New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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.... .. .. ...N --.. ...---f --1--- ---1' .. . , .... ...., ...E Y 1 """"" " " .. , . . . A vH,.....f-n-rr:-sr.-1-.wr---f-va A I A - - 4 A I ,,1. ,ff .4 gx X X xi if xl 'xx g Y" --LQX-X ,-is .NJ N 5 S .Q Xi "" - ..,.: ,fr v 44-'J ix! R -.1 1 NS 'Q f"i1-. 'i 7-uf Z A Af-Q. .-np..e,q,.b.-.-- I 4 P T. ? 6 s,,' f A, - -Q A 1 ,A , V ' , I, 1' , 1 1 X I V Y l , V , -I ' A- if 3 V1 1 'N' ' " A , Q A ' ' " , A "WM I ' + 1 A A ' I ' ' ' W ' A ' . ' V' '-.J 1 1 x I V J I V V V VV ,V f A -r f V ' f ,f V A fy 1 4 A 7., - A ,fm V A ' ' . f " , V t ' V ,,- ' -' X, , V Aj . V f ff A V V VV!! I f 3 I u V V A I ' V V, V' A 3, V . VYA - ff V V ,rf VV if 1 ' AA,,. 1 f ' I A' V 4 V X, Vf' - NV fl A . , V 'A 'V Vi. VV K U GAA ' VA ' Q, ' EV ,. 'f' X 1' L .9 'Axjhl K ' vu' If '. K 1 V if N. V V .tw 'V V V . AVL? iN J xx I N K' A iy, f t '. 'X 'X ' 'X " ,V ' ,. 'V V 'i XVV' 11 A ,V-' f N 4 " A' I x x x-' ' x w "" V+' N . J ', X ' N ' . ' 'S-A N, 'wh VN A A 'QQ A 4, I 1 ' " N V' ,. 'A : ,A ' ' D - XX' 5 , - I W, V "Ai X ,Ag 'xl . ' A . - N.-xx V ,-,NVVV V4 -4 .-.V X V V x- I 'X M- X ' VV VV4 Il V A , AV , K , , , , V , Aw V , - V V -H V VTX - V 'Q V , Kp V , J.,V V . ' A 'N 3, ' 1 A , ' V A x ' --,AV A , , hx ,ij ' -"'-- 1' NV I . ' A X- . x' -- .A A --f-mf. A 'A X A,-K X' Vw V V Aj T' r wg , ' A Q- A . N ,Y 4,4 "4 A ' X T '-4 . , ' . ' Nix, XV ' V X -JAVVV 'V sf J - V 8' V 'NV' A A A I. ikk A V-V w ,V V V- LV V V VV V. V V 'VV I g V K K V - Y' 'I 1 V N A 'Y N"-'M' , L' V "' , 7 .1-J ' ' ' ' 'V LK 3 -V .VX A x ' K , ' , I . . M T51' H " A '. :. N 3 V5 , .ms ,-- VV V A . A ' -' ' ""' N A , A K Y". AXE, K A , V A xi -1-P! A N A 'X' A QL ' , ., 1 V ' y, Ll ' , VV. NJ A , , L- 'N Ax A 1 ' X ig. lg 'QP ' , ' A Q, V X ' N. F' "T" A A gg ' Vff ' , I A A VA V f ' I L- 'I vt' T ' ' 1 I V I N ' '- Q P If 'V EX, X 1 2 2 L, A f .L , 1, , -. ,. f " W 1 V V 1 f if T V, V -A XV VV . V A V - VV V. V , V V A, V , VV1. V V,V, A A , x Y V I V 1 '.N V V V I Vj, f M 1 V ,X E V G V V-tx 4 1 V VVH ' Vr , V, V ,V ' V .J X VNV ' VV L .V VV V VV V V V VV ' V r' 3 - -L x 7 rf! A ' A , if I 1 ,L m -. , .A f f . f ,Af , -, ' , V' ' In . 1 Xl" xx - 1 1V V K V ' N 41 I, Y ' , V l V 'I ,VVV VVV,. ,V V V, VV-V-,V 'V xx. NYY' ' I f ' x I X 'N 5 , , ' A V ' , fu , N A , y K . , , A , ,XA u1A:z11g15,' ,.:' , I' s Q I X XXX f X s If' X xx ' x N ,. I , ff, 4' 1' ' 1 i I f,.. f' . fp?" fjf 1 e 1 ,M-"K ,ff .fg jg Q- ---'fx ' k ' X 1' ' ' 3' ' . Z," f fy. ' -Q Fuel- T"ic,s J Q Apu.. aF"""'! ibeofcafzon rm! -mv-1' 'T' 'Dan X J ' We the Sensor Class of 1958 dedlcate thus publrcatlon of the Wah: to our frrend and teacher Mrs Myers and her family In gratrtude and apprecuatuon for her patrence help and coopera tnon durrng three years as our sponsor and for her unturung efforts rn making our Junior and Sensor Plays successful 1 1 t c G.-M M A' V 'X W f is X9 'wr wit, 'I iffy lik I . .5 rx A . r- sl , l A ' . ly .ff ff! l V x s f 1 x 1 Y , r I ll r tl I I . . I ' I . I. I - I QSu!0er1k2fe12oQ12f gazkyfefof ZUafe1yQ1'0f yjugfb' 6505006 To The Semors The Class of 1958 may The Wah: remmd you of the good Times you had at New Waterford Hugh nmplant In you I School and also of The high ideals The school has striven To l Young men and young women you are at the center of a cross way of lute The future of Amernca Ines In your making declslons that bnng Ideals to mankind to Increase hrs day to day luvnng We learn these Ideals by human as socnatlon by adopting a system of values respect and a sense of lustlce for the common good of all Some thunk that the education of :deals ns a process whlch only a group of nndlvnduals from 6 to I8 are required to take but lt us a klnd of process that manknnd should have an opportumty to acquire throughout has lnfe Ideals then are the measure of mens mnnds whnch brnng about the measure of our future clvlllzatlon cyjfln Cwdf 'lin 'Qi 5 Tqnnuafcgffff FRONT ROW Mary Bowers Dolores Hull Arlene Adkins Lynn Elliott SECOND ROW Marilyn Bell Bill Barnhouse John Huston Larry Harding Mrs Jenkins Charlie Olnhausen QOFQCUOI' The l958 Wahi is a pictorial glimpse of the past year. Each page will be a new experience to you, but to us, the students of New Waterford High School, it is a cherished memory. The class of '58 hopes that you will derive pleasure from this, our final offering. We present to you our WAHI! f3Q122e12fary eczc ers MISS FANNIE DICKEY MRS ELOISE SEACHRIST Furs? Grade Snxfh Grade B Sc In Educatnon A B Mounf Union Ken1STaTe Unuversnfy MRS KATHLEEN KERR MRS ALICE HILL Fourth Grade Flflh Grade MT Union College Ohlo Unuverslty al Athens MRS EMMA MAE BELL PROVERBS 22 6 MRS OLIVE WERNER llwd Grade Trafn up a child In The way he SefOf1dGfade K S U glggjslgoifegglon should go and when he IS old Begmanlglg Olglgglslly he will not depart from If U Rio Grande College, Ohio MR KENNETH WOODS Social Studies Physical Education B B.Sc., Cedarville College M.A., University of I Pittsburgh MR. RICHARD HAWKINS Science B.Sc. in Chemistry A.B. CEducationl Fairmont State College Eli MR. EDWARD VAN Industrial Arts Kent State University MR. FREDERICK NARRAGON Latin, Math B.Sc. Education Ohio State University MR. JAMES FITZER Music B. of Music Dana School of Music Youngstown University MISS CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON Youngstown University BS. in Ed. Maior in Art E---7 , R RQ. ,cs ..ic,, 'i MRS. EVEYLYN HOFFMAN Horne Economics BS. Education Olwio University MR. DUANE GUILER Driver Education Mt. Union College -QT? MRS. ELEANOR JENKINS B.S. Elementary Education Secondary Ed., Englisn History and Speech Geneva College Youngstown University Kent State University cgcfoof ZOCIIY LEFT TO RIGHT Ralph Elliott Wayne Rupert Beulah Converse Harold Gra Charles Crook Eclvvm Knrk absent Y BUS DRIVERS Kew Slreng G QU VV helm r l-lem Cooper I 4-'X 'x...., sn! COOKS SECRETARY Vlvlan Futzslmmons Mrs Taylor Mrs Colella 'WS mack SCHOOL NURSE ,,..---' Mrs Ruth Gloss CUSTODIAN Raymond Montgomery CUSTODIAN Clarence Cope GLX? 706122 As llTTle green freshmen The day seemed remoTe When we would be ffnrshrng school All ThaT Trme loomed before us and no doubT we Thoughf Four long Trresome years' Oh how cruel' YeT They haven T been long and The Trme s coming near When we bld hrgh school days sad adleu For Trme marches on and The fuTure s ahead Calling Hurry' Come onl See whaT s new' LeT us ponder The pasT for a whrle And as mem ry slrps back we remember all Those Who seT forTh from These halls wlTh a smile We Think of The dances The parTres The games BoTh Those ThaT were losT and Those won BuT when we look backward we ll have To admrT Even classes were usually fun The knowledge we ve gained will help us along WhaTever The fuTure may hold And Those who have TaughT us wrll come To our minds As The problems of lrfe do unfold And so To our classmaTes our Teachers our friends We brd you farewell wrTh a sigh A cheer for The fuTure a Tear for The pasT Good bye dear New WaTerford High LYNN ELLA ELLIOTT 9 J 1 I . I ll . ll 1 ' 1 ' 1 A I - I I ' I I I ' ll I ll , . . . LeT us pause for a momenT and see whaT we've done, , . I , . I' 1 A 1 1 , . I I I I I I I I I - I ' . 