New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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wi-3 N-A if fx X Q BM '55'-vii'.fVs"""' "' 2 Q OSB? f lj f F1 f f y ? . 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I11111 11x 11l1'4I'll1'11X 111 111-11111, i11N11i1'1-11 11x Q11-.1111-N,1111111111-11 11x 111-.1111x3.1111111111-ix11.1x1-111111111111-111111-N1-1-11111li1111-1111111111-1111111411111-11 1.111g11.1g1- 111 11111-I1x. 1'Lx1-11 1 1111- x1-.111 1111 1- g111xx1-11 xxiI11 1111- 1ix1-N 111 s11111 Q11-.11 11111-I1 .1 511.1111-x111-.111-, X1i1I1111 .11111 511-111-x. I111 i111111111l111 xx 1115 xx111111 1111'X 1111x1- xx11I11-11 11111111 1II 1111- 111111111N1I1'11111111 11111-xx111111'.1111111'111 X x1-11111111111 11111- 11111-11x,1.11'111-X 11 1Il1Q1l1 111 Ill1'l1lIll11'N XX1I141I xx1- 11-11 1- XX1II ll - 11 11x11.111x 111111111111-111 I1111-11111-11x.1111-1111111-1111111111.111111111111.11-1I.11x 111111111 1.1111-, XXV1-111-1111.1111111111111111I11 11111-lax 1111-11, 1ll11l1'111l11XK1l'11Lf1'1111I1 1111111311 1i1x1- I11.-I 111 11 x1-11111111111 Q111xxx 1111111- 1111-1111111 xxi111 1111112 111 1111- 1111111111'l111 xx 111 111 I1x1'NlJl' -: Y111-11111111111-11111111111-111111 111 1x1-11111 111 Y1111111111i11N 11111 111111111-11111-11i11 11111111 x11 NV' M1 N L 1 L C1 NUT A TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 H wvlw In I."'r1:' Df1Qi1C1t1:i,r. fT'r'ir:1:fv! STI? ?'xY'1Y"fiI,'Ii S "4-2S'1.1f4 Sfvtxiiii' Ajxns-Af :Q Mf-sv: Q Tf-Fxtwzre ,xrif "V Vriifi jxf, ITiii'Y1?l.. CQ-,:":r' P3-reap - g'1'.v CjlTl',f'l',,"'- Us F1':,.1'r z 'lfztff Us'-'15 Ur ' EV-1, ' f+.Hf-.,:1f'f Iwi "f' f I' fVI!vf'111! TNQ T-i:"fI'. X 4iS'1f TQ Thr' F'gs:Qi,:A,1 Wymf- I T Sf::Tii'fL 'it Swings' Si-51.33 Ci-H151 D1':T'r Samir C:'JI,f"ff Ser,u,,r f1'i1lQ if Fiiif- Sfxirita Ulf d Slqfffrf lf- ICL1f'I.f .1311 JJ" E1wxr,,fv1: Hoyrifx .,, T. 1f1' VV!lA 'rf ii TLA.-1' :ml r. fluff-I:.r1.1 ff, 1:1 -"' i ijiffl. fly' !Hdr:.a:'.fif' Sewiir COMET STAFF Ed1fOfS 1n Ch1ef ANDHA OLSHEVER GVRALD AARO QSON Assocmte Edltors loulse Kaufman Alan Pelcelr r Ari Edltors L oil e laooos lu 19 Saa r Llterary Edltor Sports Ed1tor Estelle Canon Albert Fr e-des Bus1ness Manager Photography Edxtor Motor Ro enbera rtnor We row iz Semor Staff lllCG Al TS Marlene Baonrrar Rlta Be er' ed hr rw Bla dl Foeal U P erane ary Bown Reree Brown leanelie la Franx Cayomo Carole Coleen Fleanor Cos nlanano Plyl lS Dressler Ra mood F rzlg ank Feae o Cfaya l:9lT1C'T nan lda Forl an Martm GGSW1Tlll Corrlo Creralo loel Coodrnan Son11Gotrl1ola Carole Gam? llurle nlese Sllo y Kunda Al e Krukowskl Anne Lltler Ernle Lasso Plyllls Mao ms Frank Ma no Conrle lka olr I V1 Oddo Sandra Palmer Hola Parre l e lno Go a Foo "lCVJll Gma Ranrondo mo Rmaler Marl DF Robe 'eld Anne Row Elini Rolo Sandra Solae er For SClGL1bGIU li ve delle Q o Typ1sts Al oe Aorarne lfarg re-+ Heepe Ari Staff Wo 19 e ax Gerald Be rslcr wooe ardaoo da Co 6 Der e 1 ro P11 S Faculty Adv1ser MRQ nARRlPT SCHWAU H Art Adv1ser 4PS UDITH GRLEN Fmanclal Adv1ser R SlDlNEY ABRAMSOl ONHT own vx lreontrlou 5 1 o 'N A Y WQ +V l V5 Y 1 DP lUl.lAN UUSCHIVM C 4 V lfll wa 4 F X I ' . 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G AAROMSDW SON If I EE My P, SCHWA6-f.'Q 9,7011 are ID V. ,Qoseysevc ,QUJIMPIJ E0 f A FRFXDES Principal's Message From Where you stand now you may find it a bit difficult to believe but it is nevertheless true that today you are writing "finis" to the most exciting and important years of your lives-your high school years. We hope that these years have brought you all that you have Wanted and hoped for-all that your parents, your teachers, and your community have tried to give you: a deeper realization of what you Want to do and be, a passionate devotion to our great principles of freedom and democracy, an awareness of your respon- sibilities as citizens of this great and happy land, a respect for the dignity of all people of all races, creeds, and religions. On this We all agree. We have one overriding concern and obligation- to make this World a better place for ourselves and for those who Will come after us. ln this never-ending struggle you must play your part as others before you have played theirs. You must not believe, as some would have you believe, that there is no hope for the future. The glorious achievements of our country and our people are a living symbol of the Wonders our faith and courage and energy have Wrought. There are no hopeless situations. There are only men who have grown hopeless about them. There is much unfinished business for you and for all of us in this beautiful and turbulent World We have inherited. Take your place With those men and Women Who have dedicated themselves to the job of finishing that business so that we all may live in peace, security, and dignity. ABRAHAM H. LASS Congratulations upon becoming the proud possessor of a high school diploma. You have attained a goal Well Worth striving tor. During the past twelve years, you have followed relatively the same pattern as hundreds ot others in this school. Your Work, in large measure, was closely connected with school activities and events. This concern for and with educational projects will continue for those entering college. For others, the business World, the armed forces, and the home beckons. How- ever, no matter what your choice happens to be, each ot you is rapidly approaching the threshold ot an activity which must not be taken for granted or carelessly lett to others-responsible citizenship in a troubled world, in a World in which momentous decisions must be made it our civili- zation is to continue to exist. The schools have succeeded in teaching our rights as Americans. We have not been as successful in the realization ol our obligations. Recent studies have revealed that tar too many adults alter leaving high school, tend to torget very quickly what they learned as long as it is not directly related to their everyday lite as breadwinners, and tend to shirk their duties as cooperative voting members ot the community. ' Q Let us resolve to retain the attitudes and ideals stressed in the class- rooms and to remain alert, intelligent, humane, considerate ot the Welfare ot others, and, by so doing, achieve happiness and success. SIDNEY IAFFE Senior Adviser's essage N' xxxs-'Nas 'WHERE LAW ENDS NNN BELYINS x 1 fllllf ffm UH zffdpf Gxlflllan le 1" b H Rlchter 1 1 HMA'-bw pets r' Dosl t such con vm ced fathe Q IGI Y-5, A e casts hzs mps off to h1s .Jnce znszde h .ies no funless up to heav 1n th takes o t IS Wednesday Saturday IS room opens are upped nd W1 th shows e CItt1c the doo Gnd: h s fam ' a resounf O r close penczls wo sl tlm es pulls pqper and IS for lost the e I merges s a1r hls face IS fro 171 the 1171 S . - Lf.: U' . . . 7 '41 ' " AN A. . J f fm. Pm'f',3 ' i ,fe UMW U' ,, Lf, ffl I , . wwf ffm hm., Ar! J, , ec Y L I v ' .. A I f - gg: px be But, '.", f, ,.,' V me 'um gff l- This h' the - 'f th ' e ' 4 ' I - at As ,A P f pxx in . I en, Al . ' ' , e , , , u ' , ' i A " ' , - ' ,- I I ' hi h ' Q r . . N Y v A ' Denms ESPOSWO J JUL 24 .9flf0l"Afl6!0 pu r 111! 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V f I ' In 3 '- II1' . ' I AI - I ' . . - - I .. I I' . ' . I Q : I' ' - ' A I1 A I' II. A " I1 I 1 In ' . I - 5.I IJ ' A 'I :I I QI I I II- .-I I I. A f Ii QI A A I. 1 A I I Iv Ig. ", 1 :I ' I X 'IS ' I'Ie I' 'n I In - - ' I Af" II' A' A ' A' in IL fl. I I ' . M ' ' - 2 I .' 1' Q - Q I 3 'Q . VI K 1, A QI I -I'A Ie I ,ISIN QI, -IIIXA-' -C-I - Q SIII -ISI. I' Q , --I' A I I ' II . TI A I I ' Cr ' A . . IA' A I 1l1cI ' II'n I ' I " ' ' . ' ' ' I I I1IS S , S I ' I1 'IrIS v'I 1 Io il I1'S I "I11I , n A' Son. u A' ' I1 1 ll I 1Ie' I A' 5 ' ' Irir I ' 'I 3 ' J S S ' I I ' A1 ' Ar I 50 ' as. .' ' I ' I I1 1 I S ' I ' I ' Ie' '11 I11 I 1.r1cIS oI It I I 5 1 I I1r'A'c'I' 1IwrI II11 'III A' UIIQ I' "I I' AI II Il.'. "In II I A 'J 5 Iuj I1 I IIwr in II11 1f1IIvy' pl .',' cf. 'I'I1v UIIFIKII SImIur Som1rIcrI c1:1I :Io 1 II11 I1iII- SiI 3 'I ' 'L I I 1 '.'. To UII ' Im KI H' :I:ir1AI I1 1IIl Jo I I I fb' " II - If' IIA' I I II SQ I. 'I'I I A Q Q QI I. sl cruz nun fur zrazua ro 1 ron ustmumec up ll J' ur N za llf tts mm 1 a utzman st un anof IPI KUIC c ol ur ur rf 1 ny nu oc x 1 y NU C 1 sum 11 N N fl 4 Iurcu fl Il s nl If f ll mln X lift I 1 Creation The Lord saw the need for a llght And created the heavens The sun to glve hght to day The moon for lesser gods who feared darkness The Lord felt the need for beauty Fnd gave HIS planets trees Plants flowers and water Mountams and canyons But there was a lackmg And the Lord knew But could not create For Hrs great mmd needed a spark And He felt the loss and was sad And made the desert and jungles lee made storms and flies He was d1SSC1l1SflEd Th1s was the spark He made a mocking bzrd to scold Hxm And an echo to repeat His mlsgxvmgs Lxfe had been lTl1SS1I'lg And He was now sahsfxed And happy, and He made more lxfe And He made the hsh created the ammals, He made the bxrds to fxll the heavens And the reptxles to remmd Hzm of Hls former sadness And He had glven traxls to all. And was tlred and becoming confused But there was another lackmg And with a mental chaos God made man MICHAEL LIPP 'i 2 V11 A glell fu lrl at-Ig 1 lltll lS'l'f1?l1'f.l ll- -t IlI5I11.A t.l1 gl ,II fou f 'J '11 P ff." ' .1nrf, Tl ' I ' f Ill fl' ' an Ill frrfi g of Mffvlfo. ffvffo. llvlln Clfffj. 'nfs is lucfj on flu' lvru: ffm Tuf rl1'i1'. .ln ,lrrfr rrotlrlwcf in ffm 5 XXII lsrf 'fi sufcfivr rvslvrf in fri: Qi fits. Ilf Ntlll't'1'K'!IfIH' "JJ", . . , fl pvrufiur winrf rippvrf ruross ffm rfvserl nuff fnfvw open ffw rover' of u ffifzfc lying near ll rrufio on ll lrlfbfe on llw fvrus fC'lH',l1f'f Al" '. ill' If f fwmn 177 fhxflt vnwrqvrf from this ffifafffs lllll'fK'lIf ' "im: Hffvffo furfj. ,Voss Q1' 'r'u'i1'vrf. flawwuvlrf mth Xl. l5RIIfIllfS o PERSPECTIVE lust as the young chrld who wanders from the comforttng protect1on of hrs mother I too frnd myself lost ln the mrdst of a world whlch I do not com prehend I stare about 1n awed amazement grasp1ng lrantlcally for a gurdlng hand that w1ll steady me and lead me to safety I have entered a chaotlc world frlled wrth hatred greed xntolerance and 1gnorance a world whtch seems to be dedtcated to exterm1nat1ng 1tself Less than a decade after the worst confllct rn the hrstory of mankrnd the threat of global war IS agaln lmmrnent CIVIIIZGIIOH IS no longer at the crossroads but at the trafflc lrght of hrstory A socral economrc and pol1t1cal struggle between the forces of com munrsm and democracy has succeeded rn d1v1d1ng the world 1nto two oppos mg camps each polrtrcally and mtlrtarrly terntrng and thrustlng rn a constant search for some sort of advantage In a sense 1t IS comparable to a courtroom battle wrth each srde presenttng 1ts case although ID some cases the pre sentatron may be of a surreptrtrous nature When we are asked by the Jury What IS democracy? Why should we favor our system rather than another? what should we answer? Could we not say that democracy IS nothrng more than an attempt to apply the prrnclples of the Brble to human socrety? ls thts not a better phrlosophy than Relrgron IS the oprate of the people or The end Justrfres the means ? Whrle the drama unfolds rtself before our eyes we the spectators should ask ourselves Are our bodres and souls whrch are now th1rst1ng for the thrllls adventures and knowledge of hte to be uselessly expended on a battlefleld and forgotten before we have tasted the frults of lrfe? Should we fear our future l1fe and the multrple complexmes 1t brtngs wrth lt? Instead let us remember that fear IS a natural phenomenon and that everyone at one tlme or another IS afrard The pornt IS however a coward obeys hls fear and runs whereas a brave man recogmzrng fear for what rt IS cont1nues onward Let us remember also ljranklrn Delano Roosevelts rmrnortal words that brought comfort to a panrcky natron rn a trme of dtstress We have nothmg to fear but fear rtself As wrth everythrng else the value of llberty IS enhanced by the drffrculty of attarnrng lt There are those who belreve that rt takes a threat such as commumsm to awaken the people to the fact that all the lrbertres whrch we take for granted are on the threshold of berng forcefully wrested from us If we are to contlnue l1v1ng ln a socrety of free men we must take actron vrolent rf need be to preserve that whrch IS the very core and foundatron of our natron Lrberty must not be surrendered at any cost lf we wlsh our chlldren and our chrldren s chrldren and all generatrons to follow to be able to walk on thts earth as free men fearmg no one except God and nothrng except the wrath of God Each person must flnd peace w1th1n hrmself before he can flnd the gurdrng hand that wrll help hrm weather all storms and crtses l have found my torch to lead tne way when darkness comes Farthl rn God democracy and myself a farth that I know wtll carry me on to whatever herghts rt IS destrned that I should attarn I am no longer afrardl ALLEN FEINGERTZ I3 1 11 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 I - - 1 11 . 11 . ., - tt -- - - 11 tt 1 , ., ,, 1 1 1 tt . . .. 1 1 1 1 . . .. . . . .,, - 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . 1 . 1 . . . . . tt . 1 . 11 1 I . 1 1 1 .. . , . . 1 1 , ,... A 1 . ,.. ,.. ,.. "' -4 '63 IQ umm: 'X.2KnS- FK A4 97 1 nav '1 w 'I Tl 111131 her aolae y He oc-c c o IOR1 BOB GAS E? QQ Ll E UG 'JL GOI' If L '1 MYROI KAPLA P ba e T 3 W la f 11zy bea1 g dov BARBARA AUSUB e vell :mae emana UIA1 0 'iam fi 1 o ma LIOT BOGAHT effar ocmu Q nc ll Dla1e11f1 ia1a1Q 01111 LLLIOT BOGART L 11111110 P1C1C1'1a In qloc '11 hke Q 11a1c 11 nma 10 we ae e O11 D k Q HEBBY KU' A Taurus ffgsposxfo XI a 1 Lew 1 1 a Lam W 11 '1 Qhaa N C1 1 BTP LLB BOHE1 ace a 131 11aH WOT' '1fG1I6 11111 '11c'1 a v L 16 HO1' AR BPRGEB '15 e hr a are 'W 11e1 w111c and p ar BROTHY CO1 ELL 115 'om Luce a 111 GT T1 L paw ada dr p IN O ll' XGT 1611 19 1 DOROTHY DOI ELLY mflake Hp F1011 1 c p 11 S1 C MARFIA BALLIQ beef PC1116 11 of '11 a a 11 gc The 113111 11 ly am S6129 MABJA BALLI11 ."D f 6' . X1- 'Q 4' 1-J f f' .1 lx I JA 0 0 A Daj V .115 EW W The 51.11 Gas, TF 'lpef C '7 Set ff A K ' 1. YQ 11 desxay '1 T 6 O'1'ST 11 s1i1l si1e111 CITY B 'i i 1 T1 9 - G' A 9'-'G 11'-v A C I 1 ws. Rewrn Q' i D 13 fl QS 1 T., Q . "- ff SLLTLI 1 CC- God tt: ' VV1t11C 1 cr found M T1 399- VV! '43 It glia 511113 wh erflfbss Hai: il 1 is Q. ff Arid s 1 1: disappears fra 11 sight 'F' t wl ' 1 '11'1r1e-ll QXVGIX A Bifu Z2 T730 I TI ' -' L5 . ly 11 1 T1 1 web, Fee, whirliia TCLlI1j, Whse 1A e ia 1 spun IAF? in A x.f1s1',i' -3 ls Fly farm 10 fit? savage sC1111'j---:Ii 31 dew, w11h 13111 a whiff C1 wma L O Frfapf Y, gsie BEL BL, 1 YN Y nw H15 D T111 - 11 'S - S11 1 ' 1 5 " " , Ci this large O C2 ,, fe 1 Q Q' g :ie Or be 1, 112 1C 'i rc very B . frie' 1361.211 VLICIEE 1 By 1 If Pars 011. Q - EL F. 1 ffl B ' e, I see 11m 1 1s A Src" S1 1 Cf,O1L as 'if C1b1t1r1'1 1 .hc sky Jfli TE'l1'I'11CJUf A I 1 1 ' tj 11 1:11 To .113 ' 111 1:1 fl -111 flight By 1111311 It 111639. , V ,. 'I ig jr' x1"-"i'Il ' 1 A 'rg 111, 1. .3111 AA f' ' 1' fi 11,15 111 My Yigif K :YS Qfflzip Bur '1 Y t1 ' jzih of 121 S 1 . I Q U21 C5 111955 5 HNF ar n ss, Isleep. S DID' f' F ON RAISING TRUPPLES A truffle the drctronary says rs any of varrous subterranean edrble fungr of the ascomycetous genus Tuber and follows rt wrth the cryptrc t Fm truife t Pr rn trufa ort lt m truffa g LL tufera der Osco Umbrran tufer c L tuber esculent root Anyhow rt seems that truffles are grown around southern Europe or omewlrrere and not rndrgenous to the Unrted States Thrs rs aurte fortunate for LS however srnce truffle farmrng carrres wrth rt the most unpleasant of occu patronal drseases namely rnsanrty Forsooth trs unfortunately true that all truffle farmers after one harvest Cplease note sarcastrc connotatron of quotatron marks? rnvarrably rncur psychoses neuroses dementra praecox delerrum tremens advanced drscombulatron and other sundry and assorted forms of flerdermous rn the bell tower Clt has been sard that truffle farmers are the marnstay of the strarght 1acket rndustry J For that omnrpresent breed the statrstrc hound the rnsanrty rndex amona truffle farmers rs lOO Cthese hardy souls provrde 3X4 of the world s supply of hand cut paper dolls? Thrs frgure rs made more rmpressrve Crf possrblel by the lrst of runner up occupatrons among whrch are flagpole srttrng threadrng needles rn mrnrng shafts punchrng holes rn doughnuts collectrng snowflakes managrng the St Lours Browns and wrrtrng materral for hrgh school maga zrnes Why condrtrons are such can be easrly percerved by anyone acauarnted wrth the art of truffle farmrng But most people know as lrttle about rarsrna flyrng frsh Cor fools for that matterl Therefore thrs sage scrrbe wrll endeavor to rnform the rll rnformed about the frne art of truff'e farmrng as practrced rn parts of southern Europe and Rangoon CThere have been rnsrdrous rumors brurted about that truffles are berng secretly grown rn northern Slobbovra and berng used rn the manufacture of barracuda bart but these unscrupulous canards srnce they are berng spread by southern Slobbovrans are generally regarded as false D To get back to the toprc as no doubt you are most desrrous the truffle farmer an eager young sane man decrdes hrs truffle crop rs rrpe and ready for harvest Now srnce the truffle grows underground rt must be detected bx smell And srnce the fwould bel farmer a mere human rs eaurpped wrth tne not too keen olfactory organ evolutron has placed between hrs eyes he must turn to a more sensrtrve snoured creature namely the prg So our as yet sane truffle farmer eaurpped wrth prgfsl sets forth on hrs fatal rourney H follows hrs prg eagerly apprehensrvely optrmrstrcally Cpoor fooll untrl the delrcate essence of truffle reaches the sensrtrve creatures porcrne snout He fthe prg that rsj strffens for she as the case may bel hrsfherj nervous system trnglrng wrth frve alarm ecstacy Then hefshel sprrngs to actron and begrns drggrng furrously at the sacred spot The farmer eagerly awarts Then the truffle rs unearthed' The farmer stoops to grasp rt and glup' one swell foop for fell swoop rf you lrke that sort of thrngl and the fabulous fungus rs gone trtrllatrng the taste buds and glrdrng down the gullet of the perfrdrous porker Wrth the farmer rn close pursurt the prg dashes zrgzaggedly from spot to spot exhumrng and consumrng truffles Before long the farmer assumes the conventronal prone posrtron of frustratron nose to the ground arms and legs flarlrng the arr rneffectrvely untrl true to form the nrce men wrth the whrte coats come to lead hrm away to that comfy tax free padded cell over the hrll and far away Ia , , . Ill I I ' lr I 1 . , . .: . , . .: . , . " , . - ' 1 . - . . . . - , , e, . or . , ' o . , ' truffles as, say, gnawing gnus, doppling gangers, or even pooling livers or . . -. . 1 - . I . . , , . . . . , 4 . - A W I . 4 - I . . . I . . A 6 . f i . , , , , , Of course the farrner doesnt have to use a p1g l-le may use a dog wh1ch has no afflnlty for truffles and harvest all he wants However truffle farmers are an 1deal1st1c lot and must preserve the 1dYlllC tableau of Man and hrs Pra Not that a doa 1sn t n1ce but next to a pta would you compare a lark to an aardvark? a slrthy tove to a borogrove? hmrnrnrn7' You bet your senlor button you wouldnt Well that s about 1t You now know as much about ratsrng truffles as l do out dont let that d1scourage you You go rlght out lnto your backyard and rarse all the truffles you want And you needn t fear 1nsan1ty elther s1nce hances are you dont own pras ln fact anyone who would keep pras 1n h1s backy ard lS deftnltely straraht Jacket rnaterral Nom ttat your 1ntellectual curlosrty has been aroused concernlna truffles r teel su e you w1ll tntrnedrately get all the tnformatton ava1lable on the subnec and really get to know rt v ell l rearet trtat l cannot cont1nue thxs parte any further as l must now hasten to my backyard to feed my ptas KDSEPH RUSSO Ufll YA!!! -LUN Vt e all attended the funeral O1 our late dear uncle Dan The pnest extolled the vlrtues O1 thxs truly dear old man Vie all were sad and grxevmg You could tell that from our tears how we regretted hrs departure How we loved hrm all these years Then we trudged off toward hxs munsxon For the readmg of the wxll Of course thls meant nothmg to us We d rather have Dan wrth us stlll He d not forget us ln hls testament Fo he loved us as we lover' hxm But we shouldnt talk ol money On a day so sad and grxm The lawyer s readrng what Dan hed wxshed St essmg each word for clarxty Oh no no no thus cannot be I c gave h1s dough to charxty Dear Uncle Dan the dxrty cur Rnd every l1kew1se synonym But I guess the end result d d show That he loved us as we loved htm STANLEY SOLOMON I6 1 - r A f V I ' A I . . . , . . Ot J . , 7 , . . . , , . . , . , . - 1 ff ' ' ' ' ' V . . , Y, Y . . . , . Y 1 7 . . . . l , Q f YQ . . .. . . . . . . Q , . , , . - V t ' . v' 1. 1 , . f 1 v ,f 1 X . . I f ' I7 ' r 1' . A r I 1 1 v . . I v Ziff g , A ffm rr' ff I f if fZ,g.,.,, Blang, clang-far off in the salty ocean Decked in a shroud of fog-the bell buoy. The sands were cold, lifeless. The dust of thousands ol bones bleaching in The sky was gone: Pulled aside like a curtain To reveal some awesome thing. And there yawned the gaping hole of infinity Salty demons crashed venomously Against the cngry rocks, ' Ar And huge black clouds grapplcd with each other Spitting and spewing their blackness. belching Und writhmg The boardwalks curved about and ran out To meet the sea deserted. The timber rotted and Bright flags and posters laded. An eerie whistle of music floated out- A carousel, the gaudy paradise Ol proud stallions leapt and danced And the hurdie gurdie tune urged them on. A lone figure-he clutched the horse's mane And grabbed for the brass ring and then Was flung dizzily around to try again, around and a ound Three rides for two bits. How many? Why for hours and hours and hou s The barke: sat transfixed For how many hours?-for eternity. And the rider swung around and around. The ring iust out of his grasp. A mad awful scene-EVlL- Around and around and around and once cgain The san bleached it. The rain washed it, The wind buffed it and the sclt blew. And still around and around and around. 11' And the And the And the And the And the gay flags blew off musxc stopped motor broke down barker had turned to dust sea was close so close Eatmg up the sands but strll around and around And the nng the brass rxng He had caught xt And at last wnth an angry whxrr The carousel was no more And he was flung to the sands The sea grabbed lor the rmg And tears flowed mto the ocean And he was carrred m a cradle ol sea and salt For lar away from the shores untxl He sank neath the last waves MARCIA BALLIS Bc ware' A eadly frpor c e ps Wrm gleammg eye o stee l qurcklv tur away to hrd The ter or that I feel Tre suddenly I roorc agar lr read of slvny uglm ss The splendor of a rose Sweet fragrance graceful oeau Do Q worldrous spell xrnpa l touch the sllken petals DROPS OF POISON PIERCE MY HEART SA QDRA OLSHFVER Txs midnight and we sleep A sleep that overpowers and mesmerxzes our senses A sleep that mullles nature s breathmg Tl'e murmurrng of a vagrant breeze Caressmg the wet pavement The mcessant surgmg of waves agcnnst the shore Pll are excluded from our tranquil slumber Tas mrclmght A day has dred a day IS born 'I8 ROBERT CUTICK , . , . , . . . ' d " r e , ' 1 '. .5 f . l, ' A n ' 'e Lf r . 1, '. n , ' ' 'n But now my eyes disclose is . Q ' ' ers - , ' Ty' 4 v -IS. I . . . . . . The Economy Publlshlng Company ll83 Park Avenue New York 27 New York Mr S Agomstes 2075 79th Street Brooklyn l4 N Y Dear Srr I thought ld drop you a lrne about a matter whtch could be of the utmost lmportance to a person of your mtelltgence and broadmmded approach to the problems of modern socrety As you probably know you are one of a select group of three and one half mrllton enltghtened c1t1zens who have mastered the sctence of Effecttve Human Relattons an accomphshment of whtch you can feel 1ustly proud After all how many people can wake up each morntng and say to themselves My popularlty my happtness and my rncome depend to no small extent upon my skrll rn dealtng wxth people? Yes old fr1end possessor of a magnetrc personallty you can consrder yourself a very fortunate man But tell me pal now that you re surrounded by admrnng frrends and are the center of attractton everywhere you go don t you sometlmes become nostalgrc for the peaceful and soul reward1na solrtude whtch IS the reward of a repulsrve personal1ty'? Dont you mrss the emot1onal sattsfactlon of bemg utterly obnoxlous? Well old buddy 1f the answer to the guestlons above IS yes Cand l know that a man of your s1ncer1ty and deep 1ns1ght could only answer yes l then llsten to th1s sctntrllatrng bargarn you have lust decrded to purchase Merry Mlsanthrope Amencas leadlng magazlne for the progresstve far slghted hermtt The next lssue of thts great magazlne w1ll contam such rewardtng art1cles as One Hundred Common Grammar Mlstakes and How to Correct Them Most Consplcuously Sadlstlc Practlcal lokes Wtth Stmple Home Equtp ment and The Physrologlcal Beneflts of Eatlng Peanuts at Lectures and Concerts ln addltron to thls wonderful publrcatlon whrch has been a btble to practtcal recluses all over the world you blood brother wtll recetve free for no extra charge a two month supply of our on1on garhc chewtng gum tn order to take away the stckemng pleasantness of chlorophyll our latest pamphlet The Forgotten Art of Usmg The Sword Cane and a portable lron malden So tt you want a new streaml1ned type of aggresstve repulstveness orde now' If you are not sattsfted after two weeks please wr1te a heart rend1ng plea to our complarnt manager who wxll arrange an appotntment wtth you so that you can watch h1m Jovrally laugh rn your face M1santhrop1cally yours Srlas T Economy Presrdent Economy Publtshmg Co HAROLD LECAR 'I9 , , , You, dear comrade, have just bought a life-time subscription to The I 1 - I - , . . 4 . A I , . . . N f. , . Ac' lXuJAfng lll'I'.l 0 Vwlith the dawn Aurora's sprightly glance Was aired on the flowers' spirit so blithe. Bs in the lively and carefree breeze, Sprinkling fragrance so sweet c.r1d warmth of breath, Blossoms swayed to and fro. Through meadows of green, over high hills, Down winding roads hummed a light whiff of wind Gently stroking each passing petal, Paused whilst encircling and rustling the leaves And nestled in the trees. Awakened was the violet blue: She blinked, then nodded to the gay wind In its course so lively, ever swift Leaping in and out of the waters, Twinkling in the smoky light. The green grass shone in the morning glow, Blades dispelling radiance divine, Winking at the sun, to the insects beckoning The stalks stood tall, adorned In caps ot glistening dew. In deep blue above soars the skylark, And whilst slowly descending in flight, Gave forth song sublime, ever lilting lr' clea: tones so vibrant and sparkling, They dimmed the sun's bright rays. With the dusk the raw, bleak blanket of frost Was spread over life iust green, iust budding, Crisp, then brittle the leaves became, In an instant crumbling to dust, Fell past gray sky to the ground. Diawing one last breath of life, the flowers, Iust lately sprung and standing, gave way to The force of harsh, violent gales, Fcrscking their color yet bright. Thus, all of lite had perished. I cast my glance into the stream 1'-Ind saw the waters rushing by I turned away in sad despair, For now t'was clear to me at once, That life was lost in time's swift course. ESTELLE COHEN A 9 El f 11151112121 101 If zcnb an O Hllfblllg xt gl t mjele Zllfb 3 Il Ogden Nash SPORTS NOTES HOOPSTERS After l l3 of the second and sudden death overtrme the Utrecht noopsters walked off the Madrson Square Garden basketball court wrth a 54 52 vrctory over Flushrng f-hgh School and thelr ftrst C1fY P S A L basketball champronshrp The Utrecht aurntet had gone undefeated rn regular season play before headmg for the playoffs The competrtron was rough but the hoopsters downed Madrson Lmcoln Taft and Iefferson tn SUCCSSSIOP to move 1nto the fmals where they met Flushtna for the champronshrp More than 2000 Utrechtrtes came to Madtson Square Garden to watch therr team play tn the frnals They wttnessed a contest that was tremend ously excrtmg from start to f1n1sh The regular game ended rn a 49 49 t1e necessrtatrng an overtrme pertod However the overtrme penod also ended rn a tte 52 52 throwrng the game rnto a second and sudden death overtfme The Utes won the tap worked the ball untrl at the l l3 mark brg Mrke Parentr grabbed a pass from l-lerb Mark man and took a short Jump shot that dropped through the hoop wrnnrng the aame and the champtonshrp for the Green and Whrte Mrke Parentt was Utrecht s top scorer and rebounder settmg smgle game and playorf scormg records Mrke was fed beautrfully throughout the play offs by Shelly Brodsky and Herb Markman whtle Herb Kesten starred on de fense Danny Berlm s all around play was a brg l1ft to the team Parentr Markman Kesten and Berlrn of hrs startrng frve and hrs three top reserves rn Zack Manrckas Iack Grmbelman and Marv Bashner Bonnle Bets manager of the team for the past two years leaves also Next year s team w1ll be burlt around ace backcourt man Shelly Brodsky and p1votman Harvey Kozrtsky Other returnees wrll be Marty Chodroff Allan Wemberg Sam Wrnograd and Walter Chrrstlan BROWNIES Sparked by hfgh 1ump1ng ferry Bernstem and therr crack l 200 yard relay team the Brownres took second place rn the clty mdoor track champronshrps Bernstem won the crty hrgh 3ump champronshrp wrth a leap of 5 9 The l 200 yard relay team composed of lesse Bergerwttz Ed Romeo Phrl Barnet and foe Barone won therr event rn a trme of 3 20 l Phtl Tesorfero took second rn the 220 Srd Scharf placed second rn the l 000 Charlre Montalloano took fourth m the shot put to account for the other Utrecht pornts The Brownres lost to Boy s f-hgh by only three polnts At thrs wr1t1ng Coach Iackson Browne has hrgh hopes for hrs team tn the crty outdoor track champronshrps After thrs term Mr Browne w1ll lose Co Captarns ferry Bernstem and Srd Scharf plus half of hrs champronshrp l200 yard relay team rn Iesse Berger wrtz and Eddre Romeo through graduatton Also graduatrng thts term are Al Ersenberg Gene Levenstern Paul Mrnettt Allan Brooks Sal Fazzr lack Durso and foe lorro Next season s mamstays w1ll be sprlnters Phl Tesorrero Phrl Barnet foe Barone and fake Levy shot putter Charlte Nfontalbano hurdlers Lenny Guran and lack Neharna and cross countryman Anthony Mastronardr 22 IH e.. ' " fl W 1 or e. " ,yr r' . , l 5 ef? 1 'o I ' 0 , I I A I . . 