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,sqm '1 X l r . COMET JUNE, 1942 DR LEO R. RYAN, Principal 4 Y 1 Y' X C0 ZIET . SENIOR YEARBOOK AND LITERARY MAGAZINE PUBLISHED EACH TERM BY THE STUDENTS OE NEW UTRECHT HIGH SCHOOL Dr. Leo R. Ryan Prirzriptzl Editor-itz-Chief GERTRUDE EZORSKY Arforiote Editor Art Editor Afforiote Editor JULIAN PERLMAN JEROME KAUFMAN MARVIN L. ARONSON Sporty Editor Literary Editor HENRY GOLDSTEIN RENEE LITTMAN Chief Senior Editor! SYDELL FISHER SIDNEY SONNENBLUM Serzior Editorf ROSE ISAACSON HARRIET EISENBERG ROSALYND STEIN CHARLOTTE LUTSKY LILLIAN EHRLICH ALFRED DENNENBERG IRWIN SCHLACTER LILLIAN FEIT FRANCES KIRCHSTEIN LOUIS D'APPUZO RUTH DEIFICK BEVERLY MUTNICK S. MILLSTIEN PEARL LEBOWITZ ANNA ONGARATO ETHEL KAMIRLING FRANCES CAPPELLO Circulation Manager ,....... ,.,.............................................. E LAINE KATZ Advertising Manager .I...... .,.,.,.....,...........,........,....... I RWIN SCHLACTER Literary Adviser ..:......... .....,,........ M R. SOLOMON SCHLAKMAN Business Manager ..... ,...,.........,... M R. SIDNEY ABRAMSON Two E GERTRUDE EZORSKY I SYDELL FISHER IRWIN SCHLACTER C 0 m Q I: diwrs MARVIN L. ARONSON SYDNEY SONNENBLUM ELAINE KATZ Three DEDICATION Four We, the graduating class of June, 1942, humbly dedicate our MComet" to those New Utrecht students and teachers who have gone before us and are now serv- ing their country in the armed forcs. ROBERT ANDERSEN 6.0. Presideni' HALL 1 Y 1 f f 1 3 'ns Q , N' , 2 f A 1 x,, ,,, N! , - f,, , f ,. . ,. .. ,, 4 I , 9 y v SHIRLEY SCHWARTZ Senior Class Presideni' ROSE ISAACSON BOYS' ATiS+6 Leader Girls' Arisfa Leader V',, ,nk I E I e Y . R RRR R Z eR GERTRUDE EZORSKY "Come'r" Edifor M. LUCIUS ARONSON NUHS Edifor PHOEBE SHARFSTEIN Presideni' of l.C.C. Five DR. LEC5 R. QYA in anis Message Dear Graduates: May I offer to you the congratulations of the faculty and your fellow students upon your graduation from New Utrecht. We are rightly proud of the members of your class because of the loyalty and cooperation you have demonstrated to us. Practically every member of your class took an active part in the "Victory Parade," which was a glorious and never-to-be-forgotten display of the unity of teacher and student in the promotion of our nation's cause and the stimulation of a feeling of patriotism throughout our neighboring community. You are to be commended, likewise, for your dependability in perform- ing your daily tasks and your ever-constant willingness to assume obligations in our defense effort as the need arose from day to day. We salute you who are the product of our public school system and the pride of America! Sincerely yours, LEO R. RYAN, P1'inci,DaZ Seven LEVITATION! PROTESTATION! APPLICATION! SYN COPATION I MASTICATION! LIBERATION! FLIRTATION! TRECHT F By Gertrude Ezorsky It's all the days, Monday to Friday, that pass one into the other, and it's all the books you ever read, and it's waking up each morning and going to sleep at night. Softly blows the breeze on n Jnnznzer afternoon, the teacher looks ont of the window and ine rtnaientr stir rertlerrly. And itls the first day when you thought it was going to be like the Andy Hardy movies and you watched the seniors and then went home to buy shaggy sweaters and charm bracelets and little white hats that sit back on the head. And it's your English teacher who carries a pipe in his pocket and knows how to read poetry and all the girls quiver when he passes their desks. All night yon lie nwnke, mzring into the dmflanerr, the fnncef dripr in ine rlillnerr nnd yon can hear ine zfrnnzpeff playing. And itls going to the movies straight from school and sitting unblinking, clutching your books, watching Rosalind Russell slink across the screen and then rushing home through the night because there's Advanced Biology and Civics and Latin translation and a compo- sition on "Why We Love Democracyf, And it's the sudden joy when you're walking through the halls and you look at all the students going past you and you swell up with inexplicable happiness and your heart beats in fast thuds. Itis the time when you walk home with a group of boys and girls, joking and laughing and you wonder: "Why can't it always be like this, why can't people always be happy?" But also it is the time when you ride home on the "El", your tongue like sand and you stare out at the dirty billboards, the train rattles on and your heart testers with doubt and worry. Ten And it's sitting in the library on a Friday afternoon, an airplane droning overhead, and you look up from the magazine and the boy across the table is staring at you. You got excited while you were writing it, the next tluy you read it hefore the class and they were ull quiet