3 9 , President JOYCE BEILING Assasfanf Business Manager JOYCE BLOSSER Business Manager JOH N UNTCH Vice Presrdenr Secrefary DOLORES H U LL Treasurer JANICE BU RSON BOB TODD I ARLENE ADKINS do hereby wull and be queath my love for Typung and Shorthand to Barbara Streng my posutuon as Student Secretary to Mr Van to any lucky gurl who us selected and my abuluty to skup study hall to Nancy Conkle I WILLIAM HAROLD BARNHOUSE beung of strong body and small wull power do here by wull and bequeath my abuluty to get out of class to Robert Cope and my abuluty to get along wuth the opposute sex to Danuel Boone Taylor and most of all my place on the football team left guard to Joe Costanzo I JOYCE E BEILING do hereby wull and bequeath the followung my bashfulness wulled to me by Delores Kacensku to Judy Hubbard my safe druvung wulled to me by Darla Kacensku to her from Delores Kacensku to Donald Bowker and my posutuon as Senuor Class Presudent to anyone who us able to keep peace durung a class meetung I MARILYN BELL beung of sound mund and healthy body do hereby wull and bequeath my abuluty to make good grades un school to any deservung person who wushes to work hard my suze fuve shoe to my cousun Danny Taylor and all the fun I have had un hugh school to all the underclassmen I JOYCE BLOSSER do hereby wull and be queath my tallness wulled to me by Wynn Hawkuns to my brother Wayne My posu tuon as Homecomung Queen to some de servung Junuor gurl un hopes she has as much fun as I and last but not least my unabuluty to keep a secret to Ruchard Cop pock I MARY BOWERS do hereby wull and be queath the followung My long clark haur wulled to me by Nancy Dushong to Allen Arthurs my fun at all the slumber partues to Joe Costanzo and my modesty to Janet Hardung and Darlene Wolfgang Last but not least my posutuon as Drum Mauorette to anyone who Iukes football I JANICE LEE BURSON beung of sound mund and bug feet do hereby wull and be queath the followung To Shurley Gulmore my love for square dancung my IO years of perfect attendance to Bob Cope un hopes that he keeps ut up and last but not least to my Government teacher my love for Gov ernment un hopes that he learned as much as I I RUTH ANNE CARLSON beung of strong body and weak mund do hereby wull and my bug feet to Janet Hardung Also my love for Government to the teacher humself and my clarunet abuluty to Geralclune Blower I ROSE COLELLA do hereby wull and be queath my posutuon as Mr Futzers Student Secretary to my suster Lunda as Flag Bearer to anyone who Iukes to have fun my love for dancung to Beverly Arthurs my bash fulness to Janet Hardung and my quuetness to Judy Hubbard I CLYDE DAVIS beung of strong body and feeble mund hereby wull and bequeath my abuluty not to do my work to Bob Cope un hopes that he never gets caught as I dud To Wullus Smuth my love for Hot Roddung and last but not least my abuluty to get along wuth Mr Woods un Government to Bob Guy I I - I I . ' : ' , , , . , I . . , , I I ' I - I n 11 I , I 11 n , I , , ' I . I I I I - . . . I 7 I . ' bequeath my slum waust to Judy Heaton and ' I I I . ' . . I I l I . . . , , : 1 ' , , ' I I I 4 T I I . I . . . I . . . . I . I I I I I PAUL ESTERLY belng of weak mlnd and sound foundatuon do hereby wall and be queath my half of locker No 7 to Margre Rupert In hopes that In the future she wlll keep It neater than I dad I also wlll my seat nn Government Class to anyone who us a collector of antuques and to Mr Ralph B Myers my dear buddy Iwrll my mem bershlp card to the Mackey Mouse Club I FLORENCE GORBY bemg of strong mund and weak body do hereby will and bequeath my fun In hugh school to Bob Cope My love for dancmg to Betty Baughman my long flngernauls to Jane Chuey My pony tall to Nancy Conkle and last but not least my locker No 22 to Wnllls Smith I PATTY GREEN being of strong body and feeble mlnd will and bequeath my love for square dancmg to Joyce Bott and to Katrnne Cope the fun I had In hugh school My abll uty to get along wlth the opposite sex wllled to me by Donna Baker to Gayle Winters To Phyllns Rankin my ablllty to get along wnth Mr Woods I MILDRED GUY belng of small body and strong mund hereby wull my long flnger nauls to Nancy Kannel my ablllty to get along with the opposute sex to Judrth Rem Ish Last but not least my abl'lty to get along wnth Mr Woods to anyone that can hold hrs temper I LARRY CHESTER HARDING being f sound mlnd and health do hereby wlll and bequeath the followrng My locker No I to my slster Janet so she can have more room to put her lunk my seat In fnrst and class to any one who gets along with Mrs Gloss as well as I do and my seat In Ge ometry to anyone who Irkes to argue I JUDY HIDINGER do hereby wvll and be queath my seat ID Math for four years to Carol Bacon In hopes she can absorb more than I dad My abnllty to get away wrth murder In Mr Woods class to anyone who knows the secret I DOLORES HULL beung of sound body and questionable mlnd do hereby wnll and be queath my seven years perfect attendance to Judy Hubbard My ablllty to get unto trouble to Dan Taylor To Judy Brown my grand helght of 5 2V2 To John Bretz by speclal request my grades through hugh school I JOHN HUSTON belng of sound body and questlonable mental facllntres do hereby wlll and bequeath the following to the lucky people My half of locker No 7 to Lmda Sharol my seat In Government Class to anyone who cant cheat and my ablluty to always get caught by Ralph to anyone who can take It I CAROL LUNGER being of good health and weak mmd hereby wull and bequeath my short harr to Gaul Winters my love for square dancmg to Jane Chuey my locker No 21 to Katherlne Cope Last but not least my seat In Government Class to any one who can answer questuons better than I ETHAN MCCARTNEY beung of good qual :ty do hereby wrll and bequeath my abllrty to get along with Mr Myers to Dan Taylor my ablllty to get passlng grades wlthout working to Bob Webber and my govern ment book to anyone crazy enough to want It ' I 1 1 ' . . . I , , . ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . ' 1 - 1 11 . ' 1 . . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , I . . ' I . . . . , ,, 1 V ' I 1 , . . 1 1 ' ' . . 1 I . .. ' 1 . . . f . .. ' ' ' ' 1 I ' I I - 1 1 O I I ' I . I 1 1 ' I 1 . 1 ' I . I CHARLES B OLNHAUSEN beang of very sound mand but nothang else do hereby wall and bequeath the followang My abalaty to outshoot Mr Hawkans on certaan occa saons on the golf course to Mr Woods my luck an Chemastry to Joe Costanzo and my abalaty to out talk Mr Meyers when caught skappang study hall to my brother Jam I JOHN OMSLAER beang of vacant mand and weak near saghted eyeballs do hereby wall and bequeath the followang My manly strength and masculane abalaty whach was walled to me by Ball Davadson to Bob Guy Last but not least my locker No 8 to my saster Judy an hopes she wall keep at clean er than Cynthaa dad I WILLIAM SIERS beang of strong body and questaonable abalaty do hereby wall and bequeath my abalaty to have fun an hugh school to Bob Graffath my abalaty to get out of Farst Aad Class to Bob Guy and my abal aty to do anythang and not get caught to Dan Taylor I ROBERT E TODD beang of perfect health and having loads of knowledge do hereby wall and bequeath my abalaty not to mass school to next years Senaors My abalaty to get along wath the opposate sex to Jam Cfark and last but not least before thas braany mand gaves out my seat an Math Caas to ne who cares to learn I JOHN UNTCH beang of questaonable mand and very sound body do hereby wall and bequeath my blond curly haar to Betty Baughman My abalaty to look annocent an Chemastry to Judy Knaght Last but not least I wall my 1948 Chevrolet to anyone who has pataence and as never an a hurry I NANCY VEON beang of strong body and weak mand do hereby wall and bequeath my long haar to Cynthaa Garrod and my love for debates walled to me by Rena Shell to Barbara Streng I also wall my locker No 20 to Beverly Arthurs and my love for Gov ernment to anyone smart enough to under stand at I LYNN ELLIOTT beang of sound mand and short memory do hereby wall and bequeath my posataon as co edator of the school paper to Gaal Wanters my golden tresses to Mara lyn Hull and my place an Mr Meyerss good graces to Cecal Conkle l EDWARD WAYNE SMITH do hereby wall and bequeath the followang My abalaty to manapulate an automobale to Georgaann Dacken my abalaty to get along wath Mr Woods to Jam Chuey and my small feet to Judy Brown l 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - - , - . , . - 1 r 1 ' ' ' 1 I . . . . - 1 . 