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Text from Pages 1 - 90 of the 1959 volume:

"E f V W., .ill I, 'i f fy ,, . ., 1 NIS' L-Q" mfii f 1 V' , qE,,,z.Q. ,Fwy 1 K 2 Q 2- +1 ' . 5 'Q 'Fix .wgivgg 1. . ng: 1' . ' sw . , ' N QNX' ' F .ms . fi' X f .:f. .-" M331-7 . Y, 1, 1, - 4 A , ,if J. , , L., '- M' Qt. x ba ,345 f .cv 'M if V .VJ 2.4.1 ' X .i V, .H I-,ggggv , . ,, -V ..: ,fVwV-Vg..f'V- Ve, ' V,.,VV2,1g.'j..3'-TV':.VQ. Vw-f'xf"1,.4,k:'m.,. ,L V A .1w"V".'iW'?V:.-,QW- .K 'MS' J' SQQVQQTV 1. 3 1 , M5 'wig V -V 9+ -ww-VV. - V-+..V.Vf.. V ' .K V. H. . .fx VSA V V5 A fr 'M 5 . A . f-V: A ma? 1 NV Vx n - mm... , VV. V . VV V Vw ww... xyjljrv' .05 1- . L3y..xMV.qV.a.j-V:.f:,g5.K1. ,K . 'M ' VVVVN-Bfkfiakni .VJ V4V3sVlWfiV' ' Y V y. I l I l:l'lb .1 sl v 'g V F.. . x . V VV-, .R HW215 .tsflis .-Dj' 5 Y -V .3'7ieVV' V,.'+w.',:g,' u fawfflzwwg gi fzliffi !'f'j ,'. .. 25. ,,'M-xi' . fm, ,, Y fm., .V . Vw-343. I Ve c .34 V. . 4 V, r fr, 1, ve ls' 'Q ,...,f-H " V F5 , W1 1 ,". . ' . V VV. 5 .. - ' r J. . J 'fm ' V+' . Vi li' V 1 A. ' R,",.4 . ' A V. 55' . V 1?"'g5l,,.7'-"M 'Z.'.fCfvfi'," I . WL 4.1V,g3xV Y-sl .V Al' , V .V., - H...-V N . V. .,.',,,., A. A ,- H j 1V-wi ,.,.u.,V,ffg. W'-,V fy an .. Vw v'-A.. ' ,'.' 4. Vmw' 4.4-4" - 4 .,V4v' fi 131 V'51-.3-"Zu VV ' xv-V' . ' . ' l1"1Wxff"1-if 1 Tfzrw VL ,J,x.!'.. A 5.53. .. A A ,i , y..aA...:!:,A,:tM,. 'x."kt?-JK, IX.:-NES'-Hn Lg N, 4 ' '41 . V., ','iV.+f.fVYifQim'gf:,.,,- . V V K. V- V I .VV N 5 -fb,-L , ,Jw ,7. . V V V . Am ,A L, . . 1,5 V, P' .- ' .Q jf:E',Q4,,k'-MYIVV 1'Q..- 1 .L K. s . ' 'L if ,Q " -'SVT ' 4 ish. ,a....A V V Vs VV VV W.,--.1 -. ,,.'C,gl5fViiSfjWw:f ,i'a.'U. '-'WK-.. 'T-" A ' x' 'M " . .. A 5 V ' 'V'f'f'sf1 eff' ' ' "'q' ' " -VV V ' . V - -M "V"k,4,,. VV 4. I '- V V ,QCVQJ-'Y - 35 -", .7 - r' "V -f idx' 44 , ". . 'V M',".rWiVf5':.:f-V:1.,VV HV,- V -:N .. x ,. -.w,.-.- .. W , . ' .HM .. . V '1','17'l?-YATL-'MHv"""'o1 T.: .V ,- . -T lg' Q -. ,- HRX., . 'VQWE-dui-1t,.'f " ' Q ' .- ' V1 .. 'VA " W "V" ' 11 . . ,W .,r.L, 'N '3."Vwll'?'m1' .WJ if.: -.kgpm V-"". L'.'L"" .-1 .' 'uf uvmg-'V V -1-.J V V ,. ' ' f. . .' " V . .VV"L'-w i V,""-..,'P'w.QA -1' V' 5 V' I ' "N EQ' .Z5gl.'!"-w',V'iV15'2 " nf: "':41L'9 'Tilt .,,, . '7 -"' lg? "Yi ' -J.-"' -rg. -'F ' . L -.1.'cf5. " .1 .2 , Vfshw N . 'Pm xi' ' K'--f-'fx :gli .y VV.. -1.9 . K. s vi ,J - 'V . , . ' , - "' ' ' ' ' V 1, . ' '-.. 'VV F , 4.4. , .V, . ,.,-.. .4,,...vJ -...- .fi-WW.-, -,4-.7 Q Q., H v 4 . . V X . . .-V. 7-X. ,...1w,, K, ,g,,V. . 6:81-ixg.,Jsi: ' ,:. . jfs. .juAaf2?.EfN.1.Q::,-qw l 4 .N jf .35-.V . , ...Q I. ,Ay A N V .Q .jq,5if,5:,,6,,-if A-QV. TVk',,f'yF ,,, ,-,- . . V V ' Q - V , -h -. e V. A. . V, M.: QV, .I . , ,- V H - .,,,,.. : 1 .. 'H-?.rf.fV.i..-f'V'V..f-V... . fl -VV.. .Q Vi V VX V. ' SV-Tr. . V Vi: .Q.,gm-:f.11?f:'sVVVvfg.'-.u.-. V- -if T-'x"'1-'.'.fs.3i-VN .Vai . - ff Vw ' Vw ,ug -V .f - ff: 9 l at ,Y-india Q 4 A V K . K u-ia: 'ge t-'rv' nl. ,- .Q xii. ln 1 ,s -Q V. .F ... , T .rxrj L. 5' ' jw:., 11wVv.fqVL QL. 1 ' 'S V V 'i'-'j'415'E?vf.'. -w'-.VV fi ,, .-Vw!-39 V- 'Q V' VV'V-V.'a.:8Wf2V-K'V1Vf'tVff V. V '-',ti1 V. ,, ,..1.V-VV,1.3g+V1:Vf'V.r V X V V .V , ' wx .V " " ' V 'nk " "Xie '.": "'-JA: '.l9'- 2" 'bf' TV .h .S K V. fi-.yq V2 'V' ' ' xx "X-.3.4.. ""'ev"'- "QV . Wt.. Al- . ,.-w :-T1-.6:4V f .fly .V . x V.. - V- - J- -1 V ,V V xv V , 7-VV1."-. V- 4.1, , .JL , I -V., Rf V x ., V. ,ft .. ,J N.. V ,af-ax I , V ,fy nV .JN .Ja . -N... '- .. .V p1.i,,V.'a'-V. 9 5 4... :ff - V Jufkj..-3"'2'A 55 ,fre Z 4 ,, U' It ,V QV ' V .V . ., . V 1 .fn5...-.5444 '-11. 5- Q"'n,5'L - "'Ys'- VWV, l.'QA,K!-51VwV"Va,b'-,.',,mV"'1 " aan Y "lv , A " ' 'V f '-Q . K V ., ,L ,A , i JI- ' If "'I'f'w i, , . V, ""15'A.'2-'r' 'L iv"V"'.V' , ' "Y 'W up ' ' mx- ?'4 1 -'..,g-M' - 3: ,Q . v. V V' .' 'L' "-Y - 4 'WHT V... - 2 .4 :-V-V.V-'V.Vts1f+ V V..mQVV2+ .di V fp :few Vg.. V' " H11 54'i'f+mfV.,i'u25V" 'f!2gIle?2VV?"35 V"?f"HV'VV '1 '4'fQ,U'f V 'f VV 'V ' -:Vi ...V - ' 'rf' 7 u"4.F. .'ih" V.- "3iY1Vi.g g- V'f1'.hiV ""' . 9-V 12. 'f f. ' Y' ' 'V'VQq3,: V. +5 WV? '. . ""5.VV' -Vw V . 'V ...Vcw" 4,1 Vw-mf Jw" , " ff -1 " r A ." 'FvsAS""" .--' I' ,' f' ' F " "V . . 'xg-,Q -:V 5, A N' .IQ 4'5" ,lk'f'i- html. ,. .., . -. - .13 ' L -3 K ,ip V, V , V, V- '13 MA.. 5 ,, .M .K ,- .V .V R H VV... M. .V E A-ff J, .3 Vi r' 3. Q, M 1-1.5 .gTAj:,gS'ftv l -:X - fs -Q oisx 5. YT' ,KQQIA ' - G - . - As. V ". V -rg V ' .. .. -- V..-Q.: V. V . ff. Va .V 4 I ,V yr . .N A Vp, .Wav 3 I .,.M , , ,Ve ' . .- . , . W. J, Kim lg 1' la ,- . ,Zig-r U . .Nl lb ,hi Q . ig..w.g, xivggib 3351. .. N. .5 img, .Q ....H.VMgj'.m ,gli ..-L .QV fx, -1.-ff-1 in T.,-iglidf-Q3-.W ,. ,. :M V . '.-- J.. "V'-,V - . V. V y.Vu" V 5 .V . - . ' -N '-V 1'f"' . ' ' ' "-'13 ' fEV5 ,! -5,354 .-.V'.V V1 X Vu ' Vw-Nr . r.. u 7Vf1h"'-f. 5 '- 5 yx . , ' 'QVVQ-'LV:flf1"'1 - 'X JH- fuk V 1'3" ' VY'-V '. 'W' ',Vf?'V f ' 'Tx .-1 V-. -f"':g 4? if 'W' ' 'fin 4-.4 'fx'-V 1 ' ' .. 'Jig-Q. ,"i",V"?4lJ1V., W . ,J 1-umm. V. 1.3.4 A - V. stssutfhk-1-4 mv.':.20 Q ..Ah-f.'fM9w.'..s-:V3?'v3f 1'-..a.. i.. .V Vw ."'xi'r' KATHY ROACH EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BCNNIE CURFMAN BUSINESS MANAGER s.. Q S . ins 'vs- mf, X 1 4 l"!'Y'f' v e z 5' ,.