after you'd jiniihetl and the teacher looked at you u little Jutlly and Jutltlenly you were Jorry for her. And then one day you realize that time is passing and you say, "Gee, I'll be getting out soon," and you wonder how it all Went so quickly. Then the days slip by like sand in an hourglass and finally it's the last day after graduation and you stare up at the building and it all wells up in a tide and you stand and look up for a while and then you go home. They Jtuntl hefore the Jehool on u wtzrrn Septenzher morning waiting for the gates to open. They tulh iznzong thenzieloey anal the uuturnn utr rustlef softly part their cheehr. Over thenz hangs u heavy sonznolent tirneleifners. Pydyey By E. L. Atkinson My heart is not the flowing cup Which held beauty and poured out pretty words. My heart is now a sea of pain, Rising and swelling and dashing itself against rocks And crying out its sorrow. I found beauty in little things A silver thread of cobweb Shimmering in the early morning sunlightg The sudden hearty peal of laughter From the lips of a young boyg The great blue depths of skyg The warm rich earth itself. These are not beauty now, A cobweb is not silver--Itis a web Spun by a black, blood-sucking spider. That laughter has turned raucous. It has a loud and cruel note That tells at once Of hatred and of fear The sky is not the sky- It is a great and hollow drum In which the echoes from a million cannons Sound on forever Oh, yes the earth is warm, Warm and dark with the blood of men. Oh God! What can we give That earth may once more know what beauty is. Eleven owfegicior PIIiZC Winning P06111 By Ernie Grossman Twelve the w1nd still stirs the sleeping waves, At night, III And the oon god still bathes your now silent island in a labyrinth of moo11 beams. And there's still just a trace of your blood in the pu ple sky. if time can be measured r There was a time, a by the be t of a clock, when your white walls were a symbol of man's faith and your stood like now blackened guns silent sentinels silhouetted against the sky. Yours was not an easy death- But who can say if death is ever easy? Can the wail of a hell-bent bomb be a seda lend itself tive to .an easy death? to peaceful dying? e marching feet of the yellow men Does the mud and lice of a foxhole ' h h e proper tune for the funeral march? And did t beat out t You were young You were brave You were strong. From the salt flats of Utah, the black earth of Alabama, the sandy coasts of Maine You had 13011161 And thre was so much to live for, So very, very much, That you died for it. What more to say? What the heart feels when it beats 130 million strong cannot be caught on paper. But treaties can. Treaties are made for paper- Empty words on pretty paper- Treaties that can be broken by little men whose hearts have been torn out by the roots and in whose place there grows an Iron Cross. Oh Lord, if our path must be shown to us with a bloody rod If we must be awakened thus, So be it. For we are marching now, and you are leading us From the salt flats of Utah The black earth of Alabama The sandy coast of Maine. We are coming And we Are not afraid. Thirteefz he oumey Prize Winning Story By Rum Margareuea THE PASSAGE WAS LONG, narrow, cold and foreboding. There were turns, twisting, winding turns, each as a dancing devil, filling the wanderer's mind with fuel, with the burning desire to conquer the next turn and the next and the next. The young man with open eyes and mouth, pushed onward, stumbling, then doubtfully rising to his feet again, at first doubting whether the next turn would be ample reward for his persistence. Then, as if an angel whispered in his ear to continue, he would conduct gallons of blood, red flaming blood, through his arms, legs and whole body, blood thundering through his body as the tons of water from a dam, invading a peaceful valley. 1 It washed from theacrevices all the evils that tend to decay the yet not strong enough mind. It filled his frame with power, hope and courage. With the mustering of all this aid, the youth was ready to battle and merci- lessly bash to a pulp anything hindering the continuance of his journey. He would gain a sharp fire in his eyes, a sort of guiding light until he could get around the next dark bend, the next milestone, the next step in the ladder. He had, by this time, noticed a difference in the atmosphere. The air seemed clearer when he breathed in deep draughts. The way in front of him seemed less hazy. The level of ground he walked on seemed higher. His feet were more buoyant, as he walked. Was this the reward around the bend that he was waiting for? lt might well be, for what more can one want than an easy road to travel on and easy road in making the