1 - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 T , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . I - . . 9 1 ' 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 1 l 3 0aT,"N . 1 1 - 1 1 ARDITH ARLENE ADKINS Arlene Chorus I 2 GAA 1 TrnHnY 2 Lnbrarnan 2 Play Cast 3 4 Student Councul 3 4 Presldent 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 3 Natnonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Homecommg Charrman 4 FTA 4 Student Secretary 4 JOYCE ELAYNE BEILING Joyce Llbraruan I 2 3 Presldent l 4 Student Dlrector I Prmcess Patncna 3 Homecommg Attendant 3 Student Councnl 1 GAA I 2 Paper Staff 2 4 Student Secre tary 4 Chorus 1 2 Mnxed Chorus 2 Play Productnon 3 4 Columbiana County Musuc Festlval 2 WILLIAM HAROLD BARNHOUSE I Basketball 'l otball 2 3 4 Y W 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Play Castl Secretary Treasurer 2 Boys Quartet 2 3 4 Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Columbnana County Musical Festnval 2 3 Trumpet Quartet 2 State Band Contest 2 res: dent Band 3 Chorus Vnce President 4 Dance Band 3 Prom Server 2 MARILYN MAE BELL I1 Bandl 2 3 4 Chorusl 2 3 4 Student Councll I Sweetheart Attendant 1 Homecommg Attendant 2 Play C st 3 4 Prom Chalrman 3 Tr1HlY I 2 FTA 4 Columbiana County Muslc Festival I 2 3 4 Distr t and State Solo Competmon 2 3 4 Trolan Hn Lute Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Prom Server 2 Dance Band 2 3 'WWW 'i JOYCE LOUISE BLOSSER Joyce Homecommg Queen 4 Student Council 3 Student Council Vice President 3 Class Vice President 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Librarian Photo Clubl Dance Band I 2 Prom Server 2 Play Production I Class Assistant Business Manager 4 Paper Staff 2 FTA 4 JANICE LEE BURSON Janice Lee Librarian l 3- GAA l 2 3- Paper Staff 2 3 4- Band 3- Prom Committee 3- Play Cast l- Play Production 3 4 Student Director 4- Class Treasurer 4- FTA 4- Student Secretary 4. 1 S'-lb rQ MARY ELIZABETH BOWERS Blondie Chorus 2 Hobby Club I Play Cast 1 3 Play Produc tion 4 Paper Staffl 3 4 Librarian l 2 Photo Club 2 Annual Staff 4 Homecommg Committee 4 Home coming Attendant 4 Student Secretary 4 FTA 4 Ma lorettel 2 3 Drum Malorette 4 RUTH ANN CARLSON Ruth Ann Salem High School- Band l 2 3- Glee Club l- Cho'r I 2- Class Secretary 3- Bible Club I 2- Archery l- New Waterford High School-Band 4- FTA 4- Senior Play 4- Homecoming Committee 4. ROSE ANGELINE COLELLA CLYDE ELLIS DAVIS "Rosa" "Hank" Tri-Hi-Y I- GAA 2 3 Vice President 31 Band 3 4- Stu- Hobby Club 'I 2 3- Homecoming Committee 4' Play dent Council 4- Sweetheart Attendant 3- Librarian I 3- Production I 3 4. Paper Staff 2 3 FTA 4 Student Secretary 4 Play Pro duction 'I 3 4 LYNN ELLA ELLIOTT PAUL LAMOINE ESTERLY Lynn Goose Play Cast 3 4 Band 3 Chorus 3 4 Class Treasurer 3 Basketball I 2 3 Chorus I 2 3 4 Play Production Annual Editor 4 Paper Staff 2 3 4 Co Editor 3 4 3 4 H:Y2 3 Play Castl Hobby Clubl Needlework Club I Journalism Club 2 FTA 4 FLORENCE DARLENE GORBY MILDRED ANN GUY Gorby Mflhe fnons 4 Prom Co-Chanrman 3 Siudent Council 4 3 4 Student Secretary 4 PATRICIA LEE GREEN LARRY CHESTER HARDING Paffy O e GAA I Buble Club 2 Paper Staff 3 4 Play Produchon Chorus 1 2 3 4 HIY I 2 Play Cast 4 Play Produc hon 3 Annual Staff 4 Columbnana County Music Fe: hval 2 3 Presldent of Class 2 Vuce President l Na honal Honor Socnety 3 4 Prom Server 2 U Chorus 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, Paper Staff 3, 4, Play Produc- ' Paper Staff 3, 47 Bible Club 2, GAA lg Play Production If ll ll k ll 3' 4. I ' . I I I I I 7 I I I I . - ' ' . : . JUDITH ANN HIDINGER Jude Class Presudent 3 Nahonal Honor Socnety 3 4 Paper I 2 3 4 CoEdutor 3 4 Play Productnon Play Cast 4 Chorus 2 4 FTA 4 Journallsm Club 2 Hobby Club 1 DOLORES ELINOR HULL Pee Wee Bandl 2 3 4 Band Lnbraruan 4 Chorus 2 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Secretary 3 4 GAAI 2 3 FTA 4 Play Cast4 Play Productlon I 3 Trolan Hsllfel 2 3 State Band Contest 2 JOHN RICHARD HUSTON CAROL ANN LUNGER Huston Annie Footballl Chorusl 2 4 Student Councll 2 3 Sweet Chorus l GAA l 2 Paper Staff 4 Play Cast 3 Play heart Kung 2 Prmce Pat 3 Play Production 3 4 HnY Production 4 2 3 Outdoors Club 'I Mixed Chorus 2 Freshman Play Annual Staff 4 Prom Committee 3 Columbiana County Muslc Festuval 2 lc 4 ETHAN GOFF MCCARTNEY Mac East Luverpool Hugh School I Play Cast 3 4 Home coming Committee 4 i CHARLES BROOK OLNHAUSEN Chuck Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Class President 2 Bus ness Manager 3 HIY I 2 Secretary 2 Student Council 2 Boys Quartet 2 4 Chorus l 2 4 Band I 2 State Band Contest 2 Trumpet Quartet 2 Play Cast l 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 2 3 Prom Server2 JOHN NELSON OMSLAER WILLIAM JOSEPH SIERS John Lnghtnmg Band l 2 4 Dance Band 4 State Band Contest 2 Basketball Manager I 2 Football 4 Hobby Club I County Musnc Festnval 3 Chorus 2 3 4 Presxdent 4 W Club2 3 Play Productnon l Cast 3 4 Treasurer 2 Paper Staff 3 Outdoor Clubl 2 Boys Quartet 2 3 4 WAYNE EDWARD SMITH ROBERT EDWARD TODD "Smitty" "Bob" Chorus 25 Hobby Club l, 25 Outdoor Club 35 Play Photo Club I5 Hi-Y 25 Class Vice President 45 Student Production 3, 4. Council 45 Play Production 3, 4, Student Director. JOHN BERNARD UNTCH Untchie Class Business Manager 4 Class Vice President 4 Stu dent Council 2 3 Paper Staff 2 3 Homecoming Cap- tain 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 2 3 4 Mixed orus 1 2 3 4 B seball I 2 Bandl 3 4 Cast 3 4 W Club 2 3 Sportsman Club I Boys Quartet 2 3 4 Vice President Band 4 Inter County All Stars Football Squad County Band Contest 2 3 NANCY LOUISE VEON Nan Librarian 1 2 3 GAAI Bible Club 2 3 Paper Staff 4 Play Production 3 4 Student Secretary 4 ll 2 : - , , 1 : , : . : , 2 : , : - ' . . ' . ' , .,,, , . , Ch . , , : a , : ,2, , :Play , . : 5 - ' I r - i l f , , 5, 5 , " .J . lf? 6653 jjrop QCy Rocket taking off at Gate 58 chartered rocket for Sensors of 1958 Destnnatuon the future Year 1968 ALL ABOARD SENIORS' It ns now 1968 the earth rs no more the populatnon of the unlverse centers on Sputnnk Muttnuk and Pupntk As our let propelled rocket makes nts landrng on the planet of Pupnuk we see Mnlly Guy McCartney and her husband Ethan happnly suttnng un thenr swank Star Galaxue Hotel We ask them how thrngs have been wnth them and they say that Ethan IS a great success maknng over three mnlluon dollars a year and they have twelve chnldren Just at that moment Patty Green and Carol Lunger dressed nn new space deslgned nurse unnforms come nn They have lust put the McCartney chnldren to bed and they tell us that they are waltung for theur dates Carol says her date IS Larry Harding well known song styllst who has taken the place of the long remembered Elvis Presley Pat says her date IS Clyde Davus great spacebug of the century After leaving the McCartney residence we run unto Ruth Ann Carlson Rose Colella Joyce Blosser left over from the Rock and Roll craze who are now dancers at the Smith and Suers Hurly Burly Productlon owned and operated by Bull Cugar Suers and Wayne Smntty Smxth Gonng on down the street we see John Untch and Arlene Adkuns famous mar rled couple who are noted for thenr wonderful lob of cleamng streets They have made mnllnons of dollars wuth thenr brooms Comrng down the street we see the Pupnuk Maul Carrner Judy D Hldlnger who seems to be havung trouble carryung her maulbag John Huston New Waterford Pupnuk brudge buulder ummedlately assusts her Paul Esterly Muttnnk speed demon who has come to invade Pupnlk comes racnng down the street with the Lady Chuef of Police Mary Bowers not far behsnd lt looks as though he wall fnnally get caught Golng past the park we see Lynn Ellnott famous poet entranced In her latest muse Her secretary Florence Gorby ns at her snde and very deep In her thoughts when the Space satellite gas attendant, Bull Barnhouse drives up In hls 1958 Ford to escort them home - - 'A . , . 