New Windsor High School - Echo Yearbook (New Windsor, MD)

 - Class of 1958

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New Windsor High School - Echo Yearbook (New Windsor, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1958 volume:

fc 11958 .mg milwrfcsr P3-1 3 ,ww 1 3 4 GN? A f , X 5 I 4, W5 'W si if 1, . :.-- -N. , ,Q-.,,-,:,-1-Q, . 'N Q If s 9 5,-,Q ff. 'e , A -r W A f 1 f4'f'x 9 NK x kX 9 xy X Yiwu? tl xt x 13 ' xi i 3 yr, va Q8 ii ix f i X We, the class of '58, dedicate 3 Mrs. Haines, who was our deeply teacher for seyeral memorable years. We express our sincere appreciation faithful loyalty to the Senior Class and High Schoolg 'The Echo I0 1 ' In N rs " R ' 'K im' 1 --1 NS-.M . 'N' -A f-. 1 rua In 1 fy U k 'x Qjs R F 0 ' V '- fs I Mf ' 'JF A IF' F M ,L Nh, , 5 WI ww? - L.f"'33i3gt1j I 7, 1 .. ii, F 1 H+ W L'W-1+33' ..,, v 'fA+'Mi.,, ,I W WN., MQ. QffjQ1"f'M4-...i1?:3 ff .gh I 5 parm 'Q P01 JL Life today, in this complex world, and its attendant problems, makes it imperative that each boy and girl receive an education com- mensurate with his or her abilities to meet the demands and opportu- nities of the future. The schools provide the means, but it is your responsibility to avail yourselves of the general and specific training necessary to de- velop your native abilities to such a degree that they contribute either directly or indirectly, not only to your personal welfare, but also to the community and the nation as well, If during your high school career you have developed self -discipline and a proper attitude of mind toward all problems which have and will confront you, then you are well on the road to a happy, successful, and remunerative career. Whatever your endeavor in life, may it be one of fulfillment of your life 's purposes. MR. BILLINGSLEA MISS COFFMAN MRS. EBERLY - 1 MRS. FOYE MR. HANSON MRS. HARE MRS. HARMAN MR. HIATT MRS. JONES ' A X.. .fill- MR. JONES MRS. KEPHART MR. LANTZ ' r Q MR. MINNICK MISS MYERS MR. SEIBH. MISS SI1.VERBURG MR. UNGER ' MR TIGER Y I fm SENIIURS 0 HALLET PARLETT BAILE Hal ACad6m1C Noted for hrs leadershtp ab111ty Student Councrl Presrdent helped wrth wrrting for the yearbook on the Honor Roll always ready Wllh one of lus spec1a11t1es for a laugh MARY LOUISE BUFFINGTON Mary Lu Commercral Rock and roll enthusrast seen at dances grfted w1th sparkhng eyes doesn t 116VC that study1ng should mterfere w1th pleasure JOHN EDWARD BAILE Jack Academrc All county soccer and basketball star fascmatmg to grrls served as class offrcer plagued wrth sleepmg srckness rn class sports edrtor of Echo Honor Roll student CONSTANCE MARIE BUCKINGHAM Connie Commercral Easy to get along wrth pamcrpated rn the Erstedfod her heart IS drctated by the rrng on her fmger .. ..- . - lil ... ... .. , ... . 5 l 'X V 0' W .1 ll ll- ' ., .. ..- - be ,AV .. - ..- - ., ... 'V I not . RUTH BELL DAYHOFF "Ruthie" - Commercial Editor of yearbook. . . served as Student Councrl Representatrve . . . quret gul wrth an 1 , , infectious giggle. . . Honor Roll member. li , .