New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1946

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New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Dr Ryan's Message TO THE CLASS Ol: JUNE l946 My congralulahons lo you upon your gracluahon from New Ulrechl l-llgh School You have done so much on lhe home lronl during your hugh school career lo bring vxclory +o 'the Allred cause May you now worlc unselhshly +0 build lhe loundarlons of a True peace As nnclnvlduals your unlluenc may nol ellecl' lhe decisions made un council chambers As lndnvlcluals neverlheless you can conlrnbule +o lhe sum 'lolal of socmal peace ln your relallons wulh your schoolmales neighbors and frnencls may you nurlure and develop a sense ol lusllce charuly and love wnlhoul whnch no home communuly or nallon can prosper Lel us conlrlbule lo lhe peace ol lhe world by such a personal dedlcallon LEO R RYAN Elrsl Anniversary V E DAY Pranczpal 0 , . n V f n 1 - I 1 I 1 1 v - - n , . . . . i I Ol LONII S SHORT STORIES f c FV rm 0 T gy .wld R JF P ESSAYS C Lo l L J 4 rw m C TWU all 1 V ovl POETRY ATEVX c l 4 L mm cvs mu q Q Rummwy Bcy Cx lmlrccucl on lo 4: l Q ' L FEATURES VCL lor W PFC C ec T rr I O F 1 If UC. F' CC " 1 , ' -' T' 'W ' T S' T S l -li T , l 11 E lrmlw-rllamp my lfa'fmv.f 'A,SE'fG'if pigc fbxf 5 Mir: Szws S Sc. C5965 Pig: l-lc if .F ff' ' '. D,-.A, cv lfaf E ,i. P' je Tlw- 5 Live kv lN'a+ll,v Fcclbefrc Page Lo, l l-la 5 VVVCOQFA E Cf ffzr Qld: :xy Jo nh Sli1S,'l- Page Sl vm lily Cclcjfe SU 'fr Page YS ilw lly '-er let SA '7' Eege l' 'We' V, :lcv Qquel Page Sleep lux, E 'U Lcffcfl Dem, Al fha lifm ffl 'W Ralmlzfw rx Fafflf' Ff f-Czmir Daqf Vsflwy 'aw 5 Faire. lic' t, Seem 'Qcxfslf P Q11 QC B K' F- J :gy l."L,f'ay Dleiky Faqs V wlulwl LY Eenlgf G, dlgefu Fqgnc- f ff f Eculflw Sliffwcfme' Pegs V l S Bri-'-f"rrY' Es: U. lvlffex ElF6'f'l'7 Zn-- E lr' . fl: in l,l"6' We rl, Tiff Fe' ffg Peqe l S53 Hf S llgn , Page lf TW, PVT", piilf fl INHERITANCE Prize WIHHIIYQ S Qori Sforu By MATTHEW HOCH BERG Dr Morron was afflrcled wrlh The parfrcular rype ol nervous excrlemenl lhal' arl screnlrfrc men experrence Hrs was a long cadaverous face wrlh bulgrng red verneo eyes deeply ser rn hrs forehead Hrs nose was long and ben? rn 1'he cenfer ln momenls ol exrrerne excrfemenf he would sland rn 'the mrddle ol hrs lrvrng room hands lhrusr deeply rn hrs poclcefs hrs greal bony legs ben? a+ 'rhe lcnees A+ 'rhese lrmes he loolced lrlce a greaf beasl' of prey Suddenly a shorf frenzred Cry bursl from nr lrps as he sard If l donl 'fell somebody lll go complelely mad' And lhen 'lhe door opened Dr Tubby Porfers mrnd was lrlled wrfh hale and avarrce If hrs grandfafher would dre' ll: hrs grandfafher would dre' Porler s fearures offered a sharp confrasl +0 rhose of Morlon l-lrs eyes were lrlmy blue and hrs prnlc face harrless l-'le had +ype of pug nose lhaf hrs clremlele called cufe As hrs pudgy legs carrred hrm swrflly over fo Morfon s house he +hough+ To hrmsell ll I don? 'fell someone lll go ba+'ry' He ran qurclcly up fhe reps of lv1or+on s house opened The door and eniered Dr Morlon slood rn l'he cenler ol The room rn hrs brrdlrlce posrlron Upon seerng Porrer he srrargh+ened up and spolce wrfh marlced drsfasle Well Pcrler whaf rs r+7 Porler foolc a prece of chocolale from a mall rlver pox sucked on rl and 'rhen answered Wel rf s happened For God s ake man whals happ ned7 Talce r+ easy old boy Lel lhrs prece ol chocclale go down and l ll +erl you The lean crenlrsl exfracled a crgarelle from a c umpled oaclc rn erred T be 'rween hr lp loc ely and loolced ar hrs colleaoue ardonrca ly l-le rmpalrenlly d ummed h lrnger on lhe delf Porter polce - r . l ' I I - . , . r 5 I , . . . ,r . r C - , , . . . . . C 'I C I , s s , , , ., ., r, . ,. , , ,, C C- - , no . r ' ' S. . . F X S, 1 - r C rc c C 1. . y- s J . r ' ls' s fs s Well lhe old boy as lanallv goang lo lcacl lhe b.aclcel And oonl lhanlf l mano l can use some ol lhal green slull he has slaclced away Ellen slaal owe lwo grand on lhal manlq she craed me anlo You mean your grandlalher as lanally goang lo dae7 Rrghl on lhe head' l-le wenl down lo lhe John l-loplcans l-lospalal and lhey lold ham has bum laclcer wouldnl lasl a year So you re lrnally gellang your hands on has long soughl aller cash7 You bel Boy would l lalqe lo see whal he wall be doang a year lrom loday l-las sparal wall probably be around when l collecl has mazoola And boy wonl h burn' Dr lvlorlon peered al ham closely Would you really lalae lo see whal he ll b doang a year lrom loday7 Ol course l would replaed Porler You undersland lm guale seraous lm nol leslang walh you l am an deadly earnesl There would be no hall way measures no lurnang baclc The lourney would have lo be compleled lvlorlon whal are you lallcang aboul7 Journeys hallway measures Ol course al l could see whal my grandlalher would be doang an a year l would aump al lhe chance There would be no more anxaous waalang l would lcnow when he would dae and when l would gel hrs money Bul how can you help me7 Well you see Porler old boy lve anvenled a lame machane They were sealed an Dr lvlorlons laboralory Porler was nervously chewang a paece ol chocolale lvlorlon was spealcang as al he was addressang an audaence ol peo le Porler you ve probably heard ol lhe Grandlalher Theory ll as guale sample has grandlalher and lcalled ham al would be ampossable lor lhe person lo have been born so he couldnl have gone baclc lo lcall ham Porler saad Thas machrne as a lallle complacaled asnl l7 Bul are you sure al wall worlc and lhal nolhang wall happen lo me7 Por er he saad my lheory s lhs When a man goes oll anlo lame goes nol an subslance b l an sprl l-le can see and hear whal goes on n lhe lulure bul he can an no way allecl al because he has no physacal subslance Bul Morlon al lhas as your experamenl why aren l you lhe larsl lame lraveler7 Morlon looked al Porler as he carelully slrapped ham anlo lhe machane and placed has hand on lhe walch lhal would send ham anlo lhe darlcness ol lhe ages smaled and answered There are lhree reasons One you expressed lhe desare lo see whal your grandlalher would be do ng one year lrom now Two lhe lame machane maghl gel slranded an lame and lhe lraveler would be losl lorever l am lar loo valuable lo sclence lo be losl an such a way And lasl you my dear Porler are a lal pag worlh nolhang lo anybody and easaly sacralaced al need be lor scaence Porler gasped and ullered a small shraelc ol lear as lvlorlon pulled lhe swalch whach would send ham anlo lhe lulure Tame had passed many hours Durang lhas lame lvlorlon had been pacang up an down h laboralov c sumano many cgarelles an aersparang prolusey I2 , V I ' . Y 'I C - . p . and qulle slupid. ll slales lhal a person can'l go baclc lnlo lime, because il he mel " l ' , " I I. ' ' , he ' , u ' ll . s, I d ls ry, c n ' J , I l 3 r d 3 " l . hinally he noliced lhal lhe lime machine was slowly malerializing. He rushed quickly loward il, wailed unlil il complelely malerialized, lhen unscrewed ils lop and peered down on Porler's round lace. There was sweal all over his lormerly pink skin which was now slrangely gray. lvlorlon, wilh one quick pull ol his powerlul hands, pulled Porlerls body oul ol lhe machine, and placed il on a chair. Gone was lvlorlonis allilude ol indillerence. Now he was like a lillle boy wanling lo know il his new loy had worked. "Whal happened? Did you go a year inlo lime? Did you see your grand- lalher? Whal was il like? l-low did you leel?" "Whal did l see? Ha, ha, ha, l saw plenly. Yes siree, l really did." Then he lapsed oll inlo a queer menlal quielness. lvlorlon slapped him sharply across lhe lace grabbed him by lhe lapels and shook him Whal did you see7 Tell me lell me' Porler looked up his eyes brighl wilh remembrance Whal did l see7 Nolhing lvlorlon nolhing Do you under land lhal7 There were no lrees no cilies no men no world Because you see Morlon one year lrom loday lhe planel Earlh wonl be here and my grandlalhers money wonl mean a lhing lo me l-le broke inlo a lil ol sobbing Morlon lil a cigarelle and slareo blankly oll inlo space THE LCNT LCV e i ead o ie ead her be no m re long walks in he moons no mo e looks lrom lhose laroe brown eye Everyday al er work her sleek body would quiver wilh anlicipalio She wa qisile eager lo my care l-ler eye gieamed w lh ecsla y when l helo her in my arrn e a rn lirsl love e wa my hooe my 'oy A er a ong oay al he llice he would wioe away e l Giff IH 6 ITTOVVTTVVQ GFS WSVG PO gumenl W G SI un no n ur wa er ec ur cool aro O l se ear oe ain l lan d g and o or I3 . . , . f"l L., Sh 's d , Iu'l d . T e will o l ' l . l'ghl, ' i s l ' s. Sh ws y ' . Sh s . X , ' f. if i l o D s X ' lh gloom lrom my l'red mind. Many were lhe nighls we soenl walking lhe slreels unl'l fi ' lh ' . Th , ar r bel een us, iusl 'lenl .dersla ' g. G love s p l l. O cassion I , clean. h, o see lho s rk uc ag ' , hal 'l wag. My o is dead, l h L o, lim so lonely. 9 7 By EILEEN OSU REK Pf 'J 'iwrxx jus 1 scam vfw 1 , P fefwf "+fFfLG I W rw mn fy, rf we bu ace me a I m oeafeful BL der belreefiv We gf: femme cearwvo 5 oi no Q na ou 0 Ha P na Pepe 'Ne- w fbvfrln ff-mm 'WO 100 Pre WP are 9 'wee V1 H war V009 P D-S df U 77 OW P P wc" ,ew or 'wearer S C2070 5Ci V VC- 'UV BV' Of' FDU" Def wrq wmaqmafnon DNP-ru m 'mo aw frffnq 6 Q w 9 aw cw :Jave- V' F V' I4 By EILEEN LETTES f A Lf' L 7' fn-,, :..' w.-va, WCW b.'Y'Q can T new .wife We cgffe f mrffz TWV, Fm -',- f':iTf1"1l LHQ :i1fzff1Fi1 fav-. Tmey 'eff ' . ' if: I: W5: can The Ju N 1 Cow., , ' 'Ig' A' Uma' Wray Hfv-' WN KQV 51+-v VWWTME O ff mowe was ,mir cle.. Ya, 11 ' FN Q, qdn I1 ceaf H slwiveg E ,- ' 'um ' -13 ,. , 'G '.J :aw The 1 ,,'.J I' n 1' VI.. TW- 'Q' 4 .1,,'.?s, fdQ.'ea'F Wg ,N :'q45 Y:5Q Tf, - M of iLdL- K d ez: Be. UN f 6 F731-3' 371 'X l,. XY'-Pff 1594" ,yv ' E if WVU uni. fE"n Thy dd , TWQOJT 1: THe,f 74 fn 'Cup avi kindly Lira? 2 Theff' 1 B! " Q Ay , f :f,,. Qmg, R.. Wy ' ' 'JA Q DWI' 4 Pay' fi I ., W1 'TEN Nwaxfd 'A L ,S We way F3 ,cwe 1 W. I T lL Iinn Q If mu Ixam now By HARRIET FREEDMAN I C rv IJ 3 IL.. 1 L 'IG 0 '5lI" Wa- ca jfx, my-In L W ffJI,C1Iw f L, ora wi 40 'I 0 rw ro 1 Q OID wwf 'IDN UO rm 1 O 'H au Ib I m ou npyfld a a f ' vm ro cg L r m G onmr moffi I5 7 3 . X x iq X , fx' fre 'i4'If1-' , ef' 'desi 13' ii 1 A' :fri I I'1.."nir.f3'Z 'fd f' m 'jf gmif cfi--V' 'av-33 rw 'fe ,f API 1' fcy 93M wa ing S-fi'I'4'Tfj Pl I -5 ,163 :Te 'Mmgv 5 feb of Cya.: A' IL vi CT 3 say. BA QI I IJLAU JV ILQ ADICYQ :I Jew CLI , ,' .g if ffi Ifay. I 'ow mei :mC-2 'mx J' a I7e2I:j OI gif QI om? JI rw? 'fc WI 13- B I a.I I fmri ,'Im' we Q. I, Waa2 mem Inuvefiuos ari dakfei. I ' uf eyed Cree IF ,gh The IfeId CI 'ff,, Ev Qsgifzrfza , 13. Bm fI1 I I ui a' fha ewu of IIIQ gza'I1 W ' I, yew? Iac gcfe. II fv, gITIVII5"IIJ'FCIj Th , ItII,I'QIc15Ig ee awi qi , No I Q, I :aw +G 3.5 ,.. rfwa fx, Wo: IC'2 Cf qrfw In qfazff Iwiu I rw ,Cigar ': ry ihl :h ffl gui Q1 iff, C: :L "-f' A 11:3 VY: flzr A' we fffii if 'I1I'YQCN I Ifzff rr-1-'ef qt il ave' I 'Q,"v'. "t 5"3 , I HAVE WRGUGHT N CCDMMC CLAX By JOSEPH SLIPOWITZ IT was March The whITe romance oT wInTer had p seo Ieavrng onIy Tae crusT oT grey snow paTchIng The hIIIsIde A cuTTIng wand slashed my cheek yeT co as IT was There was a weeT TasTe oT prlng n T I was pushung Through a Trap oT greenery park II g The I er IT was I Te aTTernoon an orange un was luT Inkrng behind The grey cIITTs acro s The waTer DIrecTIy ahead sTood a Towerung CoIossus a greaT brudge Thrownng a nobIe roadway hrgh across The rIver To The opoosITe shore I sTood lnse-cTIIke aT The masswe base oT one oT ITs gIanT Towers I gazed aT The modern maze oT InTrIcaTe sTeeI bracework soarxng daunTIes Iy upward I ThoughT oT The men whose braIns had planned IT The engsneers aT Ther slide ruIe The maThemaTIcIans aT Th IV TabIes The draTTsmen aT Theur charTs I ThoughT oT The men whose brauns had b IIT IT The men aT Therr cranes The hoIsTs and The puIIey The men aT TheIr rIyeTIno mach ne and The weIdIng Torches The Iouner The TITTers and The sTecpIeIacks The men who had wnelded The sledge hammer and heard The smgmo meTaI re ound IH Theur ears gfzcd aT T e r work The harmomes and counTercoInT bIenoeo InTo a ymph y o ceI I passed on under The helTerr'g rooT OT The roadway and ouT agam InTo The Taulung sunIIghT Qnce more I Turned my eyes upward To The ky crap ng Tower SuddrnIy a I sTood maryehng aT The combmcd resuIT T many men cTTorT I C Thrcucl vy I ou cT cencneo my yaoe, C ec aT rn c TF ru m I c anos cockeT 1noTruog o oeye e ao The dIrT paTh whIch I had been ToIIowIng now Teo me To a IITTIG rocky kno where brITTIe crusTs oT snow wedg d Themsefves among The bare brushes I came on H ITTe cea n n hru wnere The now haa Thaweo ouT I sToc ed ocwn To oIg my yearmng Tunger hTo The moI T brown earTh m raymg oesure creaTe To buIId o :mr aTe In rn own umbc way T ose me ho had buIIT e oIganT c brnooe whr h Towered above me I moldco a TIny b k re mro wITh my an viewed my creaTIch TrIumoInanT'y I rre co ouT e oro rrwk bcTween my nn cfs and en wenT on To crm anoTher C o T anor er T oon oecame deTT aT IT Iza prIc accumu aTeo I6 7 . I . I as- '. I I s. I Id I , s s I I I . I ' s I , a InIn ry . Ia 3 s I s s' I I I . s , I . - , . I . E . I . . g Q. V I . I uI I 7 1 S, . , 2 I 3 -- h I . fr ,I ' I 1 II sl 'cn T sT- . 5 II II I 1 , s ' ' I I , I o , I' A Q, an InTcTf,r- creaTIvcf dcIrr,- Iuror-I , gh me, IT -,I r-'ns-iT 'c QTIargf my Tfwds 'ITn Come sTrange new puIsaTIng power which Throobod aT my TAngerTIps In search CT an TIA. I I '. TIf' sa J sT1r : ' I y Iol- II gerg and cured Tkem. I The sT y seIess h '. InTo my , s Q I ' e I I CT oIy 'T ng. . . , . X . V it I s e . I I r , up f I I I rI ,g I The SI b 3 Q a a I , o I II II I 1 II Is f . In y c I I To I I I' , T A IT ' .Ty T A if M T7 ' Th ,I I II I, 'IC I - A I rIc. In T' II I h ds.I I f I. I , I. ,, ssfI asc IIIIJQ - , 'I gf- Th T , in 5 II: ' Ih , My Ifroers s I ' I2asIbIe"I'1 I . I had creaTed' My hands had shaped The Term ess Now I could buuld I sTood up sTreTched and scanned my surroundunqs A broad TIaT Tace oT qranuTe rose Trom under The mud and slush To proIecT over The winding paTh below CareTuIIy I broughT my unbalced mud bruclc To Thus hugh dry sITe I land ouT abouT TnTTeen oT Them ID a circle Upon Thus TursT row I buulT up a sIughTIy smaller rlng ol: Ten bruclcs which leaned Toward The eenTer As I land The nexl' row I Could see The shape oT a dome Talclrg place Flushed by my prommsnng TarT I pressed on quuclcly and a suredly More brclcs were Tormed new rsngs were Iawd ouT I was worlclng I was bulldlng I was happy The sun whose lasT ray purpled The Clouds had sunlc IT was TwuIuqhT On a IaT rock IuTTIng over paThway n a park alorg a snlver raver squaTTed a Tiny model sheITer In The sem: darlcne I could see The vague slope oT some prehnsTornc mud hut The haughTy brldge Tower crowned by her Twunlclung IIqhT noble an her eyenlng snInoueTTe Ioolced down aT The low clay aT her TeeT YeT T was ThaT clay The Teelunq oT IT underneaTh my Tngernans The Tre h clean mell of :T on my hands ThaT had sah hed my desire To build Some expre d ThaT oeslre un T el I as y CFIVUIIIVG ancesTor had expressed IT IU clay YeT wheTher we bu d TITanuc orndqes sTeel or Tury dwellmgs oT cred clay we The b nlders ense The 'oy oT creahng and earn The repo e OT The worner who e house s buulT and who e 'ob ns done A rm lc March wlrd blew In on The darlme I T6 Te :Ts sw e he s and wenT home haopx I7 , I I . . . V ,A X If X r XY, I . I I I ,fx nl - If . Is V .I I I I I . I, , . ' ' I , I ' X I T ' K ' 'T v,Q,.w . i . s , S l I I . , G . I , . , .. , y I , . . F . . 5 X I X . . . . ., ES . . . , a, . ., , , . I , . . E .: V S S , . 's' ' ' . sie ' ' ' se . , m N , I. , II I oT 'I '. e , u' , s . ' ' s I 5 I ' , s ' ' . b s ss. s d e T. s ' I I fl' Why I Am 2 A Foofzvaff 22 X By EILEEN OGUREK When l'm lhrough counfing sheep, And l'm falling asleep, When fhe cares of fhe day are all gone, When 'rhe nighf winds are blowing, And +o dreamland l am going, Where l hope 'ro remain 'lil +he dawn. ln fhe dead of fhe nighf, When fhe Time is iusf right lThe sefling is always lhe samell The wise guy nexi door Walces me up wifh a snore And were off wifh The baseball game. l don? lcnow who's playing, l iusl lie There praying Thai 'rhe lighls a+ fhe game will go dead While Mel OH hils doubles l'm burning wilh froubles While singles swim 'round my head. Durocher is al' il Hes cursing-dad draf if! He only deligh+s in insulling you. l'r'Il never seem righf To play baseball al nighl, Bur fhe players donil borher consulling you. I8 When The noise has diminished, And IT seems The games finished And I Turn mysell round on my side, As I sTarT in a-snoring The crowd sTarTs a-roaring And I Tind ThaT The game has been Tied Oh' No one us winning' ThaT means a new lnnung Maybe Two maybe Three maybe Tour My hanr sTands on end The sweaT sTarTs To descend And I know I canT sTand any more I Tly from my bed WuTh my hands aT my head I shriek a wild curse To The sky Oh The naTnonal game Will be solely To blame I I should go crazy or die Brain QUQT' By MURRAY PISETZKY Ive sfud ed EinsTe n s Th orues qreaT A bil oT LaTln IOO I know whaT makes a sound come IaTe And why The sky s blue B now I hang my h ad ur ame Tney avail me noT aT all For I sTand upon a ba eoall Tele And have lusT now mi eo he bal I9 , . . I . I . . . . . . . . I s e . . i . I . UI . 9 I sh , I ' . s I I I '. . .H 4 I UD I. i WAN QDYY ay S01 05111011 5 , ' 'T 1 1 1 I k YV AL W k D 0 o 0 o 1-, .1 1 1 I' 1, -1 'T .ZF :'- "1'- '51 ' . I " .- '11 1' 1" '. ' '1- " ' '1 'J11: 11 11' - 1 ff 1 111 w ,1 11 ' v1 11 ' 1' ' . " ,911 , "11 17' 11'11 ' 1'1111, 41 .11f1' .',1' 1.131 1 1" " 1' 1 111 1 1 ' 111 1111 51 1 1' 1 11' 1'11'1, Pr ' 17 '11 N1 1,1 11 ' -.11 1' 1 1 1 11' 1 11111 iw "'Q1L', 11.1 111' C2 111 '1 1 '11 11i'1 1:1 ' ' -111' 1111 '- ", 9 '11 1 . 111' ' "H 111' '1 111-'1 ' "1 Lvl' If.: 1 11' '1 1 11 '1 " ,11 . 11. -71 xx . iglfxl 1 1 ' -1 " 1 1, 1' 11' 111 1 .11 " "Yu 11 YN 1' 1. .. 1 " 1 ' ,' 1 1 '1 11' 11' 11 1. " 11 1' .,'k7li', W .1 1111: 111 1 '1 -1111. . 71' '1f111f .11 ffl "11 111 111 '111 ' 1.11 11' .1 '1111 '11 11' 1 1 1 1 "1 .11'- 11.11 1 11 -1 '1 1' 1W 11 'I11 ,1 1 1. ',1 '1 1 11:1 1 A' 'r 1 1 1' 1 111 '. ' ' W. 111"' " 1 .11 1 1- 1 1 11'4 1' 5 1" ' 1 . 