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l7lf.1444 6'A:0"'J yfd :surf f,A- W MQ -AM , - W I mf Wm ,J 4 , .,. X,,'fWK--0. .N My , ' '-gr wx 1v'f:,L.g0xw1' " ,Y 22553 Y. W f fum. Y 41, .... W fr iifff Y , . .. ...L -R . ,ggi fy ,Q M' 3 w ,fy -'X if X H EHQF MY -P wt Y 3 Q .f ex EN x . ,,gf -3, .13 l x if 2, 'w , .M J.. r v fm w P, MQW f w'jfff' 'l UWLMOMWWW ,dw 76a 7 ? 5 6 2440 Zena ealfwdfddfb Sedan! new Wmdeu, Wlwwfdnd 0' MQW 0 UW Www' q t""?M A ' 0,0 o Uk 0' My . 01 . we -'55, 'f-5 .,,. , .. '1:'535-f"3"5t".'-4'51TI'3' z4-.1mm15f-2-.,.,..- .QMS-:Q ,- w:4':2-v'-zfi1w22f3231..-.'4f- ,. .. Q'zf?2f--wkfsfa-fvspma--' "" . ,f wswsgkf--Q-4Eg.s55ghiQ3.'3J5f12'Q5'QtwN"1,3'gf'wK-I'-'I?'g-gi' '95 -M. -zilfiz-S' 1 fu E. 4-4,-4 ,M K... -, .,..-I ?-W M x ww N f wx ,. . .. . . . N, E-cu agssggfafsz 4-za-zigfgyf. MQ.- :"'T" :-, +-W x -N- ff.-. Na.- -2 4, -'-.f " -. . fsem. -f xghgimfizwjgguf Ks-52+ WW 3 mb 'N -kk' R ff X534 3 N. N W' A3 QW? X .7 ' ss. QR:- 'xx x NYM. X x wi' .1 N. xx www -r -1- if :W-:V M..- .szw wa zE'f:-fi:-412:-r 'zbmn wa- xixx EK '-QR x ma? Nb' I .5 - .- N N Ng 1 .0.31 4:4141 -va-,5-:-' -- . , - - -Q - :-- 'NI "- . n P' -412,-gig'-S.. .N .. -. -.1-g,.m. 3.-,ig -- :r:'3mgr.-QW' 4:35. "'Q::.?2Ei. Nm: Minhanr Seninr-3Iuninr High Srhnnl New Ninhanr, lllarqlauh GILBERT D. MARTIN, Pri'nf'ipal OFFICE TELEPHONE 3751 June, 1956 We, as Seniors, have been looking back on the years of our school life, and we've been especially interested in those years spent in New Windsor High School. We've had many experiences, colored by various feelings--- feelings of joy, of pride, of sadness. We've known the joy of having an education provided for us, the pride we felt when outsiders visited our school, the sadness which comes now as it is time to leave our beloved school. It is with pride that the Senior Class of 1956 now pre- sents this Echo to our classmates, our teachers, our friends. I m I 940, W4 xoegsess so sdxeoixfixe sw woe' ogxes Xqveogvsixoo. WWAY exeecogises , mix xvwqgsq, -Ove goeeos oi Q 'SOA-.sq ,fse sseKw+1Xoq,Xo weq,e wlvese Q toms ss sxgoogc 'oeqosis ive Kooaesvooves Oi .sg-, xvpze, 5c,oogoQXsg0e6 sv sqivdvvq, Q00 22019. W Qsgdesxssxq so -Coe fixexa oi wxogowos, ss 6e'ivdSwX'3 0 QWMQ oi ms msg oi Qdxxxmq, we Q-1owlxxq,. 'ive 30206 OK QM H .am begs Xmogsq wa, qla. 155 xmxsxeobxi, me Koseeis so sxxes o -5 sxmasses ok Kwssq, we od qcews ok eesdmq, e SN eYQ00o5. 1 QQ., 091 yoga ..5s,wQ1o0.g1x qoxvxsisets e1-Qeskesees so xy xixqgqx scxsoox, qos gov! 'oe 'oexxes Qsegssea so eossiotxvw Xi Qsege eovsesisxq exvwfgeq, Qwewoi Oi Sie. W1 20 60695 Q Q qos gow, 'owe fa fwooxesogoe sqowde oi 4996-,s sesqecx ' 'sos oioes QeoQXe4 ixgvsb, -C661 OQNGSOGS 'b1W00Y30'W- W5 - X I 'Coe QOQIZS oi seXi-dssdwime, 'ifoese ste 'ous s Kewl OK 600 "' I ogsegiwx Qgegeggxgxses 'sos fa soeeee,,SixsX we 'Q-aqqi WSG. is k 3 'io e530 QK qos, we 'oegk oi Xocv- we success so sXX oi xqz e soo Kswxe escwloss. 7 x 1 I S. . - . 7 Q 1 Q h g' '- ,Q '.'gw',:,1 11, .' , 'sin 2 if' --gif? :fs-rl, 9 "5 S-LL' E" xglgxs, if -n " I 1: . gl 1 is . -HQ- '4 f-en, " Zffioy Q ' z A N. E -., .. . s:::,:::-1, ..-, if QM., . Q5::5:::1:-'M Er::!F1::5f::5i::511:.. lf iw -1... . " . ...:,m5:si " ' I v.::::s:mfms::::::, q,:,,..:.. . S.:-.::fF:. ':::i:::- N., ...: ..,5 5: ..... .:,. ,, N453 1: S l QS: ..,. af 11 1 gn: U 77.4-er 4? X, i .5 X S Q5 S -Exis- Sn: Q-::: --ff- rf' 544644 ::::i2rN ZZ. CQ! 'll IQ ,,,m44iZ5 - 'S aif:sf:H:' .-.rf-f::f1Eifi N-2:::::::.::5l:!y:Ef'-1"-" . .....:,..ff:,:s eedfzof adn!- mz'oawzSeachfz Left to right: Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Wilt, Miss Carey, Miss Fowler. Left to right: Mrs. Eckenrode, Mrs. Pine, Miss Kroh, Mrs. Ecker, Mrs. Goodwin MRS. HAZEL BENNTNGHOF Mathematics French Geometry MRS, OLLIE EBERLY Core MRS. EDNA HAINES Music MRS, GRACE JONES Home Economics MRS, CHARLOTTE KEPHART History P.O.D. MR, IAMES LINHARD Core MISS LOIS SILVERBERG Shorthand Typing Bookkeeping MR, ROBERT UNGER Business Mathematics Mathematics MR, OLLIE JONES Science Chemistry Physics MRS, REBECCA HARMAN Physical Education MR, RALPH MINNICK Orchestra MR, GRAYSON SHA NK Shop ...--7, Wap' Bmbwworl 4' W M Nuo MW uf QP 6 01 Www an N ww ,nv A . A 'V' 1 YW ' .iv-f-' Q f I p "' if Q 6555 - p ,Tfi Rm A 1-'x ,A A ,W we - .gfigiiiff ggirgy- qi: . - J: A I Jn? 'u at 3 as .m., ' 'W : z5355f gi? 4 ,, RAARAR I .,. :ia ex P? L 1 .. 