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New York University School of Commerce - Commerce Violet Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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--, .um -Q 4 + , If A' 1 A f JL id? 1- gf K' 1 w O E v r 9 ,c -Eng g X. fr 1., 4 g, , .-5. I , I I I Is' I fl I I IE 1 I I' I I I I I III I I I 1968 COMMERCE VIOLET f I g H E . 5 i I S I 5 N 1 3 S 5 , . 2' Y f L , i S E1 Q1 H gf if M ? , F , Q J t , 1 W s I, E - , V Q 1 1' Y A 4 , 5 I 5 S , w 1 ,, Y A 1 l , E i , 1 J n 1 1 I , 1 2 Dcchcation The word "death" connotes an aura of finality, of sorrow, of the loss and deprivation of some- thing intangbile. We grieve, selfishly, not because a person will no longer experience the ioy of life, but for ourselves, because we are no longer able to experience the joy of his existence. Although each of 'us reacts in a different way to death, there is a feeling of loneliness and despair within us all. This is the attitude of the students, faculty and administration of the School of Commerce and the University as a whole toward the passing of Associate Dean Raymond D. Buteux. Dean Buteux was a man unique among men. Those of us who knew him never ceased to be amazed by his vitality, warmth and interest in the students of the School of Commerce. And it is for this loss that we grieve. Dean Buteux has left a permanent legacy. It lies in every friend, student and associate with whom he came in contact. We are all living memorials to the vibrant spirit he so successfully created. Through him we have become better people in our own right. In appreciation, the T968 Commerce Violet is dedicated to his memory. 1 u I I I r X .,,,.u.f DST? KX A l gf 2 4 Xfx N i 9 fm? 051 xffwgxwx f f ,Y 7 1 Z. f if f f 1 1 R Wx 3 5 8. M f Y 'l 1 XXQ V 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 ,1 11 1. 1, 1 11 11 2 11 .. 11 1, 1 1 1 1 'I6 I W has L vm ,slr Fw - eww? MMA 4, , -tu fm in - f WW. an V X + fn , gf w i i l 5 N l W i r 1 A ii H 1 ,F ir H 1? ll Ts 15 E i i 3 w 24 W I L w v l i 1 N 25 u , W .. 1 4 gl-if P ,I C1 -' ll- 3 'VM YIM X . waffwx-va-fynsmqmw 4 'Www f H 4,4 29 4' 1 , hy, 1 W VG . W, W H? 4 X, 1 f -ii x 5.3 ,N ww v Nw . , X R A. YW,S,N.waL x uf .rk. 1 , E. -x .. I 3 "L 1 .5 S, .4 .ph i f 27. fy! I W f x f 4 5 vu" ,Q-"7 5 I .ri Z , , 5 vw V W 7 J W, ,,,,, W .5 , W, , 729 4 1 Vw X ff , 1 w? W' M c ff! X , f if V f 4, f , f ff Zh , ,gf V Q f ff W Z Mf f Y ' X f A f I 9 WZ! V Z J X A Q ' f f f s Zh 31 N, Q, ,Q . ,Q ,N A x Q ,X V+ Q K' ahlfw I.. X W-.W S N- -ua... -..K ,fNwvf"'-Q xx br 'f .yu n wx ,K ,r Y g an N N ' as mwiiw-. - '- 32 X .1 . Q 43 f hw M N X 1 'wfwmx -M M. we-W, ,.1 nf, - Q A' A 4f1,.,-, , .1 ' ' 1 f fo- 0 .- f 'ff-h A ,A , ' 1 Q :...'4 . 14 ' gl .0 J is ,iw S0 N s A S 1. 'Q 8, '14, g, . . ' S I I ' . 0 I .S gi. i Q S .X 0 " t 4 ' 5 o 5 ' 5 6 'Q Q Q 'N C ,Q ' Q 'fl n I fufgl . 'I I Q F ' O W i 4 1 I w 1 l 1 F I Q 1 5 .-fnfa if V ,ffl , . H , .,f. ,MW 4 f. X , , gk 1 M, 9 ff - f , f EAL , . , .1 .,zf -v w L I if f 5511311 A V 1 fr gf ,,w,,'3f:,f ff ,4 AU, 1, ,, , ' f ' zf V' ,Q f W 57 f , if fy , ,, Mm, fl' Q, f fy 1- ' M, ' 144 ,JA A ,af . 6 4 3 31 .. ' "" ,,,, 3,1 . , ykfz,-. , ,u , - res ACADEMICS Pres1dent Hester. Emphasis on UHIVCYSIIY Development and Improvement Under the leadership of Dr. James M. Hester, New York Uni- versity has developed distinctive programs which incorporate the advantages of an urban environment with the strengths of a residential academic community. Dr. Hester was graduated from Princeton University in 1945, having attained honors in the humanities and history and election to Phi Beta Kappa. In 1947 Dr. Hester was admit- ted to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and, in 1955, he received his Doctor of Philosophy from that institution. ln 1953 he was appointed assistant to the president of Handy Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm, and the following year he joined Gallup and Robinson, an ad- vertising research firm, as an account supervisor. Dr. Hester served at Long Island University and became pro- vost at its Brooklyn Center in 1957, later being named vice presi- dent and a trustee. Dr. Hester joined New York University in 1960 as dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and two years later, at the age of 37, he became president of NYU, the nation's largest private university. President Hester has placed primary emphasis on devel- oping and improving the University's academic program and facilities. To this end, a S100 million fund raising program was initiated in 1964. These contributions will be used for new buildings, for faculty, for student aid and for education- al programs. The S25 million grant received from the Ford Foundation is to be used for accelerating the University's development in urban higher education. E MW4m,QW2f1.fAfZ. George A. Murphy, Chairman ofthe Board of Directors George H. Williams, Executive Vice Presi- dent 42 Charles C. Moskowitz Allan M. Cartter, Chancellor Harold B. Whiteman, Jr., Assistant to the President for Student Affairs I CCM, :bfi-MX 6-kr: UAA GN' CQ GLU x sires we M Glo QM woduls Cir-DQC LN-3'LEL" A , l0'u.. ,, 1 Lxjk .-I-0 0 QJ.GuxY CQ 'F' Qb'LM 59 3 7 alle s Q Mfrs-ful HWMWX MMS WCA Qi M 'EGU-,K Ci. LN-,L 4135 -fl tl!-AGL,-J, -Hx S LU Qrow 'v.kcrc9Jl wsu 1550 ,W it 1 "WN , ,wrt sposgfrrxfs. uc XZ "P M OFF ww ki 43 1swrv.L3AfYiMh Ev Dean Gitlow: Emphasis on Academic Improvement 84 Innovation If Dean Abraham L. Gitlow Wi,MWfWfaaWwae i 41 WW ,mov-4' ffl? O K. g- Dean Gitlow presents Totem Pole to representatives of the class of 1927 Dean Gitlow's emphasis on academic improvement has resulted in the total revision of curriculum content on all levels. Courses have become more scientific and analytic with emphasis on a managerial overview, the interaction of disciplines, and the realities of the modern world of business. Dean Abraham L. Gitlow received his B.A. degree with distinction from the University of Pennsylvania in 1939 and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia Univer- sity in 1940 and 1947, respectively. Dean Gitlow started his teaching career at Brooklyn College in 1946 and came to New York University the following year as an instruc- tor of economics. By 1959 he had attained the position of full professor and in 1966 the Board of Trustees ap- pointed him Dean of the School of Commerce. Dr. Gitlow has done extensive work as an economist. He is the author of a number of books and research reports on labor, economics 'and industrial relations. Helhas also contributed in the areas of wage collective bargaining and trade unionism. X -ft. Daniel E. Diamond, Associate Dean Y' , 3 'RNS---e.g Iv 'ex R L Q 'l A Harry M. Kelly, Assistant Dean ' M f A MW bf M W 4 ,KKK iff! A, f. rf' f Q NJ- sc,g,.Vv f .ff WH' A. 'JA Xi,- fv ,. xr' Y l Eg, 'wa LEM JV' 5. fist S . -. 21,3-sq Donald A. Dohrman, Director of Advisement William J. McKeon, Chairman, Scholastic Standing Committee 47 Www xx df vs mmf' ' lg, iii 5' " if l X6 mv.-. 243 31. if gg we ,V 1 " V ,04 i f""' Professor William M. Berliner, Chairman, Committee on Student Affairs Professor George Fluharty, COW' selor to Student Organizations 4 1 The held C School Gd for ulty ml The W- Ge pony, Sl0Ck5 Econo, ings I liileres Prolegf Finonc Foul mofnir P'0Po: HACCQi Atfl Pfilles. Vice lnd USN .p- ,Al . IGVIYI Colm. zati0f'5 Dean's Da Homecoming I I I I fps. uri' 5 --'s' fi "fi Class of 'I927 receiving the Totem Pole The I7th annual Dean's Day Homecoming was held at Loeb Student Center on December 2. The School of Commerce Alumni Association sponsor- ed forums and seminars led by distinguished fac- ulty members and guest speakers. The Banking and Finance Assembly featured Ralph W. Geer, Senior Vice President of Laird and Com- pany, Corp., who spoke on Investment Outlook: Stocks and Saul B. Klaman, Vice President and Chief Economist, National Association of Mutual Sav- ings Banks, who discussed Investment Outlook: Interest Rates. The seminar was chaired by Associate Professor Irwin H. Silberman of the Banking and Finance Department. Four Professional Seminars were also held in the morning. The topic of the Accounting Seminar was Proposed Accounting Principles Board Opinion "Accounting for Income Taxes." At the Economics Seminar, Jules Backman, Research Professor of Economics, and Martin Gainsbrugh, Vice President and Senior Economist, National Industrial Conference Board, discussed Economic Prognosis of the Economy: The Short and Long Term Outlook. Timothy W. Costello, Deputy Mayor-City Ad- ministrator of the City of New York, led a panel discussion on Management Action and the Ghetto Problem: a Discussion of the Johnson-Kennedy Proposal at the Management Seminar. The final Seminar was in Marketing. Wallace A. Ross, Director, American Television-Radio Com- mercial Festival, showed and discussed films of various commercials which those present were ask- ed to evaluate. At the afternoon General Assembly, Elmer B. Staats, Comptroller General of the United States, discussed Government-Business Relationships. The International Division of Revlon presented a Beauty Clinic for the ladies, conducted by Miss Noel Gordon. The afternoon climaxed in a recep- tion and cocktail party. The winner of the Totem Pole, presented to the class with the best attendance at Homecoming, was the class of 1927. r . 5,4 1 Deputy Mayor Timothy W. Costello leads panel discussion on Management and the Ghetto Problem. Seated from left to right are Daniel A. Brener, Professor Peter Dubno, Seymour B. Durst. r- -I .,- ... ., ' ! xx Jules Backman and Martin Gainsbrugh Kseatedj participated in Eco- nomics Seminar 50 Student guests enioying luncheon at Dean's Day Faculty members discuss floor plan forthe new Commerce building 6 ,182 Elmer Staats, Comptroller General of the United States, speaks at Dean's Day. 51 Accounting Department l The obiective of the Department of Accounting is to present students with a firm understanding of the dynamic profession of accounting. Courses have moved from an initial stress of techniques and practices to a focus upon concepts and a critical analysis of principles aimed at the constant improvement of skills. The CPA program equips graduating students with the abilities to enter the field of public accounting. The man- agerial Accounting program is aimed at those students selecting a career in private industry. With the increasing importance of technology in modern accounting, the department has integrated a study of computer applications into its program. An- other important step forward has been the formation of an internship program for eligible accounting stud- ents. The Accounting Club is a student organization formed to supplement the academic curriculum. Through its in- formal speaker series and field trips, the club brings its members closer to the world of business. Students are also afforded the opportunity to meet with their pro- fessors on an informal basis. Beta Alpha Psi, the national honorary accounting fraternity, established in l926, is open to outstanding accounting students. Both faculty and distinguished busi- nessmen play an important role in the organization. Dr. Michael Schiff, Chairman Qlgf Z if 7: X fl if M , vii fwf r 1 j M , MW xi mmhn.. Professor Ely Kuschel, Vice Chairman Mr. Greco conducts closs in basic Accounting KM One of the goals of the Banking and Finance Department is preparing students to understand the modern financial community. From this has come a redesigned curriculum that places increased emphasis on the student's ability to see the interrelation of the various sectors of the economy, and on his understanding of the economic theory that is part of every financial action and transaction. In reveal- ing some of the "mysteries" of the financial com- munity, these courses help the student to grasp the fact that finance is not isolated from the rest of the business world, or unrelated to the state of the economy. In an effort to carry this understanding beyond the classroom, the Finance Society attempts to draw on the resources of the financial community. Through speakers, films, lectures, and trips to cen- ters of financial activity the club tries to bring its members closer to the realities of life in the finan- cial world. The Society also publishes a monthly newsletter, BANKER AND BROKER, which keeps mem- bers informed about important events and worth- while readings in the area of finance. The Banking and Finance Department's honorary fraternity, Phi Alpha Kappa, recognizes both aca- demic proficiency and interest in finance. Members are selected on the basis of character, faculty rec- ommendations, and high scholastic achievement in Finance courses. Banking and Finance Department 'L L..-.- 54 Hobart C. Carr, Chariman Z Mr. Ghcmcmeh lectures on Money and Banking in American Business N 1 I i E I 1 I Dr. Alfred Gross, Chairman Professor Kathryn W. Bell discusses the art of written communication A! Adm1n1stration Department Professor J. Harold Janis, Vice Chairman The Department of Business Administration offers a well-balanced program which enables the business stu- dent to acquire an overview of various fields of busi- ness. The Department includes Business Communication, Business Law, and Business Policy. The Communication courses provide the Commerce student with his most valuable skill-the ability to relate his ideas to others. By means of lectures and writ- ten and oral reports, the student learns how the dynamic process of communication is most effectively used. Business Law presents a background of the United States legal system as well as some of the problems encountered and decisions rendered by the iudiciary. Business Policy, open only to seniors, enables the future business executive to apply the knowledge he has gained during his previous years of study to case studies and a simulated business game. The decisions of the stud- ent executive are programmed so that he can see the probable effects of his decisions. The newly initiated Honors Program offers the out- standing student an opportunity to conduct indepen- dent research in his selected area of concentration. QR. r i S Professor Gerald J. Glasser, Vice Chairman Students learn programming in the basic statistics courses. Programs are processed by an IBM System 360 computer. E De The impon Dn En m de added Slum kdlai ol bus systelr inhku Uno r r turerg Well u Th for defy Gnd I Depu humu Wus Business tatisties Department , ss W .