-2 .-Y" ,-vffgp-"""j N f K.. MQ' f , WW wa, nf Qiiywxw ' HA, W 5 ' K' ' ' We, the members of the Class of 1959, dedicate this annuzll to the alumni of New Windsor High School. It was they who urged us on in our work and supported our many activities. W Truth always bears repetition, and there is no greater truth than that from the youth of today come the leaders of tomorrow. ln my estimation, with the exception of the church, the school is the most important building in any community. Early training of young minds in the grade schools, supplemented by a high school education and later, if practicable, by college courses, is the greatest asset we cfm bestow on youth. Education has always been valuable Y- -today it is an absolute necessity. No knowledge is ever wasted, and, to my mind, it is a sacred duty of every adult American citizen to see to it that at least a high school education be made availableto every boy and girl in the nation. awww Wvn-W si .-fx Q SN Q, Q QQ iw :W if W Wm ..-av" 'Nx F-'DNN -.Acf E H I X I - I 1 1 . 5-5 7 S O, 'I I ff? J J 1. 5' fi: ", sl f' X . ...- ' 4 1, ,, 4 - W 1 QM' i wwa ig A 'Ex X Q- X ms X EH A rf? Overcrowding in schools has been a problem for many years. The old New Windsor School building which is located at 404 Main Street had such a problem. Some classes were held in the Brethren Service Center until 1936, when the con- struction of a new school began. . 1 , The land on which the present school is situated was purchased from the Atley family. O. E. Adams was the contractor. The school was completed in 1936. Willard Hawkins was the first principal. The class of 1957 was the first graduating class. A similar problem has arisen in 1958 which involves a great many more pupils than in 1936. A large consolidated high school, The Francis Scott Key Senior High, is being erected and will be ready for occupation in the autumn of 1959. We now review the immediate past of the school events. .A.A. HOW jane and Paul decked out in buttons amd bows just "horsing" around Up they gui S t ti ,X Q A . F f M ie! S S ,S R S it lgggvfgg -f 4 we Y' , X W if fy I f i i -9' "' . 1 ' Q: 1ii'g:f"f J .S .gt - 'QRNSW-Q' 5 mi 2' 5. I Q 3 4 f x 'wy ,, M wma X , , VICTORY DANCE All thc kl.lIlCCI'S .xt thc junior- Scniur Prom L-rijwycd thc Grand N.11'cl1. PRCM BACCALAUREATE , SS ,1 1. E --vnu.-9-Q ,fg . Parting is such sweet sorrow- J' Did someone bring food? Last word of advice Off for the "Big City" 11, KA W 3, A--be-swf Mfr- i xav-w . .,, The Reminiscent Seniors Vfitclmes from Mnchctlu make Ll potion An imported Martian? You decide C ASS NIGHT W QS,-we-W Wi1ll'r ' '-K K in There were thirty diplomas pre- sented on june 3, 1958. Also il numher of awards were given to honor students, P. T. A. Auulrd HALLETT BAILE Brllfouv' Key KITTY REESE ClllIlNIt'?'Cf4ll JANET STEVENSON Bm'l-All-Amufzd Girl RUTH DAYHOFF Bv.rl'All-Around Boy ALLAN DERR Q" mf ffm 55- .1.1 i I Z Q 1 If uiflfl , Q 41' , A , war 41.5 flb-Q -Q. Av 2. A Qi , ,vw :G 'iff '3 Xb- ,xx -' x , f N: . .f, 5 4 i:,-QQSXNQ QQQQ-i',5.u9 A - K2 v"5f'.:Qf ' 'Q 115582514 'K Yslggi.. , Qi-' .. - J, f- . Bibs 232 f .4 H 26,55 s' L Yfgnzg i , Agn x-gwg ii. 7 5 ,,' X33 s 4 I n'3fkB X15 41 , 1. f"..ffi f3n'f'2Sn5- 1 . A 'b n-.hi ' xl A L I A3 N a1?55.,-eSEg25, X X. , x My gy' - -K 5 .X W f ' .nv x' """'A': Q 0 A r K K f ':7?'iEE":'5i'V'f'f7f' ff' Wt 2' fniai X .A kaE?.Lgi. ' 'h f if-K mg,??i:,',Q V, m w 1 A 4. bf X . s-ifffwf wk x-:Q - - ' x 'xv fy 'hf5,rx,':x g mf " ' N . ' Q ' Q ,X-Qgf-'f ,i'5, 53153, S51 X AQ k, Ai, R921-V xx ill -.31 :gs 1 . ,11ffg4iS+?f3f'i -2fsQvsif2f'??ff'9f, if Q 1 -X , ' b ' if g ,f ff-:b9 Xb Ei ,Mgt 1 'L f 2 , , Y 4' X w-LH ,if f 1 a wp: M 4 gi vs' X V :giSq,f !,51fu - K J EJ ,il K My vig Hg f+"H , . -, ' - ,T vm- -is W M mf rw X A',vg,Q9?i1 'ff-"3'I'3 he , . .. n 1- WAYSEYQ -, . . + if - - 5 .', N-'dr , w Q1 ' -,...r s We f,'i- - m H Qsfff, 3, 0 'Ex MR, HYATT Ifnglish MISS MYERS English Son-inl Studies MR. PFRRON Music MR. CHILCOAT Business Arithmetic Trigonometry General Business Mzithemntics MISS SILVERBIZRG Typin g Shorthand Bookkeeping MR. JONES Chemistry Biology Science MRS. jONI?S Home Economics MRS. IYOYIZ French Geometry Algelwril Q--:Qt MR. CONNOR Arnericiin History Physical Science Business Principles MRS. EBERLY English Social Studies MR. UNGER Gen. Business Mathematics MRS. HARMAN Physical Education MR. SEIBEL Physical Education MR. SPFARING Instrumental Music MRS. WILHIDE English Social Studies MR. HANSON Science Consumer Stience MRS. KIZPHART P.O,D. XY'orld History x.1 Secretary wa 0 . Bus Drivers janitor Cafeteria Workers u . x in Jiisvw ,f QV' Mg fwigc W X Qi Hg, N. Y -Q 5' r.. bb: .:.: 'K P". K , S n. new SP 51 32 mnzti- .I+ mi ..f-' . f1 ' , T02 . f A- K ,i lm ,.,L 119 Y ALBERT EDWARD ALBAUGH, JR. "Eddie" General "Bmw men are dyingj I feel ill." Eddie is one of the tall, lean lads of our class. His main interest lies in collecting and dancing to rock and roll mu- sic. He likes to spend his leisure hours at a spot above the Mason-Dixon Line. Eddie has