New York University School of Medicine - Medical Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1934

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1 UNIVERSITY a n d BELLEVUE HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEGE VOL.X I934 SAUL H. KARLEN DAVID S. BOXER JOSEPH JOEL FRI EDMAN Edifor-in-Chief WILFRED DORFMAN Associafe EcIi'ror ABRAHAM GOOTNICK Assis+an+ EcIi+or GERALD M. FEIGENOFF EUGENE ISEPETTINI MAXWELL SCHERZER EDWARD PRESS Ediforial S+aff MAXWELL SAYET Business Manager MURRAY F. BELENKOFF GEORGE SAYPOL Assis+anI' Business Managers RANDOLPH ROSENTHAL A. M. SACKLER DAVID ROSS Business Sfaff MATTHEVV M. STEINER Phofography EdI+or PI1o+og ra phy S+afF CHARLES KLEIN ALEXANDER HERSHKOVITZ IRVING MERMER LEONARD ROSENFELD Ar+ Edifors MILTON S. SASLAW ALBERT CORNELL SIDNEY LEVY LOUIS MARSHALL SIDNEY SCHNUR IRVING BARCHAM HAROLD S. RUBIN A. DAVIDSON MORT WEISS A FOREWCRD This, The TenTh ediTion oT The VioleT is The TirsT ediTion To represenT The cooperaTion and spiriT of all The classes oT Bellevue. This ediTion represenTs a volunTary conTribuTion To iTs supporT, an indicaTion ThaT The Belle- vue VioleT is To conTinue as a parT oT our school, ThaT The sTudenTs demand iTs exis- Tence and conTinuance as a social binder. as an exTra-curricular acTiviTy, as an insTrumenT of unhampered expression, and as a record of lasTing friendships and days oT happiness and worlc. i lT is hoped ThaT The VioleT shall be conTinued and supporTed and shall loecome more and more a vehicle oT self expression and good memories. THE EDITOR DEDICATION To CHARLES I-IENDEE SMITH. Kindly and lovable, Inspira+ion +o his sfuderfrs. Falrher To his pa+ien+s, 'rhis Violei' ls affecfionafely dedicafed. s ,.C.. ' 1 .-,..f V.. my., , E , .f"f . ' ,' ff -A zf if wi? A- W eine' . -V, ,fum A , ffqfz , ' , 591 uf, x k - H ki,-'51-97'v4,.' ' . . Nw N k , J" 1' 1 A 'f - ' ' , Nj, .f A 1 af ' , , ,A 'I - is ' I 1 .1.',' ' - ,. -. ,, ,,., , .-,Lil V L' ' L' lf 1i:"'H2-if .1..h , iii-Qj-5 I V. gf' .x V Jf, . U, -rw r ' 1 W Nw"-f---' 4- ,' 4 , ,,,, U . .fy "Wie", . , . A ,.,,7 Q4 3. QQ' ' . ' V, ,,,s.,M-'.' ' .j,,:-,HW Q . '.g',f' .4 , in ,- Jw'--.lf-p",', - m,4C13'QQ'.rf-J-' - 3, f,a2?1.fg'fgfy1f . - - ,g...,h,A PM ,fi ,I ' ,N - x if ir: f ,-h- . W . . I 1 u " " JAP' ' ,Q - , 1 , , M. ,. A, vw", sir -' ,. ,. w .X -Q . 4 , ma' ,W .., A . 3, QT -1 ,- , ,. K , My F QL A.. . '. P " - ':,- X ,, rd, -1, , fe , '31, 5. , . .L , . 4 w, A.. , S G- M X CHARLES HENDEE SMITH The days fhaf mark major changes in our individual worlds-our beginnings and culminafions-have a sfrong and lasfing hold on memory. A Wednesday in Sep- fember of l93O when, filled wifh hope and apprehension. we gafhered in Carnegie Hall 'ro become fhe class of I934-fhis Wednesday had fhe momenfousness of new deparfure and was one such day. There was a peculiar elafipn abouf us as we chose sears and surveyed new faces and surroundings-a suppressed anficipafion fhaf wanfed fhe meaningless formalifies of fhe nexf hour done wifh. fhe sooner fo meel' fhe fesf awaifing us. The formal welcome was momenfary--and fhere arose fo address us fhe main speaker-himself a newcomer fo fhe faculfy-Dr. Charles Hendee Smifh. Snow-whife hair. young eyes, fafherly wisdom coafed in gay banfer . . . Af odd momenfs fhrough fhe pasl' four years fhere have flashed fo fhe surface bifs from fhis wholly informal, personal, and comradely +alking-l'o- The Presidency of a Neuras- fhenic Sociefy seemed less of a joke and much more affainable before fhe anafomy exams. Thaf firsf hand advice on medical sfudenf hygiene we came fo rediscover fime affer fime as indispensable. as marvelously apf. This man who "had arrived" and had every righf fo exhorf us fo ambifion and righfeousness, had, however, fhe rare faculfy of remembering his youfh--and remembering, fhe words fo hearfen fhe fledglings before him, fo warm 'ro fhem, fo warn fhem abouf fhe dark corners and sfumbling-places ahead. For Dr. Charles Hendee Smifh, whife-haired and Professor of Pediafrics, had once been a medical sfudenf. William J. Bryan was running for Presidenf-, Roosevell' was riding up San Juan Hill, and one Charles H. Smifh was sfudying fo be a docfor af Columbia Universify. Behind him were boyhood and adolescence, and The long school years af Elemenfary and High School fhaf weave fhemselves so infimafely info fhe web of our early lives. He had come Easf from his nafive Milwaukee fo enfer Cornell Universify. Four years lafer, a Bachelor of Science and fwenfy-one, he had already discovered whaf he wanfed-and enferecl fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons in l897 fo become a docfor. To people who can look back fo fhe lasf of fhe '90's, fhe world of I934 musf seem as one creafed anew. Bul' fhe life of medical sfudenfs-fhe monkish life walled away from oufer affairs-from polifics, from world problems, from fhe cares of making a living-fhen preffy much whaf if is now. The scope of fhe curriculum was less wide, buf fo one young man who made medicine a labor of love, if was a full fime iob. fhen as now. The firsf fwo ears of Dr. Smifh as docfor 'he spenf inferning af Presbyferian Hospifal. And fhen "he sfarfed in as a general prac'rifioner." All fhaf fhere is in fhis simple sfafemenl' of courage and folly, of hope and apprehension, of prayer and fhe girding of loins! lf was I903 and Dr- C. H. Smifh sfarfed in as a general pracfifioner. He married Grace E. Wales of Binghamfon, N. Y., and so became a solid cifizen. Bul' for him school was nol' yef ouf. He joined fhe 'reaching sfaff of his Alma Mafer as lnsfrucfor in Anafomy and Hisfology, and in fhe same year became associafed wifh fhe Vanderbilf Clinic as Assisfanf in Medicine and Children's Dis- eases. And so, inconspicuously, he was launched upon fhe career of physician and feacher which has grown consfanfly. sfeadfasfly, in significance and scope in fhe pasf 'rhree decades. The firsf years in general pracfice broughf growfh and knowledge in confidence and power. and in recognifion. The capacify fo observe, fhe courage fo draw logical conclusions-whafever if is fhaf sefs aparf fhe frue invesfigafor as a being rare and disfincf from fhe hosf of drones-fhese became more and more evidenf in his pracfice and in fhe mulfiplying confribufions fo medical liferafure. He had abouf him fhal' aura of frusfworfhiness, fhaf qualify of sfaunchness and securify, which draws fhe faifh of infanfs and ofher dumb animals. And he gradually found more and more of his fime encroached on by anxious mofhers fo whom fall, earnesf Docfor Smifh seemed fhe safesf guardian of fheir youngsfers' well-being. As he himself pufs if "more and more children came fo me, and l was simply forced info Pediafrics. Bul- aside from fhaf, if is a much more inferesfing field fhan any ofher, 'rhe resulfs are more specfacular, and whal' is more imporfanf, children have none of fhe imaginary 'rroubles of fhe adulf. When you add fo fhaf fhe facf fhaf fhey pracfically never die, you have fhe perfecf specialfy." The frue Specialisfl He became in fhis manner definifely commiffed fo Pediafrics. And his acfivifies bofh in medical feaching and medical pracfice flowed synchronously info fhis groove. He was Chief of C-hildren's Clinic af S+. Luke's in I9I l, and had fhe same posf af fhe Vanderbilf Clinic fwo years lafer. ln fhe Deparfmenf of Diseases of Children af fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons Dr. Smifh was Assisfanf in l9l2, and Associafe in l9l3. In I92l he had become Professor of Clinical Pediafrics in fhe same de- parfmenf. He had in fhe meanfime joined The sfaff of Bellevue Hospifal in l9l6 as Assisfanf Visfing Physician and Chief of O.P.D. of fhe Children's Medical Service. ln his firsf year af Bellevue, Dr. Smifh puf info being rhe firsf Nufrifion and Cardiac Classes for children. lf was under him fhaf The class mefhod of freafing diseases in groups was firsl' affempfed. And here he made evidenf his rare falenfs fon simplificafion, for coor- dinafion. for making available from a hodge-podge of scaffered facilifies a unified and useful essence. Af Bellevue in fhose days fhe casfe sysfem sfill prevailed in fhe relafion of Ward Physician and Dispensary Physician, and 'rhe fwo sysfems were complefely divorced enfifies. The fwo sfaffs were like fhe proverbial blind sages, each limifed forever fo one parf of fhe elephanf. Oul' of fhis, Dr. Smifh organized fhe firsf unil' service in New York, wifh all members of fhe sfaff working in bofh OPD and Wards. The advanfages of fhe innovafion were sufficienfly apparenf for fhe arrangemenl' fo be copied in every hospifal in fhe cify. A monumenfal achievemenl' I8 years ago, if has served ever since fo mobilize in serviceable form fhe vasf feaching facilifies of a large hospifal. ln l92l Dr. Smifh became Visifing Physician fo fhe Children's Medical Service af Bellevue- He found himself emerging ahead of fhe field, on 'rhe high road fo acknowledged leadership in his specialfy. Honors and high places were coming fo him, new rewards-and new responsibilifies. By i926 he was full Clinical Professor in fhe Deparfmenf of Diseases of Children af Ph sicians and Surgeons: he became Direcfor of fhe Children's Medical Service af Bellevue: he was Visifing Pediafrician af fhe Sloane Hospifal for Women, and soon affer, Visifing Physician af Babies' Hospifal. He became Consulfing Pediafrician fo Nassau Counfy Hospifal, Flushing Hospifal, Englewood Hospifal, New York Infirmary for Women and Children, and many ofher insfifufions, and in l93O he was offered fhe Chair of Pediafrics by New York Universify and came fo feach af Bellevue. A measure of arrogance and pomp is so offen a concommiffanf of achievemenf, fhaf simplicify and warm-hearfedness places an especial disfincfion on a man of eminence. We came in our fhird year fo a lecfure in Pediafrics and mef charm, ln fhe overwhelming burdens of a massive curriculum, fhe hours wifh Dr. Smifh are earnesfness, uffer lack of self-imporfance, fun blended wifh inspiring compefence. a brighf inferlude where acfual healing is broughf fempfingly near, where we draw new courage and sfrengfh, and grow lighf-hearfed. He is nol' Dr. Smifh, and nof Smifh: he is Charles Hendee, Teacher and Personalify, who imparfs fo his school his own qualify and so makes Alma Mafer a cherished and nosfalgic memory in years fo come . . . ,If ,v,, X , .-,, -x . 'wa 'N 1. N . ,Z -ii, .x 1 ,SW ,w.,.:si,.., .M - :im . , 'Y'Q'?'!i' , , ,,.A .iw 1 mmf .X xr' . Qsgggli ef Wg Vwflfmfty wi -Vw-M ,M wg, ,2 'K rs . f 5' I 4 wg: . " f 4 fig, X 4 WI sw f . l ' 'M-Klrrl ff' r h l"':-V E' ' - xt jg" '.'if-,U f' ,Ox ,, ' 5 T L 'Q x 1 P h il 'l' ' I f milf! ,yt I ' ' . ...ft 'l,.::lnnm:: Few -, ' . , fu z n 'u"ll"l' 'nd .,:l Z 6 f ' ' rf 'Il -l f 'K gf fr milf: 1 M' :I 'I :1 if X fy, ., 1' tfrfgifga , f. ,, X Y , :r " "Nl T' V1 '-T .v W A wt N . E 5 'MQ 112-111jI A Q 4 n My' r- . f' ,, 1 ,jf V, 1+ ,,-1, '-M ,., It " n",1 V 15',1f , "f1""1l:'! " Ula, I- ' I-14-'I :f!":i'ff5fi iYgf?'gl!" gl I, 1' ,IF If '..1"f , A . :UM W 1 v Q1 " , Q2-Y :K f H- ,Q H ,UN , - ,, 3 -p,,:- f.M-,,v,L,:M-FALXP 1.,, -V tw, v , ,, ',,,.v1"'-in ,4:.3f29. w A W V F ,JI 'W' - n fi 5'-. 4" 'Af 3' xi' r f F ' ,rf uf fa Q Z , IN mf -1 ri s.--ff ,. ,, Wd , 'J' 'fa ,AQ , F ,ffgg 1, ,i:,?dQ?- 'fn -- M .f 3-,-a . an .V ,QI ' I ,x" if rf 'I 1 fl' IW ff HJ' riff If gf' . nga" rrffffrff I t, ' rf if -1 . I I H I ,r-"',Li 14 f , I ZW? W ' F I 5: Aewizfrh :f'vm fu, ,.,,4 .M 4 . ..,nw,,H-1, K' -p gf , ,rx -- . .135 'N , cw Lau f"1+Q,4'1iQA' V , t 'fl tq'if-,vJ1j1,.' J '.-dxf' .5+1Aj'q, f"1w. Fw + ,f fur-fx 3 - V N -1 -4 www. ' A, "1 1. f A 1' .,vlj.f4,:Q. ,k-l1,f.,,, M 7 .,k.'41!,3,f,wrwf:,:g.,-in m ,, -'QM' x x ' -' p . ,, 3. ' ex K QM 79 ,fvfivffln 3 Q-cf wig mx ...K , .1 A ., in -W' M wg.: ,-V '1. ,tl .ww "Ijgf1 M, Jwfaa Q.-'QU 11 X EN gxfif ' 3 if X "vw 1 ,f"i'f V .H Aa' nf- '- I . ,wg 'mffw 'i'f 1-.515 ,A -1 THE OATH 0F HIPPCCRATES SWEAR by Apollo. The physician. and Aesculapius, and I-IeaITh. and All-heal, and all The gods and goddesses. ThaT, according To my abiliTy and iudgmenT, I will keep This oaTh and sTipulaTion: To reckon him who TaughT me This arT equally dear To me as my parenTs, To share my subsTance wiTh him and relieve his necessiTies if required: To regard his oTTspring as on The same TooTing wiTh my own broThers, and To Teach Them This arT if They should wish To learn iT, wiThouT Tee or sTipulaTion. and ThaT by precepT. IecTure and every oTher mode oT insTrucTion. I will imparT a knowledge oT The arT To my own sons and To Those oT my Teachers, and To disciples bound by a sTipulaTion and oaTh. according To The law of medicine, buT To none oThers. ' I WILL Tollow ThaT meThod oT TreaTmenT which. according To my abiliTy and iudgmenT. I consider Tor The beneTiT of my paTienTs. and absTain Trom whaTever is deleTerious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine To anyone if asked. nor suggesT any such counsel: Tur- Thermore. I will noT give To a woman an insTrumenT To produce aborTion. ' WiTh PURITY and wiTh holiness I will pass my liTe and pracTice my arT. I will noT cuT a person who is suTlering wiTh a sTone, buT will leave This To be done by pracTiTioners oT This work. InTo whaTever houses I enTer I will go inTo Them Tor The beneTiT oT The sick and will absTain Trom every volunTary acT of mischieT and corrupTion: and, TurTher, Trom The seducTion oT Temales or males, bond or Tree. ' WHATEVER. in connecTion wiTh my proTessional pracTice. or noT in connecTion wiTh iT, I may see or hear in The lives oT men which oughT noT To be spoken abroad, I will noT divulge, as reckoning ThaT such should be kepT secreT. A o o o ' WHILE I CONTINUE To keep This oaTh unviolaTed. may iT be granTed To me To enjoy liTe and The pracTice oT The arT. respecTed by all men aT all Times: buT should I Trespass and violaTe This oaTh, may The reverse be my IoT. o 0 o ' CCJNTENTS The The The The The The The The The FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN FEATURES HUMOR FRATERNITIES ADVERTISEMENTS NOSTALGIA l l Ah! l-low I am grieving +o +hink of whal l'm leaving . . . The amber sparkling liquor 'rha'r splashed from Jrube 'ro knicker, +he sweel smelling slool . . . Ah me! l am leaving school. ll ll No more Jrhe Jrricky cenlriluge, The cliabeiic deluge, 'rhe K.F.T. and E.S.R., lhe L.O.A .... Alas! my Jrhoughls begin To siray. ll ll The lovely smears of TB spula will bring back Jrhoughls of how l usla +emp+ Amaurosis seeking Trichinosis. ll ll Ancl in my arleriosclerolic years, regrel I shall in 'rears Jrhe hours losli The dulies shirked in Jrhe days when I clinical clerkecl . . . Says who! -4-Il-COJVFI ogg? XL , Umpc9m5UmcPfFaeaBv6U6i?g.? 5 go I-mGZZvIG 7001" DCI-r-m0ZJfIO JOHN H. WYCKOFF ANATOMY The firsi' aclveniure. Threading 'rhe way of all flesh from fhe venerable precepror in 'rhe +oga, 'ro fhe breeder of pigs unborn, +o +he Russian rerrorisr who ghosls for Dandy and Cushing. Oh Sfaff of Esculapius . . . niqhfmare of Jrhe fresh- man, boasr of 'rhe soph, forgofren pasl' of 'rhe iunior. void of fhe senior. HAROLD D. SENIOR, Professor and Direcfor of Anafomical Labora+ories BERTRAM G. SMITH. Professor JOSEPH H. GLOBUS, Associade Prof esso r of Neuro-Anafomy EDWIN M. SHEARER, Assisfanf Professor Ins+ruc+ors GARMAN H. DARON WENDEL J. S. KRIEG MORRIS J. TOBIAS. Assishanf Sevenieen BACTERIOLOGY Fair haven of Jrroubled womanhood where an A in de- por+men+ is Ihe fair ideal. Sfampingi grounds of +he man wiih a badge who Iorded over his harem. EIeva+ing sessions wi'rh denizens of sewers and Imhoif Jranks. "Now I muslr +eII you abou? 'rhe wonderfuI Chrisimas presenf . . . " WILLIAM H. PARK. Direcfor of Bacieriological Laboraiories JULIUS A. KLOSTERMAN, Associafe Professor MAURICE BRODIE, Assisfanf Professor HELEN L. AIKMAN NATALIE COLOSI GEORGIA M. COOPER PAULINE EPSTEIN I-IERMAN GERBER RUTH W. KIDD Insirucfors LUCY MISHULOW CAROLYN OLDENBUSCH LASZLO L. REINER VICTOR ROSS EUGENIA L. VALENTINE HARRIET L. WILCOX Assisfanfs DOROTHY BEHNER ANNA LEWIS MAURICE SCI-IAEFFER Eighieen CHEMISTRY BH of old Oxford grafled onlo E. 26 S+- about" R. KEITH CANNON. Professor lSlDOR GREENWALD. Assoclale Professor MILTON LEVY, Assislanf Professor ALBERT H. PALMER, lnslruclor HILDEGARDE N. WILSON, Asslsfanl' GEORGE H. STUECK, Jr.. Teaching Fellow Easy 'ro learn, pleasanr 'ro conlemplale, impossible To for gel . . . The lady who seemed callous buf was easily 'rouclwed "Wha+ you gain on 'llwe slraiglfraway you lose on Jrlwe round Nineleen MEDICINE I g CLINICAL PATHOLOGY The course deaIing wiI'I1 'rhe iuicier parrs of man. Happy I'1un+ing ground of +I'1e bouncing Korpuskule. "If I should biI'e a mosquifo, will I ge+ malaria?" I 4 Mons'rers wiI'I1 IOOO ureri per yard. Scandalous cohabi- I Iafion of Iaeniae Nana and Saginafa. "Bubbles, no good . . . " Formula for diaberic urine prepararion-I TB sugar 'ro I gallon of waI'er. ARTHUR R. MANDEL, Professor of CIinicaI Pa+hoIogy JOSEPH E. CONNERY, Associafe Professor of Clinical PaI'I'1oIogy BENJAMIN DUBOVSKY, Ins+ruc+or ETHYL GREENWALD. Assisfanf Tweniy lnslrucfors ISIDOR APFELBERG DAVID BLOOM WILLIAM H. CAMERON WILLIAM DIRECTOR SAMUEL IRG-ANG CLINTON H. MARTIN TIMOTHY J. RIORDAN HERMAN SHARLIT JOSIAH P. THORNLEY DERMATOLOGY Derm-Ammoniafecl AI'o-Mercury ' Logy-Oinfmenf Rosfer of fhe biblical ills from leprosy 'ro poison ivy Where all pimples are nof acne vulgaris . - . Where a sec- ondary inferesf is faken in a primary lesion. Whal shall il' profif a man if 'he gain fhe whole world buf find no cure for baldness? HOWARD FOX. Professor EDWARD R. MALONEY, Assisfanf Professor Clinical Professors FRANK C. COMBS MIHRAN B. PAROUNACBIAN HARRY C. SAUNDERS LOUIS TULIPAN Assisfanl Clinical Professors PAUL E. BECHET EMANUEL MUSKATBLIT SAMUEL M. PECK LEO SPIEGEL GEORGE A. CHERRY. Lecfurer Assisfanfs MAURICE J. COSTELLO SEYMOUR H. SILVERS Twenfy-one ' GYNECOLOGY and ossrermcs Home of fhe fwo fingered salufe, incornplefe aborfion, salpingifis, and fhe good old surgery-free balcony. Habifaf of fhe Elliof Machine. Upsfairs a bif of life in The making-fhe cries and anguish of second sfage labor, 'rhe sweef relief of poslr-parfum bliss, fhe hunf for fhe receding uferus. and fhe whiff of savory Iochia. Be if low forceps, high forceps, mid forceps, no forceps- hold Jrhaf fundusll FREDERICK C. HOLDEN, Professor WILLIAM E. STUDDIFORD, Associafe Professor ONSLOW A. GORDON, Jr.. Associafe Professor of Gynecology Clinical Professors FREDERICK C. FREED EDWIN W. HOLLADAY Clinical Professors of Gynecology HENRY C. FALK FRANCIS W. SOVAK Assisfanf Clinical Professors HENRY T. BURNS CLAUDE E. HEATON Assisfanf Clinical Professors of Obsfefrics GEORGE L. BOWEN ARTHUR M. REICH Assisfanf Clinical Professors of Gynecology SOPI-IIA J. KLEEGMAN THOMAS E. LAVELL DAVID N. BARROWS, Lecfurer on Gynecology Insfrucfors in Gynecology W. SPENCER GURNEE MYRON E. GOLDBLATT RAYMOND R. SQUIER STANLEY F. UNGER ' Assisfanfs IRVING STRUMPF J. RANDOLPH GEPFERT WILLIAM FILLER ERNST KULKA Inslrucfors in Olosfefrics IRWIN WELLEN MORTIMER D. SPEISER LOUIS A. BUNIM GEORGIA REID, Assisfanf in Obsfefrics .. ,. I -, K TXFT-M..:. ' . - ' .--. 'x f-' ' '-3.A.1'.l,.g5 " V -- . -f ..: 1 4 . W g.-, y.33J.q,5.q71 , , .K -i.Qwv Twenfy-fwo MEDICINE John lThy Deanl Wyckoff runs a preffy colorful deparf- menl' up fhere in 'Ihe A84 B Building . . . fhaf is, judging by The way Ihe boys fall: abouf if . . . if musf be Ihe personal- ifies . . . The quiz-masfer who rubs his hands, sfraining in his eagerness fo help . . . The gallanf Iiffle lady, all graciousness and soff words . . . The arisfocraf, masfer of 'rhe belch, always on 'rhe alerl' 'ro use his frusfy Procfoscope Excalibir . . . The blush- ing delounlaer of all fhings pharmaceufical . . . The Big Boy him- self, who rids us of fhe fimid soul wifhin us . . . Whaf a soofhing influence . . . Whaf peace and confenfmenl' . . . Well, none of us has plugged a coronary-nol yefl Professors ROBERT J. CARLISLE JOHN WYCKQFF ARTHUR C. DQGRAFF. Samuel A. Brown Professor of Therapeufics MILLS STURTEVANT. Professor of Clinical Medicine Assisfanf Professors CLARENCE de La CHAPELLE CURRIER MCEWEN ELAINE P. RALLI Assisfanf Professors of Clinical Medicine VVILLIAM C. GOLDRING NORMAN JOLLIFFE Clinical Professors SIMON R. BLATTEIS LUTHER B. MACKENZIE MILTON B. ROSENBLUTH CORNELIUS J. TYSON JESSE G. M. BULLOWA WILLIAM J. PULLEY EDMUND P. SHELBY Assisfanf Clinical Professors OSWALD La ROTUNDA EVAN McLAVE EDWARD J. RILEY HARRY SOLOMON ROBERT WALLACE LILIAN C. WARNSHUIS AUGUST A. TI-IOMEN, Lecfurer Insfrucfors EMANUEL APPELBAUM LEONARD J. GOLDWATER HARRY SATCHWELL ISRAEL STEINBERG MORRIS BLOCK MORRIS GOODMAN JOHN E. SAWHILL MAX TRUBEK AARON BROWN ARNOLD KOFFLER LOUIS SHAPIRO CLIFFORD G. WESTON MAX P. COWETT BENJAMIN MESSINGER MARGERY C. SHEARER FLOYD C. RAYMOND, Insfrucfor in Therapeufics Assisfanfs KALMAN APFEL HERBERT CHASIS JULES LESSEM ARTHUR STERN IRVING APPELBAUM SIDNEY COHEN SAMUEL B. LEVY PHILIP STRAX WILBUR A. BECKETT CHARLES A. P. CONNOR BERNARD MANACE ALICE WATERHOUSE HAROLD BRANDALEONE IRVING EHRENFELD HARRY MOST FREDERICK WILLIAMS MARSHALL S. BROWN. Jr. SAMUEL FEUERSTEIN J. ERNEST NADLER J. ALLEN YAGER JOSEPH BUNIM ARTI-IUR FISCHL WILLIAM PROUT WILLIAM ZITRON EUGENE CALVELLI DAVID GIVNER HARRY H. SHILKRET MONROE H. GREENBLATT LOUIS RAZINSKY THELMA J. RYAN, Assisfanf in Therapeufics Twenfy-fhree NEUROLOGY The Knigh+s of The Royal Order of The While Pin. The Suicide Club. The Las+ Reflex. A l-lislory wi+hou'r Romance. The odor of inconlinence. equivocal Babinskies, plus and minus Oppenheim's, evanescen+ alodominals, and papilledeme. Reflex hammers, luning lorlcs, s+e+hoscopes, ophlhalmo- scopes. buf no one has a pin. EMANUEL D. FRIEDMAN, Professor SAMUEL BROCK, Associale Professor S. BERNARD WORTIS, Assisfanf Professor HAROLD R. MERWARTH, Assisfanf Clinical Professor AARON BELL, lns'ruclor Assisfa nls HAROLD H. DODDS JOSEPH LANDER EUGENE C. MILCH MARY O'SULLlVAN Twenly-lou r WEBB W. WEEKS, Professor WILLIAM B. DOHERTY, Assislanf Clinic Insfrucfors SIGMUND A. AGATSTON EDWARD B. GRESSER RAYMOND E. MEEK JOHN A. RENWICK ARNOLD E. TOWN ERWIN A. TUSAK Assisla nfs BERNARD FREAD ARTHUR A. GALLO FRANCESCO PAGANO OPHTHALMOLOGY Deiached reiina . . . Sympalheric oplfrlmalmia . . . S+apl1y loma . . . Morax-Axenfeld bl'epl1ari+is . . . lriclocycliiis . . Rerrobulbar neuri+is . . . Treafmeni: Yellow oxide of Mercury Anoiher course wi+l1 mimeograplwed noies. Dark room . . . rus+ling curiains . . . flashes of ligh+ . . noses meer . . . Some fundi, eh kid? al Professor Twen+y-live l ORTHOPEDICS Made 'Famous by 'rrips To lhe Sulured and Rippled where all exrremilies are weak and clinical clerlcs are unheard of- Equinovarus, valgus. flar feel, all braced by an elegani' field marshal. Memories of hikes lo Tudor Cify . . . Wl1i+man's supporrs, 'rhe panacea. ARTHUR KRIDA, Professor PAUL C. COLONNA, Clinical Professor I JOSEPH BUCHMAN, Assisfani Clinical Professor lnsfrucfors JOHN C. MCCAULEY. Jr. PHILIP PALEW Twenly-six GERARD H. COX WARD C. DENISON WILLIAM M. DICK JOHN GUTTMAN J. SWIFT HANLEY HAROLD LIGGETT SAUL J. APFEL DAVID C. BRAUN OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY Head mirror for sale, pracfically new . . . TI1ere's a good Iex+ used in 'I'I1e course, buI we can"I' remember Ihe name . . . Feverislw copying of no+es: pundrured drums: dripping sinusesy red I'1oI' +onsIIs: a pain in +I'1e ear. J. WINSTON FOWLKES, Professor ARTHUR J. HUEY, LecIurer Ins+ru cIors JOHN MacISAAC ASHBY G. MARTIN VICTOR C. McCUAI6 ISADORE MILLER JOHN MILLER EUGENE H. MOYLE Assisfa n+s LEO A. KALLEN LOUIS KELLER EDGAR M. POPE JACKSON A. SEWARD JAMES B. SHANNON J. DASHIEL WHITMAN PETER YUDKOWSKY JOSEPH L. SZEKELY ROLAND F. MARKS ROBERT GEWANTER ALFRED KORNBLUT M. MARTYN KAFKA ROBERT LANDON VAN RENSSELAER VOISLAWSKY MAXWELL D. RYAN NELSON W. SISSON Twenfy-seven PATHOLOGY I+ is unusual, or ralher inlrequenl from 'rhe poiml of view of frequency, Jrhaf is +o say. 'lhe more +he less malignant 'rhe less +he more benign. Allhough 'rhe 'rransmission of Go is well known. one can be assured of The safe'ry of 'I'oile+ seals. However, we shall +alce 'lhls up in furlher clefail lafer. following a brief, more or less, +ha'r is fo say, +ransi+ory expres- sion of +he facfs. ALEXANDER FRASER, Professor of Pa+holog?cal Hisfology DOUGLAS SYMMERS, Professor and Direcfor of Pafhological Laborafories JOSEPH H. GLOBUS, Associafe Professor of Neuropa+hology IRVING GRAEF, Assis+an+ Prof esso r and Assisfanf Direcfor of Palhological Laborafories Assisfani' Professors of Pafhology THEODORE J. CURPHEY CHARLES G. DARLINGTON lnsfrucfors LOUIS L. LEFKOWITZ AARON S. PRICE ANGELO M. SALA PETER J. DORAN, Assislanf Tweniy-eighf 1 . l f I l Japanese finger Iraps ' PEDIATRICS Rounds on Pediarric Surgery . . . lnspecfion of Ihe goopies in rhe aquarium . . . Skin grafiing . . . Juvenile gangrene The OPD . . . How many? sofr or hard? Cereal . . . Prune juice . . . Orange iuice . . . eye drops . . . nose drops . . . ear drops . . . Doing fine. Nexl' week, molher. The wards . . . Resrless runabouls who Icnow all aboui' I'heir own murmurs . . . Oscar of banana fame . . . En'rangled srefhoscopes . . . Borrowed and busled Ilashlighls . . . five layers of nigh'rshir+s . . . millions of safely pins CHARLES HENDEE SMITH, Professor AssisIan+ Professors HARRY BAKWIN EDITH M. LINCOLN Clinical Professors WALTER L. CARR HUGH CHAPLIN ALEXANDER T. MARTIN GUISEPPE PREVITALI EDWARD S. RIMER Assisfanr Clinical Professors LUCY P. SUTTON GAYLORD W. GRAVES BRET RATNER SAMUEL D. BELL ISIDORE H. GIOLDBERGER JOHN W. HAMMOND JOSEPHINE H. KENYON FRANK MCLEAN ' lnsfrucfors ELIZABETH T. ANDREWS HERBERT L. ELIAS JEAN H. PATTISON RUTH BAKWIN JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN ANTOINETTE RAIA LOUIS BERLINROOD HAROLD JACOBZINER RICHARD SCHORR OPSCAR BODANSKY JEROME KOHN GERTRUDE SHULTS IRVING CLAMAN JACOUES M. LEWIS STANLEY WERSHOF KATHERINE DODGE ROSA LEE NEMIR BLANDINA WORCESTER Assislanis GEORGE B. DORFF MARGARET FRIES DABNEY MOON-ADAMS HAROLD FOX LILLIAN MILGRAM REUBEN TURNER Twenly-nine PHARMACCDLOGY Cushny . . . Foofnofes . . . More Cushny . . . A ques+ion- Ing facuI+y . . . Dogs . . . Smoked drums . . . I'Iear'rIess home of The I'1ear+-lung preparafion. "You ask 'I'I1e dose. I +eII you: you ask +I'1e formuIa, I I'eII you: Iomorrow I ask you 'rhe name of +I1e drug-nobody knows." GEORGE B. WALLACE, Professor RICHARD C. BODO, Assisfam' Professor Insfrucfors FRANK A. CALDERONE AMEDEO S. MARRAZZI 1 Aa., Thirfy 'Bw ' A PHYSIOLOGY Kymographs record lhe wavering syslolic as probing slu- olenls rally round a demoralized dog . . . Slrychninized frogs gloal' cheerfully ar The rhoughl' of impending clealh. Chronaxie, sugar 'lolerance +es'rs, UXB ralios-pleasanr memories of inquisilion like exams-open books wilrh R.Q. fables-Emphysemarous sophs lrying 'ro break The viral capaciry record. HOMER W. SMITH, Professor DUGALD E. S. BROWN, Assisianl Professor lnslruciors ROBERT W. CLARKE ROBERT F. PITTS JAMES A. SHANNON Assis+an+s JOSEPH NASH SAMUEL STANDARD A Thirly-one PSYCHIATRY Delicious symbols. Non-repressed dreams. Necrolizing narcissism. Sex . . . l-lys+eria. Kings and Queens behind locked doors. Keys . . . Keys . . . Keys . . . Non-expanding millc boH'les. S'l'1arlcs in a bloody sea . . . Aw Nul's. MENAS S. GREGORY. Professor PAUL F. SCl'llLDER, Research Professor FREDERIC WERTHAM, Assisianl' Professor SAMUEL FEIGEN, Assis+anl' Clinical Professor ' lnsfrucfors BENJAMIN APFELBERG FRANK J. CURRAN SAM PARKER LAURETTA BENDER NATHANIEL ROSS Assisfanfs WALTER BROMBERG HAROLD GOSLINE DAVID WECHSLER Tllirfy-lwo RADIOLOGY A kindly old discussion on +oo+l'1 pasle caps lsmall, medium, and largel, pasle pearls, and glass diamonds. A 'few refer- ences +o Avia+or's heart pine Jrree delormilries, aberranlr Dip- lhalmus, and an old lady who . . . Now a museum course given by an arlisl. l. SETH l-llRSCl-l, Professor ABRAHAM L. GREENFIELD, Lecfurer on Denial Radiology lnsfrucfors SAMUEL S. WALD, lnsfruclor in Denial Radiology Thirly-Th ree loic veins, Medilerranean Anemia, pulsalinq unilaferal exop- W. HOWARD BARBER FENWICK BEEKMAN CARL G. BURDICK WILLAIM T. DORAN PHILIP ALLEN ANTHONY S. BOGATKO J. V. BOHRER LESTER BREIDENBACH SAMUEL B. BURK VICTOR CARABBA JOSEPH CROCE EDWARD V. DENNEEN HARRY B. EISBERG RAYMOND N. ALLEN CLYDE BAKER SURGERY Men in while . . . all of us. Oh fond arnphi'rheal're-- where diagnoses are declaimed wifh worldly guslo-where whispering inrernes save Ihe day wirh Iaslr rninure bullerins 'irom 'Ihe Ironl. I-low many vore for A? For B? Now, come some of you aren'+ voring al all . . . Who has guarded Ihe prognosis +hrough all These years. I'le's on Olo . .. ARTHUR M. WRIGHT, George David Sfewarl Professor ROBERT P. WADHAMS, Professor of Clinical Surgery WW' FRANK CO TUI, Associale Professor of Experimenlal Surgery Clinical Professors JOHN DOUGLAS CARL EGGERS HERMANN FISCHER CHARLES GOODMAN IRA I. KAPLAN GEORGE A. KOENIG GASTON LABAT ARTHUR S. MCOUILLAN LOUIS C. LANGE. Assislanr Clinical Professor Inslruciors THOMAS GALVIN FRANCIS HARRISON NORMAN HIGINBOTHAM WILLIAM HINTON FRANCIS HUBER ELMER I. HUPPERT ALFRED JOHNSON MEYER J. KUTISKER KENNETH M. LEWIS MERRILL D. LIPSKY EDWARD M. LIVINGSTON ATTILLIO MILICI JOHN H. MORRIS SAMUEL MUFSON JOHN MULHOLLAND JOHN MURPHY JOSEPH NASH JOHN NELSON SABURO EMY, Ins+ruc+or in Anesfhesia EVERETT G. FAUSEL, Inslruclor in Experimenlal Surgery Assislanls THEODORE ELSASSER JOHN F. GRADY MOVSES KOUMRIAN HYMAN LIEBER CHRISTOPHER A. BELING RUBIN HACKMEYER BENJAMIN P. MALERBA HENRY BLUM STUART HAWKES LAZARUS MANOIL FRANK FERNIGLIA HENRY S. HUBER CHARLES G. MORRONE