New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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X OMET lelmm X 'W' LINE 59,2 1, f. a,e1ax,4w :x 'H 'wr ' , N1 Mr' v-11--,nh 5 . M, . 1: ,, 5 . ,'g-vw ga , , U, ,,- ,, . -U. .N ,1, , , , 1 - ffv, um: ' 4,l aff, . f 4 .L Q: f w 593' QW: ,. 'Q lvl . Y. s. 1- f--:.. , V ,r ,U 3 4- Wlfjf B ,r 'Tw K y , wg, '- ,sim ,, N-Jw ' . 1 uid: k 355249 ,:M,,.-in 55115, 5155- V .,f' " '- ,e::,.,,y A-W1 H' 'An-Se' ,, 1, , Y JM. , ,M , 212i "i , giff L1 . , Aff: . K' -. 225' ML, 3-' f2Q."?i , .v"-1 vi - ,L. :EF fn, " ffm- ' ' QQA3 ' 'TV Y Tiff' ,. fa 5553: nfl . ' 5:.1+,5.1,j.'f, I 'TEQEQ1 1: N- V ik., , 1, lm.-fizw-H. .. rf--:.:g'.v11i ,.59f+sv2",,',. 'xv W a.: fwGff.f.f'17,vvs1'N 321 1-rf X 1, 1-,Qffzg if - LQ gl' if- 525: '. :,ux,9f' 1 PK1'Q:i!" ' '- fx-,LY-, 1, :g'2,AgQg1', V V: 353 jg f imwzef 'sg 1 ' qi- +,,,f-.ffm 5 r'5i4h?g.,f 3' ,5, A - 1 3- X If? gigs, . .nf V MQ' wg,,y-gi.f- J 15 " " .w N, fe'2wa?ffAfg -, , A wb: T 3,303,223 iEwM-K A f " 121.--" 3ygig,"5L. x wjjlnef ,sigjgi-,gi ' f rkgp 4.4, 1 1 ,vs ,- , .wg if-Q1 ws.--1 .mf 1,1 .. - 'n::!21,4., '- I ff:-iq 'H -5 -V, I E, N- ' 7 , J ff-.wil '1 'ff' 1f ,. . .r. ,, 1.-f.. ,, . ., , NWS-1" pf n:y,Q53p,.A.,e. J.. 5,11 , 511:31 WL-1 uelgwfm- N L - f . 1 ,,,-.,,,g,,.,k ' A a fi fs, 5-, Q Q -, ..,. - .V-.f.9.q1QQ1: H ,551 :A ' 'Af T Z.: ' 11- Tx'K.P,n 'I ,,,'ga'- :A 1.-fi.-fy we-s - ,, 1-as?-fn:-.1 fl fra 2.41, - -,W-iw L 1 -as '::f' .W w-ms' ASV .pm - W, W ,wi -" ig .Q " ' Lu ,mv ., V!-'iz-2' , . uf.: -5 22. --'W ' ,Qi ,gps-7f242H5 Y ' I hifi? 'HI ' Mixing :L ' i,.,fP.' rx, -'-uf!-. 50- , ' .6 ,M , lg ,, .1 JZ:-1:"glY,1 " I 5,553+ A? 91165:-riiw' qlagj -' N Q1 ' , ,Q-mf, , 'E-fiisiff I new jwJg?g15,.', 3? , ll' ' -N vu G av "' Q 'dx X :JM , 3155 , B ,Y,5:,,,:: If If , , .5415-,al "ze- Wx"A:-1 r' - -, ...y mn- . A sf 1' I A . 3. , "fl Q-WL, - tgp,- ' ,fm -1, 5 , V, 'S , , Q QAIM' . s:,.':1-Lflrwzw Q5ivfa,,1 a '- VV 1A?Pfi.f. LJ-5,-if '35, - " 2. ,gs 2322:-el' MEM ill , ,4g4':s.nw:'s 'N Y vi vwvfui,:," 1. "vi: .2 " "YFGf',i'Q5 .'m.v UR'-fa H-.-i 'rsh ,r,.-sw .f'.'Efai, V- 451255 5,595,142 42,ypawfF5 -1:5 ' . if ' ESV A Jw 1' W , A ,e 1 Y-,f111F: -if-,gr -- xv -1 P5 , ,'f,,s,f:-fy .n,,,,, , , , f A -rss-5-ml , we .,.f,.irs1ak?a, up '11 1: -'pn fi,- fa' , , X ,r , X V r x 1 f A , . f ,,.17, ,,,,' f i..,,,,,,1 ,V , 1 YQ., , V ,, ' , ,, " , ,.J" ., 'K ., TI-IE COMET SENIOR YEARBOOK NEW UTRECHT HIGH SCHOOL BOII1 SIree'r and New U'rrecI1+ Avenue Brooklyn I4, New York Mr. Isaac Hersh, Principal Miss Mary T. McGraIh and Mr. Raymond L. Noonan, AdminIs+ra+ive Assns'Ian+s June I959 I 1 E cficallian In 'Carnival of H10 fXr11rr1ain, Qqnem N r h fm eww' 1 rr1 frrrimfrlzr He dezcribed Ilwern 1r1 fr h1Jrr1orr,1. r fgrrqrrr or1r,e1'rQrl zwf1r1, We rr1111Q',11c lion, the BQHQ-rrrrrrr 1'1f,1,, 1 1 MQ r'Jil'11E'fiC imrwgnrow ,rqerr1 io be rvfnr, ff,, mf1f,,1r r I 1 1 uflry.. Amd who noulrl reulnr rf,r'r1rmr11r1q fr1r1 fr M1111 1 1 1 11QflT11Zfl'IOV'I', fr! New Urrcrlwr? Cm T11V1ff 11: T'1+1f 1 1 1 iq If ,XX E X MQ J 1ilE.x X' X 1 qv , X , Eff 1 Q 2 1 1 Alf , 1 ,IPI V' W -ff 7, 1 .N N rx , i 11 5- 34 xx, T 1--X I i'!,q7ff"J ff , I I X f PNY' R1 'W 1 1 g 5 J QA fd ' 1- MM N 1 : Q I 1 .'f5"' H J ,w r xi N 4 x11Q71'-11cx1v1om1 HM 41511 lo flmnl. C.urlz,rBfu:L1z. I.fd. fm' pefmz ww In 11.15 1716 Ufffvl NWI? lfff' School Administration 'gy' Mr. l. Hersh Principal Miss M. T. McGra+l'i Mr. R. L. Noonan Ac.lminis+ra+ive Assisfanl Adminislralive Assisi DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN 'Qs Q1 bf J Mr. B. Cohen Dr. L. Sorieri Mr. H. Siiorner Social Sludies Language Mallwemaiics Dr. J. M. Drachman English anl' ffv-sfn C? 6 ! ff i . s 1 Mr. l. Sass Mr. C. Inman Mr. M. Zamore Mrs. B. Miranda Physical Sclenc ' Bioloqy Acgounlinq Sec,-efa,-ial Sfudies ik! is 4 qv- Ns 21:7 Miss lvl. Vlfindeclver M' P Elirliql-i Mfg R,Sglml1 Mr, A Hubbaf.-I M, S C + Speech Muzic Ari Shop Hvnlfh Eduacla I' OD TABLE COMET Slalll School Monlage Principalz Meszoge Senior Advizeriz Message Senior Quezlionniirr Senior Seclion lnlfill of Fume Fncully Monlage Cfirloon-, Senior Cololnrilioi. Senior Cobinel Evening School Grodueles Soinls and Sinners Lasl Will and Teslamenl , Calendar ol School Evenls Alumni Associalion Message Lilerary Seclion , Sporls Seclion ,. Exrra-curricular Groups ,,,,, Adverlisemenrs ccc,,,, Aulographs .c,,,... OF CONTENTS Pe ge 6 8 IO I I I2 I3 P4 40 56 77 75 79 8O 83 84 86 87 95 lO3 HI24 HI28 "Q?7' ASSOCIATE ART Yi X, X. R46 SPORTS TOR AQT amroq 235 4- f wx 1 I WT" ,115-r ., .,'y 1 f1.3H':'gf fr J-'ff ff ff? alfyi X M 91 ,QNA-, x 1 ML 5?-11 .XN EL - f,fi A wx Q f S ' ' ' 'VKX it Q Q Q 4vn-- . K ,XFN - 1 -5 X Xxx R ' X X QXXQ . N, LITERARY EDlTOl1v f WH Ai U- LNfEQ'1rxU1ff'F.-.KY N -PQ Ediiors in Chief Managing Edi+ors Associa're Ediiors Ari Edifor Associafe Ari' Ediror Assis'ran+ Ar+ Edi'ror Liferary Eclifors Spor+s Edifor Adverfising Manager Circulafion Manager Siaff Phoiographer U, , .1:' In I l COMET STAFF Pfirberr Broil , Fllfrn Lafirily Michael Broolfg, Cynlhifr Jaiieo JOfil'r l4ClfV,ilr1WF3F, P-'1lVl1,I-'1 Pfplf Lynda l-lersh, Lois Mara itil Helen Shi'-ren l-l'rrrrri-r Ar pri' baiirh Vrr Frrrrrlnmri irurl, Rr-in l'Tr1iX, i?1VCi'-ll"lll" R4 lll'if'l Donald fir-ll-sin Sfindrii Berlurvvili' A l blmily Sheila- Alyin Lf-vine YM' i' Assisranr Edifors Roberi Diario, Ina Meyerowirz, Judiih Nadel, Michael ioback Senior Sfaff Lucy Albino, Richard Ciccone, Dona Di Sesa, Mark Farber, Larry Friedman, Carola Marx, Sandra Messinger, Theresa Perri, Joanna Sass. Faculfy Adviser Ari' Adviser Financial Adviser Miss Bearrice Gelber Miss Pearl Rubenield Mr. Sidney Abramson Published under rhe sponsorship of rhe English Deparrmenr Dr. Julian M. Drachman, Chairman Qficowi Be quiei please, for here begins A saluie +o feafhers, furs, and fins." Seven r'f 123435 X: V-'sri , A I 'gf art-Y R 35" QS' X-tn -4-M 4 If?- , -T gil' F7 'FWF fx fl, 4-.lf ,- M5 i A' ' Q , M f4N'MA4 E ,V 4-n, ci 4-Je-751, . . . . 5: sei, f " ,J . ,. , . J-ve' 'Q Principal's Message Dear Graduaresz A recenr issue of a popular magazine conrained 'rwo arricles. One noreo fhe rapid increase in The world s populalion and poinled wilh alarm 'ro The danger fha' rhe earlhs resources would nor be large enough 'ro suslrain This popularion. The orher nofed rhe rapid developmenr of new menaces lo human iile, such as atomic radia+ion, and poinled wilh alarm ro 'rhe danger lhar These would wipe ouf We popularion of fhe earrh. The conrradicrion is obvious, Jrhouqh each prediclfoh has some basis in fact To one who is Familiar wirh lhe hisfory or lireralrure of lhe past ir is nel Vraoge lo read such gloomy lorecasls. There have always been prophers ol doom-me' wh: have recognized dangerous forces in human life and predicled Their worsl consea guences. Neverlheless, people have learned +o overcome rhese forces or 57 leaf' fo iive wirh lhem, and civilizalion has moved sfeadily forward. There are lem x-.ho would efchange life loday lor lile a hundred or a Thousand years ago. There iz no reason ro pe pessimislic apoul rhe lulure. Vlfilh ihlelligence, iff'- ehlorr, and wilh good will, we can -folve The problems which lace us. The possipiiiries lor progrew are endlesf. ll ir wcnderlul lo be young, To walch rhe chaeges NWTIJ' are rrahzlorrriing lhe world, and lo be ale-e lo Share in lhem. lri The efcilirug lulurr' which le' ahead vcu have lhe lnegl wishes of xour reachers H flew Urrcchf l-liqh Schfirfil, Sincerelv leurs, ISAAC HERSH T e 1 Dear Seniors, June l959 lwolds special signilicfinco lor .fill ol you and lor me, loo. Your gradualion from Iwigli sclwool brings lo a close one pliase ol your young luul evenllul lives. You are now preparing To lace a lulure filled willi llie promise ol good llnings lo Come. To lliis end, l vvisli eecli and every one ol you flue pesl ol good luck. As lor mysell, lliis gradualing class leaves me vvilli vverm and nappy feelings. ll lies been my greel pleasure lo serve as your Senior Adviser. Your clioice ol oulslanding leaders lo run your Cebinel slarled llie Class ofrl on ll'1e riglnl lool, Your aclivilieivllne senior sliow, Celebrily dence, senior day and dance and ei beaulilul prom-were fill a success peiouue ol your line spiril ol Cooperalion. lvlay their spiril remnin willi you fis you go now lo lace llie world. Siner-rely, JACK GORDON Fi. Senior Adviser's essage if fm nl ff 2+ Senior Questionnaire lfhroughout the term the COMET Staff has assiduously processed hundreds upon hundreds of questionnaires. ll-eire seen the worst of them and weire seen the best of them. Were seen them in the winter and wefre seen them in the spring. In other words. were seen them .' .Yow from the cryptic depths of the COMET Ujice, for the first time some of these singular. witty, and downright ridiculous inner re- flections have been made public. -4 sample questionnaire is presented belouxl Donadio, STephen Prefecl' 6l7B lPRlNTl Lasf Name Full FirsT Name Address 55lf4 NorTh EasT Alley Zone No. l23 The inTormaTion aboul' you ThaT appears in The COMET will be based on your answers To The following quesTions. l. Whal' do you plan To do affer graduaTion? Become a rum-runner on The STaTen lsland Ferry, a cowboy, fireman, lion Tamer, flagpole siTrTer, or sTar-gazer. 2. Ambi'l'ion or Aims: To show you alll To see The Indians win in iusT one movie, To rule The world, To sleep. 3. Hobbies or inTeresTs: DissecTing frogs, sleeping, gunfighTing, dueling, sTeal- ing hub-caps, sTanding on subway Tracks land smilingl, head-hunTing in The Bronx, burning leaves. 4. Likes lgenerall: DenTisTs' drills, myself, yo-yo's, spiders, eyes of newTs, exhausT fumes from cars, myself, black caTs, haliTosis, bruises, caves, empTy beer cans. human flesh. myself. 5. Dislikes lgenerall: you, malTeds, The poem 'Treesdl sincere people, ValenTine's Day, The world, Candy, pizza, girls, sporTs, magazines, school, work, friendship, liTTle kids, girls. 6. Likes lwifh regard To New UTrechTl: myself, The boiler room, acid, The roof, boTTom of The swimming pool, myself, decor of The Dean s Office, myselT. 7. Dislikes lwiTh regard To New UTrechTl: you, COMET quesTionnaires, The gym, The lunchroom, floors I-S, all my friends, The Nl.ll-TS, G.O., dances. cheering squads, fire drills, lack of gang wars, The WesT End. 8. WhaT will you remember aboul' New UTrechT? COMET sTaTT losing my TirsT queshonnaire Record Ofiice losing sevenTeen hundred of my college applicanons. ba2keToall Team losing. IT was a losing propositrion. 9. WhaT would you like To be remembered for? Losing elechon for senior wrfer, my 1-leaole raTure, fooling you all, Terrcrizing The MaTh and Sjgrsge D5-cart menfs, EQVEHGIVIQ orolfen glass near The swimming pool. IO. Whaf Type of person would you like To be? l would like To have The physical aTTriouTe2 of an armadino. To geT mfg 5 phgne bowls Will, IS of QQ Collecle fellow:-you tee, I wa'T To oelong. Also, To oe a hermiT. 4 ll. Ofher informaTion you wanf included: As an exiledlvlonoglian erngg-rar I have md 9 "lie end M599 fiffeffi MY fffiwenfures have led meilrom The exofli- i 'T l - if. i . fs -f i . ' ' L Or QV'-i T, 'THE ll,lJ. GHQTQF 5. l drrw an 11-,fivig mg-mbgr of all feffensf groups' resent qlJ5QTi'JU'5lrEC, SJVTW Qn,fTy gpg glfiqefng-r ,cvuoei lm runplng OU? C+' Soacey Tl'V!QlV5 V ,A-,U , . H ,- I,-ffl,-,-,., 6:2 ....l:l:l:Iiijl"Jii't"'"lT:j:jfif5iE:El1lfI'L' 1'-411' , :5'-3-4-1-1-:-2 '-1-1-:-.-.-:-1-1-1-1-35+ , . ' I-:-:-I-7-:-' -J.-1-Q-:-:-2-'-:-H - f .W -' :- f4"f'3:i:i:1:?' -.':f:?:Q.Q.Q:f:kE'5:5?-f ' :3:f:"' Q ' '. - gigi-2:35:21 '-l:,ggj:f:?'7:i2'f ' 'Q ' ...., 1.1. :::::.:,., :.:..Q':.:. ' . . hu. . :.: D .5 l 2 , .I N 'Q . 1.2. 4 . , - -,. . f'?:Q: " ia 222:-"." if:-:-:-:-:5f!" 9' 3' f '33 w r .- - 55.4. , I I . . ... l Ygq ......-.'.'.. ,- 3 U. . Q. Q 6 .. ' 14 - .1 . ' J s f ri?"-1-'ftfiz 'iffifffikff' 1 , ' 9 9 " ': ': 3:7 Q .- : A '. -2. - . 1 - I . - : . .-t- ',-,g-, . . 55 "'3:1 :'. 'IV ' .-I+ ' I ' .-:Ttf-1 if '-4:02-if ip - 1 Q Q C . ,. .. .. H. .... ,sf . . ,., , 4 . 0 . .- -,sf :-3:-rf - - 4- 0515 .15-fi f.a?Qwfvyfea' Gifs. ', tizizf' ff . 43 . - 31:5 l- 1 - ':1:1:4:'.-.- , -- , 5555- 0 .'.'.'. . -' - , Q' ' r ----at-f'-4 A A - 7' .A ... r-lure.,-, hh, ,Zn af ifze .gland "The lion is ihe king of beasis And husband of ihe lioness. Gazeiies and fhinqs on which he feasis Address him as your Hioness. There are Those iha+ admire ihaf roar of his ln ihe African iunqles and veidis Bu? I ihinit wherever a lion is ,Ls 51 ,Q i, " ' .-.n4.s , '- I '15 -M,,.' - - '-' i' rv. .1 . . -. Q. . . - '. - Qu. V f 4-Sw I-.---J-... 4 'r'....'-.14 - 4:-. s . I: 5 f 33 'ai wTZiI'2:.'.'." "'2f'.: 231-1 lt- I - 'H'-sfo Q-. ,--:-:-:-f-" .. -I-.2 - -Wt- ii- I f: :"'2":f-. ' ':2:-:- ,Q ,:i,:'-'.,"":+,x3f. f443?2'M"' gf'-7'+is 3:31:11 'f"f'i ZH '-'if -4 L.. . ' as s" 'N 51.2.05 ji Vg."-7 J .3?f.i3f.s:z.. ' Xt 317: .. pr: .:.l,-,- ,J.. ..l:.1, ,.Ji?4 Q45 nigga- -3.20 .xx h xx -, - :.::.:.: . -' -7 i-71957 A 'fk."vf'- ' fir!-a -Yi. :fix 'K ':f'3:-Z.:-. . -- ,, 0:9 ! fl I ar - ,A .H 'It ' . . :.. ' ' ',','.'.. "' ' 32555 A - ix! 'gp-A - , , -. ftfifzy F I Ac M -. H, - , .1 X . . rvffa ' ' - X R e , 1 l'd rafher be somewhere else." -pr, -,zgigirf 1 -1 4. Qfi 3' ' A X .-:ff2f:"-:':1:5fEf1fff5 ' I' if' V . A ' ..Q.j.5.' ..g.3.g.:.g.:. ' ' ,. -' - . ' 1' W 3. 3.3.4 x N - - iii" -:i",1:3:723Z' ' 1 1 5 ' P" I 1325: xx 'A .?:31'. 2, ' w if EI" ' , ' I5 3' , ' i .' .:5Q:2f5:5:s:2'2:f:f ' ff 1 ' f -' 5 " .ii-. .'ff'f-Z:".'li" " .1 '.' - ,f 1 - n . ' llyff' 'ii ' I 'I' .fl ' ' - j H Il i Qu nf" fy-' V H' .W ' 5- f - ' 3 , iff ' f ,'L'I:l"'33f'-'fi'-' . ' I I7-'iii' I f " ' 1' I "Hi" fi "1 I .- ,- ' . A fl IT. .' " , if. 7 fw.,f ,wwr,ff4 -.1 vy,W,Mo .-1-I-I-I-' , , J f AA' 1 I , ,g"'f, ' -'f 6 -If-if? , - -'l'l'3'3" f7' ' ' , ' ' I I , fc" - .-I-I.2'C" l'l'1jfjf:Z:l-lglllifjff :iq .41 JI I ,f i ,f I-" I I ,-' 'I' i ":1f':::'f '3'3:-:-:':-:1:-:-r-' f- ' Ref! 9 ' " V f - f - ..1:3:-:-:-:-:-:':-' , 1 ' A . -.,--:rffr - , 4 - I -. '1- 'S , .' . 1 '.'51f'.g4f" ,-I f' 1 , 1 .Q A x i' Z , 4' -5 ,,fZ,,,,,!,,,!f,. r J.-.1 fbi. i . f' 'i V" lx 34-- 'I' .V g i -"xiii ' i". ii 1 'iii In f . . V, 1 .. ...iz -. . k"'sI sm, this ' .:I:"' l i : V. ..-' 4.515 . .' X U t :"" . 4 ' 1 -I-Z' X ,-J -'Qgblx . .' I V ' ' .5 ,4Cf?C'?5I:I. 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Qt-ti" . - - 9 ggzf f. " .-:-:fr in 'I -.1:1:1:' . "ze:-1-xf. - -' 1 -' I-fr -s Pl. R, ,-I-' ' FI 'I' i . .i.:.:.-. 1 ,.,.,.j.'.', '- , 'L I ,QE jk.- R f. ,- -:' :-' s , , .L . ,- -:-.-:J ' X iff- s. .5353 ' - 'fijizifii' t. '.-rf '- aj-,Q zlzf.-. , f l 3:3:"7: . "fri: , A bg, Ag-1-:gr-: ,,y'-'- ,.5:3:g:5:3 .-riff' ' f:1:':Y ?:1:i:1: -:iz ':'f '-rc -12:-1-. Z, Yi. K- "Z:-23 , "f:5 ':1" ' ' 'ft3t3'f:3:3 ff 3:-' -' . ,-'3155' :."' - ' :7Z3Z ':' E1 if: ii: .5.:1:-.-:l:3ta-."-.- '- :-:3 f ,751 i '55 .: :5':" . 'Z igi' +3 :5:3:3. '-."- 10: -:3.1:3.,'g. "1:l:1:f:-. ' f-:' - 311, - .-2 ,if " Q .- , I-:gtg 2 5,1 Q... T I . .' :5:::g:g:g:,' . -.-':.'::,..i....,- ,,:,,i-I-.-.'::'5,. I iz In ,- 1: 2 4.5 , - .. .- -3,5-,,,:,:,.g:g-.---'-. fzgz- , 1 1 . '- g??f'i1-Q '."':' Ejlz.. , l .Ei'19-.ffj-"'f"f-ftf-' QI ". ,' 'f":' . " I Y . lf: , ,f -.. 4 ' 0... .x:,.'.. 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HI I v , X A g. ' fs Q lf' all I L . X Eh 'tg f I I X N Q! 'R .Af ' glx, IR' x is I' I ...ix AEBRWANO, MARIA AKST, GEOFFREY V .1-A -2 Q- L: I 2 L Q: A 1, K . capf. of Mm Teanggb NUHE 'sushess L.: 'L:,,7-,, 'wil NT? Manager, Repo'-'ferq G. O. Cabinefi if , ,,-,,O T E ,Q Record Office, General O'HTce, A. M. -, YQO, Vg 4' Prefecf Squadsg Arisiag Mafh Tufor. ,gg I In Q, New :iw 'zz e"ef: :Z age. .4":'- -eng in fy:-' """' ":': -: : 1' A' ' AA ABRAMOWICZ. GEORGE W- Tea"' A-1.-J QQYQQQJ-. Q.: ALBANESE, CHARLES' Cfcss Res' B70 ogy, Mau' T.'o"'g, . l f , ' 'vii h P'oq'a"" Cage S:.a:S. A BJ L ,,,. ?'a'dL Swmmmg Cwfm' I ii 'Q Isfws 5' ee e'- x' Q, 6 1 :OE 'ii 5-E-2 -'EH 15- , 5 -"' " fig: :Z . A V 'K' Q. Q- E -- Z' A MVN A: -:Ci .,. ..,-.,.. . 'A -un. 3 35 A e , :Au - L, - Rh.: ' ALBERT, HAROLD ACIERNO VINCENT T-azk Tea'-' Accoengrig lie-pq. 'Sapa-d, 'A Se'w':e Gy' Sr:..gCs. pe 'i v' :Z M 'W U --- ,R -K ,Lip w,,, , wr, aw " -:re f 'YQ ii. "' ADAMO MARLENE ALBINO, LUCIA Se: C: E::s'e's' O. C:'q es COMET' A'7s'5' NLJ-HS? ied Crgss C: ege Re: 'F':g'e"' ,R Rea: Mew T-'c-A'-g, Pfocyarw Oifice Sez. 'c VY We 'oi VY S"a"'s M'ss 9 E f- Grace Adfsers Sczeads' Newvva' V:::'f'e1 N 1 'S Ceo' J'. Slfg' Sec, +o Mr. Safran. IA-V -. -V --Me,-e 1- qc, 9' M-. Hw-ef, ""f x , '..'eMki'ks5 'Ee 3. iii? E By "":'e ADLER BRUCE A fif if ALTMAN. LINDA 1 'Agni Y Ve's'M Show' Sc::'.,w .Jir Si. S"'gs' Deans 5:-e:Q' A"s'e' Jr. Dv-ef'-a 5' C .cr Sez. 'o M's. Bene' M-, Sree'- 'ed M's R:seH:'a"f1, P-"S, Schmt, V uf AWN HA-RRIET ,J x., - 1 viii 1 A- ,, JJ X J-"fre Exif: E::sf?"S,'S4x'4.:eade1s' Sgr! 'c M: v'v'e":H ,Lin P'e'rt5f , , 9 0 C5L'tiLJ'Qe: ' F'e-tlyfwd' ,Q :in ,fIf.,,1.,,. 1. v,n,.y. 4, - r. . A M ,f L - Jfrf , X ,, ., -. 1 AITRO EUZA BETH L X Mr Sa:-'e'1:s. ALVINO ROSEANN C" 'Z Q- J. Ciasx Sec'e'afyg Affendance Mcnlfaf. N AMATO, THOMAS . Nj.. -.HV .7 ,-.-.4 l w,,.. AMI-IOWITZ, GLORIA 1402 40 S+. 1181 Jr., Sr. Leaders, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Jr. Red Cross Rep., G. O. Congress, Sec. lo Miss Clear. PII-1n'. lf: allond Crillc-go. Ambi- lifirii lr bf- an inlorimr Glornralrii. Inlf.-rf.-f.I'1: arl. danfcing. NU, Mom f1ri4".i IVI1, Vl!rIIdbfIIlfT1l'. rf1pf1rI'1. ANDRIGHETTI, IRENE 1446 sv si. 1191 Arisla, Madrigal, Newman Club, Principal's Squad, Sec. lo Mrs. Fried- berg. Plfind lf: allond business Qclwfiol. Arribilifrig Io become a privale uncrelary, Inen rnarry and raise fl Iamily. NIJ. Memories: parlicipa- lion in Inc. lxfndrigallw Clfiriilmax ffimqrarnz. ANZALONE, MADELINE 1125 59 si. 1191 Sec, lo Mr. Goodman, Library Squad, Co-op. Plans If, nlinuf- wiiilfiriq, lI'I1,-ri 11111 married. I.ilf1'.:1111ld1111r zrnfirlw, pr-r1pIE', 1r ip 1111J1'1f'. Llikliliiui lunclirrinim, ii.Irs. Arriliilirinx lf1 I111 rl fllirlllllll Ililfsl '1lllfl'lf' Ill'I'-'Ill APPLEBAUM, HARRIET IfI7l 53 Sl. 1191 Ari Edilor of COMET, Arisla, Booslcrs, Arl Chrmn, of Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, 6.0. Cabinel, Congress, Service Squad, G.O. Publicify Comm., "Spir- al" Ari Slalrlg Sr, Cabinel, Co-Chrmn. of Orienlalion Comm., Sr. Show, Sec. lo Mr, Welfon. i'l.'1r1-. Iii villwrigl 11'iIl111,1D, Arrilil lI1111 I1 I1i1L11ri11- A I.-i'.III1111 d1'G1111I or and iIlL1L1l1alf11'. NIJ. lVlo1nm1'if1'sI Cl'IF'I,'I'lI71fl al lfnfilball games. painl- ing sc-eneryIo1'SIng, lriondw. ARBEITMAN, TEENA l805 49 SI. l4l Arisla, Jr., Sr. Sings, Gym Office Squad, Locker Monilor. Plans io: aiiend Brooklyn College. Ar-nbiiionz Io become an elemen- 'rary sclnool Ieaclier. N.U. Mem- ories: Sam Levensonls appearance al N.Ll., Sings, assembly days. ARBIA, RALPH I375 64 Si. ll9l Locker Monitor, Swimming Clerk. Plans ic: work ailer gradualion. I-lobby: iislwing, Likes: girls, luncln- room, gym. Dislikes: homework, conceiled girls. Ambilion: lo be- come ricli. ARENA. JACK i560 80 Sl. 1281 Service, Lunchroom Squads. Plans lo: go lo college. Aim: to become a drallsman. I-lobbies: bowling, dancing. N.U. Memories: ll1e'reaclvers,+l'1e meclianical draw- ing and l+aIian classes. S QQ 7 lu Www I F Maw 4' iw WA ' 4 ,- .illm 0 vw -4-v Qi:-'W 5- . Q., -.QR Al IL 7' Thr ,L 1 . Q, L x 5 af' gs 19 X X , ...Ss , x A-mr' gw im... ARG-INS, ROSE 194510 Sl. Ill G. O., Sr. Cabinels, G. O. Congress, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Red Cross Rep., Jr. Leaders, Sec. lo Mr. Ruridback, Miss Biegelsen, Mr. Gordon. Plan' 1113 allerid B1'111l.lyn C1Il1-1111 and rnainr in pd1i1.'1I11n. Il11blw1111.. bowiing, dan1in1.1, in wlalirig. Re- membered irr: bi-ing an i1i1I.,1 in live S1ipl11'1rrif11'e Sin1'1. ARMIERI, PATRICIA 1440 42 51. 1191 Plans io: gel a ifb. gel inarrind. Inlerezlsz painiing, bowling, mer- Cliandizinq. lXl.l.l. IVILT-m11I'ir-'11 IVII. Giibsfgn, Ivlrs. l41,gI11r, Mr. Rin1'1f+I. llwree nappy Viagra, Rem--iwibi-1,1-d l1i1r: briqlwif-1,e ARMOCIDA, CONNIE IHSH 71 SI. IIAII Record Room Squad, Co-op. Pliin-. l1Z Iv-11 1111 .I '11'1I1'I1iI1,. Airn: 111111-I 111111111-Cl iinil liiixw I III11111 i.11111I1,, lI1l1'1 1-'. l-.2 11111211 ll1lII' IUII, M' Illllll' ll1' Xxlllllllil l1II I1 .I I11-1' ASRELSKY, Pl-IYLLIS L. 11171 I'?A1.11- Secreldry lo Mr. Goodman, Co-op. I'l1iri'.I11jw111l11'.1Ily1I1ul.i111lIII'-I1 111-I 111111111-1l. l11I1-111-.Im 1l1I1I111111, ivvII1111IlI111, 11'f1111l'. liriwII1111 IXI II IVI1-1111Iii--13.1-.'.1-Iiilily,1111i1I1iI11I'-". p1'111f'1iil'11'11'rl l11I l'11'1 1111111.11111 11' 1111'I1l'1. ATTESLANDER, IRIS 1150 49 si. 1191 Buddies, Jr., Sr. Leaders, Volley Ball Club, Jr. Red Cross, Jr., Sr. Sings, Guard, Maior in Lunchroom, Business Career Club. Plans lo: become an assislanl boolclceeper. Ambilion: lo gel married and raise a family. Inter- esls: slcaiing, dancing, people plays. Remembered ior: singing oil-Ivey in ine Sings. AUGENSTEIN, MELVYN 4435 I8 Ave. 141 Plans Io: aliend Broolclyn College. I-lobbies: playing baslrelball, list- ening Io classical music, going lo movies and sporls evenls. Pei Peeve: polilicians. AVOSSO, LOUIS 751817 Ave. lI4l College Rep., Chemisfry, Service Squads. Plans Io: aliend college. Ambi- iionz lo sludy vererinary med- icine, lnreresisz bialing and iigh- Ing. Fiileen 'Sc ,pya AYNE5- HARVEY A BARTH, HOWARD Door Gear '. :,' G 1 4 f M .... BADAGLIACCA, DOROTHY Sec. fo Mrs. Lcsee, Mrs. Fahey- Male' on Lwchroom Squad: G. O. Rep. N A""f'V: BADER, STEWART N,,4 . "'j"E BALBER, DOROTHY Arisraq Tmoring, Record Orfice S::-ads' C:"ege, G. O. Rep: J'. S'. Leadersj Jr., Sr. Singsr Drama C..b' Sec. Yo Miss Gevrnan, Mrs. Fat-ey, Mr, Browne, BALESTRINO, NANCY Se:-e'arfa' Sncies BARCHAT, JUDITH B-1:1'es J' Sr. Leaders S-v""""'d Ce":a Leade's' L?D'afy Scrr, J' S' S'rqx Se: 'Q Mr: C::L:e"'ar, Vrx Hura- EARILLA MARILYN r--,, .314 "fx Q' . his ,., nw Q 'H 'O' 'lf' , ,. - - 1 . lllt ' 'V T' , fl g ir 'QR' f av -Q Km T 1. I,-g E T N v.,f . Q ' 14 QA Vt 'Q M ' ,,..s -X -R... -gf 51' 9 A 1. I . A ,l A? n i-, 8 Q ! f 4 1' 'U qc. .K 7 'he . R Wt: JT' ws 5,-4 , 4 ,-4 L Emergency Squad. BARTUCCELLI, ARLE-NEF ,..4.4 a- - Sr. Sing: Sec. ro Miss Gofdberg, Mr Fox' Lunchroom Squad. BARUCHAR, ESTHER "2':. -M Vg. xv. . -f--L BATES, BARBARA .."., Sr. Band' Pianist fo' Jr., Sr S7'qs' Soprv. STPQ' Cc age Ream Sec +2 MT Brov-re, M's. Fr7edbe'q, Mr Cararda, Mr. Fanefiq Cafewrla Squad .-. --. .--.-- r:-------- BAUM, STEPHEN BAYBUSKY, DAVID 'gl I' Z- Q G O Ccrqress' T'a:k Teen-Q M?r1-mea' Head Gym Cerk. BECKER. JOAN A 'va Eccs'e's Pslggfga goph- S' SW-qs B.,:1:Tes' Gederaj Er-9 In Chia S:.a:e Sec. 'c My QS., J BELITSKY, IRWIN IQS4 64 Sl. l4l Plans fo: become an accounlanl. Arribiliont lo be a successful per- son. Likes: sporfs, girls, rnuzic. Diz- likea: fosfz, Pegenls warns. BELL, MAUREEN l852 64 Sf. l4l Sec. fo Mr. Goodman, Mrs. Appel, Co-op. Aims: fo be popular and sin- cere, gel' married, become a dancer. Likes: people, co-op course, Mr. Goodman. BELLANTONIO, ALBERT lI27 52 si. ,191 Madrigal, Newman Club, Emergency Squad, Gym lerk. Plans fo: a I co e. Arif fio fo fai Z . ,I . Hr . is eni g l slnovf -cords. .U. M 4 : ial. N.U. ' isl' ess . Q prefocl, nine- ex X BELLOMO, JOSEPHINE l502 as Sr li9J Arisla, Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Mrs. Teifelbaum, Mr. Feigenbaum, Secre- farial Sludies Office Squad, Newman Club. Plans lo: allond Cily Collage. Arnbifions: lo loaclw slonograplly, lravol in Europe, marry. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Goldonson, Mr. Waldbaum, Mr. Groenlield. lnfer- esls: dancing, records, movies, plays. BELLOWS, ANITA Q42 46 sr ,Isl Buddies, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Library, Infirmary Squads, Sec. fo Mr. Sab- befh, Mrs. Friedberg, Mrs. Jaffe. Plans 'roi allend Brooklyn College. Ambifion: fo be an elemenfary school feaclier' or feacln lnislory in high scliool. N.U. Memories: los- ing flwree Sings, Senior Day, var- sify show, Mr. l-lorowilz. BERARDELLI, ARTHUR 1334 si sr l28l Plans fo: ioin flie U. S. Air Force. Ambilion: fo be a beaclicomber. lnferesfs: girls, leisurely loafing. Dislikes: feaclriers, work. BERG, BARBARA l693 65 S+. l4l Boosfers, Arisfa, Buddies, Sr. Cabi- nef, General Office, Placemenf, Tu- foring Squads, Jr., Sr. Sings, "EI Eco" Sfaff, Sec. fo Mrs. Lighfcap, Mrs. Inman, Mrs. Grau, Miss Nash. Plans fo: aflend Brooklyn College. Ambifionz fo become a feaclwer. lnferesfs: dancing, music, bowling. N.U. Memories: foofball games, Sings, friends. l K N. N :N S' I' 0 is in 'Q T' .. 6 IL: Q 5. mf . , , 'W 3 iw 'C' 'IL f s .uv q, :H-X '-1 ' D... -fm V . .. 2 e- l i glv 4 .vss' f g c. , . TIL' " We -cy l , we . ,Z N 5' Ss f S .,,,: E5 aza y 0 f is? . .V 7.1 W 'ua vw- f-:""" Tf"'9Kwfif V45 -.W 55 BERKOWITZ, SANDRA Tal 44 Sl. l?Ol Adverfisinq Manager of COMET, G. O. Congress, Cabinef, Publicify, College, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Mrs. Plisner, G. O. Office Squad, Sec. of Sr, Show. Ambifif-ni la get married and ra 'ze a nappy, lwealllny family, Re- membered for: ner role as a :wim- mer in Senior Sing. N.U, Mom- ories: friends made liere. Dislikes: snobs, lwiglibrows BERLOFF, BEVERLY i724 53 Sl ,Al Boosfers, Jr, Leaders, General Office, College Adviser's, Placement Office Squads, Sing. Plans fo: affend college and be- come a legal slenograplner, lnlcr- esrs: bowling, dancing, fennis, snow music, clollies. N.U. Mom- ories: friends, foofball and baskal- ball games. BERMAN, MARSHA iris 48 si. l4l Buddies, Sr. Leaders, Library Squad, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Plans lo: .illond Crirlliind Sliilr- lrfarlwreru College-. Ambiliiin: liv limili play-.iifil riducaliiin. lnli-r- rv-.l'.: d-inring, miisii, mpiiiln, iliil drizn, N. ll. Mi-morii-2: Slllll'-, li'-firninri .ind lfwiiliinq rl.inii--. in igym iI.i-.-.i--,. BERNSTEIN, ILENE i569 47 sr lisp Dean's, Library Squads. Plans lri: work as a privalo 1.r-frr-- fary and affend Brooklyn Cf-Ilrlqo al niglwf. Ambilion: lo be a If-qal sfenograplior. Likes: dancing, dal- ing, music. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Kramer, Senior Sing. BEVILACQUA, ALFRED 8414 I3 Ave. l28l Physics, Chemisfry Squads, Physics Club. Plans fo: affend college. Ambi- fion: fo become a clnemical engi- neer or work in fl'1e elecfronics field. lnferesfs: good fimes, clnem- isfry, electronics, wood working, mefal work. BlRKENAS, JEAN 2500 Bedford Ave, l26l Soph., Sr. Sings, Affendance Office Squad, Co-op. Plans ro: work, flwen gef married. l-lobbies: drawing, dancing. Re- membered for: being 'rlie firsf academic sludenf fo graduafe from rlie co-operafive course. BIRKENAS, JOAN 2500 Bedford Ave. l26l Boosfers, Arisfa, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Miss Windecker. Ambifion: fo affend an upsfale college wifln l'ier furure spouse. NU. Memories: Sing, friends, "flue fabulous l958 foofball sea- son," Mr. Waldbaum's l-lisfory 6 class. Sevenfeen BERNS, NORMA L A'7s'e' O':i'es+'a' S'. Lea:-e's' J'. ,, S 'q' Seca A:w se's S:-e:. Q I ,- is '32 i"2': E' :Z 5 "9" 1'- N I -- - P -2 2 4 5. -ff.: LQQ4 -'54 ' 1 -'-- :A I Q,,,,,,Wf BLACKMAN, STEPHEN Nfrage' c: Scfccv Basmg'g Tex' in ii-.-ji -L-Q Q fjf 1' A C: -ill A .,, .','eT"3i'l1 If V L ::5-i'5 55" 'E"f "gr, ' 1 ELLJTH GAY..E - : g Z- L Cer. cf Ecerefs' Af's'a' E-::e , .-. 5"C-I C:""'f'ss?:'e' S:c' -". " J' 5 SA":s' D'a"'a C .D Wc'rs'::A Nr- f' 'Q . I,,.,,,,. .,, F 4. S". Q c-' Sr S. O, Ca::"e's' 6. C A932 2 A ' C:':'ess' Re: C':ss Res: Nav' T-' ' V f, " -:-' Ce , ': VY C-a", Vi Ca-a-'a W v-5. - e. v's. Jaze ,,,, V Y A -i in 1. -1 EOB, ERENE U i - I' K Q, 'F' Se:. c: T-'Aran' E.-:::'gg' 'JH S1 A' "' - :AE's' Sopf, -'. S' S"gs' Se: ': P-"s. Safes Mrs. Jane V-. Rnd- K Q :au V-. S'-er'-e-' Ass' E:":' 'J E' E:: ' - "eM:e' 1 Qi N 'ti:5'e'i 7 '- ' N Q u.- EOGIATZTS JAMES - "- 'N' :iw ., 1..,- if , V, Y EOSOLUB EVELYN si if "L f' , I .. : -- . '...-.'... -. ., . is m -.,-e, S- , -e:,el . -e-- C ,i e': -e ': V' C'e"':: G C We ' N BOLOGNESE, ROQAFJN Cc-cp. BONO, MARY JOAN Sn Cab7we'. BONVINO SONIA - G'e:e A::'v'se's S::-e::A S'. Sig. BONWIT JOEL New-an Cm' Sec. +o Mr. lvvaw BOOK RHEA VASE 5"-2:"'a" .Q'. S"g. 'SRACCO MAUREEN Deus S:.s: 1-"ra Sec. S'-:'es S:-s"' -9 'W E T C':s: e S::' S" BRAUN JUDITH Y 5:ss'c's 5.55.25 mg"'ig' Ce"e a EOLETTQERY KATHY I lf O":o Sam: Se: 'Q M1 L'g"':a:' 4 Y .'.,- , 41: Vw JJHQ C:f:: uggfgi 'J i 5 BRAUN, SONDRA II65 so si. 1191 Arislag Buddies: Sr. Leaders: Orches- Irag Grade Adviser's Squad. Plans lo: allend Brfinlvlyn Crillc-gf-. Ambilirin: lo bfuiurriri ri commer- fial arliul or an firl ln- lf:rc-'.l'i: Clacziral rr111',ir, rrifirling, drawing. Rrirrirrrribrired lrir: play- ing lho bam in lho firfhf-ulrii. BRAZZANO, CAMILLE ll5l 59 Sl. ll9l Sec. lo Mrs. McClenahan, Plans lo: go lo wrirk.Arr1bilirin: lri become a zecmlary. I-lobby: danc ing. NIJ. Memory: l11n in Ihr' iiinrliroorn. BRIENZA, CAROL 5lO7 20 Avo. 141 Grade Adviser's Squad. Plans lo: worlr an a 'ir:r.1riIf1ry. Aim: marriage. lnle1e',l'.:arl.danf- ing, swimming. NIJ. Mrcrrif-rir-uf Sings, varsily nhriwn, uhrirl yiuiifidu. BR1LLANTE, LUCY 3Il 1i..11111 1211, 11111 Madriqalg Dean's Squad, Sec. fo Mrs. Kuglerg Sinq. lllfinu Iii' b1117i1111- 11 l11r1.1l '.li'11 ii111.1pl1u1', lXl.lJ. lvliiiriiirir-1.3 llIII' l1, 7:30 brill, lvli1rl1'i11f1l"1 cOllIl'ilIllil'- yiiiiqrninzi. lliibbii-wg fl.i11i i1111, grill, I1inni'., ".win1n1i1111. BRODY, JAY 1944 73 si 141 Bowling Team, Dean's, Mimeograph Squads. Plans lo: alle-nd afilleqe. Ambi- lion: lo become an aiwniinlanl. Likes: girls. BROOKS, MICHAEL 1702 64 si. 141 Capl. of Malh Teamg Managing Edi- for of COMET: Arislag G. O. Cabi- nelg Program Office: Grade Adviser's, Prefecf Squads: "El Eco." Plans lo: all-end college. Ambi- lions: lo become a research chem- isl or induslrial malhemalician. Likes: reading, bowling, polilics, science, malh. N.U. Memories: marh leam, COMET, Mr, Cha- rosh's wil. BROOKS, ROBERT 1702 64 si 141 Edilor-in-Chief of COMET: Arisfag Malh, Spanish Tuforg Grade Adviser's, Program Office, Prefecf Squads. Plans lo: alrend C.C.N.Y. Ambi- lion: 'ro enler lhe fields ol law and accouniancy. Likes: good lood. sleep. N.U, Memories: The heclic COMET Ollice, lhe "lively" school colors. ,nv . ai ' T- -. 1 "x -a ! 1. .,, var' 'f 44 7 Q-s . .I ' ii ,..,! , M 5 411 1 : 7 " 0. , sms- M, wi "' ,f f?. -4 ' .-.. if BROWN, VIRGINIA H565 52 Sl. Booslersg Sec. Io Mr. Lucks, Mr, Rapp, Mr. Gibson: College, G. O. Rep.g Soph., Sr. Sings. Piars li : inllr-nd nii'il1'1ollii'gw and be' mi- a lfi-gal new-ila1'y. lnwr- iyrs: bi wiinfi, brialing, -gall. N.Ll. lvlc-rr1fir1C'-1 Pi. wcli-1' Bowl, M 1'. Lirlf riiiidfiniri, In ilball yirliirx .rw-r Linfivin. BROWNHILL, ELIZABETH l542 44 Sl. lI9l Booslersg Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Sr. Cabiner, Sr. Leaders, Mimeograph, Service Squads. Planm if-1 piirwiie a liberal ails iifiir-.e al fwllegiii. Ambilion: lf- befiiime an airline reicpliiinisl. lnlr,-rc-mls: dfini ing, horseback ricl- ing, N.U. lvl'-mriririui loolball rianiiiw, S1ni1'., Chr-11 ,lies BRUNO, LUCY i322 43 Sl. llql Pliinu Iii: w1irk.Ambili11n: lii bi- L1 fyfiiifl wi-117-l111y, lnlf-1'1'-mls: n111'.i1 rlriiii IIIVIV ,win1niir111, ukiilinrq, ls.