journey? The passage seemed to be by no means nearing the end, however, and there were no chairs on which he could rest himself. He must continue, for there was no turning back, nor could be refrain from going on. He felt a gentle wind push him from behind as a signal to proceed, as perhaps also a companion on this journey. He continued. Time had passed . . . much time. Time hadechanged things. The young manis hair seemed slightly powdered, his shoulders a trifle bent. His step a little slower, and his mind and eyes not as keen as at the start. The air had grown heavier, the atmosphere close. He felt himself on an almost underground level of land. Each turn in the maze seemed harder to conquer than the one before it. All power, strength and courage, formerly instilled almost at will, had left his tired body, and even the will to have it return, was so weak, as to have no effect whatsoever. It came to the point where the wind pushing behind him was the only force keeping him going. They went on a few more feet, the wind and he-the wind, a never aging substance, he no FOZl1'l'66'7Z longer a powerful figure but a feeble being, ignorant of what was happen- lng to him and no longer caring. The wind then withheld its force and the man came to a halt, not at will, but because he had no strength of his Own to keep him going. He gazed downward and beneath him he beheld an abyss. It all came to him. He had been going through the passage of life. The feeling of walking on a higher level was his span of youth. The degrading passage was the journey of age. The abyss was the journey's end. He closed his eyes and waited for "Atropos" to cut his thread of life. The wind, the messenger of its sender gave one blow. The tired body tumbled headlong into the yawning pit and disappeared. A bellowing sound issued forth from the abyss and was followed by deep silence. A bell rangg the bell at the entrance of the passage, the bell that had rung for him. Another one was starting. Another being was beginning the journey of . . . LIFE. P By Renee Littman An hour ago I wanted to write a poem About all the wonderful things there are or ever will be. An hour ago a star seemed beautiful And I was happy and I wanted to write a poem. Now I sit in my blue skirt And remember that someone told me Stars don't really shine. In the next room my brother is shouting A cat is crying outside. I want to cry too. I want to cry for all the stars that don't shine And all the people who believe they donit And all the poems that are never written. I wanted to join the cats and wail aloud to the moon I want to join my little brother, who can look at a star and pluck it and keep it with him always. Fifteen B06lf HOUSE By Jerome Kaufman I Am cz Catholic Prize Winning Essay By Alice De Lorenzo I AM A CATHOLIC which means, for one thing, that I must go to church every Sunday. It has been difficult, sometimes, to drag myself out of bed on those sleepy Sunday mornings, but fortunately, there is a 12:15 mass which I have usually managed to reach on time. Do I sound as though I'm not religious? Maybe. But I think the trouble is mostly that I never thought much about religion. That's it, I just didn't think. My part, the role of Maria in the Victory Parade, opened up a new line of thought to me. In the skit, Maria feels great anguish because she is forced to absent herself from church. A big bully of a storm trooper shakes his fist at her and quells any desire she might have to protest at this unjust treatment. Maria didn't mean much to me in the beginning. She seemed like a very remote, vague personality then and I found that the minute rehearsals were over, she disappeared from my mind as quickly as the blues on a bright summer day. But as time went on and opening night arrived she took definite shape. And when the moment came for me "to squirm,,' as my friends say to tease me, I found that the whole business really wasn't as silly as it had seemed at first. It was easy to look as though my soul were twisting in misery. I really felt a little like that. In fact when my friends, who didn't see the show, ask me to show them how I squirm it isn't too hard for me to do, now just from the mem- ory of the skit. In the beginning I used to have to tell them that I had to get in the mood of the thing during a performance before I could squirm. I won't stay that because of my experience in the 'lVictory Paradei' that I jump for joy from my bed on Sunday mornings, hustle out of the house at 6:30 and spend the whole morning in church. It is true enough that I now appreciate the privilege I have in this country of being allowed to go to the church of my choice, and I appreciate my religion a little more too, because I feel