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 - Class of 1937

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New York University School of Commerce - Commerce Violet Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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u 1 K 1 V 4 , . , gp.: A :tif v'!, :L if 51 g--3 , gg: Q.: , s7L.- ' :Q-. K gk-'72 M3-4 1, -1:-. 11 3" . 5,5 T' -a-'i -. Lf. A . .qi -., . 2 'f I . ,,f 'ii A , M, 4 f V U ff x X XX YQ R , XS X Q-'SX sw NX 1 A 5 'vw' x W- M ,,. W - L LA R. 1 . 1900. ' 1937 ADARDQAAAAA 'F CUMMERCE 'f GATES OF OPPORTUNITY N mm xxx K x S ,V V ,, Vywg ,MN Y' S ix w X X f - f- 1- .:-:. M M ,, 1--:wwxmwwywwmefwmgzrggrr-':."'b ilyllywf, , , 1 xx Q .S YWAN ,Q Q N 5. wi 0 Q Q Q v + :A Q 5 wwf I X xv.-x N. X X H 1 i K - 'A-. . S kg- . 5-Nxvi.-5 .::. , X ,K '47 qlzl . NRNIW ' W Amxmwmw N Emu. W WN! ---V-V-W-ww---vN-'ww-F-W , M'-, fl w wgixl' ' ki Awmygiz., ' N 1- . M , I N715 META ' f fwmw' X W u' H A 'Hx ', 11 1, W if ,. 'vp new W ,..x F' 'JJ 1' wil ' 5:1 i I 1- T. Ni I 1 fi A , W up v -xr J , 'iw 5 1 ' QF x A , N, JW ' Y 1 4.51 v c 1 u 'I- .V ,NI 1 3. 1 ' 'wx A egg' 1 A ML, H ' V .M wmv' 1 -W , 1 . ,. U 'mi l Qin 1 an 5 1 ,., L Q. " ,E ii X 1 4 VF wh 4 X YI w , , ,wx xx' X! 5. Yr I ,H W , 1 w 4 A 4, . X -L , , , I , , A F. X 1. W X, , M 1 W , ' Lgwq . w .-u HW "mo mm., 'Tl 1A v-A -HF -'l ,,,,,.7,A ,W -,,-,. ,Mm ,,,,a,,,. w N w w w w , ng.. " X we 1- x.- - - . X- .M -Hmxvqwsxf sq, -1 X .r m A 1 r vw, ez ' ,--X X . warm- M -- Q ,Qwwwxyw--mf ..X.. X XX -. x -:,.14.Nm..M..X:, - .qw..w---NNWN-1--1--mwww-..MW..NMNM., Q vm av ww x A .. AN W X fcx . wg 8 R r,,,. X NN xx A X N NNN NX X x Nix wx X kv Y .3 N NX XX wN:::g,3ssssfgezwcg.-.: vase, .I x X x A W in kxwmmm mwxmmwmmm B... , Q 01' ZWOV HE opportunities of tomorrow will differ only in scope from those of today and yesterday. Given the will and the capacity to continue learning, the Commerce student of today will become the business leader of tomorrow. Never has there been greater need in industry for new ideas and -more revolutionary methods to serve more efficiently our so- ciety as a whole. The very complexity of outlook for civilization' generates need for broad vision and courageous action. It presents a chal- lenge to youth, and also great opportunity in a World that is chang- ing without precedent for guidance. It is our objective to emphasize this "new opportunity." If this volume helps to stimulate our minds to train for and reso- lutely confront the future, it will have accomplished its purpose. 1.6 ,,,-,- - ' s 'rsvmrmw' W jx!! M I' 1-1-3 APADDQAAAA I r Cke fwofef UNDERNEATH THE FOLIAGE, IN ITS BOWER SET - LOVELIEST OF THE FLOWERS OF SPRING BLOOMS THE VIOLET. I WHEN THE WINTER FROSTS ARE GONE, AND THE SPRING BIRDS SING THEN THE STUDENTS, MERRY' SONGS O'ER THE CAMPUS RING. ' VIOLET, VIOLET, FLOWER OF NEW YORK U WE WILL EVER SING THY PRAISE, TO THEE WE'LL E'ER BE TRUE. I -. .7........ I, -4 COMMERCE V I O L E T Copyright 1937 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY M. WARREN QUADLAND Editor-in-Chief 'T 1 W ,1 E S r 3 r V 1 X Josiah Wedgewood Plates designed for New York University Centennial Celebration by C. Hayes Sprague, B.C.S., Sc.B., Professor of Decorative Arts. FAC U L TY y ,,,.,, IIN HIIY T - EE I1Y'IMlL,,,f"1fII ,,,,q HJHIIILIW ,IIIIMN "" JHIW llllllllflllfll ounci HE Council of New York University, incorporated the 18th of April, 1831 - is a self-perpetuating governing board, consisting of thirty-two members each holding office for four years or until his successor is elected. One-fourth of the members go out of office each year on the fourth Monday of October when their successors are elected by the Council. OFFICERS President . . .... I . FRED I. KENT, LL.D. Vice-President .... ALLAN MELVILL POPE, U.S.M.A. Secretary . ........ BENJAMIN STRONG Treasurer . . WILLIAM MORGAN KINGSLEY, A.M., LL.D. MEMBERS Date of Expiration Election of Term 1899 WILLIAM MORGAN KINGSLEY, A.M., LL.D. . 1938 1905 FRANK ARTHUR VANDERLIP, A.M., LL.D. . 1937 1909 BENJAMIN THOMAS FAIRCHILD, Phar.M., Ph.G. . 1937 ' 1913 FINLEY JOHNSON SHEPARD .... 1940 1919 PERCY SELDEN STRAUS, A.B., D.C.S. . . 1938 1919 ARTHUR SMITH TUTTLE., B.S., C.E. . . 1938 1921 EDWIN LOUIS GARVIN, A.B., LL.B., LL.D. 1937 1922 PERCY S. YOUNG, B.C.S ..... 1940 1926 ALBERT EUGENE GALLATIN . . . 1939 1927 WILLIAM WHITLOCK BRUSH, M.S., C.E. . 1937 1929 FRED I. KENT, LL.D ..... 1937 1930 WILLIAM HENRY HAMILTON, A.B. . 1937 1930 ARTHUR BUTLER GRAHAM, LL.B. . 1940 1931 DAVID SARNOFF, Sc.D., Litt.D. . 1938 1931 ORRIN R. JUDD, B.C.S., LL.B .... 1937 1931 ALLAN MELVILL POPE, U.S.M.A. . . 1939 1931 GEORGE EMLEN ROOSEVELT, A.B. . . 1939 I 1931 BENJAMIN STRONG ...., . . 1939 1932 SAMUEL ALBURTUS BROWN, M.D., D.P.H .... 1939 1932 HENRY BARKLIE, A.B. ........ 1940 1933 CASS CANFIELD, A.B. ......... . 1939 1933 HARRY WOODBURN CHASE, Ph.D., L.H.D., Litt.D., LL.D. . . 1940 1933 LAURENCE GEORGE PAYSON, A.B. ..... 1937 1933 MALCOLM DOUGLAS SIMPSON, B.C.S ..... 1940 1936 JAMES D. MOONEY, B.S., M.E., Eng.D ..... 1940 1936 RALPH W. SOCKMAN, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D. . 1940 1935 R. KEITH KANE, A.B., LL.B. . . 1939 1937 PHILIP A. BENSON, B.C.S., C.P.A. . 1939 1937 .IOI-IN M. SCHIFF, A.B., A.M.COxon.J ..... 1938 ASSOCIATES OF THE COUNCIL JOSEPH SMITH AUERBACH, A.M., LL.B., Litt.D. WALTER EDWIN FREWI 1 NATHAN L. MILLER, LL.D. JOHN BOND TREVOR, A.M., LL.B., LL.D. 13 H '11"' Ifffililff .H1,., WU ,,4, f ,,,,, , UN l'l"fr ""'l ll" llllll liilI15llTll5illlull 1 H, ,' gif,- IJll ,,,m'If in fha ommerce ezziors You are graduating from the School of Commerce of New York University at a time of increasing opportunity. There is a revival in business and there are many 116W Ways in which men with business training can find opportunities in the industrial and business field of today. I congratulate you on your oppor- tunity and I Wish you well. A A 1 kbvwwlhwwve LXW-4-9--' 1 chancellor CHANCELLOR HARRY WOODBURN CHASE Born at Groveland, Massachusetts, on April 11, 1883, Dartmouth College 1904, A.B., 1908, A.lVI., Clark University, 1910, Ph.D., Lenoir College, 1920, LL.D.g Lake Forest College, 1920, LL.D.g University of Georgia, 1923, LL.D.g Dartmouth College, 1925, LL.D.g University of North Carolina, 1930, LL.D.g Rollins College, 1931, Doctor of Humanities, University of Michigan, 1932, LL.D.g Lafayette College, 1933, LL.D.:, Columbia University, 1933, Litt.D.g Director of clinic for sub-normal children, Clark University, 1909-10, Professor of Philosophy of Education, 1910-14, Professor of Psychology, 1914-19, Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts, University of North Carolina, October, 1918, to January, 19193 Chairman of the Faculty, January, 1919, to J une, 19193 President of the Univer- sity of North Carolina, 1919-1930, President of the University of Illinois, 1930- 1933g Chancellor of New York University, July 1, 1933. Enlrolrs NOTE Portrait of Chancellor Harry Woodburn Chase by DeWitt M. Lockman, National Academician. Painted for the New York Historical Society and, due to the re- quests from the faculty and student-body of the School of Commerce, repro- duced a second year in the Commerce Violet. c i lil 5.0 " "' z i ,lf ,Q , Jesse: is if 2 f, fif' ky X N , ,. f, X A 'g ' 1 2 J S .S !' I -I-'JF Q1 - N213 v' xx E fx Q M K + .. ' ,, . , L35 L IN ,. . x . 4 gag . rl Q A t df 9 1 f . . , , yi- yg k h A '- 1-L in x X S , --, vs J x 5 gf' , ' ' 5 2 X - '. Sify: . - X f- if J , ,. -Wi Q Sb , x x1,'m.C' - img :V ' . - ., - -- l -V , Q - X 75 A :sh xm, Riim. bgx ni. .ff- : N: X sag . Q aff-is-' MN -b v X' -I Q- A -Sm. 1g5s.:X.w:: A - Q ' + - Q :KS 3 T L N332 'X , liiibi. . -:SNP N :1 Q55 A 21:2 'N 124- N, T5 "Q, Xu, ' N2 Xi - O Q- N96 'NS-:Q- - W wx - -V W6 - W ., 'lf I :sl 1'555'if5s5 'V' 13.55 'Q' " -1" GQ 'fsinf-'Y-!25::.w:. ' X 4 SQ 'QS M21 'val . iw: -S3133 5' ' m ix A N, 5, , , 1, 'JAN 'a ' ,3:s-5g,fe.Q51gw X ' ' ' wig Ql gsfssge mm -s Qf 2fSsQw f2g-se QQ SX3-5 1, A-QS 111: N.. ,' -V .. 2555, , wi: ,, !sg.g,q:-3? gm .A xv -X 1 O Q vig, 7: .1-,,,::!1:,5- 11,-s ,115 Y ,--515-' --- Y Q - Q .Q 'f" - .1 -,x x X ., ,, ,- ' ' 15, 'wi gs' N53 X f WgS:.f was ,T -g 312551-5 K ut w, V 'QM :1'1:N'sQE'1. Ss iw! ,MNEFM , -. .,- -N W, . -X, Y -xl g. ---- Y- , 2 wnwwwi S X x -' wx X Mg! :1,:-m1gn- as 1"' 1 s,!w:ss-'wg . -'w , , : :Ha 1,23 f . u S"- ' P-5 2:2--S -- 11:1-my f V' X4 'Gigi-Sa 'FI :S MS' 1. c ig -L . B 'Y W f 1 ' 15513 .. A - W -X - U M, -may , Q iv 4 4: -5. . ':' S :: :::g3fi5:E,o 5151225 X , X fs s te fm-1 , ' "NN W mx. 'Y - , - M52 'gf S . asc: :ix X , Ea rl? :G Nr- X my M , 3 gg- we QJ NNQL. 9 f . -.s A315133 'Y X f .zgh X 51 - 'f V ' , Y - ' - N - 1 ,R H Q h I -- ' y -3 .. ' xi-, A ' -XM A X3 I 4. ,,., , ' ff 5 l , . lie sv Y . N ::N:z.,.. K K' x, wikgjvgx MSW ' , 5 . . X -5 .rv-1 :P-3 -- ' X, lfffm , . 1 , 1 . 1 . i I WRX X X W x '-'- Q if - , . . - X . g x - - X ' ' 'U' + 1 f 5 f 1 4 4 - X x x x QQ, A AN M S - , QNN5- 1: g. 1 , -x MN-as--S X- XN xy Q A vs , 2. x.... ., X H Ng,xw. , Pi ,Sf-,il .- si, 4 NWllllrllllillillminn urrllllllllllllh llllrll "" 1 E N UM 'IlIl1"'Il11l"'l4Il " 4i ' Nil lun '11' fIIIIliIIIIlil!!!IIIlilillilll8lH'HIIJlJJG"II4ih"'llW I '11 2.15-L-1-ll1..l 1' ,Fr-L-L-.til .u.f"li HIS is a most appropriate theme for our Violet in an era when so many assert that opportunity does not beckon to you as alluringly as it did to your predecessors. Do not be persuaded to this view, because ittis not.true. It may not be opportunity of the same type that existed before-we live in a changing world+-but if you are alert and think and work instead of wishing and complaining, you will soon find your particular door of opportunity. I have sent you a copy of a recent study of the careers of our Alumni of 1911-men who left the School twenty-five years ago. These men have sur- vived three serious economic depressions, and you will agree that their record is one of which to be proud. Opportunity found them, led them, and made them what they are today. Be ready for your opportunity when it beckons, lest it ruin you through unpreparedness. The only danger that I see is that our country may not rise to its own opportunities. If this should happen, our people will suffer accordingly. But I do not believe that it can happen,'if you and I do our part and meet our opportunities. V i, 07046097 JOHN T. MADDEN D Dean School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance Born at Worcester,' Massachusetts, on October 26, 1882, New York University, 1911, B.C.S. fSumma Cum Laudej , Holy Cross, 1921, M.A., Professor of Accounting, 1917, Head of Department, 1917-1922, School Secretary, 1913-1921, Assistant Dean 1922-1925, Dean, 1925--, President, Alexander Hamilton Insti- tute, since 1929 President, International Accountants' Society, Inc., Past-Presi- dent, American Association of University Instructors of Accounting, American Association Collegiate Schools of Business, Certified Public Accountant, New York and New Jersey, member of numerous professional and learned societies, Director, Institute of International Finance, Secretary, Council on Accountancy, State of New York, member, Chamber of Commerce, State of New York, Merchants' Association, New York City, Commander, Order of the Crown of Roumania, Commander, Order of Leopold II of Belgium. no ics! --1-su 'fanx,,,,,, ,,,,:,, WW4,,,,aJ,.:,M ,mg.::::u..r,w...waferfa.rv4,ma"..'mnaaa:n,l:wwllnnnwum, M M um I '11 Il a' ml -,M HH mlm ill! ., K, A . GEORGE RGWLAND COLLI ul gl M Ill .-...---- """"""""""1 W M ll!Jl7!WWJ??l?!WPNNQIJJWN!HM554IICHITFJIJAnii!UUH!HH!NIW!90N!!'III"'!WH!!!1NWN4!fff,,EET?Tf?EEHIilllllfliliiiiifi t M,.l wll,l'lun ,,wf! --A ARCHIBALD W. TAYLOR Dean Graduate School of Business Administration B r 2, A fb 2, A T sz University of Pennsylvaniag Professor of Economic "Ui ii i nH Ii f5ifE5ff'1in li li l t n Jhlilili 5 W w II I IW II Y IJ IU W W W ' 'W M f 7 r ' I 11 ,MM S W x J RAYMOND RODGERS Secretary B I' 2, A E H, A 111 2, Arch and Square, Sphinx s y o ewar , ec urer, ra uate c 3 Associate Professor, Graduate School of B niversity. W ,, , M' M 1 'fi tif-1-2-I-lui.: 1' ,,I.',. uiul ..-.Wi P E A A J oHN H. PRIME Director of Admissions N Y k S b N Y U A N Y U I A A S S C Ad C C nomic As G Y U Analysis 0 S b Journal of Education School and Society, d J l Higher Education. UWM J I1 i ggzcaffy Gommiffees Admissions .......... ASSOCIATE PROFES Commerce Library .............. V III .... . ........ Examinations P 'UWIJJUU 'SW "Y"1 UWM "'fJ 'IW 'Bn1Yq"""A"' 'f'fHwHv "am' I 1 i n 'lull M lllllllllitl vBUll1ll5llUll5UUlllllllll ARTHUR H. ROSENKAMPF F MAJOR B. FOSTER Chairman Chairman Accounting Department B. 81 F. Department ccoanfinq WING to an increased enrollment in Accounting courses the Department 0 has widened its activities. Courses in Machine Accounting and Bank Ac- counting have been added to the curriculum. Essentials of Cost Accounting, a new textbook prepared by Associate Professor Lang and Assistant Professor Harris is being published this year, as well as Mathematics of Finance, a new text on which Associate Professor Sullivan is collaborating with Mr. Chester J. Dodge in the preparation of a textbook on Fiduciary Accounting. Mr. Wider is assisting Dean Madden and Professor Rosenkampfl' in the revision of elementary accounting courses. an cinq an ginance UTSTANDING among the contributions of the Banking and Finance De- 0 partment this year was the writing of three new books, Managing Personal Finances by Professor .Iordang Money and Banking by Professors Foster, Rodgers, Nadler, and Bogeng America's Experiences as a Creditor Nation by Professors Madden, Nadler, and Sauvain. ' Dr. Howard H. McNiven was promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor of Finance, and Dr. Sipa I. Heller was appointed Instructor in Finance. Professor Rodgers was appointed a member of the advisory board of the Consumer's Credit Institute of America. Two former graduates of Commerce, Dr. Herman Hamerl and Mr. Howard Rumpf, were appointed assistants in Finance. ummm! LLSLIZZSS CCIZQZLSA HEB hDpt dd p rev1s1n t ie currlcu um W1 a V1 W owar stren Clllllg the English bac grou11 o s u en s taking t e wri ing courses offered. Members of the depart- me11t continued their activities in other fields Professor Manville in direct ad HHlllilllliblllmH 1 ' Q in f-if-F-521.11 It .l.i. IJli ,Wi g y vertising and golf 3 Professor Brosius in music criticismg Professor Morris as f advisor to evening students' activitiesg Professor Baker in economics and ac- countants' letters and reportsg Professor McKee in credit work and his monthly ' Business English Department in the Credit Executiveg Dr. Lindgren in toast- mastering and anecdote-collecting. IZ nz ' HE spreading fields of economic research lead the members of the depart- ment into diversified outside activities. Besides completing a third revision of his economic ex boo r a r c airman 0 e de r t t k, D . Sp h , h f th pa tment, has been a frequent speaker and served on a National Labor Committee. Dr. Nathan has undertaken extended speaking tours throughout the country. In addition to the writing of a number of textbooks, members of the department work on syndicate newspaper material. Among those so engaged are Dr. Haney and Dr. F ackler. One of Dr. Studenski's varied activities has been the conducting at our ow11 University of a survey on Wfhe Consumption of Liquor Among Young People." A. EARL MANVILLE VVALTER E. SPAHR Chairman Chairman A Business English Department Economics Department ""' "" ""' "" "'I ""ml"l'jml l EDM E R fm Hilll'1ll!'PII '1llll'lIl'l"' """" m""' "" 'Ill1"I'll"' llllillllllllllllII!!lnlIll 'II"mlull NIIHIIIWM I mium uh! WNW 'fa , W ' p pp gygy Xp P' llll U ll llli l WI,.l"I'l"li"lll"l'lll 7' ""'1 . luIl 1' .l.'1. IuIl ff-f""" rr ll' .,,,uum all u 'HIIIIIHWIII44 H" M mlm H l H KW r ' EDWARD J. KILDUFF Q HENRY B. RATHBONE Chairman Chairman General Course Group Journalism Department 6126? dl GOLD' 5 6 VULLQU HE far-sighted professors of Commerce soon became aware of the fact that their students were well educated as far as business functions were con- cerned but had a rather meagre general knowledge. After consulting with em- ployers and educators they decided to institute a department to provide a cul- tural background. The General Course Group is comprised of science, literature, psychology, and history departments. The science department is one of the most active of the groups. Professor L. M. Cockaday is editor of the '4Radio News" magazine. ourrza ism HE already distinguished Journalism department won further honors this year through its learned savant, Dr. John Bakeless. 'cProfessor" Bakeless became "Doctor" Bakeless this year by being awarded his degree by Harvard. He also won a Guggenheim Fellowship Award of 3l,000, which enabled him to go abroad for a year of research on his book uChristopher Marlowe." Professor Whipple, editor of uSurvey," opened a series of lectures. at the School for Social Research, which were attended and addressed by many other prominent persons. Also active in fields beyond their professorial duties are Sylvia Chatfield Bates, prominent novelistg Paul A. Tierney, one of the editors of the N. Y. Sung and Hector Perrier, one of New York University's publicity directors. ---.-1-1- M d toun errau ld yf in ot er e artment H7!llll!ll1Illffllfl!ll!l TIJHM IIII I I IIIUI IHIIUHIIJNUIWH!!I ""'l"1 Z'11,,LQl11ZY!l'fV4fWfum, 11WIIIYIVINIJNWIJIYH EW cgfatiii Lg IIB P 'T 3ZZ'EEl'?1IZ.'5JheZHetiC 11 11 E h pp f P 11 .1 g d llyund k g h 11 h g A1111 1 ence or e ractica or two b f the department are actively engaged W1 h h l I .Mamqemenf DURING th past year the staff of the Management Department h d I p b h l im ortan utions to t e fie d of management. The Manag Club, of which M Holbert is faculty ad ' d ted several interesting and informativ p d pl S E pl y nt Service Work has bee directed by M L g D M lf g l ant in Industrial R l tions to several I g g National Uffice Ma g zation and Manageme Professors Glover and M pretation of Costs. CLEVELAND F. BACON Chairman Law Department z d P f M h been act' h P f C ll ew hook 0 g , was u h d 1 f ll d Id dB pbl h ly pl d g ete Mana er1,alA ly d I WILLIAM B. CURNELL Chairman Management Department V 'Ju 1NJrHJJ fvillfl fL" MM """"A4q"" Tllllll "Y' 'V"""V'U'wHIlviJ1 "" f""i44"' ll-l' ilfllllllllllllllll llllllulll ll!llllllllllllllllllll HUGH AGNEW NORRIS A. BRISCO Chairman Dean Ilflarketing Department School of Retailing arkefinq F TER serving the National Association of Marketing in the capacity of A Secretary-Treasurer for six years, Professor Hugh Agnew, chairman of the Marketing Department, was elected President of the Association this year. Professor Agnew has published in collaboration with Messrs. Jenkins and Drury Outlines of Marketing, the most elementary and yet inclusive book written on the subject of marketing principles. Professor Dygert is the author ofAdver- tising, the first in a series of books to be published on the various phases of the profession. School of elailinq The School of Retailing under the leadership of Dean Norris A. Brisco has made marked progress in establishing closer relations with leaders in the retail field. This situation has enabled the students of the school to make valuable contacts with people directly connected with business. Dean Brisco has managed to persuade several store presidents and execu- tives to lecture and give courses. This year the school has also been fortunate enough to have at its disposal the use of several department stores as direct lab- oratories of research. All the phases of retailing are objectively observed by the students of the Retailing School. The Retailing Club is a very vital part of the school. All retailing majors and enrolled students in retailing courses are eligible for membership. g,1ll ll ul .-.ii-1 K , A Q! 411. -.4 nga -4,.4..Y - s.1Q..g, 5,MT,5,,-:,3,.. ,- , gh., 4' ,4 :Vg -12,3 ,Z -1, , Y Q-1--L fi -,.h-...,4-H M14-,14,, 1... INV. . - ..--, . - , ...,,,, - ,,1i,,,v.,,.-,,,.,, K., 1. f W W 1 M ,- ,N-,,,,...w,. L - . . . . , , s ss qJ !E U1 - 1 ,,1.f'Ui . T s WILLIAM ZHEUTLIN - President I Senior Class ,Q 19 .. NIU HI W H il NIH HHN llllllllll W l m "" "l"'l'l'l' III' ""4'1"i' """""l"' "4 4 ezzior HE Class of '37 has come to the end of its college career. The members can boast of four long years of success, progress, and enthu- siasm. Ever since they were Freshmen, coopera- tion and able leadership have been distinctive features of the class. William Zheutlin was elected to the presidency and kept the position throughout his entire college career. ln their Freshman year they started a kid- naping feud with the Sophomores that lasted for two years. The class inaugurated the first Hen Party in the history of the School of Commerce. Their hop was a very gay affair at the Hotel Governor Clinton. In Sophomore year the Smoker and Hen Party were outstanding examples of ideal co- operation and class spirit. The Soph Hop at the Casino-in-the-Air was a scene of high spirits. By the time they were Juniors the class had learned the secret of running successful class affairs, and so their Junior Prom was outstand- ing. It was held at the Essex House in the Teakwood Room. Scholarship was not neg- lected, four of the class were elected to Beta Gamma Sigma and other honorary societies. The Juniors initiated the tradition of having a class hat. Nineteen-thirty-seven brought happy, adven- turous days climaxed by one 'glorious event after Pictures to left-reading from top to bot- tom: Henry Stark, Edith Schwartz, Howard Dusenberry. k MW- IIlIOMilli!!! spspplssss p . W,,!?lU"llI!IIIllIHf!MI! Glass Y another. The Se B ll l S rlight Roof of the Waldorf-Aso lorful, exciting C affair. Music was f l d by Dick Messner C and his orchestra. A ffl l enior ring was l designed hy Prof Sp g f he class. To close h so l ivit l c Senior Week, cro ded with new thrills d funs, saw the Class of '37 sail uppthe Hudson on the '4May- p flower" to Bear Mountain, dance h College Room at the Hotel Ed' n, l gh h Audi- f I S h f ' mo tle c oolo Educa Cl Night tl p ophecy wa d d h l ll d f the l d C ll ge d y p d dignified close l l lo d l f l s- lnates wended thei y Ol F ld n C mmencement Day OFFICERS P d . . . WILLIAM ZHEUTLIN Vi P d . JOSEPHINE CAPORASO Treasu . GEORG TEGELAAR, JR. Secretary . E SCHWARTZ Historian . A POLANSKI Stud C l R p ves, H D RRY and HENRY STARK P gl - eading from top to h A ld Polansky, Josephine Capo- G g Tegelaar, Jr. fWJJJfJff ffJ?7?wm'"WWMf7Qf,.u:WWMHW 1- ff!Wl4432N4l4! I H. u...u 1' wa a,i14.4ll M g xl M ul ' -..-....i.. U!!!!HllH lUlI!I!!H!?NIIM,INJIHIWRU ,U VIIIUJIIIIJIIHIIIIIINIMHI 5 f Z6 ff amor Ge e mfws i WILLIAM GARDNER ' M ost Popular Boy e INE CAPORASO Popular C o-ed JULIETTE BREAKSTONE Best Dressed C 0-ed ' ' N U UE MU'"''77'''WiilIIliIIU4IIWUlliiil0lllll5lNWI11i! M X ! X X . q,l0 M H' .....-.-- M Ur' "" frH "f'frHHrwy vw f""f' ffdf 7 rrlzfmlxvfiy "ffff""" fWwwWrrrfrfnnnrrwi ' M-MT H HH TW t 1 Qflfl fl nw fldf I '1f' uw f1'f" "'f11 I Hua "'+f 4 H HW 5 + ++ + + 'WW ' H f " "' f '1 f w ' 4 . 7 W 4 n 'mf WNW.YWffffllrfwwi-lwrHffWWiifWWImfrffffdltfsmFW'MfWfl'l'fWlffffffFFf?ffifWW lfvrmw" "'W"""' lla I ff-WW' 1 ' SAUL H. ROTTER ' President Class of 1937 5,11 It 0 ... 1 NIUUUV ""l w M ,,,,,, JIM! 'WW U 'NJ 'UHIUIIIIUIIIIII W 41 Ni' """"" W,W . ,,,W, . WllWUlllkl111WUlLllllkllllllllllllllllllllllll 685 HE Night Senior Class brings its college activities to a close at the end of six happy years spent in the halls of the School of Com- merce. Progress and service to the School have been evidenced in its waiving of precedent whenever such action seemed to be beneficial. As Freshmen their enthusiasm caused them to 'promote an unusually successful Smoker and Spring Hop. In their Sophomore year they inaugurated Saturday night socials in Al Lass- man Memorial Lounge. This innovation proved so successful that it was adopted by other classes in the Evening Division. The class in cooperation with the Freshman Class sponsored the only Soph-Frosh Hop to be held at the School of Commerce. It took place at the Park Central Hotel in the Spring of 1933. John S. Young was master of ceremonies. An- other precedent-breaking act of the lower Sopho- more days was the publicity campaign which they waged in order to attract members to class meetings. In the Junior year Saul Rotter was elected president of the class and under his guidance all the socials and class meetings had a record turn-out of students. The Junior Prom was held at the Barbizon' Plaza, where the music of Gene Kardo's orchestra kept thelguests dancing until the small hours. I In 1936 the class chose dramatics as their pet interest. After months of preparation in collaboration with the University Dramatic So- ciety, the Frivolous F rolics were presented at the Pictures to left-reading from top to bot- tom: Joseph Newberger, Louis Gruhin, James Robertson. IYIUfWI!!lll!JWW?I!lU1II!JWWW "W4 wwwunlnmnvvr "'f"' ' 'J 'k""f""'W '4"KKWWf wwwwwnwwiummfvvvzwwmw fi R it 2 Hfffqd "fW4 "444"' J f ""' ""4'Qf QQ4' J "''i444'"""1"ll44d4'4"'4"444' '4 4 ff'f' f4 "'4 f 0 '937 I Ifmnlnmummmnumm ill1 WI 1 L p L e WNW y mm Illll I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIMHIIII lIIIllIllIIlIIl JIIIIIII IIIIIHU i g M p JI ' L I MMU' IMIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH lHHH f J Playhouse. ie warm rece ion accorded their efforts encouraged the histrionically inclined. The Night Class Of '37 became a bit more serious as they saw college days fade away. They pondered upon their past happy adventures, and the knowledge they were garnering from their classes loomed high as the triumph of achievement. This year was no time for experi- . mentg so again they elected Saul Rotter to lead them. Their last year proved to be their most illustrious. Tapping of their outstanding men for Arch and Square was the culmination of devoted service of many Commerce seniors. The memory Of the first N. Y. U. victory over Ford- ham in eight years will linger long. TO climax their college social life came the Senior Ball. The Seniors industriously saved their money and selected their partners months in advance. February found the class members resplendent in tails and Orchids danc- ing gaily to the smooth rhythms Of Dick Messner On the Starlight Roof atop the Waldorf-Astoria. OFFICERS Y President ......... SAUL ROTTER First Vice-President .... LOUIS GRUHIN Second Vice-President . . JAMES ROBERTSON . Secretary ..... . . JOHN SCHMIDT Treasurer .... . . JOSEPH NEWBERCER Historian . . . . EDWARD NEGERSMITH Orator . . . . IRVING GELERTER Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: John Schmidt, Jacob Sklaire, Edward Mensch. Q1 gl X X, SYL 8 tal -S B ',Q1+5.5M.:5:H.gx'-it-Q' 'N - JANE FLANAGAN A 207 West 102nd Street L New York, N. Y. Q X 9 Violet Scroll Violet Staff, 1, 2, Sorority Editor, 3, Office Manager, 4, Pan Hellenic Con- gress, 2, 3, 4, Bulletin Staff, 1, 2, L. O. W. Publicity Committee, Chair- man, 3, Senior Ball Committee, Frosh Hop Committee, L. 0. W. Christmas Party Committee, 1, 2, Soph Hop' Committee, Dramatic Society, L. 0. W. Formal Committe, 3. S EVELYN FRIEDMANSL S S1738 49th Street LL L Brooklyn, N. Y. Q ' LL Big Sister LCommittee, SManagement3i L Club, Economics Society. L S- ELAINE SYLVIA GOTTLIEB 122 Bay 26th Street A Brooklyn,N.L Y., L A Lantern Stalf, 4- LELIZABETHHAERTEL e 2 L 2378 'Wehster Avenue E A L New York, N. Y. LLILYANL E.,HARRIS e .V Y x .. x N riffs L L X X fox I Q S ' ' us '3S3v5:RN.garl3 151+ 1- 22 . 1' xi: W ' Q VN we s as as as aww K KX X 5 :XXX , Xa, XX N xx X Mixed 2 Ss XX N X se s X NX SOFEXQN X x N ii GNN as NYXN XX XX x Kwai A .MX , K 'S ALEOVNASSSFURSTENBETSGA - L L L fi39iiAuburn. Placefff 1475 WYtheliP1aceLL E ffiaSSBf0Qk1YmSLeiN:. S SS .Bronte N- YS ' L, .L.,, L L L S ' SS -' fr VL- L L- JOAN 'GALLAGHLERL L ALLL, 44fjBennet Avenue' - L S 36412 Irwin Avenue 2 L A SNeW.Y0rk, L 5 A Bronx, N. Y., h A X' i L K L A S . .r ocia ommil ee.. L 0 W S 1 C U , L., ,h4kLt,' A A V T GARVEXLLLLLS r . LLL?S2927.LValentine Aveiiuefi ELEQ iiiie J: L f S S S s i A LColChairman,SJuinior SCocktailfSRarty, j.SgSS'l0nX?LL ' ' ,LQ S LL , 'S Social Committee, 2, Co-ErlL.LLt1nt:heon A L A f LLLL 'IIS A , ,e,q ,L f y -!Comxnittee,S2, Violet St8lfi,QL3QVlflzfAQ 0. Management Club, :Sociology gf W.S.LLBiSi'L5i?te' Commlfiee,-.LL3:i14:Lz AC- S L gf x kk kgqounting ,vtk ivfikr-Zi: . L 4 L , LLKI x E .L.i 2 ' S L L ' .,-' i .LsLl Ll ' SS L 'i i A f f S Li.ersLLL 'ALL LALL LL 1 . X S e',f F' ii'l iPafkSSA1S'QiffPIfs LQLLL A if .L ess f .1 L Li LLLL LLLA . 11. 2 S ,Erik S 1 35 A. ' ' NLLS fi SSLA W. SSLS eeb ' 551 L + LSs t LS eL AASS LLLLS S if A X Sii' 2 as so lLL.L L SSLSSL SS.L ,LLS L LLLL SS B Q, .L S ong Beach, N. Y. 313 East 183rd Street A L -L H A T L L New York, N. Y. A o 11 L Mu Kappa Tau Violet Staff, 1, 2, 4, Triad League, Bulletin Business Staff, 2, 4, Varieties Staff, 2, Social Committee, 1, 2, Chair- man, Soph Hen Party Committee, Co- Ed Basketball, 1, L. O. W. Christmas Party Committee, 2. 4, Big Sister Committee, 4. 9 'xi we-. ww-ss..-. . LL L ,L e.4x,L..L ,X LWVL L, ,N L5,,LL,,,,..L, , X LLa,1L,...g,. L.L,L Ll L ' it Skf?xfS1:we?Sf.frgsgsxq-x,L Ni? vfxfrsxv.-1-fwS SXANN 1. . - xx ...NN L :Mx S.5vf.,Y'.x QS-iQwxL itztlkiggilaw ' L .L - L: 11 Q ax. t L. , X r in gii3sffZ'.Q,gL rss Y 'msg L -Na+ gxltifitf Jw Qs? 2 'oiaNiSS2'5erf .age 32.151 5 l SX vi P 3 S assaws. 0 it is M 2 1 . L3 qs 2 '- .aa f N QQXN-as-vakrsx fm NL X-,Q aL I ' X33 V., , L Q s Q f L 11 S S .3 9 its 1' K-A5 --S ff. 1 t :, " rJ L x ,egg s N L "."wXiil s 1-sg u: f'Wsw:1jQ,: 'w 3. 1- ' w 1 W 1 S Q S 5 F 3 115 : we tee , Comm Account- ii- 52 5 3 3 .ig -i 3 -. . ji. w .x .xg . - Sw, - N: . 1 r kv , i, mx.. 1. 43.11 . A K V-1 N K '33 N iff L. I Q - 'fi .4 fx. - gym fx x K 'fli-lg.,f ' Gamma ,,::J P: .QQQ5 , 'I' Q' 3333 ', Fifi :J mam-2 W: Q ,. Y .Xxx X 1 ....-. X ' 151.5 . ' ,.,... ' K ii X 5 1-IN. fb gg- X X ,X tt" . A- 'V v x.-ww ' ax: 1 5 '. 123, 2951 ,T 1 ,QSQISS Xgrgssfi? 1 3 U2 5, if K , 1 X Ns N Q. Xxfhrwf lx X Cm : -v -ig 9 xvwenix ff-- gg 'gg,3f,-.xsysf M ...P x X Q X FOR A XV X xx X XX X N W XX Xxm XX N X X N Xf: X,, NXSPSQS X X, XXX X QQ- XXX A ,X X ,W : :X .9 5-:J . , N if , .M ..A. X X... - WS NN X,Xr' .L5L . XY 1 1 XX , . L, 1' Kg,-X255-' HW XX X mxg XA. t. . '- if ' K N X X Q X X X2 63 x S X ff XXX N gg A xx X X X, Xi XX- X? X X 5357 X X SX X X x X WILLIAM THOMAS AGNEW 45-68 163rd Street . Flushing, N. Y. . Accounting Cluhg Law Society. WILLIAM M. ALBINSON . A 358 9th Avenue A Paterson, N. J. A BENJAMIN ALPERT A f A .424 Linden Boulevard A . Brooklyn, N.. Y. A, f C, A American Student Union, Treasurer, 4 QA . Peace ACouncil,f4g ,Co1nn1itteeA.0f Com-S mercial .Clubs,.4.g. Junior Sm0kerfC0rn-A A mitteeg Intra-Mural Basketball, i3,.j.4,g A A A11 commerce,AAA 4.gqC1mir4A A man, TAinerican Youth .Aer fComniit-. - A- A .tees 4- A. A JULIUS JAMES ALTMAN A 900 Bronx Park South A Bronx, N. Y. I i A A A. ,sew .,a.nqA.Ase GEORGE- LAWRENCE A MAL. A A A ...e. f it A S LLLA 3SiffiB.?l1eVi1lC: ...A Q A . .. K , K X .K K.. ,N . se.. . ,. Aff . ig: '.'.gf,., , x g . .A AA -.sri - sf. Xi.. .W A Q sew. 15: - . 'E Ai AA 3: H-A AND3Eg5ffA5AAA A i'T'20i37. L... West 1381 'CCAA -A :A . IW.. .,f:fAffBl'00klyl1, Spanish Vice-PresidentgfilfAfdvatr? W BUY Sh.QW,.-24.34 43ATP8Ii ,A1!1Cti'i.Ifi1i!iAClilbiff.. . , AAdViSQ!fs.Qg.1gf!f31?AAifEii1.3H0f2- .EQIZIILXIYIiffA AAVi5l6QiiiA.fQ i..Ai. Staff, .Lif 'If XLLA A AAA:s1AgAA gAf:-ff. s:.A..:.-1: -rw - .A A: , - iA X.-1. .1 .....A .A-... Age, w..:A....... fi AU. .. -K K. .... . k. , ' A . 5AfAA A is AA ..4 . ::::- ,. A .A 'IA 34--I0 33rd Street Astoria, N. Y. Accounting Club. ELMER BRETT ARCHER 2784 Marion Avenue . .,Bronx, N. . ' Philatelic Society. FRED COLEMAN-ARCHER 517 East 28th Street A Brooklyn, N. Y. .Beta Gamma Sigmay' A I N X Y . X. .,. its we m ,ev f 1335 Qu SM Q :Q S.. Ss it f . Foreign Trade Clubg Triad Leaguej, A A W. AS. C. Evemng Spanish Club. N. .Qs x. C. N New .Stix im .ew if KITS NY N... we .wh ,wx A .. ... 1. ESQ . IRWIN, ASHER A A A 332. Seyn1our2Avenue.i A , . AA . .... , ,i Newarks. LN' A A .. N ,A A. , A ' U. of i,Newark, Student Council, 3. , ROBERT LEE.AvAUN'1'A A140 FifthAvenue . A I , North Pelham, N. , A . AAAA. 4 ACAALA AIT .C Foreign Traded Cluhg Editor,..T1-adg Winds 5 Q.A.e Finance Forunig . Christian S A .3 fAssociation. I . A AAA. A Q AKensiAco ..AYBI1l1Bf f Q 5x .. . -A H-.RA .,,.,,s.,A:'...A...AA:A . g,-fi, A. . . ..