helped the class greatly with his artistic ability. JANET IVY ARBAUGH "janet" Academic "Laugh and lhe world laughr will: youy My and you fry tzlonef' janet is interested in the farm and has represented the state in her 4-H work. She sings in the church choir and teaches a Sunday School class. She has been on the honor roll since entering high school. Janet is usually seen with Shirley. MAURICE ITRANK BAILE "Frank" General "The lmppinefr of our li1fe.r depend! upon the quality of our llnouglalrf' Frank shines in math but English is a different thing. Frank is quiet and rather interested in dancing. This was Frank's first year on the soccer team. He made up for the lack of size and skill by aggressiveness. PI-IYLLIS JEAN BARE "Jeanie" Commercial "Hard uforle if the key to surfers." Jean has been an honor roll student all through' high school. She has participated in school sports and school activities. jean is Typing Editor of the Echo. a member of the AAA safety patrol for two years, and the magazine captain of the senior class. She is admired for her naturally curly hair. In the future she plans to become a secretary and we wish her success. GLENDA LOUISE BUCKINGHAM "Glenda" Commercial "Life if len per rent what you make il, and ninety per ren! bow you lake il." Glenda has been kept busy as the class treasurer for four consecutive years. She was a Queen of Hearts Attend- ant in '58. I-Ier name has appeared on the honor roll throughout her high school years. In the future Glenda plans to go to business college. She is sure to be of great assistance to some lucky boss. MARGARET REBA BUFFINGTON "Reba" Commercial "Lei him who dererzfer it reap the reward." Reba is the youngest member of the class. She served as the Student Council secretary during her senior year. She has also been a past class officer. One of Reba's interests is playing the piano. Consequently she played for many of the school activities. Reba is sure to'be a success in all her future undertakings. el' 5 EQ i BONNIE ANN CURFMAN "Bonnie" Commercial "Life ir never Jo expensive lim! one mnnol afford a rmilef' Bonnie has been on the honor roll all through high M school, She has been a Student Council representative and a past secretary. Bonnie participates in school sports and all school activities. This year she is Business Manager of the yearbook. In the future she plans to become a secretary. 50' PATRICIA LEE DFRR "Pat" Academic "ll"bere f'Q'IlfU'rlUt't' ir blirf. "fir folly lo be wire." Patty is interested in school affairs. She is in the Chorus. on the honor roll, and co-captain of the cheerleaders. Patty has won many ribbons with her cattle in 4-H. Next year she will enter college as a home economics major. JOAN MARIE FRITZ "joanie" Commercial "The firzfl grade leaclaer if one who maker litlle ibingr mum." joanie is an excellent speller and has a certificate to prove it, She likes country music and shorthand. In the future joan hopes to become a secretary. PEGGY SUE FRITZ Mpeg.. Commercial "Those who go rzrnuzzd in rirrler rhall be known ar wbeelff' Peggy is an active girl with a pleasing personality. Active in all sports, she is the captain of the girls' basketball team, Other activities in which she is engaged are: Presi- dent of the Student Council, Business Manager of the magazine campaign, and the Photography Editor of the Echo. Her interest lies in the National Guard. GARY DEVILBISS GARBER "Gary" General "I agree willy no Ollcfif opinfonr, I have my own." Gary is the tallest member of the class. He served as Art Editor of the Echo. Gary is shy but very easy to get along with. In the future Gary would like to take a course in art education. We hope his wish is fulfilled. MARIANNA MILDRED GARBER "Marianna" Commercial "Variety if lbe rpice of life." Marianna is a dark-haired girl with big brown eyes. She plays on the sports teams, is a member of chorus, and has held offices of various school organizations, Marianna hopes to be a beautician. She is certain to have many customers. PATRICIA ELAINE GRABILL ..P t.. a Commercial "He who Jing! lair ouvz flfzzhre if .reldom inked for an mimi-ef' Pat is friendly, helpful, and easy to get along with. She is another honor roll student and has participated in the Chorus and Eisteddfod. Pat's ambition is to become a secretary and we are sure she will be a great success. JOHN ALFRED GREENE, JR. "Little John" General "You .rbalee my bmizlf .md Mille my zzerrerf' john is interested in various subjects. He thinks rock and roll music is "real cool." john is well informed on political affairs and current events. Often he is seen at the auto races. I-Iis ambitions are to be a good Marine and to travel. GALE PATRICIA GRIMES "Pat" Commercial "Tbe bear! lim! lmf truly lored neref forgelff' This class is blessed with athletes and Pat is one of them. She has a keen sense of humor. Pat was in the county Eisteddfod last year. Pat spends her spare time with Mel. In the future Pat would like to become a secretary. She will be an attractive one. ROBERT MYRON HALEY "Bob" General "lf lbw-u ii' .1 uuiy, uerer give up and you will