1 Turning to the prospects for next season, Coach lrving Goldberg loses , , , , I - I I I I ' I , : . . 1 A I I 1 - , ' A z , GRIDSTERS To quote my predecessor Thts past season Coaches ferry Shaw Ray Puppelh and Ben Vltale were at the helm of a rather rnexpenenced football team To quote Mr Shaw Th1s comrng season we wlll be at the helm of an even more lnexperrenced football team By the end of Iune the Whole ftrst strrng wtth the exceptron of lolsn Cangelosr wlll have graduated Those graduatrng thrs term are Backs Ed Romeo Al Ersenberg and lrwm Koslk Ends Al Dorfman and loe Palumbo Tackle Sonny lngahnerr Guards Paul Rosenfeld and Frank Federrco Cen ter Ralph Cretella Mr Shaw expects to bulld next years team around Cangelosr Fred Prtone Pat Am1rat1 Tony Negrr and last term s 1un1or varsrty The coach 1S not overly opt1m1st1c about h1s teams chances but he expects rt to lmprove as the season progresses and the players acqulre more expenence Wrth regard to the problem of student support Mr Shaw hopes attend ance at the game w1ll rmprove smce all the games w1ll be played rn Brooklyn thrs comrng year DIAMOND DOINGS Coach Abe Pelcher has once agatn come up wtth a team that has a good chance to take the PS A L baseball champronshrp The team wtll play mne league games wrth the toughest competttron expected to come from the Madfson and Llncoln nrnes Outftelder Captarn Vmny Ascrolla shortstop Seymour Solomon flrst baseman Frank Incontrera prtcher Max Housenbold and catcher Anthony Castelll form the nucelus of thls year s team All are returnees from last year s squad that won srxteen of erghteen games before lostng to Ttlden rn the playoffs After th1s term Ascrolla Solomon lncontrera Housenbold Castellt and Paul Rosenfeld graduate leavrng Mr Felcher wrth a rather lnexpertenced group of boys to Work wrth NATATORS Coach Prank MacDavrtt was sorely drsappornted wtth h1s team s showrng last term Mr Mac had hoped that wrth added expertence and practrce the team would develop 1nto one of the best Utrecht swtmmtng teams IH recent years However the pool had to undergo repatrs wh1ch lasted unttl December Graduatlng thrs term are Captaln Dave Napelbaum Stan Horowttz Sey mour Cassorla Charles Henry Mrke Se1gelman Ralph Cretella Marty Lerner and Ronnle RGIS Also graduatlng thrs term 1S Manager G11 Cassorla Next years team w1ll be bu1lt around freestylers Henry Landau Mlke Berloff Howle Gold Trevor Engblom Thomas Marano Iames Rerss and Fred Solomon Backstrokers Ed Cardrnale Al Montague and Barry Webman Breaststroker Howard Shaller and DIVGIS lrvxng Brothman and Anthony Fazzese Mr Mac hopes for a marked 1mprovement rn h1s team s showlng KEGLERS Somethrng new has been added to the Utrecht sport scene thts term Un der the able gurdance of Mr Croohe a bowhng team has been orgamzed The team won frve of 1ts etaht encounters wtth the opposltron ftmshtnq tn a t1e for frrst place They lost a playoff to Erasmus by Just thtrteen ptns The team s record came as a pleasant surprrse to Mr Croche The prospects for the future are very bllxftllf wrth th1s vears squad re turnlng en masse The returrees W1ll be Captarn Paul Stlngo lo In Acterno Vmcent Balduccr Godfrey Tedescnt Sal Marztghano Donald Hasse lra Trast and Barry Webman 23 tt - 1 1 11 ,, . . , . . ,, , 1 , . . 1 I 1 1 ... I Z I - . , . - 1 1 1 1 - . . , . , . . 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , , 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 . . . , . , . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . , . . , . 1 g , i , . 1 - - 1 - 1 - - 1 . , 1 . . , l , . , ,. . . 1 1 1 1 1 I X " rf' , ,, rf -WWYQ 'ff A X lx ,QTQSR3 Q ,., f., ' 'fm Q . f' 1 , ifx, 'fx vu 1 sr- , ,wg X f 1: -w as -of -1 2 . I . ,, ., .. .,,,. , -, JX fn' SPCRTS Before last semester the matortty of Utrecht s teams had been ftndtrtg tt hard to emerge from the ranks of the oft beaten Thts year however marked Utrecht s rtse to promtnertce tn the ctty s sports scene Thts betna our sentor year tn htgh school the events leadtng to our re dtscovered and re conquered hetahts tn the fteld of athlettcs wtll undoubtedly leave an tndeltble tmprtnt on our mtnds When we have lona stnce become alumnt of New Utrecht ana when thts years trtumphs have become but dry stattsttcs to most we of Utrecht wtll not only recall the thrtlltna moments but those who made trtose moments posstble Those who were outstandtna tn mak na thts our btg year tn sports as selected by thetr respecttve coaches are lVltke Parentt Ierry Bernstetn Std Sch rf Ed Romeo Vtnny Asctolla and Dave Napelbaum Thts year the most outstandtng ftgure tn both our school s and our ctty s oasketball ptcture was Mtke Parentt More than anyone else bt Mtke was responstble for the success of the hoopsters The 6 8 captatn Parentt led tts dtvtston tn sco tna really breaktng loose trt the playoffs averagtna 31 6 potnts per game and scortng a record 5l potnts aaatnst Taft ln the tnal game wtnntng basket that brought Utrecht tts ftrst ctty P S A L basketball champton shtp There are many who belteve that Mtke wtll be an outstandtng college basketball star lerry Bernstetn Jotned the track team last December but stnce then he has become one of the best htghtumpers tn the country as well as becomtng o captatn ol the track tam lerry has come tn ftrst tn the state and ftrst P S A L tn the enttre country tn hts spectalty l-lts best performance to date ts a brtlltant 6 2 leap tn a dual meet agatnst Ltncoln Std Scharf the other co captatn of the track team has been a member of the team for over two years and at present rates as one of the best mtddle dtstance runners tn the ctty Std has been a conststent potnt scorer for the team stnce he Jotned tt Hts best performances tnclude a ftrst tn the Masontc Meet mtle and seconds tn the Brooklyn Champtonshtps mtle and the Ctty Champtonshtps l OOO yard run The best ground gamer the football team has had tn recent years ts Ed Romeo Ed enpoyed hts ftnest grtd season thts year playtng a superb game of football all season and comtng up wtth a game wtnntng 70 yard touch aown run agatnst Far Rockaway Vtnny Asctolla captatn of the baseball team has done a tremendous Job of flychastng these past two years Coach Abe Felcher has a htgh regard for both hts tteldtng and httttng abtltttes There has hardly been a game thts season tn whtch Vtnny dtdnt star tn one way or another Stnce totntng the swtmmtng team Dave Napelbaum has made tremendous strtdes toward becomtng one of the ftnest swtmmers at Utrecht tn recent years Dave ts normally a breaststroker but he spectaltzes tn the IUO yard butterfly Any ttme he was entered tn an event Dave tx as sure to ptck up potnts for the Utes AL FRIEDES 26 f A 1 I I - I L . - 1 1 E. , , . , I, Il . ,A W . ,,. . , . H . I i. of the playoffs, agatnst Flushing, Mike scored 32 points, including the game I - I I t , . , - , . , t . . I , . HE CPHILLIPS 1 ff all Lclll H7 nf Mau' 112 1 ESPOSITO Robert Burns .III Illfiffg 1, jl1!,ItQ5'.l. ,wtf 17?'l't'ff1I1g lfmllglvlt flu! tfnzfl 1101 dw ,md txnzzmf be dfxlfoui. Wordsworth elf! lOl" LHP? FEBRUARY 2 F1rst day of the term THIRD meettng of Comet staff The theme whtch reflects the esthettc mmds of the staff was chosen FEBRUARY 4 Program cards Homework so soon FEBRUARY 5 Meetmg of Comet repres ntattves The ra e beams between Paragraphs and the old fashtoned Kno ks and Boosts FEBRUARY ll Ftlled out State Scholarshfo apphcattons Bo Could I use the money FEBRUARY I3 Knocks and Boosts are m the lead FEBRUARY I4 We re pretty pat1ent but when do N9 get ou Semor pms2 FEBRUARY IB Knocks and Boosts ttre as Paragraphs draw out 1n front FEBRUARY I9 And tts Paragraphs by o nose FEBRUARY 24 Senlor Class elect1ons Conaratulanons Mtke Std Ieanette Ruth M and Ruth W MARCH 3 Hoorah' Semor pms at last But theres no roorr for na1l pohsh' MARCH 4 and 5 State Scholarshtp Exams What IS Cale MARCH IO Sentor Celebrtty elect1ons Who IS Samso AQOHISIGST MARCH I4 College Boards Guess Ill s e you IU Brooklyn MARCH I8 Basketball rally V1ctorv IS tar1na us rlaht the face MARCH I9 Oops' There goes our f1rst Comet deadltne but well deftnttely meet the next one MARCH 2I WE WON' C54 525 But what happened to m VOICE? MARCH 27 Semor Hats Avast ye landlubbers' MARCH 28 Senlor Celebrlty Dance Btager and better that ever' APRIL 4 I2 Easter Vacatton Comet edltors spent a restful I week wrftma arttcles APRIL I3 and I4 Club p1ctures for Comet APRIL I6 Sentor Jewelry Were wonderlna tf our aolfi Jewelry w1ll suddenly become patrto 1C and assume the school colors APRIL 22 24 Formal Mldterms Arent Regents enough l U . , 1 , . in 'D I -- ' e ' . c I' c ., W , . . . XY: I It " ' ' 1 ' ' ' l 1 I' donia noted for? Where the --'- is tt? - , ' e ' . --f I " ' ' s ' . ' L, l - g Y gg . . I , K g L - --W ' , ' L - ?I . , J, Y F. L - so ' ' I Comet X Comet A s' .f ,its J if :T ' M' um, rw ,X N . P .: .5 -f 'f H- :i :GMI Q: 5113'- "V fu . ., ,,. .. .. " ., . -nf .V 1.1. . . 1 If .. 'i11I f. 1 ' fi J ' 'J I.. -3-M1 Yi . lil.. Y' Cf QM 2 .1 .T S X A . f X ' :T,',:.1H',1 '.Y.7,.:f'2.',.L-T rf' .I --,.,,-Y-,,vV.'w'. , 'J 5 . .,. . ff' .1 ' ...W I.: Ml" H If , I..- . L, Q'zf:.:i 1,11 J 'fi ' QW: : w ,. ,..,.Q , s...,Q .V M, ,,,,Q: , . .,... ,,.,, .. . L. - ,T 41..", ,... ,' . , . '. rx if'-. Iwi gl ' .' '.'..f"f:' N 5' 1'I,'L- fi" .sir T: 'nf 'Q Lv--5 ' :H uri 'K fr - ' V ., . , . ,, . 1' 11. V XJ., .v f' ,.1' V V. , . ,. 1 1'If1"f 5' .7 1 '1- ESQ: .fl V , 1.- V V ' ' . , , ,AQ ' ' ' ,, V ,w wry ' xr xml XAX X B 5.53 nj LM 'K' LJJ LM GERALD AARONSON 1438 52nd Sf Ed ln Chief of COMET Sec and Boy Exec of Sr Ansta Jr Arnsta GO Cabunet Servlce and Scho League Boys Dean Grade Ads Service Squads Math Team Program Comm Jerry, nndustrlous hard worklng edntor, exhlbnts h1s superlor mtellect rn math and science He hopes to be an en glneer ANTHONY ABBATE 8401 15th Ave Gym Clerk Band Servrce Squad Anthony IS a very versatule fellow He enloys pamtmg and desngnmg Anthony s t a r t e d seelng the world when ho traveled ln Italy I-le may con tmue travelmg when he be comes a martume otlicer ALICE ABRAMS 1273 43rd sc lHT OFllce GO Congress Sec to Mr Zeuger and Mr Potell Senior Staff Writer Alnce has her heart set on two things marriage and a Career We re sure shell do well ln In both JOAN ABRAMS 1853 53rd St Swnmmmg Leader Treas of Buddnes Sr Cubmet 7th Form Sec to Mrs Nash Mass Mcgraths squad Cafe terra squad .loan enjoys ralslng hamsters She would luke someday to be come a model STANLEY ABRAMSON 7108 20th Ave Service Squad locker Guard Cafe terna Squad Stans ambltlon I5 to have has own TV and Radno busmess Has favornte expressuon I-lello Charlue' MORRIS ACHLUFI 1547 40th St PHYSICS squad chem squad Servnce squad Morrus plans to get lus degree as a chemlst at elther Cooper Umon or CCNY I-hs hobbues are ralsnng troplcal fish photography We re sure h succeed an hrs chosen profes slon ANNETTE AGOSTA 1723 43rd St Pretty Nettne has only one am bltnon to b Asslstant Nurse Her hobbles are danc mg and smgmg Her pet peeve ns a curfew ps bw ?x T' Z' S 1 DOROTHY AGUAIR 7313 17th Ave Dorothy IS by no means qunet but very well lnked She en loys dancmg and skatmg She hopes to be a success nn tho buslness world and later on a success as a wnfe Her pet peeve I5 tests and homework RUDOLPH AIELLO 5620 16th Ave Rudy lakes baseball and gurls JOSEPH AIEVOLI 8124 'I3th Ave Joe specnalnzes IS Indoor sports, partlcularly bowling and pool He wants to go to college, and he has h1s eye on the Anr Force after he fimshes EMANUEL ALESSI 1222 40th St Servlce Squad Cafeterla Squad Emanuel IS an ardent sports enthuslast When not engaged nn some game he plays the un whatever he does GLORIA ALFIERI 1411 77th sf Coop Sec Mrs Samuelsen Program Comm Dean Squad Sec Mr Fox Popular and mtelllgent Gloria wall be able to fill her one am b1t1on which ns to be a good housewnfe for BEATRICE ALLEN 1565 41st so Rec Sec of Servuce League Sec t Mrs Inman Sec to Mr Fox Sec t Mrs Baker Jr and Sr Leader At tendance office Bea s ambnhon IS to become a psycholognst She loves tango Should be quute a treat for her patlents DAVID ALSTER 1840 78th St Servnce Squad Officer Servnce Squad Schol League Dave IS a good lookmg fellow who enloys math and physucs and plans to be an engmeer We re sure he w1Il succeed wlth hls plans as he IS 1nteIl1 gent and perserverung 31 - l - L .I Vx . . . . 0 I I ' h to Q ,g 4 . an ' ' ' . f f ' ' 'F 1: ? I 0' u 0 . I - I I - ' W - 'V k o U . - . l , , 1 - A .- - . . i '54 .'- . ' ' ,5 4 guitar. We wish him good luck , 1 ' , K7 w Lb ' R. . . . , . . . . - f , ' ' ' -u ' A K ' A . i in , A A . . . . I l ' . , . . . o . - . : I ' L ' ' ' ' . . . or 1 V if in , ' . D to I , e Vx .:,.,.. , n . - 4 ' . . - e an . f- 4 ' i ' . . . K ' ' ' PETER AMANTE 4155 Fort Hamnlron Parkway Servnce Squad Peter enloys playmg chess and golf He also Inkes many dlf ferent types of water sports He lntends golng to college to study accountmg JOAN AMARANTE 1667 84th St GO Office Co op Program Comm Joanne IS a loyal Brooklymte who lakes dancmg and boys She hopes some day to be a model FLORENCE AMATUZZO 1269 53rd St Co op Program Committee Sec l Mnss Snnder Frank Smatra IS lucky to have Flo as one of his rnost ardent fans She enloys popular musnc and danclng Her ambltlon to become a Sec and eventual ly get married She has a wln nlng smlle and personality LAWRENCE AMEROSE 1617 75th sr mals Hns hobby ns collectmg ammals and hunting Hls ambl hon ns to work nn a zoo or own a pet shop MICHAEL AMOROSE 1871 86th St Mike IS one of the mcest sensors we know Has hobbles are fishmg horseback rldmg and baseball Llfe s ambltlon I5 to become a TV technuclan PATRICIA APREDA 8118 18th Ave Thus lovely brown eyed lass who charms you wnth her sung Ing hopes to become a pro fesslonal smger Patty should we call her Dnmples an ardent sport fan And look no pet peeves' She llkes everybody' BERNARD ARMADA 1628 64th Sl Bernle llkes to read about and participate n all kinds f sports Another of his llkes I5 food of almost any klnd Hls ambltlon IS to be a success an the field of Aeronautics Good luck 32 -r' W -mfs LEO ARMAO 7410 19lll Ave Slx foot Leo ns interested m sports Hls ambltnon ns to get a good 'ob as an automobnle mechanic Good luck' RAMONA ARRIGO 1430 79th St Known for her gnft of gab dark haired Ramona terested In music Her ambl tnons are to become a teacher wuth an M RS degree VINCENT ASCIOLLA 1547 57TEl Sf Vunme can thank Inttle else but baseball That Inttle else IS gurls He llkes to discuss world affairs Hls frlendllness wlll help hum succeed nn whatever he does' LAWRENCE ASKENAS 973 47th S1 Larry wnth hus pleasmg smlle llkes to relax by watching TV Hls best sublect In Utrecht was hlstory He lnked the school except for one thmg the lunchroom We wlsh you the best' FILOMENA ASSENSO 1718 64111 St Conme enloys playmg the pnano and watchmg televnsnon although not at the same tnme She ns also known for her frlendlmess and her personnlal smlle MARIE AULICINO 5311 17tll Ave Pretty Marne us mterested ln a career as a raduo or televusnon scrlpt writer Her hobby s dancing and playmg the piano The sports that she s interested ln are handball and roller skating BARBARA AUSUBEL Hao 46th ss Servsce 81 Schol L agus S B. Jr Arista Assoc News Ed of NUHS S Leader Englnsh Squad Swimming Servuce Barbaras oft spoken manner and slncernty are an unusual match for her beautiful red hanr Especnally fond of Intera ture and history she enloys athletics . . . - ,sg , ' . . l l - -I - l- ' j E ' is in- 5 A 3 , - - 1 ' : . 5 - ,.., , 1, . . . . ' . . H A M A ' .' 0 '. . '. . ' . l . . is A,..: . b J Q A I l Lenny is very interested in anil at 'f"loYs Playing loollwll' He . I ' - . . U AS, l l li. 1 ' . - " R .v,.,, .:,', I R l . . . , - , A " . - . 1 . I is 5 ., W ., H V' 1 - - . . . H ll... J . . ' , . . , Q- ' I 'Q 351 ' . e , r. . . . i . o V ., I 6, I : 'I '. ' , . ' . L GLORIA AVINO 1450 79th St Everyone who knows Glorla wlll agree that shes wonder ful to know Danclng skatmg and collectmg records are her hobbles She wants to be a secretary but not for long She plans to gave lt up for a 'ob as a housewufe MARLENE BACHMAN 1403 40th St Deans Office Language Oftlce S Stat? Wmer Marlene possesses a character and personallty which cannot be equaled Her slncerlty and wllllngness to help I5 what makes her fruendshnp so valu able Her ambutlon IS to be an elementary school teacher ANTHONY BADOLATO 8607 18th Ave Gym Leader Tony always has an eye for a pretty glrl Hls favorite pas tnmes are baseball and wood working He also Ilkes dancing Hrs ambmon IS to become a cnvnl servnce worker or a pro baseball player Good Luck' JOY BALBER 1735 oznd sr Co Captain of Swlmmlng Squad Bud dies Swlmmmg Club GO Rep Sec to Mr Forrest and Mrs Scher Dlmples intends to go to B klyn College to study nursing We hope shell have some tnme left for swlmmlng which IS one of her favorite pastnmes Good Luck' VINCENT BALDUCCI 6417 19th Ave Service Squad Track Team Bowling Team Vmnys lnterest and hobby I5 gurl s' He must be quite a Don Juan' Hls ambntlon I5 to become a dentist He should have no trouble with hls pa tnents the female ones' MARCIA BALLIS 2016 82nd St Ed In Chnef NUHS Debatlng Team Exec of Sr Arista ,lr Arista Servnce League Buddues English OH Squad Sr Cabinet Marcla s ambmons are to have a three foot pony tanl lind someone to Interpret her po etry, and travel by thumb She usually appears wnth the apology, 'Gee, l'm sorry l'm so late' ' JEAN BAMBARA 1122 58th St Co op, Dr Melnken's Program Squad, Dr Melnkens Squad Jean who ns known to us as Bobs hopes to become a your nahst Oll pamtmg, movnes and baseball are her favornte pastrmes. A J JOYCE BANKEL 1311 43rd St Sec to Mrs JaHe Joyce I5 sure to be a success nn whatever she does She IS noted for her long hanr and her sense of humor ALBERT BARBANO 1628 Bath Ave Al IS most anxious to become an alumnus of Utrecht H llkes hunting fishing and go mg to auto races Has ambntnon ns to land a good 'ob or pos slbly go to college ROBERT BARDAVID 8216 14lh Ave Service Squad Robert ns held nn hugh esteem by all He hopes to become an other Sherlock Holmes Good luck' HARVEY BARMACH 936 43rd St Gym Clerk This young man IS Interested nn basketball He llkes pool but only as a hobby Harveys heart belongs to the Navy and he expects to lom soon after graduatnon ISADORE BARONE 8303 14th Ave Track Squad GO Rep Schol Omce Locker Guard Gnr s, youll have to run mlghty fast to catch this fel low' He engoys all phases of sports music and photog raphy TINA BARONE 1725 59th St Program Comm Coop Tma enloys all sports especlal ly swlmmnng She would luke to become a secretary LESLIE BARTH 5614 15th Ave English Bookroom Squad, English Off Leslne IS full of fun and pranks He hopes to attend the Um verslty of Pennsylvania and malor nn Business Admmnstra hon 33 LISELOTTE BARUCH 8416 'l9tlI Ave Attendance Off Math Squad GO Rep Sec to Mr Brown Sr Arlsta Servlce League Attractive Lee is a fiend for swimming She will settle for something less attractive, and become a lournahst after grad uatlon MARVIN BASHNER 1629 48th St Basketball Team Football Team Boosters Marvs secret ambition is to become a pilot Guess at isnt a secret now' Athletics and dancing are his favorite pas times Hrs favorite saying is 'When ln doubt e wonder what the rest of lt ns' ARTHUR BEGELMAN 4418 18th Ave Physn s Chem and Bao Squads Bla Club Service Squad Art though he has a quiet sense of humor can be called very clever He can also be called a wonderful guy NORMAN BEIN 7920 'l9flt Ave Eng Bookroom Squad Service Squad Jr 81 Sr Arista Math Team Norman doesnt like home work but he does nt anyway We could tell this by looking at his marks We hope he wont have too much home work when he becomes an en glneer EMILIA BELTRANI 6218 18th Ave lnfirmary Squad Dean s Squad Emllla enloys skating and swummmg She hopes to be come a singer Her friendly personality will help her attain success ROBERTA BENJAMIN 1470 44th se Sec to Mr Forrest Mrs Samuelson and Dr Melnken Coop Red haired and hazel eyed Bobble has the ambition to travel Her ever ready wut I5 always there to amuse us Her favorite pastime is dancing RITA BERGENFELD 1855 75th St Dean s Squad Grade Advusors Squad Schol, Off. Sec. to Mrs. Rasencrantz. Utrecht will always remember Rita for her wide smile and winning personality Whatever she does is sure to be a suc- cess. 34 if HOWARD BERGER 222 Bay 23rd St Grade Advisors Squad Health Ed Off Clerk Sec to Mr Croohe Serv Ice Squad Service League Program Comm Utrecht is sorry to lose a guy like Howle He plans to go to Brandeis and then to Europe for further study After getting his doctorate, he plans to be come college instructor We re sure hell make lt' DANIEL BERLIN 1455 55th St Basketball Team Cafeteria Squad Gym Clerk PM Congress Sec Mr Felcher Just give Danny wine wo men and song with a basket ball or two thrown in and hell be ecstatic CHARLES BERMPOHL 1118 85th St Charles hopes to become weather man or a bank pres ndent He likes horse back nd Ing and baseball He finds time for gurls too He was on a champion softball team in school We hope that he suc ceeds in all has endeavors GERALD BERNSTEIN 1559 39th St Capt of Track Team Bla Lab Squad Capt of Debating Team GO Con gress GO Cabinet COMET Art Stal? Jerry could be considered the perfect all around guy Not only does he excell in art but he ns also an illustrious mem ber of our track team All this and brains too' ANITA BIENENSTOCK 942 50th St Sec to Mlss Fitzgerald and Mrs Burke Anita has a very lively per sonaluty that has gained her many friends Her likes Include sports and dancing She hopes to be a teacher LORRAINE BIERMAN 4715 Bill Ave Attendance Off Buddies English Off Typist for SPIRAL Service League Record Room Squad Sec t Dr Drachman Charming Lorrles ambition ns to be a secretary Her hobby IS listening to music and swim ming She dlsllkes people who show off We don t blame her' EMMA BIONDI 1675 50th St. Madrigal S..nior Staff Writer Sec. to Mr. Croohe Mrs. Lateltin and Mrs. Schwager Cafeteria Squad. A nurses uniform is this girl s ambition -All pre-meds take note. Her sunny smile and sweet disposition are her keys to success. RONALD BIRNBAUM 1072 50th Sl To be or not to be us Ron mes questuon He untends to study dramatucs un college Watch for hus name un lughts' .IUDITH BISCARDI 1405 70th St Sec to Mr Cohen and Mr .laFfee Softball Team Blue eyed Judy hates tests and hustory She wants to be a pru vate secretary after gradua tuon Swummung and basketball are her favorute pastumes CARMEN BLANCO 1756 56th St Co op Dr Meunkens Program Squad Carmen wuth her pleasant per sonaluty wull surely succeed un her ambutuon to become an ex ecutuve secretary Her favorute sports and skatung and base ba REGINA BOCHNER 1171 45th St General Off Sec to Mrs Potell and Mlss Freuman and Mr Musk Reggue has a fine purpose Iufe In her own words, she wants to help humanuty by guvung aud through mental care Her aum us a degree un psychiatry ELLIOT BOGART 1353 53rd Sl Grade Advusers Squad Math Team Sr Arusta Schol League Known as Mr Sutomers boy genuus Elluot prefers math to almost anythung At the rate he s goung our Elluot wull solve all the problems Eunsteun couldn t do IRENE BOGUSKI 1736 61st St Blond pretty Irene us a very talented gurl Besudes beung a good actress, shes unterested un dancung drawung and de sugnung We hope she succeeds un her dramatuc career' MICHAEL BONAVITA 1037 40th St Prouectucn Squad Band Track Team Muke us an outstandung mem ber of the school band He lukes photography and plans to be a televusuon enguneer or cameraman CHARLES BONDAR 1930 78th St Servuce Squad Servuce League Stage Squad Gym Clerk General Off Squad Chem Squad Chuck lukes sports, especually baseball and swummung After school he teaches arts and crafts and does home repaurs He us unterested un scuence and hopes to patent hus own ventuons TERESA BONO 7219 New Utrecht Ave Dr Meunken s Squad Muss McGrath s Squad M Rubuns Squad Muss Chase s Squad Co op Program Comm Teresa us one of our Co op students She lukes swnmmung, horse back rudung and skatung Her ambutuon us to get nuarrued PATRICIA BONVINO 4117 15th Ave Pat us a sweet and quuet gurl who enloys many thungs She untends to become a book keeper She enloys roller skat ung bowlung and watchung televuslon DORIS BORNGASSER 1141 80th Sl' Sec of GO Gurl Exec of Sr Ansta Jr Arusta Servuce and Schol League J 8. Sr Leaders Feature Ed f NUHS Thus clever gals got every thung, uncludung dumples A fa vorute un Utrecht Dorus fruend ly smule and warm outgoung porsonaluty are to be admured DANNY BOSSO 1652 61st St Servuce Squad Dannys hobby us electronucs Hus ambutuon us to be a busu ness man Wuth hus charm and talents he cant help beung a success MARVIN BRAUN 4210 15th Ave Service Squad Deans Squad Marv us one of our favorute senuors Hus chuef hobby us col Iectung records and lustenung to musuc Hus maun ambutuon us to open a musuc shop Good luck' MYRNA BRAYMAN 8891 20th Ave Eng Off Squad Servuce League Program Off Infirmary Squad Locker Guard Thus luvely spark of fire loves outdoor Iufe golf tennus and horseback rudung Her ambutuon us to become a truck druver Shell cause quute a few tratlic tueups' 35 ROSALYN BRENNER 834 45th Si Deans Squad Sc to Mr Potell PM Congress Senuor Staff Wruter Sentumental Rosalyn wants to be socual worker after college She hopes to vusut Europe Her hobbues are dancung, skatung and readung Wuth her warm, fruendly personaluty shell be a success un everythung she does EILEEN BRINK 1459 50th St Sec to Mr Peck Muss Gesualdu M Laub Muss Rosenbaum and Mrs F hey Deans Squad GO Off Serv u League .Ir 8- Sr Leader uo Off Squad Euleen wull be very busy un the years to come Teachung and a trup to Europe are some of the utems on her agenda SAMUEL BRODKIN 1840 52nd St Sam lukes to partucupate un all sports, but baseball us hus fa vorute Sams heart us un the Navy and he expects to enlust after graduatuon A n c h o r s aweugh' GERALD BRODY 1850 81st Sf Servuce Squad Stage Squad Gym Clerk Jerry us a veteran musicuan puano at the age of two He wants to become a musuc crutuc At the present, he has to con tine hus crutucal abulutues t lustenung to records ALLEN BROOKS 1728 65th St Chem and Physucs Squad Lueut of Servuce Squad Track Team Program Comm Servuce League A a tall husky guy as hopes of becomung a doctor At the moment he us unterest ed un scuence and pretty gurls MARY BROWN 1771 61st St General Off Squad Lubrary Squad locker Monutor Senuor Stafl Wruter Mary us an apprecuator of pop ular musuc her favorute sunger beung Perry Como She us also enthusuastuc about p h o t o g raphy RENEE BROWN 1963 77th su Sec of Servuce League Senuor Stal? Wruter Band General Off Sec to M Sulberman Sec to Muss Fitz gerald IHT Off Renee us a luttle gurl wuth a bug ambutuon She wants to be a meducal laboratory technucuan What other lab technucuan could boast of beung able to play the clarunet? 