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 - Class of 1931

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-ll KVUWUIMYZUWWU U Uwuuuuu UUULUU J JUUJDQVULN vu-luuu x Uu IU luux v .1 'f F lv. l'l IVJ lvl IVI lil 'vnu l1l IVI IVI nl U1 IVA lvl UI PI IWWIVIWAIWPIlVM"lWlV1l1IlVll'Il'IlWllVllVll'll"1l'Il'H' In nn 'uiuauut 'H 'H I - - A E A A-lQ,mZ,,i,,L,,,,,,x,1,,m,l,m 'Q"1"Z'T't'j:'f:': 1v1":'W".":'jfzffj:":'j:"t:"111 "" :',1".":":g -"- LIBRIS 00" 1 1 AD I E :1 5 E 5 L I I 1 w 4 B4 E I S fx f , .,., ... . . 1 n, -1- n u,-n-n yn- mu- nu w nw- vw 'H "WH""""""""""f"""" """' ""' """" ,wLw,w.y w v,v,w.w.wu.uv.w.v.v.wuwww.' szus.v.uwup.wg:v.s2y,wy:w,w.w,WH AU,U V-W- W-051 999-H 0.-N l .n - . -.Ti r-1 . ' i'A i' L' 1- 'WF --IWZWF N !1,, ,I fl h F - n' vn'n'ufu'nvn'u'a I lW.U :6.3-X-WIVIWKVYWNKBVIYIY ' , ' ' U ' 'lxru Y '-"-ii '-i-W - vf?f -fgj'-"K Y' -, f,Y?.--.....,.,..l1'i',f1'i'..fI1I1f",-'jf.1--'f"L'L.',1",-,. ' --- ,hy .J j d ! l-4 '4 .ew - ' X F ' ' Y v u , - - -- s a n ggql-if --samm ' -- --. ,..-1 x. ' "-- s-sz. ., -XN , Li .Ss X-. xx X X N. QQ! X? 'lull COPYRIGHT l93l SIDNEY D. BECKER Edifor J. H. BUCHBINDER Business Manager IN BELLEVUE VIOLET UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE HOSPITAL. MEDICAL COLLEGE . U V NEW YORK VOLUME SEVEN - l93l FRCDNTISPIECE 'Z Tl-IE PHYSICIAN FOREWORD As an aHes'ra+ion 'ro The Spiril' of Bellevue And a recoqnifion of +hose alumni whose services To socieiy are 'rhe greafer epi- +ome of 'rha'r Spirit As an acknowledgmeni +o lhe men who cas+ lhe lighr in+o 'rhe many dark corners in+o which we as s'ruden+s siagnaieg And as a record of lasfinq friendships and hours of joy and roilg If all This has been embodied in 'rhe pages of ihis Tome Then our purpose has no'r been in vain. EDITCDIQIAL BCDARD J SIDNEY D. BECKER Edi+or J. H. BUCHBINDER Business Manager J. H. WYCKOFF Facul+y Advisor Associafes SIDNEY LIC!-IT Picforial Edi'ror LEONARD TUSI-INET Assis+an+ Edi+or ' MELVIN STONE Sub'rle+ies Edi+or T ICAHO CDRDER CDF THE BOOKS f wxtdlix' ' K NGN Z KVNCQMK X, X Wow. at o 1 z tzackzx when z muo ucmg us to z Kdmc 'navz not can wx 'Jam Me man vlkosz no cvotx n ko mtzxzsk o c u cnt as vi n xm mczuzsk vegan 'YXPROXD 0 a cckxonatd Acaxcakz 'ms out o at 2' Z' ,.5 K M ' A' mc! b . . 'Yak 6 A 'o We' Mk std M ok' om 5 A To ' .sv.x4xoa, 'Nei ' 4 ' lv, NIU. of ' S.. vm he l83 ' .Y,lQl-EI IXTY-THREE young men are huddled in fhe corner of a large room on fhe fop floor of a dingy red brick building. lf is warm oufside and in, buf a cooling breeze driffs in from fhe river, which is iusf barely visible pasf fhe fenemenfs. lf evaporafes fhe suspicion of moisfure on brows and palms-fhaf befrays fhe appre- hension which fhey sfrive fo hide beneafh a casual exferior, like a small boy in a haunfed house. Round abouf sfand fhirfy odd sfone fables. which vivid imaginafion already populafes wifh fheir grisly obiecfs, and fhe fhoughf brings on momenfary shudders. Very soon fhey will be cheerfully hacking away wifh scalpel and forceps: buf fhaf fime is yef fo come. So fhey mill around uneasily, making fhe same quasi humorous, frife remarks fhaf counfless groups before fhem have made-unfil fhere emerges fhrough a door in fhe far end of fhe room a slighf, erecf figure enshrouded in an odd sorf of gown. wifh a long collar lying across fhe shoulders like a hood fhrown back. l-le approaches, and one nofes firsf fhe head of grey-whife hair, surmounfing a pleasanf counfenance lined and seamed, ifs chief feafure a pair of quizzical and fwinkling eyes. ln his hands he holds a clavicle-hands remarkably large and sfrong looking for so slighf a figure-hands so knowing and so sure in fheir maneuvers, as fhey find ouf lafer. l-lis speech is clipped: whaf we consider as fypically English: fhaf makes of "lab- orafory" one syllable. l-le calls fhe roll-and fhis is our infroducfion fo osfeology, 'ro medicine, and fo Dr. l-larold Senior. Tewin is a village in fhe counfy of l-lerefordshire, one of fhe innumerable English boroughs nof quife large enough fo impress geographers wifh fhe necessify of mapping fhem. buf represenfing fo fheir inhabifanfs fhe ulfimafe in desirabilify in size and comforf. Round abouf lie fhe broad and carefully filled fields of fhe pleasanf English counfryside, and exisfence here is serene. lf is in Tewin, early in fhe l8fh cenfury, fhaf fhere are records exfanf of fhe firsf Senior. l-le seems fo have been a freeholder, and probably inherifed his land in fhe usual way from his forebears, over whom fhe veil of obscurify lies. lf was on Ocfober 30, I87O, fhaf l-larold Senior was born af Croydon-fhe fhird of a family of six: greaf. greaf grandson of fhe Tewin landholder and descended on his mofher's side from a family of merchanfs in fhe China frade. . ln fhe usual course of an English lad's life, he was senf fo a boarding school. fhis one on fhe Kenfish coasf. l-lis main inferesf fhen befrayed no sign of virfuosify- nofhing fo disfinguish him from youngsfers fhe world over. l-le wanfed fo be a loco- mofive engineer. l-le had always liked fhings mechanical, fhis being associafed wifh fhe desire fo fake fhing aparf: perhaps a herald of his fufure acfivifies. lfxl' fhis poinf, if was fhe inquisifor's pleasure. and he cannof refrain from sharing if wifh counfless sufferers who have wrifhed under fhe same quesfion, fo presenf fo Dr. Senior fhaf delighfful poser, "Why did you sfudy Medicine?"l. The Seniors had many friends in fhe Royal Navy. One nighf, while sfrolling along fhe shore, The fafher furned fo his fhree sons and suggesfed fhaf if be a fine fhing for a young man fo become a naval surgeon. lf was iusf a pafernal suggesfion fo young minds groping abouf for a fufure. yef fhe seed implanfed fhaf nighf germi- nafedz fhe resulf being fhaf all fhree sfudied medicine, alfhough only fhe eldesf wenf info fhe service. Careers represenf a peculiar sequence of evenfs. in refrospecf. One nofes his compromises, bold sfeps. hesilancies, buf ulfimafely if is accidenf and forfuifous Tenfh Page lgggi-l--'ffiBlguLEvuE VIQ-LET- '1l93l circumsfance fhaf decide. lfs mosf consfanf feafure is absence of a 'rriumph of innafe desires over circumsfancesg buf peace of mind comes only wifh gracious accepfance of 'rhe inevifable. ln I892. young Senior became a licenfiafe of fhe College of Physicians of London, and member of fhe College of Surgeons of England. One wenf sfraighi' info medicine from school in fhose days, alfhough fhe schools of Europe included prac- fically 'rhe firsf fwo years of an American college. Readers of previous yearbooks do nof require fo be informed once again fhaf fhe sfudy of medicine in fhose days was considerably differenf fhan if is now. The frue universify spirif prevailed: one worked or loafed as one wished. The fierce compefifion fhaf exisfs foday was fhen unknown. All fhe school expecfed was suffi- cienf preparafion before 'raking fhe licensing examinafion. As a resulf of fhis loose sysfem, many a youngsfer wenf fo pieces-exfremes of liberfy and oppression being equally dangerous fo moral welfare. l-le spenf his 'rwo years of inferneship af Charing Cross l-lospifal, and fhis was followed by a year af Durham. l-lere he became a bachelor of medicine. The requiremenfs for an M. D. in England differ from fhose in America. One graduafes from school as a bachelor, and fo obfain The docforafe, from one fo fwo years musi' elapse, and a graduafe fhesis musf be presenfed. One year was fhe requiremenf af Durham, buf a good many more passed before if was confirmed- fo be exacf, in l9I8, while he was on leave from Bellevue fo do war work af 'rhe Middlesex War l-lospifal. l-lis fhesis was "Anomalies of The Arferies of fhe Leg and Foo1'," for which he was presenfed 'rhe gold medal for fhe besf fhesis of fhe year. ln I894 he refurned fo Charing Cross as demonsfrafor in Anafomy, lafer becom- ing medical regisfrar. Alfhough he fook and passed fhe examinafion for an ERCS, Dr. Senior had no infenfion of becoming a surgeon. l-le did plan 'ro pracfice infernal medicine in London, and fo be connecfed wih his old hospifal as a member of fhe honorary sfaff. Unforfunafely, fhe regisfrarship he held af 'rhe firne was fenable for only fwo years: and fhe nexf age of refiremenf on 'rhe sfaff was fhree long years off. A fime comes in every young man's life when opporfunify furns away wifhouf knocking-when fhe fufure lies plainly before a dull exisfence. l-le casfs around for a clear field, noi' necessarily a cleared one. for hardships are no defermenf. If he lives in a counfry like England, which presenfs innumerable examples of men in similar predicamenfs, who have gone fo fhe four corners of fhe earfh and become greai' successes and empire builders, his course is inevifable. This is 'rhe general sifuafion. The specific one was more depressing. The uncer- fainfy of geffing 'rhe appoinfmenf evenfually, fhe difficulfy of making a living in London wifhouf going info general pracfice. which would disqualify him for a fufure posifion in consulfing pracfice-fhese drove him oui' of London. Buf pracfice in fhe counfry was equally disfasfeful, when all good cases find fheir way fo fhe big cenfers. Rebellion againsf fhese circumsfances drove him fo a far-off Brifish Columbia mining camp in l897, as fhe prodromes of gold fever were breaking ouf. Life in fhe fown of Rossland in fhe upper Koofenai Valley musf have provided some sfrange confrasfs +o fhe young docfor. buf nofhing is sfranger fhan fhe miracu- lous power of fhe English fo adapf fheir environrnenf fo fhemselves, which is fhe basis of fheir colonial success. Amidsf fhese crude surroundings, affer fen years of clinical work, Dr. Senior's inferesf became crysfallized ouf in Anafomy. Nosfalgia for fhe laborafory, perhaps surfeifed wifh a fronfier exisfence, and an opporfunify fo mingle once more wifh 'rhe sfreams of scienfific fhoughf fhaf were flowing so swiffly as discovery followed discovery, are probable facfors which led him +o accepi' fhe posf of demonsfrafor of Anafomy af 'rhe now defuncf lvledico Chirurgical College af Philadelphia. Two years were spenf here, and in l904 he wenf fo 'rhe Wisfar lnsfifule of Eleven1h Page i"i'iiI '-ffii3igLLEvTuE xTloLETl-4.1.--.losi Anafomy. In I907 he held fhe chair of Anafomy af Syracuse Universify. and in I9lO he was called fo Bellevue. as Professor of Anafomy. fo perform fhe fask of reorganizing fhe Anafomy sfaff on a laborafory and research basis. The gross and microscopical anafomy deparfmenfs in I9IO were, fo be more fhan charifable, rafher casual in 'rheir insfrucfion. The sfaff in fhe gross anafomy laborafory consisfed of young surgeons whose inferesf in fhe sfudenfs was a less conspicuous feafure fhan fheir desire fo review fheir Anafomy. The microscopical anafomy deparfmenf required fhe use of ifs insfrumenfs af fimes fo defecf evidences of ifs imporfance in fhe curriculum. Whaf 'reaching fhere was fook place in fhe pafhology laborafory. Wirh characferisfic energy and fhoroughness, Dr. Senior proceeded fo renovafe fhis musfy and sfafic deparfmenf. From fhe presenf "mike anafomy lab" were removed fwo small amphifheafres used for demonsfrafions and quizzing, and in fheir place were insfalled fhe flaf fables sfill in use. The sfaff. as if fhen exisfed. was sef fo work making fhe beginnings of a permanenf sef of microscopic preparafions in hisfology and embryology. The bacferiology deparfmenf was evicfed from fhe fiffh floor of fhe Carnegie Building, and if was made over info a preparafion room, a library, and privafe research room for fhe sfaff. Lafer fhe denfal school sfaff fook up quarfers here. also on a research basis. A large series of fhoracic abdominal and pelvic casfs were prepared fo supplemenf fhe knowledge derived from dissec- fion of fhe so-called human specimens. These proved of value nof only here, buf in ofher schools in fhis counfry and abroad, fo which many models were disfribufed. To bring abouf fhese improvemenfs in maferials, facilifies, equipmenf, course of sfudy, and esfablishmenf of fhe sfaff on a research basis required a vasf amounf of efforffand fhe fruifs of fhis labor are well depicfed, if one considers fhe various Professors of Anafomy af differenf insfifufions who began as humble assisfanfs under Dr. Senior's fufelage. To be a good feacher, one musf also be a masfer in fhe field: and in recognizing his abilify in organizafion, we musf nof overlook his achievemenfs in his own special field, fhe vascular sysfem of fhe human body. ln recognifion of his work, he was awarded an honorary Sc. D. from Syracuse Universify. Dr. Senior nexf furned his affenfion foward resurrecfion of fhe college library. The bundles of papyri 'rhen fhen were presided over by an Egypfian deify named O'ReiIly, who was affempfing fo converf himself gradually info a mummy by fhe use of a very pofenf embalming fluid. Firsf, fhe deify was removed and The cafacombs dusfed ouf. Alfhough fhe granf from fhe will of Egberf Le Fevre was greafly responsi- ble for fhe library's developmenf, Dr. Senior's insfrumenfalify in inferesfing ofhers in ifs welfare has resulfed in ifs progressively increasing value fo fhe school. His inferesf in fhe welfare of fhe sfudenfs has never achieved open recognifion because his efforfs along fhese lines were nof fhe sorf fhaf lend fhemselves well fo publicizing. Neverfheless, fo cife an insfance, as a resulf of his affiliafion wifh fhe curriculum commiffee. remarkable progress has been made, characferized chiefly by changes which have kepf pace closely wifh advancemenf in science and increase in facilifies. This may represenf his academic inferesf. His social inferesf in sfudenfs is affesfed by his connecfions wifh fhe Medical Sfudenfs Club. He has been Presidenf of fhe American Sociefy of Anafomisfs, one of fhe edifors of fhe Journal of Anafomy, and Confribufor fo our familiar Morris' Anafomy. And here lef us pause in fhis discourse of a man's achievemenfs. These affribufes are impressive. buf fhey do nof endear. To accomplish fhe quife insurmounfable fask of gaining more fhan mere approbafion from a large group of deferminedly cynical youfh requires, among ofhers. a cerfain charm of manner: if requires, nof only fhe capacify fo undersfand fheir vagaries, buf above all, a sympafhefic under- sfanding. The fribulafions of fhe beginner in medicine necessifafe no commenf here: and whosoever eases fhem, nof by lighfening fhe burden, buf by making fhaf burden Twelffh Page ,l.i.-- -1 1-11-1 n ..- . easier fo bear, is deserving of efernal regard. And now, when we have achieved a modicum of confidence in our abilify. and leave fhe halls where we have been cloisfered from worldly confacf, fo fake our places in sociefy as responsible members fhereof, may we ever fhink kindly of fhe man who more fhan any ofher led young feef along .fheir firsf sfumbling sfeps in fhe pafh of medicine. Tl-IE NOVICE Breafhless he sfands, and sidelong glances Af brofher candidafes befrays The frembling awe, scarce hidden 'Neafh fhe smiling mask of nonchalance. The long whife coaf, fhe shiny knife, Emblems, now as in fhose disfanf days When darkesf nighfs and ufmosf secrecy Were wonf fo hide from profane eyes The search for Trufh in Man- Are his, and his fhe well-earned righ+ To enfer in fhe sacred Mysferies l-lis preparafions arduous. never-ceasing work, Are naughf in fhese few momenfs When. wifh awkward hands he cufs fhe skin "From occipuf 'ro Lumbar Two" lOh! famous words, +radifion's formulall Friend and Brofherl You are one Wifh all fhaf earnesf band . From dire anfiquify sfill seekinq Life in Deafh. Vesalius' companions, remember evermore Your vows unspoken! Nigh+ and day Press on-fhe Healing Rod your goal! Iliirleenfh Page STLIYVESAIXIT INSTITUTE ' TI IIIIIII III - III TI-IE FIRST MEDICAL BUILDING , UW n I1 i 7-M fw FACULTY T8:5i'-1"-SDSFSF'TF 'BELLEVUE VIOT.ET1"-"---L'-lF?3I ........i-1-1- I OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION OF THE UNIVERSITY ELMER ELLSWORTH BROWN, PI'1.D., LL.D. Chancellor LE ROY KIMBALL, A.M. Compfroller HAROLD O. VOORI-IIS, Sc.B., A.M. Secretary HENRY G. ARNSDORF, A.B. Regis+rar W. RAYMOND HENDERSHOT, B.C.S. Bursar MARSHALL S. BROWN, PI1.B., A.M. Dean of I'I'1e FacuI'ries OFFICERS OF TI-IE COUNCIL OF NEW YORK UNIVERSITY FRED I. KENT PresicIen'I WILLIAM MORGAN KINGSLEY, A.M., LL.D. Vice-Presidemk and Treasurer HAROLD O. VOORHIS, A.M. Secre+ary ad in+erim OFFICERS OF TI-IE SENATE OF NEW YORK UNIVERSITY CHANCELLOR E. BROWN, Ph.D., LL.D. CHARLES H. SNOW, Sc.D., C.I. ARCHIBALD L. BOUTON, A.M., LiH.D. ARTHUR H. NASON, PI1.D. ALVIN C. BUSSE, A.M. Presidenr Vice-Presideni' SecreI'ary Direc'Ior of Public Occasions Direc+or of Ihe Universify Press Sixfeenfh Page CHANCELLGR ELMER ELLSWQRTH BRCDWN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CCDLLEGE 1875 to I898 "ni 9F"' , ...Wa , , s. .J -. --W- !83l.---2"TBELLEVUE VIOLET l93l PREFACE TQ Tl-TE FACULTY SECTION E have aTTempTed, in This secTion, To presenf a hisTory of our faculTy, pasT and presenT, in an informal and modern manner. ln order ThaT The reader may peruse iT infelligibly, a synopsis of The hisTory of The college is essenfial. A cenTury ago There was buT one medical school and one universify in America's largesT ciTy. lnsTiTuTions for advance sfudy were springing up all over The counTry. A group of farsighfed members of The communiTy, realizing The urgency for furfher educafional cenTers in This ciTy, meT To found The UniversiTy of The Cify of New York, wiTh provisions for a medical branch. A decade passed before The laTTer hope was an acTualiTy. In Their desire To have The original faculTy equal To any, They elecfed as professors men.of greaf eminence--ValenTine MoTT, Granville PaTTison, John Revere, Marfyn Paine, Gunning Bedford and John W. Draper, who added digniTy To The new underfaking by purchasing The Sfuyvesanf lnsTiTuTe aT 659 Broadway, one of The finesT buildings in New York, for insTrucTion. The school soon aTTracTed so many sTudenTs from all over The easT, souTh and Europe Thaf a new building, wiTh larger seaTing capaciTy was required, and Ten years affer iTs incepfion The school was moved To EasT l4Th STreeT, adioining The Academy of Music. The Treafy had iusT been signed aT Appomaffox when The building was parfially desTroyed as a resulT of a fire in The Academy. AfTer a Temporary home in The New York l-lospiTal, The college moved To The sife now occupied by Osborne Hall. which soon proved inadequafe, and from l875 unTil I898 insTrucTion was given aT 4lO Easf 26Th STreeT, picfured on The opposiTe page. In l86O The Medical Board of Bellevue l-lospifal urged +haT a medical school be affached To iT, as was cusfomary in Europe. The incorporafion was complefed The following year. The renown of The original faculfy, TogeTher wiTh The easy access To unlimifed clinical and necropsy maferial, soon made The Bellevue l-lospiTal Medical College one of The mosT famous in The counTry. The original faculfy consisTed of Taylor as PresidenT, Ausfin FlinT The firsT and second, Doremus, EllioT, Barker, Childs, McCready, Hamilfon, Wood and Sayre. In i898 The Two insTiTuTions uniTed and occupied The presenT buildings. The building on FirsT Avenue was added in l904. ln recording The hisTory of The faculTies of These Three insTiTuTions we have lisfed only Those who held The chairs in Their respecfive deparTmenTs. Since many held more Than one chair Their picTure and accounT appear buT once: buT for The sake of complefeness, each is menTioned chronologically in every deparTmenT he direcTed. The skeTches are noT inTended To be biographical, buT raTher To Tell of Their versaTilTy, how They were judged by Their conTemporaries, and are vigneTTes sufficienT for reminiscence To The pasT generafion of Their school days spenT wifh These men. To This end we have drawn from sources Too numerous To menTion, buT especially are we indebTed To Those professors who answered our plea for a hisTory of Their prede- cessorsq They are DocTors Carlisle, Dench, Fox, Krida, Osgood, STewarT and Wallace. THE EDITOR. Ninefeenfh Page DEAN if 'Q SAMUEL ALBERTUS BROWN I 9 I 6 Professor of Tl'1erapeu+ics since rhe age of 43. M.D., D.P.H.-New York Universi+y. Pres. N. Y, Academy of Medicine from I926-8 Consul+ing Physician +o Bellevue, Willard Parker and French Hospi+ais. SECRETARY l u l l JOHN HENRY WYCKOFF I 9 I 7- M.D.-New York, AM. ll-lon.l-Rufgers, Direc+or. Third Medical Division, Bellevue l-lospi+al. Consulling Physician lo S+. Johns, Nyack, Rockaway . Beach l-lospifals. Consullring Cardiologisf 'l'o Misericorclia l-lospilal. ANATOMY UNIVERSITY GRANVILLE S. PATTISON lI84I-I85Il. Held fhe chairs in analomy al' Mary- land, London and Jefferson. and 'lhen al 'rhis ins+i'ru+ion which he helped found ..... In spi+e of a slighl lisp and Sco++ish accenl his enlhusiasm, charm and clearness would keep even lhe dullesl sludenf awake during his Ieclures or dernonslralions .... Took an ac'rive inleresl in 'rhe eslablishmenl' ol The Grand Opera House in Ihis cily. WILLIAM H. VAN BUREN H852-I866l. WILLIAM DARLING H866-I884l. Born in England in I8I5 .... "Was a cousin of Grace Darling, lhe lighlhouse heroine." . . . Was induced by Valenline Moll' +o s'ludy medicine, whose proseclor he Ialer became. and was a member of Ihe firsl class Io graduale from Ihis College .... He proceeded wilh his sludies al' Ihe Royal College of Surgeons in England, and a+ 'rhe lime ol his dealh was i+s only American Fellow. LEWIS A. STIMSON lI885-l888l. The falher of 'rhe presenl secrelary of Slale, Henry L. Sfimson .... Sludied in Paris, bul received his medical degree from 'rhe Bellevue Hospilal Medical College .... Was an auI'hori+y on fraclures. aboul which he wrole a classic +rea+ise. GEORGE WOOLSEY lI89O-I898l. A Irequenl and versalile operalor, besl' known for his con+ribu+ions Io Ihe surgery of The slomach and brain .... His "Applied Surgical Ana+omy" was 'Ihe slandard manual among sludenls for a decade. ' BELLEVUE JOHN W. S. GOULEY lI86I-I86ll. TIMOTHY CHILDS lI86I-l865l. STEPHEN SMITH Il867-I872l. ALPHEUS B. CROSBY lI872-I877l. Was a1Clec+iona+ely called "Dr. Ben." +0 dislinguish him from his illuslrious falher, "Dr, Dixi." . . . As a surgeon in 'rhe Civil War, he supervised +he building of Ihe firsl' compIe+e mililary hospilal consfrucled in America .... "He was eloquent nol' flashy. buf dex+rous." JOSEPH D. BRYANT II878-I897l. I GEORGE D. STEWART II897-I898I. lConcludecl on Page ?6l Twenly-second Page ANATQMV 4 HAROLD DICKINSON SENIOR I9IO- Professor of Analfomy since 'rhe age of 40 MB.. M.D.-Durham. F.R.C.S. SCD. U-lon.j-Syracuse Universify "" 'I ml-Bggigvug VIOIEMET IQ3I 1 AIXIATGMY HAROLD D. SENIOR, Head of Dep'+. BERTRAM G. SMITH Associafe Professor GUSTAVE J. NOBACK Associa+e Professor INeuro-AnaI'omyI JOSEPH H. GLOBUS Ins'rruc'rors EDWIN M. SHEARER A. A. NEUWIRTI-I J. FREDERICK THACKSTON Assisfani' M. J. TOBIAS Twenfy-fourfh Paqe ,1....i1..... . ..1-11.1. .i..l..1.1.1.. . -T.-...i I33' BE'-I-EYU-EEYlOl-,ET .I93' BACTERIOLOCY AND I-IYCIENE Professor WILLIAM H. PARK AssisIan+ Professor I-IOMER N. CALVER Lecfurers W. H. GUILFOY S. JOSEPI-IINE BAKER JULIUS KLOSTERMAN CI-IARLES R. TYLER A. J. PROVOST, JR. BRET RATNER MAY C. SCI-IRODER WILLIAM F. SNOW E. I-I. MARSH ISRAEL WEINSTEIN InsIruc+ors GEORGIA COOPER I-IERMAN GERBER RUTI-I W. KIDD CAROLYN OLDENBUSCI--I PAULINE EPSTEIN ANGELICA I-IOVEY I-IELEN GRUEI-IL LASZLO L. REINER LUCY MISI-IULOW KATI-IRYN W. SMALL Twenfy-fif+I1 Page BACTERIOLOCY AND I-IYCJIENE UNIVERSITY BENJAMIN MCCREADY H852-I853l. Born in This ciTy in I8I3, laTer becoming Physician To iTs Tombs . . . Taughf aT The N. Y. College of Pharmacy .... wroTe daily for The New York Tribune .... was a sfrong friend of The slaves, and was senT To Canada by his newspaper To inquire info "The condifion of fugifive slaves" . . . "was a very domesfic man, being Twice married." S. OAKLEY VANDER POEL H883-I886l. Was appoinTed Surgeon General of This STaTe by Governor King in l857 . . . afTer The Civil War he was called To The chair of Pafhology aT Albany Medical .... In I87O he was appoinfed I-lealTh Officer of The PorT of N. Y., and fulfilled his posiTion so well Thaf on Two occasions The Ship Owners' Sociefy published a resolufion of i'rs appreciaTion on "The honesf and Thorough way in which he did his difficulf duTy." BELLEVUE EDWARD K. DUNI-IAM H892-I898l. Worked under Koch, especially on The cholera vibrio .... On his reTurn To America became bacferiologisf To The STaTe of IvlassachuseTTs . . . Then became direcfor of The Carnegie Laborafory here. . . . Wrofe a TexTbook of hisTology, and laTer. in coniuncfion wiTh his brofher-in-law, Dakin, wroTe a handbook of anTisepTics . . . "if he Tackled any problem, he did nof consider his Task complefed unTil he had Tracked down all The minuTesT cleTails" . . . an example of This is his war hisfory of "Empyema," wriffen for The Surgeon General's library .... "One of The rnosf brillianf men in The hisfory of The school, he was also one of iTs mosl' modesT." . UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE EDWARD K. DUNI-IAM H898-I899l. ANATOMY lConTinued from Page 22l UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE GEORGE D. STEWART H898-I908I. JOI-IN F. ERDMAN H898-I899l. Chair of Pracfical Anafomy. HENRY J. PRENTISS lI903-I905I. Chair of Pracfical Anafomy. "Inspired sTu- denTs To work enThusiasTically." Now holds chair af The Universify of Iowa. JULIUS A. BECKER lI905-I905I. Chair of Pracfical AnaTomy. TwenTy-sixfh Page BACTERIGLOGV AND I-IYGIENE Y Y WILLIAM HALLOCK PARK l900- Professor since Hue age of 37. 0 A.B.-C. C. N. Y. MD.--Columbia. X LL.D.-Queens. Sc.D. U-lon.j-Yale, Columbia, New York U niversify. Direc+or, Bureau of Labor-afories, Deparfmen HealH1, New York Ci+y. fof , ,H CHEMISTRY JOHN W. DRAPER lI84I-l865l. His scienfific inferesfs were numerous, as affesfed by his confribufions on absorpfion, glandular acfion and fhermoelecfricify. .. . In I839, he fool: fhe firsf phofographic porfraif ever falcen from life .... ln fhe field of liferafure, his "His'rory of fhe lnfellecfual Developmenf of Europe" is placed on a par wifh Leclcy's wrifings .... "Wi+h a mind of greaf grasp, he had a nafural fond- ness for original invesfigafionf' JOHN C. DRAPER H865-l885l. Confribufed much on respirafion and fhe pro- ducrion of urea .... Was called fo fhe chair af fhis school, and also fo fhaf of nafural sciences af C. C.'N. Y. . .. Was also inferesfed in fhe problems of dief and venrilafion. RUDOLPH A. WITTHAUS H886-l898l. Sfudied af Columbia and fhen af fhe Sorbonne .... His chief inferesf was in foxicology .... Was edifor of Medical Juris- prudence, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology .... lnfroduced mefhods for fhe defec- fion of poisons posfmorfem . . . was quief, unobfrusive and cynical abouf religion. . . Appoinfed professor af Cornell in I899. BELLEVUE R. OGDEN DOREMUS lI86l-I897l. Was called from fhe chair af C. C. N. Y. . . . His chief inferesf was also foxicology, and subiecfs for analysis were senf fo him from all parfs of fhe Unifed Sfafes .... lnvenfed fhe ureomefer, which is named affer him .... His eloquence as a lecfurer made his course very popular. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE JOHN A. MANDEL H898-l929l. Began his career in chemisfry as an assisfanr fo Doremus .... His principle researches were concerned wifh nucleic acid and ifs derivafives .... He generously aided indigenf sfudenfs, alfhough never possessed of any considerable means .... He is remembered by his sfudenfs for his dramafic lecfures, resonanf voice and fhe expressive gesfures he employed in fhe affempf fo drive his subiecf home .... fhese same lecfures befold his greaf knowledge of medical hisfory, arf and general culfure .... He was considered "fhe handsomesf man on fhe faculfy." . . . Buf greafer even fhan his love of culfure, music or flowers was his devofion fo his sfudenfs, which probably hasfened his unfimely demise. Twenfy-eighfh Page CHEMISTRY ROBERT KEITH CANNAN I93O- Professor since The age of 37. Sc.B., Sc.M., SCD.-London Universilry -. -. il.--l-1 ? E -YIQ I-ET,iT-'- '93' CHEMISTRY Professor R. KEITH QANNAN Associa+e Professor ISADOR GREENWALD lns+ruc:Ior MILTON LEVY TI1Ir'rIeII1 Pace - ll.l-.-.-.- F.83',-?-3551-LEYUE VlOLETl-:O 3 DERMATOLOCY AND SYPI-IILOLOCY Professor HOWARD FOX Clinical Professors R. MALONEY W. J. HIGHMAN M. B. PAROUNAGIAN Assisraml Clinical Professors . C. SAUNDERS LOUlS TULIPAN . A. CHERRY BLOOM C. COMBES, JR. IRGANG P. Tl-IORNLEY J. RIORDAN Lecrurers lnsiruclors GUSTAVE BUCKY L. SPIEGEL W .I-l. CAMERON l. APFELBERG EMANUEL MUSKABLIT I-IERMAN SHARLIT Thirly-firsl Page DERMATCDLCDCY HENRY D. BULKLEY H853-I853l. Eirsl' +o give a course on skin disease in America . . . also Ihe earliesl wrirer on infanlile syphilis. FANEUIL D. WEISSE H867-I875l. A very versa+ile man . . . +augh'r +his spe- cially and la+er paihology and surgical ana+omy . . . was a founder of +he N. Y. Dermarological Sociely and an organizer of +he American Veierinary College .... In I875 he became dean of fhe New York College of Den+is+ry. HENRY C. PIEEARD H875-IB9'-7l. Eirsl in America 'ro publish a syslemaiic +rea+ise on dermarology .... Dr. George H. Fox, in "Reminiscences," says of him, "The mosl' srriking characierislric of Dr. Piffard was his remarkable brilliancy of in+el- Iec+" and "his remarkable will power enabled him +0 accomplish any purpose which pleased his 'fancy .... His genialify was ano+her slriking fea+ure." . . . Was a founder and presiden+ of +he N. Y. Dermalological Socie+y. BELLEVUE FREEMAN J. BUMSTEAD H866-I866l. Specialized in venereal diseases, and was aufhor of a monograph on Jrheir palhology and +rea+menl'. EDWARD L. KEYES lI872-l889l. JOHN A. FORDYCE H893-l898l. S+udied abroad under Koch, Fournier, Kaposi, Lassar and Vidal .... Firs+ man in America Io bring 'Ureaching and con+rol of syphilis in+o 'rhe domain of derma+ology .... "A Jrireless and ambi+ious worker, and al' The same lime a modesl, kindly and ralher diffidenl' man." UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE JOHN A. EORDYCE H898-I9I2l. WILLIAM B. TRIMBLE lI9I2-I925l. Born in Alabama . . . alfhough he spem' mos+ of his life in New York, he never los+ his sou+hern accenl .... He began praclice as a surgeon, buf Jrhrough fhe s+rong in+eres+ aroused in him by Dr. G. H. Fox, in dermafology, he was even+ually rransferred from +he posiiion of Chief of Clinic in Surgery +o a similar posi+ion in Dermalology a'r The Universiry .... "He was endowed wifh a good deal of common sense, and had much more +han Ihe average share of humor which cropped our in his con+ac+ wilh s+uden+s as well as associa+es." Thirfy-second Page DERMATCDLGGY HOWARD FOX I925- Prolessor since +l'1e age of 52. A.B.-Yale. MD.-Columbia. Sc.D. ll-lon.l-Rollins College. Pres. American Dermaiological Associa+ion in i925 Visiling Dermaiologisl a+ +l'1e Bellevue, Lenox' Hill Riverside and Willard Parker l-lospilals. Member of ine French, Danish ancl Bri+ish Dermafological Socielies. L L CENITO-URINARY SURGERY UNIVERSITY I WILLIAM I-I. VAN BUREN lI85I-I852l. Served as an exlerne af La Charile under Velpeau. whose dressing he inlroduced Io America .... On his refurn he married a daughler of Valenline Moll' .... Was a founder of Ihe U. S. Sarfilary Commission. JOHN W. S. GOULEY IIS66-I882l. Wrole on exlernal perineal urelhrolomy, genifo-urinary diseases and "peri+yphli'ric abscess" lappendici'risl. FREDERICK R. STURGIS H880-I882l. Born in Manilla . . . sludied in England . . . oblained medical degree a'r I-Iarvard. . . Came +o 'rhis ci+y and en+ered info parlnership wilh Bumslead .... Wrole voluminously on heredilary syphilis. "Early Manhood-Some of i'rs Dangers." and annolaled Gross' "Impo'rence and SI'erili'ry." PRINCE A. MORROW lI89O-l898l. Sludied in Paris, London and Berlin .... Was an enlhusiaslic campaigner in 'rhe a++emp'r Io improve sex hygiene. and hoped 'ro wipe ou+ Ihe spread of venereal diseases by prevenlive measures . . . organized socie+y for "Sani+ary and Moral Prophylaxis." BELLEVUE WILLIAM I-I. VAN BUREN II868-I883I. EDWARD L. KEYES. SR. ll88I-I889l. Was Ihe founder and firsl presidenl of 'Ihe American Associalion of Genilo-Urinary Surgeons .... "Had a greal sense of humor. and in his work was supremely hones+." SAMUEL ALEXANDER II889-I898l. Sludied in London, Leipsig and Vienna . . . developed a remarkable operalion for 'rhe 'lrealmenl of pros'ra+ic hyperlrophy. . . "Was an indefafigable worker and an enlhusiaslic and successful +eacher." UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE L. BOLTON BANGS H898-I903l. "Was a man of force and high ideals, an able praclilioner, an as+u+e, resourceful consul+an+, and an inspiring Ieacher .... I-le enlhusiaslically devoled his skill and knowledge +0 posl-graduale s'I'udy." F. TILDEN BROWN lI903-I9I Il. Was an experl marlcsman wilh 'rhe rifle, and rowed in several viclorious club crews .... Oulslanding in his field 'lor his slcill, as well as invenlion of many delicare ins'rrumenI's. EDWARD L. KEYES, JR. U91 I-I9I2l. Now professor a+ Cornell. Thirly-Fourlh Page GENITO - URINARV SURGERY 3 ALFRED TOWNSEND OSGOOD I 9 I 2- Professor since The age of 40. 5 A.B.-Yale: M.D.-Columloia:F.A.C.S. I Consul+ing Urologis+ +o French, PlainHelcl and Bronxville Hospifals. Affending Urologislr, Nevy York CH'y Cancer Hospital. 1 -.-1-1 . ......-......- - .i-L-..l..l 3' li,B.E.l-I-EYU E - VIQET 2? CENITO-URINARY SURGERY Professor ALFRED T. OSGOOD Ciinical Professor WALTER H. MCNEILL, JR. lnslrrucroxs C. W. COLLINGS M. F. CAMPBELL O. S. LOWSLEY r 1 Thirfy-sixfh Paqe . -l.l. . -, , SI----""-1 ii BEIIEVUE vloLET--lil ws CYNECOLOCY Professor FREDERICK C. HOLDEN Clinical Professors ONSLOW A. GORDON. JR. EDWIN W. I-IOLLADAY Assisfamk Clinical Professor FRANCIS W. SOVAK Lecfurers HENRY C. FALK T. E. LAVELL D. N. BARROWS W. M. HIGGINS Ins+ruc'rors I-I. T. BURNS ' I-I. I-I. LARDARO C. E. I-IEATON S. KLEEGMAN ' W. T. Llccloma rly- sevenfh Pa ge CYNECCDLCDCY UNIVERSITY GUNNIN6 S. BEDFGRD ll84I-I864l. WILLIAM M. POLK II879-I897l. Son of General Polk. of fhe Confederafe Army .... Sfudied under Sfonewall Jackson. and was prepared fo enfer Wesf Poinf. If was nof unfil affer fhe Civil War. in which he played a prominenf role, fhaf he foolc up fhe sfudy of medicine. BELLEVUE ISAAC E. TAYLOR lI86I-I867l. Founder and firsf presidenf of fhe college .... While af Rufgers, was suspended for playing billiards . . . during hours of suspension affended Iecfures on midwifery . . . fwo years lafer he enfered fhe Universify of Pennsylvania Medical College. fhe inferim having ben spenf in a law apprenficeship. . . . Was a founder and presidenf of fhe N. Y. Sfafe Medical Associafion. . . . "Possessed unusual abilify as an execufive, and was a prolific wrifer." FORDYCIE BARKER lI86I-I89Il. "As a consulfanf gynecologisf he was second fo none in America." . . . "I-Ie was a physician 'of fhe old schooI,' who did nof sacrifice sympafhy fo science." . . . Coe adds. "l once saw him bend over and lciss upon her forehead, a poor woman in fhe hospifal, who had iusf undergone an opera- fion .... if was sponfaneous and impulsive .... Whaf wonder fhaf his pafienfs idolized such a man." WILLIAM T. LUSK lI87I-I897l. EDMUND R. PEASLEE IIS74-I878l. Succeeded Oliver W. I-Iolmes as pro- fessor of Anafomy af Darfmoufh .... A pioneer in pelvic and abdominal surgery . . . performed fhe second bilaferal ovariofomy in America. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE HENRY C. COE ll898-I9I4l. Now emerifus and pracficing in fhis cify .... Spenf unlimifed fime fo fhe developmenf of fhe medical reserve corps in fhis counfry. . . . "A poef, a genfleman and a scholar. who considers medicine as an ideal." WILLIAM E. STUDDIFORD lI9l4-I9I9l. Sfarfed pracfice in fhe office of I-Ierman Biggs wifh-'whom he was associafed for I8 years in fhe Cify I-lealfh Deparf- menf .... Exfremely well read, an accurafe observer, greaf power of logic, and a kindly sympafhy made him one of fhe greafesf surgeons of his generafionf' Thirfy-eighfh Page GYINIFCOI GGY FREDERICK CLARK HOLDEN I9 I 9- Professor since +I1e age of 5I. MD.-New York UnIversI+y. F.A.C.S. Diredor, Gynecological Service. Bellevue I-Iospi'raI, Brownsville and Eas+ New York I-IospI+aI. ConsuI+Ing Gynecologisf Io +I'1e Jersey Cilry and New York Nursery and CI1iId's I-IospI+aI. LARYNCCDLCCY LOUIS ELSBERG II868-l88ll. Was born in Prussia .... Received his medical degree aT JeTFerson .... Was The TirsT To give a public demonsTraTion oT The use oT The laryngoscope in The diagnosis and TreaTmenT of disease . . . esTablished The TirsT ThroaT clinic in America .... InvenTed many new laryngeal insTrumenTs .... Began The publicaTion of "The Archives of Laryngologyf' WILLIAM C. JARVIS H885-I893l. Was a naTuralisT: delved in asTronomy, chemisTry and physics .... InTroduced The Jarvis nasal wire snar ecraseur . . . also presenTed The plan Tor The use oT elecTric lighTing now employed in The cysToscope and procToscope .... A pioneer in The use oT cocain inTranasally .... "Was exTremely modesT, genial and amiable. and died as he had lived, calmly resigned To The will oT his Maker." ' CORNELIUS G. COAKLEY H893-I898l. Was an assisTanT To Lusk in physiology. TogeTher wiTh Janeway and STuddiTord organized The college dispensary .... lnvenTed several insTrumenTs of which The Coalcley Nasal Speculum is The besT lcnown. . . . Now professor aT Columbia. BELLEVUE FRANCKE I-I. BOSWORTI-I H882-I898l. ParTicipaTed in several baTTIes oT The Civil War . . . a pioneer conTribuTor To The paThology of laryngology . . . prior To his Time The nasal region had been ignored . . . he described The causes oT mouTh- breaThing, physiology and paThology of The sinuses and remediable nasal obsTruc- Tion . . . perTecTed The nasal saw Tor The removal OT sepTal spurs . . . "he, more Than anyone who had gone beTore, gaThered The disioinTed and scaTTered TragmenTs of laryngological knowledge, developed The science of rhinology, and esTabIished Them as deTiniTe deparTmenTs OT medical science.,' . . . "Was among The TirsT To Talce up golf as an exercise." . . . I-Iis son is now dean oT The Cornell School oT ArchiTecTure. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE FRANCKE I-I. BOSWORTI-I H898-I905l. CORNELIUS COAKLEY II905-I9I4l. JOHN IVICCOY lI9l4-I9l5l. Clinical Professor, and acTing direcTor. ForTieTh Page I-ARYIXIGOI GGY 1 1 5 L LEE MAIDMENT HURD Q 1916- N r Professor since Hwe age of 43. I MD.-Columbia. F.A.C.S. 5 Direcfor of Laryngology, Broad S+ree'r Hospiral. Affending Laryngologisf +o 'rhe Fif+h Avenue and New York Polyclinic Hospirals. . 1 '33'-----:BELLEVUE .V!Ql:EI+-1122 LARYNCCDLOCY AND Rl-IINOLGCY A. J. I-IUEY Professor LEE M. H U RD Clinical Professor JOHN MCCOY Ledurers P. YU DKOWS KY Insfrucfors HAROLD LIGGETT F. STU RGES Forry-second P 1 li- I8'-11" "-1'- 3'.-2-'I'-T4-LB EDI-I+ EV UEEVIQDL E-I' ?J MEDICINE Professor ROBERT J. CARLISLE AssocIa+e Professor Assis+an'r Professor JOHN WYCKOFF WARREN COLEMAN Clinical Professors WILLIAM J. PULLEY SIMON R. BLATTEIS MILLS STURTEVANT EDMUND P. SHELBY LUTHER B. MACKENZIE JESSE G. BULLOWA CORNELIUS J. TYSON Assis+an'r Clinical Professors ' EDWARD J. RILEY MILTON ROSENBLUTH HARRY SOLOMON Lecrurers EDWARD S. MCSWEENEY EUGENE F. RUSSELL GEORGE O'HANLON DAVID H. BARASH JOHN H. CARROLL AUGUST THOMMEN Ins'rruc'rors JOHN E. SAWHILL WILLIAM B. RAWLS LOUIS L. SHAPIRO ROBERT P. WALLACE LAMONT H. FISHER WILLIAM GOLDRING JOHN M. CASSIDY EVAN MCLAVE DAVID L. ENGELSHER BENJAMIN MESSINGER ISAAC APPERMAN ARNOLD KOFELER CLARENCE E. DE LA CHAPELLE ELAINE P. RALLI HANNIBAL DE BELLIS JOHN DUNDEE JULIUS DAVIS EMANUEL APFELBAUM AARON LEIEER JOHN A. CURRAN Eorfy-Third Page 5 . --W -'4 ' i ' . . ' Qavefaa ' Li FLTHT ' MEDICINE UNIVERSITY JOHN REVERE II84I-I847I. Was The youngesT son oT Paul Revere. . . A. Received medical degree Trom Edinburg in I8II .... In I84I. he was called To The chair here from a similar posiTion aT Jefferson ..... In I847, in spiTe oT impaired heaITh. he aTTended paTienTs suTTering from Typhus Tever, which he conTracTed. and Trom which his unTimeIy deaTh resuITed. SAMUEL H. DICKSON II847-I85OI. JOHN A. SWETT II853-I854I. SuTFered Trom BrighT's Disease. for TurTher sTudy of which he wenT To Europe, where he also sTudied physiology under Robin .... His Trip was To no avail, Tor he died one year IaTer, whiIe s'riII proiiessor. JOHN T. METCALFE II854-I866I. A presidenT oT The N. Y. Academy of Medicine. ALFRED L. LOOMIS' II867-I875I. A vicTim of Tuberculosis, he specialized in diseases oT The chesI' .... Joined Dr. Trudeau in The IaTTer's SanaTarium .... "He discriminaTed beTween The paTienT and The disease. looking beyond The morbid process To The man TighTing Tor his IiTe." WILLIAM H. THOMPSON II895-I897I. A presidenT of The N. Y. Academy of M d'cine. e UVESLEY M. CARPENTER Il887-I888I. CIinicaI Medicine. LAURENCE JOHNSON II889-I893I. CIinicaI Medicine. BELLEVUE AUSTIN FLINT, I II86I-I88bI. "The American Laennec" was The TourTh in succession OT a Iine oT physicians in The FIinT Tamily . . . supporTed The view ThaT phThisis was dependenT upon Tubercles . . . wroTe many Tomes on physicai diagnosis, and proposed The Terms "broncho-vesicular" and "cavernous breaThing." . . . During his IecTures no sTudenT even Tell asleep . . . he had Tew equals in diagnosTic acumen." EDWARD JANEWAY Il886-I892I. A. ALEXANDER SMITH II892-I898I. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE EDWARD G. JANEWAY II898-I907I. A. ALEXANDER SMITH II907-I9I6I. Had an enormous pracTice as a con- suITanT .... His main, conTribuTion To medicine was his well-Trained sTudenTs. HERMAN BIGGS II9I6-I923I. ForTy-TourTh Page MEDICINE ROBERT JAM ES CARLISLE i923- Professor since 'rhe age of 64. MD.-New York UnIversi+y. Consuiiking Physician To 1'he Bellevue Hospiial and S+. Jose-pi1's Hospiial fFar Rockawayi. NEURCDLCDCY UNIVERSITY WILLIAM A. HAMMOND H874-I882l. EDWARD D. FISHER H893-I898l. Affer receiving his medical degree from fhe Universify of fhe Cify of New Yorlc, he confinued his sfudies in Viennna, Berlin and Sfrassburg .... Was one of fhe firsf pure neurologisfs, separafe from fhe field of psychiafry .... Was one of fhe founders and early presidenfs of fhe American Neurological Associafion .... Now Emerifus Professor. - BELLEVUE EDWARD G. JANEWAY lI88I-I886l. "As a diagnosfician his repufafion is second fo no ofher physician's in fhis counfry." . . . "Wafching fhe arduous days of his fafher as a physician, his inferesf in medicine waned, buf his fafher was wiser, and wifh confidence fhaf his falenfs would develop besf in medicine, begged him fo fry." . . . His inferesf in pafhology was so greaf fhaf his friends said of him, "he lived in fhe dead-house." . . . Following Virchow's dicfum, he learned fo fhinlc anafomically7 he correlafed his pafhological fraining wifh clinical medicine, and fherein lay his success .... He was a hard worlcer and a small fallcer .... As Com- missioner of Healfh from I875-l88I, he helped organize fhe firsf hospifal for con- fagious diseases in fhis cify .... He was a close sfudenf of Charcof, and an associafe of Dr. Seguin in exfending fhe new knowledge of cerebral localizafion, and fhe exacf diagnosis of organic nervous diseases in America .... He was fhe firsf dean of fhe Universify and Bellevue Hospifal Medical College. CHARLES L. DANA H897-l898l. A mosf prolific wrifer on general medicine and neurology . . . his fexfboolc on fhe laffer is now in ifs fiffh edifion .... Infensely inferesfed in fhe humanifies and medical hisfory, he was a founder of fhe Charalca Club, a sociefy devofed fo fhese pursuifs. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE EDWARD D. FISHER II898-I928l. Forfy-sixfh Page NELJIQQLCDCEY l EMANUEL DAVID FRIEDMAN l928- Professor since +l'1e age of 44. B.S.--C. C. N. Y. M.D.-New York. l ' Chief of Neurological Service, Unilecl lsrael Zion li l-lospifal. I i Associale Neurologisl, Ml. Sinai l-lospilal. Consulfing Neurologisl, Jersey Cily and S+. Josepl'1's l-lospilal. l lQQ7ll-1-BELLEVUE VIOLETZl93o NEUROLOCY Professor E. D. FRIEDMAN Clinical Professors l. ABRAHAMSON D. E. HOAG Assisfanf Professor S. BROCK Assisfanf Clinical Professors R. M. IVIMEY H. R. MERWARTI-l lnsfrucfor V SAMUEL B. WORTIS Assisfanf ARTHUR N. FOXE Forfy-eighfh Page ,i-Lili I83I BELLEVUE VIOLET l93I CDBSTETRICS Professor AUSTIN FLINT Associafe Professor FREDERICK W. RICE Clinical Professor FREDERICK C. FREED Assisfanf Clinical Professors 1 ARTHUR M. REICI-I GEORGE L. BROWN Insfrucfors E. I-I. DENNEN M. D. SPEISER I. WELLEN L. A. BUNIM X I f 'W W fr ,UN 'I , , . IX ii.. I I x I .R K I -1 I In-1 Forfy-ninf OBSTETRICS UNIVERSITY GUNNING S. BEDFORD ll84I-I864. Defermined 'ro sfudy law, he Ieff home wifh a Ieffer fo Daniel Debsfer .... On fhe way, he mef an acquainfance who persuaded him fo affend an anafomy lecfure by Godman, of Rufgers .... Bedford was charmed . . . fhree years Iafer he was granfed his medical degree fhere. . . . Af fhe age of 27. he held 'rhe chair in fhis subiecf af Charlesfon .... He was fhe firsf professor ever fo hold an obsfefrics clinic in 'rhis counfry. CHARLES A. BUDD II864-I876l. Sfudied in fhe Rofunda Lying-In Hospifal of Dublin, and af La Mafernifie .... Was one of fhe founders and presidenls of fhe N. Y. Obsfefrical Sociefy. JOEL W. WRIGHT II876-I879l. WILLIAM M. POLK lI879-I898l. BELLEVUE ISAAC E. TAYLOR II86I-I867l. GEORGE T. ELLIOTT ll86I-I87Il. Sfudied af Dublin, Paris and Edinburg, and on his refurn pracficed as parfner of Taylor and Barker .... "His Iecfures were awe-inspiring, due fo 'rhe use of choicesf language and a persuasive eloquence fhaf capifvafed his Iis'reners." FORDYCEHBARKER ll86I-I89ll. WILLIAM T. LUSK ll87I-l897l. Began fhe sfudy of medicine af Heidelberg, buf wifh fhe oufloreak of fhe Civil War, refurned fo America where he joined fhe Union Army as a privafe, and was soon advanced fo capfaincy .... Affer fhe war. confinued his sfudies al' Edinburg under Simpson, and af Prague under Seiferf .... Was fhe firsf Iecfurer on physiology a'r Harvard Medical .... His "Science and Arf of Midwifery" was so popular as fo be franslafed even info Arabic .... Performed fhe second successful caesarean secfion in fhis cify .... "He was possessed of a keen, kindly, eager face . . . low voice . . . brighf smile of welcome and warm hand shake." . , . Was presidenf of fhe college from I889-l897l. AUSTIN FLINT, III H895-I898l. Ciffiefh page QBSTETRIQS I I fx N4 AUSTIN FLINT, 3rd I898- Professor since II'1e age of 30. MD.-New York Universify. F.A.C.S. A.M. II-Ion.I-Princefon Universify. onsulfing Obsfefrician +o The Bellevue, Manhaffan Ma'rerni+y and Women's I-Iospi+aIs. OPI-ITI-IALMOLOCY UNIVERSITY I D. B. ST. JOHN ROOSA ll874-I882l. Was founder of fhe Manhaffan Eye and Ear Infirmary .... As a lecfurer, he was "plain and simple in his illusfrafions. and unhesifafing in his opinions" . . . fo fhe end, he obiecfed fo fhe "perforafion of every irrifafed drum . . . fo fhe removal of immafure cafaracfs, and fhe cuffing of eye muscles for errors of refracfionf' HERMAN KNAPP ll,882-I888l. Was professor of Ophfhalmology af Heidel- berg .... An "accurafe, deliberafe and rapid operafor . . . an unobsfrusively ferse feacher." . . . He invenfed. among ofher appliances, lid-forceps for performing blood- less operafions in fhaf sifuafion, a needle-knife for cafaracf, an ocular speculum and a cysfofome . . . "gruff, shorf spoken, buf fender-hearfed." CHARLES S. BULL H888-l898l. Confribufed many papers on his chosen specialfy. which, alfhough nof original, were valuable from fhe sfandpoinf of imparf- ing his large clinical experience fo fhe profession .... His inferesf in his specialfy "seemed fo be a cafholic one, wifh fhe excepfions of refracfion and physiological opfics, which oddly enough, held liffle inferesf for him." BELLEVUE HENRY D. NOYES lI87O-l898l. Spenf much fime abroad in preparing for fhe pracfice of ophfhalmology . . . was a founder of fhe American Ophfhalmological Sociefy, The plans for which were made in his own office .... Was among fhe firsf fo use cocain asa local anaesfhefic in eye surgery. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE HENRY D. NOYES H898-I9Oll. JOHN E. WEEKS lI905-l9l9l. A co-discoverer of fhe Koch-Weeks bacillus. He esfablished a scholarship for research in fhis branch of medicine . . . is 'rhe uncle of fhe presenf incumbenf .... "As long as he was engaged in acfive pracfice. he was considered fhe ullimafe consulfanf on eye diseases in fhis counfry." . . . Now Emerifus professor. JOHN lvl. WHEELER lI9I9-I928l. Now professor af Columbia . . . received his fraining from Weeks . . . one of fhe leading plasfic surgeons in fhis counfry . . . "quief and able." Operafed on fhe King of Siam fhis year. Fiffy-second Pago GPI-lTl-IALMGLGGY 4 l lf ll l WEBB WILLIAM WEEKS l l 1928- Professor since Jrlwe age of 42. ll AB., MD.-Columbia. E. A. o. s. Visiling Surgeon, Bellevue l-lospilal. l l Surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary. l l l Consulling Surgeon, Rockefeller lnsH+u+e l-lospilal. 5 l l 3!A -'-.TBELLEVUE VIOLET l93 GPI-ITI-IALMOLCDCY Professor WEBB W. WEEKS Clinical Professor THOMAS l-l. JCI-lNSON Assislanf Clinical Professor 'W. B. DOHERTY lnsfrucfors S. A. AGATSTON A. E. TOWN E. B. G-RESSER E. A. TUSAK Filly-lou r+l1 Page - 11..i. . . L-li..