-WI 11111, BURNS, BARBARA IIIY4 :II Sl, ll9l Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Jr., Sr. Loaders, Physics Squad: Dusk Leaders: Sec. fo Mr. Folchor. l'l-111-. I-1: w-lil iI'i 11 fir-nlfll nwvinl- .111l. lliililiyj'iw1r11rr1i11r1. N.Ll.Mi-m 111i1-vi Sing, I7-.11h111'.,rwl161-111rri1L1- l+ll il1llI.'llI1'i. BUSACCA, FRANCES I83I 53 si. 141 Newman Clubg Sec. fo Miss Mahony. Pans lo: allencl Brooklyn Col- ege. Ambilirin: lo become a egal secrelary. lnieresls: music. owling, skaling, dancing, cook- ing, playing lhe piano. 1 .- ' I 1 . --517 5 ,f fi? qv-ev 1-W' Q., CAC ALO, MARIE I Aids In rmary XE eo'oe si 1141 ' ag So . ies, . . ff'c , . . ' . J V ings Sec Ks. J ' e ross Q44 Plans ro: aflend secrerarial school. Ambilion: lo become a secrelary. lnleresls: dancing, bowling, swim- ming, daring, reading. N.U. Mem- ories: Sing, friends, Teachers. CAFISO, FRAN 1979 79 si 1141 Arisla: Sr. Class Rep.: Co-op. Plans lo: become a bookkeeper. Aims: marriage and a lamily. NU. Memories: Mr. Goodman lriends, lnleresls: cooking, danc- ing, reading. Remembered lor: "brigh+" remarks. Nine-Teen CAIAZZO. ANTOINETTE W ' ll2Ec'1S'. ilqx. Sr. Sing: Lunchroom Guard. 55's ':: 5' 3, "E'i'i g a' Nef. - Y:'- Url 1. P"c"4:': ': ce- f' q ' Q. Vee: " 3 a"':5p'e' 'Z'- L CALECA, JOSEPH Gym, Lurichroorn Guard. I A i":':': e::f'e 5 :'e"':' .73 ga "" CALONE, MELANIE Jr., Sr. Sings, Lunchroorn Guard: Dean's Service Squads, Red Cross Rep., Sec. +o Mr. Rundback, Mrs. Poole. bd 17 CAMFOSARCUNO, CAMILLE 5 c:'2 'we -'-' L"'e:"F.e. 3 'L Q: L L 9 CAMUTO, FRANK '22 l' f-.5 :ri 'ii ':" "5 L" F'-'L C "2 mee' ':":"'e E1 f. N -A .. gl 'x ' :"t' r L- ,, -. Vt- . 1, CANDIDO, FRANK E52 il -1 Gym, Hall Guard. la, . ....,.. I. . " . Q., CANE, SUZANNE f? I' is 9 ffl? 2. . i rr - -" . If 0:-" .Q V CANNALIATO. VINCENT me 73 S+. l4l Varsfiy Track, Cross-Counlry TESFHSI Jr., Sr. Sings, Dean's Squadi G- O- Congressg Assembly Program! Treas- of Drama Club. Faq 'gg ,yferd Kings Pain? cr B'CIf .' C: see. Arwbvicnz lc ce::"1 a "air-erra'lfc'a'. Infer- ers: 'ra awe ramps. N.U. .ferfzfes os. Tfazk Tear. n CANNIZZARO, MARIE IIZ6 77 S+. l25l Buddies-Service League, Treas., Capf. of Swimming Leaders, Ar? Aide fo Mrs. Schufzg Sec. fo Mr. Infanfeg Jr. Sing. ' are 'era age. f-"cf 'i:': - 7-e :i cf a:iwe'- s ': a sm. l"e'es's' ' "Mfr: -sfa"'g oa':A'g, g , "zz, N,U. lYE'T'I"'65I ::'r:a :mes Mrs. SCRE' a'd CANTO R, SANDRA l32E EL S-, li? Grade Adviser's Squadg "El Eco", Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. 3a's'::a"e'J Et:-n' C: ev- ': 5 :V-. "-5':V 'e"'s. N.-. ?.'e"t"e2: Se' -e.e's:' Sr: lag", 3-:W VE: 'Iv : -SV.: ?s"e":e'e: 'Ja CAPRA, JOSEPH 22: :- Si CAPRARO, CONNIE Il' "' C- 1 Limchroom Squad: Jr. Singj- Slec. ro Mr, Inman. CARAVELLA, VINCENT ZR I2 Q Q. 'C Capt of Basebai, Liaglinzg Team? fN. CARLO, RICHARD Flwsics Sqaad R N X 1 CARR, THOMAS l262 69 Sl. ll9l Gym Guard: Service Squad. Plans lo: go lo worl, lnleresiz: lizhing, food, girls, Pei Peeye: fjfflflfj lo lho denluzl. CASTELLANO, CARMINE 76722 I4 Aye. 1281 Dear1's, Service Squads. Plans io: become a bulcher. lnler- oilig hoclrey games, lapo record- ings. N.U. Memoriozz lhe lun he had worlfing on squads, Mrs. ln- rrianli help. CAVALLO ANTHO Sarvl an Ambih mng N.U. lunch a '1 V 5. ll4 6 . l d. Pl 5 Q: o . Z br: '1c.,,s ul. l eryslsz wling, uw' i . r 'r-f- d CENSOPLANO, SALVATORE I769 Bl Sl. llfll Plans lo: allond r.f1llf1r111. Ambi- liun: lf: bfrrurrifr fin 11fl'1lll'Il0fll. l-lobbins: lishinq, hunlinq, bann- lv-ill. N.U. Mmnory: Mrs. Winrl. CHAPMAN, HARRIET I3Il 44 Sl. ll9l Madrigal: Soph., Jr. Sings. Plans lo: worlc, aiiond nighl col- lege, lnleresls: popular music. concerls, plays. Dislikes: crowded halls, gym exercises, N.U. Mem- ories: Mrs. Grossman, Mr. llzlco- wili, lhree years in Madrigal. CHIARELLA, BARBARA 7722 I3 Ave. l24l Plans lo: gel married lhis monlh. Aim: lo be a good housewife and mofher. Hobbies: pholography, colleciing records, housekeeping. CHIRIANI, BARBARA ll33 76 sr 1281 Madrigalg Lunchroom Squad. Plans lo: worlc and allend college. Ambilion: lo become a secrelary or fashion designer. lnleresls: modern dancing, horseback riding, drawing, parries. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Jai:le's economics class. r. wg..- 40 fT"'f 45? , f W W A A. -741,,Q,.M,., . -A l . 7,,,,fff,,. Z v- ? I 5 fi 1 l-new A-na.. nv '44 1 'W i ,fo l X 'err-r X s .f we w, 'V X Q1 1 44 1 as f 2 1 fi -iii.. 'W'- 'fx IV' .5 , .N W il? ,m Q . . 'Z'-:ff-. K "Yam-as l i-. 1 . A ill! . , Ki 7... , J ff 15" CHREIN, PHOEBE l42l'1 49 Sr. lI9l Library, Service, General Office Squads. F' ar. 1. 3 ymlf- a bi.f.n1g1s-.1:1.rs1r-at Br 'liym C ffifze. Arnbiliiiini '1 bc-fcrr1e a "f-Lrnlary. lnlc-rni.1 1: dancing, mi inlet. spoils. N.U. Me-mf-riiiizz Sing-1, varsily inhows, sen fir year. C1ACC1A, JAMES 6707 II Aye. 1191 Plans lo: gel a job. Ambilion: io be a prinler, Lilfc-s:dan1iinq, girls. Ugiilfes: schriol, Teachers. N.U. Mernr-ries: homewiiirlr, l1.niih and assembly periods. CIAPPINA. MARY I773 63 Sl. l4l Dean's Squad: Newman Club. Plfinv iii: wr-rl and lalro rr111rsf's in rmedir .xl lr-1 hniiliiqy. Amis-ilion: li: ln- 211111-','.iL1l, lITl4'lllf1CV'll, hon- 1--.l. lnl1-riiulnj ml, 11'111'.i1, lrrivr-l, F1l1il1,i,1,,,l1y, yn-1111li-. lvlvma 1.1-in-,g Mi. lhilii l17, mnuir apprv- 1111l1i-111l.1'w-. CICCARELLI, CARMEL H1764 Sl. ll9l Sr. Cabinel: Service Squad: Co-op: Program Commillee Squad. Aim: lo i11'l rrmrrifed 'IHA rrlisn .1 iarnily ril ',11. l11l1err1'.l'3: lJf1WllFl"l. ba-.1-hall. N.U. Morriiirios: ifilffri. prnnlfu in flfivu. CICCONE, RICHARD J. I469 5551. 1191 Leader, Treas. of Arista: Sec. of Key Club: Sports Edilor of NUHS: Mall! Team: Band: G. O. Cabinel, Con- gress: Brooklyn Borough Sludenf Council: Vice-Pres. of Newman Club: Soph.,, Jr., Sr. Sings: Service League: A.M. Prefecf, Adminislralive Ass'l.'s Squads: Mafh, French Tufor: G-ym Clerk: COMET. Plans lo: allend Columbia Univer- siiy, lnreresis: malhemarics, play- ing lhe lrumper, N.U. Memories: Arisla, NUl-lS,ma1h+eam. CINA, JACQUELINE 1768 72 sr 141 Buddies: Library Squad: Sing: Sec. fo Mr. Hubbard. Ambiiion: ro become a privale secrelary. lnreresls: swimming, olher sporis, food, dancing, boys. N.U. Memory: Mrs. Jaile's eco- nomics class. CINTRON, ANNA 1220 45 Sr 1191 Co-op. Plans lo: go 'lo worlc. Ambiiion: lo allend college and become an accounlanr. lnleresls: sewing, sporls, boys. N.U. Memories: co-op course, Mr, Goodman, Twenly-one CIOCIOLA, ADRIENNE I CGI-ELI-A4 MICHELENA Sec. fo M's. Ma"v:E'-e' Epeelcifl Dept , 'VV' Co-op. H I -41 C 9 SCIHCI- 'I ' A 3 5-5 ': jfsvff--f Q-Z: E Q if QI '55:"Q "i 'Ei -- " "' ' 'fl H Q., 'E v"'2I-' "' -f--:A 1' I 'TH ., ,':- -f-'12 hd: ' . . 6 - x CIPRIANI, JOSEPEIINE- , y COLONNA. VIRGINIA A Llb'a'v' 5:-ad' Nedvan 6-64 Sash" A-Isba' Sr. Lea:fe's.- E -- H I JV- SV 5"95A Sec' IO Mrs' Gwen' A 3 5-5 -2: :e::"e 5 3 :iz ':' I' i'.i',if- WU' xg: 4-f"':': "i". 5 CLAUSSEN, Ric:-IAQ A CLEMENTE, MAE COHEN, CAROL Co-op, COI-IEN, FRED Gp-1 Ce'f. COHEN, SANFORD . C+, I C Ce Vai-gg Se'f':e 3:.1c -5-,M Cafere' Euan! I -ill -A I Q .T K My 'wg I '4 7 I frigif A 9 , -S ,.. 2 rg-, gy I' lf- I, , X Q , 'B - f 4- , - , ,Cv as . xx , -. , I "- v-- v "' 2 I a 1 I ', 9. v F7 421 L COMODO, CAROLINA C:-op. CONELLI PETER A g Se'v7'n S' a- --- COPPOLA ROBERT P'es, of Mac"ga" L-':'f::H' GJ CORDARO CAROLINE 5:ee:" V"ecg'e:' S:..a:s. CORSO .IO ANN LC'IZ' CORSO, RICHARD 7508 IB AW.. II41 Track, Handball Teams. Plans lo: allend college. Airn: lf. maior in qhemislry. lnlfqrr-'.l'.3 handball, olher zpnrlc, zlfrrnf .',4 N.U. Memories: Sing, Mr. Wfilfgl baumic shorl assignmenls. COSCIA, MICHAEL III4 75 51.1281 Bowling Team. Plfifli iw worlr and allc-nd nighl college. lnlereslsz llying pigeons, baseball, sollball, bowling. cOsTELLo, NORA 1364 77 si. 1281 Arisra, Sec. lo Mrs. Deoul, Mrs. Elroc, Mrs. Green. Ambilion: lo become a privnle secrelary, Then marry and raise a large family. NU, lVIf:l'TIfJllV3'1I leachers, lriendf., assembly dayf.. Mrs. McClenahf1n", Vlfl'1'1. COTTONE, LINDA 74l7 lil Avi-. lfll Soc. fo Miss Friedman. Plfinu i112 allfinfl 11 '11-111-I-11i11l '.1l1r1r1l, Pxrriliilirrni In l'71J1lllTIH 1111 rixiifulivo '.ur1'r.-laiy. N.ll. IVIIIFYIIW rius: Sam L1avnn'.or1's viuil, assrern bly prfiqri-1n1'.. lr1li'rie'.l'1: '-pivrlu, dan' ing, benulilul fliilhr-'.. COZZO, ROSE ANN 1676 76 si 1141 Band, Co-op, Sr. Cabinet, G.O., Red Cross Rep. Plans lo: conlinue working as a lypisl. Arnbilion: lo become a secrelary or a professional accor- dionisl. N.U. Memories: friends. co-op program, Mr. Goodman. CROST, STELLA 1220 45 Sh ll91 Arisra, "Spiral" Slaff, Program Comm., Prefecf Sec., Co-op, General Office Squad. Plans lo: conlinue working and ar- lencl C.C.N.Y. al nighl. Ambilion: lo be happy, lo lravel in Europe and lhe Far Easl. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Samuelsen's English class. CUOCOLO, DORIS 1605 4l si 1101 Jr., Sr. Sings, Dean's, Music Office Squads, Sec. fo Dr. Silberman. Plans ro: allend Brooklyn College. lnleresls: bowling, ice-skaling, horseback riding. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Lighlcap, Sings, working in lhe Music Office. 'I' 4 K A- A fa.. 221' fx- f W t j V . ,X , fig, Q. 46, if . V., ,.,,,. ' f ! , 1 vars. Asigfiy 11 MEF? 4s'l . ,,, fs 6 W . W v. xt L I Illiihs "IIIlli. iw A 19 1: ri? if-' --lu its ' 'W ik dwg, rw l -2 if - fs- 4- 4 . 4-"iv .3 deff" rvvl. H -I A .. .. f A raar. in I V ag, . ..,. . ,. I V DADO, JOSEPHINE 1664 75 S2 141 P-ara ' I illi-TCI 11.1-iii' s Q1 , A"r."ri ' rf-i rw- 1 1f"'1N.1l'i' sc-iff-r1r,, Inv'-1141 3 ,ln1",r-1. lVl11"'1 is danini, da'i1'1. bnfinii. N U. M1'4'r"r1Q: rn-lffsibal Wanwn-., 1 serribi, Uf1,s, 1udaw11.,1a.4fh1-ri., DAGNELLO, IRENE l372 4l Sl. IISI Plans lc-: go fc wcrk. Arnbilion: lo gel married and raise a lamily, I-lobbieizhfrrzeback riding, SN1"Y'YY"'l1U'l, filher 5151511-2, damgni, NU. Memories: lunchrocm, 2:30- bell. DAIDONE, JOHN l675 45 Sl. 141 l'lf1n'. Iii' fillirnd 1.1Il1-ai-, A111l1i 111111-.: lo lin 11 rirfrli-s-.ioncil liriil If-ill 11 I-11'.l1-llurll Plrlyvl, I-Inlwlwfr -ll1'1I1111 and lislr-ninil lif will 11'1111l11-11111l. D'ALESSANDRO, SALVATORE 1775 X8 51. 1141 l'l1111'. Iwi 11Il1-nfl irillir-qi-, pll'Il'l- .rlily lliilyli-1 l'1r1i1 ln'.Iil11I1- 1'1l Bwrfillyn. Arnliilifin, lr1lw-f1vrr11- 1111 1-li-11111.11 1-nr1inirr-r, lnlf-1f1'.l'.: l111'.1-lmill, 11i1l'., '.w1r111r1ir1'1. DAMIANO, DIANE l2o5 45 Sl. lI9l Co-op, Sings, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Program, Affendance, General Office Squads, Prefecl Class Sec. Plans lo: work as a secrelary and alrend college al nighl. lnleresls: sluiled animals, hockey games, semivclassical music. NU. Memo- riesz lriends, Mr. Goodman. D'AMlCO, NANCY 1665 83 S1 1141 Madrigal, Junior Leaders. Plans lo: work and learn To oper- ale l.B.M. machines. Ambilion: 'ro become a privale secrerary, ln- ieresrs: sporls, dancing. N.l.l. Memories: parlicipaling in Madri- gal performances. D'AMODlO. FRANCES 1366 65 sr 1191 Co-op. Plans io: become a bookkeeper. lnleresls: dancing, lislening lo music, rneeling pegple. NIU- Mernories: leachers, classrnales, Co-op course. Remembered lor: "9i5D95l1Hq loud enough in class, 'lwenly-lhree FIUHS "come :noun my annum 4 ,-V ' .xf , x ' x N .Mg '- 5 --5 A KSU? CG Y Y ,- 'XXX ,. i ' W rfihfu Timm HAI. 'W GF' FAME ,, BUDDIES-SERVI4 LED GUE Key CLUB O I --- x, lVESI04'IHNYFFf E ICR -1 I ,, sms C0mmTSSI0DEFiSE lllnmwnnmwmnmmmmiuug I 'H' f 4' " h 'M"ff.:ff. 'f :a2f:f. . . V HfQi jqf. 'xr 11- 1 ' ' ,l S MN . , 'cj 'rl 'N K 4 '5- Nf, 6 4 1 fu, 1 . ff gl af July Q. 1 A -Q13 wg Q 'fx f-19 ' wi QM? fw IW 3 W' ' fi 1-:V1 f .32 1'0- 'K ,,.,,,,,. ,,...--...L K x X f X fs " w .ff ,K NV! W N ' , f , V ' , V ,M ff Q VW' NN, COMET All DANIELE, TERESA IOI9 60 Sr. IIQI G. O. Represenfafiveg NUHS. I3 a's +C: aferd Brcckyn Ccfege. Ambiron: rc speak IraIiar1IIuer1r:v ard 'read' f' effecrve y. Irreresrsz :::King,read'r1cg.iazz.N.U. Mem- ories: Miss Gai 2 5 Iraiarw casses sprirg ccnce-FIS. DANKNER, PHYLLIS SSIO I4 Ave, IIQI Soph., Jr., Sr. Sinqsg G. O. Office Squad. P are fc: a"e'd :ci age, Irfef-ers oarcrg, C assfai and sIw:ff mai: sc:r's. NU, Iverrcffesx Slrg as- serfr: .f srzgrafrs. DANZO, MARY I23I EI S+. II9 Co-op. I3a's 'zz ,.:fIf as a ',sis+ Tae' mary. Ir'ere5'S: sehieg, Soir? music. danfffg. N.IJ. Memzfes 2:-:O czarse, Mrs. Sanxese re Q. Remerrbveq fcr: ref aus' D'AURIA, VINCENT 1652 59 S+. if Sfockroom Squad. Pars fo: ai"er'o 'Ee U'f'v.e'3"y 35 I"':'S. Ar'b"A:': ': Eeizme a 21' e'q"-ear. H:bb'es: pa'-,irq I'::r-ef raisirg pfgegr-5, NL, INAEWZ'-'ESI 'ea:I"ers, f::rI:a . rear. DAVI, EMANUEL 522i I7 Ae. II4 Baseball Teamg Arisfag Service Squad. wi f.. ,rf ' E 1' R V 4 wr I 4 xi K ,.... 1-H 'F g .I I 1- B 1-.. -g-' I 1 .fs 49- . qs, VIS' .V if 1 'x r' ' vw ' - Q- 5- 9 D 'E - 6 Q"' 1 A Eafs '32 award Brin .' C: eze a': e" " 're Air F:':e ,,. E.f!.7.C. : fam. FH:"1': . W1 ff: -a" a 'l a " "5 XV' E715 -fi 'fc rfi"e R. A DAVIS. JUNE 'QE EI Sz Sec,1o Mr. Zamora. Ear: fi: nefrre a "2 14" 122.-. "1 i W- m i ' , , 2a'i"g :af'. H' .4 Z I' Q2 -'61 yew., 7,3 Wi. Q . .je 4' ' " ' .Mx DE CARLO, PHILIP :Mi 21 H - Service Squad. L V, . . .14 ,. 1. fl, C' L ff i"'1 r 'g f. I f...r' . f Q '21 ,-az Q, . I Q .wer A I lf J- DE FRANCESCO, FRANK I345 7I S+. I28I Locker Guard: Service Squadg Swim- ming Clerk. Plans Io: atrend Brc:Icign CcIIeqe. fXmbf'I':ri: ro ever 'Ive ffeid of b-siness and make n':re,f: Infer- evs: spcrfs. girIs. N.U.Memcr'es: I' ' rn In II'1e Iu Iw '19 Ta. f'Zi"CI?'?'!. DE GAETANO, FLORENCE 2042 S5 S1 II4I Sec, 'Io Mrs. Helfandg Mimeoqraph Squad. Paris fo: go fa wcrk. Afrbrionsz 'Q beccme a secrerary, ge? mar- red and ra'Se a Farriy. I-kbbies: reading and sewing. Likes: buy- 'ng cI:fIwes. DE GREGORIO, DIANE I4-25 70 Si IZSI Co-opp Program Commiffeeg Jr Red Cross Rep.g Jr. Leadersg Arisfa. rars 'cz DECCPAE an exezfrwe secrerary, evenraa y marry and 'a'se a larry. Ir'e'es's: Ixzxs. sc:r's. darjrg :j::d "mes, N.LI. Vemcrfesz se"i-' rea' az-'i.f'Ies. DE GREGORIO, DOLORES F425 -Q Si ZS! Co-opg Program Commirreeg Jr. Red Cross Repg Aris+a. f'A"'WD'I"I 'I S5II"'E 3 'I...:' :re'a'., .e a "fre: ive'- ers: dar-zlrg, raazrg "usb, sczrrs. +r'e':1. sez: e, N.U. Memcfesz I"e'cs Mrs. Sa"-e se-1 a'd rr-er xaers'a':": 'ea:'e'5. DELFINO, ETTA I925 Be's:' Fe. wi' Co-opj Lunchroom Guard: G. O. Rep. Para '31 ::r"'-e .-.:n'-Q. imcf- fir: ': Ee::"'e a f:-se 'ia a'd rrrrwer. I'-er 'sz :a':"g ::.-.- frg 'Uses 'e "Q, N.-. Ve"- C'-'SEI If'e'qs 3: ::,'se Mr. G::a"a'. D'ELIA, FRANK 32 3 .-ke. x 3-1 . . . .. - ra-s 'M 3' ra -.' I-:':e, 'I-ee a .3 :S age. Var ima' 5. NL. 've-':' 5: i DE LUCA, ELSIE I.f-o .- S2 -II F A ' 5: at is v.:'l. '5X'N'l"' .': ig I'r'f"'f- 3 L'::IIffrf'. Pirie.: Ji" ' QffK'I, DE MARCO, MARY i726 72 Sl. Il4l Miss McGrafh's Office Squad. Plans lo: work aller graduafion. Ambilion: lo become an experf bookkeeper. lnleresls: horseback riding, lhoalre, dancing. N.U. Memories: co-op course, Mr. Goodman. DE MICHELE CLAIRE l7l3 as sr l4I Co-op, Mr. Goodman's Squad, Gen- eralOffice. Plans lo: be a receplionisl for a year, lhen gel married. Likes: dancing, roller-skaling, and l'all, dark, and handsome boys. DE NISCO, NEAL I675 72 Sl. I4I lnleresls: cars and horseback rid- ing. N,U. Memories: Mr. Hub- bard's inleresling earfh science class, ihe lood in lhe lunch- room. DE PASQUALE, PATRICIA 5303 I3 Ave. IIQI Dean's Squad, Madrigal, Co-op. Plans lo: work as a lypisl. Ambi- lions: lo gel married and lo lake a rrip lhrough lhe U. S. and llaly. Inleresls: swimming, horseback riding, cooking. N.U. Memories: Madrigal, Mr. Slosberg's hislory class. DERGE, CAROLE 22 Websfer Ave. 1309 Grade Adviser's Squad, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, College Rep., Buddies- Service League. Plans io: aliend college. Ambi- lion: lo become an elemenlary school Teacher. Hobbies: ice-skal- ing, dancing, collecling records. Likes: clofhes, friendly people. DIARIO, ROBERT 4802 I2 Ave. llfil Ass'f. Edifor of COMET, Vice-Pres. of Key Club, Pres. of Newman Club, Co- Capf. of Go-Geffers, G.O. Cabinet, Congress, Chrmn. of Elections Comm., Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Direcfor of Sr. Show, Drama Workshop, Varsily Show, Edifor in Chief of "Hoopsfer," "Mr. Touchdown", Book Squad, Jr. Grade. College, Red Cross Rep., Track Team, Band, Plans io: aiiend college. lnleresls: dancing, Broadway shows. N.U. Memories: wonderful friends, won- derful exira-curricular acliviiies. DI BELLO, MICHAEL Wmi5Aw.lmJ Madrigal. Plans lo: furlher his eclucafion or go info lhe business world. Hob- bies: hockey, baskelball, and olher sporis. Likes: food, conver- salions wifh girls. fi. In '- W we W 'V ,f cw ,V , I Arek 1:4 If 'W E we PM rv' 1 i , X , mi' ...7 VI far! , 411' I 1,11-wmv I 4 ,gg W , fe. I J K W fi 2 ,,. 0 4 mf iw in f, f "Sf M 3 '. .,g ,Hs :V M , ' w-.-... , il 1 vw A 'qw- 'W . . S W f f X , X Zi 72' .,,,, Ga ,., Wf 1 N 4-, K ,A-C an DICKER, STANLEY i254 42 si. Iwi Mimeo. Squad, NUI-IS, Jr. Varsify Baskefball Team, Sr. Sing Plans lo: ailc-nd collr-114,-. Ambi- lion: lo be a millionaire Lfilharwi. lnieresfs: sporls, girl-2. NU. Morn- ories: lhe irain slrike, malh and gym classes. DICKMAN, MICHAEL 7523 I9 Ave. ll4l G. O. Cabinef, Fencing Team, Sr, Sing, Mr. Nconan's Office Squad, Band, Orchesfra, Varsify Show. Plans lo: allend Brooklyn College. Ambilion: lo be a lawyer. Infer- esls: numismalics, philalely, fenc- ing, music, reading, sporls. N.U. show. Memories: facully, varsily Remembered lor: Alfred E. New- man role. DI DONATO, JOHN issz 74 sr l28l Lunchroom Maier. Plans lo: go lm work. lnloresls: body-building, dancing, qirlf1.N,U. Memories: Mr. Wialdbliiim, girls' lunf,hri.l.rn. DI FEDE, CONSTANCE :sw is si. my Dean's Squad, Locker Room Monifor, Sec. fo Mr. Zamora, Mrs. Marino. Plan: lo: bc-ff-me a biiokkr,-ripor or so-Qrelary, Ambilifin. lo four Europe, marry, and raise a Iam- ily. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Jello, wonderful friends. DI GEORGIO, ANTHONY 4876 69 SL l4I Plans lo: ailend college. Ambi- fion: lo become a draflsman. ln- feresls: baseball, hunling, fishing. DI GIGLIO, JOHN 5403 I3 Ave. 419i Baskefball Team. Plans io: become a draflsman. l-lobbies: playing baseball, hockey, baskelball, and reading sporfs magazines. N.U. Memories: Mr. Waldbaum's assignmenls, lhe fun wilh lhe baskelball ieam. DI GIOVANNI, MARIE l2I2 so sn lisl Lunchroom Guard. Plans lo: work as a lypisl: Aim: lo gel married, Hobbies: dancing and bowling. N.U. Memories: "everylhing," especially The eco- nomics and business machines classes. Twenly-seven DI GRANDE, FRANCES V Q 6:4 Eff' Rc, LIS :aw ':: .--:v a' TLS Bark cf fxra. F":4'A:': ': ,ec "a"'e:1. , V ' V4 "vers: sf-i"""g :e-sfa"'?, N -6? A ' rzf acc "arg, WL. ?r!e""A:s W' " l::- a 'e cc. N V Ns- I DIMAIO, ANN , l3:f 42 Si ii? 2" ggi'- Lunchroom Guard, Program Office Maj? .fx Squad, Jr. Sing. ' ,E 3 a's ':: ce a se:'e'a'.. ffm: 4: ,fs fe , -'Red a'j s-::ess:-. i'- 'rx 9 an 7' - ers: ca':"g, 5f"""'g, NU. ' s-.- ' 'X 'fe""Aes: S"g naw' 'N Sam A 'hd I 'S -e.e's "5 :e'4:"'a-'L f,,,,, g T x L DI PIETRO, ROSEMARIE T537 74 Sr. LZE, Plz!" 'r: 'v ?Ze"'::"'e5: 'TZ' K 5 "5 "' :e":: QZTT' DIRECTOR. NEAL f H 4 Fooiballl Team: Service Squad. A :5'E ':: 'af' 'c a:::-"": ' ' --1 : N-:- J "'g. '-"ref: ,' K 4-1- 2 '2Lj.',-f.-' ' ' 0. I 1 -:-' -f , f T, x -'cn ---fn W. ,... . 1 ...H- on SESA, DONA Wi" : : 1, '-.e. - Arisiag Varsify Showg Buddiesg Boos+ ers: Soph., Jr., Sr. Singsg G. O. Cabi- nef, Congress: Newman Club: Sr Leaders: COMET, Chrmn. of Brofher- bood Commission. - iv . ,Q 6 'L E'f:' ,Q , -- S S " K' f 'il aieiuil A . DI SESA, NINA ' E f 2: 'L 6 , L A Vice-Pres of G. O., Buddies-Service N League: Boosfers' Jr, Sr. Leaders' V L Drama, Newman Cfubxj Soph., Jr., 1 , , cm Y, Sr.S'rwgs. 9 , 5' '-N : L. , . .. . 5 , li 'li 'T " .L --- i' ,H . .4 1, , 2 f ' N DONADIO, STEPHEN Na-agrg Eoiorj Feat-ff 'H' wr gi Mnr-'S C: D 'e:'o' 0' Va'g..G-: C- , 'ff P a,e's Afgq Ngffry C ,Q B Q :ogy Lo'a', S:,acs Se: 'Q M' to S"'3V'4' G C. Car: 'Q' ',,' .N 5 1 J C DONOFRIO. PETRINA 1850 52 ST. Social Sfudies Office Squad. P a's 43: a'e'5 C:"","',f C2- ce. f-":"':': ': se me a' 5"- - re-ao 22, Hzcc 1' ci"- '-3 ' 5" "C-.. DOZELLI, OLGA , V54 eg Sf. fi. 7:5 52-55 ca"'g NL. VE"- :"es: SV: -earefs. Re"e":e-ec: -' ze'-: a czca suse" , 5,5 DUCALO, ROh:1AN E45 f!:-:'ao f-ve. '1 3 a'f 42: ij: ': 1: Lge. f":"'- . , ,. 2 -- :fb MU- ., -,- ---. - 45: r -. 3 5'5 5 5::"' ,::e:'a , 3. NLC. DUITZ, JERRY E211 5 F' . 4 Dean's Squady Lafe Squad. . 1. ..-.a':" S "e Dcsge Q 35- "3 M75 L'ii""'f' S ...z ,zft ,.,:'-'- :cr- EILENBERG, STEWART -1 N -e-1 EISENBERG, ELLEN :'g,Q- I Sep?-., Ji Sr, S'r1gs' Co1'ege Adfser s Sccad' Red C'css Res: Sec. Yo Miss Dar"e .1 Mr. Ehr ich Mrs. Annex. 'E' f.i"f'Z I'fI',' -fi X T. EISENBERG, MORTON Qi' 1: Z- .:, 'au Tea'-" Math T.'o'q Sr. Sfngg FJ: :M Se'-'ce Squacs, ELMAN, NINA I644 50 Sl. l4l Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Miss Moochnek, Miss Slumber, Mr. Israel, Miss McGralh's Office Squad, Red Cross Rep., Jr. Leaders. Plans lo: work, allond college al riiqlwl, gel married. Ambilion: lo be successful, lnleresls: dancing, l'1orzobar.k riding, ico-skaling. NU. Mernoiieu: Sing, leacliers. ELRICH, JANE ll5l 46 Sl. ll9l Band, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Red Cross Rep., Sec. lo Mr. Charry. Plans lo: allend Brooklyn Calleqe. Ambilion: lo become a leaclwer. N.U. Memories: band uniforms, Mr. Ckiarryi office. lnleresls: swimming, arls and cralls. ERNEST, MARY lO28 Daliill Road Co-op. Plans lo: become a secrelary. Likes: N.U.'s cupcakes, dancing, popular music. Dislikes: swinging doors, lnousework. ESPOSITO, GENEVIEVE l26l 60 Sl. ll9l Program Comm. Squad, Co-op, Sec. fo Mrs. Doshan, Mr. Goodman. Plans lil: conlinun working and than gel married. Ambilion: lo bo a good wifo. lnlorri-,ls: swimming, playing llie piano. N.U. Memories: Mr. Slralws' lyping class. ESPOSITO, JOSEPH 2025 53 S+. l4l Pres., Vice-Pres. of G.O., G.O. Cabi- nef, Congress, Newman Club, Key Club, NUHS, Color Guard, Lunchroom Squad. Plans lo: allend Fordlwam. Ambi- fion: lo become a social science leaclier. lnleresls: girls and llie 6.0. N.U. Memories: 6.0. Cabi- nel meelings. Remembered for: 6.0. presidency. FAILLA, NICOLA 67 Websrer Ave. l3Ol Dean's, Lafe Squads, Lunchroom, Gym Guard. Plans lo: ioin lime Navy. Ambilion: fo fly Navy planes, N.U. Mem- ories: some members of llwe fac- ully. FALLARINO, ANGELA 2064- 58 S+, l4l Library Squad, Sec. fo Mrs. Marino, Red Cross, G.O. Rep. Plans lo: aflend college. Ambi- lion: fo gel married, raise a fam- ily. l-lobby: swimming. N.U. Mem- ories: Mr. Waldbaum's and Mrs. Wind's homework assignrnenls. fb 2. "' 5' T -tt" ' K' T' if ' vm- ,V v nv 1 il fs , ivy' -i::f -- i l J, EH. :-is ... i V. A. 1,7 . - L H 'f Q7 'T , ' I ... 7 , . 1 ,L A-E.. A . 62 s ' , 4 R Si ' To as 1 . ss A -. ' . 5 ' . ' s. . eb N P9 Q?" N., .s X. V .. .. " s 'N f ' Q .sg-E517 A S sg-R , ' f .... s 3 3. N a .49 FALZONE, RALPH I777 77 Sl. ll4l Pins l it l',l'2 llin Naviy. lnlr-riwfs: l'iff ffdf., liunlnii iiirls. N.U. lVll1'l'l"lflll1"1f Mi. lclulibi-ird is i'-.irlli rwiiiiirif- i. as. Dflilsisg qi,-llinii up driirirg ifi idea, FANELLI, CAMILLE 4907 ll Avo. ll9l Co-op, Program Office Squad. Plans fir: become a secrelary. Am- bilion: li. gel married and raise a large family. Likes: bowling, music, dancinq, swimminiii. N.U. Mom- ciries: beind a co-op. FARBER, MARK l455 55 Sl. ll9l Edilor in Chief of NUHS, Orchesfra, Malh Team, Arisfa, Grade Adviser's Squad, COMET. l'l.ini. li 2 filliind Ciiliirriliia Univivi nily. lnli-ri-slwi inn-.ii, spoil-.. N.Ll, Mi-iiiiiiii-.1 Nlll'lS, ir-ii, irmlli li-riiii. FARBMAN, MICHAEL limi 14 si. 141 l'l.m'. l 2 rilliiiicl iiilli-iii-, Aiiilvi lion: lil ln-.iiiriw ri liiwyi-i. N.U. lvliiiiiiiiyi lVli'.'. fwllilli-, lliglili-',1 -,iiyiirilli in-iiinl liirirli. FAUCI, PATRICIA H358 69 Sl. l4l G.O. Office Squad, Sec. fo Teachers. Plans lo: work and learn fo op- erafe business maclwinez. Ambi- lion: lo be a secrelary. lnleresls: swimming, skafing, ballel. N.Ll. Memories: Redenls, crowded slair- ways, swimming classes, Sing, friends, fun. FEDE, GERTRUDE I927 79 S+. ll4-l Co-op, Lunchroom Guard, Program Commilfee Squad. Plans lo: work as a secrelary. l-lobbies: collecling records. danc- ing. N.U. Memories: Mr. Slos- be-rg's riislory lesis, lunclfi periods, co-op course. FELDMAN, FRAN I450 48 Sl. ll9l Co-Capf. of Cheerleaders, Mimeo Squad, Soph., Sr. Sings. Plans lo: allend Long lsland Uni- versiry. Ambilion: lo become an accounlanf. lnlereslsz clollnes, dancing, Remembered for: being co-caplain of Cheerleaders. Twenly-nine FELDMAN, JERRY lifi? 1'-l Si S Basketball Handball, Track Teamsg G.O. Cablnef. 2-Eff-T-Y lf ff' --Q-Q-Q d ee? 'S ,- -'s : 'a":a. NU. N , tw ' ., M-,U W -HN, , in . :z :: : -- dh i gs we- I L 4 FELDMAN, RHEA ESQ' 45 Ae. 11 A Soph., Sr, Singsj Buddlesj General Of- - ice Squad. ' ' 3,21 'II a"a': Ska: 12 ' 1' 9, 5 Q- A ,af :e-35 O' ze FELDMAN, ROBERTA :EI 3 e. 4 Lunchroom Monitor. 2 a'5 "2 ' 3 5"' 'J f F-fc" 1 e::"e a an 4 7 "5'EE' ' "ZOE" 6" S a- 1:-'-' N ,, vw:-e: 17" 2? FERER, RONALD V, N - Q h ,.. A by Gym Guard. 3 are 'CZ ana -- age. "e 95-5: w islff U' ' g"s. NU. 'A ,.,. Q - ,X w.,,i..' 3 Q' FERRARA, JAMES ' 4: 4- :'. :i':'::a"e': S'.-:"sL".a'- A . 'Fi - 2 2 :'5-We: l ii- ff: ' Q gi SI .:. 1 Z-- x 9 K .Hun I-.- k:"' 'XA' . f er Q FERRARA, PETER ,T 'w C. "Ei' L 'sr X 'T E' 4. 4, Y ' ws 'ia ir' "' reams, RICHARD ' B:-vI'nq Tean- l , 349 fi- 'S 4 Q ' ' Q : l EESTA, GEORGIA 230 Eas' 5 Sf. U81 Pres. of Jr. Leadersg Sr. Leaders: Sr Singg Sr. Cabinet 3 rs -" a"e'd E'::l ,' C5 EQ: FWS' :e::"'e a secre- -'e- ': -'-fe. l"e'e5's: a "-s': s::"5. NU. Me":"e KU. -, '-.. FI CALO RA, SALVATORE E435 Ea: I6 Si 'l4 3 af 'M 1-'e': 5: age. I'-e'es's: 5. NJ. Wa":'fe. fasaa ack :L 'a Fl LASTO, FRAN K '7QTQ S1 'l4 Handball Tear-ng Mafh Office: Mafh Tuforg Mimeoqraph Squad. 25-5 -:z 5-'a': S'a'e' ls 5' W1 -. 7.5-fs?-gf!-A FILIPO. DIANE ECG EL-e. Q- Sec. lo Mrs. Rosencranh, Mr. Cherniss Locker Monliorg 6.0. Rep. .fi NRS. u"'v'?-ESI' 5-?"":T'a FINALE, FRANK Q- x Capf. of Track Team. :-5-':: '-:-. : '- : NL. au... FINK. JAY Q- Gym Ofice Squads. - - -f -- - -a b Y Rf- 'Cv N . 1 -':'- Cf" Ci'Ef-'s PINK, ROBERT F5 43 S1 CA Sersice Gym Squads, Baseball Team. ' " 1"E"2 "'f'5"3 pf Elf' C5ExE'C3 55 NU N5-'- -. X... L Ms- FISCHETTE, CAMILLE l7o68I Sl. ll4l Jr. Red Cross, College Rep., Sr. Cab- inelg Sec. lo Mrs. Kugler, Mrs. Graug Jr., Sr. Sings, Locker Monilor. Planm lffz alla-nd f.r.1llr:qe. Aim: lil 500 llifg ffwrld flllfl ilu pUOpl0. lrir lf.-mul : rffl-, !Yl'll!lf!S, baseball. N.U. Mr-rnfiiw 3 lffficlierz, cup' cfiliv., Sini 1f.I1- in gym xlil in ,. Jr, Jinfi. FISCHTHAL, ARNOLD 1919 76 51.1141 Dean's Squad, Gym Clerk. Plans lu: allond college. Ambi- lifinz lr, become a Cerlilied Pub' lif' Accounlanl. lnlereslsi bowling, li',l'1inq, girls, N.U. Memories: lunclriifiorn, Mr. Meyers' economics clasz, FISHKIND, RUTH l3IO 48 Sl. ll9l Sr. Cabinel, Buddies, Drama Club, Publicily Comm. for Varsily Show, Principal's Office, Record Office, Col- lege Adviser's Squads, Jr. Leaders. Plans lm: allrrnd Brfmlflyn Crillrfgri. Arribiliwrii lo lrayf-I arfiuncl llii- wrirld. lr1li,f1f:'.I'.: flrarrifilicn, Ilii- lllflflllll. l:Jl'llll'llllllllllCl lllri l,ll'll Vlrllllfrll lUlr111fl1- l1f1i1. FLEISCHMAN, LIBBY l7I5 5l Sl. lfll Drama Club, Booslersg Library Staff, Jr. Leaders, "El Eco", Varsily Show Publicily Comm. Plfinu l11: rnajfii in fidye-ilisinq 11I Brrlrilqlyn Coll:-111-. Lilw-11: Cliinf-sw lf-ind, music. Llislilcr-s: uc-ll-cc-nlnrf-d puoplr-. N.U. Mr-morios: lanllmll fiarrif-3 r111 rainy days. FLORKOWITZ, RONI I753 47 Sl. l4l 6.0. Congress, Library, Cafeleria, Ad- minislralive Ass'l's Squads, Soph., Sr. Sings, Sec. lo Mrs. lnman, Mrs. La- fellin, Mr. Rubel. Plans lo: allend Broolclyn College. Ambilion: lo leacli in elemenlary scliool. lnleresls: records, 'rlie clna clwa, liorsebaclc ridinq. Remem- bered lor: scnool spiril. FORG-ASH, STUART lloll- 45 Sl. llql Plans lo: allend college. Ambi- lion: lo sludy clwiropraclics. lnler- esls: swimming, boalincq, qirls, jazz, popular music. N.U. Mem- ories: llne sludenl body, 'rlie race from class lo class. FORTE, ANTHONY ll27 69 Sl. l28l Plans lo: worlc or ioin +l'1e Marines. Ambilion: lo become a bU'l'Cl'l9V- lnlereslsi baseball, a cerlain young lady. N.U. Memories: m a n y friends. .yt 19' A1 l Q 2' ,, , ' ., ? 1. W. X W , , ,.- 5 , . ,,,. J 'V , ,Ku-1 , . 1 ef' , 'WM WM i 1511 -1111s1,u, , X .M r N 1 Q1 . fi M. ,Q 1 P , 5, K X Q f 5 -,,. .. ,Q . jf I 1 'M Sli' ' sf.. LN . .Q ,EA -:Q ,y I . N. - '--- is .1-yfm, 3 A W 'N f- i 4 X . W' WW 2 'Quay - 'I 's.,-,V .fs ' 3 . .... Jr ..... -- sw ,gg Fix FORTUNATO, EMILY 1349 SI S1.12Sl 6.0. Congressg Locker Monilorg Sec. lo Mr. Rubel, Mr. Fox, Pbmg li-ig y-.11-srl as a secrcilary and .1'l1-Wd r-mllijqie al Hlfllll. lUl0Ff'XSlwZ 11 .,, .r,v.finq, bowling, rninialuie ili, N.U. Mi,-moriiifi swimrninil 11 .Q-A 31'1Cl il'11'1'.r3 balbirll 5111i FOTI, CATHERINE l765 79 Sr. ll4l Infirmary Squad. Plans lo: worlc as a bookkeeping machine operalor. lnle1'eslSIClan11- ing, colleclinq records. FRANCASIO, LOUISE I978 60 Sl. l4l Plans lo: enli-1 llir- business world. Aim-.: lf1lTLlVl"Ql r1ifei1'1b,c1ol111.1r- l ind, lnli.-re,l1.: O.1n1511111, l1av11111.1 11 iid li1111if.ll N.U. M1-1r1111'i1'-1.: lln- 11111- li-.1Ql11111., W1-Lliii-sil-1y'-L'-w.11111' yfilli N111 Sl111l1G. FREDA, ANG-ELO 72404 I4 Ay11,l7Hl Foolball Team. ll1111'. l111 11ll1-nrl M.111l111lla11 Cfil li-1111,A1nl1i111-11: l11l11-.11.1111.1-.'.l11l 111-1',1111. Lilrw.: li-'.I1-niriii lf1ll1.1 111- ilin, pl-'1yir1-1 1l11-1 .'.. N.U. M11111 11111112 51lf1y1r111 1111 11 1l'1f1111p1f1n'.l1ip l11111l1f1ll leairi. FREDLUND, PATRICIA l84'i- 75 Sl. lfll Biology Office Squad. Plans lo: allend Adelplwi Sclvool. Aims: lo be successlul socially and in llie business world. lnleresls: slalino, dancing, music. N.U. Memories: M1. Greenfield and Mr, Meyer. FREEDNER, STANLEY l662 50 Sl. l4l Plans lo: ioin llwe Army. Ambilion: lo become an eleclrician. l-lobby: body building. Likes: ealinq, Dis- lilces: doing liomework. FREIMAN, NANCY I52l 53 S+. ll9l Edilor in Chief, News Edilor of NUHSQ Soph., Jr. Sings, Booslersg Arislag Sec. lo Mrs. Zuckerman. Plans lo: allend Barnard College. Ambilion: lo be a leaclier. lnler- esls: lliealer, music, lileralure. N.U. Memory: ll'1e NUl-lS slali. Tlnirly-one FRIEDMAN, JUDITH I767 67 Sr. I-'+I Buddies, Swimming Leadersg Dean's Squad, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Mr. Brown, Mr. Fanfaci. Piars ri: afend Brogkyn C:'Ie-ge. Arr: ' :r: ': ceiinwe a eqa' sren- fzricrer. lnrerersz co.-firg. 5--.'irr- rn rg. NJ. M-e":r'es: sk pefcos as' 'ard Mrs. Canizfs gyrn -:asses 'I , fu eodernfc. FRIEDMAN, LARRY IZJUI 65 Si I4I Treas. of Arisfag Math Team, Player- Manager of Tennis Team, NUHS, COMET, Associafe Editor of "EI Eco", Program Office, G.O. Cabinef, Con- gress, Sec. Io Mr. Safran. 35's 'iz a"e'd C: arrcia C:- ece- and zroo. e e:'rf:a andrea'- rc. L'fes: sc'r's, oarres. Wa". NU. Iffenifiesi n'a'n 'aim YL- :e"5 Afsra. FRI EDMAN, PAUL III9 53 ST II? 5 aw "' 3: 'Z ,-.:rf. Fir: ': Ce a btcrr er. In'ere2's: spzrfs Sars. oaiei, :"S. VNU. Merrim: Mr. f IA, W: -Y FRIEDMAN, VIC IESQ 45 Si -'+I Associaie Ar? Editor of COMET, Fenc- ing, Tennis Teams, Ari Sfaff of "Spir- al", NUHSQ Key Club, Bio. Lab., Li- brary, Dean's Squads. P V5 'ii a"e"J B'::if .r C: eze 'V' a 14' a' Greevwftr V' 2: f-"rx: ': :' 5 'ze se' 35 .a-e3 sa-6 :.e' Sree'-'Q' V'- ze. Perremzerec ltr: r ' ,:-1 iiri 'e NUI-IS. FRISCIA, ROSALIE 'I53 59 S2 IIQI Arisfag Co-op, Program Office Squad. f'-":"' ' 'i ie' Warned ar 'iiff , ia" .. NU. Memifezi I' rarreza ' es '2. pamem- . r: f":,':J. A 4 E FULCO, JOSEPH 27 77 fi' 'fl Chem. Lab Squad, Emergency Exif Squad. .V AM . A. - Hu I 'I ' iw' GALATI, VINCENT IIYY ff, S' IIV' P-1' I , 'i ii ii' 1 fi' .,,,, ., ,. ,1..,y'.', " r fr r' " 'I iw' r r1,c.' I"f'f " 1' rg IJ if. is Triiri ,' Img M i my fir 'ay , AI ' a -1 ' an . -W Q 7 Wig.