EMIL J. DELLI BOVI HAROLD KOPPLEMAN JOHN MUCCIGROSSO OTTO PICKHARDT DeWITT STETTEN CHARLES W. WALKER RICHARD O'CONNELL HARRY A. D. O'CONNER IRWIN E. SIRIS SAMUEL STANDARD BENJAMIN SHAFIROFF JOSEPH WELLING HIPPOLYTE WERTHEIM JAMES WHITAKER WALLACE B. MURPHY HOWARD PLANK EVERETT PROBST JAMES A. RAMSAY EMIL L. SANTANGELLO MOSES SUCOFF Thirly-four UROLOGY Nesling place for Jrlwe gonococcus-where obslruclion ories of massage parlors and sound swallowing 'penile appen- dages. GU-where men are men and prosfales bulge. A good old clinic. lull of wermlrlw, burning, and gurgling over. ALFRED T. OSGOOD. Professor WALTER l-l. MQNEILL, Jr., Clinical Professor Insfruclors MEREDITH F. CAMPBELL CLYDE W. COLLINGS Assislanls HERMAN HORN ROBERT HOTCHKISS S. SYM NEWMAN Thi rly-live leads To infeclion, and inleclion lo obslruclion. Pleasan+ mem- CHARLES NORRIS RALPH G. DGVOE Professor of Forensic Medicine Assisranr Professor of Mili+ary Science Chief Medical Examiner, New York Ci'ry and Taciics Thirfy-six CURRIER MCEWEN. MD. Assis'ran+ Dean and Secreiary I PREVENTNE MEDICINE WILLIAM H. PARK, Biggs Professor K. GEORGE FALK, Professor of Chemical Bac+erIoIogy ISRAEL WEINSTEIN, Assisfanf Professor Lecfurers EMIL BOGEN, Visifing Locfurer Research FeIIows GRACE MCGUIRE EUGENIA VALENTINE I I FORENSIC MEDICINE CHARLES NORRIS, Professor ALEXANDER O. GETTLER. Professor of Toxicology DOUGLAS SYMMERS, Professor of Pafhology HARRISON S. MARTLAND, Associafe Professor THOMAS A. GONZALES, Assisfanf Professor ARMIN V. ST. GEORGE. Assisfanf Professor of Gross Paflwology KURT LANDE, Insfrucfor I I MILITARY SCIENCE and TACTICS RALPH G. DeVOE, Assisfanf Professor Thirfy-seven as-GSW -L.: n3rzAr2v- Q70 EWS .Q.p.D. S' LAB' IN MEMORIAM ln fhe middle of fhe summer of lasf year, fhe sfudenl' body was shocked fo hear 'rhaf one more name was added fo fhe long lisf of illusfrious Bellevue men who have gone fo fheir final resf. Dr. Richard T. Afkins, affer an indusfrious and brillianf career, devofed largely 'ro chari- lable and philanfhropic ends, passed on af fhe Massachuseffs General l-lospifal, on June 27, I933, al fhe age of forfy-nine. l-lis deafh, unexpecfed as if was premafure, was fhe more sfarfling fo us because few of us knew fhaf he had been ill for fhe preceding fhree monfhs wifh a grave infracranial condifion. To fhose of us who had fhe pleasure of lisfening fo him on fhe lecfurer's plafform, his deafh musf come as a serious and well-nigh irreplaceable loss. Alfhough, because of fhe nafure of fhe work, personal confacfs befween sfudenf and feacher were necessarily few, we T were all immediafely impressed wifh fhe man's sincerify, his simple direcfness, and fhe com- plefe and lucid grasp of his subiecf. Dr. Afkins was born in a small up-sfafe 'rown in New York, on March 4, l884. l-lis love for counfry--life remained affer fhe exigencies of his career relegafed him fo large com- munifies, and he spenf mosf of his vacafions on his farm af Ridgefield, Connecficuf. Affer being graduafed from fhe New Plafz Normal School, he decided fo sfudy arf. His falenf as an arfisf and porfraif painfer was well known fo an infimafe circle of friends, alfhough he never sold or exhibifed his work. l-lis fechnical fraining in fhis field was puf fo good use when he began fo make excellenf plasfer-casf models of cranial anafomy, in connecfion wifh his research work on fhe infracranial circulafion and fhe emissary veins. l-le sfarfed fo sfudy medicine in l902, and received his degree from fhe New York Universify and Bellevue Hospifal Medical School in l906. Affer a shorf period of general pracfice he decided fo specialize, and inferned for fwo years in fhe New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. l'le fhen siarfed fo praclice his specialfy, and in l9l6, he became a member of fhe visifing sfafi of Bellevue l-lospifal. In fen shorf years he became fhe chief of 'rhe ear, nose and fhroaf deparfmenf of Bellevue Hospifal, and four years lafer became fhe assisfanf professor of ofo-rhino-laryngology af fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia Universify. This posifion he held unfil, in I932, he was called fo fhe chair of fhe combined deparfmenfs of ofology and rhino-laryngology af our own school. In l9l8. fwo years affer he sfarfed his specialisf pracfice, he obeyed fhe summons of his counfry, and wenf across wifh fhe Bellevue unif. l-le served as maior during fhe year of acfive warfare, in Base l-lospifal No. !, af Vichy and in fhe Argonne region. Affer fhe armisfice, he funcfioned as commanding officer of fhe evacuafion hospifal af Coblenz, Germany, for a shorf period. Recenfly, due fo fhe pressure of his many ofher dufies he was forced fo give up his posifion in fhe army. The exfenf of his offices and connecfions af fhe fime of his deafh, are a fribufe fo his renown and wide popularify. l-le was consulfing ofo-rhino-laryngolisf fo fhe l-lack- ensack Hospifal, fo llle NOf"l'l'I COUf'Il'I"y Communify l-logpil-al 51- Glen Cove' Long island, and fhe Sf. Agnes l-lospifal, Whife Plains, besides fhe numerous ofher offices menfioned above. I-lis life was a well-balanced mixfure of indusfry and achievement of ccllwgrify and self-sacrifice. Of him, also, if can be said, "l-le wenf aloouf doing goo . Thirfy-nine IN MEMORIAM DR. LDDY CARLINO The sfaff and sfudenfs of fhe Universify and Bellevue Hospifal Medical College, nofes wifh deep regref fhe loss of ifs mosf recenf graduafe. Dr. Liddy C. Carlino, of fhe class of I933. He was a sfudenf of inspirafion, of learning. of a fine medical femperamenf. and a devofed parfi- cipanf in fhe acfivifies of his school and hospifal. Only affer a few shorf years of life, a cardiac condifion rendered his life one of useless in- acfivify. However, in spife of his Tremendous physical handicap which would have frighfened fhe sfoufesf hearf, if did nof prevenf him from reaching his goal, fhe Docforafe of Medicine. He was a serious-minded sfudenf and a deep fhinker. His life was declicafed fo sfud 1 he was noi' only a sfudenf buf a feacher. Whiile yef a junior in fhe medical school he was already feaching. He inspired in his sfudenfs an en- fhusiasm for fheir work. Around fhe college he was frequenfly seen in fhe midsf of a group of y l underclassmen quizzing fhem and complimenfing I V fhem on fheir correcf answers. He was always fhe firsf one fo aid a fellow sfudenf in disfress. Those who knew him infimafely knew of his charming and invifing personalify. The grandeur of his characfer became more sfriking when we viewed if againsf fhe back- ground of his ailmenf. His was nof fhe spirif fhaf loved vain acclaim and plaudifs of fhe mulfifude. buf rafher fhe regard and respecf of his family, friends, pafienfs, and frafernal brofhers. Wifh Liddy fhe sense of dufy was foremosf: he died a frue soldier of Hippocrafes and Aesculapeus. His deafh was on fhe field of baffle for if was on-his way back from a sick call fhaf he firsf experienced fhe feeling of impending deafh. He defied his fafher's advice fo sfay home. The Hippocrafic Oafh which he had faken buf a few weeks before was sfill foremosf in his mind. To serve he lived. ln service he fook his leave. Foriy Medical College Offices Aclminisfraiion MARJORIE BRYANT LILLIAN GOODMANSON ' ENID SHEARER TYNNE REINBERG MARY FRAGOLETTI MELVIN AVEDON Office Boy ALBERT SAYEGH f Surgical Division JULIA JOYCE GERTRUDE FLYNN JOSEHINE LaSPINA JOSEPHINE HERBORN Ifemporary su bsfifufel Medical Division LILLIAN LEBOWITZ ROSE KIRSCH STELLA FAIN BLANCHE THOMSEN Gynecological Division JEAN MacKEEN Obsleirical Division MARJORIE FITZGERALD Third Division Pailiology IDr. Symmersl MAZIE GOLDENBERG PecIia+rics Division JEAN ETTE STU DEMAN Graduaie Surgery Division VIOLA HALL Dispensary MAE PARIS GERTRUDE GARDNER KITTY WILKINS ROSE WEYRICK JULIA BECK ROSE CASHIN DORIS CHRISTIE GEORGIANA PULLEY ELIZABETH ELPHINSTONE JOSEPHINE HARFT MARCELLA MCKENNA Ja ni+oriaI S+a1Ci ALICE NASH Forty-one L'ENVOI We who are leaving, are lor lhe mosl parl lalcing a leap inlo lhe un- known. We pause perhaps slighlly apprehensive lo lesl our lledgling wings. Do we all realize lhal medicine is nol only a science bul a way ol living. a humanily, and a moralily unlo ilsell? This conceplion has nol and can nol be laughl lo us bul musl be realized and nurlured wilhin Perhaps in no olher palh ol lile is lhere such a rich opporlunily lor ourselves. sell-lullillmenl. Bul lhis depends essenlially on our underslanding and living lhe selllessness lhal is inherenl in our prolession. Our responsibilily is a greal one. lor lo heal lhe body is lo heal +he soul. To lemporarily slave oll lhe grim reaper is a hopeless yel gallanl lighl againsl inexorable nalure. To lil ourselves lor lhis greal war we musl seelc knowledge. nol lo slull our vanily bul wilh lhe deliberale and conscious inlenl lo beller equip ourselves lor our purpose. Many will rebel againsl such a sell- sacrilicial doclrine bul lhal which brings lhe grealesl salislaclion lo a human being can hardly be called sell-sacrilice. l l Lel us lherelore bear our lilles wilh humilily. nol vanilyq wilh respon- sibilily, nol ambilion: wilh hope, nol complacence. Forward! Forly-lwo Qing S!-'rs ! . f A ff U GD . CJ 9 0Os E3,UG I-WILFbED - nonrmxn- . TTJENNIE ' pmrerz- NQpMAN.BpiLL. , V . Ajf. f. TTOSCAWPALATUCCI CLASS HISTORY I. "And why do you wanT To sTudy medicine?" SepTember . . . We, I29 oT us, Trom ScranTon and New Rochelle, Trom l-lunTer Col- lege and Michigan U., buy one Morris each and become a class. Bonesyare dis- TribuTed. Ariola's box opens in The midsT oT a rush-hour crowd, and hands, Tee'r, skull, and cross-bones raTTle To The Tloor. Two hours laTer. Ariola sTruggles To his door, Ten years older, broken in spiriT, his ersTwhile wild gaieTy forever s+illed. OcTober . . .Cadavers are assigned-all very dead and quiTe slimy. We TighT down disgusT and regurgiTaTion and begin on The skin. Four days laTer. Chess is combing ouT The brachial plexus beTween biTes oT a Tried egg sandwich. December . . . Microscopic AnaTomy-quizzes, minuTe deTails of swinish aborTions, and The sTeady, never-ending machine-gunnery of sTippling. Desimone is called on To describe in public The female geniTalia. Goes inTo acuTe shock. buT somehow survives. January . . . FirsT class banqueT. New gin and old jokes. England and America shake hands across The sea. February . . . ProT. Senior, enfolded in his Toga, emerges Trom his sancTum To find GooTnick demonsTraTing The acTion of The superior and inferior auricular muscles. We scaTTer To our Tables. wipe our scalpels on The pubic hair oT our unresisTing vicTims, and reTurn To work. The pails under The Tables are gradually Tilling. The sTiTTs lose weighT correspondingly. April . . .Dr. Globus arrives-Terror and Comedy aTTend The visiTaTion. Charlie Klein breaks under The Third degree and Tells all. May . . . We have gone Thru The year and somehow survived. VacaTionl! 2. "TruTh is revealed and mysTery dispelled by The asepTic scalpel." SepTember . . . We reTurn, sadly depleTed. To a sTudenT's uTopia. Leisure and languor: uTTer Treedom Trom care, sTudy, and exams. Physical Diagnosis-Thrilling ToreTasTe oT acTual docToring. We expose our manly chesTs fone or Two are markedly oTherwisel, and vicTimize each oTher wiTh TisT and sTeThoscope. December . . . The TirsT snow has powdered The ci'ry, and Dr. Walker has hif Top Torin. ReporTs oT a Talling birTh raTe in Ireland are vile calumny aTTer Those eulogies oT Irish viriliTy. Green grow The TesTes . . . February . . . STrep-Pneumo-Gc.-every minor beasT of The 'Field is loosed upon us. l'iecTic hours oT spilled Typhoid culTures, Dr. KlosTerman's sophis+ry, and inTensive hand-washing. We serve as experimenTal animals in The TighT oT Toxoid againsT anTi- Toxin. Five of us keel over as anTiToxin wins handily. March . . . Dr. DarlingTon reTires Tor a Time, sTill owing us 73 iTems ThaT he will Take up laTer. Dr. Price unmans us wiTh his Fearsome FanTasies on The vagaries oT sexual perversion . . . AT The exam we are asked To answer any quesTion oT our own choosing . . . 65 Tlunk. Forfy-Tour April . . . We sTarT on The incidence of Typhoid Fever and are Told for The firsT Time The Tale of The Traveler from Sufphin. Clinical PaThology-We spend The mornings analyzing arTificially made urines and gasTric conTenTs. BukanTz displays a lovely apoplecTiform facies as he wolfs down a very real sTomach Tube. Ariola does his own blood counT and finds 987 cells per cu. mm. Refuses To die of AgranulocyTosis. May . . . We Take exams. We mee-T Dr. Connery. We Take a four monThs vaca- Tion. 3. "Di ver Tic u lii' is!" SepTember . . . EnTire class goes in for naTure sTudy-aT S5 per head. We learn The difference befween an lmhoff Tank and a Jersey heifer, and admire The adequacy of The Walker-Gordon bulls. OcTober . . . We are iniTiaTed inTo The medical clinic, and are given our firsf paTienTs . . . and They don'T laugh aT us . . .We meeT paTienT John McCullough for The firsT Time and learn all There is To know abouT hearf murmurs and breaTh sounds. November . . . We begin our ObsTeTrics, buT concern ourselves only wiTh Theory. S. Levy learns The pelvic dimensions alrighf, buT cannoT remember The causes of pregnancy. John McCullough arrives aT The Opfhalmology Clinic-bi-Temporal hemianopsia. defached reTina, pfosis. sfrabismus, fulminafing blepharifis, and ecfropion of The lefT lid. Referred To Neurology. December . . . We renounce individualify and agree aT lasT on a class banquef. Dr. Pulley braves The gusTs of oraTory wiTh neck unprocTecTed by his TrusTy scope, buT. un- abashed aT This seminude sTaTe, says some inspiring words on The direcTion in which our Thoughf musT be direcTed. Mildred falls aslee . A. Shappell Takes noTes on his cuffs. Kaufman wanTs To ask a quesfion. The Female enTerTainer looks vaguely Tamiliar, buT iT is noT unTil she emerges in 'her dancing cosTume ThaT we recognize our lasT Gyn paTienT. January . . . Psychiafry . . . The rending of The veil . . . The innards of The soul. more weird and Terrifying Than our firsT sTiff, laid raw and wriThing before us. Hay- man brings along his six "sisTers," all wiTh Tasfes for The morbid. and saves Sl.55 on movie TickeTs. February . . . Japanese invade Shanghai . . . l-liTler gains conTrol of Germany . . . Goofnick Takes a haircuf. March . . . John McCullough, resplendenf in derby and red flannels. crashes Gyn clinic. and is Thrown ouf as gynecologically negafive. May 29 . . . we finish The lasT oT The I6 exams and iT is Friday affernoon. The sun is warm as we emerge from The building. The decrepiT dock. The brighT river, The busy Tugs are The essence of peace. Long ago we seemed To have Troubled abouT some examinaTion . . . 4. "And l feel conficlenT ThaT he will make a mosT saTisfacTory inTerne." June 2 . . . The class, bored wiTh The endless inacTiviTy of vacaTion. refurns aT lasT, To begin The senior year. July . . . We reach 4-Th Division Surgery . . . SupplemenTary vacaTion . . . School is deserTed . . . here and There a sporadic clinical clerk drapes himself desolafely on The railing. Will They ever compleTe ThaT lounge? Augusf . . . The,reTurn from vacaTion and The plunge inTo medicine. We are handed five keys, four conferences and several seTs of disfurbing advice. Dr. Wyckoff warns us abouT The lure of The sirens of The bed-pan: Dr. Connerry bullies us in a Two 'hour Tirade on The disfincfions beTween Thread and filamenT: Dr. Bunirn enlighfens us on The relaTive imporfance of The paTienT-and The summary of The paTienT. Miss Tewksbury displays Truly angelic Tolerance of our comprehensive uselessness and impresses upon us The criminaliTy of having C.C's abouT The hospiTal aT all. Now if iT were up To her . . . We go home wiTh a sense oT growing alarm and Think suddenly ThaT besides being good boys and improving our penmanship, we musT remember To learn some medicine. ForTy-five SepTember . . . We have learned To Tell The 1, oT sugar in diabeTic urine by in- specTion alone: have long since subsTiTuTed The benzidine TesT Tor The B6 microscope lJennie is sTill Trying To Tind ouT whai' is wrong wifh iTl3 are calling nurses by Their TirsT names, wiTh Jehovah none The wiser: and, iT is rumored ThaT some inTrepid soul, suspecTing glomerulonephriTis, has, in The dead of The nighT, Taken a urine down To The B5 lab. and escaped alive. OcTober . . . We see The Big Bad Wolf and learn: I. We are a good man. 2. We musT noT Take iusT any inTernes'hip oTTered us. 3. There are more good jobs Than There are men To fill Them. 4. A leTTer from our insTrucTor is worTh Two Trom our shoemaker. November . . . Krida To Schilder To Brock . . . ln Two weeks we have shed mosT of our B6 habiTs. We do no blood counTs, sTrangle no one wiTh Reyfus Tubes, and waTch paTienTs' urine wasTed down The sink wiTh never a Twinge of regreT. We are called back To The B6 oTFice To compleTe 3 summaries and fill in The weighT curve on Two SwiTT CharTs. Clinical Clerk Frankel geTs sTarTed on his diabeTic sTaTisTics. December . . . The avalanche descends . . . applicaTion blanks, TranscripTs, leTTers oT recommendaTion, examinaTion daTes, conTlicTs, wild-eyed chase aTTer The sacred and poTenT leTTers meanT To open The gaTes of preTermenT: days and days spenT in seeing a man abouT a horse . . . Tremulous hours oT waiTing Tor The examinaTion . . . "WhaT is The dose oT meThylene blue?". . ."How would you diagnose coccidiosis by ausculTaTion?". . ."Are you married?". . . ' "We are happy To inform you.". . ."We regreT +ha+ due To The inTense compeTi- Tion". . . January . . . Any vomiTing? Swelling of The legs? Headache? Bleeding? You did??? Oh . . . TooTh exTracTed . . . Gyn.-Impression: lncompleTe AborTion. February . . . We reTire from The world Tor Tour weeks of Pain and Labor . . . of lonely midnighT vigils and indignanT assaulTs on ever-expanding Tundi . . . of prim Miss Tipple . . . playful Miss Copeland . . . arcTic Miss Bookmiller . . . of cold nighis on hard sTreTchers . oT "Push moTher . . . Bear down . . . ha-a-rd now" . . . and "Don'T push, now . . . Don'T I Tell you . . . BreaThe hard . . . Open your mouTh and breaThe . . . STop pushing . . . ST-ETherl" March . . . ReporT To The B6 office for The number and daTes of our donsulTaTions, of Tluoroscopic assisTs, The average oT Urines per paTienT, The average oT Bloods per paTienT, The UXB raTio . . . April 8: May . . . ElecTives, spring, comprehensives . . MEPCKH ' 'india Forty-six i l Leo LlNo ARIOLA 8641 I9ih Avenue Brooklyn, New York New York Universiiy, B.S. l930 Phi Beia Kappa Blilhe spirii from Bensonhursh pigmenied iraiior io ihe virgin breasf: allergic coniacf carrier of all rumors: believes everyihing he sees in an agar plaie. ls lhe silenl partner of lhe Ariola-Ciefone combine. Probably sfaried ihe idea of preveniive medicine. Be- lievler in rouiine circumcision. Was once a carefree and happy sou . Diagnosis: Lifhopedion. FRANK ROY ARNDT ZI7 29th Sfreer Woodclifie, New Jersey New York Universify, B.S. l93O Consulianl' in coma. Father Confessor and confidanl io Cialone and Spring. Was welcomed as a broiher on G8 uniil he subsiiiuied his six feeding policy io Czerny-Kleinschmidi. Usevd anklefs on obsielrics, fearing The negaiive presure of The gaping muliip. Lasi seen walking under a derby. Diagnosis: Hirschsprung's Disease. . , -ri . v ,. Y, .. ,k.,,L ii., ARNOLD LEONARD BACHMAN H 2955 Easi :wh sfreei T' New York Cily New York Universily, B.S. l93l Alpha Omega Alpha: Bela Lambda Sigma Sigma Omega Psi as Arnie ihe reficeni: iusf a siagnaied Edipus Complex: is moder- alely euphoric: can"r say Third Riding Ariillery Brigade. Talks so iasi 'rhai he can'l' follow himself: his recifaiions are irue debaies, in which Arnie himself idoes ihe inierrupiing. ls coniemplaiing re- wriiinq Cecil. filling in The hazy paris from his vasi experience. Is running a 'febrile course. Diagnosis: Aerophagia. 5' as M:fP.:W4-wa' ' I ii 'i'Ii?'7Xaif4 g fi? 1 -is f"9If'ST-'A . K 3 -5Q,3iy'5a.,g ,,.f ik: 34583 is T -J S : C153-'--. ilu 'ig 'M - . ugh, L ig i 'al ,i A sms ' QP :lx f ii gig ,-:ggi f ',i.lf14" Q ,i ."fasQ9l'fi1f " :"?'SB'F!: ' Joseri-i BANDES T i005 Walion Avenue New York Ciiy New York Universiiy, B.S. Tau Epsilon Phi Class Treasurer lli v Joe Minimum Bandes is ihe iull monickor. Gels mosl oi his informaiion second-hand. Is confempiaiing a radical separaiion from Horn. Graziani is rumored lDorfmani io be ihe correspond- eni. Has already begun to live happily evor aiier. Diagnosis: Vegefafivo Symbiosis. V ' i Foriy-seven I . MURRAY FREDERICK BELENKOFF l ZOOI Grand Concourse New York CiTy New York UniversiTy, B.S. I93l Tau Epsilon Phi VioleT lll l2l l3l l4l SayeT's body-guard. Is imperTurbable even wifh lueTic blood in his eye. The brains behind The Surgery explosion. Wears his new overcoaT while operaTing. Unable To open his mouTh when ne speaks. Believes This is The besf VioleT ever published and has signed The TaculTy inTo believing iT. Diagnosis: Harlem Measles. DAVID STEWART BOXER 340 Sfuyvesanf Avenue Brooklyn, New York New York UniversiTy, B.S. I93I Caducean SocieTy Viola? l4-lg VioleT Dance, Journal Club Takes all his noTes in code so Thai' nobody can boTher him. Recommended GooTnick's barber. Follows Dr. Thomas around T' wiTh wisTTul eyes. Probably sTarTed more Than iusT one rebellion. Has been leTTing his hair grow Thicker in order To look Taller. Diagnosis: lnfani' Hercules. , ALFRED S. BRADY, Jr. Elkins, WesT Virginia Yale, B.Ph.: WesT Virginia, B.S. V Phi BeTa Kappa: Phi BeTa Pi l-lippocraTes-Galen-Osler-and now Braidy. Gives digiTalis recTally in all difTiculT Teeding cases. Carries around his own dispensary. Had an emoTional upseT when Told To do a blood counT. Low volTage Bradycardia. - Diagnosis: Jake Poisoning. HYMAN D. BRIER 61 Federal STreeT Bridgeport ConnecTicuT New York UniversiTy, 5.5. I93l BeTa Lambda, Phi BeTa Kappa The man wiThouT a pasT. l-le can well Tesfify To The ToniciTy of The supposedly empTy bladder. ls recognized as The True filTraTion poinT Tor all rumors. Makes a habiT of idebunking all ie hospifals he applied To. Diagnosis: Spasmophilia. ForTy-eighT BELLEVUE .U l .1 , Q ISADORE J. BRIGHTMAN . IS37 49+h Sfreel' Brooklyn, New York , New York Universiiy, B.S. l93O Phi Della Epsilon Jay. fhe silenl cogilalor. Slaid consullanl from Brooklyn. i Usually found plolling with Davidowilz. Has designs on lhe lives . of many of our leading pesls. Refuses 'ro gel going on any rumors. Diagnosis: Aphonia. NORMAN OUINTUS BRILL lO6O Sheridan Avenue New York Cily ,ll Cily College, New York, B.S. 1930 Alpha Omega Alpha is i Violel Dance ClfxGS lirxbslilulll l4l, K ,ire Council Lounge Assoc. l4l ,ff Highlighfs in fhe life of a man: ll Camp Carlisle and fha f if Camp Followers, Zl Levy and lhe bridge lable, 3l Presidency of lrffi fho Bronx Bacferiological Sociefy. Has a beaufiful smile and a ' , swell sei of upper molars. Wrofe a sonnef for fhe Violef in dedi- Qf ' calion lo his pal Buck, which was righlfully reiecled. ,, Diagnosis: Risus Sarclonicus. , Q", Y V., SAMUEL CHARLES BUKANTZ i955 Grand Concourse New York Cily Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Lambda Kappa, Alpha Gamma Presidenl l3lg Presiideni' Sfudenl Council l4l Class polilician, bul' did noi' "choose lo run." Talks so fasl he falls behind. Once elevalecl Dr. Gresser's B.M.R. by asking 2,000 unanswerable queslions on asfigmalism in five minuies. Will argue wilh anyone on anylhing buf fears Nisnowifz in ihe dark. ls in a dead heal wilh Bachman for words spoken per minule. Ample pelvis. Diagnosis: Psychomoior Resllessnass wilh Glufeal Hyperfrophy. l 5 9 MAX CHAMLIN 4 I736 Easfburne Avenue New York Cily - ' Columbia, A.B. l93O Mac is The sole pyknic from lhe Bronx: is really a musician . going 'ro medical school in search of a hobby. Picfufe him Ten A years hence playing pinochle and wiping lhe ashes oil a bulging vesf. Learned io percuss on his drum. ,V g. '. Diagnosis: OMPA. ' I Q-ii an ' 9' J 'n 5 . r . r, f X , I ii M JA gf L- " 3: Z Fi . fi, l we: l , if 3? ' ' '29 Vlol-ET Forfy-nine JOSEPH CHESS l52l WesT l2lh STreeT Brooklyn, New York New York Universily, B.S. I93l Caducoan Sociely, Alpha Omega Alpha Journal Club l4l Observe Those eyes, Tlaming wiTh The sacred Tire of knowledge: fhaT prehensile beak, Trained To recognize inconTinence 8 blocks away: The delicaTely moulded lips Trom which issues The basso proTundo ThaT senT Trogs mercifully inTo TeTany. One look, and The paTienT is ready Tor discharge. Oh merciful healer, we envy your manner and The 'live-course dinner which you bring in your valise. Diagnosis: Clergyman's Sore-Throat FRANK C. CIAFONE 24 Winslow Place AsToria, Long Island New York UniversiTy, B.S. i930 Lambda Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Upsilon EThereal being, overwhelmed wiTh WelTschmerz. A rare and exolic Tlower in a cacTus orchard. l-lisTory and Physical com- pleTely negalive. Morially afraid of The Big Bad Wolf. Diagnosis: Misplaced Endomefrial Tissue. FiTTy HAROLD X. CONNOLLY 26i Easl' l88Th STreeT New York CiTy Fordham, A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma GOT a raw deal from a pork sandwich-is Thinking of Turning kosher. Will see Ariola Tor rouTine workup. Will probably sTarT as a ResidenT aT Fordham l-lospiTal. Will cerTainly be a visiTing professor by The Time Ompa Chamlin does The urines. Diagnosis: MyosiTis Calcifica ns. SAMUEL STUDDIFORD COOLEY TiTusville, New Jersey Prince-Ton, A.B. l927 Nu Sigma Nu Sam, The researcher . . . Is easily worked inTo a sTaTe of agi- TaTed somnolence. ls working on The paThoIogicaI significance of early arTeriolarsclerosis is schizophrenic guinea pigs. Can'T under- sTand The relaTion of baldness To lipoid changes in parenchymaTous Tissues. Will probably inheriT The earTh. Diagnosis: A. Unknown. B. R.vF. D. C. Sinus arres+. D. '34. BELLEVUE T ANTHONY CHARLES DESIMONE 6 l-lope STreeT Brooklyn, New York New York UniversiTy, B.S. I93l Caducean SocieTy HARRY CORDOVER I227 Wheeler Avenue New York CiTy Cify College, N. Y., B.S. I927 Claims his only worTh-while accomplishmenT was paying his way Through meidical school aTTer Teaching in public schools, high school, and various parochial schools Tor Three years. STill is a gym insTrucTor evenings. Was a brillianT life guard during The summers. 'lreaTed his classmaTes royally when They visiTed him aT Lake Mohegan. lEd. NoTe-Harry wroTe This himselil. Diagnosis: NecroTizing Narcissism. ALBERT CORNELL I66 DecaTur STreeT Brooklyn, New York William and Mary, B.S. i930 Phi BeTa Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Chi BeTa Phi, 'lheTa Chi DelTa, Phi Alpha VioleT l4l Cornell was The idol ol William and Mary. Likes To wriio There Tor TesTimonials from TaculTy members who iusT couldn'T gel over him. ls easily worked inTo a frenzy by mere menTion of his college days. Buys TheaTre TickeTs six monThs in advance so Thai' he can have someThing To look Torward To. Usually Tound bending DorTman's muchly benT ear. Diagnosis: NecroTizing NeurasThenia lWidel-Landouzy Typel. l l i l AnTonio BenvenuTo Ferrugio Chaimyossel Desimone. ls over- whelmed and shocked by The power and scope oi his own mediTa- Tions. Loves everybody buT: Boxer, Frankel, The EdiTor of The VioleT, The AssisTanT EdiTor of The VioleT, The STalT of The Violel, and The lnTerne CommiTTee aT a cerTain Jewish HospiTal in Brook- lyn. Thinks There's racial preiudice in some oT The hospiTals. Diagnosis: UnsysTemaTized Delusions. WILFRED DORFMAN ll37 56Th STreeT Brooklyn, New York New York UniversiTy, B.S. l930 Phi Lambfda Kappa Class Treasurer l3l: Vice-PresidenT l4l VioleT l4l Bill is The official chairman of all rumor comrniTTeesg is said to have developed a well kniT organizaTion, wiTh seven or eighT sub- commiTTees. ls a Tull fledged auThoriTy on rabies, and is The man behind Aggie. Was looking Tor a 2 bed hospiTal, roTaTing. Wrolo To mosT of The rural hospiTals on The ATlanTic and Pacific seaboard, and ended up 5 blocks Trom home. Will probably Take a resi- dency aT Milwaukee l-lemorrhoidal. Diagnosis: B. Belchii. VIOLET T l i i 4 i T 1 FiiTy-one JOHN DOUGHERTY Asheville, North Carolina University ot North Carolina. AB. I93l Sigma Phi Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu Violet Dance l4l "Doc's" heels click mercilessly on the hard pavements ot the A and B Building. Can make a case history sound like a beautiful romantic tale. Knows the sex lite ot the Plasmodium Vivax. Lurecl Brady into a state ot melena. Will probably interne at Bella Connery, where he can prove that blood is thicker than Brady. Diagnosis: Deferred iawaiting blood countl. EUGENE EISNER 24 East llth Street New York City New York University, B.S. l929, MA. I93O Gene is tar above his mediocre colleagues. His diagnoses rank with those ot a LeFevre, Janeway or Oster. His pantsneigh glasses and goose greasevd hair look down from the blisstul heights ot complete knowledge and pertect understanding. Can otten bo tound with .Gatti-Casazza at the opera. Diagnosis: Cracked Pot Resonance. f SAMUEL EPSTEIN 934 45th Street a Fifty-two Brooklyn, New York New York University, B.S. l93l Beta Lambda Sigma, Phi Lambda Kappa Wide-hipped advocate ot potato salad routinely in difficult feeding cases. Looks up to no man. Gloats when he thinks ot his megalocolon. ls really an expert on the sex lite ot B. Pertussis. ls anxious to be a section leader. Developed a southern accent atter a month at Harlem. Has a heart and gluteal region as big as a boxcar. Diagnosis: Contracted Pelvis iPlatypelloidl. EMANUEL V. FEIGEN i820 Loring Place New York City New York University, B.S. I930 Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Lambda Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chief Sturgeon ot l-leuroanatomy. ls chautteur and companion to lonesome men in his spare time. Always says nothing in a big voice. ls really a viper. Scares the kids on Pediatrics. Will probably end up in Harlem lRiverl. Hopes to do routine subtotal omentopexies iFeigen-Bilroth No. 267 Series 7l. Diagnosis: Wandering Kidney. ' BELLEVUE MAX FEINBERG l54 Slevens Avenue Mounl Vernon, New Yorlc New York Universily, B.S. l93I lhere aren'r any more. Diagnosis: Malignanl Verruca. ISAAC FRANKEL 445 Nowporl Slreel' Brooklyn, New York New York Universily, B.S. l93l Caducean Sociefy Diagnosis: Deep Sealed Aphasie. JOSEPH JOEL FRIEDMAN i495 Hoe Avenue New York Cily New York Universiiy, B.S. I93O Caducean Society Banquel Commillee lll, Violet Edifor-in-chief Joe is lhe real brains behind lhe enlire mess lhal is spread before your eyes. Had a real iob on his hands pulling oul fhis, lhe grearesl Violel. Had 'ro divide his iime belween wafching Sayel and calming down The grinds. Has had a hand in everyfhing from publishing To deep-sea diving. Was called oul of lown lhe day lhe Violel was -dislribuled. Diagnosis: Awailing Censorship. 