New York University School of Commerce - Commerce Violet Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1941

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New York University School of Commerce - Commerce Violet Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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5 1 Q L f r"" X 4' - r"" pcm in i Q- vows Er 1 FDQAR A 0556 . eg' ALLA Pg, ' N 1 1 .Ll,GEl4o. Hgz s 1x xx I X J L 1 . K k Faagg X I ' 9 R O 5 -f U . 5 1 H Q r , 'M,g5,ToN K, .119 9,41-V ' r- b , A ONL1 www Q L! 4' -ix N . 4 6 ' I ' w. 'T 1 . Homef .P Mggg, . 1 P - A 1 A X A .H 1 .,,, ' LAND 0 P' SA wweo A x - 3 9,491-oaeavn x ""!s SN V mai? Q vvkwg 0 ,.g5R!-.Y x 34.1. ' Nuo i u-A WHQ CLD 'N 8406- CAA, ' 'L . 0 15 5 Q 043, 23, 4 l N RR 1V 'V,VVg'f , ,V . , z V " ga l" ' " Q -,fi 'Vu I gif. 1 1 ,1 ,VT V W W VV , . Y, ' N' Fx-VV V1.1 VV V , V JL' V ' ' V"1f'Is ' V . 1 . 11. ' ' Y , .I V ri' . 1 1 I1- V 'H .TV i V ' Vi? ',V'V,g5f V ' , ' V?" ' . 1 ,Vi,j'111Q A 1 ' 1 Y 1 V4-,I vii 1 , V 1 V . 1 ' , gg I " , V , , Vf V ? V' V 3 V V V 7 . V,,V,'5.V .' '1- X V fy- , V '. V V 'rV'V N -4.1 V V, 1, .I f I 1 1, ' I -. V V V, I V-V,V .- V V V L Q- 13, V - V V u. LII - 1 1 - I' x V ,I , V .IV ..II I I I III x IV I-II X. V , V ' QT' ' 1' ' Qs i :, V - V 'V',.- V ,1V ,Inj f . VVI I2..VV,.', VIIN , . , VVV ,QV V MII 3. V. f -' X, ' ' V .- ww' . :H V ff lf, V V1V -.V I f V 'JSE V ' 1, I 1 I A V , V ,VV I 15. V " . ' 'V Y -V V is f . V: V V112-ms.. ', ' hy, f VV., V IlVVVIf V V ,YVLQVVV -4V VIFVVVV., . 1.1 ' 1 V sv rl 1 ' 1 1 V, V ' V Q . 1 ' '- f ' '.1f1-'ffw . -' E? ' ' ' 'iffii' ' 'flffli V- 31 ' ffftfiiw 5 N " V VV1 -.121-,V-5 i" if. - ' E' 1 V, .- V'1fVV1, ' . EQ 'J QV, ' ' 1' , 1 -.-V , V IVQQV QV 223 QW I VI I . V V gf ,QI V1 ,I j. .6 V - V , V.-, - V, - ' v11:,IQ I V 1 - , V - VLV :rl-1 ' 'J vig 1 K . VL Q 'Q .V if ' f"Ti7-ffg' ,Q-1' ' 1' ' "" 153 V B: Jfjwff' lf' V " V - ' V ' L ' -f ' 1V , V 1 V V11 Q ' .V Vg g 1511 'r' , FII 7 V V V , I A V II VI?I:IVj IV Z .V I , VI . I V IVV V V -if' V - 3 ' 1' -3.57. .V ' ig-' W" ' V 1 1 'IVV ',,I V, III V,c-1 5 I x , VVI 1 . 'EV uf.-, V.51' "'.V,' "'3LI7q.'V . ' 2 .V "' V' NQV, ,V. , V I V, IVV V VV ,- V I I , I 7 . . V 1 52" ' ' V '. ff- , 73-L-if-f' . . 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M :K . dxf: f. ii I .Q vnu , ' il' rf: , igffiff, . img V. ki My J ' ' V kxwwsz A Z: M lg, A Z' M " ' S '96 gil il ' .-1:1 J -' Vi-rt " ' . - ' l Q . , A AEA . , : ' ' k,,w 1 A yn , h K ll, 'Y' K 1 , ' fly. ' X1 6-AY 1 S r I I 4 7' ' , 1 wig ' -X+xx""':f ,rp ' A I V 5, V A , x-u mn- Iii . ,Me ,J . ,.1. , . , , if .Qing - i 41925 ' , 'ffQ f , Ag D 1 fig f-VZ' 5 S - 1, lx iq: 4 1 -, 25' H . ff Q ,mf f x 1 X' 5' ,,.:, " Qw ii , fx 2. ,-gf, 'T an " 4.1 QQ. ,Q Q i' f- 'W' Ig A r ' , .2 5 . Q r fi' - 'N ff J" " I 4, -3 ass., .n 'ni L -Y, 5'-7--7... - , 'M'-V ff? 3' 1.-um mix S Q, L- :.......:.,, 57 5 0w,uq.fl:-..v lin rf' -nv- b ff- 'r' K Xin If Am? Miljj, 'Nix tt is appropriate that the Sctioot of Com- merce. has as its campus Greenwich Vit- taggc. Just as Greenwich Village has been the cractte ot culture in art anct titerature. so tnas the Sctroot of Commerce been titre cractte of collegiate sctioots of business. Absortbing ttme creative anct cultural ettiects of its surroundings, ttie Sctaoot of Commerce has given to ttuousancts of stu- ctents a basic training ttiat Witt never tue forgotten. Like its famous campus, ttde Sctwoot of Commerce Witt continue to advance and ctiange with ttae times wtiite retaining its inherent traditions and progressive spirit. t mm ft fvhfof xi Dedicated Te Liberty AMONG the strongest and most tenacious instincts of mankind is the hunger for individual Iiherty. Throughout the recorded history of civilization our forefathers have engaged in an almost con- tinuous series of struggles to win and maintain great freedom of thought, of word, and of action. Seldom did they win these struggles without hloodshedg never without sacrifice. The suhstantiat privileges they gained H freedom of the person, freedom of conscience and Worship, freedom of speech and the press, civic and political freedom, freedom of commerce and trade H these are among the heritages We have enjoyed in greater degree than any other people. Vxfe have come to regard them as our natural and inaiienahie rights. In our zeal to extend and defend our individual freedom We have sometimes forgotten that its exercise demands self-restraint, test it infringe upon the freedom of others. Vxfe have too compacentty witnessed the curtaiiment of the Iiherties of our neighhors. Particularly is this true in the Field of commerce H the privilege of exchanging goods and services in a free market H is not only an important iiherty in itself hut also one of the strongest safeguards for an other iiherties. It is highly Fitting, therefore. that this 1941 Commerce Violet should he dedicated to Liherty. The spirit of iiherty still tives among those European peoples who have lost the suhstance of their indi- vidual Iiherties. It will not he diminished in America hy threats from outside, nor hy the internal restrictions of individual iiherties that may temporarily he required. Instead we confidently hope that it will eventually receive world-wide recognitiong that individuals and pgtions win accept the responsihiiities as Wen as the privileges of i erty. GEORGE BURTON Horcmuss 1 x . ' O . . V4 ', . i i . ,- ,0 , .-"P v ,'A x 0. s'q'-s " '.a ,',','w.'. . .4 ,7 -' - 'A '1- '1 , QL, , -xg 's 4 .dk, f 1 .1 -I ' 5 . O'v -, sr . I 'A Q 5 C '1 ' o - '4 . 1, .'. K . I , .X - ' X ' 'n'.: ' 1 2' 1 x 1.1 s a',-1 JI ,.. .. 'Realm J W W fumg fvnmmw Q f- 4.., 'ld Q14 ff 9 x Q mga ? 2 Q 1, ff- '22 1 ' 15551, - ..,, ,mv a ,...: ..., V Qc' -,.: Q 1 gf 28, "Tg?Q55s : Efiibfi? Y- 2 'W fi 322 :L':2?-:-:-1::3.-ae4:.: w . iw A A 5, x gg 3 Xu 'K 3 W 5 3, wi 2 'rx ff f ,if -vw A gs .: 5 7 ww .,.,, .. . ., . .. , , . 'Ah Aw l,,',, J 'X ,Xl 25' '- :1-f V -'ifm XYXFI IINGTL 5X NIINYS University Council HE Council of New Yorlc University, a self-perpetuating governing looarcl, was in corporatecl on tI1e 18tI1 of April, 1851, ancl consists of tlwirty-two memlaers. Eaclci memlaer liolcls ollfice for four years, or until Iiis successor is elected. One fourtlu of tlie memlyers go out of office eacli year on tlcie fourtli Monclay in Octolaer, wlcien tlierr successors are electecl By tlie Council. OFFICERS President . ..... FRED I. KENT, LL.D. Vice-President ALLAN MELVILL POPE, BS. IU.S.M.A.J Secretary . . ORRIN R. JUDD, B.C.S., LL.B. Treasurer . . BENJAMIN STRONG ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Ljaie of Eleciion 1899 WILLIAM MORGAN KINGSLEY, A.M., LI..D . 1915 FINLEY JOHNSON SHEPARD .... 1919 PERCY SELDON STRAUSS. A.B., DCS. IHon.J . 1919 ARTHUR SMITH TUTTLE, B.C., GE. . . . 1921 EDWIN LOUIS GARVIN, A.B., LL.B., LL.D. . 1922 PERCY S. YOUNG, B.C.S ..... 1926 ALBERT EUGENE GALLATIN . . 1927 WILLIAM WHITLOCK BRUSH, M.S.. GE. . 1929 FRED I. KENT, LLD ...... 1950 WILLIAM HENRY HAMILTON, A.B. . . 1951 DAVID SARNOFF, Sc.D IHon.J, DCS. fHon.J, Litt. D. 1951 ORIN R, JUDD B.C.S., LL.B. . . . 1951 ALLAN MELVILL POPE, B.C., fU.S.M.A.I . 1951 GEORGE EMLEN ROOSEVELT. A.B. . 1951 BENJAMIN STRONG ...... 1952 SAMUEL ALBURTUS BROWN, M.D, D.P.H. 1955 CASS CANFIELD A.B ........, 1955 HARRY WOODBURN CHASE, PI1.D, L.H.D. Litt.D. LI..D 1955 LAURENCE GEORGE PAYSON, A.B. . . . . 1955 MALCOLM DOUGLAS SIMPSON, BCS .... 1955 R. KEITH KANE, A.B., LL.B. . . . . . 1956 JAMES D MOONEY. B.S., M.E., DEng. . . . . 1956 RALPH W. SOCKMAN, PI-1.D, DD, L.H.D. L.L.D, Litt.D . 1957 PHILIP A. BENSON, B.C.S., C.P.A. . . . . 1957 JOHN M. SCHIFF, A.B., fOxonI 1958 ROBERT LEHMAN, A.B. . . 1959 HENRY B. FERNALD A.B., C.P.A. 1959 JOHN LOWRY. B.S., CE. . 1940 GEORGE T. BOWDOIN 1940 JOHN E. RAASCH, B.C.S. ASSOCIATES OF THE COUNCIL JOSEPH SMITH AUERBACH, A.M., LL.B.. LiLt.D. WALTER EDWIN FREVV BARKLIE HENRY, A.B. NATHAN L. MILLER, LL.D. JOHN BOND TREVOR. A.M., LL.B., LL.D. 15 Expuahon of Term 1942 1944 1942 1942 1941 1944 1945 1941 1941 1941 1942 1941 1945 1945 1945 1945 1945 1944 1941 1944 1945 1944 1944 1945 1942 1941 1941 1942 1942 1944 Te The Eemrneree Seniors l'lll..E tlwere are ttiose wlio feel sorry lor our young people today, feeling tliat tliey are tlie lylameless victims of tlie mistaltes ol tlieir elders, l do not Find tlie situation quite so discouraging. ln tlue case ot our college students, tluere are indeed special advantages for tl'1ose wlao face an early completion ot ttieir training, in spite of tlie attqlictions of War wlciicli lneset ttie world. Never was tl1e call tor talent more insistent or tlae opportunity for significant accomplislament more urgently in prospect. While it would lne futile to attempt any prediction ol tlsie outcome of todayys sacl state of world allairs, it is clear tlwat tlue present intensity ol strife cannot continue in- dellnitely, and ttiat wlien tlie respite comes, wliatever form it may talce, tliere will lne a tremendous worl: to lie done of lsiealing and redemption, of resurrection and re- construction, ttiat will tax to tlie utmost tl'1e energy and intelligence ot manlcind tlwe world over. Providentially we laave tlnrs lar tween spared tl1e conllicts that rage aloroad5 yet as in tlie case of a liurricane lar at sea, altliouglci its patlu of destruction may not ravag,e our sliores, We feel tlde unnatural lneat of wind and tide and vigorously malce ready against tl1e worst possilnle contingency. Ttlat is tl'ie situation of America today. We are glad to liave luad a part in malcing you ready. We are confident tlaat you will do your part in malcing tlue nation ready. It is our profound liope tldat in tlie llappier days of peace so earnestly lyesouglit you may Find enlarging opportunities for leadersliip laetitting your native and acquired equipment. tU"v"-Us-vw. 9 Chancellor HARRY Vxfoooeuniv CHASE CACITICGHOY' ORN on April 11, 1885 at Groveland, lvlassaclmusettsg Dartmoutli College, A.B. 1904, A.lVl. 19085 Pl1.D. Clarlc University, 19105 l.il5.D. Lenoir College, 19205 l..l...D. lualte Forest College, 19205 LL.D. University of Nortlm Carolina, 19505 Doctor of Humanities, Rollins College, 19515 LLD. University ot Micliigan, 19525 Ll...D. Lafayette College, 19555 l.,itt.D. Columloia University, 19555 l.,lu.D. Franlclin and Mar- sliall College, 19575 Director of CLINIC FOR SUBNORMAL CHii,DREN, Clarlc University, 1909-105 Professor of Pliilosopliy of Education, 1910-145 Professor of Psycliology, 1914-195 Acting Dean, College ot luilneral Arts, University of North Carolina, 1918-195 Cliairman ot' Faculty, 19195 President ot University of Nortli Carolina, 1919-505 President of tlie University of lllinois, 1950-555 Claancellor of New Yorlc University, July 1, 1955. President of tlie Hundred Year Associationg Clmairman of Educational Divisions of tlie Greater New Yorlt Fundg Trustee ot tlie Town Hall5 Director of tl1e National Advisory Council on Radio Educationg Trustee of tlie Russell Sage l:oundation5 Trustee of tlie Plielps-Stolces Fund5 Executive Board ot tl1e American Association for Adult Education5 President of tlie Lotos ClulJ5 Cluairman of tlue Committee on Education, New Yorlc World's Fair, 19595 Order of tlie Ordre de la Couronne De Cliene, of tl'1e Grand Duclmy of Luxemlnourg, 19565 Acting Director of Hall of Fame, 1940. lVlemlJer of Plmi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xl, Sigma Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, 'Psi Clii, and Beta Gamma Sigma. 14 IImam'XX'wIm1mNC11w CYlltlIHTt'HOl' New' York l ynivorsily I5 Message Prom The Dean HE world has admired the courage and the fortitude of the British in the World War of 1959 as it has also stood in admiration of the fortitude and courage of those peoples on the Continent whose lives have heen disordered and made harsh hy the ferocity and hrutality scarcely equalled in world history. You who are graduating in 1941 must have a similar sort of courage. Courage is not alone displayed on the hattleheld. Far greater courage is ofen required hy youth in loolcing forward toward life. You will Find that what is apparently a hopeless situ- ation may turn out to he one of your greatest hlessings when seen in its true perspective. And so as you go out, detemune to lead a lite of hard and concentrated endeavor with due consideration of your health. Emhrace cheerfully those disciplines that lead to self-mastery and power. The disciplines of loneliness, drudgery, temperance, frugality, and moderation in all things. 1 have often used the analogy of time income and husiness income, and so 1 remind you, as 1 have reminded other graduates, that the real hanlcrupts of the world are the intellectual loanltrupts who waste their most valuahle possession -' their daily time income of twenty-four hours. .O777fm1 Dean JOHN T. MADDEN Dean ORN on Gctoher 26, 1882 at Worcester, Massachusetts, Schoo1 of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, New Yorlc University 1911, BCS. fsumma cum laudel, Holy Cross, 1921, M.A. fhonoraryl: University of Newarlc, 1937, Sc.D. fhonoraryl, Accounting lnstructor at New Yorlr University, School of Commerce, 1911, Assistant Professor of Accounting, 1915, Professor of Accounting, Head of Accounting Depart- ment, l917-22: Secretary of School of Commerce, 1918-20, Assistant Dean, 1922-25, Dean of School of Commerce, 1925, Certified Puhlic Accountant, New Yorlc, 1911, State of New Jersey, 1926, National President Theta Nu Epsilon, 1925-28, National President Alpha Kappa Psi, 1920-21, National Vice-President Beta Gamma Sigma, memher since founding in New Yorlc University, Delta Mu Delta, President of Alexander Hamilton lnstitute, 1925-55, President of lnternational Accountants' Society since 1929, Past President of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, Past President of the American Association of University lnstructors of Accounting, New Yor1c State Chamher of Commerce, Merchants Association, New Yorlc City, Director of New Yorlq State Society of Certified Puhlic Accountants, 1925: American Committee of Arrangements for the lnternational Congress of Accountancy in Amsterdam, Holland, 1926, National Director of National Association of Cost Accountants, 1959-40, Chair- man Program Committee of the lnternational Congress of Accountancy, New Yorlc, 1929: Secretary of the Council on Accountancy, State of New Yorlcg Memher ol: the Board of Governors of the New Yorlc Curly Exchange, 1940, Commander of the Grder of the Crown of Roumania, Commander of the Order of Leopold 11 of Belgium. 16 if f..'m0Quakpg,-ax ion JOHN T. bl.-XDDIiN JJCUU SCIWOOI of COrnmGrC'e, Accounts, GTK! l:inilnC0 I 7 Giioizoii Rowi.,xND Comms qlssocicilc Demi -EORCE RC 7VVl.1XND COl.l.lNS, associate clean ol ilic School of Commerce, J Accounis, ancl lsinance camo io New Yorlq U. in 1022 as a graduate of Harvarcl lrom wliicli lu- liarl olvlainccl luis Flax. rlcggrcc. Before luis allcnclancc al llarvarrl, lic icccivccl a l,J.A. rlcggrcc from lxlacalcslcr College. in Sl. llanl, Nlinncsola. ln 11134 lic was awarrlcrl llac flegrec ol? l-l-.D. from ilwal Univcrsily. At presc-nl. Dean Collins is a prolcssoi' ol Flarlaclingg in Ilia- Graclnalc gcliool ol Business f!xfllUlIllSlI'illl1Jll al New Yorla ll., lroin wlaicli lic rcccivccl llie flegree ol lXl.l3.f'X. in 1022. llc is also llic qlireclor ol thi- C1lllCQ6-CiOI11l11CTC'C conisc al, llae College ol Arts ancl Pirro gfllxllfi' anfl lac is llic Aclininislrafivc ljircclor ol llic New Yorlc ac- crcclilefl conrscs in ilu- lvniversily ol Ncwarlx. The organivalions willi wliiirli lic is allilialecl inclnrlc llic- ,Xnicrican Economic ,Xs- sociation, .'XlNl'I11'flIl .Xssocialion ol lliiivcrsily ljrolcssois .Xincrivan .xcaclciny ol Social ancl Political Sciciivv, anrl llic rXinci'ir'aii lxlanagcmenl .Xssoc'ialion, ljmclorc onlcring liis prcscnl prolvcssion. Dean Collins was a parlner ol: l,awrcncc Swan ancl Associalcs. Vvlaslwingglon. 13. C, Dean Collins is also llie antlior ol many lmoolqs nscrl in llic of niarlwling, Tlicsc inclucleg Plrilform Spcalaing, florkciirlgi, StllUSIVlCll1S,ilf7, ancl 67111111105 of Rnsinvss, Honorary ancl social organiyalions ol' xvliicli he is a nicnilacr arc: Plmi Bda Kappa, llc-la Cainma Sigma, lllii Kappa Uclla. anrl ,xlplia Kappa Psi. 19 EDWARD JONES KILDUFF Assistant Dean SSISTANT Dean Ettwarct ,tones Kitctutt' was horn in 1889 in Waterhiiry, Con- necticut. Dean Kitrtutt is professor ot Business Engtish, Chairman of the Generat Course Department, Chairman of the Curricutum Committee, and Chairman ot the Puhticity Committee. tn 1912 he receivect his AB. from Yate, and in 1915 New Yortc awarctect him his M.A. ctegree. White a Yate unctergractuate, Dean Kitctutt was awarctect the James Gorrton Bennett prize in Economics and Engtish Prose. tn 1912 Dean Kitctutt came to the Schoot ot: Commerce as an instructor in Business Engtishg anct in 1917 he was appointert assistant professor. Dean Kitctutqtv was appointeit a 11111 Professor in 1920 anrt assistant dean in 1928. tn cottahoration with Mr. Lawrence Zimmer, Director ot, the Bureau ot Emptoyment, he wrote Suggestions for Your Campaign For u Iotr. He is atso the co-author of the text Artuancerl Business Correspondence putntished hy Harper anct Brothers. Professor George Burton Hoichttiss of the 1X1art4eting Department was the cottataorator with Dean Kitdutt on the tater text. tn August 1040, F. S. Crotts anrt Company puhtishect Dean Kitctuttns XXIOITIS 11112 Secretary tttusi Xvulcti, anrt Harper Purothers puhtishect his How fo Xvrile Effective Business Letters, in Noyemher, 1940. Another text written hy Dean Kitftuttq, Xvorcts and Human Nalure, was puhtishect in Fehruary of this year. Dean Kitctutt is the author of many other texts in the tyusiness Fietrt. Dean Kitctutt is a memher of Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Atpha Detta Sigma, anct Atpha Kappa Psi, sociat fraternity. He is atso a past vice-presictent of the Pomonotc Country Ctuh. 19 HERBERT M. SCHIFFER Assistant Deon SSBTANT Dean ttertJert txt. Sctntter, tzorn in New Yorti City in 1890, enterect New Yortc University in 1925. He receivect tiis BCS. in 1916, anct in 1952 was awarctect his N.B.A. from ttie Gractuate Sctioot ot Business Actministration. White at New Yortq U. Dean Sctiitter was active in extra-curricutar attairs. tte was taistorian ot ttie trestiman ctass, presictent ot ttae junior ctass, anct treasurer in tiis senior year. Before entering cottege, tie wortqect as a ctertq tor S. H. Wetmore Company, a ctruggist suppty tiouse, anrt wtwite in cottege was emptoyect as a satesman tw the Icirm. Severat years atter gractuation tie was promotert to sates manager, anct one year tater tnecame vice-presictent. tn 1926 tie retired from private tuusiness to toccome assistant ctirector of the Day Division ot' ttie Sctioot ot Commerce, anrt was appointect Assistant Dean in 1937. At present tme is atso professor ot Martceting. tn 1938 ttie New Yortq U. Atumni Associa- tion taonorect tiim witti ttie atumni meritorious Service Awarct. Dean Sctwitter is a memtner of Beta Gamma Sigma, Atptia Phi Sigma, Atptaa Detta Sigma, Sptiinx, Arctu anct Square, anrt Sigma Eta Ptii. att taonorary traternities. He is atso a memtuer ot Tticta Nu Epsiton and Atptia Kappa Psi sociat fraternities. Dean Sctiitter tias memtverstiips in ttie American Marketing Association. Acactemy of Potiticat Science, Knights of Cotumtnus, American Association of University Professors, New Yortc University tvten in Actvertising, American Academy ot Potiticat anct Sociat Science, anct ttie Cattuotic Ctutq of New Yortc, Q0 .fxRCHlBAI.D XV. TAYLOR Deon of the Graftiiule Sctioot of Business 1'tflfTItl1tSff'ClftOT1. EAN Arctiitnatct Taylor was txorn in Eastern Netnrastaa in 1877. t'te entered Frantxtin Acattemy in 189-1 anct ttie tottowirig year entereit Weepirig Yvater Acactemy. Where tie Won a tour year setaotarstnp to Doane Cottege. tte receiveft tais ctegree in 1902. tn ttwe Fatt ot 1902, tie acceptert a teaching position in Puget Sounct Academy. Washingtcun, anct staortty atterwarcts, was etectect to the principatstiip, wtiicti tie tuetct for two years. For time tottowing two years, Dean Taytor acceptcct ttde position ot Super- intenctent ot Sctaoots, Ritzvitte, Vtfastwington, anrt ttwen resignect to pursue gractuate stucty in Economics at the University ot Wiscrmnsin. After a year of stucty, tie accepted an instructorstaip at Purctue University. Ttwe tottowing year, tae acceptect a tettowstuip in the University of Chicago. Untit ttie summer of 1916, wtien tue came to New Yortc University, Dean Taytor taught in State Teachers' Cottege ot towa, State Cottege ot Washington, and ttme University ot' Pennsytvania. tn 1916 tie came to New Yortc U. as an instructor in Economics anct rtirector ot ttwe Watt Street Division ot ttie Sctwoot of Commerce. tn 1920 ttie Gractuate SCt'100t ot Business Administration was organizect as a separate sctioot in the University, and Dean Taytor was appointect its dean. tn addition to tiis AB. degree from Doane Cottege, Dean Taytor tlotcts ttwe degree of M.A. from tt1e University of Wisconsin, an txonorary ctegree ot' D.C.S. from Ogte- ttiorpe University, and an LLD. from Doane. Dean Taylor is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Atptua Tau Omega, and Detta Phi Epsiton fraternities. 21 Noiueis ik. 15121500 Deon. School of Reiuilirig ORRIS A. BRBCO, Dean ot the Schoot ot Retaitiiig, was horn in Napanese, Ontario on i1u1y 23, 1875. 1'1e has heen associatert with New York University for the past 21 years. 1n 1898 Dr, Pmrisco received his AB. ctegree from Queens University in Canada and in 1900 he receivect his Masters ctegree from that institution. After receiving his Ph.D, in Economics trom Cotumhia in 1907, Dean Brisco was made an instructor at the Cottege of the City of New York. It was during this perioct that Professor Brisco wrote Economics of Business, one of the First cottege texthooks on husiness. Dean Brisco a1so taught at the University of towa. White at that institution he heeame chairman of the Departments of Economics, Sociotogy, and Commerce. From 1917 to 1920 he was ctean of the Schoot ot Commerce ot that university. The Schoot of Retaihng hart its inception on January 7, 1919, when a group of prominent New York City merchants invitett the Chance11or of New York University to ctiscuss the actvisahitity of estahtishing a retait setting training schoot. 1n 1920 Norris A. Parisco hecame ctean of the Schoot of Retaiting. 1n 1921 the name mtvraining Sehoot For Teaehers ot Retait Setting of New York Universityu was changed to UNCW York University Sehoo1 ot Retai1inQ.H Dean Brisco was a memher of the 1Te11ow Roya1 Historica1 Society in London trom 1910-14. He is an honorary memher ol' Eta 1X'1u Pi, honorary Retaiting fraternity. anrt a memher of Artus and De1ta Sigma Pi fraternities. 22 RAYMOND Roooiiizs Secretary AYMOND RQDGERS, secretary ot the Schoot ot Commerce, Accounts, and Finance, was horn in 1899. He was graduated from the University of Kentucky, with a BA. in Economics in 1921. He received his tVt.B.A. in Banking and Finance from New Yortc U. Graduate Schoot of Business Administration in 1925. Professor Rodgers has taught Corporation Finance, tnvestment Anatysis, and Money and Banking in the Schoot ot Commerceg tnvestment Banking in the Cottege ot Arts and Scienceg and Survey in Finance, Commercial Banking Administration, and Non-Commerciat Banking in the Graduate Schoot. Co-author ot two hooks, ttftoney and Banking and Consumer Credit and Its Uses, Protessor Rodgers has atso had considerahte business experience. He has hetd such positions as assistant underwriter ot the Nationat Surety Company: assistant adver- tising manager and tater assistant to the merchandise manager ot Atex Taytor and Coq foreign correspondent ot the Nationat City Bantag and editor ot the Canadian tttonfhty Leiter. At present, Professor Rodgers is devoting much ot his time to the prohtem ot con- sumer credit. He is on the advisory committee ot the pututication The Family Dollar. Last May he spotce in Grand Rapids, Ntichigan tmetore the Nationat Conference of Soeiat Work on the topic Hconsumer Credit and Consumer Agenciesf, Professor Rodgers has heen secretary ot the Sehoot since 1951. He is a memher ot Beta Gamma Sigma, Atpha Phi Sigma, Detta Sigma Pi, Sigma-Sigma-Sigma, Sphinx, and Arch and Square. Q3 JOHN HENRY PRIME Director of Admissions QCTQR John Henry Prime, director of admissions, has heen associated with New York U. for twenty-two yearsg in 1918 he was a student at the Wash- ington Square Branch and 1925 he hecamc a memher of the School of Commerce facu1ty. In 1922 Dr. Prime received his BS. degree in Economics from Washington Square Couege, and in 1925 he received his master's degree from the Graduate School Dr. Prime was awarded his Ph.D. from Washington Square Couegc in 1953. While a student at Washington Square Co11ege, Dr. Prime was the chairman of the freshmen-sophomore activities, senior representative to the Student Council, and one of the founders and first president of the A1pha Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Tau fratemity. Dr. Prime is a memher of A1pha Phi Sigma, Phi Delta Kappa, Theta A1pha Kappa, and Phi Kappa Tau. He is a1so a member of the American Economics Association, the Nationa1 Bureau of Economic Research, and the New York U. Men in Finance Club. 24 ,. Ginxiws RiiU'i'm.xN . xllUiSCF lo Xvorrzen lirsi uciviscr lo lime women nl' lime SCi1ooi of Com- merce, i'Xc'c'oiii1is, nnri ijiiizniee, has iieiri this posiiinn sinfe 1028. She was nppoinieci io lhe pnsiiinn winie working for her ixirx. cieeree ni Cninminia. Besides iueing nciviser io lime women. Miss Reuiiman ieneiwes frcsinnen Composition Courses al, liwe gviwoi of Cnmineree. in line Capaeily of adviser io liwe League of Xvomen, ixiiss Reniiinfin :iris ns n Counsellor io the women of lime Seimnni. iwiiss Renliinnn nllencieci ,Qrfnninar nnci high schools in gliiiwnier. ixiinnesoia, her home lown. anci reveiveci in-r i5m'i1einr of .Nris ciegjree from ixiavulesier College in St. Paul. ixiinnesola in IWW. Siie rereiveci her ixiasler of Arts ciegree from Columbia Uriiversiiy in 1020. Xyoria in the efiliculiniifii iieiri inns sent Bliss Reniiinan on n rmss-c'niii1ii'y itinerary. She has iangimi sriwni in Fonlim Benfi, inciiana anci in line lYnix'ersiiy of Hawaii. A remincier of iier years in Hnwnii is a piioiograpim imnging in her omee wimicil shows the ineaulifni inuiiciing anci spavions Campuses of time Universily of Hawaii. Miss Rentimzm is permanent secretary of Sigma Ein Pin nnci is a member of Sphinx and Mn Kappa Tan. 25 11.xYw.xRii ,txxiis IOL15ljR'I' CaOllVl5!'lOl' In Huy Slizrfcfnl CDl'fllIlIi:llHUlIS AYVVIARU ,IANHS HOl-t51fR't', cwiiiiseloi' to the Huy Stuctent Organizatiuii and instructor in Maiiaigemont, jnineft ltie faculty of ltie Setmoot ot Commerce in 1952 He receiveft his BS. in Ecmiioiiiirs frrwin the Vwrtiarten gctioot of Commerce anct Finance in 1026. In 1932 he eamcct tus N.t5.A. at the New York U. Graduate Sctuont of Business rxclininislratinn, and tust, year tux cwbtaiixert his PHD, from the School of Ectucatinn. Dr. 11u11iei'l,,s Iwusiness career Imcgziii in 1918 wtweri lie was a member of Hottuert Haymeiictr anrt Hzirtly. Imuitcting Cniitrziclnrs. He inlerruptect his education in 1922 to spend a year pi'zirilir'ing Civit eiigiiieerilig. After ggrzirtiizilirvn from the University of Pennsytvzuiin. tw Incmiuc supc1'intc-iulvnt 111 react emit lurictge wiistruclion for 1110 Vvyost Y. . . ' . . r X Ifglfllil l4.1lQlllCPI'IllQ MINI Cf?llFtI'll4'tl1tll K Hlltflillly. Three yeurs pivviruis to tiis aippriiiiliiieiil sis inslriu'lrir in txtzinzigement at the Srtioot of Commerrc-, Dr. Hnttvert was aimlizilert xxitti the XVc'slc'i'n Fl:-rtricg Company. XVtii1e in its employ tie tietct the pnsitinii of ctiivvlni' of rtexelnpriieiml prujefil, huctgels. In cnttatmomlion with Professor Cnltiiis. Professor Cnrnett. Professor Pmonneviue and others, Dr. Hunuert is cngjzigc-11 in the preparation of ei lmzisic, stanctarct text to Ive known as A Siirrrr-y of Business. Honorary fraternities nt wtmifti Dr. Hrittwert is ei iucintmei' sire: Atptia Ptii Sigma Arch and Srrliure, Sphinx. Siginzi tftu Mui, zinrt the Ftaiimgc-iiiciit Hnnnrnry Soriety. He is also a memtncr of Phi Gamma Delta, ai serial frziternily, Q6 ROBERT BURNS JENKINS Counselor to Night Slurleni Organize! ions QBERT BURNS JENNNS, adviser to the night organization, received his BCS. and M.C.S. degrees at New York U. Schoo1 of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance, in 1927 and 1931 respective1y. After Ieaving his position with the Chase Nationa1 Bank in 1923, he enro11ec1 as a stuctent in the evening ctivision at Commerce. Whi1e a stuctent he worked for the University as assistant supervisor of purchases. 11e joineri the 1acu1ty as a part-time in- structor in Marketing in 1929. Two years 1ater he was made a fu11ftime instructor. He a1so served on the hoard of education of Westfietd, N. J. from 1927 to 1931. He co11ahoratec1 in writing Outlines of iwarkelirig in 1936, anc1 in that same year he hecame atmiateci with the Ec1ucationa1 Buyerys Association in an advisory capacity. He was appointed assistant professor of Marketing and counsetor to the night or- ganization in 1937. He is atso facutty advisor to Mu Kappa Tau, the advertising hon- orary society for women. His most recent appointment in stucient affairs has heen to the position of facutty adviser to Arch and Square, night honorary society. Professor Jenkins is a memher of the American Marketing Association. He is a1so a13Fi1iatec1 with the Nationat Association of Purchasing. Honorary and sociat fraternities of which Professor Jenkins is a memher are: Atpha Delta Sigmag Arch and Squareg Sphinx. c1ay senior honorary societyg Sigma Eta Phi, girts, junior honorary societyg and Theta Chi, sociat fraternity. 27 51111112111 GLADYS 1-QEUTIMAN Ks r1c1x'ise1' 111 w11111e11, 1X1iss G1ar1ys 1Qe111ima111Ys c1111ies ure 1,wr1-111111: 111 ar11'ise 111111 111 supervise 1116 1.0ilQllO 01 XVc1111c11. Miss 1401111111011 11as ofldieialed in 111111, 1'r1pa1cti1y sinfe 1927. 1.11w1e12NC1i Vw". Zmrviiiiz 1111- 15lII'CiilI 01' 1iIT1D1OyIUGI11 was o1'ganizec1 at t11e S1'114N11 111 fN11111111e1'c'e 111 1921 because 111 the Ql'OXV11'l 111 11111 S1lIf1CI11 1111c1y 111111 1116- increased 11a1i011-wir1e 1111111111111 for e111p1c1yees. Nr. Lawrence Zimmer, pres- c-111 11i1'er111r 111 1110 15UI'6i1lI, ass11mer1 1110 position 01: i11'11Il1f 11irectlnr in 1923. 131zr11f1-1ssr111 A11T11L'R RosEN14,x1w11f1f1f 111501111 1TfCIlf'11 .1111111son. 1116 seC0nc1 r1enn 111 1116 Sr'11r1111 111 ciOl11111CI'FG, c1ic1 muc11 to encnrirngc 1110 r1wr1rr1i11g 111 prizes 10 wor111y s1uc1en1s 411 Cf1111111erCe. 7141115 11rf1c'1ic'e 111 a1wz1rc1in,q prizes for f1111s1a11c1i11gj wor1c 111161 111-11z1vir11' ii1 specii111 He1c1s 11as persis1ec1 11'1fOl1g1'1 1111: yr-urs. 111 1030 Professor Ar11111r Rosc1114a1r1p11 1101111110 111-1111 111 1110 Comm111ee 01 Prizes. 1511. CE11.11.11 E. SEBOYMQ 111 1023 D12 Cer111c1 E. SeBoyar 1JCC'flII1C C11airman 111 1111- Cr1m111i11ee 1111 SC1101as11C S1a11c1i11Q. -1-11is Com- 111i11r-r- was 10rmer1 111 1900. al 1110 111unr1inQ 01? 1119 Sc'1111f11 111 C11111111cr1'c'c-, 111 nrr1er to 01161614 1110 sC1101z1s1iC S1ilI1111llQ 1111110 S11IK1CIl1S. 28 FLORENCE C1z1xND1i1,1, '1411e Recorclerxs office informs l11e s1uQ1en1 of 11is i1CElK1i'1111C slanding and C1assi11Ca1ion and C11cc14s 1,11e S1l1l1i'I11,S recorc1. The Recorderys Omee a1s0 ac,11'ises 1114- 5111110111 w11ei1 he is in f1ou111 51110111 11is courses. 7111111 11111412 11as 1Jeei1 11eac1ec1 1,1y 1X'1iss Cranc1e11 since 11123. Pizoififrssoia Louis 15,x111iR 1fac11 year a program, 1nc1uf1ing FfCS111T1ElTl Convo- c111io11 511111 a FI'6'S1"1HlElI1 s0cia1. is prese111ef1 11y 11141 1TElI'lI11y 1V:I'CS1HlTlE1I1 Orienlalion Commillee. 1Jro1es- sor 1511c1e1' Uf1Q111Zl1CC1 1116 Commillee i11 1031 1111' 11111 purpose of orienling the new S1,l1C1C1'l1S. Pizoifiissora ,1. 11. BONNliX'11.1.1i T110 15iscip1ir1e Committee 11as 11een in cxislence since l11e 1o11nc1ing of 111C SCIIOOI of Commerce in 111110. T110 commi11ee is made up of 1acu11y 111011115018 w11o are appoinlec1 11y 1116 dean for a 1,erm of one year. T110 commitiee has 11een 11eac1ec1 11y Professor 11o1111e1'i11e since 1928. 1X1U1.FoR11 MARTIN 11111 Sc11oo1 of Commerce can easi1y boast one o1 11111 1ii1es1 11usiness 1i13raries in 1110 conniry, T11is f'1I1111011f'f' 11515 been due primari1y 1o 1110 e11Ao1'1s of e1i111orr1 1X1ar1ir1. 1i11rariai1 111 1110 CwU111I11i'l'f'C' 1.i11i'ary since 11735. 1f1e1a1iUris 29 Accounting llti Accounting Department, lounclecl in 1900 hy William H. Dennis, was suc- cessively under the chairmanship of John R. Vxfilclman antl Dean ,lohn T. lvlaclclen. At present the chairmanship ot the ctepartment is helcl hy Professor Arthur H. Rosenlqamplt. Elementary courses are prescrilaect for stu- ctents clesiring a general lqnowleclge ot Ac- counting. The anlvancect courses prepare stu- clents 1or the P. A. examinations. This tunclamental theory ot aclvancecl courses is hasect on the fact that a person trainecl for VX H P putulic accountancy will he preparecl to enter t"t'tit'R . 0SENKxMPiflf X C., ,X I the ot private accountancy. , iuirinon The practice ol presenting the last tour prolalems in the Aclvancecl Accounting Prohlems course uncler actual C. P. A. examination conclitions is the most recent innovation in the Departments methocls. lt,s worlclfwicle reputation anct the success- ful luusiness careers ot its lvormer stuclents testify to the thoroughness ot the Accounting Department. The staff ot the Department inclucles: Professors Saul B. Aclaerman, Theoclore Lang, and Arthur H. Rosenlqampllg Associate Proluessors Clarence W. Faclcler, lirlwarrl Gasparitsch, Gould L. Harris, William S. Schlauch, ancl .lohn F. Sullivang Assistant Professors Vyyilliam F. Connelly, Charles H. Helliwell, Freclericlq W. Kilclutt. James H. Kohlerman, Frecleric Rosenlqampltw, ancl William Wider. Banking and Finance N 1915 the Banlcing ancl Finance Department was organizecl uncler Dr. Charles XV. Gerstenherg. tfncler Dr. Gerstenhergfs supervision expansion ol the various courses hegan. 'the sturly of tiecteral taxes was aclcletl to the curriculum in 11710. However, courses in Finance were given long helore the formal organization occurrccl. For a time classes were given lay a laculty ot twog Dean ,loseph French .lohnson ancl Dr. Freclericla A. Clevelanrl. the lormer giving lectures in Banlqing anct the latter in Corporation Finance. lnvestment courses were actclect in 1004. Early lecturers in this course were lxlr. Franlq A, Yanclerlip. Nr. Alluert V. Atwoocl, anrt lxtr. 1.awrence Chainlnerlain. The suhf jects of Real Estate anrl lnsurance were aclclecl in 1005 with lvlr. llarcly as the hrst lecturer. ln 1015-14, lxlr. Golieli gave lectures on Creclit ancl Collections. lxflr. Colielu is still a memher ot the laculty ancl lxlr. llarcly is a lec- turer emeritus. ln the reorgganiyation ot the Department in 1925. Pro- fessor Major PJ. Foster, formerly ot the Department ol Economics, was matte chairman. The ctepartment has since lcept pace with the School in meeting the increasecl cle- mancl for instruction anrl has expanclecl the several icielcls taught into programs of specialization. The program ot ' - graduate work has also been enlarged. MAJOR B. Fosrnn Cliairman 50 Business English il llf Cnrriruluin nl tlw llc-partmcnt nl Bnsinvss lfnglisli r is clesigncrl to aicl tlic stiiclcnt in tlie c'oiisti'iic'tioi1 nl lcttcrs pertaining lu prnlmlc-ins in luusincss, ac'r'nnnting lc-ttvrs ancl rcpnrts, ancl piilmlir' spcalaing. Vlllic ljulslir' Spvalaiigj rmirsos are rlesignccl to train tlae stnflcnt ln Carry on clisviissiniis most Commonly clcmanclccl in l3llSlI1CSS, snrial, anrl r'rvinniiiiiit.y lille. lfnglislw plac'c'mc'nt cwaininatirmns as a requirement. for aclinissinn to tlic Svlwfil nl flnmmerrc laavc cnlianfccl tl'1e usefulness ol tlict lliisinc-ss lfngglislw Courses. Vlllicsc exam- inations liavc scrvcrl cllcc'tix'c-ly to raise tlicv stanclarcls of lfnglisli usecl luy tlif' stnrlcnt. Tlicy laavc also pcrmittecl tlic- Department to Cniirviitrate its tcacilwing on tlic' tCCl1- niral prinriples ancl prnlilcins ol lnnsincss writing. Vlllacr Department is Cornposcrl ol men witla luusincss c-xpcrionre ancl witln a lmacliggroiiiicl ol lilnglisli gjrainniar. , 'lllic' stall of tlac llusinoss lfnglisli Department inctlnclcs: lfiwllig IXIANUI-H5 Professors liClXK'E1fCl .l. Kilclulll ancl A. Earl lxlanvillcg As- tlf,f1jf,,m,, sociatc ljrolcxssors llarolcl A. llalcer, Rnclolpli lr. llrosius, Vwlalclo B, Buflsliain. .laincs l:. Clyne. ancl Vxlilluur K. lX'lc'Keeg anrl lxlvssrs. Alton .l, lloost. ,l. llarnlcl ,lanis, lrranlc llcsvc-yr, ancl lrrciy Vvlilsey. Economics 'l lli nurlcns nl tht- llcpartnicnt of l1c'nnninir's was nrgaiiizicfl in ttilf iincltr tlae lacacl ol llr. .lnlin R. Vllnrner. Dr. plliirnc-i' was siifrecclccl tsy .lanivs ll. lxlagcv. wlin was lfillmwrl in 1027 lay llr. Xvalter lf. Spalir, tlic- prcscnt r'l1aii'inan ful tlwc llcipartincnt. Uno of the impnrtant vliangcs in tliv llcipai'tinctii'.s pnliry lias lic-on iaazlv in rfiiiiicrtiuii witli llopart- nic-nt qncfstions. ljiwiiwrly tlic- laeacl ol tlic llc-partnic-nt artccl as tlic- snlc- iiirlgci in tliese mattc-rs. At prvsent, lwowcwwvr, tlac rnc'inlmc-rs nl tlic Dcpartmctnt, are cfniisiiltc-rl in passing iipnn llc-partmcnt questions. 'lllaree new miii'sos liavc lwccn aclflvcl tn tlic l.c'riiminic's r'iii'i'ic'iiliiin: llmiioinivs tl n-116, a ronnfl talulc in lircirimnir' Statistics at wliirla incinlmc-rs rlisviiss a variety nl Ufftlittilt'l7I'0l5lC'IUSjl11t'OIt0till1'4 II7-118. an iiitrncliirtinii to tlin- inatlacmativs nl sta- tistics anrl cr'niiwniiir's, intctnclcrl to clcvclup tlic nercssary Iilill,l1l'IililllI'Ell clvtails nsccl in tlicr rnnrsc in ,Xppliml lxlatlivniatifal Statis- tirs: ancl licniininirs I If!-IQtt.wl1iCl1 primarily' larriiliarizcs tlsic stnclvnt in tlw use ol inaclcwii inatlwcinatifal tvrliiiiqiiv. A Fcllnwsliip in lynlmlir' ljinanfie, to eiic'niii'- age ,Qraclnatcr stncly in tliat Helrl. partifnlarly in l4lf'UHOlTllC5 ol' Pllaxatinn. lias luecn insti- tntccl tlais year tlarrruggla a grant luy tlie Tax l'lnnnclati0n of Now Ynrli, A laolcler nl: tlac ggrarlnatc lellowslaip may rnncliict gracltialc stnmlios in li:COl'iUlTtlCS. Cs- pcrially in ljnlulic' ljinanvc, eitlaer in tlwo Craclnate Scliool nl Business Arlministration or in tlie Graclnatc Svlwnl of Arts anfl Sd- cnros. llelcls to lic' Crwcrecl are selcctccl lay tlwe Cliairman ul tlwo Department ancl the XVM.'I'tiR li. SPAHR vxcrutive cliroctnr of tluc Tax Founclation, Cflinirnian St l General Courses C sluclenls queslioii llre iiiClusion ol Cullural Courses in llae type ol' Curricula ollorecl luy llae Slliool ol Commerce ll, is nol Clear lo llorein wliy sluclenls wlao are planning lo go inlo lyusiness slioulrl lac requirecl lo slucly suell suluieCls lfnglislw lsileralure. ljulglic Spealv ing, SCienCe, ancl ljsyelrology. Some feel lliat lliey Conlrl spencl llmis same lime lo lpeller aelvanlage on aclrlilioiial worlq in llreir major ol lmusiness slurly or in an ullic-cl lielrl ol lpusiness slucly. l'lxperienCe iiirliCates llral Cerlain ainonnl of Cullural lraiiiing is a greal lrelp lo llie man or woinzrn wlro aspires lo gel alaeacl in lmusiness. To provicle our sluflenls willr a Cnllural luzwllgrounfl sumdenl lo enzilnle llrern lo lzrlm llieii' proper plaCes in lnusiness ancl soCial alllairs, tlre lzwully ol llie gelwool ol Corninerw, alter Coirsiclereel llrougglil, ancl willa llre arlviCe ol llie alumni, eslzrlmlislwecl, in Sep- leinlner lfllfi. llwe General Course llroup. rllluis Group Coinprises survey Courses in llie He-lcls ol' l,ileralure, llislory. Arli, Psyelmology, gCienCe. anrl lxlallieinalies, lo name a fm, EDXXVARD .l. Kiimivr Cfzairman Journalism HE Deparlmenl of Journalism is Celebrating ils lliirliellu anniversary lliis year. .lames lxlelvin Lee was lloie llrsl Deparlrnenl larearl, ancl his lmoolc. Hislory of .Aln'i0rir'riii lourriallsni, is lacing userl in llme elernene tary Course in journalism. Uncler lllc leaclerslrip ol ljrolessor llre sCope ancl qualily ol ll're Courses ol- ferecl were greatly improvccl. During ljrolessor lseels arlminislralion sueld men as ,loyCe Kilmer, wlwo cliecl in lgaltle :luring llae llrsli Vxforlcl Vxlar, ancl Alexanrler XVoollColl were memlmc-rs ol llne lamilly. lxlr. Kilmer lauglal verse writing ancl rnerlianies ol verse, wlrile lxlr. Vvloollrmll Concluclerl Classes in clrainatic CriliCisin. llrolessor lsee rliecl in 1020. Professor lfleiiry Bailey Rallmluone suCeeeclerl Professor as lweacl ol llie Deparlmenl. Uncler Dr. Ralliluone llie enrollmenl ol ,lournalism rna- jors soon ranlqerl willr llaose old llle Cleparl- inenls of ACCounlin,Q. Law. lvlarlieling, anrl ollier iinporlanl flivisions ol llie Scllool ol CoininerCe. Amounts. anfl Finance. A recenl. aclrlilion to llme cleparlmenl as assislaiil, prolessor of journalism is rloloin Slu- arl l lainilton. 