-T l8?' BELLEVUE -Vl.Ql-ET ORTHCDPEDIC SURGERY Professor ARTHUR KRIDA Clinical Professor PAUL C. COLLONNA Assisla nr Clinical Professors JOSEPH BUCHMAN RALPH C. KAHLE lns'rruc+ors ARTHUR W. SHERWOOD PHILIP PALEW JOHN C. MCCAULEY IRENE T. KENNY Filly fiflh Page ORTI-IOPEDICS UNIVERSITY STEPHEN SMITI-I II874-I882l. Firsf fo perform Syme ampufafion of fhe ankle in fhis counfry . . . founder and firsf presidenf of fhe American Public I-Iealfh Asso- ciafion . . . wrofe a very popular manual of operafive surgery . . . his book, "Who Is Insane" leaves one wifh fhe impression "fhaf fhe whole world is mad" . . . also wrofe a remarkable hisfory of surgery in fhis counfry .... Died in i922. af fhe age of ninefy-nine and a half. NEWTON M. SI-IAFFER lI884-6: '97-Sl. Organized fhe N. Y. Orfhopedic Sociefy . . . defined fhe subiecf as "fhaf deparfmenf concerned wifh fhe prevenfion, mechanical freafnnenf and operafive freafmenf of progressive deformifies" . . . "was possessed of a disciplined mind and ingenious invenfive faculfy . . . sfyled fhe "Dean of American Orfhopedic Surgery." ABEL M. Pl-IELPS II887-I897l. Sfudied surgery for fhree years in Germany . . . held fhe chairs af Vermonf and Posf-Graduafe simulfaneously . . . originafed an operafion for club foof which was fhe sfandard for many years . . . realized "fhaf consensus of opinion is offen wrong, because if represenfs fhe line of leasf resisfancef' BELLEVUE LEWIS A. SAYRE ll86I-I898l. "Fafher of American Orfhopedic Surgery." . . . A founder of fhe N. Y. Academy of Medicine .... As residenf physician of fhis cify, advised compulsory vaccinafion againsf small-pox .... I-Ie performed fhe firsf successful resecfion of fhe hip-ioinf in fhis counfry .... Af firsf severely crificized for opening suppurafive ioinfs, he lived fo see fhe proceedure lauded . . . was a "forceful lecfurer." . . . The Brifish Medical Journal said of him, "Few men have in fhis generafion accomplished so much for fhe relief of humanify." UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE REGINALD I-I. SAYRE lI898-I929l. Son of Lewis Sayre .... CAPTAIN of fhe Unifecl Sfafes Olympic Revolver Team four fimes in succession .... Was one of fhe earliesf surgeons fo pracfice fenclon fransplanfafion for paralyfic clisabilifies of fhe foof" . . . alfhough he was always in fhe van in fhe new developmenfs of his specialify, he clung fo a few old pracfices .... Was nof orfhodox in his observance of asepsis, buf rarely had infecfions. Fiffy-sixfh Page CRT!-ICDPEDIC SURGERY ARTHUR KRIDA I929- Professor since Jrne age of 42. M.D.-Albany. F. A. C. S. Visiring Orfnopedic Surgeon a+ The Bellevue, New York Nursery and Child's. and Lurheran I-Iospirals. Consullring Surgeon +o Uni+ecl S+a+es Marine Hospi+als No. 2I and 43 and Norfh Hudson Hospiral. Chief of Clinic. Firs+ Division, I-lospi+aI for Rupfured and Crippled. ! , L PRRDEE HOYES CDTOLOCY UNIVERSITY CHARLES l. PARDEE H874-l897l. A descendanf of a founder of fhe New Haven Colony . . . was a lieufenanf-colonel in fhe Union Army during fhe Civil War . . . confribufed much fo fhe new science of ofology . . . described cihronic purulenf ofifis media, The nasal douche and ifs dangers, and fhe use of sfeam in fhe freafmenf of middle ear disease .... Was dean of fhe faculfy for 24 years . . . "he was a modesf sfudenf and sincere lecfurer, and well loved by his associafes and sfuden+s." GORHAM BACON H897-I898l. Wrofe a "Manual of Ofologyf' now in ifs eighfh edifion and widely used . . . a very prolific wrifer . . . invenfed several insfru- menfs for aural work, including a knife for incising The fympanum and a rongeur forceps .... Was called fo fhe chair af Columbia, where he is now Emerifus. BELLEVUE HENRY D. NOYES H873-I894l. EDWARD B. DENCH H894-I898l. Was called fo fhe chair of Ofology af 'rhe New York Polyclinic af Jrhe age of 26 .... Wrofe one of fhe firsf fexfbooks on ear disease in fhis counfry . . . renowned for his work on syphilific affecfions of fhe ear . . . remembered by his sfudenfs in connecfion wifh 'fhe area around fhe masfoid, 'rermed "Dench's Triangle." . . . Now Emerifus Professor. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE EDWARD B. DENCI-I iia9s-i93oi. Fiffy-eighfh Pace QTQLQGV EI' - I N W Ii x 1 1, X 'N 'w ,, M M M 1 WESTLEY MARSHALL HUNT I925- Clinical Professor since 'rhe age of 37. Sc.B., M.D.-Dar+mou'rl'1. F. A. C. S. Consulfing Ofo-Laryngologish S+a+en Island Hospi+al Associa+e A++ending LaryngologIs+ and Assis'ran+ A++ending O+ologis+ 'ro S+. Luke's Hospifal. X 3l.- .. BELLEVUE vloLET -119514 CDTGLCDCY Clinical Professor WESTLY M. HUNT Lecfurers J. D. WHITI-IAM J. A. MacISAAC lns+ruc'rors I. MILLER D. F. SHIELDS J. G. STRICKLER I-I. STOTHERS Sixfiefh Page '83 ' E --.VLQLET .LQ PATHGLOCY Professor of Pafhological Hisfology Professor of Gross Pa+hology ALEXANDER FRASER DOUGLAS SYMMERS Associa+e Professor of Neuropefrhology JOSEPH H. GLOBUS Assis+an+ Professors of Palrhology A CHARLES 6. DARLINGTON T. J. CURPHEY Lec+urer on Gynecological Parhology H. C. FALK lnsfrucfors L. L. LEFKOWITZ A. S. PRICE A. M. SALA Assis+an+s JOSEPH E. CORR PETER J. DORAN Urs? Page PATI-ICDLCDCY UNIVERSITY THOMAS M. MARKOE lI852-I854l. Served as a surgeon in Ihe Union Army . . . remembered by his sludenls for his descripfions of "processes of repair," and "heaIIhy, laudable pus." . . . His "Diseases of fhe Bones" was a srandard for years. . . . Was presidenl of The Aslor Library and inleresled in The Museum of Ari: HENRY P. LOOMIS lI89I-I897l. Was rhe son ol A. L. Loomis .... Allempied 'ro clear up 'rhe muddle of BrighI"s disease wilh an analomical classificafion .... Gained his highesl honors in Ihe field ol Iuberculosis, lor which disease he eslablished I'he Iirsl sanalarium lal' Liberly, N. Y.l . . . for ils Ireafmeni, "al lhe righl lime, in 'rhe righl place and in Ihe righl way." BELLEVUE WILLIAM H. WELCH lI88I-I883l. Sludied under Ludwig, Cohnheim and Chiari, Iogerher wilh Ehrlich and Neisser .... Inlroduced Irhe medical leclures of Flinl wilh discussions on lhe parhology of Ihe diseases in quesfion . . . sowed lhe seed ol American Palhology in his "modesI lillle IaboraIory" af Bellevue, Io which sludenls were allracled from many of Ihe medical schools in The easl .... He was called Io Ihe chair ar Johns Hoplcins. where he became Iirsl' dean . . . and by which inslilurion he has iusr been relired from Ihe recenlly crealed chair of Medical Hislory. D. HUNTER MCALPIN IIS97-I898l. Son of The builder of The McAlpin Holel. S+iIl living and a residenl of Ihis ci+y. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE EDWARD K. DUNI-IAM N998-19073. CHRISTIAN A. HERTER lI898-I903l. Professor ol Palhological Chemislry . . . renowned lor his sludies on glycosuria, anemia and inleslinal pufreiacrion . . . helped eslablish Ihe Journal of Biological Chemislry and I'he Rockefeller lnsrilule . . . described celiac disease .... Eslablished annual leclures al Ihis ins+i'ru+ion and Johns Hoplcins lor Ihe "purpose and promolion of scienlilic medicine." RICHARD M. PEARCE lI907-I909l. Chief conlribulions were in pneumonia and diphlheria . . . his leclures were models ol "order and clariIy." . . . Was called Io 'rhe chair of research medicine al Ihe U. ol P., where he remained unlil his dealh lasi year. Sixly-second Page PATHQEQGV ALEXANDER FRASER I I92O- Professor since 'rhe age of 5I. AB., MD.. C.M.-Dalhousie. Pa'rhologis+ 'ro S+. Vincemus, New York Foundling, Manha++an Ma+ernI+y and People's I-lospifal. Consul+Ing Pa'rl1ologis'r 'ro Monmoufh Memorial and V New York Polyclinic I-lospifals. I v -an-suv-1-1 PEDIATRICS UNIVERSITY ABRAHAM JACOBI lI867-I87OI. "Fafher of American Pediafricsf' . . . He escaped from imprisonmenf in fhe German Revolufion of I848 fo America, where he began fo pracfice af The modesf fee of 25 and 50 cenfs for office and home visifs, respecfively .... Wifh J. L. Smifh. he changed pediafrics from a branch of Obsfefrics and fhe Diseases of Women and Children fo Pedology . . . was firsf direcfor of fhe specialfy af Bellevue Hospifal .... He refused fhe offer of Henoch's chair af Berlin. . . . "Was large-minded, big-hearfed. infensely human, and a fhorough democraf . . . he died in fhe house of fhaf ofher aclvocafe of human freedom, Carl Schurz." JOSEPH E. WINTERS lI884-I898l. Was especially inferesfed in croup ano diphfheria .... Held views on infanf feeding wifh which few agreed .... Lafer called fo The firsf chair in fhis subiecf af Cornell. BELLEVUE J. LEWIS SMITH lI876-I896I. Clinical Professor . . . a brofher of Sfephen Smifh . . . helped found fhe Buffalo College . . . his fexf-book. "Diseases of Infancy and Childhood," was wriffen in case-hisfory sfyle, and porfrayed his exfraordinary clinical and fherapeufic knowledge .... A founder and presidenf of fhe American Pediafric Sociefy, and firsf presidenf of The Secfion of Pediafrics of The N. Y. Academy of Medicine .... His appellafion, "fhe good old docfor," reflecfed his generosify, WILLIAM D. NORTHRUP lI896-I898l. Began fhe pracfice of fhis specialfy as fhe assisfanf of O'Dwyer, of infubafion fame . . . before he fook up fhe sfudy of medicine, he faughf Greek af Knox College, and is sfill well known in fhe field of belles-Ieffres .... Has been apfly described as fhe Abraham Lincoln fype in looks, good sense of humor and clarify of speech .... Now Emerifus Professor. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE WILLIAM D. NORTHRUP H898-I9I8I. ROWLAND G. FREEMAN lI9I8-I93OI. Of infernafional fame for his work on fhe bacferiology of milk and ifs pasfeurizafion .... Sfill acfively engaged in fhe pracfice of pediafrics, and, Emerifus Professor. Sixfy-fourlh Page PEDIATIQICS CHARLES HENDEE SMITH I93O- Professor since Hwe age of 54. B.S.-Cornell. MD.-Columbia. Direclor and Visiiing Physician, Cliildrerfs Medical Division, Bellevue Hospilal. Consulling Physician +o Lawrence, Bronxville, Englewood, Nassau, Flushing and New York Infirmary for Women and Clwilclren, . l.....l-...i- l..- -il-.-ll ?'f1---QBFI-LEVU E- YIQLEI PEDIATRICS Professor CHARLES HENDEE SMITH Clinical Professors W. L. CARR A. T. MARTIN B. RATNER E. S. RIMER G. PREVITALI HUGH CHAPLIN G. W. GRAVES Assisfanf Clinical Professors S. D. BELL EDITH M. LINCOLN HARRY BAKWIN I. H. GOLDBERGER FRANK MCLEAN JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN IRVING CLAMAN CAMILLE KERESZTURI J. F. LANDON G. C. LUDLOW JEAN PATTISON PETER RODANSKY GERTRUDE SHULTS Insfrucfors Lecfurers LUCY P. SUTTON JOSEPI-IINE I-I. KENYON N. L. DOWD RUTH BAKWIN STANLEY WERSHOF J.GIBLIN J. M. LEWIS R. SCI-IORR LESTER ROSENBERG H. V. HANLON ANTOINETTE RAIA H. ELIAS MARGARET FRIES ELIZABETH ANDREWS GEORGE DORFF HAROLD FOX DABNEY MOON-ADAMS Sixfy-sixfh Page , iii? 'x PI-IARMACCDLGCY Professor GEORGE B. WALLACE Assisfa n+ Professor R I CHA R D BO DO lnsfrucfor FRANK COTUI Sixfy-seven+h Page R33IR-----R EBELLEVURE VIQLETR------Q 325 Pl-IARMACOLOCY lMa+eria Medical UNIVERSITY MARTYN PAINE lI84I-l867l. An aulhorily on cholera and an eminenl prac+i- lioner .... Dr. Gross wrole of him, " . . . he was a merciless crilic . . . a man of forlune . . . mixed li+'rle in sociely . . . a prey lo dyspepsia l+he bane of a persislenl Iilerary lilel . . . an unallraclive leclurer . . . oflen buried in fils of abslraclion . . . was found dead in his room under circumslances 'rhal iuslilied Ihe conviclion ihal he had lalcen his own life . . . a+ +he age of 83." WILLIAM H. THOMSON H867-I895l. Born in Syria . . . lhe son of a medical missionary . . . was educaled in l'his counlry . . . loecame a medical officer in lhe Civil War . . . wrole "Clinical Medicine" and "Some Wonders of Biology" . . . considered by some 'rhe -mosl handsome of all lhe presiden+s of Jrhe N. Y. Academy of Medicine. W. GILMAN TOMPSON H895-I897l. HENRY P. LOOMIS H897-I898l. BELLEVUE BENJAMIN MCCREADY ll86I-l872l. EDWARD C. JANEWAY H873-l876l. A. A. SMITH IIBBO-l382l. HERMAN M. BIGGS lI89l-l898l. Sludied al Berlin and Grielswald .... Was made lirsl' direclor of lhe Carnegie Laboralory .... Sludied +rea+men+ ol rabies al Pasleur lns+i+u+e . . . eslalolished firsl municipal loacleriological laboralory in ihe Heallh Deparlmenl of 'rhis cily .... Cabled Park +o make diphlheria an'ri'roxin when he saw il successfully demonslraied in Paris, and broughl some back wilh him .... Gave mosl of his lime Io +he conlrol of luberculosis . . . "was deliberale and wise in iudgmenl, and had a genius of leadership." HENRY RUSBY H897-l898l. Was called lo Ihe N. Y. College of Pharmacy. where he held Ihe posifion of dean unlil reliremenl Ias'r year. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE HENRY RUSBY H898-I902l. EGBERT LEFEVRE H898-I9I4l. Professor ol Therapeufics. Was Jrhe firsl sec- relary of lhe college and succeeded Janeway as Dean. I+ was Jrhrough his unliring eliiorls. more lhan any one else, Ihal 'rhe new school wenl on unified and successfully. Sixly-eighlh Page IDI-IAIQIVVRCOI GGY GEORGE BARCLAY WALLACE 1905- Proiessor since rhe age of 30. M.D.-Michigan Universiiy. Sigma Xi. President Harvey Sociefy from I9I4-l9I6. Charrer Member of ihe American Socieiy of Pharmacology. YASUISA PHYSIOLOGY UNIVERSITY JOHN W. DRAPER ll85O-I867l. HENRY DRAPER II867-I873l. Succeeded his fafher . . . soon abandoned fhe pracfice of medicine and devofed much of his fime 'ro asfronomy and phofography . . . was fhe firsf fo demonsfrafe The presence of oxygen in fhe sun by means of fhe specfroscope .... While making observafions in fhe Rocky Mounfains, he encoun- fered a snow sform .,.. The resulfanf exposure was followed by a pneumonia which ferminafed fafally. JOHN W. S. ARNOLD IIB74-l883l. LEWIS A. STIMSON H883-I885l. WILLIAM G. THOMPSON lI887-l895l. Wrofe on clinical medicine, occupa- fional fherapy, geriafrics, feefh, clean sfreefs and diefefics .... Was called 'ro Cornell as fhe firsf professor of medicine. BELLEVUE AUSTIN FLINT, II H862-I898l. Received sfimulus in physiology from Claude Bernard and Robin . . . one of fhe pioneer Hexperimenfal physiologisfs in 'rhis coun+ry" . . . held fhe chairs in fhis subiecf af Buffalo, New Orleans and Long Island, and lafer af Oornell .... Was consulfanf and presidenf of fhe N. Y. Sfafe Lunafic Asylum. . . . Aufhor of fhe very popular "Texfbook of Physiology." . . . Was a founder and firslr secrefary of fhe college. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE GRAHAM 'LUSK H898-l908l. Son of William T. Lusk . . . sfudied af fhe Uni- versily of Munich, where he was granfed a doclorafe in philosophy . . . held fhe fhe chair in physiology af Yale . . . a pioneer in fhe science of mefabolism and nufrifion, his conrribufions are monumenfal .... Was a member of fhe Inferallied Food Commission during fhe Vlforld War .... He was called fo The chair af Cornell, where he is s+iII inspiring sfudenfs wi+h his dramafic Iecfures. HOLMES C. JACKSON ll'-709-I928l. Assisfed Chiffenden af Yale . . . sfudied a+ Berne, Sfrassbourg and Berlin . . . was mosf inferesfed in physiological chemisfry, and assisfed John Mandel .... In I924 was appoinfed assisfanf dean of 'rhe medical college, and in fhe following year reorganized and became firsf dean of fhe New York Denfal College, under New York Universify. Sevenfiefii Page ggvsloroov I HOMER WILLIAM SMITH I I l929- I Professor since Ihe age of 34. A.B.-Denver. S.C.-Johns I-Iopkinsp Formerly Professor of Physiology ai' I'I1e Universi+y of Virginia. Guggenheim Fellowships, I929 and I930. gl -I . . A- -.-1.-MW . I - Professor HOMER W. SMITH IHSTVLICTOFS ROBERT W. CLARKE JOSEPH NASH NORMAN JOLLIFFE DUGALD E. S. BROWN Assisfani' SAMUEL STANDARD Sevenfv-second Pace PM--"'-"SP PSP BELLEVUE VIOLET-----'-PEPP 193 lil-l-1 iill-1 1 PSYCH IATRY Professor MENAS S. GREGORY Research Professor PAUL SCI-HLDER Clinical Assis+an+ Professor QAMUF1 FFIGIN lns'rruc+ors ELAINE KINDER JAMES J. LOUGHRAN SAMUEL PARKER LAURETTA BENDER CHARLES SCHULTZ WALTER BROMBERG CARTER N. COLBERT Sevenfy-fhird Page A-1 PSYCH IATRY UNIVERSITY M. GONZALES ECHEVERRIA ll869-I87Il. WroTe on The paThoIogy oT epilepsy, cause and TreaTmenT ol delirium Tremens, and The reIaTion of reflex par- alysis To The sympaTheTic sysTem. WILLIAM A. HAMMOND ll874-I882l. Was surgeon-general in The Civil War . . . eslablished The Army General Hospiral lnow WaITer Reed Generali . . . IaTer Tounded The Army Medical College .... Was The TirsT To describe and name aTheTosis. ALEXANDER E. MACDONALD lI882-I89Il. Urged ThaT "aT IeasT some worlc- ing agreemenl' should be reached in cIassiTicaTion, which will enable The alienisl' ol one counTry To unders+and The sTa+isTics oT o'rhers." EDWARD D. FISHER lI893-I898l. ' BELLEVUE I WILLIAM A. HAMMOND II867-I873l. ' JOHN P. GRAY lI875-I887l. Was a medical wiTness aT The Trials oT The assassins ol Lincoln and McKinley .... When only 28. was made superinTendenT oT The N. Y. STaTe Lunaiic Asylum aT U+ica, where one oi his pa'rienTs shoT him . . . The buIIe+ enTered one cheek and emerged Trom The oTher . . . he "never quiTe recovered Trom The shock." . . . To him belongs The credii in This counTry of The esTabIishmenT oi brain hisTology. CARLOS MACDONALD IIS89-I898l. Was presiden+ of The STaTe Commis- sion of Lunacy .... Was insTrumenTaI in puTTing inTo successful operaTion The law Tor The inTlicTion of capi+aI punishmeml by means of elecTriciTy . . . aT The requesT ol Governor Hill, he conducTed a series oi experimenTs on animals To deTermine The vollage necessary To produce sudden and painless deaih, and subsequenTIy a++ended The TirsT seven execuTions by This meThod. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE CARLOS MACDONALD II898-I909l. WILLIAM MABON ll9IO-I9I4l. Was iden+iTied wiTh The enac+menT of more enIighTened IegisIaTion Tor The beTTermenT oT The insane "Than any oTher man in The medical TraTerniTy." . . . The LegisIaTure oT The STaTe ol New Yorlc, on The news of his deafh, adiourned ouT of respecl' To his memory. GEORGE H. KIRBY lI9I4-I9I8l. Now Supe-rinTendenT of The Neurological InsTiTuTe in This ciTy. SevenTy-Tou rTh Page PSYCHIATIQV l 1 l 1 l l MENAS SARKAS GREGORY I9 I 8- Professor since The age of 46. MD.-Albany Medical College. Chief Alienisl and Direclor, Psyclwopallwic Deparlmenl, Bellevue l-lospilal. Consulling Psychialrisl, Neurological lns+il'u're SURGERY I UNIVERSITY VALENTINE MOTT lI84I-I85Ol. Sfudied under Munro, Abernefhy and Sir Asfley Cooper . . . af fhe age of 26, "fhe handsome young Oualcer docfor" was called fo fhe chair of anafomy af Columbia .... Seven years Iafer he Iigafed fhe innominafe arfery, never before affempfed .... I-lis lecfures were Hegofisfical, exhibifed fhe resulfs of his rich personal experience, buf were always far in arrear of fhe exisfing sfafe of fhe science." . . . "I-Iis movemenfs were deliberafe and dignified . . . he was a fearless operafor, because he was so fhoroughly grounded in fopo- graphical anafomy .... As he lay on his deafh-bed. wifh gangrene of fhe leg, fhe lasf words he uffered were: 'Order. frufh, puncfualify' . . . fiffing words of a greaf and uprighf man." 4 SAMUEL D. GROSS lI85O-I95Il. A medical hisforian from whom fhe above and many ofher quofafions in fhis secfion were culled .... "A masfer in surgery . . . filled chairs in four medical colleges . . . recasf surgical science as faughf in America, and imparfed fresh impefus fo ifs sfudy." . . . "I-Iis whole hearf was in his work." ALFRED C. POST lI85I-I875l. Received loaccalaureafe degree from Columbia af I6 .... Was fhe firsf fo operafe on sfrabismus . . . devised a new rnefhod for bilaferal lifhofomy . . . did some of his finesf work in fhe Iasf 20 years of his life . . . performed an ovariofomy af fhe age of 80 in 45 minufes. JOHN T. DARBY II875-I879I. JOEL W. WRIGI-IT H879-I888l. LEWIS A. STIMSON lI888-I898l. I-Ield fhree ofher chairs in This school. JAMES W. I-IOWE lI872-I879l. Professor of Clinical Surgery. JAMES L. LITTLE II879-I882l. Professor of Clinical Surgery .... Was fhe firsf American surgeon fo puncfure fhe bladder for refenfion . . . devised a new mefhod for applying plasfer of Paris splinfs ,... Died in diabefic coma. BELLEVUE ' JAMES R. WOOD lI86I-I868l. A founder of Bellevue I-Iospifal, ifs medical college, and fhe Wood Museum. which confained many specimens on nafural hisfory, anafomy and pafhology . . . lcnown nafionally for his sfudies on periosfeal repro- ducfion and fic doloreux .... I-Iis Iecfures were well liked, and in fhem he would lConfinued on Page aol Savanfy-sixfh Page SURGERY l 'ni , , GEORGE DAVID STEWART l9l4-- Professor since ll'1G age of 42. MD., LL.D.-New York. F. A. C. S. Presidenf of Jrlme American College of Surgeons ln I929. Visillng Surgeon, S+. Vincen+'s l-lospilal. Consulfing Surgeon To Bellevue, Englewood, Bellw Israel, New Rochelle, Ml. Vernon and Soullwslde l-lospilals. - ..l--i 1...-.-l-i 3l I93I Associale Professor ARTHUR M. WRIGHT W. H. BARBER C. G. BURDICK J. DOUGLAS F. BEEKMAN A. S. BOGATKO J. V. BOHRER S. B. BURK L. W. CROSSMAN J. CROCE W. T. DORAN H. C. BENJAMIN E. G. FAUSEL T. ELSASSER A. JOHNSON, JR. FRANK ADAMS SURCERY Professor G EORGE D. STEWA RT Clinical Professors of Surgery C. GOODMAN R. P. WADHAMS H. A. HAUBOLD C. W. WALKER Assisfanf Clinical Professor L. C. LANGE Inslruclors H. B. EISBERG T. J. GALVIN S. STANDARD H. C. FALK E. A. KING M. J. KUTISKER Assislanls SIDNEY DAVIDSON M. KOUMRIAN JULIUS AFRICANO SAMUEL MUFSON J. NASH HERBERT McKLEAN Insfrucior In Anaesfhesia S. EMY Professor of Clinical Surqery WILLIAM C. LUSK IRA L. KAPLAN G. A. KOENIG G. LABAT . M. LIVINGSTON . NELSON H. A. D. O'CONNOR I. E. SIRIS H. WERTHEIM J. H. MULLHOLLAND V. CARABBA E J S. MILTON RABSON FRANCIS HUBER JOHN MURPHY ANTHONY ANGELLO JOHN HUNTER Sevenfy-eighllw Paqe ii.- . -l-..-11 ,1..l.1 . .li-. . '33' 1. , F95 ROENTCENOLOCY Professor LEON THEODORE LE WALD Ledurer DAVID E. EHRLICH lns+ruc+ors DUDLEY E. MACKEY IRVING SCHWARTZ E HENRY KOIRANSKY Sevenfy-ninfh Page - sis i N., Ni, a-- ' D ' ix x P f ,As M ,U . CX.. fLlL.f,'fA V-Ig x ,, . ROENTCENOLOCY UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE EUGENE W. CALDWELL H905-I909l. Firsf direcfor of fhe Edward Gibbs Memorial Laborafory, which was esfablished largely 'rhrough his efforfs . . . was a pioneer in fhe field of roenfgenology, and responsible for 'rhe invenfion of many of ifs appliances .... During fhe World War he was inferesfed in 'rhe freafmenj' of wounded soldiers wifh roenfgen rays .... Was "an inspirafion 'ro his co-workers, and an unselfish, modesl inves'riga'ror" . . . was a marfyr 'ro 'rhe science . . . died of X-ray burns. SURGERY ' IConfinued from Page 761 offen use expressions fhaf befrayed his ignorance of fhe humanifies and 'rhe classical languages, as. "+he voice of fhe vox populif' FRANK H. HAMILTON lI86I-I875l. Made oil painfings of his anafomical preparafions . . . probably fhe firsf fo suggesf and perform skin graffing in 'rhis counfry .... Affending physician 'ro Presidenl' Garfield. ALEXANDER B. MOTT ll87I-l89Ol. Fourfh son of Valenfine Moff . . . during fhe Civil War he helped esfablish 'rhe firsf general hospifal of fhe U. S. Army in Ihis Sfafe . . . assisfed in his fafher's operafive clinics, even before he fook his degree. Was a founder of fhe college. FREDERICK S. DENNIS H883-l898l. A fellow of fhe Royal College of Surgeons, and lafer presidenf of 'rhe New York Academy of Medicine .... Was called +o The chair af Cornell .... Now over eighly years of age, and a residenf of 'rhis cify. JOSEPH D. BRYANT II897-I898l. Was a ranking brigadier-general on fhe sfaff of Governor Cleveland . I. . inaugurafed crusade againsf pulmonary fuberculosis and cholera .... Removed a sarcoma from fhe jaw of Presidenf Cleveland aboard Bene- dicf's yachf "Oneida" . . . senf specimenf 'ro Welch, who corroborafed diagnosis microscopically .... Had a domineering personalily. which won for him fhe fifle of "Czar Bryan+" from fhe inferne sfaff. UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE JOSEPH D. BRYANT H898-I9I4l. Eig hfielh Page RQENTGENQLQGV 5 F N 1 r Y r Y r LEON THEODORE LE WALD I9I7- + Professor since Hue age of 43. 5 M.D.-Columbia. D.M.R.E.-Cambridge. l F.A.C.R. F.A.C.P. Direc+or, Edward N. Gibbs Memorial X-Ray Laborafory. , Consulfing Roefgenologisf, Hackensack, Vassar Hospi+als and 'Hwe Unifed S+a+es Ve+eran's Bureau. SIP-41--PPPP I IRELLEVUTIPL-IIJICSLIEPIIP-"'-'11 los l---.... . -...-.l f - CLINICAL PATI-IGLGCY Professor ARTHUR R. MANDEL Associafe Professor JOSEPH E. CONNERY Insfrucfor BENJAMIN DUBOVSKY ' - a I Eigh Iy-second CLINICAL PATHGLQGV i l i i ARTHUR RUDOLPH MANDEL I92O- Professor since +l'1e age of 47. MD.-New York Universily. Visi+ing Physician and Clinical Pailwologisl +o S+. Vincen+'s l-lospilal. Consulling Physician, Perlln Amboy l-lospilal. MEDICAL BUILDING ,al ,. X f ?l'u1ZRT5IFfIlm'I1'I?' f 6 I . - - - 1, Q lrfffil' - . Lux-nm,,,..nllllImuvuunm...,,I H J . ------ -gg-1' :if i ff .,.,' I--- I '--' ' "" " 5 5: M XH . . .II- UH f In . ff.,--. . .rj ,ff .,,, ..-- - ma' 5 W 204.2 .323 ..:'f,,.,'-,I-..,, . JH ""' :""'E al! 5 E ' -:bl " 1' : s E fl' . !lE'Qii S E A I a wllgs ,ff I Im I EE f-' 5 f' ff I ' IE I ' E ?'WII'IIIIIl"IIgI ,, IE I u II II ig Q E l Il us- al E EZ I EEE? -Ins s E 2 2 EZZZZIZZIII ll, : LII s s E :Q Q 5 41- E ' JE I E E 'LE , 4: ' - : I - .5 ummm N -I Him E '--- -XG E dvlyfh WX ff AT PRESENT M w , UM T l "YYY YYY' W 'Www' U i WH 1 NECRCDLCDGY -1--li "l'T'1' 1--1l.l . pgsql-.g-?gggi,l.EvuE VIOLET l93l PRCDFESSCDR CHARLES KRUMWIEDE O THE everlasfing lisT of revered names of The disfinguished dead ,LEX of The college has been added Thaf of Professor Charles Krumwiede. " He passed away on December Twenfy-eighfh, ninefeen hundred and Thirfy, aT his home in Bronxville, affer a progressive illness of Three years' duraTion. He was fifTy-one, and his deafh from malignancy of The blad- der Took from The vanguard of re- search one of iTs sTalwarTs. Dr. Krumweide was born in New York CiTy on Sepfember 4, I879. Wifh a background of preliminary educaTion in The ciTy's schools, he was graduaTed from Columbia College in l902, wiTh The bacclaureafe in arTs. Three years lafer he was a Docfor in Medicine from The College of Phy- sicians and Surgeons. He enTered The French Hospifal as a member of The house sfaff in l905, and Two years laTer was reTained on The sfaff as AssisTanT PaThologisT. The pracfice of medicine had no apparenT aTTracTion for This born in- vesfigafor. When, in l909, a fund was esfablished for a special sfudy of bovine Tuberculosis, he was appoinfed AssisTanT Bacferiologisf on The sfaff. working under Dr. William H. Park in The DeparTmenT of Healfh. His work was marked wiTh greaf abiliTy. For Twenfy years. The achievemenfs of Dr. Krumweide in BacTeriology and Immunology added lusfre To The work of The Bureau of LaboraTories and of The College. His Technical ingenuifies, his whole-hearTed, able devoTion carried him from one brillianT research To anofher. The esfablishmenf of The pafhogenicify of bovine Tuberculosis was followed by careful differenfiafion of The Typhoid enTeriTides group. The developmenf of a new Technique in rapid slide agglufinafion for Typhoid and cholera, and by The use of new differenTial media embodying selecTive dyes. WiTh Valenfine. he perfecfed a new rapid mefhod for Typing pneumococci. He was among The firsT in America To demonsTraTe ThaT psiTTacosis was a viral disease. ln February of The pasT year he presenfed This lasT work before The New York Academy of Medicine: in June he published iT. His healfh had been failing rapidly as The work had progressed, so ThaT his lasT six monThs were spenf in enforced quieT. away from The laboraTory which had been his very life. BuT even away he was always ready To give The needed work. The needed advice. Dr. Krumwiede was assisTanT direcfor of The research laborafories of The DeparT- menT of Healfh in direcT charge of The producfion of biologicals for Thirfeen years. Eighfy-sixfh Page Q3lgii-i'-tfQfBEELEVUEiYVIOL l93I His superior Technical abiliTies, and his excelIenT adminisTraTion, as well as his TaIenTed invesTigaTion, were oT immeasurable value in This phase oT his work, which was com- memoraTed by a resoluTion oT The Board oT HealTh OT The CiTy oT New York on December 30, I93O. Soon aTTer his connecTion wiTh The ciTy IaboraTories, Dr. Krumweide ioined The sTaTT oT The deparTmenT OT bacTerioIogy and hygiene oT The medical college. In l9lO he was an insTrucTor: by I9I4 he was assisTanT professor: six years IaTer he was associaTe proTessor, and aT The Time oT his deaTh he had been made Tull proTessor in The deparTmenT. He was a coIlaboraTor wiTh Dr. Park and Dr. Williams in The wriTing OT "PaThogenic Microorganisms." This long and acTive Teaching career was The producT oT an inTimaTe combinaTion oT IaboraTory Technique wiTh an aImosT uncanny clariTy oT exposiTion. His invenTive genius carried Trom work To relaxaTion. Even in phoTography, which he had made his hobby. he improved on cerTain Technical processes To such a degree as To receive signal recogniTion. 'His phoTographs were exhibiTed in New York and abroad. For Those who were his lasT sTudenTs and could be buT casual observers, iT was hard To peneTraTe Through The shell oT reTicence, even brusqueness, which surrounded The real man. He was a recenTly appoinTecI medical inspecTor when a ship wiTh cholera on board came To New York. He, along wiTh oThers, was delegaTed To The work oT culTuring and isolaTing The virulenT organisms. He had some experience in This Type oT work, and so Took over The more dan- gerous Task oT making hundreds of culTures a day alone on The spoT aT QuaranTine. He worked so hard ThaT only inTervenTion by The Commissioner oT HealTh saved him Trom collapse. He came To a lasT conTerence before The class TorTured by pain. buT giving Treely oT his knowledge and himself. The slighT Tigure oT The man, his pallor, The crisp, buT emphaTic speech, ever- quesTioning, ever-searching. have IeTT Their imprinT on memory. IT is diTFiculT To pay TribuTe To The memory oT so brillianT an invesTigaTor, so able an adminisTraTor, and so honesT a Teacher. We can do no beTTer Than To endorse The resoluTion oT The Board oT HealTh oT The CiTy oT New York. expressing deep sympaThy To The bereaved Tamily Tor iTs irreparable loss. The loss is irreTrievabIe To science. B B WILLIAM ANTHONY MAC-RINO WHEREAS, On This day our honored and beloved classmaTe, William AnThony Magrino, has passed on To his Tinal reward, be iT RESOLVED, ThaT The Class oT I93I, oT The UniversiTy and Bellevue HospiTaI Medical College, deeply Teel iTs loss and will only wiTh The greaTesT diTTiculTy accusTom iTseIT To his absence. ThaT a copy oT This be senT To his bereaved Tamily, even Though Time alone may assuage Their grieT. ThaT a copy oT These resoluTions be incorporaTed in The minuTes oT The class, and The issue oT The I929 Bellevue VioleT. CLASS OF mi. April 22. asm. EighTy-sevenTh Page NEW YQRK UNIVERSITY ' FIRST CAMPUS Im I I , II Il. I I I I I ii I I I I I I IRI II I I I I f I - f.:-.11 'f 'A'V f L- fff4fg,,1 fp 7 WI SEIXIICDRS NEW YCDRK UNIVERSITY ,,.ff'f,-A. -..f-ra I ,,-1 f X, XII K ,-.XII I KY X XX I I X XIII - ' N jr f , .V J jp, if-li ,-f-""' E ' xx. ,Iil',.?-HV A " " - I -N: 1.291 I ',3-'lf'vf,'I!JIw'ff511t. ' -Q23 .l'. 7, I M- '44' "1v ' PR 'fywxfrw U - , V QQIIII M VJVI' 0,5 M 'lf I iv I E A I , Ingg'i,:4IfgQI:,.HIXLXUI, IIIIIIQIIIME - IIIEI I I, :HI I I IIIII IIE III IIMIIMIIISUILIILMIIII: PRESENT I-IEICI-ITS CAMPUS - A - ,, - 1 . ,X 9939996Q9 9999395993 1 X - -w X -Q, v -.'4.,,, ft fl , V S I ' I ' "VNV 1" 'H-'A- fv.. . -1 """"F -'f --.:.f, 1 4, ,JM ,. . 3. B . eeeeeeeeea QaeeeeeQs QQQ QQQQQQ Q6Qg9Q 9Q9 'v .. ,,.. V if VUE A-,.,,M V I9: 3I , . 4 ' 9996999939 999699998 eaeeeaaeae ,. ., A .,,,,. -. .N fA4L .... . ,Rf-.,WT,,w is-.,,.,,.,, g ,, , A ,1,., .u k , !. ,AAW ., 4 ,IJBAH 9399636993 R 19Q9Q9Q99V ll ' ' 'N ,N ,,, Q, , I, l f l-ii WT 5, A u ,Qu 5 Ni wl- sy i l lll ' ww 5 -' Q I 1 i " Ill! Q ' ASKLEPIOS lMyihologicall 151, 1 h W .. SAMUEL ELI ABEL l783 Universify Avenue, New York Cify NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducean Socielyg Phi Lambda Kappa ARMED wilh syringes, cysfoscopes, and sounds, Abel slarls his life-long work Skilled in The use of sanral. he aslounds By his Technique 'rhe bugs 'rhal' lurk, Paired like 'fwo biscuils, in 'rhose gloomy grounds, Surrounded by prosiafic murk. ln G-U work our Sam will shine: His fiery head will lead rhe line. E - TQ1. 1 'NU' " g , ,i ,, 2 Lis .Q 1, X ni ii' QA- i - ilu f, Ex qi l 'El' ,I HIPPOCRATES 1460-310 B. c.3 l HENRY E. ALICANDRI 876l 24'lh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York l NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Gamma Sigma: Thela Kappa Psi: Banque? l Commiffee ' ALICANDRI plays bridge, buf noi' iusl' +o win, l-le's a sludenlr of deep human ac+ions, l-le wafches l'he winners so he can pin A name upon all 'rheir reacrions. We predicl wilhoul' fear +ha+ his fu- fure career Will be easy because of +his fail- y ing- y For psychology's aid will help him gel l paid l When he's +rea+ed rhe sick and fhe l ailing. l Ninely-second Page ,aff N .'f,'.17,Qf nm . H XX ,"ll5 l CELSUS lzs B. c..so2 A. 0.1 ,g,Xv'W! I M U 1 KJ V V' A i 1 ess ,WI ,fs Q ff' QWL ' lll,I x lyilsx 0 Y Q if l .lla Y I I9 itll ul: x ' nd' ARETAEUS l30-90 A. D.l X AS S iff 725 ., N ,KX ,wi Q QW! 1 X DIOSCORIDES I-10-vo A. 0.1 il.-l-l - ...L..l.T11 DAVID ALTMAN 923 Second Avenue, Asforia, Long Island ALFRED UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Lambda Kappa EVERY 'Ierm 'fill bleak December His eyelids are heavy-his aspeci worn: His worried face we'll all remember, AIfred's Ione son is so forlorn. In +he spring he's-oh, so cheerful: Bul' every fall he'II Ioolc Ihe same. And always will, wiI'h opiics fearful, Till Alfred wins a Ioo+baII game. Ninefy-'third Page 'fir ,nj ,Tw ii QW- ,fl-.FL av I up -I ' ' , Swim E . .SU-"I I T' X rg ' I 'x ' ly .H Ha ... 4 .nu ' ! l' .7 GALEN , uso-zoo? A. D., WILLIAM S. ANAPOELL I726 Davidson Avenue, Bronx, New Yorlt NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Mu Sigma WHAT ma++er in 'rhe course of 'Iime Our rules, cus+oms, our erucIi+ion, For in a few shorl'-lived years We pass and +here's a new eclifion. Only Romance ou+Iives years- We hope we're righi in our cle- piciion, Tha+ 'rhis above. in simple words, Is AnapoeII's supreme convicfion. X Iffjl fm , , 157 L f ' lyn' , -I V-E I Q . 5- l G .,,XsXX'mMN i L MK X MESSUE THE ELDER DE CHAULIAC I777-!857l H298 I368l LINACRE 1 1450- 1 5241 I83l. BELgLEVUE VIOLET l93l KALMAN APFEL l995 Cresfon Avenue, Bronx, New York C. C. N. Y., B. S. KARL is big, and Karl is Jrall, And yel he plays wi1'h +iny fhings, A man of brawn. and brains wi+hal, And ye+ +o Connery he clings. The blood his sphere, i+s 'riny cells I-le s+ains and coun+s lhe livelong day. 1'Tis also rumored he excels In ieaching bridge-fiends how +o Play-l 1 , fill' A Qty 1 l 'IMI Q., SZ , l I X. CHAMPIER 11472-15391 DEMETRIUS APOSTLE 225I Wesi' 7+h Sfreef, Brooklyn, New York COLUMBIA. B. A.: THETA KAPPA PSI Tl-lERE'S a genlleman from Thebes who's adepf al diagnosis, Be if iusl +he heeby-ieebies or a diver- Hculosis. Tho descended from Achilles and some olher Greek genis marfial, And we mighl expec+ him +o be 'lo +heir warlike pasiimes pariial, l-le's docile. This genfle Macedonian wi+h each syndrome is acquainled: VVhe+her ii be Parlcinsonian or a lady who has ieinied. l-le even knows for 'lhinks he doesl 'rhe formula of lysine. How could you doubi i+ any more? You should have guessed 'rhaf we mean- Aposlle. Ninefy-fourfh Page CHAMBRE 11412-15491 af,-. .... limi" 'Il 'F i J -, J ,,,.1 Lllll 5 - , ii Al. H SYLVIUS 1141s-15551 , 'I 74 'ii IUTIITIPI U! ,R 13 Ii If I .e- ,I I' Ii S yI,, mi z 'ninu'IIU4x' ' Aslrev.. . N565 if Z -sv Q, Q, xi I ,vglhivyw ' X I ,II iw? IIIIXI K ', gon H I III qs! 1 ,ng'.p--'ITA ' '-irfgifui, KIM AVICENNA I980-I037l 83I.,lL-.BELLEVUE VIOLET, I93I I HARRY ARONOWITZ l83 Soufh 2Is+ S+ree'I', Irvingfon, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. HIS flair for gasironomics And his hare for economics Disfinguish Dr. A from Dr. B, For among 'rhe ardenr Socialisfs You'II always find Aronowiiz While Berenson's a friend of Tam- many. Now +I'xey're born a+ S+. EIizabe+I'1's He and H. Aronowi+z In'renI on making names in Surgery. Nineiy-fifih Page i . f"Y3'f 'fs 4, .',, "" so . '1 X. ,W ' ,I fmlhlf 1, ' 'I f w- F.II'.'X.v-, I , 1 'c I I Ii., JC 45" 4 Ki L, ii ruin" ii I' .TI "fi-ifenfdmy-. ' 4 ',' f:.:., I- I' I 1, 4 ni . 13-2,2251-lgiymnyin FRACASTORI US I I484-I 5531 EDGAR H. BATES I74 Crosman Terrace, Rochesfer, New York UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER A. B. Delia Kappa Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu: Dance Commiifee I4i EDGAR I-I. BATES from Rochesier hails, To please +I'1e nurses Ed never faiis, A surgeon I'1e'II be. Ihai we dor1'+ doubt George Eas+man's appendix soon'II come our. Subbing for iniernes' a rouiine pro- cedure, Whiie uniforms. and a view of Ihe fufure, One subsriiufion-his rep. 'ro enhance, Dean's going 'ro Europe-Ed, I1ere's your chance. PARACELSUS I 1493-1541 I me K .rss , X5- iif, 1 JI' II' y I viii I! Aeaicou. II490-l555l f""X ,A 7 xl? F1 .-fr K- :ww was g ii Aw i- ff' KIM CARDANUS 1 iso:-15763 i " l83l. BELLEVUE VI0LET l93 i SIDNEY D. BECKER 35I I6+h Avenue, lrving'I'on, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S.. Ph. G. Phi Della Epsilon: Caducean Socieiy: Ed- ifor-in-Chief I4-l A versafile fellow is Sidney D. Becker, Pharmacist edifor, nurses' hearf wreclcer, Experi on phlrhisis, iough on our rheses, We fhinlc +hey're good, he Tears 'rhem +o pieces. Making skerches and pho+os, he drives us nu+s, l-le's a hard boiled edifor and fakes no burs, The faculry wisely chose such a pilor, For +his, +he grea+es+, +he +hir+y-one Violer. BENJAMIN BENDER 980 Mefropoliian Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. C. C. N. Y. B. S. Phi Befa Kappa: Phi Lambda Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha BUXOM, bibliophilic Bender Lisiens +o 'rhe pa+ien'r's woe: His hyperirophic hearr is Jrender, 'Nea+h his yourhful bravado. ln 'rhe basement he cu+s capers, Arguing wi+h gesfures grand, Woe fo any friend of Draper's On whom Bender lays his hand. Ninefy-sixih Page Fifi ,, V , - if i yy 3 . a n wap uh.. EJ, .h QI as 37 if 4,1551 ' I 3 iw.: A f F ---- H - 3. - rm wif I W i ,myl,ll'i , ' 6? if - E. .u . I Y . cllzvfr, W wgnei, l l ' Mill lilw?-Wrlif-p,'l -,V N11i::fyL,2g'fviic,Fl . ik ilnii Zhi" VI .fl-if .Q S i'liiYl-Iiawrqrim, K xx ill' ' , 'Gal fffiw 1, J 'X .:' :lei ' -', Q- A .u' sa , iffif iflifs 9 I ' sienverus Q-.V ,YPARB - VESALIUS i iisoq-issai usionsooi ll5I4-I564l X 1 l V, ,,. ? A X ix ' 1 1' X x " A Q 14 1 1' ' - .521 KX 6 FALLOPIUS ll523-I562l ...l--.i-i-. , EQQO LET Wi SAMUEL J. BERENSON 280 Wes+ Il3+h S+ree+, New York Ciiy NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. HE s'rar'rs life wi+h a handicap, As Dr. Tyson fold him, A man sans libido's a sap And from success 'Jrwill hold him. Bu+ Murphy aims lo clemonslrale. No prophecies defer him- l-le'll have children, six or eight And swollen fees won"r slir him. Ninefy-sevenlh Page ' 1 Q .'11ll'll wfllh 1'21,, lW'.m , I, AQUAPENDENTE 11537-16191 DAVID BIRNBAUM I268 Olmsfoad Avenue, New Yorli Cify C. C. N. Y. B. S. Thela Alpha Phi HIS memory's aslouncling, l-le'll quoie from any 'rex'r, l-lis nasal voice expouncling, Till lis+eners are vexecl. l-le's rarely in good humor, Bul' one 'rhing he'll always do l-le'll lislen 'ro a rumor, And, worse, believe i'r's True. ' 27, ' -x if- x 1 l1 A. 1 , N! ' 5 f- 'fff1f',1 , K r- i y M1 , . , ,.. . K .,!1 , ,. '11 1. ff, My till l - N 1.WM ,. 1 N 1.1K M X 0 - I x "N h ' .. . l VAN HELMONT HARVEY 11577-16441 11578-16571 ' 7, - Y , W ,, 1 -in-' . '.?4Inrpi5"' TXT-1 ff' i .1' iw V , -up , ,T , fi . f f - 14 NU, wtf v -. My V gf V. 1 y.-i' ,X .7,-ml, 1- 'mr' 7 "n N f 2- T GLISSON H597-Ib77l 83IllBELLEYgQEgYI1OI7ET-L-l93 HYMAN BLUME l HAROLD BRANDALEONE 353 Cypress Avenue, N. Y. C. C. C. N. Y. B. S. Phi Befa Kappa: Sigma Omega Psi: Pres- ideni l3l: Dance Commiilee l2l: Vice- Presidenl lil: Herfer Research Scholar- ship FOR amusemeni he reads French fThe Diiiierenrial Diagnosisl, No need 'ro dawdle wirh a wench To ruin his life's prognosis. l-le's sublimared all his urge, Blume has found The Woman, A+ some near dare we hear he'II merge. Why noi? l-le's only human. ' ,ff QSC, . i 1 ly, :Hi 1 3'-ix . 1 ilu-,yi . ' lfif' Xxuiiir, X , ., , , A xg ." if ' XX X 1 ' Af, X 1 Zflikif H "1 I A , KIRCHER moz-wsop I25 Eas+ 63rd S+ree+, New York Ci+y NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Sigma Delia: Phi Della Epsilon: Class Banquei Commiiiee lil l3l:Viole+ Dance Commiiiee f2lg William Welch Socieiy BRANDY had a racoon coai And we poor hoi-polloi By popular acclaim and voie Called him a rah rah boy. Bur soon blood sugars ioolc iis place The coal' no longer did annoy lnsread-"of glucose iusr a +race", l-le had become a ralli boy. ' Ninefy-eighlh Page Mc? fi, ,fYfg,,.f,' NM if ,ni ,gill , -', L-911 I "U 5.27 ,Wx f 7 i A ' X -. ,V ' Z " my .i ,. 1 R. '.fiW:r 1' xx ,:,.,h NJ .. - BROWNE llb05- I 6821 if ' .pl L" , an ..-.., fl. ill 'l ui li ' I i 4-I W i - r -3 " 1, ' + , "1'il"l",, X, :ill 'qi' '4 Q S "i'fv"' ! . -- ,p xi N DE LE BOE lI6I4-l672l 'WM N IE . r.,,,...l...., ,W -1 ...lil- agjj-?7-.BELLEVLQE VIOI,ET lQ3lg CHARLES E. BRENNAN WILLIAM BROWN 248 Garfield Place. BVOOIKIYD. New York II50 Sferling Place, Brooklyn, New York RUTGERS UNIVERSITY B. S. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Nu Sigma Nu I V I PI-ITI-IISICAL habiius, Tall, lean, and , lanky, Conducil, reprehefmble' Doing his work, noi a+ all cranky, I-Ins presence Indispensable, Never a frown I-Ie 5 evldenlly Senmble' I-Ionesr and earnesi, he never is feign- Our Brennan. ing W . . . ' I . - I-Ie'lI never rhrow 'ine chalk, M223 lm papers never Compam All sllch amines he INIII balk' Using wilh wisdom The knowledge l"IGIS I-Ie is known by his 'r-I-+aIk, gaining Our Brennan' William Brown. I I Ninefy-ninfh Page , L. If N I 0 .U . f 'lv ,, I . I. sg F1 W or -' Sw fl I II' III - I E- 1 I XS ri X III ii iII 'I W1 III I ' . a l x . WILLIS SYDENHAM II62I 16751 II624-I689I 23-'VN -I ' X. 1 ' I K II I KIIIXIII lx my I :gifs L lg .. V sIqv,:,', ,7 .6 . S fin, ,Qi 'gS Lb 1 E .i" Hx' . ' f Bla, fy ww-6 . I ,Up I . , I--6 M1 L VM I 1 lr I 'ijt I I Xi' N 1 N III: 'fr I -I "ir - .... .,.. . JI tiff- Q- ' --ITSM x -Mfr' ' I 4. 21.9 I .' 'I A X xxx f II N' l II if I IIII I ' II , I I "I Ir I' I III Iyxxll R Gvlylli YV f Q. l 5 REDI MALPIGHI 41626-16943 II628-I694I lf, N xg I f , '74 .1-N: 'par - 2 .i3f'f77n,:1fs3 .4 f - V. - ,Lr'ii"fgy. . U, . nm W.. . I ye-if X .ww X V , Lal' 'vi 9 X. ' .ii ."4"- , I -'-A U, '1 -' nf-If 1 ,y ni, fa -I fin,- ffg, .Tax gill 7 l if Fx X RUYSCH lucas-may 'f3'?7f.'.?Ti-6--fililelzliffall E zVlQl+ET '23 J. H. BUCHBINDER 2944 Middlefown Road. Pelham New Yorl: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Tau Epsilon Phi: Violei' Dance IZ. 3 and 4l: Chairman. Key Commiflee I4-I: VioIe+ Board l2l: Assisianl' Business Mgr. l3l: Business Manager l4l TRIPPING hilrher, skipping 'fhilher Nobody knows why or whilher, Boolcie iusl goes on his way- Despife his dulies, ever gay. I-le manages Ihe Viole'r's business Yel' has no sign of pain or dizziness. I-le serves on every class comrni++ee. lAnd he deserves a be+'rer diliyl. Mf3 ,I . I lm 2, f,'.lf,M,' ll si. , mf. X 1 'V f Jmifi-f MS' ' ' 'II me I'fQQ3Q.I.. is 9134- 1,1 i I V ., 74.5 gin: wg. DE GRAAF lI64l-I673l CHARLES CELLA 335 Hamil+on Avenue, Tren'I'on, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Thizlwi Kappa Psi: Dance Commi++ee III 4 UNDISMAYED by snow or rain. Unclaunied by 'rhe blazing sun, Cella daily 'fakes Ihe Irain To Trenlon when Jrhe day is done. Whal aHrac+ion can 'rhere be For which he 'rravels miles and miles? ISomeone says. a family, A wife, and cunning baby smiles.l One Hundredlh Page "iff" , L Ill I 71121 ish l'lI"SY"'. ' 4 I " 'N as ' i ZW Ju' I ,gif 'AH' wr. 'Q I QS ' ui"IiI'5f,.j' .AFA . -ml , Djnif i - f 1 MAYOW Ima- I 6791 STENSEN I l648-Ib86l ba -: g, f 21, f"l :yy J. -yiil . 4, , W 7 ff ima K ,ij l ' -in J' 5 li. ' 5 . ' A ' -N fh- qx 11 fc X X CHAMBERLEN iissai i F 1---T-T 1. -T. i5?L -j'.:ll3sEl1l-OEVUE 'Wal L Y fnffe 7 - .. , GERALD CETRULO 304 Norih Ilih S+ree+, Newark, New Jersey DARTMOUTH B. S. Lambda Phi Alpha: Alpha Kappa Kappa: Gamma Alpha: Bela Alpha Phi: Dance Commiflee: Key Commiflee CETRLlLO'S The fellow who's up on all spor+s. Like loolball or fencing, and all olher sorls Of frolicsome paslimes. like burning off war'rs, Or passing a sound. Where wagers fly fasl on who'll win 'rhe 'Fight Or whelher i+'s worrh-while +o use aconile. One 'rhing you can bel on, you're sure +o be righ+, Ce+rulo's around. One Hundred and Firsl Page SW' si ' fi- I ' 'H-Wwlll ,, ',,,'T" 3-2.-.I .P , ,, 1, ,ffiin f V3-mph, N'lii1' . .-gg 'WWA 'Ea 'fig 22,1 :Hi 1, 'ff1.'lKZ4'l, X- 'll' f ' -: 'r W- Q.-,l W, ,Q-as 4' ...ff ' -f' L f fhirgiad' 96 ' . COWPER l I660- I 709l IRVING CHRISMAN 408 Ellison Sheer, Palerson, New Jersey NEW YORK UNlVERSlTY B. S. Sigma Bela Phi: Sigma Omega Psi: Caduc- ean Socie+y HERE'S 'lo lhe man who doesn'+ cur, Nor kibilz games of bridge, Who underslancls wha+'s meanl' by "rul"' And knows lhe dose of Dig. l-le reads mosl' every Medical Journal, Excepl of course Jrhe Japanese. Ancl he mainlains The crime infernal ls The horrid one of splilling fees. ,if W, ""' 1, i i s , ' I yyg he 4 I n N Ai 2 Fw 1' , ai als -- ,A i We sf 1 -' I -flu, -' "'- ...di ' iv . ' :KW ! ill, 2,45 i . ,,.r " ,Uv -'- A wall" " . -i S 'Sf ' BOERHAAVE MQRGAGNI H668-l738i ll682-I77ll pf 0WI'IIlllllililf,,, ..... 1 ' , xx XR I CHESELDEN fleas-wszi -il.- . . . ..-i '83' BAEI-I-EYUE ,..YIOI-E-Ii - 'CQI EMANUEL M. COHEN 58 Ees+ i60fh S+ree+, New York Cify NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Lambda Kappa: Caducean Sociefy TO coun'r each cell by conscience he is bouncl: P. O. urines he'II never fake: I-Ie s+ru'rs his slruff when quizzes roll around: Leclurers. pausing, observe 'I'ha'r he's awake. E. M. Cohen, wi+h his Ii'r+Ie black bag. Worried, worn, he wends his way- Plenly of brains bur very Ii++Ie drag, Who will appreciare an A. O. A.? X SN X 'll .Q 1 Iv? ya "' ff "' I .I E 1' I I 1 1 1 IX e SMELLIE II697-l763l SIDNEY P. COHEN 89 Chrisfopher Sireel, New York Ci+y COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY B. S. M. S. Omega Pi Alpha: Dance Commillee III: Banquel Commilfee III: William Welch So- ciely , SIDNEY PECK, a chap +ha+'s shy, A modesr, shrinking vioIe'r he. Wirh ofher men he'II never vie, In ba+'rle for supremacy. Millon Cohn's his cIeares'r friend. There's murual admiralion rhere, All day each o'rher's ears +hey'II bend, This lovely philadelphian pair. One Hundred and Second Page .P ee. if fwwgx ,, a lum C' ,. . ll 5 ' s fi X I A ILINNAEUSI mov-may Ak ff. . M, 2 u. f 3 .v Y-7 Q-?'f1.Q,E X ' e j . 1 f W , E f'4,z?Zi II voN HALLER H708-I777I I X x?u,, JJ XJ I I 14 .X rzfg Thx ff.- ' 'Tif V' ,f lu-- f BASSI-VA RATI l m I-I778l .l.1.l1-T MILTON COHN l05 Brandywine Avenue, Schenecfady, N. Y. UNION COLLEGE B. S. Zela Bela Tau QUR own lviillon Cohn, wilh long legs and shorl' sfrides Loves molion so much lhal he lakes all fhe rides. The boys like +o 'rease him he lakes MICHAEL M. COMPARATO 6l2 Easl' I80'lh Sfreef, New Yorl: Ciiy New YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Della Phi Della A QUlET lellow's Comparalo, ll so welll . . . Save when zeal ligh'rs up his eyes l-le saves all has queshons Jrlll 'rhe rung . . ' Then wllh bluslermg bravado, of +he bell. . . On he Freud will generalize. Pride of Scheneclady, Union College Hzurilsiigi gglgilgggffndo' H loo' . ' . As he speaks, his voice Crescendo, e made more lnlerneshlps 'rhan any W.+h . .HW h 1, 1, of you' I ering wi s arp re or s. l-lis name we'll remember. spread all across The bullefin boards when a nolebook he los1'. One Hundred and Third! Page Q rf . l - iv -fr ff ...N - 17 11 .llnllu 'Q 3 P ' ' Ln. -Sl ' fi , l Um:: ,,-'il 'li - 'IQ' lin ee- w -- ' N... ..--'i ii is X X, Q CULLEN w. HUNTER Auemsnueeen ll7l2.l790, lI7I8-l783l lI722 l809l 1 ,is1Ni.f'F f 1' . I .,'. T X , LV' P ww , . X JMS. x 1, ,V is s -if J. HUNTER 1172s-17931 .-....i, . 1 . 83' LET 'f??L CHARLES ASHLEY RICHARD CONNOR, ZND 87 Wesi' l03rd Sheet New York Ciiy HOLY CROSS A. B. Omega Upsilon Phi: Viole+ Dance Commi+- fee ll. 2 and 4l: Class Treasurer I2 and 4l: William Welch Sociely l3l: Violei' Board l4-lg Class Banquef Commiffee ll and 3l. CHARLES A. R. CONNOR, rhe sec- ond lrememberl, A is for Ashley, Richard's +he olher, Varsi+y leH'ers from Holy Cross Col- lege. For backgammon, bridge and such sundry knowledge. For 'rhree years he 'roolc E. K. G.'s by 'rhe rearn, lllzrom Kossman 'ro Connor, +he car- diac ieamlq Bur +he +ask he found hardest lfhis is no newsl Was irying +o gel from +he boys +heir class dues. ZACHARY R. COTTLER I79 Easi' 7fh Sfreef, Broolrlyn, New Yorll NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Mu Sigma THE mildness of his lone is so deceiv- mg, Thai' one's impression is +ha'r he is gracious, Bur only if one's blind and noi per- ceiving His s+rong and massive jaw +ha+'s so pugnacious. Though sundry illnesses his voice are rnulilling, He sfaunchly clings +o all his per convic+ions. We guess he'll aid +he sneezing and +he snufiling, And Thus secure The las+ing bene- diciions. One Hundred and Fourfh Page W s .. , ,1" f 7T'f'.,1.,, 11 ,993 ,i1.R:g4 wgp,. 25. 5 W W, X "sf" '11 ' ls 'ill . . ' .... . si ax' a if Q' -1? self -' , A .1 if 11281 Qi gif , my 1' X--. - ,LA111 I X 7' 1 -Q XL ,gf il fy NXT? l'1'fJ 'll' ll1x" 'l K FTW 1,4 11 1 S iw. 1 +1 lllkwbg, 'V 1 l Q X ' ,..,. ff 1,1.111111m. 1 - .21 ' 1- fi A s. in QT 111 P1NeL RUSH scA1zPA 11745-18261 lI745-l8I3l 11747-18321 83-I BELLEVUE VIOLETl.l93I 7- V 7- ---7W.Y..4..-...- . . , ,...--- ,T MORTIMER DANZER ZI6 Clinfon Avenue, Brooklyn, New York COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY A. B. A. M. Ph. D. Phi Alpha: Bela Lambda Sigma: William Welch Sociely DANZER of l'he dulcel voice, Danzer of Jrhe fuzzy pare. Danzer is our only choice- Ph. D. who's up +o dale. Pink and earnesr, Thumbs ou+spreacl, Danzer modeslly explains Why no hair grows on his head- Jus'r because of excess brains. One Hundred and Fiffh Page r . s T' , Q wfifm firms 1 'fy' itggggigadbt jr wg ffmvyygw lH-,.- 7 ' fi:-I V? " -. I '5 ff- W '-I? ff' ' I 'f f ' ' " W'-. fi" 1 E54 H . 9 ' fill!! ., 4' 4 'bf a X 5 lr! 16 .1 , A GOETHE JENNER II749-I832l II749-I823l VINCENT A. DEI. VECCHIO 3200 Websfer Avenue, New Yoirlr Cify COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY A. B. The+a Kappa Psi WE somelimes wonder. "Can il be Thar as rhe in+ellec+ grows, The human frame shrinks smaller Wilh massive head ancl 'riny +oes?" And Then we prove il! il is True ln'rellec'r's inverse +o size. For Del, clespire his s+a'rure small. ls a gianr in our eyes. xx x iii" H ii"i'i 'i I I ,IIN BAILLIE lI76I-I823l WW X .1 Q I W I' I hx j a n Ni . 5? Nw' I My 1 PHYSICK II768-I837l WIN x lluw ll, ll a lvl I, iss Y if . i ll" .,.v"K4, xy.. V1 i 1 McDOWELL l I77I-I 8301 L..-.