-w...W,.., , H The science of statistics has become increasingly important to all forms of business. With this in mind, Dr. Ernest Kurnow, head of the Statistics Department at the School of Commerce, has modernized and added to the courses offered. Students maioring in this area learn how mathemat- ical and statistical methods are used in the analysis of business operations. Through the use of an IBM system 360 computer, students are able to perform intricate problems and computations in minutes. Under the sponsorship of the Business Statistics Department, the Statistics Club is moving to further humanize this discipline. Professors and guest lec- turers discuss new theory and modern methods as well as the importance of statistics to everyday life. The Club is affiliated with the American Society for Quality Control, a national professional so- ciety dedicated to the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to quality control and reliability problems. Delta Pi Sigma, the honorary statistics fraternity, was founded to provide a limited number of stu- dents with the opportunity to meet informally and discuss various aspects of the science of statistics. Since its inception, Delta Pi Sigma has greatly ex- panded and its members hold responsible positions in lndustry, government and education. Meetings are held throughout the year, and an annual in- duction dinner highlights the activities. Z.. MMI Professor Ernest Kurnow, Chairman Mr. Dwyer discusses Quantitative Analysis ,-., Dr. Murray E. Polakoff, Chairman Within the Economics Department, the future business leader receives a thorough insight into the workings of the American economy. In basic as well as advanced courses he is made aware of the forces determining the level of economic activity and the steps which can be taken to insure maximum economic growth. The economic and social setting of American Business and the economic history of the United States are examined in depth. Also explored is the means by which the business firm maximizes profits and prices the product it sells. The factors respon- sible for business cycles, the means by which we can forecast cycles, and the methods of controlling them are discussed. Moreover, to permit tomor- row's business leader to intelligently understand the labor issues that will confront him daily, a thorough analysis of labor economics is offered. The student is also grounded in the role of gov- ernment vis-a-vis the business firm, and in the eco- nomic activities of the former at all levels of oper- 60 Economics Department ation. For those individuals planning a career in world business, the department offers instruction in international trade and investment, the workings of non-capitalistic economies, and the economic problems and possibilities of underdeveloped countries. Omicron Delta Epsilon and the Economics Club are two organizations sponsored by the Eco- nomics Department. ODE, the national honor society, recognizes and encourages more detailed study of economic processes through the semi- annual publication of a iournal. The Society holds an annual banquet where awards for outstanding scholarship are presented. The Economics Club sponsors speeches by prominent members of the Economic field from both outside and inside the University. Members also participate in informal discussion sessions in which they are presented with the opportunity to air their views on current economic issues. career in instruction e woHrin95 economic 'developed :miCS Club the EW' ml honor e the Sem" :iefy ll0ld5 rublanding mics fhe g iile ers of insid 1 informal presenied n cuffeni O .roi-is D.GUllflf0lL2 Dr. John D. Guilfoil Wars bring sharpest price rises: PRICE LEVEL CHANGES, 191071914 100 L0 O C ...s EX Korean War M -- Revoiuiiosaary War www wa, 1-N Wggld i I WHT ll IND i 1 iiiii' -- csvzrwaf 200 or c-ccf -Y ' Ln, ' 'M-W3roflSl2 WHQLESALE Paras 5 O 1770 1790 1810 1830 1859 1870 1890 1913 1939 1950 1970 1 L, 2' "I FIG. 15-1. In each postwar period in the country's history there has been slightly less of a price drop. Indeed, after World War II there was no significant drop. For 70 years the price trend has seemed definitely upward. iSource: U.S. Census Bureau? P Management Department One of the obiectives of the Management De- partment is to train students to approach manage- ment theory and practice conceptually and ana- lytically. New courses have been designed which investigate concepts in the behavioral sciences and in quantitative analysis. Classroom lectures are supplemented by a wide variety of outside read- ing material in addition to textbook work. The Management Department also offers an honors program which includes a seminar course providing a challenge and depth of course content to qual- ified students. The Society for the Advancement of Management is the official club of the Management Department. The main purpose of S.A.M. is to conduct and pro- mote scientific study of the principles governing 62 Professor William M. Berliner, Chairman organized effort in industrial and economic life through research, discussion, publication, and other appropriate means. Its fundamental obiec- tive is to further self-improvement by providing guidance and encouragement to the individual member in his growth and development toward competency as a professional manager. Mu Gamma Tau is the Management Honorary Society. It was established to recognize students whose achievement both in the classroom and in club activities has been outstanding. Induction cere- monies are usually held at the Management dinner in the spring. Also at this time, the William B. Cornell Award is presented to the outstanding student maioring in Management. tmic life tn, and il obiec- troviding tdividual toward tonorory studentS and in 3011 cere- ,1 dinner t. Cornell student new-sv? 'was Q x -. X. Professor Arbie Dale conducts discussion on social forces in industry Mr. Friedman lectures on systems theory in management Lx f Y ' Students listen to Professor William J. McKeon, Vice Chairman, discussing advertising as a business force. Professor Clarke presents theories of consumer behavior to Marketing II students. 26. larketing ll s lil f' Dr. Darrell B. Lucas, Chairman Marketing Department The Department of Marketing stresses the mana- gerial approach to marketing, including an in- vestigation -of new quantitative approaches and of the behavioral sciences and their impact on mar- keting and advertising activities. Triad is the curriculum club of the Department of Marketing. As a member of the American Mar- keting Association it has actively participated in the Metropolitan Collegiate Marketing Associa- tion's Student programs. Through lectures by guest speakers and field trips, Triad enriches the classroom work of the students. The Department sponsors two honorary soci- eties, Gamma Alpha Chi and Alpha Delta Sigma, to recognize superior students. Gamma Alpha Chi is the national women's professional advertising fraternity. Gamma Alpha Chi is associated with the Advertising Federation of America and the Adver- tising Association of the West. Alpha Delta Sigma is the men's honorary advertising fraternity. Students who have maintained a B average in nine credits of maior course work are eligible for membership. ' 1 Coordinated L1bera tudifis 66 rch. Qrory fesec' I' s his lecturerS To labor p re Studenf GP The or "A courses the Squ of the versity solidote require Humani the pqr each di ff0m the eledive liberal , The 4 Q with STUden1 50Ciefie5 ppl 'I 'Q x-.J w- The structure of plants is discussed in "A" Biology. The program of Coordinated Liberal Studies or "A" course program consists of required courses for the three undergraduate schools at the Square. This program, approved by the faculties of the three schools, is offered through the uni- versity departments of arts and sciences as a con- solidated program. Approximately half of the Commerce student's requirements for graduation are in the fields of Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, Govern- ment, Philosophy, Mathematics and Economics. The "A" course core allows the student to choose the particular class he finds most interesting within each discipline in which he has requirements. Aside from the basic prerequisites, the student has several elective credits which may be applied to any area in Liberal Arts. The overall effect of combining a Liberal Arts with a Professional curriculum is to provide the student with a general knowledge in civilizations, societies and peoples which may be applied to his business and private life. W Lx A Students compare notes in Psychology 67 2 f 3 5 4, f X 9 2 5 1 Q A X i I ' 2 i ? E f' 1 i! W i X ,lk , 1 ,Q-15' W 1 XA , z Q A ff J l i Y v i i 2 , . I i 68 I I 'sw I ., -,..n-W .QQ .1 f-va V4 I -I P i 'VZ , f A Ly f WI wwf! L 'fi jig 57,441-ff" V57 J 4 fwre. Of fn ' ,M --Zfffg -,ez 'L ,, .M ,115 Wm 54- if uf f ff ,-7, W"PX-1,71,G,??'?'fi V'5fC,-if , K I ., X, ,s ,, A ,!n9f,XwN74,4:- ff j , 2-m,f:W :2x,? 1, , ,,, ,I lfgckrfy Q ,A-7 77 -, .1 - , . V uf, ff on JNWT f fy .ffnaf M. my W Q51 V, ,,y1f4g1. W we " 4 I ACTIVITIES In line with the changing role of Student Govern- ment on the Square, All-Square Congress, this year, has concentrated primarily on political issues rather than social events, although these have not been completely eliminated. Congress sponsored two referendums during the Fall. One concerned a constitutional convention which, although defeated in Commerce, was passed by an overwhelming maiority. The other polled student and faculty opinion on the war in Viet Nam. When Dow Chemical Company came to campus, Congress passed a motion requesting all of the recruiters to debate with members of the University community, if they so desired, prior to the actual recruitment. When Dow did not adequately meet the requirements of this motion a demonstration occurred at the Placement Office. Many Congress delegates were present and a majority of the Con- gress supported it. The Special Events Committee, co-chaired by Marcia Picoult and Les Ribaudo, sponsored a Pep Rally. Cheerleaders, the NYU Basketball team and its coach were present. The winner of the mascot con- test, a Gnu, was introduced at the Rally. A forum on the role of Student Government was held in the Spring. Also, a Student Directory was published. l ' vw 9? 1 ff ,y is: ' 'M 3 11-Square Con grcss Yswfwmssswwssgww. it , ,ii , 5 if Y gs A 1 ' gf 2 J. Mason, Vice President, B. Sexton, President, Marcia Picoult Recording Secretqr 70 Y l FW 5 Congress views issues in the proper perspective . . . ? 4 ' fs, K M f', A 77,4 1' N 4,1 f v f' r, Aja, . . through the active participation of its members 4 l E 3 X Richard Prince, Co-Editor Spring 1968 :.:.4!p!f2f1,,z,:,,fmW. Wmr,:Q,.:A --M ..W-,u- -' , . 5 'bfmwh-K-uw-wwf: fvif f :W - iif. iw-fqggfi-,r, - -'---M ii M-'Jn 1 ,,, g, 2 W ,V fd' I f 5, 2 l f ,wjlf .' ,,,, Andrew Ccigen, Co-Editor Spring 1968 72 W mf' ,MS . W 1. I K W Squo gene In J0urr TGQQ Squu W Andr N10 0 W 10 rh 'mme uir Unde The Robe Beriq Cl mel --.t inn Washington Square Journal Nancy McKeon, Editor Fall 1967 Washington Square Journal, the downtown all- Square newspaper, joined the flower and protest generation this year. In the first semester, under Editor Nancy McKeon, Journal sent reporters to protest scenes at the Pen- tagon, the Whitehall Street Induction Center, Foley Square and other anti-war activity centers. With second-semester editors Richard Prince and Andrew Cagen, it marked the first time Journal had two-co-editors from Commerce. With the addition of the comic strip "Miss Peach" to the editorial page and the changing of Journal's nameplate, the paper assumed a more lively, open air. The candid photos of administrators, taken under the supervision of Photo Editor Nanci Bundt, the incisiveness of columns by Managing Editor Robert Oppedisano and features by Terence R. Bertele and Jay B. Hoster also made Journal's year a memorable one. The existence of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps on campus, the presence of the Dow Chemi- cal recruiters and the subsequent disciplinary hear- ings, and student power Qagainj were heatedly de- bated in the paper's "Guest Columns" and letters column. Journal was also instrumental in choosing NYU's new mascot, the gnu, Sports Editor Barry Altman coordinated Journal's gnu compaign. Journal caused a minor sensation by printing the story of a reporter sent into the bookstore to shoplift merchandise-he later returned it. And last, but financially first, the business staff- Business Manager Thomas S. Meltzer and Advertising Manager Louis Capozzi kept the ads coming and the black ink flowing. 73 Barry Altman, Sports Editor -,NM .-1 ...X Susan Markel, Associate Sports Editor l gociate "They say 'All the News That's Fit to Print,' but this is getting a little ridiculous!" X s s s Thomas Meltzer, Business Manager , ,V up , -XM N- f - - Q 1 - . , - sg',-ww' nf' ,...,.----- Z9 t K , - fffW"" 'X Hm.,..w-m-M, 75 M 1 77-Ri ffpflf' . Anne S Clplin, AS - sastont News Director On 3 1 f CU I 0? studlv with Hesier fgf The dems: when V The 10 the dem. ll fed bc sheer contem spersec on the WN six hon giveav an acti In uv shows, providv of ever WN fechuri sive w events. provid in iheh nv-1' S33-'Lf-"Z' .M-5, ...- 4--' ,,:,. ,, . YU -""..a-' .1131 t . .--nv'.,- t,,.,- U - ..-1' ., .tp-" . ,,,,,- - WT., ..--1 ,,,,- v--v . A msc- -f Qi. 2-,-gf.. I 4 f..1' M".