. Four years lafer he was granfed his medical degree from fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons. He served his inferne- ship af Mounf Sinai Hospifal, beginning an associafion which lasfed fhroughouf his life, excepf for a shorf period of sfudy abroad, and fwo years as a maior in fhe Medical Corps of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army during fhe World War. While sfudying af Freiburg and lafer af fhe Universify College Hospifal of Lon- don, he became associafed wifh Sir Thomas Lewis ll9l3-l4l, working as an assisfanf in his cardiological laborafory. Togefher fhey made brillianf discoveries in fhe mechanism of fhe funcfion of fhe hearf. Affer his army service he re- furned fo Mounf Sinai as an adiuncf physician: associafe physician in l925, cardiographer in i930-33. ln i930 he became associafed wifh Befh Israel Hos- pifal, and in Ocfober l935, Dr. Rofhschild was appoinfed Clinical Pro- fessor of Medicine af New York Uni- versify Medical College. He was also a consulfing physician af fhe French Hospifal. Upon fhe deafh of Dr. Wel- ley, Dr. Rofhschild became presidenf of fhe New York Counfy Medical Sociefy, and has since been elecfed for a full ferm in in his own righf. He was an acfive member in numerous research and clinical associafions, as well as a diligenf worker of fhe Execufive Com- miH'ee on Public Educafion of 'lhe Academy of Medicine Dr. Rofhschild, who was fhe aufhor of many books and arficles on disease of fhe hearf, received fhe Gold Medal Award from fhe American Medical Associafion in I9l4 for his cardiac ex- hibif wifh Dr. B. S. Oppenheimer. Dr. Rofhschild was imbued wifh a driving insfincf for research and recog- nized fhe value of encouragemenf in fhe face of dishearfening resulfs. His fel- low-workers respecfed his fhoughfs and opinions, no ma'l'fer how radically differ- enf fhey were af fhe fime from fhe ac- cepfed medical ideas,--for on numer- ous ocasions he was found fo be correcf. Wifh his unfimely passing fhe college has losf a man wifh a wealfh of knowl- edge, a congenial personalify, and one who possessed fhe giff of originalify. 42 EMANUEL DAVID FRIEDMAN-Dedicafee "For Phe pasf fiffeen minufes I've had Phrills running up and down my spine!" The exposfulafor of Phis sPaPemenP was a lecPure-hardened fourPh year medical sPudenP and Phe occasion was Phe con- cluding remarks of Phe final lecfure by a shorP, familiar figure Po Phe class of I936. This sPaPemenP becomes all Phe more po- Penf when if is realized Phaf Phe Phrill Po lecfures of any form is soon losf affer Phe PirsP Phree or four weeks in medical school - and Phe lecfurer who can so move any senior musP be unusual indeed. Buf such is "E.D." Friedman. We firsP made Dr. Friedman's acquain- Pance aP Phe Phird year lecfures where he amazed us wifh his skill and dexPeriPy in conducfing a neurological examina- 'Pion. His 'fingers seem 'Po fly over 'Phe paPienP and yef sufficienf informafion was derived in Phree minufes Po form Phe basis of a sixPy minufe Palk on Phe clinical findings of Phis case. Emanuel David Friedman firsf began his career af Phe Universify and Bellevue Hospifal Medical College when he ma- Priculafed wifh Phe Class of l903. Here he quickly made himself known Po his classmafes, and as one of Phem re- marked, "Nobody could geP near him in his work." A classmafe of Dr. Wyc- koff, he was graduafed in P907 and ex- cepP for Phe Pime spenf in sfudying abroad has been connecfed wifh Phe school ever since. SParPing in l9l4 by being awarded Phe C. A. Herfer Fellow- ship in Medicine, he refained Phe posi- Pion as lnsPrucPor in Medicine unPil l9l8. His desire Po concenfrafe on his favorife subiecf, now manifesfed ifself, and in keeping wifh Phis inclinafion, he became InsPrucPor and Phen Lecfurer in Neuro- pafhology. ln I924 he was made Clini- cal Professor of Neurology, and finally in I928 accepfed Phe Professorship of Neurology. Buf Phe Professor of Neurology has never forgoffen Phe Pime he was a sPu- denf in neurology. He has noP forgoPPen Pha+ Phe sfudy of Phe subiecf is usually anPicipaPed by Phe sPudenP wiPh Prepi- daPion. The defailed inPricacy awes him Po such an exPenP Pha+ unless he is pro- perly guided he is apf Po despair of ever infelligenfly comprehending Phe science of neurology. Dr. Friedman sfafes PhaP Phe obiecf of mosf examinafions should be Po make Phe sPudenP sfudy, and noP Po snare him wifh cafch quesfions - a maxim Po which he adheres in his own quizzes. Affer Pen minufes of discussion on Phe wards wiPh him Phe resulPs of Phe examinafion of Phe mosf perplexing case quiefly arranges ifself info an orderly, clear-cuP paPPern and wiPh ease we shamefacedly localize Phe lesion. His words are like Phe sfrokes of a masfer ePcher, clear and precise as Phe mark- ings on a sPeel plafe. Neurology, af our school, is a course Phe Perminafion of which we do noP anPicipaPe wiPh pleasure. Dr. Friedman has noP confined his sPu- dies Po New York Universify. The College of Phe CiPy of New York was Phe Pirsf Po besfow a degree upon him, and Phere in P903 he received his degree of Bachelor 44 of Science. Afler being graduafed from Medical College fhe clinics of Europe lured him fo fheir porfals and in l909 he sfudied under Neusser, Sfrumpell, Marburg, and Schlesinger af 'lhe Univer- sify of Vienna. He refurned in l9l3, fhis fime fo fhe Universify of Berlin where, under Hermann Oppenheim and his associafe, Richard Cassiver, he began his real work in neurology. For fhe nexf decade his connecfions in New York kepl' him quife busy and if was no'l' unfil I926 fhaf he was again able fo visif Europe in a professional aspecf. Dr. Offrid Foersfer was 'lhe reason for fhis frip. ln accordance wfih his posifion and skill, Dr. Friedman has been connecfed wifh many hospifals and al' 'rhe presenf 'lime he is a Visifing Neurologisf af Bellevue Hospifalg Senior Affending Neurologisf af Befh Israel Hospifalg Chief, Neurological Service af lsrael- Zion Hospifal lBrooklynlg Consulfing Neurologisf af Sf. Joseph's Hospifal, Far Rockaway, L. l.: Consulfing Neurologisf af Sf. Agnes Hospifal, Whife Plains, N. Y. Though an acfive member in numerous sociefies here and abroad he has found fime fo confribufe fo many medical iournals. Many of fhese works have been of oufsfanding merif-especially his fwo chapfers in Cecil's "Texfbook of Medi- cine," enfifled "Affecfions of fhe Blood Vessels of fhe Spinal Cord and Brain"g his new confribufions fo Nelson's Loose- leaf Medicine on "Epidemic Encephali- fis" and "Brain Abscess," and his bril- lianf sfudies on "Head lniuries and En- cephalography." ' Some idea of his varied inferesfs may 45 be gafhered from fhe following lisf of his appoinfmenfs: Chairman, Secfion of Neurology and Psychiafry, New York Academy of Medicine l924-l925g Mem- ber, Commiffee on Admission, New York Academy of Medicine, I929-l932g Mem- ber, Commiffee on Fellowship, New York Academy of Medicine, l933g Chairman, Commiffee on Neurology, Workmen's Compensafion Board, l935g Member, Sub-commiffee on Technical and Scien- fific Research, Noise Abafemenf Com- mission, New York Cify. He is a mem- ber of fhe following organizafions: Amer- ican Medical Associafion, Medical So- ciefy of fhe Sfafe of New York, Ameri- can Neurological Associafion, New York Counfy Medical Associafion, New York Academy of Medicine, New York Neuro- logical Sociefy, Associafion for Research in Nervous and Menfal Diseases, Harvey Sociefy, and The Aufhors' Club lLondonl. New York Cify has always been Dr. Friedman's home cify, for here he was born in l884. His inlimafe friends say fhaf Dr. Friedman places much of his oufsfanding success +o fhe influence of his charming wife, lhe former Miss ,Rose Borgenichf, whom he married in l908. His sons, Dr. Nafhan Friedman and Mr. Harold Friedman, and his daughfer, Renee, have surely been given a precious herifage. ln closing we can only say whal' was said four years ago, and whaf will s'l'ill be said forfy years from now, "as a feacher he has been a source of in- spirafiong as a man of culfure he has gained fhe respecl' and admirafion of all." 4 DR. WILLIAM HALLOCK PARK lTho Edifor is indebfed 'ro Miss Rufh W. Kidd for help in collecfing fhe maferial concerning Dr. Park.1 The 'rruly greaf physician possesses a sympafhefic appreciafion of bofh facf and fancy and is usually nofed for his fineness of characfer. Such qualifies of soul are, undoubfedly, acquired fhrough his experiences wifh suffering humanify. When such human inferesf and such qualifies are found in one who has, be- sides, fhe abilifies of fhe greaf scienfisf, fhe opporfunifies fo benefif "fhe greaf- esf number" are legion. Thousands of medical sfudenfs and physicians can fesfify fo fl-me frufh of fhis sfafemenf as we consider Professor William H. Park. During his forfy-odd years of service for our Medical College and in fhe' New York Cify Healfh Deparfmenf, his whole- hearfed friendliness, ready accessibilify and deferminafion fo help ofhers have earned for him fhe esfeem and regard of mulfifudes. One need only affend an annual meefing of fhe American Bacferi- ologisfs fo appreciafe fhe significance of fhis charming friendliness: for fhe crowds fhaf gafher around him, affer fhe papers have been presenfed, form an im- penefrable barrier 'ro fhe lone individual on fhe periphery. Thaf he is always ac- cessible fo any who wish fo consulf him, is borne ouf by sfudying fhe numbers and faces of fhe daily line of visifors who seek his counsel. The lowliesf worker or fhe Nobel Prize Winner finds him willing fo lisfen and ready fo help. For himself, no job has been foo small or foo big fo handle. On occasion one mighf find him siffing wifh a recenfly frained fechnician, counfing milk plafes, in order fhaf fhe Medical Sociefy of fhe Counfy of New York mighf more surely cerfify fhe milk upon which fhe profes- sion depended. Danger was no defer- 47 renf. Many are familiar wifh fhe sfory of his refurn fo fhe laborafory wifh a few fesf-fubes carefully fucked away in his inside coaf pockef: fubes which con- fained fhe organisms isolafed from vic- fims of Asiafic Cholera or plague, who were quaranfined on ships recenfly ar- rived in porf. Born in New York Cify in IS63, he has done much for his beloved cify since fhe years of his mafurify. He affended fhe cify schools, graduafed from fhe College of fhe Cify of New York in I883. In l886 he received fhe degree of M.D. from fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons. Complefing a fwo-year inferneship af Roosevelf Hospifal, he wenf fo Europe, expecfing fo become a nose and fhroaf specialisf. Upon his refurn, he devofed mosf of his fime fo fhe rhinolaryngological service of several insfifufions in fhis Cify. While working on a scholarship granfed by Dr. T. Mifchel Prudden, Pro- fesor of Pafhology af fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Park worked ouf a pracfical culfural mefhod of differenfiafing diphfherific sore fhroafs from ordinary sore fhroafs. His firsf laborafory was locafed in fhe cellar of his home. lngenuify overcame such minor difficulfies as incubafors,- a wash-boiler of wafer mainfained af body femperafure held fhe liffle fubes of media which he personally disfribufed fo and collecfed again, from several drug sfores. These were used by some of his personal friends, physicians who believed in his work. Dr. Herman M. Biggs, 'lrhen Healfh Officer of fhe Cify of New York became inferesfed in fhe young scienfisf and in I893 creafed a special posf for him as Bacferiological Diagnosfician in Diph- Theria. The same year, Emil Behring discovered anTiToxin. ATTer having TesTed This diphTheria anTiToxin in chil- dren, Emil Roux, in I893, presenTed his findings on The remarkable cures re- sulTing Trom iTs use. Dr. Biggs was aT- Tending The Medical Congress aT Buda- pesT, when This paper was presenTed, and he became so Thoroughly convinced oT The value oT The new discovery ThaT he cabled, To his young assisTanT, The now Tamous message, "AnTiToxin a suc- cess. STarT making iT." Inspired by The cablegram, Dr. Park secured Two horses and a goaT and be- gan preparing The TirsT American-made anTiToxin. While The horses were sTill in The process oT immunizaTion, Dr. Biggs reTurned, bringing wiTh him a consider- able quanTiTy of The Behring Serum- The TirsT used in America. Conve.nienTly enough, an epidemic oT The disease had jusT broken ouT in an orphan asylum in Yonkers. The anTiToxim was adminis- Tered and The epidemic rapidly dis- appeared. ln l9Ol, he became Tull professor of The new deparTmenT oT bacTeriology aT our school, wiTh Two rooms aT his disposal in The old Carnegie LaboraTory. AT The presenT Time he is The direcTor oT The Bureau oT LaboraTories oT The DeparTmenT oT HealTh oT New York CiTy, which represenT The largesT municipal laboraTories in The'world. He, likewise, holds The "Herman M. Biggs" professorship in PrevenTive Medicine aT New York UniversiTy Medical College. He is also VisiTing BacTeriologisT To Wil- lard Parker HospiTal, and ConsulTing BacTeriologisT aT BeTh lsrael HospiTal, The STaTe DeparTmenT oT HealTh and The Federal Public HealTh Service. Bearing much responsibiliTy Trom an early age, he has, neverTheless led a well-rounded liTe. Always blessed wiTh robusT healTh, ouTdoor exercise appealed To him and sTill does. lT Took a good aThleTe To deTeaT him aT Tennis or To ouT- swim him in disTance. Music, especially The Opera is his TavoriTe relaxaTion dur- ing The winTer monThs. Fishing is his TavoriTe ouTdoor sporT. Yearly, he has carried The choicesT rainbow TrouT, cleaned and packed in ice from The wilderness oT Canada, To his Triends. Besides The early work in diphTheria, oTher ouTsTanding achievemenTs are con- necTed wiTh The name oT Professor Park: Toxin-anTiToxin Tor The immunizaTion of children and adulTs and more recenT work on Toxoid and alum-Toxoid. AT one Time much illness among young children was Traced To conTaminaTed milk: Through his eTTorTs, and as an ouT- come oT This work a new Type oT milk- sTerilizer was designed by Dr. Park, and used by The Sheffield Farms Company Tor many years. Malicious newspaper noTorieTy broughT ouT The TacT ThaT Dr. Park had paTenTed This pasTeurizer, buT Tailed To menTion ThaT he had dedicaTed iT To The public, so ThaT all milk companies could use iT wiThouT paying Tor The righT. IT had been necessary To paTenT iT, since an employee oT one oT These companies lwho had given him some advice on minor details, had already Taken ouT such a paTenT, which would have made iT necessary Tor all companies To pur- chase The righT To use The machine from one who really had no righT To The money. Working wiTh Dr. Collins, on agglufin- aTion, They demonsTraTed a separaTe sTrain oT dysenTery. Dr. Park and Dr. Williams were The TirsT To demonsTraTe a deTiniTe new Type oT Pneumococcus, laTer called Type 3. Much work has been done by his associaTes, under his guid- lConTinued on page 52l 48 THE LIBRARY An Inierview Wi+h Miss Bayne If 'ihe library were merely a eolleciion laH'er was on ihe Sanifafion Commiifee of books fo be consulfed and reiurned of New York Universiiy during 'ihe +o fhe shelves, ihen one library would cholera epidemic of l889, and +here- dilifer from anoiher only . in ifs archi'l'ec+ure and fhe iype of furniiure and books ii' conrained. Bu+ libraries cannol' srop a'l' books, and a medical library, perhaps more ihan any o+her kind, lends 'ro colleci piciures, insirumenis, l e + 'r e r s , manuscripfs, 'furniiure and many small memor- abilia of 'lhe men who have gone lo make +he school or hospifal wha'l' i+ is. In I929 we began 'io be keepers of all +ha+ came our wayg now we have a fair nucleus 'for a museum case. Through ihe kindness of +he la+e Dr. George David Slew- ar'I', who ob'I'ained 'ihe library of Dr. Charles A. McBurney for us, we added The fine surgical anafomies by John and Charles Bell, and ihe works of Percival Po'H's. Through ihe good offices of Dr. Roberi' J. Carlisle we were en- V T x fore many of his broad- sides, announcing +ha1' care was 'lo be 'I'aken +o preveni' fhe spread of fhe disease, and many of his leH'ers are in 1'he library. In addiiion 'ihe collec'I'ion coniains Dr. Sayre's 'l'hesis, wri+'I'en ai' Physicians and Surgeons in l842, and all his case hislories llaken as in- fernel. The older Sayre was a greai friend of fhe elder Gross and many pho+ographs and reprin+s passed berween ihem. The bronze medal- lion of Dr. Sayre was made by Dr. Trudeau, 'rhe faiher of Edward L. Trudeau. Once +he ball has sfaried rolling if seems ro ga+her momen+um as ii goes along. So il' is wi'l'h bequesis. Through Dr. Homer Swifl' our library became fhe bene- ficiary of a large collec- Hon of monographs and iournals which had be- longed +o Dr. Swif+'s abled io add fhe library land Hs furnish- faiher-in-law, Dr. John Addison Fordyce. ingsl of lhe la+e Dr. Reginald A. Sayre The la'H'er was in rhe Deparfmenf of and his faiher, Dr. Lewis A. Sayre. The Dermalology of New York Universiry -49 505 JZQZQQJ A UW 5 U R W, f 4 CQYYZZ fMw4fQ 772ead4642?6 din! fbCd1aggzc6MyZ1'WXQQZeJck!h2f -x 1 J N , N. ,,..llggL , 1,5 5AmiQ.: K 5f. ' - KQLv.'?5'zb27 , A facsimile of 'rhe +H'le page of +l1e firsf Hwesis To be submiHecl for gradua'l'ion. 50 unPil wiPhin I3 years of his deafh-he lefP New York UniversiPy Po become head of Phe skin deparPmenP aP Physicians and Surgeons. WiPh Phe library came a firsP ediPion of HunPer's Venereal disease and a fund from whose income we purchase our journals and books on dermaPology and syphilology. Many of you were no doubP amazed Po see such a complefe collecfion of works on Phe horse. AP one Pime we had a VePerinary college connecPed wiPh Phe UniversiPy, which folded iPs PenPs in l922 and lefP a goodly sPore of maferial be- hind. The library was sPored for awhile aP WashingPon Square, buP in l933- lock, sPock, and barrel-iP was Prans- ferred Po Phis building. A verifable gold mine of old books in anaPomy and mecli- cine along wiPh some excellenP files of journals on comparaPive paPhology and veferinary science were found. The old- esP book of Phe loP is daPed l630-Lon- don-and has Po do wiPh diseases of Phe horse: Claude Bernard's inProducPion Po "l'ePude de medicine experimenPale, a Laennec and a Lavoisier" are also in Phe collecPion. ln Phe winPer of '34, '35 we received Phe library which was 'Phe cumulafion of Wm. C. Lusk and his faPher, 'Phe obsPePrician, Wm. T. Lusk. Many early obsPePrical PreaPises, some of Phem valu- able PirsP ediPions, were among Phe num- ber. The elder Lusk and Dr. Wm. Hal- sPed were greaP friends: and many of Dr. HalsPed's delighfful lePPers were found among Dr. Lusks papers. The auPographed phoPo of SergenP's "Four DocPors" also came from Phe Lusk home. To menPion all Phe inPeresPing gifPs and bequesPs which our library has re- ceived would Pill pages. To ioP down a few . . . a small picPure of Vesalius, an inPeresPing memenfo of Dr. Coleman's faPher's sPudenP days in Paris in I858, 5I which hangs in Phe library . . . Dr. Car- lisle's nofebook of William H. Welch's lecPures in P883 . . . The case hisPories of Drs. Sayre, Germany, Lusk, Carlisle and Brown kepP as inPernes . . . A rare old book, one of Phe many given by Dr. Senior, a Celsius of l5l6 published in Lyons . . . Many of our picfures which were given by Dr. Greenwald . . . A fine ePching of Dr. Welch . . . A. Magendie, PranslaPed by John Revere, who was on Phe firsP medical faculfy of New York UniversiPy, and who could Prace his genealogy back a few years Po Phe more 'Famous Paul . . . Those spiffy lancePs in Phe hall which belonged Po Dr. Sayre . . . A cerPificaPe of complePion of inPerne- ship aP Bellevue which was picked up aP an aucPion aP Phe Old PrinP Shop, daPed I858, and which bears some of Phe PinesP signaPures of Phe Pime-ValenPine MoPP, SPephen SmiPh and many oPhers-and Po prevenP furPher fading of which we have had Po hang iP in Phe dark of Phe sPock-room. One of our mosP inPeresPing finds was made in Phe spring of I93l when Phe small supply room in Phe 26Ph SPreeP building was being cleaned. The dark passage jusP beyond Phe supply room and under Phe Soufh LecPure hall was found Po confain many leafher bound volumes: a phoPo of one is shown in Phis arPicle. These volumes were Phe ln- augural Theses presenPed Po Phe FaculPy of Phe Bellevue HospiPal Medical Col- lege for 'Phe Degree of DocPor of Medi- cine. These Pheses are in manuscripP form and are bound by Phe year, being arranged alphabePically by auPhors names. They were a prerequisiPe for graduaPion from Phe Pime Phe medical school opened in I86l unPil l880. A manuscripP +abIe of conPenPs has been made by workers supplied Phrough Federal funds and upon going over iP :T N ..,:,,.- ., ., 5-2, . ,, '-1 ' " " , V15 .... .- H .T -':'agg2'e.1:pif5.' ,gy . cf. su." 5, , - ,r,.',:n:.:'-,-,-'.3.i.w'f11fg 7,34-13,15 75331 .fguilggin :iBG3.vm!'grfjQ!s.::,:Ifli41l,'-fi.,L1,r:s5Q.L,,,g',,fg:,,ll ': gag, in f -see-:::4:.::,,:.-5:5-1f .f-.4:,':o'r..,.,smwwn H " . "1 v. il .:sfif.essP-N :::a'F2j,': -az ee. eng, 34.v- we-..'Q sal.115f4..1e-s..g-.-,szrzejsffffsjfsilagqf 1 il-L, fiiihi ' sf ggi?-5313:-gs..Sgf,.i.55.135-'Tif-215.4i13.eqg,:,:,,eg,1,y.iSL.--:,.::g.f ::- ,f - -1'-gas' 5-:g1f'.'-2-'ug-,-.-.:. 1-, I-..,,.ia-gag --,,,:,.,.,: fir! --Mi'ii339Qi5?,e2'lfall 121' i22,1i.rff:eF:.Y w1iL fl I 5 5 -iii 3341 4-11ff:f?i33E'. H'-'R6E3i'l'21 !1.:., f' hasfily many names of nofe appear. William Thompson Lusk of New York, I864, wrofe a forfy-five page essay on AIbumi.nuria and ifs Relafion fo Preg- nancy. His classic "The Science and Arf of Midwifery," l898, is fore- shadowed, doublless, in fhis early work. Joseph Decafur Bryanf of Norwich, DR. WILLIAM lConlinued from page 48l ance, in Scarlef Fever, Typhoid Fever, Poliomyelifis and in invesfigafing 'I'l1e value of 'rhe B. C. G. Vaccine. In recognifion of his confribufions fo medicine, Dr. Park has been awarded many medals, mosl' of which are now in fhe Academy of Medicine, framed wifh a medallion and presenfed fo fhai body by his devofecl friends. He is a member of many American and European Sociefiesg pasf presideni' of 'I'he American Associafion of Pafho- Iogisfs and Bacferiologisfsg fhe Ameri- can Associafion of Immunologisfs and fhe American Public Healfh Associafion. He is a Vice presidenf of fhe New York Academy of Medicine and was one of 'Ihe few of his counfrymen 'Io become an associafe member in 'ihe French Academy of Sciences. Knighfhood in 'Ihe Royal Order of Isabella Cafolica was conferred upon him in I9I3 be- cause of his greal' helpfulness fo fhe represenfafive from Spain who had Chenango Counfy, I868, wrofe a fwenfy page essay on Mefasfasis. Wil- liam Crawford Gorgas of Alabama, I879, wrofe a sevenfeen page fhesis en- 'rifled Influence of Individuals on fhe Hisfory and Advancemeni' of Science. Every Sfafe in fhe Union is represenfed in fhe Iisf of graduafes and fhere were many also from Nova Scofia and On- fario. There were even sfudenfs from Havana, Puerfo Rico, Honolulu and far- flung Ausfralia gracing fhe Iisfs. All fhese Theses are available for inspecfion. Such is fhe sfuff of which libraries are made, dreams of fhe pasf which mingle wi+h hopes of fhe fufureg a guiding spiril' alighl' wifh fhe ideals of science, fo lead us forward fo 'Ihai' never-nearing goal- fhe cause of fhings. HALLOCK PARK come 'io fhis counlry 'Io sfudy Public Healfh Problems. In spife of his many ofher dufies, Dr. Park consenfed fo serve as acfing dean of fhe Medical School, affer 'ihe deafh of Dean Le Fevre in I9I4, a posifion he held unfil Dr. S. L. Brown was appoinfecl. For years bofh he and Dr. Krum- wiede cherishedfhe dream of an ade- quafe building 'Io house fhe many acfivi- fies wifh 'II-ie Deparfmeni of Healfh under fheir direcfion. A+ Ias'I' fhe dream is +o be realized. A+ presenf a huge, modern wing is being added fo 'lhe old building, so many years his workshop. If will be dedicafed in fhe Spring when he plans fo refire from acfive service and will be called fhe "William H. Park Research Labora+ories." He will con- Jrinue in an advisory capacify affer fhaf. Few men can boasf of so brillianf a career, so fine a characfer or so large a circle of friends. His name will live as "one who loved his fellowman." 52 GORGAS: REDEEMER OF THE TROPICS IEdifor's Nofe: We have a wealfh of fradifion behind our school. This arficle is fhe firsf of a series of biographies fapping fhis ma1'erial.1 Fafe, if seems, has inexfricably infer- woven fhe .name of fhe deadly Yellow Jack wifh fhe life of William Crawford Gorgas. lf was fhe yellow fever epi- demic of l853 fhaf drove his mofher, Amalia Gayle, daughfer of fhe Governor of Alabama, norfh where she mei' and married Josiah Gorgas, who lafer became Chief of Ordnance of fhe Soufhern Confed- eracy during fhe Civil War. If was yellow fever in Brownsville, Texas, in I880, which senf Gorgas, fhen in fhe Medical Corps of fhe U. S. Army, down fhere fo meef and freaf his fufure wife who had confracfed fhe disease. And if was fhere fhaf he, him- self, was sfriclcen wifh yellow fever buf re- covered and became immune, a facfor of greaf imporfance in fhe campaign which he lafer waged againsf fhe disease. On Ocfober 3, l854, William Crawford Gorgas was born af Toulminville, near Mobile, Alabama. Af 2I, he received his A.B. degree from fhe Universify of fhe Soufh, Sewall, Tennessee, of which his fafher was presidenf. A+ 'rhaf 'rime his main ambifion was fo ioin fhe army as an officer. However, as he was un- 53 able fo obfain an appoinfmenf af Wesf Poinf he enrolled in 'ihe fall of I876 in 'ihe Bellevue Hospifal Medical College. His graduafion fhesis "Influence of ln- dividuals on 'ihe Hisfory and Advance- menf of Medicine," wriffen in a very neaf clear hand sfill remains in fhe Col- lege library. Gorgas fhen inferned af Bellevue and 'affer a year in I880 en- fered fhe Medical Corps of fhe U. S. Army as a firsf lieufenanf. Wifhin fhe nex'l' fwo decades he had won his com- mission as a major and when Havana was capfured by 'I'he American Army, Dr. Gorgas was made Chief of Sanifa- fion of fhe cify. His work here was specfacular, for he fransformed fhe filfhy, garbage-rid- den vulfure-infesfed Havana info an ex- cepfionally clean cify. Buf alfhough filfh no longer roffed in fhe cfiy sfreefs, yel- low fever began fo appear, and if wasn'f long before if furned info a raging epi- demic. The reason was fhe increase in fhe number of immigranfs coming fo Havana from Spain, for craffy Yellow Jack only soughf ouf and affacked fhe visifors and leff fhe nafives unfouched. All Havana was in a panic and Gorges renewed his cleansing efforfs, buf fo no avail. Af fhaf fime, fhe efiology of yellow fever was unknown, alfhough Dr. Carlos Finlay had suggesfed fhe Sfego- myia mosquifo as fhe causafive agenf back in I88I. Buf since Finlay himself had failed fo fransmif yellow fever by fhe bife of fhe Sfegomyia in more fhan one hundred experimenfs, his fheory was generally discredifed. Even Gorges did no'l' believe in fhis fheory. Finally in l900, fhose immorfal few, Reed, Carroll, Lazear, and Agramonfe scienfifically esf- ablished fhe female Sfegomyia mosquifo as fhe agenf in fhe fransmission of yel- low fever. "lf if is fhe mosquifo," said Gorgas, "l am going fo gel' rid of fhe mosquifo." Even Reed laughed af fhis suggesfion and replied, "lf cannof be done." ln February, I90I, wifh painsfaking care and fhoroughness, he made a card-cafa- logue sysfem of every house in Havana, wifh fhe number of wafer confainers in each. His inspecfors sprayed oil over every one of fhese vessels for fhis craffy mosquifo lived only in moderafely clean wafer in and abouf fhe occupafions of men. The resulfs were amazing. Wifhin seven monfhs, Yellow Jack had disap- peared from Havana for fhe firsf fime in I5O years and he never appeared again. lf needed a Hercules fo cleanse fhe Aegean sfables. lf 'look a Gorgas fo drive ouf Yellow Jack from Havana and break his deafh-grip on fhe happiness of fhaf cify. Recognifion came quickly. ln i903 Gorgas was commissioned a colonel by special acf of Congress and appoinfed Assisfanf Surgeon-General of fhe Army. When fhe Unifed Sfafes decided fo build fhe Panama Canal, if was Gorgas who was made Chief Officer of Sanifa- fion and senf fhere in I904. Despife fhe facf fhaf Admiral Walker, head of fhe Canal Commission did nof believe in fhe mosquifo fransmission of yellow fever and hampered him in many ways, Gorgas was able fo eliminafe Sfegomylia and fhus yellow fever befween March and November, l905. So, for fhe firsf fime in 400 years, Panama, which fhe French had called fhe "whife man's grave," was freed from fhis deadly dis- ease. The American Medical Associa- fion published a reporf in l906 blasfing fhe Canal Commission for fhe hindrances if had placed in Gorgas' way and Presi- denf Roosevelf dismissed fhe enfire com- miffee. Nexf year, he made Gorges a member of fhe lsfhmian Canal Com- mission. Honors were heaped on fhe shoulders of fhe quief, mild-mannered Gorgas. He was elecfed presidenf of fhe A.M.A. for l908-I909. When Johns Hopkins Uni- versify conferred fhe LL.D degree on Gorgas, Dr. William H. Welch said, "ln fhe conquesf of science over disease, in fhe saving of unfold fhousancls of human lives and of human freasure, in fhe pro- fecfion of our shores from a former ever- fhreafening scourge, in fhe reclamafion fo civilizafion of fropical lands, in resulfs such as fhese are fo be found fhe monu- menfs of our laureafe, his vicfories of peace." ln l9l4, he was appoinfed Surgeon-General of fhe U. S. Army, lConfinued on page I34l 54 ' 1 'SW w 1 I 1 ' I ". 