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My - 'UQ Zn MqHJ QQWWWWYEQL Q9 JWM AMJMJ7 M Q1 ,Mf M51 Q15 W' 'WM WN WJ QW L, kfflg ffiwa. swf . n' . fggiffi. gif' .QH11 wffy 55" .Fira , ! Qi i :QT 11 pqgxqv "fw1."F ' ' 1354. 5.6-Q.: Wi. f ng, ,Q :W -.- Hike Q5 " 7, ?!'.?1-3 'CM , M- -ga , Tv- X .473-3 143 .. ww if .4 ., I Q: 'YP W T' vM, - 'swf qva . mf, . , 511 1531 ff-zftw, .-" rv -4. '. v-- .I Q 5 1?, n. , , r ,H-L 'f v. f X., L, ,n Y, .L ,Af I :V ,A 'S' s f . -. M p 1 lm, 4 I. xh- L 7. ,-Ykf., i A' . f X' 'V' .W , , , Y. R Q . ,, ,-A, 1, A V v e. ,- R , M, FMD IIPI'-T '-F0113 New Windsor High School V l 7 J 1946 We dedicate this book to those who have shown love, respect and understand- ing in preparing us to become better citizens of tomorrow. CONTENTS STAFF FACULTY SENIORS CLASSMATES ACTIVITIES MEMORIES MANAGING BOARD The Staff General Manager-Laverne Flickinger Francis Reese Ann Bowman John Means Bernelle Sauble James Hoff T YPIN G EDITORS Darthean Duvall WRITE-UP EDITORS Helen Zimmerman A RT EDITOR Betty Babylon PHOTOGRAPHY Alice Waltz STAFF ADVISER Evelyn Maus Ruby Young Raymond Carr Kitty Warner Carl Ward Nora Hurley Irene Young Doris Stahley Betty Babylon Doris Stahley Faculty WILI,ARD L. HAWKINS, PRINCIPAL EVELYN V. MAUS English VIRGINIA 0. SANDERS French Physical Education MARGARET H. FLEMING EDMON F. ERWIN Science HAZEL BENNINGHOF Mathematics LOIS SILVERBERC Commercial Physical Erlucation History E MARIIARET FERTIG Music History R. GENE BOWMAN Home Economics MARY JANE FOCELSANGER History Engl ish, GlLllllllLC8 EVELYN STINE Orchestra GRAYSON SIIANK Manuel Training Q iv- Faculty urling frnni ls-fl lo right: lfrunl ruwi Miss SilVL'I'iK'l'Q.f, Mrs. Flfxlllillglf, Mrs. HClllliIlfIll0f, Miss I"e-rlig. tliuvk rowj Mr. Hawkins, Miss Fogvlsauigr-l'. Miss Bmvimlii. M rs. Sanders, Miss MHllS. President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Class Class Betty Babylon Ann Bowman Darthean Duvall Viola Frock Nora Hurley Doris Pittinger Doris Stahley Alice Waltz Kitty Warner Irene Young Class Roll CLASS OFFICERS Betty Babylon Laverne F lickinger - Doris Stahley Bernelle Sauble Flower - - Talisman Rose Color - - Green and White Carl Ward Ruby Young Helen Zimmerman Raymond Carr Marvin Devilbiss Laverne Flickinger James Hoff John Means Francis Reese Bernelle Sauble Edwin Selby .,?' KT! Maw hw ow N 41 Qu., T5 ,-,AIADCIDD 1 ' -2 Q 6' Alfa 1 bi: 149155441 rt ll 'I Vg!!-U I l JI U lfn yi It -lt i 0 Yr. ' 6 'J - J' at . l- 3 .ati 1' il! f Happy Landing! On June 6, l9-1-6, at T a. ni. thc- Senior Class oi New Windsor High School began an imaginary air tour ol the World. The route followed Cannot be found on any map, for it represents the desires of the 2l niemlmers of thc- class. The Contents of these pages represent the results of interviews with these boys and girls on hoard the liner M Eehof, As a reporter assigned to cover this all important journey, I have set down in detail the memories of their high school days, together with personality sketvhes of each Class memlwer. lt. was a most pleasant experience for me, and I hope that l have silt-ees-rlerl in giving you a worthwhile glimpse of the enterprising activities of the New Windsor High School, New Windsor, Nlaryland. In Your Horoscope P Betty-Worshipper of God Lucky Day-Thursday Honest yoursc ,J sometimes not for your own welfare. BETTY GRACE BABYLON " BETTY 1' As everyone was hurrying around full of excitement. d me to Betty president of the class, Mr. Hawkins introduce , and incidentally, his secretary-a quiet, reserved student of the commercial field. I found Betty very interesting. ' C il Betty was also vice-president of the Student ounc and school librarian. One of the outstanding students, she really enjoyed working for the honor roll. Not caring much for athletics, she would much rather spend her time bang- ing a typewriter. Someone told me Betty would like to work for the F. B. I. She would also like to be an actress, an opera singer, an artist, a school teacher, but never, never a secretary. Her artistic talent is shown in the year book, and as a town gossiper in the class play, Betty was Well cast. Alaska Her classmates say shots a shorthand expert ' ' t. With an interest mt men, though not a flu' 5 lf 1ou trust others,to0- . Bermuda OLIVE ANN BOWMAN as ANN :Q Through the years many friends she has won With a primary interest in a. groceris son. It's a long way to Bermuda, but Ann and her romantic h mind plan to go there. Ann served faithfully as president of the Student Council and also as cashier in the cafeteria. Everyone was surprised at the end of the basketball sea- son to find Ann all in one piece. Playing forward, she cer- tainly was tossed around. As one of the class actresses, she took part in " White Gypsy " and "A Certain Young Miss." Musically minded, Ann is pianist in the school orchestra. After graduation Ann will enter Maryland General Hos- pital-that is, if her secret ambition isn't realized first. Ann knows what training is like because she was a nurse's aide last summer. Small-featured Ann has a pretty smile and will like Bermuda. In Your Horoscope Arm-Gracious Lucky Day-Monday Your affections are rather deep and you have a marked domestic bent. . California 533' RAYMOND ELWOOD CARR ':':" " ELWOOD " in When this gentleman speaks, x Q HHV, , y 'Tis of u Virginia girl, Miss Weeks. ei... ' Q .