New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA)

 - Class of 1961

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New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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k f 1 Q f ' ww- Y - 2 4 . . .N K .N ..,,,- . , .- ix W XM bm QQ. SH mmf wl- Xiliailwai 'sill ww! ELSE 5 LSA 'fll SIE 1 v, r Mn, 5 ,Q L' ' 3 rx . 2-Q A' ff :CMJ 1 3 ,. -A 4 . ,, . . 4 f- - 2. +. ' - f - fri- .. - " L' 1 fi M. E- ' -if',1'j X ' 1:"' E , -1,,A,X :M-.W 5. : . 1 Y ,f Y. It L.?liifA-Ml'?. mzwv X. " ' .,L , "'..-gg' V4 A 4 ' ' "f,f', " f 'H QLEQE -+--+ aj 3gQx,A M'-i ,4' 'S r 'r , . . PL .A is f v 5, 1' ,..-.of""' A .,,...f-vb'-ar.. , Q xwsssww ggi? We, the senior class of 1961 of the New Virginia Community School, New Virginia, Iowa, present this Rocket as an accumulation of the year's activities. We hope you will enjoy this annual as much as we have enjoyed collecting and recording the contents for you. CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Ice 51113 Carnation White CLASS MOTTO Climb Tho The Rocks May Be Rough U16 1611 k if We Daimfc . . . To you, Mrs. Elaine Bumgarner, we proudly dedicate our 1961 Rocket and sincerely wish you many pleasant memories of our school in the years to follow. We feel very fortunate to have had you as a teacher in our school for the past six years. We want to thank you for your patient guidance and teaching which have prepared us to become better citizens of tomorrow. a 5 1. rf' Vx me ,mv uw ,, . , , 2. fain - ' ,. .4-L f T? ' . n'.- M iors x in f,-1 1 3 Q 4 tm 512 5 3553 Qi RL 5? -A ,Q , ,s 5 I "-m",,.i'l ,,,, , , . .,,,h,L-:,,,,M,- KEN BALLARD .TIM BODTKE FFA 1,2, 3,4, FFA Officer 3.4, Annual Staff FFA 1, Annual Staff 4, Baseball 1.2, 3,4, 4, Baseball 1,2, Basketball l, 2,4, School Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Track 1,2, Band 1, 2, 3, Paper 3: ILlI1i0r Play 3: Killg Candidate 1: 4, School Paper 2, 3, Dramatics 1, 2, Junior Dramatics l,2. Play 3, JUDY CAMP DALE COX Annual Staff 4, FHA 4, FHA Officer 4,G1ee FFA 1, 2, 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3 Club 1, 2, 3, 4, School Paper 3, Junior Play Basketball 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, School 3, Manager 3, 49 Dramafics 3, Paper 2, 3, Dramatics 3,4, Junior Play 3, Manager 4. ,, IO COX Class Officer 1,23 Softball 2g All School Play 23 GAA 1, 2, S. Dakg Science Club 33 Cam- era Club 3g GRA 3g Junior Play 3, Fairfieldg Annual Officer 4: Basketball 4. BEVERLY HELLSTERN Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 FHA 49 School Paper 2, 45 Annual Staff 43 Valley, West Des Moines: Basketball lg Art 1. Jofa FORMAN FFA 1, 2g FFA Officer 2: Annual Staff 41 Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4g Basketball 3,45 School Paper 3: Junior Play 3. BETTY HOULETTE Annual Staff 4g Glee Club l, 25 School Paper l,2,3,4gJ'uf1ior Play 3. as 791. W, . J , f as J, , sill A , ,. Vikki