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DEDICATION We Class of 1939 Il,'lSll, to rlerlicale this bool: " THE ECHO M lo our slag arlvisor, Miss Evelyn Mans, mlm has so willingly lent lzer 8j?0I'lS 50 make llze publication of this Hrst book pnssilllv. ECHO STAFF FACULTY CONTENTS CIASS OFFICERS AND CLASS ROLL Cmss XVRITI-I-UPS C1 ASS PROPHRCY CLASS XYILL CLASS SONG CE1.Era1m'Y CONTEST SENIOR ECHOFS l'w:ERcI.-xSSxrEN CTWIQRA ECHOES is ALOHA OE V ALUMNI ADS 5 Echo Staff ASSOCIATE EDITORS Erma Young Elsie Young BUSINESS NIANAGER Doris Bankerd ASSISTANT BUSINESS MEXNACERS Betty Walter Billy Myers SPORTS EDITORS Milly Hoke Dennis Coale JOKE EDlTORYM3I'j' Bare ALUMNI EDITORfMadeIine Putman PICTURE EDITOR--Billy Myers CLASS PHOTOORAPHER-Samuel Boyer LITERARY EDlTORSfD0llyf Hyde, Mary Thomas TYPING EDITORS-Virginia Eeker, Catherine Ecker ASSISTANT TYPINC EDITOR-Thelma Esker SENIOR REPORTER-Milly Hoke SOPHOMORE REPORTER-Mary Thomas JUNIOR REPORTER-BCtly' Smith FRESHMAN REPORTERiEleanor Marsh lFi'uej THE wee V.. I I Faculty MR. WILLARD L. HAWKINS, Principal History, Social Science IWISS EVELYN M-xus MISS WILNIA STINE English Commercial MRs. VIRGINIA SANDERS NIISS GERTRIIDE JAMISON History, French, English Home Economics MRS. CAROLYN SKINNER Music MR. JOHN P. KROH Manual Training, Mathematics, Science MR. HENRY RI-:INDQLLAR Mathematics, Science, Orchestra lsilvl Class of 1939 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS Class Colors-Maroon and Silver Paul Greene Billy Myers Elsie Young Erma Young Class Flower-For-Get-Me-Not SENIOR CLASS ROLL Doris Jeannette Banlcerd Mary Elizabeth Bare Emory Laverne Baust Margaret Christine Boone Samuel Reitzel Boyer Dennis Spalding Coale, Jr. Howard Clarence Deeds Mary Missouri Devilbiss Catherine Larue Esker Thelma May Ecker Virginia Mae Esker ,lane Elizabeth Fleagle Irene Myrtle Elygare Erma Lucille Young ISeve'nl Roy James Fritz Naomi Mae Fritz David Paul Greene, Jr. Francis Earl Hoff Mildred Alice Holce Dorothy Marie Hyde Earle Lantz Hyde, Jr. Arneda Threse Marquet Doris Etta Miller William Earnest Myers Madeline Irene Putman Betty Louise Walter Elsie Formwalt Young 'lilp DORIS BANKERD Good-natured and dependable, Doris is a friend to all. Although Doris doesnzt participate in athletics, she is usually seen at baseball games. Her soft soprano voice has contrilluted to many musical activities of the school. Doris, thoughts are drawn to Westminster heeause a Beard is like il magnet. MARGARET BOONE Wherels Margy? ln the office? In the typing room or rehearsing the Eisteddfod Chorus? No matter Where she is, she is always working. She is also fond of dancing and of doing good H deeds." Fickle as she is funny, she breaks hearts and Sunday dates without leaving a trail of regret in her wake. DElYNlS COALE Doclcie typifies the student who is weary- ing of Work. He yawns through the les- sons, rests through the study periods, and forgets that school exists as soon as he leaves in the evening. He is familiar with his hooks only from their outside covers. With the girls to boost him along he Will, perhaps, make a great athletic hero! fE1ght:l MARY BARE Mary is level-headed, witty and depend- able. Her alto voice has won her a place in the high school chorus. She d0esn't believe in intensive study, but in just enough work to get by. Her ardent love for activities has enabled her to help the home team win many victories. EMCRY BAIQST jovial, stalwart, and handsome, a regu- lar in baseball and soccer, and an active participant in many athletic events is Dick. He doesnlt believe in intensive studying but does enough to get by. But fun is the spice of life for Dick and he has his share of it. SAMUEL BOYER Here is our stand-by when we want a handy man. Sammy is our high school news commentator. Familiar with all thi- important happenings in every part of the world, he keeps us posted on current events. Sammy's heart is in the air. lNi7l2l VL TIS-ZH TECHG 19233329 5 HOWARD DEEDS Deeds is what the school calls a ladies' man but he is a favorite with the entire school as well. He is the high school glamour man with a partner sweet and fairg a singer who likes to singg We like to hear him singg his music teacher likes to teach him. Although he seldom