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A .a f 1 vga. . -f fig.. .,., ., ,,,, 1, ,. 4. -iv H, K 's vs i' ' ' ,. V N ,L , gy :Z ., F -v X "" -.. eff- 7 ,. "L ge Qs 5. . , , 1f.4,,,, ,fQ:fif, fi"iQ1IQ K,54- fmups. Q V M4 .A 4' 4' ,v -- LA ,fu W. 'fl , 4, ,1.,4, ,. 36 ig.. 'f Hn ? 1 1 , - 1-if k 5. , .V v iid z -,., gc. fg- T .M XL'-3 f ?' I E53 5 9 M if hr x W ' s fa E 1 gi A Q ,u f S: ,.i..l.. 'H lm 754 0 V an Edited by 'I'HE CLASS of 1954 of NEW WINDSOR HIGH SCHOOL New Windsor, Maryland Foreword The days behind us have been happy and carefree, but we have now arrived at one of the crosaoads along the road of life that will demand much more of our time and consideration. We have been 'school kids" but now we are enter- ing adulthood, and the public will expect us to think maturely, choose wisely and do the work which is to be done with precision. Let us, the class of 1954, not disappoint those who have worked, planned, placed confidence in us and sacrificed to make our graduation day possible. Let us resolve to give our best as a contribution to society! I Dedication, We, the 1954 graduating class of New Windsor High School, dedicate The Echo to our parents. They have given us their love and helpfulness in order to make our high school days a happy re- membrance. They have helped us to follow the straight and narrow path and to steer away from the evil side of the road. And so we give thanks to our parents for the great job that theyhave done, are doing, and will do for us. Principalas M essage If we are to preserve our democratic way of life and keep America strong: if our republic is to continue as we know it todayg then we must, as individuals, through education have acquired the knowledge, the wisdom, the strength, the passion, the desire and the abiding faith essen- tial to perpetuation. But even mae, we must develop an understanding and appeciation of the economic and social principles and tradi- tions basic to our way of life. We extend best wishes for your success and hap- piness and we are confident that you will make every effort to foster and preserve our freedoms and to contribute something towarda better way of living, Gilbert D. Martin Faculty . . .those who have guided us along the way HAZEL BENNINGHOF Westem Maryland, B.A. Gen. Math, French, Algebra VERNON FOX Western Maryland, B. A. English, Social Studies EDNA HAINES Hood, B. A. Music GRA CE JONES Iowa State, B.S, Home Economics OLLIE JONES Blue Ridge, B.A. Science, Biology, Physics KERMIT KIEHNER Lebanon Valley, B.S. Orchestra CHARLOTTE KEPHART Westem Maryland, B. A, History, P. O. D. HELEN KERNS Frostburg State Teachers, B.S. English, Social Studies MELVIN MYERS Bridgewater, B.A. Physical Education, Science PA ULINE PA PPERMAN Wilson, B.A, Guidance, English GRAYSON SHA NK Towson State Teachers, B.S. Industrial Arts LOIS SILVERBERG University of Pittsburgh, B,A. Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping NANCY RICHARDSON Mary Washington, B.A. Physical Education English, Social Studies ROBERT UNGER Western Maryland, B.A. University of North Carolina, M. Business Arithmetic, Math J v '--.. "l-ley Mac, how about filling my tank with a little of that petrol?" "Sure, Mr. Senior, glad to be of service. High or low test?" "The cheaper will be all right for me. I guess it really doesn't make any difference. " "That's where you're wrong, sir. The trouble with you and most people is that you don't care whether you sort out the better things of life to use. Why, I'll tell YOU ..... " "O. K. l o. k.l Say for a service station attendant, you sound strangely like a school teacher. " "Well, in a way, we are very much alike. I fill gas tanks and teachers fill brains. " "That's quite a comparison, I'd say, but it does make sense. " "By the way, Mr. Senior, where are you headed?" "Me? Oh, I guess you'd say l was headed toward my goal, somewhere out in the future. "That's a trip quite a few young people are taking about now. It's the most grueling trip of your life, isn't it?" "Yes, but I've a good start. You see my companions and I have been traveling for twelve years now. It's been rather discouraging at times but somehow we've come through very nicely considering all of the detours and road blocks that me have met. " "Yes, that's true. Today along our roads there are so many distracting signs and other appealing attractions. One must be careful or his traveling will be side-tracked consider-- ably. " "Fm glad YOU realize that- Traveling today is much more difficult than it was in our parents' time and I only hope people take this into consideration when they think about us and our activities. " "I'm sure that they do--Incidentally what's going to become of your caravan of travel- ers now that you have reached this ctossroad of life?" 