3 ISRAEL BRUCH 5218 12tn Ave Stockroom Squad Servuce Squad Chem Squad Deans Squad Izzy us an avud basketball player and fan He wants to be a manufacturer of ladues handbags une forms to the left gurls ANTHONY BRUNO 1650 72nd Si Servuce Squad Anthony plans to study drafts manshup at Brooklyn College Hus hobby us makung models out of wood Hus favorute sports are huntung and fishung Quute an all around fellow' JOSEPH BRUNO 1442 86th S When Joe came to Utrecht h was 54 He now stands a 510 Hus chuef unterest gurls Hus ambutuon us to get a good 'ob SAUL BUND 960 47th St Band Chaur 81 Stand Squad Cafeterua Squad Servuce league Saul has been playung the sax un the band for four years Mr teacher He wants to become a mechanuc Good luck' GLORIA BURKO 1644 55th St Charmung, full of fun and lufe, Glorua wull be a success as a teacher l-ler love for musuc us one of the outstandung thungs about her BARBARA BURTON aoza uouh Ave Jr 8. Sr Leader Junuor Band Band Instrument Squad Servuce League Sec to Muss Clear Brown eyed Barbara us one of those rare gurls who us both untellugent and pretty Besudes that, she us fun to be wuth Her ambutuon us to teach ele mentary school FRANCES BUSCIETI 5207 New Utrecht Ave Thus charmung muss lust five feet tall cant stand nosy people' She lukes bowlung dancung and readung Her am butuon us to be a bookkeeper 0 - 0 , . , B . . , I , . . . g . , . . . I . . . . , 1 . . ' - . . , ' ', r. , . . , - G- . . . ' . , , - - -, . . 'ce , . . , B' . ', , . o u o . ' . - 0 f. e n , H- , a 9 n e I ll. ' ' ' . , . . ' . , . . . . , . . . I u havin started to la the , ' , ' . 9 P Y Charry has been hus favorute . . . . . . . o . . U . , . n . . ., ' . I, . , h ' , - . , . ' ' I 1 I I 1 ' A a U 0 - . , . . - . I . ' - ' I 1' ' u u u a r. ' , . ' ' - I I 1 1 . . , I ' A u u u I l s ' . VIVIAN BUTERA 1472 43rd St Lost and Found Off Definutely not lost, Vuvuan finds swummung and dancung her fa vorute pastumes Obuect to find that one and only JOAN BUTTACAVOLI 1578 81st St Coop Muss McGraths OFF Squad Program Comm Muss Gallos Squad Joanne us a charmung gurl wuth a cute smule Her poodle haur cut brown eyes and chuc fig ure wull take her far ESTELLE BYSPIEI. 1852 67th St Mumeograph Squad Photostat Squad Lost and Found Squad Sec to Mrs Chase and Mrs Jaffe Quuet and sweet Estelle enloys readung and lustenung to pop ular musuc After graduatuon, she hopes to be a bookkeeper Good luck' NANCY CAGLIOSTRO 7822 13th Ave Madrugal Cafeterua Squad Nancy us one of those very cute luttle packages Her sweet ness wull be an asset un every thung she does GEORGE CAKIADES 1135 43rd St lnflrmary Clerk George us an all around guy who partucularly shunes sports Wuth hus personaluty we re sure that hell succeed JEANETTE CALA 6710 13th Ave Accountmg Dept Off Sec to M Pfeffer GO Congress Seventh Form Senior Cabunet GO OR Squad Jeanue us known to all as the gurl wuth the perpetual smule She hopes to be an eflicuent secretary, but us wullung to guve ut up for a full tume 'ob as a housekeeper ROSEMARIE CAMMAROTA 947 55th St Attendance OH Locker Guard Shorty lukes dancung, roller skatung swummung and bowl ung Her ambutuon luke many gurls us to work un an office Tl-'IERESA CAMPOSARCUNO 6512 New Utrecht Ave Deans Squad Jr Leader Madrugal Wuth her wonderful person aluty Terry has become a fa vorute at Utrecht She finds enough tume to go skatung swummung, and dancung, and stull keep up wuth her school work She hopes to become a secretary CAMILLE CANDEROZZI 1158 40th St Coop Sec to Mrs Elroc Infirmary Squad Sweet Camulle, known for her sunceruty, has always been a great favorute of ours Her fa vorute sport us bowlung Her greatest ambutuon us to travel around the world Bon voyage' MARIE CANGELOSI 3807 12th Ave Marue us the gurl wuth the beau tuful red haur and sweet smule Her one ambutuon us to meet that certaun young man and get marrued EILEEN CANGIANO 1371 81st St Madrugal Pruncupals Squad Mrs Chases Bookroom Squad Euleen, a honey blond plays the puano and sungs She hopes to become a sunger She enloys swummung and horseback rud- ung JOYCE CAPECE 1358 81st St Jr Leaders Sec to Muss McGrath Joyce wants to be a secretary, but wull guve up the 'ob gladly when she has the opportunuty SAL CAPITANO 1841 74th St Cafeterua Squad Servuce Squad Sals ambutuon us to become a mecha nuca l draftsman The thungs he Il remember about Utrecht are Muss Bushman s and Mr Grousser s classes KATHRYN CAPONI 1236 74th St Co op One of Kathryns ambutuons us to get marrued, whuch usn t un usual Her ambutuon to travel around the world us a but less common We thunk shell do ut too' 37 FRANK CAPUTO 8211 16th Ave Caps hobbies are boxing and g1rls His lifes ambition IS to own his own photography stu d1o in California We guess he doesnt like New York too much' ANN MARIE CARACAPPA Sec to Mrs Dcshan Madrlgal Ann Marie known for her sense of humor has a spark ling personality She intends to become a housewife JOSEPH CARLINO 1336 50th St Service Squad Joe wants to study at the Aca demy of Aeronautics I-Its fa vorite sports are hunting and motor boat racing GRACE CARUANA 7606 15tl1 Ave J 81 S Leader Coop Program Comm Grace has many hobbies Her favorites are dancing swim ming and cooking Someday she wants to be happily mar ned ANTHONY CASOLA 1117 48th sr Infirmary Clerk Anthony wants to become Certified Public Accountant He plans to study at CCNY We hope hell have some time left for his favorite sports fishing and baseball JOHN CASSISI 1645 82nd St Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad Leaders Club. John is known for his sense of humor. His hobbies are swim- ming and collecting tropical fish. His ambition, to use his own words, is to be a leader of men and a follower of wo- men. FRANK CASTEl.l.A 1422 71st St. Sr. Arista, Proiection Squad. Frank is one of the best liked seniors. At present, he is in- terested in all kinds of sports. He intends to go to CCNY and study engineering. With his in- telligence we are sure he will be a success! 38 -fp.:-I CONSTANCE CATALDO 5317 13th Ave Coop Library Squad Dr Melnkens Program Squad Brown eyed Connie likes ice skating and basketball She hopes someday to become a bookkeeper She will surely succeed If she keeps her win ning ways and her charming smile JOAN CATALDO 7705 14th Ave Cenerol O5 Squad Grade Adv Squad Service 8- Schol League J Arlsta Ser: to Miss Mahony Plano Guild Veep of Newman Club Joanne took an active part In many school activities Her charm and willingness to work will certainly help her ln her chosen profession which IS pi ana teaching ROBERT CATELI. 902 43rd St Bob wants to go to college and study engineering He I5 sure to be a success LEONA CENTER 1214 42nd sr Attendance OH Dr Melnkens Off Squad Mrs Samuelsens Squad Mrs Inmans Sec Co op Program Comm Leona s hobbies are swummmg bowling and skating When she finishes hugh school she would like to go to accounting school for her future ambition IS to be an accountant VINCENT CERULLO 1847 both si Capt of Service Squad Pres f Buddies Servle League Madrugal GO Cabinet GO Congress Utrecht will long remember the service that Vincent has given to the school With his per sonalnty plus his mental abil ity he IS sure to be a success BETTY CHABAN 5225 14th Ave. Co-op. Cute and pretty Betty wants to become a civil service worker. Good luck on those tests! WARREN CHARKATZ 1824 81st St. Service Squad, English Backroom Squad, Seventh Form, Senior Cabinet, English OH. Squad. Warren plans to prepare for a career in business administra- tion at CCNY. He likes listen- ing to music, and hopes to travel around the world. We hope he makes it! RICHARD CHARNET 1802 77th St Deon s Squad Ruchue liguretuvely speakung us usually up un the aur He wants to study aeronautucs He us a swell guy wuth a wonderful personaluty and we hope hell be a success EMILIE CHASMAN 1141 56th St Swummung Servuce Leader Mrs Can tors Squad Buddues Emulue s hobby us rausung tropuc al llsh Its our guess that thus pretty muss wull have o trouble un hookung her man' HOWARD CHERNOFF 1960 62nd Sl Howue untends to study law Hus hobbues are takung home movues and rausung tropucal fis CONSTANCE CHIODO 1047 42nd Sl Attendance Off Dr Meunkens Pro gram Comm Thus blond muss has untentuons of becomung a bookkeeper She Iukes dancung skotung and goung to the mavues Her am butuon us to get marrued and rause a fomuly She should have no trouble' GARY CICATELLI 1253 83rd sa Servuce Squad HUPPY 99 lllfky Chu: IS n all around nuce guy He I5 n love wuth Marulyn Monroe and baseball Hus ambutuon at the present us to do well uuu col lege STANLEY CIEPLINSKI 1654 44th Sl' Servuce Squad Stan us tall and Iuked by every one who knows hum Hus hob bues are rausung tropucal lush and huntung Hus ambutuon us to become a huntung guude CECILIA ClPRlANl 1659 59111 Sl Sec to Mrs Vurgunua and Mr Sass Aud un Sten Ol? Thus quuet gurl has the makungs of a line secretary Everyone who knows her sungs her prauses. She us known for her sunceruty and abuluty to make fruends .6 :FN .its VINCENT COCUZZA 5420 16th Ave Servuce Squad Vuncent wants to be an artust Thus summer he plans to go to Floruda We thunk hell ao Okay' MYRNA COFFINO 1858 69th St Sec to Mr Fox and Mrs Scher Myrnas ombutuon to use her own words to make nuy famuly proud of me She cn loys lustenung to musuc and dancung BARRY COHEN 1814 78th it Servuce Squad Capt of Prolectuon Squad Physucs Chem Prep Room Squad Barry enloys travelung and has been to many places of terest un and outsude of the U S He us also unterested un swummung basketball and tropucal fish Barry us one of the many swell guys that Utrechts sorry to see leave BURTON COHEN uuao 46th Sf Sec to Mr Sulberman Sec to Mrs Lateltun Burt plans to become an guneer Hell study at ether CCNY or Brooklyn College us hobbues are playung chess and rausung tropucal fish CAROLE COHEN 1647 50111 Sl Swutch Board Jr 8. Sr Arusta Schol League Boosters Senuor Staff Wruter Program Comm Carole wull probably one of the prettuest teachers to grad uate from Skudmore College Her unterests unclude drawung musuc, skatung knuttung and sewung and of course boys Wuth her smule uts no wonder shes popular' ESTELLE COHEN 1818 69th St Literary Ed of COMET Sr Cabunet SPIRAL .lr Arusta Schol and Servuce League Exec of Sr Arusta Sec to Mr Gandua, Pan Arnerucan Club Thus luterary munded gal, who hopes to teach Socual Scuences un college, combunes brouns, personaluty and good looks She's one of the reasons thus COMET us so good! HARVEY COHEN 1471 42nd Sl Servuce Squad Dean's Squad Harvey, captaun of the softball team, has two malor unterests These are rausung tropucal fish, and gurls 39 . .. , in I , . . . . I . . I . W 5 - - 0 ' ' ' ,. l 1 . ' , , -1 M A 'X ,S . ' . , . . .V ' , . . . I td' . A' . . ' Eff? - J f- V ,1'2f,,k ." . 1,5 5, ,ggi , 4 A . . . I . - , 1: . Q - l ' , - . - an - 1, 5: ' , - - 1 - - - - - k . . .,.. - :KI L, g ig " . . n VA I , 4: 6 . . . . ' ' . f gg. ' . . , , , - . - . . . in- h. V ' ' . . . I I . 1 . , ' ., , . . I . . , . . ' M en- . , l ' . , 1 I . . ' ' - . - . H . , . . . . . V ' , . . ' , . . I I I . . ' , - 11 - 11 - U W . - . ' ' i f . . ' ' ' I V . . . . , ' - X 1 ' J, . . I . . 1 1 1 - . . . , 1 ' . ' . ' - My ' , , . ' 1 ' A ,. , , ' , . . . , , . , . KN! ern -4' 'EB Q 1 9 SENIOR I r 9 CCN-3+ cfeff' AK of' fi nw 41? - A X1 .f"f' !f5w -' XQERX , ,ff X 'YN 577?Egf5WtZ 53 sa ,, ..' KV A A ka, if -JV 2?-5+ 54 Hn fy! 5: V Z' Af I QL ... l 454 an ll' 5. ELEB5 3 "V" tgp: ,',.,,,,. , vo NQT OPEN 'fl U' CH WSTTAAS if v 2.4 5 2 f it 4 , ! is f FULL' STOP! SENIOR CELEBS Ill VOCALIST 1 Paul Rosenield 2 Pc1tApredo ACTOR AND ACTRESS 3 Iudxth Schoenfeld 4 Dovld Nope-lbcxum ATHLETE 5 Mike Parent: 8 Tom Gentlle FRIENDLIEST 7 Norma Kcnetsky 8 Sld Schcrf IOURNALIST 9 Harold Lecar IU Ioan Pellegrmo DID MOST ll Mlke Sxegelmcm 12 Iecmeiie Cala GENIUS 13 Elhot Bogart Iosephme Columbo BEST DRESSED Erme Losso Eleanor Co chxgnuno IOE AND IANE UTRECHT 17 Ann Meyers 18 Eddle Romeo MISS CO OP Wordsworth VERSATILE 19 Esielle Cohen 20 Alcm E1senberg COMEDIAN AND COMEDIENNE 21 V1ncentScuder1 22 Anne Mane Curcxcapoa PERPETUAL MOTION 23 Ruth Wolf 24 Wcxr en Charkotz MOST POPULAR 25 Frank Federlco 28 Borhcxrc' Iudd MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 27 Dons Borngasser 28 Ierry Bernsiem MISS PETITE 29 Hxldo Iones VENUS AND ADONIS 30 Elame Peppe 31 Carmme Ornco MUSICIAN 32 Ioyce Flshmcm .33 Eugene Levenstem ARTIST 34 leon Ncxpohtuno 35 Roy Gh1OISl 38 Paulme Leto 1 Y11 1111111 II' 1111 l1z'.v f1111l1 1'111l.'11:'11111' Al ,11' "11.'l'1f 11,1 f'1'11f.f1' .VIYHIH .v!11111' fur .'2'H'. 1 ' ' 1 X. 14- . - . . 15- . - . 16- s ' " - ' NATHAN COHEN 1502 38th St Sr 8. Jr Arista Service League Serv ice Squad Sports Ed of NUHS Pro lectlon Squad Nat IS someone we re all proud to know He intends to enter pre med at NYU He likes square and folk dancing good books and popular music RONALD COHEN 847 47th SI Service Squad Ronnie wants to study law at Brooklyn College He enloys playing basketball and being with girls BERNARD COHN 1678 52nd Sl Service Squad Cafeteria Squad Serv Ice League Gym Clerk Chem Squad English Off Bernles Interested an breeding tropical fish and enloys good music Hes a member of the Order of De Molay and likes dancing and softball He ex pects to go into the business world RICHARD COIRO 1433 71st St Service Squad Cafeteria Squad Richards ambition is to be come a drummer We hope that he becomes a success m Ins chosen field JOHANNA COLAMONICO 178 Dahlll Road Attedance Off Principals Off Jo is quiet smart and sweet Her personality is one that cant be beat .Io enloys sing ing and dancing After grad uation she hopes to become a private secretary MARION COLLURA 1630 78th St. Attendance Off. Squad Mrs. Samuel- sens Squad Program Comm. Ca-op. Marion is a co-op student Her favorite hobby is reading. She also enioys listening to records and dancing. Her ambition ' to be a housewife. JOSEPHINE COLOMBO 1438 83rd S . Sr. 8. Jr. Arista Service League J. 8- Sr. leaders Record Room Sec. 1 Mrs. Hyman Miss Freiman Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Milberg. Jo enioys eating dancing and dating. She hopes to become legal stenographer and someday write a successful book. fl! Q-A ,M iw C." S JOSEPH COMO 1931 81st St Locker Guard Service Squad Joe likes cars, gurls, and base ball in that order The one thing he didn t like about Utrecht was the cafeteria Life cant be perfect, can it' NICOLENE COMPARATO 7111 17th Ave Sec to Mrs McClenahan Mrs Reed Mrs Hyman and Mr Weiss If you want to meet a sweet and petit girl, ask for Nicky Her favorite pastime is watch mg TV Roller skating swim ming and dancing are her hobbies ELAINE CONZO 6637 Cameron Court Science Off Lee likes to go horseback rid mg and rowboatmg Becoming a private secretary rs her am bmon Her pet peeves are homework and tests ELEANOR COSCHIGNANO 5609 15th Ave Attendance OH OH Sec 0 Mrs Wendroff and Mrs Peterson Senior Staff Writer Typing Tutor Service League Sweet, petite Ellie dislikes people who show off Records ice skating and Dodger ball games are her Interests She loves new clothes and hopes to become a private secretary LORETTA COTTONE 7417 18th Ave Playing the piano is one of Laurles favorite hobbies Her ambition is to be a private secretary Her pet peeve is tests We dont blame her' MARVIN CRAMER 1180 46th St. Band. Marvin a very popular musi- cian He also likes swimming. He is a good student and plans to become a mechanical en- gineer EMILIA CUBISINO 1675 47th St. Sec. to Mr. Snow. Emilia s greatest ambition is to travel in Europe, and then set- tle down to being a secretary. She likes swimming and ice skating. She s sure to be a suc- cess in life' 43 EDWARD CUNNINGHAM 1142 44th St Locker Squad Service Squad Ed enloys playing ball He ln tends to become a prlnter and settle down after a stunt ln the Navy ROBERT CUNNINGHAM 1661 71st St Bob is interested In many dnf ferent sports He I5 sure to be a success PATRICIA CUSENZA 1602 66th St Patty tall pretty and charm mg, as quite a gal Roller skat mg and dancing are her fa vornte hobbies Her quietness and her pretty smile have made her many friends ROBERT CUTICK 3816 16th Ave Jr 8. Sr Arista Servlce League Gym Clerk News Ed of NUHS Co Capt English Bookroom Squad Service Squad Bob s sparkling personality and his intelligence are sure to be assets while studying to be come an MD Hls chief unter ests at present are lce skating and :ce hockey SIBILLA DALE 2058 Union St Slblllas favorite sublect was German and her favorite teacher was Mrs Brldge Al though she I5 quiet by getting to know her you wnll find her charming and fun to be with as we have ESTHER D ALLESANDRO 5210 16tl1 Ave Co op Program OFF Squad We think that long haired Es ther will reach her goal and become a perfect secretary for a fortunate firm and a perfect wlfe for some lucky fellow Her mterests are slngmg typ :ng and roller skating AL DALESSIO 1401 67th St Cafeteria Squad Madrlgal Service Squad Gym Leader Gym Clerk Dancing Club Al has obtained his strong muscular form from repeated exercises ln body bulldlng He aspires to be either a chemical engineer or a constructlonal engineer 44 ow-. CAROL DALLOB 1576 41st St English OH Squad Spanish Club Hlstory Ofl Squad Service League "Red hasnt got a temper match her fiery hair She would like to travel She IS also an active B nan Bruth mem ber CHARLES DAMIANI 1461 79th St Service Squad Football Team Charlie IS a fine all around athlete He was a member of our football team Other sports that interest hum are baseball and swlmmmg His ambltlon ns to be an electrical engineer NANCI D AVANZO 1447 80th St Dramatic Workshop Nanci has been very busy ln the Drama Workshop, where her services have been greatly appreciated She also finds time to bowl swlm and play the piano BETTE DAVIDSON 1124 43rd St Program Off Squad All criminals beware! Bette, her way She gets her Ideas from all the mysterles she reads She plans to become a fashion illustrator FRED DAVIDSON 1425 51st St Fred, called Tex by his mt: mates, lwhy well never knowl IS an avid shutterbug Hes gomg to Brooklyn nn the fall to study psychology SHIRLEY DAVIDSON 1839 76th St Coop Program Comm Sec to Mess Clear and Miss Pendry General Ofl Squad Shlrleys blue eyes and blonde hair will help her ln her career as a model Her mann ambition IS to be a wife and mother DONALD DE ANGELIS 1535 72nd Sf Service Squad Don likes sports and glrls With his personality he ns sure to be a success I , . ' , . T . . I . I . . . . - , ' ' y I ' . ' 5 A an If ' so S I ld Q u - gg- ' -- , ff . . ' , f ff E ' ' . . . . - - ' , ' l . 1 . . I - -s 1 . . ' I I I - . . I A 1 S - Q . . J . I . I 6 ?f - I' . l Utrecht's own FBI agent is on I I I . . I . - if I I ' a u I I I l I I I . , , , . . . . I . , . I . I I 1 ,, 7 Q fa it K ..,. - as sl 0 I . . .' I ' . I . . ' Z ' f - 1 1 ' x I I I I I 1 u I A u ' I . I l I l l I n . . we - 1 1 ROSALEE DEBOWSKY 1734 65th St. Rosalie with her sense of hu mor us well luked by all those who know her NANCY DE CIUCEIS 1302 12nd Sf M Pfefters O5 Squad Program Comm Coop Nancy us a co op student My two favorute hobbues are danc ung and collectung records Her ambutuon us to get marrued R DE GREGORIO 1425 70th St Rosemarue known as Babes has haurdressung as a hobby Her aum us to be a secretary for a whule and then settle down to keepung house and rausung a famuly JOHN DELEO 1435 East 3rd St lleut f Servuce Squad lleut f Cafeterua Squad Johns favorute sports are hockey and softball Hus vorute sublect us buology H hopes to make the navy hus career MARIE DELLATTE 1535 57th St Mrs Chase s Squad Secretarual Studies Squad Mane us a great fan of the Yankees and duslukes the Dod gers She hopes to be a saulor s wufe We wonder uf she has anyone un mund' VICTORIA DELL OSSO 1274 51st sr Madrlgal Drama Workshop Swum mmg leader Servuce League Vucku would luke to travel around the world Her hobbues are cookung and swumnuung She has a sparklung personaluty whuch makes her well luked by everyone ELVIRA DE LORENZO 1472 79th St Pruncupals Off Lubrary Program Off Locker Room Grade Adv Squads Vera us a lovely gurl wuth lust one peeve school She has many hobbues some of whuch are drawung and roller skat ang She wants to become a secretary after graduatuon fs Z' GLADYS DEMES 1564 69th St Sec. to Mrs Heiber Sus as she us known to luer fruends enuoys roller skatung She hopes to be an emcuent bookkeeper after school Swummung un school us her pet peeve ROSE DE PALO 5515 11th Ave Sec to Mrs Losee Servuce Squad Attendance Off Squad Chem Lab Squad Rose wants to work un an of fice and then settle down to housekeepung S h e e n I o y s swummung Her favorute way of spendung a summer day us at the beach EDWARD DEUTSCH 1313 40th su Prolectuon Squad COMET Tralnee Servuce league Musuc Squad Eddue us one of the fruendluest guys un the senuor class Hus cheerful smule makes hum a fruend of everyone Eddues maun unterests are gurls sports huntung and fishung ELIA DE VITA 1420 82nd St Madrugal Sec to Mrs JaHe Lee s maun hobby us musuc She hopes to become a sunger Al ways fruendly and very sweet Lee has been a great favorute at Utrecht CONSTANCE DI CARLO 1345 83rd St Language Off Sec Infirmary Squad Lukeable Connue s favorute pas umes are sports of all kunds Her ambutuon us to become a secretary uke most gurls she eventually wants to become a secretary ROCCO DI COSOLA 823 42nd St Orchestra Servuce Squad Chem Squad Rocco concert master of the second vuolun sectuon un our orchestra has long been known as one of the fruendluest and best luked boys un the or chestra Hus ambutuon us to be a busuness man FRANCIS DI GIORGI 1705 84th St Servuce Squad Amateur raduo and televusuon and model raulroadung are Francuss hobbues He hopes thus wull help hum when he be comes an electrucal enguneer Hus favorute sports are swum mung baseball and football 45 MADELINE DI NAPOLI 1556 78th St GO Off Squad Lynn ns known for her black halr and flashing eyes Lynn loves to travel Her pet peeve I5 unfrnendly people CAROL DI PRISCO 1521 62nd St Sec to Mrs Inman and Miss Gallo Rustys ambltlon to be a prnvate secretary but not to lust anyone at all He must be a VIP Rusty wants nothmg but the best She hates getting up early but we guess shell have to for that 'ob STANLEY DOLLINGER 1472 43rd St Servnce Squad Baseball Team Stanley outstanding athlete as he has shown our baseball team He wants a career nn the Army as a com mussnoned ofllcer CYNTHIA DOMASH 2483 East 7th St Coop Sm IS a sweet and smcere gurl who blushes easuly Her ambutnon ns marruoge and her hobby I5 collecting men MARTIN DOME 1400 51st St Program Comm College Adv Squad Clrculatlon Staff of NUHS Jr 81 Sr Arista Service League GO Congress Martys a bright and popular guy who would luke to go to the University of Pennsylvania and study accountancy Hls se cret amblhon IS to become President Good luck! JOSEPHINE DONATO 2866 Marlboro Rd Oceanside Attendance Off .losephme enloys smgung and dancing She also lakes base ball the Dodgers nn partncular Her ambmon IS elther to be a prlvate Secretary or to 'om the Waves DOROTHY DONNELLY 1458 80th St Treas of GO News Ed of NUHS Jr 8. Sr Arlsta Swnmmmg Leader Buddies Treas of Sr Ansta Mass McGraths Squad Bro Squad This versatile glrl has proven her talents ln lournalusm poll tncs and scholarship She us also a sports enthusiast Dorothy IS one of the sweetest and friend luest gurls we know 46 'EF 3 ,of JOAN DONZELLA 1479 39th St Mr Pfefters Off Squad Program Comm Co op .loan s hobby IS to own all the pretty sweaters she sees Swlmmnng us her favorlte sport She has one ambutlon and that IS to get marrled and be good housewnfe for that cer tam fella of hers ALLAN DORFMAN 4702 16th Ave Football Team Service Squad Allan ns one of the many good players on our football team He ns a popular guy and well lnked by all He I5 mterested ln gomg to Hollywood for a movle career We hope hell be a success' LORETTA DORFMAN 5001 10th Ave Sec to Mr Rubm GO Congress Senlar Show Comm Lorne s favorite pastime IS be mg wlth a fellow Her schedule must be very crowded' Her hobby us collectmg com brace lets and her ambltlon IS to see the world JOHN DURSO 1421 80th St Leaders Track and Field Team .Iackle ns a really all around sportsman The sports he en poys range from fencung through horseback rldmg to hunting PHYLLIS DRESSLER 1547 49th St Sr Cabinet Grade Adv Squad Serv Ice League 7th Form GO Congress Sensor Staff Writer Phyl enloys domg anythmg thats fun She hopes to go to college Have a good tnme' SONDRA DUPLER 1165 47th St Mrs Cantors Squad Sandy IS a budding English teacher One of her loves ns readmg Another I5 the Dod gers She enloys playlng has ketball golf and handball RENEE EDELSON 7822 13th Ave Madrlgal Leaders Sec for Mr Hirsch This gregarlous glrl enloys people and hopes someday to travel to far dnstant countnes un her desnre to meet new people and learn more about them IVARS EICHVALDS 5225 14th Ave Ivars spends most of his spare time at sports He likes them all, but baseball is tops as far as he s concerned Hopes to be a pro baseball player some day' RAYMOND EINZIG 1340 47th St Service Squad basketball Team Stage Squad Distributing Staff NUHS Sr SIDE Writer Held in high esteem IS our popular Ray His ambition IS to become a CPA We are sure luck will be with him ALLEN EISENBERG 1475 41 st Sf Football Team Track Team Service Squad Al with his big green eyes hopes to be a Health Education teacher He engoys 'au music and likes to dance Good luck' HARRIET EISENSTEIN 1840 76th St Service League Senior Cabinet Sec to Mrs Hyman Secretarial Studies OH Squad Accounting Squad Harriets ambition is to be a dental hygienist Her smile will certamly dazzle the patients DAVID ENOCK 964 49th St Daves ambition is to be a commercial artist His favorite drawings are those of girls DOMINICK EPPOLITO 1659 43rd St. Dom is one of the nicest sepiors we know His hobbies are rais- ing tropical fish swimming and fishing. His ambition is to open up a tropical fish store of his own ARLINE EPSTEIN 1330 52nd St. Library Squad, Dean's Squad. None of us doubt how Arline got nicknamed Honey. Her in- terests are varied and interest- ing. They are dancing, swim- ming, and watching T.V. WILLIAM EPSTEIN 1160 47th St Chem Squad Physics Prep Squad William s favorite pastime is working on cars We wonder if he finds a little but of time for girls' His favorite sport is foot ball We re sure hell go far LAURETTA ESPOSITO 1462 81st St Maclrlgal Attendance monitor for Mr Silberman Always having had theatrical aspirations Lauretta exhibited her singing talents in the school s Maclngal Society much to the advantage of New Utrecht She spends much f her spare time swimming and reading but not at the same time BRUCE EVANS 1934 68th Sf Prog Comm Service Squad Band Math Team Leaders This kid may someday become another Benny Goodman Hes a student with brains and pop ularlty WALTER FARKAS 1763 59th Sf Madrlgal Service Squad Wally would like to be an in ventor His favorite sublect is science He is known for his singing ability smile and height SALVATORE FAZZI 6424 New Utrecht Ave Chem and Physics Squads Service Squad Track Team Friendly Sal likes to travel and meet new people Baseball, track, swimming, and ice skat mg are his favorite sports His pet peeve is teachers who give too much homework JOSEPH FEDER 1037 51st St. Madrigal Program Comm., Chem. Squad Stock Room Squad Baseball Team. Joe is a Don Juan who would like to be a play-boy oil heir, and own several cars. He s not asking for much, is he' FRANK FEDERICO 8215 16th Ave. Football Team, Swimming Team, Caf- eteria Squad, Gym Clerk. Frank is the answer to a maiden's prayer. He is tall dark, and good looking, and loaded with charm. He likes sports, traveling, and plans to study at State Tech to be a television director. 47 AQ J. -TSARONSON LO- E Usfocaz COME? M. BALLYS lmm' PP V. ROSENBERG Ssavvce fftllo fr ulffy 'ffm g ln! 