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i 2 rfgffgaf jgmg, 1, w1x:m,.,,1, S- 29- .. X21-4 wwf? ,r W WW , U.,,,,,4 . 'gg kifxxwf mm if -XF gifgfm ff 11, 1 X 53221, A A,Qz,f1Z1f fy? .ff V JSP? Hi 1 -:Qs-zfgf5,:5:11eg5,.Qgfgfggj M. ., ,, e 9 I 1: jx L K i I 3 : 3 6 9 , .W 4. I K . 'f L w ,X l E . 1 1 if' f SX lf? I ,fx 14' , .. i fe, QL, ,,- ,.. , Kgs--, . n X X.: W-x V K X .Y K: . ,- -Qi X, k, " -.uae 1--f fix . 1 5. as R. 3 -If 3 a j J x Cx 252 53: -I 1 313:-H345 :fr-,.?.. 1. I1k, ""i"S'i E 5 A . - :I Q hsig. Q X X X Q . 2 X -4N,kg,.. My , Fw .J .. . N n ' 3130 :Q V :V A 4? ws M - is Mi, W X 'Q ,X X X X W X K X ' vw wif Nu!-W ef .wx f gif,-:if KJ' -iylxl X Q L - 9' w- X .,, 'f'sg1 . 5 L ". FN. , yi? Xp: gala -'Jian 4, Nw K y - - -N ,A . A EI gig-Smp -Mlgf'-x ' f Q 'Q 1 Vigftwv m a 1-luv-r 1 'A 112193, W 1 '-" ' .ns F O R E W O R D As we look out into the World, we see many new hopes and new dreams. We realize, that soon, we are to leave New Winchester High School. It is now the time for our yearbook. May many happy memories come to those who leaf through the pages of this book. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed giving it to you. May our work not be in vain. We give you our book THE 1955-1956 NEW WINCHESTER wAnR1oR 1. ftop picture, Editor ""' ""' "'--- Wayne Blanton Assistant Editor---Barbara Frltsche Business Manager ---- assistant ------ --- ----Jean Barlow Carolyn Haverly Aft Editor ""'----- ---- Linda Owens 8SSiStant "---- ------ Larry Creech Layout Editor ---- assistant ------ Photograph Editor assistant ------ assistant ------ File Clerk ------- assistant ------ Sports Editor ---- assistant ------ assistant ------ Proof Reader ----- assistant -------- Feature Editor ----- assistant ------ Advisors: --Bob Thompson ----Marilyn Steele -------Jane Barlow --Janice Barlow ----Wilma Robinson -----La Vera McCoy ---------Sue Smith -----Allen Russell Jack Mendenhall -------Robert York -----Wayne Blanton Barbara Frltsche --Robert Webster ----Merrill Church Mr. Cochran Mrs. Phelps Mrs. Bowman WARRIOR STAFF TEEPEE TALES STAFF fbottom picture! Editor ---------- ----- Robert Webster Assistant Editor -------- Jane Barlow Sports Editors -------- Allen Russell Bob Thompson Art Editors ------------- Linda Owens Feature Editors ----- Grade News Editors-- Exchange Editors Mimeomen -------- Proofreaders---- Stencilists --------- Sponsor ---------- --- Larry Creech Carolyn Haverly ----Jean Barlow Marilvn Steele -Wilma Robinson Sue Smith -----Wilma Robinson Sue Smith ----Jack Mendenhall Allen Russell Bob Thompson --------Jane Barlow Linda Owens --Janice Barlow Jean Barlow Marilyn Steele ----Mr. Cochran We AX.. , D E D I C A T I O N The Senior Class of New Winchester High School, of the year 1956, deditate this, the WARRIOR, to our sponsor, Mrs. Bowman. During the four years that she has been with us, she has spurred us on to our maximum efforts and guided us through all our troubles, as sponsor, teacher, and friend. The Senior Class of 1956 3. V4-was mgfmmwiwffff M-:whim sd. 51,5 Qhminifltrntinn mu A D M I N I S T R A T I O N ROY E. JONES MELVIN . STURGEON Trustee Marion Township Superintendent of Hendricks County Central Normal Schools Indiana State Butler Indiana State NOBLE A. THOMPSON Principal Central Normal Indiana State Indiana University 6. ,lv IQFQ Qi'- 'Q"' H 4 W Nw 1--x Mrs. Alice Walton Mrs. Sarah Phelps Mrs. Doris Bowman Music Home Economics English Central Normal University of Tennesee Butler University QQN- Mr. Robert Cochran Commerce Ball State 9. '95 t Y, Mr John Walton Mr Frank Leavitt Mr James Tacki Mathematics Industrial Arts Social Science Ball State Indiana State Butler Universi 'X 9---Q. Mrs. Carol Brown Grade One Central Normal er'llr'IwvSr Mrs. Etienne Mrs. Josephine McFerran Grade Two Grade Three Central Normal Central Normal 17 Grade Four Central Normal MVS- 1m99ene Kigef Mrs. Lois Smltherman Mr. Russell Gossett Grade Five Grade Six Central Normal Central Normal 8. S E N 1 O R C L A S S H I S T O R Y Brlmmlng over with a thirst for knowledge, but a little scared too, we, twenty-one little boys and glrls, tremulously entered the New Winchester school building ln September, IQMM. There we met our flrst teacher, Miss Lena Good- win, who soon dlspelled all our fears and gave us a good start on the road of knowledge. In the second grade we were under the able direction of Miss Jean Shelton and learned the fundamentals of readlng, writing, and arithmetic. That year we galned Gerald and Janice Anderson, Jackie Mendenhall Marle Mays, and Sandra Murphy: however Sandra Bateman, Joe Carpenter, Danlel Shattuck, Lester Williams and Robert Stambaugh were lost. In the third grade Miss Luclle Yeager had the job of speeding us along that road of knowledge. We galned Sue Smith, Ann Burgess, Berlle Rlddell, Rosanna Hatton and Shirley Delp. We lost the Andersons, the Bauers, James Greenwood, Sammle Layne, Marie Mays and Sandra Murphy. We were then lead through the fourth grade by Mr. Robert Wallace, our flrst male teacher. We increased our number with Larry Barnes, James Brooks, Louise Ross, and Sandra Bateman. This year we lost only one classmate, John Walls. Our new teacher for the fifth grade was Mrs. Fern Lawson, and we galned Mollie Carr and Betty Autry: however we again lost a few old friends. They were Larry Barnes, Sandra Bateman, Sylvan Edwards, Berlle Riddle, Howard Thomas, and Louise Ross. Our teacher was Mrs. Lawson again, and that time she had the Job of get- tlng us ready for Junior high school and the last half of our educatlon at New Winchester school. We galned Richard Coy, Eugene Ralston, Llnda Owens, Mary Strahl, Bob Russell, Jane Barlow, Jean Barlow, Janice Barlow and Howard Thomas, and as all classes must lose, we lost Rosanna Hatton, Betty Autry, and Bob Brooks. Our flrst year