--.s.sA--,,:,- A - A ...XX . .... A .... . we i ASQ new NA T is . .. AA-ft X ALEX1t13i1?E13fAfCHAR!-E.SA ABASKINDA A Ag . . x A. . A . A.A Triad League: .A , A NT Al330'iW'ieStAA..li5thiiStreet.,fL..,PI ...C - A A A -Al A gf 2. .. in . s.tAf5:.fs.: .A sf fir .x A'iS5SA?ffA -..... . .... .... . . ...Q Q -,....., Alam: Frosh Hop Committeeg Soph Hop Committeeg Chairman, Publicity Com- mittee, 33 Co-Chairman, Junior Prom Committeeg Bulletin, Night Managing Editor, 4g Frosh Smoker Committee, Soph Smoker Committeeg Log Circu- lation Staff, 33 Assistant Editor, 43 President, Alpha Phi Sigma. ts A X Sx he X xii. Sz N--wx 1 N Niki X get - - Q93 x X x 1' X X 2 .. Nh ...k N N, N x.., N NN N, ..,x N, NN, ,WM N -fx S S 3 my :gm Nm s- .QN ur. . ex N 5 Nr. sxssm , ,N r y was 'N .,x: N , :A ri? .Neff , -..1 N . 5:5 e 5 N-x N i w .Q -iirrifii S -5531: " HSQ Til .N r, Q M. HERBERT BELINKIE 1422 Kossuth Street Bridgeport, Conn. 2 Q Nlf Freshman Hop Committeeg Freshman Trackg Intramural Basketballg Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Violet Alumni Editor, 4g Vio- let News, Associate Board, 43 Chair- Nman, Senior Week Committee. SIDNEY BLOOSTEIN 515 West 1'I1st Street New York, N. Y. Accounting Clubg ,Intramural Basket- . ball. fiMoRRHsAgBLUMENKRANTz 1 " N N WW ' ff ' , N " NL "i,f Nf B 'ff'N'VlL' 7 V iff' if f',' lNNi:Q'iZN1f'ffl'NNf'5 1 1 B V 1 "1' 1' 'A 1 :NN V N I N 'VNANL Qfi Nil " ' ' N 1 N ' 3 'N gif+f1fgNNNnN12"Ngap ' E ' ' U7 n", ,f,r W N A-'N M 5 1 N VNNNVVN5-5fNg,fNg3gN5N',N NN'N,,N'fjN5NNNg,2'g.'1'Q,,, jg fy 'N N f N N Noe N N NVNNVNNN M ,,VV NE NVVVN A V NV, 'ini' " g"'f'9N?glwiii'i fwfNNN f' """ ' ' 5- cb 'H ?i'NN1"7'2iQ Np5'7N f 7' "SH 'O t" N ',-5 77 I N714 NNNVV, I VV -1 N' N NCIJN NNNNN'CVN'N9-'N.NHN"1 4.i'NiN1LNf HW' NNNNNQJNNQN N N 'N"f - mg LF' S516 ,tnf 1 N-2 5 CU 4-'N N fr' 'N" 'df 'NN ' "4 Q 51 ' f" 4, N rrtfrt ' No NN N NN, N N,,,,N N ,rf , ' 'QNN " q-rw W'!N'dNw4N :LSC """L' ' ' ' ' Vg- NN NNNNN :N H , ,N,.44,!N VVVN A3NVF5:VNN, ,NNE-W, P5 ' nnrn 5 NN ' 'VX i 'H ff' Nu' "" N N 5 ' A 'N I V:NfNVN ' I ' 'Y xN' 1-4. I ' I N 'Nz ' 1 NN N,'NNf'N N N' " 'N N , 'NNN N ,NVV I VN I N,V JNfNV . N , lNNVV,NHl,Y4?w1LiNN 14-NNlNf' NI' "N N ' ' 'ffl' ' N' Nff A NA? NN N V, :VH V N VV X N VNV, ' N NN my ' 4 '--N N N 'trr N' ' 'Ni NENBE ' ' if 'NN'NN11iNf9lgwNf 4N.NzN'H I MN :Zvi NN' N N' 'N N w' NNfN'NN 'N N N 'N NWO Q' NNNN f 'V iN NN " N' C' NN NN ' N ."' I' N 'N " :Nfl Vfgy UNI ' ' N C H gi , j VV N E, , ' 1 ' ,5NN1""N 4n'N fNN'1fN1 N"7f N' " 1 5 :L NN 'V N HN N- ' V N N V N . ' VN V N 'N' 'N ' VVNN 'N:'i',-'rye ' V N N Nu-no VN ' .V 'VVV :Z 'il' N 'N' xr ,, N N NN N cr N' NN N N,mN..N.Nm Nfggm N N UQ C, E 'BNNNEE f w3N1"NdW'N0NN-'NNN 3 1NHNN,5N,,NN:'+.- can E? Ff- N NN Ni 1'6" ' '..-"1-'NU1 ' if 5 Q 0 ' m N' in NH TNQN f N NN0'Ni ' Gin- W ' Nfi, iNNia'f N 1:57, is N , ' ' ' Q Nge 5gNeeQr. N Nmefe2e N . :ww N N N ' ' N N"Nf,NN Ng. 2 5 "4 " N . N ' tn N N -Q' N ' N NNWS75' T - N 9- DNN'-' 5 N N' N -RW' to 2' N ' li' f' N Ui N 9,0 2, 3-,N QW CDN N U3 n A .N t-4N,gl3,NNNf'4.-Cf! 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"'sNsiQiSQ:igQ? rig SE 'X S Ledger cifeu1ariun3NiSra1rg1 tvariezieslir- cularion Staff gpAqeaumingLC1ub' gi Blur NN Nsrymeunlrrnmsrrm F 1 "NN N849 A i46rh2fSmifeerN 1 B S Brooklyn, iiie ' S 31155 Brighton-Llth Brooklyn, N. Y. Soph Smoker Committee, Chairman, Frosh Blazer Committee: Junior Smoker Committeeg Menorah Societyg Varieties, Circulation. N N 'N5"NN'F0rwP1i111Si N- 1 NN WILLNIAMN N.,BOYD, JR. N N 6091 North Chestnut, Street e ' Westfield, NN. N N N 'lransportetion Club... JOHN P. BOYSEN T5 Lincoln Avenue Rutherford, N. J- ' 1- i' MV: l'Rf2i:R ,RRRRRRR -5 R R -:wb J: ,C X -R W :vi i R. :LJ 'NSR w :-R-- RRR ARTHUR BRAND R 26 Grove Street - 4 New York, ' Y. SOL BRAUN 90 East- 18th Streetd - YQ- ' - ' -' Ra--R .... - .Rx. ,i.: C 1-R'-fir 55? '75 S XX HR X X X l X XX X X X X X X X R R RRR R R RR R RR RRRRR--igRgRRggR :R 'g RRRR--Rf ' '-T'-i R R R-RRRVRRRRR RRRRiRR,-RR: R' z R R:R R IR R R' QRRR RRSR R RR FQRR QQRQQ- Rj-xv RR -fi " ' X 'RR ' R RRRR: RRRR R. 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R- R R R- Rf RR RR R R1 R R - -R RRR R-QR - 2 QR S532 R ' R R R -R - R- Rz,-RRRRRQRVX R-S55-RRR? Eiga X R R R R Rs--Bronx-, Vars1t1gR-R1Basketba11a- R-2,RRR--3,-R-4 3'-ig RR liliillxgis -- R: R R R - 3 ' S' :R f 'R .Rl R. " -R: VRXI' -5 -+ 312 wR:fX?RX-lR'R:Rits2'i -Nsh "X X Q I .X ,rackg RR ' 'R.R RRR- -R R R R.RR -R-R R- R f M X X' " X' 'W R'RR RQTA R' ' 'X "RH " I' RRR, RR R ' R ' ' -R-' --RR X ? 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R R R RRR. --" 595 X C R--R' R -R C. STUART BURNS Shelter Island, N. Y. A K Nl' g Sphinx Management Honorary Society Listed. in Who's Who Log Staff, 3, Associate Editor, 4g Man- agement Clubg Foreign Trade Club, Geographers Clubg. Chairman, All- Commerce Social Committee, 23 Man- agement Club, Vice-President, 2g Class Historian, 2, Commerce Basketball, lg Intramural Basketball, 2, Violet Staff, 2, 3, Organization Editor, 4, Bulletin Staff, 1, Circulation Manager, 2, 3, 4g Mentor Club, President, 4-g President, Sphinx, 45 Vigilante Committee, lg Psychology Forum. B SYDNEY LINCOLN BURR 21 East 14th Street New York, N. Y. ANTHONY F. BUTERA . 4 347 East 5th Street. New York, N.. Y. 2 Frosh Smoker Committeeg Spanish Club, b Bulletin Staff, Violet .Office Staff, 2, 3, 4, .Finance Forumg Pan American Club, 'Advisor, 4, Italian g R Club, Historian, 4. PATRICK A. CALABRESE 24 Harold Avenue - Greenwich, Conn. . C t 9 A K Newman Clubg Italian Club, Account- ing Club. HENRY CHAIMOWITZ S 643 Lexington Avenue 2 a S B New York, N. Y. ' C - Cross-Counn-y,.1, 2, 3, 45 Co-Chain man, Interscholastic Track .Meet, 43 ROBERT F. CLARK 710 Hillside Avenue Grantwood, N. J. Beta Gamma Sigma Vice-President, Beta Gamma Sigma, 4g Accounting Club, Accounting Ledger, Circulation Manager, 3, Associate Edi- tor, 4. ALLEN COBB, JR. 9419 86th ,Avenue Woodhaven, N. Y. Alpha Delta Sigma Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Intercollegiate Glee Club Squad, 13 Bulletin Staff, lg Triad League. FREDERICK SEARS COE, JR. 665 High Street A Newark, N. J. A A T Freshman Track. BARNETT BERNARD COHEN 1437 51st Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Economics Society. 2 MILTON COHEN S 2 1268sStratford Avenue Varsity Club, Frosh Hop Committeeg S I t Bronx: 7 Rifle and Pistol Clubg.Track,.1,-2, t . a R - C is ii 39i4'. C C C' C C so sg 4 ' dIl?tVING.HALE-COHN S ,s.., 1 1 .g ,322 l3thStreet is CJOHNGCINCOTTA t . g ,,WestqNew.York, N.J. . s..aii l 5fq7519idFifth1Avenues, 2 .g b , . a to S ESX, . 2 2 g B1'00k1YUe'N-'Y3f9ii. -55'5Acciounting Clubizliawd Society, Intraf g 2 C B C fraternity Basketball,,3x Junior, Prom, 2 1 . Committeeggiluniorx gglq Smoker Committee. Ross IFIARRINGTONSCLANCEY MAar1NdcoHN S ii S 47-10 Laurel Hill Boulevard Woodside, N. Y. 300 Riverside Drive New York, N. Y. HENRY L. COMPTER 1205 Post Road - N N Slzarsdale, YQ A RONALD ALLEN CRAW e 354 Ucean Avenue e .Brooklyu,eN. Y. r FRANKLESLIE C0NN0?35 Q -JAMESoEND1ViU.NLi5ijABoRN e e 6802 Ridge'B0ule"ardo fl NNNN N N 91oCb1l1IflbllLSL iJl'iVC N 5 N Bfogklynv N-Q N :Tenafbf N N f J X QQ Q' Alpha Delta Sigma ' A 15 qi 4 f T1-lad Q m Cmive CoEunittee,.i4: j he Q Nri25067Aveniie5QS5.3o2Q5i g fff r..N. fm? errrer 5 N M .Nei NNNNN . .. . .. kr.. . . vmkh K-xfL Llfi N f W NNNNNN N Q r M 5,4 .P .h.N , eh N : j, .igQreeni.X.StreEt.k,,.5 hm w rr . Q or Beta Gamma Sigma T N A ' ' fj M N eg. hi Q Q53 mhf S ayyi1le.A N. CW 355831 writ kk io L. K K K .., K k..k. as fij ik' .:.x Lxki, . x. ij: '.1i X-Q Vim:-President, 4g Seniorg .B a1lQg.C0111f . 1 n' Viale:-S:ajI, 4.gjHo-at Commit-N NNNN NKN 1Q we, oN:S.'FQPA-5'44rrFrf:Sl111fHr15.OriefiwfN Q N N NNN 1N N Y N N i N N J f N NNNX i N N oEhg1exZidf5?rN r N ISI'19k59PT'HeightSf'N4 NX.ii...if1iiii5N 5 N rr o or ff Nr pfNightN51fa1i3n.C1UbNEiei f35 i 3523 W . N JAMES PATR1CK D S- NNNN . eb Q"i'f f rree if if - f Q 3429.eeameeszonarersueef s emor. Ixeyr HHd.R1Ilg.iC0l1lIll1If8CQ Bal- ee ogmbklyhej erre N- ' letin.o-Feature' 0 . N QNN 42 Tower Place Yonkers, N. .Y. K E N JGSEPH AGNEW DAVIS 2033 Homecrest Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. LOUIS L. DAVIS 2922 Briggs Avenue Bronx, N. Y. WALTER THOMAS DAVIS 2024 Jerome Avenue r S O Brooklyn, N. Y. 0 + S Eels Newman Club gt Finance Forumg Class Viee-President, 2g Exexcutive Commit- tee, 2g Athletic Committee, Chair- . man, 2. S 0 ' ARTHUR DE LANCUILETTE F - i 40410 203rd Street me - ,O ' O 0 jf Bayside, N. O . S FRANK JOSEPH DELLA F ERRA , J S ,206 First Avenue O , n Newark, N. J. 0 . ALBERT.ANTHONY't DELLI .VENNERIO , S , - 3123flPark..Avenue.t J S A eeiot 2 eoie YIQAUMIRST Vs-.DEs5M1TTe +. Y R. ff Oirf 31575.Rivbrsiiisie Drive A O gNeW Olith i :oo f Staff, 3g Fo1irthlEetate Cluh. ALBERT ALPHONSERDI CIACOMO 2529 Cambreleng Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Freshman Trackg Intramural Basket- ball, 1, 3g Fourth Estate Club. EDWARD DIOVISALVO 2092 lvelvster Avenue Bronx, N. Y. MILTON DIXON 84 16th Avenue Newark,,N. J. C WALTER eg DOLAN 2540 Boulevard Jersey City, N. J. . - A K tl' . Newman Club. THOMAS RICHARD DONOHUE 401 West 24th Street A New York, N. Y. E 119 E . , Night Student Council, 2. S DAVID DROSSMAN. A 30 Prospect-Place F .,.e Newark, .etl Q,f,Betat,Ga1nmalSigmgf.- iJUFFYff' ee..i . 179 S,aratoga,,Aven11e it i .tit Y9nke?5+N-elY4tte S I "Fin5anelel Forumg Frmmgrn fliaseballtg Fwsllrnafl .QBaskeibla11ifga Varsilife Basket: S fball5f3i53 4 f Hovmao ARTHURBDUSENBERRY S 117 Fisher Avenue C f 0 . White Plains,lN., Y. Listed in Who's Who. htll Fresh I-lop Committee, Frosli Smoker Committeeg Soph Hop Committee, Soph Smoker Committee, Junior Prom C0lI1ll1ltt8CQ Junior Smoker Commit- teeg All-U Formal Committee, 4, Stu- dent Representative, 4-.3 Student Coun- eil, 43 Intramural Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4g All-Commerce Basketball, Mana- ger, 4g Freshman Lieutenant, 4. .1 ACCB EISENKRAFT K -t -. ,... . -. . -. . , SX-SXXY S X X.- ' sl-G '-U-X -. 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KK I it K ,,-,h K K KK L-.h K xiL. K. KK - DAVID-XEISENSTEINQX - K af A if XR K- w A . 4 A 1 - ALEUNARDK-STANLEY 1804 Waeiilllgton Avenue-K .QX K K K - K- ..1Q K- .KK - - X BronX, -Na-Y. -X -850 WGS' 17615-Sffffe? Mathematics A K 'A A K .KK KKK KQK KKK .K ykyr KKK KKK ..KK X, .K --. -.-X -. , . - .1iK .sf-.K..K' K Kf:rKgK.KjX.X - X -X ' ' ,JY Q ' -K S-1.t A A 1 QS? ti X -K EX .eX.s-X-- K QNX,- ...X.s.4K:, X.: ... -1 e- -. .u.5-.-gs . t X X ,. 5.gKK.,X..: ,NK Y ,K ,xv . 5 X- X. . K. -X ,X K .K3 - A-Xwf. KK 7 X x, . 5:55 itat'-5 px is- it K.-,, PY T.. . . K K .... X ---fzfri---ffBr00kl 11 .Q . -K 5-. .. ..,, XX1-f g -K K .K. KK: ,.f' .K K ff, .K K5 J bfv- K K ..X.,XQY-,ggi . . X ---fx. . K. . ., - '. K K KK X XXXX XK K. K kk,.k X -KKK ..,. .K kk,:L X . ,. -- .KKKK KK S g xxk, K. .fK K5-.Kb -' -x.L .fKjKKK A X --Streelrfil-i-'XX 1 A Xs.SK0XC1913..!CQIHmiKli6B4X-1 'ichalltlnallifi f-Vi-31:'l el ' "rf "Xl" -"If 1 .fa x'-- . -. SXT .. 1.1 x i :-- XX -.f' 'F'--3 155.5 341. 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'X 'nj ' X K -- -- K.K ---X KXKK ,, 5 Triad -League.. Pfebldfinfii-4'-Xff Leagl?-Cfe-g-fM??'laXSf?'f.KX K. X K X 'X X f uwur Club.:-i-iglfiimnqe Oruni-sf A - A X -- 1 - CIBYYZ CKm2im1!-te--- , ' . . 0 fK .KKK ffC6inrneXrcia1 l-X-51-ii X f K F f AK-x fir Xi- -.Z . Q . is- 2- ..i 1- -f-- t -'-"- XK .. 5... 5 -- 'X '- X-i -. X- .. -I -.--,Lk 'X KS: 'SKK' ' 1. - -kx'-L .'X- - ky Q' . .,g,v.K .X X--5--X' ., ...' Q -KK.- K -KKK K ..--K A K K--K K. 1 "' X . X - . -,-- ----A X - , ,'-K-K.- . 0 -EHSYS-SQYBHth5KK-Street K -: X - i --XXXL X .-X... -... . -X ...- t. 1 K.'KK t.fiag1n:::'kXK. X . XX X X . ..K-- K X X . f 1 59?-fXTT if - XX X KX.-X5 " 1511211155 .. :J ' , X XX X X X K K -- - X X1 KXK. KKKK. A X. X X X .X X . X . KKK. ..... X X XX - X X K,.KK -X XXX K X f 5 KXK -1 x -.XXL ,u :sl-'iff 5. Q .- if ' .riff .K . 5K--1 Xi XX K..X Q K XX. XK img,-ZXXQX -.-X XX- .KX-- . X X x '-X. 1 ---K - X.X- g KKKK . Q X -'X X XX I X X A f X X Kp .K-KKKKKKXKQLE X 1: .... - iisgg-K ,h..5KK.ggf XXKX ,XX,K -,ez-XX?-Qi, X... K. ,gvK...3K K ,-. K.. X .7 X-'-. .-X,X X ., X XX XX X N 1 X X X -XX' 'X f - ,X ....K 1 f X 5 X -- .- 2, .,'-.: sf: --:X Q51----Ki.f XX s . X-2soX.iRmfsiae Drive-1 New York, N. Y.. A E H K Violet Staff, 1, 2, Announcements Edi- tor, 33 Log Staff, 1, 2, Associate Cir- culation Manager, 33 Geographers Club. N X.:K K.-K, . , .N .X.. . .K,,. M. - .- .- . HERBERT FARRINGTON 413 Garden Avenue Mt. Vernon, N. Y. -,aaa K X K t. i-AM.. !im5'il'ff EEK K KK gi f. f K.-X-K K - KKKK K- K .., -.N ,f --X g,KKK.X,K' .X ', 255 .. K , 3- - -!.w1..,v-,sXoWZ1'-.--.- ' i.. . ...... M x'-----wi-.1-1-,1'1' '- X-wx zw,--1X'XXm . K K KK ff.2'..LX- X.Ks X -t, tif5.'1n X i.'.!ig1!Xl-X .Xe ,itil-1 .. x 'Hit' KK KKK Kt. ,. ..K. .X. .... ..... K. -Kd? K, KKK. KK KKK, -- X. :-: Q-2 ---- my XII.. -ff' iikX15:5"'-ffXX CX -.2 'Ski-1:X.2.:I' LE.-1. 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Staffg ,,.e1 afieties Staffg Clee C1ub'gisMan agementQClubg W. O. X Association, .C ldresident. o S QfQ f.o29!5 . 5669113 iAVCHii5ff IT ' A ., 3 X-kk-o kgkr o,.' 'ff Q o . .o.o .oo L 1 i3,0.iiM3g8W Place 'S kA.AAA . - - f .:- , ig S1E1N1ZI0Ff it . oo . 'R Q 'YSVALTER ST1TEPHENi FINNOS 53 13314. Tiliifaii E S . S A - ..oo fi Brooklyn, NSY. 35' ' DOUGLAS 3400 Wayne Avenue Bronx,qN. Y. Foreign Trade Club, Triad League, Management Club, Intramural Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3. BERNARD FREEDMAN 28 West 31st Street Bayonne, N. J. Bulletin Staff, 2, Art Editor, 35 Violet Staff, 33 Varieties Staff, 2, Masque- rade Art Editor, 4g Student Economist StaH, 43 Log Assistant Editor, 3. LEONARD M. FREEDMAN S 54 East 179th .Street A 1 , New York., Ng Y. Chairman, Frosh ,Smoker Committeeg Ff0Sh.H0p Committeeg Publicity Com- mittee, 2, Chairman, 33 Sopht Smoker Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Sophi Hop Cornmitteegyolizalletin Staff, gif 1f'1, 2, 3, News Editor, 4.1, e.ABIiAHAM vttrron iFRIEDMANte.i Y'5i'14Of22o Rockaway Boulevard o , x f,,Sot1itl1 Ozone Park, N. Y. Frsslpnante .Crosis4.CountrY, I Assistant Manager: is Debating Society gi Account- Cluhg iii Intranturalilfiaskelballg Eco- eoee fnoniics.ySociety.', it d1,si1DoREQf FRIEDMAN I 21.46'61st Street A ,S VB1'ooklyn,fN. Y. 'S A 3, ,g24.91f'3.iWest aail 73rd Streets 1 'S fiiioeiimvfi do FRUMKINT is.e .s'1538,iEastf29thtStreet, . .s i Broolglyn,e'N. . S . Fraternal. Accounting Society. E 1Rv1NG.1lG2iBLE1ft f 1417 Carroll Street Brooklyn, N. Y. ' LIP A Violet Blade, Secretary, 3. MARTIN A. CAGE 122 Eames Place Bronx, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Accounting Ledger Editor-in-Chief, 4, Committee of Commercial Club, Presi- dent, 4, Delegate to All U. Peace Con- ference, 3, Assistant Secretary, Beta Gamma Sigma, Debating Team, Dra- matic Society, Frosh Hop Committee, Social Committee, 2. JOSEPH J. GALDI 5917 Liebig Avenue Riverdale, N. Y. Listed in Wl1o's Who Log Staff, 3, 4, Bulletin Staff, 1, 2, As- sociate Sports Editor, 3, Day Managing Editor, 4, Bulletin Medallion, 3, 4, Fourth Estate Club, Outdoor Club, Lantern Associate Editor, 4, N. S. F. A. Congress Delegate, 4, Masque- rade Associate Editor, 4, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee. FIORINO ANTHONY GALLO e 43 White Street A it Danbury, Conn. P Management Honorary Society Alpha Phi Delta. A r Italian Club, Secretary, 14, Newman-I Club, Management Club, ,Alpha-Phi Delta, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, p Intramural Athletics. r r JACK GALUB 228 Audubon Avenue Newi York, N. Y. Freshman Track, Freshman Basket- ball, Freshman Football, Junior Var- sity Basketball, 2, Log Assistant Edi- tor, 2, Bulletin Sports Staff, 1. HIRAM GANDELMAN B U. S. S. Empire State P Brooklyn, N. Y. p YVILLIAM STANLEY GARDNER 173-10 93rd Avenue Jamaica, N. Y. 1 9 X Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Phi Sigma Listed in Wl1o's Who Day Organization, President, 4, Vice- President, 3, Soph Smoker Commit- tee, Co-Chairman, All-U. Frolic Com- mittee, 4, Winter Frolic Committee, 3, Student Council, 3, 4, Violet Circula- tion Staff, 3, Student Council Represen- tative to Violet, 4, Chairman, All Commerce Social Committee, 3, N. S. F. A. Convention Delegate, 4. ALBERT PETER GARIBALDI 8710 75th Street Queens, N. Y. JAMES GIBSON 146-04 Bayside Avenue Flushing, N. Y. MARK M. GLADSTONE 2000 East Fifth Street Brooklyn, N. Y. A E II i k Finance Forum, Accounting Club, Bulletin Staif. P JULIUS GLASS i 18 Lakeside Place e Morristown, N. Y. Management Honorary Society Management Club, Committee of Com- , mercial Clubs. t f PJULIUS J. GLAZER 12 Dryden Street Stamford, Conn. B Intramural Athletics, Accounting Club. M. S. GLICKMAN 472 Crown Street Brooklyn, N. Y. IRVIN ARTHUR GOLDMAN 250 West 104th Street New York, N. Y. Freshman Football, Social Commit- tee, A, 4, Varieties Staff, Senior Ball Committee, Accounting Ledger Staff. SAMUEL GOLDMAN 3175 Grand Concourse Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, All- BFOHX, N- Y- Commerce Basketball, 4. . X.. sz 3, 1..X. .1 x A. : W. .- es X... x-.wir me Q... .Q ' es gi YSAQH -x.s:'.-L.- :.-.f- es-1 -- I gs. .-Q.. -. .3 A -. Q. . N... f. .--.-W -.-W. .. ... ., x,.. L, ,..,..k,.. ...X .Q A xiii? Slit? K H ve-xl -. if ....g-we ff X vs:- X. Labs .sr .. fe-asses s:f.2.r..f.. F 1 fm: .ai as s-.-i..w:-e.. . .1 .qs . 1- 5l'f'3Qf:2.:.m:ef.i..Q.- ....s..t-- . . , .. C ...s was S Q . iii 7 A- xfsg . . -sn 3. -1 ..Q-545 . .. ' A. ' Y se gels X: - X' .A A. . .. SOL GOLDMAN ' 6 .. 1572 Lrotona Park East I Bronx, N. Y. HAROLD GOLDSTEIN 64- Adams Street L Hartford, Conn. so - f A .L . JOSEPHI A. GOLDSTEIN L 1251 Boynton Avenue r A 1 1 Bronx, x L , 1 fFrosh!Hop,Committeeg Athletie Corn-' f f . -'- mittee, ..1eg .:g.Intran1ura.l Basketballssl,- I glillntramural Handb3uvi.1v..2' is A :MILTON SGOLDSTEIN A,.28104-MOIYIS Avenue . .sis A , Bronx, N. Y. A . Q ' A A . L . VmN VzoletsStaff, lg Bulletin Staff, 2. . e . . A Li Liti A 'L I A it L ' . I . S . 654 LJEHSIQ 224111 Street Li I L . ....e.. sess I . - Bronx. LN-LYSS . L A. ' , f.-Law Socxetys vTr1ad . Leagueis Imraf. . L T7 f A mural Fencing, A A amz? 1 4 -. .. ...rx 3' : ..-.. 1- . , Qi L x-.- ,Lag f lik. e :...s1s.g 1 'Iii ., . X. L.. . . ...KX .. QQQQT -weesas fs iii sf B . fe xx... Y. s.. Q. .. Ts L. xg ' , ... .. . Sizes.. 2 .fgfigigrx . 5' ima -.Mya.:g...e.1e-f-K-sq..,,4,e....,, ,......e..., 11.5 .s ...ggp. s.........g..lW-Q... .-s-,.,..e....s..- N... Lg. tae., is fy4Jw..e ..:f. feefzeaexif 1. 1-A ye. X .ef-X .- Q-...Q -- - 'Ss' :Y F113 Ln-If-N"..'tX if 11 C1 :wssit 9.IiEKV'i'fEb 5 is ISV. f geegs:f.eS".sN.fw m..w-KQE, .1 ss11.fsIL. .UN ts PHILIP P. COODKIN Q90l East 179th Street S , Bronx, N. Y. Accounting Clubg Athletie Committeeg Menorah Society. LESTER GORDON is eeet 59 Columbus Avenue Port Chester, N. Y. MILTON ROBERT GORDON 291 Montauk Avenue New London, Conn. Z B T Violet Blade Delegate. BREWSTER N. COTTSCH .. West Islip Road Babylon, L. I. I E 'IP E Geographers Clubg Violet Staff, 3 4 JOSEPH GRASSO 589 North8th Street L Newark, N. J. A . L SEYMOUR CWILLIAM GRAU 57TLinooln Road S . Brooklyn, N. Y. WILLIAM S. OREENBAUM Q1194g37 TMetropo1itan Avenue A Kew Gardens. N. Y. S I LEO GREENBERG 1964+ 66th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. PAUL JOHN GROESCHEL 89 Wade Street A Jersey City, N. J. 9 I EDWARD ANTON GROSS 754 Pelham Parkway Bronx, N. Y. Rifle and Pistol Clubg Reserve Offi- S I cers Training Corps. I ABRAHAM MARTIN GROSSMAN 2 Stoddard Place I Brooklyn, Y. A E T E Louis PARTHURS CRUHIN. ,345 Bergen Avenue RQSI ' A V5 f -J5F'5eYf .JA eA,' S I - Class. SecondfVice-Preg.ident, 91.,' Secret- In HWY? 3s F3391Yi'59'P'59Si.d?l1!v ,QAR555frsffcialff COIIIIIISIILIGQQ'-f,2, 3.1 5Chairman,KHgr Vining, 1 or E A Staff. 2,5 3g Age rEveiiirig ?fYQat-Presidents 3S'Pi1b!iCity AAAAAA fffefai. 1 so Srflizifera .C931!?!l11uf?'?Q3E A AARRA A at ff A ' r to i .A'. zl30mm"?'Ce,f 4. i I S IQANTE GUAZzo. ooeo A 1 - .54-I Tremont Avenueft A A f:Orange, N. J. it A IIAYMOND r . 15657. East .29fhQ z?3"0"klY'1, N-. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HAGEN 313 East 140th Street A Bronx, N. Y. I ERHWAIN WENDELIN HAI-IN, 1 102 Argyle Road Stewart Manor, N. Y. JOHN WILLIAM HALL, JR. 2455 Grand Avenue 1 A Bronx, N. Y. WALTER HALLER A 405 HilllF0dl Street S Brooklyn, N. Y. A A -'LOUIS HALLMAN1 In .f I F 134330 IJeka11, er.Aifenim if A BWHXAAN-,'Y-fe... - - Ai' . A AARS SALo1jRNoN 151ANDY l Street g ' A f A .A NN Yvrk, N- A BEQNARQQSSQJOHN HANoMERj i Atelier TAverii1e I 1 f r gegMf.. v.Am,n, N..1Y.f . hhA. E i . A L . Newman, C1ubifFinance FQi'l1tHfTl'88Sl un-er. 431. Foreign? Trade 1ClubS, Secre Vtary.4. r - I JAMES B. HARDY 400 Manhattan Avenue New York, N. Y. MORTONRJAYAHARRIS A 31-50 33111 Street Queens, N. Y. NATHANIEL TOLER HARRIS 522 West 183rd Street New York, N. Y. DONALD CHARLES HARRISON 185 Jackson Avenue Mineola, N. Y. OX Vigilante Committee, 1, 2, Frosh Hop Committee, Chairman, Soph Smoker Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Class Treasurer, 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Host Committee N. S. F. A., 4, Chistian Association, Freshman Lieu- tenant, 4, Co-Chairman, Senior Ball Committee. ' ROBERT G. HAWLEY a 9109 91st Street 7 A . Queens, N. Y. 0 Intramural Basketball, Finance Forum, Management Club. GEORGE HAY 326 63rd Street Brooklyn, N. Y. A A Kel' Wall Street Basketball, 3, Wall Street Student Council, 4. 3 HENRY, C. HENKING 7 848 Park Place Brooklyn, N. Y. , GERALD Z. HENNESSEY 2062 Center Avenue Fort Lee, N. J. EDWARD WILLIAM HENRY 679 East Third Street Brooklyn, N. Y. CARL AUGUST HERGRUETER 110 Soundview Avenue Huntington, L. I. Alpha Phi Sigma Listed in Who's Who Violet Staff, 1, Associate Organiza- tions Editor, 2, Soph Hop Committee, Chairman, Junior Prom Committee, President, Alpha Phi Sigma, Fresh- man Advisor, 4, Student Council, 4, Varsity Debating, 2, 3, 4, Economics Society, Management Club, Law So- ciety, Finance Forum. JAMES HERNANDEZ 520 West 139th Street New York, N. Y. Track, 1, 2, 3, Bulletin Staff, I, Varie- ties Staff, 2, Foreign Trade Club, Transportation Club, Pan American Society. ROBERT HERSH S A 764 Main Street S New Rochelle, N. Y. Freshman Football, Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT LOUIS HILL 38 Huntington Road Garden City, N. Y. KTA IRVING AARON HIRSCHMAN 162 Renncr Avenue . Newark, N. J. JONOSLAU JOHN HOLOD 304 East 26th Street New York, N. Y. I GEORGE HORWITZ 4607 13th Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. EQNI' . Menorah Society, Accounting Club, Law Society, Economics Society, Vice President, 3, 4, Committee of Com mercial Clubs, 3, Log Staff Assistant 4, Student Economist Editor-in-Chief 4, Bulletin Stalf,'3, News Board, 4. 9 9 HENRY GEORGE HUNERS 106-04 109th Avenue Queens, N. Y. O X GERSHON ICHEL 12 Oakland Street 3 Brooklyn, N. Y. CLARENCE SAMUEL JACOBS G - 6 139 Belvedere Drive + ' e 3 4 Yonkers, N. Y. fr , -- MARTIN JACOBSON 3 130-32 220th Street Laurelton, N. Y. GEORGE LESTER JASSEM. 900 .Bronx Park South! S S it S - Bronx, N. Y. . Al Lehman Award ,- S 3 6 o ' Violet Scroll Finance Forum, Assistant Secreta ry,H1, Secretary, 2, Treasurer, 3, Pres1dent,t4, Board of Governers, 43- Co1nn1itteef-of-3 Y Conunereial Clubs, 3,'Viee-President, 43 .Chairman Junior .S1nokerfiCo1nmit- teeg -Critig' Staff, '2 3 'SeniorifKeY , H1111 Ring or Connnitteegr Intramural: 'Basket- ball, '13-. Anti-War 6 Convention 'Dele- gate,i-25-fllunior Prom Colnxnitteejfisoph - Sl1li0kGl'fGOIi1lTlittC8 g VioletfCirei1lation Staff, 1,l12'Qj.j3, Associate Cirtfulaltion Manager,-S 43- q... Soplm Hop Coinnntteeg. roshf Hop: Committee g - Froslie Qi Committee? S Varietiesg Staff, -2-,fCircu1aQ ti0n!Manage.r, 3, 4:3 LawjSoeie1y g fiBul- lezinf'StaH', 3,31-Zig Log CireulationfM,ang. 6 e gef. r S e . ARTHUR.-.WARREN-i e3 - . oo.. g.,.5.5fArSda1e 3Terraciffgirjejjiifj - reer a.f.iEHSt.e-Qrdnge-r N-i f e r 540 Sheflield Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Fraternal Accounting Society. IRVING KAPLAN 140 West 176th Street New York, N. Y. WALTER LEONARD KAPLOW 1695 Grand Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Bulletin Staff, 3, 43 Junior, Smoker Committee, Director, Cornmerce Date Bureau, 3. A 3 W. N1eHoLAs KARPUK , 6 6 36 Oakdene Avenue it S Grantwood, SN. J. Q , Accounting Clubg Accounting Ledger S S Staff, 4. ti.. 6 S ICAFRIEL KASSAKIAN 1 126 Cedar Street S . A , .Ridgefield Park, N. J.. ' ' , Ali -1- , S -Beta Gamma Sigma - S, Armenian l Club, Vice-Presidentj 2, , President, 3. - J in SEYMOUR 1KATzENsfrE1N, Zrf S N233 ,West 77th Street 3 ' S A S 3-6-.oeiiNBWii.Y0fks N- f If rrp 3 3 ii.,i Phi Signiae- Q 0 .6 6 3 Ari-ind Square-S-S eee Senior i.Ball Coiininitteeige S Glas-3 Preei- dent, 3 4Cliairnian,Q Social-tC0n11nittee,, 33 oQ,-..- Smoker fjCo1n- "o. 331 illow- gSu-eey x 3 1 . 1 181 Seheerer Avenue Newark, N. J. LOUIS KLEBANOF F 2554 East 21st Street Brooklyn, N. Y. JACK KLEIN ER 306 Chester Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Footballg Var- sity Football, 2, 4. FREDERICK E. KoEHN1-:Rr 67 Bloomfield Street , , I C Hoboken, N. SJ. f I CBeta..Gamma Sigma F ' C LEONCKONSEVICK c I 89 'Storms Avenue. -Jersey City, N. -J. A DAVID KRAMER 417 Tenth Street West New York, N. J. PHILIP KRAPLICK A 1836 Norman Street Brooklyn, N. Y. F ruternal Accounting Society, Cost Accounting Club. JEROME KRIEGER I 30-22 36th Street Astoria, L. I. ,MAURICE -H. KRIEG-ER. 315 West 86th Street C Manhattan, N. Y. Executive C'ommittee, 23 Class Treas- urer, 23 Night Student Council, 2g F so i Beta Gamma Sigma' C1355 Vice'Pf8Sid9I1f, 3: .Co-Chairman, ,,.0utd00t Club- s , Junior Prom Committee, Philatelic it C ' F f I Society, ,President,.3g Fraternal Ac- F I rsas s S , F, counting Society. FRANKIJUHNCKOSTQLANSKY115 .gf I ' . it ICiff..ffi341f fPii1isade SSSA lc. I f A srss . .. ELI KULI-ER a cijcfcc'-CliffsidePark, Cvbc I TE--52142-Montgomery Street , , ,C rsss. Brofiklyn. Accounting itiis if it S ,,,, 4f3C0?-015538. I LGJSGT 311911655 TM5!1?S?r' 'ffl l iiii iPl'9d'l9"99l3.M??F3?39l7'1??.450-1?1W'F!'1'alS- s-ssi csiclfser ccscc. .s.. lssl F CHABLESMARTIN, KRCAJCIFRIK 1 JACK LADER, , I V 26 Washington Street I if ,A s 1540 Seabury Place I I ' Lynn, Mass.fg, if I I I Bronx, JN. Y. MORRIS KRALL .C 203 Spring Street ,S m ' New Haven, Conn.f s Freshman Smoker Committeefg.-Frosh Hop Committee, Soph Hop Commit- tee, Social Committee, 2, 33 Soph Hop Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Junior Smoker Committeeg Account- ing Ledger News Editor, 3, Account- ing Club, Chairman, Senior Ring and Key Committee, Violet Circulation Staff, 4g Freshman Lieutenant, 4. Louis LAMPERT 2300 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. HARRY T. LECHLITER 34 North 18th Street East Orange, N. J. FREDERICK FRANK LEENIG 565 38th Street t North Bergen, N. J. A ROBERT PAUL LEITNERS SEYMOUR BELMUTH LEVINE 707 Orange Street New Haven, Conn. Intramural Track, 3, 4, Foreign Trade Clubg Accounting Club, Junior Smoker Committee, Soph Smoker Committeeg Senior Ball Committee, Violet Sports Staff, 4. HAROLD J. LEVY 174 State Street ,Perth Amboy, N. J. so tt as Q- Ci fri Qifig .,.t,s.,:q sg: .P kiflszif - ..,.ftas X .X., , , 1-as as ff .lf so X11 if ii if N2 Elrt-9113 sf. xg w .. W., T X 1 sg, ..l,..,9 sf.: ft Sax . 3 N. , g-T. V ,sf X . its ' 5 ,,. K . . X A. sfvfi NYE. :ti ' , .maxi NE 15351. ,, -its tv as, 11: 1 .QS Qs? X4 ..,. F x S Cl1QstnutiRoad. A JAcoB LIEBERMAN f fYCI'0l13,Ngl. ,,,e xt C C 2350 Valentine Avenues... ACK tl' A Bronx? N-C S t Accounting Clubft C S A S so s C , s , ,.,,o A13eV1N.,1,LEoNARD' it , C Q LEON LITNERS 'S s292 Riverside Drive , , ,382 MaeonQStrefets-f 1 eitt New York, NQY. , ,,,, N. Y. 0 1' C I C A Q E A M , F rosli HOPilk,CX0lHD1lff8BQ Erosliflnxolgers ,,,eo, ootl C so Varsity7Swiinn1ing, 3,4g Triad Leagueg, C0flU11lft'?56 SQPI1- HOP f ,ManagementlC1uli., A Sri,o 0 , , Q51 V ,o,, t A S toii rtit ..Soo . C.. , t A so o,,r C ,iloh 5 so rqlt -2 2 A ,..1, t - ,,.te, 'i is .1 - ,.or, ,,o, l , , r o S 'xee,,'r C X so ooo, 114143 33Q:,F0rt rrtr is 7 H f . . .- H:-.1153-A Q.-,Eli ' s -f-- 2- K X K . . ,,:.e. 2,-iris V . alca, s :k- eroe 1. C s it of erer gf rorr 'L,. . ,.ri Q -a J .Aioe C ieoe, 2184 ' Barnes . "'Bronx, K rkbh. S C ALVIN LEVINE ,rro s 1-MAX LOHMAN 7 7 225 V,st ,Park Avenue ' A Splfueesstreeti , .Long Beach, N. t t NeW3l'k, 7 1 Alpha l?l1ii,Sigmag j C N S , .Listednin Wliofs O is B Chairn1an,,SeniorfBall Committeeg Co- 3 Chairman, eA1l,Ut.YFro1ic Conunittee, 43 ' iVi0lettiCil:Cl11ati0!lS Staff, 3, Sportsilftdi- C tor, 4g5Ldntern E Associate Board, 43 , Freshman f,Lieutenant, 3, 143 -,Bulletins so Feature, Staff, f3,gs AlphiJPhiffSigma,t Secretary, 4, C Varieties. Art Staff, 2, 33 C C , . Winter FrolieConunitte,e, S33 Junior .i,.., , Prom Committee, Junior Smoker S 1 7 Committee, Junior Representative, Student Council, 3, Vigilante Commit- tee, 1, Co-Chairman, 2g Hop Commit- tee, 1, 2g Smoker Committee, 1, 25 Class Treasurer, 1, 2g N. S. F. A. Host Committee, 43 Violet News Associate Board, 4. 1 Brighton 10 Path Brooklyn, N. Y. is' wk. V wi n., X.. mf "wil I5 'KM a was mari gl :.w,,g,. gt tt . .W s ,... wwe yas- sf. f t ssl? fgz-. . Q.. :XS It Iii irjstgs SX . to st -its ,ss X . ,Q -msg: Q . we A 1-wit Qxex .2113-3 me-SEQ: ,tx A, ..,, . . .-. 4 N X Xx SQ kx ts' AN Yr ge N55 Stix ,QQ si? X w FJXQ -555-lvfixf gfiiifmyl .,q,.,, t'zT9gg,Q.:g 2 , r, at. Q., 2 elf? iii: gr, sir infix Ti A 'tr .fi1ffii:.- s so Q5 1 54:-rf Lx- A- fs. x ffST5::iii. Q wp,,gf.-ati.1,g..'ts' ,rjif Jjjgi. N -gg X, ,Q 11. e-..,s51,vu,,4..f -gr .XLX I, X.-11: -5 Q, 9 X . 5 E-fig Vg X O K A if E wi f s - is ,ytj,g1g.5:x.-1 .426 X' x ng t ,lg 1, sfggffs PHILLIP MASLOFF JOHN E LOTHIAN 764 East 176th Street Bronx, N. Y. . Lyndhurst, N J A 2 T 'Vlenorah Societ ' Senior Key and Fmanme Forum, German Club L Ring is-Eznnmineei ALAN HARDY MATHEWSON ROSARIO CHARLES LUCCKESE 2024 Creston Avenue 204 Bay 35th Street Bronx, NVY. A111 RALPH MAXON 10 Central Avenue 1 ' Rye, N. Y. Co-Chairman, Soph Hop Committee, Co-Chairman, Junior Prom Commit- teeg Co-Chairman, Senior Key and Ring Committeegs Freshman Footballg Law Society, Treasurer, 45 Violet Staff, 3, 45 Frosh Hop Committeeg Soph Smoker Committee, Junior Smoker A A A Committee. ,ALEXANDER JOHN MAZURKEWICH 106 East Seventh Street New York, N. AY. rs .sr C .cg ivicconmiclir 1 Fi Binghamton, N. V ' CH - if z X Ii K f -. 555, K r ,, i 1+ QALFBED- QSMGCSAUSLANDLC f A A is '??I -. ' 15654. ,.'sE 1mf eStrei1.t R A A f 'rss ..'.. N sr s. if DUN McGOWAN 202 Sterling Street Brooklyn, N. Y. RAYMOND CHARLES McGRAIME 453 East Ninth Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Christian Association, Foreign Trade Clubg Trade Winds Associate Edi- tor, 4. , CERARD EDMUND MQNAMARA 101-27 118th Street Richmond Hill, N. Y. A4213 Foreign Trade Club, Newman Clubg. Transportation Club, Gold Key Award of Trade and Industry, 1934. EDWARD 1. MENSCH 710 Tinton Avenue A Bronx, N. Y. A EA E T r W Alpha Phi.Sigma r ' r Executive Cominittee, -1, Class Ora- tor 51' Class Secretar A 2' Clasistflis 9 1 ya 9 . 5 ' A A M torian, 33. Senior Key and Ring Com- , , N 5 mittee, Chairman, Junior ,Smoker s A A Committee, Social Co1nmittee,',l, Chairman, 3. 1 5 m BENTON MENG MILLER 52 Flandreau Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. . Mentor Club. ABE MOLOFSKY 554 Summit Avenue Union City, N. J. R. 13. MONAHAN 183 Halladay Street Jersey City, N. J. EDWARD HENRY MORSCHAUSEH S .164 Bleeker Street A , Jersey City, N. J. 5 1 r A BE-If Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Base- S it A hall, 3, 4. S r A CCECIL Mosrioivrrz it A . 30 Acorn Terrace A 5 ,Newt Rochelle, N. ' A -X. N r .. ,kkk.. ,K 1 asf A ,,-X.k Lk t ..L. ..,L if r to Yark' a'el . 2 5 ,.'sse'. 1ir, 1 1 A .. et t s s e A l A s S be or A Vi'VI'oB1'0UX,A-Nl-I-'YQQ-f1.i ss.f ff A, 0 ee... r ,,,. h ,,,Qx, Z e sC0111i11iftes9 eeer Ju11iQr.E,P?Q11fpriinrfaiziitretfiz slss serrr 2 1 Q-1 5 vs f sophraap-Q .r ointnitteef' fsoa. 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N xx.: -.X X . .Pan Binh. ilielailiifiaii?C1i11?. iffQ1'6 Q A FREDERICK WILLIAM' 3 a in .gi EQSWALD,-IU. ff. 167S5Sunnyi5idegO5AYCHi1e 'O ' Brooklyn, N E A E II' 6 GEORGE JAMES 43-08 65111 Street an Queens, N. Y. . Management Honorary Society Management Clubg Soph Hop Com- mitteeg Junior Prom Committeeg Delphi Hellenicg Finance Forum. SALVATORE PAXIA 1084 75th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Finance Forum. A IRVING PECK .3150 Rochambeau Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Chairman, Social Committee, it MITCHELL PERRIN . 