'lloclay tlwe llc-parlinenl is macle up of some ol' llie leacliiigj Genres in llre llelcl ol: jour! iialisrn. Assislanl Professor Gregory lVlas0n,s lmoolx. Soullr of Yvslerclczy, wlriCl1 was pulm- lislwecl in 1940 lay llenry Holi ancl Company. """---. lias i'eCeix'ecl wirle aCClaim in lilerary Circles. mmm A lmoolq conlaining cloeumenlary material never lvelore presenlccl in prinlecl llorm, T110 Biogirfipliy of llriniel Boone. was wrillcn lay lllixmv ll' RM4lmON'i Professor lolwn llmlqeless ancl pulylislaefl last Fliuirirmii year. 32 Law 1TH the retirement of Professor Cleveland F. Bacon, in 1938, the Chairmanship of the Law Department was assumed hy Professor G. Rowland Cottins, for the year 1939-40. At present, Dr. John M. MacGregor is chairman of the Depart- ment. Enahting students to tceep ahreast of att the changes that are occuring in the husiness and taw Fietds, the new procedure of month- 1y quizzes and term prohtems has produced exce11ent results. This new method was in- t ' 1 . - augura ed m 939 JOHN M. M,xcfrRric.oir The instructors in the Law Department, filruinnnn in many cases, are engaged in outside prac- tices, thus acquiring working knowledge of the material of the courses that they are giving, and at the same time hringing First hand methods of everyday 1aw to the students. The staff of the Law Department inctudesz Assistant Professor Watter P. Myer, and Stuart W. Roweg Messrs. Wittiam E, Bowe, Eart H. Gate, James E. Manning, Waiter R. Barry, Dougtas E. Ma- thewson, A. Vincent Ruhino, Ralph Santoro, and Wittiam Grossman. Management . HE Management Department has undergone an amazing evotution since its inception in 1916. The staff of the Department then consisted of one full time professor Professor Lee Gattoway, suppte- mented hy two part-time instructors. At present there are eight full-time memhers and sixteen part-time men in the Department. - tn 1921 Professor Wittiam B. Corne11 was made head of the Department. Under his administration there have heen many improvements in the Departmentys programs and teaching techniques. Every memher of the Manage- inent staff has a thorough and practicat grounding in the fundamentals of husiness organization and management. Each of the thirty-three courses, of which thirteen are o11'ered in the Graduate School of Business Adminisration, is 1u11y outlined in respect to its purpose, organization, and topicat presentation. Carefutty anatyzed and compared, the courses are designed to prevent the over-tapping of information and to achieve a undication of the materiat presented. The program of the Department is intended to acquaint the student with the present trend towards the under- standing of the sociat signihcance of industriat retations. tn addition to the hasic techniques of husiness methods, the curricutum famitiarizes the student with prohtems in the supervision of tahor. X As in previous years, the Management Department sponsored a tour to an industriat ptant. On Decemher X thirteenth many Management students witnessed various XVILLIAM B. CORNELL processes of production. research, engineering, and em- Cfruirman ptoyment education used hy the 1.B.M. 55 Mart-retiriq LL the myraid activities that enter into the hetd ot distrihution are presented in appropriate courses tny the htarteting Department. Founded in 1016 under the direction ot tjrotessor George Burton ttotchtriss, this tiepartment has steadity expanded untit it reached its present wide scope. Under its present Chairman. Professor Hugh E. Ag- new. a numher ot courses have tneen added to augment the tnasic courses in tvtartceting i tvtethods and Advertising Techniques. t'tUGH E. Acxiiw Speciatized training, ranging from the psy- Chairmnn chotogicat tmactrground and ptanning ot a campaign to such technicat factors as typography, copy-writing, and tayout. aims to acquaint the student with the various phases ot the adver- tising tietd. The courses in Radio Methods have heen expanded together with those in Foreign Trade, Whotesating, and Retait Setting. Many of the tectures are entivened hy the presentation of stides and tattcs hy prominent men in the tietd. Among the recent texts written try memtuers ot the Department are Radio as an Advertising Mediurn by Professor Dygert, The Technique of Advertising Production by Professor Stantey, Adver- tising tttedia hy Professors Agnew and Dygert, and the revised Outlines of Advertising hy Professor Hotchkiss. Secretariat Studies HE tirst format attempt to organize secretariat studies in the Schoot ot Commerce, Accounts, and Finance began in the academic year 1913-14, tn that year. a course in Stenography and Typewriting was ottered for advanced students. tn 1915-16 Dean Kitdutt ottered a two point course in Private Secretariat Duties, and txtr. ,tohn B. Swinney ottered a two-point course in Puhtic Secretariat Duties with emphasis on Chamtaer of Commerce and trade as- sociation activities. tt was not, however. untit 1952 that an expansion ot the program in Secretariat Studies was reatty undertatcen. tt is traditionat in the Schoot ot Commerce to entrust the devetopment of new wortr to one ot the existing depart- ments during the period of protnation. Accordingty, the sec- retariat courses Were ptaced under the jurisdiction ot the Management Department with Prof. Vxyittiam B, Cornett as chairman. tn 1957 sutticient progress was made to warrant the administration in estatntishing a separate department of Secretariat Studies. Miss Anne Corrigan was made Chair- man ot the Department. The tottowing are tutt-time instructors in the Sec- retariat Studies Department: Anne C. Corrigan. Ethet Bendixen. Maye C. Hutton, Erty Annette Nagte, and IAXNNE G.CORRICfXN Kathryn Vxfetttuaum. Chairman 5-1 Public Utilities lNCE its inception tour years ago, pro- gressive claanges laave lneen ttie lqeynote of tlie Department ot Pulnlic Utilities ancl Transportation. Tlie Department was toun- flecl, uncler tlue ctiairmanstiip ot Professor Herlnert B. Doran, to provicle a more ttiorougti tlaeoretical anrl practical approaclu to trans- portation problems. Tire Pulalic Utilities Department ancl tlae Real Estate Department laave lineconno closely associatecl tlcirouglw new, inter- relaterl courses. For example. a new unit of worl: entitlerl tlae Port of New Yorlc, HERBERT P, DORAU clemonstratecl tlie intiuence of transportation Chai,-man facilities on lancl utilization ancl regional planning. Ttiis course laas its counterpart in tlie Real Estate Department unrler tlwe title. Regional Planning ancl Zoning. lt was felt tl'1at tlae influences of local utilities ancl city planning ancl vice versa is a prolnlem of interest to stuflents of laotlm Pulalic Utilities ancl Transportation and Real Estate. Sucld courses as Air Transport, and Ocean-Trallic Management inclicate tlae Departmentls alertness to present-clay transportation prolulems. Tlie contemporary aspect of tlie pulalic utility prolnlem requires a constant revision of sulaject matter ancl course materials. As a lay-procluct of continuous contact witli governmental agencies ancl private concems, tlie Pulnlie Utilities and Transportation Department laas accumulatecl a wealtlw ot researcla material for tlwe use of its students. Members of tlie faculty inclucle: Professors Foster, Grossman, and Reiersong Assistant Professor Stoclcerg Messrs. Bartels, lVlcAnanly, and Rellalaang Researcla Associate, Dr. Serlces. Heal Estate STABLISHED four years ago, tlae Real Estate Department, witll Professor H. B. Dorau as its claair- man, lias laeen attracting many stuclents to tlais interesting tielcl ol: worlc. Ttie Department was tounclecl in response to a neecl for lnasic instruction in Real Estate ancl Lancl Economics. ln tl'1e past two years clwanges laave talcen place in tlwe teaclaing tectmique of tlae Real Estate Depart- ment. Exemplilication of tlais new trenrl may lne touncl in tlae course in Taxes ancl Taxation. ln tliis course ttie significance ot real property taxation and tlie influence it lwas on lancl utilization are clevelopecl. For more aclvancecl worl: on tlie sulaject of Real Estate Taxation a course on tlae Valuation of Urlnan Realty for tlwe Purpose ot Taxation is being otterezi. Principles ot Property Valuation, Engineering Appraisal Practice anfl Procedure, ancl Cases and Problems in Real Estate Appraisal ancl Valuation ancl courses wliicla prove of interest to stuclents of lootli Urlaan Lancl ancl Pulnlic Utility Economics. lncreasing interest of stuclents in Real Estate courses laas requirecl aclclitions to tlie teacliing personnel. ln September, 1939, Assistant Professor Cramp was placefl on a lull-time lnasis. Professor Cramp tias tauglrt Real Estate at New Yorlc U. for fifteen years. ln aclclition to Professor l'l. B. Doran, claairman, tlie Department statl consists ot: Associate Professor C. Elliot Smittig Assistant Professors Ralpli E. Cramp, Nelson L. Nortla, Dr. A. tl. Nlertzlceg Messrs. W. D. Bryant ancl E. J. Jenner. 35 " f'fK:.,- 'ff Jem i 0 Irs f f , W 3 , J . V ,W 3 f L5 SWSQQ vu, 'vN9 ,QW mpg.. 3' r yr 1 WMV wil 13112 125 sf Www ww.-W-bw - H Af b V MwfE w 6 m H,j,, ' Qg YQ - Q if Hb, . i ' Q 5 2 E " , , E M' Qmlfwg wk Hffzfffmf , ,MRI iw, 45.1 .M wzfx akin 1. 1 1 L, 'fn QM ' 45 :,,,, l .QE 1 g 'R' , , .. , 4 f4w?fQQ,wWv L,": 1 .A if - Y rg I.-:,,-- k E Q 4 rf' K Z2 , 0 I . -SEM ,W W fi:- ' ,A iwa . 2, 5 f'?S?A. ' Ifif ffa' k.i:,k A 1515 QJM QKfwWLm,,yq - -1' 7 gg, aff? '55 gkwwwglfij " 3 9 :5 - U "W , 1 W J fm E K ,L iwwg.,M? UV H1-fwLf'yM 1, Q if fi' ,,'- 'V W x S , E Q W Z y gfhimkiiifzi' P iffii? awfi Nw fem -h-- Q, 1 1 V V. ww 1 1 fy 1 if f M4 44 I li, 1141 I gy k 2 fi?-Q Wg ., m it - , , Q3 , 5 fi? 7 1 . 'N 5 Y ff . I gs 4 1 1 fl gk If ' ll fi! - I Q: P 1 5 4 W . if . +2 A W ' 3 V 1 ' , Ta Q - , Wfxtfkjx I ' ee if R -F f ,5 X NUMBER ONE FIFTII XXYICNUI K SXNIVIQI. filer-Ls fJ1'w11fc'l1I 1 -. Smxifwf lass ill WMORT i M ER . 7 i Senior lv V Viiai has lime Class of IU-il aeroiiipiisiaefl in ils four years slay? Our freshman year is ciim in our mincis. XVQ met some friencis Huncier iiie r'lof'i4,H we wen! aroiinrl looking for a place in 1-ai, anci finally wc sc-llioci clown in one of time nc-ziloleriasn wiiere lime Collegiate Crowci Cenierecl. ilu- iinoe ievliiix- rooms frigiiienecl iisg ine finals iqrigiileneci us iiiriiier. Hui we slarieci io get into lime swing of liiings. XVC look parl, in lne frosil- sopli lug of war fwiiirii wc won ami liien iost in ilu' sophomore year, as is usually ine easel. Then as frcsninen we capture-ci George Viiiklnc-incr, time sopii presicieni, anri ineicl iiiin in a Harlem iioiei unlil ne esfapofi. i.aier in ine ierm lime men new a smoker ai Rosoifys ami iiien snaiac-cianreri over lo ivan Franios Haufivrau where ine girls were iioiciing time lien-party. The freshmen year was rompieteci wilii ine Frosiw Hop wiwiriw was held at line Park Lane Hotel. FIQIICFI NVE lmerame SOPI'NJITlOl'6S, uXViSC fools." Ps, LNCOBS VVO Icnew our way aroiinri. Hai Hirsrniaerg was rcsoriioiivu our presicieni, anci who will forget iiwe Fight in front of WEIURHIHLGTYS lo protect him from being kidnapped? We imeici our smoker al lime Hotel Ciicstcifieid ami the iien-party at Firenzeys, We wound up our sophomore year by dancing to the sirains of Irving Aaronsorfs orriiesira al ine Savoy- Plaza Hoiei. EVIQLYN Noiuzis JACK XVACIITHIA llgslomm Vivo-Prvsirleril 42 .loiix .l. Stfl.l.IX',XN l-niiii Crimsia 'lqrvnsiirer Scvrvlriry Tlwen we cmlnarlcecl upon anotlaer leg of our collegiate career. Vxfe were part of New Yorl: University lnotli in tlne class room ancl in tlme fielel ot extra-curricular activities. The men smolccd at Caruso's ancl later carousecl at the lien-party at tlic Hotel Victoria. April saw a Fine turnout at tlie rlunior Prom wliicli was lielcl at Delmonicos As seniors we suddenly realized that soon we woulrl leave New Yorlc University. XVC lmegan to get nostalgic at tlic tlioiiglit. Qur school spirit surlclenly surgecl upwarrls only to wane after a clisastrous loot-lmall season. lt. went liiglicr still, liowc-ver, as our lnaslietlmall team startecl to win Qanio after game, Xve went to our last All Unie versity Frolir' at tlie Vvlalrlorl-.Nstoria anrl onjoyecl it more tlian over. Roinomlucr liow as frcsluncfii we souglit to Cape ture tlac presiclent ol a class almove us? Now we were seniors ancl we louglit time ancl time again to protect ,laflq Crespin lroin tlie ravagjingj lianrls ol tlie lreslwmen. The smoltei' :incl lien-part,y were lielrl in tlae village for tlic' lirst time: later wt- clanrocl with our lic-st girl, or luoy, at tlw gcniiir Ball wlaicli was licilcl at tlie llotel Plaza. Finally rame senior weelq witlw its rlanfes. sliows, anrl glorious lnoat-rifle. ,lune it saw us in Cap ancl gown at Oliio Gelcl rereiving our cliplomas, ancl lonr years at New Yorlq tl. liacl rome to an encl. 1Xk"l'1f,iR BUIQXI Vrzior fi A 'Rll1',X'I9 X Itfprpgon fflfffif Q' rf, 4I"'11l 'UZ min-Q7 0,70 "Lf ,fx I, Mx ,e-. , P '47 4 T J 6 9 Q' 47 LW7 rw 0 . W e , w ' f rrqfwam f-5 Q 'rr 'Y M L . , +5 Ian, qw ff- S ,ax R 'Q' 6, 'N 1 rf M5 .A we . Q if-1V0,. x WL Q, gk Q SS E 5 fll F1051 Popular Boy Robert G. Harris bios! Popular Girl Evelyn Sirotin Most Respected Boy James Y. O!Gara fxfost Respected Girl Evelyn Sirotin BIOS! Hurrclsome Boy Harold Shepard Ihlrrzesr Girl Edith Chase Bas! Affllete, Boy Henry Fail F1051 Earnest Boy Cordon A. Knapp, Jr. Profiles! Blonde Marie Heirn X. rgdi x., rw-'WVJVQ-P Senior ,bf V71 x I if M5 iy Celebrities :ix rg. if W' 5 Am, 'W' QM A '71 U15 X -, Boy Rvws! ljkufvx' Io Szzrwucml .5 Aclolplu R. Sfoffi swf. Girl Alusl Lilwllv lo Sucfccccl Rila Press 3105! X'4'l'SllfflL' Boy I5CI'I1ill'tl ll. l.4mc'LQ1' 4 lg Q A1051 Xrwrsazlifc Girl A ,W :E Igllil Ijrvss Gmc I RN M K , B051 flrmmiwrl Boy' NX X 3 , X Davie' 5Hm'er +15 ' 5 7715- e 2- e B051 Urussorf Girl LL Q vs 'IQ , Iflu .lalqfvc B. I A1051 Irlclllslricms Boy . N ClilI'iEIl1'C' fnrgmf- 5105! 1lIllllS!I'iUllS Girl , ll l'.YC'I3'Il Ixlorris f AIDS! Ilupzzfur flrofcssor 5 N Cltjlllll I.. Hams L1 fx R 1-ff 12, , pm KM - ww RJ 9 ns bw ff? fa , f QQ ,, 1 V ,Nmmr . We -1 5 The Palisades But College friendslwips an must sever, And facile as does the dying day, And Closest Linslwips an be broken. As out in life we wencl our xx ix But yet whatever by IilfG.S fortune, Tho' memory fails and friends few Xxeu love thee still. our Alma Iwater. Our clear old N.Y.U. i? Nolmmx lirusxrnxx lJl't'Slrll'lIf Class of 10411 -I7 iziiit. rpusiircl' gl- x KU BERT N 1936, a group of evening freshmen were wet- comect into the School of Commerce at an orien- tation sponsored hy the Evening Student Council anct faculty. "Get into the swing of things at the heginningf, said the freshman adviser, Hand you'tt have no regrets when graduation rotts around." Taking this advice titeratty, the Class of 1941 were soon recognized for their successful kidnap- ping of the senior president a weetc tater. MHC in the fun with '-tl!! was the call then anct il has continuect through the years. Constantly Hin the funn in att Fietcts of encteavor - sociat, athtc-tic and schotastic - the Ctass of 10-tt has tett an inctetihte impression in the School of Com- merce which will last through the years. Frosh Hop, Soph Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Platt H alt of these affairs are now inemoriesg memories of gooct times, gooct fettowship and fun. Vxfho witt ever forget the Junior Prom at the Hotel Detmonico when swaying couples dancect to the music ot' Ntaestro Johnny tvtccee? Amt who among the evening seniors will forget the recorft turnout for the Senior Batt at the Hotel Plaza on Saturday evening, txtarch 8? Senior Batt - prime event of six years of active extra- curricular participation. Anct then there was the Senior Smoker which was hetrt on February 28, in the Times Square Hotel. There were the same stanctarct jokes hy our faculty guests, hut six years of smokers and AUSTIYI IQISING ILXRTIIUR IIAFSTAD 950,151 7lCg-I9rg-girlr-nl Executive Commit lee FRED A. SLOCUM Josizpii tlivrifxizit Executive Colnmillve lliglgrian ctass attairs have taught us to tove ttiese stanttarct anecctotes, anct Senior year Wouttt not be a memor- atnte one untess we tmeard our favorites at teast once again. Senior week encteet a year of wettaroundect ac- tivity. Boat ricte, Senior Show, Senior Dancef- att were part of ttris Weetc set aside for the Sctoiootys gractualing ctass. The Senior Evening Ctass has had its share of cetetyrilies. Outstancting ctass members were Ect May, Evening Student Council presictcntg Nora man Krasnow and Witt Sctwutmert, senior repre- sentatives to ttie Councitg Joe Device, ectitoilin- chief of ttie Bulleiing tvtitton Gurtin, .t.C.F. treas- urerg ttenry Sontaerg, Evening Accounting Society presictent. Some ctay, weire going to wattq tturougtw Wasti- ington Square Park. As we reach Garitnatrtiys statue, wen turn atmout antt look again upon the Sctioot of Commerce. Nostatgia Witt surge ttirougtr us anct we stwati get tiomesicti as we ttiintq ot our trappy stays in New York U. Those six years we spent at Commerce witi not take on ltie aspect of tong years in Fattuer Times catenctar. Ratner, we Witt tue rc-minctert of ttwe six stnort years we ttittect ttwrougti. As we turn our tnaetr lo Commerce and xvenct our way ttirougti tite we staatt ttxinti our cottege years wett spent as we repeat to oursetves, HRemcintJer ttie tun we twact in ,4lV' ALRERV' Down Hrs! Viv P 4. AA, fl 1, . C r9Sl!!Ql1 fxf- 'fa' QIIFFOKIIIKILWI 1151 TUll'5 of Iou' miri- Ivfirzi roll 11 ML lmzzsvs, Lvilicling. mir- rou' Slrccls, um XXvUSllillg!OI1 Square Pa Q, ,e - 1' 1 of Commerce, Ac- Cozmls and firm: ,cf 11415 one of lfzc musl picfrirwsqzw nfl colorful spols L, DQROT1 IY :X13lf1.SON 6500 25rc1 fxvc-nuc B1-oolilyn, N. Y. IIERNI.-XN A1311 'fl Center Stn-vt E11vm'i11e, Y. NUTON .LXCK ,XCKERINIAN T30 Crown Sirvct 15rouL1yn, Y. KD A 15L'R'1'ON R011 .'X1D1iI.N.1XN 1 1 1-51 76111 i'xYl'I1LIC f1ue'PnQ N Y ROY .lQS1i1'11 .X171.ER 14.11 XX:-fl 111111 .Nvonuc Nc-xx' HYOFIQ City Ili lf1ii Ulm-pi 1111111 1.l'IlUll Gins1mrQ Award for R0tai1 Sill!- Retai1ing C1u11: Rv1ui1ar SIAI1, LOIUNNE AIPERT 239 Cc-ntm1 Park Xvest New York City EMANUEL M. ABRAMS 108-33 65111 Avenue Forest Hi11s, N. Y. Z T THEODORE JOHN ADAMIAK 107 Grand Street Jersey City. N. J. HARRY A131 .ER 2755 Morris .ftvvnue Bronx, N. Y. 1.fXXX'R1iNC1f REYNOLDS .AXUIQN 192 .101terson Avonuc New l.0Hl1OH, C0nI1l'f'l11'lIL 1311i R110 Pi '1'rim1 1.saguf': .1o1m 31airs11a11 Lilvrzxry So- fictyp Xvinnvr 1nterco11i-ggiatc Denhiniaiion Contest. 'Bi' - V of lilllo Olfl Xml' York us ils Ca - V . pus - Grcc'l1u'ir'l1 Villl . Long lwforc- Ill-my lllarlmrl clip ,lnbv lj r'of'vr0rl llm llmlsol XlI'l'f' in llis I A gmrcll for Cl roulr' lo llm Eusl, Cl S N quaint and U,7OUl,i'I lmlifm Village l3!f.X'I'lQllklf .Xlflffl IUIER 'MI 27 lflmlmrsl .Xvcfnuc .llxrlson llls., Y. l3lfNlN.'NRD ALPERT iff-1 Flncomlrs Roacl lzmrorw, N. Y. FRANK JOSEPH ANGELILLI 6126 liasr 179ll1 Street BIOHX. YY. xx mam fklulrg Re-ul lfslalz- Clulng lxlanagv- mvnl f lull: llc-ans l.1st. ,NNDRIQXV ARDITO T3-26 Tlst Plarc Ulf-ml:-lf-. Ouvcm, N. Y. .AXl.I3liR'l' NI. .XRONSON 1 Kingjflrvo Nwullm C .nrolinn .Xlplm Dfflln Sigma llmfl l.1'1lUlI1'I .Xlplm ll-lla Sigma, View lin-siclrnl, Al, xl. fxl..Xlllli .Xl.'l'SHLfl. Slim Ulvnwoorl Avenue l r x Cilx V .l .-X31 'lf XXHXIDRON ANDERSON -15 qxxuslin Sire-vt lliclgullr-lil Pauli, LOUIS ANZALONE lfll Snnnl Siu-1-l liroollvn, N. Y. lllllllflfvl' lXlll.'l'ON ARGNS ll I Cx:-nlml ljlnrlg Nvcsl Now Yorlq Cily II A CD .luuior llmm fxonmmillc-vg ,lunior Social Com- millf-vz lrllmllulmlf 53 Smolwr Commillvu, Kxlfifll. .'X'l'KlNS I lfl lflflx-r .'Nx'c-nuc llmnx, N. Y. vs,- w locoled between Oansvoort and Lit 'es 12th Street. This sec- fio w al ec! Sappofzaincan or "Tile Farm o e Xvoocisf' In 1625 Peter Rltltlltf. a uicfr governor of New Arnslercfa purctiosecl the ls- KATHERINE ANTONYS1 IYN 54-10 35rr1 Street Astoria, N. Y. STANLEY ATTENSPIEL 145 Harrison Avenue Jersey City, N. J. ARTHUR LYMAN BAKER 205 VVast1ington Avenue Pteasantvilte, N. Y. FRED PRADEL BARASH 279 East 205rc1 Street Bronx. N. Y. ment Ctutu: Management Circle. NORMAN A. HARNETT 1811 East 29t11 Street Broolctyn, N. Y. Hop Committee. Management Honorary Society: Manage- .'X11AU Committee. 5, 4: Junior Smoker Com- mittee: Junior Prom Committee: Ctass Vice- President, 3: Soptd Smoker Committee: Sopti ROSE ASNIS 1012 Simpson Street Bronx, Accounting C1u1J. LOUIS JOSEPH AUCELLA 495 Congress Avenue Xvatertmury, Conn. Captain of tntramurat Bastzettzatt Team. 2. 3, 4: Accounting C1utJ. JEROME BERTRAM BALMUTH 610 Empire Boutevard Broolrtyn, N. Y. '17 A A Atptia Ptii Sigma Vigitante Committee, Chairman, 1: Ref- ugee Committee, l, 2: Smoker Committee, I, 2: Prom Committee, 1, 2: Junior Ctass President: tntramurat Chairman: Varieties, Cireutation Staff. HAROLD WES1-EY BARBER Q62 Madison Avenue Paterson, N. J. EMANUEL GEORGE BARTH 55 West 1V1os11o1u Parlcway North Bronx. N. Y. TAIIJ Track Team, Assistant Manager: Account- ing Society: Nath Club: German Club: junior Smoker Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: Pre-Senior Ba11 Committee. OLGA IEALDINI Q50 Sc'av14'xv IXVCIHIC .Ia-rscy City, N. ,I. IIJXG Triad: BuIIeIin: Fourth Estate CILIIJ: Broad- casting CIuIJg Best News Story Committee: Violet, 4. I IERIHSERVII IIJAUIVI 1554 East 29111 Sum BrooIqIyn. N. Y. Z B T HARRY BEACH Box Q11 CentraI IsIip, N. Y. HENRY SIDNEY ISECKER 2826 Vtfest 1st Street IR5rooI4Iyn. N. Y. ,IewisI1 CuIture I'IouncIntiong CI1ess PuIJIirity. ARTHUR BELLIVIER 314 East 201st Street BFOHX, II eaI Estate CIUIJ. Club, Iuml of BICIIIIIUIIUIL from lfic Inclzar for 524, and se! aslcle . n u fwfllllpfllly. A .1-2 we RIQNEE GLORIA BAUIVIAN 394 Communipaw Avenue ,Iersey City, N. CIM EpsiIon , COIHIUCYCCYEII CIuI5, TTCHSLITCTQ phers Ctub. EDWARD BAYOUT II 9701 Shore Road BrooIcIyn, N. Y. AKIJE seflmn for the DUICII XX es! India I-Ire ViIInge of Sappokuincun ' soon Iwcame IIie po session of Gov- I"'0rcign TrafIe CILIDI Christian Assonintion. ABE BECKER 897 Crotona IIarI4 INortIi Bronx, N. Y. RICIIARD VVARRIIN ISECKER 1200 VX7oorIycrc-st Avenue Bronx, N. Y. 2 9 A Management CIuIJ, lz IntrnmumIsg IVI for Ivrestiman IIancIIaaII: Sophomore Sm Committee. OLIVER LEONARD BELIO 2124 I'Iaring Street BrooI4Iyn, N. Y, QQIQII OLUI' -x,a-g 951' 'fllflf' XX ozzlffr XCIH Twlller, Ivlw S 'z'- mmf Sir Peter Xvorron, rOspc'1'lil'0ly. In ITT4 Sir Pelcr Xvor- run f cm I I Cffl e so: am grow 'ffm' gr 'rl-leafeclu tobacco. AJn'1.iroI Xvur 'n esfablisfzecl his BENOHEI. ISO I Fran Sin-vt BrooHyn, N. Y, KIJTA XVILLIAM EX"IiRI'i"IN BENSEI. 481 C0nov0rTv-rrmov Omngv. N. ,l. MI'il.VlN ISHRLIIQR 629 Slst Fm-pr BFOOHXII, BY. Violwt, 1. 2. 3, bs. HARRY ,lUIiI. BERNLXN Qlfl luring mln 4- Hxonx, N. N. ISADORE BERNSTEIN 9 Hamillon Slrcc-l Glovcrsviuc. N. Y. ing Club. Intramural Baskcllmall, 1, Q, 5, 4: Account- EDITH RUIAII BERCER 394 East Slh Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Rclailing Club. VICTOR HERBERT BENSON 40-O5 IOSH1 Sin-vt Corona, I., I., N. Y. A K W Evening .'Xr'r'ounling Sorifflyg Violet Stag. HARRY BERCNAN 1065 lwnnor Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Afcounlinq Club. .'XI.If,'i.-XNl.JER H,-XRVEY BERNSTEIN 4537! Hrozulwny New York luily Ar'c'ounlin,f1 Club: Mnmngc-mf-nl Club Finamx-l'or1l111, BERNARD XVILLIAM BERNTHAL 7615 GLB Avvnuc Brooklyn, N. Y. summer home unwng 1110 urmluc im' lolrfzffco YHCICIS. His 051 I0 Compriscfl 1 Jul I I r A l . HEI 1 yr xlzvr lmrlfr lu lim rogio non' Lrmzwn us .lhfllflflflll Sqn mal ms! I0 1110 IQTI Nfl, lilfllfllfll SYIYIX RUTII BERKENBHT 2073 Bryan! .XX'L'Hlll' 310 VXVQSL S3111 Sheet V1r0I1v. Y. New York Cilv C3OlUIUf'llY"ITlI Cxlllll. .xg-Q Hawke-lirmg goviclyg Triad. EUCVQNIQ I.IiN,'NlQID IHFIRSI IM? L20-10 limnlsf-nfM'Qr1uC XXHXIIIAILR 1 Bronx, N, Y. 22,1 Pfaplv Slrrwt Ijourllm I'1sl.1In-fllllv, LAC mwlwuy lI.XYXX'.XRI'7 rsr111N,x1QD l3l:QX'.XNS M ,OI W AXWERT BI WI f - , , w , Q EW! Ulrwurrllrlgrlfnlm Ifoufl HMI IMA just Strait IIPIIFJIIH Plains, Izmmxl IIQXRYILY ,-X. IEIIAQRN IT5 XVvst 92nd Sm-vt New York Cily X'Cll'fA'fiC'S, IiXr'I1nI1gjr-Frlilur, T. .xiiiililfll . 537. llor, -. f,,ru-Idllrnr, J, lflllol-ll:-C lm-f, 4: 3lm Fish Xxvmmc Cross fxruunlrv 'lac-amp I: 'l'mvL Tcnnm, lt , X ' Varsity Show", 1. 3. -1: Umumlic Sorir-ly, Emmy N' N' 3. 4: NIi1rm,f14'mr-nl fxlulm, 1: SOIDIYOTDOTI' I lop E Q A Commillvvt L30-lqfhfliflililfl Pr4',ForfH1z1111 RAI- Y , ly. 3: Cirmllogianlc- ,'XfIX'l'IAliSiI1Q XVorLsIxop: Wfwllillv 5fI"f'f'- Aufu Vruiir' Pulwlifily c3KIIUIT1ill1', 2, 3. fl: Svnior PMN Comlxmiliwvg Xf7llI'il"il'S Avvilrrl, fl. HENRY J, BOGIN 1302 Curmu gtI'f'I'l. IBf'U4DIflyIl, NV. IIOXXHXIQD THUNDER CD A A M Npwmk, N- All 1 lrilrmunrnl UML:-llmll, 1.12, 3, -I: Chairman nf II!lI'1lIIHlI'ilIb, 2, 3: Nnwlccr fxornnmillcv. XIIQHV'f3ru11l11illm' 3' NHL: Colnmiklvv 0 fx,- 'A' m rstz ' icti Inter Became Xvastr- iuglon Squa 0. Sir Peter Xvnrrerfs an r ou. covererl the sotifl tvtock now Inorrtere my Ctwrtes, Fouritz, Blocker anrl Pe ry Streets. Xvarren namert Iris esla eenwictz after NATALIE EDITII IRSIYRKOXVITZ 503 Nortti Xvooct Avenue Linden, N, .I. Party Committee. I. 2: Management Violet, Ottice Stattg All-U Frotic Committee. ADRIAN XVII.LI.'XIXI BOIVIERT 151 Irving Street .Ierscy City, N, .I. ARTHUR XV. BORNFRIEND 5520 Detqattn Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Dc-ta Gamma Sigma N fnior Representative: Refugee Committee. Ctiairman. t.JijORUli XVALLACI3 BOVENIZER. JR. Nortti Broartvvay Irvington, N. Y. Yonkers, N. Y. Dr-la Gamma Sigma HELEN F. BERNSTEIN 40-ll lQtI1 Street Long IsIancI City, N. Y. ETA Management Ctutmg Retaiting Ctutlg Re- tailer: Triartg IIen Party Committee: Big Sister Tea: Tyrean Councit Rep.: L.G.W. Sociat Committee. ARNOLD CIHIESTER BGNDER 759 46tI1 Street Brootqtyn, N. Y. XNILLIAM KILIAN BOSS 235 9lI1 Street West New York, N. J. A 2 H ALFRED FOS'I'IiR BRADY, JR. 500 I,ycIur't4r'r Street Engetwooct, N. I qw r A 2 fb Pwr. 1. BRAND 101' R0..Um.,1 A,,Cm,e JOSEPH LEoNARo BRANDENBURG 742 East 31-rt Street Brootqtyn, N. Y. CIAIRE DEVERA BIER 404 Xvnstiington Street IIoIJoLun, N. .I. vwisti Cutlun' I70uncIe1tion, Corresponding 51'i'r4'till'y, 5. 6. .IOI IN VICTOR BRETT Q-10 Ov0rIooIc RonrI New RocIieIIc, N. Y. SIMON BRODY 65 East 195rrI Street Bronx, N. Y. IRYING BROXVN 459 Nvwport Street I5rooI4Iyn, N. Y. IXIpI1a DeIta Sigma TriarI I..r-nguv, 1, Q, 5, I3rc1SifIc'nt, 4. STEPHEN IVIAGDID CAINE 150 Beaumont Street PJrooI4Iyn, N. Y. 1110 IIIIIQ Vittfigi' on 1110 Tfmmes e low London. oltmg I 1 .x Polar XXYUVFPIT. 0111 u'c'uIlI1y ar- mcrs Soon tacgmi. Io 1wuiIi1 Iiomcs Surroiuifting 1110 C rr'cfr1ia'ir'Ii 0516110 SYDEI. BORSKY Q68 Fairmount Avenue Jvrscy City, N, .I. CEOHITTIPYCP-IZZKI CIIII . ,fi BERNARD IIENRY IIRODY 151 East flfirct glrcct BrootIyn, N. Y. fIJAA VioIet Stiietct DeIcputf', 5, -1: Co-CI1airm:m ot Junior Smoker: Co-Cziplnin of cIass In iramuraI BasIretI1aII Team. Q, 5, 43 AIIVII I:roIic Committvrv, 5, 43 Rvtiigrw Sc:IioIarSIup I7umI Danni Commiilro. IRXVIN EROXYDY 1685 Ofcnn Avviuic BrooI4Iyn, N. Y. CIJAA Fourth Estate Ctutn, Ig InlramuraI Basket- baII, 1, 2, 5, 4: Comnicrz-1: IImsIqetIJaII, 5: Econoinirs Society. WALTER NELSON BUTCHER 9 East 9lI1 Sim: New YOIIQ, X7. E KID E BZJYICIL CIIOYUS. GEORGE IIAROID CARLOCK 45 CIcrIq Struct .Icrscy City, N. J. I 1,115 s1'r'I11111 1sI1,111g1 IillIQ 1 Pfllfl In II1c riFI1. ,' 1 I LIIIIVL QLFIIOTL Inecmnc II II tl 0111 111 IFII X'iIIr'1g1c1. T111 I , - II 1111 1111 KX kwa SIIIIQIIQY S, ISLICJXX' 11195 IJ0pI111111 gXx111111v I5mnx, N. Y. Psi CI1i 01111-gn I'rlxf1 f'IilI C IUINIS. 3IiOIlCIi 1XI.IfRIiIJ KXXIQISON H-1-17 ZIKSIIW S1111-1 CDIIUOIIS YiII:1g1c, GX NORRIS CN.-XRSONS 325 IIc1:11'I1 GTIII Slrfrcl .'Xrvcrne, N. Y. IV51-e1n's List. MARTIN J. CII.-XRIACK 20 CIinIon gin-1-L New YorIc Cily DAVID IJ.-XNIIiI. CI'IIfRNOXX 133-2-I TSIIH RnnrI Kvw GilIKIODS, Z T Psi CI1i Qmcga I l"f'Ign TIUCIQF CIIIIH CiOITll"llt'ff'lI GIF? .:-f.,Z . M I ILIIJ X111 PM 1rI nt 1 Ijrvw- f-nt QtIlIIJ1 f1r1YffI1:1ir1111111 ion1111iIt0c': Svnior II1-n ' ?IIIlIllIIIK'l'1 Cr1r11111iII1-1' UI' fqnnnn 1 IiI7I'I4II CII.-XSE 91511 fIr11n1I Convourse Bronx, N. Y. Fc-frm-Izxry UI CI11ss. 3, 4: II1-n Party fl n1iIl1-11, ,, 3. LI: I:rosI1 H011 COIIIITII rp SOIJII IIop ffo111n1ill01-3 AIIAU I'mIimt m . , .. IIIIIICC, 2, 3, 4. I.,XXX'IQIiNl'If II. CYXIQIVIIQI. I III IQivr'rSi1Ic' Drivc' N4-xx' York Cilv IQ1'1l:11I111U fII11I1: V11111'Ii1'f, .xisnrizxlv Fr: .IXIXIIF IIC DRTON C1-XSSELI SI I511nI11rII1 ,Xvvnuc -4 , ,IHS1-N' I 1IN'. ,I. 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MIIIIUN SITYNOUIQ QTOIIN mm Em 71h Sir:-1-L Brooklyn, N. Y. IllfRl5I'.lQ'I' SEYMOUR iXONl3lfl.I, Q A A HTS IgiVf'l'5ilIQ'iIDIiX'l' Bvio Gamma glflllhl NPV' YUTL LUV Pii Chi Gnu-rf. X 'I Hz-in GEIHIIIIEI Slum.. Froih Hop Comnxillecg Supll H1111 Com- I , mitls-0: ,lunior Prom ci0l11IY1iH!'l'j All-U Axmbounmw K lull' Commillvo, l, Z, 3, 4: Suplm Smoker Com- millcwg Rr-Ivllgm-c Commillvv, 3, 'Ig lwanagc- mf-nt Club. -Ng-Q fx,- utv 1011505 u'or1' crvclezl in stralcgic spols r 11 1'1n11'1'1zic11r'0 of Iliff we I1 iravclcr. Il was in Ilia Vusliinglon Square flislrict 01111 Grp nufich Village in gvlmrat iliul 1110 famous painlvri. DORIS DOLINSRY 2128 79111 Simi Bmoktyn. N. Y. Ctii Epsiton tmftgc-rg Acrounting Ctutag Com- merce Evonomic Geography Ctuti. i ,IOI IN C. COCK Q lvl l,fftSfJC'Ctf Strcvt tfaxl ftiangu, DXVIIJ ,IOSEPII COXYAN 3115 Nvcst Street Nytiitc Ptains, N, Y, Rvat Estatf- flirty. 6: Gvograptirfs Ctuta. Nairagvriir-nt Ctutv. TI IOBIAS CRAIG 111120 13m Street tfivtiirirwrirt Hitt, N. Y. S'I'.fXNI.IiY DANZICER 12415 limi isnh S1101-1 Brootttyn, N, Y. P11-la Gamma Sigma Psi ftri Omega btanagcmcnt Citutw, I, Q1 Accounting Club, 4: Retailing: Ctutu, 5, 45 Rolziitor, 3, Editor 413 Senior Sniotwr Commiltf-0: Afvnuniing Lcflgor, 5, Assistant Ertitor, -I. RKCHEL ANN DRINKXVATER 93-1 Artingtori :Nw-nue Ptaintictrt, N. J, Beta Cvarnrna Sigma Rctaiting Club: Broartrasling Club: Ntar- Iioting fitutm. ARTHUR BRUCE COUTTS 1316 Emi Quit Simi 13mf.11,Wn. N. Y. Christian Associat ion. EUGENE BERNARD CRACOVANER 650 Gccan .Xvcnuc Brooklyn, N. Y. Freshman F1-ming Team. JACK SAMUEI. CRESPIN 108 Ctartm Place Bronx, N. Y, 2 9 A Halt of Fame Soptromorc Smotqc-r Clrairman: Student Council. 5: Senior Class President. NERYIN JONAS D.rXTTI.EBAUM 3311 Nvest 86tti Street New Yort: City 'B' I -N, HZXII IiI.KlN LIU Blniirm' Nrfwl Nvw N Orig Qily .xwoiiiiiiiig Qiiiin. CHARLES SANDS DEDON 97 Shepard Avenue Xvcsl Englewood, N. Vxvau Street Student Organization, I Viccfprvsiflcnt, 6. ROBERT EDVVARD DEIN 9928 21561 Simi Queens Viiiagc, L. I. Pfanagcmcnt Club: Chrislinn Association ,IJXNIZS 'VIIOMA9 DE JULIO 110,i:1r'I4son Slrnut Nr-w Rrxvlwun, N. Y. IiDXX'.'XRl7 FRANCIS IDIQIFOE, JR. ski-L10 1rseihSimci Jamaica. Long Island Bvln Gamma Sigma "W-.... W ivriicrs. inizsicifins, and sfiiifplors lfie Onrfy' 10111 Ccfnllirv Iwga 10 miigragfilv. This gr uping of cul- lziraf rffissox gmio iii. . qiuzr Fl r .p- iilaliori ns cz mil ral Hauler. This Cullum! air was irvrilly enfiunccrf J.. Ri iOD."X Fi .TSTEIN llfifi Bronx Puri: East Bronx, N. Y. .-xfg BERNARD IIERBERT DEFRIN 2157 I ioilzinfl Avcnue Bronx, N. Y. Arrounling Club. FXRTI IUR DIYITEL 320 Riversific Drive Nvw York City HIJNVIN IJl'.i.,'XNO 508 Xvvsl C23-'llli Sir:-4-L Bronx, Y. Xvrvsilirig, 3: Fnulimiiil, Q: Nrxviiiiirl Qluimg Pun i'XIU1'l'Ii'ilIl f lulm. XTQRNUN l.lNK'UI,N UFNBY TT' Slim-rriizin .'xX'C'IlI1!' Yunkvrs, Y. H1451fiiiininiigigjinn 95,- W ri' 1 IIN' wrwlirnri of Xyrislringlcui Sqn f i 'qv of New York Unk Ucrsily in IHS. In ine X'1lIUf,0. przinlors um, s Iplors set up slurlios mul joinwI u'ilI1 men of Iellors in OSIGITIISIIIIIQ II10 4iImr1gurzrIi FIIIIY. I ,,,Wmww,f NNN-..., . ILXNN.-XI I ISI I 799 XVrmorI1i1r'rr' IXYVIIIIK, XXVO0KIIll4'I'Q', I.. I1aC'I1iOmoga xx iinminf I vain: NIFinaQ1rn10nl w CARI. I.. I7IfIQ5I.'XN 4212 IIvrII'rmrrI.Xx'1'nLlC Bmf-Llyn. N. Y. Ix5rrmrIrasIing CIHIJ. PAXLTI. IQVI54 IIPII DEYI ILE 2. I IECRXVII I3TlI1Slrf'e-t Iq0f'IQilXX'ilf' IIIUEIVII, I.. DONIINIIIK Il.XSQl..I.XI.If UI IEIJXCTOFIO Q4-III XXYIISIIIIIQIOII.'XX'l'I1llf3 Igmnx. N. Y. ROI 'C QCII I IIINIQY IDI RICO 1437 firulorm xxvvnue Igrrmnv Y Y XIIIE 2. 5: I DIQBOR.-NI I A. FMRCTI IILD 113 limi sinh Sm-vi Nrxw York Cily JOSEPH G, Dlj VICO 1478 39II1 Sm-I-i Br0oIcIyn, N. Y. IXIIJIIH Ds-Ita Sigma AIDIIEI Phi Sigma PJuIIetin 3I0rInIIion Arch and Square I'iaII of Fami- 'I4rizuI I.:-axguf-, 2-6, XIICCYPFPSICICIIL 3, Prvsi- 1If-nt, 4, lzlvas, Ixianaging Ijditorg Commerce IIHIII-lin, 2-6, Night Managing E1Iilor, 3, Assistant Editor, 4, Editor-inACI1ic-f, 5, 6: FIMSS VIXFPEISLIFCT, 5: Student CounCiI, 5: cjIilF4 I,uI1Iir'ity Chairman, 53 Ctmrislmas Party Commitlrro, 5, I'.l'CIfNIf IBERN.-XRD DI,-XTYIOND I205 Avcnuc R I3rooLIvn, N, Y. Eta FIU Pi PsiCI1iOmQga Flu Mu Pi. President, 4: RzrtaiIing CIuIu, 2. 3: Prc-sirIvnt, 4: Rvlrlilur, Editor, 3, 41 IXIzir1z1g1vmc-nl CIuIJ, 1, Q: TrinrI League, I. Q: FFOSII Smoker Committvci Svnior BaII fionmrnillvvz Committee of Com-"rr7iaI CIUIJS, 4. ALVIN IRVING DINITRSTEIN 61 I Iarrison Avonuc Broouyn. N. Y. XVOIFIZ NA'I'I'IAN DOIHUIER -N2 IVIontgomcry Sire-ct I7JrooLIyn, IJaiyVAr'4'oiiriIir1g Soriclyg Ifvc-ning pxcrouni- ing Suriv-ly: .Irrrorniiing I.r1iIger, .rxrl Dirzrc- Inri R1'lriiIi'r BIKIQHZIIIU, Ari Ijirvrlor. 'Qlwgw iw, CORK VIQINISIQRG 1141 lfnslurrx Parkway llroullyn, N. Y. ANDRICXX' lfl'l.'l'ON DOLLARD TNIU llll1.Xvs-nuc l1I'1J1bLlYIl.N. Y. ll:-l.r .Xlplm Psi GERAR D EDDINGTON DOXVNEY 459 73rcl Street Brooklyn, N. Y. DAVlD DUBOVV 1590 Wcst8tl1 Street Brooklyn, N. Y. A E H RAYMOND lIUN'l' DU FLON 561 Proslmmzt Avenue lliclgullclcl, locczlccl ul 'lf 111111 .'1l'1'Illll'. H ANNE FERRETTI 117 Garrrlson Avenue ljnngan llills. N. Y. AI .BERT DORFMAN 1750 48111 Sum Brooklyn. N. Y. ETE Alplm Plli Sigma Arclw anal Square films lixvrixtivcv Commitlvo, 13 Frosli Hop fifmmmillvvz Class Prvsiclvni, Q: Clwairrnan ful :Xll-Univ:-rsily Srnolwr. 2, 5: Soplw l'lop fic-Clmirrnnn: Fr:-Sllmnn Oricntntion Clmir- man: Vigilante Commillvr-: .li-fra Counril, 11, '35 Junior Prom Commillvvx Class Vim-- Prcsiflvnl. 6: gvnior gmnlcc-r Clwairman. 1900. ll',lC'll Ilw Svlmr N ln- mcrrc was slarlml, llw 1' lmrl lwgzzn U general romnrlwlling I 11' Vi lagc. T110 sluflenl ilrflilcrm vmilrilzulcrl loufmrcls fill? influx af zz more uma- A -sf? JACK ARNOLD DUBlN I 100 llloomllvlrl Street llolmkcn. N. J. lfDVv'!Xl2l3 lVlUI2RfXY DUFF ' N, A 137 l.inf'0ln Av:-nuv NVCSL Ros:-llc Park, N. .l. A E 415 lfvvning Arcounlingg Society. l IERMAN EDELBERG 1795 Riversirlc Drive New Yorlc City 'A' int" peopfe, ci type of people Ilia! LU e rl Ivy ifie esluotistiefl in- tzaoilanls of tie Village who were fum amenla ' poor artists and writers nm! plan vrignis struggling io fill E 'Hi ff . W K. Y . 35? get along. The raclllal increase of . wx.. -fegwfrsiofffifin C ,.,,., ...wi ,,e,, -, - 7 Etizainetti Street South Norwalk, Conn. IRVING EDNVARD 930 Fox Street Bronx, N. Y. LESTER EIG 11 New Montrose Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Ntartceting Soriety: Broadcasting INIICI IJXEL IiNFAN'l'E RFD. Bow 96 Keyporl. N. ,L LOUIS VINCTNT ESPOSITO f150SRictiarctson Avenue Bronx, N. Y. . . .e .....' Q rw. Q, ROSALIND SYLVLX FINKELSTEIN E T A rco-Ert Ctutmz Frenvtm Club: Dramat- ic Society. VIVIAN E. FINKELSTEIN T53 Dawson Street Bronx, N. Y. Psi Chi Omega Commerceetfct Ctutx: Secretariat Club. KARL LUMSDEN EGE 56 Linden Avenue Jersey City, N. .L ISADORE EISENSMITH 109 Prince Street Newark, N. J. JESUS FORTICII ESCANO 144 Colon Street Cebu City. Cebu Ptmittipines Newman Club: Philatelic ISAAC SAMUEL ESSES 1972 62nc1Strect Brooklyn. N. Y. BGA JANET FlNKl.ER 1900 Alluermarle Road Brooklyn, N. Y. 2 T A Reluiling Club, 5, 41 Retailer, 5, 43 Violet, 1, 2, 5, 43 Fresliman Basketball: Big Sister, 2. 3, 4. lSnXDORli IYXRBER 556 Tlwroop Avenue llroolclyn, N. Y. ALLWIN NAT! IANIEL FASS 1085 Union Street Broolclyn, N. Y. Manngunzenl Cirvlr- Stall, Management fflula. Wll,LlAM FEDGE Q56 94ll1 Street rsmriyn, N. Y. 'l'l'lOlVlAS liDXVlN l7El-l.. TO-O7 66lli Slreet Queens, N. Y. Evening Accounting Society, Newman Club. population meant lo Iliese giflecf ones ri alislurimnce of ilreir pea e- frll ways ami loose lliing. .irzgle lmuses and one iime gi sions were giving LU J lo aparlmeni houses and ienem nfs. The over- Sl llRl.l:1Y l7LE'l'Cl'lER 501 Columbia Street Broolclyn, N. Y. -,gg RALPH FARUOLO 1875 Barnes Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Accounting Ledger: ,Xrrounting Clulp. EMANUEI. VEDHR A 119 Prinrv Strock Newarlr, N. .l. HENRY Flfll. G17 VNlcstl1:nclAvenue New Yorla City lRVlNG FERFLXN 1051 Soutliern Boulcvarrl Bronx, N. Y. Psi Clli Omega .lewisli Culture Foundation: Aecounling Clulwg Commcrceflrl Cluln. fx,- lu le Iwuf U'II 1111 11111111 V 5Ir11qqIir1f zrlislf, u'r1 ' 611111 po0rIv p11i1I pro frfsslonal poop ,mule cipczrimwilq Iiful Fficirm 111111 1 11llr111'l0rI pOOpI0 lUilI1 1 Uorrirzq lf II1r- FIIUIFITLIIII of ROSIYN ITORINIYXN 109 S1-1-I1-yS1r1-1-1 I51ooI4Ix'11. Y, HXROII3 IRYINC FERTIC 1 I2 I I1IlS11I1v.'Xven11e N1-wark, N. ,I. Ij1r1lnfI:1111111e1Sigma EDXXHXIZIJ IfIQ.1XNCIS FINN II CUIYIIIQK' Slreei f,VIfrYl'l'9YIIIK', Ny. A E X Yir1Ir-I qI1ic-IcI, 3. Yicw--Pre-si1If-nt. 4: I11l111Y IIIIIITII Ix5asI40II111II I. l 3. -I: gxxffollnlingg VIHI1: X"111I1'I'. NIXRYIN I.-XVKSON FI.1-XNI 1100 Nr1sIr1111rI .Xvvnue I-ir011LIy11. N. B11II1'Iir1 BI4'fIilIIIOI'I II11IICti11, I, iXss11i'i11I4' News Editor 0 5 N1-we EcIiior. -I: IXI11rk1-ling Society, Vice- I71'esi1Ie11t 43 Vir1I1-I gIz1III. I. 2. 5: Commerce I511oI1, 2, 53 Ya1ric-lies, Promotion IX'I:1r1:1ger, 3, -I: TriacI, Q. 3, 'iz fiI11sS PuIJIi1'iIy CI1nir- 111.111. I. 2. 3: II111111 firmmmiiiee, I, 2, 5. -13 , . . .XIIAL I'r11Ii1' I OITIITIIIIPP, i, 2. 3, 4. I IKIQC II .I I I:I .IKIKFIAN +1441 fxI11islo11I1r'r Avenue ISIUULIFII. xv. .Xr'1'm111ling ciIllIJ, 45 FIa11age111enI CIUI1, I: F1-11i0r I7JaII Co1nn1iIt1w:: HXIIAU ITroIiC Com- 111iIlf-er 53 I7rrfsI11111111 Smoker Commiiivr-, I'4R.'XIYCIIf9 ITRAIYK QIT3 ,xvvniic I'1mr1I4Iy11. N, Ny E T A IXIf1nagcmCl'1I. CIuIz: .Xf'f'0LlIlIII"lg CIUI1: CI ITlCI'l'P'IiKI CIL1 Il. EDWARD II, FINKELSTEIN 1202 limi IOIIW Simi II51ookI1'11. Ny. CIUfTII7H'l'I'0 RIIHOIIII, MARTIN FISCHER 140 CIarc'mo11t Avenue New XIOTIQ City .3xI.BER'I' I7I.:'XXIX'IAN 6578 1'XmI1oy Road PIeasar1lI7Inins, R11-I1mor1cI,N.Y. Z T IOUIS II.XIQOI.D FLEISCIIER I3-IO IfI1I1-r .Nvenue ISIOIIX, N. Y. ZT Varsity I7ooII1aII: I15ilf0I7flII, lg Foreign Trade Llub. Om Fll'lQllfl. lTR.XNlil.lN lfll glvplwn Flrvvl llmolqlyn. N. Y. JOHN ANTHONY FLENINC QTfJNinll1 Avenue Nvw Yorlc City lil JXY.-XRD VOC,-NCCI fm 74111 Sm-Q1 llmolilyn, Y. JOHN FRANCIS FOT'llQ1iI l 526 West 21 ltlm Sm-.-1 Nl-xv Yorlx City CARL 17REDRlCKS 1021 Sponsor Slrcct f3mal1a,NelJraslia T A 'IJ lntramural Table Tennis. ' flJlll-1125 'l'l ll-'l Xl X l'lxll l'l'J Nlurrrm- .Xvcrnw Y Y PHUIIX. 1 fill augur, Vllwu of llu' '1m,ri- Hprirws for slurliu upurln ' ls have umm up S0 lllul ilu' mor urlisl who I lllll KIFIPPII ll.-XRRY ll.ll ll.lQ ' T-15 ll:-rum-rr .Xu-rum Vin Y l lcrsvy I mul, UIIIS !Il1l'l' lwvn IIAXRRY YINKKIQNI' l"CJlQi?liRON lllrallmrn Nlzrssmlxruwlls I-J X Newman Cflulv: Ijflllllll lfelaxls- Cllr 1111011 FR.-XX1iliN'l' OTH XY1-sl linrl Ax vnu Nc-W Yorlgf ily Il.Xl,l.R lr. 53:1 lvorvign Vllrarlr- filulm: lxlIl1HlQl'IUl'11l Clulm l ljlxilall-lil' fxlulu' rr GlfOQfGIJl1k'f,S Clll II ing ll-am. Fll JNliY lTRlil'fl7 150111151 311111 Nr Pal:-rson, N. l. Trim l lmaguc, 4'c'l pg,- nz Iliplying cI1ivfIy, il is aIIegerI, by f , pf ' I 0 bourgeois Iwo 0 ' 0 'llflll' :milling of arl. 'IV ' owing Iies mr ' Im mir sl 1 Icmplai' LH T 1 'A nge' In uv is Cl rrmsi 1635 Union Sin-vt I7mrooI4Iyn, N. Y. XVIIBUR FRIQEDINIAN 1'5OSt.Ovc-ns Sirrct Bronx, N. Y. 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Sopti Smoker Committee: Accounting Led gerg Accounting Ctutn. CARL 1V1ELV1N GASMAN 1911 Attncmarte Road Brootctyn, N. Y. A11-U Frotic Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: Viotefp Senior Batt Committee. GEORGE CLIFFORD GEIB Q75 LinzJr'n Avenue Verona, N. J. XVALTER JONAS GERRY 5-15 VN7est 86t1'm Street NcwYor11City 'E' 51111111 tfltlvll ll'llUSC intmtrilanfs re tiring in Ilir' lrciftitiori. ti asf. ll is slitt lticf curio iecirl of New York. It is stitl Ili' Section w ere ltivrc is Fl View 1 ifl different kind of nigfil ctutn, lea nom, or restaurant .71 EVELYN GER'l41.ER 8516 Fiftti Avenue Nortti Bergen. N. J. Commerce-E11 Ctutn WILUAM ALLEN CAREER 141 Prospect Avenue Astxury Park. N. J. Accounting Ctutxg New Jersey Ctuti YV1L1..1A1V1 ROBERT GAVENDO 1966 T9tt1 Street Brootatyn. N. Y. JOSEPH JESSE GELLES 1547 Eastern Parkway Brootatyn, N. Y. BERT EMANUEL CILNAN 01" Beacti I21St Street 1-R.O,C1'iZiXVay Pilfti, I.. EAA 9-5,- l 0 1'1'1'rv Comer. I7roIJ11f91v in 1111 11111 J in Xml' York Cilv or Ill 1,111 1'1111111ry 11'1II one jqnfl SUCI1 C1 I 11i1'1'rsi1v UI 1' 10r111111ln1"n1. For II10 I url n1i11111'1I 11111r1 11r1' 1110 177.llS0ll111S. Ywlll' XXIl11II1K'f.' II 1151111111 On EigI1111 SIIIRIITY IHIQRNIVIQ flI,l'K'1i S01 lelv, S1-1r1-111rv: IIJ1111Iv ,IOSEPII XX'II.I.I.XNI CIINKIQTIN 123 CJxI11r1IPI111'1f Staten I4IilI11I, Y. SEYNIOVIQ GIJXSSIIIQ 11531 lim 13111 S111-111 ISTOUIQIYI1 N. Y, IEO XX'11.1,1,'X1N'1 CWICKISERG om W1-S1 111111113111-1-1 N1-xv Y0rI4 CIIIX' IIIZNIQY 310121419 f7I,1,'N7 1110 fiI1ir111nn11I .Xv111u11- N1'xvY11rI4fN1lv IXIilIl?iQl'I'Tl4'I'1I CNIIIIDQ IQ1-:1I Iff1.11e CIuIa.I ILS1n11X fiI11Iw: II1m11I1.1N1111u fiI11I1. I11l1:1-FIuraI NYU-slIing: I,I1iI.111'Iic Socictv: 1-Q1,J1'1'11 C1011 JSIUNIQ ,on F1111 13111 5111-1-1 RronI4Ivn, XVII.I.1A1N'1 IIAROID CIIZINGER 8937 5'5r1I Avenue ITImI111rs1, I.. I SIDNEY GIAZIZR 75 East 7tI1 Street New YorIiCi1y Freshman Advisor, 4: Day Student CounCiI. 43 A11-U I7roIir, I, Q, 3, 4: Violet, Cir- r'uIa1ion 516111. 4: Smoker Committee, 1, 2. 3. 43 Junior Smoker Chairman: FrosI1 Hop Committee: SOIJII I'Iop Chairman: .Iunior Prom Committee: Class PuIxIicity Commit- tee, 1, 2, 35 RvI11g1ee S1'I'1oInrsI1ip Commit' lee, 2, 43 In1rz1muraI I,msLr'1IvaII, I, 2: Treasurer of CIass, 'lg SODII Executive Committee: ,Iunior Exerutivc Committee: IiIc-vlions CN0Y'11I'11IIIl'f', HI. AR'1'IIl1R CI,IC'KIXI.1NN 627 Cmn1I Street I,mr0oIiIyn, N. Y. PsiCI1i O1111rg11 IxSroz11Ir'11s1ing KXIIIIDI I'I1iI.111-Iiv Sovif-Iv: Com- mrfr1'0 B11II1'Ii11: VIVUL, f II'1'llIi1IIflIl BIanager3 '111a111,1-new. FRED STANIHY CQLD S206 Zlst Avenue I5rooIqIvn, N. Y. KIJAA Prom Committee. 1, 2. 3: Smoker Com- mittee, 1, 2: A11-U IE1IaIi1:i1y Committee. 1, 2, 5, flg IQetuiIin,Q f,IuIxg Marketing So- fivly. lJORUTllY lf. CO'l"I'I.IlYB 508 Ensl Tll19lrrw-1 Broollyn, N. Y, KENNETI I COLD 607 Amsterrlum Avcnuc New Yorlc Cilv D.-XYID QOH DIBIQRG 50 Slzxllorrl ljlixrv Slamlorcl, Conn. Violet Scroll :unling Clulm, l, Q, Vivo Prcsiclonl, 53 Pr irle-nl, -lg Flanagvnn-nl filulmg Cor1nOr'liA IN f ul flulm: Vim Prz-Siclcrll, 35 Violet, Asso- rr lr- ffiruulalion Flanagf-r. 11: Clulys Lo orflinaling fiornmillcc. .IL'I.lUS XVIIJIQXM COIDBERG 712 Crown Slrz-ot Broolalyn, N. Y. 9.'XFlUlil. COl.l'7F'l'lflN 5169 Comm' lslnncl ,Xvvrnrcr Brooklyn, N. Y. lfzvrc' are slill I f l,l'Ol'llICClOll'lL I.l'f'lI.I.Ii lSliRNIC'E CIRHIQNBERG 1726 47ll1 Srrwr Brooklyn, N. Y. .lunior Prom Commilkvcz ,lunior II C rnnrnillc-0: ,lunior Sorial K ornnxillcc, man. glurl 5 Ovcamrlr flx are llc zmrlsrull living oulrl or IH zscums llzul luke llzc form of ' ' 's lzvlzl Irricc fl your in llw spring I' rznrl full. For lln' llwulro mirzrloal .xg-Q ISIQIQNARD IQEXVIS COLDIBERG S6 l'-ort Xvaslminglon Avenue New Yorlc Cily Foreign Trarle Cluly, Prz-sirlvnlg Yllrn-murvr EH ,IONAS GOI DIBIQRG 52O+1King2slmrirlr1r- zxvvrmrrre Bronx, N, Y. Psi Clxi Omvgu Alpha Dvlla Sigur.. vl-rinrl. XVIILIABI GQl.IDI3lfRG JI ,Ian-Srrr-1-L Nvw Yorli filly I .ITC-3POl DO YB,"XRRrX CONZN .lff 1430 Pvrrrrsylvnnin Flanillu, Plrilippirn-4 TxlElI1?l,Uf'ITlPl"lt Clulu: lion-ign fxlulmg Spzrnielr Clulm, lironrnnizf fllllb. 45,- YZ' P ytiouse and tire unique Ctierry Lane treat 1 snuggled in itie cor- Lorze. - For the sigi seer and rzigtit club addict Greenwi ti Village offers a refuge. Of smo ' ed two-try-four PORTIA ANNETTE GREENP:l.A'l"l' 41 Eastern Parkway Broolilyn, N. Y. ROBERT CHARLES GOTTHEIMER 680 Nvest Enfl Avenue New Yorlc City Foreign Trarle Clulng Management Clula. JOSEPH FRANK GRABARZ 129 Davis Street Portclirrstcr, N. Y. GEORGE HENRY GREEN 161 llart Strcct Erroolclyn, N. Y. Alarlqcting Society: ljourtli Estate Clula ltroaclcastingg Clulu, Prc-siclent. 4. .lEROFlE LIONEL GREENBERG 3232 76tl'l Street rlaclason lleiglmis, Long lslancl CIDA Yiolot Sliielrl, Prcsiclentg lxlarketing Society Viotvl, Fraternity Eclilor: Sc-nior Ball, C0 Clmirmarxg All-U Erolic Committee: Vuri etics Stall. SYLVIA RUTH HAHN 10 Vxkfsi efsih Simi New Yorlq City Commerce Bulletin: Commerce Boolzg Eourtlm Estate Clulv. ARNOLD MYRON C-OTTHILF 276 Claremont Avenue Mt. Vernon, N. Y. E 9 A Accounting Clulop Xvinncr of Swimming Intramurals, 23 lntramural Committee Cliair- man, 2. ROBERT JOHN GRACEY 298 Qnd Samet ,lersey City, N. .l. Evening Accounting Society. HERBERT WILLIAM GREEN 41-is mth Simi Woodside, N. Y. E 111 A Senior Class, Social Claairman: Triad League. ARNOLD DENNIS GREENFIELD 2798 Webb Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Broadcasting Clulxg llouse Plan. VIRGINIA GEORGIANA IIAI.I. 2886 Briggs Avenue Bronx, N. Y. QQH XVasI1ing3ton Square CoIIege I5ooIc CIuI::: Christian Association,, Secretary, 2: Inter- faitti CounciI, Secretary, 5: Broadcasting CIuI'J, 5: Detegate to Pan-I'IeIIenic Congress, 5, 4. EMANUEL GREENFIELD 658 Montgomery Street BrooIcIyn, N. Y. IDAA Erestiman PuIJIicity Chairman: Violet Staff: Bulletin: Ctass Vice-President. 2: .Iunior Prom Chairman: Varieties. Advertising Mgr.: VioIet SI1ieIcI Representative: AII-U PuIJIicity, l, 2, 5, 4: Senior I5aII Committee. BERNARD MELVIN GROSSIVIAN 901 Xvatton Avenue Bronx, N. Y, Accounting CIuI'J. ROBERT GURIN 520 Riverside Drive New York, N. Y. 'KY nigtil cIuIns with a bar and ci p' no pIaver lo eIatnomle es or- ctieslms mul fIoor s ow Ile 7iI- Ifige Ims its Htl. M y of ifie stars of screen mul ra io received their slarls in ViIIage ight spots, Grace FI.-XRIIZ ,IUSTINE IIEINI 179-15 Croydon RoacI .Iamaica, Ia. A O H Newman CIuIm: Violet, CounciI, Pre-sirIenlg Commerce WILLIAM ANSON GROSCII 45 Grand EJouIevarcI ScarscIaIe, New YorIc Ctass Historian. 1: Ctiristian Association 1. 2. 5. 4: Violet, 1: Track, 5, 65 Swim ming. 5, 6: Dramatic Society: Inlramur:iI4 I3asIrctInaII, Ping Pong. SIDNEY GROSSIVIAN 2557 t'IoIIancI Avenue I5ronx.N. Y. MILTON GURTIN I41 Stevens Avenue ,Icrsey City, N. .I. 2: ,gg E 413 A JOSEPH BERNARD IIAEENER ARTHUR EDWARD IIAESTAD 15 Soutti Division Street 8rIones Street New RocI1eIIe. N. Y. New YorIc City A I' 'IJ A K W Historian, 6: Senior Ring and Key Com- CIass Executive Committee, 6: SociaI Com- ' mittee, Chairman. mittee, Co-Chaimian, 6: VioIet, 4, 5. 'A' fwfr rv. folm CTlll'f4'I'. fufly CCllIfJf't1, XVI1 ., run! Rudy Vuffvr Io ni 'nli 'us1'ufvu'. SIIYKIIIQUJY On :gli CJf'0CIIlUif'Il Vif Ingo fms Iwcmnc mm of 1110 fm pfcrfws in Xml' york Ilia! paoplw SIlHQl.liY Ni. IIERBLXN ll fmlml Street XVQA Nc-w York, N. W Nnrmgn-nwlil Club. l.IiON.XRD I. H.-XFT 15120 'Sith Avenue Ijlliiliilifil I XVIl.l.igXN HENRY ll.-XLTERFTQXN IO Sifulriiain Ronrl Ts-rmnv Y I .i.,. Gig wnli Sim-r Br0uLlyri, Y. lkumpus Ctliflllli Uolf Trram fpvnn Slate IQOBIZIII' KIOLYID HARRIS , 353 Xvinllirop Road NVQ-si lfriglc-womi, N. J. E QD E Alpha Phi Sigma livin .Xlpiia Psi IlfiIIf1l'Fame Sphinx lnlrnmurai Iiuslu-llmaiil. I: Yioiot Skull Hu l, 53 Sofia! cxl1II1Il1illt'f'. 5: lnlrzunur 1 OITIIIIHICC. 5: foplimimrc Ixcivisor. 3: Viv ci:-nt, Day Organization, fl. GEORGE .Xl.IiX.XNDER H.XNlR.Xll lic-limll, I, l. 5. I: .xf'I'fJl1llHVlfI I.04lgu'r, 2, 3, fl: Vioivt IJVIPQSIIC, 2: Vir+fc'I Sian' lin-siclvni, Day Urguriivzxtion. 3: fxo-IJ rwlrurhof Fr:-Qluiizui flimp, -lg Crminiwr lfnofc bluff. 4: Fluclf-ni f ounfil, 3, -'lg Prvs l'RIEI'J.X IIQNINIVK .i0Jb2ricl5l1m-1 North Rr-rgvn, N. I. ci0lTll'Tif'l'CU-Iifl. Chill. S'I'.XNl.liY ll. IIXIKOXYSKI 250 Pbroriwvillc' ROGKI nronxviilr' Y. RICI LXRID RCJIHXNIJ ll.'XFIINiOND 152-Xvvsi Iillll .XYVHIIC iingivwciori, N. lXCl'OLlI1lil'12 Club, 5, 4: Accounling f.a4fg1m', bl. HERBERT ILXRRIS 250 Crown Slrvvt Brooklyn. N. Y. MARTIN IIlfI.l.lTR IWO SllNiYiH1 Plavix YEFOOHXII, N. Y. AETI , 1 fgzsw-""' K ...NA--"""k K.X'I'I IIAQRINE N. IIYIDIZ -! ll Grvgory .Xvc-nuv XXVPOIIEXXVLPD, QT LEO J. HEI.IMAN 130-37 226th Slrcol Lmlrelton, I.. I. AI.IfRED IIFRBIIZLIN 1650 Orc-an l'nrLway Brooklyn. N, Y. HDXROID XX'OI.VIi IIIRSCI IIHVIN 69-! .'vu'm111:1 AX'4'I1ll4' I'mmoHvn, N. Y. ,IAFIIZQS IICDACJ 156 Golrlsxnilh :Xu-l1L1 Nc'xvz1rlq,N..l. X'vxv .