-N Ls N 4.4 f f I of JACK ELLSWORTH COE Mouse General One of the smaller members of the Semor Class brg tease rnfected wrth a queer grggle noted for hrs abrhty to hrt hrgh notes a good tenor rn the chorus l ALLAN LAVINE DERR Pee Wee General Semor Class Prestdent handy man Wllh Treasurer s books all county soccer stand out aggressxve guard on basketball squad has a favonte gal HARRIET VIRGINIA DERR Grnny Academxc Has won many honors for her 4 H work Senror Class Secretary Jumor Class Presrdent rnterested rn sports Captarn of speedball rnterest Brrdgewater C y 1 V I K 0 I CLARA ELIZABETH DORSEY Clara Commerclal G A A Representauve member of the speedball team gleams at the ment1on of a certam name has a real keen sense of humor V1ce Presldent of Dramatlc Club WILLIAM RICHARD GRAHAM Wuty guy who rs well 11ked part1c1pated m all sports really knows some good tall tales seems to day dream qulte a b1t could If be that hrs mght lue proves to be qu1te 1nterest1ng'7 DAVID RICHARD ENSOR Dave Academlc Has a habxt of getung to school late Semor Class Vlce Presldent doesen't dlg French Pres1dent of the Amateur Actors and Actresses group a Busmess Manager for magazme campalgn JOAN LOUISE GARBER Ioan Commerclal Fun lovm gal w1th a neat fxgure loves to rock and roll her specnal mterest IS rn the Navy her 3l'IlSIlC ablllty IS much rn demand for The Echo "Wil1ie" - General HOWARD HANSON GOSNELL IK Howard Academlc Member of the orchestra mam xnterest 15 rn agnculture has a lazy streak ually has 11ttle to say RUTH MARIE GRIMES Ruthle Commerc1al Seems to be a very qulet g1r1 but she loves to laugh and once she gets started look out' says 11tt1e about her mght l1fe could she have some secrets? THOMAS EARL HAWKINS Hawkeye General Has lxttle to say Jomed our class 1n h1s sophomore year doesn t especlally care for studymg or school 11kes to work on the farm ROBERT RONALD HUGHES Ronme General Good looklng guy nlght owl no love lost rn studymg mlght be found passmg ume by sleepmg rn class I ' s " ' 6 1' WA X . 'r x . A I. , I I 5 DORIS ELAINE MAGIN Dons Commercral Buslness Manager for The Echo has a specral mterest rn Casper s Loss proved by the sparkle on her frnger KENNETH EARL MORT Kenny Academrc Former Student Councrl Treasurer and Vtce Presrdent handy wrth the Sennor s money proved by the fact that he IS our Treasurer Honor Roll Business Manager Magazlne Campaxgn N I CHESTER MARION MALINOWSKI Chester General Allerglc to homework where there s trouble there s Chester noted for hrs blank rnnocent look has a knack for drawing helped wlth the an work on the yearbook GUY LEON MILLER Guy General Has been a member of our famous teams mlght really be ambrtrous but has a lazy streak rs well llked by lus classmates participated in speedball and basketball. . , NANCY ELIZABETH PRIDEMORE "Nancy" - Academic Favorite pastime is dancing and going places. . .Chorus. . . Bus Patrolman. . . "count- ed points" for Speedball and Volleyballg wonder if she made any mistakes? CATHARINE ORR REESE Kitty Academic Former Student Council Representative and Secretary held many offices such as Presrdent of G A A and former Treasurer ofG A A great Cheerleader Honor Roll Referee for Speedball JERALD FLOYD MYERS Jerry General Aggressive player on Soccer Team State Band All Eastern Band Chgrug good looking liked by the girls will make a great professional musician NAOMI LOIS SHANHOLTZ Shorty Academic Vivacrous Cheerleader former Class President active in all sports Chorus Yearbook Journalist Honor Roll A A A Patrol Captain Business Manager Magazine Campaign X 1. ,- s.. D ..