--, A ' iff gf' ai in fe" W. I 'fr -T fn.. Saw- 47' Q AL ' l vp- sr"' rf 0'-Q., Q-- 'I 'i GJ GALLACCI, THERESA IZI3 60 S+. IIQI Sec. 'ro Mrs. Hoberman, Mr. Sapienza. PIans fo: work as a Jrypisi Infer- esfs: coilecring records, daring. Disiikes: Tesis, Iworneworlr. N.U. Me":r'es: 'urcrircom cassrnaiee. Junior Sing, snorr periods. GARGIULO, JOSEPH 7IO2 I9 Ave. I-II Gym Clerk. Pans rc: siudy onorography. Arn- biricnz To become a pnofcgrapner and open his own s+udio. Infer- es+s: bearing, pnorograony, cars. Liirest q7r's, money. NU. Mem- ories: The reacners. GARMER, THERESA I552 S4 SI, II-'+I Senior Sing. Pars 'cr .-fgrk, ard rnen ge' rnarried. Hobbies: tc.--"'ng. s-.rirn- rring. Arnbi+icn: fo be a good Mia. NU, Memories: Ser'cr Sing. asserrby Gif' szredu es. GATTO, JOSEPH Icia 74 S: fl Service Squad. Ears 'tx 'ra er ar: :"" 35. PN: ' time ar er- "'e"' ca ' A'r"":. GELLER CORINNE SZCO 'S Ae. IC' Drama Club, Soph., Jr., Sr. Singsg Grade Advisers Squad. p'a'5 '31 a"e'o 1: 5. -KWS- ':r-: ': Lie::"'s a 3 5:': wa- . in- "sz ser, r'a":s :ssc r m.s': y :ans csv- 3. NL. New Sr: reree-sas. GENOVESE, JOSEPH ::O: - frr' " Q -N'--: QQ, GERLITZ, LEONORE IS50 oS S2 ' GO. Office Squad, Sec. fo Mr. SchiHrin. Ai r H Lv5'::"v' A I Jn' ni' 'r Arriva ann rx a Ian". 1 rxn "1 Lain.: saw.- "z 1, I. M-5"'5'ks: Mr. Irv- and Mr. Cxnuns EC,kLC5C aww- Srnw: Snz. +V GIAMBRONE, JOYCE l2l5 72 Sl. l2FJ'l Booslers, Swimming Leaders, Soph., Jr. Sings. Planu lo: allend college. l-lobby: lislrfninq io Jrilnnny Mallwis ref- rlrdi. N.U. Mnrriorifrsi ll'1o loolball learn, lim lun ai bnnlfolball and l'f.1r1lball games. GIAR IN!LyENNETH 1514 45. I9 sei Mad 6 il l iul ll lr' ion' in be, success . n or ,lzz rlz. Poeve: Rogenls eqa aiio . X GIUNTA, GERALDINE 1466 40 81.11111 Aims: marriage and a large family. Hobby: cooling, N,U, Memarif,-,g Mru. Samuelson, Mr. Goodman, llio no-op course. Dislikes: Monday mornings, liornowfirl. GIUSTINIANI, ANDY 1450 41 si, 11111 Plans lo: ioin llno Air Forco. Arri- bilion: lo bo an nirrr-ill 11111 Clianic. l-lobby: playing drum-. in 11 band. N.U. Momorirv.: Mi. Waldbriuirilfa zmssigniniiinlfz. GLIGANIC, GEORGE i238 42 Sl. ll9l Locker Guard. Plans lo: aliend Communily Col- lege. Aim: io become an accounl- anl. lnleresls: horseback riding, swimming. GODINO, NANCY 662213 Ave. ll9l Senior Cabinel. Plans lo: go io worlc and linen gei married. l-lobbies: painiing, danc- ing, swimming. Nl.U. Memories: llie fun in 'rl'1e luncliroom, Mrs. l-leliand, Mrs. Berner, Mr, Gibson. eoL0, BARBARA 4515 I2 Aye. 1191 Booslersg English Office Sqlladi Drama C1ubI Workshop, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Varsity Show, Sec. lo Mr. Cherniss. Mrs. Grau. Plans lo: allend CiiY Collecle' Ambiiionz To become a buyef- lniereslsr dancing, l'GBCllf1Q1 'Fe' slcaring, buying clo+l1es, lisieninq To music. N.U. Memories: Sing, loolball and baske-rball gam6'S. 1 ZQ 'Zvi 'U "N W 'vm -.,.- 1 .1 ,W c A 4 O M X af ly A 1 WR' ff- ig A 4- VVS acer' '-3' S G,-OLDBERG, BATYA 1730 52 51.141 I ,F 1 5 1 ' I,1 11 11:'.'1l11-fr 5,11 'i' "11"1. lnif f11' dw" nr !,'1"l, iflm 1'1'f1'i1. Nil. Morrrf'-ries: il-rr learlii'-rs slio mel durinq ber lun l111111+. liiiiin GOLDBERG, CYNTHIA l3I4l5O 51. 1191 Jr., Sr. Leaders, Orcheslra, Jr, Red Cross Rep., Program Office Squad, Soph., Jr., Sr, Sings. Plans io: allend colloqr-. Arnbi llfn: lo be a leaclivr, will'-, and moilwer, lnieresls: clollies, good bl-vig A511 fiolu-.ay wh N.U. Memories: Mr. llrlowilfs mnlli Qlgri, Sin-qgx r,111jl11i"-lrfi. GOLDBER6 ELAINE l968 sn Sl. 1414 Grade Adviser's Squad, Soph, Jr. S DMCA! . . f- all ,LV Sings, Buddies, Red Cross Rep. ' Plani. lin: 11111-nfl lirlllillyn Coll'-111-' rind 1111-11111w llii .1 li-.1il1i1111 1.1 1 1-1- r. lnlfii 1". l 3 111- -,l.11lin11, :ln-1. 11-11'lir11, 1'l.1111 111-1 N ll. lVlI'l1lHli . l111 lfiwiril-A l1'.11l11-1, iVl 1. lll'll"ll1l. GOLDBERG, RUTH I'1li'14!'1l. 1l'11 Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Buddir-5, Princi- pal's, Sr. Office Squads, Sec. lo Mr. Rundback, Mr. Frrigenbnum, Mr. Ringer, Dr. Silbcrman, Locker Moni- lor. l'lf1n'1 lil: 4Ill"ll1'l riilli-1112 Arvilrmi lion: lo lv- .1 rlrinlnl l1yf1i1-nisl. Lllf-u: rlollnv-u, Ulllhifi, iiir-nnlly people. N.U. Momririf-5: Sing, iriendu. Romfirribiyrigd liijwrj playing llie piano in all llnrfvc- Sings. GOLDBERG, SUSAN 1575 50 si, 1191 Principal's, Dean's Squads, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Jr. Leaders, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Sec. fo Mrs. Jaffe. Plans To: aiiend Brooklyn College for lwo years. Ambiiionr io marry a millionaire. l-lobbies: lcnilling, liorsebaclf riding. N.U. Memory: Mrs. JaFle's economics class. GOLDFARB, SUSAN l36O 48 S+. 1191 Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. lo Mrs. Seligman, Miss Friedman, G.O. Con- gress. Plans io: become a boolclceeper. Ambilion: lo gel married and raise a family. lnieresls: food, boys, roclc 'ri' roll. N.U. Mem- ories: Senior Sing, line winning foolball feam. GOLDFEDER, SAUL 19513 50 S+. 141 Service Squad, Sr. Cabinet, Lunch- room Guard. Plans lo: alrend Broolclyn College. Ambilion: lo be a millionaire and lnave a lnarem, lnleresls: playing ball, going oul wiih girls. Tliirly-iliree Alvf' U91 GOLDFINE, ELAINE 2022 79 si. 4:41 Principal's, Adminislralive Assisfanl's Squads: Jr. Leaders: Sec. fo Mr. Cherniss, Miss Tabickman, Mrs. Baker. Plans lo: arlend Brooklyn College ar nighr and work as a secrerary. Ambirion: To lravel and serrle down in a small lown. N.U. Mem- ories: The reaclions ro her en- gagemenr. GOLDMAN, PAULINE 5I24 l7 Ave. 143 Sec. lo Mrs. Kugler and several other ieachers: Jr., Sr. Sings. Plans rc: arrend college. Aim: lo enler +he dress designing or mer- chandising field. lnleresis: iravel- ing, anrique-hunling, painling, lisrenir-Q +o music. N.U. Memories: Sing. GOLDSTElN, DAVID 7206 I9 Ave. l4l Sr. Cabinel: Locker Guard: Sec. lo Mrs. Zuckerman. Plans rc: enler lhe business world and arlend college ai nighr. Arn- ciricn: fe be a successlul sales- man and a well-liked person. ln- Teresrsg aifemobiles, mcney, good fvod. GOODHART, SANDRA l84'-7 77 Sr. ll4l Jr, Red Cross, G.O. Congress: Spe-eh, General Office Squads: Sec. lo Hrs. Jaffe, Mr. Kaplan: School Publlcily, Plans 'cz arfend Bfoolnzyn Cdlege. Amoirfor: ro become a legal Venograpner and marry. lnreregrgg ard Lar'r must boys swimfning. N.U, Merror'-es: assembes rhe ur:r'c:'rs :hoes are cuczales. GOODMAN, ANlTA l97O 7l S+, l4l Arisla: Orchesfrag Arisfa Office Squad: Sec. lo Mrs. Jaffe: Jr. Red Cross Rep. Pla's 'ir a"e"d Broolf yn C: ege. AWb"':': ro 'each Foreign an- guagez. Lies: greed music, danc- irg, .ferynng abou+ N.U. N.U. lVlE'f'1ViF:Sl orcheslra rehearsals Mss Gefualdis French class. GORDON, JEFFREY S26 Dan P'a3lIE, Edilor in Chief, Managing Edilcr, Ad- vertising Mgr., Ediior Emerilus of NUHS: Chmn. of Sfudenl Courl Comm.: G.O. Congress, Cabinel: Sec. of Soph Sing, Mafh Tuforp Math Team: N.Y.C. Press Council: Boro Conl. Rep, A,M. Prefecf Squad. Pu" "1 i"r-'rl r' ffii. f"ri ' r ' df rf . ,wh f. V ,f. l 'S laivlfz' lllll """. Eli i r'r iu.liilrr.rril. GORDON, SANDRA IEPS 'iff SH l4i Sec. io Mrs. Doshan, Mr. Goodman Pvfbiirr- ' lig fi rizrfl .-,ilig lr lfqfF:',i'iI Fli1Vi"iV'f1, Fluff i' i llvi-x, imrirple rflfif N.U. Mrirri inf: f,J,,,I,1 .I I ,, ,. ,X MMM Perrin-'frffiid lor: lv'-r lf.r:g ,xi rw lfiil, lhirl,-leur :Z an .. . ws.. ew ... . ., 4 ,Q ,Y 1.- ,, . . s A L A X Q Nh Jdwv 'ml L lL MK A 7 s Q. . 5371571-. , . ' , . sw M' Ffa. N PM A .- ', f Y.. , , ,vs 9- . .-rx ' ' si. I-2' -. - X '-w 1: is ' . 7 -sir -cz .4 sn ' 'Ps . 4 f 56 s sf l nm 'Els .L S54 L .Rb .3 12 l .P-F. W arse' S is -if '53 . 1. - ir 4- ' we -.f l i lx GORSKI, GEORGIA l84O 52 S+. l4l Swimming Leaders: Bio., Accounfing Depf. Squads: Sec. lo Miss Friedman, Mr. Goldenberq. Plans ro: allend C.C.N,Y. and maior in educalion. lnleresls: eal- ing, swimming, bowling. N.U. Memories: varsirv shows, Regenrs exams, Senior Srng, Miss Fried- man. GOTl'ESFE'LD, GARY I64-2 ss si. l4l Drama Club: Business Mgr. of Varsily Show: Drama Workshop: 6.0. Pub- liciiy Comm.: Sing. Plans lo: arrend college. Ambi- rion: lo become a direclor in rhe legirimale rhealer. N,U. Mem- ories: rwirlers, varsiiy show, iriends. lnleresls: dramalics, bi- cycle races. GOTTLIEB, HELENE IQI8 75 S+. Q45 Grade Adviser's Squad: Sr. Sing. Plans lo: work as a boolclreeper. Ambirion: ic srudy ousiness ar college. lnreresrs: music, bowling, dancing, ice-slcaring. N.U. Mem- ories: varsiry show, Sing, ponder bowl. GRAFFEO, DOLORES l52o 79 S+. 'ZSY Sr. Leaders: Jr. Red Cross: Jr., Sr. Sings: Newman Club. Plans ro: wcrlr and a+'end col- lege al night Ambirions: lo be- come a secrefary, rhen rnarrx. Dales: s'ec.'s for Recaps exams and dressing lor gym. N,U. Mem:ries: Sr: -.a's". s':.i.. GRASSANO, CLAIRE 4404 IS Ave. l4l Sec, lo Miss Mc6ralhg Co-op. Plans +C: become a Mosh :r bcolleeoer. ln'eres's: 'ce-sierra rcler sliahng coolrg readrd, N.U. Memories: 'eazners :as mares. CQ-CC Cowie. GRECCO, RONALD H352 66 ST. i4l Senior Sing: Service Squad. Pans ro: asle-nd gglfege, Al-egg +3 araduare from some-ae and rc be l Nwalflix. lrveresfs: oramafics, dancing, nrilinq, a'rs spgfgl D'SlilE'S1 Cullinq Qgrdg '5i5'5, hlerncriesz girls, Sing. GREENBERG, LARRY isss S4 si. in lnreresls: good iced, clanonq, smnrls, girls reggrdgq Nil, Mem. vires: lhe deed 'imcs Amiblfigrj lo lee well-lilod, liaoby and riglw, GREENBLATT, KAREN 4407 I5 Aye. 1191 Treas. of Swimming Leaders, Or- chesfra, Buddies, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Mrs. Kofch, Mrs. Marlon. Plans lo: fiflrrnd New Pfillz Col- lnqrg lFllf'if",l'11 vmfnliing 'flee Mili- Hfrrnrnr-r rlirrw, bowling, swim- irrinri. N.lJ, lvlurriorif-'.1 liioralurr- friuinrf., iwfr yrmrf. rii Glrufifqlinri willi ilirp oliifio, GREENBLUM, HERBERT H368 76 Sl. ll4l Arisla, Varsily Track Team, Malh Tufor. Plan: ici aliund Broolrlyn College. Anrbilionz lo become a successful flirfrriical engineer. N.U, lvlem mimi broaling novice ai Madi nrrri Square Garden, llwr: zoniorz' flfiiifiii in Sinq, GRIMADO, BEATRICE 460i II Aye. llfil Bio. Office Squad, Red Cross Rep., Sec. fo Mr.Sl1arrin, l'lf1r11. lo: .rlinnd Crimrriunily Cfrl Ii-iii., Arribilirrnj ii1 Lwrfrorrirz .1 rriffflirfil lirrliiiifiiiii. lHli':ri'i'il'.Z Irlnyirifi lliir rriiiriii, riiinrinii, lwriwl infi. N.ll lVlf11i1f11ii-'.Z lvli. lliilr liiirrlu 11-irlli '.i1 riff- il-152, llii- l'7".H ',1111i GRISANTI, VERA l'f7l IH Sl. lfll l'l.1r1'. l11: 11l1l11i11 .in filliii- jiriwi liirri, Arril-ilii-rl: lri lii- 11 l1r1ll'.i1 wilri, li'1l1-rrrulw: liiry-., Kliiiiilllll, '.wi1i11r1ir11i, iiilli-r linii ii-i mill., N U lvl f'vv iiriyi ivlr. 'iliriiisu' rln- ,'-, GROSSO, CAROLINE 7llU I7 Avo. l4l Dean's Squad. Plans lo: lnfi-como a secreiaiy. Amlnilions: lo become a model, and io be a happy and lcind per son, Inl9r9Sl!.: swimming, dancing, hi-ii music. GRUBLER, MICHAEL 1704 46 si. i41 Track, Cross Counfry Teams, Buddies, Madrigal, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Go-Geflfers. Plans io: siudy business admini- siraiion GT CCNY. lnieresis: plworograplwy, irack, parries, cheer- ing, fishing, dancing, N,U. ivlem- ories: rraclc iearn, iraierniiy broilners, Madrigal. GUARNERI, JEAN H35 54 Si. lI9j Sec. lo Mr. Goodman, Co-op. Plans lo: gel' married. lnieresis: swimming, people. N.U, lvlerno- ries: co-op course, ivlr. Goodman. VL' 3 4' -4 nwvyg Q. Q 1 xiii .s LIWK fs ii, wr.- A uv, if . I.-. 1 a , If s ,. N19 . ...C ss. W. A , , , .il ,p , is E1 A' , nv! is , N ,,,. A K A., ' . , GUSTAVE, MlCl'lAEL l75l 67 Sl. l4l Sr. Treas., G.O. Congress, Sr. Sing, Mimeograph, Bio. Squads, Handball Team. Fran-' +C: aifii-nd Slrilwl' lvl-ind Crmrrunify Collrj-'19, Hobby: praying and singing rffl 'ni roll muit. NU, ivlernnriris: ilw pi-nplw he rr-Ol. GUTMAN, EDWARD 76 Bay 23 si. i141 Chem. Squad, Lunchroom Guard, Plan. iii: 1-.orlr and afifi-nd niqlni '1'Ll'71i. Ainifi fo '1111il,i.1lr- lrr 'ri college, be riclw, nwn a yarilii. Hobbies: fisliing, bnwlinri. N.Ll. Memories: seninr ii-rm wnirii.-s, Sing, variaiions. GUTMAN, STEPHEN 820i I9 Ax fi4. ll4ll Chem. Lab. Squad, Journalism Work- shop, fllrin-. liri '-ludy lnuiini 4. .irliiiini ml1.il111-11l- ll., 114 I1-l -i,--, i-,- i,,,, niu, 14 ir slnlin-1, l-iiwliiiri, yrlirilii lllillllly. 11111-uliir 11111f.i-, NU, lvli-111111y iiirilurilii-ii. GUTTADAURO, MARIELLEN llh! lf? rl. llhl Jr, Sr. Lenders, Jr Red Cross Rep., Buddies, Vice Pros. of Business Career Club, Lunchroom Guard, Soph., Jr. Sings, Sec. fo Mr. Zamora, Mrs. McCler1E1han, Mr. Fox, Miss Friedman, Mr. Pfnffer. llrini. Iii: wffirlf .im 11 lirrrrl-lil.-V11-r rlilil villiriiri niriiil 1f1ll1'1i1-, Ariiigi fwfr: in 11 CPA. riu. M1-i11i111 f". 3 lvlr, Zfiriifirii, wrirlfinq 'rn lliir ACE-runlinri iii-griirlrrii-ni Squid. GUTTERMAN, ANNE 1344 48 si. 1191 Swimming Leaders, Buddies, Sec. lo Mr, Slosberg, Mrs. Zimmerman, Miss Nash, Mrs. Zuckerman, General, Sr. Office Squads, Jr. Red Cross Rep., G.O. Congress, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Plans lo: aiiend Brooklyn College, Ambiiicn: ic- become a srriool ser. reiary or legal sienograplier, N,U, Memories: ine lun in ivlr. Slos- bergs liislory class, llwe close compe-iiiion in Sing. HADGKISS, SUSAN 1225 76 si. izei Swimming Leaders, Buddies-Service League, G.O. Congress. Plans ro: arrend secretarial scliogl, l-lobbies: swimming, liorsebaglq riding, ice slcaiing, bowling, ien- nis, N.U. Memories: gym, long lunclw lines, assembly days, wer lnair alier swimming. HADJISAVAS, GEORGINE II63 S4 Si. il9l Co-op. Pians ro: worlc, linen marry. Am- biiion: io be a housewife and moilwer. lnieresis: food, sclwool, dances, clubs, swimming. Tliiriy-five Mr, Rosenberg, Mimeo. Office Squad. room, Infirmary Squadsj Gym Clerk. f' HALLIDAY, CAROL V939 SL Sr. I4l Biology, Summer School, 6.0, Office Squads, Sec. 'lo Mr. Fox. Plars 'cz '.-.ofk as a booklceece' and s'udy accounrirg ar CIW C: age in fha evening. N.lJ. Me":ffes: Leaders and STl.ICl5'iS. lr'5r5sLs: d5":i'g. b:f."ng. s.-."f- r' 'Q' HANEY, I-IARRIET Ellf I9 Ave. I-'il A"'s: ': become 5 :arse irsrmc- +:' mari., 'aise 5 55'f"y. Ima'- es's: 5f.'T"'r7r::. :an:'rg, eclec- +": fe::'ds,if'z'fes: cr:.-:ded IE" Avenue 6.5 -5597 ris'rg LC'EhC'K HAU PTMAN, REUBEN g'L' E2 C: "Q .3 o : S . I . Dean's Squad. Pars -:: .-.: 5': 5'5r afmerd Q3 5 as Fighi A"l3'LlC"Z ro +957 "s':',', M547 I-'eresvz :"5. s' L. life":',: Mr. W5'd- E5."2 fomefwcrr. HEDEN, JUDITH I347 47: Si I 9 Corr. Sec. of Leaders Club, Sec. io Miss Windecker, Booslers, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Aliendance Office Squad, Jr. Leaders. P51 'zz 5'-:M 3:39 .' C: 54 .. , A":- : : "axe 6'C'.LTC1 T' .-.:r' "ears: 55sr':' G55-2. Trg 5.-."""f'g :5,I'g fe"is. N.-. 'f5":r' 1' Srg. ?5- We-,fe,e4 1 E-f:,.,l-an . :- V-: . ..- , C 7:5 '5 I-IEFTER, IRA lE:fJ 53 Si '39, Sr. Class Pres., Dean's Squad, Band, Sr. Cabinef, Jr., Sr. Sings, Swimming Team. 5 5': ':: 5"5 '9 C '5'-E'5 'Q".fe'- - -"':5 e':" L2 l"1' 35: 251 ,,,,-: CQ---- . , nil new--' J- se-'f far'-L HEIT, BONNE E22 EE E: 'FI Capl., Co-Capf. of Cheerleaders, Soph., Jr. Sings, Sr, Cabinet, Sec. lo WfMh-.-, ,L,-WL A Hnjkp 1, 15.51 'i' 'r: -,UID .,,:.,e HEIT, LESLIE A O IE:-U-C1 'Q risla, Buddies-Serfice League, GO. Hice, Grade Advisers Squads, Col- lege Rep., Sec. fo Mrs. Sfoliarg Soph., Jr, Sr, Sings F- f 5'1'::5"f"' "2 1, S 1.0 ,, , f. .M .fwrwn , ,: f .Q ,,.. .v W Y, qaffnq , -W W. -my W-r Un Mmawm .. 5 14 . , me ,J Inf HU, f. . ..'f. .,., I p ff"-ci Vx. Gfa. :nz Thirly-six . gh hi V is T? ,A 4 y .av in JUY4l Q 1m'f 1'1- x V ' r is "' S 1 fl Q: I . " X 37 Q N r , as WS? -,Q MNH I -4 4, C' V x f::r ' A. Q . Q Q , fn e 9. ' ,9.v f. -. ., HELFT, WILLIAM l335 50 S+. II9I Swimming Team, Band, Service Squad. Plans lc: arrencl college, Arrbi- rionz ro become a chevwisr. lnler- esrs: swimming, Iaaslcerbalf, girls, Food. music. N.U. Memories: swimming pool. Mr. Eosreirfs ex- p5"r'er'5, Mr. Vfaldbaufs as- s':'i"-errs. HERSH, LYNDA I665 46 Sr. l4l Treas. of Booslersg Arisfag Sr., G.O. Cabinefs, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Liferary Ed. of COMET, Swimming Leaders, Program, Grade Adviser's Office Squads, Buddies, Sec. fo Mr. Sfrahs, Mrs. Polell, Mrs. Jaffe. Plans 4:2 asrand Quays C: age, - -' I - r -I evg:y TE 5'o 5 C' -5 :scor- ','i'fe5. If:e'es+s: d5'c"5 "9 meagre, NU. N5":"es: S":s, sefcr .-55' I-IEYMAN, CAROL IE6-4 55 Sf. II4-I Boosfers, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. To Mrs, Hyman, Mr. Gordon. A"b":1: ro r.:5::""5 5 soar:- :'5:'5'. "ae'5s'z: d'5.-."g :5':- "g. i::fs, musk, Fccd, secsle. N., 'fe":"5s: 5"5':5 Sr: '5- r55's5s Mrs. J5?-5's :ass C :5 ar: :5sf-5-55 :5"e' I-IIRSCH, SUSAN lfr2l 55 Si A Jir. Sig, Lunchroom,Squad. jfans' 'pfxw-,:1L2.QE's a '.:'s'. F7": L: ,:geT"'5'F'i5di l"-E"5E':' .,5': 'g : eLfsx5"g1g, 2:13 "g Q: e'-rg . I . . 'esofas ,fgzrff :. "ses 5': :w5,s.'NTU. li5":"es: Sr: 5':'- :5 :5"ef HONIG, STEPHEN EE' 'E A-.e. Varsify Baskefball Team, Arisfa. 3 are -:: 5"5'd E'::- .' C: sze. lame-avr-Q'--f-1 --- ---- N M5i":"5::'E5z--555 'ea' S5": SVCS 3E:5i' :::':a ."' er L'-: I 's "s"l:5'e: S EST HOROWITZ, ALAN L': if A,.3- VGA Sr., G.O. Cabinefsi Key Club, Lunch- : 5"E 'ZZ a"a': E'::- ." '- S'a'e- 5': C:"'-"g.' C: 5 "'a'5f'5: S---"""" 5'5":s N.-. '-'e'f:"ss S511 " Q '."'. Gia' J Es. A"': -3 he . 5: -- Horzowlrz, SHARONA -1: i IZA.-5, iq Boosfers, Jr., Sr, Leaders, Soph., Jri, Sr. Sings, G.O. Congress, Scholarship Club, Sec. lo Mr. Shiffrin. . , . M, fr can ar 53.s"-':.s 'ep L'.SI C-i"',:'i '3 l:5.5 QQ. c5"': r-33:1 "ics ':- C51 lima. Pememcarea lyg lah-- ' ' Afs' 5'-ie L5":L.' in N.U, I HUMBERT. BARBARA l435 7l Sf. I28l Co-op. Aim: fo gef married and raise a large family. lnleroslz: swimming, rrifiliriq, zlfilinq. NU. Memories: Mrs, Samuelson. I-IURANT, TALBOT SZOI I9 Ave. ll4l Arisla: Bookroom Squad: Jr. Varsily Baskelball Team. Plan: lo: alfend college. Ambi- fion: fo earn a college degree. lnlorozls: all sporls. HUTTER, MARK im ai si. 114: Physics Squad, Club: Malh Tulor. Planf, lo: allend Brooklyn College, lnlerozlc: hislory, aliens, zlamps, bowling. N.U. Memories: liizlory r.la1.'.r:z, Mr, Smollor and lhe physics squad. Rffmrimborod for: r,lr:vor remarks in English and American Lil.'.',ris. IACI, MARY l77I 'IS Sl. l4l Soph. Sing: Co-op Pliini. lo: bi-como .1 briokknripr-r .ind mayo rririniiy, lrllririi-,If,: rI.inf infi, lllf6VIIl',, piirlnv.. N,U. Mom- ririw'-: Sin-is, coop courso, won- fJ1'lllIl ll'1llIiIfII'-, RI'lllIlllllII'lllfJ lfll: rrilliiclinq work slips on Monday lllflliflllnllgg. IANNELLI, MARIE III4 63 sr ins: Co-op: Program Office Squad: Red Cross Rep.: Lunchroom Squad. Plans fo: become a model. Aim: fo marry and raise a large family. Likes: rock 'n' roll, dancing, counfry life. N.U. Memories: wonderful friends, co-op course, red sweafers. IANNIELLO, DANTE l237 70 sr l28l Track, Cross-Counlry Teams. Plans fo: affend college. Inferesfs: frack, golf, fennis, cars, girls. dancing. N.U, Memories: Mr. Waldbaurrfs c.ass, good fimes af lunch, frack feam friends. ILARDO, JOHN I647 74 Sli l4l Plans fo: affend draffing frade school. Ambifion: fo become an archifecf, I-lobbies: fishing, boaf building, swimming. N.U. Memo- ries: friends. . ve M. P To . A fi? 3- X ,PV . , fp, . -ss, gn.. 5. fv- ..Wlif I 'efesffre I' L? if gi 1'- - I is wr- ' 1 H3 A i I gmt! . H' 'xr' U :SZ-if I Q M-vi 2' g I w.-4 X Z ' f 1. I ., 71 gi - , Q: im- 5-. , W 'i e aim. I IIIIL IIPAAIEIE its . 3 --f ' Q- - . is-5 ei, , INDELICATO, FRANK lb36 64 Sf. l4l Plans fo: aflend a 'Iwo-year col- leqe. Ambilion: fo work in a police laboraiory, Hobby: "cus- fomizingu cars. N.U. Memoriesi helpful feachers, Ifalian clasf, fooiball championship. INFANTOLINO, GRACE I86O 72 Sf. l4l Plans fo: affend business school. Ambifiori: fo become a priyale secrefary. lnferesfs: rock 'n' roll, books abouf ancienf Egypf. NU. Memory: fhe faculfy. IVANI, EDWARD 2077 eo sr iii Plans fo: aflend college, Ambi- fion: fo become a civil engineer. Inferesfs: skin-diving, bodybuild- ing, food, girls, NU. Memories: fhr- Boo-.limi-., Mr. Safranls experi- :rn-nl'.. IZZO, MARY LOU IZYQ 74 Sl. l4l Co-op. Plan-. lo: wiirl. Anibilirin: lo lulni .i liiri .iionncl llii- world, I-lobby: swiiiiiiiiniq. N.Il. Memory: Mr. Q5fVlf'lllIrIlT. JACOBS, SUSAN l569 50 Sl. IIQI Arisla: Business Mgr. of "SpiraI": College Rep.: Soph,, Jr., Sr. Sings: Brooklyn Boro Conference: College Adviser's Office: Infirmary Ass'f. Plani. fo: affc-nd college. Ambi- firin: fo become a nurse. Lilfev: classical music, baking, chal- lenges. N.U. Memories: Senior Sing, solid geomefry class, The hisfory deparfmenf. JACOBY, JOSEPH l49 Bay 34 Sf. ll4l Capf. of Sfage Crew: G.O. Cabinef, Congress: Varsify Show: Drama Work- shop, Club: Jr., Sr. Sings: Vanguard Players: Malh Tufor: Grade Adviser's Squad. Plans fo: affend New York Uni- versify, Ambifion: fo enfer fhe feleyision field. I-lobbies: phofo- graphy, dramafics, good music. Remembered for: roles in yarsily show, Senior Sing, assemblies. JAFFEE, CYNTHIA 222 Easf I7 Sf. l2bl Managing Edifor of COMET: Mafh Team: Assoc. Edilor of "Spiral": Aris- fa: G.O. Cabinel: Chrmn. of Scholar- ship Commission: Arisfa Recepfion Comm.: NUI-IS: Columbia Press Con- ference: Buddies: Sr. Leaders: Program Comm. Squad. Plans fo: affend Cornell Univer- sify. Aim: fo enfer flrie field of rnalhemafics. lnferesfs: oil painf- ino, slrefclninq, reading. N.U. Memories: mafh feam, senior year. 'lhirfy-seven JANOVER, REVA 5:00 I5 Ave. fisl Booslers: Soph., Sr. Sings: Sr, Cabi- nef: Sec. lo Mrs. Brenner, Mrs. Bein, Mrs. Balch, Mrs. Pofell, Mr. Felcher. Plans lo: ariend college. Ambl- 'ricnz TO ieach in elierneniary school. Inreresrsz piano, Frank S'na+ra reccrds, snow aiburns. N.U. Memories: Sings, friends. JASCEWSKY, EDWARD I523 83 S+. I26l Ass'l'. Principal's Office Squad: Hand- ball Team: Service Squad. Plans fc: go io ccliege, Arnbfricni lo arrend Wesr Poinf, Inreresisz ioorball, basebali, I'iandI3aII. N.U. Memories: Sencra L'gI'+cap, Sing iocrbai games. KALICKSTEIN, DENNIS 1656 65 si. I4: Plans Io: arrend colege. In+er- es's: rrodel planes, rropical Psr girls, food. N.U. Memories: re- larcrslnips Derweere reacliers and pupils. Remembered for: provid- ing ifends .-.T+lw aueo rides fo sc"o' KAPUSTEIN, WALTER 49 Sf. 4I Service Squad: Newspaper Delivery Squad. Pans ':: a"-er: c: eg-e. Amp'- iion: ro become an acccunianf. Inieresls: spo'+s esceca y base- bali and baskerloaln NU. Mernc- ries: Sirg warsfy src.-. Pc,-.oer BOWI. KARCHAWER, JOAN I255 52 Si IIQI Edilor in Chief of "Spiral": Associale Edifor of COMET, NUHS: Arisla: G.O. Cabinet, Congress: Chairman of "Around N. Y." Comm.: Buddies: S0pI1,, Jr. Sings: Locker Moniiorg Spe- cial Dean's, Biology Lab Squads: Boro Council Conference. Pa's ':: a"e'5 B'::I ,H Ci exe. P"C"i2n2 'C fudf 'recI't're. Ire 'e'ei'a: 'avrz hart c'c,ie 'fd- ind,'ir3 "me, 'are pq +2 Snaiespearean reivdrzjs ralfnz napz, read"3 F' P, IA?-1 KATCHER, STUART 72lEi I9 Am. l4I Mafh Tulor: English Office Squad. Penn ict wierd cclifi-'ic-. Arfibi f'r:f1 rwifrriil si 'ufff-'aiu' der fiii, if'f.-rf3'3I daliriq r,r'I'. rrufif.. NIJ. lflfffrifrf-: Ury. TTl'i,r,'1i Pgflrffff pfffv'If' Brifr KATZ, HOWARD I557 45 Cl, IIWI Orcheslra: Band: Dean's, English Bookroom Squads. Pian' iczfvlf.-rf1Bri'fI,f Ci i i Infe-rgglf priiifiir-I,, 1- I f'r'r qcicd nnuzlf. N IJ, Mi ii zerfrfinu 'I'J'. 're v 'IPCC P'f1r'il"ririifrf:d Ii r: V fi, V Q -I,I'iV+'f-6-QI'Ii I aeeie i,3 -T V k X -ev' "' A 3, in . .-,211 357- - I N V ik La , 1: 2 5, -L -cr-fc Ax' C ' 1 cf' Q A FS in, - I ., V 'Wig' Q X Gi F14 I' ' lin. " adm an n " few. , ' I Ti .X ,N -ax Q Q. Q I l ,s -c 4:-In HQIX 1-.-v K Q. 15 fa ,A r s 7 ' I Q 'Noi A w ,AFV LSI KATZ, PEARL 4-2I5 I5 Ave. iI9l Arisla: Buddies: G.O., Proqfam Of' fice Squads: SopI1., Jr., Sr. SinQS7 Sec. lo Miss Maggiore, Mr. Rund- back. Plans +o: arlend Brooklyn College. Arnbiiion: lo be an elemenrary sclnool leaclier. Inieresrsz going IQ llie rhearre, dancing reading. N.U. Memories: M'S. WIUKZIIS Frencln class, Program Office. KAUFMAN, WILLIAM 1258 55 sf. IIQI Arisfa: Varsily Show: Drama Club: Sing: Grade Adviser's Squad: Sec. fo Mr. Cafania. Plans ic: arrend coliege. N.U. Memories: wonder-ful ieacners. Remembered 'I:Or5 his pcrrraya of Wil Srockdale in "N: Time For Sergeanisf' KEENAN, ARTHUR y 36l Eas' 7 S-. IISI Gym Clerk: Chemisiry Laboralory Squad. Plans io: enrer llwe serJ'e 'ren ai-rend co lege. Arnci'iC"Z 'C ive in Suburbia. Inleresrs: swim'-ing. phoicgrapry, coclcng gadgei. Qirls. N.U. Me'f:r'e-5: S":5 .af sily slnows. KELLY, DOROTHY I I9 I 7 67 L Si lvl Secretary fo Mrs. Inman. Plans 'cz Ioeczrre a s+e'ej'a:rer. lnierevs: ar' c:.- i' . NU. Merncry: Srg. KENNY, MARK IIEI S251 QSI Proiecllion Squad. PIa'5 ':: 'cr "e Nav.. inf' W Ccdx-c-'o"3. NU, Vf""'?53 Mr. VVa graces assi:""e"' 'ne s-,nsfe a' e"' " 'Y CCNS M KERSHNAR, MICHAEL I539 49 S1 IIQI Gym Clerk. Pans rc: a"e'q :S a ' I"e'esL' :fs i::a n'us':. KESSLER, SANDRA I7o Q bv --il 6.0. Cabinet, Congress: Sr. Cabinef, NUHSg Arisfa: Boosrers: Buddies: Var- sify Show: Drama Workshop: Pres, of Drama Club: Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Jr., Sr. Leaders: Program Office Squad: Locker Monilor: B'kIyn Boro Confer- ence. P if ' 2 allerd QC cas. :N"'C'- lioni Io leach main In nigh siglieely N.U. Memories: Senior Sinn, classmales, ieacliers Mr. G-oldonboi-1, Mr. Silonieri so'id ii' 'W-"x fiissos. KLEIN, HANAN ll7O 42 Sl. ll9l Capl. of Swimming Team, Tennis Team, Service Squad. Plans lo: allend Cily College, Ambilion: lo be an accounlanl. lnlerezlsz swimming, lcnnic, bowl- ing, lvaxrilifill, lxlll, Mffrr vf,, 1.2: Mr. lNAf1'iDf1vill'S hrplp. KLEIN, JERRY 1369 83 sr 1141 Plans lo: become an accounlanl. lnleroslzt slarripz, zporls, lood. N.U. Memories: The leaching zlall, lhe wonderful loorball learn. Remembered lor: proficiency in lUUOkICQ13lVVJ. KLEIN, PHIL 4703 New Ulrechl Ave. ll'?1 Band, Orchesira, Proieclion, Emer- gency Service Squads, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Plans lo: allend Manhallan School of Music. Ambilion: lo leach rnuuif. in a privalo school. lnleroulz: cars, rnuuic, girls, play ing Ihr: drums, NU, Mffrrirfiirfsi Sing, Mr. Chiirry, lhr: band, KOKIN, ALLAN l435 54 Sl. lI'il Baskelball Team, Arisla, Bio. Prep. Room, Maih Tuioring Squads. Plans lo: iilfind rrilliifgn and nmirrr in rrialhnmalics. lnliirrinls: '11'1orl4., food, girls, lolrrviuion. N.U. Mi,-rn riririsz learn lockrir room, brislfr-l infill gamma. KOLASKY, DAVID 1485 Easl 5 51. 1301 Capf, of Tennis Team, Vice-Pres. of Sr. Class, Arisfag Service Squad. Plans io: allend Brooklyn College, Ambilion: 'ro be an engineer. ln- leresls: food, golf, malh classes. N.U. Memories: baskelball and looiball games, lunch periods. KONIG, ELIZABETH 1617 53 Sr 141 Plans fo: 'rake a seccelarial course ar a business school. Ambiiion: 'ro become a secrelary. lnleresls: swimming, horseback riding skaling. N.U. Memory: hike from gym lo lhe lunchroom, KRAMER. BARBARA l723 4-B Sl. 141 Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, College, G.O., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Buddies, Bio., General Office, Dean's Squads, Sec. fo Mrs. Hyman, Miss Nash. Plans lo: allend Brooklyn College. Aim: 'ro become a school secre- lary. lnleresls: lhealer, good books, dancing, semi-classical music. N.U. Memories: Sing, senior lerm. 1, . 9 ,H 1 3 It " " I 4 4 A l adm, 'Qs 4-sm vt., ma da' ' L: 1" M. 'Cam f .. . ,,,, 0 he . I .4 'VSV I .g,, r 4-ig 1 cv 'Vai . 1 3, 5 5 4' ?"'w 'I A 44ie.e.g- , ,,..., 194524. uw. ' .2 "ww ieewy ff 1 . ,fri 'V' Z f sefsfw . V5 1,-..-f "'f' 1 mu, 7 ,Ag fi if if 1' KRISS, ARLENE l9l4 7l S2 l4l Jr., Sr. Sings, Sr. Leaders. Piaru ro: allend Fashion lnsliluli oi Technology. Ambilion: To bf-- cnme a laihion designer or il- lunlralfir. l'lObl'JieS: making Clf'll1"'m dancing, ice-skaling. N,U, Merci"- riec: Sing, friendly leachers, Paw der Bri.-rl. KROHN, 'BARABARA l36O 48 ST. 1191 Buddies, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Gen- eral Office Squad. Plans for alnrend Brooklyn College. Ambilion: ro become a leacher. lnleresrs: knirling, lhearer. show music. N.U. Memories: Sing. Mr. Greeniieldls iokes. KURZBAN, RONNIE U53 54 Sr. lI9l Sopl1,, Jr., Sr. Sings, Grade Adviser's, Alrendance Office Squads. Plfinu lrii .illi-nd c1'1lli'-do Arnbi lirini Iii bw f11'r1i'- 11 li'-ar'l'1C-1, lrfivi-l iiliiiriid, lnli-rr'-,l'.: music, dfinfinq. N.U. M1-1r11w1'iw.: lrirendm, S11l1J1 Plily nii1l1l iil S1'I'1ir11 Sifiij, lVli's'1 fix:-.11i1lilil. rin-I IVI1. C1li1r1i.1l P11-n4l1 1 LADINSKY, HOWARD 1953711 51. 141 lll1lfl'. 111: wrirl 1n liii. lrilliirrlu l1111rI11-iin1'llf'. lV1l1-11-'ylii frirlrlq 11111li11 l,,1.11f,.,nrl fill'i, wliin il1vini1, f1i1I'i. N.U. lVlf'r'r1r1r1 '.: Hlhr- I.-1'.l lr1111' yiinruf' LA GRECA, THOMAS 1106 39 si. 1181 Gym Service Squad, Plans lo: allend Cily College. Ambilion: lo be an elecrrical en- gineer. l-lobbies: dancing, swim- ming, bowling. N.U. Memories: ihe girls, LAING, ESTELLE 1556 64 Sn 1191 Language, Biology Office Squads, Sec. lo Mrs. Teig, Mr. Sass, Mr. Cherniss. Plans lo: ailend Brooklyn College ai nighl, work as a bookkeeper. Ambilion: lo be an elemenlary school leacher. I-lobby: dancing. N.U. Memories: friends, Mrs. C'reen's gym class. LAKS, JACLYN 1522 55 sr. 1191 General Office, Visual Aids Squads, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Plans io: ariend Brooklyn College. Arnbilion: io leach. lnreresrs: swimming, dancing, music. N.U. Memories: lriends, loorball games, seniors' deleai in Sing. 'lhirry-nine "Elepl1an+s Equipped wi'rI1 4 f X N 1 f , . Adv, M 2, , . --fr N , , , F ,4 Z., I V v ' ji: , ky Ny A 1 X f f'5 ,Q K I f 1 fb 1 1 1, 4 c 51 1 JK ,HJXJIIQJZE 1 x I I v 1 r 1 I ! J' f f ' U! ' i X X 5 1 , , , , I k n , F iw C "N 2 N5 1,, x 'Af "' f It , VIV P V I Wg A li ." L , , ,A J nj' X S I k Ox t is 11 N W pb L N5 Wm ul i gl F W M WY A lp' ' 1 M R I V? X 5 , ga 5 C1 , 1 wk MMMN M Ll v S Q .' ki L useful friends , , v 1 1" .l f ss , C .. ' X 'e fl fl :lles al bo'rl1 ends.l 41 ' . ffl - .g P A "if ' LV .. ,,, A , '. - + Asss 's W as l s l a s' "QQ .1 Q 'ess A , ff- 1 V7 W , Q ' 5 A 1.3 ! 7 J N I H. -., V f " ec! if rs H li" 5 l l , . ,' I T ' I l fl -' 4 I VL: 6 3 K l 1 K ,- ' A -' V ,Y 1 255 l ly -' Ve 1' , , l 1 -1 f l l , . l X l ll.. ls ' 'M xv- jr? ? ll N 1 l ll, V' ' l A Vff A X l f- I A' ,xl N ' J"' C'-17 Mm Nl? V - ar y "'M l'.r ll ff fill e - -fc P ,A l,,,st-. 'll es fx, .E ' f s V' Q,- V 1 X I fl' X. , , , 'l .....,, l l f' J up ll H S l . NN 1 ? 3 A . 1 ,A,lQ J h 2 sk ? lm, I Sv, a U ,. , 1. 1 fx if " l l ' , :fl sl f ' 'bl A + A is X ,1,,bA in , X 1 s l , l s 'ff l Q l X' XR' ' ll? 1 2 fr 1 K I, l l l e fl fl l N - LlA-..f,ff'SX77 , . - - LA MANTIA, JANICE 62 Bay I9 S+. my Sr. Sing, Sec. 