-. -1 . -.ll '8?'c -IEEE'-LEVUEssY'QLET1:-ff-:Iii JOHN S. D'ESOPO 4070 Barnes Avenueg Bronx, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Alpha Phi Della: Theia Kappa Psi WHEN professor reach his name, They 'rhink i+'s rafher funny, They losi lheir digni+y and shame. ln frying io be funny. Despire his many noms-de-plume Wirh which 'rhe Profs bes+ow him We cannoi help buf 'rhink he'II bloom. And scorn all ihose below him. I .X X: . " will my i,,. if' 44 ,N '7 xp' li N--X Q . W J . Gs? ,,4257 fy' NCHAT lI77I-I802l MORRIS DICKSTEIN 242 Dumonf Avenue, New York Ciiy NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Tl-llS warlike foe of men lackadaisical Spurns all farigue, all 'rhings pro- saical. And buckles early down 'io work, Which olher men are prone To shirk. l-lis love for work is quife dramalical, l-lis speech is never ungrammarical, l-le's only one love lnow, ain'+ Jrhai loullyll An old gray man-Professor Pulley. One Hundred and Sixfh Page Sl,5ffff! ,,2'7?ac 4 it K- s 3 ,M Ag FXR , 2 .Nix , If" - , 2 'lf A' Q, if ir ,ij 5- . y Q . Q W f s -- I lp ' I, a Q ' 1 X, ul- Mc-5X0 LAENNEC lI78I-l826l MAGENDIE 11783-18551 1,1 W KSA Q . :ff f N, I ' W, 5 N ,.-flQv ufggsiifgi. , ,i ff 3 lpli. ' Q .i IC 7 N x Il lj- , 5 es. -. NYSA 3 " ii x . so giisisdf 0 1, , A611- BEAUMONT I was-nasal .-.. ..-. .. .l8?l. CHARLES D. ENSELBERG 2I6 Easi' l0+I1 Sfreef, New York Cify NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Caducean Socieiyg Violef Board I4l A WIZARD, aye, iruly a wizard, A genius. if ever 'Ihere was one, For puffing a man in a blizzard When argumeniafion 'rhere was none. I-Iis wizardry slops noi wiih snoriing, The res'r of mankind he surpasses A+ Profs' flunlcing eiloris aborling While culling boih cards and his classes. One Hundred and Sevenih Page g I f. x I ff' 2 , N. ff: 7 xg I X 5 X il "4-enawixvf A Q. f ,. M1 1 my ' 'i I I 4 I' 1 X y ,Q ff BRIGHT . II789-18581 CHARLES C. FALK, JR. 270l H Sfreef, Eureka, California UNIVERSITY OF OREGON A. B. Delia Upsilonp Nu Sigma Nu: Dance Ban- quef Commi'Hee CI-IARLEY C. FALK, a greafr surgeon will be. E'en now he knows BiIIro'rh, one, Iwo. and Jrhree. Of ihe chesl' he knows noihing, buf abdomen, gee! He'II dive righi in for an esophogos- iomy. And nex+ 'ro ihis. good old bridge is his hobby, I-Ie plays if daily in The college grand lobby. I-'Ie once held four aces and no Jrrump did bid. Apfel doubled. I-le made ii-like hell he did. J. X , :wr-. i yy ii if '16 . 4 , W, li ., I .,..7 Vw! 1 A ' - f , ' VON BAER WEBER II792-I876I 11795-18787 fff 1 AA VELPEAU II795 I867I L1 'xx ax -, ,, Xxx - Ne I '2 'Z 'I ii ,,.. ,I III' 'IIIJA ffl M 0' K PII 1 " 32.1 x ,I f 1 S 4117 . nl I f a11Q:i'21B1El-LELEYUIEL YI QI- ET 3'1 MILTON L. FEIG 426 Fiffh Sireef, New York Cify NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Phi Kappa DeI+a 1 THERE used Io be a man Thai' somerime came 'ro class, Alrhough one never saw him, Ye+ he found a way To pass. Bur descend in+o 'rhe dungeon. Almosf any kind of day, And surrounded by Ihe kibiizers. I-Ie'II be hard ai work af play. J' ,L ,NX X g ,Vx X11 Wk- Es , 11" .xjsif x I !pY,4 ,7 I I OX: Y X ROMBERG II795-I873I WILLIAM FEIRING 608 Eas'I llfh Sfreef, New York Cify C. C. N. Y. B. S. IN +he clouds of Sec+ion A, Feiring's found his resiing place, No more bridge games does he play: Tha+'s Ihe only saving grace. Like Odysseus. he mus'r wander, Flaunfing knowledge a+ 'rhe profs, Over monographs mus'r ponder To avoid his comrades' scoffs. One Hundred and Eigh+h Page 2 fire: - 1-5 ' fl ' O 77? 1 , 'FQ' .iff sa' 6 I 1 11 3 .f I+: I Q1 M11 Hu 5 .1 N M Q: ' N W.. s, V? v i, IW, l " ,1 , , 'mm 1 I .4 :aye , 111 ,, ,. ' ' -' I """-II'11l111111er::.1--I I GRAVES 1 1797-1 8531 MULLER II8OI-I858I 1 Tl z 0 .25 -QE? - 6? .ll ' .' SD ,fr , A-1-iw "ll ill 1 ix' Al l - DQ VON LIEBIG ll803-I873l .lL. T. . F E.ELEcYUEcV.'QLET.:-172 IRVING FELDBERG 765 Easf 225th S+ree+, New Yorlr Ci+y C. C. N. Y. B. S. DESPITE his nickname la viIIain's planl He's noi' a+ all s+raloisrnic. His calm's unrulfled, excepl by an Occurrence ca+aclysmic. He won"r prescribe a grain of "Dig" Sans calcula'rions cool: Bur when he plays a game of bridge, He violales each rule. One Hundred and Ninlh Page Q, ig 'S' N X 'NX '- 4 S Q l -51-XX STOKES l I804-I878l SAMUEL FELDER 84 Avenue O, Brooklyn, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. IF you ever have a pa+ien'r And you 'rhink she has a goiferp You have no cause for worry Nor over books 'ro loirer. Jusr call up Dr. Felder Who, you'll find, will be your saviour, For he is an au+hori+y On The Thyroid gland's behavior. R' F 5 ll n .s If ls ' 'l Null 4 ylxmlllllh, lmii f , V 4 HOLMES 4 iso9- 1 8941 illylwyli z lx PIROGOFF IIBIO-I88ll 7831?--SS Y TBELLETlUEVK5LET----""- i win Q- -- JULIUS FERN 258 Rivingfon Sfreef, New York Ci+y NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducean Sociefy: Dance Commillee I4l: Violef Board I4l IT was in Pharmacology Tha+ we Iearnl' his name, We siruggled hard, '+was nor our fault For Cushny was +0 blame. Our Fern will run 'rhrough mysferies, Bedecked in gaudy Ierms. Dispell Jrhem all wilh one fell s+rolce, As male fern does 'ro worms. , ' wi. IIT' PIX ff I K -Tai 5 I 7' .fl .., 'T V13 , I ff Wg? I-if .I fn- Y f X. QI? ,yr , x VI A N i, f .. gy . .lllll ja If ish S "" IW I ' ' ij 1.1 .nl Qi! -- K V41 r I, SIMPSON SIMS fran-iavoy Ivana-sassy HYMAN M. FINKELSTEIN I366 Lyman Place, New Yorlr Cify NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Bela Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma: AI- pha Omega Alpha: Violel' Board I4I Tl-IE Finkels+einian sfeps don'I' Taller Toward Minerva's shining alfarp I-le forges onward, here and 'rhilher While Profs acclaim and women wifher. Bur ye+ 'rhe fiendess, Bridge, he's wooing, I-Ier hea+ed Ihrills are his undoing. We hope he subiugafes her soon To save his rnasler mind from ruin. One Hundred and Tenih Page f '15-X 9? I diff 113 JI ff' ,Ili T? I fir 1 r -Hg,'f ,1iii,h -,ma 3 A. ,. ii '27 Q 4 X X g , QI' .li I LUDWIG VON HEBRA IIBI6-l895I II8I6-I880I Tasil-f+BELLEvuE vloLET -i'-ioai ,....l.... 1 +1 YJ LAWRENCE B. GANG IB95 Universify Avenue, New York Cily NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Sigma Della: Bela Lambda Sigma: Phi Delia Epsilon: Violel Dance Commilree l2l Tl-IE youngesl' doc'ror in our class, Gang is our infanl' prodigy, Who's managed every course ro pass, And masiered every -ology. As proof of yourh, 'This man displayed ll+ almosl' pul' him on 'rhe rocksl: A puerile complex, newly made, The scourge of childhood, chicken- pox. One Hundred and Elevenfh Page I ly '?-l"- ,wi N 1 . dx M , mx ' I Q' - X li Nr w X 6.-.Sp f X BROWN SEOUARD SEMMELWEIS iI8I7I 943 lI8I8-l865l FRANK C. GENOVESE I29 Easi Ful+on S+ree+, Long Branch, N. Y. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Bela Lambda Sigma: Theia Kappa Psi: Banquel Commiifee QUT in 'rhe greai open spaces, Our where rhe hafs are-made, Genovese gladly embraces An inrerneship where he ge+s paid. Danbury's sick ones awaif him, Our where +he roofs are 'rha+ched No nurse's sweei charms can e'er bail' him, This solemn young doc+or's a+- lashed. 22" N79 'f?Z?s+'9'1', ' I 4 I rf 'f Wd A i W T ilu.-"r Wfl 4 l K ' 4 MORTON iI8I9-I868l X xi, Q' l lx il f F ,sf lr T 1,, mf, 'JJ l mllv 1. Q' l' xl J iw 1 . CREDE iI8l9-I892l 'I GIA up .rll - in s T L . qxnfl t X ,Q E , Q. ff 1 I f f if M ,la 4 .X VN Rsfq- Sari," .illl my Q . 1,1 , Maggy ll. N il' N f HELMHOLTZ Il82I-l894I BE LL EYUES is '93 MORRIS GOLDMAN I34 Godwin Avenue. Paierson, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Sigma Omega Psi HE can quole you grand srarisrics On birfhs and deaihs and on bal- lisrics, I-low Jrelanus grows from i+s spores And how glands emply +hrough one's pores. Who is +his man wi+h +his greal penchanr? l+'s Goldman wi+h a mind so Trench- ani, The Ciry picked him for her son And now rhe work's as good as done. y I IQ 2, ' 5 G XM, I lil XX img x U lf I l- i s n " -5 Ukx X mlm., ,H rn- "" If 2. vinci-low lI82I-I902l SIDNEY GREENGRASS I6l8 Carroll Sfreef, Brooklyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducean Socie+y GREENGRASS is a moral man: l-le doesn'+ duck when hearls are led. I-le always wears a 'rie of lan: I may be wrong. perhaps i+'s red- Wilh handkerchief To malch. I-le knows how +o drive a car: He's learned The signs of each dis- l ease. I-lis achievemenfs go quife lar: I-le knows lhal double pregnacies- Will add anolher barch. One Hundred and Twelflh Page xzfagi g . J, T z fi v i, K7 'zo l "1 f - I i ' Wm ' A 'M' S ' -mf A A x iw i E V xlllui.. -11 - I X EW Si X my Ein yi Elm ' my ,A li., "iff 1 XX is X fi ... ll. ' xXx X ,.."-.Wm y ' WJ:',x.,kkillIIll Xiu- . PASTEUR CHARCOT II822-I895I H825-18931 i i .11-.--li-1 ..i1 --- i11l l-ll 831,-T-TBELLEvgggE YlQLET lH93l NATHAN M. GREENSTEIN II47 Hoe Avenue, Bronx, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. Alpha Mu Sigma: Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Bela Kappa: Violel Board l4l TO make 'rhe punishmenr fir lhe crime, We oughr 'ro use anorher rhyme. For he's 'rhe very model of 'rhe mod- ern siudeni medical, Who knows when cysis of ovaries iurn i on 'rheir li++le pedicle. i I l A misplaced minsirel he, y Who ralks of many ma++ers, li Who never, never speaks wi+h ped- an+ry,-- l' Never? No, never! Well, hardly l ever! One Hundred and Thirfeenfh Page W x iff A ' I' fu -1- .. 1 ' 'A .1 .,.f"., ' ii" ' 16:7 .'7 i'l lf, i i f5lrllmQgny's yy yin' j3.5,, LISTER BILLROTH ll827-l9I2l liszv-18943 EVANGEL GRIVELIS 499 Wesf I35+h S+ree+, New York Ci+y I C V . C. N. Y. B. S. Banque? Commifiee l2l SYPI-IILIS in all Hs siages ls +o him an open loook, Grivelis can +ell +he pages Where 1'he quesfioner should look. lviericulous in every dealing, Pince-nez glasses on his nose, You will never find him spieling, Boasiing of +he 'rhings he knows. ina l il l ings. AWS' aug. ' .0 7 .iilllgy fi 2.1 His lI83I-I904l fx ., ms .K. 259 n+Mf'. if i'f :, iiiYx .,., li li A N A5 4 5' ,Z W 4, . if 'i 'mm' ix lay Q JJ f f f KLEBS lI834-I9I3l fx ,- .1 nw:-, Q , .55,i:.-F-ew ar .img . ,f . 'Y ,-fl Q? ' 5- N--f , -f ,.v1 Ill! I I' , wa- . N 'I h 1 , - - . in NUI .....1.I1 ,, i' 1111 V' 'MTI j ' 4, 'l,'11f'1,A I 'Q ,Ili X -.s--:VII . 5. ,ff N. , I COHNHEIM II839-I884l I IYIOI-ET '93 MORTON HAND l674 Kenmore Place, Brooklyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. HIS very name predicls for him A mosi exciring life, For Ialer lwhen he graduaresl I-le'll wield 'rhe surgeon's knife. I-le'll spill 'fhe blood 'ro heal lhe hurl: I-le'll cur and He and drain. For I-land's a name To conjure wil'h In Surgery, his domain. KOCH II843-I9IOI HAROLD R. HANTMAN 49 Farley Avenue, Newark. New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Della Epsilon HAROLD R. I-IANTMAN'S a good looking fellow, His manner is suave, his voice is so mellow Thar Gilberl and Fairbanks worship 'rhe clay Thar I-larold was voled an A. O. A. Bur soon he'II be bald. 'rhis rnan of The world, I-Iis mouslache will droop, lhal now is well Iwirled We wonder if Ihen as decreed by fare We'Il visage a wig on 'rhe lop ol his pale. One Hundred and Fourleenlh Page pi 1 Mfr' QI I MCBURNEY 11845-19131 voN RONTGEN 11845-19231 I w , . I -4 II 3 I I uf I ,, ,I X I ,J mf' ...T I 4 ff .. , I " " "W .. N, Xx ,l Y X OSLER II849-i9l9y rl...-. leg.----1"'j...g..gH BELLEVUEVi6IiIETi-'l--"+I 153 HERMANN L. HEGNER, JR. X I FRANK HERRINGTON Pihsburgh, Penna. I 35-29 A 72nd S+ree+, Jackson Heighls. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY B. S. Long Island Phi Bela Pi I MIDDLEBERRY B. S. CALM and unhurried as +yphoid's slow pulse, I-le droops an insoucianl eye. Languidly lolling, Iisllessly looking, I-le Iislens 'ro leclurers dry. Mind 'rhar is wand'ring from 'rhis s+a're 'ro I'hal', - ll-le's from Pirrsburgh. 'rhis non- chalanl guyl. Never observed sans 'rhar cure derby hal- When i'r's seen. a bridge game is nigh. One Hundred and Fiffeenlh Page "NN dy 8 -. "Ii 1 sf ? I X! A J' MIKULICZ-RADECKI qlaso-19053 Kappa Della Rho: Nu Sigma Nu: Phi Alpha Epsilon: Phi Alpha HE soon slole his way righl' info our hearls, This guy from McGill and all olher parls, He's going +0 Newburgh +o inlerne There. Wilh Wayland Mason-a peach of a pair. There's one naughly habir he broughl Io us, Sleeping 'rhru Iecrures on lruss, pus or rhus. - Slopl Throw your rubber bands info lhe cup. Class musl be over, 'For I-lerring+on's up. QA Thi J fl f my W 1 W., rr I-il, 'iii I 'fff fff EHRLICH H854-I9I5l ...ik-m ff N S W II I fl' fail 2, Jr Mx A I . q,1I',l f f " J, Ya" F CUSHNY H866-I927l iii, fill A WI S 11 ! II' gf ,Vp N ! 5' agp? 4-qv. 'I 1,1-' 'X Qin I . ---N 'iq ,ij .A Xxx X :II "J , 'hw 'I -,I ' .J - ,V + I-I -Q af IIMM' fzfwll ASKLEPIOS llvlyfhologicall l.. -. l ...i- . l-l F. RUSSELL HILL Elmhurst Long Island WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY B. S. Della Tau Delfag Phi Alpha Sigma PITTSBURGI-l'S BOOTS' nafive haunf. I-le roamed from 'rhere fo Wesf Va., Af presenf he's in sfaid New York, Till Cleveland claims him Iany PGYYI I-IiII's a roamer, far and wide. He'II wander o'er 'rhis wrefched earfh, Before he finally seffles down, And finds himself a consfanf berfh. ni H ' 32 I Q-7 4 'su fe, i'iSi Iwi' 9 I :: E I.: L 1 w S Q I U Q W :Y 11 JI: if ' ' I 'IX l HIPPOCRATES I-wo-370 a. c:.I ' i I I I i . PHILIP Toon HOLLAND , Bloomingfon, Indiana WASHINGTON STATE B. S. I I Sigma Chi: Nu Sigma Nu: Vice-President I4I IN Whi'Iman's fome he's found his IIN fufure work defined, I And no one can confound his orfho- pedic mind. OI books and fheory, of arf and apfi- fude, T Of sense and honesfy, of sfaunchesf I recfifude, I-le has no lack. I From Indiana's plains, Ihe zealous I Holland came, ,' To Indiana's plains, infenl' on reaping fame, I-Ie's sfarfed back. One Hundred and Sixfeenfh Page ,f -'af ' 517. fggifggigii geese waz? M .-WZ, ' Q' fi fa' N 44 - Z' 1 T-'xi 'AQII .Q 1, X QM . I. .IQMQTI 4 .IW - 1 rl' ' nlll III' X I X x QQ' N .Ng ,V ' IP Nik. wi-I ywfw I If li' 1 I I IIIR I XIII 'A - md' CELSUS ARETAEUS I25 B. C.-50? A. D.I l30-90 A. D.I S ', 21,1 l i A XX I, Q ly his 5 lm, J X f DIOSCORIDES l40-so A. 0.3 .l..i-1-1. ..l.. l. EE' -1---1.3 ELLLLEVULELLL Ls . .. FRANCES HOLMES 3 Devonshire Sireei. Winsfon Salem, N. C. DUKE UNIVERSITY A. B. Alpha Delia Pi: Ze+a Phi PROFESSOR PULLEY once remarked In one of his old wheezes, "I+ makes no difference whai' she says. Her accen+ always pleases." We like ihis charming Souihern belle, Our plaudiis we musi hand her, No mailer whai she says each iime, We never undersiand her. One Hundred and Sevenfeenih Page , -. rr. s ". 'nf' , -,lv 'X 1 NW" -""ff--Qi wvgg, x Www 'ii Q A, . , gmt a . 5 -sm Q T' X 'Fil-sw l 'v .i GALEN liao-zoo? A. D.1 HENRY HORN 2636 Davidson Avenue. New York Cify NEW YORK UNlVERSlTY B.-35. Phi Della Epsilon: Ze+a Baia Tau: Beia Lambda Sigma: William Welch Socieiyi Business Board Violei i3l: Banquei' Com- rnifiee i2l: Dance Commiiiee i3i TWO years ago he o'er'roolc Fame. His Holy Grail. his sole enirancer. When Dr. Coleman called his name And lisiened 'ro his clever answer. Since +hen he's s'rru+'recl like a Caesar, Our Horn, our Big Chief Smile-in- Face. We know noi if he's Mona Lisa, Or iusi anoiher lS+eeplechase.l jf! 1 'ij X N ,fm 1 ,?fsQ'1l A 1 MESSUE THE ELDER 4777-8571 1 in lt!" 'VET 'il il 4 I ki.-.f -,fl . - Wi S U-I 51, 1 xi 1' 1' l 7 s-7 f ,HI M A A in A x 1 DE CHAULIAC 41298-:asap '-1 L ff IXMZWI1 X 1 , '1 1.1l'1 W ,. X I lllllllmk 1114 W l I 3 I 1 I I I 1, I MX 1 1 xg: 1 X I NN 1 '1 Ig, 1 1 1-l. - . 83 BEI-lfllhlslivlgl-E5T.5 IQ3 WACLAW IMPERT 1 111 LEWIS JACOBS 5I2 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, New Yorlr II 7I5 Riverside Drive, New Yorlr Cily NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. l I NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. WHAT ho! Waclawl How goes rhe man of medicine? Don"r know? Zero! Bul' he's ihe pride of Binghamion, So, bravol Waclawl -'z:f'2zi"i5s1wff.. , 4 444, 1 g lllu N xv I X1 NRS, fXI:11.w f HI x X NV H f , 1 1-61 ,11 11 1 I Uh' X 1 1 ll N 1 N Z xxx xx 1 1' X Q f f N 1' Ni LINACRE CHAMPIER H460-l524l 11472-15391 Phi Epsilon Phi: Zola Bela Tau: Phi Della Epsilon: Valenline Moll Medal: William Welch Socie+y: Banquef Commillee HIS nonchalanl smile is superb: Wifh his slighlly superior air, He le+s no lecrures dislurb His obvious freedom from care. His grearesi deIigh+'s in blonde girls: His wagon is hilched +o a sfar, For his banner he boldly' unfurls ln Fihhe ioo'rs+eps of Volhard and a r. One Hundred and Eighfeenih Page CHAMBRE 11412-15491 1 1-,,-... I f Zim: "I ere 'IT WIQX JV I , ' 1 ' I . 1 1. - , l X 3 fi' . ' 'MI I1 54 I x ' f. SYLVIUS 11478-15551 lg n. W1 'E 'NM l l llliiiijil llulxl x l .f.v2Z"'fl A ' lx 4 wi 11559 T fill: 11. 'Q .5 will . . , C ,.. . , s..1gg3.!H ' -- 'w-- - il Jw? 19, if N' -' 2 A 4'-N .f M' . K.-'Ti iiliifil i NWN , 4 - 1' mb',ligY5Ny'iiMf s 1 I" .'l N ll" AVICENNA 1980-I 0371 U-I " . W--. , c, . .. issii---L--T QOOOOOOPWOPPPPBOBELLBEVBU E Oviiqi. ET -----m-'SCOOP l93l OLAFUR W. JOHNSON Upham, Norfh Dahofa Universify of Nor1'h Daliofa B. S.. M. S. Phi Alpha Sigma TWO years ago, he 'rowered above us, We were his pupils. and rued The day, For once in a while, he'd fail some of us, Jus? in +he spirir of play. Bul' now we know him for iusl' a slu- denl'. We have risen and he has sunk, No longer need we be so prudent Bofh of us now can flunlc. One Hundred and Nine+een+h Page fffv K ' ff'f1 if ,vjyzy fLUlllllllMWM x xii. Y 7:9 if y mf, 7, NZ WM 1-Y l' W H. .U I R Nmcllpli, 9,-. ' vw H is . 4. 'l'fl.?7:7WlN ,ilwiiif 'wiiiilii-i,,si.' FRACASTORIUS 1 1484- I 553 l JACOB W. KAHN 959 Park Place, Brooklyn, New Yorl: C. C. N. Y. B. S. Tau Delia Phi: Phi Del+a Epsilon I THINK 1'he besl' grind +0 wrife for Kahn Is one abou+ Jrhe well-dressecl man, And since l1e's also quiie a poe+, Ogden Nash-ish verses oughi To gel his goal. His drawings, loo, are very good, Bul' i+'s nor from +hese he'll earn his food. For he has such a s+ric+ly profes- sional air Thal paiienls. impressed by his spec- +acles, will gladly pay him for his care. .- Q llkizii. if- 1 ill ' ,V ' iii PARACELSUS f i493-1541 1 Ni W! If Aff' u il I I 7 1 , I X j i, l ill-1, yi ff lv AGRICOLA l I490-I555i Tf ill 4 I ill M -ff N, My-rim --'w ,fr l We yy YJ , i f 2 S CARDANUS lI50I-l576l r - ...L e Q l-ET l '93 SAMUEL KARLAN 396 Schenck Avenue, Brooklyn, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. Phi Bela Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha SAMUEL KARLAN, slow ol speech, Slands, reciles, and lakes his A. Carefully he weighls each word, Then nasally, he says his say. Bridge or surgery he can 'leach Lalesl' praclices in bofhq l-le's one virlue, l have heard, To aid anolher he's nol lorh. ' Q .-., li yf -Avy ll. i fm lillllll ' , li l'l' il . xwxvffz sERvETus 4 I509-I 5533 HARRY H. KAUFMAN 850 Easf I6Is+ Sfreel, New York Cify NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Sigma Omega Psi: Caducean Sociely: Ban- quel' Commiflee l3l: Alpha Omega Al- pha: Dance Commilfee l4l WOULDST like +o learn of Rieder cells? Wouldsl' like 'ro know how skafol smells? Wouldsl like lo find why agar iells? Ask Kaufman-he knows. Who knows where lies +he Vidian nerve? Who knows lhe gaslric acid curve? Who spills his knowledge wilh such verve? Why, Kaufman, of course. One Hundred and Twenliefh Page at .iff I I if , .lrillll-l 'L : I-' - 'T' f? s. 4 lfliwiij y 4 ,ll ."UA'il""-""l 'ff yf 4 "Milly, I . ilk fr frm , -v xi V 1 , I i 'J A ,l 1 l g, M' . -Q 1, l Jllllhqxu , 'wil MMR Ev xx W l iffi,l1f"f5l ff' -lli PARE VESALIUS ll5I0-I590l lI"il4l 64l Z 1 l n 3 li 'i ' ' "' I 'l '83I .BELLEVUE VIOLET l93l 285 Reservoir Place. New York Cify l FRANCIS KECKEISSEN MENDEL KLEPPER 59 Burrell' Sfreef. Brooklyn, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. NEW YORK UNlVERSlTY B. S. Pi Kappa Alpha: Nu Sigma Nu: Chairman Dance Commiffee lil: Dance Commirfee l4l: Key Commiffee l4l: Violer Board l4l OF all +he grinds +ha+ l've had lo rouch N0+ one has iroubled me half S0 MENDEL'SlaoksbeIie hissfrengfh, ml-lCl1. ' As any wres+ling march will show, We musl' l'1aVe more lllan P0el'C ln Pulley's clinic. i+ was proved, license Thai he was lar from slow. To find a name io rhyme wilh Kec- l49l559n'S- S+. Francis claims 'rhis genial soul, i ' . This Hercules, lhis Delphian sage, Smokes good C'9a"5- he 5 5 Prmce Ol He queslions ev'ryfhing he hears, 5 QUY- I His mind and body ba++les wage. Helps +o 'rake pncrures and laughs Slill For One x E3 f'l"'W hill E UE, i 5 1 ii I x lg I Vi Mfllfr ll: X .Q xy Ay' lqhl I l WJ.. 4 ' ,D FALLOPIUS ll523-15621 when we sigh. has To laugh al' Surgery jokes, he's made S+. Vincen+'s, like few olher blokes. Hundred and Twenfy-firsf Page gf' f, ' N, Gil 0 .tyl xl! lla CH- Q lk A fi '-lfflll 1 'M - i"'-- , '-i ,,.. I m '- I In AQUAPENDENTE VAN HELMONT lI537-I6I9l H577-I644l 4: 'WR-Lf we y if " ff fl ,4 , 1 pw! W' L 1 UL Q", lw ' mx I 5 ,Q x , ' kx X N x N h im xl HARVEY lI578-I657l 83'f+-1: BELLQLYQLEOT '93' BENJAMIN KOSSIN ll8l Walfon Avenue, Bronx, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Bela Lambda Sigma: Sigma Omega Psi: Dance Commiifee lil: Key Commiffee l4l WHEN Kossin's asked a quesiion, His reply is noi so faint I+ sounds like incliges+ion, Bui +he chances are I+ ain'+. l+'s his dreamy Souihern accen+, Thai quivers loud and honks, For Kossin, be il' known, men, Hails fromnfhe Souihern Bronx. V W, 'G 'mf 214355 '1f'4fVlf1I5i:i A I i xii' - 1 - .I . , fi .L W M If - ' f ffm! giwilf' . ii Y 'MGI L C' - ff H ' , dk ,, 1 ,5 fy ff, F25 MQ will ' fa A , , S ' wi " " 4 'WL .11 ,y ,, ,iw , 1, 1 , i-. l N1 -is ' ,y, I' As my 7 iiiwfw q. f I' -. 6 yE'hm'y:,l ,X i 'rfinrf t 1,77 V Q 'l"f'A 41, X1ii,:.1lly '11 Q., ,IA 'XX " , fs. , . l , . F: 1 A GLISSON KIRCHER lI597-lb77l 11602-1680: CHARLES E. KOSSMANN 240 Palmefio Sfreef, Broolrlyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Omega Upsilon Phi: Alpha Omega Alpha: Violef Dance Commiifee l2 and 4-l: Ban- quel Commiffee l2l: Freshman Dance Commiiiee: Class Dance Commiiiee ll and 2l CHARLIE KOSSMAN, he's fhe lad Wilh wisdom of a sage: He speaks in soflesf dulcef lones Thai quife belie his age. For he's discovered. be H' known, Some elixir, in +ru'rh- Mefhinlcs 'rha+ when he's sixfy-fhree, He-'ll s'l'ill reiain his you+h. One Hundred and Twenly-second Page 1 Wing .-""fii' mf? L-13 Qlliilfw X., f,1l1'i '7f I V Qrfilll 'A 1 '21 ,' - 5 Nj ll, 11".i,.'i .uf ,,,f11'l-illlldimlx, ' fy 135 H: ,hwngg wvmiw ,S s.-.,-jf: X1,1I'f'y V, ffyllfgl N1 1 gf! .,-'- jp, 1 xx BROWNE DE LE BOE 11605-16821 11614-16721 I Mi ," 'W "' I I I : HN. 5 E5 Q will LIMI we I will I wil jf , l Ili, I' 'x , Q E , X , WILLIS lI62I-1675! I 825' LET SIMON KRANTZ I64 Ward Sfreef, New Haven, Conn. YALE UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Lambda Kappa KRANTZ our model, Kranlz our jewel, Kran+z came from a model school, Yale's his Alma Maier, Iruel Forgive his pride, we beg you, do! Bul' Yale is happy, Yale is glad Thai cons+ipa+ion's all he had, From some o'erIooked and hidden nidus. When he feared appendiciiis. One Hundred and Twenfyihird Page f 4 N X f ill I ll I f ill., . I, ll if gal' I SYDENHAM lI624- I em EMANUEL P. LA MOTTA 55 Cooper Avenue, Dougan Hills, Sfafen Island, N. Y. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Phi Lambda AI-I! LaMoH'a! Clever, ah, La- MoHa! Ah! La lvloiial You have had your way! You've a job Io feed your pride, You're 'rhe Four+h Division's guide! You have awed! You have soared! On Ihe ward, you're a lord! Ah! Lalvloiial Clever, ah, LalvIoI'+a! Ah! LaMo'Ha! Now firsl' comes The Day! W PEW- I i gllff. f' ,, f'Fs?v , In fl gf -my li . will! 1.45 l rl ' 'I ,Ill ' ff -ii -J' ' J.. l , m y I ly yx I.. l yi, il AGI - 334 , """' .fin IM, A '1,,l REDI MALPIGHI H626-16943 H628-1694! - ... s83L -EBEI-I-EYQE, 'a93's LOUIS LANDAW I3I Easi 32nd Sfreef, Paierson, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B.S. Phi Befa Kappa: Befa Lambda Sigma: Sigma Omega Psi TI-IE in+ricacies of bridge for him hold no dismay whaiever. And ai' Ihis game he's known Io make a foolish error never. Wiih one shori' look a+ dummy's cards he'II grasp 'rhe siiuafion, And very quick he'II 'rake each Irick +o opponen+s' consrernafion. And 'gainsf Disease he'lI do Ihe same . And Ihereby add unI'o his fame. '-1 'fo - -1 . , 'V ,J',7'e5' F f Qiiiiiliffi , 17 I . ,..1ff . , N 'Qmi.',f.' KAIQM, "af N inviiii 16315 - i N kv q,Q,.iig,? 14,215 ' K xy 11-as haf., i-rr I -k'4 s org sf' Q-SN" 'EM Qi, -' I Zi-if .wizii E 'wr I "fi-.'..w 1 ' X A ' has-,-,E RUYJCH DE GRAAF II638 l73II Il64I-I673I SAMUEL F. J. LEGATO ZI4 Warren Avenue, Palisade, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Lambda Phi Mu: Banque+ CommiHee II, 2 and 3I , TO wrife eigh+ lines on S. Legafo Requires more Than mere bravado I+ can'I' be done. Of course 'rhere was 'rhaf famous bei' Wifh Klosferman-Ihe memory yeI Is wi+h us. And Ihen he was an obsreirician, Bui' noi' for Iong-for his Ambifion Succumbecl +o Sleep. I-Ie's very gen+Ie and poIi+e. II hope he Ihinks Ihese verses right I cIon'+.I One Hundred and Twenfy-fourfh Page : if ' in 'JI' I I cw, 'N-, , 1 4, S' 2 Wm . X, N My 1 Ii fziph ' ' I I Saw, .LIXQIWS Q -:lug wlnin A yum - I 1' ' I MAYOW I 1643- I 6793 STENSEN II648-I686I .- .-1 . .-.-1 .33 BEl-l+EYU,E YlaQLaETs SIDNEY H. LICHT 760 Wesf End Avenue, New Yorlc Cify C. C. N. Y. B. S. William Welch Sociefy Presiden+ l3, 4l: Piclorial Edifor, Violei l4l Ti-lE Academy's mos+ frequenl guesl The man who's ready wi'rh a iesl, Who'll ialce your piclure wilh real zest- Lich+ +he ruddy. ln palhology he will shine: Ml. Cynic's men he will refine, For his fair cheeks will ladies pine, For Lichl +he ruddy. One Hundred and Twenly-fiffh Page . ,f girl f-RP. , .P . V Aw'-,San , . ii ,,-,.:f- xi - .' 1 if S-,galil , . ' -. i. 'W .X , E is 4f'i.,' ff ' -9 Virgil: l9W04,i i nl if ff "K-4" if ff -, .i 3 f-1. -4- if ,I Wh ' V 'Q alll, lffgyl' ll, "li 'MK' 1 5' idZ2Zmg 1. ia Uwe F9220 37,335 .fy f 4. . A 4,5 . -in l"'1L0" ', :fv WTS " x- X VJ ...ff , ,f ' Q1 1 CHAMBERLEN COWPER ll658l H660-I709l SAMUEL HARRIS LITTENBERG i624 Carroll Sfreel, Brooklyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. LlTTENBERG'S lhe lanlcy lord Of learned legions Tar and wide: l-le finds Jrhe iacis, 'rhough 'rhey be deep And in The lower regions hide. The arm and hammer of his +rade Symbolic in his soul will burn, A vassal of The Couni de Sade Or ferveni Socialisi he'll iurn. if "f W, ' l, x B , all T N, "5 1 ,-4 ix H. ,fi ,i , ' . 'W f N"--A ,gf will BOERHAAVE H668-l738l N i. 1 .5 Cl, N" T L , N f is . ' - - sill' 'gf .. YWQ , 1 .mall ll- Ml 4 tual fa i ,i KL l- vb x .iq fx MORGAGNI H682-I77Il :T fi , .yy My ff il i . fn, llii:rr::x.-am-::". A ' fb A CHESELDEN H688-l752l l83l BELLEVUE VIOLET I93 GEORGE F. LONG, JR. 92-I3 Lamonf Avenue, Elmhursl, Long Island C. C. N. Y. B. S. Nu Sigma Nu: Dance and Banquef Commif- leo I I I QBSERVE G. LONG, JR., of rural Long Island, I Though far from wha? we would consider bucolic, A genrleman, scholar, wilh 'rasre esoreric ln fluids euphemiously called al- coholic. l-le's seldom heard, being qui+e un- obfrusive, And conlenl io bloom all his life unseen, No one can accuse him of being ef- lusive, Though a likable chap, if you know whaf I mean. MARY MacFADYEN Greensboro, Norfh Carolina .GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY A. B. Phi Della Della: Zela Psi TO our enigma now we come, The clocror who lakes care of nurses, The girl who's always looking glum, Though raclianceher hair disperses. The Scoich in her predominales, She's very sparing of her phrases, Though somelimes she illuminales, ln Sourhern Jrones. a problem's mazes. One Hundred and Twen+y'six+h Page , gm X.-My js- 3. .2 -i Vgmgax 'wg ,. , .,T T f H N , M 411,104 Y Se, K' ml 'i ' f E E Q ' .. ' iv' N A SMELLIE LINNAEUS II697-l763l l I ll707-l778l X57 ' I .eu f , I I X I 1 I 61 .A LK? X X Q l 3 N Sig fy 5 ' Nl l V r , Jil, I1 1, I I S - y ...i , voN HALLER mos-1717i 8QIf BELLEVUE VIOLE -.T..I931 HAROLD STEWART MCBURNEY I36 Wesr l6B+I1 Sheer, New York Ciiy NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Tau Kappa Bela: Nu Sigma Nu: Presidenf III: Banquet Dance: VioIe+ Dance Com- miliee III: Banque+ Commiifee IBI NO A. O. A. is he, alas! Lei' ofhers all 'rhe keys amass, Guardian angel of our class, I.i++le Mac. Noi for him Ihe nighrs of cramming. Fufure Surgeon, never shamming. On Ihe belly monogremming, Li++Ie Mac. One Hundred and Twenfy-sevenfh Page 'f4x:x bla U r-K 0324- N 4' I s.s. . N f 1. 3 5 T . - : ty-2, I.. if N: N ' mf. " 3 i- ,l . Y, , I G, ' I JI- ' "" I, II , .5 :K -mi MII IQ' y llqi. fix i' ,U . I El X, BASSI-VARATI CULLEN II7II-I778I Il7I2-I79OI RALPH MCGRAW I026 Neville Sheer, Follansbee, W. Va. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY B. S. Theia Chi COMING from a li++le Town, Nored for Hs mounfaineers, Muggs McGraw, despiie 'rha+ frown, In every Jrask s+iII perseveres. Noi' for him Ihe flowing bowl, Noi +he lures of nicoiine, Navy Plug he does nor chew, I-Ie has no vices-'ro be seen. Ei. W. .XJ dx xx - We L ,Lili ,-f,.l Xie' ffl I , I1 .. E I if , -' If rl S sf . ' ' I W. HUNTER AUENBRUGGER II7I8-I783I II722-I809I 1 9 xv N., Il ' ' M, si IQ 1 XL I IIN X X ' so X 1 . ,,M1' W cj J. HUNTER 11728-17931 I?3' sBELI-EYUE VIOI-ET-l-+l9?, WAYLAND H. MASON, JR. 230 Easi' Zbfh Sfreei UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER A. B. Psi Upsilonz Nu Sigma Nu: Dance Commii +ee 123 HAIR Ihinned our, and shiny pale, Never hurried, always lale, We see Mason, now and Ihen, Coming in a+ half-pas+ Ien. In Obsieirics he'II noi rise, In Syphilis his Iulure lies: No one can come Ia're for babies, Bur Ihere's always lime for Jrabes. ,fvi MW 5.2 1-4 if HN i . YF Ere QW -X V vm W im 4 W . I Q '. 1 ' . xl1 , I ,1 1, 11,11 ,7 1 1 ,,'iJ.,,.:1 .1 f PINEL 11745-l826l JAMES H. MERING, JR. 6I9 Clearview Avenue, Creffon, Pa. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH: WEST VIR- GINIA UNIVERSITY B. S. Kappa Sigma: Phi Bela Pi MERINGHS 'rhe man who has popu- Iarized The old "iron hai" in our school, Hs iaun+y appearance is seen from afar- I-Ie wears I+ Iipped back as a rule. Dr. Wrighl in his clinic one Thursday remarked, When Mering made pulolic cori- lessional, "You're a good-looking boy and I'm glad 'ro perceive You adhere +0 our eihics profes- sionaI." One Hundred and Tweniyeeighfh Page 'mum If ylf X N Q 1 RUSH II745-l8I3I i ma LV+Ea eh N ', , III W MV 1 J". L II 'fs gi I J . I' My X XT. I II! X xl , XXI I .x ll SCARPA II747- 1 8321 QL?-.fBEi.LEvuE vloLET--g+-..g1os- HARRY MOST I2l Easr l09fh Sheer. New York Cily NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Befa Kappa: Bela Lambda Sigma: Soc.. William Welch Sociely Tl-lE mosl we can say aboul lvlosl Will slill no+ suffice for our needs, For he's nor 'rhe fellow 'lo boasl Of his glamorous amorousdeeds. A+ school he's reserved and quile siill, Apparenrly buried in rhoughr, l-lis knowledge of books may be nil, Bur his dreams wilh lair women are fraught One l-lundred and Twenry-ninlh Page ..,,1 3--sag, V,5y5ff3N?e32g WSQTY' , Q9 'f 4 off?-i, ' ff A Nfl l ii T 'Q si- 'i 5? I x ' B ! n i.,, MINI rm vig! 2,3 ' ' - 4 1' ' igl' 3 -fl If . M M fi .Hx Y H,-'qi -lil 2 if 7,9 1 h, GOETHE JENNER ll749-l832l II749-l823l JOSEPH E. MOTT 28I Easi 30+h Sheer, Paferson, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Thela Kappa Psi: Banquel Commiflee ill: Chairman Banquel Commiflee l2l Alpha Phi Della HERE'S a very quiel chap- Observe rhe mousrache on his map--N ll-le's a friend ol G. Ce+rulo's, Who pu? il on 'rhere iusr lo fool usl. l-le remembers wilh misgiving His sad lale 'rhis lasl' Thanksgiving. When he speni 'rhose hours golden Wriling charrs for Dr. l-lolden. ,, ' mlh Iv lr BAILLIE lI76I-I823l rv' . ff--r . X lllllif iii N i. . Xl, ll illl l li Inq ' ' I i -ff V M PHYSCK fires-:navy ix lllll JL! l X . .ll .,,- ai S I i 'lui ,I-"Wi Sv? X . . 4 ,v, IQ . I Q A Mcnoweu. UU!-I83OI 1 .i.l. -1. i-l-1 l.....l-l- fil E I:l..EVUvEk LET -4.--?.. I93I ARTHUR J. MOUROT 304 l0Ih Sireef, Moundsville, Wesi Virginia GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: WEST VIR- GINIA UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Bela Pi BUDDY MOUROT. Universal beau, Noi so slow, Where romance lies: A woman's "No", Is noi' his woe, I+'s iusi Ihe "Go" For oIher Iries. FRANK H. NETTER I93I Madison Avenue, New York Cify C. C. N. Y. B. S. Phi Delia Epsilon: Violei Ari Board l2lI Class Treasurer l3l HE draws wi+h pen, he draws wiih ink, He illusfrafes his Surg'ry nofes, He uses colors, blue and pink, To diagram congesied Ihroais. He's offen la+e, buf whai of 'I'ha+? I-Ie'll gei Ihere jusi The same. -We iniroduce, wiih greai eclai, Frank Ne+I'er, born 'ro fame. One Hundred and Thiriiefh Page , 4 . X x. ' "S Z - .fix If xr! f V' Qi. I I N M' YT 'III " - ' 'If ., V i I ,, ei .u if iff , I . ei ' 'f ' -- Ml? I I . I ef A N 'Yi' A if A KSN -' l N X s I me X K XXX NWA BICHAT LAENNEC MAGENDIE fl71I.I802, lI78I-I826i Il7a3-lassl 1,7 I RXXQ, 0 BEAUMONT lI7as nasal ,XQKQTQ NJ ,"' L fl: illlb , I .i i f i I 'lax , L xl ,I ,I Q ,i ,I 4 4 X X . .5 . A 0 la 'Q' 1.-li.-li 1 'ai' BE I-I-EV UE,,,Vl.Q EET '23' MILTON D. OVERHOLSER 2908 3ls+ Sfreel, Asloria, Long Island UNIVERSlTY,OF MISSOURI A. B. A. M. Ph. D. Phi Bela Pi, Sigma Xi, Gamma Alpha. Aloha Omega Alpha. QVERHOLSER, overlake her, Tempus iugir, does no+ slay, There's no way for you lo make her Slow her pace or say her nay. Pedagogy cannol hold her. Even lhough you're A. O. A., Day by day you're growing older, Hair already iron-gray. One Hundred and Thirfy-firsf Page "1 ' ili- x I f 3 f' f 'Wx 7 I X s ag 1,1 f h ii x ' r 'ss f P IA' 'l '-'R I yr 1- 'Q 'H I ill' V' I.-ii. . 1 ' If Q - I f X , BRIGHT H789-I ssal l MARY PAOLONE I935 Ellis Avenue, Bronx, New York HUNTER COLLEGE B. A. Zela Phi HER name is Dr. lvl. Paolone, IH rhymes noi wirh "baloney"j, Allhough she never makes a moan When she is called Paolone. Around her neck a sleihoscope, Hanging like a necklace. y Will she wear +hus a procroscope, s Or will she be less reckless? In f -S' Q, - r s.,.' - 1 fa ' -1 .la swf' whNM,,,,,, 4 Avg 'i VON BAER ll792-I876I I E lim ...if ' I , r E All .1 , N lr xl 0, Wil N ll Q mm, ii lg? if ff y I f Q! I WEBER I 1795-I 878l I l.l.L-l- ,, .i-l- ..l... -l-- F9s3slf-T-1-BELLsEVUE VIC'-ET:---'93 Lyl- -W' JOSEPH PORCELLO 43I0 53rd Sireef, Woodside, Long Island NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Omega Upsilon Phi JOE shakes like an aspen leaf When he's called on +o reciie, I-le always fears he'll come +o griei. Bui his answer's always righi. A Laiin iype, he's dark and shori, I-lis +emper's also raiher holg Despiie i+ all, we like his sori. l-le's gol' a wife lmayhap a 'ro+?l 4- I . , I f, , ffl, E' i, ' 475, ,ll N li, Luk- I if Pill: , I i"'i zf,lf,.f s X li ,7 ' f I' xx 4 V .l' n ,I ,A 1 1 I VELPEAU ROMBERG H795-18671 I I795-1873, ANTHONY T. PRIVITERA 3003 Wallace Avenue, Bronx, New York I-IEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Lambda Phi Mu DON'T be misled by his cynical sneer, Nor +he mousiache, so black and so fierce, From Privy's remarks ihere is noihing +o fear, l-lis pose is qui+e easy +o pierce. For his manner sarcasiic is naughl' buf a blind, To disguise whal he fears io be shown, Thai' really a+ heari he is genile and kind. A iaci which is raiher well-known. One Hundred and Thiriy-second Page f X14 I ,fl P lk , ,i .QM if . , ,, X ' ill ff? V,- GRAVES I I797-I asap fsfi Q' I , c I 1 ff , f of , C f ' I!! J I If . :I 1 ll, 'Lx 'K-., f ll' .mn lllllillll I Iwi ll' X I MULLER liao:-nasal X56 X i VON LIEBIG H803-I 8731 1. A, WJ Wy, ' .ew J. J ' B A 'ef' H . Kp ., 1 ', IA y iii Taailavuli viouzr ' ifisi 1.--. -l- ....-l-L L .J ALLAN PUTTERMAN I8-1-0 76+h S+ree+, Brooklyn, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. Key Commiflee l4-l HERE'S a fellow s+uden+ wirh a mis- sion idealisric, Whose work will be a paradox, a comic splurge, For half 'rhe 'rime he'll help rhe popu- lace augmenl irself, The o+her half in rhwarring Na'rure's srrongesr urge. We hope +ha+ of his sfudies he'll nor forgel' rhe ruclimenrs, And by use of common sense and sound inregriry, He'll avoid 'rhe pirfalls of fh' opening of 'rhe alphabet Which by li++le rransposifion is A B, D and C. One Hundred and Thiriy-rhird Page .P :gn Q X. . n I A me X ii X x AJ 'azz li 2' ll Q L ' 1 .fr X3 STOKES l I 804- I 878, JOSHUA J. RABINOWITZ l5l7 S+. John's Place, Brooklyn, New Yorl: C. C. N. Y. B. S. Alpha Mu Sigma: Key Commiflee l4lgBan- quef Commifree l2l BIG in bulk, and big of hearr, Happy always, smiling Jess ls going our +o do his par+: And specialize in OBS. Be if breech or LOA ROP or worse Jrhan +ha+, A harsh word he'll never say As he holds up 'rhe newborn brar. ?f I N .N ' is -1 Nix S X li - i' 1. lugy yy., X i ,Q is ygli, .. ". 2 ...i if mv f .1 f x j Q1 ,N 'J HOLMES PIROGOFF H809-I 8941 Halo-:sail K7 all 1,115 ,XY f " i ,fm ,Q ,N lfllliyihi P . W! lgtgow V -T I., ,751 ---f --if wil N . .QQ V vi' P" """' - X Ililo N- I .. J... VT f SIMPSON II8II-I870I r a "' W I1-A 1 Iff' IQEI-ILEYWU I5...QC?LI5-'Isl--T'Qf?.?'c STANTON A. RACHLIN 257 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. HIS brow no+ Iurrowed from foil pasl midnighr chime, Now worn in spirir from a cons+an+ daily slrife, Ideals in +he sky, midsl clouds of hope, S+ill smiling a+ unforseen mishaps, For lo! 'rhe pa+h of life lies smooihed and Iorighl before, And as he s+rolls along- Nr piece and friendly foward his fellowmen. 'Lie Ax .K ,N ,V , - 4 fi X MI hi XII xx I f N x Ir, I 'O y s v I. y ,ll f I n I ww' I 1 X , SIMS lI8l3-I883I ll NINA LINCOLN RAYEVSKY I 75 Chesfnui Sheer, Liberiy, New Yorlt BARNARD COLLEGE A. B. l Zela Phi: Class Sec'y. l3lg Violel Dance Commiilee l4l , l Q QRTI-IOPEDICS has no lure: il: Surgery? I-Ier voice is weak: ig Neurologisrs can never cure: I Ofher fields will Nina seek. Speciallies and worldly fame, Nina coyly Jrhrows lhem down, I-Iomely medicine her aim ln a li'r+Ie coun+ry Iown. One Hundred and Thirfy-Iourih Page f if ff f Wx! ' ., G' N UHQY s x W! , Why S, iff.. '- 'iini , .! J, I ' II I I l ' '1 -. "HN, LUDWIG issue-iaesl A ll ff 1 'X i Q X -m VON HEBRA II8I6-I880I L if 9""'T lx , mf T .y v 3 ,.': ? 1 x, V f I Q X ' n ll l BROWN-SEQUARD lI8l7-l894l U . .., F . 1l- -li l... . 83l ?.ll.-BELLEVUE vloitaf-:-.Z-.iosly LOUIS RAZINSKY 2726 Cruger Avenue, New Yorlr C. C. N. Y. B. S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha: Banque? Commilfee ll and 2l LOU'S iusl one of our clever boys. The world will know some day. l-le's s'rar+ed off on his qreal career As chief of A. O. A. There's iusl one faulr we have lo find Thai may his glory dim, l-le'll always fall for a nurse's line And 'rhinlc she falls for him. One Hundred and Thirfy-'liffh Page x d im N . .g ,- i . ' lj,,7r,, X il i ' , li X SEMMELWEIS H818-I865l BENJAMIN RITTER 32 Correnfon Sfreel, Springfield, Mass. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. BEN RITTER of Royal and Springfield, Mass., l-las cerrainly proved a boon fo our class, Gadgels he'll gel' you, whalever you seek, A dollar down and a dollar a week. Woman's his weakness, blondes above all, lv1any's 'rhe 'rime Thai we've seen him fall. ll he would in life aspire +o fame l-le should lay off pinochle-i+'s nol- his game. ,ng - L fc, ff' -W3 1 , V 5' . , '.BL vr:U r -, ,ff Www . lk, MORTON ll8I9-I8b8l M X I X Q 1 XM Nik l N x x yi lx J "1 if i Wll'lii,!Nii:117 ' J W f T qi l x .xg , CREDE lI8I9-I892l I' I' 1831- BELLEvUE vloLu5Ti"".g'....4Iiii'4ii I U 1,-....., ....- ALBERTO RIVERO 600 Wesf I401'h Sfree+, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Bera Lambda Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa: Nu Sigma Nu: VicePresiden+. William Welch Sociely: Dance Commiilee lil I ALBERTO RIVERO, whal rhyfhm 'ro 'rha+, Whai mien, whal carriage, whal Iill Io his hal: A bear wi+h ihe ladies, a gen+leman lrue. A pride 'ro ihe boys of Nu Sigma Nu. I-le can hold as much ,liquor as Roberls or Falk, ln lacl' he will drink liquor, bollle and cork, Bul' of all his accomplishmenls, none is so greai, As 'rhe facl' +ha+ he always comes len minules la+e. 5 ,, E 12: I 1 ' f f W l g, f fm NH , if Gif, ,ik - Q 'll ---V lull , ff ,- 'iq i 1 'I W, I X ll " ' I . '.' Y 5 ' HELMHOLTZ VIRCHOW lI82I-I894l lIB2I-I902l ARTHUR J. D. ROBERTS, JR. I962 Universify Avenue, Bronx, New Yorlr NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Pi Kappa Alpha TIME is 'ro Roberfs A 'rhing 'ro be cherished- A lFrom +oo hasly living Nalions have perishedl. Liquor's a siranger To Roberrs. who, sieady And slow in his movemenls, For real work is ready. One Hundred and Thirfy-sixfh Page 17:7 NY 1 Y gi , . f s " , f f' '71 12, 1 uh il K I . J if ei 9 s i li' XS. 'cf -" .Is " ' ,f , , ,i- 1 i f il " ffl - V il I x, V 1, I I XMXWW I. lf., -'fi' X ii 'I 1 X if -iii ' -A A ,,"",1niw'li'W' wlT.':..,lN'lIIvii Ni- '- ' PASTEUR CHARCOT 11822-13951 H825-l893l ,' 42 9 1 77 Qs . lGTqf -if," i'fYf if X iii X yalix N M L . . 3 'FQ' ,L I' A Wx Y la" ' il M ' w ' .ll--ul -r 1 , xg3fg,ii n ' g N L -Y Y-lllllwli .Q A-'W -fI1""'l r fll X LISTER H827-I9I2l -"1 "' ' V ""' - ' A ' "S""i i83l....'-i.-'..'--l--BELLEVUE VlOLET:l93l PAUL S. ROMANO l86 Easf 206+h Sfreef, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Be+a Lambda Sigma: Phi Alpha Sigma: Ban- que? Commi++ee l2l WE'RE sending a man +o Fordham Who'Il hold our banners high, A credif 'ro +hose who Taughl' him, A man who'll always fry. He's going wi+h our bes'r wishes. This serious, sludious guy, Sfeacly and sure and ambilious, XA professor. perhaps. by and by. One Hundred and Thir+y-sevenfh Page f - , Nil!" Six. l QW? 5. osihy ff ,JQSSQ 'Q X x 5 X' ' NN E? I l 'fnyhl "hi . few . r , ,, LVL 1' 55,71 V BILLROTH 1 I829-I B94l SIDNEY ROSENBLIETT I675 47+h Sireef, New York - C. C. N. Y. B. S. Sigma Omega Psi: Banque'r Commiffee l2l A WORRIED face 'rhis lad has got No one of us has blamed him. Musl Wadhams call him ROSEN- BLATT? Il"s nol' whal' his parenls namecl him. l-le's one of 'rhe few who's sludied Yaws: I-le knows whal"s meani by Gleel. Of each disease he knows +he cause. AND HIS NAME IS REALLY ROSEN- BLl ETT! .s WR X i M W . i fl., WWE, .gfilllfli X ,U S I nl xy mi. HIS ll83l-I904l . ax Q -N- AS ifmm 1 ' W E1 Q2 3 ,i Qflfxpfy i 4 'jlxmiylitg lg G :MMS dt I QL If 4,7 r J KLEBS H834-I9l3l .-P1 A I , AQ: 1. lnylfnf ,T, esv' .ll '. : Q' . f 9 84, . L, J.. llj 7 ' Q Z' a mix . - . f fl ,S 17 . i M4 I 4 . u I I ,Ml 'I' ,CM I ,f,',.f'f, v 'Q 1' A x ., fl g il' .X " l s 83l,T--l-BElfLEXQE...VsLQL KEEVE ROSENTHAL I49 Wes? Tremonf Avenue, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Be+a Lambda Sigma: Sigma Omega Psi ROSENTHAUS a loashful boy, A li++le shy, bui' ra+her nice Who cares if he's a 'rrifle coy When, af+er all, he knows his Tice? ln sublle mysleries he'll delve Wilh cardiacs he'll pass his days, His copious knowledge he won'+ shelve, He'll use if in 'rhe besi of ways. K COHNHEIM KOCH H839-I884l H843-l9lOl JACOB A. ROSOF 86 Flefcher Avenue, Ml. Vernon, New York OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY B. A. Phi Della Epsilon: Sigma Xi: Welch Socieiy: Violel Bord l3 and 41 THOUGH we'd like +o be highbrow, use eleganl worcls, Yel we iusi can'+ help calling ii' classy To be able +o sign, wilh a flourish divine, A cognomen like +his-J. Agassiz. Though Jack's loul half of a Bellevue man, He's a lasle in loelles-leliers exolic, He wrole mosl of The Lefl Winger's News, And posed for iheir emblem erolic. One Hundred and Thirly-eighih Page :fi ff bfi , A 1 'I 3 ' . Xu -' l, v i -- McBURNEY ll845-I9l3l voN RONTGE H845-I923l l , -,L , K 5, 1 ll? "fi w X W l .11 ,..V -, XJ ' "WX ' ' -g, osLER 11849-19191 lii-1 i...l.l.i- 83' Elrlzliy U Ed V l SELIG J. ROSS I937 66+h Slreei, Brooklyn, New Yorlr NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Sigma Omega Psi: Banquel' Commillee I2 and 31: Alpha Omega Alpha: Violef Dance Commiilee l3l THERE is a man in our class And he is wondrous wise, Bu+ siill he Jrhoughl if noi amiss To pal wilh common guys. Bu'r always, people, class will +ell, l-le hid if 'lil +he end, And now our Zeke is A. O. A. l-lurrahl The people's friend! One Hundred and Thirly-ninlh Page .-WLX 7 J' X X CEYX I. ,..- fx 'Hn Ni Qs! V AJ MIKULICZ-RADECKI H850-I905l ALBERT S. SABIN 294 Easf 3Is+ S+ree+, Paierson, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. WALLS reverberale a beauriful voice. l'r's mellow, basso, i+'s s+rong and i+'s choice. ls'+ Slenlor? Slrill-nor 'rhe drop of a p1n, No: 'Jr islnone orher 'rhan The grealr Sabin. l-le 'laughl 'lhe pneumococcus how 'ro WPG' And 'rhereby did save +he while mouse's life. Allrho he's aparl and somerimes aloof, Soon we'll be proud lo say, "l knew XX . -1- D- N ., Q, S: rn E + on I '-15.45 FN' LQ U1 M11 T-32-sm , 1 1 O P F3 aag'fs.iQn1 -' 11 1 o - - l 1 4:--ff'-'-X' v ' -4-. 2 O I -1-' ,ez 1. - T ' : U1 I ' -g 5 ' ff .. 1' "' N ' -f Q M. ig: f? x xW! " .,MlXX- 1' SE ff Vx X 1 E W 1 X fn ,- i l,J.1 it N X X W 1 1111l,i f f cus1-1NY 118116-19271 It I ll N ss 1 G 2 J Mn, IT.-,. 'l' 5' A fi .1 , 1 ' 11, K.:-' . ix- i, - 111x111 N 'X N 1 v ' .ff . . 1'i,,1.' IW 'lx .u . , .9 . 'l 'ji'.' '... Z9 ' . 'f4,,f'l H l lfiiffy iiiif' ASKLEPIOS llvlylhologicall iii-1. ---l E 835:-e+-,l3E.':Q5XLlllOl: 9551 BENJAMIN SALWAY l27 Lamberfon Sfreef, Trenfon, New Jersey RUTGERS UNIVERSITY. B. S. Phi Epsilon Pig Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Della Epsilon: Banquel Commillee lil: Chair- man Dance Commillee l2l: Chairman Violel Dance l4l RUTGERS senl' a P. B. K.. Bellevue sends a Benedict College oil' can lead aslray, Bul' med. school mends The derelicl. Ben is noi an A. O. A.. Allhough he could have been one: l-le had his choice of lcey or bride, And so could only win one. f gl 3+ 2 ,Z 5 sul X Y tax l -: Y I1 v s 5 Be. W ln lf' 'E , . ' .1 HIPPOCRATES 1460-370 B. c.1 JOSEPH F. SANDELLA R. F. D. No. I, Princefon, New Jersey C. C. N. Y. B. S. Thela Kappa Psi: Banquel Commilfee l2l ANOTHER son of 'rhe soil is he, Anofher Jerseyile, When for Cella you look, 'lis he Who'll always loe in sighl. Oh, Sandella's a fellow who is ralher s+ou'r, Bul nol given +0 levily, A very good fellow lo have aboul' ln case of emergency. One Hundred and Forfielh Page fl, -521 1111 .111 ,111 'lqlgxyhl' ,I 13' xl vu VEB 4 -5' J .., 1 X X - X x ,XXV xslt If f CELSUS 125 B. c.-so? A. DJ .. K7 T 2 I . . . 1- -'af ffl! 'Q . wx, f, ff-EXP we me r l W f' ' . '1 -rw - -9' ., ' EW, Il E JN? 9 I iyfl 14 .6 .1 yy jj, .Ax C 11 ARETAEUS 130-90 A. 0.1 S X if L .L V x A , fx Lf I ' V ' lxfil lf i35Y'l if N ir f DIOSCORIDES i40-90 A. DJ , 1-.il11-11 . -,l..il11 . .ii-Q-1 g 83' -11-T'-'-1-LQEIZIT ET ----F '93' 1 I J BENJAMIN SANDLER I520 Sheridan Avenue, Bronx. New Yorlr NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducean Socieiyz Treasurer lil: Vice- presidenf l2, 3l: Violei Board l4l: Key Commilfee I4-I WE see before us here, dear folk, A wor+hy man sine qua non, Whose every scieniific poke Will 'rhrow I'he walls of mysiery prone. A grea+ "cIineeshun" born +o iarne A man whom none will dare Io doubt A man whose genius all acclaim Why sure! Ihe inIorma+ion's oui +Ben Sandler. One Hundred and Forly-firsl Page Iilw , fa f fo ,qw 'X QW- fikj--'J mv 'I c nf 'I- x- 0' . sir E 'um im mi -' 'jiri' 'i wif i w -a ll I GALEN liao-zoo? A. 0.1 EDWARD SANTORA 379 Hopkins Avenue, Asforia, Long Island NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Omega Upsilon Phi: Dance Commiilee ll. 3. 4l: Banque? CommiHee ll, 2. 3l: Ari Edilor Violei Dance l4l: Key Commiliee I4I IT makes no difference who is playing. Eddie will be siH'ing There, From 'rhe paih oi viriue siraying, The answer Io The players' prayer. Wiih Ihe cards he never dailies- I-le's iusi' 'rhere io give advice: Ignoring all sarcasiic sallies. Ed persisis in being nice. 5. .A Xu GVTXIVS , 5 JV A fill' N I fm' f fi A Jyifz Q lx fm Qflf ., il MESSUE THE ELDER DE CHAULIAC I777-8571 Ima I368I S I .w111""'H" , -, ,,,"'U liiullin-,, ' , ,ff Wy .I 3- I Hill' 1 S I Y ill", ' iQ l' 11 , 'l I Sw, 1, X 1' i X 1 LINACRE 11460-15241 1 lg' U E lgf MAX T. SAX 38 Keer Avenue, Newark, New Jersey NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Ph. G. Banquel' Commi++ee l2l HE'S chosen now a new profession, Risen from ihe ranks is he, ln nobler works he'lI find expression, No more a lowly Ph. G. l-lis prescrip+ions willbe we++er, Give his pafienfs iolli+yg Spir. Frumenlz will make +hem beiier, And bring him in a larger fee. ....s'N11,l ,..W..-. . N M - 1 Mwwwrzt 5 sail ff ' l ' ff f Q 411 1 ifnrliiii' ll 1 W I 'fn 1 X , ll w. l NN 111 x ,alkyl Q Q I' , ix ii lshx i ' 1 l Q Ns CHAMPIER 11412-15391 'l SIEGFRIED s. SCHATTEN 56 Forf Weshingion Avenue, New Yorlr NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducean Sociefy l 1 1- HE will sell you EKG's, Or prodoscopes or BVD's, Or read his funny hisiories, Wi+h pleasure. V1 l E A+ leaping seals he is a wiz, Wi+h laughier he'll disrupl' a quiz. l-le guards 1'hose hairs upon his phiz, l-lis fre-asure. il l 1 l 5 One Hundred and For+y-second Page P 'X-xx' "' 1111 My l illlll iQrx VS I dv f rum! - KX Nags. lumix: X -N X if CHAMBRE SYLVIUS 11412-15491 lI478 l555l I Kg III' ' six I: I wwf We X XI fi 1 .N , ff ill I X f .1 4, 5 5 1, . 'l"- Mill' 11 83I ."'BELLEVUE VIOLET l93I l I 1 LEE H. SCHLESINGER 5866 Burchfield Avenue, Piffsburgh, Pa. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH B. S. SMOKY JOE from Pi+Isburgh, Wilh his Pillsburgh sfogies, Ouo+es Whilman, Wrighl, and Fish berg, Un+ouched by care's dark bogeys. I Derby hal upon his head, We venlure our prognosis,- l-le will earn his daily bread, By frealing anfhracosis. One Hundred and Forfy-Ihird Page 1, Wlkkugiimxxxygxx Ilxfli I "" ' ' Q .:..y 1 1.1, J-1 -1611 ' 1' ' fy 'u ,, fl! fy I 1 fd! X x X31 fku "uf f , ' 2 I' III, A Tn! 11lS'QQL', ". II L ii' fel mil I ll , f 151 "4 fl."I', i". WE. .iwiiwv 1, 1,51 . Ap: C1i'I IIENXIIQ 'f Q 4. 'l,Qf'f4yk,if"1' 4 ntgwfilygsf N AVICENNA FRACASTORIUS I980-l037I II484-l553I WILLIAM A. SCHONFELD 30 Wesl' l8Is+ Sireei, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Sigma Omega Psi SCI-IOENFELD is our own Alphonse, lOur Gaslron is elusivel, When asked a queslion, his response ls gushingly effusive. I-Ie begs your pardon, seeks your grace, I-Ie's no'r a+ all wifhdrawing, To him no pa+ien+ is a "case", I+'s posifively aweing. f if :li 1'- : 1 my L - - I N113 i - 5-- 4: AIM 3' I ,EW If xi QQNIRX I I 'rj' ,igygllllfj-I I 'Ill f PARAcELsus II493-I54II E 1 1 I N159 yi Y lily? I l iff . .I x 4 AGRICOLA 11490-15551 hi J jf W WM xl i ff 'li' V- fis qx ' . sv., 'W . fffifl .a ,-5 i x 'IA ' 'f' . ,gif QNX Nl ' ' 1 ,Q w , B-' fl' ld CARDANUS lI50l-l576l ..- - .. 1 1- 53l.?--5.-:fBEl,LEVUE VIOLET-..-4.