1 1 , . - - 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . , ' , . , . 1 1 1 1 - 1 11 f 11 - 11 - 11 - 11 - 11 - I . 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 1 , . ' 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 We go past one of the grant skyscrapers we see Joyce Belllng and her hus band gorng In Joyce has a baby rn her arms We ask her where she IS gomg and she says she IS gorng to the well known baby doctor Marrlyn Bell and her capable nurse Delores Hull Robert Edward Todd the mayor of Pupnuk and John Omslaer Professor of Speech came to the Rocket Port to grve us our farewell speech We board the rocket wrth the welcome of the pnlot Charles Olnhausen and the stewardesses Jamce Burson and Nancy Veon We have frntshed our trap to the future and now are happlly comung back to the present If thus IS the way the future will be Oh Brotherll' enzbr GQJJ jfsfory ln the fall of T954 we entered New Waterford Hugh School wlth forty erght puprls Joyce Bellrng was elected President Larry Harding VICS President Betty Tobrn Secretary Marilyn Tullrs Treasurer and Jane Puscher Sergeant at Arms Mrss Stansel and Mass Bertelson were our class sponsors Our actrvltles commenced wrth our rnrtlatlon party and the return party When we returned as Sophomores there were thirty nune of us Our Class spon sor was Mrs Myers We elected the following officers President Larry Harding Vlce President Charles Olnhausen fCharles became President wehn Larry moved to Florida for the wlnterl Secretary Nancy Knight Treasurer John Omslaer We held a Variety Show and Bake Sales that year Returnlng the next year as Juniors we had thrrty sux pupuls left Our class sponsor was again Mrs Myers We elected Judy Hldmger President Joyce Blosser Vice President Dolores Hull Secretary Lynn Elllott Treasurer Charles Olnhausen Business Manager and Nancy Knrght as Assistant Business Manager Thus year we have had a bake sale class play Glrl Shy dancing lessons and other actlvltles We are looklng forward to our Class trrp May TO and graduation There are 28 students thrs year and from these we selected our class officers as follows President JOYCE BEILING Treasurer JANICE BURSON Vrce President BOB TODD Busrness Manager JOHN UNTCH Secretary DELORES HULL Assrstant Business Manager JOYCE BLOSSER , - - 1 I , . 1 1 1 , . . , , - F 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 ' ' ' . . . , , 1 1 1 1 1 - ' ' I 1 1 1 1 f 1 f 1 1 - - 11 - 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 's B"2"L.4 e " 7 UNDERCLASSHEN Qs 6 gf SJ S 9 'J il ,, 5? - 111210113 - NFS. ,7QI2A1I?S FIRST ROW Joe Cosfanzo Wullus Smnh Bull Cope Bob Griffith Bob Webber CECOND ROW Barbara Sfreng Kay Black Fay Black Judy Heaton Geraldine Blower Eva Moore Phyllls Rankm Nancy Kannal THIRD ROW Bob Cope Gayle Wmters Judlrh Remnsh Beverly Arfhurs Judy Brown Shirley Blosser Shirley Gllmore Danny Taylor Mrs Jenknns FOURTH ROW Bob Guy Jane Chuey Cynthna Garrod Cathy Cope Evelyn Webber Jo Ann Ruscoe Ruth Robb Jum Chuey ICGFS SITTING Joe Costanzo Danny Taylor Bob Cope STANDING Judy Brown Barbara Streng Beverly Arihurs Gayle Wlnters President Lan Taylor Vnce Presndent Bob Cope Secretary Beverly Arthurs Treasurer Barbara Sfreng Busmess Manager Judy Brown Chaplaun Gayle Wnnters Sergeant aYArms Joe Cosfanzo . ' M , M, , .7 Y : I I I I ' V 1 , , , f , , , . : I I I I I I , , . . : I I I I I I , . , 5 ' p.. . . . G in A v rr ,f ra . if A " f ""' -2 sl ' B- I ill 1 -3 J , J' 1 . -i .A I s -f ' I , , . : I I I ' , : , : , i , I 1 I 1 I ' ' 1 - unzor GQJJ jfsfory We a group of 75 students entered New Waterford Hugh School In the fall of 1955 We elected the followung offxcers President Edna Elliott Vice Presldent Bob Webber Secretary Beverly Arthurs Treasurer Shirley Todd We were grven the annual unntratnon party whuch we later returned to the Sophomores In the fall of 1956 we became Sophomores Mrs Jenklns was our advisor and we elected the followung offlcers Presudent Cynthla Garrod Vlce Presrdent Evelyn Webber Secretary Eva Moore Treasurer Barbara Streng Busuness Man ager Beverly Arthurs We gave the lnutuatlon party and were the flrst sophomore class to present a class play Returning thus year as Junnors wnth a class of 29 Mrs Jenkins IS agaun our sponsor We elected the followlng officers Presldent Dan Taylor Vlce President Bob Cope Secretary Beverly Arthurs Treasurer Barbara Streng Business Man ager Judy Brown Chaplarn Gayle Wtnters We sold refreshments at the home games with the help of the Falrfreld Junior Class We held a bake sale sold candy and sponsored a dance We also presented our Junnor Play We entered New Waterford Hugh School wrth twenty three students Mrs Gaver was our advisor Our class officers were Presrdent Arnold Fltzslmmons Vice President Janet Hardung Secretary Carole Bacon Treasurer Linda Sharol Business Manager Lee Chamberlain We were rnltlated by the Sophomores and sponsored several partles We returned as Sophomores with twenty puptls Our advusor was Mrs Gaver The Class offlcers are Presndent Janet Hardnng Vrce President James Clark Secretary Carole Bacon Treasurer Jum Olnhausen Busuness Manager Jerry Arthurs We lnutuated the freshmen and had several bake sales We had partues and also presented a one act play jresfm an GQSJ jfsfory We entered our flrst year of hugh school wnth twenty two pupuls with Mrs Hoffman as our advnsor We elected the followlng officers Presrdent Alan Arthurs Vnce President James Wolfe Secretary Lnnda Colella Treasurer Gary Cowan Buslness Manager Susan Seachrnst Our hrghlnghts of the year were our rnltlatuon party our entry IH the Home comlng Parade and our Freshman one act play I V 1 . Z . I . I . . l 1 1 1 1 ' - ' . . 2 . l . I . . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' - , . I I ' ' . . 2 . I I . . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' I 3 5 Cf jf' c 0,0 omore ass zsfory . I . I . . I ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . . I . I . I . . I I 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 l 1 . : ' , 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , . I - , ' . CSOfJ 1Oll20l'Q-Y 1 MTS. QZUQI' FIRST ROW Sfephanue Carlson Marlorue Rupert Janet Hardung Georgnann Ducken Marilyn Hull Lrnda Hogue Judy Hubbard SECOND ROW Gerald Whne Lee Chamberlain Jerry Arthurs Jam Olnlnausen Cecul Conkle Jnm Clark Mrs Gaver THIRD ROW Arnold Fntzsnmmons Lmda Sharol Judy Knught Marsha Wunters Carole Bacon John Whmen K! ICQ! S ss. LEFT TO RIGHT Carole Bacon Jnrn Clark Jane? Harding Jerry Arthurs Jnrn Olnhausen Presrdenv JANET HARDINC Vfcn Presrdenr JIM CLARK Sfcrelary CAROLE BACON Treasurer JIM OLNHAUSEN Business Manager JERRY ARTHURS : I I I I I , . 