surely .l'1ll'L4LlL'd.l ' Robert seems to be serious but is ready for a good laugh at all times. He is active in athletic events and has played on the teams. Bob has very little leisure time because he works on weekends at the Acme Supermarket. Good luck, Bob, in your future vocation, CHARLES LUTHER KING, JR. "Charlie" General "ll"bu1 you ,rtofv 10 thinlf deff! forget to Jlarl again." Charlie participates in school sports and school activities. He is the consistent honor roll student among the boys. Charlie has shown his leadership ability by holding class and Student Council offices. This fellow seems to be shy but we are confident that Charlie will overcome his shyness whenever the situation arises. Good luck in your future undertakings. DANIEL DAVID HARTZLER "Hartzell 3 'I General "Trent me 71fC6,,' good men me bird Io md There goes Danny driving a black car toward Westrnin ster. He, like many of the boys participates in varsity sports, This year he was co-captain of the soccer team Dar seems to be especially fond of "kitten s "Sally - JO ANNE LAMBERT "Josie" Academic "Il mailer: not bow long you live, but bow." Josie served as class secretary this year. Also this year she was co-captain of the cheerleading squad and has been a member for five years. She enjoys all types of music Her future education includes business college. She is destined to make an efficient secretary. BARBARA LEE LITTLE "Barb" Commercial "A man if many lbingr but u girl ir one thing, the dweller in a manir heart." Barb spends a large portion of her time at Rainbow Roller R'nk. Sh ' l ' ' ' i e is aso active in church functions. Letter writing is no chore for Barbara because she practices quite often by writing to a certain fellow in the Air Force. We are sure her future will hold success and happiness. SALLY ANN MANNING Commercial "Boob are at ren and ro am I." Carefreeness and silence are the two traits which de- scribe Sally. She has a great yen for chewing and cracking gum. Sally assisted with athletic events by being a speed- ball team manager and a member of the cheerleading squad for a year. We understand that Sally is fond of driving. May all of her future roads be dual highways. DAVID HOWARD MARTIN "Dave" General "llVha!'J done mnfl be undone." Dave's interest lies in the Air Force and he will probably become an Airman after graduation. We understand that Dave enjoys seeing football games. He can usually be seen with Fred. We wonder if Dave is always as quiet as he is in school. VIRGINIA ANN MARTIN "Ginny" Commercial "To be yourrelf if to be natural," Quiet and seldom heard from, that's Ginny. She is the class "shortie." Most of her leisure time is spent working at Murphys FRED CHARLES MCKINNEY "Freddie" General "W'lmt will be, will be." Fred can usually be seen with David. He enjoys many sports and participates in basketball, Fred has also been on the Student Council. Fred is always willing to lend a hand. Good luck to a future serviceman. 'Q' KATHY ANN NUSBAUM Kitty" TRESSA IRENE MORRIS "Tressa" General "My mind if in the rloudrf' Tressa is a small blonde who is active in church work. She is often seen at the Rainbow Roller Rink. Tressa seems to have an interest in Union Bridge. Good luck, Tressa, in your future undertakings. Academic "Say it and get it aff your mind." Kitty is a very good student. Besides studying Kitty enjoys skating, dancing, and other sports. She has been a GAA member and representative for three years. Serving as Subscription Editor of the Echo, Kitty did an efficient job as she always does. "Kathy' KATHLEEN LOUISE ROACH Academic . ". . . and God be with you." Kathy is one of the busiest people in the class. In 1956 and 1957 she played the clarinet in the State Band. During the past summer she was a volunteer Red Cross Swimming instructor. Kathy is an active member of 4-H clubs and was selected to reign as the Miss Carroll County Farm Queen. Kathy was the Editor-in Chief of the Echo, and may we say it was a difficult job well done. PATRICIA DAWN ROBERTSON "Pat" Academic "Kzmzz'lm'ge comer but uiirdom lifzgeuf' Pat is all around in sports, co-captain of the speedball team. and GAA vice president. She has been an AAA safety patrolman for four years. In 1958 she was the junior Class Queen of Hearts attendant. She is headed for a future in the clouds as an airline hostess. 2. J , . P "Robbie" General RICHARD EARL WELLER, JR. "Dickie" General "I'm ready." Dick is a fellow who doesn't allow school and studying to interfere with having a good time, His main interest lies in hotrod and customized cars. He also enjoys popular music and dancing. Best wishes, Dick, in your future undertakings. WALTER WASHINGTON ROBERTSON "A good mime if belief lbw rirbe,r." A streak of green flying down the road is Robbie in his 1955 Ford going to Westminister. Walter loves to talk- especially during class, He also enjoys all types of sports and was a member of this year's soccer team. Walter takes pride in having a neat appearance, "1" to? JANET ELAINE WOLFE .Jann Commercial "The heart Jeldom feelf what tfae 721014117 expre,r,re.r." jan is an active member of 4-H and the Older Youth Group. She earns her spending money at Rexall's Drugstore in Westminister where she is employed as a salesgirl. janet is a Rock and Roll fan. In the future Jan would like very much to become a receptionist. 