11' L' 1, ' ' ' L" .'1' i 11 . 1' 11. 1111 ' 1 '71 , " " ' '1 ' '1. ' ,11 1 1 1 ' 1 11: ' 1- ' .' 1 Itm' 11: '11 1 1 1-111 1-"1 i .' 11 1' 1 11- '11'1'1, 'iff' 1' 1 '11 ' 11' 5' ' -1". .11.1 1 11 Y' 1'1".1. 11 1 1.1 1' "1A 1,1111 .' t Y' "1'11 1 11 ' f.,1Z ' 1 ,1 , 1.11. . " '11 ,1 , 1 1 ' 111'!111'111 , V 1 , A 1 I I A Q! V, ., , .W .1 , . V 1' 1 1 1 1 111. 1"' '1 51 A '11 .1 1 zcjz. .111 1 .11' , 1. " - '1 1 1 , A' 11, 1' 'J 1 . 1'11,' 1 11 . ' , 1' 11 1 ' 1 1' 3 1 1 11 . 1' .1' 1 '-1' ' 1 ff, 1' Q ' 1 ' 1-. ', ' 1 .' .' '1 1 111 ' 1 ' 11 1 " 17 1:11' 1' 1 1. 1 ' .1 ' ,A '1 V11 " 1 ' ' 1 11 111' 1 -'-'K 1 I '111' . ' 1-" ' N'.'1'1' 'x1f1." 1' '10, '1' 1 I: 'ij f3'1 1"1'1' FAQ-',', X171 1111 pf '11 111 1111' 51 1. "1' PVC V .-.114 1 ,1 - .111 '11 1 ' 1'1 , ,' '11 1' " 11' ' 1 xx 'f 11 1.1 "1 ' 1 '1 ' ' 1 ' I 1 1 1: ' 11 1 1 '11 ' 1 1 . A1 " 1 1' '1 1 11' ' '51 1 1 1 lfll' 1, I 1 1.' 11' " 11: ' , '1 .1 '- ' PeTers sucked In has breaTh and Turned back xnTo The TenT The TenT was empTy excepT Tor hrs coT Jordan had noT even leTT hum has r:Tle He saT down on The coT and ran hxs Tungers Through hs hair He knew oT course whaT had happened Jordan had dec ded noT To share The Tabulous TorTune buT To keep :T enTrrely Tor humselT H had roused The naTnves and They had sTolen away In The nughT Jordan knew ThaT PeTers could noT long survuve In Thus wrlderness IT malarna dndnT geT hum The deadly Jnvaro Indlans would PeTers could see hss whuTe shrunken head hangnng by The hair on some Juvaro chueTTanns Th one He shud dered and burned has Tace un hrs hands He saT There a long Tame beTore he Tlnally cllmbed To hrs Teer IT was Impossible he knew buT he had To aT leasT make an aTTempT To reach crvrlszahon H pulled down The TenT rolled :T and sTrapped :T To hrs back Then he plunged nnTo The lungl Through a paTh They had cuT The previous n1ghT Some ThlrTy mlnuTes laTer he arrived aT The sTream which wa has desTlnaTuon I+ would be umpossuble To peneTraTe Tne Iungle vegeTaTnon buT The sTream would Turnuh an avenue He plodded Through THE waTer In he dnrecnon oT The currenT all ThaT day unTll nlghTTall He made a hammock ouT oT The TenT and suspended :T beTween Two branches The low growl oT a Iaguar awakened hum durnng The nnghT He lay sTwll Tense lusTenung To The beasTs breaThlng The laguar evudenTly had no aopeTuTe Tor man Tlesh ThaT nnghT Tor :T wenT oTT PeTers Tollowed The sTream The nexT day n ul :T emphed lnTo a rnve H soenT The remalnder oT The day bulldnng a crude raTT Trom The pieces oT drlTT wood ThaT evenlng he slepT on The raTT as The rlver currenT swepT hum Towards wherever he was going A Tew alllgaTors nosed The craTT curuou ly buT dld noT molesT hum The Third day The TursT Tevers oT malarua engulTed hm He lay on raTT and losT counT OT The days aTTer ThaT and Tmally losT con clousnes alTo geTher Then aTTer whaT had seem d a we k oT ToTal nnghT he opened his eyes To Ol cover humselT In a ThaTch d huT wnTh n lnduan wnTcn docTor leanung over hum He was IU ZxsTcha BweTTcna an lnduan vnllage noT Tar Trom QuuTe The nnhabuTanTs h d Tlsh d hlm ouT oT The rlver WnThun a Tew days he was well enough To leave The Town on his own power Whlle he was bnddung The Truendly nahves goodbye a wnzened old Jnvaro sldled up To hum Maybe buy souvenur7 asked The old one The lndlan removed an oblecT Trom In de his blankeT and exTended IT Tor PeTers To see Very Tlne piece he sald JusT purchased :T Today Trom lungle Indian PeTers sTared hard aT The Thnng :T was a shrunken head no larger Than a man s T T lT was a whnTe man s head and :T looked sTrangely Tamnluar PeTers shuddered he recognuzed :T Then Turnnng wzThouT a word he hurried away He had noThlng buT haTred In has hearT Tor Jordan buT even o he TelT suck raTher Than elaTed 2l . . I .l ' , . I . e ' , . . Y' . . . I . .. . ' e . Q . . t , - . . . . . . . ' I s . 'Io ' .I T . li I , u T' ' ' ', ' r. e which cluTTered The river banks. . . . . C . The ' 5 ' s - D Q . . - ,, V c HS . . S I . 6 . P . . . . ' . . , I . .I my . ' . . a ' e ' ' . I . ll a V' ' ' ' ,si ' ' . T. . . .. . .. .. . . .T n ' ' Ts. ' l I H . . . . C . cl: if -ll- .JB J' T-A Moon Igllf PVIZQ lvrlflfllflg Poem By BERNICE eouasene The moonlnghl on lhe wafer l-lad a haunlung golden glow And as I slood and walched ll ll seemed lo spread a .d grow. J a I'++l's yellow llc er Becoming 'laj unlurled Was covering lhe waler And lighllng up lhe world. The sparlcles ol lhe wafer Were The diamonds ol my soul And lhe shadows on lhe surface, The dreamens highesl goal: And as lhe glow enveloped me, And lhe clouds passed from my sighl, The world became a beller place And everylhlng was rlghl. As I gazed up Trom The waTer, As I gazed up To The moon The ar seemed TI led wlTh muslc Llce a soTT cele Tlal Llne The heavens seemed To open And none wlTh ThaT same glow W I6 The muslc Tllled each brea h oT An s lII wenT on To or w The Trees reached up wlTh pleadlng arms To gaTher ThaT heavenly IlghT And a slngle sTar wlnlced down aT me As lT God had ruled lT rlghT Then IITG became a wonderous Thlng And hand shoolc broTh rs hand Whlle The melody ln every hearT Was lIce ThaT oT an angel band The years behlnd passed ln FGVISW And a chlld was I agaln Then Those To come I also saw And I whlspered a soTT Amen For There I saw n Tull parade My hlghesT hopes and goal I waTCned and TeIT a pIeasanT warmTh Th QIOW w s ln my soul Soon The vlslons Taded And wlTh Them wenT The IlchT ThaT beTTer world ThaT I hao seen Wa Tadlng Trom my slghT A I IeTT The lake ThaT moonlT nl So ThaT naughT ould ever creen The happlness ThaT I had TeIT lTe houlo never be The Th vanT lcn Taroo ICG5 alce Tngr Ano a gow WII plerce The ol.e The moor ghT on The waTer And h r T e soT Ll everyTh rg I 1 hed C nea T e mac, mo I , s ' T' . h'I ' ' ' alr d T' J o . I . ' I For e ' a ' I nd l , I' 'ghT, And The brllllarce I had seen! IT my I' s I ' 'ng I 1 IT To, a 3 'es' I a I h', ' I EI' ' I . l II see TI' , ea 'h U, ce esTEaI ' ne. III have I J vls T r -' 'h 'he fc oT The onl TCRM By GOLDIE SCHWARTZ T-lurrIcanes lIlce man have several age TD whIch They enacT mans own base characTerIsTIcs ThIs IS The odyssey oT one such hurrIcane a hurrIcane whIch ndeed was ba e For Truly had ThIs InTamous InTanT played TruanT Trom The now obsoleTe school T dIscreTIon l-le was born as all such ThIngs are born In The Turbulenr envIronrnenT oT The CarIbbean whIch was laTer To develop InTo The bIrThplaCe OT hIs deaTh There he lay a soTT purrIng breeze cradled In The arms oT ITS equally InTamous moTher The EasT WInd All InTanTs are models oT Innocence noT so ThIs babe Already had he learned The arT oT desTrucTIon a chIld reaches adolescence so dId The hurrIcane now a slIghT Wlmd Turn The second page oT hIs ITInerary lvlosT chIldren as They approach adolescence Teel The urge o roam To Tree Themselves oT The bonds oT chI drood The hurrIcane was noT dITTerenT l-le Too longed To be Tree he Too heard The call oT The wld X 1 fi' ff BuT alas The shaclcles OT InTancy bore down upon hIm and he Tu ned upon hIs prIson wITh haTred MosT chIldren when TorbIdden a ThIng They desIre InTensely wIll rage Tor awhIle and Then SUbSld6 InTo a melancholy gloom l-loweyer here was no ordInary chIld l-lere was an InsolenT braTl' l-1e snarled and Tl'reaTened and Tmally wITh bruTal Tury compleTely possessIng hIm lIlce Tne mad beasT he was broke loose oT The bonds ThaT had helo nIm And wITh an exulTanT cry he lunged TorTh Trom The envIronmenT oT hIs ancesTor 24 . . f . . . T T J . . . I . . I S . O T T , . T T I . Tl n A . T . . . . 5 T T T T - T T T L T .T T . I , I I . . . i - T T T T - . 1, V, , T I gf' HST - f' I l If fy I xx Y I I ex L N V is , ox. X , X. s. s , , f X ' X gk K If , ,T xxx! f - if K N1-as ' ', X .gxi i . , ff VT ., 15' "T , 1 , .T XV My xx X ,Yi V, J K 'Ty T , , ' ll T f 1 f , , , f ' . X f I I ff! "I, ,law , -I-. ' T, 1 , - J f 3? - , 43441 1 .V Tr, , 4 Afiigfiig--f' A T-of T, A . F . T . , T - T . U V T .. V I . I I l I I I - ' - . T + ' ' S. Fre dom' T-low oTT n had Thus word re echoed IH nfs mlnd And now he wa Tree' No longer capable oT ThoughT hls mlnd Tllled wnTh ThougnTs oT revenge The Turuous manlac swore aT The heavens laughing aT nlrnselT and The world One Thung he len w now only one Revenoel WuTh This Tever cornpleTely possessing hurn he heaved has r'nlghTy Torm NorThward This dlabollcal Torce Tlung lTselT on Truend and Toe alllme Tor he lcnew no dlTTer ence beTween Them WuTh unbelievable maluclousness he swepT The unsuspechng seaboard l-le growled and snarled as n an lnsane TanTrum never endlngly beaTung h1mselTagaunsT The sTeadTasT mounTalns Agaln and agaln Terroruzung devasTaTlng he lashed and Tore and screarned IU Ioyous ecsTasy Th n has gleeTul rampage nearly spenT he reached The Turning pOunT oT hls In ahable vengeance As a man grows old he loses The energehc sub ldy ThaT made hlrn en oy lTe So 1T was wlTh The monsTer now rnlddle aged hu mlghly powers dlnnunl hed an lndulgence oT schoolboy pranks and adolescenT deslres hs youTh spenT an unwholesome debauchery bud adueu To Thus morTal earTh BuT noT before he had heaved on lasT n'nghTy Tlung aT Thls despmsed olaneT And Then he slowly drrTTed upward To his ancesTral hunTlng ground The celesTual vacuum cT space UVldLUC1y BOy By EDITH SCHACHNER Belng very young he Tood BeTween The brughTress and The wood Unc rTann whe+her To go on Ano Tallc green nadows Tor a Tawn Or lowly clrnb downhill agaln To helo The hlrTle haylng man The gras rernlnded hlrn oT duTy BuT The plne wood spoke oT beauTy Ano he Tood sTll wlTh sornoer ey on s l-learlng The TannT hay cuTTer lacr l-le gazed GT rnounrarns overback 25 e .i e ' ' -I ' ' ' ' A . s . 1 I- y. I I . S Q T . ly . S. . 7 1 . . . V . ' .S . Slowly his sTrengTh Talled. Then, as an old man grows weary, so did The sTorn'1, . , ,l ' a nl , s ' ss ' . ' . s 'T ' ' es Fixed a cloud pile in The lclei. . . T T L, cnwo Ihe1hcI,chI of Icn nwg wIII and wn re Made h 4 e C: I I1enI Io nw New he mus+ C co w nIee Io oc wIIc are bon cr G I e on Irn ahenl C renee a fewer- Ienered oo whuQ+Ied offy 0 hws C Who rue uIIy de erIed boIe And Iraoranf bu h and rebbI hola ICI n n I4 Wel' W ere They raced InIo Ihe ernerQId ar Ir' Ihe oreen Iwulrghr OI Irees He heard e Ihcu eno meIodIes A whdc Ihroei cerfwhed end 1 I HI Ihru h who ang Ihree poInI ar O cadroge wwno We hny hr O aI e hurdred enI nIenI Cn Towenno 1heIr Irrm rnenf He heard a yonder IIIcer breefh Weave a peniagon of deerh The bror e pad OI O wary ox Reheohno Io her bur y rocks Be no very ycuno hu eye apmred wig une Ire res e 0 O r QI A ewn rna Ilyer roofprmnf Deere Or wee prwng wafer In 'ine mos Tebcy eye ork nedwIhIee ucn beam IU 1 Bm he Iurned downwe d Icwerd rhe ng I rs Ia He knew hu dufy 'hu I be done ore he Q ew c h u W en he woud rnee+ h Iarher II wcuionf rein 'mil I 'Jh+, I. 'I ' ' IJ? II 5 ' ' ,I ,W ,irn :nEI'I .h yum of news Of GAY r . 5 h ze. He e ' J ' ' -. ' ", He Ie? ',e I Ike - ' jp ' . OIT. I-Ief' He S I I ' d cg J 5 A ' I I-5 To I' hie ha d e d as , " ., h 7'. , ' ' -' I' ' - A ' C -GV'-' 'd 5 5 a - ' SI , A erIcIneI IIddIe, and The whir I N I ' gs, I ' s". III I I R 2 I Iz er A f I C gf ' 1, e 5 ef: , M uf ecc, Ie'I Ir' h gn I birch I .Is 5 II S' f ' ' h F s I ' A ' ' 5. ,h 5 5 6 e I . h I as OI fy ' a 4 T I dey, r I hey. BeI s III h' Ihers son, Bef Jr + 'S I II size h - f :I ,, If 'I a eyef. . 'iff HCRATKD T GYPWITTY fee ff? D U A N X fxxaow I' 2 Agsww J, ,.,,,f'1F"f'1' Ai! ln The deepness oT The slunnberlng n1ghT everyone was Tar oTT IH The wonder oT dreamland everyone excepT Jake He was lusT Turnnng page TorTy eughT n HorTons Book oT Modern Chemu Try The rhyThmnc snores coming Trom The nexT room harmonnzed wnTh has vonce as he repeaTed HCI plus NaOH ynelds NaCl plu H O HCI plus NaOH yrelds NaCl plus H O When he TelT sure ThaT he had memorized all hrs chemusTry work he closed The book and Took ouT anoTher Tor Jake had Tuve examnnahons on The nexT day O an on he sTud ed RelenTles ly e pursued Topic aTTer Topnc Theorem aTTer Theorem roTe aTTer roTe He became so weary ThaT Tnnally he dozed oT'T The nexT mornnng Jake Telf gu1Te Tnred buT he was conT1denT oT success The pwcTure oT all he had sTudued The nnghT beTore was consTanTly beTore hum Ascendung The sTaars To The plaTTorm oT The subway TaT1on he sTopped To read an adverTnse menT To hlm :T eemed TO ay The sum oT The angles un a Truangle ns one hundred and enghTy degrees ln The Tram he glanced aT The headlnnes on The newspaper o a passenger oppo :Te hlm and :T seemed To read All Gaul IS olvnded lnTo Three parTs The raTTle oT The Tram on The ralls kepT aylng n has m d An adlechve moduhe a noun An adgechve rrodlhe a noun AT lasT he reached school The ounds and vslon were Tlll wuTh hm He walked down The hall To The class room 27 A ff c N ' -7-wX,Q 'll , , f V. ',, M A 'fl T X. 0 ' , I X A N J x I . el ff' -E! T 5 T X , I , r A W- T 9 . J , E, T A T T7 l T T l .'- ' T ' J' K.-TT 4. g .4 rx , V. 'f , 4 I I lk T X , T, 'ff' f -fn ' 'ff-A-ff :ef , fu' - - - OCT 0 1 'Qe '15 ' c gy lg , fxff XQK-j VT , sg, ' U " , Tl Fix ,,,., T , , . - . e ay ISRAEL RUBIN f 1 XX X X , X 1 . N V 1 ck X , ,y 7.1 c i , 1 f , , , 1 - I' ' ,wifi To ' T , 1 T f I f i ff ln X ' T, Y , A ,T 3 V, 1413 .ff T 1, T , ,Lf Q4-,JJ f , i',r'.6 ' 911131 . K ' L f 1 f' f X, , I f T ieif , ' f f 'T ff ,ff , uf f gg ff - f , ,ff ' , ' ,f ' f . 1,15 f . . 1 . S 1 I 4 . . Q . I . .S Q . . . . . . I .. . S 2 . T .. .II . . . I V . . . ' n d l . S h ' ' , , . . S . . v . S S , . ,, . . f T . . . ,T T . T. . . T s , . T S I lfl , 1 . . S U . . . . S U. , s , I ' s s '. ' I , . 'over ci u l Mu assTsTar:e. He enfered and wenf fo hus seal To luumself he fhoughf One fesf would nof be so bad buf fuve fhafs foo much The procfor passeo ouf flue fesfs and fhe fursf examunafuon was un progress Jalce was eager fo sfarf He glanced over fhe guesfuons Somefhung was wrong he could nof answer any of fhem Af fursf he fhoughf he had read fherru rapudly He read over fhe quesfuons slowly Sfull he could nof answer any of fhem I despaur he furned and sfared ouf of fhe open wundow blanlcly as fluough fryung fo prouecf fhe umage of hu fexf book pages on fhe clouds As he saf fhere unfo hus fuxed vusuon floafed a puece of paper downward from fhe sly lf flew unfo fhe room and on fo has deslc He sfared af uf wufhouf unferesf Suddenly he heard a vouce Hey Jalce whaf are you waufung for7 Sfarf copyung fhese answers He saf up un alarm and saud Who made fhaf remarlc7 M saud fhe vouce Who'7 Me sfupud Horafuo T Gypwuffy flue helpful gypsheef lm a helpful fr end un fume of need Jalce could nof belueve hus ear for fhe vouce was comung from fhe paper ufsef Buf a puece of paper canf fallc saud Jake Donf worry pal fhafs all falcen care uf Nobody buf you can hear and see me lfs a cunch for you fo oef a hundred al you goffa do us copy whaf l s ow ou l donf luke fo cheafl replued alqe You re nof cheafung pal you re lusf referung fo a reference sheef There us no harm un a luffle reference fo refresh your memory Jalce saw fhaf uf was useless fo argue any longer Horafuo T Gypwuffy nof only lcnew flue answers fo fhe fesf quesfuons buf fo al has argumenfs as well H fudued fhe paper for a few munufes and fhen copued He began fo wrufe madly runnung fhrough guesfuon affeu quesfuon He copued answer affer answer The ofher lcuds frowned over fhelr paper The feacher observed Jalces speed and wallced down fhe ausle He sfopped af Jales paper and wallced on smulung Jake c owed hu fungc nal nervou ly Donf worry oal Hus fruend saud Jalce funushed flue fesf fuve munufes before any one else When he furned un fhe fesf paper he walked baclq fo hus deslc and fhe gypsheef had already dusappeared Jalce fhoughf fhu was flue lasf he would see of uf He enfered flue nexf room and saf down There on fhe deslc lay fhe gypsheef Jake sfudued uf fhus fume before receuvung hrs guesfuon paper The answers were fhere They mafched fhe quesfuons muraculously perfecf One exam followed affer anofher and Jalce seemed fo be doung guufe well Alfhough he frued af fumes fo ugnore fhe gypsheef one peek was usually enough fo overcome hus conscuenfuous oble fuons Af fhe end of fhe fesfs fhe gypsheef leff as uf came Horafuo T Gypwuffy was seen no more He flew ouf fhe wundow up and away The nexf day Jake was summoned fo fhe dean s offuce He felf sure fhaf all 28 - u I - 1 . . . , Q . . n . u s . , . . . - , . e, . l 3. , . , . ' ' ' l ' sh . J , u, lu u . ., . J .u . . , . . . A . c u . 9 s . , h. s -r, us s . , I . . .S .U . c . , . . . . , . was Icoowru I-Ie decuoeo Io maIe a seam orea w o or no leave Iwum e aI I e mer Iwe oe e o or vy Come IW IIme deao mvIIeo o e erwered AI were r an o oe e earn SI down aI4e Joke saI down The dean Geared In IuroaI emo WIIIW a oerugr 'mIe beoar e rea on why I caIIeo you o v werr o com a urn e on r end: mar you reoerved on your exaromahon Your Iea Iwe a o I Iee a we IwouId Imooor you Ior ugh Inc worn LeI me so Ie your mano I e deem IwooIcI1Is Imnd GUS Ine I aCI1er IOII wed uf Jake IeI oewuloerc II ugI1I he Iwao oI'eaIed o Iwo u O rru I-I more ed ooan ard Qawo I Chee e Noreen e you waICIwurq you Ierwg couIorwI Iwaya CIWQQT eacnor r pu of We we c N eww I AI II'ese word II1 rI1re o our our u I u Inq Toe dean ra e m S OW S VI GVIQG LVTIO fnfro LlLflOl7 70 ou 1 WD 'CE V no Buff NV' QF? . . I I I I I QI of II aII Io IeI IIe I1 Ie SI y fa I 2 TI Im oy QI I I ao. I-Ie ooen d Ike Io sIo 'Iy. J I . I IIIS IeaoIwerQ o oe5evI d seo'eI I doe III :If I. I I , J .I 'TII 2- I I Is bICu15. I I I 7 gr I IfIo y I Io Ilwe fpl Io I2 I .I I ' Q rs rI I Ilw I' 5 ' I 5' I f I. Ie I I.I I1 Q 5 I C I I e , Io 5 I. I I Ad. I-Ie FIII II1o I I, or I 2 IWIQ d IIy Io 'CI I' II, e f I las Im? IISir, I df' II . , I 1 'el I-IIE I I e we I. aII JaIe ,In , add. III3uI I Ima II1o .3 ers before Iwe Ies'.II ,, S ee' jI,I'3IoIIegV. f II,dII on II1 I CCI Ior Imii I4 e 2 . oz FI r. cf I I A III: iI I Ie. Ife :ab I:Irm:Ie ez if, Jef You CSCI II urgj you roI If do ' A :VII I Do you 'ee7 I srooo uo 'ragh' ro outa, le.