V' A kr ,E-as H -A , 5 J I' 8 r . ., , 469 K ' li 4 .,, .. I' . ' ' BEN KING FFA 1, 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Baseball 2, 35 School Paper 3, 45 Dramatlcs lg Junior Play 3. KYLE KINNAIRD Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 schobi Paper 3,45 Class Officer 4, Junior Play 3. JUDY KENNEDY Annual Staff 45 Glee Club 45 St. Marys Junior Play 35 Cheerleader 45 School Paper, St. Marys 3, N.V. 4. DALE KIRKPATRICK Annual Staff 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball l,2, 3,45 Track 1, 2, 35 School Paper 3: Class Officer 25 Junior Play 35 Dramatics 1, 25 King Candidate 2. ,X ii N X x X Q "F'N-b- iw-ff SHERAL LOOMIS Annual Staff 45 FHA 45 FHA Officer 45 Stu- dent Council 3, 45 Basketball l5 Glee Club l,2, 35 Art 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 School Paper l,2, 35 Junior Play 35 Class Officer 1, 25 Dramatics l, 2. SHARON OGLE Queen Candidate 15 Class Officer 2,45 FHA 45 FHA Officer 45 Student Council lg Bas- ketball l,3,45 School Paper l,2, 35 Junior Play 3. JANET MCINTOSH Annual Staff 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 School Paper 3,4. TACK PERDUE FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA Officer 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Band 1.2, 35 School Paper 35 Junior Play 3. -up-q. bbw 'Qa- FORREST PROUDFOOT KEITH REICHERT AHHH211 Staff 4: C1355 Offiflel' 1: Baseball 1. Annual Staff 4g Annual Officer 4g Student 2, 3, 4: T1'aCk 1, 2: B-215146119-211 1. 2, 3, 4: School Council 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball PHPCF 3: King Candidate 3- 1, 2. 3g Track 1,2, 3.45 School Paper 3. GEORGE SMALLEY JANE STILLS FFA 1,2, 3,45 Baseball 1,2g School Paper sg Sch001PapSr 1.2, 3.4: Dramatics 1.2,3: Arl- Basketbau 172. nual Staff 43 FHA 4g FHA Officer 4g Glee Club l,2g Art 3, 4g Junior Play 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,49 Class Officer 3,4g Queen Candi- date 2. if in 'QX IOAN STILLS Annual Staff 4, FHA 4, FHA Officer 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Basketball 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, School Paper 3, Queen Candidate 3, Junior Play 3. KEITH VICKROY FFA 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Basketball 4, School Paper 3. NANCY THOMAS Annual Staff 4, Annual Officer 4, Student Council 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Band 1, 2, Glee Club l,2, Art 3,4, School Paper 3,4, Class Officer 1, 3, Junior Play 3, Dramatics MA RILYN VIC KROY School Paper 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, FHA 4, Basketball 1, 2, Glee Club 1,2,3, Art 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Dramatics 1, 2. JANET WESTERLY KENNETH WICKETT Annual staff 4, FHA 4, Glee club 1, 2' 3, 4. FFA 1, 2, 3, 4g FFA officer 3, 45 Annual offi- SCh0O1 Paper 3, 4, cer 45 Annual staff 45 Student council 2, 35 ' School paper 35 Class officer 3g Junior play 35 Dramatics 1, 