1-1'-',, :fa N 1 G 1 I I 1 11 1 N 1 I I 1 1 QW A , , 11 11, 1 I, . ' 1 11 A 1 ' 10 , 1 l . . VAS5 A1 1 H1 1 ','f!f'.1' Vw. ' "n'aQ'r12g1 EAL: . L 1 -e li I W1 Jlhwii 5 Q CLASS HISTORY LOUIS CEREBRI, MD., e.P. When 'l'o fhe sessions of sweef silenf fhoughf I summon up fhe remembrance of fhings pasf I sfare info a void-recalling noughf. And yef by Camiel's shaggy mane if so mus'l' beg A leap year's really flown and leff us all M.D. One mighf review if all:- Chronologically: from fhe day we as- sembled in Sepfember I932 'l'o hear for fhe firsf 'lime of fhe four goafs, fwo pigs and six horses who made life safe for you and me from fhe ravages of diphfheria. Or pafhologically: fhus-onsei' in osfeo- logy wifh shaking chill, malaise and fever-spiking irregularly fhrough four years fo a sharp crisis af inferne ex- ams, wifh a final pleasanf conval- escence on fourfh surgery. Or illogically, and mosf nafurally, as fhough we were siffing down wifh a sfein before us and reminiscing. Gafher fhe facfs, assorf 'I'hem, collecl' fhem info pafferns-fhen forgef fhem. Our earliesf memory, a crook who died some monfhs before we made his acquainfance. Disfanf af firsf, we came layer by layer fo know him well and from us he held no secrefs excepf fhe pelvic fascia. Once foo, we cuf fhe vagus and never found fhe disfal end. Remember: Manny Wachfel asleep in lecfure quiz and on fhe sfiff - everywhere buf af home. The exodus fhaf winfer from fwenfy-sixfh fo fwenfy-eighfh sfreef - 'l'he old order giving way fo fhe new. The second year broughf wifh if fhe lounge, and a blossoming of falenf lafenf fhe firsf year. The pinochle school wifh Murray Abrams as guiding spirif. Fish- man and Grenley on bridge. Morfon and Laufkin forn befween no frumps and four hundred spades. Dave Silberman and Alex Wifkow, who were folerafed as bad fourfhs only because fhey were worse kibifzers. Casino was unknown unfil fhe AOA descended on if en masse affer hospifal appoinfmenfs. Also in fhe second year: Dr. Price from whom we learned 'ihe seamy side in Pafh. His exam where we wrofe on anyfhing af all and used fhe fexf-and all gof low grades. Beckwi+h's pure B. coli culfure for his hands in Bacferiology. Grim fore- boding of war and fascism, Dave Silber- man in a gas mask in Physiology, Phar- macology, efc. dodging rabbif, efc. emanafion. Dr. Falk's lecfure where Yab- lonsky reached his peak in fhe aisle. We always suspecfed fhe sapremic sfage of sili-cosis. Clin. Pafh. and Dr. Mandel: no sfool no school-or was fhaf C. Hen- dee Smifh. A Gradually we moved up along fhe bullefin board, buf as ever, no news remained good news. New fronf line fodder fo fill in fhe firs'r fwo years losses. A year of wearisome clinics, quizzes and lecfures, enlivened by a few recollec- fions. Why are you inferesfed in hearf disease? Whaf's wrong wifh fhis form- ula? Grace Alfenau carrying on brave- ly in urology while Jack Dordick, Charlie Fromm and Jim Cullen swooned af a cir- 58 cumcision. Bernie Weiss reporfing on leg versus arm blood pressures in pedia- iricsg ihe findings in his series of 'iwo cases neiiher agreeing wi+h fhe liieraiure nor wiih one anoiher. Abner Rosen flooring Dr. Fox wi+h rear sea+ dermaro- logical diagnoses. And-hollowed be ihe memory, Weinsfein, Rickefisia and 'rhe lefi' wing geniuses, Seliko'FF, Arlow, Ruskin and Calodney. The fifieen quizzes one week ihai May 'io see who was 'I'o be exempi from final exams. Of pleasani memory however, from 'rhai' groggy 'rhird year, ihe class ni+e, conceived, labored and delivered by Gene Holleb. Finally clinical clerks, and 'ihose who had labored duiifully cleaning ral' cages in 'rhe second year, and had gradua+ecl +o blood sugars in ihe ihird year, now reaped iheir reward in ihe 'Fool room of 'ihe diaberic clinic. The press gang round up +o supplemem' 'Phe six who had voluniarily elecied diabeiic clinic. Dr. Ralli versus '36 bui from her own sweei lips "Baniing may have had his Besi' buf I have my Fein." GJ. rouiine, cardiac rou'l'ine, ar1'hri'iis rou'l'ine - Swifr charis, brrr! Blood counis, urines-all in ihe name of "Train- ing." Phil Grenley-sperm specialisi pleading haggardly for specimens. Dick Gubner doing bronchoscopic drainage wii'h a siomach iube. Joe Gennis look- ing 'for capui as rhe wafers broke. The franric cry of Ursula Roche, sugar heiress, for +he diabeiic keiosis rouiine when an admission urine showed four plus ace- 'ioneg no Time for a Benedict Laier ihe blood sugar came back 50 and ihe pi. sobered and weni' home. Jack Dordick, who in giving ariificial respiraiion 'ro a dead woman on psycho, pressed +oo low and empiied her bladder 59 on himself. The high spoi' of 'rhe year, Dordick's phoney urology exam, and his answers: "Torsion of ihe 'iesricle is an acu+e cafasfrophic eveni occurring in 'ihe male" and his 'ireaimeni of impoience "bed res+, force fluids and a bland die'r." Brai+man and Redish wiping our 'ihe pos- +al deficii' by iheir reprini' urge, wi+h some assisiance 'From Miich Goldsiein, undispured sample king. Wachiel diag- nosing Weber's syndrome when a hemi- plegic's glass eye didn'+ reacf 'io lighr. Bur ihen, Joe Ballinger confused rricho- monas wi'rh sperms due +o lack of ex- perience, and Dave Ross saw iaundice where ihere was only a chinaman. The discomforr of one of +he boys when aroused in a hoiel by rhe "house defec- +ive" calling from M3 and in ihe same vein, Arihur Ruskin's fervid proieslarions over ihe phone ro "Dr. Wallace" lnee Camiell rhai he had noi' been enieriain- ing visiiors ai' ihe ob. dormiiories. Harry Fein and Larry Lipkoff neck and neck in ihe 'Four foriy dash, wiih Joe Ballinger puffing hard behind. And so ihe four years wenig ihe secrei' of our grades never revealed io us, bui' we did learn 'From inierne leifers ihai we were "in ihe highesi quarrer of +he class and of good moral charac+er," "in ihe upper half of fhe class and of good moral charac'rer." And half of us were happy io hear 'l'ha'i we were simply "of good moral characi'er." Our class hisiory is, as yer, really un- wriHen, bui who will dare prophesy, afier wha+ we've seen happen 'io Phi Beia keys, and more larely having wirnessed +he squandering of inrelleci' on casino. ln Alphonse Di Maio, however, we resi' greai' confidence and really believe, as quainily expressed by Ilona Heiman, +ha+ "soon he will be laying corners'l'ones." MURRAY ABRAMS 22 Lefierls Avenue Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U., B.S., 1932 Maier Adiusfor lof foofball scoresl Will bei' on anyone, especially 'ihe winner . . . is rapidly learning fo play pinochle wifh Laufkin. Can always be found in fhe company o'F1'he 'fall and shorf irio. Firsf lin namei for four years. Diagnosis: Plaiypelloid Pelvis ire' JACOB A. ARLOW GRACE ANNA ALTENAU l29 Prospecf Place Adelphi College, B.A., I928 Della Gamma: Secrefary I934-'35: Diabelic Laboraiory. Graceful Always Hard and sincere worker excepf when in 'rhe company of Chico . . . 'Female obsieirician, only deliverer of iwins . . . will some day be a disianf medical missionary and send us cards from China . . . 'ihen +o Eihiopia io ca-ich Halian belms because fhey can'+ hurl' her hands. Diagnosis: Migrafing Thrombus 562 Albama Avenue Brooklyn, New York Judicious Arguer Caducean Sociery. Does everyfhing leif buf wrife and fhinks 'ihe leff is righr . . . chief henchmen +o Gennis an-d now guardian of 'ihe books iblanki . . . refuses fo puf Esquire on 'rhe racks and proffers "Der Sfuermer" . . . enjoys marching in M.D. parades and believes fhey should come once a monfh. Diagnosis: Scarlef Pumpernickel 60 JOSEPH BALLINGER 320 Riverside Drive New Yorlc, New Yorlc C.C.N.Y.. B.S., l932 fgilpha Omega Alpha: Sigma Omega si Basilic Juggler Accenfuaiesd fashion plale . . . shirls and lies sfyled by House and Garden . . . shori growing genius and expon- enf of 'the venous pressure . . . righf cheek man fo Dr. de Graff . . . will some day be chief clinical clerk on fhe Third Division . . . quick on fhe frigger wifh reparlee and a good guesser . . . lrhe only man in The class who ever separafed some silver from lhe faculfy. Diagnosis: Benign Malignancy W ,,,,:,: ' , E Own-- E: iilliifir ARTH U R BA RTH 4-2l Wesl I62nd Sfreel New York, C C i932 Always Benign . .N.Y., B.S., THEODORE BARNETT H75 Easlern Parkway Brooklyn, New Yorlc C.C.N.Y.,, B.S., i932 Phi Bela Kappa, Sigma Omega Psi. Congeniial T.B. Insulfing physician . . . is always righf, in his series of 25 cases . . . one of The big kidney men wifh hyperlen- sive fendencies . . . holds lhe record sysfolic pressure, aufographed by The palieni. He knows more influenlial people lhan any lhree oiher siudenis, probably because of his abilify 'io oui-fall: said any +hree siudenfs. Diagnosis: Telanic Depressive New York Quief subdued companion io Thomas . . . is sfudying medicine as a means of acquiring a microscoipical slide collecfion. Biologisf al heari' who shiffed his heari' io Bacferiology I londel. Willing 'io learn and willing +o feach his 'fellow siudenis. Diagnosis: Barfhlolinl Glands 6I JULIUS H. BECKWITH I477 S+. Pelers Avenue New York, New York Manhaiian College, B. S., I932 Nu Sigma Nu. Jusf His Build Frafernal polifician ai' Bellevue . . . besi' class salesman of +he Nu Sig frafernify. Has chosen Cify Hospiral +o bludgeon pafienis in'l'o submission . . . will immediaiely 'found a new chapler of NSN ai' 'l'ha'l- ou?- posi' 'io infroduce civilizafion 'lo lhe nafives. Diagnosis: Generalized Anasarca ' FRANCES M. BENEDETTO I347 Lexingron Avenue S+. Francis College, B.S., I'-732 Nu Sigma Nu. Fearless Benifo How're you +oo1's. Proved 'Phe in- efficiency of iheophylline on his bro'l'her's pa+ien+s. Suffers from migraiing headaches flour is noi' grayl . . . has raken more erogoramine 'larirafe 'khan any 'ihree professional dancers. Will spend his nexf fwo years on fhe island. Diagnosis: Drug Addicfion HAROLD A. BERGNER . I77 - lblh Sireei Brooklyn, New York C.C.N.Y.. B.S., i932 Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Be+a Kappa Harmless Blonde Benignesi of 'lhe benign, speaks only 'ro his infimaies and fhen only on provocaiion. Is fo be admired for his composure, brilliance and abilify . . . is inferning a+ Lincoln so he won'+ have any dis-lracfion 'From nurses lunless his luck changesl . . . we're only kidding, we expecf wonders from you up fhere. Diagnosis: Vocal Aplasia 62 SAMUEL BLOOM 243 Easi 93rd Sfreei' Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Beia Kappa: Caducean Socieiy Sonny Boy Sfrong. small, silenf man . . . accompanisi fo Terowslry will parf because he successfully answered +rea+mani' of diabeiic wilh sirangu- lafed hernia ai' a cerfain hospilal . . . gained popularify by sending 'for all samples offered in J.A.M.A .... learned Buerger's exercise from Ber- ger's ISL Louisl Manuals. Diagnosis: Mu+ism MAX BRAITMAN MARTIN BODIAN 665 ST. Johns Place Brooklyn, New York Y Columbia, B.S., 1932 Vice presicleni l4lq House Commil- lee Maligned Benignancy Broolclyn's debaiing medicuss . . . wen+ 'io Se+h Low and Columbia, lives al Sf. John's lplacel . . . an infer- collegiaie geeze'H'e. Will live in ihe hearis of all who saw 'lhe Bellevue Frolic of I935. Handles and plafes lculfurel like a frue waifer. Diagnosis: Gas Bubble I20 Wesf I7+h Sireei Wesl New York, N. J. Memorable Bravado N.Y.U., B.S., 1932 Sigma Omega Psi Wenf lhrough medical school fasf . . . inferned in his 'Firsi' and second years and will resume posi'-graduafe sfudy in a Jersey hospifal. Mos? picfured man in +he class . . . did you see +his clipping? . . . +he lynx-eyed clinical clerk siallcing fhe spoor of Neisser's lure in fha jungles of Balcony 6 . . . has 'ihe finesi colleciion of Erofica Medica on ihe easlern coasl. Diagnosis: S. O. B. lSon of Bergenl 63 MARTIN M. CALODNEY 746 Parlc Avenue Brooklyn. New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., i932 Member Srudenr Council l2, 3, 4lg Chairman Srudeni' Council i2, 4l. Menacing Councilman MORTIMER RICHARD CAMlEL 309 Bradford Srreer Brooklyn, New York Violer l2, 3. 4l. Mercenary Checquer Famous Associalion of Globus' lec- Esfablished himself as a freshman in Neuro-anaromy when he 'floored 'l'he almighiy Globus wil'l1 Marlin M. . . . Remember? Has aggravaied This siarus since . . . a rrue sincere reformer, suppresses no desires or rhoughis . . .refused 'ro bow, even before lhe almighiy . . . rhe veferan chairman of ceremonies. Diagnosis: Diarrhea Oralis JAMES THOMAS CARLlNO Punxsuiawney. Pennsylvania fures . . . red of hair buf only pinlc of seniimeni, alihough his office is nexl' io ihe hor box. Thinks he is 'ihe reason for ihis Viole'l"s success bul' is really only one of 'rhe reasons . . . Nexl Business Manager of fha J.A.M.A. Diagnosis: Juxia-lecfurers iiviinorl S+. Bonavenlure, B.S., I93O1 Universiiy of Wesi Virginia, B.S.M., i933 Alpha Kappa Mug There Kappa Psi Jovial Classmafe Genfleman Jim . . . rho suave clinical clerk . . . mare of Lighihizer . . . buf wifh a smaller iviall capaciiy . . . will carry his wares and manners back 'io 'rhai liHle iown of Pennsylfucky where he should meer wiih deserved success. Diagnosis: Piccarlino 64 DOMINICK F. CHIRICO 7620 - 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cornell, A.B., i932 Nu Sigma Nu. Driving Cornelian Offen seen in fhe company oi a ceriain blonde. Runs The lanfern slides io keep awake . . . can be depended on fo skip a few . . . displaced from Camera Men's Union by Ruskin. Likes 'rhe Gufullie Fish ai' Belh Miserable bui' can'f go lhere because of his wonderful imiialion of Dr. Held . . . food for fhoughl. The only one who dares disagree wiih Dr. Ralli. Diag nosis: Lafenl' Drama'l'is'l' EDWARD W. CLINE Appleion Ciiy, Missouri A.B., l9297 B.S., A.M., i932 PASQUALE A. CIOFFI IOS-34 - 36'ih Avenue Corona, Long Island Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Beia Kappa: Lambda Phi Mu. One 'teaspoon P.C. Clean cui' and unconlaminaied by his anfi-buddy. Has gained weighi despife lhe faci lhal he eais al' Dyseniery Daves . . . ihinks clearly and calmly . . . everyfhing in his favor . . . should make a fine inferne al Queens General. Diagnosis: Slerile Body Sigma Xiq Gamma Alpha: Alpha Kaopa Kappa. Excelleni' Ciinician Farm boy who came 'io ihe meiropolis . . . received his wifhoui clinical eFfecls . . . a man wilh conflicling loyalfies: sub-clinical dose lo Bellevue and Polyclinic . . . worked his way lhrouqh by doing lab work al' lalfer hospiial . . . a doc+or's holiday . . . will probably be our mid-wesfern represenfalive in 'ihe Hall of Fame. Diagnosis: A.O.A. lAwailing Organ Analysisl 65 JEROME S. COLES I6O Wesi 87Ih Sfreer New York, New York N. Y. U., B.S., l932 Kappa Nu: Vice presicleni' III: Presidenr Jolly Collegiafo Basso profundo of fha Bellevue Frolics . . . capiivaring symIis+, appears self-safisiie-d. Will 'fry ro inculcaie his spirii' ai Beih Miserable . . . genileman-polifician who learned beifer wi'rI1 age and became a serious siudenf of medicine. JAMES H. CULLEN Sialen Island, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., I933 Nu Sigma Nu Jumpin' Cafs Tall boy 'From Ihe sricks . . . com- bines exercise and educafion by ska+ing across 'rhe Narrows during fhe winier when 'rhe ferry is ice bound . . . Co-ploifer wifh Beckwifh and will confinue fo do so ai' Cify Hospiial, whose quarfers, we hope, will become desirable. Besi' disseclor in Ihe freshman class, will have pleniy of opporrunify on Welfare Island. Diagnosis: Isles of Deckhands Diagnosis: Caoledochus Islalen and Welfarei' BERNARD POLAND CUNNINGHAM IO6 Cenfer Sfreei' Bridgeport Conneclicui Darrmouih, A.B., I933 Alpha Kappa Kappa: Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Chi Sigma. Brandy Cocklail Born fo anaromy and medicine . . . early acquainied wifh medicine 'lhrough his cyclic vomifing Ionly one in the classl . . . will gel gray early 'io oblige someone we all know. Enioyed his Iwo years in New York buf prefers 'Phe New England Iassies and lhe Yale Nurses. IP.S. They are college graduafesl. Diagnosis: Cyclic Diafhesis 66 JAMES PATRICK CURRAN RR. Number 6 Amsferdam, New York Universiiy of Missouri, A.B.. l933: Alpha Kappa Kappa Jus? p.c. The man wiih 'ihe deferminecl chin and fhe line sense of humor . . . amuses his ward ma'i'es wi'rh fales of subilefy . . . fhe spokesman of Cline, Curran and Co. and fhe man behind ihe scenes land 'Phe shorfer lab coari . . . spends his nighfs as Knigh+ of fhe Libris . . . guards Nelson and Tice as ihough he knew fhem personally . . . chief arranger for +he sfudenfs wifh Miss Bayne. Diagnosis: Curran-Jelly Consisf- ency GEORGE AMOS DEL MONTE ELVIRA DE LIEE 4-58 Van Corilandi Park Avenue Yonkers, .New York Barnard College, B.A. Ever Delighfful Tall, leonine, si'a+uesque pursuer of Hippocrales ef al . . . smile-adorned 'Facies whenever she is seen . . . answers qu.-es+ions wi+h assurance . . . will have pleniy of opporiunify 'io display her +alen+s. Diagnosis: Chil' Blane 2144 Haviland Avenue Bronx, New York N.Y.U., B.S., I933 Phi Alpha Sigma. Gran De Mal Genfleman George of 'Fruii' fame. Will 'rake his quief and professional mannerisms back +o fhe Bronx wilds ai Fordham Hospiial . . . and reform 'The insiifufion. Obiecis fo adverfising in medicine and will have ihe chief derma- 'iologisfs license plafe GC 606 revoked. Diagnosis: Osfeogenesis Per'Fec+s .67 BERNARD S. DAVIS 4-5l Miller Avenue Brooklyn N.Y.U. . Alpha Omega Alpha: Viola? l4l ALPHONSE Dl MAIO 492 Melropolifan Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., I933 Caduceanq Lambda Phi Mu: Alpha Lambda Upsilon. Brilliani' Diagnosfician Apafhyliomaious Desquamafion Asks obvious quesiions 'lo impress Famous for ihe company he keeps . . . The long of 'lhaf quaxiei' . . . also +he mosi' assiduous as shown by his honorarium . . . is becoming acquainfeld wifh The Bellevue siaff by his insfruciors and fo depress his colleagues. Go? fhose wonderful eyes looking for fhe impossible and losi' lhe +op of his hair from 'Thinking foo hard. Anfi-buddy for Paf fhe Robust Will inferne af 'Phe Good Samolian H. and become ihe nexi' house ai' sfarfing ai' ihe bofiom . . . 'Then will inherii' 'Phe hospiial. Diagnosis: Arficular Fibrill :iion 964 Simpson Slreel' Jusi Real Driver JACOB R. DORDICK C.C.N.Y.. B.S., 1932 Phi Bela Kappa Ceniral lslip. We congrafulafe him on his persisfenf deierminafion. Diagnosis: Premaiure Separaiion New York. New York Ardeni' in fhe pursuii of knowledge . . . mosl' pafhologically conscien+ious of 'lhe upper brackeis . . . runs Young a close second in nofe raking . . . picked up Dr. Fraser's sniffle where Young d.opped il' . . . doesn"I' like examina+ions. Diagnosis: Massive Nodes 68 HILLIARD DUBROW 285 Riverside Drive New York, New York Brown Universiry, Ph.B., 1932 Pi Lambda Phi. Howya Doin' Rubor, Caller, Dubrow . . . one of ihe cardinal signs of infa'rua+ion . . . well-mannered, well-dressed, soil'- spoken . . . Park Avenue Gynecologisf. Has of lafe 'laken aseniorial inferesl' in 'leaching a freshman rhe 'Funda- menfals of anafomy, biochemisfry and philiology . . . will spend much of his fime in Connecricuf . . . how- ever he alfribuies his A.F. +o folaacco. Diagnosis: Auricular Flusfer EMANUEL FEIRING HARRY D. FEIN 5205 - l3l'l'1 Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Universily of Maryland, B.S., i932 Hall of Fashion Diminufive fashion plafe . . . has a lab coal for every occasion . . . Chief lnsfigafor of fhe Rumor Com- mi'r+ee and shorf of 'lhe famous quarrel' of Dub, Ab and Davis . . . noi foo big or 'loo old To have chicken pox . . . gol' sprued in rhe comprehensives. The pasi' 'Four years in New York have wroughl' havoc wifh his accenl' . . . will refurn 'lo -lhe soufh. Diagnosis: A kind o' plasia 603 Eas+ 5+h Srreef New York, New York Erhereal Fifer C.C.N.Y., B.S.. I932 Phi Bela Kappa LiHle Napoleon looking for new worlds fo conquer . . . 'talks so fasi' his brain is always lagging . . . sole represenfarive lo Greenpoinr Hospilal where he will undoubfedly miss fhe compelirive almosphare of his alma mafer . . . buf should excel nevertheless. Diagnosis: Frolic Syndrome 69 SAUL HARRISON FISHER 5Il Easi Zncl Slreei' Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y.. B.S., 1932 Phi Baia Kappa: Violei' l3, 4lq Siudenl Council Sane Fellow One of +he 'iruly serious-minded sfudenis of Bellevue . . . Arrowsmifh of 'the Iciciney . . . can be found al 'rhe hospiial Sundays and holidays parlicularly . . . sleeps 'fasf so +ha'r he has io spend only four hours in bed . . . believes 'lhal' lhere should be more Ihan 24 hours a day. Diagnosis: Renalphilia ARTH UR FLEISCH MAN SIDNEY FISHMAN ZIZO Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., BA.. I932 Phi Baia Kappa Sneering Filanderer Exacf, de+ermined, 'frank sfudenl' of medicine and cardology . . . plays cards 'io send his moiher fhrough nigh? school. Confrary +o 'Ihe besi' advice ihinks +he besf girls are nurses, especially from Pediafrics. InsI'ilIs 'Fear info 'Ihe hearfs of lhe less exacl' inslruclors buf succumbed Io 'ihe reprimand of a lab fechnician. Diagnosis: Club 'Fingers 3 Highland Couri Far Rockaway, N. Y. Always Filbrillafing N.Y.U.. B.S.. I932 Bela Lambda Sigma: Sigma Omega Psi. Invader from ihe Roclcaways . . . ihinlcs Bellevue should have a Long Island branch. Ona of Wolf's cubs who will go To downiown Mi. Sinai wifh Coles. Enjoyed GYN besf and Iook comple-le sexual his+ories on Balcony 6 . . . perfeci picfure of slow molion and lherapy . . . +augh+ his paiienis +o read ESR's and wriie oul' charls so +ha+ he could make ihe 4:58. Diagnosis: Sym biosis 70 KAL FREIREICH l522 Easl l9lh Slreel Brooklyn. N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., i932 Caducean King Fish Ringleader of lhe conniving 'rrio of Schneidman, Ricklin and Freireich . . . 'formerly of lhe Fofizs Bougie and dancing parlner lo Rubin al' 'lhe Man- haflan Beach Club lar leasl iha+'s how iheir handball loolcedl . . . will sever all relalions 'io fill his bro+her's shoes in 'lhe Fourlh Division where he will insfiiufe rouiine urines . . . no more char+s. Diagnosis: Turpinline Siupe CHARLES S. FROMM I276 Granl Avenue Bronx, New Yorlc N.Y.U.. B.S.. i932 Carefree Finagler The only redhead of 'fhe class . . . "lf you could only cook and live on a farm and if l weren"r married" . . . bu'r whal would Blanche say? . . . blew his way 'Through school by push- ing 'lhe middle valve down . . . will carry his horn fo Fordham and blow on lhe winning side affer eighi' years . . . will someday hold relraclors in +he Livingsion Manor. Diag nosis: La bii Trum peiii JOSEPH GENNIS II67 Srrallorcl Avenue Bronx, New York N.Y.U., B.S.. l932 Caducean Sociefyg Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Lambda Kappa: Presiclenl Srudenr Associalion l4lg Secrerary l3l: Presiclenl lil: Sruclenl Council l2l. Joe Genius Goes in1'o convulsions every 'rime he sees lhai' cerfain Hygiene inslrucfor . . . sleeps serenely fhrough all lecfures and ward rounds . . . siiling and s+anding. Fiery advocafe of reform . . . never sees spols in f:onl' of his eyes . . . because 'll'1ey're always closed. Diagnosis: Misplaced Endomefrium 7l GEORGE ROBERT GERST H68 - 53rd Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Grear Going Sincerious sfudem' ofien seen in 'ihe company of Goldsfein and Bergner . . . has ihe uncanny lrnaclr of 'Fore- 'iellinq exams . . . one of lhe chiefs of The grapevine syndicafe "+he marlrs are up" . . . had us running 'lo 'ihe boiler room 'for our freshman anafomy grades . . . succeeded in choosing a 'Fine inferneship 'For him- self. Diagnosis: Auricle of Delphi GINO LOUIS GIORGINI Copiague, Long Island, New York Fordham, B.S., i932 Nu Sigma Nu. Genuine Genrleman VVILLIAM CHARLES GIORDANO 335 Broad Avenue Lconia, New Jersey A.B.. I932 Alpha Phi Della: Nu Sigma Nu. Bill C. G. Drives io school in a Ford, will change parking space from 26+h Sfreei- and Easi' River 'lo llfh Srreei' and 'Phe Hudson . . . Sf. Vincenis we mean . . . a living example of early inferveniion in Acura lnfesiinal Obsfruciion and an indicaiion of his sfamina and fufure good prognosis. Diagnosis: S+. Vincen'l's Angina Offen confused wiih Giordano . . . hoih fine 'Fellows . . . will par? +o differeni' hospifals 1-o avoid 'furiher difficulries . . . can hear a diasrolic ai ihe base in every fransfer 'From Harlem and considers a negafive Wasserman in fhese cases as evidence of failure of 'lhe diagnosiic +es'l'. Diagnosis: GOO - GOO. No Disease 72 ARTHUR SAMUEL GLUSHIEN l 1 44l Decalur Slreel Broolclyn, New Yorlc N,Y.U,KB.S., I93O Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha. A26 Rafio Sweefens The blood of his com- panions 'lo defermine fhe circulafion ra'le . . . does all his fishing wilh renal casfs . . . will 'lake his syringe and saccherine 'lo K.C.H. lwhere he will do well +o swee+en +he blood of 'Phe examining commiH'eemen.l Diagnosis: Benign Hyperlension STANLEY F. GOLDMAN BENSON A. GOLD 65 Feaiherbecl Lane Bronx, New York Cornell, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa. Peace and quielucle are his forever l'TlOI'S. l8l6 Monroe Avenue New Yorlc, New Yorlc N.Y.U., B.S. Swell Guy The only possessor of a man-sized mousfache . . . and 'fha only llrnownl 'Fafher . . . will leave 'lhe clinical confines of Bellevue for +he peace and quiel of a research lab in fhe Bronx. Diagnosis: Juxfa-Leclurer lMaiorl 73 EDWARD GOLDSTEIN i545 - 4-Sih Sfreei Brooklyn, New York Columbia, B.S., 1932 Easy Going All American Alfernafe . . . vicfim of bad breaks buf will find everyihing rosy 'lafer . . . especially if he doesn'+ pracfice in Brooklyn where fhere are more M.D.'s per cubic foof 'rhan any place in fhe world. ls fo be com- mended for his dauniless courage and ability fo fake if land give ifl. Diagnosis: Deferred. Prognosis: Good PHILIP R. GRENLEY MITCH EL G. GOLDSTEIN IO7 Avenue C New York, New York N.Y.U.. B.S.. l933 Many Gales lof Laughferl Provocafive agenf for Yabo . . . like fhe sfream once flowing which can'+ be sfopped, so his laughfer gushes forfh . . . wifh fhe parfing of fhe "shadow" he will reiurn +o saniiy lwe hopel . . . will share professional office wifh his brofher iDen'iisi'l who will bring him back fo fhe way of righfeousness and professionalism. l305 Easi l8ih Sfreci Brooklyn, New York Posl' Grad uafe N.Y.U.. B.S.. 1932 Caducean. Like Henle excepf 'rhaf he is 'lhe G of G.U .... Chief Collecfor of fha Sacred Fluid . . . assiduous counfer of fhe 5 billion . . . specializes in odd heads . . . has fhe biggesf feef in +he class which should mean somefhing . . . wifl undoubfeidly specialize in Sferilify, having puf his Bridge Cards on fhe fable. Diagnosis: Sferile Body 744 EUGENE GREENWALD Sl Sumrnil Avenue Newark, New Jersey Rulgers, B.S., l93l Phi Bela Kappa: Omega Kappa. Eugenial Griplococcus Became known 'ro us firsl as laacferiologisl' in our second year . . . lold us our unknowns . . . kepl' all culfures 'lame fo prevenl' infecfions . . . anofher of 'lhe "wesl of Newark invaders . . . 