'Treasurer of the GAA likes to sew and bake. We also hear SHIRLEY MAE ZEPP "Shirley" Academic "Time if the matt mlufzble thing rl man can spend." Ever since entering high school, her name has never been absent from the honor roll, Our Senior class President and that she is quite active in church as well as school activities, ROBERT RUSSELL ZIEGLER "Bobby" General "I can refitt anything but temptation." Bob came to us in the ninth grade. He has been an asset to our athletic team ever since. Bob has a good voice and makes good use of it. He likes to talk and has a way with the girls. 1 92-9620 yay- X ' o 1 Ol '- Q Yyia to Forget-me-not MY TASK "To love someone more dearly eifry day, To help a wandering child to find his way, To ponder o'er a nohle thought, and pray, And Jmile when evening falls. Thix is my tafh. To follow truth ax hlind men long for light, To do my heft from dawn of day till night, To keep my heart fit for Hi: holy right, Ana' answer when He callx. Thi! i5 my taxkf' MAUDE LOUISE RAY CLASS MOTTO Silzfer "ThiJ ahove all: to thine own Jelf he true." Blue SHAKESPEARE "J, ,N 1 A 1:-Q-1 :.X'2!M. 4 is .H QP' .J.-.-.l-- Wg. .QT LIES..-. :fag ,A an fl 11. 5 -51 -I ,J V'i o V! 'wwf' X' vi ML X , V- 1, 5 --L 4. , 1 'fif w x 1 3-Q-f ,sm Y ,Aw .Q- u ,M-In I Most Studious Biggest Clowns TIVES Shortest Best Looking I I Tallest 10 ADMIRED FOR PET PEEVE SEEN MOST ION FAVORITE EXP NAME New dance style Dependability themes Quietness Naturally curly hair Squares M ce n lish ack rn Z 'U i .Eg S Uh 3 E C ee -5' E 'Doug Cuz-is adv.- 9525 54-vcd: acc? :L 13 15- "' "'.::' 3 85140 8-Q '- Ma Q F'-9.89 ujvi v--5. inane'-A 3.322 UQBQQQ 44253132 tty hair Pre 8:45 a.m. Monday ly With Bil ry S VCU 'Good hea L5 E E on c: ISE 5 Q DQ .E zu. o pla all Pi Oysters At school QE '11 1-1 l-1 ,. -1 - U ? ad cf o 'Gio 'c -J: '5 CD E' :: .n N .En :1 5 .E-'g .:: .QE-Z3 8-5 sig :nw-m W .2 E E G .2 ,, 32:1 U'-A-4 STU-5 3.2-3 8 Ex' Fx :Egg OO!!! CULT! nf PB? 4-3 S22 .'-'M -Ili EEE S09 sri 554. Eu.. '1:..,i3! 655 er convertible H St l'l2l'1'lC yla fri by C lm al C ho ple w Guy Peo With rs!" te daugh ns and "So nl 2.1 u I-T-1 6 ,E 34: 0 EEE fi'-14:.:'. t1'6s'Q,E feof: E so u E. f Q Q ., 3045 r-1422 :xi QE? ig? 534 EEE gain baba 522 62114 1-Tl-fix iie dl-1 Gow QVC W alleflt His perm ng UP Getti themes English 'nr 'Have car, can travel ne, J. ICC G ability Sports 49 s: .gf 3 3 Short Mel With "Eat a bug! s, P. Grime E' .9- E E, Sas'-3 E052 VI 25:2 -Sauces 42:23 E U 313 0-C Ea val-'1 4-J ei 2 .se-o SESS 'Ea-:EB oggfg Emot 112310 fd 'E ld E Q4 .. I-4 C5 5' .W 00 5,553 .ghd-QQ .Si-APE ca te n:?ca? A-a:..E.. -5530 -C-:nge oi-I lh mug ... by F5325 .G -4- 21501: IIE! .Q abil ting Ska 1 hoo Sc Roller Rink bow Rain n 1 32 Q ai Little, U 5585- -sgsi 2-'Eu.2'-ic 5.5028 S-EMS: Q.:-w-5'.Ea. 2 U mi QD SU UW E E5 4-0 4-IC 5656,-E 5102100 ,QCNCE VJ!-I-ID-al-I-I .E 'fn 4-I viii 'E ug -'M .35Q'8-0 -58253 -- !h4-I bl l-I 33454 'E N U E li i BE . . 'Sa ..-,L.Q 'E:QEbi'+2E -Gu semi? 00-CI O QFQP? QBQPQI-' -gg.-fi-g 25325 u OD 'U U 'E O C -1 u-1 N ill D C Span of ge .2 U eu -C 3 .99 'B ill ' With B eck!" -E f5 bf S .Q 3 Z iency Effic House rules M.H. With 'rn "Oh, no Roach, K. a l-1 G is 'S-Cl g0"5 'sa 'CC Q65 32 53 SES tt? 2 CL' Eff-.Z -'CI .SEE is E? E: TP' 73. 0... Ia: 35 ps? 55 1?-E Robe Robe .ffm In-4 an ,,Q.'.:' 55 'uw 85305 s-i4..a'i 4-aS"Uo 0a35 Icnvav-I c: .2 'Em 356 J-5 gas ol 3.-Ej-es-1 S033 :Egbe- 'vE:e.'2 4-' in SO.--Z m3-'IDI-1-I 3 Ta -5+-Z -sg'-o-:OD 52757-E U DnaB? 'll G L.'U -'ini-I . L.:A'.: -. N if-i'Q'U,2 isis 5359? at-5,12 1 'TJT:'o....?-f 331351 To Whom It May Concern: We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, of New Windsor High School, New Windsor, Mary- land, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath in our last will and testament the following: Mr. Martin-a new Cadillac Mrs. Shilcoat-a quiet house Mr. Connor-a toupee Mrs. Eberly-car parking lessons Mrs. Foye-seven little Foyes Mr. Hansen-a trip to the moon, one way Mrs. Harman-referees who know the rules Mr. Hiatt-patience and understanding in homework Mrs. jones-more sewing machines Mr. jones-yearbook subscriptions for the next ten years Mrs. Kephart-all our American Observers Miss Myers-a Mr. Mr. Perron-new jokes Mr. Seibel-a trip to Slenderella Miss Silverberg-a new pair of desert boots Mr. Spearing-a new music room Mr. Unger-successful dancing lessons Mrs. Wilhide-a quiet class UN DERCLASSMEN: To the juniors-money To the Sophomores-the ability to put on a Valentine Dance To the Freshmen-the ability to raise funds To the Eighth Grade-a successful four years in the new school To the Seventh Grade-height THE SENIORS Edward Albaugh-his ability to charm the opposite sex to Robert Petry janet Arbuagh-her hair style to Susie Hawkins Frank Baile-his love for reading to Carolyn Baile Jean Bare-her naturally curly hair to Delores Baile