appears to be paying attention in class, he is never caught oil his guard, MARY DEVILBISS lt is useless to attempt to describe Mary, for each one who knows her forms his own opinion which differs widely from that of any other friend or acquaintance which she has. lt seems that cupid shot her when she first saw Dick. She swears an eternal unconcern about everything under the sun, and lives up to her oath. THELMA ECKER Particularly dependable in Senior re- sponsibilities, Thelma is one of our quiet and lady-like girls who gets things clone. Lessons are the least of her Worries al- though she does excellent work in the com- mercial field. She may have ideas about persons and things but she has never been known to express them. LTETL1 THE ECHQ 2.939 CATHERINE ECKER Speaks and then thinks, 4' Sis ii loves to cock and " to sew a fine seam," but never lets her doniestic or culinary explorations interfere with her purpose in lifeg namely, to show herself a good time. A country life as a farmer's wife is the tune of the song she sings. IRENE FLYGARE The quiet dignity of Irene is always an asset to any class room, just as her ready helpfulness is an advantage to many stu- dents. She possesses opinions of her own which usually diiler from others of her class. We do not know what field of work Irene will enter when she leaves high school, but we wish her the best of success and happiness. JAMES FRITZ Jim is satisfied to stand on the side lines and watch the rest of the world go by. Unconcerned about everyday happenings, he apparently lives in a world of his own. Though not an athlete, his chief interest is baseball. fEleven1 THE ECHO 1939 VlRClNlA ECKER Cinny, although popular, pleasing, and easily provoked, has never had a case on study. All activities, including dancing, swimming and horseback riding, have an attraction for her. We do not know whether our lady of sports believes that variety is the spice of life but we do know that she has enough different dates to start a club. JANE FLEAGLE Lovable and vivacious, particularly fond of flowers fespecially Budsl, indus- trious in the practice of keeping dates with the same young man-thatis ,lanel ltis hardly necessary to say she is greatly de- voted to having a good time for she is one of the liveliest of our fair ones. She takes an active part in all extra-curricular ac- tivities. Above all, she is a loyal and un- derstanding: pal-sa really human friend. NAOMI FRITZ Reserved, dignified and well munnered. Naemi knows What to do and does it. She is our quiet and capable librarian who is always at the service of anyone. She is at star in the field of study. Possibly her ability along academic lines may be partly due to the fact that she has been able to dodge Cupid's arrow. lTwelvej THE geegao new PAUL GREENE Interesting and pleasant, Paul is always an asset on the Held, in classes, and also after school. He has proved himself to bc a great athlete and has starred in track events since he entered high school. As President of the Senior Class he has helped to make our last school year a success. FRANCIS HOFF No matter how lovely to look at. how delightful to know, and how heavenly to kiss, no member of the fairer sex can at- tract Francis' attention. His favorite topic is farming and his chief concern agricul- tural problems. MILDRED HOKE Milly is one of those peppy girls who always has a supply of energy ready to lx- used for any purpose. It seems impossible that so much vitality could be stored in one girl. She has displayed her talents in the high school chorus and as one of the sports editors of ATHE ECHO." Her ac- curacy in athletics has helped the home team many times. fThirteenj THE ECHQ DOLLY HYDE Dolly is one of the song birds of our class who sings in the school chorus and participates in athletics. lndustrious and dependable, Dolly is well able to take care of herself in the work-a-day world. Al- though she has a good scholastic record and is a worker on M THE ECHO i' staff, her main interest lies in the sportghorsebaclc riding. EARL HYDE There is just one thing we can say that is just to Buddyls credit, he is not a stu- dent, but he is the embodiment of many other virtues. His ability as an athlete is unsurpassed by any