-QCI II Q 'evfoo 'ooo Iv 'iw' I ow... Q1 II1e who eaiy offic- fvi CrcoI.e': I' oo 'Q' TUI By MU RRAY PISETZKY 29 EVOLUT ON OF A UTRECHT TE .1 1 QD O, L J CO Z Tr Ll , Lil Z if Cx fd PRIZE XVINNINC ESSAY By HARRIET SLAVITZ Youfh s a porfrauf IH black and whufe When fhe young are happy none on earfh are gayer yef un fheur moods of sorrow fhe young are nnconsolable I fhns respecf youfh ns reserved nof for fhe young IU spnrnf buf fhe physically young alone On a gloruous sprung day when fhe ferhle earfh as gnvnnq burfh fo aelrcafe buds and velvef smoofh blades of grass I have known fhe xnfersnfy of True love of Ife Upon my back gazing fhrough a Iaffuce work of frees af a vuvxd blue sky I have fell fhe sfrengfh of my own youfh mounfnng wlfhm me When dusk came I was sfnrred by fhe sensuous pleasure of fhe soofhnnq breezes hasfemnq pasf my forehead In more acfrve momenfs I have fhrnlled fo fhe expansuon and confracfnon of my muscles beneafh smoofh fan sknn I have expernenced fhe dellghf of :cy wafer frlcklnng befween my foes whale wadung n a clear Ilffle sfream I have felf fhe crlsp Invugorafnng aur I have awakened fo gay warbllnq of fragile fledqlxnq I could nof explann fhese fhzngs fo an adulf nor would h undersfand f I frued Af fumes I have felf nnexplucable despair I have had moods of furbulenf resflessness A lone fear of hurf ha venfured unexpecfedly down my cheek fo be followed by vnolenf wrackmg sobs I have felf fear of anger dasappomfmenf and regref My pnllow has felf The monsfure of al These Tnere have been fumes when even fhe comforfnng cares of my mofher has fauled fo soofhe my hurf I have fossed sleepless and warm many nghfs dnscomfuffed nof by any physlca II buf by fhe misery and angulsh of a froubled conscmence I ha suffered Ionelnnes fear and ferrube anxnefy I am youfh po sessed of many emofrons youfh or a hmg adnes and wonder gauefy youfh a porfrauf I0 bla k and w e 3I - I I ' ' ' . , , ' ' , . n . . , . - I I ' ' s. ' ' : e I ' . . s , ' . ' ' . s , ' '. . . , , . I s ' . . . . . ., V I I ' 'I ' ' ' . , ve ' s, . , . , I . . f . , s , , 2 s 3, f ful ' - , ' ' C hif . RT You can play The song anoTher Time. Cnce again The brunT oT The New UTrechT SporTs Curriculum has been borne by The "big Three" cf baslceTball, baseball, and Traclc. NeverTheless, There is a ray oT hope Tor The TuTure. Swimming is once more becoming a maior TacTor in N.U. conTesTs. For The TirsT Time in a decade Girlss inTramural programs have been inauguraTed. And lasT, buT cerTainly noT The leasT, ThaT old bone CT conTenTion, Mr. Pigskin has reared iTs head inTo The limelighT. Since The dropping oT TooTball Trom The Green and WhiTe's aThleTic schedule, There has been increased agiTaTion Tor The renewal oT gridiron clashes, once The mosT popular phase oT our compeTuTive acTi viTies This pasT Term ha seen more enThusiasm and popular supporT Tor an eleven Than ever beTore The NUI-TS The GO and oTher organizaTions have mann TesTed clearly Than The TudenTs wanT and will geT TooTball So donT be Too much surprised :T The alumni mon oT The class oT June 6 h aT a w UTrechT TooTball encounTer l-Towever leT us reTurn To The Big Three and see how They have Tared durirg The pasT seme Ter Since The incepTion oT The Term everyone lcnew ThaT our baskeTball ouinTeT had T and They did DisappoinTed by The loss oT a garden sloT by being deTeaTed in The Tinal encounTer lasT year our hoop Tive reTurned wiTh renewed vigor inTo a new PSAL league The swiTch pore Trun For paced by George Fcigenhaum Bobby Cohen Herb She ner WhiTey STormalc eTc New UTrechT led The Tield Tor mosT oT The sea on BuT we were To be denied The championship as JeTTer on ouT played us in an encounTe aT Blclyn College Tor The wb X K' Gff ,2? . . . S . S . reu ' '4 is eld Ne ' , s . ' l T v i ' . . D . C .. x T 1:53 , T Q ZiTiie.g.1',, X 'fl' ,V Q Q f fyli-fix. A g 'jifiignl sri dlvlslonal champion hip Second place wasnl loo buller a pull lo swallow however a we duo reach lhe coveled Madlson Square Garden Tourney And agaun a hoarse Ulrechl cheering seclxon saw lhelr hooes lade away as Felgenbaum louled oul ln lhe llrsl lew mxnules ol play causwng a collapse ol lhe qallanl qunnlel Slll ll was our grealesl nel campalgn IU a decade and lhe lacl lhal George Fesgenbaum lhe uncul diamond who really became polushed and Caplaln Bobby Cohen recelved berlhs on lhe all scholasllc leam made no one sad Al lhe slarl ol lhe baseball season ul appeared as sl Coach Felcher had come up wllh a winner Bul lhan hnllung Aller wunnlng our larsl lwo oul ol lhree slarls we Iusl wenl down and down and down Donl be amazed ul lhe ever capable menlor ol our mne comes up wulh lhe crown nexl year Wllh a years expernence lhe green leam he had lhus year wall really slarl lhose bals boomung Nobody expecls a Jackson Browne coached leam lo lare badly and nobody ever wall Once again lhe Browne Bombers came lhru wnlh a speclacular lraclc season Slarlnng oll lo a slow begunnnng our lleel looled harruers made a llne display al lhe Penn Relays Bul Coach Brownes lace was lruly wrealhed ln smlles as our youlhlul praclulloners ol lhe clnder arl brolce a lwo year rengn ol Bayside l-llgh by wunnung lhe Clly Champs al Randalls lsland Hence anolher season ol NU s sporls draws lo a close and wnlh lhanlrs lo lhe coaches mahagers and players we bud larewell lo alma maler Ai 3 A 1. I . . I E I comme d'habilude, Felchers Fielders did more lielding -Q2 15" f 1 -' A I I 3 YA ...,, r n Q 5.5 ,f'::" if 'xg . 4 R ' "Qq 2 , Q M ,Q Q 1 l e K. tgqgcglggz 'fig' H F, X 'X L 41' 'Q E' 1, a ixiamqpmw ' 7 f '1 ff' he 5' if f f f - ,-5 If I Qlw , ' Ying ki X Ill " Q , My -27.5 Qfyf--v ' ,f 'M'42,"X':'v"' -+-if Q :aff ' A T ' K ', 'ei a fik, V gf? ' V 'F ' n i 5 5 1-' gli, , .. K ' 'mf 5' QL 3' ' M. ,M ff ,- N, X ,YH X '41 v' f Vw gm., nk' sf Nh ef, B, V?b8gQv -in Fw MQ' if FJ 'mx Tl IRM EVEIXT FEBRUARY 5 Wednesaay PaT ence and ForTITudel Now Is The Tlme Tor all good Sensors To begun To worry abouT GRADUATION lFaul now and avoid The rush IaTer 7 6 Thursday Classes Commence There us ThaT lrTTle Thang called I-Iomework By The mnddle OT The Term AssIgnrnenTs are someThung To be Ignored rIghT now They are occasuonally done I2 Tuesday I-IQLIDAY NoT only The laves are glad Abe Llncoln was born I3 Wednesday Due To The TugboaT STruke IU New York I-Iarbor The schools closed down causnng everal cases oT Tamhng among The weaker members oT The Board oT EdLJC6TIOP The only regreT nourished by sTudenTs was The closnng oT The moTuon prcTure houses I4 Thursday Schools over Tor The day and here comes The school bus Every woman us hurrymg To geT home and see whaT SaunT Valenhne leTT Tor her I9 Tuesday The TnrsT meeTung oT Those so soon To Tull our places The SevenTh Formers was held and Theur commuTTee heads elecTed 2l Thursday l:IrsT meeTung oT The above corrupTlon Sensor CabmeT wuTh The new oTTucers oTTncnaT1ng 27 Wednesday f'NnoTher T1rsT meeTung The honor socueTy oT New UTrechT Sensor ArrsTa was nnTroduced To :Ts new TaculTy advusers Orderly eIecTnons Tor execuTuves were held beTore The adlournmenT oT The essuon MARCH 4 Monday fXbouT Thu Tame Janey UTrechT awakened To The TacT ThaT There was an Increase n The number oT elrguble men Traversmg Tancy Tree The halls oT whaT wrll soon be our Alma MaTer We boasTed a veTs pre-TecT and The gold buTTon were vslble ThroughouT The halls Accordwng To regusTraTuon Tugure supp eo y The aTTenoance oTTI e 4 8l8 TudenTs aTTended our school This Term 8 Tr day l:rT rneehng oT The CQIVIET sTaTT under ITs new TaculTy advl er I2 Tuesday Openuno meeTIng oT The InTer Club Council anoTher organlzahon under new TaculTy leadersh p Correspondence was begun wuTh The European orphans adopTed IasT Term I3 Wednesday The hITherTo almosT u'TbeaTable quwrTeT w deTeaTed by LIC ID The game aT Madison Square Garden rr a as a o e Irs IF PS ThaT means re or car s appropr4aTeIy on Thls same day an asembly commemorahng BroTherhood Week was held perhaps To gnve The Tarlures a Teellng oT companuonshvp 20 Wednesday Fnnally we could oTTer a IegnTrmaTe excuse Tor day dreamrng InsTead oT IT IvIIohT a Well be Sprlng we sand Ch Sprung Fever y now By The looks exchanged we realized ThaT :T was al o The Tlme a young man s Tancy Turns 'T 7 a T NJ S in I ' 4 I. . --I :ls ' ' 's. I. I ' - .': ' I '. as I5-Fd y:L Tdy TTh F'TTh'd. .. pT d, ln- Thursday The TnrsT COMET deadlune ThaT wasnr meT Alo The ursT COMET deadline 25 Monday STarT oT drlve To rarse Tunds Tor The NEW UTRECI-TT SCI-IO LARSI-IIP FUND by almosT all The malor organrzahon ID The school 28 Thursday A mee Ing To puT TorTh The orrncnple oT The New UTrecI'T ConsTrTuTron was conducTed Tor Th earenT oT The Ere hmer 29 Errday Dnscusslon on World Peace and The U N by me'nb rs oT The GO CabuneT wrTh luvely audience parTrcnpaTron During The same assembly berlod UTrechTs Trrsf rnauqurahon oT GO oTT1cers was conducTed APRIL I Monday ALL FOOLS DAY and an approprraTe Tame Tor a Seve'1Th Form dance The youngsTers also dusTrrouTed The TrrsT newsoaper ever To be pub lashed by a SevenTh Eorm group Maybe NEXT Term s Sensors wall accomplu h someThrng 3 Wednesday BurThday congraTulaTuons To Mrss A C Gram head oT The LaTun DeparTmenT Specual AssrgnmenTs as usual 5 Frlday Nohceable absence oT Sensors who goT snclc enough To sTay home IusT rn Tame To sTudy Tor College Boards NAIVETE OF A FRESI-IIE Gee arenT They luclcy enough To have a day OTT7 FlrsT and SuccessTul SENIOR I-IOP oT The season For The TrsT Tame I-lop TeIlsTory a STRICT guard was sTaTuoned aT The door To unspecT enTranTs Tor SENIOR BUTTONS or Program Cards Conversahon ouTsude oT The Boys Gym Two Ereshues Loolc There go some Seniors' I-Iey would you hold our coaTs and lend us your PINS To see The dance Tor a whrle7 SENIORS ArenT you ashamed7 Aslong SENIORS To holo your coaTs7 s ues Oh :Ts al rrghT we TruT 6 SaTurday STrTTesT exams an some Tnme HAIL AND EAREWELL B 9 When we were supposed To have exoerrenced The Thrrll oT havrng a real JAZZ CONCERT compleTe wuTh oroTessuonal enTerTaunmenT rughT In our own auduToruum plans Tell Through IO Wednesday ResulTs oT elecTuons oT SENIOR CELEBRITIES announced on The new Sensor bulleTrn board I2 Eruday On Thus daTe Three hundred and sxTy Tuve days ago The leader oT our naTron sTepped down Trom The wheel The sorrow was overpowering buT IH a democracy no man may be Irreplaceabe and The busune s CT wagrng war and conduchng The governmenT conTunued Now emerglng rom The shell oT war we Tnd our counTry IU a oos Tron To keep T IT so des res The eals ThaT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT unauguraTed I2 Ernd y STudenT requesTs headed by an aopeal Through The 'XJUHS resulTed rn The Tormahon oT a UTre IT Swlng Ba d which made :T rrsT app a ance aT a GO dance rn The grrl s gym Admr sron was Tree Teacher overheard commenhng Well aT leasT :Ts lo o I3 SaTurday T-lalT hour oroadcaT by combred Madr ga and OrchesTra on sTaT on W N Y C 37 2l- : ' ' ' . s T' . . . S. I - Z +, 1 . . 3 'V ' e y s s . 1 ' ' ' ' I D . ., . . I yl 1 1 v . s , A ' . I ' In Ere h' : ," l ' , s you. - - X . X. . - . : . X I -. T 1 . . yy . S . . . T . 5 I ' X I' ,I ' I , id - ' a : , I .... , cf r s T e '- . Z-,, . U l ' I - Z A S ll 4 I Y I .... 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'x y ,, ' aL M , 0 W , 1 - ' x H 6' 2 lx - f L X' Ji I ' 5 Y xaf nf , sr 3 5 v 4 V u E ui' f 2::,g"'i1A 7:1 ry I J gv an X ' .LIP 5' 5: . . ,--- hug , ,rg f , 2 Y K 2 is 2 'ii " 3r3..,f ,gf f ' fff , ge S L PI f f' 5 ' lik- N ' Ax Q N, ' R. . A rg w 5. 4 A 4 xi' ' X g.. F ' ' fx f S- , VL X , 31 ' VS L 'K Q 5 M J, . " W f s A ,fi 4 ARHQT3 4 igfll-e, ' 1 " x 1" '-Q Q Q: W f il U F as .M 2 C1 2 5 ' Y , 21 Qu 2' J jjgkw gig -, , V, 'QS mv ' F ' I is ggi 4 X f 6 ' 5 . E 3 Q - , 'Qi ' 8 ' A M 2 N A , E S L ' 'L , ' ,514 1 K 1- 33 Wifi- '1- if , -- 5. ' N 4' XM'-C K V .. -' , ' N ix P t -'- .. 1 N-. M as 14 1 ' 'flag 0 '- Ulf'-f. ' R - , . 1 m 5 n , S? " ' ' YS 2 2 - ff 5 2 A . 2 Q 3 in , f Y 1-P1 Y V K ' ,U V v ' . .- 5. , .,-4 ,wimf ff'- 15, X A MIRIAM AARON 9002 44lh Slrce lud nl CHQF S rrnnnrnq Squad q s Lovely Io loolr al Delrghlful Io lcnow DAVID ABOSCH 74 I31h Avenue efrror Orchesl and and Sefrror and Junror A Isla Sla Squad e boe IS an II wand a no one blows good excepl' Dave ALVIN ABRABEN IQ64 bolh Slrccl rrvrce S uad Cap? a Squad Chrorrnq Squad Man aqcr If Ihere were more squads h would be on lhem EMAN U EL ARABEN l964 bbrh Slreel Servrce Squad Capl Slade Squad Capl Cheerrnq Squad Mqr Oh Capfam My Capfaln The prrze you soughf IS won THE DIPLOMA ROSALIND ACKERMAN 8420-2O+h Avenue Square Dancrng Club W VS Gen Ollrce Squad A swell gal fhru and I ru A more srncere one we never lrnew HAROLD ADEL 73 l3Ih Avenue a er Jr Arrsla rrsra V epres ol 3 'VI9l Organrzafron Olclrge Hrs vrrlues are many hrs marks very hugh He does a 'ob well a rs .3 mosf popular guy DOLORES ALBAN ESE I776 62nd Slreel Modern Girl Club Club AWVS Though hugh school days cor-ne fo a cose Shes shll beloved by Janes and Joes NEWVUG CELIA ALBERT l74 62nd Slrezl Square Dance Tcarn Ar ounr I q Ollrce N U l'lS Reoorl A nrce gurl gof fhe es? l guess III have fo dream fhe resf JEROME ALBERT 4 nd quad SQU5 ul lu Hrs smrle and ablllfy In eXCeSS Porn? Ihe way Io hrs success LEONARD ALIANO 4 H C br An all rrghf guy One Id never pass RITA ALLEGRA I She says lrflle Bul Ihrnlxs much HARVEY ALTSCH ULER 90 46+h S fee+ Traclc Team Ch mrslry Club Happy go luclry never worrlei Always la'Ie never hurrres KENNETH AMSTER llrlw Avenue Tra lc Squad Radro Code Club I 3 aphy u Vorce lrlre Websfer Head Irlze Clay HAROLD ANDERSON O l5ln Avenu c G rn Cr lx Servrc Squad A mans man And grrs come and gel him LOUIS ANDERSON 64 Clwur h Avenu Chem Squad Brolaqy Sclllacl Gym A+ endanl A keen clever rmnd This boy rs The rlgh+ kind HILDA ANDREANA 4 ervrc Sorrerr 5 A Qrdan e OI C A combrnahon f all Iafs nlce JOAN ANNICELLI l732-63rd Slreel' Malor Sporls Club, P'Cf1'aV'l Cornmilfee, A.W.V.S. If charm IS a comrnoduly she has lhe goods LOUIS ARANCIA IQ67 69+h Slreel ec u les co Rc Chemlslry Club AHer 'four years In a coma He finally woke up 'lo gel hrs diploma JOSEPH ARONSON SOOI Bay Parlcway Mah Club Servlce Squa Program Olfxce ln len more years back hell be comm To dear old Ulrechf 'lo do some slummln ALFRED ARTUSO I66 75lh Slreel Bloloqy Squad Servnce Squad Olluce Chemlslry Club Hell gel' ahead n +hIS world en If af a glass ee JUNE ASNIEN 38 9 I5ll1 Avenue Llkes all leffers like males MORRIS AVRUCH IZZ4-4Isl Slreel Service Squad oys D ans uad resndenl mor prelecl M GfUbhICk doesni lmow when he has a good 'lrnend BERTRAM AUERBACH ISI6 46lh Slreel or Pd lo O Cerlc Cherwslr, Squad Flashmg red hair and wmmng smle Where have you been all he whlle7 PUZANT BABIKIAN 2n xelba l Team a Tra L T rf The name may be lough Bu? none come befier 'lhan Puzan ds RITA BAILIN I962-72nd Slreel. Enqllslfw Olllce Squad, Allend- ance Olllce, Spanlsh Olllce Squad Whenever we see fha? sweef Mass Banlln Shes worrued abou? fhal' les? s es fanlln SHIRLEY BANOFF l9I9 oblh Slreel' Servlce Squad Allendance OT llce Squad AWVS Mild as a Camel SBLISTYIHQ as a Cheslerfleld Pui fhem all fogefher and you have a Lucky Sfrulze HEDY BARASZ 4304-lolh Avenue c l M Muslc Sec o Poplrxn Lalrn Squad Dark haur sparkling eyes When shes near youll hear sighs ADELE BARON I4-25 Sqlh Slreel Madrlqal Language Ollwce Slamps and Bonds Rep One swell gurl as frlendly as can ls Plus snncereness and capabululy HERBERT BARON l762 6Slh Slreel Accounllnq Squad Capfaun of Accounlxno Squad GO Of llce Squad Has smile and ablllly In excess Polnl fhe way fo his success BERTRAM BAXT l768 55'rh Slreef Serv: e Squad Oroanlzallon Squad Gym Clerk lndlvuduallly IS his lceynole NORMAN BECKER 5812 Zlsl Avenue es fl r a l e o Preo A popular leader a capable man Thus boy wnll go places as fasf as one can ROBERT BELLA I47l-43rd Slree rvl e Squad Boys u Theres no swella fella Than our boy Bella' LEONA BELLIG 9 64+l'u Sl A gurl wuflu profound under sfandung and sympafhy PAUL BENDER 4 Quad I a S u r V FQ CI C He 'II'uunIcs Iues a wu ul es only half rugI'u+ ANITA BENENATI I263 65+Iu Sl eel em uor Km lu Pre fy and charmung WIII1 sparlrlung wul NICHOLAS BENVENUTO 4533 Iollu Avenue So ers and Reapers Cuo Handsome fall makes Iu++le nouse Meels II requuremen+s 'for Wanfed Boys WALTER BERG G 6 6 I8I'w Avenu enucu ard GO ues Always up un +I'ue aur ERALD BERGMAN I'u an S vu e SQLGO e Club An ambufuous fellow always worlung In Hue fufure success us Iurluung BERNARD BERKOWITZ I235 55Il'1 Slreel erxuce quad es ar' 'vue u an Club Class es 6+lw 'Ierou Trues 'ro umufa+e a grapefruul' Always un flue publucs eye BERNARD BERKOWITZ I25 Slsl Slre l Oren s ra If you Icnow a fellow 'loo 'Une Io Irnocln Then Bernue mus+ Iuve on your block RUBY BERLOWITZ I I7 I1 we a r un u Cu ar C ab U recI'u+ s gaun Nebraslra s oss MAE BERNSTEIN 5 ru Cas nalu Madruqa For a Iruly fine adress and wunnlng way We cas? our vole fr a g I named Mae MARILYN BERNSTEIN Cu r venls C ut: oo"u Squad Senuor Cab re If gurls were as preffy s In Ufrechl would a heaven be MARTIN BERNSTEIN 40? Slr ervu Squad Clwefvu Cad I Bal au One of Rupleys belueve ul or n s Iue has brains and uses fI'uem ARLENE BEZAHLER 5200 ISM Avelru an Ad usou s Squad Gum ru urg ul: un ln F Squad Lulue a counfry broolz always babblung TILLIE BILDER 72rd AW VS Knulluno C u 'mnq C ul: uule a woman Shes fond of men LOUIS BIUNDE Bay Suree e me u rv qua mailer how nuce he Ioolcs s nicer MARJORIE BLACK O r C Cab e en a o s Personaluly Plus LUCILLE BLATT V664-54-r S"6f3'. A.W.V.S, 'ffvirix Cleo, Smiling inlelligenl and sweei es lhe fe a e meef LEA BLECH Af Limo is a MUSIC O u Can you Imagine? Wnlh all lhal beauly goes brains HERBERT BLEEK l264-44 Sire L r hr ua Me oo Cuz Ch Lille an Englishman Always In a fog ESTELLE BLITSTEIN VX G C res VCC E eles a h+ Has plenly of IT ALBERT BLUMENFELD 9 6 no Hes quief and shy B a grand swell uy ABRAHAM BOBER o 49+ on 3 N U Ca Q BT alia' Ul Cru Abe is quvle a youlh Never boislerous or uncoulh HAROLD BOHMERWALD 4 l 1 Squad The quesllons don? bolher Ifn lls lhe answers ELAINE BOKRASS Damly and sweel Shes a neal lnlfle lreal PAULINE BONANNO l32l--54'h Sfreer. Prgcrefr Office, Kwilllrq Cue. Pauline is lhe lrincl of girl you look al lwice EUGENE BOROWICK 4 l I4 rr Avenu ral: Parr mor 9 Sew or and Success in life IS mevufable for um ANGELINA BRANCACCIO 8 Cl' e W V S B in OCMC Sq an GO Of' Squad There IS somelhmg on 'lhe way she loolxs Tha? causes boys lo drop lheir books BEATRICE BRANDT 84h S e A s 81 Crals Always gay and lull of laugh er Her leaving Ufrechl will be a dusasler HAZEL BRANDT 7 4 74l'l'v Sie S nowrn rw quad CLD Curr rl' Ev 'wls ul: Honey IS