3 I f 1 1 1 I 1 I r r 1 1 - 1 1 - f . r, x 4. EV X . Q' I - A 3 2 Q ,T ' . xr 'Yu 'rr yy L .. . . , 1 A f 1 IQS' 1112912 M S HMDGI? FIRST ROW Bonnie Rankun Shurley Blower Nancy Conkle Lunda Colella Julne Vale Joyce Bott Sharon SECOND ROW James Bates Gary Cowan John Brefz Alan Arthurs Jack Webber Gary Slaven Tom Messenger Bud Webber Mrs Hoffman I ICQFLS' ng W. LEFT TO RIGHT Alan Arthurs Susa Presrden? ALAN ARTHURS Vrce Presfdenr SUSAN SEACHRIST Secretary LINDA COLELLA Treasurer GARY COWAN THIRD ROW Slnnrley Pennybaker, Doris Gilmore, Ruby George Susan Seachrnsf Darlene Wolfgang Betty , 5. Q xi CL 9 ul ' ff" ' :E , . . x . ' l --sun' D "' ., ::Ii1"'l.' A 4 I: n I I I, ,ff is 3 J," V I zyfff grarfz M 7Q11ff112s FIRST ROW Bruce Charnberlm Janet Rankin Dnxue Garrett Marlorle George Dean Wnlluams Beverly Conkle DuWayne Rupert SECOND ROW Gary Abrams George Ruscoe Robert Wulson Ronald Coppock Earl Wolfgang Mr Hawkins THIRD ROW Joe Mateyntch Wayne Blosser Lester Webber Raymond Brown Richard Coppock C FIRST ROW Dan Lindsey Larry Weber Gary Stuckey George Whstten Frank Roscoe Jlrnmy Batchelor SECOND ROW Lee Heaton Gary Kannal Nancy Crook Dons Knelm Margie Clark Florence Rupert Marnanne Crane Larry Hogue THIRD ROW Eldon Bott Jam Hogue Jack Burkne Howard Butcher Don Bowker Joe Chuey George Heaton Mrs Gorcheff FOURTH ROW Pattu Wnlknnson Carol Welch Nancy Ruscoe Loretto Weber Trudy Webber Carol Houser Judy Omslaer . Yu f 1 , . X C leuenff ,yydfkf - me fan C IXM QFGUQ 977119 C eac rzsf FIRST ROW Darry Rupert Lunda Hull Glorra Wllllams Gaynelle Mcllduff Marilyn Hlvely Kay Blalr Beverly Ranlcrn Bully Arthurs SECOND ROW Muke Carlson Francns Rrley Clifford Vanknrk Conme Wllluams Gordon Simpson Jnm Cope Ronme Kmght Mrs Seachrnsi THIRD ROW Kenfh Conkle Beverly Dodge Jnm Ruscoe Judy Cope Anna Esferly Nancy Crowl Marty Schweitzer Zfff 91 GFA? ms FIRST ROW Harry Ray Damel Allmon Jummy Young Rnchard Dlclien Dennis Spane Thomas Lemley SECOND ROW Lrnda Bacon Duane Patton Kafhleen Hull Mary Lour Bones Donna Boyles Darla Hoon Marcia Slepp Soundra Pennybaker Judith Burlcre THIRD ROW Thomas Chamberlann Betty George Paul Welsh Elmer Steele Gary Wulhelm John Hamnl ron Tom Lee Mafevnch Nancy Cope Mrs HIII FOURTH ROW Donald Hubbard Jrmmy Mercer Charles Rupert Thomas Crook Larry Hawkrns ABSENT Edgar Adams , . , S. J 5 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 4 1 1 1 1 1 , , . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 - : , , , 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 - - 5 1 1 1 I ' ou! I6 91 ang W1 5 Z Q11 FIRST ROW John Mercer Arthur Riley Raymond Wnllnson Jonathan Chuey Thoman Colella Ira Kannal Robert Batchelor Raymond Ward SECOND ROW Carolyn Ramsayer Llnda Stuckey Kay Manzu Janlce Gotthardt Patrucla Koomtz Georgette Cunningham Candace Colella Paula Garrett Nancy Allman Rose Ellen Welsh Carolyn Fltzsumons FOURTH ROW Sally Cowan Charolette Brown Kathleen Ruscoe Lana Oberholtzer Carolyn Bellhart Donna Sargent Mary Koch Mary Lou Colella Lynn Hawkms Mrs Kathleen Kerr 7511! Qmae 777 1-5 Ze! FlRST ROW Bully Young Charlotte Adams Leah Crowl Llnda Hamrlton Jane Allman Barbara Leone Karen Rupert Mary Ellen Vale Harold Clark SECOND ROW Eugene Crosl Nancy Mercer Leo Dodge Davld Hamnlton Bobby Steele Herbue Hull Jerry Cope Tommy Blatr Vnckle Wllllson THIRD ROW Frankne Gregorlno, Jeffery Chuey, Phyllns Hammersmrth, Elrzabeth De Sellem, George Koch, Danny Guy, Rlck Clark, Mary Whutten, Sally Lmdsey, John Colella, Mrs Bell J ' 5 , 7 1 -- 1 . , 1 THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Riley, Karen Keck, Therese Ferris, Garry Athey, Larry Athey, Wayne Seachrist, . J f j C QC'OI?0f WTI S' ZjQl'I?QI' FIRST ROW Charles Hamulton John Dullung Jerry Ray Stephen Koch Donald Lunzey SECOND ROW Martha Crowl Sandra Wulkunson Ray Stuckey Stephen Adams Keuth Chamberlaun Duana Gorby Eugenue Esterly Janet Clark Sammy Barnhouse Sylvua Meyers THIRD ROW Roy Huvely Scott Mcllldutf Bobby Unger Kathy Pennybaker Dennus Holt Mary Ann Kluem Tommy Grossen Bully Matevuch FOURTH ROW Paul Cowan Douglas McLaughlun Maruorue Bretz Patty Steele Bully Esterly Jerry Ramsayer Carol Bretz Cheryl George Eff! Qldfk mas Dzc ey FIRST ROW Bennue Ruley Bobby Ward Ronald Garrod Muchael Barnhouse Davud Rankun Duane McCreary Wayne Allmon Gary Hubbard Kathryn Batchelor Davud Clark SECOND ROW Joyce Grossen Neul Beubkersman Darlene Gorby Beverly Spooner Chrustune Papanua Tummy Lundsay Danny Unger Susan Neeld Kathleen Boues Patty Hardung John Ruggs THIRD ROW Carl Ramsayer Duane Leone Karen Sargent Bobby Lunzey Gunger Ruley Bully Esterly Lunda Metze Claude Custer Gary Hamulton Duane Mercer FOURTH ROW Donna Clark Eleanor Shaw Brenda Muchalak Mark Wulhelm Beth Hawkuns Marulyn Steele Lester McConvulle Terru Sue Harrotf ' U , i I I I , - I , , 1 1 r 3 1 I I f f 1 , . 7 1 1 I 1 I 1 , . I I 1 1 1 r u : I I If I I I I r 1 I 1 I . ,,,, , , , . gi 5 W W W RONNIE BENDER BILL BAKER JW' H555 DAVE BROTHERS JERRY ARTHURS DALE BENDER Une Greenforcl Rebels Lowellville Rebels North Lima Rebels Springfield Rebels Salineville Rebels Canfield , Rebels Newell Rebels Malvern Rebels Back Fegef ffwfgaf f7Qam Ol 57 na- gawk l' ,,x N-'rn xv FIRST ROW James Bates Manager Don Long Raymond Chamberlrn Ross Drllon Ralph Wrsler Dave Groubert Bruce Charnberlm Manager SECOND ROW Tom Mentz Fred Hoff Jrrn Hess Larry Peppel Bull Barnhouse Dale Bender Ronnle Bender THIRD ROW Coach Newton Tom Messenger Bull Baker Jerry Arthurs Bob Cope Paul Esenwern Dave Brothers Joe Costanzo Lowe Broubert Coach Woods FOURTH ROW Charles Mentz Buc Webber Dan Brothers John Untch Bull Srers Lee Chamberlln Julnan Altler John Altuer Nor PICTURED Alan Anhars FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT Evelyn Webber Joyce Baker, Phvllfs McCall, Carol Weukart. 011296 0112112 y Q 5'flU1flQ.5 September 28 1957 SEVENTH ANNUAL HOMECOMING , e W. e . L . "T ,Q fi SENIOR MARY BOWERS SOPHOMORE JANET HARDING Queen ig'- if JOYCE BLOSSER JUNIOR BARBARA STRENG FRESHMAN NANCY CONKLE X. VKY V' 1 - ff: x X ' X- 9104, 'loaf' . Of . K sl-an ' Vi l .X " x ,olds G .xl N , B ,L 'I Q mxnuunlQ CIM v Er 4' . 5 41 'Q M 'Q bill? fl. , 5 3 N. 'El 9 fx! -5' Y 'Q i'5"K. 'igqab Y "-KO F yx pm, k 4 ', x f S LAVERNE KESSLER CHUCK OLNHAUSEN PAUL ESENWEIN BOB COPE BILL BAKER ' ' 'ln Laila! 1ln' "1luHI:'.L' Z ngigi : Jase V xi' i Rik R L G L f f a L , RL N jggilgj g'a.,5::::5: -mug? - A I UJ, 'V' '1-:' L7 4 ll I'-lg! X fgaf LOUIS GROUBERT PAUL MINER JOE COSTANZO OLIVER COOPER YV Z -4? lm A, X Ths page sponsored by ELLIOTTS GREENHOUSE RD New Waterford Ohno DAVE GROUBERT G Z4 S 1. 1 531 - 15 , 'Q F0511 Szfy fJc1 Yfeffdf I ! 'W lv if Q 1 Q J'7f HT-fff'i Q 1 'Q FFWEETQT i if X, N 4 S , PQ' :x f: xxillfxsx P! 1 E ,kxF,f7'1 5.2, i, " f J' 2-1fM! yff f L., ' ,JT cxwpg 3 XV? ' IN I ' ' x 5 ii Vrllcgmvi I . UGFJIQ eerkakrs WQSQFUQ QZQQFQGQITS Marsha Wnter Dolly Baker Margory R per? Joyce Kessler I Carol Weikari, Nancy Ccnkle, Linda Sharol, Evelyn Webber, Joyce Baker, Phyllis McCall i , , A U ' - os 'vu f- FIRST ROW Phnl Cope Larry Weukart Jnm Cope Harold Cooper Jnm Dnce SECOND ROW Sklp Campbell Wayne Blosser Jam Kress Don Whlstler Newton Allen Colburn Bob Ray M NOT PICTURED Raymond Brown Rnchard Coppock Butch Grahrn CJIYIOI 1 , ,su- FRONT ROW: Alice Baker, Lorrie Webber, Joyce RUPGVT- SECOND Row: Karen Jones, Marlene Clark, Carol Welsh ifw L qv N4 N- ff' gf' Ui' V7 Thus medal as presented at grad uatnon to tbe student who tn esttrnatton of the faculty acbneved the best record an study ot sclence Tnus year 6 GS 9 6 award goes to Judltb l-ltdtnger NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X X Q I Xfafzona 1621201 C oc zefz i x L BACK ROW Larry Hardnng Barbara Streng Bob Webber Gayle Wtntcr Chuck Olnlwausen FRONT ROW Lynn Eltrott Marllyn Bell Arlene Adkins Judttlt Hndtnger I-I 'Q K ev ,fr 3 Tl'5 page sponsored by HOLLOWAY AND SON Cclurnbrana Olnro ,-Y ,qi ffrvhce gf feace Jonfesfanfs . . 