-...... X ilu' g41'cul Fi I. .,,...-ff" CliR'l'RUlJIi I.II.I.l.-XN IYRY 2149 mb Sum Broouyn, N, Y. Cornnwrric-E11 Club: Fmslmmn unfl- morc Hon Party Qommiltccg fommiilccp AH-U Commillc-0, Tl IOMAS IIIQRI .ll IY 150-18 Tlh LXXYCYIIIC xvhikvilrwnf-, H.XROI,I'J XX'Il.I.l.'XNI HIN7 112-05 Qomh Sum gzxinl gxumni, Il.XRf5I.D V1I'.RN.XRD IIIRSI IIIWHRC 3,105 Gul:-S Plam- Pbronx, N. Y. mmq llfllfj larnvf 0 Ce fwrolc abou! Grcvrzlwfl 7 lga: HTIUS scclion of New YC up wars llw mos! flclcclrzfvfo I lms CI ripvr, I, rivlwr. more IIOVI rcxfvlc look flzun ' any of 1110 uppc rflrrzifmlicnrls of FFK'SllITNlIl SITIOIQUT, C-fh?lifIUilIll SOIUIWOITIOIT' D films, Irvsiclx-nl: Violvi, Q. 3: AH-U Froliv V7 fimnnxillc-cw, l, .., 3. -1: Froslm Hop Com l1lilli'I'I .lunior Ban KN0l'Ill"l1iltK'l'I lvlilflilgjt' mc-nl Club: Varsilv Show Pululirily Com millvr, lg Senior Snmlwr Commillc-c-3 Svniu Bull f10T'I1IT1ill0I'2 Rc-lailingf fxlulmg IQUYIIQLW' SIXOXV. IRYINC SXNUIZI. I IOFI Il IEIFER 536 Hawley Avenue Prrirlgr-port, Conn. forms-1 lic ui filulx. .xg-Q 9-5,- 5 'I sloneys IIiroi1' from IIIQ ScIiooI of . mnvr e ure Iwo Innfl-murIcs II ' 1' Ile VIIIQQQ - XYUSIIIIIQ- Ion Arch unr Ivustiingfori Square Park. The Syrnli I of IIN? Village - Ivusfzirigion S mire Arch, was M IDA SANDRA ,IAFFE 8415 4IIa Avi-mm Broouyn, N. Y. Psi CI1i Omega 4- Psi CIai Qmega, Treasurer, Staff, 5, 4: I'Icn Party CIiair- man, 1: FroIic Committee, 2, 5, 4: IIen Party '7 5 4: VioIet Ottice HAROLD IYIUNRDE IIOFFLIN 500 Xvest EnrI Avenue New York City S'l'ANI.IiY C. IIOLLANDER 1111-50 mlm Road I'oresI IIiIIs, I,, I. A E H Psi CImi Qmega Commerce Book IVIecIaIIion Beta Gamma Sigma yIanagCfnCnt Cofflfrlcfce Book: Psy' cIaoIogy CIuI1: IsIancI CIuIJ. I ,IDI IN PATRICK IIYNES 1450 ParIreIiester Road Hronx, HI. A K IP fXrc'Ii anrI Square .XIpIia IJI1i Sigma BENIAINIIN ITZKOWITZ 162-25 I'IiIIsirIe Avenue Queens, I.. I. President, 4: RetaiIing CIuIJ, Vice- DORDTIIY KAHN 909 SIiericIan Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Psi Chi Omega Commerce-I1:rIuralion CIUIJ: SccretariaI CIuIJ: Acrtounling IJ-rlgvr, SeeretariaI Staff, 5, EDWARD IVIICHAEI, IIOFFNAN 300 Main Street Vx'I1ite PIains, N. Y. E cb E Beta Gamma Sigma AIpIia DeIta Sigma Em Mu Pi RetaiIing CIUID: Mentor CIuIJ: C'iviI Train ing Program: Treasurer of .Iunior CIass FRED HRICIZVVICH 88 CImarIes Street New York City Account ing Society. ANTHONY FRANK IIVIMITT I9 Targce Street SIapIcton, N. Y. Manhattan CoIIege: Board of Governors: Commerce CIuIn, President, 1, FormaI Dance, CIaairman, 2: IsIanrI CIuIm, Ex- ecutive Committcc: Richmond CIuIJ, Vice- President: Newman CIuIJ: Evening AC- counling Society. DAVID .IACKEL 2200 Tietnout Avenue Bronx, N. Y. L X l'I.YN EUGENIA KALAKURA U50 goutli l8tl1 Street Newark. N. J. lin-ta Gamma Sigma Psi Clii Omega ELI .JACQBS 2685 Grand Concourse Bronx, N. Y. Accounting Cluti, 4: Management Club, 1: enror Ball Committee, 4: All-U Frolic Committee, Q: Frcsliman Smoker Commit- tee. ION. R099 J.-XCOBSO IOS lxlt. Vernon Avenue lrvington, N. J. SIMON H. JARET 121 Elliot Place New Yorlc City A E X Beta Gamma Sigma MARK MYRON JOHNSTONI2 72 Alcxanclcr Street Roclwester, N. Y. ID M A .Xvcounting Cluti. N 'BY un oulgrowltz of a ufoorlen Me oriul Arch Conslruclczl ltir gil lfzc generosity of X iltiam Rhine- lumtcr StCtt7Uf't ol 1' G. Tl Square. Il was are wt on April 29, 1980 for ltie Cenifnniul of the first MARJORIE C. KANTOR 600 Wm ll uh Slicer New Yorli City Fine Arts Clutm, , 'T' MORTIMER B. JACOBS 1655 Popliam Avenue Bronx. N. Y. Hall of Fame Sptiinx Varieties, Circulation Stalt, l, Circulation lxtanager, Q, Assistant Business lxlanager, 5. Business lvlanager, 4: Real Estate Cluli, 1, 2, Treasurer, 5, Prcsiclent. 4: Nlanage- ment Club, 1: Current Allqairs Club, l. 2: Violet Stiielcl, Senior Rrvprcsnntative: Com- mittee for Commcrrial Clulms, Ctiairman: Smolaer Committee, 1, 2, 3: llop Commit- tee, 1. 2: Jr. Prom Committee. ROBERT T. J.XiTC'KEL 375 East Qtlfitti Simi Bronx, N. Y. MORR5 D. JEUDA 2738 Xfvclalv Avenue Bronx, N. Y. AEH Violet Sliielrl. 4: .lewisli Cultural Founcla- tion. SAMUEL RICLIARID .IONAS 23705 24th Avenue Astoria, N. Y. Violet Svroll Accounting Clulaz Senior Sumter Ctiair- man, All-U Committee: Violr-lg Fvnior Ball Committee. ,. -:gif 2-9 , fi' ,wi lrui Huff in iX4'll' Burl The ilwnieri urrfi 14,115 so impres- Qwe In lfie i'ilors uf ilu' Vifiuge ifaul on April 5. 1302 llie urfli was fgiileliliczi imliiguruliolz li'l1if'I1 was nie ci permmie I miie. Tire prvseril SYIYIK K.'NPI..XN 1662 Yyse Avenue Bronx, N. Y. CQOITIIHCTFOJTYI Clllll. JXXH. YIKTOR ,IORCEIQNSIQN Tl Perri: ,I4f'l'FZl1'C'x Xxveil New XML f ily l.OL'lS HENRY K.'X'l'Z 51 Sewer glreet Pmrnoiqiyrl, N. Y. infill. I. IIIfRI5liR'I' NORRIS K.-X'I'73I.'XN 6 Ciiiorris inm- fif1'iltKilli N Y AF IRXYIN JOEI. KIfI'l' flilfi Xvesl Emi ,'Xx's'rx11e New XYUFL fiily .Xipiin Pili Siginzr Sphinx lgfiilrmr. I, :Xssoerale hciilor. 2. Liiilor, 3 f'lmirrnun: Ailrlf Froiif: fimnxniliocn Xwmixilirigj Q lub: NIill'1ilQI'l1l!'Hl C iuib 4 If-ogrnplivrs C iuin: Real Ilslfili- C iuiaz ,lew- lxil 1 ullursii l4OllI'lfIilii0flZ Pmfxsciimfiii, 1: FOOX Hiiuwlul. .Xr5I7l'lmliK' Nmrls lifirlrmr. D. Fpnrls Iliilnr, 'li C,IIl7H7IUl'l'l' Burnie, .Xsms izilv SIJOILS .Xrixisory lfriilor. +I: Viuiwl, l, .11 inlrnmumi li.iNk1'llinH. I, Q. 3. 4: FFCSIIITUIYI Publidly ILXIQRII-I'i' IORRAINE K.X'l'Z U10 Xyest 150th Street New York City Hullolin Medallion finrrirnerwrr Riiilriiin Stair: Broamimsling Ciuiu. Puivlieily Chairman. Treasurer: Man- agement Cxiuimz Class Pubiieiiv Chairman. 2: House Plein Organimtiong Violet, Liter- ary Sing. NORMAN KAPLAN 5735 East mth Sheet New Ynrii City NIILTON BI. KATZ 231 Wm sm Simi New Yuri: City fra-simmn Voolimii: Varsity Football: Tracie Cross-C ouniry: Varieties: Commerce and Xvzzsliiriyrlrm 5qimr0 Bulletins: Trim! i.z-aguc. .IGI IN F. KAVANAUGII Orll North Clayton Strcel Xyiimington. Dei, E Q E IQIQXVIN G, KEITEI. :eo limi with Sum IBTOHY. NY. JULIA NCDIQTON KESFLIZR 232 XY.-Q1 lflglli Sim-r Nz-xv York Cily' AEKIJ Rm-nl Eslalc- Qlulm. 1. J. 3, 4. Dvzins List Q. 5. JOHN ll. lil:QNNfXL'Cll IDT'-UT lll'jrrl .AXVC'I'lll0 Riflinmiicl Y, MARTIN KIRSCH 351 Kc'0rAx'enuc Nl'XY'afL, J, Al.lfX.XNDlflQ XY. Kl.El7m.'XNOl7l7 3-100XXvilfll'10l','xVCFllI!' llmnx. N. Y. MAX Kl.lCiliRN.'XN Qlfpfl Xvaxllzirc' Avuniic llmiix. N. Y. Illl'ilITlllI'Ul P71l5Ll'llHlH. lgilifihflll bllfllfkl IXU- muiiling fslula. fzrrli wus rlvsiguiwl ivy Nnnf NX liilc' ul mi cos! ol xl J 00. 17001910-I!lfll'llC'll Vusliinglon nmirls, Bcfforv I9 3 il wus Pollerls RUTH KORNBl.UF'l 1006 Gvmrfl Avonuc Nvw Yorli Ciiy fsornmvrre-Ecl Clulag i'Xf'f'OlITllli'lf,7 HAROLD KIRSCII 424 Parl: Ave-nun East Orzmgr-, N. ,l, Brita Gamma S igma .'XI'K'0lIl'1fll'1g Club, 2. fl: gc-nior Ball funn mitlro, 43 Scnior XM-1-L ffommillc-v. 2, 32 All-U Frolic Commillvv, 3. 4g ,le-rs:-y fllulm. l. 2, 3, 43 Violvl Sluff, 4. lN'IELVYN BRUCE KI.,-Xllllljli 4I'5 Ocean Av:-nuc Brooklyn, N. Y. lrrcsliman Atlwlclirt flominillvv: lfwsliiixaiii Social Committeog Actvounling Qlulag lilo Fflllflfl' Pczrlc zwczsnyl wuvs nmrwzl lvilli lrcws :xml lw flux tlllll ni1r50- l, X ,fi nomixts Society. Q NICHOLAS ,lOl IN KLlfSCll 9 Vvloucl Slrvct Vvalcrlmry, Conn. GORDON Al..-NN liN.Xl'l', JR. 001 Aslmry ,Xvcnuo Asbury lbzirlq, N. .l. C9 N E Alplin llc-lla Sigina . gxlplm Plii Sigma Psifl1iOim-ua Yiolvl Srroll Sphinx Viulvl, lscalurc-s Erlilor. Q, Assmrinlu Or- gzmimlion Eclilor, 3. Managing liflllfbf, fly Viulvl Nvws, 2, 3, 4: llmunlrasling filulm. lwmiinrlcr, Q, Prrslrlvnl, 2. J, hxz-fillivc' gxflv visor, -1: Triacl lrzipilv, I, 2. 3, Vim-- lxri-siflzvnl, 43 Viola-l Slqull, Sf-nior llc-ls-112114-. -l, Ss-rrr-tary, 43 Violc-l, Skull Pmslcrllmll. I, 2. 5. 4: Commvrcu Bizllvlin, 1, Ll: Alplm llvllzi Sigina, Smzrolary, 3, 4: Cornmilli-rv nl fxonimvrcial Cluln: Vurivliwcg flunzigf-Y ment Clula, l. 'K' "wld-the burial ground for paupers an the scene of many unusual evenis. T110 15' 9, 1819 issue of iii, 1 1 Evrzxrxo Posr ran 1110 foltowing slr yg "Rose, a Hack girl, ll'l1O Imrf Ire 1 seniencefi io tw CLIARLOTTE CARLEE KOSTANT 1612 46111 Street Pxroo1:1yn, N. Y. ALLAN KOEN 40 Ocean Par1:way Brooklyn, N. Y. AUEREY KOSSON 330 Lafayette Avenue Passaic: N. J. E T CID PM-tn Unrrirnzi Sigma .1r'r'ouniing1 Lerlger, Assistant Ec1itorp Span- is11 LTILIITI Foreign '1'rar1e Ctubz Accounting C 1u1u: New Jersey C1u1J. NORMAN KRASNOXV 410-71 1f111ertson Street E1m1Wurst, 1. A Z T A1p11ii 1711i Sigma Arrtr nnf1 Square 1'1a11o1'Famc 1Jresic1ent, Evening Senior Ctass. 63 His- lnrian, 5: Orator, 4: Executive Committee. 5: .1ewis11 Cu1tum1 1Tounc1ation, Vice-Presh f1n-nl, lfvening Division. 41 letra Counci1, 'Ire-nsurer. 5: Assorinte Board, Violet: Eve- ning Slur1ent Couneit 6: Secretary: 1V1usic Appr:-ririlion Serie-lv: Evening Student fiounr-i1 E1ec'1ions iiommitteeg Senior Ban Committee. CUSTAX' I.. KREISCHER S61500t1r Super XXVO0CHl?lVCI't, XV. ESTER R, KOVACS 2516 Avenue S 11rooL1yn, N. Y, Seeretaria1 Studies C1u1J: League of Wom en: Outdoor C1u1m. STANLEY A. KORZENIOWSKI 559 Armstrong Avenue Jersey City, N. J. Tennis: Foot1m11 Teamg De1ueting Society BENJAMIN J, KRALIK 55 Pomona Avenue Newark, N. J. NV ALTER KREFETZ 519 Shepherd Avenue Broo1c1yr1,N, Y. Accounting Snrietyg Managlr-ment C1u1J EUGENE KRESCH 858 Nvest End Avenue New York City C Ol C PIII! YIVIAN E. KRAMER 41-I6 Kingston Avenue izmriyn, N. Y. GEORGE R, KROB1 XVasiiington Street ninwail on time Hudson, N. Y XNDREXV JOSEPH KUCZNA 1 1 ixianrtiiester Road Tiiciraiioe, N. Y. JULIUS LANCER 1535 Bryant Avenue Bronx, N. Y. IDlI'flIHlll'Hl BIISLQHJGH. BERTRAM G. LARSEN 199 Beechwood Avvnue New Brighton, S. 1. PEARL KRAUTI IAMER i Assovintion: Accoiinfin BARTHOLONEXV 'lf IAURICELLA llllllfj for selling Hn' lo a clawing IIOIISC, and who wus rospiicil f r 0 few clczys, in ifie li she would disclose somi, acconipfice in liar u'ir'LacIness we Qxcciilwl yesf lcfrclriy' rl! Q 0,0106 liwir Iliff Pollcfs Field." ..,..WM"'f New York City 250 Caiurini Ploiiicvcird E SEYMOUR KRUECEIQ 514 I liusicic Avcniim- Newark, J. ALVIN KURT? 450 Chilion Slrvvi Eiizaimclli, N. J. Accounting Club. ISIDORE LAICNAISEE 5055 Godwin Terrace Bronx, N. Y. 90 Siu-rman Avi-niio NIL Vvrnon, N. Y. 45,- Hctcfen ilt1ll0II!1l1'l9S of the wiml- ing, narrow slrcwls lypical of Green- u'iC iltugu firm' hisloriczct events ltr . ' 'rl Ilia pages of tlislory books am! pin resque little 10103 limi have 1101111 fire themes fur runny glories 11:11, S. 4' RUT1 I KREITMAN 110 Post Avenue New York City Pl HUP LAX GSTO g1xrir1gt10trtAN'enue Nf.'XX'HfL, J. IIERNAN I.EI IRER 5-16P1rooLAvcnue Bronx, N. Y. RTIIUQ IVXYIID LEIDESDORF 213 tfust tint Street New 1 ortr City 1'Xm'r'o11n1in,f1 Ctutm. XRTI ll 'R RIC! IQXRD LERNER 1260 Siwrirtnn Avenue , . SONIA LACOFF 1076 Faite Street Bronx, N. Y. GEORGE LEAVY 888 Grand Concourse Bronx, N. Y. CARI. LEIBGVVITZ 111 XVQS1 190111 Street BIOTIX, PHILLIP T. LEONARD 55 Vvest 9th Street New York City DAVID LEVINE I5 Xvirrcn Street Bronx, N. 1 , .. .. II If . .L,NI.J. X arsity trait lc-nm. 5. -1: fxcrounling So- ac Omar l civtj, 3, 11 . 51 IIQX ' lt. x I xt I1 cment LJ ELEANOR LA GRUTTA JUDITH LANDSBERG 50 Camiine Street New York City 115' X 9 Sigma Eta Ptii Halt of Fame Sptminx Management Ctuin, 1. Q, 5: ttatian Ctutm. Secretary, 2, 5, 45 Newman l: Violet, 1, 2, 5: Big Sister 5: Bulletin, lg Secretariat Ctutu, Treasurer, 2. 5, 43 Detian Council Representative Q, President 5: Pan- ttettenic Association Representative, 2, 5: Sorors 5. 4: Triart, fig Sigma Eta Ptii, Presi- cti-nt, 4. HENRY S. LEVINSON 6-15 Cautitwvtt Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Violet, Cainvra Ciub. SIDNEY IEVINSON I I Crawtorft Street Yonkers, N. Y. Accounting Ctuti. THOMAS LICURSI 2752 Xvaitace Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Geographers Ctutu: Marketing Society. LEONARD XV, LINDSELL JAMES SOY CIIEU UNC S92 Forest Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Atptia Ka ppa Detta iwmellu Lane UYI5 once a co . R free running Brook ltir fir eil fowl will Sfllllfllllllfl Iroul, Torluy lttmella Lane no im r is mor ed try fl slrcnm. Hour' ir, twnenlti H50 sm: e e parcmr rl lm orzg Q15 Vvest 91st Street New Yoric Citv Niariceting Society. .XZ-1 HERBERT LEVINE 524 Vvyest Chester Street tong Beach, N. Y. Z T Foreign Tracie Ctuta. GEORGE IRA LEVY 111-50 76th Road Forest Hitts, L. I. t IILTON J. LINDER Q-118 Dickens Avenue- Far Rockaway, N. Y. 119 Ntott Street New York. N. Y. N tntcrnationat Ctuti. v 4-gf fr If unfain in Holley filmm- 'A' inella Stream ftoirs and spouls tiers. The slr om ticls long ago lost is uosltieli, futile, today it is re- garctvrl us ri J itrting obstacle for itiose flosiring O toy foiinrlrilions for Hitt tmitftings. CLfXtRlf LEIA l.."XZ,'XRL'5 T5 cD1'Iiti'E1tP?lI'tixX'K'St New Yortc City IIJEE c ltrillvliii: Fourtti Estate RAYMOND LIPSI IUTZ 1537 Carrott Street iamiim N. Y. I'lER13ER't' J. LO1 IBIQXN S29 Boutcvarrt East Nvcetiawtieri, PAUL LORENC 25 t tottman Street rtotinstown, N. Y. 6 X LEONARD LOXVENSTEIN S85 Xvostctiester Avenue Bronx, N, Y. Reat Estate Ctuta, Pre-sirtcnt, 5. IEIYLSY LE1CTlI'I'liR 25--1O 51st Av:-nuc Xstoria, L. t. Jr. Hen Party, Chairman: Soptiomore Ctoss Counritg Soptiomore Hen Party Committee: Club t..O.NV. Facutty Tea Committee: Retait- ing Ctutm tjastiion Stiow Committee. BERNARD D. LOECKER 655 East l64tti Street Bronx, N. Y, 9 N E Atptia Ptmi Sigma Sophomore Service Plaque Psi Ctii Omega Hott of Fame Sptiinx Bulletin, 1, 2, 5: Managing Ectitor, 4: Violet Staff, 1, 2: Sports Editor, 5: Commerce Book, 1. Q: Fraternity Ertitor, 5, Sports Editor, 4: Violet News, 1, Associate Ectitor, 2, Ectitor-in-Ctiief, 5, 4: Life and Letters Monthly, Managing Editor, 2: Student Councit. 4: Undergraduate Attitetic Board. 5, Ctiairman, 4: Ctiairman Att-U, 4g Viotet Stautt Counrit, 5: Fourtti Estate Ctub: Win- ner Rest News Story Contest. FRED NV, C. LONDON 960 Part Avenue New York, N. Y. K, LAXVRENCE LOXVENSTEIN Q15 NVest 91st Street New Yortc City Varieties, Managing Editor: Tract: Team, lg tntramurat Bastqettmatt, 5, 4: Varsity Stiow, 1, 2. 5. 4: Att-U Committee, 1, 2, 5, 4: Violet, Q. 5: Bulletin, 1: Dramatic Society, 5,4. JOSEPH LUSTIG 1690 Nveetcs Avenue tf-ronx, N. Y. Accounting Ctuta: Economics Society. rNltlFDOllQUl Nrrfvl rams OnCe ir ,.0ll1S Plziuipr-, :mr Hrrxrzl. file N1.rXRCf1.rX TAUIBE I.liVE'l'1'1r-NN 151 Nllxlf 1 1 1 X 1X1 Q54 East 1S2f111191n-rl. 1464,1f'Sl1PAv1'l1l1+' Bronx. N. Y. Psi C111 On1c'g:x 14-wir1x Cu1lurc Foundnliorxz Avcounfin Imrlgffr. JOHN C. LUNZ S521 1 19111 Fm-1-1 Ric'11mom111i11 N. Y. SAM 1V1A1.I.OR 636 1'1ig311 Struct Ivffxvafk, N. ALBERT MARCUS 553 VVcstEnc1 Avenue New Yor1c,N.Y. .IULIAN MARK 601 Qroan Pz1r1cway Broo141yn. N. Y. Evening Acrounlimg Serif-ly. Q 91-1-rv1:xriu1 fE1u1u: Mzxrmangc-mvr11 Bronx, N. Y. by fmrses in wfzosr- mr' s r cle 511011 -l1f1llVOS Us f1urru Burr, f110x- fmrlvr Hami1lon. Vrfln , ll vram . IIIUII CEIHUI, 01100 !HJll'l1 US CIIGTI- -X,-Q HERBERT ALVIN FIAGIDX 1121 Oak Slrm-l Far Rodcawny, N. Y. NEXYTON N.-NNN 313 54111 Slrc-vt XVQS1 New York, IRYINCI FLXRK 94811nwzm1.'Xv1-rum Bric1pr-prmr1,fNrmn. nnr'c'!ir'u1 13111111 IXI'1'l!llI111I'!Q C1u1:1 Txrlilll- agvnu-1111 11111. 1 ISIDORE M.-XRKLJ1"F 1029 53111 Stn-c-1 Rroouyn, N. Y. YR' on Slrcfcl, il was lfio site of Ilia' fonou NI ivcuizlifui Ricfzmonri Hill. XYi11lr 'i11, in his HIGI'II.IGII'l'S cl-' I ,Wim N says of Richmond Hifi: "Tim moi romanlically bonu- iiful of ifio C imlry seats which EVELYNE CLAIRE LEVOXV 220 Xvvit OFSIII Street New York City ' Triml, EVERETT IIRIXUN MARKS 611 P1ninR0IcI Avcnue PIain1Ic-Ir1, N. .I. CLEIYIENT CLIFFORD MASON 101.50 om Avmur- Riciiinonil 11111. N. Y. IRVINC NORNIAN NATUSOXV 2101 Crcslon Avenue Bronx, N. Y. ESA Ive-, 4: Smoker Chairman, 5: Smoker Com Liillocs, 1, Q. 5, 11: IIop Commillcvs, 1 .2 3, 4: AII-U, 1, Q, 3. 4: Acrounting CIuIJ Staff. -1: f1rf'oimiing Loilgvr. IVIELV YN LAURENCE MAY 115 Ccniral Park Xvcst New York, N. Y. Art Sln1Ig Trek, Art Director: 1 imirman of Senior Ring and Key Commit- 5:11101 Chairman: Viofvt Staff 4: Variuiios DOROTHY LONDON T40 Grand Conroursc Bronx, N. Y, COTHTTICICC--FII. Clllb. MARTIN JOSEPH MARTIN 63 OBrien Place BrooLIyn, N. Y. MORRIS IVIATISES 55 Avenue C New York, N. Y. Viola! Staff: Accounting Club: Accounting Ledger. I'iI'3Vx'ARD P. IVIAY 62-87 AusIin Slrcf-t EIm11ursI,N. Y. A K II' AIpI1a Phi Sigma ATCh and Square I'IaII of Fame Class Vice-Presiricnt, fl: Chairman Social Commitlr-Q, fl: CIass Trcrasiircr, 5: Evening Student Counril Secrelary, 5: Evening Stu- ricnt CounciI Prcsiclcnt, 6. TI'IOF'I1'XS J. IYIAZZARELLA 5509 54111 Avenue Queens, N. Y. RUTH LOXYEN 155 End -17111 glrcck New York, N. Y. fb X 9 Han of Fame Sphinx HARVEY Mr-BRIDE 159 Bryant Avenue New Dorn, ROBERT MCCLELLAN 197 East Seaman Street Frccport, L. l. JOSEPH VICTOR IVICGINN Q45 Mmlison Avenue Porl fflwslvr. N. Y. HUGH EDNIUNIJ NCKENNA 154 lligl1Sm-Qt XX'VCSLcjfZlIlg1C,N.J. Tl IOMAS ROBERT NCCARTHY ' frzngvrl colonml Nw: York. nwmory of XNnJm1g1fm, of I ln mul ,'YIv1gf1zl.'Yrlr11m. 1 Lurr 4 rflx Yrnfwrsl fvlcssvrl lim J.. , 11 uf Yuron Burr, 14,10 oumcl Rich mcnzrl Hill in lim lays of ils flying Spfvmlor, poss j mnnszl. BARBARA N. LUSHER Q49 Wood Sum Xvaterbury, Conn. .xf-Q 52 3 15 L 31 91-l 1 55th Avenue .lnclcson Heights, N. Y. LEONARD NCCORFLXCK, JR. Xvashinglon AVPIILIO HawortI'1,N. 1. ,IOIIN XVILLIAN NLQGRMME 19 YVoodland Rourl Valley Stream, N. Y. XVALTER H, Mrl.EOD 106 Xvcst 56th Slrcct New York City 951- Y elwemz FourlIt cir1,cI EigItlIt Sire , Q I cDm1gf1I, is 1I1c 106 year oIf RILICDOUQHI AIIey. The fIIIOy is sliII 1 l IigIiIefI at nigItt Iny the Iusl Iwo ro rmiriing gas slreef- Iamps in Nut' Yo L. This little QIIQ37 HARRIET I .ILLIAN INIANHEIIVIER 150-I SIicricIan Avenue Ilronx, N. Y. JAMES NICHAL MCWIILIAMS SO--19 Qosih Str.-L-t Plc-IIairz-, I., I. NORMAN FIEYILRSON 44101 ISIII Avenue I5moIiIyn, Y. GEORIIIY .IOSEPII IVIIRSKIN 2501 Ilmronx ParIcway East IIronx, N. Y. FIARCIQI. NIOINIINIERS 321 XYQSIQSXI1 Street New York City Trek I.VIBgElZiIl02 Life and Lcllcrs Moninly: Fiction IfrIilorp Broadcasting CIuI:. CECILE MARCUS 520 ScconcI Street Union C1ty,N.,I. ALVIN R. IXIENDOZA S4-49 168th Street Jamaica, I.. I. MARTIN MILLER 1566 Lyman Place Bronx, N. Y. JOSEPI I IVIISKET S436 Parsons BouIevarrI Jamaica, L. I. MARTIN MONDRE 1558 57th Street BrooLIyn, N. Y. MARJORIE MAY 1489 East 24th Street New York. N. Y. ROLAND RICHARD MONZECLIO 79 iYiacDouga1Street New York. N. Y. Varsity Fenring Team: Fencers Ciuii. ALBERT CHARLES MOSSIN 2518 Yvetxia Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Retaiiing Club: University Orchestra. ROBERT SIELKE NULLER 610 Yvvst 11Otti Street New York City GX Executive Class Council, 1, 2, 53 AH-U Froiie Committe. 1, 2: Frosti Hop Com- mittee: Intramurals: Smoker Committe, C0- Ctiairman. 1: Violet: Bulletin, 1, Q. JOHN DAVID MUSANTE 899 New York Avenue Brootlyn, N. Y. if UY15fJl'tfftIItIH.VCl'Ut11l'tllIStll1 enlrcmc lo ilu' statutes mir! reur e." of e great mansions on Ynsfiinglon Square North. Strive ie sto Jtes IIUUC tween remorlt-I mt into Com- forlutite little IIOIHUS runny noiatrtes HELEN MAROUERITE Mr-IVIILLAN 2728 Creston Avenue Pmronx. N. Y. Retailing Ciuim: I..O.XV, Puig Sister, RAYMOND LEONARD MOSKONVITZ ' 1783 Seminole Avenue Bronx, N. Y. AEH Violet Stiietcl Secretary, 5g Violet, Fraternity Eriitor. Bulletin: Jewish Cultural Founda- tion, ANTHONY XV. NOURIS 689 Gramatan Avenue Blount Vernon, N. Y. EDMOND GEORGE MURPHY 1521 East QStti Street Brooklyn, N, Y. IRXVIN NADEL 219 West 81st Street New York, N. Y. YVrc'stIin-g Team: Afvounting Ciuiag Nan- agement Club. 'fxf ave livwcl ificrc. Some of these onl- st ' k ,rsonnlilivs are, General Dc Forrest Brusii, Sonja Brown, Daisy King, Viicor Fnfuafore, onrl Airs. Hurry Pa 'nc Xvlziinoy. The nolorioi Tom, Paine, nuliior ETIHQI. ANITA Fllliiill 43: Univc-rsity Plavix New Yori: City E T A 'V CjOIlH'Uf'l'L' C,lllIH JOHN HENRY N.'XI7lfKl2 1117 Pail: Piacc Rosalie Park. N. J. Rota Gamma Sigma VINCENT Di: PAUL NAi.P,.'NCH 47 Phipps Avcnuv East Rom'Laway, N, Y. JOFFPI I .'X. NEXYCXOFIIS 2-120 l inivcrrsity rxvviuio Bronx, N. Y. DKNTE NUCCI 242 East4Oti1 Strrct New York, N. Y. IJORO'I'IlY BIOIII' moo fund Sim-i CRIIUCFIS, IIPVING NACHI. 470 74th Sim-i Uroouyn, N. Y. JXJXIQON I., NEARNIEERG 11611-rsoy Avi-nuo Suffi-rn. N. Y. 2911! PM-la Carnma Sigma ."N1'10ItIliiII5j filulw: .trrvmliliiirm l.wlgUr: Nian ag:-mont Cluim: liilvr-iralf-rnilv Pmasisctbau inlvr fmt:-riiily Ping Pong. li-XNiiS XV. G, NORXVICH 1519 Siiaicvspcarv Avenue IBFOHX, XV. IIYNXN i,.'XXX'RFNC"lf NOVICK 1161 Nast Ninth Street Brooklyn, N. Y. EIIJA Senior Smoker, Ciiairmang Violet, Circula- tion Staff: Senior Keys and Rings Com- mittee: Senior Bail Committee. ,xr A . 1 , , EVEIXN IU, NORRIS 52 OxIf1rrI PIacnP EI-ompI4insx'iIIe, Y. E T A Eta IXIII Pi Psi CIN Oiiicrga CIass IIisIorian. 2, 5, -I: Vinh-I, CircuIaIion glam Q, 3, Sorority I':rIiIor, -'Ig Senior ITJIIII Committee: XII-U I7ruIir Committee, 2, 5. -11 II1-n Party, I, Q, 5, LI: Tyrian COlIUf'II Reprc-senlativc-, 2. 3 -I: PIIH-IYIOIIPTIIC Rep- resentative, 2, 33 cjI1itIITTIFlI'I of Big Sister Iva. II: Ifvcriiivc- Cnriiiriillee of CIass, 5, 4: Rr-taiIinQ CIuIm. Q, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4: Rf-h1iI0r Sin-II: IMOXV. AwarrI for Service: Nali0naI RetaiI P11131-rs Association AwarfI: IXIanapement fEIuIw, I, 2, 5g FFOSI1-SOIJII XXVUPL XXXVUYKI. IIAIQOID S'I'ANI.EY OBERC 19 VV:-IIir1ton Court P1mnIIvn. N, Y. IXIJIILIQ1-inniiil CEIHII: fiI1risli11n Assnrialioii. 'IIIOBLXS ,IOSIIIPII CYDONNELI- 'WXX' 1'1I1Q1r 1 -I Us 'I , N' I5.15o1111w-. TX, ,I. Newman ffI11Im: Ifvr-niiig Accounting 5411-11-l y. .XRTHUR S. OKEEEE QGI4 Last Q7II1SIrc-ct I-Ir00LIy n, Iiela fiarnina Sigma I I11y1I1-n Sc'ImIarsI1ip. KENNETI I I ILICI IES OISEN I32 I Ierkimer Street IImri1Ig1eport, Conn. A K XI' INIIRIAM E. INIOSKOXVITZ 510 Xvc-st72ncISIr1'ot New YorIq, N. Y. Triad League: RcI.aiIing CIHII: Music I I 6 I I ,IOI IN JOSEPH OCONNELL III-'21 I97lI1Slr4-1-I II11II1s,N. Y, ,IAIVIES VINCENT OCARA S550 Forest PGI'IiXX'IIy' XIVOOCIIIHVCH, I.. I. Sphinx I'IaII of Fame EYIIIHTLCTCU Igll.IIOIiTI,, I, 2, News EcIilor frIilor-in-cI1ief, 43 Sphinx President Nfnmmcrce IE5ooIc, Assistant IiIrIitor, 4 I1 anrl Letters IVIontt1Iy, 55 I.iIe and Ivttcr EIIIIT, Vive-President, 3: Trek A111110 me ,11ImIiciI.y Direvlor, 5: Newman CIIIII: I:0UTtIl Ifslate CIuI1g IntramuraI Iq5asIqc:IIJaII: Vlorl AVP UJS. IOUIS OIOITIT T53 CranfI gII'l'1'I I3JrooIIyn. N, Y. IXIXIQYIN OIQIKIK 53II?1l'ISOl'lIVJIilf'1' I5r0oLIyn, Y. Iivla Gamma SIHIIIII Vlllllllllff para 4 I I ll!llII,f'f! lx asorz Nl 1 I fl r'I141r1g' x 1 r 11x know il U 1 Y ull mul Cllllfly Bank Slrcvl Crow 1 I ' wcrrvliorrsos rmrl slrifly fczclorics was rico Ilia localion of famous lmnles nfl cuslom lzoirsos. In 1820 Ilia yell. 1' fcwer opirlremic drove muclz of Ili ripper Now York 555 Xvvil l60ll1 glrcvl Nr-W Yorlc, N. Y. Club. SAMUEL ll. ONVENS, .lR. 57 l'lnwll1orncSlrr2c:t llroolclyn, Y. ll:-la Gamma Sigma llayrlcn Scliolarsliip. ARNOLD PAM 62-ll Yr-llowslone lloulcvarrl lion-sl l lillg, N. Y. PETER lfl3NlUND PARLANTE 2 l 3T ffropsoy Avvnuc llirrmlxlyli, Y. XVll.l.lrXN ROllljR'll PETRIE Q01 Xvwl lOQncl Slrcct Nifw Yorli Cily llvlla Flu Della Nr-wrnnn RITA S.'XNl'3RzX FIOSKOXYITZ Clrrlr, Sccrctaryg Management SlllRl.EY llll.DX NXDEL 540 Crown Sir:-vt Broolalyn, N. Y. Cflass Secrclary, Q: Hen Parly. Committee. 2. Co-Claairman 5. E.l.LlOT PACI l'l'lVlAN 218 East 54ll1 Slrfvrvt Broolilyn. N. Y. l.lf0N JAY Pfxlxllrllz florrlova Pxpartmvnts llaliimorv, lxlrl. lxlanagcmr-nl Clulz. rX.'XlQON Fl. PENSAK IQTT Norlli Avuniic llrirlgcport, Conn. Xliolct Stroll Accounling flluln, 3, 4: fxt7l'UllllHllQ Ledger, Q, Circulation lxlanagcr. 3, ll: Connecticut Qlulj, Sccirclziry. 5. Pl'!'illll'Ilt, 43 Deanls l.istg Clulzs lkrmrrlinaling Clommiltee, 42 , E Yrulwl gxfsnrialf- f,.IFf'lllilll0l! Nlanager, 4, ROlllflQ'l' KENNETII PFISTER 56 Dunnell Road Flaplewoorl, N. J. .155 .. F52 ' SYLXTX N.'XTi1.-XNSON 1010 Rogvrs Ptaice Bronx, N. Y. Ctii tfpsiton onrncrcc-Ect1ir':1iirn'i Ctutmg G1-0 CTIIIJI. ROYX1, Cf. PIHIJJPS Amcnizr. 131111111-ss County Nc-w Tort: Jnlrnmilrzit Pmitivttlzitt. JOSEPH ANTI IONY PIZZARELLO 175 Noriti tvtain Street Pzitti-rson, N. J. INIAYER NIIITON PRENSKY 1880 Anctrcws Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Bittctmirmnn, 43 Platt Comrniltz-fx 3. 1 X11-U Committee, 4: Accounting fitutr. 3: Smotccr Committee, 1. 5 ' GEORGE PLTRYIN 2053 Emi 1 1111 Sm-at tq5roo14tyn, N, Y. ' SXRA11 NifXX'Fl.'XN 21111 iIo1h1nfiAw-1111c Rronx, N. Y. ALBERT PINCUF 1540 Ftetcy Av:-nuo Bronx, N. Y. Colnlnvrcv Hutlziiinf tntmrnursit Ping Pong. SEYMOUR POSTAL North txtain gt!T'Pt Spring Vn110y,N. Y. Bastccitvaitt, 1, 2. FRANK PROCTOPIO S622 Kingston Ptacc Jamaica,1..1. Newman Ctutu: Accounting Ctutvz Ac- counting Ledger: Commerce- tizitizin Ctuta. 3111.18 TNIORTON RXNKIN 11651fast9i1iStrcct IEWJLI,-n, N. Y. QIPAA Citnss Sinotar-r Commillr-0, 3, 4: Att-U C.f1111n1iili-rv, Q2 Jxltilfkflttllg Forii-ty. Pl'1'SiCtCnt. popiitrziion clown mio 0 1 During 11113 Ox Jr in I ant oltizfr ,muses O s W ll prrrurity tocalecl on Q rccl 0 flwrimlion of the imc is o ui lou XXVUUIIIIIULCIY 1 S 1011 Slrrwf. wus Ifze slreel on rrfrirli the Brilisfr lroops lmrl their lieafl- quare . 1 'e lufculquarlers were loc ' Iaucrn which is ioclay an unrzlzlnfwref, Hue painted built!- ing, believer! 10 B- lfie oldest builrl- ing in the Villag FW-39 19lQt lrm-l ALFRED MICHAEL RASERO 19,11 Xvallace Avenue Bronx, PETER OFCXXR RJXSNIUSSEN 51 P-llIU'IZXI'lI1ilQ.xV0l'lKlC I5al1yIon,L. L .XIZTI ILIR Pm. RFEVES 613 XXY1'ClTIC'mOHt Avenue Bronx, Y. S Manager, 4. NIl.'l4ON REISMANN BT-28 l64Lh Street Jamaica, L. I. Clulap Jamaica Club. 6 rrnior Bali Cornmilleeg Vnrsily Basketball. ,Ivwisii fwullurr- Founciaiion: .Xi-cgounling BERNICE ELAINE NIQXVMARK REGINA PAJONK 2102 Uucison Boulevard Union City, N, .L Psi Chi Omega Managczment Honorary Society. Management Club, Secretary: Psi Gmc-ga, Secretary: Dean's List. EDWIN RASHKIND 148415 87th Avenue Jamaica, N. Y. MILTON B. RATNER 101 Lincoln Road Brooklyn, N. Y. Rr-la Gamma Sigma HARRY JOSEPH REIDY 126 West 99th Sum New York City HAROLD REITER 228 East 58th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Evening Accounting Society. f MARIAN PASS 4500 Hudson BouIevarcI Union City. N. ' COUIUIPTCC-EIKI. CIuI'a. ABRAHAM RICH 9711 106th Simi Queens, N. Y. II. AUSTIN RISING 1115 Ifvnsingion fxvviiiiv ,Ie-rsoy Ciiy, AKIP Ixivla Gamma Sigma Junior Prom, Co-CI1airman 5: Inli-rfralvrnily' BaskolIJaIIg Liass Vice-President, -I, 5, Soc- rotary, 6. .IIYROFIE ROBBINS 967-60 -I-inion .AXYCTILIP BFOTIX, xy. ZT Isoroign 'IImrIc PuIJIicaLion, HSf'l'L'II, S4-us," IELISIIIVSS Nanagvr, 25 Foreign 'IIrmIc CIuIx, 2, 3, 4: SApanisI'1 CIuIJ, 1. IQUCHNIQ I.. ROIWCIQN 5573 I.IciII-ord Avenue IImoIqIyn, N. Y. .Iunior I'rom Co-Chairman: ,Iunior gmoIwr Comrnillr-mr: SOIWIIOHIOYG Smoker fsomruillcvi Sopimnmorc- I7roIic Pui:IiCiiy Commiliecz Kirmminn-rw Tennis. Q: Inlra-muraI Iiaskci- Imll, 3: .XII-U Commiitrc, 2. TIIO Ilislory of any IOll'II. IICl , village, or Cily is r'Iwsr'Iy FOIITICC CI wilI1. 1I1e p0rsormIiIiu' lzu rave IILWI in ilml pIc1r'c'. fircff ' '- Iago is Inc Imnrl of ia p0rsonaIiiy soclion of GoIImm. Of IIIU seventy- Iwo11olabI0su'I1osv Iwflsls are pIaCecI GLADYS POINIERANTZ 70 Irnox Roari BrooI:Iyn, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Commerce-ErIuc:aiion CIuIu. IIORACI2 ,IOIIN RIED 2877 Grand Concourse Bronx, N. Y. I:ootIaaII, 1: Varsity Track Team: Comnwm' Bulielinf Vnrielios, Business Staifg I7JroarI- Casting Club. SI1icIcI ancI Crcscvntg FrcsIm man Smoker Commiltcop Junior Prom Com- miilccg Si-nior I5aII Commiilcoz Trek, Ivan incss StaII. RALPII FRANK RITCIIIE 693 I'Iorr-si Slrovi ArIingIon, N, .I. fxccouniing CIuI1: ,ficwozuiling Lczfgcrq Cirrislian Assofialirm, 2 LLOYD NV. ROBINSON 2 I3II'lCI1lIl'SIQfXVUI1IlC Ncw YorI: Ciiy EIYIANUIQI. ROCIIIXKIS S812 IYSIl'UI1lIi'SI1lXX't'l1llC EII'TXIllIl'SI, I.. I. 9-5,- fine Nou' York Uiziuersiiy I'IaII o Fume. OIUIIOII of iIie persons fle- picle orn -rIy IiUerI in Greenwich S I V I' A . icy were George Ivasti- I ' inglon, foIin tl1flli7S'. Iames Itton- f roe. Xvasliiriril ri Irving, Edgar AI- It " .A,?, Ion Poe, fum Fenimore Cooper, I Wm W' 1' RITA Ii. PRESS 4919 I7iIi Avenue rz.m0ii,in, N. Y. Brita Gamma Sigma Sigma Ifta Ptii Iila Nu Pi Psi FIU Gin:-ga IXIU Kflllllil TGI! lIaII ot Fame Sptiinx xIi0I0t Sr'r0II Eta IVIu Pi, View-Pri-sift:-nl., 4, IVIu Kappa Tau, Secretary, 41 Itsi 1IIii Qrncga, Secretary, 3, 43 VioIc-I, 1. 2. 3: Assoriate Ijterary Ect- ilor, 45 L.O.XV. Senior DQI4-gale: Retaiting CIuI:z, Q, 5, Serrctarv, 4: ROIniIer, 5, 45 Iniroactcasting CIuIJ, 3: All-U. 5, 43 Prom Committee, 1, 2. DANIEI. ROY ROKAXV 1240 XVaIlon Avenue BTCDIIX, XI. SAUL .IXCK ROSENIIJLUTH 5510 Decatur Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Frestiman IItasctmIIg Afcounting CILIII. MII .TON ROSIiN'1'1'lAL 309 East 10lI1 Street New YoiI4 City Q NITLVIN IIIQRT ROSS 190 East IX'IosIioIu IDarIQWay Itronx, N. Y, 4 AII-U Frotic, 1, 5: Smoker Committee, 1: vice-President Class. 11 Comnwrce BuIIeiin: Virittli, fl: Management Ctutm: SopI1 I'Iop C0-Ctiairmanz SinoIv-r Committee, Q. 5. i 1 AIVIY PRICE 955 Xvatton Avenue Bronx, N. Y. KD T A DAVID ROINICK 271 BrooI:Iyn Avenue I3rooIcIyn, N. Y. AEH ALBERT ROSENPQLUTT 116 Nortti 5tI1 Street NewarIc, N. .I. Management CIuIm. IJQONJXRD ABRAHAM ROSNER 6911 YeIIowstone Boutcvarct Forest HiIIS, N. Y. Fine Arts Ctutxz Outdoor CIuI3. CIIFFORD M. ROSSLAND 1015 58th Street rsfooiiyn, N. Y. GX JOAN I'ROlHS'I'lilN 9021 176th Simi Jamaica, L. l. Foreign lracle Cluln, Secretary. MORSE ROYVELL, JR. il Stone Street Ncwlmurglw, N. Y. Cliristian Clulmz long lslaml Clulmg Swim- min,f1learn,3. RAYMOND EDWARD RUDOIPH roi limi 15th Simi New Yorli City JAMES FRANCIS RUSSELL NCNV -BCJFOICI, lvlass. llroaclcasting Clulig Fourth Estate Clulxg lxlusic Appreciation Society: Baseball Squad, 2: Long lslancl Cluln. SAMUEL A. SAtfl'tlll. 4 Hiram Street New Brunswick, N. Peter Cooper, lxiarle Twain, S. WB Morse, Xvillmn Cullen Bryant, Stephen Foster. lfl.ORENCli BILRNICIL RAPOPORT Q65 lfastcrn Parlcwuy llroolalyn, N. Y. Psi Clii Omega Sigma Eta Pli Psycliology Club, Founrler, Psi Clii Omega, Presiclent, 2, 5, mittee of Commercial Clulus, I Retailing Clulu, 2, 3, 43 Serial 1, Q1 Congress of Clulms, Si-eretary, 1: Violet, Organization Stall, I, 2: Manage- ment Clulu, ig Eronomics Soeiety, lg Frosli llop Committee: league ol' Vvomen, Treas- urer: Big Sister, 5, 4: llen Pnrtv Committee, 1.2. .lAfK TNI. l3t'DlfN 1 100 glialqespeare Avenue Bronx, N. Y. TAQ lxlarlreting Sorietyg Violet Sliielrl: Broml- casting Clulm: lntramural Baslqetlmllg llanrl- liallg Table Tennis: Freshman Smoker Com- mittee: Tri-L, Business Stall: Triafl. JAMES ANTHONY RtlIfl7Ai.O 87 Cliristoplaier Slim-et lxlontclair, N. .l. SOI. N. RYNOXVIYCER QSO Riversicle Drive New Yorli City E 9 A lntramural lxiaslu-llmll. EDWARD JOSEPI I SQXLVO 36 Sprague Road SCill'5flZ1lC, Besirlc llie imiiiiizlriuls lronorec lzy Ilre Hall of lu 'ie iliere liarfe been ollier out rznrling writers pointers, actors, inventors, and sta e mul ufro ce made llzeir fro 1e5 ui Ilie struflow of the School E c Iecatlienne, 1,10 acirefs if I mum crziics and lfwfilrc fzmlorranr cons cr the greatest ac- es ffm! crer 1 iff go! tier iniliut Jclui 1 1 1 f flerfelopert llw ELINORIY HBBY RHNINICK 1102 East5ZnrtStr1-vt Paterson, N. ,I. Nanam-ment Ctutw, Q. XVARRFN D. SANSON 521 Xvarrcn Street Brooklyn, Y. SH UNIQY J. SAFSON .1 I I7 Norris rxvvnrrc Bronx, N, Y, Rliulogiziiwlmiiz Smivty, I, 2, 5. 4: Broad- A nisling Ltulm, L 5, 41 Management Club. Pliolograptic-r, 2, 3. 4: Retailing Club, 4, KJUIIIOOI' Clulz, -1. ART! IUR SCHARF 405 Beacti 45rrt Street Far Rockaway, N. Y. .rXI.liX.'XNDIiR SCI IEFF H1105 95rrl Street Queens, N, Y. ACIJQ .xccountinu fflutmg Nnrragvment Club. ", -1: Soror So SYLVIA IRIQNE ROSENISERG 234 Datritl Roart Brooklyn. N. Y, AARON S,-XMUELS 77 XVctnstcr Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Accounting Club: Accounting Ledger: Vxfreslting Ctutug .lewisti Culture Founda- tion: Management Club: Att-U Frolic Com- mittee: Frestmman Prom Committee: Senior Ring Committee: Geography THEODORE CHARLES SCHANZER East Chateau Apartments Xxfoodnlere, I. MURRAY H. SCHAPIRO 1556 Lawrence Avenue Bronx. N. Y. HOVVARD SCHEPT 2554 Hudson Boulevard Jersey City. N. J. ' 41" ,.,,u,,,,,-f""' JO.-NN I'I IYIIIS ROTI ISCI IIID 1002 :Xvcnue J. I3rooI4Iyn, N, Y. .JULIUS R. SCIIER 808 East l75tI1 Street Bronx, N. Y. Freshman Fencing Teamg House Plan .Ns sociation: Accounting CIuIz. IJAYID D, SCHERZIIR 4015 Dickinson Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Interfaith Committee, CI1airman: JcwisI1 B I CuIture I7ouncIalion: IxIElHil'CI'l'lK'Ht CIuIr romcasl L , Accounting: fIuIb: .'Ir'r'oir111i11r1 I.erIger. GEORGE J, SCHIVIIDLE 5520 Park Avenue VVeeI1awI4en, N. SEYMOUR SCHNECK 670 East49tI1 Street Brooklyn. N. Y. Freshman Smoker Committee. Junior Prom Committee: Junior Smoker Committee: AII- U FaII FroIic Committee: Senior SociaI Cornrnitteeg IntramuraI Bash-tIJaII. 0rlor5 lions is cz! VPSOII siilt- sI1ou's. CI..XI'l3I.X IJIIXN SC-'XCCO bl IH I IflIIr rxvvnrre IJrrmLIy'I1, Y. KDS! H . A. tIrXIVIES SCIIIERRIZR I-I5 Spring VaIIey Avenue II:rCL1-nsa4'Iq, DON.-XID SCI IIITFITIQ S05 St. IX'IarI4s Aventu- I'1rooIIyn, N. Y. ing CIuIJ: I"ourtIr Estate CIuIi. IXInrI4eIinu Sovii-ly, EDWARD SCI IMIDT 191,44 1I4tI1 Dfiw St.1'XII1ans,I.. I. A E dv IM-in fIurnru.i Sigjinzi MATTIIEXV SCI IOIfNNV!XI.D 922 East I5tIi Street IIrooIxIyn, N. Y. Ifif' I rzorlli sirlc OfFfJllfI1'l'lIIll S vel, us pIr1C0 of gI0rious lfwr ricuf prorfuc- nlcfllillg pols of PII up Iwi 111:11 I lrvli F0111 Ilieulrws :mil IIUIILX'-IOIIL -xfsg 11111 Tr1r11cf11. 11iog1rap11,er of Abra- 1111 1 1.1 1. 1111111111 110r trial stages Us rr rrrilcfr i1 Crrlcfrirricli Village, us rin poems. 5111111 St. Vicen! 5111- 11152 c111r1 urlisl 101112911 Kent, Samuel 1:1I11L'f Breese Morse and 1111111 Xvillium 1 r p 'rivenlorl 1110 S1XR.'XI I SCI IRIN 17101111-sirls-ritstrcct Brootlyn, N. Y. URIE1- SCI IUBERT 5141 Perry Avenue Bronx, N. Y. E CID A Alplia Della Sigma Alplia Phi Sigma 111111111111 Flvrlallion Viola-I S1-roll Arrli ancl Square l lilll ol l:itITl4T lfvoning Student Councilg Treasurer ot Senior Class: Bullviin, Feature Eclitorgvio- 11-t Nigtit Editor: Music Appreciation So- r'i1-ty, Presiclcnt: Prcsirlcnt ot letra Council: lfvr-ning Freslaman Class Aclvisorz Cliairman 111 lvlorris llall Declination: Senior Ball Vommittee: .lunior Prom Committee: Triacl 1.1-argue: Evening lflcrtions Committee: Class l lislorian, IRVINU SVI IXVARTZBURO 5090 ltmrigglnun 13111 'Street lirootlyn, 4, PI III.IP SEGAL 1560 firanrl Concourse Bronx, A. Y. Cl'l.'XRl.lfS iliN.XR1:X 601 l71ri,f3l'1tXVatcr Court lR1rooLlyn,N.Y. CLARA JEANETTE SCHILLING 1171 Cliicago Street Green Bay, Xvis. 9 H A Retailing Clutn. XVILLIAM SCHXVARTZ 5389 Xvayne Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Varsity Tennis Team, 2: Retailing Club. ADOLPII ROBERT SCOTT! 8 Balaer Street Pouglalreepsie, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Alptia Ptii Sigma Beta Alptia Psi Psi Clai Omega Violet Scroll Splainx Hall ot Fame Flanagement 1: Commerce ltalian Cluln, 1: Newman Clula, 1, Q, 5, 4: Ac- 1-111111lir1g 1.r111g111', Circulation Staff, 1, 2, Day Blanaging lfflitor. 3, Eclitor-in-claiet, 4: Violet, Circulation Manager, 4: Frestiman Arlviser, 4: Day Stuclcnt Council, 4: Ac- rounting Clula, 3, 4: Br-ta Gamma Sigma, Pr:-sirlcnt, 4: Alplia Kappa Psi, Junior Hon- orary Awarcl. FRED t1tiRN1NN SELDMAN 2282 lfast Q3rr1 Street l15rool4lyn,N.Y. HAROLD XX'lI.1.1AM SHEPARD 515 lturlington Avenue Bracllcyl1eacl1,N. ..l. K 411 Alplia llclta Sigma Alplaa Phi Sigma Psi C111 Omega Violet Scroll Sptiinx lntramural Swiming, 1: Bulletin, I: Violet, 2, Associate Sports Editor. 3, Organization Editor. 43 Triacl. 2. 3, 4: Broadcasting Club, Vice-Presirlent. 2, 3: Outcloor Club: Com- merce Clutr: Alplaa Plii Sigma, Secretary: Senior Smolrer Cliairmang Violet News, 2, 3, 4: Management Cluln FRITDDX IOIQIQAINIZ FCHXVARTZ 162 PML Rom! Xvvsl I Iurllarml, Conn. Housv Plump Conmwlirut Club: Varivficsg .ln-wish Cullum' Founrlation. .ILQRONH NORTON SIIEPARD 1311 I"orLX.VnSI1inglOI1 Avenue Nr-w York Citv IIQONAIQIU Sl IRHXDNICK IfIl0Pau'il1w Slrvvt IBl'OUIilyH, NV. Intranuxml Almc-licsz Business Student I70l'lII'l1. NORTON SIIQCLER H360 ciI'fllf7IlilPi1I'kEHSt Bronx, N. Y. Currvnl Evrrnls Club: Finnrlcc Forum MURRAY SILVERNAN 19 Em! Post Roar! Xvfmllu Plains, N. Y. lclegrupll auf! prorfufwf ilu- fr IJIIOIOQTGDII of a lzumrm lqtlfl' u' ile firing in ffm OM Nor! 1 7wUVl'4'I'. uouf lfm main lluilrling of N i- Pcrsily. At 1110 lima of lux ilufcnliorl in T858 S. F. I Norm- was am professor of ar rf fufm Xvilfiruu. ,IILXNNIC C FCHWARTZ 1773 12.151 Ou. Street Hmoklyn, N. Y. .IULIAN SIIOTLJXND Q-I5 Ifctho Place Hronx, N. Y. .xg-Q XVIILIAN NORTON SIEGEL 555 Uccuu Avenue Hrooldyn. N, Y. R.-XI .PII ,ll Nlilll I Sll.I51jRS'l41jIN 1151 KiIlg1Sl0HlxVK'Hl1C limolxlyn, N. Y. TE CD INIJXRYIN MORRIS 9II.VERSTONE -Ui Anson Slrc-cl Pmriclgvporl, Conn, r'Xu'cu1r1liug Cfula: Counuclicut Club. cr ui ISN ILYIS 11 science ,me York Uliiversily. Suni- eclert IIre reUoIUer in ower, and in 1881 , isolr fIeUeIopefI IIH' w IIO resiflmg ui 1In Iwi' ' ul 65 ITIIIII SYLV IA SCHXVARTZ 450 Xvest Enr.I Avenue New YorIc City XVALTER P. SIFIES 128 74th Street NortI'i Bergen. N. I. AKW GEORGE SINIQNIAN 5115 XX'cst lS2ncI Street New YorI: City Evening .'Xvc'miiiliiig Society. DAVE IIARRY SKLOVER 584 East l57tI1 Street Bronx, N. Y. .X-'vminling CIuImp Senior BaII Chairman. N.X'l'I IANIIZL BRADLEY SLATTERY 5450 S5tI1 Street ,IauIqsonIIeigI1ts, N. Y. ECIJE MARTHA St-IAPSE 1545 Ocean ParIcway BrooIcIyn, N. Y. I A H Managenient CIuIJg IVIusic Appreciation So- ciety. SEYMOUR SIMON 1654 Grand Avenue Bronx, N. Y. XGA IntramuraI BasI4etIJaII, 2, 4: Sophomore Smotier Committee: Accounting CIuIJ. ARNOLD BERTRAIVI SINGER 55 Bayview Avenue Great NecIc, N. Y. Broadcasting CIuImg Triad League. I'IOWARD GILBERT SKLOVVER 52 Cottage Street .Iersey City, N. FREDERICK A. SLOCUM 473 Bainbridge Street BrooI:Iyn, N. Y. A K W AIpIaa PIU Sigma Beta AIpIaa Psi ArcI1 and Square Evening Accounting Society: Viotet SI:uII Representative. Historian: Student Councit IVIemIJer: President, Ctass 5: Executive Committee IVIemIJer, 63 CIass Orator, 4: Ctass SociaI Committee 5: Commerce Vio- Iet, Evening Ez.IitoriaI Board. IXIANCHE NORMA SIEGEL 1625 Emi 15111 Simi-r BrooIqIyn, N. Y. DIL! KHIJIWH THU IVIarI4eting Society, Secretory, 5, 4: Eco! nomic Society: Gr-ograptrnrs Ctutmg Manage- ment Sofia-ty D. FRED SLOTA 44-I5 25th Avenue IsIancI City, N. Y. AK1If Evening Accounting Society: Executive Committee, 5: Violet. ANNING IIIRAM SMITH I4 TStt1 Street Nortti Iivrgcn, N. .I. BERNARD SOLOMON 2077 East Q3rrI Street Brooktyn, N. Y. IIAROLD SORKIN 924 Vv'est End Avenue NexvYorI4 City 117 A Viotst ScroII .Iunior CIass Smoker Committee: Varieties, Art StaII', 2, Art Editor, 5, Associate Editor. 43 Violet, Art Statt, 5, Art Editor. 4. Iump, EVELYNE B. SIMON 207 Vassar Avenue INCNVUTIQ, CIN Epsiton Geograptwcrs CIuIx: Commerce-ISKI, Corresponding Secretary ROBERT SMALL 2414 Cortctyou Road Brooktyn, N. Y. STANLEY SBIITI I 440 Brooktyn Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Accounting CIuIJ: Mnnngcmc-n .Iunior Smotcr-r: Vurii-livs HENRY JOSEPH SONBISI f' 651 Xvost ITIst Street New York City E QD A Data Gamma Sigma Evening Accounting Society, Pi 1 nt JAMES ARTHUR STQXMPOI IS 809 Trinity Avonu - Itmronv, N. Y. Foreign Tracte CIuI:g Spanisti CIuIJ D III Hott:-nic Society. .Ivcnue uns! Q st L 1 11 ittumumlef I e scent Eugene O Noztl st qamef pop utar rccoqmlion Jtren wnluiq or itre Proimcelow PIa3I1ousi ut c 751- flrsl grzirrcrl Ilia proual of ilie pulp- lic al Iliis playlioi sv. Tlle Province- 'A' is alecl on lxlcrclporrgnl Street lm- iwcen ourzl Slrvcl and Tlrirrl. Sir ' T 11's "Emperor lonesn Iouvl Plciyliouse still lweing userl EVELYNI-I SIROTIN 2119 lxloorc' Street llaclar-nsarlc. N. l. E T A Eta lxlu Pi Sigma Eta Plri U Emily llosler Awarrl Violet Scroll Hail of Fame Spliinx . vm rc-tary of Committee of Commerce Clulms. ls llen Party Co-Clrairman, 5: 1-.O.VV.. Q llrworcling Secretary, 1, Corresponding Sec- - rr-larry, 2, Vice Presiclcnt, 5, President. 4: Violet, Olllce Stall, 1, 2, Associate Olllce Manager, 5, Olllce Manager, 4: Eta Mu lji, 3, Secretary 4: Day Stunlent Council, -1: Soror Soricty, 3, 4: Retail Clulv. 2: Cor- rr-sponcling Secretary, 4, Retailer Stall, 3, 4: faplain Eroslisoplm XVPQL. Q: lntramural Atlrlctic Chairman, 23 Big Sister, 2, 5, 4. T. JUDSON STANTON 8 Marlette Place Xvliite Plains, N. Y. lxlc-nlor Clulm: Management Clula. Sl IEI .DON STECHER 927 Dinsmore Avc-nue Ear Rorlmway, N. Y. ALFRED 'VIIOMAS STEPHEN T5 Maple Street Nvest Grange, N. .l. x HUGH P, STONE 959 Xvooclycrest Avenue Bronx. N. Y. EVE1 .YN CORNEIMX SKINNER 123 Xyest 13tlm Street New Yorl: City ROBERT EI .US STANNARD 5111 Beverly Roarl llroolclyn, N. Y. Psi Clii Omega Management llonorary Society Management Clulu, C0-clwairman of Eielcl Trips. 3, 4. Presiclent, 4: Cleo Clulag lntra- mural Atl1letics: Campus Dance Band N lQlzerlin Collefzcl. ARNOLD STETNBERG 1846 Andrews Avenue Bronx. N. Y. Al l.rCl'll'Tlv3I'l l-lOTl0I'iil'y Award Junior Prom, Chairman: All-U Erolic, Chair- man: Soplm Hop, Publicity Clxairmang Real Estate Clula: lntramural Hancllaall, Q. BENJAMIN MARTIN STONE 9935 5rcl Avenue Broolzlyn. N. Y. SEYMOUR STOPPER 204 Higllwoocl Avenue xxfveehavvken, N. J. .l1 ffei s ' 2 - if A riff' I . fm .. M K1 '14 -O4 f 'E 'nk' , , m,m1l,',1L1 , , ' y"A' 'i Sl NRI .liY SKOBI .OXV 1332 limi sth Sir--t-r Brooklyn, N. Y. ETA ixtanagement Club: Economic Cc-ograpiiy Ctutig Frestiman Basin-limit. JACK STRIXSSBURU 673 Broadway New York City JOHN .IUSIQPH SUI.l.tV.-NN 5650 Irwin Aventura Bronx, N. Y. Bi-tu C-amma Sigma Senior Class, Treasurer: Roni tfstatr: Ctuiv, 3g Accounliug l.CLlQ0l', Day Managing Edi- tor, 4: Program Conmiiltr-rr, 2, 5. DAVID MILTON SUSSWEIN 44 Elliot Sum Passaic, N. J. New Jersey Club: Accounting Club. SEYMOUR R. SXVINNIER 353 Faiuyan Place NCYX'afk, J. New t71rig1i1ton,Statentstanti,N.Y Law Society: Committee for Promotion of Peace: Freshman Hanrttmatt Team: Vigilante txtartqeting Society: Triact League. if by young compuuies of semrprofes- sional actors. In one of O. Henr s stories he refers Io the House of it s er, . ' is the building local at 61 XXTUSII- inglon Square Sou! . It was in this house that O. ,fs rlougliler onrl RUTH SNITII lO3-Ol Puritan Avenue Forest Hitts. N. Y. PsiCt1iOmc'ga Eta Mu Pi Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma, Secretary IIERZL STRICK Q45 Vxfactswortti Avenue Bronx, N. Y. t'tERMAN SUSKIND 51 Clinton Avernie PAUL NJXURICIC SXYIDLER Q0 Clarke Place Bronx, N. Y. Committee, 1, Q, 3, fi, RALPH SZABO T202 17th Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. fx,- Y r carloonisl izusironcl, Oscar Ce- Sa ' . Affeiiizu Polii liver! lliere in 1890 uiiile singing at Nit1l0's Gorclcn rlllrl ncc' rciioczrseff fwr en- tire "Cavalieri Ruslicanan iroups I in fire parlor. P Iyer! Clmrntiers AMY ROSE STIQIN 1950 Anrirews Aw-nuc Bronx, N. Y. CLARENCE TARCOVE 1 44 East 208th Strom-t New Yoric City A E X Dcrita Pi Sigma Violet Scroll I iaii of Fame Sphinx Violet Staff, 1, Associate Circulation Editor. in-Chief, 43 Accounting Ciuim, I, 2, 5, 43 Accounting Ledger, 1, 2, 5, fl: Commerce Bulletin, 1: Violet News, 5, Eciitor-in-Chief, LIXVVRENCE TERZIAN 125-IO 15th Avenue Coiicge Point, N, Y. Fourth Estate Club: Broadcasting Club. XN'li-i3UR JOHNSON TQH. lffi Xvfwt ahh Sirovt New York Cily Xxyn-stiing, l. SIDNEY TRENCHER 2101 Xvostbury Court Brooklyn, N. Y. 2, Associate Qrganizations Eriilor, 5, Editor- RUTII S'i'i-QLYILR mil 45ii1 Simi-i Brooklyn, N. Y. NORRIS E. TAXVIL 2050 65th Siroct Brooklyn, N. Y. E GJ A THOMAS CARL THOMSEN 13-10 Merriam Avenue New York City Life and Lcltcrs Club, President, 2: Life and Leliers ixionilrly, Eciitor, 2. STEPHEN PATRICK TOMANY Q92 i iaywarri Street Yonkers. N. Y. ARTHUR B. TUCKER 2071 72nd Sum Brooklyn. N. Y. 1X1xXR.1QR1lf 1,11.1.1,'XN S14UrXN'11 T55 XV4-sl lfnrt Avenue New York City 111-n Party Committee, 1, 2. 5i Putmticity Ctiairinan. 1: Soriat Committee, 2: L.O.Vvr. Faculty Tea ffornmittee. 