ln Junior high we learned that no longer would we stay ln just one room but that we would have a class sponsor. Mrs. Quick. Joining us were Luella Hemphill, La Vera Mc Coy, Herbert Cary, and Larry Wingfield. Our departing classmates and lost friends for that year were Ann Burgess, Mollie Carr, Mary Strahl and Bob Russell. The sponsor for the eight year of school during which we prepared for the big jump from grade school to high school was Mrs. Shaffer. Those who did not appear ln our classes were Shirley Delp, Eugene Ralston, Luella Hemphill, Herbert Cary, Howard Thomas, and Larry Wingfield. We galned Charlie Hall, Wayne Blanton, and Robert Webster. Our first year in high school finally arrived, and to start off on the rlght foot we elected Mrs. Doris Bowman as our sponsor. Carolyn Haverly served as president after the elected president, Wayne Blanton, moved. We galned Larry Creech, Charles Wethington, and Audrey Evertsg and lost Dwight Thompson. Our sophomore year we again chose Mrs. Bowman as sponsor, and we chose Merrill Church as president. We galned Robert Thompson and lost Charles Weth- lngton, Lonnie Dinsmore, Richard Coy and Wayne Blanton. During the junior year we were all busy selling popcorn, cokes and candy at our home ballgames. We chose Mrs. Bowman sponsor again and Jane Barlow president. For the very flrst time our enrollment had gg changes. Well, lt looks as if we have about caught up with time, for here we are ln our senior year and have had seven students who have been enrolled ln our class for all twelve years. This year when we have so many decisions to make. Wayne Blanton rejoined us to become our class presldentg Mrs. Bowman ls again our sponsor. We lost only two classmates. Charlie Hall and Audrey Everts. We are eighteen strong and wish to Say to the future classes of N.W.H.S.. NKCCD on that road. DO NOT SAY GO, BUT GO THYSELF.' The seven who have attended for all twelve years are: Barbara Frltsche, Allen Russell, Merrlll Church, Carolyn Haverly, Marilyn Steele, Bob York, and Wilma Robinson. THE NEW WINCHESTER SENIOR CLASS OF 1955-1956 by Robert Thompson, Class Hlstorlan. 9. Y'..," .. X ' fly is KL ff ,,,Qs . Q? - A ff ,, .Mr BARBARA LEE FRITSCHE Senior Class Vice-President Warrior Staff-M F.H.A.-1,2,3,u 4 officer-1,3 F.H.A. State Chorus-1,3 Class Plays-3,h M Cheer leader KPep Squads-l,2,3,h Chorus-l,2,3,h Band-l,2,3 4 Officer-3 Class Officer-2,3,h K.II.B.-3,h Chorus Musical-l,2,3,h Double Quartet-M 4 Sextet-l,2,3,h D.A.R. Contestant-M Solo Contest-1,2,3,h 10. I3 l0I' MERRILL LEONE CHURCH Senior Class President Second Semester Warrior Staff-M Class Plays-3,h Class Officer-l,2,3,h Basketball-l,2,h Track-3,h LOWELL ALLEN RUSSELL Senior Class Secretary Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-M Class Plays-3,h Class Officer-M Baseball-2,3,h Track-2,3,h Basketball-1,2,3,h K.II.B.-ll Class llffioer LINDA SUE OWENS Senior Class Treasurer Warrior Staff-h i Teepee Tales Staff F.H.A.-l,2,3,h 4 Officer-l,2,3,h Class Plays-3,?,h 4 State Chorus-2 Cheer leader Pep Squad?-l,2,3 M Chorus-l,2,3,l4 'll' officer- 3,5 Class Officer-2,3,h K.II.B.-3,h 4 Officer-3 Chorus Musical-1,2,3,h Double Quartet 4 Sextet 1 2 3 'll -Illu' D.A.R. Contestant-h 4 Annual Queen-2,3,h Band-l,2,3,l4 4 officer-2,u F.H.A. State Officer-M 4 District-3,h Solo Contest-l,2,3,h -ll WILMA JEAN ROBINSON Senior Class Reporter and Prophet Warrior Staff-L Teepee Tales Staff-M Class Officer-h K.II.B.-M 11. ROBERT LEE THOMPSON Senior Class Historian Warrior Staff-A i Teepee Tales Staff-M Track-2,3,h 4 Basketball-2,3,k Class Plays-3,h Class Officer-M Band-l,2,3,h 4 Officer-3 Chorus-l,2,3,h State Chorus-2,h Chorus Musical-2,3,h Double Quartet-M United Nations Scholastic Test-3,h K.II.B.-3,h Solo Contest-1,2,3,h 4 Band Contest-1 ll-'H ' 293 LARRY MERRILL CREECH Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-M Class Plays-3,h Pep Squad-M Chorus-1,2,3,h State Chorus-2,3,h Chorus Musical-l,2,3,h Double Quartet-M Boys' Quartet-1 Solo Contest-2,3,k SUE CAROL SMITH Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-M F.H.A.-l,2,3,l4, Class Plays-M Pep Squad-l,2,3,h Band-1 CAROLYN LGRETTA HAVERLY Warrior Staff-M I Teepee Tales Staf F.H.A.-1,2,3,h 4 Officer-l,2,3,h Class Pla s-3,h,h Pep Squad-l,2,3,K 4 Officer-3,h Chorus-l,2,3,h 4 Officer-l,2,3 Band-l,2,3,h 4 Officer-1,2,3,h Class Officer-1,3 State Chorus-A K.II.B.-3,74 Chorus Musical-1,2,3,h Double Quartet-h Sextet or Triple Trio-l,2,3,k Majorette-3,h 12. f MARILYN JO STEELE Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-M F.H.A.-1,2,3,LI, 4 officer-1,2,3,u Class Plays-2,3,h,h Pep Squad-l,2,3,h Chorus-1,2,3,h.4 State Chorus-A Band-1,2,3,h Class Officer-3 K.I1.B.-3,h Chorus Musical-1,2,3,U Triple Trio-2 Pep Squad Officer-M LA VERA ANN MCCOY Warrior Staff-A 4 Teepee Tales Staff-h F.H.A.-l,2,3,h 4 Officer-2 Class Plays-3,h Pep Squad-1,2,3,h Chorus-1,2,3,h Band-1,2,3,h State Chorus-2,h Chorus Musical-1,2,3,h Sextet or Triple Trio-1 2,3,h D.A.R. contestant-L 13 ROBERT JAMES WEBSTER Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-M Class Plays-3,h K.I1.B.-M S at ,x SX esyesmhW so ss 254' C . Sgggfgg as H -52 JANICE MAY BARLOW Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-M F.H.A.-1,2,3,h F.H.A. Officer-2 Class Plays-h,3 Pep Squad-1,2,3,h Chorus-l,3,h Chorus Musical-1,3,h K.1I.B.-M Y l HOWARD WAYNE BLANTON SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT First Semester Warrior Staff-M Class Plays-3,h Chorus-l,2,3,h Class Officer-l,2,h Baseball-l,2,3,h' Basketball-1,2,3 Track-l,2,3 State Chorus-1,2,3,h K.II.B.-14. Chorus Musical-1,2,3,h Double Quartet-h Boys' Barbershop Quartet-1,2,3 ROBERT MARVIN YORK Warrior Staff-M I4-'H ' 1n293sb- Chorus-h JANE ROBBRTA BARLOW Warrior Staff-M 4 Teepee Tales Staff-M F.H.A.-l,2,3,u 4 Officer-2 Class Plays-3,h,h Pep Squad-l,2,3,h 4 Officer-1,2,3,h Chorus-l,3,h Class Officer-1,2,3 K.II.B.