2 I x f f of T l l C7 FIRST ROW Sharon Rnchardson Cynlhla Garrod Carole Bacon Carol Wolf Gayle Wmter SECOND ROW Barbara Streng Bonme Ranknn Ardnh Arlene Adkuns Judnfh Ann Hndlnger Damel Taylor Lynn Ella Elllolf Sherley Pennybaker Marlyn Hull Phyllus Rankm J l W .f-.f'?' We wnsh lo Thank all The local ministers for their huch They have rendered durung our school years. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 3SSlSl'3"lCe tl .--r SQ SENIOR PLAY CAST SEATED Marilyn Bell Arlene Adkuns Lynn Ellnolt Dolores Hull Ruth Ann Carlson STANDING John Untch Larry Hardung John Omslaer Bull Barnhouse Charles Olnhausen Judy Hndunger CARLYLE BROWN fl SERVERS LEFT TO RIGHT Danny Tay lor Kay Black Ben Sheerer a ack s Sm Phyll s Rank n FAIRYLAND ROMANCE QUEEN Patty Logan KING Ronnie Weaver K g,4Jx!'9l veo1lwePooon Chinfmenf K . T 4 6 1 1 A 3 Q .Mug f j 'L 'T 'Q V - . Q , . u , : - 1 'fx' ' E f' 'lu ,F FQ Bl , ,WiIli ami a 1. 5 5 '- 5 5 f -Q. . X ' A-. - r Q F". - , . N '.rbvA...+? I Q E -ei --' , Y-""',',...,.h." - "" E T T Tu , : . Q ' 5 ei 74 xi M. f 1i'!lWyj. Aiwf 'fife- ,.1 ' 'H ,M 2f"xg iigi' , fm, g jpydffglny ZQGHJ X- f N X I I , J 3 A I S l A 3 2 W ' 5 T ' . F : il ' I , l l Q i : 5 l i . 1 V , I C V g r 12 1 A I . E , 'K in 1 as ' . J - , J ,X 9 4- yo, n X61 Gfbenf CIAOFCIS FIRST ROW: Shirley Blower, Geraldine Blower, Judy Heaton, Joyce Bott, Margie Rupert, Barbara Streng, Janet Harding, Nancy Conkle, Kay Black, Fay Black, Phyllis Rankin, Judy Hubbard, Bonnie Rankin, Sharon Richardson. SECOND ROW: Carol Bacon, Marilyn Bell, Evelyn Webber, Darlene Wolfgang, Judy Hidinger, Judy Knight, Betty Baughman, Lynn Elliott, Gayle Winters, Nancy Kannal, JoAnn Roscoe, Cynthia Garrod, Carole Wolfe, Mailyn Hull, Mr. Fitzer. THIRD ROW: Judy Remish, Marsha Winters, Susan Seachrist, Dan Taylor, Bill Barnhouse, Paul Esterly, John Omslaer, John Huston, Chuck Olnhausen, John Untch, Bob Webber, Larry Harding, Shirley Blosser, Judy Brown, Beverly Arthurs. 1 . fw 5 C enmz' fj nys l ,fuarfef John Omslaer, Bill Barnhouse, Chuck Olnhausen, John Untch. , i j ll Tl li li 2 : -N l 'l i Q on Cer 'I I an r BACK ROW Cecll Conkle Janet Hardung Beverly Arthurs Mr Fntzer Carol Wolfe Gayle Wlnter SECOND ROW Marlory Rupert Darlene Wolfgang Ruth Ann Carlson John Omslaer Bull Barnhouse John Untch Ltnda Colella Stephanue Carlson John Bretz Gary Slaven Howard Butcher Danny Lmdsey Bob Webber Lester Webber Jam Wolfe FRONT ROW Judtth Remush Cynthla Garrod Phyllus Rankm Shirley Blosser Dolores Hull Marrlyn Bell Mary Bowers Carol Welch Judy Cope Lmda Hull Duwayne Rupert Earl Wolfgang Evelyn Webber Eva Moore L. LEFT TO RIGHT Gaynelle Mclllduff Judy Omslaer may Webber Laffy Hegue Lester Webber Duwevne Rupert Judy Cope Howard Butcher Ltnda Hull Danny Seachrrst Donna Boyles Margve Clark Ketth Conkle Gordon Snmpson Danny Lrndsey , unmz fJdI?f I t 1 g' 3 E . l I Al 5 2 T A ' , gy If A ' EW J 9 2 gi , l V '5 til 3 .4.L. ,,.' : I I I I I ' A I I l ' : . I I I I U I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I .4 Q f f? it I - Q i fg Q T l ?l i J 2 X ? w i n it Y 5 , f St ' ', , . 5 i g K , gl fe Q I , i I 1 A t l I -ef 'Q 'gr R ' 1 . 5 i 1 il It 1 V1 es E 2 M it ru E it it l if y I fr I I I A ' . NJ I , GIZCQ B012 FRONT ROW! John Omslaer, Phyllis Rankin, Evelyn Webber, Cynthia Garrod, Shirley Blosser. BACK ROW: Jim Wolfe, John Whitten, Gayle Winters, Mr. Fitzer, Cecil Conkle, Howard Butcher, Gary Slaven, Linda Colella, John Untch. PIANIST: Marilyn Bell. 1942: QLLEE N xlANlCE l'5uPxSON SWEET he ART BMI l 'ii 2 gufure 1 i7QdC6QfLS' yi at A X E 2 2 ? ? if FE 2 5 1 awww-wmwfwf :tw 4. ,Y 4, Q 4 C jv- 'E P' N E 3 S, wwnww W ,V Nwwew 1 2 H2 1 2 E U X3 Z 1 ,, Q 1 ' 2 lg E W . g ' , . Q 1 f E Q ' 5 5 , Y Cgfuogvzf Cjouncz' SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Arlene Adkins Pressdenf Florence Gorby Rose CoIeIIa Bob Todd JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Bob Cope Vnce Presndent Fay Black Phyllrs Rankm Secretary SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Arnold Fntzsurnrnons Jam Clark JoI'1n Whmen ERESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Betty Baughrnan Treasurer Nancy Conkle I FGFIGIYS BACK ROW Fay Black Beverly Conkle Joe Matevnch Dean Wnlllams Lester W bber Patty Wllknnson Janet Rankm FRONT ROW Judy Brown Judy Kmght Carol Bacon Kaihy Cope Jane Chuey IW 1 T If 1 John HusToN 3. Rose. Colcllfx '+ MAKIIYN BEH 5 LYNN Elho1T 6. QANICE Buuzsou 7. LARRY Hfmome 8. JULDY Hlmuszk Q. DoioRE,5 Hull IO. C h-KKK OIUHAULQEN IL John OnslAf-ZR m.Rxd'h C.A9JsQw I3 JOSH U.uTc.h -0' if .if "-X 3 1 n W-2, ff Q av A, A .5 , 5 4 fi KX!" Q' LJ ' V 'i" nv 5 5x I H EIu wu.q I ,,n "' ' V, ga, .nv X64-qu ,A ,, ak gg ,yd -I DH OC OBER IK. 'G org ag Qi v f gi Y A,:, , x ,.-.--v it 'E- L SM X J 1 ' X Mx.. s' t f X X P Lf P-X 7 I ff ' A , 1 I , , 1 Q Fx Xxx zf f fx f fm ,if SN..d 1 4 775 ' Jaffa ' 1 15- , S. - .49 ij ,Q 1 ff CompIimen+s THE PETERSBURG CREAMERY COMPANY OuaIl+y Dalry Produc1's Telephone GArden 6 3336 PETERSBURG OHIO Congrafulafions 1 Class of I958 CARLYLE BROWN Your Pho+ographer COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Telephone GArden 6 27I2 I59 Markei' SI'ree+ EAST PALESTINE OHIO Compllmenfs WILLIS RUPERT 81 SONS New Waferford Ohlo Producers of OHIO CERTIFIED FARM SEEDS if .ff " 4 -153- Comphmenfs BLOSSER S SERVICE STATION AND RESTAURANT GL dl 7 03 NEW WATERFORD OHIO Comphmenis of FARM MARKET TI h Fun sms FREDERICKTOWN oHlo of - Telephone en ae -90 MQ. xp I ' A :Ig I McALLISTER'S 'I f I E. Q eep one On - TH BEARDED fx X ONEI Duck Blond: WHOT ROCK TO MY RECORDS Improve Your Day 'I'I1e Ice Cream Way ISALY S DAIRY COMPANY Youngsiown Ohuo BOYD LUMBER HomeIl+e Cham Saws Bulldlng Ma+erlaI T CALCUTTA OHIO SUBURBAN AUTO SALES INC Phone FUI+on 5 4764 Roufe I70 CALCUTTA OHIO BEN FRANKLIN STORE Columbiana Plaza COLUMBIANA OHIO CITY FLOWERS Q33 1, if AND GIFTS NATHAN J MINT P p Easi' PaIes'hne OI1uo Complnmenfs of COLUMBIANA TRACTOR SALES JOHN C T ELDER AND SON Telephone IVanhoe 2 2433 COLUMBIANA OHIO MASCHERS JEWELRY STORE Dlamonds Wa+cI1es Clocks Silverware Experi' Repalr Service I39 M In I' EAST PALESTINE OHIO Tleph GAd 63I72 E l N ,fn I l . . RouIe I70 Near Open Door heafer , Q R IE, fd 919 . Q. CompIimen+s of QW 'I IH 'N.'Q,I'.I I',fj J' . gi! .33 ' . . ro . I ar ei' S reef ' e one r en- - Complimenls of ALTA'S LUNCH Middlelon. Ohio Propriefor: ALTA ZEIGLER BORTZ'S MARKET Home Grown Fruil' and Produce OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Telephone: lVanhoe-2-3 I 4 I R. D. 2. Columbiana MIDDLETOWN. OHIO Besf Wishes THE VOGUE SHOP Telephone lVanhoe 2 3332 COLUMBIANA OHIO Compllmenls of LEHMAN HARDWARE AND SUPPLY HAROLD ARMSTRONG JOHN HOEY PraH' and Lamberi' Pamfs Slanley Tools COLUMBIANA OHIO Besf Wishes +o 'Ihe Class of I958 SMITH S FURNITURE INC Columbiana Ohlo FITZPATRICK BROTHERS Good Clofhes 'lor Men COLUMBIANA OHIO T A HILL MOTORS Heavy Du+y Wrecker Service gSM Og, 0 Telepho e lVanhoe 2-4233 lVanhoe 2 3682 COLUMBIANA OHIO uaIrI'y Foods Reasonable Prices NEW SPRINGFIELD OHIO X, Sales. .Oldsmobile Service Gnd - ' Q - Q, J