1, Q, 53 life and if-tiers Club: Wtusirt Club, 5, 45 Retaiting Ctutm, 1, Q, 5, 4: Dramatic Society, 1, 25 Hop Conunittee, 1, Q. RICHARD PAUL TUMPOXYSKY 500 Centrat Park NVQSIZ New York City Z B T Management Club: Economic Geography Citrix, Freshman Basetuattg Violet, Sport Stair, 2. NXT1 IAN TXVERSKY 9 Attorney Street New York Citv JULIUS VAN HOVEN Bay Crest Huntington, N. Y. ANTHONY VENEZIANCJ 41-O6 Vernon Boutcvarrt Queens, N. Y. t lere. CYLORIA 'l'1'lEODORA SUSNOXV 2034 East Srrt Street P1roo141yn,N. Y. N1t.'RR.'XY TURKEL 1T13 X7t'Sl'.xVPl'1lI6 Bronx, N. Y. ,Xt .IBILRT AIOYFIUS V.X1.l.ONE 2465 Crotnna Avenue Bronv. N, Y. JOSEPH PHILIP VECC1'11AREl.1.1 21-16 42nr1Street 1-ong1s1anc1City.N.Y. JACOB NVAC1 ITEL 103012151 I-itti Street Broo141yn,N. Y. BGA Vice-Presietent Senior Ctassz Viotel, 4: Key ami Ring Committee, 43 ,tunior Snioticr Committee: Senior Smoker Committee: AC- vounting Ctutn, 4: A11-U Frotir: Committee: Senior Batt Committee. u.-role Tun Prr a lin Ucro ict XV. ftclotpfie Ro 1 s ' mplg 0 Q ll 11 A ri otn BI Serctfl III Port ar reale 0 England I ltic dxf- 'Ik a in tfzc lute lefltfs. He Iivctl in a r ' 1 use nl 33 Grccnwiclr Avenue, uncl for lim years uforkwl as fl porter Lnlcc- O,Connor,s COItllt1bff!'1 Taro 11. zrfiicll img fwnr ine junction of firvenwiclr ftlw. .H. Hlvmlxl wv xii 1 LgXl.fR.'X SXV.'XRblAX S-I5 XVc'stEnctAvvrii1o rtc City SUDNFY N.X'l't'tfXN XVAGNER -ll, tI.li1flC'I'1 I-gUllIl'YilFfI n. N. Y. tlvita PiSig1m .'X1'Ht'lt1 .un Ftnliiticai gxssoriation. Ct'tARI.t-QS tfR.XNCilS XX".'XI.5tl 21-05 55rcVt Street ion itnifiit Y Y .. px... IRYINC R.XNIJOt.Ptt XXUXRSIIOXV 1024 Montgomery Stn-ct iam0t1,Vn.N.Y. Aftcounting I.!'4lfJ!tl', Business Board: AC vounting Citrix: Xvasimington Square Dra- matic Society: intramural ttaslictinaii, Q Vnrsity Show, Q. NVAI.'t'IiR RENO VVATSON 46 Emstina Place Staten istanct, N. Y. NETTIE TLXUIB 190 Second Avernie New York City Chi Epsilon TIIIOMIIAS HAROLD VUALKER, JR. I5 Evergreen Place BIGIJICNVOOKI. Vv'tt.i.lf'XtNt BRUCE VVARE 0 Ninrne Avenue Ncwi3urgi1,N. Y. PM-ta Gamma Sigma Psi Om:-gli Accounting Citrix. IQOISERT NI:-CUl.t.OCtI XVATSON 2730 Xvcstfieiri Avonue I'1IrxaiJotll,N..i. Paola Atptm psi tive-rmirmgg Accounting Society. IIERMAN S. XVEINBERG 66 Lenox Street I tartforct, Conn. Ntanagcmont Club, 1: Accounting Ctuib I, Q, 45, Ig Rvtaiiing Ciuin, 2: Jewish Cul- ture Pounciation, 2, 3: Senior Batt Commit:- teeg Viola-l Staff. 4: Accounting Ledger, I, 2, 5, ftp Connecticut Club, Organizer 3, Vice-President, 43 Pro-Senior Batt Chair- ITIEIH. JOYCE LEILA XVALDIVIAN 1732 East 19tI1 Street BrooI4Iyn, N. Y. I LAURENCE K. NVEINBERG QQ Dunran Avenue Jersey City, N. J. Managc-ment CIuIa, SoCiaiI Committee. Jew- isI'1 CuIture Foundation, I'IiIIcI CIUIJ, Ohio University. I I BERNARD DAVID XVEINGART 6310 Q5rLI Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. I I I 1 KOPEL IIARRY NVIiINS'I4EIN I 595 Vein I'IouI0n Avenue Clifton, Manageinent CIHIQ: New Jersey CIuI:g Counting CIutv: Accouniing Ifzlgvr. PHILIP RENIANIIN XVELIINIJXN 55 EIcIrcfIgc Avenue I'IompstcanI, N. Y. Masefelcl worked for len Joflars monlli. Greenwich ViIIage H ire av for pseudo pI1iIosopIz H cz refuge for i ose who care wrile and ihos .o wish lo pai RIZNITE TI IIHRITSJX XVAI .KIYR 825 Vxfvst IiHKIAX'iTl1lIL' New York City SAM XVEINISIQRG 1556 EIrJor Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Accounting f,IuIx. EDGAR XVIjINS'I'IjIN 585 Xvest End Avenue New York City Accounting CIuImg NIanageruc:nt CIuIJg Var- sity Stiowg AII-U I:roIic Committee: Dra- matic Society: Isinnnre Forum: Smolqm Committee: SopIi IIop Committee. LEONARD ROIJILRT XX'IjlNS'IIIilN 52 Strong Avenue IJaI9yIon, N. Y. LEONARD LOUIS XX'IfNDI.fIt 1497 StcrIingg Plame I5rooI:Iyn, N, Y. E'1JA W guiclecl icfealists. G CFlU.IiCl'L Villa nt fs,- Y J er1u'iCI1 YiIIage P- ine Izorne of lfle ici! Ifie Frimpus for New York'ersi 3' Seliool of Com merce, XICCOU Q, fini! Finance. No rrinller u'I1 I ine evoluliori rr lI1e VIIIHQC: lniglil Ile, even if some ROFLYN XX'IiINI3ITIQCITR 517 XVQ-il fRIir'5Ir-r glrrw-l IUIYII BI'ilf'II N Sv CEOIQUI-1 III-QIQNIAN WENZIER wi? wail, Street . y 7 Ili-IIiN I.. I. N N. BERNARD XX'IfXIfI.INIr'XN 729 I'IinsrIaIv Street Brooklyn. N. Y. 'I:1'iarI League, I. Q, 5. -1: I.iI1rarian. ment CIuIn. IIERFIAN C, XYIRIAT 2350 Cn-Slon xfxvc-nrre Bronx, N. Y. ILXRRY XVCLK 486 I Icgoman rxvenuc I7JrooI4Iyn, N. Y. HERBERT YASSKY 965 Prospect Avenue Bronx, N. Y. I'oreign TrarIc CIuIJ. Treasrrrvrg Nanag 4 : 0. YIYIIXN NVOLFF 1553 SeIwyn Avenue Bronx, N, Y. RTU KHDIIH TEIU gonior Hen Party Co-Chairman: SoriaI Committee Co-Chairman, 3, 4: I'Ien Party Committee, INOXV. Big Sister, 5. 4: Retailer StaII. 53 SopI1 I:roIir: Committee: .Iunior Prom Committee: Senior BaII Coma niitterrg TriarI I.rraEn0: RetaiIing CIUID: Mu Kappa Tau, Secretary. IIERIVIAN XVERTZ 58-I5 60tI1 PIaCe fVIaspetI1, N, Y. Beta Gamma Sigma RICIIARD ITINIERSON XVINNER 575 IIigI1 Street Grange. N. .I. Iivvning BasIcetIJaII Team: Triad League. EIVIANUEIJ MARCUS WOLF 2325 Ryer Avenue Bronx, N. Y. 2 9 A Beta Gamma Sigma Psi CIM Omega Senior .'NtIiIctic Chairman: IntramuraI Pras- IcetIJaII, 4. SAMUEL XVOISKY 645 EaSt94tI1 Street BrooLIyn, N. Y. xxcrounting CIUID, 5, 4: Accounting Lerlger. JOHN JOSEPH ZAMENICK 25-71 55th Street IsIanrI City, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma .I.XNIf'I' II. ZLNIJICI .I. iff Kvnsingion qxvviiiic ,Ivrsvy Qitv, ,I. NIi!l1iILf1'IUfXIlIC,IllIl. RAYFIONI7 IIIAQRNIXN ZXIQROXX' IIS Spring SIl'l'i'l Pzilvrson. N. .I. Arcounting f.IIuIng Now .Ivrsvy CIHI1 PIITITR IOUIS ZIIHEILI Q18 Ifast 4tI1 Strom-t INIoiinl Yvrnon, N. Y. BERNARD ZORITIT 507 ILInstrIIrcmontAvcni1c Bronx, N. Y. Arr mini ing Sm iv! y. ,IOHN INIICHAEI, BEDNAR 23-'IO 5Ist Avenue Astoria, I.. I. BIfIIlNrXRD SIMON 167 ,IavIcson Avenue .Ii-rscy City, N. ..I, I5uIIz-tin IXIe1IaIIion Commerce BUIIL-Im, l, Irvaturc-s Editor, 2. Managing Editor, 3, Assistant Editor, 4: Violet, I. Q, 5: Violet News, Assistant Editor, 53 IntramuraI Basketball, llg Varsity Show, 2, 5, 4. ine Iraclitions Ilia! Iwve lwwr tv ccl Iicro, and Inc work Ilia! ms Iac nccomphsficrl Irvrv u" irviwr Ire I IQLITII SI IIRLEY YUNDELL INT Kc-nsington Avonuc .Ivrsoy City, ,I. IXIiiH?lg10IT1PHI.CjIllIJ .XIBOIPII ZEIIIQRNIAIER HH I7Iast51ItI1 Street IIrookIyn, N. Y, TRITON CITORGE ZOCR.-XPIIAKIS 2000 IXIorris Aw-nuc Iimiix, N. Y. IIENRY ZWEIG 2-106 limi l7LI1 Simi I'1rooI4Iyn, N. Y. MURRAY POILARD 53 NagIe Avclriuc Now York Lily TEQ ITIOSII Riliixllillll CIuImg IVIanagn-- inc-ni CIuIvg Acirounting I.c'cIgcrg Pre-senior IImII Cornmillc-1-3 Sc-nior Show: Comrnvrcir BuIIi-lin, 23 Crminiwn- Violet, 5. BERNARD AARON TUDOR I8 XVarncr Ava-nuc .Ivrsr-y City, N. J. clay nothing remains lm! Ilia NOK Ircrc, the peopIc2 u'Iio I cz . ,, ,C il follrfn. T110 ViIIugf u'iIf lIl'l'0f rho Klasse. 694 Ln' Mk,-MMV ,,-W1 , .. ' 4 ,x f -,,.,,,.. - q444.,,.f X0 M 4 J' ,GEL ,45, .,,.,,A,.,., 4, 1, ...., I. -z, gc i1 x A , 1 Elf". mix I ' ,r r' v 4' Afjfkzn ww SH 'N- . 91 -,,.1,,,,+g1,q ' -: X-5',f:M,Qa' iw , i- "4-1':f1",-iw. 1 cf ,. -: -' '--4,1 5--ff1"-vm-H . 1 '- " 1fQ:'1,q,1',f1:," " 0 ' 'mfs' ,, .:,.:::Ig' .. f g' A-' , 5-f-f'e'5wf'a.1f -1 W P A 4 X Ag I f J 'H x JM?" ev H58 1 ,312 Sit? gy J 'ls Tr 5 w 4 X A. mf,-,N QU,xmQl-112 A Message tu the Undergraduates Alxl sure tlmat ll1e mernlyers ol tlie Class ol' 1941 will linrl tllis issue of the Commerce Violel a recorrl ol special signilicance anrl ol rleep personal interest. For tliem it is sure to serve as a treasure luouse of memories in tlwe years to come. For tlwe larger numlber of tlie llilflL'l4QIAi1CllIEilCS, tlais lwoolr merely marlcs off anolller milestone in tlme formal academic voyage . . , tlwe course to commencement still lies alwearlg anrl all will not lie easy sailingl ln tlwese our times, the lraleicloscope ol current lwistory is lrcing turnecl so rapirlly tlmat no sooner cloes a new process, a new tlweory. or rr new mellmorl appear tlrren, as Tennyson sairl, Allie Vvrorlcl goes swinging flown tlue ringing grooves of cldangefy Your senior leaclers are now almost at tlie enrl of tlweir acarlemic voyage. Tlleir recorrl gives tlmem a well-cleservecl prirle in present arcomplislwment. They' are reacly now to turn their commissions ancl autlnorities into your lrancls. It is my laope and tlueirs tlmt you will accept anfl justify tlieir trust. Certainly, your taslq is lo preserve llme true values lllal inalre up your inlieritance . . yes, ancl to luuilcl upon tliat inlmerilance. lil SlICl1 ilil Clql10ft YOU l'l?lY6 lily CYCYY Qtltlfl XX'tSll. Ciiomsri Rowrfxxo COI.LINS, flssociole Dean. IIT UNIUPTS XXRTHUR PINSKY Presirtenl UFt"tCIiRS President .... funior Representative . . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . N a year markert hy several advantageous in- novations, the Junior Class amassect a recorct of achievement in social activites which has been surpassect hy few classes in the 41 year history of Commerce. From the First affair of the fatt semester. a splash- sociat at the Hotel St. George in November, to the Junior Prom in the spring term, the ctass of '42 showed an outstanding spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation. At the Smoker which was hetct Decemher 6 at Carusoys more than 80 juniors attenrtertg about . . ARTIIUR Puwsxv , N1XTI1AN SCIILANGER NATl'liXN KELNE . DOROTIIX' NEYERS . BOB SHERMAN . LORRAINE SMITH 60 coerts hctrt their annual Hen Party at the Hotel Vxfoodwarct. The turnouts for hoth affairs were the largest in the class history. Ectctie Dooley. New York Sun sportys writer, Dr, Attrect ht. Nielsen, professor of Economic Geography, and Mr. Frank Dephitips, instructor of Ntanagemcnt, were the guest speakers at the smoker. Dr. Hayward J. Hothert, ctirector of the Day Student Organization, and Dinah Shore, popular songstress, spoke to the girls at the Hen Party. Rocco Pcttetieri anct Irving Charles were the chairmen of the Smotier Committee, while tvluriet Roctnon, Doris Teitz, and Sylvia Katz co-chairmaned the Hen Party Committee. Under their leadership, the class also sponsored a pre-attair dance in At Lassman Hall on Novemher 21. Under the leadership of Arthur Pinstry, class president, and Richard Bernstein, chairman of the Social Committee, the ,tuniors sponsored the successful splash-social which was substituted for one of the usual Friday evening dances. txtore than 50 students tootc advantage of the innovation. Three of the regular class socials were held during the First semester, with an additional trio of spring term dances roundf ing out the yearts l-assman Halt activity. The most spectacular of the Friday night sociats was the pre-prom atttair, which was held in the University Commons on tvlarch 7. lvlore than 200 ,luniors and their guests ctancect to the music of Nat Nlitgram and his Royal New Yortcers' orchestra. Special dance contests were conducted. Prizes were awarded lo the winning contestants. XVith tlerh Vxteinherg, intra-murals chairman, setting the pace, the ,tunior hastrethall team won the school-class cham- pionship. tn later competition, they also defeated the Xvash- ington Square College champions. Among the team regulars were: Mitch ttochherg, Stu Sohet, Hal Frishman, l-en Naidet, and Morty Feinherg. Under the chairmanship of Nathan Kelne, the Committee for Special Events arranged for Lawrence W. Zimmer, direc- tor of the University Employment Bureau, to address a regular October meeting of the class. Mr. Zimmer spotce on the pos- sihility of ohtaining johs after graduation. Ctimaxing the year's activities was the Junior Prom. The annual attair was held on Friday evening, March 21, rather than on the usual Saturday night. Joseph Siegel, Prom Chairman, selected the Grand Batt- room of the Hotel Biltmore for the alttair. The spacious dance floor accomodated with pteasurahte ease the more than 125 couples who attended the format. H. Allen Smith, feature writer for the New Yortq Xvorld- Telegram, was awarded with a special scroll hy the .tunior Class as the outstanding feature writer of the Metropolitan press. The presentation was made hy Marvin Lettnler and Ernest Batdassare, puhlicity chairmen for the Prom. Special entertainment was provided for the Spring Prommers hy the cast of the Varsity Show. Led hy Stan Friedman, featured comic, who did several impersonations ot Hollywood cetehreties. the show cast won the ptauctits of the assemhted ltrotticlcers. tncluded among the other guest artists at the Prom were the Barnes twins, Lois and Lucitteg Nareda, Latin swingstressg and Stuart Allen. vocalist. The music for the affair was pro- vided hy Barry Winton and his Rainbow Grill Qrchestra. Reading from iop to bottom: Dorothy Meyers, Nathan Schlanger, Lorraine Smith, Nathan Kelne. 119 lJr0x1'1lf'f:l TfL5fISllFl'l' , OlflflCfliRS NWI IAN llwls Firsl Yif'l'llr'l'sirlv11l , . ,l 5QC'fl'l'll1fX' Qralwr' lllilllflllll 50001111 Vim'-llrc ull 'S' 'HI fjmsiclcerzl . NATHAN lj.-XYIS . ,IOIIN D, cjARLIN . l loxxwxma JXNUERSON , 'l4IlOM.X5 A.N1vuN lin Imran S'1'1:1cTK1..xNm Flx'me.xY SCHNIQIDER . NA'l'C'1RICIIEXVSKY Sum Clwlw Cl. lllxlem' BLUMQUIS1' Exwfzlil' Ulllllllllw' , . lllilqrsriru' 9'1'1i.xla llmclile Sc'11l.1-illn-'R .llxflx ,l. Kr-A11-xr'l4 'l Ili sflwll Nllllll lllw-ll lmf llc-my lmrl ul lllc m.u'l4l-fl lmy wllll-lmg lun fmcl lellllwglml lxlmll ul lllais ol' Ill-ll slum' lls C'Illl'ilIlf'i' mlm llln- Sf'l'100l c'rwlu11gl'cl llw 5f1c'la1l f'f1mmill0clo Il1illil7ll11'lI XIII ull fifwrmuvrfc' ilu lllilw was Illllfll in vx'lrln'11Cc: lllis fl-HIPC' UH Sf1llII'fli13' f'V0lllllQ, N"W'llllJf'l' lll H11 pzlsl f'CEll'. .Xf'llXl' ill llrwlli rlfass .lll,1H4 glml in gill. l'X4'll lmlggvl' .mil lwllvr iilllillll lQClI'l'NllIlIl'Ill XNUQ ClX'Cl1lllQ Ellll-illli 1 l NWS c'l1lcfr'ml lllc rr llplll-1' jlmim- xl-Ill-flflmlllll-Xfmlill.llmQml1nfQl1l'llll-lim ll ycvlr wlllw il Spml ffl :'lw rlylwzllllvll lmcl 1 l-.l fly scrvlfjc. lillf' l1f'lJ14'fl lllfllw' llllx Sflllllflilf f'Nl'IlHI" llfll Vl4NX'll SLIf'f'OSSl'lll'rl-slacmlls xx'c'rv NIJFYIISOICJ lu- ill! illlxilll' ln lu- 1'l-rlzcrlllvowfl. Vlllu- lasrgl' N Q0 l l lllc' films in l.il4SIIlilll llilllilllllllgll1l'IliiSlSCITlCSl,CI'. 1'l'rvwcl all ll1is llilIlI'C f1QlW'fl lllflt llll' cwlllfs Flwlmc' llalll clalrlvc- flmlvrl llhs s lrf' ml 4C'L1SOTl rolling' wus am vxcvpllclrlzll um: wllll il largr' rrflxwl ffl Cif'lINTl1ClI'1'llC'S UD llilflfl in flu NX'CClIlClS1lEll' l'Xl'IllIlQ, ixlilllll IT, imma N malc lllfl CXVTTIYIQ' il SIIWCSS. Flxluis alll.llr Wm llclcl Ul lllc Class lumvrl llul cn massv xvllll upper 1 011 XVPflI'1PSfl-13' f'W'llll'lU, Clflflllr-r Q3 :mfl was lllwcfl' flnssmclm lu wllm-ss llw zmmml ldppm- l- r llfl Alpha Phi Sigma, Junior llonorary t:raternity. Twiddting their lqingers hopefully, anxious .luniors awaited the outcome of the tappings, each hoping that a hand would tall upon his shouet- der. Htxtany were called, few are chosen" however, and only six upper .tuniors were tapped, according to Alpha tjhi Sigma procedure. tnstead ol sulliing disappointed hopefuls joined in the spirit ot the altair and their wortq on hehatt ot the Class is still very much in evidence. Xvhen the newly designed Alpha Phi Sigma Plaque inemhership was unveiled in tvtorris Halt in April a capacity crowd ot y-12ers titled the The real social peala ol the junior year was reached on Friday evening, txftarch Qt, when the .tunior Class comhined with the lower Junior Class and Day .tunior Class in presenting the animal ,tunior tjroin, tjutt dress and long gowns were the attire ol the evening at the Hotel Biltmore. where the t,roin was held. Barry Vvfintonys music and the excellent cuisine served hy the ttotets laitchen made this prom one to he long remernhered hy memhers ol the Class ol 1942. Stan trriedman, star comedian ol the Varsity Show paniclxed the tjromenaders with his imitations ol ttenry Aldrich. ,tames Stewart, Charles Boyer, Ctartq Gahte and others, and his hilarious deadpan comedy. Singers Paoli Dictqstein and Ronnie Ettstein ol' the varsity show gave tunelul renditions ot Htjer- and "Are You Having Funf' white Harriet Cohen, of that same production, presented an excellent tap dance routine. Among the guest stars at the allwair were the Barnes twins. Lois and t-ucitle, who were escorted hy Larry Targove and Dicli Jonas. Nareda, l.atin swingstress and Stuart Allen. vocalist entertained. A pleasant surprise of the evening was presentation ot a giant violet trimmed hirthday catve to Evelyn Sirotin, popular League ot Women president, who had just recovered lrom an appendicitus operation. To luring the year to a close, the Class comhiued its re- sources with the other evening classes in staging the Atl- Evening Commerce Spring Frotic at. the Hotel Detmonico, Part: Avenue at 50 Street. The altair which was as success- ful as its predecessor, the Evening Christmas Party, was welt attended hy mernhers ot the Class. tt was a litting close to an active .tunior Year. As memhers ol the Class of ,-12 tiled out ol: the tastefully designed Orchid Room, they turned to their old fellows in the Senior Class and remartqed, Htl? you fellows thintq you've done something this year, come hart: next year and watch the Senior Class ot 1942 do thingstn Reading from top Io tnollom: Richard Striclqland. Thomas Niven. Roger Schteider, ,tohn Carlin. 121 7 f SUPHS HCHll1" ANTHONY tlresiriteni OFITICTQRS Presiiivnl . . Vice-ttrvsirient . Secrelurv . Treasurer ttisioriuli . N enttlusiastic anct unusuatty time gpiritcct Ctass group teft tny a cooperative anct ettirient tuocty ot otticers matte time soptwomore ctass one ot ttme most outstancting Ctasses ttmis year. As usuat, ttwe soptls tost ltwe tug-ot-war to ttie Frestmmen anrt tcissect Caritmatctfs teet in otueisance. Stan Reictmgott, Uzzie Settzer, Eti tsinrtman, Len Vxtainictc, tsaac' Uort, Bernie Bishop, ttrantc txtin- Ctmati, anct Norman King, tormect ttme speartieact ot time Soptw team. During ttme same weetc ttwat ttmis occurred, ttie tirst ot a series ot ctass ctanves was ttetct in Commons. -title sopt1 sociats in t.assman 2 . . . t'tERBEi:T ttCIIlP,' ANTHONY . . . ttiiuxfxizn BISHOP . . . . . . t.uCiLLE RAEMER . .tIiANIi'l"I'Ii PIiRI.MlVl"l'ER ttfirsl. tcrmt ciYNTIlIA Korisliizcz tgecomt termj . t.u.i.i.xN RUBHNSTHN twtatt were att very wett atteuctect ttirougtwut tt'1e vear. Dance previews were inctuctect in ttie prepara- tions tor ttme tten Party anct Smotier. As a pututicity stunt, time tien party Co-Ctwairwomen, Rtwocta tjriect- man anft Ruttl Tautm, intendect to tmave a Ctwictcen paracte tttme tqinct wittd teattmerst to stop att gotct- Fist1-eating stunts, taut ttte potice Woutct not sane- tion ttwe ictea. rt.t'lG girts tletd ttweir attair at ttie ttotet Ctarirtge anct gratityingty enjoyect a recorct attendance. The party was matte more ot: a success wtwen tmanft-tmeaten copper pins. tuearing ttde tetters N.Y.l V. on llwein were clislriluulecl lo every girl wtio was present. 'lie-clasps liaving an Niall. loly were lianclecl out al llie fate l.oyale wliere tlie Sopli incn laacl ltieir Smoker. ljor ltie lirsl liine in llie liislory ol llu: scliool, llie Sluclenl, Council awarclenl a plaque lo an unclergracluale lor tiis oulslancling Cooperation willi anoltier Class. Stan ReiCl1Qoll presenll-ml ltui awarml lo Bernarcl l.oeClver. wlio was a guest at llie clinner. Holm l,il,llielcl ancl Nan Rewliggoll were llur Cliairinm-n ol lluf Sinoler. Ainong llie laCully guests were Professor ,lolin A. lyxryson anrl Dean llerlnerl lxl. Srliiller. fxliip rxnlliony, llresirlenl ol llwe Class was lsiclnappecl ltu: clay prior to llie Smolaer ancl llwe girls al, llie lien parly were given an aclclecl lreat wlnen lu- was unCr-riinoniously inarctlmecl into ltie Cliningg room arrayeml in pajamas ancl CosineliCs. Vlltiis was all instigalecl lay llic lrcslnnen in retaliation lor tlio laicl- napping ol lxlel Aslcenase llie Frosti ljrcsiclenl. lmy Ozzie Seltzer. Len VvVainiCl4, ancl liranlc lvlinclialc. Professor llolluert was liearcl lo reinarlq sorrowlully, wlien Claip einln'aCc-cl liim. ul liarl to Colne lo a Hen-ljarly lo lie lqissecl liy a lcllowyu l,lnpreCeclenlecl in class aclininislralion was ltie waiving ot luis presiclenlial prerogative lny fftiip Antliony in regarfl lo llie appointment ol Committee Clwairmen. ll lias lyeen Cusloinary lor llae presiclenl lo Choose llie Claairmen neeclecl lor every Connnitlee wl1iCl1 is aelive in Class proCeeclings. This year liow- ever, ltie Class was given ltie power lo vote tor one ol llie Co- Cliairinen wlmile llae presiclenl reservecl llme privilege lo select llu- otlier. The plan was well accepted by llae Class anrl worlterl wilti a great rleal ot success ltirougli ttie year. This arrangef rnenl was originally eoneeivecl to malqe class politics more rleinoeratiC. Tlie plan lias lbeen Consiclererl, ancl may lie ulilizecl in llae future lay oltmer Classes. Ttie All-University Frolie saw a large turnout troin ltie Class ol 113 as flifl llie trip ttiat was lalcen luy management slurlenls lo llie lnternalional Business lNlaCl1ines Corporation al l':ncliColl, New Yorlc. The annual liffillf' lor ttie goptm Class was lielcl al ilu- lilmluassy Rooin anrl llalian Garrlens ot' ttie llolel Am- lvassarlor. This allair wt1iCl1 lnrouglat to a suCCesslul Close an aClive year lvy ltie Class in all stuclent aCtivities was plannerl narl run lay Eclclie Xvolle anrl Ozzie Seltzer. ln all sinCerily. it can tue saicl ttiat llwe success ol llie Class ol 'Vi lias tween flue to llwe willingness of eaCl1 meinlver ot ltie Class to Cooperale witla tlwe olliCers. anfl ll'1e line Qooclwill wl'1iCl1 was Createrl lay llie Class in its relations Willa otlier Classes in Coinrnerce. Siwli Cooperation ancl goocl worlq porlencl a very lurigtil tuture lor ltle Class ot I0-45. Reading from lop Io tnollomz Bernarrl Bisliop, l..uCille Raemer, Cynllua Kolluerg, Lillian Rulminstein. 123 " we ,Q 4 X ff K , lllxx l.isnoxx'1'1lz Prcfsirlenl Prlfsidml . . . llxxini. XV. Lmsowirz Truusnrvr .... . rXR'r11L7R Fl. Smirscii First Yirrv-ljrrfsirlvfil fX1.Iix V. l3RASI1PlL Sccoml xyllff'-lJfl'Sl11l'ill . lrmrimie Kl.IiS'l'AD'l' SPCT'L'lUfj' . . . . c,iIIARI.ES SKOOG Qmlor . 'llnoxms XXXVIIJDEN llisloriun . SEYMOUR ZILLNICK l3ii1eN.VxR1,m TEiT1.1:rsA13M ljkfxxx fi.Xl'IiI. Exocnliiw Coinnzillme . lflmuxim xvlllilfl AND XX'1l,1.1,xM llrlzczlx Vx'1l.1.1,-xM Fc'11wlxR'1'Z lslli Evening Class Ol 19113 llelicvcs llml il is sl-lwll ilXYill'f' ul an nctliwc lowcr .lnnior cvcnini malaing svlwool lmislory. Tlmrougll time lmrlcrslmip vlziss. Ol Daniel XV. l.c'lmowilz as prcsiclenl, ilu- Class Several crvclnls ol prirnc' imporlunrv IT'lilIiliCfl lln lms clone evcryllming prwssilnlc lo mopcmlc- willi llirl Class pznlicriprllion in svlmol aclivilivs. Tlmc lull governing orgmiixzilion ol ilu- Illglll slnclclnl lmrmcly lcrm was slznslcrcl lyy ClCl40ElllI1Q llw filuss ol l9l' so llml fl slrnng unrl cnvrgclic' rluss I'I1lQlll lick lwnill. in rr lnowling nmlcll clnring the mrwnllm nl Ovlolx Class rwmfcrrs lmvc lnlwn lllcir wnrlr svrionsly linparlizll r+lmsc'rx'Crs agrcml lllal lllc Class clirl von :incl lmvc inaclcl il Qfwml jolm nl' il. Formlirfsl nl lllc wr-ll lmy flf'l'CXilllI1Q lllc-ir upper crluss uppmmcnl Ullifc' lwlclcws :nw .xrllinr gl'JCI'lV1'. liX'CDl1'lQ SlIllSCClllC'Ill lwmvling nmlvlwcs willl 41llll'l' flnss Ciffllllfll roprvsvillulivc anrl Alex V. llmsllpil, elnrl vlnlms xvillnn llmc- Srlmol Ol Cmninc-rCC provu wlwsc ollorls in lllc- f'0IT1lJlIlC'fl frlllros ml lirsl vice! illsl as slI1'f'f'sslul. Xxllvr winning six slmiglxl lwxxl prcsiclcnl ancl pnlmlicsily fXllElll'IHf1I1 lmw' mnflc' ll'1C ini l'Dillf'll!'S. lllc lcwnn lmcmnflnvcl lllc' lad lllil IQ-1 more games could not have been played. Cn Saturday evening, March 8, the lower Junior Class entered opposition with the Senior Ball hy presenting their own social-clance in Lassinan Hall. Far from suffering from inferiority complexes, memlyers ol: the class turnerl out en masse for this affair, clespite the upper class competition ancl heavy snow that hacl fallen cluring the clay. Un Frirlay evening, lvlarch 21, the Class of 19-15 joinecl with the evening lower .lunior class ancl the clay .lunior class in presenting the Annual .lunior Prom held this year at the llotel Biltmore. Despite the harclship imposecl on worlcing evening stuclents hy a Friclay night affair, evening Juniors turnecl out in white ties ancl tails to enjoy the multituclinous arlvantages ol! this allair. Barry Vwlinton, who was currently playing at the Rainhow Grill in Raclio City, suppliecl the music lor the evening. His orchestra, whose smooth strains were so enjoyecl hy the clancers, is a society favorite, having playecl the country over. Guest stars ol the evening were H. Allen Smith, Xvorlct- Telegram columnist, whom the Junior class hacl votecl the out- stancling feature writer ol the Metropolitan pressg l.ois ancl Lucille Barnes, clancing twins of George Whitels Great White Wayfg Narecla, l,-atin-American songstress from l.eon anal Eclclielsg anal various memlyers of the varsity show, Hcampus to Khahiu At 5: 50 a.m. the last of the straggling couples lelt the clance floor, congratulating Chairman Joe Siegal on the excellent management of the Junior Prom of the clay anal evening classes. Not content to have only one formal alllair cluring the year, memlaers of the Class rleciderl that the Council-sponsorecl Spring Frolic helrl at the Hotel Delmonico in Nlay woulrl he just the place for a goocl time. This clecision was accompaniecl lay requests for lnirls to the allair loy members of the Class. The seconcl Lassman llall social was held on Wecliiesrlayf evening, April 50. On this night Lassman Hall was paclqecl with memlpers of the lower Junior class as well as memlaers from other classes who were in search of a goocl time. The dancing was smooth and the refreshments tasty. This allair servecl as a successful winrl-up for a very active year, Both socials at Lassman lnoasterl of lively company, goocl music, and goocl refreshment. ln presenting the two outstanding inner-school socials, the Class rnarle goocl its looast at the lneginning of the year that it woulrl strive to have a higger ancl luetter social program than they hacl in previous years. Two years to go lielore gracluationg ancl just watch the Class of1945 Reucling from iop to holiom: Williain Durgin, x!VilliHIH Schwartz, l.othar Klestaclt, Arthur lvl. Spence. l 125 Presirteril . . Vive-flresirlerzl . Treasurer . Seerelary . Hislorinn . NUER the guirtanee ut Sictney Ctazer and Actotpti R. Seotti, ttrestiman actvisers, ttuis yearts Frosti Ctass was quietqty organizect. Early in the First term ttie Frostw-Soptw lug-ot war was tietct in Vwyastiiiiggton Square Parte. Frestwinen Lteteatert on the first try, won the next two engagements, anct the vanquistwect goptmomores, aeeercting to tractitien, were otxtigect to Liss ttie weattmcrect tee ot Carituatcti. Xvatty Srtiwartz anct Bert Batntailt were Chosen Co-etiairmen ot ttie Smoker Committee, white Zara Wagner amt Frefta Betogoor were appointect 126 PHUS tX'tliI.1'XSKljNASli Presirten I . . . . . Ntr1l.ASKENrXSF . tXtAI. ttflflll-QNI'-IiRC tlst termt DON Scmsxcmwrrz flirt lermt . . . . RAYKUPCIIINSKY . . Riixliii Ccmixmx fist tcrml t.ii,i.i.xx t'.IiNIJRlI'lI tinrt termj . Roxxiii GOLD to tieaft ttie Hen Party Committee. Botti attairs were tietrt on December 20. The Smoker was tietct in the Broactway ttoftnrau, anct Ur. Nietson was guest speaker. After ttme guest speatcer was heard. the tmeys snatqe-ctaneeet six tmtocts to ltie tten Party wtiiftm was being tietct at the Hotet Victoria. High- tigtit et ttie attair was ttie arrivat et Ctass presictent Met IXStiCl1EiS6. wtwo tmct tween tcictnappeet by a group of Soptmomores on the preventing ctay. tVtatQ- ing a granct entranre, swattdect in tbanctages, ltie etass prexy was given tiis etotties anct attewect to join tlis Classmates ter the reinaincter ot ttie evening 1111111w111g 11 1111111-y 111111101 1110 1111111w111gg gl1CS1S sp11111- 111 1110 111-11 11111151 1911111-ss111' SIJYOQLIC, 151. 1111111011, 1X11ss 111-1111- man, 111111 1'11'01y11 S1fU11II. XA1711CIl 1111- 1111ys 1lf1'1YCC1. 1111I'I11fl1111C'S XYCTC 0111111111111-1,1 a1111 C1ilIlf'1IlQ 111-531111, 111 1'11111ax 1111 C'll14lj'111D1L' 1-x'011111g. 11111111-1111111-1y 01111-1 1111- N11x'0111111-r I1l1K1f1CI'I11S, 1-11-1'1i1111s w1-1'1- 110111. N1-1 As1101111s1-, 111111 1111011011111-rg, ilIlC1 Ray 1f11p1'11111s11y w010 1-11-1'11-11 111 1111- 1111101-s 111 p11-si111-111, 11170-p11-si111-111, 111111 11'Cf1SlIfL'I', 1'1-sp01'11x'1-1y. 111-111-0 C11r111111 w11s 1-10111-11 s1-1:11-1111y 111111 1417111110 C11111. 111s1111'11111. 1.11101 111 1111- y1-111' 151111 F11s1111w11z was ilI1IJ111Il1CL1 Y1l'l'-lJI'l'SIf1l'111 11,1 il x111'11111'y, 111111 11 s11111'1 111110 11111-1, 1.i111a11 1jCI1K1I'1C1l was Z1lJIJl11ll10f1 111 1111- 1'111'11111'y 111 1110 1111100 111 SCf'I'C1ilI'y. V14111- 8111-1111 Cl1Il11ll111l'Q?, 11011111-11 113' 1311111' 311-1171-1, .X11111 g11YC'fS1l'1Il 111111 T1-1111y S11'1s111, 141111 s1-11-1111 SllC'I'CSS1'l11 1:I'1f1i1B' 011-111110 11111111-s. as 11-1-I1 11s s1-v1-1111 1l11l'I'Il011ll 11111111s. 11111 1i1's1 51111111 w11s 111-111 I1llI'1IlQ 1111- 111s1 s1-1111-s11-1, 111111 1111111-11 111 111- il QfCEl1 s1i11111111s 1-111 1111 111'1ix'1- 11'11s11 spi111. '111111 11151 s111'1111 111' 1111- s01'111111 11-1111, 111-111 111111110 1jC1J1'llill'y. NYIIS 1i1011111y s1111w1-11 lIIH1CIA, 111-1'1111s0 1111 Il Y1fI14'll1 s1111w S1f1I'lll. 1111-10 was 11 11-ry p11111 S1'lOXX'1l'lQ. 11111 11 53111111 111111- was 11a1'1 115- 1111150 YY1111 11111-11111-11. T110 s111'ia1 11111111111101- 111s11 ran a fJI'C-gI11111iCI' 111111 111-11 1,1lI'15' c1a1100 1111 1110 11111-111111111 111 1300. 5, 111 1111 0111111 111 1-111'11111'11Q1- 1110 S1111- 111 S11111111-1 111111 111-11 1-,ar1y 111111-ls. A SllC'f'C'SS1'll1 p11-f Hop s111'1111 was 111-111 1111 il 1Tri11ay 1-vc-1111111 11011111- 1111- 111111. 11,11 1110 S111110 p111'p11s1-. N11X'C111E'S 111111 s1111x'1-1111s XVPTC f11S1I'117ll1l'f1 10 1111150 1110501111 111111 1111- sa1e 111 111'1101s 1111 1110 111111 was g1ea11y 111111-11sc11. A1101 1116 C11F1S1II1ilS v111'111i1111, 1111- Vigi1a1111- C11111111i111-1-, 11013111-11 11y C111111111 1j11i111ps a1111 11111 A111131. I'J1iiI1I1l'11 1111-11 10101100 1111 1110 1Q1C1llilIiIJ1IlQ 111 1110 1'111ss 1111151111-111. P14110 1111y 111-11110 1110 s11p11111111111- s111111101, 1110 1011111111100 HSll1l1f'11CK1H s11p11111111111- P11155 1311-si111-111, Chip A111111111y. 1111w0v1-1, 11111-1 El 1100111 K1ily. 1110 011p11x'1- 1-sC11p011. N111 111 111- 01101111-11 111 its 10101101-. 1111- 0111111111111-0 w1111011 1110 111-x1 1111y 211111 I'i'K'i11l1llT4'f1 1110 1111g11i1'1- as 110 was 1-1110111151 1110 s11p1111m1110 S11111111-1, A111-1 c110ss111gj A1111111113' 111 Il 1111i1'1111111s 11111111, 110 was 1111111111-11 111 1 1110111-11 13111152 111 111-1-p111gg w1111 1111s s111'1'0ss1111 SIDIFI1, 1110 1'111ss 1ss111-11 fl 11111111-1153111111111-11 IYICXYSIJZIIICF, w1111111 11pp1-111011 131-NYCC'141X. 111111 we-1-111y 111111110 1110 1111111111 111 171-11111111'y. A1111-111s111Q was 511111111-11, EIIIC1 1110 p11p1-r was 1111- Hrs! 1'111ss pape-1 111 5111111011 i1s011, A s1n1111 11111111 w11s s1111w11 111 1111- 1-1111 111 1110 y1-111. 1 111w11- K11111- 1-11111-11 1110 I'JiljJCl'. wi111 ,1110 S111-11111-1 11s m111111p1111j 1-1111111 1 EUIC1 .1CI'I'y fs1111f1 EIS 11115111955 IUIIIWEIQCF. H1,ElY1C'H IIIH1 S!-11XYEll'17 NYCFC 101111110 1-1111111s. A11 a011v0 year was 1'11max011 113' il s11000ss1111 1Tl'11S11 111151 110111 1111 1X111y 10111 111 1111- 1111101 1i111s1111. Daw- C11-1-11111-rg w11s C1'1il1I'IT1ZlT1 111 1110 a11qair. R1-111111111 1111111 lop 111 1111110111: 1101100 G11r111111. Ray K11p1'11111s11y, Ronnie C11111, 1301101111 S11s1111wi1Z. 127 'ln P1-IILQJETTING Presiclent OFFICERS lYJl'UStflt'ltl T reusurvr . . , Vice-ltresirlenl . Fecrelury . Qrutor . Historian . Execulive Comnzillee . Rfjlyl ttie lirsl, meeting' in Septemlner until tlie last meeting in April. tlwis class ol upper Snptio- inorcs plannect activities anct social ill-liltfStl'lE1tgEiX'G every memlnc-r ot ttwe class ample opportunity to Hget into ttwc swing ol ttiinggsn txlenilners ol? ttie Class ot t-H twaye all provvct tlieir loyalty to this slogan. rtttie Class ol' IU-t-Its Hrst event was sponsorcct iointty witti ttie tfvcning Sturtent Council. This atttair inauguratc-ct ttie Councitys Vxtectncsctay eve- ning Program ot Nigtits. tjcaturcct speatter on tlsiis rounft-tatnle program was tlwigtit Bracken ot ttie . . . Puiruh C. Uurrixc . t"izANiu.YN J. LYNFORD . tVtII.TON LUNENFELD . GEORGE Arsrmivis . . . lRVING SYDEN . l.ANVRENCE MANLDELL fXi.izEiar Sciiwfxirrz . CtEORGE Cieoxiiie Enwfxizn t tow' taio ttnisiczsnzix txlan txlartaeting Clinic. txlr. Bractcents tatla was entitteft tttolvs anct ilu- tvlenfy tn tus speeclw tie outtinect ttic necessity tor ttie personal appeal in all jolgs anct ttie necessity tor the personal appeal in all jolus anct ttie necessity tor inctiyictuats not to lJe automatons on tlieir jolis. tvlr. Plractqcnts tatli was welt rcceivect tny an cnttiusiastic auctience in Lass- inan ltatt. Following Mr, Bracttents tatlc ttie group joinect in a general ctiscussion ot tlwe speecti. lvlr. Braclcen answerect questions in a format question periocl alter ttic speecti. lmmetliately prior to the Christmas vacation, ineinliers ol the Class ol ,44 joineil with the Evening Stuclent Council in presenting the Annual Christmas play lor evening stiulents. This annual histronic event gave the memhers ol the lfvening Class ol y-H an opportunity to escape the husiness atmosphere ol their everyclay unclertalqings. Despite competition lroin upper classmen. l-I4 memhers were well ahle to olztain some ol the coveterl parts in this pantomine play. Un .lanuary Nt. ineinhers of the Class ancl their guests traipsecl to the School ot licl Gym lor a haslvetlaall game ancl dance social. The Evening Commerce haslcethall team, several of whose memluers were y44,ers, were leaturecl in this altair in competition against, the lleightys haslvetlmall team. Alter the Commerceites won the game, the Class ot 19-1-1 joinecl in an impromptu Victory clance. The iclea ol having a cornhinecl lvaslcetlnall game anal clance is comparatively new with the night classes. The crowtl assemhlecl proverl the popularity ol this innovation. Despite the tact that the attair was intenclecl as a mirlfyear spurt, it provecl to he a prohtallle one lrom the social anrl linancial point ol view. Un April Q5 the evening Sophomores gatherecl with the clay sophomores tor their Annual Sophomore llop. This year the Sophomore llop lnoastecl ot having one ot the largest turnouts from the night class in many years. As the Sophs tlancecl to the solt anrl sweet music which was the leature of the evening, class memluers tool: time to aclmire each other in their tails, 'Q' my . - tuxecloes, ancl evening gowns. A tar cry, they agreecl, from the ' A business suits ancl clresses worn cluring the regular school weelq. 0, Q9 af The activity ol the Class ol I9-H can hest he shown through the activity ot its incliviclual memhers. lvlany ot these evening W' sophomores are not only very active in their class allairs hut also talve a great cleal ol' interest in school allairs. ljhil wetting is very active on the evening section ol the Bulletin anrl in that capacity, earnecl a silver lvey. Franlq l.ynlortl is not only lures- iclent ol his lrralernity. hut is also in charge of Evening School Athletics. t As the school year clrew to a close, the Class ol 19,1-I was alzle to loolq lqaclq upon a successful anil active year. ln aclrlition to active participation in their own class attair, meinlmers toola a cleep interest in all ol the allairs sponsorecl lay other evening classes antl hy Evening Slutlent Council. Loolring to the future, the sages ot Commerce preclict an even more active group ot '4-tlers next year ancl point to the souncl lounclation lnuilt this year as cviclence. Reauling from lop to lzollom: George Alnrams, Franlqlyn rl. l.ynlorcl, lxlilton lJtll'iCl'iF6lf'l, Nlurray Schneicler, 120 tix' MAN taxuifiiiz Prtfsirteril OtftftC7liRS Presiftwil . . Trwisiirw' . ttYiwiAN t.,xi:1fEie . ,turns tgii i-Qxiargix flsl tc-fmt Niieini ttnsi-Lxiaiiiecz flint tCI'IUt Vicvfl'rvsidwiI . . , ttwmx tx'tORCANS'l'IilN Scvrvlury . ttcmisi-Liu' t'IIiRI.l't'SCIIliR Orutor Hi5!urimi .... Executive Colrunillce . S FFCSINDCII Uflft Elffiltlt ilS S0pltUl'IlOl'CS, th!! C, tass ut H113 was unc ot the teactc-is in setamit atttairs. ixtany memtmers of time Class partieipateft afttivety in ttic actministralinn anft mpc-i'alirin of srttanot anrt Ctass functions. Umeers anft merntaers of the Ctass were equatty prominent in extra-cur ricutar activities. Ptitirougti the teafterstiip of tjresictcnt tty t.aufer, Treasurers ,tutes tittentnein anct ixtiriam Rosenberg, the Evening Student Cminvit representatives. members of ttie class were Ctosety associatect wittm the numerous enjoyatmte attdairs sponsorect by ttac . ROBERT Coxxxuxx' . ttiiizxmx Cfmiiix I.:-gcmxixien Roxiixsxi MAX Kiziixrz Ceiinrtit ttiis year. time fitass nf IU-I3 was faeect witti the protgtem eta ctuptirating their exrettent recorrt nf tast year. they reatixc-ct that ttieir serial pmgrain woutct have to surpass ttac one nt' last year, Vvfittl tittte hesi- tation ttie evening sfmptiomores tuvgan their task of prcwicting entertainment for ttieir Ctassmates. The srwiat season was epenect witti a Vvyectnesetay night ctanve in t-assman Hatt cturing the ttlirct weetq in Nm emtuer. Despite tire inctement weather on ttais niggtwt. ttue ttatt was paetccft wittw enttiusias- tic soptioinores who prfwect that Ctass spirit existcct in had weather as well as gooct weather. The smooth music anct the trolliclqing couples provecl heyoncl a rtoulmt that there was plenty of lite in the Class of VIS. On Wertriesclay night, March 5, the Classwjoinect with the Evening Stuclent Council in presenting a special agent ol the Unitect States Treasury Department as a guest spealaer in one of the series of micl-weelc forum programs. Visitors to this nnf usually interesting meeting were instructect as to the recognizing points of goott anct lnact money. The representative from the Treasury Department, lvtr. l. J. lsipson, proverl entertaining as well as instructive in his speech. Supplementing Mr. liip- son's speech was a picture entitlect. Htfnow Your lvloneyfy Lowell Thomas, worlrt lamous journalist, was the narrator in this movie. The Class cooperated once again with the Evening Stuclent Council to matte the All-Commerce Smolqer at lxingcharnps Restaurant a real success. Many memhers of the Class were ahle to luecome lietter acquainted at this smolcer ancl to plan the succeerting events for the rest of the year. Before the Christ- mast holiclays, the Class worlaecl with the Council in its spon- sorship ot the highly successful Christmas party. Vvtith the arrival ot the year-enct holirlay anrt the linal examinations, the sophomores temporarily cliscontinuerl its participation in stuctent. activities, only to come haclc the second term with a cloulmlef luarrellerl loart ol activity. Soph llop time was a high point in the year's activities. llarnl vvorlaing class othcers helpecl lguilcl this allaii' into one ot the most successful ever. Swaying couples who enjoyert the countless numlaer of congas anct rhumhas anct just plain swing anal sweet tunes agreecl that the llop was a litting close for a successful year. The llop was helrl on April 25 anrl was attenclect hy many upper-classmen as well as guest stars from the stage, screen, anrl raclio world. agreecl that this year,s Soph tlop was comparalnle to last yearys Fresh llop held ai the Casino-in-the-Air ot the Belmont. Plaza tlotel. Because ol' the pressure of outsicte husiness. 'treasurer .lules Ellenhein was torcect to leave school. Feeling that no man coulct inherit the mantle of Eltenlnein, the Class solvert the prohlem very simply hy electing a girl to the ollice. Miriam Rosenberg, the hrst girl ever electect to the Evening Sturtent Council as a class representative, tool: on a man,s joh anrl provect herself worthy of the position. Unusual ancl clitterent in more ways than one, hoth male anrl female memhers of this class anal others will agree, that the Class of 1945 is certain to malce its mart: in the annals of Commerce llistory. Rowling from top to tzoilom: lVtiriam Rosenherg, l-eonarrt Rozenslri, Hyman Morganstein, Rohert Conway. ISI 2.434 rg. Sioxiiv l-ieHTMixN Presirlent OFFICERS l,l'l'5tfl!'Ill . 7. reusurer .... Firsl vice-fyrrfsirlenl Sertonrt X7tt'P-lJFC'Sff'IC'Itf . Secretory .... Omlor . Hisloriruz . Exertulive fiOHllTltHL'i' . ' 6 I 5 what you fto and how you cto itu was the by-word of this yearys group of evening trestimen. Orientation, soeiats, stances and smokers were att partieipatert in, anct ttie frestirnan class rtirt a swett iota of eaeti ot ttierri. Activities for ttie term were startect the rigtit way tuy two orientation meetings tietrt for the purpose ot acctimating ttie neoptiytes to their new surrounrlings. The n tvaifrrtly sprnisorert orientation, was tietct in Lassman on Friday evening, September 28th. Sctiotastieatty gartnect, Deans Jotin T. txftrictcten anct Ifctwarct J. Kutctutt I5 . . . . SIDNEYLICIITMAN . NORMAN R. NELSON . Erzuusr RACKMILOWITZ . . Orro W. IVIEYER . . Nuiuzixv WEisFELD . Sixiviuizi. SCHLEICIIKORN . Suvriouie Vxfriixsrocx Cii,xiei.iis Hiiiioizx. JR. AR'i'ifir'iz fXni.iiiz . Rrmisiiiri' XvAN Ciiiroriiz ljiiiriv Tiiieerii. ViNeiiN'r NACDoNNEi.i. sounttert the keynote in xvetcorning ttie evening frcstirnan etass. Professor Robert B. Jenkins spotce on extra-curricular activities anct the graduate guest of honor. Ctiartes txtostiowitz, treasurer of Loewys Inc., ctetiverert a tattc on the student and the oulsirte wortrt. Chairman of the attqair was Dr. Louis Bader. The seconrt of the Freshman Orientation meet- ings was one voiictuetect by the Evening Student Couneit on Vfertnesrtay evening, Qetotmer 16th in Lassman Halt. Prominent student teacters, among which was tirtwaret P. Ntay, Evening Stuctent Council president, spol4e ol ttie many extra-curricular activi- ties open to evening students and urged frestiman participa- tion. Wilt Sclmulaert, student adviser tor ttie Evening liqresliman Class, was ctiairman ol ttae meeting. Spring lrestaman taad ttaeir orientation, too, during ttae early part ot Fetzruary. 'ttiis orientation was unusual in tliat it was divided into two sec- tions. The lirst taatt ol ttrie program was given over lo tlie lacutty wtiile ttie second tialt was conducted lJy tlie Student Council. Deans tterlmert fl. Schiller and Edward ,t. Kitdult spolce ot ttae many opportunities open to New Yorli University students. Alumni guest ol tlme evening was Rolnert Kelly, President ol ttie Scliool ot Commerce Alumni Association who told ol luis days lmacli in Commerce. Because ttie Sclaoot Administration and lfvening Student Council desired an opportunity to clxeclr omcerys standings, lrestaman elections were delayed until alter tlie mid-term ex- amination period. Nominations and elections were governed lay ttie Evening Councitys Election Committee. '0llicers im- mectiately assumed ttieir positions and set alnout malqing a name lor ttie Class ol 19-16. SictneyLicl1tman, xvtio was elected President ol tlie Class in tteie Fatt elections, resigned ttie position during tlie Spring term liecause ol tlsie pressure ot outside lnusiness. tsirst vice-president Ernest Raclcmitoxvitz moved up to tlmis position and assumed tlde presidency during ttie second liall ot tlie year. Not to tae outdone lay ttie upper classes, ttie Class ol 10-I6 sponsored two dances in t.assman tlatt. A Vvlednesday niglit social on Felnruary t9tl'1 and a Saturday niglut social on Marcti 29tl1 ataounded in good txellowslaip, lun, relrestiments and live music. Putting ttiis continued interest in sctaool interest to good use, ttie Class sponsored a Freslaman Smolqer at Rosotls Restaurant on ttriday evening, Feluruary Qtst. Tlriose students wtao triad come merely lor tlie tree cigars. cigarettes and souvenirs found a pleasant surprise waiting lor tliem in tlme persons ol Dean Schiller, tlrolessor Nielson and Professor .tenlrins, wlio tictpect malqe ttie smolqer a lively one liy tlaeir very entertaining speeclies. tn lxtay, tlie Class ol 10-16 joined witla ttae Day tsrestiman Class in running ttie tjrosli Hop at tlae Hotel Edison. Flanlced lay guest stars and soft: smootlaing music, tlie lresta- men enjoyed one of ttie most pleasant Frosta Hops in many years. For tlie First time in ttie taistory ol: ttae lrestiman class, ttais year's Frosti Hop was all format. tn otlier years it was allowalale to come in semi-formal attire. Ttie tlieme ot ttie Frosti Hop was Pan-American good-will. Freslrimen spread tlae good-will lay engaging in rldumlnas, congas, and cariocas. tlips swayed and slloutders remained rigid wtaile ttie orcldestra played tlae captivating South Ameri- can tunes. Vttais atlair marlced ttae close of an active enter- tainment sctaedule. Reading from top to lioifom: Norman R. Nelson. Ernest Raclcnilowitz, Seymour Xveinstoclc, lvturray Weislelct. 153 J fa 'yi Q m X' A Mm . n 1 x a -ww' fw rv' a u. ey , af Q' YK. .r In ,mga XA 1 V739 -. f. J .llcfiviiies ..." 