-:: Raymond is a farmer's son from Clear Ridge, and he is going to get away from it all with a visit to California. He, no doubt, will take in Hollywood and all it has to offer in the line of women. Late in the year Elwood had a fashion of "gunning gum " instead of chewing. He was forever asking for a toothpick! Raymond tells me he will soon have his teeth again. As to the educational side, Elwood's favorite subject is shop. When questioned as to his secret ambition, he replied. " Since it's a secret, I can't tell you." In this case, I draw my own conclusion that Raymond will spend most of his time putterin' 'n paintinl. Aside from school and learning, Raymond is occasionally seen on the dance Hoor. I understand that was due mainly to a dimpled female in Union Bridge. Raymond is a lot of fun and has a lot of friends. In Your Horoscope Raymond-Wise Protection Lucky Day-Monday You have habits of thrift which spell success. MARVIN JACOB DEVILBISS it DEVIL U This "Possrm Hollow" boy Finds the opposite sex a CU'Jl1,flJ'l'f um As our plane sailed through the air, I noticed a boy just a little on the Van Johnson side-reddish hair and freckles, dozing one minute and having his eyes fastened on a girl the next. I was informed he was the " Devil " of the class. Marvin is heading for Canada or Alaska-just which he's not sure and just why he's not sure. That is the way Devil was in school. He never minded the whys or vvherefores. Playing parts in 'A White Gypsy," and "A Certain Young Missf' Marvin cheered up rehearsals. Productions were aided by Marvin and his truck, and the class appreciated its use in the collection of lamps and furniture, even if it was evident that Marvin enjoyed being excused from classes. He likes vegetables as well as girls, and, incidentally, the latter would like to know how you keep your hair shiny. Canada i is A Q In Ycur Horoscope Marvin--More Wine Lucky Day-Thursday You are sometimes shy with opposite sex, but faithful and gentle. . . Florida V-,:,-,.f-. ........,.--K . - v. ,F DARTHEAN MAE DUVALL u DOT 1: . This lass, tall, slender and slim, Is especially known for her typing vim. Every class has a " dependable as the sunrise studentf' and Dot seems it for this class. Very tall, slim and quiet, she towers over her classmates. Known as a wonderful person, she enjoys patching things up for the lovelorn, whether girls, boys or mixed. No one seems to know why Dot is going to Vero Beach, Florida, but she's going there. Everyone hopes she has a good time, and from the twinkle in her eyes my guess is that she will thoroughly enjoy herself. Alice, one of her best pals, told me Dot was right at the top in typing class and also enjoyed bookkeeping. As to the future, Dot would like to continue commercial work and maybe become a commercial teacher. Oh! the1'e's nothing like being a commercial teacher. In Your Horoscope Darthean Mae-Spring-like Lucky Day-Wednesday In financial matters you are thrifty and prudent. . . a... ..... .,,i . Hawaii EDWARD LAVERNE FLICKINGER " Fucx " This Uniontown lad, a teacher wants to beg Why, oh why, zrelll never see! After speaking to one of the passengers seated near me about the intelligent looking boy with the Hawaiian-bound group, I learned it was " hats OH " to Laverne. He served as vice-president of the class and also as business manager of the year book. Flick was very much interested in schoolwork and really enjoyed history. He finds Jacksonls term of office more in- teresting than the latest song hit. A whiz at bookkeeping, Laverne demonstrated his neat penmanship. Neatness is an outstanding characteristic of Laverne. He made an excellent professor in the class play. He also had a part in " White Gypsy." Flick wants a rest before entering Western Maryland. where he will prepare to become a history teacher, and Hawaii's the place to get it. In Your Horoscope Edward Laverne--Guardian Lucky Day-Sunday You are conscientious and a hard u'o1'kc1', but quick to anger. . Paleftine LILLIE VIOLA FROCK " VIOLA l' Passed 16 is this plump young Miss, But 1ue're not so sure she has