Glenda Buckingham-her long, dark hair to Barbara Long Reba Buffington-her baby-sitting experience to jane Wantz Bonnie Curfman--her darkrhair to Bernice Fritz Patricia Derr-her beloved French Book to Skip West Joan Fritz-her penmanship to Connie Fritz Peggy Fritz-her place on the basketball team to Linda Coleman Gary Garber-his artistic ability to Judy O'brecht Marianna Garber-her shortness to Peggy Stitley john Greene-his talking ability to Patsy Hatfield Patricia Grimes--her love for sports to Jane Allgire Robert Haley-his soccer shoes to Marty Waddell Daniel Hartzler-his love for the opposite sex to Robin Cairns Charles King-his basketball uniform to Kenny Myers jo-Anne Lambert-her wide, slanted eyes to Patsy Koontz Barbara Little-her skating ability to Chris Le Fevre Sally Manning-her pony tail to jane Wolfe David Martin-his belt to Dickie Blacksten Virginia Martin-her quietness to Nachette Schneider Fred McKinney-his physique to Freddie Graham Tressa Morris-her smile to all the sour faces in the school Kathy Nusbaum-her driver's license to Mrs. Foye Kathleen Roach-her understanding fsize 9, to Marian Black Patricia Robertson-her sea-sick green gym suit to Sue Baust Walter Robertson-his soccer ability to Tyson Gosnell Richard Weller-his hot-rodding to Billy Weaver janet Wolfe-her tallness to Shirley Ecker Shirley Zepp-her "A" average to anyone who needs lt Robert Ziegler-his grammar book to anyone who wants it 41 5 My 'T ., wgtagm s wig X J I I + Il M 4 193 4 ' Q W PAX i ' ' Q haf 4 gf g lgzu T I Allgire W. Arlwaugli S. Baust F. Bare eil: ..,:. in at ' in ---f:.,- . 3 - if, A V. liutkingliam S. Huffington L. Coleman L. Cooper 4' 1: ::" ' 1 S. Iitkcr L. Eyicf G. Fox C. Fritz l'. Hatfield A. Hawkins D. Hawkins P. Koontz A j. Olwrctlit j. Obrccht A. Owings sl. XX'ant7 li. XX'cst C. Zapp 44 O. Pittihger M. Blank R. Blatkstrn l.. lilitkinglmin . 5 . 'LE I ld 2 . 3 W. Danner I.. Dull J. linker f ,..,.. 55 ' if "Fw . . -'-: N . -- fn: -- f x I . Q. . M. Fritz B. Gramincs . Green swf .pf Q. -r . X Y , .-'Y' s L -ti "'a3"3'1. P Leathcrman S. Myers K. Myers D. Putman P. Stitely M, Wgltltlcll 'R 'Ei' if Fi x I.. , , ef 1 X .1 C. Baile YQ B. Bare B. Benedict in P . ,.,Q if f ee. e.eeee. - -f' rr L' ,' i'Q ' L L' N er L . H- R. Ciiirns J. Conrad G. Ecker .. . Q ' X -wi X ty ...RN 1 Q is . X B. Fritz ff L. Hawkins C. Garber Gilbert G. Henry E. Humerick . -- D fa . b wr A J A ' Sffus I' -e .,-: 1 ' 1-R.. 'Ai EL N iC.. - f gk.-" g f . fi K P- . : U 'W' f 4 C. Lc Favre V. Maissimore G. Miller M 4. M 'L' 3- , i f W lf. Myers T. Myers B. Ness 'Y N 2 g x. if N t 3 A X . , r .sag " ' r ' i 1. F 4 l ' 'Q H. Blacksten J. Bohn S. Bollinger NK' 1-- R. Ensor J. Erb S. Fecscr D. Gosnell X is Ni - limi Q 'inf , F v. I Q K.. i 3?-u...e"56'. 'P x T. joy N. Lw rence R, Morningstar . Morris . ijiliii .fv- S Q. X f A . Qi ,ff si ir - .f C, Nygren C. Pefry T 5 X T. Gosnell L Harkenhorn B. Luisa rf. H' 1 -Q sr- -we H. Muse S 6. .sg if 'tv R. Petry N. Pittinger F. Savage J. Schaeffer M. Schlee N. Schneider D. Smith G. Smith H. Smith T. Snyder J. Strine J. Stultz B. Suehowicz J. Watson J. Wah B. Weaver H. Weller J. Wilhelm T. Wilson C. Zepp NINTH FIRST ROW: F. Brown, J. Peregoy, D. Schneider, D. Talbert, P. Frock, B. McKinney, j. Grimes, G Hawkins, S. Young. SECOND ROW: B. Rhinecker, S. Majers, Y. Hull, J. Schwartz, J. Myers, P Stuub. D. Wolfe. E. Moses, K. Wilson. THIRD ROW: A. Carr, C. Dodd, K. Knill, J. Fritz D. Fritz, W. Frock, P. Baust, C. Carr, N. Smith, Mrs. Wilhide. FIRST ROW: G. Owings, E. Wright, B. Zentz, P. Roclkey, V. Robertson, R. Hood, D. john SECOND ROXV: T. Buckingham, D. Bare, S. Leatherman, A. Long, E. Darr, B. Ecker, M. Harden THIRD ROVU: D. Crushong, H. Fritz, M. Blizzard, R. Staub, H. Groft, B. Green, F, Stong, H Martin, Mr. Chilcoat. EIC-JHTH FIRST ROW: S. Koontz, P. Goodwin, J. Few, W. Mullick, j. Danner, B. Cowart, L. Hiteshew, D Myers, T. Frock. SECOND ROW: G. Davis, J. Warner, S. Schaeffer, L. Schneider, T. john, N Lescalleet, K. Owings, C, Elliott, D, I-Iann, D. Baile THIRD ROW: B. Wilson, A. Carlisle, P Lawrence, J. Berwager, P. I-Iibberd, L. Grimes, C. Allgire, E. Haines, Mrs. Eberly. FIRST ROW: B. Bollinger, A. Cramer, L. Little, M, Schneider, J. Lease, NW, Shipley, rl. Fritz, F Haines. F. Myers, N. Pittinger. SECOND ROW: M. Ecker, R, Martin, R. Yealy, j, Pittinger, -I Xwilhelm, B. Waytnster, J. Wolfe, L. Waddell, K, Robertson, T. Mitten. THIRD ROVV: B. Reider M, Anderson, R. Malinowski, D. Mitten. F. Garber, P. Roach, D. Long, j. Welsh, R. Brown. Mr Unger, SEVENTH FIRST ROW: D, Smith, R. Peregoy, D. Bangs, C. Schwartz, P. Coe, T, Cassidy, D. Gosnell, L. Harchenhorn. E, Myers, B, Coe, E. Devilbiss, M. Myers. SECOND ROW: R. Little, F. Graham, S. Coe, L. Suffern, P. Gorsuch, S. Metcalfe, L. Kyle. K. Robertson, J, Koontz, P. Cramer. THIRD ROW: l. Butfington. M. Suehowicz, B. Robertson, P. Halter, S, Xwarncr, G. Brown. I.. Frity, R, Owings, J. Hyland, P. Schneider, S, Eyler. FIRST ROXW: C, Rhinecker, R. Smith, D. Lowman, H. Hann, J, Hinklc, J. Gilbert, S. Straws- hurg, D. Ecker, R. Morris, C. Ziegler, B, Hansen. SECOND ROXW: B. Long, V. Buckingham, R, Dcrr. B. Voshurgh. G, Grahill, K. Wfatson, C. Wolfe, J. Yingling, R. Smith. J. Wolfe. THIRD ROVU: NW. Lawrence, K. Henry, P. Strinc, D, Wah, D. Lescalleet, L, Singer, D. Blackstcn, B, Huhlws. ng ,L 4- 5 Rf , R 'Xwhich song? Must l3L'.llllIlVlll and lmnnl- 501110. ne out for A1 Colm-, '5 Arc you ticklish? , 1 , , M W a 1 - Q HCl1Ol'LlS girls" K ' A K Ou Chinese ten party. 