'Am' fi: fff-I. Schopenhcxuer AE K w .F M. of-mewff Sponfs OMCT A Y 2 : -,'. A --'v. V K H . L K C A R .ann-:1-A KIXQCHQTGQ GERALD FEINBERG 1859 68th St Madrlgal Cafeteria Squad Gym Clerk Jerry who I5 known for his singing IS an ardent philat elist He also enloys reading and swimming ROBERTA FEINBERG 1681 49th St Jr 8. Sr Leader English Off Squad History OH Squad Spanish Club Service League Dark haired Roberta is an ar dent particlpater in sports She likes math and intends to be come a Certified Public Ac countant GAYA FEINERMAN 4216 15th Ave Sec to M Sllberman Music Off Squad Orchestra VP of Buddies Service 6. Schol league Jr L Sr Arista Senior Staff Writer Nothing written about Gaya can do her lustlce She is a sweet and Intelligent glrl with lots of personality She hopes to become a social worker ALLEN FEINGERTZ 1739 63rd St Band Orchestra Al one of the friendliest people in school wishes that there were thirty hours in the day so that he could do the many things on his crowded agenda He plans to become a lawyer He is a talented musl clan and likes bowling HARVEY FELDMAN 1450 48th St Harvey is very interested in art This ambltlous fellow, who IS an expert pool player in tends to become an accountant MELVIN FELDMAN 1305 53rd St Gym Clerk Mel is planning on having a career m the Navy We hope he can find some girls to be with when hes not swabblng the decks' PHYLIS FELDMAN 1573 39th St. Mimeograph Squad Photostat Squad, Lost and Found Squad Sec. to Mrs. Chase Miss Saunderson and Mrs. Baker Emergency Squad. Phyllis, a lovely girl is an avid baseball fan Bookkeeping ' the subiect that induces Phyllis to come to school. From this, we gather that she hopes to be a bookkeeper. MORTON FENSTER 1479 39th sf Gym Clerk Auditorium Guard Cafe terra Squad Prefect Sec Mortie wants to be a doctor He likes sports popular music and shows His patients will appreciate his pleasant per sonallty FLORENCE FEOLA 1937 51st St Co op Madrlgal This college minded gurl has many talents Her oil paintings are an asset as are her spark Img smile and gay personality Flo enloys dancing and sports ANTHONY FERRO 1660 78th St Prolectlon Squad Anthony really is an ardent artist He paints draws, and sketches He hopes to continue his studies in art at Pratt In stitute He going to visit Italy after graduation Hell probably fill several scrap books with his sketches of the trip' CAROL FINBERG 4812 14th Ave Record Off Squad Carol has an interesting and unusual ambition She wants to be a lab technician in a large medical center She likes danc mg and movies We know the fellows who escort her enloy them too MARSHAL FINEMAN 1350 54th St Service Squad While Marshall is busy being a chemical engineer, he will remember Utrecht and Mrs Grossman His hobbies are baseball and softball ALBERT FINOCCHIO 1649 83rd Sl AI may be small but he has high ambitions His chief in terests are sports of all kinds He wants to get a good 'ob after leaving school Good luck' RENEE FISHER 1515 47t'l St. Booster Orchestra Instrument Squad. Red-haired pretty Renee has a wonderful personality which has won her many friends. This personality will be a won- derful asset in whatever she does. PETER FLACCAVENTO 6523 17th Ave Pete hkes sports and gurls H IS sure to be a success ARLENE FLEISCHAKER 1941 65th St Coop Madrlgal All the top slngers had better make way for Arlene She ll be up there soon' When not sung mg she dances and draws We know shell be a success MICHELINA FOCONE 1765 75th St Book Room Squad Mnchelma Inkes cannmes and movnes I-ter favornte sports ns swnmmmg She wants to be a typnst FRANCIS FORNINO 172 64th St Grade Advs Squad Frans hobby I5 dressmakmg Her ambltuon ns to be a recep tuonlst She has only one ob lectlon to school, and that us the number ot tests IDA FORTGANG 1456 55111 se Sennor Show Bla OH Squad .I Leader Sec to Mrs Sellgman Long halred Ida llkes psychol ogy the Yankees and a cer tam guy Her two favornte rec ords are Because and never released record by Vaughn Monroe .IOHN FRADELLA 7616 16th Ave .Iohn I5 one of the mcest sen mars I-hs pleasant personahty w1lI help hum succeed nn attaun mg whatever goals he sets for hlmself ROSEMARY FRASHELLA 'l75'l 85th St Rosemary has sparklmg brown eyes and ha1r Her hobbles are roller skatmg :ce skatmg and dancmg Her ambntlon as to be come professuonal roller skatmg mstructress M14 LLL nn- JENNIE FRATELLO 1269 41st S1 Sec to Mr Inman Coop Program Comm Jennle wants to go mto the busmess world Her dark hour and dark eyes add to her pleasmg personaluty She IS very sweet and smcere ELAINE FREEMAN 5302 15th Ave Qu, Sec to Mrs McClenahan Attractive Elly with her pret blond hanr hopes to be a 0 Q housewife She should have nojl 0 y J trouble un Gfldllilllg thus goal DONALD FREIDUS 1353 52nd St Good natured Donny spends hns spare tume wuth hrs com and stamp collectlons He also mterested un cars and ns an amateur photographer He hopes to become an aeronau heal engmeer CAROLYN FREIER 1421 5 Infirmary Squad Attendance Carol us a cute gal wn charmmg persanallty people Her hobbies are sw: gat-A mmg and playmg handyllyllfulf She should have no troub her lol: as a secretary ALBERT FRIEDES 2044 Cropsey Ave Sports Ed COMET Service Squad Program Comm S Arusta Schol League Gym Clerk Al hopes to attend Columbna Unnversnty as a physncs malor and do research nn nuclear physucs He plays baseball and basketball for organlzed teams AI wnll be remembered for hls scholastlc achuevement and for hns pleasant dlsposu hon and personaluty IRMA FRIEDLANDER 4901 8th Ave Drama Club Deans Squad SPIRAL Staff Vlvaclous lrma IS going to at tend CCNY She plans to study Busmess Admmustratuon there At present her mterests are readmg dancmg dramatncs and last but certamly not least boys ISABEL FRIEDMAN 1236 55th St Well dressed sweet Isabel ns on the way to success 51 ji sl 1 3 'F ' .' ' . . 1. ' f ' J . . . , I . . is f i w .I I it X J, 5 I - , - - 1' ' . is Sig. ' , 1 , . - A , 4 . . ' - my " . vorite being wi Q0 . . . 1 ij . :Z . . . ' I' .. 1: . ji i - 1 ' , ' . , , rl I ' ' .l ' , ., r. , . l .11 u l - vp l . . 5 ' I ' 0 ' , 0 SOPHIE FRIEDMAN 'I770 76th St G0 OH Attendance Ott GO Del egate 7th Form S Rep Service league Coop Dr Memkens Squad Mrs Samuelsens Squad Speech OH Program Comm Sophles mam mterests Ile tn dancmg Although she only dances ballroom she stnll loves Ballet Her one ambntton IS to be happuly marrled and rouse cl-tldren DAVID FRIEND 1514 43rd St Instrument Squad Service Squad Bio Squad Band Orchestra Service League Sec to Mrs Rntner Orches tra Squad Dave has been known a a comednan smce Ins publnc school days Hts hobbies are muslc and photography He hopes to become a pharmacnst JOAN FRIMMER 1941 7151 St Locker Room Guard Joanne plans to go to Cortland State Teachers College She wants to get her Masters De gree eventually She ns an en thusnasttc sports fan and good player herself JORDAN FRIMMER 1941 7151 St Bro Squad Gym Squad The other Frlmmer half Sonny regards Nlnss Nash as has fa vortte teacher Sonny ts known for hns carfree manner and hrs sense of humor NIARCIA FRUCHTER 4600 141h Ave Sec to Mr Pfefler Mrs Wendrolf and Mlss Clear Service League Sec Studues Off Squad Sec In Hlstory Muckey hkes to partncnpate nn all klnds of sports especially playmg baseball Her ambntuon us to become a prnvate secre tary ANGELINA FUSCO 1632 64th St Petnte Angle enloys swtmmmg roller skatmg and dancmg At the present moment she has no defimte ambntlons JOSEPH GALLELLI 1148 7151 Sl English Off Squad Englush Bookroom Squad COMET and SPIRAL Art Staffs Joe who has contrlbuted some very mce art work to our school publlcattons, wants to be a pharmacust We hope hell have some spare tlme to spend drawing' 52 Qui' 9 FRANK GALLO 1611 60th S1 Service Squad Chem Physlcs and Bro Squads Cafetena Squad Physncs Club Frank presents an odd com bmatnon he hopes to become a chemncal engmeer and h Ilkes to collect lou records Hey man dug that crazy sc:entnst" LEWIS GALLO 1217 7151 S1 Gym Leaders lewts mtends to go to college He wants to malor tn photo graphtc art Lewns IS quuet and studlous and we are sure that he wlll succeed FERDINAND GAMBALE 8017 17th Ave Prolectlon Squad One of the few qulet fellows m Utrecht Fred wants to get ahead ln the field of electron :cs Hes very handy when It comes to repaurmg thmgs We re sure that the gurl he marrues wtll appreclate that' CAROLE GANTZ 1682 64th St 7th Form Senior Staff Wruter Co op S Cabmet D Memkens Program Comm Infirmary Squad Carole ts an avud fan of the Dodgers and Eddne Fnsher Her wonderful personaluty wnll help her get a 'ob as a law sten ographer GLADYS GARCIA 1552 82nd S1 Record Room Newman Club Business law Club Sec to Miss Phllltps Greg llkes most dancmg skat mg and bowlmg She also en loys dating Her ambition ts to be a bookkeeper, and then get married JOSEPH GAROFALO 1924 651h S1 Madrlgal Joes been m Madrngal for three years and claims to be Interested ln muslc, malnly smgmg Hts hobbies are col lectmg tropical fish and pho tography Quite an all around suv' MARTIN GASWIRTH 5302 15th Ave Servlce Squad Gym Clerk Sensor Staff Wnter Martin who IS well llked by all who know hum IS Interested ln current events and sports He hopes to attend the Um verslty of Pennsylvama and prepare to go Into government MARTIN GEBROW 1973 8151 Sf Bla Squad English Bookroom Squad Grade Advs Squad Program Off Squad Marty IS a fellow who IS liked by everyone Hrs mam interest IS photography and he hopes to make It his career DIANA GENNACI 1633 84th St Dlana has blond halr and bug blue eyes Her hobby IS bak :ng and her chief interests are dancing bowling and swlm mmg Her ambltlons are to be come a secretary and then a good wife ANTOINETTE GENTILE 4416 Fort Hamllton P kwy Swimming leader Gym leader Bud dues Grade Advs Squad Deans Squad Orchestra Sec to Mr Forrest Ton: although she lakes musnc IS known for belng an out standing athlete CONNIE GERAFFO 4701 19th Ave Sr Cabinet Sec to Mrs Hyman Miss Schneider Connie s ambltlon IS to become a court stenographer She en loys roller skating, :ce skating and swnmmmg Her pet peeve IS homework ROSEMARIE GERARD Madrlgal Coop Ro Ro or Rosle I5 a very gay and good natured gurl Her ambntnon IS to become a sec make a terrific smger because of her unusual voice whlch IS very low pitched She enloys slnglng and danclng NORMAN GERBER 1254 44th St Deans Squad Service Squad Bla Squad Normans a good guy who lakes to make other people laugh Hes mterested m all sports but basketball s hls fa vorlte He likes good movles especially when gurls are around He wants to travel and go to college at the same tlme RHODA GEWANTER 1901 84th St Boosters Deans Squad Mrs Roses Squad Grade Advs Squad Pretty Ronny complalns that there arent enough hours m the day for all the things she wants to do She doesnt luke people who wont buy tickets to school games Besldes Boostmg she likes to watch the roller derby msn Ll 191 he-v 'W ROY GHIORSI 1636 65th St Senior Staff Writer Roy is an all around guy wlth all around mterests Hrs malor ambltlon IS to become a textile designer He llkes baseball fishing and ofcourse gurls .IOSEPHINE GIARRATANO 1228 52nd St Sec nn Principals Off Jos mam ambition to become an actress IS sure to be ful filled because everybody loves her at first snght Her looks and personality wnll help make her a star' CARMELA GIGLIANO 1920 73rd se Locker Monitor J 8. Sr Leader Grade Advs Squad Slum pretty Carmela wants to teach Health Ed or elemen tary school JACK GIMBELMAN 1937 68th St Basketball Team Cafeteria Squad Service Squad Bug .lack was quite an addltlon to our wonderful basketball team He IS sure to be a suc cess ln all he undertakes SHELDON GLAGO 1075 som se Service League Sheldon has done some travel mg and hopes to do more H mtends to go to Brooklyn Col lege Hrs swell personality will help hlm make many frlends there and wherever he goes PAULINE GOLDBERG 1961 65th se Sec to Mr Ozarow and Mrs Kostrnn Boosters Jr 8. Sr Leader Sr Cab :net lnfirmary Squad Service League GO Off Squad Paula s ambmon IS to get mar rled but she wants to be sec retary first Her hobbies are dancing reading and swim mlng EVELYN GOLUB 1277 43rd se Program Comm Mr Noonans Off Jr Arista Schol League Evelyn wants to be a model but wlll settle for stenography She enloys watchnng TV, :ce skating and gomg to sporting events 53 F I I I ' . I . . I . ' . I . I . . - ' . - ' - I 3 . I O , A X, . . . , - . . I ' h ' ' I I ' , ' , r. . , 1 7 - - - ' in ' Z ' . . - , ' 'I ' , - 2" . ' . , . . . . , , ' l . I E l l l a A . I - . I I I retary, but we think she would Sefvlce Squad' Band' GYm Clem' ' ' I L V ' ' ' ' ' ' - '43 9 ' . ' . . ' ' : ' Q N . ' e . wr... x - ' , gm' , . . . , I ' , . , I 4 . . . . . . V 4 , . . . - . . . I - , . I . . - , , ., , . Q 5. nv . " ' " 11 ' u - I " JOEL GOODMAN 1433 47th St. Service Squad. loel is one of our class musi cians He can really play his accordion' He IS also a sports enthusiast He wants to go into the merchandising field Good luck' FRED GORDON 7124 20th Ave Gym Clerk Gym Leader Fred more commonly known as Fritz, wants to be an ac countant H is a zealous sportsman Wlth hls personal: ty we re sure that sell be success in whatever he does GEORGE GORMAN 1659 47th St Gym Clerk George is Interested in photog raphy and would like to work on a newspaper as a photog rapher We hope he gets that ob' SONIA GOTTLIEB 1529 52nd St Helped Miss Freiman GO Congress Somas favorite activities are dancing ice skating and swim ming On the less active sud she likes good movies Her sweet personality I5 one of the things we like about her WILLIAM GRABELSKY 4600 9th Ave Service Squad Bully goes in for social clubs His favorite hobby is collect mg coms Hes going to City College We re sure hell be success there, and after he is graduated ANTHONY GRAFFEO 1278 85th St Service Squad GO Congress Tony likes all sports indiscrim mately He plans to take up Business Administration ln col lege NAOMI GRAMA 4505 14th Ave Sec to Mrs Kotch Black haired Naomi known to her mtimates a Moony con slders dancing her favorite hobby She IS fond of singing and hopes to make It her pro tessuon 54 if 1 CARMELA GRANDE 1502 68th St. Mimeograph OH. Cafeteria Squad, Business Law Club Sec to Mr Arond Skating and dancing are Mela s hobbies Her ambition is to be a lawyers secretary She has the ability to succeed ln every thing she does HOWARD GRANOWITZ 4123 9th Ave Service Squad Howie has hopes of becoming a businessman in the future He breeds tropical fish and listens to music in his spare time ARNOLD GRAZIANO Il'I5 66th St Locker Guard Service Squad Football Team GO Congress This boy is well worth know mg He was an asset to our football team and the school He hkes to bowl and to rough it by going camping His motto ns be prepared or what we wonder' EMILY GRECCO 1763 73rd St Sec an lntirmary Locker Monitor Emily s hobby is collecting rec ords and gaining fan clubs Her idols are Perry Como show and Jackie Robinson She goes to the Perry Como show as often as she can She hopes to be a bookkeeper BARBARA GRECO 1972 52nd St Madrigal 'Babes likes mghtclubbmg She hopes to be a singer and then marry her one and only SHEILA GREEN tooo 44th sv Boosters Jr 8. Sr Arista Service 81 Schol League Grade Advs Squad This versatile beauty with charm and a capacity for dramatics, will someday find a place for herself nn the theater ALLEN GREENBERG 5501 'l4th Ave Service Squad Prolectlon Squad This scientifically inclined fel low intends to study engineer ing at City College He enloys sports and spends a lot of his spare time playing ball DAVID GREENE 1938 82nd St Davud untends to study chem ucal enguneerung at NYU He enloys team sports especually swummung Davud recently transferred from Muamu Beach Hugh School and un the short tume hes been here, we have come to luke hum very much because of hus agreeable ture and pleasant humor SHEILA GROSSMAN 654 Dahull Road Attendance Off Squad La La who untends to enter Brooklyn College us an avud Dodger fan Here us one teach er who wont mund havung a raduo un class provuded f course that uts tuned to Dodger game VINCENT GROSSO 7'l'l0 'l7th Ave Vunnys second home us M Gruhnucks ollice H has line sense of humor and al ways keeps hus classmates am used MARCIA GRUBER 1314 sard su Sec to Mrs Fahey Mrs Grossman Mr Forest Mr Weuner Mr Gordon and Mr Rubun Muss McGraths Off Servuce League Marcua has hopes of studyung dental hyguene un college, and then gettung marrued Her hob by us collectung rare couns DANIEL GRUNBERG 1518 soeh su Prolectuon Squad Dean s Squad Serv uce Squad Drama Workshop A ham raduo operator, Dan sel dom agrees wuth what the teacher us sayung Thus unduvud ualust can uce skate, too' ANGELA GUARDINO 1558 80th Sf Record Off Squad Sec to Muss Phul Iups Busmess Law Club Angela us someone you cant say enough nuce thungs about Shes sweet fruendly and smart She enuoys playung the puano collectung records and travelung She hopes to be a secretary Wuth her fine qual utues shes sure to be a su: cess CARMELA GUERRIERO 248 5th Ave Mumeograph Off Cafeterua Squad Madrugal Schol League Carmelo hopes to be a sec retary and unterpreter She gets great pleasure from lustenung to classucal musuc She hopes to travel a lot S 3 V rm LK if CARMINE GUIDO 1728 61st St Madrugal Locker Guard Carmune has a very good vouce, and lets people hear ut Besudes bemg unterested un mu suc, he lukes sports and gurls ROCCO GURRERA 1329 43rd St Servuce Squad Cafeterua Squad Roccos sense of humor has made hum many fruends Hus hobby us stamp collectung, and he hopes to contunue hus edu catuon un college DONALD HAASE 4104 12th Ave Partucupatuon on NUHS Bowlung Team Servuce Squad Both un bowlung and un lute Donald wull score many Struke SALLY HACKEN 1021 45th St Coop Sec to M Grosser Dean Squad Dr Meunkens Program Comm Popular Sally has one ambutuon to get marrued' And not to lust anyone' When shes not talkung about her ambutuon she dances plays the puano and sungs Very versatule' WALTER HALPERN 1653 45th St Orchestra Bond Instrument Repour Club Walter us a luttle fellow who gets thungs done un a bug way He has a good word for every one Walters favorute hobby us tishung and he us an accom plushed musucuan CHARLES HAMMARBERG 1845 52nd St Charles s ambutuon us to become a success un the busuness world Hus hobby us model aurplanes We are sure that he wull be a success SANDRA HARRIS 4401 17th Ave Sec to Mr Ozarrow Sandy us a gurl whos well luked by all She herself enloys comung to school, especually when she has swummung or a free peruod to read She hopes to become euther a bookkeeper or a stenographer 55 Y' 231 gym 43 11:1 W' n ,auf Ili' , , X 325 fs S. 3 WL 52 M :V -l'-I'-I'.l'-I'-1'.l'.l'w.p-4 4' .well Q 'In X 7 ',-Ns, i"'iii N QW pl!!! yq f ' Nfl!! W 5.5, .- L' V - ' an K ,qmzs I ', , 'I 3 ' 5 F' W, ,.,. V A A A "A,'- f w J VQ-Q2:Q wwf. was .kg .,.: ... q faff. ,A A 24? - A ' . .. - 1 , h h,L, 'i lm. wi I 5225 ,,,. ,xv ?uneg-qeN.,, uf , NJ 11 F U 1 f Ui .Rs f" ! is I ,mllll'Q5 5-L - w 1 ,S N wiv Q ' alma! SHERRY HECHLER 4109 15th Ave Sec to Mr Gordon Caf Squad Pretty Sherry Iukes musuc and sports she hopes to become o housewufe LEONARD HECHT 1505 41st St Co Capt of the Eng Book Room Squad Gym Clerk Buo OH Musu Room Jr Arusta Sr Arusto Servuce league Eng Off IHT Off Lenny has many hobbues Wuth hus gregaruous nature and hus skull un mathematucs he wull undoubtedly become o success ful enguneer MARGARET HEEPE 1248 sara sr Madrugal General Off Muss M Graths OH Servuce League Senuor Start Wruter Grey eyed Margue s ambutuon us to become a secretary and someday wrute a play Her hobby us readung novels and lustenung to classucal musuc AUDREY HEHN 1161 77th St Boosters Audrey one of the most pop ular senuors was a success un everythung she dud We hope she continues to be a sweet as she us now IRENE HEILWEIL 1651 66th sr Jr 8. Sr Leader Prefect Sec Sec to Mr Ozarrow and Mrs Inman Dramatucs Club Infirmary Squad Irene luke all gurls enloys dancung There us a slught duf ference, however Durung her spare tume Irene teaches bol let and tap She hopes some day to make ut a full tume 'ob ANNETTE HELFGOT1' 1867 62nd St Annette us quuet and smart She hopes to be an accountant FRED HENGBER 1504 38th St Servuce Squad NUHS Staff Frutz s hobby us collectung serv uce patches He wants to be come o poluceman Hes nuce enough to be one of New York's finest " 58 HARVEY I-IERMAN 1402 45th St Servuce Squad NUHS Harvey us a clever fellow, wh enloys partakung un all sports and us goung to college to study a professuon ADELE HERSKOVITZ 1973 70th St Mrs Losees Postal Squad Sec Mrs Chase GO OH Squad Muss McGraths Squad Del someday hopes to become meducal secretary Asude from her studues, she does a lot of swummung wluuch us one of her favorute sports EDWARD HERSHKOWITZ 2081 60th St Eddues favorute pastume us Iookung at and beung wuth gurls Hus ambutuon us to have a lot of money and gurls to spend ut on IRVI NG HERSH KOWITZ 1569 45111 Sf Head Gym Clerk Mauor of Cafeterua Squad Irvs ambutuon us to get a car of hus own When not thunkung about thus car he spends hus tume horse and boat racung He says gurls are the root of all evul, but we bet that he wouldnt mund gettung un on some of that evul MURIEL HESS 4612 13th Ave Attendance Off Program Comm Dr Meunkens Squad Junuor Arusta Cabunet Rep Senuor Staff Wruter Co op Sec to Mr Sabbetlw Muruel known for her long black haur us sure to go far She lukes buke rudung and us an avud Dodger fan She plans to go to college and become a rench Stenographer BARBARA HIRSCH 92 51st St Coop Student Program Comm lub rary Squad Pert Bobble who loves to knut wull never take her knuttung unto the courtroom when she gets a 'ob as a court sten ographer She also has an ac tuve unterest un dancung ALBERT HIRSCHMAN 2071 60th St Als ambutuon us to be a ma chune operator We hope hell have enough tume left for hus hobby of rausung tropucal fish RUTH HIRSHAUT 4508 15th Ave Servuce League Lubrary Squad Grade Adv s OH Muss McGrath s Off Blue eyed Ruths maun ambu fIOI'l IS to b8COII'le C SBCYBTUYY GERALD HOLLANDER 850 40th St Servuce Squad Lab Squad Caf Squad Jerry us unterested un gurls and basketball He plans to attend Brooklyn College RUTH HOLSTEIN 1426 47th St Sec to Mrs Jaffe Sec to Mr Zeuger Boys Ruth us one gurl you can enloy watchung a football game wuth Photography bowl ung and swummung are her maun hobbues PHYLLIS HORN 6713 19th Ave lnhrmcury Squad Pretty Phylluss ambutuon us to be a nurse We envy her pa tuents' Her hobbues are play ung the puano and dancung Shes also unterested un read ung and boys We re sure shell be a success' JOEL HORNSTEIN Joel untends t go unto the busuness world after grcudua tuon Hus hobby us rausung trop ucal fish We thunk hell be successful but we hope he has enough tume for recreatuon' STANLEY HOROWITZ 1113 53rd Sf Swummung Team S 81 lr Arusta Deans Squad Chem Lab Englush Bookroom Squad Stans personaluty and brauns are a combunatuon that cant be beat Hus loves are swum mung and gurls He untends to pursue a career un euther math MAXIM HOUSENBOLD or scuence 1513 44th Sl Muckey wants to be another Rockefeller Whule sports are hus hobbues gurls are hu un terests ANNETTE INDENBAUM 1667 54th St Library Squad Servuce League Annette nucknamed Honey en loys uce skatung and dancung Annette duslukes teachers who guve surpruse tests I wonder why' ROSARIO INGALLINERA 935 42nd St Servuce Squad Football Team Sonny wants to own hus own busuness Hus maun unterests are bowlung and workung THEODORE INGENITO 6912 15tl1 Ave Teddy who desures to become a bookkeeper us noted for hus dark wavy haur JOSEPH INVENINATO 2246 West 9th St Joe rather on the quuet sude us unterested un model raulroad ung and un the navy GRACE ISABELLA 1454 79th su Service League Grade Advs Squad room dancer She has both the looks and the personaluty that wull help her cuccomplush thus feat Her other unterests are puano playung and boys SONDRA JACOB 5315 15th Ave Servuce League Eng Off Squad Swummung Leaders Buddues Program If all nurses wull be luke Sandy breakung a leg would be pleasure An expert swummer thus angel of mercy us known as the prettuest lufe guard on the beach LUCILLE JACOBS 4518 8111 Ave MET Art Ed S J Arl a Servuce Bu Schol League 71h Form Sr Cabune Deans Squad Popular untellugent and art ustuc Lucy plans to attend Brooklyn College and malor un elementary art e d u c a t u o n Lucys talents plus her qualuty of leadershup have made her the competent art edutor of the COMET 59 2 5 'I ' I , I - , . . . . . . . . , . . ' . I ' - 1 . , - . U, . . . ' D J ' , . . - 1 1 1161 46'h gg, Grace hopes to become a ball- . 0 . . i Q a I ' I . . Off. ' ' , r. . ' , ' ' f - ' 1 ' -1 ' u , . . . ' ' - H H - . . , , , CO ., r, 8. r. 'st , u u . - s Q I ' I 5 - . . , . DONALD .IACOBSON 1741 60th sr Manager of Football Team Service Squad Gym Clerk Manager of Football Team Service Squad Gym Clerk Donny whose supply of 'obs IS never llmlted lntends to go to college H1s amb1t1on IS to become o busmessman SHIRLEY JANOF 5200 15th Ave Coop Sec to Mlss Frelman Library Squad Program Comm Shirley engoys skating and dancing She hopes to become a successful housewlfe HILDA JONES 5420 15th Ave Madrlgal 7th Form Sr Cablnet Sec to Mrs Barash Mlss Kaltbaum H1lda will someday become a nurse She l1kes to swlm bi cycle rlde and play handball She also enloys popular muslc GERALD JOSEPH 1653 65th St Servnce Squad JV Basketball Team Suave blond Jerry prefers women danclng and athletlcs Jerry has always been known for his sense of humor BARBARA .IUDD 1948 81st St SPIRAL Boosters Band Buddles S Cabmet L: Cablnet Service League Music OH. Deans Squad General Off. Squad. Popular and always on the go Bobbie has been a real asset to New Utrecht. Her favorite pastime is playing the flute. RICHARD KAEPPEL 1925 54th St. Bookroom Squad Service Squad. Dick s favorite sports are base- ball and basketball. He is an ardent hunter and fisher. We wonder what he hunts! MARION KALFUS 1323 51st sr. c. t Mrs. Jaffe Mr. M line n- firmary I.C.C. Cute little Marion is a bundle of fun. She is one of the few . Y. Gian fans in New Utrecht. Marion is also a great fan of Rock Hudson. She hopes to go to college but plans to make marriage her perman- ent career. 60 SYLVIA KALISH 1726 65th St Coop Program Comm lf you should happen to pass the roller derby you w1ll find Sylvia one of the most ardent spectators Her most ardent de sure however, I5 to marry a certain someone, and be a per fect wife Her warm personal ity rates her hlgh w1th all RONALD KALMORE 1715 50th St Audio vlsual And Squad Leaders Bas ketball Squad Ronnie has hopes of becoming a chemical engineer after at tending Tr1n1ty College A could be expected his favonte sublect IS chemlstry He IS also fond of baseball and tropncal fish MARTIN KAMINSKY 961 451.1 sr Captam of Chem and Physlcs Squads Band Service Squad Chair and Stand Squad Utrecht will long remember Marty for h1s trumpet playing Besides playing an instrument he lnkes to go horseback rid 1ng With his personality he should be a success no matter what field he goes 1nto NORMA KANETSY 6616 17th Ave Schol 81 Servlce League Attendance Off D Melnkens Squad Deans Squad Boosters GO Congress Rumor has 1t that the poodle IS giving up 1n despair because of competition from Norma 1n the field of halrcuts Her bn ography Beauty and Brains will be publlshed shortly after graduatlon REBE KANNER 1452 55111 sf. res. f Schol. League Service League Senior Arista G.O. Cabinet Program Off. Squad Infirmary Squad On Rebe hazel eyes and freckles look good. A charming miss if there ever was one she plans to teach. FRED KAPLAN was aznd sf. Service Squad Eng. Off. Squad Band Stage Squad. Calling all impacted wisdom teeth-Fred our future dentist needs the practice He is 'n- terested 'n astronomy and service. MELVIN KAPLAN 4307 12th Ave. Service Squad. Mel's favorite classes were those taught by Miss Martinez. It seems needless to say what his favorite subiect was. He likes sports. MYRON KAPLAN 2077 sam se .lr 8. Sr Ar1sta Servlce Squad Dr Mexnkens Squad Health Ed Off Book Store Squad Myron I5 a very mtelllgent and undustrlous person who should be very successful He spends hns spare fll'I'le trammg hns pet parakeet and Pdl'l'ICIPCflI'lg un sports We wonder what you can talk about to a parakeet' TEDDY KAPLITA 6713 19th Ave Chem Squad Teddy enloys partlcnpatmg nn all sports He also ns mterested un chemlstry and ln gurls ELEANOR KASS 926 44th sr Sec to Mrs Hyman and Mrs Losee Program Comm S Leader Sec retarlul Studies Off Squad Eleanor doesnt llke nagglng teachers but she does enloy dancmg bowlmg, and swlm mlng She hopes to be a sec retary ESTHER KASSIN 1962 65th se Sec to Mrs McClenahan and Mrs Hyman Commercsal Off sports, but basketball partncu larly She hopes to become a secretary DEBORAH KATZ 1915 69th St Sec to Mrs Chase l.1brary Squad All Debby wants to be ns success nn everythmg she does With her looks cute smnle and frlendly personallty we re sure she w1Il he ALLAN KAUFER 1852 49th St Servlce Squad Gym Leader Alan plans to be a bacterlolo gust He IS the type of person who w1ll do hls utmost to at tam hls goal We wash hum luck' IRWIN KAUFMAN 1402 46th St Servlce Squad lrwms a real mce guy and hked by everyone He hopes to become a cuvnl englneer He as an enthusuastnc Dodger tan Hls favorlte teacher was Mrs Grossman Q1 LOUISE KAUFMAN 1720 53rd St Assocnate Ed of COMET J L Sr Arnsta Servxce 8. Schol League Bud dues G0 Congress Attendance OH Grade Advs Squad Program Otf Squad COMET Tramee Pretty brown eyed Loulse plans to attend Brooklyn College Wnth her magmlicent person alnty she IS sure to become a success ln whatever she does SAMUEL KAY 1314 sara sf Band Orchestra Servlce Squad Mu ssc Off Samuel has shown hus musucal abnlnty In the band and the orchestra This lanky lad names hlstory as hls favorlte sublect Hls ambltlon IS to be come a vetermaroan RONALD KELSON 1326 43rd St Service Squad Ronme, one of the mcest guys m the school, has some really bug ambltlons He wants to be a cowboy on a really bug scale and own a ranch' We wonder If he got the ldea from readmg too many westerns' ROSLYN KERPER sso1 15th Ave Program OH Squad Servlce 81 Schol League Roz as a gal whose warmth and smcerlty w1lI prove great asset to her throughout her lnfetlme She spends her tree tnme skatmg, blke rndmg swnmmmg readmg, and play mg the plano She hopes to be an elementary school teacher THELMA KESSMAN 5101 13th Ave Boosters Servnce League Sr Cabinet Llbrary Squad Attendance Off Sec to Mr Fox Terry, pretty blue eyed blond wants to become a buy er Her charmlng personality w1Il help her attaln thus goal HERBERT KESTEN 1656 66th Sl' Basketball Team Servlce Squad Slx foot two and handsome, Herb seems to be qunte a man wnth the ladnes and we can see why He was one of the rea sons that Utrecht had the best team nn the cnty thus year SANDRA KIMMEL 1834 48th St Sec to Mlss Nash and Mr JafTe Sandy IS Iookmg for a rnch man who w1ll appreclate her assets whnch are charm lntel llgence and sweet pretty face She llkes to swnm and date ruch boys 61 . f . ' - - 1 f - ' . , r. . ' ' 1 - - 1 -1 . . . , , . , . I I - ' I ' ' I I I ' , - ., r. , - . , . . . . I . . I - . . . . 