211: QS? 4 .fa g-V Vfk 72 , ' H A -,Qs J If-M., :Ax -:hz ..,- ,V V - 'ggi' 17 :W " Fz. is , Q, ' ,.. 6 ,, K Q 5 H gzzisfil P 1: 1 ' ' Y! 1 -2u,e-we 52' 'I L fm 2 A 13 M . 7, .,. V 5 L , , ,.,EL ,f ,np 'NW f. A 164 NN", 43 : -4? 4 ,lf Na ,miss X' N AVAILAM 'A VV, Q ' Z ' gy. lb, I fvsism, 2 Q 'TOO 'BUSY MM, QR 'ek . ,f: , 2 K, ' :mr " 'S x Q 9, 3 Tw 1 u Syl' Nmshmlm K . if K 5. Ei 1 -, :f-X ' 2 G ALBAUGH BARE BARE BLACKSTEN BLEV INS BUFFINGTON CAIRNS CARR FLICKINGER GRAHAM GRAYBILL A , HARVEY HATFIELD HESSON HOFF KOONTZ LAMBERT LAWRENCE MARTIN MI LLER , MULLINIX . MULLINIX OWINGS SINGER WARRENFELT Z WILDISA N WILDISA N ZO LLI COFFER , 1 4 Jack Baile Robert Bentz Connie Buckingham Mary Buffington virginia anne: Myrna Cochran lack Coe Elizabeth Colson Ruth Dayhoff Allan Derr Virginia Derr Clara Dorsey David Emor Ioan Garber Lois Goodermuth Howard Gosnell William Graham Ruth Grimes David Haines Ronald Hughes Hattie Lahman Doris Magin Chester Malinowski Chris Manning Guy Miller Kenneth Mort Gerald Myers Nancy Pridmore V Kitty Reese Allen Schneider Lois Shanholtz Emma Smith Janet Stevenson Ada Strine Eleanor Singer Evelyn Singer Robert Weller Diane Welsh Ioan Wright Patsy Crabbs sf f 'Ii mga: 'Wf!,:lh9'4 xr: rl. ::Q.4' 'xg'5':'ru35i? T V1 1.3 3 i 1 7' W, . ii uf' 5 4 K i ,. " w 1 G 3 .J X 2 W Q1 Q f x :ci an 1 - M N' A., C Sv f X E 4 Q r 2, U k 'lo' g 1 fax' gl wi H ,A A K 1 .gf in fff'fIQC I ' 3 5 l 3 V-x'2"x., lhg alvax 5 , if ikk sf it MR. MILLER BUS DRIVERS CAFETERIA WORKERS f - 1 fi -w::mx1WmmfsNpf WM llw 0,,Q,oM' M bw M ,WM awww My M A that A of edm First row, left to right: S. Harbaugh, B. Blacksten, M. Buffington, M Reddick E Smith V Derr C. Dorsey. Second row: J. Ziegler, S. Bankard, G. Miller, E, Singer P Grimes P Hatfield I Wo1fe,K. Schlee, 1. Wright, Mrs. Harman. SCORES Sykesville- - - - - 9 New Windsor- - - - 10 Taneytown - - - 11 New Windsor- - - - O Mt. Airy- - 4 New Windsor ---- 0 Manchester- 10 New Windsor ---- '7 Elmer Wolfe ----- 0 New Windsor ---- 4 MR S. HARMAN Left to right: N. Bare, P. Fritz, C, Dorsey, M. Mullinix, D. Hatfield, D. Magin, V. Butler, M Buffington, C. Koontz, M. Reddick, E, Smith. Center: B. Blacksten. Captain of the Bengals was Jack Nevius. During the season Jack paced the county scoring. The most impressive perform- ance by the Bengal captain was against Mount Airy. During the game, he bucketed 57 points to establish an individual record. Over the season he capitalized on 64 free throws, surpassing the old record of 54 held by a Red Raider from Sykesville. Jack also tied a school record of 22. 5 points a game on the average. Mel Baile, lack Nevius, Robert Haley, Bill Lescalleet, Marv Flickinger, Coach Jim Evans, Jim Myers Jack Baile, Absent: Sterling Derr. The New Windsor Bengals had an active season. With a 5 and 'I record they finished in fifth place, During the season the team set a new county scoring record. In one game they dumped 128 points to break the old mark of 105 held by Manchester. w 'mi' L. 69905 ' E sxbaugh' Xxziv . Xet 9' Nev. Giahain 1. ' ' 311 - 969' Xanga. Y. gyctlm saw"C' eww' oiqat yehw' S991 Nga Xe? ' G ' The Junior Varsity Team got off to a bad start dropping their first two games, the first one to Hampstead 50-41: the second one to Skyesville 22- 20, We hope the LV, Team soon gets into the win column and stays there for the rest of the season, 066026400 First row, left to right: Captains - H. Hoff, J. Nevius. Second row W Graham P W1ld1san S Derr, M. Baile, M. Flickinger, D. Hartzler, K. Mort. Third row Coach Evans R Haley Manager A. Derr, D. Haines, E. Coe, L. Butler, J. Baile, S. West, Manager SCORES N. W. O N. W. 0 N. W. 4 N. W. 2 N. W. 1 N. W. 2 N. W. 0 N. W. 0 Manchester Sykesville Robert Moton Hampstead Elmer Wolfe Taneytown Westminster Mt. Airy 0 0 0 3 0 2 2 1 .-... . 3:-. -. 5-1-I -.-:aw ,wg , Hmm... .. . v ...., .. . H N "N, ,af Maxx' X R -'N' ' ' 25? -6 L , :'.-A1-'.:, if ,,,Lf,,5,,f,f ki N wig wg , 1 N fm 1 Kmiam, api ,ani-.NE AMW Af ME: A .,,2 ,X z 1 1-s qi 4-fx 4, .v-.- -' 1 J .- 'Tn 141: f.- .' far -'-'fix 11 -I sh MP? W . .- .,.,,.