'ro Mrs. Kofch, Lunch- room Squad. Plans lo: work, arrend dancing schooi. Aims: ro become a dancer and 'io be a considerale. helpful person, lnleresis: dancing, swim- ming, music. N.U. Memories: Sam Levenson's visii. LAMARCO, PAT 1832 76 Si. my Door, Lunchroom Guard. Pians ro: aldrend college and be- come an engineer. Dislikes: Ney. Urrechils programs. NU. Memo- ries: 'rhe food in rhe lunchroom. LANDER, EILEEN 4-7ll l2 Aye. I9 Arisfa, Sec. of Sr. Sing, Soph, Jr Sings, Buddies, English Office Squad. Pans ro: go 'o Brezklyn Co ege. Ambi'ion: io become a ieaclner, lnreresfsz iazz. dancing. NU. Memories: her many friends 'ne Srzs les:-eia ,'lne Sefir Sr: LANDI, ALPHONSE l857 67 S+. K4, Plans io: go lo work. lnreresk: girls, hurring. NU. Memories: Chookiee, graduancr, 'eazhefe LANDY, ELLEN IS47 Sl Si ilii. Edifor in Chief of NUHS, Edifor in Chief of COMET, Chorus Leader of Soph. Sing, Choreographer of Jr, Sing, Arisfa, G.O. Cabinef, Congress, Rep. fo Borough, Cify Councils. Plan: ro: arrend college. lrreresrez po-e'ry modern dance rhearef SLUT. NU. Memifiiz NU 5 Ta? Eroish i"era'-f-e and sed geomefr, cazzea. LA PENTA, JOSEPH 3l'9 Ea3+,2 Sl. l? Arisfa, Chrmn. of Sr. Sing, Jr. Sing, Edifor of "lI Pensierinou, Varsity Show, Drama Workshop, Club, GO. Cabinef, Publicify Comm., Go- Geffers, Newman Club, Gym Clerk, Program, Grade Adviser's Squads. Pafg 'U a'+efd rosie, lr'e'fk: C ani tal music rf-adiru r rkeafef. li Ll. lvlfmfrir-' Sui fafiify gkcff if.f,rl,fi ifirrirr. F-5- rremlzerefi for: biiinfi flifiiffri ii ii f - i-- JEVV Gr Jlfifl. LAPIDES, MYRA l576 4594 gl llf Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Language Office, Mafh Office Squads, Sec io Mr Snow, Miss Green, "El Eco" SMH, Locker Guard. Pluriz 5'.iIr1liV:VfJ ll f.ll Arribiliiir ff, km: dr, r,-If-rri ril,,iy i inriflwr-v. lnlr-rfizlzg iff, nliilirii fidfifirri, Ewffifinfiy yliiyi f 'li Lfirff-. illi lflf"'wi': bv: lflr, Zrfff Pr-"fb f ii iii' riff Forl y'-lwo n 1 W .W . A X .yfl hr' - wx- . of IL., f.- ffwx ...P z K 'N W Y. gl . me Iii or-' 'F ' if 4 LL 4 A 'W LA SALANDRA, LEONARD l337 43 S+. llqi Guard. Plans ro: alrend college. Amlbi- lionz 'ro work in ihe adveriising field. Inieresis: baseball, hockey, foorball, good food. Dislikes: homework, book reporls. LA VARCO, ROSALIE lI55 42 llqi Co-op. Plans io: work and iliefi 6'ilOY 5 lgnq varjaiifin. Ambiiion: ro be 6 secreiary and a wife. l-lobbies: roller skaling, dancing. NU. Memories: iriends, 'unch Deriid. LAWNER, DAVID l472 42 Sr. il9l Visual Aids, Clerical Office Squads, Guard. P ans +C: ioin -i-he New.. Amdrieni +5 enier 'rhe iieid of building rrades, l-lobbies: bowing, rasing rropical iish. Dislikes: gerring up early rc go ro school. Lsccese, FRANK V i762 56 S1 43 Service Squad. Pgr-5 +51 go io a fer' za c:A ege or Qcin rlne AV F:r:e. A'- bi'ion: To be an eiecrfsa 'arri- cian. l-lobbies: iccicai oasebal Cowling. NU. Merfzfesi We-eds Mr, Wa'dbaumis ln:"e--"-' LEFANTE, PATRICIA y i409 75 Si l2S Lunchroom, Library Squads, Secrefary for Teachers. Dansko: awend C: ege,A'nz:i+icn: 'Q be successiu I' a wedwef. l-lobbies: 5k5i'ilWQ,SNNi'77""iiVTQ danc- deed books, music, NU. Meme- fieiz the years fresh 5"-::' 'nre-aah ma" a'o Scv? LEIBOWITZ, ALLEN lol5 45 S2 4l Foofball, Track Teams. Plans 'Sz affe-no l'Jia'a c-'Ke' 5'x. Likes: ea"r: ECG 'Ls' be ns azx. NU. Me"'3"es: Crash Flare, bi-is cn fcsfba 'eant Ri'-'v'v"il.w'cd iO'1 bein: N.W.Q, nlqh M-:war in WSF 5::'ba r.3.LV". LElBOWlTZ, RICHARD IS52 c-Q SY i-il Anibiii.-iiis: lc no ': 5'DCklxn C' li'-no and min A wif' b"fL'. ln- rvvv-ls: bowling, qivis ark, Nil, Nlvwvriu-1: rho lunch --i-1 img. niw law class. Alain! Y' i OPJLCJL Www M LEIFER, AUDREY Il55 47 Sf, lllfl Pres., Sec. of Buddies, English Office Squad, G.O. Cabinef, N.C.C.J., Soph. Sing. Plans lo: rillr-nd Cily College. Arribilion: fri bf' fl successful af- friunlfinf in Ihr: business world. N.U. Mr-rrifirifrur Buddies, Mrw. Uflifer, Fngliuh Olfinrf, fbr: boy? in liir- lfr-y Clulu. LEMBO, ANGELO 7Ol3 ll Avo. l2Ell Baseball Team. Plans ffl: loin lhe Marines or flfi lf, nolleqe. Inlnrrisf'-: good musir, wporfs. NU. Memories: doing wrlll in bofh Mr. VValdbaum", and Mrf.. Grri','.mfin'n Classes during Iliff same lr-rm. LENETT, GERALDINE l8I8 79 Sl. lI4l Sec. fo Mrs. Seligman, Locker Moni- for. Plrini, lfi: -illr-nfl business urliiiril. fkmbilirin: lf- flfll rnarrir.-d. Lilri-K.: fflrl rffr,rirrl',, rlrinfing, rl'.'-4,'I'fll'Jlll"3. N.U. lvl'-rriiiiifwi ll'rlfllf'l"r, lifilru-4 VVIIIL. LENNARD, MARTIN I-'i5l 45 Sl. lI9l Madrigal, Gym Clerk, Mafh Tufor, G.O. Rep., Scholarship Club. Arnbilirin: lfi ln- ri ririli niriyir- '-lrir. ll'III'l1'Sl'-I rnfinuy, ,iii-lly rlirlm, N.U. Mr-niririr-i.: lVIi'...lr1llfi,piv'lly iiillv. LEONARDI, ANTHONY 1658 64 si. l4l Plans fo: allrrnd business 'sciirwml or go fo worlc. Ambifion: lo be a buSinesS man, Inferesfs: cars, dafing, N.U. Memories: Mr. Waldbaum and olher feachers. LEOTTA. CONNIE i954 Bay Ridge Ave, l4l Boosfers, Jr. Leaders, Treas. of Sr. Sing, Language Office Squad, French, lfalian Tufor, Sec. fo Mrs. Jolfin, Mrs. Lewinfer. Plans fo: affend college and maior in foreign languages. In- feresfs: reading, classical music, Broadway shows. Remembered for: school spirif. LEOTTA, GRACE l954- Bay Ridge Ave. l4l Boosfers, Jr. Leaders, Sec. of Sr. Leaders, Sr. Sing, Language Office Squad, French, Ifalian Tufor, Sec. fo Mrs. Seligman, Mrs. Lewinfer. Plans fo: major in foreign lan4 guages af college. lnferesfs: read' ing boolcs by George Bernard Shaw. N.U. Memories: Powder Bowl, foofball and baslrefball games, Sing, friends. , Q .sr 'Qf"' 'mv L44 JA. ,QL FI! rim ,vm 1' 4l7"""' an if ff Q' N w 1 S Q s 5- 2124 , YQ 'QT' ., f 'jx nh 1 rs 5' l X 'Kr in X. x G f . ,A , 44 My sv '-sizzix sis ik 1, ... n N E Wh. l LEVINE, NAOMI IQ?-I bo of. l-4' Jr., Sr, Leaders, Madrigal, Buddies, Soph., Jr,, Sr, Sings, Sec. fo Mrs. Jaffe, Mrs. Doshan, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Marinello, Miss Clear, Bio., Infirmary Squads. Plan' fir: allend ig-:illf-ie, rnarii, have a large family, Liler: bfixv wrfh C1Ir3SSQS.lXl.U.lVI9f'YTf'Vir?'niSlVTrl. Mrs. Doshan, Mrs. Marinr-ll -.'- , Madrigal. Remembered for: Sing solos. LEVY, BRUCE 6 Dahl Courf l4l Service Squad, Chemisfry Lab. Squad, Plans fo: affend college. Ambi fion: fo be successful. lnlerir-rfsz girls. Diplilses: viqlilepoi-ind pro- iglnrii'-. N ll, Nlfiriii'-irflq lf' is ledge ac- uirod here. Zl LEWIS, CAROL IQ44 as sr. l4l Arisfa, Grade Adviser's Squad, Sec. fo Mr. Cafania, G.O., Red Cross Rep., Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. l"l inn Iii filli-n-l Bur ill.,4i Q.-liri ii- rrnd sludy ffirwiiiii l.inriurir1rw. ln liirr--.l'.: Brfiridwriy whiiw, drinr inii. Mi-iiirilivij iiiirl-g,'.ily .iw , iwwsir., rim, M,-.. ir,....,ir.., Mr, Cirlrrniii. I-friviiriirilwr-wif lrii: gil-iyiriil Mi-w, in Binii. LIEBFREUND, LINDA I'?'il fb SI. llfll Sr Cabinef, Loaders, G.O., Red Cross Jr. Grade Rep., Sec. fo Mrs. Berner, Mrs. Jolfing Infirmary, G.O. Office Squads, Soph. Sing. Ariiiwilifin? lf: Irniuli riillr--ru .irlrl lun "l'l'lF' -fi mr-diral fr-fiinicianr ln li-r--mfg.: danfin-1, sporfs boy: NIJ. lvl'-rriririi'-'.: iqyrn, cberniwlry, liislfiry classes. Remembered lorg hrrr cheerful disposilion. LIEBMAN, GRACE 1849 ss Sr r4i Mr. Noonan's Office Squad, Sec. fo Dr. Sorieri, Mrs. Greelrer, Jr. Sing, Lunchroom, English Office, Infirmary, General Office, Locker Room Squads. Plans fo: affend nursing school, I-lobbies: ice slcafing, oil painfing. Arnbifion: fo become a fegisfered fIUI'Se, LIEBMANN, LINDA ' I64B 47 Sf. l4l Miss McGrafh's Office, Dean's Office Squads. Plans fo: work as a boolrlreeper and eve-nfually marry. l-lobbies: dancing, lisfening fo Johnny Mafhis records, dafing, NU, Memories: Seniors' defeaf in Sina, Mrs. Greens hygiene class. if LIGOTTI, BARBARA I6I8 83 Sr. ll4l Dean's Squad, Sec. 'ro Mr. Cherry, Mrs. Jolfin, Miss Goldberg, Mrs. Jaffe. Plans fo: become a business ma- chine operafor, marry, raise a family. Lilces: dancing, aufdgor sporfs, records. N.U. Memories: 2:30 bell, assembly days eeyafcir ooerafor. Porfy-Three fo i 77Ml LIGUORI, MADELINE I I533 S4 S+. Il4 lla CJ Jr., Sr. Sings, Dean's Publicity Squads, L :iff 'Ci fo" a3'er g'ad-e':n LZ AWG'-':': ': "a",.l"e'e1'1' H XM NTU, viVI'3"::Oi1SiAJ Sirgs 19,63-'-S, f.:r:e 4. francs.- JZCPJT W CL2ij'Q,!fv'J.f LINGEL, SUSAN l7l4 '55 Si 4, Booslers, Aflendarwce Squad, Soph. Jr., Sr. Sings. f'N"b'-f:" -1 sex", a s'e': grade C2215-'BEET l"er aff: : .e fax: i::.-.rg ""' qs. FN: 'Q ce LIPPMAN, MELVYN 3935 E2 Si i4 Malh Office, Mimeograph Squads. 7' i'5 TSI i"E'Z B"IZL ,"f CC -E25 157 ng Q-vf ' Q DA - he .Q ? l I-'ees-sz Fa: F'-5' b'-' , 1: :asfe':a gre l!:" 5 ' - re NL. '!e":'fe:: 5:3 -5 in ,Z S' l.4"'e:g'a:' Sqgad, A V LIPSON, SHERRY l9I9 75 -. Grade Advisers Squad, 5TeReg'ae- 'S'Aq"d"'-..: wa' -x ,.. ::"e f" s::e if: -3 5 Qi 'X uv VASE' '.-.1',, F --Away l'--,5- if I ,- JS rfeeev'-A ' LISANTI, PATRICIA A ll4E 55 -'. I? ' : ::.- N 5 4 F A s. X Ox LISE. CATHERINE "3 42 it 4 GO- CONQVPSSI Jr, Red Cross Rep., Sec, lo Mr. B'owne, My Mazgavghl Mr. Friedman, Mr' FOX: Lotyer MOM- 1 lor, 9' fue? '2. I f s ff fl A-., 'A- f Q. 1 'Q-. LOCASCIO, MARIE De-ms Wag-dar Qgiefzgqqqvsquagg - Coeop. I - ': - F if -A I A cr' V Y' 'in- AL lx LOKENSKY. ALLEN 857 45 Sf. IZCQ' Service, Chemislry Squads. Sa" 4: afend :siege A"bi4 ':-: 'Q beccre a lawyer. In- rerersz rficoel ra'irca:Q':1g, "Lit, afVe'i:s, carpenlry. N.U. Merre- fles: cr-eeriul alrrcsprere. faculi. Cra"'s+ry Squad. Lomso, BARBARA 1527 as S+. '43 Booslersg Proiecfion Squad, SODI1-. JV- Singsg Teachers' Affendance Monifor. 3'a's '3: aT'e'q Ercck ,U Cc. eg A":?": se aw ee"e"" sc" sured I-l::c',:: C- ' ::':Qs a': s'a":: ice-- 5.-H'-"-Q, Nl... lfe":"e - 4' S::':":"e S"g. LO NANO, JAMES 75l2 I6 Aue. 4, Foofball, Baseball Teams. :aw ':: aferd C: eg: ' a '2C'C5 s:': a's":. A.":"" ': ce a :',sA:a e::-:a'f:' '. Mew:-'ev -- -ea" v LOPICA, ROSEMARIE ISM: T4 S1 15, Co-op. 55's ': 4 as a re' '. A":"" -e a :e 'aka 1"- LO PICCOLO, SALVATO RE 1 I 41 C- - -'e': e. F": LORENZO, DOLORES I' .Z C- 3. Red Cross Rep.: Program Office Squad, Sec, fo M2 Sfrahsj Locker Guard. N LUBIN, RITA Buddiesj Jr, Sr. Lmeadersi Sceh, Jr., Sr. Sings' Sec. Io Mrs, Berner, Mfg, Krog, Miss Chasking Inlirmary Squadp Red Cross Rep. Awe. ,, .. . NU, '. Q Baseball, Foolball, Handball Teams, LUPO, DIANE I737 75 51. l4l Co-op. Plans lo: become a secrelary. Am- bilion: To gel a good iob allen grfidufilion, lnleroslsz dancing, colluclinq records. N.U. Memo- iir,-'.: no-op course, senior aciivi- lioz. LUSTHAUS, STEPHEN 1545 48 Si. 141 G.O. Congress, College Rep., English Office, Service Squads: Gym Clerkg NUHS Slaff. Plans lo: allend college. Ambi- limrii lm l'1f:ff1rr1Q fi lawyer. l'l0l9byI re-:nrd collecling, N.U. Memories: friends, Dr. Drachman, Mrz. Balnr, Sing, varsily shows. MACCARI, THOMAS ll Avo. C llbj Ambilion: lo become F1 buzinous- rnfin. lnlcirealu: banebfill, horlfey. bowling, Liles: music, llalian land, liiulmry. MAGGIO, VINCENT 46l Ocean P'Kwy. IIHI Pros. of Science Club, Physics, Chem., Mimeoqraph, Principal's Office Squads. ljliinu lim: fill--nfl ffullmrn. Ambi- lifirii lm In-41111111 fin olraflriffil firifiirium. lnli11'w,l'.: filnflrfmicf., flu-mislry, wfiridwfirlwinq, niivliil wilrlc, plumbing, Lilmu: pi,1rvplf', qcirifl lirrir-2, mvilh, science. N.U. lVlr'vmori1'w'.: lc1nrl1orS, lriends, luncliiciom. MAGNAVITO, FREDERICK l27I 42 Sl. llql Plans lo: allend college. Ambi- lion: lo become a chemisl or chemislry Teacher. lnleresls: Sporls, chemislry. Dislilcesz inade- quale gymnaslic equipmenl al N.U. MALTZ, LYNNE l736 48 S+. 141 Buddies, Co-Capt. of Swimming Lead- ers, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Band, Ad- minisfralive Ass'l's. Squadg Sec. 'lo Mrs. Beniamin, Mr. Schiffrin, G.O. Rep. Plans lo: allend Broolclyn College. Ambilion: lo 'reach hislory, N.U. Memories: wonderful friends. leachers, Sing. Remembered for: being 'lhe only girl lrombone player in lhe band. MAMMANO, MARY 2151 so S+. l4l Sec. lo Mrs. Kramer, Lunchroom Squad. Plans lo: worlc as a boolclceeper. Ambilion: lo marry and raise a large family. I-lobbies: dancing, swimming. N.U. Memories: Mr. Fox's kindness and underslanding. 15-S 1 . 'Qu is .,,,,,. f ' X Q .4 A WC, , ir- , 7 Q 9 7A ' , gg. - x .92 -8-I fl -" fs.. .,, if-1. ..,,, I 2 ' A X S f S X , W if S i S XS V s his A MANFREDONIA, CHARLES El IO I9 Ax fii. 141 Plan: rw: allend rnllnqo al niqhl nr 'io lo wcirln. Ambilion: lo be urcc-wslul. I-lobbies: bowling, pifiyinq ball. N.U. Mernfiriirs' many Friends made heir-. MANGARELLA, CONSTANCE 1440 77 Si. IZSI Co-op. Plans lo: allend Brciolxlyn College al night Ambilion: lo marry and raise a happy family, Secrel De- sire: lo own a sporrs car someday. MANTIONE. FRANCES 1855 72 Si. 141 Grade Adviser's Squad. Pliin-. lo: fin lm wfiil. Aiinl-.3 In Iw- n lypi-al, lr-1 be liiirndly .ind pri- liivnl. Lili.-f.: sowing and cooking. N U. M1-iiiiiiiiwj lillii- iiiiw li-111 I1 .1 PVS. MANUPELLI, JOANNE !u!nll.lUyi1111l.1n Ciwiirl lfll , . - . Illini. l-wg wiiilz 111 -in fillivv. Arri- Iiiliiin: lm lwiirwwrrn- 11 lypiul. l-l1'wb- liyi fliirif iriig. MARCHESE, CAROL o62l Ovinglon Courl l4l Dean's Squad, Sec. lo Mrs. lannizzi, Lunchroom Guard. Plans roi work in an office. Am- bilion: lo become a privale sec- relary. l-lobbies: dancing, bowl- ing. N.U. Memories: gym exer- cises, crowded lunchroom. MARGOLIES, PAUL 5108 I7 Ave. l4l Service Squad. Plans lo1 arlend a iunior college. Ambilion: lo be a rich and hap- pily married man. Likes: good iood, girls. MARINO, ROSALIE l9l3 Ba R'd P'K 4- Newman Club. Y I ge Wy I I Plans To: allend college. Ambi- lion: 'lo become a leacher or in- lerpreler and lo marry, lnleresls: pop music, dancing, dramalic plays, foreign languages. N.U. Memories: Mr. Meyer's economics class. Forly-live MARONNA, ANTHONY IZ74 64 Sv. 1:91 Physics, Biology, Dean's Squads, Guard, G.O. Rep., Math Tufor, Mr. Safran's Squad. Plans fo: affend college, siuoy ChernfS'rry,Ain1SZl'O be rich, fc he a research chernfsf. Dislikes: fee maes. N.U. lvlemorfes: lak::'af:rj, assis'an'S Mr. Safran. MARRAPODI, CEIL l449 70 Sf. l23l Affendance Office Squad. Plans 'oz affend business schcc. Arnbificnz fc become a public swenfgracker and a housewiie. Secref Desire: fo own a sporfs car and 'rave in Europe. N.U. Mem- ores: Sing hcnclerful friends. MARSHAK, LOIS l44O 54 Sf, il9i Liferary Edifor of COMET, Boosfers, Jr., Sr. Sings, G.O. Congress, Sec. fo Mr. Kappel, Mrs, Benjamin, Miss Ja- cobson, Drama Club, Rep. 'lo Fufure Teachers Conference af Hunfer College. F ars fc: 'naicr in e efnenfafy edu- ca'T:n a' Syracuse Universify. Lies: src.-. rnusic, Ckirese foes. NU, Merrcriesz Sing refearsa s fzfbal and caslferbal gamez Rcfffjei' BON. MARTINELLI, l.UClLl.E I742 67 Sf. 4 Pars ft: new as a 'ycs' or czci- veeper. Arrorcnz fc Narr, ani raise a fam' ,. lveresfe: readng dancirg. slra"ng, N.U, Merrcrfesz 'ne facuw Sra va's"1, shcf-fs GCI. darces. MARX, CAROLA Ejil lE F.e. ll? Ediior in Chief of "Spiral", N.C.C,J. Camp Conf. Rep., Brotherhood Com- mission Chrmn., G.O. Cabinef, Con- gress, NUHS, COMET, Arisfag Drama Workshop, Varsify Show, Jr, Drama Club, Soph., Jr. Sing, Jr., Sr. Leaders, "El Eco." Par' "5 'ern Errii' ,r C: eu f'fr5"'i': ' 'fi-ai' ENE' 'li l"Er'f ffrz drarrffi' rir""1 'eadru ii U ifuffffs ie r ' i"'Ce"i' 2:61 MAURO, LUCILLE IIIS S7 DY ll? Par:'f.1'i"f"lfikiffi.', f . 'iw l Pr'r,"',r: lr rv" rrrifi' fs' l-l',l,r,,': if llfl Men' fif' . '.'1 tiff r' wirrl Li '--rivfri, MAYER, MARION fiilri l7 Aw-. ll'fl Arising Sec of Sing Comm., Soph Jr, Sr Sings, Buddies, G.O Con- gress, English Office Squad, Jr. Red Cross, College Rep , Varsiiy Show. L 1, .':,,..,.,1ff ,fyf , F Flf , ,i I-ruiffdr' ' ififf. i limlif lri'f,ifil'.3 'VlJ',i',, l r 7. ll U in rf sf 1 if i, fir Wy my Pi 'ff fffrl lf: fd xii i',f .Y .V V f F'Qflff'lf Zen' Situ my M-NM., wire' A I 4 '94 i 2 O ff .44 fw- . ,M M 4' an W. In 1""T 4 f ,F 46'-I " eg, if Q 'rr B .- Y W n I X ,RIMM , "' . if x A A MC BRIDE, CAROL l82O 78 Si. ll4l Principal's Office Squad, Biology Squad, Jr. Red Cross Rep. Plans lo: maior in secrelarial sfudies af Brooklyn College. Hob- bies: ice skafinq, horseback riding. N.U. Memories: Mr. Waldbaum's honor class, hike from gym fo fhe fcnchroom. MEHLMAN, IRA 5520 I5 Ave. ll9l Presidenf of G,O., NUHS Sfaff, Drama, Stage, Physics Squads, N.C.C.J. plans io: affend Princefcn Univer- sify. Ambifion: fc become a physi- cisf. lnleresfsz malhemafics, foof- ball, reaclinq, music. N.U, Mem- ories: fhe faculfy, 6.0. presi- dency, Columbia Unifergify SCI. ence l-loncrs Rrjqrafn, MEHRHOF, BARBARA 1 l6l2 66 S. l4l Grade Adviser's Squad. Pans 'cs affend c:'ege. Arnigi. S372 fo ceczme a f.r"er. L'kes: Ricef' l4:r':', MENNELLA, ANTHONY V- lIl23S S..ll5l Civil Defense, Dean's Squads. PV? T35 ii' L'-e armed for:-es. fL"'C"ij'I 'Q ceicme a oralrgrrgw, I"e'es+e: si-."""':, crner sc:r'5 3'5 Vi? iii i' a cu'c'e' snic, N-ll lVl5"i"?5I f"'e cf 're :cial 'eainers. MESSINGER, SANDRA Ship l: Ae, 4l Leader of Arisfa, Assoc. Edifor of "Spiral", Edifor in Chief of "El Eco", COMET, NUHS, G.O. Cabinef, Congress, Buddies, Soph., Jr., Sr, Sings, Sec, of Drama Club, Red Cross RGD-I Affendance Office Squad, Sec, fo Mrs. Gerchick, Miss Nash, r ai ':: 5"E'3 Btu .- Q3 535 Lleir 'WSJ' a".e .'.53'3,5 355. 2 e. Dske.. L 'arse Nc. Me-r ' ESI "e 'ec' 3 gays fren' i-.gre J: in 'Sofa a'd Fvsra. Re- f.-'ncerefi 5"': he' are-, -rg-3. Msysizownz, im. lbw' :f Si 12 COMET, NUHS Staffs, Sr, Corr. Sec., BUddlESI SODI1., Jr., Sr. Sings, Swim- mine Leaders: Dean's, Service, Record Office Squads, Sec. fo Mrs. Kofch, Mr. Welfon, Sr. Show. AML,-, , .. L., ,sc V as ,E .. L.:v:,,j ,S-S, N ll 2-,3'of4rf- i, , ..,, ...P .,, TCH, S AG? . lI',,,,,,.,,,,.,,,.d ,, ,Aww K liimipi- MEYERS, ANITA V50 SO S' 4' Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Grade Advisers Gym Squads, Jr. Leaders, l'.i'i-. l ' .Vi-'il if ,,.,-.I :X,,.b' 1 lil- l' l'i" i"' iv .i ri C .ii ii wiri- l no flu l-e.fLs.N U iXi i.-., jx, ,,, lil' 4"' Q W , ,am lx A .Q X 'W 'uni ii ik MEYERS, MELVIN l75l 53 St. l4l Football, Basketball, Baseball Teams, Arista. Plfiriu lrif fillorid D1-11trnf1ull'1 Uni -ffirmity lritfirnctn: qirln, ifilifll, toot- biill, rriiirlinq. N.U. Memoiion: livfiliriil Liriffilri QU ll1rgr,f,f1rI'i1j5, l"w11iri1r1r11-rf-rl liirt lwuirifq fi ball- liixfk fin i,1lf Cl1f11r1lDlf1V1'l11y9 lQf111'1 iiiifl .111 A11-.Mi rnombor. MIANULLI, DONNA l223 45 St. ll9l Buddies, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Jr., Sr. Leaders, Locker Monitor, Sec. to Mrs. Fahey, Desk Leader, Business Career Club. Plfinf. tr: work in the commercial lifild. l.ike'.: flyinq saucers, lncit tndfiff zundaez, cowboys. N.U. Mrirriffrifi: l-Ar. Ctiorniss and lnii. lrifpd f1ra'.il'1f,ppers, luncliroom, uludy pf-rifidu, tnacberz. MIDLER, MONTE lb8l 42 Sl. l4l Football Team, College Rep., Infirm- ary Clerk. ltliinu lfi: fillfind New Mexico Uni vfiruily. Arrilwiliorii lo be fl pl'1y'.ir.i1l 11fl111.1lifir1 lfiiifluor. l1.1ll, ffll11l'I1llll'1'1l driiwinrg. N,U. Mvrruiirif--.3 liiiinrlw, r.1ii1r.l'11:'., lfffil liiill 111111 lii 1-, yi' lflry 1117111 l..in1 11ln, iiiiiirilii-inliiii on 1l1i11r111i11r12lni11 li-11111. MIGLIORE, MICHAEL 1111711 76 Ay.. 1141 Baseball Team. l'li111', lo: .illffnrl ff1ll1-1111. Anilil livin: li ln: .1 '.111.r,1 r'.', l11l find vvull liliifl iii-iwri. litre.: spiirlu, rio-id lwiirl. llimliki-H3 lf".lG, M11 Wiflldf ll1llllllI'1 lI1lII1"W11llf. MILITELLO, LOUISE lo74- 83 St. ll4l Twirlersg Jr., Sr. Sings, Dean's Squad, Newman Club, Sec. to Mrs. Rosen- cranh, Mrs. McCIenahan, Mr. Welton, G.O., College Rep. Plans to: attend Brooklyn Colleqe. Ambition: to teach lanquaqes. ln- terests: ice skatinq, music, art. N.U. Memories: "l-li ya" line in Senior Sinq, football qames, Mr. G1reenfield's iokes. MILLER, MYRNA 1327 46 S+. l191 Arista, Orchestra, Soph,, Jr., Sr. Sings, Program Comm. Squad, Sec. to Mr. Davidoff, Mr. Rubel, Mrs. CcClenahan, Mr. Greenfield, Prefect Secretary. Plans to: work and attend Brook- lyn Colleqe at niqlit. Arnbitioni to become an executive secretary. Interests: music, dancinq, movies. N.U. Memories: Dr. Silberman's instrument class. MINARDI, SALVATORE I7l6 7l St. l4l Audio-Visual Squad, Guard. Plans tc: enter the business world. l-lobbies: bowlinq, ltuntinq, qirls. N.U. Memories: tlrie qood times at Clficokies. wana. AKZL7' 1 'EP eww .IL is ' -'qrr' f 1 ln- ' 'ww ' spa-.ff C? we 1rf+."' 'MJ 3 N, Q 772 7 if I 7 f. 1 1. fss e 'fx' i' :fi we 5 ' my . Sz, 'iffy' 1- ,ww P 7 A ' ' I MINERVINO, FRANK 6802 lo Avi-. l-tl Emergency Squad. Plans ' .Z not lraininq as an l.Li lvl. 5 iipc-rf1,,r. Arribitirwng tm qot 11 -1-nod icic in a ciaril. lnterewts: .p 141 movies, cwlieftiriq rerards and lvml.. lvllRANDA, ANGELA l405 7l St. l2Sl Dean's Office Squad. Plans to: attend a iunifr colleqe or secretarial school. Ambition: to become an executive secretary. lnterests: records, dancing. sew- inq. N.U. Memories: friendly 're-aclner-, and students. MIRANDA, ANTOINETTE IIQ4 70 51. 12111 Drama Club. Aims m11rrif1111.i .incl fl lnriir- firm ily. lnlr-ri-i,lf.: danririill iiixidinig, fifilirlfq, lillflklllil ulr-ll-.. lVl1'111 viriifzi tlii- lun willi ll'i1- ti-111 lwiiif, iinrl llii- ll111'11i1 Clilli. MIRRA, VINCENT N11 11..liilI Ril. llrll Vice Pres. of Prcfnct Class. ll.1r1. lii: 1111 Iii iiillfiiii-. lilli-1.2 llllli li iinit 'illiily pi-riiirtu iil N.ll, Aiiiliiliiiii' li, liiiivirrifi fi fifinillfi. MOLLICA, ANDREW ll5O 68 S+. 1191 Aim: to be an efficient person. l-lobby: art. N.U. Memories: tlwe teaclwers, tlne varied proqrarns. MONDUORI, PATRICIA 77l9 I4 Aye. l28l Likes: tl'1e fun and lauqlws in tlie N.U. luncliroom. Dislikes: clianq- inq tor qym everyday. MONICO, JEANETTE l224 74 St. 1281 Physics Squad. Plans to: become a secretary. Ambition: to qet married. l-lob- bies: dancinq, swimming, bowling, N.U. Memories: luncli and study periods, tlfiird floor qirls' room. Po rty-Seven MONTALBANO, RICHARD fill New L'recr' Awe. II9 Captain of Field Team, 3 are '11 .-:fn a' Ameffan S7::f. E 'a':e.f"'1:"'3':': cezcrne a ::'- mar. I-I:::'es: -razk, cars, 'ruse N.U. Me":rie5: Sam Le.e :', L"::n f::'CaII game. 're 1 en, MONTEMARANO, ANN I444 4351 IIQI Arisfa, Co-op, Sec. 'ro Mrs. Samuelsen Program Comm., Sr. Cabinef. Pens ':: :e::"e a prQ'a'e secre- 'af,. IP'e'e5's: Jjnrr, Ma'ns s":":, a 2ef'a'n szurq 'fe' N.U. Memzfe.. 'fc react' Mr. Sf5ZE'LfIS 'e MORELLI, MADELINE II42 70 Sf. IZSI Co-op. I'-erers: danzrg. da"ng, bt--we f':, :Q e"'e: re-:jfs a C1."3. FIU I!e":"e -3: : . MORGAN, BRENDA IEI5 Ee.-ef., Road I261 Co-op, Sec. fo Mr, Goodman, Mrs Caruso. Fefe ':: c:e"r-e 1-wcrifing. ffm. 'Q 'Je' rvafried a'd rake a Iam' Lies: :voir se, ir?e'es"ng s':.'.s da'cfr3. N.U. Me":r'e3 STr: fare". arz.-.2 'fends in Tr C:-to ::Lf:e. MORONESO, ANGIE IQCI 76 S5 '4I A 'rx -2 .. "--fre. Ir'e'e3'3 tip Jer: err: re::':I5 N.U. Me" W ' er' .. ,J rag MORRONE, CARLO II53 54 SL. IIQI Co-op, Service, Co-op Squads. 'A ' f Af Fife if wvf. -3 i '-f 5-fl-A 32 PJ U 1,1 1, ,N , . MUSTO, CAROL IIIII 54 Cx II71 Sec. Io Mrs Hoberman. P1- ' '11 '11 111 11' 1 M1 , ,, ,, , ,. , ,,, "f: 1 1' I II I' IA H 'Rf Z ' 11 'f-1 'D1""'11'-1 I ' 1 W' ff, II 1 Fifi ,1-eigbi me I, 5 Q cr-' 1? s Il ii C I ' 1 sz as L .. A. 4 In ins I 1 1 A Wu MUTOLI. PATRICIA 8502 I4 Ave. I28I Sec. fo Mrs. Jaffe, Miss Wunderlich. AmI:i+ien: Io be a successfui nurse. Injferesis: music, drawing, reading, fishing, hiking. N.U. M5-mgriegg Irie swimming pOOI, Iriwe funny bafriinq suiis. MYRON, JACOB l42O 45 S+. IICII Door, Locker Guard IA? B'klyn Tech. H.S.: Fooiball, Gymnasfic Teams, Chem. Squad, School Service Organ- iza+ion.J Pans 'cz af'end cciiege. Arrib- f':': io be a ckemisr. In+eres'Is: opnnasffcs, I:c'cafI, swimming :Vs FIU, Memories: "rI1e qs:d Iimesf' Remembered for: giving Iac: 'ns'ru:r':ns in syn. NACHIMSON, BARBARA 1525 47 S+. 1191 Boosfers, Buddies-Service League, SopI'1,, Jr., Sr. Sings, G.O., Red Cross Rep., PrincipaI's Office Squad, Locker Monifor, Jr. Leaders. Pans +C: avend Bfcckiyn Ccfege. Irveresfsr be-1 ing, dancing, s1---i"- rr'-g, N.U. Memories: games? Srg mam, Trends. varied evra- Curfcuiar program. NADEI., JUDITH IS69 S3 ST. II4-I Arisfa: COMET Sfaff, Buddies, Mafh Tufor, Grade Adviser's Squad, Jr., Sr. Leaders, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. Io Mrs. Grau, Mrs. Rosencranfz, Mr. Safran, Miss Windecker. Pans 'cz af'e":I 3: e. Ame'- 'Tt': '13 'eacn mae' 1' a Lian 5:r::. N.U. Memcfesz S195 Nr. Cbarcsns rrafn casses 95' 5::r . f Cfefecs Ter I-I-.o fe""S. NAPOLETANO, DANIEL ITIS T9 S2 I4 Fanf '31 fear' ': ::e'a'e LEM, "'a:I-I-es, Am:"':': ': i-.:u '- a bank. Ir'e'es's: :Vs ar: c-"'g. N.U. IN1e"':"x: IX". XXaa:a-"a. NAPOLI, CONNIE 'QI4 IS Ave. -ii Library Squad, Jr., Sr. Sings, Jr. Leaders, Buddies, Sec. Io Mr. G. Hubbard, Newman Club. F .vs fc: auend Bram Rn Cc' age. 'X"'b"'c 'C beccme a 'I:ra'fan. I1"u1'Qs's. Lckecfng 'ezcrds danc- in: Ive 1. N.U. AIGWCI'-Eii We I'undx 'oacborg Mrs. Ccffrais Squad. NAPOLI, MARY -1202 I2 Axe. IIQI Co-op. Ii.11's ID: Cvnfinue xxcrlinq and mi "1.1r1iDCI.Anwbiifingfg bgggf-ne 11 -"11I Ixvisi, a Iwsuseiiiie, and .3 1.,svIsf'V',I'IjLxL,'65:d3mCi1'1q,Skgfirwql .Ir-sr dodirfq up early, NAPOLITANO, ALFRED ll27 53 Si. 1191 Gym Office Clerk, Newman Club. Plan: io: allrfnd Brooklyn Collf-fir-. Arnloilifinz lo kwcornrf ni cerlilif-d publif acufiunlfinl. lnlerf-mls: plia- lfifiifigiiiy, 'ilf?lf!fJ lui li, loowlinfi, irwivif-',, N.ll. Mr'mr-rif-HZ Sam l':fr-n-,rinlz vimil, lln- yiilfiiifiuf, lrifillmll lrefirri. NARDIELLO, RAE I757 77 Sl. ll4l Library, Lunchroom Squads. Arrili1li0r1',Z lr: brffrinw- .1 f,lr-nf'iri- mpliwr and marry, Lilac: grind lirnnu, swimming, bowling, music, ,igufirribly dayu, 2:3O bell. NU. Mernriries: "rho grnfil ioolball lfziim. Remembered for: lnrgr prgr- sonalily. NEWMAN, JOEL r l5l5 47 .ul llcil Capl. of Slockroom Squad, Chem. Lab., Speech Office Squads. Plfm-. lo: filliincl anllffqff and rnaioi in zfirincfi. lnlrfroslaz zporls, boolru, inliuir., NU. Mcerrifiiinui liiifndu and lv-f1f.l1r:1'.. NICEFORO, ANTHONY l234- 69 Sl. lIWl Baskelball, Foolball, Baseball Teams. l'l.ins lo: fonlinuo making rncoirl- iniiu willi 41 lmrid, pr r-.- .ilily liiiir lllfv llflilvfl Slfilrix. Aiiiliiliwrli lfi ll'11flI pliyuiviil fidlifiilifin. l'lf-li lair--,: pliiyinig llio r-lwliif iiiiilni .inil l-ins-1. NICHOLSON, EDWARD 'l5l9 Eli l'lCllTlillOFl lylfwy llql Service Squad. Plan-. lo: br-rorno an aulo moch- finir. lnlerosls: fishing, hunling, rain., girls. N.U. Memories: Sing. swimming leam, Mrs. Kolchis homemaking class. NOTO, ANN 73l8 I2 Ave. l28l Dean's Squad. Plans io: become a secreiary. Ambilion: lo gel married. lnler- esfs: dancing, bowling, swimming, going To parries. Dislikes: geliing up early. N.U. Memory: eighlh lerm lunch period. NOVICK, LYDIA 1312 52 S+. 1191 Arisfag Buddies, Jr., Sr. Leaders: Or- cheslrag Soph., Jr., Sr. Singsg Allend- ance Office, Program Office Squads. Plans ro: ailend college. Ambi- lion: lo become a leacher. Hob- bies: dancing, colleclinq records. N.U. Memories: exlracurricular aclivilies, Sing, Sam Levenson's visil'. I or J. n, 9' We 2 y 4 99 lg , ,. me ' X.. ' -29.5 'ZW' if sr' f 1189 5' 4 1 M' X .A bg..- 1"i.f-,. i . mf l' W Vx . fa. . ,yr SA 45 sa., OLIVA, CATHERINE F g l2h9 bi W. ildl L' ins l I 111 li ',-, iirl Aiirisj li 'Y-1'1, irij 1.1 1- 11 l-1'111l',. lr1'1' ml.: piiolii :ini 'li riifll mn. N ll, lvlrimiirii 1.5 Mi. Gi i--- riliwlv hi l ii, cl.-14.11 PAGLIUCA, CAMILLE 7"?l8 I4 A1 fii, l2Hl Sr. Sing, Dean's, Program Office, Li- brary Squads, Sec. lo Mrs. Kuqler, Mr, Cherniss, Mr. Marino Plan: lo: i.-.oil as a 1 i.'i oplionisl lor 1 drvl-ir fir Plenlisl. Aml3il11'1n: To marry, and have live rhildri-n. l-lmkibii-'.: hr-iurrlw-ici iidinii, bowl ing, dancing. PALAIA, VINCENT lo7o 57 Sl. l4l Plfmi, img imin lhv armed loiww--,. Ambiliiini lo iir-l a -iiiiifl liek". In li-raging lmmol, -,pi'i1'ls iiiri. N.U. M1-miiiiii-.: iiiwidiiiiliiiri, 11111111 PALERMO, GERALDINE 11411 111 '1 41 1 1 . Sec ln Mr. Rubnl, Mr F.111l.1c1, Pill Wind:-rknr, Mrs. Jaffe, Mrs. Kuqlcf. Mrs Bridge, Soph., Jr., Sr, Sings, Booslcrsg Drama Club, Sr. Cabinal. l'l,,n-, li. ,illi-nil mill.-1111 iil riiiilil .inrl wiiil illiiiiiii llii- ilily. l1'1lf'1 nulug rliini 11111, lnrwliriii. N.U. M.-im-iliiqi ,1-mmf pri'-li-1 l, Spaniuli film-.i,111.,1hf lun ini-pfirin-4 liir Simi- PALOW, JACK i630 53 Sl. Ml G,O. Rep., Sing, Drama Club. ljlanu lfii go inlfi biisirious. Ambi iion: lo gei married and raise a family. lnleresis: sporls, body- building. NU. Memory: ioolball leam. PANARIELLO, ANNE 'MARIE l953 Sl Sl. l4-l Plans io: be a siock exchange secrelary, ailend Pace College al nighi. Likes: bowling, swimming. pariies, movies, aulomobile rides. N.U. Memory: Mr. Meyers eco- nomics class. PANTANO, ANNA MARIE 1921 73 si. 141 Infirmary Squad. Plans lo: work as a bookkeeper. Ambilion: 'ro become a housewife. lnreresrsz swimming. dancing. NU. Memories: Mrs. Bakers his- 'rory class, The many new friends, 'rhe fun. PAGANO, GlUSEPPE 1324 65 31.1191 Soccer Team. Plans lo: alle-nd an llalian uniyer Sify and lrayel. Ambilicn: 'ro be come a language Teacher. lnler esis: playing soccer, lraveling. Re mernbered ior: iriendliness. PAPA, CATHERINE ILTI :T Si ICP' Madrigalg Newman Club. 5 aw '31 .-.:'i. as 5 se: ',. I'- :: ESC' 1. NU. Ventr- :"'E"':'1 ' 'S :a "1 " lvlij mafoe PAPARELLA, LINDA Sec. Io Mr. Goodman, Mrs. Pofellg Co-op. :ROA 'E A.-e. 4 p.-. . -V M.- e rc ve' "a".. fl-N"C"':r': -.- ::"e 5 "i:e. "'efes's: fe::':s oatrg. NC. Memifesz Mr. G:::"a' :C-:C. PARKER, MARTIN I54C To Si I4 Capf. of Sroclrroom Squadg Track Team. Pars a"e': 2: ege. Amd- 'ic' :::"e a a.-..e' C' a CQJ' Evers: :Vs H' arc 2' s::'+s. files a oI.a'e ' We" " arf. PASCALE, ROBERT 1,22 71 S' 4 Madrigalg Chrrnn. of Jr. Singg Soph. Sing: Adv. Mgr. of NUI-ISg Physics Club Chrmrrq Varsiry Show. Pars '21 a"e': 2: age. fvrrl 'T:': -: r:e::"e a C :Mfr e'g"ee'. "' Ps: :Cry rg. 5-5 ': oat" 5. fs'-es: N.'o.1 -r:"::" 'Q 3. NIU. I-fe"Z'Ae3: "a' 'C' Sr: P14324 PAUL, NORMAN I975 69 SH 4 Pa? "- ef--:F "9 ee:". ': -. 'Q L'leL: rtoag. lf ret: 21' 1 pear? e-ami Il.'J. lfIe"i"1" If'.Vfaf1ce,W3 PEARL, RI-IODA IS gf 'Q '?:"' ZS AF ' '5- T L.. i 5. Q 'bu . 0 T . A 4 bw QT ' to I L 9 IO35 55 Si II? Arlslag Sr. Cabinelj GO, Congress, Sr. Leaders, Soph.. Jr, Sr Sings Buddiesg Record Office, College Ad- ' vi:er's OHi-:qu Tulorinq Squads L 5 A , . , ...A tl Q . r A A... . , I ., ,J ., W I Q lx r V yf,,, ,, If, , L, I ,, I -, , i 'V ii PENTANGELO, MARIE I" fl' f ' D9un': Squad Jr, Sr 'Sings L 1- qu.. '. . r II ' IA' ' ru L L l PEPA, CAROLINE I236 60 Sr. IIQI Co-opg Sec. ro Mrs. Sarnuelseng Pro- gram Office Squad. Pars '21 become a prfvole SS06- -an. If :res-sz '::f r' ro ,c :foes e,-,ery NIJ. Memories: Mr. S cscerg s revs, Iwco oericd wr' 2:-3: smdems. PERNA, FRANCES I242 70 S+, may Dean's, Program Coram. Sqr..a..,g Covop. Paw ':: gc 7C work and ever'- na'-. ge' married. Amcfor: T: JAEA' l'aIy. lr1'eres?5: oancing soorrs, cooking. N.U. Memories: :C-cc coarse, sence, a:4i.f'+ies. PERRI, Tl-IERESA IS3o 74 Si I43 Arisfag 6.0. Publicify Comm.g G.O. Cabinef, Congress: Sec. of Sr. Singg Sfage Mgr, of Varslfy Show: Sr. Lead- ers: Business Mgr. of NUHSg Buddiesg Newman Clubg Soph., Jr. Singsg Edilor 0' "ll Pensieriric"g Drama Workshoo, Clubg Boro Conference, Cify Council Rep. Pars '51 af'e'.. - ca. Amo'- 'j'g 'j .',"r'9 3' .