1 ' ' . I . ' y Sweet Esther is interested in all - , - . . . . u . . . . . I I - . . , ' . - ' a I I . I . . , . , . . . . , -, - 3 a - l - 1 , . . . . , . . n u s I v . D I I I I - U A . I I I RUTH KIRSCHBAUM 7611 18th Ave. Sec. to Miss Fitzgerald. Ruth's ambition is to become a secretary and then a house- wife. She is interested in sports, particularly baseball and basketball. PETER KIRSCHENBAUM 4515 12th Ave. Service Squad Cafeteria Squad Color Guard Sr Cabinet Attendance OH Tall good looking talented Pete will really be a catch! ln his freetlme he plays the guitar Pete plans to be an rn dustrlal artist and hopes to study at an out of town col lege REA KLEIMAN 1944 81st St Grade Advs Squad Drama Club Drama Workshop Buddies Rean who hopes to be a psy cholognst is a student of the arts Ballet and the theater are two of her many Interests LORETTA KLEIN 1775 52nd St Deans Squad Service Squad Sec to Mr Fox and Mrs Inman Lory likes sewing and reading It wouldn t surprise us to dis cover that she makes some of her own clothes Her ambltlon IS to be a bookkeeper EDWIN KLETZEL 1573 39th St Service Squad Gym Clerk Band Eddie I5 Interested ln many sports He intends to study chu ropractrcs after graduation FLORENCE KOICIM 835 46th Sl Sec to Mrs Hyman This cute and charming young lady wants to be a book keeper Eventually she wants to become a housekeeper She should find it very easy' SHEPHARD KOKIN 1435 54th Sl Physics Prep Room Squad Program Comm Squad Circulation Staff f NUHS NUHS Staff Sr Cabinet J 81 Sr Arista Service 8. S hol League Gym Leader Shep is an ardent ncthyologlst He also likes swimming and bicycling He wants to become a dentist 2 ALAN KORNFELD 905 43rd St. Service Squad. Alan, an aspiring pharmacist, thinks that girls and bowling are the best prescriptions for curing all ills. IRWIN KOSIK 1934 50th St. Football Team lrwln with hls athletic ablllty should be a success ln llfe MYRON KOSLOW 1935 83rd St Bro and Chem and Physics Squads Band Math Team Next year Ronnie will b studying engineering at Cnty College He is intelligent and likeable and will probably go far un his lield Ronmes out side interests include trumpet playing stamp collecting and chemistry ESTA KOSOFSKY 1818 79th St Program Off Service Squad O Jr 8. Sr Arista Schol League Service League Esta ns a Dodger fan with blue eyes to boot She finds science engrossing names Mr Schul man as her conception of the ideal science teacher MILLIE KOTOWSKI 1507 38th St Coop Sec to Mrs Samuelson Sec to Mr Grolsser Program Comm A snappy dresser who s full of fun Millie rs one of our fa vorntes Her favorite interest IS writing letters Shes a gal whos nice to be around and we hope shell get everything she wants' HELEN KOULERMOS 4620 18th Ave Girls Deans Off Helen loves to race and swim Dancing ns her favorite pas time Her ambition nn life IS to become a typrst Well always remember Helens sparkling eyes her charming smile and her sense of humor BARBARA KRASIN 1641 54th St Leader of Sr Arista Jr Arista GO Cabinet Service League Boosters Buddies Cnty Council Delegate Lead ers Deans Squad Gym Squad Pro gram Comm Grade Advs Squad Bobbi wishes to be an erage American female and ralse an average American family Hopes to own a mink What an average' SHELDON KRAUSS 1643 44th St Servuce Squad Gym Clerk Cafeterla Squad Sheldon wants to become mulluonaure He aums hugh' Spe cufically he lukes gurls and cars Generally speakung to use Sheldons own words he lukes everythung and everyone AL KRAUTHAMER 7201 l8th Ave Servuce Squad Madrugal Leaders Capt of Cafeterua Squad Al un hus spare tume swums and lufts weughts Hus ambutuon us to loun the aur force They wull be fortunate to get some one as untellugent as hum ROBERTA KRESCH 1846 49th Sl Dr Meunkens Off Mrs Reuds Squad Mrs Yuppos Squad Co op A skatung euuthusuast, Roberta USPIYES to beC0l'l1e U PI'lVG1e secretary ALICE KRUKOWSKI 4408 16th Ave Postal Squad Sec to Mr Weuss Aluce s ambutuon us to be a pru vate secretary She enloys bowlung and dancung People who dont pay attentuon to you when you are talkung to them us her pet peeve SHERRY KUNDA 1439 42nd 51' Sr 8- Jr Arusta Servuce League Or chestra NUHS Staff Jr 8. Sr Leaders Buddies Math Team GO Congress Sr Staff Wruter Spanush Club Musuc Eng and Program Offices Luvely long blonde haured Sherry Iukes math and playung the Cello FRIEDA KUPPERMAN 1525 41st St Dr Soruerus OH Squad Frueda enloys stamp collectung and readung Her lavorute sub lects are hustory and chemustry MIRIAM KURTZ 947 47th Sf J Arusta Servuce Su Sc o Leagues Drama Workshop GO Cab me 8. J Leaders Bud ues Deans Squad J UNESCO Club Speech and Buo Off Squads Versatule Muunu untends to study UW GLORIA KWESTEL 7108 zouuu Ave Lubrary Squad Home Economucs Squad Gloruas muddle name, Nlullue us also her nuclcname She en lays readung, sungung and sports As yet she has no deli nute ambutuon REGINA LABES uaso rouuu su Sec to Muss Kramer and Dr Meunken Coop Program Comm Luttle Ruta s smule captured the heart of a fortunate someone She us noted for her luvely per sonaluty SALVATORE LABISI 1745 85th St Sal s cluuef unterests are sports of all kunds l'lus maun ambu tuon us to get a good 'ob Good luck' THERESA LABUZ 1936 Bay Rudge Pkwy GO Off Locker Monutor Sec Muss Goodman and Mr Catanua Sweet us the word to descrube Terry She has made many fruends throughout her hugh school career and she wull probably contunue to do so un the future JOHANNA LACAGNINA 1825 80th St Attendance OH Joanues ambutuon u to be a secretary Her tavorute specta tor sport s baseball I-ler truendluness and sweetness wull help her succeed un all her en deavors wwf JUDITH LADINSKY fw 7,4 1953 70th gl fl Sec to Mrs Rose LYYJ' 7 Judy lukes to bowl and dance KLA Her ambutuon us to be a book keeper Were sure shell be a W success' JLQ ROBERT LADINSKY 1462 41st St Servuce Squad Bro Lab Bob claums that hus ambutuon us to unherut a mulluon dollars From whom we wonder' Asude from that he lukes gurls, bas ketball baseball football and lsowlung 63 64 .a" - xl '1 ff? 25 5 S I6 I Q ? X f i vu.,-1-.. i X, .Q QQXQQ UN ,fsf j Ax et' 0-L Z' fn ...,. 49'- 'It X479 U- I T, .IV-i Q., ' 9' ' :I S Max Bee bohm QUOTE SIN OUGHT TO KNOWN AS NOTED FOR NAME Aa onson Gera d H yo coor- Go flbo Q hs woy GG ump 6oo ds b eok eco k n U Y o era d G Berns e n 0 ogar E oy wee Doohy Do S orngasse Do 9 Aw gee MSQO DU H O xg: A A A ' X Ti 0 1' ex ' A , 41 44 Ks ' ' - X Xi 'M -- it Tl 1 """ l a l 1 .gfv 0a.':-- I I l N, X f I l ,, X Y A 4 for 4 4,-A A f +A X f 4 N X, v4 l ' f "' ' 1 ' l , ' - X A , i ' A l ' U '- l f ig,-ft.l ., it 3 1 til ,xx 1 . , 'Q xl ut-nl? ls ' I . ' ' - u xv' I ", Y. ' E 1 X ' -. ff 1--': , . ---rl .rr M 1 Zi I + 1l X ' ' l.'K ' 1, ' . 1 Q X g if "- A, . . L X ,. I y .1 ' v s A I , 1 D , , M, will ff:--' v 'f A , fu 4 gr. ' Q ' I, ' m N ll 1 X' l l ' " ' we--J Q Ml I . ll ' xxl X Jvlfe shear Y ' .l Uwl1f1.1v'i 1.11111 'gunz' Milf! tu fmsluffi, zzfulll qlzflc m'a'111.u-1 iizzmri full 1 lnfli ifuzru IM JM t, ir r r , I leiry thinking supine-ly think straight deodlines Ulm resigninglw Apreda, Patricia Pat hor sweet voice :atm ot the Mot football Do-re-ini " Ballis, Marcia Morcio her poems interpret them The Odd Enfl 'lin sorry l'rn lute " Berlin, Daniel Donny being cool :zlioot inoro Mr l ,r " i , ,h " l i , I lerr tr C r i i . -l t j "l S itt i. ' B t, Ili t Elli t broi. 1: help Einstein fstuflyino "This boy gotto qolw B r, ri rise r t :st sa t dimples: "My nclrne is DORlS" , 11 l r .' i l rg ' 1 ing :li t- t l , i.. lliif ,, dd keep he po do b ood shoi A en A Brooks s- Ca a Iecme le CD CD Vou abou kosner more a ways d e om SEL bmi wear dungarees inny one C1 G be ng a comed enne h s good na ure Ann Mar e V nny Ye Ma Hn A acappa V C r mcent lo SIU U AL' U' C13- YIVOH pep and energy GC e F Este 1 hen OOO ..- 4: O F' .Q Io seph Io Colombo a king owea haven O r e RED CG Don k e a Ranger U Y s persor h Rob Robert Cutxck ri DOROTHY rdone we Cou an ka ance he budge Dor s Doy onne y Dorothy car do any n ng CYSW CU s op knosh ng Y VSTSCI A isenberg A an L. H T Cl opu make a seba ba Frank ank I F Feder co ra Q. :Z s i eye l'l OW b r I-L. rng eop Romeo oe nga Dave David nd 1 boys sneakers SGITI he baseba V1 3 l: Ton Roy ti e Antoine te 9 Roy ISI hi Tl STE' CFC VI GSU do n M e O ad I' OH SO VICW nda a han UQ be OH l D le Dan unberg Gr OH cep V been hadn he poo bu er y s roke TS make a sw mm ng eam San Horowx z Stan ey roken ranca ff' e pare S OINC GCG as erp LJ TGV r d ,JI -. 'U ,- C O v- 'U 'U ID EZ QE H D OOF m s op buy ng ba CU ode DO Norma UIQ Ol' N Kc netsky C FC GJ I eb H Kanner Q n sh one CTO WOPQ QUZZ C, Lou se Kaufman Lou se Ps see w hou my CCH CS 9 lo ert erb H esten mak DOT GIHSY1 CITY run or Congress Cb V WET GC Robb Krasln Barbara roced ire 1 rder 5 V10 T U1 0 -CI 'U M o For da? WON 'UC A CI T he ad k v-I Ol'TlC1 how CGHCG l S YO Ha Lecar ,C C' r sharp GG O W I1 fl Cl M el' Effl G king Of l'HW o EF CL ene U Pa 4- L Leto r-I A4 ke Q8 ch M .5 L a shoe l . I loariie doing most keep on doing Sr. Cabinet ininutes lv ake sure and tell your pr t ct." cr , i i i i tlltl . s llDiltlly t." 1 . ' i .i t ' ies "ls this .1 7' rkatz. Warren Warren perpetual motion :stop talking as. Grossman "I'rn l , i , o , l est ll i t O hour day . . uaine i'What am l going to do now? o en, Na han Nat sports coverage emulate Red Smith blushing i'Who wants to give the mi. utes?" , ine Io eing a genius write a cook book being a gourmet l'When I write my book , . oschignano, Eleanor L :stylish wardrobe win a fashion content clothes ill 't t. i . t r." ' . i:' .- i lit 1 . red hair ' 't ll ri D ll , tt if J l t t l ' 't ti 1, 'l'i " E' , ll l tilit t J i t Ml i . t' i., l" i . . ' ll hit p l ity 'l i, the el' 'shman, oyce loyce laying tie llute loin Spitalny's orch pageeboy hairdo llsnit she a doll?" r'edeS. Albert Al ig b .1 leave ef itors material alone polka dot socks 'Horneworkl Who doe: homework?" Fr'e , ' ' 1 'l " .:t tli ti girls lHiya Kid." G n 'I , ' t i athletics ji i. t , ll t . . UCall me TONl." G 'o ', art me another Rembrandt senior button 'iAw, you know you're the o ly one " , ' l i i ti ,tti i U yst .'tit tr itlt T re ti 't, 1 t , i. i t . ti,t tt tl ,t' 'tltt l 't b . . acobs, Lucille u fy l , in ft i s show us is dates "I l f is " ones, Hil a il a being petite stay that way long eyelashes i'l'm not wearing rnascarak' udd, Barbara Bobbie popularity write fairy tales Roger "D 't be a crud4Vote 4 lu " . , l t st i ll ts owie 'A ont you think I'm friendly?" . e be er name expl init A U y am 's not Rebel" , i i, ss ' lts ti is obbling 'iMy mother dropped me on rn head." Kessman, Thelma Terry squirting water guns stop Senior Show UDoes anyone want a ticket?" K , Her basketball wear glasses athl ti 'il 't it. t glassest' ' , i I ti iti ' t s, li t 'l e a motion . . ." p 1 un a. S try herry long blond hair out it Howie " his if . tt ll" am ay, Marilyn Marilyn Sr Leaders le t ri su tan A sk . it l t t l i , ld Hal IUH I S, Agonistes i'l'll show you t ke a 'seventyetwo degree angle " , 1' Marty ,iockro in 1' ti,s swimming "Spanish, ug I" , 1 aulene being Miss Coeop gain weight l HG hair "V i . evens ein. Eugene Gene collecting money talk without his hands . ranklin Lane 'tl hate to aisagre , but . . 'pp, i 1 Mi being a mishugena take lite seriously math team "Me and Chernia . iss, Ei een il . . . it lit 1 o st q "Now girls, YEL "' , t ,rnie being best dressed model clot ies it tru l . s ' i,,... " B os ers rits rse lr CIUU ke Y CI her hosp GSH E F H195 L Lasso E 65 QUOTE SIN OUGHT TO KNOWN AS NOTED FOR E AM O Of - he GI' Murkmcn H 1 ers A EY M rn. 2 E 'Q- Dav Nope baum 9 uno Ieane Napo Orr co Ccxrmme Pure 1 M chcxe D. 1 Aa IGI' Poke 1- Cl- C119 E Peppe D-1 III DI CO gV Rose-nber 1 ed Rosen Hose 1 e d Pau Rose is e n D une RAL I S GJ 'U .-C U7 Iud ed I OSH Sch U2 .- U1 C19 ch M Un In ege S bar r Bar V6 S IIC U1 Do CONC S U1 SPIRAL COMET 3 Ar hur WZ ko N A , rf 111111, 'xJ111f--1111,10'f,-5 11:11 1 11 1711--.1 1,1 ll :.1., '1,11111f-1 1, :3 1-7 :v11:f 1'd11111111::11 1 1 fl 1-1-'.? 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'f- 11uk1- 1-111 1:11:11 -11.11-111111 lvf- 1:r:i -1 4100-1 r1r1f- hair, ulie 11111 '11'1:y "V, Nr: 11' 111 111-11 111- 1 ' 11 ' 'jf 111111146 'v'1':1 v,'1r1?.' 11 'f.11'11111111fl 1' 1 1--rt " i l , i l 1.'1k- .'1'111j1O111,11111-1' 11,11-111511-111 'f11111r1111111r11:.1 Hf,'.1.1','11 ff11r,"1" il . cl 9111111 1-1-121111111111-,.11' ::11'Nr1111111l11 1-111 1 '1r1'1-1111111111111 1 7.1 "11:' 1117111'f'1"' im . i i 1 1' 111.1-1111-:1:',1 1111111 11111111111 11,1111,14' f41.'1::1- ::11.'111f later, Arlene F1111-T -' 1:111'-1111111 11 1141111:111,-1111111 'f1f111f11.111111.2 Aft1i,:. U11-'111, 111111 1 eiSs,L0t1h'iCe 1. 1111 5111111-. :111'.'1 11-1-"111l 111-:1 '-111111-111111, 'ff-11 1'11'11f111l',' " Wel it. 1 111' 1111 211,121 11111 '1 1111 1" 1- olf, uih Hy? f-11-"1111.1 71'11 r1.:1111:.1: 111-3111 lf' 1.1:r'1:r111,11:111111" n: 3 GENE LA FERLITA 1572 77l'll Sl Gym Squad Locker Squad Football Team Gene us the one to call on If you are ln trouble Hus ambu tlon IS to become a pollce man Hns motto IS Thank before you speak ARTHUR LAMIA 1239 85th St Servlce Squad Arthur has hopes of becommg a lawyer To take hls mind otT hus work hell follow the Yankees hns favorute team He llkes Johnny Ray Wlll he use Johnnys tactncs when pleadnng a case' We wonder' MARILYN LAMKAY 1449 47th St Deans Squad Dramatic Workshop Drama Club Jr Leader Pres of Sr Leaders Sports Club Servlce League Speech OFF Marllyns favorite pastime Instenmg to her large collec tlon of semlclassncal muslc She also llkes sports and the theater She wants to go unto aeronautical servlce PATRICK LANASA 1719 79th St Pats favorite teacher was Mr Shulman He lnkes to take apart and drnve cars and hopes to be an IB M engmeer RALPH LANZA 1169 72nd St Ralph Inkes sports and pretty smart, glrls He I5 an avld Yankee fan He wants a new Cadnllac Convertible or wull any klnd do' LORETTA LAROCCO 1696 84th St Locker Monitor Attendance Off Loretta would luke to be a pn vote secretary Swnmmlng and bowlnng are two sports that she enloys She has a busy socual lnfe and we can see why' PAUL LASHER 1765 59th sf Service Squad Boys luke Paul who are not well known deserve more cred ut than they receive Can you ask for more than a sense of humor personallty, and con sucleratuon' Hls mterests are photography and sports hopes to become a Certufled Publnc Accountant long tl JACOB LEBOWITZ 1005 45th Sl' Service Squad Elevator Guard Book room Squad Jacob has the qualntles needed to be successful He wants to study engmeermg We thunk hell be a success un whatever he does HAROLD LECAR 2075 79th Sf Ed In Chief of NUHS Boy Leader of Sr Arlsta Assoclate Ed of Mathe mclglclan Pres of Physlcal Science Club GO Cabinet Jr Arista Serv :ce 8. Schol League Service Squad Program Comm Harolds background speaks for ntself We can predict a successful future for hum as a physlclst CARL LEDERER 1018 44th St Service Squad Carl would appreclate a stamp showing the Dodgers, smce he ns enthuslastlc about both He hopes to be a lawyer and we thunk hell be successful MARVIN LEDERER 6116 18th Ave Service Squad Marvs mterests are really up ln the clouds They are flying and astronomy He hopes to go to college SANFORD LEFKOWITZ 1334 48th St Cafeteria Squad Gym Leader Horseback rldlng is Sandy s fa vorlte pastlme So thats why he stands up ln class on Mon days' ELLIOT LEINWAND 970 42nd St Service Squad Jr 81 Sr Arlsta Serv Ice League Elllot IS really a swell guy H llkes basketball, Ice skating and gurls Has ambltlon IS to be a successful engmeer SHERWIN LENER 1314 50th St Sherwm will always be a cred nt to Utrecht Hns favorute teacher was Mrs Appel Has ambltron IS to become a law yer 67 LEONA LIEF 2112 85th sr. Sec. to Mrs. Kramer, Dean's Squad, Ca-op, Program Comm. Lee is interested in going to a night college and traveling. She hopes to be a private sec- retary. Her dark brown hair and gay personality make her well liked. MARTIN LERNER 5502 14th Ave. Service Squad, Stockroom Squad, Var- sity Swimming Team. Martin, intelligent and like- able hopes to study textile en- gineering and Lowell Univer- sity. He enioys basketball and swimming His prowess as a swimmer have made him well known. He takes time off from swimming to listen to classical music MARTIN LESSER 1379 45th Sf Cafeteria Squad Martin IS an all around fellow with many Interests Included among them are sports danc mg and listening to records He plans to go to college PAULINE LETO 6308 14th Ave Coop Sten Off Pauline will have lots of time for talking on the phone when she leaves Utrecht Also more time for dancing and boys! She s known for her lively hu mor EUGENE LEVENSTEIN 1845 82nd Si Pres of Service League Band GO Congress and Cabinet 7th Farm Sr Cabinet Sports Ed of NUHS Varsity Track Team Deans Squad Service Squad Gene took advantage of everything Utrecht had to offer and dull well ll all Hrs gre- garious personality and intel llgence made him a favorite at school EDITH LEVINE 9905 43rd St Sec to Mrs Kotch Infirmary Squad Edith is very quiet but sweet when ou et to know her She likes to read and go to the movies Her charming and delightful ways have made her one of the best liked gurls in Utrecht IRWIN LEVINE 1757 62nd St Service Squad Typing Off Gym Squad Irwin is well liked by every one because of his sincerity and frankness He is looking forward to becoming a CPA Baseball and football are his favorite sports 68 A BARBARA LEVY 1631 55Ill Sl. Program Comm., Co-op. Coloring photographs is a hob- by of Barbara's. Those who have seen her work admit that she does rather well at her hobby. She looks forward to becoming a private secretary and is earning valuable ex- perience at the present. CLIFFORD LEVY 1423 40th St. Gym Leader, Service Squad Gym Guard. Cliff is aiming to become M . America or a second Billy Daniels. Good luck! STANLEY LEVY 6114 1BtIl Ave Service Squad Stan collects stamps and coins He likes baseball football and basketball After graduation he wants to study to become a Public Accountant ADRIENNE LIANA 1228 79th SI GO Congress Treas of Swimming Service Leaders Swimming Club Bud dues Service League Madrigal Sec to Mr Shaw This pretty miss has lncorp orated swimming ability a good voice a talent for art and a wonderful personality into one person Her ambltlon is to be a florist VITO LICCIARDI 1957 61st St Service Squad Clang clang clang goes the trolley and bang bang bang goes Vltos typewriter Hes 314s excuse for not hearing senior announcements CORINNE LICHTMAN 4219 12fl1 Ave Attendance Off Health Ed Off ec to Mrs Inman Service League Corinne plans on going to col lege to become a buyer She enloys reading and swimming She plans to get married when she finishes college FRANCES LIEBGOTT 1835 83rd St Capt of Math Ott Squad Service League Sec to Mrs McCIenahan Mrs Davidson Miss Friedman and Miss Chapmck This sweet and serious minded girl has hopes of touring the world Her favorite sport is swimming We wonder if shell swim part of the way 1 r E A . T I I - 1 , . 1 - - -ef .fi . . . . - I ' .. -Ox 1 1 I I I I . . H . 1 1 1 . 11 1 1 1 1 . . . . , . , . . . , . . . I f ., . ., s . Y 9 . - ' She is going to be a sales gurl. . I U ' U . A .1 A is .1 y 9 , 1 - - - ' Y f ' ' ' l l , Z.. I i . D - ' I . ' 5 ' 5 BARBARA LIEBERMAN 35 Oluver St Deans Squad Servuce League GO Congress Se to Mrs Chase Schol Cute as a button Bobbue has on unusual hobby She collects book covers form out of town colleges She enloys readung and partucupatung un sports SHEILA LIEBMAN 1245 50th St Cafeterua Squad Sec to Mr Charosh Sheula who hopes to be teacher lukes musuc readung and the raduo She duslukes TV What an unduvudualust' ESTELLE LIEBMANN 1648 47th S! 8. Sr Arusta Schol 8. Servuce League Boosters Buo Off Englush Off Program Off Squad Estelle a very pretty senuor wants to be a teacher luke most gurls she wants to be a housewufe too We don t thunk she ll have to waut long MILTON LIFSCHITZ Locker Guard Mult us unterested un all types of sports Hus ambutuon us o become a butcher MICHAEL l.lPP 8023 19th Ave Ed of Mathemagucuan Capt of Math Team Math Tutor Math Off Squad J 8. Sr Arusta Servuce League Dean s Squad NUHS Swummung Squad When Muke us one of Ameruca s foremost enguneers well be proud to say we knew hum when He lukes chess, paun ung crossword puzzles and scuence fictuon IRVING LIPSCHITZ 4515 12th Ave Servuce Squad Irvungs ambutuon us to be deuutust We hope he has enough tume for hus baseball swummung and football AI though he us very quuet he us very nuce to know hum ROBERT LIPSCHUTZ 1522 58th St Servuce Squad Locker Guard Roberts hobues unclude musuc and playung the trumpet I-le us easy to get along wuth and luus good mood us catchung O Happy Day seems to be I-us favorute song as he us always sungung ut EVELYN LIPSHITZ 1333 51st St Se: to Mrs Kotch Senuor Staff Wruter Evelyn wants to be a secretary and work for cu nuce boss She lukes dancung, skatung and boys Her fruendly and socuable personaluty make her an asset to any group LORRAINE l.lSl 1501 69th St Servuce League GO Off Sec Mrs Vurgule Mrs Hueber and Mrs Hyman Cafeteria Squad lorry enloys goung to Broad way shows South Pacufic s lver favorute She wants to be come a secretary EILEEN LISS saw usfh Ave Capt of Boosters Swummung Squad Madrugal PM 81 AM Congress Servuce League Sec to Mrs Grossman Well known Euleen wants to be a nurse Her patuents are sure to luke her She lukes swum mung sungung, and horseback rudung And of course she lukes football and basketball games ANNE LITFEN 1341 53rd St Deans Squad Attendance OH Anne us always bubblung over wuth good wull and fruendlu ness She us known for her sense of humor and her guft for talkung She wants to work un the umport export busuness PATRICIA LOFRISCO 8002 15th Ave Servuce Squad .lunuor Leader Pat lukes sketchung landscapes Youll never guess by lookung at her that she loves to eat Her ambutuon us to be a pruvate secretary MADELINE LOMANGINO 8640 21st St Maddue has hazel eyes and brown hour Her hobbues are dancung and travelung Maun ambutuon us to marry and make a good wufe for someone ERNEST LOSSO uauo 75th Sf Gym Leader Sr Cabunet Senuor Staff Wruter Ernues a guy wuth a lot of unterests He lukes photography and sculpturung, gurls dressung well, and foreugn cars We wonder uf hes luke us to add a few more hours to the day for hum 69 MARCIA LOWE 1206 48th St Coop Attendance Off Emergency Room Sec to Mrs Baker and M Welton Dr Melnkens Squad Marcla s blue eyes and auburn hanr, plus her sparklmg per sonaluty make her well llked She engoys collectmg popular songs We are sure she will go a long way In whatever he does ARLENE l.UKA 870 42nd St Service league Dept of Business Sub lects lovely clothes and mce ways are lust two of Arlene s assets She enloys gonng dancmg, swlmmmg, and skatmg After getting her diploma she hopes to become a legal stenograph JOY LUPER 1531 55th S Sec to Mrs Cantor Sr Cabmet Joy with her sparklmg per sonallty, IS a swell fnend She wants to be a model She roots for the Dodgers and loves Frankie Lane BARBARA LUSTHAUS 1645 48th Sl Sec to Mr Zeuger "Barby enloys dancnng and P Y shell be able to dance her way through llfe PHYLLIS MACHLIS 1674 59th St Sec ln Forelgn Language Off Grade Advs Squad Sr 81 Jr Arista Servlce 81 Schol leagues Sr Staff Wnter NUHS staff Phyl enloys handball and swnmmung but ballroom danc mg IS her favorlte actlvnty One of her biggest ambltlons, ns to travel through Europe NICHOLAS MAMMANO 1750 77th St Captam of Progectnon Squad Nnck, who IS extremely ver satlle, has many mterests H lakes b a s e b a I l basketball, swlmmmg, and gurls He IS also a good student and should be a success nn anything he does NICOLAS MANDATO 1128 70111 S1 Servnce Squad Nlck s ambmon IS to go to col lege He should be a success hls nntelllgence and 'lrlendly an hls studies and ln extra curricular actlvltues because ol personallty 70 DEBORAH B MANDELBERG 1450 48th St Attendance Off Eng Squad Service League Mrs Rubms Squad Spamsh Club Gnrls Softball Team Debby ns one of the sweetest seniors we know She as what one would call an all around gurl Debby does a lot of skat mg and blcycle rldmg ln her free time She plans to go to Brooklyn College DOMINICK MANDll.E 1457 43rd St Clerk nn Boys Gym Dom s favorlte enloyments are baseball and photography Has ambltnon IS to become an ac countant, even though h spends a lot of time playmg the drums ANNE MANDRACCHIA 1626 80th St Sec to Mr Pfetter Mrs Cantors Squad Buddies Instead of readmg History books Anne would rather work on someone elses books With Mr Pfellers tralnmg we re sure shell get there ZACHARY MANICKAS 1436 42nd St Varsny Basketball Zach ns frlendly and well llked for lus mce ways and swell personaluty He IS mterested ln all athletncs but despnte thus fact hopes to become a CPA Zach can tell you all the ways lus last name has been pro nounced FRANK MANNO 1724 73rd Sl Frank IS the dashing klnd wuth blue eyes and blond halr H frankly owns up to an Interest an the gurls Franks lute am luhon IS to open his own butcher store BARBARA MANTOVANI 7719 14th Ave Co op Program Comm Bobbae hopes to work for the army base when she llmshes school and we are very sure she will be welcome there She IS known for hr black halr, blue eyes and wntey remarks She enloys ballroom dancnng ANTOINETTE MARCELLO 1433 72lld S1 Mrs Chases Ot? Sec to Mrs Vurgule and Mrs Elroc Cafetena Squad Antomette has a very sweet mckname Everyone calls her Sugar Her favorite pastumes are skatmg and dancmg, and her ambltuon as to be a sec retary for the government Her pet peeve IS tests . . ' I 'I , . . r. - ., . , , . ' ' . - 1 - - 1 . , , . , , . . . . ' - 5 . . . . . I ' . . 1 - ' , . , . . . , . x o a . e 1 ' . er. . 1 , . . , . , - . . I 1 . ' 1 , . . . 1 1 . . . 11 - - muslc. Wlth her ersonalit , . . . . , . . . . . ,, ' . ' I Q I u p n c - . e ' ' . 1 , 1 . . . . . , - ' n Q 1 u . . s 1 1 . ' I ' . . . e . 1 1 . . I . . s 1 I . - ' . . 1 , . 