'lheir main exporfc in- 'lelligence . . . 'linds his social necessi- lies in Brooklyn. Diagnosis: Archivus lnformans HEN RY GU REASKO l653 Easl' 2ncl Slreei Brooklyn, Hearfy Gourmand N.Y., B.S., I933 Pi Mu Phi: Vice presidenl l2l RlCHARD GUBNER i534 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Columbia, A.B., I935 Violel Regular Guy Zealous and conscienlious mind . . . alfhough lhe dislance fo fhe hearl' is one inch il look him four years lo Traverse il . . . missed Anle-parlum lPos+-Passionl Clinic for one monlh . . . iusl didn'l' know he had if . . . didn'+ know -lhal' you could impreg- nale infanl' females ai fhe 'lime fheir ovaries had follicles . . . divides his 'rime belween Mounl Sinai, Belh Israel and Bellevue. Diagnosis: Hyperfrophied Heari' New York Back-slapping, bagpuncher of MBhl16lldH Beach . . . hard-working, hard- driving, conscienfious viclim of bad breaks. Will undoubfedly succeed in his own righi' . . . Brooklyn's nexl' polifical medico . . . How aboul' running a dance- make if 'Formal so my friends can'l' come . . . Morrisania's nexl' House on Surgery. Diagnosis: Girdle Adiposily lMuscle7l 75 IRVING J. HANSSMANN 87-I2 - 96ih Sfreei Woodhaven, New Yorlc Darlmoulh, A.B., i929 Phi Kappa Sigma: Alpha Chi Sigma: Alpha Kappa Kappa. lnfeni Husfler Handsome Hanssmann ioined us in 'lhe second year and immedialely showed us his worih. Allied himsell wil'h 'ihe Mefabolism Group and learned 'lo make cusfard . . . or did his charming wife Teach him . . . will confinue ai Bellevue las we expecfedi and confinue fo amuse wifh his 'iai- enfed Adam's Apple. Diagnosis: Awaifing B.M.R. MYRON HERMAN ILONA HEIMAN l5l Wesi' 8ls'r Slreel' New York, New York Barnard, .B.. I933. ignores He-men Born fo be virfuous . . . her 'firsi name amused us, now she does . . . will always be remembered for her subdued voice, vacillafing fempera- meni and mood swings . . . reciies surgery repor+s wifh emphasis . . . female leader of Seciion L . . . will move info sociefy af Lenox Hill. Diagnosis: Yoo-Yoo lUndiagnosed Disease, I973 Vyse Avenue Bronx. New YOl'lC John l-loplcins, B.S., i932 Phi Sigma Delia: Presideni l3, 41: Presidenf Psychialry Club l4i: Siuclem' Council l3, 4l. Mandibular Hyperi-rophy A masfer showman who never hesifafes 'lo +wis+ an incidenf +o 'iii' his own brand of humor . . . once misioolc a residenf's buffoclcs for +hose of a classmafe and acfed accordingly. Moving spiri+ of fhe Bellevue Playhouse . . . and whai kind of a variefy did you have for supper? . . . will inferne a+ ihe N.V.A. Hospifal. Diagnosis: Schilder's Disease 76 ' ui n"'ii. n' '51 NATHAN B. HIRSCHFELD I843 Madison Avenue Columbia, A.B., A.M. Tau Della Phi. Never Before Hour Life begins al' 40 . . . classes be- gin ar II:40 . . . will always be re- membered as fhe genius who ranked lops in lhal' memorable firsi' chemisiry exam . . . alfhough he doesnki wrife English as shown in Surgery . . . can be 'found wiih Laulkin Figuring weighfy SAMUEL HOCH 224-2l Merrick Road Laurelion, Long Island C.C.N.Y., B.S., i932 Phi Bela Kappa Sociable Hermii' ls fha? a smirk I see before me? Conscieniious arrisf of 'ihe Van Slyke machine . . . is sfill recovering from 'lhe efloris experienced fhe nighl' 3 diabelics came 'lo 'ihe wards in kefosis when he did fhe olificial CO2 de- lerminalions . . . has been well re- warded and will shorfly fell The clinical clerks lo do fhis and 'l'hai'. problems and problems of "weight" Diagnosis: Eliforlless Syndrome. Diagnosis' Aralliblasioma EUGENE MILTON HOLLEB 226i Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York Brown Universily, Ph.B., I932 Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Delia Epsilon: Violel I3, 41: Chairman Violei' Dance. Euphoria Heckler Inva-der from Brown, giffed will: fhe ar+ of oraiory buf shiffed aFFec'lions io a nobler cause . . . infends fo see lhe world fhrough a bivalve . . . is 'raking 'linger- lenglhening exercises affer Iisfening io a cerfain leciurer. Responsible for fhe 'rheairical successes of fhe Class of I936. Wen? nafive af The Violef Dance. Diagnosis: Ororrhea Profusa 77 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JACKSON, Jr. Monlgomery, Alabama Vanderbilir Universily, A.B., 1932 Sigma Nu: Phi Chi. Brandy Julep Sourhern Genfleman wii-h language dihiiculiy . . . speaks New Yorlcese wirh an acceni' . . . will carry on where his preceding sourhern confreres leff ofii on Third Division . . . will undoubiedly confinue as house on Surgery . . . has all 'ihe 'fine qualifies of a surgeon in- cluding a Family Hisrory . . . can'i imagine him playing Finochle wirh Ballinger and Davision on Third Divi- sion. SEYMOU R SCH ULMAN JACOBSON 908 Easr I9ih Sfreef Brooklyn, New York Darimouih, BA.. i932 Phi Della Epsilon. So Journed lEurope, Wesi Indies, Poinls Wesfi Class capifalisf . . . drives 'lo school in class, his car refleciing 'ihe chang- ing fashions . . . buys everyfhing only afrer consulfing Consumer's Research and can fell you fhe relafive value oi anyfhing on 'ihe marker . . . is afraid people will 'rhink he's a Communisf il he says ihaf a blood counf shows a shifi' 'io 'rhe leff . . . mosf widely 'i'ravelled. Diagnosis: lHani Ovarian Me- Diagnosis: Shif+ fo fhe Norrh +6S'i6SiS SEYMOUR PAUL JASLOW I 657 Wesr lolsr Srreef New York, New Yorlc Lehigh Universiiy, BA., l93I Scinfillafing Jiffers Shining leyei lighf of 'rhe class and originaior of unanswerable quesfions . . . some 'lalcen wifh gusfo, orhers wifh disgusfo . . . chief yes man of +he class and always found close fo 'rhe insfrucfor . . . or Goldman . . . shiffed from 'ihe ioin+ of diseases 'io +he Hospifal of Diseased Joinfs. Diagnosis: Niclifaring Membrane 78 RICHRAD A. JENSEN Menaslca, Wisconsin Universiiy oi Wisconsin Phi Gamma Delia: Nu Sigma Nu. Regular Jeni Collar-ad Dick, 'ihe Beau Bromo ol fhe Third Division . . . eriological fader for ldiopaihic Paroxysmal Tachycardia on A5, K2, M3 and all poinfs wesi Wifh his fine +raining a+ Bellevue, goifre, diabeies and dis- orders of mefabolism will no longer prevail in 'rhe wesf. Diagnosis: A. Jensen B. Burs+ing Heari' C. Sinus Tachycardia D. Class lby himselfl JOHN J. KAICHER 75I Bushwiclc Avenue Brooklyn, Holy Cross College, A.B., l932 ABRAHAM KAHANE 2IO5 Ryder Avenue Bronx, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., 1930 Phi Baia Kappa. Always Kicking Chemisiry Deparimenids linguisiic genius, speaks len languages and curses in iwenfy. Loves 'fo splif hairs especially wifh Lauikin, and pull Wachi'el's. M.D. lMas+er of De- duciionl bul would do well in Medical Jurisprudence and should consider ir. Diagnosis: Medicomenfalien New York Jumbled Kaleidoscope Rabid supporfer of his Alma Maier . . . well conversani in iraclz, 'fooiball or medicine . . . can be found in amphifheafre lfooiball or surgical, . . . has lived a 'lheological exisience, Holy Cross, Bellevue Seminary, S+. Caiherine's. Diagnosis: Theological Tremors 79 MILTON KANTOR 868 Easl' l76'rh Slreei N.Y.U.. B.S., I932 Eeia Lambda Sigma: Sigma Omega si. Maldavian Krud Dancing feel, Bellevue's conlribu- 'lion fo flue 'lerpsichore . . . dances lo keep lhe Wolf from his sigh? . . . did you ever see lhe lhermos l'ha'l wenl lhrough med school? ladv'l'.l . . . has lhe finesl brand of dry humor on 'rap . . . is going 'ro Cily Hospilal 'l'o prevenf Yabo from springing all his NAOMI KATCHER 43-22 - 4-7l'h Srreei' Long Island Ciiy, New York Universily of Wisconsin, B.A., l932. Nice Kid Accenl- on youlh . . . pelile medicc . . . energelic, buf suffers 'From laryn- geal sfenosis on slighl vocalizalion, and from convulsive movemenls, especially of lhe arms . . . recenl' in- habifanl of Observalory Hill where she acquired her blue sclerofics' "sl'udying" by moonlight Behaviour problem of lhe Pedialrics Wards. Diagnosis: Carpal Spasm old iokes on Beckwilh. Diagnosis: Running Feel HERMAN BERNARD KATZMAN I37 Parkville Avenue Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U.. B.S., I933 Caclucean Sociery: Pi Mu Phi: Treasurer l3lg Violel Associare Edi'I'or l4-l. How'ya ,Kiffens 'Sees all, hears all . . . uncanny memory for biographical delail land "grind"l . . . prince of good 'fellows . . . never a dull momenl, ever a bon pun especially wilh Sfooge Weber nearby . . . suffers complele reversal wirh exams al' hand . . . Dean is chief efiological agenf of paroxysmal 'lachycardia . . . will become more seclare land comforlablel al Cumberland Hospilal. Diagnosis: Il Funsleroso 80 HARRY N. KIRSCHBLUM Bridgeport Conneciicui' Universiiy of Alabama, A.B., I932 Gorgas Medical Sociely. Hari Kari "Love in Bloom" Kirschbaum wifh a carefree yei' sincere aififude . . . 'ihe man wiih fhe widesf shoulders and fhe widesi' smile . . . broughf an ai'- mospherecf sunshine fo ihe Bellevue wards . . . sparring parfner +o "Lighf- weigh+" Cunningham and his wcom mafe. Diagnosis: Kirschsprung's Disease SIMCN KOVE GEORGE PAUL KOECK 535 Valley Sfreef Orange, New Jersey- Manhaiian College, B.S., l932. Gianf Killer ManhaH'an's confribufion fo medi- cine . . . conscienfious. aggressive baskef-baller who will some day rule fhe Oranges professionally . . . Wiich Hazel will some day cause his hear! fo assume an irregular rhyfhm . . . aifend 'ihe female Cardiac Clinic for relief. Diagnosis: Successful Transplanf lbl Easf 93rd Srreef New York, New York Samson's Koiffure N.Y.U.. B.S., I933 Caducean Sociefy. Every class has a man who needs a haircuf according fo Dr. Kufisker . . . Si is our confribufion . . . buf fhen someone has fo compensafe for a less forfu- nafe classmafe. Enioyecl Medicine besi' of all services, especially fhe conferences and reports, buf noi 'rhe ice cream . . . a frue man for defail. Diagnosis: Kove-Plane 8I ALFRED LACHTERMAN 4-7Ol Avenue D Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U.. B.S.. i932 Caducean: Phi Lambda Kappa: Violel. Always La boring Masler of 'lhe pen, brush and hemocyfomeier . . . drawings pleased Wrighf l20?h Ceniuryl . . . blood smears made Wrighf lI9+h ceniuryl furn over in his grave . . . praciiced surgeon's knofs on umbilical cords while coverfly eyeing 'ihe resuscifaior . . . will 'He black cords in +he sunsei of +he Bronx . . . knows Lincoln by his Gelfysburg Address. Diagnosis: Vi+amin E deficiency ug ABRAHAM A. LANGSAM i429 Piikin Avenue Brooklyn, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., I932 Phi Lambda Kappa. Always Laughing Ravelli, 'ihe Punchinello of Bellevue . . . singing wailer of 'ihe Cafskills, despile his small vilal capaciiy . . . offer: found conspiring wi+h Schneid- man aaginsf +l1e fwo ofher members of +he Minor Bridge Quarief . . . one of fhe smaller big men . . . vicfim of a misleading name. Diagnosis: Grand Slam BERNARD LAPAN 3502 l-lull Avenue Bronx, New York Bil. I N.Y.U.. B.S., i933 Serious Ser'F of ihe Third Division . . . had someone 'lake his Saiurday duly so he could go off and gel' married . . . as a 'freshman measured +he diamefer of pigs' umbilical cords bui' was never able +o apply his formula 'io humans . . . owner of a vacillafing musiache which seems lo 'fall off once if has acquired weighf. Diagnosis: Awaifing Marium Meal 82 ARTHUR LAUTKIN 2788 Webb Avenue Bronx. New York Columbia, A.B.. l932 Always Laughing Baskelball genius who 'look mecli- cine as a hobby . . . always worrying aboul' The solufion of rhe crazy puzzle . . . if a weighi is pul on one scale, efc., . . his "successful" bers have sem' many sludenfs 'lhrough school . . . will resrring a racquef or give 'rwo fennis lessons -For a good Pediarrics report Diagnosis: Sluggish Liver BERNARD LEVINE ' JACK LEVIN 2l l-lunlinglon Terrace Newark, New Jersey Rulgers, B.S.. l932 Phi Bela Kappa: Bela loia Lambda. Jovial Laborer The only man in 'lhe class who was paid fo sfudy medicine . . . siudied for senfimenlal reasons noi for mone- lary rewards . . . will some day share oflices wilh Yabo allhough if seems lhal' Newark is nof big enough 'lo hold bolh of fhem . . . sfaunch be- liever in digifalizaiion per rec'l'um. Diagnosis: Leviniicular Degenera- 'lion 9l5 Easfern Parkway Brooklyn, New York Bil. III N.Y.U.. B,S.. l932 ' Caducean. Power house indefaligable exponenl' of lhe breasf sfroke on lhe wafer bul' losl when if came io Mammary Cancer . . . sole owner of fhose 'Erick cum-aparf pipes . . . smoke gels in his oris . . . heavy handshake and back slapper buf will become a sofiie al Beih lsrael. Diagnosis: Obeasiiy 83 ORVILLE JAMES LIGHTHIZER 376 McLisier Avenue Mingo Junclion, Ohio Wesi' Virginia Universiiy, B.S., I933 Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Baia Pi. Orange Ju Lep Taughf paihology al' Wesi' Virginia hui' confesses lhef he learned clinical fads ai Bellevue . . . looks upon everyihing wiih praciical mind, +hink- ing of 'iime when X-ray, EKG may noi' be so near a+ hand in wilds oi JEROME UNDER 86 Bainbridge Slreel' Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U., B.S., I933 Junior Linder Will marry a girl wiih chorea be- cause she is fhe only one who can keep him ini'eres+ed . . . suggesis 'feeding diebefics Fehling Solu+ion 'ic obviafe urinalyses . . . is exiremely happy af dances for some reason or anoiher . . . could if be ihe punch? . . . gefs a new idea every 'five min- ufes which would pui our aberranf- minded breihren on 29i'h Sireei' 'io shame . . . worry in med school hasn'i aged him any . . . a genius in embryo. Diagnosise: Don' Menfion Precox Ohio . . . found enough 'lime for diversions. Diagnosis: Bofflism CLARENCE J. LIPKOFF 425 Easi' 5lsi Sireer New York, New York N.Y.U.. B.S.. 1932 Zela Bera Tau. Crooning Lullabies Man in whiie . . . shoes as a freshman, clofhes as a senior . . . foremosf 'iiclrler of lhe lvories . . . sensilive +o wine, nurses and song . . . Bellevue's confribufion 'io Musical Comedy . . . will be ieamed wifh crooning Dubrow . . . af leasf one member of +he +eam can boasf ihai he had no 'Tobacco iibrillafion. Diagnosis: Sinofenorifis 84 LOUIS E. MARSHALL 5305 Filill Avenue Brcoklyn, New York I'-I.Y.U., B.S., i932 Violel l2. Zi. Loudly Mililani' Mililary chief of 'the Third Division . . . execufes orders wifh dispaich . . . firsf in +he hearfs and voices ol his classmafes . . .'sornel'hing +o be done? Marshall is 'the man . . . man of fha hour land minufe mani . . is said lo carry a gun buf 'ihai' is only propaganda from fhe office of ihe Sfudeni Council . . . righi' hand man fo Presideni Herman. Diagnosis' Armyloid Disease JACOB ARTHUR MISHKIN I4-59 Easf 26'rh Sireeli Brooklyn, J.A.M. N.Y.U.. B.S.. I933 Caducean. FRANK MATUS IOII Easl I2+h Slreel Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U.. B.S.. I933 Fulla Mischief Once posed for an ariisf in Green- wich Village and s+ill complains of 'rhe faci +ha+ 'rhe girls 'lurn around and look ai' him as he sfruls down 'ihe sireef . . . ihe ihird in lhe series ol Bellevue Maiuses . . . will infern al lhe Women's Hospifal and become lor coniinue fo bei a lady's man. Diagnosis: Concealed Hydrocephaly New York Comes 'ro all Surgery lecfures formal, including scarf . . . named fo be a card player buf pursued a beifer course . . . hisl'-fhus far uneven+ful, prognosis- undoubfedly good . . . willing lisfener fo fhe iokes of Freireich and Langsam, one of ihe few . . . uses lheir sficlcing humor fo become desensilized fo his Hay Fever Diagnosis: lMishl:inl Rummy 85 FRAN K L. MORTON l50l Nelson Avenue New York, New York N.Y.U., A.B., l932 Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma. Funny Man If his middle inilial were M. he could poini' wiih pride lo his 'Family lineage 'foo . . . F.F.M. lFirs+ Family Manhailanl . . . a changed man sfarfing life anew . . . afler emanci- paling lhe Arabs he will refurn 'lc Lincoln Hospilal where he will free fe+i 'From lheir confines . . . will some day be a leading obsfefrician in 'lhe Bronx . . . has already become popu- larized in The "Journal." Diagnosis: Caesarean Seclion Happy Phiz HARRY A. PARLATO New Haven. Conneclicui' Universily ol Pennsylvania, B. A., l93l Alpha Phi Della. ALBERT DORIAN PARETS I0 Thorne Sireei Jersey Ciiy. New Jersey Cornell, A.B., i932 Bela Sigmag Ri Ho. America's Physician A Jerseyife who came lo New Yorlu lo be educalecl and 'fo meel 'lhe girl of his dreams lher name should be Pollyl who will conlinue 'lo leach. Has done nolhing 'For which we can condemn him and, as wilh, Cicero, silence here again shows asseni' and we 'Favor him lno gongl. Diagnosis Parroi"s Nodes Sfopped af Bellevue on his way norlh from Alabama . . . immediaiely won favor al' lhis insfilufion . . . his name sfruclr a no'l'e in ihe hearl of Dr. Kulisker . . . Parle-'lo us . . . will leave New Yorlc for New Brifon afler impressing us wifh his franlcness and congenialify. Diagnosis: Risus Sardinicus 86 IRVING RACHLIN 86 Easl' Zblh Sireel Brooklyn. New York N.Y.U.. B.S.. I932 ingenious Romancer Blonde-haired, blue-eyed companion 'lo Linder . . . adds an air of pro- 'Fessionalism lo l'ha'l combinaiion . . . chief exponeni' of 'Foreign dishes- Pizzeria, Chop Suey and Gefullie Fish . . . recommends fhe former 'For para- sifes of lhe la'Her. Diagnosis Hay-Hay Diei NORMAN REITMAN MILTON H. REDISH 478 Willoughby Avenue Brooklyn, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., l932 Presicleni' William Welch Socieiy: lil-lg Vice presidenl l3l. Morpheus Reiuvenanl' Addis, Fishberg and Redish, leaders of ihe Nephrilis Group for which he does all lhe se-dimenl counis of Addis . . . revels in urines colored by his name . . . wears his whife shoes for comforl U, . . . will speak lo you if he wanls informafion . . . will in- herii +he world when he comes of age. Diagnosis: Malignanf Encephalo- paih 622 Bergen Avenue Jersey Cily, New Jersey Rulgers, B.S., l 932 Beia lola Lambda: Phi Epsilon Pi: Phi Della Epsilon: Violel ll, 4l. NR 'ionighl fomorrow allrighl' Well-grounded in ihe fundamenfals he came 'ro Bellevue and from fhe onsel impressed us . . . enough fo place him on ihe serious list . . . feamed wifh Glushien as his righl man . . . can be found in 'l'he library combing 'ihe Iiferalure . . . conspicuous by his absence 'from fhe Bridge 'fables in 'l'he Lounge. Diagnosis: lWhol Caries 87 JOSEPH RICKLIN 58I Powell Slreei' Brooklyn. New York Universiiy of Michigan, A.B., I93I Jubilanf Ruminanf Brillianl' diagnosiician of ihe Pafhological Conference for which he 'look his rubbing and has become very quiei' and subdued. Lesser luminary of ihe Bridge Quarfei ai lhe 'Far en:.l of ihe Lounge. Diagnosis: Mal Peii-ia JULIUS SOSKIN RODIN HENRY YOUNG 6715 Easi I4O+h Sireer New York, New York N.Y.U., B.S., I932 Bela Lambda Sigma. Half Youlh Nimble fingers sei in mofion by any voice . . . quief and produciive . . . his noie books laid end 'lo end could pave Firsl' Avenue . . . once omi'r'fed a sniFFle in Dr. Frasar's lecfure which inferrupfed his flow of 'lhoughi' . . . if's a good fhing medical leciures are given for only 'Four years . . . is sfill 'iwo years behind in review . . . should insure his righi hand. Diagnosis. Hyperfrophied Broca's Area Il'95 Anderson Avenue New York, New York Cornell, A.B., i932 Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Bere Kappag Omicron Alpha Tau. Jusf Rig hi The 'thinker . . . ihoughi' his way fhrough medical school and made fhree menial deliveries on M3 al lhe same +ime . . . lwo in bed and one on 'Phe delivery 'lable . . . meiiculous clolhes bu+ pediculous songs . . . will confinue fhe former buf drop The laifer as G.P. lGeneral Pracfiiionerl. Diagnosis: Rodin Ulcer 88 NATHAN N. ROOT l84 Clarkson Avenue Brooklyn. New York Derfrnoufh, A.B., I933 Phi Bela Kappa: Gamma Alpha: Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Delia Epsilon. NR ionighr, 'lomorrow Fein Known only fo his infimaies, his name has always been engraved in gold . . . firsi on a placque, now in our hearis . . . will join +he While of Washingion +o become 'lha counierpari of fhe New England Whife and Rool' . . . Success 'io you. Diagnosis: P.D.E. iPsycho Dis- ease Eradicaiorl ABNER ROSEN l38-46 Hopkinson Avenue Brooklyn. New York N.Y.U.. B.S., I933 Alaerrani Remnani' Gullible, vulnerable possessor of fhe brush . . . lniending Dermaiologisl . . . diagnoses lesions fha? he has never seen . . . speaks wi+h a souihern drawl which bespeaks his educafion . . . a Brooklyn Yankee. Diagnosis: Hirsufism DAVID MILTON ROSEN I49 Sumner Avenue Brooklyn, New York Docile Recepfor Columbia. A.B.. i932 Was awakened from his leihergy land incidenfally awakened usl by his abili+y io reproduce ai will fhe U.S.P. X . . . fhe demon of Drugs and Docfors . . . anofher of 'ihe 'few on fhe serious lisi . . . Keeps if so silenf in fhe bowling alleys you can hear fhe pins drop. Diagnosis: Did'ia Talus 89 DAVID HARVEY ROSS 2 Thayer Slreei' New York, New York N.Y.U,, B.S.. I93l Caducean: Phi Bela Kappa: Alpha Lambda Sigma: Sigma Omega Psi: Violei Daring Romeo Spends his iime beiween Beih Israel and Bellevue lNursing Schooli . . . Chairman of all fheir dances . .. aggressive ,polifical medico +hwarred only by Gennis . . . has covered ren 'ihousand miles as News Tourisi' look- ing for rhe iaundiced Chinaman. Diagnosis: Super Ego. LESTER D. ROTHMAN JEROME C. ROTHGESSER IZZ Mapes Avenue Newark, New Jersey C.C.N.Y.. B.S.. I932 Violer Jersey's Riddle Aggressor Rofhgesser, 'rhe man of many facie: . . . one for each pipe and has a collecfion . . . will confinua his pipe dreams ai Newark General 'l'o The funes Yoskalka af 'Phe Consulirl . . . par+ly responsible for ihe picfure effecis of 'rhis edirion. Diagnosis: Phofophobia 723 Empire Boulevard Brooklyn. New York C.C.N.Y.. B.S., 1932 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Omega Psi: Violel i3, 4lg Phoiography Edilor Ligh+-headed Rackefeer Man on fhe horse in fhe baby picfures . . . goi aff his horse in iime 'lo help "pic+ure" ihis Violef . . . masfer of fhe camera, crammer of grammer. We never realized inor did hel how efficienfly he could drive his subordinafes . . . will probably bludgeon juniors while a+ Harlem Hospifal and faire 'l'ha+ insfifufion our of +he black. Diagnosis: Double Refragile Body 90 HAROLD S. RUBIN l64I 48rh Slreel Brooklyn, New York Penn Sfaie, B.S., i932 Befa Sigma Rho: Phi Delia Epsilon: Violei' ll, 2, 3, 4l, Assisfanf Edifor l3l: Ediior Hail Rex lof Queens Generall Rubin and his Violefs . . . for 4 years he has nurfured fhem fo pro- duce fhis book . . . he dreamed of if as a freshman and now he realizes il. ln addifion he found fime fo devofe himself fc Medicine and Pediafrics . . . feeds children Paragoric because fhey can'f hif back and of course his Pruni Virginibus makes lpecac less obiecfionable land humorousl. Diagnosis: Violefious Color ARTHUR RUSKIN 397 Norlh Avenue New Rochelle, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., 1932 Phi Befa Kappa: Deparimenl' of Therapeufics. All Russian lnferprefeur of Chopin and Scho- penhauer . . . fakes himself quiie seriously . . . made a social funcfion ouf of Psychiafry and broughf girls fo"lhe mafinee performance, where fhey learned fhe fallacy of conven- fions Q . . afoasf fo fhim. Diagnosis: Holland Ruslclinl CARL SCHILLER I534 48rh Sfreef Brooklyn, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., I932 Sigma Omega Psi: Secrelary of House Commiflee. Corpulenf Secrefary The rofund scribe of fhe lecfure nofe syndicafe lHoch, Wolfman and Weissl . . . descendanf of Nero, sleeps while The lecfure fumes . . . has -the highly developed faculfy for sleeping soundly and faking lecfure nofes verbafim al' i'he same fime . . . from Sinque Tesi' af Bellevue 'io Pafhologisf af Cumberland . . . how fhe mighiy have fallen. Diagnosis: Narcographia 9l LOUIS SCHNEIDMAN 705 Monlgomery Sireei N.Y.U., B.S., I933 Caducean. Lighf Sleeper Lillipufian Bibliophila, 'lhrows a fil every fime a new ediiion comes oui . . . +hinlcs fhe cumulaiive index is Iighi reading and should come oui ofiener . . . losi many 'friends because of his meniholafed cigareH'es . . . . . . LiH'le man. whai' now? Diagnosis: Schulfz' Anglemlina. SOLOMON J. SELIKOFF JACK SCHULTZ 843 Easf l0+h Sireel Brcolclyn, New Yorlc N.Y.N., B.S.. l933 Caduceang Alpha Omega Alpha. Jusl' Sialling Sees all, knows all, hears every- lhing . . . never found -lo err . . . lnoi sol sileni' pariner +o Siais . . . differs from him in fha? he is less api 'lo disagree wifh leclurers . . . will some day be chief Hemalologisi. Diabelic, Cardiologisi, efc., for Brook' lyn affer rounding ou? al Lincoln. Diagnosis: Schulh' Ang lem l ima Sl Bay 22nd Srreei' Brooklyn, New York C.C.N.Y.. B.S.. I932 s.s.E. 1 1 Class conscious clinical clerk, believes Billrolh was a surgeon . . . is 'rracing ihe' rise of venous pressure from infaniry 'io adullery . . . inieresled in gaseous exchange, eifher wi'll1 Gennis or 'lhe Cardiac pafienis. Diagnosis: Selicosis 92 LOUIS SHAPIRO 29ll Barnes Avenue Bronx, New York N.Y.U.. B.S.. I'?3I Lounge Sharper Social lion ofSec1'ion I, he has been 'iransferred fo fhe dark . . . always ready 'lo help a damsel in disfress lor disfress a damsell . . . wha+ is fhis power you have? . . . in addifion he was chosen +o represenf Bellevue Casino ai' 'The Olympics . . . will play cards ai' The slighlesi- provocaiion . . . was once caughi' playing wilh a pa- lienl wi1'h codeine as 'ihe sfakes. Diagnosis: Omnipolenf DAVID E. SILBERMAN CHARLES Z. SIEGEL 537 Miller Avenue Brooklyn, New York Cornell. A.B., l929 Phi Della Epsilon. Conslanr Siude Assis+anl seciion leader of Secfion F . . . buf we don"l' hold ihai' againsi him . . . goi' so in+eres+ed in orlho- pedic obsfefrics 'l'ha'r he correcfed a club fool' on a breech presenfafion before he realized where he was . . . will see fhaf all she ciiizens of Queens will walk slraighl. Diagnosis: Sea-gull Murmur ll70 Sherman Avenue Bronx, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., l9297 Columbia, M.A., i932 Ari' Ecliior Violel' Daunfless Simian Believes fhere is an allergy lo everyfhing buf playing cards . . . speni his firsi' 'lwo years becoming desensifized so ihal- he could come oui' from behind 'lhe mask . . . +hinks pilonidal cysfs are allergic manifesiafions . . . rum-male 'lo Fishman, who iaughi' him io doubf everyone, especially insiruciors. Diagnosis: Hippocrific Facies 93 CAROLYN SILBERMAN 423 Easi' l4Oll'1 Slreei' New York, New York Barnard. A.B., i932 Class Secreiary IZ, 4l. Charming Secre+ary The heroine who has 'Fallen info 'ihe clufches of ihe bemousfached villain . . . should do righf by 'Phe guy and marry him or are we 'loo iafel . . . . . . bubbling over wifh radianf song . buf why gild i'l1e lily? ' Diagnosis: Plumber-Winsome Syn- drome , J. DONALD SMITH L. HERBERT SKLUTH 35?I DeKalb Avenue New York. New York N.Y.U., B.S.. 1935 Harmless Sfudeni' Poker-face companion ai' large . . . came from ihe Heighis 'io 'rhe depihs iof 26'rh Sfreefi . . . makes diagnoses in ihe somnolenl sfaie ai 'ihe Amphi- iheaire . . . will carry 'ihe 'Porch oi ligh+ fo Harlem. Diagnosis: Aphonia IZ9 Wesl 69l'h Sireel New York, New York Alabama. A.B., i932 Befa Theia Phig Phi Chi Jocular Smile Uncle Don of fhe landed arisfocracy . . . playboy of +he wards . . . likes 'fo ,ri-de liHle Joe and Jack, ihe "parlor pinlxs" . . . aided and abe-Hed by Jackson . . . will coniinue his pleasanl' ways among ihe pleasanl' surroundings of Lenox Hill. Diagnosis: Hippocampus 94 SYDNEY FRANKLYN SMITH I563 Si. John Place Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U., B.S., i932 Spanish Sioreador Whal was your name before you became a bull-'lighfer . . . frufh is he was born wiih if . . . has never 'Failed lo disagree even if only on general principles . . . +he original Doubling Thomas of Medicine, anfi- 'lhesis of sfooge . . . 