'Unfortunately we probably won't all stay together. Each of us will go out in our sep- arate little vehicles to continue our trip as we see fit. It's rather an unhappy thought, but as we keep telling ourselves, we can't be together forever. " 'ls everyone prepared to travel again or can I help you with something else? Speak now, for you will soon be going and you won't have a chance to stop anywhere else. " 'Thanks very much, but I think we're pretty well prepared. We'll be going now. So long, Mac. " 'Good-by, Mr. Senior, and good 1uck." vvnw, W-v.-W wr., --- -.-H ---.--.-rw , .- ,,.,. W, SHIRLEY ANN BLA CKSTEN Commercial, Speedball 9, 105 Basketball 9, 10, Volleyball 10, 11: Track 9. 10. 11. 12: Variety Show 9, 10, 11, 12: Secretary of Pep Club 11g Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12g Cheerleader 8. A skating fiend . . . doesn't believe in study interfering with pleasure . . . Queen of Hearts at a T.H.S. Dance . . . a real " cutup." DAVID ISAAC BOWMAN Generalg Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Variety Show 10, 11, 12g FFA 11, Student Council Treas- urer 12. "Dave" . . . very capable in all he under- takes . . , team captain of the magazine campaign . , . a wizard with wood . . . his quiet winning way. IEA NNE ELIZABETH BUFFINGTON Comrnercialg Speedball 9, 10, 12g Basketball 10, 11, 12, Volley- ball 9, 10, 11, 12, Variety Show 9, 10, 11, 12: Operetta 93 Music Club 11: Orchestra 12: Class Secretary 10. Magazine campaign Business Manager . . . Editor of the ECHO .- . . sang in state chorus . . . takes things seriously. sv-uw-11' MINNIE RAE BURLESON Commercialg Volleyball 10, 11: Variety Show 9, 10, 11, 123 Operetta 9: Pep Club President 11: Cheerleader 9, Captain 10, 11. Rae . . . accent left over from North Carolina . . . doesn't believe in going steady . . . but very fond of the opposite sex . . . 'hangs out" at the roller rink . . . ever ready for a cheer. ALICE MAE CAIN Generalg Variety Show 9, 10, 11, 123 Dance Club 11. Goes into giggles over the least little thing . . . dodges athletics . . . loves to chatter RONALD LEE CONRAD General: IV Basketball 105 Variety Show 10, 11, 125 FFA 11. "Bub" . . . travels by motorcycle . . . really 'cuts a rug' . . . likes his music hillbilly style . . . laughs from 'way down." . . . earns her spending money at Murphy's. JOHN DA VID EBERLY Academic, Soccer 12g Basketball 10, 11, 125 Variety Show 10, 11, 12: Dramatic Club President 11g BAA Secretary- Treasurer 11: FTA Treasurer 11: Student Council Vice Presi- dent 11, President 12: Class President 10g Orchestra 9, 10, 11 "Dave" . . . played in county and state bands . . . sang in state chorus . . .au ambitious boy with a lazy streak. ELLA ELIZABETH GARBER Commercialg Softball 11, 12: Track 11, 12, Variety Show 11, 12, Dramatic Club 11: GAA Secretary 12. "Izzie" . . . magazine campaign business manager . . . talented artist . . . joined us as a Junior . . . cool, calm and collected, EVELYN PATRICIA GARBER Commercialg Variety Show 9, 10. 11, 12, Operetta 9, Dra- matic Club 11. 'Patsy' . . . first to the mailbox , . . a diamond is her best friend . . . lots of 4-H ribbons . . . always willing to help. NANCY LEE GOSNELL Commercial, Softball 11, 12, Variety Show 123 Dramatic Club 11. Softball slugger . . . does a good job of anything she attempts . . . known for her booming voice . . . a new addition to our class last year. ARVIN LLOYD GREENE General, Soccer 8, 9, 10, 11, 12g Baseball 10, 11, 123 IV Basketball 10, FFA 11. "Lloyd" . . . allergic to homework . . . plagued with sleeping sickness . . . active 4-H'er . . . night owl. . . frequently seen in garage . . . "Hey, Joe." WAYNE LEE HATFIELD General, Shop Club 11. Drug Store soda-jerk . . . usually seen but not heard . . devoted to his car . . . made his hobby of rabbits a pro- fession, ribbons to show for it . . . interested in horses. RUTH IRENE HILKHI Commercial: Varlety Show 12: Pep Club 11: GAA Treasurer 12. 'Ruthie' . . . imported from Pennsylvania last year . . . genial smile . . . deliberate speaker . . . blushes easily . . . fondness for skating. MYRNA CORINNE HOFF Academic: Speedball 10, 12: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Varlety Show 9, 10, 11, 12: Operetta 9: Dramatic Club 11: FHA 9, 10: FTA 11: Class President 11, 12. 