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.,.!,4 1. T, fb? Q11 - E aiggxf' . 535 3 X- : , V, , cv' "f1f?3.7: "1" iii? ' A ilu: mf -N K' ,art iz f.'fs?4 33.5, YI, QT , FOREWORD Hoping to make this edition of the "Warrior" an accurate presentation of the aims, activities, and academic accomplishments of the New Winchester students, we, the members of the Class of '55 have tried to include all the many and varied happenings of this eventful year. May all you readers enjoy this edition as much as we have enjoyed publishing it. Signed Class of '55 WARRIOR STAFF This picture expresses exactly the way we feel. We are tired, but it is a good tiredness. We have worked hard to meet our deadline. We hope you approve of our efforts. We wish to thank everyone for their splendid cooperation in getting this annual out--the teachers whose classes we've disturbed, the students for their unique poses, and the principal whose patience we know we've worn thin. We also extend our thanks to the manymerchants who have purchased ads that helped so greatly in financing this yearbook. The members of the Warrior Staff are: Co-Editors--.Toy Plunkett, Darrel Smith, Business Manager--Margurette Layne, Layout Editor-- Barbara Webster: Make-up Editor--James Robert- son, Helen Stevensong Art Editor--Ralph Peterson, Sports Editors--Larry Crouch, Mary Jane Nicelyg Circulation--Peggy Stowersg Advertising--Ned Kurtz, Sponsor--Doris Andrews. INTRODUCING CHESTER WIN You heard thestaff--They said"they're tired." So follow me through the rest of the pages of this annual. Me--you want to know who I am? I'm Chester Win, an old friend, an uncle, and a conscience to these kids. They've tried to express their thanks and appreciation to all of you and believe me, they mean it. But we're wastin' time. Let's go onl R Jax M55 is DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1955, dedicate this annual to the memory of Virginia Sutherlin, a girl whom we all miss greatly. Virginia first came to this school in the first grade and then left in the fourth grade. In her freshman year of high school she came back to New Winchester. Finally, in her sophomore year she moved to Greencastle where she attended school until her death not long after leaving us. During her time here she made many friends who will never forget her. Her smile and friendly greeting are missed by all who knew and loved her. X Hendricks County Superintendent Our Retiring Trustee MR. MELVIN STURGEON MR. CHARLES KURTZ SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Our Principal Our New Trustee MR. NOBLE THOMPSON MR. ROY JONES u"'f'j GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Brown, Mrs. Etienne, Mrs. McFerran, Mrs. Kiger, Mrs. Smirherman, and Mr. Tennis. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Leavitt, Mrs. West, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Bowman Mrs. Phelps, and Mr. Kirts. SENIORS M gt' LARRY.. EUGENE GROU CH -4'f'1'17f' 1- Gahistiske--He who loves peace. Basketball 3,4g Track 3,45 Junior Playg Senior Playg Teepee Tales Staff--Mimeomang Warrior Staff--Sports Editor, ' NED EVERETT KUR',I'Z. A f f' ff ' I -fm' gal fi V' .gg fa, nonkiifenon-fHe Qfalert. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Track l,2, 3,4g Chorus 3,4g Boys' Quartet 4g Band 1.2: Junior Playg Senior Play: KIIB 4g Warrior Staff-- Advertising. KATHERINE EVELYN DAVIS mu 'fl I .3 - Notawkah-She hears: she listens Pep Squad 4: F.H.A. 4: Teepee Tales Staff- Grade Editorzwarrior Staff: Senior Playg Sex tet 25 Sunshine Society l,2,3. MARGURETTE LAYNE Galilahi--Amiable, attractive F.H.A. l,2,3,4g 4-H 1,2,3,4g Pep Squad 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Teepee Tales Staff 43 Warrior Staff--Business Managerg D.A,R. Contestant 1,2p State Chorus. CAROLYN SUE JEFFRAS Netab A frimd. Chorus 4: F.H.A. 4g Pep Squad President 4g Teepee Tales Staff-- Exchange: Warrior Staff Senior Playg KIIB 4. KENNETH WALT LEONARD , L--n.""5! -V417 "?'M7'n' 'N ' Wawakiye--One who helps. Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Track 1.2, 3,4p Chorus 2,3,4g Junior Playg Senior Play: Teepee Tales Staff--Assistant Sports: Warrior staff. 5 SENIORS M 2 EDWIN xRAI.,PH PSTFRSON Fw 5 .L , 5 N,.".+N1"'f X-'Y' 1 been ang--Didainer.-N' " Basketball 1,2,3, 5 Baseball l,2,3,45 Track 1.2, 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Chorus--Presi- dent 3,45 Warrior Staff--Art Editor. J AMES CLAYTON ,ROBERTSON .x I ' Q Q . Majencia--Tall and Strong. Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 152, 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Operatta 3,45 Class Officer l,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Boys' Quartet 45 Teepee Tales Staff--Editor5 Warrior Staff--Make-up Editor. il JOY JEAN PLUNKETT Ahsozong--Cheerful. F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Band l,2,3.45 KIIB 3,45 Junior Play5 Sen- ior Playg Class Officer 1,45 Operetta 2,35 State GIOFUSJ Teepee Tales Staff--Feature5 Warrior Staff- -Co- editor. MARY JANE NICELY., - ,fp X77?f,g,f: .kan f . .i Woussicket--Running Brook. Chorus l,2,3,45 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Teepee Tales Staff--Art Editorg Junior Play5 Senior Play: Kappa Pi Beta 45 Operetta 2,35 State Chorus. WILLIAM KEbiNELl'H PELL . A ' , ,Q f",f'w A if Wunnegelf-J-Pleasaritf Handsome. Basketball 253,45 Baseball 3,45 Track 253,45 Student Council 35 Chorus 3,45 Class Officer 1,2,3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Teepee Tales Staff-eSports Editor. JOHN HENRY MCGAUGHY Hackingpouskan- - Hardwalker Kappa Pi Beta 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play. SENIORS MARY ELLEN ROBINSON Skalich--Affable or agreeable. Teepee. Tales Staff--Exchange Editorg Warrior Staff: Senior Play. KPEGGY .TO STOWERS " " wawipgrs--skiuful Pep Squad 1,2,3,4g Teepee Tales--Proofreaderg Class Officer 2g Glorus 1,2,3,4g Junior Play: Senior Playg Warrior Staff--Circulation. w...w" was DARREL GENE SMITH Wahbahskikki--He who is himself Baseball 1,2,3,4g Junior Playg Teepee Tales Staff--Stencilistg Senior Playg KIIB 4g Chorus 3,4g Basketball Manager 45 Warrior Staff-- Ed- itorg Band l,2,3,4. RAYMOND ALLEN TRENT L Yupka--Merry ,,. Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,4g Track 3,4g Chorus l,2,3,4g Junior Playg Senior Playg An- nual Staffg State Chorus. MARTHA HELEN STEVENSON "" f . f' ' , . Ketongah--To be calm F.H.A. 2,3,4g Pep Squad l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4 KIIB 3,45 Junior Playg Senior Play: Class Of- ficer 4g State Chorus 4g Warrior up Editor 5 Teepee Tales Staff- -Stencilist. BARBARA JEAN WEBSTER Wichaka- -To be true Junior Playg Senior Playg Pep Squad 1,2,3,4 Chorus 3,4g KIIB 3,4g Class Officer 1,3g Tee- pee Tales Staff--Proofreaderg Annual Staff-- Layout Editor. CLASS HISTORY One of the most exciting days of our lives, that whldt started twelve long years of sdlool, was ln Sqatember-, 1943. Twetty-onesmallboys and girls gathered in New Winchester's first grade room. Miss Lena Goodwin was our teacher. The enrollmext carried the names of Joe Carpenter, Aron Collins, Nancy Moore,BobHicks, CarolynJeffras. Ned Kurtz, Margurette LIYHQ June Myers. Joy Plunkett,BarbaraRobinson, SammyRoblnson, EugeneSd1af1eld, Darrel Smith, Sue Carol Smith, Helea Stevenson, Jackie Morphew, PeggyStowers. Mary El1enRobinson, Virginia Sutherlin. James Spears, and Effie Heckathorn. There were many ups and downs and we were happy to see summer vacation come. Whet the school bell called us back to school, we returned to the same room with the same teacher. but we were now second graders. We lost threeof our classmates and gained Jackie Mendenhall. Richard McCloud, Anna Estes, and Ann Ridemour. Our third year wewere really grown-up: anew teadmer, Mrs. Lucile Yeager, and a new room. This year we lost four members and gained four. They were Franklin Overman, James Richardson, Peggy Finly and James Murphy. We were now fourth graders. Mrs. Yeager is still our teadler and we returned to the same room. This year we lost eight students. There were tl1ree new faces to flll the empty seats, Loren Riddle, Henry Hatton, and Phillip Hatton. We started our fifth year with nineteen members. We lost only one and gained six. The new students were Eunice Barber. James Robertson, and Mary Jane Nicely. Mrs. Nellie Ryner was our teacher. Our sixth year we have a new teacher, Mrs. Fern Lawson, and three new faces. Those added to our roll call were Kemeth Leonard, Larry Autry, and Linn Lawson. This year we lost seven students. Then came awonderful time. Weleftthe little ones bdlllld and wett upstairs to join the junior high school. We lost two members, but gained two. Marilyn Finchum and Marlene Wolfe came to study with us. Next ln our life came initiation which was the price we had to pay to become freshmen. It was rollsh. but well worth the price to join the select group of high sdxool students. Ralph Peter- son, Kenneth Pell, Dlxle Rlgdon, Virginia Sutherlln, Barbara Webster, and Raymond Trent were our new members. Oar sophotnore year Porter Jack and Harold Long were the only new faces. We're Juniors and only have one more year to go. We lost two classmates and gained two. 'I'hey were Bob Tagert and Henry McGaughey. At long last we have reached the top of a long, long ladder. We are completing the last of the twelve years. Kathy Davis and Carolyn J etfras join us to finish out our few short months as Set- iors. The students who have been togeher all these years are Joy Plunkett, Ned Kurtz, Peggy SENIORS l955 Stowers, Helen Stevenson, Darrel Smith, and Margurette Layne. SENIOR BABY PICTURES Hmmm i ' NAMES James Robertson Larry Crouch Helen Stevenson Carolyn Jeffras Kathy Davis Barbara Webster Henry McGaughy 'lug I I Ned Kurtz Joy Plunkett Ralph Peterson Mary Jane Nicely Darrel Smith Peggy Stowers ' ' 7' . wr-Y..---. 4 if SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Well, here I am at a class reimion of the class of 1956. Why there is Mrs. Bowmanl She was our class sponsor. "It's good to see all my old students. l've been wondering though, what happened to the graduation class of l955," says Mrs. Bowman. "Come to think of it," says I, "We've all been wondering the same thing. Wonder how we can find out what happend to them?" "I know," says one of my former classmates, "there's a good fortune teller in the city. Let's all go visit her and seeif she can help us." So we went. She was very nice and said she would do her best to help us. So, she got out her crystal ball,and things started happening. As we look through the crystal ball, we see a bright image appear. with great wonder we take a closer look and discover the "Crouch Electrical Company." LARRY CROUCH has now become a millionaire and is planning to mar ry Debbie Reynolds next spring. Next we sight a dim image in our crystal ball which turns out to be the former HELEN STEVENSON. After attending Central Business College in Indianapolis, she married a very suc- cessful and quite wealthy singer. They now live happily with their two lovely children on a 380 acre farm five miles from New York. Not far from Helen's home we discover the home of JAMES ROBERTSON and his wife, the former BARBARA WEBSTER. They live in a large two-story colonial house on a 501 acre farm. They are very proud of their twelve wonderful children. Next appearing in the crystal ball is KENNETH LEONARD. Kenneth is the head manager of a large chain of grocery stores. He is very happily married to a lovely wife, and is the father of four fine children. We now sight JOY PLUNKETT. She is established as the head nurse of the Mayo Clinic and is contemplating marriage to one of her former patients. He is a rich and handsome depart- ment store owner from New York. Next appearing in the crystal ball we see