--3533 ABRAHAM SCHONHOLTZ I42 Suffolk S+ree+, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducea n Sociefy NO pharmacisr will 'rear his hair On reading his prescriplion: l-lis wriring clear and bold and lair Surpasses all descrip+ion. When he slarled, il was good. And everyone did know if, l-le's pracliced wriling while he Could- l-lis summaries will show il. HARRY SCHORR 376 Soufh 2nd S+ree+, Brooklyn, New Yorlc C. C. N. Y. B. S. Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Delia Psi: Dance Comrniflee l2l: Banquef Cornmillee lll: Class Presidenl l4l: Phi Delra Epsilon WHEN profs mus+ be persuaded, l-le will do i+ all unaided: l-le presides o'er all our meerings, And he sends our cheer and greel- ings: Ever-smiling, s+ill placaling, l-lealed classmales loud debaling- Who could do +hese lhings lou+ Kewpie Schorr? Ona Hundred and Foriy-fourfh Page . if N Y: 4, .limi is i yi .. . .sll2i,' Q. , 'li Ai ff? S N M55 A ,rg . " . j f i " fi QQ, BA so FNB-l.,iillll' ii'L?E?'-fll'l Sl S1141iffF17,fQz'a'fiif'i?Tfi 1 ' ., 2 '2ljl'?1f4"',y A s'ff f14giilQgF3l. . ' LLM, - , fy li' r-??l!3RwS ' .Hn ' ff , '-' ssizverus V PARE VESALIUS N509-lssal ll5l0-l590l ll5l4-l5b4l HS xl E f as TVN .V 1 WXYG phlx I M Q, II 'Ii it ' Ni - Ii ' K II ul' u-". , . I I y IIIIII FALLOPIUS II523-l562l ,1L11..i- - , ll- .l-.1..1 ffl-+1+f-,T-1 BEL-.EVU EJLOI-EI Qffl ALBERT M. SCHWARTZ 56 Easr 87'fh S+ree+, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. William Welch Sociely, Violol Board I3I LOOK for I-Iorn and you'II find Schwarrz, Their friendships Iasied years, We'vhe oflren wondered if one were II' Would 'r'o+her Ioursf info Tears? Schwariz was iealous of his Irwin, Dis+inc+ion did nor show, So Io help ideniify, A mouslache he did grow. One Hundred and Foriy-'liflh Page MI, ' LI- I , IJ! 1 II' 'W IWW. I AQUAPENDENTE II537-I6I9l Phi Delia Epsilon: Dance Commilfee III: SOLOMON SCHWARTZ 704 Logan Sheer, Brooklyn, New Yorlz C. C. N. Y. B. S. Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Bela Kappa WITI-I a cynical smile on his lace, I-Ie has Iisiened To Iecrures galore: I-Iis knowledge increases apace. And s+iII he has room for much more. I-Iis iu'rure,renown's in G. I., Where his+ories don'+ mean a Damn, I I-Ie'II measure his palienls and sigh, "You've an ulcer. Milk die+ and iam." . ' 531, -If-"Ir 1, IIIII I . IZ gf' I M ' Sail IX, 1,11 A. Ii., ,ai-W I"L.' ,I 'W V. - m:-rf-fill, f . .- i.,,Ii,2. i t ii, lily . . S gr ,N I ' . . III VAN HELMONT HARVEY 11577-ib44I II578-lb57I .- W Q f. fMIm...-' X ri 3 -. 5 15 ,IW ' A - 5- ing 1 ' .1 , ki -,ly 1 -. ff, .I LQ w ' ,Q ,lvl -1 if . .. Im" ,Vi , ' I ,J 'ff Wlfqllf ' "' , 7 T i , , ll" 'i "rf T- k '14 f s . , 1 GLISSON H597-I677l .-- .i--1-I L.. --i--v i..l..l-l Sail.-+fji3gi,LEvyEg SAMUEL P. SCHWARTZFARB H73 Nelson Avenue, Bronx, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. PERRY'S always ready wi+h a smile, To be rhe fourrh ar Hearfs, To +es'r rhe gaslric conrenrs for fresh bile, To heal +he pa+ien'r's smarrs. Cheer and sunshine follow in his wake, Dispersing darlcesl gloom, Healrh he'll bring and his fee he'll rake, For chearing Dea+h's dark romb. ,f BZX I, X its: ', E1ii ,, ff gf wg. fi ., Q' L, -Q4 wifi z f .- UI' 5, g.-, T, . :M,E!,,v.! f ...M . firing! mlm l x .T .ilIy! :4U xN:I.EylA. X l i X , 1-- KIRCHER moz-isaol JOHN J. SCOTT 6 Zerman Place, Weehawlren, New Jersey FORDHAM UNIVERSITY B. 5. WHO is Sco++? Whar is he , Thar no one seems ro know him? For four long years, a mysrery, All we've done's "hello" him. Good or load? Dumb or smarr? No one can decide if. If he has a secrer vice. He knows how +o hide ir. One Hundred and Forfy-sixlh Page i g g ff ,flap xx iff? yin-f ,-N lm- l' 'T "U Q7 ,lv 3' fi K 'QB fr-1-T lin is A My galil, ,M 93.5. Nl X "i ,' Ie- . . aRowNE 1 nbos- 1 my Tiilfh ' . N. fill' li ill no ll' I N - g -E! ' , I l Y I liilyfhlllxxlx. sy ,H fwf A . T 'I ffl! f ' f N 1' ,D Za K" ill DE LE Bos lI6I4-I672l YYY'-N H ,-, . ,--,,,, W HW, W l.. -.i- LLTEVUE YIOI-ET 'I FRED SHEER I325 Easf 9I'h S'Iroe'I', Brooklyn, New York l NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. l Caducean Sociely l li DROOPING shoulders. splanchnop- Iosis, A posfural anomaly, I Long and wiry, wi+h lordosis, 5 IThis in +ru+h's no calumnyl. l Prescribing diels. drugs, colonics. i A popular young man he'll be. 1 Advising liberal use of Jronics, Unconscious of 'rhe irony. li rl l One Hundred and Forly-sevenfh Page l, . H milk ' I :ill lijffkl I , -. ki I I ' W digits Won g. my , F -I5 , H., ,, N ywrjl Ilnlkvll ,I Qlffij , , 531711 i,.!,v, wins ii If ' ffffffff x ' X QL. WILLIS SYDENHAM lI62I-I675l II624-I689l T V4 g 1 VINCENT M. SHIELDS 89I9 Shore CourI'. Brooklyn, New York ' FORDI-IAM UNIVERSITY B. S. "WI-IICI-I is Sco++? Which is Shields? They're bolh so unassuming, Neilher one 'ro 'folly yields. Nor wi'rh zeal is fumingf' "Which is Shields? Which is Scoll? Tell us. else we languish." "One wears glasses, one does no'r, Thus will end your anguish." 6' 0.4 ' Qi:fQ1,-3' I Sai: I MY". I, '24 if i NNN - 'ff' - fl 'f ' -I YN ,arf-fig I I :rg I, f i 35? lfi., fl - ,ill il N , ' 'gtg' I """ 4.41, kg I A I, v, -, ESM. WW P llgkx 1. Trl Q. 5 nf 2,1 if REDI MALPIGHI froze-lb94I H628-I694I i .l.l..i-1-- I 1-1-gi-1l11' ,i..l-1-1 il-.i-1 91 1152 MEYER SILVERZWEIG 480 Easf l73rd Sfreei, Bronx, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. Phi Bela Kappa MIKES a noiorious fellow, Sweer Eros' ally in love, The render young maidens he'll mel- h low, All lhar he needs is a shove. We feel il our duly Jro warn her, The lady who may loe his loride. Thar some day he'll aclually scorn her, For lvlil4e's ample bladder's his Y MAX SLATER 273 Marlense Sfreei, Brooklyn, New Yorl: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Caducean Sociely QNE ol Whi1'ehead's loyal sons, l-le's an ambilious cuss: From Du+y's voice he never runs, For nighrly he rides "bus", We wonder if he's seen a case Of a man who's greally rroubled And punched his parlner in 'rhe face For leaving one club doubled. - 3, - . Q. S E W " 6 K V " il ' '- ' 'f 24 WVU .- ,s7:E'? N. 8 yf Y- ,yegg w I, ix., 2 51.15. it :- I 141 milf ff EZ. as 5521? lifvvif fi, .21 .ffl S if .a?TsP" ef L.-2' ey. ?,.,'5'?'-.'-Ffh -z 141 -.-11: 21 U 2. O. SD cu 'q, Y LR : , fizdgs S... ' 511,113 -1, f""WF?T' 2" 'JU 'si' lil' 5,-.-Ai ,. 4'i"...:j: ,i g ,tv-5 - me .e:i4.,f1if N G ff lxl' Sf in Nl ig-.,jJ.1,., i "' .1 :li cj e if .Z ii il . ,. 3 .f - .-, O ,- , ?:fifLff'-5372341-i'4 '. 3 3 K V C- ,fs 3 P ,Q Y?-T' 3 -4 ' - - L 0 - '53 -5' 3. o- 1:2 1 as ,Q ,mcse-1 .D ,O 4 .3 f ga. ey, -, V Y J 1 -ure g 211531 1 ni N Fifa 'J 3 ,r Q " - ' O. 'H o 1 -P 'f 9. .Q J' + 3- 'U QI .Q Q W -SX. We "- Q ,n' ."'E' XXXXN 4 X gm ' . . 1 SN . -1 5 N 1 as 2 f . :.,,, 5 g rn Q 3- .9 0-Z 1,39 I.,-. A. ,,- i .. A4 wi , ,jW,wyi If ' L,,, l-i - I 1-ll-Y FREDERICK R. SMALL Newburgh, New York COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY A. B. Epsilon Psi Epsilon: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Nu Sigma Nu: Presidenf l2l: Chairman, Freshman Banque? Commiffee WHAT'S in a name? Now, really. folks, Look al' 'rhis fellow Small. lsn'+ i+ one of life's li++le iokes, A man named Small, so rail? Har on his head. and glasses dark, Guardian of +he library. I-le has no worry he'll make his mark In medicine or surgery. One Hundred and Forfy-ninfh Page Q gg Sf-wi. , 'eM, H ,, f ff 1 gi . wif' xg-27,1-Q WC' um 6111141 l 5055, flu. gf in-. . I. fJM p K-fflil 'la f'4Ai fer' ' Wg-Y? 'nfl IW - fs- 'N-Z " , -5!:QlyIYv qEZ?w'l .fa ,5, m,naJ , '- Nfr5E4 I W I I' xg- Wil W 'fi .' lxhzlbli L, gin.. 1. N 'uw ' ng' m- . W1 'NSF' ' ww - X - W' I if -I yr I jjqvaf' 'x We ' ci-IAMBERLEN COWPER ll658I H660-l709l EDWARD SMALLEN 25 Sylvan Avenue, New Haven, Conn. YALE UNIVERSITY B. S. KRANTZS pal from Yale ls ofren qui1'e sarcasric, Men were pu+ in jail For u'H'rances less draslic. Our chance has come a+ last We +hough+ 'rhal' we could 'rease him. Bur now we find, alas, Thar nofhing more could please nm. I f :-4 if X . ni, -f-- ' 1 5 'L Ii Jnri, 7 . G' "ff :F NA amlll' BOERHAAVE liebe-waal eflif E if 44: 4 ei' i . X X i A ill' f V , EMG., f .mga '-,. M. A iw 9 r" ,I lull- ct N 'mf 'i -E ..,... . cfs' , MORE-AGN! II682-l77Il X .Ir . QfJWmaww,v , ,X 15 . CHESELDEN II688-I752I ' YV M M i Y '74, W-W-W .--1-.-i--1 - '83'. 1--:BE.I-I-.Ell'lC,1-EI SAMUEL SOBER I DAVID I. SOLOMON' I84l Loring Place, New York C. C. N. Y. B. A. Alpha Mu Sigma SAM SOBER now appears before +he Bar. A quiel spoken guy from way up Norfh, Wilh placid and wiI'h Ioral resigna- lion, I-Ie wearily meanders back and forfh. I+ isn'+ medicine +ha'r so en'rhralls him, I-Ie'II never miss so much-+he knife and book, lI"s lecruring on bridge Ihal never palls him, For he crilicizes parrners wi+h a look. 2448 Universiry Avenue, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. COLUMBIA UNIVER- SITY M. A. Banque? Commilree IZI IN ancienf days Ihere was a king Who also bore his name: Bur David's praise we loudly sing And promulgare his fame. For a quarrer of a dollar I-le'll play you, and you'lI yell Thar no+ only he's a scholar Bu+ a handball champ as well. One Hundred and Fiflielh Page Sym. ' , H A? f 3 .ga yli We f- my I .5 I IIAI II . W ,o 'K I ' SMELLIE ILlNNAE'USl II697-I763l 11707-I 778l . .N . IF. I I .ff I, 53 Ii. , Q My W 9 S . fi w ml as mf . . Q 1 yy , ml X voN HALLER mos-nm I 'Y JIM ki NJ if -L nfl A4 lv my ' fig: I ' ,- . fi, ff, , K' I If BASSLVARATI ll7I I-I 77BI f I I I - f , it-HA -A M--,?l,T,,,, Virgin IKYK .. - WH-1 V V Z I83l- BELLEVUE VIOLETi-.lil93I I: I EARL DeWITT STAGE ' b0I Clinfon Avenue, Newark, New Jersey FRANKLIN 81 MARSHALL B. S. Nu Sigma Nu: Della Sigma Nu: Phi Sigma Kappa I THIS long and lanky eleclrician Has in life bu+ one ambilion, To become a surgeon greal' And slarl his work al half-pasl' eighl. l-le's on l'he wards each clay a+ six. IA. lvl.. l meanl-he never kicks Abour lhe work he has 'ro do. Because al' six IP. Ivl.I he's lhrough. One Hundred and Fil+y-firsl Page ,fx 'P I fi ' 4 I-7" L ' fra llllzz '. 3 ' -iclilfkq I I I Q: I hulk I V ll l mugs kc I x I' Qui' 555. 'I , x CULLEN II7I2-I790I IRWIN STEIN I428 Second Avenue, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Sigma Omega Psi: Caducean Socielyq Ban- quel' Commillee IZI: Chairman, Banquef Commillee l3l: William Welch Socielyi Violel Board I4-I HIS lace is o'er a microscope. l-le's +ense and clrawn, he grimly 'lighrs Wi+h finy foes he's wonl 'lo cope, l-Ie counls 'rhe lobes on leucocy+es. l-le's Dr. Connery's prolege. I-le's small bu+ forceful, old and wise. . We eagerly awail' lhe day When Siein will mix wilh olher guys. ia, A 3' I W il ' 'S I X x 'wwf SJ ' .Q W. HUNTER Il7l8-I783I .X- XX X X X ll I 7 X ' I - wel 2 VQWO Z g X iw I I K l llgl sv X mm" .1 ' 1 AUENBRUGGER II722-l809I 83l BELLEVUE VIOLET I93l l 1 MELVIN L. STONE 759 Easi' I7+I1 Sheer, Brooklyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Mu Sigma: Banque? Commiflee IZII Humor Edifor, Violel l4l MELVIN, Melvin, I've been fhinking, Whal a sad book fhis would be, If +he grinds had To be wrilfen Sans your quips and jollily. Melvin, Melvin, you're amazing, Chronically a slave 'fo doubl, Pressed by cares and conslanl' wor- ries, Bu+ cons+an+ smile pu+s all +o rou'r. if I M I gg AT f- Qs, -- T' ' I 42? X . I., - , '-413 .Z 1 S w .X 2 -,lf K im' 1 I V im 'ly e ,' iii' I , Y, QM MMQWWMMJ' f 4 gf wi I , I xx.. J. HUNTER PINEL H728-I793l lI745-I826l ' PHILIP STRAX I087 Union Sfreei, Brooklyn, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Bela Kappa: Wil- liam Welch Socielyg Viola? Board THE you+h who bore 'rhrough Bel- Ievue's halls, Through Mid-+erm's sforms and FinaI's squalls, The Hopkinsonic a1'+i+ude- Research, research, research is good, 'Tis ferlile soil. He slaved and loiled for 'rrulh so dear, Bul' now 'rhe end, lhe end is here, "Aw, wha+'s +he use of being newish, A+ Iasl I have 'lhal Brooklyn Jewish, 'Tis lufile +oil." One Hundred and Fiffy-second Page 1 " X 7' f . yfff I V ff! ' ' - hi," it XG. Q ' ,,l"I'Ii, V ,I I". ' 1 'I I I I -I xi 'I' . X N -us RUSH lI745-I8l3l X3 4, fx -, .. 'X ... Q '- ai" .MQB ig! 369 K ? Il ' IK .QI . ,I K fy :INS Il' lf Qi ' I I A Xfi SCARPA II747-I832l Q k,f" ' ffir E M493 UK ,ff fs 1571 f 05 we .f,:-. RQXW , fn.. iffg' , B ,,1 ,ip .5 W' . 4. INIIQK-giydaz f 'Ts -4' " 'I' 1 7 I11',! .7 ffm., R -Ey4b 1 1 . ,. J - ' 74' 4 f GOETHE I I 749- I 832I 1 I83I BELLEVUE 'vI5LQTl1'-.TIQSII HAROLD B. TRACHTENBERG I5II Nelson Avenue, Bronx, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Kappa Nu: Phi Delfa Epsilon: Dance Com- mi+'ree IZI TRACY'S noi nolorious, Nor is he uproarious, I-lis work is merirorious In ev'ry class. I-Ie's noi' al' all myslerious, Nor is he imperious, I-Ie's always rarher serious In ev'ry class. One Hundred and Filly-Third Page QI' I if ,f"m"W I X, 'S .A ,G Jedi I ff ll 12 IQ UI ' N1 UI' I 1 '1 1 '11 1-fa . V1 ,x A fi? , , JENNER II749-I823I LEONARD TUSHNET I665 Bryan? Avenue, Bronx, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Caducean Socie+y:Wil- Iiam Welch Sociefy I2. 3, 4l: Violel I3 4-I: Assis+an'l' EcIi+or. SUPERIOR he claims 'ro be. ISO Ihinlcs 'Ihe prof of Surgeryl, Wifh ideals so Iu'rurisI'ic, I-Ie'II fell you whaf you wan'r Io know, From lvIarx's works 'Io T. A. O., By argumenlrs s+a+is1'ic. IJus1' 'ro 'make II realislicl, He'II quole iournals from The Isle of Borneo. 'Y W 4 f if L3 A. I , I " Q' II1 yl' 3 X II I Q 1. 13A11.L1E II76I-l823I .5 I II 1 1 .Q . 'I E is III: . 1 ly M Wk may ull ,gn if W. P1-1Ys1cK II768-I837I "-' M' ' ' ' 1 - - - l..-.ll i Wil -1-'fBEIfIfEVU E JEFFERSON J. VORZIMER I WILLIAM J. WHATSON l I47 Wesf 79fh Sireef. New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Epsilon Phi: Zela Bela Tau: Phi Della Epsilon: Violef Dance Commillee l2l: William Welch Sociely JEFFERSON VORZIMER, research rnan, Crony of Jacobs, and dapper dan: Clinical pafh lasl year he declaimed And showed fhe sophs how lape- worms are famed. Wilh gun and camera on Gunhill Road. I-Ie soughl' wild game and broughl' us a load, I-Ie +augh'r Irypanosornes how +o dance. Made Ihem dyspnelc. lorealhe in shorr panls. av- I I 'N 545 ' Illllwfw ,L .Ill Illl I' u, IIIII , My E ' - I :yen .fu l -.,. , R ffl -Q"i"'I I , 'izrh I XR- ' I X L4 A as ' - libs, McDOWELL BICHAT lI77I-I83OI Il77l-I802I New Brilein, Conn. DARTMOUTI-I B. S. Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Kappa Kappa QUICK, Warson, The needle! A blood counf is here. Now'don'+ sI'op 'ro wheedle, l+'s impor+an+, I fear. Bu+ Wa+son's nor lazy, I-Ie'II do Ihe damn work, I-Ie sfill Ihinlcs If crazy. Bur he'lI never shlrlc. One Hundred and Filly-fourlh Page SX '1-.I , I jralf' ,. Q I , MMNX 'I' L5 lx K Il N 7' x LAENNEC II78I-I826I M' ELK .4 ff 'alla XII :plrpll L X N el I f 'I , Ulu: xx ' XEWM.M1 Ill MAGENDIE ll783-I855I f4f ukhe W l BEAUMONT lI785-I853l , -'ff X UAQ9 5-'V ww: U Q .2 'B 'gli' 4 , ,f .jg fm L. .I if B' 0 0 7 , 1 ,Eiyl OEET 'QB MAJOR S. WHITE 54 Morningside Avenue, New York NEW YORK UNIVERSITY B. S. Phi Alpha Sigma: Banquel and Dance Com- millee lll: Violel Dance Commiilee: William Welch Sociely MAJORS are noled for many lhings marlial, For baffles and bullels and such, Toward none of lhese Things is our Maior parlial, l-le iusl' doesn'+ care 'For 'rhem much. l-le's selec+ed lhe life of a slaid medico, Alfhough in 'lhe army, i+'s Jrrue. Where no one can rell him where doclors should go,- l can"l' say I blame him, do you? One Hundred and Filly-fifth Page 1, ,A ?"' E, -Qxylliiy , 7 1 ,' xl .i milill 1' 1, 1' -i, W in Z l i 5 2 M BRIGHT wav-nasal SEYMOUR ZALLER 367 Wes? l20l'h S'free+, New York C. C. N. Y. B. S. Tau Epsilon Phi: Banquel Commiliee l3l: Violel Business Board l3l ZALLER dream? of +he days 'nearh +he warm Weslern sun, lAlas, 'rhal men's hopes are ephem- eralll When he'd 'renderly care 'lor The movie sl'ars fair As an inlerne in Hollywood Gen- eral. Bul' insread of a life where sweel' roses do blow, l-le'll 'rake X-rays in darkness do- lorous. And inslead of lhe piclures of Swan- son and Bow l-le'll view porlrails ol skull and pylorus. 4 - 0 . fa' .n lx 3 -A all -ii IJIW yi -fwff 4 Ame voN BAER WEBER lI792-I876l H795-IB78l 1 X :4 T,-2l, X Q, - Xi ff W W SX af ,r sz T 1, X MII f ' 6 , ,H rf -A af K 'I If VELPEAU II795- I sm 83l BELLEVUE VIOLE-I-.. I93I MEDICAL PII.CRIM'S PRGCRESS ND I Iay me down by I'he side of 'rhe road, and I dreamed a dream. I dreamed a band of young men, and Ihere were young women wi+h +hem. did' +raveI Iowards ifhe River. And I quesrioned The leader of 'rhe Band, and he said, "We seek The Healing Rod," and I ioined wiI'h Them in 'rheir quest And we came un+o GoIgo+ha, +he Place of Bones, where Iay Ihe Ias+ remains of previous Iravelers +owards +he River. And as we passed by, +he guardian +hereo'F came our and asked, "WhaI seek ye?" And aII answered, "We seek Ihe Healing Rod." Then spoke +he guardian, "UnIess ye counI' +hese bones and fix Iheir poinfs in your minds, ye cannoi 'Find I'he Healing Rod." And all fell Io. bui' some became weary and fell asleep a+ +heir work and were Iefi' behind. So we passed on HII we came +o a grea+ HaII, reeking wi+h carnal odors. And in 'rhis Hall were many +abIes, and on each 'fable lay a corpse, garbed in black, wi'rh a sign reading, "UnraveI me." And we saf us down and unraveIed, and while one worked, his companion would read 'from The Book. And while we were in +he HaII, Ihere came many Masfers: each sei' 'for us new +asks ro do. One Ge++Ier spoke wi+h a heavy Iongue, and weighed down' our hearfs. And one of +he MasI'ers was from oId, one of +he Gian'rs. his name was Mandel, and he did exhorr us in our sad momenis, and did iIIumine Ihe dark days wi+h his 'Iiery words in describing Ihe Healing Rod. And one of fhe I'asks ser for us was +0 fill huge One Hundred and Fiffy-sixfh Page s. ,Q f ' f 1 sg 'I ' NT' , I ii-"II ..1i1Ih'iI ' ' ii II 'Ik gg I I ,fy 1 yy, .mn , X XX X Q 1 1 M X ROMBERG GRAVES MULLER H795-I873I II797-I853I iI80I-I858I Q- 1 ff Q M? 4' 1 fflllllli' .if T T s if VON LIEBIG H803-I873l i 1 i.... ..1-- lg83' '1 , -..-..,- , .. . , ,,. ,-. W .. ... Y .. .. ..,,.,, jars: and fhey were filled. In fhe filling fhereof did a man. Silverzweig. become over- zealous, and his wafers flooded fhe greaf funs in fhe Hall. And yef was our fask made more pleasanf by fhis same Gefflerg for, fhough he berafed us as dumber 'rhan "infoines." yef did he pass many mornings wifh fhe sfories of fhe fwo underfakers and fhe "personed poisons." His Word was fhe Law, and fhe Law was:-"Ou+ of fwo possibilifies, fhe sfudenf always guesses fhe wrong one." There was also anofher Masfer fhere, of sfrange and unpronounceable name, even Smifh, and he guided our hands in making graven images of unclean animals yef born. And fhen, when our work was almosf done. fhere came one wifh a scowl who sef before us brains and said words in a sfrange fongue, "Geeven on eendeeveeil --" And we were sore puf fo if by his cracking wif. The fime of our soiourn being nearly pasf, fhe leaders of our band. by name. X, ,, .v W I as vig--1-iv., y Q SECTION B ON GYNECOLOGY , McBurney, Blume, l-lolmes, and Sandler. did so placafe fhe Ivlasfers fhaf we held a greaf feasf. Buf alas! Many were fhe lips 'rhaf fasfed new liquors on fhaf nighf, and alas, for fhe Masfers redoubled fheir demands on us, so fhaf when fhe fime for deparfure was af hand several of fhe band were leff behind. sorrowing greafly. Buf fhere was singing and rejoicing as we ofhers leff fhe l-lall. And my dream grew dim, fill l slepf sound again. And l saw l was wifh fhe band in a large Arena, and we were confronfed by sfrange beasfs. Verily, monsfers besef us. There was a hideous Animal, breafhing sulphur and senna, and his claws were reeking wifh fresh blood, and his smell was like un+o wood from China, musfy and One Hundred and Fiffy-sevenfh Page ff' ,s asgx J gf e. N . ' T Q' 45' 'il i x ., XF.: XY lx X 'XXX 5: .gn QQ 'g fa -' ,I - 1' -Q NNW if , ' ,I . fgflixllllllm -llg iii '- 1" -kms 'i 'N l N ., X -, . ' -mv fi gs- i STOKES HOLMES l 1804-l878l H809-I894l l s X ly V1 , rs.- lk ytvxw, k i W lk! X kin x ' 1 WNNV x' ff -. ii'-- NR", ' PIROGOFF qieio-:sail K i K l W7 'QNX uk r Xkms ,y l"?i?'4 ""' 'lla x . . in , 'T SIMPSON lieu 1-mol '53 .BQl1E.YQ E.,Y.l.Q,L.EI -,191 of sickening odor. His power was such +ha+ whosoever came near him began 'ro break forih and re+urn +ha+ which he had ea'ren. In his paws he held many hued leaves and flowers 'fo +emp+ +he unwary: bul whosoever smelled ihem fell s+raigh+away asleep and was conquered. And he was nor 'rhe only Beas+ in +ha+ place: for lhere was also a rnons+rous Serpen+, whose skin was speckled wi1'h clo+s and bars. and whose pa+h was s+rewn wirh a shining hard jelly, and he encompassed several of +he band and, uflering +he cry, "E+ al!" crushed +hern +ill +hey were purple s+ains. And 'rhere was also in 'rhe Arena a grea+ Frog. whose Jrouch broughr iorrh sparks. And ihere was much dislress in our Band, loui we girded up our loins and conquered +he Beasrs. Then we marched up 'ro +he Gale of +he Arena. buf if was barred and fhere was a Sphinx seared fhere, who said, "Unless ye unriddle Jrhis riddle, ye shall nor pass." SECTIONS C AND D ON PEDIATRICS And +he riddle was "Pa+hological Significance." And several bear +heir heads in 1'he dust for 'rhey knew nor fhe answer, bu+ 'rhe ofhers were free +o pass. And we came un+o a place where +here were Mysferies. and The l-ligh Priesr 'rhereof was Coleman. The Band joined in fhese lvlysferies, and made pairs. each pounding ihe o+her on +he chesf and lisien +o +he hollow sounds +herefrom: +here also were we given +he Badges of our quesf, which we bore proudly around our necks. and some were of silvery me+al and some of black rubber, buf all had 'rwo ear-pieces and ends like a bell. And so we wended our way un+il we came +0 a place where rhere were Shrines. And one of 'rhese Shrines was bedecked wilh roses. and 'rhe priesi' +here wro+e many words wifh chalk on a board, and all rhese words were The name of a disease. ln anorher Shrine was a iakir who shou+ed for+h numbers. and on +he al+ar was a babe . li' ,lx .i .Xl e xx N ' i q X I N f ,qw T ' FE ij' llll gy. .lllll 2 l H ,W f 45 X ' sms lI8I3-I883l One Hundred and Fiffy-eighfh Page - W' f f f XM? ' .lwkl ' r . if limi f' , 'N . . l , K' li, XX l in l -1 i c 'i LUDWIG lI8I6-l895l Ox N ,fl ffm ,Q 3 NX . 3 .I ji, fx, T Nw N .iv VON HEBRA UBI6-I880l I . A -f ,,,, , - . . - ' -A W .,4v l8QIv,T .BELLEVQE VIOLET I931 in swaddling clofhes. And insfill anofher Shrine was one who blew his nose like a frumpef, and whose place of worship was like a ribald channel house. Anofher place 'rhere was where a quief old man who heard nof held forfh queerly shaped vessels and many headed hydras. And unfo each shrine did we make obeisance fo placafe fhe Gods of 'rhaf land, fhaf we mighf go our way in peace. And as we leff fhaf place, we made a greaf shoufing for ioy, and did eaf and make merry. And in fhaf fime were our leaders named Small, Sandler, Paolone and Connor. And again my dream grew dim, fill l slepf again. And l saw fhaf I was wifh fhe band in a foreign Cify. There was a fair in fhaf place, and many bazaars. And we had a Guide before whom all frembled and quaked, for in his hand he held fhe Scales an .ff .rss xx,- SECTIONS E, F AND G ON MEDICINE fhaf weighed our deeds and defermined fhe ouflef of our passing. The Emblem on his sleeve was a l-learf, and several sly ones amongsf us did whisper he wore one fhere for lack of one inside. Buf save for his appearance, fhere was naughf buf mirfh in our Band, for some gamed, and ofhers inspecfed fh e boofhs af fhe bazaars, fasfing fhe foods offered, and buying whaf 'rhey chose. There was a feller of fales in fhaf place who sold parfs of animals fo ward off evil: buf his claim found liffle credence. and few boughf his mixfures of exfracf of brains and glands. And fhere was also anofher feller of fales 'ro whom would come fhe weary fhaf fhey mighf be lulled fo sleep, for his falk was slow and soundless, and of idle fhings such as how fo keep from growing old: and fhe manner of felling was such fhaf sleep soon came. And fhere was one Calver who marked marks in a book, whose falk was of fiI+h and sewage, who asked quesfions fhaf had no answer: wifh him did 'rhe Band have much laughfer. One Hundred and Fiffy-ninfh Page cj' 'T 'Q gy ,Q Q 'Iii ' H L muh, . , .,-T, 1 I' . Tlx: ,I . ilk.,-5-. Ni ,. ,I QS-g,..1:ji' :Mfr 4, f", . f- x - Ce-ILL I ROWN-SEQUARD SEMMELWEIS MORTON ll8l7-l894l ll8l8-lB65l lI8l9-l868l 42 'T?ff"V'AXfa-N l ' X -, w X- - N le ' '21 -i .l., fly. pf . uh wiv. 'LL Ip' U ly- fr CREDE ll8I9-I892l I83l BEl-LEXQE VIQLET ilAQ3l And weekly would we gaTher To hear how To ward OTF aTFlicTions, and Then would we wage mock baTTles unTil The Tolling of The bell, when came The Speaker. Then would all become quieT and sTill as The grave, save Tor The sTerTorous breaThing oT one l-lerringTon. And here iT was midsT paper sTorms and Toul air, ThaT we learnT of Cleanliness and VenTilaTion. And There were many vendors There. One sold magic mirrors ThaT showed The secreTs oT The eye: and anoTher, Tiny TrumpeTs and meTal phylacTeries Tor seeking ouT The dark places, and There was one who had a greaT wooden horse of Tierce aspecT, and he would display iT weekly for our amusemenT. There was also one who showed picTures, and The picTures were oT men and women, sore aTTlicTed wiTh diseases: and This one had greaT honor in The CiTy Tor he had made a wondrous salve To make hair reTurn whence iT had Tled, yeT was he bald. And Twice a week, during our sojourn , Q44 X91 5 !""l' SECTION l-l ON NEUROLOGY There would The Governor oT The CiTy call us in meeTing: he was an old man who TaughT us many new Things To help us in our quesT: Tor he showed us The Thir-Teen kinds oT liver spoTs and The TorTy-Two ways oT Telling diverTiculiTis, and sundry oTher Things. And There were many oThers in ThaT place. And we sTayed There a year, and played games of skill and chance, unTil one day, lo! a Message was wriTTen on The walls oT our lvleeTing Place And consTernaTion and wailing was heard in our camp, Tor iT said, "Ye have eaTen and played: now comes The Day of ..ludgmenT." For we Tound iT was The cusTom of ThaT place To puT To deaTh all who passed noT The Ordeals. And Tor a monTh There were sighings and regrefs and lisTening To rumors ThaT sped Through The sTreeTs. And soon came The Time of TesTing, and behold, every one oT The Band was judged worThy and was given God-speed. One Hundred and SixTie+h Page . or-Hi , ' SRV , --' W I 1" 1 ,Q f Y , Xl l en will i Q9 I I 3 T WAR " ki . I lb . , ll. 44" ' X 5 j wif' Null ll,"+5"'- fl Q- a, ' - , f .illlw fl G-1 lll'h'l1f" ' 1 ' V a ' ,r A .l- S ., ilu , . - - .1 ' ..i H V JLSYS I 1,6 . it NN .nm assi , ln, I A I X x 'Wil-1--I ' , x i I' i ' " 1' l 1 ' HELMHOLTZ VIRCHOW PASTEUR ll82l-lB94l lI82I-I902l H822-I895l I -U l-www X XXV wi- .. "1-, X ffl' 'if l er ll wmxlili' J lk , X x li x X 'iii il CHARCOT H825-18931 W 1 I i , l83I- BEI,I,EVUE VlOLET l93I- Bul' before we Ief+ Thar Cily, we held anolher 'leasl' of Thanksgiving, and Ihe leaders Ihereol were Blume, Sandler, Rayevslcy, and Neller. IV And my sleep was Iroubled and I heard noises as of walers breaking and babies crying and women in Iravail, and ever- and anon would I hear someone shou+ing, "Bear down! Bear down!" And I slepl Iilfully unlil my dream came clear again. And in my dream I saw I was wilh I'he Band al +he fool of a greal' sraircase Ihal' 'rowered high inI'o 'rhe clouds. And Ihere was a shining in I'he clouds, and we knew Ihe end ol: our quesl was near, for a+ 'Ihe lop of Jrhe sraircase was Ihe Healing Rod. I SECTION I ON SURGERY Bur as we s+ar+ed 'ro ascend +he greal broad sieps, 'rhere came One who sneered. and he commanded 'rhal none go up Ihe firsl Iwelve s+eps erec'r as a man, buf he rnus'r crawl and grovel and wallow in excre+a. And Jrhere was murmuring and mu++er- ing, bu+ all did as was commanded, for he had an eagle eye, and he had a dwarf a+ his side who furlher harassed Ihe Iaggard. And he would hall us as we crawled 'ro 'fell us our garmenrs were dirry, and he would spur us on wilh sharp words. Bur all survived, and we came +o a level place in Ihe slaircase, where we resled while a while-haired man whispered words of wisdom, which we heard nol, and we soon Iefl him. And 'rhen we walked up more sleps where 'rhere were wells, and Ihere was a man ol soldierly aspecl who showed us how 'ro wallc, and rhere was anolher who spoke of Ihe evils ol excess and faughr us how ro reslore 'rhe unheeding 'ro rhe s+raigh+ palh of virlue where no drops fall. One I-Iundred and Sixly-firsl' Page ,, .he IJ I : E Nix f X if g ' QQXI 1 X ,I E l g .. . U, E i Aix I I j me -I - ' f'-' 4 NP- , f 5 ii 'M 7 If X f , i I' ,fu R H jo y lf 'LIZ 'f ,W f :J .'r'9flllIII"l11" l" 'Tix 'lf Q M I .II"l 1' U-.f - Cl g i . -yfflfjglllf 'H 4 I Amway IM? ip II X - 5 ff I I nl : W , 5, :gm ' ' . 'fi'-.,,,K'll gf ,R 'K I II - If, - 'fi W I LISTER BILLROTH HIS KLEBS H827-I9l2l II829-I894l ll83I-I904l H834 I9l3l If J W- Q 1 ,ff I f' ' -:Ay 'S - ?' .vs , Sli, .N M I . . ,s- . ir AM i Q., lil ......a "lm, ' -'M ,1- ,, 'lfiifvh "X QW 'i' 4 i X -, -.--:lf If fi 4. . i8si -'LBELLEVUE VlOLET 'Lil95l lT was wiTh him ThaT one Birnbaum oT our Band was Taken Tor a suTTerer Trom The Tlux ThaT comeTh Trom venery, and all made merry aT The misTake: and iT was in This place ThaT Abel did pass a sound wiTh many eTlecTs. And we came To anoTher resTing place, where one of The Rulers spoke To us, and he shuT his eyes as he muTTered incanTaTions To ward off disease: he Told us how To use aconiTe aT The dark oT The moon, and how To prepare The all-healing TincTure oT grindelium robusTum. And we labored TurTher up The sTeps. and There led us a man wiTh coverings on his shoes, and ribbons on his glasses, and a Tlower in his garmenTs. l-le would leT us Touch none oT The beauTiTul sTaTues aT The sides OT The sTaircase, buT would make us go onward, rising early in The morning. And when we leTT him, he made us leave a wriTing Telling why we admire him. These wriTings we leTT him: They were noT True. SECTION J IN B-6 LABORATORY And so we came To anoTher resTing place, where a man in a cream-colored cloak held TorTh: his speech was Torceful and his words were like Those of old. l-le iT was who showed us Then To heal by The use oT The hands. And he had a helper who would ask quesTions and we would answer "Yes" and "No." And There was anoTher There, surnamed Wadhams, whose naTure was obliging, Tor wiTh all men did he agree. ' And so we waiTed To climb once more: and we were made To blush by one whose hair Tell in his eyes and who made mysTic movemenTs wiTh his hands: and he iT was who TaughT us lullabies To bring sleep. "Breeze calmly and deeply," and "TwixT The surd and The Tifs years." And There was also one wiTh a hammer and pins, and wiTh hoT and cold waTerg he showed us how To use These Tools oT TorTure. And we passed TurTher up The sTeps Till we meT a whiTe-haired man whose shirT was blue and who One Hundred and SixTy-second Page x- .-A kr AQ' f , COHNHEIM KOCH McBURNEY H839-l884l H843-l9I0l U845-I9I3l voN RONTGEN H845-l923l ' ff x '14 1 'ix 5 : , ,J li ,, y V. " ""', L Xe. ' ,l ,cw Ns OSLER I 1849-19:93 1 , ilil- .1-. i. LLEVU E Vlclflf-li '93' carried wi+h him babies and bollles. And we pul on while gowns and fed +he babies: each one according +o his knowledge of malhemalics. And he 'l'Old us how fo use lhe Pink Medicine, lhe livers ol fish, and 'rhe iuice of oranges. And all were sorry 'ro leave him behind as we journeyed upward. And so we came 'ro fhe lasl resling-place, when all made merry and danced 'rhe Dance of The Violels, +o which came along 'rhe Magicians of Jrhe sfeps. And afler much enioymenl, we mounled The las'r slepsy here was everyone free lo do as he chose. Some played games fill nighlfallg ofhers soughl sweels in +he wafers oi fail women: o+hers lei blood and counfed +he drops: and olhers looked on dark papers for waves on which no ship :ould sail. And so we reached +he lop of Jrhe slairway, and 'rhere was a greal' wide Hall lhere, buf 'rhe gales were locked. And noi un+il we had been passed by +he Warders SECTION K ON ELECTIVES 'rhereof were we given our scroll and permiHed 'ro enfer lhe l-lall. Then we saw 'rhe l-lealing Rod on a high dais and we all has+ened loward il. Bul' +he l-lall was crowded wi+h Pries+s of +he Rod. and each one demanded his due reverence. So il' was +ha+ Jrhose of our band whose 'rongue was smoolhesf did please +he Pries'rs quickly and reach +he dais, while 'rhe olhers had 'ro run from Priesl' 'ro Priesl making obeisance lo each un+il he found one who guided him +o 'rhe al'rar. And 'rhus il was when l awakened, and l opened my eyes. and my dream was no more. g One Hundred and Sixly-'lhird Page in , if 1- ii i , if Wi " 7, "N " 5 2 4 V - X A wk I? JK , lik. l S7 Q1 l' 'MAE .7 llfillyyfll iv-- l in iss! - i MM 'if - lil iiillllhl 1 MIKULICZ-RADECKI EHRLICH CUSHNY H850-l905l H854-I9l5l H866-l927l i I """"' ' l ' l ij! "" T' "' ' 1832-.T-'?-BELLEVUE VIOLET l9QI HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS ALL SOULS IMorris'Iown, N. J.I Hegner, Herman Sfage, Earl D. BELLEVUE HOSPITAL Aplel, Kalman Connor. Charles Jacobs, Lewis Bales. Edgar Finkelslein, Hyman Kahn, Jacob Brandaleone, Harold I-lolmes, Frances Kossman, Charles Cohen, Emanuel Horn. Henry LaMoHa, Emanuel Schorr. I-la rry Abel Samuel Feldberg, Irving BETH DAVID Solomon, David BETH ISRAEL Schwarlz, Alberl BETH MOSES Fern, Julius Karlan. Samuel MacFadyen, Mary Rayevsky, Nina MQ51', Harry Sabin, Albelil' Mourol, Arlhur, Slone. Melvin Nel'+er, Frank Vorzimer, Jefferson Rachlin, Slanlon Sheer, Frederick BINGHAMTON CITY IBinghamIon, N. Y.I BOSTON CITY IBosIon, Mass.I Imperf. Waclaw Slein, Irwin BROOKLYN BROOKLYN JEWISH BRONX McBurney, Harald Razinsky, Louis Silversweig. MBYSI' Slrax. Phillip BROWNSVILLE AND EAST NEW YORK CALIFORNIA LUTHERAN ILos Angelesi . Dicksfein, Morris Zaller, Seymour CHRIST HOSPITAL IJersey Cify, N. J.I Cohen, Sidney CITY HOSPITAL CUMBERLAND GRACE INew Haven, Conn.I QREENPOINT Anapoell, William ' Ross, Selig Kranlz, Simon Felring, -WIIIIBITTW Goldman- Moms DANBURY IDanbury, cami eouveimeun Rab'f'0W'+1- Jos ua Felder' Samuel Genovese, Frank Enselberg, Charles HARLEM Rosenlhal, Keeve FORDHAM Q,-Benq,-555, Sidney Cofiler, Zachary Schwarlz, Solomon Romano, Paul Privilera. Anlhony Trachlenberg, Harold HOSPITAL FOR JOINT DISEASES JERSEY CITY IJersey Ci+y, N. J.I KNICKERBOCKER LEBANON Bender, Beniamin MARY IMMACULATE IJamaica, Sanlora, Edward MONTEFIORE IPif'IsburgI1, Pe.I Schlesinger, Lee MORRISANIA CITY D'Esopo, John Greensfein. Nalhan Kossin, Beniamin Roberls, Arlhur Sandler, Beniamin Shonlield, William MT. SINAI Lichf, Sidney MT. VERNON Rosof, Jacob MUHLENBERG IPlainfieId, N. J.I Sandella, Joseph NEWARK BETH ISRAEL INewark, N. J. Sax, Max Tushnef, Leonard NEWARK CITY INewarIr, N. J.I Becker, Sidney Celrulo, Gerald Hanlman, Harold Johnson. Olalur Brown. William Small, Frederick Allman, David Wafson, William Kaufman, Harry L. I.I MERCER ITrenI'on, N. J.I MERCY IPiHsburgh, Pa., MONTEFIORE Cella, Charles NORTH HUDSON IWeehawIren, N. J.I Del Vecchio, Vincenl , Scoll. John NORWALK GENERAL Feig, Millon ORANGE MEMORIAL IOrange, N. J.I . Holland. Phillip PASSAIC GENERAL IPassaic, N. J.I Landdaw. Louis PATERSON GENERAL IPalerson, N. J.I Moll. Joseph ROYAL Rillen, Beniamin I ST. CATHERINE IBrooIlIyn, N. Y.I Brennan. Charles ST. ELIZABETH IEIizaI:e'rh, N. J.I Aronowifz, Harry Berenson, Samuel ST. JOHN'S IBrookIyn, N. Y.I Grivelis, Evangel ST. JOHN'S ILong Island Cily, L. I.I . Long, George ST. FRANCIS IJersey Cily. N. J.I Klepper, Mendel Mering, James Rivero, Alberlo ST. FRANCIS ITren+on, N. J.I Salway. Beniamin ST. LUKE'S INewburgh, N. Y., Herringlon. Frank Mason, Wayland ST. LUKE'S ICincinnaI'i, Ohiol Hill, Edward ST. JOSEPH'S IPaI'erson, N. J.I Chrisman, Irving ST. MARY'S IHoboIxen, N. J.I Aposlle, Demelrius Alicandri, Enrico Legalo, Samuel ST. VINCENT'S Kecheissen, Francis Shields, Vincenl' STATEN ISLAND Porcello, Joseph UNITED ISRAEL ZION Hand. Morfon Rosenbliell, Sidney WALTER REED GENERAL IWasI1ingfon, While, Major S. WYCKOFF HEIGHTS Liflenberg, Samuel D. C. One Hundred and Sixly-fourlh Page .83....----fiBgLLEvq E VIOLE'IT'i'1T'1 I9 . 3 4 I , ' 'ff' 4, 1 'N 4, X15---- fx, "r , A. 'K 1 4 ' .. 1 L,,,..... ,.., W..- ..- .... W ..- ,. . , w,.,, ,A,, --.W-M. .... ,-.,.,-. m....,f CAMP I CARUSLE L W i , en BELLEVUE HOSPITAL IN 1841 ,W . L, , ..,: V---l-if-1 v PW Z -5-,-,-'Li-1 JUNIQIQS 'bil fl 1 ff . X li 1, Ju-' -X fry '95 . Tn- 1' if '-413 is if Qx -523' f ASKLEPIOS lMy'rhologicall i Y K H Y M-A V mr 1551 -1+ SBELSQEVUSE VIOLSEil:f--- -if :Bai JUNIGR CLASS I-IISTGRY S all ofhers before fhem, fhe Class of l932 began ifs approach fo Medicine wifh hope unlimifed and opfimism high: for were fhey nof fhe pick of fhe land? Buf disillusionmenf came all fo soon in fhe shape of fhose never-fo-be-forgoffen weeks of infensive bone sfudyg and anafomy, foo, leff 'rhem sadder, buf much wiser. Followed a vacafion, fhe firsf half of which mosf spenf in waifing for fhe leffer wifh fhe fafeful news-and all foo soon fhe class found fhemselves once again in fhe sacred, alfhough unwashed halls of Dura lvlafer. Ah, fhaf second year. "The easiesf year af school," said fhe Seniors. And so if seemed af firsf, while engaged in playing wifh all sorfs of foys, bofh mechanical and animal. in fhe Physiology Labs. Science. whaf sins are commiffed in 'rhy name! Buf nexf frimesfer, fhe famous era of Bugs and Drugs-fhe laffer wifh ifs repufed moffo. "All hope abandon. ye who enfer here," aroused fhem from fheir life of ease. Yef, sfrangely enough, fhe ferrors of fhaf dreaded course were enfirely fanciful: and none will forgef 'rhe feachings of him whom 'rhey had feared so much before. Came a brief glimpse info fhe infracacies of fhe human mind-fhree fo five. ego, uncon- scious-an infroducfion fo obsfefrics-"l'd like pediafrics if if weren'f for fhe babies" -and sfraighfaway if was summer. Affer anofher vacafion. a resfless one for 'rhose who anficipafed fhe worsf, 'rhe class refurned wifh none missing. and wifh many new addifions from hifher and yon. The Golden Junior Year! Called Docfor in The clinic: called all sorfs of fhings in fhe One Hundred and Sixfy-eighfh Page , . s S ,Mc , A' "TSW X ZX 5,2 -i1mfQ K' mf' - W X, . 'ill ' 'l xlxQr Q , A- .' ' si " S' yi . Q44 l li, ,. Q Q S- ,Af fy wh 'R , , l ful iii ' vida .fi x YN ' W' P ll lf' X i X X YK-" --' ri in. N 'if l ff 2 'X V ' 42- h .L X X 1 ',.,'...7 if -ij' QQ? 1 fs igg .rf HiPPocRATss cELsus ARETAEUS l460-370 B. c.J l25 B. c.-so? A. DJ Q30-90 A- D-l In 4?V ii v if fr 4 W W L V U --g M W Ame, ,, ,, E-, , l83l...'--.EBELLEVUE VlOLET l93l -1 . J Hospifal: called foo offen in quiz secfions. And fhose new playfhingsg head mirrors. ofoscope, speculum and sponge sfickg fhe very names are enough fo conjure up visions of fhose glorious days spenf in fhe dispensary awaifing pafienfs as eagerly as fhe spider awaifs fhe well-known fly. Surgery wifh ifs peculiar program-classes here foday and gone fomorrow: Medicine wifh ifs many lecfurers and ifs equally numerous quizzes: Pediafrics wifh ifs fablespoons and ounces, and ifs new and charming pro- fessor: Obsfefrics wifh ifs pre-nafal carey fhese foolc up mosf of fhe year's work. Sfudies, however, were nof fhe only acfivifies of fhe class, for ifs social life was a mosf prominenf feafure. The fasfe of I932 ran fo banquefs. Thaf of fhe firsf year. t . hilariously wef, fhaf of fhe second, less so, buf helping fo discover among fhe faculfy many excellenf raconfeursg and fhe Junior Dinner, vofed fhe besf of all, a model of decorum, yef none can say fhaf femperance reigned fhaf evening. Lasf, buf of mosf imporfance, fhe ever presenf bridge lafely fhreafened in ifs supremacy of fhe nefher regions of fhe Campus by ifs young rival, Hearfs. Variefy has been fhe key-nofe of class polifics. As freshmen, fhey elecfed Joe Jehl, Presidenf: Na+ Wexler, Vice-Presidenfq Edna Simon. Secrfary. and Phil Ladin, Treasurer. The nexf year fhey sfarfed wifh a new slafe: Jaclc Levy was Presidenf, wifh Arnold Treifman, Peggy Sullivan and Eli Rubensfein as Vice, Secrefary and Treasurer, in fhaf order from above, downwards. Yef, nofhing is changeless buf change, so fhe Junior year found Abe Sands af fhe helm, wifh Wilfred Ruggiero nexf in line: Helen Ferguson af fhe books, and Charles Garify holding fhe purse sfrings. Who knows whaf fhe nexf year will bring forfh? One Hundred and Sixfy-ninfh Page ,T '13s - i s ,, .mi , , ' V i- QW. 51,5 ,.x- , ,- f." X x .1 X .wpE'1v, - l,'.,N A 45 .L-. ' s ' 5- .,i-ll? ' 1"--Tl' 797 " . ' N- ' Fi . X A x I Q gb., It rl: 1.,- V 2 nl Af, of ,, sf ' Q i y K' ,T ni 'Q 'pi l 'Tlx X l ' 'K .V jlllll a l i lgiilflil "i 5" 1 sly 1 l Y l kv :gy 'wmv -f.fXx - ' mi fry, K Xi V ' DIOSCOVRIDES GALEN MESSUE THE ELDER DE CHAULIAC l4O-90 A. D., U30-2007 A. D., l777-B571 H298-I368l ii limvmiiunivclriinir j l K Y iii'-1 i.1wQ:fl .li,ik. 11. .- '..1urr1Q gi . ' 0: , T-435'-s X- luiliig lj:-. ,L 1 1i'3f5Q'i""- 'QS' ! li' f . .Ag N ad, g 1.' -x'rr-'-' as 1 il 'fZIf'5'f?f '. , , 1' Uv. ' .' ofa 'L' '-Ji fi i'-v lgllbj. Exp AVICENNA mo- 1 037l .lliq-11 l1.l. n - . l83' -:f,BEl-LEYU E Ylpl-ET l l ., 1 ROSTER OF Tl-IE JUNIOR CLASS Sianley J Alexander N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Delia Epsilon John M. Andrew Davidson. B. S. Oliver Burlon Andrus Darimourh. A. B.: Alpha Kappa Kappa S. Reber? Berk N. Y. U. B. S.. Caducean Socieiy Samuel Bernslein N. Y. U. B. S. , Gusrave M. Bero N. Y. U. B. S. Nicholas Berlha N. Y. U. B. S.: Nu Sigma Holmes Blair Wesl' Virginia. B. S. Edward C. Brooks Cornell. B. A. Remon Cancellieri N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma Joseph P. Caronna N. Y. U. B. S.: Caclucean Socieiy Anrhony J. Cerraio C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Thefa Kappa Psi Daniel S. Cieri N. Y. U. B. S.: Lambda Phi Mu Eugene F. Clark Cornell. B. A.: Alpha Omega Alpha Ralph E. Conan: Princeron. A. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma Joseph Edward Corso N. Y. U. B. S.: Theia Kappa Psi Anfhony Joseph Criscillo Fordham. B. A. ' Morion L. Davidson N. Y. U. B. S. Julieiie L. Desperi' Barnard. B. A.: Zela Phi Abraham Dumanis C. C. N. Y. B. S.: lllinois. M. S. Theodore J. Edlich Eli Eisenberg N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa Beniamin Fabricanl' C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Samuel Feinberg N. Y. U. B. S. Helen K. Ferguson Conneciicur. B. S.: Zefa Karl Fishbach Cornell. A. B.: Columbia. M. A. Doroihy Fogel Barnard. B. A.: Zeia Phi William N. Fosco N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Alpha Sigma Andrew Franks Virginia. B. S.: Alpha Sigma Alan A. Freed N. Y. U. B. S. A. Waller Freireich C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Leon Arrhur Friedman Columbia. B. A.: Alpha Epsilon Phi Lewis J. Fromer Wes? Phi N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma Harry L. Fulfon N. Y. U. B. S.: Nu Sigma Gilberl' E. Ganong N. Y. S. Teachers. A. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma Charles J. Gariiy C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma De Lisle Fifzgerald Gillies C. C. N. Y. A. B.: Phi Beia Kappa Arrhur H. Glick N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Sol Glofzer N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Del+a Epsilon Leonard B. Goldman C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Banque+ Commiiiee l2i Arlhur Gordon David J. Graubard N. Y. U. A. B.. Phi Delia Epsilon Philip S. Greenbaum C. C. N. Y. B. S. Edward D. Greenberger N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi John Groopman N. Y. U. B. S. Ellior Hochsfein Columbia. A. B.: Phi Be+a Kappa A. Gerson Hollander N. Y. U. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Weaver O. Howard Ruigers. B. S.: Phi Bela Kappa Israel Murray N. Y. U. B. S. Joseph R. Jehl N. Y. U. B. S.: Nu Sigma Edward E. Jemerin C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Delia Be+a Phi Frederick G. Jensen Wisconsin. B. A.: Nu Sigma Nu Philip M. Joffe N. Y. U. B. S.. Alpha Omega Alpha Sidney H. Jolie N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa Alexander Kaiser C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Louis Kaplan N. Y. U. B. S. Roberl Karoikin N. Y. U. B. S. Harold W. Keschner Cornell. A. B.: Banquei Commiiree l3l Edward J. Komora Fordham. A. B. Joseph Kosiecki Brown. Ph. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma George J. Kraunz N. Y. U. B. S.: Fordham. Ph. G.: Alpha Mu Sigma N. Y. U. B. S.: C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Joseph Krimsky Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Beia Kappa Columbia. B. A. ' One Hundred and Seveniieih Page if fwjgfgllligllhixniyx affyg " ENN 'ffliffffi Xi ,g, -' NYSE: 111.l .gf ' ' - I g..,. .Q,.i':fi:? 5 yi 6. sl-'f'S.Ff1 fowl . eg A ivy :oz xl Lv 1 Q.. g xlwijuyji Xknglilirl, ..'y1Q1lylK,.-ly ' -':..g:Q?:?glyiy:'i:kh ' .ff M7.1'11,7iii,lfi will ' FRACASTORlUS PARACELSU5 H484-15531 II493-I54Il 1 X X N wx N yxaf 11 1 1+ 11 ' 11 l . it I l 1 AGRICOLA I l490-l555l N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Dena Epsilon Joshua F. Zendell J ,J xx. ' f W Wffif PM X41 l NL 'y xl, A X , j, ffl ' sf gr - fi x 55374, QN FQQP Q ' agilf U y--A ii x X-. .Q 'M CARDANUS lI50I-I576l . 183:--:BELLEVUE vioLET:-:-'L-3931, Philip Ladin N. Y. U. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Julian Lane N. Y. U. B. S.: Della Beia Phi E. A. Lazarowifz N. Y. U. B. S. David Levine N. Y. U. B. S.: Bela Lambda Phi Jael: Levy C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Alpha Mu Sigma Leo A. Lieberman Cornell. B. A.: Phi Be+a Kappa Hyman Locliser N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Edward Margarelfen Rufgers. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi John Pafrick Marlin Alabama. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Paul R. Maulden Davidson. N. C. B. Lance T. Monroe Missouri. A. B.: B. Sc Phi Bela Pi Bernard Morgensfern N. Y. U. D. D. S., B. S. Willis Murphy Columbia. B. A.: Nu Sigma Nu Spencer Myers Cornell. A. B.: Phi Beia Kappa Ar+hur Naihan C. C. N. Y. B. S. James R. Nevifi' Alabama. B. A.: Nu Sigma Nu Irving Oclro N. Y. U. B. S. Joseph J. Oliva Lafayeffe Arfhur Charles Parienfe Paul E. Rauschenbach N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Alphi Sigma Charles A. Ribaudo Alexander Sfeinberg N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Joseph T. Sullivan N. Y. U. B. A.: Lambda Phi Nu' Alabama. B. S.: Charles M. Roemaef C. C. N. Y. Nu Sig Abraham M. Rosenberg C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Bela Kappa Anihony J. Ross Fordham. A. B. Guy Rofhfuss Wes: Virginia. B. S. Nu Sigma Nu Eli Rubenstein N. Y. U. B. S.. Sigma Omega Psi Herman Rubler N. Y. U. B. S. Wilfred F. Ruggiero N. Y. U. B. S.: Lambda Phi Mu Nicholas L. Russo N. Y. U. B. S.: Thefa Kappa Psi Abraham M. Sands Cornell. A. B.: Phi Della Epsilon Burner? Schalif C. C. N. Y. B. S. Roberl V. Schailren N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Delia Epsilon Alberi' Schein C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Baia Kappa Beniamin Schwarfz N. Y. U. B. S. Samuel Slovak C. C. N. Y. B. S. Michael Smifh N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa Perry Sperber Brown. B. A.: Phi Lambda Kappa Irving Sfarin N. Y. U. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Max H. Slain - N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Alwyn Rand N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Beia Kappa One Hundred and Seveniy-Iirsi' Page ., J. gi, . , 1 , N lim. . xy' .M SERVETUS 1:5094 553l Thefa Kappa Psi ma Nu Margarel' M. Sullivan Triniiy. B. A.: M. A.: Zela Phi Leon N. Sussman C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Samuel L. Swiller N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Irving Tepperberg N. Y. U. B. S.. Caducean Socieiy Leslie M. Townsend Darfmoufh. A. B.: Alpha Kappa Kappa Arnold Treifman N. Y. U. B. S.. Sigma Lambda Pi Charles K. Wainger Cornell. B. A.: Phi Delia Epsilon Nafhan Wechier N. Y. U. B. S.. Sigma Omega Psi David I. Weinirob C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Alpha Mu Sigma Louis S. Werner Columbia. A. B.: Phi Lambda Kappa Nafhan Wexler N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Morfon W. Willis C. C. N. Y. B. S. Charles Wolf N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma John Edward Zailslry N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma C. C. N. Y. B. S. Joseph Zisliind N. Y. U. B. S. , 7-2 . 'Y Q23 " ' hi. .. ,i Qi X lihlml' 1 2 . QAQ IIN: V I i i i Y.. . gli il 'I :IU - Fl W .Qi . N yv fif x.. 4 . f 1 wk A tgpl iyffx- 'iN 'fn , A - PARE :isio-ls9o1 if 21' . .:::'.Qi5 f '. '.o'?I'B2W4t'Z x af-1 W , fd , : g ' :F lf' 'H 1,315-N yympigwy Nlli'7"lil'i"liii'll!-ii' Q im Nil.: .M ,H .QB " fig Pi il 1: 1- 1- s, .V .HV . i VESALIUS :im-15643 BELLEVUE HGSPITAL - T i' P- R ii? n .-L .. -. 22553. 'mn -'fg,me.,.. 4 , 5: .f "DL I-.f1"' Q . Ill E51!rFF1 -HI Z' E f f 12,523 - lil H-, T" ' hi mi- unlulgmim ' Q, Y 3 - TT! "M 'lu' . Nl HUIIIIIIII l 'E2 fi. ml ---Anr -ew '- U' , ng- 1 D 1. N l TT ll II 'I 'ff 'i2f'HIi.,u1m :"':m'm " ,""' WEEE - E i?-M H 4 -- 1 'ill V E wr --,-'- E EE-. HF -+- -" f "-is-L. : 1 V -,!,.l.w.', L1 EEE. ,1EH!""us,a:5:l m lm- -g L .:1. 1lI:l.'iE!"-5 1 E . -Enmhlifl-: ' '-' V'-'V 'FU ELLLITUE e:Q- " 1.124 .L ' N X' ' N " 74"-' f'Ul ' ' llll I' Will U'lNhW1lA'iLll nlIW.WillIullllllllkwmtlllllt!lMlNlMklllhUM,vllvllmlilv ul,.l.v.'x.wnJluli,x'lpu31n1AV1nummmu-lnmmu1nmuvxuvmmuunummnwummmm.ww-...M-L-1.-w...v.,,,.. .,,. ...,,,.4,.M,,..,., . ., -- . f-37-f "-ii "L'x"'f1+.L4i'Z'f?':7"5ff'i'53i-1"'2 ?-?E757'l.- 4.,'.Z?1E71"1'i' ,T' 21" " -QEEQH rf., ""'E'..11-.-:E-Eff-'Lx J N- '---2-bf: 1- L -v1 V iijfff- . --..Tx-,.1:,-r-.-A", ',',f,..5Ef-J: , ,A - ' ' "nl C-'JIT-1-+i'Q-f'1' ' AT PRESENT UW f I l SQPHQMQRES 83l i---BELLEVUE YI6l.ET l93- SCDPHCDMCDRE CLASS HISTORY NCE, or +o be more exacl'. alrnosl' 'rwo years ago, a hererogeneous group of men and women wi+h illimilable ambirions and superb aims, we are now The Sophomore Class of Bellevue, +he bold experimenlrers. 