'Corinne' . . . sang in state chorus . . . won National 4-H honors . . . always singing . . . capable leader . . . famous party giver. HARRY MARSHALL LAMBHT Academic: Soccer 8, 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12: Track 10, 12: Variety Show 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Dramatic Club 11: Class Vice President 11, 12: BAA President 12: Student Council Treasurer 9, 10: FTA 11. 'Buzzy' . . .'53 county basketball scoring champ . . . can tell the tallest tales . . . gives his all to sports . . . number eleven feet. IUDITH NA DINE PA NZERA Academic5 Speedball 105 Volleyball 105 Variety Show 9, 10, 11, 125 Operetta 95 Pep Club Vice President 115 FTA Secre- tary 115 FHA President 115 Cheerleader 115 Student Council Secretary 12. "Judy" . . . enjoys parties . . , of an explosive nature . . always ready with an answer . . . 'Bell Bottom Blues" . often seen at square dances. DANIEL HERING REESE General5 Soccer 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11. 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Variety Show 10, 11, 125 Shop Club 115 Class Treasurer 11, 125 BAA President 11. "Danny" , , . handy with a hammer . . . a mind for figures . . . sterling basketball guard . . . dancing eyes. ANN ELIZABETH ROOP Academic5 Speedball 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Variety Show 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Dramatic Club Vice President 115 Student Council Treasurer 115 Class Secretary 9, 11, 125 GAA Treasurer 9, Secretary 10, Vice President 11, President 125 FHA 9, Vice President 105 FTA Vice President 11. Endman in the minsuel show . . . master of most . . . monologues-her specialty . . , fails most tests with A's. wr -- -- !lvW,-Y,, CAROLINE BELLE SITTIG Commercial, Softball 10, 11, Variety Show 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Operetta 93 Music Club 11. Doesn't talk about anyone else . . . but sure does talk . . pet peeve-shorthand dictation . , . warbles like a lark . a bookkeeping whiz. STERLING GRA NT SMITH General, Soccer 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Variety Show 10, 11: FFA 11. Easy to get along with . . . co-captain of the soccer team . . . great for hunting and fishing . . . ready with a smile. '-7 X Y, X XX X. - ffl 1 if KL. ' 1 Sf- g., ' ",gx 3 :X ' E Y Y , , X Sw , R' Sa X, N I 'I J g f Y k , 'x . yi N. Q YQ.,-f ff' -Jl1FFWTF!., Daniel Reese, TIBBSIJICI Ann Roop, Secretary Harry Lambert, Vice President Corinne Hoff, President CLASS POEM We've come only a short way down the road of life, We've known only a little of work and of strife, And as we go on from here Can meet 1ife's troubles without a fear, Can reach the goal that the great attain, And can be assured of honor and worthy fame. lust as we have come for the past four years Thus we'l1 meet life mid laughter, trouble, and tears: Just as we have failed, we will fail again, And just as we have succeeded, we will fight on to win. So at this graduation time, we're proud yet sad Proud because of accomplishment, sad because we must part, Fearful because now that we must face the world alone, Away from our teachers and dear friends we have known. So with these thoughts in mind we'1l say adieu And go out into the world to face life anew. But wherever we go, far or near, We'1l remember our New Windsor High School so dear. R36 BUIICSOI1 FRESHMAN YEAR September 14, 1950 - Today was an exciting day for all of us as we were initiated into the Freshman Class. October 31, 1950 - "I'll see you at the Halloween party tonight,' echoed through the halls as we left school this evening. February 28, 1951 - That surprise party last night for our star basketball player, Buzzy, makes us all a little on the sleepy side today. May 16, 1951 - What an exciting day we all had! We were really in doubt about whether we would get there, since only one bus had been ordered and the Sophomores rode off in that. Dave came to our rescue of course. 'Perhaps we can borrow the center's bus." We finally were on our way to Annapolis where we enjoyed educational sight-seeing. SOPHOMORE YEAR September 15, 1951 - Gosh! What a day! I wonder if that wasn't the hardest day of work some of us ever did. But it was fun: Mr. Jones pointed out the part we were play- ing in conserving the soil by planting those some thousand pine trees on one of the farms in the community. October 31, 1951 - A Halloween party was enjoyed by all at the Hoff farm. How did you like that treasure hunt? April 29, 1952 - We were off to Philadelphia at five in the moming. Pretty early for some members of our class, wouldn't you say? Thank goodness we didn't lose any of our members at the zoo! . JUNIOR YEAR October 31, 1952 - Roger Singer sure was both pleased and surprised with the Halloween party