never been kissed. We have just left a rather shy student. Jolly and friendly with light brown hair, Viola loves to laugh. Palestine was Vio1a's destination and we know her visit there will be most interesting. I found all that was necessary to strike up a conversation with Viola was to begin talking about sewing. Many envy her sewing ability. Several senior girls have a collection of animals made by Viola and her mother. In school she did very well in typing and bookkeeping, which, incidentally, were her favorite subjects. She may, in several years, become a bookkeeper or she may become a seamstress. Whichever she chooses as a vocation, the other will probably be her avocation. In Your Horoscope Viola-Colorful Lucky Day-Wednesday You have the markings of a flawless housekeeper. JAMES HENRY HOFF " J IMMIE " This lad so small, yet tough, " Quiet after Seven. Lights out at eleven." This, Jim- mie says, is the motto which he tries to live by. Occa- sionally, he had to work a little overtime. Jim was the smallest on the basketball floor, but what he lacked in size he made up for in speed, aggressiveness, and skillful ball handling. His curly hair and laughing eyes have made him a cute teaser. He has won, found or stolen many, many souvenirs from his girl friends. Going to Cuba, the sugar land, Jimmie plans to compare Cuban lasses with American. Jim was comedian in the operetta and class play, filling the role of a disgusted king in the former and a mailman in the latter. Dancing and baseball, not to mention bowling, take up much of his time. In basketball can do his stuff. Cuba In Your Horoscope James-An Enlightener Lucky Day-Friday Except in money matters, follow your " hunchesf' , ,..,. ..,..,......:,--.. fi-,.. . .5- NORA BELLE HURLEY "SPARKs'l With special interests in history India, the land of mystery and strangeness. Yet, that is where Nora would like to go-to be a medical missionary- to administer to the sick and help the needy. Nora is the serious type, yet has many good times. It was under her supervision that the health room looked so neat and invit- ing to the sick. Sparks certainly pepped up basketball games as leader of the cheering squad. Of course, everyone knows she couldn't have made as much noise without those freshman girls. One of the things which amused so many of her class- mates was Nora's Packard, often used as a school bus. Sparks, with her dark hair and eyes, is attractive and kindness is shown in her face. Nora seems to have a natural understanding of people, so we know she will be loyal to her worthwhile profession. Shc's iery serious-ea pious lass, . u England class. In Your Horoscope Nora-Light I Lucky Day-Wednesday Toward the opposite sex you are un- derstanding ancl friendly. i JOHN WARD MEANS L' J ol-INNIE " " Big man, tie my shoe." The big man referred to is Johnnie. The biggest guy in the senior class is traveling west and plans to end up in the Hawaiian Islands. From what I gather, John was quite popular in school. What a cowboy! As Larry in the class play, he was a real Westerner. Johnnie is another thriver on movies and food and has begun to beat feet on the dance floor. Occasionally his temper flares up, but it does cool quickly. An intelligent history student, John knows the answers when he's paying attention. Tall Johnnie was a constant at the basketball games- holding up the wall and yelling for the team. During his senior year, he became inquisitive about Got- tysburg. I supposed it was due to historical interest, but I was given another explanation. Johnny may not stay out West too long. ae--" Hawaii He's especially known for his witty remarks, Arid a temper that ignites with a tiny spark. In Your Horoscope Q John-The Gift of God Lucky Day-Wednesday You are not always industrious, but methodical. DORIS PEARL PITTINGER " PIPPY " You'd best be careful when Doris swings It has been quiet for awhile. The gang has been remi- niscing. Suddenly someone shouts, "It's a homer!" I was told they were recalling Pippy's ability while at bat. Yes, she was one of the outstanding softball players. A little on the shy side, Doris wouldn't talk to me much and I noticed she had an occsaional case of giggles especial- ly when she and Viola got together. Although Pippy isn't too interested in the opposite sex, some one told me she does hold an interest in the army. They said she will make some lucky man a good wife and asked me to remind her to keep hubby's stockings darned. As I said, I didn't get too much in the line of conversa- tion out of Doris. I didn't learn much about her school in- terests, but I did learn she was a commercial student. Pip is fiying right into Germany, and I guess maybe be- cause the army is there. She'll