2. I, Kyle K., will my height to Joyce P. I, Jack P., will my smile to Mr. J. I think he could use it at times. I, Judy K., will all my cavities to Bob K. I, Kenny W. , will my shortness to Marvin L. I, Janet W., will all my senior studies to some unlucky junior. I, Beverly H., will the fun I've had in my senior year to the juniors. I, Sheral L., will my Met. to Mr. V., even if he is too large to get in. I, Jane S. , will all the fun I've had in my four years of cheerleading to the future cheerleaders of the new school district. I, Jim B., will my build of 200 pounds to Marvin L. I, Ben K. , will my Hot Rod Harley Davidson to C. O. for a school bus. I, Marilyn V. , will my math ability to Donald Y. I, Forrest P., will my extra car heater to my brother to keep his girlfriend warm. I couldn't! I, Janet M., will my height to Dave K. I, Sharon O., a staunch Democrat, will my ability to choose future Presidents of the U. S. to Mrs. B., a staunch Republican. I, Judy C. , will my red hair to Bobby J. 's girlfriend. I, Dale C ., will my four years of school experience to Bobby J. I, Kenny B., will my ability to raise heck and stay out of trouble to Butch S. I, Jo C ., will my position as "defensive end" in Sociology to Esther. I, Dale K. , will my ability to study to David L. I, Joe F. , will my freckles to Mr. V. I, Betty H. , will my ability to get along with Mr. V. to Glen O. I, Joan S., will the four flights of stairs after lunch to anyone. I, Nancy T., will my ability to lose things to any mixed up person. I, Keith R., will my Merc' to Mr. Jensen so he will have a good car. I, Keith V., will my blue Ford to Lavere R. He needs a good car. I, George S. , will my vacant rocking chair in Ag to Butch S . 'Sleep 571111671 HARGER FEED STORE LEWIS CHEVROLET CO - CO1'1'1p1im6HIS of Larro Feed - Seed Corn Sales arid Service DR. R. C. MCGREEHON Osceola, Iowa F12-2017 Osceola Indianola, Iowa 5 ' v Qzanxfesg. ,Q X 1 . 'Q ,atv ,www r '25, V 5 clclmini tration x g'5-miiiii: t 195. A' Hag' ,"""'- "W" A mah: , fd!" ,. .E A MONROE-BUEACH AGENCY HARTZLER ELECTRIC BEARDsLEY's Insurance -Real Estate Frigidaire RCA 8: Service Phone 47 Ph. FI 2-2264 Osceola Indianola, Iowa New Virginia, Iowa ELAINE BUMGARNER DARREL ACKER NELLE WHITTMER X N 4 -... C ' ff KERMIT WILLIAMS DARRELL IENSEN MAE BAKER MARVIN VAN HOUTEN ELSIE CAMPBELL DON ADEY LEACHMAN LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of LETTINGER 8a Lumber, Paint, Builders, Hardware WILKINSON, Realtors New Virginia, Iowa CH 7-2452 Indianola, Iowa NORTHSIDE GROCERY CLARKE ELECTRIC 5' ' E fmg Sz DAIRY FREEZE CO -OPERATIVE. INC . Zn .mms Best Dairy Freeze in Town PHone FI 2-2173 lgcrnlnd Osceola, Iowa Osceola, Iowa 9 ,.g?- lgql, , Ag f :W Am. Q ba, V 1 GE 5 ' W 4 -,jing j , L ,vga Q33 gf 1 2 3 'IQ' 5 m u ' fi' ff.: i ' . ,i i Z' K 3: 21 Q M qi " S 'S ve:-'ff' -S Y P H OTC NOT AVAKLABLE . 