we gave him. November 3, 1952 - The big day arrived. Our sale of beanies is on! January 9, 1953 - Who would have believed that all those boys and Mr. Martin could bake a cake and pull taffy? Let's have another kitchen party! February 15, 1953 - The last box of cards was sold today and an order for more sent in. Who said we wouldn't make any money? S100 isn't anything to sneeze over! May 21, 1953 - No school today. But believe me decorating that large gym was just as much work as studying all day. We just can't wait 'till tomorrow night, May 22, 1953 - Well, it's all over with now, except for cleaning up the gym. That was a prom to be proud of. SENIG2 YEAR September 8, 1953 - Mighty Seniors at last! We even have a private eating room. November 2, 1953 - Well, how did you like that Halloween party? Your feet didn't get wet on that treasure hunt, did they Caroline? November 3, 1953 - Who wants to buy that old junk? Well, they bought it didn't they? Sixty dollars is what we have to show for our auction. November 23, 1953 - Sadie Hawkins Dance - good music! Good fun! November 27, 1953 - Yum! Our taffy arrived. I feel sorry for the teachers. December 22, 1953 - Our pictures arrived! May I have one, please? January 15, 1954 - Well, this diary must be sent to press. Only half the school year is over. Who knows what's in the future. Plans are in the air for a date party and a buffet supper for the faculty. We are all looking forward to our class trip to New York and graduation. I if "Say, Johnny, it's such a beautiful dayl Let's take a hike." "That's a wonderful idea, counselor. Shall we take the whole gangi' "OK, Johnny! Let's go,gang." 'You know, counselor, this reminds me of something. Remember when all of us started to school? It was the beginning of a different kind of life. It's something like a hike, I guess. All of us were embarking on a new adventure." " Very well expressed, Johnny. It fits better than you realize. However, in school a new hike starts each year and new complications arise each year in the continuing hikes." 'I don't see what you mean, counselor. Could you explain that for me?" "Certainly. For instance we have been walking for just a few minutes and the hike is still keen in everybody's mind. That is very like school. For the first few years, school to young folks is fresh and interesting. Unfortunately after a while, people get weary of walking. Do you catch my comparisonr' "I see now. As the hike becomes longer, people drop out and quit." "Either that, Johnny, or they loaf along the way." "Don't you think, counselor, that some people like to walk better than others? Maybe some people who don't like school should be doing something else." "I see what you mean, Johnny. They may not like school or hiking, but there's no better way to get your exercise." "That's getting pretty deep for me. Say, look at the seventh grade over there. 'I'hey seem to be staying out of trouble so far." "You can kid them all you want to, Johnny, but they are a great group, and re- member, d1ey've been on this hike for a long while." "That's right. They're not too far behind the eighth and ninth grades. But they've still quite a distance to go." 'Uh-oh. I-lere's what I mean, Johnny. See the group of Sophomores and Juniors sitting over there? I bet I know what they are talking about. They're getting tired. Someone wants to quit this silly hike and do something worthwhile." "You're right, counselor. There go a few of them. Oh, why do they have to quit now, when the hike is almost overt' "Maybe, Johnny, this road's been too rough for them. Anyway, look at the fine group of hikers we have left." 'Sure thing, counselor. Now let's rest before we go on." "Suits me, Johnny. This trip hasn't been a picnic so far, but l'm willing to help make it one." "How about that, gang? Food's on!" Juniors G. Albaugh S. Benedict S. Hughes -'Er I f J-' H. l tf f", rxv J. Jenkins ,A .N ,. R, Blacksten Q x an S, Blacksten K dw , x 'jf e B. Joy ' L, Koontz h E . C. Crabbs L L. Flickinger fx A S w 1 . X ri- : r 1 M. Lahman ,Z , 4 ' I J, Myers P 1 if a Y- XX "' 'Sv - S, Fritz Q, C. Graham 6 . I . r K A N P, Schneider ' N"' 'W Q v ' B, smith 'L rv- H ' .sg fl 1 Q we X e D, Graybiu Q- 1 mx M g, A, Harvey .3 r f i e r ,I A IQ 'QQ ... , Q W. Smrth Q " " H ff' I I. Talbert X ' 75 4' I FK ' -' f Nl ET R. Price 5 ' H ff Q 1 ' N C. 0 6' 307m naqmg H- Wamz K ' N W' warner 'P f e xr M f .L p r G IU R. Helwig H. Hoff M. Hoff B. Hutchinson D. King D, Kress A, Lambert J, Lawrence W, Lescalleet B, Long P, Miller R. Mort I, Myers R, Myers M. Reddick A. Shipley J, Sullivan. M. Wachter B, Wildisan P, Wildisan E, Lawrence QPicrure not availablej ai .. ,. L r U1 32 X ,, B L 1 V. Sophomores Baile M, Baile Bare Blacksten Bloom Boone Boone Coe Danner Dayhoff Derr Ecker Garber Graham Heiner J iii rx 4, girl. fr. if -if Q: sgsi' r yayrra ,nyy M c... . . i o D. M. S. E. M. E. R. D. M J. S. D R. S. R. . 