1 sllsc pmkuys. N- ,Sf Halloween party dancers. Clwrm gurls un P.lI'.lklL' Rc-frcslmmcnt scl lcrs, 4 -:Nfl "7 Sw fi o W Nlz AT C I H E CNS E R LE A D E QB, 4 35 ' N ST UDE C Gu NT N L G. A. A. 1 Q UA R TE T S P E . D B A L L ,, 'v ,Qi ! .4 ' . 70 n'l00O'f' if IV ,X yu s I . . 'Wm f H Q55 O' J, "P i'w,wi X . . , . i 4 I 0 5 XG? ff' i 'O 56 , K " O x I I 0, J was xi Y' . X 3, W .ns Q +, X X Q Q, XF' I I-..535f' j if ig UVH E if X xx xx Hb K 3 Vs 1. X' f S. S: ff' i H- BASKETBALL i l A , ,Y 'X y A it . h Aff? , My R. 1 i , . A If N 6 ' , X V I ,V I J .-,: A VARSITY DANNY HUM XYAI.'I'l2R FRANK K,llAliI.Il l 1 4' ef L RQ .gi -- SNS. . .f'WRW""' f1'?Y?N'9Wf aff' 5 6 A my -i 'S f X wi Sr s M is? H! ! 1 fi ii I ,,-in 1. 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N K K K K W ' L L - - LLL K . . L LL .'.L LL 7 iL-is L --gf' .Kimi K-LL K- K L f 7 1 L k xl ,KKK - 'NL' A X L six . . -1' L 7 V 5 3 -L W W-S -.. X- - L V 3 . . Q X X X .. .- . - . . . , V. . . . L . Q Q . 1 L- L- X- J..-H fs- LL N 7 LL 7-7 V' 7 L 3 In . ,. LN L 'L Lx W Lgw as K K KK K E X X K. -.. .K K. . .K KK .K KK. -K.-KK K... K .. KK ,E 5 K . S Kg- KKK K3 KKK., . K . , K . 5,f..g, . . -- Q - . ,K - Q Q S L Xi S - - - .-. um. - . - Q sn., . S 1 f if As Editor and Business Manager of the 1959 Echo, we would like to convey our sincerest thanks to each person who contributed to the publication of this, the last yearbook of New Wfindsor High School. With the support of the Echo Staff and advisor, Mr. Hiatt, photographer, advertisers and local patrons, the task has been a pleasure rather than a burden. Now that our work is finished, we earnestly hope our efforts have been worthy of New Windsor High School's honored tradition. KATHLEEN LOUISE ROACH-Editor BONNIE ANN CURFMAN-Businesy Manager PATRONS' PAGE Mrs. A. C. Allgire Mr . Ailey Arbaugh . and Mrs and Mrs. HalleH' Baile and Mrs. Maurice Baile Edward Blake Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Blake and Mrs. Charles E. Buckingham and Mrs. Emory Bu'Ffing'ron Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curfman Mr. Harry Eugene Devilbiss Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Devilbiss and Grandson Mr. and Mrs. John Eberly Eigh+h Grade, Seclion I Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Foye Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Friiz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fri+z Mr. and Mrs. Cephus Garber Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Garber Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Garber Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hansen The Junior Class Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. King Granville Grabill Kennerh E. Grimes Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Wagner Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reese Miss Ki++y Reese Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Roach Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberfson Mr. and Mrs. Wal'I'er Roberison Mr. and Mrs. George Schlee Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sfambaugh Mr. Alan Siansbury Mr. Raymond Shine Mr. and Mrs. Waller Wanfz Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wolfe Mr. Skip Wesl' Windsor Shoe Shop Mr. and Mrs. Levine Zepp Official Photographer to the 1959 ECHO For Distinctive Photography With a Personal Touch See Dan at ENGLAR STUDIOS I43 E. Main Street Phone TI 8-6530 All Pictures in This Yearbook Have Been Placed in Our Studio anal Can Be Duplicated at Any Time J. DANIEL ENGLAR, Proprietor J. C. STRINE 81 SONS General Merchandise-No'I'ions Hardware-Painfs and Groceries Phone NE 5-326I NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND PALMER MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Service New Windsor, Maryland' HARRY S. LAMBERT Dealer of Livesfock Phone NE 5-464I NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND THE PILOT PUBLISHING COMPANY PrinI'ers and Publishers Union Bridge, Maryland ENSOR HARDWARE CO. CHARLES F. BACHMAN, owner Builders' Hardware and Cu'Ilery Painl' and Farm Supplies Phone NE 5-320I NEW WINDSOR. MARYLAND OBRECHT'S MEAT 4l0 Church SI'ree'I NEW WINDSOR. MARYLAND Fresh and Smoked Meals Phone NE 5-5954 P. B. ROOP Real Esfafe Broker FARMS AND HOMES Phone NE 5-460l New Windsor, Maryland CompIimen+s of ROBERT A. PILSON Prescriplion Pharmacisi' NEW WINDSOR. MARYLAND FARMER'S FERTILIZER 81 FEED CO. Feeds Seeds Fer+iIizers and Cemenf Phone NE 5-345I NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND ROO P'S GROCERY Purveyors of Fine Food Since I896 Phone NE 5-32II NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND WADE'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE 7 