the former RALPH PETERSON who is now King Ralph of Siam. He is so popular with his harem of lovely young girls that he has decided not to marry for several years. Next we discover NED KURTZ. After his graduation from Purdue, he became an engineer with the Ajaz Construction Company. Ned is married to a former wave of theU.S. Navy and they are living in a big colonial home in Florida. They are the proud parents of three children. Appearing next in the crystal ball is DARREL SMITH who is a big-time farmer in Kansas. He is married to the former MARGURETTE LAYNE. Darrel and Margurette are raising two wonderful sons. Some day Darrel will have some good help on the farm. Looking through the crystal ball we now see Captain RAYMOND TRENT on duty at Camp Kelmer, New Jersey. He has been in the army for a number of years, and is now drawing a good salary. He is considering marriage to Marilyn Monroe now that she is free for remar riage. We wish him the best of luck. Now we see in the crystal ball, HENRY MCGAUGHY. He is a big-time cowboy in Texas. He owns twelve ranches and has three thousand head of cattle. He is married to a beautiful lady, and they have seven wonderful boys. A new figure emerges in the crystal ball. It is CAROLYN J EFFRAS who is now a success- ful model at Macy's Department Store in New York. She is looking forward to a great career in modeling. Appearing next from the graduating class of 1955 is Mrs. Frank Plunkett the former PEGGY STOWERS. They married a year after her graduation and are now the proud parents of a set of twins. and three other lovely children. She was the former secretary of Vice-President Richard Nixon. Next to appear is the former MARY JANE NICELY, who is living in Indianapolis. She is married to Kyle Russell. and they have a chain of restaurants. Mary Jane and Kyle are the proud parents of six children. ,l 7 1 , I. I. I. 1. I. I. I. I. 1. 1. I. 1. I 1. I I I I I l I o CLASS WILL To the juniors, our ability to put on a good play. To the sophomores, more girls. To the freshman, our energy to last for three more years. ARTICLE II Larry Crouch, will my ability to sleep in classes to Charlie Hall and my ability to get along with Gwynne Stanley to Lowell Newby. Margurette Layne, will my glasses to Juanita and my shortness to Julie Allen. Ned Kurtz, will my sports car to Mr. Kirts and my ability to not go steady to anyone who wants lt. Barbara Webster, will my ability to study to Merrill Church and my ability to get along with the teachers to Jim Vannice. Henry Mc Gaughy, will my height to Norman Stevenson and my width to Tracy Lewis. James Robertson, will my job as editor ofthe school paper to anyone who can get along with the commercial teacher and my Tinn Lizzie to Bud Hall and all my girlfriends toAllenRussel1. Raymond Trait, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Larry Creech. Mary Jane Nicely, will my job on the sdiool paper to anyone who wants it, my figure to Karen Sims and my shortness to Janice Barlow. Peggy Stowers, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Jim Vannice, my long hair to Juanita Layne and my ability to stick to one man to Susan Johnson. i Kathy Davis, will my height to Barbara Fritsche and my seat in the assembly to anyone who wants it. Carolyn Jeffras, will my ability to get the car to Lowell Newby, my ability to play the accordion to Juanita Layne and my long fingernails to LaVera Mc Coy. Joy Plunkett, will my ability to smile all the time to Danny Sutherlin, my seat in the assembly to Charlie Hall and my job in the cafeteria to anyone who can count money. Helen Stevenson, will my ability to talk a lot to J im Vannice and my ability to drive a car to to David Taylor. Kenneth Leonard, will my ability to get into mischief to Norman Stevenson, my height to Jerry Owens and my books to Ollie to start a fire. Darrel Smith, will my job as scorekeeper to Sammy Layne and my job as co-editor of the annual to anyone who has a lot of time. Mary Ellen Robinson, will my pigtails to Beth Plunkett and my ability to stay in all the time to Lowell Newby. Kenny Pell, will my personality to Barney Russell and my typewriter to anyone who is a good mechanic. Ralph Peterson, will my ability to make bets to Mr. Leavitt and my ability to sleep in study hall to Merrill Church. ARTICLE I To the school and the community, our fondest memories of past years. To the teachers, memories of our good behavior and our good looks. r J . . .. .-1,,,. ., ,,.. ,, FIRST ROW Mrs Bowman Sponsor Jane Barlow, Barbara Fritsche, Linda Owens, Carolyn Haverly and Marilyn Steele. SECOND ROW Jean Barlow, Sue Carol Smith, Wilma Robinson, Audrey Everts La Vera McCoy and Janice Barlow. THIRD ROW: Robert Webster, Merrill Church Larry Creedl Robert York Jackie Mendenhall, and Charlie Hall. NOT PICTURED: JUNIOR CLASS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . . . Jane Barlow Barbara Fritsche , , Linda Owens . . . Carolyn Haverly . . Marilyn Steele FIRST ROW: Donald Nicely, Juanita Layne, Gwynne Stanley Gene Crawford SECOND ROW Jerry Owens, Sammie Layne, Lowell Newby, Dale Larson, James Vanmce THIRD ROW Stanley Leonard Gordon McIntyre, Leon Edwards, Mr. Russell Kirts, Sponsor SOPHOMORE CLASS President . . . Vice- President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Reporter . . OFFICERS . . Dick Durbin Gordon Mclntyre Gwynne Stanley . Juanita Layne . Lowell Newby FIRST ROW: Mrs. Andrews, Sponsor, Carolyn Good, Linda Smith, Loretta Mendenhall, Julia Allen, Priscilla Hirnsel, and Charlotte Everts. SECOND ROW: Lois Barnhart, James Patterson, Tracy lewis, Alden Cassity, Ruth Young, and Susan Johnson. THIRD ROW: David Taylor, Bill Doudy, Harry Durbin, Bill Henderson, Barney Russell, and John Bunten. FOURTH ROW: Bucky Henderson, Larry Thompson, Norman Stevenson, Bill McFerran. ! A ,py , Cy' 1 Q 'ff -vi: fp 7 ' Ls' r I , A v X Q,Q,,c,c,, ,J iff , t B . 