9- ,ww ,ww ,pw .gm F 253 if I I : 5 A: sz, Zi , nh ze' ,X E J S X .li E Q. wh ' 25 4 , 1 , Q . Q Q fs IS ,T K Y rv 2 3: if A , E 2 z Q 5 5 3 7 Q 1, ,..... 1 if 2 5 RIL Hbp, 5 A 58-eoznuf, ek E , , AI.. 1- 4- .-wr .- 'jwfw -, I S ,.. -1- . . 'J-,J J . ., - Wifi ." - -.' -'f 2- 1 fi ' -. ' -1. a - ' Q " 'fi-'il - - .y ig ,, f :Q A1 H .1 f-Q is X r - . 1. -K .TEV i, l V.-t,.,q,?4. I . M V . , S 4,1 k A .F VI: . 344 1 'Iva' ding, - T 9 ' b -7f"'1+"'3?H' 'fi' wi' ""'?H '71 H -' - 7:9 .55 'rjghgqylzl ,Mr , c qe .A 1- .zkawt Q - . , v . Lg -5 -A, A., , 4, ,Q . . , 1 3.41. l ,ll v,5,., .3 I 1,45 . fQa'41?ZdfLlfiQ'g,,J12Y'i fin! .i3g,537iJ51Wf 1-1.,,-,1f,mff,4fk:Qn'55Y?foQ+E:1 . fgLW5i42'E:fj 2m-1. an f:'F3ff'c':!fE?,1-'1:f?'?'i:,i ff:-I wwf.. QQ' :'7j,Q' 4,?Df' f'2ga'f'-3-fI1,'Jf?2.5331-'ji -ff 5 Qii-2753-4. '9j2rI4f-fEfQ::',giQ",'f, jgggfgilsi f'6TI'f',4'Q'Qa g1 :1i'i4l'f 5421':j.'3 9,-f"v..?'1 afg..'.j1':::f! az,-flu, .-14:-fa.-gf'fS.f g3x'ix?e:Q,,,'-'v-N:-rf ,455 gfL',w'.-2'-5 1'Q..qH!'w-xr mfg-fifdgf:w.i'a-sq'fjf .1 --: .Syn-,A 5-2 . 5. -mfg-. -x.: .Q f4.qr':5'f-.3,,j,'1x V -f, ff' , 3-?ga1f-ifcvfgff r f 1-i Lf if Rf ' tw? fl is Q 15-W Ef-E' -1:1 f :'ffi'r.?J"i:-'vfAi5'29i1'5-5' 'l' 1 ' ' "af-f":'2f'L'f-f'5'iffy15751:--"nf.:-,'-fi'P,--'' ' If A- l -. -.'.. ,. ,--,- ',, A. 4.f,.-q3,x,Nc..'-3.H'6:Qf1J.vf- -1. K, E. uri, ,t , , 55,5-bw, ,, -.,.'g.5 Erif-f-,,.,:h,', :rt-. . w tif .- v ,:A':f. 2 - '- L 1 K . - V -23 ' ' x 4 . . . N . , If Sl IERII JAN SQLTfXlQli crore Ho1,miR'1', Miss R1-3U'r1M,xN, Plemffissole JENKINS ,'XflI'fSl'I'S In Sfll!ll'llf Urgurziiuliurzs 1541 OlflfICIiRS FOR 19-lOAl94l Presiclenl . . Vice-Presirlenl . Secretary . . Rom:1a'1' C. IIARRIS . SOI, Grtxrmtxx FRANK BIINCHAK CUUNCTII, MEMBERS FOR topmtml Senior Class Presimlwzt . Iunior Class Presimlent . Sophomore Class Presulenl . . FFCSIIIHGII Class Presiflenl . . L,O.XV.I'msulef11 . . Senior Represenlutives funior Representative . Freshman Advisers . Bulletin Represenlulive Senior Representative lo Athletic Board . . . JACK CTRESPIN . , , , 4X1e'r11L'lzlJ1xs1u' lIIiRISER'l' C. Axrrloxx' . 1XIIiI..'XSKIiN.XSIi . . . . Evl-1l.YN SIROTIN . ZxIUR'I'lMIiR B. ,ltxcous u'XRT111nz PJoRN1f1e1riNn y , 'Q V . . AxT1l.xx eCnl,,xxc1.ux . . SIDNEY C3l.AZIiR ."5XDOI.PlI R, SCOTT! . . . . . .lA1v1risV.O'CAR,x the IIIIKICTQTUKIIICIIC . . . . BiiRN,xlmD.t.oriCKER 140 ST IIE U EIL IQOISERT G. PIARRIS Presiclenl TUDENT government in the day division ot ttie School of Commerce is in the tmancts ol ttie Day Student Council. tjresictect over tny tlae ottticers of the Day Ui'- ganization who are electect annually, tlae Council is coinposecl ol ttie class presiclents, representatives ol ttie senior class, ttle junior ctass, ttie L.O.XX'., tlae Commerce Bulletin, tl'lC trestiman class ail- visers, ttie Day Organization omeers, antt ttic newly createcl Attitelic Association. Dr. ttayxvarct ,l. l lollvert is lvaculty actviser to ttie Council. Tlais year, uncter ttae presiclency ot Roluert C. ttarris, the Councit institutect a ctrive to interest more stuclents in extra-curricular activities. Dances were lielct in tassman llall weetly, anrt a came paign was run to increase rneinlaerstiip in ltu- various clulas. l.ast year a committee was appointect to inves- tigate sanitary conctitions ot ttie ctownlown gym- nasium. anrt lliis year, uncler ttie ctwairmanslaiip ot Sol Clatuman, a complete ttiree-page report was sulunitlefl to ltie Council. Ttlrougti ltae Commerce Bullelin tlae comrnitteels linrtings were matte lqnown, anct suggestions for reinedying existing taulls were olnterect. Furltler action was lett up to ttu' lqaculty. Gilmer special activities of ttae Stuflent Council inrluclerl tlme annual Christmas party twetcl on Dcceinlver 19, at wtiicti gifts representing tnoclas or lmoosts were given out to stuclcnt learlcrs. SOI, Gl..XlSB1iXN Xytft'-lJl'OStfll'IIl FRANK 5 liNc'H.xH Secretary M MEIVIBERS President 1941 .... NORMAN KRYXSNOXX' Treasurer 1941 . . URIEI, SCIIUBERT President 1942 . . NATHAN DAVIS Treasurer 1942 .... JOHN CARLIN President 19-13 . . DANIEL XV. l.EBOwITZ Treasurer 1945 . . ARTI-IUR SPENCE President 1944 . . PHILLIP OETTING Treasurer 1944 . . FRANKLYN LYNFORD President 1945 . . . HYMAN LAUPER Treasurer 1945 . . . MIRIYXM ROSENBERG President 1946 . . SIDNEY LICHTMAN Treasurer 1946 . . . NCJIQMAN R. NELSON President XVall Street . . . JAMES CASSEl,1. Treasurer Xvall Street . . ALEX CURCHIN President Night LONV. . . RUTPI ELIGMAN Bulletin Representative . . GEORGE M. LUBIN President Ol tlie Council . . EDXVARIJ P. lVlAY Faculty Adviser . . PROF. ROBERT B. JENKINS ST UE U EIL EDWARD P. MAY President OLLOWINCE the excellent record set hy the previous yearys Council, the Evening Student Council of 1940-41 proved themselves worthy of wearing their predecessorls manties. Through the line work of the individual memhers, of President Ed May, and of Prof. Rohert B. Jenkins, adviser, the Council, was successful in carrying on the fine work that is the heritage of evening students. Prime event of the year was the Councitspon- sored dedication of John S. Morris Hail, in honor of the memory of the man who had served as faculty adviser to that hody for many years. Present at the dedication ceremonies were the Deans of the school, many faculty memhers, mem- hers of the Evening Student Councils, and stue dents who had known the tate Professor. For the first time, this year saw the awarding of the John S. hiorris Public Speaking Award, an award made possihte hy the action of the Councit. Two social events of importance in Commerce evening life were sponsored hy the Councils Social Committee. The first, held at the heginning of the school year, was an All-Commerce Smoker at Longchamps Restaurant. Highlights at this affair were the excellent talks hy Dean Schiffer and Pro- fessor Jenkins. The second event of importance was the All-Commerce Spring Frotic, a format dinner-dance which was held in April at the Bitt- more Hotet. This gala affair outsoid its quota to the point where sates had to close days before the actual Froiic. Taking as its theme, Hltys All For Youf' the Council-sponsored Christmas Party for the evening student hody proved to he a greater success than any of its predecessors. in a ptayacted in panto- mime, evening students were shown the benefits and advantages of heing an active student inter- ested in extra-curricular activities. A series of 'Program Nightsn held on Wednes- day evenings in Lassman Halt met with unusual success. Such speakers as Dwight Bracken of the Nan Marketing Clinic and William Charney Vtadelq of the State Housing Authority addressed the student hody under the sponsorship of the Council. "Athletic Nights," too, had its share of the spottight this year. The Fighting Five of the Evening Bastqethatt Team drew a steady following in its regularly scheduted games with other col- tcges within the University. 145 WALL STREET JAMES CASSELI. Presiolent OFFICER? President .... . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-Presirlenl , Treasurer ..... Secretary . Executive Comlnillzfe . RGANIZED in 1920, tI'1C Vvlall Street Stu- dents' Organization is the only exclusively Vxfall Street social ancl extraecurricular activity functioning at this clivision of tlsie University. Tlarougliout its existence tlue Organizationys ollicers tiave attemptecl to fulfill tlie clesires of tlde founders in promoting ancl maintaining a spirit of friendship wlnicla can only lie acldievecl in a scltool lay means of social affairs ancl activities. A sturlent at tlae Wall St. Division becomes a member of tlle Students, Qrganization automat- ically upon registering for six or more points ol . . . JAMES CASSIiI.L . CPIARLES DEDON . MALCOLM DAVIS . . ALEX CURCHIN BLANCHE LIEGERIS ROBERT HOSKENS . HAROLD SEESTADT ROLAND CARLSON creclit. His memloerslaip imposes no obligation as to attendance at llae Organizations meetings or social affairs. The Xvall Street 'Organization provicles an opportunity for sturlents to meet llaeir classroom colleagues in a purely social atmosplnere. This year the Wall Street Students' Organiza- tion again completecl a lngldly successful year lay worlting intensively for the stuclents. During ttie year lliree sinolaers were lielcl in the Universityls lvuilcling at 00 Trinity Place. The First smolqer was lielcl 'l-tiursclay, Novemlner QS. This affair, at which a lilrn proctucecl by tlae U. Steel Comparv was shown. was highly successful, hoth eclucationally ancl socially. Men from the Fielrls of lnusiness, finance, ancl erlucation were invitecl to arlclress the stuclents at the smoleers which were given in the spring term. Alter the meetings the stuclents enjoyeil refreshments anrl hacl the opportunity to chat informally willi the clillerent men. The clivision was also active socially. The Thircl Annual Fall Dance was helrl in the Colonial Room ol the Parlr Central ltatet on Saturclay evening, November 16. The Spring Formal Dance was helcl Saturday evening, April 19, in the Grill Room of the Hotel Plaza. This :lance was extremely well altenrlerl anrl proverl to he a highlight in the social activity ol the Vvlall Street Division. ln aclclition to the men's activities at Wall Street, the XVoinen,s Urganization hacl a successful year uncler the leacl- ership of lxliss Blanche lsiegeris. This Organization was founclecl last. year. Three socials were helcl in the wonierfs lounge of the clowntown hranch. The memlaers also helrl howling parties in the nearhy howling alleys. Both the lVlen,s anrl Xvomenys Organizations were unrler the faculty leaclership of Mr. Arnolcl lsalvorce of the Banlring ancl Finance Department. Mr. Lallqorce was instrumental in main- taining the close spirit of cooperation hetween the faculty ancl the Wall Street Organization. Talcing an active part in all ol: the Division's activities. Mr. Lalrorce proved helpful in acl- vising the Qrganization. Through the eltorts expenclecl hy .lames Cassell anrl .Xlex Curchin as representatives to the Evening Stuclent ffouncil ol' the School ol Commerce. Accounts, ancl Finance, Vxfall Streelf ers hacl ample opportunity to participate in all of the Councils affairs. The Commerce Evening Council Stuclent Council is the parent organization of the Wall Street Organization, anrl as such is rlirectly in control of Wall Street activities. ln worlqing towarcl closer unity lpetween the School ol Com- merce ancl Wall Street Division, the Wall Street Organization anrl the Night Council informed each other of their activities. Through this proceclure, Vvlall Streeters tools part in many ol the Councilys allairs. Some of these altairs inclurlefl the Chustmas Party, Spring Frolic, anal Program Nights. This yearys cooperative activities laetween Commerce ancl Nvall Street has laicl the founclation for more numerous ancl smoother activities together in the future. Reading from top lo bottom: Blanche Liegeris, Charles Declon. Alex Curchin, Malcolm Davis. 145 LEAGUE UP W U EVELYN SIROTIN President OFFICERS ltresicleiil . . . . Senior Delegate Vice-President . . fworrespoiirting Secretary . Treasurer .... Rewriting Secrclary . HE League of Vxtomen is an organization com- posect of att women stuctents ot ttie Sctioot ot Commerce, who aulomatiratty tuecome members upon registration. The purpose of ttie League is to encourage a spirit of triencttiness among the women students, and to foster their frienctstiips. tn ttiis respect it supplies a vitat neect, since a sctiool with- out a campus has a neect for a cotmesive force suctw as tt'lC League of Women. Uncter ttme presictency of Evelyn Sirotin ttie League of Women ttiis year boasts of one of the most active years in its existence. More than ever . . EVELYN SIROTIN . . Rim E. Pmzss . OI.GA BoBRovsKY . Miizmm Rivxm . . NAOMI Biixix . SYLVIA CROSSMAN tic-fore women ol Qommerce have shown an active desire to Wortq to advance their indivintuat interests and ttie interests of the Sctiooi of Commerce, Accounts, anct Finance. To accomptisti its aims, memtvers of the League ptan a sociat program of activities uncter the guid- ance ot Miss Gtadys H. Reutiman, Dean of Wo- men. For eacti attair ttiere are two ctiairmen wtxo are assisted tmy a committee, participation on which is votuntary. Att the women in the School of Com- merce are invitect to ttme attairs, since it is for ttiem itlat ttme League of Women functions. Especially popular this year were the afternoon faculty socials at which the girls and professors spent enjoyable afterf noons becoming more closely acquaintecl than is possible in the classroom. Qnly when the formal barrier of the classroom is brolcen clown are the stuctents anal professors allowcrl the opportunity to exchange opinions on subjects other than those of an acaclemic nature. During the year every girl was inviteel to at least one tea, that of the department in which she was majoring. Chairmen of the faculty teas were Edith Bonneville and Roslyn Cohen. Roslyn Cohen was the chairman in charge of notifying the professors of the teas. As in previous years another important function of the League was the Frosh-Soph Week. This periorl was rlevotect to athletic contests between the Freshmen and sophomores. The events were intenclecl to initiate the Freshmen into the athletic activities of the school, and to serve as an incentive for further participation in L.0.W. activities. Chairman ol the Week was Sue Crespin. This year both teams were awarclecl letters for their participation in the contests. To give the mothers of the co-ecls an opportunity to he- come acquaintecl with the social lite of the stuclents of the School ol Commerce, the League helcl their annual hlother' Daughter Tea this year. An annual Christmas party was helcl for the chilrlren ot the Judson Health Center. At this year's party the chilrlren were given calre ancl cancly. The big surprise of the afternoon was the presentation to each girl of dolls clecoratecl anal clressecl by volunteers of the L.O.W. Qther functions ol the League were calqe anct cancly sale anct game and carrl parties. An open house ctance was helcl to raise money for the Emily Foster Awarcl, which is rlonatecl annually to an outstanrling .lunior girl. Besicles these activities the League of Vvomen concluctctl monthly meetings at which prominent lecturers appearerl. The lirst activity of the group this year was the Big Sister Tea. A committee of .lunior ancl Senior girls unrlcr the clirec- tion ol Seniors liarbara l-ushcr ancl Evelyn Morris, acterl as big sisters to the incoming lreshmen. lfach incoming co-crl was assignecl to a big sister to whom she coulcl come for aclvice. ln this manner. thc new stuclcnts were given the opportunity to become acquainterl with the activities of the league ancl to meet their fellow stuclents. As a result of these teas many close lrienclships have arisen which have extenrlecl beyonrl college ycars. lt's at these teas that the cofecls gather rounct the tables in the women,s lounge ancl exchange icteas anrl icleals that are the founclations for these close ancl everlasting lrienclships. lQCO!'l'tl1QffOlTL top lo bottom: Sylvia Grossman Olga Bohrovslay. Miriam Rivlqin, Rita Press. t47 IGHT LEAGUE U P N RUTH D. ELIGMAN President OFFICERS President. . . . Vice-President . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secrelary . Treasurer ..... Historian . 6' O enjoy anything thoroughly, one must share it. 1 want to share with you one ot the pleasantest phases of my college life at New Yorlq University P- the Evening Division League of Women." The foregoing quotation fully ex- presses the sentiments of the many active upper- classmen who have participated in L.Q.W. af- fairs since matriculation at the School of Com- merce. Each year a letter, from which we quoted, is Writen to entering freshmen to acquaint them with the unlimited round of social activities un- dertalqen hy the League, and to invite their par- RUTH D. ELIGMAN . MARY CALLAN . . ANN SOLOMON . BELLE SAVETZ . BETTY DEXVITT . SELMA SOLONVAN ticipation in all forthcoming events. During the 1940-1941 school year, new mem- luers discovered that L.O.VN7. promises are fulfilled to the nth degree as they met at regular monthly meetings on the First Wednesday of each month at these meetings lasting friendships were formed with girls from other cities, and states, who came to New Yorl: to study. Un Qctoher 26, a Halloween Party was held Then. as an innovation, came monthly socials for the various cluhs of the School of Commerce, at which their faculty advisers were honored loy the men and women present. Among those ctuhs fetect were the Triact League, Evening Accounting Society, Foreign Trarte Ctuh, Music Ctuh, and the Managemerit C1u1J. A Foothatt Frotic in Lassman Hatt martcect one ot the high spots of the Leagues 1'a11 career. Overwhetming numhers at- tended and participatert in the ctancing, contests. anct general entertainment. A Christmas party for a group of chitftren 1rom the Jucison Heatth Center was sponsorect hy the League. Toys. games, and refreshments gave these uncterprivitegect ehitctren an opportunity to enjoy the hotiday season. A merry rounct of Christmas Carols comptetect the afternoons program, atter which the chitdren were escorted hack to the Juctson, their arms piled high with gaity wrappect surprise packages and tittte gingerhreaft cootcies. 1n tine with stuctent cetehration cturing the schoot week preceding Christmas, the League ot Vxfomen joinect the Student Councit during the Sluctent Christmas Party in presenting a ptay in Lassman Re- hearsats were we11 attenrtect hy the girts, who actctect a feminine touch to the cast which was formerty ctominatect hy the mates. After the New Year recess, the League met for their lirst 1941 meeting, after which they adjourned to Lassman 112111, where Dr. 1.in1q hypnotized men anct women with his mystic gestures. The tecture hy Dr. 1-in1Q was sponsorect 1Jy the Stuctent Councit together with the League. Cooperation he- tween these two organizations has been ctimhing to unprece- cientect heights cturing the year 194041. A 1V1other-Daughter Tea. was hetct at the heginning of the new term, to entertain the mothers of the co-eds, Miss Reutiman spoke to those present. During the spring term, another of the successfut comhinect Day and Night LOXV. ctinners was attenrtert hy many young women from tooth sections. Dr. Josephine Rathhones annual teetures on "Re1axationH were greeted with great enthusiasm ami receivect many favorf ahte comments from those fortunate enough to he present. Atthough no awarct was marie during the previous year, The Executive Committee of the League announcert that there woutrt he a schotarship grant macte to the woman who hart heen outstanrting in extra-curricutar activity anct service to the League of Women cturing the year 1940-41. At the ctose of an energetic year, memhers of the League of Vvomen, under the teactership of their Presirtent. Ruth D. Etigman, found themsetves instittect with the spirit ot cottege tife that is rarety founct in such great quantities, at an evening school. Rowling from top lo hollom: Betty Devxfitt, ixtary Cattan, Ann Sotoman, P10110 Savetz. 149 4-X X MN ff4f Slllxl X slumlx .ls ilu- llllllllillL' grml ul svlwlzlslm L1i'llllfYL H1 llmc N.l1.,4-IMI flm1rnc'1r'1- mmm! y ' ' v lffmlflul ill flu- l lIlX4'lSllf' ul Xxlillvllilll lll WUT, llclla llumma Sigma lmf .wlwlvxwrl rmlwlmzll 1'r'f'fwQl1ilicm rn luusim-se Sflwlls f'Ulllllill'illJl4' ln llml ml Q V l 4 , l wt Ill! lwella lxllwym m lllmu ul .ul svllffvvls lxlwrm' llwmm lfvrlv 11l11xc'1'Qll1c'Q llllHll'lllfIlll llmr fwlumlrx lmu- t'Slill7ll4ll11l vlmplr-u ml llc-lu Clilllllllil Slijlllil. Q l .ClYl'fl , . . 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Doris Atcxanctei' Rostyn Rivtqin Attinson tvattiteen xxttan Aina Atmeii Frances Avnitis .teanette ttauinann Ruttl tlbtorti 1XttCe Carttiage Rostyn Cotien ttf-ten fiooper t ti-tene Cooper t teten Davis ttertrurte Uonotiue Cstarire ttpstein tfstc-tte Ciottitd MIINIISIQIQS Sturtev Cray Ectittl Homme Ftaurire t tettger tfster ,tustus tfteanor Kairatta Ceratctin Ctotcttueig Krementa ttetene Kurstian tteunine t.c-ar Certiiiite tevtmarg tfstette tiiwer ftactetyn Vvyititey tvtagnett tftezmor txturptiv gli-ptianie Ortin txtiriain Pattant titsa Prine Dorottiv Rivtiarrtot 160 tfctitt1 Rivtqin Rosalie Rotytnins ixiuiette Roetting Sytvia Svtieiiter Roses fteratctiiie Ross tfititti St't1XYill'tZ Ntaritvu Stueunan tttaiirtnc' Neget Anita gltltttl fwanutte Stew-us txtarjorie Ktiue Vvtaiwti tuna t.iintaei'Q Vvyieitowtie Dorottiea Vvrtute Sutametti Xvinogrart Vivian Xvottqt SX who haw' foinpleiecl in points of Vsyciifiifiggy xxilli an average gracle of HPQH are eiigilwlc for in0inIm0i'si1ip in Psi fxiii Oincgfa, 1110 Psyriuoiogy l1OI'l0fZlI'y of liie SFIIOOI Ur CLJIIlII1C'fCC. .'XplDli4'illIfiIiS HTG SPFLIFCKI IQITJITI il IHCIIIIUCI' of th f ul f he P ci e at' ly 0 I , synology Deparlinenl ami musl ine appirivcrl fry iiiin. 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HAZEN MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL Awarded in 1940 to Harry Herman 'SETH SCHILLER INTRAMURAL AWARD or A corn MEDAL Awarded in 1940 Io CI1arIes BIumenfeId EDXNARD EUGENE FLETCHER MEMORIAL MEDALLION Awarded in 1940 to Edward IVIacDonaId AL LEHMAN AVVARD OE A SILVER BETA ALPHA PSI PRIZE Awarded in 1940 Io George D. IVIacIcenzie NEXV YORK UNIVERSITY ALUMNAE CLUB KEY PIN Awarded in 1940 to KatI1Ieen AIIan EMILY B. FOSTER MEMORIAL AXNARD Awarded in 1940 to EveIyn Sirotin PHI CHI THETA NATIONAL KEY ANVARD Awarded in 1940 to EIeanor La Grutta DON R. MELLETT MEMORIAL PRIZE Awarded in 1940 to WiIIiam K. Lawton JAMES MELVIN LEE MEMORIAL AXNARD Awarded in 1940 to CaroIine I'IamiIf0n JAMES FENIMORE COOPER MEMORIAL PRIZE Awarded in 1940 to IVIurray A. Ranger DAVID JAMES BURRELL PRIZE Awarded in 1940 Lo Lawrence KaminsIcy JOYCE KILMER PRIZE Awarded in 1940 to Jerome LeicI'1ter DELTA PHI EPSILON NATIONAL FOREIGN SERVICE FRATERNITY GOLD KEY Awarded in 1940 to NicI1oIas Ponzio Awarded in 1940 to ArnoId Steinberg DELTA OE NEW YORK CHAPTER OF BETA GAMMA SIGMA Awarded in 1940 to Ernest W. BaIdassare fDay Division1 and NViIIiam H. Quidc fEvening Awarded in 1940 to Norman AIfred Topper Division, RGANQED in 1933, t11e New York U. Varsity G1ee C1u1J has won nationa1 recognition and wide praise, 11rst under t11e direction of Dr. .1osep11 Bryan and more recent1y under t1ie guidance of Professor A11rec1 131. GreenFie1d. 1n 1931 t11e organization won t11e tit1e of National 1nter-Cottegiate Champion, and in 1933 it was ac1juf1gec1 the Metropotitan 1nter-Cottegiate Champion G1ee C1u1y. A1so in 1933, t11e Varsity G1ee C1u13 won t11e distinction of being the only co11egiate singing group ever to participate in a joint concert wit11 the New York P11i111armonic Society. A Christmas Program on December 1-1 at Town Ha11, with Yves Tinayre as so1oist, mar1cec1 the opening of the C1ee C1u1u's 19-10-41 season. 0t11er concerts were before the New York 1'1istorica1 Society on December 21, at Pocono Manor on Fe1Jruary 12, and at t11e 11eig11ts' C1iape1 on May 3. The annua1 concert wit11 the 11a11 of Fame Singers was atso a part of ttwc groupys program. With the Vassar C11oir, the C1u1b participated on Apri1 6 anc1 Apri1 27, 1941 in two concerts anct the yearys program was comp1eter1 wit11 t1ie Annua1 Cv1ee C1u1J Quartet Contest on 1X'1ay 19 and t11e Annua1 Gtee C1u1x Banquet on May 29. The groupys repertory consists of co11ege songs, Latin anc1 1ta1ian Songs, Christmas Caro1s, Hymns, and se1ections from opera. At, present, t1ie majority of the mem1wrs of t1ie G1ee C1u1m are drawn from the Heig1it.s anc1 t1ie Sc11oo1 of Commerce. 1n t1ic 108 years of its existence t11e organization 11as seen severa1 of its mem1iers gain Fame in 1110 musica1 wor1c1. Among t11e more outstanc1ing are Deems Tay1or, 106 anrt Reina1c1 X,VrC'f1'CHfii111, 105, W1io are sl,i11 associated wil,11 t1ic unc1ergrac1uat.e G1ec During two weeks of 1110 summer vacation mem1Jers of the G1ee C1u1u go to a camp in t11e Pocono 1V1ountains of Pennsy1yania. T11ere, unc1er t1ie ctirection of Professor f1reen1:ic1c1. they are prepared in part for t11e musica1 sc11ef1u1e for t11c com ing year. 165 EL PVS EUMMITTEE S 7775-,iv Cfttxtn us a HtftCi1I'tIlQ tiouso' tor att ctutvs ut ttie gctioot of Commerce, ttic Ctutis' ffoorctinuling Connnitlccr grew out of time Otct Committee for fiomincrce txtutms. XX'ilti Ftnrtiincr tt. ,tacotas as its ctiairinan, ttie committee aimg to tIlf'I'CilSG int-intwcwstiip in tfoiniiicictr orga1nizat,ions strict to stimutate ttie forma- tion ot' new groups. tfzuti l't'1'4IQIlt7CKt Cfoiniiitwc ctuti scnfts two ctctegates to the meetings of the fxoinnnttcc. t tcrc-A ttic protitc-ins conttronting ttwe ctutus as at wtiote are ctiscussect. btttiis year. ttic committee t'tlllYiIlt'L'It ttic CNUIIIIYYCFFO Buttciin ot ttie actvisntnitity wt scttinu fisiftc ai cotumn curti wc-ctt for ctutv nc-ws. wtdcre ttwc meetings anct ottier :utiviticrs wt cucti ctutm xvoutct tic repoitcft. To tqurttier stuctcnl, interest in ctutb nicmtyerstiip. ttie Ctutns, Coordinating Committee tictct a Hfitutn Nyc-etc? in Ftarcti. During ttiis weetx spcciat putnticity was given to x'urious Cominerce ctutms. anct att organizations in ttie sctioot twetct open incctinus. .Xctivities tor ttie xwr-tr were ctimaxcft witti zr socizit in tmssman Hail. Cooperating xxitti ttac Stuctcnt Cnuncit. the Ctutis, Coorctinating Committee tins institutvrt many rctorins to tmctp Coinincrce ctutms to carry on ttieir activities in ttic most ctticient manner possitmtc-. Special sections of ttic tdtactxtnoarcts in eacti ctassruom xv-re rnartc avaitzitite tor announcements of ctutm activities. targc gtass-cnctoscit tmuttetin tmoarct was ptucert in ttie totvtny, reptacing ttie numerous posters ttiat uscrt to ctutter up ttie Commerce totutmy. Uetegatcs to ttie Ctutms, Coorctinating Committee atterutect ttie 19,11 Cot- tcge tcartcrs, Conference. tic-tat try ttwc Fctioot of Ertucation of New Yortc University on txtarctd Erst. Ur-tcggatcs zrttenctcct separated speciat panets, according to ttie group they represents-ct. Ctutm protmtcrns were discussed, amt icteas were cxctwangect witti stiutcnt tczutcrs from cottcgcs atong ttie Eastern seataoarct of time ttnitect States. 166 lllgl clO1lI1HlSSl'llf.S Clula, coinpuscrl ul ii group ol gracluulc aml uuclci'gr:ul1i- aio sluclouls xvlio clcsirc' umrv pvrsoual Crvulafl wiilu tlw ails. is rapiclly lmconwiiigj oiw ul llic mosl imlcwmillay rmrgaiiivzitimis iu llio grlwul will Commerce. lX'llCIIllDl'I'SlWllJ is limilecl lo ilmc sliulc-nts ul Ilia Srilwul ol' Conimerccv wlm cle- sirc to siucly llie various lmrauflics of ilic ails rimri- closvly. It is Ilan- aim ul tlicr vlulm lo luring ai uew iimlcrrsizmclingg ul limo arls, paiuling, sculplurv. aucl arrlxileclure lo its mcmlmcrs. lu orclcr lu acuwmpliili this aim. ilmo mcmlncrs ol llmc organizaliou Yisil arl cxlmibilions. plays zincl Conf'-Gris. Allcr llicsc Visils, lriouclly cliscussions are lmelrl al ilmc lwomc of Pmlossor C. llayvs Sprague, flue laculfy aclviscrg opinions ol llic various works ul uri url- oxprvssc-cl aiurl thi- siurlouls lry in rcavli a QCI'lCI'Ill lmrlerslamling of wlial lliey lwavv 90011. During llio pnsl, yvar. in r'0i'1jimCLiou willi Nalimual Ar! XM-1-L lrrwm Ucvvm- lim' I-fi. as pmc'lairnml lmy llw Prvsiclciii ml llic lluilccl Slain. thi- Clulm visilccl llu' rwulslalirliug arl Qxlwilailious as well as a uumlvvr ol musc-umi, lliflllfllllg llic lxlclrrvpulilau lxlusvum, rlwlwy also Saw llur Slugc IHAOCllIfkllUl'l ul Hlwelllli Niglllf, Starring llelcu Hayes aucl lXlilllI'lf'C Evans, 'lluf vlulu alw wiluc-sscrl ihc 1040 prcsculaliou ul llic Ballci Russo aucl musicwil rmmforls al, Cam:-Qio llall. OFFIFFRS Cxlmirman . . . Cmiu-1xr'i-1 rl-.'XRCOX'li X7fC0-Cilltilfllitlll . . lJ,XYII1Cf'Jl.lJI3IiIlCI fllunirii fwlzairnmn . . . Nf7I2lBI'1IiT KUNZIA Sccrclury-Trans::rar . . . liI.IZARIiTlI XxV7l7RZlBIiRCIill Pcrimuiciil Ewfviiliiw Secrolary l'R01fiiSSoR C. llAY1iS Siiizixciui N ' X 4 mf ,4. QMS 7i,f,fo'r. SW EUNNUISSE R'S EL 167 EEUUNTI ,f t AZ' 'J 69 pays.. CLUB ttli Accounting Cluh was organiyett in 1931 with the assistance ot tjrotessor Arthur ll. Rosenlvainplli. fthairinan ot the Accounting Department anrt taculty artviser to the clutm. Since then, the clula has grown rapirtly, anct toctay it is one ot the most active, as welt as one ot the largest ctuhs in the School ot Commerce. The aims ol the ctulm are to luring together anrt to unite more closely sturtents ot Accounting, to promote trienrtlier relationships hetxveen stutlents ot' Accounting anct their protessors. to introctuce these sturtents to practicing anct estahlishect accountants, aint to create an interest in lmoth acaclemic anrt pro- fessional Accounting. The program ot the Accounting Ctulv this year has been an especially active one. tVlany prominent anti interesting spealrers appearert lyctore the ctuh. At the First meeting ot the year, Professor A. H. Rosentcarnpttq spolie on HHOW to Become a C.P.A. anct Opportunities for Accountantsft Other spealqers who have appearect hetore the ctuh are Dean John T. Madrteng Everett Livsey, ot the Dime Savings Banlag anct tra A. Shur, of S. D. Leictesctort 5 Co.: Mr. rlaclc Seiciman, memlaer ot the American institute of Accountants, who spolre on Hvvthether Accountants Shoulrt Specialize in Accountinggu tvtr. Walter Dean, Secretary of the C,P.A. Examining Board, who spolve on Hprolatems anrt Ditlicutties of the C.P.A.g" anct Mr. Wellington, C.P.A. Presiclent ot the American institute ot Accountants, who spolce on 'Stanctarct Costsf, The Accounting Ctuh macte several tietd trips cturing the year. Trips were marie to the international Business Machines Company, Ruppert's Brewery, anrl the New Yorlc Custom House. Social activities are not taclring in the ctuh. Two sociats in Lassman Halt anrt the annual ctuh rlinner at Rosoltys restaurant constilutert the social program of the group. The Accounting Ctulw meets weelcty, anct it hoasts a memhership ot over one hunclrect accounting stuctents. The Accountants Council. an honorary society tor accounting sturlents, has heen organixect lay the more active memtners ot the ctutn. The purpose ot the Council is Hto hestoxv some honor upon those stuclents who have shown themselves to he capalnle ot high scholarship anrt who have tween active on the atlairs ot the New Yorlc U. Accounting Cluh, anrt to set up an organization to which memhers can come as unrtergraftuates and alumni to cliscuss matters which concern the profession ot Certitiert Puhtic Ac- countants, to which they aspiref' This organization is separate from the Ace counting Cluh, anct alt accounting sturlents. rlav ancl night. whether cluh memluers or not. are eligihle tor inemluership. Charter inemhers ot' the Account- antts Council are: Lawrence Pburcticlc, Gustave Greirler, Florence Cohen. trv- ing llimoxvitl. Rose Newman. anti pro- tessor Coulrt ls. Harris. 168 l,f'l'SffIC?Il1 . . UM 111 flu lllil 141 Vic'1'fPr1'si111'11l . . . . R141 l7,x1e14.xxnL1f1rm R1'1'11rc1111g1 Fl'l'I'L'llll'j' . ..., XI. 511,151 I1 ff11rrv5p111111i11gSv1'1'1'l11ry . . I 5.xx'11: V111-31111-1N1:1-Q1r'11 Tf1'lISllV!'I '.... .... . gIlIIQl.liY H1111 1 C,VTlHlfFl71llIl uf lin' f7r11g1r1'1n1 Ci0lTllTliHUO JOHN gl'I.I.IX 169 l llf txlanageinent Clulb runlxs among tlae largest anrl most active ol all extra-curricular activi- ties in tlae Sclaool of Commerce, Accounts, and lTinanc'e. Flwlie clulu lias an active memluersliip of alrout 100 at present. Having a variert program ol social ancl professional activities, tlie lxlanage- ment Clulm rielattully cteserves its enviect reputa- tion in ttme srliool. tltlie oreaniyation vvas tounclerl lor tlie primary purposes ol supplementing memluers! classroom in- struction vvitla suitalnle ectucational anct social activities. as well as to lu-ep tlie stuctents alureast ot recent trencts ancl rlevelopments in tlae Ot txlanagement. rlttiis latter aim is realixerl lpy present- ing prominent spealurrs ol recognizecl autlaority in tlae lieltt. ln aclclition, motion pictures illustrating tlie principles ot ,Qoorl txlanagement are slsioxvn. Most successful of tlie clulfs professional activities are ttie many ticlct trips on vvtiicla memlners visit plants ol outstancling inclustrial organizations. Vltliere tlaey liave an opportunity to see ttie practical application ol' xvldat tliey liave learnecl from lecture ancl texttnoolqs. During tlie 21 years ot its existence, tlwe Blan- agement Clulb luas lmeen an important factor in the extra-curricular lite at ttie School ol Cem- merce, The enllwsiasm vvitli vvliicli its mc-mluers 170 MANAEEME T CLE supportect ttie numerous activities of the club has been responsilmle for its present esteemect position. lnspirecl leaclersliip anct an active membership seem to insure a continuance ot the Management Clulfs progressive part in stuctent activities. Among ttie prominent men who attotressect the clulm ttiis year were: Mr. Gorcton Crecraft of tlie N. Y. Teleptione Co., wtio spolce on "Scientific Development in wlteleptione 'l'ransmissiongU lwlr. George Lyons also ot tlie N. Y. Telephone Co., wlio spolxe on Hpersonalitygu lvlr. A. Xvincllester of gear, Roelnuclc anct Co., who spolce on Mper- sonnel tvlanagementgu txflr. William Collins, New Yorla representative of ttie American Federation of Laluor ancl Nr. .lotin Collins. representative of an inclepenctent union spolce on Hlaalvor Manage- mentf, rltlie taculty memlmers vvlwo aclclressert ttie clula were: Dean ttertnert N. Schiller, who spoke on hgales txlanagementgu anal Professor Saul B. Ackerman, who spolae on Hlnsurance Manage- ment.H Fielcl trips to a variety ot inctuslrial plants were also an integral part of tlie clulfs program. These trips. sometimes lasting an entire clay, included tours of factories uncter tlae guidance ot company employees. ,XIIIUIIQ IIN' xisils wcf1'v 11111511 111 IIIQ NE1I101111I I11s1'111I I 11111111111y': 1I1c' N1 wx' 111114 VXIo1'IcI's I:ilIIA1 1111-11111-1-1111111111111151151111-55 3I111'I111111s fiillll- . , 1 - A , IJEIIIV 111 IL11fI1c'11II. Ncvw 111114: II111 IIa1I c,fOI'lJlJI'ElIIOII 111 ,X1111'11c'a1 111 N11 i , 5 I , , . XXIIIIQ. fr111111'r'I11'111g 211111 II11- I'.1111'1's1111 Ix11cI1c1 f1111111e111y. 1111- IIIIVIA- sincss IXIz11'I111111s I11111' was QIII f1II-cI115' 1lIIJIlI' xx1II1 1111 1111111111111 1511 QI11cI1111IN IIIIOIIQIIIIYI IIN' II'Il? ww IIIRIIIC' 1111 I501'1'111Iw1' I1 II111I1'1-11 -. 4 V 111141K xxmc- 114011 I111' IQIIQIIIQ sI111I1111Is 1111111 IIN? IIYIIII 111 I'.Il1II111II .1111I II1K'Il 111 11111 r'111111I1x' 1'I11I1 1111 IIIIIIXIH 111111 fI11111c'1' X1111II1111' 1I.1x IIIIP new 111111 111 II11' II111 f11111111'11I11111 111 .X1114-11111. IXI1-111111-1: 111 II11- I IIIII 1.111111 11111110 1111111 IIIIN I1111xx1II1 il I1'c'c: 11111. I11 11111 1'c'f1I17a1I11111 111 11s RIIIIIS 111 111'11x1rI0 s11c'1z1I 111I1x1I11w I111' 11x 0 1111-111Iw1's. 11111 IXIa11111gc1111'11I 1111111 1111s 11111111 Q111111IIy s111'111-wI11I. II11- It-,X C 5111110111 111c'111I1c1s 111111111011 IJl'II11III1iIII1'4'S 111 Ixxrw slugv 11111rI11c'111111s HfiI1111'I11"s 1'X1111I-I 111111 211111 Nc11'II1.N I11 1111111111111 1I11' 1111111 0 Ms 111-111 Ixx'11s111'1z1Is, 11110 111 1X11IIilIl11I'iIII11Il w1II1 1119 SCK'I'C'IillIilI 1111111 111111 .1 I CIIIIISIIIIIIS IJrlI'Iy. C7111 IXIEIB' 11 1110 r'I11I1 Qf1II1C1'CcI 101' El 1111111111111 111 11 Qolf- IIIIKI I11xx11 I11111'I. IJl'lllNII1l'III 3111151 SlM'ilIif'I'S WMC IJI'4'ri'llI 111 xx1I111-M II11' 1111I111'I1f111 111 now 1110111111118 111111 11111 IXIa111.1gc'1nc111I II1111111'.11'y 5111 111131 IAIIIS XYM4 IIIC SCVHIIII XVIII' 111' 11111 ilI'1IJl'iII'ilHCxU 111 IIH1 CNIIIIVIN 1IIi1Q1I 71110. ,XI111111g11'111011I Iw1rr'I1f 1111114111 Ivy I.C4Il'I' Ni1CI4f'11w11. 'IAxx11 1w111w 111 11111 1111101171110 115110 El1JIN'ilI'l'iI 11114 x'c'z11' 141111 jJI'C'SIfICI'lI 111' IIN' IXI1111.1gg11111c'111 CQIIIIU 1111s x'11z11' xx11s 1211111111 SIEIIIII ElI'lI. 171 HE Retaiting Ctuh has succeeded this year in maintaining its prominent position among extra- curricular groups in the School of Commerce, Accounts. and Finance. By the concerted efforts of its executive committee, the Retaiting Ctuh has steadily augmented its roster unlit now it hoasts of over one hundred memhers. tn addition, various non-memher students attend meetings that appeat to their speciat interest. tn 1956 a smatt group ot Retailing students tett an urgent need for a ctuh that would provide a medium for a more extensive study ot their pro- fessional prohtems. tn order to supptement the theoreticat instruction ottered in the ctassroom they inaugurated the Retailing Ctuh. Many of those students, who represented the nucteus of the organization, stitt manifest their interest hy fre- quentty attending the meetings. Since its inception the Ctuh has hroadened its scope considerahty. tt has maintained. however. its three prime ohjectives, Hto furnish a meeting ptace for students with the common interest of Retaiting, to acquaint them with progress made in their chosen tietd, and to acquaint them with leaders in the Retaiting husinessn tn order to accomptish the second and third purposes, prominent men and women representing 172 RET ILI E SUEIETY every phase of this Field address the ctuh memhers. At the conclusion of their lectures, they presided over open forums and answer questions posed hy the audience. The speakers are setected carefutty in order to provide a hatanced program representa- tive of every aspect of this program inctuding: Control, Sates Promotion, Merchandising, and Management. The hrst meeting of the current year was high- lighted hy an interesting contrast hetween adver- tising methods of department and chain stores, presented hy David Mittar, Jr., advertising manager of Montgomery Vxfard, tnc. At the second meeting, ctuh memhers ptayed host to memhers of Psi Chi Omega, the honorary Psychology fraternity. As an expression ot the inter-relationship of Retaiting and Psychology, Herhert Schwamh, director of per- sonnel ot the J. C. Penny Company, explained his hmfs theories on personnat phychotogy. A record-hreatving attendance of one hundred and ten students attested to the success of the third meeting of the year, as guest speaker Mrs. Louise Huston, director of educationat activities of the American Bemherg Corporation, demon- strated the various uses of yarns in fashion. She atso acted in the rote of commentator for a fashion show held at the same meeting. Next, tlie Retailing Clula sponsorect a tall: lay Rutloll lvl. Sevem, ereclit manager of R. H. Marty anal Company. Spealxing on Hcoming Trencls in Retail Creclit Practicef, Mr. Severn illustratecl lais comments witli an interpretation of Macyys recently afloptecl creclit system. ln aclclition to its cliversiliecl program of business ancl social meetings and Held trips, tlie Retailing Club pulnlislaes a quarterly magazine, The Retailer. Tliis cluly organ is now in its seconcl year ol pulilicalion. Tlie magazine not only presents news of activities in ttie clulb ancl in tlie Sctiool of Retailing, but it also enliglatens tlie rearler alnout various outstancling acliievcments in tlie Field. The publication is clistrilnutecl free ol: cliarge to all stuclents of tlae Sclaool of Retailing. The culmination of a lwiglaily successful year was celelnratect at the annual lnanquet lielcl in April. The prcsiclent of the Retailing Cluta tliis year was Eugene B. Diamonrl. W -QW' N-uv Rf R Qmf. 175 TR1V1NG to bring its members closer to a prac- ticat understanding of Nartqeting and its prob- tems, bas been tbe aim of tbe Triad League, advertising ctub of New York Universityys Scboot of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance. The organ- ization aftords an opportunity for students wbo are interested in Ntartceling and Advertising, to gain a furttier knowledge of tbese fields and supple- ment tbeir classroom work. tn 1915, Professor George Burton Hotcbtciss and a group of Marketing students founded tbe Triad League. Today, after Q8 years, the founders of Triad's ideals of trutb, art and science in Adverti- sing, find themselves in eminent positions in tbe Advertising and Marketing tietds. Some former members of Triad are: Douglas Taylor vice-president of Printers Inlzg Jobn L. An- derson, vice-president of tbe McCann-Erickson advertising agency, Robert F. Degen, vice-presi- dent of Kenyon and Ectcbardt advertising agency: Howard Nteyers, pubtisber of tbe Architectural Forum: Abott Kimball, president of ttie Abott Kim- batt Co., Qtto Kteppner, president of tbe Kteppner Co.: Vat Sbmitz advertising manager of tbe Schaef- fer Brewing Cog Tom Lanbeady, sates manager of tbe Alexander Hamilton Institute. The aims of tbe creators in estabtisbing the ad- 174 I LE vertising ctub were: to provide a common meet- ing ground for tbose Marketing students who were interested in discussing mutual problems related to tbeir cbosen fietdg to furtber etbicat practices in Advertisingg to combat misleading impressions about Advertising advanced by misinformed ete- mentsg to profit by tbe experiences of guest speak- ers invited to address tbe meetings, and to educate tbe consumer to a realization of the benebits re- sutting from Advertising. Tbe 1940 season started on Qctober 25, in an open meeting betd in Jobn Morris Halt. At that time tbe Marketing faculty was introduced, and a mercbandising Film, entitled 'Romance On Main Streetf' was presented by tbe Nationat Bis- cuit Co. On November 8, Henry F. Marks, mana- ger of tbe Readers Service Bureau of Printefs Inlz addressed tbe members on 'Digging up Ideas." A field trip was betd on November 22, when tbe League toot: a bebind the scene tour of the Nation- at Broadcasting Company studios. On December 6, Miss Heten J. Wilcox advertising counselor, addressed the members on "Why Trademarks Dis- appearf' A novel twist was given to a meeting wben tvtiss Eleanor Paris, of Conover-Mast Pub- lications quizzed Miss Wilcox on ttie trademark problem. Reiner! lf. Uegen, vice president of Kenyon and Eelxiiardl lold liie League niemivers uf Hiuur Place in Ac,lx'erLi5ing,U ai a rneeling held on Deeeiniaer 20. Keeping in tune Willa llie limes, lime rxrlverlising club pieseiilecl ,'Xc,lx'ei'lisiiig quiz program on .lanuary I9-I I. Time eoinpeling groups were ineniluers ef Nu Kappa Tau, national Ariverlisirig sorority, ixlpiia Un-lla Sigma. naliunal fXflXC'I'liSiIiQ lvralernily. anc! ilgriiui. The seeoricl some-sler aukiviiies began with an adriress Ivy Nvilliam ij, Xyrigiiliieiiry un February lvl. Fir. Vfrigiiiiiciiir, manager of lime V Tire Healers Corp., spoke on Hlguilcling Better Sales Cunperalinrrn X xxx Fir. fx. fiarclener. former eiiairnian of the Marlqeling Deparlinenl ' uf the lfniversily uf Xyisvunsin spoke on "Time Reiatiun ul' Crweriiineril lu ,'Xr'vc'ilisiiig.H on ixiarfii I-I. fxfllilll' lyrynr vivi--piesicleiil uf T l5,i5,lJ.fll7.. aclfii'c-sserl lfie rluli un Hilaclio r5xclx'erlising.H Rieiiarci Blanvilie. arlvertising analyst of Neweu-Einineil Cu. spoka- nn Marvix QS nn HI'IOVV to Create ami Select Vvfinning Ads." Aprii as IU fnunci the inerniuc-rs nf the League iaiaing a four liiru N.B.C. Tele- Im! vision Us-pariinr-nl. hgperlaeiiiai' i'XdX'CI'liSiI1Q,H was lhe lnpici of Douglas Leigh, presiclvnl of Duuglas Leigii. ine., on April 23. nluvii of time success of the Triafi League is KING in liie guicianee of Pielgessor James Drury, liie League faciuily aciviser. Pbeiiinci an lime aeliv- ilies nf lime Triaci League. Ioonis liae conslanl inspiralinn of Professor George Pu. Hrilriiixiss. fciunfier of liie I.:-ague, The presicienl of Time viuin liiis year was Irving Brown. 