1 Agiialor from Ml. Vernon. ls said lo have driven Slobodin lo his muilering ways. Once had a corner on all The diluling fluids on Medicine. lnvariably gels lhe lasl reflex-when he's lhrough l-las only one life lo give for an inlernship and inlends lo hold on lo il. Raised a mouslache for some reason or orher. Will nor reveal why Desimone bears a grudge. "So you won'l lallc, eh?' FRANK A. GAGAN 49 Conger Avenue l-laverslraw, Now Yorlc Manhalfan College, A.B. Nu Sigma Nu: Phi Rho Pi Vice-Presidenl l3l Dcmoslhenes, Websler. William Jennings Bryan, Billy Sunday, and now Gagan. Can even orale while silling, we are lold. Would keep us friendly and pure. Made his debur in Pharmacology. Monifor for Dr, FOX, If VVinler comes, can Gagan be far behind? Diagnosis: Verbal Dysenlery. VIOLET Fifly-'rhree JOHN S. GAYNOR P.O. Box 7l3 Wheeling, WesT Virginia WesT Virginia UniversiTy, B.S. Phi Alpha Omega. Pi BeTa Fi One finger John, The big recTal man Trom The SouTh. STained by WrighT. Has changed his mind abouf inTerning in New York. Will, some day. carry back piles of knowledge To WesT Virginny. Thinks everyThing is mosT amazing, and ThaT The prognosis should be guarded. Diagnosis: Rapid DigiT-alizaTion. SIDNEY GILBERT 2754 Broadway New York CiTy New York UniversiTy, B.S. l93l Be-Ta Lambda Sigma BombasTic bridge player from The Bronx. Was depressed unTil he wenT on Gyn. Was radically separaTed from Weissberg aT The Bronx HospiTal exam, ThreaTenerd To complain To Dr. McEwen because he didn'T gel' a iob by Xmas. LasT seen aT The wailing wall and a pail and Towel. Diagnosis: Weeping Eczema. FiTTy-Tour HAROLD WINFIELD GLASCOCK, Jr. Raleigh. NorTh Carolina UniversiTy of NorTh Carolina, B.S. l932 Chi Psi, Nu Sigma Nu Thinks he can ouTmaTch DougherTy. His only claim To Tame is living wiTh "Doc." Was sTained by WrighT, along wiTh Hollings- worTh and Gaynor, Doesn'T say "you-all" and "ah-ain'T" like The resT of The conTingenT. Diagnosis: Osfeogenesis lmperfecTa. ROBERT STANLEY GOODHART ll52 Bushkill STreeT EasTon, Pennsylvania LafayeTTe, B.S. i930 Kappa Phi Kappa, Nu Sigma Nu Thundering oraTor of The Surgery Clinic. CounTersTained by Wright Has been endorsing c:igareTTes regularly since The Wyckoff defecfion. Is sensifive To conTacTanTs, rabbiTs, and goose. FlaTly refused To Till boTTles for The ChemisTry or any oTher deparTmenT. Diagnosis: Polyuria llnsipid Typel. BELLEVUE EDWARD GOODMAN 2397 TiebouT Avenue Bronx, New York UniversiTy of WesT Virginia, B.S. l932 Polifical leader Trom The Bronx. His inTernship Tell Through when McKee wenT down. Once had a summary accopTed on Medi- ls slill looking Tor a visiTing To sign his manual. Diagnosis: Sliding Hernia. , ABRAHAM GOOTNICK 589 Snediker Avenue fi' Brooklyn, N. Y. ' ""i - New York UniversiTy, B.S. l93l ws' Caduceen Sociefy 5. J. . .1 Q VioleT l4l, Journal Club Restless Russian from Easi' New York. Brings his lunch wrapped V' in foreign newspapers. Can read his Forwards backwards. Wriagles 332' his ears when emoTionally upsel. His sensaTion of The Third year Q, made Linick green wilh envy. Was his haircuT a primary lesion? .. if 'if' A . , -,mr - 1.91 Diagnosis: Auricular Flu+Ter. 2 1:',.- ' .4 f 1-ivwli -' xg, JOHN GUIDO GRAZIANI 22 NorTh A STreeT lrvinqTonAonfHudson, New York New York UniversiTy. B.S. l93O Bela Lambda Sigma. Lambda Phi Mu Exponenf of "pueriliTy" in PrevenTive Medicine. ls easily provoked To sympaTheTic hyperemesis. ls easily provoked by rumors. ls easily provoked by GooTnick's Socialism. Is easily pro- voked by sundry bridge KibiTzers. ls said To be easily provoked. ls really a nice boy, and very popular, buf is easily provoked. Diagnosis: Nourocirculaiory AsThenia. W tw . 1. s L, BARNETT ALLAN GREENE 5l5 Wyona STreeT Brooklyn, New York CiTy College. New York. B.S. l929 Phi BeTa Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha Senior Dance l4l Journal Club T Originaior of Thaf famous diagnosis of a Typical abacierial averrucous dyspepsia. Knows The chemical Tormula Tor B hydroxy meThyl Tariel. Can recognize The Oroya Fever Tacies. ls anxious lo do rouTine Eck fislulae, and does noT wanf To be classed with Kaufman. Diagnosis: Decreasing DisTension. 'V '75, i VIOLET Fiffy-five cine lUnveriTied rumor-DorTmani. Chamlin's parTner in crime. NICHOLAS F. GROIA . llll Bay Ridge Avenue Brooklyn, New York New York Universily, B.S. l93I Violel' l3l Nick lhe maior. Courlmarlialed Ipso and Kaufman because 'rhey sfole lhe rear axle from fheir car al Carlisle. Hopes lo in- ierne al Kings Counly by I945. ls easily peeved af inferno exe aminalions. Diagnosis: Horizonfal Azimulh. 1 QT' v EINAR G. GUSTAFSON 2743 Buller Sheer Easf Elmhurst New York Columbia, A.B. l93l Thela Xi, Phi Alpha Sigma Sfrong armed, lumbering Nordic: descendanl of The miqlmly Ericson: collapsed when he saw lhe surgeon rearli for The scalpel. Chief diefician lo Ralli's Rals. Diagnosis: Food Poisoning. P SIDNEY HARRIS E632 Presidenf Slreef Brooklyn, New York New York Universily, B.S. l930 Bela Lambda Sigma: Violel l3l Jusl belongs in Cenfral Islip, A born psychiafrisl-is manic before exams. paranoic before women, asleep before lecfures, schizoid when alone. Likes lo borrow your Dare lS3.50l and for- gef fo refurn il. As+henih, visceropfofic. and phlhisic lsee Greene's illusfraled booklell. Spenl mos? of his lime on TB doing spula on himself. Diagnosis: Aihrepsia. CHARLES RICHARD HAYMAN Scarsdale, New York Cify College, New York, BA. l93O Nonchalanf, unconcerned sufferer from alrophy of energy and apalhy of ambiiion. Sold his valise when Brady arrived. Smokes menfholaled cigarelles so lhal' nobody will bolhen him for a bull. ls working on a rnelhed of salvaging diabelic sugar, and will probably be awarded a full blooided non uric acid excreling Dalmafian Coachhound on graduafion. Diagnosis: Torficollis. FlilY'SlX BELLEVUE i ' JOSEPH REMBRANDT HELFRICK 375 Piverside Drive New York Cily Sl. Vincenl College, B.S. I929g New York Universiiy, M.S. l93O Phi Alpha Sigma Rembrandl The iodine painier. Acis as ihe componszilvrf ' pause for Gvuslafson. Wanls lo be an obsieorcian, buf can'+ sleep berween pains. 1 Diagnosis: Ouiesceni Focus. - ALEXANDER HERSHKOVITZ 236-240 Fifth Slreei New York Cify New York Llniversiiy, B.S. l93O Caducean Socieiy Phi Lambda Kappa: Violci l4l las? ioke and facial expression. Diagnosis: Hemorrhagic Infarci. NATHAN HILFER IO34 Easi l2'lh Sireef . Brooklyn, New York Cornell, B.A. l93O Nadie, The Nalador, oi Municipal Baihs Fame l23 Sl. Branchl. Firsr described by Globus as a pink-eyed. slow moving sloih. Moved io Brooklyn, leaving Solworfh high and dry. Is recognized by his pale, cachecfic appearance. Claims he can'+ make head or lail of ihe pancreas. Diagnosis: Hoifenfoi Nafes lSee Greene's lllusiraied Booklefl. Flaming youih who subbed on Psycho and ihinks ifs 'the nuis Goes lo pariies wilh Kaufman and has To appreciafo his humor Can'+ Talk wiihoui his hands. Takes noios verbaiim, down lo llwe JOEL J. HOLLADAY, Jr. Danville, Alabama ' Universiiy of Alabama, B.A. I93O Soufhern invader having clifficuliy in making himself under- siood. Is rapidly learning how lo play pinochle from P. Siegel. 'lhinks he looks like Barrymore because he wears his lies like Kasiolf. l-lis hardesf iob is making a nine o'clock class. Can cook, wash and is rapidly learning how lo speak English. Diagnosis: Deferred lLanguagc Dilificulfyl. VICLET ly-ssv i ' -"H Q-1. f-1' CHARLES EDWARD HOLLINGSWORTH X Chickasha, Oklahoma Missouri Universily, A.B. I930. B.S. i932 Kappa Alpha, Phi Bela Pi One of ihe early bodies offered +o Ralli for faiiening. Likes io voice his a reemeni' wiih Dr. Wrighf. Spenf his fourih year as a perennial suibsfiiufe. Looks like Rodin's fhinker. Has been mis- 'taken for Dick Powell on obsieirics. Immune To brain fever. 1 Diagnosis: Myopafhic Facizs. A ' LEO HORN i423 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn. New York New York Universify, B.S. I93l Tau Epsilon Phi Firsf alfernafe for Bandes. Never heard fooling his own horn. Finally broke away from ihe evil influence of 'the Viper isee Feiqenl. Raised a mousiache so Thai he could look more like Bandes. Failed io qualify for fhe Nalional Bridge Tournameni' be- cause iour years was insufiicienf praciice. Diagnosis: Spade Hand. CHARLES HENRY IMMORDINO 2434 Cambrelling Avenue Bronx, New York New York Universiiy, B.S. I93l Bela Lambda Sigma, Lambda Phi Mu Dark and sinisfer ihinker of complexifies. Has been sfudying Ariola and Ciaione for years in an affempf To beifer mankind. Refuses io publish a reporf or in any way commii himself aboui' anyfhing. Had To be given sirychnine, caiiieine. and par? of 'ihe 'third week ulcer diel before he made his speech in Medicine. . Diagnosis: Shiffing Dulness. - i i is i F f' EUGENE ISEPPETINI was ssfh s+ree+ fgfifr Brooklyn, New York - ' New York Universiiy, B.S. l93I Theia Kappa Psi I Violei l4i Ipsolaieral, The siumbling block oi ihe iaculiy. Thinks Kuiisker . ouqhi' io change his name. The besl' soldier ever Turned oul by fha army. Has become a fonsorial experi' ever since he was com- ' jg mended for his sarforial elegance. ii Diagnosis: Son of Kong. E1f+y.eiq+.+ BELLEVUE JULIUS M. JOSEPH . 1500 Lurling Avenue New York Ciiy New York Universily. B.S. l93O Phi Bela Kappa, Phi Lambda Kappa - Council of SIuden+'s Associalion I Jules 'rhe qiganric. Made an inrensive sludy of Ihe Female Sex Hormone. Thinks The ovary is 'rhe leader of The endocrine orcheslra. Bruises easily. Diagnosis: Torsion of fhe Pedicle. HERMAN I. KANTOR 93I Cheslnul Sfreef Lebanon, Pennsylvania Universily of Alabama, A.B. I933 Alpha Omega Alpha, Alpha Gamma Hickey is Ihe handsome hick from Pennsylvania. II Iaking cor- respondence courses al various inslirufes. Lives in a suire of rooms, in which he roams abouf resllessly. Has a beaufiful grin, and is really a nice guy, buf can we help il? Diagnosis: Solifary Nod ule. Y sAuL HOWARD KARLEN 325 wee 77th sireef New York Ciiy ' New York Universily, B.S. l929 Pi Lambda Phi, Phi Delia Epsilon ' Violel l4l, Violel Dance Commillee Karlen is appalled by Ihe hazards of Ihe clinical clerk. His syphilophobic niqhfmares ruined his sleep on Obs. Is frying 'ro gel a periiion up fo make clinical clerks wear gloves when faking hisfories. Laughs hearrily al' his own iokes. Diagnosis: Musical Rales. DAVID KASTOFF 808 Adee Avenue New York Ciiy Universily of Michigan, B.S. l930 Dave is 'Ihe only frue decidua Ihaf was never casl off. Has a repuralion for running Ihe besl parfies, which Ihe Bronx dele- qafion alfend in full regalia. Is sensifive fo shrimp, and is a nice fellow, buf we are noi permirled Io menfion ir. Diagnosis: Prfzmafure Separafion. VIOLET Fiiiyenine JUSTUS KAUFMAN l7O Second Avenue New York Ciiy Ciiy College New York, B.S. i930 Phi Lambda Kappa if Garrulous spokesman of ihe Surgery Clinic. The only one who ever saw a case of Aleppo Boil in a full blooded Indian. Once saw a child delivered Through The inguinal canal. Knows The eiiology oi Ainhum, Paragonimiasis, and Troizky's Nodules. Has - been shadowed by ihe D.S.C. for years. Diagnosis: Occuli Malignancy. JOHN J. KEATING 24 George Sireei Danbury, Conneciicuf Niagara Universiiy, B.S. I Phi Alpha Sigma 930 John J. oi pneumococcus fame liype unknownl. Equal rank with Sabin. Became a very relaxed soul afier he obiained his hospiial appoinimeni. Diagnosis: Vincenf's Angina. 1 ' ,371 . .Q , 3? . W.. K.. Six iY 1 2 V' J? i. . :S-.ffl ' lgafa-13 - . i:??'f"'f - r--.g,7--rf.- , ' iffgfiffi www-' , .Q 1? V . i faffi . ,, , , . .L Y, Qs if ..',141T4',x,' .ff i, W, .. CHARLES KLEIN 216 Easi l83rd Sireei New York Ciiy Cily College New York, B.S. l93O Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Beia Kappa, Sigma Omega Psi Violei l3l l4l ls ihe ariisfic soul who helped perpeiuaie Gooinick's fame on Carnegie's screen. Always combs his orgeous hair in Weiss- berg's presence. l-las been misiaken iior Warner Baader on Obsieirics. Keep clean wiih i-l.l-l.C. od. lnsisis ihai he danced wiih ihe Dean's daughier. Diagnosis: Salyriasis. MACEY KRONICK I74 Liberiy Sireel' Norih Adams, Massachuseiis New York Universiiy, B.S. l93I Phi Delia Epsilon I Macey ihe clarineiisi and high pressure salesman who sells ior cash only. We're siill frying io gei 'rhe ophihalmoscope io work. Has a suspiciously naiural way of imiiaiing a Massachuseiis iarrner. Diagnosis: Chronic Krankheif. BELLEVU E . ' MORTON KULICK , 200 Crown Sfreel .I Brooklyn, New York P ' New York Universily, B.S. l93l i i N . l"j, , i ,. ai if X Diagnosis: D.W.F. V JOHN S. LABATE Easlon, Pennsylvania . Lafayelfe, B.S. l93O V Nu Sigma Nu Siudeni Welfare Commillee l3l A 4 Diagnosis: Relaxed Colon. FRANCIS RIVERS LAWTHER Wilmingfon, Norih Carolina Davidson, B.S. l930 Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi Slick is one of Ralli's faifened lambs. Was definiiely siained by Wriqhi. Thinks Roosevelf Hospiial is The besi place in ihe counrry. The only one who can undersiand l-lolladay's muilerings. Realizes fully ihal Amniolin is useless. Diagnosis: Tropical Fever Moriy is 'rhe pampered pei' of Fourih Division. Spenl four years making plans lor his iniernship. Has lrouble wilh his feet and ihinks he has fallen arches. l-las received massage physio lherapy from Greene. Chief carelaker ol' Karlen's ciqarelies, John is Tammany's represenialive lo The Bellevue disirici. We ' wonder how he ever escaped Seabury's invesiigarion. l-lis mighiy ' plea 'ro have us cleci 'rhe riqhi man slill reverberares in our car drums. l-las always been a 3rd division enlhusiasi. ri A ERNEST LEHMAN 779 l-loward Avenue Brooklyn, New York New York Universiiy, B.S. i930 Phi Bela Kappa Cauducean Socieiy, Journal Club Ernie's sensalion came in The second year when he isolaied ihe caroiid arlery and had Doriman siimulaie ihe ceniral end. l-learlily concurs wilh Dr. Pulley on lhe pafhoqenesis of l-lorner's Syndrome. Has a propulsive speech, and is 'rhe only reliable kibiizer of ihe round lable. Diagnosis: Heciic Flush. VIOLET Silly-one BERTRAM L. LEVY I4 Sl. Marks Place ' Slaien Island, New York Ciiy Cily College New York, A.B. I93O Chorion Levi, whose Napoleonic iacies smirks daily across ihe bridge fable. Taughi Norman ihe game. l-las Tremendous lorfiiudeq braves lhe mighiy wa+ers of ihe Allanlic daily. Only ' claim io lame: worked wiih Dougherly and Ranges on A5. ,Hg?,gg, Diagnosis: impending Coma. SIDNEY LEVY 402 Avenue F , Brooklyn, New York New York Universily, B.S. l93O Phi Bela Kappa, Phi Lambda Kappa Violef l4l ' Sidney has ihe besi' sense of humor, bul fhe worsl iokes. His diagnoses rank wilh 'rhose of a McBurney or Osler and are siill resounding in ihe A and B building. Never 'fails io ask abou? 'rhe siools. Is slill ialking abou? his 'rwo weeks on obsieirics. Third rank man in ihe GI Clinic. Difiereniiaied from B. Levy by his non- inieclious smile and hollow laugh. Diagnosis: Deferred lAwai+ing Barium Enamel. MARVIN LINICK 592 Beech Terrace New York Ciiy ' New York Universily, B.S. l93I Bela Lambda Sigma Paderewsky, Lady Godiva, Gooinick, and now Linick. The Visiiing Clinical Clerk. Can discuss music while doing a slool exam. Lasi' seen ai The Academy of Music delivering a paper on - The Harmony of ihe Third Division. Infends lo siari a hafchery . soon. Diagnosis: Barber's lfch. ',5f4i,x. 5 .ag rqgguwff ' - 3Ij,:Qif6"' g ..p yn,-Q l . NATHAN MINTZ 2lI9 Valeniine Avenue New York Cily New York Universily, 5.5. l93I ' Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Bela Kappa, Bela Lambda Sigma, Phi Lambda Kappa William Welch Socieiy Euphoric, euphonic, and polysyllablic. Never minces his words, Is a big muscle man from The Bronx. Never fails lo muscle in ahead of you in any clinic. Is ihe only one in his seclion who ever saw a skin lesion. 3 , Diagnosis: Pseudo-muscular Dysfrophy. Sixiy-iwo BELLEVUE FRANK L. MOHR IZJ8-I3 ll5lh Avenue Jamaica, Long lsland, New York New York Universily, B.S. l93l Theia Alpha Kappa, Phi Alpha Sigma posilive albumin lesl. Diagnosis: Sierile Abscess. SAMUEL NISNEWITZ I7l9 Union Slreel Brooklyn, New York New York Universily, B.S. l930 Phi Lambda Kappa Secrelly envies Linick's bird nesi. Diagnosis: Sinai Arhyfhmia MILDRED LOUISA OETJEN 59I Easf 233rd Slreel New York Cily l-lunler. BA. I93O Zela Phi lnlernisl lo Nurses' lnfirmary Millie of soporific fame. Thinks Cordover, Harris, and Slabey have insomnia. We envy her iob as physician lo lhe nurses' home. Complains lhal' she cannol sleep nighls. Diagnosis: Twilighl Sleep. Frank, llie big urine man irorn The suburbs. Goldwaler lo Waferhouse +o Mohr lo The sink. Happily married lo Schoevdel. Everlaslingly graleiul lo Doriman for having given him his only Nissy is lhe open minded soul wilh lhe closed fonlanel. Has an exlensive privale praclice in his own family. Tolerales J. Shapiro. and is building up a passive immunily To Bukanlz. LEO L. ORENSTEIN 2958 Wesl 3rd Slresi ' Brooklyn, New York Columbia, B.S. l93l The passionale plumber of prevenlive medicine. l-las won undying fame as chief careiaker of Ralli's Reis. Refused lo sup- ' planf Jenny as class Secreiary. Thinks our class spiril is rollen V ' and lhal Addison's Disease musl be rule-d out ls sfill pledging lor Zela Phi, . Diagnosis: Lead Poisoning. - VIOLET Sixly-lhree LAZARUS ORKIN I88 NinTh Avenue New York CiTy BeTa Lambda Sigma, Phi Lambda Kappa Orky has saTisTacTorily rid himself oT his gall bladder, appendix, and sTomach. Has a very original way of losing weighT. ls considering The proTessorship on pepTic ulcer lduodenall. Thinks Douglas' pouch should be renamed Orkin's pouch in honor oT iTs new occupant Diagnosis: Aviscerosis. THOMAS J. ORMSBY 32l3 Randall Avenue Bronx. New York Fondham, B.A. T930 Technician par excellence: creaTor oT The balloon Tire pneumo- coccus. OTTen seen wiTh KeaTing, buT Tails To reacT To Howya, Doc . . . Diagnosis: Deferred iAwaiTing Typingl. V . , ,T s fm. I, . ' '..12gi,- 1 :I , ' I Wil ' ,. I' , ,, SixTy-Tour ELLIOTT A. ORNSTEIN 526 WesT Il3Th STreeT New York CiTy CiTy College New York, B.A. i930 Phi BeTa Kappa, Sigma Omega Psi Spends mosT oT The morning in The subway looking Tor news- papers wiTh cross-word puzzles. Takes his noTes on The New York Times. Tries To imiTaTe Klein's carToons. Has developed a maxe illary mop To scrub his TeeTh. Has a Tamily hisTory of TB, and absenT paTelIar reflexes. Will noT consider any hospiial wiThouT an aTTached golf course. Diagnosis: PhThisis Florida fMiami preferredl. JEAN PAKTER T325 Grand Concourse New York CiTy New York UniversiTy, B.S. I93l Aesculepiad SocieTy. Omega Phi, ZeTa Phi Class SecreTary ill T417 House CommiTTee l4l Thinks Eisner is a pesig Thinks Tucker does noT undersTand women: Thinks Dorfman is always lying To her: Thinks Linick oughT To geT a haircuT. ls always misundersTood. One of The LiTTle Women oT Bellevue. AppreciaTes Bachman's humor. Diagnosis: PakTeriloquy. BELLEVU E T T OSCAR A. PALATUCCI l27 Lisbon Place Bronx, New York Fordham, B.S. I930 Phi Alpha Sigma Class Treasurer l4l Pel descended on Bellevue wiTh a 3 no Trump bid, buT has l-las eyes like Eddie CanTor, and can make Them pop any old Time. Can do KFT's sTanding on his hands. ls The chief meTal- lurgisf oT The NephriTis Clinic. Diagnosis: Pel-EbsTein Fever. RUBIN POLESHUCK l48 Peshine Avenue Newark, New Jersey RuTgers, Ph.G. 1928, B.S. I930 Rubie, The polished pride oT RuTgers. Knows The TherapeuTic does of picroToxin and pyrocaTechin. GOT Tired oT Tucker's TerriTic , Tales and Rosenberg's Risque Romances and sTruck ouT Tor him- ,, self. Brings his Temmes To see Men in WhiTe aT Bellevue. Diagnosis: See New and Non-Official Remedies. HILMERT ALBERT RANGES IOS Argyle Avenue New Rochelle, New York Yale, A.B. i929 Nu Sigma Nu Hell benT I-lilmerT has become real garrulous since living wiTh Cooley. Followed The Yale blue Thru The Trials of Physiology, Phamacology, eTc. Called in by Redish when a casT consulf is needed. Diagnosis: Renal Rock. JULES REDISH l603 Lincoln Place Brooklyn, New York CiTy College New York, B.S. I929 Phi BeTa Kappa, Sigma Omega Psi Jules is an Addis CounTer oT noTe. Can recognize a casT in any disguise, anywheres. Broke inTo prinT when he sTarTed his own Talse rumor abouf a hospiTal appoinTmenT. l-las a kid l3roTher whom he is breaking inTo The sinque rouTines, Diagnosis: Over-worked Kidney. WOLET SixTy-Tive deserTed The ranks Tor pinochle and kibiTzing The lower classmen. ee ' ? gss.1 i'i5?HP::i '- THEODORE M. RIMAI I ' I A May Sfreef it Poughkeepsie, New York y New York Universify, B.S. l93l Draper Chemical Sociefy. Phi Lambda Kappa ii Vice-Presidenf lllg Presiidenf l2l: Violef Dance Commiffee l2l Has raised a mousfache and profuberanf abdomen in four years, hoping fo emulafe a well known gasfro-enferologisf. ls - second rank man in fhe GI Clinic. ls always fixing up a dale for his friends, buf is offen seen in fhe movies alone. ' 5 Diagnosis: Celiac Disease. JACK ROMASCAN i IO5 Elliof Place Bronx, New York New York Universify, B.S. l93O Caducean Sociefy, Phi Lambda Kappa Toughesf looking boy in The class. ls fhe local polifician and go-geffer. ls wild abouf frafernify spirif. Addresses fhe faculfy as "Youse people." Chairman of fhe Bronx Bacferiological Sociely. 5 - Second Son of Kong. Looks good in a cigar. A Diagnosis: Coarse Rales. V DAVID ROSENBAUM 84 Norfh Fourfh Sfreef Paferson, New Jersey Q . New York Universify, B.S. I93l 4 Bela Lambda Sigma Chief undersfudy of fhe nofefd Schilder. Second aliernafe for Tucker's Females. l-las builf up a passive immunify fo Karlen's iokes. From Paferson he comes, and fo Palerson he goes. Diagnosis: Schilder's Disease. 1 - 1 ALVIN A. ROSENBERG 22 l-ligh Sfreef 5 Morrisfown, New Jersey Cornell, B.A. l93O Alpha Omega Alpha, Pi Lambda Phi, A Phi Delia Epsilon , Believer in roufine enemas. His surrepfifious smile hides an .W J anguished and pinched soul. ls chief pesf of Secfion C. ls fhe real brains behind l-layman's experimenfs. An emesis fo Tucker. Diagnosis: Pof's Disease. smysix BELLEVUE DAVID ROSENBERG 43lO 53rd Slreef Woodside. Long Island Columbia, Ph.G. l9I5, Wesl Virginia, B.S. l932 Youlhful in ambilion, old in experience: a whisper for each ear, an anecdole for each occasion: broad of back, belly, brow anfd busl--doing only wha? he musf. The only known and proven Ialher in +he class. . Diagnosis: Acufe Dandrufl. MILTON SIBLEY SASLAW I6 Ocean Parkway 1 I Brooklyn. New York New York Universify, B.S. l93I Caducean Sociely Violel l4l: Journal Club l4l Lover of Esolerica: records fhe pulse lo The lhird decimal . point ls in a dead heal' wilh Kaufman for ihe World's Worsl Punning Honors. Owns a warehouse full of nolebooks. Knows 'rhings nobody knows or wanls 'lo know, Diagnosis: Fasciolopsis Buskii lschuman-Heinckl. l . MAXWELL M. SAYET l6l2 Wallon Avenue New York Ciiy New York Universily, B.S. I93l Violel III l2l l3l l4l I Tau Epsilon Phi Y ,l. Maxie our grinning Business Manager. Spenl mos? of his 'lourlh ag year warming lhe chair in Ihe Violef Office. Has a beaulilul filing syslem, buf never knows who paid for 'rhe Violel and why. ls said - lo have slolen Belenkohvs coal. Will be beyond all reach on lhe day ol reckoning. . Diagnosis: B. Welchii Sepficemia. ADRIAN C. SCHOEDEL 3324 Norlh I67fh Slreel Flushing, Long Island Cornell, A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma: Sigma Upsilon Gained 34 lbs. on lhe Ralli die?-all on lhe abdomen. Speaks only 'lo Mohr, allho Shaskin gels an occasional dropping, AI. vnays reserved. One of lhe well behaved ARMY men of lhe cass. Diagnosis: Decreased Vocal Fremifus. VIOLET Sixly-seven - I JOSEPH SCHWARTZ l7Ol Easfburn Avenue New York Cify New York Universify, B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Phi Befa Kappa Foggy, fanfaslic, euphonic, wifh a real QRS complex. Has fo be infroduced roufinely fo fhe professors. His "make like dis" sfill resounds in Brock's subconscious. Diagnosis: Complefe Block. GABRIEL P. SELEY Il9 Kenf Sfreef Brooklyn, New York York Universify, A.B. l93O Befa Lambda Sigma Class Presidenf ill New Gabriel P., fhe noisy Tenor from fhe heighfs. Will readily argue abouf anyfhing, anywhere, wifh anybody buf Bukanfz. His gaif has been described as a modified Monkey Walk. Diagnosis: Refroverfed Uferus. Sixfy-eighf .a ALBERT JOSEPH SHAPPELL 500 Riverside Drive New York Cify Columbia, B.S. I93O ' Miller Club Unofficial Recording Secrefary of fhe Senior Class. Has six secrefaries and four bookkeepers frying fo keep up wifh his records. Has nofebooks pilezd so high in his room fhaf he has fo gef in fhrough fhe fransom. Usually found underlining newspapers. Has promised us an oufline of "Trader Horn." Likes fo be called Schevalski. Diagnosis: Agraphia. JOSEPH SHAPIRO 966 Easi I78fh Sfreef New York Cify New York Universify, B.S. l930 Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Lambda Kappa Treasurer of Sfudenfs' Associafion l4l Nofed for his smiling lrish brogue and eyes. Sfill owes Karlen a half a buck borrowed in I9I2. Can'f undarsfand fhe cause of deafh in a 93 year old arferiosclerofic hif by a frolley car. Can'f undersfand why anybody else can. Has an agonizing way of asking quesfions. Thinks only fwo guys in fhe class can give a beffer diagnosis fhan he--Joe Shapiro and Shapiro, J. Diagnosis-Sfrangulafed lnfa rcf. BELLEVU E DONALD SHASKAN l95 Cenfral Avenue Lawrence, New Yorlc Darfmoufh, BA. i930 Phi Della Epsilon -l Janeway. Cushing, Dandy, Globus, and now Shaslcan. Will readily frade a palpable liver, and fluid wave for an equivocal Babinslri, or sluggish pupil. ls said lo be a quief lad, buf was seen fo shadow box in fhe basemenf on Solworfh's off-nighls. Has pracfically no Basal Mefabolic Rafe. Diagnosis: Lenficular Degenerafion. PHILIP SIEGEL ' 5 Davis Slreel Beacon, New Yorlc Cily College New Yorlc, B.S. l93O Be-acon's gifl lo Bellevuel Worsf secfion leader of The class. ls eifher sleeping or playing cards. Won a repufafion wirh Kauf- 1 ,, man on OBS for iuggling babies fresh from The urerus. Was mis- frq, "-4 Taken for an infanf in fhe delivery room and almosf had his cord ,Ag V, , . T ,.,jV35,. fied off. Hopes fo inlroduce Digifalis Therapy back home buf will fg. omif The special sheeis. Follows Boxer around behind Dr. Thomas. l . ,fix uisqiff, if .. , Q. Diagnosis: Polyposus paralyfica. ,H 1' 5 FII in ' 5' , gk. feH? ,vr . ,ra .rye : SIGMUND ALEXANDER SIEGEL l2I Easf Clarlce Place New Yorl: Cify 'i'5'fifi'Ql?'Fiif"Q?i .. - iimismfhksi Cify College New York, B.S, l93O . . laif'?Qff.'El Sigma Omega Psi Blonde Adonis, hero of Osborne Hall: caddy 'lo Ellioff Orn- i slein. Had a sudden onsef of polifical fever wifh an abrupf crisis. ' - wap, ,g Q Has been very 'loleranl lo The class of I934. So has fhe class. fgfg- i I- L egg.. A, . . . . ffizii' X Diagnosis: Narcissism. D ' i :fra 'iififfiff J DAVID BERTRAM SIMPSON 9 Easf 35fh Slreef Bayonne, New Jersey , New York Universily, B.S. l93I Dash Simpson, The fwo fingered wizard. Was The inspirafion 'A for "Did you ever see a dream walking?" Scrubbed up in fime fo hold fhe fundus. Gefs along famously wilh newly born and I anesfhelized pafienfs. A subway moforman gof crerdil for one of his deliveries. Thinks nurses should be more subservienf 'lo clinical i clerks. Diagnosis: Dream Sfafe. gud? Q - ,S 'ii'ii3iJE7i,5l'ii A -f. -lily, ff,-. frm-1 NJEMMQ.. ', , f.ifi'Q'9irQg'fJ ,1.1 VIOLET Sixfy-nine if., BARNEY SISSERSON 680 Madison Sireei Brooklyn, New York Ciiy College of New York, B.S., i930 Journal Club l4l A slow. sleepy cigareiie grubber. Will even smoke Hayman's camphoraied Murads. Always refers io ihe way ihings are done down in Baliimore. Raies his leciures by The noies he gels per minufe. Looks wiih envy on Shappell's filing sysiem. ls Toby's loungemaie. Diagnosis: Narcolepsy. l JOH N L. SLABEY 226 Easl' 72nd Sireef New York Ciiy Colgaie, A.B. . , Sigma Nu, Nu Sigma Nu Link is ihe porily and self-imporianl' soul who is always bored ai leclures. ls said io ihink besf in ihe reclining posiiion. Runs Oeiien a close second. Wears and smokes a ferribly smelly boiler in a very professional manner. ' Diagnosis: Effori Syndrome. , l ' HARRY- sLoaoDlN 1235 Virginia Avenue ' ' New York Ciiy Columbia, B.A. I93O Phi Beia Kappa Journal Club l4l Profege of A. Shappell. ls always complaining aboui wha? he has io do. Carries ihe world on his shoulders and is always chasing l around like mad. Baihed in urine for fhree monihs on medicine. i ' Tells ihe sialesi jokes. Thinks he knows more ihan Orkin abou? Pepiic Ulcer. l Diagnosis: Compressed Air Illness. l LEE SOLWORTH i823 Topping Avenue New York Ciiy Cornell, A.B. I93O Scnior Dance Commiiiee Leo, The handwrifing experi of B5. Sparred wiih imaginary shadows in ihe besemeni uniil he was forced io reiire when ihe new lounge was buili. ls siill sore ai Wickner for ampuiaiing on Leo's side of ihe cadaver. Floaied down wifh l-lilier from I'ihaca's wafers io ihe 23rd Sireei Fool. Diagnosis: Cerebral Concussion. Seveniy BELLEVUE J I . CURTIS GLENN SOUTHARD Siokesdale, Norfh Carolina Universify of Norih Carolina, B.S. l932 Thefa Kappa Psi Aphasic son of ihe soufh: would do bah-hopsies roufinely. Vilalked ouf on Schilder aifer iwo weeks io make a hurried frip fo Washingion. Has been seen palfing babies on 'rhe head since. Gol credii 'For Two iesl +ubes and fhree pieces of liimus when he checked oul on medicine. Diagnosis: Embryonic Resf. 5 assi--I Q E, NATHAN SPECTOR I633 66+h Sfreei' Brooklyn, New York h New York Universiiy, B.S. l93I - Caducean Socieiy, Phi Lambda Kappa, Upsilon Lambda Phi House Commiiiee l4l Speck is Bellevue's gifi io Coney island, ihe haven for losi souls. Goes 'rhere unspoiled and unsullied, bu+ afier a iwo year exposure io Friedman, Boxer, and Desimone, will probably end up as a deluded paranoic, or as ediior of some 'rabloiid gossip. Will , be radically separaied from Romascan fhe Resiless. 1 Diagnosis: Unessenfial Hyperfension. DAVID SPRING 5I Easi' 98'rh Sfreei' New York Ciiy New York Universify, B.S, i930 Nu Sigma Nu Splanchnopfolic, asihenic, and sileni Sparky. Has +ha'r femi- nine iouch when he combs his hair. Can diagnose a 'ihyroglossal cysr ai 20 paces. Was fhreafened wiih a suii for brufalify on Obs by a misundersianding female. Seen irequenily with Goodharf, who sees less, hears less, and speaks less. Diagnosis: Scleroiic Deaf-Muiism. MATTHEW M. STEINER I84I Sierling Place W Brooklyn, New York l New York Universiiy, B.S. i929 Sigma Omega Psi Vice-presidenf l2l: Violei l4l Y Soir spoken, calm, and collecied lsfafisiicsl. Relenfless pur- suer of ihe meiamyelocyfe. Takes lively picfures of perfecfly dead 1 cadavers. Has a rneiasiaiic growih on his upper lip. Diagnosis: Phofophobia. m A , Vlol-ET Sevoniy-one 1- BERNARD STOLL 24 Revere Place Brooklyn, New York New York Universiiy, B.S. i930 1 Fai, ilaccivd, iarcical, and ieckless. Has ihe Third amplesi pelvis in +he class ll. Wickner: 2. Dorimanl. His happiesi day . occurred when Goolnick arrived scalped. ls said io have been one of ihe conlrols for Herpicide. ls live cenis ahead aiier four years oi pinochle. Diagnosis: Fai Embolus. MEYER TEXON 7IO Riverside Drive New York Ciiy Harvard, A.B. i930 ' Phi Delia Epsilon Deviafed from his Hah-vard acceni aifer lisiening io Train. l'-lasn"r swerved from ihe elecirical axis in four years. Hopes lo discover a permanenl wave in an EKG. Meyer, where did you gel ihar coal? Diagnosis: Regular Sinus Rhyfhm. ' I GEORGE JOSEPH TRAIN ' 230 Rochesier Avenue Brooklyn, New York Ciiy College of New York. B.S. i930 - Phi Bela Kappa Choo-Choo picked up a beauiiiul Hahvard acceni al Ciiy Y College. Always dois his i's, even while recifing. Loves io con- graiulaie anyone for anyihing. Loves 'ro be congraiulaied. Has , . been convinced fhal' iniernships are noi obiainable on pull, bui depend on whom you know. Diagnosis: Dyspepsia, ac+ive and inaciive. JACK A. TRAYNA 24 Bay 8+h Slreef . Brooklyn, New York New York Universiiy, B.S. i930 Caducean Sociely Jack, ihe universal donor. Has loaned his panis io each suc- cessive seciion on Obsieirics. ls being iyped for a new pair. ls leader of ihe silenl rebellion againsi ihe Third division. Can de- liver babies on 'lhe pori side. - Diagnosis: Benign Tumor. Seveniy-iwo BELLEVUE SIDNEY TUCKER l02 Slale Slreel' ' Perih Amboy, New Jersey Cornell, A.B. W Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Della Epsilon, Bela Phi Alpha Associale Edilor Violei i3l Toleraled Alvin for years. Believes he iuiored his room male info A.O.A. Enjoyed his Psychiafry course because of 'lhe girls he had siifing nexi' lo himself. Thinks all female medical siudenls are cold and sexless. lEd. Noie: l know one who obiecled.l i Diagnosis: Pseuclomuscular Dyslrophy. JAMES l. VIVONA 953 Easi 84ih Sireel New York Ciiy Manhaiian, B.S. i930 A gif? from ihe Gods for The bawling brals of G-8. Can diaper a baby, bul' always has a couple of shiris leil. The one fhing he - 5 enioys more ihan a sfroll in ihe dark, is a heaping plaie of . f spagheili. ,la Diagnosis: Meclilerranean Fever. . Q '1 ,z ROSLYN WEICHSEL r 835 Red Road Teaneck, New Jersey l-lunier. B.A. i930 Zeia Phi Class Secreiary l2l ' Pefife, perspicuous. peccable, and pernickeiy. iLook 'em up ' folks, and see if we're righlzl Generally blushes nicely when ' called upon. Oraies wiih The lhunder and spirif of Carlisle. Diagnosis: Pefife Mal. A S JONAS WEISSBERG 365 Easi' l97ih Sfreei New York Ciiy New York Universily, B.S. l93l Phi Bela Kappa Bald rheumalic: fever experi. Gilber'i's legal adviser. ls al. ways assisfing al' bridge games. ls consianily beseeched by mar- riage brokers. Looks worried and one wonders whelher he will lose his hair or Turn gray lirsi. Diagnosis: Anxieiy Neurosis Vlol-ET Sevenfy-ihree 4 IRA WICKNER I937 Easl Zlsl Slreei Brooklyn, New York P, . Cornell, B.A. l930 3' g Journal Club l4l Emphysemafous paihologisl' ol renown. ls slighily hypochon- idriacal, developing new symploms wiih every leclure. Was especi- ally worried during Psychialry. ls always asking: In a series of a as me hundred cases . . . Was iusl' bealen fo The press by lhe Rocker- feller lnsl'iiu're's new cancer fheory. Diagnosis: Pre-Alzheimers. -- sk H, f fy-1.3. . V: i rw- - ',.,:'g-1 l hui H fi"Ea'?4,,:i' Q uh Q1-,, ,vfzffvi r.-qi .:'4'W"-vw i- a ,liewsiif 1 ig '- f -' ,:.5.g.g.. 5, ,W W , i s , yxE?il3':".m J - 1'i1wz,.f X - 6X:,L,g:: wr- fp.. , ffl. 115 xijfzf. y ,siirifiz ffisi. aefgfzwgsg LEO WINTER l4O Wesf 58+h Slreel New York Cify New York Universily, D.D.S. Omicron Kappa Upsilon The only lull fledged professor who ever allempled lo do a urine. Experl' on 'rhe alimenfary canal . . . leaches one end of il al 23rd Slreel' and sees lhe olher end al 26+h Sireei. Will readily lrade lhree molar exfraclions for a qaslric analysis. Can do a dililerenlial by inspeclion. Diagnosis: Reverse Melamorphosis. X " EVERETT BASSETT WRAY, Jr. Glen While, Wesl' Virginia University of Wesl' Virginia. B.S. l932 Phi Della Thela, Phi Bela Pi Bud's was The firsl body offered lo Ralli's feeding slaif. Can'l answer wifhoul concenlraiing for a long while. Has learned lo cook and wash since living wilh Gaynor. Was slumped wren Connery said io him, "l-ley Bud, whal's your name?" Loves io fell us how babies are delivered down in the mounlains of West Virqinny. Diagnosis: Amyofonia Congeniia. Sevenly-four BELLEVUE "1 Wok.-' l., g HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS BELLEVUE HOSPITAL SAMUEL S. COOLEY JOHN DOUGI-IERTY BRONX HQSPITAL BARNERT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FRANK GAGAN CHARLES KLEIN DAVID ROSENBAUM JOHN GAYNOR MARVIN LTNTCK HAROLD GLASCOCK JQNA5 WEISSBERQ JOHN S. LABATE SIDNEY LEVY LEO L. ORENSTEIN BETH DAVID HOSPITAL HI'-MERT A- RANGES BROOKLYN HOSPITAL BERTRAM O. LEVY JULES REDISH ROBERT GOODI-IART ALVIN A. ROSENBERO JOSEPH SCHWARTZ MORTON RULICIQ CITY HOSPITAL CONEY ISLAND HOSPITAL ARNOLD L. BACHMAN DAVID s. BOXER MACEY RRONICI4 ANTONIO DESIMONE DAVID SPRING JOSEPH J. FRIEDMAN NATHAN SPECTOR FORDHAM HOSPITAL CUMBERLAND HOSPITAL MAX CHAMUN ENGLEWOOD HOSPITAL JACK RQMASCAN HAROLD X. CONNOLLY FRANK R. ARNDT THOMAS J. ORMSBY OSCAR A. PALATUCCI HARLEM HOSPITAL JERSEY CITY MEDICAL CENTER MURRAY BELENKOFF KNIOKERBOCRER HOSPITAL SPATES BRADY SAMUEL EPSTEIN REMBRANDT HELERICR CURTIS SOUTHARD EMANUEL V. FEIGEN JUSTUS KAUFMAN LEBANON HOSPITAL JULIUS JOSEPHS DMD KASTOTF JEWISH HOSPITAL OF BROOKLYN ALEXANDER HERSHKOVII2 FRANK L' MOHR MAXWELL SAYET ISRAEL ZION HOSPITAL KINGS COUNTY HOSPITAL WTLTRED DORFNAN METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL ELLIOT A. ORNSTEIN ERNEST LEHMAN BERNARD STOLL ALBER . SH PPELL LINCOLN HOSPITAL T J A MONTEFIORE HOSPITAL BARNETT A. GREENE ALBERT CORNELL LENOX HILL HOSPITAL JOSEPH SHAPIRO ETNAR GT GUSTATSON EUGENE EISNER SIGMUND A. SIEGEL CHARLES R. HAYMAN MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL MCQTEEQYNQTLIETEEPITAL SAMUEL BUKANTZ ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL HERMAN I- KANTOR FRANCIS R. LAWTI-IER NORMAN O. BRILL NATHAN NTTNTZ THEODORE RIMA' SAMUEL NISNEVVITZ JEAN PAKTER GABRIEL P. SELEY NORTH HUDSON HOSPITAL SYRACUSE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MILTON A. SASLAW EVERETT B. WRAY SYDENHAM HOSPITAL SAUL I-I. KARLEN OSPT YONKERS GENERAL HOSPITAL ST. VINCENTS H TAL JOHN G- GRADANT JOHN J. KEATING DAVID B- SWPSON WORCESTER CITY HOSPITAL JACK TRAYNA ,RA WTCKNER SeVenTy-five -NEW- COLLEGE - PAVILION - F-'51-G' GGGCEUQDG 09706 C2750 'WATERFRONT- Ii ADMINISTRATION OLD ' COLLE GE ' N , Mixwan CU Q9 00 WGSGQ3 9 I Bm -A-AI2KlN- -HBALLW ECI- -I ' BAFZCHAM- -S -BERSACK' 'M 'BYQD ' 'J 'CATZLI NO 'A-CHAVES- T- Fl STEQM .T. COCKEIQILL' -VjCUNN!NGHAM' -DPFElNl3El2Cu- -A- FISHBEDCI- -'A-FLEISCHNEQ -c- 1-J-FQEEMAN- -,J-Paseo -C.-c.uoQouNu 'S-GOLDBl2AGEN- "Q-GUQNEE .J. HAQ-Tl-EY ' B KAPLAN- A'H'KADLAN- 'QKAPLOW' 'J-KATZ 'J- LESEI2' 4 Q, f!"jf7F7fg 13314353-j' 1 "v ' f 'A VTWMANDELBAUM- - DMANFREDI- -A' MIRKIN- wfdaii' FLNATHANSON' -J-pEl2LsTEuN- fs-pemmucmrzo' -A-DusANn- -.J-poL.rro- 'J-QAO. .-J-rzoaerzrs rl2f2OSENTHAL- -H-sABnNn- ,,-o-sAvPo1.- -M-SCHERZEQ-. 4S'SCHIl2O-' 'S-SCHNUQ 'Q-SCHWARTZ4 rS-SHANDALOW- 'E-SINDEL: TT-SUSSMAN' -J-SZILAGYP A-,S-TANZ' -M.TEwKSBuc2v -E'THOMPSON- -w-Tur2ANo- C- WEl5H- -V-WOlITMAN- -H-WOODEL: 'J'ZlL.!NSKY- J-TEPPEQ J-MISHKIN SDAVIDSON V EMALLIN THIRD YEAR CLASS HISTORY Ah me! Mefhinks we shall be felling our grandchildren abouf I'his year. Whaf a year! The Psychiafrisfs have a word for il' . . . le+'s reminisce: . . . The dance ,. . . 'fwas mighly fine afwirling abouf in our own dear lounge . . . and I'he official bouquefsl . . . +o fhink of seeing Ihe mighfy scienfisfs acfing human! The amphifheafre . . . "l+'s amazing" how difficulf if is 'fo hear in The amphifhealrel The lull before +he pafienf enfers . . . class kepf in suspension . . .. fracfures and whaf nof, . . . mammae . . . Whal' siooges fhis year has broughf Io Iighll . . . A cerfain Demafology course in O.P.D .... many sfooges . . . 'rhe General among fhe Privaies . . . lcaich on?I . . . And our own classmafes are sfooging . . . perhaps iI"s fhe spirif of research . . . Why do we sfudy hear! failure? . . . whaf a quesfionl . . . mefhinks 'I'would fake a half a Ihousand words 'I'o answer . . . seems 'ro be imporfanf . . . yel' 'fis easy fo learn 'rhe sympfoms affer a five flighf hike over in A and B . . . no elevafors for 'rhird year flesh! . . . In fhe same building--"Hey, you. Bud. whaI"s polycyfhemia? . . . Did you nofice 'rhe rush affer +he lecfure on The facfs of life and fhe sriff-necked sperm? . . . no more blood counls . . . i+'s 'rhe sperm 'rhal' counfs now! . . . Ah wonder . . . did Dr. Sovak ever replace +haI' blown lube? . . . ancl say--remember The ig- noranf married medico aboul whom our beloved Dr. Holden relafed . . . a decided lack of penefrafion for a meclico, I musl' say . . . Many weeks did I ponder over rhe 'rardiness Io firsl' hour classes-and now-I have if! . . . "No Sfool No School" Whaf a slogan! . . . Whal' a philosophy! . . . Pediarrics wards . . . Ikey cinches fhe diagnosis wilh. "Dr., I gof lvl.S., Iv1.I., Horricular fybillashin . . . buf I'm only 2B" . . . Who wanI'ed fo sfop fha? diarrhea wifh a cork' 7 ? ? Tuesdays af four . . . Ihe assembled brains of '35 . . . "l fhink fhe group should be congrafulafed, buf I wani' Io ask a few ques . . . Whal' way does your mind run on fhese poor immunology cases? . . . Hisfory faking . . . fhe genlle smirk when Ihey call you, "Doc'ror" . . . 'rhe diagnosis of neurasfhenia . . . a fiifing Transifion 'Io somessing dearer sfill I. . . Psycho . . . Ihe figh+ befween fhe G.P. and fhe Lady . . . I'he pafienf warning Dr. S. abouf a nervous breakdown . . . anofher mocking his bows lfiesl . . . Hygiene . . . An apple a day keeps 'rhe Docfor away, and nufs +o you--hide your head, Leo . . . fhe charming barifones in "Good morning. dear 'readher 'ro you!" . . . funny how many women were faken for a ride and sfill live . . . Posferify, PosI'eriI'y! . . . how hard we sfrive Io receive you . . . how minufely we in- vesfigafe you . . . posifions . . . one child, L.O.A .... fwins, S.O.L .... engagemenfs .1 .win facl' every Iwisi . . . you have The floor in our minds and your pelves . . how you hang like a Lord ancl The end of a cord! . . . Ihank us, posferify we are al' your cervix . . . In fufure life we shall be rewarded . . . or af Ieasf so says Professor Ira Kaplan I. . . a swell guy . . . radiales personalify . . .and sarcomas fo boof. Gynecology . . .we poinl wiI'h fwo-fingered pride af our abiIiI'y fo gef af Ihe boffom of Jrhings . . . Ivlaxie felling Ihe Lady il' won"r hurf, iuslr smoke a bif . . . "smoke gefs in you os" . . . Urology . . . fhe prof. will nof meafus foday . . . A cerfain lady wifh a Soufh Polar name refused fo leave when acriflavine I'ook ifs plunge . . . wifhouf a sound . . . lwe'II lef +ha'I pass!! - Speaking of ladies . . .who wondered whefher I'he viruses laid eggs and fhe fish perspired? . . . same lady made a speech on bone 'rumors for Dr. K . . . dear old Boyd! . . . whaf lady is dazzling us wifh new coiffures and ducky hafs? . . . same lady is languid and lafe of a morning . . . The rogues gallery . . . picfures . . . lvlozarf Feinberg . . . Lord Arkinola . . . Swasfika Ellenberg . . . Beau Brummel Goldwasser 'frying fo spell Bellevue . . . Archie and his spafs . . . Ernie going polilical . . . Yes, indeed, a greaf year . poor public . . .we approach our seniorify . . . To +hink we sfudied so hard for Osieology fhree years ago! . . . no one cufs classes lor quizzes any more . . . IOh, no!! Lef 'rhis be a chronicle for your grandchilluns-buf do'n+ forgel . . . your chilluns musf be properly spaced I I Eighfy NICHOLAS J. ABBADESS N.Y.U. B.Sc. BERNARD ALBERG N.Y.U. B.S. ALVIN ARKIN SETH LOW JR. COL.: COLUMBIA, B.S MORRIS AXELROD N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa, Caducean HARRY A. BALLWEG COLUMBIA. A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma RAYMOND E. BANTA N.Y.U.. B.S. Zela Psi: Phi Alpha Sigma IRVING S. BARCHAM COLUMBIA A.B. Tau Epsilon Phi, Violel l2, III ROBERT BATTERMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. ALFRED BERMAN C.C.N.Y., B.S. HERMAN BERNHARDT C.C.N.Y., B.S.: N.Y.U., M.Sc. DAVID BERNSTEIN N.Y.U., B.S. Class Pres III Social Comm. l3I Sigma Omega Psi: Phi Bela Kappa, Caducean SOLOMON R. BERSACK C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa HERBERT BLOCK N.Y.U.. B.S. SAMUEL M. BLOOM N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Wm. Welch Sociely: Violel' IZ, 3I NATHANIEL BOOKBINDER CORNELL. A.B. Omicron Alpha Tau SIGMUND A. BRAHMS CORNELL. B.A.: M.A. Sigma Xi: Phi Della Epsilon GEORGE BROWN C.C.N.Y., B.S. Sigma Omega Psi MARY LOU BYRD N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Della: Zefa Phi: Aesclepiad Soc. ROSTER JAMES T. CARLINO Wesl' Virginia B.S. Thela Kappa Psi AARON D. CHAVES COLLEGE OF WILLIAM 81 MARY. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha ROY CICCONE N.Y.U. Tau Kappa Phi THOMAS J. COCKERILL N.Y.U.. B.Sc. Pi Alpha Thela EDWIN I. COHN N.Y.U., B.S. Sigma Omega Psi VINCENT S. CUNNINGHAM N.Y.U., B.S. Sub-chairman, Banque? Commilloo III SIDNEY DAVIDSON C.C.N.Y.. B.A. DANIEL DAVIS N.Y.U., B.S.: M.S. Phi Lambida Kappa SIDNEY DIAMOND N.Y.U.. B.S. IRVING EHRENFELD C.C.N.Y,. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa MAX ELLENBERG C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Kappa LAWRENCE ESSENSON N.Y.U.. B.S. Banque? Commillee Ill BERNARD FARFEL N.Y.U.. B.S. GERALD M. FEIGENOFF N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa: Violel IZ. 3I: Phi Della Epsilon DAVID H. FEINBERG LAFAYETTE. B.S. Phi Della Epsilon ELIZABETH M. FELLER N.Y.U.. B.S. Zefa Phi ARCHIE FISHBERG N.Y.U., B.S., Caducean THOMAS R. FISTER MUHLENBERG. B.S. Theia Upsilon Omega: Nu Sigma Nu ALOIS FLEISCHNER N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa ALEXANDER FRANCO C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa CECIL A. FRANK C.C.N.Y., B.S. Tau Della Phi HENRY FRANKEL N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma JOSEPH FREEMAN FORDHAM. Ph. G.: N.Y,U.. Sc.B. Caducean J ULES FREEMAN N.Y.U., B.S.: M.Sc. Class Treasurer III: Valenline Moil Gold Medal II, 2I JAIMEE A. FRIED N.Y.U., B.S.: Caducean Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Lambda Kappa WILLIAM GIORDANO COLUMBIA Alpha Phi Della: Class Dance Commil- Iee I2, 31 GINO L. GIORGINI FORDI-IAM. B.S. Nu Sigma Nu GEORGE GITTELL COLUMBIA. A.B. Phi Bela Kappa LOUIS J. GLICK N.Y.U., B.S. SEYMOUR GOLDGRABEN COLU MBIA, A.B. FRED GOLDWASSER COLUMBIA, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa HENRY GREEN C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: William Welch JACOB GREISMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma HAROLD GRUBIN N.Y.LI.. B.S. QUINBY D. GURNEE MICHIGAN, B.S. in Medicine Thela Chi: Nu Sigma Nu HAMMERSCHLAG. M. L. N.Y.U.. B.S. - Sigma Omega Psi: Bela Lambda Sigma Eighiy-one JOEL HARTLEY Tau Della Phi: Phi Della Epsilon William Welch Socioly ROBERT K. HARVEY N.Y.U.. B.S. William Welch ERNEST T. HEFFER N.Y.U.: UNIV. OF MICHIGAN, B.A. Phi Sigma Della: Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Siudeni Council JOSEPH H. HERSH N.Y.U.. B.S. Violof l2l Caducean NATHAN HIATT N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Caducoan AARON H. HYMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean LEO JENKINS N.Y.U., B.S. William Welch MAX W. JOHANNSEN HAMBURG UNIV., ROSTOCK COUPS SUEVO-BORUSSIA IN KOSENER, S.C. JOHN J. KANNENGEISER MANHATTAN COLLEGE. B.S. Nu Sigma Nu HARRY KAPLAN N.Y.U.. B.S.: I-louse Comm. l3l BERNARD I. KAPLAN N.Y.U., B.S. Alpha Omega Alpha Pi Lambda Phi. Phi Della Epsilon , RAYMOND KAPLOW C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Della Epsilon JACOB KATZ N.Y.U.. B.S. l3I UNIV.. Bala Lambda Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Lambda Kappa: William Welch ROBERT H. KERR HAMILTON. A.B. LEO KLEBAN N.Y.U.. B.S. EMANUEL KLOSK RUTGERS, B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Tau Epsilon Phi Eiqhly-Iwo c. J. KORNREICH c.c.N.Y.. B.S. Bela Lambda Phi: Sigma Omega Psi IRVING W. KRAMER DARTMOUTH. A.B. Pi Lambda Phi BENJAMIN EARL KRENTZ CORNELL. A.B. Alpha Epsilon Pi Violel Promenaide Commillee l SOL KRONENBERG N.Y.U., B.Sc., Caducean BENEDICT KURSHAN COLUMBIA, A.B. Tau Della Phi: Phi Della Epsilon MARTIN LANGSAM N.Y.U.. B.S. JANET G. LESER WILSON COLLEGE. A.B. Zela Phi: Class Sec. l3l ABRAHAM l. LEVINE N.Y.U.. B.Sc.: Caducean HAROLD N. LEVINE N.Y.U.. B.S. ORVILLE J. LIGHTHIZER WEST VIRGINIA, B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Bela Pi MILTON M. LIEBERTHAL Darimoulh, A.B. Phi Delia Epsilon Social Comm. l3l JOHN LO CASCIO C.C.N.Y., B.A. EDWARD MALLIN COLUMBIA. A.B. Nu Sigma Nu THEODORE MANDELBAUM CORNELL, A.B.: YALE, M.S. Alpha Epsilon Pi DAN H. MANFREDI COLUMBIA, A.B. Phi Sigma Kappa MORRIS MARKOSKY C.C.N.Y., B.S.: N.Y.U.. M.S. ABRAHAM J. MIRKIN CORNELL, A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu FLORENCE NATHANSON HUNTER, A.B.: COLUMBIA, A.M. Zola Phi YI MILTON L. PALESTINE N.Y.U.. B.S. JACOB PERLSTEIN C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: William Welch Sociely, lSec. 3l SALVATORE J. PERNICIARO CORNELL, B.A. Lambda Phi Mu: Class Treas. l3l: House Comm. l3l ANTONIO J. PISANI FORDHAM, B.S. Phi Alpha Sigma Class Vice-presidenl l2l HYMAN PLEASURE N.Y.U.. B.Sc. Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Omega Psi JOSEPH M. POLITO C.C.N.Y., B.S.: Lambda Phi Mu JOHN RAO FORDHAM, B.S.: William Welch ERNEST H. REYNOLDS WAKE FOREST COLLGE. B.S. Thela Kappa Psi JOSEPH Y. ROBERTS DARTMOUTI-I, A.B. Sigma Chi: Alpha Kappa Kappa ADDISON ROE Darlmoulh, A.B. Phi Kappa Psi: Alpha Kappa Kappa ARTHUR B. ROSENBAUM C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa RANDOLPH ROSENTHAL N.Y.U. Phi Bela Kappa: Tau Epsilon Phi: Bela Lambda Sigma Violel l2, 31 LEO RUBENSTEIN N.Y.U.. B.Sc. Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma: Social Comm. l3l HOWARD SABINI C.C.N.Y.. A.B. Omega Upsilon Phi GEORGE SAYPOL N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Violcl l2, 3l: Class V, P, l3l: William Welch DAVID SCHAEFFER CORNELL, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa MAXWELL SCHERZER CORNELL, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa: Omicron Alpha Tau: Violei l3I SCHIRO, S. R. BUCKNELL. B.S. Delia Kappa Phi: Phi Alpha Sigma HARVEY I. SCHOTTER N.Y.U.. B.Sc. Bela Lambda Sigma: Dance Commiiiee Iii SIDNEY SCHNUR C.C.N.Y., B.S.: M.S. Violei ll. 2, 3I: William Welch Sociaiy ROBERT SCHWARTZ CORNELL. A.B. Alpha Epsilon Pi SAMUEL E. SCHWARTZ C.C.N.Y., B.S. vioLET iz: sol. L. SHANDALOW N.Y.U.. B.S.. D.D.S. Omicron Kappa Upsilon J. GEORGE SHEETZ OHIO STATE. A.B. Phi Chi JULIUS SHLESINGER N.Y.U.. B.S. ALLIE E. SINDEL LEI-IIGI-I. B.A. Phi Bela Kappa: Ela Sigma Phi Delia Epsilon MILTON SPARK N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa D Iln, SELIG STRAX N.Y.U.. B.S. THEODORE S. SUSSMAN PENNSYLVANIA. A.B. Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Delta Epsilon: vaoiei iz: Joseri-I SZILAGYI C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Tau Delia Phi: Alpha Omega Alpha Class Presideni' l2. 3I. Sludenl Welfare Commiiiee l2. 31 STANLEY S. TANZ COLUMBIA. A.B. Tau Delia Phi: Violei Promenade Com- miiiea l2I: William Welch Sociely. Pres.: Siudeni Council ISec. 31 JULIUS TEPPER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Delia Epsilon Chairman Dance Commillee IZ. 31 MARGARET TEWKSBURY MOUNT I-IOLYOKE. A.B. Phi Bela Kappa: Zela Phi EDNA R. THOMPSON N.Y.U.. B.S. Zaia Phi WILLIAM TU RANO C.C.N.Y.. B.S.: Lambda Ph MAX UTENSKY N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa RICHARD M. WALTMAN LEHIGH. B.A. U REGINALD S. WEIR C.C.N.Y.. B.S.. Alpha Phi LEO WEISELBERG Alpha MICHIGAN. A.B.: HARVARD. M.A. BERNARD WEISS N.Y.U.. B.S. JULIUS L. WEISSBERG C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa CATHERINE WELSH ST. ROSE. A.B. Kappa Tau Phi: Zeia Phi HOWARD WESSON N.Y.U.. B.Sc. Phi Baia Kappa: Bela Lam Alpha Pi SAMUEL H. WILLIAMS GONOVA COLLEGE, A.B. WEST VA.. B.S. Phi Bela Pi SAMUEL A. WOLFSON FORDI-IAM. Ph.G. Phi Bela Kappa Caducean VIRGINIA W. WOLTMAN VASSAR. A.B. Zafa Phi HERBERT R. WOODEL N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Alpha Sigma RALPH A. YOUNG MARSHALL, A.B. Wes? Virginia. B.S. JAMES ZILINSKY COLUMBIA. B.S. Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Bela Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha kiwi X bda Sigma: Eighly ilnaa - l'3SYCHOj ICH LE CTUIZIN G Ft' sunzosuv-AM G9 Q HITHEATRE- -GI l2LS'- I2 IRE STATE voews , cnn'lD0 ?OJ:'U0fD 0150 Qeifr Graeme. -Ski? 9 M-ABQAMS GALTENAU JjAI2LOW J.-BALLQINGEI2 T-BAQNETT A-BAIQTH J-BECKWITH F-BFNEDETTO Nl-BODIAN M'CA'LODNEY M-CAMIEL D'C.1OFFl MD-COHEN 'JHCOHN J-CULLEN AC:-DEL MONTE B-DIAMONDSTEIN A-DIMAIO H-DUBROW' M-EDELSACK S-FAVATA HfFElN -A-FLEISCHMAN K-FREIIQEICH C'Fl2OMM JLENNIS A-.GLUSHIEN B'GOl.D J-GOLDSCHMIDT E'6OLDSTEIN M-GOLDSTEIN N-GQEENBERG I-POUIEEASKO I'-HANSSMANN I-HEKMAN s-Hom N-HIRSCHFELD E-HOLLEB 5'JAc:oasoN S-JASLOW. A-KAHANE J-KAICHEQ M-KANTOI2 H-KATZMAN CrKOECK SKOVOLEFSKV5,-LACHTEQMAN B-LADAN A-LAUTKIN B-l4EVlNE J-LINDEQ V CMPKOFF L-MAQSHALL FMATUS J-MEYER F-NIOSKOWITZ A-PARET5 JrQlC.KLlN ' D'I2OC.HE J'f2ODNN L- QOOSE D' ROSS L-QOTHMAN . H- QUBIN I 1 . A-QUSKIN C-SCHILLER J-SQHULTZ .S-SELXKOFF L-SHAPKQO C-SIEOEL. D-SILBERMAN C-'SILBEVQMANN' H-SKLUTH B'-STEMPEL ATEQOWSKY ATHOMAS F-VALENTI J-VINOGRAD E-WACHTEL R-WAGNER M-WEBEI2 MOE WEISS M-WEKSS B-WOLF B'WOLFNlAN MVABLONSKY H-YOUNG, SECOND YEAR CLASS HISTORY January, I934 . . . Bacleriology lesl, Pharmacology reporl, Palhology exam . . . quiz . . . quiz . . . quiz . . . lhe guns al Sevaslapol had nolhing on lhe examinalion syslem here! Will we ever lorgel our Sophomore year? Mosl ol us leel as if lhe book "lO0,000,000 Guinea Pigs" should have been lilled "IOO0,000,l4O Guinea Pigs." ll all slarled wilh lhe new exam schedule al lhe end ol our lirsl year. A hue and cry broughl us running lo lhe bullelin board where, lo and behold, Drs. Wyckoll and Cannon had posled lhe news ol lheir comprehensive syslems ol examinalions lor our second year. Now lhe oplislic ones among us are wailing lor lhe lhird year. Pax Vobiscum. Seplernber welcomed us back lo lhe new lounge and lhe easiesl lrimesler in our medical career. Dean Wyckoll cerlainly succeeded in his promise lo "lake lhe sludenls oul ol lhe cellar and inslill a lew social graces inlo lhem." Aller lhree weeks ol lhe "Lounge" lhere wasn'l one among us who couldn'+, or wouldn'l, qualify as a bridge experl. Ol course some ol lhe boys weren'l lagging behind in lheir pinoc-hle lechnique eilher. The social surroundings inlluenced us so much lhal we decided, lollowing lhe usual class room debales as lo whelher lhe sandwiches should be bullered on one or bolh sides, and similar mallers ol grave imporl, lo have a pre-Chrislmas dance. Thereupon a commillee ol lwenly-live was appoinled lo look inlo lhe maller while lhe resl ol lhe class were members ex-olficio. To lhe greal surprise ol lhe Commillee, on December lhirleenlh, a class dance was conducled wilh no loss, financially or socially. Now was our chance lo gel even . . . lhey had played bass noles on our sensilive 'fibers loo ollen, lhey had drained us dry ol our meager bils ol knowledge loo many limes, lhey had slripped us down lo our bare souls lhe lasl lime, lMaybel . . . we would invile lhe lacully lo lhe lounge lo our sophomore parly and lorce lhem lo be amused by our enlerlainmenl. Accordingly Myron Herman and Marlin Calodney arranged a lormidable program by choosing cerlain lucky ones lo be Torlurers Exlraordinary lor lhe evening ol January, lwenly-lirsl. Alhur Ruskin and Larry Lipkoll were lo belabor lhe pianolorle. Grace Allenau was lo lhrow her voice wilh lhe aid ol a quinlel whose names shall mercilully be wilhheld and Herman and Marshall wilh lhe queslionable assislance ol Holleb and Bodian were lo roul lhe cringing audience wilh a skil on "Classroom Caricalures ol Pedagogical Physiognomies." Man's inhumanily lo man has made counlless numbers wonclerl Al lhe end ol lhe evening lhe-audience was clamoring lor more and visilors lrom Cornell, Columbia, and Flower lell us wilh envy in lheir hearls. Talking aboul hearls reminds us ol Palhology and Price. How seclion A musl have envied us aller lhe days wilh Dr. Price. Never again could we say, "l didn'l mean il, nobody never lold me nolhing aboul lhe lacls ol Life." For lhal maller lhe lriad ol Walker in analomy, Darlinglon on Lues, and Sala on lhe Hyperlrophied proslale lurnished us wilh enough knowledge lo almosl open an ollice. Ours has been a mosl salislaclory year llhis is being wrillen in Februaryl, so much less lension lhan in our lirsl year. However, we musl all have our "Ordeals ol Fire" in lile and aller we pass lhru lhal mosl scorching one in May, lhe compre- hensives, lhe resl ol our school career will probably be direcled lo lhe sludy ol Medicine as a clinical science wilh lhe seemingly omnipolenl, omnipresenl lexlbook vaguely in lhe background. s Eiqhly-eighl MURRAY ABRAMS N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Della Epsilon GRACE ANNA ALTENAU ADELPI-II, A.B. Della Gamma. Della Phi JACOB ARLOW N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean, Phi Lambda Kappa JOSEPH BALLINGER C.C.N.Y., B.S. Sigma Omega Psi THEODORE BARNETT C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Sigma Omega Psi ARTH UR BARTH C.C.N.Y., B.S. JULIUS H. BECKWITH MANHATTAN, B.S. Nu Sigma Nu FRANCIS M. BENEDETTO ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE, B.S. Nu Sigma Nu HAROLD A. BERGNER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappal SAMUEL BLOOM N.Y.U., B.S. Caducean: Phi Bela Kappa OSCAR BODANSKY MARTIN BODIAN COLUM BIA. B.S. MAX BRAITMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Sigma Omega Psi MARTIN M. CALODNEY C.C.N.Y., B.S. Sludenl Council MORTIMER RICHARD CAMIEL C.C.N.Y., B.S. ROSTER CORNELL UNIV.. B.A. Nu Sigma Nu PASO UALE A. CIOFFI N.Y.U. Bela Lambda Sigma, Phi Bela Kappa Lambda Phi Mu DAVID HARVEY COH EN N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambvda Sigma. Sigma Omega Psi JEROME S. COHEN N.Y.U.. B.S. Kappa Nu Class Vice-Pres. III: Violel Promenade Commillee III Pres. IZI JAMES CULLEN N.Y.U.. B.S. Nu Sigma Nu ELVIRA M. DELIEE BARNARD, A.B. Zela Phi GEORGE AMOS DEL N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Alpha Sigma MONTE BERNARD SCHEER DIAMONDSTEIN N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma, Phi Della Epsilon ALPHONSE DI MAIO N.Y.U., B.S. Caducean: Alpha Lamb Lambda Phi Mu JACK R. DORDICK C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa HILLIARD DUBROW BROWN UNIV.. Ph.B. da Epsilon, Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Della Epsilon BENJAMIN ECKHAUS C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Caducean MAY EDELSACK I-I U NTER, B.A. Phi Bela Kappa, Zela Phi SALVATORE CHARLES FAVATA UNIV. OF ALABAMA. A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma HARRY D. FEIN UNIV. OF MARYLAND. B.S. Tau Epsilon Phi: Phi Della Epsilon EMANUEL H. FEIRING C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa SAUL H. FISHER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa Sigma Omega Psi. Sluclonl Council SIDNEY FISHMAN C.C.N.Y.. B.A. Phi Bela Kappa ARTHUR FLEISCHMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma, Sigma Omega Psi KARL FREIREICH N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean CHARLES FROMM N.Y.U.. B.S. JOSEPH GENNIS N.Y.U., B.S. Caducean: Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Lambda Kappa: Class Pres. Ill Sludenl Council GEORGE ROBERT GERST C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Gamma Kappa ARTHUR SAMUEL GLUSHIEN N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa Bela Lambda Sigma BENSON GOLD CORNELL, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa STANLEY F. GOLDMAN JULES W. GOLDSCHMIDT N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Lambda Kappa Eighly-nine EDWARD GOLDSTEIN COLUM BIA, B.S. MITCHEL G. GOLDSTEIN N.Y.U., B.S. N. PHILIP GREENBERG N.Y.U., B.S. Caclucoan RICHARD GUBNER COLUMBIA. A.B. HEN RY GUREASKO N.Y.U.. B.S. Vice-Pres. IZI IRVING J. HANSSMANN DARTMOUTH, B.S. Phi Kappa Sigma ILONA HEIMAN BARNARD. A.B. Zefa Phi MYRON HERMAN JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV., A.B. Phi Sigma Della NATHAN B. HIRSCHFELD COLUMBIA. A.B.. A.M. Tau Delia Phi SAM HOCH C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa EUGENE MILTON HOLLEB BROWN UNIV.. Ph.B. Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Della Epsilon SEYMOUR SHULMAN JACOBSON DARTMOUTI-I COLLEGE. A.B. Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Della Epsilon SEYMOUR L. JASLOW LEHIGH U.. A.B. ABRAHAM KAHANE C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa JOHN J. KAICHER HOLY CROSS COLLEGE. A.B. MILTON KANTOR N.Y.U., B.S. Bala Lambda Sigma, Sigma Omega Psi Ninely HERMAN BERNARD KATZMAN N.Y.U., B.S. Caducaan BENJAMIN KAUFMAN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. GEORGE PAUL KOECK MANHATTAN COLLEGE, B.S. SIMON KOVOLEFSKY N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducoan ALFRED LACHTERMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa ABRAHAM LANGSAM C.C.N.Y.. B.S. BERNARD LAPAN N.Y.U.. B.S. ARTHUR LAUTKIN COLUMBIA, A.B. JACK LEVIN RUTGERS UNIV., B.S. ' Bela Iofa Lambda: Phi Bela Kappa BERNARD LEVINE N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean Soc. JEROME M. LINDER N.Y.U., B.S. Caduccan C. J. LIPKOFF N.Y.U.. B.S. Zela Bala Tau: Phi Dalia Epsilon Freshman Dance Comm. MARVIN LITTON CORNELL, B.A. Phi Bela Kappa LOUIS MARSHALL N.Y.U.. B.S. Violef I4I FRANK MATAS MANHATTAN COLLEGE, B.S. Nu Sigma Nu JEROME ARTHUR MEYER N.Y.U. Caducean, Phi Lambda Kappa JACOB A. MISHKIN N.Y.U., B.S. Caducean FRANK L. MOSKOWITZ N.Y.U.. A.B. Phi Bala Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma ALBERT D. PARETS CORNELL UNIV., A.B. Bela Sigma Rho IRVING RACHLIN N.Y.U.. B.S. MILTON H. REDISH C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Sigma Omega Psi NORMAN REITMAN RUTGERS UNIV., B.S. Bela Iofa Lambda: Phi Epsilon Pi: Phi Della Epsilon Violel III JOSEPH RICKLIN UNIV. OF MICHIGAN. A.B. URSULA JOAN ROCHE HUNTER, B.A. Phi Bala Kappa, Zela Phi JULIUS SOSKIN RODIN CORNELL UNIV., A.B. Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Bela Kappa: Omicron Alpha Tau LAWRENCE J. ROOSE WASHINGTON 8: LEE. A.B. Phi Delia Epsilon ABNER ROSEN N.Y.U.. B.S. Cadu caan DAVID M. ROSEN COLUMBIA, A.B. DAVID HARVEY ROSS N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean: Alpha Lambda Phi: Sigma Omega Psi JEROME CHARLES ROTHGESSER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. LESTER ROTHMAN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa, Sigma Omega Psi HAROLD S. RUBIN PENN STATE, B.S. Bela Sigma Rho: Violef Phi Delia Epsilon II. 2I ARTHUR RusK1N C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa CARL SCHILLER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Sigma Omega Psi LOUIS SCHNEIDMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean JACK SCHULTZ N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean SOL J. SELIKOFF C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa LOUIS SHAPIRO N.Y.U.. B.S. CHARLES SIEGEL CORNELL UNIV., A.B. Phi Della Epsilon DAVID E. SILBERMAN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. . COLUMBIA, M.A., Phi Lambda Kappa CAROLYN SILBERMANN BARNARD. A.B. SGW IZI L. HERBERT SKLUTH N.Y.U., B.S. SYDNEY FRANKLYN SMITH N.Y.U.. B.S. STANLEY E. SOLOMON N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Baia Kappa: Be-Ia Lambda DANIEL STATS C.C.N.Y.. B.S. BERNARD STEMPEL N.Y.U.. B.S. ALEXANDER TEROWSKY N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Cavducean Sigma Omega Psi ALEXANDER THOMAS C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa FRANK D. VALENTI N.Y.U.. B.S. Bala Lambda Sigma JULIA VINOGRAD HUNTER. A.B. N.Y.U.. M.S. Sigma Phi Baia Kappa: Phi Sigma, Zela Phi EMANUEL WACHTEL COLU M BIA, B.A. Phi Be+a Kappa: Phi Lambda Kappa RUDOLPH WAGNER N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa 059539 bfiwiw MORTIMER WEBER N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean MOE WEISS N.Y.U.. B.S. Caolucean MORTIMER WEISS C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Sigma Omega Psi ALEXANDER WITKOW C.C.N.Y.. B.S. BERNARD SAUL WOLF N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Beia Kappa, Sigma Omc BENJAMIN WOLFMAN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Sigma Omega Psi MAX YABLONSKY N.Y,U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Caducoan SIGMUND YOSKALKA N.Y.U.. B.S. Treas. III: Sfudenf Council HENRY YOUNG N.Y.U.. B.S. Baia Lambda Sigma Q a Psi Violef Promenade Commiliee III Ninefy-one ,Wy E1 -sag f gf i ' ' Ass- , X R api ww E353 C3Q9'i?e3Q FIRST YEAR CLASS HISTORY The ship is sfarfing: I6O freshmen gafher fhe baggage for a four-years' voyage: shipboard friendships beginning: and fhe prospecf of beaufiful days ahead-perhaps also of sformy weafher. Dr. Wrighf. whom we may nof commune wifh fill we've proven ourselves able sea- men. greefs us wifh a friendly ancl inspiring falk. We are shown Medicine, fhe Ioffy and disfanf. and are happy indeed 'ro feel fhaf we are among fhe chosen. The senior class welcomes us fo Bellevue. The affendance is impressive-one hundred seniors and 'ren freshmen. The faculfy regale us wifh small falls: l. fhis beaufiful lounge fhaf we are in now was nof always here. "I remember when fhere was no place for social infercourse buf fhe basemenff' 2. "Wha+ I have fo say would merely repeal' fhe previous speakers words, buf l remember when fhere was no place for you fo relax and enioy yourselves excepf in fhe basemenf. Now however .... " 3- "I can remember when .... " 4. "I clearly recall fhe 'rimes when .... " We sef ouf wifh Sidney Kahn, chief af fhe helm: Thomas Foley, firsf mafe: Frances Siegel. keeper of fhe log: and Paul Friedman. purser. The Freshman Dance af 'rhe Lounge on March I7 was fhe big social evenf of fhe frip, where everyone from fhe midshipman fo capfain made merry. Dancing was fhe business of fhe evening . . . Lounge Iorighfly Iif . . . freshmen brighfly Iif . . . brighf gowns . . . nof so brighf quips. T-he largesf enfering class Bellevue ever received did nof neglecf afhlefic oppor- funifies. The freshmen confribufed more fhan generously fo fhe baslcefball feam which swepl all before if--Sam Silverman, Sid Cohen, Na+ Mifchell, Herman Schenclc, Ben Weinsfein, Gerald Friedman, Aaron Gewanfer, Irving Michaels, and Maffhew Jaffe. Our faculfy we fhank for fhe safe conducf of our ship: fo fhe officers of our class we are grafeful for pleasanf memories. Sophomore year ahead. Sail on! Ninefy-fhree ,HAGATSTON D-BLUMEN EBLUMENFELD I-BUNKIN J'CATLAW N-COHEN A' DAVIDSON J- DEM I OFF ' NMDINEQ' W'DOLAN 'WDONNELLY L'ECKMANN L wk B EFFRON S ELEK S FSEQST AFINKELSTE-IN H FRANK G FQIEDMAN DFMEDMAN NUGEQSON A'CuEWANTEQ M-GOLDBERG MGQEE NBEQG D-HENIG L' HNQSCH B -JACOB! E-JACOBSON S - K ANN u- KANE QA4KE'LLY l'KE M PN ER L- KOSOWSKY H' , KQEMER , ,Q-KRIEGEQ w-Leuxowsm H-LOUDERBOUGH F-Lovemcx D-LUGER A-MANDEL 'IQ-MEGIBOW I-MERMER H-MEYERSBURG J-mncHAeLsoN H-Monem s-Monms H-muLHoLLANo S-PASTEIQ L-QACKOW .EQOSENFELD M'ROSENTHAL M-POTHMAN A'SACKLEl2' PSCHMEIQEI2 WSCHNECK4 PSCHNEIDEIQ JSCHNEIDER H-SKOLNICK H-SE!DENSTElN H-SIEGEL WSILBERNER 'SSILVERMAN P-sn.ve12srenN N-SKOQNIK USMILEY w-soLoMoN- 5-TABACKNICK LNENETSKY l:WElNSTElN- L:WElSS AC-WOLF 4B'ZOCKS c.-ZUCKEX2 J'ZYDNEY l HOWARD JAMES AGATSTON N.Y.U., B.S. HAIM AUGUSHEWITZ N.Y.U. Caducean ELMER ALPERT YALE. A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu HOWARD T. BEHRMAN WALTER BILOTTA N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa' Caducean: Lambda Phi Lambda Phi Mu DAVID BLUMEN N.Y.U. COLLEGE DENTISTRY, D.D.S. Caducean EMANUEL BLUMENFELD N.Y.U. f MARGARET L. BRODERICK BARNARD JOHN BRUCE -' BROOKLYN, B.S. IRVING BUNKIN VIRGINIA, B.S. Phi Bela Kappa DONALD JOSEPH BURNS MANHATTAN COLLEGE Phi Rho Pi: Phi Alpha Sigma Rosen CANAAN T N.Y.U., B.S. SEBASTIAN FRANK CASALAINA COLUMBA, A.B. Sludenl Cou ncil Associalion JOSEPH CATLAW N.Y.U., B.S. NATHAN A. COHEN N.Y.U. Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean SIDNEY M. COHEN COLUMBIA Phi Sigma Della ARNOLD DAVIDSON PT N.Y.U.. B.S. Tau Epsilon Phi: Violei' III JOHN N. DSHOFF N.Y.U. MORRIS K. DINER N.Y.U., B.S. Ninely-six R O S T E R WILLIAM S. CHARLES DOLAN VILLANOVA, B.S. HENRY P. DONNELLY N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Alpha Sigma: Freshman Dance SOLOMON DRESNER N.Y.U. Caducean LEONARD MURRAY ECKMANN N.Y.U.. B.S. Tau Epsilon Phi BENJAMIN EFFRON U. OF PENN. A.B. Phi Della Epsilon eeoaee s. EINTERTZ N.Y.U., s.s. STEPHEN ELEK COLUMBIA, A.B. EDWARD A. ESSEX L.I.U., B.S. SIDNEY F. FIERST N.Y.U.. B.S. ALLEN IRVING FINKLESTEIN OHIO STATE U.. A.B. Zefa Bela Tau HOWARD A. FRANK COLUMBIA, A.B. BERNARD I. FREEDMAN SEELIG FREUND N.Y.U.. B.S. BARNEY M. FRIEDMAN C.C.N.Y., B.S. CHARLES R. FRIEDMAN BUCKNELL U.. B.S. Phi Sigma GERALD J. FRIEDMAN N.Y.U., B.S. Phi Bela Della: Sfudenf Council Represenlalive Draper Chem. Soc.: Bellevue Varsify PAUL S. FRIEDMAN COLUMBIA, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa: Treasurer Ill MORTON GALDSTON N.Y.U.. ROBERT W. GANS N.Y.U. Caducean IRENE GAWKOWSKA HUNTER. A,B. ALMER T. GEORGE N.Y.U. MARTIN J. GERSON AARON PHILIP GEWANTER N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambd Draper Chemical Sociefy MEYER H. GOLDBERG N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma NATHAN GOLDSTEIN C.C.N.Y., B.S. Alpha Mu Sigma . I STANLEY JAY GOODMAN PRINCETON, B.A. MILTON GREENBERG COLUMBIA, B.S. Roslam Sociefy: Sigma Kappa HERBERT GREENFIELD CORNELL Phi Bela Kappa TIBOR J. GREENWALT N.Y.U. Caducean MARTIN O. GRIMES LOUIS GUTHEIL N.Y.U.. B.S. Della Sigma Phi JOHN J. HAGGERTY JOSEPH E. HANLON COLUMBIA. A.B. PHILIP EDWARD HENIG N.Y.U. Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambd Baslzelball and Freshman LOUIS HIRSCH N.Y.U.. B.S. Brislol Pre-Medical Sociely JESSE HYMOWITZ DICKINSON COLLEGE, B.S. Sigma Tau Phi: Phi Lambda JEROME JUSTIN ISAACS C.C.N.Y., B.S. BRUCE ALBERT JACOBI Pi Lambda Phi a Sigma Alpha a Sigma Kappa EDWIN WALTER JACOBSON C.C.N.Y.. B.S. MATTHEW JAFFE N.Y.U. Phi Bela Kappa SIDNEY KAHN N.Y.U.. A.B. Phi Befa Kappa: Befa Lambda S Presiden+ IRVING JOSEPH KANE L.I.U.. B.S. Anaphy: P.l-I.S.: Tau Epsilon EUGENE KAPLAN DARTMOUTH, B.A. Pi Lambda Phi ABRAHAM KATZ Caducean ALOYSIUS T. KELLY GEORGETOWN U.. B.S. IVAN KEMPNER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Befa Kappa ARNOLD FREDERICK KNUDSEN OIHIO U., A.B. Sigma Pi: Nu Sigma Nu LEO W. KOSOWSKY BROWN U. Ph.B. Phi Baia Kappa: Sigma Xi HERMAN S. KREMER COLUMBIA, A.B. Phi Beia Kappa GEORGE KRIEGER N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Beia Kappa: Bela Lambda S Draper Socieiy SAMUEL LASOWITZ WILLIAM J. LENKOWSKI FORDHAM. A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma PHILIP LIFSHITZ OHIO STATE U.. A.B. Phi Befa Kappa JOHN P. LoPRESTl N.Y.U. Lambda Phi Mu NATHAN H. LORDE HARRY LOUDERBOUGH N.Y.U.. B.S. FRANCIS L. LOVELOCK HOLY CROSS. A.B. g igma: L igma: DANIEL LUGER BROOKLYN, B.S. Sigma Omega Psi CHARLES J. McGOEY ARTHUR R. MADIGAN ARNOLD MANDEL N.Y.U.. B.A. RAYMOND SAMUEL MEGIBOW N.Y.U., B.A. IRVING J. MERMER N.Y.U., B.A. Violef Ari S'l'al"F III HERMAN ARNOLD MEYERSBURG N.Y.U., B.S. Sigma Tau Phi IRVING T. MICHAELS L.I.U.. B.S. JESSE JOSEPH MICHAELSON DARTMOUTH Phi Beia Kappa HENRY N. MILLER LEHIGH U.. B.A. NATHAN MITCHELL U. OF ARKANSAS, B.S. Phi Baia Kappa: Phi Eia Sigma: Psi Chi: Kappa Nu HENRY ERNEST MORELLI FORDHAM, A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma MORRIS SOLI COLBY. A.B. HERBERT F. MULHOLLAND N.Y.U.. B.S. MARTIN B. MURRAY HOLY CROSS. A.B. CHARLES NITZBERG N.Y.U.. B.S. ALVIN H. OBERLE FORDHAM. B.S. SAMUEL J. OBERS C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa SAMUEL PASTER FORDHAM. Ph.G.1 N.Y.U.. B.Sc. Baia Lambda Sigma ALEXANDER W. PEARLMAN COLUMBIA, A.B. BENJAMIN PHILIPS N.Y.U., B.S. ABE PINSKY N.Y.U. Caducean FRED N. POWELL N.Y.U.. B.S. EDWARD PRESS OI-'IIO U., A.B. Violef III M URRAY H. RABINER LAWRENCE L. RACKOW PENN STATE. B.S. Alpha Pi' Mu: Befa Sigma Rho ELLIOT RINZLER N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean HARVEY RINZLER N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean LEONARD SIDNEY ROSENFELD N.Y.U.. B.Sc. House Commiifee: Violef Ari' Sfaff III MURRAY IRVING ROSENTHAL LAYAYETTE. B.S. Deans Lisf IHonor SociefyI: Phi Delia Epsilon MILTON ROTHMAN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Beia Kappa ADRIAN STEVENS RUBIN N.Y.U.. A.B. Bela Sigma Rho MARTIN U. RUDOY COLUMBIA, B.A. ARTHUR M. SACKLER N.Y.U. EDWARD SALMERI N.Y.U.. B.S. Caducean: Lambda Phi Mu JOHN P. SARKIS ST. FRANCIS. A.B. Pi Alpha FREDERICK SCHMERER HERMAN SCHENCK JOHNS HOPKINS. A.B. Baskeiball IRVING M. SCHNEIDER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa JULIUS SCHNEIDER N.Y.U., B.S. I Ninely-seven SIDNEY SCHMITT C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa LEONARD SCHWARZ N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean HERMAN SKOLNICK N.Y.U. HAROLD SEIDENSTEIN N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma MARGUERITE DUNBAR SHEPARD BARNARD, BA. FRANCIS SIEGEL N.Y.U.. B.S. Class Secrefary III: Dance Commillee HAROLD H. SIEGEL N.Y.U.. B.S. Tau Kappa Alpha HENRY SIEGEL C.C.N.Y., B.S. Phi Bela Kappa HERBERT SILBERNER N.Y.U. SAMUEL SILVERMAN N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma: Draper Chemical Socielyg Bellevue Var- sily Baslrelball: Baslceiball Caplain III PHILIP P. SILVERSTEIN COLUMBIA, B.S. Roslam Sociely NATHAN SKORNIK N.Y.U. LEONARD VICTOR SMILEY N.Y.U., B.S. Chairman of Freshman Dance Ninely-eighf WALTER SOLOMON COLUMBIA, A.B. Phi Bela Kappa WALTER M. SONNEHORN JOHNS HOPKINS. B.A. LAWRENCE L. SPITZER U. of N. CAROLINA Phi Bela Kappa LESTER STEIN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. M. VIRGINIA STEUER In BARNARD, B.A. SAMUEL STONE C.C.N.Y.. B.S. ' Phi Bela Kappa SAMUEL TABACHNICK N.Y.U.. B.S. Hill I-lisrorical Sociely: Draper Chemical Sociefy MORTON ROBERT TALISMAN N.Y.U., B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma JACOB HARRY TURKEL c.c.N.Y., as. Phi 'Bela Kappa Epsilon Rho DANIEL F. TWOHIG MANHATTAN, B.S. Sigma Epsilon Nu: Nu Sigma MARY CATHERINE TYSON BARNARD. A.B. Phi Bela Kappa LOUIS VENETSKY N.Y.U. Draper Chemical Sociely SIDNEY WACHTEL N.Y.U.. B.S. Bela Lambda Sigma wafwr 'YEMQKW Nu JOSEPH WALSH N.Y.U.. A.B. RICHARD J. WALSH N.Y.U.. B.C.S. Caducean: Thela Chi: Alpha Gamma Phi SIDNEY R. WEINBERG N.Y.U.. B.S. Sfudenf Council Dance Commiflee BENJAMIN WEINSTEIN COLUMBIA, A.B. BENJAMIN LEWIS WEINSTEIN C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Baslcelballg Freshman Dance Commillee A LEON MARTIN WEISS C.C.N.Y. RICHARD R. WINTERS N.Y.U.. B,S. Eucloian: Psi Upsiloni: Freshman Dance Commillae: Phi Alpha Siema MORRIS WITTEN N.Y.U.. B.S. Phi Bela Kappa: Caducean GERARD FREDERICK WOLF N.Y.U.. A.B. Bela Lambda Sigma MAN UEL ZEGELBAUM N.Y.U., B.S. SOL ZIMMERMAN N.Y.U. B.S. Caducean BENJAMIN ZOCKS CORNELL, A.B. Sigma Alpha Mu GARY ZUCKER C.C.N.Y.. B.S. Phi Bala Kappa JACK KARL ZYDNEY N.Y.U. JQVQX r S I GT? Lb '-cf-f' N21 ,S is-' ' X rg X Q 3 1 5 5 H -f if 'wi' Fl 55,4 1:5 VIELET - V . S I i 1 JLAV E-I l THE EDITOR THINKS -Q - . . . ThaT you mighT be inTer- asTed in learning a liTTle biT abouT The background of This book. Perhaps iT will make iTs reading easier. iTs meaning beT- ' T' Ter undersTood, iTs feeling beT- Ter felT. LeT us briefly col- lecT The facTs. evaluafe Them, f l T aTTempT To picTure Them in our minds. and finally say whaT we . Think abouT Them. Four years ago The class of I934 meT and as quickly segre- gaTed inTo a number oT small groups. Harmony and cooper- aTive spiriT was losT. Thru heroic eTforTs on The parT oT -5, The banqueT commiTTee a suc- . 'J . cessTul class banqueT was held. Then came The second year wiTh iTs spiriT of indifference. S eeches, debaTes, ThreaTs - any To no avail. NoT once did we meeT on common ground. And so inTo The Third year when we began To nibble af The ex- periences of clinical medicine and Teel like docTors. NoThing else maTTered. lT was every man Tor himselT, wiTh a few ex- cepTions. YeT despiTe This eculiar aTTiTude a few did come Togefher and eaT and drink in cheer, buT only a few. And aT The end of This year There arose a greaf conTlicT in which many oT us made promises galore. so many in facT ThaT The class arose from iTs lefharg and rubbed iTs eyes and saw iTs way ouT. ln uTTer disgusT The class of I934 Tinally meT on common ground and demanded a new deal. T-he ediTor of The VioleT was Then elecTed. WiTh hardly a sound more The class sank slowly back inTo coma. WiTh The new deal came a TaculTy change in policy Toward The VioleT. No money would be guaranTeed The ediTor as in The pasT. For a shorT Time The VioleT seemed doomed. Who would have The TemeriTy To Try To rouse The class To acTion? Thus Tar have been coll'ecTed The facfs which make up The background of This book. To evaluafe Them was a difficulT Task. To The casual observer They meanT Thai' no VioleT would ever be prinTed again, buT on closer sTudy one saw ThaT "a few did come TogeTher and eaT and drink in cheer," ThaT for once The "class arose from iTs leThargy and rubbed iTs eyes and saw," and did once meeT on common ground-The problem of The VioleT and iTs ediTor. Hoping and groping in The darkness The ediTor sTumbled onfo a Tew souls who could be aroused. Wifh These To help him on he sfruggled forward, leaning always on his sense of humor. Slowly The book Took form in The ediTor's mind and a deTiniTe policy was esTab- lished. The work crepT along due To The lack of help on The parT oT many who mighT have helped maTerially. Enough of our policy was Then permiTTed To leak ouT: rumors and ballyhoo were resorfed To as adverTising Tricks and inTeresT began To become apparenT. Soon The fog surrounding The class began To liTT. They began To see The VioleT Taking shape and became inTeresTed. A Tew willing hands came forTh To help, and Trom Then on. The volume was assured. One Hundred and One The edifor musT aT This Time confess ThaT were iT noT for a few of his willing workers his own sense of humor mighT have blown up enfirely several Times. Therefore, he Takes This opporTuniTy, wiTh a greaT pleasure in his hearf, To Thank firsT, Bill Dorfman for his consTanT supporf and encouragemenf and for many pleasanf hours spenT Togefher. Thanks To Dr. Joseph J. Bunim for his kindness in lisTening To our Troubles, for his advice. and for his fine sTory. Cheers To Dr. Samuel Brock for his splendid expose of The sTudenTs. "Bigger and healThier sTudenTs" To Dr. L. J. Goldwafer for his beaufiful and comprehensive sTudy of The clinical clerks. Many Thanks are also due To Abe Goofnick who proved To be a fine husfler: To Max SayeT who chased around and dug up The gold ThaT wenT To pay for The book: To MaTTy Sfeiner for his help in The phofographic work: To Al Hershkovifz and Charlie Klein for Their arT work and carToons: To Saul Karlen for his fine expression L'Envoi: To Irv Mermer for his beaufiful drawing of Dr. Smifh and our page of Professors' heads: To Len Rosenfeld for his splendid model of Dr. STewarT for his pigmorial page: and To all The resT of The sfaff for Their helpful suggesfions and a ors. And l musT noT forgeT Tynne Reinberg whose help was inesTimable: Dr. Currier McEwen whose kindliness was always encouraging: Mr. Edgar S. Tilfon who co- operaTed in every way possible: and many Thanks To Mr. Gershaw and Miss Turck and Miss Wecker of The Arfhur Sfudios: To Mr. Samuel Chernoble of The Comef Press: To Mr. Jeremiah Nason of The Scienfific Engraving Co.: and To Charlie Shield -for Their faiThful cooperafion and help. IT is noT difficulf To picTure iT all now. Every large group like every large mass has inerTia which when once goTTen To move forward will Tend To keep going. Slowly, Thru monfhs of efforf. The grou shed iTs leThargy and moved forward To help us achieve our goal-The successfulzicomplefion of This book. Having Thus collecTed The facfs and weighed Them in our minds iT only remains To "label" ourselves Normal. One more word-each Friday as Dr. Wrighf Taughf us surgery he recalled To us The Thoughfs and words of one of Bellevue's immorTals-Dr. George David STewarT. Even Tho This prince of surgeons had never Taughf us we could noT help buf be impressed by his greafness and of our loss. The edifor has This year placed aside in This book a "STewarT Page" To carry on info Time a few of The beaufiful words of This greaT man. lT is Their fond hope ThaT This gesTure shall become forever a pro- cedure in all fufure books, a sign of The immorTaliTy of This greaf man of Bellevue. Finally The edifor wishes To Thank Dr. Wrighl' for his inTeresT, for his inspiraTion, and for his excellenT conTribuTion To The book. And Thanks To all Those whom his weary head has forgoTTen To include here. WiTh a silenT prayer of Thanks for The preservafion of his sense of humor The ediTor heaves a sigh of relief. JOSEPH JOEL FRIEDMAN A 5 "Q ss One Hundred and Two J,J.f'7'UMn Geri? 610009 53 GEORGE DAVID STEWART MEMORIAL PAGE ,fv 3L9k A TIRED DOCTOR'S PRAYER ll'le Givelh His Beloved Sleepl Psalm l27:2 When I, having finished wilh lhings below, Lie oul 'nealh lhe sod alone, Raise no cold monumenl lo me Ol brass or bronze or slone: Bul planl me benealh a big oak lree, Wilh ils rools lirmly 'Fixed in lhe sod, And ils branches poinling everywhere To lhe lhrone ol lhe living God. Planl me oul in lhe open, on some lair hill And nol in a burying ground: 'Twould be hard lor me l know lo keep slill Wilh The olher lolk lying around: And il you can manage a glimpse ol lhe Bay. Where lhe while sails shake in lhe Sun, I know l'll be lar more willing lo slay- I always did love a gun. Bul I s'pose lhal shooling will be lorbid Unless you've gol a pull, Why? On accounl ol lhe Brimslone Ki-d Thal slull's inllammable. There in Spring lhe wild geese will swing in a V, And drop down behind lhe hill, Coming near enough lor a shol lo me, Wilhoul lear, I shall be so slill. And lhere in The Spring, lhe birds will come In lhe Sun and lhe April rain: And I know lhal I'll know when lhe soll winds blow, And old Earlh is alive again. l'll hear lhe birds lwillering ol love in lhe Morn: And al nighl, ere lhey sink lo resl. They'Il lell me lhal Earlh has been reborn In a way lhal is God al his besl. l'll see again lhal lender haze Thal comes wilh lhe S ring so lair: And Oh, how I'II love lhle long, long days, For I shall never have a care. l The lelephone bell will be silenl, mule. The door bell will be quile dumb, And l'll never respond lo lhe fool galool -Who is calling lor me lo come. Bul l'll resl and resl lhrough lhe silenl days. Wilh no clock or silver chime To remind me aboul my waslelul ways Or hinl lhal il's "gelling up lime." When Bub wilh appendicilis is look. Or Jim has a broken iaw, I a Doclor? I'll never give him a look. l'll be cool as a molher-in-law, When lhe baby has ealen carbolic salve, Or swallowed a safely pin, There won'l be a single lhing lhal l'lI have To do bul keep quiel and grin. Oh God! lor a day or lwo ol resl Away from all sickness and sin, Where soll winds blow lhe hours oul ol lh Wesl, Thal cool vdawns have walled in. Yes, planl me benealh a big oak lree. Wide spread lo each wind lhal blowsl ll lhere is none lo be lound, planl a young one on me l'll have lime lo wail while il grows. One Hundred an-d Four George David Slewa rl 6 DR. GEORGE DAVID STEWART George David Sfewarf was born in Upper Malagash, Nova Scofia, on +he shore of Norfhumberland S+rai+s, December 28, I862. Shorfly affer having complefed fhe Psalmis+'s fhree score and fen, worfhwhile, fruifful years, he suffered fhe only serious illness of his life, and died peacefully in his New York home, March 9, I933. He now lies buried in a quainf churchyard, nof far from his counfry home ai Greaf River, Long Island, overlooking an arm of The sea, chosen by himself because of ifs similarify fo fhe scenes of his childhood. Surviving members of his family include his mofher. his wife. four daughfers, five grandchildren, a brofher, a sisfer and fwo half brofhers. He affended 'rhe village school and early developed a desire for knowledge. Grafeful fribufe was offen paid +o one of fhose feachers who aroused in him fhe arf of sfudy. a capacify fo memorize and fhe abilif +o find and acquire facfs. The mosf prized volumes in his exfensive library were 'rfie 'rexf books of fhose early days. He knew fhe confenfs of Royal Saunder's Readers almosf by hearf, parficularly fhe poefry, and 'rhereby laid fhe basis for fhaf marvelous memory which enabled him fo become a brillianf speaker and lecfurer. Following fhe deafh of 'his fafher. when he, Docfor Sfewarf, was abouf 9, he wenf fo live wifh his Calvinisfic grandfafher on a farm several miles from school. ln fhis sfern household wifh ifs ausfere, Scoffish discipline: fhe saying of grace before and affer meals: 'rhe daily readings from fhe New Tesfamenf: The long winfer evenings were spenl' devouring fhe grandfal'her's library which consisfed of fhe Bible, Buchan's "Household Medicine" lHis infroducfion 'ro Medicinal Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress." Jeremy Taylor's "Holy Living and Dying." Bosfon's "Fourfold S+afe," Bax+er's "Call fo fhe Unconverfed" and "Sain+s' Everlasfing Res'I'," and fhe poems of Roberf Burns. As he expressed if he "was broughf up on oafmeal and The word of God." The Bible he was compelled fo read: Roberf Burns was read by choice, diverse mefhods which proved equally effecfive. Is if any wonder fhaf 'his mind was an anfhology of fhe verses of fhe Scoffish bard. lf was probably from fhe poef fhaf he firsf nofed and lafer acquired fhaf characferisfic homely humor which was always ac- companied by fhe fwinkle of an eye. The summer he was I4, he rebelled and ran awa 'ro sea on a coasfing schooner, buf fhe aufumn found him back in school again. Then affer a year of feaching, he affended fhe normal school af Truro, Nova Scofia, and affer graduafion became fhe principal of fhe public school af Anfigonish. His mofher and 'his grandfafher wished him fo be a Presbyferian minisfer. Bobby Burns probably frusfrafed fhaf influence. However, he narrowly escaped becoming a preacher. lf was af Anfigonish fhaf he made confacfs which had far reaching influences upon his life. Here he mef fhe fufure Mrs. Sfewarf, Miss Ida Robb. Here also he was broughf in fouch wifh scholasfic learning in fhaf -he became a parf fime 'leacher and sfudenf in S+. Francis Xavier College, a Cafholic insfifufion. Also fhrough a minor illness he mel' and sfarfed a life long friendship wifh Dr. William MacDonald, a graduafe of Harvard, a general pracfifioner of greaf renown in fha norfh counfry, whom he affecfionafely referred fo as "Doc'ror Bill." He was Dr. Sfewarf's ideal docfor-'rhe "William McClure" of his life. Docfor Sfewarf graduafed from Bellevue Hospifal Medical College in l889, spenf a year in Bellevue Hospifal and 'rhen refurned +o Nova Scofia, for a ear, prac- ficing in a mining camp. Af 'rhis fime he married Miss Robb, and in fhe fall of l89I refurned +o New York as an insfrucfor in anafomy in his Alma Mafer. He soon became Professor of Anafomy, lafer Professor of the pracfice of Surgery, and on fhe deafh of Dr. Joseph D. Bryanf succeeded fo fhe Chair of Surgery. As a fribufe fo his friendship, Mr. George F. Baker gave a million dollars fo fhe New York Uni- versify and Bellevue Hospifal Medical' C'ollege fo esfablish fhe George David Sfewarf Chair of Surgery. He was on fhe sfaff of Bellevue Hospifal from I892 unfil his deafh-forfy-one years. In I896 he became an assisfanf surgeon af Sf. Vincen+'s Hospifal, and af his deafh he was Direcfor of +he Second Surgical Division. To One Hundred and Five enumerafe his posifions, acfivifies, and honors would be lengfhy and superfluous. The honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred upon him by New York Universify and by Dalhousie Universify. He was fhree 'rimes presidenf of 'rhe New York Academy of Medicine, and fo no one belongs greafer credif for fhe new academy fhan 'ro Dr. George David Sfewarf. He was a founder and pasi' presidenf of fhe American Col- lege of Surgeons. He became a member of fhe New York Surgical Sociefy in l9l2 and fhe American Surgical Associafion in l9I5. Though he appeared before fhese sociefies infrequenfly he followed fheir proceedings and reporfs wifh avidify. His prinfed wrifings are nof voluminous. He seldom complefed a speech or an arficle. He was rarely safisfied wifh his efforf. His research info fhe acfivifies of Dr. Valenfine lvloff covered a period of four years wifh almosf daily reading, yef he refused +o publish if. Affer each lecfure he desfroyed his nofes so fhaf in fhe following year he mighf approach 'rhe subiecf wifhouf a fixed idea. As a surgeon he combined a fine manual skill wifh a iudgmenf fhaf was af fimes uncanny. Though bold, courageous and daring he was a conservafive-ever crifical of fhe faddisf. His presence in fhe sick room was an inspirafion. The sympafhy and comforf which he exfended fo a grieving family in fhe face of fhe inevifable was consfanf, sincere and effecfive. His happiesl' hours were fhose spenf in feaching. ln This field he was superb. Here came info play all fhe affribufes which marked him as an excepfional man. His powerful, decisive personalify, clarify of fhoughf, a memory so cafalogued fhal' fhe experiences, sfudy and opinions of a life fime could be broughf forfh in forceful language a+ a momen+'s nofice, his wifficisms and sfories 'ro drive home a poinf, and a 'human kindly inferesf-all fhese creafed a measureless affecfion and respecf in fhe hearfs and minds of his sfudenfs. Dr. Sfewarf was a genuine Scof--possessed of a resonanf voice, a serious mien, a powerful physique, yef, fhere was wifhin a senfimenfalify swayed by all fhe emofions of a greal' soul-friendship, beaufy, love of poefry, liferafure and music. A+ 64, subsequenf fo a visif fo Ifaly where he was impressed b fhe culfure, language and happiness of 'lhe lfalian people, he sfarfed fhe sfucly oiylfalian and masfered if fo such a degree fhafhe was able fo make addresses in fhal' fongue. Though a causfic crific, folerance was fhe keynofe of his life. ln him, facilify in picking fhe weak poinfs of an argumenf or of a personalify was only equaled by fhe abilify fo credif fhe sfrong poinfs. Delighffully femperamenfal, wifh all fhaf fhese words imply, he possessed a faculfy for confinued friendship given fo few. His homely, wiffy verses, and leffers 'ro friends, scaffered over a wide area, bespeak fhe hidden infimacy and characfer of fhe man. This Scoffish frail' of hiding one's real self recalls Samuel Bu+ler's words: "True greaf- ness wears an invisible cloak, under cover of which if goes in and oul' among men wifhouf being suspecfedf' ' ARTHUR lvl. WRIGHT One Hundred and Six AN INTRODLICTION TO THE NEW CHANCELLOR On July I, I933 Dr. Harry Woodburn Chase, unqueslionably one of 'rhe mosl' able college adminisIra'rors in 'rhe coun'rry, succeeded Dr. Elmer Ellsworlh Brown as Chancellor of New York Universi+y. Dr. Chase was born in I883 in Groveland. Mass. He received his A.B. from Darl- mourh in I904 and his Ph.D. from Clark Universi+y in I9lO. Elecled presidenf 'oi 'rhe Universir of Norlh Carolina in I9I9, during 'rhe ensuing decade he made Chapel Hill rhe Ileading educaiional cenI'er in Ihe Souih and brough+ his insI'iI'u+ion 'ro Ihe Iron'r rank of American universi+ies. Dr. Chase's influence was noi confined wi'rhin academic walls, for he waged a vigorous campaign for The in'rellec+uaI freedom Ihroughouf 'rhe s+aI'e. The ualilies of liberalism and Iolerance, of Iaci and diplomacy, and of cour- ageousiiighiing for iusiice which made his name Ihe symbol of a new order Ihroughoul' Ihe Soulh, were complimenied by a high order of adminsiraiive eiiiciency. These were Iurfher recognized when 'he was called Io I'he presidency of Ihe Universiry of Illinois in I93O. During his Jrhree years af Champaign. Dr. Chase pushed forward plans for Ihe promofion of Ihe Universi'Iy's service 'ro The sI'a're in face of an ever- decreasing budgei. The liberalism which he will bring Io New York Universiiy during The presenl' period of naiional readiusimenf, and I'he adminis+raI'ive policies -he is expecred 'ro ins+i1'u+e will undoubredly serve 'ro infensify New York Universi'ry's leadership during Ihe new era ahead. JAMES MELANCHTHON MATH EWS I 83 I -I 839 THEODORE FRELINGHUYSEN - I839-I853 ISAAC FERRIS I 853- I 870 HOWARD CROSBY I 870- I 88I JOHN HALL I88I-l89I HENRY MITCHELL IvIacCRACKEN I 89 I - I 9 I 0 ELM ER ELLSWORTH BROWN I9 I O- I 933 HARRY WOODBU RN CHASE I933- One Hundred and Seven DR. J. WINSTON FCJWLKES Doc+or J. Winsfon Fowlkes was born in Amelia Coun+y, Virginia in l89O, fhe son of Mrs. Mary B. Fowlkes and rhe laie J. Winsfon Fowlkes. He received his early educa+ion al' Ran- dolph-Macon Academy and Randolph-Macon College. He 'rhen eniered 'rhe Medical De- par+men+ of 'rhe Universi+y of Virginia. 