- ' ' ., I.. V - I .aa n u - f ... ... A -.4 - U V ' . . .1 1 . . -.. E ex ll ' Il ' , o o n '-3 - . .... ... W -0. . ETHEL EVELYN SINGER Shorty General FormerG A A Representatrve frne athlete shown as she plays to help brrng vrctory has a specral Interest rn 4 H work and square dances ELSIE ELEANOR SINGER Smrley General Good athlete proved by her berng a mem ber of all teams rnterested rn the farm and rs acnve rn 4 H a certarn name rs qulte S1gD1f1C8l'lI to her Wonder who? JANET ELAINE STEVENSON Jan Commercral for the G A A Student Councrl Repre sentatrve Honor roll Usually seen but not heard at school but we beheve her nlght lrfe may be drfferent EMMA FRANCES SMITH Emma General G A A Vrce Presrdent and former Sec retary noted for her athleuc abrhty and xs most at home when she rs frngerlng that ball .. . .. Class officer. . . carries "the money books" ' 1 ROBERT WAYNE WELLER Bobby General Has a specral desrre to Fly hlgh chorus seems to lrke THAT subjec known as Physrcs blushes eas11y ADA ELIZABETH STRINE Bubbles General Seems to l1ke N W for all her school days have been spent here seen at dances loves to sew and cook chorus when she starts to laugh rt rs drffrcult to get her stopped TONY TIGER Tony Academ1c rdent of the Honor Socrety Handsome guy seen w1th Lo1s and Krtty at all games unseen star of the greatest basketball team xw'fn"y JOAN LEE WRIGHT - Joanre Commercral Class wrt parucrpated on teams really cuts a rug when those flytng feet start that movrn seen w1th the gang around N W H S speclal mterest rn a tall gent I . . . ' ' I Voted Mr. New Windsor of '58. . . Pres- A r- r' A f N E - .--J-"T'..5'. Y., Whit' 5 Y Asslstant Secretary .,, f--"""' 4 W 'v ef gr! President CLUSSS CNWWCERS ,,, Vice President , ,ffffew , I 1 X rx P in f Wma .ff T ASSISIBUI Treasur "' I ,, , Wv S L sa iiu l wwf, if K I - 'Zhi sl T11 1 YT Hd 1 f NYJ ill? 51 UF, WI ,MFE '.f'1J1n 1 'L A Ev ZYHUYIT WH" 512111 T111'1i41fV11H1. '1 U fuf- "1 A1 11!'l' ,1 ',, fi F' Fi. . " - -211. f 11 g . 1114 ,1,. 1 , 1- T Nw' '- 3 L11 'v.1'fx"."S1'i" ' ' 11 wf 1 1 ' 11.1 ' ' 1' f ..'.n:1i1.1 111 ,1 E 11 :'1i115g' K LV 111 .1 1-I 1l'f1'l!: fE'.Aff.1"2 ' 1, 1, 421.-L1s'a '15, 11 N5 lxw' ' - 3 ' f fi V1 .11' ' 111Q1,'Q11l,lk1"-1 .1 . ,.7 1- lfiw 31 1, ,-,,.1rc:,'1-4' 1 l L' 'w1r2."i " 11: w' uh " iU,'1.i'l Q. X 11 ' P11 ' 11- JT '- 1.1' 1311.11 Sym, ,... . 211 N'1.',1r11'1g1' 1 ' 1. 5 , ',1q'i1' 11" 51.11 " T 1-Fw., 1 r 11311111 S1:f'f1lciTlx? 111'Y' in 1,1111 X-HA' ruin: Fir' Q1-1'w:11r,.1. .E 1K " Li 1' 2' 1 111' ' 1.11 '?w1's 5,1 In 'xfru' I 1 'SH -' 1111111 iw 1' "" Iu"f1ISla11d1 ??c'1'1.UfI1.c!f gsm H2 Hemmnwga hams! BE-WE Sw OH mga gm OH S2026 EEZ E 33 gg 202 0:5-ic :QQUOODW Seam UNOZOU gmmdw ada? OH EERE How OF E03 3553 EE MFE ON-MHHVNU ww we CON ENE? :USE MO EO Bw OH Om-EEE zcmmggw M3 N EN :S Q Ewa? 33 25255 OH 8 2: MO SO EC BU 35123032 33 M3003 N B OH wah wma OH 5:69 306 Uzgnm-WZ OH Om OH an-Aw :gm 202 233 Hemmggm 02:35 HEQUUODW hngm SSE S 4 50 F53 go 52 Hozmumh 5gmSwOE2m 80-WE Om OH 52208 55208 CEO:-asm CSOEHSQ H2252 55039 ESOE'-gm C2232 5:22005 UUE wEEH: 028 HE 250305 wg 520-50m wEE.En- DOH EJODQ vw Gsm QBWOI 25:4 53:52 52208 H200-V HO 550605 ESU-58 Egg O22 HE 52208 ESSOOOQ bgsgw egg 52208 me-505mg wiavswg F-OSEEQ H0362 EO we:-m wg DES 5:3 NES 3:3 gag ES, Esta UE :O FSU EE M55 5:5 gm ei SE 5:5 WUEOPA OE E329 2-on 3:3 gsm Nm H023 E H0353 302 2530 5:3 :ESM 5:3 HSMEEH83 2323 QSOE BH E H028 E Us mga 22:5 EOL Nm E 2,5 SES Awe' :ES m N:-OS! ESO:-OED H023 E Sm EEO 3:3 EOENQM 5:3 m N303- EEOE :Q H82 58 OE MO as H36 CO:-E gg 303 303 EO V63 Omg-Bw SO? goo box SQA END SEM so E E OES 3050: U ua-dw am H COG BOF OE-EOHEOEH5 Ewan EQ E8 E-Jwlwna 03-EOE-OECD gem wa E6 503 23 he W :EH : ES no wg: snow Hom :QA no SOE no 255- OH Ewa 50? : Emo 5-1 E 3 Sag :OE we w SEQ ia 302 SOI wsbww gag: B23 E Q-:E 205 m at-Em 3-EOE 3553 me-wgm Siam mama gsm Ea Bm OEOA wigs OES QEEE .AE DECK he wg:-W3 MOOsUm iO30EOn EEE OOF mhsg H0058 managm- B2 meg 22039 adm gwq-O5 SZ wgm Kami-0? :gnu 30202 Ewa :W WEE glam EOEUE-E A052 502-aw v-HONSQEOHL 25-503 wswwg-BE 0303 5202 wigs H0552-OU 2238! Pgw :Daw w0O:EO'H E305 :OE-HOU HH-gem 2535 208 an QQ QC OQXMHQ1 QQHQOH mwmukqv OQXNHQN GMUXOQMW 322 353 33? QQONEUH OVXNQO OWXINXQ QEXHXHM OQXWNXQ OVXWNXOE OQXMHXE Ovxwxm OWXMXOH Ovxmixw Cvxvx? QQXMNXG Owxmxm at-SN ovXwXN OWXEXH OQXQNXW ovxmxdd OvxNNxm SRE auxmwqmw SMH? 55:5 N58 3 is -at H23 NEEM 9:05 H0505 20 bug NAU-az is 5258! 5320 Do EOC BEEN 0-E3 U eg Epsom U :gh ESQ SSO NEED Egg! Q E3- U Y-02 53 ENE MEEOU Q is 30:-W: UENZ H - L S . I : - : h A - ' - . . : . . : h Lama WE QEHWWE2 m-25505 -.38 bo? wEEE OSS? Em 1 E I : U G I - 2 - z ' A To Whom It May Concern: We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty -eight, of New Windsor High School, New Windsor, Maryland, being of sound mind do hereby bequeath in our last will and testament the following Mr Martin - a new paddle Mrs Hare a good chorus Mrs Jones more sewing machines Jones interested students Mr Mrnntck band uniforms Mrs Kephart more time for World History in this age Mrs Harman perfect foul shooter for basketball Mrs Foye a new harrdo Miss Srlverberg more accurate typists Mr Unger a new satchel Mr Hanson new suspenders Miss Coffman a French Duke Miss Myers more cooperative 7th graders Mr Brllingslea a room of his own Mr Seibel star team Mr Lantz an mterested Economic Geography class Mrs Eberly more books Mr Hiatt someone to work in cafeteria during English class UNDERCLASSMEN To the Juniors a senior trip to New York To the Sophomores more activities To the Freshmen a successful year To the Eighth grade school spirit To the Seventh grade a small class THE SENIORS Hallett Baile hrs wheel chair to Bobby Zergler Jack Baile his basketball ability to Herbre Weller Connie Buckingham her fingernails to Tootie Albaugh Mary Lou Buffrngton her naturally curly hair to Barbara Little Jack Coe hrs small waist to Lanny Harchenhorn Ruth Dayhoff her blond hair to Bonnie Curfman Virginia Derr her last name to Reba Buffington Clara Dorsey her alligator to Carole Singer David Ensor his leadership ability to Charles Blizzard Joan Garber her crinolmes to Mr Hiatt Howard Gosnell hrs place rn orchestra to Kenny Robertson William Graham his love for the opposite sex to Robin