5' ? ly ' :Ig 1 .1 diff f,.,,,.f PHOTO Noi Available FOUR CORNER FOOD MKT. Free Delivery-Phone Fl-2-3916 Open Evenings, Seven Days a Week Osceola, Iowa juuiars Mr. Van Houten Carlson, Roger Denny, Dick Hadsall, Sandra Houlette, Stan Kennedy, David Kohrs, Bob Miller, Evelyn Ogle, Glen Peterson, Joyce Proudfoot, Dean Reed, Karen Russell, Lavere Sanders, Esther Z 1 Stills, Carl '-I " weeks, Bill TRAMPOLINE Bob 8s G1en's Jump Center East On 92 Indianola, Iowa S0 If ,. V, . 5, fr m T1 1 '-- A , ' , ', 4 my ,uf 1 : lr r L 17 jg, V ' 5, f' A 1 ,',' ' I-f.,:f9s fz'sz .ay , H , , My K, fzgiwi, , if-,,.a?,f r.,,1 uf,,,,, ,sig r , 'sf f-'f ff . ,. ,M if K 2 ,aww -sw , rrwa rsrg-fs-3 .1 more Q QXULDCY N- 2 st - .1 470 ' 'WSYURY xi 5nu.n5"' FRONTIER MOTEL SUNSET FLORISTS On Highway 92 Highway 69 lndianola, Iowa CH-7-3038 lndianola, Iowa are ,, r sei Q -FI, 'WG I in 4 x, ' Svphamvres Alexander, Doris Ballard, David Bodtke, Bob Crawford, Paul Dobson, Dixie Forman, Steve Erelwine, Diana Harris, Elaine Jones, Lucy Kennedy, Ruth King, Steven Kirkpatrick, Vernon Leachman, David Lundby, Eric Morris, Monty Page, Roderick Peterson, Marilyn Schaffer, Eric Shutt, Iudy Slye, Galen Smalley, Ilene Snider, Neil Stills, Charles Stuart, Martha Thomason, James Tracy, Danny Vickroy, Alvin Warren, Larry Warren, Linda Young, Donald Mrs. Burngarner, Advisor DINER CAFE Hi. 69-65 I. W. 8a Angel Vanderpool J A I JW freshmen T00 BUSY 13 ,25 . bw. , ' Absent when Ne! Shown pidurn won anode 4" 1 DR. LELAND C. FULLER Chiropractor Osceola, Iowa Phone Fl-2-2526 5 L. Wcshmen Baker, Charles Felton, Larry Foley, Jane Hellstern, Barbara Hoyt, Janice Jacobs, Bobby Kilgore, John Kimmel, Earl Kirkpatrick, LaDonna Loomis, James Loomis, Marvin Morris, Carmen Morrison, Robert Nicholson, Cheryle Perdue, Patricia Stalter, Allen Stills, Linda Thomason, Charles Weeks, Sheryll Wicketr, Keith Wood, Patty Mrs. Campbell Advisor OUR IDEAL GIRL HAS: Karen Reed's hair: Joyce Peterson's eyesg Iane Stills's noseg Ioyce Peterson's lipsg Ruth Kennedy's earsg Nancy Thomas's handsg Karen Reed's postureg 5 U 1 5 BIGGEST TEASE AND Joyce Peterson's smile. K LADIES MAN Frosty Karen BEST DRESSED Wim 5 19 .Tane Ken MOST POPULAR OUR IDEAL BOY HAS: Dale Kirkpatrick's hair, Monte Morris's eyesg Monte Morris's noseg Ken Ballard's lips: Jack Perdue's earsg Ken Ballard's feetg Ken Ballard's physiqueg Jack Perdue's smile. Dale Sharon MOST OUTSTANDING PERSONALITY Wim Ken Nancy MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED FI'OSty Kareg BEST ATHLETES D ale Sharon FRIENDLIEST Ken MOST LIKE TO DA Blvd Dave Janet Jgyce Ken MOST STUDIOUS QUIETEST 9 BEST LOOKING CONGRATULATIONS A 8a W DRIVE IN KNIGHT KLEANERS SNOWDON, INC. Rootbeer 8s Sandwiches Alterations - Repair OSCS013, Iowa US. 34 Osceola, Iowa Osceola, Iowa lllllffl' Love Scene? "Good Gracious Grandma" Pro mpting? The Whip n Fuzz.. 1.r Li nu' X Rehearsed 1 fu a-,M No Tickers? Kmwdsmaeeauaxaeriveswzfmwfr - rr- ,ai nd rehearsed and rehearsed OSCEOLA GREENHOUSE MUMPER MOTOR ROBINSON 622 South Park General Repair Clark Counry's PH FI-2-511 PH FI-2-3217 Largest Store Osceola. Iowa Osceola. Iowa Osceola, Iowa ' ' .