-3,h Chorus Musical-l,3,h F.H.A. District Officer-2,3 MeCa11's Teen Board Representative-4 Student Council-2 Majorette-5,4 F.H JEAN ROSETTA BARLOW Warrior Staff-A Teepee Tales Staff-M oAa'1,2,3,l.l, 'N' Class Plays-3,h Pep Squad-1,2,3,h Chorus-1,3,k Majorette-3,h Class Officer-2 K.I1.B.-M Chorus Musical-1,3,h Pep Squad Officer-h I' JACKIE LEE MENDENHALL Warrior Staff-M Teepee Tales Staff-h Class Plays-3,h SENIOR CLASS MOTTO 'Do Not Say Go, But Go Thyse1f.n SENIOR CLASS COLORS Blue and White SENIOR CLASS FLOWER Red Rose SENIOR CLASS SONG 'You'l1 Never Walk Alone.n NEW WINCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL SONG Winchester Warriors, It's you we're proud of, and in battle we're hard to fight. We are proud of our old school colors which are bright shades of red and white We will strive to be undefeated and ln rough spots we will hold through, Winchester Warriors, Our fighting Warriors, There's nothing we wouldn't do for you. Rah I Rah I 16. S E N I O R C L A S S P R 0 P H E C Y The time: 1965, the placeg New Winchester, the event, a reunion of the class of '5?.' nSay,n we wondered, nwhatever happened to that class of l9S6?n None of us seemed to know anything about that class except that BOB WEB- STER had become a professor at Palomar Observatory in California. Bob had just invented a vldeo-scope, a gadget which could show any person ln any part of the world and show where he was and what he was dolng. Perhaps Bob could ntune-ln' on everyone and help us out. With this thought in mind, we climbed into our jet and took of to see California and Bob. Sure enough, Bob said he would be glad to put his new invention to work. Turning a few knobs and pushing a few buttons, he finally got a picture on the screen--not too clear at first, but finally getting better--and there was JACKIE MENDENHALL. Jackie Is driving race cars now. He won the 500 and re- ceived the wlnner's kiss from Marilyn Monroe. He liked it so well, he's going to try lt again next year. We asked Bob lf he could flnd the Barlow girls. JANICE lsn't very far from home. She is making history at Indiana Unlverslty by being the first girl center to make the varsity squad! JANE, of course, has become Mrs. Norman Headrlck and ls living ln Florida. She has been blessed with two children. JEAN, or Mrs. Kelly, is living in California: she and Roland are operating a chain of grocery stores. Speaking of stores reminded us of MARILYN STEELE. Where ls Marilyn? The vldeo-scope screen showed us that Marilyn has put her early girl-hood train- lng to good use and is now manager of Macy's Department Store ln New York City, New York. nWhere,' we asked, His LARRY CREECH?n Well, for Heaven's sakel Larry is married to Barbara Hutton and living a life of ease and luxury, the both of them slnglng all day long. LINDA OWENS came to our minds next. The vldeo-scope showed that Linda has married Mike Garrison and ls living in Boston where she and Mike operate a huge inter-state trucking system. The stork has left them two girls and two boys. We found out that MERRILL CHURCH ls really making a name for himself. He has become an expert paratrooper, and his one ambition is to make the Jump from another planet and land on Earth. WILMA ROBINSON really surprised us. She has become the wlfe of Tommy Manvllle, and the two of them are operating a chicken farm ln France. The vldeo-scope next brought In the proving grounds of General Motors. There we saw ROBERT YORK. He is testing transmissions and just canlt flnd one that will hold up. Next, we saw all the glitter and glamour that belongs to Hollywood! Right in the midst, we found BARBARA FRITSCHE. Barbara is now a secretary to the biggest producer in Hollywood. The scene next changed to a dairy farm in Minnesota. ALLEN RUSSELL is the owner, making 550,000.00 a year, but he hopes he will be able to quit the dairy business soon because there lsn't enough money in lt. The next view on the screen looked like a ball park. It was, and we saw WAYNE BLANTON pitching for the New York Yankees. Wayne is the highest pald pitcher In the history of the Yankees-- 875,000.00 a year. Next, no saw a big college, 'Harvardn, the sign said. The vldeo-scope showed us the campus and one of the large science buildings. What name should we see on one of the office doors, but BOB THOMPSON. He is the assistant science professor at Harvard during the day and plays cornet with the Lawrence welk Champagne Orchestra on television at night. As the vldeo-scope 'paned' around the country, we found LA VERA MCCOY. La Vera ls selling mink coats and even has her own mlnk farm. CAROLYN HAVERLY next came into vlew. Carolyn has graduated from college and has married Vaughn Kurtz. Carolyn ls a member of the Floradora girls? sextet and is appearing quite regularly on television. The vldeo-scope next showed a medical center. SUE SMITH could be plalnly seen helping the patients recover by using varlous therapies. Sue is doing a wonderful job. We thanked Bob Webster for having found everyone for us. We hopped back into our jet and came home, glad to know that all the members of the class of 'SS-56' have found their places in the world. 