preHy, Honey sweet Honey is a gurl who canl beal' DORINE BRAUNSTEIN I759 69Yl" re Cru cj Ca A WV S Shes gol' Io-ls ol assels an none are frozen CARL BRAVSTEIN IZS 52nd Sir F- arf: ouad O clf Ba d Maorgal The guy wnlh lhe greal smile MARILYN BRESSLER C D AW Marilyn our girl sweef and demure We ll check wulh her neighbor fo make sure MONTE BRICK l409+4Is+ Slreel 'de Rule C ub Monfe 'lhlnks 'll1e Mexican Border pays renl REBECCA BRILLIANT I4I4--47+h Slreel I la Pr cl e brew Class Lunchroom Squad Brrlluanfs 'lhe name Rebecca does H+ Pleasmg charming and a wlf MURIEL BRISMAN ISI9 49+h Slreel General OIIICG Square Dan crng Club We ve lrnown her a long hme And liked her all fhe 'hme JOE BRODIE 4ll7 I5ih Avenue resllrng and Judo Club Toy malung Club Why gurls leave home and go back agam Jusl luddmg Mom hes really a swell 'fellow EDWARD BRODSKY 6803 20lh Avenue Band Toymalung Club Band Chasr and Sland Squad Hes a good 'fellow as fellows Bul as fellows go he wenf MIRIAM BROWN l27O-43rd Slreel Co Edufor IU Chael cl Camel' GO 81 Sensor Cabmel Mum eoqraph Olllce Squad Charm mlelllgenf a d full of vliellly She has a well developed Personallly JOSEPH BRUCHI 66l8 I3+h Avenue Baseball Team Friendly and nlce Wllhoul a vlce ANNE BRUNO 7 f Slreel Allendance Squad Modern Glrl Club Luke sugar Sweel and reflned MARVIN BUCHNER I874i47'h Slreel S uadrc Leader o Alr S u A ulenanr Squad Sec of Servlce Squad A lawyer someday he wrll be Marlr my words youll see MURIEL BUGAN 8 6 Zls Slreel Lunchroom Squad Gym Squad Canfeen Show Sumple and sweel wrfhoul con cell ANNE BUGARI 7623 l5'rh Avenue Gul Leaders Grade Ad ers Squad Class Sec Fun lo be wlfh grand lo know Brnghf as gold her assels glow GILDA CAFARARO 69I3 New Ulrechr Avenue a rxgal Musuc Io Vlc cry Club Drarrlalnc Club Voace of a nlghhngale Dasposlhon of a Iarlr ARMAND CALANTUONO 936 72nd Slreel Servoce Squad Field Mapm nq Club Gym Squad Hls head IS lnlre a door lrnob Grrls can lurn ll PHILLIP CALDERONE bow Slree ervzce Squad Track learn Radra Code A nlce QUIBI rellned boy A a pupil hes he leachers loy ANITA CAMMERANO 979 42nd Slreel One whom we shall greally mlss JOSEPHINE CANDEROZZI l3I8 4OTh Slreel Currenl Evenls Club Prc ram Corrmllfee Sec ol Prel Beaufy and brarns A rare COITlbIh6IIOh MARIO CANDIDA IZ33-72nd S'reel. Chairman of Ilailan Club. Nerwnan Club, G.O. Rem. Prophecy-Traveling Salesman. BEATRICE CAPALDO 6903-I5lh Avenue. Modern Girl Club. A.W.V.S. Like a Yale lock no ofher like er NORMA CAP' IN IO32 46lh Slreel Senior Arxsfa Orqanrzalic Ol e Junior Arlsla If brains were money shes a millionaire FRANCES CAPOBIANCO S7l3 I8lh Avenue Sec lo Miss Pendry Program Comrmrlee Prelecl Se She comes from preferred sfock ROSINA CAPOZZI I236-38Il'1 Slreel Currenl Evenls Club O Congress Sec of AWVS A fine example of Ihe A B Cs Ambuhon Beaufy Cheerfulness PAT CAPPELLA 57+h Slree Air Seoul Squadron Arr Club Bo Prep Ofhce Cappella fo his diploma is o ca I+ rea whal I see belo e me7 ANNE CARBONARO r Grl Lea r cr M S ha er Her very frown is fairer 'far Than smiles of olher maidens are PHELOMENA CARLO cf r A W V S fu G r C r Sweef and demure she will ge+ Ihere sure ' IRVING CARNO 4323-9'n Averue. Boy Leader of Sr. Arisla, Cap- lain C5 Malh Team, English Boclvocm Squad. Wherever he'II go, whafever he'II do, Wiih high flying colors he'lI always come Ihrough. ALFRED CARUSO SZOI-l7'rh Avenue. Library Squad Fencing Squad, Bioloay Club Ouf ouf brief candle Lifes buf a walking shadow For a pool player JULIA CASCIO 6 85lh Slreer Soruerus OKI e Vice res Hallan Club Bonds and Slarnp Rep We donl know her very well Bu? wha? we know we Ihlnk s swe MARY CASTELLA 5 Slre Newman Club Speech Olhce Dr Sorleris Oi'IC9 Charm and friendliness Io gelher she blends Makes no enemies bu? lols of friends ANGELO CASTIGLIONE 4 I Ilh Avenue Vrclcry Corps Olhce Service Squad Track Team When from Ihls school Angle cIepar+s He leaves fhe gurls wllh broken hearis MARIE CATALDO I7Ih Avenue N hlfs no runs errors SONIA CHARKATZ I824-BISI Sl' Enqush Ohice Squad Madru qal Lun h corn Squad Sonuas sweef Sonlas gay Info your hear? shell 'Iin way LAWRENCE CHASAN l6l8-47' A++ Squad S Cac nr? For a Iufure he has a sIar+ For he us capable willing and smar+ HENRY CHELMOWITZ 2 blsf Sfreei Lunrhroom Squad Boy I. ad CTub BasI1eIbaTT Tear' Jusi' Ilke a saIe He draws The women SEYMOUR CHERMAK 9 7lsT Sfree ervnce Squad To P p Squad SnaTu He fhxnhs he has wha? II Takes Buf nobody Takes I+ ISABELLE CHESTER l76I 66TI1 STFEGT Lxbrary Squad un rr:-fm uad Soc Mnss F r-'nw DrITeren+ she speaI:s on when spoken Io PATTL CHIAFFARANO T25 581h Sfree Awrp anc Modehnq CTu nscopur Club Tree Sq d Hrs wavy halr geis us sea suck JACK CHORNEY T763 68Th STree' rack earn Trafhr aqua Aeronauhcs CTub Kind slr Your homework please ANITA CHUGARMAN 936-43rd Sfveef UI ance Room Luv ron S uad Modern Gu C b Bo s s+op adlusi +henr hes Jusf fo cafch Anlfas eyes DANIEL CIRILLO 5809 IIITW Avenue unchroom Squad fn n Tree Squad Luke a prefzel maker h aways Innows his curves CLAIRE CLAPPER T94 78Th STV 0+ ef. T OT' ance OTTTCQ Souao N cn C-r CTub e y noi b a rn malcers daughfer Bu'I oh whaf beaux she has! AVRON CLARK 76 Bay 23rd Sfree+ Servuce Squad Farm Corps Chem CIub The answer To a moiherm Iaws prayer HELBAR CLINI r e Op Drarnancs V7 T Noi Too qunef noi foo gay We wnll enlcy her company any day AN NETTE COHEN 6 4Is SIT' So Q O :ce Mode r O CTU? A wnnnlng smnIe rs always n siye ELAINE COHEN T726 49h S+ree Presuoen' of Leade s CTub A Tendunre OFT e Some sunbeams Ianded In er alr And now fhey ve spread every where ELIZABETH COHEN 8IsT Srre D H ,f OTTNP Senmr fa In Squire Darcxnq CTub Eluzabeihs brlghf and Io+s of un Frlends luke her should be more Than one JUDITH COHEN 4 S ve AWVS Knvfmq Cub A charming mlss whos preHy and wise May her fufure be as brlghf as her eyes MILDRED COHEN T46 50h Sfre Congress Aifendar Q OFT Q Modern Od CTub Laughung eyes on a cufe 'face Wall gef Mlllle every place ROBERT COHEN Zls Aven o 5 a ers u un o w Ouav He may no? gef has name Whos Who B he w I gef has plc+ure nn WhaI's Tha+ . RAY COMORA 44-I8--I9+h Avenue. Capf. of Traclx Team, Service Squad Ray ns bound fo shune A genileman all of ihe hme ALBERT COLE l96O-73rd Slree? Servnce Squad Mumeoqraph Squad Program Com Has fypes hard fo find buf wor+h lookmg for FRANK CONSENTINO I 747 59lh Slreel' Service Squad Alrplane Mod elnng Club Four years nn coma Wa es up wlfh a diploma VINCENT CONGLIARO 7503 Iblh Avenue Servxce Squad Track Team He has a one Traclr mind ISABEL COPMAN l968 76ll'1 Slreel uare Danclnq Club Arond s Secrelary res A W V S Club Always smlllng always gay Charmmg manner pleasing way PHILIP CORSO 7508 IEII1 Avenue Cablnel S E I or u oenl Aclnon Com Hes luclty fo graduafe allve afier wrmng fhese Knoclrs and Boosls GRACE COTLER 49IO I5ll'1 Avenue General Olllce M Aronqs If all fhe gurls were as nlce as s e Wha+ a school +l'IIS would b CHARLES CRISFINO I34I 43rd Srreel fn quad Lo Ro m Squad Rad o Cod Clue A swell guy who deserves good fhungs 1 IRWIN CUTLER ISI9-76I'l'1 Sfreel Currenl Evenfs Club. Like a gas sfafion always al' your servnce JULIAN DALY 2 3 SS lw Sfreel' En uslw Bookroom Squad Lunclnroom Squad ICC The ferror of 'lhe English Book room Squad SEYMOU R DAU BER l43I--4O+h Sfreel Servnce Squad Wed love fo see more Seymour MILTON DAVIDSON 4704-lblh Avenue Orcheslra Band Allhough he llh9S corn on fhe co He never lndulges In corn on Ihe horn' PATRICK DeCRESITO lO3l 44fl1Slree+ Service Squad Boys Club H Iory Boolcroorn Pa+s one greaf service Io e school Graduahon HENRY De La CRUZ 64lO N W Ufrech Averue Chess Club He s a nice qulef fellow MARION DOLORES 5703 I2ll'1 Avenue AT endance Office S q L. a A W V S Wai fineness she does possess A favornfe of all she s Dolores EDITH De LUCA 49 '1 uar an Clue e man Cub Lu n oo'n Squad Edlfh ns a lovely name And fhe one 'Ihaf owns If as Iusf fhe same THELMA DELPUPPA I937 72nd Slreel Ma :gal Iqleallh Se vice Mu lor Vic or Shes always obligmg always sweel be h r friend is qulle a Ireaf JULIUS DE SANTIA B y IOIh S r e T o modesf 'Io I I h own services DAVID DEUTSCH I783 oorh Slreer oo Squad Gym Squa Lunchroom Squad David +hinlcs he sounds like Bmg rofherl You should hear lm in 7 MADELINE DI BATTISTA 563 Dahill Road Worked for Mrs Jarle Mod ern Girl As qulef as a falling snowflalre GUY DI COSOLA 823-42nd Sfreel Service Squad Senior Class Treasurer Full of 'fun 'oy and ep Guy has gained himself re ALLEN DI GIACOMO O Balh Avenue Ban Grade Advis s Squad Radio Code This is eny EDMUND DI GIACOMO ISOI-Balh Avenue. Radio Code. This 's Meeny There ain+ no Moe . AMALIA DI GREGORI 9 -8IsI Slree. Prcreslanl Club, Lunchroom Squad, Square Dance Club. Large brown eyes and curly loclrs. She's much loo nice 'for any Icnoclcs. ELAINE DITCHEK 7 Ioh Avenue Enqish Office Ylh Fam ep M ss McGrarhs Office A Sunbeam on a rainy Day She does her homework 'foo HARRIET DITCHEK 79 h S ee Deans Squad Arfs and CraI+s Club Class Secreiary O beauly she has gol' her share brains qufe 'few 'Io spare ARLENE DOBRES IOI7 44lI1 Srreer er +0 M Aron and iss Frelman Shes hard Io find ul we worlh Ioolung for BEVERLY DRESPEL 49I0 I5rh Avenue 6eneraIO'FI1ce Chem Squad Adrninisrrarion Office Anolher member of Ihe lribe of graduafes ALICE DUNKEL 6609 lcirh Avenue airman I English ass on s and Slamps ep AWVS Member In her sweel llHIe Alice blue gown T is AI ce is lhe lallx of e 'Iown LEONARD DURANTE Slsf Srree Gym Squad Service Squad Malh Club He lilies his girls geomelrlcal plane and solid HAL EDELSTEIN I938-67Ih Slreel. Track Team, Gym Squad, Depl. of Business Subiecls Squad. The Alom Bomb can do +his Io you foo. ELAINE EHRENFELD Io78-48+h Slreel. Orchesrra, Library Squad. A greaf musician, a swell pal, Alfogelher a swell gal. THELNIA EHRLICH 4I I S re 0 Casino Luna P uid D vnili cufe liHle 'frlck Ihal rndIIeS eymours hearl lick SHIRLEY EISMAN r r AWVS Mfmderr G An unlypncal Senior uiel sweel and shy I MORRIS EISNER l8fn Avenu 5 9571 MOI' AVIS 1 oys Dean Squad Pyfhagoras and Morris wall! and in hand HELEN ELEFANT 4 9 S ree ,S CW Q Calafna S E1 sln O She was never lale The bell was always early VIVIAN ELINOWITZ 43 d Ire urren nls Cub CO 1 'w Happy go luclry never worries Always lale never hurrles BERNARD ELLENBOGEN 4+ Ir rafnura 55 Cuz: Pe SI Cola Kid He hlfs The spof EILEEN ELLER Of uac d I Ho on fellows :ls foo ale A boy named Hal is her Fefe THEODORE ENGBER i626-bow S ':-'. rigal, Sf 'Co Squad, P ef. -s. A lady killer. They look al him and die of frighl. le JANET ENTIN I Servi Squad Allendan e Squad Fencn Club She has Ihe face of an angel Bul fhe devil in her eye ITA EPSTEIN Av a quaq Alle dan 0 ur a u Rifa is a lovely name An nfs possessor lusf Ihe same RUTH ERDMAN h Co Edilcr in Chief ol Camel i as e of VC C Achve ambihous a swell girl Io lcnow An SHICIGYII' leader always fhe go UTTA FALKOWITZ 53 r nl S 55 O e-ISU Eior'ICo'ne I C C e Tis sand by man Give prause where praise is clue Ulla none deserve if more richly Ihan you THELMA FALLEDER 3 lv L ra y Snuw ad rad Advi 'Q S Clever and sweef Rea y all reef' BEVERLY FARBER 5 ora v qi. Mac: za A clever sweel and charming nr e II e Bevery S es a pear FRANCES FATUZZO IUS4-12nd U ss F i r A pleasanf boosf is her due Her classmafes like her and so would you ROSALIE FAYANS ? I-l3ln Jen.- f. an I r. "sw , 'ice uad, irnei rasi, Squad. winning smile a he in hand, A really well ir we I in shes grand. WALTER FEDER I037 5Is'r Slreer Currenl Evenls Club C mc Pholography Why 807 of all marriages 'Iaul DIANE FEINBERG l859 68+l'v Sheer Senror Edllor Genera GO Congress Preffy and sweef Everyones pal She sure IS some luclry guy B rv: C EVELYN FEINBERG l575 46TH Slreel Mo ern Gnrl Cub S 1 S uad D pl of Bus ess ur pods Lois of vigor vnm and zes No doubf about I+ one of Ihe esf GEORGE FEIGENBAUM 8 I 69th Sheer Baslcelball Team Bascbi Team G O Conqress Baslzefball hrs specual+y Women his arf' BETTY FELDMAN I805 67ll'1 Slree" S Cabrnel GO or rcss Currenf Evenls Club Hair of red eyes of blue Shes a prize lhrough an +hrough FRANCES FELDMAN I952 77lhSrree1 Square Dan P Club me AWVS A swell gurl RHODA FENSTER l68l 49+l1S1ree1 rnsla ec Cabwnel Shes a one way person her way SHEILA FERBER l9I7 7OIl1 Slreel GO Congress Sfudenr Ac c Comrnullee Allendance Ollncn Neel pe :Ie and sweel Sheila All ihe young men wan+ Io sleal er 1- GLORIA FERRACANE I6 5Ofh Sire Ccnservallon of Clofhung Club AWVS Porluguese Club Glorna possesses 'Ihe key I success Personalufy mfellngence and 'Hnesse' FRANCES FERRO I66O 78+lw Slreel evnc Squad AWV Very sweef and kind of S We couldnf lrnoclx her If we +rled CONSTANCE FINA IO47 55+h Slreel C O M Sml me Congress Modern Gr C I: F lr and fall And mce fo all SONYA FINKELSTEIN 9 56fh S ree Congress e C 55 C u Sr Prol QQ Her Iheme song changed 'From O1 Johnny lo Oh Joe DEBORAH FISCH l45I SMP Sfreel res re I Afmnclance Olllce Squao Generally spealrlng shes gen erelly spealung SEYMOUR FISCHER 6 Dahll oad Swlrmlng Team Tram Scugc Gyn Clerl: Wrlie somefhnng nice aboui In ARLINE FISHMAN l239 49'llT Slreel Aflendance Offlce b EFFICIENCY as a ha wll' r GUSTAVE FISTEL I4O0 Slsf Slreel S urrrrwng Team Chem Clup Suvveynnq C u He learned Io swm In a pool FOOYTI PEARL FLEISH ER i849 73rd Sfreef c o Mrs B e S C Mrs Sfern Sec +o Mnss Meyer Small m sfaiure Bug un mielleci ETHEL FLAX l42O-43rd Slree In nrmary Squad Prefecf Sec Happy go lucky carefree and brlghl Cheerful and pleasanl shes all rughf MARIE FLOTTERON II65 46+h free ICC Modern Girl Club Blonde halr wnlh peaches com plexlon Heres a gurl for Ihe glamour sechon JOSEPHINE FODERA I83O-82nd Slreel Grade Advisers Office L ader IU oyrn Secrelary an Gyrr Please don'I' shalce so Joseph me So whaf I you have Io see e Dean? LBERT FORLANO l938 74ll'l Slreel Asslslrd an Malh Boolc Rccm G-uarc Slide Rule Club Hs well Io lrnow hum good old Al Everyones chum and every ones pal EDITH FORLIZZI I734-78Ih Sfreel Madrlgal Sec Sfud es ORC emor Edllor Beaufy brains and Ialenf 'loo We Inlze 'Ihus Belle so woul you. JUDITH FORMAN 1772-46+h Slreel ec. r. u 'rm Gefs ' Ofqice, A.W.V.S. Guess whaf? She aclually sur- vlved Afler 'four years of a consfanf Slrive. MILDRED FOUDIN l43I-42nd Slreer a'h Team. l. .C. foo' M Comm. She's iusi an angel in disguise. LILA FOX 97 5lsI' Slreel Allendance Offlce 71h Form Rep Sade Advxsers Office Here I am you luclry boys ELAINE FRANK 529 471hS+ree' ec 0 GO ec o I Orqamzahon Oflmce Heres a gurl sincere and Irue Does everyone lnlre her III say fhey do GEORGE FRANK 57 52nd Sfreef Lalun Boo Room Bro OIF Lneul Servrce Squad Whal' would he do wlfh brains when he does so well wnfhoul' ihem? SHIRLEY FRANKEL l952 77ll'1Sl'reel' Allendance Squad Pre Presudenl Bookkeeping 'ruler mg squad The reason why fellas go I Co Ed schools and brams loo' HARRIET FREEDMAN ZIO9 76lh Sfreel an Arws a Ll ra y Squad I-lrsrory Ofllce Squad Even Ihough she lsn'I lall e shll as lnlred by one a a MURRAY FRIED I54I 59+l1S+ree+ Madrlqa Servlce Squad Generally spealung he ANITA FRIEDMAN 86I-48'rh Slreef Senior Band, l.C.C. A is '1 Cralls Club. Anlia is a lovely name And 'fs possessor iusf 'Ihe same. CAROLYN FRIEDMAN l546m43rd Slreel Senior, Junior Arislas, 'fierc- a ,ce Cflice. Enollslw O Ice. A personalilv as differenf and sfriking as nexi year's fashions. JEROME FRIEDMAN II69-4dII"l S E T Member Track Tea Servxce Squad PI'-ofcczraphy CILE Too bad Ihe bell walres hum MELVIN FRIEDMAN 4 2 S e es r Comm Cu re Excr C ub Hell gef whal he wanls be cause he has whaf 1+ fakes MYRA FRIEDNAN M H 45 h Sfree :ce Pres Sensor Pre o ern G I C u m Squad e Iund f gurl youd Irlce mee? Well wha'I are ou walhng for? ELVYN FRIMMER I94 7Is+ Slreef Service Squad Lunch R om Squad A smllnng face a helping hand well g y w Ihln es grand OWARD FRUMIN I0 53rd re Lafun Bookroonn Squad Span :sh Club Sfudlous brlghf qulef POIIIG CORNELIUS J GALLO IS2 67rh SIre0I a rnqaI v a G Co grass Ver nice noi loo shy n lusf a swel SALVATORE GALLO 6223 I4+h Avenue Servr e Squad ervx Mss Frnedmar Knock Service galore MURRAY GARBER 'T f Semor Band Madrrg vzce Squao Is fhls a diploma I see before me7 Come Ie'I me clufch 'Ihee ROCHELLE GARCHERTH w a Oifrce Squa L- UI' Knock Lovely Io Ioolc al DeIgh'rfu fo Imow as Julie FRANCINE GARFUNKEL 23 Sln Ir mor a nc Bel shes someone s nn u Pre+I'y as a pncfure and whaf a 'frame' LOUIS GARTENBERG I4'h Ave ue rn Souad Lun I'r om Squ d Hes noi QUIOI hes nol' shy Buf an aI around swell guy MARVIN GARTNER s amor abune HS a Come-'r SIOCIQ Room He compare school wlfh as paragus The end IS fhe besf SOCRATES GAVALLAS Iolh Av n e S rvnce Squad CIas Pres B Leaders Boy' Is he broad minded' LEO GELFOND rd S+r C oumnd D cc Infernahonallsf Isolahonnsf Depending on wheI'her nfs gurls or homeworlr VICTOR GENCO 5 6 I4h Ave e urveyan u rc Lur hra rn Squad beheves fellow w o comes 'Io school smllmg IS hypocrlfe VIRGINIA GERMANO mooe S reef norsh Ofhce Squad Newman u s of Spanlsn u One swell girl friendly as can Glnnys ou+sfandrng we all agree EVELYN GERTNER SI6-47'n Slreef Sei. tl Serie' pref, Deans Squad, LCC. R9DVP?S'2f"GTIVO. Her beaufy and brains are easy Io see B Ihe one sh adores s guy named Marfy RUTH GERVASI 44 h Cass any a well you w mee+ None so quuei none so sweei LORRAINE GETSCHEL 975 S r 5 afwl Cl C Germ O ng Cub ass Cr ar Friendly sweef and swell Thais Gelschel ERIC GEWURZ I s QI re co es Curr fer's u he sand when h saw as IIFSI zebra Thals a horse of a dnfferenf co or ANN GUANIERI o r w Club rr uau Fr fer' Llre a flower An American Beaufy MURIEL G-ILSTON 3 S e O Ice F mera D avwallc C LD uruels arhshc d s e smar+ We Icnow shell be successfu In s+udymg Arf RALPH GINZBURG 'I I7 V bd UI F 3 X7 A greai men are d mg m noi' feelnng so well myself VITO GIRGENTI 500+- F Whaf a man ns 'lhaf Gurgenh hf and musce hes o pIen+y EDWIN GITTLEMAN ISBIHE-n3rd SP5-9+ Pres. OI G.O,, Pres. ol Sev- ervh Form Caolaln of Erqllsh 'DOL'C"1 qua , ,se 1 'I' am Here IS one of our besf bers F r wha? G11 wanfs h I ways gels JANET GLASS 5 V S GS Squad Lanoua I Always sweef and never bold The deepesf respecf 'lor Janef we hold PAULINE GLASSER 'I Whafever she does s e does W BELLA GLATTER I704 Bah Avenue u y I-Ial Allendan e OI: e we hear from B Glaffer Is chaH'er chaHer chaffer chalfer DIANA GLOGER I8 In Av u Smarf Iund and mnghiy neaf meef her cerfaunly freaf FRANK GODINO Servn quail ur O O ur Efenls C UID oua Franlc be nimble Frank be qulclr Fran lumped oui of New U+rech HELEN GOFFE IOI I-44 'N S Macr ga 3 C L' Pan A rm C Jb Lllxe peppe small and achve GEORGE GOFFMAN 6 rw A grea+ bg smule a helping hand A real good fellow we fhlnlx hes nufs BERNICE GOLD 7lO2' l8'rh Avenue Square Dancunq Club AWVS Modern Girl Club When work wlih pleasure In ferferes Jus? pu+ asnde fhe work my dear SHEILA GOLD 702 44lh Slreel caders Clul' Procram O c Affendance Ofllce Squad Swee+ brrgh+ and good Aways b haves ady should BERNICE GOLDBERG 8l7 SOlh Slree ' C Speech O rce Mrss McGralhs Offrce Boys sfand up and l' ihenr nes Jusi 'lo cafch Bermces eye HAZEL GOLDBERG 436 46lh Slreel Guidance Office Come Rep Modern Grl Club Never absenf never lafe now she us a graduaie LEONARD GOLDBERG 58I0-I51h Avenue Bnology Squad Chemrshy Squad ICC If iallung were golden Heel corner fhe marlre+ FLORENCE GOLDEN N560 4Ofh Slreer and Sr Arrsias Grade d users Squad Many charms has fhxs cure llHle doll you donf belneve us us aslr Carl DORIS GOLDMAN 902--44th Sfreel Sewnnq Club ICC Noi 'loo dumb noi foo smar+ Jus like everyone a swell gurl a+ earl RITA GOLDSMITH wumrnlnq S uad Depl Busnness Sublecls Modern Gul Club A gurl wlfh oomph and plenfy of If Wllh us she really made a hui' ARNOLD GOLDSTEI N l243 48ll1 Slreel LuHle can be sand agaunsf hrm so why say rl? HERBERT GOLDSTEIN I623 bblh Srreel' lOl' IOV l UGC Square Dancun Club Our choice for nexf Presudenf of lhe Umfecl Sfafes HERBERT GOLDSTEIN 5 sl Sir Car ol Chefn Squad Che 5 ce Squad Lnlre a chemical equahon He balances has brams wlfh nuce loolrs HILDA GOLDSTEIN 2 r Sire arbor es ra Musl Orr Squad 7h Ecrnn Represenra A shclc of dynamufe wlih lols of appeal MARVIN GOLDSTEIN I623 oblh Srreel Baskelball Team Sewer Cab r Souae Danc u es No o man urs boolrs GLORIA GORAN 4809 4lh Avenue ICQ Pres l V o Wrrrers Club A rsle Charm poise lnfelllgence and grace Added +o ihese a prefly face LILLIAN GOTTESMAN 969-43rd Slree+ an s s Teafn Calm qulef and swee+ Clever genfle and neaf FLORENCE GRAN 1624-48'rh Slreef Svvnfnmrng Squad Gym Leade Theres somelhmg nice abcuf everyone Bu? fheres everylhung nrce abouf her HAROLD GRANDE l684-62nd Slreef Radio Drama Al for a debahng leam LEAH GREEN 53l6 I4lh Averue mor Cabrne AWVS Co Op Ever so happy ever so ay G sh fs greal 'lo 'I 6+ way CECILIA GREENBERG 56l4-l5lh Avenue General Office Squad D a maluc Club Here s a gurl brughf and clever May gurls like her llve on for ever CLAIRE GREENBERG ll68 53rd Slreel' GO Congress E rrsh Off Squad Lrbrary Squad Sweel' and pehle Oh wha? 