student in the school. His first and great love is horses and throughout the years he has won many trophies which proves his good horseman- ship. THRESE MARQUET A brisk step and a gleeful laugh an- nounce the approach of Threse. She never takes a very active part in any of her classes because she has other things run- ning through her brain that leaves her little time for such trivial things as lessons. Never serious, Threse takes school as a bit of n joke. lFo1nteen1 'AP a-aaa ECHQ new DORIS MILLER Doris is addicted to make-up, though she doesnlt need it, and to arranging her hair, though it's always curled to the last stage of perfection, and to talking about fl dental student, a lad from Pittsburgh. She is good natured, easily amused, slow to anger, and forgiving. These adjectives describe one of the fun-loving girls of our class, who has won the affection of both her teachers and classmates. WILLIAM MYERS Billy is always good natured, and though often the butt of a joke, he is never found in an ill humor. As President of the Student Government tone of the highest positions the high school can oilerj, Billy has rendered excellent service. We wonder what H THE ECHO H would have done with- out his help. MADELINIE PIITMAN Maddy's size does not limit her popu- larity. Her soprano voice swells our choruses, and her interest along academic lines has made her an asset to our school. Though fond of music, and of a good time as well, Maddy never neglects her lessons. We understand she left her heart at Union Bridge. LFij'teen1 ', . Jw THE mono less BETTY WALTER To the class of 739 Betty has been a real friend and in it an efhcient worker. Like the little candle that throws its beam, her helpfulness and happiness have gleamecl everywhere. She is also a big asset to parties, and often she is the leader on our entertainment committees. Betty has dis- played her talents in the school chorus and as one of the advertising managers of 4' THE Ecnof' ELSIE YOUNG Shorty drives her father's car, dances, ard at the same time tops the list of Honor Roll students. As associate editor of 'LTHE E4 HOJ, she deserves special credit for all that she did in helping to make it a suc- cess. Her thoughts about Johnny she keeps to herself. She's a good sport, en- joys all types of entertainment and goes for school, as a whole, in a big way. ERMA YOUNG Vfe all admire Erma for her clever skill in both basketball and all outdoor ath- letics. She is an athlete through and through. Her diligence to her lessons ntake her a dependable student. Her mu- sical ability won her a place in the high school chorus and her work as associate editor of H THE ECI-I0 77 is not to be over- looked. lSixtee1v.1 -il? Class Prophecy Come now, out of your reyerie. Your dreams of the past. And with the help of augury Let us the future cast. Ten long years have come and gone The Class of '39--and Time Mareh Oni DORIS BANKERD Doris Bankerd with the aid of college ls teaching French from her high school knowledge VIRCIINIA ECKER H Ginny 7' Evker, the blues singer of the day ls swinging and swaying with Sammy Kaye. CXTHERINE ECKER To he a farmeris wife was her greatest desireg Now M Sis " is eontented in her home making fire. MARY' BARE Mary works on a farm with all her might, But she still goes to town on Saturday night. JANE FLEAQLR Janels a nurse with all her array Of pills and hottles on a niedieine tray. Mun' DEv1LB1ss lVlary's married and settled down, And now she lives in lfniontown. illfXRGARET Booxu As if four huslmands werent enough Margyls still doing the " win 'ein stuff." THRESI-I Nl-XRQLTET Threse, in her usual may Bosses her hushand. so they say! lhzrri' W..x1.Ti:R Our little Betty works with effect To teaeh the intrir'ac'ies of Home lic. l'vRMXtIIS Horr l"ranc'is has completed his education And learned all ahout soil r-onseryation. lNAoMI FRITZ Naomi keeps the Golden Rule And takes her kids to Sunday School. DORIS lVI11.1.r:R Clad in white, Doris will be Waking the rounds. her patients to see. MAm:1,INr: PUTMAN ln spite of all of Maddyis fears, Torn remains faithful throughout the years. lSeve'nteen1 JJ 'mm memo was T Class Prophecy fContinuedl PAUL GREENE In spite of his effort to get away Paul on his father's farm did