1 . ' " ' . ' ' ll ll ' ' . . GERALD MARGOLIES 'I347 40th St. Service Squad, Dean's Squad, Cafel teria Squad, Gym Clerk, Swimming Clerk. Jerry is known for his con- sclentlousness H puts his heart into whatever he does be It Math, with Mrs Wolfson or basketball with the Wizards He is like a cactus Rough on the outside but good wuthm VINCENT MARINO 1278 85th St Service Squad Vrnnys ambition rs to go to college He likes to play bas ketball for his church team Vinny will always remember Mrs Sellgman s classes HERBERT MARKMAN 'I562 78th St Basketball Team Program Off GO Cabinet Sr Cabinet GO Congress Brooklyn Borough Council Jr Arista Ser Arista Track Team Spanish OH Service Squad Lunchroom Squad Booster Herb is noted at Utrecht for his basketball abulnty and his presidential campaigns H hopes to go to Dartmouth and meet a nice New England gurl PAUL MARMER 7017 19th Ave Paul hopes to go to Brooklyn College in September He s sure to be a success in has studies and social activities THOMAS MARZOCCHI T414 44th St Gym Clerk Deans Squad Cafeteria Squad Tommy IS looking for a nice gurl to settle down with He also wants a good 'ob to sup port that nnce girl Tommy likes sports particularly swimming and handball BARBARA MASCHEBET 5515 New Utrecht Ave Schol League Grade Advs and Deans Squads General Off If more people were like Bob bne this world would be a bet ter one Her ambition IS understand and help others through socral work CLAIRE MASLIAH 5808 21st Ave Co op Program Comm If you were to search the world over you would not find a sweeter more sincere person than Claire Her ambition IS to make a perfect secretary to some lucky person Her soft spoken manner will carry her ar RITA MATARAZZO 'I447 58th St. Secretarial Dept. Squad. Rita's hobby is collecting min- iature dolls. She's an eager baseball fan and even goes so far as to want to marry a baseball player She likes to travel We hope she finds the right short stop MARION MATRULLO 1756 78th St Infirmary Squad Happy go lucky Marlon likes to skate dance and swam She has lust one interest, which no doubt is some good looking guy Her ambition ns to be secretary but eventually glve lt up for a full time 'ob as a wife MYRNA MAZER 1648 47th St General Or Squad Dnmples is her name There IS no question as to why this ns so Being a stenographer is her ambition MARJORIE McNALLY 966 42nd Sf 8. Sr Arista Jr L Sr Lea ers Sec to Mrs Reed Service League Dept of Business Sublects Off Sec to Mr Weiss Mrs Clanahan Mrs Kotch Mrs Hyman Margie likes to go bike rudmg, swimming and skating She plans to study accounting un College SUSAN MENSOFF 5520 'I5th Ave Program Off Grade Advs Squad Wlllowy Sue has hopes of be coming a model or perhaps make use of her artistic abil ity At present she IS absorbed ln keeping up with her fa vorrtes Deon Martm and Jerry Lewls .IOSEPH MERINGOLO 6636 Wallaston Court Deon s Squad Cafeteria Squad Joe s well known for his danc mg ability Hes also very nn terested in sports of all kinds He may become a new Fred Astalrel ANN MEYERS T760 5B1I'l Sf Veep GO Treas J 8- r Arista Service 8- Schol Leagues Swimming Leader Jr Leader General Off Cheerlng Squad Boosters Senior Cabinet Ann rs one of the prettiest and most popular gurls n he school She will always be re membered for the outstanding service she has given Utrecht 7'I .A 1'- .,,:. , vu, . tl, 6,93 -, Q ,ix 22:73. 112 Ffa wx ' -1 ff H. Vik x x,M, Q. , ..-. ,Q gl ' , 1 I M 1 N.. 1,1 ...K "Z 'M WGS' f v x fx 'Yx mur Aff zcfnm fm II. 'Y'l4 hx -X94 ,- .4 ,f,, . ,., .:. QA, ,-- f r ..,4 w .. v 'x. h s x - -' N' 2-Y .,, j.-2 M qgj., , -args-ual-M Q -u 'Q '-.11 1-3' --NN -Q, ef,-5.z' ,-..gfx-:, 5, ...WN1 xv-.W Z-x :Um xlfzflx. Henry Brooks Adams -,N-Y ,f5. -, r wx 'Sv 4 THEODORE MIELE 1629 49th Sl Swimming Tearn Sr Band Chair and Stand Squad Servlce Squad Teddy enloys baseball foot ball basketball and hockey Quite a variety We are sure hell make a wonderful pharm aclst LEONARD MILLER 1965 84th St Splral StaH Prolectlon Squad Bio Squad Lenny who plans to attend Brooklyn College IS a remark ably versatile young man H us an especially fine Math stu dent and a bnlllant writer We luke hum because he ns even tempered natural and genu mely nice MARTIN MILLMAN 1536 43rd St Service Squad Gym Clerk Curly ns an avid baseball tan who collects autographs from ballplayers He has hopes of becoming a pharmacist VINCENT MILONE 1619 71st St Service Squad Vincent a versatile young lad engoys salt water fishing and devotes much of his leisure time to his stamp and corn collections In the near future he hopes to travel around the world JUDITH MINDELL 1939 75th St Service league GO Ofl Squad Capt of Cafeteria Squad Program Comm .ludys hobby IS :ce skating Her ambition IS to became a registered nurse With her charmnng personality she sure to become a success PAUL MINETTI 1364 85th St Capt Service Squad Track Team Service League S Cabinet GO Cabinet New Utrecht will remember Paul for his track work par tlcularly discus throwing and the shot put He as an advocate of body bulldmg Paul s ambn tion ns to become a chemical engineer PETER MONDIELLO 1142 73rd St H T C Mounds does a lot of thunk mg about gurls Baseball also occupies some of his spare time He hasnt made up hrs mmd as to whether he should be a doctor or a lawyer Good luck whatever you choose' 74 JOAN MORABITO 1441 77flt Sl' Sec to Mrs Hyman Mrs Goldfarb Co op Attendance Off Joan who wants to become an alrllne stewardess would like to make a happy landlng Georgia The r e a s o n " It wouldn t be a certain someone un the Armed Forces would lt' SEYMOUR MORGENSTERN 5000 15th Ave Orchestra Baseball Squad Thus o r c h e s t ra vuollmst I5 known for his good humor He hasnt confined his actuvuty to the field of music only but has distinguished himself on the baseball diamond We re sorry to see hum leave school I though we know he :sn t BYRON MOROCH 2116 67th St Service Squad Byron us an ardent baseball player and baseball fan After graduation he wants to go Into the business world ANN MOSKOWITZ 1773 sm se 8. J Arista Service 8- Sc o League Swimming Leader Booster Program Comm Five feet two, eyes of blue and bmed with a quick mmd and a sweet dnsposltlon will make Ann one of Brooklyn Colleges most charming and popular co eds RUTH MOSKOWITZ 1773 sm sr S 8. Jr Arista Service 8- Sc ol League Swimming Leader Booster Program Comm Ruth like her sister plans to attend Brooklyn College She IS interested ln skatmg, swim mmg tennis and dancing JOSEPH MUGAVERO 1313 40th St Joe has been playing baseball slnce he was ten Hls ambltlon ns to become a malor league baseball player SIGRID MULLER 1828 Nostrand Ave Sr Arista Jr 8- Sr Leader Madrlgal Switchboard Operator In Record Room Slgrld intends to study nursing at the Methodist Hospital Her interests vary from playing the harmonica and listening to classical music to knitting and crochetmg r ' I I . . , . , I ' 1 1 . ' ' , . - , ' in , . . , , , . 1 I . , . I . . . . . . e - - , . . . . . . I , , - . . , . I U- , . , ex T , . f . 1 I Sr. r. ' , ' h I. 1 - l I I ' ' ' pretty as a picture. This com- - 1 A , . . . , - , , . . . . ' l i ' r. . ' , h . , , , 1 I ' I 1 . ' ' is . . , I . ' 1 1 ' ' I I I ' , r. ' , . . A I - 1 Q . . , . , . . . l. . , Ierk. . . 0 . ' ll ll ' - . , . , . . l.UClLLE MUSELLA 1772 West 12th Sf Co op Program Comm Mrs Sam uelsens Squad lucy has a split personality, quiet with strangers and talk atlve with friends She wants to become a bookkeeper, and enloys watching television DONALD MUTONE 7916 15th Ave Service Squad Gym Leader Don IS the fellow we should call "DlmpIes for short He llkes taking part ln almost any kind of sport his favorites be mg bowling horseback riding and softball Hrs wonderful personality and pleasant ways are what make hum so well llked SHEILA NACHT 1975 84th St Mrs Bridges Squad General OH Squad Music Off Though she loves art ond Mod ern dancing petite Sheila modestly claims that she is far from being a connoisseur We are certain that she will be a welcomed addition to Brooklyn College ESTELLE NADLER 967 47th St Sec to Mrs Kotch Estelle IS a very ambitious gurl who wants to become a private secretary Shell make some boy a good wife as she likes to cook and sew What domes tlclty' Her hobbies are slngmg and writing poetry DAVID NAPELBAUM 1248 49th St Capt of Swimming Team Booster Lunchroom Squad Capt of Propect Squad 'Nape likes to swim, pamt, and sculpt He also llkes tall dark and exotlc women .IEANETTE NAPOl.lTANO B414 15th Ave Bookkeeping Dept Attendance Off G.O. Off. S. Cabinet 7th Form Girls Softball Team. .lean loves to draw. We hope she will be able to carry out her ambition of being a car- toonist. Too bad she can t draw her homework. ROBERT NASTA 1630 83rd St. Bob is the quiet type His in- terest in sports of all kinds is very strong. His ambition is to land a good iob. MORTON NATHAN 1327 40th St Swimming Squad Photography IS Morts hobby He plans to go to college and see if anything develops' JOAN NATHANSON 1025 45th St Co op Girls Dean Squad Attendance Off Program Comm Happy go lucky .loan is unter ested In traveling She hopes to be a private secretary and her looks and personality will help her reach her goal She enloys sports and dancing CONNIE NATOLI 1446 38th sr Co op Gyrn locker Guard Attendance Off .lr Leader Sr Leader Program Comm Sr Staff Writer Connie ns best known for her long halr and her perpetual defense of the Giants Her most ardent desire ns to travel and eventually get marrned FRED NAYOR 902 44th St Service Squad Freddie hopes to become an electrical engineer His malor lntersts are baseball and science ROSE NEUHOF 5115 13th Ave Program Off Service Bt Schol League Jr Arista Roses llfe should be very ex cntmg She plans to go to col lege and then become a sec retary She plays the piano swims :ce skates roller skates and bike rides RUTH NEURINGER 1767 67th St Sr Cabinet Service Squad Sec to Moss Clear Brown-eyed Ruth msists that her favorite subiect is lunch. Her ambition is ta be a house- wife and we re sure it will be realized. Her hobby is playing the accordion JEROME NEWLANDER 902 47th Sf Service Squad. As it was told to us, this fel- low likes sports movies and television. How about girls, Jerry? 7 53 LOUISE NOVIELLO can 15th Ave Pres of Business Law Club Lunch room Squad Sec to Mrs Vurgnle Mlmeograph Off Jeanne wants to be a Medncal Secretary Her favornte hobby I5 Ice skating but she llkes clressmaknng too Her pet peeve tests JEAN ODDO 14 Laurence Ave Booster Servnce League Madngal Sec to Mrs Green Mrs Kotch .lean Inked by many people has not made up her mind about her future She doesnt know whether she should be come a secretary deslgner or have a smgmg career SANDRA OLSHEVER 1753 47th St Ed In Chnef of COMET Copy Ed f HS S Arms a Servl e league Program Comm GO Cab met Sandy ns known for brams green eyes and cottage cheese duets She loves languages and classical music An avid Dodger tan she hopes to teach chnl dren preferably her own KATHLEEN ONORATO 1830 75th St Kathleen enjoys many things She likes to go to the movles and llsten to the radlo She IS an ardent baseball fan Her ambmon IS to become a sec retary BARBARA OREMLAND 1420 48th St Dean s Squad Barbara has one favornte hob by and that IS dancing Most of her friends call her Bobby It s her wonderful sense of hu mor whnch makes her so well hked RAYMOND ORLANDO 4306 14th Ave Service Squad Locker Guard Cafeteria Squad Gym Leader Deans Squad Sr Cabmet GO Congress Servrce League Raymond llkes to dance and go to partles Hls pastume IS playing basketball CARMEN ORRICO 4921 11tll Ave Rlckys ambltlon us to become an actor He lnkes dressing well physical culture and gurls We re sure hell be a great success on the stage or In the movnes 76 JAMES OUIDA 4618 New Utrecht Ave .hmmy us a fine gentleman and a great frnend I-hs ambntuon ns to become a mllllonalre NICHOLAS PACE 1447 80th St Locker Room Guard Service Squad Nlck s favorite pastnme us play mg hockey but we re sure he spends some of hls time wnth glrls CARMINE PACILEO 1777 71st St Service Squad Carmme enloys varlous sports Hrs hobby ns collecting stamps and magazmes He hopes to study pharmacy at St Johns We wnsh hum good luck ANNA PALAZZO 5805 7th Ave Attendance Squad Ann has many hobbies but she llkes skating dancing and bowlmg the most Her ambn hon I5 to become an office worker SANDRA PALMER 5001 10111 Ave Sec to Mr Cantor Attendance Off Servuce League GO Congress S Staff Writer Locker Squad IH T OH Sandy likes them tall dark and very handsome They must have money too because Sandys favorite hobby I5 buy mg new clothes TERESA PANETTIERI 1759 79th St Dr Sorverls Squad GO OH Squad Co op Program Comm A talented artnst Teresa also enloys swlmmlng and dancung MADELINE PAPA 4015 9th Ave Co op Dr Meunkens Squad Program Comm Madeline s dream IS to be mar ned and become a successful housewife In the meantlme she mtends to become a sec retary to a bug executnve Mer hobbles are skatung danclng and men MICHAEL PARENTI 1684 82nd St Cafeteruo Squad Pres of Sr Class Capt of Basketball Team Boosters Muke a favorute un Utrecht, us our star basketball player That usn t the only reason he s luked for hes fruendly and consuderate at all tumes HERBERT PARILIS 929 42nd St Locker Guard Herb, wuth hus fruendly person aluty, has charmed many gurls Hes a Dodger fan and us heartbroken when they dont wun Besudes baseball he lukes basketball and bulluards He us well luked by everyone who knows hum HENIE PARISH 1635 56th St Jr 81 Sr Leaders Schol League Sr Arusta GO OH Sec to Mrs Burke and Muss Futzgerald Program Comm Henue plans to take pre med at Brooklyn College Her terests are musuc sports, and the theater Her patuents wull be very lucky un havung her for a doctor ALLEN PARKS 1560 41st St Deans Squad Servuce Squad Band Jr 8. Sr Arusfa Spanush Club Gym Clerk Servuce League Als fruendly and vubrant per sonaluty wull surely be an asset to hum un hus chosen career whuch us meducune You wont find many doctors that play the sax as well as he does RELA PARNES 1315 53rd St Lubrary Squad Servuce League S SlaFF Wruter Sec to Mrs Fahey An actuve member of a relu guous organuzatuon and a socual club, thus tutuan haured muss us a luver of plant lufe She hopes to enter a nurses traunung school after graduatuon EDMUND PASSAMONTI 1231 43rd St Band Ed lukes to fish and hunt H also lukes baseball and hockey Wufh all thus he finds tume to play the sax and the clarunet and well too We wush hum the best SONDRA PASSON 1919 82nd St Record Off Schol League Jr 8. Sr Leader Dramatuc Workshop Spanush Club Drama Club Pert Sandy seems to have a passuon for actung Shes been un two of our successful var suty shows, and was quute an addutuon to both She finds fume sports and dancung b tween rehearsals ALAN PEKELNER 5118 14th Ave Assocuate Ed of COMET 7th Form Sr Cabunet Sr 8. .lr Arusta Servuce 8. Schol League Grade Adv s Squad Servuce Squad Alan Utrecht s outstandung hus tory student us known for hus sense of humor whuch runs to puns He us fond of ostentatung hus erudutuon by usung large words JOAN PELLEGRINO 1645 81st St Deans Squad GO Congress D Meunkens Squad SPIRAL NUHS Sec to Mrs Losee Senuor Show Senuor taff Wrufer Newman Club Thus gal wull spun many a yarn a la Dorothy Kulgallen Jour nalusm us her forte THOMAS PELLEGRINO 1934 64th St Reds maun unterest us rausung tropucal fish Hus ambutuon us to become a prunter ELAINE PEPPE 1901 84th su Booster Cheer Leader Servuce League Sr Cabunet Senuor Show Peppe who can boost anyones morale wants to be a model Wuth her face and figure, the Marunes ought to be glad she s cheerung for them LENA PERAGINE 1618 West 9th St Sec to Mr Pfeffer Lee us well luked by everyone who knows her She enuoys many thungs uncludung skatung and dancung Lee wufh her wonderful personaluty us er rufic at cheerung you up when you lust fauled a mud term GRACE PERAINO 1436 77th St Custoduan s Off Sweet Grace wants to be a secretary She lukes swummung and boys One fhung she doesnt luke us homework We have a faunt suspucuon that shes not the only one who doesnt SALVATORE PERROTTA 4112 12th Ave NUHS Schol 8. Caf Squads GO Rep Durector of Sr Show Sal us noted for hus personaluty and hus gurl He should be a success un whatever he does 77 LAWRENCE PERVIN 1517 41st St Band Jr S. Sr Arlsta Servlce League English Backroom Muslc Off Larry luke a lot of other boys wants to ralse an average Amerncan famuly He devotes his spare tume to gurls sports and the trumpet ln that order We wonder what his wlfe wall say about that' VIRGINIA PETROSINO ssoo 16th Ave Busuness Sublects OH Sec to Mnss Frelman and Mrs Hyman Her sweet smlle and happy go lucky ways make Vee well llked She hopes to be eflicnent as a secretary but even more elliclent as a wlfe and mother CAROLE PHILLIPS 190 5151 Sl' Oeneral Off Squad Sec to Mrs Stal ner and Mr Weiner Grade Advs Squad Service League SPIRAL Carole plans on gomg to col lege and then getting married Her Interests are art swam mlng and bowling We re sure shell be a success m whatever she does NICHOLAS PIAZZA 1423 42nd St Servuce Squad Gym Clerk Nnck enloys school so much that he s had an almost perfect attendance record He hopes to have a bright future Any one as mce as he cant help ALBA PLATINO 1753 73rd St Grade Advs Squad Attendance Off Attractnve Alba hopes to b come a professlonal model She has many Interests such as keeping up with the latest fashuons readlng muslc and watchmg TV ARTHUR PLEVY 7023 19th Ave Service Squad Sec to Mrs Garber Schol League Arthur one of the mcest sen :ors ns a terrllic basketball player He Isnt bad at other sports enther He plans to en ter pre med nn the fall We wnsh hum the best ot luck' STANLEY PLONCHAK 1953 65th St Service Squad Stan made hls way through four years of hugh school Col lege I5 now hls challenge He hopes to land on easy street someday 78 ALFRED POLIZZOTTO 1946 74th se Prolectlon Squad Servnce Squad Serv Ice League Chlps favorlte sublect m Utrecht was history He IS an avld baseball fan and plans to make law hls career SYLVIA POLLACK 1037 46th St Sec to Mrs Kotch English Off Squad Thus cute truck us a fearless archer swummer and bowler Her sktech book and crayons also help her relax Success to her In her chosen lieldl MICHAEL POLLUTRI 1626 80th St Service Squad Cafeterua Squad Gym Clerk M-ke to use his own words, lnkes baseball stuckball and gurls He plans to get a good 'ob after graduation LEONARD POROSOFF 1529 42nd St Lubranan ln Music Room Band Leonard us a great lover of outdoor sports He hopes to go to Columbia and study en gmeerlng FRANK POSTIGLIONE 1453 40th St Servnce Squad Frank IS popular with every one Hls ambltlon IS to travel across the country Hns favorlte hobbies are oll palntlng and sports ANGELO PRAIAS 4815 8th Ave Service Squad A mcer guy than Angelo hard to find Hls favorlte pas times are huntlng tishlng, and readlng scnenhtic articles H plans to become a clvnl gmeer DANIEL PROIETTO 1751 74tll Sl Servlce Squad Dans ambltuon IS to become a plumber Hls favornte recrea tnon ns sleepmg We hope that he wont go to sleep on the ob' MARGARET PRYSNER 'I425 44th St Sec to Mrs lnman and Mrs Baker Prunclpculs Off Squad Margue s rnaun unterest us draw ung Rught now uts a hobb but she plans to make ut her career Wuth her talent shes sure to go far' ALBERT PULLINI 2072 58th St Deans Squad Math Tutor Cafeterua Squad Al lukes gurls Hus favorute hob by us collectung gurls phone numbers We wonder what he does wuth the numbers after collectung them' MICHAEL QUARTO 1362 78th St Servuce Squad Deans Squad Mukes fondest ambutuon us to become a professuonal baseball player Hell make a swell thurd baseman GLORIA RABINOWITZ 855 42nd St Coop S Staff Wruter Program Comm Glorua better known as Rubs plans to start workung her way around the world un Septem ber Her maun hobby us sew her charmung smule and wun nung ways RUTH RABINOWITZ 5001 14th Ave Grade Advs Squad Buddues Bro Prep Squad Servuce League GO Congress Ruth wull go far un socual work because she lukes people and people luke her ANTHONY RAFANIELLO 1140 38th St Typewrutung Bookroom Squad Modest Anthony seems to luke all sports Whule he was work ung un the typung bookroom he must have met quute a few gurls We wonder uf that's one of hus unmentuoned hobbues' RITA RAGUSA 7624 'I6th Ave Softball Team Whule at Utrecht Ruta s favorute teacher was Muss Runaldu Her favorute sport us roller skatung She hopes to become a pruvate secretary GINA RAIMONDO 1766 81st St Treas of Boosters S c lnflrmary Senuor Staff Wruter Guna, a cute vuvacuous senuor wants to be a nurse Shell look very pretty un that whute unuform' SANDRA RAND 4611 12th Ave Sec to Mrs Rose Record Room Sandy us musucally uncluned Her sweet personaluty and good looks wull help her go fur EDWARD REIMERTZ 8220 13th Ave Servuce Squad Gym Leader Eddue s favorute pastume s talkung to gurls He finds some tume for basketball, though He hopes to be a let pulot Thats our Eddue up there un the sky' RONALD REIS 1776 76th St GO Cabunet Mgr Basketball Team Swummung Team SPIRAL Staff Dean Off Englush Bookroom General Off Physucal Science Club IHT ff NUHS Stal? Vervsatule Ronnue, whose won derful photographly won claum un the SPIRAL can be quoted as sayung un hus umunut able style It stunks when ever asked hus opunuon ESTHER REISS 5302 17th Ave Sec to Mr .lalte Sec to Mass Tar shus General OFF Servuce League Locker Guard Sec to Mr Laub and Sec to Mrs Cantor Esthers ambutuon us to become a certufied accountant I-ler hob by us collectung stamps Shes also an avud partucupater un sports Shell be a success un whatever she does DIANE REITER 1776 6871! Sf Attendance OFF Du plans to work un Wall Street and hopes to meet a good lookung mulluonaure there Her favorute sport us horseback rudung SHEILA REITER 1881 58111 St lnllrmary Program Off Englush Off Jr Arusta Sr Arusta Servuce League NUHS Staff Our hazel eyed dark haured Sheula lusts dancung and swum mung as her favorutes Her goal un lute To be a socual worker 79 . . . , - I e - In , Q n I . . . , . . . - I . . . , , . y, . - u I ' u l ' ' ' u u 4 Q . . . , , . 4 . o , ' ' ' I . , . n 1 4 . f ' ' ' i n ' ' 1 I ' . l . . , , . ' 1 V- I . . ' , . , - ' , , 'S I 1 'I . I 'I , . . . O ., ung. Everyone loves Gloria for gg- ' I , H - H - , , - . - . . , . ' - ' . I l I 'I . I - . . - - , . . . . . , , . ' Q l 0 1 . . . . . . . , . . . . - , , . . ,, . .II BARBARA RESNICK 1772 46th St. Co-op. Flashing black hair and eyes to match, that's Bobbie. She will be an asset to some lucky employer as a bookkeeper and stenographer. She enioys roller skating. DIANE RIFKIN 1312 52nd St. Buddies, Service League, Library Squad Miss Windecker's OH. G.O. Cabinet Because of her education and service to our school our busy Duane has but little time t participate her favorite water sports and the activities of her club She intends t spend the next four years studying accounting JANICE RINGLER 1350 54th sf .lr 8. Sr Arista Band Buddies Music Off Squad Infirmary Squad Janice wants to teach kinder garten age children lincludmg a few of her ownl With her proficiency in piano playing and math she cannot help but succeed SHIRLEY RISEN 1522 44th St Sec in Speech Off Sec ta Mr Weiss Shirleys hobbies are bowling skating and dancing Her am b1t1on IS first to become a sec retary and then a housewife REUBEN RIVLIN 1670 41st St Service Squad Program Comm Reuben likes to play baseball and pmg pong His mam inter est however is languages par tlcularly rench and German He wants to become a language teacher Parlez vous fran cans' LUCILLE RIZZA 1767 card s Co op Dean s Squad Program Comm She likes listening to music and enloys reading English l1t erature Shes also interested 1 Psychology We wonder when she finds time for all that with her full social calendar ROBERT RIZZARDI B017 17th Ave Service Squad Backroom Squad Gym Clerk Bob intends to loin the Air Force and then open a business of his own His interest at the moment IS to use his own words Girls and more girls 80 : JOSEPH RIZZO 1959 58th St. Joey with his wonderful per- sonality has gained many a friend while in New Utrecht. His favorite sport is baseball. His hobby is woodworking. Anyone need a carpenter? If it's a girl who needs his help, Joey will be the last to say no-Yeah man he's a ladies man. IRA RODNEY 921 42nd S1 lra plans to study and engln eering at CCNY With his brains and personality should be a success in both his studies and extra curricular ac flVl1leS PHYLLIS ROLNICK 1455 49th St Assistant Principals Off Serv: Squad Phyllis is a beautiful blue eyed natural blonde whos going to make a real hit at college Phyllis enloys readlng and de signing Colby is the lucky school JOSEPH ROMANO 6601 19th Ave Joe is a quiet handsome fel low who enloys many different sports Baseball however, his favorite He I5 exceedingly good natured and well liked by all that know hlm EDDIE ROMEO 8419 129th S! Football Team Track Team lnfirma y Squad If you hear who asked ya' youll know it s Eddle His topic for discussion IS 9115 loves gay times and likes to be around people His greatest ambition I5 to be a football coach as he starred in this sport at Utrecht MARVIN ROSE 1712 48th sr Arlsta Schol league A six footer Marvin has a wonderful sense of humor and has set us laughing many times His excellence in math will help him to succeed at ac counting the field which he has chosen MARILYN ROSEMAN 1115 43rd St Attendance Off Sec to Miss Freiman Marilyns ambition IS to b come a Social worker, H sweet personality should help her in thus Her favorite pas times are reading swimming and playing basketball 1 1 . . I . Q . i . . o . . he ln ' ' ' . ' o 1 n u . . . . , . ' ., :e . . ' , , ' I ' . . 1 - 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 - D! l 1 1 . . . I . . ' " ' ' ' . , is . I ' ' o A I n I . . . .I I - ' . . I I I T 1 1 . ' ' u n ' - . ' - 1 - , . , . . . 1 ' 1 - fx ' ' ' 'r . He ll - - - u s A . - 11 . . ' 1 . r if 3- H 1 1' - . I .1 V- . .. 1 1 . 1. , .g l Lucile VIIIIHS to go to college. , 'Q ' I, 3 Dean's Squad, Service Squad, Jr. . . . . - 11' .. '+V H . H ' V. -- . , .n . r H --i t -5 : - g i . 1 - 1' f . . I l 1 1 A ' .1 . 1 - A . , . . . e- - ' er ll ' ' ll A o Q 1 - . - . I . . I . PAUL ROSEN oao1 19th Ave. Service Squad, Locker Guard, Cafe- teria Squad, Bookroom. Paul is known around Utrecht for his trumpet playing. His ambition is to become a bij business executive. GLORIA ROSENBERG 1973 70th St. Co-op, Sec. to Miss O'Brien. Tall trim and neat Gloria hopes to become a cnvll service worker or a private secretary Her willingness to worn IS su e to get her far ln llfe SAUL ROSENBERG 'I644 55th S Prolectlon Squad Service Squad Saul collects stamps He raises tropical fish Hls favorite sports are baseball football and bas ketball Saul will be happy gust as long as he goes to col lege SONDRA ROSENBERG 7416 20th Ave Sec to Mrs Chase General Off Sec to Mrs Stoliar Schal OH Senators and Congressmen b ware' Sandy has an eye for politics She hopes to write about or participate In govern ment affairs .IULES ROSENBLUM 6418 19th Ave Cym Cuard Julie like all other boys us interested in sports He plans to go to college and become a p armaclst JAY ROSENFELD 1444 50th S Cafeteria Squad Service Squad Cym Clerk Heres a boy who really gave service to his school serving the service squad and as a gym clerk His ambition IS to become A Rich Businessman We dont blame hum' MARLENE ROSENFELD 1762 50tll St r Rrusa Servne 8- S 0 Leagues Buddies GO Cabinet Eng Squad Sec to Mr Sass Mr Catania Library Squad Sr Staff Writer Dram atlc Workshop Clty Council Rep Marlene IS Interested ln I'l1USll dancing and travel She I5 a perfect combination ot person alnty, intellectual ability and good looks vu l PAUL ROSENFELD 1648 80th St. Football Team, Service and Proiect Squads, Boosters, Madrigal, Sr. Cab- inet, Track and Baseball Teams. Paul intends to loin the navy air force reserve and go to college. He likes to play base- ball and football. He also likes to sing. DIANE ROSENSTEIN 1760 aan- sr. Jr. 8. Sr. Arista, Servi:e 8. Schol. League, Buddies, Eng. Ott., Grade Advs Squad Dramatic Workshop S Cabinet GO Congress Diane plnns to go to Brooklyn College and study psychology She hopes to continue her studies In France Duane who has a scintillating personality is well known for her acting ability SAUL ROSENTHAL 4713 New Utrecht Ave Prolectlon Squad Gym Clerk Cla Oliicer Cecil B DeN'llle has nothing on our boy Saul Hes got four terms on the prolectlon squad' For social life lust give hum pretty gurls baseball and bowling GEORGE ROSS 448 40th St Service Squad Cafeteria Squad Stretch as might be guessed from lus name IS tall a d rather quiet He plans on loin Ing the Nav,l When he does he wont have much time for his favorite pastime which is resting DELIA ROTOLI 1641 77th ss Coop GO Congress Sec to Mr Brown Bio Off Squad Bio Prep Room Sr Staff Writer Dee bug green eyes and long brown halr will soon adorn the otlice where shell work as a secretary She enloys wear mg dungarees and sports She should have no trouble fulfill mg her ambition to get mar ned ANNE ROTH Swimrn ng Leaders Service League Buddies S to Miss Rosenbaum Mr Goldenberg and Mr Croohe Sr Soft Wrler Lit Ed of SPIRAL Ive written so many nice things about other people that I cant thunk of anything for m self All can SCI 5 Where s my diploma' ROBERTA ROTH 1803 81st St Orchestra Sr Cabinet Library Squad Sweet Bobbi wants to bo an her vacations traveling Her accountant She plans to spend hobbies are reading and swim ming 81 1 1 K it I I ' I yn I . . I s V ' 1 e- , I ' , 3 ' 1 ' , n i A on the lunchroom squad, on cg , 7 5024 .lblh Ave' ' V 'Y i I ' er .' . V y . l Y I Jr. e. s. '1, 'C gh 1. 