Locus'I' S+ree'I' WESTMINSTER. MARYLAND Renfals-Repaired and Sold HOME 81 GARDEN STORE Pla n+s Seed Shrubbery Lawn and Garden Supplies NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND ' BLACK'S SALES 81 SERVICES Tires, Ba'Heries and Auro Accessories Phone SP 5-463I DONALD W. BLACK, ProprieI'or WILLIAM R. RICKELL Confracfor and Builder Roufe I WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Phone Fieldsfone 6-7438 Complmienfs of R. B. GEER MFG. CO. Complimenfs of M. R. PFOUTZ 81 SONS Union Bridge, Maryland DERRWYN FARM Regisfered Holsfeins EDWARD DERR AND FAMILY New Windsor, Maryland Phone NE 5-432I Congrafulafions, Class of '59 We invife you fo malce use of fhe facilifies offered by fhis sfore, whefher if be fo shop wifh us, fo meef your friends af Murphy's or fo seek employmenf wifh our Company, in fhe evenf fhaf you decide upon a refail career. G. C. MURPHY COMPANY Wesfminsfer, Maryland PAUL A. RODKEY Elecfrical Confracfor Special in Heafing for Homes Locafed on Roufe 84 PHONE PL 6-6262 D. D. HARTZLER 81 SONS Three Funeral Homes Union Bridge, Liberfyfown and New Windsor, Maryland C. E. MYERS Beef and Pork Proclucls Fancy Groceries UNION BRIDGE, MARYLAND HARKY'S GARAGE Gulf Produc'I's General Repairing Fron+ End Alignmenl' and Wheel Balancing NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND J. STONER GEIMAN 81 SONS Carroll Coun'I'y's Larges'I' and Finesl' Furni'I'ure SI'ore WESTMINSTER. MARYLAND Phone TI 8-5565 I4 Wesl' Main SI'ree+ THE FLOWER BOX GRACE M. BENSON WesI'minsI'er, Maryland MYERS' BROS. STORE Lunches, Sodas, Cosme'I'ics, Sporfing Goods Kodalcs, Accessories, Smokes Baby Supplies FERN F. MYERS, Owner 22 Main S+ree'I WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND HAINES AMOCO SERVICE Washing, Lubricalion, Tires, Wheel Balancing, Ba'Heries Phone NE 5-5252 NEW WINDSOR. MARYLAND WALTER W. ROBERTSON General Merchandise Gas and Oil Phone TI 8-7549 UNIONTOWN. MARYLAND JOHN S. HYDE AND SONS, INC Lime, Crushed Stone and Building Stone, Sand, Cement, Concrete Blocks Phone Tl 8-5740 WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Walter. Pat, Joan, and Gary compare Balfour Rings STERLING J ROBERTSON .gala Amoco Fuels Burner Service -Il:llg8l17ZlLones 2 B 355 W 1 fe Maryland Tl a'7786 LAMBERT'S RUSSELL C. LAMBERT, Owner Rambler Sales and Services Hevenly Bulk Milk Coolers NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND Phone NE 5-4234 SINES TRANSFER CO Moving and S+orage Union+own Road WESTMINSTER. MARYLAND Xx Conlracl Hauling Long and Local Freigh+, Lime Spreading. Coal Places: KEYMAR. ROCKY RIDGE. FREDE RICK, MARYLAND BAUGHER'S RESTAURANT Homemade Ice Cream One-Half Mile From Wes+mins'I'er on 'Ihe Taney'I'own Road Phone TI 8-7490 WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND DAMASCUS SUPPLY Massey Ferguson Tracfor Combines and ImpIemen'I's Sales Service DAMASCUS. MARYLAND Phone CIearwaI'er 3-2322 Complimenis of SULPHUR SPRINGS BOYS' 4-H CLUB Complimenls of FRAN'S BEAUTY SHOP New Windsor, Maryland Very BesI' Wishes +0 Complimenfs Ihe Senior Class of From I0'Z I0-I -Com plimenfs of- RAINBOW ROLLER RINK Big Pipe Creek Parlc DON'S TV 81 APPLIANCES BaI+imore Boulevard Wesfminsfer, Maryland Phone TI 8-6622 Philco Bendix Admiral Appliances--Television SALES SERVICE HARRY GREEN Well Drilling Feed Grinding Truck MounI'ed Phone Clearwaler 3-2372 DAMASCUS. MARYLAND MRS. GEORGE H. MAGIN Fire Insurance I03 Blue Ridge Avenue NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND Phone NE 5-446I WILLOW FARMS DAIRY Frizzelburg-Wes+mins+er, Md. R.F.D. 7 PAUL W. KOONTZ Disfribufor 'For Qualify Producfs Phone NE 5-4433 Md. Rouie 97 BETWEEN TANEYTOWN-WESTMINSTER JOHN A. GREENE Well Drilling Fa rms Homes Indus'I'riaI Phone CIearwa'I'er 3-2362 DAMASCUS. MARYLAND TAYLOR rususnms COMPANY i mv vo wr v,,,:, ,1-. R- , 4' ,JK .. -. .,x ,f ,f , sur, -. . - ww ' ,. -:fin-Q. 'Nm ", , Q , S 'V Qi -.4 .gwlw X .n AX X E. ew: rw ","g3f'1. . fa! ' .ffxf ' m --lk X. ff 2 , 3 .5,1ff1f1'N iii! " .- 1 ' aeaffg , . 'Hifi I VJ 'sn .NK 5. M f H'f1sw?::?'a 2,1 'Y 1 iii' W ,, , ,t ,4 - an . E 1 '22 l 1 -1 'vw K 923272 3-4 54362 ,., -,AQMS A .-,fgfgna M 41.-V , ' . iii, , ' ' Lx F K3 :,,'jif!.fv' , Y ff ' F 'Q 'Aiwa . I- , ' ' -' 2 QQ - -I - -Q wr- "ra if 2 T 1 5. .1 . 1 -' . ,.-1'.D.. 7? fi'-QL? 11'-QL V . b' 11 ', ' M ' .Ml sf' X. 4, A 4 .' ' , 1 W, ' ...5 '. 41. 5 , xl .4 17 Ev, 3 .V Va xy. .. X,n.. " -L . .. ' - ,gzf-wgg?:'?f 5 ,E - '4g.Fk'f'V - ' - .rw AJ. . , q, m A N .-J Q. 5 - . 143.41 3. A4: ,,.-Q . Q ,V 4. T131 ,A ,.,,-u my ,, iq '.A"+' 44 zz- 31 ' i':"?'ff A' 'gi 1 . in H ' I I f ff. . ,., 'givin f,I!,,k,:,5o-2' in 5 Qgfglri .,-L, ,gx ily. 1 -K -V ju.: I. ,gy ,yr-f , 31- .i'.-if v-,'x-,. , -J 1, D.,-,.', ,. , 4 'TA A1'f-,fig ' -" ., f V- U ,F . A " 1 rv 'f1?E., . gl, 4 A, , J r f. f ,- 1 41 .F N ' . ' f -' Q in. if -'Qi 51. ix wh 4, ,N QP Zagat ,Aix wif J , yu, ' - '- '- " 4---ri f' .'41'F ff' - -' T b- - iff. A' ,-., V 2+ 2 -f9':'1"- '11 -Q ' ' " 1-2: ga- . v , ff? L,...v,- ,V,. m 5 1 hi A Hg, xc , .-v -. W Ji' fir-.fvlv 1 4ws, 1-wg, ,r -av ,,,f 'hm ,.,,

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