'lhis picfure somehow doesn"r look like him . . . Oh, yes, 'rhe pipe is missing. Diagnosis: Diminishing Disiension DANIEL STATS STANl.EY E. SOLOMON 675 Easl' 223rd Sireel Bronx, New York N.Y.U., B,S., i932 Phi Beia Kappa: Beia Lambda Sigma. S.S.E. 3 Came wirh honor and leaves wilh a knowledge of 'lhe honors of bridge . . . look him six monihs lo learn how lo gel info a vein buf 'iook 'lo SYN like a duck 'lo wafer . . . uses 'ihe Gubner 'lechnique now and will infro- duce 'the laffer 'io Befh israel. Diagnosis: Spade Hand 3045 - 35'ih Sireel Long Island Ciiy, New York C.C.N,Y., B.S., l932 Alpha Omega Alpha Done Sfafl His clear way of presenfafion bespeaks 'rhe orderliness of his mind . . . one of fhe popular "in'rellec+s," a regular guy willing 'fo sfop and answer quesiions . . . can also fake if as shown by his reacfions io 'lhe iibes of cerfain medicine insfrucfors . . . will sludy Diabeies a+ anofher hospifal . . . Chicago's biggesf "eveni"' since 'lhe World's Fair. Diagnosis: Basophilic Slripling ' 95 ' BERNARD STEMPEL 577 Ralph Avenue Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U., B.S.. i932 Brilliani Siudenf Broolclyn's peace offering 'io +he Bronx . . . will leave God's couniry 'for ihe pursuif of knowledge land we hope happinessi . . . sees all, hears all, knows all, bui' despiie all his hair grows luxurianily over his busy mind. Diagnosis: Disner GEORGE H. STUECK, Jr. 3I5 Spring Avenue Ridgewood, New Jersey Princeion, B.S., l93I Geiiing Sioui' The Princefon boy wiih 'ihe bon 'ion haircui, famous 'For his grimaces . . . Sfocky Siueck, fhe biochemisis re- nown of 'ihe class . . . coniinued wiih medicine io 'rhoroughly undersfend 'ihe philosophy of chemisiry and 'Phe efiecis of emoiions on fhe blood sugar. Diagnosis: Gaucho's Disease ALEXANDER TEROWS KY l708 Easr 2nd Sireef Brooklyn. New York N.Y.U., B.S., i932 Phi Beia Kappa: Cadeucean. Amphony Tympani .. Couni' Terry, 'Phe Siberian Ambassador fo Bellevue, where he found ihe condifions similar in many respecfs . . . excepi' ihaf blood counis and urines are noi' rouiine in Siberia . . . a sfaunch believer in parihenogenesis, he would have all women baihe in The hyperionic salf wafers of Coney Island fVide J. Loebi. Diagnosis: Schimmelwursi' Disease 96 ALEXANDER THOMAS 890 Elsmere Place New York, New York C.C.N.Y.. B.S., i932 Phi Baia Kappa: Alpha Cmeqa Alpha. All There Our candidafe fo fl-ie hall of fame . . . well-rounded and culfured and incidenfally knows his medicine . . . averyfhing he does he does +horough- ly lexcepi' casinol . . . we expecl' 'io hear from him in subsequenl' Mounl Sinai Bullefins. Diagnosis: Regular Sinai Rhyihm EMANUEL WACHTEL FRANK DAVID VALENTI ZI34 Lafonfaine Avenue ' Bronx, New York N.Y.U., B.S., 1933 Bzfa Lambda Sigma. Flaming Violei' ' Band-leading playboy of ihe wards . . . weni' 'lhrough 4 years in a good naiured, happy way wifhoul' geH'ing a headache . . . learned aboui' women in Gynecology, Obslefrics and Psychiafry and has come 'lo fhe con- clusion fhaf 'lhey are a social neces- siiy and you can'+ live wifh fhem or wilhouf lhem. Diagnosis: G. P. lGrand Personl 645 Alabama Avenue Brooklyn, New York Phi Bela Kappa: Alpha Ornega,Alpha7 Phi Lambda Kappa Effervescenf Welchii Hair on one side, fhe oulside . . . man of definife sfafemenl' . . . "Much of wha? you say is frue, much is new. Thai' which is new is noi frue, and fhaf which is frue is noi' new." "When I was al' Cumberland . . . " Will undoubfedly end up as a residenf lor inhabifanfl of ihaf hospifal. Truly a fine fellow. Curly fop...lmean... Diagnosis: Sinai Arresl' 97 RUDOLPH WAGNER 263 Easlarn Parkway Brooklyn. New York N.Y.U., B.S., l933 Phi Lambda Kappa. Rare Wine Anofher one of lhe allergy buys . . . plays 'ihe snufe in lhe glandular orcluesira . . . is now becoming de- sensilized lo his companions af Cum- Cumberland H. . . . +oo smarl 1-o be a clinical clerk so he became a iunior on Surgery . . . and didn'l' have 'io do any blood counls. Diagnosis: fTerpsil Chorea BERNARD WEISS l05 Vernon Avenue Brooklyn, Busy Worker MORTIMER WOLF WEBER I696 Carroll Sfreel Brooklyn, New York N.Y.U., B.S.. I933 Caducean: Alpha Omega Alpha. Mighfy Wonderful Worker Praciical mind of 'lhe Weber, Weiss. Wachfel ouffif . . . iall, impressive. sympalhefic exponenl' of logical lhink- ing . . . synergisfic in fhaf he is will- ing fo work hard wifh parfners . . . will make a fine inferne and clocior . . . Morrisania's cafch. Diagnosis: Unesseniial Hyperien- sion. New York Professor Weiss, 'lhe man who is never wrong and "correc+s" and conlra- dicis fhe very men who laugh? him . . . io know is one Thing, buf merely +o be- lieve one knows is anolher . . . To know is Science . . . Will some clay be rewarded for his persisience and by his pafienfs. Diagnosis: Boribori . 98 MOE WEISS 638 Warwick Sireel' N.Y.U.. B.S., I933 Caducean: Alpha Omega Alpha. Memory Wizard Owner of 'thai' pholographic mind, defail man of +ha+ +rio . . . quofes fooinofes verbaiim . . . as a freshman bewildered a ceriain anafomy insfruc- for by +racing lhe ureier io 'ihe in- guinal ring and oul' . . . popularized by Dr. Kulisker as ihe cloihing sales- man . . . "Sweede" has a fainf oi fhe euphoria which will blend well wiih Barne'H's ai' Brooklyn Jewish. Diagnosis: Capui' Quadraium BERNARD S. WOLF IOO7 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y.U.. B.S.. l932 MORTIMER WEISS 490 Jefferson Avenue Brooklyn, New York C.C.N.Y., B.S., I932 Sigma Omega Psi: William Welch Socieiy ll, 2, 3, 4l: Medical Violei i2, 3, 41: Associa+e Ediior Hi: Treasurer Sfudenl Council Hi: Vice- presidenl Maesfro Welch He worked on 'rhe index of cyano- sis on Chow dogs, buf came oui oi The blue inio The red lCongo and lnirai . . . also would like io know how high is hyperiension . . . came close 'ro finding oui one Sunday ailer eaiing ice cream on A6. Diagnosis: Phofographilia New York Phi Beia Kappa: Sigma Omega Psi: Alpha Omega Alpha Benign Wonder Thinks Nelson's sysiem a good oufline . . . was once aske-d 'io bring back fhe library . . . he is one wolf 'fhai' can'+ be kepi from 'ihe door . . . will spend his nexf year af Sinai sfuclying pafhology bu+ promises fo +each fha sfalii when he's residenf . . . Libman is geHing along in years. Diagnosis: Macrocephaly 99 BENJAMIN WOLFMAN 592 Easl 9Isl Srreel New York, New York CZ.C.N.Y., B.S.. i932 Sigma Omega Psi: Violel Brillianl' Worker Incorrigible creaior of ariful nofe- boolts . . . soff-sfepping, so'H'-spoken slimulalor of Soporilic Schiller . . . learned li'H'le affer his 'rhird year . . or so if seemed affer 'rhe conference on Rheuma+ic Heari' Disease. Diagnosis: Schizophrenic Krihelei JACK SIGMUND YOSKALKA MAXWELL YABLONSKY S9 Van Ness Place Newark. New Jersey Cacluceang Phi Bela Kappa. Manic Youfh Bellevue's mid-brain preparaiion . . . congenial, convivial, bu+ puf in place by a cerlain Neurology inslruc- 'l'or. Laughs af 'lhe slighfesf provo- cafion, and oflen seized wiih con- vulsions wifh Mifch Goldsfein as 'lhe precipifafing agenl . . . will find his sfrayed corfical conlrol ai' Cily Hospifal. Diagnosis: Euphoric Breaihing 23 Schuyler Avenue Newark, New Jersey Caduceang Treasurer l2l: Siudenl Council Q21 JerSeY Fiddled his way info Bellevue . . . siudied medicine as a hobby and would be more happy in an arf quarfef . . . successfully acclimafed himself fo his hobby and fhinlns seriously of using il 'lo obfain his wherewiihal . Yoslrallra I936 fhrough l938. Diagnosis: Nosialgia . . Mariland and l00 HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS Joseph BaIIinger Bernard S. Davison Saul H. Fisher Irving J. Hanssmann Samuel Hoch B. Frank Jackson, Jr. Richard A. Jensen George H. Siueck, Jr. Margarei H. Tewksbury BELLEVUE-Four'I'h Division Elvira DeLiee Kal Freireich BETH EL Morfimer R. Camiel BETH ISRAEL Jerome S. CoIes Jacob Dordick Arihur H. Fleischman Bernard Levine S'ranIey E. Solomon BETH MOSES Mariin M. Calodney BRONX Sidney A. Fishman S'I'anIey F. Goldman Abraham Kahane Bernard Srempel BROOKLYN JEWISH CITY Theodore BarneH' S. Joseph Selikoff Moe Weiss Julius H. Beckwifh, Jr. Francis M. BenedeHo James T. Carlino Dominick F. Chirico James H. CuIIen MiII'on Kan+or Max S. Yablonsky CUMBERLAND IOI George R. Gersi' Herman B. Kahman Carl SchiIIer Rudolph Wagner FORDHAM George A. Del MonI'e Charles Fromm Gino L. Giorgini Nafhan B. Hirschfeld Frank Marus David H. Ross GOUVERNEUR Mi+cheI G. Goldsiein Simon Kove GRASSLAN DS Arihur Ruskin GREENPOINT Ema nueI H. Feiring HARLEM Jacob A. ArIow Ar'I'hur Barrh Lesier D. Rorhman L. Herberi SkIuIh Frank D. VaIen+i Henry Young ISRAEL ZION Murray Abrams Seymour S. Jacobson JOINT DISEASES Seymour P. Jaslow Irving Rachlin KINGS COUNTY Arrhur S. Glushien Phiiip N. Grenley Richard S. Gubner Jacob A. Mishkin LEBANON LENOX HILL Bernard Lapan IIona H. Heiman J. D. SmiI'h LINCOLN Harold A. Bergner Edward GoIds'I'ein Alfred Lachferman Frank L. Morion Alberi' D. Parers Norman Reiiman Jacob P. SchuI'I'z Louis Shapiro MONTEFIORE MICHAEL REESE, Chicago, III. David Silberman Daniel STaTs MORRISANIA MARY HITCHCOCK MEMORIAL, Samuel Bloom Hanover, N. H. Hem-Y 5. Gureasko Bernard P. Cunningham Carolyn Silbermann NEWARK CITY Mo,-fimer W. Weber Jerome C. RoThgesser JBCTC S. Yoskalka Alexeineer Themes NEW BRITAIN. New smsin, Conn. Emanuel WachTel Ha,-ry A, Pa,-lafo Bernard S. Wolf ST. JOSEPH'S, Paferson. N. J. NORWEGMN James P. Curran Grace A. AITenau POST GRADUATE ST. MIZHAEL S, Iglepark, J. MiITon H. Redish eorge ' Gee QUEENS GENERAL BETH ISRAEL, Newark, N. J. Pasquale A. CioFFi Jack Levin Eugene M' Hellele JERSEY CITY MEDICAL CENTER Harold S- Rubm Alphonse Di Maio Charles Siegel KANSAS CITY GENERAL ST. CATHERINE Ed d W. CI- John J. Kaicher war me ST. VINCENT-S STATE oT WISCONSIN GENERAL Madison, Wisconsin William C. Giordano Ursula J Roche Orville J. LighThizer SYDENHAM NORTH HUDSON HOSPITAL Hilliard Dubrow Max Brewman UNITY HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES GENERAL S. F. SmiTh Archie LanTkin ROUNDS WITH SECTION G A FOURTH SURGERY: Why do Tellows call This a vacaTion? . . . We remember doing a urine oncel Remember Those balmy summer aTTernoons . . . aT ManhaTTan Beach. I wonder who used To sign in Tor all oT us . . . and why iT was sToppecl . . . and aT'Ter iT was sTopped iT didn'T seem To make any diTTerence anyhow . . . I wonder? Grand rounds on Wednesdays where everyone wished he had broughT his roller-skaTes along . . . where iT Took Two minuTes To go Through a ward and Two hours Tor The nurses To clear up The shambles aTTerwards . . . Oh, ThaT was The day when- We examined each case wiTh minimum care And followed wiTh busTle and sTriTe. And The muscular sTrengTh iT gave To our calves Will lasT us The resT oT our life. THIRD SURGERY: PleasanT recollecTions . . . mass meeTings To geT each and every clinical clerk a privaTe secreTary . . . who reads all ThaT Terrible scripT anyhow? lespecially Yablonsky'sl . . . BuT we have To Thank Miss Joyce Tor ge'Hing permission To allow us To doTT our lab coaTs on Those swelTering days . . . and who will TorgeT Miss STeinschneicler, wiTh The paTience oT a sainT, who recalled all our clinical paThology ' Ioz lo us and shooed away lhe spies from Fourlh Surgery . . . and lhe relined hoop jump- ing ably slaged by Dr. Kulisker . . . lhe poelical presenlalion ol life and surgery by Dr. Sam Slandard . . . lhe causlic kindness ol Dr. Livingslon . . . lhe palience ol Dr. Bogalko . . . and lhe hosl ol olhers who go lo make up lhe linesl slalf any hospilal ever had . . . Those clear and lucid Friday Clinics pul belore us wilh lhe liness and aplomb ol a P. T. Barnum by Dr. Wrighl . . . lhese will linger long. OBSTETRICS: Those long arclic nighls . . . how lhey seemed lo fly when we were busy and lo drag when we were nol . . . and who was always prying who oll lhe lable in lhe discharge room? . . . Smiling Miss Copeland always in good humor . . . and lhe Misses Nell and Bradford-living examples lhal hope springs elernal-hoping lhal some day, somewhere, some clinical clerks would keep lhe lab clean . . . Miss Mosey who was always llilling aboul . . . and Miss Bookmiller, lhe diamond in lhe rough, wilh lhe hearl ol gold, was observed lo smile once . . . al a baby . . . al which lhe varnish cracked off her cheeks . . . we knew all along lhal il wasn'l real . . . Coles fumbling praclically every pass amid lhe cheers ol lhe gallery . . . and lhe cheering squad in lhe gallery exhorling "Oh molher will you please bear down" lo lhe lune ol When Israel was in Egypl Land . . . who will ever lorgel. GYNECOLOGY: Reminds you ol lhose old fashioned "meller-drammers" where everylhing has been galhering lor lwenly years and suddenly comes lo head one nighl . . . ol course your .nighl . . . crossing lhe avenue, dark and chill, 'nealh lhe lighl ol lhe pale slars . . . an incomplele aborlion lo greal lhe rosy dawn . . . cries reaching us 'From our aberranl-minded brelhren on 29lh Sl .... lhoughllul Miss Flood pulling signs around lhe classroom . . . Did anyone ever gel a shock? . . . charming Miss Okerwall who kepl a breeze going even on lhose hol days wilh lhose whizzing slrelchers . . . beds and slrelchers lilled down lhe hall and orderlies making room on lhe slairs and chandeliers when word comes up lhal lhe ward has been closed . . . brighl-eyed Miss Marlin being dubbed Boslon by lhe palienl . . . and cheery "Tools" who never seemed lo have any olher name . . . Was lhere ever a Balcony 6 like ours? . . . Social life in lhe lab while wailing on line lo do a blood counl . . . millions ol ESR's and lhal lirsl, during which we developed paroxymal cerebellar alaxia and were more scared lhan lhe palienls . . . and where praclically every donor lhal was needed in a hurry had a four plus Wassermann . . . So long, GYN, we are going lo miss youllll MEDICINE: Lair ol lhe Dean and Dr. Connery . . . where organizalion reaches lhe peak ol elliciency . . . and lhe Sinque Tesl lor urine is mosl assiduously frowned upon . . . Home ol lhe Special Sheels Deparlmenl and woe belide you il lhey are nol filled . . . where lhe inconvenience ol ealing ice cream on lhe wards is mosl force- lully poinled oul . . . slirrings ol lhe old desires lor a privale secrelary again . . . lo sorl ol help oul wilh lhe wriling . . . busy lrom morn lill nighl-clinics, conler- ences, blood counls, urines . . . vain schemes for division ol labor li.e. gelling anolher clinical clerk lo do il lor youl . . . our lirsl conlacl wilh acule and chronic Krud and lhe Moldavian Pip and olher such common rare diseases . . . who knows lhe quanlila- live lesl lor lhe urea in urine? . . . who knows . . . aw, whal's lhe use . . . Our besl regards lo lhe girls in lhe ollice . . . good-nalured and obliging . . . and helpful as an oasis in a weary land lo lhe lired and bewildered clinical clerk . . . lrying lo impress lO3 fhe pafienfs wifh your knowledge . . . condescending fo say hello fo fhe nurses lwifh a professorial airl . . . being deflafed by a cerfain liffle professor we all know and admire . . . fhaf's fhe heady wine fo make fhe odd momenfs pass . . . rushing around fo gef signafures for consulfafions . . . will we ever gel' fhrough? . . .gee, 'lhaf ice Cream Sl-Ire 'l'r3S'l'eCl good . . . whal' we had of if . . . and lesf we forgef: ,,,, ,-,,,, , V Do your blood counfs every day Keep your needle brighf Work up your pafienf carefully Even if if fakes all nighf. lf usually does. SPECIALTIES: Hickory dickory clock . . . Schilder fo Krida fo Brock . . . up we ride and down we run . . . we never have fime fo wock . . . Urology, Home of 'lhe Greafly Enlarged Tesficle . . . somefhing fo fell our grandchildren af bed fime lif fhey'll believe us . . . honesfly, you wouldn'f believe if, buf we saw one wifh fhe lef- fers GRAF ZE-painfed on lfhe resf, unforfunafely, was losf fo posferify as if was quife dark in fhaf corner of fhe rooml . . . lisfen, don'f walk away . . . we saw . . . well, if THAT'S fhe way you feel abouf if . . . can you fell 'lhe difference befween a Schizonoid and a Habepressive . . . af lasf we found fhe lnferprefeur ldeale for fhe Jabberwocky which puzzled Alice and us so much . . . "Twas brillig and 'lhe slifhy foves" is no longer a wonderland fo us . . . if YOU wanf fo find ouf you'll have fo go fo Psych fo find ouf . . . here you are ladies and genflemen . . .line forms fo fhe righf . . . fhe only fickefs wifh fhe healfh-giving Vifamin W . . . Don'f you know whaf Osgood-SchlaH'er's disease is, docfor? . . . or Legg-Perfhe's? . . . or fhe Schimmelpfeffer-Reichsfagbundrafhaus syndrome? . . . Whaf did Marie Sfrumpel die of? . . . lwe didn'f even know fhal' she was sickl . . . passing 'lime by diagnosing weak feel' on lhe passers by . . . a vague nosfalgia la good word we heard somewhere, buf haven'f had 'rhe 'lime fo look upl creeps lover as does if ifch, docfor?l and we secrefely pine fo do a urine once more lOh yeah?l . . . even a diabefic urine l?????l . . . buf we musf refrain unfil fhe monfh is up . . . does Syringomyelia increase or de- crease ifching? . . . or is if Myofonia Congenifa? . . . we're sure if's one of fhese . . . well, af any rafe, we feel we've learned a good deal . . . sorry fo leave you-ail. PEDIATRICS: Land of fhe free and home of fhe braf . . . where only fhree MUSTS rule--musf eaf, musf sleep, and musf move your bowels every morning affer break- fasf . . . Shades of Pavlov and his condifioned reflexes which seem fo sfalk along fhese wards, why do all fhe kids cry as soon as a clinical clerk draws near . . . did you ever gef fhe feeling fhaf if would be easier fo gef blood from a sfone fhan from some of fhese babes . . . from fhe emphasis which has recenfly been placed on sfools if has seemed fo us fhaf a liffle research mighf nof be amiss . . . fhis is whaf we found ..... Sfool. Sfool. Beaufiful sfool Whaf would you do if a child had fwol? Oose movemenfs of a golden gruell Would you send fhe babe fo school? and Big brown sfools in liffle round pofs Some like 'em cool and some like 'em hof Will you have yours loose or fighf? Enema by morning, cascara by nighf. IO4- MSW ohm o o o oo o Q 'VW o Chorngcm ', +2 o o ' l qiQ3l b'1-'B A' i ooo o o Horse 'H Bloom Lighi Horse Les P,-ev oo o 2,4 dqzfvlfv 7 603522125 swf . ,,f ,, .,,..,, W W- t H ,N , V .L - - . , , 1 ,, , w 1 ,' 1 1. , '--Jwzgcxii. ' ' ' ' . - . ' V W , 1 ' ' 'fzgsmsii ' ' " g ' , ,go ' ' ' . , l05 31- ' ig xx Q-Q, an xxx xxx M2 H' x' ,xx"fgg5"H E M xx 1' N334 1 "Af: WEEE ' H x x W4 xx x ,x " x x xxx xxx xikxx-px' xxx xl' " x x x WF xxx? Qaxx' 'zjxlxx M' ' Q X N ' -M xx 31' xx " Hxxigf: 'Az-1 xx f ' Q xx x xwxxx xx 3, x"' Vu x. xxx as ' xv! Hxgmwxx xxu xx, Www M Mx M !Hxxh,.x:hxx,M uw x W- " xx .xg ' K: xx . A, gi LW xxx xxxx xx xx! x :px xx, .. .xx H K 5 5 W' mx, - W xx M" ,. Won.. - 5 22255 Q ,- 1 " NA., x- S , , . N x 'if-A: ' ' ' f THE vlnuzr lPHlLMf!IAD E xx EE. ,xxx xg.. x. ., .-, .-.,-,, , W V, Jw ,AE Wim xx x e f, 'xx 5 M 4??2.x,:,f1iLe. -N -. 1 xx fx '- if xp, ",J.5ga52:g,.xf' 1 'fix' My '- L W-xgxx "QW, x-:Ii --f-'S ' W ' 'x - L-AW' '4 " ' , , xl 5-L--x f 1 ' M ff m? ggi in-12: wx , xv jg? X, 1 xxxi x 'H,5i'F'a5sj!' ix xxx sm ., i- M -.X -V X m"f"'w ' LJ . ' rhlzlx W sn xx H H xx.. Wx H .xxx x n x' :fr x x xx xx xx w xx xi, .. gsm x x Wy x xxx x xxx Hxx M mx x x xxx H J' x x 7 7 xxgfg xx 5 ' xxx x' fifffx SJC? -:xx 5 xx 3 x 7 W 1 Elm I x xxx ,ix N, 'xxx in 55: x xx Wg: xxx 1 x V i K 4 x ,,. x VC- x x x 5 x xxx IO6 HERMAN KATZMAN RICHARD S. GUBNER SAUL FISHER NATHAN GOLDSTEIN WILLIAM HOFFMAN DAVID E. SILBERMAN LEONARD ROSENFELD HAROLD S. RUBIN Edifor-in-Chief Associafes BERNARD DAVISON Assis+a n+ Con+riI:u+ors SEYMOUR H. RINZLER HERBERT B. HOLLEB ARTHUR RUSKIN MORTIMER R. CAMIEL Business Manager Assis'I'an'rs Ari' EcIi'Iors LOUISE SUFFERN AssisI'an+s JEROME C. ROTHGESSER LESTER ROTHMAN I07 Phofography EcIi+ors EUGENE M. HOLLEB Chairman Violei' Dance MORTIMER WEISS ALEXANDER THOMAS HERMAN MEYERSBURG JOSEPH FEIBUSCH SEYMOUR W. MEYER BENJAMIN WOLFMAN ALFRED LACHTERMAN MILTON GREENBERG V , 11 1 .11 V, 11 , , . 4 M .161 1 :rf-iv 1 1111. 1 1 1 1 1 11551 11 OQi0ber15f211f5O Gc 1 ' 1 1 . l-1 L41' 1 L4 l08 7:30 nm' 0.15. A l W Q. Q J 132,305 0-M-T ' I r E I I 1 I, 5 i. gl . 1 , . . Lg- -. 1 - I09 3 , MH lfii- E- , 'E """W1w "wif m " 5 5 H " as 1 H M uzefsszeg :Sa yu uw f,, ,, W H ' mf V if ,. u m . ww , 11 uw H 4 ' mv- N 1,1 Mm ., f say ,, H- . www M mm M - , ,H Liss . W..,,, . 1 kziiw- ' ' , 'M 3 xywlwx uw ssigigwwxvm N laqiguu uw wwwmwuwg, 2221225 ww wa. M H H111 N H Wu: w H Q 9 W , K xi I '-- F 57? 5. 12 1: ' mf . x :5 H ,V " 2' ' H ,ww ,iff .-. N, t:.::,V:-,lfLv 55:54 JY! -LLTATL1, J --M V . Q, M, ,V,,,A,,,-,1-V ,. , UM 1-.- .VY ,W-Y - -4 1--.--V V VW- - VV--V-VVVV-V------- V V V THIRD YEAR CLASS HISTORY Foley Rosenfeld We can remember clearly Drl Wy- ckoflvs address fhe firsl' day of our firsl' year-l'he merry-go-round from which many of us would sfumble, and Dr. Wrigh+'s liHle fall: abouf our fufures as members of The medical profession. The grind began soon afferg Dr. Can- non warned us aboul' fhe piffalls of his course, and of fhe difficulfies which he would sei' before us. Dr. Smi1'h's lec- fures on embrvology and 'l'he liHle 4 p.m quizz secfions in Anafomy. The examin- afions wifh fheir fafalifies and friumphs: 'lhen physiology-bicycles, Douglas bags, sfefhescopes, Haldane machines and +he privafe oral exams. Every one was quife serious in fhose days, fierce and hecficg fhe finals: one fhird of fhe class led +o fhe slaughfer, and many of fhal' num- ber . . . The second year llvlaior sporf-Bridgel found our ranks quife fhinnedg more physiology, where we learned Dr. Can- non's chemisfry and more, Pafhology- Dr. Graef and company enfhusiasfically sfarling ouf wifh a clean slafe lToo en- fhusiasfically for some of us, perhaps,- Dr. Wilelns wending his weary way a- mongsf us, occasionally even appearing +o hurry, and infrequenfly approaching fhe miraculous speed of a wall:-Dr. Smifh, H3 Miss Siegel Kahn wi'l'h his hurried humor, and remarkable fendencies in fhe lecfures of fhe deparf- menl--fhe plaguey ping-pong ball in Dr. Graef's lecl'ure???? Pharmacology: Dr. Wallace's invigorafing lecfures, Dr. Bodo's laborafory seminars and Mario's dogs. Bacferiology, dominafed by Dr. Klosferman, running rampanf in our midsf, challenging all and sundry fo a good old drink of Tefanus 'loxing bugs everywhere. Our disjoinfed immunology course, which sfarfed nowhere and ended wifh 'I'he year. Some smafferings in fhe background-Dr. Walker's sur- gery secfions, spicy iokes which have be- come more or less legendary and are passed fo each succeeding class-We learn some medicine as a side line: phy- sical diagnosis and fhe secfions across The sfreef as a sample-Dr. Ralli enfers 'rhe scene. Then over ihe hurdles again fo Our fhird year llvlaior sporf-Hearfsl which began quiefly enough. The 'rrips fo fhe rofolacfor, fhe genfle cows, fhe serum horses, fhe sewage planf lOh boyll New blood in our veins. The clinics and fhe morning sessions across fhe sfreef, our firsf fasfe of real medicine- "Why are we inferesfed in Hearf Dis- ease?" fBeH'er lmow fhaf nexf year foo, you forgefliul ones.l The five o'clock fea sessions, where 'Ihere's many a slip 'lwixl' +he cup and +he lips-+he seleci' group which mel' quile regularly a'r 9:I0 every morning in 'lhe lounge lo discuss ma'H'ers of medical economics, wilh reliable fig- ures quolecl fo show 'ihal' every hour of lec+ure cosl' exacfly 5.75, remember? We mighl' forgei abouf lhe youngsfer who 'lhoughl' +he insirucfor mighi quiz on someihing aboul' which he was more 'Familiar and aboul' lhe ofher who found 'lhal' supporlive measures mighl' include olher 'rhings besides 'irussesg and, Oh yes, Wallingfon and his iaundiced Chinaman. The year has been full of social successes -dances, social evenings, special lec- fures, 'l'he 'irip +o Yale, and 'lhe bunch of examinafions affer 'lhe New Year's vaca- lion, which kep+ righl on coming l'For all we know, may be coming yell. Dr. Bull- owa's oxygen chamber al' Harlem-. Don"I- forgel Dr. Weinslein boys, and 'lhe open windows-'I'sk, isk. Whal' nex+?????? H. A. Meyersburg CLASS OF I937 HOWARD AGATSTON New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Psychialry Club HAIM AGUS Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Cacluceang Psychiairy Club ELMER A'LPERT New York Ciiy YALE. B.A., '33 Phi Dalia Epsilon: Sigma Alpha Mu LOUIS AMATO New York Cily N.Y.U.: ALABAMA, B.S., '33 Lambda Phi Mu BEATRICE B. BERLE New York Cify SORBONNE BACCALAUREAT, '2l: VASSAR. B.A., '237 COLUMBIA. '24 Phi Beia Kappa: Delia Sigma Rho WALTER BILOTTA Brooklyn, N. Y. . N.Y.U.. B.S., '33 Phi Baia Kappa: Lambda,Phi Mu DAVID BLUMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.-COLLEGE DENTISTRY, D.D.S., '25 N.Y.U., A.B., '34 Caducaan EMANUEL BLUMFELD New York Ciiy N.Y.U.. B.S., '35 Psychialry Club ROBERT M. BOGUE Lynbrook. N. Y. DARTMOUTH, B.A., '34 Alpha Kappa Kappa JOHN S. BRUCE Richmond Hill. N. Y, BROOKLYN COLLEGE, '33 IRVING A. BUNKIN Brooklyn, N. Y. VIRGINIA, B. S., '33 Phi Beia Kappa ROBERT CANAAN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., '33 Phi Lambda Kappa SEBASTIAN F. CASALAINA New York Ciiy COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '33 S+uden+ Council l2l KENNETH CATLAW Hackensack, N. J. N.Y.U.. B.S.., '33 Nu Sigma Nu NATHAN A. COHEN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Beia Kappa: Caducean SIDNEY M. COHEN Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA COLLEGE, B.A., '33 Phi Sigma Delia: House Commiifee WALTER B. CRANDELL Bronxville, N. Y. DARTMOUTH. B.A., '34 Alpha Della Phi: Alpha Kappa Kappa ARNOLD DAVIDSON New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 Psi Chi: Tau Epsilon Phi: William Welch Sociely V II4 CARMELO DE ANGELIS Morganiown, W. Va. WEST VIRGINIA, '32 Thela Kappa Psi JOHN N. DE HOFF Flushing, L. I. N.Y.U.. B.A., '34 Nu Sigma Nu EDGAR A. DIMOND Lamar, Missouri UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, B.A., '33: B.S., '34 Alpha Kappa Kappa: Della Tau Dalia MORRIS K. DINER New York Ci'Iy N.Y.U., B.S, '33 WILLIAM S. C. DOLAN Jersey Cily N. J. VILLANOVA, B.S., '33 Phi Alpha Sigma SOLOMON DRESNER Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '32 Caducean: Sigma Omega Psi LEONARD ECKMANN Yonkers, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 BENJAMIN EFFRON Poughkeepsie, N. Y. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, B.A.. Phi Delia Epsilon: Psychialry Club GEORGE F. EINTERZ New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Phi Alpha Sigma STEPHEN ELEK New York Cify COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A. EDWARD A. ESSEX, 3rd Ridgewood, N. Y. LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY, B.S., '32 SIDNEY M. FIERST Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U. THOMAS F. FOLEY Manchesler, N. H. MANHATTAN, B.A., '31 Nu Sigma Nu HOWARD A. FRANK Woodmere, L. I. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '34 BERNARD I. FREEDMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '33 Srudenl Council II5 SEELIG FREUND New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Sigma Omega Psi BARNEY M. FRIEDMAN New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 Violel IZI, I3l: Medical Bullelin I3I GERALD J. FRIEDMAN New York Cify N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Beia Delia: Sludenl Council PAUL S. FRIEDMAN New York Ciiy COLUMIBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '33 Phi Delia Epsilon MORTON GLADSTON New York Cily N.Y.U.. B.S., '32 ROBERT W. SANS Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Caducean Socieiyg Psychiairy Club IRENE A. GAWKOWSKI New York Cily HUNTER COLLEGE '33 ALMER T. GEORGE Whiie Plains, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A. MARTIN J. GERSON Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Beia Kappa AARON P. GEWANTER Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Beia Kappa: Beia Gamma Epsilon: Phi Delia Epsilon MEYER H. GOLDBERG Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma NATHAN GOLDSTEIN Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S. Alpha Mu Sigma: Violei Slafi III, IZI, I3I William Welch Sociefy: Medical Bullefin I3l STANLEY J. GOODMAN Jersey Cily, N. J. PRINCETON, B.A., '33 Phi Delia Epsilon MILTON GREENBERG Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. B.S., '32 Sigma Kappa Alpha: Violei' ill, i2I, I3I HERBERT GREENFIELD Newark, N. J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY. B.A., '33 Phi Bela Kappa TIBOR J. GREENWALT New York Cily N.Y.U., B.A., '33 Caducean: Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Della Epsilon JOHN J. HAGGERTY New York Cily HOLY CROSS, B.A., '33 Phi Alpha Sigma JAMES P. HAMMOND Tuscaloosa, Ala. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, B.A., '33 Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi PHILIP E. HENIG Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. '33 Phi Bere Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma LOUIS HIRSCH Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U.. '33 Psychology Club WILBUR G. HOLZ Valley Slream. N. Y. ALABAMA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '32 Phi Bela Pi JESSE HYMOWITZ Brooklyn, N. Y. DICKINSON, B.S., '33 Phi Lambda Kappa EDWIN W. JACOBSON Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S. MATTHEW H. JAFFE New York Cily N.Y.U.. B.S., '33 Alpha Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma SIDNEY KAHN New York Cily N.Y.U., B.A., '33 Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Lambda Sigma: Phi Della Epsilon: Class Presidenl Ill: Class Treasurer I3l IRVING J. KANE New Rochelle, N. Y. V LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY, B.S., '33 Tau Epsilon: Phi Della Epsilon: House Commiflee EUGENE KAPLAN Kew Gardens, L. I. DARTMOUTH, B.A., '33 Phi Della Epsilon ABRAHAM KATZ Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.A., '34 Caducean BENJAMIN KAUFMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '32 Sigma Omega Psi IVAN KEMPNER Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa ARNOLD F. KNUDSEN Brooklyn, N. Y. OHIO UNIVERSITY Nu Sigma Nu LEO WM. KOSTER New London, Conn. BROWN, Ph.B., '33 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Xi: Phu Della Epsilon Psychialry Club HERMAN S. KREMER New York Cily COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Phi Bela Kappa GEORGE KRIEGER Passaic, N. J. N.Y.U.. B,S., '34 Phi Bela Kappa SAMUEL LASOWITZ Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.S., '33 Caducean WILLIAM JOHN LENKOWSKI Walerbury. Conn. FORDI-IAM, B.A., '33 Phi Alpha Sigma PHILIP LIPTON Bronx, N. Y. Ol-IIO STATE UNIVERSITY BA 33 Phi Bela Kappa FRANCIS J. LOVELOCK New York Ciry HOLY CROSS, B.A., '33 Phi Alpha Sigma DANIEL LUGER Brooklyn, N. Y. BROOKLYN COLLEGE, BS 33 Alpha Omega Alpha: Sigma Omega Psi CHARLES J. McGOEY New York Cily HOLY CROSS, B.S., '33 Phi Alpha Epsilon PAUL MAGNUSON Manchesler, Mass. DARTMOUTI-I, B.A., '34 ARNOLD MANDEL New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.A.. '34 RAYMOND S. MEGIBONV Wesl New York. N. J. N.Y.U., B.A., '33 A Sigma Omega Psi HERMAN ARNOLD MEYERSBURG Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 Sigma Tau Phi IRVING T. MICHAELS New York Cily LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY, B.S., '33 Phi Delia Epsilon JESSE J. MICHAELSON New York Ciiy DARTMOUTH. B.A., '33 Phi Bela Kappa HENRY N. MILLER Beihleham, Pa. LEHIGI-I, B.A. NATHAN MITCHELL Brooklyn. N. Y. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. B.S. Phi Delia Epsilon ARMOUR MITTLEMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S. HENRY E. MORELLI New York Ciiy FORDHAM COLLEGE, B.A.. '33 Phi Alpha Sigma SOLI MORRIS Salem. Mass. COLBY COLLEGE. B.A.. '33 Phi Delia Epsilon MARTIN B. MURRAY Springfield, Mass. HOLY CROSS. B.A. Pi Alpha Sigma CHARLES NITZBERG Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 SAMUEL J. OBERS New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '33 SAMUEL PASTER New York Cify FORDI-IAM. Ph.G.I N.Y.U.. B.S. Caduceang Befa Lambda Sigma ALEXANDER W. PEARLMAN Brooklyn. N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. B.A.. '34 II7 D. DONALD PELLICIARI Albany, N. Y. UNION COLLEGE. B.A.. '331 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA BENJAMIN PHILLIPS New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 ABE PINSKY Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 Caduceany Sigma Omega Psi ROBERT F. PITTS New York Cily BUTLER COLLEGE. B.A., '29: JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSTY. Ph.D., '32 Phi Befa Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Della TI'1eI'a: Sigma Chi: Insfruclor in Physiology EDWARD PRESS Englishiown. N. J. OHIO UNIVERSITY, B.A. Cacluceang Violel' III LAWRENCE L. RACKOW Brooklyn. N. Y. PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE. B.S.. '33 Befa Sigma Rho: Alpha Pi Mu: Violei IZI. I3I ELLIOT RINZLER Passaic. N. J. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Caducean: William Welch Sociely HARVEY RINZLER Passaic, N. J. N.Y.U., B.S.. '34 Caducean Socielyg William Welch Sociely 'LAWRENCE ROOSE Pomona. N. Y. WASHINGTON 8: LEE UNIVERSITY. B.A.. '32 Phi Della Epsilon LEONARD ROSENFELD Brooklyn. N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 Phi Della Epsilon. Class Presidenl I3I: Violef I3l MURRAY ROSENTHAL Brooklyn. N. Y. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE. B.S.. '33 Phi Delfa Epsilon: Violel' Sfalif IZI: Medical Bullelin III Psychialry Club. '35 FRANCIS P. ROTH New York Cify COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. B.A.. '32 MILTON ROTHMAN New York Cify C.C.N.Y., '33 Phi Befa Kappa ADRIAN S. RUBIN New York Cify CORNELL, '33 Bela Sigma Rho: Psychology Club MARTIN U. RUDOY Arvern. N. Y. COLUMBIA UNVERSITY, B.A.. '33 ARTHUR M. SACKLER Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S. EDWARD SALMERI Woodridge, N. J. N.Y.U., B.S. Caducean: Lambda Phi Mu FREDERICK SCHMERER New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma HERMAN SCHNECK New York Cily JOHNS HOPKINS. B.A. IRVING SCHNEIDER New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '32 Phi Be'I'a Kappa JULIUS SCHNEIDER New York Cify N.Y.U., B.S., '33 William Welch Sociefy: Secreiary SIDNEY SCHNITT Brooklyn. N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '33 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Omega Psi LEONARD SCHWARZ Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean Socieiy HERMAN SCKOLNICK New York Cily N.Y.U., B.A., '34 HAROLD SEIDENSTEIN Larchmonf, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Bela Lambda Sigma MARGUERITE D. SHEPARD New York Ciiy BARNARD, B.A., 'Bl FRANCES SIEGEL Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 Class Secrefary Ill, l2l, l3l HAROLD SIEGEL Brooklyn. N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Tau Kappa Alpha HENRY SIEGEL New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa HERBERT SILBERNER Newark, N. J. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Bela Lambda Sigma SAMUEL SILVERMAN New York Oily N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Befa Kappa. Bela Lambda Sigma LEONARD V. SMILEY Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Delfa Epsilon WALTER SOLOMON Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 Phi Bela Kappa WALTER M. SONNENBORN Mi. Vernon, N. Y. JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY. B.A.. '33 Phi Delia Epsilon LAWRENCE L. SPITZER New York Ciiy UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, Phi Bela Kappa LESTER STEIN Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 Sigma Omega Pi SAMUEL STONE New York Cify N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa SAMUEL TABACHNICK Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '32 Sigma Omega Psi MORTON ROBT. TALISMAN New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma JACOB H. TURKEL Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '32 Phi Be+a Kappa DANIEL TWOHIG New York Oily MANHATTAN COLLEGE, B. S., '33 Epsilon Sigma Pig Nu Sigma Nu lCon'rinuecI on page l26l '3 HN Q21 MH 1 ww , ,U Um ,. , 2 Ryu H M S . O i SECOND YEAR CLASS HISTORY Feibush Kafz NE hundred and fifleen s'l'rong we carry on. We have made a long Odyssey lhrough 'lhe Scylla of Chemis+ry and +he Charybdis of Physiology. We have won a glorious ba'Hle againsi' our Analomies. Buf whaf of 'lhese glories? We enler 'lhe second year of our medical career realizing full well +he significance and weighl' of C-5ray's immorral line, "The paih of glory leads buf io The Graef." And 'There in pafhology were we led in'I'o +he inilial srages of hypochondriases by Glen Graef and his Carcinoma Orches- fra. We could wi'lh 'lhe greafesi' of ease, figuraiively and perhaps menlally, confraci' a new disease each week lwilh or wifhoul' exacerbalion or recrudes- cence +o suil' 'The individual +as'l'ei, for which a miraculous hebdomadal cure be eHec'I'ed in lime for anofher severe ai'- fack. A slighi change of 'Phe scene 'lo Bac- leriology where we speni our 'lime las Mrs. Kidd so aplly pufs ill in becoming familiar enough wi+h 'The Cocci and Bacilli 'Families fo call 'lhem by lheir firsl' names-Slaphlo, Sfrepfo, Typhosus, and so 'For'I'h. ln 'I'ru+h, some of us became so 'Familiar wi'rh fhese organisms as ro l2I Rinzler Schackman of+en 'Force Dr. Tyler 1'o give 'l'his appre- ciafed admonilion, "Don'+ 'forgel' 'lo wash your hands before you leave for lunch. We wan+ all rhose who began 'lhe course fo 'Finish if." Dr. Schaeffer lured us 'lo his lecfures by showing dou- ble 'fealure aH'rac1'ions consisling of slides and mo'l'ion pic'l'ures, and by offer- ing Pefri dishes +o all women a'H'ending. The course produced a 'Few budding Pylhagorases who by devising 'lheir own fheory of numbers in relaiion lo un- knowns caused 'l'he depar'l'men'l' 'lo ser- iously consider divulging 'lhe names of ihe organisms and requiring fhe number of +he suspension as 'lhe unknown. Physical Diagnosis broughl' on a wave of enfhusiasm over 'rhe purchase of our firsl piece of medical paraphernalia- fhe sielhescope. Numerous complainfs poured in from local homes over +he mu- filaiion and mislreafmeni' of kid brofhers by fheir very ambifious, percussing older brofhers. Came fime fo Trip +he lighl' faniasfic. Place: The Lounge. Dale: November 2, l935. A greai' success for fwo reasons: noi only was il well aH'ended buf second year men made up lhe maiorily of lhe gay crowd. By common consensus, 'Ihe class fa- vorile indoor and oufdoor spori' was found 'Io be Ihe carrying of our micro- scopes 'From 'Ihe 26'rh 'Io Ihe 28Ih Sfreei building, vice versa, and up four 'FIigh+s of sfairs on eilher side. Sid Kaiz was again al' fhe helm, his ALBERT M. SEYMOUR Brooklyn. N. Y. WESLEYAN COLLEGE, B. A., '35 Caducean: Phi Della Epsilon SIDNEY L. ARJE New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Bela Lambda Sigma ALFRED ALESSI Woodridge, N. J. COLG-ATE, B.A. Lambda Phi Mu: Phi Delia Thela FRANCES BAILEN New York Cify SIMMONS COLLEGE. '30 HOWARD T. BEHRMAN Brooklyn. N. Y. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, B.A., '33 Zeia Bela Tau ISIDOR BERNSTEIN Brooklyn, N. Y. B.A., '33 Caducean PHILIP BERWICK New York Cify N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Del+a Epsilon MAXWELL J. BINDER Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y.. B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa BERNARD BLOOM Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.A., '35 Caducean Socieiy SOLOMON BREENBERG Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., '34 Phi Beia Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma MAURICE F. BROWNSTEIN New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Caducean Socieiy second year as Class Presiden'I'. The olher officers include: Vice-President Jack Tarofsky: Secrefary, Selma Shapiro: Treasurer, Cy Rinzlerg Members of Irhe Sfudenf Council, Na'Ihan Schackman and Joe Feibusch: House Commi'H'ee, Hal Kaufman and Leonard Ehrlich. SEYMORE RINZLER MARGARET BULLOWA New York Cily BARNARD, B.A. DELMAR INSTITUTE, M.S. PHILIP G. CABAUD New York Cify CORNELL UNIVERSITY, B.A., '34 Chi Phi: Nu Sigma Nu CALSAR CASSANO New York Ciiy COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Ph. C. ALEX CHARLTON Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.S., '33 Phi Della Epsilon MAX E. CYTRYN Long Island Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '35 Baia Lambda Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa ALFRED S. DOONEIEF Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '35 DAVID DRENIN Passaic, N. J. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Beia Lambda Sigma RUDOLPH DROSD New York Cily N.Y.U., '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Psychiairy Club LEONARD I. EHRLICH New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Lambda Kappa' Psychiairy Club LEO H. ELSTEIN New York Ciiy N.Y.U.. B.S., '34 Tau Epsilon Phi IRVING D. FAGIN New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '35 Phi Be+a Kappa: Baia Lambda Sigma I22 JOSEPH FEIBUSCH New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Omega Psiq Sludenl Council IRWIN H. FEIGIN Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, '34 Phi Bela Kappa HAROLD FEINSTEIN I-Iunfinglon, L. I. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, A.B. Bela Sigma Pi: Phi Delfa Epsilon DANIEL J. FELDMAN New York Ciry COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '34 Phi Sigma Della JOHN L. FELDMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '3I Tau Della Phi OLGA FRANKEL New York Cily WELLESLEY, '34 Psychialry Club CARL FRIEDMAN Jersey Cily, N. J. N.Y.U., A.B., '35 GUSTAVE FRIEDMAN Nuremberg, Germany REALGYMNASIUM, NUREMBERG CAUD. MED. UNIVERSITY OF ERLANGAN. '33 LESTER FRIEDMAN Yonkers, N. Y. CORNELL, B.A., '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Bela Sigma Rho HAROLD C.,FRUTIG Woodcliff, N. J. N.Y.U., A.B., '35 EDMOND GAMSE New York Cily UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA HARRY GERSHMAN Harllord, Conn. CONN. STATE COLLEGE. B.S., '33 Gamma Chi Epsilon MURRAY GLUSMAN New York CiI'y B.S., '34 Phi Lambda Kappa JEROME W. GREENBAUM New York Cily COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. B.A., '34- l23 EDWARD H. GRIFFIN New York Cily N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Phi Gamma Della: Nu Sigma Nu MARTIN O. GRUMER Newport R. I. HOLY CROSS, B.A., '33 ALFRED GROSS Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Bela Lambda Sigma JOSEPH F. GUILFOYLE New York Cily GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, A.B. LEONARD E. HALPERN New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon EMANUEL HECHT New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S. WM. HOFFMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, '34 Phi Bela Kappa PEARL HOLLY Brooklyn, N. Y. HUNTER COLLEGE, B.A., '29 N.Y.U., M.A., '33 IRVING HOROWITZ Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.S.. '34 SAMUEL A. JAFFEE Colchesler, Conn. CONN. STATE COLLEGE, B.S., '34 Tau Epsilon Phi LEO KAPLAN New York CiI'y N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Caducean: Bela Lambda Sigma SOLOMON KAPLAN Brooklyn, N. Y. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, A.B., '34 Phi Bela Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delia Epsilon EDWIN KASIN Brooklyn, N. Y. BROOKLYN COLLEGE, B.S., '34 Phi Lambda Kappa HERMAN KASS New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '30 SIDNEY KATZ Newark, N, J. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma Class Presidenl III l2l HAROLD S. KAUFMAN Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Caduceanp Violer III: House Commiliee PAUL E. KAUNITZ New York Ciiy COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B. A., '33q M.A WALTER T. KEES New York Cily COLUMBIA UNIVERSTY. A.B.. '34 LEO KELLER Belle Harbor, L. I. N.Y.U., '34 ALoYs1us J. KELLEY Wes? I-Iempsfead, L. I. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, B.S., '33 Phi Alpha Sigma LEO KLINGER Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Beia Lambda Sigma: Caducean MORRIS KRAFTMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. SETH LOW, B.S., '34 Phi Delia Epsilon: William Welch Socieiy IRWIN KRAVETZ Jersey Ciiy, N. J. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Beia Lambda Sigma, Psi Chi PHILIP KRESKY Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSTY, '34 Psychiairy Club SYDNEY LEIDER Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA COLLEGE, B.A., '34 VIRGINIA LENT Freeport L. I. SMITH COLLEGE, B.A., '34 JACOB V. LISMAN New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Beia Kappa HUGH MARAY New York Ciiy COLUMBIA COLLEGE, B.A., '34 Delia Phi: Phi Alpha Sigma HERBERT R. MARCUS Far Rockaway, L. I. N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma: Psi Chi DAVID H. MASS Passaic, N. J. N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Beia Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma EDWARD ALLAN MEDNICK Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Beia Kappa MILTON MILLMAN Easl' Orange, N. J. N.Y.U.. B.A. Caduceang Phi Lambda Kappa ALBERT F. MISKO New York Cily MANHATTAN COLLEGE, B.S., '34 Epsilon Sigma Pig Nu Sigma Nu H. MULHOLLAND Far Rockaway, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 KATHERINE MURDOCK COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. B.S.: M.A.1 Pi Gamma Mu HARRY NAIDICH B ooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A.. '35 Bela Lambda Sigma, Caducean WM. OBRENSKY New York Ci'Iy N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Phi Bere Kappa KARL R. PALEY New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 EMANUEL PAPPER Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 Phi Befa Kappa ELY PERLMAN New York Ciiy COLUMBIA COLLEGE, B.A., '34 WILLIAM A. PINDAR Bergen, N. J. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, B.A.. Lambda Alpha Sigma HARVEY POLIAKOFF Bronx, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Be+a Kappa: Tau Delia Phi SOLOMON- POLISUE New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Phi Della Epsilon: Psychiairy Club HAROLD RAND Newark, N. J. N.Y.U.. B.A., '35 Caducean Socialy IRWIN RIFKIN Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U. Ph.D '34 SEYMOUR H. RINZLER Brooklyn, N. Y. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, '34 Phi Delia Epsilon: William Welch Sociely: Violel IZI LESLIE B. ROBERTS Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma, Caducean Phi Della Epsilon NORMAN ROSENBERG Highland Park, N. ..I. UNIVERSITY OP PENNSYLVANIA, '34 MILTON SAPIRSTEIN Bronx, N. Y, C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Bela Kappa MARGARET D. SCHAFFNER New York Cily BARNARD COLLEGE, B.A., '32 N.Y.U., M.S., '34 H. LEONARD SCHLESINGER Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 . Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma A. BERNARD SCHMIERER Brooklyn, N. Y. SETI-I LOW, B.S.. '34 LEONARD SCHNEIDER Jamaica, N. Y. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, B.A., '34 Phi Bela Della AUSTIN HOWARD SCHOEN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean Sociely RICHARD SCHOONOVER Oakland, N. J. N.Y.U., '35 PHILIP H. SECHZER Bronx, N. Y. B.S., '34 William Welch Socie-'ry NATHAN H. SHACKMAN Brooklyn. N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '34 Caducean: Bela Lambda Sigma: Psi Chi: Sludenl' Council RAYMOND SHAPIRO Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '35 SELMA B. SHAPIRO New York Cily N.Y.U., '32 I25 BENJAMIN SHERMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A.. '35 JOHN E. SILBERFELD New York Cily PRINCETON, B.A., '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Xi: NATHAN H. SKORNICK Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 Phi Lambda Kappa RALPH SLATER Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Bela Lambda Sigma NORMAN SPITZER Yonkers, N. Y. CORNELL, B.A., '34 Alpha Epsilon Pi MAX SPRING Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 JOHN H. STELTER VJoodhavcn, N. Y. N.Y.U., '34 Bala Lambda Sigma: Nu Sig JACK H. TAROFSKY B.onx, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 Phi Bela Kappa BERTRAM TAUB Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 JOHN TRAIN Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Vice-presiclenl III MONTAGUE ULLMAN New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 Phi Della Epsilon: Psychialry Club LEROY D. VANDAM New York CiI'y BROWN UNIVERSITY, B.Ph. Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Xi: Pi Lambda Phi HASSOW VON WEDEL Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y. N.Y.U., Sc.D., '20 JEROME L. WEINBERGER Bronx, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '34 Plii Della Epsilon ma Nu BERNARD A. G. WEISL Souih Orange, N. J. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, B.S., '27 Nu Sigma Nu HYMAN WEITZMAN N.Y.U., A.B. Pi Lambda Phi 'LEO WEISS Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S.. '34 Sigma Omega Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilonq Befa Lambda Epsilon GEORGE WELKER, Jr. Garden Cify, L. I. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, A.B., '34 ARTHUR F. WRIGHT Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.A., '35 Nu Sigma Nu ELTON YASUNA Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., 'B.S.. '35 JACK ZAGER BrookIyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. A.B.. '34- HERMAN CHARLES ZUCKERMAN Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U.. '34 CLASS OF I937 ICon'rinued from page I ISI MARY C. TYSON New York Ci+y BARNARD COLLEGE, A.B., '33 Phi Be'Ia Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha: Psychology Club LOUIS VENET New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S., '33 JULIA VINOGRAD Asforia, L. I. HUNTER COLLEGE, B.A.: N.Y.U.. M.S. Phi Bera Kappa: Phi Sigma SIDNEY WACHTELL New York Cify N.Y.U., B.S.. '33 Beia Lambda Sigma WI NTH ROP F. WATTS DARTMOUTI-I COLLEGE, A.B.. '34 Chi Phi: Alpha Kappa Kappa SIDNEY R. WEINBERG New York Ciiy N.Y.U.. B.S.. '33 Bera Lambda Sigma: Siudeni CounciI IZI William WeIch Socieiy BENJAMIN WEINSTEIN Bronx, N, Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '33 BENJAMIN L. WEINSTEIN New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '33 Phi Bera Kappa LEON M. WEISS Bronx, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '33 ALEXANDER WITKOW Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '32 MORRIS WITTEN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.S.. '33 Phi Beia Kappa: Caducean MANUEL ZEGELBAUM Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '33 GERARD F. WOLF Jamaica, L. I. N.Y.U.. B.A., '34- Baia Lambda Sigma: Nu Sigma Nu SOL ZIMMERMAN Queens ViIIage, L. I. N.Y,U., B.S.. '33 Caducean BENJAMIN ZACKS Jackson I-Ieighis, L. I. CORNELL, B.A., '32 Sigma Aipha Mu GARY ZUCKER New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '33 Phi Bera Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha JACK K. ZYDNEY New York Ciiy N.Y.U.. '33 REINTHAL 81 NEWMAN 1 W Ni W FIRST YEAR CLASS HISTORY Sfern Miss Alferman The school year was formally inifiafed by an infroducfory falk by Dean Wyc- koff. The freshman class showed fhaf if had already made ifself very much af home by having one of ifs members "requesfed" fo leave fhe lecfure hall because he had a bored expression on his face. For fhe remainder of fhaf lec- fure, fhe keen inferesf and rapf affen- fion of fhe class have been unparalleled even during Dr. Globus' famous syn- drome impersonafions. Then came fhaf week of Osfeology . . . fhe sleepless eyes . . . fhe nervous walks down fo fhe river before quiz sec- fions . . . fhe peculiar quiver in fhe voice of fhe recifing sfudenf . . . 'rhe sfudenf beafing himself upon fhe breasf because he could remember only five of fhe six foramina opening info fhe pferygopala- fine fossa . . . Oh, if Osfeology had only been given in fhe fhird frimesferl Early in fhe year elecfions for class officers were held. Walfer Dolgin be- came presidenfp and Frank Ramanowicz, vice presidenf: Janef Alferman, secre- faryg a.nd Marvin Sfern, freasurer. Things were beginning fo run smoofh- ly when we were advised nof fo plan any exfended frips during fhe Thanks- I29 Dolgin Ramanowicz giving "vacai'ion." Who can forgef fhe sunken cheeks, fhe sfooped shoulders, fhe ufferly hopeless faces of fhe sfud- enfs coming fo school on Monday fo fake 'ihose exams? Ten minufes before fhe Gross exam we could disfinguish fwo separafe fypes of sfudenfs. One was huddled in a corner frying fo learn fhe origin and inserfions of sixfy-four finy muscles in fhe few remaining minufes. The ofher was exceedingly funny and boisferous, buf on fhe whole giving a very unconvincing performance of being sure of himself. i "The marks are up!" Thai' cruel hoax was worn fhreadbare buf was invariably successful. The Sociefy for fhe Preven- fion of Rumors fhaf Marks Are Up was broughf info exisfence fo do somefhing abouf 'ihe sifuafion. Things were made even more complex when rumors were circulafed fhaf fhe S.P.R.M.A.U. had seized fhe marks and wouldn'f give fhem ouf. This was foo much for even Dr. Shearer and, assuming fhe role of a modern "deus ex machina," he puf an end fo fhe mess by posfing fhe grades. Then came fhe second frimesfer-ah, fhaf second frimesfer! Anafomy, fhe former bugaboo, became a mere cafa- Ioguing of s h a m I e s s mnemonies lPerhaps our cIass's only claim +o im- mor+aIi'ry may resi' on our own Milf Terris's con'I'ribui'ion 'Io I'he classics re ihe superior orbiial fissurel. The Chem Iabs were nighrmares. Every 'rime Dr. Cannan swooped down 'Phe aisle +he irembling of +he srudenrs would srari 'rhe beakers raH'Iing. Dr. Cannan ex- plained +ha+ he did no'I' like 'Formal exams since 'ihey upsei' +he class roo much. The class dance was held on March 7 in celebraiion of 'Ihe end of 'rhe second +rimes'rer. Those of us who s+iII remem- bered from 'way, 'way back in +he sum- merrime a few simple sieps, did some dancing. The resf iusi sai' around and, if Ihey hadn"I made foo many +rips 'ro 'I'he basemenl lockers, admired Ihe amaz- ing dance sfeps Dr. Senior was execur- ing. Wirh 'rhe end of 'The second 'rrimesier came 'rhe end of a long period of reach- ing by Dr. Senior and Dr. Globus. A+ 'rhe Ias+ meering of 'rhe Neuroanaiomy class borh were presenred wi'rh small 'I'okens of +he grea'I' esfeem in which we hold +hem. Our besi' wishes go wiih Them and our sympa+hy goes Io Iiuiure classes in 'I'heir, and our, loss. The year is almosi' over and 'I'here's noi' a worry in +he world-un1'iI 'l'he 'iime for exemprions draws near. I-I3re's hop- ing- I'Ierber'I' B. Holleb CLASS OF I939 IRVING ABELOW Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S.. '35 Phi Bela Kappa, House Commiiiee JANET ALTERMAN New York Ciiy UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIF., B.A., '35 Secrefary Freshman Class JOSEPH J. AMSTER Far Rockaway, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, AB.. '35 Tau Epsilon Phi EVELYN APOGI New York Ciiy HUNTER COLLEGE. B,A.. '35 Phi Bela Kappa WILLIAM J. AVERILL Brooklyn, N. Y. MANHATTAN COLLEGE, B.S., '35 HAROLD AXELROD Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.S., '35 Phi Sigma Deia EDGAR H. BACHRACH New York Ciiy N.Y.U.. B.S., '35 Zeia Bela Tau HYMAN BAKST New York Ciry N.Y.U., B.S., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma GEORGE H. BARMEYER, Jr. Bayside, N. Y. YALE, B.A.. '35 Nu Sigma Nu CYRIL BARNET Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34! COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, M.A., '35 Phi Befa Kappa LILLIAN BATLIN New York Ciiy BARNARD COLLEGE, B.A.. '347 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, A.M., '35 Phi Baia Kappa, Associaie American Psychological Associaiion. DAVID BAUER New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y.. '34 Phi Delia Phi CHARLES BECK Bronx, N. Y. N,Y.U.. B.S.. '35 MORRIS R. BERLIN Newark, N. J. N.Y.U., B.S., '35 Phi Bera Kappa, Bera Lambda Sigma STANLEY P. BERNSTEIN Ailaniic Ciiy, N. J. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, B.A.. '35 Kappa Nu ' I30 HYLAN A. BICKERMAN New York Ciiy Tau Epsilon Phi COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, A.B., '34: MA MILTON BIRNKRANT Brooklyn. N. Y. BERNARD B. BLOCH Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '36 Caducean: Befa Lambda Sigma WALTER E. BOEHM New York Ciiy MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, B.S., '35 Delia Kappa Epsilon JOHN BOOKMAN New York Ciiy BROWN UNIVERSITY, A.B., '35 Phi Delia Epsilon MACCABAE BOORSTEIN Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.S., '35 Phi Lambda Kappa RUTH BOSCHWITZ New York Ciiy WELLESLY COLLEGE, A.B., '35 Phi Beia Kappa JAMES R. BREED Wappaingers Falls, N. Y. COLGATE UNIVERSITY, '35 Phi Delia SYLVAN A. BROADMAN New York Ciiy N.Y.U., A.B., '35 BENJAMIN R. BUFFETT New York Cily WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, A.B. AMOS CAHAN I-Iurleyville, N. Y. B.S., '35 STELLA CHESS New York Ciiy SMITH COLLEGE, BA., '35 E. MALCOLM COHEN New York Ciiy COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '33 Zeia Baia Tau PHILIP COHEN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A.. '35 Caducean: Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Lambda Kappa VINCENT C. D'AGATI Jackson Heighls, N. Y. N.Y.U., A.B,, '36 Lambda Phi Mu I3I HAROLD DINKEN Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 Alpha Bela Phi WILLIAM E. DOHERTY Jersey Ciiy, N. J. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, B.S WALTER DOLGIN New York Ciiy N,Y.U., B.S., '35 Psi Chi: Bela Lambda Sigma: Presidem' of Firsf Year DANIEL A. FEINBERG Kenoza Lake, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.A., '35 Caducean Socieiy JACQUES R. FISCHL Flushing. L. I., N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, '35 Delia Kappa Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu H. HAROLD FRIEDMAN New York Cily B.S.. '36 Bela Lambda Sigma SEYMOUR GAIBER New York Ciiy A N.Y.U., A.B.. '34 Phi Bela Kappa: Lambda Sigma: Caducean: Phi Lambda Kappa ELIA H. GERCHICK Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 JEROME GERSTEIN New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S., 35 Phi Beia Kappa FLORENCE GETTENBERG New York Ciiy CORNELL UNIVERSITY, B.A.. '35 ABRAHAM GOLDFEDER Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A.. '35 Caducean: Phi Baia Kappa DANIEL L. GOLDSTEIN Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., '35 Beia Lambda Sigma: Psi Chi OSCAR GREENE New York Cily C.C.N.Y., '35 STANLEY GROSS Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U. Baia Lambda Sigma HYMAN GUTKOWITZ New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.A., '35 Caducean SIDNEY HANDELMAN New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S., '36 BYRON L. HAWKS New York Cily DUKE, B.S., '35 Sigma Phi Epsilon GRAHAM G. HAWKS New York Cily COLGATE Kappa Della Rho ELEANOR HAYDEN New York Cil'y ISADORE HERMAN Passaic, N. J. HARVARD, A.B., '34 SOLOMON G. I-IERSHKOWITZ New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '34 Phi Epsilon Pi NORMAN HERZIG New York Cily COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY '33 MAURICE S. HIRSCHKORN New York Cily C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 BENJAMIN HOFFMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. N,Y.U., B.S., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma: Psi Chi HERBERT B. HOLLEB Brooklyn, N. Y. BROWN UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Xi: Phi Delia Epsilon: Violel' Ill CHARLES G. HUNTINGTON While Plains, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, A.B.. '35 Nu Sigma Nu A. LEONARD HYMOWITZ Sea Gale, N. Y. DICKINSON, B.5.. '35 Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Tau Phi: Phi Lambda Kappa MORTIMER IGER Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. A.B., '35 SAUL J. JAIVEN Slamford, Conn. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 Phi Befa Kappa: Della Sigma Rho JASPER R. NEWTON Mouni Vernon, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.A., '36 Phi Alpha Epsiion HARRY JOSEPH Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '35 Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean: Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Lambda Kappa EUGENE KAPLAN Brooklyn, N. Y. W.S.C., B.A., '34: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, M.A., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma ALBERT KASS New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.S., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma SAMUEL S. KAUFMAN New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.A., '34- Phi Bela EDGAR Kappa KELLERMAN New York Ciiy COLUMBIA, B.A., '36 IRVING G. KROOP Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., '35 Phi Befa Kappa ROBERT M. LAKE New York Cily COLUM Phi Bela BIA UNIVERSITY. B.A., '33 Kappa NORMAN LAMPERT Brooklyn, N. Y. CORNELL uN1vERsnY, A.B.. '34 Phi Baia Kappa KENNETH A. LA TOURETTE New York Ciiy C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 ELY E. LAZARUS New York Cily N.Y.U., B.A., '36 Phi Lambda Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma HAROLD L. LEDER New York Cily B.S., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma OSCAR LEGAULT Brooklyn, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, A.B.. '35 Phi Bela Kappa MILTON LENOBEL Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U. Psi Chi: Draper Chemical Sociely THOMAS G. LETTERESE New York Cily ALABAMA UNIVERSITY, '35 Lambda Phi Mu STANLEY L. LEVY Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '36 Phi Della Epsilon CHARLES LIPPE Ml. Vernon, N. Y. DARTMOUTI-I, '34 Zafa Alpha Phi ABRAHAM MARCK Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U. Phi Bela Kappa: Psi Chi, Bela Lamlocla Sigma HENRIETTE MARCUS New York Ciry BARNARD COLLEGE, '36 JAMES MARIN Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '35 Caduceanq Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi B BERNARD B. MARX New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S,, '35 ALEXANDER P. MAYBARDUK New York CiI'y C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 SEYMOUR W. MEYER Brooklyn, N. Y. BROOKLYN COLLEGE, B.S., '33 N.Y.U., M.S., '35 DAVID MOSTOFSKY New York Ci'Iy N.Y.U., B.S., '34 Psi Chi JEAN T. MUNZER New York Cily HUNTER COLLEGE, A.B., '36 Phi Bela Kappa: Alpha Xi Della PHILLIP NATALI Yonkers, N. Y. FORDI-IAM, B.S., '35 Phi Alpha Sigma IRVING L. OCHS Far Rockaway, N. Y. VJESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. B.A.. Phi Della Epsilon FREDERICK ORNSTEIN New York Cily N.Y.U., '34 PHILLIP POLLACK Locusl' Vallay, L. I. N.Y.U., B,A., '36 Caduceang Phi Lambda Kappa I33 ala Kappa DAVID L. PRESMAN New York Cily B.S., '35 RONALD E. PRINDLE Norwich, N. Y. ROCHESTER, B.A., '35 CHRISTOPHER D. RAFTER Jersey Cily, N. J. B.A., '35 Phi Alpha Sigma LEONARD L. ROCHHEIMER Flushinq- N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '36 Caduceang Bela Lambda Sigma ALFRED H. RIFKIN New York Cily C.C,N.Y., B.S., '35 Phi Bela Kappa FRANK ROMANOWICZ Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., '36 Vice-presidenl III EDMUND ROSENTHAL New York Ci'Iy N.Y.U., B.S., '35 Bela Lambda Sigma: Psi Chi ISIDORE SCHEINBLUM Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '35 Caducean HELENE S. FRANK New York Cily BERLIN UNIVERSITY BENJAMIN I. SCHNEIDERMAN Soulh River, N. J. RUTGERS, B.S., '35 Tau Della Phi: Phi Della Epsilon DAVID SCHWIMMER Easron, Pa. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, B.S., '35 CHARLES SHAFIROFF Brooklyn, N. Y, MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, '35 SOLOMON SHERRY New York Cily N.Y.U., B.S.. '35 Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean Bela lambda Sigma MAURICE NELSON SHOOR New York Cily COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A.. Tau Epsilon Phi WILLIAM SOLOMON Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '35 SEYMOUR E. SPIVACK New York Cily RUTGERS, B.S., '34 ' Phi Beia Kappa MARVIN STERN Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 Phi Bela Kappa: Class Treasurer Ill MILTON TERRIS Bronx, N. Y. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 Phi Bela Kappa SAUL THOMASES Bronx, N. Y. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIE., Ph.G. '241 N.Y.U., B.A., '36 Bela Lambda Sigma PAUL UNGER Brooklyn, N. Y. C.C.N.Y., B.S., '35 Phi Bora Kappa: Sluclenl Council JACK R. VAN VRANKEN Glens Falls, N. Y. COLGATE Lambda Xi Alpha PAUL D. VELLA New York Ciiy COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 Be'la Thela Pi: Nu Sigma Nu VINCENT J. VINCI Middlelown, Conn. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY '35 MORRIS VINIKOFE Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.U.. B.A., '36 Caducean: Beia Lambda Sigma MURRAY WEINGARTEN Brooklyn, N. Y. N,Y.U., B.S., '36 Psi Chi NORMAN M. WEINROD Mi. Vernon, N. Y. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, B.A., '35 ANNE WERTHEIM New York Cily SMITH, B.A., '35 JAMES R. WILLIAMS New York Ciiy COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, A.B., '35 Della Kappa Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu CHARLES WISE Ml. Vernon, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.S., '36 LOUIS WOLFE Chelsea, Mass. N.Y.U., B.S., '34 JACK HAROLD WOLFSIE New York Ciiy N.Y.U., B.A.. '36 Pi Mu Epsilon: Caducean WILLIAM YANKRIVER Bronx, N. Y. N.Y.U. Caducean: Bela Lambda-Sigma WILBUR YAWITZ Newark, N. J. N.Y.U., B.A., '36 Pi Mu Epsilon: Caducean WILFRED YASLOW Brooklyn. N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '36 Caducean: Befa Lambda Sigma: Delia Phi Alpha: Phi Lambda Kappa SEYMOUR ZUCKERMAN Far Rockaway, N. Y. N.Y.U., B.A., '35 lCon'rinuecl from page Sfll Dr. Gorgas refired from Ihe Army in I9l8 'ro become permanenl' direcfor of yellow fever work of The lnlernaiional Healih Board of ihe Rockefeller Founda- fion. While Iraveling ihrough England in June, I920, he fell ill. King George V visifed him and personally bes+owed upon him Ihe insignia of Knigl-1+ Com- mander of The Order of S+. Michael and S+. George. The ciiy of London, on 'Ihe Ihird of July, l92O, wilnessed Ihe passing 'away of Dr. William C. Gorgas, Bellevue '79. The Bri+isI1 governmenl' accorded him a s+a'I'e funeral wfih full milifary honors in S+. Paul's Cafhedral and conveyed his body on a balileship 'lo +he Uni+ed Slaies whero he was inferred in i'he Arlinglon Nalional Ceme'I'ery. One of Ihe English periodicals said of him: "They will fake him 'Io his own land, bul' in i'ruJrh he belongs Io us all. He was one of life's greal' helpers, 'For he cleaned up foul places and made Ihem sweef, and now, as Ihey said of Lincoln,"he be- longs 'I'o 'Ihe ages'." Joseph Feibusch I34 V -...sul iv m-L--- . . Yi- Sf- -0 H ' . ?f?1':'f','li' N. -'fa - -E- m A 4, - w . U 'sw Ji fi I , , 'u W I I Is' A I, 4l2:.'5LJ?.,H .A Y. Y ..,.. H - 'u 4 K, , - LK -I I Q in - B f f f 1 f 2' 'f izfffyrf rw 'rfi'?' Tf1T ' ' ' 1' "- -if ?f' 1' ' 'W Tffffi '.- f T126 P3 1 ..-,,1711, -. .A'rq..,,-. -1 . - 1 1 - - , 'mf . ' L FW 1-'IL JL r ,, f1H'5fJf3fi"5'l-'Y-'iQ' L ' , ,Egg .1 f.'. .- ' .ziliir-:,.'--,Q.Q,-.-Yi,2f.',,v Q-' wh., , ,J ,I ,--4:i'- ,. en W y 1 W 1 51 WV . N 5 H n F W Jw Y H I 1 1 K E w w i , THE INTERNESHIP AN ADVENTURE IN MEDICAL EDUCATION J. A. CURRAN, M.D., Execufive Secrefary New York Commiffee on The Sfudy of Hospital lnferneships and Resiclencies HE fourfh year medical sTudenT faced wiTh The problem of securing an inTerneship confronfs a siTuaTion fraughT wiTh real risk. While life wiTh- oul' some elemenf of chance and adven- Ture is hardly worTh The candle, no one wishes To gamble in a maTTer of such viTal imporTance as preparafion for his life work. The inferneship selecTion presenTs diffi- culTies of greaT complexify. Examina- Tions in each hospifal have been held independenfly and clue To mulTiple appli- caTions, a large number of candidafes are examined repeafedly. RequiremenTs and opporTuniTies available in differenf insTiTuTions vary widely, buf sysTemaTic informafion has been lacking. The sheer size of The Task has in The pasT prevenTed serious aTTempT To clarify The siTuaTion. OuT of This pressing need has grown The cooperafive efforT in which The New York Academy of Medicine and The five Medical Colleges of New York CiTy have Taken The iniTiaTive, and wiTh which The hospifals of The 'live boroughs are giving full cooperafion. From This sym- paTheTic pooling of resources will come profound benefifs for medical educaTion and improvemeni' in The qualify of hos- piTal service. IT will carry us far Toward The goal of providing The communiTy wiTh docfors qualified according To The TruesT ideals of our profession. To undersTand modern Trends in The educafion of The docfor, parTicularly his period of residence wiThin The hospifal, iT is necessary To appreciafe The sTages Through which The inferneship has evolved. STudenTs of New York Univer- siTy College of Medicine have an especi- I37 ally favorable opporTuniTy To learn of This hisTorical background Through Their close associafion wiTh Bellevue HospiTal. WiThin iTs famous old walls has occurred nearly every chapfer of The sTory from iTs earliesT beginnings. The old main building of Bellevue was erecTed one hundred ancl TwenTy-nine years ago and was dedicafed To The care of sick paupers. One year lafer in l8l7, over Two hundred such paTienTs were being cared for by one inTerne and a Visifing Physician who made his rounds Twice a week. The former ap- parenTly had plenTy To occupy his Time, for he was responsible for his charges boTh nighT and day wiTh no one To re- lieve him. This was correcfed lafer in The year by The addiTion of a second member To The house sTaTF. Develop- menTs since Those early days are of fas- cinafing inTeresT To every sTudenT and physician who has served on The hospifal wards. From I832 To IB47 were dark days indeed. Twelve precious acres of hos- piTal grounds were sold by The ciTy re- sulTing in iTs presenT confined area, and The inTernes had To pay for The privilege of serving on The wards! By l859, an eighTeen monTh inferneship was esTab- lished and was divided info Three per- iods: iunior assisTanT, senior assisTanT, and house physician or surgeon. During The Civil War six ouT of TwenTy-one on The house sTaff died of ThaT scourge of armies-Typhus fever. IT is perhaps noT generally known ThaT Bellevue has The crediT of esfablisihing The firsf ciTy ambulance service in The world. This, Too, was connecfed wiTh Phe War of Phe SPaPes, for Phe exper- ience gained by one of Phe Bellevue sPafF in charge of ambulances during Phe Wilderness Campaign was uPilized Po iniPiaPe Phis service in New York CiPy. The same Pype of horsedrawn army am- bulances was used as in Phe war, and l,40l calls were made during Phe firsP Pwelve monPhs. Who could have fore- seen PhaP Phis service would have grown Po iPs presenP giganPic proporPions and cons'PiPuPe one of Phe major problems of Phe inPerneship? Throughou'P Phe period ending wiPh Phe Purn of Phe lasP cenPury Phe inPerneship was an eighPeen monPhs' service of a roPaPing Pype. The greaP names on Phe rolls during 'Phis period PesPify as Po Phe value of Phe Praining given. Examples are: William H. Welch '76, Nafhan E. Brill '8lg L. EmmeP HolP '8l: RoberP J. Carlisle '86: John F. Erdman '88, C. G. Coakley '88, Alexander Lamberf '89, AusPin FlinP, Jr. '90, George D. SPewarP '90, William E. SPuddiford '93. One musP noP assume because of Bellevue's ancienP and honorable record PhaP inPerneships elsewhere were num- erous. Medical courses consisPed of a Phree-year schedule and graduaPes for Phe mosP parP wenP direcPly inPo prac- Pice. Only Phe forPunaPe were able Po secure Phe advanPage of pracPical ex- perience on Phe house sPaffs of Phe few hospi'Pals available. A fourPh year in medical school wiPh pracPical clinical Praining was added Po remedy Phis ser- ious deficiency. AlPhough 'Phe M.D. degree gives full permission Po pracPice, 'Phe sPeady mul- PiplicaPion and increase in size of hos- pi+aIs in Phe lasP PhirPy years has ampli- fied inPerneship possibiliPies unPil now iP has become accepPed as an essenPial parP of Phe docPor's preparaPion. WiPh- ouP iP, he cannoP hope for APPending SPaff appoinPmenPs, recogniPion of his fellows or by Phe public. IP has become 'Phe basic essenPial boPh for general and special pracPice preparaPion. Prolonga- Pion of Phis period of apprenPiceship has resulPed from various causes-Phe in- creasing complexiPy of modern medicine requiring exPra-Praining Po meeP Phe needs of pracfice, a vasPly increased number of inPerneship openings and finally Phe economic depression, causing Phe young physician Po delay enPering pracPice, preferring Phe shelPer of Phe hospiPal and perhaps a small sPipend. lP brings in Phe danger of limiPaPion of new openings each year below Phe needs of annual graduaPing classes. SelecPion of an inPerneship is always a nerve-racking affair for Phe fourPh year medical sPudenP. He or she is con- fronPed wiPh Phe necessiPy of decision as Po hospiPal, Pype of service, lengPh of inPerneship, and field Po be enPered. ln considering an inPerneship, cerPain facPs as Po Pypes of experience offered and lengPh of service should be clearly undersPood. There are 'Phree main var- iePies, Phe sPraighP, Phe roPaPing and Phe semi-roPaPing. The sPraighP inPerneship is almosP invariably of one year's dura- Pion, and is confined Po paPhology, medi- cine, surgery or pediaPrics. AppoinP- menPs are made Po candidaPes direcPly ouP of medical school and Phe single year's Praining is designed merely as a basis for furfher inPerneship or residency before enPering pracPice. WiPhou'P ex- cepPion, Phey are offered in hospiPals connecPed wiPh medical colleges. ln Phe main, sPudenPs applying for a sPraighP service, have in mind a program of Phree Po seven years Po secure ad- vanced special Praining. lP has Phe vir- Pue of enough 'Pime spenP in one field Po become well grounded. The main ob- iecPions have been PhaP Poo much Pime musP be spenP Po secure a well-rounded P38 'rraining or 'fhaf developmenf is one- sided. ln confrasf, fhe rofafing experience is designed fo meef fhese crificisms. Con- siderable fime is given 'fo surgery, medi- cine and obsfrefrics wifh shorfer periods on pafhology, pediafrics, ofolaryngol- ogy, urology, gynecology, roenfgenol- ogy, anesfhesia, and very rarely, derma- fology. The inferne has a chance 'fo see nearly every fype of pracfice af firsf hand. H' has fhe powerful affracfion fo fhe candidafe of preparing for nearly every confingency in general pracfice on fhe one hand, and on fhe ofher 'fhe possibilify of examining several fields af close hand wifh an eye fo possible fu- fure specializafion. lfs essenfial problem is affempfing fhe impossible, namely, fo review fhe whole field of modern medi- cine in one or 'fwo years. Cerfain por- 'fions of fhe inferneship musf inevifably be superficial, and lack of inferesf in some phases prevenfs fhe inferne from profifing by opporfunifies offered. In New York Cify fhere is a rapidly grow- ing senfimenf fhaf fhe one-year rofafing inferneship, so popular in many parfs of fhe Unifed Sfafes, is inadequafe pre- parafion. Recenfly 'rwo of our well- known hospifals have decided fhaf even fhe fwo-year rofafion does noi cover fl-ne ground and have exfended if fo fhree years. The semi-rofafing inferneship occupies a posifion mid-way befween fhe fwo fypes iusf discussed. Over a year and a half 'fo a 'fwo year period, basic frain- ing in medicine and surgery is given wifh emphasis on one or fhe ofher. Many variafions are enc.ounfered-pro- vision of six monfhs in pafhology, oppor- funifies 'fo parficipafe in cerfain of fhe medical and surgical specialfies in fhe ouf-pafienf deparfmenf, and recenfly a frend fowards a basic one-year inferne- ship of six monfhs each on medicine and I39 surgery. Since such opporfunifies exisf only in feaching hospifals, 'fheir qualify ranks high. Graduafes now seeking an inferneship should consulf fhe lisfs compiled by fhe American Medical Associafion. Consul- fafion wifh fhe Dean's office is essenfial. As much as possible, fhose selecfed as desirable should be visifed personally 'fo see 'rhe work and falk wifh fhe Sfaff. Cerfain revealing aspecfs of fhe work can be observed in a shorf +ime-whefh- er fhe infernes are working wifh zesf and enfhusiasm foward definife objec- fives, whefher conferences of feaching value are regularly held in which fhe in- fernes parficipafe, whefher cases are carefully sfudied and discussed: whefher fhe records reveal high sfandards of work, whefher fhere is a spirif for sfudy of bofh case records and medical lifer- afure, and whefher 'rhe Affending Sfaff win fhe loyalfy and devofion of fheir subordinafes. If is never wise fo accepf an inferior appoinfmenf, eifher because of financial considerafions or because fhe locafion offers a promising infroducfion fo prac- fice. Such a course is shorf-sighfed. H' musf be remembered fhaf in fhis Ma- chine Age, fhe inferneship is one of fhe few surviving apprenficeships. ln medi- cine, fhe MAN musi' always come 'firsf and fhe MACHINE second. The suc- cessful physician musf combine BOTH fhe arfs and craffs wifh scienfific under- sfanding. Arfisfry and craffsmanship are besf learned fhrough precepforship un- der a masfer in 'fhe field. The influence, sfimulafion and idealism of a greaf per- sonalify is immeasurable. The opporfu- nify fo serve under such men should re- ceive primary considerafion. Finally, 'fhe success of fhis period of fransifion befween school days and fhe launching of fhe independenf career de- fconfinuecl on page l43l SECURING AN INTERNESHIP s. R. BLATTEIS, M.D. lDr. Blaffeis is lhe chairman of 'lhe ln- ferne Commiflee of a large privafe hospilal and a member of fhe facully of our medical college. ln lhese posilions, he gains a panoramic view of all 'lhe facfors, bofh human and lechnical, comprising 'lhe nec- essary qualificafions and seleclion of fhe pofenfial inlerne. ln lhis inleresfing arlicle he presenfs bofh sides of 'flue problem in an aflempf fc help lhe prospeclive inferne secure 'lhe desired posilion.-The Edilonl HE members of 'lhe senior class in every medical school are as much concerned abouf fhe quesfion of lnferne- ship, as fhey are abouf gradualion. As a malfer of facf, even more so: for while a sfudenf afler having progressed fhaf far in his sfudies, is almosl sure of grad- uafion, he is very much in doubf aboul securing fhe much covefed place in fhe hospifal of his choice. As a rule, his choice is lhe choice of many, and his chances for success are in fhe propor- lion of 'len or 'lwelve in 'lwo hundred and oflen fhree hundred. The quesfion of lnlerneship however, is of inferesf nof alone fo fhe sfudenl buf of inferesf and also of imporlance fo fhe hospilals. lmpressed wifh fhe im- porfance of fhis phase of ifs acfivily, fhe hospifal sefs aboul seeking some mefhod which will insure 'lhe selecfion of fhaf lype of lnferne besf suifed fo ils needs. ll is here where 'lhe inslifufion faces a problem, and a complicafed one af fhaf. ll sfarls ou'l wi'lh a cerfain mefhod of selecfion and affer employing fhaf me- 'lhod a number of years, learns 'lha'l i'l hasn'l produced lhe resulfs expecfed. H' lhen employs anolher mefhod, gives fhal mefhod a few years' frial and again finds ifself disappoinfed in fhe resulfs. And so if may go on frying one way and fhen anofher and never being quife safisfied wifh 'lhe resulls. And in my opinion if never will be. No more fhan il can appoinl a visifing sfaff which will give complefe safisfac- lion, or a nursing sfaff or an adminisfra- 'live sfafl-so fhal fhis difficulfy is nol peculiar fo lhe lnferne as a class. For we are dealing wifh human facforsg and fhese are indeferminafe and variable. The very brief courlship of fhe hospifal wifh fhe prospecfive inlerne reveals more of'len 'lhan no'l 'lhe mosf favorable qualifies of 'lhe lafler: alas, affer 'lhe signing of 'lhe con'lrac'l, in effecl, 'lying fhe Gordean Knof, 'lhe union of 'lhe lwo in many cases oflen goes on 'lhe rocks: and lhough each can survive, each is lo some exfenf 'lhe loser. An uninferrupled experience of fhirfy years in selecfing in- 'lernes by all melhods ever devised leaves fhe impression 'lhaf no melhocl is perfecl or ever will be. Lel us briefly review fhe prevailing sysfems al presenl in vogue in differenf insfifulions: NfVri'l'len Examinafion: While 'lhese mighf reveal fhe degree of 'lechnical qualificafions, if gives liffle insighl info lhe characfer, personalify and adapfa- bilify of fhe applicanf. If 'rechnical knowledge were fhe supreme virlue sough+ in an inferne, 'lhis mefhod mighl suffice. Experience, however, has shown fhaf given an applicanf of average abi- Ii+y, say in 'lhe upper lhird of his class, 'lhe success of 'lhaf man or woman will be defermined no'l by his fechnfcal knowledge, buf by fhose ofher qualifies menfioned above. Oral Examinafion: A mefhod of selec- lion now less commonly employed. ll consisfs generally of an examinafion by members of fhe visfing sfalf, af 'limes by as many as six or eighlg fhe rafing given is influenced loy 'lhe impression fhe personal confacf afforded: fhe average obfained, ra'les fhe applicanf as No. l, 2, and so forfh. l4O Combined Oral and Wriffen Examin- afion: ls employed here and fhere, fhe wriffen for fhe purpose of narrowing fhe number of applicanfs fo a more man- ageable few, and fhe oral for fhe pur- pose of esfimafing fhe personalify, char- acferisfics, and menfal alerfness. Of wriffen examinafions if may be said fhaf fhey seldom are, and in my opinion, never should be fhe sole cri- ferion for choosing a few from a greaf many. Nof always are all fhe papers examined and marked by fhe individual who propounds fhe quesfions. The il- legibilify of a paper mighf wreak havoc wifh whaf ofherwise would be an excel- lenf rafing. The femperamenf and ex- perience of fhe examiner also greafly in- fluence fhe resulf. Personal lnferviews: This mefhod which has been fried for many years, fakes fhe scholasfic sfanding of fhe ap- plicanf as deserving of a cerfain pre- defermined value. His personalify, cul- fural background, exfra-curricular acfi- vifies and healfh are of addifional value. The inferesf in his professional sfudies as indicafed by research problems assigned or underfaken, publicafions, special sfu- dies, selecfion for special work by fhe faculfy, subsfifufe inferneship or Ouf- Pafienf Deparfmenf work during fhe lasf fwo summers are also faken info accounf. All 'rhese complefe 'rhe rafing. This lasf mefhod is fhe simplesi' and mosl' direcf: less froublesome, less cumbersome fhan any of fhe ofhers and has yielded as good and in fhe main a beffer crop of infernes 'lhan by any ofher plan herefo- fore adopfed. lf musf be undersfood, of course, +ha+ no maffer how infernes are selecfed, fheir scholasfic rafing en- fers info fhe final decision. The experience accumulafed fhese many years prompfs one fo give fhe fol- I4I lowing advice fo medical sfudenfs in re- gard fo "ln1'erneships": Secure as high a scholasfic rafing as you can. If af all possible engage in one or more ifems nof in fhe regular curriculum 'ro show an inferesf in fhe work fhaf is greafer fhan fhaf of fhe average sfudenf. The vaca- fion periods befween fhe second and fhird years, and befween fhe fhird and fourfh years should show af leasf a parf of fhem devofed fo some form or ofher of medical acfivify. Your range of read- ing should include more fhan fhe Jour- nal of fhe A.M.A. If you have fo wrife, wrife legibly and briefly: if you falk, falk so fhaf you can be easily heard. If i'l' were possible fo discover some mefhod which could overcome fhe nervousness so apparenf, almosf wifhouf excepfion, in every candidafe, if would indeed en- hance his chances. The remedy sug- gesfed and fried, offen wifh success, is fo falk in a clear, firm, rafher loud voice. Neafness and nof over-clress is com- mendable. Leffers of recommendafion, fhough required fo accompany nearly all applicanfs, if roufine in characfer, are of liHle or no value. Such leffers from members of fhe 'leaching sfaff under whose direcfion and supervision some special work was engaged in, fhese bear considerable weighf wifh any examining commiffee. The elemenf of favorifism in fhe selecfion of infernes is greafly ex- aggerafed. Thaf if occasionally creeps in is noi' fo be denied. Buf in fhe bef- fer grade hospifals failure fo secure a place cannof be affribufed fo fhis. And lasfly, buf surely noi' fhe leasf, don'+ pracfise fhe virfue of modesfy. I+ has cosf many a worfhy sfudenf his cher- ished