5 a L' , r I 'J FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . Vice- President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Reporter . . inf .- .L ' Jfmfffx 5 K' sgmm J . .I dy Alden Cassity . . Tracy Lewis Susan Johnson Carolyn Good . Linda Smith E1GHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Ruth Key, Susan Patterson, Betty Davis, Kay Crawford, Janet Parker, Mr. Leavitt. SECOND ROW: Molly McGaughy, Virginia Good, Beth Plunkett, Norma McCoy, Beverly Eubank, Linda Leonard. THIRD ROW: James Taylor, Danny Sutherlin, Charles Kurtz, Richard Himsel, Robert Stowers, Terry Larsen, Wayne Harmless, FOURTH ROW: Sam Robinson, Danny Finchum, Cecil Burge, Donald Barnhart, Melvin Trent, Robert Vannice. SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Wanda McCoy, Barbara Himsel, Nona Pierson, Jeannette Crouch, Sarah Myers, Sylvia Bunton. SECOND ROW: Joyce Webster, Valeria Layne, Kathy Russell, Cynthia Smith, Wilburdean Stambaugh, Mrs. Walton. THIRD ROW: Richard Wood, Mike Sims, Bill Templin, Tony Doub, Martin Kruse, Mark Lawson. FOURTH ROW: Carl Bedwell, Scott Sumpter, Stanley Everts, John Jellison, Nor- man Heagy, Franklin Nicely. SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Panicia Huntley, Ruth Ann Houser, Judy Ayers, Sharon Crouch, Sharon Graham, Rozella Roe, Beth Templin, Sarajane Kinneman, Mr. Tennis. SECOND ROW: Sharon Givson, MarnaThompson, Iris Peterson, Virginia Jellison, Barbara Davis, Kaye Gibbs, Janice Leonard, Jo Ellen Harmless. THIRD ROW: Jerry Ayers, William Tumblin, Kevin Brown, Tommy Parker, Monte Tracy, Mike Young, Fay Thomas, Elizabeth Stambough. FOURTH ROW: Larry Parker, Thad Branson, Mike Chambers, Kenneth I-leadrlck,Stephen Stelzner, Tommy McFerran. FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Joyce Ann Leonard, Bonnie Johnson, Jackie Eggers, Sandra Sumpter, Kathleen Peterson, Jo Ann Jellison, Lois Smitherman. SECOND ROW: Judy McGaughy, Janet Miller, Gloria Hawrin, Carlene Hicks, Wilma Burdine, Joyce Trent, Kathy Record. THIRD ROW: Gene Trent, James Kidder, Bobby Russell, Billy Huntley, John Sipe, Jack Vannice, Richard Ryland. FOURTH ROW: Marvin Smith, Mike Doub, Max Joseph, Mike Larsen, Elvin Cassity, Stephen McIntyre, Joe Kinnaman. FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Jewel York, Kathryn Vannice, Minnie Tumblin, Linda Heagy. Judy Barnhart, Virginia McCoy, Edna Branson, Shirley Owens, Nina Shaw. SECOND ROW: Imogene Kiger, Larry Pierson, Jerry Barnhart, G. F. Spears, Andrew McFerran, Ronald Graham, Stanley Hughes, Jerry Kruse, Willie Patterson. THIRD ROW: Sue Burdine, Jerry Beasley, Jerry Chandler, Michael Ryland, Robert Chrysler, Carl Shaw, Larry Good, Norma Beasley. PICTURES NOT INCLUDED: Sarah Tracy, Frederick Hine, James Satterly. THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Mrs. McFerran, Dona Jean Price, Mary Ann Parker, Susan Joseph, Karen Hook, Patricia Bunten, Pamela Hicks, Gloria Wray. Janice Parr, Judy Jones, Gayle Tackltt. SECOND ROW: Mike Leach, Diann Stanley, Jackie Leonard, Jean Buechler, Agnes Knudson, Jackie Wallace, Shirley Fellows, Judith Lambert, Marcia Miller, Larrie Chambers. THIRD ROW: Steven Crouch, Jerry Trent, Bradley Stelzner, Darrel Plunkett, David Newby, Alan Ader, RussellChand1er, Dennis Graham, Billy Hauser, John Kidder. SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW: Donald Hughes, Margaret Trent, Lillie Thomas, Loy Shaw, Kenneth burdlne, Shelby Satterly, Doma Joan Branson, J immy Thompson, Martin Hession Jr. SECOND ROW: Richard F. Wagoner, Patty Price, Ricky Parent, David Wood, Janet Lambert, Kathy Good, Norma Jean Mood, J onell Bedwell, Sandra Blythe, Lois Etienne. THIRD ROW: Sharon Chandler, Marjorie McNeff, Caro1Jean Fellows, Henry York, Ruth Ann Church, Thad Vannice, Morris Beasley, Marcia Blllltel. FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Melvin Blythe, Jane Buechler, David Routh, Diana Sue Lewis, Sharon Knudson, Kris Peterson, Jerry Parr, Linda Beasley, Jerry Hlland. SECOND ROW: J lmmy Hessian, Mary Jane Goss. Russell, Leach, Phil Sims, Garry Presser, Stevie Roe. Estel Roe, B111 Wagoner, Leon Thomas, Mrs. Brown. THIRD ROW: Lessie Walls, Danny Pierson, Ken Bedwell, Henry York, Ronald Barnhart, Stanley Ryland, David Gibbs, Frank Doub, Pamela Flanagan. F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America has forty-five members in it this year. Their annual event is the formal Valentine's Dance. National F. H, A. Week was observed during the year, and the girls go caroling each Christ- mas with gifts for the shut-ins. The club was an honor chapter for the year 1953-1954. Linda Owens is the Central Dis- trict Parliamentarian and attended the Regional F. H. A. meeting at Lansing, Michigan this year. Mrs. Sarah Phelps is the F. H. A. sponsor and Mrs. Charles Kurtz is the club mother. i F . President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Historian . . . Parliamentarian Editor ..... Song Leader . . Public Relations H I Al OFFICERS . 0 . ,... Joy Plunkett Margurette Layne . . Carolyn Haverly . . . Juanita Layne . . LaVera Mc Coy . . Marilyn Steele . . Helen Stevenson Loretta Mendenhall Barbara Fritsche LINDA OWENS REIGNS AS WARRIOR QUEEN PEGGY STOWERS Attendant ate- .SV K Q- f yi x 'lv A MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus is under the direction of Mrs. Alice Walton this year. We have the largest chorus class in the history of New Winchester High School with a total of 52 members. CHORAL REPRESENTATIVES FOR TEACHERS' INSTITUTE FIRST ROW: Margurette Layne, Helen Stevenson, Peggy Stowers, Joy Plunkett, Mary Jane Nicely, and Mrs. Walton. SECOND ROW: Ned Kurtz, Darrel Smith, Kenneth Leonard, Kenneth Pell, and Raymond Trent. -1. NEW WINCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL BAND This year the High School Band participated in the All County Musical and also entertained at the basketball games. Also this year, we