17. S E N I O R C L A S S W I L L We, the senior class of 1956, being of sound mind and sound body, hear- ing of grumbllngs and dlscontentedness comming to N.W.H.S. due to our gradu- ation and sudden departure, do upon thls first day of March 1956 set our own will the upon this paper with no thought to our future needs. ARTICLE 1. We will that the followlng, as we have ordained lt, be carried out by Junior class in the comlng year: We will To Mr. Thompson, a greater number of well-behaved students. Mrs. Bowman, a class to sponsor that doesn't argue so much. Mrs. Walton, a baton that will not get lost or broken. To To To Mrs. Phelps, an F.H.A. group that will keep on with the good work. To Mr. Walton, a Chemistry laboratory and class that can be kept working. To Mr. Tackltt, classes that will strive to learn their government To Mr. Cochran, a class that can put out a school paper in a week. To Mr. Leavitt, a track team that can not be defeated. that there are items not covered by the above wishes we also Being also ordaln that the Junior class preform the following wishes as soon as those above have been complied with to the best of their ability. ARTICLE II I, Howard Wayne Blanton, will my ability to po with one girl to Sammie Layne, my ability to play basketball to Alden Casslty, and my government book to Susan Johnson. ity Nic and and ity who job I, Barbara Lee Fritsche, will my height to Norman Stevenson, my ab1l- to hold my temper to Linda Leonard, and my ability to drive to Donald ely. I, Linda Sue Owens, will my ability to be cheerleader to Jlm Vannice my ability to go with someone from Amo to Stanley Leonard. I, Jean Rosetta Barlow, will my ability to go steady to Susan Johnson my comical personality to Molly McGaughy. I, Jane Roberta Barlow, will my fingernails to Linda Leonard, my abil- to go steady to Beverly Eubank, and my job in the cafeteria to anyone wants lt. I, La Vera Ann McCoy, will some of my weight to Janice Thomas and my in the cafeteria to anyone who wants it. I, Lowell Allen Russell, will my basketball ability to Jerry Owens, my books to the junior paper drive, and my place in the lunch line to anyone who can run and not get caught. I, Sue Carol Smith, will my seat in the assembly to Juanita Layne and my ability to study to Van Ray Robertson. Dav Car Rus I, Carolyn Loretta Haverly, will my ability to gain weight to Betty is and my first clarinet chair to Molly McGaughy. I, Robert Lee Thompson, one of the cornet players of the band, will to olyn Good my knowledge of the laws of supply and demand and to Kathy sell the first cornet chair. I, Merrill Leone Church, will my books to Dick Durbin, my ability to play basketball to Bob Vannice, and my seat in the assembly to whoever is unlucky enough to get lt. abl and I, Robert Marvin York, will my books to anyone who wants them and my l1ty to drive to Norma McCoy. I, Marilyn Jo Steele, will my naturally curly hair to Janice Thomas my height to Kay Crawford. I, Larry Merrill Creech, will my height to Kay Crawford, my ablllty to drive carefully to Priscilla Hlmsel, and my ability to open my mouth -at the and wrong time to Beth Plunkett. I, Wilma Jean Robinson, will my seat in the assembly to Juanita Layne all my books to Joyce Webster. I, Robert James Webster, will my job as editor of the school paper to anyone who wants lt. I, Jackie Lee Mendenhall, will my ability to work on cars to Danny Finchum, my muscles, if any, to Don Nicely, and all my carefree hours in the study hall to anyone who will make use of them. I, Janice May Barlow, will my ability to keep quiet in the assembly to Linda Leonard and my height to Kay Efawford. 1 . 6 I ,1--.----.- ,,r li 'fl 1113551111311 19 K, wuz' 'S 5 1 Dick Durbin Juanita Layne Gene Crawford Lowell Newby Stanley Leonard President v.pres secretary treasurer reporter Jambr dass Gordon Mclntyre honorary president Gwynne Dale Jerry Leon Stanley Larsen Owens Edwards Sam James Donald Mrs. Walton Layne Vannice Nicely sponsor 20. So imma e dass Alden Cassliy Van Ray Robertson president vice-president Harry Durbin Loretta Mendenhall Ruthie Young secretary Tracy Lewis reporter Priscilla Hlmsel treasurer Y , x Janice Bill Barney ft Carolyn Larry Susan Thomas McFerran Russell Good Thompson Johnson Norman Linda Bill Lois John Mrs. Phelps Stevenson Smith Dowdy Barnhart Bunten sponsor 21. Charles Kurtz president Donald Barnhart Fre hmen Molly McGaughy Beth Plunket Bobby Stowers vice-president secretary treasurer Class Sam Robinson Jeanie Gibbons co-reporter Janet Parker co-reporter I .ay Norma Danny Linda Betty Dick Irawford McCoy Finchum Leonard Davis Himsel Lyne Terry Ruth Virginia Bob Mr. Leavitt nrmless Larsen Key Good Vannice sponsor 22. G R A D E E I G H T 1 A Barbara Sarah Kathy Franklin Himsel Myers Russell Nicely P Wandaline Valerla Jeanette Carl McCoy Layne Crouch Bedwell 4- K 6 W 4 . v r . r Tony Sylvia B111 Joyce Doub Bunten Templin Webster SCynthia Norman n Smith Heagy Pierson sponsor 23. X "ip I M , if 'if .riff Mike Mike Elvin James Kathie Kathlene Larsen Doub Cassity Kidder Record Peterson J at ea! J is 5 ' .S 'Gs 5 Quang sw Marvin Joe Jackie Jack John Judy Smith Kinnaman Eggers Vannice Sipe McGaughy xx xx Bonnie Johnson Carlene SDSU Hicks Miller Joyce Leonard Joyce Gene Trent Trent .1 Fas' : in a ,i,. ea 2 G R A D E s 1 x JWEW ' Bobbie William Max Mr. G08S6tt Russell Huntley JOSGPU teacher Not Pictured: Ann Carr Della Harness Roberts Bradshaw 25. G R A D E F I V E Mrs. Smitherman, teacher C i Shirley Paula Edna Jerry Shirley Owens Larlson Branson Chandler Gibbons E Larry Virginia Linda Jewel Andy Good McCoy Heagy York McFerran Stanley Robert Kathryn Jerry Judy HUQTWS Chrysler Vannlce Barnhart Barnhart , Y Frederick Larry G, F, Ronnie Hines Pierson Spears Graham 26. Y ROW'1 ROW 2 Marvin Carr Larrie Chambers Russell Chandler Steven Crouch Shirley Fellows Dennis Graham Lester Harness Alan Ray Ader Jean Buechler Patricia Bunten Row 3 Pamela Hicks Karen Hook Billy Houser Judy Jones Susan Joseph James Kidder Judith Lambert ROW 5 Row L, Jackie Leonard George McCaleb Marcia Miller David Newby Mary Ann Parker Janice Parr Darrel Plunkett Dona Jean Price, Diann Stanley, Bradley Stelzner, Gayle Tackitt, Jerry Trent, Jackie Wallace, and Mrs. Kiger, teacher. G R A D E F O U R 2 ' Q 'S' sf' J mzuc ' all 'ET' HB. N' iw... iqwe M f Q, , if S , !Qg!lE:E? ,X eae 'iff' .,, 27. iff ,- 'fy n 'L a.. we N Jonell Jody Marcia Sharon Ruth Ann Carol Chandler Church Fellows Kathy Good ,f"! Mrs. McFerran teacher Norma Jean Ricky Patty Ann Mood Parent Price Lillie Beverly Jim y Margaret Dickie Thad Thomas Thompson Thompson Trent Wagoner Vannioe 28. Ronald Jane Frank Jimmy Jerry Bernhart Bueohler Doub Heeeion Hilgnd John David Jerry Kristina nanny Estel Lerison Parr Peterson Pierson Roe G R A D E T W O avid Mrs. Etienne Routh teacher Jimmy Bill None Henry Switzer Thomas Wagoner Wright York Douglas Bunten 29. 