aI' l Complimenfs C0mPIImeI'l'I'S of DAILY LEADER CHICKS CAFE Easf PaIesI'ine, Ohio Easi' PaIes+ine, Ohio Comphmenfs NEWBERRY 81 CO Easi' Paleshne Ohlo Compllmenis GILSON BAKERY FINE BAKED GOODS Telephone GArcIen 6 2368 EAST PALESTINE OHIO Comphmenfs WILLIAM D FULLERTON Easi' Paleshne Ohlo LAWRENCE DEPARTMENT STORE CarpeI's Rugs Furnl+ure General Merchandise GArcIen 6 2325 EAST PALESTINE OHIO HOLMAN S PHARMACY Walgreen Agency EAST PALESTINE OHIO LET US FILL YOUR NEXT PRESCRIPTION Compllmenis DONALD ARCHIBALD INSURANCE AGENCY TI h O GAd 62632 R d G d 63I32 EAST PALESTINE OHIO of of Telephone GArden 6-3590 eep one ffice r en - ' esi ence Ar en - Complumenfs of DONALD W ELLIOTT SPAITES MARKET 50 Nor+h MarIce+ SI'reeI' Phone GArden 6 2627 EAST PALESTINE OHIO Grocerles and Mea+s GAUGHN S RESTAURANT JACK JONES M g Rou1'es 7 and I4 COLUMBIANA OHIO DICKEY S ARMY AND NAVY SURPLUS STORE Telephone GArden 6 202I NEGLEY OHIO KELVINGTON S SOHIO SERVICE STATION AND USED CARS Negley Ohlo Call Day or Evening LITTLE IMPERIAL Carpefs LlnoIeum FIoor Tule Wall TlIe Counfer Top EAST PALESTINE OHIO Phone GArden 6 2I09 CompIlmen+s RALMAR S FINE SHOES Easf PaIeshne Ohlo Congra+uIa'hons Class of I958 DICKEY S FOOD MARKET Telephone GArden 6 2955 NEGLEY OHIO , I . ana er Garden'6'3826 59 Soufh Marlref Sfreef . I ' of 1 I HERRIOTT TRUCKING COMPANY Telephone GArden b 9485 EAST PALESTINE OHIO f X KN ESAL HARDWARE Roofing Plumbing Hardware Heahng Appliances TSISVISIOD Telephone Llncoln 2 3I38 PETERSBURG OHIO Besf Washes 1' 'I'he Class 958 LA BELLEVUE FARM MR AND MRS w w BAUGHMAN AND FAMILY New Waierford Ohlo GAUGHN S AMOCO SERVICE Rou+es 7 and I4 COLUMBIANA OHIO Compllmenis of STAMBAUGH THOMPSON S Compllmenfs of MANCHESTER S MARKET Rou+es 7 and I4 Youngs+own Ohio COLUMBIANA OHIO l I A 0, QA Wx A 'J . ff . 0 I of I u I I Complimen+s OLNHAUSEN S Zaaldtq 610602684 Complimenfs NEMENZ SUPER MARKET Flrsf In Service Flrsi' In Qualify Rou+e 90 NEW MIDDLETOWN OHIO JACK S SAFETY CAR SERVICE Telephone GArclen 6 276l Eas+ Paleshne Ohio Compllmen+s R H MURRAY AND SON YOUR PURINA DEALER Easf Paleshne Ohlo EAST PALESTINE Besi' Wishes Class of I958 VAN DYKE FUNERAL HOME S H HUSTON G M SWANEY T I Ph GA 6 93'6 Telephone GA 6 22I I EAST PALESTINE OHIO EAST PALESTINE OHIO o T BEIGHT a. soNs Comp,,me,,,s O, Monumenf Builders Um+y Pefersburg Road h GA 6 904l Telephone GA 6 296I Telep one EAST PALESTINE OHIO EAST PALESTINE OHIO of I I . S Mg , S, 7 4 T ' Funeral Direcfors ee one ' T CompIimen'rs of Complimen+s of ROBERT GRIM L W NASH WELDING COMPANY COMPANY TeIepI10r1e GArCIef1 6 3 I 2l Telephone GArcIen 6 9483 EAST PALESTINE OHIO EAST PALESTINE OHIO CompIlmenI's of CompI'menIS of M RRI ARKET ESTERI-Y Ggalden SDaIfn Foods Meaf Groceries Produce H H ESTERLY FI'0Zel'1 Foods SI'eam and Domeshc Coal GA d 5 9438 Telephone GLencIaIe 7 2387 EAST PALESTINE OHIO NEW WATERFORD OHIO Compllmenis of MIKE MERCURE General Trucking Rome 7 OFFICE PHONES ai' MldcIIe+own Ohio HOME PHONE G dl 7 20 S E New Waferford Ohio MIKE MERCURE P p + R cs Compllmenfs of S CompIlmen+s of CLOTHING STORE WARD CIo+hmg and Shoes 'For Men ancI Boys Telephone GArden69524 T I PI' GA de 63330 EAST PALESTINE OHIO EAST PALESTINE OHIO I T I I I . Telephone r en- - . - Q1 ' 0' : GLendaIe-7-22 I2 GLendaIe-7-2436 ' 'but' : Len ae- -23 AL ' I AND ' , ro rue or si: V1 I . ee one r n- - I Compliments DAN DEE Pretzels Potato Chips F. F. Corn Cheese Corn Corn Twistees Manufactured by BERGS BRETZEL INC E t bl l1 cl 5 LEETONIA OHIO Congratulations Graduates FIRST NATIONAL BANK East Paleshne Olno US H LP efefsegef Zara Wtoaeq 1 I 0 sa ise l88 I 1 I LET E E-e i rf - 4 7 7,09 'Z 4'5'fit5??wf'. f , Af - I2 . C X .L C.: -fag, CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF 1958 DDS Dr R M Gaver Dr W D Jones Dr G L NlcoleHe D B Dickson J HIH Builders Supply Sanford Au+o Body XD ' I Churchfleld Pharmacy Ed Raley Mmerva Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1958 So nigh IS grandeur +o our dusi' So near IS God +o man When dufy whispers low Thou mus+ The Youfh replles I can STROUSS HIRSHBERGS YOUNGSTOWN s DEPENDABLE STORE SINCE uavs TO I '. '. I .. Try .nys , ' will 'N I I X X 1 ,X T if Y! COPE S STORE ROGERS OHIO 20 Rg HURR Yi AKENHEAD S CREAM COMPANY GA d 6 9553 EAST PALESTINE OHIO 'Y JOHNNIE S RADIO AND APPLIANCES WE SELL THE BEST AND FIX THE REST TI h GAd 62384 Wes+ Man ree EAST PALESTINE OHIO ADAMSON COMPANY INCORPORATED EAST PALESTINE OHIO om imnso MUSSELWHITES Y INN Rogers, Ohio om imen s CITY RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE Tele hone GArden 62704 EAST PALESTINE, OHIO Complimenfs of T I 'I I 'Q9 io Mea+s and Groceries ' I ICE pl, 6' Telephone r en - pm Complimenfs I Elecfrical Sales and Service Manufadurers of " S+eeI Tanks eep one I' en ' 40 1 S+ + I C pI + C pl e + f p - "' 1 1 TYSON S Sherwin-Wllllams PalnI's Gibson Greehng Cards Fmesi' In Wallpapers School and Offuce Supplies S. M ' . Cou b' ' FREEMAN TYSON O ne h 2- MELLINGER LUMBER INCORPORATED Telephone HAzel 7-6544 LEETONIA OHIO Complnmenfs SITLER FLOWER SHOP Columblana Ohlo MASCHER S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds-Wafches-Clocks Silverware EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE I39 Ma Ire'I SI' I EAST PALESTINE OHIO e ph GAd 6 I7 CompIlmen+s of PETERSBU RG Phone Llncoln 2 3I3I PETERSBURG OHIO Complumenfs Q CON KLE Pasfeurlzed and Homogemzed Ml T Ieph G dal 7 20I8 NEW WATERFORD Oh POLAND COUNTRYSIDE FURNITURE I305 Boardman Poland Road 5393 Compllmenrs of RUKEN BROD S Good Food Is Ihe Secre+ of Good HeaII'h EAST PALESTINE OHIO I06 ann S+ I m lana, Ohuo , w r I Phone IVan oe 2952 . . r ree Tle one ren -3 2 7 5 , A, 1 . . NVQ, ' A' of I4 55? Q A .ii MILLING co. --D I DAIRY .'.: - 'llc ' e one Len e - , io I ll I , IT I I VALLEY MOTORS SALES AND SERVICE 57 Easf Marhn Sfreei' EAST PALESTINE OHIO PANCAKES NURSERY Evergreens CI1rIs+ma rees Negley OI1Io QUALITY FURNITURE STORE Furmfure Floor Covermgs Appllances S I1 M T I I1 GA d 6 2583 EAST PALESTINE OHIO CompIImen+s HOFMASTER 81 OAKLEY LUMBER CO GA 6 2308 Besf WISI16S +o The Class of I958 THE ENTERPRISE COMPANY SubsIcIIary of The WM K STAMETS COMPANY CompIImen+s C81D SEWING MACHINE Columblana OI"lIO Com pIImen+s J AND E RECORD SHOP TeIevIsIon Radlo Sales and SBFVICB S I1 M T I ph I. 2 COLUMBIANA OHIO Comphmenfs 'F EAST PALESTINE SAVINGS AND LOANS Easf Paleshne OI1Io INC. . S T ' of I64 ou+ arIce+ Sfreei' eep one r en - of Columbiana, Ohio ' o I57 ou+ aiI Sfreei ee one IVan oe -2744 . . PIIASIIRI-fl uNloN BANK 0 F, Columbiana, Ohio So ff Q0 HECKS Sfeaks Chops I4 Mile Easi' of Columbiana GOOD FOOD FRIENDLY SERVICE COLUMBIANA OHIO You Can Leave Your Sfyle ai' Home and Eai' Wn+h Us HOME MADE ICE CREAM Compllmenfs BURNRITE COAL COMPANY MIKE MERCURE Domeshc and Sfeam Coal Telephone GL 7 22I2 NEW WATERFORD OHIO McPHEE BROTH ERS MOTORS Ford Mercury Dealer CANFIELD OHIO i BILLINGSLEY AND SON SERVICE STATION Groceries Confechons T I h FUII 6 6202 CALCUTTA OHIO we co I P X 0 A 681 W 7 ' f ' D ' Telephone IVanhoe 2-4458 Sojh Lisbon Sfreef I eep one on - Q A B8xM DRY CLEANING Telephone GArden 6 2568 I7 N Marlcei' S+ EAST PALESTINE OHIO Don I Forgef BULLDOG DRIVE IN 'For Snacks A'II'er Ihe Show and Games T 'sph G a 63037 EAST PALESTINE OHIO Compllmenfs of HILL S SHOE STORE Eas+ Paleshne Ohio GEO W ALLISON COMPANY Easi' Paleshne Ohio Lisbon Ohio WeIIsvlIIe Ohio BOBBIE BROOKS SPORTSWEAR CompIlmenI's CITY LOAN an SAVINGS COMPANY Telephone GArden 69488 Easi' PaIes'I'lne Ohio GLENN FULTON Mg RURAL SUPPLY STORE Feed Fence Hardware Farm Supplies Ever Ready Gas BoHIed