stay. JAMES FRITZ Jim, the Champion bowler of the state, Always manages to get home late. DOLLY HYDE In Barnum Bailey,s Dolly did ride Two dashing fiery steeds astride. WILLIAM MYERS To marry rich was Billyfs desire But his little old cottage is one to admire. SAMUEL BOYER Sammy started out by picture taking Now he's a scientist in the making. EMCRY BAUST As a husband and father, Emory Baust Finds his interests in baseball are not lost. EARL HYDE To the races Buddy would gog Now he's jockey at Pimlico. HOWARD DEEDS All the patients to " Deedle I' will go-d He's mastered the body from head to toe. DENNIS COALE 'G Doekie 'f rests on the porch of the country store And winks at the girls as they pass through the door. IRENE FLYCARE A stenographer Irene was trained to be, Now she takes dictation with accuracy. THELMA ECKER Thelma Esker, every day In an ollice earns her pay. IVIILDRED HoKE Basketball is her favorite game, And it has brought our Milly fame. ELSIE YOUNG L' Shorty i' through college has worked her way Now sheis teaching commercial and receiving much pay. ERMA YOUNG Erma Young, our famous musician Finds pleasure in fulfilling her private position. So youyve seen the future what is to come, And we must return to life's humdrum. I trust that augury won't go to your head- - That you'll come back to the present Yet remember whatls been said! LEightee'n1 .,,-,9 THE ECHO 1939 Class Will We, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-nine of New Windsor High School, city of New Windsor, of the state of Maryland, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. Upon our departure we wish the following instructions to be carried out: First: We bequeath to the following members of the Faculty: Mr, Hawkins we give a mechanical servant Miss Maus we bestow a handsome young man with rosy cheeks. Miss Jamison we give a quiet Home Ec. Class. To To To To Mrs. Sanders we bequeath more English and less French. 1 To Mrs. Skinner we will an assistant to help her learn to know the students of her c asses. To Miss Stine we bequeath another championship soft-ball team. the IN To To Mr. Kroh we give an alarm clock to remind him of class periods. Mr. Reindollar we present an orchestra as famous as Hans Kindler's. Second: To the following members of the Junior Class: Billy Myers leaves his leadership ability to Gloria Boone. Elsie Young wills her appearance to Mary Bowersox. Dolly Hyde leaves her blonde hair to Betty Coe. Catherine Ecker wills her dark hair to Mildred Dayhoff. Erma Young leaves her talent in Dramatics to Betty Englar. Doris Miller leaves her interest in Volley Ball to Dorothy Eyler. Thelma Ecker wills her typing ability to Ruby Fritz. Milly Hoke wills her athletic spirit to Nora Goodermuth. Threse Marquet leaves her interest in the opposite sex to Blanche Hancock. Naomi Fritz's interest in the library is left to Dorothy Hoch. Doris Bankerd wills her figure to Thelma Horning. Madeline Putman leaves her height to Mildred Myers. Betty Walter wills her sewing ability to Dove Pilson. Margaret Boone leaves her attraction for Cupid's Arrows Mary Devilbiss' giggles are left to Elizabeth Strine. Jane Fleagle wills her popularity to Irene Stultz. Bud I-Iyde's ambition CU is willed to Donald Barnes. Paul Greene wills his athletic ability to Billy Bloom. Sam Boyer wills his title, " The Sheik," to Clarence Bohn. Mary Bare leaves her ability in French to James Caylor. Irene Flygare wills her P. O. D. technique to Billy Fritz. Dockie Coale leaves his interest in Study CU to Kenneth Lawson. Virginia Ecker wills her shorthand notebook and pencil to Wagner Miller. Howard Deeds wills his saxophone to Paul Vosburgh. James Fritz leaves his interest in baseball to Fred Weishaar. Francis Hoff leaves his funny noises to Edward Reddick. Emory Baust wills his catcher's mitt to Robert Bare. to Betty Smith. Three: To the Sophomore Class: We will you more luck in succeeding in your social life in the future. Four: To the Freshman Class: To the Freshman Girls, we will the Senior Girls' ability to shun Cupidis arrows. To Freshman Boys, we will a better knowledge of High School studies. WITNESS WHEREOF we have set our hand in signature this ninth day of June, nine- teen hundred and