'rhe undaunrable microbe hun+ers, 'rhe amazed pafhologisls, ambilrion hardly lirniled and our aims higher +han ever. Bolder, and sophomores, we 'rook advanfage of a slim 'rrimes+er's curriculum +o gel' in +he "play" repuled +o preven+ our becoming "dull boys." lvlosl enjoyable was +he morning "bracer" by a s'ra1CF of imporrecl ar+is+s whose main inspira+ion was fhe mysrery-cloaked Pafhology, and whose Promefheus was D. C. Goodlilife Darlinglon. Cyano+ic lblue in.+he facel, we iden+ilied lguessedl cer+ain four slides and found our laler +ha+ 'rhe answer To +he problem was eigh+y cubic cen+ime'rers of blood, sfroke volume, or so. The banquel' af 'rhe l-loiel Brevoor+ on lhe eve of +he second +rimes+er was a slimulanl' whose afler effeds, however, 'rended +oward depression. An eleven-week dose of Pharmacology, Bacreriology, Pafhology, Surgery, Physical Diagnosis and lvlili+ary Science was +o bring on a +rain of symp+orns including a cerlain amounl of garrulily, euphemism, good-fellowship, increased confidence, laugh'rer, loquacily, gesliculafion wi'rh +he face flushed, eyes brighfer and livelier, pulse accelerared and self-con+rol parrially los+, especially a+ four o'clock of a Friday affernoon. One Hundred and Sevenry-fourrh Page 5 Q , lr 31 If 5 "' 2 U! N f 3 X ilk I l' yn 3 X: Q -5 'will' ' 1 V" 'za Syl", 1 1 W. - f, 111 , 1, ,l1'ff11111r',,g 1 r .. f- 1414! ' ' ll ill - 'N lllll' ff "ll--1 .1 X iw S I' ll lp N I 3 I' l FALLOPIUS AQUAPENDENTE VAN HELMONT HARVEY 11523-15621 lI537-I6I9l lI577-l644l lI578 I657l L...-lil-1 . F852 Elflf EVU VlQLE.Ti'f5-el23I ConTinued adminisTraTion, however, alThough iT had The advanTage of noT forming a habiT, made movemenTs uncerTain, speech difficulT, and walk a sTagger, Torpid slumber Tollowing in a shorTI Time. The reflexes became less exciTabIe. respiraTion sTerTorous and slow as The sTudenT slowly wenT inTo collapse, even inTo coma, Spring arriving in Time wiTh an iniecTion from The Gods which was To bring The paTienT To life again. And on The Threshold of The Third TrimesTer sTood a Mandel, a Fraser. a KIosTerman, wiTh represenTaTives of The DeparTmenT of Medicine and held-over aTTracTions, including Walker and STaTf, Coleman and Co., and The War DeparTmenT To gaTher us inTo Their arms-The arms of Morpheus? ExperimenT and research also found iTs way inTo The exTra-curricular acTiviTy oT a greaT number of The class in spiTe of all The Talk abouT how crowded The sophomore program was. As a resuIT. several uniTs of The deparTmenT of ExperimenTaI Medicine in The hospiTaI had Their share of iniTiaTes, and The Pharmacology reporTs carried a flavor of proficienT and deep invesTigaTion which made Them The spice of The weeIc's afTer-luncheon speeches. Larry Shapiro, PresidenT of The class, was an eTficienT aTTorney for our cause againsT The direcTors oT The organizaTion oT which we are a viTaI parT, no less. Pas- quale Mercuri, vice-presidenTp Lillian McGowan, secreTary, and Joe Mendeloff. Treas- urer, were his associaTes. Sidney E. Kaplan was The Chairman of The BanqueT CommiTTee, which esTablished precedence wiTh iTs handsome souvenir program and a dinner of Turkey, eTc. William T. KnighT and I-larold Levy were The sub-chairmen, and Evelyne Slabey, Liddy Carlino, I-Ienry Dolger, David GoIdsTein, Irving Madoff. Harry Marfz, Andrew Pecoraro and Perrin Snyder, Their helpers. One Hundred and SevenTy-fiffh Page I-fffiw f' 7-fi - - 1 f NN! f 'C NN 'Y . I 'vs ,i E3 lg 1' 'ILL 'IJ' Iii' ' if ,I ii N 4 VN, -Q9 H- I yvgimi ,I mfr . , Ig W .-fm, -I f' -011124, jr eww. . ,,,,,,,,, .. ,ffpi 555 ' 'Ib I .-. SWZT 1 -I ' LSLI - ' -' JI. 5 if S ,, g A, . 'C-M c 1 " x'i.:.f 'T WILLIS SYDENHAM REDI II62I-I675I II624-I689I H626-I694I ' f X xsr x N .ii f my if I I I I f I I 'II ill if il ,wily Ixpa QIIII il fwfr , LLIIII u- X i Z rw W., f , : MALPIGHI II628-I694I 'TBELLEVLYBFEPEFE-L1'fP,iS SE- T3 Ti-. ROSTER OF Tl-IE SOPHOMORE CLASS Eleanor Adler Mouni Holyolce. A. B.: Zela Phi Gerhard Alinquisl' Sfaie College. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Enrico H. Albano N. Y. U. B. S.: Lambda Phi Mu Alfons Ambrosio N. Y. U. B. S. George F. Auwarler N. Y. U. B. S. Hyman E. Bass - C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Alpha Kappa Pi Adolph R. Berger Columbia. A. B.: Sigma Omega Psi Anlhony Bianco N. Y. U. B. S.: Lambda Phi Mu Samuel D. Bird Holy Cross. B. S.: Omega Upsilon Phi Lewis H. Bronsiein C. C. N Y B S' Tau Epsilon Phi Seymour Bulranz N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa John M. Byers Johns Hopkins. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu Sidney Canier N. Y. U. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Liddy Carlino N. Y. U. B. S.. Vice-Presidenl ill Richard Charef C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Vic+or F. Cincolri Manhaiian. B. S.: Theia Kappa Psi Julian Cohen Columbia. A. B.: Sigma Omega Psi J. A. Cosfa N. Y. U. Omega Upsilon Phi Joseph L. Daly, Jr. Manhaiian. B. S.: Omega Upsilon Phi Samuel Dashefslry N. Y. U. B. S. Henry Dolger Banguei Commiilee N. Y. U. B. S. Milan J. Duray N. Y. U. B. S.. Nu Sigma Nu Sidney S. Edelberg N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Jerome Engel Cornell. A. B.: Phi Delia Epsilon Louis Feinslein Pennsylvania. B. S.: Phi Della Epsilon Gerald Flaum Virginia. B. A.: Phi Delia Epsilon Alvin S. Fox Phi Beia Kappa Maxwell S. Franlt N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa Henry L. Freedman N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Sigmund L. Friedman N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Joseph H. Gerber C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Leslie A. Gibbins Rurgers. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Bernard S. Goldberg N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Delia Nu David H. Goldslein Cornell. B. A.: Phi Delia Epsilon Marlin Golfheimer N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Beia Kappa Harrey Greene N. Y. U. B. S. Emil Grieco Columbia. A. B.: Lambda Phi Mu Edward J. Haclreli Holy Cross. A. B. Emanuel Hauer N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Loo Hellman N. Y. U. B. S. Howard J. Hoppenhauer S12 John's. B. S.: Theia Kappa Psi Edna Hunltemeier Smifh. A. B.: Zeia Phi Franl: J. Hynes C. C. N. Y. B. S.. Nu Sigma Nu Sidney E. Kaplan N Y U B S' Phi Della Epsilon Morris Kah C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Banque? Commiiiee ill Paul Kaufman N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Bela Kappa Doris L. Kirk Wellesley. A. B.: Zeia Phi Mariorie Klugherz Hunler. B. A.: Zola Phi William T. Knighf, Jr. Brown Ph. B.: Nu Sigma Nu: Presideni lll George R. Kolodny N. Y. U. B. S.: , Phi Lambda Kappa Joseph H. Ko++ Columbia. B. A.: Phi Alpha Sigma Sonia Krafli l-lunier. B. A.: Zeia Phi Francis P. La Sorsa N. Y. U. Theia Kappa Psi Morris J. Lasowilz N. Y. U. B. S. Jeremiah Lasl' C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Jerome Lehner Cornell. A. B.: Phi Delia Epsilon N. F. Levinson N. Y. U. B. S. Harold H. Levy C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Irving E. Lieberman C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Beia Kappa One Hundred and Sevenly-sixih Page ms.- :.k:.::k.,..s.....:....D VSRSQX WL! 45:-as g V .a'-' -.iii -T ' 1 L 'A .,.,n . ilm- .141 iilll m : Sli 0ms.lIlnliii..,..... ,,.. ' y 5 .X 1. n Q 2, ni V I as si . Q' is 2 wr A CHESELDEN SMELLIE lLlNNAEUSl VON HALLER l.l6BB-l752l il697-l7b3l lI707-I778l lI708-I777l Q, N l T .v."' ff '-if .,.f ' , -'41 .. , S : fl i 'pi . ,iw Y W' lv' Q! . , .7 J. HUNTER 1 i na- i 793 3 BELLEVUE VIOLET l93l Hirsch R. Liebowih N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa David LiHauer Columbia. M. A.: Phi Delia Epsilon Jacob H. Lubchanslry Fordham. B. S. Irving Madoiii Columbia. A. B.: Phi Delia Epsilon Bruno Marangoni Fordham. B. S.: Lambda Phi Mu Louis W. Maravenlano N. Y. U. B. S.. Thela Kappa Psi Charles Margulies Columbia. A. B.: Sigma Omega Psi Sianley M. Mark N. Y. U. B. A. Harry Z. Mari: C. C. N. Y.: Columbia. B. S.. M. A. Douglas B. McDowell Albion College. B. A.: Nu Sigma Nu Lillian McGowan Hunier. A. B.: Zeia Phi Joseph Mendelolif N. Y. U. B. S.. Treasurer ll, Zl. Pasquale Mercuri N. Y. U. B. S.: Lambda Phi Nu F. Hamillon Merrill Princeion. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu Nafhan Moros N. Y. U. B. S. Frank D. Myers N. Y. U. B. S.. Nu Sigma Nu Andrew Pocoraro N. Y. U. B. S.. Lambda Phi Mu Louis Pelner N. Y. U. B. S. Bernard J. Pisani Fordham. A. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma Henry Polozlxy C. C. N. Y. B. S.. Phi Baia Kappa John L. Pulvino Rochesfer. A. B.: Tau Kappa Psi Leonard S. Ralcow N. Y. U. B. S.. Banquei Commillee lil Howard G. Rapaporf N. Y. U. B. S. J. V. Robbins N. Y. U. B. S.. Caducean Sociely lsadore Rolhsrein Columbia. A. B.: Phi Delia Epsilon lsadore Rudnilxofli C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Alfred S. Ruesch Laiayeie. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma Murray E. Sagal' N. Y. U. B. S.I Sigma Omega Psi Eli Scheer N. Y. U. B. S.. Banquel Commiliee ill Louis Scheman C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Tau Epsilon Phi Emanuel Schwarlz N. Y. U. B. S.. Tau Epsilon Phi Lawrence M. Shapiro Harvard. A. B.: Presidenl l2i Evelyne Slabey Smi+h. A. B.: Zela Phi Perrin Brown Snyder N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Gamma Della Samuel Sobel N. Y. U. B. S. Julius Solovay Cornell. A. B.: One Hundred and Sevenly-sevenih Page K., V.- faffg- 351: -:lf . Cin. ., A F N3 - "E qflssgx. , ' ii X S ll in l YQ li W lf , . , Y W 0, .ly f .W:f!'w A . yrxi.,,yl.ig.:Wl,f ff PINEL lI745-l826l Phi Bela Kappa Vicloria Soloway Hunler. B. A.: Zela l'hi David Spivaclr Ruigers. B. S.: Phi Befa Kappa Irwin I. Sprirzer N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Isidore ,S+ein Cornell. B. A.: Phi Della Epsilon Millon Sfeiner C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Bela Kappa Allan J. S+inchfield Colby.. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu E. E. Sfrobino Wesleyan, B. A. Susie Swinburne Columbia. B. S.: M. S Zela Phi Evan W. Thomas Princeion. A. B. James J. Travers Fordham. A. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma Carmine T. Vicale N. Y. U. B. S.: The+a Kappa Psi Francis F. Viglione N. Y. U. B. S.. Lambda Phi Mu Henry Vinicor N. Y. U. Tau Epsilon Allan Weinberger N. Y. U. B. S.: Sigma Omega Psi Donald Weisman Harvard. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu W. Theodore Wheeler Sieison. B. S. Alvin D. Yasuna Cornell. B. A.: Phi Lambda Kappa Cons+an+ine Zaino C. C. N. Y. B. S.. Lambda Phi Mu Anna Margarei Ziegler Columbia. B. S.: Ze+a .ff 7 . jd Ml in I 1, 'I Qi I i . P.,,y 'QB X, . , gllw- Vit xx of -.. RUSH lI745-I8I3l .Y . , r 1,577 5 va' '. X' ,AX ' ii S ly Z' in .lliiil 4 ' ffyl P f 'QW 14- fl .i i ' , UN l ll V SX Will .Y SCARPA lI747-I sazj BELLEVUE HOSPITAL xv ' JI 1 -I f ff, ..: I:I,aIflI.f'Iff'I if ',f"ffI 9. -' - IIIJI IIIAI' . I II N, L . - MII I I M III I :1 . E. Iuqfymggyfl .I -5 -'-,g ,I :L I X -' I LIIfL.,I.gI,NF4fI, ' X I IIIJJIIIWEIII I E I LLLL I II V' Inf.fw'fl-g'i??lfg, j..,a.IfI'uw """ I 1-lim v I ' TI-ff'-fQQFIIvI1u5IiT Wm, .I-IIIIE-IIIIIICIIIILIIIIIQIII IIIIIIIIIIIW'71I'1l'gFEQEI III" "'-IIIII'n'mIm:EwI'I 'I lal, 1 yulU g"I . "Qld ' ' , .-10, f 'f' I1-IaIi.:f j,1"?fi , . ' w. , r-5,55 N 1, ,QQ "1 fy- Jr" 'N mga: " ,' L Live -245' 1 - -'HIIII 'lm- ' X1?'?QQ3E??,J,'? I A iSi'Il1'-,ff!rI'f':Mawr E IIIII I 'E 4' E I?22isS1"fW-ILAII:"fs?T -Is:-':if"ae "L"" 1 'f222QlQ!I":!.fIWIsg3,ig , -iggfj 'S-1:-IA ' V 'kin'-4',,."I Sf, 5' f Quinn Q ' E f II , -E ii1'ISIIIH5gn2i LV? " E E I I.J"'ifff-A' X E fzfz- g mI1.II.III. ':f, 4, ,. In-, -E f ,' , ' AEE L. 'gif-Lf' - I' ,I,-I: '1-Iggy :III I fyfj-if-S L 53 fa 'T 'Mm Z E I E E vii 5- - A E , Y ZSf," 'E Y T., gi Qi' Y E - if 'E --P "-Zi?-'5' 'J' ' -ggi ' ' E? 'E E - E--.L -'gn--. I 2, '?,, ' jg g l vi 3 I ' 7 ' ggi- -- ADMIIXIISTRATIGN BUILDING R ,iii 1 - f t 1 FIQESHMEN : -1 iv1o1.15T l..l-i- -1-is -1 A 1 1"' A 1 FRESI-IMAN CLASS HISTORY T THE presenT daTe, The Class oT I934, oT The UniversiTy and Bellevue Medical College can only boasT oT a hisTory,oT less Than a year, and should more prop- erly wriTe oT The TuTure Than OT The pasT. ShorT as The hisTory may be, iT has, neverTheless, demonsTraTed The TacT ThaT iT is made up oT exponenTs oT The sTrenuous liTe. On or abouT The sevenTeenTh day oT SepTember, in The year oT our Lord, Nine- Teen Hundred and ThirTy, There appeared aT The enTrance To The Carnegie Building oT The UniversiTy and Bellevue Medical College, numerous and divers individuals seeking regions where .The arT oT healing and The means oT earning earThly Tame were dispensed. There were a signiTicanT number oT bearded and beardless youThs wiTh an inTeresT in co-educaTion-noT less Than seven members oT The Tair sex Tinding This The saTesT cohorT To escorT Them To The medical Tield. Each was lighT oT hearT. Hope. courage and wisdom shone on each counTenance. As The days wenT by They came TogeTher oTTen. And when They had lisTened in awe and reverence To The Thundering voices oT Those "learned in The arT oT heal- ing," when They had mediTaTed upon The whole 'Field oT man's inTirmiTies, when all One Hundred and EighTieTh Peg ,gsm-. T' . ,Nm 1 -T leafs' f 1011? f r 1 W' ' 1 'JT 1 C ,,f il 1' we ,wi 1? :il if -T1 ,1"?-gl, T, A 5- -. 1 -' " ' if' A 31 , Wm' '-3113 q A il f' -T4 T i- y H ,T me 1 N1 ,.., '5-x...l ..,,.. ' T wi GOETHE JENNER BAILLIE 11749-18321 11749-19231 lI76I-I823l S ' T 1 'ix' W X, 1 I 2521793 'lil J TWG' ,ly x X Wil ll ll I 1' i P1-1Ys1c1c 1116s-1 837, f ffy ukhe W BEAUMONT H785-I853l ,illilifl fini, : lv f 1 . 7 .T J ?lf 'lp .- If 1 7, . 'fl 3 x. 0 'Sl I' A' 'A 1. .i- - v1 1 . LW ivlr A - Y-...,-,.nYY no Y, YUM-, ,,--..-., had become of one mind and one purpose, +hey decided lo become an incorporafed associa+ion. From 'rhis poin'r on 'rhe observalions become more delinife. Gabriel Seley was elecled Presidenl of Jrhe class: Theodore Rimai, Vice-President George Friedman, Treasurer, and Jeannelle Palder, Secrelary. A recess was called from The rouline To hold lhe Tradilional banquef on January l6+h a+ a fashionable reslauranfg Professor Cannan, of Jrhe Chemislrry Deparlmenf, giving lhe main words of wisdom, Mr. Thackslron, of Jrhe Anaromy Depar+men+, acfing Jrhe gues+ +oas+mas+er. Anlhony Spinelli was 'rhe Commiflee Chairman. For +he firsr lime in several years The class exrendecl i+s social aclivilies 'ro a second affair, an informal dance during 'rhe Easrer recess. Bernard Kaplan was responsible 'lor 'rhe arrangemenls. l-lippocrares would smile benealh +he sod 'ro see The progress 'rhal 'rhe Class of I934 has made since s+ar'ring' on i+s evenfful career of vicissirudes less +han a year ago. A One Hundred and Eighly-firsl' Page 'A :Sy i' 'ff 1 fl lki ,Z 1 'Ru' - l. ,, P. fl YQ, ,L wr .A I . V 1, , - ' 'JN ' i 'f Ii, X , ij W g Ns. f Q f T yy, , , .. " , 'TL i BRIGHT H789-I858l voN BAER H792-I876l W fail 1, nl, Qwrylil x V' wx X K f' , is Q i vi ,RM l .1 ff Cl' fy ,M iugig X A f ,ff l iff f 1 , f WEBER H795-l878l I I- f-,sv - -I .... I, ' I , H.: X ff s l ,5 Zim 'f ' BROWN'-SEQUARD lI8I7-I894l r..,.. ,,, 1.-- --1 .ill-T-1 ipsig-5-5--BELLEVUE YIOLET---I931 CDPENINC ADDRESS TCD CLASS CDF T934 CHARLES HENDEE SMITH - Professor of Pediafrrics S A new member of This faculfy I know liTTIe of This school. excepT iTs long and honorable record, and nofhing of The TradiTion of ifs opening address. There- fore, I feel free To say whaT I will. l have heard many OT These addresses in oTher schools. MosT of Them are exhorTaTions To live up To The high sfandards of The pasT, To carry on The Torch of knowledge, handing iT down wiTh undimmed flame, and many similar gIiTTering generaIi+ies. I have never been impressed wiTh The pracTical value of This Type of advice. As a pediaTrician, I am accusTomed To give much advice on child hygiene. Since you may be considered as infanT medicos, or aT leasT merely older school children, you may profiT by sound pediaTric advice. A medical college is a professional school, diTFerenT from The undergraduafe school, where The amaTeur spiriT prevails To a deplorable exTenT. Here The hours are long, The work is hard, There is an enormous amounT of ground To be covered in a greaT cIiversiTy of subiecTs. There is greaT need To keep fiT Tor This work. Many promising young men break under The sTrain, developing Tuberculosis, nervous break- down, even insaniTy. Ivlosf of These have come from lack of a plan of living. Such a plan is essenTial To good healTh and success in The school and in The hard life of a physician. Each sTudenT should Therefore plan his life on The sound basis of The laws of hygiene, and allof definiTe hours To work, sleep. exercise and relaxaTion, and To proper foocl. A brief analysis of The day of a medical school child will serve To poinT ouT The mosT common errors of hygiene which you should avoid. The Time of rising is of prime imporTance, since The rush hour beTween rising leaving The house sTarTs The day righT or wrong. IT Takes one and one-quarTer To one and one-half hours for a school child To wash, dress, eaT a decenf breakfasfr and go To The ToileT. The rule oT "No sTool, no school" is iusT as applicable To The older sTudenT. I-lurry is The greaTesT curse of our modern life. Allow Time enough To arrive aT school wiThouT rushing To avoid being laTe. Come To work wiTh a reasonably full sfomach. an empfy inTesTinal TracT and an unhurried recepTive mind. The morning is planned for you by The facuITy and commiTTee on curriculum. I may noT criTicize iT. ' The lunch hour is seT aside for a mid-day meal. This should be more Than a sandwich seized aT a soda founfain, buT noT heavy enough To induce compleTe uncon- sciousness in The early afTernoon. A sTrolI in The open air is desirable. noT Talking shop, if you can help iT! AfTer The work of The afTernoon, There usually remains Time for a brisk walk oT a couple of miles on The way home. Some exercise is essenTial, and walking is The easiesT way we can geT iT in The ciTies. The evening meal should be ample, buf again noT excessive, or The brain, robbed One Hundred and EighTy-second Page ,figsf . . --,if -A Q - A IM W X ,, 'Ei ' ,Vlx f Z- .'l, pyffly. f- v ,f of ,. N ' " N ' I T' I if for X X 4 I Ai gf! , I Q I .,lii,. ' 4 . kwa! MoRToN new-nasal. SEMMELWEIS liars-:assi X XTR -f 'IVY ' ig il xl il , Tlf' ' 4 i,, Mi" :U yd , 1. . . . y , 'ry sg avi ii' ll' H CREDE lI8I9-I892l -,,1.11-1--- cl-111-is ,,,L.L..l-iv - ----1-- IQ3' I-I-EV ol blood by lhe slomach, will nol be able lo do whal il musl during lhe evening. If your evening meal is lale. eal a lillle al live on lhe way home. so as nol lo be loo hungry al dinner lime. Aller dinner relax lor hall an hour. Sludy is unprolilable bolh lo brain and slomach. The evening musl be devoled lo book work. There is never enough lime lo learn all we should in medicine. Bul sludy can be overdone. especially il complicaled by exlra research. or olher oulside work. Far be il lrom me lo decry lhe spiril ol hard work. The opposile lendency has crepl inlo many medical schools in recenl years, due parlly lo lhe characler ol lhe leaching. parlly lo lhe lessened compeli- lion lor hospilal posilions. Bul work musl be reasonable in amounl and planned as lo lhe lime devoled lo each subiecl. Reading in all subiecls should be kepl up. nol allowed lo gel behind in one on accounl ol lhe sludenl's grealer inleresl in anolher. Each evening should be divided inlo periods devoled lo dillerenl subiecls. A shorl brealhing spell belween subiecls, a snappy live minules ol selling up exer- cises wilh a wide-open window, or a brisk run around lhe block will clear lhe brain lor lhe nexl hour's work. One nighl a week should be laken oll lrom sludy and spenl in some relaxing amusemenl. Parl of lhe day in a cross counlry walk on Sunday or Salurday aller- noon, wilh a sandwich in your pockel lor lunch, may save you lrom slaleness. A man can do a week's work in six days. bul nol in seven. The sludenl's nole book is his mosl conslanl companion. Lel me suggesl a slandard size. nol loo small, say 5 by 8. and wilh loose leaves. Noles in books are worlhless. because lhey cannol be sorled. I slill believe in laking noles, because il a leclure is worlh giving. il conlains maller nol lound in books. From long obser- valion I have noliced lhal lhe sludenls who lake lhe besl noles pass lhe besl examin- alions. The sludenl needs sulficienl sleep. Il he sludies from-eighl lo eleven, six nighls a week, he should be able lo cover his work. This means he can sleep lrom eleven- lhirly lo seven or seven-lhirly. Burning lhe rnidnighl oil is poor economy. as a rule. Lel me advise you lo use lorbearance lo your lellows, charily loward lhe shorl- comings ol your leachers. courlesy lo lhe employees ol lhe school and lo lhe nurses in lhe hospilal, and above all. kindness lo lhe palienls. Never lorgel lhal lhey are sick, suffering human beings. The physician who loses his lemper wilh a palienl. or wilh anxious relalives. is no lrue healer. So we graduales in medicine welcome lhe Class ol I934 lo lhe beginning ol our profession. ll is a profession wilh long hours ol hard work. al lhe call ol every palienl's whim, wilh lillle financial relurn, deadly laligue, biller disappoinlmenls. hearl burnings over scanl apprecialion. deepesl sorrow al your helplessness in lalal illness, hideous regrels al your inevilable mislakes and a lhousand olher drawbacks. Bul we welcome you lo a profession which has always slood lor lhe besl and highesl lhings, lor honesly, unsellishness, sell-sacrilice and devolion lo lhe inleresl ol olhers and lo lhe public good. ralher lhan lo ils own advanlage. ll is a line iob. You work lor a lhousandj yel you are your own masler. No one employer can wreck your lile by discharging you uniuslly. You will have a good place in your communily, lhe respecl ol your lellows, lhe inner salislaclion ol relieving sullering, ol comlorling sorrow, ol being a pillar ol slrenglh in lime ol need. Good luck lo you all! Ono Hundred and Eighly-lhird Page - lgggzigigfffgp fi4TfiTTiE:X E55 wi g K 1 A! '.M.:u,,17l' '..,'-:rj Q f,-1 xl. -. ,N 'EN X I. K ililr w Q' Q 7 LM- 'ir fry- , , ,,, X ,H .-14 ' .y' 1 I if ,Mi .'iWllnl'l'Wl2 kiwi. lil 2, ii Illlll 'I 'J v -...aflw I 1.-if-gQ40J1I'l .' lil Iilvully I IW, ,I J 'k llll zillhii-ils' X IIIIIII III I ...l x We -f ig Q,..l.i, W' xf T -5, , .yfzjigg M X LISTER BILLROTH HIS KLEBS II827-I9I2I iiazv-new lI83I-I904I lI834I9I3I ROSTER V' W V HW, VAY, ,,-w Y 7,7 W-. Y. WY- W,-,, , -. l83l BELLEVUE VIOLETZE-.-.-l93I . ,J OF Tl-IE FRESI-IMAN CLASS Joseph C. Andriola Fordham. B. S. Leo Ariola N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Bela Kappa Franl: R. Arndl' N. Y. U. Sc. B. George F. Azulras Darlmouih. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu David S. Boxer N. Y. U. B. S. Arnold L. Bachman' Ar+hur Davidowifz Lehigh. A. BJ Phi Befa Kappa Anfhony Desimone N. Y. U. Caducean Sociely Wilfred Dorfman N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Eugene A. Eisner N. Y. U. B. S.: M. A. Samuel Epsfein N. Y. U. Bela Lambda Sigma Emanuel Feigin S+. Vincenl. B. Sc.: Phi Alpha Sigma J. Rembrandl Helfricl: Sf. Vincent. Phi Alpha Sigma Alexander Hershlcovilz N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Nalhan Hilfer Cornell. B. A. Leo N. Horn N. Y. U. B. S.. Tau Epsilon Phi N, Y, U, N. Y. U. B. S.: A. Raymond lncorvia Baia Lambda Sigma Phi Bela Kappa Mdnhalidn- B- SC-I Joseph Bandes Max Feinberg Alpha Phi Della N. Y. U. B. S.: N. Y. U. Charles H. lmmordino Tau Epsilon Phi Edward Feleppa N. Y. U. Bela Lucien Bavella C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Francis l. lrwin N. Y. U. B. S.: Banquel' Commiilee ill Murray F. Belenllolif N. Y. U. Tau Epsilon Phi Hyman D. Brier N. Y. U. Bela Lambda lsadore Brighlman N. Y. U. B. S.: Kappa Norman Brill C. C. N. Y. B. S. Samuel C. Bulcanlz N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Julius Chaisl' C. C. N. Y. B. S. Max Chamlin Columbia. A. B. Joseph Chess N. Y. U. B. S. Francis C. Ciafone Della Kappa Epsilon lsaac Frankel N. Y. U. Caducean Sociely George Friedman Laiayeile. B. S.: Treasurer ill Joseph J. Friedman N. Y. U. Phi Lambda Kappa Franll A. Gagan Manhallan. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu Sidney Gilberl' N. Y. U. Arfhur S. Glushien N. Y. U. B. Sc.: Phi Baia Kappa Roberl' G. Goodharl' Laiayelie. B. S. Villanova. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Eugene lseppellini N. Y. U. Thela Ka Julius M. Joseph N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Beia Kappa Bernard l. Kaplan N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Della Epsilon David Kasfoff Michigan. B. S. Jus'I'us Kaufman C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Lambda Alpha Mu John J. Kearing Niagara. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma Roberl' W. Kirlrman PPa Princelon. Franklin Marshall. N- Y- U- B- 5-7 Abraham Goofnick B' S- Lambda Phi Mu N. Y- U. Caducean Socgefy Leo Kleban Harold X. Connolly John G. Gruiani N- Y- U- Fordham. A. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma ' Samuel S. Cooley N. Y. U. B. S.: Bela Barnelf Greene Charles Klein C. C. N. Y. B. S. Macey Kroniclx Princefon. A. B.: C' N' Y' B' S'i N. Y. U- Nu Sigma Nu Pli' Bela Kappa Morlon Kuliclr Nicholas F. Groia N. Y. U. Harry Cordover C. C. N. Y. B. S. . Alberl Cornell William and Mary. B. S.: Phi Bela Kappa Prince Danforlh Colgale. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu N. Y. U. Bela Lambda Sigma Einar Guslafson Columbia. Phi Alpha Sigma Sidney Harris N. Y. U. Beia - Charles R. Hayman C. C. N. Y. B. A. Beniamin H. Kumm C. C. N. Y. B. S. John S. Labale Lalayeiie. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Ernesl' Lehman N. Y. U. B. S. One Hundred and Eighly-fourlh Page wi'- ":"fl . N ' , 1, 5' gl P i Y A 3 ...iv s - -V li 551' ., Ji' -f il' FR i- , col-INHEIM Kocn Mcaurmev H839-l884l H843-l9I0l 11845-19:33 voN RONTGEN ll845-I923l lip :Q lr l r ilm n fl xx ...H V, i. . ' A RX qw osLER lI849- 1 9 i 9l -BEL-LEVUPE-SNTIOLET'-'li l83l ..... ---1. Berlram L. Levy C. C. N. Y. A. B. Sidney Levy , N. Y. U. B. S. Marvin D. Linicl: N. Y. U. Bela Lambda Sigma Mary Mazner N. Y. U. Nalhan Min'l'z N. Y. U. Franlt L. Mohr N. Y. U. Phi Alpha Sigma Samuel Nisnewifz N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa Mildred Oerien l-lunler. B. A. Leo L. Orensrein Columbia EllioH' A. Ornslein C. C. N. Y. A. B.: Sigma Omega Psi Lazarus Allerion Orlxin N. Y. U. B. S.: Phi Lambda Kappa Thomas J. Ormsby Fordham. A. B. Jennie Palder N. Y. U. B. S.: Omega Phi Oscar A. Palafucci Fordham. B. S. Ralph Pape Colby. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Rubin Poleshuclt Rulgers. Ph. G.: B. S.: Alpha Zeia Omicron Alberl' Priole'Ha N. Y. U. Lambda Phi Mu Edward A. Quinlan, Jr. Villanova. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Hilmel A. Ranges Yale. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu Julius Redish C. C. N. Y. B. S. Homer K. Rhinesmifh Wesleyan. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Theodore M. Rimai N. Y. U. Phi Lambda Kappa Jack Romascan N. Y. U. B. S.. Phi Lambda Kappa David Rosenbaum N. Y. U. Alvin A. Rosenberg Cornell. B. A.: Phi Lambda Phi Joseph Ruslrin Colgaie. A. B. Howard Sabini C. C. N. Y. B. A. William J. Saich Fordham. A. B.: M. A.: Phi Alpha Sigma Nicholas Saliani Middlebury. B. S.: M. S.: Lambda Phi Mu Milion S. Saslaw N. Y. U. Maxwell Sayel' N. Y. U. Thela Epsilon Phi Adrian C. Schoedel Cornell. A. B.: Phi Alpha Sigma Joseph Schwarrz N. Y. U. Beia Lambda Sigma Gabriel P. Seley N. Y. U. A. B.. Presidenl' l I l Alberl Shapiro Columbia. B. S. Donald Shaslcan Darimourh. B. A. Philip Siegel C. C. N. Y. B. S David Simpson N. Y. U. John Lincoln Slabey Colgale. A. B.: Nu Sigma Nu Harry Slobodin Columbia. B. A.: Phi Bela Kappa One Hundred and Eig hly-'iifih Pag e 'X , 4 N Qi' 5 i Ulf' 3 xx AJ MIKULICZ-RADECKI iisso-wosl Sigmund A. Siegel C. C. N. Y. B. S. Leo l. Solaviich Cornell. A. B. Nafhan Specfor N. Y. U. Anlonio N. Spinelli Fordham. B. S. Liborio N. Spilaleri Manhallan. B. S. David Spring N. Y. U. B. S.. Nu Sigma Nu Marfhew M. Sieiner N. Y. U. B. Sc. Bernard Sfoll N. Y. U. B. S. Charles l. Sweeney Niagara. B. S.: Phi Alpha Sigma Margarei H.'Tewlxsbury Mounl Holyolce. A. Meyer Texon Harvard. A. B. George J. Train C. C. N. Y. B. S.: Phi Bela Kappa Sidney Tucker Cornell. A. B.: Phi Epsilon Phi Sebaslian B. Vaneria Alfred. B. S.: Lambda Phi Mu R. Edward Vioni N. Y. U. B. S. Roslyn Weichsel l-lunier. B. A. . Jonas Weissberg N. Y. U. Phi Bela K Caiherine A. Welsh Sainl Rose. A. B. lra Wicltner Cornell. A. B. Michael Yarchewslri Laiayelie. B. S.: Nu Sigma Nu Slella B. Zulinslri Barnard. B. A. W1 A,""' '... " 4- . ' f F -- ' F - , . A ,QQ Q Jr ily. . 'i N l .f ' '. llrffllilnl X XL lil' l ix l lil! 'lx .N ' l EHRLICH H854-l9I5l B. appa . x S I N i fl' l . . UM:-1 . .illiilil - ugh. l l N f cusHNY H866-I927l . f'--a " HALL GE FAME UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS w L N Y 1 N m FEATURES M If3l 1"--,BELLEVQE VIOLET -7'4-l93l IVIANNERS AND MEDICINE IN TI-IE FCDRTIES EW YORK had recovered from The panic of I837, and was Taking parT in Those acTiviTies ThaT made The '4O's fabulous. Broadway was now IighTed by gas: young beaux wiTh Byron collars and chin-whiskers escorfed young ladies wiTh waisTs pinched To nofhing To The AsTor I-louse for afTernoon coffee: pigs wandered unmolesfed up and down The greaT Thoroughfares: several weaIThy families began To build houses upTown around Waverly Place and Washingfon Square. aIThough The eliTe s+iII lived on Park Place and Chambers STreeT: Bowling Green was sTiII a privafe park reserved for The old arisTocraTs: Third Avenue ouT To Harlem was The choice spof Tor sleighing parTies: Muslin "for Ascension Robes" was on sale To The Millerifes. The Two consTables in each ward kepT order afTer a fashion during The day: aT nighT, The waTch warned The burglars and awoke burghers by Their cries. Mayor I-Iarper wanTed regular policemen who would wear blue coaTs wiTh The IeTTers M. P. on The collar: iT was a silly dream--"no free-born American ciTizen would ever consenT To become a liveried servanT." Those were Tumulfuous days when The Know-Nofhings waged open warfare againsT The Irish-Cafholics in The sTreeTs of Brooklyn, buT There were oTher ways in which one could amuse one's self. There were The Theafres--for The bourgeoisie, of course. since neifher genflemen nor ladies could aTTend a play wiThouT irreparable damage To Their repuTaTions-where one could see Kemble or The peerless Fanny in "Old l-leads and Young I-IearTs." or The sfirring "CharloTTe TempIe." The proleTariaT wenT To The Burlesque houses, where were shown such Travesfies as "Buy iT. Dear": " 'Tis Made of Cashmere": mocking The currenT success. "The Bayadere, or The Maid of Cashmere." Saloons abounded. where one could buy "Sherry, VinTage I82O, Finesf in The CiTy." or even newly imporTed Irish whiskey. iusT off The ship. The more inTeIIec+uaI members ,of socieTy could read The new penny newspapers or The SaTurcIay Evening PosT. aIThough The IaTTer was regarded by The inTeIIigen+sia as a hodge-podge of Trash, senTimenTal sTories, maudlin poeTry, puzzles. and useless household hinTs. Godey's Lady Book was The mosT popular magazine: iTs ediTor was The auThor of ThaT Tamous poem, "Mary's Lamb." SocieTies for The beTTermenT of The lower classes abounded: The Two mosT influenfial were The SocieTy for Morals and Religious Educafion of The Poor, and The SocieTy for The Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. The Iyceums enioyed greaTer aTTendance Than The Theafres. In one course of lecfures, one could hear Mr. Longfellow, The greaTesT poeT America ever produced, or Dr. Chambers, The eminenf buf pious geologisf, who mainfained ThaT fossils were The bones of anTediIuvian animals: one could be insTrucTed in The mysTeries of mesmerism or phrenology: one could laugh uproariously aT The anTics of Those under The influence of The laughing gas. Besides. There were always The churches where one could spend a quieT afTernoon or evening. The churches were used more ofTen in Those days Than now To pray for Divine inTervenTion during epidemics. The aufumnal ravages of Typhoid were used by several preachers as proof of God's anger: The deaThs came in The fall as punishmenT for The One Hundred and Eighfy-eighfh Page 1 v pp MN iii? ff- - I I-.L 'T .ez 1 1:2 , 4' . -. . y i Tirfhira- X . ID 1 4 L TN mb 19 " ' ,T3e'i':'4iI'i:If' f fl -I i If T i is I Q, . ,gr " fz'-X i' . M :Mui A 'Ugg Q if Xl I'-II' fy.-if ' iii .bi B V .- ITQIXIJ- ' 'ggi ,,, I - T .TZQJ -ei f v '."5T1CvHl5f' 'z . f 4' ' ks Ms. K X ,isggsag pl mu M f Af f ro Iig X ,,.. ...Y ,.. ....i l53I.-.L-.""l"'-...BELLEVUE VIOLEI l93l immoraIiTy in cosTume oT The lower classes in The summer. As a maTTer oT TacT, The rich as well as The poor were vicTims. New Yorkers aT ThaT Time, pending The compIeTion OT The GreaT AqueducT, drew Their waTer supply Trom The Tea WaTer Pump, Trom several privaTe pumps scaTTered around The CiTy, Trom The wooden mains oT The ManhaTTan WaTer Company, or else boughT iT by The gallon Trorn The owners oT Knapp's Spring. BuT Typhoid was noT The mosT dreaded scourge. Cholera and yellow Tever were Teared, and wiTh cause, Tor more Than once had New York Tallen beneaTh The Tlails OT The black and The yellow deaTh7 several gloomy observers predicTed The devasTaTion OT New York because oT The disease broughT To iT by The ships in iTs ever-growing porT. The New York Morning I-Ierald one day, ran a news iTem enTiTIed, "Riddance": iT said ThaT one hundred IoaTers had been hired To go To Cuba To walk on The rail- road. "They Iwilll receive SI4 a monTh, and Iwill bel decenTIy buried, Tree oT expense when dead. SevenTy-Tive per cenT will die OT yellow Tever nexT summer." The weekly reporT of The causes oT deaTh is very inTeresTing as compared To our presenT sTaTisTics: from December 28. I839, To January 4. I84O, There were I34 deaThs, of which 29 were Trom ConsumpTion. none Trom Cancer, I Trom I-IearT Failure, 3 Trom Whooping Cough, 3 Trom MorTiTicaTion, and I Trom TeeThing. OT parTicuIar inTeresT To us is a IeTTer To The Evening PosT, on January I6, I84O, by Alexander Vache, chief residenT physician OT Bellevue. who indignanTIy denies +ha+ I3 people died in one week aT The hospiTaI, and even if The number was so greaT, iT musT be remembered Thar "The esTabIishmenT now conTains The unprecedenTed number oT Tour Thousand." drawn chieTIy Trom The pauper class. The drunkards, The incurables, and Those wiTh conTagious diseases. WhaT did The people do To averT sickness, besides The usual prayers? For one Thing, aImosT every household had a copy OT The Cherokee Physician, A NaTuraI Guide To HealTh, which was invariably consuITed in case oT illness. IT This Tailed, There were The innumerable nosTrums which cured anyThing Trom baldness To buboes. The Female MonThIy ReguIaTing Pills, The Sherwood's EIecTro-MagneTic Remedies Tor Chronic Diseases oT The Organs and Limbs, Peine's TooT PasTe, and BrandreTh's Pills Tor Piles, RheumaTism and Erysipelas, remind us TorceTuIIy oT our own days. Inci- denTaIIy, BrandreTh was an M. D. noTed Tor his IiberaIiTy: he gave Ten dollars monThIy To The Board of Managers Tor The relief oT The indusTrious poor. IT one did noT be- lieve in paTenT medicines, one could pick ouT The name oT a physician Trom The TronT pages oT any newspaper, which abounded in Medical AdverTisemenTs. The IaTTer Torm an-inTeresTing commenTary on The Medical profession in Those days. Dr. Levin- son, The seller oT I-IunTer's Red Drop aT one dollar per vial, guaranTees To cure v--I disease. The American Physician, 3I WesT Broadway, assures The public There is no imporTed quackery abouT his dispensary .... "In a cerTain disease oT long sTand- ing, no pay will be required unTiI a perTecT cure is eTTecTed." Dr. Amos G. I-lull, oT 4 Vesey STreeT, was a speciaIisT, curing only I-Iernias and Prolapsed UTeri. Dr. Joseph Ralph, whose adverTisemenT is enTiTIed "On CerTain DeIicaTe Diseases," a graduaTe oT Edinburgh, eTc., recommended by Dr. MoTT. has Tor sale a packeT Tor The cure oT Gonorrhea, The price oT which is Ten dollars. "ThaT Tor The Venereal, conTaining more Than enough Tor The cure oT any ordinary case is Ten dollars. and The chesT, a IiTTIe larger, conTaining everyThing necessary Tor The cure oT boTh compIainTs, is TiTTeen dollars." AnoTher adverTisemenT wiTh The heading "GraTiTicaTion oT Passion," prom- ises The cure oT cerTain unmenTionable diseases in Two To Tive days. Then, There was One Hundred and EighTy-ninTh Page I , rr a . 'saw I WT VIN mb 9 I V- .1 xv -V yyillm Q R I.,, STI ,, A 1-I v iau H311 If N I . 21 Ir! :MII gf' if T wp. H II I' si . fl' ' if' m'1- 2 ' yi! 'SIE h i gImi,'Ii,I 'W' WINE -A if , W I I V i ,dn Ilhiilillil 'F I L A 'YI I' "' 41 'iw I ef Gifs,-war B -i1e:,'e f. .s-I . v- - H- ,... . gg M A. .A The Tamous Dr. l.eSage's Specific Tor SecreT Maladies, "conTains no mercury . . . is 'found To give immediaTe relief To Those aTTlicTed wiTh sTricTures and diseases of The prosTaTe gland." The ladies could choose a Temale aTTendanT, as wiTness This announcement "Mrs. Bird, I8 Oliver STreeT, is prepared aT all Times To deliver Ladies on The PoinT oT ConTinemenT, and To adminisTer medicine Tor all diseases To which her sex is liable." One musT noT Think, however, ThaT all The physicians adverTised in This manner: Medical cards were quiTe common, in which Dr. So-an-So announced ThaT he was sTill in pracTice aT such-an-such an address. oTFice hours Trom 7:30 To Il A. M., and 2 To 6 P. M. Many of The docTors lisTed The names oT The schools They had aTTended, parTicularly iT The laTTer were in Europe, and oThers ciTed The number OT years oT hospiTal Training or apprenTiceship They had served. WiTh such a sTaTe oT aTFairs iT is noT sTrange ThaT The medical profession did noT rank high socially. A MinisTer, a lawyer, a banker, a business man, all had precedence over a physician. As a maTTer oT TacT, The docTors had To merge wiTh The wriTers To Torm The Bread-and-Cheese Club, because The more exclusive clubs barred The users of boTh The pen and The purge. Financially, The docTor's loT was noT a happy one. A s'l'ory currenT in l84-2 said ThaT, a well-known physician having boughT a new suiT I .V Arg :A QQVA lg. fi,:':, fN- I A . 4 I -1 , ' - .- C'5..f' 'rn J Q. ' mar, "fkL'fi'i 4' ' T. in M ,. ,.-. 4 , .V ,.. 1 ,.. .... ,f,.. it Www., M , Q Q fy ,fi 1 , tn .U ,A Kywffi it 5 4 N.i.f. s.4 Q . Wea K x N- an ' T sf -'r.'f""' H H. fhhyalbg A 1 ,, -g,.u4,, gp, -I., ,T ns- xv!! T 'M 4 '-.A V .-'fa wif" 'V' '1"f'9,vw. z.' ...,1,"'5 .- 'lv' N , J.v,.x:f:TbFb- ' 1'Q..5-is TN, I' 3'f"""L mag' ""m"-uf":-- ' 1.1. WF H- .---.-- . . -,r.p- Argf , r . '- 1 .05 . ,m,ZldsL,.x,.-hifi, , .. , .,,..... ..,, - ,, ,. , ,4 A - s- 'W' .1 , . , .s.'T'-wfffsflgv - 1 H .fs ,., , .sy - x N-,...., -I f- -- , iw- ,,'ys4+.a'--f ' - ::. W--.. NEW YORK CTTY IN THE FORTIES of cloThes, his medical Triends oTTered To renT iT Trom him Tor cerTain imporTanT engage- menTs. ln The Morning Herald Tor February 4, l840, is an accounT of Miss C.'s Splendid Soiree, 473 Broadway," in which The wriTer noTes ThaT "The young physicians were as plenTiful as blaclcberries in AugusT, and many of Them in borrowed rings and ornamenTs." The proTession was undoubTedly To blame Tor much of The disTrusT which iT encounTered. IT was charged ThaT The docTors were pompous and unlearned and over-eager To display whaT scanT erudiTion They possessed. The lasT charge is com- prehensible, when we recall ThaT iT was cusTomary Tor a docTor To give his paTienT a dieT sheeT in LaTin. The medical armamenTarium appeared To The laiTy To consisT only of pulses, purges, and pills. An arTicle praises The growing habiT of a physician in prescribing sugar-coaTed pills insTead oT nauseaTing, asaTeTidinous mixTures, "inas- much as The 'Former is more pleasanT and iusT as ineTFecTual as The laTTer." To quoTe from a modern auThor, "ln The Toregoing accounT, The reader will Tind much oT amusemenT: The discerning reader, a reminder +ha+ There is noThing new under The sun: and The moralizing reader. a proof of how liTTle man has progressed in comparison wiTh The advance of absTracT science." X 3 f Wx QL x WyElLbl?m 'ix J 5 'TM T, -E:-Le WJQ v! gig, mv Z! - is T' is :W TS sim.sXi.Sl One H E NV W 'ENNA A -1 vs ' HKPKCRATES ririi AL 5 Ava En TRL J, in Q :ix T 6 E ff-in . T x. L9 xi, 3,-is Xi 5, K fy! f 5 sf 'T 4 iixu T, V TT T 'Hi T' T l T f3.,.,f" ' "TWT i ho, 3 an E x xg if f- . UE l ,mum :- . L. T. undred and NineTieTh Page AIOCKODIAHC CVPC CIC ' H A PT fi w Ei., i l83l BELLEVUE VIOLET IQQ,l, l MAIMOINIIDES HEN The all-conquering Mohammedan armies marched inTo The souThwesTern peninsula oT Europe, They broughT wiTh Them The educaTional and scienTiTic influences which were To leave Their indelible mark upon The whole course OT laTer European culTure. Under The banner oT The CrescenT, a culTure Tar in advance of ThaT Then exisTing in Europe was broughT inTo Spain. The Saracen conquerors. unlike The earlier Moslem warriors, were peace-loving and They inTerpolaTed Their sTudies oT The Koran wiTh readings Trom The Arabic TranslaTions Trom The Greek and LaTin philosophers. OT all The ciTies which came under Moslem dominaTion, Cordova excelled in commerce and in learning. Here, men oT learning sTudied and TaughT: and Hebrew and Moor lived in peace wiTh one anoTher. ln The TwelTTh cenTury, Cordova had reached The zeniTh oT her glory under The inTelligenT reign oT The greaT Caliph, Abd-er-Rahman Ill, who, by uniTing all The Saracen principaliTies oT Spain under one rule, had made Cordova The capiTal oT his caliphaTe. Cordova became The seaT oT learning, oT The arTs, oT indusTry, and oT science. Maimonides was born in Cordova aT one o'clock on The aTTernoon oT March 30 lNisan I4l, l I35. AT The Time oT his birTh. Cordova had begun To Tall Trorn her high esTaTe. This was due To The TacT ThaT, unTorTunaTely Tor Themselves, The Arabs in Spain, TogeTher wiTh Their culTure, had broughT wiTh Them from Arabia Their innum- erable Tribal Teuds. One wriTer sTaTes The maTTer very neaTly when he says: "The very origin oT These Teuds being long TorgoTTen, They naTurally were irreconcilable." The evenTTul decline and decay OT The magniTicenT Saracen civilizaTion in Spain was due less To acTual conquesT by Their VisigoThic ChrisTian neighbors Than To These inTernal discords. The decline oT Cordova was preceded by The Tollowing evenTs. AbouT TiTTy years beTore The birTh oT Maimonides, The reigning Caliph oT Cordova had asked a wild conTederaTion oT Berber Tribes, known as The Almoravides, To help him repel The Spaniards from The NorTh. So well did These warlike Berbers like The counTry of Those whom They had come To aid, ThaT They simply overThrew The Saracen power and seTTled in The land. Unlike Their Saracen predecessors, however, who had preserved and cherished The Treasured volumes which They had Tound in The conquered ciTies. The Berbers were a seT OT rude TanaTics who had liTTle inTeresT in learning, and less desire To preserve iT. Thus, aT The Time oT Maimonides' birTh, The beauTy of Cordova was dimmed. YeT a civilizaTion cannoT be desTroyed all aT once, and iT is reasonable To assume ThaT much oT The old culTure sTill remained. The subiecT oT This biography is usually known by The Greek Torm of his name. Maimonides. His ancesTors had, Tor several generaTions. been noTed Tor culTure and Tor learning. His genealogy has been Traced To Judah, The Prince, compiler oT The Mishnah, and Through him, To The royal house oT David. AT The end of his "Com- menTary on The Mishnah," "Maimonides himself gives This pedigree. describing himself as Moses, son oT Maimon, dayan loTTicial Rabbi, or "iudge"l, son of The learned R. Joseph, son of R. lsaac, dayan, son oT R. Joseph, dayan, son oT R. Obadiah, dayan, son oT R. Solomon, son of R. Obadiah. In Arabic Maimonides was called "Abnimram lAmraml Musa ben Maimum abd lobeidl Allah" The Cordovese. His usual Hebrew TiTle is Maimuni or Rambam, The laTTer being Tormed Trom The inTials oT Rabbi Moses One Hundred and NineTy-TirsT Page g3E?5.Q3'!lilT!IE ST E 5? . ,,.' lg q ' T P , P2 'P 'L 1 f, X-'51 59' -.i'3,"1' ' " ' ., ,gf T - L ,fy scg, , W . .. - Iv . Q , wil" frii".'sP!w?'l' ff ,'lT.4V ' 'T wi ' W QQNLT Twill!! gsm' Tiff wr' fgfe r lf' Tggg-amlfhiifiiGET-riiiiimill- if Z 4 T, iifiisiaihudsiii 'frfflfl Y. , Till 1 .rf A wh e..5'An,,w,wl5gXgw.1ez.':sjg!,ns.i!a T214 Tl gf l, will .lil il 2 11-Q . ss N, inf, E il lgiiiiil aig l A aiyyyjlfw ' .2 - xi 2 - L ,, V -T - 1 'f ! f LJ i' ra is-x x x .c hT:3':'v'f"f'T' I 1 l I l i - lB3l '...BELLEVUE VIOLETi.. I93ll ben Maimon IRabbi Moses The son oT Maimonl. LiTTIe is known OT The boyhood of Moses. His TaTher was a scholar and TaughT him religious and Hebrew educaTion. Under The Arabian masTers, he sTudied Greek, philosophy, medicine, and science. Moses grew up in a genTIe and refined home. He early learned Those lessons which are oT such imporTance To The True sTudenT: ThaT "iT is possible Tor a wise man To be TaughT by a Tool" and "To Teach Thy Tongue To say 'I do noT know.' " The Two ouTsTanding names in Spain were Those oT Avicenna I98O-IO37l, The "Prince oT Physicians" whose greaT work on medicine was used as a TexT book in Europe as IaTe as The I7Th cenTury, and OT Averroes, conTemporary and Townsman oT Maimonides, who inTroduced in his wriTings The spiriT oT ArisToTIe and helped bring Greek ThoughT To European minds. In I I48, when Maimonides was ThirTeen years old, Cordova Tell inTo The hands oT The Almorhades, or UniTarians. These were a PuriTan secT oT The Mohammedans who came Trom Morocco and were inspired wiTh The desire To reTorm Islam, which, To Their minds, had become removed Trom The Teachings oT The PropheT. They considered books, science, and arT as snares oT The devil To lead men Trom The paTh oT righTeous- ness. An idea oT Their ruThlessness may be obTained by Their burning oT The Tamous library of The Caliph, EI Hakim II. Their cry was "The Koran or The Sword," and They gave non-believers The choice' beTween Mohammedanism, deaTh, or banishmenT. Maimon chose The lasT. and aTTer Ten years oT a wandering liTe in ChrisTian Spain, sailed Tor Maghreb, "The Land oT The WesT" wiTh his daughTer and Two sons, Moses and David, and seTTled in Fez. Maimon and David engaged in commerce, while Moses devoTed himseIT To his sfudies in Theology and medicine. During The Tive years spenT in Maghreb, Maimonides made greaT progress wiTh his "CommenTary on The Mishnah." Also, he TrequenTIy reTers in his IaTer medical TreaTises To The experience he gained among The Moslems. In Fez, The Maimon Tamily, in common wiTh every oTher Jewish Tamily, was ,con- TronTed wiTh a new problem. The ruler oT Fez did noT Trouble himselT wiTh The religious views oT his subiecTs as long as, aT leasT ouTwardly, They conTormed To The sTaTe religion. In order To overcome The prevailing dangers oT Jewish aposTacy, Maimon composed his "LeTTer oT ConsoIaTion." IT is characTerisTic oT Maimonides, ThaT he parTicipaTed in The soluTion oT This problem aT a Time when iT was puT on a pracTicaI basis. This incidenT is worThy oT menTion, because oT The IighT which iT sheds on The characTer oT Maimonides. IT seems ThaT a Jew in Fez had applied To a Toreign Rabbi Tor his opinion as To The conducT oT The Jews who saved Their own lives and preserved Their children Tor Judaism by uTTering The Tormula, "La ilaha Allah, wa-Muhammad rasul Allah," IThere is no God buT Allah, and Mohammed is His PropheTl. To query The Rabbi replied ThaT- marTyrdom was To be preTerred To yielding. IT was in order To conTroverT This pernicious philosophy, which "Turned men back Trom God" ThaT Maimonides wroTe his Tamous "Maamar Kiddush Hashem" I"Essay on The SancTiTica- Tion oT God"l, known also as "lggerTh Hashemad" I"LeTTer concerning AposTasy"l. The general naTure oT This essay may be undersTood by This quoTaTion: "Any Jew, who, aTTer uTTering The Moslem Tormula, wishes To observe The whole 6I3 precepTs in The privacy oT his home, may do so wiThouT hindrance. NeverTheIess, iT, even under These circumsTances, a Jew surrenders his liTe Tor The sancTiTicaTion oT The name oT God beTore men, he has done nobly and well, and his reward is greaT beTore The Lord. BuT iT a man asks me, Shall I be slain or uTTer The Tormula oT Islam? I answer, uTTer The One Hundred and NineTy-second Page . vfff-:iw-' 5 iZ2f! 'i'i 'I I T ' T ,E Ir, -,, I yu I nm 'V ,yislfl-Q , V ,. Q L' i Ii I N I 'ifr'.'faf rfgfiu Qs Hu Qftigl ,Q H f 4 A I I uS,, nm , gait' H.