'rreal SHIRLEY GREENBERG QOIB 78lh Slreel Grade Advxsers Qrlrce A counlxnq and Secre ar al Depf When 'fhey gave ouf barns Shirley was greedy THEODORE GREENBERG 55OI I5lh Avenue Traclr Team Greenberg s 'Favorlfe saymg f sand Gee l shoulda slood e WALLACE GREENBERG I64 l-laslrnqs Sl Currenr Ev nfs Club A r Soc' lers Club Humor Club She calls hum sugar Shorl' for sap HERBERT GREENFIELD I689 49+-u ree VIC crf Ccrp OH: He fhlnls Barcarolle as a og busculf LILA GREIF l607-42nd Slreel' nurunq Club M Aron s OHIC9 Squad Good grief here comes Greuf late agam HENRY GROSS 7 lh S re :ce Pres l Boloqy LD ym Squad Bo Lea e s C ub Now heres a fellow gurls gusl' donf apprecuale enough SUE GROSS 4820-l3lh Avenue Bnolc y Squad Hebrew Cub Lunchroom Squad good 'friend he In hand A real sporl we 'lhlnlr s es grand ANTHONY GROSSI 6622 l5lh Avenue Tree Squad Hes goi' loolrs muscles and bralns Boy whal' a combmahon' JOY GRAUBER ZBOI 6Olh Sfreel' Library Squad Servrce Squaq Ac ounlmq Squad The sorl of gurl we all admnre ESTELLE GRUNTHER 956 44lh Slreel Grade Advusers Squad E lush Olrrce Squad Luncnrcc Squad She doesnf have much +o say Bu? we lllre her anyway PHILIP GUAGLIATA I436-73rd Slreel' Servrce Squad Shy and reserved buf or whom7 GLORIA GUIDO II36 79fh 'free' od n G r C u OHICG Newman Cub Tall dark and loveable s e can do wonders for our good neughbor polncy ANTHONY GULLO I523 45+h Slre-el Servuce Squad Gyn Squad IS one greal servnce Ufrechl Graduahon LOUIS GUZZO I748 64+h Slreel erwce uad U C u Bnoloqy u Louns as graduahng Iels gave Three chee s Oh' Its good +o be Free eller so many years BEATRICE HALPERN I860 77lh Srreel Malh Olluce Souad O Congress A fine characler an excellenl' personalrly Charming Bea rafes hgh popularlly MARILYN HALPERN I529 42nd Slreelk enlor Arusla es O V lecl Orqanlzahon Olllce There are very 'Few gurls who are comparable 'ro Marilyn unfelllgence 'friendliness and downrrghl deep smceruly NEIL HANDELMAN IS7I 52nd Slreel Jr Arnsla Pres of Pho oq phy Club Pholographer NUHS I wonder who snapped 1 prcfure DAVID HA RARY I963 62nd Slreel lvlarlllme Se vlce Radlo C dc Coolcnnq T e only I Ing hes een Icnown fo Gghf abouf IS peace NAOMI HARBATER l500 49+h Slreel res of Hebrew Clu Arusla Grade Advlsers Ollxce Blonde and 'Farr Shes a dnamond In 'r noi 'Ihe rough RITA HARRIS I458 Wes? Slh S+ eel Madrsqal Muslc Olhce Squad Known rn Ulrechf as a Belle Beffer lmcwn for being swell ZITTA HAUSMAN 20 75th Slreel Lnbrary Squad General O I e Squad e Arms Io please Succeeds wlII'1 ease WARREN HECKER r r e In ranaural Baslcelbal x rn uae urv C uri If marks were based per sona :ly h d be genius PHYLLIS HENDLER I75 58lh Slreel r rvsla es O GO Cablnel and Conqress Phyllis no+ only supporls fhe I ars of wisdom buf s es one swell gal loo RUTH HERMAN I455-48+h Slreel' PrO'1ram Comrnwllee Teas I P I Hebrew u If she were more quuef shed b s+Il NORBERT HERZOG I674 b8lh Slreel Orcheslra Servlce Squad L brar an Hrs daze In school has flnaly ended MYRNA HIRSCH 8024 l9lh Awenu IS TI I Sludenl A flow Cornrnl ee Brains polse refined As well as characfer II c m buned RUTH HIRSCHKOFF 2047 7SlI" Srre-el Everyone Ulrechl oves Dear Rufh To find her faulfs youd need a seu'Ih PEARL HIRTH 5323 I3lh Avenue I ogy L b Squa no ary Squad Hebrew Club As nonsy as a falling snowflake MELVIN HOFFMAN I428-43rd Slrel Baseball Team Manaq Gyww Squad Buoloqy Club N errors all runs Heres a fellow lhals un JOSEPH HOLLAND I523 44rh Slreef rn Cerlc Memorlal ree ervuce Servlce Squad Whaf ve 1 ca s nee s someone luke HERBERT HOLZER I97S 84+h Slreel IC C Pres of Fleld Mapping Club Lunchroorn and Sludy all Squad Proof 'lhal' The age of chwalry IS nol' dead ALBERT HOLTZMAN lO42 5O+h Srreel nqlush Olluce Squad Englrsh upply Squad nlce 'Fellow we 'lhnnlt hum grand Always wllllng lo lend a help Ing hand AUDREY HOLZMAN O 6 5O'h Slree Allendance Olluce AWVS odern Curl Club all 'f gulls she oes possess Her grealesl gf? IS frlendlu ness HAROLD HOROWITZ I 6O+h Slree ervnce qua I C C m Squad He +rled lo Gnd 'fhe lenglh of a shorl' curcurl' SOLOMON HURIASH 7 rw Senlor Band Arlsla D ar Ol-llce Squad He oughi' 'lo el real eslale He knows lols YNTHIA HUSS 7 Dar L. Maorl Sol. d A gurl of MyTF1ne worlh ROSLYN HYMAN I444 43 Slreer General Orqamzallon Sec lo :ss Maher S c ol Curre'1 Evenls Club Amber eyes blonde halr Figure slum complexion 'fair MATTHEW ILLICETE IISO-SQII1 Sl' Track Team Service Squa Chemlslry Squad A sporlsman and scholar Through and through la sl f all enfleman oo MARIE INSINGA I722 73rd Sfreel Allendance Office Modern Gnrls Club AWVS Her dimples you will adore Her personaluly youll love shll more JEROME ISOLDI 6947 l4+h Avenue Lleul Service Squad Survey mg Squad Handsome Jerry where dad you gel fhal' muslache? ARTHUR JACOBS I973 70th Slreel Track Team Carloomnq Club COMET Arr Stall He ns nrce when hes nalural Because hes nafurally mce JOSEPH JACOBS ISO7 38+h Srreef Chemnslry Club German Folk Song Club Toymakung Cluo The greafesf guy In fhe world us'r ask hum MADELINE JACOBS l779 8lsl' Slreef GO Represenlahve Sec I M ss Fr :mars ulel and shy Shell always gel by JULIUS JACOBOWITZ IO4 5Orh S reel Bas Isa I Par' Amer uc Se v e Squad :us lllre a oc A good combunahon brauns and good loolrs LILLIAN JAFEE I42O-43rd Slreef Modern Gsrl Club Grade Ad vsers Squad We couldnf Irnock Lsllsan sn a msIIson years To her gay and wsnsome charm we gsve ihree cheers ROBERT JONES l528-49Ih Slreef Pres of Profesfanf Club Ma h Team Member of NUHS Slau Bobs an assei noi a bsghf Loolr af I-sss record a wonder u ssghf ANITA KALISH 1547-4-41h S+reel' Swsmmsng Squad Mussc Offsce Squad Sec of Sensor Prefecf Shes smarf and capable you can see I can? Icnocls her because shes m LENORE KANE I 46+h Sfree Ass a S c o Sensor Edsfor of COMET She fhsnks shes beaufsful and snfellsgenf We Icnow If THELMA KANTOR I9l8 68th Sreel GO Congress Sensor Eosror cl COMET Alfendance Ofwce quad Cure and clever Naughfy never well hardly ever GERTRUDE KAPLAN IZI3-46'h Slreer Red Cross OTS e Alle dg Orfnce Gerfrude carefree bug hearfed and happy RUTHELE KAPLAN l453 44rh Slreel' NUHS Slafl GO Congress Grade Advssers Squad Very preHy personalsfy and un Whaf a gal for someones son SEYMOUR KAPLAN 45I4-Tenfh Avenue Bo Prep Room Squad M os oal Enqsssh Offsce Squad The vosce Oh Io see moe of Seymour' LILLY KARCZMAN I457 771h Slreel Enqlssh Offsce ICC Repre sen'a we The Lslly Belle of Ufrechf JERRY KARST I338-45+h Sfreef A S Servsce Squad Sensor Edslor ol: The COMET Jerry doesnf come from Hol Iand buf hes always sn Dufch BEVERLY KATZ I4-29 47rh Srreer Jus Islte sron hard fo Irnoclr GLORIA KATZ I464 42nd Srreel Sensor Edsror of Come? Arrs and Crafls Club Mussc or Vscfory Heres a gsrl whos really swell Of her we have no faulfs fo e ROSALYN KATZNELSON 9 4Tll Slreel Sevenrn Form Allendance O Tree Squad Class Secretary Sweef s+udsous pleassng ksnd A mcer g I ss hard fo sn RUTH KESSLER 4600 l4+h Avenue Sensor Ed o of Comef Gen era Off e A W V S Does anyone know anyone who needs a prsvafe secrefary BARBARA KLEIGMAN 933 45h Sfreel Sensor Arssfa Junsor Arssla Orqanszarson Offsce Babs possesses fhe greafesf gf of them all frsendlsness RITA KLEIN I62I 53rd Srreel Lun Iv uao snq C uc Lo'rs of snferesfs always srsfer esfsng ABRAHAM KLEINBERG I223-42nd Slreel NU HS Sfall Servnce Squad Judo Club The answer fo a leachers prayer MELVlN KLIPPER I668-43rd Slreel Baseball Team Memorwal Tre Squad A 'Friend fhe lllres of whnch IS hard lo find HELEN KOBRIN 69ln S ree Secrelarual Squad AWVS Modern Orr Clu When Helen hears her mahng ca She knows :fs Leo In lhe hall RHODA KOENIGSBERG 962-43rd Slreel' Language Olflce Gym Olhce AWVS Her llHle voxce can scarce be heard e remlnds us of a I ur MARVIN KORNFELD 7302 l9th Avenue Cap? of Swnmmmq Team Track Team Serwor Cabvnel Repro senlahve Bully will go far 'fasl ln fhe wafer and oul' RUTH KOTTICK I435 42nd Slreel Modern Curl Club Swnmmmq Squad Wllh a lwlnkle of her eyes She gels lhe swellesl guys THEODORE KRAFT l552-45l'h Srreel 1 el S uad Gym er Monllor Women s Home Companion MARVIN KRAUSMAN 664-E 491h Slreel Wres lung S u 0 o ograp y C nroa 00 er If anyone says hes shy Boy Whal a e SHEILA KRAUT 4 3'-?9lh Sfreef Sec Sludues Olllce Bio oqy Ofllce Junlor 81 Senior Arnsfa Whal' a wonderful combmahon of all 'Phe fines? qualufles MORTIMER KRELL I973 68+h Sfreel' Lunchroom Squad Sfudy Hall Squad Hrs parenfs were very dlsap pounfed They wanied a gurl o a o SYLVIA KRIGER 45I9 Tenth Avenue C +0 M 5 I AWVS Romarce of W0 dS Club She s very 'fond of fruli' Especially dales FLORENCE KRINICK 4020-Nnnlh Avenue Accounfmq Dept Squad Al 'lendance Offlce Squad ln xrm ary Squad A regular gal us hard -lo find See fha? you lzeep ihns prlze ln mind JEAN KROMBERG 7104-20lh Avenue AWVS Swummlng Squad A +endarce Oflnce Her favorlle pashme slnglng hymns ALBERT KRONMAN IOS'-Y 58lh Slreel Co Caplaun of Swlmmunq Team Semor Prefecl Presndenl GO Congress No wonder Mr MacDavn'H furnmg gray Al us graduahng ALBERT KRUGER 4Isl Sfree GO Congress Tlclcel Squad Buy a hckef io +he baslrelbal game Come on don? be cheap LAWRENCE KRUGER 77? Sire r h Slra PHS 5 Why leachers loolr forward fo long vacahons IV Y 3 x ,HE fn fi 56flYJ' Uh' Pd 1'-N xv 4' e A X ,A if f--"Y 1, 7 rf 6 0 Q 56 N X E?vvep1?5 QX1 VM ,, '2 WA O M091 ACTOR sy f.Heax-me gk ,f eo -.3f.....L..,. FLIRT V SBP' 'S 'N ff' , TEOuy N ENYUECR X LSIVN mp.- fqkja NO ,vu Nagy- UQAR 'xfvgfj MARM-'4 N ! "' COME SMOLANSK, Jx ,N ATNILTC wh 51- Thsl' as 0 41.15 C7 uw-Qgc, MELY 0 low x.Or4 0 06:15 60 JTRCL' 1 A 5- 3 Q L, ,W o Ji " ff - - as , .W - ' 2 'I '35-3 . V A i Cob, x A ' fi-P 0' ff ,X S.. .684 V 1, I ' S - ww fb W PX .2 ,133 ,ff gif gi. Y .. ax . '- J i 1' :ik 'LQ b 1 I K , , f, 1 A D Qx' .-' ' 1: .. '. X - H V " A 1 tw M, 9 A 1 K Q A' I , sv V as , -4, , ,Q I N i ,575 its i 1 msg' - '.. ' 6 1 41- .' 1' JO , cox ' ' -Hs. ' 13, X4 Ll A F :V AW 4 I S1357 'v-A. ! 4' - . I we 2, Qi., W ' fru lx Q5 . v 1 ef-Tygi K: .A ' 'V , Us .., . , 5 K 7, . ff ,f J 1 PoP V' S? V - 'W Y q A "5 is ' :Av . . A f- FAQY L-15k V me XX 5 ' . G 'ZR V ff A '- ' Q , .. 6- 4' 62 .1 r , .. H Mx Q In M - A If .,.L Q M ,,. t' 43 A J 5 ,fbffv X 0 9 c - O6 HT 06- M .xx G sniff' X M1 1" y , ex P QA gi 5' .JIQNG I d rg Oh JL oN? ! WAFS !'1EShf W' pw TWJST as in E1 5' Wm Canon K lim 'QW QLPN E uANv ACTRESS I X ATHLET C Xxw 3 I G69 'Hia i f 1,17 !,.,-, GEy VEA PU hn- WW' HVV QSJ B0 GEN IUS 7. J JRNEu X Y x KX -V: V f'7f4, 4 DAv,U , Best -Dkesmv CARFJJK fNUH XX T ., vhwR LEO KUPERSMITH i327--46lh Slreef Boy Leaders Club, Chess Club Service Squad nl give him a e ra+her play chess JOSEPH KURTZ 947-47lh Slreer enior Bard Pholograph Club English Office Squad cury hair lhaf es +he girls ELEANOR KUTTIN I 67 I obih Slreel Accounling Squad Alumni Squad Modern Girl Club Full of 'frolic full of 'Fun A swell gal for someones son NICHOLAS LA BARBARA 6ls+ Slree Color guard American llaq Seldom seen seldom heard W y lcnoclc hm and be b surd7 SADIE LABAZZETTA 78lh S ree AWVS She IS an assel lo any school FRANCES LA DOLCE Qll uare lla irq Very nice shorf and sweel' Always 'Fair always neal MARIE LA GAMBA SO Sir English Coach Marie doesnl' malxe llny Peep Buf you lcnow fhe saying Shll wafer runs deep VINCENT LAMBRIOLA H58 72nd Sfreel Baseball learn, Service Squad, Gyrn Squad. Heres one guy whos sure +0 rafe as +l1e mosf perfecf grad- uafe. 5 1 GEORGE LANDAU I649-49il"l Sireel Band, Swimming Team, Service Squad George has mel his end And is he glad SALVATORE LA PUMA 8009 l8fh Avenue ice ores o G O Head o Sluderf Action Corrvn An appealing Individual who snealcs in+o fhe heads of all who come in con'l'ac+ wlfh him JACOB LASK 55Ol l4lh Avenue English Boolcroom MISS Pen drys Ogice Radio ueslion Club He wanfs fo lrnow if Cusfer sold French Ice cream o his Lasf Sland HARRIET LAUB 4923 Eughlh Avenue IC C V C C Accounlxng Squao gular as he TICS o cloclls For her we surely ave lcnoclrs DORIS LAZARCHUK 849-42nd Slreel h oe e ICC Mo err' G Cub F r her gay and spar ing smie Youd even walk a long lo g mue NATALIE LAZARUS rerl s i o d 'or N A is a Wise and willy charming and 955' She reach 'lhe op er own inimllable way MORTON LEADER 1966 64th Slree Ca r English Boolfr o Squao Mel oroicgy Club A he wanls is wane women and song and a pledgee lo gel lhem for him ALI CE LECCESE l762456ih Slreel Senior Frei. Trees., 6.0. Rep. Mo ern Cfrl Cub. If ever she goes fo sea Ifll b sailo shell wan see. PHYLLIS LEIF 9 I 4-47lh Slree' Alurnnl Squao P-ii'.u""g Squad. Sec. 'ul Sfzrlir Rel. Li e a ligh+ she's very brighf And fo know her as a delughl SEYMOUR LEIFER l555 53rd Slreel' Supply Squad rvc Scxuad Vnce Pres J C ub Luke an open oor Canf knock EDWARD LEIPZIGER 5O+h S raclc Tea D w Gym C r Eddles an arhsi He draws lhe gurls FLORENCE LElTNER 7408 l9fh Avenu Mass Mc6a+l'1s Office rond s P Q Squad ln +hls world fhere are many ordinary people Shes Iusl our of lhus world ARNOLD LENER Marllxmf rvnrr quad mwo Cyrus ru on Lunchrocrn qund regular g y and an I Senior STANLEY LESSER 1 r N U H res 'n o E ush B Squad Hrs popularnfy wall remain for ever nn 'lhe Hall of Fame ABRAHAM LEVINE QI6-46 S G r'r C Q lypncal U+rec + ng Sensor LBERT LEVINE C' G O C 3 P Q4 J He should go Info lhe lumber husnness He has fhe head for ll ,ve CONSTANCE LEVINE I926-54'rh Slfeel Llbrary Squad, Dramaflcs Club. A qal who's quick, a gal wl+h PSP A gal whos never our of sl p HAROLD LEVINE 6704 lqrh Afenue r I e S L '-1 J Surveymg Cluo Sharp as a mafzah And 'lwuce as crummy JACK LEVINE 7 9 67rh 'rr WIS l-lwsrory J uid Ch S elm Calm and collecied Smarl' and respecfed LESTER LEVINE 152 46+h SAVE r N U HS Cade? C FFS Me' 2 ooqy Club TD, Mal 'wg Cur Twlll be a luclry iurn of fare For fhe one who gefs Lesfer as her male NORMAN LEVINE l362 46+l'1 Sfroe lr 0 lerg U qu Wd Px vrlan Med Club Ufrechf as lhe besl school no doubl' Bul he as shll glad fo gel OUJI NORMAN LEVINE no rn Guard for ew u 3 ard Wresl 1 fu Aulhor of How fo Evade l e Drafl SOL LEVINE 2 23 +l'1 1 Squid Draw L. A fine lad as Ever successful may he be STANLEY LEVINE 31 L Eaghlh wonder of 'the world SHEILA LEVINTHAL 5502 I4+h Ave-rue rr a Ma n Squ d Wrih a smlle on her Ilps and a Iwlnkle rn her e es Shes no+ +he lund +ha+ ou lusf pass by ELAINE LEVISON 4 A eru T am A er an Squad Prclccl Sec qule+ gurl luke we Of whom we have no faulls 'fo e MARILYN LEVY l772 46+hS1ree+ re Sec Program Com A W V S res a gurl who can? e beaf Jusf fo know her rs a heal SHELDON LIEBOWITZ IOO5 5OTh Sfrcel P Porluoese Cluh Wresl no and Judo Club Loverboy never does has home work over Ihe weekend Io re cuperafe from nof having done I+ all week CLEMENTINE LIPSCHITZ 4705 I51h Avenue un or Arrsla Dean 5 Squa P: :ram Giro Cuie and small Luke by all AIDA LIOUORI 5 6?n rr Green eyes b own hair rs Hle muss s all I ere HAROLD LITT 'N 0 Chee? 1 evvrc C ss Cub Darwnn sand Man sprang from Ihe ape We say He clnclnf sprung far enough BERNICE LOBELE 75 57th Sine We expec+ a lol from her gr VINCENT LOCICERO 7 d S+ erv Scuad Madruoa God rs Taken for granied Lefs fake hum for granled foo WILLIAM LOHRER 4 n S ree 3 T are s k ars P cIer+ re The sfrong srlenf Iype cough cough SHIRLEY LONDON 9 7Isf Sfree C Q o Pr led Is Arnue causing fhal gleam rn her eyes JOSEPH LOPRESTI IO43 78fh Slreef Brolo y Squad Aero Club Joseph Lopresh everyone deems Is lusf as pleasanf as he seems NITA LOSS I94O-64h Sfreel Semcr Edrlor GO Cong rss C css u A preHy lass af wll oss Ufrechf BARBARA LOVETTE I 750-50 Slree c 'he GAL G ode A s Sq Three cheers for Mlss Lovefle If charm w re gold no a+ ronal deb? ESTELLE LUCADANA 563 5691 free u ec C as Whaf can we say abouf Ilffle Es'felIe Excepl shes perfecfly wonder 'ful perfecily swell RAYNA LUKS 71 rf CJV IJ Ma rnqal I Fr fn eo OOOOOoooh' THOSE EYES PHYLLIS LYNTON I444 Slr l' Allendarl O l e pre A chemlcal compound of frollc and fun Who loves a yoke and enjoys a un DIANE MAGER 47fl' S r e