thirty-nine. Signed, published and declared by THE SENIOR CLASS. lNineteenl U. Class Song Tune: Deep Purple When our school days are oier And our minds for ever-more Have recalled with many a tear And many a sigh, Through the mist of the memories. Thoughts wonder hack to me Of our old Kew Windsor High. Though the years have llown hy, Nlemories of our dear old High Linger still and always will be hear our heartsg And as long as we roaln on earth, Our sehool days will he worth Price-less mem-ories. Class Poem 'L To THE SEN1oRs " The hour must come V To hid farewell to our New Windsor High-- You've made things hum Through these past four years, Hut now it's time to say goodhye. Well remember you As our schoolmates dear With whom we've had a grand time. And we know that you, too, On your ventures through life Wonit forget these moments suhlime. We all must part To go our ways. and reunions will he fewer- lilut Vlose to our hearts Weill cherish the years That wr-'ye enjoyed with you. ---Betty Smith. Class History The Class of '39 after an uneventful freshman year in the old high school quai- ters, proudly began their sophomore year in our fine new high school. For two years we plodded along looking forward to the time to Come when we would he 64 dignified seniorsfi Many happy times have we had during our senior year which will long be re- membered. Cooperation from our class made our Valentine dance a great success and brought our school closer to us making it dearer to our hearts. Much credit is due the director of our high school play, M Little Miss Dreamerf' She made it one of the most successful ever. lt was then that Dan Cupid appeared. l-lis arrows found fTwe'nty1 I Class History Concluded the way into many of the castis hearts and have remained there steadfast. Athletics this year have again climbed to the top much to the credit of our principal, who is M the tops." He has taken great interest in us throughout our whole four years of school life. The annual senior class trip to Washingtorl was one of the events most enjoyed by our class members. Wie are planning a commencement dance so that we may spend another evening together in close companionship before the time of part- ing arrives. Our Senior year has served to cement our friendship and love for each other into one that will last through the years to come. Our faculty, which has ever been loyal and Hue, will always be one of our dearest Inemories. May we he as great a credit to them in the future as they have been helpful to us in the past. h To our successors we say, M Cheerio and good luekfl Senior Song Hits Name Song DORIS BANKERD Weill Take You Out to the Ball Game M.ARY BARE Down By the Old Mill Stream EMORY BAUST MAIRCARET BOONE SAMUEL BOYER DENNIS COALE HOWARD DEEDS MARY DEVILBISS CATHERINE ECKER THI-:LMA ECKER VIRGINIA ECKER JANE FLEACLE IRENE FLYGARE JAMES FRITZ NAOMI FRITZ PAUL GREENE FRANCIS HOEF MILERED HOKE DOLLY HYDE EARLIQ HYDE THRESE MARQUET DORIS TVTILLER WILLIAM NTYERS TWTADIILINE PUTMAN' BETTY WALTER ELSIE YOUNG ERIVIA YOUNG Home Town 7, My Heart Belongs to Deezlle Three Little Fishes " Letis Pitch a Little Woo '7 Margie " ly! l'll Be Clad When You're Dead You Rascal You ' John Brown Had a Little Indian Makes No Difference Now Between a Kiss and a Sigh Bud! What Have You Got That Gets Me East Side of Heaven lflat Foot Floggie 7' God Bless America 3, You Must've Been a Beautiful Baby When the Bear Comes Over the Mountain Youfre a Sweet Little Headache 7 Horses H l Must See fanie Tonight 7 Nfexieali Bose N Franky and Johnny i' l Cet Along Without You Very We Tom, Tom the Piper's Son Thanks for Everything 7' ,lohnny Get Your Gun H Harkl The Herald Angels Sinf' lTwenty-onel fd THE ggi HE? MUSOWFEOU mg OP BLOGS HBUEEEOU ZEUNB -Um SCO! Am mi OF :bb-Gam: N Ni 2 SZ gon NCEE OH :LEE mv mn OH 3056 dm wg OP sawn Umgm N mi OH NUM?-OH 4 'ELOMB -Um Rommxsm MW wg CH EEEIH BENQ 3:5 N M5 OH S36 MOBH-H 535800 E Om OF Sig xosak wwgng OH ow OB WERE Fw mn OH C swim mwgm 3 N Us OH Nggmrswm Ed WO NAEQE gag OH QWMEIQWDOHIH HSUOHV N Us OH NOHBZW EN gp OP ,sgmgmgga Egmmmamg M gg OH 5235! 