-azngnalllll 1 ilu. in IH IHHHQ-A-IA-H113 mmmmwwmwwmwwww Iiiiliisiizr-'slssiisa a Iz55'l si :I 'P' 'Wa :I'I::f iam: iaiimfllglif1.ffl+""'f '-' " s MMM-ww ,--fm iilizdiii I ,I 'f,'.'j,f1iV' 3 1wmJ:,Hsp V L r 1' ui, 1f.1f -i -152, vw-fsf"'s 4' h,,, .W I--ws. Q ,vii ,MIL f 1 ' -5, iii: J' if 1" """"' gf ,,,.' J : l83I '-'BELLEVUE VICJLET l93I formula and live." This was Maimonides' firsf excursion info public life, and if placed him among fhe foremosf aufhorifies of his Time. So successful were Maimonides' efforfs fo induce 'Ihe Jews fo live openly wifh God fhaf fhey broughf a new misforfune down upon his head. An inquisifion was insfifufed by fhe Moslems, and Maimonides would have shared fhe same fafe as Judah ibn Shoshan, who was execufed. buf for fhe infervenfion of his friend, Abul-Arab ibn Moisha, a Moslem poef and fheologian. Again fhe Maimon family was forced fo move on. This fime, under cover of The darkness of nighl, on April I8, I l65, fhe boarded a vessel bound for Palesfine, which was reached May l6+h. Maimonides ffeared lo se++Ie in Palesfine because of 'rhe dearfh of infellecfual comradeship and culfure. As Egypf promised a beffer field for his energies, he wen+ fhere, reached Alexandria, and +hen seffled in Fosfaf, a suburb of Cairo. Maimonides was fhen fhirfy years of age. Jusf fhree years before. Salah-ed-din, beffer known as Saladin, had deposed fhe feeble Caliph of Cairo and made himself Sulfan over Egypf. The Cairo of fhe fwelffh cenfury was a populous, well-builf, and culfured cify. lf was unforfunafe fhaf almosf from fhe fime of his arrival in Egypf unfil his deafh, Maimonides lived in an almosf confinuous sfafe of war. for of SaIadin's fwenfy-four years of reign, only eighf were spenf af his capifal, fhe resf being passed in fhe field. Yef Cairo presenfed an afmosphere in which Maimonides could work, and if was here fhaf he wrofe or complefed his mosf famous books. ln Fez, af fwenfy-fhree, he had complefecl +he "CalcuIa+ion of 'Ihe Calendar," and had begun one of his mosf famous books, "A Commenfary of fhe Mishnah or Jewish Law," also known as fhe "Sirai" If-Iebrew, Maor, or Lighfl, which he complefed in I I68. A discussion of fhis work can- no+ be underfaken here. We may, however, menfion Maimonides' sfafemenf in fhe "Sirai fhaf a physician should begin wifh simple freafmenf, frying +o cure by dief before administering drugs." In November, I I8O, he complefed fhe second parf of his greaf friology, +he "Mishnah Torah" I"Deuferonomy"l or "Yad I-lachazaka" IS+rong I-landl. This giganfic work was a complefe codificafion and digesf of Biblical and Rabbinical law and religion. If consisfed of fourfeen books, one fhousand chapfers, and if fook Maimonides fen years fo complefe. A defailed discussion of if in fhis paper is impossible, alfhough fhis exhausfive work is of greaf inferesf fo sfudenfs. A+ fhis fime, Maimonides 'look for his son, Joseph Aknin, one of his sfudenfs. This friendship endured unfil deafh, and if was for Aknin fhaf Maimonides wrofe his fhird greaf work, "The Guide of fhe Perplexed," which was fo sef fhe crown on his repufafion. Soon affer his arrival in Egypf, Maimon died. Misforfune overfook The family af fhis fime, for David, Moses' brofher, was Iosf af sea lin fhe Indian Oceanl, and wifh him were losf nof only fhe forfune of fhe brofhers, who had dealf in precious sfones, buf also much capifal belonging fo ofher merchanfs. The loss of his brofher affecfed Maimonides very deeply all his life. Wifh fhe deafh of his brofher, Maimonides, fogefher wifh his sisfer, was leff wifh- ouf financial supporf. I-Ie' furned fo medicine for a livelihood. Affer several years of pracfice, he became a recognized aufhorify on medical maffers. ln abouf ll85, he was appoinfed privafe physician fo Saladin's Vizier, Alfadehl IAI-Kadi-al-Fadil-al Bais- amil who recommended him fo fhe good graces of fhe royal family. Alfadhel, fha One Hundred and Ninefy-Third Page ' , fam . " " III - . i'l ' 3, ggi' qu ' .mg- yi, ,, my .1 . i i I I l l I l S 1 l Q- Am. V ,llii-1-i 1 l83l BEI:LEVUE YIQLET:-1:-...-ll931 Vizier. was pracfically ruler of Egypf under Saladin. l-le was devofed fo culfure. and especially fo fhe promofion of if in Cairo. l-le encouraged and honored Maimonides. ln II79. Maimonides was appoinfed Chief courf physician by fhe Sulfan. l-le held fhis posifion wifh greaf dignify and marked esfeem unfil fhe deafh of fhe sovereign. and was reappoinfed by 'rhe successor 'ro fhe royal fhrone. We call fhe medical aufhors of fhe Mohammedan period "Arabic" on accounf of fhe language in which fhey wrofe. buf. in realify. mosf of fhem were Persian or Spanish born. and many of fhem were Jewish. The medical liferafure of fhis period is fhus Arabian. rafher fhan Arabic. and was derived direcfly from Greece. ln a leffer fo Jonafhan of Lunel. Maimonides wrofe: "Alfhough from my boyhood fhe Torah llawl was befrofhed fo me. and confinues fo hold my hearf as fhe wife of my youfh, in whose love I find a consfanf delighf. sfrange women whom I firsf 'look info my house as her handmaids became her rivals. and absorb a porfion of my +ime." Among fhese "sfrange women." medicine occupies a foremosf posifion. Maimonides had become very proficienf in medicine. and his fame had spread fhrough a large parf of Europe. Richard fhe Lion l-learfed soughf Maimonides' services as his physi- cian. buf fhe honor was declined. for Maimonides was well confenf wifh his posifion under fhe Vizier Alfadhel. The laffer had placed Maimonides on fhe lisf of royal physicians, had besfowed an annual salary upon him. and had honored him wifh many disfincfions. In a leffer fo Joseph Aknin. his favorife pupil. Maimonides wrofe of his medical career. "You know how difficulf fhis profession is for one who is conscienfious and exacf. and who sfafes only fhaf which he can supporf by argumenf or au+hori+y." This senfimenl' is fypical of 'rhis man who. above all ofher fhings. was conscienfious. For his guide. he used noi' only precedenfs. buf also experience. l-le fesfed his remedies by acfual experimenf. Maimonides mainfained. wifh a sfrong fouch of modernify. fhaf fhe aim of fhe physician is fo prevenf illness more fhan fo cure if. l-le considered fhaf fhe purpose of medicine was "fo feach humanify fhe causes of ill healfh. fhe cor- recf diefefic hygiene. fhe mefhods of making fhe body capable of useful labor. how fo prolong life. and how fo avoid disease." ln his "Commenfary on fhe Mishnah." Maimonides gives various medical conclusions and opinions upon fhe freafmenf of disease. In his greaf "Book of Law." he devofes a separafe chapfer of fhe Sefer Hamaddah fo fhe medical arf. ln keeping wifh his religious faifh. Maimonides showed greai' inferesf in fhe sub- iecfs of hygiene and diefefics. l-le dwells upon fhe imporfance of a sound body. for a sound mind and soul. l-le discusses. in greaf defail. fhe quesfion of dief. fhe relafive nafure of foods. fhe effecfs of fhe seasons. The care of fhe bowels. fhe imporfance of sleep and exercise. and The quesfions of clofhing and bafhing. Mosf diseases. he claims. are fhe resulf of overeafing. of alcohol. of lack of exercise. and of sexual excesses. l-le confended fhaf among a fhousand persons. only one dies a nafural deafh: fhe resf succumb early in life owing fo irregular or ignoranf behavior. Again. we are sfruck wifh fhe modern nofe in all of fhese admonifions and observafions. We musf remem- ber. however. fhaf cenfuries before. Seneca had said. "Man does noi' die. he poisons himself." More recenfly, Balzac has puf fhe same fhoughf in 'lhese words: "Man digs his grave wifh his feefh." Even more modern in spirif is a lisf of fhe qualificafions Maimonides gives fhaf make a cify fif fo live in. Some of fhe requiremenfs are as follows: ' One Hundred and Ninefy-fourfh Page .W s ' vu i ... . .f U.,--1 Q. :j7e.,"fi-. 5 fm Wi' ii. Al f' ii' nf AX . . - ,vgl xilfbuiiglnfp .L pint? ii ll WM? if lillilll .22 K xg ITW P ix X, 'rrfmli all '. . I-- O ' ii Vtifil it san. i he "l'll1ii1ii,li ,Q J 1 ' T lg i f' ' ' l, ,Ls i,W.a ii J i-il -- ,V - ,. ,,,,, , , . ,J-lfiugd, i .fs it .50 71 lg- lx- k5',,yy1XP i. 5-I -s s g- V I I 1 1 1 1 - I i lil A proficienf physician: lbl A place of worship: l2l A skillful' surgeon: l7l A proper school: l3l Proper bafhing facilifies: l9l A courf of iusfice: l4l Sewerage: lIOl A charify organizafion. l5l A fresh wafer supply: l8l A scribe or nofary public: This lisf of requiremenfs could serve very well even foday in fhe planning of fhe build- ing of a modern cify or fown. ln spife of a very beaufiful professional life, Maimonides neverfheless found fime fo do considerable wrifing. The lack of space forbids fhe lisfing of all his confribu- fions, buf we may menfion fhe "Medical Aphorisms," "Abridgemen+ of fhe Sixfeen Books of Galen," "Treafise on Hemorrhoids and fheir Treafmen+," "Treafise on Poisons and Anfidofes," "Treafise on Coifus," "Asfhma," "Commenfary on fhe Aphorisms of Hippocrafes,' "Of fhe Regimen of Healfh," "Trea+ise on Gout" Some of 'rhese incunabula may be seen in fhe New York Academy of Medicine. The book on poisons was wriffen by requesf of fhe Vizier Khadi-el-Fadil, and is. perhaps, 'rhe mosf widely known of his medical works. The advice which he gives fherein on +he freafmenf of poisoned wounds is. in many respecfs, as applicable 'roday as when fhey were wriffen. He wrofe, "The firsf fhing fo do is fo apply a +igh+ band above fhe biffen parl' so as fo prevenf fhe poison gaining enfrance fo fhe body. While fhis is being done, an assisfanf should make incisions in and abouf fhe wound, and fhen, affer rinsing one's moufh wifh oil. or wifh oil and wine, fhe wound should be fhoroughly sucked, being careful fo spif ouf everyfhing faken info fhe moufh. He who so sucks fhe wound should have no sore places in fhe moufh, nor any carious feefh. Should sucking be impossible, cupping may be resorfed fo." He fhen gives a long lisf of applicafions fo be made fo fhe wound, of medicines fo be faken infernally, and of fhe dief fo be observed. He discusses in fhis work fhe bife of fhe viper, fhe sfing of fhe scorpion, of spiders, bees and wasps. In speaking of fhe bife of mad dogs, affer describing fhe usual freafmenf. he recommends fhaf 'rhe wound be kepf open for forfy days. This would seem fo show fhaf fhe long period of incubafion of rabies was recognized. He fakes up fhe prophylaxis of poisoning, and discusses fhe changes produced in foods by poisons. From fhe discussion, one gains fhe impression fhaf fhe pracfice of remov- ing one's enemies by puffing poison in fheir food was fairly common. Ox-blood he considers parficularly poisonous, which recalls fhe bofulism of foday. Very curious is his menfion of women ridding fhemselves of obiecfionable husbands by mixing men- sfrual blood in fheir food. ln his book on sexual relafions. axvery popular book in fhe Middle Ages, Mai- monides dwells on fhe imporfance of femperance in all fhings. He warns his readers nor 'ro be foo much elafed by good forfune, nor foo much depressed by ill, and fo observe "vir+ue" in fhe Arisfofelian sense, namely, faking fhe golden mean befween fhe exfreme of foo much and foo liffle. He concludes fhaf, for fhe preservafion of healfh and for lengfh of days, above all, moral purify and spirifual acfivify are neces- sary, whereas, a loose life will bring one quickly fo fhe grave. We should, fherefore, fry fo affain perfecf self-confrol. T As regards his medical wrifings, Maimonides shows fairly definifely 'rhe influence of Arisfofle. He was a rafionalisl' in 'rhaf he believed in fesfing all fhings by fhe infel- lecf. Alfhough nof unmindful of fhe wisdom of his predecessors, he was disinclined fo accepf blindly mere aufhorify for frufh or fo rely on precedenf rafher 'rhan on experi- One Hundred and Ninefy-fiffh Page 01" "' ' '21 fllllilliiliillllliix FY' , 57 iziixs.-LEW V 'ME .wucuwsur """ if E Q aeanmrksi WY' 5 5 ' ii-'91 sa 771 1 fa 5-if if e Q, :Ml a ,E 9 G: wa vlk Lf v r ' I Willkeasw Nfl .'JJvllllVv'f'i. .--lf! fwwmsr s,r' ir, i rrrs I 4 5 Q I' E gy 1--.--' 9' N Bw I 5 l l ?i K xivnp r F, ,idx fm II V vga wx fr, W' lllllle llll ill Aw .'-lei Illini .,, f lg s - "X E all x 'L-Jr??, X7 K .1 i N ' il sq: , il, -."vll'i'1"Ww If "'T,,L,'A222r-'19 .xr f -W , .vw , , Y, - .Y ,,,-.-1- . --we-l-- lQ?ffl,T-fi?-T.BEl:l:,EVU E Vl0l:E-l1 '93' r ence. Thsa+ he was essenfially a forward-looking man is affesfed by one of his axioms, "The eyes are sei' in fhe fronf of fhe head, nof fhe back." - He was opposed fo polypharmac , and would nof use drugs he had nof himself fesfed, or fhaf had noi' been vouched for by good aufhorify. Of drugs in general, he says, "Now mosf physicians are greafly in error in +ha+ fhey fhink fhal' medicine sfrengfhens fhe healfhg if weakens and perverfs if. and for fhis reason has Arisfofle said fhaf mosf of fhe pafienfs who die do so fhrough fhe medicines of +he physician. When +he inferference of fhe docfor is indicafed, his fask should be fo susfain The pafien+'s sfrengfh, fo promofe Nafure in her efforl' fo repair. Mosl physicians, how- ever, ac+ wrongly, and while 'lhey 'rhink fhey help Nafure, fhey hinder and desfroy her beneficienf ac'livi+y." Maimonides wrofe on fhe efiology of disease. His work "De Causis el' indicis Morborum" exisfs in a Lafin manuscripf lifself a franslafion from fhe Arabicl, in fhe libraries of Paris and Oxford. A commenfafor remarks of if, "The very manner in which he underfakes his fask in fhis, his greafesf medical work, fhe very facf fhaf 700 years before fhe medicine of foday, he already looks upon medicine from fhe efiological poinf of view, his search for The causes of illness, poinfs fo fhe man's keen infellecf and explains why he was regarded as such a greaf physician and rose fo such fame." To appreciafe fhis fribufe fully, one musf realize fhaf in Maimonides' day, bofh in Islam and Chrisfendom, disease was regarded as fhe evidence of fhe working of malign spirigs, and pesfilence as a manifesfafion of displeasure of God when his people had erre . An inferesfing sidelighf on how fhe people of his fime reacfed fo Maimonides, fhe Physician, is afforded us in a poem wri++en by fhe Arab poef and Khadi, Alsaid ibn Sina Almulk. ln ecfasfic verse, he sings: V Galen's arf heals only fhe body. Bul' Abn-Amran'1's +he body and soul. He could heal wifh his wisdom +he sickness of ignorance. If fhe moon would submif fo his arf, He would deliver her of her spofs af fha 'rime of full moon, Complefe for her her periodic defecfs, And a+ fhe fime of her coniuncfion resfore her from her waning. A very imporfanl' medical work of Maimonides was his abbrevialed edifion and franslafion of Galen. In fhis book, he sysfemafized fhe wrifings of fhe "Prince of Doc+ors," and commenfed on fhose chapfers which he fhoughf worfhy of special nofe. Buf, despife his admirafion of Galen, Maimonides did nof hesfifafe fo poinf ouf 'l'he errors and missfafemenfs 'rhaf abound in Galen's wrifings. Here again, we are im- pressed by fhe clear, Iindependenf lines of fhough pursued by' Rambam. Tradifion should be humbly considered, buf nof unfhinkingly followed. For, in spife of fhis independenl' reaching ouf for fhe frufh and reiecfion of false fradifion, lil' is inspiring fo observe fhe humilify of Maimonides. Cenfuries before Ambroise Pare, Rambam had said, "l only freaf The sick, God heals +hem." ln l204, in Cairo, Maimonides died af fhe age of sevenfy. ln Fosfaf, bofh Jew and Moslem observed a fhree-day period of mourning. In Jerusalem a general fasf was appoinfed, and public ceremonies observed. His body was 'laken +o Tiberias, and his fomb became a place of pilgrimage. There is a common saying among bofh Hebrews and Arabians, "Mimoshe we' ad Moshe lo kom k'Moshe" l"From Moses fhe Lawgiver unfil Moses ben Maimon, fhere was none like Moses"l. One Hundred and Ninefy-sixfh Page i l X 1 5 . 3 Ei X . iir.. , . iii U64 X ' 5 In MQ ? ',5ff yl QL ,i 1355 4. U l A , r i' silk 'W i .vs i- e l 'if -f'P f 1 . .fzlif l 5-e if M W ln f 3 -'lf' ' l f : ' " i iii V lillii ill f J 5 ii A gi .J , g a anim al lei! 1' YIOLET IHQITI ,lili-l-1 --1---l- I C - Maimonides has been called fhe "Eagle of Docfors." "Iumen capivifafisf' and "Moses Aegypfiusf' His fame among scholars has increased wifh fhe cenfuries. Many of his recommendafions in medicine have sfood fhe fesf of fime. If is fiffing. in conclusion, fo ask fhe quesfion, whaf influence has he had on our own world of fhoughf? "If is a difficulf maffer fo measure, buf when we consider how very modern he was in his ways of fhinking, fhough fhoroughly safurafed wifh Greek and Arab philosophy, we cannof buf feel fhaf he forms a very real and imporfanf link befween our day and fhaf splendid array of philosophers and scienfisfs who were fhe ornamenf of fhe ancienf world of Greek fhoughf. whefher in Afhens or in Alexandria. I-Ie was one of fhose who held fhe forch of learning very high, and who helped fo keep fhe Iighf of Knowledge and of Reason burning fhrough fhe long nigh? of fhe Middle Ages, unfil finally if should bursf forfh info fhaf brighfness of fhe Renaissance which illumines us sfill." I MAIMONIDES' PRAYER FOR PI-IYSICIANS I-IE following prayer, composed by Moses Maimonides in fhe fwelffh cenfury. deserves fo be more widely known, and possibly used, among physicians. While ifs concepfion of physiology and pafhology so beaufifully expressed may be somewhaf anfiquafed, as a formula of frue medical philanfhrophy and professional efhics, if leaves no room for improvemenf. If should find a place on every physician's desk, and, whaf is more imporfanf, a disfincl' recollecfion of if should accompany him in his work af fhe bedside and in fhe consulfafion room. "O God, Thou has formed fhe body of man wifh infinife goodness: Thou hasf unifed in him innumerable forces incessanfly af work like so many insfrumenfs so as fo preserve in ifs enfirefy fhis beaufiful house confaining his immorfal soul, and fhese forces acf wifh all fhe order, concord, and harmony imaginable. Buf if weakness or violenf passion should disfurb fhis harmony, fhese forces would acf againsf one anofher and fhe body refurn fo fhe dusf whence if came. Thou sendesf fhen fo man Thy mes- sengers. fhe diseases, which announce fhe approach of danger, and bid him prepare fo overcome fhem. The Efernal Providence has appoinfed me fo wafch o'er fhe life and deafh of Thy creafures. May fhe love of my arf acfuafe me af all fimes, and neifher avarice, nor miserliness, nor The fhirsf for glory. or a greaf repufafion engage my mind: for, enemies of frufh and philanfhrophy, fhey could easily deceive me and make me forgefful of my loffy aim of doing good fo Thy children. Endow me wifh sfrengfh and mind so fhaf bofh may be always ready fo serve fhe rich and fhe poor, fhe good and fhe wicked, friend and enemy, and fhaf I may never see in fhe pafienf anyfhing else buf a fellow creafure in pain. If physicians more learned fhan I wish fo guide and counsel me. inspire me wifh confidence in obedience foward fhe recognifion of fhem. for fhe sfudy of science is greaf. If is nof given fo one alone fo see all fhaf ofhers see. May I be moderafe in everyfhing excepf in fhe knowledge of fhis science: as far as if is concerned, may I be insafiableg granf me sfrengfh and opporfunify fo always correcf whaf I have acquired, fo always exfend ifs domain: for knowledge is immense and fhe spirif of man can also exfend indefinifely, fo daily enrich ifself wifh new acquiremenfs. Today he can dis- cover his errors of yesferday, and fomorrow he may obfain new Iighf on whaf he fhinks himself sure of foday. O God, Thou hasf appoinfed me fo wafch o'er fhe life and deafh of Thy crea- fures: here am I, ready for my vocafionf' M. F. One Hundred and Ninefy-sevenfh Page rr-'--' 'rss W ""i' I- Inir - ..-- If , -' qv .n-sffr.-L ff.-r is T5 . .. B' H... I,-'Tji ii 'jf-V :ae 2 fl " 'gr .,,... " I-i ' Q I 'f ' if rg, is fs: Qs I is f I ' V' J I -"I V mi If NP' I 4- -y I ffm 'QW ir Mfr , -1 'ken 5l 'Qim'Wf"' - 'c 1 w ill J win ' T v- U N '-lffils .. ' -. 5515, Q: T' 'QQ "-sfeiiirgranf 5 -TW' ' '1 1, Y. E 3 ,.', l ski- 'sax 5 ,fl-x, 1. --DSI Y This yfs?r1-1-:mars 'f 1 rTr4iAh'-2325 1 f il--'ffew 4-ally' 'NiT1'pPNE fe , 11:9-I-T fgjfkg 1zK,xiEE.75f'?L ?2?s eff-f 2' VEQEWFT 542 .V 4f"fm1i" I-if S 4 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 !QQL BELLEVUE VIOLET-i... -T93II RGWLAND CGDFREY FREEMAN -IE nineTeenTh cenTury was one of upheavel in The hisTory of medicine. Deep- rooTed ideas and archaic philosophers, which were long our heriTage from The .:ulTs of old healers and "dealers in physick," were Thrown inTo The discard as The brillianT discoveries of LisTer, of PasTeur, of Koch, and of oTher glorious figures became known. Rowland Godfrey Freeman's career is closely inTerwoven wiTh These TormaTive years, and we who are prone To Think of him only as a pediaTrician, TorgeT The vasT background of paThological and bacTerological experience which gained a name Tor him even Then. Born in New York CiTy in I859, his boyhood sped by raTher unevenTTully. OT his college days aT Columbia, he makes liTTle commenT, excepT To say ThaT "There were no condiTions, buT neiTher did I excel." l-le TorgeTs To menTion, of course, ThaT he was an honor sTudenT in his TourTh year. ATTer graduaTion in I883. he began The sTudy of medicine aT The College of Physicians and Surgeons. l-le was one of The survivors aT Commencemeni' in l886, graduaTing Third in his class. As an inTerne aT Bellevue, he acquired a TirsT-hand knowledge of diphTheria which even ThreaTened To wipe his slaTe clean. Upon his recovery, he decided To go To Europe-noT alone, however. because he had iusT married l-lenrieTTa Taylor, also oT New York CiTy. TogeTher They sailed "across" in an old sTeamer in l887. Dr. Freeman's sTay in Berlin was noT so brieT as To preclude a never-To-be- TorgoTTen course in bacTeriology in RoberT Koch's laboraTory given by PeTri. The schools of Kaposi, Schroeder, UlTzman. and MonTi were TasTed of raTher deeply Tor The limiTed Time aT his disposal. A PlayTime was over Too soon, and Dr. Freeman reTurned To esTablish an office in New York CiTy. l-le became paThologisT aT The Foundling HospiTal, Babies HospiTal, and ST. lv1ary's HospiTal Tor Children, wiThin a Tew years of each oTher. His leaning Toward The Tield of pediaTrics shorTly became so pronounced ThaT aTTer several years devoTed To general pracTice he gave This up and confined his prac- Tice To work wiTh children. As Time wenT on, he became aTTending physician To The Foundling I-lospiTal, The New York Nursery and Child's l-lospiTal, Seaside HospiTal of ST. John's Guild, and The pediaTric service aT The RoosevelT HospiTal. Early in l892, he became inTeresTed in obTaining clean milk. especially Tor The inTanT Teeding, and in The pasTeurizaTion oT milk. AT abouT This Time, he devised The Freeman pasTeurizer, which could be used in The home Tor pasTeurizing The milk in The boTTle Trom which iT was Ted, and This pasTeurizer is sTill in use. This mechanism was never paTenTed, buT given openhearTedly To The medical profession. Among The oTher devices he prepared during This year were a hygienic nursing boTTle, Then in greaT demand--and a meThod oT pasTeurizaTion To be used in The milk sTaTions esTablished by The laTe NaThan STraus. l-le wroTe many arTicles Tor The cerTiTied milk movemenT and worked ouT meThods of obTaining clean milk. l-lis inTeresT in milk commissions led him To become secreTary of The New York CounTy Milk Commission, Then iTs Chairman. l-le also became advisor oT The Walker-Gordon LaboraTory Company. One Hundred and NireTy-eighTh Page 1 T . is if ,422 .eliisks2Tlir.1leailir-:"- fillkfi ii il . T T. is ' .' e aiiksiire 3 "" TQ fl T ' ' deff? 1 1-'JS iii-lu ,,i.1.l-1- ' '83' BEl-LEVU.E VQQLI-gT?'93Q He is a member and former Presidenf of fhe American Pediafric Sociefyg an organizer of fhe American Associafion of Milk Commissions. and ifs second Presi- denf: and for many years a member of fhe New York Academy of Medicine. In I9OI. he became lecfurer af fhe Universify and Bellevue Hospifal Medical School. He was promofed fo an Assisfanf Professorship in I909, fhen Associafe Pro- fessor in l9I2, and finally received 'rhe Professorship in I9I9. If was only lasf year fhaf he refired from his posf af Bellevue. ' His confribufion fo medical liferafure have been many. his pediafric subiecfs cover infanf morfalify, fhe physical care of school children, pneumonia, fuberculosis, hyperfrophy of fhe fhymus gland, masfurbafion of female infanfs, infanfilism, urinaly- sis, pyelifis and confagious diseases: while his arficles on fhe subiecf of infanf feeding and milk are fundamenfal and grace almosf every fexf book on fhe subiecf. He has also published a book on "The Elemenfs of Pediafrics." which was wriffen for medical sfudenfs. When one speaks fo him of hobbies. his eyes fwinkle and he menfions a farm up in New Hampshire, where he finds much recreafion. He also makes frequenf frips fo Europe in fhe summer. And iusf one more secref-'rhe Docfor plays an excellenf game of billiards. I. S. PROFESSOR CHARLES l-IENDEE SMITH T IS nof easy for a man, however adepf. however learned, and however colorful, fo fake fhe place of an old professor whose place is firmly roofed by fradifion, loyalfy, and a cerfain filial love in fhe sfudenfs' minds. The glamor abouf every familiar anecdofe, whim, and delighfful peculiarify of such a man is nof easily replaced by fhe newcomer and, as a consequence, he musf sfruggle againsf a handicap very frying fo say fhe leasf. Buf now. we have come across a very unusual man, a man who, in a few shorf monfhs, has already endeared himself fo all wifh whom he has come in even passing confacf, a man who seems fo combine a Phenix and a Pyfhias. Professor Charles Hendee Smifh is fhe personable newcomer. If is a real pleasure fo inferview fhis man. Tall, grey. sfraighf, his disfinguished appearance is excelled only by his genial nafure and his affable smile. He falks sfraighf from fhe shoulder, in crisp senfences, and one can sense +he frained mind by fhe clear, organized re- sponses fo quesfions. Yef, one gefs fhe idea fhaf Dr. Smifh could ramble on inces- sanfly. felling of inferesfing hours spenf in his chosen field of Pediafrics. Dr. Smifh was born on November I7, I876, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he spenf his boyhood and received his elemenfary and high school educafion. In I893, he enfered Cornell Universify. and was granfed fhe degree of Bachelor of Science in I897. He had already decided fhaf Medicine was fo be his,life's work. Accordingly, in fhe same year, he enfered fhe College of Physicians and Surgeons, receiving his M. D. in l9Ol. Affer an inferneship in fhe Presbyferian Hospifal for fwo years, Dr. Smifh sfarfed in as a general pracfifioner. If is inferesfing fo nofe his reasons for fhe lafer adopfion of Pediafrics as his specialfy. As he naively pufs is, "More and more children came fo One Hundred and Ninefy-ninfh Page i f as 4 YE .PET f ,,iiiii, , ll 1 e 'ft' ,frown-H1-9' if 11' 1-2l"Trf.-,sk ls W 4'-T ii, 5 MQW-", ag A 4+.,,-Wg-.g -9, Ni 2!.-AN ,..-. il- li i -, .. Wfllywf ""f',,1'f'-5, . ,-.,, 4 - Nllxtllymifv Avia? ' T S. ff K MEI"wnfiiillziixi ,- of , sri- if , gee Xlllzifvfdi? ' Q 'XS ,, .-f' - r i 1 i l I 1 1 I Wv-Q 1831---iBEi.i.EvuE vloLET-i'-'oil' u- u --' P -" W' Tu- -M ' "" me, and l was simply forced info Pediafrics. Bul aside from 'l'ha+. if is a much more in+eres'ring field 'rhan any o+her, +he resuH's are more spec+acular. and whaf is more imporfanf, children have none of +he imaginary frouloles of 'rhe adul+. When you add +o +ha+ +he facf +ha+ +hey pracfically never die, you have fhe perfec+ special+y." Buf pracficing Pedialrics is no+ all fhal' Dr. Smifh has done. He has had a long and varied experience as a leacher. He has done everyfhing from +he feaching of his+ology and neuro-anafomy +o +he organizing of a grea'r service in Pediafrics. which everyone will admil' is no small +ask. Those of us who are gradua+ing now canno+ appreciafe condifions which prevailed in +he hospi+al of +wen+y-five years ago. Dr. Smifh explained 'ro me +ha+ Doc+ors were given appoin+men+s +o +he hospiial sfaiif as dispensary or ward physicians, which lwo posifions were enfirely disfincl'-especially in a social sense. I+ was almosl' a misdemeanor 'ro ask a ward man +o en+er +he dis- pensary, which was considered far inferior. In +he same way, dispensary physicians were denied +he advanfages of +he wards. This led fo a comple+e lack of +ha1' coop- erafion which is so necessary for +he proper u+iliza'I'ion of hospi+al facilifies. Our own pedia+rics service in Bellevue was no excepfion 'ro +he general rule. and if was always Dr. SmH'h's fondesl' hope +ha+ he mighl' some day uni+e +he +wo paris info an inlegral whole. This he succeeded in doing and, as a consequence, 'rhe Pedia+rics service al' Bellevue was +he firsl' in +he coun+ry +o have +he unique advanfages which +he sys+em afforded. This is only one of The many improvemenfs +ha+ Dr. Smirh has wroughl' af Bellevue. The placing of his service on full +ime is buf one of +he many plans +ha+ he has for Hs fu+ure progress. Were I asked 'ro name one single qualify of Dr. Smi+h's mosl' deserving of recog- nifion, I would unhesi+a+ingly recommend his humaneness for +ha+ honor. For behind all his work, one can easily unmaslc Hs real purpose. +o improve +he pa+ien+'s comfori' and welfare. And. affer all. if we relegafe his olher works, his numerous papers, his valuable ieaching, his inlelligeni' organiza+ion. +o 'rhe sphere of forgerfulness, is noi his humanes alone suflicien+ +o jusfify his high posifion. A lllllllllll M. S. Two Hundredfh Page J F 1 A 'SQ lb Z 8' WTR' V-L 'fwugg Ja ljillflifiigi , Dilim--'+.-' .jf 'T 54iiii:iifsfwsj5i.LlQ H e fkg,.ifJTEvQS j'. yg.g- N F ' - ,. ,L if M I , 'lntxx -f fr: 1 ' Maki Msg x ,K, pf-N is I 5 ig, as Qi I ff .1 ' i I EJ ' A ivf. 'Mtn J w ' J ug u' 5 ' T 41,-. aj 1 - . Ellll-s'.:ll'.v- my. 'gp' Hg' 5 , Sli'-.' ww .-iixwl, X we S1 S X, l -N 4. is im :NW uk AM i X rg-,. : jf . .... - ' ,ggi I ..5L!1.- is l ls ' i " lla riff: XX ,QM f .l l ' . .Ji , Q l s ll il 9 .ljlilelllwll Lg A I , ' J f' - al! 'ill' I .. ll' K 'af l 1 li . .-1 .i - .11. .i.. l53' BEl-l-EVUE YLQ'-ET.?Ti?3l CHARLES Wl-lEE-ER WALKER HE mosT esTheTic response To an environmenT is when we like iT because of whaT iT makes us Teel--because of The associaTion iT seems To possess in iTselT when we conTemplaTe iT as some- Thing aparT from ourselves. This response is maniTesTed very decidedly among The sophomores aT Bellevue. As a maTTer oT TacT. iT is TurTher aTTesTed To by The members of The higher classes in The Medical College and by all of iTs graduaTes who aT one Time or anoTher were required To aTTend Professor Charles Wheeler Walker's classes in OperaTive Surgery. The sTim- ulus is described as a variegaTed brighTness and The response is an indescribable one, one ThaT is alone revealed by a profound appreciaTion. Because his accomplished scholarship is an inspiraTion To every sTudenT wiTh whom he comes in conTacT. Because he conducTs his classes wiTh a maTure polnT of view. Because he has no eye Tor The insensaTe and prosaic. Because he has no Traffic wiTh The sysTem which Tenses mosT relaTionships beTween Teacher and pupils. Because he has a keen and reTreshing sense of humor. Because he is ToleranT and fair minded. Because he loves iusTice and Teaches conTempT of all unfair pracTices. And finally, because he seems To be The ideal professor: wise, keen, refreshing and inspiring. All oT These, Professor Walker's chaTTels, de- scribed by his sTudenTs in The one word-color. SomeThing in The evoluTionary process has creaTed an unprecedenTed appeTiTe in The humanbeing Tor The energy ThaT comes from color. Everyone demands iT and There is a heaping porTion of iT Tor every sophomore in his weekly iaunTs To 40l, The Surgery laboraTory. The demand Tor color in The TirsT place comes ouT oT iTs vibraTions which acTuaTe The senses in The same way ThaT sound does. Like melody, color produces vibraTions which are enormously sTrong. WiTh The 'lirsT year, The dullness from maTerialism is exhausTed and The sophomore calls Tor color as he would call Tor music and romance. a hunger Tor geieTy, ioyousness. And The answer To This plea is an assignmenT aT The hands oT Walker and Company oT The Surgery deparTmenT. "4-Ol" where heavy "Morris" and cumbersome "Cunningham" are Transformed inTo The realiTy oT pracTical surgery. "40l" where The course of a vessel or nerve, The posiTion of an organ and iTs supply are all meT-amorphosed inTo a procedure ThaT will some day prove The means Tor alleviaTion of suTTering in one of our Tellowmen. "4OI" where Professor Walker demonsTraTes how he has been performing ThaT mosT imporTanT duTy wiTh The greaTesT eTTiciency Tor many years. "4Ol"-giganTic advenTure in narrow conTines. Such is The ruling domain of Charles Wheeler Walker, a beloved Teacher, a loving Teacher, a humanisT, a momenTous personaliTy-inspiraTional, colorTul. OuT of The year, TaiTh OuT of LiTe's Travail, TruTh OuT oT The hearT. The charm of ageless youTh. Two Hundred and FirsT Page ,Zia rr- e n A- ' - f...z:.' ' "TE il: . 5 5: 1-. . 1331 - I I-Lf Q. - -3: . 1 ' 2 - .' -5 vi i 2 , '-..:- 'l :-- 'T . it i fl 1' - .- ' I ': ' we ' l if Pkg- -- - Zi. , T -' 5543 . , S. K. l Tiff ? EE .4 A' M .lll E .. .s.s rx f i 1 L. fx? I R I K X ' 'SKB X vi? KN , 1 ' i '21 lv L, ' i is 2 ' s K -"' 1,9 is-.fl i D fp!! Q f ASKLEPIOS Udyfhologicall i' I I 1 l"'T A -1 l83l .BELLEVUE VIOLET I93I ROBERT KEITH CANNAN N fhe fown of Fowler, Fresno Counfy, California. fhere is a record of fhe birfh of one, chrisfened Roberf Keifh Cannan. in l894. He was reared in fhe California sunshine for fhree years, and fhen removed six fhousand miles fo The Easf where he was desfined fo esfablish himself in fhe field of Biochemisfry, fhe work which has led fo his recenf appoinfmenf as one of fhe Universify and Bellevue Medical College's youngesf professors. Affer a fundamenfal fraining in English schools, a young man iusf affaining his maiorify enfered fhe World War for four years of nofed service under fhe Union Jack. Equipped wifh his B. Sc., received a monfh before fhe oufbreak of fhe war. he made a bee-line from fhe bafflefield fo fhe laborafories of his Alma Mafer. London Universify, and was appoinfed as an assisfanf in Biochemisfry. Thaf was eleven years ago. Since fhen he has received an M. Sc. and a D. Sc. from London Universify: enjoyed work under fwo fellowships, affained fhe posifion of Senior Lecfurer in his Alma Mafer: and foday funcfions as fhe head of fhe deparfmenf of Biochemisfry here. He sailed Wesf from fhe capifal of fhe Brifish lsles fo fhe capifal of The Unifed Sfafes fo avail himself of fhe opporfunifies of one of fhe fellowships, and sailed pasf fhe Sfafue of Liberfy again fwo years ago fo conducf a summer school in Biochemisfry in fhe Wesfern Reserve Universify af Cleveland. His fhird frip fo fhe land of his birfh, buf nof of his cifizenry, was af fhe call of New York Universify less fhan a year ago fo fill fhe chair leff vacanf by fhe passing of Professor John Alfred Mandel. lf is "ioyful frouble" for Professor Cannan fo give fhe firsf-year medical sfudenf fhe morfar which will build fogefher fhe bricks, fhe facfs of ofher sciences. info a sfrucfure of life. Biochemisfry is rapidly becoming fhe handmaiden of fhe new aspecf of medicine, puffing medicine on a basis which is no longer empirical. To sfudy physiology. pafhology, fhe cause of disease, fhe diagnosis of disease, and fo aid in fhe freafmenf The facfs of Biochemisfry are becoming more essenfial, Professor Cannan explains. And if is his aim fo give fhe medical man of fhe fufure a sound Biochemical founda- fion which will make of him a "verrey parfighf pracfisourf' There is more fo Professor Cannan fhan fhe feacher of Biochemisfry fhaf fhe Universify cafalogue Iisfs. If is difficulf fo describe. buf easy fo read in his picfure, fhe broad-blown comeliness, fhe pleasanfry of his smile on fhe background of sanguine deferminafion. From fhis man fhe firsf-year medical sfudenf is geffing more fhan a knowledge of Biochemisfry. The freshman is seeing more fhan some equafions and reacfions. He is wifnessing an adroif, ambifious, unfiring. sfaunch scienfisf in acfion. He has a living example of fhe scienfific affifude, an exacfness. a purposiveness, affribufes fhaf are beyond valuafion in fhe consummafe invesfigafor. from which fo derive his jnspirafion. He has his Promefheus. A pleasanf voice and a dexferous managemenf of ferms does buf augmenf Pro- fessor Cannan's worfh as a lecfurer. Efficacious laborafory mefhods and a plenary course of sfudy, fhe resulfs of his experience and abundanf knowledge. are his insfru- menfs. The fruifs of his sysfem should nof be long in blooming info prominence as Two Hundred and Second Page if W I ff cgi-V K 7,2 ffghyli ?Rq'i"'L'l lil ' ."i"'lQl-' f I.. Q ,. f pix ' S fi ,vi lil' Sxfiksix. l 'W -'A ll ." X x Bi ' T M i BON f -QL' hi Xlllll, HIPPOCRATES CELSUS H60-370 B. C., l25 B. C.-50? A. D., f" if ' '.' ' V . I wx ,Zi X fa ,ff ' WI r mn i ich I' l P x D w' iz 4 . 'li I X , V .J ARETAEUS 130-90 A. o.i ll, , -.-li-1 . 1'-' ' igasiff-.:-.BELLEVUE vloi.ET Qi9si he sends fhe firsf-year sfudenf fo fhe conquesf of fhe facfs of ofher and relafed sciences. 4 ln his own words. Professor Cannan was faken from sunny California 'ro fhe rock- bound coasf of England "before reaching years of discrefion," i. e.. I897. He "prepped" af Cooper's Foundafion School, confinuing his sfudies af fhe Universify of London. For his four years of service wifh fhe Brifish ,Eicpedifionary Forces, Professor Cannan has one scar, being wounded in March of l9l8 when he was a Capfain wifh fhe Trench Morfar unif of fhe Second Division. He enfered fhe war as a lieufenanf, and earned a promofion in less fhan fwo years of service. Wifhin his ferm as a capfain, he was menfioned on occasions in dispafches from fhe fronf line. Armed wifh his B. Sc., Professor Cannan presenfed himself af fhe Deparfmenf of Biochemisfry of his Alma Mafer direcf from fhe bafflefield. and was appoinfed an assisfanf in Biochemisfry in fhe Universify College. During his firsf year in fhis capacify. he made his inifial confribufion fo fhe liferafure of fhe science, fhe resulfs of his work on fafs and oils wifh W. D. Halliburfon and J. C. Drummond. Anofher year found him The recipienl' of a Beif Memorial Research Fellowship, under which he worked for fhree years, producing a paper each year from work on fhe mefabolism of fhe submaxillary gland, fhe concenfrafion of lacfic acid in fhe blood in experimenfal alkalaemia and acidaemia, and fhe esfimafion of alcohol in blood. Af fhe same fime he finished fhe requiremenfs for his M. Sc.. which he received in l923. He became a Recognized Teacher of fhe Universify of London in fhe same year. No sooner was 'rhis work complefed. fhan he was elecfed fo a Rockefeller Research Fellowship by fhe Medical Research Council of Greaf Brifain. To avail himself of fhis opporfunify, he came fo America fo work under Professor Mansfield Clark. a+ fhe Unifed Sfafes Public Healfh Laborafories in Washingfon, D. C.. and independenfly af Woodshole. Two of his liferary confribufions of fhis one-year period were in coniuncfion wifh ofher men: buf he also accomplished fhe work which furnished his second paper on work done alone. This was his "Mefabolism of Tumors," which appeared in fhe Cancer Review. July, l927. He refurned fo London in l925 fo fake up fhe posifion of Senior Lecfurer in Biochemisfry in fhe Universify College, London, fhe posifion he held up fo fhe fime he came fo occupy fhe Chair of Biochemisfry here in New York. In fhe inferim, he produced eighf papers on work done on a variefy of subiecfs in his field. his efforfs fending especially fo fhe sfudy of Oxidafion-Reducfion reacfions. fhe behavior of profeins and fhe reacfions of amino acids. Early in I93O. he received fhe degree of Docfor of Science from his Alma Mafer. recognifion of his unfiring efforfs. ln his fhirfy-sevenfh year now, fhe second youngesf Professor in fhe college, has been quick fo acclimafe himself fo his surroundings here, fo esfablish his deparfmenf, and fo make arrangemenfs for his furfher research work besides his dufies as a feacher. T S. K. Two Hundred and Third Page f Ti? iuw- .nf ,-Q. - 2, ,f" ljW'1 S il 'V X ff " ' ' , If .ll W Mr f,,fM 1:1 L ffl .4 . lwzkllilf f l i l l 'mi' I ,X 'f x' " UI' 1 ,l" . 4 f Ji -:MZ fu J ., I moscomoes GALEN Messue THE ELDER oe CHAULIAC T40-90 A. 0.1 uso-zoo? A. DJ l777-B571 H299 H681 I - --l. lr- l. 1 F933--l-3i:B E.LLEVl!.E VlO':E'Efl F21 THE WILLIAM WELCI-I SOCIETY An ArgumenT and an Appeal HE Class of I93I boasTs among iTs oTher innovafions, The organizafion of The William Welch SocieTy by a dozen of iTs members. In The Spring of I929, This group meT To found a socieTy for The "advancemenT of The sTudy of medical hisfory and cuITure among medical sTudenTs." a need long feIT, especially since ThaT phase of medicine had previously been much negIecTed aT This insTiTuTion. IT should be needless To diIaTe upon The advanTage of such inTeresTs To The medical sTudenT. buf for Those who have never had an inTimaTe conTacT wiTh The benefiTs and pleasures aTTached To The pursuiT of This mosT infriguing field of medicine, a few words in inTroducTion would noT be amiss. An appreciaTion and undersfanding of The evoluTion of presenf-day medicine, and parTicuIarly abouT The men who made our presenT sTaTus possible, is noT only an end in iTseIf buf The means Towards The aTTainmenT of The cuITure and perspecfive which is so necessary To The proper pracTice of medicine. Every medical man should be acquainTed noT only wiTh The presenf successes. buf The pasT failures which were neces- sary in The Trial and error meThods of more primiTive science. I-Ie should also know ThaT many of The so-called new discoveries and Theories are mere recurrences and repeTi- Tions of Those enunciafed cenTuries ago. I-Iippocrafes' Theory of disease was a humoral one: i. e., ThaT disease was locaTed in The Tissue fluids and The blood, bile. and piTuiTa or phlegm. This was subsequenfly discarded by The Greek Thinlcers following him. Then iT was revived by Galen and oThers and exisTed unchallenged 'Till The renaissance of learning. From This Time on, iTs opponenTs held The field. saying fTrsT ThaT disease was locaTed in The organs of The body. and Then cuIminaTing in The Theory of Virchow, of The cellular origin of all paThoIogy. BuT, now. The pendulum is swinging back: The fluids of The body are again resuming Their place of imporfance in pafhology and immunology. The recenT Theories are Thus seen To be noT new. buT only parTy new. Similarly, when Koch discovered The Tubercle bacillus. The world rang wiTh applause. I-Iere, aT IasT, someThing new had been discovered, someThing which showed The naTure of one of man's mosT dreadful scourges. Surely. some relief would come of This. BuT. was This really an enTirely new idea? No! Only parT was new. The resT being merely rediscovered. Long before. PIaTo had mainfained The infecTious naTure of phThisis. During The renaissance, Fracasforius had again broughT forTh The idea. Furfher, in ITaIy, in The I8Th cenTury, legislaTive measures were enacTed which resemble in all parficulars modern ena'cTmenTs againsT Tuberculosis as an infecfion. And yeT, This idea was IosT To be rediscovered by The new bacferiology, IosT in The files of hisTory. And counfless oTher ideas have been so IosT and are being rediscovered daily, as really new Things. IT is The recognifion of This idea which gives uTiIiTarian value To The pur- suiT of medical hisfory: by avoiding The reTriaI of Things Thoroughly TesTed and found wanTing. NexT, There is The cuITuraI value and The pleasure which is To be obfained in scanning The picTuresque. odd, and glorious annals of our oIdesT and nobIesT of pro- fessions: The inTeresT is so ouTsTanding because medicine is so close To The acfual life. The nexT Time an insTrumenT is seen, some simple procedure carried ouT. an eponym Two Hundred and FourTh Page .Y - 1. 1, 'A f - - y 3 - sv, X -af-5, . , , " ' V, ,g,-rf , ' - I ...lif-ffl' .I Q-4 I ' ' . ' I' 'TL ,. '- 'T ' T-. - ' 'I Ti! iii" .- I, ' "if Tiff :il ls-ff -ibn ,-N-'I-fi -h' sw iw ara, fx. -ig'R.,,s?y:l Ili- -T: 1 ' .f 1.51 1 01 , 'felis Ill' gf V' I-" " 'I N' xi, X'-533 ff! WWJAIY-1 ' Irv ' .,'IITi' I I f ' T h il rm' - - '. ls' si " if - 'ww -ff If I , I 54 i l l' ff-9-- 1 4 M ' L f' 'ii Ga E -we - ss -'ii 1 .7 ref, s .-.f , 6 "R ,XM .7,,: .5191 ,N Wy 9-Kg:-053, N xggs-5-bit ,gg , "Y A51 ,TLA ie- Qeelmrera, TM' ' 'fr T is ' e - .- , X rg T I 3l.. '-'.-.BELLEVUE VIOLET I93I meT leT us Think To ourselves, whence came This? Who originafed if? Who puT iT in iTs presenf form? Mosf of us know ThaT Laennec invenTed The sTeThoscope: buT how many would believe ThaT Celsus wroTe of direcf auscuIaTion of The hearT almosf Two Thousand years before. The absorbing sTory of The obsTeTrical forceps and The perfidy of generafions of Chamberlens. of I-lerophilus, who firsT sfudied and counfed The pulse, in The golden age of Alexandria. of The fighT of The surgeons To be given an equal fooTing wiTh The physicians, of The diagnosis of disease by a glance aT The urine alone: all These and counTIess more form parT of The hisTory of medicine. Do you know ThaT before his elecfion, Pope John XXI was a pracficing physician? Rabelais. Keafs and Goldsmifh were graduaTes in medicine? and ThaT among The moderns There are The equally prominenf names of Ibsen, Shnifzler, Roberf Bridges and Somersef Maughan? If once underfaken. The desire for furTher pursuiT in This sTudy becomes insafiable. and remains Throughouf life. Finally, such culTuraI knowledge is an influence in rounding ouT The sharp corners IefT by The crude insfrumenfs of medical pedagogy. and conTribuTes To The sTore of eThics, for, as SudhoTf has puT iT. The besT school of medical efhics is medical hisTory. We cannoT make The IaiTy respecT our profession unless we do so firsT: and whaf beTTer meThod is There Than To review The greaT sTrides our predecessors have made in ThaT very direcfion. BuT how may The Truly busy sTudenT obTain This valuable parf of his medical Train- ing in a pleasanf, convenienT and Time-saving manner? Individual pursuiT as a hobby is admirable buT rare, academic insTrucTion is a failure and offen clefeafs The purpose There remains buT one Thing, as Garrison has insisfed. and ThaT is The discussion group. In organizing The socieTy, The founders deemed iT wisesT To insure The perpeTuiTy of The socieTy and The mofif. by having as a requiremenf for admission indispufable evidence upon The parT of The applicanT of his sincere inTeresT in medical hisTory. The argumenT is over. Now for The appeal. The confinuafion of a non-fraTernal undergraduaTe socieTy depends upon iTs abiliTy To inducf members annually from The lower classes. This Then is an inviTaTion especially To The men and women in The firsT and second years To aTTend The meefings and parficipafe-The requiremenT for admission, is The preparafion and presenTaTion of an original paper or Talk on any sublecT To which The socieTy is dedicaTed. MeeTings are held once each monTh. and occasionally hisTorians of prominence are inviTed To speak. The socieTy is greaTly indebfed for iTs presenf success To iTs faculTy adviser. Dr. George B. Wallace, who has Taken such a lively inTeresT in The organizafion. and who is ever anxious To solve iTs problems. OFFICERS I93O-3I l93 l-32 Presidenf, SIDNEY LICI-IT Presidenf, ALBERT SCI-IEIN . Vice-PresidenT, ALBERT RIVERO Vice-PresidenT, EDWARD GREENBERGER SecreTary LEONARD TUSI-INET Secrefary, MAXWELL FRANK Treasurer, CHARLES CONNOR Treasurer. ADOLPI-I BERGER A. S. Two Hundred and FifTh Page If-as T f 3 FW' JT is if I ylll Ifwii Wig- Sl! jPJig1Lll i ? l 5 'S' - " -. -V J 1944.31 2564 ll 'ac ,-f e-ffgivx i55i BEl.LEvUE VIOLET-Q- lI9Ii 1 , J The Violel' Dance is a sacred ri+e Of Bellevue Men +o hallow a nighl When +he seniors mee+ in fond farewell To years of s+rile and weeks of I-Iell. The cardiac clinic. in gala array. Saw 'lux and shirls of a beH'er clay: We hurried 'Ihrough in record lime. I-leard counlless hearI's, and measured rhyme. VIGLET DANCE Three grains of dig, some B and C, ls all we gave and 'rook no fee. . 235W W " T " XE 5 I'-X WI I JJ ,ll I j I xx- Illlllllll lik X k 55 w In fu A 4 I ey 1 I I f' I I f- 24 X 1 s Aa lsll S .Lwx-A-KIRK Tw GALE NVS , AVICENNH AEN V5 H PP CRATE5 ' ' 'Qlpfiwa 6.5 'ul' A gxl fig, ' l1--f I - Chairman BENJAMIN SOLWAY Arrangemenls Cl-IARLES KOSSMAN FRANCIS KECKEISSEN Receplion FRANCES HOLMES CI-IARLES CONNOR A cold, crisp nighl', bedeclced wiI'h slars, The pale moon, loo, smiled up al lvlars. And all The world seemed gay 'ro us As we raced along in a checkered bus. We reached The place all safe and sound, Escaping lrruclcs 'rhal would have ground Our hardened bones 'Io powdered dusf, I-lad we noi prayed "ln God we 'frus+." 4 o Hundred and Sixfh Page CYPC CIC 0 lx . l,,ff- I gi ll A , . Q47 W E, is i l83l....-'i'.'l'-T--:'-'BELLEVUE Vl0LET l9Q,l Soff glowing lighfs, whaf lovely sighfsl Dim gliding forms from Arabian Nighfs, Celesfial sfrains as from afar: Romance-exofic and bizarre. Alluring girls sped fhrough fhe hall. Like fairy sprifes af Tifania's Ball: Ancl heav'nly perfume filled fhe air, Imparfing joy for all fo share. A+ lasf we mef fhaf princess fair, The lovely child of a regal pere. The King and Queen were iusfly proud' A fair menage--all presenf vowed. Smifh and Noback of Galen's line, Lured fo a dance fhe very firsf fime, Their precious hours did nof regref: This dance fhey will nof soon forgef. De Graff was ho ing abouf fhe floor. PP Anxiously eyeing fhe welcome door: Coldly leading a winsome beaufy Tempfed sore 'fwixf desire and dufy. Sovak alone of G. Y. N.. Came fo counsel fhe erring men. Kufisker, suave, wifh lvleniou's ease. Enchanfed l-lolmes wifh verbal breeze. The visfings came wifh fheir wedded belles. The Goldrings, McLaves and The de La Chapelles The Galvins, foo, were fhere in pairs: And all forgof fheir medical cares. Ralli herself-fhaf sugar baby, Came for whoopee-and no maybe! Filling fhe duller momenfs in Wifh orange iuice and insulin. The infernes. foo, came down en masse. And quife a few had many a fasse Of "spiri+s frumenfi" fhaf knocked fhem ouf As fhough fhey had los+ a "Dempseyian" bouf. Goldwafer came fo guide his flock Back fo fhe wards by eighf o'clock: For rounds musf be made up on fhe Third. And +here's hell fo pay for a lazy bird. A demure, shy lass, sweef Maizie, her name. From fhe Big Chief's office of B6 fame. Came fo dance wifh a clinical clerk, Then wenf fo pray af a nearby kirk. The evening sped-and all foo soon We were ouf in fhe cold and saw fhe moon Agleam wifh love-we couldn'f resisf Nor did she 'fell us fhaf we musf desisf. Two Hundred a ww, W EE if Fy swllg E lg H l f Nea vu gr 1 lv 5. .gfiigdhmiaisiaii 1 X L! I H lu- jf-.llliiialiiiii e 3 4 eisfiifs a r Q T15 if T ks ' ifgilifi 'riif1llm"l""ll'l'!--1' 5, .X1 ,ibllllllq .iilullllwvllllilSg,15.f -'+5"il1i'fi' ' isa. akuygliill LH: 5 'V E 1 1 ' ' R ' f ' x x So faded fhaf nighf info memory: And many a year will pass 'ere we Will meef again for such ioyful bliss And l hope good forfune we'll never miss. nd Sevenfh Page. l p hil" ' -1- ' , , , , as-meeu wg Wm . f' hiigfiflf' Tiff ff T if -T .ii i Q iid! A +1 59" " Vglij-V su i .-V, T -..