Al endance Squad Serv: uad Bonds and Slamps Squad A hHle bold a hfile nce The kind fha? gels fhe shoes and nce' JOSEPH MAMANNO 1 l5+h Avenue 296 Sln Slreer Radlo Code Club A ronau I 5 Club llaluan Hrs lnachve fonnue makes hum a sfrange Ufrechhle SALLY MANDEL I9I3 68th Sfre T GO Orhce Arls and Crafrs Club GO Congress Speak speak wha? shall ye say Or are you walling 'For Grad uahon Day7 JOSEPH MANISCALCO I664--3Oll'1 Slreel Chnld Care and Recreafnon Club Spanish Olhce A swee+ young mass IS hard fo 'Hn here s kee mind NATALIE MANKOFF l432-43rd Slreel' Sr and Jr Arnsfa Grade Ad s Sol. Deans Squa Sincere charming full of Vlld She cleverly prolecls her swell personallfy FRANCES MANNARINO I5+l1 Avenu r nl E 5 Cl C s Four Srar Lovely fo look af Dellghfful fo know ANTOINETTE MANNO 620 24 Averme Op 6 O A W V S She s a cule lnffle headache AURORA MANNO 69l8 Iafh Avenue ass S re v Thai she as sweef we have no doubf B why shes so quuel' w haveni' found ouf ARTH U R MARCHETTA 2 Slre Lurch Room Squad Boys Cut: If you desire someone belfer Jusl' look for Arhe Marchefla MOLLY MARGOLIES 235 60? Slree We fhlnk lhai Molly will g ar DOLORES MARION 3 Zr Av me Aflendance Grllce Squad Con servahon Clcdhmg C ub A WV S Wuf fineness she does possess A favornfe of all she s Dolores ESTHER MARKOWITZ l924-75fl'1 Sfr el GO Caksnnel General Oflxce Pres of AWVS Jusf like an apple round red and femphng FLO RENCE MARKOWITZ I666 74+n Slree Orchesrra Band Muslc Ol' e Squad Luke a boHle of mnlk Slreich ns Grade A JU DITH MARKS Orcheslra IC C Musncally lnchned vufh friend luness combmed BLANCHE MARSH 0 PWVS Luke Chesferfields she sahs Hes especually Joe ROCCO MARTELLO 8204-I3+h Avenue Servuce Squad Newrna Cul: Toyrnalsung Club Leader of men Follower of women H ELEN MASCAN SKY 2028 84+h Slreel Ban Lubrary Squad C s Secrelary A quuef gurl of s+erIung worfh Is more Ihan all The gold on earfh LORRAINE MASSARI 970-39Il'u Slreel Lule Savung Club Lunch Room Squad General Ofluce Squad One swell gurl as fruendly as can b Plus sweelness and capabululy SOL MATSIL 2135 58+h Slreel G Congress I C o Squad In Ihus world Ihere are many ordunary people Hes ouf of Thus world SYLVIA MAYER I322 44II'1SI'reeI nd Aru aruza Iuon Olluce Program C 'nmuf ee Lulre fhe glulferung sfars Brulluanf un mund and person ally IRIS MEDVIN FI I-lan'uuIIoru ar Allendance OI ucc, Squad AWVS Shes cule pelufe and mughfy swee+ We II agree shes quule al ree+' EVELYN MEIGHAN I852 66Il'u Slreel rofeslanl Club o ue Squad Square Dancunq Clue A gurl Ihals very sweel' One youd Iulre fo mee+ IRWIN MELTZER I55I-49Ih Slreel n ush Offuce Squad nlua rnural Baslcelball Charnos Pres Meleorology Club s so brugh+ hs mof er ca s hum sun ANGELA MERCURIO 3 I4Ih Avenue Modern Gurl AWVS Oh whaf a place U+rech+ would Ih gurls were as nuce as she SIDNEY MERIANS S n ush Oltluce Squad Cong ess War Posler C ub In school a dear Oufsude we 'fear PERRY MERMELSTEIN I574-Sofh Slreel roqram Squad Photography Club Ivleleouoloqy Club Possessuon of Ihal happy blend A good sluclenl and a worlhy fruend EDWARD MERRIN I344 4oIh Slreel porfs Assocuaf E u or N U I-I S Slockroorn Squad Program Qhfuce Loolr ou+' Eddues car us oul of oc ALBERT MEYERS 78I4-I8Ih Avenue Traclc learn Se vu Squad III Form Versalululy us hus 'forle LILLIAN MICELI 7 h Sire n urrnary quad Swufnnfuunq Poo Squad Squae Dancung Cub Whalve you gof ose huh7 RUDOLF MIELE 1629-49Ih Slreel Servuce Squad Gym Squad Fursl Aud Club Whos Rudy7 A darn nuce guy PHOEBE MILLER I6 5Suh S reef Swurnrnung Squad Pres of ru uon u amps unc Bonds Rep A cu+e eyefull BERNARD MINTZ 5lI5-I7+h Avenue Dearfs Squad. Chernisfry Squad, Corner Sfarf. Gefling oul' of high school ai la ai f AII my Troubles are now pasl MARILYN MISHKIN 1528-49lh Sfreel General Oqnce Allendance Ofhce Swnrnmxnq Squad If all +he men Ilved across 'Ihe sea Whaf swimmer Marilyn would be' PATSY MOCCIA l88" 5Ofh Slreel Lunch Room Squad Mernorual Tree Squad Hls four year vacahon IS now over GEORGE MONTESANO l62O 69Th Srreel Orchesrra Band Dance Band :de o fame frombone ISIDORE MORGENSTERN I420--43rd Slreef Servnce Squad Sergeanr Ad vanced Mafh Club Mernornal Tree Squad When nfs Morgen s 'Turn Io re CI e You can be sure +ha+ hell be rnghil NICK MORMANDO l325 67fh Sfreel Ban Service Squad Cym Door Squad The Iund +ha+ feels fha? Mon days no hme for a Iesf A'f+er Iwo days holnday he needs a res? SHIRLEY MOSKOWITZ I846 4-Bfh Sheer AWVS Skerchuno Deep se? eyes shy smlle er sIre+ches are ferrshc ALBERT MUNITZ 680 I9rh Avenue Arr Scouf Squadror He finally gof somefhnng ouf of Ufrechi hlmsef ANN MURE II25-Slh Sheer Square Dancing Club, Cheer- inq Squad, A,W,V.S. Hisfory da+es are so confus- m Oufslde dares are so amusing WALTER MUSACCHIO IZ43 54l'l'1 Slreel Service Squad A good guy for whom e women had beHer beware MORTON MYLES I76l 68'rh Sfreel' Jr 8: Sensor Arusra Miss M Grafhs Office ICC Ofqce Europe had Elnsieln Holly wood had Tyrone and we had ROSLYN NASSAU l43O 47'rh Srreel A swell s+uden+ Inked I: all GERALD NEARMAN 4 E 2nd Sheer Alle-ndance Offlce Luke Gulf IS Irnoclxless BELLA NEWMAN 45lS I2lh Avenue Rep 'Io Red Cross GO Dele gale Chemxsiry Club In Spanish we say Be a In Englosh we say shes Tops MARILYN NICOLETTI l65 Slsr Sfreel urrerf E s Cu :ce rs 4 Sa Club Co p Her beverage IS champagne wnih a mulluonanre as a chaser ARTHUR NIERENBERG 32 Bay 23rd Slreef Bao Club Currenl Eve s C uo or fu+ure references con sulf Whos Who RITA NOVAK l2lh Avenue Mss McC5ans Of Cvrl Genera rw orry fellas s e s already falcen DOLORES NOVINS I959 76ll'v Slreel unlor Arsla enl l Orqannzallon Ofllce Give her muslc and walch her feef g IRWIN NUSSBAUM 7402 Bay Parkway A enlleman a scholar7 An a nce guy NANCY ODERINA l'?5O 85lh Slreel Slu nes Oluce Ra lo Code Square Dalncnnq Carm p se and a lov ly face EILEEN OGUREK SIOO l5'rh Avenue Vnclory Corps Squad Grade A vusevs Squad A e dance Squad The Poef Laureafe of New Ufrechf JOHN ORAVETS 5622 8lh Avnue Mefnorlal Tree Club S lmrnlnq Club Servlce Squad Johnnys qulef Johnnys shy Hurry gurls heres lhe perfecl suv' VINCENZA OSSO l338 76th Slreel C7 C CD C C Ouf lo climb lhe ladder success JOSEPH PACE 72 7lsl Slree Meleoroloqy Club If you see a handsome face Then youll know Hs Joseph Pace FRED PAGLEN a Ca Ballah L n n Ro rn Squ o The reason lhal' gurls go fo Ulrechl' DOLORES PAIKEN 9+ Av nl. Enqlsln O' e GO Conqress Bro if e GI s are all ac Jusl 'lor a dale wllh Pallren ANGELA PALLADINO 6907 lf-Nh Avenue Mo ern G l A VJ Perpefual Mohon JAMES PANE 83 d Slree lralxan Cub lvlalh Club Traoc Team Alfhough he loolrs lusf luke saunl Youd be surprised 'lo Gnd he ami SONIA PANICH I939 73rd Slreel Al endan e ONQICS Se S ual Sludzes Oiluce General Olahce Red halr and sparkling eyes Jusl fhe gurl fo wan a pr ze VELMA PAOLINI I655 'rw Sfreel WV S Mr rn nllre lce Nice and sweef Wnfhoul conceal VIVIAN PAPKIN I34 ro Slreel' BC UGISS Congress Aflrachve charming poised If she could only cool: ANN PARELLI d Slre Ufrechls glff lo an awalhng world RAYMOND PARKS a s Sq ad ua G O Conqr ss He leads Ihe pack ESTHER PARNES I258 43rd fre Q rsh Office 3 l r Cur ren' Jewis P oblenns u s and Crals Lille a four leaf clover es one nn a mn IRWIN PASKOW lOl5 5Olh Slreel Service Squad Che'n Squad Pres of I-lurnor Club Why girls go lo Bay Ridge MARTIN PEARL I22O 55+h Sf ee Service Squad Ivlalh Teann Chern Lab Squad A gem 'Found in lhe sea New Ufrechls graduafes SYLVIA PECKER 68h I e GO Congress ICC Office English Office A girl of a few 'thousand words ILONA PENNER l334 48lh Slreel Lun hroom Squad English O' She may be qulef she may be small Iheres n limif o er brains al . IRENE PEREZ -79+h 'ree Cuslod'an's Owce, Newman Club. es as nice lhey come and even nicer. CHARLOTTE PERLMAN O -ooh ree' Band, Sifls Leaaws Squa: Ofarrallcs Club, You don'+ have fo loolr 'rwlce lo see lhis swell package. ,- ,- ROBERT PERRY S res Ar Spd rs Club re cl He loolrs af his books Iwice a monlh fo see If Ihey re hsl DOMINICK PETRILLO IZSS 7O+h Slreel Servl e Squad Romance Lan Ciuag Oil e Che-rnlslry Club He musl have been born in a revolving door hes shll dizzy GLORIA PETRINCA 65th Sfre ec Mins A Pan American Club A lolly disposihon wilh never a frown Shes a gal Ihal buoys you up and never Iels you down GLORIA PHILIPSON 946 42nd Slreel Modern Girl Cub Dramahcs Cluo Alfendan e Office Whals 'lhaf lwmllle In her ey Could ul' be Harold passing Y7 FLORENCE PHILLIPS 4702 l5lh Avenue Senior Arnsla Orqanlzalion O IC I C An example of How lo Wir Friends and Influence Peopln EILEEN PINCUS I4-34 47 Sfrel I-Iebrew Club Class Secrelary Do we like her7 You bel' we o HERBERT PINCUS 4- I- el e Currer' Efenls Cub, Journa- isfn Cub, Mehorarcgy ub. Four years wasled Pincu' sobbed They sfole my diploma - have I been robbe . WARREN PINKHAM -7O'h 'ef Servfze Squad 7+ Fawn Rep, 0.0. Cabinei Chasing afler every dame. Swell guy iusl lhe same, MURRAY PISETSKY 832-48+h Slreel' Mumeoqraph Squad C rr Lulerary Slafl Sludenl Ach Commullm. Moushe 'lhe model sfudenl PEARL PISTREICH 944-42nd Slree Sewuno Club Gym Squa Merchandlsunq Club swell ga Ihroug an +hrough Always cheery never blue ILSE PLAPLER l3lh Axenue Lubrary Squad As nuce a gurl as you can Gnd Sweel 'lhoughlful and refined ELEANOR PLOSCHEK I73O-44Ih Slreel Presudenl I Sewunq ulo IC C Program Commu loc A lovely gurl wufh a charmung way Always smulung always gay MILTON PLOTNITSKY I560-4Olh Slreel' Lueul Servuce Squad Cap+ Raduo Squad GO Ccrqress O e Ioolx a+ hum and youll agree Y u have +o lulce hum uusl e m MARK POPKIN 2302 Avenue O Qrcheslra Barq Semor Arsla A fellow who wull gel' ahead because he has one RUTH POPOVER H558 5Olh S ree Sludy Hall lvlomlo ANVVS wee bf quuel' wee s Buf when you Irnow her my oh my' INCENT PORTERA I0 Dalwull Road CI'l6fTlISl'fy O If In Clulo Skalchuna Cu Pulled wulh arhslry Topped by modesly HERBERT POTOKER 96+-49lr Slreel n Cabmel and P e ol Par fxmerucan Club Humorous and brughl' I wonder uf he shunes al' nughl FRANCES PRESAS I Harm n Par wa dance uc Mode n u Shes nol Iulue Chesferfield Bur shes muld and sahshes DOROTHY PRESS I656 Bblh Slreel General Olfuce Hebre Club AWVS To knock Dorofhy would be a sn gurl so nuce whos o 'Iwun GERTRUDE PRESS I656 86lh Slreet oloqy Olluce Genera Ollufe Pleasani and gay Shes made +ha'r way MARTIN PRESS 20 2 68lh Sfreel Servuce Squad Track Squao If all books were Bubles Hed fhunlc he was un Heaven HERBERT PRICE 6 I9+l1 Axeruue GO Delegale Whelher Pruce us hugh or Pruce us ow e lhunl: he real swe oe JOAN PUGLISI l836 48lh Slree ew u Mo cum C5 rl Clulo beffer lo b small an shune Than large and cas? a shadow INCENT PUGLISI 72l 74ll'u Slreef all Q rn I-I S a Squad Why leachers don I qua? 'leach Inq DOLORES QUINN 857 57+h Slree Shes no? a Iypusf bul w I e her 'Iype ARTHUR RABINOWICH 926 55Ih Slree vel Sr Edufor of om Chem Squad Gym Squad When Arhe siops 'lalklng fhe ihermomeier drops SHIRLEY RABINOWITZ IS8O 46+h Slreel' Grade Pxdvnsors Squad GO Congress I C C An appendnx gurl e In Ihaf gels Ialren oul' SONIA RABINOWITZ I53S 44lh Srreel Swwnrnlnq Squad fr Rep Lle a railroad car Shes always on fume GLORIA RAEDER S Av a ruqal S ary n M Fl a crelary Pr e Wrlfe hand gal 'lor 'teachers They wnII mass her Ihss commg a PATRICIA RANUCCI IOI6'-SOIIW S+ ef Tu ormg G r Ohce K Irnfl Club res a :Ir meel bu? Sorrv fellas she belongs e+e THEDA REMZ I734-q56ln S ree Inlellogence personufled MARION RIVER I3 P Here 'Ihere everywhere ANN RIZZUTO 370 Avenue T Spa Ish Ofluce A charming gurl wufh a ahn femperamenlr RUTH RODNER 4I I7 I5'rh Avenue our Slar b Ars an Cralls Muslc lor Vnclory Boys all sfop and heave a sigh When blue eyed Rufhle passes GEORGE ROEPER 4706 I8Ih Avenue Servlce Squad Gym An lnfelllgenf fellow buf no+ a grind A guy so swell IS hard 'fo in DOROTHY ROLLINS 49I8 7lh Avenue AWVS Slarnps and Bands Swnmmung Squad A chemical compound f 'frollc and fun Who loves a lolre and enloys a pun JOSEPH ROMANO I267 Taber Courl Pres of Service Squad Service Club Trafllc Squad Wonders wha? The grls Ufrechf wlll do wlfhouf hum? DAVID ROSEN 4 8ls' Sire emor and oys a Squad Service Squad Unseen unheard ye? one fhe besl' MARILYN ROSEN 4 9 I5Ih Avenue error Band Se CL. Everhs Club GO Congres Sweef and lovely There us no+hmg more we can sa ESTHER ROSENBLATT 4509 l4+h Averue Pc uguese Club Ma+r cue C om Squa Lllre a diamond Small compacf and perfed IRENE ROSENBLOOM l63O 77lh Slreel DVS Luce Leaders C Afhlehc sympa+he+rc and smarf ne has plac In ev hearl RICHARD ROSENBURGH 49OI I4+h Avenue I S ua F s 1 luh Cass Pres T ay I am a man SAMUEL ROSENFELD 1553 SOII1 Sfreel Sroclcroom Squad Meleorology Club English Boolcroom Squad Whaf rs fhaf al which ihey re peerm Irs Rosenfeld New Ulrechls Kieran IRVING ROSENGART l472 43rd Slreel Gym Sec Program Comrnrl 'ree Slade Squad A OL IA wolf e loose ARLENE ROSENTHAL F966 73rd Slreel Senvor Edrlor Llbrary Squad Swrrnmlng Club A darn swell Ind well deservrng of her populanfy ENID ROSENTHAL I656 49llW Slreel rrs usa I ec e I s were re- Neeny Whai a swell world lhrs would DORIS ROSMAN 880 47lh Slrecl Modern Girl Club Al rdanc Squad Why boys leave home BEN ROSNER 4206 I5rh Avenue Accounrung Boolc Roonn Gym Secrelary Bralcay Club B ns one feller we wani menhon A swell pal worlh your allen hon NATHAN ROSNER i954 6Blh Sfreel Charae of Lunh Room ery Ice Squad Gym Ofllce On Nafhan you can always depend Ihrough II'1lCk and fh n hes your frlend RHODA ROSNER 64th Slr e GO Oll uad M d n Gr Club AWVS She has a manner +I1a+ ou can+ TBSISI Her charmlng smxle canl' be massed PEARL ROTH I664 76l'l'm Slreel Swrmmrng OFM e Sludy H Guard AWVS Blah blah blah from morn fc nrghf ar can all: w h mlghf EMILIA RUBANO I747 79Il'1 Slreer ol Newman Cub Ou Slar Club Emlllas sweef and small Bef some nfce guy for her wnll B ROSE RUBANO l642 8Ol'ln Slreel Sec of Pre er? Knrllmg Club I' ION Shes sweef and pehle Nice fo meef GEORGE RUBIN I236 49+h Srreel ery: e Squad Radro Dama Club Drannafncs Clu Age of miracles Hof air rrses Bul he doesn+ JOHN RUBINO 7 44l'lw Sl PQI lla lan uc Heres a fellow who shows real promrse A promise fo do beffer worlt RUTH RUBEN 650 I8+h Avenu Eng OIIICQ Souad Gym C5 ad Adysers Souad A real friend lo all ROSALIE RUGGIUO I465-79 Slroffl Gus Lifesaving Club. Seldom seen, seldom heard, To knock her would be absurd SONIA RUIZ 6404 Io W Ale is a S vemh C Ma C So rls Club Wlih a Diploma In her hands Plano keys malre fufure plars THEODORA RUSCILLO 77h Slrse ann Of N wrfian ub AWVS W a+ a del cer She couldnl' be nicer WILLIAM RUSSEL ZIS4 58+l'l Sir I D Scuad Cues on Club He may look qulef buf 'ihals Ifhe Iund you have o wa+c'1 ou? for CHARLES RUSSELLO II44 53rd Slreel Squad Newman Cu Efen 5 u Julnels come and Jullels go Bu+ I shll wanl Io be someone s Romeo' ANITA RYFFEL 77h Sir J Souad A model siudenf ns Miss Ryffel Does she s+udy7 Jus? a Irnfle PAUL SACHER re JL: S u enuus n h own v. JOSEPH SADOW I 77 Dale Carnegles profeqe J P Morgans nephew And his molhers IlHIe Yussel ELAINE SAKELLARIOU IBIS-5O'h Slreel F-Henoarie Office. Her high school career may come Io an end Bu? never will Ihaf of being a friend HOWARD SALAT 20 70 h S'reeI' r In Madrr a O fhe up beaf 'Fe as sa narural in ever way EVELYN SALKIN I44 Sblh Slreel cn G ri c Dngmly and a very sweef smile es 'Friend who IS rea worfhwhile LEONARD SALTZ 415+ S ree Eng :sn Boolcroom Lunch Room Squad Spanish CODVGFSGIIOW Club Oraforlcally lncllned Buf has blondes on his mind YVETTE SAMUELS IQS 66 h Slreel' e Guidance Ofhc vw que of oy 'na rs Club ln every mohon grace IS hers On every fealfure sweelness shrs FLORENCE SANDORF I3 I1 Avenu I J ans Squad Gener L P s cl Pr Saucy and spicy Ieasl he 'fhlnlrs so LILLIAN SAN FILIPPO 4-I ll Av d C T D ans Sdua Behind Ihose calm and inno cenf eyes EEVIIY' and mischief ofien Iles BERNARD SANFORD J uw A boy of +he nice and 'friendly In oclr for h m s har o rind NORMA SATURANSKY 8023 l9'rh Avenue Accounllng Depl M d G l Cub es as brlghf as Edusons Elecfruc Llghf ANN SCARNERA i835 63rd Slreer Congress S n d Sec of AWVS Her 'Face may looln calm and serene Bu'r Oh' +he mischief lhal' Iles unseen ANG ELO SCAR PA l407 6Oll'l Slreel Baseball Team Servlc Squad eo Rep He has hrs mind on lhe ou+ sn e Hes always loolung ou+ The wmclow ANGELINA SCE I922 67'rh Slreer Mo ern Grl Cl lo Arls and Cra ls M Snlomer 5 llrr Her POTSOHBIIIY you can? re sus On our hui parade she heads fhe hsfl EDITH SCHACHN ER 1360 52nd Slreel Orches+ra Allendan O I Squad Some qlrls can f add bul Edufh sure can dlslracf MILTON SCHAFFER I639 SSlh Slreel C Capl of S lrlrr ea Cal of Supply Squid Poe Guard Gods gl'f+ fo women and I our swimming leam ADELE SCHARF 4 53rd Slree M Delmans Qlllce om Re Modern Glrl ub A gurl wulh good loolrs who ns dlscree+ e lund of gurl boys lllce meel' HARRIET SCHAYER -49 Sl eel GI-l's Leader Club, Aver amz: Olllfo Squad. An up 'lo dafe girl from head fo loes A regular fellow wherever she goes. ABRAHAM SCHECHTER 4-IQ3 9ll'1 Avenue Swwnmmg Team Servrce Squad Aloe IS a lucky boy To ge+ Evy hrs prnde and loy ROSLYN SCHECHTER lO22 flfllh Sl eel AWVS eally well grl know frue and sincere RICHARD SCHER 822 5O+h S+ree+ ce Pres 0 Pr S Pre S+ude A fron Cocnrnnf A friend 'ro all who lrnow hum A smlle 'For everyone RITA SCHER 92 44+h Slre 'I Gym Qllzce A W V S e s cher fo e I success AUDREY SCHIELKE lS7l 76ll'1 Slreef 9 G G 'n L a e 5 Gym Squad A mild grrl w1+h pleasnng ways BERNARD SCHILL 2073 78+h Slree' c Quad Roo Squad Svvlrnmmq learn A clashing young m n IS Mr Schull Should be successful and prob a will MILDRED SCHINDELHEIM 55lh Slree Jen Cablrel Malh Team Mlm odraph Squad The lhree Ps H+ her fo a Pep posse personalrly PATRICIA SCHNECK 442 -Slh Avenue unior an Senior Arlsa Grade Advisors Ollice. Malh Qllice Squad. Sweef and demure. Buf you can? be foo sure. BEATRICE SCHNEIDER 85l--44lh Sire-el Radio and Dramalics Clcb, Accounfing Depl. Here's a girl you'll look al 'lwice Jusl' because she s so mc EDNA SCHNEIDER 829 45ll1 Slreel Gym Squad Swlmmmq Squad Arls and Cralls Ya ia la Ya fa fa Talk Tall: Ta MURRAY SCHNEIER 97I 45+h Slreel CC VCC S Ca :ne A boy whose a n as +o excel And has succeeded very well ELAINE SCHOENWETTER 8023 l9lh Avenue Modern Gurl S of AWVS A calm dlsposlhon wllh ne el a frown Shes a pal lhal wnll never lei you down AARON SCHWARTZ l4l5 45+h Slree res ol adruqal apl' Slaqe Squad Admmlslrallow Squad No 'foo bold nol 'loo shy All around one swell guy ETHEL SCHWARTZ l929 bOl'h Slreel cl r rlsa S Ca m Malh Team New Ufrechls CCC Pol: y clever capable charmung JACK SCHWARTZ 77lh lr Music Olhc SQLGG Band He and Mr Musl: gof along me Thafs why he dropped Physics NORMA SCHWARTZ 7lh Coov Edu? N Ll H S a'l1 Squad P A symphony of ha mony Noi one dnscordanl no+e 'A MELVIN SCHWINGER l9l4-68ll1 Slreef Pholoqraphv Club, Radio Club. A leading sludenl: He leads lhe class ouf of lhe room. LYDIA SECCHIA 1625 73rd Slreel Four Slar Club Sec of Human Relalxons Club Hldden Abnluhes on The quuel- side GLADYS SEGAL I749 49lh Sfreel Sec Sensor Ca mel reas J and Sr Arls brlgh sm e ou yearn No doubl' fo Gladys you wnll 1'urn THELMA SEGAL IOOI 69+h Slreel Lunch Room Squad Red Cross Service Squad AWVS Her whole descrlphon IS com pefe Wnfh lusl one word and lhals sweel' MAE SEIGER s Slr e Eng Olhce ICC C-O Con ress Jus call Be 69056 and ask for Mae OK' CHARLOTTE SEKULOW 460 lO+h Ave General Ofh Allendarv Off: e Modern Srl Club A peach of a pal IS s e Always on lop may she be OSCAR SELTZER 7706 l8lh Avenue CC Opus Servnce ua lvleleorc ogy Club Heres one Sellzer lhal wonl fizze CLARA SONOFONTE 86 'w Oqrafn C mm Q lvl G Gr Cub A QUIEI gurl buf a nlce o af 'l'l'Ia'l' RICHARD SERVIDIO 49l4 QII' ve G Rez: Carlconrrj Cub Mel mf-Iloqy CIUIS T e mcesl' people always graduafe VALERIE SHARK Illcn Earwa I-IS In A a Malh OEQQ Squad wunnlng smlle he In hand A real good sporf we ihlnlr shes grand HELEN SHATZMAN I45O 44lI'1SIreeI C Genera O Ice Form Rep Pepperpof Shes full I vlm and vllallfy HELEN SI-'INMAN Il62 Wnllmohr Srreel Bro Office 7+h orrn ep F O Conqress Lnlre a 'frull' calre Temphng +o lo Ir ai and lus as sweef SYLVIA SHORR I22I-45II'1 Sfreel Congress nler u CouncII Lalwn O Ice quad Lllre a 'Flower Syl grows wnlder every hour DORIS SEIGEL I646 45II'n SIFSCI me Cu A Is and Cralls A member of 'Ihe A F o L Always full of laughs HARRIET SIEGEL 4IO9 I5Ih Avenue CC Gener Olmec Squad AVVVS Words are useless io express The fine qualuhes you possess MURRAY SIEGEL I34 55Ih Slred Program Olhce A regular guy and he doesnl use X LAX at SOPHIA SILBER 5 I5 In a r a A dan e L' C5 Con ress Sophia IS wha+ Websler mean? when he descrubed +he word glamour MURRAY SILBERMAN 45+n Slr com Squa O9 fe LIre a foofball player Always Iuclung ELAINE SILVER I5 I8Ih Avenue C eerwnq Squad BIO rep Squid She has many asseis And Herbue us one of 'Ihem JUDYTH SILVER IZO6 SSTI1 Slreel Cap? of Mall' Squad e NUHQ a Il her swee+ I qulle unfair Because Iheres more an swee+ness there BERNICE SILVERMAN 50 I5+h Avenue GO Conqress Sec 'fo M1ss O n Ivlss McGraIhs Ollco Pralse Ihe Lord and pass 'the men +0 Bernice" DON SILVERMAN 5OI6 IO+h Avenue I CCUIO VIL7 Cu Hls good Ioolrs are exceeded on by hrs magnehc er sonalnfy HARRIET SILVERSTEIN N938 bblh Slreel O P Squa n evalls u Agreable a d 'full of 'fun Well lnlred by everyone JEAN SIMONE I76 DSIII Slreel rv ua Nurse s rcs Mc ern Gr L. Lllce a rnlnl IU ep Cool and refreshing ANNETTE SINGER I rarf c K ll Cuz' Shes a peach Someday some smarl fellow W PICR el' TINA SINISGALLO 'T R cs Always ready Io lend a hand We all Ihmk Tlnas grand PEARL SEIF ZOOO 8491 Sreel General Ohm Kmllsng Club Modern Grrl Club H res a gurl we all a ree Has some Personalrly JOSEPH SLIPOWITZ 4706 lOlh Avenue GO Oflxce GO Auduhng Club Bond and Slamp Reb Hickory dlckory dock He IS much foo nrce Io knock GEORGE SLOTSKY l402 4OIl'1 Slreel' Sr and GO Cablnel' Capl of Servrce Squad Traclc Team H s a bug one ROSLYN SMILOWITZ Slsl S re Ir ader o Sr Arn Copy Edllcr cl ine N U HS Malh Team Her brams and personalnly are her hckefs Io success BEN SMITH 572 Ocean Park ray Program O31 A volce soff as buffer An ni has :Is pomfs NOVELLA SMITH 66l3 Waa 'I C url Madrl al A O I S mlnq Squad She musf have been vaccl nafed wnfh a vlc+rola needle MARILYN SMOLINSKY 4 Slre rsa Lea r '1 ol G Mwln Marulyn Marilyn 'Ihe Ilghr of Ihe class ne hnkllng cymbals an soundmg brass ESTELLE SOBEL lD3D 48th Slreel D Fredrnan Ccrmser I cf Clo lmrq u Shed make a fine hnsiorlan Fond of Dales MARY SOFIA ll5O 52nd Slreel Red Cross SewxnC1 Sec Radlo Code Club Dynamuie concenlraied MARTIN SOKOL l32I 52nd Slreel' Math Team Jr and Sr AFISI6 Ch 11 Squad D Sokol Please cooperaie When you ve losf a weekend you cannol operale LESTER SOLOMON 5000 l5Ih Avenue Servrce Squad Hanr luke Ere nerves of sieel Hes ready 'Io gave and 'Iake a square deal SHELDON SOLOW 73l4-I9Tl1 Avenue Grade Advlsors Olllce Cur ren? Evenls Club He lakes them shori he Inkes Ihem Iall He Inkes +hem any way al' all HERBERT SONNENKLAR I86I 66lI'1 Slreel' Ermqllsh Boolcroorn Chem Cub v Squad The answer Io a maidens prayer LEONARD SOSANDKIN 33l R d ey Sree? He was here once fwuce And had 'fo come back again b c use we were so mce ABRAHAM SPECTOR I229 42nd Slreel Madrugal Socu ly Manager c N U H S Servuce Squad A smarl guy and lols of 'Fun One whos admured by every one FELICIA SPINELLI l224-6Olh Slreel Buoloqy Olllce Squad Mus Offuce Squad Senuor Cabuner Lulre chocolale puddung MyTFune MYRA SPIVACK 850 4Oll1 Slreel s R ses Olluce Ms S mans Olluce Comer Lulerarg Slall Sweel' and demure Bu? a devul we re sure ANN STANZIONE l62l 68+h Slreel V S Four lar C ub Modern Gurl Club From head fo foe Anns nuce 'lo lrnow CHRISTOPHER STATHATOS 67l 74Tlu Slreel Veleran A boy 'lo whom success un lu e us unevulable DOROTHY STATMAN l0I7 45th Slreel Pres of Pan Amerucan Cub Dramalucs Club GO Rep A slranger lo us Bul' noi for long ARTHUR STEIN IIO3 55rh Slreel Cap? of Servuce Squad Pres of Phofography Club Senuor Edulor Tall darlu and handsome Gee lm greal EDITH STEIN 64 Church Avenue Mo ern G-url Club ec Mrs Freuman Fruends Senuors Classmales Lend me your homeworlr EDWIN STEIN I4b6-49th Srree ervu e Scuuad l.u.ur-h Room Squad Handsome clever wufly and une H rry gurls gel un une ARTHUR STERN I454 45lh Slreel Jr and Sr Arusla Grade Ad vusor S ua Enqush ool: Room Haul lo Mr Arlhur Sfern Whaf he doesnt lmow hell never learn NAOMI STERN 8l7 471h Sfreel eans Off e Squad S nor Cabunel Sec Shes courfeous emcuenl and unspured Naomus a gurl wholl aways be admured RICHARD STERN l249 80th Slreel MTS Proleslanl Club Fen rung Team Tall and lanlry Never cranluy HARRIET STEUER 42l7 l6ll'u Avenue Orc eslra Sec I He FOW u S E u or Is ul love of musuc lhal uls +he gleam un her eye777 IRVING STIEL 726 66+h S' ee? After-danc O uce Servu e Squad Accounlung Boolcroorr Squad Plenfy of pep plenly of slyle A regular fellow wulh a greaf laug smule HAROLD STOCK I402-40+h Slreel' Wresllung and Judo Tucker Squad Never proud never boasls Heres lo hum many loasls JOY STRAUBER ZOB! 6O+h Sfreel Lubrary Squad Servuce Squad Accounluruq Squad The sorl of gurl we all admure CARMELA SUTERA 1336 8O+h Slreer Who as Carmela7 A darn mce gurl' NATHAN TAFFEL 3 7 I5fn Avenue o ea ers Club Ice Squad Track Tearn Sorry gvrls we can gnve ou phone numbers WILBUR TALISMAN 864-49'rn Slreel as elball arsmfy Bus ess Manager Ol Cofnel Sensor Cabxnef lm fhe grealesf ballplayer The world Ask me' PEARL TANNENBAUM 8I7 46fI1 Slreel' no Q ln: G O Conqress I C C A lovely Friend a real ear m nf p a swe nr LEE TARULLI I467 77Ih Sfree' W V S ChI d a P u Co Op Vnvaclous prelfy charming wnlly need one say more7 MARVIN TEITELBAUM 5604-FI I-lamlllon Parlc Service Squad Trawclwc Squad Lunchroorn Squad Clever boy Hes always fwo seals away from fhe rughl answer EVELYN TEPPER S6 48fh Sfreel a no Dramalu A 2 Olwce Dramalwcs CIU Wulh mind alerf and flnqers el S e wlll nor ong unwed e e STANLEY THORKILDSEN 7 59+h She + P es Wo drnav rolan u A nlce boy un facl' lhe esl lhlng since seven up ARTH U R TRACHTENBERG l682 54+h Street Serv: e Squad Gym Squad Tral Squad Wenl lo school lo embrace hls sfudues Ended up by sludylng hrs em braces NORMAN TRACHTENBERG l656 48I'h Slreel resllunq and Judo u Servu e Squad Gyfn Squad Slow on has feel Bu? lasl wnfh hrs fongue JOSEPH TRAG ER Srree Qrcnevra Band Here M Rrpley IS a good buf modes? muslclan JOYCE TRAUB 949 53rd Sfreel O qanlzalmn Olllce Allend ance Ofhce Cnrcula :on Sta N U H S Luke sugar sweel' and refined VINCENT TROTTA 6903 lbfh Avenue Baseball Team Cao+ of S Ice Squad FLASHII UTRECHT LOSES-- Tall Dark And Handsome MARIE TRUPO 8004 Iorh Avenue AWVS Modern Srl Club You don? End many gurls like her so I suggesl' you keep her In mlnd MARTIN TURK SIO IOh Avenue A+omI Conf ol Club One of fhose fellows w o gels lhere evenlually EDITH TU RKISCH 4 Srree r s f a ndan Ohnce Edrfh IS one of the gnlled few Who possesses brains and charmang personalufy loo BERNICE TURNER A 0 C ur f u smue n h s I un le un her eye Bunny a+ las+ buds N U good ye WILLIAM TYNAN Sou. d came He saw ualed PAULA UNGER 52nd Sur e Pres C I Accour urq Offuge q N U A quuei way a cafchung smule Whene er she does spealr you lrnow ufs worfh whulel VINCENT URSINO IZS4-68+h Slree C emuslry Cub Spanush C uce Hs nof a murage I+ s a DIPLOMA NICHOLAS VOLPE I325 80'rh Sfreel Deans Squad Servuce Squad Locker Squad A regular guy always on Ihe eve MARILYN WAGNER 6 I9 A 5. L a I vufnrnunq Squao cs ol Lulesavuruo u Ldulr ol Ihr Ccrrel She s nea+ she s sweef My rhyme s complefe VERA WAICULE 327 46'rh S rec Program Com, La'Iu'u Olllce Malh Club She has brauns and uses ihem MYRON WALASHETSKY I439 43rd SI eel Baslfelball Phrlr Cuuh Gyn Sauud If loolrs were evcrylhung, He'd be un hus own world , SEYMOUR B WALZER S1 1- 6 I :1 F "1 Was crealed un 'Ihe umage of a raduo program x., n Y u lop Ths MARILYN WANK 1750 o re ar a u Ber Na+ us proud of hs c arm ung pun up gurl No wonder' ELEANOR WARTELS rs of Moden uu wurn umm Squad GO p A good 'lruend us hard 'fo Gnd So heres one 'Io lzeep un mund MARVIN WASSERMAN 49I0 l5Ih Avenue Program Cornmurlee Servuce Squad Spa usn Tulor nu vudu vu u NATALIE WASSERMAN 902 44+h Slreel Lunchroom Squad C r ulalucn a'I AIS a d Cra 5 Lulre a gas sfahon Always a+ your servuce MYRNA WASSERNIS IQ44 7?ncu S+reeI Pro ram OP e Math Jr Aru Ia Heres a gurl whose name us Myrna Has a flqure lulue Lana Turner HARRIET WASSERSTROM 4600 I4+h Avenue Red Cross Oh fe, ICC Jusf lulze a cream puff, Sweel and Iempfung LEONORA WEBMAN 2160 7IsI' Slreel Trcas cl Cf Prel' Susaruush Tuucrunq Squad Lunfhroom Squad Wed have +o sfudy her famuly free To find a knock for a gurl lulne Lee ROBERT WEINER l349 4 Slr Lunclvoorr Squao GO F Squad Greaf guy buf hard 'fo please HAROLD WEISS 68 ICH Avenue Phe uad Pres Pre GO Con ress A swell guy Donl' Menhon H Harold HARRIET WEISS I349 45fh ree The besf of fhungs wull come fo Harruel' Shell rude lhrough lufe golden charuof GERTRUDE WEISBER6 5722 I2+h Avenue en ral Olzluce Mrs Roses ec A gurl wulh good looks who us duscreei T e knd of gurl boys uke 'lo meef MERVIN WEISFELD I9I9 82nd Sfreel Servuce Squad Aeronauhc Club Could yeasf make my marks ruse? HAROLD WEISMAN 1548 39Th STree+ ueul Los+ and Foun unch o m Squa Congress Hes a blossom a bloomung uduoi SEYMOUR WEISSMAN I653 65+h ree Ass? Cap' A ourulmg ep? One word from hum and we do as we please class presudeni MARVIN WElTZ E s call Hes a whuz a+ baseball gurls loo SHEILA WELIKSON ln A P l IFVU 5 l In GW er of NUHS Sr Ca Wafch ou+ boys Here comes Sheila wufh fhe N U H S again SYDELL WELS cs 7 S+ ee C ern O'-lu e Gen ral Off e C rg ess ln her mos? quuef way rughf from 'lhe sfarf She won a place un every hear? RUTH WELTZ D hll R Muss M Gralhs Oifuce Gen eral Ofwce Squad Sweel us all we have fo say Always pleasanf un ihe nucesf way BERNICE WIENER Red Cross Sewunq Club A nucer gurl you wull noi' find Swee+ fo all and never unlund SYLVIA WILKINS 92I-46lh Sir el' Cass S Muss Mcfiralhs Office ICC She wanfed fo b class fl rf Bul' fhe guys all flur+ wufh her JEAN WILNER I555 47fh Srreer Orchesfra GAL One of ihe sweel noies of our orchesira MURRAY WOLF I4-29 42rd Srree Cap? Lur hrrom Squad Sql Serv: e Squad Gym Clerk AWOOO AWOOO lfhe Wolf ca STANLEY WOLF 9 na S rw arn Sa swwa Now heres one WOLF you really have fo wafch oui' for ESTHER WOLFF 84l9-l9lh Avenue Sr. Cabinet Arfs and Cfal's, PreHy, sweef, sincere and nice, er's g'l yo fhin TWICE BETTY WOLK I379 54-lh JIFBE General Office Squad l-lebr Club Swimming Squad Canadas glff fo Uirechf EUGENE WURMSER I977 52nd Slreel IC C Represenlalive Cha r man ol Radio Drama Club Chem Squad A real swell guy is Gene You know wha? l mean STANLEY YAGODA l23O 48th Sfreel Service Squad A young man s early fllrhes SYLVlA YAKER IS43 68th Slreei 7 Form Reb Gen O Red Cross Club Her nniellrgence and personal :fy are her hckefs fo success SYLVIA YAMPOL I444-43rd Sireel eneral Office Pre Pres of AWVS Clue Her charming personalrly Explains her popularriy FLORENCE YARMOLOVSKY IO59 5O+h Sire-el' Alumni Squad GO Congress Jus+ like a chocolaie bar sweef and nuHy JANET YODOWITZ 8l3-47'rh Sfreel Miss McGralhs Oli' e rn ln irrnarv rcu a of N U l-l S Her biography should have as :is 'hile A Swell Gal JEAN YOSKOWITZ 3Sl7-13+h Avenue Sewing Club, Crealive Writing Club. lnnocenf looking but looks are deceiving GLADYS ZELTERMAN 146 Slsl Sire l' Secrelary German Office Bond d Slarnp Rep Senior Edzlor Personallly and abllnfy for music makes ihis charming miss a cufe 'lrlck from New Ufrech+ LORES ZIMMERMAN I865 53rd Slreel a riqal Class Sec Music for Vicfory Club Smiling cheerful always dependable Nofhlng abou? her 'lhaf lsnf commendable FRAN KLI N ZI NAVOY l6I7 5Olh Slreel Varsity Baskeiball Team Serv e Squad Gym Squad Franks graduahng lhais one more reason Mr Goldberg is loosing his hair CLAIRE ZOREF 9 5l She T A+ ndance Office Girl Lead N U H S A double dose of dimples and pep AVIVA ZUTA 79 Zlsl Avenue Band Lunchroom Squad Arie and Calls b ll her sweef is qule unfair As fhere as more +han sweei ness +here PEARL ZWEIBEL 7Is+ Slre Hebrew Club Leaders Club Racial MlUOFIlIeS Club Needs no aclverhslng Speaks for herself PHYLLIS ZWIRN l69O-54+h Slreel Danish Oil Q ce Phyllis wlih her winning smile Will affraci many a boy who IS worihwhlle ALFRED L CARUSO Q30 I4lI1 Av nuc- I' rw ua F rw I1 Squ Has sulence us Illled wnfh brul lnance JULIUS COHEN 59 3 Qlsl Avenue Has faflwer us an elecfrucuan Juluus was hrs llrsf shock EUNICE CUTLER I972 72nd Slreel Heme Inslruchon A swell gurl lo now ELIZABETH GUARNERI I374-6816 Slree C erm Gnrl Club L n Squad Sec ol Prolofl Plenly of wul Pleniy of grnr es a g wnfh pleni HAROLD GREFNBERG 49th Sfreef ALLEN HORN 666 50m Sw JOHN LONGO 4 4 72r'G S1 BARTH MARSALA 1433 ANN GUARNIERI 3 83rd Slree Pres OT Newman lule G-frm uid Prnf Lllre a flower An Amerucan Beauly FRANK PRATO 9 70+I1 Sfreer Iralnan Club Suweymq Club Servnce Squad Caesar dled because he was amblhous Franlr wlll Iwe forever JEAN ROSENBLUM 927 56'Il'l Sfreef Buoloqy Squad Modern Gsrl Cub A swell qulel' lass IS e Always remembered will slne PEARL SEIF 2000 84I'n Sfreel General OIIICC Krvlllnq Club Modern Grl Club Heres a gurl we all agree has LAWRENCE SPERBER 55Il1 Slref. rw Bo Prep Squa A good sporr We II me MELVIN MINTZ EDWAR 206 FRANK 57I4 EDWIN 9 IRVIN6 I842 Slre D MORLENKO 7 Slr MOSCARELLA VW SIMON E SUSSMAN 'l . 2- I Cf . II 7- -I 'alla Sq d, re Q ad, .. ' ' C ,, - ' ' ' ' '- Sq 4 , ,eff Sei, I - I II3.- . V 1 1 . .k ! 6 I ' v , ' ' slw, be. M d ' , I, u ilvorlrn Q I 4, M " l ,' ' I . . , . , I I i l. . 3 some personalily. Sh url y of "lT." IOI4- fl Bed, I . - d. a l'L . I IEI 1- ', I756--78+lv el l I - Sllw ee? - I' . ee' -IS" Auefue I -- I ' 'CES l I I3+7I5f Slwel -S4'h Sveg' -74? Srffref NEW UTRECHT EVENING H. S. Thomas J Fulzpalrrclc Arlhur Robson Arlhur C Ryan Euqenea Rescugno Frank V DuGuovannr FACLIT1 Daniel Bloom Alma M Doherly George Feunberq Samuel E Frederlclc a A Ph. Allen A Rerch Leon L Rrnger Lesler Rosenlhau Solomon Schlaclcman Reuben Srlver 'oseoh Tuzza Auqusla A Vaccaro Adran Vladrme Be-rlram E Wen Teacher In Charge General Asslslanl Clerlc Luhrarnan Laboralory Y 7 l-larold Dorf Benjamin Sheinln Ell . 