'rece- iving his degree in June I9I5. Affer he was graduafed. he received an ap- poin+menl' as inlerne in 'rhe S+a'ren Island Hospilal in New York, lhere receiving his fraining in general medicine and surgery. A'F+er compleiing 'rhis inierneship, he began his career in O+o-Rhino-Laryngology as an inrerne in Bellevue Hospifal under 'rhe very able direc+ion of Dr. Cornelius G. Coakley. During +his lime he was commissioned in +he Uniled Sraies Army. He never saw ac+ive service as H' was deemed more impera- five +ha+ he remain on +he service in Bellevue. He compleled his inferneship and pracriced in New York Ci+y one year. He was fhen DR. J. WINSTON FOWLKES asked lo become a member of +he Visifing S+al'f a+ Bellevue Hospiial on +he Ear, Nose and Throar Service. This service has been confinuous unril his appoin+men+ in Janu- ary of +he rhis year as Surgeon in Charge of +he O+o-Rhino-Laryngology Service a'r Bellevue Hospilal and Professor of Oro-Rhino-Laryngology al' New York Universify. He is an Associafe Surgeon in Orology a+ S+. Luke's Hospifal and was +he con- sulfanf for 'rhe New York Nursery and Child's Hospilal for ihe lasf 'rwelve years. He resigned +his las? pos? al' +he beginning of This year due fo increased du'ries ai' New York Universiry. He is a member of fhe Academy of Medicine, American Medical Associalrion, New York Counry and S+a're Medical Socie+y, fhe New York Ofological Socieiy, American Academy of Ofc-Laryngology and Fellow of +he American College of Surgeons. One Hundred and Eighf THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION Every Bellevue man, before fhe class of l937, pushed his lunch-hour way down a locker-flanked, sfudenf-filled aisle, in a badly-lif, gloomy cellar. In good weafher, he and his colleagues ornamenled fha sidewalk of 26+h Sfreef and Isl' Avenue, or some- fimes dropped apple cores info fhe fecal fluid beneafh 'rhe 26+h Sfreef dock. In bad weafher, he had fhe choice of a cafeferia seaf, an unoccupied lecfure hall, or much worse, fhe cellar again. When he would play bridge of an evening, fhe vigilanf Andy invariably pul' fhe lighfs ouf iusf as he had a five spade hand. This unforfunafe was rescued from his subferranean environmenf in The laffer half of I933. Thaf was when 'rhe Lounge, fo fhe building of which he had con- fribuled money, was opened. Af abouf fhe same lime he was confronfed wifh a bally-hoo for a new organizafion, fhe Sfudenl' Associafion. He may or may noi have been presenf af fhe discussion-full meefings in which fhe Associafion and ifs Consfifufion were finally adopfed. Buf, evenfually, The Associafion was an esfablished body, wilh which he had fo have confacf, for if managed fhe Lounge and collecfed dues. As wifh all fhings, excepf neoplasms, fhe Lounge was noi' an isolafed phenomenon. Hs developmenl' was parf of fhe remarkable change for fhe beffer which began in fhe lasf few years af Bellevue, which changed chemisfry, improved anafomy, re- surrecfed physical diagnosis, modernized fhe feaching of medicine in leclure hall and on fhe wards, efc. The purchase of fhe Cornell building, parf of fhis advance, gave new room for clinics, and made fhe old clinic space available as a decenf place in which sfudenfs mighf resf and falk, or play cards, or sfudy. Buf all These im- provemenfs were occuring during a period of financial depression, in a college of a nof foo generously endowed Universify. lf fhe space was available, money fo furnish and mainfain fhaf space was nof. Therefore sfudenfs, faculfy, and alumni were approached and asked for confribufions. These collecfions nearly paid for all fhe beaufiful decorafion and furnifure of our Lounge. Buf, lei' if be remembered fhaf fhere is sfill a debf for parl' of 'rhe inifial work, sfill more rooms fo be furnished, sfill accessories fo be bought and slill main- fenance fo be considered. One Hundred and Nine ln shorT, iT cosT money To geT ouT OT The cellar, and iT cosTs money To sTay ouT oT The cellar. ThaT is why we have a dues paying organizaTiion. Some may have asked why The large amounT OT money They pay Tor TuiTion is insuTTicienT To pay Tor decenT social quarTers as well? The answer is ThaT The money paid is noT aT all equivalenT To The cosT of a medical educaTion. Every medical school in The counTry is run aT a loss and Bellevue is no excepTion. The Lounge and The AssociaTion are enTirely selT-supporTing, ThaT is, sTudenT-supporTed, organizaTions. As presenTed so Tar, The STudenT AssociaTion would be a raTher limiTed body, and iTs represenTaTives a sorT oT board oT managers of a clubhouse. This is by no means a True esTimaTe oT The TuncTions oT The AssociaTion. ls was planned also To increase social good-Tellowship among our sTudenTs and To cenTripeTalize Their previously scaTTering and limiTed social acTiviTies. To a considerable exTenT This has been done, Tor TuncTions o'T all sorTs. class dances, TraTerniTy dances. TaculTy and sTudenT meeTings, The AOA banqueT. and The Violef dance, have been held in The Lounge. The Associa- Tion iTselT has mainTained open house on cerTain nighTs, and has run good dances aT a nominal cosT. The senior class used The lounge To welcome The incoming 'freshman This year, and This and similar TradiTions should be carried on by The AssociaTion every year. Nor should The influence oT The Lounge and The AssociaTion cease wiTh graduaTion. AT The oTTicial opening oT The Lounge in December I933, The lceynoTe oT The addresses oT The speakers, Dr. Chase, Dr. Brown. Dr. WyckoTF, Dr. Wallace, and Dr. A. A. EpsTein, sTressed a TuTure relaTionship oT greaT value, ThaT oT The alumni To The undergraduaTes. The represenTaTives oT The AssociaTion are elecTed and are responsible To The membership of The AssociaTion. IT is up To The sTudenT body To piclc men who are Truly represenTaTive, who are inTormed oT Their consTiTuenTs' wishes, who will be accessible, and who will be willing To do any inTelligenT Thing ThaT may be suggesTed Tor The well-being and, happiness oT The Bellevue man. ParT oT The groundwork has been done by The presenT incumbenTs, who have been managing a new siTuaTion. They will pass on. leaving The membership a pleasanT place, and a greaT opporTuniTy Tor as much social liTe and communal spiriT as iT desires. One Hundred and Ten WILLIAM WELCH soclETY The William Welch Sociefy was organized several years ago, for fhe "advance- menf of The sfudy of medical hisfory and culfure among medical sfuden+s." A chair in medical hisfory had been esfablished af several American medical schools, and Jrhe founding of a sociefy here had as an obiecf fhe defermining whefher as good or beffer resulfs mighf nof be obfained wifh a group of sfudenfs inferesfed of fheir own accord in fhe hisfory of medicine. This year, despife fhe facf fhaf all fhe members were new fo 'rhe sociefy, has been an acfive one. Meefings were held once or fwice a week, and fhe following shorf papers were delivered: Pre-Hippocrafic Medicine Tanz Hippocrafes Schnur Celsus and Pliny fhe Elder Weiss Galen Barcham The Dark Ages Perlsfein Razi The Persian Rao Ibn Sina Harfley Maimonides Bloom Leonardo da Vinci Kafz Paracelsus Green Andreas Vesalius Tanz Wm. Harvey Harvey Modern Anafomy Redish Lisfer and Asepsis Saypol The Origin of Syphilis Perlsfein Roenfgen andfhe Xray Jenkins These brief and informafive meefings were supplemenfed by a number of infer- esfing longer meefings fo which guesf speakers were invifed. Rf fhe firsf of fhese, Dr. Senior spoke on "Joseph Hyrfl--Anafomisf and Linguisf." This fascinafing fopic was received wifh greaf inferesf. Dr. Camac parfook in fhe discussion and pre- senfed fo fhe sociefy a porfraif of Hyrfl. T-he nexf of fhese meefings was on fhe "Hisfory of Anaesfheficsf' an absorbing falk by Prof. MacTavish, which was illusfrafed wifh slides. Following fhis, an informal meefing was held during fhe Chrisfmas Holidays in fhe home of fhe presidenf of fhe Sociefy. Here an informal round fable discussion was held. Lafer in fhe year, Dr. Ricci spoke on "Origins of lfalian Medicine," a falk which revealed a wealfh of hisforical 'happenings in fhaf counfry. Af fhis meefing, Dr. Lichf presenfed fhe sociefy wifh several hisforical volumes. Plans for an exhibif of old insfrumenfs. and for fhe annual meefing are now under way. , 1 Thanks are due fo Dr. Wallace, faculfy adviser, and fo Dr. Heafon and Dr. Bowen for 'rheir kind assisfance. Officers for I933-34 are: S. S. Tanz, '35, Presidenf: S. Bloom, '35, Vice-Presidenfg J. Perlsfein, '35, Secrefary: J. Harfley, '35, Treasurer. One Hundred and Eleven WILLIAM WELCH SOCIETY S. TANZ S. BLOOM J. PERLSTEIN J. HARTLEY IRVING BARCHAM SAMUEL BLOOM JOEL HARTLEY ROBERT HARVEY HENRY GRUN MILTON REDISH HELEN R. BAYNE GEORGE BOWEN SAMUEL A. BROWN WALTER L. CARR C. N. B. CAMAS R. J. CARLISLE ALEXANDER FRASER HOWARD FOX Class of I934 NATHAN MINTZ Class of I935 NATHAN HIATT LEO JENKINS JACK KATZ JACOB PERLSTEIN Class of I936 Honorary Members ARTHUR N. FOXE LEONARD GOLDWATER CLAUDE HEATON W. C. MACTAVISH CURRIER McEWEN ERIC PONDER VICTOR ROBINSON PresicIen+ Vice-Presiden+ Secre+a ry Treasurer JOHN RAO LEO RUBENSTEIN GEORGE SAYPOL SIDNEY SCHNUR STANLEY TANZ MORTIMER WEISS JAMES RICCI H. D. SENIOR PAUL SCHILDER HOMER SMITH HENRY SIGERIST GEORGE B. WALLACE I. WEINSTEIN WILLIAM H. WELCH Om Hundrr-d and TweIve THE FouR PLAGUES O. O. NETQSEMAID from The Deparfmenfs of Animal Husbandry and Domesfic Science of fhe Old School of Social Research INTRODUCTION The Hippocrafic Oafh. among ofher fhings, enioins members of fhe medical pro- fession from publicly divulging a cerfain fype of informafion which may come fo fhe physician in fhe course of his pracfice of medicine. Having suffered under fhis iniuncfion for many years, philogeneficall as well as onfogenefically. if is small won- der fhaf physicians of foday are afflicfedjwifh all manner of psychoses and neuroses. One does nof have fo be a very profound sfudenf of Freud fo realize fhal' mosf, if nof all, of fhe menfal aberrafions found among medical men can be 'lraced direcfly 'ro fhe suppressed desire 'ro "fell if all." Due fo fhe recklessness of cerfain dull- wiffed and shorf-sighfed individuals, an opporfunify has been provided whereby docfors may be liberafed from fhe 2,000 year old inferdicfion. The greaf cafharsis lin I'he Freudian sensel is abouf fo fake place. The repressions of all physicians of all fimes can now be released and once more docfors will be abe-fo pursue happi- ness, Iiberfy and life like normal individuals. Paradoxically, however, resfrainf musf be observed even here, for fhe cafharsis lfigurafivel of 20 cenfuries of accumulafed repressions mighl' produce dire consequences if no confrol were exercised. The pur- pose of fhis paper having been fhus lucidly expounded, we shall now proceed fo a review of fhe liferafure. A careful search fhrough fhe Index Medicus, fhe Cafalog of fhe Surgeon General's Library, fhe World Almanac, fhe Encylopedia Briffanica, fhe Oxford Sysfem of Medicine, fhe New York Telephone Direcfory, Garrison's Hisfory of Medicine, fhe files of fhe library of fhe New York Academy of Medicine, and many ofher sources including fhe wrifer's personal files failed fo reveal a single reference fo fhe im- porfanf subiecl' under discussion. Several explanafions for fhis sfrange phenomenon suggesf fhemselves. fhe mosf imporfanf being fhaf no previous wrifer or invesfigafor has ever had fhe infelligence, originalify, acumen, perspicacify, abilify, wisdom and audacify fo publish anyfhing on fhis vifal subiecf. Consequenfly. no review of fhe liferafure will be given. MATERIALS AND METHODS The pafienfs included in fhis sfudy comprise I,0O0 consecufive children admiffed info an exclusive dancing school of The lower easf side of New York Cify. Since if is quife a problem fo ascerfain why many if nof all of fhese children were admiffed fo fhis school fhey may be referred fo in The fexf as problem children lsee fig. Il. For convenience The children 'have been divided info several differenf lmenfall age groups as follows: O-I year, 473: I-4 years, 263: 4-9 years, 249: IO years or above, 5 lsee 'fable Il. Observafions were made by fhe same TABLE I invesfigafor fhroughouf 'rhe period of sfudy. This ob- - server may be referred fo in The fexf as nursemaid inas- much as if was his lor herl dufmy fo blow fhe children's M noses, see fhaf fheir hands and aces were clean, change diapers, adminisfer simple 'home remedies for fhe belly- ache, see fhaf fhe children wore fheir rubbers on rainy days and perform counfless ofher infimafe liffle services which fhe problem children could scarcely be expecfed fo fhink abouf or 'rake care of fhemselves. So efficienf was nursemaid in fhe dis- charge of her lor hisl dufies fhaf fhe children 'lhemselves soon realized fhaf he lnursemaidl could do mosf fhings beffer +han fhey lfhe childrenl could and so came 'Names and addresses on requesf. Send sfamped. self-addressed envelope fo Nursemaiid, New York. Cable address: Nursemaid, New York. One Hundred and Thirfeen fo rely more and more on nursemaid fo perform various funcfions for fhem. lf was fhis facf 'rhaf necessifafed fhe ferrninafion of fhe sfudies here recorded, since nurse- maid had only a limifed number of hands, feef. eyes. moufh. efc.. efc. Records were lcepf on unif charfs of uniform fype fhus CHART I aslsuring fhal ffhe same observafions would be made on 0 .- w a cases. Be ore man minufes had ela sed, if became 6 apparenf fhaf fhese of, any charfs werepso complicafed ...f":Q,l . fhaf 'rhey were more confusing 'rhan useful. so fhe sys- ff- fem of charfs was abandoned. All records were fhen x.,-f " - leff in nursemaid's head. and fhe success of This syslem ., ,,-""5.. - N can readily be appreciafed lyes, even by ycul af+er a "wa .0 cursory glance af charf I. Ae X ik T-he handlcerchiefs. diapers, soap, deocloranfs. rubber A- mnmmq Nm. non overshoes, simple home remedies for fhe belly-ache and QT. ii 3 iilfuh ofher marerials were obfained in fhe open marker from Q'.'.S,R1y 3f,.,ER5f""'5 more or less repufable firms." These maferials were Ci' 'HRW HA'm'FME used according fo fhe mefhod of Hubbard RESULTS As may well be imagined, fhe resulfs of fhe sfudy were quife appalling. Some idea of This facf may have already been gafhered if fhe reader did whaf he was fold and examined charf I, as direcfed above. The ofher charfs and fables are infro- ducecl fo illusfrafe fhe resulfs of various analyses and correlafions. Flor example, if we fake fhe firsf age group lO-I yr.l one sees immediafely fhaf fhis is fhe largesf of fhe groups. lf is also apparenf fhaf fhis group is able fo perform mosf of ifs funcfions wifhouf assisfance and wifhouf resfrainf. Group ll, on fhe ofher hand, needs assisfance and has no resfrainf. Group lll has resfrainf buf requires no assisfance and Group IV bofh needs assisfance and shows resfrainf. These poinfs are admirably broughf our in fhe charfs. Perhaps fhe mosf sfriking phenomenon fo be uncovered by 'rhis invesfigafion was fhe exfreme sensifivify fo environmenf shown by fhe problem children. Spread of diseases in pandemic proporfions swepf fhrough all of fhe groups af some fime, and each epidemic could be direcfly fraced fo a confacf. Needless fo say. nursemaid's S iw ., f W X lim S lim? ?ll -A N34 1 iiilgglz WMA T ' X T' N 'PE' " w as r ' - ,I ' F 'H' 5 ii X fl 'Il-lllfl-I 'QU' w . ff ll" W fi Y sh -'-T 'ills' s x T llln l , Wil. Q s ix ,1 I -uiiffwrw'rr0 T Fic..1 - PROBLEM cuiuvrzeu. One Hundred and Fourfeen resources were faxed fo fhe ufmosf every fime an epidemic broke ouf. neverfheless he lnursemaidl always kepf careful and complefe records of all fhe findings in each case, so each cafasfrophe resulfecl in a new confribufion fo- science. Occasion- ally if was nursemaid's pafience fhaf was faxed as well as. or rafher fhan her lnurse- maid'sl resources. Here again he Inursemaidl rose fo fhe occasion. and excepf for an occasional volley of machine-gun fire or fhe discreef placing of a fime bomb, every problem child received fender and sympafhefic care. In addifion fo fhe acufe illnesses jusf described a cerfain chronic degenerafive dis- ease was found fo have a high incidence. Thar fhis parficular disease is fruly a de- generafive one is proven by fhe facf fhaf younger problem children were rarely affecfed. whereas an increasing prevalence was found in fhe older age groups, wii-h pracfically IOO per cenf incidence in fhe oldesf group lsee charf Zi. This disease is known as "quadrosis" because fhe sufferers always I CHART 1 gafher in groups of four around a fable fo commiserafe wifh each ofher. The malady is a sorf of paralysis in- volving all muscles excepf fhose of speech and fhose of 'rhe arms and hands. The power of reasoning is seriously impaired, if nof enfirely Iosf, and in fhe more chronic cases fhere is a fendency fo fhe developmenf of hyper- lcerafosis of fhe glufeal regions. The vicfims of quad- rosis were a greaf concern fo nursemaid since such com- plicafions as sprained fingers and black eyes were very Qvnnaosis Acconmuq 10 Age, common. Whaf a pifiable sighf if was fo see a group I of quadrofics sfaring blanlcly af one anofher uffering un- infelligible sounds, while a group of younger problem children ranged fhemselves abouf fhe fable. poking iibes af fhe unforfunafe vicfims. heedless of fhe facf fhaf fhey, foo, in fhe nof very disfanf fufure would be held in fhe clufches of fhe same inexorable fafe. Nursemaid's warnings fell on deaf ears. indicafing perhaps fhaf already fhe seeds of fhe dire disease had become implanfecl. SHOWING INCIDENLE OF DISCUSSION To fhe infelligenf reader. fhe resulfs of fhe invesfigafion speak for fhemselves, and no discussion is necessary. To fhe uninfelligenf no amounf of discussion would be of avail. Hence no discussion will be given. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS I. The purpose of 'rhe sfudy is given. 2. Mefhods are described. 3. Dafa are given. 4. The Four Plagues are: I. The freshmen. 2. The sophomores. 3. The juniors. 4. The seniors. L. J. G. One Hundred and Fiffeen THE VIOLET DANCE March 4, I934. Dear Edifor- You remember, you asked me fo wrife a few fhings on my cuff, abouf fhe Violef Dance. You said I couIdn'+ remember, ofherwise. I said fo myself, fhe hell I couldn'f. Buf I wrofe on my cuff, anyhow. Only, fhis morning I don'f know where my shirf is. Believe me, I was in fhe proper mood fo see fhings when I came in. They seemed like a preffy high-class bunch. excepf for fhe fwo guys collecfing money in a cigar-box af The door. Dr. Bogafko nodded hello fo me fwice, once over his parfner's righf shoulder, and once over his leff. I avoided his eye affer fhaf, because whfo can fell, such a fhing mighf become a habif, and he's foo nice a guy. Sid Gilberf was smiling happily: you know whaf fhaf means. Mildred said fo me, lef's fear fhe place wide open, and I said, you said if, Babe. I had a liffle cold which needed fixing up, so I walked up fo fhe punch-bowl, where a guy who looked like a movie bufler was sfirring a mess of orange peel wifh a sfroke fhaf would do credif fo a California crew. And fhe sfuff fasfed as if if was bailed up somewhere off Poughkeepsie, af fhaf. Sfill, if was beffer fhan BriIl's sfuff, even fho if was made in a milk-can, probably under Prof. lvlandeI's guidance. By fhis fime, fhe crowd was geffing bigger and bigger, fill if was so bad you couIdn'f do an lmmelman furn wifhouf crashing info Wyckoff, who was saying, nice dance. And people kepf going down fo fhe cellar, and frying fo open all fhe doors leading fo fhe small rooms off fhe lounge. Buf 'lhey were locked. Thaf's all righf, I fhoughf, because one has gof fo draw fhe line somewhere. ' I'm sorry dear Edifor, I can'+ remember names. I suppose you wanf somefhing like fhaf. Buf I suppose everybody'll be happy if you iusf say fhe dames were eleganf and fhe guys looked smarf. Don'f gef me wrong: fhe girls looked preffy classy, alfho I wouIdn'f say fhere were any real beaufs or eye-fillers fhere. Buf my logic may be wrong. I looked af fhe fhing a posferiori. I guess I have sfudied enough fo know fhaf nafure is nafure, and who are we fo kick? All fhe while, fhe crowd seemed fo be geffing more and more dignified, even fho Ruggiero was fhere, and Hickey was sweafing under fhe eyes. and Keafing was iolly well spiffed. The place seemed jammed wifh uppish people and I gol' sore, be- cause I fhoughf: who fhe hell do fhey fhink fhey are, anyway? If gof so bad fhaf Jack Dougherfy, foo, became dignified and righfeous and sfarfed fapping people whlo were siffing in corners falking fhings over. He was in evening dress, fails and all. buf couldn'f bend over fo fap very well, he was +ha+ sfiff. Then fhere were four birds from fhe glee club, ambassadors or somefhing, be- cause fhey had ribbons on fo hold fheir shirf fronfs in place. They gof info a corner, and sang. I guess. Buf fhe crowd had fhe presence of mind fo falk loud and cover fhe affair up. Abouf fhe only ofher fhing I remember on fhe dance floor is Kufisker smiling broadly. Ha, Ha, I fhoughf, waif fill he sees his picfure in fhe Violef. Af fhis sfage, I couldn'l' sfand fhis play-boy crowd any longer, whaf wifh fhinking of fhe downfrodden working class here and abroad. I said fo myself, iusf a bunch of college boys on a fear: waif fill fhey run smack up againsf life. So I wenf fo a corner and rebelled. I'm sorry I couldn'f observe very well affer fhis, as you fold me fo, because I could only see ouf of one eye af fhis fime. Now whaf fhe hell, I fhoughf. So I walked info fhe gun room and ruminafed. Bo , did I have visiforsl I know if's nof polife fo menfion names af fhis poinf. buf I coulld wrife a book abouf fhe big and liffle shofs who came in in a really dreadful condifion, and passed wise cracks and insisfed on giving help and advice. There I was, philosophizing, formulafing a sys- fem of values, going over my pasf, examining whaf was inside of me, buf fhey wouIdn'+ Ief me sif sfill. And fhe climax came when some guy pul' his finger ll hopel down my fhroaf. I mean, fhere's a Iimif fo everyfhing. Affer a long while some friends fold me fhe dance was over, and I headed for one of fhe up-sfairs bedrooms- Don'f fell anybody I was fhe one who you-know whaf in fhaf room. I guess I fell asleep fhere and didn'f gef up for quife a while, and when I clid, boy was my cork pulled! I didn'f wanf fo be a drip, so I .gof dressed ancl fook if on fhe Iam for home, fho I felf plenfy brown. On fhe way downsfairs I mef fhe ianifor, who said hello, have you,gof any leff? Boy, I said, fhaf's iusf fhe ifollble- Yours fruly, YOU KNOW WHO One Hundred and Sixfeen THE LAST REFLEX by Samuel Brock, ' M.D. Texfbooks of neurology describe fha sfafe of fhe reflexes in defail,--how some are overacfive and ofhers diminished or Iosf. Buf fo how many is vouchsafed fhe unusual opporfunify of wifnessing fhe passing of a reflex? In fhe neurological wards of Bellevue Hospifal where you, my readers. and fhe wrifer have foregafhered, fhe phenomenon is no longer regarded as a rare visifafion. I recall wifh greaf emofion our firsf Iasf reflex. Some of my fellows had been exam- ining a long-sfanding case of fabes dorsalis before I carne. In discussing fhe case The candidafes for fhe docforafe of medicine nofed fhe remarkable acfivify of fhe knee and ankle jerks,-were almosf sfruck by fhem, one mighf say. Curiously enough, my hammer failed fo draw forfh a single reflex. As mighf be expecfed, I grew a bif expansive on fhe subjecf of non-exisfenf physical signs when, suddenly, fhe in- spirafion which had eluded so many ofher observers flashed fhrough my mind. Ob- viously, fhe "boys" had iusf goffen fhelasf knee ierk. There seemed fo me somefhing very 'rouching abouf fhe passing of so ancienf a reflex. Buf month by monfh and year by year you have demonsfrafed fhe frequency of fhis elusive happening, unfil I come fo fhe arena I mean fhe wardl nofhing daunfed by fhe 'disappearing' of sfill anofher pair of an Ie ierks or abdominal' reflexes. Ouife as moving is fhe refurn of fhe prodigal abdominal reflex. To see if flicker back sfirs me in lhe same way as a beaufiful sunsef sfirsfofher poefic breasfs. One evening long ago an overwhelming fancy possessed me and I composed a a poignanf ballad enfifled "The Lay of fhe Lasf Abdominal." Ivlodesfy prevenfs me from felling you how exquisife is fhe musical seffing fo fhis ode. No less momenfous were fhe beginnings of fhe Suicide Club. The seed was sown by a Japanese sfudenf whose idenfify forever musf be kepf secref. We will call him "Yogo." On a lafe winfry nighf years ago I was implored by a franfic voice 'Io race down fo fhe Twenfy-sixfh Sfreef Pier, Easf River, fo save a life. The idea was such a novel one fhaf I ignored fhe worried pleadings of my wife and fhe cries of 'rhe six kiddies, dressed pell mell, and raced down pasl' all sorfs of Iighfs in fhe feefh of a raging snowsform. The nighf wafchman on fhe pier mef me looking pale and haggard. "Doc, fry fo falk fhis fellow ouf of 'umping info fhe river." I hurriedly approached a bedraggled youfli who was none ofher fhan "Yogo." Ouiefing him. I asked fhe meaning of This suicidal urge. He muffered somewhaf irrelevanfly