1 Roger Nelson Kenneth Lois George Ader Baxter Bedwell Doub Carr t . P Griham flouser .Tone s 4 Key Larnbert G R A D E O N E t Rita Mrs. Brown Lund teacher Jerry - Stee Sipe Price Parent Martha Karen Harold Patsy Wallace Vhnnioe Trent Templin Stowers 30. Mm M f""'r" 2 vt pp !??"1fu gnlr,..E"W1!Pm:r'x " 4.X:- ' QQ' 5 T 9 , ., M W A R R I O R O U E E N Linda Owens is WARRIOR QUEEN this year. This is her third year to reign as queen. Linda is a senior. She is 18 years old and has brown hair and hazel eyes. She has been a member of the F.H.A for six years, a member of the band for seven years, a member of the High School Chorus for four years, a high school cheerleader for four years, and has been in K. II. B. for two years. She is also treasurer of the senior class. 32. ATTENDANT Barbara Fritsche is a senior. She has blond hair and blue eyes and is 17 years old. She has been a high school cheerleader for four years. This is Barbara's third year as a queen candidate. 33- ATTENDANT Carolyn Good is a sophomore. She has blond hair and blue eyes and is 15 years old. She has been a high school cheerleader for two years. This is Carolyn' first year as a queen candidate. ATTENDANT Susan Johnson is a sophomore. This is her first year as a queen candidate. Susan has black hair and blue eyes and is 15 years old. mtl NMS lx F U T U R E H O M E M A K E R S O F A M E R I C A FIRST ROW: Mrs. Phelps, Beth Plunkett, Barbara Himsel, Linda Smith, Loretta Mendenhall, Ruthie Young, Beverly Eubank, Linda Owens, Carolyn Haverly, Marilyn Steele, and Juanita Layne. SECOND ROW: Virginia Good, Norma McCoy, Linda Leonard, Carolyn Good, Susan Johnson, Sue Smith, Barbara Fritsche, Janice Barlow, Jean Barlow, and Jane Barlow. THIRD ROW: Sara Jane Kinnaman, Wanda McCoy, Ruth Key, Molly McGaughy, Valerla Layne, Kay Crawford, Betty Davis, Jeannie Gibbons, Janet Parker, Patricia Huntley, and Kathy Russell. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ellen Harmless, Janice Thomas, Ruth Ann Houser, Sylvia Bunten, Judy Ayers, Sarah Myers, Nona Pierson, Jeanette Crouch, Cynthia Smith, La Vera McCoy and Priscilla Hlmsel. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Webster, Fay Thomas, Sharon Crouch, Barbara Davis, Sharon Graham, Virginia McCa1eb, Janice Leonard, Rozella Roe, Iris Peterson, Katherine Bradshaw, Marna and Lois Drum Majorette The majorettes this year are: Jean Barlow, Jane Barlow, Susan Johnson, Loretta Mendenhall and Carolyn Haverly. 3h- M I 4 K. II. B. FIRST ROW: Linda Owens, Wilma Robinson, Robert Thompson, Carolyn Haverly, Barbara Frltsche SECOND ROW: Gene Crawford, Jane Barlow, Jean Barlow, Dick Durbin, James Vannice THIRD ROW: Mr. Robert Cochran, Wayne Blanton, Marilyn Steele, Lowell Newby MARION TOWNSHIP h-H CLUBS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sarah Phelps, Jerry Chandler, Larry Pierson, Max Joseph, Billy Huntley, Mark Lawson, Bill Templin, Bill McFerran, Juanita Layne SECOND ROW: Ronald Graham, Mike Young, Stephen Stelzner, Larry Parker, Tommy Parker, Tommy McFerran, Kenneth Headrlck, Robert Thompson, Robert York, Wayne Harmless THIRD ROW: Sammle Layne, Richard Himsel, Marna Thompson, Jo Ellen Harmless, Ruth Ann Houser, Iris Petersnn, Kathy Record, Kathleen Peterson, Priscilla Hlmsel FOURTH ROW: Janice Leonard, Sylvia Bunten, Judy Ayers, Sharon Crouch, Barbara Davis, Beth Templln, Sharon Graham Fay Thomas, Jewell York, Janice Thomas FIFTH ROW: Nona Pierson, Barbara Himsel, Sarah Myers, Virginia Good, Linda Leonard, Beverly Eubank, Susan Johnson, Carolyn Good, Janet Parker 36. I G H S C H O O C H O R U S D O U B L E Q U A R T E T X T E T Director: Mrs. Walton J U N I O R C L A S S P L A Y CAST 'Corkyn Corcoran ------ Polly McBride --------- Hank McBride ---------- Ted McBride ----------- nScat' Katz ----------- Mrs. DeForrest Dushane Ava Dushane ----------- Nanelle Dushane ------- Chllford Goldstone ---- Grant Goldstone ------- Beulah Zubysko -------- Lady Castleton -------- Bertie Castleton ------ Nora O'Cass1dy -------- Marmalade Jackson ----- Tongo, The Leopard Man Sponsor --------------- """"" Y --------Gene Crawford ------Carolyn Haverly ----------Jane Barlow -------Gwynne Stanley ---------Sammle Layne ------Stanley Leonard ----------Dick Durbin -------Marllyn Steele ---------Leon Edwards --'--Barbara Frltsche ---------James Vanlce A Boy Named Beulah by Jay Tobias ---------Lowell Newby --------Juanita Layne ----------Dale Larsen Jerr Owens - ----- Linda Owens Mrs. Alice Walton l 38. fhirtifff N E W W I N C H E S T E R W A R R I O R C H E E R L E A D E R S Barbara Frltsche, Linda Owens, Carolyn Good, Beth Plunkett nomo W A R R I O R B O O S T E R C L U B This year the Booster Club is under the direction of two sponsors, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowman. The officers are as follows: President, Carolyn Haverlyg Vice-President, Jane Barlowg Secretaries, Juanita Layne and Marilyn Steeleg and Treasurer, Jean Barlow. MO. Ba eball Team FRONT Row: left 59 1-1ghr---- Dowdy, Wayne Blanton, Allen BACK ROW: ----- Harry Durbin, Edwards, Dick Durbin, Alden Larsen. Barney Russell, Gene Crawford, Bill McFerran, Bill Russell, Jerry Owens, John Bunten, and Mr. Cochran Wayne Harmless, Danny Finchum, James Vannice, Leon Casslty, Van Ray Robertson, Lowell Newby and Dale 'Y nv' -2. ., Qt. 1, .ws f A ww l...,A-TMS.-Q-V-,-'asf , , 553' gl!