-.,.,.... .f.,...,... .. Mm MMM W M tv ' oW qw 4M0wB U 0 L 0 1 -'3' ---.J 'if-1 "mn 45 -KJV'-Mx f,.,-, -WX 5-'ef-'M --f 1,4-f4 M11-f'?2M'ix '-' 'v "'-.lx .. ' o"' . . . hr , 9 f U ' u O W 4, I I J' QM ' if "Own 704014: " Stage Manager - - - Doctor Gibbs - - - Joe Crowell - - - Howie Newsome - - Mrs. Gibbs - - - Mrs. Webb - - - George Gibbs - - Rebecca Gibbs - - Wally Webb - - - Emily Webb ---- Professor Willard - - - Mr. Webb ----- Woman in balcony - - Man in auditorium - - - Simon Stimson ---- Constable Warren - - Si Crowell ----- Mrs. McCarthy - - First Dead Man - - - First Dead Woman - - - Second Dead Woman - - Extra ---------- Assistant Stage Managers Co-Ordination - - THE DEAD - - ROBERT MORT - - - EDDIE COE - - HAROLD HOFF - - - - PAUL MILLER - - -ELIZABETH CAIRNS - - ELIZA ZOLLICOFFER ' ' " ' ' 'JACK NEVIUS - - - -LOIS SHANHOLTZ - -DONALD WARRENFELTZ - ' ' '- -ALICE LAMBERT - - DAVID ENSOR - - MELVIN BAILE - - JOAN WRIGHT ' ' " ' JACK BAILE - - - STERLING DERR - - PAUL WILDISAN - - ROBERT BENTZ - - - REBA BUFFINGTON - - - HOWARD GOSNELL MARY LOUISE MULLINIX --------DORISMAGIN - - -MARIANNA GARBER ' ' ' ' ' IACKCOE IACK BAILE WILLIAM GRAHAM KENNETH MORT - - -DIANE WELSH 4 1 .f"Z"-Q", if A dfkjg E W ,W fe.. wx? 11 'mu wma -ww ,, W , W H ,. W W i W Y A i : Eigfi ZA' , : A A ia 'Q -.. Q 0 :gba 'A Q ,ww 1 Q.. - -' Kilwjf f ,yy ,. " 421 " i 2g5.mW.w W Aa! vifvf 1s,. X .,, ...:. A 'B as Hligfw-,Hai 3 K Q, X V fseisrrzlfffwsfvrww! -Q W 9.12 Q- We .Q mf 5 L,g?,m1f-1f,x1:-vegfjfegymngi ,-21,5 - . .- . - . X f -, ff 'A ' " .ff "v',"'f1-. QQ ' , f I li' - L5 ,,,,. .1 , .. ,, U, ,... I A 41. ,W N , -'lun IX ,vip NW., wg.. A f , K .wr Q QR N ff -gf, 4, SS' Q5 535 TT 'draw'-1' A I ggi !f,.v Q W W 53 X, ' 5 ag- 'H ' ix' fn. x-X sz if K Y '4',,:. ,KT jg' Vq. as sy? A Typo tw df :L W 'fy www, WW 74e5eachfa6!a44aj56 MELVIN EUGENE BAILE "Mel" --General "Mel" as he is known around school, is found in many school activities. You'll find him on the basketball, soccer and track teams, He had the part of Ed Webb in the play "Our Town, " "Me1" is often found at round and square dances with his favorite girl, Ginie. "Mel" always has something to say, and we are sure he will succeed at whatever he desires to do in the future, BEVERLY ANN BLACKSTEN " Bev" - -Commercial The "singing gal" of the Senior Class--went to the State Chorus. "Bev" takes the Commercial Course, and served as one of the associate editors of this yearbook. Captain of the basketball team and serving on the speedball, softball and basketball teams for four years, proves her love for sports. "Bev" will probably be a secretary one day and we wish her luck at whatever she decides to do. LAVANE STANFORD BUTLER "Lavane" --General Lavane came to New Windsor High in the Senior year, He is seen and seldom heard. Played fullback on the Soccer team. Lavane wants to enter the Marines after School, We wish him success in all his future undertakings. EDWARD GREGORY COE "Eddie" - -General Whenever the word "Drape" is mentioned around school, Eddie always comes to mind. With his pink and black coat sleeves pushed up to the elbows, his long hair, and his "smooth" ways, Eddie is quite a favorite with the girls. We think Eddie wants to be a jet pilot. We wish Eddie success in whatever field he enters. STERLING EUGENE DERR "Sterling" --General What is that noise we hear? Why it is just Sterling prac- ticing on his saxophone for the school orchestra. Sterling has participated in many school activities such as the soccer team and basketball team and many others, Sterling is rather quiet, but lookout when he gets "wound -up. " We see Sterling with a blonde -haired girl quite often, If Sterling chooses farming as a career, we know he will be successful. DOLORES IRENE GARBER "Dolores" - -Commercial luc k, Dolores is our Ford girl, It seems that she rs seen a lot in a certain Ford with a certain bright-haired guy Dolores is rather quiet in classes, especially when Mrs Kephart asks her a question in P,O,D, Dolores seems to have some dry wit about her that she does not share with many people She hkes taking dictation, but she does not seem to want secretarial work. She is very undecided about her future We wish her RONALD JAMES GRAHAM "Poochie" - -General NORMA ELAINE HEINER 'Norma " - -Commercial Looking for a ride in a "hot" Mercury? Just call on Norma's chauffeur, I'm sure that all those rides in that Mercury are not just for her health. Norma is very quiet in all classes, but quite the contrary when not in school. Norma 's two ambitions are to be a beautician and to have a successful married life, We wish Norma lots of luck, A groan has just been heard from Mrs Kephart s P O D class. Mrs. Kephart must have just asked Ronnie s opinion on a question. Ronnie's ability has brought him to the top of the