goal. Be impressed wifh fhe facf 'l'ha'r you are selling yourself: and so offen does success -or failure depend on how good a salesman you are. MEDICAL l:RATERNlTlES AARON BROWN, Mn. IDr. Brown is The founder and The hon- 'orary perpeTual presidenT of one of The largesT medical fraTerniTies in The counfry. He has kepf in close Touch wifh all phases of fraTerniTy life for ThirTy-one years, and as a member of The faculTy of This medical college The problems and The difficulTies of The sTudenTs are his. I could noT have found a more compeTenT auThoriTy To dis- cuss This que-sTion Than Dr. Aaron Brown. -The EdiTor.I RATERNITIES are disTincTly an Amer- ican producT, and inTeresTingly enough, The firsT American fraTerniTy, Phi BeTa Kappa was founded aT William and Mary College in I776, The year of The Declarafion of Independence. Phi Befa Kappa, aT firsf, had all The charac- TerisTics of The presenf day fraTerniTy, wiTh a rifual, oafh, grip, pin, eTc. Lafer, however, if became an honorary fraTer- niTy, emblemaTic of high scholarship. During The nineTeenTh cenfury, fraTer- niTies were esfablished in mosT of The colleges of The counTry, buT since l900, more new fraTerniTies were organized Than during The previous hundred years. FraTerniTies are eiTher College or Pro- fessional, and medical frafernifies are in The laTTer class. All Medical fraTerniTies have definife aims, obiecTs and ideals, and conTinuous efforfs are made To have The members live up To Them. Basically, These are more or less alike. These are: Scholarship: The medical sTudenT of Today knows only Too well how imporTanT high scholasfic aTTainmenTs are necessary To gain admission To a good school, and once enrolled, how essenfial iT is To de- voTe full Time To sTudy. The day of haphazard medical pracTice is over. The enlighfened public demands well Trained physicians. The medical sTudenT musT devoTe himself diligenTly To his medical school work in order To enhance his chances for success in pracfice. Medical fraTerniTies realize This nec- essify and devoTe Themselves arduously in promofing a high sfandard of scholar- ship among iTs members. Those beTTer equipped gladly TuTor Those deficienf in any parficular subiecf. The presTige of The chapfer is aT sfake, and The care- less sTudenT soon finds himself an ouT- casT. FraTerniTies, by compeTiTion among Themselves, have done much To raise The sfandard of scholarship in The medical schools, where They are locafed. ln The medical schools where rafings are kepT, records show ThaT The fraTerniTy sTudenTs oufrank Those noT affiliafed. Good Fellowship: ln every frafernify. There is necessarily a choice of mem- bers. Only men agreeable To each oTher are chosen, as This is esse-nTial for The well being of The chapfer. A feeling of brofherhood musT prevail. BuT This club- bing Togefher is noT carried Too far. Each fraTerniTy wanTs To reTain The good will of The enTire sTude,nT body, and has learnf early, To discard The holier Than Thou aTTiTude and To give freely of iTs TalenTs To ofhers ouTside iTs organizafion. l42 Developmenf of Characfer: In a med- ical school fhere are broughf fogefher men of varying moods and nafures. Closer relafionship ripens info friend- ship. The froubles of one is 'lhe concern of all fhe resf. The weak sfudenf is bolsfered up, encouraged fo do his besf, and fhe besf in fhe man is broughf ouf, for frafernify friendship is helpful and unselfish., This developmenf of charac- fer is ifs mosf worfh while funcfion. Advancemenf of Medicine: The greaf- esf aims, of medical frafernifies are fo promofe fhe advancemenf of fhe science and fhe arf of medicine 'and fo preach fhaf fhe alleviafion of human pain'-and suffering is a basic principle. ln order fo accomplish fhese aims, frafernifies are organized info undergraduafe chap- fers and graduafe clubs, so in ioining a medical frafernify men are nof members merely during fhe college days buf also and more imporfanf, during fheir enfire medical career. The co-mingling of sfu- denfs and graduafes, fosfered confin- uouslyg fhe bringing fogefher under fhe frafernal bond, of men in academic and men in clinical medicine, serves fo in- spire fhe younger men fo live up fo fhe high ideals essenfial fo fhe efhical prac- fice of medicine. Fundamenfally, no medical frafernify is successful unless ifs consfanf concern is fo help in fhe de- velopmenf of well equipped medical men, who will pracfice medicine on a high plane. The large number of men nafionally known for fheir work in academic and clinical medicine, who are sfill acfively inferesfed in 'lheir frafernifies, is fhe besf evidence of fhe usefulness of med- ical frafernifies. Medical frafernifies have more fhan iusfified fheir exisfence. They have been a pofenf facfor for good in American medicine. They have and are performing more fhan fheir share in advancing fhe science and fhe arf of medicine. Medical frafernifies are here fo sfay. THE INTERNESHIP lConfinuecl from page l39l pends as much on whaf fhe inferne GIVES as whaf he GETS. While pro- vision of a well equipped hospifal, a variefy of clinical maferial, an inspiring sfaff, an educafional program, a fine library, comforfable quarfers, affracfive food, cornpensafion, recreafion and healfh care would seem fo furnish all fhaf fhe inferne could possibly desire, fhere is no final assurance he will be furned ouf a well-frained physician. No one will care fo feach an individual who is nof inferesfed. I43 We musf all face fhe facf squarely fhaf fhe medical college graduafe is a mafure individual and should begin fo sfand on his own feef. Differenf fypes of pracfice should be carefully sfudied, inferesfs and capabilifies analyzed, and fhe golden years of opporfunify while residonf in fhe hospifal, effecfively ufi- lized. The inferne has a unique posifion fhrough which he may win 'rhe respecf and inferesf of his superiors, fhe friend- ship and loyalfy of his pafienfs, and a sfeady self-developmenf in direcf pro- porfion 'ro fhe efforf, expended. , THE MEDICAL VIOLET Why is The "Medical VioleT"? WhaT is The raison d'eTre oT iTs exisTence? Why is iT necessary Tor a graduaTe school To publish a yearbook? These and oTher similar quesTions have been asked me by members oT Three groups-The Tresh- man class, The TaculTy, and persons noT connecTed wiTh The college. l shall Talce This opporTuniTy To aTTempT To clarify The sTaTus oT The "Medical VioleT" in our school. Medical school is sandwiched in beTween Two o'F The mosT impres- sionable and memor- able periods oT our life -our college and our inTerneship. Our under- graduaTe Training, To many oT us, was The TirsT Ti m e we were Thrown complerely on our own, away Trom home and where we had To learn To live, eaT and sTudy wiTh com- pleTe sTrangers. lT was a Time oT coming oT age. Our inTernesl1ip is The goal we have sTrived To reach Tor TiT- Teen odd years. lBy The Time we reach This goal we realize There is much TurTher To go-buT we go wiThoul The nerve racking TrepidaTion which accompanied us ThroughouT medical college.l Thus The medical college is noT an end unTo iTselT buT is The anTiclimax To The sTudies oT undergraduaTe college and The anTe- room To The responsibiliTy oT The inTerne. Formerly, pracTicing physicians aTTended class reunions oT Their college and social alTairs of Their hospiral an:l medical so- cieTy-while The medical college associa- Tions were only vaguely ThoughT oT or compleTely submerged in oTher acTiviTies. This is an unhealThy aTTiTude Tor The medical college and iTs graduaTes. The college should be someThing oTher Than a TounTain oT TacTs wiTh which we are drenched Tor Tour years-and Then aTTer a Thorough soaking To shake oFT The ex- cess and run merrily on our way. There are Three ways To make a man reTain The personal impressions and memories oT his school and To re- new his associaTions in The coming years. FirsTly, a sTimulaTing TaculTy: secondly, make him Teel he is an inTe- gral parT of The organ- izaTion and noT TorgoT- if.,JW5.iL,s::e,f.f.f ' - ' zgss'W"'s'i'l 'Q " " " s I R is Ten as soon as he re- ceives his diploma -- make him Teel he is parT oT a "TradiTion"g Ag l and Thirdly, aT The end of his Tour years give 'iii him a personal porTray- al oT his sTudenT liTe during This Time-pic- Tures and accounTs of his classmaTes and Teachers, scenes and ii i mm anecdoTes. WiTh Tew excepTions we have The TirsTg Dr. Wyclcolili is accomplishing The second by reiuvenaTing The long leThargic alum- ni organizaTiong and The "Medical Vio- leT" aTTempTs To accomplish The Third! lT was a pleasanT experience To ediT The l936 "VioleT" buT To paraphrase an old genfleman who, aT The end oT an exhausTive day climbing MT. Washing- Ton wiTh me sTaTed, "l wouldn'T have missed This Tor Tive Thousand dollars buT l won'T repeaT iT Tor Ten Thousand"-"l wouldn'T have missed ediTing This book Tor one-TenTh oT The pleasanT hours spenT I44 in gafhering and arranging maferial buf I wouldn"I' repeal' if for fen fimes fhe pleasure derived." The firsf person l wish fo show my appreciafion fo is M. Richard Camiel. As fhe Business Man- ager, fime and fime again he had fo suppress my enfhusiasfic ideas and make me see fhe pracfical side of our work. One of fhe mosf difficulf secfions of a yearbook is fhe one devofed fo fhe seniors-a secfion requiring hours of fedious defail-and Herman Kafzman is fhe genfleman who so affably underfook fhe complefion of fhaf parf. As my associafe edifor Morfimer Weiss re- lieved me of much defail. Mosf peo- ple associafe fhe degree of "Docfor of Medicine" wifh a keen crisp sense of humor and as fhis annual has always been nofed for ifs humor, fo uphold ifs pasf, Bernard Davison was asked fo shoulder fhe responsibilify for fhis secfion. We bofh wish fo fhank Miss Louise Suffern, a young lady in whife, who, during fhe wee hours on Obs and Gyn amused us wifh fhe clever liffle carfoons which she has so graciously permiffed us fo use. David Silberman is responsibile for fhe main division pages and Benjamin Wolfman for mosf of fhe leffering fhruouf. I sin- cerely appreciafed fheir decision fo un- derfake fhe posifions of Arf Edifors. The cover design by Leonard Rosenfeld speaks more for his abilify fhan any ver- bal praise I could besfow. The lefrering on fhe subdivision pages is fhe confribu- fion of AI Lachferman. The approbafions for fhe informal phofography fhruoul' fhe book go fo Lesfer Rofhman, Jerry Rofh- gessor and Milfon Greenberg. To Docfors Curran, Blaffeis and Brown I wish fo exfend my sincere appreciafion for fheir mosf inferesfing confribufions. I also wish fo apologize fo Docfors Fox and Gofflieb, and Messrs. Fisher, Rus- kin, Thomas, Reifman and Redish for I45 confribufions which fhey were so kind fo offer buf which af fhe lasf momenf I had fo refuse because financial arrange- menfs made if necessary fo lessen fhe number of pages. Mrs. Helen Bayne, our librarian, and Dick Guvner offered many helpful suggesfions. The mosl' elaborafe and novel "Violef Dance" ever given was conceived, Ia- bored and delivered by Gene Holleb. I have never mel' anyone who so seriously and conscienfiously underfook a respon- sibilify as he for fhe dance. Wilbur Holfz was second only fo Gene in fhe amounf of work done in fhe preparafion. The seemingly fireless frio of Miss Roberfs of fhe Whife Sfudio, Mr. Nason of fhe Scienfific Engraving Company and Mr. Chernoble of fhe Comef Press were ever willing fo lend fheir assisfance and fechnical knowledge af fhe slighfesf pro- vocafion. To Melvin and Al, "GenfIe- men of fhe Mai.n Office" I musf also say "Thank you" for fhe many fimes fhey saved me much fime and needless defail. And as for Charley Shields, fhaf smile and cheery word would make me fhink seriously of doing 'lhe whole iob all over again. There are fwo people nof con- necfed wifh fhis school who had a greaf influence on fhe edifor of fhis book. Firsf, my life long friend Maxwell Desser who planned fhe general layouf of fhe book and second ibuf like desserf, saved for lasfl a young lady who recenfly changed her name fo Mrs. Harold S. Rubin. Many nighfs has she saf up wifh me info fhe early hours helping me in proofreading, dummying and pasfing up. I perhaps, may have been able fo dispense wifh some of my ofher assisfanfs-buf never The book is af lasf finished-a few more days for page proofs - anofher week fo fhe binders-and fhen info your Pax Vobiscum. THE EDITOR Toby 3 A Melvin land family, A Al Charley i I46 .av L. -.4 ,E , A- , , " A 1,11 U f f '- 7-7 . -fgy--QF' r " : L-" Lvffw- gal wifi 'fr cj 1'.'f1-1'f:1-ff'-1 :.:1'?'4': f" Q11-5-fafwi-'rfig-E" :3TQ'H!I 11'1'rAlau11:1.-",1.i,'1:L'::1- ., - ---p - 'E 1 TM' -'Y-1. .- 1 :Q-.1-.1 . .1 I 1 1,11 AIT,-11' 1.11 1 H L 1 11,1 . 1 . . ,. ' A 1"1f1ff11 1 ' 1,3-'ls 11111, 9111 1' m1 - 1 1 - - 1 , ' e, '. , u .--.-11"-4111.111-'1. .. 1 , - . -4.11r'.v,'v,: . ,I1-.V V, .1!1 ,V1 : 1 I W 1 ,,.1,,1 , ,,,1,, 1 ' ,1 1 1 111 . 12.1-1 ' A 1,-j.l"',,, ' 1 ,,,'.,., - ' 1. ,t 1 . Q1 H. 11 I1 11 ,. . 1.1: 1. ', 1 ,,. ' ' . 1,:1'. . - 1 V, -11 . . V . .. 1 .. W 1, W- X -1 1 1 ,,,.,,1. Q 1 "f11 1 ', - -- 1111 - 1 11 - 1 1 11, .1 A 1 1- ' - 3 1 1,'1I1"'.1 K K. ' 1: -, X' ' :'f'l,1.. 1 ? f' , 1. X ', 1 111 11,1 . 51' ' 1 1 . 1Y , , , 1. t . ' 1.1 ' I' .A 1- 1 - ' , 321 .1 I Y 1 1 ' ' f 117' ' , ' . - FSIW . ,xl V 1 1 L 1 1 ,ll A - all '141pl1l, 311' Zdf I 19,55 C G wiex '31"Ki'f1"V3fff 1 211141111 THE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION JOSEPH GENNIS .,....., ....... P resideni B. LEWIS WEINSTEIN ,,,.... ,....,fE.. S ecreiary MORTIMER WEISS ..,...........E................................... ....... T reasurer Siudenl Council Members Class of I936 MARTIN CALODNEY JOSEPH GENNIS MORTIMER WEISS MYRON HERMAN Class of I 937 LEONARD ROSENFELD SIDNEY WEINBERG B. LEWIS VJEINSTEIN Class of I938 JOSEPH FEIBUSCH SIDNEY KATZ NATHANIEL SCHACKMAN Class of I939 STELLA CHESS VVALTER DOLGIN GEORGE UNGER "The S+uden+s' Associa'I'ion and Hs acI'ivi'I'ies are young. Mislakes have been made and successes have been a'H'ainecI. Like all organisms 'Ihis is a parl' of i+s growfh. The S+ucIenI's' Associa+ion has a healihy background and i+s deveIopmen+ will be progres- sive. II' has before i'I' a greal' fuI'ure." I49 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Founded I902 SIMON R. BLATTELS MORRIS BLOCK LESTER BREIDENBACH SAMUEL BROCK MAURICE BRODIE SAMUEL A. BROWN ENDRE K. BRUNNER JESSE G. M. BULLOWA JOSEPH J. BUNIM ROBERT K. CANNAN VICTOR CARABBA JOSEPH E. CONNERY ARTHUR C. DeGRAFF C. E. de 'LA CHAPELLE WILLIAM FILLER EMANUEL D. FRIEDMAN THOMAS J. GALVIN WILLIAM GOLDRING LEONARD J. GO LDWATER MORRIS GOODMAN CHARLES GOTTLIEB EDWARD B. CAESSER JOSEPH BALLINGER HAROLD BERGNER BERNARD S. DAVISON ARTHUR S. GLUSHIEN TIBOR JACK GREENWALT Alumni in FacuI'I'aI'e CI.AUDE E. HEATON I. SETH HIRSCH FREDERICK C. HOLDEN NORMAN JOLLIFFE SOPHIA J. KLEEGMAN MEYER J. KUTISKER H. ROBERT LANDON LOUIS LANGE HERMAN H. LARDARO JAOUES M. LEWIS HYMAN LIEBER EDWARD L. LIVINGSTON LUTHER B. MacKENZlE ARTHUR R. MANDEL CURRIER McEWEN EVAN W. Mc'LAVE LILLIAN MILGRAM JOHN MULHOLLAND JOSEPH NASH HARRY O'CONNOR WILLIAM H. PARK ELAINE P. RALL BRET RATNER CIass of I936 URSULA J. ROCHE JACOB P. SCHULTZ DANIEL STATS ALEXANDER THOMAS Class of I 937 DANIEL LUGER GARY ZUCKER CI1apI'er Es+abIIsI'1ecI I 924 LOUIS RAZINSKY HAROLD D. SENIOR JAMES A. SHANNON IRWIN E. SIRIS CHARLES H. SMITH HOMER W. SMITH HARRY A. SOLOMON FRANCIS W. SOVAK MORTIMER D. SPEISER SAMUEL STANDARD WILLIAM STUDDIFORD MILLS STURTEVANT ROBERT P. WADHAMS ROBERT H. WALLACE ALICE WATERHOUSE ISRAEL WEINSTEIN IRWIN WELLEN H. M. WERTHEIM S. BERNARD WORTIS ARTHUR M. WRIGHT JOHN WYCKOFF JACK YAEGER EMANUEL WACHTEL MORTIMER W. WEBER MOE WEISS BERNARD WOLF MARY CATHERINE TYSON I50 an ? 2 J A0 D E L T A 3I Chapfers Founded I886 WILLIAM H. BARBER DAVID N. BARROWS HARLOW BROOKS WARREN COLEMAN JOSEPH CROCE WILLIAM T. DORAN JOHN DOUGLAS THEODORE ELSASSER WILLIAM S. DOLAN GEORGE F. EINTERZ JOHN J. HAGGERTY JOSEPH GUILFOYLE ALOYSIUS T. KELLY WILLIAM J. AVERILL WILLIAM E. DOHERTY FRANCIS A. FRASER ALPHA SIGMA CI1ap'l'er EsI'abIisI1ecI I886 FraI'res In FacuI+a'I'e SABURO EMY AUSTIN FLINT HOWARD FOX THOMAS J. GALVIN ARTHUR J. HUEY ELMER I. HUPPERT GEORGE A. KOENIG LOUIS C. LANGE LEON T. LeWALD Class of I936 GEORGE A. DEL MONTE Class of l937 FRANCIS J. LOVELOCK WILLIAM J. LENKOWSKI Class of I938 HUGH MARAY CIass of I939 RICHARD N. JASPER JAMES E. McCORMACK PHILIP C. NATALI VINCENT E. NEWE LUTHER B. MACKENZIE EDWARD S. McSWEENY WILLIAM J. PULLEY EUGENE F. RUSSELL EDWIN M. SHEARER WILLIAM E. STUDDIFORD MILLS STURTEVANT CHARLES W. WALKER CHARLES J. McGOEY HARRY E. MORELLI MARTIN B. MURRAY HERBERT F. MULHOLLAND WILLIAM PINDAR JAMES G. QUIRK CHRISTOPHER D. RAFTER JAMES A. RUTHERFORD I52 1 ' 'If7g mfvfx .QA g L n A L P H A 9 Chapfers Founded I882 ANTHONY BOGATKO JOHN BOHRER SAMUEL A. BROWN M. F. CAMPBELL FRANK COMBES EDWARD B. DENCH PAUL DENNEEN EDWARD FISCHER LEONARD J. GOLDWATER WILLIAM SPENCER GURNEE JULIUS H. BECKWITH FRANCIS BENNEDDETIO DOMINICK CHIRICO J. KENNETH CATLAW THOMAS FOLEY PHILLIP CABAUD WALTER KEES GEORGE BARMEYER WALTER BOEHM BENJAMIN BUFFETT ROBERT FAHY NU SIGMA NU F-rafres In FacuIIaI'e LOREN GUY J. WILLIAM HINTON FRANCIS HUBER LEE HURD ARTHUR KRIDA EDWARD LIVINGSTON ARTHUR MANDEL CURRIER L. MCEWEN EVAN McLAVE JOHN MORRIS WALLACE B. MURPHY Class of I936 JAMES CULLEN WILLIAM GIORDANO Class of I 93 7 JOHN DE HOFF ALMER GEORGE ARNOLD F. KNUDSEN Class of I938 ALFRED MISKO Class of I939 JACQUES FISCHL EDWARD GRIFFIN CHARLES H UNTI NGTON BERTRAM MOORE ' RONALD PRINDLE Cha p'I'er Eslablished I 897 HARRY O'CONNOR WILLIAM PARK EDWARD RIMER JOHN SAWHILL FRANCIS SOVAK RAYMOND R. SQUIER GEORGE B. WALLACE ROBERT WALLACE FREDERICK WILLIAMS ARTHUR WRIGHT GINO GIORGINI RICHARD JENSEN GEORGE STOECK DANIEL TWOHIG BERNARD WEISL CART:-IUR WRIGI-ITU x FJOHN STELTER JACKIVAN VRANKEN PAUL VELLA JAMES WILLIAMS I54 QGERARD F. WOLF T ' We':i?,': , i?QaA 'gif 'fp ,. . ,-.. X I 37 Cha p+ers PHI Founded I908 SIMON R. BLATTEIS HAROLD BRANDALEONE AARON BROWN BENJAMIN BROWN JOSEPH BUCHMAN HERBERT CHASIS EUGENE CLARK IRVING EHRENFELD EUGENE M. HOLLEB SEYMOUR S. JACOBSON ELMER ALPERT BENJAMIN EFFRON PAUL FRIEDMAN AARON GEWANTER STANLEY GOODMAN TIBOR GREENWALT SEYMOUR ALPERT DANIEL FELDMAN PHILIP BERWICK HOWARD BEI-IRMAN ALEX CHARLTON HAROLD FEINSTEIN JOHN BOOKMAN ELI GERCHICK J. HAROLD FRIEDMAN DELTA EPSILON Frafres in FacuIIaI'e HENRY C. FALK EMANUEI. D. FRIEDMAN HERMAN HORN ARTHUR PARIENTE BERNARD ROBBINS BRET RATNER LOUIS B. SACHS HARRY SCHILKRET Class of I936 NORMAN REITMAN NATHAN N. ROOT Class of I937 SIDNEY KAHN IRVING KANE EUGENE KAPLAN LEO KOSTER IRVING MICHAELS NATHAN MITCHELL Class of I938 HARRY GERSHMAN SOLOMON KAPLAN MORRIS KRAFTMAN HY WEITZEN SOLOMON POLISUK Class of I939 DAVID BAUER HERBERT B. HOLLEB STANLEY LEVY IRVING OCHS Cha p+er Es'I'abIisI1ecI I 904 LOUIS L. SHAPIRO BENJAMIN SHERWIN SAMUEL STANDARD ISRAEL STEINBERG AUGUST A. THOMEN MORRIS TOBIAS MERDES WECHSLER HERMAN L. WENGER HAROLD S. RUBIN CHARLES SIEGEL SOLI MORRIS LAWRENCE J. ROOSE LEONARD ROSENFELD MURRAY ROSENTHAL LEONARD SMILEY WALTER SONNENBORN IRVING RIFKIN SEYMOUR RINZLER LESLIE ROBERTS JOHN SILBERFELD MONTAGUE ULLMAN LEROY VAN DAM BEN SCHNEIDERMAN WILLIAM SOLOMON NORMAN WEINROD I56 QELTA 'T 3' K, N ca- A 4 TERNY6 E qJA 7 x?zE E ! I 5 Q1 .Jaxx A B E T A 55 Chapfers Founded I9I2 EMANUEL APPELBAUM LOUIS A. BUNIM JOSEPH BALLINGER THEODORE BARNETT MAX BRAITMAN ARTHUR FLEISCHMAN DAVID H. COHEN SOLOMON DRESNER SEELIG FREUND JOSEPH FEIBUSCH SIGMA OMEGA PSI Frafres In FacuII'a'I'e WILLIAM DIRECTOR BENJAMIN DUBOVSKY HARRY A. SOLOMON CIass of I936 MILTON KANTOR DAVID ROSS LESTER ROTHMAN Class of I937 BENJAMIN KAUFMAN DANIEL LUGER' RAYMOND MEGIBOW ABRAHAM PINSKY Class of I 938 Cha pfer EsI'abIisI1ecI I9 I 7 LOUIS TULIPAN LOUIS WEINER CARL SCHILLER BERNARD WOLF BEN WOLFMAN MORTIMER WEISS SIDNEY SCHNITT LESTER STEIN SAMUEL TABACKNICK LEO WEISS I58 .Y Y... -f I 2 1 2 H CD GAMMA ssc P+ Founded I907 J. H. GLOBUS PHILIP JOFFE JOSEPH GENNIS ALFRED LACHTERMAN ROBERT CANAAN LEONARD EHRLICH MURRAY GLISSMAN PHI LAMBDA KAPPA FraI'res in FacuI'I'a+e IRA KAPLAN LOUIS RAZINSKY CIass of I936 ABRAHAM LANGSAM EMAN UEL WACHTEL Class of I 937 CIass of I938 NATHAN SKORNICK Class of I939 CI1ap'I'er Es'I'aI:aIIshecI I9 I 8 ABRAHAM TUMEN J. A. YAGER RUDOLPH WAGNER BERNARD WEISS JESSE HYMOWITZ EDWARD KASSIN MILTON MILLMAN MACCABEE BOORSTEIN ABRAHAM HYMOWITZ PHILIP POLLACK PHILIP COHEN HARRY JOSEPH LEONARD RICHHEIMER SEYMOUR GAIBER SEYMOUR MEYER WILFRED YASLOW ELY LAZARUS l60 CID . if J rl A, 55 Q , 'g'i'AK.5l f fa. Q A E T A 35 Chapfers Founded I920 ALPHONSE di MAIO WALTER A. BILOTTA ALFRED ALISSI VINCENT C. D'AGAT LAMBDA PHI MU CI1apI'er Esfablished I 92 I Frafres in FacuI'I'a+e H. HERBERT LARDARO CIass of I936 PASQUALE A. CIOFFI I Class of I937 LOUIS AMATO Class of I938 CAESAR CASSANO Class of I939 I A. JOSEPH D'AGUILLO THOMAS LETTERESE I62 f ACID G A M M A I2 Cl1ap+ers I WILLIAM WELCH SOCIETY MILTON H. REDISH ,,,4, ---,A,..----- P residenq- ....,. ..,,,, V fge pregideni- JULIUS SCHNEIDER ,,,,,. ,,,,,, , ,, MILTON H. REDISH NATHAN GOLDSTEIN ELLIOT RINZLER J. FEIBUSCH HELEN R. BAYNE GEORGE BOWEN SAMUEL A. BROWN C. N. B. CAMAC WALTER L. CARR HOWARD FOX ARTHUR N. FOXE ALEXANDER FRASER Class of I936 CIass of I937 'HARVEY RINZLER JULIUS SCHNEIDER Class of I938 HARVEY POLIKOFF SEYMOUR RINZLER Class of I939 BEN SCHNEIDERMAN Honorary Members JOHN F. FULTON LEONARD J. GOLDWATER CLAUDE E. HEATON W. C. MacTAVISH CURRIER McEWEN ERIC PONDER JAMES RICCI VICTOR ROBINSON GEORGE B. WALLACE, FacuI'Iy Adviser ......Secre'I'ary MORTIMER WEISS SIDNEY R. WEINBERG GARY ZUCKER PHILIP H. SECHZER BERNARD SACHS PAUL L. SCHILDER HAROLD D. SENIOR HENRY SIGERIST HOMER W. SMITH JAMES J. WALSH ISIDORE WEINSTEIN JOHN H. WYCKOFF I64 ITHE HOUSE COMMITTEE MARTIN CALODNEY ,.,... ........ C hairman CARL SCHILLER ..,..... ........ S ecreiary Class of I936 MARTIN BODIAN CARL SCHILLER Ciass of I937 SIDNEY COHEN - IRVING KANE Class of I938 LEONARD EHRLICH HAROLD KAUFMAN I Class of I939 I IRVING ABELOW JEROME GERSTEIN A TRIBUTE In fhe hands of Ihis commi'Hee is placed I'he general managemenf of +he S+udenI' Lounge. Aside from arranging for +he use of Ihe Lounge by +he various organiza- 'Iions of fhe school, Ihey are always on I'he aIerI' for any improvemenis in 'I'he main- Ienance of 'rhe Lounge. The new ash' Irays, I'he drinking founiain, 'Ihe ping pong fables and Ihe neis-aII Ihese and o'Iher essenfials necessary for 'rhe com'ForI' and relaxafion of a s'I'ude,n'I group are Ihe ouI'come of +he quiei' work of 'I'his commiHee. They efficienfly run fhe check room and 'Ihe periodical library. The Sa+urday Nighi' Open House is iheir special innovaiion and if is rapidiy becoming an inI'egraI pari' of Ihe social Iife of 'rhe school. In shori, Ihey are fhe eagle-eyed genI'Iemen who zealously guard fhe inner sancium of 'Ihe siudenf body. I65 American League Againsr War and Fascism The world shaking polifical and social evenls have noi' lefi 'lhe medical siudeni unaffeded. Following ihe lead of oiher professional schools, a group of siudenis organized The branch of The American League againsl' War and Fascism ai' l'he New York Universily College of Medicine. From Hs very incepfion, 'rhe organizalion has pursued a non-par+isan, educa+ional campaign 'ro pu+ before +he sfudenf body fhe issues of War and Fascism, and +o siudy 'rhe melhods by which rhese evils mighr be combarred. ln April of las'I' year ii sponsored a very elifeciive sfudenr demons+ra+ion againsi' war and fascism. This Novem- ber il' cooperared wi1'h 'rhe Siudeni' Associai-ion and almosr all lhe organiza- 'Hons a+ 'Phe college, in fhe grea+ naiion- wide mobiliza+ion for peace. Many siudenis parficipaied in rhis meeiing, af which, as fufure clociors +hey received wi'I'h enfhusiasm 'ihe appeal io bend 'lheir efforis rowards ihe salva'l'ion of human life and culfure. The principle 'Followed by a medical group in approaching 'ihe ques+ions of war and fascism is 'rhal' war is a social disease which is preveniable and as such deserves l'he a'Hen+ion of docfors living in ihe era of prevenrive medicine. ln developing lhis 'principle, 'rhe League conducis weekly meeiings and 'forums where quesrions can be siudied in greaier derail. Among 'Phe o'rher 'iunciions of 'Phe League, a library of li+era+ure on war and fascism, a scrap- book of significanl' evenis as recorded in +he press, a wall newspaper, and +he sale of ihe monihly publicaiion "Fight" Jack Arlow I66 by -1 fi h,1ff,.x.-.115 f11'K1'1-'Ig -1-'HP 1 1 18 EU, .'1: .r7f1'fT1T" ' KU J 11 A1 , I- A'L"f:'1" "'f ' 1 1. , 1,:1.f' L. 111' :J1 1 '.,,' " 11123 i'.:mA."'1'i' '1TJg.1Y"f1 1 1,11 , V i A '1' A 11. ' . '1 ,,1-11 1 . , L . ,. W X ' ..1 - , . , 1 ,, A . Ig- ., . X. . . . V I - 1 1- . 1 ' . 1- 1 , .I . .N V. I I 1 'Z , X U . " ' 1 r 'JL 1 .Y,,5...-..Ju, . , 1 ,, H..-1, -.....- ..-- Q-- ,,,.a.....:,2s1.,.....-,, W-.- Q, ,., -W , ..,. f.,...-.1-A gf-,w.,, .1 -ivwf- .ff,.,--,-:V -Q7 'w1gf.:1,,j ' - 4 '-, 'jpg-i1,' -11 W : ..J,1.L i1 1 .1 - - - 1 " " ' 'A , ...,,1 . . --11A-- I .- b 1, ., .. , . ..-. ,, , . 1 , 1,,., .... ,. K wc 1 1 0111- .TA . , Y . ' 1' , Y L-AL S . K 1 f , I ' . ' . 1 1 , , E11 H , ' Q , 1, 1- . JA V ' ,. V .' jv ww: . V 1 I ' . 1- I 1' 1 I , , u. I ' 1 1 1..:,f 1 , ' Y ' 1 1 M . . I . I , . , i MA . A W . , 1 ,H , . . ,V , , 1 , 1 I . '1' I 1 ' . . sa , '. 1 2 1. - J.: I :, 1 . 1 , 1 5' " - 11 V ' ' 1 11 ,' '. '.: - -I ' 1I1 A .,, . , . IAQ . !'.1I 5 1: V . - li, . 11f:51"- 1 ' A 1 1 1 RI' ' f ' .11 1' , , . . -1 1,1 1. 1, Q' 1 1. u: 11, 1 . . - . '11 1,.j7l':11' ' . - - . ' 1 1-. ,'1i,1Q,l.J-:f'.,,'1-j - ' 1, -15: 1 - . . Q," N11 y- 1E51"r5' 105.5 Sf- Ar1'T1f.1,,'- Y , 1, n r - V- 1, mn' W Y - 1 ,,-n - A -v1 1 F silence ly ' 4. .. A M r H0 W if-T-A-f-TV ff-xv I X s ' A il T . 15 , .W , We . x 'f' In ,, ' - ,, rfi -,J ' i -a lx 0 -as 4, T - .eo J - G 34 M3 THE MAKING OF A BABY 'Eg .J 3 TO BALCONY - 6 .1 I 'i' Y, ,rf My Manuel -s -S- E T' 'J 1 V' if Miss Arabella Gumbernash . E . b Was noled for her vim and- I lr ' Un'I'il, according 'lo her momma I l She fell info a sorl' of , K I Though Dr. Jones her medic solon CJ Ascribed lhe 'Trouble 'lo her : , The cause as in 'rhe case of myriads f - 1, Was merely lrouble wilh her . . . L. it-5115-F Dr. Hendee Smilh: Why is human milk beHer +han cow's milk? Miss Kafcher: l'r's cleaner. I 'rhink i+'s pasleurizecl before delivery. Schneiclman: H's cheaper. There's no cleposil' on +he boH'le. Ka'l'zman: l+'s more convenien+ +o 'rake along on picnics. Abner Rosen: The an'l's can'+ gel' al il so easily. Di Maio: fpefulanllyl Yea, bul' you can'+ drink il' Through a siraw. I69 THE SKIN MAN O, some may sing of a surgeon's skill He wields a wicked blade While no'l' a few prefer G. U. 