-.CW I," 'PE' FI'- e'g' Semfe. Ir'eres's: --."":'g 'eaa"g. o'a"a":s. NU. Mem: - 'esz Sr: .a's' s':-4, '::'l':a Pesos, FRANCEQ I 2:2 E4 Si II- Newman Clubg Sec. lo Mrs. Fahey. Paw '32 --.:'- as c::r-usecs'-'sm 'si Amor: ': 'ee' "e "9" ie I--1 "ffm, l"'e'es'5: La'i"- Amefizar H' 5' "e :'3 :na KU. Memir' -" 'ea ers ?ffe'oS. PETROCELLI, PATRICIA I'-1' 'c S1 I-1 Coeop. :aw 'Qi x 'J' 5 wmv: "5 "aus, I"eres's: def: Avi.- ': :sara NQ. Mem- 'est M1 'SSCJW5 "5 wsi'cs'5.. 5:42 PETRUHELLI, ANTHONY I"' sw Q " xl. -'. ff Locker, Lunchroom Guard, 33", 'Q' .jj 'Q .xC'k. A-"i1'C fi' S-.jlfwl L ". Liss' iff "I: N Ll :msn 's. NU. Nemtwi X" XX 1 starr: PFEFFER. TOBY Q" .rr Q ic Uooslers, Buddiesj Jr, Sr, Sinqsj Sei. Io Mr Adams Mr Slosbergj Library Allondance Office, Mimeon English Office Squadsg College Repg Drama Club ' ix ' 'I-'xi s uw ann "ma sf L. I' rw, l"'Q'r Mg 5pgr's F' Il-'--'N .l we rr! DI VXI r"' wr rr rr 5.5-XSIUI I5-4 l I ' ' 5 N 'onus PICCARELLI, PATRICIA 1878 48 si. 141 Jr. Red Cross Rep.: Sec. lo Mrs. Yuppa: Sing. Aims: lo become a legal slenog- raphor and visil Europe. Likes: good books, sincere people, lunch periods. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Yuppai llalian class, lun in lunch- room. PICONE, JO-ANN 1501 69 sr 1191 Sec. lo Mrs. Canlor, Mrs. Kofch. Plan: lo: go lo work. Arnbilion: lo gel married and become a housewife. Inleresls: collecling rock 'n' roll records, dancing. N.U.Momoriemassemblies,dances. PINCUS, PHYLLIS iaso 48 si. 1191 Arisfa: Buddies: Adminislralive Assr's Squad: Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Malh Tufor: Sec. lo Mr. Slrahs. Plans lo: allond New Pallz Slain Teachers College. Hobbies: road- ing, dancing, cycling. N.U. Mom- ririrwi: lvlr. fliildriribrrrrfs. clrvis, 'loolball viclorioz, honor clirnses, hrilplul lr-iiihf-rm, wilih"., roll- in Senior Sing. PIRAINO, EMILY 360 Ava. W 1231 Plant. lo: work .is a lypisl, uludy buriuly rullurf-. Aim: lo girl mal' rir-cl. Idribbiw.: dancing Ihr? flifi rlm, ll'1ll,'VllV'lKl lc- records. N.U. Mc-rnorif.-si li-achc-rs, assemblies. PIZZOLATO, GIACOMO sins is Ave. 141 Plans lo: allend Brooklyn College. Ambilion: lo become a chemisl. Inrereslsz lraveling, food, people. N.U. Memories: marh and sci- ence classes. PIZZOLATO, SALVATORE ollo I8 Ave. 141 Plans lo: allend college and sludy engineering. Aim: lo be kind, courleous, well-educaled, Inler- esls: lravel, baseball. N.U. Mem- ories: leachers. Remembered lor: proficiency in Spanish. PLACER, TEMA 1266 44 si. 1191 6.0. Congress: Sec. fo Mrs. Wend- roff: Red Cross Aide: Library, Grade Adviser's Squads: Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: College Rep.: Madrigal. Plans lo: sludy business adminis- lralion al Cily College. lnleresls: sporls, boys, dancing, singing. N.U. Memories: championship loolball learn, Madison Square Garden baskelball game, making hals lor Senior Sing. f 1 J., . :R .. . M rv : 7, vu 5- " . w- , -. an , ,W ,L . .F-Y' I is, I ws A ,W ,, 1 4 af" f-. IV 'Q- .fm ,. sf'- xg 'T' .4l. S I- nz' 'ad . rx 17' , if. 4 , W 5 'Q2"""5v ,.,. :N . c. .,g M lil .ff i WW X --uh, I PLUSH, STUART I735 62 Sl, l4l Basketball Team. Plans lo: allend college. Ambi- lion: lo become a success-lul businessman, lo have a family. Inleresls: sporls, parlies, dales. N.U. Memories: lunchroom, leach- ig- ,, QQ,1d.sy5.s1myIile." POLAY, NEIL 1357 85 sr 1141 Plans lo: work and allend nighl school. Aim: lo be a salesman. Likes: food, money. N.U. Mem- ories: caleleria food. POPKO, PATRICIA I3S9 4I Sl. IIBI Arista: Associale Edifor of COMET: Malh, French Tulor: Buddies-Service League: Swimming Leaders: Program Office Squad: Brooklyn Boro Confer- ence: Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Sec. lo Mr. Safran. Plans lo: allond Brooklyn College. Ambilion: lo become a Iaboralory li-1 linii i-fin. lnluroslw: biiwliim, dancing, ice skuling, swimming, lXl.U. Mf!VUI'illl"'if Sinil'-, li--ii'I1i'rs, wfincli-rlul lririridw. PORCO, RALPH HIO4 I4 Avo. 1281 Bowling Team: Donn's Heallh Educa- lion, Lunchroom Squads: Locker Room Guard. Plans lo: allr-nd cnlleqri. Ambi- lion: lo become a succewslul nn- gineor. Inlorosls: girls, dancing, guilar-playing, weighl lilring. N.U. Memories: friends, Iunchroom, senior programflwo maiors. eiqhl periods. POST. MARLENE 1906 75 sr 141 Sec. lo Mrs. Inman, Mr. Fox: Sing. Ambilion: lo be a successful bookkeeper and allencl evening school. Inleresls: reading, music, bowling, dancing. N.U. Memor- ies: assemblies, Sam I.evenson's visil, friendly almosphere. PouLos, BERTHA IQOO si si. 141 Jr. Leaders: Sec. fo Miss Windecker, Mrs. Jaffe. Plans ro: work for lhe govern- menl as a secrelary or book- keeper. Ambilion: lo marry and raise a family. lnleresls: arl, danc- ing, singing, wriring, lennis, clolhes, good movies. N.U. Mem- ories: "Doc." POZZUOLI, JOSEPH 2028 59 sf 141 Plans lo: allend college and sludy engineering. Aim: a career in lhe Navy. Hobbies: waler-skiing, boaling, horseback riding, cars, Traveling. Piily-one Paoscm, SARA is ' 'l Ape. l19l I' Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. +o M. Appel, Mr. Walclbaurn, Sec. of New- man Club, Red Cross, Sec. of Mad- rigal. paw ': s 3' Am- k:"':': 'z ma". .. 'ass a 'Far'- I.. NJ. Me'H' s :Mrs Mafr- -9 :s --.:':e' '-'ng Mac'- ca S":s Qrrremcere' i:': 'e' .:': PROVEISQANO. GlNA Q2 t3 S J ESQ s' - A' eldbg -I r. args, gee. fo PW o erg, Wirs. J e, Grade Advisers, School Publici Squadggrllgcker Monilor, Sr. nel. L, .a's ':: ew a ceaf, c Me JU ,S ':c. V1 eres's: :Ladd afkcf- ij caf 'ra Me'- jl:s'es:L,My'i iifafgb NSF: PRUSSACK, MELVlN i726 47 Si '4i Go-Gelrfersj Madrigal, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Gym Clerk. Pars -:Z a'-e':i :: e. l"e'- es's: jfs a -.zes 2' ".s'. NU. M-e":'4es: Marge, sz: 2 e.'e"S. Re"'e"be'e:1 ir: heir: "e cfawe G:-Ge-'e' :r -cc .T . rfe :yra".d. PUMA, GRACE 23'-4 Sl S1 flfr Co-opt Program, Secrefarial Sfudies Office Squads. PVS ':: a'e': :.s"ess si A":"':': r: ce::"e a c" se:'e'a'.. -'::: as a:': cf: "3 :a':"g. cz.-.' :.-.Irv-"M Ng. ?fe":"es: 'fe If 5- :a"es a':i oarie PUPKIN, HYMAN f:,4j",:- 1 Program Office Squad, Sen-sicewISquad. Da-: '-A a--ev- -- .-- " -44 4 -':.- ..rf:,1A"'C- l-lcslzieityjs , TA: T NU. fferrfa 3 lyl, 3:::e'3 :i PUTERlO, JOHN 5 Vi 'iz afar " a . i.. P' i:i"f-, Pwr" . 1 we " .. 'J J. Mr'-"':f 4 ,ra ex, ,f All fXfp We Q 4. . .... 'N- A, 1- . 9 ve "Qs 'ZZ' , . lo- 'T 'sr ff D. ff A. lf, H 'H-.. , , ,,. PUUO, GUY -.IM ,Z .A Blackboard Squad. F5-, ,-. fa., -Z , s Q- tv , 'NC '-Q, ,-v -.. 45 g Ax! A za-4 fs...- X ' Ax if RASKIN, JAY H339 8l Sr. il4i Co-Capl. of Tennis Team, Band, Jr. Varsify Basketball Team, Sec. lo Miss Gelfman, Mr. Lippe, Miss Jacobson, Gym Clerk, Jr. Red Cross Rep. F' ans ro: arfend ccaiege. Ambi- ficrw: fa ever ire Ve G ci busiress. l"e'es's: cassica rrus'c. reading. C75 Ties: Spanisii classes. N.U. Me'-zfes: Cnarry, TTS baske?- Cid E'CJ TC'2'D5-l QEWEE. REBESCHI, DOREEN I677 42 Si 74.3 Locker Moniior, Sec. 'fo Mrs. Green, Arlendance Monifor. :a's 'c: become a sezrerary cr cc cerca' work. l-lobbies: renr's, ".s': cafng. readrg. EVTT6TT5."- "Q ff-e'ds. N.U. Me":"es: ic: isa rea" 5""'s l, ... , ..:.. REIDEL, JAY l52l 'il Si Iii' Sr. Cabinel, English Office Squad, Gym Clerk. Pans rc: a"e"d cdiege. Amin'- '2"I'3 f'TT9"3GCT C1E'5C:"- '3. "'E"55'S. :"'f'1" I O95 'Q' SC"' NU. Memories: '.'.:"de'5u 'A s 'ECE "G"i. REIN. TRUDY lfpi 55 S1 O4 Ass'f. Arl' Edilor of COMET, G.O. Publicify, Orches+ra, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Mr. Cherry. :aw ':: amend Na.-. Fai S'a'e Teacrefs C: age. A":"':': ' '-az' e". l"e'es-s: :a .cs "us: :s"a:' am. Ny. lv'e"':"es: N". co.-."'s "am :ass 'evra REISMAN, RONALD i325 -ic Si 13: Co-Capt. of Track, Cross-Counfry Teams, Madrigal, NUHS Sfaffg Arisra, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Ears ':' ameri N'.?a":' S:':- -' 19' " 'ra Ur'-e'si'x' :f 'sci me-,s "T Riser: Fes- 'Ia :':, c:"' T :' lx". l4e'sr 4' S":s. RElTER.Sl-IELDON - Q Biology Prep. Squad, Track Team. :Vs ':: e"e"d :S ess. Amri- ' r- 'r rc::"ae awe' "e - :Vs :CDD n'-s': a" a":S. N U. ls'e"',s5: iNi', NX 5 :- RENNER, ELAlNE ..,- F -' , -'H' 555. " Sc-ph., Jr., Sr, Sings, Locker Moniforg Sec to Mrs. Poole. 3 1" Aa: ,1"c'o :S to. ANU'- ' "r ' vw and rake a lamfx f1.1"J DCKAR1 Sw?"- ". " fbagx r'd"': NL is'-"A -7 Sa: rerenfsas ara VH" 'M 'ibvba 'ewes K l REYES, CESAR 782 McDonald Aye. ll8l College Rep.: Assislanf fo Mr. Good- man. Plans lo: allend college. Ambi- lion: lo bocornr: an accounlanl. ll'llIrYf:'ZlSI recordu, boolff., places ol inlorrfnl. N.U. Memories: grad- ualion, l".'i'lV,l'Tf:VC, commercial sub- lwflu. RIB, TAMA I22 Fenimore Sl. l25l Feaiure Edifor of NUHS: Chmn. of Soph., Jr. Sings, Orchestra, "Spiral", Arisla. Plans lo: allend Bonninglon Col- lege. Ambilion: lo leach Ihre physically disabled or wrile pro- lrissionally. lnlereslf.: lollr music, lhealer, cir-alivo wriling. N.U. Morriorieu: Mis. l-lrfrrirliais and lvl Goildenberglz clacscu. NUI-lS and "Spiral" slallz. RICCIARDI, ANTHONY sisos I7 Aye. I-ii Capl. of Varsily Football Team. Plfinu lo: allcfnd college on a Ioolbfill '.rIifilar'.hip, Amliilirin: lo bu a physical fiducalion Ioachor. N.U. Mrvrrioricws: pmclico'i. R1-mrimborrrfl lor: "All Mel" and "All Cilyu lor-ll:-ill lfefims. RICCIO, LINDA 8833 is AW-. U41 Sec. 'lo Mr. Sharrin. Pl-inn ln: uluoly lilluinriwf. arlrriinis- lralion nl Eimrililyn Collufif-. ln- li-ri-sls: drawing, singing. Ambi- lifin: lo biirome a successlul busi- nz.-ns woman or prolossional singer. RISMAN, SEYMOUR iazso 76 Si. ii4l Mimeograph Squad. Plans lo: allend college. Ambi- lion: lo graduale from college and go inlo business. N.U. Mem- ories: baslnelball games, mimeo- graph squad. RIVLIN, MARTIN l67O 4l si. ll8l Varsily Show, Drama Club, Workshop, Jr. Red Cross, College Rep.: Sr. Sing: Malh Tulor, Service, College Advls- 1 er's Squads: Varsily Show Play Comm.: Gym Clerk. Plans lo: ailend college. Ambi- lion: lo become a lawyer or a hislory leacher. lnleresls: drama- lics, dancing, music. N.U. Mem- ories: American Lileralure class, Sings, varsily shows. RIZZO, JOSEPH llI5 ol Sl. llql Plans lo: ioin The Navy. Ambi- lionz lo become a policeman. Inleresls: baseball, bowling, fool- ball, girls. N.U. Memories: Mr. Wal-dbaum's homeworlc assign- menls. . sl M' ff as - r , .... . , . 5' i 'lv 'hd if 6.31 f 'win' -urn" wwf s.,w ,. :vs-In 4 A I sg s . 6 sr' A W. 0 ........... . f 1 TY- 1 I i Q '. i i gf.: g Qc he RIZZO, VINCENT lllb ol Sl llql Gym Guard. Lili'-si In x-.firli iul in ilir- gym. Plan, l': ioiii the .iimr-d liirces. ROBBINS, IRVING I744 62 Si. lfrl Capl. of Fencing Teamg Capi. of Lunchroom Guards. Plans io: allend college. Ambi- lion: To be a scieniisl, lnleresls: chemizlry, aslronomy, sporls, girls. N.U. Memories: iriends, science and maih leachers. Remembered for: achievemenls on fencing Team, ROMANO, ANGELO 707 basl 2 Si. ll8l Co-op. Plans lo: bncomr- an acrounlani. Ambilion: lri alli-nd colli'-go and f-ul-iblish ii rarr-r-r in business. N.U. lNfl"l'II41l'l1'lii fi' 'WP C.VTLll'Sf!, Mr. Griodrrian, Iii:-nil.. ROOMS, VIVIANE iiisi ai Si. ll-ll Sr. Cabinelg Sec. ol Jr. Red Cross, Adminislralive Assisfanfs Sec. Sfudies Squads, Newman Club, Sr. Sing: Sec. lo Miss Mahony, Mrs. McClenahan. Arribilirin: lm br-rr-me a privalo ii-firf-lary or marry a rnillioriaircf. lnlr-rfi-clam bowling, ico-nlcaiing, ir.-acling, mv-eling people. Remem- bered lor: "IFS Viviane wilh an "C" al lhe end," ROPP, ARTHUR 4-8I2 l4Ave. ll9l Plans lo: allencl Cily College. Ambilion: lo be a lawyer or ac- counlanl. lnleresls: loolball, bas- lcelball, girls. N.U. Memories: lhe library, lhe noisy lunchroom. ROSEN, CAROL 46ll I2 Ave. ll9l Arislag Booslersg Mafh Team: Buddies, Jr., Sr. Leaders: Soph., Jr., Sr., Sings, Swimming Leaders, Sec. lo Mr. Cher- niss, Mrs. Gerchick: NUHS, Princi- pal's Office Squad. Plans io: ailend Brooklyn College. Likes: Johnny Malhis, show lunes lood, sincere people. N.U. Mem- ories: Mr. Calanias French class l958 loolball games. ROSEN, PHILIP llb8 40 Sl. ll8l Program Office Squad. Plans lo: allend college, Ambi- lion: lo become an accounlanl. lnleresls: sporls, popular music, biographies, lravel. N.U. Memor- ies: 'lree periods, gym, lunch "every'lhing." Fiiiy-lhree ROSEN, SANDRA 42l4 lffhe. IC Orchesfrag Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Ass'+ io Dr. Silbermang Insirumenf Librar ian: 'El Eco": Sec. lo Mrs. Marion. D a'5 'CZ enero 51:1 .' C: eg AN:-"':n: 'C be a aaa Ye' v 'asset In'eres's: sr:.-.: 3:23 COOKE oa':i'3. NU. Men' :r'es: crcnesfra re-'ea'sa s, Sng. ROSENTHAL, ARNOLD Il39 55 Si IIQ, Capf. of Golf Team: Chemislry Lab Squad: College Rep.: Arisfa. Pars ':: amend Svacuse Ufv: s"'-,. A"'o"':'1: 'C beiome an e e:"':a engreer, lr"eres's sC:"s grs 52:11. NU. Memo' 'azz "'e'-os. ROSIMINI, ANTHONY 3l7O Webs'er Ave. 30 Baskefball Team: Mimeograph Squad. Pians ro: amend csiege. Annb' "on: fo bezcme an c3'C'-'E-IT, In 'e-nesfs: a". Jung' AcVeve"'e" socrrs. N,U. Me-n':r'es: me baske' ca 'ea' sessT:'s ROSSI, RALPH I249 75 S2 5 Mafh Tulor. Pars ':: snow engreefrg a Brozk .' DSV-e:'n': l's'?'ufe ln'eres's: ramps :Yrs soar? NIJ. Me-me i-E-Sf 'Fe Weaclnerg, Mr Cnarzsrs s:':1 :e:"e'f. :ass Mr, Sairan s :'en"s'w -: ass. ROSSMANGO, PATRICIA 2i I3 62 S7 '4 Sec. io Mrs. Kramer, Mr. Greenfield Mrs. Rosencranlrz. 3a's '31 anis: :-5"e :':: A"'Ci": . 'i :e:t"'e 5 :".a'e 2e:'e' "a". a'3 'a.e Fi. f'i'1 "vers: 5.-fmnfrq :1a':",, i..U. Memtfei: Mrs f'a"e' 'vit lfifaacax' 1.5"- I I 53531 ROSSOMANDO, BARBARA S4 45 F2 Co-op. J D ' 'I 1 Y' '. "T'T.1 ROTH, JOSHUA Edifor in CHQ-6 C-from Erj,y-if . NUI-ISI Orclrieslrag Swimming Team Mgr of Baskeiball Team V5.0 Cab inel, Congress Sludcnl Courf Com mission 'Spiral' N Y C Press Coun cil: Sroclroorn Mimr-0, Grixdn Ad flier S. R-eicird R1-Cirf Ina 'fnif Squads Sopln, Jr Sings C.. fir, iak g .. I . V Aa-.-A ' 5 ,f fb., ' 'QA ' Q S sl ' Q Ek 3- 3-5. K1 'L-r 1' ., - H X S .xr V . I we , :ff .ig fi N-4 4.--av if J aT r fu. I- ' Db Q :,- v-f A A Y Ag ff S I .rf 5'- 1, sq, .' "- P 4? f? D .C 5 i eu-4? - - .4 , , .. N - ' 1 ik ' ROTH, MYRNA 55IO I3 fue. IIQI Buddies: Jr. Swimming Leaders? Dfama Club: Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Library, General Office Squads: Sr. Cabinei: Sec. fo Mrs. Grau. Pans ro: work and af'-e'o Brook- lyn CQ ,ege af Figlni Aim: 'G D6 a successful l.B.M. coera':', '-A-ire and rnorher. Ir'eresTs: records, Don Rondo Fan Cub. N.U. Mem- 3rTes: Mr. Sacienza. Mr. Srrabs. ROTH, SHIRLEY i256 44 S". ICU Drama Club: Affendance Office, Grade Adviser's Squads: Sec. fo Mr. Gold- enberg, Miss Moochnek, Mrs. Marion: Ass'r. fo Dr. Silberman. 3 ans 'cz :jc ': Brcck -,r C: ege. Annbrcnz TC oe::"'e an i"er::- re'er or e ernevar, s:':: 'e-azner, YU, Me-mcrfes: 'eacrerz ffenos. 'ne ogecn fnas JiSi'9U U"e:n' :' 6S5E"'L3y oay. ROUDER, ROCHELLE l45S 49 S'. ,ICM Arisfa: G.O. Treasurer: NUHS: Boosf- ers: G.O. Cabinei, Congress: Sr. Cabinet: Liferary Edifor of COMET: Soph., Jr., Sr, Sings: Drama Club: Buddies: Red Cross Rep.: Jr. Leaders: Library, G.O. Office Squads: Sec. io Mr, Catania, Miss Balch. Pans '32 a're':1 31:1 ,' C: age. A"o"':'. 'Z :e::"'e a' ee- "e"ary s:r::' 'eazrei N.U. Memories: elec+':n as G.O. Trea- surer. Sings baske-'ca a': '::'- cal games, RUBEN FELD, THEA 7lQ2 i9A.e. 4i Librarv, Deans Placement Projection Squads: Jr. Red Cross Rep.: Sec. 'lo Mr, Snow, Mr. Dolkari, Mrs. Inman: Sqph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Dans 'cz amass E-: R - O: e awe--M A aaa' Q -- me-'es"' 'es -usb. RUMN,DAWD .-Q, .. A - .. - - -X.-. Varsiiy Track, Cross-Counfry Teams: Arisiag Library Squad. :aw '32 a"a': is s'e. "N"E'- ' 'S bei: i'. "9 Q 5::" , 2 vases. 1 'ef of 'J e S'a'f a 'e. N.-. Ve" S 'se' 5 RUBIN, RONALD '4 I STI- .' Ns. Service Squad1Gym Guard. fa's":1"f'J S"f-.'CI fa-. 'New " f 'J' 1:-f""': ' - w as 1 ': . .. 1 'fws '- s. RUGGIERO, DELORES 'S:O -if S' -Li Sec lo Mrs Grauj Lunchroorn Guard. rw- rr .-'. 1, u "'x-A-'sq' A - 4 ' I 'r i . .. 1 ia' " 2 .s "M-A ::.N. Vi' S .., Xe.. RUSSO, JOANNE 1767 78 Si. 1141 Secrefarial Sfudies Squad, Sec. fo Mrs. Hyman, Mrs. McClenahang Dean's Squad. Plans lo: nflend College. Aims: lr, become fi nlenoqraplier, fo gel married. Hobbies: swimming, dancing, golf. N.U. Memories: football games, zororifies. RUSSO, JOHN ISS6 79 Sl. 1281 Plans lo: gel a iob. Ambifion: fo be a iournalizf. lnfereslz: liunling, ueiglwflilfing, boxing. N.U. Mem- frriozf dean'z office, Mr, Felclner. Rffmernbered for: being a Hnice guy." RYBA, P1-1YLL1s 1455 57 si, 1191 Sec. of Arisfag Booslersg Buddies: Cafeferia, English Office, Library Squads: Sec. fo Mr. Calania, Mr. Sharring Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Plans fo: major in pzyclioloqy rrr maflw af Bioollyn College. lnlerk mls: cIa'.f.if.aI music, reading. N.U. Morno1'io'.: loolbfill garnos, Sings. SABELLA, ELAINE 1429 76 si. 1281 Program Commilfeeg Co-opp Sr. Cab- inef. llliins lo: -illnnd Bioolrlyn Cfillinn-, lf! Elllf lflllqllrl fl ll'l1fjl 'Jlf rfilnry. lnlriiwfsls: dancing, bowl ing, rfiflf in' irill. N.U. lvlrgrriririi'-1,1 Ml -. S1lllllll'l'1Ul.I, MP, Sllllrlrlplfl '1 lfwls, wondiirlul friends in comp, SABELLA, JOSEPH l8I8 79 Sf. lI4l Foofball Team: Service Squad. Plans fo: affend Hunfer College. lnferesfs: music, reading. N.U. Memories: foofball games, Sing niglwf, yarsify sliows. SABETTA, JOHN I693 65 Sf. 141 Capf. of Foofball Team: Arisfag Gym Clerk. Plans fo: affend Amliersf College. Ambifion: fo become an elecfrical engineer. Likes: roclc 'n' roll, read- ing, Mom's cooling, N.U. Memor- ies: girls, Mr. Rapp, foofball, Re- membered for: being capfain oi All-Cify foofball 'l'eam. SALAMONE, JOSEPH 181360 S+. 141 Plans fo: worlf, flien enfer flie commercial arf field. Ambilion: lo become an arfisf. lnferesfs: baseball, baslcelball, roclc 'n' roll. 1 aff' :Rauf up H, Z 'i ig . wg. , 4,1 'i 5 3 ss- . ,rf 'lv 1 'L M- ! Y Z fs f mm 'w rw., 4 s....,gw 'awww Q P' . M. 1 rf' ,f-.0 fa 4' rs, ,-. 'A , 'Vx ,. '97, Ao 7' 2 f 1 4 Q-'ff "" 9 . Z.. Z. 7 116 , , . ,,....,,, .N , em vs - AP SALANITRI, HELENE A 1334 113 52 F-1 Affendance Office Squad. Plans lo: worl, flwon marry. lnlnr- 1, '-r' ff.: arf worlr, spnrls. felwyisi-rn, -'lance music Lilui-si: wall: in llwi- rain. N.U. Memories: gym Mi. Rebels undeislandinn n.1lu1i'. lenclw, sfudy. SALIT, CAROLE lo7o 59 Sl. 141 Sr. Cabinefg Mafh Officeg Lunchroom Squadsg Soph., Jr., Sr. Singsg Maih Tufor. Plans fo: affend college. lnler' esfs: modern iazz, bowling. N.U. Memories: senior ferm program, Sing relwearsals, Remembered for: cheerleader dance in flve Soplio- r1171'e Sing. SANTORIELLO, RICHARD lll5 48 Sl. 1191 Plans lii: iillwnd long Island Uni yr-rsily. Fxrnlwiliiin: l-"1 lE1Pf'b1T1I' 11 rvl'1.11f'r'1.'i1'i-.l. lnlori-als: .p r1l'w. rlwi-n1i',l1'y. N U lVlr'-1r1r11'if- I l1i1f111l'., li-,11l1rf1s, l11111'l111,.1111, flV"', SANTULLI, VINCENT 1647 H2 51. 1141 Plan: fo: .illr-nfl H1111-llyri l'fily li-1 linir lr1',lil11lv. Airibilifini lu lii-riiiriw rin fill-1 lrirfgl iin11in111-Y. lliibbia-'-.: spiirli., r-spr-cially wiiliir ulfiing, lwrrr-irelmirlf riding, lrydrfw VIl1:lf'Il'f fiijfrlnfl, Mflfllflrloqf l1,1ncl'1room,ll171lood llweroin. SASS, JOANNA I859 62 Sf. 141 Arislag Jr., Sr. Leaders: NUHS, COMET Staffs: Sec. fo Mr. Noonan, Mr. Sass: Soph., Jr. Sings. Plans lo: affend college. Aim: lo gel flue rnosf our of life. infer- esfs: music, parries, sporfs, danc- ing, playing flue piano. N.U. Mem- ories: Mr. Cliaroslfs solid geom- efry class, friends. SAVALLO, LEONARD 1166 59 si. 1191 Ambifionz fo become an elecfri- cian. lnferesfs: girls, money. N.U. Memories: Milne good limes." SBLENDORIO, ROSEMARY 229 E6512 S+. 1181 Affendance Office Squadg Soph., Jr. Sings. Plans fo: gef a good iob. Aim: a nappy marriage. lnferesfs: bowling, daring, learning fo drive, gossiping al Meyers NU. Mem- ories: G.O. Weelf, Englislw 4, Sopli, Sing, varsify slwow. Fiffyflive 7925 X X 1 j X X T iN Wild Jackass 6. in Qil k X i X ,T "Have You ever harked to V1 'Y 1 X h WW., 1 the jackass wild ' V 625i-L' X X ffggagli Which scientists call the 1' , Las-at LQ X l onager? A - 'I . 19 j3L! It sounds like the laugh of l x cv H JK Cf if an idiot child, ,ff ,f ff T 'Wai Or a hepcat on a har- i in ,f f 5' lf 472' moniger. KAR, -' f5 V f f But do not sneer at the ' ll, i 'lfi X, 'I 9 jackass wild 1, , fit' T s There is method in his N K fy XJ E hee-haw fi 'Y K For with maidenly blush X r T' X and accent mild The jenny-ass answers Xu 3 i shee-haw." WC Qmdmanx, fi s Q rl zn. 1 r lei ' ffm The Turtles gil I ' greg, c f "I also know I'm now a pauper L dw pi fgff f Because of its tortley turtley torpor." if E . v ,642 kv .4 , L' 5 ' l LN "' XL xx 5fgT..' I Joruog N s V ' is I SQDHQMQQ5 f I' iff is .ss l V A f, All Rx FRESl-lf"NL-,N gibfx . Q if , 1'Q'QX?X 1 ...f X ., . I . X N lf' '1 44' 1 ilvl Xa ,sn V v 5, W fstfxxi, X X T T x D 'fr 1 N V lr' wi who-l -In 'Q ' ' 1 In I J xv ty XX -ll' . I-.Lh u If I . K x ATX fuer T X-il' to T if fs-QNX T My aw W ,i ff-'TK Zi T X fll e .g for ji TW . W T - its T 11 " F, I U-A , stllWlc't l ll Renee TTTJIW A T Ri IV , Tw 'T t can ,av fe-A ' ,VJXXAX Vrrl hui i fd, QWX It A9 R F CQACLASI fbgnncll W il -B2'Ql'l ,flu af 'J-xcj D 3 'K HQ if Q1 QB e f ix 5 l r We Zi at A J H .L , ,nw H , s -H , x Q ll4l I J I lx - l A fl X - Rv Dj f , il S0 5 11 M ff! A5 wx ll A if-x-NIQWLLX4 Y f if l zffl WL ff x J -ff will A XM J VX! O , X w X ul-o ' j f 'I 4. I ' 'iff 5 l,lhl'lu-. Dj - bffjiilkm l N M A l The Musicians X KWTQ "Noises new to sea and land l Th 3-I ,lx X. Isnuehfrom the skillful bland.f XJ. if A igblij J A t e strings contortt eir eatures 5 H f 5 m Imitating crawly creatures. MJTQ l l 4 i H Nix All the brasses look like mumps H X f f J ox From blowing umpah umpah umps." ' e A l H 7-yg.,,fZfl If Rl F l Rotosltlers X if W X X an ens P A f V "The rooster is X fxx - in fy a roistering l V' E WW, N nl His battle-cry is W TA Q N an H 1 F41 'I U cock-w Q H 1 ' fl' ,ff ' X, l li' d dl i. qi! -w I I K L I Hi! J 00 Um. ' ' my 5 N T Hands in pock- H it l tk M1 Yi l t X , xi il ets, cap over :.4 W r, I J! IW' ' ' ' Til' . lk qw" ' 4 ' P '.',. ' ,AX ll' R,-,N He whistles at ! , l X ,,,yiAfJ MQ!!! -:gg -'nl it ' pullets pass- M J.M,,f 'fWM ilif' B l K' ing by." f . ' i f 3 'F . - f ,in V H N . L, XD ' i, rt ' s lxkgl-tilt-.xwtxixxww b LEW V-H1 SCARCELLA, ROSALIND 42 ST l3 "ll Pensierinow Slaffg Sec. Yo Mrs. Coopermang Program Office, Lunch- room Squads, Buddiesg Soph., Jr. Sings. :aw "a'a 1: a. Amb- ":': - --"'a a 5-xaf. ima as's: siia"': ':": """"' No. Mamaivz S"g iazu' SCARPACI, RICHARD IZQE 75 Sf. ,ZS Gym Clerk. l"'a'aS'SI gifs. 'aadrg g:::i Vs- ':'x Cccks, N.U. Mamcfasz iris " 'ra ucnrccm. SCHAFRANK, LESLIE IE59 59 Si 4 Grade Adyiser's Squad, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Sec. lo Mr. llzkowih, Mrs. Kugler, Mrs. Inman. Daw ':: a"a': ','s"g sr A":"':': a"3, 'gas 3:33 '-""as. l"a s's: oa':"g 'ms' 'aa : :::I'rg. NJ, Memo' Sass I i'5'f1E 'aa:'a's. SCHEMBRI, GEORGE '373 4-l S-. "E A ' ' 'H Q- ': .'.:'f. A":"':" " w-M'-- ,sara SCHEINBERG, LINDA Go? 47 Sd 19 Arisfaj Sec. of Booslersg SopI1,, Jr. Sings, Jr., Sr. Leaders, Buddies, Sr. Cabinefg Ass'I. Principal's Office Squad, Sec. fo Mrs. Teilelbaum, Mrs. Berner, Mr. Cherniss. Mr. Rundback, Mr. RubeI. :a's'::a" -,' Ct az Ln: ': rn. .,:': 1:.."'a'- a5'1: ma"'o.',a. oi:-3 'Nia' fra Ctai aitfdi. IIU. Mam- tfalit 5" 'famaf Sara. S"3 SCHIFFMAN, MARILYN :ZZE 3.1 -1 'i' Cd - Jr., Sr. Leaders, Sec. lo Mr. Sapienza, Vw' 'i: rfw- -i l ,I 3 1. -. f 1 Vi S .Hd 9 ss 'B' us. XX f' Q, -Q. v-u ' i l fa' V fa rf' ff! Q Q-- I L ii, er r 'I 2' L4 ,U 4 ..- J u 3' G L. . 4. K' I ,. 2 A ,gp as S 1-a . 1:- N-f SCHREIBER, RONALD 55Ol I-4 Ava. VIQI Band, Insfrumenf Squad. Pans -Q: arfa"d C.C.N.Y. Am- offonz fC become an acccunlranf. lf'eres's: Socras, danong, daring. lp fs-.'a":"as: :a'3 :"a'os 'aazrars Mm Craffss' ard Mr. G. va" s :asses SCHUMAN, CHARLES 430617 A.a. '4, Biology Lab. Squad. :ars'::a"a':1Ef:w.' C: aga "W: 'Q sua, a--.. fas's: jfs. ,-. r: Casaca -as-a'Cai was' :. WU. Ma":"as: Mrs. NV.'::a cn a': -fa : , ao. SCIALLO, CHARLES lI3o7l S1 2:,' Biology Lab. Squad. Pans 'cz a-and C: aga. Ir"er- as's: oa':"' s.-I-""':. NU. lvfan':r'as: Laos. SCIASCIA, BENNY I45f 71 Sf. :a's rc: a"a':: 3: aga. Ame'- ":'. 'J caccma a. a:::-"a" I-'afe s: sc:"s g"s. Oislas: Bufiiq -1.5, N.U. Ma"':' g'a:J- uaii' SCOLA, ANDREW .1-1 - ,1:1 - Capl. of Handball Team. Far-s ic: a"e'o E'::- .' Q: ag Ami34'i:': ': Ca::"s ' ':-"a 'a'a'as':: as-ace " 5533. "aN':a'a SCONZO, JOYCE 'S : 3-Na. -. Jr. Red Cross, Cily Council Rep., Sr. Soph. Sing Chrmng Sec. Io Mr, Fan- laci. .- w-5-- , if -X : A'T' 'f CfQfNf I X ' N , SCI-ILES, DEANNA Sllv l'f ful- li , scorro, MICHAEL Buddregg Madrigalj Library, Gym up ,QM :Q Q. ,y Squads: Sopn, Jr Singsj Jr Rod C 'll pe,.,5,e,.',, 'gchar 5,655 Cross Repg Sec. Io Mr Cherniss, Mrs 'la Q ,T ,J , . .vw Q AN, i U, Kugler, Mr. Frzlcher, Mrs Jaffe, S- If ,V .XM ,.- , N -is mi-fs, if H5 ' A l' li -1 'fbi J 1 ' 5,."q gg, A" ' ' ' " 'l l A , v "W olds IV 'J fads 'N ' '1 'v ll rw. W rw, rs, M, 'JU 'fl 'Al Pl x 3 M Q,,,,.,, X. I Cr A M, ML:l A.i -bf Q . , Capi. of Twirlersg Sing Commissioner, G.O. Cabinef, Congress, Publicifyg Cabinelg Jr. Sing Choreographerj SEEBOL. SUSAN I973 70 Si, in Boosfers, Jr., Sr. Leaders, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Secrelarial Sludies Office Squad. Plans lo: bocorrii: fi rffceplioniml. lrilcriunls: dalfw., parlicz, books, Broadway uliowi., arl rixhibiliond. Nil. Mfiemorion: bailfelball and ifiollofill 'lrll'l'iY"., gym riuorniseu SEG-RETO. MARIE EHO3 ll Aye. ll9l Miss McGrafl1's Office, Library Squads, Sec, fo Mr. Goodman, Co-op. Plan: fo: work. lnlerezla: dancing, people. NU, Memories: Mr. ljfrodrrian, lhe fir op Counc SELLARO, AGNES I756 48 Sl. l4l Orchesfra, General Ofirce Squao, Sing. Plans lo: allend college, qffl mar- ried. Arribilioni lo bf- fi kinder qarien leaclier. Internals: dancing, music, bowlinfg, playing lim piano iiabyzilliriq. N.U. Merriorirv.: irirrridn, mrenior year, playing crellri in illll fjlnflilfrlirlill. SELKIN, DONALD 1647 47 Si. lil Edifor in Chief, Sporls Edifor, Edi- forial Consullanf of NUHS, Sporls Ediior of COMET, Arista, G.O. Cab- inet, Congress, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Mafh Tutor, Slage Crew, Program Office Squad, Gym Clerk. Plains lo: allund Brooklyn Colleqr-, lnloreulvi playin-fi clieiu and Sing- inq Fiill mrinql, in Washinqlon Sqiiam Park. N.U, Memories: Sinq rehearsals, NUHS sfaff, Mr. Cha' roslfs and Mr. Silomerhn malh classes. SEPE, MARGIE 7306 I9 Aye. 4 Jr. Sing, Jr. Leaders, G.O. Ofiicl Squad, Sec. fo Mrs. Green. Aim: lo do missionary work. Hobby: collecling records. Likes: nice, friendly people. N.U. Mem- ories: ihe Junior Sing, llie bomb scare. SERRANTINO, THERESA I733 80 Sl. ll4l Dean's Squad. Plans To: qef married. Ambirion: lo become a moiher. Likes: bowl- ing. NU. Memories: luncliroom, qym, Mr. Grubnick's hislory class. SESS, JEANETTE 9931 zo Ave, ii4i Co-Capf. of Twirlers, Sr, Sing, Re- cording Sec. of Sr. Class, Sec. 'ro Mr. Lucks. N.U. Memories: scars and yicfory in Powder Bowl baskelball qame. Remembered for: being co-cao rain oi Twirlers, Jane Uirechl. ' 1 . I M vi W. , i I 'X T- s,..,,A M , 'Cr l 7,1 103 va 42 '2 , 2 Lew 7 ., , . hw ,' ' gm , V Q 5 I l fl' i vm" W X ' 'W Ama arf' 'n 111' ...W .1 IMA X we 49 Mm 1, X V is l I WWW ew ZW 44 1 f l Si-iAPiRo, LEAH g i495 47 :lvl Arisfa, Buddies, Jr., Sr. Leaders, Dean's Squad, Sec. fo Mr. Golden- berg, Mr. Sherman. pin. l"iZ fi'lig'ii'i Bri' l +,' C7llD'1C, Hmrfil r':l li.-Eiili r Ji 'if VUDW 'iiinfii inf-rfiriy. lril f'-i --.ig '2l'1ow 'nusw ci flf., iiiaddiig-if-nnfs, N,Ll. Mc-rm -',i riew: Mr, l-li.-red 1. Mr. Goidenberifi, Mr, Pub-7. SHAW, ARJE 7Il3 ln Ave. l4l Capf, of Varsily Cross-Counfry Team, Varsify Track Team, Madrigal, Sing. Plans lo: alfend C.C.N.Y. o Brciri yn Coliipqe, Inierf-.lsg spor S, pfpular rnii,iii, ice- lifilinq, war no-mls, l3en'ir-ri-loffrifd ioii Go Geffef ri ln n S+.-niii Sir'-4, cap- 'a ncy i i frwis -ii 'min 'f-urn which di-reeled Pi ly Fri'-L. SHECK, HAROLD I452 4l Sr. llkil Service Squad, Gym Clerk, Cafeferia Guard, Plifinw iii: iilli'-ncl Qfiili' '10, LikOSZ d, piiils, rrifini-y. Di-lilivsi -if-l ling up iiiiily, i iiirfr-riri liiirid. N ll lflviii- ry lVli. lixwllllillli liiiinl SHENKIN, CAROL ISU! 52 Bl. lI9l G.O. Cabinet, Drama Workshop, Chrmn. of Props, Varsily Show, Treas., Vice-Pres., Sec. of Leaders Club, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Program, Speech Office, Biology, Gym Office Squads, Infirmary Aide, Sec. fo Miss Gold- berg, Mr, Greenfield, Miss Jacobson. Plfinf. lfi: iillr-nd Syrarunf- Univer- sily. Ariilfiiliiin: ffl l3f'Cffr'IO ii pliy- .ical rirlniiiiifiri ieaclier. lniereslsr Sporls, diamalicf., roadinfi. N.U. lVl+?'YVi!li '-'. 1 qyrn leaclrierz, friends. SHEREN, HELEN H360 84 S+. ll4l Arisfa, Associale Ediior of COMET, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Grade Adviser's Squad, French Tufor, Sec. fo Mr. Welton, Miss Gesualdi, Mr. Charry, Mrs. Briefer. Plans io: ailend Brcckiyn College. Ambilion: io 'reach French, l-lob- bies: colleciinq records, bicycle riding. swimming. N.U. Memories: feaciiers, iriends, Sinn. SHERMAN, ELAINE 82IO I9Aye. lI4l I' Boosters, Sr. Cabinef, Sec. fo M . B. Cohen, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Miranda, Mr. Snow, Sr, Sing. Ambiiion: 'ro become a secreiary. NU. Memories: role in swimminq skir in Senior Sinq, iriends, iooi- ball games. Remembered ior: undernourislied clieerino. SHERMAN, Ri-ioDA :rm rss si. i4i Jr. Leaders, G.O. Rep, Sec. fo Mrs. Green. Plans io: alrend college. Aim: lo be an educaied person, lniereslsz Sporis, children, music-especially progressive iazz. N.Ll. Memory: Mr, Meyer? rnidferr-n exam. Fiiiy-nine SHIKORA, STANLEY f A SIEGLER, LEWIS S f 9 fi' 4: Sq rg N l247f-44 '. Aristag Record Orifice, Service, Eng- S ' Physics, Biology Squads. lfsh Bookroom Squads. S - 5-5 5 5--5-3 5 '.-.' E-:F C" 35-2 :z a"e': 1: -:ries 'I 'xl-. :e. f1':": t :E " 'S T 'H fi: nf: ,- L' 1 SHOFFEL, GLADYS V. '13 43 Si '3 Civ-cularion Mgr, of COMET, Arisfap Orchesrraj 6.0. Cablnelg Soph., Jr., Q, iw?-f. SIERP, ROBERT IH- q Sr. Sings: Buddies: College Rep,g ln- "T A STL- 1251 l4 svrumena English Offke Squads. b .t . L "2 'S :'iC 5 7'2" 'X Q' 2 i'5 i"e': f'::- W C: 5: V LF. ' ' 5' 4 'A T' ,MU """' ': ' -EENLTTIT C? 'Q . 'W Z' MM -EW T. x.U.'-fl A ll f ...Q A ' 53355 SHRAGA, CAROL I . SILLER, EDWARD Buddlesg Jr, Leaders, Sec. ro Mlss 9-351 S-. 'I4? Sfember, Mrs. Enlin, Mrs. Wincoll, M'. Greenfleld, Mrs. Grau, Mrs. Baker Miss Goldberg, Jr. Slngg L?- bra'y, Lunchroom Squads. Q-4 SHULMAN FRED :fhu : -.e, ' . a e allege ep., Afsfaj 6.0. Cabinel' Congress, Band. y " f 5 --L 3.----3 . 4: S-. .. EJ xc. V- V Wi!" '. ,, . Q R SSE 2 '. ,F SICA, CARMINE Gym Guard' Service Squad. :i'E'2I1""i-.wi-..'L"C'T 'va if QL, - .T Tflfi, M . gg Stub ' Q- 123-fa' Audio-Visual Alds, Service, lnfTrmary Squads. :pi --. :--:,.. -- e L.,-'. -1 W -f ' s as- --5-e':e N-22-i SILVERMAN, BARBARA '31 L' 5-. A Co-opg Madflgalg Program Orl'Tce Squad. 35'-ef. .. YU. SILVERMAN, JERALD Varslfy Track Team? A'ls+a . ,-, T, X N ' sueeu, AUDREY ' x GO Treas' Sing Corvlr'r'3ss'0"erj J' S"g Crows Leade' Soplw, S"g' Aq- vervis?'g Mgt, Edi'ar'al CorsJ"a'f of ie Z3 g NUHSZ Afsfa Tfeas of B9:ns'e's K .L Buddies: GO Cc'g'e:s, Cabre' 'S Q lnsfrurnenl Re:z'd Oqfce Cvade Ad- vlxefs Squads' Sr Sl-of Madfqa' ' if r SILVERMAN, STEVE SKOORKA, MARILYN 451 I4 5. 3 X b Majrfqaf ANQ-ndance Offqe Squad 'Vi Q :S as 'x Suse-EL, EDDIE L ' , Sd E kd - . .. .. .. Sf.