rule her hubby-we're sure of that. Germany the batg In Your Horoscope Doris-Desirable Lucky Day-Friday You like the country and should stay away from crowds. In Your Horoscope F ranczs Free Lucky Day-Tuesday Smce you are a good conversationalist, Jour fnancial prospects are good. FRANCIS EDWARD REESE l" FRANCIS " lfarly Curing the tlip I noticed there was a comedian in the class-one who loved to laugh at his own jokes. He was goirg to Florida-had some idea about presenting plays ttariing Flancis Reese as comedian. I'd like to see one of these productions. Francis did a good job in the class play. I also learned, that if you had financial worries, and lay awake at night worrying where the money wascoming from to go to the movies the next night, to call on Francis, the unc ilicial financier of the Senior Class. Teachers found it a little hard to keep Francis quiet. As a commercial student, he typed to his chattering voice and ciacked gum at the same time. It is hard to find as jolly a guy as Francis, even though he dcesn't like to keep secrets. Go back to see the teachers next year-they'll miss you- and clon't git too sunburned. Florida It's true his tongue wags 'night and day, But when class funds were needed, he'd find a way. In Your Horoscope Harold Bernelle-A Champion Lucky Day-Tuesday Since you have an ardent natw-e,guard against jealousy. " BUDDIE " Flying over Indiana I was given a chance to sit back, re- lax and be entertained by a student headed for a vacation in Hawaii. His voice is as smooth as it was on the stage for L' White Gypsy." Now for some facts about the likes of the class treasurer. Well, sports top the list with basketball heading this classi- fication. Of course, baseball isn't to be slighted. Bud played forward and center on the basketball floor, and catcher in the Held. Finally, when Bud is dragged away from sports we find music, movies, and dances are only a few of the things which make life worth while for him. When Miss Maus needed a tall, handsome young man for a lead in "A Certain Young Miss," Bud was suggested and did an excellent job. Looking at Bernelle a short time shows you he has speed- ed up the heart beat of many a female. Well, Bud, everyone thinks you're pretty wonderful, so just stay that way and have a good time in Hawaii. HAROLD BERNELLE SAUBLE The " slieik of the class U the girls all call him In affairs of the heart he has plenty of vim. Hawaii EDWIN NEWTON SELBY " STUMP " A Intense lover of sports, Stump is also going to Hawaii. He is a very good basketball player when he doesn't lost his temper. Something is missing with Stump-why, yes, it's his Ford, but there just wasn't enough room for it on the plane. This page is dedicated not only to Edwin, but also to the Ford which I shall call " Bessie." Bessie was constantly seen tearing around and making noise in New Windsor and Westminster. Stump goes to dances and doesn't dance. Come on boy get some jive. He spends the majority of his money on his stomach. It is believed he could out eat anyone in the high school. Regularly, Stump is found at Sunday night movies. He really makes himself comfortable by draping his lanky legs over the seat or two in front of him. From what I have heard, it is not necessary to ask Edwin not to work hard in Hawaii. In Your Horoscope Edwin-Gains property Lucky Day-Tuesday Your surplus energy and fearlessness may make you foolhardy at times. Hawaii His face bears a griu, not exactly a smile, He and his " lizzy " have traveled for miles. . . Germany DORIS LUCILLE STAHLEY MUGGSIE " Slie's definitely lw'IlU'lU'?l. rm a dzzrnerl 'nice lcid, But watch uiliat you sny-or she'll " pop the liclfl Small but mighty. There's a " slick chick " off for Berlin, Germany. It has just been one of her desires to visit Berlin so Muggsie was really tickled at the opportunity. One of the most popular girls in the class, Mugs, I hear, is a Algal" with rhythm in her feet when it comes to roller skating. Someone said that maybe when Mugs returns she may settle as a professional skater. Many seniors were recalling the night Mugs and three of her close friends, Alice, Darthean and Betty, entertained the class at the Charles Carroll Hotel where Doris added to many a diner's appetite. Muggsie was class secretary and president of the Com- mercial Club. Muggsie also owns a Ford. Although it isn't quite as dilapidated as "Bessie," Mugs does make it fly around. Doris, you may meet Pippy in Germany, and if you do, tell her we all said "hello." In Your Horoscope Doris-Desirable Lucky Day-Thursday Your friendliness and courtesy make you generally popular. In Your Horoscope Alice-Of Noble Birth Lucky Day-Saturday You are inclined to be restless. . . South America ALICE