1364 East Seventh Street Brooklyn, N. Y. A Senior Ball Committee. Lrzo PETREANU 1773 549th.Street A Brooklyn. N. Y. ii'jwffrfiiaity'siriaas 1. 6 E 'oii . ..e. H ENRYDEPOLENZE' , ,5 648 Stuyvesant Avenue 6 A Irvington,fN. J. . ARNOLD POLONSKY 692 Howard Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. 3 CHARLES T. POMEROY 700 Balsam Way Union, N. J. DE WITT CLINTON POND. JR. 146 Mountain Avenue f New Rochelle, N. Y. AXP N Finzmve Forum, Librarian, 4. NN MORRIS PUKEL ..nn N Ni 125 -Linden 'Ai5oNi1ueNi NN Middletown. ' N N Manageinent M. WARREN QU ADI.AiS1D. N .'NorthNAtlau1Ns. MosS. .0 N .E..qw. .E. . Alpha Phi Sigma . Listed in Who's Who Xviolef Sorolli L Violet Sports Editor, N3g1Editor4in4 N Chief, 45 Day. Qrg -Secretary, 25 Stu- dent Co'unci1gN2g:GhaNir1nan.g5FroshHop.L 0 7. N N N...N . 1Committee.f Q . .1 lei. Sicklgs N . N 5f'10kfvNNNY.Cb1i1mi1we2 3 Clvbis NN N3 Law ' EMIL 11E1sS,NJP.. 4 1 N 3200 'Decatur Avenue. LN N N Bronx, NN. Y.. L SANFORD DAVID REITER N 10 Carroll Terrace Albany, N. Y. fl? 2 A ALONZO EVERETT REYNOLDS 96 Buena Vista Avonue H3Wlll0l'l16, N. J. Mosus RINDER 2135 Crotona Avenue Bronx, N. Y. L N Msg... 1 NN . X 2 Li .., gi. .. : . Q , .Q f . QA . , 1 sf: .Qu X Nun.. if I NNN.QS 2Ni fkifsil i.. 211125 .E N R. . 1 A l x:NS 1-Q. N M., A. N as Nffftqi aw N wwN..1.Q N . N .CHARLES c:oRTLAN D1ipRUBBINSNNNN .600 West 114tl1.StrNeetQN NN N L 0 N New York, N. Y. NN it T Varsity F encing, 2, 3, 4-.,N N .JAMES NHOLMAN ROBERTSON N. fNN21j1- Prospect.P1ace Ny. N .... Ai Z Brooklyni N N. .. X Alpha. Phi Signiu' i . . Iieta..Gann1ia Sigma N N . . . t . N AFCINHHN Sflmlfe ii I . Soph Hop iCD1'l'lllflitl0ClQ ffl tuolllllfllikfiki NExeoutive. i Co11u1nitteNg.fN 52, 13fQS1d1w1QNNNN3sN ,NishriSHGQNHENNNQ1C0vi1friN1sN 35 NFfNeSh'U?1?1.3AdYiSPfS'34 Q1aS5NiNS'E4if0I1d..QNi5f LNNN . all ...N l0lHi1.3, 4f3!Biill.?ti1tNNWul1 Sf!'GC2t2QEiiif0i2 .iL. N N N NN. NN NN.N N N N.NNN N .NNNN N NN g N kN N. N NN.hNr .N K. .N.. NN NNNN NN IRVINGNJQSHUA nobENBrATT ' .ii. X.Nk . Q, in Nfgg.. . N. :iq X..k N 551' N NNNN N-5NN.5N111?f'1N.5"'Cfi1 NNNN N N.NN. NNNNL N . N 'Nflllgalwfks C0I1iii.f .NNN N N. NN N N NNNN ..N N.NNNN. NNN N NNNN E Class Treasurer, U13 Nightf..S.tiiNdiiintN?N NNN. Y -N 1 ,N NN N NNNN . N N NNN, N NNN. N... A C.ounc1l, 1.,N..FroshNSnfaoketgf.Coxt11ttlt.teeQ... N....NN 5091? S'1'0ke?N G0nm?in?ffN3N NN3andN1KeyNiNCorrn11ittNeo.:NfN1, NNN... .. .NNN..q. 1 . i ii iiii gi . .Nk.NL LL kk . . i' NN FRED ROSNER LLNN N 0244 West 72nd Stieeefi t 7 New York,NN. Y. . N Daily News: 1. JACQBN Rom N 615 West l'2'3rfl Street New York. N. Y. ar. 1 2 S X 6 . X.. . A . x . 1. .1x...N E g. 3:4 g XIX Eg is KSN Qs ' 'FNSQVI 151. xx N .G if YQ.. mix 321 5355 NN.-xii fx Nwk gtgsgrx. 'wx N: fir. N. wt Q .iii NNQNN N..sNNNv .K N. :wi gssQ.2Q.s Q .Nw Q Tr: N.9 X. .. .Qu fxgfii. Nil: I NNN: Sv ut 35:3 SY . .g....5. X... A :iii W ... X N .: ww. SYN S531 Qi PAQ. :NN if S ti N... 1 5-'SSNNQN1 . NN .Q if xr . ' NN . i31'N511fNN'i Qylf rf' NN 1s.:i..iN NfNN.xpNf2. i 1:25 Ni.i z. bij. X ..L.jg.g:NzN N.N 1 . l f 1 Q i x k lwilil 2 1 X X C , .ii"!Q 5 S 4.5: Q- ilggii .. ill. st 'fi 1: 1213 -fx. 53.35 it :AQ are fssg :sri :ssex- 1-siszssff 3 was s as S - sit? S ss X s e ,I if: Q. 1 Ma- wx if it , : 5 Stix. ,.Qx ,., 253: gi i if S' ? 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A E T Alpha Phi Sigma Arch and Square Listed in Whois Who Class Orator, 1, Historian, 2, Vice- President, 3, 5, President, 4, 6, Execu- tive Committee, 1, Publicity Commit- tee, 1, 3, 5, Chairman, 4, Social Com- mittee, 1, 2, 4, 6, Chairman, 3, 5, Ath- letic Committee, 1, 3, 5, Menorah Society, Smoker Committee, 3, 5, Chairman, 2, Junior Prom Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Frosh Hop Committee, Vigilance Committee, 4, Constitutional Committee, 4, Violet Staff, 4, 6, Bulletin Staff, 3, 4, Chair- man, All-Nite Smoker Committee, 6, Freshman Advisor, 6. HYMAN RUBNITZ 1563 Hoe Avenue Bronx, N. Y. j SIDNEY RUDOLPH 3 S -52 Market Street S - A Passaic, N. J. A HENRY, CARL RUPP - .763 Murray Street i e tlillizabeth, N.i.l. HENIW?iM1CHA3LTfRUSSEFJaE ,e--- P - t t Q Qs- C 'f 'fi Q .:-, -.,.,- i . . , X - - -..- wrt...- S it S I . me - ---e as Q , g S - , 229-West ,,78thg f A - - e-New-York, 9 N E Bulletin SportsiStait', 1, 3, Associate Sports Editor, 4, Fourth Estate Club, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Economic Society, Committee of Commercial Clubs, 3, 4. MORRIS PAUL SARNER 1267 Grant Avenue Bronx, N. Y. JOHN C. SARTORI 34-47 106th Street Corona, N. Y. Law Society, 11 Circolo Italiano, Management Club. 3 0. DANIEL SCAROLA Varsity Club Bronx, N. Y. 9 N E SVarsity Football, 2, 3, 4. WALTER M. SCHAFFER 120 East 89th Street New York, N. Y. if .-i- 1 ritisosaictq-,sci-1AFF1vt9riYE11 j, e ---. L- If .e-e-' .. .. 4626, Bark'-fAven110s r 4 S -1 i 'ret I . 2. X -sssisef-skew: use-1. , . t. ts . . . .- .. .e . .. 3 A 790 -.-- Bronx, N. Y. Violet Staff, 4, Junior Smoker Com mittee, Junior Prom Committee, Man agement Club, Senior Ball Commit tee, Senior Key and Ring Committee MARCUS SCHIFFRIN 3400 Tryon Avenue Bronx, N. Y. RAYMOND BERTRAM SCHLESSEL 1349 65th Street A , Brooklyn, Y. 2 is JOHN PAUL .scHL1cK D 2 226 Westi238th'Street. B 5 A D C Bronx, eN.DY. D A . . . . K JOHN MAX SCI1M1DT A 113 Garden Street D Hoboken, N. J. A K XI' Arch and Square Class Secretary, 4, Co-Chairman, Sen- ior Ball Committee. ARTHUR JoHN SCHNEIDER 1 226 Waverly Place South Orange, N. J. ALBERT SCHNITT 8T0 Riverside Drive New York, N. Y. DAVID SCHRECKINGER 1701 Popllam Avenue Bronx, N. Y. Varsity Basketball, Assistant Manager, 2, 3, Manager, 4. . BERNARD SCHRIEBER 73-41 67111 Drive Queens, N. Y. GEORGE H. SCHUTTE A 851 Amsterdam Avenue New York, N.. Y. , 9 A K m A D Violet Skull, Secretary, 4. ,SEYMOUR LINCOLN SSCHWARTZ 681 Oceana Avenue D A D Brooklyn,eN. Y. A 2 , Finance Forum, Chairman, .lunior Beefsteak 2 Committee. , A c ' SIDNEY Q A 21331 63rd Street N A 2 iBrooklyn, N. Y. A , A A 2 X eet. B B Frosh Hop Committee, Fl'0SllrSlllOkCl' Committee, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman, Lieutenant,fLaw Society, eAccounting Club, Varieties Staff, Interfraternity Basketball, Frosh Hop Committee, Frosht Smoker Com- . 2 D , mittee. ' is MAX E. SEGALLS 654- Beck Street 2 Bronx, N. Y., A PHE D as Bulletin Fraternity Editor, 2.1 D MONROE LOUIS SEIFER A 580 80th Street , Brooklyn, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Accounting Ledger Associate Editor, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Beta Gamma Sigma, Assistant Treasurer, Accounting Club, Treasurer, 4. HOWARD EUGENECSEYMOUR or A 80 Moffat Street A A Brooklyn, N. Y. Freshman Baseball, Tennis, 2, Chris- tian Association, Dramatic Society, Law Society, Finance Forum, Eco- nomic Society. x X rginf yang a.,wM. Q... g --rx..-zq:1.Q1..Nzg5.gfza Aeoazftziz X X . 't iiXti.QlfQ-Iii:355-Yiililil'3?5fi:NfCx5iiCil5f' :ifNif.iiNXfXTffIQJXFX-TIF T35 t.:ilTiril'lil. itil? T-XQSQTS X ST 573 .i'f:lY5YlTKf f'?f.- 59.2 if .ta fi .2-Q. .-1: 51' .sm :Qt es.. Crue tr-a.5...aa-.-... N....:-.xvrsa .x.a..w X rs..1:..te.wx.e. . 9.1 .. . .1 X X X ta .X X X, X I X X X X rtfillfswirr is tav?as,:Qf::e beg 1-alanff-fixrfifzizfilszxrifig. .Q-griiir Q as Q: gt .. .ew .eg LN vi gig. te. -as -S . .Baa r vw. In il X -s N... N ggEa1fI::f x ---we at 1 . ta . -aes-Q 5 rf: I Q-S23 . Cay. X, . X it rife . SNXSX XE e X? S 5. 'if .5 . sang ix SQ R x 5 ay N a Bit? I XFX I .:.i..'Qh - L if 'IIQI ttf, .tri ' v S is E. 21553 SQ..'.e. we . 3 53' 5 stir :Xl 2. FPYXQ X . t . .N 521. f5.1xff1:2i?r1EfQ:.-1.3iff:-.5 X rf.: 1SrS1'Txr::XQxg --k- X sm... we: LEX ...X . -a ...Mx X, 2111 REX Q ., X :Sell ii 5- cr .x e . tie. ft-nt. sr X is -fs.. f Y-ff ref-atiem DAN SHAPIRO 2404 Avenue L. Brooklyn, N. Y. r SIDNEY J. SHARFSTEIN .498 West End Avenue I New York, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma N STEPHEN GQSHIELDSO. . 072 Gaylord, Street . . ,i,Binghamton,,N. Y. S o E . r ECIVEM. -.0 Freshman Footballg I Freshman Baaket- ball Freshman Track, Vnoletr Sta zz, sf 4jfYarsity Football, 2, 3, Ian-af mural'Swimming, '1, 2, 3, 1451 Intra-an A .,muralrQBasketball, .1,a2,' 3,g.4gp,Intraf eoie fmuralfTraek, 2, 03g Institute of Inter- el national. Finance Scholarship, if PSCHMERLERB I ffi i.f '18IParkiBoad . eea Scarsdale, N. Y. - a Varsity. Golf, 1, 2, 3, Freshman Fenc-I . tinggilntramural Fencing. s0L.R.s1LvERsmN B f .-947, 50th street B ' Qi ,Brooklynvi Ni I 1 SIDNEY SIMAN I 517 East 53rd Street Brooklyn, N. Y. at . Beta Sigma , Accounting Clubg Accounting. Ledger Staifg Junior Smoker Committee. LAWRENCE SINBERCQ 1530 East 172ml Street Bronx, N. Y. JACOB CARL QSKLAIRE 490 East 171st Street Bronx, N. Y. A1141 Co-Chairman, Senior Ball Committee. E ALEX SLOBODIN 1755 Anthony Avenue I Bronx, N. Y. Intramural Council, 3, 43 All Com- merce Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Manage- ment Clubg Interclass Basketball, 1, 4, I Manager, 2. o W'1LL1AMfERNEsT SMITH - 422 West 115th Street 5 New York, N. Y. ...Management Club. I DANIEL SNIDER 1 , -78 Eastflialeigh Ayenue' S E Statenflsland, N. Y. in I Beta Gamma Sigma Transportation Club, Vice-President, 3, - a , President, 4. E LORENZO Dow. SNYDER E i32016th.Sn-eeti I j Washington,Q D, C. I i.,. I 9 X - lnstitutef, of International E Finance Scholarship, 1, 2,..3, 4, Anti-War Dele- gate, Ig Varsity -SWil11ll'tll'lg,2, 3, 43 Intramural Swimming, lg. Finance Forum, Econiomit:ff.Soeietygi French , 1 Club., . ' I . SAMUEL O. SOLOMON 22 Farrington Street B Caldwell, N. J. B Junior Smoker Committeeg Violet Cir- culation Staff, 3, 43 Triad Staff, 3. EDWARD J. SOMMER. . 106-44IB0uleVartl I Rockaway Beach, N. Y. I Transportation Club, Secretary, 33 Eronomirs Society: Foreign Trade Club. SEYMOUR ANDREW SUMMER 68 Avenue 0 . Brooklyn, N. Y. Bulletin. Staff, 2g Violet Literary Staff, 4. BEN SONZ St. Louis, Mo. e Alpha Delta Sigma 0 ,F Alpha Phi Sigma is Violet Staff, 2, Associate Production Manager, 3g Bulletin Staff :, 2, Promo- tion Manager, 33 Log Associate Editor,- 3, Business Manager, 4g Triad Leagueg Secretary, Alpha Delta Sigma, 4. WILLIAM RANDOLPH SPENCER 690 A Eastern Parkway . 1 it , 1 F Brooklyn, N. Y.. p ,Bea .i Freshman Cross-Country, Freshman Track, fVarsity Track., eeese 2, 3gVvVarsity Cross-Country, .2,f 33 .Intramural Base' ketball,i11,g2,,s 3, 43 fViolet Skull, 2,1 Secretary, 53 3,.Bulletilt Stal'f,g2:. Violet A Staff '2 L0nimod . Clube 1- 2' ' ' e .. di -elx , S A ,s g 2,9 ,Q tnii di ' Ball Comsmiitteeeg.ssWall Street -Councilgi Treasui'er,f4:' .1 unior. Prom, S e.t.V.NG.SP..R 2 8102 21st Avenue ' Brooklyn, N. Y. . -CHARLES SPRINQER A"iei S . 35 .Madison Aveniieigf 1 , Newark, NQ,,l.f1f'i ise' 5 S A Q. r RAYMOND N. STABILE 59 Armett Street Port Chester, N. Y. University Band, Management Clubg Newman Clnbg Italian Club. HENRY 'JEROME STARK p 1231 Albany Avenue F llrooklyn, N. Y. A Listed in Who's Who Student Representative, 4g Student Council, 43 Chairman, Lassmlan Hall Committee, 4g Chairman, Junior Smoker Committee, Class Historian, 3g All U. Frolic Committee, 4g Fresh- man Lieutenant, 43 Accounting Clubg Law Societyg Social Committee, lg Smoker Committee, 1, 23 Hop Com- mittee, 1, 23 Vigilante Committee, 2g Varieties Circulation Staff, 2g Violet Circulation Staff, 3, 4g Accounting Ledger Circulation Manager, 3, 45 N. S. F. A. Observer, 4. DAVID M. STEBBINS 294 Central Park West New York, N. Y. Menorah Society. R SIDNEY sfrEiN 89-20A l63rd Street Jamaica, L. I. r Accounting Club. , 1 ,eer E DWARRD .HERMSANS-STEINBERC as A 912 East,39thfStreet . R . e . cllrooklyn, N.iY. vi - 2 - E,TsfIP1'Q p Dramatic Society. F, , ,Ni K. . , ,A-5, ng Q fiiswvls sTEiNIQtOR.Ne' pp 1105, Morrison Avenue' F . resee 'Bronx, N. Y. F F .luniorfSm,oker 4 3 'i'i' ,Aven,.'e .E I-,eAii.?fX gf e..,Q ff: Betacamma Sigma F V A1ph,a.Phi Sigmaf ik ' ieLiSfaiiiiH .WMS Wh1?'ef' 5 Accounting ' Clube f ice-President, ip 3, President, 432 Committee 0f,.ce0mm..r. cial 0 Clubs, President, 3g .fiilecoulnting Ledger Editor-in-Chief, Bulletin Staff, 2, Local Advertising Manager, 3, BusinessManager, j4g'Violet Staff, 3, Varieties Staff, 3 3 Junior 'Smoker .Com- mitteeg Log, Assistant Business Mana- ger, 4, ,Senior Ball Committeeg Gary Scholarship, 2, 3, 4. SYDNEY STOGEL 2047 Holland Avenue s Bronx, N. Y. 0 CARL, STRAUS S 18 Main Street W'est Orange, N. J. Cerman Club. LEON STRAUSS 1844 East 23rd Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Finance Forum, Bridge Club. GEORGE W. STROM 365 West 20th Street New York, N. Y. A 417 E Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma Frosh Smoker Committee, Frosh Hop Committee, Finance Forum, Presi- dent, 4. ANTHONY AUGUST STUMPF 8433 88th Street Woodhaven, N. Y. . Beta Gamma Sigma Accounting Ledger. Staff, 33, Accountf ing Club. DAVID BERNARD STUZIN Kiamseha Road Monticello, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Varieties Associate Editor, 2, 3, De- bating Teamg Accounting Club. JEROME SULZBACHER 1010 Moss Place Far Rockaway, N. Y. Junior Prom Committee, Violet Staff, 4' Soph Smoker Committeeg Senior ,ARTHUR TATNELL 646 East 228th Street Bronx, N. Y. JOSEPH FRANKLIN TAUSCH, JR. 435 East 57th Street New York, N. Y. Geographers Club, Treasurer, 4. HAROLD CLIFTON TAYLOR 128 40th Street Irvington, N. J. Beta Gamma Sigma GEORGE S. TEGELAAR, JR. 16 Windsor Road Great Neck, N. Y. Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma Listed in Whols Who Management Honorary Society Management Club, Treasurer, 2, Presi- dent, 3, 4g Committee of Commercial Clubs, 3, 43 Violet Staff, 33 Log Staff, 43 Class Treasurer, 4g Beta Gamma Sigma, President, 4. IRVING TERJESEN 1712 East 37th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Freshman Baseball, Freshman Basket- lfill Varsit Basketball 2 3 4' Var- 7 . u Ball Committee, Social Committee, J 1. L y t ' P it Chairman, 4. CORNELIUS SWEENEY 807 Avenue A Bayonne, N. J. WILLIAM SWID A 251 Armstrong Avenue Jersey City, N. J. sity Baseball, 2, 3, Captain, WALTER J. THEISSON 1592 University Avenue New York, N. Y. 2 fl, E Freshman Football, Freshman Trackg Varsity Cross-Country, 2g Varsity Track, 23 Intramural Basketballg Bul- letin Staff, lg Senior Ball Committee. MILTON TRATTNER 10 Post Avenue Student Council, 4g Freshman. Ad- New York, N. Y' visor, 4:, Junior Prom Committee, Frosh Smoker Committee. 1 X2 -1 X xgwj K X X Q x . .MQW ,. .. AW X X x X w x x mf? X I isil ss? WW WYQASYX-Tfx il w X N x X X X X X W 1 l-Xa: X W x X M: ,.f!...:. xv Q, - ,-A:-iii X : 5 191 X X X - 5 N vi. .N ., 1 A 1 'gi ,XXT 215 5Soi1t!i gFbiii'th Su1eet i : RA L'PH fA T0RNBERG l Eff! fBr66klYn ,' N. XX X x X A X X - A ' " S ' X, XXXX 1 'T lifi X X Xi?-M E? X. SE-SW Qqif. wx, 'YQI9-iirfg - ' K . 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N. , iz gk wx ,ww .3 W "M, .A K , ENN Q we Q ,-N .iv ,X 5 MTE . x ix S A X, X ,O HGWQ 5 ? fx ' Qww - aw? ww Q- img wi Q, .. w N N 1 Vi- gs 4. far, x ' 5:1 itqwj ,551 H 1 3 " ' 3 'ZES,'Q.: N 12 1- WM Q 1 as Egg K N W w X S X xy xg 2-, Xu A x X Nw : vi s gg X N, S' AN S Iva X LQ X N 5: QQNE is X X Q X 1 x N X, l N ,ig ax ps "ww S Nag S32 MXPX J - X M 1, .r QQ., 1 21, ' X Nap AWG' N1 xv i , qw: 3, xl ,MU SAMUEL WEISSCUP 26 Second Avenue Long Branch, N. J. PAUL WEISSMAN .1419 Clinton Avenue ' 2 Bronx, N. Y. i All Commerce Basketball, sl, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Cap- , 2 c tain, 4. JoHN KENNETH, WHITE 5 A P 50 Montrose Street A 2 Newark, N. r NORMAN c. WIATTPI P 2 2924 West End Avenue P ,New York, N. Y. GEORGE F. WILLIAMS 409 East 56th Street New York, N. Y. 2 111 E Alpha Phi Sigma Arch and Square Listed in Who's Who Frosh Hop Committee, Vigilante Com- mittee, Chairman, 2, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Chairman, Class Treasurer, 4, Social Committee, Chairman, 5, Chair- man Junior Prom Committee, Violet Skull, 4, President, 5, Secretary, Alpha Phi Sigma, Student Council, 4, Presi- dent, 6. J. LEONARD WILSON r 315 Goldsmith Avenue Newark, N. J. Freshman Cross-Country, Freshman Track, Log Associate Sports Editor, 3, Sports Editor, 4, Bulletin Sports Staff, 1, 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Smoker Committee, Publicity Committee, 3, 4, Social Committee, 4, Athletic Committee, 4, Senior Week Committee, Intramural Track, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, 2, 4, Day Org Programs, 3, 4, Violet Staff, 1, 2, Asso- ciate Sports Editor, 3, Managing Editor in Charge of Seniors, 4, Commerce Representative, Undergraduate Board of Athletic Control, 4, Freshman Ori- entation Program, 4, Senior Sports Dance Committee, sViolet News Asso- ciate Board, 4, Senior Ball Commit- tee, Essex County Association. VIRGIL WINKLER A 104 Magnolia Avenue Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ' MAX WOLETZ 68 Fourth Avenue e A E X East Orange, N. J. Triad League, Law Society, President, as A '13 E 4, Finance F orumgsFreshman Baseball. 2 P I S ,P 7 c f f 2d75'Centra1 P WOLF ,Q i c P 2 cpcc 287 ,Governor Street I .eipk f .iis,izi i..A ' ' an vv c ,,,., QFaneui15QElacpeleiik p EVERETT EDMUNDWORFOLK c fB5Cl?el1'?fa'd?i:5F'3's vvcvi c r it g Q +1.99sswilliamtisifsei so 2 o Club, ,President,4?Q4,Q .tte Triad 'P so New YOIIQPN- Y-' 1 pp J, League., up pt all J S liri f PQARTHPUR DAVID r f A 1 2 A 2 A 2 it PWILLISAMS A c A DONALD.-MAXWELL ,WYNICK A 64iVVl1itlillg1lHII1 Place r 270 Empire"'Boulevard,' A I eWest Orange, N. J. 'L 'i" A iBrooklyn, NQY. J A E II Finance Forum, Philatelic Club, Vio- let Staff, 2, Associate Organizations Editor, 3, Foreign Trade Club, Eco- nomics Society, Triad League, Man- agement Club, Psychology Club. Frosh Hop Committee, Frosh Smoker Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Violet Staff, 4, Varsity Show, 4, Chairman of Senior Week Committee. a ISRAEL N. YONAN 83 Hamilton Avenue A Yonkers, N. YA A HERMAN YORK A, 1535 Walton Avenue A A Bronx, N. WILLIAM NEUMAN N 96 Carmita Avenue Rutherford, N.eJ. A ABeta Gamma Sigma Philatelic Societyg Accounting Club, CHARLES 1ji1Q H0Ls AA A 24 Kellar Avenue A Rockaway, AN.Q AA Aga: Aw-ww vw. AA AAAXAAAAAA AA A A ..,. AA A A , A AA AA Ni'-'QS"XAAXNx'cA:txA'vA'N : AAA xwA AAR' Avi Aww A A A A Q AAA A- A .A ,A A A , MASS -M aff AAN A+ AA - A AAAAQK A aww N ANNA Ax an ox AAQAAAA AAA :wo AA AA YAAXAAAASAQA, AA AQA AAAAAAA. A A AA AAAAAAAMAA A swam AAAAANAAAXQA Aga AAAAL AA A A A A ay A. A-AS. ,. sm egg: Tris eye AA A Alun, N1-'iA'rA'Y1-Qfwzss'Nw?f. AA New If A,:AA.'AA.:A:A:AAAM'iN:1.nasA sou QAAA--AQfAwvAw A A -A QA A-Aa AA AAAAAAAAAAAA Aw Aa aw-AA .AXAAAAA AN AAA AAA-A AA aA EWS NQNAHAA or fwAfww2.tAww 1-rvfzxwza AA:wf1A,Am,AAApys5aA1'AfA:m A::,eA.f1ifA:AaAAm gk SAA A A 'A N' xy Axww, -A1gxAEiiArAA-S.o:u'AS sm AAA XAFAA -Aw A-:wsu AA AA :MA-,L AA,,,,an AAA Ya-Axon no A . P RAXAXAAX XMXXAWAX WA A A A xox fm A X-ra. SXAQN 3- ANQXNNA NY5ASx5.5AA:rNA1AA:i AQMAAAIQ .ffX5fA1bwxs:5AAX Ns - PA: Misa N -Q AA N Nora AA A x A ANNA AAAXAAN .AAA-AASAA .N A-SNEAA Ao A offaa QA A .QAAWA .A - AVR View?- aww XA is A' 'A 53 ww 5 xiii A333 .WA AQABA A fi A ASA A Sm ' :icfaij ij. iwivwfo vw mis A f'03waA AWA . . A Nam Auhksmf A iw A AXA A, 1 31, AA-4 A LA., ya A ll 'PAA , A A ,- X A wif Finance Forum. A "' 5 A A A iie, A A AMILTON SCHAEFERA 567 Fortf Wasl1ingionAA?g5AAw?ei1ueAA A Af Af fy A I ANewark'A Nj 'lj 'Wg A j j New YD!-kg e1Ae Essex County A Association: Q Senior ZA 1 AA Avarsity AA Week Committeeg Senior1Spoi1tADanceA A A A A AA Conxmitteeg Social Committeey 44 5 AA AA A A AA AA g AManagement' Club. Q -A AA uA Ae if A1011 Walton Avenue A A 1A373AAAA3EgSgifT3mhA Sm-,Qt S A A ji A -BA"9"X' AN' Y' eeen A A, 3F?i0l?1Yf'v N- 'A,A A A A AA A 4 1 A A ,n.Q vvev A A AA AA A L1StGa In AWho's W fo A enev. 3, A4 QAWW AAA' nA n A A b An AWAAAAA A AA n'vA Vwlel-A A A A S A ,AAA A A A ' AAG AA1i AAA' 1 " XE eleoi fiifi' A AAA A lcf YQASEATAM -5 AAAAA I K AAAAA A A ndrews WAW A3 A A L Ai BronS:, fjNA A A A1 1 ,AAA,. AAAAAA A A A A A AAAA A AA' Froshf A Jum0f4 IA Cgommiti4SeA:5ASAi1i1liAffSiilirkeifEiCiiinxiiifteeffA A AA C9mlll3tFi?A3AATf2QAA39919liig A AAAAA AA AAA AAAA A AAAA AAAAA A AAA-A AAAA AAAAA A AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AA A AAQALAQAAAQQQE7 A1 AAAX A A A A AAAA A A. MORTON ALLEN ZYTTENFELD A A Q f gi 446 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. ALBERT FELD Astoria, N. Y. n AU, AA V A AA J A. 'K FAVAA . SAA AA A A A' A E AiA:A 1 A A A AA 'AAA 'A FA AA 5551. 'A A Qs. AAjAfAiA1A2sA A A VA A A,v1AAA Agf A 5 , iifAAAxAf1 :EA AAQAAAAAA51 SAA A in A X HA1AL.AfsAA AA AA AA arg! kA1AAA!.gb -QA, :A 1 BAAQAWAK A A3 A AAA , r Agxfle A3 AAA A. Q XA 52 i 6. ::::fffasaJeeesssfcrfv . 4 w 4::::::::nwww vw hhb ' f f'n" f44 E i M W "'W"' ' 'W 4' "44 "44 f"'m"f""'W f H4 H , A, L ,H H W , .,44 fI4nInaIwranuanwnzzawm .,44 fnanruunnw:mumnaf,f,1 ,gfQu4a4n444444n44444iggg4 xx X X X, Q JN l.ll I U -li? C LAS 5 E 3 ',.' .,.,.,,,,,f,,,,, 4 ,,,,,,,,1,,, ' 'iffffffffffffflll'' UN MIIIWUUWW1JUIIJNUUIIIJIIIIMw"'a1!llNlHHlVW"'l'WW'N'IIJIWNU """""' "4' I 5NIIIIiINllIWHHHHlil I G? .Message fo fha IZ erqmduazfes T0 the seniors of 1937, this distinguished volume will have a special signifi- cance. For them, ill the years that are to come, it will serve as a treasure house of memories. To the undergraduates, this current chronicle merely clocks off another mile of the formal academic journey-the road to Commencement still stretches out ahead. It can hardly be amiss, then, for me to urge all those underclassmen who turn these pages to dwell upon this record not alone in pride of present accomplishment but also in resolution of future attainment. Insofar as the administrative faculty office that is in charge of stude11t activities can pronounce judgment, the Senior leadership of our current student affairs has been particularly noteworthy. You underclassmen have bee11 espe- cially fortunate in the character, ability and good taste that has been so evident among the senior officers of your councils, your clubs, and your publications. These se11ior leaders are now about to hand over their respective gavels of authority and responsibility to your eager hands. lt is my hope that you will accept and justifyhtheir trust. Certainly, our task is to preserve the inherit- ance that they are about to leave with you-yes, and to build UPOII that in- heritance. In such an effort you have my every good wish. G. ROWLAND COLLINS, Associate Dean. .fuWIIIIM p W'ff11li:1"" M " fi.,..zsfiffiffmU.JJ1!JlIQL'LU'.'Lf""!!"W!'I11TEEfEEffF.lV"Hn iiiiiaIfffiJHHJ5dWUKIYL4IW 'H e k " " L ' - '-'- S-:----f--V e Y--f--v-gave--:--.-V--. H .. - H QTV.,-, -.., nr. ----- ,VV . Y . . 4, - ,ll 'Vg Y - Af e I -111. 'E ,- - ' jx. -- .f -, - 'ff- 'A '- f ' -- -- - V A- - W - - -0- -r e - . l2I"'f""ff'1' H131 IH ' vafnrrluu A QM p . 1 I , CARL BEER President Juniors OFFICERS y .......... .... 'an ..... CLARI Representative .... . . SHEPH ganrll' Sph f8 bldg hldbyth h fi t g P 38 1935 t Y g evidenced by the sh J f h nors received by members of the l Arthur Sh man, Freshman president, served as Secretary of the Student Council in 1936. John Chapin, Sophomore and Junior Treasurer. ll ' fllmllJH '' W W :lml " N l I 'ul 1' F-1JEllI ...Wi 3 i 3 As Sophomores this group held more Lassman Hall socials th d d any p 'ous Sophomore class. An early electi 1936 resulted in the re-election of l S ph more class . officers, including Carl Be pre d t. On December 4 of this school y the Junior Smoker was held at the Lobster House. The co-eds held their Hen Party at F irenzes on the same evening. The leaders k d H t ut of the Smo er an en Par y commi ees were Chairmen Herbert Rubin and Nor- man Schmidherg and Ch ' men Frances Pillet and Ethel Simon. For the first time in its history the class of '38 was the winner of the inter-class basketball tournament. The team was led by Bernie Zises as captain. The Student Council Representatives were Carl Beer, Sheppard Shaffer, and Irv- ing Smukler. Pictures to right-reading from top to J bottom: Andrew Allan, Be t ' S'mon, John Chapin. V l A W 1 E F UWHWfT434ln1!WWIIwl4aNlwNIwUnl4IIHIHIWllllilllllllllliw-ig fiffffflllllnllllllPM Wi'fawffmiliilME MIN !! NNWKl1lllal4llWRlkllll4lwsw MAURICE SCHAEFFER President . GIQS5 of OFFICERS ' .............. MAURICE SCH e-President ............. FRED K ice-President ............ ms onan, ............... JAMES MBROSIUS 4 if Orator - ................ SIDNEY SCHWARTZ ,W M I ' ln!" ii.. Wir llllflllllUlfIIIWWIUWWNIY "'W' "'l"' """"?LHAHT''l1"'1'"''"''"""HIL1fflflllfllliiA'll'511UI!!WI4N41U4V4NUMnaWIrrrH!!ll:41J1!JJ I Il EIR M W WWHJJUIJY ""' "T !"i V T'f,ffl'ffiYf'1'f"l.LIfl'IHUHllT ""'4"" 1"WI9l!l!l!IfLTflfffffff.. IL "" llthe 1 p lt Q :mm 1 W' ff-M4 1" M A 9 9 l i liilllllflllff ' im 1' ll i"""""" W A A M .rrmm A num HI nun umm , I ' ' A A 5. I -I llm"Ir1uzhl Annu um ma mnmumumummur Q 1 ,ly I h ..F"-"""4"'f'l.4Il 1 .113-"-'IJ H-al" , 1TH a en er rise tia had char- J C' nz t eu epiipiii FS ilJ1rS,ye.i:r. sptirit tlhg hammliar ev ld Obers 31 1 a te ed h e o t e f 38 entered th e Ju 1 N t fo mo e t ha e tl ey f rgotte the t s k d tl mem f tl e c ass In its lower Sophomore year the class gained wide notoriety through its bold snatch of the Freshman class banner, which it continued to hold for almost two years. The banner was finally restored at a joint smoker held to commemorate the cessation of hostilities. As lower Sophomores the Class of '38 won the basketball champion- ship of the Evening Division. As Juniors their independent actions set them apart. Class meetings attracted members of other classes as well as Juniors. Besides the usual number of socials, 1936 saw a mid-year smoker at the Opera Tav- ern, a Junior Prom Tea-Dance at the Hotel Taft, and the Junior Prom at the Essex House. Socials this year were particularly well attended. Although there has been no class smoker this year, owing to the fact that all smokers have been sponsored by the Stu- dent Council, the upper Junior Class of 1938 has supported the major affairs of the year, the Junior Prom. The Prom was held in March of 1937 at the Essex House with Ted B1ack's orchestra. Members of the class have been espe- cially prominent in extra-curricular activi- ties. 1 Pictures to ri ht--readin from to to i 8 g P bottom: Fred Klocke, James Ambrosius, Sidney Schwartz. ff ILIIJI., fffffffiiffffff'HSli5iii!'WUIff'fl'Hillfffffffff55525555FffI1IUPU'I'ff'ffWF!!F!!!f1flI'II''IIfffff55?Ef?F5f55?lfllIlIII,lii5ii5ffIffii55iiilIl'lfllllllIllUllH 121 1 H. 1' u1f,, N'l...f"": AL FRIEDMAN President S0,l9k0WL0l'65 OFFICERS y .... n ........ 1,11 ll N' f amusement., was a dance contest. A Sport I ' The final event of the year was the 'lIl!!1lfUf!fffl"'1'l'Hffumflf'' m.lWl.W WWI 'T171lllJl :EEEIFIEHIJIIIIINVIJIIhmf,,TLLTL E IJIIIWMUIIJHWIQIl!IMIIYh1 IlIYI!I "'T'EEEHJIUIIIMIn1Mr,If4l,..,..Z11l2ZliZlZZ111TL1Z THE Class of 1939 started its Sopho- more year by following a precedent set I in the previous year. Confidence in Al Friedman was again displayed by the class i in his re-election as president. The first class meeting of the class of '39 as Freshman proved to be complete upset of tradition. Upon the promptings of their Senior Advisers the Freshman mobbed the adjoining Sophomore class meeting and completely routed their amazed rivals. In February of its Freshman year the class, led by its president, helped Profes- sor Bader to welcome the new Freshman class to Commerce. President Friedman gave a speech of welcome at the orienta- tion reception in Lassman Hall, and the class later held a special social for the group just entering. In its Sophomore year a new feature was introduced. Emphasis was placed on original Friday night parties as it was de- cided that mutual social interests would facilitate class cooperation. The first was a Hallowe'en party, festive with masks and seasonal decorations, with cider and dough- nuts for refreshments. The feature of the second affair, providing novelty and much Dance ended the social season. Sophomore Hop, which was held in Spring at the Ambassador Hotel with Geno Bartel as maestro. Pictures to right-reading from top to y bottom: Walter Lasker, Dorothy Holtzman, Edward Ehring. I IU IU lllII IIIIIIHIII l""""'IurumM''''''F'''I:ffl'4'''7IIIIffffiiffiffffffmli'ifffw'Will''''ml'flWffffll'NWN'"mf fff''WiC'''if:ffmfff1'ffluiW5155WUW5Wffff91l'4455Wllililliiiiiw'lm I '1 V. laIf 1' ,a f,. 9L"---L"--'EMI ..-.M BEN DINKEES 9 President ' GZKLSS of T39 OFFICERS esident . . . . . . . . . President . . .... . . rer ....... . . . ary ....... . . . ian ....... . . . Orator ................. ME ,lll- -IL 5 Illlllllllllillllillllllllilllllllllllllll HEI d hdl t gb Y Cd g I t t t f fth Wg a class paper, which has appeared annu- ally ever si11ce. The lower Sophomore year saw the re- turn of the class banner by '38 at a smoker held jointly at Riggs' Restaurant in Febru- r J ary. The Soph Hop was held in April of 1935 at the Casino-in-the-Air of the Hotel Montclair with Jolmny Murpl1y's orches- W tra. Socials, mock trials, and debates further entertained the members of the class. NMIIHIIIIIUUIIIIJWIJIIll!!NIMH? MN ll!lMIMI?JIlWM JNNVHIQIIWWJIillfllllldllflll Their third year at Commerce was fea- tured by a Smoker and the Soph Hop. One-act plays, in which the group were aided by the Washington Square Dramatic Society, were the high spots of the year as far as class meetings were concerned. Entering their Junior year, the Thirty- Niners were not loath to keep up the spirit in which they had hitherto made their rep- utation. The Junior Prom, held at the Essex House, marked the climax of a bril- liant year for the Class of '39. Pictures to right-reading from top to b All ottom: en Lea, Sy Fetter, Carl Nematz. - 1 """"4"H 'IIIIIIJU'lIJHJ'IwlJIlT"HIWIIH Illlllduunl4I1Hff"IIJ1sII4IIIIIIKH!IIn.HIii.1ffff'IIsuiWIIHlfillIIII'1'Eiff?If'NlUlwlINl1U!4liiii """"""""""W' I E LAWRENCE GABBE President ,qT"65kl'IfL6lZ OFFICERS r ........ . GEO y ........ . . . ll ........ . . . jll. , , -li- g r WWWIIIIIIWIIHINIIWJIWUWIWW "'4' f""' """'l "f" WNIWHWfH'lWl!I!iflfMI!IllN WIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWI J Z ft! ffWfUWlM1lfM4l!JWWYIHIMWLW'WiiiJ7Y?Ilfl,ZZIiiiWill'L,ZCZZ1ifITT.LZWWJNNIWKI ,,..1 fl1"'IfZ1Z2ll1l1l1l'TI .,.,!.,,,,,.,,,,,,4,. . THE welcoming activities of Orienta- tion Week with its speeches, socials, and faculty and upper classmen's advice ushered the Class of 1940 into an eventful year. Unity emerged from dispute when elections of class officers were held in Oc- tober. Lawrence Gabbe was chosen as the first leader of the class. Classic rivalry of Freshman and Soph- omores cropped out on the day before the Sophomore Smoker. The adventurous Frosh kidnapped the Sophomore prexy and held him captive. If one of the cap- tive's guardians had not caught his head between the bed post bars, the president might never have escaped. Competition continued when the Sophs staged a retaliation kidnapping prior to the Freshman Smoker and Hen Party. These two affairs were held on the same night, and the groups met for danc- ing afterward. Amid the festivities a Soph- omore representation entered and pre- sented as a 'cgiftf' Mr. Lawrence Gabbe, in complete feminine attire! After the noise had subsided, a souvenir gold key with the school seal year, and COMMERCE in raised letters was distributed at the affairs. Encouraged with the success of their Hen Party, the Freshman co-eds planned another affair. A luncheon for Freshman girls was held in March at Fan and Bill's. September Freshmen were called upon in February to help welcome the new Freshmen into the school and into their class. The enlarged class united again in the Spring when they gave their final af- fair., the colorful Frosh Hop, which was held at the Montclair. Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: Estelle Golish, George F inkbeiner, Lillian Oleck. N U Ti UM1lllll1 Y 2 FRED GLADE President GZQSS of ,4 O OFFICERS President ........... e-Pfesident ......... C0 Secretary ................ JOSEPH ROWAN Historian ................ HAROLD HOTCH Oramr ................ LOUIS HINDENLANG OOO OOO 'mlllilimIlIIl IIIHill Iul!7mIMIII,,,,,,,"WWII M """3 "N E W nw1111NHIH1lWUIlU 4 .diiiiilllllm"Will """44' """ ' "mf """"""WWlUNI """ ' YW UCCESSFULLY breaking precedent, the Class of '40 embarked on an en- tirely different program for 1936-37. The publishers of the annual 'Forty Gazette rose to new heights with the combined ac- tivities of the Sophomore Classes of '40 and '41 as material. Early in the first sem- ester it became apparentnto Fred Glade, President of the Class of '40, and President Dick Coleman of '41 that if any real work was to be accomplished during 1936-37, it could be done only by a combined Night Sophomore Class. Often in the past the two Sophomore organizations had held joint meetings to discuss such affairs as their Class Smoker or Formal, but nowhere in the former min- utes could they find any precedent for the action they contemplated. The two leaders were convinced it was a sound idea and so they went ahead with their plans. At the first joint meeting the unusually large at- tendance lent enthusiasm even to regular business. A joint social was planned in Lassman Hall for the two classes. The turnout and spirit of friendliness which characterized the affair erased any doubt from the minds of those who had been skeptical at first as to the soundness of the idea. Continuing to operate as a single unit, with the President of '40 alternating with the President of '41 in conducting the meetings, the Night Sophomore class in 1936-37 was one of the most active and suc- cessful in the history of night class organi- zations. Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: Murray Pell, .Cornelius Schneider, Joseph Rowan. I II I II IIIIIII IIN fx fx Im I III IIII IIIIIIIIIIII I I IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII III' IIII'III''IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII , I IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II., IIIIIIIIIIIII ,I,, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II I II IJII :I Jag--Tl-3--"III .IIIII RICHARD COLEMAN Q President - GZKLSS of 21 OFFICERS nt ............... RICHAR ident... resident . . . . . . . y ....... . ........ JOE n ................. J 0 .... . . . . . . ....... STAN Y ssE ARLY in the first semester it became apparent to Dick Coleman President of the Class of 41 that if any real work was to be accomplished during 1936 37 it could only be done by a comb ed Night Sophomore class Attendance at class meet ings was not small, but the ideas of ob- jectives of the presidents of both the upper and lower Soph classes were based on a large scale of endeavor. WWWWWI'WIIIXJNHIIHJIWIWIYY'1'7JlWVfII!MHJJIHH,,.,. "WUJIJIMUIUIIIJIIIU "" E W' I III!! 11r1UrINNll!'IWIIWWWmn.H 'wlllluwwf WW HN' f 1'1" ""'l" ' IW" i:r:IIL1.,,,., Often in the past the two Sophomore organizations had held joint meetings to discuss such things as their Class Smoker or Formal, but nowhere in the former min- utes could they find any precedent for the action they contemplated. The two leaders were convinced, however, that it was a sound idea. So they went ahead with their plans. At the first I joint meeting the un- usually large attendance lent enthusiasm even to the regular business. Since this meeting was so successful, it was decided to try to joint social in Lassman Hall on Wednesday night. The turnout and spirit of friendliness which characterized the af- fair erased all doubt from the minds of the skeptical. Continuing to operate as a single unit, the President of '40 alternated with the President of '41 in conducting the meet- ings. Two additional Wednesday night socials were conducted and a Broadway theater party, which the whole school was invited to join, was held. The men of the class joined in an uptown hofbrau house for their annual smoker. Early in April, midst the splendors of the Venetian Gardens of the Hotel Ambas- sador, the Night Sophomores brought the year of 1936-37 to a climax with one of the most talked of Formals of the season. Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: Melvin Cohen, Joe Pasternack, John Shinn. " ""' "" IW9JI'!H,vwHfw KH in M .mfs MORRIS BERGREEN President GIHSS of 22 OFFICERS n..fffi""'f'cg . - . - - . . . . . . l u -lll- -. Ji. n OLITICS alone could not hold the ln terest of the Night Freshman Class Soon after they had elected Nelson Ham mell as their president they decided that for their own interest and that of their class organization every man should be- come connected with some additional extra-curricular activity at Commerce. Pro- fessional clubs, publications, and fratern- ities found themselves trying to accommo- date these night neophytes. But the Fresh stuck, and by the end of the first semester the various organizations not only had to come to accept them but also were thank- ful for their enthusiastic interest and aid. UlmWifNllUnUIHIIMinIJllililifvlddl "f'I WWFIIIIPJIIIW "" if"'''crll"""IWlPliIIiII'E1'YIETTEJEY ffl,IfffffIIff?'Eff'fii5ii7lIIUNUIIL. IIl!HHlIIlI" ,,,,t,ti, HTH'IIllH,IIIIII.IIIII2IIIfIffffIIIf?!!?N!!!!!!!!lumUIl ,,.,,l,.,,t,,,,, Hmuavufmmv ,.tt, nx111rMlll!lN1MIJ4IfvJIlJ7 Through these connections the class officers were able to contact many men in their class and to influence them to attend class meetings. They also were able to se- cure leaders in these activities to speak at their meetings. Like typical freshmen the men of '42 wanted to kidnap the president of the Senior Class. Plans were laid weeks ahead of time, the Senior Beefsteak was to be the place. But then something hap- pened. Ask any officer of '42 for a reason and watch the flush creep up his f ace-for the kidnapping fell through. At the Frosh Smoker the newcomers met the faculty on even terms for the first time. The Frosh Hop, held at one of New York's finest hotels late in the Spring sem- ester, brought together the Freshmen and their upper-class rivals. For the night even the friendliest hostilities were forgotten in the enjoyment of soft music and pleasan- tries. - Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: Bernard Brown, Beatrice Levy, Irving Kreisberg. .1 .- , ,K iw1mfffffnfarillmfw1IHIfffffffffffffiffflfffludn,ffffff!ffffff!?!ff' 'i l ,nJuulllllllllfllsmuInsWaxA55l1lllWWl 1 In Fi-lui! ll ,a 3f!-:J-limi .M N ' U W? f kk, W2 V ,, 7 'L- -Q" 'k' g 'T k wil X ',ll I ll LEADERSHIP .YA 4 HIl HfH lHHHU HHUWLWM H l ll W I I ,..,1f"ff ! HERBERT M. SCHIFFER ' Adviser to Day Organization A fb 2, A K XII, 0 N E, B I' 2, A A 2, Sphinx, Arch and Square lty Board of Control of all University Non-Athletic Entrance Examinations Committee member of Ac , member of the National Association of Teachers o Advertisingg member of the American Academy of Political and Socia ce. null' ..-..-. IlffmMIIIPIYYIIIIIIIIIIW WU MHUU?vwm 4lHlJHMHHHHH at E W v i W IN m m , ,m m ,,, 111,J1,1 1 H 1 .ii.i3 IJIi ..QJ"'7i n JOHN S. MORRIS Adviser to Night Organization A GD X, T K A, 2 A X, GJ A K, A CD 2, Arch and Square . - -a,ig,g4.' mmf. J: -. args-I L." I i illlaa Milli!! Wwliiliill N WILLIAM S. GARDNER ' A President of Day Organization atm ln nl xx N X L , W QA, , FS ix .i I H iNHfHK2!Sa9SQ94l!35WfS5ih i u , GEORGE F. WILLIAMS i President of Night Organization 1,0 N N' ,-il QU V93-.. QNX gsm wk XX X Xixx XX Q X Sw Xxx XXSN Q6 x Xi 15 xx A x-:-, X X xx Yo X X X X X N 1 X QR if X .ww if-"""'W"mw ix N uw - - ' -, if -. v':1,-yv.':w- mfg-. w - 1"., ' V., -1 i Qgbi ..4 5. -.4 L- , A.. , . A-. v f.. AJ' -ff----M ' ' l1' -- " """!f!5IIIJwa1.llulviffwlML'uz:fJWT.""'!!"'!l'!4'lWIl'I,."E.SfV.hmlnimiii'fI,rHriHI'llHH'HI'WWIIJIIIIIHIII me mf f NIIIIIW1,IlliJ'IwlIU'41ssI1i' J M!! II .M SYLVIA GINS ' . President 4 BZQQUZ of Women OFFICERS President ................. SYLVIA ' resident .............. B F Delegate .............. J rer .............. BEATR Corresponding Secretary ...... ...... E DITH R Recording Secretary ........... RUTH Do si is iw i 1.41 I ' il 1lffllllIllilflIlfI7Il1I J WWIHYHUNYINIfllWHUMfhUNH lUN 7'Wll1lWlIYNIWWYH i la. T4-r"'1F-654.11 II .l,3. l.1I....1"li 31 5 Lg etblhd 1923 by ghted c ed wh e the a 1 a t e ii Ed th R m y wh late b G d C e p p s f th e defined within its constitution. They are ' "to foster loyalty to our Alma Mater and fellowship among the women in the School of Commerce, to insure cooperation with other organizations, and to promote the highest and best interests of the women as a Q' 5 whole, scholastically, socially, and in all if and whatever matters that may arise affect- ing their welfare and progress." The Emily Foster Award is given in commemoration of a beloved and noble student. This award is bestowed upon the woman of the Junior Class who has ren- dered the most meritorious service in be- half of the co-eds in her class. Under the capable leadership of Sylvia Gins, 1936-'37 President, the L. O. W. has initiated many novel innovations. Dr. Ada Levine was invited to speak to the girls of the school upon marriage problems and birth control. Faculty Teas have been given to all the departments so that the girls majoring in each field of study could have the opportunity of knowing the pro- fessors more intimately. The League of Women meets monthly in Room 729, and its membership is open to every woman registered in the School of Commerce. An entering Freshman auto- matically becomes a member. Miss Gladys E. Reutiman is the faculty adviser. Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: Elizabeth Ferrer, Beatrice Liptzen, Edith Rivkin. Wm5IU'Eff'Wllniig,i1flf5fffEf:fff: """fe i l UNUHWINU , l,, o f4,J1, ,W J,fL5QM, m,n'If f GERTRUDE RING W President .Emque of Women EVENING OFFICERS President ................ GERTRUDE RING Vice-President ............... CECIL HEBER Treasurer .............. HELEN FROEHLICH Corresponding Secretary ......... BERNICE BOCHIAN I Recording Secretary ............ NATALIE MULLER oo HIIIIIIUWUUIUMHI HYUM! fUl'llWllW H H Q ln l.ll ll .,l.i. IJll .Wi aahy th y 193 th N mL g t GtTgrh D thhthNht S d t L l g T was held in March at the women's ounge. t With the cooperation of the day divi- V sion of the League, the Commerce co-eds sponsored a formal reception and dance at the Park Central Hotel and during the Fall at the Judson Health Center on the Square. Besides these special activities the usual Fresh teas were held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring terms. At various times during the year the League was the schoolis host at socials in Lassman Hall. Regular meetings of the L. 0. W. are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each - month in the women's lounge on the sev- enth floor. Every woman who registers in the evening division of the School of Com- merce automatically hecomes a member of the Night League of Wlomen. This year's program has attracted many new active members, and the League, with more work- ers and more s irit than ever e ore is p is 1 Pictures to right-reading from top to bottom: Cecile Haber. Natalie Muller, Bernice Bochian. n 'x, H' alxllrlffflllff,TUH1lHf'.ff'W:HWI,ff'W" !" ll3!l"0f'f.f5!I4'l9l7'ww., JHIIFIWU IQWJHIIUHWUIJ T UIUVlllll'M"lll'lI1!I'.n""IUUlfVM 1U1141311lWlIl11lWlllllllllliKl1llW W,.l nll.I'lru Q! ,223 5 3 I A. . , , K Q f f I y M i?D 1,003 .....--- nw r n ruuw n vn nwaau ww w aw e i n Wl uflvlln I M ll 4 Q I Gommiffee of Gommerciaf Gfuhs HE Committee of Commercial Clubs is a very young, organization. It was l I started three years ago by a group of enthusiastic students who were eager to see greater coop t' d rdination among the groups within the School of Commer e. Th y rec g ' d the fact that the op lons of these students were important d h ld h sideration in school ffairs. E y l b s entitled become a member of th C mmittee. At meetings l ld g l ly h month such problems as aris th ' d' 'dual club d d d sugg stions are made toward th l t f y d Hi lty. y Th past year the Committee made a two f ld p p F t t t d t j h t the clubs received more repr t t' h h l p p the Bull t p d th t ' ming fre hmen were t ld h t th dll' t l bs and th 12 I . I th endeavors the Committee was f l th t 1 mn was de- t d t lub news in the paper, and l b p t dd d th F osh d g O entation Week. El t are held at the beginning f h y The club Hi ' ' R m 48 S h B ldingi V OFFICERS P dent . . . . . . . MARTIN A. GAG Vice-President . .... GEORGE JASSEM S tary . . . ..... ETHEL L. SIMO UIWWUIWI14:llUlWWl1JfIN' V"'''""IfUNmlNHUN'V' ""' ff'TY""fTf"f""fiT T 11,, ff""!!ifffl'f77UUffffffffiiif'i"'f'm"" i'i' 'ffffi1 lfuiill'WWW i in iii--i-aim! 1 ' ..!.i. IJIi ,..J"'5 omnqemenf HE Management Club continued its leadership in the School Of Commerce as the largest club by increasing its active membership from 107 members last year to over 200 members. The purpose of the Management Club is to encourage an active interest in the field Of Management among the students of business and tO bring before the student body, through the media Of triple discussions, moving pictures, speakers, and other methods, the basic principles Of scientific management. The club's activities during the year have been distinctive because Of their variety and intense interest. Many trips, both local and distant, were sponsored for members and non-members. Trips were made to the Ford Motor Company, The New York Sun, Philco Radio and Television Corp., Consolidated Edison CO., Breyers Ice Cream CO., Caruso Spaghetti CO., Ingersoll-Rand CO., Ward Baking CO., I. Miller Shoe Co., and Ruppert's Brewery. I Outstanding speakers who addressed meetings were: Mr. R. Biow of the Biow Advertising Agency, "'JOhnnie', Of the Phillip Morris CO., Mr. Earl An- drews, Manager of the 1939 World's Fair, Mr. John Riedell of the Society for the Advancement of Management, Mr. John Potter, Outdoor Advertising Company, Mr. Ordway Tead, Harper Brothers, Mr. Charles Gordon Smith of the State Insurance Fund and Dean John T. Madden. Membership in the Management Club is open to any student in the School of Commerce who has a desire to learn more about business administration. There are no dues, but membership is based upon attendance at three consecu- tive meetings. Those members who are considered to have performed outstand- ing work in the club because Of their cooperation, leadership, and service are rewarded by induction into the Management Honorary Society. The activities Of the club were closed with the annual banquet at the Park Central Hotel, where the new Officers were installed. OFFICERS l President . . ..... . GEORGE TEGELAAR, JR. .Vice-president . . . . EDWARD EHRINC Treasurer . . . . . HERBERT FOX Secretary . . . . . JEAN COOPER Historian ...... . GEORGE MATHIEU Faculty Adviser ...... . . MR. H. J. HOLBERT I Chairman Trip Committee . . . . . THEODORE BLOCK Chairman Publicity Committee. . . . EDWARD EHRING Chairman Program Committee. . . . GEORGE ARETAKIS W IIIWJIMIJIIII JHI i f H I S ' PIIHF IH UU! NUI!!! HIWI lI!H!FIHlIl H llh,'' aFlH HU!U llliIi'L1'1UU l1hlJ4HUlw4llUL, .,..I,,4.IIIIWI JII-Flaw,MHUJJI1111111111 Gldlwllltlll S WJ 1 1fl.l'lll .f"'f S X N i .Menfor 1 EW and cap bl d ed are the students who succeed p t t g th Ffortress of phl phical accomplishment, the Mentor Club A quot t 1 by the constit t hich l'mits the membership of the club Since its founding in 1925 the club has had but s ty-fi e members. 1 This group, organized to di h p bl ms of social work among boys, 1 ha nce diverted its a'ms to disq ' ' f p ent-day probl ms in an tt mpt to assi 'ts members to take t ll g t int t ' matters wh' h f d - y mental t h man affairs. B d th gular discussions on current topi ' ' h th t and the re d g f b k pplement the program. ' men mee ever t o'clock h d Th t f y g t y T d y g t gh under th l d h p f D . Se Boyar. Of interest th g f t e wor "Mentor," fo d g t G k mythology Mentor wa f d of Odysseus to whom he int ted h h d th ducation of hi h n he left for Troy. OFFICERS P szdent Emeritus LAWRENCE HICKS P sident . . . C. STUART BURNS Vice-President . . ARTHUR C. BRAND S retary . . LLoYD H. BANKS T rer . R BERT C. COM F ly Advisor ..... . D . G. E. S B 112 U gn Il H' ...-.i..- n w WJJJ,n.nrrrIinn1J,r,.nunmmrrqne an'mfu,mrr1mur"351731:fnHmnrnJrt'Y'atmltffgfggggfgffnwwat,.,,mgaff5355it..:441unn:5Jerfifiv fir.m l'f' : Jlr1z ' ' W ' IP! ww uw? ,ffii dwdv m s im .J rvmm 44wJ,u..nm 1 ll, iii'--4+in1l I' ,ul.5. N1l WJ" I GOITZFIZEVCZ .EHW THE Commerce Law Society is an organization formed to incr e interest in law as a p f d to assist the students f h S h 1 f C mmerce who expect to foll h p ofession. It also strives to b h p k' g ' of its members by p g oration and debates duri g h I 1 y . The Society w g d in 1933 by a mall group f d h ger to form an asso which leg 1 questions could be d d by th p students themselves d p f ms held when prominent persons could be heard. Many distingu h d l y l appeared before the club. During the year the S y h ll d upon Professors McKee and Acker- man to deliver talks on p' f terest. The Society held its third al 'GAll-Commerce Speak g C h Al Lassman Memorial Lounge. F l y mbers from the Law d P bl Sp k g d partments were judge A Hi'alscholky p d h OI' F ICERS President . . I A FIED Vice-President . ETHEL L. SIMON Treasurer . . . . . RALPH MAXON L rresponcling Secr y ELIZABETH SCHMIDT R ding Secr y . . . ROSALIND L1-zlnovrrz F l y Advisor . . . ...... PROF. MCKEE f ,NwlllHUllllllf+flW"" 'f ,""l",. ccomzfinq S representative of the largest majoring field in the School of Commerce, A the Accounting Club gives practical information and aid to students aspiring toward the professional certificate granted to a Certified Public Accountant. Perhaps the most valuable function of the club is the C. P. A. seminar, which is held regularly. At these sessions 'the members gather to thrash out, discuss fully and solve typical examination problems. At the weekly meetings the group is usually addressed by either some V prominent accounting expert or some distinguished professor. During the .current year Professors Kilduff, Wider, Rosenkampii' and Dean Madden spoke. The club also was host to Professor Brett of the C. C. N. Y. faculty. The Accounting Club was the sponsor of many interesting and useful field trips. Non-members were invited to join the group on these excursions. The New York Stock Exchange, the Chase National Bank, the International Machine Company, the Worthington Pump Corporation and Macy's Department Store were visited. ' The club has met with great success in publishing the 4'Accounting Ledgerf, It is issued monthly, and the club members write, edit, and obtain advertise- ments and outside writers for their publication. OFFICERS President . . . ........ LEO STERNFELD,JR. Vice-President . . . . ELIZABETH M. SCHMIDT Treasurer ..... .... M ONROE SEIFER Recording Secretary . . . . ROSALIND LEIBIVITZ Corresponding Secretary . . .... MARION GREENE Faculty Advisor .... . . PRoF. ROSENKAMPFF ' , U 1 'ui stil--F-fi-9-iu..n 1' ,,I,lf Illl ....I"': gaurilz cgsfafe J I d t THE Fourth Estate Club was founded eight years ago by students of 'our- nalism in the School of Commerce. At first membership was limite o male stude t but recently the con t't t' was amended to dmit co-eds, d 1 Freshmen and both majors an minors. The functions of the club t d pen and foster inter t d t ist in the study of rnalism and its p 'pl t p mote social relatl b t lmniandtd t dt int'l. bu d t d'g fthep f th desirous f t ' g it. The activities f the year includ d d ' p forums, lectures by f lty members and talks by outsid p k h actively p minent in th p p b ' I dd't' th I b sponsors A l N Y k City High Sch 1 P C test to l t th tl ree best h gh hool pape 'n the metropolit The club also p rs the Best N s Story Contest t elect the b t tt news story of the school year written by member of th po t l b d f th C mmerce Bulletin, Washington Sq C ll g B ll t' th Ed t' 1 S . OFFICERS P 'd . . EDWARD SALAS V P d LAWRENCE BRENNAN T . . . BERTHA MARKOFSKY S . . . I . . NORMAN M. LoBsENz g,anm'1' Y, , -1-.-.-.-. 1 In ifhlvilqil 1 i .:3t lii ...Ni T T Qwifafefic HE New York University Philatelic Society has f ed effectively f T the nine years since its organization in 1928. D ring this period notabl progress has been made through gradual but steady cre ' membership d t t t ll h t t f th 1 b an cons 'mprovemen s in a t e c u . The sol purpose of the Ph l telic So ty is to pr mote the t dy f ph l ately and to aid ll members in their desir make a ll t' f p g stamps. Membership in th l b ' t l'mited t y p t' l g p f ll t butisopenmthf lty dtd tofNe YkU ryBg invited to join the soc ty t will offer them g t pp t ty to furth their hobby. There are no yearly dues, but the members' pay Ii t t each meeting. I return each member receives a mint copy of U d States issue. Trading ' stamps among the group take pl ft th b siness meeting. Frequently the club will distribute numerous c ll d f ign and d mestic t mps. By th' means most of the members ha b t ntially built up th ' p ' t ll t' . OFFICERS P d . . . . .... JOSEPH GRIES V P d .... GEORGE ERICKSON T . . HERBERT F. SUNDERMANN S y . V. . . JANET WILKINS F lyAd . . . . PROF. JOHN G.GLovER w t 1 H. H mf Y ,,,, t A EC?-ZIZJLIZCZ gg-dl'LLWL THE Finance Forum is an organization composed of those stud t h l a definite interest in the various phases of banking and fin Tl l b divided int th divisions: D y N ght and A1 Th g t' ' ' l bl id to it b t f l th with inf t f typ th t t b d th ghl t lb B t t 1 d cl t pl tl b b t t h g d t d p t bl l financial fi ld N t ly h b of the F discussed g th l fi l topi b tl y h l d outstanding men from the b d p f l world add th Some of the men who have addressed th l b d g th last semeste Dean John T. Madden, John M. Fitzgerald f p d t f Western M yl d R. R., Mr. Nicholas Gregory of the H ld T b D Berl E. Sl lt f th New York Stock Exchange Institute, D J I I B g Edit Ch f f th J urnal of Co erce, and Mr. Roy A. F lk g f tl A lyt l R p t Department f Dun Sz Bradstreet. OFFICERS P d . . . G ORGE L. JASSE V P d LAWRENCE WECHSLER T . BERNARD HAMME S y FELIX HRYNICIEWIC H . . . . WILLIAM FAR Lb , ........ . . DEWITTCAPON J ghgx Il W T ji t f fl l l fllf . ilzcuzce Gram EVENING HE Evening Finance Forum was organized in 1926 as a discussio p Tfor night t d ts of finance. Membership is selective because tl 1 b aims to devel p t b ' to men fitted to g t to the fina l ld and cr d't bly q t tl l d their school F tl son t of the t 't'es are carried th l t d t p t p t' Sp eches ade and l tures delivered by st d t tl p t 1 p e and by alumni who are engaged in diverse fields of th b ld Tl1e For m was inf med about exporting, i tment co I ty ly ' b tl ' g d iercial b k' broke g t t l t t 'ty t d' t k L t l t g nd internal p t fi s G d k l bee t t d tl l b st p minent pr J t P t l B Laboratory h I ll b d the guidance of Dr B g fac lty d The Dow The y f F ting the Stock Market will b studied by tl l b mbers und tl d t f experienced alumni. A F F E pl y t S l b 1 instituted to assist in obtaining 1 b f tl g d t g b S f it has proved to be of consid bl 1 OFFICERS P d t . . . JACK GOR ON V I d r ....... JACK CALDER S t y ...... MARTIN STERN 11 heir Y - H I 'sl y u...n 1' oak?-1-TL-mlb-fsl'L.r1l,,t.f'!ll his so 1 f OVELQIZ 6496 HE Fo g Trade Club of New York University was f d 1930 Torder t a greater 'gforeign trade consciousness" a g h d Under the u ff rts and the leadership of Dr. Paul V H h 1 b 1 grown f ll l f d d ld d d p bl to a g f g d p b h N Y k U y d fore g d l f N Y k C y I bj f h l d h f g d d g f h U d S d h d d g P1 Y d g P Y f g h 1 d l p 1 d d ff Th l hh ld b d l g h I p d d l d p k E l f h f g d d h ld l y d d d p 1 f g y d p k d l h y dd h g p Th l d h ld t h l f l 1 ly OFFICERS P Ld F F .l V P md J B S y B H T ........ B M F l y Advisor ...... D P V H s U . Ll M ul P-T1-I-uamiawhq' A Wa wma 5 ... , 1:-.f fggweagvzsf-r 5 A? J. 65 4,5 r. yi .fr sf ' ,, m 3' HQIXICDRARIES w,,,.:' M H-. H W N M , 1 - f H f- - 'N H W - '- - -- - M , W-W 1 , I 1- A 11'H41IH1W1IfiWilIP!ll'4IW41f1wvIllflfw 4"' Tlww-NUN""f 'Wil FW Yf"f5ffffl4 I S NIU!UHUU4W1MWenWJWI!Y49NWieiii?iTffTfff'FI14iii!4'flWI ""H When """'IWlU """""'WUl?N4lU U1 uu r fU!!lW!lW'11U!!JJl .1'7 .flif K :n , Q. HN. .. ' . iX..1I.a:,f-Q' " , :NJ .WW Sphinx PHINX is the senior society of the day division of the School of Commerce. Membership does not depend upon scholastic rating. Members are chosen for their outstanding ability and service, usually shown in extra-curricular activities. S Candidates must also have proved to be capable of accepting responsibilities and fulfilling them in a consistent and dependable manner. A list of the students eligible is published in the college newspaper a week before the elections and tapping ceremony. The candidates are then responsible for submitting their own records to the president of Sphinx. Each year twelve new members are selected. One, junior is also tapped and automatically becomes president of the society after his initiation. These students constitute the active membership, which also includes an honorary faculty member and the Sphinx president of the previous year. Election of new members is conducted by the most recently elected class of Sphinx at a meeting called by the President upon the evening before the tap- pings are to be held. Voting is carried on by preferential ballot. The ballots are unsealed and uncounted until they are given to the day chairman of Student Activities, who holds them for safe-keeping. The results areathen totalled and made known to the members and the faculty advisor or chairman of activities by the president a few minutes before the tapping ceremony takes place. The utmost considera- tion is given to maintain an aura of secrecy. fifThe final step is the actual tapping, which is similar to the Yale system and keepslidentification of candidates unknown as long as possible. J A ,C. Stuart Burns was the junior selected last year and is therefore this year's president. C. STUART BURNS. ICINGSLEY JONES SANFORD TAMARIN JoHN CINCOTTA, JR. HARRY IKROOGMAN MARIE MCNALLY 1936 MEMBERS WILBUR ASHMAN SYLVIA PRICE ADA ROSENHOUSE ELEANOR WOIDSCHECK JAMES P. HACKETT JAMES MCGLYNN WILLIAM STEINER - HW ,U il ,J im Wunllug f W i.,,4, fffffffffiflhvwww!!! ,... HuUNH.fllffiiiisiiifffllufl1Iv.ffff!!!!!!f!!!!?!Ir1wwIlffff15555fE55555!1ulv+I1IH+'irf'Jffffimurlllwiilvfwl11- H i I I 1' HHAWlHINWlI1vw':g,,.1 ,l,. ''VT'''f''''''''''ffl'TfTTf'T7ff'fT""fTTf A f'1.f 1.ll 1l 1u.Q-F-all .,..l""i .ya li sw , -21' ,""?ffjiTfTf5IQiilffllfflf if .- 51-Lissgwigzsfzi-35 S' i is se-rg:-'O ex - ..I,s,- ,I', .,,.,,.I' Q" '5' s W Jftsx .su '- , ii "5'1f'l ' 9 lf? 't Q. ' X 4,34-ig55L: ' Q as -'iig F r 2 rch and Square N 1917 the -Arch and Square, honorary fraternity was founded. Only male stu- Idents in the evening division are eligible to be tapped. The purpose of the fraternity is to recognize those seniors who have rendered "outstanding and un- usual service to the School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance of New York University" during their entire school career. . ' Membership is limited to not more than seven new men each year and is determined by the active members of the fraternity. Each year a faculty mem- ber is also tapped for meritorious service in behalf of the students. The aim of Arch and Square is to imbue the entire student body with en- thusiasm for active participation in all school activities. Addresses by members of the fraternity are delivered to the student body concerning all extra-curricula phases of the school. The newly elected members are , JULIUS JAY BASMAN JOSEPH NEWBURGER SAUL ROTTER GEORGEF. WILLIAMS JOHN M. SCHMIDT SEYMOUR IQATZENSTEIN JAMES HOLMAN ROBERTSON PROF. RAYMOND RODOERS 3,10 N 'W --i-,- YQ J 9 U I l 1 ll. nl ,.,l.1 lQllH-1"lIll t 4 'mms V sisisgib ' Aawiilitvss H ,.,, .1 Y .4 ' L Q, Gilfpka Sigma If A i LPHA PHI SIGMA, the honorary junior society of the School merce, was established fifteen years ago. From its inception it has elect men who have proved to he worthy leaders and who have - flcial influence on their classmates because of their characte service. A V Alpha Ph elected two lo has sh P J , A J I ING LAWRENCE HICICS - ENOV BERNARD LICHTM H H ALLEN LEA. PROF. CLARENCE C. FACKLER s 125 fllirlwlff1i'r1f.f,ffffffJfI"WW :Wff..,.:i'f!lr2.f,fffJf1'fl'1,'E''W'Mit"mHUUm,,.41',,,MIFIIIIUI'H'WUl'!"4llU1If'I'W' M l'llhfM'llNWI'4lvI1411WW1hu13nlf5IWWI Q 'n Lllinl 1' ,I.G .f-.Wi A i 9 ' i e .....,......3.......... Q I sf-X X Y. i ! 9 tv 1'-, T' 'sax 1 alfa gamma iqma 9 ELTA of New York is the New York University chapter of the national hon- D orary society of collegiate schools of business, Beta Gamma Sigma. Founded in 1907 at the University of Wisconsin, its position is similar to that of Phi Beta Kappa in fine arts colleges. For twenty years prior to 1933, the scholastic honorary society at the School of Commerce was Delta Mu Delta fAlpha Chapterl, which claimed such distin- guished honorary members as John Wanamaker, Daniel Guggenheim, and Thomas Lamont. Delta Mu Delta merged with Beta Gamma Sigma in 1933 and f 4 became the Delta of New York Chapter. ,ill A -v Elections to the society are held twice yearly in November and March at I joint meetings of student and faculty members. The number of students to be elected is limited to one-tenth of the senior class. Two per cent of the junior class may be elected in March. Only students working for degrees and having no failures or incompletes are eligible. '1 The purpose of the society is to encourage arid reward scholarship in com- 1 mercial studies, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster the principle of integrity in business practice. . 9 if UU! ! W1'HJJ'WWUUWUWUWWW5ff5fffWffffHJ''"1fffll"fff""'mffff',fft,f::ff5ffffff'ffffffffffwf,fffffffffJWWJ.'fL.,111i57lYf'Wf UI INFIIIUWUW J 'J Qg I.JI 1' F-Q-QWIJJJ ..-.M N Th B 1 d 1937 f11 S D s F C A IN T 'J G TB I JS L D B F K B FC F E T C R H J HC B E H D A RD M AG H T W SG B GK H JH EVIBU A Z KWJ B NB L K C JG W ML J EL J T WM H DF W M W H P s H J H B M U 111 M LS M G S Js D CD D Cs F s G WS F JT A AS H C UH Q lllln "' ,. A I J .w .N l , ....:f,. . I lic" wx ss- :S Nvtiii-+R x -- -Xsww.. .4 -, -Q-I .R Mofef Sora!! ' EVENTEEN years ago the Violet Scroll, the honorary society of the Com- S merce Yearbook, was founded to give due recognition to noteworthy services rendered to the school by the editors and their associates. Each year new members are elected from the Violet staff. Those eligible fall into three classifications: first, members Of the managing board, second, senior ' members of the associate board, and third, members of the staff who have given outstanding service for three years. In special cases the requirements have been waived, and the honor has been bestowed when exceptional service has been displayed. A, The new members for this year are: GOLD SCROLLS M. WARREN QUADLAND f elected in 19365 SYLVIA SCHNEIDER JANE FLANAGAN Qelected in 19365 J. LEONARD WILSON ' ALVIN LEVINE MAUREEN HETTGER C. STUART BURNS JOHN S. CHAPIN SILVER SCROLLS ETHEL SIMON MILTON BELINKIE MILTON CRAMER NORMA REIs ROSLYN SOHENKER FRED FUOHS GEORGE JASSEM Celected in 19365 CERTIFICATES OF MERITORIOUS SERVICE NELSON COMES ' MILDRED BROOKLYN TESSIE SLOAN CARL FADER ' 4 VERONICA DONDER SEYMOUR MINTZ I 128 qulul' iilUl1I'l+' UNMUWIIIWIHIHffffflllfif!mI'UUJUUW-MIE1,f''UUIw11IIlllllrulxlflmzfm5551414414111 UJU1iilffffffl,WlvuauvlllnlllilvH 'Ui 1'7WHHN1UNMll!UllI1H'ffIllWlfllid'iiifffffffIwiii'iPI"""'ll-UlllfII51fie,,ffffIf..JWWi,"'i'JL'U'f,rQ'!rHWNWrr1r"ffmmfHH1UHHwU1W 1 H,L 1,.u 1' entail-4-ini! ,-.f""i I U1 l my u T l t 'c i 5 vt Mu m Z Lql7'Z6L L 5f m TAU CHAPTER of the national society of Theta Sigma Ph 1 d the School f C ' 1931 d'ng th I 1 S k O T I purposes are t sts o d q nalisni and he opportunitl d R Q fi f h h high general scholarsh d ' mend b 1 . O l 'unior and se d if J d d b ' ' . ' h b S' h d f h 1, Q d md S S H C ld R S M R H 0 R T H ' , M ,,fffiiffffilUIIIWUNHLUiiiiifzffliivr7I1VIllPlUVlUf1W"'W'J I ill , NAIA' mfnll: w .. -W JY, x' fpka effa i LTHOUCH Alpha Delt Sigma has existed as a natio l fraternity since A 1914 193 t l C , not until 5 th Commerce chapter ins l d. ommerce men aspiring to gain this ho y g 't'on must have a B average in all adver- tising courses. At least t l p ' t f d't must have b ompleted for eligibility to membership. Membership is now limited to t l men each year. At the same time 5 four honorary brothers are ind t d They are chosen from men outstanding n achievement in the adverti ' g p f ' . Some of the associate members g re Paul Cornell, president of Gey C ell and Newell, Advertising Agency, and J ack Janis, a faculty member. The men elected thi y Fall Semester Sp ' g S mest r RAYMOND C. HAGEL ANDREW THO GEORGE TEGELAAR, JR. JAMES BERG FRANK L. CONNORS NORBERT ACKERT MALCOLM HERzoc CHARLES NOONAN SERGIO OSMENA, JR. CHARLES LIBERTY FELIX SANG JACK NASH GEORGE STROM ALLEN COBB, JR. STEPHAN WOLF LAWRENCE BOLES HICKS GALE M. SPOWERS no I ' ,rr so s f"''''"'T7ffTff'7Tff??TTTTf'fT'Tl 'f'1""" """" 1 'Ti I1IIIW IIMIIIHMUIIIHH H!!!WIIIWHIYII V411HHHIIIIIIIIIIIHHWIIW E .M LL jgdppd Can n MU KAPPA TAU is the honorary society for women intere ted in i at the School of Commerce. It was organized in 1935 by J seeking the advancement of women in the advertising professi Women studen record of A or B in Mr. Ro adviser L """"""""'i - T in: 1 ls. I I ,i.i. IJli .