Ca1rns Ruth Grimes her brown eyes to Josie Lambert Earl Hawkins tallness to Marty Suehowtez Ronnie Hughes hrs drrvlng ability to Walter Robertson Doris Magrn her blue eyes to Judy O brecht Chester Malinowski his ability to get into trouble to Billy Weaver Guy Miller his height to Donald Shipley Kenny Mort his four years in the Student Council to Clifford Zergler Jerry Myers his love for Jazz to William Baxter Nancy Pridemore her shortness to Mr Unger Kitty Reese her pony tarl to Susie Hawkins Lots Shanholtz her vivaciousness to Sally Manning Eleanor Singer her knowledge of chickens to Sue Baust Evelyn Singer her love for the farm to Peggy Frock Emma Smith her athletic ability to Nancy Prttinger Janet Stevenson her brown eyes to Myrna Cochran Ada Strrne her hair to Mr Lantz Robert Weller his love for airplanes to Fred McKinney Joan Wright her terpsrchorean talent to John Alfred Green Mr, - ' Allen Derr - his love for Chevys to Danny Hartzler June 8 1968 Dear Janet I was sorry that you were unable to attend the class reunron I the ten years that have gone by much has happened and I m sure you would be rnterested rn knowrng what our former classmates are dorng Evelyn and Eleanor own a fabulous beauty salon on Frfth Avenue New York and Nancy IS a beautrcran at Warner Brothers studro out rn Hollywood Ada and V1rg1n1a just returned from a trtp around the world and Lors rs lrvrng rn Parrs where she IS a Journalrst for one of the leadtng magazrnes Chester 15 a cartoonrst for the Saturday Evenrng Post and Ioan Garber does the art work for McCall s fashron desrgner Bobby IS flyrng hrgh he s a Jet prlot rn the Au Force Allan an Guy are commandrng offrcers on an Arr Force trarnrng base Ronme owns a huge darry farm 1n Wrsconsm Howard IS drummer rn Jerry s Drxreland Frve and Earl s dolng all rrght as a Ford salesman Dorrs and Kermrt are happrly marrred and l1v1ng on a ranch out West Ioan Wnght manages a charn of dance studtos and Connre IS a prrvate secretary for an Insurance execuuve IH Chrcago Mary Lou and Ruth are secretarres for top government offrcrals 1n the Pentagon Ruth Grrmes IS an au'l1ne hostess for Pan Amerrcan Davld rs a surgeon at John Hopktns Hospital Jack Coe IS an accountant for Trffany s rn New York and Wrllram rs a research worker rn the tool desrgn department of Black and Decker Jack and Hallett are successful engrneers for a constructron fum and Kenny rs an electronrc technrcran for R C A Clara and Emma are secretaues for a law fum rn Phrladelphra By the way how do you lrke the WAVES? I always knew you wanted to be attached to tn Navy Well that concludes the 11st for 1968 sure hope you can make rt for our next reumon As always, Knry P S I don t have to tell you what s been occupyrng my trme I m st1ll rn school teachrng Physrcal Educatron I I .on . D ' in ...- ,... .. d I . . I l , . I I I I , . . , THE I ALL Joy stands on the hrlltops Beckonrng to me Urgrng me to Journey Up where I can see Blue skres ever smrlrng Cool green frelds below Hear the songs of ch11dren Strll untouched by woe Joy stands on the hrlltops Urgrng me to stay Sprte of to11 and trouble To lrfe s rugged way Holdrng out a prormse Of a lrfe serene When the steeps I ve mastered Lyrng now between Joy stands on the hrlltops Smrlrng down at me Urgrng me to clamber Up where I can see Over t011 and trouble Far beyond desparr And I answer smrhng Some day I ll be there fa FW W N LARKSPUR WHITE ft LLASS MOTTU "L1fe unaltered keeps tts pace: There 's a man for every place " BLUE JUUNIIUR aww-34? fi? In gag, , V Q ,W ffm :fy T " an , , Y ' wfevlrnl, , ,-VfinLY4Iu:z 'M ,, '.