fhal' had he a sharp enough knife he would have slif his fhroaf in a quief way, elsewhere ll'Iari-Karil. T-hen he remembered fhe river and if was so invif- ing! Buf why suicide? Poor Yogo felf fhaf only by suicide could he appease 'his Gods, for fhaf very morning he had fold me abouf a pupil which reacfed well fo Iighf and on accomodafion in a glass eye. I finally succeeded in diverfing him by cifing whaf some of his fellow sfudenfs had said during fheir course in neurology. I-Ie said fhaf in Japan fhere would have been verifable wholesale suicide! I have never forgoffen Yogo. If during a bedside uiz you have seen me looking wisffully af fhe old Easf River and my eyes fill wiflw liquid fenderness, if is because I am fhinking of fhe beau- fiful idea which Yogo soughf fo idealize. Then I am apf 'I'o wonder whefher our faculfy has realized fully 'Ihe wonderful possibilifies of fhaf swiff flowing sfream. From such dramafic beginnings The Suicide Club grew. Now many of you are associafe members. Alas, fhere seem fo be so few acfive members. As one who has followed fhe forfunes of fhe Suicide Club fhese many years, I have had a number of iolfs. Nof so long ago, fwo residenfs af Bellevue, graduafes from our School, reminded me of a case in w-hich my diagnosis was quife wrong. As fhey did so, fheir gaze resfed on fhe billowy surface of fhe Easf River,-fhe look in fheir eyes was unmisfakable. In order fo provide anofher sfage for fhe growing membership of fhe club, fhe "Order of fhe Pin" was creafed. If is now an old esfablished cusfom fo award fhe "Order of fhe Pin l'l7hree S+icksl" fo fhose sfudenfs who give evidence of deep, if peculiar, fhoughf. The purpose of fhe award is fo meef such de fh wifh a pene- frafion equally profound. I use fhe old fashioned -haf pin, whiclf has long since passed ouf of sfyle. To speak fhus freely wifh you, fo confess fo cerfain sadisfic sfrivings in so open a manner is nof easy, especially when I know fhaf my colleagues in anofher sisfer- specialfy will fell you fhaf any one so consfifufed musf be possessed of a frusfrafed casfrafion complex. One Hundred and Sevenfeen THE HUNT FOR A HERNIA iFrom The memoirs of an inTernei The Third Surgical Division was puTTing on a big show. The American College of Surgeons was having iTs convenTion in New York CiTy Tha+ winTer and had honored us by scheduling aT our hospiTaI a demonsTraTion oT Spinal AnesThesia. The dura maTer was To be puncTured prompTly aT 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday aTTernoon. Tuesday evening I received a Telephone message Trom The "Powers Above" ThaT Two paTienTs suTTering wiTh hernia and requiring herniorrhaphy were wanTed Tor The greaT evenT. As mighT be expecTed, among I2O paTienTs noT a single hernia could be discovered. For an hour we exposed The Tenderer parTs oT men and women and ordered Them To cough unTiI They were "bIue in The Tace" buT noT a single abdominal ring would bulge. A hurried conference wiTh The house surgeons oT The oTher divisions was called aT once and Tor The nexT hour ThruouT The L 8: M building, on every floor, was heard The coughing oT men Trying Their besT To please buT noT The semblance oT proTrusiion could be spied. An anxious message was Then senT To The admiTTing physician-"send all Hernias To 3rd Surgical Division aT once!" Three hours -had passed since The Telephone mes- sage--iT was nearing midnighT. Quiei' and calm pervaded The grounds. NoT even a bubonocele had Turned up. The siTuaTion had long since passed The sfage oT Tenseness and was becoming desperaTe. Suddenly an idea-and acTiviTy! A hurried search Thru our Tiles-of course, we had senT NaThan MoskowiTz of E. 4Th ST. home Two weeks ago wiTh a hernia unrepaired because The wards were Too crowded. I grabbed my haT and coaT, called Tor an ambulance and in a Tew minuTes arrived aT The house oT our Tormer paTienT. The neighbors quickly gaThered--anxious Taces, curious exciTed . . ."Was lvir. lvIoskowiTz sick again?" "Was he Terribly sick?" "Look, we didn'T even hear he was complaining," "Yes, DocTor, he lives on The TourTh Tloor, in The back, docTor." Time was precious so up I wenT, arriving aT The door breaThless and knocked. No answer! I knocked again. A large number of people had Tollowed me up and were all Talking aT once. I began To beaT on The door, buT no answer-our coveTed friend was ouT. CresTTaIIen we rode back slowly. "My dear," I mumbled To myself, "aII These cops . . . cerTainIy one oT Them has a hernia, aT IeasT a IiTTIe one." The ThoughT kepT hammering aT Broca's area-iT rose in crescendo Tashion unTiI aT I4Th ST. and 2nd Ave. I asked The driver To sTop, aIighTed Trom The bus and ap- proaching The cop very surrepTiTiousIy whispered, "Say oTTicer. do you have a hernia?" For a momenT he looked sTunned, Then reddened around The neck and in a voice oT amazemenT and perhaps a IiTTIe disgusT shouTed aT me, "Are you crazy, Doc?" L -Q W U 6 Q9 TI We li 77 D fll K TC, 1Llu,uJI',fvTiu. ICJLLA i One Hundred and EighTeen I saw Jrhe poinl and refreafed fo my caravan, embarrassed and in doubt "Looks like you're ouf of luck, Doc," The driver shoufednback fo me sympafhefically, "Sorry l can"r help you out" The lvlefropolifan clock warned us fhaf midnighf 'had passed. l fhoughf of all my friends and relafives-no'r a one had ever complained 'ro me of a "rup'rure." Back in 'rhe garage I quesfioned all fhe drivers and 'rhe special cop. No business fhere. The felephone operalors likewise proved fo be fruifless soil. Suddenly. like a flash of light I was racing back fo fhe garage. As fhe bus pulled oul' I yelled-"fo fhe Municipal Lodging I-louse!" The greaf almshouse was packed. Crowds of dis-heveled men were sfill pushing 'lheir way fhru 'rhe swinging doors of The big house. l ran fo fhe docfor in charge and l'old him of my problem. Very magnanimously he allowed me fo fake parl' in examining 'rhe poor souls. The men were backed againsf fhe wall and made fo drop l'heir pan'l's and cough. Excifedly we walked down fhe line inspecfing fhe ranks wifh a large flashlight "Eurekall A large, beaufiful inguinal hernia! Look anofher one!" The poor fellows, looking forward l'o a nights peaceful lodging, were dumped wirhoul' delay info 'rhe ambulance. "Say doc! Whats il' all abou+?" "Lis+en boys, you're in a bad way"-and during fhe ride back I drew for 'rhem fhe horrible picfure of a sfrangulafed gul and ils dire prognosis. -.-.i 'VO DELOUSERX e 9 . 22 . K M 6- 01" - .- . A06 I-if T L eqvlow - gi W N 5 s 5 - A " df L Y-if I rushed 'rhem fhru lhe rouline of admission. The nurse looked up in wonder. "Lord," he profesfed, "'rwo admissions al' I2:5O for nolhing buf a hernia." Time was foo precious fo slop and explain. In IO minufes L2 and M2 had new guesfs. Bofh were ordered prep'd for 'herniorraphy 'slal"." The orderly swore viciously as we began fo draw blood for pre-op counls. "l hope fhey don'+ sign," fhe orderly grumbled. "Oh yes," l recalled, "'rhe consenf book." I+ 'rook a liffle coaxing and 'rhe promise of an exfra week in fhe hospifal wilh 'rhe besf and mosl' generous of convalescing care. We were fo freaf fhem like kings or as well as kings could be freafed on M2. AE3:OO p.m. before a large and impressive audience fhe dura mafer was punc- fure . As we finished scrubbing up 'rhe surgeon looked once af lhe enormous hernia and in a suppressed and slighfly venomous whisper said, "Darnm if! Why fhe hell didn'+ you selecf a decenr case insfead of handing me fhis lemon. You infernes never use common sense. J. J. B. One Hundred and Ninefeen BLOODS I CLINICAL COLUMMS OF THE LATER WAR We're clerks-work--work-work--workin' over Bellevue! Clerks-clerks-clerks-clerks-workin' over Bellevue- Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT There's no discharge Til you're Through! Seven-six-eleven-Tive-nine-an'-TwenTy bloods Today- Four--eleven-sevenTeen--ThirTy-Two The day before- Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT There's no discharge Til you're Through! To To Don'T--don'T-don'T-don'T-look aT whaT's in TronT 'of you Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT Men-men-men-men-men go mad wiTh waTchin' 'em, An' There's no discharge Til you're Through! Try-Try-Try-Try-To Think o' someThin' diTTerenT- Oh-my--God--keep-me from goin' lunaTic! Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT There's no discharge Til you're Through! CounT-counT-counT--counT-The hour you 'ave yeT To IT--your-waTc'h-sTops--They will geT aTop o' you Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT There's no discharge Til you're Through! and' sleeplessness, sighT of 'em- We-can-sTick-ouT-'unger. profs, BuT-noT-noi'-noT-noT The chronic Bloods bloods bloods bloods An' There's no discharge Til an' oTher lab work yeT you're Through! 'TainT-sro--bad-by-day because o' company, To To go To To BuT nighT brings long sTrings o' TorTy Thousand million Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT There's no discharge Til you're Through! I-'ave-marched-Twelve-weeks in 'EII an' cerTiTy IT-is-noT-Tire-devils-dark or anyThing Bloods bloods bloods bloods an' oTher lab work yeT An' There's no discharge Til you're Through! 11 - ' v T Q5 V L '1 II A ' Il. 19 H 'Q an-ii N One Hundred and TwenTy To To do! do! do! do! do! do! do! do! 6 Jlfn W' bm sm :M I I x IN MEMCRIAM Scene: Ward in Bellevue I-Iospifal. Time: Who cares? Casf of characfersz A sick professor Dr. Wifchoff Dr. Von Grepfz Dr. Rife Dr. Schmidf Dr. Lebald Dr. Sybelenfrally Dr. Goldsink Dr. Whafhams Acf I, Scene I: Dr. Zuckifzker Dr. I-Ioneyfon Dr. Beholden Dr. Schildphall Dr. Asgood Dr. Buddy Carnera Dr. Sfurdyvonfz Eighf Sfudenfs Ward in Bellevue I-Iospifal. A crowd of docfors and sfudenfs surround a bed confaining a 50 year old whife male, professor of medicine, acufely ill, dyspneic and orfhopneic buf nof by choice. Dr. Wifchofif: Genflemen Ief us organize fhe facfs so fhaf we may be beffer able fo collecf Them. Firsf Sfudenfs: Ifo himselfl Collecfin' facfs again . . Nufs! Dr. Von Grepfz: IV2 grains equals I caf unif. Dr. Schmidf: Why nof Ief fhe diarrhea whisfle? Dr. Sybelenfrallyz Yep and force fluids. We do fhaf in diabefes. Dr. Lebaldz I remember an old lady who . . . Dr. Honeyfon: If I may presume fo fake one minufe, fhaf is if I am nof, or if I am, I wish fo say fhaf probably or undoubfedly fhere is indubifably some process which more or less, fhaf is fo say . . . Second and Third Sfudenfs: Lef's go ouf for a smoke, we can'f miss anyfhing now. Fourfh Sfudenf: Well, whaf's wrong wifh fhis guy? Dr. Goldsinkz I fhink an Addis Counf should be done. Dr. Whafhams: In any evenf fhe prognosis should be guarded. Dr. Zuckifzker: Damn Toofin'! Fiffh Sfudenf: Why doesn'f someone do a recfal? Dr. Schildphall: ln fhe fourfh year of life is developed fhe anal fendency. Sixfh Sfudenf fo Sevenfh Sfudenf: Hey Bud . . . Dr. Buddy Carnera: Iiumpsl Irubs his hands fogefher and walks around fo fhe ofher side of fhe bedl. Do you ever look af your sfools? Dr. Rife: Yes! Wil! we operafe on him? Has fhis rnan been operafed on? No! Oughf we fo operafe on him? No! Why? Because fhe pafienf won'f Ief us. Dr. Whafhams: I fhink fhe prognosis should be guarded. Dr. Zuckifsker: Damn Toofin'I Dr. Wifchoff: There are several kinds of hearf disease. Whaf are fhey? Firsf Sfudenf: IDucks under fhe bed.I Second Sfudenf: IDucks under fhe bed.I Ofher Six Sfudenfs: IDuck under fhe bed.I Dr. Carnera: IRubs his hands fogefher wildly, rises on his foes, and walks under fhe bed affer fhem.I Dr. Beholdenz Yes sir, genflemen, I came in and saved fhis woman's life. Dr. L.ebald: I once knew an old lady who . . . One Hundred and Twenfy-fwo Dr. Sybelenfrallyz Le'r's insulinize. Dr. Asgood: Le'r's circumcise. Dr. Von Greph: Le'r's digi+alize. Drs. Goldsink, Sybelenlrally, and Carnera: Le+'s harmonize. . Wifcholifz The facfs. Dr Dr. S+urdyvpn1-z: Le+'s pep+onize. Dr. Schmidfz Le+'s formulize. Dr. Schildphalls Le+'s analyze. Drs. Goldsink, Sybelenfrally, and Carnera: Lel"s harmonize. Dr. Wiichoffz The facfs. Sludenls in Chorus: T-he fads! The fads! Who's go? ihe facfs? Dr. Lebald: l knew an old lady who . . . Dr. Honeyfon: lf I may say or ralher suggesl . . . Dr. Ri+e: Have 'rhey go'r 'rhe fads? No. Will They gel +he Dr. Whaihams: l lhink The prognosis should be guarded. Dr. Zuckiiskerz Damn Too+in'l LUETIC LIMERICKS There was an old man from Back Bay Who lhoughl' Syphilis iusl wen? away. He 'rhoughf +ha+ a chancre Was iusl' a mere cancker Derived from lascivious play. Now firsl he gol acne vulgaris The kind lhal is rampanl in Paris. H' covered his skin From his head 'ro his shin And The people now ask where his hair Consider his lerrible plight His eyes won'r reacl lo Jrhe lighl. His hands are apraxic, His gair is afaxic, He's developed a gun-barreled sigh+. Wifh symproms increasing in number, Wi+h aorfa in need of a plumber, His hear'r is cavorling, His wife is aborfing, And wilhal he's acquired a gumma. Wilh pains in his belly and knees. His sphincrers have gone by degrees. Paroxysmal inconlinence Wi+h all Hs concomifanrs Bring quile unprediclable pees. Tho l'rea'l'ed in every known way His spirocheles grow day by day. He's developing paresis, Converses wi'rh Jesus And lhinks he's 'rhe Queen of The May. -From an unknown source. One facls? Maybe. S. Hundred and Twenfy-'rhree STRANGE INTERLUDE tWith N o A pologiesj Cast: A Professor of Medicine A Visiting Professor of Medicine A Patient A Nurse An Orderly A Clinical Clerk SCENE I B5 . . .a sultry night in mid-August . . . It is 8:45 p.m. the hour of parting, and the moment of crisis. The clinical clerk, well pummelled from the daily beating, is preparing his belated departure, and is anxiously awaiting the peace and calm of the subway. Agitatedly, he finishes the entries of the daily bookkeeping. But fate dis- guised as Charley the elevator man, soon dispels all hope and faith . . . an admission is trundled in, is clocked at 8:54, and is dispatched to a cot in the right middle lane as the clinical clerk looks glassily on. Clinical Clerk: Well, where's your trouble, Pop? I bet this fellow came invabout half past five. They probably forgot all about him downstairs. I should have swap- ped tonight with Linick. Patient: I'll tell you, Doc, it hurts here once in a while. Patient lays both hands on a vague area between his Angle of Ludovici and Pubic Tubercle as if he were claiming the entire area for Spain. What does this squirt wiant? Why don't he let me alone so that I can get some sleep? Clinical Clerk: H'm. Let me see. Pain here, hey? How long have you had it? Could this be Hemlock Poisoning? Lucky I read that article last night. Gets worse when you belch? Uh-huh. Thank God he isn't a Cardiac. Those sheets get me crazy. Patient: No pain, Doc, but it hurts. You know, Doc, my cousin once had something like that back in 1916. He went to a doctor in the Bronx. What's his name, let me see now. Oh, yes, Dr. McGillicuddy . . . Yep, he told him he had a couple of ulsters. Know him., Doc? All I need is a good physic . . . Probably some- thing I ate . . . Can't tell these young fellows anything. Clinical Clerk: I know, but, the pain . . . Does it get worse? Is it relieved by milk and crackers? It's getting late now. Must be about 9:30 . . . Path Confer- ence Report tomorrow . . . I hope this egg doesn't go out before I get a urine . . . Let's see, did your mother ever have sinusitis, Clergyma'n's Sore Throat, Schonleinls Pur- pura or a deviated septum? How old was your brother when he began to show signs of Pneumoconiosis? This fellow must think 1'm nuts. So you drink occasionally, and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes a day? So what? Do much worrying? Think you've changed much in the past few years? Who hasn't . . . Wish I were back at college . . . Those were the happy, carefree days. Remember the'Nebraska Poly game? Patie'nt: You see, Doc, when I first got this pain I thought it was nothing. He should live so . . . I was scared stiff. So I put an icebag on to freeze it out. Well, 'it went away for a few months. Yep, but two days ago, while I was eating, it got worse. I thought I'd die. I wish Emma would come back from the country with the kids. I think the Limburger and pickeled herring is beginning to get me. Sure I like vitamins. SCENE II--Same scene the next day Visiting: Whose case is this? Why don't you fellows get up when I come in? You've got all day to write up your charts. Dumb clucks. They walk 'around in a blizzard all day. Well, what do you find? What, you didn't do an ESR and Reti- culocyte count yet? What do you do with all your time? Why, when I was an in- terne here . . . I wish my wife could see me bawling these boys out. What's the diagnosis? C. C.: I think Henoch's Purpura must be considered.' However, the possibilities of an acute abdomen, coronary thrombosis, and Dietlis Crisis must be entertained. I should have done the microscopic. I'll bet it's loaded with RBC. Boy, if he ever comes to Path Conference. One Hundred and Twenfy-four Visiting: How about Chronic Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis? Have you ruled out an extramedullary astrocytoma of the spinal cord? How about a thrombosis of the an- terior spinal artery? Do a sputum, kidney function test, and prothrombin time. Get the eye men to see him.. See that a card is put in for a Barium Enema. Probable some- thing he ate. I wonder why we go through all this. I'll bet a- good dose of Cascara would fix him up. SCENE III-Two days later. Same scene. Never changes. Clerk: Good morning, Professor. Professor: What do you mean, Bud? Good work. I got him rattled already. Clerk: I mean, I hope you have a nice morning. There he goes asking those famous questions. Professor: But you didn't say that, Bud. You didn't say anything about a nice morning. You spoke of a good morning, didn't you? Dope! Six feet tall, and not an inch of sense. Clerk: Yes, I said good morning, but meant nice morning. Why the hell did I ever greet him. That's what I get for trying to be nice. Professor: Then why don't you say what you mean? Well, what's the diagnosis? Clerk: I think Henoch's Purpura must be considered. I should have done a platelet count and mean corpuscular hemoglobin. 1'm ruined. I wonder, will I get credit for my three years at Johannesburg? Professor: Have your thoughts turned to the possibilities of Benzol Poisoning or Primary Atypical Aleukemic Erythroblastic Leukemia lHayem-Minkowski Typej? Did you -read the article by Hammacher and Schlemmer in the Archives of External Medicine? What is the percent of Arsenic in ordinary white lead paint? What is the Plummer-Vinson Syndrome? Look it up . . . Look it up . . . Want all your knowledge spoon fed? Hm, blood picture negative. . . Temperature and Pulse normal. Probably just a bad belly ache. You can't jump to conclusions. Do a daily calcium time and take repeated smears for fasciola hepatica and the lung fluke. To patient: How do you feel? Tire easily? Ever look at your stools? Patient: Not so good. I don't know, Doc, I get all tried out, especially when I climb 6 or 7 floors. I'd like to get out of this mess. They must have taken about jive quarts of blood. I bet they use it for transfusions. I wish I could get some Feenamint . . . Better ask the nurse . . . maybe she'll understand me. .SCENE IV-Three days later. Clinical Clerk, off center, almost completely off, is busily writing a summary. Nearby are other clerks, seen busily engaged ruling temperature sheets and filling in thousands and thousands of little squares with yes or no. Two patients in the fore- ground are seen interpreting an X-Ray, and discussing the indications for subtotal gastrectomy. Let us look over the first clerk's drooping shoulders, and watch him. as he summarizes: Jil ,. hi Wi f fl I , Un , argl f7lY' ' 4 Iii ss . One Hundred and Twenty-five Chief Complaint: Occassional pain in the epigastrium. Minor Complaints: Loss of vision, unilateral deafness, intermittent coma and fecal vomiting of three days duration. Present Illness: 4 years ago, while the patient was eating pickeled herring in his cabin in East Flatbush, he suddenly experienced a severe, cramplike, viselike, sharp, though not really lancinating or colicky pain in his stomach. Patient claims he never had a like pain before although he had eaten pickeled herring on many occa- sions. The patient after close questioning also revealed that he has, on occasion, eaten herring which was often unpickeled. The severity of the attack was such that the patient was obliged to refuse a third portion. There was no associated edema of the ankles or orthopnea, although there was an occasional premature belch in ectopic rhythm. Effects on Systems: Patient has lost 18 lbs. since changing to summer under- wear, and has become depressed due to this. There has been no dyspnea, except when the patient is markedly out of breath. No ankle edema since bilateral ampu- tation in 1919. Nocturia six times, if he remembers to get up. Physical: Head was essentially negative, except for a slight blurring of both discs, and a suggestively sluggish exopthalmic miotic pupil on the left. Neck was negative, but for a slight distension of the veins and a mass the size of an Indian nut in the inferior nuchal line. Chest was clear, but for occasional consonating rales and a tendency to amphoric breathing. Heart was present. Abdomen was tense, nulli- parous, board like in spots, but no definite rigidity. Liver and spleen were felt but occasionally at Pouparts. Refiexes were unequally absent, with equivocal Babinski. Groping movements, adiadokokinesis, and postural neck reflexes were obtained only after close questioning of the immediate family. Impression: Deferred. Cardiac?? A. Unknown. B. E. H. CEats Herringj C. RSR, NRA, ESR, RSVP. D. Class la. fWas never promoted.J Laboratory Data: 'See special sheets attached. Progress: The patient grew steadily older. On his 26th day, a central facial was suspected, but this was only an idle rumor. At this time, the distension was be- coming quite provoking and distressing. Hernial orifice examination was contraindi- cated, because of an EKG evidence of complete heart block. Eye consult showed a nebula of the cornea, and moderate hypertensive retinopathy of the glass eye. The esophagus was moderately congested. A card was then put in for a Barium Enema. Proctoscopic examination revealed an unsuspected A. I. CAnal Insufficiencyj. After a stormy course, the patient was finally put on Jalap and Colocynth 18 G. T.I.D., and signed out AOR in 8 minutes. Final Diagnosis: 1. Unknown Disease. Cardiac? A. Unknown. B. Unknown. C. Unknown. D. Class: still in la. 2. Neurasthenia fNecrotizing or Landouzy-Dejerine Typej Disposition: Patient will soon seek re-admission to BS. Attached find cardiac sheets, allergic continuation sheets, gastric analysis, working papers, vaccination reports, daily curve of reticulocytes, platelet count, automobile license, and three references. One Hundred and Twenty-six 7:00 P.M. 8:30 P.M. 9:I5 P.M. 9:45 l0:30 P.M. I0: l 5 P.M. I2:33 A.M l2:45 A.M. l2:45 A.M. l:I4 A.M I:5l A.M 2:00 A.M. 2:20 A.M. 3:07 A.M 5:30 A.M 8:30 A.M P.M. A NIGHT ON M 3 lWilh malice loward nonel Dr. Goldslein holds a 90 minule admonilory leclure provoked by lhe lacl lhal a clinical clerk was seen lo yawn, by a nurse, al 4:37 lhe previous morn. "We should," he lhunders, "have realized by now lhal we are an inlegral parl ol lhe service and lhal we're depended upon lo keep primips lrom precipilaling and nurses lrom being bored. This gross and delianl breech ol duly has already been reporled lo Dr. Bunim, who is reporling il lo Dr. Rice, who is reporling il lo lhe Dean: who, we may be sure, will know how lo deal wilh us." Dr. Goldslein has laken up lhe lasl poinl on his memo and goes oll relieved. Goolnick inscribes in Russian on lhe blackboard an appre- cialion ol lhe good doclor's ellorls. Levy, aller nearly scaring a case ol dyslocia inlo precipilalion wilh his geslures, is called lo a new admission. Decides by abdominal pelpalion lhal she is lour lingers dilaled, and begins lo scrub up. Dr. Sullivan is aroused, examines palienl and decides she is only one linger dilaled. She rubs lhe sleep oul ol her eyes, slops lhe lirsl clinical clerk she encounlers and bawls him oul. Dr. Sullivan is inlerrupled by cries ol "Capul." Nurse rushes by wilh palienl on slrelcher and baby pops oul iusl as she gels lo lhe delivery lable. Recorded as a normal sponlaneous delivery. Kar- len gels credil lor delivering lhe placenla. Dr. Reich, having given his leclure on mainlaining asepsis live conseculive limes, arrives lo give il a sixlh lime. We slay away en- lhusiaslically and are reporled lo lhe dean. Aller repealed S.S.E. palienl pushes down and delivers all over Texon. Aller repealed S.S.E. palienl pushes down and delivers all over Dr. Pierson invenls a new aulomalic breasl binder. One smile observed on lace ol Miss Tipple, lasling 30 seconds: weak, wan, and nol repealed. Dr. Goldslein examines Levy's case and linds her exlernal OS closed. Kilchen police by nurses, C.C.'s and inlernes. Miss Tipple convinces new molher ol her baby's sex. Molher sighs, "iusl like his lalher." Three allempls lo dislodge Schwarlz lrom lhe slrelcher in lhe discharge room lail. In a lasl ellorl lo demoralize him, a nurse is bribed lo slip him a bed pan. ln lhe morning Miss Bookmiller linds lhe slrelcher emply and lhe bed pan lull. S lmmordino makes a calch on a slippery lield ol a 7 lb. papoose. Linick gels a recurrence ol an old inguinal hernia showing lhe molher how lo bear down. Dr. Freed examines Levy's case and pronounces her nol pregnanl. Levy slops liming lhe pains and goes oll lo sleep. One l-lundred and Twenly-seven REVISED LABORATORY CODE URINES: I. Look al lhe label-This sharpens lhe clinical eye. 2. Volume delerminalion-Use an inlacl cylinder. ll lhere is any leakage. mop up wilh gauze sponge. reeslimale and add lO'X,. 3. Specific Gravily-ONS 4. Glucose Delerminalion-Measure oul exaclly 4.98 cc ol Benedicl's Solulion. ln lhe meanlime, heal lhe waler balh lo 293 degrees absolule lem- peralure lcorrecling lor baromelric reading and vapor pressurel. Simul- laneously. you can calch up on some old summaries and lemperalure charls. Then suck up 8 drops ol limpid urine, wiping your moulh wilh a slerile lowel. lan allernalive melhod is advised lor lhose who inlend lo lo become lechnicians: lnlo a slerile lesl lube lno obvious blood or pusl drop a few cc ol urine. lnverl genlly, bul firmly over lhe sink unlil a slraighl angle is reached. Then bring lhe lube back lo lhe original pos- ilion, and conlidenlly believe lhal 8 drops have remained.l Now heal lhe mixlure in lhe waler balh, adiusling lhe lemperalure lo meel lhe clinical needs. Relurn in 6 minules. ll lube is slill presenl, reporl slrongly negalive. . 5. Acelone, Glulalhione, and Furlurol. These delerminalions can be done simullaneously. lnlo a slerile Erlen- meyer, drop 5 cc of urine. Ferric Chloride is now added unlil ph is equal lo Pk. If a lew drops ol ferric chloride gel on your vesl, slop lhe experirnenl and work on lhe vesl. Since vesl chloride is produced. lhe vesl can be reprecipilaled by adding concenlraled ammonium molyb- dale, or if needs demand, can be oxidized lo a iackel or lopcoal by varying slrenglhs ol polassium permanganale. BLOOD: I. RBC Always slick lhe palienls linger. Wipe lhe lirsl drop on lhe pillow sheel as evidence. No blood . . . No blood counl. . . aller 9 p.m. 4,500,000: 80W 2. WBC These are conlrolled by many laclors: Consider: age, civil condilion. birlhplace, cilizenship papers and lwo references. ll unmarried, living in lhe Bronx . . . 9,lOO: 73W ll divorced, under 30, and poor references . . . I5,080: 9l W. GASTRIC ANALYSIS: This procedure calls lor lhe highesl cooperalion belween lhe analyzer and lhe analyzee. To pass lhe lube is an achievmenl in ilsell and is a lrue index ol one's earlier lraining and emolional make up. General lnslruclions: I. Grasp lhe palienl firmly, bringing his head slowly back on his shoulders, bul nol wailing lor lhe click. ln order lo avoid suspicion ,il is besl lo advise lhe palienl lo brealhe deeply lhru his nose or moulh or any olher orifice available. While lhe righl hand is engaged lhe lell can be used lo coil lhe larial. 2. ln lhe passage ol lhe lube ilsell many delails come up lor consideralion. These can besl be avoided by handing lhe slomach lube. lubricalion and lesl lubes lo lhe palienl and walch whal he does wilh il. This' can also give you a line on his LQ. 3. Once lhe lube is oul ol sighl, il is quile lhe slyle lo ask lhe palienl how he leels. Ollen a perloraled lrachea or ruplured oesophagus may be incidenlally dis- covered. 4. ln collecling lhe samples, collecl enough lo assure yoursell ol a good drink al pipelling lime. 5. Analysis ilsell requires keen iudgmenl and a malhemalical mind. Sublracl lhe free acid from lhe combined acid lo gel lhe uncombined. Also sublracl lhe uncombined lrom lhe lolal lo gel lhe recombined. ll any lwo values are alike re- peal, using melhyl orange as an indicalor. 