'EES-rm aaa M gp OH ig? B OF M-Egg EEEEU IMEBOH :N 3 EN miwm QEWE M50-U OF-ma M maxim COESEQUQOO manga N wgggg-OO wgmmmg M226 WENEHIH :dgwxmgp E F550 JO-5,5 msgid 600m G weym mas: NUWDOE :EU Q magic ENCSAE HVOOM 4 mO:-NEQLHEE Em mmgsmmz :QEmOmm:u UOOM 4 :Univ meow 4 UEE:-Dim EENAH 3303 mzjmam QMEOFEOMEM N wiagnm 0350: E we-E00 NALQNQBOLAH wggg E E265 akmma :gimdm HNEDHE :H3'xOm 1006 EMNEWE mmwgwsm UOOU HZHEEQADEOUUAN my? gawk! WEE- Eagan wgmwo 2:0 M-Ham wgmmqm REE M150 :E wikam wpgmm mega HAONDLWEOQ WWMEEEE 320: bash EQHVEWQEVE mimm mmmvgmwgg wirvgm bmi 2505 mmmggsm mega wcimgm M103 HEUEEEOO H0582 WQENSO 22555 NEG? Ham wcmcgm weigh ,SME M150 gag mega MUOOU UNE 'am gh QE-OZ T320 gravy we-Em WMEOH' 'Sh Enom 52 img?-W H E ggwwcn Exam MNBUL EW :wg an gsm EQ TAS? Om had me M552 EEONF EBU 52 3:3 M60-U MWBESWIQWLSE EDU E EG E505 bnvm ESM EANSNH 2550 MEEHWSE rom :DOW RAE 'LO NQMQNWQU EQQKM ESM HBCU Name EO ggi? Imgsm :MH dwg 16532, hgwm ESMF E DEE M5 Emi USU WEEE H Uzgem E:-OEM WUOLO Sgmuw Z AE4 I' : bkogm 1 2 S535 N- : Q22 I I EE Z N30-LOD 3 t 2339 uw I gm 3 2 EDD 3 2 EEZ J 2 ommom VV I zgzm 1 i ENSHVW 1 2 EC' 1 kwcwm 1 kr 8:2 as Z R856 Z Emi- I 3 gm Q4 I Hema : I magma vu 2 QEUUQ 3 I RAE-hmm xx K NAWE2 3 2 MED My ha EEE I S OUOQ : EEZIMDMZ wgjew maxi widow ami :ENE bam ENEEHH 25255 waz? E253 ,SEE WCOQ 65862 wwsgw Bam Bam gin NAECHOQ Baum USEME mom mscgvm 2526 Emi Sim MEOMZ Nga gig' mgmwbh 25: OMMSE mag' rmxom Simi? Elem NEEFEL anim QESLEO EBZZWD egg mega Eggm 280 mE-EQ akgm Mm:-bww ggom agmwkai adam EBSQ Bmw has EOM?-mm gag EEZ fTwe'nty-twol Class Histories Freshmen The Freshman class of '39 In September started the steady climb Of high school days. We slipped uncertainly into our places With determined looks: on our shining young faces. Our books were many, our teachers not few: We seemed to be entering a world quite new. The new members from Uniontown were welcomed with delight, But there were so many of us that classes didn't seem just rightg So we were then divided no sooner than we'd started. And when this change was made many friends were parted. Our annual operetta afforded some respite From the daily grind of lessons and our duties seemed quite light But soon all this was over and we were back at work againg The time had come to study hard and from all foolishness refrain. Now our term is almost ended, Many deeds were left undone. To our teachers we pay tribute For any victories we have won. Sophomores Mem'ries of Mac as Runnen Bringit, The Eisteddfod and a suppressed longing to 4' swing it "l Our contributions to the operetta4Eddie Hann, His renowned version of the 4' beetle-manfl The Student Council-the patrol-the band- There've been Sophomores-Sophomores on every hand. In baseball, basketball, soccer, track- As players and rooters we engaged in each attack. Welve attempted typing-and our boys tried farming, But soon developed a distaste for itgrnost alarming! To our beloved Teachers, we were mostly a pain, But they all agreed theyid stand us again. There are so many things to remember, if we'd be just! Yet forget, we will-forget, we must! As in the future lies our trust. juniors We've been roundin' up ctr lessons for three long years, But weyve got to keep a'ridin' for another it appears. Our riggin's gettin' worn but Weill do the best we can, And though it looks forlorn we can shine her up again. Weyve got to buck up a bit to Fill the Senior saddles, Welve got to ride that broncho, no matter how he battles. We'll take the Senior reins and hope that we'll not fail, So may they rope good luck no matter where the trail. lTwenty-thi-eel THE 2035333 fTwe'rLty-fouzfl QQ lTwenty-fivel KM- THE Beam ww I L LTwen3y-slxl THE ECHQ 19239 lTwenty-sevenl THE EC-HQ 19139 I T1L'e11,ty-ninel Celebrity Contest in Junior and Senior Classes Best Boy Athlete Best Cirl Atlzlete First Paul Greene Milly Hoke Second Buddy Hyde Erma Young Actor James Caylor Howard Deeds Actress Betty Smith Margaret Boone Wonmn Hater lllfm Hater Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Best All-Arourzrl Boy Best All-Arouml Girl Best Boy Artist Best Cirl Artist Best N. W. H. S. Worker Biggest H. S. Nziisanee Biggest Talker H. S. Flirt H. S. Slleili .West Stuflious Girl Mos! Stuzlious Boy Billy Bloom Irene Flygare Howard Deeds Margaret Boone Paul Greene Erma Young Billy Myers Elsie Young Elsie Young Dennis Coale Threse Marquet Margaret Boone Howard Deeds Madeline Putma Billy Myers n ltif-J James Fritz Naomi Fritz Samuel Boyer Jane Fleagle Billy Myers Margaret Boone Samuel Boyer Dove Pilson Erma Young Buddy Hyde Dennis Coale Virginia Eeker Samuel Boyer Elsie Young Howard Deeds - jokes Margaret and Junior had heen married one year. Margaretful am tired of married life." Juniorfll So's your old manf' 5? 