--.-v ews Difeflol On January 9, 1968 NYU President James M. Hes- ter cut a violet ribbon, inaugurating WNYU's suite of studios in Loeb Student Center. With the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon, Dr. Hester also heralded the "new" WNYU-a service for the University community, run by and for stu- dents, busily preparing for the approaching day when WNYU will be heard on the FM airwaves. The "new" WNYU features programming tailored to the sophisticated taste of the urban college stu- dent. "Album Showcase," heard daily at 4pm, is a per- fect backdrop for doing homework by, or lust for sheer relaxation. Instrumental versions of popular contemporary music of the last ten years are inter- spersed with light patter and five minutes of news on the hour. WNYU's weekend programming consists of thirty- six hours of contemporary music, with contests and giveaways to give the listener the feeling of being an active participant in WNYU's programming. In addition, WNYU offers jazz and classical music shows, interviews and discussions in an effort to provide a diversified schedule for the enioyment of every listener. WNYU News has expanded its scope of coverage, featuring "The Six O'Clock Report," a comprehen- sive wrap-up of the day's world, local and campus events. Major stories are followed by commentary, provided by professors who are prominent experts in their fields. A new concept in radio, an "Open Forum," is heard once a week, as the WNYU News micro- phones are opened to any and all comers. Views may be expressed on any subiect, and equal time is available for all views. This school year has been a good one for WNYU, and the future promises to be even brighter than the already shining past. Odetta is interviewed by Tom Nevai, Announcer Jonathan Nelson, General Manager 77 Loeb Student Center Z". - ,aa-If 1- Loeb Program Board NYU Cheerleader adds to the excitement at the Pep 3" Rally. Leonard Kosson, President Students enioy the entertainment at the Pep Rally. 80 ss 512 l i M. WW'-in if? KJ ,K E S L- 4? if Student ponders NYU s new mascot-the Gnu. Tom Poston is interviewed ct Intermedio. 81 Executive Board Cleft to rightl: S. Klein, Secretary, S. Hirshon, Treasurer, E. Ahern Vice President-resigned, R. Kraver, President. This year was one of diversity as Commerce Stu- dent Council enjoyed one of its most successful years through a multitude of activities ranging from dances to Dean's Forums. The year started off with an excellent Fall Orien- tation Program. The first major social activity was the Halloween Dance, which attained financial suc- cess for the second consecutive year. The Freshmen had a chance to "get involved" in student activities by electioneering for class officers on the Council. The first Dean's Forum marked the beginning of closer relations between the students and the ad- ministration of the School of Commerce. Many questions were answered by the Deans and many new ideas were shared by those who attended. The annual Varsity Drag was held at the Hotel Americana and was an unqualified success. High- lights of the evening were the presence of President 82 James Hester and Dr. Harold Whiteman and their wives, the crowning of Susan Boslego as Miss Com- merce Violet and the big dance contest. Music was supplied by Skitch Henderson's Orchestra. During the Fall semester numerous Career Days in the major fields in the School of Commerce were held, with more scheduled for the Spring. Attend- 'ance was good and the speakers were excellent. These programs were co-sponsored by council and the Inter-Club Council. Council concluded the Fall semester -with its an- nual charity program-Bundles for Bellevue and the Lassman Hall Christmas Parties. Other achievements to be noted tution of a Fact-Finding Committee, questionnaires to the students, the the Faculty-Course Evaluation and of financial independence by Council. were the insti- which sent OU? work done on the attainment Y. . in-. ,, Senior Class C Treasurer: M. l X, S0ph0m0j-e Keel er, Pre ind their iss Com' usic WGS er DGYS ice Wefe Attend- xcellenir Council its On' :nd The 3 lf'l5fl' ent 0'-li :ne on iinmenl Senior Class Officers Cleft to rightjz J. Glasser, Secretary, M. Askinas, Treasurer, M. Leifer, President, M. Storch, Vice President. Commerce Student C0unc11 ff? -. .sm Jumor Class Officers Cleft to rightl: R. Hanson, Treasurer, J. Holiday, President, S. Mollen, Vice President. Sophomore Class Officers Cleft to rightlz E. Gray, Vice President, L. Kessler, President, E. Ruiz, Secretary. Freshman Class Officers Cleft to rightj: S. Greenbaum, President, C Ganz, Secretary, S. Silberberg, Treasurer, M. Kleinhandler, Vice Presi dent. Violet Owl Society ,N f A K . , ,X J. Feigin, Assistant Directory D. Solomons, Assistant Directory M. Picoult, Assistant Directory M. Askinas, Director. The fall program of Orientation T967 has been praised by many Deans, faculty and students as the finest Commerce Orientation program in many years. The success of this program is attributed to the innovative approach inaugurated this year by its Director Eileen Ahern and the VIOLET OWL SOCI- ETY, which provided the necessary manpower. Orientation i967 was limited to three days. On Monday, September l8, over 200 Freshmen and l5O transfer students attended the President's Con- vocation at the Anta Theater. Monday's program continued with a tour of the campus and ended that evening with a guest speaker, Mr. Marcus Raskin, Director of the Institute of Policy Studies. Tuesday's program was highlighted by our key- note speaker, Mr. Philip West, Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange. This program was followed by a series of curricu- lum seminars sponsored by the presidents of the various Commerce clubs. At noon, a Student Activ- ities Luncheon was held where the new students met with the student leaders. Tuesday afternoon was 84 devoted to the Dean's Convocation and Reception. The day's agenda was completed that evening with the traditional Orientation Dance held in the Eisner- Lubin Auditorium. Wednesday's program was quite informal. The day was highlighted by the sports forum with guest star and fellow student Ron Swoboda. The Violet Owl Society is a newly created service society for the School of Commerce. lt presently has a membership of sixty. Orientation T967 was just one of the many areaS of endeavors to which V.O.S. members devote their time. In addition, they help out at Career Day programs, coffee hours, the new forum events and by selling tickets to various school activities. The SOCIETY, under the direction of Mitch Aski- nas and Marcia Picoult, has .also begun a prO9f0lm of conducting tours of N.Y.U. to high school sen- iors. This enables high school students to get 0 better idea of life at the University. Don Solomons and Jane Feigin hold assistant directorships. Sception. ting with e Eisner- nal. The ith guest :I senfice :resently my areas devote eer Day nts and :I1 Aski- irogram aol sen- get a assistant H alloween D an CC R. Krover, Council Presidentp S. Stecurn, Drog Choirmony Suson Boslego, Miss Commerce Violet l968p M. Ashmon, COMMERCE VIOLET Editorp Mary Tonoskovic, Miss Commerce Violet l967p N. Green, First Runner-upp S. Hirshon, Council Treosurerg E. Groy, Second Runner-upp S. Klein, Council Secretory. Mom 86 President Hester presents prize to the winner of the donce contest. .k- Var l fl, I f-u coin nd Mrs cil Vic ERCE VI OLET VUY, Second 1 r of the fr Varsity Drag M 'P ' 4'----W 2 js ss ll 'f . Wk. - 'NM'--W... X , ' V 'd,,,'.:f-- s -'K - Y 'fu' 4. ' i s - X a. X A s .K 1 xt' ' 1 N -Nav' K II ' the Dro with R. Krclver, Council President, and M. Bernstein, Dr. and Mrs. Whiteman, President cmd Mrs. Hester and Dean e y enloy g Council Vice President, and their dates. 87 TICKER staff member makes last- minute corrections in his article. The TICKER is the latest in a long history of Com- merce publications. Taking as its goal that a news- paper "should be a nuisance to our consciences and a disturber of our ways," the TICKER has inves- tigated many issues which it considers to be impor- tant to students at the School of Commerce, and at the University as a whole. Produced by the Council's Publications Com- mittee, the paper tries to take a creative approach to reporting the news and the problems faced by students of business. Among those questions dis- cussed were the Constitutional Convention and its implications for the Commerce student, and why students in general are turning away from business as a career. In addition to these in-depth features, the TICKER also reports extensively on Council and club activities, and on other events at the School. Joel Glasser Editor Sheldon Greenbaum Assistant Editor. ' "'M+"a-,qt .., "--- - - TICKER W f 57 "" 4 a X kg N ws MX ff ..-1-.- f KW MQW 7 5 i i Q 4 s K 3 i 'a x 'V Editorial Board discusses the 1968 issue of ENTERPRISE. ffcf ' 'W f 24A w , , f V , f 4: - A 44,272 ' 1 ,' ,ii Z f ,I ,VY ,XM f-7' 'Q f f ,Q f f, 1 ' , ?f W f- fi AX uf !'1,2f ff ff ff, ,f 'f ff 4 gf ff f ,xi V M ,,,,:',vW1!f 4 :V 2 -iif'w,,.,f Q' W f,ff,, 5,25 my mi f 93,1 Y' if ii' kffff' ' fzf fx' f' f if fun? fv1w,fwf5f,,, A Q7 ,aw-5 1: ,ff f.m,a,::-- -, '14 W,,,f.4 1 M .. i fs M: ,N if fm, vi , 3 azz 4, , fc-hgfaiff 44 f ' f f 4-aff Aaff yw,'Q.A'yA f - 4 470: www VW qffwexf ffm-fffffm 4' fwfr! 'f 1 ci' Mm- ww! 'fiwywj 1 my J if y My-My ,g vi ' XXV Z if 51, " ,C -If ,41 nf vi Y 7.73 ' ,5 f H' ',, ff, . f ' 1 f L as ' fffi , TERPRI E Z ,Nc woes 5 g , ,X 6 t 24, 2 z f B, Z 55 CMC l V f , l l W-W S. Hirshon, Elections Committee Choirmon, exploins the elections rules to the coindiclotes. Elections Student attempts to predict the election results during Freshman elections. jfli Y lj 1 A 6 5 Voter woits his turn in Lossmon Holl "polls." Career Day Career Day speakers discuss their specialities with students Students informally evaluate the Career DGY Program. Inter-Club Council Under the direction of president Mary Tanaskovic weekly meetings of delegates from each curriculum club in the School of Commerce were held. The member clubs included: Accounting Club, Econom- ics Club, Finance Society, Society for Advancement of Management, Triad League fMarketingl, Statistics Club, Pre-Law Society and Transportation Club. At the meetings club activities were planned and coordinated to best meet the needs and desires of the students. Clubs from within Commerce also met with delegates of other similar clubs from Universi- ties throughout the city. During the year a series of six "Career Potentials" programs were co-sponsored by Inter-Club Council, Commerce Student Council and the Commerce Alumni Association. At each session one area of specialization was stressed, with the first hour of the "Career Potentials" program featured guest speakers from the major areas of business. 92 program featuring talks by two recent Commerce graduates on career opportunities in their field and a speech by the departmental chairman in each area. In the second hour an informal reception was held for the students to meet with the faculty, guest speakers and other distinguished alumni. The clubs themselves sponsored many outstand- ing activities throughout the year including field trips, films and guest speakers from within the Uni- versity as well as from outside. One of the high- lights of the year was the speech "Happiness is a Communication" delivered by Mr. Vernon Myers, president of LOOK magazine, at a Triad meeting. During the Spring term, in addition to the annual Club Fair, Inter-Club Council sponsored a forum on "Ethics and Business," one of the most contro- versial issues ofthe day. - ,C imerce V field H Boch 5epTi0n 0CulTy, tsiond. I field le 2 high. ss is Q Myers, ig. :annual forum :on1ro- Officers Cleft to rightiz L. Sodowski, Secretory-Treosurerp B. Blumstein, Vice Presidentp M Tonciskovic, President. i 1 Mary Tanaskovic, President 94 League of Women This past year was one of several exciting "firsts" for League, beginning with a patio Pants Pub fash- ion show at the annual luncheon to welcome new girls, held at Top of the Park. Throughout the year, film programs were scheduled, another "first," at which the gamut was covered from world-wide travel through beauty and fashion. Among the guest speakers was Miss Bessie Pappas, personnel director for Echelons Office Temporaries, Inc. and a Commerce alumna, who spoke on "Career Op- portunities for Women." In December the Annual Christmas party was held for the children of the Nativity Mission Center, where gifts and refreshments were enioyed by all. On the social side, theater parties were held to "Daphne in Cottage D" and the ballet "Don Quixote." There were semi-annual student-faculty coffee hours held in November and April which gave the girls an opportunity to meet with their professors outside of the classroom. Many field trips served to introduce the girls to the business scene in New York. Beginning with a tour and fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue in Octo- ber, the tour series included trips to GLAMOUR magazine, Tiffany's, Macy's, the National Design Center, the Hotel Hilton and the Good Housekeep- ing Institute. Activities such as these, climaxed by the annU0l dinner held at the NYU Club, made the T967-68 yedf an outstanding one for League of Women. H Hahn tosh- anew yeah LH m -whe g We .onnd .ond . QP. ghdd nter, y ol ld to "Don cdw hkh fheir H510 Hh0 cto- QUR Qgn ee? nvd rea' 2 M , 'wa 'liz-fi VMC ,,,. v 2 Mi 4 rktlipw New girls care introduced tothe School of Commerce ot the onnuol Leogue Orientation luncheon League members were given on tour of Soks Fifth Avenue. Student discusses speakers with Prof. Mc- Keon ot Leogue Student-Faculty Tecu. X WWWW , Y If We W X4, Q Every year a panel of students, faculty and top administration interviews girls in Commerce and chooses the one which it feels best exemplifies the best qualities of the female segment of the School of Commerce. Their selection is based on the attri- butes of poise, charm, appearance, intellect and participation in student activities. Susan Boslego is an Economics major and a student in that department's Honors Program. She hasnbeen on the Dean's Honor Roll for three semes- ters and is enrolled in the five-year graduate pro- gram through which she will receive a combined Bachelor of Science-Master of Business Adminis- tration degree. Susan's extracurricular activities include member- ship in the Economics Club, Corresponding Secre- tary of Commerce Student Council and a member of the Varsity Women's Fencing team. With all of these qualities, Susan is certainly quali- fied to represent the School of Commerce as Miss Commerce Violet. Miss Commerce Violet 1968 96 SUSUH IS C rh e V0l'Sl1y Ye0r's FQ ii gc C fer,xss,,.i.s1su... 01" Suson is crowned Miss Commerce Violet of the Vcursity Drog by Mcnry Tonoskovic, lost yec1r's Miss Commerce Violet. TAFF Meredith Ashman Nancy Green .. Jay Safier .... Richard Koral .... Walter Feigenson .. . Robert Saxon .............. M. Askinas, J. Bobrow, R. Clair, D. Cooper, B. Fields, J. Glasser, S. Klein, . . . Editor-in-Chief . . . . . Co-Editor . . . . . Senior Editor . . . . . . Photography Editor Sports Photography Editor . . Special Photography Editor R. Prince, M. Tanaskovic, W. Walthall . . ..... Contributors Prof. John D. Guilfoil ............. X , , . . . Faculty Advisor Robert Saxon, Special Photography Editor Walter Feigenson, Sports Photography Editor v-..,,,m-N Richard K0fOl, Ph0T0graphy Editor COMMERCE V OLET ir r- 5 . a. 