1 P H I ' ,H , . . , . - , ig E , - Q F' . ' Z . ' ' Qi. . . j 1 1 . f - . . . . SEYMOUR ROTH 1256 44th St. Service in Typewriting Room. Seymour likes sports particu- larly baseball. He plans to study to be a draftsman. He doesn't like people who act all the time. DANIEL ROTHBERG 4519 10th Ave Service Squad Cat Squad Danny is interested ln sports and glrls He intends to b come a salesman SALLY ROTONDO 1831 67th St Principals Squad Sec to Miss Tress and Mrs Jaffe Sally wants to travel but IS waiting for another gold rush Meanwhile s e will go o Brooklyn College Tennis and raising tropical fish are Sallys favorite amusements PHYLLIS RUBENSTEIN 683 Dahlll Road Service Squad Service League Schol Squad Grade Advs Squad S c NUHS Off Literary Ed of SPIRAL Phyllis plans to attend Brook lyn College Whoever said that good things come ln little pack ages must have been thinking of Phyllis Shes one of the nicest girls you could ever hope to meet ALAN RUBIN 5609 15tll Ave SPIRAL Staff Als great artistic talents will help him reach his goal of be coming a architect Good luck' NEAL RUBIN 5023 16th Ave Gym Leaders Service Squad Cafe terra Squad Neal has many pastime among them collecting coins building models movies and gurls Girls of course are first A enthusiastic Dodger fan h can t stand the Grants EDWARD RULAND 1840 52nd St Eddie s one of the schools best singers wants to make sing Ing his career His favorite sport is baseball His pleasing personality will be an asset in whatever he does' 82 wg vw JOSEPH A. RUSSO 1941 62nd St. Language Off., SPIRAL Staff, Track Team, Mathemagiciant Versatile Joe likes to read and write fiction to draw and paint. He is interested in science, especially chemistry. Joe likes animals especially cats. JOSEPH RUSSO 1743 62nd St Gym Guard ' Bonzo likes to take life easy His motto as you might ex pect s Sleep and Rest hum' VINCENT RUSSO 1115 59th St Vinnie is one of the many sports enthusiasts in the school He IS rather unusual in the fact that he likes helping around the house Some lucky girl will appreciate that His ambition is to become a pro ball player Good luck' SANDRA SABRAN 1554 40th St Library Squad Sandy would very much like to be a model She is interested In traveling and all sports al though skating I5 her favorite We hope she succeeds in ful filling her ambition MILTON SAMBER 1121 54th St Milton IS fond of collecting tropical fish He also likes avua tion and chemistry His amln tion is to become a lawyer RICHARD SAMET 2166 59th St Rickey IS a guy whose favorite sport is basketball As far as school is concerned history and Mr Lewis are high on his Inst J EAN ETTE SANTAPOLA 1432 6011! St D Mernkens Squad Cc op GO Rep M Aronds Squad Program Comm A musically inclined young lady .leannette enloys dancing to the music of our neighbors below the border Her spare time IS devoted to her piano and her clarinet RICHARD SARAYDARIAN 1970 53rd St Service Squad Duck has his own speedboat and IS an ardent motorboater He IS also a Dodger fan He also raises tropical fish H hopes to go to college ALDO SARNELLO 1930 60th St Aldo ns sure to be a success nn llfe With hls personality how can he fall MARCIA SAROKIN 4917 12th Ave Library Squad NUHS Staff Marcia I5 very much Interested an psychology She enloys read mg swlmmmg bowling and llstenlng to popular muslc She hopes to become a social work BEATRICE SASLOW 4600 9th Ave Deans Squad Jr 81 Sr Arnsta Serv ace 81 Schol League Sec to Mrs Bruefer and Mr Hyman Cafeterla Squad Ralslng tropical fish sports and sewmg are Betty s hobbies Her Her looks and personality wlll help her succeed m whatever she does LOUIS SAULLO 1128 44th Sl' Lous plans to serve In the Navy although he doesn t luke eighteen year olds being draft ed He lakes drawing and fish mg Hell probably have two gurls nn every port VINCENT SCALI 1354 80th St Gym Clerk Vmnle hopes to become a po Ilce ollicer He ns interested m sports He I5 worthy of be commg one of New Yorks finest Good luck' ANGELA SCATTAREGIO 1237 67th Program Comm Co op Wnth ambntnons directed most ly toward marriage Angle ad muts she ns a good sport Her favorite pastimes are swim ming horseback rldlng bowl mg dancing, and wrltlng let ters Wonder why she enloys wrltmg letters so much sv an A 'K I it ff' SANDRA SCHAEFFER 1956 50111 Sf Drum Malorette S Staff Writer Drama Club Muslc Squad Lubrary Squad Sensor Show Sc to Dr Drachman M Hyman and Mrs Green Servlce League Green eyed Sandy hopes to be on the stage someday She s a magorette and one of our best ones MELVIN SCHAEFFER Iosa sara sf Service Squad Prolectlon Squad Backroom Squad Mels favorite pastume IS dat Ing When he s not with a gurl he spends his time on his other hobbies which are drawing and ransmg tropical fish He wants to go to college to pre pare for his career SIDNEY SCHARF 4815 14th Ave Cross Country Team Track Team Caf eterla Squad Gym Clerk Veep f Sr Cass Popular Sud aspires to become a famous track star When he stops runnmg around nn circles he plans to study psychiatry ln his crystal ball IS a beautn ful wlfe and four equally beau tlful chuldren BEVERLY SCHARLOTT 1248 43rd St Program OH IHT Off Buddnes Swnmmlng Service Squad Boosters Service League Drama Club Dram atlc Club Dramatic Workshop Beverly one of Utrechts pret tnest seniors us very much nn terested un dramatlcs She was In this terms Varsity Show and was a great success RONA SCHAUBEN 1870 58th St Switchboard In General Off Sec t Mass Mahoney M Rubnns Squad Sr Staff Writer Petite Rona wants to b bookkeeper We tlunk she s got the personality to succeed m almost anything' FELECIA SCHIERECK 5416 Fort Hamilton Pkwy Library Squad Sec to Miss Nash Mr Szlverman Felecna plans to attend North western Unlverslty FREDERICK SCI-IIFFMAN 969 43rd St Prolectlon Squad SPIRAL Gym Guard Locker Guard Fred collects stamps coins tropical fish and gurls Hrs fa vornte pastime IS playing pool 83 , . ' . ' , r. 1 u s ' ' I ' ' l , ' , e . . ' . , , r. . ' ' . e 1 - . I 1 'N VA S , . . . - K 1 X , , . . V - . 1 1 . I ' . ' - . W 9 . . . . ag - 1 1 , , , - I 1 , I . e r . 1 A 5 1 : . . I . . . I 1 . . ' , - ' ' v , . , ' . l ' ' ' Q ' gp . . . I - N Q ' ' . ' ft, i . asm ns to become a teacher. 1- Mm ef . . ' . . . x 1 if I ' I A - I I - . I - 3 1 , , - - 1 . . I 1 . -1. K' In A l , . s . 'f K " I . - .. K K ' .I eq' , s I - ., . . . ' ' ' ., . 0 ' e a . 1 - I . . 1 SI. u i ' 1 ' - 5, 3 ' ' 1 1 . A , , . . I . I I 1 ' , . ' I ' ' - VL 1 s u 0 . . . Vx, .as . . 3 FANNY SCHILLACI 7607 15th Ave Fan us an ardent sports fan and loves to roller skate, travel and to go to the movues She hopes to work as a secretary and marry the boss s son MAURICE SCHLEFSTEIN 1840 52nd St Mauruce us one of those people who us well luked by every body He us unterested un raduo and TV He hopes to be a tel evusuon technucuan We can ex pect bugger and better thungs from televusuon' LESLIE SCHLOM 8224 Bay Parkway Servuce Squad Math Tutor leslue claums that he enuoyed hus three years at Utrecht He s Iookung forward to college and studyung enguneerung DIANE SCHNEIER 5808 Fort Hamulton Pkwy Swummung Leader Attendance OH Servuce League Buddues Duane s altruustuc nature makes her want to become a socual worker She lukes sungung and unterpretuve dancung IDA SCHOEM 84 East 7th St Ida has hazel eyes and blond haur Her hobbues are travelung and photography She wants to be a nurse but we re sure shell be glad to change to housekeepung when the rught man comes along .IUDITH SCHOENFELD 828 Mudwood St Drama Club Boosters Sr Cabunet Buddues Swummung Servuce GO Congress Varsuty Show Tuny Judy us well known as bath an actress and a palm clan Thus luttle ray of sun shme wull be remembered for her fruendluness and vuvacuty LEONARD SCHUCHMAN 1814 78th sr Servuce Squad Sec to Mrs Garber Englush Bookroom Squad Jr Arusta Lennys good looks wull be quute an asset to hum Maybe not wuth enguneerung but they should come un handy wuth the gurls! 84 'F SIDNEY SCHULMAN 536 40th St Servuce Squad Suds favorute teacher us M Grousser He wants to loun the Navy He should have some use for hus tavorute sports whuch are swummung and tishung LILA SCHUMAN 934 44th St Accountung Off Squad Sec to Mr Dolkart Muss Ollulte and Mrs Losee Attendance Off Program OH Lo ker Squad Lula, our Janue comelatesly duslukes gettung up early un the mornung Too bad classes don t begun at ten o clock' WALLACE SCHUSTER 941 45th Sl Service Squad Wallace lukes musuc dancung and partues He must have some socual lute' He also Iukes baseball He us goung to CCNY ELAYNE SCHWARTZ 1938 67th St Dr Meunkens Squad Lubrary Squad Co op An aspurung nurse charmung Elayne us an accomplushed uce skater As a hobby, she collects souvenurs whuch consumes consumes much of her spare tume LENORE SCHWARTZ 'Ill East 2'lst St Buddues Servuce League Swummung Club Swummung Leader Attendance Lenore has spent the greater part of her hugh school years un Mrs Schers swummung of lice However the study of law wull occupy most of her tume after graduatuon PHYLLIS SCHWARTZ 1559 48th sr Lubrary Squad Attendance OH Serv uce League Phyl us everybody s fruend She has a marvelous sense of hu mor and a charmung person aluty Her unterests are playung the puano horseback rudung swummung and boys We hope she us a success un whatever she sets out to do RUDOLPH SCHWARTZMAN 1952 59th St Gym Guard Servuce Squad Rudy us a sports enthusuast He lukes hockey and basketball He wants to have enough money tosal'tord,a yacht. VINCENT SCUDERI 1767 61st Si. Chem. Squad, G.O. Rep., Sr. Cabinet. Vincent's ambition is to go to college to study commercial art. After college he expects to ioin Uncle Sams Marine Corps Whlle at Utrecht his favorite teacher was Mr .lalfe Hls hobby IS making model boats AGNES SEIF 1850 67th St Agnes favorlte sublects are sciences and languages Her hobby ns drawing and her am button IS to be a housewife We know that she won t have too much trouble ln fulfilling this desire EVELYN SELTZER 1975 84th St Sec to Mlss Rosenbaum Mr Horo wltz Mrs Roses Squad Coop Evelyn s amblhon IS to become a buyer at Ohrbachs She I5 Interested In dancing and ln Spanish music JOAN SEMILOF 875 43rd St Sec to Mr Ward GO Congress .loan wants to become a pro fessuonal :ce skater If she cant she will settle for a po sltlon as a wlfe and mother JULIE SHAIR 1521 55th Sl Program Comm J 6. Sr Arista Buddies Boosters Cnty Council Rep GO Cabinet 7th Form Sr Cabinet Art Ed of COMET 8. Mathemaglcuan We consider .lulle the typical American gurl She s one of the prettiest and most popular gurls ln the school and clever '00 WILLIAM SHAW 875 43rd Sl Mrs Reeds Squad Lunchroom Squad Deans Squad Gym Leader Quiet William is the roving klnd He IS Interested the NYSPE He may go unto the armed forces There h WI serve his country and see the world BERNARD SHERMAN 1693 65th Sl Band Bernie IS very much interested un music The opposite sex also claims some of his attention Wlth his personality he IS sure to go places Hx ,- BERNICE SHERMAN 3615 15th Ave. Sr. Cabinet, Attendance Off., Program Comm., Co-op. Bobbie's deep brown eyes are turned toward the parts of the world she hopes to see Her friendly carefree manner appealing to everybody For extra curricular activities she enloys music art, and dancing ROBERTA SHERMAN 1818 67th S1 Madrngal GO Congress Roberta wants to go to NYU and then become a buyer for a department store She IS an all around gurl who enloys playing the piano as well as hunting and fishing KENNETH SHUCHMAN 5501 14th Ave Gym Clerk Kenny likes to take long walks That should help hum when he becomes a salesman Hts hobby is rausmg tropical fish and has favorite sport IS baseball ANNA SICULIANA 1154 7151 St Coop Program Comm GO Oil Mr Pfeffers Squad Annas mam interests are bowling and dancing Her am button is to become a private secretary DEBORAH SIEGEL 908 45th Sl' S c to Miss Freeman Ca op CC WET Art Staff Debs, with her dark halr and dark eyes enloys everything havmg anything to do with art She hkes reading music and meetmg new people Her ambntnon ns to become a legal stenographer HARVEY SIEGEL 1924 50th sf Lunchroom Squad Cafeteria Sqra' Sr Staff Writer Well liked Harvey mtends to study advertising at Cnty Col lege Wlth hls personality he us sure to be a success JACK SIEGAL 1920 19th Ave Prolectlon Squad This young man wants to be a doctor or a dentist He likes to read, play basketball, and take care of has tropical fish 85 MARTIN SIEGAL 1126 56th St Pralectlon Squad Cafeteria Squad Service Squad Mary engoys bowling baseball and horseback riding He IS sure to be a success in what ever he does MICHAEL SIEGELMAN 874 42nd St Pres of GO Sports Ed of NUH: Service Squad Grade Advs Squad Swimming Team Sr 8. Jr Arista Make IS always thoughtful considerate and friendly He plans to study medicine at an out of town school Whatever school he goes to will be very lucky to have hum as a stu dent JEAN SIGGILINO 1241 41st St Secretarial Assistant to Principals Sec Sec to Mrs Inman Miss Tarlsh and Mrs Barash Because of her quietness and sincerity Jean has become a favorite in Utrecht She enloys taking part ln sports especial ly bowling and swimming Sne hopes to have a successful lu ture BARBARA SILVER 1620 49th St Service League Band Music Off Se to Mr Charry and Mr Edelman GO Congress Music Guild Spanish Club Bob s interests tilt toward the liner arts She has been a stu dent of the piano for eleven years Her line sense of humor I5 one reason for her popu larlty MARTIN SILVER 854 41th SI Service Squad Martys hobby IS drawing plc tures He is also a rabid base ball fan BARBARA SILVERMAN 4802 12th Ave Sec to Mrs Inman Attendance OH Squad Barbara is anxious to get out of scnool She likes stenog raphy and hopes to be a good stenographer Her pastime is boys She likes to dance and r alm t have un wherever and whenever pos sible. HAROLD SILVERMAN 2314 19th Ave. Service Squad, Proiection Squad. Hal is a real all around guy He wants to become an - countant. He loves sports but we guess that he finds time for girls too! 86 5' 3 M JOAN SIMMS 1316 7BtI'l St Sec ln History Off Joan enloys dancing and swim mmg She has one ambition and that IS to get married Her pet peeve IS getting into a guments with her friends GERALD SIMON sso sont sf Band Swimming Team Gym Clerk Service League Service Squad This good looking sax player hopes to become a dentist He plans to study at Brooklyn Col lege and NYU JOSEPH SIMONE 1559 81st St Joseph IS Interested In sports especially baseball He also likes girls SYDNEY SIMONOFF 1157 43rd St Sydneys mam mterest IS all types of music Hes also terested nn sports Coming to school is one ol his pet peeves Despite is he enloys his Eng lush classes GLORIA SIRICA 1115 40th St Glo dislikes stmgy boys All boys take warning' She loves dancing and hopes to become a private secretary AR F sl, mx 18 0 81 St t f he ring Squa Ggath s ,531 Sq to arlsh ll'I4lY1 r Hyman Dram COITITYN Show me e of t wi ln Who ntpl i Arllne cheering' pes to be a model and ,we re sure shell succeed in her ambition MARTIN SLATER 1136 55th St. Service Squad, Intramural Basketball. Martys interest are mainly athletics. He especially enioys ball playing and fishing. He hopes to become a health ed- ucation teacher HAROLD SLAVIN T769 76th Sl' Madrrgal Chem Squad Physucs Squad Harold knows lust what he wants a brnght rosy future' Tull then he thanks mostly about sharp clothes and good look mg gurls Hrs favornte hobby IS baseball We hope you get that rosy future DONALD SLOTNICK 1956 69th St Servlce Squad Cafeterra Squad Don s ambntnon IS to become an engmeer He wrll surely be successful with his mathemat :cal abnlntues He wlll always remember Mr Dolkarts chem nstry classes ANNETTE SMITH 6613 Wallaston Court Swlmmln gLeader Madrlgal Swim mmg Club Pretty brown haired Annette Ilkes swlmmlng and art She hopes to marry that certam young man ln the future MICHAEL SMITH 5308 13th Ave Service Squad Gym Clerk Mlkes ambltlon t be salesman Hrs good nature wnll be an asset rn whatever he does CLAIRE SOLOMON 1525 43rd St GO Of? Llbrary Squad Dr Mem kens Off Petne black hanred C l a 1 r e wants to wrute have a summer home and travel She Iukes to swlm skate and dance Her amlutron ns marnage LEONARD SOLOMON 4702 15th Ave Servrce Squad SPIRAL This athlete llkes basketball He ns a numusmatnst and rs nn terested ln art He enloys smg mg and dancing All Lenny wants ns a college education MYRA SOLOMON 1525 43rd So Service League Library Squad Att Off Sec to Mr Hyman and Mr Fox Myra llkes to swlm dance and :ce skate Her ambrtron ns to become an Illustrator SEYMOUR SOLOMON 1571 42nd St Service Squad Infirmary Squad Base ball Team Sr Cabinet Sy I5 a leader of men and a follower of women He expects to teach physical educatlon when he graduates from col lege STANLEY SOLOMON 1827 65th St Deans Squad SPIRAL Stan IS proud of has collectuons of 'azz records He lrkes to play basketball and enloys go mg to the movies Hrs great sense of humor make hum a frlend of everyone Stan hopes to study lournallsm at Brook lyn College SIDNEY SONTAG 1039 54th St Cafeteria Squad Service Squad Sud intends to enter college and gnve a lot of hrs spare tnme at sports Sclence and gurls are other topics which nn terest hum MARVIN SOSNIK 966 45th St Service Squad Chem Lab Marv who IS Interested an all sports plans to go to chrroprac tor school We hope he ge s all he LEWIS SOVERN 'I542 47th St Baseball Squad Manager Infirmary Squad Lew our popular baseball manager, hopes to go to col lege and study textile gmeerlng Hrs hobby IS ralslng a parakeet CHARLES SPATARO 8211 17th Ave Servrce Squad Schol OH Charlie s favorite way f spendmg hrs spare time rs on a baseball diamond He hopes to go to college .IOSEPHINE SPATARO 14 lawrence Ave Sec In Mr Welsss OH Jolo rs an all around swell gal She lrkes all sports but dns hkes gurls who talk mcessantly Her ambltlon IS to become a secretary 87 If Ctr' zttf man ftw't.1flw', ur tfuzfl fmt! In l7.lflfllt'1' rlimt 1. .md ml tl Mmm. Addison eun ion porin CLllJ Hurry, fellas and galsl The came is about to begin. ln just a few minutes New Utrecht's basketball team will be competing for another ciif championship. ln the hearts of the class of lune '53, are the wonderful memories of our great victory just ten years agofthe excitement and sus-A pense of tied scores, the two overtime periods, and then the terrific sudden- death shot by team captain Mike Parenti. Here comes lifiike now, followed by his old teammates, Herb Markman, Danny Berlin, Herb Kesten, Zach Manickas and lack Gimbelman. Mike has finally made the Knicksf the Knickerbocker Beer Deliverymens team, that is. Danny is president of a new corporation, lcewater, lnc. Seated up in front is the famous sports columnist, Albert Friedes. Al is having a little difficulty in writing because of a swollen finger. He was snooping through his editors files, when the drawer slammed on his hand. Nathan Cohen and Eugene Levenstein have volunteered to help cover the story. A few seats away we find official scorekeepers, Elliot Bogart. author of the Bogart Corollary to the Einstein Doctrine, and Michael Lipp, renowri inathematician. The noise of the crowd subsides as Iulie Shair, famous radio broadcaster, steps up to the platform and announces the singing of the National Anthem by top vocalists, Pat Apreda and Paul Rosenfeld. Barbara Silver, well knowr pianist, provides the musical accompaniment. Before the game begins, Elaine Peppe, Dom Simeone, Dan Grunberg, Bebe Kanner, Eleanor Coschignano, and the Moskowitz twins step out and cheeri lt's great to be back for the old Green and White, To hear Slater and Liss shouting, "Fight team fight!" With Kanetsky, Kasdan, and Green, you see, Representing the Boosters of Tune '53 lt's a wonderful feeling, the spirit is grand, As we hear the sweet strains of our old Utrecht band, Theres Kunda and Feinerman, Pervin and Friend, And Fishman and Parks in a musical blend. There is the starting buzzer, All eyes turn to the center of the court where the play is beginning. Heres the toss. Hey! Why are they doing it over? Oh, Art Welkowitz has just arrived and has started taking pictures Hey Art! Your lens cap is on. As Cynthia Weiner runs over to assist him, she sees Allen Feingertz and Lucy Iacobs looking for something. l think it's a title for Al's new essay on the metamorphosis of "Oscar" From above we are able to hear a sharp voice calling, "Get your fresh, roasted, green popcorn." That's Ioe A. Russo, ace salesman of Chlorophyll Products Ltd. Vic Rosenberg is acting as Ioe's business manager and is taking a nominal 70 '70 share of the profits. Look who's coming in now! lt's Diane Rosenstein, Iudy Schoenfeld, Bev- erly Scharlott and Sandy Passon. These beautiful and talented damsels have returned from Hollywood, where they have just finished a new hit comedy. Right behind them is the famous movie director, Mimi Kurtz. I-lere are some more latecomers: Ronald Reis, Eddie Romeo, Sid Scharf, Ierry Bernstein, Paul Minetti, and, of course, Toni Gentile. These notables will represent the United States in the forthcoming Olympic games. There goes the buzzer ending the first period, and not a minute too soon, for three lonely figures have been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to get some new ideas. They are Ioan Pellegrino, Leatrice Weiss, and Barbara Iudd, editors of the new publication, i'The Wide Open Spaces." They are holding a contest for suggestions on how to fill eighteen pages of their next issue. Louise Kaufman has made an intensive study of the situation, and has ref ferred the case to Estelle Cohen, famous historian and author of the best seller, HCinauains Through the Ages." Estelle has promised to donate some unused literary material to these poor souls. Marcia Ballis has volunteered to contribute some of her poems as soon as she can find a critic for them. She is now consulting with Sandy Olshever, famous language authority, who has just come out with a new theory-"When in Doubt, Use Dashesf' There is Barbara Krasin, renowned for her new inventionfa tie that gives an electric shock when touched. Her favorite model is the well known atomic physicist, Harold Lecar. ln the end arena we see Vincent Cerullo, who has been recently named as one of the worlds ten best dressed men. Vinny is talking to Mike Siegel- man, Ann Meyers, Doris Borngasser and Dorothy Donnelly, the four officers of a political club. They are making final arrangements for an egg rollint: contest to be held on the White l-louse lawn. They hope to start selling tickets just as soon as they receive the approval of some top men in Washington At present, however, most of the top officials are busy discussing Alan Pekelner's latest book on the history of the American Indian, which has been donated to the Library of Congress, for a nominal fee of course. As Bernie Cohn approaches Alan to inquire if the name of his tribe has been mentioned in the book, he suddenly notices that the game has ended, and people are beginning to leave. Now there seems to be some confusion. Ierry Aaronson, famous electrical engineer, has been tampering with the wires behind the scoreboards, and the numbers are not lighting up. We'll have to wait for Elliot Bogart and Mike Lipp to give us the official score. What's that? Elliot has been figuring the score mentally, and has suddenly forgotten the numbers! Mike is finding it impossible to read his own handwriting. lt looks as if no one will ever know the results, now. Well, weve cer- tainly had lots of fun, anyway. l guess we'll have to say goodbye for now, but let's make a date for another reunion ten years from today, same time, same place. Dont forget, now. See you then. S O GA, ANN SPERBER 1752 76th St. Sec. to Mrs. McCIenahan, Miss Mc- Grath's Off. Ann is a home girl. She likes to sew and knit. She also reads. Her favorite sports are swimming, dancing, and bowl- ing. She hopes to be a sec- retary. LOIS SPINELLI 1258 73rd St Co op Program Comm Mr Pfeflers Squad Lois s hobbies are dancing and collecting records Her ambn tion is to get married LARRY SPRINGER 944 42nd St Infirmary Clerk Larry engoys coming to school as long as he has bookkeeping and can cut study H1s favorite sports are baseball and pool He hopes to become a success ful businessman MYRON STEIN 902 Ocean Pkwy Prolectuon Squad Myron can t decide whether to become a dentist or a bus: nessman but he wants to b a m1ll1ona1re in either case His hobby IS phllately His in tellugence and warm personal lty will be assets to him in whatever he does HARRIET STERN 1128 59th sz Buddies Principals OH Sec to Mrs Inman We think that the courts are an for a pleasant surprise, as Harriet hopes to use her knowledge f stenography there Her love for work w1II always be an asset to her ROSE STERNKLAR 4515 15th Ave Service League Schal OH Library Squad Attendance Off SPIRAL Ronnie s k nown around Utrecht for her ability to tan go She intends to become an instructor of terpsichory SYDELLE STOCKMAN 1947 65th St GO Congress Program OFI Genera Off Senior Staff Writer Syd always has a smile for everyone Other than mar rlage her most ardent desire IS to swim professionally She I5 best known for her sense of humor 90 'N 11 'Q as fm' is RONALD STONE 1818 79th St. Madrigal, J.V. Basketball Team, Sr. Cabinet, Gym Clerk, Locker Guard, Cafeteria Squad, Boosters. Ronnies is really an all around guy. His main ambition is to become a professional singer. MARIE STORNIOLO 1349 80th St Sec to Mrs Rose Girls Softball Team Marie enloys dancing dating and traveling After studying hard in school she hopes to be a successful bookkeeper and typlst CARMELA STRAZZA 1337 43rd St Locker Guard Attendance Monitor Mlllles IS interested In swim ming and going to the movies. She is liked by everyone that knows her because of her friendliness and likeable ture DONALD SULAM 1902 62nd St Gym Clerk Service Squad Don s ambltlon I5 to become a commercial artist He engoys popular music and likes sports ELEANOR SWIRSKY 1421 53rd sr Sec to Miss McGrath Service League Sec to Mr Fox Elly who IS known for her long black hair likes to dance and draw She intends to go to college to get her MRS degree SHERMAN TANKEL 1174 auf sr Football Team Track Team Proiectlon Squad Lunchroom Squad Gym Clerk Here is a guy with his eye on the dollar bull He says he wants to be a business tycoon We hope he gets all that money he wants ROSEMARIE TARANTINO 1469 67th St Attendance Off Ro possess many assets which Include her ablllty to get along with all her sense of humor and of course her dimples Skating and swimming furnish her recreation She hopes to be an efficient bookkeeper HARVEY TAUB B420 20th Ave Deans Squad ServII:e Squad Harvey makes a hobby of col lectIng stamps He has Inten tIons of attendmg CIty College where he wIll study engmeer Ing HIs pet peeve IS havIng to come to school on tIme MARION TAUBIN 1440 54th St Servlce Squad MarIon one of the mcest sen Iors we know wants to be a buyer Her maIn Interest IS boys We re sure the Interest IS mutual GODFREY TEDESCHI 8002 19th Ave Madrlgal Godfreys one ambItIon IS to go to College One of hIs fa vorlte CC1lVl1IBS In Utrecht was sIngIng In the madrlgal socIety Good luck In whatever you do' ADA TIPALDO 1728 46th se Coop GO Rep Program Comm Mrs Samuelsens Squad Adas ambItIon IS to become a successful model Her hobbles are bowllng skatlng and swImmIng WARREN TOBIN 4824 New Utrecht Ave ServIce Squad Known to fnends elther Toby or lrlsh he enloys play Ing Baseball and Basketball and takIng part lh almost any other sport He would lIke to be a professIonal ball player DONALD TODFIELD 1450 44th St Donald enloys popular musIc He lIkes to watch as well as partIcIpate In all sports 'IkBS good food home cooked HIs favonte personalIty Jerry LewIs ADRIENNE TOLLI N 1822 48011 Sl Coop Dr Memkens Squad Sec t Mr Felcher Pert, brown eyed Adnenne de sIres to VISIE the far corners of the earth AsIde from thls her maIn Interest IS speed In steno that IS for she aspnres to be come a legal stenographer .pf JOYCE TREZZA 950 47th St Co ap Talented Joyce deslres to be come an actress Her ebony black haIr and dark eyes wIll lIght the way to stardom for her She enloys skatung danc Ing and sIngIng LORRAINE TRIESTE 1877 78th St Dean s Off Lorrame IS one of those gIrls you dont hear much from She amuses herself by gomg roller skatmg Ice skatmg and bowlmg After graduatlon she Intends to go to busIness school JEAN TRIPI Off Squad Jean has pretty brown eyes, and shInIng dark brown haIr She IS Interested In swImmIng and dancIng