175 in lllc lfillvr pair! ul 14158, ilu' Hrciiiclczrsliiig Cliili is an rcvcnl arlnlilinii in llic rnslcr nl prnlcssiniizil rliilms anrl sociclic-s in llic' Svlwiil ul Corrirnerw, .Xf'ffOIlf1t5, zincl liIIlill1CC'. ln ilu' spring nl 1030 llw vliilb rcwioivccl rccriggiiilioii lqroni llic sluclcfnl uniiifil. lis lldrcc iimlcrgrnrliialc llmiiirlcirs wcrv fiorclun A. Knapp. ,lr., llfirolcl Slicrparcl, ancl lXlfPl'lO1'l Svliciciilvvlrl. ljmllc-ssnr Vwlillinin B. Uygcrl, nl' the Murlcel- ing lJG1JflI'lIllCIll, lm lic-c-n mlviscr lu llic Qrnup sinrv its iiircpiiriii ilirvc years aigw. His Qlllllflllfi' ainrl planning liaxci liven mil inosliinzilulc vilucv in the welfare- nl ilu: l5I'OilflK'ilSlIIlQ Clilli. , hllu- piirpnsc- ul thi- l5THilfl4'ilSllIlQ filiilm Im liocn In mlmiivc sliiclcnl inicrcsl A :incl f'fllI!'illlUIl in llic' Iii-lfls 1-lv mcliri planning, clirc-vling, fincl Sales proniniion, ' lx in gxclvcrlmng finrl in lliv livlrl nl mclici lvrciziclrtisliim, Cum! spmlwrs anfl illc rnvrnluers ul thi- f-lull limi' l'UIllI'll5lllCfl ln llris mini. rl-lic' sllicliwi wrwlxsliiip is C'HII7IJlCll'lY Pfllllflflixll willi iallx lmrli finrl Ollicr up- lgi lriwrlailo rairlfri ii1c'c'lm1'iis1i1s. lJ3I'Hil!lf'ilSlS lqrnrn ilu: slurliri arc also svni lo Various iiiii-B-IN' paris nl llir- l,liiiwi'siiy. wlicrc' llwy limi' Iwi-ii pupulfirly rcwivcrl. All programs .6 sire- I'fiI1f'1'lYK'fl. pliinncil. wiiilvii, rlircwlvrl ancl proclilwcl lsy llic sliiclcnls. ljcmr Ilia- lirsl limo in llio liislnry nl' llic fliili, pnsilions lmve liven Ollvorcfl in q00'7L llir' rzirlifi in ils IIif'HllJOI'S. Sleilicvn nllqciivrl apprvrilivvsliips in tl1OSC Invrnlmrs nl ilu- laFC'1Elfll'JlSllHQ Cluli wlw slimvvcl aliilily. lf-slim' lfnlwrs. prvsirlvrii mil Slalirin Xvlxlffrx lC'Ill?lllX'l'ly prriniisecl in alloi a lizill livin' nl llic' Sliillflllri liinv lo ai new prngrnin mllml, Ml-lm New Yorlc lliiivcirsily Xvnrlqslirwpfl 'lliis prwrani is to lic- mncluvlocl solely lay llie mvmlbers mln lliv lgIA4lilflf'ZlSllIlQ Clillv. Aclixv Ilirniiglioiil, llic- ycwir, ilirr lgroaclcusling Cliiln mcrois civcry Wcrrlnes- claiy. Yairiw-us prnlilvins rriiiliwiiiliiiq ilici rziclin wnrlcl are clisviissecl in inicrosling lqiiriiins. fini-si spvulers prnininvnl in llie livlcl of rziclio also aclclrcss llic group on lfipirs ul' inlvrc-sl. Tlici incmlwrs ol llif' Cliili eirc' alan snpplivcl Qavli woclc willi lirlvls in xniimis lrrimclrzisls. rlqlici prvsiflc-nl nl llic' fliilm xxns fiwvrgr' Crccn lor llir' lirii Svineilvr, zinrl llvllx' AXIH-lim lm' Ilie Sl'l'HIlfl. 176 V-il Hi fio111111m'm'c-Iffllu'a1Lio11 filulm was fcuuulccl in xlzxrrfm, 11133 Ivy SlllKlC1llS of ilu- CfPIllll1l'fl'Y'-I'1IIllCElliflIl curriculum who fvll an Ju-ml for El pu--rfm1nu'rr'iz1I 1c'zu'P1e1' s Cfulm. The Clulfs nuvlcus consislecl of a few shulvnis who wvuv mlm-rvslccl in Lvoping UIIVOFINCCI of ruxw CIC'X'CIOpIDUI1lS in llue rmmmu-wiznl SCH uf ccllunlirwlm. Xvlmilc informing ils mcmlncrs of lhc I'l'CfIIilAf'Illl'IllS fm' lcarlmizmg f'UlIlIl1CI'f'i1lI Sulzicfils. lhc Club mlm had els ils olujcvlivvi: N140 gin- IT1l'Illlb0I'S am oppor- humily 111 hem' ilfICII'ixSSPS Ivy IJI'UIUiIlf'Ill Oclllf'nlu1's mul lvauwllly INPIIIIJKTS fm lvzlvldirmg promz-msg nuulm Cxvursicms lo Iulsilu-SS IIUIISUS mul plamls fur ilux purpose of Olnlninimg HISl-liilllfl iI'lfUI'IlliiliUIl fm hmm' IJlISiIll'4S is c'1v11cI1lf'Ivrl: mul lm provulc farrlllnos fur nuvmluvrs lo 0Xf'l'1illlQC lursuufss c-xpvrivnrcs with cavlm OIIICIIU Om- of ilu- Virsl nuxolings of ilu- ycm' was zumrvsscul lmy Pwfvssor XViHiam SFIILIIIVII, HH' C'IIlI7,S IifIYiSf'I'. XVIII! ildfI!'i'SSl'fl Ill0IH!N'I'5 H11 UFIQIN' 1'XfIX'illIl?iQK'4 Wm 5 F556 'wx M Wx 0fHCi1'1gj il rIiC'ilI'I1Ol'.N .Xl il furlllly-sl11cICnl, lcwm lu-H mm NrrX'f'lNIJK'I' 26. Dr. Klilux of lluv HIIFCEIII of JNIBIFOIIIIIIIFIIIS. 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TH ESTATE EL lQCTi"XNlflflQ in 1920 to provirte a common meeting grouncl lor all upper- filasi niale Stuclents of ,lournalisnr tlie t'-ourtli Estate Clulu lmas expanntect to aflinit all eturlents majoring or rninoring in eitlrer .lournatisin or twlarlxeting. Vlqlme l'-ourlli Tfstate Clulm meets onre eva-i'y two weelas. anft prominent persons in tlu- nelct ol ,lournalisrn are invitert to spealc. Sictney Vvllupple. re- viewer lor tlie tvorlil-Tclegrnni, lxleyer Berger, feature writer for llie TXYUII' York T-ilrzcs. ancl gift trecler. sports writer lor llwe rxssoviatecl Press, were among tlae laeaclliners of tlle Clulfs program tor tlie year 19-10-41. Best News Story Conti-sl. in wliivll tlie slalfs ol llue tluee stuclenl putu- lications at Xvaslungton Square renter rompvtc-, i5 sponsorefl annually lay tlle Fourlli listale Cluln. Alter Consicteringj eaelw issue ol' llu-se pulmlieations Care- tully. prelirninary jurlgc-Q, rluosen trom llu' Clulnts memlmerslwip roles selefit tlie outslanrling stories ol tlie year. Tltlaese stories are sulvmitlert to ltrotessor ll. B. Rallulnone, rluairman ol tlie ,louinalism llepartmenl, wlwo rnalqes tlwe Final selec- tion. Vtqlre narne of the writer ol the winning story is insrrilned on a plaque on display in tlwe ilournalisni Lounge, Bc-rnarcl Loevlaer of tlne Commerce Bulletin anct A. Xveinerinan ol llie Erlurrilion Sun were llwe winners in I9-10. Anotlier inajor parl ol tlie f'llllD,S program is tlre Aniuial tligglr School llress Contest. lfclitors of New Yorlr City lligli grlmool pululirtations are iuvilect to sulynul lliree c'onsecutix'es issues oT tlu-ir papers. wluelr are juclgect Hrst lay Clutb memtncrs. ancl linatly lay lliree prominent newspapermen. Activities lor tlwe year are rulminaterl witln a l ligli Svliool Press Convention. Silver loving rups ancl c'ei'tinc'ates of merit tor tlie winners in tlwe Press Contest, anft llrorouggli appraisals ol eacli participating paper are clistritnutect at ttiis con- vention ldelct in txlay. Nalluan Kelne ii presiftenl ol llie Cluln. 180 IIE purpose ol the Ceograpliefs Club is to turtlier stuclent eclueation lby travel. anct to provicle a more extensive stiuty of economic geographical prolalems than is proviclect for in tlie classrooms. Founctect six years ago, in Marctm, 1055, ttie group lias progressect rapiclly, provicling social anrl instructive activities for its niemlners lay slsiowing tlmem tlle geograptiicat sources influencing American society. ln late Octolmer tlue memlners travelerl to tlie ltuclson Valley, wliere ttiey visitefl West Point, ancl Allmany, anrl saw tlie operation ol a cement plant.. Also among tlie one-rlay events were trips to tlwe Ainerican txletal Refinery operationsg ancl again in Novemlmer, tlwe group went to lvingwoocl tvlanor, New Jersey. inspecting tlie interesting topograplwy of tlie section. anrl tlre Rinewoorl museum. Two ol tlie outstancling trips on tlie clulfs svlierlule were tlie excursions to tlwe Betlilelrem Steel Plant anml to tlie Nationys capital. Alter seeing tlie entire complex operation ol' a steel inill, tlie group visitert Fort txlctlenry, tlie inspiration lor our national antliem. During tliis trip. wliicla tools place on Deceinluer 220, 50. 31, tlae memlmers also visitecl liislorie Valley Forge. During tlre tour ol Vvlasliington, lxlr. l.eo Vlqocli, lvaculty actxiser ol tlie Geoggraplierls Clulm, gave interesting siclelielits on tlie various places ol interest, sucla as Valley Forge ancl tlie various governmental luuilclings. As part ol tlie yearys program, motion pictures were slioxvn at various meetings. ln arlclition. prominent. men in tlae lielcl ol lfconoinie Geography aclclressecl tlie group, Tlre Ceograpliefs Clulu closefl tlme vear xvitli its annual lmanquct at one ol tlwe micl-town lwotels. Vltlie filiiel Ceoeraplier of tlue eluln tliis year was llioinas l.ic'ursi. EEUEH!-XPHEPM 193- r fr Q 1-'Lf-nl f P-Cl! 4? as Orrl. EL N, f' Us Vw JY XTX ' lf -1 4, -43,-., sf fi NS ff-4 E 1 'l llg lXl011lfv1'Qllllm was fngalmiyvfl in V123 lly El group mcluclmg six sluclcnls mul Dr. flvmlml lf. Sf-I51-yur, llmc- fxllilI'lf'l' mc-mlwrs ml lluc Nlmmlor Clulm were cxngngvrl l1lXill'lUllS lvrwrms ul' wc'i.1l xxurlq aumwfmg lwys. fxulmlllwrl ml! mmm slurlvnfs ul' ilwo Svlwul ull CN0IHIIlC'I'4'C. llmc' Clulm rcmccrlls llrcll xwllu flurlws nl fmumlnllmli ul smwzzl SlQIlIlIfXilIlf'C' anllrmg yfmung 1110114 imcl f'11QnQvs Ill Xillllllli lwrms ffl swvml xwrrlx 111 lllIS fllI'i'f'lIUll, rl-l1is lvrm ilu' Qlllllll rvxic'wwl sc'x'Q1'z1l lmmlv amrl sam' sCx'c'1'nl plays, glllilfl Clmfc- s 7VX'I'tIIIIlf' ul XX Ufllx fmrl Ii, C. Xvvll s fiufws in ilu' lltlfkllllfl Xlvoozls worm- mnfmc llw IWLS fllSVllNSCfl. fil:r1rlf'y'x flzuzl. rlqrlwllyllz Nigfhl. Tim Doclflfs Dilwrrlrlmzl .mrl flu' fxnrlz lf CJFl'l'll xxc-VC llw lgI'UJlflXX'ilY play gum lmy ilu- socicly. v , H C'XlPIK'rNU!l Ill .XIllill' l ffl llw Vfbllrlllllllfbll, llw flulw mm is lu Sclcfik Sllfll lHjJIfkS il4 ilicill l1C'll,J IIS lf! SCU llli' NYflI'lfl F1551 NYllHlC. full Flay' fmllm llw flulw Iwlfl ils zmmml reunion fllIl!lCI', l10I'lll!'flllill purpose ol rc'11mx'i1'mg4 rwlcl lI'lK'IlflSl'HlllS zmcl ral' lllilllfllllij llif' lwwly c'l0r'lf'rl umccrs into illc Cllllv. llr. Cwmlfl Svlfwynr lim lwvn liH'llllY urlxiwr lui' llwc' paul I5 yvzirs. l'rwsiflml . . . .IUIJSON S'r,xN1oN xvlfl'-l,l'l'Sl'fll'I!l . , FIJXVARD llo1f1fMAN Nfwrwlm-v . r . GEORGE HAYES lrwmm-r . ,lNI'iOMAS NIX'IfN ISQ l IAA' NIJLIQ IIN' cIifcI'Iio11 OI' IDIIIIICSSIII' .XIIIIC C1HI'I'IQilll. CIIMIIIIIIIIII III. IIN' Sr'c'1'c', Iz1r1aI SIIIKIIPS IIc'pu1'InN'l1I. IIN' Si'l'I'i'IEiI'IiII I IIII, wus Im-IIN-II in IIN' IQIII III IQSH. XxXIOI'IKIIlQ c'4N1pc'mIIx'c'Iy wilIm IIN' Sl'I'1'0IiIIIilI SIIIIIIUS IJCIJQIIIIIIUIII. IIN' CNIIIII Ims IN'c'11 HNIIQIIIQ sI1'aNIy pI'rwgN'v slum' ils IIICXVIIIIHII. NIM IIlf'IlIIDI'I'4 INIYI' Iwccrl iiCCIllII'l'CI mNI on IIN' WINIIQ IIN' r1'spc'c'I III IIN' Iznrgw, Icumgvr c'sInIvIisIN'rI UIAQQIIIIZUN Iiorls Ilawe' IN'c'11 OIJIEIIIIUCI. 'III C Ixxrw nmin wImjc'c'Iixc's III IIN' f'IuII ure' In IINIIINIII' IIEIIIIIUIIIUII4 rc'IaIIiu11s IJcIwc'c'l1 IIN' SIINICHIS IIIICI Imfully of IIN' gfV'I'l'IilI'IiII SIIIKIIFS IJl'lJill'IllN'IlI ns wf-II as a'x'c'rv fvIIN'r IDCIJilI'IIllK'I'lI ul FVINNII, QIIICI Irv SIIIJIJIPIIIUIII IIN' I+ImmI IIITIQIAEIIII OI Ifilllllllgj In SCCI'l'IElI'IilI SIIIKIIPS WIIII m1IsNII' fN'Iix'iIN's IINII am' III i11If'r'f'sI I.I prr1spc'I'Iivc sI'c'rc'Ia1riuI wfIrI4crs. If' s IIN' IQIIIII I1 . r 5 INIW IIQ I1N'IlIIb0!'i IIN' z1ppIN'z1INu1 III mum' NI-IN-lmmI 'IINIV IIN'11rN" as Iwll1'c'rI x'au'iwI1s IlIIiIIl0SS pI:N'Cs in XIIN' c"iIy. IIIN' III IIN' IIrsI Irips fi Q IHIQUII IDX' IIN' VIIIIJ XYIIS IU IXIIUVB' S DC'lIElI'IlIICIlI SIHFO NXIIUHT CIIIII IIIPIIIINWS NYCFC I I IaI4c'l1 IIIIIIHIII IIN' if'K'Ill'S OIG r'aN'II fIc'pz1rIr1N'III. CIIIIUI' IrIp4 i1N'II1rIc'rI IINM' Irv i' ' i Bouwil Ic'IIc'1'. fII'1I'I1ilI'Il,S, RIVININI IIIICIIIIII, IHNI IIN' IIlIK'I'lIilIIfIIliII IIllsiI1CSs '- IXIrN'I1ilN's f II -- 015 mpzmy. IIN' CiIIlII XYEIS II'l'IIII'C!I I.ilNYl'l"llf'C ISITIIIIIIII III' IIN' ,IHIIYIIZIIISIII IDP- piiI'III1i'IlI, WINI spoI4r' on IIN' 5c'rrc'Iz1ry in IIN' Iic'IrI III II1n111mIism:' IIINI IXII1 X DeIII1iIipsfII'IIN'IXIm1zIQm'nN'11I IJC'lJZlI'IIllI'III wINIgprII4r'II,1 MIDCVSIIIIQIIIIB' I5c'w-IrIp- I1N'11I. FIISS III'INIIx1'lm, i11SIrIN'Iru' in IIN' 5K'l'IAi'IilIIilI IIr'p.If'II1N'lrI4 XIIIIIQI' rm SCf'rc'Iury mul :III Town QIINI in IIN? Cilyfy Aw I1 SIIIJIIICHICIII In IIN' p1'rfI0Sslru1zII ElC'IlXIIIK'i III IIN' rIrQm1IfzIINI11, sfIr'mI IAIIUCIIUIIS cIuru1g IINS paul yc'sIri1N'II1rIn'rI an ImrirIQc' pm'Iy. an Sn'l'if'S III iI1IrI1'mnI Ivus. GTKI il INOFITIIII CIKIHCC. INIm'mIN'r'sImip in IIxis c'IrQmmI7a1IicmIm INIS I3l'l'Il IimIIc'rI If' sIurIc'I1Is NNINI arc' Ihiijtbflllgj in IIN' SCI'I'1'IEll'IIII IDf'IJilI'IIDUIlI. AS ex N'sllII, IIN' gK'f'l'l'IilIIiII CiIlIIJ is COmposQfI III' il QIUIIIJ :III HINIIII IwCnIy-IIYC SIIIKIPIIIS WINISI' nNlIlmI IIlIi'I'l'SI IIIINI IIN'm IfvQQIIN'r in sIrix'i1mg for an rrwmnmn QrIaI . . . 1'c'f'fIQ11iIifm in II1c sc'rN'Im'ie1I pr0Ic'ssirm, 'I IN' pr: 'sNIc'nI OI IIN? CIuIm IINS yvnr Wai 9I1irIm'y PNIIMV. SEEHETIIHIPIL EL 183 SUHUH5 SUEIETY m Wtuiiltitig 77" 4 - lewis - 'fm Ida.. O provicte a common meeting ground for women who are vitatty interested in present stay protutems, current titerature, and in ttie ttweatre are the aims ot the Sorors. The Organization was tounrtect in 1938 to futtitt ttiosc purposes. Atttiougtu ttle women of ttle sctioot receive actequate format training and inenlat slimutus through ttrie pursuits of their ctassroom worti, the founders of the society tyetievect that an Organivation wtiicti xvoutft supptement scholastic encteavors anct cnrictx acarternic' tcnoxvtectge was neectect. The Sorors meet twice a montti on Ttiursctay evenings, at which time inemtaers tqotct rtiscussions on topics of their own setection. Included among the subjects rtiscussect cturing ttwe past year wereg Hghoutct tvtarried Xvomen VVortQ?H and Uttistorv of the txtotion Picture tnctustry.U tn artrtition. recent fiction and non-Fiction tuootqs were reviewed. Visits to ttie theatre. tyattet. and ttie opera supptementect the societyys ctiscussions. tn outer to retain a wett-rounctect quota of members, tt'ie Sorors is matte . . . , . Y up of six seniors and six juniors. New members are ctrawn from the upper half of the sophomore ctass. txtr. Rortney Horton of ttie Cenerat Course Department is faculty adviser. OFFICERS Presicleul ..... ..... .... t L DA ,IAtflfE Correspoiirting Secretary . . . . BARBARA LUSHER Ref-orrliiigi Secretary . . Bifixrizice Cornsriaix Trafrgurpr , , , . t'1l.tiANOR REMINICK 184 C1,,xRliNCE rllxlaczovu Eclilor-in-Clliof of lim Violet 185 HE 1941 Violet presents to the '41 gractuates of the School of Commerce, Accounts, anct Finance a living personal memento of their stay here, and depicts the most unusual campus in the world . . . Greenwich Village. ln attempting to capture the atmosphere of the Village, one of the oldest districts of Manhattan and the home of New Yortc University, the 1941 Violet presents ctozens of pictures and clrawings of Greenwich Village highlights. The great names ot art and literary history who once lived in Greenwich Village, the otct houses, the winding streets, the alleys, Vxfashington Square Parte, all hreath the spirit of Americana. tt is this spirit that the 1941 Violet re-creates. Unusual anct indicative of fine craftsmanship in yearhoolc proctuction are the pencil stretches of Rowling from left to right: Pro- fessor Lloyd E. Dewey, Cordon A. Knapp, Jr., Managing Eclitorg Harolct W. Shepard, Organizations Ectitorg Nathan Ketne, Literary Editor, THE VIULET historic Village sites such as the Latin Quarter, Vvyashington Mews, Twin Pealcs, Pittenta Quarters, anrt Sheridan Square. The entire statt of the 1941 Violet has macte every attempt to matte this hook authentic in att details. All historical tacts presentect in the hootc have been investigated and the statt is assurect ot' presenting a colorful picture of historic Greenwich Village that is true in all respects. Running through the entire Senior Section ot' the 1941 Violet is a history of the Village. This not only tencts an air of informatity hut matces the entire section a more closely ttnit unit. The line pen ancl int: sketches of these historic Greenwich Village land-marlcs were clone hy Arm- and Prusmaclc. Mitch time was spent in an en- cleavor to ohtain the most colorful of land-marks tor representation in the 1941 Violet. tntormatity guided the production of the year' taootc. Ctever caricatures of the various ctutm presi- dents are inctuded witti ttie pictures and write-ups 01: eact1 group. Consistent with ttlis intormatity are ttie caricatures of the senior cetetnrities, in ptace ot ttie usuat format pictures. Another feature in ttxis 1941 Violet is ttie use of sweaters for the co-ed pictures instead of drapes. Stitt another innovation is ttae use of C311- did ptiotos heading ttie write-up of eacti fraternity and sorority. tn ttie tronorary section, ttie use of a pencit stcetcti representative of the group is atso a change in yearbook matqefup. The 1941 Violet sport section, too, tnas varied its styte. tt tias tneen divided into four major parts for ttae main varsity sports, ttnus attowing more comptete Writeups. There is a tareatcdown into major and minor sports, women and freshman events, and intramurats in order to attow a greater coverage for ttiese poputar activities. Starting as a means of putaticizing ttae Violet, the Violet News is steadity becoming more vatu- atnte in informing the student body about the tortticoniing yeartnootc. One four page, six cotumn issue was putatistued ttiis year, on December 14, to give a preview ot ttue 141 yeartaootc. Reading from left to rigtil: Evetyn Sirotin, Qttice Manager, Attred E. Jonas, Sports Editorg Adotptl R. Scotti, Circutations Editorg Professor C. ttayes Sprague. The tnoard ot the Violet News consisted of Ber- nard D. Loectcer and Clarence Targove, ectitors-in- ctiietg Attred .1onas, sports editorg Harotd Shep- ard, tpusiness managerg and Ernest W. Batdassare and txtarvin Letntter, editoriat assistants. The Violet News contained many artictes on Creenwicta Vittage and ttie outstanding features of this yearys tuootq. ttigtwtigtits of ttie issue were ttriumtv nait staetctties of tacutty advisers Dewey and Sprague and eactw memtaer ot the managing board. Detfane Studios was ttae omciat ptiotograptier for ttae 10,11 Violet. Ftqtnere is no doubt ttwat ttie artistic portraits ptus ttie usuatty supertative candid xvortv taetped matic ttie 19-it Viotel Httae best Violet U CYCI' . BONVIE ARTSIS IVIITTLEMAN FREER PIERBERT BENIN GOLDSTEIN SORKIN GIQEENBEIQG PRESS COHEN SCHUBERT PRUSMACK GOLDBERC. JONAS PENSAK 188 Violet Associate Board Associate Organizations Eclitors . Associate Literary Editors . . Associate Circulation Eclitors . Associate Sports Eclitors . . Associate Qfflice Managers . Assistant Oflice lxlanager . Seniors Ealitor .... Fraternity Eolitor . Features Eclitor Art Erlitor . . . Pliotograpliy Eolitor . Niglit Ealitorial Assistant . . Co-eil Sports Eclitor . Alumni Eclitor ..... Erlitor of tlie Violet News , Recorcler ........ Day Senior Class Representative . Day Stuolent Council Representative Night Senior Class Representative . . Niglit Stuclent Council Representative ARMAND PRUSMACK, LEE MITTLEMAN . . . RITA PRESS, ROSLYN KOMACK . DAvrD GOLDBERG, AARON PENSAK CHARLES FLETCHER, JAMES W. HERBERT lVlURlIiL RODNON, BEATRICE GOLDSTEIN . . . . . . . . l..UClLI.E COHEN . SAMUEL Rrci-rARD JONAS . JEROME L. GREENBERG . . . NAOMI BENIN HAROLD SORKIN . JEROME ARTSIS . URIEL SCHUBERT . . . lNEz FREER . ALFRED B. ROSMAN . BERNARD D. LOECKER . . CLARA PJOWIE . JACK S. CRESPIN . . ROBERT G. HARRIS . . NORMAN KRASNOW . EDWARD P, MAY OFFICE STAFF Gertmrle Berlcman. Edna Bruclner, Diane Bryan, Eleanor Coslgey, Patricia Costello. lvlinnie Feinlaerg. Arline Furstman, Rita Ge-rarrl, Doris Ginslaurg, Ronnie Golcl, Sylvia Golrlstein, lVlimi Gorclon, Milclrecl Gottlieb, Rita Green, Irene Gross, Sylvia Grossman, Isaliel Ilaupl. Cvntliia Kollzergg. Sylvia Katz, Norma Krumlwolz, Eflrie Lierlerman, Yctta lvlancus, lvlaxine lvlenlres, Dorotliy lvleyer. Evelyn Ixlorris. Debi lvloslmf witz, Rutli Nissenlnaum, Beatrice Raclin, Sylvia Reinsrlireilmer, .Ioyre Rirlamoncl. Ixliriam Rivlain, Rutli Rivlcin, Harriet Rorlnon, Vivian Rotli, lrene Seman, Lorraine Smitli, Claclys VVQIII. SPORTS STAFF Ricliard Bernstein, .laclc Boyarslcy, Gilluert Cassell, Ilarolcl Ellcinrl, Ivlitcliell lloclilaerg, Sid Kronisli, Morton Levin, Rolnert Miller, Henry lVIoncIay, Bernarrl Stein. ORGANIZATION STAFF Ensio Alto, Louis Beclc, lVlurray Colwen, Eclwarrl Finn, Leonarrl Fuclis, Sol Clalmman, Stanley Greenlserg, BOB Holczcr, Hcrlicrt Kummel, Bernarcl Levine, Barney lvlusikar, Rocky Fellettieri, Arllwur Pinsky, Slielclon Ruclanslcy, Nat Sclilanger, Bernarcl Slierman. I.ouis Tiscla. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Erlxvin Fine, Lucius Foster, Norman King, Philip Ostroleng, Sirlney Sasson, Kennetli Srliwartz, .loc Slsienlaer. CIRCULATION STAFF XVerner Bauman, Eclwarcl Bayoutlm Riel: D'ArI:angc-Io, Rlmocla Frierlman, Milton Canis, Carl Gasman. Doris Ginslnurg, Sol Glalaman, Siclney Glazer, Beatrice Goldstein, lvlilclrerl C-oitliela, Rita Green, lvlorris llellman, l'Ial Hirselilmerg, Hal Kirscli, Norman Krasnow, lvlorris Ixlatises, Irving lvlatusow, Maxine lvlenlces, Dorotlay Meyers, Hy N0viclT, Artliur Finslcy, Amy Fries-. llarriet Rorlnon, Ivluriel Ronlnon, Nat Sclalanger. Lorraine Smitli, Jael: Vxfaclitel, Herman Xveinloerg. NIGHT STAFF .lolin Carlin, George Lulzin, llyman Morganstr-in, Seymour Zr-Inir-L LITERARY STAFF Seymour Berg, Roslyn Colton, Lillian Fcnclriclc, Eli Golrlloerg, Mirtliey Grcenman, Sylvia llarris, Howard Kane, Aurelia Kaplan, Hal Kirsch, Kennetli Ray, Anita Sclierer, Raymoncl Spiro, I.en Stern, Paul Young, Dotty Myers. CO-ED. SPORTS Susanne Crespin. Ilarriet Katz. 189 Eummerce Bulletin ww' .lm lis X V, C 7'G,xR,x - - flrlilorfirl-f lzicff mm Cxlwuuslivc slucly ol' poor gyrmmsium comlllions H1 llle lluiversily, News ar-mall-Q arml Oclilorials 011 llw sulmjofil Suggcslcd lo llle Univcrsily a program ull gym wlwalnililrlliou. lyjirilurcs zmcl Slllf,lC'Ill Corm- vnl invc-Sligaliorl rvporls were prinlccl :luring llrc rfmnpaign. ln Zlll ullcm l, lo lmvc lmxinff 1'f:Ccwa1izvc,l al lllc P D ,A lrlniversily, llmc llullclilz Supporlccl a proposal lo cwlnlnlislw lmxing arg an inlcgral parl ol llmc allmlr-lil' pmgrarn. Special ciolumns aml News slurics xxx-rc flf-wif-fl lo llmc mmpaigxl. r'lXl'1Oll1C'I' role ,llilywl luy ilu- flfzllvlzrz ll1S4'l11!fllilllilII'S was llle mclrrwil pl.1 7- ing of llw scniur Uncle-rgraclualc Atlwlclic Boarcl lQs'p1'0s011lnlix'e rm lllc Sluclelnl fwounvil. vlllme Slu- llr rm XRD Qmox l5riRN.,xRrJ D. l.o1iCKER Q Qlcmf r rl r Blanaging Erlilor dent Councit acted upon an ectitoriat suggestion of the Bulletin tuy giving the representative a non- voting Councit position. Innovations introctucect tast year remainect as a part of ttie paper ttirougtwout 19-10-41. The Evening News Section, consisting ot two pages, rtevotert sotety to news of interest to evening stu- ctents, was maintainert. Two news ectitorstiips and a feature ettitorstiip were atso maintainect. tn act- ctition, two copy ectitors were appointed to the associate tnoarct. Qttier memtxers of ttie managing tioarct, taesicte ttie ettitor-in-ctiiets were: Bernarct Simon, assistant ectitorg Roctney ttiomson, tyusiness managerg Ber- narct D. t-oectser, managing ectitorg anrt trwin Kcit, sports ectilor. George tautuin tiettt the post of nigtat managing ectitor untit tiis promotion, when the position was assumect tmy Rieteiarnt Strictctanct. Sc-verat cotumns a U mearert regutartv in the va erg It , I D Campus Cominents, t'atmtes anrt Foitptesf Ugcraintitect S uortsm 'tout in Front!! Hsororitv I . Lane. t'raternity Row, Varsity ttouse, Can- ftirt Campusn tttottings tuy ,togfl anct Rather Phe Triton HNigt1t Owtsfy Ht-igt1t in tide Nigtitu anct ltxty Nigtiln were ltie cotumns prinlett regutarty in ttie tfvening News Section. Ttie cotumns, appearing on ttie ectitoriat page, were written tiv Cttiara, toectaer, anct tettter. Ttiey were concernect mainty with gossip of stu- ctents, speciat events at sctioot, anft ctmatter atuout ttae uve format attairs tiettt tmy the stuctent tmocty. One particutarty fine Cotumn, rtevotect to ttie mem- ory ot XVittiam Conroy, former instructor in Ptiy- ctaotogy, was written tuy Bernarct t.oectcer. The cotumn suggestect that a ptaque ctecticateft to the memory ot Conroy tie ptacect in ttie nintti ttoor men,s smotqcr, and ttiat ttwe room tue re-namect ttie Conroy Lounge. Ttie Actministration approvect ttie suggestion, anct witt protmatxty act upon it in time near future. Ttirougtnout the year, the Buttclin was ctevotect to etticient coverage anct accurate reporting ot att news of interest to ttie stuctent tuocty. Ctuta activi- ties, ctass meetings anrt attqairs anft ttie activities ot speciat organizations, suctm as ttie Reft Cross, were reportect regutarty. Speciat putyticity was given to ctass smotiers anct format attqairs. Sociat activities ot ttwe Bulletin consisted of an informal ctance eaeti term, a Bulletin-Violet Christ- mas Party, anct ttie annuat ctinner, tietct at a twotet in the Vittage. The Bulletin atso organized trips to accompany the toottnatt and tyastcettuatt teams on ttieir out-of-town tretcs. lawn: J. Karr Sports Editor ctosiipii C. Uiiyico Etlilor-in-Cftiief, niglil Ronxiiv 'til ioiwivsox l5tlStf1CSS AIf1flftfIi'r I ll? ' iff? . .a-"V an , MANAGING BOARD Edilor-in-Chief . . . ..... . . . . Eclitor-in-Chief' fnigglmlj , . Nlanaging Ecliinr Managing Eclilffr f 3. Assislunl Erlilwr . . Sporls Ifcfitor . . Husinc-ss TXIVIIIIIEIQCF. ,.... . . . xXSSOCl.fX'I'E BK JAR! D Nvws lirlitnrs . ...,,.. . News lfrlilm' fnignlf f fvpy l'.rlihm1's . ,xclvc-rlising fxlnnagcfr' I:i'iltllI'l'SHflil11l' . , . I'U?illlIi'S Eclilwrs 01121115 .XSSflf'iiilVSIM1fIS Erliifvr . ,xssislzml gpwrls Fclilrwr . lfxflwnrmgc'Frliinri . NIQXVS ISOAXIQID IXIFIT ,IGITIFS xy. O,CHfH .lnscpn DQ Vico fFirst lermu Cc-urge I.uImin fgcvonfl icnnj I5l'I'IlHT!I D. Ixmvrlier nigniu . . Ucorggc- Lubin Hirst tc-rm, am' Slrivkffnncl fgwoncl lcrmb . . . BL-rnard Simon . . Irwin ,l. Ke-it . Iqi7Cllli'f'TI'lLHllliI1I1 . Emwsl Phalclinsmrcx Ixlzrrvin Immcr . Philip C, Uclling . Roslyn Ciulmcn Ig4lSlf'IlKIbIl1ElCL . ,lnlmn I.c-cumrcl . Harold Iflkillfl . KXIHI Solwlmmnrd Urivl Sfhulmerf . . Nat Cohen Alfred .Lvnas . . Hzmim-I Rmlnmm Dcmrullwy fXl1'y0rS fxllvrecl H. IQOSINEIII, 1'Iill'l'if'l Rally, Paul Young, 3114 XVc'Hcrslvi11, Murray Prm-sion RIAQPK BRTIAQIQS Nlimrorl I5EiSSi'l', Ginn-rl fussvl. l.iHinn Iil'llfII'ifXl1, Riflwfarrl Cnlvly, Rmxnic' Cnlrl, BC'fIlilfCI frrmrrfIITlilIl, IIfIXX'ilI'CI IXUIIO. IJUZIII lXI'illlll1ilIN'!', IDP!!! NIHFLUXNH7, I.1'IlIli1ffI CVSPIGII. IJEIYETY Sf'hXYilI'i7. I.OHllElI'fI SIUHI. NIUVHF XNICWSS gg 4 W2 Accounting Ledger O correlate tlieoretical principles witla actual practice lias lneen tlie aim ol llre flcconnling Lerlger. ln orcler to aclaieve its goal, tlle l.C'flf1l'V lias presentecl articles written lay men wlio lmve aclwieverl prominence in tlue accounting lielcl. Completing its sixtli year as an omcial University pululication tlie Ledger in llie past year was lor tlme lirst, time issuerl in print, ancl as a result u new lrigli in sales was reaclaerl. lts recognition as a leacling college accounting pululication was wirlenecl wlien tlie .'lCCOllttl!1IIllS Digest ol lxlarcli 1040, a pulblication summarizing learling accounting articles, reprinterl six articles lrom llie qlcconnling Leclger. Ainorig llie articles reprintecl were: Ufan uxncli' Prograiris Pre Stanrlarcli7efl,H luy Samuel ,l. lgroarlg Hgonie Rellections on Appreciation Practices," lu" .lolin T. lxlaclclen, anrl "Alter Commerce Xvliatfl liy Arllinr H. Rosenlqampllq. To increase its value to accounting stuclents. tlie lerloer containerl a section witli tlae most re- cent C,lj.A. questions anrl answers. Amt. to llaose lfclitorvin-Clniel . llusiness Nlanager . . llay lxlanngine lfclitor Assistant lfrlitor . K tf'f'l!litlIUH lXl?llt?t"t'f . 193 stuclents in tlme lielcl wlio possessecl ri clegree ol writing almility, tht- Lerlger ollerecl tlie opportunity lo clispluy il.. The training receive-cl lvy those stu' rlents wluo participated in tlie turning out tlie lmrlger is ol suclm nature as prove ol invalualule experienccr in later lite. Some ol' tlae leacling accountants an articles tlmt were leaturecl in tlie xlcconnting Lcrlger tliis past year were: Yictor Stempll, presiclent ol tlie National Association ol fiost Accountants, wlao wrote Mgome Aspects of Department Store Ac- C'OtIIlllIttfI.l Artliur ll. Rosenlxampll. cliairman ol llie Accouiiting llc-pnrtinent ol New Yorlq Univer- sity, wlio wrote Hvvllly You Slaoulcl Talqe tlle Cer- liliecl llulnlic Accountants, lixaminationsgn Franlc XV. lvlain, llouncler ol tlie Accounting courses at tlie llniversity ol ljittsluurgli, wrote Mlxlae Ac- countant ol tlne lruturef-llis Training ancl Op- portunitiesf, ancl tlwe clriet accountant ol tlie gc- curities ancl lixclmange Commission. Vvilliarn VNV. Vxlerntx, wrote Hgome Prolnlems on tlie Presenta- tion ol tlie gtoclqlwolflerls liquityf, Aftatptw R. Satin Ricla Darlqangelo , ttvriryfialtlsmitlw . llfirry llmeacli , Ricliarrl llammonrl .ALFRED E. .toxas NA1'CO1lEN OMPREHENSIVE artictes containing hetpfut and interesting information for freshmen and undergraduates are presented in the Commerce Book, tcnown as the freshmen Hhihtef' The puh- tication famitiarizes the new-comer with University life at Washington Square and serves as a prac- ticat guide for upperctassmen. The Commerce Book attempts to provide the students with an adequate tanowtedge of their surroundings, offering comptete histories of the University and of the Schoot of Commerce, an articte on the proper use of the Commerce tihrary. and a tist of recognized fraternities, sororilies, and clubs. Varsity, freshmen, co-ed, and intramurat sports are analyzed, and the resutts of the previous sea- son are reviewed. Athtetic awards, etigihitity, and athletic association rutings are also discussed in an etahorate sports section. An articte on "How to Studyu reveats the Commerce Book tiewix ,t. Kiiii' methods of deriving the most from a cottege career. There are speciat features on tife in Greenwich Vittage, potitics in the Schoot of Commerce, and discipline. An amusing Hfroshn dictionary defines over seventy-Five terms that deat with life at the University. The cotor scheme of the 194041 Commerce Bootfs cover consisted of viotet typography on a grey hactqground. A composite drawing of the Washington Square Arch and the School of Commerce was represented on the cover. Memhers of the Managing Board inctuded Nathan Cohen, James V. -O'Gara, and Bernard D. Loectcer. Other memhers of the staff were Ernest Batdassare, Harotd Ettqind, Githert Casset, Atfred Rosman, tvturiet Rodnon, Harriet Rod- non, Naomi Benin, Sylvia ttahn, htarvin Lettter, John Leonard, Rostyn Cohen, Roslyn Komacti, Harriet Katz, and Rodney Thomson. Varieties HARVEY A. Buiim s QR tire first time in its nine-year iiistory, Varieties, time omciai irumor puiziication of New Yoric U., soici for ten cents instead of five. With tiae increase in price came a tweive-page increase in size, a iarger numiner of ptwoiograpiis, anct a more Varieci art content. For tiae seconci successive year Varieties, was uncier tiie eciitorstrip of Harvey A. Biern. Desiring to maiqe Varieties more entertaining, time editors introciucefi severai new features. A gos- sip feature entitieci non Tiae Squaren was wei- comed as were otiaer new features that inciuciefi coiumns on tiae foiiowing suinjects: sports, men's ami women's fashions, recordings, and drama. Ptiotograpiay was aiso introciuceci as an integrai part of tire magazine. Canciiri ami intimate pic- tures were inciucieci in eacii issue. .ioites anti more iaumorous cartoons continueci to amuse tiae five i.,XRlt Y i.OXVli NST EIN iXiflR'l'IMl'lR B. riixcoiis liiousanci stucients wtio inougirt Varieties CBCPI montii. The iuitiai issue in Septemiier was cieciicateci lo tiae incoming ijresiamen. Foiiowing tire First issue, a Conscriptiou issue was presenteci in Octo- iier. The November issue was cieciicateci to time Ati-U iiroiic and tiae irorciiaam-New Yori: U. toot- inaii game. Suinsequent issues were cieciicateci to current ami popular tiiemes. Vvfitia ixianaging iiciitor Larry Lowenstein anci Business Manager iViortimer B. riacoias iaeaciing a slait oi over sixty slucients, inciuciing a iarge irestr- men turnout, Varieties experienced a most success- iui year. Tiae eciitoriai statin inciucieri many Commerce upperciassmen: associate editors iiaroici Soricin and Larry Carmerg assistant eciitor i.eonarri Nariei: ex- change eciilor Morty Feintsergg copy eciitor Henry Rosenieirig anti iiroaciway eciitor Stan Rappaport. sv K, 5E 31' we g. .V if 2717 K-if, Q- if f E iq., v Va Q4 5 z' - fx, g. QQ H' 4 5? g, 552 5?? M:- U , F95 ' L+ S' ga.-, EL, 5, Ki. -gf ,M- -in-. -c L' ff, - N 523 44 .., .- V gf, K gn :VIL 21- gsfy .3 .V , ey., M. '15 1 H. gf , 1,13 B 5 5: T 1 , if, . f, -w-' ? F A . -,,, . , .V , P - -'gm V V ' --'IJ K' z . ,' 'I ga-ff-JV, 1313 ,,1, - V., .Q 'nu , 4- ' rf!-V ,V 'f'la. .,i,,': 'V ,Q Fri V ' ij ',. .f 1.- ' ,ff-9 4 , . VV,,. ,V -V' '1? V . ,fa- KVQV , ai? 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A 'Q-Z' , A "-I' K " 4' I 4. 1-4 "lf 'Tiff , ' I M - - ' ' 2' " A-VV". - Vfii' " 4,-'Qu H ' V ' . .' ,M-1 ,f -2' ,f--L .- ' 'f' V 'A-gif ' - -' W, - J-5, H ix 3.f'--7'- -V "A , . 'VVV .' 'J -t ' ,VV 1 Q .. V ' f Ar'-Il' ' - '. . ' . j -' g -A , 1 ' H: ffi., ,- -V ' A - ' ' -' V ,111 -'life' .1 VV ,,V. AV in V - , -V5 .,-. VV- , - , -- - . V . - - V, . , 1 -1- -91. - ' ,-J 'I ,-r -iw' '- ' V is-'x -mai -Q V V 'VV . ,V V A . V-VV,!,1V' Wgfggfy 7' - , V V '- V ffjgl . -jV -15531 - . -. , ' V 'f' f 'V - . . , . ,.,, . .--,J ,VA . V 4 - ,. ' ' ' - .. - V ' .' V . ' , -' , VV, Q-f -5,15 -V - , . if f"f. f' ' ' - " " "'5 ., 1 rf- -z , I V- V T ' Q ' V- - 1. - ' VV ' ,q'- A' W' ' V. , U W , ,x , " ,V,, f-gs?5V Q' ., A ,A ' - 1 - 3 ' V 5' , V V2 '-..'1"-V1-V V VQVQL., , . . ' . ' , H - , 1,2 V auf ', VN - V , ' . V' -A f' X '..EEff.Tf- ' , ' .' ., Xl. , . ' , . V . , ' VV - - - , 'V ' -3 ,"14f', ' - 5- ' . --Q,-V g A , V , , . - . my V , 5, L - ' . 'l , " L f 7 f"?ViQ- - , in V V .V VV V , . 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S PI ACH Heard et Athletic Eeritrel charged witli tlwc control ol all sports at New Yorlc tlie Board of Atlaletic Control, a committee appoinlecl lay tlie University Council, formulates all atlmletic policy ancl is responsilxle to llie council for all atlaletic matters. MEMBERS llrolessor llltilip O. Baflgger, Claairman llean C. llowlanrl Collins. Srliool ol' flonimerre lyrolessor ,loltn lxlusser, Xvasliinglon Silllilfi' College Dean lf. George ljayne. Svliool ol lfcluvalion Professor Davirl Pi. Porter. Srliool ol l'lngjineerin,Q ljrolessor ljerley l., Fllliorne, llniversily flolleee Undergraduate Athletic Beard HE Unclergracluale Allaletic' lloarcl ninltes all varsity ancl lreslxman awarcls. lxleeting frequently cluring llie year. il sluclies all proposals coming from llie stuclent luocly and presents it Finclings to tlae B. A. C. livery college laelonging to tlae Atlaletic Association is represented lay a senior ancl a junior representative. MFBIPSFRF grlaool ol Commerce gcliool of Engineering Pmernarcl D. Loeclcer, Claairrnan Bernard ldeiluisla Alfred ld. rlonas Lawrence Greenstein llniversily College Scltool ol? Eclucation Alan Broolcs ,lolin ,l. Ryan Ricilaarcl K. Bernstein Vincent Finn Vxrasliinglon Square College lxlilton gcliwarlz paul Sclaapiro 201 136151412111 H11 , . 11Nf,1 1111111111 11111 1111111111 11115 1'1111g 1111 O11 1110 191111111 11as11111111111 SCCIIC, 5110115 0xp0r1s 1111'1111Q1111111 11111 1111111111 111110 1111111 111 111611 p10c11C- 1111115 111111 Nvw 111111 11. 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At the Latte Sebago camp hefore the season got under way, Coach Mat Stevens and his assistants were confident that the 19-10 campaign would he a successful one, hut after the first game it was apparent that the coaching staff had been mis- tatcen. The Violets were shut out in three games and were outscored hy more than 25 points on three occasions. Because ot injuries Stevens was forced to change his hactucietd combination for each game. Stevens missed the services of Big Ed Boett, graduated tripte-threat hactc who spartced the 1939 aggrega- tion. The lirst-string time was as good as any Stevens had coachedg however, the end posts were weak. There were tvew replacements that could he count- ed ou. Irv Hyman and Harry Petereit, tactctes, and Bernie Feihish, center, were the outstanding han- players on the squad. lu the season's opener at Ohio Field tate in Septeinher. the Violet scored an overwhelming 32-6 victory over a weak Penn tvtititary College squad. Nevertheless, faiting in several easy scoring attempts. the squad showed a poor attactc. Joe ta txtannass 80-yard touchdown run was the fea- ture of the rout. Pass defense, tactding, down-the-Field htoctcing, and severat other fundamentals were poorly exe- cuted in this game, and the team failed to polish up on these failings as the season progressed. Lafayette was the underdog when it came to New Yortq the following week, hut putted what was then thought to he a twig upset. The Leopards tootq a 9-7 decision in a hard fought game. The New York U. squad had severat chances to putt the game out of the fire, hut the strategy em- ployed was poor. il ,sv ww NW 2 . W A 012' .wif Syracuse was the invarter in the Viotet,s atehut at the Yantcee gtactium. Tommy Names relurnect the New Yorkers, opening Livtvott SO yarrts. anct in tess than a minute the Orange hart its hrst touctictown. The Yiotet tooti one ot its worst rtrutmtuings tnetore a home crowct. Syracuse rotteft up a 47-13 aftvantage. txtictway in the ihirct stanza New Yortc U. gamtqtect when it tactvect just one yarct tor a tirst ctown anrt taitert, retinquishing the tqatt on Syracuse,s 59. A pass from Bangor to Piro put the tnatt on the Viotetys 40, and a few ptays tarought Syracuse its thirct touch- ctown. The Hatt of ttamers reachect their peat: the fottowing weett, hotcting the powertut ttoty Cross squact to a 13-T' score. The Slevensmen scoreft earty in the game, and hetct a 7-O teact untit the tinat ptay ot the ttrst Here the pass rtetense, poor att season, weatcenert. anct the Crusacters tattiect on a tong toss. tn the thirct perioct, the team from txtassactiusetts counlect again, anct cheetcert the Viotets further scoring threats. Xvoocty Vvyittetcinrt starrect for the Viotet, passing, running, anct tcietiing turittiantty. He accountect for three successive Hrst ctowns, anct eventuatty went over from the two for New Yortes onty score. Gatuys tqictc for the extra point was gooct. Georgetown actdect to its impressive string ot' victories at the Yantqee Stactium on October Q6 tny humtgting the Viotet Q6-O. The visiting team rtirt not have to wortc hard for its victory, earty fumtutes hy Woody' Vvittetqinct having paveft the way for the rout. The game brought the Hoya recorct to Q1 wins anct a tie in three seasons. On the grounrt New Yortc U, matte tittte progress att afternoon, gaining hut 1 1 yarcts to George- lownys 175. tn this game Roxy Finn, Coach Stevens' protege from New Haven, macte his detnut. Finn had receivect a hig tyuitft-up in the txftetropotitan and schoot papers, hut his showing provect an unimpressive one. The Viotet travettert att the way to CO- turntiia, htissouri to engage the tvtissouri Tigers, hut pitchin, Pant Christman, who hart huinhtect the New Yortqers the season tnetore, put on an improvec.t performance and hanctect the visitors a sounct trouncing. Christman threw three touchrtown passes, as his mates overpowered the visitors 53-0. Joe Frank ctesperatety attempted to match Christmanys heaving ahiiity with a series of wiht passes in the final perioct. Passing ilauts atinosl, unheiievahie weather Inuit hetct again, anct the Tigerys AH- Ainerican quarlerhactq once more hart a ctry halt to worii with. The home teain exhihiteft a sterling hrancl of hall ptaying. .lactic Lister, soph end reptacing crip- pieci Boh Steuher, gave a heaulitui an arounft per- formance. Once he caught a Christman pass ami iuggect the halt 20 yarcts. Another time he husttecl 9 yarcts on an cxcettenliy executed end-arounrt ptay. He was att over the iietct. Don Reece, a thirct-string soph fuiihactv, was the wheethorse of the mict-western contingent. He was running the Viotels crazy att afternoon. Qnce he got away tor 35 yarcts with one of Christmairs passes. Prnt hest of att the men on the tieirt that afternoon. was a feitow namect Harry ice, a heref totore unheard of seconctfyear hack. He ran 56 yards, 50 yarcts, -10 yards. tie was the hottest, thing the Violets saw att season. Returning to New York the Heightsmen scorect their First victory in almost two months over a Fighting Franklin and iviarshatt team. The score was I2-O. The 10.000 cheering fans at Ohio Fietct saw Woocty Vv'itteLing piunge over from the one yarrt marker for the hrst score, anct ,toe Frank W carry an interception 40 yards on the game's Hnat play for the second touchrtown. Stevens hart heen having trouhie getting his squart moving. The touchrtown Woody' Wittekind scorert in this game was the First the New Yorkers registered in three games, Georgetown and Mis- souri hoth having won via the shut-out route, The New tfngtauct atom-tor shoota up his squad in this game, anct the seronct teain toott the tietft when the starting whistte htew. Un the taench the varsity team was working up pep, anct what a spartqect rejuvination those tettows showect when they were insertect at the start ot the seconct periott. They moved with a precision that hactn,t heen ex- hihitect hy a tteightys eteycn in scverat years. For Frantctin and txtarshatt, it meant the entt of a granct victory streatq that had reachect the ten game mart. For the Yiotets, it was the enct ot a sart tive game losing streatc. At State Cottege, Pennsytvania, the Stevensmcn howect to uncteteateft Penn State 25-O. The home team scoreft on the ttictcott with a 101-yarct run. Slate outptayect the Viotets throughout the game. New Yortq was uoticahty hancticappect hy the injuries ot .timmy Tighe, Vvtoocty Vv'ittet4inft, auct Roxy tsinn, the teaints three hest hatt-carriers at this stage ot the season. Tighe ctictnyt ptay hecause ot' a hart antate. Atthough Wittehirict ctict matte two nice runs, it was ohvious that his swotten tcnee stowect hiin ctowii. anct atthough Finn ptayeft atso, his ttnee hampc-rect him eonsicterahty. 'the visitors were comptetety outctassect. Vxfith the exception ot two occasions, the Viotets never possessect the hatt in State territory. Onty twice were the Stevensmen suceesstut in tatqing the hatt on ctowns. Vxfith the tirst tcain on the the Violets were ahte to hotct the State attactc. Aicted hy a clipping penatty, the Stevensrnen reputsect a touch- ctown attempt on the one yarrt stripe. Jacta Barmatc, who tumeet in the hest New Yortc performance, hrotie through on the tast :town and naited the Penn Staters tor a 7 yarct toss. 111 111C 50115011-5 11111110 1110 Y1o101s was Cx- 51001011 11,1 511111 1111 11ps01 ox'01 1:Ofi11'11lII1!S 1111151 IJOXYIYI1111 1011111 111 1111110 1111111 11 110011110 1111112 0101. 1:01'L1111,lIH s11ow011 115 1,1051 1111111, 1111111- p101,01y ox'01poxx'01'111g Ncrw 111111 Ups Qf1f1f1CI'S, lo-11, 111 1110 11111111111 1111111110 111' 1110 1111111x.U ,1110 1.11 5111111111 was 1110 15151 5111131150 III 1111- XY1U1C1 01111s0, g0l1111g 1lXX'1ib' 1.1111 s0x'1'1'111 511111110 gains. New Yo111 11111011 111 11110 1OI1g 501111110 111110. 11115 53111110 was 1111 111111 51111111 1JC1NX'CCI1 1'1OI'f1111lI1l 111111 11 1111111 11111, 111111 1110 111150 11111111 111' ciUilii11 ,11111 f:1ow10y 5111151-11 111111 11151112111 1111 1110 xxay 11110 11 1011111 111111 was C1CSK'IX1llQ 111 1111 111x11a111111, -1.110 511111s111'S S11ONYQf.1 1116 Rams Z111K,'1l11 111 0x'01y K101'Ji1l'11l1Cl11 11111, 11110. 111111, was 111 1111- 1'lJ1'XVEll'l1 passing C1111111111, 11111, Nmv Nr1l1'1i Ufs 11110115 110ave11 1111111151 1XY1l'C as Ill?1l1b' p11ss0s as 111011 oppo- 11e111s. 1X111111115g11 11105' W1-10 o1111f1ass011 11y 511011 I1 5310111 1I11lI'gj1I1, 111C Y1o101s 110x'01' Q11x'0 up. ,11110y 110101 s1111wC11 1111y S151l'15 111 q11111111g. 1X11111y 111-wsp11511-1x 5'111y011 115 S1ff1IlQ a 111111110 10 1110 S1UX'K'l'lSIlll'I1 1111 111011 01111111530 as 111ey 111l5'4'l1 1110 Rams 1vf1f 111011 1111111152 1110 111111 111 1j1l1l1i'I'S S111lNVCC1 l'XC6lJ1101'1Ei1 11111111y 111 1110 1111111 510111111 V-141'il111I1Q 113' il 11111153111 111. 13-U, 11 11111153111 111111 was IlllIC11 1GI'Q4'F 1111111 1111- 501110 11110111 11111101110 1110 Y11111-1s 0111110 511111155 W1111 1111111 OI11y 1a11y 111111 11110111 111 1110 531111112 1111111111111 11111110111 11111. il XVl'11A1JEl1ElIlCCl1 S15111111. 51111111-11 11111 111 1111110010115 111011. g11-V0 1T1115111w10x. 1.011 1'1s1111111111. F1ii1lf1C' P1L'K'1l1O- w11'11. a1111 ,11111111y 1j1111111011s1111311 11111110 up Z1 1fl11y 5110111 11a1'11H0111 1'1111111111111,i1111. 1.1111 131- F11115111, Ram C011101' 111111 C?1D1Z11I'1, W1111 1,110 1X'1a1111w Cup awar11c11 111 1110 15051, p1ay01 111 11115 1f1lf1111OT1?11 C111110s1. A111111115g11 110x1 yoarys 50110111110 1J6E1TS 1119 11111110s 111 511011 1l11XVC'I'11111 11111111a11 S011o111s as r11l1111I'lG. 1'4111111111111, Tcxas A. 19 1V1., 1W1ssou11, 1301111 'S1al01 111115' Cross, Sy1a1'11s0. 