55 45 Miss Mausfu Jane, spell 4 wrongf " Janeen R-o-n-gr. Now, Miss Maus, isn't that wrong? " 'g The time will Coniefl shouted our P, O. D. teacher. M when women will get menls Wagesf' U Yesf' yelled Dorfkie. H next Saturday night." if if 55 'X' lsenior Class froinff to Washinwton I. Sanimv-JL ls this a fast Ixus? ' - Z7 C' IT 4 Mr. Leisterfn Of Course it is." Sannnyful thought so. Would you mind nn getting out to see what it is iawt to? ll i? 55 55 if Doris-an Am l a little pale? 7' Bettyfu No, youlre a big tuhfl 55 W it 'll Jim hesitated when Miss Maus called on him to recite. Miss Maus, who wished to Cure all students of blufhng said, uJini, what would you call a person who pre- tended to know everything? M Jim immediately replied, at Why a tearher, of eourst W Vfhirtyl The Senior Class of 1938 Charles H. Ranges, Jr. Employed Kenneth W. Blaeksten Employed Ralph C. Bohn Employed Anna M. Bowman At Home Philip B. Crawmer Employed Caroline L. Devilbiss Employed M. Howard Devilbiss Employed Mildred M. Dickensheets Employed Clara C. Coodermuth Employed Ruthanna Hoff At Home Violet E. Hull Employed Anna V. Lippy Employed Lettie P. Martin Employed Robert lf. Myers lfmployed Helen H. Ogle At Home Clara S. Rumhold At Home Elvy K. Sittig Married Dennis M. Smith Employed Ralph K. Smith At Home Donald Stauh Employed Iavalia B. Wiantz Employed Helen K. Warner Employed Elizabeth M. Wetzel At Home Harold P. Wlilhelm Employed Dorothy G. Young Xvill enter Maryland General Hospital in September jokes H Now. if I write n-e-w on the hlackhoardf' said the teacher. LL what does that spell? " M Newfi M Right. And if l put a Lk 7 in front of it, what does that make it? H M Canoe." Lazy Boy lliuddylf-'L l'm always tired on the first of Aprilfi Janeen Why? M Buddy'-4' Willa wouldn't he after a March of thirty-one days? ii 55 if if' Mother lfrom upstairslvg' For mercy's sake, John, turn off that radio. That woman has the most awful voice live ever heardfi Father-Ji That isn't the radio, dear. Itis Virginia, whois just come to call." Cuestgu That steak you gave me for dinner was so tough it talked back to mef, Waiterfu Well, youare a hetter man than the chef. He grilled it for two hours and it never said a wordf' fThirty-onel ECEZKCD 219139 New Windsor School LThmy-twoj Aloha Oe Soft the cloud that veils the mountainis height, The western wind now fills our sail, And a song is borne across the night, Breathing menfries of love which Cannot fail CHORUS Farewell to thee, farewell to thee, The brooding hills give back the sad refraing May Heaven guard and keep our love so true Until we meet again. Every flow'r reminds me of thy face, Though fairer than the llowirs thou artg Esdry dewdrop sparkles with a trace Of the light thou hast shed upon my heart. What though parting bring a sudden tear, Sweet thoughts of thee will cheer my way Friendly trust will banish ev7ry fear, Friendly light lead me back to thee some day fThirty-threej a H K Complim ents of L. E. Stauffer DR UC CIST Union Bridge : Maryland Compliments of a Member of the Board of Education Carroll County Open An Account With Columbia jewelry Company 43 W. Main St. Phone 303-W Westminster, Md. Lowry Beauty Shoppe All Branches of Approved Beauty Culture 105 E. Main St. Phone 395 Specials, Permanent Waves S3 to 38.00 Test Curls Free Adjoining PostoH'ice Snyder Chevrolet Sales Union Bridge, Md. WRIGHT Funeral Home SL Furniture Store RAYMOND K. WRIGHT Union Bridge, Md. 