class. He has served as class president in lower classes and now is the Editor of the 1956 yearbook, We are sure Ronrue will succeed at whatever he decides to do BARBARA LOUISE HUTCHINSON "Babs" --Academic "Babs" is one of the quiet type, seen and seldom heard, She likes English and most of the rest of her subjects, She is very active in 4-H work. "Babs" has been class secretary for the last two years. She has a tremendous affection for horses Barbara wants to go to college, We wish her success in what- ever field she may enter, HAROLD LEE HOFF " Butter" - -General that his future will be a good one, Co-Captain of the soccer team and also a member of the basketball and track teams, "Butter' is rather quiet around school. He is very well-liked by his classmates and the under classmen, He is seen a lot at Koontz s with Jackie Florida plans have filled Harold's future. His classmates hate to see him go, but Harold has good plans and the class of 56 is sure E ALICE MAE LAMBERT 'Alice " --Commercial at whatever she does. WILLIAM EUGENE LESCALLEET "Bill" - -General "Tires howling, stones flying, smoke rollin'- don't worry that's just Bill 'taking off. " Bill came to us in the seventh grade from Uniontown. He is well-liked in the school and is found on the basketball and track teams. "Bill" is also found quite often in Marston with Barbara. We wish "Bill" the best of luck in all future endeavors. Alice is president of the '56 Senior Class and associate editor of the yearbook. Looks like Alice has quite a Job on her hands with all that activity, But that's not all she played Emily in "Our Town. " Alice is seen quite often in that black Pontiac with Gordon. College and secretanal work lie in Alice's future and we're sure that she will be a great success PAUL MONROE MILLER "Pau1" --General Paul is always singing or trying to. He can be heard singing in almost any class, that is when he is not asleep. Paul is one of the Sports Editors of the annual. No one knows what Paul is going to do, perhaps be a farmer. But we wish him luck at whatever he decides to do. ROBERT MAYNARD MORT "Bob" --Academic Who is always hurrying around trying to get something done for the Student Council? lt's only Robert, the President of the Student Government, Robert has always had a hand in many student activities around school, He is the boys' basketball scorekeeperg he was the Stage Manager in "Our Town:" associate editor of this yearbook, It is a wonder "Bob" has time for anything else, We wish him luck in the future. JAMES LEROY MYERS "Jimmy" --General Say, who was that who just left the school parking lot in that black Ford in such a hurry? It had to be Jimmy in a hurry to get home. In school Jim is quite easy goir1', but when leaving for home he is always in a hurry. Jim plays on the basketball and track teams, and can be found quite frequently at Koontz's, We wish Jim success in whatever field he decides to enter. JACK ELLSWORTH NEVIUS "Jack" --General Jack came from Manchester in the tenth grade, Jack has been quite an asset to the basketball and soccer teams, The "wit" of the Senior Class, Jack is always ready with something clever to say. We are proud of Jack, who in 1955 was second in the county scoring. Jack wants to enter the Air Force or Marines after school, We sincerely hope Jack succeeds at whatever he does. MARTHA ELLEN REDDICK "Martha" --Commercial Do we hear someone talking about horses? No, we can't be mistaken - it is always Martha. She is known for her speedball, basketball and softball ability: for ways of winning friends, a blushing face, an infectious giggle. Martha seems to be fond of the Army, and we're sure that it isn't Uncle Sam she looks for letters from every week, We wish Martha lots of luck in whatever she undertakes, ANNA MAE SHIPLEY "Anna Mae" --Commercial the luck in the world, Who said they went to a dance Saturday night? Well on Monday that question can usually be heard around the class Anna Mae and "Rich" usually make the circuit of dances on Saturday night. Anna Mae can be found around school with Norma and Dolores. She is also one of the honor roll students of the Senior Class. We are sure that she is honest because she was the class treasurer this year. We wish Anna Mae all JOAN ELIZABETH SULLIVAN "Joan" - -Commercial Something to be done in the Commercial de- partment? Just call on Joan. Joan is often seen keeping score for the Junior