3 , 4 if X u S: - X E ss 'I xiii- ',o. Qxllk 1 ,Q .n " 9 new .-.- .I Albaugh Albaugh Bare Blacksten Buffington Cairns Carr Ecker Flickinger Garber Garber Geiman Graham Graybill Hamrick in if V . K.-. .. cgi X. X Q' we 5 X Freshmen C! xl. t 6 C X it was? - if 'S Q S ii' n ' x qu -.-. it S' , Nl 'L my -a "' 1 if! lb. 3 th at it L. Harbaugh A Harvey D Hatfield G Hatfield I. Hesson G. Hilker S. Hoff C. Koontz H. Lambert F. Leatherman J. Martin G. Miller P. Owings S, Singer N. Stair C. Trish G. Wantz D, Warrenfeltz M. Wolfe E, Zollickoffer ', iw' x . .. Eighth Grade 2 F LW! L k . N X yvv ' v M fl, A: K L, L V A , -3, H bqql 1 'figs' ff X 3 : . Y la' ' '- N , 'A 3 EfTS"1F ' " gr, ' 5 N Y . I 1 X "Q Q ,gl :M L . w , D . 55 . . . , AI' 'L 5 l G' I I 'H . 5 . 4 H fy? 7690 ,s .f Qt if I ff -an ' . .. A V: . r ' Am ' ' A Q, J n N: W' K - ,,. 4 s ' wg 1,,, 5 o . . J A x ,F ,, ,1....z:6 . r ', as 'a ' vs fi T3 3 3 .. f -ff W D' X i ,, V in 9 Y. if yt. 'Ay Q it Z u? 0 . WJ Seventh Grade srseh I --' - ' f . . Q x , e e e 'SP' .,.e 'I A ' :Ziff e ee H' A ff.. 4 1 M, K f " ' fuzrvfji A so X JW' A uw -at if 1, , Q Q X s X -if f h q e i -.k2 X K W ' ' W f f ,K .e e ee e e X . f , W. ! I 4' S. kit.. . K I I :Al V V we ww few we We few ,. ., we-f -N if fb I , f e - ' yi A x t U : -K Fnni ' 4 K 'F . 6""?7'?5k W ifi-Q-5:'f ' 55 . V ,. nvgaqv N O it U vb .mul-Ab V ,Wm 9 ',.,,.ass ul" Q 1 wif' We . x if K tel- K 1 K . K di I 1 N K -,.. A e Q L X5 ' T1 Z B ' A Qs Q X We the class of 1954 of New Windsor High School do hereby bequeath in our last will and testament the following: Mr. Martin - Sunbeam mix-master for future cakes Mrs. Bennighof - one full week of uninterrupted French and Algebra class Mr. Fox - champion I. V. team Mrs. Haines - more practices for shows and larger stage Mrs. Jones - more model Home Ec. students Mr. Jones - a diet including food Mr. Keihner - a trombone player for orchestra Mrs. Kephart - a husband who can stay home Miss Kerns - a sunny classroom Miss Papperman - students who use lay and lie correctly Mr. Shank - a dozen late slips Miss Silverberg - non-sag crepe paper for the false ceiling she doesn't want Miss Richardson - taller girls for basketball Mr. Unger - a new answer book To the Underclassmen: To the Junias - our ability to earn money To the Sophomores - school spirit To the Freshman - our ability to throw a dance To the Eighth Grade - our small class To the Seventh Grade - a class trip The Seniors: Shirley Blacksten - her ability to skate to Richard Helwig David Bowman - his track ability to Eddie Coe Jeanne Buffington - her natural curls to Donald Warrenfeltz Rae Burleson - her flirtatious eyes to Shirley Fritz Alice Cain - her giggle to Janice Ecker Ronald Conrad - my intelligence to the next dumb bunny David Eberly - his collection of toothpicks to Miss Silverberg Elizabeth Garber - her artistic ability to Reba Buffington Patricia Garber - her love for typing to Sammy Hoff Nancy Gosnell - her love for outdoors to Sandra Benedict Lloyd Greene - his, curly hair to John Jenkins Wayne Hatfield - his shop ability to Wayne Smith Ruth Hilker - her figure to Janet Myers Corinne Hoff - her voice to Eliza Zollickoffer Harry Lambert - one of my front teeth to Hallett Baile Judy Panzera - her high grades in French to Sandra Hughes Daniel Reese - my upper teeth to Henry Wantz Ann Roop - her dramatic ability to Glenn Albaugh Caroline Sittig - her shortness to Beverly Bloom Sterling Smith - his soccer ability to Dennis Grabill WN .1 - A .,r .. , fm Art Business M anagers Sports Editors Editors The Echo Staff Circulation A dvisor Make-Up Ed iw, S Editor, Assistant Editors Editors TYPU18 Editors Business Arithmetic -'I Algebra Problems of 6771106 T Clffy C3 GIRLS' CHORUS ORCHE STRA BOYS' CHORUS STUDENT COUNCIL BOYS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Annual Show Variety ii, F -ff-we .m09 'S"",f,,.gm 1 3: E-W. . :Mm sm nw. an Tapsqug Yi gk , ww. a mn y-uggq, mg 'inf Th-nw. Pmsan.. .1 tk ha.. ug. .. , NL ' QW! Ybvnidwu ullhe Atildielthl sg- i- K X . ..Mvwm . Mg, WN kin' 'L k ' -kk-k- 55 x "lnwrlu"' was nun . . wS ,'9"" 7 Q""fP""1' ' ' K - .,.kL f QQ gslilugimnknhiknn . . . . 51: -' N 'z . -- J, ww 'I-ff-ff'-W1-ff 1'-MH - - ,.,. z Swv- ' , . ' f"""""' - W 6 --If iijqgp- "-""' -- we-, LLL' - V ""'? A A A t ---L if-Q f Q an-Q. k :Q 5. .-fi Akk. i .