added baton twirlers. They are: Loretta Mendenhall, Jean Barlow, Jane Barlow, Carolyn Haverly, Julia Allen and Susan Johnson. Boys' OUARTET LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Walton, Ned Kurtz, James Robertson, Kenneth Pell, and Larry Creech. cmLs'szxn:1 LEFT TO RIGHT: linda Owens, Carolyn Haverly, LaVera McCoy, Mrs. Walton, Ioy Plunkett, Loretta Mendenhall, and Barbara lhitsche "lT'S GREAT TO BE CRAZY" Mrs. Doris Bowman Betty Lou Maxwell . . . . Bernardine Smith Wilbur Maxwell . Janet Maxwell . . Hercules Nelson Aunt Mary ..... John Maxwell . . Mrs. Jennings . . J. C. Mallory . . Groverlennings... Louie .... Gertrude . . . . . Gladys . . . . . . Clara Smith ..... Stage Hands . . Makeup . . . . . Linda Owens . . . Jane Barlow . . Marilyn Steele Connie Maxwell . . . . ...A11enRussell . . . Jean Barlow . Merrill Church Barbara Fritsche . Robert Webster . . . . Carolyn Haverly . . . J ack Mendenhall . . Larry Creech Robert Thompson . . Janice Barlow . Audrey Evertts . LaVera Mc Coy . . . Charlie Hall Robert York . Wilma Robinson Sue Smith KAPPA PI BE TA SEATED: Henry Mc Gaughy, Barbara F ritsche, Carolyn Haverly, Barbara Webster, Joy Plunkett, Linda Owens, Mary Jane Nicely. STANDING: Bob Thompson, Helen Steven- son, Jane Barlow, Marilyn Steele, Ned Kurtz, Doris Andrews, Sponsor. For the seventh year we are organizingliappa Pi Beta to honor journalism students. Rigid requirements have been established and must be met in order for a student to attain membership. Evidence of loyalty comes in the spring when KIIB conducts the annual All-County Amateur Contest. It requires work--hard work. But reward comes in the form of fun and food as members and guests feast at the Razz Banquet. SENIOR CLASS PRLOPHECY QContinued from Page 113 With deep concentration we now sight KENNETH PEILL, who is now training lions for Clyde Beatty in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. He is happily married to a trapeze artist, and they have three wonderful childral who are following in their parents foot- steps. N Now we see the former MARY ELLEN ROBINSON. She is: a secretary for a firm in Cali- fornia and is engaged to a famous accordion player now starring in his own show on television. Not far from Mary Ellen's apartment we discover the former KATHY DAVIS who is now married to Liberace. We find them and their set of triplets seated around Liberace's famous piano-shaped swimming pool at their Beverly Hills home. Suddenly the images in the crystal ball grow dim and finally we discover that we have completed the list of the graduating class of 1955. We have found them all quite successful and happy. This prophecy was written and signed by the Junior class of 1954-55. jane Barlow Linda Owens SueSmith Merrill Church Robert Thompson Allen Russell Audrey Everts Janice Barlow Marilyn Steele Barbara Fritsche Wilma Robinson LaVera Mc Coy Jean Barlow Carolyn Haverly Jack Mendenhall Larry Creech Robert Webster Robert York I MRS. IVY WEST HISTORY TEACHER Mrs. Ivy West graduated from Oaklandon High School in Oaklandon, Indiana .... Holds a college degree from Butler University .... Has worked in an in- surance office, the Butler alumni officeand done sales work during the summer .... Goal in teaching is to help students find joy and satisfactioninlearning .... Hobbies are reading, and my children . . . . Likes people and teaching school .... Dislikes insincerity . . . . Petpeeveishavingpeople say, "I don't like his- tory" .... Has traveled much less than would like tol Confined mostly to the area north and east of Indiana, from Chicago to New York and Philadelphia. ENGLISH TEACHER Mrs. Doris Bowman graduated from Shelbyville High School in Shelbyville, Indiana .... Holds a college degree from Butler University .... Has traveled east to Pennsylvania and Niagara Falls and north to Chicago .... Goal ln teaching is to teach students ability to use what you learn, solid backgrotmd of fundamental English and cultural heritage .... Hobbies are house-keeping, sports, bowling, swimming setting in front of the fireplace .... Likes are her daughter, whe.r1 she is like her mother, good basket- ball, bright colors, and stage plays . . . . Dislikes her daughter, when she is like her father, Hillbilly music, to be wrong and calories .... Pet peeves are people who think an education is a waste of time, people who think the small high school and rural community can- not "measure up" to the rural standards, people who watch television instead of talking to her, people who hint instead of saying, and people who let the other fellow do the hard work. 7 ilu , ra 'WSF' K MRS. DORIS BOWMAN af.-. . V, . 4 MRS. SARAH PHELPS i HOME EC. TEACHER Mrs. Sarah Phelps graduated from Lumberton High School in Lumberton, Mississippi .... Holds a college degree from Mississippi State College for Women and The University of Tennessee . . . . Has extension work from Indiana Teacher-'s College .... Goal in teadllng is to try to help students to apply their knowledge to their everyday living and contacts . . . . Hobbies are sewing, trying new receipts, and reading .... Pet peeves are people too busy doing nothing to be able to tend to their business. COACH Mr. Charles R. Kirts graduated from Williamsport High School in Williamsport, Indiana .... Holds a college degree from Canterbury College .... Com- pleted his masters at Butler and has other credits from Columbia University . . . . ls an electrician as well as a school teacher .... Has traveled from the east coast to the west coast, and toured the South Pacific during the war .... Goal in teaching is to help young people help themselves .... Hobbies are sports and tinkering with radios . . . . Likes sports, radios, TV, mysteries, eating, and hunting . . . . Dislikes classical music, most movies, and shopping of any kind .... Pet peeve is excuses. MR. NOBLE THQAPSON PRINCIPAL