MELVINA WALTZ "BEcxY" This dark-eyed miss so full of fun Hearty laughter in the crowd is supplied by Alice-a happy-go-lucky girl full of fun and merriment. Becky likes to dance and participate in all kinds of sports. Alice was a star guard on the basketball team and likes to play first or center field on the soft ball team. Becky is going to South America to find a lot of fun and gaiety. That is all she wants-music, laughter and fun. Of course, she found plenty in New Windsor, but Becky wants a change. She is rather doubtful as to her future career but the majority of the commercial class seem to think Alice would make a good secretary. Becky doesn't mind being teased and so boys are often found hitting her on the back. South America is a beautiful country for anyone to yisit, and we know Alice will get the most out of her trip. Will 'make a good housewife for somebody s son In Youi Horoscope Carl-Strong, Manly Lucky Day-Saturday Keep away from extravagant things and from other's love ajfairs. CARL WILSON WARD " CARUBOARD " I was amused to hear a member of the class wanted off at Reno. Carl wants to look the place over, just for fun, and because he hasn't anything better to do. As far as women are concerned, they are all alike to him. He hasn't found any quite as smart as he. Athletics rank high in Cardboard's mind, and he really enjoyed the class because he didn't have to study. Card- board did like history class, but wasn't too fond of history. I don't get it, but maybe the rest of the class will. Carl, so far as I can see, doesn't really resemble card- board. He dashes here, there and everywhere-just loved dashing out of classes. One of the steady attendants at school dances, Card- board should have been given a banner for dancing with every girl, especially ones in red dresses! The majority believes Carl will return to Maryland and maybe settle down on a farm. - - W... , 'KMedfo1'cl, My Medford " is his songg But no matter where, he'll get along. Reno 'f . Pearl Harbor KITTY LEE WARNER . an KITTY as 'Tis certain that Kitty knows how to wear clothes, And she has many friends wherever she goes. Q, if Heading for Pearl Harbor, and we need not ask why, is dark haired, brown eyed Kitty-attractive, popular, well- dressed, with a ring on the finger. Kitty displayed talent in " White Gypsy " and "A Cer- tain Young Miss " as well as on the basketball Hoor. She is often seen riding her bicycle, at the roller skating rink, movies, or dancing. I did talk to her a lot and she told me she may be a nurse. I imagine she could really cheer patients. Not only will Kitty be missed at school next year, but also her dog, Skippy, who has followed her to school like Mary's little lamb. Early in the morning Kit was found half asleep, trudging the streets of New Windsor, relieving the man power short- age by helping her Dad deliver milk. If it weren't for her love for the Navy, maybe Kitty wouldn't do it. At noon, Kit could be found helping in the cafeteria. I In Your Horoscope Kitty+Pnre Lucky Day-Saturday You are pleasant, cheerful, independent ancl practical, but at times changeable. In Youi horoscope Irene-Peaceful Luclcy Day-Wednesday Neat and orderly, you will Rnd success in the business field. BELLE IRENE YOUNG " IRENE " The plane has landed again and I heard many goodbyes to Irene. I had to inquire as to our location and was in- formed we were in Holtville, California. Irene was all ex- cited because she is going to be met by relatives she has never seen. It wouldn't surprise her companions if Irene found a nice oHice job and established her residence here. As a commercial student Irene was fond of bookkeeping and typing. Her notebook was always neat and well kept. Music helped pass time away for her. Many of us have heard her talent on the marimba, both in solo work and in duet work with her sister. She was a member of the high school orchestra for several years. I guess several of the passengers would like to get off with Irene for awhile, but the plane must hurry on its tour. Perhaps Irene will send some views or souvenirs to her friends. California The 'marimba has lecl Irene to fameg In lights, no doubt, we'll see her name. I In Your Horoscope Ruby Alice-Of Noble Birth Lucky Day-Wednesday You like to work with and for im- portant people. RUBY ALICE YOUNG " RUBY U Ruby just got off the plane and we are off again. Inci- dentally, that was Shreveport, Louisiana. I learned Ruby is going to visit her sister and brother-in-law. Gosh! Ruby is missed. She was so quick and jolly. Her dancing blue eyes and blonde curly hair make her cute. Never will the class forget the school's most outstanding female athlete. She plans to continue athletics in college. Better stock up