Varsity, "Jovial" Ioan is always giggling. Probably the gayest girl in the Senior Class. Ioan wants to be a secretary. We hope she succeeds at whatever she does, " DOORS " Some doors have hearts, it seems to me, They open so invitinglyg You feel they are quite kind--akin, To all the warmth you find within. Some doors, so weather beaten, grey, Swing open in a listless way, As if they wish you had not come. Their stoney silence leaves you dumb, Some classic doors stand closed and barred, As if their beauty might be marred, If any sought admittance there, Save king or prince or millionaire. Oh, may mine be an open doorg May all who cross the threshold o're, Within, find sweet content and rest, And know each was a welcome guest, Lona MacDoeman CLASS COLORS: CLASS FLOWER Red and White The Red Rose S391 H M 'fi r :E,..,..,,...,,55mM-.,,,. .W K "'A A I , V 1 fi! W 0 ,uh A, , jglf Qu , vs Mm f , "1 ' A 'Z faq' wx: 44 ,, S -. g f'.f,1EM:f:W':L iff A A' mm, ml ,, f bww V -M, w I 4 ug X f 'Tn V, M Nmaizmf zbzm gain! was wggq Ewoxwdg 5:50 E22 mesa G00 map-gum UO: UOHOH2 me-QOH HNOEE 9553 2055 :Egg wm:-ga m-:GEQOD E505 E02 230 Egg: 22:25 SRNEQOH EE Z-:HGH MNOUQ-H Z-O: :ag gig :Ox 2055 gg-HE Ragga: EEN gg m-dag! H03 m-HEE5 1,40-NS-m mbdzm E mcg 20: 205 Hoo Egg no Ev -H-EH QOH-.H MWC A 53 50 bi wg-TEU U25 EW HO E0 U05-H V0 05:53 Egg ON: :OS O02 202 H gan 26 UODJ mg HOOEHWSH OE gg H 254 M2 Om Om Ha E50 OE Hg! TODO: AOC E52 Sign EEHO QOSW 'Egg QS-H 5:0 nga Ea SO E08 OE gg OE eg Ugg wg: HO B0 mmmz gog- SEH mga SEA C5358 Z 8:02 bn WOODHNJ SEQ ming HD N ga ? mgoa E N KNEE! O5 D F050 SEA F050 SE: Q9-Q05 5 HSBMHOD Q03-gm 8 0:5 H20 2 wmwxg-uw: was bn HAOODHNJ EEA gush F50 OD N F030 EEF Eg E HAOORN-m 232502 me-BQ wwggm-Q :Eg mOF-Og H2 EHS me-as XQOBQ H52 WGNEWOSU E50 :Ogg -H232 ggzgw QWOESQ Egan mags U-digg 3:52 mags mg-683 M0035-Q m0208Q Om leaaetaowzfzdeada, and ' f 1 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCHIN: We, the class of One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty-six, finding that it is near the time when we must leave our Alma Mater, New Windsor High School do hereby publish our last will and testament. TO THE TEACHERS: Mrs. Benninghof - students who are on time. Mrs. Eberly - a little sunshine for her basement class. Mr. Evans - a few boys for future athletic teams. Miss Feeman - a quieter class. Mrs. Haines - the music ability of the Senior Class for Mrs. Jones - easier ways to balance cafeteria reports. Jones - a good chemistry class that stays awake. Kephart - more knowledge to teach science. Mr. Linhard - more productions like "Our Town. " Mr. Mrs. Mr. Martin - a soundproof office. Mr. Minnick - more money-making projects for the Miss Myers - a yearbook with fewer problems. Miss Silverberg - an unbreakable ditto machine. Mr. Shank - a foreman with perfect attendance. Mrs. Herman - a larger "hideaway. " Mr. Unger - a larger briefcase. TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN: The Juniors - luck with their false ceiling. The Sophomores - class unity for the yearbook. The Freshmen - our small class. The Eighth Grade - our homework. The Seventh Grade - a class trip. THE SENIORS: Melvin Baile - his liking for girls to Ronnie Hughes. underclassmen orchestra. Beverly Blacksten - her athletic ability to Mattie Mullinix. Lavane Butler - his quietness to the noisy Sophomore Class. Edward Coe - his class ring to whoever wants it. Sterling Derr - his position on the Basketball Team to Donald Shipley Dolores Garber - her artistic ability to Jean Lang. Ronald Graham - his dirty "Bucs" to Danny Hartzler. Norma Heiner - her slim figure to Dally Blacksten. Barbara Hutchinson - her affection to E. A. Carins. Harold Hoff - his flirtatious ways to Howard Gosnell. Alice Lambert - music ability to Clara Dorsey. William Lecalleet - his track ability to Paul Wildisan. Paul Miller - his lilting voice to Miss Freeman. Robert Mort - his leadership ability to Johnny Ohbrecht. James Myers - my love for Physics to Joan Hesson. Jack Neviuss - his hunting ability to Davy Crockett. Martha Reddick - her horsemanship to the Lone Ranger. Anna Shipley - her driving ability to Dotty Lu Albaugh. Joan Sullivan - her curly hair to Kitty Schlee. ,44eae Zoaidztofdefatww. 