Mr. Noble Thompson graduated from Danville High School .... Holds degrees from Central Normal College, Indiana University, and Indiana State Teach- ers' College . . . . Has worked as a railroad employee, accountant, construction worker, service station em- ployee, and hotel desk clerk .... Has traveled throughout the United States .... Goal in teaching is mastery of subject matter and democratic living to- gether .... Hobbies are leatherwork, photography, and camping .... Likes sports .... Dislikes coco- nut .... Pet peeve is driving with someone looking over shoulder from the back seat. MUSIC TEACHER Mrs. Alice T. Walton graduated from Danville High School in Danville, Indiana .... Holds a college degree from Central Normal College .... Has done other work on her masters degree at Indiana State Teachers' College .... Traveled throughout the cen- tral part of the United States .... Goal ln teaching is to provide eadm student with the opportunity to live a richer and fuller life through the enjoyment of musical experiences: and to help him to see, through these musical experiences the importance of co-oper- atim and getting along in our daily living .... Hobbies are reading and knitting .... No particular likes or dislikes or net peeves. MRS. ALICE WALTON f" ' ra ,.,. HQ - , A Ywzflf not t . , ,W V , . ,,..-4... SHOP TEACHER Mr. Frank A. Leavitt graduated from Bloomfield High School in Bloomfield. Indiana .... Holds a college degree from Indiana State Teacher's College . . . . Has done other work on his masters at Indiana University .... Traveled with theU.S. Navy in World War II . . . .Goal in teaching is to coach a winner of the "state tourney" . . . ,Hobbies are allsports. wordworking and leathercraft . . . . Likes seafood. "corny" jokes, and a "wirmer" . . . . Dislikes cold fried eggs, a "quitter" and vulgarity . . . . Pet peeves are people that are late, to be leaned on when being talked to, and "dead fish" handshakes. ff' ,en ' t L COMMERCE TEACHER Mrs. Doris Andrews graduated from Danville High School ..... Holds a college degree from Indiana University . .... Has worked at A11ison's .... . Has traveled west to Denver, Colorado, south to Georgia, east to Washington D.C., and north to Can- ada ..... Goalin teadxing is to be able to stand firm in her principle: to be fair in her dealing with stu- dentsp to know enough to be final in her decision . . . . . Hobbies are sewing and knitting ..... Likes in- dustrious students, popcorn, exciting ball games . . . . . Dislikes cold coffee, nosey people, and tobe stumped ..... Pet peeve ls to have things carried out of the departmemt and not know where they are when wanted. Mrs. M. Humphress and Mrs. A. Hurst are the ones responsible for the success of our hot lunch pro- gram this year. Mrs. Humphress has served us six years and Mrs, Hurst two years. IANITORS OLLIE and CLAY CASSITY Need anything? let Ollie or Clay know about it and you will want no longer. Ollie is ending his thirtieth year as the janitor of our school. SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Woods, Wilfred Harmless, Charlie Smith and Howard Smith. Not Pictured: Bob Fritsche and Hobert Steele. We hesitate to count the number of miles our bus drivers have driven to bring us to school through all kinds of weather, di' n . u s s L BOOSTER CLUB It is a compliment to say that this is the noisiest Booster Club in its history. It has 60 members and is under the leadership of three industrious cheer leaders. The sponsors of the Booster Club are Mrs. Ivy West and Mrs. Sarah Phelps. Barbara Fritsche Carolyn Good H . Linda Owens .f , X4 Cf Ai ly U B :Ar ffm fl " or C, , A I 'num 3 in as , "3""""" W use at , i as ggi timid! li I. , A. Nfl BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW Raymond Trent, Lowell Newby, Allen Russell, Ralph Peterson Kenny Pell leon Edwards Dick Durbin Allen Cassity, Kenneth Leonard, James Robertson. SECOND ROW Student Manager Harry Durbin Tracy Lewis, Bill Dowdy, Bill Henderson, James Patterson Bucky Hender son Ned Kurtz Darrel Smith. THIRD ROW: Sammy Layne - Student Manager Gordon Mclntyre Dale Larsen Brll McFerran-, Barney Russell, Jerry Owens, Russell Kirts, Coach 1954 BASEBALL SCHEDULE OPPONENTS Avon Llzton North Salem Pittsboro Clayton WON . . . 3 SCORE HOME New Winchester New Winchester New Winchester New Winchester New Winchester LOST. ..2 KENNETH LEONARD f' Guard ' ', ',,.4.v"f '... NEWBY Guard I LM: Lx 'N RUSSELL KIRTS Coach RAYMOND TRENT Forward C 8 DIC! .Y is V . g. M QQ . .QLRR NED KURTZ I AMES ROBERTSON Guard Co-captain Forward f' 'f . f f - ' ALLEN RUSSELL Guard Co-captain KENNETH PELL LARRY CROUCH Guard f , Forward rj fx,'yj1f , ' J " TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: Ned Kurtz, Bob Thompson, Kenneth Pell, and Charlie Hall. SECOND ROW: Dale Lar- sen, Lowell Newby, Jackie Mendenhall, and Dick Durbin. THIRD ROW: James Robertson, Kenneth Leonard, Ralph Peterson, and Stanley Leonard. STUDENT MANAGERS Sammy Layne and Harry Durbin A team without a student manager would be like a team without a coach. There might not be any. This makes Sammy's second year as student manager and Ha.rry's first year. . f RRIQ '2 R10 ggi R 10,3 4' 'PJ 1,1112 1 99- I2 xx Q 1594 4 X SECOND TEAM FIRST ROW: Mr. Kirts. Stanley Leonard, Dale Larsen, Dick Durbin, Aldm Cassity. SECOND ROW: Jerry Owens, Bucky Henderson, Jackie Mendenhall, Lowell Newby, Leon Edwards, Bill Dowdy, Gordon Mclntyre, J im Vannice. THIRD ROW: Larry Thompson, Jim Patterson. Barney Russell, Bill Mclferran, Billy Henderson. JUNIOR HIGH TEAM FIRST ROW: Donald Barnhart, Carl Bedwell, Franklin Nicely, Dick Hlmsel, Wayne Harmless, Bobby Stowers. SECOND ROW: Mr. Leavitt, Mike Sims, Stanley Everts, Terry Larsen, Richard Wood. Q l r Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Ian. J an. Ian. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. NEW WINCHESTER BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1954 - 55 North Salem Lizton Fillmore Avon Cloverdale Stilesville Amo Reelsville Bainbridge Monrovia Lizton Belle Union Clayton Pittsboro Amo Eminence Pinell Perry Central There Here There Here There Here There Here Here Here Here Here Here There Here There Here There . 5 seshilh - Ni LAZIEST L Katherine Da ' MXCA vis M MOST CO Sxcew Ralph Peterson HQOST ,QA Mai? Sane 'Uem He len SUSVSHFUL gavwond my MCG 603011 au Shy I mines BEST PERSONALITY STUOXOUS Joy Plunkett MOST MOST tawebgxei Kenneth Pell Larry JOPULAR 53332116 Smith C3fo1yUfEUCh fgas BEST LOOKING UL MOS CREEK? Margurette Layne T A MOST Robmson James Robertson Peggy TH!-ET, Maw Exxtixnbeonatd Ned 1j,tO wells C K3nUe U ftz M, Jw -M :ei L. ' pf ,A N , , ,?? Z if W Lg it Y Qt A M -1 f M' ,m . f ., , .F jg gn .iz ' SK .gy fi'f:'?A1 - ,: - z 42 if 5 sg A ,. 1 Q 9? f ' an an K 'W W W, M .5 ww .Ag L , Q ,E ,. iFAtlf+l5 9 "wx, ' 'Miz .4 , .gk ii. 1 1, z A13 3 3 I I i 'xx ss 5. ,. I4 ,ggtisk 4' L Ng inggfg E if H' Qi IQ' -if if 'K Q fi uf Qdlm, wgwm G QQWH Q i 5 gk lx 2 Nm' ...'E?- fy-jx Us 'Mn THELMA STEP!-IENSON Stephenson's Studio The Warrior Staff wishes to express their appreciation to Mrs. Stephenson who so patiently took pictures for us. Her warm smiles and kind words have helped greatly in the publication of our annual. Thank you. '. 'L' I ' I I.EONARD'S GENERAL STORE AND SERVICE STATION Tires - Batteries - Minor Repairs Phone 18 NEW WINCHESTER, INDIANA. 19 0N0 RALSTON'S COURT Q AND BETTY'S CAF E Good Food Private Baths Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Ellis On U. S. 40 PLAINFIELD. INDIANA FRANK WYNN Sinclair Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service Corner of Main and Tennessee DANVILLE. INDIANA 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 I 2 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DANVILLE The Oldest National Bank in Central Indiana aomoooaawwmmwoaoawwaawwawioawoowomwwww-M Success for the Coming Year WESTWOOD INN H, c. RODNEY AND sou "Stop By When Going By" CHEVROLET Parties Recognized Main Street PIIOIIB SH-5-2984 DANVILLE' INDIANA DANVILLE. INDIANA wouowoaawwwwosfa-'atv-owotw-wwwawtw-vu 00-00000 All Kinds of New and Used Furniture HOUSE OF HADLEY. BATEMAN'S INCORPORATED TRADING POST Hendricks County's Largest Clothiers Phone 129 58 Old Salem Road Main Street Mannie and Irene Bateman DANVILLE. INDIANA DAN VILLE. INDIANA !05C?5"L05l049?f04!0W K0"?'05 in 000000000000 0000 ,0..0,,0,4 Compliments of COATESVILLE ELEVATOR COATESVILLE. INDIANA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COATESVILLE. INDIANA Strong - Safe - Dependable State, County, Township and Municipal Depository Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured Up to 310,000 For Each Depositor FARM SUPPLY COMPANY Intemational Farm Machinery Motor Trucks Hardware Appliances Your Friendly I-H Dealer COATESVILLE. INDIANA W0 90N7l055'40"l MAC'S IMPLEMENT STORE Sales and Service Virgil M-:Cammack - Allen Campbell Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer We Do Welding Phone 131 DANVILLE, INDIANA f0+f0ff01Q0"0f'0a000000000000000000:0:00000000000.0,.0, O. L. VAN CLEAVE IEWELER A Good Place to Buy Your Watches and Iewelry BAINBRIDGE. INDIANA MARY ANNA MOTEL Extends "GO0d Wishes" '10-anon ra-M0-faffoa Located on U. S. 40 - STILESVIILE. INDIANA PREVO'S Serving Putnam County Over 50 Years Ladies' Fine Wearing Apparel GREENCASTLE. INDIANA .,0v,.g,g0v,5g0,gQ. '04'720Wf05'0'0 0451 KERSEY MUSIC STORE Iesse French - PIANOS - Winter Kenneth K. Kersey, Prop. Phone 113 Representative: Kenneth Sutherlin 28 South Iackson Street GREENCASM' NEMA DAVIS INSURANCE COMPANY Personalized n0u0,0.Q,0, WM Insurance Service AMO. INDIANA FLEENOR REXALL DRUGS Drugs - Prescriptions Serving Your Needs for 30 Years 3 Registered Pharmacists GREENCASTLE, INDIANA . 14+-owanotmafaooemfmeaeaoowwoeaeaawfwfowafawwwwfwfearawwomfawfofag 6519100102901 CLINE CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, Altering on the West Side oi the Square Reese Cline DANVILLE. INDIANA '-00'0'J10'l0'1'00f01:0feQv0sv..f DAVISSON MARINE SUPPLY Mercury Outboard Motors Boats and Supplies South Cross Street DANVILLE. INDIANA :mae wafafoa-meow-010110. so-1010-lou BOB'S GRILL THE FAMILY ANNEX 125 Hamburgers Bring the family for noon and evening ls Phone Clayton 12411 mea I The only eating place on the west side 3 Miles West of of the Square PLAINFIELD. INDIANA DAN-VILLEI INDIANA u 740s Compliments of Amo 1v111.1.1NG COMPANY COFFEE CUP Grain, Molcxsses. Coal,. Feed Grinding ' Feed, FBIIIIIZGI DANVILLE. INDIANA AMO. INDIANA 5 S FRANKLIN CAFE Steak, Chops, Chicken Dinners LAYNE AND GRIFFITH Small Parties Pure SIUIIOII Phone 9-82 - Clayton, Indiana Phone 9118 CLAYTON, INDIANA GREENCASTLE. INDIANA F0'040'0'001w010f00:00:a00f00wa00000w:00-101m000.vxa.0.00..0.0. '7105Q05C05'-?'0' a1 Q Wayne - Nancy - Dorothy Compliments of BON TON DINER MULLINS "The Marks" DRUG Good Food Always STORE 5 GREENCASTLE. INDIANA Paula - Randy - Wayne Ir On U. s. Highway as BAINBRIDGE, INDIANA g0vje0n7vQx0n.0w4 0e010'00 10v0v0 G. L. HANKS Complete Food Center A. A. HUBER Purina Chows . . Locker Service Plumb H mg and eating Fresh Dressed Poultry BAINBRIDGE. INDIANA Phone 2-35 BAINBRIDGE. INDIANA 000000-L 00000 001 Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY School Supplies and Equipment Ianitor Supplies TERRE HAUTE. INDIANA GREENCASTLE, INDIANA o 1 COLLIER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Supplies "Yard of Service and Courtesy" COATESVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of BROWNIS MARKET 0ww0 0000o000w 5 Proprietor - H. L. Brown COATESVILLE, DIDIANA WAYNE KIVETT Plumbing and Heating 'Wallpaper cmd Paints ' Pumps and Piping Q COATESVILLE, INDIANA ' 9 7 u WEST BUTCHERING AND PROCESSING Phone 1920 - Res. 4540 AMO, INDIANA Compliments of POWELL FUNERAL SERVICE 0"0"""0W"0"0"0"0"0W'm0"4"0"0"0'i0" AND