- f ,sk A333955 JA , .. ,KUW- Q- w Law F it - - '6O- '61 luggcrs BATTERY Catcher Pitcher LARRY NEIL I OTH ERIC UTILITY MEN INDIANOLA FURNITURE Congratulations Seniors MEDORA STORE EXCHANGE FRANCIS BEAUTY SHOP I. L. Rander New and Used Furniture New Virginia, Iowa General Merchandise 211 West Salem sr. Phone 2811 Indianola. Iowa 5,011 I Snap l6'aseIuzll and Basketball fear fr ff L 'KLL "1 lirfllelfvffl .U ,us E, raises Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 ALLEN HARDWARE Harold Allen Ir. and Darrell Allen New Virginia, Iowa kvckcffes ROW 3 I Foley, I. Shutt S Weeks L Kirkpatrick ROW2 Mrs Jensen C Morris D Alexander, E Harris L Strlls I Smalley E Sanders Coach Jensen ROW 1 I Peterson, M Peterson K Reed S Ogle N Thomas M Stuart OPPONENT St. Charles Gr. Valley Norwalk Martinsdale St. Charles Van Meter Gr. Valley Rackets ROW 2: G. Sly, E. Schaffer, L. Lundby, S. Houlette, L. Russell, A. Stalters, Coach Jensen. ROW 1: B. Morrison, N. Snider, D. Proudfoot, F. Proudfoot, D. Kirkpatrick, I. Bodtke. 1960-61 RECORD WE OPPONENT 40 St. Charles 37 61 Gr. Valley 52 41 Truro 50 33 Norwalk 77 48 Martinsdale 46 51 Van Meter 35 51 St. Charles 49 34 Gr. Valley 62 48 S. E. Warren 64 IRWIN BARBER SHOP Closest Shave in Town New Virginia, Iowa WE 34 52 48 38 43 38 53 49 X f ,ry-f - 'mug i W'-PM . gg M . OPPONENT Norwalk 88 Martinsdale 48 Carlisle 45 Norwalk 80 Truro 47 S. E. Warren 67 Martinsdale 57 Hartford 60 WARREN COUNTY OIL CO . Gasoline - Propane Gas - Fuel Oil Ph. CH 7-2549 Indianola, Iowa 'Timm Kackvrs " Khcerlmders .Managers Eapfams and Hllicf JOHNSON TIRE SERVICE INDIANOLA LOAN AGENCY DR. A. D. LARSEN PH. CH-7-2803 N. W. Comer of Square Chiropractor If1di3f101H, Iowa Indianola, Iowa Indianola, Iowa ,711 ff W1 1571 kvfb ll FIRST ROW: Ron Kirkpatrick, Johnny Camp, Ron Thompson, David Cox, Nicky Brown, Darryl Thompson, Mr. Burchett. SECOND ROW: James Lind, Tom Milligan, Steve Hilton, Alan Ran- ker, Garold Slye, Claude Stuart, Van Schaffer. THLRD ROW: Gary Morris, Roger Smalley, Gary Shane, Roger Ogle, Ronnie Ogle, David Felton. FIRST ROW: Darlene Moss, Christine Morris, Mary Claiser, Cheryl Ballard, Patty Kilgore, Sheila Wisecup. SECOND ROW: Darlene Smalley, Sheryl Taylor, Lois Johnson, Keeta Kinnaird, Dixie Russell, Gladys Page, Sheila Guy. Manager: Jane Foley. Coach: Mr. Burchett. LES FRAZIER'S BARBERSHOP PAGE GARAGE Flat -top Specialist Tune up SL repair work Indjanola, Iowa New Virginia Phone 30 1 S 5 3 Q ivifies Annual 0Mwrs SEATED: Io Cox, Asst. Editor, Nancy Thomas, Editor. STANDING: Ken Wickett, Business Manager, Keith Reichert, Asst. Business Manager gil d BACK ROW: Lavere Russell, Marvin Loomis, Keith Wickett, LaDonna Kirkpatrick, Robert Kohrs, Mr. Adey, Instructor. ROW 3: Bob Morrison, Pat Perdue, Jane Foley, Larry Felton, Iim Bedtke. ROW 2: David Leachman, Karen Reed, Elaine Harris, Lois Johnson, Carman Morris, Gladys Page ROW 1: Eric Lundby, Dennis Cox High Quality Products GARRIS 81 OVERHOLTZER Need Not Be High Priced Insurance-Farm Loans- HYVEE FOOD MARKET Management Osceola, Iowa Osceola, Iowa 2 i in 1 t .,, M 33- .K J ' Girls ' 5156 61116 ROW 1: Pat Perdue, Patty Woods, Martha Stuart, Beverly Hellstern, Judy Camp, Doris Alexander, Barbara Hellstern, Lucy Jones, Diana Erlewine, ROW 2: Janet Westerly, Sharon Ogle, Elaine Har- ris, Kyle Kinnaird, Linda Warren, Ilene Smalley, Ruth Kennedy, Esther Sanders, LaDonna Kirkpa- trick, Mr. Adey. ROW 3: Linda Stills, Judy Kennedy, Janet Mclntosh, Sandra Hadsall, Cheryle Nicholson, Carmen Morris, Sheryll Weeks, Evelynn Miller, Joan Stills Hays ' 5155 611111 ROW 1: Charles Thomason, David Leachman, Monty Morris, Eric Lundby, James Thomason. ROW 2: Galen Slye, Lavere Russell, Eric Schaffer, Charles Stills OSCEOLA VETERINARY CLINIC JEFFERSON HIGHTS AUTO SERVICE Dr. George E. Lewis, D.V.M. New Sc Used Auto Parts Dr. Fred J. Wood, D.V.M. General Repair Work RR 5 Osceola, Iowa FI-2-2159 Fay Vickroy, E. Conrad 'a .gf OFFICERS SEATED Ken W Lavere R Ken B Presrdent Roger C Carl S., Dick D. ROW 2 Marvrn L Charles T Bob J Galen S Earl K Larry E Kerth W Charles B. , John K ROW 3 Glen O Jack P George S Bob K Alan S Bob M Davrd B , Monty M.. Jim L Offrcers Joyce P Karen R Ilene S Esther S Joan S Judy C Sheral L., Jane S. . Sharon O President ROW 2 Marrlyn P Sheryll W Janrce H Martha S Linda S., Par P., LaDonna K Barb H Jane F Par W Drxre D ROW 3 Bev H Cheryl N Marilyn V. , Doris A., K. L. HEBORN 206 W. Salem CH-7-4041 J ! Wm' Arts 'I . Vir. i..-1.1 .i-1 -i1 RUBLE MOTOR SL IMP. CLOUD'S MAID RITE INDIANOLA IMP. CO. Phone CH-'7-4735 Jct. 65-69 -92 Your John Deere Dealer Indianola, Iowa Indianola, Iowa Indianola, Iowa FRIDAY 1Ns. AGENCY Compliments of C0H8ff1H11HfiOf1S Insurance - We Have Ig CHUMBLEY CONOCO HOTEL GARNER COFFEE SHOP Osceola FI-2-2817 IUdi3l1Ol2i, Iowa Osceola, Iowa M, W T53 1 , ,gl K 1 fi , .gi ,Ti IZ' 3, . Vi .isp , ' Q rf .' X 4 .,. 1 L .40 , f. 3 3, Z8 s 2 iii E 55 5 . fm: , W ,Szzkf gi '-fffsis, ffzyhfh Mr, Burchett Claiser, Mary Cox, David Felton, David Johnson, Lois King, Carole Kinniard, Keeta Meyer, Roger Milligan, Tom Ogle, Roger Ogle, Ronnie Page, Gladys Reichert, Rita Russell, Dixie Shane, Gary Slye, Garold Smalley, Darlene Smalley, Roger Stuart, Claude Thompson, Darryl Vickroy, Lyle FARMERS PRODUCE AND FEED WILKINSON CONOCO SERVICE Cash Buyers of Produce phone CH-7-4727 Phone FI-2-2415 Indianola, Iowa Osceola, Iowa Seventh Mrs. Orr Ballard, Cheryl Brown, Nicky Camp, John Cox, Dennis Cox, Linda Denniston, James Guy, Sheila Hilton, Steve Jones, Rodney Keller, Marda Kirkpatrick, Ronnie Kilgore, Patti Lind, James McIntosh, Chester Morris, Christine Morris, Gary Morris, Marilyn Moss, Darlene Ranker, Alan Schaffer, Van Taylor, Sheryl Thompson, Ronnie Wickett, Doug Wisecup, Sheila CAMP'S TOT 8: TEEN SHOP Phone FI-2-2219 Osceola, Iowa 7 ? ?7 ll? ' Q .. of ., Q 4 Vx! Y 1 1" V , i T ik an :,, K 'Q Y x ' 'P ,G-fy. . 