- J 2 I galil!! M i X il f W arf: ill? lr Z J' All ill. '1 ll i . ,J ,,- 'wi f T l P" '83'- -QBELLEVUE VIOLET:--'93! EXCERPTS FROM Tl-IE POETRY OF Pl-IYSICIANS lWhose porfraifs appear in fhis volumel Syphilis Sive Morbus Gallicus Girolamo Fracasforius-I545 "Syphilus luf fama esfj ipse haec ad flumina pasfor Mille boves, niveas mille haec per pabula regi . . . HEY say fhaf a shepherd named Syphilus, in fhe employ of his majesfy, King Alcifhous, fended, by fhese sfreams, a fhousand oxen, and in fhese meadows a fhousand snow-whife sheep. The solsfice having passed, Sirius made arid fhe fhirsfy fields and parched up fhe groves, and fhe woods were no longer umbrageous for fhe herdsmen: fhe breezes. if such fhere were, bore no refreshing coolness. He, pifying his flock and suffering from fhe angry heaf, liffed his face on high fo fhe sun and cried, "Why call we fhee God? or Creafor? Wherefore do we raise unfo fhee alfars 'pon which we sacrifice fhe slaughfered sfeer and censer smeared wifh faf? l-lasf fhou no heed for us? Have fhe regal flocks no place in fhy fhoughfs? Perhaps fhou arf consumed by envy of more powerful deifies." Wifhouf reflecfing furfher, he erecfed sacred alfars on fhe hills fo Alcifhous, his king, and paid him divine homage. A crowd of field laborers, a group of shepherds. followed fhe examples: fhey piled fhe burning incense on fhe vofive fires, offered up fhe blood of bulls in sacrifice and broiled fhe smoking enfrails .... Buf fhe sun- god sees all: beheld! . . . Fired wifh vengeance, he launched forfh his slanfing rays and was refulgenf in angry lusfre, af fhe sighf of which fhis fribufary earfh and fhe fields of ocean became infecfed, while fhe whole air was filled wifh poison. Forfh- wifh an unknown pesfilence sprang up in fhese profane realms. And fhe firsf fo be sfricken was Syphilus, who soon displayed filfhy sores over all his frame: he, foo, was fhe firsf fo have sleepless nighfs and aching limbs: from him, foo. fhe disease fook ifs name, being called syphilis by fhe nafives affer him lSyphilidquem ab eo labem dixere colonil. Men befook fhemselves fo fhe nymph Amerrice in fhe grove of Carfhesis, Amerrice, who, inferprefer of fhe Gods, soon, from fhe fowering wood conveyed fo fhem fhe answer fo fheir queries. They demanded fo know fhe cause of fhe illness and whaf cure could be found for if. "Wrefches," she replied, "know ye nof fhaf fhou has losf favour in fhe eyes of fhe sun-god? Wherefore did'sf fhou make a morfal fhe equal of a deify? . . . if ye now seek for a remedy againsf if . . . sacrifice a black sfeer fo Cybele . . . from fhis favored seed will be reared a free: in if will lie help." . .. Hail fo fhee rnighfy free. fhe hope of man, fhe gem and modern glory of fhe oufer world: . . . for fhey name is guaiacum and already fhey fame has spread fhruouf all Europe. Two Hundred and Eighfh Page 3 ...BELl:EVUE VIOLET , 3 SONNET 50 FRANCESCO REDI Like a ship runs on in pride and power. Coursing fhe broad ways of 'rhe unfafhomed sea. Pregnanf wi+h loffy esperance 'ro dower A new world wifh her weighf of freasury: The sfars smile on her and wifh friendly scour The favouring floods sweep on her desfiny: The breeze shakes ouf her canvas like a flower And liffs her on 'rhe wafers dancingly - Yef mighf some wanfan boy's unfimely sfroke Shaffer her arsenal: soon is she gone, And all her hopes consumed in fire and smoke. Even fhus fhe mad boy Cupid in his fun. inflamed my life and all my courses broke. "Yef wifh how small a spark," quofh he, " 'fwas d ADDRESS TO A ROBIN EDWARD JENNER Come, sweefesf of 'rhe fea+her'd 'rhrongl And soofhe me wifh fhy plainfive song: Come fo my cof, devoid of fear, No danger shall awaif fhee here: No prowling cafwifh whisker'd face Approaches fhis seques+er'd place: No schoolboy wifh his willow-bow Shall aim af fhee a murderous blow: No wily lim'd fwig ere molesf Thy olive wing or crimson breas+: Thy cup. sweef bird! l'll daily fill A+ yonder cressey, bubbling sill: Thy board shall plenfiously be spread Wifh crumblefs of 'rhe nicesf bread: And when rude winfer comes and shows His icicles and shivering snows, l-lop o'er my cheering hearfh and be One of my peaceful family: Then soofhe me wifh fhy plainfive song Thou sweefesf of fhe feafher'd fhrong. Two Hundred and N nfh Page One i83i BEiIEvuE- VIOLET- l9If STETI-IOSCOPE SONG OLIVER WENDEL HOLMES There was a young man in Bosfon Town, l-le boughf him a sfefhoscope nice and new, All mounfed and finished and polished down, Wifh an ivory cap and a sfopper foo. lf happened a spider wifhin did crawl, And spins him a web of ample size, Wherein fhere chanced one day fo fall A couple of very imprudenf flies. The firsf was a boffle fly, big and blue, The second was smaller, and fhin and long So fhere was a concerf befween fhe fwo, Like an ocfave flufe and a favern gon Now being from Paris buf recenfly, This fine young man would show his sk And so fhey gave him, his hand fo fry, A hospifal pafienf exfremely ill. Some said his liver was shorf of bile, g. ill And some said fhaf his hearf was oversize While some kepf arguing, all fhe while, l-le was crammed wifh fubercles up fo his eyes. This fine young man fhen up sfepped he, And all fhe docfors made a pause: Said he, The man musf die, you see, By fhe fiffy-sevenfh of Louis' laws. Buf since fhe case is a desperafe one, To explore his chesf if may be well For if he should die and if were nof done, You know The aufopsy would nof fell. Then oul' his sfefhoscope he fook, And on if placed his curious ear : Mon Dieu! said he wifh a knowing look, Why, here is a sound fhaf's mighfy qu The bourdonnemenl' is very clear, Amphoric buzzing, as l'm alive: Five docfors fook fheir 'rurn fo hear Amphoric buzzing, said all fhe five. SSI' There's empyema beyond a doubf: We'Il plunge a 'irocar in his side. The diagnosis was made ouf, They fapped fhepafienf: so he died. Now such as hafe new-fashioned foys Began fo look exfremely glum They said fhal' raffles were made for boys, And vowed fhaf his buzzing was all a hum. There was an old lady had long been sick, And whaf was fhe maffer none did know: Her pulse was slow, fhough her fongue was quick To her fhis knowing youfh musf go. So fhere fhe nice old lady saf, - Wifh phials and boxes all in a row: She asked fhe young docfor whaf he was af To fhump her and fumble her ruffles so. Now, when 'rhe sfefhoscope came ouf, The flies began fo buzz and whiz: Oh, ho! fhe maffer is clear, no doubf: An aneurism fhere plainly is. The bruif de rape and fhe bruif de scie. And fhe bruif de diable are all combined. How happy Bouillaud would be, lf he a case like fhis could find! Now, when fhe neighboring docfors, found A case so rare had been described, They every day her ribs did pound ln squads of fwenfy: so she died. Then six young damsels, slighf and frail, Received fhis kind young doc+or's care: They all were geffing slim and pale, And shorf of breafh in mounfing sfairs. They all made rhymes wifh "sighs" and "skies," And loafhed fheir puddings and buffered rolls And diefed, much fo fheir friends' surprise, On pickles and pencils and chalk and coals. Two Hundred and Tenfh Page I83I BELLEVUE VIOLET I93I So fasl' +heir li++le hear+s did bound, The frigh+ened insecfs buzzed +he more So over +heir chesfs he found The rale sifflanl' and ihe rale sonore. He shook his head. There's grave disease, I grea+ly fear you all musl' die: A slighl' posf-mor+em, if you please. Surviving friends would gra'riliy. The six young damsels wepi aloud. Which so prevailed on six young men. Thai' each his honesl' love avowed. Whereai' ihey all goi well again. This poor young man was all aghasf! T The price of sfefhoscopes came down: And so he was reduced al' lasi- To pracfice in a coun+ry +own. The dociors being very sore, A sfefhoscope Jrhey did devise Tha+ had a rammer 'ro clear +he bore, . Wi+h a knol' a+ 'rhe end +0 kill 'rhe flies. Now use your ears, all you +ha+ can, Bu? don'+ forgel' +o mind your eyes. Or you may be cheafed. like fhis young By a couple of silly, abnormal flies. TO l-IEBERDEN WILLIAM COWPER Virfuous and faifhful Heberden. whose skill A++emp+s no fask if cannoi' well fulfill, Gives melancholy up +o Na+ure's care, And sends fhe pafienfs in+o purer air. FOREWORD TO AUTOBIOCRAPI-lY ADOLF KUSSMAUL If in your hearl' you musl' sorrow bear And ihe burden of old age days lnvife as your guesf for +he burden +o share The remembrance of your you+hful ways. Two Hundred and Elevenfh Page man 3l -'-BELLEVUE VIOLET 93 SUCCESS - By ALBRECHT VON HALLER "Amour! charman+ amour! regne seul dans mon ame. Mon coeur demande +ous +es feux ll me faul' plus d'ardeur pour e+re plus heureux." Love! charming love! alone reigns in my soul, My heari' cries ou+ for your flame, My Loy depends on +ha+ claim, Approac my ardor, aHain my goal. H' would +ake indeed, more ihan one hearf To hold my happiness even in parf. l have seen i+ 'rhis momenf, ihis glorious momenl, A+ lasl' i+ has come-Themire has sighed, My happiness in her eyes refulgenlr, Her lips would conceal, her eyes could noi' hide. Love! l am happy and ye+ no+ con+en+ My Themire buf feels-and does noi say, Like nascen+ fires as ai break of day Preceding fhe arden+ sun's ascenl' And for fhis shall l waii and longingly pine, Thar some day fhose embers will glow brighi as mine TO JOSEPH D. BRYANT HENRY CLARKE COE "Rough wilh +he sirong, bul' wi+h +he genile mild?- A kingly epilraph, +o him mos! due. Who ever in +he paih he held in view Righl' royally kepl' pure and undefiled l-lis sfern, high sense of whal' was righl' and True. Like his greai' friend. he simple was and s+rong Unswayed by 'rhough+ of self or public blame: Des+ined, like him, 'ro win +he world's lale praise, . Affer unfiring fig!-1+ againsl' The wrong. ln +ha'r fair coun+ry, 'mids+ a noble band. Togefher now, They sfill clasp hand in hand. Two Hundred and Twelflh Page rear- BEgl:LEVLJE YIOL-ET ? 3 PARDCDN By GEORGE DAVID STEWART To see you once again: a convicf wi+h a pardon I walk forfh from fhe damp, fhe hafeful gloom OF chilling slone. info a lovely garden r Filled wirh perfume. To hear your voice once more: fo my ears come fh Of earfh's sweef sounds, her rusfling grass, her frees. Her beafing hearf: almost nay quife, fhey capfure Heaven's harmonies. Your soff hands once again: never did morlal So far info fhe halls of Heaven see: For af fheir Touch 'rhere opens wide Ihe porfal Of poignanf ecsfasy. To be wifh you once more: lolesf resurrecfion l'lI ask no furfher boon. ye powers above. Than here fo linger in fhe sweel' reflecfion Of her I love. SONNET TO CLICD As Muse of Hisforical Medicine lWifh +he permission of fhe aufhorl CHARLES L. DANA Whal' sfricf demands our Ari' forever lays Upon ifs followers in fheir daily foil: Yei' we accepf fhem and pass rigorous days Trusfing disease and deafh somehow 'ro foil: Bul' here we ask some respife, fhro' fhe Muse, And beg 'rha+ She may lighfen our employ: So shall come beffer craffsmen if She use Her craffs fo give fhese sons of men some icy. A spur fo efforf comes from Beaufy. when Beaufy is shown fo fhose wi+l1 eyes +o see. More power fo efforf will come surely fhen. When recreafed by a iousl' wifh Thee And so, Dear Clio, may you see a way To mingle arl' and beaufy wifh our play. SIR WILLIAM OSLER SIR WILLIAM OSLER A hearl' whose alchemy fransforms fhe dross Of dull suspicion 'I'o fhe gold of love, A spirii' like 'rhe fragrance of some flower Thai lingers round fhe spor fhai' fhis has graced. Two Hundred and Thirfeenfh Page e ra pfu re - - l..-. ,'83I.:'+l':,BE.I+.I:.EVUE VI HOMER F. SWIFT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UN VERSITY AND BELLEVUE HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEGE OFFICERS HOMER IF. SWIFT ..................... ......... P resideni' WILLIAM J. PULLEY ................. ..... V Ice-Presidenf BERNARD L. ROBINS ...... ....... S ecrefary HENRY 'K. TAYLOR ................................ Treasurer COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND EDUCATION WILLIAM H. BARBER ARTHUR C. DeGRAFF COMMITTEE ON ENTERTAINMENT ROBERT P. WADHAMS EDWARD S. RIMER COMMITTEE ON MEMBERSHIP ARTHUR R. MANDEL EVAN W. MCLAVE HERMAN ELWYN OSWALD N. LaROTONDA FRANK C. COMBES JACQUES E. ZIPSER THOMAS F. REILLY NATHAN B. VAN ETTEN MAXIMILIAN A. RAMIREZ WARREN COLEMAN LUTHER B. MacKENZIE SAMUEL BROCK CLARENCE E. DE LA CHAPELLE COMMITTEE ON LEGISLATION ELMER I. HUPPERT JOHN WYCKOFF JOHN M. HANFORD COMMITTEE ON NOMINATIONS EDWARD J. MAY EDWARD J. RILEY ROBERT J. CARLISLE GEORGE N. SLATTERY Two Hundred and Four+een'II'1 Page l83l.. .BELLEVUE VIOLET 1 3 1 TO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1931 HE ALUMNI gree+ you and invi+e you info +he fellow- lowship of +he Alumni Universi+y. +ha+ greal ins'ri1'u+ion which has been growing for one hundred years info a body of +radi+ions and a++i'rudes connecred wirh rhe life of New York Universiry. You have had years of +raining in college loyal+y. I+ is +he grea+es+ assei' you carry away from +he Medical College. Whelher or no+ you gel +he 'lull benefif of H' will depend upon your a'r+i'rude 'foward fhe School and lhe Universi+y in 'rhe 'fu+ure. An abiding loyal+y is noi' aH'ained over nighr. Love for Alma Ma+er is a growrh-nor a formula-and if can be kepf alive only by service. You have paid fhe enfrance price by years of hard work. Don'+ +hrow away fhe +icke'I' a+ +he very ga1'e and +urn away 'From +he lradiiions of your Universily, your a'r+achmen+s. and your loyalfies. The Alumni Federa+ion is keeping The new home open for you, and offers you +he only insurance againsi ffhe loss of one of life's grearesr asse+s-fhe willing. pracrical, and whole hearfed devo+ion +o your Alma Maier. ARTHUR BUTLER GRAHAM. 'O5A. President Alumni Federafion of New York Universily. Two Hundred and Fif+een+h Page - ,..-,, Qf55l. --.1B lQLLEVUE VIOLET l93l ANNCDUNCEMENTS s.??7'Ng' lf' ," Af' , . J X A ,I Q N- I- 5, I .X V. f'-II -"rx X N ., hx.. kj? Tm QNEJL ' 3 N ,gpg , 1341 my A Sf' er ihwmw 'WWW dl T if fli , gwifn,-7 ifmliffff " Q.. "A?f' ' 'ff ,1,,l'5'N 'ffflyl 'K ' A f . VN Wig ,Y jgvk.. ,FN ... 'li 'Ajff V, 'Q ez , 'BJ' A A W 'H' g f' " It LBJE l' " , I ?T1,:f:." levi nrt,-' -"'f--hu. ,B in 7 .57,-Li ga, ufm n-u ul III , , g':f':: -1:--1- -L ... ......:Z.!p.5Q , ' X . X Y I, N . . ...- ., A ,-. "-- . I W . qu, '. 1 WI F X , 4 ' .- ' fjis-ig uf '--J-f' " 'Sf' -K9 lf! N-' ACl1nil,MrLiQ'1 I 7 Y KMA igsllcnuc Qldspitul lilcglicztl Cfnllcgc l I ' CITJX' or New vomc ' X ZECTION -CLASS, 51555-10N 189279 . I - I Adm t Mr. --'- --4,--....... A --.............-.--... ..------- ----, 1 , . -,-- V , to SQCUOII-lCZlChillg on ghe following 1 - -A 5uhjucts: ' ' ' ,' ' I mchcxa on-' Mr:mcrN1c, ..... .,.,.., . ...A.,,.., . ,.. .,.. ........ ..,Prof. r- ...... Slzruzrzkx' QIIosl'1'1',x1,5U ., .. OHCRM-,V,,15URGEm. ' ..., : ,.,... 1 ....... 7 ...,..,.,.,.. of. ' ' Asn . . - X1 --- ' ' Sl 1 ICAL Ilmissxsus 5 I 4CUf6f-nff50'-'l'- fYN1CI x, ETC.,..m. ... ..... I, .. brnf, , X , V -.... , . ..,, . . .. ..'... v..... ..... f I , l ' .S'r.'r'rr.1r1n'1gf Ihr l'mwlIy.' V ' OF TI-IE TWO CGLLECES iifsiii----..-..----ii' f TSELIEVUE VIOLETL'1'-i-1""-'- - mi I VIQLET SUBSCRIBERS ADAMO. FRANK S. H.. M.D. l3O Easl' 56i'h Sireel' Surgery BAKWIN, HARRY. M.D. I32 Eesf 7Is+ Sfreei' Pediairics BARASH, DAVID H.. M.D. 225 Easi l2+h Slreei Medicine BARBARITO, W. W., M.D. 267I Boulevard, Jersey Ci+y. N. J. Operaiive Surgery BARBER. HOWARD. A.B.. M.D., F.A.C.S. 8448 I2Ofh S+ree+. Richmond Hill, L. I. Sur er 9 Y BARROWS. DAVID M.. A.B.. M.D.. F.A.C.S.. l26 Eesf 95+h Sfreel' Gynecology BENJAMIN. HAROLD C., M.D. 59 Crescenl' Avenue. N. J. Surgery BILIK. SAMUEL E.. M.D. 57 Wesf 57'Ih Sfreef Orlhopedics BLATTEIS, SIMON R., M.D.. F.A.C.P. 278 Amhersl' Sfreel. Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine BLOOM. DAVID. M.D, 433 Easl 5IsI Sfreel Dermaiology and Syphilology BODO, RICHARD, M.D. 29 Easf 38fh Sfreef Pharmacology BOGATKO, ANTHONY S.. M.D. I39 Eas+ 66+h S+ree+ Surgery BOWEN. GEORGE L.. A.B.. M.D. 59 Easf 54-Ih Sfreel Obsieirics BROCK. SAMUEL. M.D. 345 Easl 68I'h Sireef Neurology BROOKS. HARLOW. M.D.. F.A.C.P. 47 Wesf 9+h Sireef Medicine BROWN, AARON, M.D. 39 Wesf 55fh Sireei Immunology BROWN, SAMUEL A., M.D., D.P.H. 277 Park Avenue Therapeuiics BULLOWA. JESSE G., A.B.. M.D. 62 Wesl' 87+h Sireei Medicine CALVER, HOMER. N.. B.S. III Murray Lane. Flushing, N. Y. Bac+erioIogy CANNAN, ROBERT K.. Sc.D. 3406 8Is+ Sfreei. Jackson Heighis. L. Chemis+ry CARLISLE, ROBERT J.. M.D. 56 Easi 78+h Slreef Medicine CARR. WALTER L., A.M.. M.D. ISO Easf 72nd Sireel' Pediafrics CHERRY. GEORGE A., M.D. 50 Easl 89+h Sireei Dermaiology and Syphilology CIRINCIONE. GUISEPPE 323 Easf I4Ih Sfreef Dermafology and Syphilology Two Hundred and Seven+een+h Page II6 Eesl 58I'h Slreei Medicine COLONNA. PAUL C., A.B.. M.D., F.A.C.S.. F.A.M.A. I327 Lexingfon Avenue Orfhopeclics COMBES, FRANK C., M.D. I29 Lockwood Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y. Dermaiology and Syphilolgy CONNERY. JOSEPH E., M.D. 4-I-20 Elberison Sireel, Elmhurst L. I. Medicine CoTUI, FRANK, A.B.. M.D. 240 Easl 22nd Sireei Pharmacology DARLINGTON, CHARLES G.. M.D. I24 Wesi 79+h Sireel .Palhology DeBELLlS, HANNIBAL, M.D. 3l6 Wesl IB+h Sireel Medicine DE LA CHAPELLE. CLARENCE E.. Sc.B.. M.D 900 Wesf End Avenue Medicine DeGRAFF. ARTHUR C., Sc.B.. M.D. 360 Eas+ 55+h Slreef Medicine DEVOE, RALPH G., M.D. 424- Eesl' 52nd Slreel' Miliiary Science DOHERTY. WILLIAM, M.D. I50 Wesf 55lh Sfreel' Ophlhelmology DUBOVSKY. BENJAMIN. M.D. I7 Wesi 87+h Sfreel' Clinical Peihology EHRLICH. DAVID E., A.B.. M.D. 9 Jovel Courr, Brooklyn. N. Y. Roenigenology ESSRIG, JULIUS. M.D. I44 Urban S+ree+. Mr. Vernon. N. Y. Operaiive Surgery FALK, HENRY C.. M.D. I29 Wes? 86+h Sireel Gynecology FAUSEL, E. G.. Sc.B.. M.D. 90-I6 I75 S'rree+, Jamaica. L. I. Surgery FISHER. HARRY R. 46 Easl' 52nd Sfreel Oiology FREED, FREDERICK C.. M.D., F.A.C.S. 59 Eus+ 54-Ih Sfreer Obsiefrics FOX. HOWARD, A.B.. M.D. I45 Eas+ 54Ih Sireel Dermeiology and Syphilology FOXE. ARTHUR N., M. D. 425 Wes+ 23rd Slreef Neurology FRASER. ALEXANDER, A.B.. M.D.C.M. 6 33rd Sireei, Whilesione, L. I. Paihology FREEMAN. ROWLAND G.. A.B.. M.D. IO3 Eesi 75fh S'rree+ Pediairics FRIEDMAN. EMANUEL D., Sc.B.. M.D. II92 Park Avenue Neurology l83 BTE IEETEV-UUE-VI-OEET .. ... GALVIN, THOMAS J.. M.D. 32I Easf 43rd Sfreef Surgery GERBER, HERMAN Sc.B. 5I7 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, N. Y. Bacleriology GLOUBACK, J. D. 329 Wesl 5Is+ Slreel' Genilo-Urinary GOLDRING, WILLIAM, Sc.B., M.D. 60 Gramercy Park, Nor+h Medicine GORDON, ONSLOW A., Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. 3543 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Gynecology GRAVES, GAYLORD W., A.B., M.D. I27 2O+h Slreef, Jackson Heigh+s. L. I. Pedia+rics GREENWALD, ISADOR. Ph.D. 242 Easl I9'I'h Sfreel Chemis+ry GREGORY, MENAS S., M.D. IOI Wesf 57+h S+ree+ Psychiafry GRESSER, EDWARD B.. M.D., F.A.C.S. II53 4-lsr S'rree+, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ophlhalmology GROSFELD, MORRIS, M.D. ' 254 Easl Broadway , Medicine HAUBOLD, HERMAN A.. M.D. 22 Wesl 91h S+ree+ Surgery HEATON, CLAUDE E., M.D. 240 Easi' 79lh Sfreel Gynecology HOAG, DAVID E., M.D.. D.D.S. II Easf 48+h S+ree+ Neurology HOLDEN, FREDERICK C., M.D., F.A.C.S. I38 EasI'36+h SIree+ Gynecology HUEY, ARTHUR J.. M.D. 2 Erringlon Place, Siaplefon, L. I. Laryngology HUNT, WESTLEY M., Sc.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. 47I Park Avenue Oiology HURD, LEE M., M.D., F.A.C.S. 39 Easl' 50+h Slreel Laryngology IVIMEY, MURIEL. A.B., M.D. I9 Claridge Cour+, Montclair, N. J. Neurology JOHNSON, ALFRED A., M.D. 32I Easl' 43 Slreel Surgery JOLLIFFE, NORMAN, Sc.B., M.D. 338 Easl 26+h S+reeI Physiology KAI-IANE, ABRAHAM, Sc.B. IOB Marcy Place Chemislry KAPLAN, IRA I., ScB., M.D. l68 Wes'r 86fh S+ree+ Radialion Therapy KIDD, RUTH W. 20I Lexinglon Avenue Bacleriology KING, EDWARD A., A.B., M.D.. F.A.C.S 3l5 Wesl' 98lh Slreel' Surgery KLEEGMAN. SOPHIE J., M.D. 270 Riverside Drive Gynecology KLOSTERMAN. JULIUS. Sc.M. 40 Maplewood Avenue. Bogola, N. J. Bacferiology KOENIG. GEORGE A., M.D.. F.A.C.S. 27 Wesl 96+h Sfreef Surgery KOIRANSKY, GENNADY H.. M.D. I44 Joralemon S'rree+, Brooklyn, N. Y. Roenfgenology KORNBLUTH, ALFRED I539 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeporr. Conn. Laryngology KRAUT. ARTHUR M. 266 Barrows S+ree+, New Jersey Neurology KRIDA. ARTHUR, M.D. l25 Easl 72nd S+ree+ Orfhopedics KUTISKER, MEYER J.. M.D.. F.A.C.S.g I52 Easl' 35+h S+ree'r Surgery LANGE, LOUIS C.. M.D. 50 Cliflon Terrace. Weehawlcen, N. J. Surgery LAVELL, THOMAS E., M.D., F.A.C.S. 60 Gramercy Park, Norlh Gynecology ' LAWLER, JOHN A., M.D. 4I7 Park Avenue Surgery LE WALD, LEON T.. M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.R. II2O Fiflh Avenue Roenlgenology LIEFER, AARON, M.D. , 340 S+. John's Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine LIGGETT. HAROLD, M.D. 42-20 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, L. I. Laryngology LIVINGSTON, EDWARD M., Sc.B., M.D. 3I Park Avenue Surgery MacDONALD, A. K. Medical Cenler, While Plains, N. Y. Opera+ive Surgery MacISAAC, JOHN A., A.B., M.D. Towers, Pulnam Counfy, N. Y. Olology MacKENZIE, LUTHER B., A.B., M.D. II4 Eas+ 66+h Sfreel' Medicine MALONEY, EDWARD R., M.D. 260 Wes? End Avenue Derma+ology and Syphilology MANDEL, ARTHUR R., M.D. 43 Wesl 88+h Sfreef Clinical Palhology MCCAULEY, J. C., JR. II6 Eas'r 63rd Sfreel Orlhopedics McCOY, JOHN, M.D. 4422 Cayuga Avenue Laryngology MCLEAN, FRANK, A.B., M.D. 95 23rd Slreef, Jackson Heigh+s,'L. I. Pediafrics McLAVE. EVAN W., M.D. 30-44 37Ih Slreel, Long Island Cily, L. I. Medicine MERWARTH, HAROLD R., A.B., M.D. 225 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Neurology MISHULOW, LUCY, A.B. 323 Easr I7+h Slreel' Bacferiology Two Hundred and Eighieenlh Page l83I BELLEViUEvVlOLET l93l ll..-T-11 NASH, JOSEPH,'A.B., M.D. I4O Eesf 56+h Sireef Physiology NELSON, JOHN, M.D. 2I6 Easf 50Il'1 Sireei Surgery NEUWIRTH, ABRAHAM, ScB.. M.D. I749 Grand Concourse Anaiomy NOBACK, GUSTAV J., Ph.D. II Groion Srreei, Foresi' Hills, L. I. Anafomy OSGOOD, ALFRED T., A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. 65 Easi 66+h Sfreel' Geniio-Urinary Surgery PARK, WILLIAM H.. A.B.. M.D.. LL.D.. Sc.D. 333 Easi b8+h Sireei . Bacieriology PAROUNAGIAN, MIHRAN B.. I26 Easi 39+h SI'ree+ Dermarology and Syphilology PRICE, AARON S.. A.B.. M.D. I36 Waverly Place Paihology PULLEY, WILLIAM J., M.D. 3I Easi 79Ih Sireei Medicine RALLI, ELAINE P. 75 Easf 55+h Sireef RATNER. BRET. M.D. SIS Wesi End Avenue Pediarrics REICH, ARTHUR M., M.D. I47 Wesr 77+h S'rree'I' Obs+e+rics RESTIN RICE, FREDERICK W., A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. 530 Easi 86+h Sireel' Obsrerrics RIMER, EDWARD S., M.D. I5I Ees+ 7IsI' S+ree'f Pediairics ROSENBLUTH. MILTON B.. A.B., M.D. II85 Park Avenue Medicine SALA, ANGELO M., A.B.. M.D. II5 Easf 92nd Sireei Parhology SAUNDERS. HARRY C., A.B., M.D. I6I Wes+ 87+h S+ree+ Dermaiology and Syphilology SENIOR, HAROLD D., Sc.D., M.D.. F.R.C.S. 28 Easl' IO+h Sfreei Anaiomy SHAPIRO, LOUIS L., M.D. 239 Ceniral Park, Wesi Medicine SHEARER, EDWIN M., Ph.D. 333 Easl 43rd S+ree'I Anaiomy SHELBY, EDMUND P., A.M., M.D. l25 Eas+ 92nd Sireef Medicine SMALL, KATHERINE W.. A.B., M.D. 30I Easi' 207ih Sfreef Bacieriology SMITH, BERTRAM G., Ph.D. 79 Miller Avenue. Tarrylown, N. Y. Analomy SMITH, CHARLES HENDEE, Sc.B., M.D. I35 Easi 65Ih Sireei Pediarrics SMITH, HOMER W., A.B.. Sc.D. 242 Easl' I9ih Sireei' Physiology Two Hundred and Ninieenih Page SOLOMON, HARRY A.. M.D. II50 Fiiih Avenue Medicine SONKIN, MAX, M.D. 98 Riverside Drive Rhino-Laryngology SOVAK, FRANCIS W., Sc.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. II7 Easf 72nd Sireei Gynecology STANDARD, SAMUEL, M.D. I37 Easl 29+h Sfreer Surgery STEWART, GEORGE D., M.D., LL.D., F.A.C.S IIO Easr 6Is'r S+ree'r Surgery STURGES. LEIGH F., M.D. 75-33 Ausfin Sireef. Foresf Hills, L. I. Laryngology SYMMERS DOUGLAS. M.D. 400 Easi 29'rh Sireei Paihology STURTEVANT, MILLS, A.B., M.D. I22 Easi' 82nd Sireel' Medicine SUTTON, LUCY P., A.B., M.D. I349 Lexingion Avenue , Pediairics TILTON EDGARS. A.B. 338 Eesf 26Ih Sireei' College TOWNS, ARONO E., M.D, 20 Easi 53rd Srreei' Ophfhalmology TOBIAS, MORRIS J., Ph.G.. M.D. 530 Wesi' I4-3rd Srreei Analomy TYLER, CHARLES R.. Ph.G. 207 Wesi 8O+h Sireei . Bacieriology TULIPAN, LOUIS 5I5 Wesr End Avenue Dermaiology and Syphilology TYSON. CORNELIUS J.. M.D. 37 Easi 64+h Sireef Medicine WADHAMS, ROBERT P., Ph.B., M.D.. F.A.C.S 50 Vanderbilr Avenue Surgery WALKER, CHARLES W., ScB.. M.D. Norih Sireef, While Plains, N. Y. Surgery WALLACE, GEORGE B., M.D. 2lB Easi 6Is+ Sireei Pharmacology WEEKS, WEBB W., A.B., M.D. 20 Eesf 53rd Sfreel' Ophfhalmology WELLEN, IRWIN, M.D. I50 Riverside Drive Obsieirics WERTHEIM, HIPPOLYTE M.. M.D. 4 Easi' 88Ih Sireef Surgery WRIGHT, ARTHUR M.. A.B.. M.D.. F.A.C.S. 950 Park Avenue Surgery WYCKOFF, JOHN. A.M., M.D. 532 Easf 87I'h S+ree1' Medicine YUDKOWSKY, PETER E., M.D. 5I4 Wesi End Avenue Laryngology NEW YORK UNIVERSITY si qu: . -. ..i,gf..,-iv ,'.s1rg,y,Q.-nigga:-,JN ad' Q yy .2 " .f.n" . fi-..'., 5 , ,,'- I' -R, ,. I - . ' ,,- ' . 'flip 3,0 'Na 'Q' I, ' f 'A ., 1 4- lun 1 A ',Z,4, J . '- 'S an ne. r'-1-f D ,,,,. 4 wo Q4 I 'I Q"- 4, 4!,,?. . 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N R' -'I- 5:27 , TTI1'-'ii ' TI-IE CAMPUS - IN SPRING VW4.- , f f-'- N- f-nf, , f -ff--Ln, 1 I r l 4 f Q4 K X QRGANIZATIQNS fu x, xx ff I 7 RH XX V7 IH 4- ,I 1 g V 9 f A f KQUQ f 'ffix 1' P 'f - M . ..,. 1 Q 4 E N p l v FAMILIAR FACES VIOLET STAFF ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA ZETA PHI PHI ALPHA SIGMA NU SIGMA NU OMEGA UPSILON PHI PHI DELTA EPSILON TAU EPSILON PHI SIGMA OMEGA PSI PHI LAMBDA KAPPA THETA KAPPA PSI LAMDA PHI MU Two Hundred and Twen+y-fhird Page l...ii-11 - .. ..-l- 2' BE U: SIDNEY D. BECKER EXECUTIVE STAFF EcIiI'or Business Manager SIDNEY D. BECKER JACOB H. BUCHBINDER FacuI+y Adviser JOHN H. WYCKOFF Associa+es Picforial Edi+or SIDNEY LICHT Assis+an+ EcIi'ror Subflefies Edi+or LEONARD TUSHNET MELVIN STONE LITERARY STAFF LEONARD TUSHNET NATHAN GREENSTEIN SIDNEY LICHT HYMAN FINKELSTEI N BENJAMIN BENDER MAXWELL FRANK ABRAHAM SANDS STANLEY ALEXANDER ALBERT SCHEIN SIDNEY KAPLAN LAWRENCE SHAPIRO Two Hundred and TWSDIY-'FOUTII1 Page 1-1-in-11 I83I QELLEVQ E VIOLET+-...--i'I93I J. H. BUCHBINDER BUSINESS BOARD Business Manager J. H. BUCHBINDER s Circula+ion Adverfising A. WALTER EREIRICH E. M. COHEN LEWIS H. BRONSTEIN SOL GLOTZER HAROLD LEVY Alumni Organiza+ions JACK ROSOE CHARLES A. R. CONNOR Humor Edifor MELVIN STONE BEN SANDLER CHARLES ENSELBERG HAROLD LEVY Two Hundred and Tweniy-Fiffh Page 3I BESLLIEVUES VIQLET--.L--...T-'M SIDNEY LICI-IT PICTORIAI. GROUP SIDNEY LICI-IT Picforial EcIi'ror FRANCIS KECKEISSEN Assis+an+ Phofography EdI+or Assis+an'r Ari Edi+ors ALVIN D. YASUNA I COSTATINO ZAINO ArI' Sfaff EDWARD SANTORA HENRY DOLGER CI-IARLES MARGULIES Two Hundred and Twenfy-sixfh Page :sag .. -.q--i- . -1i-l -ix-lwu l..-1. BELLEVUE VIOLETi'-l'1l93 N.CLllllEENS'lTIEl1N W IB .5ANfDl1.IER- IF. DSIEGLDSFEUSSIEN ' ' ' n .nmcuwrsn E ,..,E , LB. IBIENIDIEIDX a:.rzNS1HLrB1Lu2c, ll-1 . IFHNIKII-D.S1YIEIIN i83l.-.T-1-1'--.BELLEVUE VIOLET ..I93 N 5 lr if, Qs xxx, Q. W2 g ' X-f . i DELTA CHAPTER F d d l926 Th 'ry Ch pi' ALP!-IA CDMEGA ALIDI-IA l 1 In Y Url i83I BELLEVUE VlOLE 3 lll .f .5 39 lll Delia of New York OFFICERS JOHN H. WYCKOFF, Counselor LOUIS RAZINSKY, Presidenf VICTOR CARABBA, Secrelary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Samuel A. Brown Roloerl J. Carlisle George D. Sfewarl H. D. Senior Emanuel M. Cohen Arrhur M. Wrighl' CLASS OF l93I Nalhan M. Greensfein Harold Hanlrman Samuel C. Karlan Harry H. Kaufman Eugene Clarlc Two Hundred and Twenly-ninlh Page Pl'1ill2'J Sifisf CLASS OF l932 Edward E. Jemerin Auslrin Flinr, Jr. Frederick C. Holden John H. Wyckoff Emil J. Pellini Charles E. Kossman Selig J. Ross Millon D. Overholser Harry Schorr Solomon Schwarfz Philip M. Jorle QQ BELLEVUE VIOLET ETA CHAPTER Founded in I902 Seven Chapfers ZETA PI-II THdddTh+ + ,li-111. .1-1.-1.1.1. 1.1-1-...1 BELLEVUE vioLETi-il 3 Founded in I925 Seven Clwaplers SOROR IN FACULTATE Elaine P. Ralli SORORES EXTRA UNIVERSITATE Lillian DeMu+l'1 Louise Gordy Miriam B. Clark Marian Frauen+l1al Frances Holmes Mary MacFayden Louise Desperl Dorolhy Fogel Eleanor Acller Edna l-lunlcemier Mariorie Klugherz Sonia Kraff Lillian McGowan Two Hundred and Thirfy-iirsl' Page CLASS OF l93I CLASS OF I932 CLASS OF I933 Chrisfine Gruggel Alice Walerhouse Mary M. Thomson Mary Paolone Nina Rayevslcy Helen Ferguson Margarel Sullivan Evelyne Slabey Doris Kirk Vicloria Soloway Susie Swinburne Anna Ziegler I83I'l"l' i ALPHA CHAPTER F d d l886 E ghi' Ch p Pl-H ALPHA SIGMA I83I l BELLEVUE VIOLET l93l i i ll 1 Iff' A l George D. Slewarl Harlow Brooks Auslin Flinl Herman A. Haubolcl William C. Lusk Warren Coleman John Douglas Charles W. Walker William H. Barber George A. Koenig Gasron Labal Leon T. LeWald Founded in I886 Eighl Chaplers FRATRES IN FACULTATE William J. Pulley William M. Ford Luiher B. MacKenzie Mills Slurrevanr Arihur J. Huey Leigh F. Srurges Louis C. Lange David N. Barrows Elmer l. Hupperr Lamonl' H. Fischer Filip J. Wellervik Guslave J. Noback Eugene F. Russell Heber C. Hancock Saburo Emy Joseph Croce Theodore H. Elsasser Everelr G. Fausel Thomas J. Galvin William Barloariro Alfred A. Johnson Edward S. McSweeny Herman C. Russell FRATRES IN PRAESENTI Major S. While Olafur W. Johnson Paul Romano Frank R. Hill Theodore J. Edlich Andrew Franks Charles J. Gariry Joseph Kos+ecki Bernard J. Pisani Allred S. Ruesch Harold X. Connolly John Kealing Charles Sweeney Adrian Schoedel T Hundred and Thirly-lhird Page CLASS OF l93I CLASS or I932 Remo Cancellieri CLASS OF l933 Joseph KOH CLASS OF I934 William Saich Einar Gusralson Oscar Palarucci Roberi' Kirkman Ralph E. Conan? Lewis J. Fromer Gilber E. Ganong William N. Fosco Paul E. Rauschenbach. Jr. Charles F. Wolf John E. Zailsky Edward Komora Perrin B. Snyder James J. Travers, Jr. Joseph Ruskin J. R. Hellirick R. M. Helirick Frank Mohr BELLEVUE VIC3L ET IC-Z Xl CHAPTER Founded in I882 Thir+y-seven Chapfers NU suefwx NU THdddThfhP 3l BELLEVUEi VI6LET I9a NDN l Samuel Brown Roberr Carlisle Arfhur Wrighl' George Wallace William Park Arfhur Mandel William Norihrup Edgar H. Bares Charles E. Brennan Charles C. Falk, Jr. Philip T. Holland Frank H. Keckeissen Nicholas Berrha Harry Fulton John P. Mar'rin Q William T. Knight Jr. Gerhard Ahnquisl Donald Weisman Douglas B. MacDowell George Azukas Samuel Cooley Prince Danforrh John Slabey David Spring Hundred and Thirfy-filfh Page Founded in I897 Thirry-seven Chaplrers FRATRES IN FACULTATE ' John Sawhill Edward King Harry O'Connor Evan W. McLave Edward Livingsfon Edward Fisher Edward Dench Ralph G. DeVoe CLASS OF l93I Lee Hurd Edward Rimer Francis Sovak An+hony Boga+ko Roberl' Wallace Frank C. Combs Arfhur Krida George F. Long. Jr. Wayland Mason Harold S. McBurney Alloerro Rivero Frederick R. Small CLASS OF l932 Frederick Jensen Joseph R. Jehl Charles M. Roemael' CLASS OF I933 l-lamilron Merrill John Byers Milan Duray Allan Slinchiield CLASS OF I934 Francis lrwin A Ralph Pape l-lilmerr Ranges Edward Quinlan, Jr. Guy Rolhfuss Willis Murphy Russell Neviiwr Frank Myers Frank Hynes Leslie Gibbins Francis Gagan Homer Rhinesmirh John Labalre Roberl' Goodhari Michael Yarcheski ? ,BE Yip '92 EPSILON CHAPTER F d d I894 T y h Ch pf CDMICIQCDN UPSILQN PHI BT-g,I.EEVl-E-E yloLEfi. 'L-193 Founded in I899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Henry C. Coe George P. Comslock Theodore J. Curphey Arlhur DeGraFF Harry B. Eisberg Alexander Fraser John F. Fraser Alexander O. Gelrler Bernard Hannon H. T. Lewis William H. McNeil, Jr Willis C. Noble J. S. Parker Frederick W. Rice Edward J. Riley Frank G. Schaible Harold D. Senior Cornelius J. Tyson Roloerl P. Wadhams John Wyckoff FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Charles Kossman Charles Connor Joseph Daly Joseph Cosla Two Hundred and Thirly-sevenfh Page CLASS OF I93I Joseph Porcello Edwa rd Sa nlrora CLASS OF I933 Edwa rd Haclcell Sa muel Bird 3 l -BELLEVUE VlOLET I95 BETA CHAPTER F cl d l900 F +y Ch p PHI DELTA EPSILCDIXI Two Hundred and Thrrfy-ergh+h P 1 ' I I -T-1 1 .1-..1 i .l-l l.f5?L:1'-'i-'.B.El1L.EVU E YLQI-ET '?.3l CPE l A l Founded in I90l Fifiy-one Chapiers FRATRES IN FACULTATE V Simon P. Blafleis Emanuel D. Friedman Samuel Slandard Brel' Rarner Henry C. Falk lsidore Weinsfein Benjamin Sherwin Herman L. Wenger Aaron Brown Benjamin Brown Herman Horn Louis B. Sachs Bernard Robbins Louis L. Shapiro Merdes Wechsler Morris Tobias B. L. Thommen FRATRES IN PRAESENTI Ha rold Trachienberg Frank Nerler Alberr Schwariz Henry Horn Benjamin Salway Lawrence Gang Harry Schorr Abraham Sands Charles Wainger Sranley Alexander Solomon Glorzer Karl Fishbach David Goldslein Jerome Engel David LiH'auer Lawrence Shapiro Two Hundred and Thirly-ninlh Page CLASS OF I93I CLASS OF I932 CLASS OF l933 Irving lvladofl lsadore Ro+hs+ein Gerald Flaum Jacob Rosof Jacob Kahn Harold Han+man Harold Brandaleone Lewis Jacobs Jefferson Vorzimer Sidney Becker Eugene Clark Spencer Myers Arihur Parien're Roberr Scha+lcin David Graubard Sidney Kaplan lsidore S'rein Jerome Lehner Louis Feinsrein ,,...,1, 74, ,,,,, ,l,,-,,,,,, 3l-...... ABELLEVUE VIOLETl-... lf2QQ ZETA CHAPTER F a a mo T y gm Ch p WRU EPSILGIXI PI-II 1 ues:--"'-'I i Si SEEiLEyUEi'vloLET- ' 3 IF 5- I Founded in I9I0 Twen+y-eig h+ Cha p+ers FRATRES IN FACULTATE I Jacob Friedman William Goldring Edward Gresser Jack M. Lewis I-Iippolyie Werlheim FRATRES IN PRAESENTI J. I-I. Buchbinder CLASS OF I93I CLASS OF I932 A. Gerson Hollander I-Iarold Keschner I-Iarold Levy Louis Scheman Joseph Gerber Richard Charel' Charles Klein Maxwell Sayer Iwo Hundred and Forfy-Iirsi' Page A. Waller Freireich CLASS OF I933 CLASS OF I934 Leo I-Iorn I-Iarold LiggeI"r Benjamin Messinger S. Sym Newman Irwin Wellan Seymour Zaller Philip Ladin Irving Sfarin Emauel Schwarfz I-Ienry Vinicor Sidney Can+er Saul A. Wi++es Joseph Bandes Murray Belenlcofl aal----- -- 4 ,BEI,LEVUE VIOLET--.il93 GAMMA CHAPTER F d d I9I2 Eghf Ch pf SIGMA CDMEGA PSI -, -QELLEVUE VIOLET 3 IIFMI Founded in I9I7 Eig Iwreen Clnaprers FRATRES IN FACULTATE Louis A. Bunim David L. Engelslwer Harry Blum Henry Keller Benjamin Dubovslcy Louis Tulipan Hyman Blume Irving Clnrisman Morris Goldman Harry H. Kaufman Benjamin Kossin Arrhur H. Glick Edward D. Greenlo erger Edward Margarerren Eli Ruloenslein Hyman Loclcser Alan Weinberger Murray Sager Two Hundred and Forly-Third Page FRATRES IN PRAESENTI y CLASS OF I93 I Louis Landaw CLASS OF I932 CLASS OF I933 CLASS OF I934 Paul Kaufman Sidney Rosenlolierr Keeve Rosenrhal Selig J. Ross William Sclwonfeld Irwin D. Slein Max H. Srein Alexander Sleinberg Samuel L. Swiller Nalnan Weclwler Narhan Wexler Adolph Berger Julian Cohen l' I8 E -- BELLEVUE VIOLET ETA CHAPTER F d d I907 Th +yf Ch p+ Pl-H LAMBDA KAPPA l83l-1-'-T"--1-I 'ii3iii.EvLii2 VIOLETSL-i"'l'i I 3 llf 5... ll Founded in I9I8 Thirly-six Chaplers FRATRES IN FACULTATE Abraham Abrahamson Ira I. Kaplan Maxwell Kimbrig J. Allen Yager FRATRES IN PRAESENTI Samuel Abelowilz David Allman Beniamin Bender Emanuel Cohen Eli Eisenberg Benjamin Fabricanl Philip M. Joffe Sidney I-I. Joffe Alvin S. Fox Henry Freedman Alvin D. Yasuna Two Hundred and Forfy-fiflh Page CLASS OF I93I CLASS OF I932 Louis Werner CLASS OF I933 Emanuel Hauer MiII'on Feig Simon Kranfz Louis Razinsky Leonard Tushnel' Alexander Kaiser Perry A. Sperber Michael Smifh Leon Sussman Seymour Bulcanz Maxwell S. Frank Sigmund Friedma U il.- -i--- . 1 -l...- 3' L LEVUE Yl0LEI -'93 GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER Founded in l879 For+y-eighf Chapfers TI-IETA KAPPA PSI THddd hP l83l EXUgflOLET -'93 ",, Qnfiiw'-T"'ff'7 i 19 K ll' Founded in l923 Forly-eighl Chaplers FRATRES IN FACULTATE Harold D. Senior Norman l-l. Jolliffe FRATRES IN PRAESENTI CLASS OF I93I Henry Alicandri Charles F. Cella Frank T. Genovese Joseph F. Sandella CLASS OF I932 An+hony J. Cerra+o Amlhony Criscillo James E. Sullivan CLASS OF I933 Liddy Carlino - Vic+or F. CincoH'i Howard J. I-loppenhauer L Carmine T. Vicale CLASS OF l934 Eugene lseppilini Two Hundred and For+y-sevenfh Page- Demelrius K. Aposlle John S. D'Esopo Joseph E. MOH Vincenl' A. DelVecchio Joseph E. Corso Nicholas l. Russo Francis P. LaSorsa Louis Maravenlano John L. Pulvino AAA A :IQEUIEVU Ig,VICYISli4li: ........l--'-' I9? it-...... . Wy GAMMA CHAPTER Founded in l920 Twelve Chapfers LAMBDA PHI MU 3 -BELLEVUE VIOLET' 3 iifbwr lg, all Founded in l922 Twelve Chaplrers FRATRES IN FACULTATE l-l. l-larold Lardaro FRATRES IN PRAESENTI Samuel Legalo Charles Ribaudo Wilfred Ruggiero Enrico Albano Anlhony Bianco Emil Grieco Andrew Pecoraro Edward Feleppa Charles lmmordino Nicholas Saliani Nicholas Groia Two Hundred and Forly-ninlh Page CLASS OF I93I CLASS OF I932 CLASS OF I933 CLASS OF I934 An+hony Privilera Anlhony Rossi Daniel Cieri Pasquale Mercuri Francis Viglione Conslanfino Zaino Bruno Marangoni Joseph Andriola Louis BaveH'a John Graziani Sebasfian Vaneria BELLEVUE I-ICDSPITAI. Q Ye N ix gfeeiwf.--.12:ef1---' , 4,.,.:ef-,1g,.ff:f:f'1-"' 'f f ff," uw' ,.,'.74' , ,..11geQlff ' 04? n1Pf"' 5 HM u-" fp 21:2-" JT--5--' ' a ww' sg X 01, -.merff'!Qf,1-'4:XN"g5'g " '5fi"511'3 , 7 VQ. 'ffllQ:Q:.5fw5"f-,raw?" p' fi? ew H ff? . ,all-,f wr-:uw 'ff'-E4--' A Q- gg:-: fw- Af ..v.:vj.c',"f l fffffqiljff nk-5" K4 - 2-Piggy, !4-" W' z?g4:4f'F2w:f.I'--- ' 12: Q fig :Jr 'T s fQ I E N 'ir 7' 1 ,+52f":-"' ""' 5172" '. iii " 15' , +3539 5 x 5 NX +5. 51-.-gb .N 95' eq gg. 174 f4Q,Vg.6.'.- Ni.,-bg, e, .,.-.Jqgf 111 zislzl el ws, ,QMe:mri:55'4S9,5 ,MN-55 '- .f gpg. W Va! , af, wifiW-ik2W?f,-:fair-222-r"':1gb. ago,-flu I!!-. v 5 '4 Z 304' 1 ax. ral A .'-.' y:4f.5,mgv,s:'.v1' aaf: gm ,P W .WH X9 2- L7HVT,1', y WI my" 5,44-4,1-f gl cE5:',-b1i?UilUiTUwhwH5! X-Jldggnm ' Al E412l2'4"F"""+ "iff . -4 m- fwflnil-'E' vi !ls11'2.fMWfEB ""' .',.. nf .MN Q4-'fwa-'QW 'fa ,N -1 "' flfigfva r .1 l " S FRN.-EYE dw 7' IAL x"I"ui'iI H" ' .v J z ',"m1-41 KT" I ,, N .' ,. -He"'v., P' . f ' . H, -ff f- F2 2 V , . :UW -SN 5:3229 1,5 3 in gi , 5 2 1 ? Eu S NW ' ' E - ,.,.,, nv N E . M Fscawfamf wiiifi-Mlf'M W " ""2?w' - QX"""u""""'SX X, I fm ' -.. X, .V ' x 5, .51 Aj4,"x xv. 5' - -., ' fu' , ,-.5 gk . V ' ' n j 'Q ai 12 xi -. E f . E A ix-PF --f- Yllr'--FP 5.--tt .-.-,..- Q Q-L ' f" V' f Z E gg HQ! S .jf ' Mi , ff- K, I fu " P' -Q , --- 1 me , fl ' W ii W f W M L. fi ik 'I 9 9 ' f .5 4 .51guq'11g, , ' " -f ., I L fs "' I - --5-1 , gn,-fs:"iEiJsf,'axff' -Z , I -'-- -X V'-IIB' 4-K X . fr .4,::g,,,',5!v'l-- ,ff ,iggggv-faJ-3:-a...,g,.,l, - , Ez, .E 4,!jZlffiL,fg',, 14 nIHHg:gaz5gJ WE5:-Q1-BN-21-Hqxfgx El -,- 2-.+ -. . 4..,T,ffy:1, ,M y em' "-m11sigg'gg4,"Ei!,i' ' 1 f 'j Af, - , , 'M H 4'-11. L , 1 H! I E. :img fu sm- QEWM Himsa , Ag' II '-- I: I s-f -,mmf MH ml- 2 f MT H UH EBI Fig! 5: ,Egg 522' Eii 22555:--7 fl 3'M,HW1 ii f -4 1 gg! f,,1'I 45 ii " 'l l',-J" 1 ,f 7' .. 212225-eezzzleaei. -2 aan I , ,.,, ' 4? THE NEW 0. P. D iiwm SUBTLbTkS l33I. +BELLEVUE VIOLET "-4-T93-I HISTORIC CALENDAR OF TI-IE CLASS OF I93I I I 9 2 7 SEPTEMBER Lisfened fo a very original opening address. Discovered fhafz I. We are in for four hard years of sfudy and work. 2. We should keep our collecfive nose fo The grindsfone. 3. We should nof work foo hard. I-lave eighf hours sleep: I hour exer- cise: 2 hours recreafion: 3 hours for meals: I hour for oufside reading: 2 hours for fraveling every day. Buf we have 8 hours classes, and so far fhere are only 24 hours in a day. 4. Medicine is noble profession. Sfarfed osfeology. All dug up enough backbone 'ro sfudy a verfebra. . Firsf Anafomy recifafion. Prof. Senior asked Del Vecchio fo sfand. Del replied, "l am sfandingf' Whole class guilfy of execrable pun: "going fo bone up on os'reology?" , Osfeology Exam. Or maybe we'd beffer nof menfion if. OCTOBER Firsf dissecfion period. Disappoinfed. No fhrill. I Firsf Chemisfry Class. Solids, liquids, and gases. Boyle's Law lno relafion fo Firsf Micro. Class. I-low fo use a microscope. We saw how fhe ascaris loves furunclel. fo mifose. Milf Cohn loses Chemisfry nofebook. NOVEMBER Prof. Geffler makes sfarfling discovery fhaf 'our class confains large number of dopes. Our hand slips, and fhe Long fhoracic Nerve becomes iusf an ordinary fhoracic nerve. Graduafed from ascaris 'Io 24 hours. Chick embryo. Nexf is fhe pig embryo. l-low we look forward 'ro if! l-lolidays, Elecfion Day and Thanksgiving Day. Sfayed home and sfudied. DECEMBER Prof. Geffler predicfs black I 3 fufure for us-"dumb in- 3 ou' 94' foins." F ' M- 'P Jusf before Xmas, Prof. Mandel "' N, 'dig CW lefs us in on a secref- W Medicine is Noble Profes- L "ma sion. Furfhermore, "Wha'r 1 5' KU l is very remarkable is fhis: 'Y' T . 6, ff' X . X' g Q H N 0 ' NHS -. 0 l 'hal ol! Bfobifhenylovibowh otlhehel lofitjsfmwbozissine- v. Glolcbwnen Two Hundred and Fiffy-second Page f ""' 1 "TT i ' I ' i l83l BELLEVUE VIOLET l93I I 9 2 8 JANUARY New Year's Greefings from Prof. Senior in form of Exam. New Year's Greefings from Prof. Geffler in form of orders fo fill up cerfain large boffles over week-end. Silverzweig brealcs all records for fhis planef, by bringing in 4.7 lifers. FEBRUARY The beffing pool is disconfinued as Prof. Mandel says "remarkable" 25 fimes in one lecfure. Milf Cohn loses Physiology nofeboolc. MARCH . Spring appears unexpecfedly, and so does fhe Dean. who raids big crap game in our "dungeon." The seniors 'rhen furn fo bridge and pinochle. More Exams. APRIL Excifing monfh. Mob brealcs glass in Anafomy room bullefin board in affempf fo see exam resulfs. Prof. Globus appears on scene iusf in fime fo prevenf us from ennui. Physiology gefs us dizzy. Diffo D. Globus. MAY Balmy weafher. Dr. Globus in furn insulfs, praises. bulldozes. amuses. scorns, sfudies, and 'reaches us. We go balmy foo. Final Exams. JUNE We receive our grades, and 'l'alce vacafions. Some don'+. SEPTEMBER Affend opening address. We see more of our own class fhan freshmen. Very original. Among fhe new fhoughfs, we hear fhaf Medicine is N. P. OCTOBER Lofs of fime off. Bridge becomes major occupafion. We learn abouf inspecfion. palpafion, percussion, ausculfafion, and informafive doubles. , "Mysfery is efc. and frufh efc. by fhe efc. scalpel." Milf Cohn loses Operafive Surgery nofeboolc. NOVEMBER Dr. Darlingfon lefs us off early Safurdays for fhe foofball games which undoubf- edly, probably, parfially have an indubifable pafhological significance. We expose our manly lnof all of usl chesfs in Physical Diagnosis. Does Bender wear a sweafer, or is fhaf Pres. l-loover's famous "hair shir'r." DECEMBER Bridge. Exams. l 9 2 9 JANUARY Hardly enough fime off for lunch. Fourfeen ways of preparing Beef Brofh for Bugs. Ten pages a day of Cushny. FEBRUARY Dr. Krumwiede confides how he afe in Cheap-and-Dirfy where Tubercle Bacilli ef al. abound. . Experimenfs on ourselves and ofher laborafory animals prove fhaf aconife in fherapeufic doses has no acfion. l"Johnny, if's a falce."l Milf Cohn loses Pharmacology nofeboolc. Two Hundred and Fiffyr-ihird Page ies: lsTEELEvUiEiviloLET mi MARCH Spring again, and wifh if, exams. APRIL A new program. More fime for bridge. Prof. Walker makes us blush, alfhough we admire fhese l-loffenfof women. Dr. Riley finishes discussing lncidence of Typhoid Fever. MAY Dr. Riley sfill finishing discussion of lncidence of Typhoid Fever. Major Connolly inferprefs Army Maps for us, and shows us how fo designafe speakeasies on fhem. He 'rells fhaf one abouf rabies lrabies are Jewish priesfs, and l wouldn"r do a 'rhing for 'eml for fhe fhird fime, buf we laugh anyway. Dr. Kufisker describes cerebral vacuole-a medical s'ruden'r's disease. Final Exams. To bring ouf aforemenfioned c. v. SEPTEMBER Affended opening address. The new freshmen are inifiafed properly wifh fhe news fhaf Medicine is a N. P. OCTOBER Curious how few lafenesses fhere are every Thursday morning. Prognosis of fracfures should occasionally be guarded. NOVEMBER Medicine Clinic: Two new diseases-Spasfic consfifpafion, and afonic consfi- pafion. Dr. Pulley: Could fhis be diverficulifis? Milf Cohn loses Surgery nofes. DECEMBER Prof. Mandel explains difference befween 8-hour malarial parasife and Bilharzia. lf Burroughs-Wellcome Mixfure No. I doesn'f work, fry No. 2. lf fhaf doesn'f work, maybe pafienf hasn'f an endocrine disfurbance. lmmunology4-somefhing abouf anfigens and ambocepfors, and fhings. There are five sympfoms of ophfhalmology: epiphora, efc. If 'rhe pf. is suffering from an eye condifion, call in an ophfhalmologisf. Dr. Hurd has a sore fhroaf, and in his lecfures can'f be heard. Dr. Dench makes us blush by felling us fhaf we are fhe mosf courfeous class he remembers. Applied Milifary Science-a well folded copy of fhe Safeveposf is an excellenf weapon for fhe weekly baffle before fhe Wed. aff. Hygiene lecfure. No casualfies fo dafe. ' Obsfefrics: l. Asepsis: 2. Prevenf infecfiong 3. Asepsis: 4. Cash on Delivery. "Prevenf fhese meddlesome pediafriciansf' I 9 3 0 JANUARY The P. A. pf.'s prayer, according fo Dr. Blaffeis: "Lord de-liver us." Dr. Sfurfevanf springs fhe one abouf fhe pf. who oughf fo be connecfed wifh fhe Graf Zeppelin. FEBRUARY Time for bridge af lasf. And hearfs foo. Milf Cohn loses Therapeufics nofes. MARCH Genfleman from Cleanliness lnsfifufe comes clown fo leclure fo us in l-lygiene righf affer fhe weekly baffle. This fime fhe weapons were newspapers, Safeveposfs, chalk, rubber bands, and divers hardware. Dr. Pulley pulls a fasf one abouf Tr. Grindelia Robusficum. Two Hundred and Fiffy-fourfh Page 1 1 1 I l l l " I "7 I?f3I: BELLEVUE VIOLET l931 APRIL ' We wrife fhesis on "I-Iow fo Treaf Disease" for Dr. DeGraff. An Angsfrom unif is a unif named affer Angsfrom. Dr. Brock convinces us fhaf we forgof more Neuro-anafomy 'rhan we ever knew. The pediafrician--"Those meddlesome obsfefriciansf' MAY The rubber band m'f'rs. are doing a snappy business. Lasf swirl before exams. Dr. I-Iolden-"Those meddlesome obsfe+ricians." JUNE I Some become clinical clerks, some obsfefricians. some vacafe and some fry fo figure ouf how fhey could possibly have flunked. SEPTEMBER I 9 3 0 Affended opening address. Recenf research has unearfhed fhe facf 'rhaf Medi- cine is a Noble Profession. Advice fo fhe freshmen: Don'f sfudy foo hard: gef plenfy of sleep: don'f fall behind: fake daily exercise and recreafiong sfudy and review over and over again. The new program is greaf-always somebody playing bridge. Clinical clerking nof so bad. Lecfures sfarf af ll:3O. so Rivero, Solomon, Rabinowifz and Enselberg acfually come early. OCTOBER Milf Cohn loses Psychiafry nofebook. Well, he's a good loser. Dr. Smifh fakes us by fhe fhroaf and feaches us Pediafrics. Dr. Schilder's mefhod of menfal cafharsis produces verbal diarrhea. The Dean recommends Aconife for fhe freafmenf of a disease. NOVEMBER "Dear Sir, I am efc. and efc. and would like fo apply for admission fo your inferne sfalff." Dr. Wyckoff receives fhe "if's nof pull--i'r's whom you know fhaf coun+s." Clinical Clerks on Medicine give no 'rhanks on Thanksgiving Day. DECEMBER Dr. Gordon gefs confidenfial wifh us. "To pracfice in N. Y. you musf be able fo speak Yiddish." "Maybe I am crazy, buf I enjoy if." ' Xmas and lnferneship Exams. I-lo Hum. JANUARY I 9 3 I Very busy discussing appoinfmenfs and playing bridge. A fipz don'f play bridge up on fhe obs. ward. FEBRUARY Milf Cohn doesn'+ lose a book lhe has no morel. Dr. Krida unblushingly discusses a compromised ioinf. MARCH In a blizzard. and waifing for fhe end of APRIL fhe MAY ferm. Two Hundred and Fiffy-Hffh Page ESI--i3fTf+SBELLSEYU-E vie APQLQQIA Mercy, we beg of you! For four long years we have sfruggled, we have foughf, we have baffled in an efforf fo franscend our youfh and subsfifufe dignified mafurify. lf, occasionally, a small irrepressible glimmer of inconsequenfial mirfh fears loose from our vulnerable will, if, perchance, if smacks of disfasfe, we pray you fo femper your iusfice wifh mercy -you who have fransmufed our birfhrighf info pracficalify. Tl-lE TRUTH DISPELLED AND MYSTERY REVEALED W. L. Gilberf and Sir A. Sullivan would have if. lSCENE: The operafing amphifheafre of ............ and ............ Medical College. A clinic is abouf fo sfarf. The firsf few rows are occupied by senior sfudenfs, who are busy falking, laughing, reading newspapers ,and cafching up on losf sleep. The lasf fwo rows are occupied by people who are very quief and are wafching fhe preparafions for fhe operafion wifh inferesf. These furn ouf fo be freshmen, denfal sfudenfs, a few of fhe seniors' girl friends, and some unknown visifors. Through all fhe babble fhere is an underfone which sounds likezl CHORUS OF SENIORS: lTo fune of "Tripping l-lifher, Tripping Thifher"-from lolanfhe.l , Always busy. never working: 'Every class is like a caucus. Offenfimes Professors irking, ln spife of every imperfecfion Which makes fhem say fhaf we are shirking We are nof marked for perdifion: Af our iob of clinical clerking. For every man in every secfion We are noisy fourfh-year sfudenfs. Will yef become a greaf physician. Ever falking, ever raucous: Yes, become a greaf physician! We do nof behave wifh prudence- lEnfer Clinical Professor, several Assisfanf Professors, Visifing Surgeons, Adiuncfs, efc.l CHORUS OF ASSISTANT PROFESSORS, VISITINGS, ADJUNCTS, Efc. lTo fune of "We Sail fhe Ocean Blue," from l-l. lvl. S. Pinafore.l Wifh our Prof. we do agree , We agree wifh our Professor. Theres' no confroversy, And we hasfen fo say "YESSlR." Up in fhe wards we are freafed like lords, While down in fhe clinics we are yes-men. ' We can'f draw swords: we musf be responsive chords, We're going fo revolf, buf guess when. Ahoy! Ahoy! We're going fo revolf-buf when? Wifh our Prof. we do agree We agree wifh our Professor. Theres' no confroversy, And we hasfen fo say "YESSlR." We hasfen fo say "YESSlR." We agree wifh our Professor. There's no confroversy. Wirh our Prof. we do agree. Two Hundred and Fiffy-sixfh Page ls+ STUDENT: "-'-' 3 IEnTer The ProTessor.l I PROP.: ITo Tune of "I Am Monarch of The Sea." from I-I. M. S. Pinafore.I I am The Prof. of Surgery, The Third Division's deiTy. Whose praise The college loudly sings, And so do The adiuncTs and The visiTings, And so do The adiuncTs and The visifings, The adiuncTs and The visiTingsI Every Friday I infuse The Senior Class wiTh proper views: Who marvel aT The way in which my voince And so do The adiuncTs and The visifings, And so do The adiuncTs and The visiTings. The adiuncfs and The visiTingsI AsepTic principles I love I'Though I conTaminaTe my gIove.I My sTudenTs here learn many Things, And so do The adiuncTs and The visifings, And so do The adiuncTs and The visiTings, The adiuncTs and The visiTingsI Will The sTudenT who has The hisTory please iT rings. read iT? PaTienT's name is I. O. U. AduIT whiTe male, Thiry-Two. OccupaTion-ouT of work: NaTiviTy-he is a Turk. Chief compIainT is haIiTosis II Think iT's clear, The diagnosis.l PasT hisTory is negafive: No ofher sickness does he give Excepf for measles as a kid Of which he very soon was rid. From Tea and coffee he absTains, And alcoholics he disdains. Venereal-The sofTIy sighsl By name and sympToms he denies. I-Iis presenT illness daTes from June OT IasT year when he aTe a prune. AbouT Two hours IaTer, he Preceived a sharp pain in his knee. 