-kXL , XQIL H W Agygn 'L gf? QRYIIQK I 5,4 ' K 'V 'iii "-g A gAL' i .fiat --, . l. Speedball Scores 4 Elmer Wolfe 1 0 Taneytown 5 Mt. Airy 4 Manchester 13 Sykesville SPEEDBALL TEAM Row one: Patsy Owings, Jeanne Buffington, Ann Roop, Corinne Hoff, Eliza Zollickoffer. Row two Dotty Lu Albaugh, Betty Long, Shirley Fritz, Bonnie Koontz, Joan Talbert. Row three: Bertha Smith, Sandra Hughes, Darylene Hatfield, Doris Geiman, Connie Koontz, Mary J. Buffington, Catherine Crabbs. Center: Coach Richardson. Soccer TEAM Row one: Daniel Reese, Henry Wantz, John Jen- kins, Harry Lambert, Wayne Smith. Row two: Lloyd Flickinger, David Eberly, Harold Hoff, Hallet Baille, Ma.rvin Wolfe. Row three: Sterling Smith, Roy Danner, Marlin Hoff, Mr. Myers, Eddie Coe, SCORES Westminster Taneytown Hampstead Manchester Mt. Airy Sykesville Elmer Wolfe Girls ' Varsity Basketball Left to right: CORINNE HOFF IEANNE BUFFINGTON CONNIE KOONTZ MARGARET JONES LOLA KOONTZ ANNA MAE SHIPLEY Coach - MISS RICHARDSON CATHERINE CRABBS DOROTHY ALBAUGH JOAN TALBERT BEVERLY BLACKSTEN MARY JANE BUFFINGTON ANN ROOP CORINNE ANN IEANNE Varsity Left to right: Paul Miller, Henry Wantz, Wilbur Warner, Hallett Baile, Harry Lambert, Daniel Reese, David Eberly, Roy Danner, Charles Hoff, Sterling Smith, Center: Coach Mr, Myers, Manager, Eddie Coe, fumor- Varsity Left to right: Manager Coe, Sterling Derr, James Myers, Marvin Flickenger, Marvin Wolfe, Marlin Hoff, Coach Fox, Manager Pickett, Jack Baile, Carl Graham, Richard Myers, Melvin Baile, FIRST TEAM HUDDLE NUMBER NAME 5 Buzzy Lambert '7 Wilbur Warner 8 David Eberly 5 Daniel Reese 4 Hallett Baile COACH MYERS 1953-54 BASKETBALL SCORES M. S. S. D. Littlestown Thurmont Littlestown Hampstead Thurmont Manchester Elmer Wolfe Taneytown Mount Airy Hampstead Sykesville M, S, S. D. Manchester Elmer Wolfe Taneytown Mount Airy THEY 55 42 34 44 44 36 49 62 42 31 39 57 60 42 48 Everyone's in the act, Dunking one for N,W Time-out for strategy. N,W, scores? Up for the rebound, Baseball Team Standing, left to right: Lloyd Greene, Sterling Smith, Hallet Baile, Sonny Price, Wilbur Warner, Danny Reese, Buzzy Lambert, Coach Myers, Sitting: Paul Miller, Melvin Baile, Marvin Flickinger, Marvin Wolfe, Carl Graham, Roy Danner, Charles Hoff, David Eberly, Cheerleaders Standing, left to right: Sandra Hughes, Shirley Blacksten, Sandra Benedict Sitting, left to right: Kitty Reese, Libby Colson, Sally Manning, Josie Lambert, Volleyball Team Senior Boys vs, Senior Girls m , L X k x L :J N 1 X - . ,... .1 - Z M 1,..,4,Xj11. A A A Q ma: Wa-,. . X 13ATR0N'S PAGE Mr. and Mrs. Graham Babylon Mrs. Hazel Benninghof Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Blacksten Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Emory R. Buffington Miss Ruby Burleson Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Cain Miss Helen Carey David's Jewelry Store Mr. and Mrs John Eberly Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Coe Finch's Service Mr. and Mrs. Cephus Carber Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Garber Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Garber Mrs. Betty Goodwin The Gore Motor Company Hahn Bros. , Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Haines, Jr. Mrs. Anna Hatfield Mrs. Edith Greene Miss Ethel Hesson Mrs. Helen L. Hibberd Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Hilker Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hughes The Junior Class Miss Helen Kerns and Mrs. D. W. Kephart and Mrs. Harry Lambert James R. Langdon Mr. Gilbert Martin The Freshman Class Marilyn Beauty Salon Pvt. James D. Miller Mr. and Mrs Miss Pauline Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Melvin Myers Papperman Harry Reese H. C. Roop Grayson Shank Charles D. Smith The Sophomore Class Miss Virginia Yohn Dr. Robertson - For Dist Offic ial Photographe r to I the 1954 ECHO inctive Photography With A Perso See Dan at ENGLAF2 Studios 257 E. Main Street Westminster, Maryland Phone 1467 All Pictures in This Yearbook Have Been Placed in Our Studio and Can Be Duplicated at Any Time J, DANIEL ENGLAR, Proprietor nal Touch Compliments of WALNUT BOTTOM FAIZM ANDREW J. HOFF New Windsor, Maryland CARROLL. COLONIAL Sqfm-E JEWELRY co. weaken china - Gifts - Silver Westminster, Maryland Since 1922 Ph01'1e 540 01' 320 Westminster, Maryland W ,lsons Compliments of Monuments Largest Selection We s trlimijivjtitr I?