-'ly Se: le M' We'oa M'ss Krarldel. SLATER, ESTELLE +446 44 S+. I +91 Co-op: Sec. to Mr. Goodman, Mrs. Wolfson. Plan: lm: work alter graduation, lriloroslu: horueback riding, swim- ming, shoffn, music, clothes. NU. Memories: Co-rip fourse, Sings, urindrxrlul lrioridi. SLATKIN, MARLENE 2073 58 S+. 14+ Sec. to Mrs. Heredia. Plan: to: go to work. Aim: to be a friendly and courteous person. Interests: dancing, collecting rec- ords. N.U. Memories: teachers, zome clazses. SLIZEWSKI, ANDREW ii4.s 40 s+. lial Vice-Pres. of Nat'I Office Management Ass'n: Sec. Studies Squad. Plans to: allend Pace College. Ambition: lo become an account- anl. lntoroulsz model airplanes, photography, hunlinq, baseball, uwimrning, N.U. Memories: "Ihr, +,..f,a +rm+f,." SMERINA, JOSEPH 1242 69 S+. lm l"l+iri'. lot Imrfomo an aulo mo- clmnin. Aniliilionn: Io lirivo a ro- pfiir shop, to bo a prolonsifinril racer. lnloroalsz raring Cars and lima ls. SMITHLINE, MARTIN I347 48 S+. +191 Leader of Arista: Capt. of Basketball Team: Math Team: Associate Editor of NUHS: G.O. Cabinet. Plans lo: attend Columbia Uni- versity. Aim: to become an elec- trical engineer and the father ol: six. Inlereslsi math, science liclion, sports, girls, N.U. Memory: Mr. Catania's French class. SOTTILE, ROSALEE . l74I 77S+, U41 Co-op: Secretarial Studies Squad: Mr. Goodman's Squad. Plans lo: become a bookkeeper or secretary. Interests: bowling, read- inq, dancing, roller skating. N.U. Memories: lunch period, friends, teachers. the homework rush in prefect, the 2:30 bell. SPADAFORA, RENA l709 77 S+. li4l Secretarial Studies Squad. Plans to: become a secretary. In- terests: parties, dances, records. bowling. N.U. Memories: the friendly teachers and students. Re- membered Ior: service rendered to Secretarial Studies Department. 'VK fi - fi 5 '55 , 4+ I . , -ez" 1 -ff ' All .,.,.. l 4+- WMV' I 'Y1"'."' 2 'Raw 'mel r New SPANO, LUKE 8lO4l5Ayv. l2Sl Service Squad. Plane to: attend cc-lleqe, Aim: lo haye his own business. Interests: lishing, hunting. N.U. Memoriesi basketball and football team-2. SPARACINO, MARIO I9lI83Sl'. II4-I Gym Guard. Plans to: attend college. Ambi- tion: to become a rich, lamous. and successlul engineer. Likes: sleeping, eating, girls, basketball. N.U. Memories: ioolball team. SPECTOR, BERNARD 5520 I5 Ave. lI9l Tennis Team: Service Squad. attend N.Y.U. Interests: ball, watching horkey Plan: lo: playinq games. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Liqhlcrfip, the Iuncliroorn. SPIEGELMAN, DAVID IO3 Clio-.lf-r Ayr-. lllll Gym Clerk: Guard: Band: Instrument Instruction Squad. Plfinu lo: fillond crillf--in, lniconm .1 li-.vhi-r, Ambllion. lu lm fi pro- lfisuiorial musician. lnlnrr-sis: mu- uic, sports, girls, N.U. Memories: Qfnikiagl football games, band, dances. SPIELBERG, ANITA I253 55 St. lI9l Boosters: Jr., Sr. Leaders: Arista: Locker Monitor: Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings: Sec. to Mr. Potell. Plans to: enter the business world and attend night college. Ambi- tion: to become a legal steno- qrapher. N.U. Memories: triends, Sing, football and basketball games, extra-curricular activities, SPILKA, ADA +425 ss S+. lm Swimming Leaders: Buddies. Plans to: become a private secre- tary, Interests: swimming, good books, good food. SPINA, ANTHONY I337 72 S+. IZBI Arista: Program Comm., Grade Ad- viser's, Tutoring Squads: Gym Clerk: Newman Club. Plans to: attend Brooklyn College. Ambition: to become an engineer. N.U. Memory: solid geometry class. Remembered tor: passing the "solid" course. Sixty-one an Sq . L 1:-'f of-,M ,V , in'S.+o rs Marino. CAJUIV' . : ..u:-.':..Niv ,'e":"e E VT SQUADRITO. LUCILLE A STROBER. INA Z., S- gg, pe 5 wad T X Sp .Jr Sr SQST EC M Bn. X -a 1 If 54 STEIN, I-IELENE L-NL? e- Sec. To Mrs. Wendrorfg Sing. :rs '11 :'f 523. :sires ,,,',,',,,,A' " , fx, A : : . Lf, : STEINBERG, IRA -4 "l:-7 x- 'i .... H-. Lv. ..- Varsity Track, Cross-Country Tearns' Mari-I Tuforg Sing. :VS ':: i"e': 5. Fr":'- s"-- X . ::-jx:-Y -::: STEI NMETZ, ISABELLA , i r J il I 4 Q., I -s , 'H an Q -5 273 L2 1- : Sec, of G.O.' Red Cross CoIIege riff Rep.: Jr. Leaders' Luncnrcom Library , Squads: Sec. fo Mrs. Bridge: Treas. of 5. ,W Madrigaii 6.0, CabIr'e+ Congress. ' 9' . A - , A .ew ' i'5 'i: i"i': :':'f .' -,: age , K- .3 I 'e"',. 'Hi I K f ul STENTA, CAROL K X x M'3d'IQaI- Sec. fo Zin-Trrrerr-na-' , I . gpg, - ! ,,, A' n .it 're 5 ' F Q. ... L, i - , 1 4 ... STOLFI, ELAINE Se: C' G O ' G O. Cadnev Co'g'ess nf h .Ir G'a'ie Rep Soph. Jr Sr, Sing- S Grade Adfaers Sqsad Locker Mor-. L, A Q for' Sec fc, Miss Goidbergx My -gt' . . '- Crerrrss Mr Sass Mrgs Maher-If STU LZAFT, FRAN CES A-, . . ,,.. f 1 -V ...F--. Co-op: Sec. fo Mr. Goodman. . 1 ' A .. M'- SUGARMAN, GLORIA 425 LE S-. 3 Arisfaj Sec. Io Mrs. Grossman. Mr. Rubel, MIss FrTedmarj Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. , ,..- A- ,H -5'5 'Z X., . L., :f A-,---- :Leif-9 5 3-5- N.u.,, '-":'f swam, LINDA A F Edjfo- In Crfef, Feafare Ediior of NUI-ISj Sr. Leaders' Sfage Mgr. Of Varsify Snow A'?s+a' G.O. Cabfnef' Boro Cow-:Tl Rec. : LQ' .ex "2" -155. NL. '-'e"3'e X 'h X ' SYVERTSEN, JOHN Sr, Slngj Bar-:' Door G..ard AM--. -2 -1- TACTI, CONNIE 6.0. Congress' Locke' G..a'd L TAUB, PI-IYLLIS :: : :'. 4 Soph Jr. S' S3nqs' Buddlesj G.O. Congress' Jr Red Crass College Rep: A Jr. Leaders' Se: fo Mr Rosenberg- ! 4 T Llbrarx Language GO. OH7:e ,N Squads: "EI Ecc ' STOLLERMAN, ALLAN V If "' 4' f .. .. 3 .... , N. N x :ti '1 ' 4 ., D A f NL Q, TAX, MARILYN I245 50 SI, IIQI Arisfa, "El Eco", Infirmary Squaog Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings. Plfinz lf.: fillorid Brooklyn Colleqe. f'iVVililli'Vij iff Fif: F1 ZUCIFII VIOFIUJF. lrilr-i1:,l'.' diinfsinq, uhow luriry., ufrrrii rli"iif,iiI rriiiyin, NU, Mom, , f f Y ' wr . siriii, grim Luvorison 2 epf pirfirrinfi-, XFIVZIIY 5l'iov1, si!-period fir'-finirri, TEITELBAUM, EDNA 570i I5 Ave. II'9I Soph., Jr., Sr, Sings: Boosfersg Princi- pal's Office, Service Squads, Sec. Io Miss Bafch, Boosfers. Plfirix lr.: filicnd colleqe. Ambi- Iifiri' In notorrie a leech-er. Infer- ffwlxi rcfidiriri, dancinq, swirnrninq, plfiyinri piano. NU. Memories: Powder Bowl, ffiofbfill find banker' lifill qfirriivq, Qiriqg, TENDLER, JOEL l637475I. I4I Aflendance Office Squad, Chorus Leader of Sr. Sing, Sr. Cabinef, Madriqalg Soph., Jr. Sings. I"Iiin'. lrij fillifnci collfzfifi. Airubi Iifin: Ifi liirfffiirir: in rriilliorifiirfi. NU. lIfl4'I'III'iIl'J'if uffiirnrifilud Iuni In iiiiiiri, Rivirii'-riilmriirl fing Iiiziriil 'I'I'iIlI',l1'iIfli'I ul Si-iiifir Simi, TERJESEN, ELAINE IIS? 77 SI. IYHI Buddies, Soc. of Swimming Leaders: Sec. fo Mrs. Schuh, Mr. Infanfc: Jr. Sinq. I''. Iii: illI1'l'1f'l riilliiqrg. Illliii i-mls: uwiiririiiriq, im- g,l4.:,lir,q, dari- iriii, Iifivfliiiii, fiVfH'IIC'S'3IVF' ifizz. NU. Mi-iiifiiifii: bnslollrmll and Ifiiill'-fail iifiriifu., Ihr- '.WIVTIfI'III'I41 pinil, TESSITORE, ANDREW I244 76 Si. I28I Plans fo: effend colleqe. Ambi- fion: Io become an enqineer. ln- leresleg foofbell, baskefball, base- bell, If-ifd. NIJ. Memories: leach, C FT-. TITOLO, NICK I847 78 SI. II4I Dean's Squad. Arnbilion: fo become a draflsmen, lnieresls: bowling, swimminq, baseball, dancinq, N.U. Memories: friends. TOBACK, MICHAEL I729 46 Sl. I4-I Key Club: Jr., Sr. Sings: Ass'f Edifor of COMET, NUHS, Gym Clerk, Pho- Iography Edifor of "SpiraI." Plans for affend Brooklyn Collecie. Remembered for: beinq pholoq- raphy edifor of "SpiraI." Likes: qirls, cars, pizza. Dislikes: vicforv of Juniors in The l958 Sinq. 'I sign-I A . . 2, , I W., M - 4-5 1, W in ., ,V ...C ,,,, ws ' 1 wi. W., f fn- N5 .ft"' w ' , M 1 .ps 'ik ie. fc- V f ,fi ly V TOBIAS, NANCY IQ47 ss S' MI Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Sec. fo Miss Friedman, Miss Clear, Vliiiii log wiirl rind ilIlV'IWd niilil mile ie. Ambiliorii Iii Iwi ii I"Viv-iii' wcwferv. lnffiiewliz lr-'ii-linii. liwdd' iyyi, ijlrnlliff, Ifiifj, iiidIvIdlI3lI9IH. IIIJ, lsflii-riiiiif-s: liiii Jil Sinii VE" lIr'1':IfSi:lIr-. TORTORELLA, LORRAINE I76I BO S+. IMI G.O. Office Squad, Locker Guard, Plans fo: work and allend frede- achofil, Afnliailir-nz Io become a lveaufician. lnleresfs: bowling, dericino, fiolf, swirnminq, NU, MQrrioriw1 Sinfi, Io-'ilbell find bas- Ir-'hall fifiirirw., var,ilv show, III"'I'If'l . TOSCANINI, NICHOLAS I249 BO SI. IQSI Gym Clerk. I'I.ins In: viii Iii vfnrk. Ambili-in: In bociimrf 51 niillinnoiif-, N.Ll. lvii-iiiiiiyi MV. Wiildiiiilliii. TRAMONTANA, ANTHONY 75II I3 Avii. IQIII I QI.-I.: nvviiiiiiiinii, iiiils, iliiviiiii. IM: Iiliii.: lfwl- lwfiriil wiirl-., TRIPOLI, JOHN i640 78 Sf. lI4I Gym Clerk, Chem., Bio. Squads. Plans Io: enler lhe field of com- mercial adverfisinq. Ambiiiofii IO be a commercial arfisf. Hobby: bowling. N.U, Memories: arf rlagges willi IVIFS. Fahey, OIIWSI' "wonderful arf Ieachersf' TROVATO, GERALD 74-O2 I9 Ave. l4I Plans fo: alferid Cornmunifv Col- lecie. Ambifionz lo become an ar- chilecfural dreffsrnan. Inferesfsz various sporfs, TURGEN, BARRY 958 McDonald Ave. l3OI Gym Clerk. Plans Io: ioin Ihe Air Force. ln- feresfs: beskefbell, weighf-liffinq, bowlinq, movies, food, popular records. Dislikes: Television. Sixfy-Three TURTURI, ANNETTE f' 4" 'H "ie : LEA A Secrelary to Mr, Pfeflery Mrs. Inman. :L --. ..-., -N --.,.,E,:': 4. ' A- A ,aa ,vw . . ".. E" ' W- 7 ff ,--L-5 E --,. f E' 'ze' . " fn wp. -J - ff L ,L 5':.-Ji ee- , H55 V4 p- Q, 4 UCCIARDI, FRANCINE vk,,I' -- L-ff1,,,, V11 E5 5' 1 -. if 5 rf ':: :Q :Jie , iff R SH "-3': fi 5' 5-i": N C V Q- 2234, '. ""'4E'-51 :hx Q .5 9 x U RBAN, LAWRENCE ltbi c: S-. 4 Accounflngy Co-op Offlce Squads, Y' Co-op. 3 Pvs 'tr V-:ff V: 2-'efj :FM 5' "".A":A"':': bee '.:' F'1I".I :::.-:,'., 45' N.-. . 'H' --e WEE S": URGENSON, STEPHEN ,. , l1-l :4 Si 4 Biology Squadg Gym Clerkg Jr. Red Cross, College Rep. Ge-V--AN:--,-, ,LL L fp 9-. -x - ' " A E - '- '- 'vu . a' 1' '29, Pvc' :': 3 ce e 55:2 i':": -L.:'C'f'. l"e' V .. . . - . L L' ef, E ' WLS - : UVARI, CESARE 75lQ l7 Ae. M41 Lunchroom Guardg Gym Clerk. Pai ':: 3' 'C A"e:"'5r- X , -v 'i Ce 5 CLSv"E'ES"3n Q "' L'-lf' 'I' lx V--LQ' 'even-All . Q NU. Mew' Mn NVa irmm --.. 'f ' . if V' VACCARO, JENNIE '342 4? 3' 14 Sec. lo Mr Zarrworeg Soph, Jr,, Sr, Sings. yi, .K I N Q I ,,, :Z J f ee L 4, - A x VANDINA, MARILYN .14 "CVR Sec. to Mr Goodman, Co-op rl xl J 4 f. V eg ,.- V- .A Q ,- ,- f, o, 5 rv wa 1 1 lllj lx' " Y ,JN- l vENEc:HANoS, PETER? Q, l A A F N-. --L Up, L,-,: A, : W . 4 - fL,,,e 5 Q 3- --" ,W H, -,i,- -,-,-:S cisez- '34 '51 1 'NlL,'ff'i'f2 ' L93 :AH L VENUQNOUE- GRAPE , '32-f :2 S'. l4 Grade Adylsefs Squid? VlC5'P"e5- O Jr. Leaders? -l'-- Sf- 5ln9S- : --. --- .- 5 :::rfe :e ' ' " A rx , - -L-3 , L.- ::: A-:-'A 3 51- -fe ,,, Q r' : L. A.-L-L: 3 553 H: , V. ., ,. - -. ., , . . N, VENTO, FRANK w M, -,----- ' L '71' 31' ,ul-.-. U :- ".-. L- Qfchegvag Bay-adg Slngg College Rep : 2-Q --- :--L-- : PA ---'- M AF-g 'L :fe-if " '- VETERE, GENEVIEVE : -L Q- Co-op. L VIGO, JOSEPH 2 il Q-. r Capv, cf C'y'l Defense Squad' Se'w':e key Cub' M'ss McGrath 5 Of- fice Service ProiecYYo1 Squads. x WCSORITO CAROL ei: 24. C- Q Des' s Language Offce PeblT:'fv Cale9e'7a Sq JS Se: QQ Ml-5, lfman, ,xgl VISCELLI. MARIE 4' Us Ecssfvw .l' S' S'nqs Gvade N" H' X F'rq'a"' Offce Squads, Se: "5 MW N' 'VJJ Mrs C. Hyman' Sec V- -' M C":e 8.3 'oss Career Club Lxxo My-oy, 1 L N sw,-fQ.f VITALE, ANITA IQO6 59 51. l4l Biology Office Squad, Arista. Plans lo: fillerid Brooklyn College or an agricullural college, Ambi- lion: lo become a zrifilogisl, ln- lurosls: painlirig, sporlu, music, 'ipod novels. N.U. Memories: Sings, gym exorcisms, I8 Ayonuo lUll'1. nluderils, leaclioru, VOLPE, LENA l738 79 si. 1141 Co-op, Sec. fo Mrs. Brenner, Mrs. Hyman. Plans lot conlinue working. Ambi- lion: lo become a Secrelary. ln- loroslsi horseback riding, swim- ming, drawing, wriling poems. N.U. Memories: co-op classes, Mr. Goodman, Hwonderiul limes." VOLPE, RONALD i624 78 Sl. ll-'ll Plans lo: go lo college. l-lobbies: bowling, fishing, boaling. VOLPINI, MARIE I433 81? Sl, l2Bl Jr., Sr. Leaders, Madrigal, Newman, Business Career Clubs, Jr., Sr. Sings, Plans lo: work, -illiind nursinii '.fl'ifiol. Arribiliririi lo lviiconio 41 iogiulrirod nurmii. lnlriroulsi spoils, iiiiinling, singing, rondirig. N.U. lNA1'lTl11lil0'-I Soniorsi Clolionl in Snii, lun in gym ollico. WASSERMAN, MARGO i354 52 Sl. ll'?l Social Evenls Commissioner, Sec. of Arisla, Lilerary Edifor, Business Mgr. of "SpiraI", Varsily Show, Drama Workshop, Buddies, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, G.O. Cabiner, Congress, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Program Office, Bio Lab, NCCJ, Boro Council, Cily-ln'rer- School Conference. Plans lo: allend college. Likes: meeling people. Dislikes: pseudo- inlellecluals. N.U. Memories: Barn Dance, roles as "nebbish" and Mrs. l-leredia in Sings. WASSERMAN, PAUL 1354 52 51. 1191 Arisfa, Varsity, Cross-Counfry Track Teams, Band, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, 6.0, Cabinef, Congress, Borough Council Delegare, NCCJ, Mimeo., Pro- gram Comm. Squads, Gym Clerk. Plans lo: allend college. lnler- esls: music. Track. Likes: good Food, leisure lime, friendly people. N.U. Memories: Sing, lrack prac- lice, cheerleader pracrice. WEBER, NATHAN i546 40 Sl. ll8l Plans lo: aliend college. Ambi- rion: lo be a commercial arlisl, 'ro be rich. N.U. Memories: Mrs. Lighlcap, The cupcakes in lhe lunchroom. 1 4 at ff" ! f 42 6 ',. 2 QW" , 7 ss, , Q s iawigi L - 1 x ,"" 'vs g. GL... Why .R rl? wg 'YZF' -6. 1 1 -an 1 ff W f ,M-4- , jg N l ,z 2 H 'JJ eg, 'Q l E ii' A X i if fn. ' une -' X X A , 1 .-' f .1 ,M We , ' . A., . ,M ,nm . 4, . . i g i Rf Ai 6 ' . . 4 1 N, fs 5' hiv-s 93, , "-4- 4: , ink- Ns S 4 A x Ass- i' s f Y .565 cc 5 . 4 ' X X 4. qv-" WEINER, GERALD l425 El Sl. lI9l Mimeograph, Sfoclrroom. Dean's Squads. Plans lo: allond college. Ambi- lion: lo become an en1C1iW?Ol'- l-lobby: bowling. N.U. Memorial Mr. Waldbaum's homework. WEINER, MELVYN l3I5 47 Sl. llfll Pres., Sec. of Key Club, G.O., Sr. Cabiners, NCCJ, Treas. of Buddies, Swimming Team, Color Guard, Jr., Sings, Madrigal, Sec. lo Mrs. Gross- man. Plans lo: allend N.Y.U. Ambilion: lo become a lawyer. lnleresls: po- lilical science, Tennis, swimming, skin-diving, Key Club and Kiwanis. Remembered lor: service io school. WEINMAN, KATIE 55lO I3 Aye. llcil Lirerary Edilor of "Spiral", Arista, NUHS, Grade Adviser's, Program Comm. Squads. Plans log nllond college, Ambi- liiin: lo br-renin n puyclwoliigiul. lnli-1i:'.l'.: ln1111-lil11lkd.11ii'inq,pi1i- VW1 lififili' WEISS, ALLEN 5ll8 I4- Ayr-. ll9l Malh Team, Arisla, Mafh Tulor, Physi- cal Science Squad, "El Eco," "Spiral," Plans lo: slurly phyuics and higher mf1lhn1n11lir,s ril cr1llrwro.A1T1bili1in2 lri kwiicnrriri n physiciul. lnlr-rcuilmt 1 pvychoniriy, rnalhnmalics. N.U. Mc-rnorirrsi malh lc-nm, Mr. Cha- rouhl. grromolry lcisls. WEISS, MlCHELE 1454 43 Si. llcil Soph., Jr. Sings, College, Red Cross Rep., Drama Club, Plans lo: go lo nursing school. Ambiiion: lo become a regislered nurse. Likes: ice skaling, music, dancing, swimming, novels, N.U. leachers. Remembered ior: her pixie haircul' and giggles. WERIER, SELMA 2366 Easr 2I S+. l29l Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, G.O., Record Office Squads, Sec. fo Mr. Rundback, Mr. Greenfield, Mrs. Marlon. Plans lo: allend college or nursing school. Ambilion: lo become a nurse. Likes: iood, clolhes, happy- go-luclcy people. N.U. Memories: lhree wonderiul Sings, English 7lG. WHARTON, ALAN l75l 67 S+. l4l Swimming Team, "Times" and "Trib- une" Delivery, Sec. fo Mrs. Jaffe. Plans io: allend college. Ambi- lions: io become an accounlanl or a lawyer, lo be a Jrruly successful person. Sixly-live WIDERLITE, LAWRENCE 4'?i,1I5fX.e. IH. NUHS Staffg Grade Adviser's, Biology Lab., Record Office Squads, Sfage Crew, Arista, Jr. Sing, Paw r:: 5"EFG C: age. EWCA- -- ,. -1 LHS, me M: - Sig WILENSKY, SI-IELDON ICA3 so S1 4 Service Squad, Marh Team, Sec. fo Mrs. Jaffe, Mr. Catania. 35's 'Cz a"e': Bti- .' CC Ar':"i: fa 1 H s:": A VQENIJ. Ifugl-:Ef'e i'f.i:'a- R". S5955 wooo, Josspi-me 5.4. New 'f A Co-op. I a's ':: 1: "ae -2- '3. ANSI' ":': ' "a'f. a'J 'aisa a':i -f 1 Q.-fnm"': 2335'- ' 5. NJ' Neve -, .--Va-F xg cu, J. WRUBEL, RISELLEP , Q Locker Moniforg Red Cross ReD.Z 'D Soph., Jr.. Sr. Sings. R51 ':: a"e': 1 ce. AM:- -'.,. -. :L,,.,:, 5 e1..:::,af "gr f s::"s-as:e:'a. sf-""f"' 1 .3 e.:a . NU, Iw'e"a'F X YADOW, EDWARD 1530 -fl S-. fri Gym Clerk. Pa's 'cz a"e"d B'::i .' C: 5: Afnclfbn: r: r:e::Me 3' 5-'ara' In'eres": ioirrs. YODICE, CATHERINE 6630 Cvrwr ii C fur' f4I P gn ' Y f,-,ri I r I.-. i,I-ii Iiiw' "arf, iCI'fIi, li .-.Iwi NU Mufr i,Z .JIIII Iii iii wir 'Iuwd 'ff f I' .fl rr.r 425 ' ,xr " J Ki 'S -off .f in -5 6. ,. A if ,rv 0: -..f1 4-5 n-1, lx i 'K V+' Ixl ' nf A. 'Y' T ,-Q rv. 'w 1"a'v -3 'D 1 ,ti 0- NGREN, LORRAINE YOU IEEI S4 Sf. I28I Locker Monirorf BUSINESS Career Club Library Squad' Sec, to Mr. Rizzo, Mrs. Jaffe. : .ee -gg :e::'e a cznneeper or - 1-Q- 'A-5, va--'axe ard a Iarqe -1-25 .. CI'LT9S, 55923 f-4-3 "E5UA'Lf. dan:- N II I- '--"es: 'eacners ZACK, ROBERT I247 7I Si IZQ i lf: -iz "" 'fe Nas... A":"':': 5-'51, fa Krgs r::"' Me'- 5-- NAa"'e fr:asa".. I'-aresrsr ': 1 ."": "a' 'as ': 3: " 3' .' r"' . 'NI.U. Ve'- fnar, a:re's. ZAGOREN, GEORGE 954 fa" Eze: 4 Cap'f, of Srage Crew, Drama Work- shop, Club, Jr., Sr. Singsj Varsii-y Show, CiviI Defense Aid. ZAHARAKOS, CHRISTINE Sec. Oo Miss Friedrv-an. 'i.'E' 'f' -.I E : 5 N", ZINNA, ANN ZISSELMAN, ISAAC V Ior: : :1 4 Arisfag Physi:s Clubj Sr Sinqg Mavh PI1ysics,Chemistry Squads: Math Term' Red Cross Reps Gum Guard' Sec. fo Mr Madman Mr Sherman. ,:.... ..,1:,...,,.. .- A .I , N. .xui X . ..,. ZOCCALI, LUCRETIA :Pb 'S SY -V Loder Monlrorl Lanquaqg Qffiqe Suead N . I A 5 - .- .N --.N gg. '- N e -1 Q. xx BULZOMI, RALPH l464 58 Sl. ll9l Lunchroom Squad, Sing, 6. O. Dance Band, Swimming Team. Plans lo: all-end college. Ambi- lion: lo be weallhy and lo be G greal musician. lnleresls: music, girls. Remembered lor: guilar playing. CARDONE, ANTHONY l965 76 S'l'. llfl-l Drama Club. Plans lo: allend Broolclyn Colleqe and sludy engineering. lnleresls: sporls, music. Remembered lor: malrinq The supreme sacrifice and being quiel in Drama Club. GUNTHER, CHARLES l4-62 72 Sl, llBl Lunchroom, Gym Guard. Plans lo: sludy dry cleaning.'lr1- leresls: body building, food, gIrlS. sunbalhinq. N.U. Memories: Mr. Salran's chemislry class, Mr. Wald- baum. Remembered lor: appear- inq on covers ol: body building magazines. HASSON. DAVID 2049 60 Sl. l4l Plans lo: go lo school or inlo lhe service. Likes: girls, baseball, soil! ball, weighl lllfinq, swimming- N.U. Memories: ihe lun he had. The qreal ioolball 'leam of '53. IEMMITI, SALVATORE l2ll Easl' 54 Sl. l34l Gym Clerk. Plans lo: loin 'lhe Navy. Main ln- lereslc hunling. CAMERA SHY IRATO, TONY ll33 6l Sli lI9l l-lobbies: exercising and lislenino lo records. N.U. Memories: shorr lunch periods and long class pe- riods, comlorlable allire. JOHANSON, JACK 62l3 8 Ave. l2Ol Service Squad. Plans lo: oo lo work. lnleresls: movies, shows, dances, parries, camping. N.U. Memory: Mr. Waldbaum. KULEK. ALLEN silo is Ava. 141 Locker Guard, Plans lo: .illr-nd Broolclyn Ciilloqg, Ambilion: lil big- fi civil engineer. lnlorowls: girls, bowling. N.U. Memoric-at lho Sings, loolball games. PANE, JOSEPH isis 70 si. My Service Squad. Plans ro: become a professional musician. lnleresls: girls, billiards, good limes. N.U. Memory: food served in lhe lunchroom. SALAMONE, ALLEN l275 72 S+. Ambilion: 'ro be a successful and happy person. N.U. Memories: classes, lesls, fellow-sludenls. VOORTMEYER, PATRICIA isis 78 si. U41 Drama Club, Red Cross Rep.g Sing. IA? H.S. in Canal Zone: roles in dra- malic produclionsg French, Nurses' Clubs: Chorus, lnframural Teams.l Plans lo: allend Gibbs School ol Business. Ambilion: 'lo worlc in lhe Panama Canal Zone. lnleresls: sporls, dancing, music, poelry, dramalics, lhe lropics. Sixly-seven SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES ANTIGNANO EELIQAA A CAPANON AMELIA -- J' S' Le:-"e's' A" De:'. S 157 e'e:'i Le-2 x'h im- 1 T- ' gnu.. M my T-- Suv., . E M' ' I . A ARONSTEIN, ARTHUR CAVALLARO, FRANK L : I .LV 245 E: S- Macr-'qa. - W ' W Lzcfer G-a':. f sz ' ". W: 'Z --:iii L -iii? 5 fl- L Eff. 9' Ifqiz' 4 I i A , ,- BREGMAN, MARJORIE CECERE, l.UClLLE Boosters' S:::f', Jn: Re::': L-'C"2S"' G-e':i get. '::- NV ' Ass, M's. M:C e'a'e' V's. Ofice Sc.a:' Ses. fc M'ss B'ge ese' D-E-5 -- 1--5,32-19, :Z " 7 Dea's S:..a:. :: .:. 'U' "M H W ' ' A CERENZlO MARYANN BRODMAN, MA-RSHA xi x.,. 5 it 'C iT'Ve': :.2 ' fy W Y E A RA ff A Q4 ' QL .. CHRISTIANO PATRVCE BOAS, EDWARD 3--- --- --f -- Ah- Dara S:-a: GC C:'q. CNCCARONE M-RRLE aucKv1cz,ANNd Gerenal Offce Sand if CONOVER DONALD BUETI ANTHONY Gyn' C ew ' 'P 7- CONZO, RONALD I573 67 Si. IIQI Plans Io: work. Ambiiion: lo lie- come a ballplayer. lnieresi-.Z dancinq, spoils, poai-puildinq. N.U. Memories: lesis, Ciym flasies, CUCINIELLO, PAT I524 80 SI. IZSI Baseball Team. Plans Io: ioin ilio Navy. Ambiiioni lo become an oleclrician. Likes: Qporls, qirls, rock 'ri' roll. Dislikes: louis, homework. CUPANI, CAROLYN IQI7 SI SI. I4l Plans Io: become a secrelary. Aims: 'fo marry and raise a iam- ily. Likes: parries, music, dancinq, friendly people, doqs. N.U. Mem- oriam: lun in qym and lunclwroorn. D'AMlCO, ANN IBQI 70 Sl. I4l Lunch Guard. Plfins IO: work and Irain Io be- some an airline l1osless.AmbiIifin: lo be a qamd wiio and mollwur. Likes: swimrninq, ice-skalinq, Cloilmes, money. N.U. Memory: Mru. Canlor. DAVIDSON, NELLY ll32 45' Sl. Ilql Sec. Io Mr. Goodmang Co-op. Plans Io: qel a iob as an l.B.M. operalor. Ambiiion: io lnave a happy marriaoe and clnildren. ln- Ieresisz music, sinqinq, dancinq. N.U. Memories: Mr. Goodman, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Appel. DE LEO, JOYCE l5l5 77 Sl. IZSI Plans +o: work as a Iypisl, linen become a secreiary. Dislikes: qel- rino up in The morninq. lnleresis: sinqinq, dancinq, clrawinq, cloilnes. N.U. Memories: friends, lunclw- room, "Doc" Klaskin. DE VITA, WILLIAM l709 74 Sli I4l Service Squad. Plans io: ioin Ilwe Navy. lnieresls: Trains, planes, boals, qirls. NU. Memories: ilie ioolball Team, line qood limes. -r A 2 A gum '99 Q f 1 f Q if 4 7 L? i, Q' 1 l '.-Rau elif. '37 fi. .,-,.,, . M' czzv 'S -'C' 'ix K tw DE VITO, THOMAS Vein I4 A.,-. f2:1I Pfam li: ailvvifl PCA l'rs'ili:'.-. fXrrili1i"iP: I' kiwi frii- 1 'vi ll: in aiir-, 'ir-l marrir-d. liwli-iv-mls: iirig n ni-,. NU. Mwnii rl : li-aqlrir-in F iu"7ul 21 rls, l'f'vrir-.f. irlf. DI LORENZO, NEIL loo? 79 Sr. II4l Foofball, Baseball Teams, Service, Fire Drill Squads. Plans if afienol Qoiieile in Mis- zouri. Ambironz io enler liie bus- iness world. lnlereals: aflnlofifs. NU. Memory: poinq a member oi a clnampionslwfp li iolball ieam. ENGEI., HOWARD IXQO 47 Sl, IIQI Service, Mimeo. Squads, Swimming Team. Plans Iii: allond Cily Calloq-I. Anibilirin: io iw,-r imp ,in inyvnlf riir-ni i'irrwkr-r Lind i1Ci,+Wurildr'iI, Irv Iwi-slr.: dalin 1, food. NU. Mum- cilirw: lin'-ndu, lun in si-nivir yi-iii. ESPOSITO, LOUISE IBHI 72 Si. IMI Pliris Iii: ru-if-riii' ii xi-fl'f-IfiI'y. fAVTlIilIlirll1 Iii lu- ii iiiviiil Wulf- find rriiillii-r. lnlr-i i--. I.: luiwlinq, swirri rlliii-1, liwliilvii, ii 1' .l-Ilifiq. Mi-niiiri f-'. 1 Mr. Vxfnlrlbfiurns Iirirnw- wi nl iiusifinrrir-nls. FEILER, NELSON I37O 4l Si, llfil Plans lo: do lo colleoe. lnleresla.: baseball, iislwinq, Dislikes: qeom- eiry. Ampilicinz io become a plwarmacist FINALE, PHILIP Il5l 55 Sl, Ilqi Plans lo: ioin one of The armed services, Ambiiion: Io be a police officer. lniereslsz siamps, sporis, clness. NU. Memories: Doc Klas- kin, friends, ieaclwers. FIORINO, STEPHEN l765 80 S+. lI4I Language Depf. Squad, Fire Drill Squad. Plans lo: aiiend college, siudy business adrninisiranon. I-lobby: playing pall. Sixly-nine FISHMAN, MEL 4-6I7 I8 Ave. I4I Late, Service, Lunchroom Squads. Pans tc: ioin tl'e Air Fzrce. Anfi- oficr: to Ce -.-wealthy. In'erests: iars, 3 r's. NU. Menncfef: teach- ers :Arla FRANCIONE, JOSEPH I443 79 St. IZSI Infirmary Squad. P-ars to: attend cclege. Arnbiv "on: T: oeicwe a fashion de- signer. Interere: reicrds, cars. :'rIs. NU. Merrfzryz Misa Gold' beroj-"he nest teacner I ever hadf FRUSCI. GERARD I7OI 7I Si. I4I Chemistry, Biology Squads. Plans 'cz aftend College. Interest: autornooes, boelrs, literature. NU. Dislikes: irregular lunch pe- GO W If ricde. NU. Memory: GALLO. JOSEPHINE I542 58 S' Sr. Sing, Lunchroom Guard. EE. .iifii Pians fc: Ioecerne a secretary and then marry. Annciticn: to be a good housewiie. Lilces: roci 'n' roll, swimming. GARFINKEL, LARRY IQIO 59 Si.I41 Track, Cross Country Teams, Madrigal, Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Stage Crew, Service Squad. Plans to: attend College. Intereits: bowling, traclr, baseball. NU. Mernoriezz New Utrecht! gridiron victory ofer Lincoln, Traci team. Sing, Remembered l3fI .en3e fit hurrior. GLICKMAN, GEORGENE l9Ol 84 Sl, II4I Sports Editor of NUI-IS, G.O. Cabinet, Congress, Sr. Cabinet, Office Squad, Sports Publicist, Editor of "Mr. Touch- down," "Hoopster", Locker Guard, Red Cross Rep., Soph., Sr. Sings, Scholarship Office Squad, Sec. lo Mr. Sherman, Miss Loftus, Mr Gordon. l'IfiV". lui rillf-rifl Cilf Chili-'iff NU, IAf:rrif,rif:': Cliff Ii f-'. , Sf-ii ii FJIIICU, 'BH,fiII lfviiil, iflf, i Lwifflfiri. Pfzrruvgrrilmgri-rl Iwi. I',i'ir i fini, Ir:infiIf: xrwiilu iiuliliiil ii. Nuff Ywil. GIOLLINGER, LORRAINE :ffm 47 xi MI Ifvifidufilfifl iii Iiirii: llliiriz Iwi fill:-iifl lm iiiv- , fi.II14ii'4. ftiiiiui 'I-Qrifliiiifil wfiil, iiifiiiiiiiif, rl IfIlIllI'f. lrIIf'iiT'iIlii I-lfIlIIilIIil'l, rlfiriiiriii, iiuirifi Ii, yiiiili 1-'.. NU lvl'-irifiliv-',Z 'mf iiil fir Ii filii-' Iiiiiiiflx Seventy Q rg l .3-fi' ag. '-W. ex"-, fi G , ,Q IDN , i fri! is L Q T' qu' JSI? 4 am sq, mi 6 ,. GREFE. JULIA V wie 75 S+. il-'fl :o'Iecting records, Sw-f'iV'W'WI'Q dancing, going to DBHIGS- NU- Me-'ror'es: Mr. Svahs ard :"e gzcd teachers . GROWER, ADELE 5609 I5 Ave. 'I9I Dans io: attend business szrool. Arne: rrarrfage ard a iarnf ,. I'- 'e-rests: oa,,ag 'ne Cano, srgf "Q, readrq, rnusc. NU. Me'- zr'-efz 'ne ia:u"I,, GUGLIELMO, MARIE II2I 76 Si IZEI Co-op. Ears 'cz .-.zrl a'd ge' "5"-EO. I"e'es's: oancinq seccle, NU. Meowories: ce-eo ciurse, Md Gxdnnan. GUNTHER, SUSAN I355 Sl SY 25 G.O, Publicity Comm., Congress, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Locker Monitor, Lunchroom Guard, Sec. to Mr. Welton, Mr. Carnicelli, Mr. Rubel, Mr, Kappel. Pans t:: attend 3: ess. Pvno- Vcn: ro cezirre an ':::-"'a". Interests: rr er 5-5' 3 ::e':": rnidern arf Brian---5. 25.5 "' 'raveh NU. lx'en':r'es: Sr: ':r':us '::'ca 'eff GURRERI, MARY ANN i523 T' S1 4' Dean's Squad, Locker Lunchroorn Guard, Coaop. ' . 4-,. --,..'.. ' Pans c. -. .e 'n VJ 'hen ze' "'a"'e3. Ami" 'S '3-SE' a "re ian' ,, IMS' .f- ocrr scirw NU N : Qcurse. JACKSON, JOEL 'SIS 43 Sa -tl Chemistry Lab. Squad. Fans 'OI 1"s"n 'Kiwi' Co an-X arm? .' . Q .5 3 .SEK-- L N95 Lzr N'9'n -i N, .43 KLEIN, ELLEN 'DOOI I5 -kg ,IO' Dean's, Grade Advisers Secretarial Studies Squads. INMWN Ia lar I : 5' .1 51 'Nw x II"x'vm' 's. LV " n Dry. A x six " IWW! .wil .e ii 1 IX II Mp-- i,,iy i,,ii-1 ,,,, nh. .7 i. 'l'Ii-i- Xiuxi X -' Plans to: do ottice I-JOVIK. Ambi' fignj +G get married. Interests: i- KRAINES, CAROLE 194984-Sf. li4l Soph-. Jr- Sings: College Office Squad: Sec. lo Mrs. Joseph. Ambifion: fo become a secrefary. Inferesfs: bowling, popular music, show funes, mysfery novels. Dis- likes: crowded halls. N.U. Mem- ories: friends made here. LANZA, PATRICIA I7I7 77 S+. U41 General Office Squad: Lunchroom Guard, Sec. fo Mr. Welfon. Plans fo: work in a denfisl"s office. Ambifion: fo become a nurse. lnferesfs: dancing, calleclinq ale burns, swimming. Dislikes: faking lesfs. N.U. Memory: "Senior Sing." LA SCALA, KATHERINE IQI3 53 Sf. ll9l Madrlgal. Plans fo: become a sfenographer. Inferesfs: oil painfing, skefching, swimming, music, fennis, ice skaf- ing. N.U. Memories: lunch periods and corridor conversafions wifh friends. LEO, VINCENT 1339 43 S+. H91 Plans lo: alfond college. lnleresfs: baseball and ofher sporfs, girls. N.U. Memories: leachers. LEOPARDI, MARYANN I337 80 Sf. l28I Locker Monlfor. Plans fo: enler fhe business world. Ambifion: fo marry and have four children. lnferesfs: bowling, danc- ing, skafing. N.U. Memories: fhe wonderful friends she mef here. LEPORE, MARIE 7408 I5 Ave. l28l Sfen. Office Squad. Ambifion: fo work as a secrefary and fhen marry. Inferesfs: collect ing records, dancing, swimming, movies. N.U. Memory: Senior Sing. LESTO, CARL IZ47 56 Sf. ll9l Plans fo: affend Communify Col- lege. Ambifion: fo sfudy elecfron- ics. Inferesfs: elecfronics, model building. Dislikes: clerical work, hisfory. i . . , , X Qi I I bw ,:r...4r :r:::- u l? 5, I .Z N sz, I I . r-Q. W., .. .,, ,A i ' S y ..,, 1 ref LEVENTHAL, NORMAN i535 55 Sl, IIQJ Baseball Team. I' ir, U: onli'-r fhr- Avril" li ri. If lwociirrio lin f-nilin f-ff r. In 'r-ri-sl 3 'girly ilasn. al rnusii, N.U. Iylern riff.: frfofball ganins and 'ni-r nh.-,-I .perl .. LEVITCH, ROSILYN l46o 4351. llql f'Xrril'iifion: fo Ifleifime a sofielfslv. lnfeir-sls: dancing, musif, swim' ming, bvwling. Dislikes: homo- work, rough sporls. N.U. Mom- firies: fha feafherf., fhe assembly prf-grams. LEWIS, ROBERT II74 58 Sl. ll9l Chemisfry Squad, Gym Clerk. I'l.1ns Iii: rilli-rid Cily Colloflo. fwiiliilion Iii biyfomr- fi mc-chiini riil +-r1i'4ir1i"ii-i'. lnli-rii-ul-.2 I'1urilini1, lliiwvliilll, IIIFIS, iliiirfl lrifid. Ml'lII'lIlf7'-I Mi.W,ildli.iur1i'-.hiiini- yfi irl- ii'.':irir1rri1-mls LICATA, CAMILLO I4I4 H? SI. IPHI Audio-Visual Squad: Swimming Team. I'lim-. lm Iiviiiuli-r limri llin N-:val l'?i-I..-rye Iii mlivi- sf-lvicvi. Arrilwi' lion: Iii bf-riimu ii mf-1 haniclu llliilll in fhr- Navy. NU. M1-rn iiii i": I HWIITITTIIIIVI loam, Mr, Maf- Ilavill, Mr. Weis'.. MARINARO, ANGELA I56O 77 5f. l28l Plans fo: become a sfenographer or bookkeeper. Aims: marriage and a large family. Inferesfs: swimming, bowling, boys. Dislikes: conceifed people. N.U. Memories: Mrs. McClenahan's sfenography class, assembly days. MESTELL, GERALD I274 55 Sf. lI9l College Represenfafive. Plans fo: ioin fhe service. Ambi- fion: fo become an elecfrical en- gineer. lnferesfs: girls, sporfs. NU. Memories: faolball and bas- kelball games. MONTUORI, LORRAINE l789 77 Sl. ll4l Secrefary fo Mrs. Appel. Plans fo: sfudy commercial arf and adverfising af college. ln- leresfs: swimming, reading, danc- ing, arf, people. N.U, Memories: friends, dances, happy spirif. Sevenfy-one -:1.-.- sf , 'nfx 2 Elf P: Nf'.s,sas5'f5:-m :S VIEZVE , -Vkb .,AA!AE H H' 'f 'E: ' ' W? J :: A 3 1 Q E : X ms., 4 ,'e' x ff ' 3' A 'A .1 K f TE 4, M "" N P-:ff ' + 9 PET M L V, U A L, . Q A MDT I0 f 9 A . 1 " J X 455 4" if ' Q A xg .LK 1 NM Ex... ' fr lif EJV 'f ff, Q ffwcesr MQW' C' W QA Q 5 ..":' A IQ?,,,f' L 5 f dw I wil 1 K2 fx mam? gl-X X OV , if , , -. OH X ff 5M1 M1 Q 1 Lfhp 'N VA! 1 A L, ' IQ. fn X f 1 7 P Q Q 4 f 5 D 1 ff- f K, 6 V I ' ,,,.. xi! 5 1 43" N' M . VVVV .4 .,,, 13 ,wx V' MMICKAN A , f W ia ew f .. 109 Q- am Q , ,N ' W dv! D1 A7 N f O 7. Q xx Q G " 8' I, 4, Z ui fr 5 af' f I r-4 N QL. 65 JW, pm-UJJE' EO' U-.XJ QQ-ro IA X 'W 16 ef we M335 g ov 0? Q5 .5-" V......n--J -iv.:'--.-1- K 4 Vg, WQv'y q-7'-'Y wwf 'D'-,...,.,,,k 1 Tx f b ., 55 v , ,,, -sf pf! 