'Twas sure enough an ill omen, For a docTor found in his abdome PROF.: A painful and a Tender mass Which he aTTribuTed To gas. This Thing's been presenT ever since: A Touch will make The paTienT wince. I-lis Are I-lis I-Iis I-lis BuT nose and ThroaT, his ears and mouT' negaTive beyond a doubT. skin is clear: no swollen glands: TeeT are normal and his hands, neck and chesT are normal Too: Theres' a mass in The RLQ. IT isn'T hard, nor is iT sofT: There was no impulse when he coughed I-le I-Iis In h has five million red cells and whiTe blood counT is iusT five grand. is urine he's noT passed A single pus cell or a casT. I-Iis Temp is Tla+Ter Than a rule And They have found feces in his sTool. I-Iis Wasserman, alas! alackl n I-las noT yeT been reporTed back. IUp To The elbow in soap suds, and acTiveIy scrubbing up.l The diagnosis is obscure: Could This be Tuberculosis, : This case is quiTe a hummer. Or a neopIasTic mass: ' OT course. I'm noT enTireIy sure, Even diverTicuIosis- U I- BuT This mighT be a gumma. I ask? WhaT Thinks The class? wo Hundred and FifTy-sevenTh Page iesIi Bl-fi.Li5vuTs' iIOLE'I' -ICE CLASS: YESSIR! lThe pafienf is broughf in on The operafing Talole, surrounded by The oper- afing surgeon and his assisfanfs. Meanwhile, The Prof. has scrubbed up, and has donned his asepfic uniform, and sfands away from The operafing field, his gloved hands wrapped in a sferile Towel. The specfafors in The lasf Two rows lean for- ward breafhlessly, as The inifial incision is made.l PROF.: lTo Clinical Prof.l Dick, who has The firsf paper? CLIN. PROF.: MacBernsTein. sir. lMacBernsTein explains a diagram depicTing an esophagosigmoidosTomy, and The regional vascular supply. Nobody pays The slighfesf aTTenTion.l PROF.: I Think I can make if a Iiffle simpler. lSToops To pick up his cap, Thereby confaminafing his gIoves.l Jusf remem- ber Thaf The arferies follow The veins, and The veins run a similar course. Now for The nexf paper. lTen more papers are read. buf nobody lisTens.l Now Tell us, Dr. Lephf, whaT have you found? ASSOC. PROF.: lWiTh one hand in The depfhs of The wound.I In The pelvis I have found I'Though nowhere near The bonel A mass which isn'T very round, BuT feels as hard as sTone.. PROF.: I A 'Tis sfony hard? You musf agree Our perspicaciTy is sword-like. ASSOC. PROF.: l Think I erred: iT seemed To me lT's consisfency is board-like. PROF.: WhaT? Feels abouf as hard as wood! This is a puzzling case, I Trow. ASSOC. PROF.: I beg your pardon, sir. I should I-lave said Thaf if feels iusf like dough. PROF.: lPuTTing on a new pair of gloves, and going over To paTienT.l This l'll invesfigafe myself And clear away This misf. lAn expression of horror creeps over his face as he feels.l IT feels To me-"um Goffes I-lelf" This damnable Thing's a CYST. lThe Assoc. Prof. refurns To finish The operaTion.l Two I-lundred and Fiffy-eighTh Page li """"i n l l l !83I -BELLEVUAE VIOLET 3 PROF.: lTo lhe lune of "On The Day When I Was Wedded," from The Gondoliers Abour a mass which is cysficg Which nobody can deny, Aboul a mass which is sysricg And no one knows beH'er lhan I. Hs influence is anarchisfic: My clinics mighl end in a lighl: I+ sfirs up a row almosl' fisfic, For everyone lhinks he is righ+. When I call il' a cyslic hygroma-- Cl-IORUS: The resl' of us say i+'s lipoma. PROF.: My delighl in +his lhing is sadislicg ll' always purs us in a mess: Perhaps I should say masochislic. For I never can make 'rhe righf guess. A recenl survey analys+ic Oi our cases. in-pafienls and our- A sludy correcf and s+a+is+ic, Discovered beyond any doubl- When we called 'rhe damn lhing a lipoma. CHORUS: y . I+ 'Iurned oul' +o be a cyslic hygroma. lThe Assoc. Prof. has excised a mass And handed il 'ro be sen? round lhe class. A+ Ihis iunclure, a prelrly young woman, clad in blue and while rushes in fran+ically, and lhrowing herself a+ +he Professor's feel, delivers herself of lhe following aslounding revelal'ion.l NURSE: lTo 'lhe lune of "When Frederic Was A Li++Ie Lad," 'lrom Pirales of Penzance Professor, I implore you, lislen 'ro my 'Iale of woe. Pray iudge me noi' +oo harshly. bul' l'+hink fhal you should know Thai' I've made a lalal error-I will make my slory 'l'erse. Bul please, you musl' forgive me, for I'rn iusl a sludenl-nurse. CI-IORUS: She's iusf a s'ruden+-nurse! NURSE: I+ musl' have been 'rhe Spring divine which made ils call 'ro youI'h My mind was so dislracled-oh. here's 'rhe awful +rul'h: I ha'l'e 'ro fell you. for I know i+'s 'foo lale +o repenl- TI-IE PATIENT ON THIS TABLE'S NOT Tl-IE ONE FOR WI-IOM YOU SENT' lEverybody exeunl' lo Iunch.l C. Two Hundred' and Filly-ninlh Page D .,.. ,. ... . W-.. .-. .-. ia3i --BELLEVUE y,loLET --'los' HANDBOOK FOR TI-IE CLINICAL CLERK This work is infended 'Io supplemenf ofher fexfs, and fo supply valuable pracfical informafion. I. Hisfory Taking. This is a very imporfanf dufy, and should nof be faken foo Iighfly. Informafion on fhe following poinfs should be especially elicifedz A. NAME. If is offen imporfanf fo be aware of fhe pa+ien'I's name. B. SEX. The pafienf should be asked whaf his sex is. This is of value in exclud- ing cerfain diseases, such as hydafiform mole in a male. efc. C. AGE. The diagnosis of senile gangrene should nof be made if fhe pafienf is less fhan fwenfy years of age. A woman's age can be esfimafed from fhe rapidify wifh which she replies 'ro fhe quesfion. D. TELEPHONE NUMBER. If is nof good form fo ask for fhis, excepf, perhaps, if one is asking a nurse. E. PERSONAL I-IISTORY. Find ouf fhe occupafion, fhe occupafions before fhe presenf one, and whefher fhe employer was a good skafe. Find ou+ fhe marifal sfafe. Never ask an OB pafienf if she is married . . . iusl' puf a circle around fhe M on fhe charf. F. I-IABITS. Inquire as fo sleep. eafing habifs, whefher pafienf plays bridge or kibifzes. If answer is "I don'+ drink," ask "I-low much?" Inquire affer fhe size of each slice of bread IDr. Pulleyl 4If3 x M, x 27f8 inches, efc. G. MEDICAL I-IISTORY. Say 'ro fhe pafienf, "Did you ever have rubeola. varicella, osfeochondrifis deformans iuvenilis coxae, ainhum, sprue, fsufsuga- mushi fever, or a common cold? I-I. FAMILY I-IISTORY. Ask for a copy of fhe family bible, or gef in fouch wifh fhe sfafe genealogical sociefy. W I. VENEREAL I-IISTORY. Use fhe following form: "Do you deny by name or sympfoms a pasf or presenf spirochefal, Neisserian, or Duprez infecfion?" J. OB and GYN I-IISTORY. "Af whaf age did you firsf-I mean how old were you when you sfarfed fo-er--er-Oh. well, I'II iusf puf down I4x4x28. Did you ever have a discharge? . . . No. nof from a iob." K. MISCELLANEOUS. If fhe pafienf doesn"I' falk or undersfand English. if is well fo make up your own hisfory. 2. The Physical Examinafion. If fhe pafienf is a Psycho, borrow a flashlighf and fesf fhe pafellar reflex. For OB read 'I'he ward charf. In Surgery. gef a knife and scissors, and remove fhe Spica, or cuf down fhe Balkan Frame fo gef a look af fhe local condifion. Correcf fhe visifing's nofes if your findings differ from his. 3. Laborafory Work. This is fhe crux of fhe clinical cIerk's career. Upon fhe successful performance of fhis dufy depends his happiness. A. URINE EXAMINATIONS. I. The Sinque Tesf. This can be done only on selecfed specimens. Measure ouf IO cc. of urine and pour if info a clean fesf fube. I-lold if up fo fhe lighf. If no blood, bile, casfs, pus, albumin. glucose, or Bence-Jones profein is visible, grasp fhe neck of fhe fube wifh a sferile clamp and genfly inverf 'rhe 'Iube so fhaf fhe confenfs are consigned fo fhe drain-pipey If fhe Iaffer becomes corroded. mark if "sfrongIy acid." If nof, Iisf as follows: Amber Acid or neufral IOZO. Two Hundred arfd Sixfiefh Page l I A , I mmamngl g Y W- iagi,-l?BgLLEvuE VIQLET -..-l93l . --1 If fhe pafienf is nof in coma, convulsions, delirium, collapse, or deafh. add fo fhe lis+: Neg. 4 Neg. , g . Neg. l Neg. B. BLOOD COUNTS. This is anofher phase of imporfanf work. I. Colorimefric Mefhod of Hemoglobin Esfimafion. This mefhod calls for pre- cision, and keen iudgmenf. Place fhe pafienf so fhaf he faces a lighf. Then genfly inverl' +he lower lid lblepharonl fhereby exposing fhe blood vessel of fhe coniuncfiva. Gauge 'rhe hemoglobin confenf from fheir appearance. Then 'iab fh pa+ien+'s finger wifh a needle, and scamper off fo fhe lab 'ro wrife up The resulf. 2. Facies Mefhod for cyfological counf. This, foo calls for good iudgmenfz a. Pafienf looking happy and fresh-4,970,000g 5,0005 742, 222, 270, 21. b. Pafienf pale and fired-3,670,000: 6,I00: 702, 3070. c. Pafienf flushed and fhirsfy-4,200.000: 8,900: 8070, 202. . - P From fhese sfandards, arrive af your own conclusion. Buf always be sure fo jab fhe pa+ienf's finger. L y T C. GASTRIC ANALYSIS. Don'+ do I+. T D. STOOL EXAMINATION. Don'+ do i'r. 3. Miscellaneous. Don'+ fry fo keep your charfs up fo dafe. Waif unfil pafienf is discharged, fhen see if you can cafch up. In "No Trump" lead your fourfh besf, excepf when your suif is headed by a sequence, when you should lead fhe fop card. From K J IO lead fhe J. ' "Don'f sif furfher back fhanfhe second row in Prof. Carlisle's conferences. Q Don'+ wair fo cafch Prof. Krida in a round-shouldered affifude. and do nof wasfe fime speculafing whefher he would finish his lecfure before leaving if a fire broke ouf. Don"r argue wifh Prof. Smifh when he says fhere are no such words as "allrighl"' or "alright" because he is all righf on +ha+ score. If Dr. Connery asks you fhe affecf of hard X-rays on The megakaryocyfes. fell him you have an imporfanf engagemenf. Don'+ fell Dr. Symmers 'rhaf fhe aufopsy findings are afypical. C. D. E. ....4..g.qQyg.....- RONDEAU ln Carnegie we si+ all day lThe seafs are hard, and wifh dismay We hear fhe lecfurer refell The sfories fhaf we know so welll We sif. and knowledge flows our way. If flows-alas, if does nof sfayl Our fhoughfs are miles and years away. We've fallen 'neafh 'rhe sleepy spell Of Carnegie. Whaf maffers now why sfools are gray? Who cares abouf +ha+ affer May? And fhen when Toby rings +he bell We sfarf, and casf aside our shell, Once more we enfer in fhe fray, ' ln Carnegie. l.. T. Two Hundred and Sixfy-firsf Page i -"'-Ni n q g ' ""' 1 pgali--'BELLEVUE VI6LET I93I COSSIP AND RUMGR I see by fhe papers fhaf l-l. L. Mencken has suddenly undergone a change of hearf from his usually causfic nafure, and insfead of con- demning, as is his wonf, has acfually approved of fhe work of fhe Wickersham Commission. Which leads me fo believe fhaf sfrange fhings mighf be in sfore for us in l932. Gynecologisf Revises Curriculum Feb. 6. l932 lspecial fo fhe Belleve Violefl ' Dr. Frederick C. Holden, Professor of Gynecology af Universify and Bellevue l-lospifal Medical College, has announced a radical change in his course fhis year. "l find," said Dr. Holden, "fhaf in fhe pasf fhe minds of sfudenfs have been burdened wifh foo much rofe memory and form. In addifion, fhere has been foo much sfress puf upon hisfory faking. Such pracfices are mediaeval. and should no longer be allowed fo exisf in a modern school. As a consequence, l plan fhis year. fo have my sfudenfs do all fhe operafive work, and have myself and my lassisfanfs fake care of fhe clerical end of fhe service, so fhaf fhe responsibilify for fhis laffer imporfanf work can be definifely fixed." Docfor Announces Resulfs of Long-Secref Experimenf June I. I932 lBVl Dr. Roberf Wadhams, in an address fo 'lhe senior class in Carnegie l-lalll fhis affernoon, made known fhe resulfs of work fhaf he has been doing for fhe pasf four years. . "l hesfifafe fo be rash in my announcement" said Dr. Wadhams. "buf in fhe inferesf of science l cannof refrain from informing you fhaf in a series of 4,085 cases of fracfure of fhe long bones. mainly fhe fibia and fhe humerus, in which l have rendered a favorable prognosis for experimenfal purposes, 4,084 of The vicfims recovered, wifhin a period varying from fhree fo six weeks, perfecf or nearly perfecf func+ion." The Docfor announced lafer fhaf, in view of fhe oufcome of fhis experimenf, he would be forced fo abandon his age-old policy of guarding fhe prognosis of fracfures. "There is no basis for fhis cringing affifude." said he, in closing. "Whaf we wanf in medicine is fhe caufion of wisdom, nof of fear." Professor Decries "Hero Worship" in Medicine Nov. 2, I932 lBVl "This affempf fo exploif fradifion and personal abilify and disdain The use of newer and more accurafe mefhods is fo be deplored." said Arfhur Krida. Professor of Orfhopedics af fhe Universify and Bellevue l-lospifal Medical College, in an exclusive inferview fo fhe Bellevue Violef correspondenf foday. "There is foo much hero-worship in Medicine. We fend fo cling fo anfiquafed mefhods of physical diagnosis merely fo flaffer our own vanifyand our abilify. There is no reason why fhe medical profession should nof adopf af once fhe many aids offered if by fhe unselfish labor of science. lf is a criminal offense in my eyes, fo permif a pafienf. lef us say, wifh osfeomyelifis fo be mauled, prodded, pressed, sfared af and sfripped by a Docfor, when, wifh The infelligenf use of fhe X-ray. fhe man may make a diagnosis, in fhe comforf of his office, under condifions conducive fo clear uninferrupfed fhoughf, and wifh no annoyance or embarrasmenf fo fhe pafien+." "l urge fhaf fhe modern 'Docfor realize af once fhe many advanfages fhaf are his and proceed fo make fhe fullesf use of fhem." were fhe Professor's closing remarks. Two l-lundred and Sixfy-second Page .. --1-1 1 l83l+.-.2-.T-BELLEVUE vlogl,ET--- Igsi Surgeon Explains Refiremenl' Dec. I, I932. Dr. Charles Wheeler Walker, 'lhe man who some weeks ago sfarlled +he medical world by his renunciarion of surgery. Iasl week granied l'he au+hor an inlerview in which he explained his hi+her+o incomprehensible ac+ion. Dr. Walker was a+ firsr lorh +o 'ralk on +he subiecl of Surgery a+ all. bu+ afler considerable persuasion he slopped one of his jokes in mid-air and bursl' in+o fears. "Blank," he said, clearing his lhroar, "you are doub+less wondering why I quil Surgery and I- can'+ say Ihal' l resenl' your curiosily, buf if you had +he disappoinl- menls +ha+ l have had in 'rhe Ias+ year, +hey would have driven you +o dis+rac+ion. I have had my mos+ sleadfasl beliefs sha'r+ered, my londesl' hopes have wilhered, and, as a consequence, l no longer have fairh in my work. The s+raw +ha+ broke +he camel's back came four weeks ago when l opened info a Knee-Join+ and could 'Iind nolhing wrong. Laler, a medical man discovered wilrh no olher aid +han his his+ory, his eyes, and a lhermomefer, 'rhal 'rhe pa+ien+ had rheuma+ic fever. My +ruism, buill up on long years of sludy, collapsed like a puncfured balloon." A+ +his iunc+ure Dr. Walker was so afraid +ha'r he could no longer go on, and I lhoughl' il' besl' io conclude l'he inlerview. Palhologisl' Delivers Talk Dec. 7, I932. v The sfudenl'-body was 'lhrilled lasl' evening al' +he crisp, delighlful, and 'l'o-+he- poinl address made by Dr. Charles Darlinglon. Dr. Darlingfon summed up in a very few words, +he characlerislic pa+hological lesions of syphilis. Inferviewed laler, Dr. DarIing+on s+a+ed +ha+ +he main faull' wi'l'h modern 'reach- ing me+hods was +he deplorable lack of +erseness and +he inevilable search for loop- holes by +he prolessorial sfalil. This, he sl'a'Ied, would be remedied only when medicine became more facf and less fheory. -.--.qQQ?j--.-... OBSTETRICAL RGNDEAU Prenafal care dislurbs my brain, 7 Dys+ocia's ills are yel my bane. While Ieaden-eyed, I sil' all nighf And half awake, once more recife "An ROP needs sfronger pain- "Give anaesfhesia,-sfrenglh main'rain,- ll unengaged lhe head remain. 'Tis evidenl she's nol had righf Prenalal Care. "From vaginals one musl refrain,- The mechanism is quile plain,- While bearing down wilh all her might The scalp dislends lhe vulva light- Eclampsia,-ruplure,-and again, Prenafal Care." L. T. Two Hundred and Sixfy-lhird Page I' ' 1 i i"4 l31 BELLEVUE VlOLET" '93 REPORT OE THE DEAN'S CGMMISSICDN ON THE USE OE ACONITE HE CommiTTee of The Whole made up of Nine Members appoinTed by Your Highness, wish To make known The following resulTs and conclusions drawn regard- ing The use of AconiTe in Various AilmenTs. I. Diabefes Insipidus. In a series of cases reporTed aT The Nursery and Child's HospiTal, iT was found ThaT almosT every case of DiabeTes Insipidus was aided by The exhibifion of AconiTe. IT was of greaTes'I' value as a diureTic. and There was always an increased ouTpuT in 24 hours. In facT, iT seemed To mosT paTienTs ThaT There were more Than 24 hours in a day. iudging from The ouTpuT. In only Two cases was There no diuresis, and The vasTiimaioriTy of These were noT cases of DiabeTes lnsipidus. 2. ln Labor. Given early in Labor. AconiTe will sofTen The cervix and dilaTe iT quicker Than a muTe can say "Jack Rosenberg" IO. T. Jack Robinsonl. ln TacT, The only obiecfion To iTs use rouTinely is The danger of precipiTaTion while The aTTendanT Turns To give Nurse a kiss and congraTulaTe himself on The greal' benefiTs oT The drug. The resulTan+ danger To The FeTus makes us say ThaT iT should noT be used. I Furfher, The lay public may geT wise and The AB's will be hard hiT. 3. In Fracfure of The Neck of The Femur. Here AconiTe is of invaluable benefif in ununifed fracfures of The neck. Non-union is The usual resulT,iT iT is given freely and iudiciously. In TacT, non-union is invariably The oufcome. and we vehemenTIy recommend ThaT iT be exhibifed and plainly labelled on all boTTles so ThaT iTs use can be prohibiTed. AconiTe is of benefif when if is combined wiTh an open operafion and joining of The fragmenTs by a STeel PlaTe. 4. In Fever. Righf here AconiTe is a Boon To Humanify. We can do no beTTer Than inserfing The following TesTimonials received, and if space permiTTed, we'd prinT Them all. Here is a worThy example: "Dear Aconife Commission: I have been using AconiTe for 20 years for The elevaTion of sub-normal Temperafures in shock. coma, and bashful lovers. IT is indispensable and a Sine Que Non. I can'T geT along wiTh- ouT iT. In cases of normal Temperafure iT is of liTTle value unless you puT The paTienT on a hoT cook-sTove. In cases of real fever iT is oT greaT value when exhibiTed along wiTh ice-cold showers and Aspirin wiTh a 'few grains of anTipyrine Thrown in. IT's swell for lnTarcTs Too. My cousin geTs good resulTs wiTh iT in Brain Tumor. I enclose my Affidavit" 5. In STaTus LymphaTicus. AconiTe aTTacks The eTiological agenf here in a remarkable way. In facT, iT's almosT a specific. In a series of 345 cases sTudied aT Manchuria General HospiTaI. iT has been shown To clear up every case. and The paTienTs were discharged cured afTer Two weeks. However, This should be Taken wiTh a grain of salT, increasing To Ten grains if necessary. and rriake iT KCN if ordi- nary salT won'T do. We say a grain of salT, because, on furTher analysis and follow-up, none of These cases proved To be STaTus Lymphaficus, buT The Pluriglandular Syn- drome. And so iT all depends on The PoinT oT View. SUMMARY I. AconiTe is Swell for Swollen Ankles. 2. IT is anTi-scorbuTic. 3. IT should always be used if There is no deTiniTe sign of disease. 4. lT's almosT. a Specific. 5. Never Exhibif AconiTe unless you're ouT in The Woods and iT's Pilch Dark. Two Hundred and SixTy-fourTh Page W 7 ' 'W--- q VIOLE:lig ......?i-lQ.f5j X HA P VT X Xil y X 4 Q x To N -1 K ' ', 2 f 34 E-.mek X fi by .7 X 1 '7' si- F A .43 5 ijyTQyQq.K ,?Y jjj qgivhqssn ' 2 IV Dmem. f 7 ' v -any f vii x l ff Q l El IROO J lil 'L - ' N J A 0 ' ,mdk V V W sf. 4n1.z..vm. ,Aj ,f .h V! digg V is M W27 mx FROM THE PROFESSORS Somefimes i'r's hard 'ro +ell whelher The pa+ien'r has a mo+h-ealen alopecia or a bad barber."-TU LIPAN Never freaf a worm un'ril you see if."-FREEMAN. Marriage is a civil s'ra+e. noi' a physiological one."-GORDON. Some papers were good and olhers were very similar."-WYCKOFF. In a cigare++e. i'r's 'ras+e: in gynecology, i+'s his'rory."-SOVACK. A neurologisf is a doclor who knows a lo+ of syphilis and a li++le neurology.-HOAG. An endocrinologisl' is a doc+or who sees in every+hing The workings of +he glands of infernal secre+ion.-G LOBU S. I+ is ridiculous fo +rea+ +he parenleral infeclion and lel' l'he diarrhea whis+le -C. H. SMITH. The +rea+men'r of Mongolism is prayer-pray +ha+ 'rhe child dies young." QUERY We glibly prafe of inflammalion Red and while degenerafion Ol a+rophy and neuraslhenia, Of syphilis and leulcopenia These fhings we know, or so we're Bu+ fell me: Can we l'rea1' a cold? Two Hundred and Sixfy-fiffh Page fo -C. H. SMITH. CHAGNN Many a man wilh an inferneship sewed up And foying wi'rh planls for a glorious fufure Has now on his hands iusl' a big disap- poin+men+ And finds himself busy removing The sufure. l83l1 BELLEVUE VIOLET l93I 3 l THE BIRTH OF THE MONTH CLUB Presenfs lfs January Opus "GEORGE FRANK" By ELLEN and PHILIP HOLLAND This is fhe firsf df fhis young coupIe's work you really fry. Unforfunafely if was issued pri for fhis inifial venfure fo sfarfle fhe world. I+ m Published in January of fhis year, Shippin fhe besf. and is an inferesfing sfudy of whaf can be done when vafely-fhere is only one copy in exisfence. We look ay even sef a precedenf. g weighf 7 lbs. 3 oz. Plain linen binding. Our price is MANHATTAN MATERNITY COMPANY. Publisher and Delivery Service. -....4.gQsg.....- FORGET-ME-NOT Four years ago-l'fis since forgofl We slarfed in a learned college To clear our brains of ancienf rof And subsfifufe some needed knowledge. Since fhen. praise bel fhe fhings we've learned Are many and are quife diverse. Corroborafing none we knew In facf, fhe very real reverse. One fac+ I fhink of. small yer greaf Makes all our loves wifh danger rife l+'s fhaf fhe sweef mafernal sfafe Does nof depend on wedded life. Anofher says fhaf broken bones May off by nafure be refarded. Express regref in cheerful fones Bur our prognosis musf be guarded. In G. Y. N. if's seen again, IA pafienl' may be hard fo managel We're caufioned fhaf fhe men wifh brains Will do fhe very smallesf damage. We'II ne'er forgef fhough old-age Iafches The gafeway fo our 'lime-worn fops While smallpox comes in single pafches, Ifs cousin, Chicken, comes in crops. Buf one greaf facf is nof impressed dy e'en fhe mosf be-conscienced proclfor To call in frouble and disfress The ever-faifhful family docfor. M. S. BIBLIOGRAPHY When I read a medical iournal Below fha new reporfs There's never a name efernal Like Johnson, or Smifh. or Schwarfz. There's Kossel and Hirshefeld, and Jacobs and Kafz, And Dorfer and Gusser, and Schafer and Glafz. And Ullman and Blumberg, and von Recklinghausen. And Burger and Sachs and Eberfh and Clausen, And Bordef and Fichef, and dear Emil Roux. And Sf.-Jean, and Sorel. and Monsieur Nicloux. And Marfelle, and d'HereIIe, and Rene Rondeau. And Claisson, and Jacquef, and M. Tirondof, And Nencki. and Lesnik, and Horfhy, and Sczer. And Nagy-Pedrona, and Torac, and Kleir. And Hanzlik, and Kywoscz. and,WaIko. and Mulc And Boegen. and Doncken, and von der Dekule And Hoenen, and Baafz, and Willem Andeer, And Gazerf, and Biorgsen and Sfiom Oier Darkschewifsch. and Monakov Donislewifsch, and J. Pefrow, Rubowifsch. and old Pawlow, Sawadowsky. Simonovna. Karafschkowsky, Dinsolvna, Bielchowsky, Paregrovna. Kumagawa, Koyango, 1 Kafakui, Kefango. , Marani, Morelli. Masucchi. Malone, MacNider, MacDoweII, Mackenzie. Machron. Fifzgerald. and Weafherbyf Donald Van Slyke, Dakin, and Cushny, and Falk, and Van Dyke, O'Hara. O'Brien. O'ConneII, Krawifhs, Old Surbeck. del Marfin, Kervy and Bowens, If grieves me fo see haw few are The Smifhs How rare and infrequenf fhe family of Cohens, L. T. I Two Hundred and Sixfy-sixfh Page Q iasI T-'- BELLEVUE TIIOLET 3 THE CRAVIN' Once upon a morning dreary, I, in labor, worn and weary, Requesled midsl' +errific pains galore- "Call lhe Doc+or, I en+rea+ you: - Call +he Doclor, l implore. This I ask, and Nolhing more." Suddenly I'+was very shockingl Me+hough+ I heard my doc+or walking, Bu+ when he came and slood wi+hin my door- 'Twas noi lhe obslelrician Ivlusl' have been an apparilion- Jusl' an inferne, Nofhing more. My requesl I do declare, When 'rhe baby was nor +here. Was enough 'ro make +his ins+i+u+ion sore: Bulling in of obs're+rician Would be quife an imposilrion, His assis+ance fo +he in+erne Quife a bore. . In arms ol loving inlerne Carried liorrh from bed +o lable II' weighed so much +ha+ morning Thai' I wonder he was ablel Yel' l'he +I-ming which l so dreadfully deplore. Was Ihe lerrible mislake Which I didn'l' mean +o make- In keeping il' from dropping On 'Ihe floor. Againsl +he rules, alas! alackl Wilh all my mighl' I held il back So place 'Ihe blame on me I do implore: I-le didn'l' mean 'Io do il' And I know he'll always rue il'- I-Iis giving up l'he case before 'Twas o'er. So I ask of cruel lale "Do I have 'ro suppIica'l'e, Beg and pray, en+rea+ and +hen implore, To gel The docl'or +here on lime For baby number four?" Quolh +he pa'I'ien+ "Nevermore." R. S. P. lFrom lhe Medical Pickwick, May, l922I Two Hundred and Sixfy-sevenlh Page 4 W Y -. , ,. '83' BEL'-EVU li Ylol-E-L. 'FPL THE EDITGR PRIDES S Himself in +hinking +ha+ +his issue of fhe Viole+ is an excepfional one. This greal' +ask enfailed fhe unseliish work of many persons, more 'rhan we have had room +o lis+ elsewhere. We are especially indeb+ed +o: DR. JOHN H. WYCKOFF, whose advice was inslrumenlal in +he successful planning of fhe Violef: MR. HARRY MELLOR, of The Read-Taylor Company, whose innumerable suggesfions and reassurances in lime of +rouble con+ribu+ed much +o +he success and beaufy of lhe Violef: MISS BESSIE ELLINSON, of +he While S+udios, who so ably managed many lhou- sands of pho+ographic difficulfies: MISS TYNNE REINBERG, for her unselfish and prompl' execulion of +he greal' mass of secrefarial work: MR. JACK SOBEL, for his greai' care in making +he charcoal por+rai+ of Professor Senior: The New York Academy of Medicine. and especially Mr. Harold Place, assisfani' librarian: Dr. Charles L. Dana, Dr. Howard Fox. The Egberf Lefevre Library. and Paul Hoeber, Inc., for Jrhe generous loan of pic+ures: MISS HELEN BAYNE, our librarian, who made our his+orical research easier: MR. CHARLES SHIELDS, who demonsfrafed +he pleasanlness ol his personali+y in many difficulf si+ua+ions: MR. EDGAR TILTON, for his inesfimable suggeslions: THE VIOLET STAFF, who con+ribu+ed no+ only +heir fime and energies Jroward fhe produc+ion of fhe book, buf +heir combined personali+ies, which leff +he edifor a li++le sen+imen+al when his arduous 'rask was complefe. Two Hundred and Sixfy-aighfh Page -1-l-ii .-.1- F.?3'l' BELLEVUE Y AND ESPECIALLY are we indebied +o Dr. A. A. Whi+e, of William R. Warner 8: Co., for his generosily in supplying 'rhe cu+s for 'rhe page borders, which has added grea+ly +0 'rhe dis- Tincfiveness of 'rhe Viole+. The following is a keyed-lisl of 'rhe l'i'rles 'ro 'rhe scenes from medical his+ory: Page l88-a. Melancholic Temperament b. Choleric Temperament by Marlin de Vos: c. Aescalapius and his medical insrruclor, Chiron, by Gollzius. Page l89-a. Caesarian Operarion lI6+h Cenluryl: b. Greal Thomas, a quack, presiding a+ an operarion in 'rhe Pon+ Neuli ll8'rh Cenluryl: c. Childbirfh, by Abraham Bosse. A Page l9O-a. Physician and feverish palienl' lloih Cenlury Woodcull: b. Fron+- ispiece, Canon of Avicenna: Jun+arus. Venice, l595: c. Dioscoridies discovers Man- dragora: Julia Anicia, I5I2. E Page l9l-a. Dark de Bakker, Sleeper of Holland: b. Michael Angelo and Anlonio della Torre dissec+ing in secrer: c. Aulopsy, from Chirurgia Magna: Guy de Chauliac, Monfpelier. . Page l92-a. Poinis for Cau+eriza'rion, Salerno Manuscripl ll Hh Cenruryl: b. Chirurgia-Pelrus Hispanus lPope John XXIJ, Florence, l49O: c. Office of a German Surgeon ll6+h Cenfuryl: d. same as a. Page l93--a. Abdominal Puncrure: Surgery of Paul Barbe++s: b. Paracen+esis, Tulp, I672: c. Drainage by Linen Sfrings, Dekkers, I694: d. S+. Vi+us' Dance-Pierre Breughel. ' Page I94-a. Carica+ure of Rheumafism ll8+h Cenluryl: b. Bedlam Asylum, Hogarrh, l732: c. Colic. Cruikshank, I835. Page I95-a. Apolhecary Trea+ Toofhache, Pielro Longhi: b. Uroscopy: Trac+ by Bariholemew de Glanville, I494: c. Uroscopy: Trac'r on Pes+ilence, Alonzo Espina. Page I96-The Physician, by Hendrik Gollzius. The Physician is: a. A God when deafh knocks: b. An Angel when danger is nigh: c. A mere man when convalescence se+s in: d. And a devil when he claims his fee. Page I97-lllus+ra+ions from Chirurgia of Roger of Parma ll3+h Cenluryl. a. Trearmenl of Fracfures: b. Trealmeni' of Head lniuries. Page l98-a. Dis+illa+ion: Brunschwig, Franklurl, I597: b. Blood Transfusion, Chrislopher Wren lI7+h Cenfuryl: c. Boeckelman and Six: Jurriaen Pool, I699: d. Genrle Emeric: Gillray. A Page I99-a. Hippocrales' Dierelics: Junlarus llolh Cenlurylg b. Hernio+omy: Scul+el'us' Chirurgia, Ulm, I653: c. Tableau of Human Life: Pedialrics, Alexander Jan. Page 200--Trea+ise, by Brunschwig, I497. a. Trealmenl' of Poisonous wounds: b. lnduc+ion of Vomiling: c. Trealmenr of Gasfro-lnlesfinal wounds: d. Ro'ra'rion machine of Horn for Treafmenr of Insane. Page ZOI-lmholep: Egyplian Medical Deily: b. Surgical lnslrumenrs. a. Baby- lonian: b. Classic Grecian: c. Ancienl Egyplian. Tl-IE EDITOR. Two Hundred and Sixly-ninlh Page BELLEVUE I-ICDSPITAL ' E' . , , A :,31lLu.. ,226 W . .ILLM-'4I. 5'----ua III 4 'T Al Mx I w g Z -IF Q., :l 1 I uf glut 1'f mn h-- H T I- lxfrmmnmnmwmmml mm Z "W ' lahlllllill lw.1.1f"n1f. qg In 'Il!I'll L54 MIN dz' I 3' P avg!! Inv' A V I 'FITARI xlS W LBA IT IlllL'f"'H ar sq, T""73HE'i7iI"'7 Ill' YT!! 1 I Q-llllf Ylhllill Ill!! "lilII" 'la llluuemll xl: 1 me-.':?zJ?Z'.9 4 -v ff.-?f-if' f -Fw-m, .'j?,?,71:fff" f f!4' 1'f7" www maffzhffmwf, , . rg' L. i I' E514 14-T" - HL' fp-N - f ,555p,f.I ,IQ-.4 Q -fqug 45 EL!! VI' ""'?X' Hulk X-fr. X I .ul L11 " -. ?5"f'li'ifx"" - 73 'F' -'5Llh"'l fg g+diafm'J.4U,yg QML1 Qu vw lv in Lu ::l:TTT:.'xQ'::-....1. . ,.:,l gf ' ""' .AEE - - 'U--V H I Y . -1-Y-ch- "'51"'I'-lr V' ,,., 'Q Aja: IL" '- - 5: -gilllss u lf- - '-: fy-'f:.f:,g1n I. .- 1 , -!Il:!'Hl'Zi nL4LgffLa..,Qv2f, Lflflzgh fmjy' I 'mv' isa f- W rillmf ' ,... , W. Q - wil , "Wei" -Fe' ,ap H-1321215 ' Ll 1 Mi.. ui iw M11-I-.If ,,,g'.' ily- fl-"?'uT1fi'L'i1...,,Eg ,Il i---I , .WL V.. ,W W... - , ,-- in F ,i.4.....f,f.- --'fi 1.-4-., lllllllllllf.:L'Effefi'!'!5...!?15QE???l:"" ' ,.. . .!.!.....:J!.Q..Q!...Ill!...,.4QE5::.efiffiiil ,f , f ,, ,,.,:.,:,.f, .' fo. . ,uf ,'. . A .1-ff: ., - Q F and G BUILDING IW ,li W n Qi QS go 33' Q -si T WI mnntuguc innspital for lnfesfinal and Recfal Ailmenfs 36H1 Sfreef Jus? Easf of Lexingfon Avenue New York Cify Offering Special Facil ities for: I. Radium Trea+men+ for Cancer of Recfum 2. Non-Surgr cal Trea'r- menf of Se- lec+ed Cases of Hemor- rhoids 3. Conserva- Hve Treaf- menf of Fis+uPa-in- Ano 4. Thorough Recfoscopy 5. X-Ray S+udy of Colon Dr. J. F. Mon+ague Medical Direcfor these organs. II RGOAPIOL CSmithl is a singularly potent utero-ovarian anodyne,scda- tive and tonic. It exerts a direct influence on the generative system and proves unusually efficacious in the various anomalies of menstruation aris- ing from constitutional disturbances, atonicity of the reproductive organs, inflammatory conditions of the uterus or its appendages, mental emotions or exposure to inclement weather. It is a uterine and ovarian sedative of unsurpassed value and is especially serviceable in the treatment of con- gestive and inflammatory conditions of The anodyne action of the prepara- tion on the reproductive organs is evi- denced by the promptness with vihich it relieves pain attending the catamenial flow, and its antispasmodic influence is manifestedbytheuniformitywith which it allays nervous excitement due to ovarian irritability or other local causes. Ergoapiol fSmithl proves notably effi- cacious in amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and menorrhagia. MW? , X 5-33- E- BACTERIOLOGY SEROLOG-Y TISSUE PATI-IOLOGY PATHOLOGY CLINICAL MICROSCOPY CHEMISTRY BASAL METABOLISM THE BENDINER 8i SCHLESINGER LABORATORY SERVING TI-IE PHYSICIAN OVER TI-IIRTY YEARS TI-IIRD AVENUE AND TENTI-I STREET New York Ciiy ONE SI-IORT BLOCK FROM VVANAMAKER'S I-IENRY T. BROOKS, M. D., Director MESSENGER SERVICE Phone Algonquin 4-2300 Fl EIMER 81 AMEND Biological, Chemical and Metallurgical Laboratory Apparatus Chemicals, Drugs and Minerals Red Cross Supplies, Stains and Standard Solutions Established in l85I by Bernard G. Amend, who had been assisiani io Liebig in his laboratory at Giessen and who had come to America in I847 wiih the expectation of becoming a Pro- fessor of Chemistry ai Harvard College. Mr. Amend was detained in New York, became interested in business and soon began to import pure drugs and pure chemicals. l-lis firm gained an enviable repuiaiion for the purify of iis goods and the scrupulous care with which orders were filled. ln I876 Mr. Amend tool: an active part in the organization of the American Chemical Society, becoming both a charter and a life member of the Society. Today. Eimer 8: Amend occupies the full block on 3rd Avenue between I8ih and l9fh Streets and extends about one-ihird of the way io 2nd Avenue. There are about four acres of floor space and the stock includes more than IO0,000 different items. Showrooms extend from one end of the building io the other. For further details in regard 'io laboratory apparatus, chemicals or drugs, wriie or visii us EIMER 81 AMEND advising requirements. Headquarters for Laboratory Apparatus and Chemical Reagents NEW YORK, N. Y. Third Ave., 18th to l9ih Sis. 'u'n'n'n"n n'n"u"u"u"u Pleasantly Effective Alkaline medication need not be unpleasant, need not upset the stomach, nor tend toward alkalosis. KALAK WATER offers an ideally balanced formula, which accomplishes alka- linization quickly and effectively and, at the same time, offers a carbonated, palatable drink which even the most fastidious patient can take and enioy. When you have occasion to prescribe an alkali as in the treatment of colds, respiratory infections, etc., try Kalak-the strongest alkaline water of commerce. Kalak Water is an antacid -- not a laxative. KALAK WATER CO. 6 Church St. 9 New York City "n'n'u"n'n 1 u'n' THE CLASS OF 1931 .GOES ON. WELL SERVED THE BELLEVUE INN REMAINS TO SERVE YOU WELL After all is said and done the final analysis in setting a standard upon which to judge the necessary fitness of a milk modifier is Quality, Eflicacy and Experience Mellin's Food A Milk Modifier Accepted as a product of high quality Meets the purposes Sustained by an experience Mellin's Food Company' lnformation relative to composition and suggestions in of a milk modifier of more than sixty years Boston, Mass. regard to use furnished to physicians upon request i pediiorme your Feet I ' Changing shoes, changing teetl Wearing A different models--one make I, 'ii one day another the next- ' it :mms ,L doesn't let the bones adiust 'yi ti themselves. Feet, so chang- X X A fig, ed, are never rested. Pedi- lii, lr yn "pix torme Shoes are made to be lx it Fitted, as well as to Fit, and in ease your feet and keep ijt 'Fd them easy. Five conven- , - - 'vi Br - 2 7 orri Avenue I East Orange- W lent stores Booklet for those out oftown New Yo k 36 West 36th Street Brooklyn 322 Ll ngston Street 4 4 M I CHX S New Rochelle 275 North Ave. 29 Washington Street Orthopedic I and Surgical Appliances Belts Arch Supports Braces Walking Caliper Splints, etc. ROBERT LINDER, Inc. I48 EAST 53rd STREET NEW YORK CITY Established i863 Telephone Plaza 3-7378-9 COUGI-IS, BRONCHITIS, LARYNGITIS, ASTHMA, ETC. GLYKERON is a pariicularly efficacious producr, each cons+i+uen+ of which serves a definife purpose Thai' is in perfeci' accord wifh 1'he dic+a'res of pharmacology and acrual experience in +he +rea+men+ of coughs, colds and o+her respirarory affecrions. The anodyne and an+ispasmodic effeci of +he preparaiion on 'rhe respirafory sysfem renders if especially useful when cough is arrended wifh pain, disrurbed respi- rarion, laborious expecroraiion or resflessness. DOSE: The adulf dose is one +o 'lwo leaspoonfuls every 'Two or Three hours or af longer infervals as The individual case requires. For children. from 10 drops fo one feaspoonful, according ro age. ' SAMPLES supplied fo physicians upon receipl' of fheir Narcofic Regislry Number. MARTIN l-l. SMITH COMPANY ISO Lafayefle S+.. New Yorlc. N. Y. Song for the Second Year Beware, O B. ryphosusl Beware. ye vibrios! We know 'rhe proper doses. We are your fearless foes! No germ can ever daunl' us- We know Them all by sighi- And no one dares To haunr us Who know of aconi're. l-low glibly do we u'r'rer The uses of morphine, Give Digilal for fluH'er, And somerimes slrophanrhinel We know whal' follows coma ln almosf every drug: We've heard aboul' glioma. And how To s+ain a bug: We speak of inilamrna+ions Seen daily 'nearh our 'scopes. And red degeneraiions, And fairy acid soaps. Ohl please bring on The hard slurll We've dabbled all The year- Sorne subiecl' rhai we can"r bluii- We're growing soil. I fear. O ARTHUR STUDIOS, Inc. Specializing ln School and College Pholrograplwy Only Equipped for making Pholographs of every clescriplion for illuslraling COLLEGE ANNUALS Highly Arlislic Workmanship and Ihe Capacily for ' Prompl and Unequallecl Service I3l WEST 42ncI STREET NEW YORK SHOES OF All-DESCRIPTITTNS I -1 corns and bunions, etc. Shoes for Hat feet and cork adjusted shoes " 1 for deformed feet a specialty. IA gb -f"f'f1. Z We have Ladies', Gents' and Children's arch support- Q' I 'fijif 1 ing shoes on hand, also arch supports. 43' .ce .Ig ': 1 gl f H J. H. BLOCK COMPANY N E-4 im Practical Orthopedic Shoemakers XXX--J L..- New Style, 146 East 53d Street NEW YORK, N. Y. 015 Srylevfan be attach Inside cork made to measure. We issue no catalogues io your own shoe. - - Q - AM ERICAN CYSTOSCO PE MAKERS, INC. INSTITUTE INN, INC. Reinhold wappier, Presidenf Firsf Manufacrurers of Cysroscopes LUNCHEONET-I-E and SODA FOUNTAIN in The U. S. A. 450 wi-imocx AVE. NEW Yom, N. Y. Table SGEVICG ' 393 FIRST AVENUE ,N ,--X NEW YoRK .v--0" M'l- at 'Fi- , Q Phone Stuyvesant 9-9305, 9-9369 , 'Q made to drderffor lame persons, deformities, weak ankles, Ha TEN complele insfallafions in Bellevue I-lospilal and Allied lnslilulions. iiHINDLE" Electrocardiog raphs are inslalled in over 7070 of rhe hospirals in This counrry owned or conrrolled by medical schools and are considered rhe "s+andard of comparison" by many prominenr American Cardiologisls. CAMBRIDGE Pioneer Makers of Elecfrocardiographs 3512 Grand Cenlral Terminal, N. Y. C. A Lesson in Evolution I. A million billion years ago An ameba inflamed wifh passion Separaled info Iwo In his silly amebic fashion: And +ha+'s how we Iwo firsl' began. By lhis profoplasrnic decision To alleviale a bachelor es'ra're By a process of binary fission. ll. Ages passed. and you and I Developed and changed and evolved Inlo l-Iydrozoans, ardenl and bold, Whose primilive minds were resolved To seek 'lor somelhing more in life Than a sexual budding provided. And allernalion of generafion Was The merhod on which we decided. III. Epochs and Eras and Ages wen'I by And Aeons passed info oblivion When, Lol and behold, you and I had achieved The 'form ol apcdous amphibian. Though well organized and possessed of a brain We slill didn"r know jus? wha? sex is And nolhing could we do Io slill our libido Bur simply go inlo amplexis. IV. And so, since fha? ancienl Silurian day We've lived and we've loved and we've died. Developing coelomes and backbones and such Bu? never quile salisfied. The life fhal we lived were prosaic and dull And since we knew no'I'hing of Freud We iusl wenl along wifhoul' knowing whaI's wrong Wilh 'rhe subsfilules we had employed. V. Bul now 'rhal we know, and now 'Ihaf we can, And Nalure our palience rewarded I find you arehsomehow. reluclanl +o grasp The chance which has now been afforded. In cenfuries old you were lulilely bold Now I meer everywhere prohibilions. Gosh! I've wailed so long. Now you say Ihal i+'s wrong, Damnl you've also evolved inhibilions Y Su Pg ical P 0 M ER O Appliances The Slandard for Over Six+y Years The Pomeroy Frame Truss "Masl'er" Elaslic Sfockings Orlhopedic Appliances Arlificial Limbs Abdominal Supporlers Waler Pad Trusses Pomeroy Corsels POMEROY I6 EAST 42nd ST., NEW YORK 400 E. FORDHAM RD.. NEW YORK BROOKLYN BOSTON DETROIT NEWARK SPRINGFIELD WILKES-BARRE CompIimenI's of Hue ALUMNI OF THE BELLEVUE CHAPTER of +I1e TAU EPSILON PHI FRATERNITY TECII CompIImen'rs of 'rhe ALUMNI OF THE BETA CHAPTER of The PHI DELTA EPSILON FRATERNITY IPAE CompIimen+s of 'rhe ALUMNI OF THE BELLEVUE CHAPTER of +I1e PHI LAMBDA KAPPA FRATERNITY fI?AK CompIimen'rs of +I'1e ALUMNI OF THE BELLEVUE CHAPTER of +I1e PHI ALPHA SIGMA FRATERNITY QIPAE Complirnenis of The ALUMNI OF THE BELLEVUE CHAPTER of The OMKZRON UPSILON PHI FRATERNITY IE SENIORS: When you graduare in June one of +he firsi 'rhings you should do is- Join fhe Universiiy and Bellevue Hospi'l'al Medical College Alumni Associa'l'ion, and become a sub- scriber ro 'rhe New York Universi+y Alumnus. Then you'll be a full-fledged Alum- nus-in company wi'rh almosi a lhou- sand oiher docrors. An Appreciation Who, coursing ihrough my sluggish blood Like horses from some racing sfud, Obey ihe call of each sore boil The sireprococcus bugs 'ro foil? Who, fearing noi Jrhe foes 'ro sirilqe, Move forward quile ameba-like. And landing hard on cells of pus, Make laudable 'rhe ichorous? The surgeon liiis 'rhe scab and core, And gefs 'rhe fee when all is o'erq Bui' srill 'rhe hero of 'rhe fighr ls you, unselfish leucocyle. SWAN CAFETERIA 4-Il FIRST AVENUE C L L E GE I N N Corner 24Ih Sfreef 43I FIRST AVENUE I-Iome Made Meals "Exclusive Ye! Inexpensive Hungarlan Slyle Coolmg Clean and Quick Service We Solicii' College Trade "5 I 4H3 V Tapas-ws!! - " I WHERE TI-IE COLLEGE MEETS Come in and be convinced TEN QUESTIONS WE'RE SICK OF I. Well! Well! so you're in medical school already. I remember you when-1 2. Do Jrhey call you Doc+or already? 3. Oh! Are you inirerning? 4. I bei you have a good 'lime wifh The nurses! Oh! yes you do! 5. I have no failh in Docfors. You Icnow, I had a greai-aunl who wenf Io see a big man- 6. Do you +hinIc one of your professors mighf Icnow wha+ 'rhis pimple is? 7. Where are you going Io open your office? 8. You're going fo specialize. aren'+ you? 9. Wha'I' can I 'rake for my cold? IO. I'r's a good profession, my boy. Take Dr. Blank-he go+ in wi+h a big man- ERNST KNOBLER'S Sanilrary Bakery, Reslauranl and Lunch Room Everylhing Baked on The Premises Under Mosl Saniiary Condiiions FRESH ROLLS THREE TIMES DAILY If You Wan'r +o Enjoy a Good Meal Try Our Home Cooking Poliie Service--Spoilessly Clean Give Us a Trial and Convince Yourself Bei' 23rd and 24I'h +I ee- xj New YORK CITY - 'C 403 W AVENUE ' A I 5 5 THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS OF PEDIATRIC PRACTICE WILL NOT BE ANY HARDER Than The lasl' 'iwenly years during which period fhe Mead Policy has proved a valuable and prac- Tical aid Io medical economics. ls i+ wcrlh your approval and supporf? Mead Johnson 81 Company, Evansville, Ind., U. S. A. Specialisls in lnlanl Diel Malerials. Makers of Mead's Dexlri-Mallose, Mead's Vioslerol, Meacl's Slandardized Cod Liver Oil, Mead's Cereal. all markeied efhically-Through The physician-wi+h- oul direciions Io or soliciiaiion of your pafienls. COMPLIMENTS OF HALPERT 81 FRYXELL Oplicians N. Y. C. DAVIS 81 GECK, Inc. Surgical Sulrures Exclusively 21 I-2l DUFFIELD STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. MT. EDEN HOSPITAL Ml. Eden Avenue an? Morris Avenue vwo ecocws usr eforamo cowcounsc Z1vgpCc7lFv'sQ0rk Telephone Foundaiion 8400 GEORGE TIEMANN 8x CO. IO7 EAST 28+h STREET New York Fine Surgical lnslrumenls Esiablished Over A Cenlury medicine for fhe relief of Inflammalion and Congeslion Samples senf on requesil TI-IE DENVER CHEMICAL MFG. CO I63 Varick S+reeI New York, N. Complimemhs of J. M. I-IORTON ICE CREAM CO.. ,IWC Licensed and Reqislered ZUCCALA'S CLINICAL LABORATORY Analysis of Blood, Urine, Spulum, Elc. 26-20 DITMARS BLVD. As+oria, L. I. Phone: Ravenswood 2452 Phone: Lexinqfon 0660 J. COHEN'S American I-land Laundry Laborafory Coals Washed ancl Ironed, 30 Cenfs 309 EAST 26+h STREET NEW YORK CITY PETER ACOUANITA BELLEVUE SANITARY BARBER SI-IOP 34I EAST 26+h STREET NEW YORK CITY I wish success 'ro 'rhe Members of UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE MEDICAL COLLEGE Phone Lexingfon 0478-952 7 I. PRICE Uniforms for Surgeons. Denlisls, Nurses 3I3 EAST 26+h STREET One block 'From Bellevue I-Iospifal ISAAC 81 DAVE'S Delicalessen 415 FIRST AVENUE .is one of The established principles of scienfifc ESTABLISHED l888 A QUARTER CENTURY OF COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY f 220 WEST 42nd STREET NEW YORK Complelrely Equipped Io Render The I-Iiglwesl Oualilry Craflsmanship And An Expeclilecl Service on BQIII Personal Porlrailure ancl Plwolograplwy For College Annuals OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE 'I93I BELLEVUE VIOLET" l , . ' early 100i Our entire organization ioins in extending thanks to the Schools and Colleges whom we are serving and have served in the past. Their number has increased from year to year, making this, l93I, our banner year, with almost I00 staffs having placed their contracts and confidence with us. QE 5lf'5gN I NQ Plus ENQRAVI NAS plus PRINTING equals U'-flivided i i Resvo'-S' - -'Y fvziadeyzcf Baftimore V Our proposal and l6l+ page bool: "Engraving S will be sent you upon receipt of specification U99 INDEX Adminisfrafion Officers Anafomy Professors Anafomy Sfaff Alumni Alumni Banquef Bacferiology Professors Bacferiology Sfaff Bellevue Hospifal Adminisfrafion F and G Buildings New O. P. D. In I84I ln I93I Bryanf. To Joseph D.-Coe Camp Carlisle Cannan, Prof. Keifh Chemisfry Professors Chemisfry Sfaff Class Hisfories I93I I932 , I933 I934 Clinical Pafhology Sfaff Clio. Sonnef fo-Dana Dermafology Professors Dermafology Sfaff Faculfy Familiar Faces Feafures Freshmen Freeman. R. G. - Foreword Foreword lPoemI-Kussmaul G-U Professors G-U Sfaff Gynecology Professor Gynecology Sfaff Haberden. To-Cowper Hospifal Appoinfmenfs Juniors Krumweide Laryngology Professors Laryngology Sfaff Maimonides. Moses Maimonides, Prayer of Medicine in fhe Forfies Medical Building I84-I I875 l93I Medicine Professors Medicine Sfaff Necrology Neurology Professors SUBJECTS Neurology Sfaff New York in fhe Forfies New York Universiry l84I I93l Hall of Fame Campus in Spring Obsfefrics Professors Obsfefrics Sfaff Opening Address fo I934 Ophfhalmology Professors Ophfhalmology Sfaff Organizaiions Orfhopedics Professors Orfhopedics Sfaff Pardon-G. D. Sfewarf Pafhology Professors Pafhology Sfaff Pediafrics Professors Pediafric Sfaff Pharmacology Professors Pharmacology Sfaff Physiology Professors Physiology Sfaff Physician, The Preface fo Hisfory Psychiafry Professors Psychiafry Sfaff Ouafrain-Osler Robin. Address fo-Jenner Roenfgenology Professors Roenfgenology Sfaff Rosfers Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshmen Class Senior, Harold D. Seniors Smifh. Charles H. Sonnel' 50-Redi Sophomores Sfefhescope-Holmes Sfuyvesanf Insfifufe Subflefies Success-v. I-Ialler Surgery Professors Surgery Sfaff Syphilis-Fracasforius Ticlcef fo Firsf Sessions Violef Sfaff Violef Dance VioIe'i' Subscribers Walker, Charles W. VViIIiam Welch Sociefy 48 I 90 88 90 I86 220 50 49 I82 52 54 22l 56 55 2 I3 62 6I 64 66 68 67 70 72 I9 74 73 2 I3 209 79 80 i70 I76 184 I0 89 199 209 173 210 I4 251 212 76 78 20s 216 224 206 217 ZOI 204 Two Hundred and Eighfy-sevenfh Page Aesculapius Agricola Alexander Aquapendenre Areiaeus Auenbrugger Avicenne Bacon Baillie Bangs Barker von Baer Beaumon+ Beclcer Bedford Bichal Biggs de Ie Boe Boerhaave Bosworth Brighl' Brown, E. E. Brown F, T. Brown. S. A. Browne, T. Brown-Sequard Bryani' Budd Bullcley Bull Bumslead Caldwell Cannan Carlisle Carpenier Celsus Chamberlen Champier Charcof de Chauliac Coalcley Coe Cohnheim Cowper Crede Crosby Cullen Cushny Dana Darling Dench Dennis Diclcson Dioscorides Doremus Draper, H, Draper. J. C. Draper, J. W. Dunham Echeverria Edgar Ehrlich Ellior Elsbarg Erdmann Fallopius Fisher Vlinl I. Flinl' II Flinr III Fordyce Fox, G. H. Two Hundred and Eighiy-eighih INDEX TO NAMES Fox. H. Fracasforius Fraser Freeman Freidman Galen Glisson Gouley Gray Graves Gregory Gross Harnilion Hammond Harvey von Hebra Helmholiz van Helmonl' Herier His Hippocraies Holden Holmes Hun+ Hunler, J. Hunfer, W. Hurd Jackson Jacobi Janeway Jarvis Jenner Johnson Keyes. Jr. Keyes, Sr. Kircher Klebs Knapp Koch Krida Krumweide Laennec Lefevre I Lewald Linacre Lisier Loomis, A. L Loomis, H. P. Ludwig Lusk, G. Lusk, W. C. Lusk, W. T. Mabon Macdonald. A. MacDonald, Magendie Malpighi Mandel, A. Mandel, J. Markoe Mayow McCready McDowell McBurney Messue Meicalfe Milculicz Morgagni Morrow Morlon Moll, A. Moil, V. Page C. Muller Nor+hrup Noyes Osgood Osler Paine Paracelsus Pardee Pare Park Pasfeur Paliison Pearce Peaslee Phelps Piffard Pirogofl Polk Preniiss Redl Revere Romberg von Roenigen Roosa Rusby ' Rush Ruysch Sayre, L. Sayre. R. Scarpa Senior Serverus Shaffer Simpson Sims Smilh, A. A. Smilh, C. H. Srniih, H. Smirh, J. L. Smi+h, S. Siensen Slewarl' Slimson Siokes S+uddiIord S+urgis Swell' Swifr Sydenham Sylvius Taylor Thompson Thomson Trimble Van Buren Vander Poel Velpeau Virchow Walker Wallace Weber Weeks, J. Weelcs. W. Weisse Welch Wheeler Willis Winfers Wirfhaus Wood Waolsey Iuyclcofl IO7 64 52 35 I I4 68 95 58 96 27 I I I 22 62 38 56 32 lO8 28 22 99 44 I07 I I2 52 68 I03 IOO 56 56 IO3 9, 23 96 56 IO9 I09 44, 68 65 7I 64 56 IOO 22. 77 22, 70 IO8 38 34 44 2I4 99 94 38 70 44, 68 32 34 26 IO7 I I I 20I 69 IO6 52 53 32 62 52 99 64 28 76 22 ll

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