on liniments for stiff muscles. A student told me Ruby was A-1 in attendance. She must have loved school. Maybe it was just that she liked to ride the school bus. Anyway, Ruby was always there. Also quite a crooner, Ruby was a star in " White Gypsy," and played an excellent role as an illiterate maid in the class play. " Bonjour, Mademoiselle "-Ruby will understand me- she was a good French student. In field ball, basketball, softball-a great athleteg Others found it dificult to try to compete. Louisiana HELEN MARJORIE ZIMMERMAN KK I! That she'd rather dance than eat is a fact A constant drearner! .To be exact. Tall, light-haired, blue-eyed Helen joined the class dur- ing her Junior year. She came from away up in Hollidays- burg, Pennsylvania, and, according to Helen, there's no place which could begin to compare with it. Regardless of season there's spring in her feet. Hun loves to dance, especially with certain people. I understand she isn't interested in many sports and she's actually afraid of a baseball. The plane will stop in Paris to leave Hun off. She, being interested in fashions, has dreamed of this trip for a long time. Besides Helen's interest in Hollidaysburg, dancing and fashions, she also finds Shakespeare a joy. Hun also likes to participate in plays, being a main character in " White Gypsy," and "A Certain Young Miss." Helen was a " dish-stacker l' at noon in the cafeteria and spent many of her evenings writing Pennsylvania. letters to girls in , ,,,,T,.,,EW:4 E,..X,n.:...,. I -,z lx V ., ',::"' , z.w?,'ff.x. X K, V Paris In Your Horoscope Helen-Light Lucky Day-Friday , You are very practical and construc- tive, with a lot of ability you dorft often use. 44 yn 'XB' Classmates They L eft Behind e 1 Blacksten, Olive Duvall, Joyce Eyler, Betty Flohr, Annabelle Fritz, Janet Haines, Ida Hoover, Ruth Ellen Horning, Ruby Koontz, Vivian Lease, Evelyn Masemore, Lavonne Metcalfe. Frzmves Perry, Betty Hakes, Avu Roser, Ann Schneider, Miriam Sherfey, Geraldine juniors Singer, Mary Smith, Alva Smith, Barbara Smith, Betty Jane Warner, Virginia Weller, Ethel Williar, Doris Bowman, Oliver Daley, Joseph llc-rr, Edward lfukcr, Charles Carver, Charles llaunmc, Dwain Koons, William Miller, Eugene Zimmerman, Grove Zollickofler, Milton I. Azlexander, Margaret Arbaugh, Mary I. Babylon, Catherine Bankerd, Janet Bantz, Marcielle Billings, Miriam Crawmer, Merle Fritz, Ruth Frock, Dolores Green, Madeline Haley, Betty Holi, Alethea Lindsay, LaRue Myers, Audrey Sophomores Glass, Mary E. Hoop, Charlotte Selby, Virginia Albaugh, Ira Anders, Raymond Baile, Robert Frock, Robert Greene, James Keck, John Koontz, ,Robert Naill, Norman Petry, Harold Roop, Gary Smith, Orville Smith, Paul Blacksten, Marion Crawmer, Edna Derr, Ann Farver, Gladys Fritz, Bernice Hatfield, Doris llurley, Jean l1Zlll1lTPl'l, June Lease, Peggy Leister, Mary Ann Little, Catherine Little, Edith lVl1'Kinney, Anna M. Miller, Belly Jane Singer, Louise Smith, Caroline Yvagner, Louise Willia1', Rose Marie IllCk9IlSllf'PlS, Betty Freshmen Hiner, Janice Ecker, Evelyn Arbaugh, John Billings, Emery Boone, Grayson Carr, Donald Crahlrs, Charles Crumlmic, Charles Devilhiss, Eugene Duvall, Sterling Concler, John Hancock, Rauland Jenkins, Daniel Miller, Richard Munshaur, Alton Robertson, Eilgar Smith, James Tallierl, Harold Zimmerman, Cuy Albaugh, Paul Albaugh, McComas Baker, Charles Carbaugh, John Ensor, John Fritz, Roland Frock, Charles Graybill, Larry Haines, Andrew Haines, Delano Harris, Ralph Hatfield, Carlos Lescalleet, Carl Little, Jackie Little, Robert Longenecker, Lawrence Miller, William Myers, Robert Palmer, Harvey Roop, Danny Scott, Kenneth Bentz, Richard Glass, Edgar Seventh Grade Steinberg, James Strine, Walter Talbert, Daniel Waddell, James Hardy, Joe Babylon, Mary Bankerd, Gertrude Boone, Pauline Brown, Hilda Crabhs, Ruth Daley, Patricia Lindsay, Helen Masemore, Joan Miller, Doris Myers, Anna Marie Nusbaum, Martha Singer, Annabelle Stoner, Evelyn lvaltz, Fay Young, Margaret file, Shirley Angell, Marcy Angell, Sarah 7. ef-ii? Activities They L 8 ft Behind They Sewed An cl Read 4 f vw-.1.,Y,. W 15, W- A N H. x 7 S., ,ii la They Traveled And Dissefted fx ,Q gh K' .:::,.