'nv X53 Daly lea-Q ffarricf A-pple lvwwu. SENIOR CELEBRITIES MOST POPULAR Nina DiSesa Michael Guslave VENUS AND ADONIS Virqinia Brown Neil DiLorenzo JOE AND JANE Mel Meyers Jeanelle Sess MISS PETITE Joyce Giarnbrone COMEDIAN Ina Meyerowilz AI Landi FRIENDLIEST Neal Direclor Viviane Roorns DID MOST Audrey Siegel Joseph Esposilo MISS CO-OP Jean Birlcenas ATHLETE Carol Shenlcin Allen Leibowilz ARTIST l-larriel' Applebaum John Tripoli MUSICIAN Barbara Bales Phil Klein ACTOR AND ACTRESS Joe Jacoby Dona DiSesa MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED lra Mehlrnan Marie Viscelli WRITER Joseph l.aPenla Terri Perri VERSATILE David Kolaslcy n U Lynda l'lers PERPETUAL MOTION Donald Sellcin Joan Birlcenas VOCALIST Sara Proscia Roberl Coppola POLITICIAN Ered Shulman Elaine Slolli BEST DRESSED Anlhony Leonardi Jeanelle Monico GENIUS Richard Ciccone Lucia Albino OFFICERS: Presidenl, lra I-lellerg Vic SENIOR CABINET e-Presidenl, David Kolaslcyg Recording Secrelary, Jeannie Sesst Cor- re prnding Secrelary. lna Meyerowilzg Treasurer, Michael Guslave. CABINET MEMBERS: Row l Harrier Applebaurn, Rose Argins, Barbara Berg, Gayle Blulh, Elizabelh Brownhlll, Fran Callso Melanie Calone. Row 2 Carmela Ciccare Georg ne Gliclcrnan, Nancy G Row 3 Saul Goldleder, K s ler Ann Monlemarano. Row 4 Geraldine Palerrn R rr P hell R dr JQOUFE. w 5 Barbara Rosselli, My Ili, Anna Cinlron, Rose Ann Cozzo, Georgia Eesla, Rulh Eishlind, odino. David Goldslein, Lynda Hersh, Alan l'lorowil1, Reva Janaxer, Sandra o, Rhoda Pearl, Toby Pleliler, Gina Provenzano, Jay Reidel, Vixiane rna Rnlh, Elaine Sabella, Carole Salil, Linda Scheinberq, ,loxc w 6 Elaine SI'IV:IVTIFll'lI Carole Shraqa, Joel Tendlor, Carol Viqorilo, Molxxn Weiner ll I lmrx who .iyipr-iir in llii- iilniili- pi- luri-il rin l'n.iiw 40 and 4I nm: Miss Qllillo, Mr, Wald fli I M flInlrpigM Emil 1M llrli1M Li ma r ,iafigiy fy ,nf " " '- "'- 'W ""'. IN. URN,-, IH, T' oss JW, Mr. G'OOdmSn y . M M rri llff. Minn Ev'-llif-r, Mi, lxiiliifl, Mi Slrahw, Mi. bqlinn, Ml, Epsloun, Mi. Lalania, Mrs Sevcnly leur S V fv ',1l'3'g?fQ ,AZ B, ?.XM,? ,C v4,,.,y , .,f f , W, ,ng Hwy- ,-ff, , ff ,A . s gl-P Q Q. 'YZ' I 3 43 'S' mls-v. X .,-4. . .X Ki.. Presiclenf Z. ui .l""'Qu 4. 1' 405 2' 549, 6 f 4: 4 ' I A 11"'ta N I 15" xxx K H-.. W. 1 rf as W5 N , . Q-1, 9 I Senior Cabinet Vice-Presideni Recording Sec. Correspondinq Sec. Treasurer if 16:4- 94- Vlk-9 'W' f Q-ff , 1 ,N M , in Z, In "" fl X -X ,mx fm L. -ff' ..., CR' 4 ng..- kk Ili?- A WMV , X 4-K 4 P A vu-1' W. I . :Q My 1 N Yi' ' - -'-' -x .'::. XM 6 'K Ess k , J 'Nfs mm Q Rv ZW? C" '-Q. i ' c all Q- :V li hx cr- iih -,ers fy V.. 1 ' 1 mx df 8 nf, , W 1 be gil? v-. , uv, 12.4 MORALES, CARMEN 82l McDonald Ave. ll8l Plans lo: work as an IBM opera- lor. Aims: marriaqe and a family. lnreresls: dancinq, music. N.U. Memories: lhe lunchroom, Mr. Cohen's hislory class, senior lerm. ORECCHIO, MARY ANN I8l6 74 Sl. l4l Dean's Squad. Plans lo: qo lo work. Ambilion: lo become a bookkeeper. lnler- esls: dancinq, movies, sporls. N.U. Memories: qym and lunch periods, varsily shows. PAGNANI, TERESA I755 4-5 Sl. l4l Plans lo: work as a secrelary's assislanr. Ambilionz 'ro go lo llaly. lnleresls: drawing, swimming, dancinq. N.U. Memories: "all lhe nice Teachers in a line school." PALADINO, NICHOLAS l738 73 Sl. l4l Gym, Locker Room Guard. Plans lo: ioin rhe Navy. Aim: lo eslablish a career in The Navy. l'lobby: lishinq. NU. Memories: shop classes, lhe boys' qym. PARASCANDOLA, MARTHA :Isl si si. lisl Plans io: work and allend school. Ambilion: lo marry and lo be a kind, qenerouc person, lnleresls: mfimminq, music, sporls. NU, Memories: The caieleria ipod, Mr. Puliielis underslfindinq. PITRE, MARGARET loo? 79 5l. ll4l Sing, Newman Club, Locker Monitor, Plfinz lm. fitlr-rid ffillc-'if'-. Amlii- lifin: lfi l'ff'ff,nn: fi lnufwr. llfililiy: nnirnrniriri, lJi',lilr1i'.: urifilv. N,U. lflf-frifiiifini lrini lif-ix, llll'Vlfl'i, PRAVATO, MARIE olf7l lliiryi-ii Qfiiirl lI'i'l De-Jn's Squad, Sec. lo Mrs. Hyman, Mrs. lnrnun, CO-Op. l'liin', lf, iii-I iniiiiii-rl, fiiiilfiliiin: lif livrffiiiii- ii linnlfl fil- yn-1, llllf-i 1-ul'-I il Hlllll, yiiffiplii lvli-iii iiliiru. Mi lfinfilriiiiiil wfiinlifilill llllll' Sevenlyiix i 1 'W sw we ' urns' vwgbat , f , X w f X X New 5. :, 1 I4 is A ww' .. fs PP"' 2 is Y - . X X ,sw .-as LL. its Q-. PUCA, PAUL l272 73 si. lzsl Plans lo: work and allencl 'rrade lrade school al nighl. Ambilion: lo become a prinler. lnlereSlSZ sporls. N.U. Memories: Dr, Klas- kin, olher Teachers. ROCCO, DOLORES l727 44- Sl. l4l Plans lo: become a secrelary. lnleresls: bowling, horseback ridinq, animals. N.U. Memories: lhird floor qirls' room, many friends. ROSSANO, BARBARA IZ64 77 Sl. l28l Madrigal. Plans fo: become a privale secre- lary. Ambilion: lo marry, lo be successful. lnleresls: boys, danc- inq, music. l-lobby: pholoqraphy. NU. Memories: lriends, Mrs. Mar- inello, caieleria cupcakes. ROSSETTI, BARBARA IBS4 58 Sr. l4l Sr. Cabinelg Dean's, Library Squadsi Sec. to Mr. Rundback, Mr. Frank. Plans lo: anend a business col- leoe. Ambifionz lo become a pri- vale secrelary. lnleresls: swim- minq, ice-skalino, bowling. N.U. Memories: wonderiul leachers, friends. RUFFO, MARTHA l537 77 Sl. l2Sl Plans lo: work in Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Aims: To lse ,nQQe55iul5+norL,1o be xselleliked. l-lobbies: dancing, snirnming. N.U. Memory: Mr. Vlfialdiiaum. SANSONE, LORRANE I loO Sl 55 l2Sl Locker Monitor, Dean's Squad, Sec, lc Mr. Cherniss. Plans ln: be a sionsqraphgr and lypisl. Anibilion: To become 5 piixale sixlclaix. lnleleslsi sunn- niinq, lioisvbayk ridind, Skiinq, bmilnm. Nil. lxlenwricsf mm, sliiflx hall, iiiiixliioom, Mig S, C-ilwn's hisloix iflnss. SANTAROMITA, NICHOLAS l7l5 N Sf, L41 Boys' Dean's Squad. fXnilwiliOnZ lo lwmvvip 3 pl1gf,s,1i',q. Pllvl' GI' -1 iixil s0l'xiC0 worker. lnlvluulsi ilnniinq, qii-ls, N,Ll, lvlvinmiivw: lmskullxill, lnnllmll ipiiiiiu, 1-wpviiliii-iils in llm plus wigs lnli, Mi. W.ildlmnin's nssinn- nn-nl-., SAXTON, MICHAEL i742 46 Si. l4l Plans io: aiiend colleqe. lnreresizz qirls, cars, pariies, music. N.U. Memories: assembly days and sliori periods. SCHATZMAN, ANNE 306l Ave. X Co-Capi. of Cheerleaders, Jr., ming Leaders, Library Squad, Soph., Sr. Sings. l35l Swim- Plans io: work and aiiend niqlni college. Ambiiion: io be happy and successful. lnieresis: ice- slrarinq, swimminq. N.U. Mem- ories: many friends. SIANO, JOYCE 7607 I7 Ave. il4l Sec. +o Mrs. Koich. Plans fo: worlc, linen marry. ln- ieresis: dancinq, swimming, lair- inq care of cliildren, coolcinq. N.U. Memories: friends, liro drills. Remembered ior: iricendlinous. SIMON, ROSALIND I466 44 Sl. lI9l Swimming Leaders, Affendance, Pro- gram Office Squads, Soph., Jr. Sings. Plans lo: ailend Cily Colleqo. Ambilion: io be succrinsiul and happy. lnlaresfs: jazz, Laiin Ameri- can music, N.U. Memoriam: qreon color of walls, irequeni iosis. I f f , rm. Q,- f 43' I 5 ...., 7 .... ,Q ' gl ff. 1 I2 ., 'Z' Q ..., GL 1 s5.A g . rf . TANCREDI, LUCILLE :seo 70 si. i-ii Grade Adviser's Squad. Pars li: bf '-if fivnf- 3 wficrelary. Aim: l rr- urdersrandinq and Cf,V"id'f'ViiiC', lnioro--is: roadinq, pa nlinii, ici?-wlialinq, dancinq, si-.frriniin-1, lisreninq io q--od mu- sic. NU. Memory: lorlrer room ruin WEINGARD, ALLAN 1840 52 Si. 441 Service Squad, Arf Dep'1. Squad. Plans i'I aiiend colleqir. Ambi- iirin: in rir-fifime a rich dralisman. lnrereers: lizlwinq, baseball, qirl-3. NU, Mprnr-rif-.1 meiilwanical draw- inq, Re-:ir-iilx. Hx wminaiionz.. WEISS, LEE i772 46 Si. l4l Soph., Jr., Sr. Sings, Madriqal, Dean's Squad, Sec. io Mr. Feiqenbaum, Mrs. Lewinicr, G.O. Congress. Plans iii: in-ii-ruin .i ii-ii-pliiiriisl iyrrizl. Airiliiiiiiii: iii lm- in li' si,-Ui-l.iiy. liiiiiiif-,I'.1will-.ii, dlillilil in ini il.-in iliiriiiriiq, uwimiiiiriii, 14lll4l'ilrl. M"liiilli"'v: lllflr ll r rin, ii.-.i-rvililiiiw l.ili- WElSSMAN, STEPHEN fillll l'w Aviv, llql Track Team, Soc. io Mrs. Jaffe. l'l.iri'. iii: fill'-nil Milli-qi-, AITliPi lion: iii ln-iiiiiw -I ri-pirriwl. ln lirrf-mlm: liii'.i'lirill, ulfirrips, riririu. N.l,l, Mr-miiiii-ui -it.'.1'ml'Jly days, qirlu, iyir V!fildl'1fium's nmsiiin miiiilr. ZARCONE, YOLANDA 3910 is Ave. 1:81 Dean's Squad. Plans io: alrend business school. Ambiiion: io become a sienoqra- plier or brfaulician. Lilces: riiqlrir- clubs, dancinq, swimming. NU, Memories: ieaciiers, calieieria, varsily sliows. Seveniy-seven SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES BASSO, GEORGE I634 es Si 141 Plans io: qo ro work in Jrhe paper srock business wilh his qrandfaiher. Ambirion: To buy 'rhe iaslesl car in Brooklyn. Likes: girls, cars, N.U. schoolmaies. BONANNO, SADIE 1355 so si 1281 Plans ro: gel' an office job. Ambi- 'rionz 'ro become a housewife. Hob- bies: bowling, skaling, swimming, movies, dances. N.U. Memory: qym. CASAZZA, GORDON I869 83 Sr. lI4l Service Squad, Miss McGrafh's Office Squad. ' Plans ro: qo info The liquor busi- ness. Ambiiion: io be wealihy. ln- fereslsz quns, sporis cars, girls. N,U, Memorie-s:il'1e service squad, fhe prom. D'ANTONlO. ALBERT H73 52 Sl. lI9l Visual Aids Squad: Locker Guard. Plans io: alfond colleqri. llfibbirivi playing lhf: acafirdifin and quilor. lnfrfrrjqlgg ',r,lr3r1r,l1, pl'11lri',r1plWy. lVlf7fTIf1IlU'.1 Sinqz, lour.l1f:1'., dfmn'-. dfmces. Aim: in bu iridupfmdffril and f.ullurf:d. Seveniy-eiqhi DONOFNO,TRAVB 1338 es S+. 1191 Plans lo: look for a good iob. Aims: fo be successful and happy. N.U. Memories: friends, classes. ESPOSITO, RICHARD l9l7 72 Sf. l4l Service Squad. Plans fo: go To work, Ambirion: 'lo become an aulo mechanic. Likes: food, cars, girls. N.U. Memories leachers, classmales. FOSTER, GARY 1944 64 S+. l4l Ambiiionz To be a successful busi- nessman, especially in his Hlvy Leaque" siore. N.U. Memories: ihe lunchroom, leachers. MAFFEO, MICHAEL 1320 57 S+. 1191 Plans io: work in an ofhce, pos- sibly alfend colleqe. In+eres+s cars, baseball. N.U. Memorie. The qood limes, lhe friendly af mosphere. PELLEGRINELLI, PAU L 1946 si si. 1141 Door Guard. Plans lo: work an-:l qu in mlleqe .al 111qh1.A1mp lo sludy law, Llkesi spiirls, Pnqlislw, economics, physics Dislikes: Rvqcnfs oxainirmliuiws. Evening School Graduates SEATED: Sandy Guariqlia, Rila Giusla, Mr, Waldpaum, Mr. Felcher, Mr. Golden- berq, l-lelena Bivall, Luciana Zervos. STANDING: Sheldon Fried, Thomas Marino, Aldo Guarnieri, Phil Benlley, Sluarf Schwarrz, Anlhony Augello, Anlhony Fragiacorno, John Marnalcos, David All, Anlhony Cavallaro, John lvlusicano, Frank lvlazzaris. SENIOR CLASS Nicholas Aiello, David All, Anlhony Augello, Philip Benlley, l-leleria Bivall, John J. Bosco, Anlhony Cavallaro, Joseph Commisso, Roberl D'Ambra, Peler Di Capua, Angelina Faraone, Lilly Felcher, Anfhony Fragiacomo, Sheldon Fried, Frank Gargano, Rila A. Giuslra, Sylvia Greenman, Sandra J. Guariqlia, Aldo Guarnieri, Gaspare Jioia, Joseph Paul Lang, Allred J. Lenzo, John lvlamalcas, Thomas Marino, Franlc J. lvlazzarisi, John Musicaro, Edward Rorer, Sluarr Schwarrz, Gabriel Shmule- vilz, Gloria Slawin, Anlhony A. Sokol, Louis Torre, Luciana Zervos, Sevenly-nine NAM E Aksl, Geoffrey Albino, Lucia Applelnaum, Harriel' Berkowilz, Sandra Blulh, Gayle Brooks, Michael Brooks, Roberr Ciccone, Richard Diario, Roberl DiLorenzo, Neil Direc+or, Neal DiSesa, Dona DiSesa, Nina Donaclio, Slephen Esposilo, Joseph Farber, Mark Feldman, Jerry Freiman, Nancy Friedman, Larry Friedman, Viclor Glickman, Georgene Gordon, Jeffrey Guslave, Michael Heller, Ira Hersh, Lynda Heil, Bonnie Huller, Mark lfiqhly Saints and Sinners NOTED FOR brains her average arl work Senior show ca praincy of Booslers caplaincy ol marh 'ream limiled use ol: verbs Jrrumper being busy good looks smile her acling populariiy conscienrious A obiecrions aclive G. O. indihlerence baskelball immobilily T-Man llennis and ireasuryl arl wqrlr :purlz wriling lfilkirvr filmul frriflhirifiv finylirrir: Senior lrffnxuiry Cf lllfil lllf1'ilflV!ll'f lmirifi iff-runlilrr hor lfiukn rrifirifrcyllnliif nrrr-uf li OUGHT TO revise The Pilman syslem slop sludying manulaclure own lashions rake walking lessons buy anolher ponylail be nicer 'lo Bob increase his vocabulary srop playing il relax go lo Hollywood pose lor 'roorhpasle ads play on Broadway make more friends agree relax care play ioolball exercise keep rhe "racquel" lhal makes "cenls" painl in Greenwich Village slarl own sporls magazine run lor senalor pny hin dues 'ihnrie lni. rlolhos f hnniii- hrir lnnl nami- vifr fin lfilfiviui n km-ii fllIlI'l SIN crossword puzzles mechanical drawing painr brush phone calls winning smile malh meels edilorship of COMET leadership ol: Arisia calling meelings baseball and loorball crewcul "Arsenic and Old Lace" false ponylail poelry Commission syslem violin handball QYm . r cousin s house lcensoredl hair N. Y. limes Qllllfil' his girls Senior year choorloadinq V l105S ii ri QUOTE "Don'+ give up lhe ship before rhe house is sunk!" 'Canaries sing only when 'rhey're hungry." 'l have so much To dol' 'Oh, come on now." "Oh, l'm so embar- rassedl" Don'+ you undersland anylhing?" Then she goes . . Like l'm going lo do H.. Be 'rhere aller lhe eighrhl' 'When's The nexl game?" 'Whal-me worry? Don"r ask me: ask my sisler." Don'l ask me: ask my sislerf' "Gel oisi my back." l am a peoples president." Whal's 'rhe dililer- ence?" Girls are naive," Do we have lo?" Send ir in.' . i . Boy are you gullible! Whei'e's Mr. Gore don?" Poinr rl inlormalionf' Like iron." l am nor conceile-d." ll's a good day" Wher'e's Rhoda?" Male in lhre-el" NAME Jacoby, Joe Jaffee, Cynfhie Karclwawer, Joan Kolaslry, David Landy, Ellen LaPen'ra. Joseph Leifer, Audrey Lieloowifz, Allan LoNano, Jim Marshalr, Lois Marx, Carola Mayer, Marion Mehlman, Ire Messinger, Sa ndra Meyerowiiz, Ina Meyers, Melvin NOTED FOR role in Arsenic and Old Lace" sang lroici babbling Senior vice-presidency loquaciouzness sacliziic humor presidency oi Buddies speed allwleiic prowezs being qullilole Qdffmmf, nf i'5pi,..v' frmnrilnnr-af CID. pro-.idonqy llfjilllmfl ffxndlfra Willy ifvlu-2 being El llwroo lr,-lim' man llvlf-Ll OUGHT TO ifiin EJUEV, 'Aki dl lulilfi ilu-,lerecl sfop fo llwinlf aliclf io one ilvinq lfeep quief loccasionallyl male people laugh be a head :inner Slffvl dOwn cmnfinue slmriinq on line lir-ld Hlmp brflir-vinq 1-vr-r y ilwuwi nlw- ln-ru, prinl in lilo-,wily lil' ll l'lV'lllll lV'il' lll' -,4-I.15iv.-i.v4l.inl lwfllll lniw lf' ur.:- vn.iIf in--, wvilii film: ,iI4.., play llvrw- upiirls f SIN 1 loo in H. , Pezf-we fri?-if 'z 1 tes lem-I defend inierii-fv,-1i'n1i,,g. i'i'ZiUrT.n'q n-if lr lnip an-4 l fillni l finfl ii,i,,'ii,i3l r,1 'u-,f- ll, .liilm IJ, uv 1- .'-nruil, i ',v,w,xI.-in f',Nri'.lill1-lil'-v lvl 1j.i.,,,,,,nilw,wi nl'-1, l iulwf-l ilfllm-1 111' QUOTE NN ru-ri' , w vfnws x 'ilwrwl -f-C rmyllg Vi -fawnwvi i ldnlln ,- l"5 a rg L.-'xv 1 r1Oi,1,l. . ,wiv f ui pf . i, - C, l 4"' 'vlvvlu 'N-' Cav in i " r.-. fw V, iii-i M 'lflmil 'JL ' .wi- V'l' I'ii N -iw 'n.- N I-iw ling N - lnlilirnl f'Xri1llvwv :win-.xv lil, 'lim I N-.,.-nr 1r'l"1 l'.llv,1l,x,-fi'-I IH-rife .vw ,N n , lwvvl H limi l lliriil lvl' M--J J' lull l, li.-A' Nadal Judi cuilinq lwcr pony fail lol if qri-iw mailw 'l'.n'? lin? funn?" Perri,Tl1eresa punciualiiy learn how iw fall naiurallv uufl, 'ww l fi!-ful! l"'W'i ljwivjil. iirne ron ww nl- f' ' J p ,Ll r V I, CD J f , , fi ,ff I I f ff," 1 I , A 'r- .,.i, W , . ' -Zn " n Ur A Qs QQ NF 5 'Q yr J I ' ':'.-,SA-H ',f F-' f ,Q Y ffl Q Q9 5 2.- , f WWE Q Q15 S ' I t , X 'Q X J C2 wmv X KX! A WN, N lj , A- 5- ' X ln 'jf fiiifE,T-ffafiilfjg f y Mn if ,f ll ""2'-9 i'f-1SQ?5f:1?. My f , " -- ..,-f:E':5?- " J qfif I ' f J if W ' - W F - 1 5 ff' 'i nk - 1 M L,-X5X . 4 - 'rifxg 4 rw-- Mit' 'ix-"25T-ff-2?.'QE4ef VW Q'Xl3"X3"N "ii ' ' l-'1-?:'77"' " ll "Some fish are minnows, some are whal 65. Eighiy one v NAME Poplco, Palricia Rein, Trudy Reisman, Ronald Rib, Tama Ricciardi, Anlhony Rosimini, Anlhony Rolh, Joshua Rouder, Rochelle Sabella, John Sass, Joanna Sconzo, Joyce Sellrin, Donald Sess, Jeannie Shenkin, Carol Sheren, Helen Sholiel, Gladys Shulman, Fred Siegel, Audrey Smilhline, Marlin Sleinmelz, lsa belle Slolli, Elaine Sweel. Linda Tencller, Joel Tobaclc, Michael Wasserman, Margo Wasserman, Paul Weiner, Melvin Zagoren, George Eighly-lwo NOTED FOR using "P's" in prin- cipal problems arl and music playing Mr. l-lersh ineliiciency all "MET" learn baslcelball co-ca plaincy evading homeworlc assignmenls 6.0, lreasury being a quarlerbaclc calmness caplaincy ol Twirlers crewcul lwirling alhlelic slcills Qiqqlifiq COMET circulalion become a polilician worlc as Sing Commissioner "Arisla'cral" lalcing rninules 6.0. Secrelary being sweel leadership ol Sing chorus pholography edilor ol "Spiral" ioining organizalions drawl Key Club prouidenl lhrpupifin lalenlf. OUGHT TO use x and y slop bubbling malce il a realily gel organized lciclc in lhe righl direclion Play do lhem be more aclive gel M, more worry a lillle pose lor lpana slop combing il bollle her sweelness slow down become serious be more lallcaliye run more ollen be more aclive be more noble lranslale lhern be able lo read slen. change her lasl name manulaclure his vesls change his panls share her service credils speed up advocale "Open Door Policy" remain as slnqe rrew raplnin SIN chocolale calce blols on linished arl work speed lflule lood English language wil diels good marlcs blushing her smile girls red hair Syracuse U. lvpine orcheslra crew cul ponylail bench-warming boy friends curly blond hair disposilion lreclales sleeping in busin law class Mr. Calania lracl leam doing loo much Jules Foillor ESS "ll's SAI-lss." "Whal's lhe word?" "WelIIllI" ouore "Whal's lhe maller wilh you?" 'l have lo Q0 +0 lhe denlisl." "I'm a Wharlon man now." "ll's palhelicf' "Pul me in lhe end slol." "Swish, good lor lwo." "Do you have lhe homework, Charlie?" Jusl collee, please." "Whal's lhe maller wilh you guys?" l'm nol going sleady anymore." Loolc-l'm nol wearing socks." "There's a caloinel meeling loday?" l'm going down lo lhe gym." I wanl lo cul my hair." Where are lhe subscriplion lisls?" Il al lirsl you don'l succeed . . . " "Why nol, booby?" I have lo go home and clean lhe house." Nol really?" Grrrln l can'l hear you." "Walch rhal lan- guage." l did do niosll" Ya gol Troubles." "l-lave you seen lhe lalesl Feiller carlccn?" l fail' W 'll l , 'ffl X 4, , li 1 .E yy XS, rv GPL 764llGl'M6l'Lz i iofi yl ,1Cheer up sad world, he said, and git T bxxq winked- s, "ii'l' Irs kind of fun to be extinct." fi ff - E-., W. X sv- Am-sw"-' Wo, 'lho griidualing Qlfiufg ol Juno, l959, lnoing ol woiinul minil .infl hcfnllhy lwdy, do luoguoalh the following: lo Mr. lleruh, who enlerod New Ulreehl' when we dials- .1 very lrinil lfirownfll. lo Mr. Colonia-fn diclioniiry ol synonyms and anlonymu. To Dr. Di'nclim.inw-ri "M.mhr:Ih" Clan-.ic comic boolc. To Mr. Safran-ii reduclion in lesl lube pricew. To Mr, Waldbfiiimffi subscriplion lo lhe "American Qloserver To Mr. Sas-.-a violin recilal al Carnegie l-lall. To Mr. B. Cohenhan "l Lilce llcel' bullon. To Miss Windeclqer-lhdudenls who lhpealc alh well alh she dulh. To Mr. Charosh-lelrahedrons and parallelepipedes. To Mr, Goldenberg-shares ol sloclc in "Peanul Chews." To Mrs. Scher-bikini balhing suils lor her swimming leaders. To Mrs, Lighlcap-a burro. To Mrs. Grossman-gralilude even from lhose who didn'l win scholarships. To Mr. Goodman-a legalized numbers game-and lewer "shlemiels.'l To Mr. Charry-an audilorium lilled wilh sludenls who lcnow lhe school song. To Miss Gellman-shorl sludenls who can lilerally look up lo her. To Mrs. Friedloerg-3,000 shares ol Chrisliana securilies. To Mr. Rubel-a new arrangemenl ol "Qld Man River." To Mr. Rapp-anolher viclorious loolball leam. To Mr, Gordon-enolher heclic year organizing Senior aclivilies. To Woodsloclq Sludios-a class ol seniors who are hall as phologenic as we are. To Miss Gelber-our lhanlcs and lhe energy lo Conlinue her wonderlul worlc in COMETS lo come. To lhe Enlire Facully-many, many lhanlcs. To Nexl Term's COMET slall-a COMET published on lime and a new lypewriler. To Nexl Term's Senior Class-our posilion as lhe elile ol New Ulrechl High School. Eighly-lhree Ii Calendar I l l ' ,I l,I,i of Events ,H soPHoMoRE YEAR SEPTEMBER IO-EirsT day oT school. "Is There a swimming pool on The sixTh Tloor? SEPTEMBER II-EirsT Time enTering Choolcies. "lT's called UTreChT's hideawayf' DECEMBER I2-UTrec3hT in Siam. "WaiT Till ne-XT yearf' JANUARY I3-STudenT CourT holds TirsT Trial. "Trial and Errorf' JANUARY 2 I-Iowa TesTs. "Don T worry: iT doesn'T counT." JANUARY 24-Fordham Baldies. i'DoniT be a square: TighT Tor your hair. JANUARY 28-BasIceTbalI PIayoTTs. Team suTTers Trom JacIssoniTis' JeTTerson wir-S TiTle. APRIL I5-EirsT Formal MidTerms. "Anyone Icnow The TirsT Tour'Teen answers To The qeomeTry midTerm?'l MAY IO-My SisTer Eileen. I'C5reenwich Village was never ThaT bad- r , amusing' MAY 23-Spring ConcerT. "And The band played on." JUNE I4-EirsT RegenTs exam. Amoeba? Never heard oT iTl' JUNIOR YEAR CCTOBER 4-Epidemic oT Asian Tlu. "I Teel a Teverf' OCTOBER 4-SpuTniIc roTaTes around The world. "You say you Taiied science las' Term?" DECEMBER 8-Train sTriIce and snow sTorm. 'OT course, I Tale The Train T +I DECEMBER I3-Juniors Invade Broadway. "JusT waiT Till nexT yearl' FEBRUARY I9-Scholarship Club inTroduCed. 'IWhaT's The use? EEBPUARY 26-UTrechT Cheerinq Squad voTed among Top Ten groups in Qin, MARCI-I BeEiruT Powder Bowl. Cheerleaders and Twirlers deTeaT Bo0sTers. MAY IO-PracTiCe Colleqe Boards. "I even qoT The sample queshong ur rf MAY 23-Jennie Ki '.f. ed Me. "AITman's a successli' SENIOR YEAR 'SEPTEMBER I7fInr1uqurfrTion of Cr.0. oTTiCers. Mehlman, EsposiTo, Rouder, STein- melz Tfilrr: The rirrih, SEPTEMBER P?-f-New lc-firnu-Trinrrirwqx rnwrors, I0nni'f-orqanliod. 'IA Sound rn'n1 in fi found Iuorly. EiqhTy Tour .1- CALENDAR EN? 5 ilgii l i 'l l lil il ll y yy lil i , 'li l ii ii iliillllil will ji fllllliy l l , l i l p ". . . C uckoos lead , I Bohemian lives. ll Ill' iiil 'i .l will l ill OCTOBER 3-Ufrechf grid feam beafs Lincoln, firsf fime in fwenfy years. NOVEMBER 3-Mailman and Siegel head Sing Commission, "Remember no a fialifyln DECEMBER 6-College Boardm. "Now we know how liffle we know." DECEMBER lBfEleclion of school officers for Spring lerm. Congrafs fo E po f DiSef.a, Slolfi, Siegel. DECEMBER I9-Ufrechl Goes Beserk. "Oh well." FEBRUARY I4--Sfale Scholarship resulfu. I7 Ufe-, win, FEBRUARY IB-Brolherhood Week assembly, sfnrring Sam Levrfnuon. Min fo Mr. George Epsfein for making fhe arrangemenfs. FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY I9-Screening for Senior Qfficers. "Lisf your servicewli' I9-lvy League Day. i'Does if have a buckle in fhe back? 20-Barn Dance. "A huge success-if only we had a barn." FEBRUARY 26-Firsf Senior Assembly. "Af lasf, af lasfl' FEBRUARY 27-Elecfion for Senior Officers. "Can our families vofe foo?" FEBRUARY 27-Fire Drill and Bomb Scare, "A pleasanf oufingf' FEBRUARY 28-Powder Bowl. Cheerleaders are vicforious again. MARCH I4-Columbia Press Conference. "Spiral" wins firsf prize. , u MARCH Zl-Eirsf day of spring. "Warm weafher, followed by warmer friendships. followed by Prom dafesfl MARCH 26-Senior Ranking Lisf issued. "Whaf number did you say you were?" APRIL 7-Disfribufion of Senior hafs and jewelry. "This is The heighf of sophisfi- canon." APRIL I5-I7-Formal Midferms. Unforfunafely, fhe feachers' walk-ouf didn'f fake place. MAY I-Spring Concerf. Mr. Rubel is feafured soloisf. MAY 9-Celebrify Dance. Coloring books, yo-yos, rubber knives, efc. MAY 22-23-Arsenic and Old Lace. DiSesa and LaPenfa friumph. MAY 29-Senior Day and Dance. New Ufrechf sfudenls fake revenge. JUNE 6-Prom. "l could have danced all nighff' JUNE I5-Regenfs. "Be brave-fhe end is in sighff' JUNE Zl-Boal' Ride. You can fell a Senior by his sleepy eyes and sunburn. JUNE 24-Graduafion. "When we parf and feel fhe fear." Eighfy-five From Our Alumni Association We welcome you mosT hearTily To The ranks OT our Alumni AssociaTion. The New UTrechT T-ligh School Alumni AssociaTion was incorporaTed in July T943 as a membership corporaTion under The laws oT The STaTe oT New York. Since The daTe OT incorporaTion and The TirsT Board oT DirecTors meeTing held on Decem- ber I4-, IQ43, The Alumni AssociaTion has come a long way. From iTs incepTion, The AssociaTion has dedicaTed iTselT To The aTTairs oT The school, alumni, and communiTy. Our Scholarship Fund, EmploymenT PlacemenT Service, Reunion Dinners, eTc. are geared Tor The beneTiT OT UTrechT alumni. The AssociaTion Takes iusTiTiable pride in having inauguraTed and supporTed These underTakings making iT a working organizaTion, helping our Alma MaTer and Tellow alumni. We are more Than proud oT Those oT our alumni who have prominenTly esTab- lished Themselves in pracTically every Tield oT endeavor, i.e., judiciary, medicine, law, governmenT, Teaching, eTc., who have parTicipaTed in laying The groundwork oT The associaTion and have conTinued Through The years To lend Their supporT. We also boasT The largesT number oT show business perTormer5 oT any alumni group, including Abe Burrows, Arnold STang, Buddy l-lackeTT, RoberT Merrill, Richard Tucker, DoreTTa Morrow, and oTher noTables. IT would Take many more pages Than alloTTed here To seT TorTh The accomplish- menTs, workings, and TuTure goals oT The AssociaTion. As The AssociaTion Takes on more responsibiliTies and iTs growTh increases, The supporT oT every alumnus is needed. Now ThaT you have graduaTed, you are auTo- maTically eligible To parTicipaTe in The AssociaTion and "reap The harvesT" iT has To oTTer. Those oT you who are acTive in school aTTairs have The largesT responsibiliTy oT all as liaison beTween your class and The AssociaTion To see ThaT your class is acTive. This can be done by Tollowing The sTeps lisTed below: I. Keep up To daTe on your dues lSl.OO per year or SIOOO Tor l.iTe Member- shipl. Your dues make The AssociaTion possibleg wiThouT iT, no mailings, no acTiviTies. Make checks payable To The N.U.l-l.S. Alumni AssociaTion, l6OI 8OTh STreeT, Brooklyn I4, N. Y. 2. SupporT The Meyer Weiner Memorial Scholarship Fund oT The Alumni AssociaTion. 3. ATTend Council meeTings once a monTh. We discuss alumni aTTairs and plan alumni TuncTions. The Council meeTings are also social geTsTogeThers aTTer The shorT business sessions, and reTreshmenTs are served. 4. lnTorm us immediaTely oT change oT address. 5. VolunTeer Tor various Alumni acTiviTies. 6. Send personal news iTems Tor The "Alumni NewsleTTer." 7. Form a class commiTTee as represenTaTives To The AssociaTion. 8. All commenTs and inquiries should be senT To The AssociaTion aT l6Ol SOTh STreeT, Brooklyn I4, N. Y., or call BE 2-6383. We wish you all The besT oT luck in your hopes and ambiTions. EighTy-six - ,A ' "I A"? W 9 px T61 i Xl . 'Q iv. -G Q x vk X F 1,7 ' Nm Q - Y, -, ,1'j.:,' . av , -.'... 9 ,I ,z O J 1 -17 1" 'iii 31,14 I I l1w"j:,A run A L e 6 uf!! "5 Q I X e '1, -1 ,tai 1 . . 55,3 5 2' e 4i" r'f?'f ef 3 H S Yr' 3 jj! F1 g . Q' -44536 '. , -. I 1 I ,lv ' ' , 'v 'T iff ' 'K' N Q 1. J Y' 'X I ,iff Q, v .f E "fa," .ffm - "". , V! C' Lt" V .1 Fr Y! 1 5 'UQ "' iff, ff T4 1' k I Vg J?" ig 4 ' " '- in' Q I TL, H I W 1 PQ ,'y ' '1 , . - ,4 Q liff gbkyg' " " .-ef ' ffff . .. gbgagip' H fly AH'4y?fffT r, 4 . f'!.'g'f5! , .w 24 N "f 5 9:32,ff ,1,f , ' gf.E'?l55 ff:3'2f::t'f.' if ,':ffgi17,i'-ff!-f'fafjY.-7 J 5 - 1? :QU f , ' "' :iff 5 " V' ' 'if 11: r 'I if ' 1 gf' 4: , "V.,'f.'+1"g, .' I 'A' ' -Ill ,.:1 11 ' 'L' 'ffffsff . iq. fvf,-: ,57,' 5, 1, J X11 , f,-, 'Q , Fxgf, Jf yflxv- T' . ,f "The niglwhngale smgs a ji? f'9fj?5f :,' fffggify f Q4 - fy- A f,.,f - 4 1 '. f " ,fin '. lullaby , lfif5Qmf 5if ' K , 1 53' 'ji 1' "f ' 'fflaf I-X 3' ' And 'rhe seagull smgs a L 1f.'..51i5fqg.'Zyf , ,, I -- waxes- .. if,W af1+,:ff"f1"" -' 1 gullaby. mzvzuewy' gqgwcwf-,f,f fe. ' 135+ ' L--'f :rf: ys r-WIS' '-5 if rrfi , , gr, f,,ff,,54.A - 3:1-Y!-,:i,,' if Z visit, 4.- f- ' ' -y 'fp ,':: -. . , 'M rl- ,- , -' , . ,z ' 5' - W' . .g.,1?T?:c1 'fl qiqfqp-mg. 7 XM' wy Agw5,fm1 -' Lffiigffjxx I fn' . :tif ,.- L-mi - "ff W2 .mf 'ixwfu .. r'f??5WL f 'npr ff: fffflffilif 3 f f ' 'mmm ,ui , U , . - , 'M' ,r 452. ' . -.11 Y 15 'Lf 5' . ' fr' , 'ali'-pj"5fl5L56'L- E ' . . . 1. ,E fl... . Zn:9Qfg:, . . Hx V L!! 1 J.. A5 ,N mf ' ' ' 1 r-lP."1X ' Q53 ,,,- -- r J ,mga 5, Q , ... QE: .1 .A-75' ,Q L ". 'Q . ' , 'R'1g!bnfHFI " il 723531 ' 57 M si J' M792 mga: ,, j ,nfif -mi ' '-.1 FIPA? 6 ..- ,ggj4:a. .S .. 4...