-yew: H, ':.-Lmvgglkz, Sf.ilW..l .V-l yi..,..:lG-. fl: I, ,M Jlvwny 1 I . 'J-,L L, .7.' " . 1 W'.ggLQf. ,,,j M: 7:11, ,-ficj?g!.jllwig'i, .--rs Track fe m FRONT ROW: left to right ----- Wayne Blanton, Mr Layne. ----- BACK ROW: Bob Thompson, B111 Dowdy, Robertson, Dale Larsen, Stanley Leonard, Alden Mendenhall, B111 McFerran, Merrill Church, and . Leavitt, Harry Durbin, and Sam Dick Durbin, Lowell Newby, Van Casslty, James Vannice, Jack Allen Russell. Ml. Y flw. xl Q , Q 1 E ,R 1 s .- .Nl 5 ,Q , gf xg. . c xxx!! n X N All giane, kaaffmfal Lf' along ' I and Mvlerrill Church ' . 8 WOT! . , f cd .h niors ed bv Hoo get! their v ln! me ON Ill fs n other rihni mvP"',m":'se Y Nmh Sm an Rfllltelll' I' by me wh YN iminxton. DUN of xlorehead ,dihlhbf Ill 'Ar New L!- th king. DOW all ills Msn Ne' SN 9'Yig!'Y41 . . Whnq ix..-.qi if Des -,txrxevs yggfxg, MATAAH il ms of doll. and Myan' gmc' an bf 1 f ' ' ' :r ip n1,,,,0,,d1 glbale Larsen 1 'n from h. A A . , 811 5 f Of 16 vs Hsu fr termt . mem a .14 chin gm l at h :ae ern 18 south, . ressor. Hilr, . W .nat the rx. ,. X 5 mu Mounts- V 'Q sed into th. W 1' -xy Mondap n if SSA!! HIGHS, ico. The 1 - f x A r 1 m.gmAllQWDlJl III uie'r1evriva" 1 Jerry Owens i'f'5flEQl.!,fl X ' L BURNS XBYJANUT qmnammwm Qnnlmlysocmberz in 9 gm pp still- Aff Kama nw enlkd Icrwvfl V' K than will W th' 'ew'- 11.. mmm dw ltr?-?1las'n BUNNY- Svimomfk 'W a P0387 PWR, Virllull :fr and Pm' cha and ' heater 3?-mf'-S .nc :dent ,von n 'Y If-serum ' .fn "' "WMS at the L' my N me gr' la dn J' W0!'8'i'x '.L"..E. 4PX ii., I v A c n v B L wld of dw Arr 0, gggfgfgjum- me um N sau Ibuiqnhrunuuhn aenww- - s 7' on P Manager: Harry Durbin IILTIONS, inn nnnuururypurnu' i nb. llullefs charges BA KETBALL lumh.hN49l thotmopai initil' IIYIIIOQ Q ,- A HRX ' g, , f - 5- ' - ' ' -' '- H 'W Q 5 x Jax. 1 N f- ,, .fi M Q f 1 ,,X M, 7 3:,gsf Ain f Q M 'Wk 'AWN spun Q Qkgsiffigl' gy' Y 'PRS In. N -. ' -' .... ,..fg2f?31lvl '- i f-,N J , 5 H 5 1 Z ' . ,41' i fl 1 Af.., Q , 'Cr . ik ' .,. '..-JT'-. rr- in A iw, JUNIOR HIGH PAPOOSES JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Barbara Davis, Ruth Ann Houser, and Wandaline McCoy JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCHEDULE November 2 ----- November IM ---- November 21 ---- November 29 ---- December 6 ----- December 12--- January 5 ----- January 23 ---- January 30 ----- February 2 ---- February 9 "'- February 27-28 H-- H..- T H T H T T- T H- H 29 -Brown Twp. Stllesville ----Clayton North Salem -----Lizton ----Clayton --------Amo Stilesville North Salem -----Llzton --------Amo and March 2 Junior High County Tourney if M,- x gn X W. A559113 Y N Q M 45" ,A TA V .mfg ' mi V' Ukigggf' -'I A V f ,-?fff'ff- . Hia if ig 4-mwah ws Q,,L.usNr 'Kim ffm. SGW N A .wife gm. S3 Q? Q" fr. 14' ,Q f!'s if DQ gg I 794 4l, ,4Q X 'T' fix X ' 1.9 N 'Q f fa Q X xg AY fl ,ff ' "H: ff X' ,"'4 A f IDQ, 6' if 14 T Q 2 .N A ' , 1 4' - ., "fff! 4 7" '2.- - ix Q In Q2 4 X- S? ' V X -X-Ng: 1 L -x , X X . l A lx v"e,5 IS" z 7' x 'R A4 ,AMX X Ax X, Y lp' if Q TX E 42,2 UI il XTX 'N x N -X N xqx Xwx T w QQQACX. , -X X x Xx X X K frnlzrfi i IQ NEW WINCHESTER SCHOOL DANVILLE, INDIANA, R. 3 PUBLICATION STAFFS Warrior Teepee Tales November 28, 1955 Parents, Teachers, and Boosters cfo New Winchester Schools New Winchester, Indlana Dear Friends Publication of the 1956 hlgh school WARRIOR ls a task that requires extensive co-operation from the entlre student body and the faculty. In past years, WARRIOR publications have set a hlgh standard, and each succeeding staff must work diligently to maintain that high standard, and lf possible to they must lift It higher. All students look forward with great anticipation to the WARRIOR. It ls a history of our school life, our activities, ambitions and accomplishments. It is a book of the past that will be a treasure ln future years. By your continual support of this worthy project, you have enabled our staff to present a WARRIOR that is ln keep- ing with the dignity of our New Winchester High School. The financial success would be difficult without your will- ing support. The WARRIOR staff, the Class of 1956, and the members of the student body wish to express their gratitude to you for your assistance. You have been kind to us, and our appreciation ls sincere. We, the members of the Class of 1956, wish to thank especially our parents for their help with all of our class projects and the encouragement that they have given us through our twelve years of schooling. Yours truly Wayne Blanton Linda Owens Jane Barlow Barbara Frltsche Larry Creech Janice Barlow Jean Barlow Bob Thompson Wilma Robinson Carolyn Haverly Marilyn Steele La Vera McCoy Sue Smith Allen Russell Jack Mendenhall Robert York Robert Webster Merrill Church 14.8. Compliments of HURT LUHISUH PUIHIHC U. s. se Danville, Indiana 923 N M d St t Ind1anapo11s Indlana Compliments of THE DANVILLE STATE BANK DANVILLE, INDIANA THE CLAYTON BRANCH CLAYTON. INDIANA MEMBER F. D. I. C. Compliments of "THE FAT BOY" W. F. BUTHERUS 50 I.EONARD'S GENERAL STORE AND SERVICE STATION Tires - Batteries - Minor Repairs Phone 18 NEW WINCHESTER. INDIANA Compliments of COATESVILLE ELEVATOR COATESVILLE, INDIANA FARM SUPPLY COMPANY International Farm Machinery Motor Trucks Hardware Appliances Your Friendly I-H Dealer COATESVILLE. INDIANA 51 Compliments of Compliments of POWELL FUNERAL SERVICE BR0WN'S MARKET AND FURNITURE STORE COATESVILLE. INDIANA Proprietor - H. L. Brown COATESVILLE, INDIANA BAKER ACE HARDWARE Hardware - Paint - Housewares Southeast Comer of Square Phone Sh. 5-4512 DANVILLE, INDIANA BAKER FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance and Oxygen Service Phone Sh. 5-2360 DANVILLE. INDIANA HOBERT STEELE REGAL STORE Compliments of TURNER'S PHARMACY Quality Grade Food Bob Tum: NEW WNINCHESTER. INDIANA DANVILLEI