'W-'95 ..... , -.. -- -xx ..- -A. -... .1 - -,. - L - xXx Nx x':XX',X,S. Jay Sofier, Senior Editor Nancy Green, Co-Edltor I I Alpha Phi Sigma Marc F. Bernstein Barry S. Blumstein Louis Capozzi Andrew Crystal Robert A. Hanson Jay R. Holiday Ira A. Kinzler Stephen M. Klein Harold A. Levine Mr. James R. Ratliff Mr. Cecil G. Sullivan Eileen A. Ahern Susan A. Boslego Nancy E. Green Sigma Eta Phi Professor Herman Clurman Professor F. Robert Shoaf Miss Ruth Gunter Ns phinx Mitchel Askinas Thomas S. Meltzer Meredith A. Ashman Marcia B. Picoult Joel M. Glasser Mary P. Tanaskovic Richard M. Kraver Dean Daniel E. Diamond Prof. Ely Kushel . V- Vg-?.,,Z, K ww! ff VV X 3.9 1 fy L1 I f : wwf?-ff'4f ' A ,M .4 ., ' . A A , - ff f,, , pw, an 'W ' V, , , ,W ,, , ff ,. , fy f Z, 4 -fc. ,X M., H Vg, .wwf ,. , I ff, V4 W A W ' fff fwwf, 'fjty ff., , f ff I f Q' ,f,LW,M ,, f 1' , 2.1. "fs ' A 7 ff' 177 .V , mg . 'f ' fe Q NAM ff" WMP' ,. V if YA? -A 37,9 ,ME :me 5. V A 1, f' X f ' K Via:-xf' .f ' X. . , U ,. . A ,W.!gW7,.,4,W f 4 mx M . 4 151 . V - Z ' .12 4+ .- 'dlffh ' fi' A' ,wg , if. ,- L., , , A. V hull ,g zz ' z . , , ' sy 'ff , : 'g, ,I wi in -.4 - ,M 2 ' 1 ,ii 1, -1 1 4, H' mf .,.,. A , Z -V ,Y ,,. Zag wiv- b y nP"i"" ek. F 6 ff 'v , QZA .4 U , 15? " ' - , 7 ' ,. - -. . Q , X 4 ff . . .w1f.4,,f. ff -, f , df! K , K.. ,f of 1, . f K , X 7 1 f f 4 , ,f Q f, 4 f ff V f I 1 f W Z yf ,I 1 ,4 af: f Q 7 f f i f v f W N ,Q B7 A h 2 F I E A fn jf f W .. 12 1 A ff 'I' If r L , ' X sf f M f -'sw .. ,. ff f X f , 521 ' ' ku IK u ' ' I 7 f W 'Q ' ff, gk!! ffm.: v' 9 X' fu 5 , 4 . U L , '14, ff ff Huw! 1 A f A f n W ff A ff 1--1,1 Y f .fff my Ulf, 'N 41 7' 1 f .f lb , I W M, Q .ZMJ4 ..W,...,..... ,, , X fw4W..,N .,,, , .. -WM ..... ,,., ...A MW . . '--p.. -.-...-. vw.-L. -w.-...Q .....,,, ...Q .-.....,., ...Q-.. .QE ..-..,.., 'P-5-. .-.....,,. TV -It Xl I O 5 1 N . 4 A. l , ,Auf f 'Q ,. il' w 3 GREEKS Violet Fraternity Council S. Sonberg-Phi Epsilon Pi, Mike Robbins-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Mark Bclabun-Delta Sigma Pi. i 104 ..-f ff i -rs-wswggmz Q? ,. 3. 5. .. - is ss - - ll BOTTOM ROW: R. Russcik, N. Newman, S. Kulman, L. Weiss. SECOND ROW: M. Levy, P. Simpson, M. Weisberger, k' . TOP ROW: R. Chciken, M. Bender, L. Klein, P. Karsch, E. Metzkier, C. Stern, R. Fuchs, L. Schwartz, N. Hecht, L. Ros in A. Efmcn, H. Soshin, C. Cohen, M. Hirschfeld, P. Kresser, L. Silmon, A. Schirtzer. Alpha Epsilon Phi BOTTOM ROW: A. Anwarcadeh, M. Bondanza, P. Lambert, G. Posilkin, J. Holiday, M. Giges, R. Charap. SECOND ROW: M. Storch, K. Hershoff, S. Becker, S. Alfhof, E. Geisinger, M. Forma, R. Fowler. TOP ROW: B. Weissman, M. Robbins, M. Obler, D. Stein, R. Levinson. Alpha Epsilon Pi Qi Q- 4:1 " 106 i....1i mreich. SECOND ROW: F. Recchia BOTTOM ROW: A. Gorruto, L. Vivian, L. Hormonitch, J. D'Arcongelo, R. Ru ' ' J. Levine, J. Mrozek. FOURTH ROW: H. Whitmore Trustee, S D. O'Keefe. THIRD ROW: C. Miguel, F. Mcudment, Worheit. TOP ROW: R. Lewis, W. Nomad. Alpha Kappa PS1 'ii IIZIQ EV i is 1, ll! ul ll " ' lu J ' 'il' ' IYIITII I " " Z lllll :l!!l . ..::: .... 1' I! E gl "'!'-III! ' il -'-- 2 -..1. ee .':':.1. 4 gui sf rl 5 Il 9 so ff 5' 'JCE iF' - Q ifaiw A- fir.-s i I Ah-2 " ' mms' Suu: I A - ' , i I 4" ' .V Y , Q Q, ,. W, Q' 1 I,.' .,,, ....,... ......... ..... 3 3 ' BOTTOM ROW: C. Braunstein, D. Fenton, J. Ufermohlen, TOP ROW V. Placonicc, D. Grossman, J. Bclrtone. Delta Z eta Phi Epsilon Pi BOTTOM ROW: J. Strickler, A. Holland, R. Carrillo, P. Buranasombati, M. Leifer, L. Capozzi, M. Bernstein, M. Kihenplan, J. Slutsky. SECOND ROW: A. Diamond, S. Krupin, J. Friedman, T. Jakness, N. Aquilera, S. Somberg, H. Gitlow, S. Steam, A. Thomas. THIRD ROW: C. Monroe, D. Weiss, S. Hirshon, C. Bengeloff, M. Blitstein, T. Dianis, B. Rubin, S. Shapiro. TOP ROW: D. Jacobson, D. Adler, P. Rafen, D. Carter, B. Beftinger, J. Carver, M. Sfarobin, S. Ames, T. Noto, P. Buransombati, H. Tessler. 109 BOTTOM ROW: S. Abrams, H. Schwartz, L. Blankstein, J. Fielman, J. Solomon. SECOND ROW: R. Deutsch, A. Dratch, E. Davis, L. Klein, S. Breggar, M. Domeshek, M. Golden- berg, C. Snow. THIRD ROW: S. Levy, R. Siegel, F. Quentin, B. Fleckman, M.K. Tooker, R. Seitzman, J. Lun. TOP ROW: S. Roberts, P. Schneps, G. Sarrivgarte, R. Forni, C. Katz, E. Ulrich, J. Silverman. SXQXHQ4 in 1 gg :P l . N., fi Sigma Delta Tau we BOTTOM ROW: M. LeBlanc, T. Seidl. SECOND ROW: P. Koppel, V. Wegorzewski, H. Sacco M. Horner. TOP ROW: D. Rokeoch, B. Sorrentino, M. Sirkus, P. Radus. Sigma Phi Epsilon BOTTOM ROW M Hahn A Shotz S Eller M Rubenstein B Marks H Mlgden TOP ROW J Kommlt E Gould C Langguth F Komgsberg J Flguroa E Sonnenburg W "1 'l'f" Tau Delta P111 r I BOTTOM RT Kinsler, J. L ROW: J. Sh- OU hi Zeta Beta, Tau 3 ia ini-s , . o'o Qu ' Q :Sis J' i Q . Qq X. ' I 4 I . ... zlfiill' ,. S my mn -.1 .iig gf. , 95 fiiiii 5. ii , 61 Q Q1 iii ri ff ip 1? 0 v .2 ,I qi W . if il. , My if 5 1 1 i-N A 15 :in I ' O I A ll !ll L - LK A W Z 'T 18 9 X 'ni gli A I BOTTOM ROW: S. Gaines, G. Geshwin, L. Maisel, J. Perlman, M. Gilden, M. Tanner, R. Kraver. SECOND ROW: P. Zaslowe I Kinsler, J. Lina, K. Shack, S. Klein, J. Costabile, R. Assur. THIRD ROW: S. Lichter, R. King, M. Singer, W. Berger, N. Nowich TOP ROW: J. Shapiro, S. Luggery, R. Fikert, A. Jacobs, A. Kranz, D. Tanzer, R. Giffler, R. Berman, J. Ficcarrelli. -.f -4 iff' A 31 if Y, Q - .. ., ,L , P. ' "sk a ng ' ' ' f- '-3 ,, S , 2- zz L " ' V , if .ff , W ., M, WW f' 4 V , -MT.. V 7 f 43, ' -an ' F j fl"z ' ' 7MrL"'f' V . ' . ' fs A vw W ' gg ff Z. 2 1,7 V7 ' . f f Wf- '7A', ' , 0 , ' 'Wi' , 0 ww 2 X ,C MQ. ffv ? f f " I ' f ' 'f W 1 .,r ,, ,V h J 0 , , , ,,, , , I, xf, ix I I I A, , 4 muff-+74 my-.7. ' I V' 9 'Q' f WW? I : I. 'KZ',, f,,,4?k,!?Jrkhf ' KL 2' ,'wi5-Q.-7.Wi?y53,,'fj f, .. if fl an , ,QA 4: -1-un-Q ' .A .af l N . W Vx 1 1 ff' , ff, KV' 4 . wh - 1 1 A gi, 5 x.-.a' hp , 'Qs ' 5 QE. 1 Tw, . fe-,l A -,ix . s- .bm 521 , ,51.f'-el, 1 5.5 if , ' 2, . 1. -. I . ,E X , A ,I1 N V. N Qilxlizl? SPGRTS Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 30 4 7 11 14 28 31 4 7 11 14 2 9 16 3 7 13 17 21 28 9 SOCCER New York University 5 Quinni iac 1 P Bridgeport 3 New York University 0 New York University 7 Seton Hall 0 Fairleigh Dickinson 5 New York University 1 Navy 3 New York University 0 Hartwick 2 New York University 1 Temple University 3 New York University 2 New York University 1 St. Joseph's of Penn. 0 New York University 3 Long Island University 1 New York University 0 West Chester 0 New York University 0 City College New York 0 FENCING New York University 18 Cornell 9 New York University 14 Yale 13 New York University 18 Harvard 9 New York University 20 Rutgers 7 New York University 15 12 Pennsylvania New York University 16 Princeton 11 New York University 15 Navy 12 Columbia 16 New York University 11 New York University 16 City College New York 11 New York University 16 Army 11 15,16 I.F.A. Championships N.Y.U.-First-74 points 28,29,30 NCAA Cham ionshi s 6 13 16 10 7 9 14 17 21 28 P P N.Y.U.-Second-87 points SWIMMING Princeton 90 New York University 22 66 St. John's New York University 45 Southern Connecticut 74 New York University 34 New York University 60 St. Francis 3'l New York University 67 Seton Hall 36 Kingspoint 66 New York University 38 Fordham University 56 New York University 48 West Chester State 65 New York University 48 Rutgers 76 New York University 34 Villanova 63 New York University 39 Teams Scores Dec. 2 Dec. 5 Dec. 7 Dec. 9 Dec. 14 "Dec. 16 "Dec. 18 BASKETBALL Seton Hall New York University New York University Hunter College New York University Texas Columbia New York University Temple University New York University Virginia New York University Virginia Tech. New York University 'Virginia-VPI Tournament Dec. 21 New York University Fairleigh Dickenson "Dec. 27 New York University Santa Clara Iovertimel "Dec. 28 Miami of Florida New York University "Hurricaine Classic Jan. 4 Princeton New York University Jan. 6 Colgate New York University Jan. 13 Wagner College New York University fovertimel Feb. 1 Army New York University Feb. 3 Iona College New York University Feb. 8 New York University Manhattan College Feb. 10 New York University City College of N.Y. Feb. 15 Tulane University New York University Feb. 17 New York University Vermont Feb. 22 Notre Dame New York University Feb. 24 Georgetown New York University Feb. 29 Fordham University New York University Mar. 2 St. John's New York University Mar. 7 New York University Rutgers WRESTLING Dec. 2 Rutgers of Newark New York University Dec. 13 New York University Hunter College Dec. 16 New York University Brooklyn Poly. Tech. Jan. 10 New York University Marist Jan. 13 Hartwick College New York University Feb. 3 N.Y. Maritime New York University Feb. 7 New York University Seton Hall Feb. 10 Kingspoint Feb. 14 New York University New York University Drew Feb. 17 Feb. Feb. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Mar. Mar. 21 25 30 7 7 14 14 20 28 7 11 11 20 6 10 13 23 9 New York University 19 City College of N.Y. 16 Fairleigh Dickenson 34 New York University 3 Metropolitan Championships N.Y.U.-Eighth-12 poims CROSS-COU NTRY New York University 15 Kingspoint 46 New York University 26 Rutgers 29 Princeton 26 New York University 29 New York University 28 Navy 28 New York University 22 St. John's 33 New York University 26 Army 31 New York University 15 City College of N.Y. 50 Metropolitan Championships N.Y.U.-First-51 points New York University 15 Fairleigh Dickenson 48 New York University 15 Iona College 46 IC4A Championships N.Y.U.-Fifth-199 points INDOOR TRACK Navy 55 New York University 50 Fordham University 31 Metropolitan AAU Senior Championships N.Y.U.-Fifth-14 points Army 61 St. John's 51 New York University 25 Metropolitan Championships N.Y.U.-Fourth-33 points IC4A Championships N.Y.U.-5 points 15,16 NCAA Championships N.Y.U.-3 points U' . 18 211336 iv UCkeI-ysdn' n' - 41 n 1V6l'Slfy 3 rips hth N12 15011115 1NTRY Jniverstyy 15 University 46 University University University Jniversity e of N,Y, 1 ips -51 points lniversity I5 :kenson 48 15 46 26 29 26 29 28 University 33 26 31 15 50 lniversity ionships -199 points tCK 55 iiversity 50 iversity 31 AAU Senior ps -14 points 61 51 niversify 25 as ,h,,33 points onships nts pions111P5 nts Soccer 56 N sf' me 4 "0 sn-, , Y? 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ARMY Sphmx 967 mr Laureate 31 mach Professor HnmanClm'rmm Professor PeirztDulmo Professor John D Gmlfml Jose 31 Carmllo Carole L.Fc1L Robert Stephen Susan. Petztfiilllttnifeui r mama spam Prmdeol' Professor 11 Flnhm'f1,, 1055.1 ,mi 'rllilp XKHQ UUA! L ff -f X- ,V-, M f..W..V,,4, ff . 4 -WWW, W.. R V.. f 7 .,f, J , f"' vw V-, f v 1 of 44 nmjgl' WZ' 5 H 4, xii NH m Q. Wfuuwful Ur atgsb ' wr :Am 1 xi'1'rAlwHr'f. Iliff U I W .4 Y, 5 , ,, , LM., M ,VZ W Ylrv A I ,A .,,,.,.. ., ,,,, ,4 f W if Mm . M , ,.1,fw.f SENIORS Beta Gamma Sigma Susanne E. PeHi'r Ebbe Reker Carol A. Rodecker Martin F. Roth David I. Sandler David J. Scholes Student Hall of Fame Merecllth A Ashman Thomas S Meltzer Mitchel Asklnas Marcna B Pncoult Joel M Glasser Rlcharcl E Prmce Richard M. Kraver Irene E. Szopo Mary P. Tanaskovic ABRAMS, SUSAN-24 Dillion Dr., Lawrence, N.Y.-Market- ing. APFELBAUM, WILLIAM-205 West 89 St., N.Y., N.Y.- Marketing. AMES, STEPHEN-4 Horizon Rd., Ft. Lee, N..l.-Finance- Program Board, Phi Epsilon Pi: House Chairman. AMATO, DONALD-2559 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N.Y., 10468-Management. 136 ALLEN, WILLIAM C.-993 President St., Brooklyn 25, N.Y.-Accounting. APPLEGATE, HARRY-571 S. Laurel Ave., Hazlet, N.J.- Business Administration. 1 ASHMANI Suttvfi Pla' NY, l0027 ticsfc 0 m ll Freshrtiflfi 5 Advisory C Hllllll Comn' resentotive, mittee: Ofle sistunt Diff Violet: Ass0 Editor, Editf Eta Phi:Spl1 Beta Gamm Sigma-Stat University List. BALL, DAVI conut Lung Florida-Ag Alpltcl Psi, mtl: Deon's ASHMAN MEREDITH-45 Sutton Place South, N.Y N.Y., lOO22-Business Statis- tics-C o m m e r c e Council: Freshman Secretary, Library Advisory Committee Chair- man, Commerce Violet Rep- resentative, Elections Com- mittee, Orientation: T966 As- sistant Director, Commerce Violet: Associate and Senior Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Sigma Eta Phi, Sphinx, Hall of Fame, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Pi Sigma-Statistics Honorary, University Scholar, Dean's List. BALL, DAVID L.