-f--'---'-Z Youthful Misconceptions lBeing an ouTline sTudy oT a maior TacTor corrupTing The menTal sTabiliTy oT Today's youTh.l AT The end oT our high school career, we are The surn ToTal OT ThaT which we have learned. IT There is one Thing ThaT high school has TaughT us, iT is ThaT noThing should be Talcen aT iTs Tace value, ThaT we musT delve. dissecT, and analyze even The simplesT Things. So now we Turn The criTical, examining eye oT The scienTisT upon Those Tales subconsciously impressed upon The youTh oT our world, Those TanTasies which have warped and corrupTed children and which are gradually leading To The desTrucTion oT manlcind. Gur TirsT case sTudy: The sTory oT The l'OId Woman Who Lived in a Shoef' This woman's predicamenT is a perTecT example oT The decrepiT, degeneraTe living condiTions Torced upon our senior ciTizens, who unTOrTunaTely Tind Themselves wiThouT means oT supporT. This sTudy, compiled by a leading psychological insTiTuTion llvl. Goose, lnc.l, goes on To sTaTe ThaT because oT her impoverished condiTion, she could feed her many children, who were obviously on relieT, only waTer and bread, and Then she whipped Them- whipped, mind you-and senT Them screaming To Their beds locaTed in The heel oT The shoe. We appeal To you! Should a woman who is obviously deranged be allowed To care Tor so many children? ln a shoe? CannoT The sTaTe do someThing abouT These deplorable living condiTions? Should liTTle children be exposed To such raw liTe, under The seemingly innocenT guise OT a Tairy Tale? A TurTher example oT The shocking sTuTT TaughT To our TirsT graders is Case STudy Number 2. We call iT "Rock-A-Bye, Baby." This innocenT-sounding Tale Tells oT a poor, innocenT baby, placed in a Tree Top while sTill Too young To deTend herselT. She was Torced To remain There Through one oT The severesT windsTorms ever wiTnessed in The conTinenTal UniTed STaTes. The wind grew amazingly sTrong, severed The bough supporTing The Tlimsy cradle, and The poor baby plummeled To her unTimely demise. Thinlc of The many youngsTers who have suhfered unTold Traumas aT The ThoughT ThaT They Too may someday be placed in a Tree Top some darlx nighT, and have The same TaTe af, The child in The rhyme had. EighTy'eighT Qne furfher example of fhe drama behind fhe fairy sfory is fhe hearfrending case of "Mary and l-ler Liffle Lamb." We use fhe name Mary, buf if could be anyone, since so many of her fype inhabif our schoolrooms foday. She is a direcf producf of fhese nursery rhymes, a delinguenf child filled wifh complexes and suppressed ambifions. We fake up fhe fhreads of fhis sfory when Mary was a young child. Having been reiecfed by her family and friends, she was forced fo seek solace in fhe company of animals. Teased abouf her anfi-social leanings, she receded even furfher info fhis animal world unfil she could nof bear fo be separafed from her furry companions for even one rnomenf. The fafeful day came when one of her friends, a liffle lamb, followed her fo school one day. l-ler feachers found fhe sifuafion infolerable and she was soon expelled. The besf place for her fo pick up fhe scaffered remnanfs of her life was af a sfudenf rehabilifafion farm. l-lere she receded even more info a well- ordered dream world comprised of silverbells and cockle shells and preffy maids all in a row. Because of fhis she became known as Mary, Mary Quife Confrary. ls fhis fhe way we freaf our sensifive, poorly adiusfed sfudenfs who find happiness wilh creafures ofher fhan human ones? Does our Board of Educafion condone This freaf- menf of children? We leave you fo ponder fhese guesfions, and we go on fo our nexf case, one wifh bofh immediafe and far-reaching social implicafions. Charles Dickens wrofe of fhe deplorable condifions of child labor in ninefeenfh cenfury England. Yef, we are in fhe Henlighfenedm 2Ofh cenfury and we foo allow fhese condifions fo exisf. We refer fo fhe shocking sfory of "Jack and Jill." These poor children, pracfically no more fhan infanfs, were forced by a greedy capifalisf fo climb-climb, mind you-fhe almosf verfical precipice of a huge promonfory, in order fo fefch a pail of wafer for fhis despicable creafure. Imagine fhese youngsfers grasping, clawing fheir way up fhe mounfain, digging fheir nails info fhe unyielding sfone. Jack was fhe firsf fo fall, his nails being foo shorf. Wifh an hysferical scream he fell. l'lis frail body was crushed againsf fhe hard mounfain. Jill came nexf. We say no more. We have presenfed here only a few cases. There are many more. We feach fhese horrible sfories fo our youfh. Will fhese vicious fales be allowed fo corrupf and warp furfher generafions? Young men and women of fhe world, rise up and crush fhese "Hidden Persuaders" which have done unfold damage fo pasf youfh and which fhreafen us foday! The fhreaf is foo greaf fo be ignored! Sfand up and crush fhis fhreaf fo wesfern civilizafions and fhe "Good Life!" See fhaf American sociefy is purged of fhis eyesore! Keep our counfry free from fhe rocky shores of Maine fo fhe calm Pacific-STAMP OUT NURSERY RHYMES!! TERRI PERRI and JOE LA PENTA Eighfy-nine The Jokers "BuT we was only kiddin' himl" Jimmy was pleading. "The Yankees didn'T even play ThaT dayl" "All The same, Jimmy, iT was a lousy Trick To pull." Jimmy sighed disgusTedIy and saT back on his hands. Smiling, he resTed his head againsT The Top sTep oT The porch. I-le was recalling, wiTh greaT relish, a Trick he had played on one oT The Tellows he knew aT school. l'le laughed, "I-lels such a nuTTy guy anyway, Larry-kid. I mean he's a real loser, you know?" Jimmy had The world divided inTo Two classes: The winners and The losers. I'le was one oT Those deTermined To be a winner. Larry answered him, gazing ThoughTTully aT his shoes. "BUT you goTTa undersTand, Jimmy," he said. "Eddie is a Tunny guy Tor a reason, see? Like, one Time he come in school one morning and his chin's pracTically scrapin' The Tloor. I go up To him, see, and I say, 'l'Iey, Eddie-kid, whaT's The big Trouble? Girl or someThin'?' 'Naahf he says, 'lT's noThin'. lT's noThin'.' 'Come on Eddie, you can Tell old Uncle Larry.' 'WeIl,' he says, "iT's iusT I never do noThin' righT.' " "Yeah," Jimmy broke in, "ThaT's whaT I mean. I-Ie's a real noThin' guy, ThaT's alll" "LeT me finish, wilIya?" Larry said, a hinT oT anger in his voice. "So I says To him, 'WhaT do you mean, noThin' righTf7' 'lT's like lasT nighT,' he Tells me, 'I'm comin' home Trom work like usual, you know? And on The way home, I see This TruiT sTand, wiTh This guy sellin' TruiT. So I Tigure ThaT my moTher and The kid, maybe They wanT some TruiT, see? And I buy some apples and oranges and This big, swell waTermeIon. I spenT all my dough buT carfare Tor The week on 'em, you know, buT I Tigure every- body's gonna be happy home, so whaT The hell. See, ever since my TaTher leTT, we don'T have much TruiT around, and The kid, well, he's nuTs abouT waTermelon, you know7' 'Yeah,' I Tell him, 'go ahead' 'WelI,' he says, 'when I geT home, Turns ouT my moTher boughT The exacT same sTuTT, see? And she sTarTs yellin' 'cause I spenT all The money and all. And The kid, he iusT looks up aT me and don'T say noThin'.'-" "Okay, okay. WhaT's The big punch line?" Jimmy snapped. "No, no punch line. NoThin' like ThaT. lT's iusT The guy's goT Troubles, ThaT's all. IT's no good To bug him. Like This big Tunny ioke you pulled on -" "LisTen," Jimmy said, growing impaTienT, "he puTs his money in The baseball pool, righT ?xi "Yeah, buT ThaT don'T mean-" "And aTTer a while we Tell him he won, see? We Tell him, yeah, The Yankees goT The game. They beaT DeTroiT, sevenTeen-noThin'." "And?" NineTy "And we Tell him The Tour bucks is his, see? We even give him The money, IT was me, Chickie, Angelo, an' Big lvlike. Anyway, you shoulda seen The look on his kisser when we Tell him The Yankees didn'T even have a game! l-le looked like his besT Triend iusT upped and leTT him-" AT This, Jimmy broke inTo a gale oT laughTer which shook his heavy Trame so violenTly he looked as Though he mighT Tall aparT. "Okay, okay! Can iT, willya7" Larry snapped, Tugging roughly aT his Triend's arm, "So The guy shoulda known beTTer. WhaT'd he say when he give ya back The dough?" "Oh," said Jimmy, iusT geTTing over his TiT oT mirTh, "l don'T remember. Some- Thin' abouT how iT The money was really his he was gonna buy some chocolaTe ice cream and how him and The kid was gonna have a greaT Time TogeTher. Ya see, his kid l3roTher is nuTs over chocolaTe ice cream -" STEPHEN LOUIS DONADIO Last Summer of Youth The wind whips by like a cyclone ride, Running Through my dress and under, BuT l never learned To Tace The cold, For l'm a child OT summer, And The sTrong waves' salTy laughTer, AgainsT your sunburned shoulder. Oh Tell me where The summer wenT, And TogeTher we'll go and Tind her. Asking where she lives and whaT she loves. And why she won'T sTay longer. And Tell her you're my lover, And Tell her she's my moTher. For There is no love on a winTry day, When The nighTs are so much longer. And you can'T make love Through a pair oT gloves, And a woolen coaT and sweaTer. Oh where are The waves rolling over, And The love ThaT we TelT in The summer? ELLEN LANDY NineTy-one The Motive Ivly TaTher enTered The room. I was so absorbed in some second raTe TV show ThaT I Took liTTle noTice OT him. Wearily he Said hello and, iusT OuT OT habiT, I reTurned his greeTing. I was like ThaT nowadays: aIThough I loved and respecTed him, I did liTTle To prove iT. There was a myriad OT reasons why I should give my TaTher The aTTenTion he deserved, buT I didn'T, and I had no concreTe explanaTion Tor my Tailure To do so. The program I was waTching ended. I Tinally Turned around To Tace him, buT his eyes were closed. The roorn suddenly became silenT and, excepT Tor a small lighT Tocusing iTs rays direcTly on my TaTher, iT was quiTe dark. I hadn'T looked aT him so closely Tor monThs. I-lis once Tine and handsome Tace was now marked wiTh wrinkles. l'Iis hair had begun To Turn gray. EveryThing abouT him had aged a greaT deal recenTly. I-Ie appeared so sick and so Tired ThaT I wanfed To go over and embrace him. Ivly sudden ouTbursT OT emoTion musT have been caused by a Teeling OT sympaThy, OT empTiness, and mosT OT all, OT guil+, buT The same Thing ThaT had resTrained me in The pasT-resTrained me Trom showing my TaTher any consideraTion-resTrained me again. I cOuldn'T undersTand whaT was causing This hosTiIiTy on my parT. I-Ie had been born in Europe and had come To America as a youTh. He worked nighT and day in This sTrange land To make a life Tor his Tamily and received very liTTIe Tor his eTTorTs. I-le didn'T even know The meanings OT The words "resT" and "leisure" There wasn'T a Tiner man To be Tound anywhere. As I saT There Thinking OT his admirable qualiTies, I suddenly became aware OT The cOnTlicT which had arisen wiThin me. I was Trying To delefe Trom my mind all ThoughTs abouT my TaTher, buT yeT, aT The same Time, I wanTed To Think OT him. Oh Lord, how hard I was Trying To discover The moTive Tor my hosTiIiTyl I was uncomTorTabIe now. PerspiraTion was running down my Tace: everyThing was becoming so diTTiculT To undersTand. AbrupTly I dashed To The door. A cyclone OT ideas was spinning around in my head. A Tew inches Trom The door I sTopped, com- pleTeIy paralyzed by one idea-one idea so sTarTling and irraTionaI ThaT iT numbed my body. The deaTh OT my moTher years ago had caused me unTold grieT. IT had aTro- ciously ripped my hearT in Two. The evenTual deaTh OT my TaTher, if iT occurred, would compleTe The cycle OT agony and TorTure. Since Those dismal days years ago, all OT my concepTions and ideas were irreIevanTly sTrung TogeTher. AT This momenT, however, everyThing was slowly conTracTing inTo one TanTasTic idea. IT was Then ThaT The answer I had been seeking Tor so long became clear. I was Trying To acT maliciously Toward my TaTher so ThaT The love and devoTion which bound us would be undermined. I acfually ThoughT ThaT by such acTion on my parT, his deaTh wouldn'T aTTecT me To The pOinT OT hysTeria. BuT This was so Toolish and ridiculous: iT was such a TuTile aTTempT. Even if I could parTiaIly accomplish whaT I had seT ouT To do, would iT be worTh iT? The answer was so simple, so Iudicrously simple. Why now, This very nighT, had I hrsT uncovered The TruTh? NineTy-Two The sudden chill oT The previous momenT ceased and my body was once more covered wiTh perspiraTion. My knees were buckling and The only Thing holding me up was will power. I TeIT violenTIy ill, I was Trying To prevenT myseIT Trom vomiTing. lvIoisTure covered my eyes and This caused me To Think ThaT The room was moving Trom side To side. Yes, I had Tinally discovered The real TruTh behind my anTagonism, buT, as so oTTen in The pasT, Time and iusTice were cruelly againsT me. I sobbed when I realized I wouldn'T even be able To apologize To my TaTher. DeaTh didn'T have To Take him TonighT! I-le was so good, so good, and I was so bad! I walked Toward The baThroom. SToically, Tor once, I reached inTo The medicine chesT and Tirmly grasped The boTTle oT sleeping pills. I was such a Tired, hearTbroken individual .... ROBERT BROOKS The Sophisticated Senior The TiTTh TlighT oT sTairs was in view aT lasT. I vainly Tried To caTch my breaTh, buT running up Trom The locker room had weakened me. "I am old," I ThoughT, "old beTore my Time, Tool" Four years of high school, Tour years oT reaching Tor The zeniTh, The eighTh Term, has IeTT me Tired. I am a senior, so I sTood sTraighTer, puT on my sophisTicaTed look, and sTared nonchalanTly aT noThing. The bell rang, and like all The oTher gazelles oT The school, I dashed To class. Running To class aT The sound oT The bell Tor seven Terms had become a condiTioned reTIex, and I TorgoT The newer "SophisTicaTed Senior" insTincT. I was Too IaTe. The Teacher, noT realizing my sTaTus, misTakenIy asked me To geT a IaTe pass. Down I Trudged Through The hallowed halls oT my high school To The TirsT Tloor, where, Tucked away in an innocuous corner, was siTuaTed The OTTice OT The Dean. I was To enTer iT, noT on an oTTicial Task, buT because I had commiTTed a misdemeanor. The shame oT iT all! I had To geT a IaTe pass. As There were a Tew people ahead oT me, I waiTed Tor my Turn by looking around The oTFice which was pervaded by a nice, homey aTmosphere. ' I remembered The days I had spenT working in The ATTendance OT:Tice. A, B, C, D-yes, I sTill knew how To Tile. WiTh a IaTe pass in one hand, and a room pass in The oTher, I once again paused beTore reaching The TiTTh Tloor. This Time I Talked wiTh one oT my Triends. Exchanging amusing episodes, we boTh laughed nosTalgicaIly lshe was an eighTh Termer, Tool and we ThoughT privaTe ThoughTs. NineTy-Three "She's dyed her hair, again," I commenTed To myseIT as I Tlounced my Talse ponyTaiI. When I Tinally goT To class, I was warmly greeTed by my Teacher, who asked soIiciTousIy if I had meT wiTh any guerrillas in The Time I had been ouT. When I become a Teacher, I hope I have his sense oT humor. The lesson progressed and I occasionally oTTered some choice commenTs. I enioyed sTarTIing The class wiTh some TidbiTs oT inTormaTion ThaT I had acquired Through my years oT experience. My nexT period was lunch. As I ran To The Iunchroom Ivia The boys' sidel I gaily waved To all my Triends, bumping inTo only Three sTudenTs and one Teacher, and dropping only Two books on The way. The crowded Table oT six girls, six pockeTbooks, Twelve lunches, Trays, sTraws, and raincoaTs was my Table. ATTer we had ToughT abouT who would Take away The reTuse IThe odd Tinger Takes iTl The period was aIn'iosT over. We seTTled down To Talk. BeTore we could say a Thousand words, I was ioITed by a sudden ThoughT. "Do you realize ThaT we are graduaTing, leaving These halls OT learning, These dear and close Triends, This way oT IiTe?" "ls ThaT all?" said Rhea. "I ThoughT you had swallowed a preTzeI sTick, whole, or someThing." I was shocked. "You're so calm. I-low can you be?" I was Tar Trom calm. In TacT, I was eaTing paper insTead oT poTaTo chips. "Don'T you see," I conTinued, "college will be diTTerenT. Never again will we ever gaTher TogeTher like This. We'll eiTher be separaTed or have new and dilTerenT Triendsf' "Remember Sing and ArisTa and varsiTy show and TooTbaII games, and all The oTher acTiviTies? And how can you TorgeT The swimming pool, even Though you'd like To? Remember The Tun going To and coming Trom school, on bus, and Train, on TooT and hand?" Two resTraining hands on boTh my shoulders reminded me To calm down. I Then agreed ThaT Those bus rides weren'T really rides, buT Trips made in suspended animaTion. And The Train-well, enough said abouT ThaT. BeTore I could say any more, someone kind and TrusTworThy yelled, "Five more minuTes To goI" We TranTicalIy pulled ouT mirrors, lipsTicks, combs, brushes, and all sorTs oT oTher "junk," We didn'T use Them because The Tad aT The momenT was The "pale look." InsTead, we iusT empTied ouT The Ten gallon pockeTbooks Tor airing. The bell ran and I hurried oTT To anoTher class, humming a Sing alma maTer. Yes, I was a sophislicaled senior. I was a sophisTicaTed, senTimenTaI senior who wanTed To go To college and sTiII sTay in high school. Is ThaT possible? SANDRA MESSINGER NineTy4Tour Spafzllft Secllian NX X7 I fffgxfi r, X . a nf. 2 ' -T4.iT2:Iii'! X ef ff! ,gg NN L A M Ku ,Q if Nw "' Z kgrrf-3 I Q, ' X 3 1" , . mf' I1 1 -f XXX -f4',1'57vL:b7LvjV X-V1 VI: -1 I I-,LN my E P ,I .I , .ke H55 a I m fly few ,mi 1' f .rrh-f' ,: A Mlruu 'mfflf 4. an Sb 7 A - 1, ff -ff if x N - . , 's -' U 3 am ia We T, A a afufew . ,1 -f X N , j rr, mx L., 'Q X ,U fl' UN-x3wE34x'j X' d ,, 12 ' , '-xx f i. gm 'L l nffq 43 , ':.. 53f!N , xi ,IJ , f U- -QVQ T -:.'l::,-1, ,-M. f refe r X . I J ' x"'?. ? 'nf' lf, j .I misfit . E ' 'X F1 QE , H f 11, .1 K xr, ,. .72 4" I'-.L 1, N 1 4. -- I .' '-Q55 a 'Ei xSQX'fw9!.Ef1'5Xf1fM 1 ff ,Q Q YXXQXEXXW 1 ' nfs! af V fx X N xv 'Q I", xii? , JU, . '- j'A' Q L xx I ,lr I I X I "1 'il 'ul' , x Ev tl-,lx 57 X , V--- X W -4 -T - 5 " 'I' mn ! f"" 'TK , -'.-f ' -ff:-1-11-DNN XS' 'ij-1 1 1 1 7 .A - .,-N..-f -- -N '-vvawxx 'jf-L' .. 3, 'jay , lf, Z' a ae A -Le - -a gr ef- 1 he :Q f, - - 1 ,' ,- '41 5, 3 -A 15.710 , ,f 1 1 . e. I ,f 64" - ' . " ' --elf ,Y J" f- ' .2i'Ta'+--i?-- -L WG. Yr'1Qaxx'rvxan,-N., "The kangaroo can lump incredible. fHe has +o jump, because l'1e's ediblef' Nmefy fnve BASEBALL "The pasT season was The mosT exciTing one in The Ias+ TiTTeen years. lvlosT OT The Teams were closely maTched and The games were nip and Tuck." These were The words oT Mr. Abe Felcher, coach oT The Green and WhiTe nine, commenTing on The recenTly concluded T959 season. The UTes' 6-4 record was good enough To Tie Tor second place in The Brooklyn PSAL Baseball League. l-lighlighTs oT The season were The no-hiTTer Tossed by moundsman Richard Rubino againsT Grady, The IO-O romp over Lincoln, and The 5-O shuTouT againsT highly-TouTed LaTayeTTe. The UTes appeared on Their way To a playoTT spoT, buT Their hopes were shaTTered by a deTeaT aT The hands oT Grady. Among The ousTanding graduaTes were CapTain VincenT Caravella, who led The Team in all-round play: Manny Davi, who did a Tine deTensive job behind The plaTe: Neil DiLorenzo, called The "besT TirsT baseman in The ciTy," and Jim LoNano, a "coach's dreamboaT" who alTernaTed beTween cenTerTield and piTching. OTher '59 graduaTes are lvlilce Migliore, AnThony Palmieri, Joel Riech, and Joseph Rizzo. BASKETBALL - Ending PSAL compeTiTion wiTh a 2-8 record, The UTrechT baslceTball Team Tinished The I958-59 season aT The boTTom oT iTs division. The season was highlighTed by only Two vicTories-The ones againsT LaTayeTTe and Madison-wiTh scores oT 64-57 and 62-47. Coach Jack Gordon and The cagers have reason To believe, however, ThaT The Team will reclaim iTs posiTion aT The Top oT The league which New UTrechT baslceTball Teams oT The pasT have held. The Two high scorers oT This year's Team, Richard STanl4y and Barry Erdos, who averaged 2I and I5 poinTs a game, respecTively, have Two years oT varsiTy ball ahead oT Them. GraduaTing This Term are Jerry Feldman, 5Teven l-lonig, Allan Kolcin, AnThony Rosimini, and MarTin SmiThline. BOWLING The Green and WhiTe bowling Team, under The guidance oT Coach Jerry Rizzo, Tinished The season wiTh a record oT six vicTories and Tour deTeaTs, earning a re- specTable Third place in iTs division. The high man Tor The UTe lceglers was CapTain John LoBianco, who averaged T63 pins per game, a record season high Tor New UTrechT. This year marlced The lasT season oT varsiTy bowling Tor Jay Brody, Richard Ferris. Tom Vazualo, and Ralph Porco. NineTy-six BASEBALL AND BASKETBALL TEAMS 3-.'l TENNIS fi The Tennis Team, in iTs TirsT year oT PSAL league compeTiTion, ended wiTh a record oT Two yicTories and Three losses. The neTmen, coached by Mr. lsrael Cohen, deTeaTed Madison by a score oT 3-2 and LaTayeTTe, 4-I. GraduaTing are CapTain David Kolaslcy, Larry Friedman, T-lanlc Klein, and Bernard SpecTor. GOLF Jay Raslcin, The New UTrechT clubbers, under The guidance oT Coach lrving Goldberg, Tinished TourTh in Their division wiTh a record oT Tive wins and Tour losses. GraduaTing in June is CapTain Arnold RosenThal, whose perTormance on The linlcs won him recogniTion as one oT The Top golTers in The ciTy. NineTy-seven '59 is. gg X ,, . C jg k,4 B'-X fi 2' 7 , . ' F I , again' ,V Q 'im FOOTBALL "CiTy Champions' are The words ThaT TriumphanTly and accuraTely describe The New UTrechT TooTball Team oT l958. Chalking up vicTories againsT Lincoln, Tilden, JeTTerson, Boys T-ligh, Madison, and LaTayeTTe, in ThaT order, The Green and WhiTe gridsTers, guided by Coach Sy Rapp, dropped only one encounTer. Among The highlighTs oT The season were The 2040 Trouncing oT Lincoln, The TirsT vicTory over The l-lonesT Abes in more Than 20 years: The 22-O and I8-I4 vicTories over JeT'Terson and LaTayeTTe, Two oT The Top Teams in The ciTy, The 22-I4 vicTory over Boys T-ligh, a game ThaT was Televised over MeTropoliTan TV, and a 6246 Tarce againsT Madison. The Team had many ouTsTanding individual perTormers. AI LeibowiTz led The Team and The enTire ciTy in scoring wiTh 92 poinTs. l-le was chosen Tor The AllfCiTy Team, along wiTh CapTain AnThony Ricciardi, who also made The All-MeTropoliTan Team. Second Team honors were besTowed on Neil Di Lorenzo, Joe lracane, and MonTe Midler, wiTh Jim LoNano and John SabeTTa receiving honorable rnenTion. CapTain SabeTTa was also The recipienT oT The "Lou Gehrig Awardw Tor ouTsTanding leadership and sporTsmanship on The Tield. Mr, Rapp was selecTed as i'Coach oT The Year" by Two New Yorlc newspapers. Graduahng This Term are Neil Di Lorenzo, Neal DirocTor, Angelo Freda, Jorv lracane, Jim LoNano, Mel Meyer-a, MonTe Midler, Anlhony Ricriardi, Milne Rovecrio, and John SabeTTa. FOOTBALL TEAM NineTy nine SWIMMING TEAM Une I'TUVldTG:fl TRACK TEAM SWIMMING GraTeTul Tor The TacT ThaT only a small number oT experienced Team-members will be graduaTing This year, Mr. Franlc MacDaviTT, coach oT The swimming Team, loolcs forward opTimisTically To nexT season. This year, The Green and WhiTe swimmers ended wiTh a record ThaT showed Two vicTories and Ten deTeaTs. The Tive members oT The Team who are graduaTing now are l-lanlc Klein and Ken- neTh Kramer, co-capTainsq William T-TelTT, Camillio LicarTa, and Melvyn Weiner. TRACK This yearls Track program was one highlighTed by succesSTul cross-counTry and ouTdoor seasons. Led by The groupls cross-counTry capTain, Arie Shaw, The UTes deTeaTed Poly Prep and won The Hclaclrson Browne Cup," named Tor The coach oT The Green and WhiTe Team. The indoor seasonls big evenT was The winning oT medals aT The ST. Francis Meol by CapTain Franlc Finale and Jerry Silverman. EnTering The new PSAL League sysTem, The cindermen deTeaTed Erasmus and Midwood in dual meeTs. The mile relay Team, one oT The mosT successTul in The pasT several years, Toolc second place aT The Queens-lona Relays. The relay Team placed TiTTh aT The Broolclyn Champs MeeT, Silverman and Richard MonTalbano won medals in Their respecTive evenTs. GraduaTing are VincenT CannaliaTo, Frank Finale, Larry GarTinlcel, l-lerb Green- blum, Michael Grubler, Allen LiebowiTz, Richard MonTalbano, Co-CapTain Ronalcl Reisman, David Rubin, Jerry Silverman, Arie Shaw, lra STeinberg, and Paul Wasserman. FENCING The newly-Tormed Tencing Team ended iTs TirsT season oT inTerscholasTic compe- TiTion wiTh a I-8 record. Mr. Lenny Luclcs, The Toilsmen's coach, Teels conTidenT ThaT The eTTecTs oT addiTional experience will malce Themselves TelT in TuTure seasons. GraduaTing in June are Michael Diclcman, Joel Jaclcson, and CapTain Irving Robbins. Gne hundred one HANDBALL AND FENCING TEAMS HANDBALL For lhe href rlme In eiqhl years The New Ulrechl wallmen, under lhe tutelage ol Coach Abe Rillin, were unable To Cop lop honors In lheir division. Plaxinq In The louqhezl league in Brooklyn, lhe Ules had fo sellle lor second place. Qululfmnfling performances ol lhe year were qiyen by Caplain ,Andrew Sgala and Co-Cfrplaln lirfrnlf Filazlo, holh lhrofvyear men, Filmfa remained undelealed 5 lhrouqhoul lhr: onlirrr ',f:f1',on frnfl Sriola ww, rlwlealod only ance, In af,lrlllif,.n lo lllfrxlo and Sr'-lvl, rwllwr June qr.nlu.uler, lnglnplg Riglmr-gl C91-gg Jerry Fclflrnan, lvlifhfwl Guwlrwfr, .rnrl Erlwnrrl ,la-.row-ly, Qne hunrlrerl lwo 'll' . ,Gr We -' 95 iff? X4 -,, -Q -fr - -- N.- A,-MA - ,-A -. - - - L f ..- - vi 3 , 5, 33 ,i4j3 , 3 J - fx . 'v:":" fa, ffl:-, fl: 1 fx xg,-33 f-31A :A --2 f-gf-Q , ,,e , ,-,,-..,fef-.- -,,-f:-: -N, , - Ziff' C35 i'ffS 'QU'-C' Ci , X.. 95 3 ,L . Ziff' CEC ' 1:05 i' . . f -,-3f--- 3,3 vlf N- -f l',l 'lf -- -,iff ,-2,-'-'fl f-sf--L lf- A M-L L,-fz-- ,f'- L, -,,- ,-5 -A-, x J ,- " H- f'N '-2-:I GO. CABINET NUHS STAFF Faiurfy Advrieri Mr, Crew Neff Uffecrw' siuderwf-, are Pep? Rnformed U fri" Q1 ' 43" ' 1 , r a 1-V1 firrrrwq iiurrallafs ffrv, mire and edif the scrrof, 1 rffrsane' LIBRARY SQUAD FacuHy Advisers: Mrs. Coffrelr Miss Loffus, Mrs, Marlro, Mr. Adam These srudenfs l'veNp ro keep our library In sysfemaric order. Memdinq coffers, keeping recsrds, and Filinq magazines and books are amormq The Tasks fhey perform. One Hundred five BUDDIES 1.111111'y A-1111111 1X111 11 1 1x1 1111 1 11- -1- 1 1 1 1 1 1111 111 11 1 111 1 11111 1111 111 1 111 1 11 1 11111 111 111, X11 111 111 111 111 11 11 1 1111- 1 1111 1 11 11 11 1 11111 1 11 1111 11111 11111 111 1f1111 11 1111 11 11111 1 11 1 11 e 11L1V11'1 KEY CLUB Feculfy Adviser: Mrs. Silva-r Snonuored by The KEWFJYHS CWub and enqiblf- fm IT", benefng, fn' fp' f fp- Cf ,.. 5 +51-,g .ny Hcip1l'we sclnooi and H10 Qfwnmunny. . X I l'J I I A U? " 7 NEWMAN CLUB Faculfy Adviser: Mrs Vidakovich This Cafholic orqanizafion malnfains qoa1s of qood cinzenslnip and sponscrs ounnqs, dances, and Communion brealcfasfs. One hundred seven ADMINISTRATIVE ASSICSTANTS SQUAD I:acuIIy Advkersi Mr. Noonan, Mrs. POTQII Mr, Nggqr yd Ms re+aI'y are asqfsfed Cy sfude-Ffa wI'II: are a3sIqrIed IC serve as 'TIE-ssenczfar and CI0 Ceriii n:rI4. ,ff . F7 'I ' FF K s W9 f- I I T g g Inf 5 Q Q I V 6 I 1 -'fn 0 I Ie A ,W i.......f .,,, , , :glial ,jflflil I "" I' I YL I If-I f? ,QP A . If I I ff fig: ! X W. - .I -. h E -wi STOCKROOM SQUAD IHIIIII, AIIJMI-I IXIII NI IIIIII INIII- I II , I ,II II-II- II , IIII I II, II"II.III IIIIIIIIIIII' I I I 'I I IIII, I 1 I , I , II I- ,III.I IIIII I L I ,II I X , I My Om: I'IImfIIr,:fI GIQIII ' 4 M i fr if ARISTA Fecuirv Adviser: Mr. Ceienia To become a member oi This honor socierv, a srudenr musr provide evidence of e high schoiesiic averaqe, service io ihe school, and good characfer. Some of rhe iuncrions of rhe orqanizerion are rurorinq, prociorinq. and supporrinq rwo fosrer chiidren, Qne hundred nine PHYSICAL SCIENCE SQUAD Faculfy Adviserz: Mrm. JMQIS-3n, Mr Sm,-Ii,-,, The preperefion of experinfienis and H19 fomplgtinm .nf gl,-4.3, I-,IL 1 H chief responzibilifieu. BIOLOGY SQUAD FacuIfy Advisers: Mrs, WunderIicn, Mr. Snein Transporfinq Hue school mascofv "Charlie 'ine sIceIe+on,"II'irouqI1 Ine I1aIIs and preparing rna+eriaIs for class demonsfrafions are among ine adivifies of Inis squad. One hundred eIeven DRAMA WORKSHOP F532 ,F-gfgeri fJ'E.fXl1iI"f"E 5 "2 'LW -- : 5' if: 'Vers DRAMA CLUB 1 x,', '31 M, 4 , STAGE CREW Faculfy Pxclyism: Mm, Gm. These boyz help We proceedmqg fun gmfmfhly ay ,,53,.,f, I I V 1 I wfher schfml perfmrmanies. BAND Faculfy Adviser: Mr. Cherry Rouslnq marches and mebdious fumes are pYayed by Hwese ab!-9 sfudemfs af sporfs event, Qoncerrs, and assemblies. One l'wundredH'1ir+eem Or wr: "wurwflrQ'J MADRIGAL I1 ullffx1f.x',v-1 VH M111 w I IH if MM: gl Y Mlm l11.wl.1.xw,.m -1. M1 pu 11 1 4 H L , Green and While Teams parlicipafe. CHEERLEADERS F-Scully Adviser: Mrs. Grau These vivacious qirls lead llwe cheers ol The speclelors al lnlwrsfwl imc 'pvls www' IH .-fhlllw TWIRLERS Faculty Adviser: Mr. Cllaffv . -1 s - ' f' ' ,s, ld "Have loalon, will 'rwirl' is H18 mollo ol these slllllul QW5 'll P ll lm al mme" Clamp al assemblies. One hundred lille-in DG hllff BOOSTERS fvufi, Alf: ww IXI4, Huy 'lfnuhfl 11111 'NN MMV T v4f'r1fxN.11w MW M x 17 ni P I , 1 N UNK SENIOR LEADERS Eacuify Adviser: Miss Maggiofe This group of selecied girls assisfs Hue Girls' Heaiiii Ediicafbri Depa du+ies as refereeirig baskefball and volleybaii games. 5, pedtfrvifa such One hundred sevenfeen SWIMMING LEADERS I:acuIIy AdvISer2 Mrs.ScI1er IIM5 group of capaI5Ie swimmers I1eIp5 To provide Im5IrucIIon and Io malnfaln II'we 3aIeIy QI New UWECIWI q rIS dudnq zfdrrwminq pedodg JUNIOR LEADERS IIu'IIIIf f"I,I-,Iv IVIV, III-nw-I I III, IIIIIIII I III-Iv IMIIII-I Inv- IIIIIIIIII If- If-I1 rw' I-II,.yI AII ,,,AlINIl,HNlII!1lm ne Iwundrcfl eigI'vIerm I2 II 152 gg A SENIOR CO-OPS Faculfy Adviser: Mr. Gcjoman ese sfudenfs affend school and work 5+ fu!!-Mme lobe durfrq EMEA Y Une hundred ninefeen PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE SQUAD I:acuIIy Adwfersz Mr, Hersh, Mrs, Brenner Rendering serwce as messengers and cIericaI assisIan+s, Inese sIudenI5 ard Mr. I-IersI1 and Inis secrerary. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT'S OFFICE SQUAD Faeulfy Advisers: Miss M-:Gra'rI1, Mrs. Zuckerman These boys and aids prowde assisfance for Miss MCGraIIw and ner secrerary by performing cIerIQa' Tasks and runninq errands. GIRLS' DEANS' SQUAD FacuIIy Advi:-era: Mr Yuppa, Mre. Fahey 'Ine qIrIs cn IM 'quad incIude Icoldnq up records and serwnq as DTESSGDQEVS annznq Irreir ddlee. BOYS' DEANS' SQUAD Ff1fuIIf f4rIfr',1-un: Mr, FJIIJIUIII' I, IJII, Mwfwv I,fruIIFI'I III: IIINIIIIIIIH IIIIII fI"IIl"IIII'I glrpr, In Mr III- ,run-. nr IILI grryllrf. One hundred Iwenfy GO-GETTERS Faculfy Advisor: Mr. Sfrlrfrrr Thegg boys, who lorm periloux pyra- mids and do ollfrer srunlu, help ro clroor fire gchaal learns al sporls rifvonls and rallies. MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD Facully Adviser: Miss Kramer Besides lrolpinq To supervise line Losl and Found, llrase sludenrs nrimeoqrfrph lasls, nolicos, and inslrucrional materials for various dopnrlrnenls ol rhf- uflrriol. RECORD OFFICE SQUAD Facully Advisers: Mrs. Sender, Mrs. Gruber Helpinq lo lceep rlwe records ol: New Ulreclrl sludenis and alumni in sysrernaric order and runninq various errands are lwo acfivilies llwar keep rlrese srudenrs busv. GENERAL OFFICE SQUAD Faculfy Advisers: Mrs. Reilman, Mrs. Klipsrein This efficienr squad lras, amonq Irs fnany responsibililies, 'rlwe iobs of operal- 'WQ The swirclwboard and sorrinq 'rlre in- cominq mail. One lnundred rwenlyfone Une hundred lwenly-Iwo A Zvi SERVICE SQUAD Facully Advisers: Mr. Schlesinger, Ivlr. Wellon This group has The responsilnilily of helpinq lo mainlain order in The calieleria and hallways and in many olher paris of 'rhe buildings. PLACEMENT SQUAD Facully Adviser: Mrs. Inman Keeping a record ol all parl'-lime iolns available lor Ihe sludenls ol New Ulrechr is The main Jrask ol lhis squad. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SQUAD Faculm Adilser: Dr. Drachman The-be sluclerls assisf The cleparlmenr chan-fnan Cx dere cerical work, Typing nolices, slalnplfq backs. and preparing exlfhils. SECRETARIAL STUDIES SQUAD Paciflx Aclxiwwi Mrs. Miranda, Mis. l'Ixrnan Ilw slmlvnlx in Ihiv qroup run errands, lilu, lips, .wil lake dicfalion Io aid Ihr Smal-l.ii' Sindh-5 Dvparlmenl. -w W "' mn " in an -. f , ,, A, M' WV M, M 'D n K f Aw f i NX' , , fav - f , 1 39 V '- ? 3':q ' ., I , ..,, if f -7 My 'Q 5 ,M f , ,, .Z 1 N YV in "" 1 - Mxsx' f - 'W' ,Qf": , V A, ,WL Miss - WW, I, ,Q "' ff 4 4 ? fd 4 Y' ,Z 2 f , ,W , X 'mn-m4w-an f Na M- f Q If , 4 " v"V22ff? 743 "4 0' M 'M '0fw'ww4wMW4f , W ' v, f ., I nf" Mfvwvwe - V' " Q ff - -.Www-V44 ,, ,,, , 4 J, h,gv1,.,.,,f,': , M: wWww.w,7,, I X , I rf W mam M' Ty ,vu jx Wmwig. , 'QW -W fu-if ,4W,,.v,,,,,,W X sg Q fp. w Q 1 , mms, s i l . W me S , gg X F' X: fwwrgg W .,,, A X M X X NYl'Wg"X ' x 4 , x 1N if Q A Q K X ,W j S, -I-'w K ,figs , , X V glwfff' 6 N r.,.x x 5 ' , i X 'fra' ' K swf' v A x . Mfg: SSE: .:,- X .. X if S if ax f Q ,I M55 g Q X 5 X wi X Q . Q, X Nw W S X f A X ' yrs H xmkn f .Q-f X SJQM x WN Qi W A H V fx , .ff wx F Q X SMS A 5 I A ' ' Q ,wimwlgfwwgw N' N wfgfv S . x in N' X X fx Q 2 41 S .ky WK O S Q E , 1 v 12 QW X2 QQ ff S 4 2: if 1 if s, 3, 5 f , , Z excellent design skilled craftsmanship superb quality RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER B051'0N I7 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, N. Y. PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING JEWELERS fl l'wl,1rlfIr0fI1Wf:r1lyIo Best Wishes for Success to the cnlirv U rfullmslsing Class from the omet Staff Une hundred Tweniy-five WOODSTOCK STUDIO 446 Fulton Street Brooklyn, N. Y Telephone: TRiongle 5-9272 OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER Lgsmzn PIIIQQQ, mt Letterpress - Offset Printers 33 Flatbush Avenue o Brooklyn 17, N. Y. 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Suggestions in the New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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