'iri VN, g , - , A ,Z T U , I. f ' 3 ' ""' . '- , V H ,, le: w e rssr r ll M. fa' , rsr. I Q.. - 5 lift-Q-...fs f xr' it 3 -2 ig 1' -:- O ,,,,, Ji ' HL M . I av i 11 v ' ff 3 SAYLOR'S COZY CAFE Feed and Seed West Side Square Osceola, Iowa lndianola, Iowa I A. 4 . J fief we ave - , 5 6 V 2. . . I 6,V V , , .1,,. 1 ' 'gif I H H E ' to S s s I at ,, 5 fl' Q-fl g I Q9' Q 'E 41? I V2 "- 1: ' ' f ,M - . ,Q -'V' 'Ja ' f' R : Q -,U Q , fi f A f S s, 1. I 6 1 s , Q , vlv ' 1 L:' X , ,. , A 611 , A z , ,f f f m S sst, of ' ..,.f r 3 ,u it as ,C V, Vg im, M Q G ,, LQ, vi? lt l 11,2 5 W1 , 1 ffl? lk - W if 3 ,, -A ' I I "" I D a I I I ' ' 5 :,,.: j.4f'xgt .,.: 7 5 I I I . R We i t K xlib igk, .Q 5, , in Hsiiyifk 1 V I ' iii I , gl-I tlltl QvQ Qf 4' daft ff .1 Lb, f I 5 jaw" -files Q ,g , I I ED'S SERVICE Finest Service Indianola, Iowa A 8: W DRIVE IN Home of Roasted Chicken Indianola, Iowa Siiffh Mrs. Cartwright Ballard, Charlotte Bowlin, Eleanor Bowlin, Tom Carrico, Larry Denniston, Gary Felton, Cynthia Gleckler, Susan Hatcher, Jim Hommer, Tom Huss, Robert Kirkpatrick, Bonnie Long, Paula Marshall, Miles Milligan, Dianna Northway, Claudette Northway, Steven Ogle, Tom Perdue, Cindy Ranker, Roger Smith, Kenneth Snider, Mona Stalter, Mickey Stickel, Tom Taylor, Robert Tracy, Sandra Vickroy, Judy Weeks, Sharon Weir, Jim Wilson, Virginia Wood, Junior Morey, Larry ARAN D 8a ORSBORN Veterinary Clinic Indianola, Iowa Zfflz Mrs. Bodtke Argetsinger, Tom Broyles, Karman Bowlin, David Carrico, Linda Felton, Kathy Gibbons, Terry Henry, Douglas Hollingsworth, M. Hylton, Carolyn Irwin, Michael Kibbe, Henry Kimzey, Max Leachman, James Lind, Judy McCuddin, Gwen Milligan, Jane Minor, Susan Morris, Merlin Norris, Doyle Shane, David Strange, Richard Taylor, Stanley BLAKE SHOE STORE Put yourself in our shoes! Indianola, Iowa RlNDY'S SUPERVALUE COFFEE CUP CAFE "OU The Sqllafen West Side of Square Osceola- Iowa Indianola, Iowa W2 ,,, ..- J A J. C. PENNEY CO. HI-WAY LUMBER Osceola , Iowa Osceola, Iowa Zfurfh Mrs. Cox Mrs. Hickman Alexander, Velma Argetsinger, Jay Barnard, Kay Boles, Jerry Bowlin, Joyce Carrico, Shirley Cox, Dianna Gaskill, Kathy Hansen, Dennis Harris, Beth Harris, Vicki Henry, Dennis Hommer, Vicki Houlette, Linda Houlette, Marilyn Irwin, Billy Lawless, Chris Lind, Mary Lou Loomis, Anita Milligan, Jon Morris, Galen Northway, Bob Northway, Linda Parker, Barbara Peterson, Evelyn Reynolds, Debra Ritchey, Richard Romine, Shirley Russell, Linda Stalter, Shelley Stuart, Betty Thompson, Craig Vickroy, Dennis Wicketr, Freddie Wilson, Allen Wisecup, Michael OSCEOLA DAIRY QUEEN Osceola, Iowa Uzird Mrs. Hemstra Alexander, Helen Baker, David Baughman, Mike Blair, Peggy Boles, Rhonda Broyles, Vernon Bowlin, Gary Fry, Alecia Gibbons, Debby Gleckler, George Gillett, Cindy Hollingsworth, Wayne