111111 many fJ111CF 111111 s1r1111g1111111s, 1110 11II1,1001i is a 111110 1mp111x'011 11101 11115 y0111s 5111111 s1111w111,q. 111 1110 1-a11y s1aQ0s 111 1110 Spring 11r111s Cf1a011 g1CX'0I'1S was xx'11111111Q XV111T El TICNV 0111-11s1x'0 sys11-111 w1111'11 110 0a11011 1119 HBH 110ITHil110H. 11 was a var1a111111 111 1110 11111 111111111111111. T110 111ss 11y gra1111a111111 Wag 1101 exp01'1e11 111 110 1011 11111 111111132 Harry 130101011 111111 11111151 Hy1111111: g1CX'C'I1S 11110 511111 111 I'C'QlI1Fl1' 111011105 wore 1110 m11s1 n01a1,1C 111 1111150 101111 1112 1110 s1'11001 111 111110. T11111 Paco, Woody' XV11101111111, 1-.1F1Tl1i F011 111111 .1110 1.F11X1?lUl'11l w0r0 1110 1011111110 1111011110111 111Qs0s. Varsity Track llli lans, lavorite, 20-year-old Leslie Mac- hlitchell, one of the greatest milers of all time, led the Violet lraclqmen to one of their most famous years since the sport was introduced at the Uni- versity, and the hoard-pounders ol Coach Emil Yon Elling played an important role in matting the 1941 indoor season the hanner success that it was. Under the patient and careful instruction of Von Elling, Les earned his prized title as "the second Glenn Cunninghamfy He shared the mile crown with Walter lxflehl, fine Wiscoiisin distance runner, hoth having talren several major races. hlehl, it might he added, is a good deal older than Les. Von Elling,s charges opened their season in Boston,s Veteran of Foreign Wars lvleet. The mile relay squad of Sanford Braun, Dave Lawyer, Cap- tain George llagans, and Harold Bogrow Finished first ahead of Fordham and Georgetown. ln an experimental mile appearance hlactvlitchett placed fourth hehind John lvlunslqi, lxlehl, and Chucli Fenslce. This comhination formed what was lrnown as Ulvlaster lvlilers lnc.,H with many interesting hattles centered around these figures as the season progressed. lvlaclvlitchell moved up a spot in his perfor- mance in the Boston K. ol C. Meet, finishing third in 41097. ln the Metropolitan A.A.U. Champion- ships in January, Mac turned in a 4114.8 mile, pacing the Violet distance medley squad to victory. The mile relay team also came through with a win. The major traclc meets made their seasonal dehut in New Yorlc with the Millrose Games, the Violet traclrsters coming through with an excellent per- formance. lvlachflitchell came up another place and hnished second hehind Mehl in the Wana- malrer Mile. The mile relay cornhination of Braun, Lawyer, llagans, and Bogrow won in tihe line time of 3:QO.8, the lastest time of the night in the collegiate mile races. lxtaclvlitchelhs fourth mile attempt hrought him his lhst major victory as he ran away with the ,l, PJ. Reilly lvlile in the Seton Hall Meet. The mile relay quartet gained another win, and the two-mile relay team came in second hehind Fordham. The mile comhination lost its lirst race of the year, h11XXCNi'I'. lmmxirm lrw llw Iqmllll cmullil 111 llw IPUIIII X1111 l'.H111gs tXI1ilI'Ql'S pIe11'c'1l sc1c'1111c1 lo 1111: 11 N.1..X.Ci, 11111111 ill ilu- Niltiilllfll A..X.U. lxlvvt 011 .X.C,. Fla-1. f 1 l WMU X X WW' XXVRISIIIIIQIHII s lmllmrlay. lDcIc111cl111g llw Sprml mccl- lI1C IIlIlllL'I' Nmr' 111 1114 I5 ' ICN' 1'l'lilY illildllfl' INCQHVY ITIEIY, MINI lllili' ICIIQ' pruvirlrkrl :Xl511'Fl1lr'f1r'H 111111 1115 506111111 l1i11111pl1 111 - " ' I ' - lillnx, 11111 Yau NHILCIS xxcr1c' ,11r1c1ssf11l 111 the ll1c XCIIV. il Alzlir., l11'1'Ir11'111z111f'4- l11rcH1.1111 il"ilIIl ' I. - 413111114 SHIKI IIN' f!l4li1!li'l' TCIQIYQ 1l11xx'11Ccl 1110 X iulci 1111lc1 1021111 IUIIL 11111 lww-1111lc1 ' ' Qfnllp ol' lJ.11-111111 l3I'll4't', Hill I lulic, 011111211 I Iflgflllx. lquullmm 5 IIEMLSICIIS wlylmuifl thc X IOM Us IU - , . , , lQ1'f'11lI1'Qia1lm- 01111111115 111 ll1c U . -LX. 111cc'l curly ill 1111fl,lUQK.,11f-5 xx1111 Ill 5115. 1 Y Y I, L I I lXlElI'l'll. :XIJlf'NIilf'l1L5H lmrwkc 1110 milc' rcforfl fm' 1 1 " ' 4 'g "Q ' ' - -4 ' Q , , . 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Cormrgc l.n'uvy, Vzlplailm :xml slmrlslop, provecl lllmsvll il lmrllliaml lzvlflf-I ill llis sllplmumlre zmcl iunim' YPEITS. ln prcr-svzlsoll pmciliciv sessions. llc lms lueou up lm par mul lms slwwn imprlwmnenl in luis llilling. lfcl XM-llllill, l1urclAl1illing Ersl, lmscman, IQ also lmaclq in umlflrm. zmcl lxlvflarllmy expccfls lmim lu lvacl lllc- squml in lmllirmg. Ollu-rs wlw clinvluonl llw posilions llley lluc lJlKWlllIlS yvar wvrc ,lrllm lrollrclll, Cnlfllerg lloe liilxlilllllil, rwlllllclclwg amcl Vllommy ljafci pilcllcr. lJilC'K'. il I'l'SK'I'Nl' Oli lilil, SK'!lSllll 5 illllilll. li COUIllCCl cm lu curly llw nocl as ilu- mlmlacvr-one lwirler. llllms- zmcl lmmr- serivs wore Svlieclulocl willi sow-11 lvams. Cily College, Holslm, l'lOly Cross, Sl, ,lfll1ll.5. lnlayvllc. lxlzmlmallzm. ancl Forcllmam. Six mul ul' lllxxu games xwrc rmmnvcl. A lwo-clay lrip lmllg llmf- lnoys lm Hamillon lur a game willi ffllgnlfx mul lo SYFEICUSK' lor n fcmlosl Willi al 4lI'UIlQ Syrilrlliv Sqllzlcl. Sumo Ol llic 0IIlStc'lT1ClllIQ lcfzum llll llu' Sclworlule uw lD1'il1C1'lrln. Columlmiu. 'llcmpln-, llosllm, mul Goflygcllowil, lyrl lax' fllgllalill Ciillllllilllli anrl lwirlcr Efl Bflcll llmc Ill Ill squmcl C11jlmyoc,l il Succmlul Svason. Plllwo rvcllrrl Qlwxwrl ll x'ic'lrlri0S. 6 losses, aufl a lic. lifllllm-ll lmllc-fl .355 amfl CElllllD?llllS 558. llocll wa? llw lvzlcllrw lllllIlI'lflSIl1flI'14 willm 1-iglul YiCl0riCS zmrl ll pam' lvl Svllla lKTliS. Journeying to West Point for its annual contest with the Cadets, the Violets elceel out a 10-O triumph hehincl Boell. Zeitler again halllecl the New Yorlcers in the next game as St. .lohnys won out 7-6. Big Ed Boell toolc the mouncl against Forclham in the seasonys lninale. Previously he had lacefl nine Ram loothall and laasehall teams, ancl hast failed to see a victory. ln his hnal appearance he pitchecl a hrilliant game and won out 3-Q. Auer lacect Princeton in the initial game ol the season early in April. The New Yorlcers went on a spree in the fourth inning, tallying live times, anal winning 9-6, The varsity turned haclt the alumni Q2-5 in the next contest, with Ed Boell on the mouncl tor the unclergracluates. The Violet lecl going into the ninth against Vermont the follow- ing vveelt, hut the visitors tiect the game up. It was callect in the eleventh frame hecause ot rlarlvness with this score 5-5. lVlcCarthy,s nine came up with a IQ-il victory over City College in a wilct game at l-ewisohn Staclium. Campanis starrecl with two clouhles and a single in a contest marlcert hy Q4 wallcs. Before the llall ot Famers met their hrst cteteat at the hancts ol Hofstra late in April, Boell earned his thirrt straight victory, 15-5, over Temple. The Hofstra score was 6-2. St. ,lohnys hanflecl the Violet its seeonfl straight loss 3-2 hehincl George Zeitler as Boell met his initial set-haclc. But .laelc Fottrell rappecl out three sale htovvs the next weel: as the team ancl Boell returnecl to the victory column with a 5-4 count over Rutgers. Billy Ritltin. utility inhelcter, came through with a pinch single in the eighth inning against Lafayette early in May with the hases loaded and the score tierl to give New Yorlc U. a 9-6 victory over the l.eoparcls. Then in a return game at Easton the palisaclers howecl 7-2. Boell toppecl City College 13-6 ancl Syracuse 6-4. Manganiello connectecl lor three sateties against the City College men, ancl Campanis eloutecl a homer anct a pair of rlouhlc-s against the upstate-rs. larsil Fanning and mmf Sports wl.l5l,XXlNll ilf wusfum willw an SIIli1SllIIIQ vIc'I1u'y f ilu lllc' Naflimuml lI1l1'1'f'wIllvgmlcs, New XML ll s xnrsily l'l'IIl'lIllj lenm r'umplc'lr'rl zmrvllmer lml' lmlll IJIIIIIMIIQII llINli'I' llu' lulelemf' ul Cwz1r'l1.ll1l11v lxlurlinwx fwnslvllw. ,lllur Xliulels llmli llmo llmrcc- xxvznpfwln VIYIXXII, llmc' vpec mul lull lvum titles. :xml llu' IIIIIMIIIIII c'pc'r' lillII'l'l4 111 lllc' lille' meel ul. l,I'lI1II'lHII in lxlnrvlm. Ixlllllll' IIIIIIIQI wus llle inclivirlual slut l11Ic'rcwIllr'giz1l1' ljf'II1'lIIQ ,'Xsswr'iulIII11,s 4I3ll1 a ol llme Tlnllill I'llIll'lIIIl4IIlSlllID4. llc' guirmccl Ilw c'pc'c'Crowr1, and led Ilms' fi4I4I1'llfIrm'I1 lu llmc' epvc' aml loil leam Iillcs. ln llls' lwfw-rl.Iy c'cu1Ipc'lilI4uI ,l4illIlN'I' clruppecl only svven nmlfluvs in lmllm llu' vpee uml fOilS Compell- llflll. llllmf' Xliwlvli rem away willi Ilwe ll1rc'C-weapon CFONVI I . ln llu' iniliul fllml mnlcjll in Felmruary llle Yiwlvk Iicfl ll1c' SillllIS Clulm Ulf:-l5V2. Opening ilu-If rllllvgmlc' scnsmm llu' Ilexl, wcwli, llme Xliolel sworclsrmwrl clmx'11f'rl ljfbfflllilfll QSM!-Syl. rllllen llle New NlHI'liPIS lmYc'lc'cl In ljllllfifllxlfblllil wllere llley IIlIllllIl'lIlfl ,l'i'IIIIllC lmy il ll-5 cioulll. P1113 Art 'lwaulmer If-fl Ilmc' ull lTiIIIIi'I'S Willm YirImi1's in lJOll1 lnoili illlfl PIIPU. gI.,lIIlII1'x.Ilr1msIIwppmlIlI4'XY:Isl1I1IgIrm Square wfxllilugmml, lull lasl-millulc'Se1lperx'IrtlOric'S gave llie Xlifllvlx an I I I7 zirlxznlulugv, ljullmvillq llxis mzllell llmr' Imam jI1l1II14'yl'rl lu IXIlI'IiIIJ4IllS ln meet llle NIIIIIIQ Nmuxl .xfzlrlvmy mllllll FI sqlmcl repuleclly lII1lmc'zII.Il1lc'IlIIilSlI1+I11c'SlI'ips, IIII-Xnlll-IQIfIsIf.II1 I I I I a1lllwuQl1 pullilmgupuI1exv1'llc,'11I lmllle Vlllms' slIAIIIIQ Sillll' gfmlvlli lC'EIIIl preseule flaIil4'llIIIIIc'II willl Ilwir scwumcl loss ol llie IVIIIIII llmu lII11r'lwx II I J-I I IIIiII'I'llI IIN- IIIIII I,. , .. F. cl llmc CEIIHA mmg xxc'c'l4 llu' scglmcl lrm'c'llf'rl In Xvvsl lloinl lu aclmin- ixlvr .I II 1 IIIIIIIIIIIIQ lu llmc' Ixrrny lmlaclerlwrx. l,l'IIIl Slnlll' new am muy wclnm, lnowmg .Incl fllly flwllvgc' um flc'lc'a1le4'l I5-I2 ill l IT-10, lle last lllllll I-l Ilu' NVIISYIII In lllillii' up lfvr llme fleleal Sul- . , Y lwrul lg ilu' lmslwllmll Iswlm. rllme years Sllfmwwl Qc'x'c'l1 X'lf'l4II'lC9A um' lily :Incl lwr YCFfJI'fl 7 lf7SSl'S, The 1941 squad included Art Tauher and Roland Monzeglio, co-captains, Stan Levy, lz Fier- stein, and Mal Lieherman in foilsg Taulner, Sy Gross, Herb Kane, and Stan Klein in epeeg and Sol Gorlin, Tony Lombardo, Pete Tishman, and Arthur Franlc in saher. The cross-country and rifle squads shared the limelight in the minor sports scene during the 1940-41 season. With Leslie MacMitchell earning such a phenomenal reputation as a hill-and-daler, the doings ol the Von Ellingmon often over- shadowed interest in toothall. The ritlemen toolq the lead during the lull hetween fencing and hasehall. Priced lmy Captain l.eslie lvlaclvlitchell, who won his second national intercollegiate cross-country crown, the Violet harriers won six of seven sched- uled dual meets this season. The team finished ninth in a tremendous field of over 40 in the l. C. 4 A. cross-country championships at Van Cortlandt Parlc in November. lxlaclxflitchell played in the iron-man role in every meet, finishing lirst in all of his attempts. He has not heen defeated in five years of hill-and-dale competition, two years at high school, his freshman year. and two years ot varsity competition. He won the freshman l. C. 4 A. crown, and has talcen the varsity title in two successive years. He has also won the various Metropcilitan championships. Although lVlaclVlitchell linished far in front, his teain males did not do as well. and Syracuse tool: the opening rneet C26-50 this Fall. However, the y w f ' n il "+ . X 7 f . . gf .fi 5 1 3 fx 'N ' Q . ,Q , Lt it 3' ,A 1 . 4 ,Af Wig t X 31 following weelt the Violet combination came hacli lor an overwhelming triumph over Union College 3078. Then in rapid succession Pennsylvania lxowed 17-54, Princeton I9-57, Rutgers 15-40, and St. Francis and llrooldyn College hoth hy the scores of 20-35. The season came to a Close with the lntorcolleggiates Novemher 18. The Violet ri11e team went through the 1941 campaign with ftying co1ors, winning 16 of its 18 matches, and finishing third hehind Yate and Army in its division in the 1nterco11egiates 1ate in March. Under its new coach, Captain 1V1i1ton Stqetty. the squad gained national recognition as one of the countryys hest nimrod combinations. 1n the twe1fth annua1 St. .1ohn's University Metropolitan invitation championships, the Viotets tootc first p1ace as they hung up a new meet record, a high score of 906. Githert Schurman, a sopho- more, won individua1 honors with 186 points. With Captain Cart Posch teading the way, the squad toot: First p1ace in a quadrangte meet with Parootdyn Poty Tech's Day Division, Co1umhia, and Cooper Union as the season got under way. The fottowing week the Viotets outshot Brooklyn C01- tege 902-750. City Cotlege was nosed out hy an 898-887 count. Then Brooklyn Poty Tech's Eve- ning Division was defeated 914-876, before Army gave the S1ce11ymen their hrst defeat at West Point, 1547-1295. Fordham, Cooper Union, and Brooklyn Poty Techs Evening Division a11 bowed to the Heights gunmen, prior to their second defeat ot' the cam- paign at the hands of Ya1e,s squad, 1570-1561. As March got under way the team topped Massa- chusetts tnstitute of Technotogy 1571-1551, Brook- 1yn Coltege 915-724, and Brooldyn Poty Tech's Day Division 906-890. After taking the Metro- po1i1an tnvitation tournament, the Viotets Went on to defeat St. John,s and Lafayette in the seasonys two 11na1 meets. Atthough it showed a s1ight improvement over last year,s squad, the swimming team hung up a poor record this season. The won and tost mark read a pair of victories and six defeats for Coach Frantz Wa11's htteenth campaign. However, the Watt protegees pu11ed the sur- prise ot ttie year, tinistiing seconrt to tjbrootv tyn Cnttegv in ttu- txtotropotitan cftmampion- strips. Captain Danny Otconnctt toot: first in ttic 50-yarct trccstyte and tourtti in the 100-yarct trccstytc, assuring ttde Viotets ot sixtti ptacc in ttie ttastern Cottcgiate ctiam- pionstlips. Attvr trising its Hrst mcct to City Cottcge ttie Viotets mine tvactti to mitswini tvtantwattan tny a 52-25 margin. Ttio next tturee meets witti tliitgr-rs. Eastorn cottctgiatc ftiampions, tfitayvtte. anrt Conncctifiit att resiittoct in ovorwtictming ftctvats for ttic Viotcts. tjtfrmttmam tcmtq tticx measure ot ttie Hatt ot tiainvrs -tt?-Qtr anct ttien at tjtwitactetptmia ttuc v ' " -.. New N mtv toppc-ct tcmptc it u- att. Oppuiii-rits inftiictett txtctroputitan riynts ttorcttiam. Cwtiiintuia, City ftottcgo, St. ,totins Brofmtqtyn, anct txtanttattan. Trips to Easton :init New ttmrunswiritq to incet tatayettc anft Rutgvrst anrt in iiitmsccvtionat tmmct Qamv wittn Diitqc ttniyorsity wore atsrv tiStQrt. Last ycar, attctr rain pnstponvrt ttde upon- ingj inatcti witti tgUStOIl twottcgt-. ttwc tvnnis team tfmppcct txtantirittan 3--t. yxttvr tosing to St. itutinbs anct tying Cotiiintvia, ttii- sqiiart iv- turncct to ttmc win Cotiimnr ctotoatinfg Forct- twam 8-1. Rutgers won out 5-4, anct Brootqtyn was tation over tranctity.'ay0tt,c troiincert ttxe Viotcvt nctmcn. anct ttde Nc-w Yortters cnctcft ttic year strutting out Army O-0 at Vwtvsl tjoint. Ctmrti t'-i'aiimc'rwis tytitisvii fmt ttic wrvstting tvani vamc- up xxittr scyvrat mt-n wtw inigtwt tmavc rtnnc- wt-tt in ttwc naticmnat iiictivictiiat mminpclitiiiii tmart tw attowcct ttwm to vntor ttw tittc nivvt. ttiit ttwc spurt was onty two yvars utct at NOW Yfmrtt tv. anit tw tvtl ttiat ttmf' limo was nnti ripe. Ttio Viotcts ctctfvatert tvtonttitair TCilCt1Gt'S anct ttrootctyn Pwtytectwniri tnstitiite :turing ttme year, tml, tost, to Crutilmtmia, tsatayette, anct rttcmpto. Vytittw ttwis rattmr impressive i'Ccfmr'it in ttrc tntvotis, ttuc Viotets were grinning tor City Cottcge in ttic ttnat meet, tmti Witt' Captain Ptmit Riitctiictq on ttwc injurrwt tist. ltic tj,EttSCtIl'TlE?H toot: onty two Cvvnts anrt trust out 18-9. xy! UPU: Knplnwilz If'lI'1CXl'9 ex rc-luminal in lfw gyIwl1II4f' gnnm- -f VIWCIIIIINB' 'Hrs I'ilIf'Ill'i il jJElSSf1JIAil.Hl'Sl clmxn M Nvxx' NVHYL ll llClvK'IlSE? nfqlsc-ls anmllwx' wnrc H I.El:XIillNlil ell IMI, vnu- -I Q 7 anal ll1C'JilH ix il . . . -H nlcl Ixlcrlz gcrls fXI'l'lIH lun! un amish! in 5 Ihr' sixth inning nf lIxr:HnIQlrz1 Qznm' - XX'n+1rlyXYill1L111rl gnu mm' for il IHIIKXINIIPXVII ilgjiljflgl, Pcnn Blililzny ,xcwxffvllly F fxnllnllg an'nnn4l ilu' lqan' lnrn in Iliff 1nCfrnj1nIilf1n f'1rf4Q-rnxulllly ra1r'c'nl,X'an1fxnnrllzxlmrlhllurli. lfrrish Sports l,lCll valualile material lor next yearws varsity teams was clevelopecl lay llie various fresli- man eoaelies lliis season as tlie majority of tlie vearling eomlminalions eompleterl SLlCC'CSSlTlll Cam- paigns. llowever, tlie lirst-year lxaslaetlpall squacl ol Coafli Xxllbert lxlaiei' tiirneel in siicli an Ont- slanrling revorcl lliat it gainecl reeognition lar greater llian llie ollier groups. Vlllie Violets eainecl easy vietories over tlaeir first loin' opponents, Newaila ,lnnior College, Cllris- iorrlia lloiise. Broolilvn Collegels llrosli, anrl tlie lfngineers. piling up lremencloiis scores ol 60-25, T5-55. of-45. anfl oT-EI. Vlqlie lgoyls Cluln Hnally loolq llie measure ol! llie Violets 'l7-43 in a Closely ronleslerl game. llqlie lxlaiermen inaiignralerl a new strealc, top- ping llie lxlanliallan eiilas 5fl-55. Searlaorougla gc-liool. llie lxlarlison Square llsoyls Cliilx.Forcll1ani. ancl Kips Bay Boyls Cliila were cleliealecl in rapicl siiveession, lint in a return mateli on tlie Rain eonrt llde llorclliam live ontplayecl llie lnleiglals yearlings. oil-50. alter laaving lmowecl 57-55 tlie wc-el: lic-lore. Tlae onlslancling memlners of llae sqnael were Crenerl. .lesse Tomlinson. arirl Sol Clogower. All lleiree slwoiilcl malie excellent varsity material. Crenerl seorecl Q28 points, averaging more tlvari I9 a game. Glogower lalliecl 151 poirils, ancl Tomlinson 131. Coaeli ,lawlq Vvleiiilieinierss lreslwman lootluall leam linislaecl tlae 19,10 eampaign willi a reeorrl ol only one vielory ancl lliree cleleals. rlqlue Violet gricl stall. liowever. lvelievecl llwal. llae Hnal scores were nol incliealive ol llae leamys real ralilure. rl-lie llall ol liamers were ollf lo a line start, cle- llealing Rutgers al New l5rnnsvvic'l4 I5-li in Oetolver. lllaving llie ixrinv ljlelues al XVI-sl Point. llie New Yorlwrs rlropperl llieir llrsl game ol llwe season I5-0. Stan llacleyalv lrielqecl a 20-vaicl lielfl goal for tlme Violet, anrl .lolm Kammerer ran 52 varcls lloi' a svore. ljorclliamls vearlings gave tlie Vvleinlieimermen a souncl 55-6 lroimeing at Olwio ljielcl. Pmacllv onl- plavecl. tlie Violets flisplaverl spasmoclie exlailii- lions ot eommenrlalile lmall. Vvleinlweimer nn- voverecl an oiilslanfling passing llireat in lgerlcowitcla. Berlqowilelils passing set up tlwe only Violet lally, as lie losserl llue lball Eve varcls lo Tom grott over llie goal. lla llu' llIlillK'4 llu' X uwlcfls wvre llfully lJl'illl'Il lux' .1 lb-U Quan' ln' XIllilIl4lX'il4 vulmi rm il nuulclx' Cllufw l'u'lrl. clIllXYClQlH'fl mam lor num, llu' llull ul l'emu'rs lwuulml gallflmly. f fmclm Igmll X fm I-.lim Villlli' up willi an p.1il'f+l lll' l Yl"1I' 1'I'IVQ I'HllIllI'YIlll'Il fvL'HI'UC' K ilfllufl illlil 5' r mf . - NUHIIEIII l.Hlllf'lxlIl. NYllU Slilllllll IlI'llX'l' Yillllillbllx lu lu s XilI'SllX flQ1I1- sqluul 1u'xl ljull. Vlqlu' lxurslm clvlvamlccl lJ1'm1sylx'zu1m lf?-MH in llu' 3 . , . 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Pnre'cI Ivy 5IiIf'IN'II IIMCIIINWQ ilI'lCI ,IaN'I4 AINIIIT. IIN? iiiniors Iulcr rIeIc'eiICrI IIN' XXIIEISIIIIIQIOII gqiizire C UIIIQI' SIHPIIQ IIAPSIIIIIZIII SIIIIZHI IIOI' iIII-CIUXYIP Iuwii Iifmimrs. As IIN' Vinh-I wciil Io press. IIWC .fXII-Com- i1N'rr'i' Ieam was SFINIIIIIIGCI In Info IIN' gCI1fmI II IlIfIiif'fiIiiii1 f'm11I5iliz1Iiwi1 Im' IIN' AII-UDL xc'i'siIy f'Iminpi1iimsI1ip. IWJOIII Ivfims INJaSIQcI IPFIIIAIIS OI Eve vic'If1i'ic'S 1iiNI fi sinQ'Ic' QICIGPPII iii Imii'imi1N'i1I play. CNfwinnN'i'r'c' IOSI I0 IIie Arts Coitege hy detautt, and the Schooi ot Edu- cation howed to Commerce. The Commerce squad enjoyed a successful season against other Uni- versity squads, tosing oniy three games and win- ning 15. in the ctuh hoop tournament there was 52 entries. Four ctuhs, the Primeros, Saranacs, Jewish Cuiture Foundation, and tnctustriai Arts ted in their divisions as the Violet went to press. Theta Nu Epsiion was undefeated as it won the Viotet Stcuii tournament. The traternitymen won Five consecutive contests. Theta piaced second, and Atpha Kappa Psi was third. Phi Atpha won the inter-fraternity hasicethatt championship in March. Kappa Phi Kappa was runner up with Phi Lamhda Deita third. Phi Atpha was scheduted to engage the victor in the Heights tournament to determine the ati-University tra- ternity hoop champs. The intramurai wrestting tournament was a huge success. A novice meet heid in Decemher won varsity herths tor three grunt-and-groaners. Leianrt Streitqer, 121 pound ciassg Eli Zaretsicy, 155 poundsg and Len iviott, heavyweight, made the varsity team hecause ot their showings in this event. in the open tourney John Laderman toot: the heavy- weight crown. THE BAND The New Yorii University hand, pride ot toot- haii games and other athietic events, is one ot the foremost marching units in the East. it inetudes memhers ot the R.O.T.C. hand as weii as stu- dents trom other divisions of the University. Aihtough not so widety puhticizect nor so hrit- iiantty uniformed as other hands, it is an integrat part ot the coior and excitement accompanying our athietic events. New unitorms ohtained this year have done much to eniiven its spirit and appear- ance. Comparahie to the foothaii team in size, the Violet instrumentai group hoasts 89 memhers and 10 uniformed reserves. There is atso a reserve waiting iist ot 20 men. Perhaps the outstanding feature is the rapidity ot its marching pace. Some authorities ctaim it is the quickest stepping coitege hand in the country. it has also gained recognition for its Fine harmony hased on army styte. gif66kS if Q2 ,ve w '52 INVIN l'liQXliS VIOLILT SHHLLD Rcwullflu IQIUIII lvll lu riglulz Bullfnn rout Vlllll, firmly,f3rf'r'11lmv1'Q..lm-11cl.1..lz1r'ulrs. Top mfr: Ray, CHEIIDIDHII. Il4l'.K'liIH'IQ. Sf'I1li!1ll'I', llwl1'l1lw1'g. YIOLIYI' SIQUH. IQUAIKIUIQ lhrnun lc-fl In righl: Bollom rout CXHIIIIUH, KIIEIIIIJ. Fvlmlic-cle-11 SlI'iC'LIflI'lClg Floreutz grmllm. 'l'r1I1roU': HQir11.,I4111c's, SLHMQ. Nwrlf-n, C3-I 5-mm-ll. N1mlm1:1H. 231' Henri Nilaur ,112 531 X33 Alpha Epsilon Pi Alplia Cliapter 1 Wasnngton Square, Nortlsi 1.191 IA EPSHMUN Pl was tormecl lay a trienclly group of stucients attencling New York University in 1913. Since tlue clevelopment of tliat first cliapter, Alptla Epsilon Pi lias grown to a national fraternity of 31 cliapters ancl 15 alumni clulns. The men wlrio tounclecl Alplaa Epsilon Pi clicl so witti tlwe iclea of creating and maintaining a Hrmer relationslaip luetween tliemselves ancl tlueir college. Tliey Worlcecl to luring aluout a cleep ancl everlasting trienclsliip, ancl to promote ancl encourage trutli- fulness, laonesty, courage, ancl true sportsmanslwip among tlieir fellow-men. Tliey clesireri to tiring aliout for tlie mutual aclvantage ot all concernecl, a fuller ancl more complete unclerstancling of tlae social activities in tlaeir University. Tlie 23 men wlaio sulysequently lvecame Alpina cliapter lielcl tlae true fraternity spirit in cleveloping tlaie true lyrotlaerlwoorl ancl loyalty Wliicli so exemplifies tlaeir creed. The most iclealistic clreams anal tlae laiglaest expectations of tliese men liave to1rlay lneen more tlaan realizecl. Tlie most, colorful event of tlae year was tlae celelyration ot tlie 27th anniversary ot' Alplia Epsilon Pi, at Nasliville, Tenn.. cluring Ctiristmas ancl New Year. Tlais event tirouglwt toeetlaer tlie gracluates ancl unrlergracluates. T110 New Yorlq alumni clula lielcl its lormal in December at tlie Hotel Penn. ln April. Alpina claapter lwacl its annual formal at tlwe llotel Del lX1onico. T110 various committees of Alplaia clsiapler are striving to worlc in close lwarmony witlsi tlae otlaier fraternities at New Yorlt University anrl are putting tortli all ot tlieir availalule resources to aicl tlieir University anrl fraternity. Tlae lvlaster ot' tlie fraternity tlnis year was Davicl Dulaow. MEMBERS Rutlaertorrl Atlcincl ,411 lX'1elPJerQ ,113 Morton Parancl ,113 Stuart Brown ,112 Burtonlgurrows ,113 Davifl Duldow '111 Harolfl lifter ,113 Henry Flamlwerg ,113 Riclaarcl PJ, Feinman ,112 lawrence Finclq ,113 .lames Ginsberg 111 Ralpla Golrllnerg ,1111 1X1artin Heller '111 Stanley C. Hollancier Stanley ltzlcovitz ,113 lX'1unrray ,leucla ,111 Stanley Katz 142 Hoxvarrl Kovalslqy ,512 Hoxvarrl Kraus ,113 llowarcl l-evine ,113 Roliert l-ust,Qart,en ,113 l-awrence lvlittentlial Raymoncl lvloslqowitz 238 '41 ,112 '111 Davicl Rolniclc ,411 Bernarcl Rosenberg ,114 Sirlney Ruldin ,1111 Allen Sclwieluer ,411 Erwin Sclnlacter ,112 Solomon Setioenlierg ,112 Allen Silverstein ,113 Seymour Stoll ,113 rlosepli Weil '111 Bernarcl Weiner ,112 -arling lmm In-IL to Iiglll: lop ww: Ixrzmi, ,If'llflZ1, IW-nnmkm, Nllllll, Ixox'axl4Ly. .5L'CUIlLl IYJKUI Sftlulmlmr vvlslm-in, llzLmil7, MmLOxx'ilZ, 'I-l:if'1l 1'uz1': Sion. Ummm, H4-Ilvr, I,4'xil1r-. lrnmlfr iuuf: Rrxsr-xxlwrg, Iqll Ixxllsfxylvll, Srllovzxlu-lu. Huilrml nur: Uxllmxxy Il+fH.mfI4-1, i-Iu111I14-rg llwlruiflb Kali. Q30 Rvzxfiing from left lo right: Top row: Ninviiak, Pboslciinan, Olsen, Harris, Conway, Haisiziri. Sammi row: Rozansiqi, Fcisici, Rising, Flay, Qiscn, Sampson, Third row: Duniap, Sciinc-icicr, Gemmoi, Niven, Rini: Hamilton. Fourili row: Brown, Sims-s, Slocum, Siota, De Chant, Carlin, Fifth row: ixiiciieison, Davidson Curuiiin, Hynes, Benson, Sciiiiecier. Q40 lNlElNlBliRS HQRTLY alter the turn of the Twentieth Century, Uctoher 5, 1904, ten lriencls who were unrlergracluates at the School ot Commerce at New Yorlc University conceivecl the iclea of organizing a fraternity. On lxlay 20, 1005 the icleals anil aims lor which these men stoocl were cementecl on a strong lounclation when Alpha Chapter ol Alpha Kappa Psi was incorporatecl uncler the laws ol- the State ol New Yorla. The atmosphere prevailing at the many social functions is one ol true frienclliness anal hrotherhoocl. Throughout the loothall season, clances were helrl at thi- chapter house at 115 Vxfaverly Place lor the hrothers anrl their lriencls. The yearls activity is rounclefl out with the New Ycarys live Party ancl the Annual Formal. The professional programs ol: Alpha Kappa Psi give to all who attcncl a lceener insight into the solution ol the perplexing prohlems of presenteclay husiness. This year spealqers have inclurlccl executives from R. ll. hlacy S Co. ancl Richarrl lluclnut 5: Co.. ancl Dr. hlarcus Nafllcr, ol the faculty ol the School ol Commerce, who cliscussecl current European prohlems. Prior to the presiclential election in Novemher, spealxers from the Repuhlican anrl Democratic hleaclquarters spolqe. Alpha Kappa ljsi is a memher of Violet Sliull, the Christian lntcrlralernity Council, ancl has heen an active participant in the many functions sponsorecl hy this orQani7ation. The prosiclcnt ol Alpha Kappa psi this year was Roger Schlc-ich-r. llouis T. Barrli '-12 Victor H. Benson '41 Norman rl. Bernarcl ,4 1 Donalcl F. Biclgoorl '4-1 William Bostelman l-13 D. Brown Raymond Canllelcl '43 .lohn D. Carlin ,-12 Rohert NV. Conway '46 Alex B. Curchin l-14 Eclmuncl R. Daviclwon ,45 G. Lyman Davis '-14 Sylvan G. Dcchant ,415 Eugene Donelan ,45 Alex V. Drashpil ,43 Reginalcl NV. Dunlap y-15 lilmer E. Feistel. .hz '43 Xvilliam E. Gemmel '42 Arthur E. hlalslacl ,411 Allen rl. llamilton, .lr. ,413 Vxfilliam Harris Rohert H. l'losl4r-n '44 .lohn P. Hynes '41 ljranlr lzzo ,46 Erlwarcl P. lVlay ,411 Qtto NV. lvleyer ,116 George tl. Michelson 313 Francis rl. lxflinchalr 'ali Thomas A. Niven ,42 Herhert Olsen ,4'3 Kenneth H. Olson Y41 Rohert T. Rinlq ,46 lla. Austin Rising y-11 I-llpha liappa Psi Alpha Chapter 1 13 Xvaverly Place l-eonarcl Rozanslai '46 Richarrl ,l. Sampson '44 Roger A. Schliecler ,42 Freclericlq gchneirler ,115 Rohert l'l. gchoonmalier ,-13 Walter lj. Simes ,41 Charles V. glroog, .lr. ,45 Frerlericlc A. Slocum '41 D. lrrecl Slola ,ill Kenneth lj. Slratmann,-13 .lames lj. Temple ,41 Franlc ll. Vllyson. .lr. '42 liranli Van Celcler '46 Fclwarrl lvl. Vreelancl 343 .lohn rl. Wliite '44 lfugene Vxfoorl 343 .71 5,2 .., '9':w:cd9 .I o gl I T' 1'l,J2-I f r of J il 1-1 I J j' of SUPPER Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Chapter 18 East 15th Street LPHA SlGlVlA Clll was lounclecl in 1955 hy nine outstanding Jewish stuclents at the School ot Commerce. The fraternity securecl its charter from the State and recognition from the University early in 1955. The functions of Alpha Sigma Chi are Hto foster ancl promote a spirit ol fraternity ancl mutual regarcl among its memhers, to strive tor the rlevelopment ot' a common zeal in furthering the achievements ot its memhers in pursuit ot honor ancl tlistinction, to inculcate, hy example ancl emphasizing a true ancl protouncl appreciation of the rloctrine of sportsmanship ancl fair play, ancl to seelr the attainment of the highest rlegree ot sympathy and cooperation in the prohlems of its memhersf' During the past year Alpha Sigma Chi continuecl to further the high icleals set forth hy its tounclcrs hy insisting that all its traters hecome active in some phase of University life. To he ot service to the student hocly, the fraternity helcl open torums, oliscussions, ancl clehates at the fraternity house. This year, social activities of Alpha Chapter were more numerous than ever hetore. On Decemher 15, 1040. Alpha Sigma Chi helcl its annual Father and Son Dinner. More than 100 couples helpecl the fraternity celehrate its Sixth Annual Supper Fomaal helcl on Fehruary 1, 1941 at the heautitul Neptune Room of the llotel Pierre. On lvlotherls Day the fraternity celehratecl with a lvlotherls Day Tea. The social season enrlecl with the clistrihution ot the annual year-hoolc at the Spring Formal helcl in .lune at the Glen lsland Casino. The Chancellor this year VVEIS Charles R3Sl1CF. George Aronow ,44 Leon Ballenzweig '44 Stanley Cohen l46 Eclwarrl Finn ,41 Charles Gooclman ,4I Elliot Guzotslry '45 .lerorne Hammer ,45 Herhert Harrison '45 42 IVIHMBERS 'Simon slaret '41 Herhert Kanen l45 George Kautlqewitz l.ester Kaye ,45 Bert Krashcs ,46 Arthur laaslcer ,45 lrwin l-ehow '45 Herman l.inn ,41 Alvin lxlarlas ,4Q l-15 Herman lvlentier '42 Horace E. Meyer ,44 Lee lxlittleman ,42 Charles Rasher '41 Kenneth Ray '42 Bernard Schilntl ,45 Clarence Targove ,41 Dan Weiss '45 Reading from lcfl lo right: Top row: Tnrgove, Ray, Laslccr, Meyer, IX'IiHlL'Illi4Y1. M-Conff row: Hnmnwr, Kanvn Nfarks, Aronow. Third row: Harrison, Guzofslcy, Goorlmnn, Neuter. Buff:-nw row' Kavlvwilz, Raslmr Firm, Jarct, Smzfmiff. 243 I w Eulmg from lc-fl lm right: Tap mfr: IlL'l7l'f. fxrnw, IJOll'C'l'Zl. Huis, Srfrullzl mfr: Durgin, Banigan iIUl1l1iIlS1JIl. 7-llflrll l'0ll'I CYYIDOHIIUH, Slllhl. XYEKIT I,K'll54'H. 1:fllH'1II l'UU'I FllIUlHl'fS, Mille-s, IQGFIUJ Qgrlcu. Q44 OUNDED at New Yortc University in 1907, Detta Sigma Pi was one ot ttie two nationat protessionat fraternities to originate at Vxfastiington Square. tt was one ot the fraternities wtiose taeginning was coincictent with ttrat ot ttie Sctioot ot Commerce. Accounts, anct Finance, anct wtiose growtti was parattet to ttiat ot ttie University. Fottowing tt1e principtes of its founding, ttie nationat organization taas expanctect to encompass ctiapters in titty-tive cotteges antt universities, its memtmerstiip tseing contjinect to students preparing tor careers in business. Chapters are estatitistaect onty in ttrose universities wtierein ttaere are Sctioots ot Business ot recognizert stancting. The progress ot ttae tocat Atptda, from ttwe time ot its tounrting untit ttae entrance ot ttae nation into ttae Great war, was very satisfactory. Xvitti ttie tmeginning taos- titities, tdowever, ttie entire ctaapter entistect wittr ttwe mititary forces. 'titre fraternity tiouse, empty. was ctosect anct Atptwa tay ctormant. Four tmrottaers rteparlect uncter tire on ttie taattte tietct tor ttie Ctwapter Eternatg ttaose fortunate ones xvtuo returnect atter ttie armistice set up a tironze tatitet in ttae twouse in memoriam. To reptace ttie ottt taouse on Vxfastiington Square Soutti, one was securect at Q6 W. lttti Street, anft retiatmititation ot ttae ctiapter was tmegun. To tietter care tor an ex- pancting memtncrstaip. ttie traternity moved to its present quarters at 21 XV. l2tti Street, Aictect try ttae atumni. ttwe unctergractuates stowty erecteft a secure structure. A timitect ctiapter, ctraxving its niemtyerstiip exctusivety from ttae Sctioot ot Commerce. Accounts, anct Finance, anct marttect by its interest in attutetics, sociat activities. anct turottiertioort, tias been characteristic ot ttie fraternity. Ttae tteact tVtaster ttsris year was Xvittiam Sturgin. Thomas Banigan Y-12 Harotft Benson y-12 Frantz Borreca ,45 Wittiam Boss y4l George Cone ,44 Rotiert Diectrictr ,41 Xvittiam Durgin ,414 MEMBERS Ratptr Ford '46 Wittiam Ftorentz ,42 Ttiectore Hetzer ,413 Arttuur Hutctainson ,st-1 Gtentorct tvtitttes '42 Atten Qctgen V12 .totan Qytjonnett ,45 Raymond Otto ,45 Delta Sigma Pi Atptwa Ctaapter Q1 Xtxtest 1Qtt'1 Street George Parnatmy J-13 .totan Rastiti y-H Frank Smith I-13 Rodney Statit '44 Ben Summers, .tr. y-13 ,totin Van Deusen ,43 Atton Vxfentxvorttr ,-15 . - '.:-, . 25, 24 H A 'ma 4,- J- 'rsif ff 0 Y-1.f A f Wig, R'e'r v' J gtgu.. 3 ri , Q J x 1 H ,F 245 -4 14 4-r-sa Nil life - - ..L Q- I rig 'XD I Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Chapter 106 Nvest 3rd Street ELTA lJl'll ElJSlLUN, national Christian Fraternity, and the First Foreign Service fraternity, was founded at Georgetown University in 1919 hy a group of young men who had the energy to devote themselves to international relations at a time when world affairs were severely strained. These mn dedicated themselves to the proposition that the way to world peace was through greater international trade. Another aim and advocation of the group was the rehaliilitating of the defunct Merchant Marine of the United States. Present world conditions have made the aims ol: the group so much more timely. Since its inception the fraternity has continually grown, until now it has chapters in many leading colleges and universities throughout the coutry. The aims of the fraternity are to unite groups of young men who have selected foreign service as a career. Under the guidance of the fraternity, the lnrothers are given a distinctive foreign service atmosphere. Further nationalization of the fraternity and its extension to other universities which have distinct Foreign Service departments has as its motive the desire to foster Foreign Service ideals and the education ol: the university men who are loolcing forward to this profession as their career worlz. Many of the graduate hrothers of the fraternity are now pursuing active careers in toreign lancls in various governmental anal private capacities. The lnrothers are so scattered over the vvorlcl that it is olten truly sairl. mldhe Sun Never Sets on Delta Phi Epsilon!! Edward Bay fiir th Y-12 .lohn P. Connelly '45 ,lohn Cucci lularold Currie '42 A. Riel: Darlcangelo ,42 MEMBERS Rocco Di Rico '41 rlohn Giava ,45 Clifford Comory '42 Lewis Hohl '42 Franlc R. ,lordan ,42 Vxlilliam lVleelcs '42 246 .loseph owaii vis l larry Parsons '43 ,laclq Santangelo ,42 .fxlhert XV. Steinlre ,42 .lohn Sullivan '42 Reading from loft to right: Top row: Cviava, Bayoutlm, Darlqangclo. Secoml row: Santangc-lo Rico, Nlcclcs. Tflirzl row: Gomory, Stcinlcc, Currie. Fourlfz row: Connolly, O'NoiH, Parsons. 38 247 4 Reading from left to Tigllti Top row: Davis, SChXVilfl7. Second row: Klestadt, Lynforci. Third row lluffner, Hurovilz. 248 AMBDA GAlX'llVlA PHI, a ilewislm fraternity, was lounnlecl at tlme Seluool of Commeree on Oeloluer 1, 1021. Al llme outset nine men were assoeialecl willm a group lliat now luas eleven ellapters in ll1e larger universities ancl selaools in llme eounlrv ancl llaree alumni cilulns in llae East, lX'licl-Wrist, ancl liar Vfesl. l.arnlJcla Gamma lllai is one ot llie lew national professional lralernities in llme llnilerl States representing llie lielcls ol l,aw ancl Commerce. Tlae purposes ol llais lralernily, as slalecl in ils eonslilulion. are 'tlo losler llme alwolition ol clillerenees lnetween men luv means ol ecluralion: lo foster laielw ellneal icleals in llie prolessions ol Law anfl Commereeg ancl lo eslalvlisli elaaplers ol llme fraternity in llwe various universities ancl selaools of Law anrl Commereef' Open lorums. cliseussions, ancl clelmales Concluelecl lay prominent lmusiness men ancl lawyers are llme eliiel professional aelivilies ol lgnnlicla Gamma Plai. ln arlrlilion alumni meetings are laelcl, at wlnela clislinguislaecl alumni speali. lligjluligglmling a vear of oulslancling soeial aelivily was llme Qlllla annual clinner clanee lielfl al llie Hotel Delmoniro on Novemlner 341, in eonjunelion willi llie New Yorli Alumni Cluln anal llwe Eastern elmaplers ol llie lralernilv. Tlme serial season was rounrlecl out lay a series ol informal clanees, eorlqlail parties. anrl smollers. The regenl llais year was Franlelin Lynlorcl. Nathan Davis ,112 l.ewis Davis Y-13 Nallaan Grielaewslqy '42 ,losepll llallner ,All Alex Hurovilz ,-l-1 INIIYMBERS Samuel Keller '42 Lollwor Klestaclt '45 Bernarcl l-ell4owil7 '44 Franlqlyn l.ynlorcl y-13 Lambda Gamma Phi Alplla Cliapler Vvlilliam Selmwarlz '45 lfugene Slaulman lrwin Solomon '44 Sol Speigelman ,441 living Syrlen ,-I5 Y 6' 5 1 Q-ii AAMBAA Q1 GERD Y Y f ,fi 5 r ' A Q, ' H 249 ,, W- .. 7. A a n J F ,xi gf is i -3 Lambda Sigma Phi Atpha Chapter OUNDED at New Yortt University in 1910 as the tjirst sociat fraternity at the Vfashington Square Center, Lamhda Sigma Phi has just compteted cetehrating its 'thirtieth Anniversary Year. A memher ot' the Viotet Stcutt, Christian tnter-fraternity Councit, tiamhda Sig has hetd many noteworthy activities during this past schoot year. tn Septemher the fraternity hetd a successtut Fatt Tea Dance at the Wheattey Hitts Tavern, Westhiiry, L. t. Qctohcr saw its tounders honored at the Annuat Founder's Day Dinner and meeting ot the Cenerat tfcctesia. The sociat highspot was the Annuat Lamhda Sig Format Recep- tion hetd on the eve ot Washington's Birthday at the Barhizon-Ptaza. Another group of activities attracting much attention throughout the Xvashington Square Center was Lamhda Sigma Phi's series of monthty forums on current topics featuring guest speatcers prominent in puhtic tite. Among the topics and speatcers were: "The Nationat Etectionsf' discussed hy noted speatqers from the two teading partiesg "Conscription and tvtititary Service," hy Navat Commander Witson tt. Harrington and Major Aage Wotdite ot' the U. S. hftititary tntettigenceg "Baltic Fronts of the Second Vyfortd Wa1r," hy getwyn James, PtVt's tamous foreign writerg and "Union Now," hy tsaurence Etiot Buntcer, wett-tanown speatqer from Federat Union, tnc. htaintaining a high schotastic average in att the various courses ot study, the hrothers of t.amhda Sigma Phi have continued their active participation in extra-curricutar activities. This past schoot year has seen wett over a dozen men hotding positions as ctass oinlicers, white severat others had served on the Evening Student Councit. tn addition to severat important positions on the Commerce Bulletin, t.amhda gig men have engaged in the activities ot many ot' the Commerce protessionat ctuhs. These interests have heen turther supptemented hy participation in severat intramurat sports. The president this year Was Richard Strictdand. Donatd N, Anderson .t. Howard Anderson '42 George H. Battance '41 C. Harrv Rtomquist '42 Frantc Capet '43 Ratph Det Horne '42 E. Dutt '41 itactc Doscher '45 Gerard Gattagher '44 MEMBERS David H. Cemmett '42 Kart Grimetman '44 .tohn A. Macintosh Harry Newmartc '42 Chartes J, Norton '41 Phittip G. Oetrmg '44 Raymond C. Ptatow '41 Howard perton '45 250 Vincent Piguatetti '43 Raymond C. Ptatow '41 George Schmeett: Edward Schmidt '41 .tohn ghinn '41 Arthur tvt. Spence '43 Herhert stead '42 Richard H. Strictctand '42 Xvithur C. Wardete '42 'ruling frum Ivfl I0 rlgjlll: Top row: Dug, Onflling. Svrmlzf ron" F4IlI1lilM, Slrivufnrul, Bffllrmz mfr: Piqu lvui. Flu-nve-, :Wm Iuimln. IFF ,gm Q31 Rowling from If-fl lo righl: Top row: Jacobs, Flvlflwr, Arlsis, Bishop, Kclno. Second row: Pwrmnn, Scfmdvr Ackerman, SorLin, Bork. Tfxinf row: Blonnlsrr, lDil'lQSl1'iIl, llJlII'LSlUIIL', Gmc-nbcrg, Ixlonclay. Fourllx row: Jacolms Squaire, llotcfllmcrg, Hoffman, Sandal. Boffom row: Xvcralunsctlllag, Hclfrnun, Hartman, Ijebcrman, Berman Q52 H1 ALPHA was founded on Qctoher 14, 1914, at George Vxfashington University in Washington, D. C. Extending from Long 1s1anf1 to Los Angetes, Phi Atpha now has 50 undergraduate chapters and 15 a1umni chihs. To provide a hasis for Jewish hrotherhood with common ic1ea1 anct interest, to enahte inc1ivic1ua1s in eottege to aceustom themse1ves to actutt socia1 anc1 husiness retationship, are the purposes of the fraternity. Theta Chapter was founded at New York University in 1920. Theta Chapter had an outstanding and enjoyahte soeia1 season this year. 1X1any ctanees and gatherings were hetet at the chapter headquarters, 40A Vxfashington Square South. Among the soeiats hetct were a Hatloween Party anct Christmas anrt New Years Eve dances. tn Novemher, Phi Atpha hetrt its annua1 1orma1 at the Park Centra11'1ote1 to Cetehrate its 26 anniversary. On Apri1 4 the chapter hetct a comhinect parents rtinner. tt hart heen the custom to have just a Father and Son ctinner, hut with this year,s inereasect activity of the 1V1other,s anct Fathers chihs. it was decided to have a comhination attair. A spring ctanre was he1c1 at the University Commons on Aprit 26. During the year, four ptettge smotters 1 Eliid l'TlEiI1y p1Cf1g6 C1E1I'iCCS VVCTC N xx n'a J f n - l i Under the tutetage of Mitehett Hochherg anrt Pmernie Bishop, Phi Atphays hastaelhatt team tootq first ptaee in the Vio1et Shietcl has1ce't13a11 1eague. J I 4kv Jerome 1.. Greenherg Was Grand Regent this year. ff AAN 1V1i1ton Aetcerman 141 Jerome Artsis 145 Bernard Bishop Jerome Berk ,45 Arnotct Berman '45 Morton Berman 145 11owarc1 PJ1onc1er 141 Stantey Buetcstone 142 Rohert Dictcstein 1-12 45 IVIEMBHRS Chartes Ftetcher 145 Jerome Greenberg Y-11 Vxfittiam Hartman ,415 1X'1orris Hettman 145 Barry Hottman 142 Mitchett Hochherg 1-15 Atan Jacohs 145 Vtortimer ilacohs 7-1 I Nathan Ke1ne 142 trv Lieberman '45 Phi Alpha Them Chapter 40A Vvrashington Square, South 1 1enry 1V1onc1ay '45 Bertram Naster Norman Peetqer 145 Melvin Riseoe '42 I1erIicrrS1mf1QV45 lsactore Sehaeter 145 Harotct Sorkin 141 Lawrence Squaire 142 Rich arct VVerc,tensch1ag 142 5 5 3,4 rue- ,eil ,.. N' , f -, ftdtii Phi Lambda Uetta Kappa Chapter 85 Vvtashington Ptace Ht LAh'1tfJDA lJtil..TA. a nationat Jewish traternity, was founded at the Vxfashing- ton Square Cottege ot New Yortq University thirteen years ago and at present has ten chapters throughout the eastern coast, Canada, and Scotland. Kappa Chapter ot Phi hamhda Delta was organized in the Schoot of Commerce in 1938 with the motto ntjraternatism Without Commerciatismu and the purpose to unite young men ot the same principtes and ideats into a common hond of true friendship. Since its inception. Kappa Chapter has hrmty estahtished itsett on the Commerce campus. tt started with eteven men and at present has Q8 active memhers in the under- graduate chapter. tt was admitted to the Violet Shietd. the Jewish tnterfraternity Council, tast year and has heen active in att ot the Shields functions. This yearts many activities in the chapter inctuded a group ot smotqers in Octoher at the new chapter house 95 Xvashington Ptaceg a Father and Son Dinner and Cetehra- tion in Novemher, initiation and induction in Fehruary. an Annuat Spring Format, a Mothers tea. and a yacht party and dance in June. The Father and gon Dinner was the hightight ot the fraternity season at this attair att ot the fathers ot the inemhers were inducted into the fraternity as honorary memhers. Dr. .tutes Bactqman, a meinher ot the Economics Department ot the Sehoot ot Come merce, was atso made an honorary memher. This year martcs the hrst graduating year ot the chapter. Ten ot the founders ot the Commerce chapter of Phi Lamhda Delta hid tarewett to the active portion ot the fraternity they gave their energy and determination to. The Chancettor this year was Bernard Brody. Ruhin Atper 142 Jerome B. Batmuth '41 Richard Pmtoctc '43 Henry .t. Begin ,41 Bernard Brody ,41 trwin Browdy ,41 htitton S. Cohn '41 Armond Ftanzig ,4Q MEMBERS ttarotd Frishman 142 Ntetvin Furst ,43 got Ctahman '42 Kenneth Gtaser '45 Fred S. Gold ,41 Emanuel Greentietd 141 .tacit Hatpern ,41 htartin Hurowitz ,45 Rohert tvtetzitc 254 Sahin W. Pictchottz Edwin Radisch Mites Rantcin '41 ,toet Schwartz '42 Vvlittiam Sieget '41 Stuart Sohet ,42 Morton Stern ,42 Bernard Tuttetman 45 A53 1 . adilxg from IL-fl In riulxl: Tam ' f mu" Hwlrnlllll Nl i 1 nlxill, f,1r'm3n'I1fvH, PMHINIIZ, 'Hzinl mir Puri QQOIIII gl III I5 Q ' X Ixlvlvllx, Umm. Hmm . L . ,Y mnrlf ,xlpvzy fvhlvrxmfzxm, Swvvunf mfr: P1 mwly, Rmliscfm N, . , 4- , rmly, l'IflIl!l!. lwmrlfz ww: rlillllrlnmll ull llxxluxmrm. Hnllfwm www: llmulux mu-L Slvuvl, Clwsvr. . - V :ES AA l -- A i r ill- ' 3 ,, fn -1 V gf? X 'M A ., 255 nfl 10 Iigllmi: Top 1'0ll7S Crvspiu, Rynmvvrvr, Bwlqcr. Svurrltl row: Pblinclvr, FUN., Crmlilx Simon. Bffllum ww: Tnxvil, flalusow, E554-s. Q36 0 encourage friendship, high schotarship, and to unite young men ot titce principtes anct high icteats in a common cause are the aims anct purposes ot Sigma Theta Delta fraternity. Sigma Theta Detta was tounctect at the Cottege of the City ot New Yortc in 1927. New York Universityts Gamma chapter was organizert in 1958, with .tactc Crespin as the tirst chancettor. Crespin seryect in that capacity untit .tune 1939. Fottowing Crespin as chancettor was .tactt Katz who hart served as vice-chanccttor since the traternityts inception. The fraternity hetct many attairs during the year. To the syncopatect rhythms of Mat Hattet anct his hanrt, the fraternity hetct its annuat format at the Hotet Edison. This attair was hetrt on Fehruary 1. During Christmas weett, Sigma Theta Detta hetct many sociat attairs. The high- light of the yuteticte sociat season was the Christmas Eve party at the Hotet Hottey. The Hotet Hottey was also the site of the traternity's two smotqers. A format dinner tor senior Sigma Theta Detta memtners atso tootq ptace at that hotet. Batancing the sociat activities of the fraternity was an energetic athtetic program. Atthough not obtaining the championship ot the inter-fraternity tmasttethatt tournament, Sigma Theta Detta more than hetd its own against the other entrants. The chapter atso participate-ct in howting anft ping-pong tournaments against chapters in St. John's and City Cotteges. S01 Rynowecer was Chancettor this year. MEMBERS Richard Becker '41 Arnotct Cwotthitt '41 S01 Nt. Rynowecer '41 Nturray Btincter '41 .tacti Katz '41 Seymour Simon ,41 .tactc S. Crespin '41 trying Matusowv 141 tvtorris Tawit '41 tsaac Esses '41 Emanuet Xvott 141 Sigma Theta Delta Gamma Chapter 257 Xe-QM 1' ' f W A it Sigma Phi Epsilon Gamma Cliapter 9 East Qtlai Street lG3lA lil It lflJSll.UN, originally ltnown as ttie Saturclay Niglit Club, was tounclecl in 1901 at lticliinoncl College, Riclamoncl, Virginia. Tlie following year tlae fraternity was cnarterecl uncler tlie laws of tlie State of Virginia. Since tlaen it tias expanclecl to 73 ctiapters locatecl in tlae learling colleges of tlue country. Tlie New Yorlc Gamma claapter was 'lllieta Sigma ljlii, a powerful local fraternity until 1930 wlacn it mergecl witli tlae national HSig Ep." The neerl for moral ancl social clevelopment is stressecl lay Sigma Plai Epsilon. The incliviclual alnilities ancl capacities of its memlaers are cultivatecl to uplaolcl tlie name of Sigma Plii Epsilon on ttie campus ancl to impress otlaer organizations witla tlae sterling quality of manlaoocl in tlie fraternity. One of tlie memlders of Sig Ep wlao laas lurouglat lionor to laimselt ancl his tralernity is Rolnert G. l'larris, presiclent of tlae Day Stuclent Council ancl votecl tlae most popular lmoy in llie senior class. Sig Ep laelrl its annual formal in tlae Neptune Room of tlie Hotel Pierre on April 26, lout many formal rlances anrl parties were given at tlie liouse cluring tlae year. Out- stancling of ttie liouse parties were ttiose celelorating Claristmas, New Years, and St. Valentinels Day. A farewell clinner was igvcn to tlae lnrotlaers wlio left sctiool in Feluruary to serve in the armecl forces ot tlae United States. An annual senior clinner was also luelcl lor llae gracluatiiig memliers. 