Her hobbnes are sewlng and cooklng Conflden tIalIy her ambItIon I5 to get marrled and make a wonder ful Wlfe to some lucky man 1663 81st St LIBBY TROMBA 1426 66th St Deans Squad Servlce League LIbby lIkes skatmg and danc Ing She can also sIng very well FRANK URSINO 1236 62nd St Servlce Squad Franks Interests Include hunt Ing and tishmg He expects to 'om the navy and to take up the study of x rays and radar FRANK VACCARO 1517 6611! Sf Frank lIkes to read a great deal especIally books on bIo logy He lIkes muslc as I5 evI denced by hIs playlng for n band HENRY VANORE ServIce Squad 6203 'I3th Ave Henry aspures to become a medIcaI technIcIan We re sure hell be a success 91 JOSEPH VIRGILIO 1852 62nd St Guard Leader Joe has a very bug problem l-le has to decide whuch t many gurls he llkes best CLARA VITALE 1115 40th St Intlrmary Squad Clara wlll have no trouble nn becomnng a model However nf she decades to become a sec retary, her good looks wlll beautlfy any otlice JOYCE VOGEL a2o1 19:11 Ave Library Squad Attendance Off Squad Servlce League Sec to Mrs Lasee One of Joyce s favornte amuse ments IS golng to basketball games After gettlng her well earned dlploma Joyce hopes to become a legal stenog rapher MARYLYN VOGEL 1357 54th sr Program and Eng Off Grade Advs Squad Sr 8. Jr Leaders Buddues S 8. Jr Arista Service League Schol League Aslde from possessmg all the character requirements for su: cess this petite mlss has the charm and the untelllgence that I5 associated with It SHELDON WALD 1600 55th St Orchestra Band Utrechts muslcal master wnnd Shelly wants to marry a nch pretty female Hls favorite sports are playing baseball basketball and wnth gurls JOHN WANDELL 8511 18th Ave Johnny who I5 Interested boating fishing swlmmlng water skllng has the build for IRVING WASSNER 4702 16th Ave Mgr Baseball Team Chem Squad slcs Squad IHT OH M e chefs Squad Irv dnd a great lob as mana ger of our baseball team He s got the qualltles for success ln the future 92 uu- tw 5' 1 JOEL WEINBLATT 5110 19th Ave Joel has one of the most an terestmg and deadly hobbles we ve come across He collects gun knives I wonder If the F BI has heard of this CYNTHIA WEINER 1425 51st St Sr 8. Jr Arlsta Schol League Serv Ice League Buddies Deans Squad Drama Club Grade Advs Squad Drama Workshop COMET Rep Treas Sr Arista Petnte Cindy as a Cute mtelln gent young mnss who hopes of perfectung the elementary school system one day She Inkes sports and enloys read Ing In her spare time DEBORAH WEINSTOCK 5001 14th Ave Dean s Squad Math Squad Math Tu tor Bao Prep Squad Schol League Sr Adv Stafl NUHS SPIRAL Debby noted for her qulck mlnd and abllnty wants to be a wrnter and mtends to study at Pembroke College Her out sude mterests Include readmg wrntmg theater gomg musnc and dlscusslon groups VERA WEINTRAUB 1516 51st St Service League SPIRAL Drama Work shop Sr Show Wrlter Sec to Mrs Inman Mr Charosh Mrs Zuckerman Attendance Off GO Rep Vlvacuous Vera llkes readmg wrltlng and actlng Vera s am button us to become a wrnter She says she loves plays but we wonder nf that s all SIDNEY WEINZWEIG 636 Dalull Road English Backroom Squad Service Squad Gym Clerk Sud s hobbies are photography and collectmg tropucal tlsh Has ambltlon IS to become elther a lawyer or doctor IRWIN WEISBERG 1419 40th St lrwm plans on becommg a salesman after gettmg hls degree He lukes eahng good food and also lnkes gurls RAE WEISINGER 5305 6th Ave Rae us constantly teased about her dlmple She enloys sports a great deol, and has a specual fondness for roller skatung FLORENCE WEISS 1601 65111 SI' Co op Program Comm Florence lukes to collect many dutterent thungs She enloys collectung records and roller derby souvenurs LEATRIC: WEISS 1145 46t11 St GO Cabinet GO Congress SPIRAL Pres Schol League Sr Arista Servlc League Bao Off Squad COMET Rep Drama Workshop Leatue a faur blue eyed damsel wuth vubrant personaluty makes uses of her creatuve abulutues such as pauntung and wrutmg and hopes to enter the busuness world some day ARTHUR WELKOWITZ 1455 49111 St COMET Staff Cafeteria Squad Servlc squad Nuns Artue can usually be found tak mg photographs of all the wonderful Utrecht senuors I the future he hopes to become a busunessman ROBERTA WENGROW 929 42nd SI' Pres of GO Sports Ed of NUH.: Library Squad Coop Eng Squad Sr Cabinet Sr Arista Babs enloys dancung and sung ung Her lught brown haur and blue eyes help make up her delughtful personaluty Ambu tuon To luve un Kentucky hap puly settled wutn her solduer boy MADELINE WEXELBAUM 4910 15t1l Ave Record Off Deans Squad Mr Mol ln s Squad Marcua s ambutuon us to become cu teacher She enloys collectung records Mr Hersch was her favorute unstructor RUTH WOLF 4910 17th Ave Boosters Buddles Grade Adv s Squad Drama Workshop Servle League Varsity Show S Cob net Electron Comm SPIRAL GO Con gress Treas Sr Class Thus lovely young lady us noted for her poise un all sutuatuons e V e n electuon campaugns Ruths one of the prettuest treasurers we ve seen ln a long time SAMUEL WOLF 6422 20th Ave Thus boy us sure to be cu success V S' 4.-. Ag 'M xii., STEPHEN YAEGER 1672 43rd SI Service Squad Cafeteria Squad Steve s hobby us rausung tropuc al tish and photography I-I wants to be a buology teacher and study at Brooklyn College Good Luck' ARTHUR YOLKOFF 4217 16th Ave Band Gym Clerk Sr Stal? Wrnter Arthur has always added to the achuevements of our class Hus character and personaluty have always ranked hugh among hus teachers and fruends Sungs professuonally and plays the saxophone un our band We are sure of hus future success NORMA YOUNGERMAN 1930 71st sf Sec to Mrs Elroc Mr Weiss ng OFF Squad Ambutuon to become a pruvate secretary I luke to dance bowl and roller skate PAULINE ZAFFARESE 1474 69th su Program Comm Coop Mr Pfeffers Paulune enloys dancung and collectung records Her ambu tuon us to become a housewlfe SIDNEY ZAFRAN 1902 81st St Jr 8. Sr Arusta Servuce League Eng Bookroom Math Team Edutor al Board of Math Publication Bao Club Span Ish Club Physical Science Club Sud wants to be an enguneer and wull uf we know Sudney Lukes sports musuc scuence math and oh yes gurls PS Hates to work HOWARD ZAITZ 1965 76th St Band Chair and Stand Squad Gym Clerk Howards ambutuon us to b come a trumpet player and band leader ANTHONY ZAPPOLA 1150 66th St Anthony us a real outdoor fel low and almost any sport wull please hum from campung through bowlung to baseball Hrs ambutuon us to be a mulluon aure We hope he makes ut' 93 ROSE ZAVATTIERI 1164 50th St Infirmary Program OH Offlces of Dr Meunken Mr Charosh Eng Off Ro Rl, or Rosle lf you luke, ns a queen of many charms Her mterests are many and varlecl from readlng to danclng to playlng baseball BARRY ZEICHNER 825 47th St Prolectlon Squad A nlce chap and a swell frlend Barry wlll some day be a suc cessful dentnst M e a n w h u I e football and Spanlsh occupy his time MURRAY ZIGMAN 1858 68th St Football Team Science Squad l.un n room Squad Murray IS a good friend to have Hes always ready to help out Hrs mam mterests are football swummmg and basketball He has parhcnpated nn these sports here ln New Utrecht If the qunet and con luke, Murray IS the boy to know MICHAEL CONNOLY 1146 72nd Mlke, who IS known for his sense of humor IS fond gurls and baseball RALPH CRETELLA 1548 84th St Swlmmlng Team Football Team Ralph IS known ln Utrecht for has athletic ablllty He should be a success an llfe Good luck CHARLES DORFMAN 1782 68th St Charlie IS famous for hls Splral cover He wull probably make a career out of art 94 ROSALIND ZUCKERMAN 1031 56th St Swimming Leader Mrs Charoshs Off Mr Lasss OH Rozzne has hopes of bemg an X Ray techmclan She wants to travel around the world She Inkes swlmmmg and cookmg Shell make some boy a very good wnfe' RUTH ZUCKERMAN 1759 60th St Attendance Off Math Team Jr Sr Leaders Jr Arista Sec to Mrs OW Though the carefree sude f Ruth enloys partues and danc mg The more seraous sude en loys math Her ambutlon ns to mspnre other students In the wonders of Pythagoras ADRIENNE ZURLNICK 1179 51st St Service League Sec to Mr Hyman Mr Charry Mrs Chases Book Squad Swummlng Clerk Book Store Squad Here we find another glowing future applicant for a position m our educational system We sports are her pet duversuons durmg her few spare hours ELAINE EDELMAN 1900 51st St Elame IS known for her pretty eyes She has a wonderful per sonalnty to match BARBARA FADEN 7950 19th Ave Pretty Barbara ns known for her personality and sense of humor Good luck ln whatever you do SONDRA TOBACK 1005 46th St Sandy wlll be a success nn l e no matter what she does We thunk her ambutlon us to be come a housewnfe . . . l l . . . o servative type. is what yon: see that danclng, readingland Summer School . . Sf' . . ' . ' A of '. ' ' ,.,. Vg,: 'Q l ' :E -,'v 5 ' ' ' 4: - sf 1 ' . . . . ' - - pf. JOYCE FISHMAN 1754 65th St Boosters Bun Service 8. Schol Leagues Caf Squad Bright eyed Joyce I5 a favorite in Utrecht She s always full of fun and friendly towards everyone She will make a per fect secretary GLORIA GIANNONE 1556 40th Sf Blue eyed Gloria IS known or her looks She is sure to be a success CHARLES HENRY 1216 84th St Charlie is known for his ablllty In going ol? a diving board MURIEL HOROWITZ 1718 66th Muriel with her sweet person ality is sure to be a success in life ANTHONY IACOVINO 8116 17th Ave Tony IS known for his humor and his personality He should be a success Good luck ROBERTA JACOBS IUHJ. H. 1543 46th St. Roberta is interested in show business. She is starting on her Wdy up already and spends alot of her time dancing. Broadway will b hearing about this young miss! HERBERT KATZ 880 47th St. Herb likes all sports especially baseball. Needless to say he also likes girls. A 'fa -'arm DONALD KRAMER 1648 56th St Don, who is well liked by all who know hum, has a wondr ful personality Hts friendliness will be an asset to him in everything that he does CATHERINE MAFFIA 1644 56th St Catherines ambition is to be come a successful housewife Good luck REBECCA MAIRANZ 1540 41st St Sec to Mrs Ollansky Rebecca is one of those people who like many sports She is a good swimmer and tennis player She likes designing clothing Rebecca will be success in whatever she does ZELDA MAl.l.ER 5110 19th Ave Schol league Jr Arista Buddies S Leaders Service Squad Sc to D Melnken Pretty Zelda is going to CCNY to prepare for a career as a buyer Her hobbies are ice skating bowling and listening to popular music MARIAN MARANO 1632 59th St Marian s ambition is to become a housewife She should have no trouble in becoming one Flrst however she intends to become a secretary ANN NARDO 1159 72nd St. Ann should be a success in her ambition which is to become a housewife. FRANK PANETTA 1346 76th St. Frank likes all sports especial- ly baseball and basketball. Good luck in whatever you do. 95 MARIE POMATO 6410 16111 Ave Narues amlxutuon us to become a housewufe She should be uccessful un thus VICTOR ROSENBERG 1042 45th S xec S Arista Vuce Pres Servuc League NUHS COMET Chclrma1 Red Cross Councul Sec S hol League CO Cabunet Band J Arusta Lu brary Squad Well Iuked Vuctor aspures to study meducune at NYU He us a rare combunatuon of untellu gence and personaluty Tnese QUUIIIIGS wull lead hum to su cess ESTHER SALEM 1933 65th S Esther wuth her sense of lu mor should be a success I u e DOMENIC SIMEONE 1178 53rd Sl Dom us known for hus fine sung Ing vouce If he ever decudes to go unto show lzusuness he s ould be a success ARNOLD SCHWARTZ 1529 42nd 5 Arme Iukes gurls and sports He has an ou standung personalury Good lucc un wxatever you dg 9o SHIRLEY STRUM 1416 43rd St Shurley who us one of he sweetest gurls we know wants to be a secretary We are sure that she wull succeed un thus as un everyt ung she does SYLVIA TAFT 1075 50th St Pretty Sylvua first untends to become a secretary and then a housewufe Good lucx MILTON WEINSTEIN 1581 52nd S Caf Squad Mult who has a line voice lnces to sung a great deal After graduation he hopes to la come a mecnanuc Whule at Urecht hus favorute sublects were Lustory and math PEARL WEISS 1462 53rd Sl Pearl us famous for her tlamung red hour We hope she us a success un Iufe We thunk her amhutuon us to become a sec retary GAIL ZARACHOV 1657 66111 St Gaul us known for the wonder ful paragraphs she wrote for the COMET stall ROBERT ALLEN 959 68th St Bob llked by everyone who knows hum rs one of the people we hate to see leave Utrecht We thunk he rs the kmd of person who can suc ceed nn all he does MARIO ARANEO 1228 56tll St Marlo really shmes where sports are concerned Hrs fa vonte Indoor sport IS bowlnng Outside baseball IS the way he llkes to spend hrs tlme ROBERT CAROTENUTO 1333 55th St Cafeterla Squad Bob I5 very quret but once you get to know hum you can t help llklng hum We thunk hell be a success' SEYMOUR CASSORLA ssos zum Ave Swrmmrng Team Servuce Squad Dramatlcs Club Famous for hrs other half Sey mour considers himself a Van derbnlt rn the makmg He likes glrls and dancing ELINOR CHAKRIN B54 45tl1 St Blue eyed Elly plans on gomg to college She wants to study psychology and become a clal worker She enloys draw mg slngung and llkes gay sur roundmgs We re sure that with her personallty shell reach whatever goals she sets for herself' IDA CONTE 6612 13th Ave Ida s sense of humor has made her well llked at Utrecht Her ambltlon IS to become a house wnfe SALVATORE CORSO 7718 14111 Ave Sal IS quiet and conservative He collects stamps and base ball pnctures He thmks Utrecht was a great school and we agree with hum ALF DE MAIO 5207 New Utrecht Ave Alf should succeed ln whatever he does We wnsh hum the best 6lI'l'lC'l'6l y LOUIS D ERMILIO 1620 69th St Sec to Mr McDavrtt Swimming Team Heres a guy who thmks hes not good enough the way he us but we thunk he IS He wants to better hnmself ln college but we don t see how its pos slble He likes to play hand hall and collect old records He must have some collectnon' M DICRISTOFOLO 1741 66th St Cute Marlann wlll be remem bered rn Utrecht for her sense of humor and frnendlmess These attrrbutes wnll be an ard to her ln her future work ZELDA DUTCHKIN 1668 E 4th St Zelda with her wonderful per sonalrty should be a success nn l e ROCCO FALCOMOTO 1516 som S1 dents In the senlor class He has gained the admiration f many of the semors Rocco en poys partncnpatrng an all sports Hrs hobby IS maxlng and worn mg model trams JOSEPH FAVALE 1616 59th St .loe should be an outstanding success ln whatever he does He I5 known for his sense of humor Needless to ay he Irkes sports and gurls JOEL FRANKFOR1' 5502 14th Ave Basketball Squad Gym Clerk An lntelllgent and likeable fel low .loel s lnterests lnclud music and women Hls goal I to become a denhst MILLICENT FURNARI 7611 15th Ave Coop Program Comm Dancing and going out with sallors are her two hoblues Her ambltlon IS to make o good secretary to a good boss 97 I . . , . , I . - . . I . , . - , - . . . . . . , . . . . . I ' I , . . . . , I - ' . I . l'f . , , , - . . ' Rocco is one of the nicest stu- . . . o so- . I . . I . - - , . . , I . , , . . E , . ' . ' 's I . . JOHN GAMBARO 1675 58th St Gym Guard Madrrgal Johns mam lnterest IS musrc He smgs and llkes popular musrc He IS also an avud base ball player MARVIN GARELICK 908 50th St Marvm, luke all other boys lnkes sports and gurls Wnth has outstandmg p e r s o n all ty he should be a success nn what ever he does STANLEY GEWIRTZ 1016 50th St Orchestra Band Musnc Off Squad Instrument Repanr NUHS Staff Brown eyed Stanley IS muslc ally mclmed If you dont lleve It you should hear htm play the oboe However ln stead of making musnc hrs car eer he intends to become a neurosurgeon NOAH GOLDMAN 4225 15th Ave for has mtellngence I5 sure to be a success nn whatever he does Hrs trnendlmess and abnl lty to get along with others will help In his future work HOWARD JEBERG 1739 63rd Sl Servuce Squad Math Tutor Howie IS a good student who trles very hard Hrs mann lakes are sports and grrls MELVIN KREIDMAN 1610 43rd St Bro Squad Prolectnan Squad M Lass OH Because of hrs good natured manner and pollte ways he has made many friends ln New Utrecht GLORIA LANGO 1136 38th St Gloria wnth her wonderful personalnty should succeed We wash her the best MICHAEL LESCANDER 1433 47th St Music Squad Band Mnke has hooes of becommg a lawyer or a sclentlst Hrs un terests are musuc and gurls He wlshes he had more time t spend on both 98 DONALD LITTMAN 1848 69th St Servrce Squad Gym Monitor Donmes favornte actlvrty IS travehng H hkes takmg thlngs apart and trymg to put them back together partlcular ly cars One thmg Donnie wont mnss after graduatlon IS homework STELLA MATZA 1950 65th St Stella should be a success nn Infe We wnsh her the best JOHN PUMA 1677 66th St Locker Guard Cafeteria Squad John IS known as an all around guy Hrs mam mterests are mu src dancnng and you guessed nt gurls' LYNN REESE 17 Parksude Court Blue eyed Lynn comes to us from Callforma Hopes some day to travel around the world For a gurl as sweet as very easnly GEORGE SKELLY 1219 81st St lubrary Squad Program Comm Serv :ce Squad General Off Squad George wants to enter the bus mess world Hes sure to be a success He spends his spare time reading and attending the theater He also Inkes baseball Hes sure to get to the top SEYMOUR ZAS 1493 East 2nd St Heres a boy with one ambn hon to get out of school be cause he s been here too long ELIANORE ZIZZO 1469 43rd St Ellanore should be a success Good luck rn whatever you do HARVEY ZUCKERMAN 7412 18th Ave Harveys mterests are very wrdespread He goes lh tor reading and llkes to draw cartoons He could be another Walt Disney but he plans to take advertrsmg nn college Good Luck' 1 l - - . . . . , I . .l . . . I . , I e . . , . . . I . ' . ' . ' be- ' , ' , I . Noah, who is known in Utrecht Lynn she should achieve this . . . I . . D . ' ' I A A , ' ' , rl . , . .. . I ' I - . I . . , . . . . . I . o . . . I 5, y 5 ,,,-,Ltr U, ,H-,,,',j of ,H X Wfjfglg ffingg ,md pilzyt if fur! lil: rfzlnzl' fbwngli Ib: jmvi. Felix Noland Ollljf j7C'JtCll'l'l0lI! 'We the Senior Class of lune l953, being of sound mind and body only before gym and after lunch, do hereby postpone the relief of the faculty members at our long-awaited departure, by bequeathing to them these irritating reminders of our four-year presence at New Utrecht. Mr. Goodman-A-,A cure for "end-of-termfitisf' and a problem which even his pet buffalo cannot solve. Mr. Zeigerefifteen or twenty of the world's four or five greatest books Mr. Weinerflfour Walls from which his secrets will never escape. Mr. Sasse-An extra pair of back teeth to replace those lost by the imf pact of an electric current. Mrs. Iudith Greene- A copy of Bartletts Quotations to inspire her art staff Mr. Wcrldbcrum -'The Ublood, sweat and tears" of History 6 honors classes. Mr. Dolkartffl-lydrogen sulfide gas treated with chlorophyll, and a ready supply of dry ice, Mr. Goldberg-A firm grip on the city title. Dr. DrachmcmeA unit of American Literature entitled: "The Search for the Essay on Vandalismf by l. Dint Dooit. Mr. Groisser-eA pile of mimeographed 'Declarations' for worthy stu' dents. Miss Raabe- Someone with a concentration of perspicacity and large enough a reserve ratio of brains to interpret her incomprehensible graphs. Mr. Lctube 750 fewer reasons for separate lines in the lunchroom. The Girls' Gym Teachers ---f -Magnets to easily locate and remove ear rings in the gym. Next Term's G.O. CabineteA tape recorder to prevent niisauoted con- versations. Mr. George Epstein WA private secretary to assist him in writing ref:- ommendations. '1'he Elevator Operator --A smile. Mr. CharoshfA solution to the 'ilvlystery of the Poisoned Pen' Mr. Lass-fe An opening for his daughter as junior captain of the Cheer- ing Squad. Mrs. Schwager A plant that thrives in the COMET office, and a life- sized picture of Oscar, Next Term's COMET Editors'--fA good imagination, a 3Ufhour day and plenty of courage. The COMET Editors fin extremist Sandra Olshever Gerald Aaronson Parties of the First Part in behalf of the Senior Class NEW UTRECHT EVENING HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES JUNE I953 ALBINO THOMAS ARANA AURORA ARCANO IOSEPHINE BASILE ANGELA C BOCCACCIO DANTE CAMPELLA VINCENT DAVID MARVIN ESTAFAN IULIA I-'EIN GILBERT FRADELLA MARIE A FRIEDMAN MARVIN FRINGO HELEN C GARCIA PHYLLIS GELMAN GERSHON GOLDSTEIN HENRY HALBERSTAM DAVID 100 HIMMELFARB HENRY MASSA MARIO MAURER EDWARD PODHORCER ELAZAR RABINOWITZ ARNOLD RINALDI NICHOLAS RUBIN RAE ANN SCHOR LEON SCHUSTER ELAINE SOKOLOFF MYRON VECCHIONE, IOSEPH VIGILANTE 1OHN WACHS ALAN WANDERER HARRY WARMBY HELEN WASSERMAN ARTHUR WEINRAUB HARRY GERMANO, PHYLLIS THE ADMINISTRATION 'W sv wi ew md!-we 3 5 Seated lett to r1ght MISS W1Ud9Ck6T Speech Department Mr Ehrhch Muslc Department Mr Hubbard Snap Department Mtss Rooney Art Department Mr Wetss Secretartal Studres Department Mres McGrath Admtrnstratwe Asststant Mr Lass Pr1nc1pa1 Mr Grubnrck Bays Dean Mr Inman Btology Department Mrs Yuppa Grrls Dean Dr Drachman Ervglrsh Department Mr Watdbaum Soctat Studres Department Tr Sorterr Romance and Class1ca1 Language Department Stanamg tett ta IIQHI Mr Srtomer Mathematxcs Department Mr Sass Phystcal Scrence Department , K . - g V ri 5, . ' '-v5'3Y'?'. s 3, 11,5 get we 34 ff' TY- X Wa.: V t-, , -I 11 ' .- 1 I. R35 - - -tw , I , 1 . ' , ' 1 . I , I , I. S, I I . Q I, A 1 . , ' : . ' . -' 1 . , ' 1 . I I, A I . . . , . 3 . ., . 5 , , G.O. CABINET Mr Gcloeriberg, Faculty Adviser With representation from the rriojor :school zrqfmizoticns, the GO. Ccrbiriet votes on izfircrmrit ismies ond opproprrotiom SENIOR ARISTA Mr, Ccitonio, Faculty Adviser Barbara Krasin, Harold Lecor Student Leciders TU- trcrriberrs of Senior Arista corribim: the gfcriticil cqucrlities of .scholornhip :service ri: fi1':r3:'tffr on which this horror 113611-C',' IUNIOR ARISTA Mrs Sziuelsoh Faculty Aivise. Philip luefkcwitz, Student Lesser imijr Aristo consists ot secorii to Ziith errrers v-:rio hove met the reqiizrerrpeits ret ny Seiicr Arista, PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE SQUAD lfrf lrlewmcri Secretary TE:-we ffllirififf 'perform useful services for Y- K N, Ii FTLKC "... OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mrs. Zuckerman, Secretory Ihe clerical work in Miss McGrr11h's O BOYS' DEAN SQUAD Mr. Grubnick and Mr. Meyer Teachers-in-Charge The main job of this squad is to Cc boys for the Decm and take care of octer cords GIRLS' DEAN SQUAD Mrs, Yuppfl cmd Mrs Sieri Teachers-in-Charge d These cooperative young people fiom iii: ,.3 The Girls' Deon Squad does imports clerical work in the Decm s oth:-ei ENGLISH OFFICE SQUAD Dr. Drcichrticm Teacher-in-Chfirjle These e-fiieiehi students assist Ili D11 :pan with various ycbs ir. the Zigi Office SERVICE LEAGUE Mrs Grossman, Faculty Advise: Eugene Lane, Student Leader Service League members have unselt: given of their time tc render outfstang zservire to llie school NUHS Mr, Horowitz, Faculty Adviser Marcia Ballis and Harold Lecar, Editors-in-Chief The-se Eiard-working yournalists report important school news in the TIUHS scnccl newspaper, four times everv te SWIMMING SERVICE SQUAD Mrs. Scher, Teacher-in Charae These experienced swzrirners Zend fl Pie . A . , . , .rgg narir iurlng ine Girl' ' .. . 'f.Cn:9r SCHOLARSHIP LEAGUE Mrs. Fahey, Faculty Adviser Rebe Kartrter, Student Leader This organization is made up ol students who have shown consistently high records ol scholarship at New Utrecht, MATH TEAM Mr, Sohaolcer Faculty Adviser Mike Lipp aria Elliot Bogart Co4Captair1s Composed ol New Utrecht? superior rnatft stuaehts, the tearrt competes with other high sortools arid publishes a magazine, THE MATHEMAGlClAl-'I SERVICE SQUAD lffr, Eolkart, Teacher-:rt-Cliarfzc The Service Squad ts ort auarfl in New Utreohts halls to iiozirtfairz oroler G.O. OFFICE SQUAD tl: Alzrarrpsom Teafher-in-Charftc This 9:11111 1.1 it Charge of Aluirmi r1eW: lt als: cheeks firmirifzl report: xrt trtc GC Offxoe CO-OPERATIVES Er Me-irkon, Teacher-in-Charge ln fifiolitiori to getting Q high school edu :cvion these girls work every other week to not Qirly l'T1.ill'lG:3S oxperifmoo BUDDIES Mrs Solier Teacher-in-Charge Vincent Cerullo, President The Buddies ure Q group of crotive young 'oeople who help boost GO Hisrtibertshzg: and encourage more student pnrtzoipnizon in school event: RECORD ROOM SQUAD Miss Milssolo :md Mrs, Anderso: in Charge CHEERING SQUAD Mr Hyman, Teacher-rn-Charge Arlene Slater, Captain The Cheerleaders dc their best tc cheer ur teams on to victory Gt cll school ath- l2t1: events LEADERS CLUB Mrs Burke, Teacher-in-Charge Us group zhclufics se-hier members only, VARSITY TRACK TEAM Mr Browne Cccih . , , . A . : feral: Eerrrstezr are Sm cihzr Cc-Captains See Sports FQCHCCX BOOSTERS ADRIGAL BAND Mr. Charry, Teacher-in-Charge. Members of the Band, many of Whom have been introduced to music right here at New Utrecht, perform at various school affairs. ORCHESTRA Mr Ehrhch Tea her IH Charge Tne orche tra conslsts of talentea mu ICIOHS Wno practr e toge'her every aay ana entertaln at scnool a sembhes ard shows 92a mcceldenoe. . RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES 111 eslgn era tsrnans up and qualzty JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS 596 aosmu 17 IUHN STREET NEW YURK B N Y Pnov UE 'I'l2 . C, ., f .l' Illofwli f SIM! II fwailmi I DEI MA STUDIOS 4.1 ll IUN VIH BIRUUKIYN IN Y lc lc phom,la 1 92 42 Uffiual Yearbook Photographer 3 Y J L llf 5 rl." .' ' EET I 4 1 . 1 Q I 'inn 1: ' .4 rn7,'-' I , , , , COX SONS Sz VINING IN! URI URATPD PHTABI ISHPIJ 1851 NIAISPRS UI Laps and Gowns H ADI' MII HUUDS IUDII IAI HUBI' S B4 st Sty If s Ilan I mls II cu LIIIIIIISIIIII lil PAST Ziul SIIRPPI NPW YORK I0 N I I .umuw 1 4 V I ' I I I , 'J 3 f omni: GUWNS CHURCH vEs1'Mr3N1's l Ga- --fn-r- 1.131 To the Students mul Faculty The Class of 53 Uur Best WIQIIPQ ant WIN S NIUIUR SHN ll P UDRP ISR NDIJYIN N Y of 9 1 Congratulations I 1 V , v V, A.. . Lamlfs Business ralmng SCITUUI Nfeet New Utrecht ESTABLISHED 1912 The Qrhool That I els Results firleleratecl f nurses ln K regg Putman Stenographw CHOOKIE T,pewrf.':.ldAcQ:ff.f'n1f.cff:,'fmme'N For Your Snacks Clvll Service Preparation Brush up Courses Intensne RLWIEW lnnldual lnstructlon Day Ewenmg SUVIVIFR Sf H001 DAY ,,,,,0N ,, 00 ,U , 00 mm NEW UTRECHT AWF In qulre Toflm B1 ooklyn, N Y Telephone N0uth 8 4236 370 ININTH STRFPT lor 6th Awenue Brooklyn 1 n ii' WHO xuocxeo me +1 coven orr oun GARBAGE PAIL7 Z1 lsnl ri annoymq to fund your garbage dj, -, pall uncovered and if the rover bent ou! Q E of shape7 -,J 744 Salutwn aa aa ample GAS Inuneruhon for private homes So Safe + So Convenient + So Cleo FREE TRIAL H NOW BROOKLYN BOROUGH COIUPDNY CONEY ISLAND N Y y b 5300 'rl lorr AND IL TODAY WITHOUT OBLIGATION OF COURSE 7 want to how aww aloud G Y 1 P N E ADDRESS IELPOE :.....J 6 T ' ' 1 ' . at K 1 I I - ' Q. ' ' ' . ' . , ,'. W 1 - . , K I I . - . . Y s . A A . ' . V V 7 Q n - Y w 1 . . A 4 ' . ' 5, N. Y. ,Q -S . x A Q9 0 4 f as - -. ee . Y I X,, . . . Q ' n Coxh only pennies a day Oo use, Aeeepf nur u er - . :LM-ned n-me only: U , . 0 Cone Island - A MA -..- .......---. ..-.----.. ..... .. - -- Q 1 a D M lncineuiion for Privue Homes lor Sooml. G ow 60 D F ee Ina! of Q Gas Incincraiur. O level-. . 1 p mnuvivf ull. A ns' mf ,lp- E P' N . ..ii. 'cc-LL 'A IQHQIEIIII PRESS Inc 33 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn Ulster 8 2500 I JI x 11 1 n 1 rw n 1 ll 1 fr1 1 V1w Y1 rk 1 III11 prl1l1 In ll 1 r 1ru11 0 r 11 1xp1r m rnplur I and dl I r WNY 535185 Prmters of NUHS and COMET bi IENTIFIC FNKRMWW f0MPANY HH 126 W1-st Sl-tSue1t New York fltw lumplmu nts 0 THE STAFF 7 , a 0 , . . SINCC 1' T wv llzlvv l -- s- " ' high s-I mls and 1'0ll'g1's of L 'nt-r .2 'r'...YV:a" '-' zving nt you s' ll stuff r' - 1 t ly! gg 1 ' s. alrl'sls 1 ' lv's0 s . . . vw .g.-we Wm Y N1 I J Y Y J I I' , T . . . D .- f A I K , , , 5 7 ' . ' W1 ' I "' ' . 1 . L T - -. , , . Y - . .AU f09l"Ctl9 15 311121 11 ffm ldxx nel L1 xxnr H1 flf4 1.1 .I INN! fifflne, I if 4 ffm bla! fffff jmkqa. Qlflffc' f.1!14 A mzwf, my ffiamf U fun' lfmff cjfzijf zum' IM' 1 1, 1 'ard Rml 't Ii I ' A nm' and fzglvf lmnlm' I lah I If 0 1411 mud The Kong !71fl1l1I 1111 In wc mc 411 l7lg7llj76HlLIIL17fNHL jf 'c,-,-,-, I ,,, -7 ff ' Hmlfffqy. ffecf. Ifw zz'n1'fzf fiefnrcf me 5 - 1 PL V jf -, 1 j,d'c -g Xxlillf Wl1it111111 ! rf" rf' L4 X 1 Qiag BH' uf XQ I Qs v "" 05 fxf Xf Q3 r rf r .RN "W V ti? Ei? L "5CQ.:X:.,4' 'JQ3f 'Tx ff- W Q TW4 21 N xlsrop Q ,A Aili F X! ,'jQ,vv l Ik Y-gss x LL ',f E ' Nl Htl .J 5 ,-LCE! Si+ 'ff-I gt, Q x ,,. fxij. ..iw , r .31 - A, M.- - xhtml - A txmnil i 1 -J

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