-,Ju ., ,wi , ,V H +ff1:f ' ,Q?'.Qff' '1 V, , M . . . - Q. 1 , 6 + i' x ' V X, l ,EMF ' X .1 , f I, , :gg 1 1. l .5 SUPHUMURES I aw fp Jr 'Ir '. mx LLUNK ll!! W7 ' , i n ' , , x I 5 5 If I! in z r , 4' .- , , N 4 , V f I huns . yr Vim? K, "K f nn I r -1 1 JUNIOR HIIGH 'i' ,ma 'Q- W 1- I if I W gl 91 041, , 8 2 .9455 A AQTH U- .P .I J J f f X5 x ,X of URGANII 'VIITIUES x Q F F' f ?fg Q J rx .xt f 4 J ZATIIUNS W8 W? Xvfs xx, f DRUM SENHUR DAY X 1- I gg ff V , .AJX f' s Xffw' Q Kfff, I i ! f L I K , 3 E Rss.. , AL g X X annum N Ju 8 lim A 41 I li W ,AX C10 AC, Af, STUDENT COUNCHL QHURUS TEENA GE DRAMATHCS CLUB CLARINET QUARTET BAND N W WHNDSUR 'W' STAFF MRS, MYERS Secretary Bus Drivers MRS. COE and MISS BOWERS Cafeteria Workers x MR. MILLER Janitor SPURTS X 0 N? Na sf' Jlzlffftsis if . . '55 ' :wma f S w 5 . K .335 1:1 - ' . Y Tv js, fx A .2 f xv -i '?"s I I 0 ' 4 , , qu: ., , .5 5. 'Y ' ' r. xi, ' 1' A. 1 I, , A ' S, ' Q . Q' 512 .., X- -2-Q,-. .. . . Q- ' Q? 1 ft . i s ,Q wa , 4 ' Q L+ lf: "' J. . f QL' is " , if: ,if hr? Q 1 4 5 I G A .K I I 4 I Y, 4 3 , x V V I J r way xi fi J 1 vc H r ' fi. 1 .. Q 8 ' :U I i M .lv - r 1'l,.' .1' .' Q x ,z ' ax ' lg ' ' . ,gf 6'g,m .5 ' .J " 53' '71 I, ' 1 A-L W' I 3 Q M U g wjfi- , ,.,. Y 4 3' nf 455- ,gf 4 ,www -' Y f, a if Q6 NL?-'ss x X K ,thgg vw Nz, f A08 '12 ,Mild wig! 2' X , N yy .wwf 5 Q , Idffl 23 T 5 I' I' I' I' DUR P AXTRONS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Charles D Smlth Ralph L Robertson Kenneth Grlrnes A Danton Ensor Home and Garden Store M1d Town Electrxc Company Mr and Mrs Elton Wr1ght The Rev and Mrs Bruce C Shanholtz Mr and Mrs James Bostxan Mrs Nelhe O Mormngstar Mrs George H Magm Mrs Maude I-Iames Mrs Carroll Lmdsay Madehne E Myers Mr and Mrs Paul Formwalt Crumpacker Apphance A Frxend B 81 B C1t1es Servxce R1chardsons J C Penney Company . A K M. . . M. .. M. ' M. '.' M. . ' , Stu's Musxc Shop M E Campbell 8: Son Rlchard S B1xler Mr and Mrs Harry C Reese Jr Rev and Mrs C A Brubacke1 Mr and Mrs Ken Rohrback Lovell's Barber Shop Mr and Mrs John Weller Mr and Mrs Edward J Foye Mr Arthur M Purdum Mr and Mrs B Hanson M1ss Loxs Sllverberg Elghth Grade Seventh Grade Jumor Class r and Mrs A F Prldemore r Kermlt A Prxdemore Mrs Bess1e Dorsey r and Mrs Quent1an S Derr Mr and Mrs Howard H Gosnell Off1C1a1 Photographer to the 1958 Echo For D1st1nct1ve Photography Wlth a Personal Touch See Dan at ENGLA12 ST LJDIOEE 143 E Maln Street A11 P1ctures 1n Th1S Yearbook Have Been Placed In Our Studxo and Can Be Duphcated at Any Tune J DANIEL ENGLAR Propnetor Phone TI-8-6530 To Bobby s T L HOBBY LOBBY Westmlnster Md Gr oc er1es and Confectlonerles HURRY Phone SPruce 5 3682 S Arts Crafts Un1ontown Maryland and Models ,921 faffzkwz' ZXQ J STONEZR GEIMAN 8: SONS Westmlnster Maryland Phone Tlden 8 4900 YI NC5L.l NG BRCTHEQS PORK PAC KERS