'Tis noi a fidy 'irade Pure science has her acoly'l'es A brave devored band Bur l'd rafher be a skin man And wi'I'h 'rhe skin men sfand. The skin man never is aroused As breaks ihe morning pale By vehemenl parlurienf Or ailing infan'l"s wail Nor is he snafched from Morpheus' arms From some delicious dream To aid an old prcslalic case Who cannoi' siari' his siream. Behind his broad expansive desk Mayhap of 'lropic leak He views 'lhe rash and fakes 'ihe cash And does if week on week His mind is calm, his spiriis blirhe His fuiure is assured For 'rhough his palienrs off re+urn They're never quickly cured. Wirh oinfmenis bland he fries his hand To soorhe, buf, ere 'loo la+e If soolhing makes ihem worse again Then he can sfimulafe ad-6' .hy lfbsfimulafion aggravafes His course runs ever smoofh For he can-cease 'ro si'imula'l'e And srarl' once more 'lo soofhe. No paladin of Ar+hur's age No gleaming, cresled knighi' Of old romance, had such a chance His lady ro delight For him lhal' 'Flush of damask rose For him ihal' downcasf eye Who drives fhe ringworm from her cheek The ifch-mile 'from her fhigh. The lady line, 'rhe concubine, The virgin, and 'l'he priesi' Discard 'lheir pan'I's in bacchic dance From liens now released Tabefic and parelic ln corybanlic maze Surround fhe guy 'I'ha'l' goi' 'rhem by And raise fheir songs of praise. So farewell dermaiiiis From you forever 'Free Good bye +o bugs 'l'ha+ bile us The louse, The fick, The flea. Eryfhema and edema Prurifis and scabies foo Like driven snow from head fo +oe We bid you all adieu. C 71: 'mu Tr' o a ll 1 r f 3 M F 1 1 0' .ji ,, W , Mis! I is M Q, fis- 0 ,i T o T f 1 ' W. eisr 2 , W , l X w T is :re Y-X Xb K,.,GB. "Reckon l'll hie me fo dociorin school, by cracky." THE LOVESICK SPERMATOZOON If you were a liHle ovum And I a spermafozoon I'd slay oulside 'rhe cervix 'Till some warm day in June. And 'lhen l'd sing so soflly While under +he mellow moon A melling, mellow, melody- The Song of lhe Spermalozoon. Oh, break your bonds my loved one, Tear off your lucid coal' And l shall swim 'i'he islhmus While you need only floal. l'll oulrace all my comrades l'll prove l'm a manful male For I have speed and slamina In my oscillaling rail. You needn'1' fell your molher, She'll never 'Feel lhe loss- And l'll be wailing for you Near 'rhe fimbrialed os. l'll roam wilh you in romance, l'll sing you a dreamy +une There are plenly of spermalozoan Bur only one Spermalozoon. And if you like my loving Your vilelline hearl l'll fill: l'll make your body 'rremble Wi'I'h a proloplasmic fhrill. And never you fear 'Phe 'fufure For, as lhe mon+hs pass by We'll build a lillle haven ln 'lhe fundus uleri. ,, K K , ' ff , "' f 1. I r 5 r'.N P ' 1' , y pcb-'.gkj7b.k ff 3 ,, lk! 1, l , ES 7 nrff- W T ANIE RIUAFF AG-HIC ULT' URIST. lSm-'rnmamnr .. c ou her ICS .ns. cs- . .5 S nnd Uh- l7I 'BELLEVUE EOSEIEELE MEDICAL GQLLEGE. CITY OF NEW YORK., SESSIONS OF 1875-'76. 'ILHE COLLEGl.A'l.'li YEAR lu thls Institution embraces :x prcllmlnnryAutl1mna1 Term, the Regular WlnterSesslon, and an Sunnncr Session. THE PRISLIMINAIIY AUTUJINAL TERM for 1875-ISTG wlll commence on Wednesday, September 15, lST5, and con- tinue unlll the opening of the Regular Session. During this term, lnstrnctlon, consisting ot' dldactlc lectures on special subjects :nhl dnlly cliulcnl lectures, will be given, as heretofore, by the entire Faculty. Students deslgnlng to attend the Regular Session nre strongly rcenmqmended to attend the Prellmlnnry 'l'crn1,bnt ntten.lnnce during: the latter ls nut rc. qulred. During the I'relimina1'y Term, clinical and dldacllc lectures will be given fn precisely the .same number and order as in the Regular Session. k THE REGULAR SESSION wlll commence on Wednesday, September 29, lST5, and end nbounhe lst of March, 1376. For the Annual Circular and Cntnlomxe, glaring regznlntlona for grnclnntlon, :md other i11l'orm:xtion,adrlress the Secretary ol' the College, Prof. Ansrtrr FLINT, Jr: , Bellevue liospltnl Mecllcnl College. f VIN 11 comes DE RAvoLusl-IUN! some 135 LAB. "Comes de ravolushun" mu++ers clinical clerk Bullodney, his precise Oxonian accenis cu'H'ing fhe air aboul him, "comes de revolushun, vare doing blood confs, comrades. Ve're ealing ice cream on de wards." He looks around wi+h a crazy gleam in his eyes, his voice rises in a wild piich. "Donn vii' cle capifalisis, donn vii' de aris+ocra'l'es, donn vii' de busses, donn vii' avery'l'ink. Pooey!" "Comes de revolu- shun" ihe ofher Leif- is+s muHer in chorus, "Pooey!" C l i n i c al clerk Zilch who has iusf goHen a new ad- mission, does a quick sink 'les'l' on 'Phe urine, io'I's down 'lhe resulis, and says "Pooey!" H is opened and Dr. 'El iii ' NL .A N If in e "i. X 1 Q - THE COMRADFS REST lFormerly Bellevue Hospifall Tommis rushes in, a haunfed look in hi quickly and sinks back againsi i'I' exhausied. Three lung abscesses over on F5 are heard +o say "Pooeyl" ai 'ihe same +ime. DR. PSYCHOFF'S OFFICE A conference is in session. Dr. Psychoff is whisiling some silly 'l'une and looking ou'l' 'lhe window. Sudden- ly 'lhere is a wild pounding on 'l'he door. s eye, shuis +he door Dr. Tommis: "We've go'r 'lo do someihing. None of you would lislen. l've seen il' coming." Dr. Coronary: "Coming, lad? Coming? Tropical medicine is wiih us, i+'s noi coming." He frowns impa+ien+ly as he looks up in 'rhe general direciion of +he ceiling for ihe Residen'l'. He rubs his hands 'logeiher and blows 'lhrough 'I'hem. Dr. Tommis: "Yes, sir, lropical medicine is here all right l'm so scared l've had a diarrhea l'he pasi' fhree days." Dr. Siurdyvenf: "Ah, a diarrhea. ls i'I' bloody? There are 'Four causes of bloody diarrhea, you know." He smiles benignly. "Why l remember way back when John and l were inierning here. Diarrheas were diarrheas in ihose days-weren"l' 'I'hey,v John?" Dr. Cooiiskaz "Damn +oo+in." Dr. Psychofi whisiles inanely on. There are lwo games of mumbly peg, a 'l'ic- l'ac-ioe and a spin-fhe-boHle in progress in 'l'he background. Dr. Shilda is dividing his lime belween drawing manic pic'I'ures on 'Phe window and chasing an imaginary fly. There is an oppressive silence. Cooiiska feels obliged +o say someihing. He does. "Damn 1'ool'in! Rare as hens' 'ieeihl Ya ever see hens' l'ee'I'h? How big is a quarler in China? Did l ever Jrell you guys aboui' 'lhe docior who had such a punk handwriiing, a guy walks in'ro his office once and he gives him a prescrip+ion." The o+hers look mildly in+eres+ed. "This guy gels his medicine, uses 'lhe prescriplion 'For a free pass on 'lhe 3rd Avenue El, for an invi+a'rion 'lo a dance, once 'lo ge? in'l'o a sociely wedding and finally his liHle girl plays i'r o.n ihe piano. Ha, ihaf was some handwri+ing." They s'rill look mildly inreresfed. No one laughs. Dr. Coofiska is huri, he sulks. l72 Dr. Coronary remembers Tommis' gaslro inleslinal dilificullies. "I'll bel' his sl'ool's full of ova. Do you ever look al'your slool? Come lad, YOU'RE a doclor now. When you're oul' in praclice, you'lI have l'o look al your own slool. No one else will do il' for you." Dr. Tommis: "I'm sorry, sir. I can'l hear you up here. Selling older, you know -ca.n'l bend over, lhal pain in my back." He lills Dr. Coronary up and sels him down on lhe lable lop. "Whal- was lhal' you said, sir?" Dr. Coronary glares and climbs down. He runs lo hide behind Dr. PsychoFf's chair, occasionally peeking oul' lo glare. "Jusl' because a man is bigger lhan I am, he's no more of a man lhan I am. You're all worfh a pinch oli saIl'. You know how much a pinch of sall' is? Less lhan a penny! Tha'I"s how much you're all worlh." Dr. McDave: "Say, Tommis, did I hear you say backache? Say, do you guys know whal lhe commonesl' cause of backache is?" Dr. McDave looks around, his slelhoscope dangling from one ear. Dr. Calienle: "I know. Arleriosclerosis of lhe spinal arl'eriesl" He expecls lo be applauded for lhis brighl saying bul' is immedialely discouraged by lhe dis- gusled look on McDave's face. "Na-ah, llal' feel, plain ordinary 'flal feel." Mc- Dave pushes his derby lurlher over on one ear. "Take off your shoes and socks, Tommis, and Iel"s see you walk." Dr. Tommis: "For God's sake, lhis is serious. I knew il was coming. Yeslerday I walked inl'o my office and 'Found Harlow silling in my chair wilh his 'Feel on lhe desk, righl in lhe middle of our besl summaries-our records-l'he records of l'he Third Division." He bows his head in reverence and murmurs, "God bless our records, God bless my mommy and daddy, and please God, when I grow up make me a greal man so my mommy and daddy and lhe Third Division will be proud of me. Amen." Dr. Cooliska: "Damn l'ool'in." A Tommis remembers his grievance. "Joe Dennis called me a dirly arisl'ocral', and spil, I mean expecloraled, al me." Dr. Clock: "Was lhe spulum rusly? Did you save il' for lyping? I could give you some sl'al'isl'ics bul' lhey wouldn'l' include lhe l'wo cases of lype 57 I removed 'from lhe files-lhey're in my ol3Fice." Dr. Tommis: "No sir. I didn'l' save lhe spulum bul I'll see if I can gel' anolher sample." He keeps harping on his lroubles, "my sandals-he was wearing my besl' sandals. Senl' me down for slrawberry shorlcake and said l'o gel' back lasl' or l'here'd be h-lo pay." He nolices Dr. Raleigh and apologizes lor lhe profanily, "Oh, l'm sorry Dr. Raleigh." ' Dr. Raleigh: "Whal- lhe h- are you sorry aboul. G- d- il, if lhey wanl' cake, Iel 'em eal' cake. No, wail' a minule, lhal"s CONCENTRATED carbohydrale. Give em uneeda biscuils and walch lhose p. c. urines. H-, I musl be gelling rallied. I can'l' lhink." Al' l'his poinl, lhere is a sudden pounding on lhe door. Everylhing slops, in- cluding Dr. Psycho'Ff's whislling. A molley horde of clinical clerks breaks in and one I73 1 sfeps forward. "Good morning, men. My comrades have appoinfed me spokesman, inferprefer and commissar of public relaiions. We wish fo inform you fhal' we have faken fhe Third Division." Tommis fainfs. Dr. Righf: "Now-are we all SURE fhe Third Division needs faking? ..No-o SHOULD we fake fhe Third Division? No-o. Oughf we fo fhink fhis over? Ye-es. Le'I"s have a vofe. How many would call 'I'his condifion malignanf?" No one raises his hand. "Benign7" S+ilI no one raises his hand. "H'm-, pre'H'y close." Spokesman: "Quie'i! All righ'I' now. Nafurally, fhe quesfion of your disposi- 'l'ion arises. We have decided fhaf from now on YOU shall do all 'l'he blood counfs, urines, and ofher lab work 'rhaf we shall see fi+ fo order, as well as wrife summaries, fill charfs and in general perform fhe dufies of a good clinical clerk. l have here a REVISED charf of fhe organizafion of fhe Third Medical Division of Bellevue Hospi- fal. Af firsf glance if may seem upside down, buf fhaf really consfifufes fhe revision. The clinical clerk, as you see, is af fhe head of fhe service. Nexf comes fhe iunior infern, fhen senior, and so on. Way down here, af fhe boffom-" An alarm clock goes off. Joe Clinical Clerk iumps oui' of bed wifh a sfari, 'irembles as he nofices fhe fime, "Boy, if I sign in lafe on Medicine again --." 4 'Ut ,L - my QU lip 23 2' J' J l 1 x PTIH L i I rl , EXCerp'l'S from THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF DR. J. CLINICAL CLERK To fhe General Medical Superinfendenfz December l5, l935. Dear Sir: ln reply fo your recenf inquiry, l wish fo affirm fhe facf fhaf l am considering hospifals for infernship appoinfmenfs af fhis fime. We have no wriH'en applicafion form. Applicanfs are requesfed fo submif a le'Her in 'iheir own handwrifing, felling us all abouf fhemselves, 'lheir financial and social sfanding, fheir fradifions, fhe number of dances, dinners, and smokers held each year, e'l'c.. There will be a wri'H'en examinafion on 'l'he maior clivisions of medicine, 'ihe specialfies, and fhe fundamenfal preclinical subiecfs, also 'rhe care and feeding of inferns, as well as fhe proper relafion of fhe affending and nursing sfaffs 'ro fhe house sfaff. This examinafion is fo be 'raken by 'rhe heads of each of fhe services, +o de- fermine fheir basic grounding as well as fheir fraining in fheir own respecfive fields, and above all, fheir general fifness for associafion wifh inferns. All applicafions musf be accompanied by fhe following:-a posfcard size pho'I'o of your hospifal, one of fhe nursing sfaff lincluding selecfed close-upsl, one endorse- menf from fhe Mayor and af leasl' fwo ofher polificians, and an accredifed sfafemenf fhal' you are in good sfanding in fhe upper quarfer among fhe hospifals in your com- munify. Furfher, fhere musf be a siafemenf from a non-paying pafienl' cerfifying fhaf I74 you are kind, generous, and loving, and fhaf your food is beyond reproach. Sfafe- menfs obfained under duress or from delirious, psychofic, or comafose pafienfs will nof be considered. Also a pledge from your chef or chief cook fhai' he can and will cook, is of a phlegmafic nafure, bears no malice fo inferns, and will play no pracfical jokes such as flavoring fhe food wifh ral' poison, cooking less fhan six meals a day, suddenly going on sfrike, efc.,-accounfs of previous employmenf, such as for fhe crowned heads of Europe, l'Ienri's, or fhe Waldorf, musl' be properly subsfanfi- afed or will nof be given serious considerafion. All hospifals applying for fhis appoinfmenf musf send in fheir qualificafions, fo- gefher wifh fhe required informafion, nof Iafer fhan January I, I936. We are urging all applicanfs 'lo apply early, since we have an excepfionally large crop of fine hospi- fals o.n hand 'rhis year. The chief of sfaff of all insfifufions merifing furfher considerafion musf see me or one of my represenfafives for a personal inferview 'lo be given af a designafed 'lime and place. Please nofe fhai' we are noi' in fhe habif of accepfing appoinfmenfs in cerfain hospifals, such as Presbyferian, New York, New Haven, Massachuseffs General, efc. Since such insfifufions cannof possibly hope fo meef our requiremenfs or offer us fhe fype of posifion we desire, fhey are urged nof fo apply. I wish fo sfafe, finally, 'rhaf 'rhe appoinfmen-is will be based sfricfly on merif. Qualifying hospifals will be designafed by numbers, and 'Iheir idenfify will no'I' be known fo me. Any affempf fo use influence, bribery or polifics will immediafely debar fhe applicanf from considerafion-and I shall make known fhe names of any in- sfifufions sfooping fo such nefarious pracfices fo all ofher men examining hospifals for appoinfmenfs. Sincerely yours, JOSEPH CLINICAL CLERK December I8, I935. Michael Reese Hospifal Dear Sir: Please do no'r annoy us furfher. We are busy, we have sick people, some are dying. and now you come along. Medical Supf. December I9, I935. Los Angeles Counfy Hospifal Ha, Ha, funny man. Medical Supf. ' December 20, I935. Philadelphia General Hospifal Dear Docfor: Your nofificafion received, considered, and duly consigned fo fhe wasfe baskef. Medical Supf. December 2I, I935. I75 Manhallan Slale Hospilal My Good Man: Will you come down and amuse us lurlher. Our palienls are iusl crazy lo meel you. Things do gel so dull here al limes. Medical Supl. December 22, l935. Kings Park Hospilal lor lhe lnsane Dear Doclor Cluck: V We are exlremely inleresled. We have a splendid opening in our psychopalhic ward we should like you lo consider. Medical Supl. December 23, l935. Cook Counly Hospilal Dear Sir: ' We will send an ambulance al once. Can you wail? 5555?-'Eli W X Z X Medical Supl. June 30, 1936. Pohunk General Hospilal, ' 'Willa l 573: . 'fn' Pohunk Cily, Pohunk A Dear Doclor: l . We are hereby applying lor your appoinlmenl. We have lried so hard lo gel an inlern. We meel all your requiremenls and qualilicalions. Allow us lo say, wilh pardonable pride, lhal we have lhe largesl hospilal in Pohunk. Our inslilulion is a lwo-bed general hospilal wilh a seven day rolaling service. One bed is lor lhe chiel nurse lwe HAVE a nursel and one lor lhe house slall. ln lhe evenl lhal a palienl is admilled, which has happened in lhe pasl, we can pul up a col, really making us a lhree-bed inslilulion. The service is rolaling, lhe house slall rolales lrom bed lo bed, spending one nighl in each as iunior, one as senior, lwo nighls as house, and ending up as residenl lhe lasl nighl. Al lhe end ol lhal lime, he may elecl lo buy lhe hospilal, il he so desires. Will you be our house slall? Pohunk Medical Supl. July l, I936. Air Mail, Special Delivery Dear Pohunk: Accepl our congralulalions on making such a line appoinlmenl. You won oul over greal compelilion. Love lo Nursie. JOE I76 A LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Sir: If is nof my habif fo wrife Ieffers of fhis sorf: and if is, I assure you, only afler much deliberafion fhal' I bring myself fo 'che performance of fhis unpleasanf faslc. I feel if incumbenl' upon me, however, fo censure 'Ihe conducf of Dr. Norman Reifman, a colleague in whom I had placed my confidence as a friend. He has been applying, wifh considerable apfilude and success, a fechnique for venous puncfure which he publicly and spuriously purporfs fo be his own, buf which in realify was inlrocluced by me on fhe Gynecological Service of Bellevue Hospilal. Affer some experience wifh venous punciures, parficularly upon emigres from Harlem Hospifal, il' occurred fo me fhaf a happier and less forfuifous fechnique mighl be desirable, so fhe following procedure was evolved affer considerable planning. The needle is inserfed info fhe cubifal fossa in fhe usual manner buf wifhoul' parficular affenfion fo fhe Iocalizafion of 'Ihe vein. If is fhen genfly rofafed from side 'Io side fhrough an arc of I35 degrees by manipulafion of fhe syringe barrel, and as 'Ihe needle is 'I'hus rofafed if is gradually inserfed deeper, reaching up fo buf nof beyond fhe hilf. If is now wifhdrawn slowly in fhe same rofafory manner and by 'Ihis fime, a reservoir of blood known as a hemafoma, has collecfed in fhe fissue infer- sfices and fhe blood is wifhdrawn as desired from 'rhe reservoir. The advanfages of fhis procedure fo fhe physician musf appear obvious. II' is applicable 'ro all pafienfs wifhouf excepfion. Perhaps +I-ne greafesf benefif lies in ifs simplicify and infallibilify, providing fhe physician wifh fhe assurance so offen lacking, or soon Iosf wifh fhe presenf 'Iechnique and so imporlanf fo fhe peace of mind of 'I'he pafienf as well. The minu'I'es of anguish while 'Ihe physician probes unsuccessfully for fhe vein or repeals fhe puncfure are all spared. If, as is usually fhe case, if be necessary fo obfain more blood due 'ro cloffing in fhe syringe, insufficienf sample or spilling of fhe sample, fhis is readily available by fapping Ihe reservoir. Cerfain precaufions are fo be observed. Some care musf be exercised fo avoid penefrafing fhe brachial arlery which lies in close apposifion fo fI1e veins in fhe cubifal fossa. The realness of lhis danger is affesfed fo by fhe 'experience of a col- league, Dr. Eugene Greenwald, who in 'rhe performance of a venous pressure clefermin- afion, inadverfenfly duplicafed 'Ihe perfomance of Sfephen Hale. Ofher precaufions and defails of vascular puncfure in general are reserved in a communicafion by fhe aufhor fo appear shorfly, "The Treafmenl' of Nephrifis, Ivlalignancy, and various ofher Chronic Condifions by Infracoronary Iniecfion of Sclerosing AgenI's." While if is 'Irue fhaf "There is nofhing new under 'Ihe sun." lDr. Arfhur Wrighf, Friday Surgical Clinic, February I4, I936l, neverfheless fhe mosl' obvious fhings offen remain obscure even fo 'Ihe wise. Thus Jesus reproached fhe Pharisees, "Do nof ye yel' undersfand fhaf whafsoever enferefh in al' 'Ihe moufh goefh info flue belly, and is casl' ouf info fhe draugh'I'?" llvlaffhew XV, I7l. If is hoped 'Ihaf fhis reproof will chasfen Dr. Reifman. Lef him remember, "The lesson we learned foday is humilify, humilify, and more humiIi+y" lDr. Arfhur Wrighf, I936 Friday Clinic, adapfed from Sir James Mackenziel. Sincerely yours, RICHARD GUBNER 177 f f -ing -rd .iff-17' Q " , fi.-7:9 , 1 f Y di-if f-4 ffffg l - ,Ba of ye-ff' B, 4' , . J. Af:-' , .fs v - 1 . .--W: " - fini izgfgse 21 jf..V,:-- . A - ' 'll'-4' ffllg A E J- , Rl w ' v 1 w'llill"" . 1 f -2 ,' tl, DOSEIQBI 1 to 2 capsules 3 or 4 times daily. Supplied in packages of 20. Ethical protective mark MHS embossed on inside of each capsule, 'visible only when capsule is cut in half at seam. Full formula and descriptive literature on request She: "Ce55el" I Con-nplimenfs of . . . He: "'No." l She, --Wen' ,ive done my du+y,-- f BELLEVUE SANITARY BARBER SHOP HI926 V, I FI Across fha S+reei' me PETER ACQUINTA 26+h Sireef Depression or No Depression -in good iimes and in bad- Pomeroy Company, Inc. SERVAMUSHDEM lil Numerous aciiviiies in The clireclion oi keeping , iniani feeding in ihe Physician's Hands lexample, Since i867 public educaiional ads which have been published before, during and since ihe depressionl. l2l No public aclveriising ol Mead Proclucls. l3l No dosage "We are Keeping 'lhc Faiil1" I6 Easi 42nd Slreel New York direciions of formulae io layrnen. 400 Easi' Fordham Road Bronx ' NEWARK BROOKLYN Mead Johnson 8: Co. BQSTQN SPRINQFIELD Evansville, Ind., U.S.A. DETROIT WILKES-BARRE Pioneers in Viiamin Research ALKALINE WATER fffarbonutedj AN ANTACID . . . NOT A LAXATIVE DELICIOUSLY REFRESHING KALAK WATER CO. OF NEW YORK, INC. 6 Church Street New York City Palronize Our Adveriisers - They Are Our Friends W Complelely equipped +0 render +l1e lwiglmesl qualily crawflsmansliip and an expediled service on bollw personal porlrailure and pholograplwy for College Annuals . OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Jro Jrlze I936 "BELLEVUE VlOLET" 520 Fifllw Avenue New Yorlc Cily Pafronize Our Adverfisers - They Are Our Friends ..'. A v Q-IlhYIYSEEf Il, A Bronchial Sedative Control the cough that weakens your patient. GLYKERON quickly 1'e- lieves this distressing symptom because it con- tains medically approved respiratory sedatives. Your patients with respira- tory affections do better when they sleep better- wilbozzt coughing. In 'if , zlz. 5 .,.: ,.,, IIT" IIT I 3 Er f 4 1 'X I X- , R N I 93 KG E I-1--l.....2ZJif2""' E ' ,""39?'0L am-cn can - I X , .W-I... , 5 ,. hem- 2, . Dun: mos rs :. .V I mmm nz I Ivey h. ' i 5221- P-.M :..W.. Es, ,Q 12:21 Q1 I .P : C, -: I I lui , I D g 'M I , I E 4 auto Lge 5 . 2 I N ,- Stimulating Expectorant GLYKERON loosens the mucus in the bronchial passages and aids in its expulsion. It lessens the hazard of complications by getting rid of germ-laden secretions. Prescribe it for the symp- tom of cough. Very palat- able. GLYKERON is an ethical IIr.miifg,,,m ' 9Lff?ERQNH5WSu1fg1iCd product in origin, in devel- in I OL' 115 we as UZ' opment and distribution. It ,M A,4,', v i 'xi Ott es' ,q deserves your full conti- H pvzlp :.::::: j . dence. 'W " Lllemlure 071 7'6qIl.'?J'I THE NEW 4 OZ. R, BOTTLE I The label is easily removed by the phat- I macisr nml your prescription directions attixecl. MARTIN H- MITH coMDANv- -New voma BACTERIOLOGY SEROLOGY TISSUE PATI-IOLOGY PATI-IOLOGY CLINICAL MICROSCOPY CHEMISTRY IZASAL METABOLISM The Bendiner 8: Schlesinger Laboratory SERVING THE PHYSICIAN OVER THIRTY-FIVE YEARS THIRD AVENUE and TENTH STREET NEW YORK CITY One Short Block from Wanamakesds HENRY T. BROOKS, MD., Director MESSENGER SERVICE Phone AI.gonquin 4-2300 ,sb . U Q' I SHOES OF LL DE CRIPTION S 'B i made to drderffor lame persons, deformities, weak ankles, Hat feet, ,di , ' corns and bunions, etc. Shoes for flat feet and cork adjusted shoes Q- , '- for deformed feet a special-ty. ' 1-j-'gm' 1 We have Ladies', Gents' and Chi1dren's arch support- Q' jj.Q?-iii, 1 ing shoes on hand, also arch supports. ff' ' I" if-fa 5 ,I x., J. H. BLOCK COMPANY ..:I'. 4 Practical Orthopedic Shoemakers h-4 New Style, 'g"i"' 'A 146 East 53d Street NEW YORK, N- Y- Old Style,can be attached Inside cork made to measure. W'e issue no catalogues 10 Your own shoe' Patronize Our Advertisers - They Are Our Friends YOU OAN'r MISTAKE THE HINDLE Even without its nameplate-to look at a Hinclle Elrcfrocarzliogrclplzi is to recognize it. The quality of workmanship, and of ma- terials employed in its construction and the distinctive finish of metal and woodwork, mark the Hindle unmistakably. From a utilitarian standpoint, it is these in- numerable refinements in the smallest de- tails that make the I-lindle an accurate, dependable, long-lived instrument. The first Hindle, installed over twenty years ago, still takes perfect tracings. The Bcllctww and Allied Hospitals use eiglzi H inflles CAMBRIDGE 3732 Grand Central Terminal, New York, N. Y. Pioneer Munrrfzicturers of the Eleclrocardiagraph KARL ORTHOPEDIC SURGICAL APPLIANCE CORPORATION Orthopedic and Surgical Appliances Practically Manu- tactured to Surgeons Or Physicians Specifications ARTIFICIAL LIMBS -- BELTS -- TRUSSES SUPPORTS -- ELASTIC STOCKINGS -- BRACES 348 First Avenue, New York City Near Bellevue Hospital Between 20th and 2lst St. STuyvesant 9-42I5 Phone LExingtOn 2-0756 I. Kerner ALL MEDICAL PUBLICATIONS New and Second Hand 336 EAST 26th STREET NEW YORK CITY In the Bellevue Medical Center The Crown Luncheonette CALORIC INTAKES A SPECIALTY THE STUDENT RENDEZVOUS Meet Your Friends Here for Lunch and Supper O 429 FIRST AVENUE Cor. 25th St. Around the Corner Phone BOqardus 4-9277 I. 8: D. Delicatessen and LUNCH ROOM Wholesome, Nourishing Food At Lowest Prices Aslc Your Fellow Students- "They're' Satisfied" 4I9 FIRST AVENUE NEW YORK ERNST KNOBLER'S SANITARY BAKERY, RESTAURANT and LUNCH ROOM Everything Baked on the Premises Under Most Sanitary Conditions FRESH ROLLS 3 TIMES A DAY If You Want to Enioy a Good Meal Try Our Home Cooking Polite Service--Spotlessly Clean Give us a Trial and Convince Yourself 403 FIRST AVENUE Bet. 23rd and 24th Sts. New Yorlc Bellevue Inn LUNCHEONETTE THE KIND OF FOOD AND SERVICE STUDENTS LIKE 0 Across the Street 26th St. and Ist Ave. Patronize Our Advertisers - They Are Our Friends 3543521321 S ifiifl SC IE NTIF Ni+-Sihmikzlvhm :sm NEMIM. 'F JJ -Y': W . U . 2 wx .,,.' Tx xl ,sg-iris .436 2 We C4gQ?GO?L J 6933 I Wg ? SW wJ w l C ,N M M ww I may X 1 f coME'r Pm-:ff XX BROOKLYN 0 3 C l 4 K? F .F JZ. f' f bfi GN . X ,QL QPQ r x.:p31L ' .V - if: 4 ff X! W iw X573 'W I' 3 -. . I - KJ ,gfmltm 5-jp wma, 1-wvsxxbj x ,U ,f r-'Ll I' Kkfn' ,Ai I di, 1. M, gl' s- , X " -A .1 J 5 0' Pk rg--nw! V IJ? i n I 1 WWW 1 QL: W 155 li In 401 W -Mw,2h wwfmwi N Fil' K v w n. . 1 1 u .n 'wh -ffi.-'Qqowap-fql.w-z:.u L,g ' 5 W" "L'!ik':1f r ' ' f n 'f" QV, - . , I 5-, -.lgsqHj,..j75fl iU71m."g , H , -,,.g'E:Tu.lA..:'ZAI H qfyhflm inf' -.U Q351qTmi1'-,1j-! LTu,U.f'L gilk.-4w..,liigL',A,e' IH, JU- ,.,.:'..M,, nfl., - , -.15 yr, -,J 4-,:':, 5 , I - Hr. 9.-.-1 ,1 jul- . -: ,swlvfnfm-3.-.fwzwefwgg-,1t' w ,gi 1 1'.?l . :im .9 .1-:'..g.i,'U 5-,,qu:1..,..,., wl.L'-:K-.. -- ,Q-"..'lf:w 111- . .J f- 411'-'Pl' 'P-"n'f-?5-'-""n1K. L -'WWF-'51-, 'WU' "MP .F JH" -TJ YF' 1 H: '?4U'pm1q5"' 'fig-.!!'L"!L LPS, , -hijyqlll.-Y' w'1'.'f'L.', Hvgtl 'xl is fm' , ,I 4.441 ' iff F, I-jLw2g,.-K',. r -xv V ln' .fmffh wwfww+fff1wmw A WH ,.-Lgi.z,',Q,. 3 , BGL "gf ,.i':'1f J N -. ,A4sm?'P in J M! .1'r.L',l-ff-J, :fJ1,"'e,1.Y'IQ - ' ?fi'fff:3,f'?5b'.! Y':i"f4-' 5".,f'!'1Q 'PA '- "1'L.VfIFf'. " ' ' Hf Ei'3F2ll:',L "1-', I "L 1 "' "" '12 'mg ' 'S 1 'n 11,13 :g 22' "pf ,n,'-1 ,. 'I' ' mQf-w1h ,g1fQw ,fQf-ff qw .-'fur ,..--,-Y - W- --. ,,1 .,- , ,.., ffglrffffe 5 ,Sh A iw,T v1Lf.???N',::2El" ':- -Q. X' - iq. Q A L in 9211"-' , , ' fi' L5 '1 'U 915 . 1.':.f?". iajf I.:ig5.:Zf5,-fl lik- 5 I ,VM Iwlwllzd ' '.".!'4-'V .ll I wh " qty. , il! n,13Q5i:7.,4-:,:-HH I , ,X , , 1, in H1-, i- .1 MJ, A Q L-v ",.'n 'lun' -L -' V ' . wJI"' -I'Q,,M" Z W -,HP ,I I' .1 g-s,,,mf,, A , ,.,,.1. L -. --A-,1..,. M V.. I. L VK. , 535: ff. 'wx ." 'QW'-I." - ..: ff" 'V ' Wpgumme-1.wwmfwmw-f M1 mm ,mf'-443 'kk , X114 " T" " " i' f -DI' f-EL' -' : '.'f-N W! 1f":J,te':G:':f -9' ' H..-:W mia. -fb' ,, -,Ml ,f 'gl-?'1"f1-ff '1 ' ' ' .W ff , , MlIbw'?ir'1L-v- ff - ' , MJ- f H ja. 1,3 -1 -1: ff? ' f' - 15,3 -mm, fan-1: 4 y. E5 , ,- Q , wg. '1 ,',,::f"'?t'V' - - ,Mg rv-'L fl-H-'I :fi N .W .'E',f-J!-Q-11'-1:9 -'l',4f:,- '-1 2. jf' m-,.:." n.:g2f - ii31g ' FH: I-iv 5 . 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'-5 J .j..,fU',,5:1A!- F III, g V. ,. X ji. , '?52'."ldf-Q-.-3: . . -Lg!" yi... ,I Y gp-,ag-:+.., -- ' ml gf-5gf:f'g151,Lg:U" T , A 'iufrrlg ff:-.w+ix2,A5'j i " ,Ili 1 '- f - ff, f , ' if l: rfB..f-"QL--:K p .- 1. 1 nr'-'-51 QL "N ' " ' - ' r 'WN p,4?,l5,-Wal-'5,x.jNfQ H .f-,-1f:,'g3.1,-3.-,fx jf, il-x g,.f,.g 5-,,-,gl ,L .gg 5 vu, '- maya' -,Q-'j1..fL- N ' gffl Juv? .hinzza Q mfr- W' ,',,u,f.,',gK'N ' ' ,I-11,0 ,,.,-,M,,. ., IL L ., .-'A YI.. . 41 1 .,I VI ml-JI' 1.1,.,,-my ,K 11-'-H ' ,. ' .J iff-,.Qff1. .U u,1,, n U-.,u W. U yu L .mgiL,1 '1 ' 'H 1 ,-'zm-:'1., 1 K afl'.1w--""fbe. ff . :V 1 -'Nh 15l,RLwvEf.f,i .,, Y mm, 61,143 WH: ': M. T W.i .I,. Lk r. QM 4-' '- Hfi. -HH 1 5 , . ' LI W1"5'f:f"f ' '.?'.:'l":' in 12: -' ' 1?-1-'54 ',7'g-Q , all f-1:',,!ieiL. I - 5 :iii -. -.. ,J ,l ,,-Arm. V-:,' ' .1 - ' lim 1lyy,, X y .5111 I ,mnf , .5 X 551:-a , . . XL' nw-.ww . fl- -' A, A ".gfL.'L..4 ,. Last! V51-,,4 Ln ,I L1 M5 -,Ugg 1, ., . 1LgfI,,4 Efxlzmg 1.1-. -I. W V1.1-1' H ' , . 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Suggestions in the New York University School of Medicine - Medical Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

New York University School of Medicine - Medical Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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