-305 N. Co- conut Lane, Miami Beach, Florida-Accounting-B e t a Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, Dean's List. Alf.-kk AZZARA, CHRISTINE-l Lat- tin Dr., Yonkers, N.Y.--Mar- keting--Ski Club. BABCANY, EDWARD-39-65 52 St., Woodside, N.Y., 11377-Accounting. ASKINAS, MITCH-6 Kent Pl., Great Neck, L.I., N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration-Com- merce Council: Senior Class Treasurer, Director of Violet Owl Society, All-Square Con- gress: Junior Delegate, Ori- entation: Assistant Director of Orientation, Finance Society: Treasurer, Vice-President, Whitman House: Treasurer, Alpha Phi Sigma. BALDARI, JOHN-277 West TT St., N.Y. T4, N.Y.,-Mar- keting-Judo Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pledgemaster. BALMUTH, MARK-143-O8 29 Rd., Flushing, N.Y.-Account- ing-Finance Society. BETTINGER, BARRY A.-141 Gifford Ave., Jersey City, NJ.-Real Estate-Real Estate Club: Vice-President, Phi Epsi- lon Pi, Rho Epsilon. BERNAT, DENNIS-'l5 Dewey St., Garfield, NJ.-Marketing -Triad. BERON, CELESTE-1308 Eld- ridge Ave., West Collings- wood, NJ.-Banking and Financwlnter-Club Council League of Women: Vice-Presi dent, Historian-Treasurer, Weinstein Student Govern- ment: Floor Representative, Violet Owl, Newman Club, "Clubs at Commerce" Pub- lication, Finance Honorary, Beta Gamma Sigma: Vice- President, University Scholar, Dean's List. 138 5. BERINGER, HARVEY-505 E. BIRDSALL, sf., . sonS Lincoln Ave., Mt. Vernon, Pal- N. Y.-Economics-Economics Club. BERRIO, OSCAR-265 Lafay- ette St., N.Y., 10012-Market ing. l l Banking Uni BROWN, i 224 51-, Qu 11428440 qQq,...W-.-. WL... , BIRDSALL, DOUGLAS-20 Parsons St., Harrison, N.Y.- mc Banking and Finance. U 0 BROWN, WALTER E.-92-33 Jr 9 224 St., Queens Village, N.Y., 11428-Management. BOEHRI NGER, EUGENE 190 BOBROW, JOSEPH-246 W. Bay Dr., Long Beach, N.Y., l'l56l-Economics-Com- merce Council: Career Guid- ance Committee, Student- Faculty Relations Committee, Society for the Advancement of Management: Chairman of Speakers Committee, Presi- dent, Economics Honorary, Dean's List. BLAU, ROBERT-13-34 Caf- frey Ave., Far Rockaway, N. Y.-Accounting-Account- ing Club: Vice-President. BU BNIK, ROBERT-29-'I 4 163 St., Flushing, N.Y., H358- Management-Finance Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. 150-s 'wb 4 Lillian St., Amityville, N.Y.- Banking and Finance-Fi- nance Society, ENTERPRISE: Associate Editor. BU RANASOMBATI, PICHAI- 588 Petchburi Rd., Bcmgkok, Thailand-Business Adminis- tration-Violet Owl, Judo Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Board of Governors. CAGEN, ANDREW-56 - 37 205 St., Bayside, N.Y., 11364 - Journalism - Washington Square Journal: Co-Editor. BUSTIN, RAUL-Las Weras 380F, Buenos Aires, Argen- tina-Marketing - Varsity Soccer Team, Pre-Law Society, Honors Program. BUSCH, RICHARD-390 Rug- by Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y., H226 -Economics - Violet Owl, Economics Club, Phi Sigma Delta. 140 49915. B u R N S, WILLIAM C.-518 CANO, ,Oil Graham Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., ll35"' Ric l 1222-Accounting. 'ACCOUMIHQ CHIZMADIA, Euclid St., N.Y. - Mum gram Board, Advancement CALLAHAN, DANIEL J.-225 mem, vm Biltmore Ave., Elmont, N.Y.- Arnold Air Transportation. bard and Blau - J.-225 N.Y.- l N.Y,, C-N518 cANo, OLGA M.-101-42 'll8St., Richmond Hill, N.Y., -Accounting. CHIZMADIA, JOSEPH-51 W. Euclid St., Valley Stream, N.Y. - Management - Pro- gram Board, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Varsity Soccer Team, Arnold Air Society, Scab- bard and Blade. CARBONE, MICHAEL F. .lR.- ? 867 41 St., Brooklyn 32, N.Y. -Accounting-Alpha Kappa Psi: President, Treasurer. CAPLAN, EILEEN H.-903 Aintree Park Dr., Cleveland, Ohio, 44l43-Accounting- Accounting Club. CHERNUCHIN, ANDREW- CHAN, DON A.-Box 15 Pratt Station, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11205-Business Administra- tion-Commodities Advisory Committee: Chairman, Invest- ment Analysis Club: President. 150 Central Park South, N.Y., N.Y., 10019-Banking and Financm+Finance Club. '-Q7 CLAWANS, FRANCES-168 First St., Perth Amboy, N.J.- Management - Commerce Council: Corresponding Sec- retary, Grievance Committee, Violet Owl, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Alpha Epsilon Phi: Treasurer, Panhellenic Rep- resentative, Special Events Committee Chairman. COSENTINO, MICHAEL - 15 Delano Ave., Yonkers, N.Y.- Accounting-WNYU Staff, Hockey Club, Theta Chi. COHEN, ALLAN-T4 Ply- mouth Place, White Plains, N .Y., l 0605-Ma rketing- Triad: Vice-President, Dean's List. COHN, MELVIN P.-8829 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn N.Y. l l209-Marketing- Triad. 'I42 COEN, THOMAS-l 9 Old Mill Lane, Tappan, N.Y.- B u s i n e s s Administration- Triad, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. COOPER, DANIEL - 333 Ovington Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., H209 - Journalism - Student Commission on Stu- dent Life, Commerce Council: Junior Class Vice-President, Publications Chairman, Violet Owl, WNYU News Director, Staff of CAMPUS: AFTER CLASS, Editor of TICKER, Zeta Beta Tau: Vice-President, Acting President, Publicity Chairman, Alpha Phi Sigma. x, Xl ROBERT' CO brook, Alle-I Lyn . , Accounting ' ireusurer. DEISO, RON. Pl-,I Eostchesti lel'nQNKor ctr- r Ad- nl. 333 oklyn, ism - I Slu- runCil: idenl, Violet ector: AFTER IKER: ident, :licity igma- 5, l if 1:5459 COX, ROBERT-54 Wilson Ave., Lynbrook, N.Y., H563 - Accounting - Theta Chi: Treasurer. 'P-flwf D'ALAURO, PETER JR.-60-27 Cooper Ave., Glendale, N.Y., H227 - Marketing -Triad, Society for the Advancement of Management, Newman Club: Vice-President. C U V I L LY, GERARD-1540 York Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10028 -Banking and Financc+Fi- nance Society. DEMBERG, M A R I O N-89 Lindbergh Ave., Staten Island, N.Y., 'l0306-Marketing - Violet Owl, Triad: Recording Secretary, President, WNYU Staff, ENTERPRISE: Managing Editor, Gamma Alpha Chi: Secretary-Treasurer, Samuel Eshborn Scholarship, Scholar- ship from the Governor's DEISO, RON-10 Oakridge Pl., Eastchester, N.Y.,-Mar- keting-Ka rate Club. D'ANTUONO, DONALD- 560 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, N.Y.-Accounting. Committee on. Scholastic Achievement, Dean's List, Honors Program in Marketing. '65 DERSHOWITZ, SAMUEL-460 Neptune Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11224 - Management - So- ciety for the Advancement of Management, Triad, Business Law Club. DUNGEE, FREDERICK - 279 Leland Ave., Plainfield, N.J. -Banking and Finance. DOWD, JOHN D.-1843 Nor- man St., Ridgewood, N.Y., 11227 - Management - So- ciety for the Advancement of Management: P r e s i cl e n t, Triad, Newman Club: Presi- dent. 'I44 DODGE, JOHN G.-33-18 Murray Lane, Flushing, N.Y., 'I l 354-Real Estate-Rho Epsi- lon: Vice-President, Treasurer. DMYTROW, RAYMOND E.- l542 Coleman St., Brooklyn, N.Y., H234 - Marketing - Triad, American Marketing Association. DUSSlCH,VlNCENT-2OClent Rd., Great Neck, N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration-Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, Triad. l l 3 6-6: rm,FRANl'8 lfhmond Hllf NX' hlondgemenl' FELLUS, WILI Wetherole S N-Y., 11374- llilllfe. E l l l 1 i u "ND E BlOOlqlYR lreting E Jlurketing 0Clent -Busi- Society lMon- 4.13 EARL, FRANK-86-67 106 St., Richmond Hill, N.Y., 11418- Management. FELLUS, WILLIAM - 63-15 Wetherole St., Rego Park, N.Y., 11374-Banking and Fi- nance. 'W-41? EVANS, JAMES D.-3220 Netherland Ave., Riverdale, N.Y., 10463 - Accounting - Accounting Club. ifnv, FARKAS, ROBERT-102-30 67 Ave., Forest Hills, N.Y., 11375 -Business Administration - Phi Sigma Delta: Pledgemas- Ter. 145 ALM., ,"'- RZ X K5 tw? vi -L W MS EBOLI, MARC-1 'Riverdale Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10463- Business Administration - Transportation Club, Weight- Lifting Club. FEINBERG, STEPHEN-69-38 172 St., Jamaica Estates North, N.Y., 11365-Account ing-Violet Owl. Ili? ,X . Li ., lltxgfsx XQ X A N f X s 111-vi' l l l I yi 1 FIELDS, BRUCE-I2I8 Chan- ning Road, Far Rockaway, N.Y. - Accounting - Inter- Club Council: Accounting Club Delegate, Accounting Club: President, Pre-Law So- ciety, Beta Alpha Psi. FRASER, JOEL-32-42 92 St., Jackson Heights, N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration-Dean's List. v FITZGERALD, ANNA-THE- RESA-'I4 Washington Pl., N.Y., N.Y., lO0O3-Business Administration. . f FRANCESCHINI, ENNIO E. - 1360 Ocean Parkway, Apt. 4c, Brooklyn, N.Y., H230- Business Administration - Spanish Club, Varsity Soccer Team, Delta Phi Epsilon, ln- ternational Student Festival Award. l46 FIORITO, JAMES-49 Buck- skin Lane, Selden, L.I., N.Y., H784-Banking and Finance. FRANKLIN, FREDERICK E. - 7 Jasmine Rd., Lakeridge, Matawan P.O., N..l.-Business Administration. FREEDBE 45 West ,Market GEISINGE Donald I NY- - Ec ics Club, I Epsilon Pi, A FREEDBERGER, WILLIAM - 45 West 75 St., N.Y., 10023 -Marketing. GEISINGER, EDWARD I. - 17 Donald Dr., New Rochelle, N.Y. - Economics - Econom- Une? ics Club, Finance Club, Alpha JS' Epsilon Pi: Rush Chairman. ff. 6 FREUND, RUTH-2929 Point East Dr., Apt. 112A, Miami, Fla., 33160-Marketing - FREEMAN, PHYLLIS - 377 15 Ave., Paterson, N..l., 07504- Marketing-Triad: Secretary, League of Women, Gamma Alpha Chi, Women's National Advertising Honorary. FUCHS, EDWARD P. - 6 Wooley La., Great Neck, N.Y. - Business Administration - Pre-Law Society, Phi Epsilon Pi: Vice-President, Violet Fra- ternity Council: Senior Rep- resentative, All-Star Track Team for 1966. Commerce Council: Corre- sponding Secretary, Library Advisory Committee, League of Women: Freshman Class Representative, Violet Owl, Triad: COMMERCE VIOLET Staff of 1965, University Scholar. GERBER, IRWIN-945 East 26 St., Brooklyn, N.Y.-Market- ing. GIANNAKAKIS. STEPHEN - T50-43 87 Ave., Jamaica 32, N.Y.-Business Administration. GOLDBERG, ALLEN-I 86-I 5 Troon Rd., Jamaica, N.Y., 11432-Banking and Finance. GLASSER, JOEL MARC - 83- l5 II6 St., Kew Gardens, N.Y. - Banking and Finance -Commerce Council: Senior Class Secretary, Publications Committee Chairman, Inter- Club Council: Finance Society Representative, Violet Owl, Finance Society: President, WASHINGTON S Q U A R E JOURNAL, ENTERPRISE: Man- aging Editor, TICKER: Editor- in-Chief, CAMPUS: AFTER CLASS: Editor, BANKER AND BROKER: Editor, Whitman House: President, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Alpha Kappa, Alpha Phi Sigma: President, Dean's List. GITLITZ, NORMAN - 1785 East 29 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., H219 - Accounting -Alpha Epsilon Pi. 148 GILDEN, MARK-6801 I9 Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., H204- Marketing-Zeta Beta Tau: So- cial Chairman, VFC All-Star Football Team. GOLDSTEIN, PAUL-913 Ave. K, Brooklyn, N.Y.-Banking and Finance-Finance Club: Karate Club. GREEN! l40 of Mass.-I tion. GROSS Pork H1 Md., 2' Varsity Busines - .- -N.. A' GREENBERG, MORTON - 140 Oakland St., Fall River, Mass.-Business Administra- tion. GROSSMAN, JAY - 5905 Pork Heights Ave., Baltimore, Md., 21215 - Accounting - Varsity Golf Team, WNYU: Business Coordinator. 4'-is B. GREENWALD, ALLEN-6910 Ave. U, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11234 -Marketing. 149 GRELLA, PALMINA R.-48 Elm Ave., Glen Cove, N.Y., 11542 -Marketing-l e a g u e of Women, American Marketing Association, Delta Zeta: Cor- responding Secretary, Gam- ma Alpha Chi, Women's Na- tional Advertising Honorary. gy Q, -ve-'Q' MCU GREENBERG, WARREN - 1625 Emmons Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.-Accounting - Alpha Epsilon Pi. GROSS, WARREN D.-1781 Cross Bronx Expressway, Bronx, N.Y., 10460-Manage meni. R' " ,yan- GUNTHER, EDWIN - 303 W. 66 St., N.Y., N.Y.-Manage- ment. HARKNESS, HARVEY - 147 Washington Ave., Rutherford, NJ., 07070-Economics - Aereopagusp Economics Hon- ors Program. HAITKIN, JEFFREY-1903 Ave. I, Brooklyn, N.Y., H230- Accounting-Beta Alpha Psi, Aereopagus. HANRAHAN, JAMES-84-37 Fleet Court, Flushing, Queens, 1 1374-Economics. GUTIERREZ, JOSE A.-40-05 Hampton St., Elmhurst, N.Y. -Banking and Finance. HANTMAKER, HARVEY M. - 82-45 Langdale St., New Hyde Park, N.Y., 11040 - Marketing. HARNER son 5?-1 H530 ' Sigma P gus. l'lERMAl 50uth N N.Y,.A A-40 05 HARNER MELVIN 124 Jack 'hurst, N,Y son St. Garden City, N Y ance. H530 - Management RRVEY M- p I w Y 4 Sigma Phi Epsilon Aereopa us HERMAN NORMAN - South Morris Lane Scarsdale N.Y.-Accounting. HELLER, RICHARD G. - W' HARRIS ROBERT Ramapo Trail Harrison NY Motion Picture Production Direction WNYU Zeta Beta Tau Scholarship Chairman Cul ture Chairman Entertainment Chairman wwf HAWTHORNE PAUL T501 Metropolitan Ave Bronx N Y 10462-Cross Country Track Team Zeta Psi HERSH ROBERT T66 East 61 St NY N Y Accounting Violet Owl Accounting Club Phi Epsilon Pl Board of Gov ernors House Chairman S clal Chairman Carthage Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Business Administration. HILDEBRAND, THOMAS R.- 3800 Mount Troy Rd., Pitts- burgh, Pa., 15212 - Econom- ics-Program Board, Treas- urer, President, Delegate to the Association of College Unions Region Ill Steering Committee, ON THE SQUARE: Assistant Editor, University Scholar. HOROWITZ, JAY-11-01 162 St., Whitestone, N.Y., 11357 --Marketing - Dean's Ad- visory Committee, Commerce Council: Special Assistant to President, Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Secretary, Junior Class Presi- dent, Grievance Committee Chairman, Bundles for Belle- vue Chairman, Career Guid- ance Committee Chairman, Violet Owl. i HIRSHON, SHELDON - 213- 41 33 Ave., Bayside, N.Y. 11361 - Accounting - Com- merce Council: Treasurer, Senior Class Secretary, Chair- man of Bundles for Bellevue, Chairman of Elections Com- mittee, Judo Club, Account- ing Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Pledgemaster. I HUDEC, RICHARD - 1969-B Powell Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10473-Banking and Finance. HOROWITZ, STUART N. 222-04 77 Ave., Bayside, N.Y., 11364 - Accounting - Accounting Club. HOROWITZ, MICHAEL - 2180 Wallace Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10462-Marketing. 