INDIANA New .Modem Deluxe Aeoomodextions Homo Cooking INDIANA MOTEL C'mPum""' 'f G RESTAURANT D lundtly Dinhofi Served NORTH IALIM. NDIANA Prices Reasonable For Resorvoilons Phone Clayton 28-32 Ox1U. B. 40-3M1losEcltd STILEBVILLI. INDIANA , 53 DAVIS INSURANCE COMPANY MAC'S IMPLEMENT SALES Sales and Service Personalized T M om yers Insurance Your Allis-Chalmers, New Idea Dealer Sefivce sh. 54319 AMO. INDIANA DANVILLE, INDIANA "GOOD LUCK SENIORS" SAYS BILL'S MARATHON STATION 1.4 Miles East of Brownsburg On 136 on the South Side WE SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH A SMILE BROWNSBURG. INDIANA Bill Richardson, Proprietor Compliments of WALTER AUTO SERVICE Oldsmobile and G.M.C. DANVILLE. INDIANA WEST BUTCHERING AND PROCESSING Phone 1920 - Residence 4540 AMO. INDIANA DAVISSON MARINE SUPPLY Mercury Outboard Motor Sales and Services Sporting Goods Boats and Supplies 271 South Cross Street Phone Sh. 5-2525 DANVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of HEADS CLOTHING STORE DANVILLE. INDIANA Head to HEADS for Your Clothing" "GOOD LUCK SENlORS" Compliments of E. I. ROBERTS GARAGE Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer "Our Years of Service Is Your Guarantee DANVILLE. INDIANA ROYAIS LAUNDERETTE "WE do it for YOU" 192 West Broadway SH. 5-2522 DANVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of BEECHAM'S DRY GOODS DANVILLE. INDIANA and PLAINFIELD. INDIANA RANDY'S FINE DRY CLEANING Pickup and Delivery Service Phone 74 COATESVILLE. INDIANA KEEP GOING WARRIORS WE'RE POR YOU WESTWOOD INN "Stop in when going by" Phone Sho 5-2984 DANVILLE. INDIANA I EARL B. COX NORTH SALEM. INDIANA FUNERAL HOME AND FURNITURE STORE Compliments of HUGH WEAVER DANVILLE. INDIANA RUTI.EDGE D-X SERVICE East Main Street "Service with a smile" BROWNSBURG. INDIANA Compliments of KNIGHT'S DRUG STORE COATESVILLE. INDIANA WAYNE KIVETT Plumbing and Heating Wallpaper and Paints Pumps and Piping COATESVILLE. INDIANA DORSETTS Y CAF E Iunction 40 and Greencastle Road R. R. l COATESVILLE. INDIANA Highest Grade Printing at AMO MILLING COMPANY THE COA-I-ESVILLE HERALD Grain, Molasses. Coal, Feed Grinding, phone 68 Feed, Fertilizer COATBVILLE. INDIANA AMO, INDIANA ROBERT EUBANK Masonry Work NEW WINCHESTER, INDIANA In Loving Memory of Carroll Iones, who passed away August 17, 1951 There is no death! The Stars go down to rise upon some fairer shore: and bright, in heaven's jeweled crown, They shine for evermore. Sadly missed by family and his friends. CITIES SERVICE GLEN CURTIS Complete Car Service General Trucking COATESVILLE. INDIANA DR. C. A. MASTEN Veterinarian Phone 49 COATESVILLE, INDIANA Genuine Pfister Royster Fertilizer Seed Com Bulk or Bag ROY E. I ONES 6: SONS Phone Danville Sh. 5-2927 or Sh. 5-4087 PREVO'S Serving Putnam County Over 50 Years Ladies' Fine Wearing Apparel GREENCASTLE. INDIANA HUNT'S CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations West Side of Square DANVILLE, INDIANA COLLIER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Supplies "Yard oi Service and Courtesy" COATESVILLE. INDIANA H. F. OWENS Real Estate and Farms First Mortgage Loans 127 S. Washington Street Phone Sh. 5-2307 DANVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of MAURICE WINGLER Standard Oil Agent COATESVILLE. INDIANA VIRGINIA'S BEAUTY SHOP 4 N. Washington Street Hair Shaping - Permanent Waving Phone Sh. 5-4510 - Res. Sh. 5-4484 DANVILLE. INDIANA O. L. VAN CLEAVE IEWELER A Good Place to Buy Your Watches. Iewelry and Diamonds BAINBRIDGE. INDIANA TH-E REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF HADLEY. Founded 1847 INCORPORATED Hendricks Cou.nty's Leading Newspaper Hendricks Cou.nty's Largest Clothiers Sh. 5-2777 Mfrin Sffeef DANVILLE, INDIANA DANVILLE, INDIANA LAWSON 'S MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries 9 W. Marion Street Phone Sh. 5-2171 DANVILLE. INDIANA EDWARD'S BUICK MOTOR DIVISION 78 S. India:na U. S. 36 Phone Sh. 5-2703 DANVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of DR. SEARS DAN VILLE. INDIANA Compliments of DR. I. C. STAFFORD PLA1NFn:1.D. INDIANA Compliments of SPOT CASH STORE Phone 8741 PLAINFIELD. INDIANA Compliments oi HARMON OPTOMETRIST DAN VILLE. INDIANA Compliments of EATON CHEVROLET SALES 6 SERVICE CLAYTON, INDIANA Compliments of MAC'S PLACE Intersection 40 6 75 Homer McCcunrncrck, Proprietor R R. 2 COATESVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of WHICKERS REGAL MARKET AMO. INDIANA Phone 5810 Compliments of ROYALE CAF E 25 E. Washington Street GREENCASTLE. INDIANA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COATESVILLE, INDIANA Strong - Safe - Dependable State, County, Township and Municipal Depository Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System HARDIN COMPANY Plumbing and Heating and CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE PLAINFIELD. INDIANA McCLOUD'S MARATHON STATION COATESVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of POYNTER AND OSBORNE DANVILLE, INDIANA Compliments of YOUR NEW WINCHESTER FROSTEE FREEZE Norman L. Eggers, Proprietor NEW WINCHESTER. INDIANA Compliments of I OHN DEERE IMPLEMENT SALES Phone 98 CLAYTON, INDIANA Compliments of SALLEE SALES 6 SERVICE 147 W. Main DANVILLE, INDIANA FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DANVILLE The Oldest National Bank in Central Indiana "IT PAYS TO SAVE" Member F.D.I.C. LEON A. HALL MORTUARY 339 East Main Street PLAINFIELD, INDIANA CITIZEN'S BUILDING LOAN FUND AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Crawford Taylor DANVILLE, INDIANA Directors President John D. Taylor Hertha M. Harris Frank V. Thomas Sec.