'llips . . ' l ' r 1' 'Y S090 Ezffwf fiffflf ni: We, Jrhe Senior Class ol June l946, having haunfed These halls Tor al leasl four years, do bid farewell To 'rhose nor as Torlunare as ourselves. ln order lo preserve The sancfiry of our possessions we hereby ordain +his: Our Las? Will and Tesiamenr. To Dr. Ryan, we leave a pair of s'ril'rs To elevaie himself Turfher in The eyes of awerslricken Freshmen. To Miss McGra+h we leave a lwenfy-eighl hour day. To Mr. Ozarow we leave a record of his Tavorile song "You'll Never Know". To Mr. Jacobs we leave a pair of wings wilh which he can fly up and down The aisles when procloring a lesr. To The Malh Deparlmenl we leave a bowl of alphabel soup Thar They can enloy making up Those ferrihc problems aboul x y and z To Mrs Rosencranlz we leave a yearbook slarf Thai will meer The deadlines wllh a minimum 7 of confusion lhe NUHS we leave a new rypewriler fhal They can pull aparl Dr Drachman we leave an English 8 class lhal does homework ai leasf once a Term and volun+arily subscribes 'ro Senior Scholashc The Healfh Ed Deparfmenl we leave an aulomahc minus mark machine The Ereshres we leave sweei dreams of Senior Burfons and promohon To The Second Term To The rel ef of The Taculfy and Mr Abramson we leave Parry of The Eirsl' Parl THE COMET EDITORS Parly of The Second Par+ Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS -,iff 1 iris-r , A ll K7 Z ff A v1.xi'i1'-'ig' I 1 n. 1.1 . I To ' . To . ' To . ' ' ' . To . . . i l - 4-'T me Y ',--'-e ffi"?ii?qT'i'i ,V T - kr W 1 ri, imax ra. ee 1 ff af New - :ge E-if if , T ull T 'T NX J ff ' , iT ll X- ' is 4435" f" W ' S IT CAN T HAPPEN HERE' WuTh a yawn SY CHERMAK wearuly closed hrs book enTuTled My Daze WrTh Shakespeare wrnTTen by LENORE KANE and MAE BERNSTEIN and Turned on has Televnsron seT which had been desugned by LEFTY ADEL As he whirled The dual he saw MYRA SPIVAK Teachnng The seeing audrence how To dnve NAOMI STERN Takung munuTes un Congress and FRANCINE GARFUNKEL modellung pIasTlc evemng gowns Finally OIT GITTLEMAN The Televused nnTervlewer loomed before m H you people here I am again To show you around The Town AT Thus pounT his audience waTched hum leave The sTud:o To brung To Them The snghTs oT The Taur c1Ty oT Brooklyn W1Th a dlmpled grun SIT Trapped over MYRNA HIRSCH who was s1TTnng on The sndewalk curb powderung her nose whale MORRIS AVRUCH held her mirror Well really some people' MYRNA eIacuIaTed My nexT address To The Ladies Guald For a Woman World wrll be agaunsT such benngsl SIT non chalanTly walked pasT her and Tound STAN LESSER selling newspapers To NORMAN BECKER The Tamous bnllnonalre Tycoon who had made has TnrsT mllllon by dnscover ang a new way To make skeIeTons wuThouT ksllnng people T1rsT STAN was yellmg wuxTry on The corner oT 79Th STreeT and New UTrechT Avenue pnped up Naw III lusT Them look aT me By The way wanna paper7 I drew The Innes Tor The columns myselT PreTTy sTranghT arenT They'7 Suddenly a car sTopped an TronT oT SOL MATSILS Fuve and Ten CenT STore SAL LA PUMA adverTusung The NaTuonal ProTesT CommuTTee was reposnng on The rooTTop oT The car wlTh a sugn depnchng TEDDY ENGBER sTucklng hrs Tongue ouT aT The world AT The wheel dressed In a chauTTeurs unuTorm was LARRY KRUGER GLADYS SEGAL TI ew ouT oT The back seaT and bounced on GIT Okay krd :Ts Trme Tor The second shuTT III Take over She grabbed The rnnke and made her way up The sTreeT whale OIT was swepT 1nTo LARRYS car by ELAINE BOKRASS seaTed aT a porTabIe TypewruTer and Sl-IEILA GOLD who was dlcTaTung some poeTry To ELAINE GLADYS came To The NEW UTRECHT HOME FOR THE MENTALLY WEARY where RUTHIE ERDMAN and MIMI BROWN were skipping rope while UTTA FALKOWITZ checked and rechecked The knocks and boosTs Tor Those resodenTs oT The HOME who had passed on NATALIE LAZARUS on Top of a ladder agamsT The wall oT The buvldung was bendnng The Iron bars oT a wlndow back 1nTo place ISHEILA WELIKSON had commuTTed sunclde by puTTmg her head In be Tween The bars and choksng herseIT In doung so she had been careless and TwnsTed some oT These bars She had IeTT a noTe To ELAINE FRANK Tounder OT The HOME saynng she couldnT bear To Take The IOO lashes ThaT Execuhoner LENNIE ALIANO was ordered To gave her Tor noT passing ouT The dauly newspapers on Time Suddenly wnTh an ear shaTTernng shriek NATALIE slnpped and Tell To The ground MURRAY PISETZKY who had receuved a degree Tor F1rsT And aTTer Tour years Trannung aT The PAT SCHNECK HealTh School admonnsTered arTnTncnaI respnraTson whlle ELIZABETH COHEN The ambulance driver held NATALIES hand 9I 7 hi . ' ' "Say someThIng", said OIT, and jusT as NORMIE opened his mouTh, STAN NATALIE dued sluuclcl sau MIM Well have fo rewrfe flue Lasf Will and Qld rruenf RUTHIE began searcluung fhrough fhe yearboolss of ofher homes for fhe menfally weary fo see wluaf she coulo copy fhaf would be suufable Funeral cere monues were conducfed by RALPH GINSBERG Has able assusfanfs ETHEL SCHVVARTZ and MARTY SOKOL by means of calculus approxumafed flue cosf of fhe servuces Geffung away from fluese mournful proceedungs GLADYS came fo fhe aflulefu fueld GEORGE EEIGENBAUM and WILBUR TALISMAN were sfrugglung for fhe possessuon of a baslcefball aufographed by RAYNA LUKS MARILYN SMOLINSKY holdung a sluofpuf on luer punlcy was fryung fo calm fluem whule RAY COMORA measured fhe Ierugfh of MARILYNS punlcy Ifs mne I saw uf fursf yelled GEO GIE Aw ya coachs sweafsluurf WILBUR scorned Jusf flueru BILLY KORNEELD and AL KRONMAN un fheur new sfrapless bafluung surf sudled up Iuffed fhe bal from fhe fangle of fughfung arms and sulenfly marched away In fronf of FREITAGS ATOMIC HOT DOG STAND HAROLD HOROWITZ swallowung fhe newly unvenfed ucecreamfurfer reaclued for fhe mulce and foolc over fhe fhurd sluuff of fhe felevused unfervuew He approached a crowd of spec fafors un flue muddle of fhe sfreef MARJORIE BALCK sfraunung luer neclc fo see whaf was goung on nearly fell on her roller slcafes SY EISCI-IER and JOE BRODIE sfeadued her whule TEDDY KRAET foolc clown her raduophorue number On one corner of a soapbox MILTON DAVISON and DAVID ABOSCH were playung a Bach fugue NORMA SCI-IWARTZ acompanued fhem af fhe unfrucafe puano complexuafe unsfrumeruf where flue performer us requured fo use four hands EDDIE MERRIN sho was sfandung on fhe second corner of fhe soapbox was fryung fo announce fhe fluurd annual Pofsy Tournamenf whuch was abouf fo false place The compefufors champ DON SILVERMAN and ex champ ARTIE RABINOWICH were warmung up by pracfucung flue duffuculf baclcluand flurow fo flue suxflu box whule SHEILA LEVINTHAL was preparung fo acf as referee MARVIN BUCHNER offucual scorelceeper was sluarpenung pencul wufh luus ru w Boy Scouf Icnufe MURRAY SILBERMAN sfandung on fhe fhurd corner of flue soapbox was affemfpun fo draw flue crowds affenfuoru fo whaf he had fo say abouf Russua and BOB JONES He was unsuccessful and PHIL CORSO flue presudung offucer who occupued flue fourflu corner of flue box sadly shoolc hs luead and aslced MURRAY fo please sfep down The soapbox was geffung a Iuffle crowded BOBBIE beamed Suddenly Sheruff GEORGE SLOTSKY landed a helcopfer un flue mudsf of fhe scene and ouf clumbed ROZ SMILOVVITZ and IRVING CARNO luoldung a rope fued around VERA WAICULE VERA was memoruzung a LATIN ENGLISH ducfuonary fhaf MARVIN WASSERMAN had guven her affer he had added a specual secfuor un Spanush GEORGE gave orders fluaf flue fournamenf could nof be held because a mass meefung of The Only People Who Know Everyfhung There us fo Learn Socuefy was fo be held on fhaf very soof ROZ IRV and VERA had come early so as fo be on hand o welcome LOUIS ANDERSON JANET GLASS and PHYLLIS HENDLER Tlue as usfanf herufl RED SCHER nodded Iuus flamung head fo sugnal flue crowd fo dusper e and HALL announceo T us u your felevused unfervueweu srgnung 92 "Oh, 'd I, I' I I TS - I I I I I ui , .,. A E . u u I ' 'I s. 1 1 a A 1 I e. U I T I lvl - II . . 4 . I .I . ' h' 's ' 'V ' ' off." I lylCII1OI'1E1 The Txve Thousand sTudenTs Teachers parenTs and alumna presenT on May 29 I946 aT New UTrechT wull never TorgeT The magn1TucenT memonal exer cnses held on The aThleTuc Tneld nn honor oT 86 members oT The alumna who dned an World War ll The program lncluded a processlon by soldiers sailors sTudenTs and The school band IU vocaTnon by The Rev MarTun LuTher presenTaTuon oT The oalc Trees by NaThan J Paulson dedncahon oT The Trees by Monsignor Wnlluam Dnllon addres by The l-lon o Cashmore PresndenT oT The Borough oT Broolclyn and beneduchon by Rabbu Maxwell I Sacks The Tollowung are excerpTs Trom Monslgnor Wulllam T Dlllons address enTnTled The Snonnfucahce oT The De dncaT on Thls ns Tor all Tame To oe a hallowed Our hs o s Tuary m + ev r Tor e gven T rnal Ilvn deem oeao XGICISGS When Those who here Thus day malce humble dedncaTuon shall no longer wallc These ways when our names and deeds shall no longer be remembered These Trees shall sT1ll be singing an The wands shall sTlll be lrvlng breaThlng Trouv eres To Tell The epic oT Those men whose very names are consecraTe Chlldren shall play benea+h Tnese branches and old men hall Top wnTh ln Their shade and resT awhlle and maybe recollecT To you vho come noT baclc agaln w aT can we guve unless TT be e humble reverence oT a graTeTul peoole you owed To save Sleep you now where er you resT your nnghT un Troubled your dreams un polled l-lere do we leave our hearTs our aTTecTlons haT when nlghT comes and T ns arlc you may noT be alone For Tho e who ng we g ve you olaoy p cuoly Tc aoe Te aT we na m eT a c e h re T ev T e . 1 E . 1 ' ' . S S ' . T. I .S . J hn M . . H1 ' s ' . ' 3 J Ti ' l ' d , . . . , V ' S In , T 1 gp + Q5 ans! Em gg: love There is no deaTh and so oellev- day Tor e w ' lr To The Z ' J 1' Y ' l The eTe P ' 3. g and To The ' egg A s con. nT Th sl ll e galn l l. S no w e a rs el ALUM I ELEBRYIE assi -'lK4""-K ,,. .,. Q ,: Q JUDGE E R CANUDO Formed Secre+ary of Ihe Board of Educahon Was ap polnred a Judqe by Mayor La Guardla Member I 'rhe AIumm Adyrsory CouncnI THOMAS G GRACE New York Srafe Dlrecfor o FHA Member of ne I9I9 Ufrechr IooIbaII 'rearn ecred I945 rn n o e year by Ihe Cafhedral CIub Member AIumnu Board of D recrors WILLIAM J GRACE Commlssloner I Enemy lens Was Ie Iursr ew rech GO Pres: en Member I9I8 foo+baII feam af New UIrechI' Secrefary AIumnn ASSOCIGIIOD JUDGE H M KENNEDY Apponnred I:ederaI Judoe ern D Irlcf by Ihe Ie Presrdenr Rooseveh FormerIy Federal DISIFICI Airorney Was Enqhsh Ieacher af New Ufrechf Member AIumnu Ad yrsory Council EDDY MANSON nown a e Heufrz o The Harmonica one of Ihe worIds Ioremosf exponenfs I fhe moufh or' qan. Has appeared 'n num- erous radlo proqrams and 'n yaudeviIIe and nlqhr cubs. Was C a 25,000 'nIIe O four. S I 1 43521 WALTER PRESTON Drrecror of Radno Cohmw ra Concers Ufrechf oys O err MerrnII an E y Manson have appeared on his r no proq ams Presron oneer rad an Ie ey: ID S ons? IU many Vic or aIburns JUDGE C RAMSGATE Vereran fn qrsfrafe nn rho New York Cary Courfs now Inq rn rhe Felony Co Manager of fhe Ufrechf foor earn ommand Aynarors Pos? American Ln Ion Vice Presrdenr A umn Assocrafron MARTHA STEWART Was an oufsfandunq sunqe whue af New Ufrechr as recen'Iy qrven a confracr by RCA Vrcror +o make records Has appeared IH 201h Cen 'ury Fox pucfures DOII Face and Johnny Comes Fylng Home Re enTIy marrred The amous comeduan oe ARNOLD STANG 'Wea d rhe mow yen Days Leave ano Srsfer :een A 5 as mour fh radro qram The GoIdberqs Has o rfrclpared 'n ny r dl o SIDNEY TARTIKIFF ls Assnsianf Attorney Gen eraI Educahon DIVISION New or Srate. V ry acfive ' BrookIyn chariries. Treasurer oI fhe AIumni Associahon, DANE CLARK e xle years sance Bernard Zanvalle was grad uafed from New Urrechr he has ac complashed many fhangs ancludang worldwade fame as a Warner Brorhers slar under fhe name ol Dane Clark A+ New Ufrechf he was a member of 'rhe Baseball Squad and served rhe Pranfang and Offace Squads Has feachers ancluded Mass Greelrer M Hyman and Mr Grubnaclc A+ Cornell Bernaes sporlang anler esls helped mould a powerful physaque H sludaed law af S+ Johns aw School and became a member of 'The New York Bar Fandang a law profes saon daffaculf 'ro slarl' durang rhe de presaora Bernae 'turned To radao and wrole a number of soap operas wafh ars 'for hamself In rhe nexl e years he appeared an seven Broadway shows all of lhem hafs ancludang Of Mace and Men Dea End and In has larsl affempis an Hollywood Bernae had +o be con+en+ walh manor ro es an several pacfures and was gavera a long lerm confracl warh War ner Brofhers He mer John Howard Lawson a playwraghl who bualr ham a 3oo role an Acraon an fhe Nor'rh Arlanhc Anorher playwraghl Alberl' Mal+z wro+e a specaal parl for Bernae n Deslanafaon Tolcyo Has acfang an o alms was oufsfandang and broughf ham amporfanf roles an Holly wood Canfeen G as My Co ao and Prade of rhe Maranes l Srolen Lale he wall play opposare Be+'re Davas Bernae has come a long way H as hard worlcang sancere and unspoaled by success We can expecf greaf +hangs from ham an rhe fulure ROBERT M ERRILL Roberi Merall brallaanl young bara fone of The Me? ropolaran O p era made has debur on December I5+h n La Travaafa A+ New Ufrechl Roberr Merrill wall be remembered by Mr Ehrlach and Mrs Maranello for has musacal falenfs buf Mr Felcher can always poan'r wafh prade To has prowess on fhe baseball daamond In facf he loaned a sema prolfessaonal baseball Ib as a si pafcher ro fanance has sangang lessons The urge ro sang was so greai Thar he leff +he 'held of baseball 'l d a seraes of 'obs af hofels an 'rhe Calslcalls and Adarondaclcs durang 'Phe summer Roberfs mofher encouraged her sons progress an rhe musacal faeld by choosang has 'reacher soon affer has voace changed al 'rhe age of I6 Sance has larsl appearance on rhe Sherman Wallaams program on New Years Day I939 Walfred Pellefaer darecror of rhe Mefropolaran Audaraons of 'rhe Amr warched Rober+s progress an ofher radao assagnmenfs Mr Pellelaer de caded fhaf fhe candadafe was rape for a 'fry on lhe Aud 'raons of rhe Aar and Mr Merrall won lhai' compelalaon as Apral sharang larsl place wa Thomas Hayward lra a recenf anrervaew Roberi spoke of fhree hagh spois an has broadenang career One was The RCA show whach he shared wafh Grace Moore anorher has recordangs of songs from Up an Cenfral Park and 'rhe fanal 'rhrll of wannang fhe Audafaons of 'lhe ar For Roberf Merrall we can envasaon nofhang buf success an lhe fulure and he seems desfaraed 'ro become one ol: operas ammorfals ls' N In fh si en ,' I ' on . I . . I . ' I r. q l a . .- ' . v l ' I Q ' cu ar e ' . ' L - O O p l ' . fiv - . ' " d I" . . . "S+age Door." I a - -I - - S - Xu av I ' ' ' I + ', ' ' 'ah F d . ,. . . b fh f' ' . ' . ' ' ' H od ' - ., . l i ,. . Pl fx' " ' ' . . . ' .. n ya . I, . . I U c e . .. NORMAN BECKER June 46 THOMAS SINATRA January 46 WILLIAM LAZARETH June 45 ALVIN THALER January 45 o The Ca OT June V46 We' ome To The Greafer 'NI U rechr Commum y nr I o one a uar s o our oo amazed Aumm A o :arson Through e Assccwahon y u can Ii Io ouch wuIh your chcc and Iellow cIa smafe Ihrough me year Io come Fne Iruend hnps can be marnrauned Ihrouqh The Assocwahcn a cz added ,f ur q o no c ce o nferef an comacrs Whar parI can you pIay nr Th AssocnaIIon7 AIIend Alumni Reunmors each year Become an achve member oI your dass commrffee See your presrdenf Norman Becker VoIunIeer Ior achvnhe Ihaf unreresi you as sug gesred Irom Iume Io Imme ID Ihe Alumm News Inform us mmedIaIeIy OI change of address Send personaI news :Terms 'ro The AIumm News af Ihe schooI Permur me Io wash you good IuCIc In aII your endeavor and remember fha? we wIII aIways be mfere Ted your progress Snncerely yours NATHAN J PAULSON Pre oem' DAVID STAN SCHWARTZ January 44 DAVIDSON June 44 NATHAN J PAULSON June 26 SHIRLEY SCHWARTZ June 42 EDNA FISHMAN January 43 DORIS FRIEDMAN June 43 U . I I ss I I' 1 I IC ' . ew T ' 'I' Co :'SI'nM of s I 26,000 gr d 'e I sch , org ' as an I A ss Q' " . . ' Ih ' ' o ee, in ' ' 5 I ' s 5 ' s . I I -- VI I Io IO I' WI J Ir I I S CI 2 V 'I 6 I A . T , 2. ' . ' 4 3. . .. S . V - ' 4. I ' , ' , . . S '1 S MAX . 3 'X ACTH ITIE Z' 14 ff 1 2 X f Z X My Z X fV7f f i XX M521 ff i -tix Z f ? 2 .f 1 f X' V, . I 4 I , W W if , 5 if ff? f " - fb ,f ' ,, f f f d, f 7 if 5 fl-1 , - 'Q - ' , f Lg- 5 X I , ,f' n , Wl,',y?ff'7' ,jj 1, l If '1 7 f7iljr iff-' ex- X , X 1 ' 111 WWI :L "2 Sgr X 1 J i7- .' f - fl? 2 5' 4.17 . . , .f 23, ff A egg X -'. ,Z - 1 X ffkv , Ex- ZQHIF 1 V g,,Q Q ,Z ,b ff' 'K Y I If BOYS SENIOR ARISTA FAC J LTY ADW SER Iv R FEELY GIRLS SENIOR ARISTA FACULTW ADVISFR MR FEED JUNIOR ARISTA FACULIY ADVISER MR SAI L A G O CABINET FACULTW ADVISERS MR GOLUB MR ABRAMSON I I I , f f -,- . I. S. Iwi I f- SEVENTH FORM FACULTY ADVISER MR. SCI-IACKER INTER CLUB COUNCIL FACULTY ADVISER MISS GORENSTEIN NUHS STAFF FACULTY ADVISER MISS GELBER GIRLS LEADERS FAC LTY ADVISERS MRS FISCI-ILED MRS. CANTOR MAJOR SPORTS CLUB FACULTY ADVISER MRS GREENE ENGLISH BOOKROOM SQUAD EACU LTY ADVISER DR MINS DEANS DR JEWEL L ERIEDMAN MISS ROBINSON BOYS DEAN SQUAD DEAN MR GRUBNICK GIRLS' DEAN SQUAD SERVICE SQUAD FACU LTY ADVISER M R TUZZA ENGLISH OFFICE SQUAD FACULTY ADVISER DR DRACI-IMAN FACULTY ADVISER MR NOONAN BUSINESS SUBJECTS SQUAD FACULTY ADVTSER MR WEISS SUPPLY SQUAD fgcf if, I? E CO LIBRARY SQUAD LIBRARIANS MRS CQTRELL MISS LQFTUS MISS RUBANO GUIDANCE OFFICE SQUAD FACULTY ADVISER MISS PENDRY eo OFFICE SQUAD FACULTY ADVISERS MR ABRAMSQN MR DELMAN MISS LEIBQWITZ GENERAL OFFICE SQUAD CLERKS MRS. ROSE MISS SCHNEIDER MRS. GASSMAN BIOLOGY PREP SQUAD CAPTAIN NORMAN BECKER MATH TEAM FACULTY ADVI9 MR CI-IAROSH CHEMISTRY CLUB FACULTY ADVIQER MR MAX E STEIN HEBREW CLUB J SPC ' -ER FACULTY ADVISER MR. . JVEV NEWMAN CLUB MISS SAUNDERSON VETERANS FACULTY ADVISER MR GROISSER FACULTY ADVISER DIEGES 84 CLUST I7 JOI-IN STREET NEW YORK 8 N Y OEEICIAL JEWELERS EOR TI-IE CI ASS OE I946 A RINGS PINS IVIEDALS TROPI-IIES ATI-ILETIC AWARDS Manufacfuring Specialfy Jewelers L COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN CO 366 EIETH AVENUE NEW YORK I N Y MANUFACTURERS OE Caps Gowns and Hoods Speclalhes Choir Robes, Band OuHi+s, Academic UIQIEIIII PIIIIIIIIIII Q0 33 FLATBUSH AV PRINTEISNUE an S OO AND OGRZFNG ,om PHERS 'Her bu Id "9 u P 13 rn osf compleie leHer mess Prnn ng Pla if mcludlng an offseutho 9 aphY de parimem We fake Pnd 9 nn havn 9 af " f" 1 Y0Ur ser ace our ,fan of e"Per+ + Ypogfaphef 5 afhsig and ed 'Son I1 CUUN STUDY M WMF IS essemm E Al-WAYS ll 'ENE LEAD I-IIGII SCIIUOI. EXPERTS and SPECIALIIED SIRUCIION BRING SUCCESSFUL RES LIS loved by our HIGH PASSING RECORDS! Our Regents cr d s a pf d wnhoul further examine!! n All A ademlc and Commercial S beds MORNING AE ERNOON AND EVENING CLASSES A1 CONVENIENT H0 R5 0 u SubIec'I JULY 3 to AUGUST 22 Co Ed A p d by B d IR g B o d i Ed QI E i . R5 YOU CAN MMI 1 1 I I I I I l x IN U P elf no e c u I . T . u S2 corp Lone ents L o r o ucodon Fine Porfralfs A+ Popular Prices DELMA STUDIOS 427 ELJLTQN STREET Tel Tfbanqe 5 9272 524 EiETI-4 AVENUE I36 50 RGQSEVELT AVE LEHJ A GEEICIAL YEAR BCDOK PI-IGTQCRAPHERS 0 A I . I-ZIUPUIQIXN ,lllllfffllfflllf Islflxjfl-lfjl Te. ML. 2A3I37 Te. E Eng 3-8920 7 Secrelarne Twpl I Bookkeeper Iomptonwlcr I Ieru ll Rec PPIIOYIISI Qwllchhoard Ofliie Bow Legal Bwnkm Raclm In urmce Profes zonal -hlw erhsmg I' xport I ommermal THE DIFIERFNT EWIPLOYVIENT AGENCX JONES and CLARK COURT STREET Boro Hall BROOKLYN NIAm 3399 Between Inm stun .md N1 hermerlnorn ANSNW ER YOUR QUESTION NNHI- RL SHAII I WORK' IN A DIFFERENT W A1 BY TAKING THE TIVIE TO PLALE YOU IN 'VIORE THAN JUST A .IOB FOR OVER 200 INTERLSTINI POSITIONS Plfwofo Engravmg In H115 ferm s Comef done by SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING COMPANY 406 420 WEST 3ls+ STREET NEW YORK T CHelsea -11 Lb 0 7 Sl Eg' f Y 86 ", , Y 5- ' WE I ' Q' .' "' I ' Q' . 4. W '.', W'E OFFER COURTEOUS INTERVIEWS AND HAVE OPENINCS QI. - fI.f-'- - -I 1" .Y iQ','f.'.'.' I 1. rg!! 1' W ,E Ei.'.x'.211' Y Xa I 1-ff ii? Qg S Seem t, . X v: xx"XX N Qff ' 'Z' isa? 1 W ,f NQSSQS iff, 1 1 is 5' Z. X xxxYXX 1 XxXX ge ' -T Qlilifx V. ,- i f f 5-3 X 'ifsf ,xii ,, ,i: 152, - we., f ig-X "g "fu ' ' 0 , 2 E , X 'Y ' v -. E E. ':?L ' A 3 .iff -r Q, :, 1, 1 1? AWP E. 5:5 ' , ' V ,e K -., . E xi V., N -4 . 1 - fl px. 27- xi 'urei "4" 1'Z 5 ff 1 ' :wk .JYN 3,5 0. . '-5 KL' f NYNX 4-- 'f +- 1" -,-1 , ' 'P I ' X' 1 15, ? fig:-,i 'x X ' ' -E5 'ZH 5 R , I-:1a7Z'F'1k51-x I -5. "I-QW 5 L , -F " f 1-1:-1 -4 -cvs'-2-'50, D 1 1' f X , - if f ' "-J+s'iG. gf-," ' 1 1 ?5" "' - N- f ' f f ff f fy '-S-iq J X X, X ff-V X f ' xx KX? --SX i -- N Q VN !'f'NI" 'wa -1 'fa 1fQ V--ffl , 'silt Y 11 xfaw X. 'nw Iliff if v'H'f' wffi. Y u resf The pei' ' Qu, urn ' Noi: 1,f'wi, mir, .ffm 'N .,f f X K 1 :-569 - -43-5. e-cw, -. -4 Lx Q we t, if A , :fri mix' -rs? . W, Ty MS.: za-, .... 1 'A 9.-. f .,. 1 X w K ' 4 Ns-y - A7 ne lf 'B' dv, +ve...- .1 . V fd -' I . ' Sli' we ...,.

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