152 IRWIN, Ji BrooklYn' counting' Alumni 54 KELLY, St., Nf- Socie .-nn., 4 - 213. Ile, N.Y. y - Com- reosurer Tyl Cl'1CIlI'- Bellevue, ons Com. Account- 'silon Pi- I I - 1969-B mx, N-Y-1 id Finance- ia' .f IRWIN, JEROME-1865 48 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11204-Ao counting-Tau Delta Phi: Alumni Scribe. KELLY, DOUGLAS-27 E. 13 St., N.Y. - Management - Society for Advancement of Management, Karate Club. wtf' KANES, STEVEN - 8310 Fairview Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. - Accounting - Weinstein JAMES, ELRIDGE 3233 Grace Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10469-Accounting. Student Government: Educa- tion and Culture Committee Representative, Accounting Club, History Club, Beta Al- pha Psi, Pre-Law Society, Q Dean's Honorary Award. KAYE, DENNIS-117 Green- acres Ave., White Plains, N.Y. -Ma rketing. KAYE, HOWARD-71 London Terrace, New Rochelle, N.Y. -Banking and FinancGPFi- nance Society. lap KIERAN, PETER-88-50 179 St., Jamaica, N.Y., 11432 - Management. KRABBE, CAROL - Maryknoll Sisters, Maryknoll, N.Y., 10545 - Mana ement g 1 Management Honors Pro- gram. KLIMKOWSKY, BRUCE-949 Park Lane North, Franklin Square, N.Y.-Accounting. KLIAVKOFF, DIMITER - 495 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10024-Economics. KNOX, SAMUEL R. - 102-45 62 Rd., Apt. 3R, Forest Hills, N.Y., 11375 - Business Ad- ministration - Commerce Council: Junior Class Treas- KOSSON, LEONARD H.-Ave. Washington No. 20, Santurce, P.R. - Accounting - Program Board: President, Accounting Club: Sigma Alpha Mu: Treas- urer, Beta Alpha Psi. urer, Violet Owl, Tau Delta Phi: Vice-President, President, Phi Alpha Kappa, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Dean's Key. I1 1'- i li KRAVER, East 21 Business Student dent lil Committf cil' Pri C o n g I Book Dr Owl, AC Presiden man Bc Beta Ta Committ Key: Ti Sigmo,t LASH 1970 34, N Chi 1 Socie Beta N.Y., Ny, . - 102-45 orest Hills, usiness Ad- Commerce ass Treas- TQU DEIICI President: Beta Gflm' Key. 'WE KRAVER, RICHARD M. - 75 East 21 St., Brooklyn, N.Y.- Business Administration - Student Commission on Stu- dent Lite, Dean's Advisory Committee, Commerce Coun- cil: President, All-Square C o n g r e s s: Vice-President, Book Drive Chairman, Violet Owl, Accounting Club: Vice- President, Treasurer, Fresh- man Basketball Team, Zeta Beta Tau: Secretary, Athletic Committee Chairman, Blue Key: Treasurer, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sphinx, Hall of Fame. LASHER, DOROTHY M. - 1970 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn 34, N.Y. -Journalism - Phi Chi Theta: Secretary, Pre-Law Society, Arch and Square, Beta Gamma Sigma. LAIFER, MARK 72 Inlet Ter race, Belmar, N.J.-Banking and Finance-Finance Soci- ety, Pre-Law Society,-Ski Club, Surf Club, Phi Epsilon Pi. 155 KUSHNER, RICHARD - 702 Kathleen Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11235 - Accounting - Bowl- ing Team, Sigma Alpha Mu: T r e a s u r e r, Pledgemaster, House Chairman, Athletic Chairman, Social Chairman. rw ft- 'Sw--fl I f KRUG, NEIL-177 Irvington Ave., South Orange, N.J.- Accounting - Accounting Club, Phi Epsilon Pi. LASKY, MAURY-43 Stanford Ave., West Orange, N.J. - Business Administration - U.A.O., Karate Club. LAURIA, FRANCIS J.-286 Tulip Ave., Floral Park, N.Y. -Business Administration. LEUZZI, ANTHONY R. - 107 Algonquin Rd., Yonkers, N.Y., 10710-Business Administra- tion. LEMME, WAYNE T.-65 Bel- mont Ave., Yonkers, N.Y., 10704 - Management- Ar- nold Air Society: Coordinator of Angel Flight Activities, Scabbard and Blade: Execu- tive Officer, Distinguished Military Student. LEIFER, MAX-1501 Lang Mills Rd., Lakewood, N.J., 08701 - Business Administra- tion-Dean's Advisory Com- mittee, Commerce Council: Senior Class President, Public Speaking Committee Chair- man, Elections Committee, Weinstein Student Govern- ment: Floor Representative, Culture Committee Chairman, Program Board: Social Com- mittee, Violet Owl, Pre-Law Society, High School Rela- tions Committee: Head Tour Guide, Phi Epsilon Pi: Rush Co-ordinator, Alumni Com- mittee Chairman. LEE, SOVINA C.Y. - 111 E. 26 St. N.Y., N.Y., 10010- Business Administration - Chinese Student Association: Treasurer. l.EWlN, BRUCE ROGER - 44 Muchmore Rd., Harrison, N.Y. -Business Administration - Finance Society. .1 MWIS, RIC Sl-1 N'Y" l nO ITI l 5 5' Alpha KQP Scholarship law Sociell LoAuzA, 1 'Tw J ' lll E, -, l00l0s frotion - Association: GER - 44 rison, NY- tration - P l I LEWIS, RICHARD-301 E. 22 St., N.Y., N.Y., lO0l0-Eco- nomicsf-Finance Society, Alpha Kappa Psi: President, Scholarship Chairman, Pre- Law Society. LOAIZA, EDUARDO - 32-03 85 St., Jackson Heights, N.Y., 11370-Economics. sc. -fix LINDER, JOHN S.-76 Green acres Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. -Marketing-Violet Owl, Ac counting Club, Zeta Beta Tau MQ. LICHTMAN, EMIL-83-31 H6 St., Apt. 5F, Kew Gardens, N.Y., H418-Banking and Finance. LITSAS, HELEN-236 West- chester Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y., lO552 - Marketing - Triad, Aristoteles, Gamma AlphaChi. LOBOSCO, JOHN-2426 West 'l St., Brooklyn, N.Y.- Accounting. MACHUCA, MICHAEL - 267 Madison Ave., Hasbrouck Hts., N.J. - Business Statistics - Inter-Club Council: Statistics Club Representative, Statis- tics Club: Vice-President, Delta Pi Sigma. LOKE, WILSON YUEN-TONG -39 Stubbs Rd., E8, Hong Kong - Accounting - Chi- nese Student Association: Vice President, Treasurer, Presi- dent, International Student Association Representative. V LUFTIG, MARGOT .l. - 3030 Valentine Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10458-Ma rketing. LOEB, BERNARD-241 Sulli- van St. Apt. 3A, N.Y., N.Y., lOOl2 - Marketing - Triad, Society for Advancement of Management. LYONS, JOHN F.-24 East 4 St., Brooklyn 16, N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration. 4 i .arf s -ff MAGNOZI l06-l5 49 A H308 - E4 Soccer Tew MANN Booth l l 37 lv M Sum' MAoNozzi, Enzo JR., - 'YV N-Y-I 106-1549 Ave., corona, N.Y., - Trludf 11308 - Economics - Vclrsiiy amen' Ol Soccer Teom. -24 M4 MANN, LEWIS M. - 65-20 q.Y.'-Busi. Booth St., Rego Pork, N.Y., I 11374-Banking ond Finonce. my-K MANGANO, FRANK G. A1 MALTEZOU, SOFIA - 7100 Blvd. Ecist, Guttenberg, N.Y., 07093 - Economics - Eco- nomics Club, Russian Club, Deon's List. MALE, RICHARD-18 Puriton Dr., Port Chester, N.Y.-Mc:r- keting-Finonce Society. MARCHAND, RONALD E.- 95-19 97 St., Richmond Hill, N.Y., H416-Business Ad- ministrotion. 592 Eost 49 ST., Brooklyn, N.Y., l 1203-Marketing. ipllugu any V MARCUS, SANDRA - 35-39 168 St., Flushing, N.Y., H358 - Marketing - Violet Owl: Triad, TICKER: Editor, Gam- ma Alpha Chi. MARKS, ROGER - 9 Alden Court, Malverne, N.Y.-Bank- ing and Finance-Debating Club: Research Director. MARKOWITZ, HENRY - 14 South Broadway, 6-2A, lrv- ington, N.Y., l0533-Man- agement. MARGULIS, STUART - 278 First Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10009 - Accounting - Accounting Club, Varsity Fencing Team, Pi Lambda Phi: President, Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Violet Fra- ternity Council. 160 MARGULIES, STEVEN D. - 305 East 24 St., N.Y., N.Y., TOOTO - Accounting - AC- counting Club, University Ath- letic Organization. MASON, ELLIOTT-21 Wind- ing Brook Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y., l0804 - Economics - Commerce Council: Elections Committee, All-Square Con- gress Liaison, All-Square Congress: Liaison to Com- merce Council, Calendar Committee Chairman, Blood Drive Chairman, Violet Owl, Violet Fraternity Council: Rush Coordinator, Vice-Presi- dent, F a c u l ty-Children's Christmas Party Chairman, Greek Week Chairman, Al- pha Epsilon Pi: Rush Chair- man, Social Chairman, Violet Fraternity Council Delegate. MAZUR, LE' A2 sr., Bfool ,Accounlinl MICHELM, Charlton HTS-, NJ., 'HQ-Acco EVEN D. N , N.Y., N.Y., nting - AC tiversity Aft, 1. T-21 Wind. Fw Rochelle, :conomics - :ilz Elections quare Con- All-Square 1 to Com- Calendar nan, Blood Violet Owl, ' Council: Vice-Presi- f-Children's Chairman, iirman, Al- tush Chair- nan, Violet Delegate. 5' dtkudts- MAZUR, LEONARD-21 East 42 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11203 -Accounting. MICHELMAN, MARVIN - 'l26 Charlton Ave., Hasbrouck l'liS-, N.J., 07604 - Account- Ing-Accounting Club. rv- T eq MCMANNIS, LAWRENCE H.- 41-65 Forley St., Elmhurst, Queens, N.Y.-Economics. MclLVEEN, KENNETH G.-2 Robin Hood Ave., Closter, N.J.-Management. MELTZER, THOMAS S.-53 Concord Ave., Oceanside, N.Y., 11572 - Accounting - Commerce Council: Elections Committee, Violet Owl, Ac- counting Club, Jewish Culture Foundation, WASHINGTON SQUARE JOURNAL: Adver- tising Manager, Business Manager, Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board: Phi Ep- silon Pi: President, Treasurer, Public Relations Chairman, Blue Key: Vice-President, Alpha Phi Sigma: Secretary, Clarence Raines Scholarship, Dean's List. MIGUEL, CARLOS-58 West 180 St., N.Y., N.Y.-Market- ing - Commerce Council: Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi: Treasurer, V i c e-President, House Chairman. MINKOFF, BRUCE-885 Troy Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.-Ac- counting-Accounting Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Board of Gov- ernors, House Committee Chairman, Athletics Commit- tee Chairman, VFC-AC: Sec- retary, President, All-Star Volleyball, All-Star Basket- ball, Areopagus. MUIR, JOHN-31 Bronson Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y.-Mar- keting - WASHINGTON SQUARE JOURNAL, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pre-Law Society, Alpha Delta Sigma. MOLINO, PATRICIA-T109 Summit Ave., Union City, N.J. - Marketing - Com- merce Council: Commerce Violet Delegate, Inter-Club Council: Corresponding Sec- retary, Violet Owl, Triad: Vice-President, COMMERCE VIOLET: Editor, Associate Edi- tor, Sigma Delta Tau: Corre- sponding Secretary, Vice President, Sigma Eta Phi: Sec- retary: Olga Esteroff Memo- rial Scholarship. i, ' ' .. LN , . . . : 'K' Q . f u I : , S f-'X ' ' . ' Yrs w . ' . 4 ' - 1 V f s 5, Q . , . 6 - - .:s...s4xs:s . , A . ' ' 4 X K- f , M MONET, JACQUELINE-T23 W. T3 St., N.Y., N.Y.-Bank- ing and Finance. MISROK, JERRY-227 E. Blancke St., Linden, N.J,-Ac- counting. MONOGENIS, EMANUEL- 72-61 T13 St., Forest Hills, N.Y. - Management - MU Gamma Tau, Managemenl Honors Program. l K! MULCAI Fort W N.Y.-A NIEBUH field R N.Y. 4 P0rtutio -227 E, If .-AC vIANUEL- rest HillS, :nt - MU f A F f I , fi nw MULCAHY, WILLIAM-579 Fort Washington Ave., N.Y., N.Y.-Accounting. NIEBUHR, ROBERT-3'I Pond field Rd. West, Bronxville, N.Y. - Transportation-Trans portation Club. Q, WINYV MURPHY, P H I L I P-1505 X wledbf NICKERSON, WILLIAM - I4 Rocky Hill Rd., Cape Eliza- beth, Maine-Banking and Fi- nance-Alpha Kappa Psi: Athletic Chairman, Scholar- ship Chairman. ' s NEIMANIS, VICTOR-420 E. 64 St., N.Y.N.Y.-Banking and Finance. Archer Rd., Bronx, N.Y.-Ac- counting-Delta Sigma Pi: Treasurer, Vice President, So- cial Chairman NORBUTT, ROBERT A.-6'l Multord Gardens, Yonkers, N.Y.-Banking and Finance- Finance Society, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, Triad. NORKIN, SUE-811 Walton Ave., Bronx, N.Y.-Marketing. OLSON, WILLIAM-43 Rue Dul Val D'or, St. Cloud, France-Banking and Finance -Weinstein Student Govern- ment: Treasurer, Insurance Award. OKEEFE, DAVID F.-II5 Brown Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.- Management-Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Alpha Kappa Psi. O'CONNOR, WILLIAM F.- 3235 Parkside PI., Bronx, N.Y. -Business Administration. 'I64 NOVICK, RICHARD-36l6 Henry Hudson Pkwy., Bronx, N.Y.-Banking and Finance- Commerce Council: Varsity Drag Committee, Banking and Finance Society, Intra- mural Basketball, Phi Epsilon Pi: Athletic Chairman, 'VFC Representative, Athlete of the Year Award. ONDIK, KEVIN-33 Harding Ave. L nbrook NY-'AC' I Y f '. counting-Pre-Law SocueIY- QRJUEIP AVG-I minISlfUlI I . 'I PKK is 'XRD-36l6 'Y-, Bronx, 'Finance- 2 Varsi Banking EW? lntra- hi Epsilon nan, 'VPC lete of the P . R anna., ORJUELA, JOSE-40 Midland Ave., Rye, N.Y.-Business Ad- ministration-Newman Club. PALMER, GARY-1896 Wal- ton Ave., Bronx, N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration-Alpha Epsilon Pi: Historian. 45 lex Haming PEVTIT, SIUZANNE-253 Park NYKAC- AVE'-, Cliffside Park, NJ.- Zety ECOnomics-Omicron Delta OC' ' Epsilon. 165 PENTA, MARC J.-1142 51 St., Brooklyn, N.Y.-Banking and Finance. .A-fx 4. iw ORSULAK, JOANN M.-23 Inverness Ct., Short Hills, N.J.-Business Administration. PAPAZlAN, ANITA-24-37 33 St., Astoria, N.Y.-Marketing. PENCHINA, STEVEN-23 Old Pond Rd., Great Neck, N.Y.- Marketing-Program Board: Publicity Committee, Violet Owl, Triad, Karate Club, Ski Club, WASHINGTON SQUARE JOURNAL: Business Staff, Intro-mural Basketball, Alpha Epsilon Pi: Social Chairman, Athletic Chairman, Pre-Law Society. -nf W ka PIERZ, JOHN W. JR.-T2 Marble Terrace, Hastings-on- Hudson, N.Y.-Marketing- Newman Club, Wrestling Team, NYU Football Team: Captain, Sigma Phi Epsilon: President, Alumni Award for Football. PINKOWITZ PHILIPH 2240 East Tremont Ave Bronx NY lO462 Banking and Finance. PREISMAN, MICHAEL-70-25 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills, N.Y., TT375 - Management -Violet Owl, Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Ski Club. POLLACK, IRA-729 Almont Rd., Far Rockaway, N.Y., H691-Business Administra- tion-Violet Owl, WASHING- TON SQUARE JOURNAL: Ad- vertising Manager, Business Manager, Phi Epsilon Pi. PONSER, MICHAEL B.-578 Morris Ave., Elizabeth, N.J. - Accounting - Accounting Club, Pre-Law Society. 166 POSILKIN, GARY-86-TO T51 Ave., Queens, N.Y.-Manage- ment-Alpha Epsilon Pi: Lieu- tenant Master, Pledgemaster, Social Chairman, Rush Com- mittee. PRINCE erick A Journal cil: Vice Freshmc dent, Chairmm Concert Owl, Sli dent, SQUARI tor-in-Cl Editor, Presiden Al Lehmi Club MH ,l I 3 H.