606f0'86446fd'Z06lfb Are you going to the class reunion? I will be glad to see all the classmates again after ten years. Joan, do you know what some of the class is doing now? Why, yes, lack Nevius is chief test pilot for McDonald Aircraft. Dolores Garber became one of the best artists that the United States has ever produced. Paul Miller, I heard, sold his millionth record. Eddie Coe owns the record company that Paul is recording for and I bet he is rolling in money. Jimmy Myers is a racing mechanic and runs his own garage in Uniontown. William Lescalleet owns the largest farm in Maryland. I don't know what to think of Ioan Sulli- vang she is the private secretary of the richest man in the world, I. W. Woolworth III. Martha Reddick startled the sports world by riding in the Kentucky Derby. Barbara Hutchinson owns the racing stables that are the envy of every horse owner in the world. She also owns the horse that Martha rode. Robert Mort really hit it big when he bought the controlling interest of the stock of General Motors. He is the largest industrialist in the world. Beverly Blacksten is really "rockin"' the nation during her three weeks' engagement at the Hotel Sands in Las Vegas. Bev's singing is the talk of all show business. Lavane Butler, after leaving school, joined the Navy. He worked himself up to the commander of the USS Nautilus. Anna Mae and Richard got married and settled down in the hills of beautiful Virginia. Alice is secretary to the head of the Medical Clinic in New Windsor. Boy, they say Melvin Baile has really hit it good in Florida. He raises the largest oranges in the world. Harold Hoff is really doing great at his school for water-skiing in Florida. Norma Heiner is helping set the fashion world in her salon in New Windsor. Sterling Derr is the leading car designer for the Ford Motor Companyg we will soon get to see his latest design when the new Fords are displayed to the public. And Ronald Graham has just startled Russia with a new invention in his Medical Center in Siberia. X WW! WWW X X Xweq f u Q 1 .,v,, 1 Q U 5 R Q - N 1 , 1 .1 . . x -9, I, . ,4 1 5 ' ' , Q u .1 'I I: 131.2 n l K n3x9"-5' ' ' ' 3 Q " ,iiffifkl . ', ,- ,X .IEQYQ 1:2 , .. . --: ,, .1,:'-g.:3f-vi-P 1 D Q h- . I ft! ik-,-.',5,J R-114: s ' LT . ,yr ' ' !!, 'T.',' 292 fi - f . - ls 'wa- Q, 1 . . L. x.-x...g,, . . ' . - .nah-.-u. 5. 3.1941-'Z'f1i-I www M W, WW W W .AWWWODMWPM 5b,,,J5L9W, A 054,004 Www 'WVU MM w W' M' W M M M flbweqgfzwg X, mm ' 1 ok' ' "W LW W W'-- ' f M ww' - . A o Wfjiibbbobvdwa ,W , ' UB ' . UMQW MWWW QW' GB M00 D1 0 , M' 6 1 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. 'QZZEMM' PA can-3 and Mrs. Reuben H. Morningstar and Mrs. Ivan Myers and Mrs. Lewis Myers . Maud Haines and Mrs, Denton E. Powell . Lucile Lescalleet and Mrs. Herman P. Baile Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Shipley Mrs. Nellie Morningstar Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. Roger Blacksten and Mrs. Melvin Bakner Ralph Minnick and Mrs. Norman O. Heiner and Mrs. Russell C. Lambert Mr. Ralph Blacksten Mrs. Carroll Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. John Eberly Mr. Ollie Jones Mr. James Evans Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Kephart Mrs. Vern Jones Mrs. Joseph L. Haines, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wilt Mr. and Mrs. Quentian Derr Mr, and Mrs. W. C, Burkholder Miss Madeline E. Myers Mrs. Hazel R. Bennighof T. H. Legg Stu's Music Shop Brownie's Confectionery Ethel's Goodie Shop Baumgardner's Jewelry Middleburg Store Myers Memorial Samuel Shirk and Son Leinhart's Furniture Johnson's Groceries Koontz Soda Fountain Ethel I. Hesson Henry Wantz Junior Class Sophomore Class Dr. Stor e F9 'PW Mr. and Mrs, A.W. Hutchinson The New Windsor High Student Council Mr. and Mrs. Hallett Baile John D, Roop and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Charles A, Graham Mrs. Margaret E. Sullivan MISS MADELINE MYERS Guidance English We wish to deeply express our most sincere thanks to Miss Madeline Myers, our faculty advisor, for her undying efforts to help the Senior Class produce this yearbook, 'A D SN 553 Editor -The Echo '74e4eauz4e,eea,eleagamcl444a-dadelgeed BUSINESS MANAGERS: Anna Mae Shipley Jimmy Myers Sterling Derr Eddie Coe MAKE -UP EDITORS: Dolores Garber Norma Heiner Jack Nevius Ioan Sullivan ASSOCIATE EDITORS, Robert Mort, Alice Martha Reddick Lambert, Beverly Blacksten, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Ronnie Graham ADVISOR, Miss Myers CIRCULATION EDITORS: William Lescalleet Lavane Butler Barbara Kutchinson SPORTS