--2: Q xv . . .f ,z K fy, f ww WWW, , K xiNv They Typed An d Figured r 55 :N ' C 'mv- wvmm ,www 3 'ul- Y ' 1 , , ' 1 X N i SQA X w N 'Q' Fix X X , :iff . T5 ,gym They Sang An Sang .aw f 'S W., 3 W Q at wo' 1 :wx F Q 9 The basketball season was quite a success for both teams. The boys won seven gannes out of ten losing only to Union Bridge and lVlount Airy. The girls won seven f,.'Qi.llllCS out of twelve. llulmy Young, forward, cziptairled the girls' team scoring 150 points out of a total 292. Other forwards were Ann Bowniun, Evelyn Leese, and Ava Rakes. Kitty Wt1rnet', Lu Vonne Mzlsuiilow, Vixiun Koontz and Alice XValtz played guurtl. Girls' Basketball Team Left to right, front row: Ava Rakes, Evelyn Lease, llulmy Young ltillllilllll, Ann llowlltun, Kitt' Wurmfrg hack row: Viviun Koontz Alice Walltz, La Vonne lVlz1sen1ore, H v lVlrs. Silllfl6l'S tcrouvli I. C it M les 'lluneytown vs. New Winclsor 25-- 35 Sylgesvillv vs. New Nvinclsor 37621 Mount Airy vs. New NV'lllll5Ul' 6412 flli.lllUyl.UWIl vs. New Windsor 28131 Union llriclge vs.NowWinclsor ll-fell Hampstead vs. New Vlfinclsor 18-19 Vtfestniinster vs. New XVinclsor 32-W2 I- Mount Airy vs. New Vtfinclsot' 17-M12 Union Bridge xs.NewWinclsor 22-'26 Hitl!l1JSlt'klfl vs. New Vlfinflsor ll-24 Sykesville vs. New Nvinclsor 27-M 9 NVCSlIt1lIlSlC1' vs. New Vlfinclsor 24? 8 Ilirm-llv Sunlmlv, r'c-ntvr, ralptained lllff boys, learn svoring 100 points onl of 1 lolul 2174 ,lnmcs llofl, 57. 0lllPl' players on lhe learn included James Cremie, Rolwr Ixoonlv, lfmlwin Selby unrl Marvin Devillmiss. Boys, Basketball Team I 1-lil to right. front row: James Hoff, james Greene, Marvin Devillmissg lmok row: Ifclwin Selby, Rolls-rt Koontz, liernelle Sauble lcaplainj, Willard Hawkins fcourhj. rliann-ylown vs. New Windsor 8 Mount Airy New Windsor 10 lilllUllBl'lflQQO xs.New Windsor ill Union llriflgv vs. New Windsor 33 Sy lwsvillc xs. New Windsor I5- -45 GAMES Sykesville vs. New Windsor Taneylown vs. New Windsor Hampstead vs. New Windsor Mount Airy vs. New Windsor Hampstead vs. New Windsor 16-57 19-gl-0 16'-lil 30-25 I2-144 Student Council President - - Ann Bowman Vice President - Betty Babylon Secretary-Treasurer - Frances Metcalfe Senior Bernelle Saulile DIlI'lll?llIl Duvall James Hoff Sophomore Orville Smith Merle Crawmer Home Room Representatives Seventh Crarle Doris Miller Daniel Talliert fzuzior Ava Hakes Oliver Bowman Grover Zimmerman Freshman Ann Derr Guy Zimmerman 44 IA 5 W Memories They L eft Behind , v , ,.. , . e . . X ' ' 'N ' J --4 V b 1.- Pfw. ' 2, 1, 4 " ' , . 1 . W R . N i , 4 2 +4 -1.-f , Q X . ii? V " . Q I -.1b: ,E -Q ,K gg LM 5. ,N 25. ,QR 3 , f 'ESF V Y E 4 , ' QR? Ka hn ' I' 5 s I " Af , R . , M e K K 4 K gW' . .. uztu xx W gg ' A f Y 14 , 3' .. K . f AXA W 4A -,ffagjrv Q fm h N . ,3fa.N' ,. Q-if 'iff 9532? A6511 5:3 N f'::l'i?'.,Vrff-ffg k 6 Ex , Q ' ,xl Q-. KK Miiw K i fl? . GT N' Q 4 y x 'ij . A ,, 5 A X - 1. u. - N .2 H 'wk A x Q- , L - " J, Q - K -M." .. g A 3 A Q K x B, . A I a - - 4 Y , ,, ng ,3 Q I K ,WH :-. - ..., ,f 1 -, 3 3 fl .ff X' ' R3 ' Q' ' tf. ' X. K , Qi l . wi f 2, ,N Y ' I 4' A " , . Q. ' sf 1 "1 1 3,3 . ' 4' ' x ' ' f . if wi .IN M. - Q - Q 'SLIiTifs.1.1f'xglf.vgx" f. - .3 .X 15 5 'Qi 7. Y L' NT 'ix if Q' ,Jr S, 'A' 4 5' fx X 6 .. fm 5 2 Pa Q: .x "':31, Z:5 E: v-1 ..:: +:-- g, .1 . ff! ..g.:Q . O, -M gfk-Nm. V-Y K. i ,.,,, AQ ui: .':' I ',,. 2 Q , Ei , ' ' x a L A w 'S : ' 42 .. x Y Q , I is mf ' Q m f! ,E :': 1, f Q 0 5 K A 1 ! - V L 4? ' ' ff Q Stiff, s - F F as 6 , Q Q ' ' g i S WV A sg , a M, L xl A QRS wqwlnww if-A n N QAA be ,E Ali A S: UA A , , A 2 my , x fi h 4 . if X1 egg. 1 ' " W, 4 si i- Q: '. 11- Q- ? 3 if I' my a nina? L ' " ., ' - ty iw ,, W ., G. E ig jak' 1 x 4 if 4f?,Q3?,s,. 41 f 5,1 5 'F 1 yfkikky fs . x 7 , Q ,WN J LM ' v 1., K S wx LHR: Q4-f ix. ' w if 5 'fe'- K mf! yi ,AX QF Nw. NN f.,. QW V 3 A' 1'-Q57 0 DUUOO K L14 y it ft i I ws, as 'e 4' I All This concludes my interview with the Senior Class of New Windsor High School. I am the only passenger left on the liner M Echo " as we circle the airheld preparatory to landing once more on Maryland soil. My fellow travelers are scattered over the entire globe. l have enjoyed the trip, but even more signiheant than this, I have learned that youth are youth the world over. Young, exhuberant, starry-eyed graduates. eager to see life for themselves, have tucked away precious memories of carefree school days. These they have shared with me, and with those who read these pages l wish to share these pleasures, too. Compliments of The New Windsor State Bank NEW XVINDSOR, MARYLAND Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of Western Maryland College WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND C0lIlI1lilII6'lllS of Waltz Funeral Home W INFIELD, iVlARx' LAND L. G. Balfour Company ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas . - Personal Cards Represented by-Henry Wittich 105 W. Saratoga St. Baltimore, Md. Farmers Cooperative, Inc. NEW WINDSOR - UNION BRIDGE The local fa'rme'r's best source of supply Feeds - Fertilizer - Seeds - Grain, etc. Coal - Lumber - Building Supplies The most modern equipment for handling of grain and manufacture of feeds CUSTOM CRINDINC AND MIXING A SPECIALTY Westminster Studio PHOTOGRAPHS