-2240 2-I, Bronx, LHTQ and IO T51 onage- 'iz Lieu- VT'lC5l'el'f I Com- .ii ZEIQ , PRINCE, RICHARD-l T4 Fred- erick Ave., Roosevelt, N.Y.- Journalism-Commerce Coun- cil: Vice-President, Secreta ry, Freshman Class Vice-Presi- dent, Publicity Committee Chairman, Dionne Warwick Concert Coordinator, Violet Owl, Sigma Delta Chi: Presi- dent, WASHINGTON SQUARE JOURNAL: Co-Edi- tor-in-Chiet, City Editor, Copy Editor, Reporter, Sphinx: President, Alpha Phi Sigma, Al Lehman Award. RABINER, BRUCE-T84-44 Midland Pkyl, Jamaica, N.Y., H432 - Economics - Ac- counting Club, Economics Club: Zeta Beta Tau. X W., ' ',, I I RABINER, BRUCE-230 East T5 St., N.Y., N.Y.-Business Administration. f " 'Q 1 PRYOR, JOSEPH-H7 Ger- ard Ave., New Hyde Park, N.Y., 'llO4O - Accounting - Accounting Club, Young Re- publicans: Executive Secre- tary, Zeta Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean's List. . 1 91 is PRONK, RAYMOND THOM- AS-25 Eton Pl., Eaton Town, N..l. - Economics - Econom- ics Club, Psi Upsilon: Third V i c e-President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Economics Honor Student, Dean's List. REKER, EBBE-40 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N.Y., T'l2Ol-Mar- keting. T67 RILEY, FRANKLIN JR.-736 Whitebirch Rd., Westwood, NJ.-Management. ROHAN, VINCENT A.-I6 East 7 St., N.Y., N.Y., 'I0003 - Marketing - All-Square Congress: University Ath- letic Representative, Univer- sity Athletic Organization: President, Newman Club: Publicity Director. RODECKER, CAROL ANN- 547 Olympia Ave., Cliffside Park, N.J.-Banking and Fi- nance. TL? RISPOLI, VINCENT-3003 Ave. U, Brooklyn, N.Y., II229 -Marketing. RI S L E Y, WILLIAM-South Street, Hartwick, N.Y., I3348 - Accounting - Accounting Club. ROMIN, DAVID T.-445 W. 240 St., Riverdale, N.Y.- Economics. '2f?2' 168 ROSE, Ellis F Businesf dent Ct Life: 5' Student merce mittee Forum Commit Publicity Pi Lamd ROSS, quois I Businesf Comme for B Owl, 3 Estate Rush Pledgtg Violet Star 'Vi-South 4., I 3348 :counting 445 W. N.Y.- I 5 i I ff we .N- J Rose, IVAN FRANKLIN-I4 Ellis Pl., Ossining, N.Y.- Business Administration-Stu- dent Commission on Student Lite, Senate Commission on Student Participation, Com- merce Council: Social Com- mittee Chairman, Political Forum Chairman, Elections Committee, Program Board: Publicity Agent, Violet Owl, PiLamda Phi. ROSS, STEVEN-I So. Iro- quois Ave., Margate, N.J.- Business Administration - Commerce Council: Bundles tor Bellevue Drive, Violet Owl, Economics Club, Real Estate Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Rush Co-ordinator, Assistant Pledgemaster, Assistant Treas- urer, Senior Delegate to VFC, Violet Fraternity Council: All Star Football Team. 'fF'f7 ROSENBAUM, MICHELLE- 130 E. Cedar St., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. - Accounting-Retailing Club, Accounting Club, Sec- retary. 169 ROSENBLATT, NORMAN D.- 26 California Rd., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. - Accounting - AC- counting Club: WNYU1 An' DOUHCGL jellq 'Irs R O S E N, RICHARD LAW- RENCE-1529 Hewlett Ave., Hewlett, L.I., N.Y.-Banking a n d Finance-Commerce Council: Varsity Drag Chair- man, Blood Drive Chairman, All-Square Congress: Vice- President, Freshman and Sophomore Representative, Orientation Committee Chair- man, Program Board, Orien- tation: Violet Owl, Director of Traffic, Assistant All-Square Director of Orientation, Pre- Law Society, Finance Club, Ski Club, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Varsity Bowl- ing Team, Phi Epsilon Pi: Assistant Treasurer, Entertain- ment Committee. ROSENZWEIG, DENNIS S.- 8000 Shore Front Pkway, Rockaway Beach, N.Y., H693 - Accounting - Phi Epsilon Pi. ROTH, MARTIN F.-56-IO Beach Channel Dr., Arverne, N.Y., H692 - Accounting - Commerce Council: Career Guidance Committee Chair- man, Public Affairs Commit- tee Chairman, GENESCO, INC. Conference Representa- tive, Accounting Club, Fi- nance Society, Beta Alpha Psi: President, Alpha Phi Sigma. SAFIER, ISRAEL JAY-752 East 23 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., l'I2lO - Accounting - Com- merce Councili Senior Prom Chairman, Accounting Club, Social Studies Club: Corre- sponding Secretary, WASH- INGTON SQUARE JOURNAL: Reporter, COMMERCE VIO- LET: Senior Editor, NYU Foot- ball Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Board of Governors, Editor of Kappa Times, Pre-Law So- iety. MW? RUBY, THOMAS K.-ll June Lane, Montvale, N.J.-Bank- ing and Finance. RUMREICH, RODERICK H.- 45 Ashton PI., Glen Rock, N.J., 07452-Banking and Finance -Finance Society, Alpha Kappa Psi: President, Secre- tary. RUBIN, BURTON-l33 Hilltop Acres, Yonkers, N.Y., lO704 - Economics - Commerce Council: Assistant Chairman of Varsity Drag, Economics Club, Ski Club, Violet Owl, Violet Fraternity Council: All Star Football Team, All Star Volleyball Team, Ping Pong Champion, Phi Epsilon Pi: Superior, Vice-Superior, Re- cording Secretary, Social Chairman, Alumni Chairman, House Chairman. RUSSAK, ROSALIE B.-All-07 Bovne St., Flushing, N.Y.- Marketing-Commerce Coun- cil: Junior Class Secretary, Grievance Committee Chair- man, All-Square Congress: Sophomore Delegate, VIOIGT Owl, Triad, WASHINGTON SQUARE JOURNAL: Reporter: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Secretary, Social Chairman, Chapter Editor. SANDERE Heutlt I Banking nance 5C ming Tea SCHECK Colonial N Mon Wrestlinl P3 Hilltop l., 10704 fommerce Chairman Conomics let Owl, vuncil: All , All Stor ling Pong Jsilon Pi: erior, Re- , Sociol fhairmon, Q B,-A1-07 ng, N-YA' erce Coun- Secretory, Hee Clldlf- C0ngr6SS: me, Violet SHINGTON L: Reporleft , Secreldflf I Clioplef , l an SANDERS, KENNETH-3100 Heath Ave., N.Y., N.Y.- Banking and Finance-Fi- nance Society, Varsity Swim- ming Team. SCHECK, AUGUST C.-170 Colonial Dr., Little Falls, N.J. - Management - Varsity Wrestling Team. 'BR -0-'hu SANFORD, RICHARD-555 Kappock St., Riverdale, N.Y., 10463-Business Administra- tion-Marketing S o ci e t yy MGM Society. mx.. 3 SAVARESE, JAMES T.-69 Brookdale Gardens, Bloom- field, NJ.-Economics. SCHIELKE, GREGG-174 Wil- low St., Floral Park, N.Y., 11001 - Management- So- ciety for Advancement of Management: Speakers Com- mittee, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: President. S-numg, SCHAFFER, PHILLIP-1511 Sheridan Ave., N.Y., N.Y., g 10457-Management. SCHOLES, DAVID-H5 East St., N.Y., N.Y.-Marketing- Weinstein Student Govern- ment: Freshman Representa- tive: Triad: ENTERPRISE: Co- Founder, Editor: Alpha Kap- pa Psi: Secretary, Chairman of Professional Committee: Dean's List. SCHWARTZ, MARC-800 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, N.Y, -Marketing-Triad: Ameri can Marketing Association. SCHULTZ, WARREN R.-75- 59 T80 St., Flushing, N.Y., H366 - Marketing - lnter- Club Council: Triad Re-pre. sentative, Triad: President. SCHRIER, DANIEL-9 Cooper Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.-Bank- ing and Finance-Weinstein Student Government: Floor Representative, Accounting Club: Membership Chairman: Zeta Beta Tau: House Chair- man, VFC Delegate. VE, SCHRECKINGER, BYRON-25 SEQRA A Old LYme Rd-, Scarsdale, istration-Society for Ad: N.Y., l0583-Business Admin vancement of Management Film Committee, Young Re: publicans: Treasurer. SEDITO, THOMAS J.-56 Doyer Ave., White Plains, N.Y., 10605-Management Ovm9T0" ll20l'MU sHANoK, 1 -324 West N-Y.-Mcrki Women: Tr Phu Chi: Pre -W' H 'Wx RON-25 SEGRAVE, PATRICK B.-560 Eursdole, Ovington Ave., Brooklyn N.Y., S Admin. I 1201-Management. or Ad. 'lgementz 'Ung Re. SHANOK, SUSAN WHITING -324 West 22 St., N.Y., ll h 56 N.Y.-Marketing - League of D lf Women, Triad, Gamma Al- 9 Plums' pha Chi: President. Jemenl. Qfw' "SY in 'Wx 1 SELTZER, MELVIN-1698 Sel- wyn Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10457 -Accounting. SERMAN, MICHAEL D.-Puri- tan Rd., Rye, N.Y., 10580- Economics-Economics Club, Pre-Law Society, Phi Epsilon Pi ,KM fm 'Q Wy 41 A M 3' A M- SELLERS, ELIJAH G.-87 Co- lumbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.-Economics. SHAFRON, JOSEPH-785 Park Lane, East Meadow, L.l. N.Y.-Business Administration A-,r I SHAPIRO, STEPHEN-724 Steven Ct., East Meadow, N.Y. - Accounting - Com- merce Council: Sophomore Class Treasurer, Athletic Chairman, All-Square Con- gress: Freshman Delegate, Orientation: 1966 Assistant Director of Traffic, Pre-Law Society: Vice-President, Ac- counting Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Corresponding Secretary, Rush Co-ordinator. SLIVE, DONALD-99-65 64 Rd., Rego Park, N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration-Triad, Society for Advancement of Management. SHUBS, ROBERT-67 Pendle- ton St., New Haven, Conn.- Accounting-Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi. 'Q SHAROFF, RICHARD-Old Mill La., Stamford, Conn.- Marketing-Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Triad, Ski Club, Alpha Deltq Sigma. SLATTERY, EUGENE-2869 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N.Y.-Business Administration -Varsity Basketball Team: Phi Gamma Delta: Historian, Athletic Chairman. SIAHAAN, CHARLES-5 E. 68 St., N.Y. 21, N.Y.-Economics. SLEPIAN LEWIS-l l66 Grand COUCOUFSG, Bronx, N.Y.-Busi- ness Administration. SMALL, R Ridge Rd., NJ, 07031 Commerce' of Faculty mittee, Chi Altoirs C01 Board: Vlo Society: 59 ing Club, Beta Gommi SPENCER, B Ave., Smithtc - Business i Violet Owl- 1 l l N 0nn.- r Ad. Rugemenl, Dlw Delta ENE-2869 9, Bronx, ninistrotion all Team: 2 Historian, W 4 f 3 SMALL, ROBERT J.-395-O Ridge Rd., North Arlington, N.J., 07032 - Accounting - Commerce Council: Chairman of Faculty Relations Com- mittee, Chairman of Public Affairs Committee, Program Board, Violet Owl, Pre-Law Society: Secretory, Account- ing Club, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. SPENCER, BARRY-72 Helen Ave., Smithtown, N.Y., H787 - Business Administration - Violet Owl. ,M SPAHN, MARY ANN-2l7V2 E. 7 St., N.Y., N.Y., T0009- Marketing-Gamma Alpha Chi. w,,,,' , T fn, SMITH, WILLIAM-T005 St. Nicholas Ave., N.Y. 32, N.Y. - Economics - Economics Club. SOCOL, ARNOLD M.-T53- 37 58 Rd., Flushing, N.Y., TT355 - Accounting - Ac- counting Club. u"'T" SPOSATO, MICHAEL D. 320 So. Broadway, Tarrytown, N.Y.-Banking and Finance. rv 'W . STARRIN, ROY-243 94 St., Brooklyn, N.Y., l'l209-Eco- nomics. STORCH, MARC P.-25 Wood- ward Ave., Clifton, NJ.- Banking and Finance-Com- merce Council: Senior Class V i c e-President, Associate Chairman of the Elections Committee, Violet Owl, Ac- counting Club, Pre-Law So- ciety, Varsity Golf Team, Al- pha Epsilon Pi: Lt. Master, Social Chairman, Rush Chair- man, VFC All-Star Baseball Team. Q STEWART, GEORGE N.- 'l357 Clay Ave., Bronx, N.Y., 10456-Accounti ng. STOLZENBERG, EDWARD - 319 East 59 St., Brooklyn, N.Y, -Management. nf' W ,WW ' f fy WW, ,, ,iw My Y 777 ,mf ,, ,ww ,iff Wf iw, MW., f ,M , H, X ft' wwf , , If 'r STEINER, JOHN-T235 Briar Way, Palisade, NJ., 07024 - Marketing - Triad, Ger- man Club, Karate Club. L STEARN, STEVEN-1412 Hem- lock Ave., East Meadow, N.Y.-Business Administration -Commerce Council: Presi- dent of Freshman and Sopho- more Classes, Chairman of Varsity Drag, Chairman of the Spring Fling, Social Chairman, All-Square Con- gress: Senior Representative, Violet Owl, Accounting Club, Phi Epsilon Pi: Rush Co-ordi- nator, Treasurer, Formal and Informal Social Chairman, Alumni Chairman, Beta Gamma Sigma, Blue Key, Outstanding Commerce Sophomore Award. STRAUSS, NORMAN-505 W. T67 St., N.Y., N.Y., 10032- Accounting-Sigma Alpha Mu: Vice-President, House Chairman, Social Chairman. stream, V st., Tenall Marketing' rfeasurerrl retary, Sch VFC Delegc TANASKON East Harwc sudes Parl Dean's Ad' Commerce Relations C sentative, L Representat Committee, Committee, cil: Secretai President, Lt President, I Chairman, dent Govern resentative, Orientation Owl: Socie V0f1Cement N Meadow Presi- Sopho. irmcn of irmon of , Social are Con. esentotive, ting Club, h Co-ordi ormol and Chairman, n, Beta Blue Key, m m e rc e N-505 W. T l0O32- 'I Alpha ii, House hairman. 5'-T 1 I 3 r 1 Rl STROM, WILLIAM-35 Oak St., Tenatly, N.J., 07670- Marketing-Retailing Club: Treasurer, Tau Delta Phi: Sec- retary, Scholastic Chairman, VFC Delegate. TANASKOVlC,. MARY-ill East Harwood Terrace, Pali- sades Park, N.J., 07650- Dean's Advisory Committee, Commerce Council: Faculty Relations Committee Repre- sentative, League of Women Representative, E I e ct i o n s Committee, Public Affairs Committee, Inter-Club Coun- cil: Secretary, Vice-President, President, League of Women: President, Social Committee Chairman, Weinstein Stu- dent Government: Floor Rep- resentative, Senior Advisor, Orientation Committee, Violet Owl: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management: W'- f-W l 4 STRUNSKY, DAVID-419 Hin- man Pl., Mamaroneck, N.Y.- Marketing-Triad, Tau Epsi- lon Pi. Recording Secretary, Vice- President, Chairman ot Guest Speakers and Field Trips Committee, Triad, American M a r k e ti n g Association, WNYU: Personnel Director: CAMPUS AFTER CLASS: Staff, Beta Gamma Sigma: Secre- tary-Treasurer, Mu Gamma Tau: President, Sigma Eta Phi: President, Pre-Law Soci- ety: President, University Scholar, Miss Commerce Violet, Emily B. Foster Award, lnter-Club Council Most Valu- able Member Award, Man- agement Honors Program, Dean's List, Violet Owl of the Year Award-1966. l 177 f gg , - X 'i'Ye:1f:4:' ,' ,Q swf :,-ez.,-q, i., si x, est Q,- 5 . - 41 f Wfstf V if ff. ' JM'-L15 -v- -,1 1 sy- J s T cf. .,' .sf J -xfgiftsgsygfi - V -1 HM.. .gfffffit g v ': -if"..i:,Bv: I .ji was fs SWEIG, MICHAEL-983 Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10028- Management. Cle STRULLE RONALD-64-T9 A T86 Lane, Fresh Meadows, N.Y., H365-Banking and Finance-Commodities Advis- ory Society: President, Invest- ment Analysis Club, Chair- man. SZOPO, lRENE-346 Suydam St., New Brunswick, N.J.- Banking and Finance-Violet Owl, Finance Society, ENTER- PRISE: Editor-in-Chiet, Phi Chi Theta: President, Phi Alpha Kappa. ,lm Y---.ov TANNER, MARSHALL-52l E. l4 St., N.Y., N.Y.