'lltie cliapter also actively participatecl in tl'1e many activities of tlie Violet Slcull. Fl-tie presiclent llais year was N. lgracllev Slatter '. . 3 lolan W. Armstrong '45 Peter Biclwell '42 Gustav Bloomquist '41 .lolan Bracly '45 Walter Butclaer ,41 Vxfarren F. Delaney '45 Xwilliam Dickinson '45 Frecl D. Duerr '44 James Ellwanger ,42 MEMBERS liouis Guglielmo ,43 Rolnert Goulrl llarris '41 liclwarcl l'loyt ,43 liclwarcl llollman ,41 .lolin Kavariaugla '41 Clilnson Kelly '41 Gerarrl Kern '42 .losepli Marra ,42 258 Herbert lxleyer '45 Tlaomas Pace '41 Franlc Quinlan '43 1 Rolnert lu. Sanstrom 42 Braclley Slattery '41 Eclwarcl Small '43 Alonzo Smitla '42 lames Stomlner '42 Tliomas Tlaornton '43 Reading from lcfl lo Liglll: T07 VOIUZ Dclancv, KUX'ilIl8l1 II, Harris, Nlurrn. Svronff row: Puma Snllsiru I . U Kem, QumI.m, fumll. Tfzmf mlrz Dum-rr, Qxrrmlronc, -lllxomlou, SInllw1'y', IfHxxur1gvr. Bmtirmz run-: Vmivlu-r , . I'lI1lXV1'H, 5l'iIHIHxI', IEIUIIY. IIVWITIIXIUI. All 259 gms Reading from Icfl to right: Top row: Jones, 1,001 Le-r, Knapp. Second row: Nloncli, Tully, Trelnisiner. Bollom row: PCHiI1iCIli, Vandcrbeak, Jacobi. 260 ROUD lo lie tlie olclesl Clirislian lralernity on llie eainpus. lliela Nu Epsilon was estalilisliecl at tlie Square in 1885. Tlie fraternity was lounclecl on lleeemlner 5, 1870 at Vxfesleyan University as a sopliomore society. Soon il spreacl lo ollaer universities ancl laeearne a general soeial fraternity. Tlie express purpose of Vlllieta Nu is lo luring logellaer llie sluclenl leaclers. seliolars, anrl regular lellows ol tlie selaool anel lo loster loyalty lo llie university anrl to llie eounlry. A memluer ol llwe Violet Slaull, lwas always lieen active in tlie numerous social anrl allalelie events sponsorerl lay tlie Sltull, Fllliis year. llie Green ancl Colcl won tlie Coy- elecl lwaslxetluall tournament eliainpionsliip. gaining llie seronrl lee lor pennanenl possession ol llie cup. 'lllieta Nu relirerl llie original laaslaellnall lropliy several years ago. llie liigglilielit ol llie winter social season was tlie winter lornial at llie elite One-O-Six Clulm. A new innovation. inlormal gooclvlellow evenings, lirougglil loggetlier llie unrleilgracl- irate lxrolliers as well as tlae alumni in a jovial almospliere ol lirollaerlioorl. Vlllie regular rusli sinolxers. clanees. anrl open liouse parties to wliieli llie nieinliers ol' Delian Council were invitecl, rounclecl out a voinplele soeial selieclule. rlllie spring social seasonls oulslanrling event was tlie .Xluinni llinner lielcl at Tony ljastorls Restaurant. lfaeully lmrollwers, Quests llroin ollier rliaplers, ancl llp Ups niiriglerl for a never-lo-lie-forgotten evening. To foster greater initiative. llie lralernily also awarclecl a nuinluer ol troplaies to tlie lurolliers wlao rlicl most to perpleuate llie name ol tlae lralernily anzl to losler its prineiples. ljrcsiclenl, tliis year was Conlon A. Knapp, .lr. lim-fy llemmerielq '42 .lael4 ,laeolvi 3-11 Frecl XV. Jones. Jr. ,12 ,lolin Keogjli ,112 lNlliBll3liRS Bcrnarcl D. leoeelter 111 llalpli lxllflllflt Y-12 lxlieliael ljeltinielii 212 lfranlq l7lZZEll3FlISSU 'A12 J Conlon A. Knapp, .lr. 141 Damon l oleini l-11 Theta ll Epsilon Upsilon Upsilon Ciapler 153 Vxfest Srcl Street 2 vvlilliain Ryan yA11 .losc-pli Santangelo Vxlaller -lqreluesiner Cililllllfj Talley 1-15 l onis X ancleilvealx -In X .,... 'A . y, c- ' ,ft 1.. ' -1 61 Se' ITN! f ' 1727001198 Theta Chi Upsiton Chapter 8 Fit th Avenue Cttt, a nationat Christian traternity, was tounctect on Aprit 10, 1865 at Norwich University, Northtietct, Yennont. During the First torty-six years, the history ot Theta Chi was virtuatty that ot the Atpha Chapter. Since that time, however, it has not heen the history of the originat chapter atone hut of tittyfone other active chapters, the Granct Chapter, anct more than thirty atumni Chapters. A hanct ot stuctents tuiown as the Hfxctetptiine Crowctu organizect in 1915 as the toeat Phi Detta Sigma traternity. On htareh 25, 1917, this organization joinect Theta Chi to torm the Upsiton Chapter ot this nationat traternily at New Yortt University. The motto ot Theta is HA1ma thtater hrst, anrt Theta Chi tor Atma Mater." Theta Chi has as its ohieetive the rtevetopment ot the inftiviftuat Cutturatty and sociatty, henee. it ptaees an emphasis on the soriat aspeet ot traternity tite. Two torrnat rtanres are hetct annuatty. in winter anft in spring. tn artctition. numerous house parties are eonrtuetert throughout lim year anrt an annuat Father anct Son hanquet is hetct on Founrterst Day. Aprit 10. ttpsiton. in ptaying its part in the nationat tramewortc ot Theta has ctevetopect trienctships throughout the Country anct throughout the wortct The presirtent this year was Rieharit fionnett. Xxyerner B. Baumann '-15 Chartes Bohn '41 Daniet 1. Burtce ,42 Philo XV. Cafty '43 George IX. Cartson ,411 Thomas H. Carrott '41 .tanies Cothourne ,111 A. Rieharrt Connett 142 .t. S. Dartwctt ttohert F. Uuntxetinann t-14 ttarry Y. Forgeron '43 George 17. Frey ,43 .toseph .t. Graham ,45 Pa. tetotty Grimm '42 SIENBFRS George 1. Hayes '42 .tohn C. tteim '-13 .tames NV. Herhert '42 .toseph 1. Highee 142 tjrantq Higgins '45 Rohert t'tutnaQe1 144 Donatct Hunt ,43 Vincent 1. Jansen 142 Attrect L. Johnson '44 Vxtittiarn 17. Kennedy 141 Raymond J. taartcin '43 Louis R. Lawtess 144 Daniet J. Lenihan '42 262 Pant S. 1-orenee '41 timit tvtartc '42 .tohn W. Mccraime 141 Rohert S. Miitter '41 Atvin tvt. Powett 142 htatthew T. Quinn 145 Ctittorct tvt. Rosstanct '41 Martin W. Satmans '44 Nvittiam W. Savich '42 Eugene W. Stephenson '42 George H. Sutter, Jr. '42 E. Netmes Thomas '41 Wittiam C. Wemer, Jr. '44 Xvittiam Vxfotft' ,45 Q Reading from if-ft io right: Top mul: Str-piwnson, Form-ron, Pbauiiiunrx, i.0rf'nrf-. Burke. Svconff row: Council Rossianri, gavirlm, Hayes, Xvc-rnor, iii-rin-ri. Tfiirrl mir: Fivfiraimc, iiigircc, 1.1-niimn, Grimm, Lawless Kennedy. Fourlfz row: Dariwc-H, Hunt, Xvomd, Fiiiiivr, Frey, Timiims, Hollrmi mir: ,I-arm-11, Canon, Higgins Quinn, Mzurk, Cariwn. 265 is k if ii ::i:,.. S uf 5 T - mf V, ' 5 - if V ,V f ix. KMA: L' YV! Reading from iclnl in righl: Top row: llurri, Sumrow, llc-im, Cosiqy. Second row: Rcnman, Vercioocit Poictz. Third row: .us1cr, oo , i Hanson, Kapoosiiian, Sunday, Vernon, English, Bottom row: Kovii, Cauiiiwvu, Scliificr, Schmidt, Bonneville Rayner, I larrington, 264 I I Cv ci Diclcniioen-vr, Costello, Tymosziio. Fourth row: EPlaAClNG two local sororities, Lambda Sigma Phi and Lambda Phi, the Nu chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was formed at New Yorlc University in 1900. The aim of the original chapter, established at Barnard College in 1897, was to interest itself actively in philanthropic worlc. Each additional chapter continued that original aim in its own local community. The chief philanthropy of the organization has been the care of crippled or under- privileged children in the Kentuclcy Mountains. ln many larger cities, clinics have been equipped and maintained. Hospital wards have been furnished, fresh air cottages have been built, and needy families have been adopted and cared for. The Nu chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi seelas to strengthen the ideals of character and scholarship among its members. The social activities of the chapter during the past school year consisted of a pledges, Motherls tea, a favorite professorls tea, open house dances for individual fraternities, a fall and spring bridge party for the Kentuclcy lVlountain Children, and an annual Christmas hen party. The most important event of the year was the annual formal dance which was held at the beginning of the spring semester. The president this year was Arleen l'larri. Edith Bonneville '45 Gladys Caulclwell '42 Simone Chevalier ,42 Eleanor Coslaey '43 Patricia Costello '45 Hope Donovan '45 George Dudenhoelter Betty English l41 Louise Good '41 Helen Hansch '45 MEMBERS Arleen l'larri ,41 Pat Harrington '42 lxlarie Heim '41 Barrus Kapoosliian '42 Caroline Koch '41 Barbara lausher 341 llarrict lVlcGlennon '41 Pauline lvlihalalc '41 Frances Potetz '42 Alpha Umicrnn Pi Nu Chapter 15 Sheridan Square 5 Betty Raynor 42 Betty Renman ,43 Anita Schilter ,42 Doris Schmidt 112 Anita Sumrow ,41 lvlargnerite Sunclay '42 Stella Tymoszlqo 141 Edna Verdooclt ,45 Corrinna Vernon ,42 Ruth Wince ,41 E I J ?'6'l000 A n mf? ,gig .,, I 9' 21638, 'flhfffir Ltqtiypa 5 tg ev as, 'a '- , gf- ' - -Q 1-...L .... P Qs. ' Liga' lg L. 1.1 - ,I tp!-s 1 ng -' in yan-nm., . - 265 X W NX X NV' fr- , Max 'Xxx 'mx ...A it .1 7.4-- . i t x lr: U ' Q g .. 3" K I Beta Phi tpha Atpha Theta Chapter 1 15 Xvashington Ptace T a ETA Platt ALPHA was founded at New Yortc University in 1919 as Epsiton Sigma. tn 1927 its name was changed to Phi Detta when Epsilon Sigma hecame attitiated with Atpha Delta Qmicron at New York State Teachers, Cottege. As Phi Delta, it merged with Beta Phi Atpha in May 1955, and thus the originat Epsiton Sigma hecame the Atpha Theta Chapter of Beta Phi Atpha. HTO create a triendty spirit among its memhers, to uphotd a spirit ot toyatty within the sorority and the University, and to encourage schotastic achievements, sociat con- tacts, and extra-curricutar activitiesu are Beta Phi A1pha's purposes. Atpha Theta Chapterys activities were many and varied during the past year. There were rush parties and dances. During tatt rushing, a Russian Tea was hetd. The chapter atso hetd a Good Luct: Party and a Gay Nineties Dance hefore the six-weet: ptedge period. After spring rushing an Army-Navy Tea, a Rose Dance, and the Sorority,s annuat Horoscope Dinner were the main events. Beta Phi Atpha entertained various fraternities at open house attairs. Parties, two format initiation dances, and a spring format were atso hetd hy the sorority. The President this year was Diana Gahrict. Angeta Cartucci '41 Dorothy Cartson ,41 Charlotte Carmody ,412 Inez Freer '42 Ruth Fritz ,43 Kathym Fowter ,4Q Marjorie Hanning MEMBERS Aiteen Heath '41 Diana Gahriet '41 Winifred Kitchett 145 Beverty Kreamer ,4Q Josephine hftangretti '42 Jane Motteson '42 Adete Sahhagh '43 266 tsahet Schroeder '43 Ann Sodaro '43 Frances Sodaro !42 Lucitte Trauttietd '41 Carot Woodrow '41 Heten Worhun '42 Margaret Wright '42 Reading from lcfl lo right: Top row: Fritz, ljrf-cr, Vfrigjldl, Swwruf rrmw Fowlf-r. Xxvurlun Uzxlurivl. 'Hu TOIUI XXXYOOKITONV, hIilI1Ql'l'Hi, KfCUHXi'f. BUHUIYL VOLUI SEIIHIJIIQII, IXIOHPQOH. IIUJIIII. S4'IlFO0lI4'l'. QUT' Q ian i fm Jw' X -wxvgg' I' Z 1.7 1- QE Q me . 5 l Q xv fag , fa Y l li ,Z Q il L Reading lrom If-ft lo rigl xl: lop muw llvrlmman, Rivlxrn. Vl4iIlllD, llnlwrman, Malls. Srfruful ruuw Finlaclstein Finklcr, Skoblow, Florris. rl-lLll'1ll'HH'Z fxullvn Sirolin. lfmnli, lll'fIl4ll'lIl. Bolloln muh: lxlillcr, llillman, Green Ilqaisluoll, Uoltlricrl. 268 tGtVtA DtjL't'zX sorority was tgorn a twin. Ctdapters were eslatutistiect simut- taneousty at two eotteges, Atptaa Chapter at ttnnter Cottege anct Beta Ctiapter at New Yortv University. tnrorporatert uncter a nationat ctiarter, ttie originat memtuers were not tong in extennting ttie srope ot ttae sorority to new memtyers anct new Ctiapters at cotteges anct universities ttarongtiout ltie country. ,Xt New Yorta tfniversity, memtverstiip is open to girts in ttie Srtioot rut Commerfe anft in ttie Sctaoot ot' tittltf'Htt1iIW. Ttae sisters ot Sigma Tan Detta are ptertgert to tiigti icteats ot service. tovei anrt taonor. A rating ot tiiggta scgtiotarstiip is an important ctistincilion ot ttie sorority. Ptany gay soeiat atttairs were sponsorect tmy ttie citiapter cturing ttie past year. The annnat Convention ttinner-ctance was tretct on Ctirislinzis tive at ttie Casino-in-ttie-Air ot ttae Betmont tjtaxa. Vtttie spring ctance was enjoyert at ttie tjenttioiise Ctutn and ttle Gtass Hat ot ttie tgf'tII1OIlt tttaxa. Ftqtie annnat txtottiei'-t Jangtiter tiinctieon. anottier success- tnt sociat event, was tietct at a prominent mict-town tiotet. Format I'JtCftQtIlQ anct inctnetion Ceremonies tootq ptaee at ttie Spanisti Room of ttie ttetmont tjtaya. ttttie new sisters enter- tainect ttae ottier memtmers ot ttie Ctaapter tny giving a tnnrtieon at txtaison t.onis. During ttie past year Sigma Tan Detla appointc-ft ttie tottowing c'ommil,tees: flISt'ltl'1Q Committee, Stiirtey gtsotmtow, ,tanet Fintvter, txtiriam Rivtdn. Rita Green: rtanre Committee. Certructe Bertcman,'itte Cotien. Rita Green: Qranrt roimrit representatives. tteten Bernstein, Gertrurte ttertunan. tlutti Tantm: Pan-t tettenic' rteteeates. txtitrtreft txtatis, Rae n Cotttriect: Tyrian Conneit ctetegates, Fvetyn Ftorris, txtiriam txivtxin, t,nr'itte Cotien Rae Gotttriert was ctean ot ttie sorority ttns year. Certrncte Bertcman 'ell tteten Bernstein 'Alt tlntti Bietcerman 'att t.nCitte Cotien ,PIU ttosatinct Fintcetstein t-It ,tanet Fintcter t-it tiranees Frantq ,fit Sigma MEINTIWRS Rae Gotttrieft all Ntitctrect Cotltietm Rita Green t-I3 txtitter tat t ta txtiriain tvivtvin V17 Beiitati Stiantwr 3,12 -. . , fitaire ttittman tail tivetvn Sirotin -It tlorottiy Krauz 'List Ftititrect tytatis '43 tfvetyn txftorris 'fit Tau Uatta tteta ftiapter Stairt-ey gtcotutow t-'li Stwirtey Vtqaistiot-tt 'ell ttntti Pttantv ,stir 269 cm, 125 is Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Chapter HI StGhtA SlGMA was founded at Hunter College in 1915 as a non-sectarian philanthropic sorority. Ar present, the sorority has eighteen separate chapters, all interested in philanthropic worlq. Phi Sig engages in its philanthropy cooperatively ancl without regard to religious creecl or sect ot those henelittect. The Gamma chapter was tounclecl at New Yorl: U. in 1918. The New Yorlc U. chapter engages in social as well as philanthropic eltorts. Activities for the past year consistecl ot the regulation eight rush teas, two format ctances, a mother-ctaughter tea, a Founcler,s clay tea in conjunction with other New Yorlc chapters. The sorority has regional conferences anal national conventions in alternate years. The activities this year reachect a pealc in their entertainment values. The sisters of Phi Sig toolc special interests this year in assuring the successes ot the various atttairsg tor, at each event the sisters turnect out en masse. The principal project ot the Gamma chapter is the awarcling ot the Phi Sigma Sigma prive. given to an outstancling freshman vvoman stuctent. The prize is awarclefl alternately at Vytashington Square College, the School ot Commerce, ancl the School ot Education. 'the main purpose ot avvarcting such a prize is to encourage the coecl, when lirst enter- ing college, to artopt a spirit ot cooperation in all her enrteavors anct to matte her a hetter citizen as welt as a more worthy sturlent of New Yorl: University. tn actclition to these activities, the sorority Uactoptsn a neerly family each year. Phi Sig is not content with provirting this family with a haslcet of fooct only on special occasions, rather the sorority sees to it that this poverty-striclcen family is provictecl with clothing, tooct, anal other necessities throughout the year. The Archon this year was Rohr-rta Kotcher. Muriel Anolielc '42 Roslyn Bectqer '42 Elinor Bierman '42 Marcia Dinhoter '44 Renee Eisenstat '42 Ntilctrecl Elowstcy '42 Laura Freeman '42 Lola Galvin ,43 Dorothy Gotttieh '42 Esther Greenstein '42 MEMBERS Shirley Grossman ,45 Doris tleyman ,43 Roherta Kotcher '41 Claire tazarus ,41 Francine Leiehtman Y45 Gertrurle Magun '44 Anita tvlanullcin 144 Blanche Meshirer '43 Miriam Nelson '44 Evelyn Ostow ,43 Betty Rahiner 143 70 Lucille Raemer ,45 Doris Riplcin '42 Patsy Rosenhtuth '42 Marcia Rothtetcl '45 trene Seman ,45 Ruth Silverman '41 Corinne Smith '42 Doris Teitz '42 Ruth Weinstein '42 Beatrice Woht '44 xx ' f'l'. QTJIIXUI. FWIYHIII FOIUC Klitlllfxf. IXHUIIVL. mling from lvfl lo riglnlz ruin mrw: lxum IYHUI xlilfllll, 5f'itl!lvHl. ullom :Q 271 Q. L ' QSM 5 A www wcading from left lo right: Top row: Marlow, Price, Schwarlz. Srzcoml row: Austem, BCH, Rcnolie Boilom row: Maisel, Simonson, Greif. 272 N DECEMBER, 1935, Gamma Claapter was recognize-gl lay tlie Pan-llcllenic and Tyrian Councils of New Yorlc University. Prior to tlae founcling ol Gamma claapter, Alptia Cliapter was estalolislierl at Maxwell Teacliers Training Scliool in 1952. Plii Tau Alpha was organized for tlie purpose of true annl lasting lrienclslwip anrl liiglw icleals in scllolarsllip anal in scliool service. ln conjunction witll tlwe otlier claapters in tlie sorority, Convention Xxleelq was lwelcl at tlie Parlc Central Hotel cluring Cliristmas weelc. The following attairs toolc place: installation ceremony ancl clinner, convention meeting ancl party, ancl a eoclitail clance. On Vxfaslaingtonls Birtlietay a formal supper rlance was laelcl at tlae Xvalclorlq-xxstoria llotel. Ttie llroaclway stiow Hlxleet tlie People" was atlenflecl on lxlarrli 18 lmy all memluers anal lriencls, rlqlie lxlotlier anct Daugliter l.unctieon. anotlier ol tlie sororityls annual atlairs, was lielcl on lxflotlaerys Day at tlie llotel Pmelmont. New memlvers ol tlie sorority were l-ormally installecl ancl tetecl at ttie l lotel lxlayllower cturing lxlay, Tlwe termination of tlie scliool year was marlcecl lay a Closing allqair at tlie Rainluow Room. 'lqlw Alumni Chapter ol Gamma cliapter annually awarcls a family Pmilalc to the unclergracluate memlaer wlao lias altainecl tlie liigliest scholastic average. Tlais year ttie prize was won luy Lee Scliwartz. Cliancellor this year was Lucille Pmenoliel. MEMBERS llarlassali Austern ,412 Blanclie Creit ,112 Amy Price ,411 Ceralcline llbell '42 Pilanclie lvlaclow ,141 Rutli geliiieirler l-12 l.ut'ille llenoliel ,411 Rita Fleisel ,-12 gclwwarlz 'A12 l:loi'eiir'e ljmloom ,411 lxluriel Pollaclq '42 llelene Siinonson l-12 ,fa EU Phi Tau Alpha Gamma Clwapter 275 03 'a 'nge as , szffo i elf? 9 Phi Chi Theta Beta Chapter ' 5 0 PROhtO't1ti the cause ot higher husiness education and training for att women, to foster high icteats for att women in husiness careers, and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among the women preparing for such careersf' are the aims anct purposes ot the Theta sorority. The sisters ot this active sorority are honnrt together to torwarct this praiseworthy aim, and are tintrect in honrts ot honor. tove anct toyatty to each other. Phi Chi theta sorority was organizect anrt tounctect in Chicago, on ,tune 16. 192-1, At that time the two competing husiness anct protessionat fraternities, Phi Theta Kappa anct Phi Kappa ttpsiton. were joinert to tonn Phi Chi Theta sorority, The sorority is incorporatect in the State ot New Yortc. Chapters are ,qrantert onty to groups existing ineeotteges anct universities whose schoots ot husiness are inemhers ot the American Association of Cottegiate Schoots ot Phusiness. Therefore. in 1014 a numher ot active women at New Yortq University hanrtert together to torm the Beta fxhapter ot Phi Chi Theta. the sorority at New Yortq th rtraws its memhers from the Schoot ot: Commerce. IXCf'f'lItttS fltlft t'4iIlflItr'f': tht- Sr-hoot ot tfctucation. anrt Xvatt Street. Phi Chi Theta is an internationat sorority with vhapters in the tynitert States anct Canacta. Among the honorary inernhers ot' Beta Chapter are Dean John T. htactften ot' the gehoot ot' tfornrnerce. anct htiss tjtorerice Cranrtatt. reeorcter ot the Schoot of Commerce. htiss Ctactys tt. Reutinian, ctc-an ot women. is tacutly aftviser. Beta Chapter ot' Phi Chi Theta hctft many sociat activities cturing the year, at which the sisters anct their invitert guests spent very enjoyahte times, theatre parties atter the Universityys toothatt ,Qaines in the tatt season, a mother anct ftaughter tea to attow the sisters, mothers to hecorne acquainteft with the sorority anct its rnemhers, anrt joyous antt suceesstut Christmas anrt New Yr-ar,s tive parties were hetct hy the sorority. The Presictent this year was Ruth Lowen. MEMBERS Otgatee Batctini Y-tl fitoria Cyiharamhura '45 Tina htacAtten '44 Qtga Bohrovstcy '42 tfteanor t.aGrutta ,4t Helen Severin ,42 Ruth t .owen -tt 274 Rffarlmg from left to right: 7111111 row: Severin. In Giulia, Svroml rout Iiufurnulq. Iowan VILIIAJ l'1lIUI flhIlI'?llTlI'?lll'i1. lgillflllii, EHNWHF ,ff 275 Us vi' 1 ggi 'S .W . z f. 1, . '3- llc-axpllzlg fiom I+-fl lo riglxl: lop row: Bowls, HGH, Nlslllprxall fwmul row: Alrlrirlm, Sl. John, XVilson brarco, rl-,Hill mu' SPIIILO, Cummings, Lovell, Hmmm. Ifullolu Jour: Iioslvr, lxlurwrlcvinc, Kvafirm. now- 276 H1 OMEGA Pl was founded at the University of Nehraska on March 5, 1910. 1n 1928 Sigma Phi Beta and Phi A1pha Chi, two sororities at New York University, amatgamated, retaining the name Sigma Phi Beta. In 1955 Sigma Phi Beta and Phi Omega Pi merged and are known as the New York A1pha Chapter of Phi Omega Pi. New York Chapter has increased in size during the 1ast few years and is now one of the targest and most prominent Christian sororities at New York University. The purposes of Phi Qmega Pi are to form bonds of sisterhooct among setected women students, to create high ic1ea1s, and to promote scho1astic and socia1 achieve- ments. The socia1 affairs during the past year consisted of open house parties for the various Christian fraternities, a professorys tea, an oflicerys tea, party for the p1ec1gees, Mothers Day hridge, and a Founders Day 1uncheon. tn addition the sorority had nu- merous rush attairs, c1ances and parties for their friencts. The socia1 season was c1imaxec1 hy the format dance which was he1c1 this year at the heautifu1 Hampshire House on March 29. Phi Qmega Pi appointed the fo11owing committees: rush captain, C1auc1ia Scaccog ptedge sponsor, Virginia 1'1a11g socia1 chairman, B1anche Cummingsg motheris ctuh, Viota Depewg puhticity chairman, Dorothy 1V1cDona1c1g Pan-Hettenic De1egate, G1oria Whetang house manager, Mactatyne Barretg athetic manager, Marjorie Fosterg De1ian Councit representatives Ftorence 1.ove11 anc1 Lynne Reinhart. 1 The president this 1N1arion Atclrich '41 Madetine Barrett '42 Dorothy Bove '41 Clara Bowie 142 Peggy Braun '41 Blanche Cummings '43 Vio1a Depew '42 year S Ftorence Lov MEMBERS Marjorie Foster '42 Virginia 1'1a11 '41 C1aire Keating '43 Ftorence Lovett ,41 Margaret 1V1andevi11e '42 Dorothy 1V1cDona1d '42 Virginia Prevatt '41 Lynne Reinhart '42 Phi Umega Pi New York Atpha Chapter 21 East 1Oth Street Ctauctia Scacco ,41 A1ice St, John ,42 Littian Semtco '42 Xenia Turash '41 G1oria Whe1an '42 Jean wVi1son '45 He1en Zahristcie '42 mm ttn , v, 7 wifes Lf www 1 w Q , if is 4 Q , 1',x if I ,596 I P l 4 I ff ff I Nl IUIIN MXNCINC- lo time slraiiis of Lwu popular oreiieslras, more iimn 1600 couples celeiiralcri the AH-Uriiverwity Fan Fmiie ul time spacious Grancl Ban room of time Xvfilciorf-Asioria on Nowemirer 20. Nliieiieil Ayres ami his Hizisiiiriiis in Aiiisieu ami Pauli Ciiesler ami iiiQ Hiwusic of Trmiorrowu prrwifleci the rneimiies fur the froiirling mupies. AL rniclniggiii, bliss iyiarlim Raye was irilmciiirecl ami recieiveri IICI' Citation of Uvioiel. Raye of New York Uf, . Belly Brncuey. sirigirm Willa R013 Chester, ami ixiary Aim Nlereer iviiieiieii Ayres' voealisl, prfwiderl lime CHt6I'lE1iI1TUCIll which inslecl IIHUI lliree a.m. when Ciieder roiiiifieci eff iiie niqiii wiiii an OH fashioned re- qiiesk 'clam seisioiin 1 . 153' , I f :L f,?921' n 'IN T , ' S Q ' 'I 0 R 1' . ..f 1?l' . " wwf W' 7 'ff' 1111 1 1 1 1 , , X1 INK 111 111c 11111si1g 111. Blcycl' Dmis 111111 1115 Souiciy 1,?1'c11cf11'a1, , ft! 1 'ess 111 H-Il 1'1po111111 1110 1111111111-1'1'11 H1v111'11'1:11T' 50115011 111111 1110 8111111511 gC111fl1' 111111. 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' XL N ' -J' sayg "The late Biliy lrelanci, tliat Sage of Sciolo, ancl for 4 'KV It Lf, ! X X .AZN iw many years cartoonist extra-orciinary for tlie Columlnns 'V i ' 1 Af g. " 'i DSipGiC,l. tolcl me tl'iat when l went to liim for Counselu. N ll lx, 5 lvlilton Canift lie-gan luis career as an oillice inoy for 'ff ,nit ' gli X tile Iournal-lleralal in 1921. Canift laegan doing Mllerryu Qi it in i - A Vt li' i after Colonel Patterson of tlie Chicago Tribune aslcecl lil ll li N' Q i nil Ji fi ii I liim if lie would rio a comic strip. After mueli sugges- 5 ll Af' X tion from tlie Hinner oliicen Canilt came up witli a tale l --'H , yi N 1, l Ni l , about time Orient, pirates, ami pretty girls. ll fl lg i I , 5 Canitt lwas never lneen to Cliina, lie gets tits liaclz- f ' 4 'i t grouncl material from tlie Encyclopeciia Brittanica, anrl M 1 , K it l l ' from tlie lioolqs of Pearl Buclc anci Noel Cowarci. Caniit alll' ' " , 3- ' says: Kilim an armcliair lxiarco Polo anci tipping my liat 'V --'X to every Clwinese launclryman in New Yorlc. 291 V , X, .x 1 : L:S1Lsi3SJzf1!'-f5"5wig-fa 41' -:f',2s.mss.!Ylf S K Qayfsiiiiiaghkvgg'f'iv's:3iiYfiH2am'L' 1:5 3 S. M , L.m.w?m Six? WQZQZZ -U'--Em B-1QQ1bfK-.fwfseMi2f5Qa:'3ifw -Qt: fn X21 ,isis femw Aw,5m55??f.i?5E'-QW-Q-V1" T -'lk-fl H22 3 wasMyffjagbegfxieisligfssifira 3 W-241'Q.fggq3ggg,?i1g5gg,g5gwf-f 4 f X if f S He 3 Q 3 K X Miss HOPE Doxox Ax MISS LUC1L1.E COHEN 292 Quest for the Exquisiia Y 1 . Nhlg 150 applications werc roctcivorl from llic most lac-ziiitiful of Corniiicrrc ro-mls for juclggiiig iii the Viofclvs aiiriiml Qucsl for lim Ifxqiiisilc: Those applirgatiuris look lhe form of siizipsiwls. The firsl iolu was to selergl lwcrily girls to lie piwlwgrfiplicri lmy iiirw Violvf piwtogrziphcr. Upon rcreiving the lwoniy piwtograpiis, wv sul:- millcci tiicrrri to ixlillori Caiiiff. Prealcvr of the faiinoiis Coinic' slrip, HTCrry :incl liie Piri1l,Cs.U N111 Cunifglx hurl Limlly Coiiseiitcd To givv his limo in judging time Viola! imeaulics. Vxfitiw liic Dragon Laciy. Norirmriclic. and Burma as guides, Czirlormisi, fwaniff seieciteci Limo most lwmiiiful Cornirierre m-mls. XVC are proud 10 prcsciib Bliss Yiuicl, and her Sislcr Imcauties in the 19-'11 Violci. Miss Smoxn CfiiiivA1.iER Miss NIARII2 Hum Miss IVIILDRED ROTIIBLUINI L ,Y - 1-:swim falfiilesm my .1 - u '2TU:f?5em4i?3?9Em ,fl ggggf?g5k2?3'?.1L,2gZLQf'?LE K C 5f7L?j?lSj2?zgjig7fjgG' -4 's'1fffz.-arx-'H ,xnxx 1111x 111w111I11111. . .M-,X111l 4IV1l'N "I'411ffy" 11111111 11 wif- 1 II11 11111111 111111 H1111111 111 fNI11i 1111.1x I111 111 -'HKH11 111111111171,111g11111g11111xx1lI1.XII11-1Il11l11Ql11f111111Alxx11il1111g111 I 1111: fm' II11111 - 1 1111gI11 QIX1' I1i111 1111 1' I11' 11111111 11113' 111111 iii 11ll1-11111111 1111111'g111 111-xl 111 l11111."-Hf11x1- 11111. 111155 S AWI1 E 5 LS 6111111 31115 1,1111x11141w. , f"--HN1111 l'51'11111111, 31111 Q11 112111 111111 111 1,1111 1111111 111 1111 311111111 l11111 lI111I 1fLl1111l1111411.l1111wy11111 111111L. x1111 -- XIML1-l111vxvl11I1-1l11's1111xx .X1l. -Hxlx !HV1l1Iy 1lll1l X11ll 1lIUII1Y IIIVIHIC lxx1111l YHII . . . 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Bulfvlin: gpiwinx. Noimixx Kimsxow Prc-sideul, Class of iflhllz Alpha Phi Sigmag Armin ami Squaw. ,IACK Samuel. Cieusvix Presiclciii, Senior Class. Uiuiii. SCIIUBERT Treasurer. Class of 19415 Alpha Phi gig .LXICI1 and Square. AIJOLPH ROBERT SCo'i"ri President, Bela Gamma Sigmag Alpha Phi Sigma: Sphinx. ,iosiivii G. DiiViCo Editor-in-Chief, Bulleling Alpha Phi Sigmag Arvh ami Square. H181 The Student Hall of PRIDE Q97 liX'i'fI.YN SIROTIN . r J.. Iimiflc-iii. lfzigiiv of XX fnncii: Sphinx: Sigma Fla Pin. Rim PRESS Hn-la Cuinina Sigma: Sphinx: Siggina lflzi Plii. l5i4.,xx Hi1leisi4.iei N. Sciiiififiiie Xfllililliiliilllll'10Iliff Sliiricnl ol I'a1inC. Rcvisiziei Cranium I Lxieizis P11-siclvlil. Day Sliicivnl cjI'QEiiii7HliflUQ fxiplizi Phi Signing Sphinx. C i.,xiei'.M,r. l.xizc.m ii. ifclilcmi'-iii-Ciiivf, Violvl: Spliinx. Nnie'i'iMiiR VH. ,I.xc'rmS ' . V y . , Scnior lxcipivsciilzilivcg Businese Niziiiaiui-ri Viirivlivsg S Jiiinx. . i Hiiisxixizim D. l.oiicKiiR I,i'CSiIll'lll. ,Xlpim Phi Siginag Spiiinxg Blzinaiging lfciitiir. Biiflcliii, lfimxxwxicim P. Exim' Presiclcnl. Night Stunlenl, Cmincilg .Xlpim Phi Signing Airh Jimi Square. HE PARTIES ' il SVIUIII' Slllfvlilxl' illlfl 'ICH Vilfty XYCFC lllxlfl OH NOYCTU- Iwi' Q ul lluc Ig1lIIIlil'.S SllHlf'NYEiH Inu fmcl lim H0101 llollcy IC'SIPC'4'llXl'If', SIIIHIQPF vlmlrnwrm xwrm- Hal Shepard. Hy Novilx. mul gum ,lfwlmx H011 llurly f'hilifIT1i'll wmv Yiviall Xvum uncl lliilllliih 'EH cull IJUf'l'Ill!Jf'l' 434 llmc ,Ilmiwr Class fwlcl llueir gnmkcr uncl IICII Pauly ul Csnrusrmys amcl ilu- Hrmlcl Xvooclward. Chairmen uf lfw nurnys nllqnir wvrc Rcwlay Pellvlieri and Irv Clmrlvs, while NIIIITIUI IQUCIIIUH. gylviu Katz, and Doris Tictz mu ihe UCD Parly. x fp. 8 Q 3 K ' I wh 9 5 . 1 S i i E xt . 3 A Q 1,-:mm " -7'7'?'. ,, Q - . 4,., A f A1,'ffl'5g,?.-T f 4 g QW ff u .mug ' U f,.v.i1ii-gui iz"s7f-f "W 'K ,M "WH 5' f.!m'm3" ' . at B i ?Qi1,Q'i'f5i3ii?!f' hm' , M x 1 iii , , ,g A 7, I . A I 'E UMW 3-21122 ' "fLit?m"W?'?i-1 ' - A . . 141. - 2, f"fWh 7ECL7fa2fHJ13'-'7 -11' 1. -Iggy K K: if , ,W Q ,ji K 'ff' , Y V - wx .- V L , Q I. Wxrxbg 3, , , gi" k V, -' - 'f :E, " ' :: ,..'... W .. .. . - W1x1CQg'Q3ig.4g m ' 'fwsy mx I S 52 ,A agmk K , M 2 " - f , B? , Q A ' ' .M s , gs 4 M 5 K , . 5 2 7 ,xfggxik , V' 5 f J, , '55 N fl ? ,im f " ' .,,. 'mx 2 2 . , ge 7 ' 'Z XQQ' 1 K1 M x 3 55? , 5 ex , Q ., S 1 ,gf- v 1 A.. V, V df Q f . A 4 W xi 3 sf -fi , ff l - ' .fyggb ' L J ' K 2 Q , 5 5 ' I ' gg , , , . mxlfx . A , '- 4 :jg X .50 , Y WM fe , ,,2.t fre, i- N ' Q f '75 52 ' W ' 3 4 ,L L wi ' ' ' ' '5f:'ff':,, , 2 A ,igfmffwzfv .if Mme. 2 9 ,twiyy Ii ,. ,, ,,, ff , I V WNW "M ' ww :iQ SV, 'iz M as I 9' I Ilmsl-ilu' VXI. IXl'fI.I N' l,I'I'SIIll'llI Ilummarce Iumni SSUEIHIIUH CIR IIIIININI Ixxm yr'flIf111+xN. mu IIVIQIIIJIIIX Iwm Iwwss IIN' sc'zII1aX'c:II1vllucI II IIIIINWIII. 'I II'II IIIIIIWNIIPII' IHc'1NINN'aNNI Inc' XXIIII MIN' IIIIIIIIIPI' III an Imlmpx' cw-I1N'IfII'xc' QINII' XVI' Ilmc' N'fIwl1 III IIc'c'I c'1N'INllf12r,'rI Im Immx' IINII fill IINS SNII' UIQ IIN' ,'XIIe11'1Iir' IINIIQS em' . , , . TIIIIIC' IIIO rwpINvsiIc', I'.4IJ0l'IilIIf' IN II1isIllN'wiII1 fIllI'NI'XX'NIII'Ii II1Nx'ersiIy .XIllIlIIII, Im' II1Is gr'c'z1I INNI5' III IlIC'Il IIIHI XYIIIIIVII Iixc' FIIOIIIfIQ,X'I'IIIN - I IINIW III III! IIIIN'1' e1I111mN IMIY NxIN'1'f' XII IIIEIIIY .XIIIIIIIII NN' c'mpIf+x'cNI In' rwIIN'1 IIvr'I1N'1' SIIIIICIIIN sux ul IIN' SFIIIIIII III cifIIIIIIICI'IXI'. Our QXIIIIIIIII Inmx' III IIIL' NIIIIIIKI :NNI IIIUIYIIIQII pr'c'p:1mINs11 Im' IJIHIIIOFQ IINII was nNNIc' IJUFSIIPII' IIINIIIQII IIN'I1 fIINIc'lmI cIfIx'4 ul IIN' N'I1.,f,I III I m1mN'I'r'c'. NINI xxIN'l1 IIN'x' IHNIIN'n'rIII1I fNIcIiIi1umI mmm III XXIIIIIVII III II1l'II vfI'g.II1ifz1IIIm. IIN'x'I1NM' IINII IIN' I'N'lxm1 Imesl KIIIIIIIIIVII xx1II IN' MIN' xxINI Im INNI IIN' MIIIII' IN'fN'IN.II VIIIICYIIIIIII IINII IIN'x' 1'c'r'f'INc'rI. IDIIIIIIQ MIIII' iIlIfII'IlI cIaxyw .II fNI1lm1N'N'c' YIIII I1..wI1f.II IIN' IN'1N'III III' IIN' Qrrwfl Ir'eN'I1iI1Q's III IIN HNISI ...1,..I1II-Iwlliy Imlycw EISMIIIIIJIUII. It IS mx' i1IN'C'I'I' xx1fIm IINII YIIII XXIIIIIll'f'QI'IlIIIII1IIIlQ IINS ,IIIIIU XVIII ININ' zNIxamI.Igr' III 1 r IIN' QDIUIIKIIII sIewc'1.IINum IINII xu' nm HIIQI' wall. c' Imxf' IIN sc'I IIIIU4. ,XII ,XIIIIIIIIIIQ INN'4u1N'Q FI lrN'mIwOr III mu' XKQIIVHIIIIIII IIN'I1Il"I1 wIN1If'x'I'r I'IlIlII'IIIIIIIIIlI IN' um IIIIIIQK' Ira IIIII' IXIIIIIIIII ITIIIIII l'iII'l'lIJiIIQIl. VI-IHISI' UIQ XUII XYIIID XVIII ZIIISXYKII' IIIII' LIIIIIQWII IICXI BIHII' xxiII. I ?I44IIIi' yfwu, IN' N'xxIN'rII'rI Im ymlr m'w11I1'rINzIifI11 Illilllf' IIIIICIS www. cull IIN' ymga'uppmIII'yIwIl xx1II IIINI IIQIOII II1l'.xXIIlIIIIlI CIHIIS IINII wf'Imx'c' c'sIa1ImIIQIN'cI IINIIIIQINNII IIN' f'r11u1Ily. uIIc'l ur.NII1f1Iir+1'1 ywu XIII' IINXIICII in unc UI IIN'Sc' r'iIN'i cIrrw1' i11 e NNI mQr'I IIN' QEIIIQ. XXIIIII IN'sI XYISIIUS Im' ax IllIlsI SIIIIQSSIIII IJIISIIIUSS Cm'c'm'r. , v 1 RIIIBICIVI' XX . Kr-.I . I I Pl'l',YI1lI1III ZIJII Alumni Clubs For furtlwer cletails alJOut any lOCal Claapter aflclress ttme serretary at tlae arlclress given. AKRON, QHIO Steplwan Creenuelcl 590 East Soutli Street ALBANY, NEXV YORK Walter L. Halan Cfo College of St. Rose, Allnany BERGEN, NEW JERSEY Vxfilliam Genser 405 Cecler l.ane, Plleaneelc l5RIDGEPOR'l', CONNECTICUT Stanley R. Ellis 1885 l luntington Turnpilce, Nielrols l5UIfIfAI.O, NEW YORK rl. SCl'lCDCli Cfo E. Seymour, lIIC. 1 1 Niagara Street C:AN'l'ON, CHINA lvliss l.ily VN7. Young CHICAGO, lLI.INOlS .lOlTnl'.lV1annion Q51SoutlT La Salle Street CINCINNATI, QHIO li. P. Rush 5554 Slaaw Avenue CI,EX'1il.INND, UHIO W. BOYVCH Roclqy River tligli Sclwool COLUMBUS, CDHIO 15. P. Smitla XlVBSl1111gtft1l Court l louse ljAY'l'ON, QDHIO Alluert Epstein Vxfriglal ljiclcl lJISTRlCT Oi' ClOl.UMPm1,X .1.K.M0ycr 5601 COnI'IeCtic'ut Averiue, NAV. GEORCTIYX, CLJNIVERSITY ALUMNI CLUB5 Clarenee l"l. WCSSmill1 BOX 1-117. ,Atlanta l'lART1fORD , CON N E C TIC U 'I' .losepli Freeclman -19 Pearl Street l-Os ANGE1.ES, CAI.IIfORNIA A. il. Weiss 659 South Spring Street lVlANILLA, PHILIPPINE lSLANDS Dr. Galoriel lVlanalac Uncler Secretary of Pulnlie lnstruetion lVlASSACHUSETTS Samuel la. Fein 1421 lVlain Street, Springlield lVlORRIs, NEXV JERSEY lvlrs. D. lVl. Vvfallace 74 Ball Roacl, lylountain laalces NANKING, CHINA Kltong l-Oy Nanlqing NAUGATUCK NYALLEY, CONNECTICUT Mr. Rolvert Haluslca QU l..6iiY6DVV0l'tl1 Street, Waterlvrrry NEW l-li-XVEN, CONNECTICUT ClIester B. Golclstone lb. BOX -120 NEW JERSEY tSUBURBAN7 Ernest lxlailaaclc 519 Sherman Avenue, Roselle l-Darla PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA lxlario A. Conetta 10-1 Greenway Avenue. Darby PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANLVX David H. Van Dylie U. lriclelity anfl Guaranty Company 725, Farmers Banlq Building ROCHESTER, NEW YORK R- f-loOCl Cutler llmuilrling SAN l7RANCIsCO, CALIFORNIA Plwilip lsler 511 California Street S11iXNCll'iIX1,C1r11NIX ,l. H. Sun 561 Kiangse Roacl XVEs'I'CHEsTER, NEW NIORK rl. P. lvlCl.,E1lIQl'llll1 20 Eclgexvoorly Street, White Plains YOUNGSTOXVN, QHIO Harmon R. l luglnes 550 llast Boardman Street 501 Acknowledgments S the First completed pages come oll the press, l at last have time to lean haclc and thinlc of all those who have helped to malqe the 1941 Violet one of the hest year- hoolcs ever puhlished. The memhers of the managing hoard, who have given so generously of their time and efforts, have heen rewarded with gold scrolls. Those of the associate hoard Whose worlc has heen ousstanding have received silver scrolls. Those of the staff who have helped to meet the early puhlication date of this yearys Violet have earned certificates of merit. To many others, non-students who have so generously donated valuahle time with no thought of reward, l wish to extend my sincere and deep appreciation. To Professor Lloyd E. Dewey whose enthusiastic support and encouraging advice have helped me surmount all flitllcultios. To Professor Hayes Sprague, adviser to the Editor. who has clrawn upon a wealth ol: artistic lcnowledge to design the magniheent cover of the 1941 Violet. To Rohert Kelly whose eternal good humor and invaluahle aid have helped me add another hooli to his list of outstanding pulylications. To llarry lvlellor, Fred Fuchs. Charley Allen, Susan Oypmrien and all the other memluers of the stattl ol: the Kelly ljuhlishing Company whose excellent worli has helped to lqcep the Violet up to its usually standard. To Cy Zee whose usually Fine candid worlq has helped to malce this years Violet Uthe lyest ever.H To lxlr. and lvlrs. Kane, lvlrs. Vxfatltins and the rest of the employees of Delfane Studios whose superh portraits have added greatly to the 1941 Violet. To George Shieluler, lvliss Barr, and George Kaster, who always seemed to turn up with just the right picture when l needed it. To Professors lvlcliee, Clyne, and Pnuclcham for reacting all the copy for the 1941 Violet. To Deans lwladden, Collins, Kildull, and Schiffer, Professor Rodgers and all the other memhers of the administration and faculty upon whose cooperation and help l could always count. To lVliss Evelyn Sirotin for her excellent handling of the annual dinner. To lVliss Clara Bowie for the excellent jola she did as recorder and treasurer ot the Violet. And to all those who, hy an encouraging word have helped to malce my taslc an easier one. CLARENCE TARGOVE Editor, 1941 Violet 305 SUPPLIES MAGAZINES We Ihank our fai'rI1fuI cusfomers for Iheir years of paI'ronage. Le+ Ihe BOOKSTORES, now and in I'I1e 'FuI'ure, always be your source of supplies and books. The Official Departments of NEW YORK UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORES: 90 TRINITY PLACE UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS I8 WASHINGTON PLACE CAFETERIAS: COMMONS UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS Ol STATIONERY BOOKS .goods .goofs for fvety .qeedonf BUDGE ON TENNIS By J. Donald Budge. llluslraled wilh sequence pholographs ol Don Budge in aclion. l80pp., SIB? BASEBALL Individual Play and Team Sfrafegy By John W. l"Jaclc"l Coombs, The counIry's mosl lamous college coach. Illuslralecl. 278pp., 52.00 BOWLING How +o Improve Your Game By Billy Sixly and I-Ianlc Marino. ll- luslraled. 80pp., SI.00 HOW TO PLAY GOLF By Ben Thomson, Golf Coach, Yale Universily. For Ihe beginner and in- Iermediale golfer. 94pp., SI.75 HOW TO PLAY WINNING SOFTBALL, WiI'h Official Rules By Leo Fischer. A complele guide Io America's mosl popular ouldoor sporl. I84pp., Sl.50 TABLE TENNIS By Colman Clark, Former Nalional Champion. Describes and illuslrales every slrolce. I09pp., Sl.00 . SWIMMING By Mall Mann, Coach of Ihe Uni- versily ol Michigan's championship Ieams, and Charles Fries. Fully illus- Iraled. I02pp., 52.00 JUDO Thirly Lessons in 'rhe Modern Science of Jiu-Jilsu. By T. Shozo Kuwashima and A. R. Welch. I I9pp., 9452.50 THE TUMBLER'S MANUAL By William Laporle and AI Renner. A scienlific presenlalion ol Tumbling Iechnique. I22pp., 32.25 WRESTLING InI'ercoIIegiaI'e and Olympic By Henry A. Slone. Covers every hold and maneuver, wilh over 200 pholographs. 3I2pp., 53.00 ,get these 2XlQ2'2f5 .Mow you Low. 505 Empln ment Bureau ,HIC l':1nplfvy1Nc'11t HIIICHII is unc of llw lmucsl scfrx'i1'0 CIL'1JilI'lIT'1CIllS in llwv Ullixersily. U10 lllnplrwylulcnl Hlllfxilll, Ill 1'IlHIJfxl'illlUIl wlllm iilfllhf' arlxlsers. iwslsis slurlvuls IH arranging llmeir courses so ng lu ululuin llw lwsl p0ssiHv prc-pnralifm for llwir clmsvn Urrillpallifmlw. Oulsicle of HN' Lvrmixvrsily lfwc 1'c'prcso111a1lix'vs uf lim HIIIAOEHI are Cunilmmlly iIlffWI'IH- ing CIlljJIOyK'I'S of H10 ovrlrpulifwrmnl Trimming QQYUII in IIN' Srlwml uf CcwmmQrf'c', Crulilqying i11c'1'C:1s0s in H10 CICINFIIICI for c:OIllITN'l'l'C-lI'ilfIH'fI jJl'I'SOIlI!l'l rm-Hcvls lfw value of Huis wht- Caliolml work. 506 Horn E change Haul-4 lfslaxlullxllc-cl N73 Xlillll llll-luv: Xvillium mul llv.1x'r'1 Slzrwlx xlillllhlllrlll. NOW Ylvrli Cily Xvillm T'-I fNUllXi'Ill1'Illl5' l,fm1lwl lgI'ill1!'lN'S llwllmlnwwlll ll14'lIx4ll5lmmllul1s . , Y , flu: Cflllllliillf' is wal willy unc- ol llw wlrlcwl l'lIlllllC'llll lnslllulllllls in XCW Nrwrli, l'Jlll lias llmr' lmirluc' rlisliluvlilln ful In-mg llmc' lilsl lu wlzllmlisll smcl wpclnlv lgl'ill1Cl1l'S lor f10lQl1lJOI'f UU! l llillllilllfl Ill llmf' '1l'l'illK'I' vllv ln :mr !lX'f'llly-llXl' cmllivvs. wc fvllcx' llw llfllill zmcl 1'l1slm11m'y lU?llllilI1Q sorvivci in all clqmrlfm-mls ul llmllllill1Q- mul slum-llmmg lllVll'l"- fl pl-rsruml upp1'c-viulirwnl ol ywur proln- lcms mul vrllrnll-nm fwlpmnlifm fmrl alllcnlivm- cmlsiflwfllifllm ful yrlur lmaulaing ncwfrls. IDU yum Ll1f.wNf-WHL,-L - 'lqlmc-rm Xllll lmrm um fYm1p.111y - ,l1lll'l-cViIlI'll lfxr'l1.111Qc-Uluzls lJCC?ll H l14llISl'lllHlfl XYllI'fl lll Ncwxx' will-li K lrll' l4.lQlllX' llY1l Yi'ilI'S. cllll' clf'prwiIm's em' wuz' lvrwl ilflXl'I'll4l'llll'lll. lxlily NXT llIIIlllll'I yflll EIIHUIIQ lllC'Hl? f..,m.lI Nl +.lllJll.llllll,llll bllllllllx sl7,nrzlmlula.rm4l Nlcnmlmc-L'ulllTcfrll'1'all llc-Iwsil lIl4lllfllI1'C Cm'lmllr.1llm1 Sl IT VSMW .fn ' f Hubert W. Helly, 'EQ lwelve years ago. al New Nork Llniversily a new iclea was lwrn - si rornpany clef volecl exclusively lo llie prorlueiion olq luoolas sueli as The 1941 Violel. From flue arirl cleserl of Arizona, anfl llie sultry green islnnfl ol Puerlo Rico, to llae snow-lnlanlQel.0rl slopes of Nortliern New linglancl, we liave lravelecl. liappy anrl prourl lo lwave lveen an instrument in llae iranslaling into prinl. ilae liurnor, patlwos, exeilemenl, anrl senlimenl. lounnl in ilre Campus lilo of over severily-Five colleges anfl preparatory selrools. As former me-mliers of yearlyoolg stalls in our scliool rlays, we luring into our profes- sional eluiies a real unclerstancling of many prolmlems Conlronling earla yearlmoolg ecliior. We are proucl of llie large numluer ol New Yorlq University men represeniefl on our stall: Fred A. Fuelis, Clrmrles Allen, Claarles Tliorne. Nicholas U. Comiio. Armancl Prusmaelc, Tlaomas Pace, Eclwarfl Capece. liclwarcl Vxfalson, Vvyarren Delaney, .lames Tiglie, Lawrence Carnevale, Davicl Vxlldittier. Allmert Crenerl. ancl Xvyail Tc-uluerl. ROBERT NV. KELLY I'L.'P:l.ISllINC CORPORATION New Yorlc City PRINTERS or 'rue rommrareerg vrorifr SINCE H129 308 -----m .--1-1' N N l Af X . ' 5 . W ,A ,. ,UNE M , w . . - - 4 ' Vg M A c 0 0 o 0 A L. S T -' s 1p,L9HA . W' l L- lv, QQ U, S U v A N 5 T v, I 'fa .4 b Q X P ! . FouH,R,..x. C- -yU95oN , X Q12 I J . 1 L , QQ' 451 lx V , I X, x sf QL r- . in Q-x p.L.Df K 4 1- , U of' i W E ST 9 I A D vw A y I ' S N , - ml I L... WIA mx xx ,.,........-1--J ' .. ' q 'I G x, A 3,-, Ggo 40 V , CD . ll XV, 1.....1.. ml I I fig-Mnqeon P, , w EV? SL N M ' L A " ' i .I-I V-nf--w H A glwjy f rn - , tr 1 - pm PS4 A Aw- WW A MAP X o W ' G?ee hncfg A v' EAU-LE .ld X M4900 1 9 4- 1. fl "ov '71 f . fm. , FQULT EDUC .4 47-,6 k N or-4' b UW U, PN-"CTE" q,"fA 6616 1 4a W ' A V X J J LH ,g k V E3 N F 1 1 0 . TEL gvnevoonv- 'ff y-I0 6' Lu ' 1- I W SGC:-1 5 I- X' A QQ: 3 4 , 4 Q3 ON gx . 4 1 - AALPHA S ,L R Al -X J -- -,-Q L- I N , V E Q. S I 'V 1 P L. A C, E - V I V Y X T . HOTEL L-AFAYE-1-TG. l-4' LD 'Nc , .of 4 ' 4 P S 'F . A A - T f r . 104 . y t 6 , 5 W wv-"MA

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