-Treas. Robert H. King Allan Campbell 3'Z1 PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS REAL ESTATE LOANS 61 NEW CARS BETTER-BUY USED CARS DELLEN BUICK CO. Sales - Service 211 West Main Street Red Dellen Phone 2521 PLAINFIELD. INDIANA MCCORMICK AND WARD FURNITURE 223 South Jefferson Street DEAN WARD, PROPRIETOR DANVILLE, INDIANA Congratulations from LEWIS SERVICE WELDING AND GENERAL REPAIR Phone 8-40 NEW WINCHESTER, INDIANA S2 KERSEY MUSIC STORE Jesse French--PIANOS-Winter Kenneth K. Kersey, Prop. WE RENT BAND INSTRUMENTS GREENCASTLE. INDIANA MULLINS DRUG STORE N. L. Donelson Your Rexall Store Phone 19 DAN VILLE, INDIANA THOMPSON DRUG COMPANY GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Compliments of B. P. ROEDER Your General Electric Dealer Plumbing - Heating - Appliances Road 36 - W. Branson Addition DANVILLE. INDIANA MORRIS FLORAL COMPANY Comphmm of "FLOWERS 1-'on ALL OCCASIONS" DANVH-LE SHCE SERVICE Phone Sh. 5-2135 Basement of York Jewelry DANVILLE' INDIANA DANVILLE. INDIANA 63 Compliments of RANDALL'S IACK AND IILL SHOP 204 West Main Street PLAINFIELD. INDIANA COAN PHARMACY Prescription Dniggists GREENCASTLE, INDIANA IRVINE A. BENNETT General Insurance Life, Accident and Health Phone 28 or 37 COATESVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of I. C. LOGAN Mobil Gas and Mobil Oil DANVILLE, INDIANA DEANS CAFETERIA Home Made Pies Fountain Service COATESVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of GLOVER FORD SALES DANVILLE. INDIANA All Kinds of New and Used Furniture BATEMAN 'S Trading Post Sh. 5-2780 58 Old Salem Road Mannie and Irene Bateman DANVILLE, INDIANA MONEY For All Needs is Waiting for You Here LOANS UP TO 5500.00 May Be Secured by Personal Property HENDRICK'S COUNTY LOAN CO. 16M West Main St. Vesta Petty Over 21 Years of Loan Experience DANVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of MARION TOWNSHIP 4-H CLUBS BETSY ROSS 4-H CLUB HAPPY FARMERS 4-H CLUB ARTS, BAKING, 6- CRAFTS 4-H CLUB Ioin the 4-H and learn from experience while having fun "PURE IERSEY MILK FROM Farm Bureau Petroleum Service MAPLEHURST'S REGISTERED IERSEY 'Rain or Shine We're Here to Serve You HF-BDSM ED PRICE M APLEHURST Residence Phone - Sh 5.-2870 IERSEY FARMS Bulk Plant Phone- sh. 5-2161 3745 Farnsworth Street R. R. 2 INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA DANVILLE. INDIANA Phone BE1mont 2441 65 M My mf! We .f..:9M?fl'wf lfyou want a real dllrst-quenchghn lfyou hanlerfbr a cool. clean lfvw mm: a qurck refieshlng un... Nothing ls! like Seven-Up! SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY. INC. 651 E. 20th Street INDIANAPOLIS 2, INDIANA Compliments of MAX GALLOWAY E. 14th Street INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA "Our Annual Photographer and Senior Class Photographer Compliments of GEORGE MASTERS Insurance Agency COATESVILLE, INDIANA HESS DUPLICATOR COMPANY Duplicating Machines and Supplies 224 N. Meridian Street INDIANAPOLIS 4, INDIANA Coke stop -I COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY GREENCASTLE. INDIANA Congratulations Seniors Compliments of DEEM-SHONKWILER. IEWELERS I3 South Indiana Street GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Compliments of FLEENORS DRUG 2 W. Washington Street GREENCASTLE, INDIANA Compliments of SAUNDERS I. G. A. MARKET DANVILLE, INDIANA Compliments of Lloyd Leonard Dealer in Genuine PFISTER HYBREDS DANVILLE, INDIANA Compliments of BORDEN'S ICE CREAM COMPANY CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA Phone 762 "IF IT'S BORDENS, IT'S GOT TO BE GOOD" Compliments of LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY School Supplies and Equipment Icmitor Supplies TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Charles E. Kurtz, Representative FROM A FRIEND Compliments of THE D. H. GOBLE PRINTING COMPANY GREENFIELD, INDIANA Compliments of THE NORTH SALEM STATE BANK All Deposits Insured Up to 510,000.00 NORTH SALEM. INDIANA HERFF IONES COMPANY INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA Designers and Manufacturers of Distinctive Class Zewelry Graduation Announcements - Medals - Trophies - Scholastic Awards "GOOD LUCK SENIORS" George Craven, Representative MCMILLAN 'S Outfitters to Champions for Over a Quarter of a Century McMILLAN ATHLETIC GOODS. INC. TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Indiana's Leading Sporting Goods Store EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 209 West Washington Street Telephone Lincoln 3446 INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA THE SPORTSMAN'S SHOP 126 E. Main Street KIGER 5- CUMPANY CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA School Supplies Featuring the finest names in: 1830 West 16th street , Amleuc Goods Cameras INDIANAPOLIS 2. INDIANA ' Hunting Goods ' Fishing Goods " Hobby Supplies 69 BOOSTER PAGE Danville, Indiana Plainfield, Indiana Blanton Mills Lease Cleaners Darnells Shoe Service Craig :S Vaughn Machine Shop Richard I. Groover Frank O. Harper, D.D.S. Maner's Cycle Shop Strafford Drug Store Stanley's Cities Service Ed Roberts Barber Shop Hursel Disney Standard Service Danville Electric Hatchery Zimmerman Insurance Agency Coffee Cup Dr. Eitnier William Huntley's B. 6. H. Grill Mom Runnells Dr. Crawley Danville Book Store North Salem, Indiana Williams Paint Co. Your Variety Store Klein's Greenhouse Kisner's I.G.A. Market Studley Pharmacy Russell Gossett New Winchester, Indiana Rainbow Motel Robert Fritsche Noble Thompson Stanley's Garage Bainbridge. Indiana Hadley, Indiana G. L. Hanks Cox's Grocery Hardins Self Service Laundry Alexander Cleaners Harris Barber Shop Ioe Knop Ford Shop Hayes Floor Coverings C. 6 E. Rexall Drug Harmon Jewelers Mac's Shoe Repair Plainfield Variety Store Mark Hampton 70 INTER HUD J ' S LZ DLLEGIAT ts - Cover Manulnnurers Book Kansas City RY HOMi OFFICE PVRESS . .L- V-mv.. A . ,L . , nrwrgrmk,-A A -,L , 1 S65 N-7-y f J.. 5. ai , "ilk F" 'rt--' f. 1' 2'- 1, . -.1-. 14,

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