6. Enler resulls on special sheel. Under remarks wrile lhe palienls observalions during lhe passage ol lhe lube. One Hundred anid Twenly-eighl CEREBRAL VACUOLE DEFINITION: Cerebral Vacuole is a sponTaneous, inTecTious, communicable, and auTo-inoculable disease, TirsT described by KuTislcer, and seen primarily in TirsT, second, and Third year medi- cal sTudenTs. IT is characTerized by shiTTing dullness, dilifuse eryThema, nausea, colicy supraTenTorial pain, and aphonia. INCIDENCE: The incidence oT This plebian disease varies wiTh The individual epidemic- LivingsTon reporTs ThaT someTimes ThirTy or TorTy, or even eighTy, nineTy or a hundred may be smET- Ten simulTaneously. In a recenT series, as many as I29.7 were found To be suffering Trom This dread disease. There is no par- Ticular age group oT predilecTion, and sex iTselT oTTers no im- muniTy, buT in The Bellevue Tigures, There have been Three repo:-Ted Temale cases, each of which was incidenTally SecreTary of The class aT The Time. Q i - Tiff I C BACTERIOLOGY: The bacTeriology of Cerebral Vacuole is sTill in much dispuTe. ThroughouT The year numerous well known bacTeria were nominaTed Tor The posT, buT as yeT all is Turmoil. Rosenow is said To have isolaTed a green sTrepTococcus, buT oTher auThoriTies claim ThaT his TesT Tubes and laboraTory are conTaminaTed. AT The presenT wriTing iT is probable T'haT a TilTrabIe virus will be Tinally selecfed, wiTh B. Prodigiosus, The Doderlein Bacillus, and Morax-Axenfeld as TirsT Three aITernaTes. There is as yeT no absoluTe means of acquiring immuniTy To The disease. 'Numerous vaccines, however, consisTing oT crib noTes, dried exTracT of I-loman's Surgery, con- cenTraTed Cunningham, eTc. have been Tried, buT wiTh Ii++Ie To no success. PATHOLOGY: The paThology ma be divided inTo Three sTages, The TirsT, second, and Third, all oT which are essenTially The same. IT is characTerized by cloudy swelling, and perivascular inTiITraTion oT The vocal cords, wiTh minuTe peTechiaI hemorrhages in The Temporal and parieTal lobes. Thromboses in Broca's area have been reporTed by many ,invesTigaTors. SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS: ShiTTing dullness is a prominenT sympT'om of The TirsT sTage and can be seen by The well Trained observer aT a glance. The momenT a quesTion is asked, and a name is called, dullness appears, and There is decrease in voice sounds. As The quesTion is asked of successive sTudenTs, There is a rapid shiTTing of dullness, wiTh speedy recovery and increased whisper sounds in The pre- ceding areas. This dullness is accompanied by audible breaThing, a pale hecTic flush, and a rapid Thready pulse. The Tace is Tlushed, hippocraTic, and There is an occasional diIaTaTion oT The alae nasi. These is an exquisiTe heave oT The precordium, and The abdomen is held Tense and boardlilce. The sphincTers are compIeTely relaxed. ScraTching oT The galea aponeuroTica is held To be a pafhognomonic sign by many wriTers. LABORATORY DATA: These are oTTen insTrumenTaI in making The diagnosis, buT no single laboraTory aid should be used in The Tace oT conTradicTing clinical evidence. The enTire condiTion should be considered a "I'loIe." The sTools are loose, almosT pea-soup in characTer, and have a characTerisTic Tecal odor. The urine is pale, lirnpid, and is Treely passed. lSpeciTic graviTy-q.n.s.l. Blood counTs should never be done. PROGNOSIS: The prognosis should always be guarded, and depends essenTially on Three TacTors. The TirsT is The lengTh oT The period oT dullness and audible breaThing. Secondly, The Trequency of The shiTT: and Third, is The characTer of The whisper Trom The recovering areas. TREATMENT: TreaTmenT is essenTially resT. The parT should be handled genTly, as in any oTher local inTlammaTory process, and leTT alone. CompleTe physical and menTaI resT is absoluTely indicaTed. The paTienT musT noT be subjecTed To Tiring and exacTing conversaTion, buT shall be allowed To resT blissfully. General measures should be insTiTuTed Toward The developmenT oT a TasTe Tor home life, and hobbies such as reading, ouTlining, and underlining should be advocaTed. One I-lundrewl and TwenTy-nine f N555 ffm NV Us W of 'ijef W , A 2,4 ' 'X-'Mfg' ' ' IMPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS Dr. Mandel: IT appears To me ThaT This plan oT examinaTions meeTs every conTingency. Perhaps you Think iT Too IenienT? Dr. Cannan: Well, iT isn'T pbimaneni' anyhow. As long as iT woiks, IeT's give The boys a break. ThaT's our poipose. Dr. Mandel: SporTing, I call iT. The Mayor: Well, DocTor GeTTIer, how would you like To have a new secreTary? Dr. GeTTler: Bah Jove! I should iolly well Tawncy ThaT. PaTienT: BuT, Dr. Ralli, I love peanuT-briTTIe. Dr. Ralliz Of course. dear. This dieT is only approximaTe. We wanT iT To serve as a general idea as To whaT To eaT and whaT To avoid. IT you Teel ThaT iTs de- mands are Too exacTing, iusT deIeTe as much as you care To, and subsTiTuTe like quanTiTies of anyThing else. The insulin is naTuraIIy opTional. Dr. WeinsTein: Kaufman, discuss The eTioIogy and epidemiology oT TsuTsugamuTsi Fever. Kaufman: I'm sorry, I can'T answer ThaT. Ciafonez Hold onl I read a paper on ThaT Ias+ niTe. STudenT: Dr. Schilder, don'T you Think The pasT sex life oT The paTienT has any bearing on The case? Dr. Schilderz No . . . The soma and The psyche have been ioined Too TrequenTIy in The pasT. I don'T Think Thaf early sex liTe has any True place in scienTiTic psychiaTry. Clinical Clerk: LisTen, Bunim, l'm sick and Tired of walking up To B6 To Throw These urines away. Dr. Bunim: labiecTlyl I'm sorry abouT The delay, buT The sink will be insfalled on The TiTTh floor by nexT week. Clinical Clerk: By The way, 'how abouT a summary on This case? Dr. Bunim: Don'T worry abouT The summaries. AfTer all, you're up here To learn Medi- cine. Don'T wasTe your Time wiTh all This bookkeeping. JusT puT your noTes and recommendaTions on The pink sheeT. One Hundred and Thirfy-one WELL SAID! "You can never be sure a woman is sferile unlil you have her uferus on your man'flepiece."-GORDON "Always lei' fhe palienl handle his own, especially when iI"s red hol' and gushing over."--LANE "Did you ever hear 'rhe sI'ory of Ihe lawyer?"---KUTISKER "Who was Caial?" "So l'm an old +imer?"-GLOBUS "No s+ool, no school!"--C. H. SMITH "So she kepf moving around un1'il her +ube blew our."--SOVAK "Should we have made Ihe diagnosis?"--WRIGHT "This man 'has a long foreskin because he has never cur il' off, and has noi' worn il' oFF."1HORN "Is Ihis pa'rien+'s working environmenl' pIeasan+7"--PULLEY "No Iwo women are alike, and no one woman is alike more Than once."-FREED "Have you ever fell an adenoma of The breas'r?" A S+uden'r: "No." "I +hough+ Ihal perhaps you had acciden+Iy."-LIVINGSTON "Main+ain asepsisI"---REICH "I Ihink Ihe prognosis should be guarded."--WADHAMS "We musr fhink along his immunological panel."--PULLEY "No good! BubbIes!"1MANDEL "SH in The corner and mull if our unIiI Ihe Iighf comes."--CANNON THE NICETIES OF MEDICAL CONVERSATION IWi+hou+ apology Io Dr. Graefl ' The pafienl came in spilling a lol of sugar. She had a while counl. lou+ no Iem- perarure, and was almos+ our when she came in. The nex+ day she s+ar+ecl spiking, developed a spleen, slopped spilling sugar, and began shoofing emboli. To make mailers worse she was seven monlhs gone, and 'rhal nigh? she wen'r info labor. The head was pounding on 'rhe floor for 5 hours before she finally popped. She con- 'rinued Jroispike for 'rhree more days. and showed a s-hifi Io The lefl before we knew she had a middle ear. However if was 'foo Iafe, and she wenl' oul' before we could go in. WE DO OUR PART The palienl had previously been diagnosed as PA, wifh MI, MS, and EH, and had signed our AOR. On her presenl admission. because of pain in 'rhe RLQ, her RBC and Hb were low, and 'rhe WBC high. A GA showed no HCL: +he KET had a normal PSP, buf a low UXB. So we gave 'rhe pa+ien'r an ESR, and HHC, and SSE. Her EKG showed RSR, ST. and occasional VPC. bu+ a second EKG showed AF. The pafienl died before we could gel her NPN, BMR, or Ca lime. The PM indicaled 'rhaf she had had GC, a recenf D and C, and had alsonhad Tb and Ca. One Hundred and Thirly-Iwo 'fb-V594 MEAN' FQEE-PAHTHf fflifyfx E I f . f 34 fs , W mNf3""x's'P'5'if LK lfufx l risil' xgg! -WE-STAQTED-WITW Q- HOQSES3 3 -COWS - WAND- ONE ' GOAT' J -VOLJSE -MQNKEYS Il ffffff " fm I Z5 'QMS' -H1573 CAJALI ff-Njxl QF-21 -or-ssTr2ucTloN,f -INFECTION! Q TP 719 f PX 'Z ' - 'I-SAVED-THAT' Y 'VVONlAN'S-MFE., wrwy POIMINANTPOIPLE! W if' fy 1 -HEY-BUD! THE BARBER'S ELEGY If was a quief day in April when fhe fearful deed was clone, And sfuclenfs flocked from near and far fo enfer in fhe fun. We reeled and gasped, we sfood aghasf. we all asked him, "How come?" Buf fhe fuzzy noodled vicfim merely saf fhere sad and glum. lWhaf fhe devil happened fo you, anyhow, S+upe?l There was general sfupefacfionz diagnosis renf fhe air, And many a lafenf Grave's disease was sfarfed fhen and fhere. Docfor Ralli fhen walked in and saw fhaf awesome sighf. Thai' egg-like alabasfer dome a-gleaming in fha Iighf: Her lips began fo fremble when she saw fhe speckled bone, And her Kuss-Maul respirafion showed kefosis all her own. Her lecfure reeled and frembled, whaf she meanf no one could fell, And fhe hairless wonder frembled when her gaze upon him fell. iW'haf do you mean by coming fo a lecfure fhaf way?l Then fo fhaf example of some baleful barbers arf Came blinding fame and world renown, a man sef far aparf. His shaven poll gleamed frequenfly upon fhe silver screen, And many queer-shaped bumps and rufs were always clearly seen: Buf whaf fhe basic frouble was his friends could only guess, Of hisfory fhere was none af all, of physical rafher less. iSo you won'f falk, eh?"l The diagnosis fhoughf of ranged from Sc'hoenlein's fo Ainhum, Buf of all ideas suggesfed, Lues had fhe longesf run, The sudden-alopecia, like a bolf sfraighf from fhe blue. The loss of recenf memory, confabulafion foo, A looseness of fhe sphincfers, fhough nof very well defined, And sudden bursfs of anger called buf one disease fo mind So fearfully we gave him up, parefic, fhough a lad, And he became a clinical clerk, fhe besf fhey ever had. A SONNET TO SOME C. C. PILLS Black-Coafed inspirer of infernal urges How dofh fhe power fhal' wifhin fhee slumbers Belie 'rhe fhoughf fhaf safefy lies in numbers! For, as my weary colon heaves and surges Desire of soul and body sfrangely merges lAs fho inspired by under-ripe cucumbersl To praise fhe noble handwork of plumbers wifh such a mulfifude of lavish splurges Thaf l am fraughf wifh fear. For fhis once sfarfed, May carry all before if! Whaf remains Wifhin or of me when fhou hasf deparfed? And so, assailed by cloubfs amid my pains l cried, as foward fhe sancfuary l darfed Whaf seemed fhe fhousandfh fime. "God help fhe drains!" Plucked from fhe J. A. M. A. One Hundred and Thirfy-four Q25 A' ,W fe" F VN GCBCSCUGCQSQ ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA MORRIS BLOCK LESTER BREIDENBACH SAMUEL BROCK MAURICE BRODIE SAMUEL A. BROWN JOSEPH J. BUNIM ROBERT K. CANNAN VICTOR CARABBA ROBERT J. CARLISLE JOSEPH E. CONNERY ARTHUR C. DeGRAFF C. E. de LA CHAPELLE EVERETT G. FAUSEL . WILLIAM FILLER ALEXANDER FRASER EMANUEL D. FRIEDMAN THOMAS J. GALVIN WILLIAM GOLDRING LEONARD J. GOLDWATER MORRIS GOODMAN Esfablishecl in I924 Alumni in FacuI'I'a'Ie CLAUDE E. HEATON FREDERICK C. HOLDEN CHARLES GOTTLIEB ALFRED JOHNSON NORMAN JOLLIFFE SOPHIA J. KLEEGMAN MEYER J. KUTISKER H. ROBERT LANDON HERMAN H. LARDARO JACOUES M. LEWIS HYMAN LIEBER EDWARD L. LIVINGSTON ARTHUR R. MANDEL CURRIER MCEWEN LILLIAN MILGRAM JOHN MULHOLLAND JOSEPH NASH HARRY O'CONNOR WILLIAM H. PARK ELAINE P. RALLI BRET RATNER LOUIS RAZINSKY HAROLD D. SENIOR JAMES A. SHANNON LOUIS L. SHAPIRO IRWIN E. SIRIS CHARLES H. SMITH I-IOMER W. SMITH FRANCIS W. SOVAK MORTIMER D. SPEISEF SAMUEL STANDARD PHILIP STRAX WILLIAM STUDDIFORD MILLS STURTEVANT ROBERT P. WADHAMS ROBERT H. WALLACE ALICE WATERHOUSE ARTHUR M. WRIGHT JOHN H. WYCKOFF JACK YAEGER Class of I934 ARNOLD L. BACI-:MAN NORMAN O. BRILL SAMUEL BUKANTZ JOSEPH cr-less ARTHUR DAVIDOWITZ BARNETT GREENE HERMAN I. KANTOR CHARLES KLEIN NATHAN MINTZ ALVIN ROSENBERG JOSEPH SHAPIRO Class of I935 AARON D. CHAVES BERNARD I. KAPLAN JOSEPH SZILAGYI One Hundred and Thirfy-six TAU EPSILON PHI Founded in I9I0 Tweniy-eigI1'I Chapfers ZETA CHAPTER Esfablished In I9I5 Fra+res in FacuI'ra+e GEORGE DORF JACOB FRIEDMAN WILLIAM GOLDRING MURRAY F. BELENKOFF LEO WEISELBER6 EDWARD GRESSER JACK M. LEWIS HAROLD LIGGETT BENJAMIN MESSINGER Class of I934 Class of I935 IRVING S. BARCHAM RANDOLPH ROSENTHAL HAROLD GRUBIN S. SYM NEWMAN IRWIN WELLEN I-IIPPOLYTE WERTHEM MAXWELL M. SAYET EMANUEL KLOSK SAMUEL E. SCHWARTZ One Hundred and Thirfy seven ALICE WATERHOUSE LILLIAN DEM UTH ROSLYN WEICHSEL JENNIE PAKTER MILDRED OETJEN FLORENCE NATHANSON CAROLINE SILBERMAN ILONA HEIMAN One Hundred and Thirfy-eigh+ ZETA PHI Founded in I900 Seven Chapfers ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IN I925 Sorores in FacuI+a+e LUCY PARKER SUTTON ELAINE P. RALLI Sorores Ex+ra FacuI+a+e LOUISE GORDY CIass of I 935 JANET G. LESER VIRGINIA WALTMAN MARY LOU BYRD Class of I936 GRACE ALTENAU SOPHIA KLEEGMAN CHRISTINE GRUGGEL CATHERINE WELCH MARTHA TEWKSBURY EDNA THOMPSON ELIZABETH FELLER ELVIRA DE LEE JULIA VINOGRAD 1 4 1 Y 3 I V A r ! 1 i 2 N I PHI R. GIVNER J. H. GLOBUS SAMUEL C. BUKANTZ WILFRED DORFMAN SAMUEL EPSTEIN ALEXANDER HERSHOVIIZ JULIUS JOSEPHS SAMUEL BLOOM DANIEL DAVIS JACOB ARLOW JOSEPH GENNIS JULES GOLDSCHMIDT ROBERT CANAAN One Hundred and Foriy LAMBDA KAPPA Founded in I907 TI1ir+y-Eve Chapfers ETA CHAPTER Esiablished in I9I8 Fraires in Faculiaie IRA KAPLAN CHARLES MYRON KAPP Class of I934 SIDNEY LEVY JUSTUS KAUFMAN NATHAN MINTZ SAMUEL NISNEWITZ Class of I935 ABRAHAM FRIED JACK KATZ Class of I936 ALFRED LACHTERMAN JEROME MYER SOLOMON SELIKOFF Class of I937 LOUIS RAZINSKY J. A. YAGER LAZARUS ORKIN THEODORE RIMAI JACK ROMASCAN NATHAN SPECTOR JOSEPH SHAPIRO GEORGE SAYPOL BERNARD WEISS DAVID SILBERMAN EMANUEL WACHTEL RUDOLPH WAGNER JESSE HYMOWITZ H. HAROLD LARDARO CHARLES IMMORDINO JOHN LOCASCIO ALBERT DI MEO WALTER A. BILOTTA One Hundred and Forly-+wo LAMBDA PHI MU Founded in l920 Twelve Chapiers GAMMA CHAPTER Eslablished in' l92l Fraires in Faculfale Class of l934 FRANK CIAFONE Class of l935 SALVATORE PERNICIARO JOSEPH POLlTO ' Class of l93b Class of l937 JOHN LOPRESTI FRANK S. H. ADAMO JOHN GRAZIANI WlLLlAM TURANO PASOUALE A. CIOFFI EDWARD J. SALMERI 1 ! S F s ? l 1 f 1 1 2 i U u i l I l i X V I 1 i W I EMANUEL FREEDMAN SAMUEL STANDARD BRET RATNER HENRY c. FALK BENJAMIN SHERWIN HERMAN L. WENGER AARON BROWN ISADORE J. BRIGHTMAN MACEY KRONICK BERNARD T. ALBERG SIGMUND A. BRAHMS GERALD M. FEIGENOFF DAVID H. FEINBERG M URRAY ABRAMS BERNARD DIAMONDSTEIN I-IILLIARD DUBROW HARRY FEIN ELMER ALPERT BENJAMIN EFFRON PAUL GOODMAN TIBOR GREENBLATT LEO KOSOWSKY One Hundred and Forfy-four DELTA EPSILON Founded in l90I Fiffy-one Chap+ers BETA CHAPTER Es+ablisl1ed in I902 Fra'I'res in Facullale BENJAMIN BROWN HERMAN HORN EUGENE GREENWALD IRVING J. STRUMPF MILTON FRIEDMAN JOSEPH BAKWIN Class of I934 ALVIN ROSENBERG DONALD A. SHASKAN Class of I935 JOEL HARTLEY RAYMOND KAPLOW BENEDICT KURSHAN Class of I936 EUGENE HOI.LEB MYRON HERMAN NORMAN REITMAN SEYMOUR JACOBSON Class of I937 NATHAN MITCHELL SOLI MORRIS ELLIOT RINZLER HARVEY RINZLER HERMAN HORN LOUIS B. SACHS BERNARD ROBBINS LOUIS L. SHAPIRO MERDES WECHSLER MORRIS TOBIAS B. L. THOMMEN MEYER TEXON SIDNEY TUCKER MILTON LIEBERTHAL ELIAS A. SINDEL S. THEODORE SUSSMAN JULIUS TEPPER CLARENCE LIPKOFF LAWRENCE ROOSE HAROLD S. RUBIN CHARLES SIEGEL MURRAY ROSENTHAL LEONARD SMILEY SIDNEY KAHN LEONARD ROSENFELD EUGENE KAPLAN SAMUEL BROWN ROBERT CARLISLE ARTHUR WRIGHT GEORGE WALLACE WILLIAM PARK ARTHUR MANDEL WILLIAM NORTHRUP. RALPH G. DEVOE SAMUEL S. COOLEY FRANCIS A. GAGAN ROBERT S. GOODHART THOMAS R. FISTER GINO GIORGINI JULIUS H. BECKWITH DOMINICK F. CHIRICO THOMAS FOLEY ARNOLD KNUDSEN One Hundred and Forfy-six NU SIGMA NU Founded in I882 Thiriy-seven Chapiers Xl CHAPTER Esiablished in I897 Fra+res in FacuI+a+e A JOHN SAWHILL EDWARD KING HARRY O'CONNOR EDWARD LIVINGSTON EDWARD FISHER EDWARD DENCH LEE HURD Class of I934 JOHN S. LABATE HILMERT A. RANGES JOHN L. SLABEY Class of I935 EDWARD-J. MALLIN GEORGE H. STUECK, JR. Class of I936 GEORGE P. KOECK Class of I937 HARRY LOUDERBOUGH JOHN SARKIS EDWARD RIMER FRANCIS SOVAK ANTHONY BOGATKO ROBERT WALLACE FRANK C. COMBS ARTHUR KRIDA W. SPENCER GURNEE EVAN W. McCLAVE DAVID SPRING JOHN H. DOUGHERTY HAROLD W. GLASCOCK JOHN KANNENGEISER OUINBY GURNEE JAMES H. CULLEN FRANCIS M. BENEDETTO DANIEL TWOHIG RICHARD WALSH W v X xy -.hp ,V 11,2 'T MM V Q HARLOW BROOKS AUSTIN FLINT WILLIAM C. LUCK WARREN COLEMAN JOHN DOUGLAS CHARLES W. WALKER WILLIAM H. BARBER GEORGE A. KOENIG, GASTON LABAT LEON T. LE WALD GUSTAVE J. NOBACK WILLIAM E. STUDDIFORD HAROLD X. CONNOLLY JOHN J. KEATING RAYMOND BANTA HERBERT WOODEL GEORGE DEL MONTE DONALD J. BURNS WILLIAM C. DOLAN HENRY P. DONNELLY GEORGE E. EINTERZ One Hundred and Forly-eiqlwf PHI Founded in I886 Nine CI1ap+ers ALPHA CHAPTER Esfablished in I886 Frafres In Facullafe HOWARD FOX WILLIAM J. PULLEY WILLIAM M. FORD LUTHER B. MACKENZIE ARTHUR J. HUEY LEIGH F. STURGES LOUIS C. LANGE DAVID N. BARROWS ELMER I. HUPPERT LAMONT H. FISCHER FILIP J. WETTERVIK CHARLES J. IMPERATORI Class of I934 OSCAR PALATUCCI ADRIAN C. SCHOEDEL EINAR GUSTAFSON Class of I 93 5 S. ROBERT SCHIRO HARRY BALLWEG Class of I936 Class of I937 CHARLES FRIEDMAN JOHN HAGGERTY ALOYSIUS KELLY WILLIAM J. LENKOWSKI ARTHUR R. MADIGAN ALPHA SIGMA EUGENE F. RUSSELL HERBERT C. HANCOCK SABURO EMY JOSEPH CROCE THEODORE H. ELASSER EVERETT G. FAUSEL THOMAS J. GALVIN WILLIAM BARBARITO ALFRED A. JOHNSON EDWARD S. McSWEEBY HERMAN C. RUSSEL EDWIN M. SHEARER FRANK MOHR JOSEPH R. HELFRICK ANTONIO PISANI ROBERT KERR SALVATORE C. FAVATE HENRY E. MORELLI HERBERT F. MULHOLLAND FREDERICK POWELL RICHARD R. WINTER 1 . EMMANUEL APPELBAUM LOUIS A. BUNIM JOSEPH BECKER ARNOLD BACHMAN SIDNEY HARRIS GEORGE BROWN EDWIN COHN JOE BALLINGER TED BARNETT MAC BRAITMAN MILTON CANTOR DAVE COHEN DAN LUGER One Hundred and Fiffy SIGMA OMEGA PSI Founded in I9I2 Eighieen Chapiers GAMMA CHAPTER Established in I9I7 Fra+res in FacuI+aI'e DAVID L. ENGELSHER HARRY A. SOLOMON WILLIAM DIRECTOR ABRAHAM A. SHERMAN CIass of I934 CHARLES KLEIN ELLIOTT ORNSTEIN JULES REDISCH Class of I935 DAVID BERNSTEIN MAX HAMMERSCHLAG Class of I936 SOL FISHER ARTHUR FLEISCHMAN ABE KAHANE MILTON REDISCH CARL SCHILLER MORTIMER WEISS Class of I937 BOB GANS RAYMON MEIGEBOW BENJAMIN DUBOVSKY LOUIS WEINER LOUIS TULIPAN SIGMUND SIEGEL MATTHEW STEINER CARL KORNREICH HYMAN PLEASURE DAVE ROSS LESTER ROTHMAN BERNARD WOLF BEN WOLFMAN AL TEROWSKY PHIL SILVERMAN VIOLET SUBSCRIBERS ANATOMY B. H. DARRON H. D. SENIOR E. M. SHEARER BACTERIOLOGY J. A. KLOSTERMAN W. H. PARK C. R. TYLER CHEMISTRY R. K. CANNAN I. GREENWALD CLINICAL PATHOLOGY A. R. MANDEL DERMATOLOGY AND SYPHILOLOGY H. FOX L. TULIPAN MEDICINE S. A. BROWN J. G. M. BULLOWA J. J. BUNIM W. COLEMAN L. J. GOLDWATER C. McEWEN E. W. McLAVE W. J. PULLEY C. J. TYSON NEUROLOGY E. D. FRIEDMAN S. BROCK S. B. WORTIS OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY G. L. BOWEN H. T. BURNS O. A. GORDON F. C. HOLDEN A. W. REICH M. D. SPEISER OPTHALMOLOGY E. B. GRESSER W. W. WEEKS ORTHOPEDICS A. KRIDA J. C. McCAULEY OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY W. M. DICK J. W. FOWLKES J. S. HANLEY M. M. KAFKA I. MILLER E.. H. MOYLE PATHOLOGY C. NORRIS A. S. PRICE PEDIATRICS L. BERLINROOD I. CLAMAN G. PREVITALI E. S. RIMER C. H. SMITH PHARMACOLOGY A. S. MARRAZZI G. B. WALLACE PHYSIOLOGY J. NASH H. W. SMITH PSYCH IATRY M. S. GREGORY P. F. SCHILDER SURGERY W. H. BARBER A. S. BOGATKO E. EGGERS F. HUBER I. I. KAPLAN G. A. KOENIG E. M. LIVINGSTON S. MUFSON J. NELSON H. A. O'CONNOR S. RUBINFELD S. STANDARD R. P. WADHAMS H. M. WERTHEIM A. M. WRIGHT UROLOGY I A. T. OSGOOD W. M. McNEILL. Jr X-RAY I. S. HIRSCH One Hundred and Fuffy one WQEER f H7 J S SCIENTIFIC iggfgvwgnqf' 'XXV , v .K 'lxj X, ,Nth xi' ' x l Jig- iw gzsiklw Wlifjkjyzx 4' H, , hx . L XXX Q- Affrxk U'5'i'VVj xx It . ilmfff Davis 8: Geck, Inc. S+eriIe Surgical Sufures 0 2I7 DUFFIELD STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. The Crown LuncheoneHe 429 FIRST AVENUE Corner 2SLlz Strrct New York Ciiy Tel. BOgardus 4-9277 Docfors prescribe New Deal for fee+ in Pediforme Shoes! Pediforme's exclusive balancing "Ias+" adapTed To di1CferenT feeT-wiTh special glove like feet Age Range 52.75-SI2. l -l J A R I N ' S DELICATESSEN O Nex'r To The College American Hand Laundry 309 EAST 26+h STREET O Telephone BOgardus 4-94I3 S+andard Ring Co. Makers of The STANDARD BELLEVUE KEY I5 John Sfreel New York Cify Complimenis of .... Swan Cafe+eria 41: FIRST AVENUE corner 24Ih S+reeI O HOME MADE MEALS Ernsl' KnobIer's Sani+ary Bakery, Res'rauran+ BROOKLYN 322 LIVINGSTON STREET 4838 FLATBUSH AVENUE and I-Unch Room Evory+hing Baked on 'Ihe Premises Under Mosf Sanifary Condilions FRESH ROLLS 3 TIMES A DAY If You Wan+ 'Io Enioy u Good Meal Try Our Home Cooking Polile Service--Spoilessly Clean BRONX 2474 MORRIS AVENUE Give Us a Trial and Convince Yourself NEW ROCHELLE 545 NORTH EAST ORANGE 29 WASHINGTON PLACE Bet 23rd and 24+h Sis. New York SHOES 0F ALL DESCRIPTIO S 'H yu , lr: , A made to drderffor lame persons, deformities, weak ankles, Hat feet, I ,qt corns and bunions, etc. Shoes for Hat feet and cork adjusted shoes i 1 for deformed feet a specialty. J -fjfz. 1 We have Ladies', Gents' and Children's arch support- Q' 'lflfifg 1 ing shoes on hand, also arch supports. jg J K, J. H. BLOCK COMPANY Y -be Practical Orthopedic Shoemakers Xxx syfb xl 5...- New style, 146 Em ssa sneer NEW YORK, N. Y. Old 5Qy1e'Q,a,, be ,,m,,,,, Inside cork made to measure. We Issue no catalogues 10 YOUR' OWU shoe- BACTERIOLOGY SEROLOGY TISSUE PATHOLOGY PATHOLOGY CLINICAL MICROSCOPY CHEMISTRY BASAL METABOLISM The BENDINER 81 SCHLESINGER LABORATCRY SERVING THE PHYSICIAN OVER THIRTY-FIVE YEARS THIRD AVENUE and TENTH STREET NEW YORK CITY ONE si-:oar BLOCK FROM WANAMAKEWS HENRY T. BROOKS, M.D.. Director MESSENGER SERVICE Phone ALgonquin 4-2300 + 1 + 1 I. 8a D. Delicatessen and LUNCH ROOM One mother recently said: "Doctor, why Wholesome, Nourishing Food does Dickie's cough hang on so long, l've At Lowest Prices been goosing him with grease-grease every night" Asl: Your Fellow Students- "They're Satisfied" 'I' "' "' "' 4l9 FIRST AVENUE New Yorlr J. Beeber Co. The Safe Way Specializing in New and Used 'NIE Medical Laboratory Equipment We carry a complete line of husedxmicvscopes, dia- X59 h f , ' ' +, -RA ui +, LZLIZZI 'i55.?iS.Zf i.:,54:...Lg.:. .,.....:q..':,':a2.. Helped 3. Fryxelll Inc. We also Re-spray Old Equipment l78 SECOND AVENUE OPTICIANS lNenr l2th Streetl I3I5 YORK AVENUE N. Y. C. E. R. Fryxell, Pres. fxLgonquin 4-35l0 COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, LARYNGITIS, ASTHMA, E+c. GLYKERON is a parficularly efficacious producf, each consfilueni' of which serves a deiini+e purpose +ha+ is in perfeci' accord wilh 'rhe diclrafes of pharmacology and aclual experience in rhe Irea+menI' of coughs, colds and oI'her respiralory afiecfions. The anodyne and anfispasmodic eFFecI' of ihe preparalion on 'lrhe respiraiory syslem renders il' especially useful when cough is aliended wiih pain, dislurbed respira+ion, laborious expecloraiion or resilessness. DOSE: The adulr dose is one Io Iwo Ieaspoonfuls every Iwo or Ihree hours or af longer infervals as Ihe individual case requires. For children. from I0 drops Io one feaspoonful, according Io age. V MARTIN H. SMITH COMPANY I50 Lafeyeffe Sfreef, New Yorlr, N. Y. P O M E R O Y SURGICAL APPLIANCES The Sfandard for Over Sixiy Years Orfhopedic Appliances "MasI'er" Elasfic Sloclzings Ariiiiciel Limbs Abdominal Supporfers Wafer Pad Trusses Pomeroy Corsefs The Pomeroy Frame Truss and Mafernify Supporls P O M E R O Y I6 EAST 42nd STREET 400 EAST FORDHAM ROAD BROOKLYN BOSTON DETROIT NEWARK SPRINGFIELD WILKES-BARRE Depression or No Depression -in good Iimes and in bad- SERVAMUS FIDEM "We are Keeping Ihe Faith" lil Numerous acfiviiies in Ihe direcfion of keeping infanl feeding in The physician's hands lexample, pub- lic educaiional ads which have been published before and during 'rhe depressionl. l2l No public adverlis- ing of Mearcl Producls. Q31 No dosage direclions or formulae fo laymen. Mead Johnson 81 Co. Evansville, lnd., U.S.A. Pioneers in Vilamin Research Complimenis of . . . Bellevue lnn THE CLASS OF '34 GOES ON WELL-SERVED IP.-C' 'M-1. A Meri: of Disfincfion for Over a Quarfer Cenfury CYSTOSCOPES and ALLIED INSTRUMENTS Diagnosfic lnsfrumenfs for Eye, Ear, Nose and Throaf Pros+a+ic Resecfion Equipment and Thoracic Operafing lns+rumen+s American Cysfoscope Makers, Inc. Esfablished in I908 by Reinhold H. Wappler FREDERICK C. WAPPLER, Presidenr 450 WHITLOCK AVE. New York, U.S.A.. ERG pl SMITH? f' .f L gigj. I 1 ,...:..........7M N f K 1' . 2 ,eff 2+ f .1 if , , .-1 My X , , f f QW571' f , .. .c xi! f f i -2-SQ 'fi ,fi f y 1 , -' s f 1 I9 s ff . 5 YZF! I I 'a"- if .- W ,f , ,-..w,a. ,JW QX ' , f3Qif3Q:W .r , NW ty 4 1.,12 '1'c..Ju , V ' x , 91 V ., I O Mitzi, i . rg My ' i,,a.,,, millll ..iuai55l 4 s Amenorrhea - Dysmenorrhea Menorrhagia - Menopause Today, as For years, Ergoapiol Csmithl is the accepted medicament in combating those menstrual anomalies which may be traced to constitutional disturbances, atonicity ot the reproductive organs, inflammatory conditions of the uterus or its appendages, mental emotion or exposure to the elements. The physician readily can ascertain whether his prescription for Ergoapiol fSmithD has been correctly Filled by dividing the capsule atthe seam, thus revealing theinitialsM.l-LS. embossed on the inner surface, as shown in photographic enlargement. Literature on request. MARTIN H,SMlTH C0---iso LAFAYETTE ST---New YORK CITY wk lk Ill fk lvluskegon, Mich., Dec. lb- lvirs. George Earl, who gave birth to a nine year old girl, is reported as doing time. A. J. Dill, ot Farley, who suttered a broken leg in the same accident, is recovering. Milwaukee Tageblatt lA.P.-l Pl lk Pk HINDLE "ALL ELECTRlC" ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH The Science of Electrocardiography has been developed in the United States almost entirely upon the "Hindle" Electrocardiograph. CAMBRIDGE L 3732 Grand Central Terminal, New York City FROM THE MEDICAL JOURNAL: A tew years ago a child was sent to me with eczema and asthma, who proved to be sensitive to -horse and cattle hair, and a number ot toods. l-le had two nurses. Une he would allow at the bedside. the second he obiected to. Upon the latter administrating to him, his respiration rose trom thirty to ninety with no rise in tem- perature. Caretul questioning revealed that nurse number two was wearing silk bloomers. These being removed, the child's respirations rapidly returned to normal, and his objection to the nurse vanished. THE ARTHUR STUDIOS considers if a privilege and pleasure +o have been connecied wi+h Ihe cons+ruc+ion of fhe Bellevue Violet We wish +o fhainlc +he EcIi+or, Joseph J. Friedman, and +he Business Manager, Maxwell M. Sayef, for Iheir kind co-operafion exiended. x THE ARTHUR srumos, INC. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR MANY OF THE LEADING COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. I3I WEST 421ncI STREET NEW YORK CITY SPECIALIZATION . . . . ls fhe lceyno+e of fine producrion foday. The Bellevue College medical men being specialisfs Themselves 'rurn fo specialis+s for 'rhe prin+ing of 'rheir yearbook. On our funda- menlal pracrice of fine prin+ing, we have buill' 'rhe special ar+ of yearbook designing. , H H . . . We have had +he pleasure of producing +he VIOLET 'For lhree successive years. We are parficularly proud 'lo have had a parl' in The making of 'rhe I934 annual because of i+s originalily of con+en+ and Hs excellence of form. We are grareful 'fo Jrhe edi'ror, Joseph J. Friedman and 'lo 'lhe business manager. Maxwell M. Sayer for Their conslanf consideralion and coopera+ion. C O M E ' THE comer PRESS 2632 ATLANTIC AVENUE BROOKLYN. NEW YORK NEW YORK Telephones APplega+e 6-9080-I P R E S S BROOKLYN Adverlisemenls Alpha Omega Alpha Anafomy Allzins, Richard T. Bacreriology Barber's Elegy Bloods Brown, Elmer Ellsworlh Carlino, Liddy Cerebral Vacuole Chancellor, lnlroduclion lo Chase, Harry Woodburn Chemisfry Class Hisfory Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Clinical Palhology Conlenfs Dedicaiion Dermalology De Voe, R. Edilor Thinks Faculfy Fealures Forensic Medicine Foreword Four Plagues Fowllres, J. Winsion, Dr. Frafernifies Freshman Class Hisfory Freshman Class Phofos Freshman Class Rosler Gynecology Hippocralic Oalh Hospifal Appoinlmenis House Commiffee Humor Hunf for a Hernia Impossible .Conversalions ln Memoriam Junior Class Hislory Junior Class Phoios Junior Class Rosler Lambda Phi Mu Lasf Reflex L'Envoi Luefic Limericlxs 44. 45, I0l II3, 94, 96. 78, Bl, INDEX McEwen, Currier Medicine Miliiary Science Neurology Nicefies of Medical Conversalion Nighf on M3 Norris, Charles Nos+algia Nu Sigma Nu Obs+efrics Oplhalmology Orlhopedics Ofc-Rhino-Laryngology Palhology Pedialrics Pharmacology Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Delia Epsilon Phi Lambda Kappa Physiology Prevenlive Medicine Psychialry Radiology Revised Laboralory Code Secrelariaf , Senior Class Rosler Senior Class Hisrory Sigma Omega Psi Smifh, Charles Hendee Sophomore Class Hislory Sophomore Class Pholos Sophomore Class Rosler Sfewarl, George David, Dr. Slewarl, George David, Memorial Page Slrange lnferlude Sludenf Associalion Subscribers Surgery Tau Epsilon Phi Urology Views Violef Dance Violei' Sfaff Pholos We Do Our Parl Welch, William Sociely Well Said Wyckoff, J. H. Zeia Phi ' 36 23 37 24 l32 I27 36 I2 I46 22 25 26 27 28 29 30 I48 I44 I40 3l 37 32 33 I28 4I 47, 74 44, 46 l50 5, 7 88 86. 87 89, 9l l05, I06 IO4 I24, l26 IO9, IIO l5I 34 I37 35 38, 76, 84 II6 I00 I32 I I I, I I2 l32 I6 I38 AUTOGRAPHS

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