'A Buy the Wright Way' U l Lvxnms . . . GENTS Dry Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing WESTMINSTER CLEANERS R, G. BARNES, PROP. 80 E. Main St. Phone 225 WESTMINSTER, Mn. C fffyz plimentsof Lovel1's Barber Shop Cigars - Candy - Tobacco New Windsor, Md. 55 R 3 Q john S. Hyde Crushed Stone and General Hauling Sand and Cement Westminster : Maryland Phones: New Windsor 10 Westminster 562 Courtesy of BroWnie's Korner Lunch, Soda, Smokes, Sweets Proprietary Drugs, Stationery Toiletries, Magazines RAYMOND M. BROWN, OWNER New Windsor, Maryland Com pliln ents of Union Bridge Banking CR, Trust Company Courtesy of W. Lee Hoke Insurance Agent New Windsor, Maryland W 5? K 5 Westminster Studio Distinctive Porzraiture School and College Photography Commercial Photography Kodak Finishing Westminster Maryland F. H. Haines Successor to J. E. Formwalt General Merchandise Uniontown : Maryland Phone Westminster 842-F-4 Hesson's Garage Painting General Repairing Gas and Oils Tires Batteries New Windsor, Md. JOHN W. Hrsson, PROP. Phone 66 5 W H H Pi1son's Drug Store DRUGS SODA LUNCH New Windsor, Md. Com plimenis of john T. Hyde LUNCH ROOM Union Bridge : Maryland 'G Carroll Counlyis Finest i' Carroll and State Theatres Westminster United Artists, Paramount R.K.O., Warner Bros., Universal Fox, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Conaway Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Direct Factory Dealer See Us For BETTER USED CARS 70-72 Phone 450 W. Main St. WESTMINSTER, Mn M ik Western Maryland College Westminster, Maryland FRED GARRIGUS HOLLOWAY, D. D., LL. D., PRESIDENT For Young Men and Young Women Unexcelled Location, Modern Curriculum, Complete Equipment, Moderate Rates Catalogue upon application W H K Q MILL DALE FARMS PURE BRED GIQERNSEY CATTLE PRODUCERS or Colden Guernsey Milk G. H. HIBBERD Owner D. S. COALE Manager Bus. Phone 68-W Res. Phone 68 Lambert Garage RUSSELL C. LAMBERT, PROP. General Repairing Hudson Sales and Service New Windsor, Md. -J Baker Garage WILLIAM E. BAKER, PROP. Autos and Trucks Repaired Tires, Accessories, Batteries Serviced Cars Washed, Storage, Gasoline, Oil New Windsor, Md. Phone 48-M J. STONER GEIMAN Westminster, Md. Furniture, Perfection Oil Stoves General Electric Refrigerators, Philgas Maytag Washers Radios W 321 R M Compliments of DEVILBISS BROTHERS P Feeds Fertilizers hone 27-W New Windsor, Md. Compliments of New Windsor State Bank New Windsor, Maryland Compliments of Schneider's Barber Shop Compliments of Mitten's Meat Market J. C. Strine CG. Sons GENERAL MERCHAXNDISE, NOTIONS HARDWARE PAINTS AND GROCERIES Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe NEW WINDSOR, Mn. Shampoo, Finger Wave, Manicures Permanents 33.50 55.00 57.00 M. L. WALTER, PROP. Compliments of A Friend " Say It with Flowers " Stewart N. Dutterer FLORIST 114 Pa. Ave. Westminster, Md R Q Phone l 28-W HOUCK'S SERVICE STATION 1 lRVIN J. HOUCK, DEALER TEXACO PRODUCTS Goodrich Tires, Tubes, and Batteries 320 Carlisle Street Hanover, P Cmnplilnenls of Willow Farms n Dairy Pure Milk and Cream Perfectly Pasteurized Products H. E. WARNER New Windsor, Maryland .luft a Friend 532 E Q Blue Ridge College l Established 1839 C0 LLEGE HILL New Windsor, Maryland A century of service Coeducational. State Scholarships. A. B., B. S. degrees. Special two-year courses. Business, Home Economics, Pre-lVledif:al, Pre-Legal, Music, Dramatics. Art, and Kindergarten. Day students. Compliments of Compliments of Farmers' Fertilizer and Feed CO. Harry L. Routson r DEALERS IN SPORTS CENTER Feed, Fertilizer, Lumber, Coal F' ld S d d G ' Ie ee S an rams Bowling Billiards Phones: Westminster 289 Union Bridge 20 Union Bridge, Md. Your Satisfaction is our delight M or R 3 M Compliments of Medford Grocery Co. J. David Baile, President E. C. Ensor HARDWARE Farm Implements Tractors and Trucks Phone 20 New Windsor, Maryland If You Want To Make A Strike Visit The Green Gables Recreation Center wil-JSTMINSTER, Mn. C. F. SULLIVAN, PROP. Compliments of the Green and Ivory Beauty Shop WESTMINSTER, Mn. Compliments of Rosenstock's Ladies, Shop P. G. Coffman Co. WESTBTINSTER, MD. Greeting Cards for All Occasions Typewriters Books Magazine e or eg K M Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of l39 Roopls Grocery "The House That Service Built U Established 1896 New Windsor, Maryland Phone 44 Compliments of W. Halbert Poole Dealer in Horses and Mules Westminster Maryland Phone 86-M Compliments o j CARROLL S. RINEHART Farm Bureau Cooperative Insurance Companies Westminster, Maryland Tlxe Pilot Publis inq Compam1 P R I N T E R S Union Bridge, q7VIaryland W SH

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