-e Zigi Fmo re Hanover Phone Westminster 127 "Our 48th Y SHOE FACTORY HAMILTON CHEVROLET SA LES Cars - Trucks Parts - Service Phone 3701 RICHARD K, MILLER Proprietor Union Bridge , Maryland We stminster's Modern Drug Store Drugs - School Supplies Cosmetics - Sodas BIXLER e GUILD DRUG STORE John and Main Streets What You Want Is A HCOKEII "COKE" is a Registered Trade Markg Bottled Under The VVESTIVII NSTEIZ BOTTLIN6 co. C ompliment s of The NOIZTHWESTEIZN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE C OMPA NY ROBEIZTSONS SERVIC E STA TION Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries Soft Drinks - Ice Cream Uniontown, Maryland Phone Westminster 489-J-l Q6 aefpa 1251445412 Q. Building Materials Dutch Boy Paints Phone 1520 Westminster, Maryland '? WILLIAM V. SNEERINGER and SONS Concrete and Cinder Blocks - Chimney Blocks Lintels - Crushed Stone - Sand Medusa Cement Paint - Excavating Littlestown, Pennsylvania Plant Phone 161 New Windsor Territory Represented by M, E, TRITE ,I DCDNALD Sl X C' Eu Q S Feed .. Lurrlber - Beef and Pork Products Building Contractor Fancv' Groceries , Middleburg, Maryland Phone 3581 Phone Union Bridge, Maryland Union Bridge 3111 WESTERN MARYLAND STOCK YARD Sale Every Tuesday Dairy Cows, Stock Cattle, Calves, Lambs, Fat Cattle, and Hogs Westminster, Maryland John Street Extended Phone 377 M. J. MYERS, Manager Compliments of mgfei ry RESTAURANT Home Made Ice Cream Delicious Food One Half Mile From Westminster FLOWERS d on Tqggjgjgggfoa Westminster, Maryland Westminster Telephone 1454 - - I S, LEASE WARNER y Mobilgas A. Mobiloil M bilh t Mobil Ic3iesE1aFue1 Mobilubrication Prescription Pharmacist Mobil Specialties Mobil Batteries - Mobil Tires Frizellburg, Maryland Westminster 1094-W vvour l.AMBEI2T,S MOTOR CO. dgdgve New Windsor, Maryland A 1 Used Cars New Ford Cars and Trucks Hudson Sales and Services S ' d R ' - A11 Mak ervme an epaus es New Windsor, Maryland Westminster, Maryland Phone 4234 9 Compliments of Q 5 'T'.L.. DEV! LB ISS CAFE Groceries Beer Home - Made Ice Cream Soft Drinks - Light Lunch Billiards Uniontown, Maryland Phone U, B, 3682 New Windsor, Maryland Raw1eigh's Good Health Products America's Favorite for Over eo Years Wonderful Values See Your "Raw1eigh Man Tomorrow" JOSEPH If. BUIQKE , 592. Hampstead, Maryland Phone Hampstead 6464 -J.C. STIZINE -1 et The Senior Class Thanks I I Yana Q . M6 . Anka? General Merchandise, Notions an Hardware, Paints and Groceries New Windsor Telephone phone New windsor 3261 Westminster 904-W-5 With Best of Success For Class of 1954 R. B. G IQI: EQ MANUFACTURING COMPANY Compliments of FARMERS' FERTILIZER and FEED CO. New Windsor, Maryland ED EICHMAN Wmdvaee The Dupont Paint Store Depend on Dupont for Painting Satisfaction Call 47 ll Union Bridge MYERS ' ELEC TRICAL SA LES AND SERVICE Electrical Contracting C, PRES, MYERS, Proprietor 7424 L I NWOOD ELEVATOR CO. Dealer in Grain, Flour, Coal, Cement Fertilizers, Seeds, Etc. Stock Feeds of All Kinds 40' C oo Phone 5151 A Fun Line of Purina Feed 'U g Union Bridge, "' an Maryland Phone Union Bridge 3601 3 "' Linwood, Maryland .I VVILLOVV IIARIVI S OAI RV Pasteurized Dairy Products of Quality "Homogenized Vitamin D" Deliveries Made to Both Retail and Wholesale Customers For Delivery Service, Phone Westminster 1094J, Taneytown 5933, Thurmont 5711 Emmitsburg 137, New Windsor 4433 Pikesville Hunter 6-7764 Visit Our "Dairy Bar" Frizellburg, Maryland Md. Route No. 32 Between Westminster and Taneytown Delicious Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Sandwiches, Etc. Curb-Counter and Dining Room Service Buy From BAUIVI GAIZDN E I2'S BAKERY Bakers of Quality Bakery Products Since 1885 Phone 4561 Taneytown, Maryland UNION BRIDGE HARDWARE co. Houseware General Hardware Sherwin-Williams Paint Sporting Goods Union Bridge, Maryland 0 7' awww 7 JBL VV ESTIVI I NSTER C OAT CO. We stminste r , Maryland Farmall Tractors I Farm Supplies MCCORMICK FARM ' EQUIPMENT Refrigeration Parts and Service A. B. POOL Union Bridge, Maryland Phone 3814 To Get the Highest Prices for Your Livestock, See S. DAVID HOFF 8: SONS If You Want the Very Best Dairy Cows, We Have Them. COLD SPIQING Wxiflygnzim Phone 3524 - New Windsor, Maryland Phone N. W. 3101 . Compliments Phone West. 562 of JOHN S. HVDE ' y gk SQN 5 CARROLL Pe-rszoueum I 'Nl C' Phone 695 We stminster , Maryland Lime Crushed Stone Compliments of and VV. LEE l-KDPQE f INSURANCE AGENCY Building Stone Sand - Cement - Concrete Blocks A All Types of Insurance Westminster, Maryland Phone 4841 New Windsor, Maryland Compliments of ENSO2 HARDWARE CO. CHARLES F. BACHMAN Phone N. W. 3201 New Windsor, Maryland NUSBAUM 'S SHOP A Convenient Place to Buy Gift Articles - Handbags Things for the Family Nylon Hose - Handkerchiefs Form the Habit of Coming to Nusbaum's Shop I2 O C PLS GROCEIQNK "The House that Service Built" Purveyors of Fine Foods Since 1846 Free Delivery Phone N. W. 3211 New Windsor, Maryland .,,, D, D. HARTZLER 8: SONS wma-e mow' Three Funeral Homes LV 4627, "' . . . 