-J""i f av E2 f A11 I Com yqdppd EBATING, as all otherioutstanding extra- cular activitie N Y k l D University h h f y V l h d gly fi ' k T K Al h h l h d lo pro cient are t pp p g fraternity. Th N Y k h p f ly gh y d f d d I 1928. T y p p ll g d b g h q f lgbl y l Th f y f g l d la g g h d by l d h h p h h I h d g p FACULTY ADVISOR W D B FACULTY MEMBERS P R C B P A C B P W B B P C A D P J SM P A BW mal' ........... QQYAYO 'mmzaxsmp If 'WfUUHvrlffl1rff'fr U WuffllfllllnlwbW"WUUUW I I f"f, HN1mullU1l'ffffffTfff' 'j'f,"Jf,,f,",',T,1,Q1 ,Q',f' A 1 .' If li ,.I.i1 I-All wJ'Wi A oumqemezzf oizomry H M g Tbers of the Management Club whose participation in club activities demon- A strated their leadership, organizing ability, and- sound application of the principles Of scientific management to the wide range of activities of the club. Members are elected annually by the unanimous decision of the Executive Committee and the Faculty Adviser, Mr. Hayward Holbert. - This year the Society held its first banquet, at which former and newly T elected members exchanged ideas On current management problems. Keys were presented to the newly elected members at the M. C. Dinner. ' . Officers were elected for the first time. A A Faculty and newly elected members are: FACULTY PROF. JOHN G. GLOVER MR. HAYWARD J. HOLBERT PROF. COLMAN L. MAzE - STUDENT GEORGE ARATIKIS STEPHEN DEMAREST GEORGE MATHIEU C. STUART BURNS JULIUS GLASS ES-THER RABINOVICH JEAN COOPER IRVING HOLCZER 'WALEXANDER DEFORTUNA, Honorary 'l'Deceased. MANAGEMENT HONORARY SOCIETY New Members last May New Members this year PEARL BLAU C. STUART BURNS VERONICA DONDER JEAN COOPER F. ANTHONY STEPHEN DEMONEST GENE MOSHVIN JULIUS GLASS NETTIE TUCKER GEORGE M. MATHIEU JANET R. WILKINS ESTHER RABINOVICH OFFICERS-NEWLY ELECTED President ................ KINOSLEY JONES Vice-President .............. EDWARD EHRING Secretary . . . . JANET R. WILKINS Treasurer . ..... HARRIET F OX S 133 1 H 1""9lllIaii'H"'""W5iiIHllIIl '111 IIHIVF' """qWf'5"" "IWW "" "'"""'V"llJlIIII'IV '1""'4'q"' II- Hu FIM JH ""'4"44 HN HW IlIll1l1I1ill!!B!!lllilmlwlillmmli N WKLI' 5 THE KENNETH HAZEN AWARD Given by Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity Awarded in 1936 to George I. Sundstrom SIGMA PHI EPSILON AWARD Awarded in 1935 to Sanford Tamarin THE DELTA PHI EPSILON GOLD KEY Awarded in 1936 to Walter Yuska THE AL LEHMAN AWARD Given by the Class of 1930 Awarded in 1936 to George J assem THE ALPHA PHI DELTA GOLD MEDAL Awarded in 1936 to Anthony Conetta THE EDITOR AND PUBLISHER AWARD Awarded in 1936 to Maxine Lowenstein THE JOYCE KILMER PRIZE Awarded in 1936 to James Frascella THE DON MELLETT MEMORIAL PRIZE Awarded in 1936 to Thomas Hochmeister THE DELTA SIGMA PI GOLD MEDAL Awarded in 1936 to Lawrence Lachman THE ALPHA KAPPA PSI MEDALLION Awarded in 1936 to William Zheutlin THE PHI CHI THETA NATIONAL KEY AWARD Awarded in 1936 to Gertrude Ring THE JAMES FENIMORE COOPER AWARD Awarded in 1936 to Harold Jacobs GAMMA ETA SIGMA TROPHY Awarded in 1936 to Martin Carlsen ANGIE V. SUTTON AWARD Given by the New York University Alumnae Club Awarded in 1936 to Gertrude Ring REVEREND DAVID JAMES BURRELL PRIZE Awarded in 1936 to Manet Fowler JAMES MELVIN LEE MEMORIAL AWARD Given by Psi Sigma Tau Sorority Awarded in 1936 to Selma Balk SETH SCHILLER GOLD MEDAL Given by the Student Council Awarded in 1936 to Stanley Strocker EDWARD E. FLETCHER MEMORIAL MEDALLION Awarded in 1936 to James Christopher McG1ynn BETA GAMMA SIGMA AWARD Awarded in 1936 to Helen Wentink of the day division and THE ALPHA KAPPA PSI PRIZE Joseph J. Gulick Awarded in 1936 to Albert Friedman of the evening division .1 ,- -Y Q-Q , - f r ' 1m w w .m vf W ausa u rf m nw . -. nr - 1 M. V WARREN QUADLAND Editor-in-Chief of Violet and Violet News "'1vr"4Hl 'WI l'l4v fl "'f"'n A 44V4 "rl f'L" Juwunl.rrrnurrrrrrfc1 - ji z4c4zgga,4''fuaanwua'nfuamua1aw 44"'d "' ffu11II''1vlIII'a4IIMtaa""f'::':a.uwmrrImums PROF. C. HAYES SPRAGUE Faculty Advisor to Violet Che fwofef HE Violet has been fortunate in having Professor Sprague as Faculty Ad- visor for twenty years. To twenty editors he has been counsel and friend. He has built an everlasting bond between himself and all Violet editors. The 1937 Violet was started in June, 1936. Immediately after the Editor received his appointment he began formulating plans and policies for the book. This work was carried on during the whole summer. A dominant theme was chosen and a pre-arranged schedule set up to facilitate the work of compiling material throughout the year. In October the Editor named his staff of some ninety-odd students. There are a number of innovations in the Violet this year. For instance, there is a new and distinct type of photography. All portrait photography has been under the personal supervision of an expert in the field. It has been the object of the Violet Board to present art and a distinct beauty in all the action photography for the purpose of making the book truly pictorial. In harmony with this idea all copy has been cut to a minimum, and written in what we hope is a concise, lively and interesting style. Among the many innovations appearing in the ,37 book is a special type-f ace acquired especially for the Violet to blend with the make-up of the book. The Sports Section is probably one of the most unique to ever grace the pages of a collegiate annual. The Feature Section is ft comprehensive portion of the year- book and contains many new phases of collegiate life in a metropolitan Uni- versity. One of the most striking features of the '37 Violet is, without a doubt, the brilliant gold and white cover. The Seniors themselves selected the colors and the design was made to carry out the original theme of Opportunity. The entire Violet Board, including editors, associates, and members of all staffs gave their time and talents that this may be the grand book which they are proud to say they were a part of. 'tt ' E UH mm HIM: 4 JANE FLANAGAN Office Manager ' C. STUART BURNS Organizations Editor SYLVIA SCHNEIDER Circulation Manager L J. LEONARD WILSON A Managing Editor I , fIn Charge of Seniors1 MAURINE HETTGER - Literary Editor ALVIN LEVINE Sports Editor fffff' ' ' ' ' lmmllllmllna mIN!lilIllIlll1lli1lNlIllmnaWlNl1i1fI Q '11 LL-Q'-4-9"f'u,,n 1' 65+-Li.4.n.,.1I"'7f x n E COMBS CHAPIN FUCHS SIMON VON HAGEN BELINKIE SLOANE REIS JASSEM MINTZ SCHENKER DONDER CRAMER ANDERSON - BROOKLYN ...O O O..O I, ll ll ll , , ,YH .1-1 f H nf'4'HUWW IMPUUUWUUIIWL,.lIllllWWlWfffffn'f'WUI!UWNlflllUWffff5f,ffffWW7WfIIUUW11liffffffffffrHUUW3UmWffflllmffffufufffvWW f JIIM IIIJIHIIYYIIJJUNA In il-T'-2-Tllill nl ,.l.i. IJIi ..fJ"'i Staff Arts .............................. NELSON COMBS, BERTRAM BENDIT, STEPHEN WYMAN Assistant Office Managers ...,...................................... TESSIE SLOAN, MILDRED BROOKLYN Night Editorial Assistant ...............,................... .....,.......................................,........................ D ON ANDERSON Day Student Council Representative ......... ............... W ILLIAM GARDNER Day Senior Representative .............,................. .............. W ILLIAM ZHEUTLIN Night Student Council Representative .... ................. G EORGE F. WILLIAMS Night Senior Representative ................,.., ................... S AUL H. ROTTER CIRCULATION STAFF: George Aretakis, Erma Scher, George Forman, Ethel F reidman, Helen Garvey, .I0sephine Caporaso, Sylvia Gins, Samuel Soloman, Ira Feidler, Herbert Fox, Shirley Korrick, Henry Stark, Morris Krall, George Dodson, Irving Richland, Larry Smith, Charles Grossman, Walter Lasker, Helen Peck, Bert Weiss. LITERARY STAFF: Seymour Sommer, Annette Bernfeld, Lawrence Hicks, Lawrence Brennan, Henry Winkler, Monroe Adler. ORGANIZATIONS STAFF: Howard Hawley, Ralph Maxon, Robert Kline, Edward Ehring, 'Alexander De Fortuna. SPORTS STAFF: Arthur Singer, Bernard Scharfstein, Stanley Wasser, Bernard Granolf, Edward Bresnick, Reuben Karsh, William Swid. I OFFICE STAFF: Sally Winograd, Janet Stein, Ruth Rothberg, Evelyn Post, Lou- Andre, Irma Lomberg, Estelle Golish, Helen Banks, Anthony Butera, Helen Sargent, Lillian Tobin, Mildred Wright. - SOCIAL AND FEATURE STAFF: Frances Reich, Russell Fairbanks, Robert Commerce, Donald Wynick, Evelyn Justman, Kay Allan. PRODUCTION STAFF: Louis Gruhin, Brew Gottsch, Carl Fader. FRATERNITY STAFF: John Cordes, Ted Woodard, Foster Miritello, Fred Schaffmeyer. SORORITY STAFF: Laila Stacey, Rose Igstaedter, Jean Cooper. "' Deceased. WUI! 'UVUUHUUUIWU! "!'qda """""m "lW' NUM 'A' UfflVf"'fl75'lH"'3'fUf' ""a """"""WlWW mLn" - R ""'HlIllHWIIIIHIW WW l"'q1" i'i'1"!llY1VlIl1W I H It s,1.a.ts-1-'i-M-lil ,,..f"'i I iolei wews LONG with its big brother, the Bulletin, the Violet News took its place among the Commerce publications for the first time this past winter. This miniature-sized tabloid appeared four times during the year and was one of the most discussed periodicals to be distributed at New York University in many years. Resembling the Bulletin in makeup, it was a lively sheet, for it featured news and happenings of interest to Commerce students. Primarily designed as a 'apropaganda sheet" for the purpose of boosting sales of the 1937 Violet, it was soon transformed into a publication that fed its readers sugar-coated publicity stories disguised as news. Since they were often accused by their M1'lV3lS,,, the Bulletin staff, of writing only about the Violet, the editors of the News refuted the charge by pointing out the features concerning clubs, formals, and varied events that dotted the school's calendar. The News initiated several contests of school-wide interest, including the Arch contest, the Color Cover contest, and the annual Quest for the Exquisite competition. The pseudo Hfeudv' that waged between the News and the Bulletin resulted in a great increase in the numbers of readers of both publications. More important to the Circulation Manager of the Violet, this protege was successful in sending the circulation figures of yearbook sales skyrocketing and thus assur- ing a sell-out for the edition. The staff of the Violet News: Editor V M. WARREN QUADLAND Associate Board ALVIN LEVINE, LEONARD WILSON, M. HERBERT BELINKIE J LEONARD WILSON MILTON I-I. BELINKIE ALVIN LEVINE s.1u'l"' M... 'FLM IJJNJU ' 7 TE P fl"IEf5ffl5fl?f7fl7lllYfifi5l1flvI1UWWU Q In L2-J--+ 1411 1' ,s.3.5-QLIMI .-.Ill Sports Editor THOMAS BURKE EEEE E iiii Managing Editor Editor-in-Chief mm r e ullefin WITH a circulation increased to fo thousand, the Commerce Bulletin, semi-weekly undergraduate newspaper of the School of Commerce, began volume five this year. Circulation statistics reveal that three thousand five hun- dred copies of the paper are distributed in the day and evening divisions of Commerce and five hundred in the Wall Street Division. In September a new managerial policy was adopted for the paper wh for thiitt' "t 't d't-' h'f 1 e rs 1me in 1 s exis ence one e 1 or 1n-c 16 was se ected to carry on th duties customarily delegated to co-editors. A Managing Board, composed of Assistant Editor, Day and Night Managing Editors, a Sports Editor, and B ness Manager, continued in a supervisory capacity. The paper recently celebrated its second anniversary as a member of th - Associated Collegiat P The Collegiate Digest, the association's rotogr section of nation l ll g and pictures, is distributed once a week 'th th Bulletin. Cartoo C ll g yndicated feature of the Collegiate Pr ss, is also included in the p p Last May the B ll t n was awarded First Class honor rati g in the Sixth National Newspape Critical Service of the Associated Collegiate P for gen- eral excellence-ii ll pl s of news selecti and make-up. i 14-4 - I f 'Mvllliffrllallllulliili H 1 H 1' . .zi-4-oi'i-l,.1l....f"": JULIUS BASMAN SIDNEY L. SINCOFF LEO STERNFELD Night Managing Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager In add't'on to reviewingacc t ly d tl ghly all news and activ't' f the School of Commerce, th B ll t h t d d merous Vitallzlllg f tures duri g th mester. MTI I q g R p t I p d f al valu ' d t mining th f t d t p t p f rrent interest. Oth features which pp d t t 1 th p t year were 6'Hoop- H oes,', tintypes of th V l t h k tb ll pl y C F C mment," and P ' t" olumns perta' ' gt t if Picking the V 1 t d ptly tt , has cont ed t g th h t p e f C mmerce gos p p y nd breezy manne A p f th 1 ' llege througho t the co t y made in ' C ll C pers. Th gh extensive effort on the pa t f th b t H' th re has hee f over 8576 in the Bulletin's ad t' ' g ln the past year Th c h made po 'bl more six a d 'ght p . F merly only f d ' p ge issues we p bl' h rl. Editor-in-Chief W THOMAS W. BURKE t Assistant Editor Business Manager SIDNEY L. SINCOFF LEO STERNFELD, J R. Day Managing Editor Night Managing Ed t Sports Ed t J osEPH J. GALDI JULIUS J. BASMAN JACK B. CHERWIN g in In Ill -.-.-..1..- RaRf,tmREc 1 JAR-. f x g A Q 'wi-11 1f121u 11 1R:111R1sw A .11.':L:AT.f.u-.1f-R, X Wi. X I , 1W1nnT1141u1w1wa1rf1nrrnr11:111111w:rwanv111wrnfwumw41114141111A111"'fAWwwR111111'w:wuaauna1n1uwnnaw11wm:wwsamwmz4 1 1 111f11f rffrarrw1w1uf1wwrrwr:11f:f:1111r11m111:11n11z1uuuw P H MH"' P 1 111 9 ., , H ' ful l 1 SME ! J XX Lf HU'H1ffmlJl5lf4r+ll'f'WMI igdmmililliill News Editor JAMES FRASCELLAASSOCWM News Ediwr5JEONARD FREEDMAN ROBERT COMMERCE JOSEPH DEVIOO SAMUEL ROTROSEN STANLEY GOODMAN BERNARD ICALBAN SEYMOUR STERN Wall Street Editor A JAMES ROBERTSON Associate Sports Editor EDWARD SALAS Feature Editors LAWRENCE HICKS LUIGI CORTESE Assistant Business Manager SEYMOUR MALMAN Circulation Managers C. STUART BURNS HERBERT TETENBAUM News Board IQAY ALLAN PEARL GREENBERC SEYMOUR LIPSCHUTZ GEORGE HOROw1Tz MAX STEIN AL GINSBURG SEYMOUR MINTZ MORRISS BERGREEN LEN SMITH MEL FISHKIN HOWARD IQIESLER LEN HALBREICH JOSEPH COHEN Business Staff GERTRUDE LEVBARG VERONICA DONDER HERBERT FOX ROSE ICSTAEDER IRA FIEDLER X, .4 he xix XX ,, 11 E 11 ' HA, 'Q' A A T. ' 3 A-fd' 1 1 1 A - il ' 1 I r 4 5 , '. 1..-f J ' f 1 ' "' w ' X X .11, f 113 11u 2,1 55 M , X ,X A . , ju ", 1: N1 1w",1, 3 '1w11Xx W AMN , , R 1- -f , ,, 1 ,uf 1x1 ,uv 1'1w1u3, 'W -.,11 1 15 ,X ' ii ,N , ,"'ug"uU iu"Wx"W 'N' W! ,u' I1T'Q 1 Eb! 151 91.31 1 'I l T 8 m X. A , .s,S , ,J 1? J A 3 11 ,, A +1 1 -A T 4 1495 Q P ffgl Ji 3 1 W HW M I I T , , 5 ff, J J, M , 5 u ' , w Ri 1 1 fw1 212?J.W.ew A if 11 R R uw , :A V - Y Rfk H ,J :qv 1' T 1 1 F A R,-A A 1 11 A , ' W':,1l'V riww Rzxfwirtl A ff"'-I W,fjy1511 uv -N :w1mu.1u 1.w,,. ,. EX 15 J V IVE NJN' ' .gg-111 11g1ML AMN' i H1 I ,1 1 ! , A 1 N LJ ' 45 1-yn ' Q11 ww ,-11 J ,,,, ,,L, A, gig A A 'Q :gm Sq? A., JN ,,11.-WMM .vwu5.anWN. wwf A RM A E RT TQJEM' WJ A RR Q,ui J ' 1 .mXaX-: As1E23 ' s1ggqyigv.s',13 1 1 T T Q A! , 1A H FW 3 ft 3 'X 4 g15E'm5?5WJ 1 11' 1 ' 1 +' Tmx-Af'-L f mfw ggp ggl AJP EgvX. ,5j1wX,,f- wiXXfy,'QUgMXw,y'gn1 JXgiMiXXXXg,z MXL-X XXX X. X X . X X XXXX1 X XXX XX 3-TX gX'g X L TL, X 'U 'TW-, Q' Q X X , X 1 X1 XXX X X X X. XX XX 3 X u ,X l M11 ,J X. ,x ' wM, M gW.muX5XX4 X XXMX ,X XX X X XXX? X an If L.: JL X 1 : X'fm13R1Xiu gd LUX T1 my 5jX ,XXXliWaAXi EW Twiwuwv:,R"muww1,'iC.Rm,f-.1. .J r... --iff-Es' RWM-. - Rf . 15-:jim WWW ,L .- TP ,311 w w,-T, T w U min 1, 1 - . 1 1 Q 51 1 - - H H1 , 1 la, E A .. img, 'ff A mu: '1' -gp ,Q-1 ,, 1 if .1 41 5'4.,L .J M 1 1, 11 v..4w! 1,,111:xmf,M,Anmi np wi 1, W -,,5f11...W ' H ' 7"' 'U P 5 'i' ULJ"J' WM M' Wwliv- T' Jn M 10 1 3 m wwjiwwf 5 J 'f ' ,. X ff ii' 'N Mi W ' 1 W V J' A' M X M All U ':'fW'.e-' .'I"'5,1 .'-'W "'3f11 .5!-JN? '- H " :n" N "4U2-MM ' 11 '515'11" M3 1 1 - 1-11 1 1 - A -1 -A '- - Mm- -MAMA-. Us .11 111 ,-11 111-1:1111..11-1L, 111111111111v11111 1-1111 111A A1Rf,T1W R1.w..U.J-.RW. 11. uw- - .fws oz L:-'1q1g511, M l ll llw THOMAS BURKE GOHZHZBVCE .507 THE first freshman handbook with a modern theme, the 1936 Commerce Log 1 was completely rejuvenated in spirit and format from previous editi 1 For the purpose of orient t' U th f hmen to their w environment th L g ac uaints incoming student th th l'stOr of the U ' ersit an l S q D y p y d t IC E ch l f Commerce, the faculty., and th ' f rms of ext -curricula activity Th y ' 'cf hman hiblef' which V l ll d dicated to G ld E S B y V P fessor of General Lit t F'fty special gold copies f th L g t h p t d t b f tl f lty re printed this year dd t t th l d t f h d d d fifty copies. Twice as y ill t t s w d One of the many new additions t the content th y th t d voted to the Wall Street Division. Including a history f th d t d f C mmerce and messages from Dean A. Wellingto T yl th d t d th p esident of the Wall Street Student Organizati th f t f lfill d l g-f lt eed. T BURKE Ed or-in-Chie GEORGE JASSEM BEN SONZ Circulation Manager Business Manager LAWRENCE H1cKs J. LEONARD WILSON JULIUS B A iate Editor Sports Editor Asso Ed Ll' " " .ll H Q., -,gm-sulxnmnr:-gsm:-mx:amm.,,,'.tmMv Q .,,:' N W-'Lf web" 5-lux , -i,..,w :Af .mv .lush- -H"" If' 4 H 199' 'MM Y.,:l . 11 JJ,-. PM In rf . ,ff rn 4 fl .5 in nf' ' r 151, X ' ,L A A wi v If X1 gr U i , q m , ,J 11 , , Nm I Q, , fl. 9 acxl it R hw 'R 1, . me V M .4-29" mb-af, ,4f"p "mm ,,,-sh pau, , 1-':v4,.M, ,A 5 V ww LN.-ad R f'11"-wfwma1.w-ffmnv-rf- fWKlmE. EHRv!' ELi u E1 ,X Q 1. I ii '9!uF!U'IalWi"!Il'lN'lfV'f'4rurll4r1f:WM I.TfW'n UNHI'MWliffijffffrwliil1fUhUllff ff':f?f,,EEIMI N, :3ffTiu4wU fuJ14'l1fw1"vf!J'n q g ll 'lTllV,'i', '!MHl ,"in5:Fu!'ffWff!'i1iiv"l?fWfT''IIlJV,i'TfffE:HE?f!L,fT iTf,l,,T,,1f?!'"WI, NuWlllll''714VJlifif,i1?f,1 F11119lhifiWUUl7" PHILIP O BADGER Ch U yB df Ahl C l .BMJ of fhfefic Gomfrof I Professor Philip O. Badger-Chairman Associate Dean G. Rowland Collins-School of Commerce, Accounts and F inan Perley L. Thorne--Uni ty College of Arts and Pure Science P f .l h M VV h' Sq C ll g P f D d B P C ll g f E g g M Alb B N G d M g UNDERGRADUATE BOARD OF ATHLETIC CONTROL AIL A L G A .lh Fly Eg g Th d Ak Eg g L dFh Whg Sq Cllg B d H If d W h g Square Coll g S l HW y S h l f Commerc J Leonard Wilson-School of Commerce W U uhrilblH1111IIllHll'111I1UWiCli,'l5W'IiluIlW'I L"' 'lllll1ll11l1llWl4i'lZ1.I Iluinll' "'?'a' " llllull Wil Ill llas GEORGE SHIEBLER Universi ty Sports Editor Sports ecapifufafion Won-124 Lost-61 1 Tied-2 Won Lost Tied Won Lost Varsity Baseball 9 8 0 Junior Varsity Freshman Baseball 5 5 0 Basketball 7 5 Varsity Track 5 5 0 Freshman Basket- Freshman Track 1 0 ball 16 0 Varsity Tennis 5 6 0 Women's Basketball 2 7 Women's Tennis 4 ' 1 0 Varsity Swimming 5 2 Varsity Football 5 3 1 Women's Swimming 4 1 Varsity Cross-country 4 1 0 Varsity Fencing 7 0 W'omen's Field Junior Varsity Hockey 0 5 J 1 Fencing 2 0 Freshman Football 2 2 0 Freshmen Fencing 4 3 Freshman Cross- WOD16H,S Fencing 5 1 country 4 1 0 Women's IV Fencing 1 0 Varsity Basketball 11 6 0 Varsity Rifle 18 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS INDOOR TRACK-New York University: the two mile I. C. 4A Relay Ch pionship. Reiners: the Metropolitan Intercollegiate broad jump. New Y University: the IM3 mile Metropolitan A. A. U. Relay. RIF LE-The New England Sectional Championship. FENCING - Intercollegiate champions - Team championships: the Tl Weapon Championship, F oils and Epee Team Championships. Individ l championships: Lewis, the Class B Foils, Gold, the Class C F oilsg Gold th Class A Epeeg Lewis, the Class B Epeeg Kirschner, the Class C Saber. L annexed the National Junior E ee and F oils Cham ionshi s. P P P Giolitog the Intercollegiate Freshman Championship. "0 ll U I-...-.11 . I H MIIUIIIIINWIINNW!! Wm? W uf WUv''f1'fUUNWWWMU:mm'inmm Www Qffff.WWflff"ffWW!!If "rll"l'f WW!IWWYUYVNIUW I '11 1' ,J.G. nual ,.1.1'l7i W6Ll" 5 VARSITY FOUTBALL Major Letters--Andrew Barberi, Bernard Bloom, George Blomquist, George Brown, Edward Cella, Daniel Dowd, Howard Dunney, Frederick Fiore, Leonard Greenberg, Richard Hall, Robert Hersh, Milton Miller, Irving Mond, Edward Morschauser, David Moskowitz, Charles O'Connell, Rocco Pauline, George Renzi, George Savarese, Oscar Scarola, Stanley Sharp, Harry Shorten, Joseph Sivak, Salvatore Somma, Michael Stelmach, Philip Swiadon, Edward Williams, Daniel Zeller, Perry Geffen, Maurice Hauser, Robert F regosi, Vincent Reis, Manager Thomas Heffernan, and Freshman Manager Harry Thornbury. vARs1TY.cRoss-COUNTRY Minor ,Letters-Edgar V. Tait, Robert Meagher, Curtis Giddings, Edgar Stripling, J . Stanley Meares, Heighton James, Edward Webb, Marvin Siegel, and Manager Jack Bramson. I VARSITY TRACK Major Letters-Captain George Eiss, Emanuel Krosney, Edgar Stripling, Carl Blanke, Franklin Whitman, Michael De Pietro, Arnold Reiners, Frederick Goeckler, Philip Michel, and Manager William V. Wilson. ' VARSITY BASEBALL Major Letters-Captain Jess F urlan, Frank Fee, Alex Weinstein, Nathan Machlowitz, Lawrence Lachman, Morris Deutch, Michael Stelmach, Arthur Schoen, Anthony Quintilian, Stephen Ray, Miles Rowan, Irving Terjesen, Morton Shainess, and Manager George Northrop. VARSITY TENNIS Major Letters-Co-Captains Ernest Kosln and Alan Lobel, and James Jacobson. Minor Letters-Co-Captain Wesley Michaels, Herbert Abrams, Gerald Ehrlich, Arthur Friedman, Maurice Rosch, and Manager Eli Bauman. VARSITY RIFLE Major Letters-Captain Bruce A. Buchenholz, Irving Rapaport, Edgar N. Jacobowitz, Norman Parker, Hedin Bronner, Albert Metlicka, and Manager Lester Lipsius. - Minor Letters-Herbert Greenberg, Bernard Greenfield, Zygemont J aros, and Edward Janis. 151 Y Y ' "" ' ' 7 7 W'7'i'7? ilfl.HIarrlr24"',1"Ufff5ffrrr'ffUfffffawffiffW n f M ""' i ln f 1...l 1 I usa3.ifll':?l41i 1-.M Gapfaizzs STANLEY SHARP Football Captain 152 I 'mmm ' "" "" ' ' ' T i UU! WWI'UIHIIUUIW f W''NWI''Hmm1ff""Il?lfllffffHlff"''ffffsfffififfffffffmfffffffff'fHW"'Uffff',,'H1IIJ""'4lf, 'f' ffl"ffW'ffW"UW'W' f In lg--"4ilm 1 oul.3i+1--L'WI ..-'M Goaclzes MAL STEVENS Football Coach Y 153 - - - -- A .N iv- . f . W vw . Mfwbw- Xzkw mx- N- -N1-mx. . wwww m ww , wx vQwww4QwmwmamxuQawAmwmr.kwmw.,S ww-mmwwwrxwfwvNwxummwm.wwfv,v1ww:m+:www mwmwmxww. ,X w -f wi 1. .ww -www fwxxmmxmwxu-uvNw-w-ms.vxwmxmxmwgmw :rm mamma:mm.:kmmxmwmw.mmMemwwegwswawwwmwmnux:au.+mmmmwm.wummw.xwi1mmwwiv-Mwmwxmmwxbi 5 .fs x i Q R x S S S ez K 3 Y Q Z. S S is h W S .4 5? Ez S S N i w 1 1 l , S E u A E w sz S my-N wwwxw Mmmw- mwww 2-ff L-,w-V.MW.vw-M-.N ww .mm wumvmmww- mm -Q: QM.QmwQ.fxm-f-Nw ww Q Xu - -- 4 .qw N - V- - .. ., A A . 1 Q www mwxxwmhbmwx xm:f Nwwf 'N-Nwvmw.wm.1MvwM1ww waxwmwmmw wma-M m., wwmni -X vw Q N1 --4 . 5 . , ., AQ.. Q xv K I XQKM Q , N xi ww X w .X W :J xx Aft x xx. Yxbsx F A K A ,.,,, , . 4- x X , IRQ? ?i' -mg 553 - FW as 5 Q K S S S M ,. K 3 I: ? gs w . l S g e S E 5 EQ, E S S Q . w Y a S 5 S 5 Q S S S M, 5 N ? L ,Y i P 'Q 3 3 s Q S 2 s 2? T wwt x Q N 3 X E 3 E E X S S Q ,s . 2 E 5 N S Q R Y s S S N S 3 Q e E S Pi S Q x 12 5 s-L 5' S 55 S ff E EE Si in if :wwwmmamvr meow , ""W114 Hvvmu my --ftf ,yi it vv w1Jw Wffff' wvfwwm....zrzizizvvvwewv J. WN!fflIl!lY!M!IIW The Stevensmen exhibited their first touchdown parade of the season at the Stadium November first in their contest with the Lafayette Leopards. Starting off with 20 points in the first period, the Violet continued to show a brilliant attack throughout the game. Even the second and third stringers clicked, and the final whistle showed the Violet an easy 46-0 winner. Revival of hostilities with Carnegie Tech at the Stadium resulted in a loss by one touchdown for the Violet eleven. Rutgers was entered as the third win of the season in the 'Violet record book by virtue of an overwhelming 46 to 0 victory by the Stevensmen. During the first period the visitors were successful in holding the Violets scoreless on the Polo Grounds turf. The New York machine finally began functioning in the second quarter and rolled' up a 46 to 0 score. g In a warm-up game for the annual Turkey Day classic against Fordham, the Stevensmen were given quite a scare by a plucky C. C. N. Y. team. For the first half the New Yorkers were held to a 7-7 tie. The team finally found itself and triumphed by a 25 to 7 score. V And then came Thanksgiving! Before 60,000 wildly cheering rooters an inspired New York University eleven charged, blocked, and passed its way to a 7 to 6 upset over a highly favored Fordham team. Exhibiting a defense that stopped the flashy Ram attack in its tracks and an offense that rode roughshod over the famed Fordham line, the seven blocks of granite, the Stevensmen at one sweep revenged eight consecutive defeats at the hands of Jim Crowley's charges and changed a mediocre campaign into one long to be remembered by Violet followers. During the first period the Rams found little trouble in gaining the yardage through the Violet line, but gallant stands by the New Yorkers prevented a score. -The second period found the Stevensmen on the offense, and within three minutes they had scored by virtue of a successful pass from Miller to Saverese. Sal Somma converted the free kick for the extra point, which proved the final margin of victory. Fordham marched down the field for their lone touchdown of the game, but desperate charging by the Violet line prevented completion of the Fordham try for the extra point. Howard Dunney, flashy New York end, earned the Madow Trophy for the most valuable man on the field with his uncanny punting, which time and time again placed the Rams back within their ten-yard line. His booting continually pulled the Violets out of trouble and put the Rose Hill warriors on the defensive. Milton Miller played the entire game at quarterback, and his clever general- ship was largely responsible for the New Yorkers' victory. Oscar Scarola, Violet center, was the sparkplug of the line and with his teammates opened large holes in the Fordham defense for the New York ball carriers. canary 5 XX av if x X- -X Qixk X5 Y -. .X ,, : X , Q.- .R S. , :,,+,,X... X - -3 a ., S .Xe . X l 5 xr lx ijv 5335 .:. .:. :X Xi Qui? Q fi I 5 I X ' -. X Q X X-X w 3' 5 m S S S X X X fu k N X X X X X X X X X X X x x Q X N X X X XX F X NWA ' N Ss 'S C Q Q fix h NX ,XX ,fy X,., -F ---k X 'XX XX,.x Ns X V N Y! X X NK X X . -XX. M X X X X X Q X X X MQ' i. 5 X1 N g ' Q 2 X 4 e x. XX. k ,M XX-1 .SX X55 Q X' .. X. ,X X X S 55 XX fx XXX ,e 3 S+ Q W Q x B X Xxx NX 5 w K 5 9 S X X XX 9? Q X sw-MXX . QQ YN mx M Q N- '1 ws, K S ikkv-f.1lA3Vg, 532 Sri -X ' X K N - X 0 Y X X ' ' 'X N ig X X R X XX . S XX 5' x QQ X NX X KX X ,,.. 50 K . N... ,,,,. x... I Q IJ, ,M . A Baan- A-Z X S X Q XS Wig . ' is N X Q X XX YS. X 2 X X N N V X x X ff YQ XX. XX '- X X XX X ..X .XS " no X g X, V.. EIXX .i',f X X , X X. 3 - Q Y I, .Xf:X5iX3Xif1iQ1 , XXX Xfl iw X- fi g iasbww , X. - -V1-4 1:-. :Q Wx X XXX L X XX- -X ---- : x .XS ' 41 L N:'5-'Ea 2515.-Q. . , X ' -f5EQ'7":': . ' 4 2 1' X X Q2 L . Q X 5 Q- fl A ffiilf. X . Nix f . 'il Y' XX X .M gk. 5:1 ,: :ZX T 1 ' . ' -. 15:5 :-,:g,::s ' .3 ' 15 Fx. - 'QF -5 XXXX X , lm. W X- Q X X Q XX A X H :,. ,,, - ,. .. - zu. X ., N.X - - X N N Y '11 .... . X ' 'X 1 ,,,,. ga ,. 'W 'Qk Xw ' A 1 .... . a . -. 'la . Xi F., : - Kit' ,W ..,V:: .,,:. I , A sw Q ffm kai? -- . A+' 'X NRS ..fSX.z, X 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 f""1 I111111111111111' ""4' 1 ""' "1l11111111111'1' , ""1'4' """ I 111111111 """'f'1""' 111 1111111111 11111111111111111111 askefbaff HE New York University basketball team proved unable to match the spar- kling records set by Violet teams during the last three seasons and dropped six of the scheduled seventeen contests in the 1936-1937 campaign. Coach Howard "Jake" Cann's team took the court at the opening of the sea- son with three of the 1935-1936 regulars, Captain Willie Rubenstein, Leonard Maidman, and Irwi11 Klein, missing from the line-up owing to graduation. De- spite these sizable losses the Hall of F amers had high hopes of continuing at the top of the collegiate basketball circles. The traditional Alumni game opened the schedule, and with Captain Milty Schulman setting the pace the Cannmen coasted to an easy vicory. 1The final score was 45-23. A fighting little St. Francis quintet was next met and was turned back, 29-23. Schulman continued his sensational play by chalking up twelve points. Upsala College was the next and third straight to fall before the fast-traveling Violets and with Irving Terjesen finding the basket for 12 markers was trampled 46-15. Cathedral also was unequal to the task of matching the New Yorker's point scoring, and the final whistle stopped the Violetis rampage at 63-26. The four-game winning streak came to an unhappy ending when the Cann- men, riddled by illness and inelegibility, lost to Georgetown 'for the second suc- cessive year. New York's season debut at Madison Square Garden was marred by the 46-40 loss. The next two Garden ventures against Manhattan and 0hio State proved no more successful with the Kelly-Green and the Buckeyes pre- vailing, 41-34 and 39-32 respectively. The danger of New York dropping four successive games for the first time in many years was removed when the Violets won their first contest at the Eighth Avenue arena against the invading North Carolina quintet. Ben Carne- vale led Coach Cann's charges to a 37-30 victory. The Violets returned to their expected early season form and, with Witty, Schulman, and Terjeson back in the lineup, bowled over their next four oppo- nents. Colgate fell, 42-27, Brooklyn was vanquished 34-21, St. John's was turned back, 29-21, and the Scarlet of Rutgers was nosed out in a thriller at New Brunswick, 39--38. In the last-mentioned game Terjeson scored four points in the last two minutes of play to win the game. New York then met Notre Dame at the Garden before the season's biggest crowd and lost to the Irish, 52-26, for the Violet's second loss in as many years to the South Bern courtsters. Temple took up where the Irish left off and at the final whistle had nosed out the Cannmen, 36-33. Then, to make things all the worse, New Yorkis traditional rivals, the Fordham Rams, decisively trounced the Violets at the Rose Hill court, 31-19. V . Coming into the season home stretch, Captain Schulman and his teammates snapped out of the doldrums to run rough-shod over a visiting Villanova quintet. A 1 mn ! is E E S S Q S S E S S 5 S S s S A if u 31 3 11 X S Q 6 av Q R w ll 3 E 5 3 11 5 ii 5 5 Q 'l i S !' s S S S S 2 S F rc 0 1 S S 1 N, wi if wfwwwf nw!