EDITORS: Paul Miller Melvin Baile Harold Hoff :SWB we A The Senior Class is sorry that due to unforseen developments they were not able to publish the following peop1e's pictures in this yearbook: GRADE 11 GRADE 10 S, Graybill J. Stevenson A. Schneider E. Blacksten E, Smith J. Myers J. Martin C. Malinowski D. Ensor C. Manning R. Hughes GRADE 9 GRADE 8 GRADE '7 D. Martin W. Danner M. Schlee K. Myers I. Masenheimer L. Hutton R. Green R. Peregoy T. Buckingham C. Staub S. Peregoy A. Long J. Haines H. Reed E. Humerick William, Jimmy and Norma all admire Do1ores's Balfour Ring it EAILE AN L.EI STEE WELDING Medford, Maryland 1: Q452! CLEANERS 7 Phone - Westminster - 1055 - Pressing - Tailoring Dyeing - Altering Hat Blocking Shirt Laundry Office and Plant, South Center St. Westminster, Maryland DID. I-IAJZTZI. E AND SONS Three Funeral Homes Union Bridge New Windsor Libertytown Maryland 12 VVT-UZ. 12055121- DI I. SON Prescription - Pharmaci New Windsor, Maryland Qfzwff t S PETROLEUM Phone: 695 W e stminster , Maryland VVA LTER VV TZOEEF-ETSO GENERAL MERCHANDIS Gas and Oil Phone 49811 Uniontown, Md. 46 Penna. Ave. Phone l350W N I-I E A CSV 'S E SPORT SHOP Westminster, Maryland Guns, Rifles, Ammunition Wilson's Sporting Goods Mercury Outboard Motors Hunting and Fishing Permits Fishing and Hunting Clothing All Types of Boots Compliments of THE BALTIMORE LIVESTOCK AUCTION INCORPORATED Wfffmf Wm DA I Rv Westminster R. F. D. 7, Maryland Pasteurized Dairy Products of Quality "I-Iomogenized Vitamin D" Deliveries Made to Both Retail and Whole sale Customers For Delivery Service Phone: Westminster 1094 Taneytown 5361 Thurmont 5711 Emmitsburg - Hillcrest 7-4211 New Windsor 4433 Pikesville - Hunter 6-7764 Visit Our "Dairy Bar" Frizellburg, Maryland Md. Route No. 32 Between Westminster and Taneytown Delicious Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Sandwiches, Etc. Curb, Counter and Dining Room Service 12AVVL.EIC5l-V6 GOOD HEALTH PRODUCTS America's Favorite for Over 60 Years Wonderful Values See Your RAWLEIGH MAN Tomorrow JOSEPH F. BURKE, SR. Hampstead, Maryland Phone Hampstead 6464 Founded 1897 WILLIAM F. MYERS SONS, INC. Pork Sausage Packers Manufacturers Westminster, Maryland Liberty and Green Sts, Office and Plant Phone 458 IVIENCI-IEY MUSIC SERVICE 18 York Street Hanover, Pennsylvania Pianos - Accordions Band Instruments ' 'Menchey Means Music" Compliments of 5 X25 WMA! INSURANCE AGENCY All Types of Insurance Phone 4841 New Windsor, Maryland Compliments of ffiwdmf Compliments of oankgzc FLOWERS W e stminste r , Maryland T e lephone 14 54 WMZW QQ!! JEWELER for Over Half-Century Expert Watch, Clock, Jewelry and Eyeglass Repairing 105 W. Main Street Westminster, Md. LAN! BE lZT'5 GAR AGE Hudson Sales and Services New Windsor, Maryland T elephone 42 34 Your Be st Buy is EM! THE W, H. DAVIS COMPANY Westminster, Maryland Buick - G.M.C. - U.S. Tires DO N 'S TV AND APPLIANCES 547 Baltimore Boulevard Westminster, Md. Crosley Bendix Sales Services Phone 1 5 1 -J N Compliments of STEIVI IMPLEMENT 8: SUPPLY COMPANY Winfield, Maryland Dealers in International Farm Machinery V Phones ew Windsor 5521 - Skysville 270 Compliments of DR. GEORGE MARTIN ZINKHAM VETERINARIAN Union Bridge, Maryland Phone Union Bridge 3161 BUCl4IN6HANI'5 ELECTRICAL 8: REFRIGERATOR Sales and Services New Windsor, Maryland Phone 44 01 "Lawrence - The Best Paint" Spred Satin Paint and Revere Cookware - Mirro-Matic Pressure Cookers - Headquarters for Frozen Food Packaging Supplies - R.C.A. Estate Ranges and Complete Line of Electrical Appliances Compliments of 24021 BEAUTY SHOP Phone New Windsor 3421 DONALD SIX FEED - LUMBER - COAL CONTRACTING Phone Union Bridge 3111 Middleburg, Md. IVI YE lZ'S ELECTRICAL Sales and Service C. PRES. MYERS Electrical Contracting T. L., D EV I LB I S S Groceries and Confectioneries Appliances Home Made Ice Cream Union Bridge Phone Union Bridge 3682 Phone 5151 fwfwmkf JEWELRY COMPANY Quality and Service Since 1922 Stieff - Gorham - International - Reed and Barton Silver Fostoria-Candlewick Crystal Samsonite Luggage Complete Gift Department 32 W. Main Street We stminster Hanover's Most Beautiful Jewelry Store Famous for Favorite Brands Watches, Diamonds, Gifts Jewelry, Appliances, at fvgfwhk JEWELRY On Center Square, Hanover MM 166 WZ. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Westminster, Maryland ' 'Dependable Service " With Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 IZ. E. CSE E12 MANUFACTURING COMPANY I-IOFFMAN5 CUT-RATE STORE C. S. GUNNETT, Proprietor 28 Frederick Street Hanover Patent Remedies, Sundries Candies, Toilet Articles Tobacco SAUCE: I-H5123 RESTAURANT Home-Made Ice Cream Delicious Food One-Half Mile From Westminster on the Taneytown Road Phone, W e stminster 2 57W may Mmm R oofing and Spouting He ating Ele ctric Pump s and Pump R epair s New Windsor, Maryland Compliments of LINVVQOD ELEVAT OR CO., INC. Feed - Grain - Coal Fertilizers and Seeds Dial Phone: U,B. 3601 Linwood, Maryland . General Insurance Services ffmm Z dgzgfm New Windsor, Maryland Phone 4694 JOSEPH L. MATHIAS 8: SONS MONUMENTS 8: MAUSOLEUMS Largest Selections Newest Design Westminster - Baltimore Hanover Phone Westminster 127 Our 50th Year "Build While You Live" F-IOIVIE AND GARDEN STORE Plants - Seeds - Shrubbery Lawn and Garden Supplies New Windsor , Maryland NUSEAUMS SHOP A Convenient Place to Buy Gift Articles, Handbags Things for the Family Nylon Hose - Handkerchiefs to NUSBAUM'S SHOP Compliments of ENSOR HARDWARE COMPANY CHARLES F. BACHMAN Phone N.W. 3201 New Windsor, Maryland C ompliments of MOTOR C0 'ZQZZ7 Zilkdfl VVESTMINSTEIZ Westminster, Md. g, 6 . 75-77 West Main St. Dealers in Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Furniture - Electrical Appliances Cadillac Westminster, Maryland Phone 24 C ompliments of Www Marky! THEODORE VV GVVINGS WELL DRILLING 26 Years Experience We Drill Wells 6 inches to 12 Inches in Diameter Uniontown Road Westminster 5 3 1W1 Ziiisef General Merchandise, Notions Hardware, Paints and Groceries Telephone New Windsor 3261 12001376 GROC ERY "The House That Service Built" Purveyors of Fine Foods Since 1846 Free Delivery Phone N. W. 3211 New Windsor, Maryland AMERICAN BIOCHEMIC AL PRODUC TS George Street at Railroad in Westminster Veterinary Drugs Dairy Supplies - Stag Paints Direct-to-You Gas oline Qin Za? '50 N6 , INC. Lime - Crushed Stone and Building Stone Sand - Cement Phone New Windsor 3101 Concrete Blocks Phone Westminster 562 LUMBER COMPANY 97757 Building Materials GRAIN DEALER Dutch Boy Paints Fertilizer and Lime phone 1520 Spreader Service We stminster, Maryland Taylorsville ' Maryland Phone New Windsor 3384 Compliments of Compliments of EDWARD m.. Z f W I L. 1.1 A12 4 Z 4 POULTRY at CAMP DAIRY SERVICE "Home of Good Eats" Union Bridge 3824 Highway Route 27 re With a, SaVi5:'1EIEACiOunt in QF u Ahead! ZW mwah? 2 Q52 -:EEEEJ STATE EAN I4 arf itil , A 1 f XX X If 5 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Co. PALMER MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Service New Windsor, Maryland SFDQINCE FEED COMPANY MAURICE DEVILBISS Dealers in Feeds, Hardware Vegetables and Groceries Baby Chicks Phone N. W. 4978 Route 2 C ompliments of M76 INSURANC E AG ENC Y Compliments of . A. T30 G LE Beef, Pork, Eggs, and Mains' Ice Cream CCD L.D T New Windsor, Maryland Phone 4381 Near Edgewood Church Magma CANDY SHOP 102 Broadway - Hanover Pennsylvania CRCDL J SF: MOTOR SALES East Baltimore Street Taneytown, Maryland G. W. CROUSE, Proprietor Telephone 4331 C ompliments of THE FARMERS FERTILIZER AND FEED COMPANY New Windsor, Maryland Official Photographer to the 1956 Echo N For Distinctive Photography With a Personal Touch See Dan at fZ4QQ Sruoaos 143 E. Main Street Phone 1467! All Pictures in This Yearbook Have Been Placed in Our Studio and Can Be Duplicated at Any Time J. DANIEL ENGLAR, Proprietor aziafwhfa' JEWELERS "First in Quality and Service" Our Satisfied Customers Are Our Best Advertisements Phone: 1420 THE I-:LCDVVE12 EO Finer Flowers Westminster, Maryland Samsonite Longines Elgin Ronson Bulova 1847 Rogers Brothers GRACE M. BENSON Westminster, Maryland VVA LTE12 E. SITTI 6 CLEAR RIDGE ORCHARDS Linwood, Maryland Fine Quality Fruit Peaches and Apples 12.15. 1-DQDCDI. Farmall Tractors - McCormick Farm Equipment Refrigeration - Farm Supplies Milk Tanks Chain Saws Union Bridge, Maryland Phone: 3814 HAM I IIVON CHEVROLET SALES Cars ----- Trucks Parts- - ----- Service Phone 3 70 1 . RICHARD K. MILLER Proprietor Union Bridge , Maryland fhzbm fmm BAN I4 BRANCH THE BIRNIE TRUST COMPANY Taneytown, Maryland HAPEY S. LAMEDEQT Dealer in All Types of Livestock Phone N. W. 4641 BROW N I ES' LUNCH Soda Fountain Service and Hearing Aid Sales RAYMOND M. BROWN New Windsor , Maryland xii. --.K 2 25 if

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