2-gi 1 f Union Bridge New Windsor iii g Libertytown X Maryland With a Savings Account in THE NEW WINDSOR STATE BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PB. R000 s.SON REAL ESTATE Large and Small Farms Town and Country Homes CHARLES D. ROOP, Auctioneer New Windsor, Maryland Phone N. W. 4061 N. W. 4511 CARROLL COUNTY NATIONAL BANK 2 C onvenient Locations Main Office 39-41 W. Main Street Court Street Office 193 E, Main Street We stminster, Maryland Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 1420 '7-he FLOWER BOX Finer Flowers Westminster, Maryland GRACE M, BENSON Compliments of 74.44 HUB Westminster, Maryland Phone 510 T.W. IEIIATHEI2 SONS Westminster's Leading Store Westminster, Maryland Compliments of RICHARDSON 24204. FEEDS AND SEEDS Westminster, Maryland gfomefz 9025? C . R. ALDRIDGE, Owner INSURANCE We stminster, Maryland After the Show Visit the RCDYA I.. G Rl L.L.. Serving the Best Foods Beer - Sodas - Cigarettes C. zINcoN and R, HELM, MEDFORD GROCERY COMPANY, INC. Medford , Maryland One Stop for All Your Needs Hardware, Feed, Gasoline Proprietors Paint, Dry Goods, Groceries Phone 2.39 Meat, Roofing 21 E. Main Street Tile, Dynamite Westminster, Maryland QUALITY CLEANERS Phone Westminster 1055 Pressing Tailoring Dye ing Altering Hat Blocking Shirt Laundry Office and Plant South Center Street Westminster, Maryland 1-IEINYS FURNITURE SHOP 1 Washington Road P. O. Box 384 We Buy and Sell Used Furniture Positively Paying Higher Prices Bedroom and Living Room Sets Kitchen Furniture Electrical Appliances Call Westminster 1017-R Zapp 4, CAELESON C5.C:.lNAUQPl-INK CALVIN MELVIN Westminster, Maryland Sa- C2 . Norge, Philco, Coleman Heating Westminster's Leading Store The Friendly Store 6-10 W. Main Street We stminster, Maryland i i Electric Ranges, Washing Machines Refrigerators. Farm Freezers American Kitchens New Home and Freeze Westinghouse Sewing Machine Complete line of Household Furniture Terms Arranged 215 E. Main Phone 623-W 1 T Patsy, Sterling, and Wayne Admire A1ice's Balfour Class Ring CHRYSLER America's First Family S- of Fine Cars Windsor - New Yorker - Imperial 6, , NEVV BEAUTY. Come Try It All Now, in the Most Crushed Stone Eye -Filling Beauties You Ever Spun Along a Highway. Come See What's All Sizes New. . . and Ready for You. . .At Your Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer's! W to Assure Prompt Delivery Qrzafs44o-n -no in Any Quantity , u Sales and Service Phone Railroad Avenue Phone 2.86 Westminster, Maryland Westminster 918 ,L,,w1""3"3' Clarence Loc kard GIFT SHOP Awnings - Window Shades Lunch - Soda Floor Coverings Smokes - Sweets New Windsor, Maryland Phone Westminster 914-J -5 The Echo Staff wishes to thank the school, our parents and the community for the support they have given us in our efforts to make this yearbook a success. We also want to thank the teachers , especially Miss Pauline Papperman, the advisor of our yearbook, who gave much time and encouragement to us. ut. -Qftgzszvp Omni! A 7qln-and Y Tuma Ymuoox Conn U 4' ,ww vm, 5 ' 6 n 1 ,fhgrv 14 1 we ' -"n .pf 'ff .J 4 in 'K 1 A M x . WMQ H1 'f ' i .s I Q E A f, 1' f 1 f is FA 54 L' T Qww' i 3, "Q. f ,. 4, fu aw , .LM 1. ,ff nv 3' -s x 1. 44 4 " 1 ,X 1 1 f 1, 1 mg , i ' V, .. , kf'iTkf."fTf M21- ,g q , ,,f" 11 f . v 'j1f fg,Jj11Q.: Qigprtfqfi Lg! b y y 2,2 vgjw:-V A -4 W-fi! ' wr X f' :ffwf"g.'-, -. y . 'Wa .F K X ,sg xw-QQ fx- 1 if H' rx ,Q x- xe W 'WW fgu:f.,,.Q..,1, -, Q MW, . .. .K-mp., .. 1 ,, , . ga QLZ".1'.-.Q "ff A Lf ' V " , V A va, ar V 42 2-1 -'f',5g:1x:x W. A W' 1 1 1 , ,A , . , , X- .4 . ,Ug g if Agri. In ,N X -1 Q.. A , . W fi?-53,5 ui".-.ywf-fgI.i 5' Tvi ' gy finfs -"I-L fyf' 1 ' 1- ,qw -:J , in WY, Viv ii . W V ,, ' vimaff gif, Avf, '.- Yl1.'r1g55F'ff-4 ,19 .gg , ,gf , 41. 71,-,E ,, 'R v- ,,. 3:--rx. .1 :Q ,-,,A,r,- ,J wg, 1, , , 5 'an K f':f':5 3'- 4-iffr' 'L 412f9 gf'5'4ifA,1Q? !.f i - : '1QH2iQ' Eg '? f'iJ3'E5f' 'ff 'fi.3ff,'iMf!--,ZA , V ,. A Q... .. , ' ' " ' ' if' j'-7 ' - M2 'Q rmfif. 9 4,15-rf " " Sf," 22, 2 E ..Q?'M1Q , fi1l 7Q'W'lln .453 ' KM"F'5'fl1"T-Qgiii ,E-35 '5 V ' my g-f - 1' .M . f.- ,- Q, .qnM.g,jf4.!,:, f-., M- 1,-,mv ,-I nw 1 ,, . -, I . ' ' ' ' ' "4 1' Q . ,J '-'iiilz fE"f:'2,, m.s . - "1-firgifir-'fy-Q, ii Amzg?-1 ' T' ' -V f ' 'J 'L-:Wf W, ,. ':,5w, 51, , . -' fg ' 1--.xQ,+,,:i',1:r"Aw yy' 11 in ,A ffl X-V ' ,lf 7:1 , L 44 Q, ' ' '1,,g"f4q ' -e ' Q f 4 k N ng 1 n P ,H- fw, ,ia a-up 1 x ,Q ,sk

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