-Marketing -Zeta Beta Tau: House Chairman. TORRES-RIVERA, JULIO-181 W. 4 St., N.Y., N.Y.-.lournal- ism-NIGHT OWL: Reporter. THOMAS, CARL O.-8026 Mockingbird Lane, Wichita, Kansas-Economics - Dean's Student Advisory Committee Chairman, Student Commis- sion ot Student Lite, Com- merce Council: Freshman Class Treasurer, Sophomore Class Vice President, Vice President, Assistant Director ot Orientation, Director ot Orientation, All-Square Con- gress: Co-ordinator All- Square Blood Drive, Co- Chairman Discount Com- mittee, Ski Club, All-Square Club Council Delegate, Violet Owl, COMMERCE VIOLET: Business Manager, Associate Editor, Phi Epsilon Pi: Pledge Class President, Pledge ot the Year, Historian, Treasurer, Blue Key: Vice President, Delegate to Bi-Annual Con- vention, Dean Herbert M. Schiffer Memorial Award, Scholarship for Outstanding Freshman, Scholarship tor Outstanding Junior, Dr. Wil- liam Berliner Cup, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sphinx: President. TEscHNER, CHARLES-105 E. 24 sf., N.Y., N.Y.-Marker ing. TICE, CHARLES C.-T10 Sulli- van St., N.Y., N.Y.-Manage- ment-American Cultural So- ciety: Vice President. 178 THEOTOCATOS, PANAYOTIS -2'l-T5 33 St., Astoria, N,Y. -Business Administration. TOBIN, RONALD M.-3 Dav- enport Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y.-Accounting - ViOlGT Owl, Phi Sigma Deltvr Pledgemaster. TRAORE, Dil N.Y., N-Y-'E nunceflinon gunizotion C dents, Secreti VIVIAN, L5 Circle, Prin lteting.A1p Executive V Pl'8SldemI mittee Ch' Ship Clltllrn ITIS .Y. Dav- elle, olet eltc. TRAORE, DEMBA-60 2 Ave., N.Y., N.Y.-Banking and Fi- nance-Finance Society, Or- ganization of African Stu- dents: Secretary. VIVIAN, LESLIE-74 Maclean Circle, Princeton, N.J.-Mar- IQEIIPQ-Alpha Kappa Psi: Executive Vice President, Vice President, Professional Com- mittee Chairman, Member- Ship Chairman, Pledgemaster. -...waxy VERB, ROY-T6 Marshall St., Irvington, NJ.-Business Sta- tistics. . , 'NYT'-wwf' TURK, FRANK-TOTT Rvere Ave., Bronx, N.Y.-Banking and Finance. WALSH, BERYL-235 E. 22 St., N.Y., N.Y.-Business Adminis- tration-Society for the Ad- VINCENTSEN, MARTIN J.- 'I99 Gibson Blvd., Clark, NJ. -Marketing-Triad: V i c e President, Inter-Club Council: Chairman of Marketing Ca- vancement of Management: Secretary, Triad, Phi Chi Theta. rn reer Potentials Prog ram, Triad Representative, Alpha Delta Sigma. WANAMAKER, ARTHUR L.- 12 Stuyvesant Oval, N-Y-1 N.Y.-Management. WERKSTELL, LESLIE J.-878 Bellmore Rd., No. Bellmore, N.Y.-Banking and Finance. WEISSMAN, BRUCE-25 Pa- rade Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y., H226-Business Administra- tion-All-Square Congress: Senior Delegate, Program Board: Chairman of Student Showcase, Violet Owl, Assist- ant Director of Orientation, Pre-Law Society, Finance Club: Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Pi: Exchequer, Scribe. WEISS, DANIEL-89-20 55 Ave., Elmhurst, N.Y., H373- B u s i n e s s Administration- Dean's List. 1 l s I l N w A N D Y, RICHARD-246 wH'Tff Rdll Freeman St., Harttord, Conn. lllghlolld " -Business Administration - Mallellng' Weinstein Student Govern. ment: Head ot .ludiciaiy Board, Alpha Kappa Psi: So- cial Chairman. WEVERBERGH, LOUIS-219 E. 237 St., Bronx, N.Y., 10470 -Banking and Finance-Vio: YACKEl, BR let Owl: Finance Club, Sli' Drive, Luwren Club: Surfing Club? DEM -Accounting Sigma Pi: Treasurer, Vice- Club, Varsity President, Professional Com- Captain: Vt mittee ChC1ifmUnf P'e'l'GW Team: Pre-Lo Society. EPsilon Pa. l ID-246 l, Conn. ition C Govern. udiciury Psi: SO. f-219 10470 -Vio- IJ, Delta Vice- Com- e-Law 7 'Vx f""-k MKG' W H I T E, LAWRENCE-57 Highland Rd., Rye, N.Y.- Marketing. fm- I fsf , 7 WILK, JUDITH-T Hudson Harbour, Edgewater, NJ., 07020 - Marketing - Gam- ma Alpha Chi. YACKET, BRETT-44 Sealy Drive, Lawrence, N.Y., H516 - Accounting - Accounting Club, Varsity Golf Team: Captain, Varsity Bowling Team, Pre-Law Society, Phi Epsilon Pi. 'E' WILLMOTT, FRED-2017 New York Ave., Union City, NJ., 07087 - Accounting - Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, Pre-Law Society, Honor TML7' WIGNALL, DOROTHY-P.O. Box 675, Hancock, N.Y. 13783 - Economics - Enter- prise, Phi Chi Theta. WITROCK, GARY-T841 Cen- tral Park Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. -Business Administration- Varsity Basketball Team: Co- Captain, Zeta Beta Tau. Key, Dean's List. 181 I 1 , ZABRISKIE, PETER E.-147-25 Sonford Ave., Flushing, N-Y- -Accounting. ZICKLER, HAROLD-89-09 91 St., Woodlwoven, N.Y., H412 -Banking ond Finance. ZAWIDSKI, FRANCINE-T00 Bleecker St., Apt 28F, N.Y., N.Y., l0Ol2-Morketing- Inter-Club Council: Triod Representative, Weinstein Student Government: Judi- ciol Committee, Triod: Treos- urer, ENTERPRISE: Production Director, Gclmmo Alpha Chi, University Scholor. ZINNER, ARTHUR S.-400 Rosedale Ave., White Ploins, N.Y., 10605-Business Ad- ministrotion-Pre-Low Society. 182 ZAPOLEON, JEFFREY-T 85 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y., l 0003-Banking ond Finonce. RIC ALGOZYEIQ Rd. ll Maddlene H021 DAVll1 Alllsoiy YNY' THU NARROW' Sl A55auI1fle'5 ' 11374 ONS sIR ' ilA1h5"Nl'g Drive, New DN llflfll 'NY WhitePlainS, vnfrsvv, PAS Aye, YonkerS, BART, EARL G" 53, Rock0W0Y PO BARTELSTONE, wood CroSS, R05 BAUER, VICTOR Brooklyn, NY ll BELL, ALBERT-A NY,NYl002l BERYE, DANlEl- St. Jackson Hei9 BEVElll.Y, RON! 15351. NY, NY l BLAVATNIK, IR' irunklin Ave. Flo BOMRAD, CHi Heritage Circle l46l5 BREMER, JOHN Ave. Flushing, N BUllEN, GEORY Sl. NY, NY l000 RUTCHER, O, N0 l,Andover, l CARR, THOMAS enen Ave. Yonk, CASEY, DENNI Rock Rd. Stomfq WHEN, oAvu Drive, Yonkers, FOHEN, HOW, 'RQ Ave. Bronx, CHERNOFF 2851. NY, NYHA Ulll Aye. Bron: C0RRlGAN ' - I T lielnvg Ave. Br! ilmlf, G o rooklvn. BIAS: f RA Wooiii liu nu, Jc ELSON St. B e e- Bror A ' PAul Eve. Yonkers, P hlSlE'N' MAI ni Rd' BW, Fil HDY un ' Qi Av. R AGNA, 1 07951 -185 N.Y., JIICC. OZINI, RICHARD-160 So. 1,1LAlI,?dleneck Rd. Great Neck, NY 11021 ALLISON, DAVID F.-8 E. 10th 51. NY, NY AMBROSIA, THOMAS J JR.-63- 45 Saunders St. Rego Park, NY 11371 AS-172 ARMSTRONG, THOM E. 90th St. NY, NY 10023 RTURI, ROBERT-9 Rosemont gave, New City, NY 10956 AUSTIN, ANDREW L.-Fulton Park Apt. A3, County Center Rd. White Plains, NY 10607 BARETSKY, PAUL i-i.-7 Madison Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701 BART, EARL G.-599 Beach 130 St. Rockaway Park, NY BARTELSTONE, SUSAN-39 Mid- wood Cross, Roslyn, NY BAUER, VICTOR-152 E. 88 St. Brooklyn, NY 11236 BELL, ALBERT-425 E. 63rd St. NY, NY 10021 BERVE, DANIEL A.-33-28 86th St. Jackson Heights, NY BEVERLY, RONALD A.-445 W. 153 St. NY, NY 10031 BLAVATNIK, IRWIN H.-134-25 Franklin Ave. Flushing, NY BOMRAD, CHARLANE E.-39 Heritage Circle Rochester, NY 14615 BREMER, JOHN-77-35 Franklin Ave. Flushing, NY BULLEN, GEORGE H.-115 E. 9 St. NY, NY 10003 BUTCHER, O.-Box 233-F Rd No 1, Andover, NJ 07821 CARR, THOMAS-129 Van Wag- enen Ave. Yonkers, NY 10710 CASEY, DENNIS R.-88 Shelter Rock Rd. Stamford, Conn. CQHEN, DAVID ROY-1 Balint Drive, Yonkers, NY 10710 COHEN, HOWARD I.-610 War- IFIQ Ave. Bronx, NY 10467 CHERNOFF, HARRY G.-201 E. 28 St. NY, NY COOPER, MARK L.-1769 Easi- burn Ave. Bronx, NY 10457 QORRIGAN, THOMAS J.-5831 Liebig Ave. Bronx, NY 10471 EOSTABILE, GERALD, J.-1752 1 St. Brooklyn, NY ESBIASI, RALPH M.-9 Durland - lvnbfook, NY i 1563 EERILLINGS, JOEL S.-1919 Mc- VOIW Ave. Bronx, NY 10463 ELSON, PAUL-183 S d ' k Ave. Yonkers, NY e gwlc EPSTEIN, MARTIN-1495 Pop- Um Rd- Bronx, NY io453 FRPMAINN, DONALD-14 sim,- Vel DYIVG, Harrington Park, NJ ESU, RONALD S.-102-18 64 ef Fofesf Hills, NY i 1375 Seniors ot Pictured FONG, GLORIA-clo Wilggn Loke 5 University Place, NY, NY 10003 FOX, RICHARD E.-358 Arthur St, Freeport, NY 11520 FOX, ROY-73-12 Utopia Pkwy, Flushing, NY 11366 FREEDMAN, JAY-2348 Linwood Ave. Fort Lee, NJ 07024 FRIEDLAND, MARTIN-427 E. 93 St. NY, NY 10023 FRUCHTER, HOWARD E.-589 Barbard Ave. Woodmere, NY GAROMON, WILLIAM-43 Smith Terrace. Cresskill. NJ GEISMAR, BRUCE E.-920 Little Waleneck Rd. East Meadow, NY 11554 GENERALIS, STELLA D.-347-85 St, Brooklyn, NY 11209 GERAGHTY, DOROTHY A.-140 E. 63 St. NY, NY 10021 GILMARTIN, DONALD R.-15B Cottonwood Lane, Old Bridge, NJ GILHOOLEY, THOMAS V.-177 Beech St, Valley Stream, NY 11580 GOLDSTEIN, NEAL LARRY-49 W. 12 St. NY, NY 10011 GOODMAN, HAROLD-76-38 271 St. New Hyde Park, NY GOTTLIEB, MARSHA J.-314 W. 105 St. NY, NY GRANDE, LUKE-207 E. 74 St, NY, NY GRAYSON, STEPHEN A.-200 King St. Englewood, NJ 07631 GRIFFIN, YVONNE M.-80 E. 116 St, NY, NY 10029 GROSSMAN, ROBERT D.-190 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, NY 11520 GuLAiD, AHMED-500 Riverside Dr. NY, NY HARRIS, RICHARD JR.-535 Park Ave. NY, NY 10021 HATCHER, THOMAS-48 Wana- que Rd. Hewitt, NJ 07421 HEBRON, RICHARD P.-34-09 83 St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 HENRY, THOMAS-998 Maple Ave. Ridgefield, NJ HERRMANN, HENRY J.-111 South Centre Ave, Rockville Cen- ter, NY HIGGINS, LOIS-3 WaSl'1ingIOn Square Village, NY, NY 11230 HODES, L E O N A R D-1865 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11230 HOFFMAN, CHARLES-4320 Van Cortlandt Park East, Bronx, NY 10470 INNISS, CHARLES-2250 5 Ave, NY, NY 10037 JOHNSON, JAMES-235 Irving AVG, Brooklyn, NY 11227 JUNKIN, GREGORY S.-201 E. 28 St, NY, NY 10016 KAMM, ARTHUR-Brookwood 1-009, Georgetown, Conn. 06829 KAUFMAN, JUDITH-530 2 Ave, NY, NY 10016 K E S S L E R, LAWRENCE-250 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583 KRANJAC, ANTHONY-26-15 24 Ave. Astoria, NY LAMBERT, PETER-25 West 13 St. NY, NY 1001 1 LAUDANI, ANTHONY-63-61 78 sf, Maddie viiiage, NY LEEGANT, RICHARD M.-535 E. 86 St NY, NY LEVINE, MELVYN I.-243 Mc- Donald Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11218 LOFRUMENTO, MICHAEL F.- 228-14 67 Ave, Bayside, NY 1 1364 LOTTO, DAVID-984 Sheridan Square, Bronx, NY 10456 MACKSOUD, DENNIS F.-625 61 St, Jackson Heights, NY 11370 MALGARINOS, THEODORE S.- 3990 Bronx Blvd, Bronx, NY 10466 MATLAWSKI, DANUTA E.-14- 14 141 St. Whitestone, NY 11357 MCGOWAN, HAROLD X.-811 E. Walnut St., Long Beach, NY 11561 MCKAY, ROBERT J.-305 E. 40 St., New York, NY 10016 MCKOY, JOAN P.-100 Feni- more St., Brooklyn, NY 11225 MILLS, ANTHONY A.-1160 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11225 MORIARTY, MARK J.-194 Branch Brook Drive, Belleville, NY MORRIS, VALERIE-5 University Place, New York, NY 10003 MYRONIUK, MICHAEL R.-816 8 Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215 NELSON, CARL H.-31 Jane St., New York, NY 10014 O'BRIAN, PATRICIA-395 River- side Drive, NY, NY 10025 OLDHAM, WALTER-1029 E 213 St., Bronx, NY 10469 OLSON, JUDITH A.-35 Fifth Ave., NY, NY 10003 OPPENHEIMER, PATRICIA S.- 436 E 75 St, NY, NY 10021 PADULA, RALPH-1763 57 si., Brooklyn, NY PAPPALARDO, JOSEPH A--16 Claudet Way, Eastchester, NY 10705 PASTORE, ROGER C.-2 Lin- wood Road, Port Washington, NY11050 PIERARD, LOUIS J.-34 E 62 Sf, New York, NY PICOULT, MARCIA-920 Perry Lane, Teaneck, NJ POSTILNICK, MICHAEL D.-523 E Second St, Brooklyn, NY PRESSER, STEWART M.-3834 Bailey Ave., NY, NY 10011 PROTEAU, ALAIN-PO Box 9, Cooper Station, NY 10033 RAMES, RONALD-65 Manor Drive, Newark, NY 07106 RICHTER, EDWARD, JR-105-21 66 Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375 RINALDI, JAMES-40 South Cole Ave, Spring Valley, NY SANDLER, DAVID-1043 Alps Ave, Wayne, NJ 07470 SCHAUM, PHILLIP-6629 Broad- way, Bronx, NY 10471 SEROTA, STUART-59 Strath- more Lane, Rockville Cntr, NY 11570 SILVERSTEIN, MICHAEL-25 W 13 St, NY, NY 10011 SQUIRES, JOHN-30 Barnett PI, Piscataway, NJ 08854 STARK, MORGAN B.-40 E 89 St., NY, NY 10028 STEINBERG, STUART-2500 Johnson Ave, Riverdale, NY SUGIHARA, THOMAS-21-10 31 Ave, Long Island City, NY TISSOT, IAN-119 B. 207 St, Rockaway Pt., NY 1 1697 TRAUM, RICHARD S.-309 W 29 St., NY, NY 10001 TREVES, CHARLES-115 Central Park W., NY, NY 10023 TROY, ALAN L.-646 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11230 VICTOR, LESLIE-2440 E 29 St., Brooklyn, NY VIEKMAN, AUGUST-792 Fred- erick Court, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 WAGNER, PETER-167 E 87 St., NY, NY 10028 WALLACK, IRA P.-161 Jaffray St., Brooklyn, NY 11235 WECHSLER, ROBERT-20 E 9 St., NY, NY WELLMAN, EUGENE-25 Eliza- beth St., Farmingdale, NY 11735 WERNICIR, BARBARA-85 Fourth Ave, NY, NY 10003 YELLIN, DONALD-82-30 192 St., Jamaica, NY ZACKLAD, JAY-246 Lee Ave, Yonkers, NY 10705 ZIMMERING, CHARLES - 144 Pembroke St., Brooklyn, NY Stumbling Blocks L - -. 4 ! i 5 by Richard Kam! 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Every one of these ernotions hus possessed ine dt one tirne or d during the pdst yeur. nother Most of us tdlze for ,grunted the fdct thdt we will hdoe et Senior Yedrhook, with oergf little thought eoer ,given to its creution und uhlicution. N othin hd ens without 5 heincg cetused und it hus tuken the hurd worlz of to produce the 1968 CUMMERCE VIULET, rndny people I din rnost indehted to Richdrd Kordl whose photocgrdphy hds Cgioen the VI OLE T its lute. My thdnks dlso to Rohert ,Vdxon whose photocgrdphic essdy tends to reldte us to our enoironrnent. Yet in tirnes of trouhle, whut is needed rnost is rnordl support. This I wus dlwdys dhle to ,get frorn NJHLQI Green, rny Co-Editor, und frorn Dr. john D. Guihfoil, rny ddoisor. Lust, hut 537661 not ledst, I owe rny deepfelt Cgrdtitude to Mr. Ernil .Ychrnidt of Brudhutjf, -ffljfhff, 0'Neill, whose cooperution, pdtience und understundincg hdoe sustdined us ull. P .- JpQ I 54 " Q- ,109 S ER, , fficers ,qih cTured 1 ou., III' 1-10 i.0n ?? .16 lvonqe. mlgement A, 58 oss UM83 U 101 58 A. ,....,130 T . , .112 ,..13l ,,...88 .,....126 .,.. 64 V '1 ly., A..., 104 :ciefy ,--"' 84 W UARE NSQ V 72 43 urge " ' AYLE5 O NEI u PAW I 4 76 1 ? -1135 v .-""VV N 5 ,' ' 1 of-vw-.-v.w1f ,Lx F., ,QF 4

Suggestions in the New York University School of Commerce - Commerce Violet Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

New York University School of Commerce - Commerce Violet Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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