Hopkins, David Huston, Norville Ogle, Ricky Smith, Keith Strange, Cary Stuart, Lynn Thomason, Donnie Vickroy, Jimmy Walkerl Esther Weir, John Williams, Dale Wood, Steven I if , - N , . , H if -if 4 ' I u"' X- 1 4 f ,F I 4 . ggfjgk .',' , ' ' 4 . , ,-k I 1: :Yr in 1 5 v yr r i , , in Hind- 5 A Q viii fi VV ,:.V , ,k,, V , ,,,, 2 -I s Q ,,, yys, I to g I yytll s ff, ,yst k , . ' Q i ff if J t 'V" " View ' I fa... I TE' rw, ' -,,, 51 , S -, 5 . 3 H t V,,- lgz, h A .bb V , ,, s I ,. , I t Q1 ' Ha' I " ri, 1, "-Fi.. ,V He 'M r L , C ts, Q . Z, t yy 3332! , ' ,A e I gfeit , ,,,t .I I I '-. snows f ' ff- -- t 3' Ga i . V, 4: ' ei -,., . U .:-r YW.,.. -X ,, fwfr, E1 -1- USTLER ELECTRIC Compliments Of We Sell the Best- REED'S IMPLEMENT CO. Service the Rest Your Allis Chalmers Dealer Indianola, Iowa New Virginia, Iowa ' fv ik 'E 96 'os 55 ab .. - X Ahunl PHDTO NOT AVAILABLE Second Mrs. Roberts Albright, Barbara Barnard, Sandra Blair, Kathy Carrico, Donnie Dorland, Cheryl Guy, Deborah Harris, Kathy Henry, Danny Hopkins, Danny Hoyt, Robin Jones, Betty Kimzey, Tala Miller, Eddie Minor, Carl Norris, Cecil Northway, Sandra Parker, Shirley Ranker, Chris Reynolds, Anette Vickroy, Janet Wickett, Bobby Wyatt, John III ROTHFUS BOWLING LANES 5TALEY'5 RADIQ' T. V. 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A I 'I ,V X W X f Wg f fi ' W S F: ' X ' xxf is ,U t 4, QA " f ,Mfr ' f C N 4 fy ry! V YA -S S Q xx f.?, qw , 7" I w e " 1' .fr . W' 4 Q L 2 -A I I J J opp' f LLV, b .,, ', , .' ww Q 3. Xi 5 , , s 'lx ' V X vr gf 0 , J - 'X ' I K flint ,nf so g1ll'6'W6'ff We, the last class to be graduated from the New Virginia Community School, wish to leave our Rocket in memory of our school. We wish to thank the teachers, parents, board of education, and the community for all they have contributed to the success of our school and to the higher education of the students. We also wish to acknowledge the former graduates of N. V. H. S. who have established and main- tained respect and admiration for our school and its students. In gaining many awards and recognitions of achievement, we all have many memories which we shall cherish. New Virginia will be part of the new reorganized district ir1 the near hrtureg and we, its last senior class, wish our school a warm farewell. il K fa 1 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY N "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" N

Suggestions in the New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) collection:

New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 49

1961, pg 49

New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 44

1961, pg 44

New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 28

1961, pg 28

New Virginia Community High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Virginia, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 28

1961, pg 28

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