Gas for Cooking Ho+ Wafer and House Heahng TI h 2 MIDDLETOWN OHIO PEOPLES LUMBER COMPANY CoIumbiana Ohio KIMPELS JEWELRY 81 GIFTS Columbiana PIaza HAMILTON ELGIN BULOVA HALLMARK CARDS Over a Cen'I'ury of Service PHONE IV 2 285I e one Ar en . . if ,L r .1 as If I -lr! - 'ITP f , . I . . . HOME OF a ' . , - eep one IVanhoe -3I4I ' . ' R. D. 2, Columbiana , r. ' ixfyifg 5 D S563 Q THE CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK Compleie Banking Service Includlng 3 Year Savings Cerhflcafe Paying 2I 2 Per Ceni' When Held 'Io Mafurlfy B ch Off ce I Leefo MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CoIu ban Oho CompIlmen+s of WARRICK FUNERAL HOME Ambulance and Invalid Car Service Telephone Ivanhoe 2 362l COLUMBIANA OHIO CompIlmen+s of KOCH MOTOR COMPANY Genuine Ford Par+s and Accessories Telephone Ivanhoe 2 46I6 COLUMBIANA, OHIO CompIimen+s of HOLT S DRY CLEANERS New Wa+erford, Ohio Complimenfs of Rn ALLEN'S G".?:. SHOE STORE Us 38 Soufh Main S+ree+ COLUMBIANA. OHIO OuaIi+y Shoes for +he Family MILLER'S ON THE SQUARE Furnifure FIoor Coverings Telephone Ivanhoe 2 3334 Public Square COLUMBIANA, OHIO M if Fw figii iii? QQ? we Q W ' Q 9353 I x s.. -3 . . . f 0 - - ran i a nia m i a, i I JORDAN MOTOR SALES Compllments NEW WATERFORD BANK Sa'FeI'y WIII1 Servuce Smce I906 NEW WATERFORD OHIO Q 9? Sf Is SfxAzAI..l.. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Used Car Sales and Servlce Ph GA d 6 34I4 EAST PALESTINE OHIO Aufomoblle BaH'erles Tlres Accessorles Food Freezers Washers Gas and OII Heaiers EIecI'rlc and Gas Ranges Bicycles Trlcycles Wagons Toys EAST PALESTINE OHIO CompIlmenI's of FERGUSON FARM MARKET Roufe 7 COLUMBIANA, OHIO Compllmenfs of BUSH AND PAXSON Lennox Heafing EAST PALESTINE, OHIO O ll I Q I' . I :'. 13:-. ,AEI - 1' , Q53-55:2 ' I f QE Eg . I 1 -:lib be .g:3'j.. ci- E :S :. 5 F :f f :: '."1.11I::11 V. 2:- : :':M ,' :EV--T ' 32521:- II :EEE E 0 0 Q C' OR 33 Q I 'R ' gum ,- -1 . I I one: r en- - I . . . I I I I . . PAUL COPPOCK HOUSE MOVING GL 72l85 A CompIimenI's of PARK AVENUE CHINA 81 GIFT SHOP MARIE BENTON 63 P EAST PALESTINE OHIO BEIGHT AND STOHECKER LUMBER COMPANY I GA d 6 22I2 EAST PALESTINE OHIO ATKINSON S CLOTHING STORE g H I T I h G cI 63II6 EAST PALESTINE OHIO IDLE HOUR RESTAURANT Nr+hL PAPAN IA FARM AND FRUIT MARKET TIh dI7 W+rF d MURPHY S SERVICE Tlph GACI 6290I NgIy Oh m NEAPOLITAN MUSIC COMPANY Q Telephone - We im Io Please 3 ark Avenue Complimenfs I CIoI'hin , a s, Haberdashery Te ephone r en - eep one Ar en - Complimenfs far eep one GLen ae -2I34 . New a e or , Ohio o Ima, Ohio Compli enfs of CompIimen+s of I ee one r en- - , Youngsiown, Ohio e e . no 9121-if .r 3' M WELL DONE. GRADUATE WiI'h graduafion, Ihe class of '58 will suddenly Iurn from a well-Imii' group working +oge'rher mio mdlvlduals each gomg has separaie way Some of you wlII meef only a+ class reumons Some of you may never meei' agam Togerher you have done much You have pu'l' rogeiher 'Ihls yearboolr you have made your marlr on Ihe grldlron and baslrerball cour'I's You have made your school beH'er 'for your havmg been Ihere Apari' may you each be as successful as your class has been as a whole In college an marrlage on 'l'he 'ob In Ilfe may your 'ob agam be well done 1883 MCKELVEY S I958 Our Dlamond Jubilee VE! BEST POLICY 6 A IZ Whenever You Thmlc of Q. Insurance Congrafulahons Thmk of Class of I958 .4 L. D HOME SAVINGS RUSS LINDSAY ll 5 I22 Soufh Mann Sireei' 'lr I COLUMBIANA OHIO Phone Columblana Ohlo Columbiana Iv 2-4486 1 .4 fn- gl X A., . IT, KENMAR Makers of Na+ionaIIy Famous SWING KING CHAIRS AND LIVING ROOM SUITES EAST PALESTINE OHIO OTTUMWA IOWA TYLER TEXAS FOR URNITUR5 XZ x K y -'Q Jus fl nmxrf Facfories I I I 1 KN W ' I X ' Awww 1 X XI 1? f Aj., A I . lv F fl T424 f l - ,Rx 'gil f 'Qf if! jff'?if A I ..,4' I. A X ' El CompIimen+s From MIDWAY SERVICE STATION T I ph GL 7- 9 NEW WATERFORD OHIO Gas OII TIres Tubes Grease c CompIimen+s of McCOMMON HARDWARE COMPANY Telephone GArden-6-9366 l40 Nor+h Marlcef Sireei' EAST PALESTINE OHIO Compllmenfs LISBON LUMBER COMPANY Llsbon Ohlo VALLEY SERVICE General RepaIr Highway No 7 Rogers Ohlo RUDIBAUGH S MILL Feed and Farm Supphes ROGERS OHIO Telephone 243 I 24 HOUR TOURING R NIGHTS SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS R 9 Complefe Au+o Wreclung Servnce New Used RebuII+ Aufo Paris MIDDLE BEAVER AUTO WRECKING CompIImen+s of KLAUS HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE S gf Id We Glve S8:H Green S+amps TELEPHONE KI 9 3527 BUTTER MAID PASTRY SHOPPE 32I Boardman Canfleld Road BOARDMAN OHIO W dd g d Br+hday C Ines O Spc Ify ee one 245 I , I . I I I . of , Call ogers 258I ' CaII o ers 2885 Youngsfown, Easi Liverpool, and EIId'on IBoardman Plazal New prin ie .Ohio ' e in an i a ur e ia RUPERT BROS AL AND EXCAVATING CO Hugh Grade Coal Excavahng and Grading Telephone Glendale 7 2305 NEW WATERFORD OHIO Home Phone Glendale 7 2298 RENE S HAIRDRESSING SALON Rene Mayer Permanen+ Waves 6 5PeC'f"W BURIAL VAULTS European Trained Experi' Halr SI'yIlng OPEN EVENINGS COLUMBIANA NEW WATERFORD OHIO 2 2089 Comphmenfs I P LEWIS ORCHARD ii WILLIAMS Commercial Orchard Apples and Peaches NEW WATERFORD Q Tlph eGI720bI A OHIO NEW WATERFORD OHIO ABC WBBW I240 KC NETWORK Tops In Musnc News Spor+s SERVING THE YOUNGSTOWN METROPOLITAN AREA IVanhoe L fl E. T" ' ' ' MA ' Lf- I WILD GAME FARM Wholesale Frulf 5 xv" ' fl '1 Ilsmlxtmjx- ee on - HHN X M mf dif- x f f i x 1 U ,f -X v-,LM xx X ,,6jl,r! QR ,..?X"+x XTX 'XX S X X X Xxx X ,Ax ,JAX iw- ft f' 7 'X K X f f 1 T v' f ' ' Q, !.' L I. I1 Y , I A ' a MU W 1 .lff ' " I , . A, , K r ' ,. F ' ' N ' ' i 1 A , - 7 . , - V f I ' I Hp K ' , . ' xr-. I 5 ,. . -, ,, x I I I k fx! V fir' if-A N, ' .4 3 Q J' N ' fri g-wx '. , ". .K 7 - 1, ' 9 ' V' 4 x ' In -L .' , V , ' " K i f'f:0 L -fix i I 'I N 1 ' I 'X I Q3 lf 4 i L L L 'L . Mx V7 .- F 'V Q I 1,'- ' ff! ll KK ' "'Kf, ' .K KI- 9 K - W N, 3 'xr' H, ,. I 'V 1 K M- V 4 4 K. tx if 1 L kj ' J f 1 VL M A. lvl ' ' , 8 V, L I , A ' , ' 1. 4 r 1 711' , ', P 5 , X 1 M ,,f X LL T, I, 2 5 ,X A ' l vrf,-fjffi L I- ,H Xxx Q xx ' If V , '- X-.LA . -. 4 :Wx "N , ff 7x ., ,- K X 'A A . W--., 'X ,XR-s. ' 1 1 ,.rv rf -N f AN A xl - - an x- X ,1 I 4' -ff. Q5 4 ' is fl 4 ff + f A "sf-W "fr 'A ff 'f fm Q ' -- , 4, 1 N Ax LLLYQ 'lfgvg I K 'yi XXX x 0,1 E A k N, . fff K ' K. 4 'N ' M.- -, . VN . Af -K . 'H K v ' K 5 x ' ,N N. . N, ,X 1 Y 1 1 -X. f A 1 1 X N ,. , lv 'X .Dai ' if? fi' 1 ,V-,IN ZX A ,faq 'X XX X' K ' r x in x ' N4 M 1' 'A N I L ,lx X-,Um7v,I.q S .V V LK- x .. Q K .-., Y M xxx fi K f 1 1 " fi w Vi L A ' Lx' K iff Q X f ' ' ,Q 'X . ' 1 -'-A x ff-Q ' H . N- 'v " 7 ,"VAV ,"'t ,-'L - 4 1 V 1' . , A", 4 in ' ff j-ull U ak' N ' ' " 1 YL . ,VV , . , 2,1 'at' x M. f , A: "' . - W i .fl , qi A NV, ' x i u ,Q fkk ,Wim X , NJ A r' jp 5, my x A Q m X, L - fl . gx. A X f - ,X , t , M U X 1 V I 1+ W, F f yr!! K. 1 N 'Av 4 .Ct 'fi' ,g 5 V xv A i' ,' . X . , f' 'g M VL qu .7 1 - , x, W K Rf? .A VIC, I Ll! ' L Q11 I ,V .I I .Vt ,WW FXA.yXL , ' ,V A TT' ' XML- ' ' ' I . W, fl In A V. W' vi t' "' I 14- I ' , JL if f I f I ' 1 , 'l ,Q ' ' X, ,N f- x' lx I Y 3 rx V by tiff. I Z -4 'M A fi W ,

Suggestions in the New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) collection:

New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 48

1958, pg 48

New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 90

1958, pg 90

New Waterford High School - Wahi Yearbook (New Waterford, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 19

1958, pg 19

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