FURNITURE STORE COATESVILLE, INDIANA ' 9 Compliments oi WALLACE CITY SERVICE COATESVILLE. INDIANA 9 9 MOEW'S Improved Corn Belt Hybrids AVQN HOBBY SHOP KENNETH M AS ON Complete Line of Gas Models - Toys 3 Phone 12-22 Games - Hardware - Paints - Glass 5 NEW WINCHESTER, INDIANA AVON' INDIANA Qowwva-f0w.0n0120'u0w:0u0:f0n01:0u :01ea:0'10110-:01f0::mQ0f01w'u0:Lm:0w0f:0Now.01Q0" - HOBART STEELE RANDY'S g REGAL STORE FINE DRY CLEANING Q Quality Grade Food Pickup and Delivery Service 6 Farmcrait Seed Corn Phone 74 NEW WINCHESTER, INDIANA COATESVILLE, INDIANA 0:0000-owwwfvfawwlaoawem-awe 000000000000-005000001 High Grade Printing GI THE COATESVILLE HERALD S New, Modern Deluxe Accomodations Ph0ne 68 9 Home Cooking COATESVILLE, INDIANA 5 INDIANA MOTEL 6 RESTAURANT Sunday Dinners Served Prices Reasonable Iwfemwwwwawwwwfwwwwwraemfmfmwwwavalfmsow For Reservations Phone Clayton 26-32 On U. S. 40 - 3 Miles East of STILESVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of KNIGHT'S DRUG STORE COATESVILLE, INDIANA l . 40 0 -6161 -'0w01'0W'01 -202 5 5 ,S S' 45 5 Q Ship by Truck GENERAL MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE Call Danville 324 - Ring 1 u S WEAVER'S FUNERAL HOME Floor Coverings . Phone Sherwood 5-4411 A DANVILLE, INDIANA S CITY CLEANERS Hoosier Hotel Building - We Own and Operate Our Own Plant Phone 42 DANVILLE, INDIANA '0"6'1?'!0"5'N0" H Z10W ?1-? 1-7 101102-02101-0"-4 THOMPSON DRUG COMPANY Your Rexcrll Store Phone 808 DANVILLE, INDIANA i BROWNLEE GARAGE 5 Tires - Batteries - Accessories Complete Motor Repairing I0n0x0w0a0MW0R0N0mal'0u0a'0N0k0M0"lplaaw I NORTH SALEM, INDIANA Good Luck Seniors S COX GROCERY STORE HADLEY, INDIANA -0 502 5 5 E 9 5 5 5 3 S 5 5 5 2 5. 5 9 5 5 9 9 S 6 5 2 5 9 5 6 2 5 6 HOBART STEELE REGAL STORE Quality Grade Foods Farmcrait Seed Com 5 NEW WINCHESTER. INDIANA 5 Indiana's Leading Sporting Goods Store EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 9 :0'0m0"0'0'0n0'wM0u0'0y0m0M 209 West Washington Street 3 3 ME. 4-3446 INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Q 5 THE REPUBLICAN 2 "Hendricks County's Q - Leading Newspaper" DANVILLE. INDIANA 5 0' '0Y0Y04f?'0H0"0W-J10'f0'01'0"'4 0N0M0'K0'20N01Q0'W0"0'10410'110v0ff0"0K0N0'1f0N0K 5 BAKER AND soN Hardware - Paint - Housewares Southeast Corner of Square DANVILLE. INDIANA HERFF-IONES CO. Manufacturing Iewelers - and Stationers r 0, 0 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue INDIANAPOLIS 7. INDIANA BAKER FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Established 1923 Pohne 140-1 DANVILLE, INDIANA 000000000000 Compliments of BORDEN'S ICE CREAM COMPANY Phone 762 CRAWFORDSVILLE. INDIANA W'l0f'0f0K0'0' !65!Q59 ?K0N010i0N7'0I00'0' ROBERT EUBANK Stone Contractor NEW WINCHESTER, INDIANA 7 00:0-"4,' Compliments of THE HUMPTY DUMPTY Walter and Thelma Shew 0000u 5 Good Luck Seniors MARATHON GAS STATION 9 Iunction 39-40 9 u 7N?v0R0R0N0"0N? - HENDRICKS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSOCIATION "lust A Good Place To Trade" Marvin E. Wells. Manager DANVILI-E. INDIANA Q0f0N?f0NOM GLOVER FORD SALES Ford Cars and Trucks Complete Service and Body Shop 115 South Washington Street DAN VILLE. INDIANA "0N0'0' 010f10'I7'?'01 05100101100 TRUCKER'S HAVEN Home Cooking Sunday Chicken Dinners Located West of Plainiield on U. S. 40 Open 24 Hours Under New Management Rex and Nell Fordyce K04040110f0"0W0"0'f04t0210-101 '0N04'016N0'1010f'0N0 REGAL STORE Extends Good Wishes Everett Smith, Prop. NORTH SALEM. INDIANA 2000000000000 t so-w0u0u0f0i Compliments oi LEON SAUNDERS I Compliments of DAVIS HARDWARE wofeafawwemeaw-fofofwnlawfeawfcawflawwla Q NORTH SALEM. INDIANA 5 MAX E. WEIR 5 Your Standard Oil Dealer Everythinq in Petroleum Products Sherwood 5-2594 DANVILLE, INDIANA 9 9 5 0H0N0'6K0"0"'4 Compliments of HEADS CLOTHING STORE DANVILLE. INDIANA Compliments of E. I. ROBERTS GARAGE Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer to-Q4 I "Our Years of Service In Loving Memory of is Your Guarantee" CARROL JONES DANVILLE. INDIANA Who Passed Away I can not say, and I will not say, That he is dead. He is just away. With cr cheery smile and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown land. Think of him still as the same, I say He is not dead, he is just away! Sadly missed, Family and Friends STUARTS Morons We D0 I' Fo' YW" AND STUDEBAKER SALES 192 West Broadway Phone SH. 5-4571 SH, 5.2522 DANVILLE. INDIANA DANVILLE, INDIANA Compliments of Compliments oi BEECHAM'S DRY GOODS GLEN B. THARP ' DANVILLE - PLAINFIELD, INDIANA DANVILLE. INDIANA 9 H 7"0"0' '0"0"'0"0"4 MORRIS WALTER RAMSEY FLORAL COMPANY General Hquhng "Flowers for All Occasions" Phone L6 Phone SH. 52135 5 NEW WINCHESTER. INDIANA DANVILLEI INDIANA 5 0q 0 00f0Wm0000f Compliments of BYRON N. cox Complimenfs of INSURANCE DANVILLE SHOE SERVICE 2 Hendncks Bmldmg Basement of York Jewelry Phone SH. 5-4400 DANVILLE. INDIANA DANVILLE. INDIANA THE DANVILLE GAZETTE Q U Compliments ot COVERS THE NEWS of Your County FARM BUREAU INSURANCE E. S. "Pete" Bogue Of Your Community 98 Lincoln Street Ot Your High School DANVILLE. INDIANA Of Your Sports 9 5 5 5 0' H 2100010100100-wsemwweawvmooeafaw 9 For Your Home Improvement See or Call RALPH PETERSON Aluminum Storm Windows cmd Doors Lifetime Alumnium Awnings S Roofing - Siding BOOSTERS Ornamental Iron M 5, G VARIETY 51035 R. R. 2 Danville Phone SH. 5-4980 CECIL GOWINS 0-xouowowo-Qowoxaaeoafoxof was-at FRIENDLY INN DISNEY STANDARD SERVICE Compliments of EDWARDS BUICK New and Used Cars STANLEY CITY SERVICE Parts and Service SH. 5-2703 DANVILLE, INDIANA 2 E E E E 5 2 5 E 5 E 0 A 401401102-01 9 .101 VS ! W S-2 INTER- COLLEGIATE PRESS Puhleshers Cover Manulurlurers Book Brnders FAUORY - HOME OFFIEE Kunsus City U

Suggestions in the New Winchester High School - Warrior Yearbook (New Winchester, IN) collection:

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