Wholesale Retall Phone SPruce 5 4454 5 4451 Unlon Br ldg e Maryland Compllments C DQESTCDN IXAYEPS CCDLCDN QAI. .TEJW EZLRY C OMPANY W estmmst er Maryland Stleff Sllver J C STR! NE General Merchandlse Notlons Hardware Pamts and GTOCGIIES Phone NEwton 5 3261 New Wmdsor Maryland Y . . Y 4 37 n , . - - ,f 1' I fax I K .. fl 1.2" 3 1 , X ,le M. l ff 1'-'k','Ax . ,' 8 g 2 -Q f Y 1 S . Sl 2 ' - . of . . ' 1 - , I I . I 1 Q I BUCKINGHAM S Electrical and Refriger ation Sales and Service Lawrence The Best Paint Spread Satin Paint Revere Cookware MIIIO Matic Pressure Cookers Headquarters for Frozen Food Packing Supplies and Complete Line of Electrical Appliances VVA LT ET-2 120131212-FQCUN General Mcrchandis Gas and O11 Uniontown Maryland MYERS BROTHERS STORE 22 West Main Street W e stminst er Maryland IFI1' S GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT flfmf Phone TI1den 8 5565 14 W Main St THE 1: LCVV E12 BOX GRAC E M BENSON W estminst er , Maryland 'PAL lVlEl2 MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Serv1ce New Windsor, Maryland F20 ODS GROCERY Purveyors of Fine Food Since 1896 Phone: NEwton 5-3211 New Windsor, Maryland HAINES AMOCO STATION Washing, Lubrication Tires and Batteries Phone: NEw'ton 5-5252 New Windsor, Maryland 0: A .- 1 New Windsor , Maryland Phone: NEwton 5-4401 A . e t xl! TZ: . 4 0. I lil 'I , l COLD SDE! NG FEED CO. MAURICE M. DEVILBISS On Route 31, Near Edgewood Church Full Line of S1:ickell's Feeds, Green Groceries Phone' NEwton 5-4974 JAMES VV . BOSTIAN PLUMBING AND HEATING Oil Burners, Myers Pumps Roofing and Spouting Phone' NEwton 5-4014 I-I E HAINES AND SONS I..1fet1me Ceramlc T1le Assortment of Colors Mt Alry Maryland BROWNIE S CORNER GIFT SHOP AND HEARING AID DIVISION RAYMOND M BROWN New W1ndsor Maryland wma 'OS x Compllments of TQOBEI2-I' Pl LSOIXI Prescrlptlon Pharmaclst New W1DdSOT Maryland D D HAQTZLEQ AND 'SCDIXIS Three Funeral Homes Unlon Br1dge New W1ndsor Llbertytown Maryland Lf G, Wlth Savmgs Account 1n 5 I 6 NEW WINDSOR STATE BANK 430 i Member of the Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on U I I I .Lf T ,fs l 'fo' i I :' . , t I .Lt I l Q ' W E Ll , y .Y y - a - 2 ' . .222 ' ' ' Elf: ,ri-E 1 if 5?-' Q N if . 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MOTOR SALES East Ba1t1rnore Street Taneytown Maryland W CROUSE Propr1etor Comphrnents of Maw? XWGQWQWIIG W LEE I-ICD KE INSURANCE AGENCY A11 Types of Insurance Phone Newton 5 4841 New W1ndsor Maryland Cleaner Safer Q 0 J More Accurate Just Three Reasons Why More and More Modern Homemakers Prefe r The Many Advantages of ELEC TRIC COOKING THE POTOMAC EDISON COMPANY ' G. . , ' N ' d , M 1 d ew Wm sor ary an Phone PL 6-3353 C We the Edxtor and Bus1ness Manager of the 1958 Echo wmsh to express our deepest and smcere apprec1at1on to each 1nd1v1dua1 who has helped make th1s yearbook a success Wlthout the a1d and guldance of Mr B111 couragement our photographer Dan Englar our patrons fellow classmates and the Echo Staff the 1ntr1cate product1on of the annual would have been 1mposs1ble. The Ed1tor and BUSIHCSS Manager 1 7 Hiatt, our advisor who gave much time and en- S , 3 S S I R PUBLISHING CO

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