ANYTIME-ANYPLACE CHARLES F. MAGEE, Owner 39 East Main Street WESTMINSTER, MD. Telephone 39 john s. Hyde Lime, Crushed Stone, Building Stone Sand - Cement - Concrete Blocks WESTMINSTER, MD. Phone New Windsor 10 Phone Westminster 562 Compliments of Charles Carroll Hotel WESTMINSTER, MD. Shady Spring Farm T. B. and Bangs Accredited Herd of 40 Registered Ayrshires Dams and Daughters of the Approved Sire, Sycomore Saylor CHOICE CALVES FOR SALE Mr. Sz Mrs. Martin L. Myers, Owners Phone Westminster 831-F-12 WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND R. F. D. 45 Pi1son's Drug Store Drugs Soda NEW WINDSOR, MD. Pl: ,.1.1 ing a Inu-my f,1' Feed? C0 T0 Roop's Grocery " The House that Service Built 'i Ilufveyofs of Fine Foods since 1896 Telephone No. 44 Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Lambert's Garage Bus Phone 68-W Res. Phone 68-J Russell C. Lambert, Prop. General Repairing, Hudson Sales and Service Ensor Hardware Co. Successor to E. C. Ensor Builder's Hardware and Cutlery Farm Supplies and Implements Paints - Tractors Babylon Vault Co. Manufacturers of Automatic Sealing Burial Vaults Distributors for Wilbert Asphalt Vaults NEW WINDSOR, MD. jameson-Barnsley Company Temporary Location Longwell Ave., at City Parking Lot Westminster, Md. See Edwin A. Englar For Farm Bureau, Life, Auto and Fire Insurance 'NEW WVINDSOR, MD. Compliments of Willow Farms Dairy Perfectly Pasteurized Products H. E. Warner Phone 79-M NEW WINDSOR, MD. Music Instructions and Supplies Sheet Music - Down Beat Accessories 4 Selmer Band and Orchestra Insuumenls Gibson Guitars " Music in the Heart makes Happiness in the Home Stu's Music Studios 23 W. Main St., 2nd floor WESTMINSTER, MD. Phone 585 Compliments Carroll and State Theaters WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND 'Gif Coffman-Fisher Co. Department store WESTMINSTER, MD. Phone 102 Borden's Ice Cream If Ifs Borden's 1t's Got to be Good Borden Ice Cream Co. WESTMINSTER, MD. Phone 261 F. H. HAINES Successor to J. E. Formwalt GENERAL MERCHANDISE UNIONTOWN, Mn. Compliments of T. L. DEVILBISS Groceries - Home Made Ice Cream UNIONTOWN, MD. Phone: Union Bridge 21-F-22 Compliments of BERNICE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 95 N EW WINDSQR, MD. MEDFORD GROCERY CO. MEDFORD, CARROLL COUNTY, Mn. Route 31 General Merchandise Feeds Gasoline, Oils, Tires W. LEE HOKE AGENCY INSURANCE Automobile, Fire, Life, Liability Windstorm, Etc. Phone 9-R NEW WINDSOR, MD. Compliments of W. H. DAVIS Complimenls of WALTER L. RENTZEL Butcher UNIONTOWN AND UNION BRIDGE, MD. TYRONE STORE General Merchandise Mill Feeds - Gas and Oil TYRONE. MD. Phone Westminster 816-F-21 D. D. HARTZLER 8z SONS Two Funeral Homes NEW WINDSOR UNION BRIDGE MARYLAND BROWNIEFS KORNER R. M. BROWN, PROP. Lunch, Sodas and Sweets BERTHA I. DRACH Home Friendly Insurance Co. of Md. New W'INDSOR, MD. Phone: New Windsor 49-W The Carroll County Savings Bank UNIONTOWN, MD. Realizes ils responsibility to " Those who in their turn shall follow us i'-YOUTH P. B. ROOP, Real Estate Farms and Homes Large and Small NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND Phone 86-J RAINBOW ROLLER RINK Big Pipe Creek Park M. A. MYERS 8a SON Quality Raw Milk Cooled and Stored by Electric Modern Dairy Refrigeration " Your Patronage Appreciated " UNIONTOWN, MD. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '46 CLEAR RIDGE GARAGE CLEAR RIDGE, MD. L. A. SCHNEIDER General Merchandise and Farm Produce SAMS CREEK, MARYLAND Phone N. W. 15-F-23 P. O. New Windsor, Md. Compliments of RHOTEN'S STORE FRIZELLBURG, MD. Phone: Westminster 830-F-14 J. STONER GEIMAN Furniture, Stoves and Appliances Westminster Hardware Co. Heating, Plumbing and Ventilating Contractors WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND J. WM. HULL, Jeweler Successor to Cassell's The Store of New Fashioned Jewelry and Old Fashioned Honesty East Main Street WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND To get the highest prices for your livestock, see DAVID HOFF Phone 39-F-2 NEW WINDSOR, MD. DUTTERERYS FLORIST SHOP Member of the Florist's Telegraph Delivery Service 114 Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 350 WESTMINSTER, MD. Stationery - Greeting Cards For all occasions Oflice and School Supplies P. G. COFFMAN CO. Times Building WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND I-IEAGY'S BARBER SHOP Quick Hair-cut and Shave Five Comfortable Chairs WESTMINSTER, MD. Compliments of J. C. STRINE 8: SONS General Merchandise - Notions Hardware, Paints and Groceries Telephone 27-J New WINDSOR, MD. mhz UQ Zn aww J may QMWWMZ Qi QJWJ f? M an M72 My 'QCD WW MM W M D 1,9 awww 259523 QJMVL My W' yi

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