-K1-wvwwwmv-wrfxrfr-Amr:wwvrlffwmwuw ymxmmwmun.mwxwuwwQmXmm..mmmwmmmmmmnmsmwmfmmwwg-ww,:mmmwmmmmxwwumnwwmmnufm-mrmummummw' . wmmxwmmvmxamwxmxmwwmwmw xwmmnmwxwmwamwuwmxmwsm m wmnwmwnnwmmnmmmmsumuum-n-u M lr '"1"1"'1"l""l"l"l I f'llw mmf ""::.m1m ww -H nwwzmf rw1v11uvfzwzewwwwzwxwzrwm JLSELKLA! OACH MCCARTHY had great hopes in early April, 1936, of turning out one of New York University's better nines and with this expectation booked an optimistic schedule of seventeen games for his charges. When the season's recapitulations were made, however, the team had won only one more than half their contests. The Violet baseball team, one of the metropolitan district's enigmas, won nine victories against eight defeats during their campaign. In the first four scheduled games of the present season the McCarthymen were victorious in all except the City College contest. In the opener against the Alumni the Violets turned in a hard-hitting 14-1 victory. Atkinson and Griebel showed stellar exhibitions. Several days later the Hall of Famers were held to five hits by Columbia pitchers but came through for a 5-2 win. In the next contest, however, against City College's Beavers the Violets played listless ball and dropped a 6-5 decision after leading 5-1 in the early innings. The New Yorkers came back in the fourth contest to nose out Manhattan, 5-4, at the latter's field. In a thriller the Violets scored three runs in the last inning on a triple by the sub third baseman, Campione, to take the lead and the game. During the 1936 season Frank Fee and Mike Stelmach were the team's pitching mainstays. Fee won five games and lost four, while Stelmach split the eight games he pitched, winning four of them. . The Alumni fell before the Varsity batsmen, 9-2, in the opener, with Fee pitching. Columbia was vanquished next, 19-5, with Mike Stelmach as the winning hurler, scoring three hits. St. John's was then nosed out, 8-7, in a game featured by a successful last-minute rally by New York. In a return match a vengeful Columbia nine won over the Violet, 6-4, at Baker Field, despite the fact that the losers outhit the Light Blue, 13-9. Temple took the Violet's measure next, 8-4, with nine N. Y. U. batsmen striking out. The next pair of contests saw the Hall of Famers turn in two startling upsets. Regaining their winning ways, the New Yorkers outslugged Rutgers, 13-8, at Ohio Field and then turned back the highly touted Long Island U. Blackbirds, 7-2. For eight innings Stelmach had the Islanders helpless and scoreless, and only in the last frame did he ease up and allow a pair of tallies. The winning streak arrived at a hapless ending during the next game when Manhattan administered a merciless 14-6 pounding to New York. This trouncing was followed by another, this time at the hands of Fordham. The Rams paraded around the bases and after the final out were one-sided 21-2 victors. After these two losses the Violets turned in three straight victories. The West Point Cadets were turned back, 11-8, Rutgers was nosed out, 7-6, and the earlier thumping administered by Manhattan was avenged, 2-1. Red Schoen broke up the pitchers' battle in the eighth with a single that scored the winning run. fx QSQN ITLCL 6UZ Sprints-Sid Levinson, Manny Krosney, Albert Friedman, Edwin Boise, Nathan -Buchstein, Leonard Smith, Eugene Carlesen, Curtis Giddings. Middle Distance-Marvin Siegel, Frank Staron, Seymour Cohen, Isidore Goldberg, Herbert Bungard, Milton Kelmans, Edgar Tait Calso long distancel , Joseph Gigante, Edward Webb, Eugene Hass. Quarter Mile-Milton Glass, Edgar Stripling, Dis Diamond, Howard Wittner, Matin Witte, Stanley Mikulka. Long Distance-Leo Spatz. Mile--William Hanretta, David Urbach. Broad Jump-Arnold Reiners. High Jump-J ack Berlow, Blair Whitton falso shot putj, Fred Gloecker, William Davidson, Daniel Down falso javelinj, David Littlefield. Shot Put-Howard Brill f also discusj . ' ,rf-E1 .HQ 1 N ' .CJ X.. ,, XQK Xxx 1 3,253 X XXX Q Y X XXX X 1 XYSNXYX YS sig an XXX X Q Wk 1 X11 , X GS? KX, , XXX XQX 'S XX N : Q X X X X X X X X ..4,XZ: NXXXX.. ..... .,. , X XXX N X . Q X X X XX x k XXX X va 5 x X X591 4 Y S f exif? 1 T X an-X EX. -wr gfaseg TT : 1 wa if X -wk XX X NI' X, X XXXX Q QW. ' I 1 1 s 5. Q S X M fl S 3 5 3 A mf mwmmvmw Mfmmmwf: ff say 3. 2 2 E S S s 2 H S A if 5 N lx 4 TF if vi? Sv QS 'S sm 55 S S S S 5 51 S I3 55 2 N n l 2, K 3 E 3 G T 'S ,4 x 5 m 3 T N A Y Y 4 a Hn' WMM UU UWM ""'4 n I"""l"f"ffl""Hllluvrwf'''''555'TEL.Efhnu1w1f141WJ4vJ4fiiiifzifflifiillwwINGHUUl1lulUMl4""T""ff'' i 3E l9 i"1 'WW " " WW' 'WWNHW "1"!44"" f ,. 'N' WWI'IWIJUUVINQJ Crack EW YORK UNIVERSITY'S varsity track and field team was far from suc- cessful during the 1936-37 outdoor and indoor track season. Although the men showed pre-season promise, only in the latter part of the indoor campaign did the team produce the results expected of them. The Penn Relays, on April 24- and 25 in 1936, ended with Von's middle dis- tance placing second to Manhattan in the distance medley relay event. Sid Bern- stein, Ed Stripling, Ed Tait, and George Eiss ran the four legs. Soon thereafter the team finished in the runner-up position to Manhattan College in the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Track and Field Championships with 45 2X 3 points. - ' In a dual meet with Temple University at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, the Owls conquered the Violet hy a 78 1f3-56 2X 3 score. Manny Krosney was a triple winner while Ed Stripling annexed two first places. Krosley led the field in the 220-yard dash, broke the tape first in the 100-yard sprint, and jumped to victory in the broad jump. Stripling galloped to triumph in the 400 and the 880-yard runs. George Eiss sped home first in the mile run, and Ed Tait crossed the finish line in third place. Marvin Seigal placed second to Eulace Peacock in the 220-yard low hurdles while Harry Cohen won the hammer throw. The Violet runners dropped another dual meet to Army at West Point 96 2X3--29 1f3. . In the I. C. A. A. A. A. Von Elling's runners were unable to score a point. Stripling and Krosney were the only Violets to reach the finals. Rutgers fell before New York for the first dual meet victory at Ohio Field, 74-52. The 1937 indoor track campaign started in inglorious fashion for the Violet runners with N. Y. U. placingtin an eleventh place tie in the National A. A. U. meet at Madison Square Garden. The 1000-meter sprint relay team placed third. N. Y. U.'s middle distanced stars reached their peak in the indoor I. C. A. A. A. A. meet at Madison Square Garden with the two-mile relay team annexing the championship. Tait, Perry, Giddings, and Stripling comprised the Violet quarter. Blair Whitton tied for fourth place in the high jump. George Blom- quist garnered fifth place in the 35-lh. weight throw. The Violet finished in tenth place with 6 3X 7 points. -Von Elling sacrificed a chance for addiltional points by concentrating on the two-mile relay. In the Metropolitan A. A. U. meet the Violet finished second to the New York A. C. with 19 points. Arnold Reiners set a new meet record in winning the broad jump with Manny Krosney second. Blair Whitton copped fourth place in the high jump. Krosney placed second in the 60-yard dash and Brill third in the 16-lb. shot put event. The oneand seven-eighths mile relay title was retained by N. Y. U. Q I HH IHH H N N ' " fi id THE New York University rifle team completed one of its most successful seasons since the inception of the sport at the University by winning all but one of its nineteen scheduled meets. Although retaining the New England Intercollegiate Rifle Championship, tl1e Violet nimrod squad missed annexing the Metropolitan championship trophy by a single match. In the eight league encounters in which the New York marksmen engaged only the Brooklyn Poly Day squad escaped defeat. The meet tooli place in semi-dusk at the Brooklyn range, and when the final figures were posted, the charges of Sergeant Wallace were on the short end of a 1369-1362 score. Columbia, St. John's Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Poly Evening, Cooper Union, 'City College, and Stevens Tech were the other Met League teams that the Hall of Famers defeated handily. , . . Out-of-town sharpshooters were just as easily setback by the Wallace men. Penn State, Drexel Institute, the U. S. Marine"Corps,. Boston College, Yale, M. I. T., Missouri, Iowa, and the Universitygof Pittsburgh were added to New York's lists of l victims during the campaign. The Violet nimrods did their season's high scoring in the opening meet against .Rose 'Poly Institute, whom they defeated, 1434-1235. as e The sharpshooters who saw competition during the season were Edgar J ay, captain, Lester Lipsius, manager, Albert J. Metlicka, Hedin Bronner, Richard Y, p A. Plata, Herbert Greenberg, Edward J anis, J ay Lind, Albert S. Horwath and . . Julius Raven. 172 i g.qp N ul 1......1....-. I I l""'H If ll llllkll ll U W Mlm 'HW My ""' l""""' Y llllllillltllllllllll'ndllllllllllllllxlillllllu 'Iff""r'fflff, W' " I:a'.,!1ul:U!. " ,, , HU ,.,4 WWI .1414 fill., NU, IIIIIIWYN? IIJINIWM wimnzizzq v HE New York University varsity swimming team closed the 1937 campaign Trecently with one of the finest records to be compiled by a Violet squad of natators in a number of years. The New York mermen opened their season with a 39-22 victory over the St. Francis team. The following week they journeyed to Easton, Pa., where they administered an overwhelming 48-21 defeat to the Lafayette Leopards. This event was the first loss inflicted upon the latter in their home pool in four years of competition. Upon their return to their home pool the Violets stretched their miniature winning streak to four straight by trouncing Fordham and City College, 39-32 and 38-31 respectively. Hopes for an undefeated season were dashed shortly afterward when the mermen went to New Brunswick, only to be turned back decisively by a strong Rutgers aggregation, 48-21. ' Coach Wall's charges then ended the season with a record of five victories against one lone defeat by setting back Manhattan by a 43-26 score. The outstanding men on the squad were Lorenzo Snyder, Commerce Senior a consistent scorer in both the 150-yard backstroke and fancy diving events, Junius Calitri, 100 and 220-yard free-style star, and Henry Pserr, brilliant 440- yard free-style performer. Members of the squad were Herbert Glass, captain, John Foley, manager, Junius Calitri, Lee Rosenfeld, Henry Pserr, Arthur Neville, Lorenzo P. Snyder, Robert Stack, Arthur Juskowitz, Henry Steinbliss, Milton Stohl, Norman Klein, Philip Michel, Nathan Kantor, and Joseph Lombardo. 1 17 , '-1.:..l.. .,,,.1 . ,.,..1 ,,.,.,,,,, rd. ..-1... ,,. ,,,,., ,.x...,.f, .v,,. ,. ..,, ,.,... .-.-.N . --', ' ----- ' ' , -- - - iw,5wvwlwwwwMm ml ,Huw wma ,Mp lnrarawnlfwuq pgngwmu U Y I Fx' , I v"" 1 lim Us 1 , w V 5 ut,,,.w 3 -....1.l-. n f"' W F M "4 1 1 .N HH f Ulm mlm w J A . L e IIUHIIIIIIIIIIIHIFIVIIlillllkllillll'WllHIEM'"Ul!illlllllH4lI'gui,IIMNN!Ilssll'.l,.inU1WU'wllwllilll 1' Will' C .,1 nl lull ll .,.v"ff f Zemzis i n NLIKE nrost of the other Varsity teams, the New York University tennis I I l squad finished its 1936 schedule with a record showing more losses than wins. The bestl that Coach Gerald B. Emerson's cha ' I rges could do was to w1n five contests again The seaso : C 5 n game schedule for 1937 r several new nal contest at West Point a eduled for Ne . . Miami, Amherst, and Brook the newcomer , bia, L. I. U., C. N. Y., U. of North Carolina, St. John's Georget d Rutgers were booked for return engagements. y , S s in WWW iilllflvllllilil llluunw Iwlllllflilllllllif it 1 "" " " "f41"4"' "'1' ' "NW "'4 "lUUUWIi" """i'iiii' Iflliflllliiiiiiii ""'i rw UU!!!!UNU!UUUNN elzcilzq HE New York University varsity fencing team continued to hold the unchallenged supremacy in United States collegiate circles for the fifth consecutive year by sweeping through a seven dual-match schedule. Then the fencers took in the Intercollegiate Fencing Association tourney, four out of a possible seven trophies. Under the coaching of the old master swordsman, Julio Costello, a veteran team took to the strips in the seasonis opener against St. ,lohn's of Brooklyn and won by an overwhelming Zlw-SM score. A week afterward, February 17, the team met their strongest rivals for national supremacy, the Yale fencers, and after a see-saw battle emerged victorious by a 14-13 margin. This victory gave notice to the sports world of the true strength of the Violet team. West Point was the next team to fall victim to the Costello-men, the final score being 15-12. Columbia and Cornell then were added to the list of Violet wins in consecutive meets, losing 17-10 and 21-6 respectively. The New Yorkers finished up their dual-match season with one-sided wins over City College and Brooklyn and completed their campaign with seven wins against no defeats. In the Intercollegiates, however, the Violet stars scintillated. Led by Ted Gold and Norman Lewis, who accounted for 36 victories between them, the team swept four of the seven crowns in the title tournament. Gold and Lewis each annexed individual titles in the competition, and for the third consecutive year the Violets took the Iron Man Trophy, signifying all-around supremacy in all three departments of fencing, epee, foils and saber. mm " rr 'UWT "'il NNW' ""'11'1"" f WW ""' ""UWvfMIP!!!NH7"'uur1nuw vm mfiNNW'' - 2 """"' '''MMUINWIHMJIH' hnlxnslluml g 'I 1' .l.5. mI ....f""i A I i ross otuzfry COACH VON tELLING'S cross-country harriers looked like champs in the dual meet endeavors this past Winter and completed the season with a fine meet record inarred only by a loss to West Point. This defeat was suffered at West Point, where the Cadets took the five first places to win, 15-40. Then three days later the Violets came back to score the first of their four consecutive wins. Columbia found the New York harriers too strong, and with Captain Ed Tait leading the way the Hall of Famers came through, 24-31. Nb. 2 win was over the Rutgeris Scarlet at Van Cortlandt Park. By setting their rivals from New Jersey, Von's boys revenged three consecutive losses at the hands of the lads from the Raritan. Lafayette and City College were added to the list of victims, the Violet gaining decisive 20-35 and 27-52 wins respectively. These contests completed the dual meet competition with four wins in five startsl The Violet team entered the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Cross Country Championships confident of victory after their four straight triumphs but was sadly disillusioned. They placed second to Manhatttan in the team competition, while the best they could do in the individuals was a sixth by Captain Ed Tait. In the IC4A meet, which closed the season for the Violet, the best the New York harriers could do was fifteenth. Michigan State retained its national laurels. Tait, finishing in 28th place, was the first N. Y. U. man to cross the finish line. Y 'UI'HFllirlxllllllfmfffflzwMMIIIff'ffffrHlU', IM T HIIUJ ''''Tfffffffffiiiifi0IH!Nl!M!l4VlIINJllI4l'N FRCDSH SPQRTS A l ililffTfT?TT?T.l 1 4 M, H ...lf 544.41 THE New ,York University freshman football team engaged in a short schedule of four games last Fall. Although two of the contests were lost, several gridmen who give promise of making good as varsity players next year were discovered. The yearlings, under the coaching of Archie Roberts, opened their season against the Army Plebes and dropped a one-touchdown decision in the waning minutes of play, Bill Galu played a beautiful game in the backfield. The follow- ing week Yale Frosh furnished the opposition. In the final period of the game the Violets unleashed their drive that sent Galu over with the winning scoreg He again played scintillating ball, but it was the linesmen who shone in their work against the Eli'sL highly touted front wall. The team met F ordham's frosh eleven in their quest of a second straight win but were frustrated by a perfect field goal kicked by Principe, Ram full- back, with 30 seconds of play. Although the youngsters tried a ,desperate last- minute drive, they fell short on the 20-yard line, whe11 the final whistle blew. Principe's three-pointer was the game's only score. The Robertsmen ended their season in a blaze of glory by turning back the Rutgers' Frosh, ,145-7, in a thrilling contest at Ohio Field. Galue scored both touchdowns, theisecond coming in the last quarter with the Violets trailing 7-6. G l h A d fi f th l t hd d th a u, w o score ve o e year ing's six ouc owns uring e season, Campanis, Wittekind, Shillig, and Castelli are by virtue of their frosh work 5 l I O l I O serious contenders for varsity positions this coming Fall. i LUN? askeffaff D a lon , difficult eighteen-game schedul the New York Univ t hman asketball team proved itself the fin t yearling quintet in tl t untry by complet' g 'ts mpaign with an blemished reco d p t he act t tl t ngest teams were met in competition by tl ach Archi R b t only De Witt Clinton, who we t t in the A L Cham ionshi ble to hold the Violet yearlings t l score. C t urne k 28-27. F om the opening game, in whi h the F rosh merce -13 tl th ason's finale, in which th Robertsmen s era e 32-28 b d by the City College Junior Varsity, the first- y d e rough-shod thr gh all opposition. St. Francis F rosh, Hofstra Cll N Rhll H'lB klC1l g oc e e lg 1, o yn o ege J. V., George Wfashington High S h l Wh te Plains High School, St. Johns, and F ordh m Freshman were g th quintets that found themselves to be no match for th h'gh-scoring N k W lbur Falk, g rd, Bobby Lewis d'minutive forward d S h ll l E f th team's high s were the t t d' g t men to b t d th th th y l g hould d pl g N Y k b k t th t p f th b ktb ll ldf tl tth y l 1 l t 'l""f1ff'111v,U ,. - I t r i n ,,,,4,1, fffffffff'f!!F5f?ffE555''4414W'4NlIIlif'Fl'ffff.I ,,,4 i"""IITi""""""f""'f"'f"' i H 'h 1' Leif-Eli1,.f.f"'7i N r W . p Gross-Goulzfry THE Newl York University yearling harriers topped oil' a successful season in early November with a victory in a three-cornered cross-country meet with Morris High School and Drake Prep. Under the tutorship of Coach 'Von Elling, they participated in four dual meets, the three-cornered run with Morris and Drake, and the I. C. A. A. A. A. championships. The dual meet campaign saw the first yearmen turning back with ease all competition with the exception of the West Point Plebes. Opening their season against Columbia Frosh, Von Elling's charges came through with a 20-35 triumph. The Rutgers Freshmen were next met with the Scarlet falling victim, 21-34.4 The Hall of Fame youngsters then journeyed to West Point, hoping for their third straight victory but, unable to match the drive of tl1e Plebe harriefs, were turned back, 35-20. In their closing dual meet of the season, however, with Lafayette Frosh, New York came through with its best performance of the year to swamp a strong Leopard squad, 17-38. 1 Although? they fared far from well in the Intercollegiates, the Frosh harriers l showed abovei average strength throughout and promise to send several men of championship' calibre up to the Varsity next year. 1.-111-. E . 77 'L'IH'WIHHIIIWWIIIVUIVUID '4I'm'l5Jl1'f lf'fflffffflfl'I1Ullllfl'Ilsffffffg,ill!S''I1Um7''K'li:Ifffffffifrllll"lIU!4ffff M H ffflffigEllWllU l '.,, flu ii1lNN f'lWWN4 Ulu u 'Ik i'-41"-'init 1' eJ.3.i:""i:'Ewl 1.-'ll 1 f JZHCLIZQ ' New York University freshman fencing team aga under the coach' of the old master, J. Marti C d turned in a season's rmance that foretold well One of th d d N. Y. U. turne d h t self with la d l V d Since the V d G d d .l d fi l b l d l the Varsit N m ,V 77 I r W 1 Wwafffliiifl""'iEEJ1'UU "l4 WH" """lq4'4'l" Ifffw ""' 'W' "W - "'4 "'Prll!lllli!lHWW Kllllliilh f"'4' mehr!! OACH ARCHIF. ROBERTS had an inspiring Freshman baseball team out for practice on the first of April. He put them through a strenuous ten- game schedule. The net result after a month of competition? An even break for the season with five victories and an equal number of defeats. i The Violet first year nine met George Washington H. S. at the latter's field on April 18 and, after the game was over, found that all they had gained in the season's opener was one loss and much experience. For their next three encoun- ters they made Qhio Field the scene of battle and ran up a three-game winning streak in one week's time, turning back Evander High School, 3-1, New York University School of Education 9-8, and James Monroe High 7-2, successively. After this all-winning streak, the yearling nine fell on evil days. Shortly after they journeyed to West Point, where the Army Plebes gave them a cold reception, for the New Yorkers finished on the short end of a 6-4 score. Re- turning to Ohio 1Fie1d did no good, for the Robertsmen dropped the next two contests. They were nosed out by Fordham F rosh in a free swinging game, 9-7, and then trounced by a visiting New Rochelle High team, 9-2. Happier times returned for the yearlings in their next two contests. First they turned backQthe City College Junior Varsity in a pitchers' battle, 3-2, and then, finding their batting eyes for the first time during the SBHSOII, trampled over a hapless Coinmerce High School team, 12-2, two days later. All chances pf finishing the season with better than a .500 record ended when the team lost the campaignis finale to Manhattan Freshmen, 8-3. i !!!!!!!!!!!!'!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 ! ! ! !!!! !! !. .... ,Q x CG-ED SPCDRTS 1 'Hi 1"' """"""'l "i' H' IH "" lll'lY""" "4m"4W l"""'lW'H "'1 'll HU "4" "" 'HN UNH' L"gm""' WWI ""4"" rm WW fm 1 A Wimminq RUE to long-established tradition, the co-ed swimming team of N. Y. U. came through the 1937 season with a string of victories to its credit. Tl1e duo, Constance Diemling and Constance Hanf, contributed greatly to the success of the team, as did Dorothy Lubin, whose fancy diving was outstanding and in top form throughout the season. The first. meet took place on February 20 at the Evangeline Pool, where the N. Y. U. girls defeated Hunter College to the tune of 35-18. The Violet swimmers captured first place in all events. On the 27th the Violets met Posse School, a physical education college, which brought a strong group of swimmers. Posse's team won five of the six events, topping N. Y. U. 37-16. In a meet with the girls from Savage on March 12 our natatory champs re- turned to winning form and defeated the Savages, 29-24. In all the meets of the season Dorothy Lubin won first place in diving, setting something of a record and mounting her team's scores considerably. A returni match with Hunter saw N. Y. U.'s splashers re-si11k the Hunter girls with a score of 33-20. Again Constance Diemling and Constance Hanf were the mainstays of the team. The Violets captured the iirst five of the six events. . Swarthmore was the next opponent to be defeated by N. Y. U.'s strong team. The score, 36+2l. The team: Captain Constance Hanf, Betty Hecht, Constance Diemling, Lizette Jung, Anita Davis, Dorothy Lubin and Jean Pearl fmanagerj . L10 " "' .i....-. 1 . Q ''''''"I'lf'"WlWll'HrWWHffhlff ,f,, T- M NWN'WUlllll lllflflflnuwn1,mall?NN.Hum, tNlUW4111w111 + ll. ' u.n nl ,.l.U. l.4il .-.ffl OC C6y AGALLANT alld hard-working Co-ed Hockey Team concluded its worst sea- son in the 10 years of hockey's existence as a sport here at N. Y. U. by tying the strong F ieldston School team in the last game on its schedule. F ieldston's team had entered the game highly favored, but it could not penetrate the Violettes strong defense. The record for the season was five losses and one tie. The games lost, how- ever, were not run-awaysg the Violettes at all times fought hard battles. As the season progressed, the team showed remarkable improvement. The early defeats were undoubtedly due to lack of practice and disorganization of the team. Coach Esther Foley had only five veterans from her championship teams of former years, she therefore had to mould inexperienced material into a playing com- bination. Rhode Island State travelled here to play the Co-eds in their first game. The New York girls played together in excellent harmony but lost to the highly- rated visitors by the close score of 2-1. For their second encounter the Violettes met the Long Island Field Hockey Association, a very strong and experienced team, and bowed to them by the score of 4--1. N. Y. U. next suffered its worst defeat of the season by losing to Man- hattanville College, 8-1. The Connecticut State eleven was the opposing team in the next two games. The first game, played at home, was won by the visitors, 2-1. The second game, played at Connecticut State, was won by Connecticut, 2-0. 1 1 M N 'H 188 - F"- 'I v"' l I '"""""1!'WW'" "m:iImlJa '4' HW' ""'4""' "Wm """"""w1Hf'f1HI ,,,,. U - iwHIllllllllW llll WI!!! IIIIIINIIIFIIIINWII,IWWIIIIN-H'.d"''Iuw11IlllHHiHUUUi"if "" W!!!IIIIHWY "" NliIMxailllllllllllllllial askeffaff EW YOBK'S co-ed basketball team released all its stored-up energy to van- quish completely Hunter College in its last game of the season by the score of 35-15. Retiring senior captain, Doris Palmer, gave a brilliant performance in l1er last game, tallying 19 points. Caryl Beckwith, her forward partner, con- tributed 14- pdints to mount the score. By crushing Hunter so decisively the Violettes avoided the completion of what would have otherwise been the poorest season in their history. For its opening encolmter the team travelled to St. Joseph's in Brooklyn, where it bowed to the tune of 43-15. Connecticut State next travelled to New York and defeated the New York girls, 22-13. ,This game was characterized by a great deal of rough playing, which resulted in .many fouls. Arline Brace, Isabel Kelley, and Julia Case made up the impenetrable forward offense of Connecticut State. Although Caryl Beckwith contributed 10 points for New York, Doris Palmer was entirely off her usually good shooting form and missed many set-ups. The Violettes then travelled to East Stroudsbury State Teachers College in Pennsylvania, where they again lost, 19-9. Although the team improved considerably as the season progressed, it never seemed to gain the passing speed and shooting accuracy necessary for a cham- pionship teaml Coach Esther Foley now bases her hopes on next year's team, for she will have veteran material in Beckwith, Blum, Russo, Hanf, Jung, and Dolan. Doris 'Palmer, forward, and Margaret Schlichting, guard, who have starred on the :championship teams of former years, are to be graduated. U YFIIPUUI "ll 1llIIIIMWUUUYNW' """"' l i UNII1UIfIJf1INlflflllfllllUlmlf'llwfllflll'l ""?'III .,., LlffffifffLTK'f1'f!!HH!1W!IIiL1'fffIffMl"'l" lil' '4 '4' v"' T llllfllllllllli alla, Qi-Q?-ia..l 1 l tsifgailll Pl! ezzcizzq E N DOWED with the return of all veterans from last year's squad, New York University's coed fencing team has gone through another successful season. Under the coaching of Miss Julia J ones, former intercollegiate title-holder, the team has won all bouts by decisive margins. In the opening bout the New York team met the Waverly Fencing Club, which is composed of the alumni of New York University. The collegians defeated their older sisters by the decisive score of 8-l. Brooklyn College sent its team to compete against the Violet foilswomen but was 'turned back. by the score of 5-4. By this time the superior form of the New York team had become apparent,iand the girls were gaining a reputa- tion in the fencing world. Newspaper columnists and sport writers were begin- ning to point to the New York group as exceptionally fine fencers. The Violettes travelled to Cornell University for their next encounter and subdued the strong up-state group to the tune of 6-3. The Junior Varsity, participating in its first season of collegiate competition, met Hofstra College's swordswomen on its home strips and defeated Hofstra by the score of 6-3. This new squad, composed of Beryl Petchesky, Josephine Manicinelli, and Elsie Maier, is expected to form the nucleus of next year's squad. The Violettes next met Wagner and slashed their way to win 8-1. At the time of writing the team has still to meet Hunter and participate in the Inter- collegiate Championships. llll lllll lllll III l Il llllllllll l I I """"""""H" "f4'l f1IIIllaIIU1U1UIlrlla11laallUUUH1110MUNIUliffffl''''''''''fTTTfflffiilfiiifMMIIII1lllllllllitkziiiiiifffn''''''ffTfffffffiffffllwlllUUlUll1lllllllllllllllllllllsa 1 'lla 1' .u1.3?-5-L-:L-i'+1l.ll....""': 4 N f Cemzis i , HE co-ed Tennis T m, captained by Margaret Schlitchting, had a victo Tseason in 11936. U d r the direction of Miss Esther Foley and Miss France Froatz the members of h am won four matches and lost only one of the fi scheduled matches. Sh' l y Diamond, a newcomer, was outstanding, for h ended the season undef ted. Beca-use of her fine showing Miss Diamond -W elected Captain of the Co-ed Tennis Team for 1937. Georgianna C ll' l excelled because of h swift and powerf l game. The teamlbegan th season by defeating the Fieldston School, 3--l Th y f llowed up this victo y by winning heir match against Hunter Coll g 3-2 The next match was held he C llege of William and Mary in Virg Th the N. Y. U. team met its only d feat of the sea with a score f 2-3 Th co-eds end d th f h triumphantly, d f ating B kly C ll g 5-0, a d NewiColl g ' f C l mbia Un ' y 3-2 1 V i Ll' " " V W T !! . 1 I ' 49: -. 1 I 'V S IIXITRAMURALS Nl H14 .1,l., Mill!""W'"""W"WllNlH4 "ffff 'l1'IFlffl5""Va 4WIlUJINUHJUUlllldllwlllllIII!441491140114ISL?"W4llWN"""' 'L"""" '''WlN!IllIII4IlUUI" "4' 'TWH' "ll Gommerce askefbaff FOR the second time in the last three years the Commerce basketball team climaxed a successful season by winning the All-University inter-college court tournament. Manager Howard Dusenbery booked a seventeen-game schedule, which for the first time in the team's history included recognized outside colleges. The season opened against the University F1-osh at the Heights Gym, and when the final whistle had blown, the yearlings were on the long end of a 30-17 score. The Businessmen rebounded, however, from this loss to take the next three games in a row. Savage, touted as one of the strongest clubs in the city, fell victim, 36-241, Temple Emanuel was trampled, 39-24, while the Norwalk Eagles accounted for the third straight win, 29-20. During the All-University tournament the Commerce five showed its true strength. In the six-game schedule the Businessmen were successful in five contests. The opener against Engineers resulted in a 31-27 loss. Arts fell by the wayside, 25-19, Law was a one-sided 19-9 victim, Dental was turned back, 30-20, the School of Physical Education went down, 27-12, and the Washiligtoll Square quintet forfeited the last scheduled contest. With the regular scheduled tourney completed, the Businessmen found themselves tied with Arts for the lead, with five victories against a single loss. The playoff for the championship took place at the Heights Gym and, paced by Garibaldi and Shoobs, the downtown quintet drove through in the last quarter to take the chveted All-University trophy, 29-21. ln!! I l WN M E ' ill llllllllllm 'Muni H HIIIIHHIImnumumnIIIl maununuul u mmf m u mumm "''''H'UNHUW'U1'U'JllI!l!llll'Wi?lll!f!Pf flllllfhlrrrrrllfllllIH!l1lHlHIU3MH!l M HH r rlnlnlzll ,.4.,,...,4q,,, M:,!.,,luwwa ,,f,4 5.44 ,,., :ng fg.,,.44 ,.44 Q. .,,,4, .sffaanl Nhww.,, wh Q ml L' .J.l. IJIl ,.-JN! fwofef Basketball OR four years Theta Nu Epsilon held complete supremacy in th V 1 FSkull basketball tournament hy annexing permanent possession of p and gaining one l g d phy l y Th g h p endingthisy rhy fh df hh d fL bd Sg Ph the final ga f pl y ff Atl dfh gl dbh .1ghdThNEp '1 L bd sg Pl an Cl pl f fi pl Aply if 111.1 .1 11 .1 h fi afrh Ch fllbyh yd Th h p hp hld h Sp gC lApl3 d l lyf ghh lL bd Sg h gh 10 8 E Jh ld l ly d h p I p Th g h I' llf fl g J J J J J J J J J JJ J J J J J J JJ J J JJ"l1IJll lJJi"JJJJJJ"JJJf JJJJJJJJJ J iJJJJJJJi JJJJJ JJ i IJJJJJ J ' 1, A Vl J J J J J J J J M J M W My JJ JJJJJ IJJJIJ JJJJJJJJJIJIJIJ IIJII JIIII I JIJ JJJJJIJJJ JJ J J JJJ J J JJ J J J JJ JJJJJ gizfmmum I askefbaff i FOR the first time in the history of intramural basketball in the School of Commerce,pit was necessary to hold a play-off to decide the tournament winner. Competition was so close for the trophy race that during the campaign the lead was jointly held f t mes, and at one time or another each of th teams was in first place. In th last, weeks the npetition narrowed down into a neck and neck fight f the lead between the strong Junior and Senior fives. In the play-off co t t the third-year men eked out a hard-fought 24-19 win over the Seniors i the waning minutes of play. Both teams exhibited air-tight defenses with the J Juniors comingithrough by virtue of successful field goals from mid-court by y Gil Dworetz and Julian Hauser. J The championship Junior Class squad: Gilman Dworetz, Frank Marangello, J Harold Fink, Wallis Tenewich, Reuben Karsch, Julian Hauser, and Bernard J Zises. I 1 J In the play-off for the All-University Championship, the Commerce Junior five was turned back by tl1e Wasliington Square Sophomore team. For the first time in three years Commerce failed to capture the All-University Intrz mural B ketball Championship. Final t d' gs in the tournament W'on Lost . Won L0 t J uniors . . . . 5 2 F rosh . . 3 3 Seniors . . . . . 4 3 Sophs . . . I 5 fu L, M Jn J if ff E Hll lllm l t M E ln 'IlI'lllm 1 ll. , I' ,u!L. u1l 1,-Jul: S iofef THE Violet Sk 11 is the Inter-fraternity Council at the Wasllington Square Center of N York University. Founded on November 21, 1930 by mem- b fhdChtft'tV'1Skll'tftl1t ers o eig tl ng ris ian ra rn1 ies, io et u alms o os er oya y to the U ty t encourage h l t' tt 'nments, and to p mote inte - fraternal rel t h p In its eight y f t ce V l t Sk ll has establish d itself as one of the leading organiz t t New York U 'ty. Among the a h'evements of the Violet Skull ar th sslstance rendered 1 F hman orientation, the formu- l tion of a rushing d th p ' motion of int -f ternal smokers, the sponso - g f inter-frat l thl t' prog ms, the t hl'shment of a p manent holarship d d th holding of th V l t Sk ll F mal Recept' f th major soc l t of the University OFFICERS P d . . FRED K V P d . . .JOHNCOR S y . . . GEORGE S T .... ........ A L 1 1 u f I R . P ..z!....,, "L'''''Ilia1i'JiIII?I!!IFIHIiffiI1!'I11!IfffIl'l!IwfflffiiiiiiiiiififfliiiTESLif'T!'!!f!!f!!!!!fI1IIwifiCffEEfEEEEE?f?JJ4l111.44-'iiiiiifffii' ff , rr 'f rm iii112ZiCC1Z a , ,mf 1 R - Y I V E 2 1- 1 2 O P QPW fl 1 L Alpha Chapter Q 113 Waverly Place 1 s LPI-IA KAPPA PSI, a national Christian fraternity, was founded at New York Unihersity in 1904. It also holds the distinction of being the flrst fraternity of Cdmmerce in the country and has chapters at 50 colleges of business in the United States and Canada. The fraternity is based on the concept of the promotion of ethics and in- tegrity in business. It has fostered scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance and has striven to educate the public to appreciate higher ideals the fields of business. The Spring and Winter Formals are the outstanding social events of the season along with a series Of house dances during the football season and New Year's Eve Party. In adherenbe to its professional purpose the fraternity holds ,monthly pro- fessional programs, to which it invites noted men from business to give the undergraduatesga practical outlook on the theories being taught at the Uni- versity. 1 1 A . ' F OFFICERS President E . . . ..... . FRED W. KLOCKE Vice-President . . . . JOHN CHAPIN Secretary lp . . . . FREDERIC H. GLADE Treasurer R . . JAMES E. DABORN Chaplain V .... . . . ARTHUR STROH ' Warden ..... . . . ROBERT LEITNER Master of Rituals . . . . J AMES H. ROBERTSON 200 1 in UU? Hi UWWTU UN! NN ivfllilfw J!llfJlUWM W 17 v +1uffh'lr"'4INfUfNVWx1r I W F A W 'WWlll!llWfl1llYWWW NHlIlii1iii'FI"""" m""' "1" "'m"' ""'f"""""' W' """ """""'f"""J"" """fb1" 'i" I UWIUI "'4 1"4"' ' "4"""""T"'q"'i TR T TTT f TTTTTT T I T T N T , 'UU'UW'1lHUU' ww HITS wh Mffffflf IH 1ff:?ffffFFf.fff, H11"'f"'5fe:fffff3f1fH LW ffffff'fff'lY'f 5 I T R 'jj ' 1' ff H1 ,R,f.,n::::f:::::,:.R.T r'1r1lf,,,,,,,,,,,.,4 4 m,J .4 DABORN CI-IAPIN KLOCKE BURNS KASSAKIAN GOLDING HINDENLANG SCHLEIDER KREUGER WEISS HAY STROH DONNELLY GLADE J UNC WEIDOWKE O'ROURKE SCHMIDT EMDEM PETTIGREW DENNECKE SCHOENBORN LEITNER WOOD BEUCLER MICHELSON FOSTER ROBERTSON THOMPSON III II Ili Illllllllllllllllll l 1 I L , A . - -, An- """"""""'"WW 'M' "NIwH""'!55I""'Il5f""'MU"" " HW ! V "H " "H" H' "H" R MQ I W nlllllllllllll! mwwwwwmummrrmnv Hmm'mmmnumumwwwmuumm wuxxmun ,q4 rw t.m:,:::M,,,,,.,?I ,.,JHF!i,!!!?rflxxMaMgsfcefrsefer,hunfwfI, 4,t,Juw1zrzIf"w!l,WHHNI, 1 H M l A hunlra1411la111Illllla11INN:Alu1lIUI1lnvN111wlMIIII illht. ,,,,, Mila!! J ,1 :zest ,,1,,, Wilt A I ln n mI l t:.H.i ml .'J"ll l 1 l l l I I n E I 1 JU Q Lqmd L H I A S ' Uk' i I Alpha Chapter l h 347 Sixth Avenue Q LPHA SIflMA CHI is the newest fraternity in the School of Commerce. In . 1933 ninei students decided that they wanted to perpetuate a friendship which they thciught was worth while continuing throughout their lives. In 1935 the fraternity was chartered by the State of New York and recognized by the School of Commerce of New York University. Character, lscholarship, and an active interest in extra-curricular activities 41 are stressed ink Alpha Sigma Chi and are the most important qualifications looked for in new members. ' I ' Outstanding among the year's activities was a Supper-Dance held in the Sky I Gardens of the St. Moritz Hotel. This formal on the Saturday after Thanksgiving ' was attended bf fifty brothers and their friends. A Spring Sports dance was held in A ril. ' T lguring thegrushing periods numerous smokers are given for the new fresh- men. Several hpuse parties and dinners varied the social program throughout the year. g I Q OFFICERS Chancellori . . . .... t ...... LEO STERNFELD, JR. Vice-Chancellor . ............ Louis KAYE Recording Scribe . . ........ CHARLES GRossMAN Corresponding Scribe . ...-- IRA FIEDLER Secretary Exchequer - - - SIDNEY SCHWARTZ Prefect . . . . . . HERMAN PITTER 1 1 r N u 1 t l Q 202 ' I 1 t l l I I W M W 4,4 l m :mm n aw: uf areeJ1JJuIInwururfrrwrrarunrananulrrnruufr4uu,u4Jaww41e1mW,,wuuavwmurnfvw frvnmwaf M ,wuwvnwfnrrrw-1-1.wxMmm f w w4w .w lu.. 1' hl.G:il n4ui,.-ll"1fI fS . "1 ,,,,,1,,,,,,,4..,4 ., ,, 111 1 5 11111111111 1 1 '11 ll:-ire-L-1,11 1' ,1i,. .1l ....1"'1: 1 I 1 W 1 1 if 1 1 -e 1 X " 1 1 1 I? ,, ' 5 Q wviixz . ,L -Mika- f."" - '. , - . f f :gl ' wig E f'2f"f Qs, 'GQ X 1 1 1 1 1 1 gba Thi SWIM I Beta Chapter 1 1 235 Wooster Street 1 1 D ELTA ITHI EPSILON, a national Christian fraternity and the first Foreign Service raternity, was founded in 1919 at Georgetown University. In 1920 Beta Chapteri at New York University was formed. The fraternity continued its growth until? now it has chapters in many leading colleges and universities throughout the country. The aimiof Delta Phi Epsilon is to unite groups of young men who have selected Foreign Service as a career. Under the guidance of the fraternity the brothers are given a distinctive foreign service atmosphere. Many of 'the graduate brothers of the fraternity are now pursuing active careers in various capacities in the field of foreign trade. Their brothers are so scattered over the world that it is often truly said, uThe Sun Never Sets on Delta Phi Epsilon."Q 1 T OFFICERS President . ,. .... . . . HAROLD SEIFERT Vice-President . . . WALTER ELLIOTT Treasurer . . . . . GEORGE W. STROM Secretariy ..... .... E DWARD HUGETZ Recording Secretary . . . . . FREDERICK FANSHER 1 ,nn- , -hi- , 'Jn ul I N ii., 1 1 1 ,L W g 4, r McNAMARA STROM ELLIOTT HAMMER OLSON CHITTEN DEN FANSHER SEIFERT HRYNKIEWI CZ HUGETZ WALLACE COOK I ..4,. I'IIIII''IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I'I.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIII I I I 55 151,27-. :LQ 'High 595 M, 1 xg--141 -sw ,.f?, 'Xl' . : v..r,:?ff4'18l5f.-sb-sw. f,...I 'ff Asif: , ss ask 131- f 1-ff' ,. 15 I E!! . it ,.,! ,J4,Z2j6Jti:!fg5!1 . . , .1 'g 571549 ' .- I 3a'f5:vs.fefIIg: ' E- ' -A-bv I I I I I t I I effa Z I Alpha Chapter I 21 West 12th Street I I DELTA SIGMA PI, an International Fraternity, is completing its thirtieth V year oh the New York University campus. Delta Sig, founded in the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance in 1907 by Alexander F. Mackey, Alfred Moysello, Harold V. Jacobs, and Albert H. Tienkin, draws its membership exclusively fgrom that school. There are now sixty Delta Sigma Pi chapters in this country and in Canada. L I The pulpose of the fraternity is to promote a closer aililiation between I students of commerce and men of business. Monthly professional smokers are held for the lfrurpose of discussing business problems. I Highlig kts of the year's social programs were the formal party, held at the house to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, and the Annual Spring Formal held on MayIDay at the Glen Island Casino. Dancing and house parties, together with cooperaItion in the Violet Skull activities, rounded out Delta Sig"s calendar for the year. ' j OFFICERS Headmaster . . ..... ' ...I J AMES P. HACKETT Senior Warden . . ..... . ROBERT L. NEVIN Junior Warden . . .... GENE POSEJQN Scribel .... . RUSSELL J. FA1EBANKsf T reasu. per . .' . . WILLIAM GOREY Historian . . . JoHN ANDERSON Chancellor . . . J oHN HENDERSON 5,0 Fl H' , -xiulm A . N M ,wx M ,Mu ,W M M, W1 W ,W ,,,,, 1, ,U ,, , um W, X W, ,,,,, . .,,. W HV W' -- ' ' a 1 ,N , v . ' A' 'f1. "KY: -l. 1. - 521 ' A X "W ,Lgm ' "" ' ' " " ' , V L- L LN!! ,, , ...L . 4-. 4-1 , , N V :7,'?", f:",2h". .fm:- --ful me fi sv 0 11'2,,-ww NIH? 'f ' " " ' "'1"' "W " 'N' "' " "'"ZYJUq1i':f'ff11i"Wt!l1if.ilwllwll-Arf'w!iI'1N WIS' 'W ww +u1v'1vwf'f'w:1,""4Lwsq'fN4'1!.-.m."'f'mi' Wx' w."'w...w lzww' ,M N U Wil 5 1 Illini?-2--31.11 Il .1.1 lll ,...f"'l K , I I x 4, s-..-M 1 ,,1,llll ' E r V , , rr ' J l N V' .,4.- z 55, W in N Y all V 1 M' gy ofmlx' liygl, EW ,M fs WTS 1 ,N y x 'fgef E P NJ 7' cgi sa xy wx as www' HHTH J i i,W,i'flf 4 rlmlll aww ' A1154-'Ofgl AXJRM1 ' I I 1 1 ambda Sigma Q3 i p HE firsti social fraternity at the School of Commerce, Lambda Sigma Phi, Thad its origin as the uvlfigwam Club" back in 1910. It has remained ever since a social Christian fraternity. The creed of Lambda Sigma Phi states, '4Under the signet of Lambda to achieve honor and a good name. To storm the Halls of Knowledge and the Gallery of Fame with laughter: accepting alike success and failure, for both pass fl tl l l ee y. To ive ustily and joyously while we may. To be guided by the Greater and Lesser Lights of Lambda Sigma Phi. To sing or to sorrow with our brothers, helping eacli as he struggles and upholding his head as he faces the final accounting." i Lambda's Annual Formal Dance at the Waldorf-Astoria is the outstanding event. Other social activities are monthly dances in the Penthouse atop the N Y Hotel Brittany, a ew ear's Eve Party in the Village, and a January Snow Train Trip to Bear Mountain. ! l OFFICERS Presiderpt ............. DONALD N. ANDERSON Vice-President .......... .... D ON FAILLA Recording Secretary .... . . LAWRENCE HICKS Corresplmding Secretary . . ' . . . . JOHN MACINTOSH T reasurcr ...... , . C. EVERETT JOHNSON Orator l ........ . . . JOHN WAGNER Historia? ....... . . . GEORGE BALLANCE 208 l HH M Hun I 144 'H HH' 'UI Wflfw l'H"U"H W WH' " 'WW l flfWf'nf'fl 47ff ' M 'W I In I H-fum: 4 1 1 111'1 11" 1111 1 1 1 11-11111111111:1111111111111111 ""''f111111111111"'''111111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 RM 1 1551 1 , 1 1 1 1 f f 1 LQWML mega SL 1 Delta Chapter 1 Washington Square South 1 OUNDED1 in 1913 at City College, Sigma Omega Psi, a national Jewish fra- F ternity, now represented by twenty chapters at leading colleges and uni- versities and by several alumni clubs. Delta Chapter was founded at University Heights in 1914 but at present draws its brothers from the Washington Square center. 1 The fraternity was organized for the purposes of inculcating a spirit of deep friendship, of fnstilling a spirit of leadership, and of promoting a feeling of good fellowship on he part of its brothers. This year 1the Delta Chapter attended the National Convention on December 29, 30, and 311 at the Park Central Hotel. Foremost of its own affairs was the Winter Formal at the Hotel Pennsylvania on February 11. , The Annlfal Senior Alumni Banquet on May 27 served as the closing meet- ing of the year? with over eighty brothers present. Smokers were held in October and F ebruary,1as well as four separate initiations, each followed by a dinner at Caruso's in holior of the new Brothers. Discussions on current affairs and weekly parties compleped the program for the year. 1 1 1 OFFICERS High Potentate . ..... . . MILTON CRAMER Potentate1 . . . CHARLES DRIBEEN Comptroller . .... NEIL Moss Scribe . 1 .' . . . . . . .- . GEORGE HORWITZ Historian 1, ........... . . NATHANIEL LIPSHITZ 1 ' , , , . . . LAWRENCE M. SMITH Delegates ko N. Y. Dlstnct Counczl 1 . . . HERBERT B. Fox 1 210 1 1111 1 14,141 ll ll I gil.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T W ll .,, A ,,,i,,, ,,,,4 ffl'''''''fflwwmlaarfffi I i lffffffff, ,,,,4,,, IllffflffIIKIIJIIllllli"liTffffllf ,,4,.1,,,,i,444,4,4 ,,,,,,,,, , 'af -S ' I an tw 'YA I x 6 2,3574 a2:3,.igf f ff ,gpg X y f s X' ' ' ' 1. Jr'-4 Z -' Tf " . , f 1 -1" A i 1 A P 5 Lql'lZ6L L pst 012 ' Tk' E 'Z New York Gamma Chapter I f 9 East Ninth Street A IGMA PI-ll EPSILON, originally known as the Saturday Night Club, was founded 1901 at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia. The following year the fraternity was chartered under the laws of the State of Virginia and has- expanded into the present 68 chapters located in the leading colleges of the- country. The 1New York Gamma Chapter was Theta Sigma Phi, a powerful local fraternity, until 1930, when it merged with the national "Sig Ep." The need for moral and social development is stressed by Sigma Phi Epsilon. The lindividual abilities and capacities of its members are cultivated to uphold the nhme of Sigma Phi Epsilon on the campus and to' impress other' organizations ivith the sterling quality of manhood in thefraternity. Sig Ep held its annual formal affair in the Crystal Room of the Ritz-Carlton on May Day, but many formal dances and parties were given at the house during' the year. Outstanding of the house parties were those celebrating Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Saint Patrick's Day. A farewell formal in. honor of the glraduating brothers will be held in the last week of May to climax a delightful sofzial year. g 1 1 OFFICERS President . . ........ STEPHEN G. SHIELDS ' Vice-President . ..... . . WILLIAM SPENCER Secretaryq . . . RALPH VON HAGEN Comptroqler . . . WALTER THEISSON Historianf . . . . . EDWIN BOISE. Guard . . . . ALLEN LEA A 212 ' tt WW i 1 1 W x i "'l"" 'WUUU" ln ff iwrlfflliffffln .JIM WUHIU1WW """'H,..Ji II1 IlffflwmiN,U'irif I f 'V' ll'l!l'Gl'15""''"'I+Il-l!!lal'!l!45l5W'"''''A'Wall1111555AA'A'A'LEAN1llil183lll81illl I in In.3.i'u:-QIIII ..-.Mi cal. Ghz f and became affiliated with Theta Chi in 1917. Thet Ch? f d d f a IN was oun e the mutual be fit and assistance of ltS memb the binding of closer bonds of its members to e another, th promotin f good citizenship, the t ining and developing of vic leaders, and the inc h t f th tion and t e erf ension highest ideals of ho harity, tolerance, and t patriotism. I Upsilon qhapter h ld t formals each y , e in th winter and th other in the spring. Th t f mal was h ld th s year in the tropical set g of the Ambassador. Social y Th d y ft noon and one party each m th e among they many activiti th t t k place at the house. A combined F d ' D y-Father-Son Banq t h ld on April 10 e h year. A OFFICERS I Presidenti . . ........ JOHN CORDES Vice-Presld t . . . . . . . RICHARD BRADY Secretary . ROBERT DANES Treasurer . . . . HENRY MEYENEERO Marshall A . . .I . . . DONALD HARRISON First Guard . . . . . GEORGE ERICKSON Second Girard . . . . . WILLIAM GARDNER 'Historians ...... . . HOWARD HAWLEY Chaplain ......... . . . ROBERT WATERS 214 A - 3 Q LW HlHHlUHhWIJJHHHY WW J!NlJU!lNHU!N UHWUU M 'lUJWHllUl!I W NM I I l I W M Hi' H SNYDER RABBITT CORDES GARDNER FINKBEINER BAILEY DANES SOUTHARD ERICKSON HUNERS SMART JORDAN BRADY SCHAFF MEYER FORD KAUFMAN MAY HARRISON LUDWIG THOMPSON HELD HAWLEY FEAR NS ABRAMSON ' 'OYYS A 'AAA W 1 1 m4ur:'pm gg 4 ' A ' I Rf"' A HN "' A35 5 U ws, "Q, 1YYRQ A .W W Q. AA,,Au A ' V ' I Eiiiiiiilv J :W I I 9 f1r4 1a: m LQ HIM H M A b H H W 'NU I 5 l MNIIHHMUIWH I mmf!f,1l1+1l111n:1wa1r1lI1Il!ff 11111nwau+HI, fumfl 3 V 1 N N HEAER A REEE W MJ mln HNH NEAFT,-IWWW 'www ww rn-ru I A 1 I I 1fllJ!fU!!l!!1lw11: .UI"JJM,.'Y4lI!H4uMU4 y ,4,, I "'W' 'WIIIWIIIIii4l11ff ""' 1ll ""'1 ll14 1 tl.. ,'. Q-' to R5 X Qi, Qmgm 1 Clzefa Wu Cgpsifozz Upsi lon Upsilon C 137 West 12th Street Q 1 hapter HETA NU EPSILON, the oldest fraternity at the downtown center of New Y k W 1 M ddl C T or University, was founded at es eyan University, i etown, on necticut, on illecember 5, 1870. Upsilon Upsilon Chapter was chartered in 1883 and has enjoyed continuous activity at New York University. ' T. N. E.lwas organized for the purpose of bringing together a group of con 1 genial fellowis who possessed ability for leadership and were representative stu dents of all fihases of eeuege 1 f T. N. E.!is proud of its basketball record, having won 35 consecutive game 3 l t b d f tl fi t IOIII ie. 1932 toI19 A in the Violet Skull Tournamen . T 16 eam owe or 16 rs f 7 t time this year. An informal dance was held at the Hotel Great Northern on October 31 t l li ' . A spring formal was held on A ril 1 at the e 1936, o ce e rate Hallowe en Pennsylvania, An annual alumni banquet, h T. N. Efs social program for the year. y OFFICERS President . . .... . . Vice-President . . . . . . Treasurer . . . . . . . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Historia? .... Sergeant-at-Arms ..... 216 p 3 Hot parties and dances complet . FOSTER MIRITELLO . . . PHIL MANIER1 . . HAROLD HORNE . . TED WOODARD . . WM. PRESCOTT BERNARD CARRLEVALR . O. DANIEL SCAROLA aK""' ,. ' ,1,N NU -2 1'NN : . 1 MM, Y W W .D A Y , LH s.A .- . A .4, , W.. A... I V w l 'N 1' - ,",. ,1'p,,,1,,,,,,H1,,M,,,,,',1,:y' ,. Jus.. .. . f , ,, , .V . H . 5ill1filf3iflIf1!fIv1flfWIT7'"''I'Ifff''fifffffiffllfifNHIYTHUIIififffffffllW"V"" W WM:i'Wn4If41l4llll ' W U ' 4 M E d U IHUIIU ll lll llfvfllfllflflllllw 'W Uf WN7,'1"7"'Hl'V,',WN IIIISEEEESEEE!llNWMiwwi ffIf6wifiwnMlm-91'JU!" F u ' SALAS McENTEE McGLYN N MANIERI WOODARD MIRITELLO SCAROLA McQUILLAN HORNE SNOWDEN WATKINS URBAN ALLEN ww 1 I ag-..:1-4,-' . , ,. ,,,. , , .. . A ,. Y.- 4, . , ... ' . . Y V Y V V - V A, -V .:. . , W ,. .. . , ,, ,. l . ,, H , , 4, U". 1'-'-'A-v-.-fin:--1-fd V-'1 '-"""-gv5?'f'7f"--J'-.11-14.221, s.f'1'pw.1.1e 11 2-f.,-11A-egg.,.::.1f 5 'W . - f. '- '- -- 41 :in rnl1nInl1xnmx. ' -if 11.5 . U . f 5, 1 ,,.-,Q--3.-.zaqf 15- '11 -, -1, . .1 I Haig !! -Zi-'ilu-v. 9 IIIIIIII I I II I II QI II II Q1 II II I I I ,,,,1II efiazz Goalzci DELIAN CGUNCIL, the Christian Inter-Sorority Association of New York University, whicl1 was founded six years ago by five Christian sororitiesg has as its purpose the promoting of harmony and good will among the sororities and fraternities of the University. Delian Council encourages strict observance of rushing regulations and fosters loyalty to New York University. Delian Council gives a tea for all incoming freshmen. An annual formal is held every yIear at the end of May. This affair gives a fitting close to the school year. The Council holds meetings the first Tuesday of every month, at which time old and new business is discussed. I OFFICERS President , ..... ......... A DELINE RUSSELL Vice-President . . ..... . . CATHERINE FLERI Secretary 1. . . .... BETTY FERRER Treasurer? ..... ........ M ARGARET ZINNECKER Social Chairman .............. LAILA STACEY ' DELEGATES Theta Upsilon-Lois Tracy, Laila Staceyg Phi Chi Theta-Betty Ferrer and ,lane Flanagang Phi Omega Pi-Adeline Russellg Annette Roettingg Alpha Omicron Pi-Margaret Zinnecker, Jane lsbisterg Beta Phi Alpha-Catherine Fleri, Irma Lomberg. 218 I ' Fila ss- I I I H I ' I II as 5 ' " '34 ss I ' 1 1144? S5 , A f:f"4f' 'Q Sifiii :. fii- I I 1 - ' " mf , ' 2' 7 4' E 'if KC "12S'i '6r if 'iii- , : f - .eil .11 ' A, . I 1 I I . , . . I af-glee ae If " ' 1 11 , I 1, 11 I 5: . 31, ' 5 W1 1 + M 1 1 1 1 A 1511 I ' 1, A .M I . 1' . 1. I . 1 x I 5 I' I I ' I III 11 III I 1 ff 1 ' I ' f ' 1- . ' I-1" f-1' ' I 11 f ivffffqlzl--:Q-sf.atkfixai-2' if 'ffnsrvfs' bo - ,13 - I - 1 ' 1 2 1 - I ' -Y .. H .4 ! : ' - - '- - I ' 1 .1-211241-L?-an . 'T 'I '- Q ' :..:g , ,, 4, , ,LA f5?gsgl1I EEK?-i'J:'f1,',ji!f'i 12 3.351491 -:..1- Q 4 rs 1 " I I .Q ' 1 1151 W, I: III. , I 1 I !l4ffeifw"sQ ' . ,' 4? v Jifrn - 4 f z ' -- ..::5551g!fw,gf4g?f-,'-',4,g.-' - 1 ii 915-III' 5 'i fl I I I' III II 1 I " 1 I Ia: ' ' 1' I' 1- if '171E"f.1'?-fi-1" 1?L'::Z?'- QP'?SfA3f3' f"'?E ' Ear!- 1 fi - -3- 1' .' I ' I ' " 'i'5ffl'1 . 5 I I .2-95, 6 .ff M Ili? '26, .. - ,. ,, . - - 1,-.1.Lsl1:,., 1 3.f'Wff'Er1' 322-fl "EE .-5 fr ?1Iff.1'i -35 "ri-iff 15,3 il!-li J T5 12 3' 1 -- 3 I . I I I' .I .IIT III' " I I I I I 1 f'ft:,51- -:I I '-4 xi , 1 79-I-5111.-? .-,--., an-.1.ff,.-,pn 11- .w.m!'.!l4'..1v.:,:11,1, .. 4-.L+ 551.4-5:4 Aw-nI,.,. , .ina - , , , .,,1. 3 4 II Ig. E 1 , W-515345.---:,,.1gf.,,-fr-..-,..11.1-1.-1.-3.51-.Q-we-.1f- .- ,,,, ..r . Q 11 1 ,4"s.'.w,1fm'33.:,"a--. .1-1 az.. t11Q3.p.11g-I...fig-35 '43,15551,qg.3g3s1:tgL3!55gf.zg,eL I qu rw in 1 ,L , 3 L :I 3, 51513 1, -Ii-N1 E 3 5 ' -,a-ess.. i, .v I- -. -R-15931. ' 353 gf.: I A X 9 155 a H l Ir, I E 111 1 I 1 3, 57, ' . r ,L .4.15Lg-gm? I ffl' g g i1u1,!, I , iii..-1,iII..-f.r M L 'IIVII .I I -,.Z.+ I ' ',,1-.11-1-Enss1ef.e::g'afaaif:.i3a'1ffi'e2h1ie.' II IlII'I W M U A I d f l u m l! u 9 1 W "J u ' H HIH I I I ,H .W Y"1 NU we NIMH! Ulf "al Ulffflell' "'5 lllllfllll'UHIIINIJMJlin1HNIY4lJha44alWln n A llll l l l l l f. m l ' llll lll ll tta M l l H C l l ' ' ll l l " ' l l l l l " l" " l' M I l IH! drum fl QJQIZ gfeffenic olzqress HE Pan Hellenic Con ress is the inte rorit council of Ne Y k niversi t a g Y TU ty I d t tl f ld t g I t ll t t g th sororities 1 th U ty t t d t f l g f g d ll andto gt d glt th l f h g dth hdd gf fF h candid t f t Th ororitie N Y k U ty h h g d by tl p tveschoolsare lghl f h hp tl P Hll C g E h 'ty must sendt d l g t p t t t tl l Tl C g l thtbd yh dt I 1 ddt f dg f N Y kU ty hl pltdt l p t f k d h' g t df gltp t f k th U ty Th h g l pply ly t ty g l Th d f th P H ll C g Ii l P H ll C g g lt h th ty b h ll t pp t ty t la h tter acquainted th th ,.nh- , I -V - - : " 1 ,uw ul flllhlllllllllllllllll 'HIHIIIIIII' WW" i I 5 6 M E R ill Ill lMmm11IllllIm mlin11I1mmlllllllnmmmummm Hllmmm nh - H M 1 UNlil!!llIIlll Il9 14 tt ,,,,,, tae. , z ,..,T TT'''TlfTT'1TflT?TTK',.,.,.,,,,., I ll l. laI 1 .'1. mI fqlnll l .! - 3 -1 p ,A 1 Q PM -P. 1 l f 4 + 1 fpka Epsilon i i Zeta Chapter LPHA EPSILON PHI sorority, nationally known and recognized, has twenty-eight chapters in the leading colleges and universities of the United States. Sixty-seven of its members are members of Pl1i Beta Kappa. Its National Dean, Elizabeth Eldreidge, is the author of '6Co-Ediquette," published by E. P. Dutton and Cpmpany. Zeta Chapter of New York University was organized in 1916 and received its charter on April 10, 1916. A Alpha Epsilon Phi engages in philanthropic work throughout the year. They give scholarships to worthy students. They run a Summer Camp for poor children, and they contribute money to a Hospital fund. A Southelrn, Westerii, and Eastern Conclave was held in August, 1936. The Formal Dinner Dance was held December 19 in the Empire Room of the Wal- dorf-Astoria. All twenty-eight chapters were present. Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority holds semi-annual conventions and formal dances. OFFICERS Dean ...... . SHIRLEY CEASAR Sub-Deaiz . ELAINE Honowrrz Scribe . MURIEL ROTHSTEIN Treasurer . REVELLA HIRSCH Ritualisi . ANITA MICHELSON ,lll. A .ld- 4 w i i 1 UlfHrvWrwllhIlIIaIJ!JlhJl!WlUIl1JNIfff' ff.fIw'w,4 "Wi 1.'fTlU'91JllI1JJll4f" EEFf?ffff?EHUU4UIll4IN!!li5i!?E5fffIf N T U LIEBERMAN CAESAR BERNSTEIN PRESS LOTH HOROWITZ F RIEDMAN BERNFELD MISHKIN ROTHSTEIN MICHELSON HIRSCH HIESIGER 221 il mmm l 222 H O WWIUff1IifffiiiiifffffffffffflffiWI' 'lq' H W:""ffJlfWff,F'?,WH'V IMfgfffffffffml'U!'4Hv5444f,..f.H 'WW UvH H"U W f Hvlwllllll WWHSW il 1'1.fg--L'-21.11 11 .a3. N1I ,..J"': Q I -T , ,i1f?ff5if.l'L, .-- --R ww , Q10 9.3 F LQN' ' 'L .'.. 11 m."i'?cZi7ifw if KOMO: L- 3 .J l fplm micron Z Ev Nu Chapter p 182 West Fourth Street E y N ALPHA OMICRON PI founded t Barnard C ll g n 1897. Today it is Y an international soror ty th f ty-five chapte d as many al mnae chapters. Alpha Omicron Pi f t the p inciples of outstanding cha t scholarship., cdllege sp' 't d ens f responsib'l'ty. It ked highest h A 1 t' standingi at New Yo k University in 1935-"36. l l 1 Q Two distinguished services rendered by the sor ty are the maintena f A A a frontier nursing service in the Kentucky mount ' gion and the don t n of a graduate national scholarship to its members. - Nu Chapiger has h d eventful y Th y h pl y d hostess at I numerous facuilty and pa t teas. The g l ff f th yea 't f mal i at the Hotel New Yorke n December. Th h pt l p rt p t d ' th . Delian Council formal and th F under's Day B q t Q OFFICERS A President . . . . . . MARGARET ZINNECKER Vice-Presifienz . . ..... JEAN Honns Corresporqding Secr t y .... JANE ISBISTER R ording Secret y . . . CLARA F ONYO T rer. . . FLORENCE MURISON R h C pf ' . . . MAURINE HETTGI-:R l w ,J-1--Q11-I iv i M illIl"lI'Ill: ,,,,.,,, .MINT ,HalllUIWHllff'IN'ffW"fT'llf!li'fII.f 1f,fvrrlrlllnlllllllrilflilwffffiff,53W4f4MH!UNHiiiiemui!'H'UmmxdUUlUUWr4wH' ,,,, M an 1 ln wi J.1 N1i .1J"': WW 4' ,,f4 ffffffffff,.lffffiirfJIffffffffffiil"WWII'fffllfl1HffflffifiifiilfiffffffillulU1 E MI MM 11111.14-!n..1 r' ,u3. 1iI.-.l'!1i i ' u'-'2 3 . '.-?v"f51 i t ax si ll' X ifaftl efa bi Gffpba ' Alpha Theta Chapter l 1 l ETA PHI LALPHA was organized at New York University in 1919 as Epsilon B Sigma. Iii 1927 Epsilon Sigma affiliated with Alpha Delta Omicron of New York State Teeichefs College at Albany. The name was changed to Phi Delta. In May, 1935, LPhi Delta merged with Beta Phi Alpha and became the Alpha Theta chapter lat New York University. It is a member of both the local and national Pan Hlellenic Congress. Beta Phi Alpha seeks to create a friendly spirit among the girls, to uphold a spirit of loyalty to the sorority and to the university, and to foster scholastic achievements, sbcial contacts and extra-curricular activities. The activiiies of the year were numerous. A lVIother's Tea was held in November. Tlre Winter Formal was held at the Ritz Tower. At a Christmas Party on December 21 a very charming program included Christmas plays and stunts, in which sisters and pledgees participated. A series of Saturday luncheons and tiheater parties started this year have proved most delightful. l 1 1 OFFICERS President I . . . ..... . . CATHERINE FLERI Vice-President . . . ..... DORIS BRYAN Treasurer ..... . . MARCARET MULLIGAN Recording Secretary . . . ELEANOR BSCHORR Corresponding Secretary . . . . MARION SCHWARZ I l I rlll- , -ll- I 1 I H s mu umm :mn rrwuwm ru W IIIIIUIQ Ili I1 lW""'1' Ill PIIIIHII nb X 114f' fm? """" "" "" nrsnlrljfIf i -A A A MM M 'HHHHUlliHI lIIIIIII 'milItmiILMII lJIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIll In IIIMIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIUIIIU1 M ME ,A1f. ""q! unmuu llIlv1Hnr1m:1 lH1U :m ' 1l In M ,J.3f W lM"' WI" lf!'::::m::WU'hrr11lIl!f'.,Je:M,,www ,lrlmwh WJ M1"'11l11lfr4v1lllJJ1'1' Q' 'WWI lrlU'f'UfW ffw M""'4 HI' ' II IIII I IIII I I IIIII II I 226 A9 I I I I I I I I I QJM Ubi Chem I I I Beta Chapter I 21 Jones Street I New York City I I . PHI CHI TI-IETA SORORITY was organized in 1914 at New York University by a grohip of girls in the School of Commerce, who named it Sigma Kappa Phi. A shortItime later this group became members of the Phi Kappa Epsilon Sorority, whidh had national recognition. In 1924 they changed their name to Phi Chi The'a. Phi Chi Theta has twenty-two active chapters and eleven alumnae challters. Among its honorary members are Dean Madden of the School of Conrmerce and Miss Florence Crandall, Recorder. Phi Chi 'Ifheta established the Henrietta Madden Loan Fund in memory of Henrietta Madden, who had always shown a keen interest in the welfare of the women studen s. The Phi Chi Theta National Key Award is given each year to the woman st dent who in the opinion of the Committee on Prizes has excelled in school activities and leadership. Beta Chapter held a tea this year with the Alumnae Chapter for its national honorary memIber, Dr. Lillian Gilbreth. They also held a Christmas Party at the Park Cent1Ial Hotel and a Fall Luncheon at the Hotel New Yorker. The big affair of the yerr was the formal dance in April. I I I OFFICERS PresidentI . . ...... . . . BETTY FERRER Vice-President . . . LILLIAN ORTHWEIN SecretaryI . . . MARY MOLINELLI Treasurerx . . . MADELINE ZULIANI I I I I I I I 1 I I "" I ""'I'III I "'I' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, IIIIIIIIIIIIII - f III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ..,., II I 'II .i IilI.l II ,If,, '-4-1-'2IIII....I"III . MOLINELLI FERRER ' DONDER V ORTI-IWEIN HARRIS FLANAGAN ZULIANI 227 1 llil'fill!IITIIIIIIIWINIIIHIIIIINF Ml 'ILffT'lJulIIllUllula3HHMC'9'FWFJNUIHIIIIIHIIEEEWLE lvHl"f"'ff ,,.AA ?f?:E5fIIiniIIT'TfffTT ,,,A 1 uniffiWWTH!IIU?Iiff!llllfllfffff,ffffffifffffflllffffffffffffffffffffiliH'1141fffefff:f5fEfE?lllIIIIJ477Iif4Hiffffiimullllimml, 2 1 I illllmllllliiWMMMIDMNHIMIIllllilll?MJUJIIITFIEIIJIIWIIIMQNEI.CIIEESECITTTHIINIGIIIWWII!!WiffiiifIEEE?"U"''1YTWTTff??Tfff?TTTTTfT. 5 w'sf l.fl 1I .1 ',. ..J"": Kam I N Q M 1 Umm 1 1 P l 1 3 L mega L Q3 ' 0 ' 1 . 5 Alpha Chapter 1 Judson Dormitory 1 1 PHI OMEGA PI was organized at the University of Nebraska in 1910. In 1928 Sigina Phi Beta and Phi Alpha Chi amalgamated, retaining the name of Sigma Phi Beta. In 1933 Sigma Phi Beta and Phi Omega Pi merged and are now known asKPhi Omega Pi. 1 Phi Omega Pit is a national sorority and has twenty-nine chapters at various colleges alld uiliversities throughout the United States. Its purposes are to form bonds of sisterhood among selected womenastudents and to promote social and intellectual adlvancement. This year lthe social activities of the sorority have included a Theatre Party, a Professors' Tea, a Winter Formal at the Barbizon Plaza, a Founders' Day 4 L h I unc eon, an invitation Banquet, and various other affairs held at the sorority's apartment in the Judson Dormitories. Phi Omegfi Pi participates actively in the social life of the Campus and is well represented in scholastic endeavor. A I OFFICERS Presidenrl . . ..... 1 . . ADELINE RUSSELL Vice-President . . . . MAGLONA CARNEGIE Secretaryi . . ..... LOIS HOLM Treasurer' . . . . ANNA BOLLAND 1 228 -lll- . -ll- I Q mal" I 1 X , 'UI Ji ' U1'J'IIwIl!I"llll!,!alff' I lr Jl!Nl1l!'lIvf'IXJSJIILU I!!J!r'II'4N'l4'VT!'I'FiJTM IITIIEE' 'S1iilnJJ!"l11'uUlJHJi Www MIMWMI l M E 7W?!l4I" 'fWll74ffl ' T V IH '1idLF!?F!TfF,fifflfldwl Ifwwilfiff :EEEa:fEIIf!IMlf4f'T ,,,,4 . 5Y"Uff'ffU'fff.fffffffffflIW""iiiviiffIffl'f" Wh' . 4I W l M1u ,l Hfffmf I ff l"'1'1fTf'ff".','L5'F!fJlIf1wIll,r flliif,Jfisrsfeffl,SIMMf!!!m!W'?WNlUalfLEshlllwfllwllfiiiiili'5wJl Il 1IJHv1'.ul H r MMWl5Sl 555lSlG 1'1., I.lI vI ,ll lull ,.f"'IH Sigma iqma E Gamma Chapter PHI SIGMiA SIGMA was founded at Hunter College in 1913. The Gamma Chapter was established at New York University in 1918. At present twenty-five chapters are scattered all over the United States and Canada, and a strong alumni brganization is centered in Philadelphia. The natioilal organization. publishes a quarterly, THE SPHINX, and hold annual convenl ions in the key cities. Outstanding is the philanthropic work done by the scirority. It maintains a summer camp for poor children through donations froml the various chapters. The aims bf the sorority are to foster friendship, sincerity, and strength, to engage in philanthropic endeavors, to participate in all functions of the school. 1 Gamma Chapter has had a very full program this past year. A Winter Formal was held at the Hotel Plaza, and a Spring Dinner-Dance at the Masion- nette Russe. Ai Mother-Daughter Tea was held at Pierre,s while the formal installation and ip Christmas Party were given at the Hotel Carlyle. Christmas and Easter baskets were distributed, and a .family of eleven were adopted by the chapter. A twenty-five dollar scholarship was established this year to be giverf to the most deserving freshman woman. It is to rotate among all schools of N. 'Y. U. All the sororfs actively participate in all extra-curricular activities. I f OFFICERS t Archon. .X . . ........ ALLEYNE SUNSHINE Vice-Archon, . . . . MILDRED ROSENBLUM Rush Capteijn. . . . . . MIRIAM WEISS Bursar . . . . . ESTELLE JOACHIM Scribe . . I . . . . ETHEL L. SIMON Tribune . . . . . LoRRA1NE WEISS l N 3 230 l I Q UKEN' 11 --4-i. l 1 1 Q I n 'illllllihmu 4Uwmurrr4aavaJ4:uaw CARLIN 1 ROSENBLUM ROSENSTEIN KOSKI SIMON SHAPIRO BASEL KLEPPER LU LINCE 231 I g 1 """""""l' ,nl 'llllflm'"ltUl7f""VINl "" WW lll?????F?F"'l"' '1"111""' 1 ll IUHIHHIIIHUfl , E A Hia IUWUI!HIHHUIIIHIIIHIIQfmI ll'Q'l'jgfffffjlfllljjjjljdI iiilllm U "'W Tl""'l"""""""'l"""" y ll . W J MER all HH 4 HIHHH my HH!! ...,,,,.,.,.,,,lJlllllllllllit Z fplza fmt Beta Chapter I I ALPHA TAU, a national -sorority, was organized at Hunter College in P 1895. It has grown into a well-organized group with chapters as far north as Canada and as far west as Wiscollsin. I New membbrs are chosen from all schools at Washington Square. They are selected on thel basis of their ability to fit into tl1e sorority scheme of activity and friendship.l The aim of the sorority is to secure true friends. This aim is furthered by inlterchapter teas held monthly for the local chapters. There is a Grand Council composed of delegates from all New York chapters. V , Grand Couhcil holds two annual formals. A Christmas Eve affair was held at the Waldorf-listoria and a Spring dance at the Essex House. i Members of Pi Alpha Tau are active in school activities. a K I I OFFICERS Presidenzl . . ...... . . FAY LINDENBAUM Social Chlzirman . . . . . . . ELAINE SEED Secretaryl .... ........ F RANGES REICH Treasurer? ' ..... ........ M ARJoR1E COHEN Grand CoVncil Representatives . ROSE IGSTAEDTER and ELAINE SEED u I l E 1 E ...C E E... w I P . P I I is m Error - ZUHIIINUIIIIIIM, IQILUHIJIIIIIIMUIIIIff2,dLl!IlIlIllfHlllm,ffff""'flT,, ii i I 1UWUT-NNNWUUWNUW11MWWV"H IV I . H. I,.f I' ul '?--fi-Q.,l1.,.w""f r x , 'III 'II"'I'fIfIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIII I III I IIIII, IIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII I I I 'fI.1ilI.,,I II ,I.I. lnIII ,MIII I I iqma fda 9636! Beta Chapter ICMA TAU DELTA, 'unlike most sororities, was born a twin. The sorority S was founded simultaneously with two chapters at Hunter College and at New York University. Since that time Sigma Tau Delta has become a national sorority, whosd chapters are spread throughout the country. The sorority has always pledgedI its new members to the high ideals of Sigma Tau Delta, I I 4'Sincerity in all they do, I Combined with great ability, i I The promise to be always true, ' , I To the creeds of S. T. D." Last year Sigma Tau Delta held its Spring Dance at the Sherry Netherland Hotel. Its annual convention took place during Christmas Week at the Hotel Astor. The various chapters enjoyed a weekis program which included Formal Pledging, an Iristallation Tea, and the Christmas Eve Formal Dinner-Dance. Formal Installation was held in June at the Governor Clinton Hotel. One of the hxperiments of the year was a Mother-Daughter Luncheon held at the Cafe LoyIf:le. It stood out as one of the most successful affairs of the sea- son. Another was a raffle of two theater tickets to "Tovarich." The proceeds of this event were donated to an approved charity case. I I I Dean . 5 . . . EVELYN J USTMAN Vice-Dean I .... . . . ELSA PESKIN Treasurer ..... . MILDRED MICHNOFF Chairman of Rushing . . . . ROSLYN SCHENKER I Secretary ...... . . MARJORIE SAALBERG I .... I I , I I I ' IllIlIl!!IllJlIM ,f"",'H'U75,".fn"f'fUfII"""'Hff'Ulf!!"ffff f4ff5NllNYUf':ffl 'Ui HHHW 'ILf!fffCEI!W!!lWIW1I,L2fi'HJHMJUlihiihi L1,J4umHMM!IJUUHIIIIIIHIIUI 1 '11 1' uFff-J-I-4"'f'-11Q1I ,.-JN: my -. -B- -41 I , L, 1 I l1III1 .1 1 111111'1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 lm 1 A 1 1111111I11111111111111111521'ffl111111111111if111111111111111111,,11111111111111111111111 1Ei1g1QQff2f111I11 1'11111i2j2iZ1''11""""""11 11 1 " 1111 1111 11 4 ' 1 1 1 1 1 N1112Q2 1 1 1 w 1 1 , Znefa Upsifon 1 Beta Alpha Chapter 21 Minetta Lane 1 THETA UPSILON was founded in 1914 as the Makatina Club at the Uni- versity of California. Its thirty-three chapters throughout the country are exceedin 1 a t' l ' ' g y c IVF on t1e1r respective campuses. Beta Alpha Chapter was or- aniz d ' N Y g e ln ew york University in 1931 and has had members i11 every Woman s activity on the campus. 1 Theta Upsildn has an altruistic intere t ' h B l s ln t e orea College of the Ken- tucky mountains.1 During the year the chapter holds teas, dances and other 7 social parties. 1 . ' ' 1 Beta Alpha Chapter has had an interesting program this ear The A 1 y . nnua Formal Dance Weis held in January at the Hotel Plaza. It was a fitting celebra- tion for the end 1of the examination period and a pleasant wget together" for all Pled i ' h ' . g ng was t e main activity for November, and formal initiation was held ' J 1 ' ln anuary Hand May. The members are drawn from all schools at the Wfashington Square Center. 236 1 1 1 President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . 1. Alumni Officer Editor . . Chaplain . 1l. 1 1 1 OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . . LAILA M. STACEY . Lois J. TRACY HELEN COOPER . HELEN PECK RITA MURPHY RITA JANOSKA JEAN RUSSELL WNNUlqnrHUHlf lU i l IlIllIM!IIlIl!FMfrTf1.'f,'f4Mv1En1Illl.TWNlUWa""NWMllWI9Dl k,J'.1!WJ!lJI uaH9111 ' ""'"fIiHw'l!Wlfffflmf'HrJfffEHE?EEiEFECfCfiffffl.,ffff?""m!!"'ff, 'M'fffliiiilii'P'flu:Wil.lfffiawwlfiim f""lfff ' : E HMMM4 Q iira ' I 1 r .Zvefa 1 l 1 1 1 l Alpha Chapter R ZETA PHI1SORORITY was organized in May, 1923, under a national charter by a group of girls at New York University who wished to further a closer friendship wiiihin their circle. The soro iity has chapters at Hunter and Brooklyn Colleges. Membership in Alpha Ch ter is open to women students in the School of Commerce and l the School of 5 ducationg new members are chosen for their character, friendship and scholarship. The aimsgof the sorority are to "Respect and Serve the Alma Materw and to bring togetller a unified group of girls with related interests. ' The memiiers participate in class and club activities as well as in the League of Women of tl e School of Commerce. ' The soro1gity's Winter Formal was held in December at the St. Moritz. During the year parties were held at the Essex House and the Chicken Koop. The Spring F ormal was held in April.' Y H OFFICERS Prior .I . . ........ . . LINA SCHWARTZ Under Prior . ...... . . JEANNE HILLMAN Scribe . 1 . . . . . . CLARICE BUCHLER Recorder' . . . GERTRUDE SCHIFFER Pecuniori . . . . . FRANCES COHEN l l,l1lN W I 1 1 n l 'l, , x K I ""' "' WIHIIHIIIIWUIJUI .,I""',,lrr:1'f'W!Wllul Url!! E . a 1 i 1 i K x 1 fxfb 1 NJ N X 1 I W A i' A ,lll- , -ll- I 5 l,lll' , 1'KIIIIPFIII'"TIIJIIIfWsffIffaEf3EE3EEEE!IIHH ,,,, W ,.,,, ''If'fffffEff?5iQQfff5HIl'UINII4'llaviiiifff"BREW''U'W'NW'lllllnllmWlllillwl 1 'lla l-3-1'-L-glial 1' Jl.3. u41I.f'."'I: PQRMAL5 U XS x 2? ik Xfg ggi L 5 E SE 4 X S ,gg wmv ' X K X Q -Sid'- . at 0? 'S K M A. QE NW , ,J W Q X X X X X E-R X R S NB gg S S as N. 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A w' Wg: , 1 :I -::- .x-25555-I: f .x an I .N:gi. F:4 1X 'i if I , , - .,,. X- I .. Iwb A IIINXWM WNY III'1 -' I I I, I ' ' YN . N Y, ,lg -- II f I I, fiww. ' vi , IW, is Q . Y K . S L30-M ,V xx. ,MI . QNX , I N I I ..., Q .I I I ,If XX ., QQIII, .I - J IE NSN XI. .I-III Ia :K I fx ,,,, X L r W -1 sk .. 'X V I X X S. NES .I::.I5I,5.E:g K .. I , I I. I, W- I , I Q I -N . :Is-M, -1, ,.:I I 1 H, - I , . I M.-.I+ X Ii , K Q 5 X I I . H .W .N ky I 5 ig I HSI? Us I 'I I s I S' MY I i. y I gg K X I s . gin W-I Q Q XA .3 X 35,3 W1 S UA jf Y g S as I N- g QS 3 .- -,ff ,g I NVQ i .k . , I I l . : 5WlSifIIf9!Sf5EI'1 5" I 5 r Xxggvgi is I Xp, X I lx I :I I I I I IM Q' Il I -I I . i -.I..,Q j:-- Q-1::,:Ig.-I N I III, 5-'Ig II I ,Q ,X I - I, ix - f ff- III I is -P-E 2 I-N NNNYSNISXSQ I I I' I I I I , I I I ,. ' xx 5 I " I " ' Ifla ,-.iL1,,wI I I ' -Q x 'Ni W NXVQS . ' I I I , I K' -. ' 1 Q X - I. . IIII SI I -Nw lf I N 2 N 'Nw' I 'W' X7 f?f"J ' 3 I, 1 - . X' :I I . ' 'L' ug bf: 2" ti' X X -'I ., A ': I I ' Sew - Nkfsmggsg .. I Q 4 II. ,M 3. ,I S 0 gh I ' 'I ' "" -I-if :P PEN lp ' S 9 'wXEQ , I 3 , ' Q- I N X ,, X I 5, . I I- I I I 3-eff 1 gb I I I Q 'S I V' 1 J I ""' Q N ' Z:-35:35 1 X 1 . I j ,5 Agri, ,,,I yi -lggzzg e,,y,:-" ggMJ2gE X I X ' . I I I xy Ip ' ff' K , ., x v- I::IAI.:1,,:Qw:.I I Egg v .M . m xx I I If .-.. . 1 W- I I - 'Ii 1 5 I 1 ' ".' N I ,K Dk g ik-,SW - 'M NT W ,wiv ' , ., I. I X C ,VIQSE I my I 'I I ezaxwwi I I wx gwgf. I Ig. I , . N .. Q - .ss "' - 9 . Q Nt xx XA . I fllv!lllllJl!W?HllI!H rw 'M ' 'WU flume a HIINHWWIJJ .1 gp . L A Hia HE Sophomore Class added royally to the School of Commercc's social sea- ' son with the Sophomore Hop, their formal dance held at the Hotel Ambas- sador, April 4 Oth. Approximately one hundred couples joined in the festivities in the Embassy Suite, with. Jeno Bartel and his Hotel Lexin ton orchestra furnishin the dance X g 5 rhythms for the evening. An unscheduled surprise on the evening's entertain- ment bill was the singing of the beautiful brunette, Lois Kaye, featured soloist of Vincent Lopez' orchestra. The entei tainment program of the evening made a big hit with the students, with Dick B own, undergraduate song-writer, acting as master of ceremonies. Although thei acts, featuring stars of the New York Professional School, were well received, the ovation was reserved for Sophomore President Al Freedman, who was delivered to the affair by the Freshmen, gaily bedecked in Indian garb. 'Marty Myers, chairman of the Hop, overdid himself, in the sale of bids for the affair, for! not only was there a large crowd of Sophomores present, but also a generous sprinkling of upper classmen and their consorts in the beautiful three-room suite. L P gras op N AY EIGHTH marked the successful completion of the first formal affair of the Clasi of '40. Fun and f rolic held sway at the Hotel Montclair's spacious Casino-in-the-Air, irrespective of the fact that true to long established tradition the Freshmenlwere outnumbered three to one by upper classmen at their first real debut intd the social life of the School of Commerce. I The core laround which spun the Hop's entertainment was the ceremony consisting of tlhe crowning of the King and Queen of the Class of '40 by the president of the class, Lawrence Gabbe. The couple was elected on the basis of popularity and service in a contest started in March among the first-year men. Enthusiastic balloting for favorite candidates continued until the early part of May when thei winning couple was announced. The winners received free bids to the Hop arid honored their fellow classmates by condescending to lead the Grand March. Co-chairmen Leonard Kleckner and George Horwitz managed the affair with the skill generally attributed to upperclassmen. We look forward to future dance successesl for the Class of ,40. F I gf Ill. -li.I g , L.. 1 l 1 MWMWWWW W WWM aw? ffpommsag ax WHMWWWWHWWWWHWW Iiiiiiiill 'ff fi w e 7 Q' " Illlh' ll' l lmnmmll 'VW WW3 'M Mx fwmmum 1 1 .J,M1' i ijgma U y I h ' llIl l ..!.i: lJIl 'HHH' A W mm H I I H W lH'N'llfI""I4JI!lJvl!lwvnll'l11:1I1HUIWIWidmJWlHH'llH4I U'U1f'U'Wa ..,,... W ,.,, ,, UM N I limJllIlI!ll1WvalJlJlIllI l1lJlJlllJlMINH lIlIl!IllJl1f1.,...' - E N d '611Iflfflih1JJ-1..lII7If""' llllu 4 HENRY B. FERNALD '01 FREDERICK D. BROWN '22 President President Alumni Federation Commerce Alumni Association Gffumni Gilssociafion President -FREDERICK D. BROWN '22 ce-Presidents . COWLES '11 OTT C E ' '17 THO S '15 ............. Secre HAROLD S. MEINHARDT '17 ........... Treasurer SHERMAN A. CASH '19 .............. Auditor 253 W In fi ...,' 00AJ'7"00'itJnlflflllllflfffw''' HW, 1. m! 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Sargent Sl Co. James E. Manning, 16 Be Avenue Robert E. Rich, 22 Be ly Place, Edge- t N J wa er, . . I Charles F. Heard, 31 Clinton Street Edward J. Schenck, cfo F. E. Seymour, Inc. Robert Wood, cfo Th Secr t ' l School, 52 Market Str t Ralph S. Good, Cutl Bldg Thomas P. McLaughl 20 Edgewood Street, White Plains A .....................Stephen Greenfield, 390 East South St ............Edward P. Rush, 1216 Delta Avenue ............George W. Bowen, Rocky River High School .....................Mendel N. Pack, 3105 Wellington A ....Paul Boldon, 18 North Ph lp Street F. 1. Latimer Lawrence, 4501 L hmont Avenue .....................Milton W. St. John, Jones a d L ghli Steel Corporation New York University Alumni Club 1 1 , -,.W,i,,.,,.1. W.-. -,-H,...-.-.. , . . ,V -ff'-A- f mf ..1W.., ,J , - 4 ., M, , ,.. eu. . .., -M .',--ml, V--.Q ,sf .v "1,,1f3?'ETT"',, ,,iTii"Y':1FJLh',..'Ttt -15 I ,..-f,-u.. - -T.--f,?-.,.1---,.V.A.TT.- ,-.....-vw--,,..,, Qmpnmm WU? gk ggmwg -ff'Y."x 5. ,x W' ,125 wwqirk .gg 512 QU, 'f1i"':f".:, """ww11www1wwg'Aff-"Aaf'1w'1N11N1N4WN1'1xx11x1''ulwirwiw-"' "ff3-mwqqmmww111WLN' f-'iw-4yx, m"'Nniw:ww''' 'T'wwww'1irwtxsalmkfif?i'1151fa15,11111GMiE112im15311111ifQ23Xi'Wii21Ei1!'iEE11iI5fiEE?-Tif'Si3iE1iFmii"imimiiiiME..,- ,L.,, ffi'.wMMf , 1 W ' ' ' f 11 ul! - ww - I .H My v V I I - I H ,.'g Lin w N H no NX al v 'lm ' ' -- f ,ir I W M Nw imsl' 'IH W !"'V ! 1" ' 1"!' 9 'HH UW!! w W '1PNi'f25ff'f3' a "i . L ,M J m'f .: p W f' x.. Warfwf 3 ,W I W? if - 3" 1- -5 W 1 ff 'U f' F-'iff 'lu , 4 x ' 422ff f' WE ' MJ!! W - :g M P uw WUIVVVVKWIHImffrfwjwrffMH!H4 1IVl1J1fllJlf1.IWMW HJ'w4rfgMw,,'r,lf9If,4,,f.,,,,,my,,'fJJaf1u,':"g,,,Maw",MuWIVf,,M1417uufmm W., if Pg? 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V ,,,r M. ,w,,, M KF V v 4 2 Q Qiqfifpm H1 mf 1 u WW ki M HJWQQ ml F WW 'I W lWWQ1HlWQI1lr1wr11f wHWHWWWI?Jw''Wiw'W WUNIV!" ,MM4IQiM M W W M ,vi I V' '1 ' 1," We n,Lf jf Y f, - '1 f ' i ' W 7 Y' ' W ' ' V Mf ?flf ' W' U , FHW Wf6 W 6' ' M W UwwwwWW NWN hmmm ww 4 l ELM? W f W Z MWHQE1 'lrfwimi J W Www WWW WWW , QQQNN N. M.: .N H 'ug-11 ' .W :wwf-M ,N ' , - I -H 'M ". 2 -Hm"' V MN C"-Ni-:'. ', '55 fw' 'WW 'Tv Y' " V' H' M "WV J W W 2M 1'MQ5 vw w w W- 1 M w W?''M ' 1 I W J W W J af! H L Plf '15le.5w5i 5F 2 Wf.Ew J1?fw if 1 'W U V' a+ -V. 5 W W wwwm'ffww,,'T ., 3 wi lx '-W':v'ww-m'u,:- , w1-WHNWNWQQJN4 :!WHWUL. ,vp,.Lm'w,mwuvuxx1'sx!s:uiww11Nu1,I,,- , ,,,uwL1,,,, ,.., UW' .- L.. w. ,Li il," " ll.-?', UL-'Ju J' .UQILi.'ffTfJ1Q.Ef31.,-gg, 4 I-f..' L17 vi "-!f.l,,,.,,..A , ., ,.-,,-,.l. -, 1 - U w444Y4'4""' "llli5l"dl i x W w L , , BENJAMIN A. Ross JAMES F. CLYNE t Business Manager Editor f G? ummm HE Alumnus, the monthly magazine published by the Alumni Federation in the interest of the alumni of all the schools in the University, provides com- mon ground for the preservation of the graduate point of view. Articles written by leaders in Various fields within and without the University, frequently by alumni themselves, are adapted to the whole graduate body. The present activities of former students are specially recorded and listedg in fact, the magazine tends to serve as an up-to-date history of the individual. The Alumnus, seeking to promote everlasting service to the University, serves as the medium between the alumnus and his Alma Mater. Thus, year in and year out new individuals contacted by the Alumnus have in many ways contributed to the welf are of the University. The newest feature in the pages of the 1937 issue is entitled uTuning in on N. Y. U." written by Arnold Cohen. This column deals with those individuals who are broadcasting on the radio throughout the country and who are in some way connected? with the University. Time and time again, interesting detailed information aliout New York University can be heard over the air-waves. The Alumnus keeps pace with the activities of all of the colleges and provides the latest alumni news. ' You will always hear of something interesting from your Alma Mater if you keep the Alumni office posted on your changes of address. Alumni Federation of New York University, 100 Washington Square East, New York. fgmswrfmmmnmquxnuw .,4e1e:pK,1AG9E,,, I M lm A' K :ff A A -4 REM df?" 4 W 5 1 if 1 :Y 2 . ,wiv FEAT UR ES IUEL 15i i'i315D 4 aesf for fha xquisife GLEN GRAY GUY LOMBARDO BENNY GOODMAN HORACE HEIDT ETERMINED to carry out its udifferentn motif throughout the book, the 1937 Violet conducted a college-wide uQuest for the Exquisite," and here in its Quest section proudly presents what it believes to be as beautiful a group of co-eds as can be found gracing any University campus. A call for applicants in the Quest was published several months ago, and a list of some hundred-odd co-eds, including blondes, brunettes, brownettes, and redheads, were submitted for the preliminary test. A student committee inter- viewed the applicants, and from the original group, forty were selected to be photographed in artistic poses. The proofs of their pictures were developed, and with the names concealed, the forty contestants' photographs were submitted to the judges for final decision. Four internationally known orchestra leaders-Horace Heidt, Guy Lombardo, Glen Gray, and Benny Goodman-were chosen to act in this capacity, and found themselves faced with the almost impossible task of selecting the Winners. Because the four judges found it virtually impossible to agree upon a11y of the girls, it was decided to pick sixteen winners for the Quest section of the Violet. The photographs of the selected sixteen co-eds are included here. Miss Shirley Densen Miss Lillian Harris Miss Maureen Hettger Miss Jean Russell Miss Lina Schwartz Miss Helen Peck Miss Estelle Golish - Miss Margaret Tearle Miss Laila Stacey Miss Rosyln Schenker Miss Annette Roetting Miss Ethel Simon I s Miss Viviap Walsh I L Miss Jean McIntyre Miss Agnes Sunday Miss Ruth Wood .4,,, 1 ""'l"""'.,ull'lffffffllllfllfM',l""fflU'f'l'f',lllflffl l"fJHl"vf11ll! Wllllwf 1 I a ll I 'Il ii-gum 1' t,1.3.lfL-whim! .1-.Ili ga cm THE activitie f the New York University Glee Club ll 1 y an important cl p in the historical annals of h y O d ing event d lude a week's p f h R y Th e in N York, p 'p moving pict S l h brought the Univer ' y dd l ' - 'd g d h in sectional t ll g gl 1 b . I 1931 th y l d l h mpions. Th G1 Clb 'goffify bl dd 1 h b - g g d h school ye O l I Cl b h b d by h F l y cl Alumni Glee Cl b g f teen and y P ly 1 Th Cl Cl b h been function g 191 h n it was org fi d h d f Reinald Werrenrath 1 1926 Dx Alfred M. Greenii ld k h society rl has been clirec g OFFICERS Graduate Manager . . G. LAWRENCE PAET Student Manager . . . . CHARLES W. PENR Assistant Manager . . . . WILLIAM T. D L'b arian . . . . . . CAMPBELL H A tant Libraria . . VINCENT FREIMA A panist . . . . . . . . HAROLD HEEREMAN 1. K' W 'U LL,-...- WIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEI '. I ' :-1- ffsr i L - " il5f."sf.fl..,W L',E5:I n IM 1.'Q.Q..3L1IH Iiafxsil I I IspIQQI II I.g,1g,.-...IIIIam Il" III ' III III IIIIIIIIII III! 'HIIHIHII I II I Q 0 M M Pi 45 E N, II 'HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IlKII11III1lIlIlMmIMIlmIIIIII IIImIwwmmw I I rrrr I I , I 1. I III, v I I I I I I II I III II II I I II I - , g , .,. . I III IHIII I .I I IIII III II I .. . . M ....a W rrrr f f m ... I U . .." . ..I . I ,W V . . I ..,.. . , I 1' I III I I III II I + VV V V VV, wM m..,.IIIIIIMIIIIIIIII1M1II,:gI1I,I!II,,J I 1 1w Y 1f I IIII rlflrllvi lziversifg cuz OF F to a flying start for its 1936 season, the University Band traveled to Col- umbus by special train for the initial Ohio State-N. Y. U. football game. Known primarily for the original and elaborate stunts in trick column and counter marching, the University Band has since 1930 to be outpointed by a rival band. At Columbus they scored even with the much-rehearsed 120-piece band of the Buckeyes. The Violet-clad boys are known as the fastest marching unit in the East, pacing 160 steps to the minute. . Wallace Newman, a new but competent drum majnorreplacing All-American .liififflrilfillgligniiitiifseii ilffgifoiiffl, 'iiefiflnialifoblfilsytfalialff lead the band and to coach a successor so that as little ground as possible will . be lost through his eventual graduation. . I OFFICERS SiT.ilZtiwfl4ffQii'S . I I I I .WT Lifwf' Z7 L10 fmdriffRRR'2S1'2ffffff1f Assistant Managers .... FRANK IQEHOE. and ALFRED SHANKMAN Drum Major . . . ........ WALLACE NEWMAN Leader ............... ROBERT MCDONALD Director ............... MAUREL HUNKINS I A 269 s 1 I I T----'Il l uf I ' R , II --. I III IIIQ gf-II I I I MI I I ,lv Ea I' 1 . 5. I I f YI' I . I I I , I IA IIIII I M I I III '1 I .ll ..,r. I I I f ' I I 9 I N ' I I I I I C a.IlfI .... r , ,. , I JB. . I ,,,. 1 . 1-. L,Ls5II,,I... I I1 I , I I I .,.fY,ILI,I.,...g, ,r.. IIII1-'55-,Q ,,.r, U Lg IM I I SI I 3 I Il I I I if FIIILgffigzftIfIIIII'75i,'IiIIIfIIII? r-" JIIII,IIsis-rrII,uIIIIIIQQEA IIVIII-I55 I I ' ILL 'ril IIIII 'FIM1rI'i?'?2:3IIIrI I I I if- I-In I Q I I i q H 1 ,, jsifgfl. r.,'4 I WWI I IIII .,.,.,,. ,, .. ,IMI ' . f. I ,,.I II ..,,,, 1 ,,.. IIII ..M. . ..... - 7 I g , H A IWW 4 ' W ' Q A 'wmmw 1 I ' gum wmmmm4 ' mwnmm mumumm x wb : +Q fn arrffrsrwrmavav1annumnwnsnanwuuwnuwwmawwwnun wrnrnrrannnun rvrurvwrnrnnwwuuna wrvvwnwanuawaaanu uumuuuwunwwwnuwuwwww -. .,Q, i H M I I ' U ll Y M 1 v zm 5?fjiTWT? mfX Q , l ffm ' HH H m q 11 1 -DQQ 'A' q 25 Q-Q M Mfg H 5 1 M EQWWTIWSI md WWFWBMEH Rf ' .,2 Qglinfgsgggi? , . . ff A. '11.' W M .W 11 1'-' M ' -. Q " ?'i ' ,A L' -W ' - , -A V 5 1"' - ' 1 LW , f i ,, -H" JM JM LH' 1 ... . , .L A-. Y YY lK .' A. -1 , " I'h'.'..-v-,, '!i'f"."" V-"iz 1, "fe y , T ""d 9' H' 4"""q 'A' 'Y Nl4fVl'fflIf5ZJlWNlil4HlU4fl ""d" l fy 1 + E f a t ,t M R ,,4J4 JHUH!llf'fLTlllf,Hhllfilflrminufffimiiilllllli?'lH'IlHHMUHl ii0 i expedition D R. CHARLES DEL NORTE WIN- NING is Field Director of the P bow-Bridge Monument Valley Ex- p d tion, which every ye . plores e 3,000 square miles of th 'thern N try in A ' d Utah. The Expedltl b d of trustees p t h man sharing th fi ld p d th CX g up isap'vat g W ning and Dr. A 6 k, the h fit The d by Dr. nsel H ll f th l h t p td ndera t P J eNa- al Park Service, alt g spon- d by tl American Expl t on So- l ther large universit' ' tyS o ICS 111- l d g P ' eton, Harvard, Chi g Sta f d pply members of th d ' h 'll d th th p t1o h 1 spen mon s the Ar and Utl d t this 111612 Be d s Dr. C Clark fthe t will g n the ex Willning, P f sor C. General Co Depart- dl d ped t g p fb l gists seek g l b d ptlles, and fish D g the s mer of 1936 the Ex- p d t pent eleven W k the des- t Th y f med several p t , each k d'ff ent types of auth polog l d p 'menstoh gb k it it E t W' l 4 :M 'wi 'I 5 me l e u t I' N B A t m L y I W M W MQM Mu . IWW elm M LPI M A 't tl gift his 555585 IH , is t +te y 1 -if A 2 A +2 n 2 1 M MJ l MTH l M ff W tim l J JJJ J JPJ II I IJI VJW VV V VUHIIV JMI H VVV IU!! lli l ll llfll l r w lw f f 'M" ' a1' sIx "V Wllsaxss lasasanlsklw 'fl . 'V Y Y ' 5. 5.4 , , V 4 , A A H1I VIlVl'm ,,RVVV" L WILLIAMS CINS BURNS QUADLAND DUSENBERY GARDNER LEVIN E ZHEUTLIN GALDI HERCRUETER BURKE STARK STERNFELD TEGELAAR ROTTER 272 , 5" '1 I 'HU x r' IIE! ' a ' ' ' I D Q N I W ., F n .iQ V. JV' lt., L ll , I, Q 1 ,V V V '.V.,V.f- V.1V ' .V V ' V VVV 3' ' V . 1- ' ' ' V- 'V ' I I V - V I V I ' 'V ' V ' ' V 'A::..V14 'I-'V , 3. ,I 'f - ,HV . " .JL-.1 ' .'.'fg:"'r, ' ' V V ' .. .1 ' ' .V I, ' V V V V V. ' VV V- .' -, I .V r - 1 'ix -T 'E1:HLl,,5.I.-,hmQigfljj.pgjf ' , I . N V: V V 114 I JV ,'. f t ,I ,Z 1 , .Q 1 , A ,Q VV V l , I I: V , A ,V1,.-- V. VV V V, ,Vin -1,-- 1. V'.--2.wVa-f- M: V V V- V' - 5 'V V: ' .. .V . V V. .V V V ' ,T V. :VV . :V . V' -: V -V . V V -w' . , H " e 4 -1-V.': '-:nz V VL I- ,wk V V dx' H: V- ' - I L- .V V QS VV I 1 ' ' E V V i ' V V " '- V . V in Q-'V VV' '-," " ,4,,.J-151' ' A ' - '-'Vg',.- -V51 , 'J' -'Y - N L .ff.1",, avg'-.-V VIV V " ' , 1 I I "sg-'leg'-,L':A J,-V " . , ' I ' . .V Vs, V-V. VL ' V Vg -' U V . V 'VV Q.x,ljQ.'-' 514- ," '-: gy. hz fr-'N ' in I ,'A',433QJ. gl -35 'AQ -LV 1 V g 7 I 7, V., V V 1 4 Ei-P5ff'ffi?1m'xQPlV33.E3. 5144 L ,,V,.Vv'M V' A EIQ31'Q3?g,Vw 1 . V ,I V, H Y, M N -' , 'V ,X i,-,Y-vv,m71,,,,i5fg:E ,,V2'3J:V-l1,.,Ly. . -31f:fVV'-,Va- QV' V'!VIJf!fFr2r,i"V.Vs1fffsV5ff5' VV-1-wit.-Vfwaaq,a3V1'' V - V V V V ' VF' 'V V q '?rs::VEegqf,QV aa' iff - gw QQVV-kV.VN.w',V4V.V V H -gif-e':1i'3,.u'11wV.1--.V,,v'NV ,,YfV.VV1.1:, :JV-514+ Eg -V, 'Va:fg22m-3535. -' -af:-if: V21 fxF..Vfi-.1-" . V ' " V V 4 5 V V ' V V 5, V' 'xi-1i,:"V1 -. x1'9fk'7'?I'1Ql4HT- Jrf12n1"r'Yv'-.'V.1f'i" VV " V J 421.-.5fumfvV1VFV 55:5-fit.,-:xl-2 ,. . ,. . . .fm .warg . . .. V , . Q . A. .V .L . " V'V- :V ,. -5.5' V 'N -VVV5:'QVmt'rVa-Vi,1,,,1i4'-i-I'V.- F2f'5a.'-.7-1V.Zf'f-MQ, -P51 wr V1 U- U " "' VI I V' V "f H V ' V I r' L 1 'V i ' 1 5'f,i't'?iT?"5fi13'-1'--M'V'Vf'f'I'F ' V'.'V2V3I"f'6'ii2V3?1l.+fiJ'Fa Jl"f'g Inv'-W!'f'I'I'1-lVIl"'?VQI'73:"3J'TALITERA , .,1'f,::f'ff-,""5.f1:'ffj VH? ?1'fV" P"Q'i'.,J:?9'V-K, .-Sfifgj M-Sir"lg.-f'rrf:1:'vi4'ifllrliif?-1-3, 'ir 5 5:52.22 ' I V 1 7 V , , ' U' 'L V Q .' ' 1 ' Vpmi fri5"1,Y-"EQ-2" f'r2i-'FV-.JS V'-T 'Vfl"'ff'V.i.-'V ' 'VC-if I- , 'J :""'.lfV VV '5,"f,Li ' Ii' HQ--1:'V' 1V Viv 15953 I, I - V 4 , , V , ,. . V W I " V - 1' J' '-Vit' . 'iff 5 HTH- Tlff""lw1U499DLIIP9990I?'L,f:55EE::::EiEf,99?IiI!, ,,,,! !!!!55f!f?i!I!IlIVWLffHffffI,lT"""'i ,,,,.. ,i,, I4 I IlIl!l!lU!NIHI4IlIJ1l Sfudelzf of game FOR the second successive year the Student Hall of Fame, comprised f the fifteen Commerce students to be listed in Who's Who in Colleg t America, makes its appearance in the Commerce Violet. The students, selected by the President of the Student Council and Asso ciate G. Rowland Collins, are those men and women who during their four years at Commerce have been the outstanding members of the student body Their work in fostering student activities and in bringing recognition to he School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance, is the basis for their incl o this group. The fifteen new members who have been chosen for 1937 are: 'GEORGE F. WILLIAMS 2 CIP E rc an uare A h d Sq President, Night Student Council JOSEPH J. GALDI Managing Editor, Commerce Bu GEORGE TEGELAAR President, Management Club LEO STERNFELD A E X Alpha Phi Sigma Business Manager, Commerce Bu C. STUART BURNS A K XI' Sphinx, A Violet Scroll Organizations Editor, Violet CARL HERGRUETER Alpha Phi Sigma Student Council SAUL H. ROTTER Alpha Phi Sigma Arch and Square President, Class of 1937 ALVIN LEVINE Alpha Phi Sigma Violet Scroll Sports Editor, Violet lletin M. WARREN QUADLAND I 2 fb E I Alpha Phi Sigma Violet Scroll Editor-in-Chief, 1937 Violet WILLIAM S. GARDNER 9 X Alpha Phi Sigma President, Day Student Counc THOMAS W. BURKE A E KID Alpha Phi Sigma Editor-in-Chief, Commerce Bulle HOWARD DUSENBERY Student Council WILLIAM R. ZHEUTLIN ,Alpha Phi Sigma President, Senior Class SYLVIA GINS ' KID 2 2 President, League of Women HENRY STARK Q L ,, W? ,A is ll! E xg , M if X ,N wa nys SSS, 1 X bfiis. , X X 3 - If 1 KY ,W u 1 I i 1 -gg Q - - 2 ,, 1 sl F, is if E. .... X Q? 'VP .N x ., -Q. , ,..,. I xxx.. , mmm . N, wi ., f X N WMM WRX UM Q, f MHERCE ww- :,,, 5114: : ., X J E3 'Ei' 3 ig if .35 ,' . s xi f S 'i 5 3 'mx . .g, ':E::-' A 1, '- Y Y .1 it sf , a , v v 5 ' 1 X 'fr flak, .fb ' .', ,grw ' - . ,.s':::i':' , , - ep' ., , f A 91,.,. N 'J ,, X ,,,,, , ze 12 si 2 ff' Q , ' K ,, . X, A 'X "MXN Q ' S Q ggi x -ww. 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U.L.,m,::4"""'::s,.m H 'W 'Ull,,.,.1:Q::.5z1grf!mW,frm,,mum1JJJ4I4'4"I W 'I mm H M I H , I 11.4 ll HHH n-mm ,,,,, 5, ,,,4, null 4 ms,,,,m,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M,,,,,,,,, My 'ih ..I.3gli""iiu.anf .Mfg CkIZO wfedqmemfs HEN at last the Violet is ready for the press, the Editor relaxes and begins to recall the many courtesies and pleasant associations that have helped to make his job a success. The students contributing their efforts have been ' rewarded by election to Violet Scroll. But there are others who have given generously of their talents and energies without any thought of reward. To them the Editor wishes to extend his sincere and very deep appreciation. To Professor C. Hayes Sprague, for giving untiringly of his wide knowledge A of art in book design, and exhibiting the happy faculty of bubbling with encouragement when the Editor found trouble and worries packing their hardest blows. To Mrs. C. Hayes Sprague, for being so hospitable and tolerant. ' To Dean John T. Madden, Dean G. Rowland Collins, Dr. Gerald E. SeBoyar, Professor Lloyd Dewey for their devoted hours of service to the yearbook. E - To Bob Kelly, whose indefatigable energies devoted to the Violet have been invaluable to the Editor. ' To Harry Mellor, Fred Fuchs, Milton Ingeman, Miss Wagner, Newton Leonard and others of Kellyis staffs for their generous assistance. To Professor Perrier, Arnold Cohen, George Shiebler for their conscientious service. , . To Bill Terzian, Delar's demon action photographer, for his expert work and cooperation. To Miss Delar, Colonel Kouzminsky and others of the studio staff for their courteous and efficient service. To Miss Sally Lawrence, forpermitting us to photograph her comely hands. To Miss Norma Ries, for her skilful management of the Violet Dinner. - To members of the Faculty, and secretaries for their ready assistance. And to all those who lent a word of cheer and encouragement. All the applause should be directed to the above-mentioned, all criticism, to the Editor. M. WARREN QUADLAND, Editor, 1937 Violet. F 282 a ul W, ,m v r f N y 4 w wr ua ur x 1 I h Mfmqm,f,,muww1::n nz.-Hmm M A-Jzn,,,. . 1 . . -,f'4':""m rmiixfkwu-x. , 4.5-'W fwamk A .r J 'UMD' :f un. .M-"' 4 jg. ,L 1, r 1 if 1' 3 2 I B , Wx 4 ,B .ff ,if W' rf QW ' w-M ..1"' 1 '5?m,., ,yr '4'w.,:i 1 ggi" 1' 14w.,,, kg.,-A " W- 'Im ,,1-,rw v ,, V V ' Y M'-1-mr-4 um: up-uv:a'1ki'4' 'A"' M "T I ,.I5 "' . 'If' ' ' "UIQ ,f-",,. "f'f,,,l'lJ .:1"fZP1LII5.T5Y5.. 91.22 'L'lC313!'?fLIIF1llf..IlEif 71221 Tififllffiiil ..-.jQ'E?IZf-'- w 33117 fl.T1T!Y'.ZZEi'ZffILTI C?K?f'1?'If2HC'V"Tf'1TY1'1V1'l9'ffU0I7'f'f'WlZ ITN?f"ffW!i7Z Y QWNT zHW,"C-'iilfllldiifJiJlkI.'L3MlIx,?n.'Ii,,l.3,MJQLL mmm 'Q .las X N. 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'H'l'v1'Mlii11'1 1 ww xfg hn,fLf1w'5l hli lwfiflg UNI :J li IX LH Lf Emil SJ 1- im QM V' ' .1 u "N If '111 P" 1 ' 2 1 f,.x-1f.a' : ww-1 nf - - ,nf w . vw ip il5 'X V V' We 2 1111 i 'PM 15 VV 11 , 111. 1 EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Although the Word MEHIPIOYHICIIIN is an important part of the Bureau's name and of its work it re resents 0111 one art of its activities. 9 P Y P In cooperation with Faculty Advisors, students are assisted in arranging their courses of studies so as to obtain the best preparation possible for their chosen occupations. ' The vocational counselling given covers a wide range of problems such as: advisability of changing occupations, changing from one occupation to another without losing the benefit of previous experience and trainingg chang- ing jobsg preparations for increasing salaries and obtaining promotionsg infor- mation concerning employment trends and policies in various industriesg and many other problems peculiar to individual circumstances. Outside of the University the representatives of the Bureau are constantly informing employers of the occupational training given in the School of Com- merce, and a gratifying increase in the demand for Commerce-trained per- sonnel reflects the value of this educational Work. 285 'H+ V X aw ' f Y. 1, X 1 3,?wAqJ1'g,gQMV ' N , w-Q1. ' W2 5flY.1' .1 ,WSW , 'l1l5fff'kvf'1'w f. M512 N' w vi 5-' HP,rf.'iY4.m1.f1Qi5" " 1 w ENN?Ql?3":?Y,'TW1 1' "1'fjHf:j:4',"' 'M-1' 'U' 1 ,N mf mf- , U. ,w 1yf1.w .Q,1,,.13w v wh 1., ,11,w,,xuu H , . ,,. vw. W1 ,,"uffgWal". f,,W"1z'm'w -tcm ,JM Mr., 'N 11121 5 1we,3,y-"rw 3., X 5121- xg' 11 MM A vw, 1ii,,,,,fam 1: XX ' ui y V4 H!! 4 i 1, W W V 'v iw Im ix IX , ' 'yff , wl fir! 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KELLY, 29 THE personal s the success of ing Corporat His org at tl1 terial the E s, Newton Leo d Charles Thorne. HJI II W H E Ui III WfI1lr111U131JJY! INHUHH HN '''T!!'''''''N'!UIlN!'f'''IIEWllffllliii nf1NWIUUUJJIUNHNIIM .. ,,,,f,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,MW SBSHHHQ 1 I' la wi 41,53-T11-iii! ...Wg .'lI ll -.i-. x . WBEWEEB hhlf ll mes null . W f l l f flf llf ll l f T W T W W U I T f i l lll llf l tr.lTll.l W tf'1g NEW BOOKS BY NEWBYOBK U. MEN RENTICE-HALL, INC. announces the publication of Money and Banking by four professors ill the Finance Department of the School of Commerce, Jules I. Bogen, Major B. Foster, Marcus Nadler, and Raymond Rodgers. David F. Jordan has written Managing Personal Finances, and the authors of Arnericais Experience as a Creditor Nation are John T. Madden, Dean of the School of Commerce, Marcus Nadler and Harry C. Sauvain. These hooks may he ordered through the Bookstores at Washington Square, University Heights, and Wall Street Division at 90 Trinity Place or through the publishers at 70 Fifth Avenue, New York City. ,Q---zzfff-. i-Liza-fc' . . E M. H 4 T, A 1. QT If 5 ' "nl -"Q.T+'-'wi'-'f"f .. -swam ' ' . T 1 T' Pu' . .Aff , ,gn ia m I Q11 ur Q w ' il , T ' Q A -wi T T , UW T . . . b. L T .. , ,. A . 'S F'-' ' TT V 3 T P 5 , f r - ,Q A .2 1 T' ' T I M T T . Tv T an T 'ww .eva-sf "J, -' Q 'T " of T ' P T rv . . if T.eT.. 1,11 fgii , 325 V ... Y . t f t B -' T 2 or -T , aZ,. 2.1! wi? ,mTn r .. T T4 y T - rims? T .1. ge ' ' T. - ' 1 T 3 f' sm' T 1. .am f.,,:.,,T ,Fifi-,T:sg:.,:a1-. it T1 QT - '-N1 J. all NH Hwsswtwl ,,mT lui VUftW? l ' 5 Tl 'l Q Ffh T li sf? 5 , lEWWasMi.T Eshwmiwwsd. their wwf Flmiil trls ff 'N if fi-'arf ' -" '5l,'Si"V'-QP-I. C ' T- T5 W 4' FQ Y' vi' if s-.51-is if! V5.1 T , - f 1 1' l ' 1 1 2 1 T if ,""'W'3-'55 'J 'Tw .""W?ffUl"'fl'l5Fiififlrifk :IETF J, .ir 2: H GV' 2 " ? 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