that it must be pretty good if people like Hitler are so set on taking it away from me. Sevefzteefcf By Marvin Lucius Aronson EVERY SCHOOL TERM BOASTS at least one outstanding highlight. Pew terms can claim the distinction of witnessing an event as spectacular and as memorable as our "Victory Paradef, Several months ago, at a time, when people all over the nation were anxiously asking themselves, "What can I do for National Defense?l' sev- eral of Utrechtis teachers hit upon a plan whereby Utrecht would be able to make its contribution to the general welfare of the nation. These teachers conceived the idea of producing a gigantic musical revue in the school auditorium, the proceeds of which were to go to various relief or- ganizations. The show, supported by the Parents-Teachers Association, local churches and synagogues was primarily designed to raise money for the U.S.O., the Red Cross War Relief, and the Junior Red Cross, as well as to afford aid to those students and teachers of Utrecht who had joined the armed forces of America. The generalplan of the production, like everything else about it, was formidable. Lasting for more than two and a half hours, the show was to revolve about five central themes-Pan-Americana, The 100th Anniversary of the Board of Education, What We Have to Eight For, The United Nations, and The Citizen and the War. A group of teachers, who had demonstrated their prowess in previous productions, were called upon to perform the almost superhuman feat of recruiting hundreds of the school's outstanding singers, dancers, and actors from among a student body numbering several thousand, and to coordinate their talents into one great unit-all within a period of approximately two months. Some of those members of the faculty who most actively contributed their efforts to the K'Victory Parade" were Mr. Serwer and Mrs. Dopkin fwho directed the whole showj, Messrs. Ehrlich, Eelcher, Charry, and Miss Bromberg and Miss Marinello. Weeks of backbreaking, nerve-wracking work followed, and then- Opening Night. On Thursday night, April 16, after a school day distinguished by the virtually complete absence of studies in the classrooms, the curtain parted for the first time on the long-awaited "Victory Paradef, It is difficult to describe the show without plagiarizing Hollywood's press agents'-it was stupendous, colossal, gigantic. It was a hit! That night, a full house gaped in amazement at seventeen numbers ranging in content from serious drama to hilarious comedy-amazed that high school students were capable of turning out such a remarkable show. The audience got its first premonition of the "Parade's" grandeur dur- ing the very first number, in which the New Utrecht Victory Orchestra, under the capable leadership of Mr. Ehrlich, rendered the stirring, spine-tingling "American Fantasy." Eighteen 45 K igvifffyz, V. , I QA Sis? Following this auspicious introduction, the Utrecht Victory Chorus raised its collective voice in "You and If written by Maurice A. Popkin and Zachary A. Serwer. Then, in the first of several appearances, Mr. Abraham Warchaizer, bald-pated gym instructor, who, it is generally agreed "stole the show," brought down the house in a timely skit, entitled "We're In The Army Now." This skit described what happened when a lucky group of students were given the opportunity to turn the tables on their teacher. No sooner had this skit terminated, when four would-be Metropolitan Opera Stars, presently affiliated with New Utrechtis teaching staff-Amblin' Abe Felcher, Singiny Sam Applebaum, Waltzing Waiter Minz, and Ample Abe Warchaizer, wistfully recounted the tale of how a villain of the "gay nineties" was foiled in his attempt to run off with the hero's best girl. This scene helped to corroborate the suspicion held by many that some teachers are capable of doing more than teaching, if they put their minds to it. A serious note was struck in the next number in which a group of stu- dents strikingly demonstrated the importance of Air Raid Precautions. This scene was particularly outstanding for the excellence of its staging. There then followed a thrilling demonstration of agility and physical ntness by the Victory Tumblers in addition to an impressive demonstration of both marching and musical ability by Mr. Charry's Victory Band. Two students, David Seltzer and Sam Adel took the stage in a comedy routine featured by a series of clever imitations of some of the "characters, who infest radio programs. Particularly amusing in this talented pairis skit, entitled "It Seems Radio Is Here To Stay," was an imitation of the man who vainly attempted to answer the 3564 dollar question on one of radio's many quiz programs. Favorite songs of all the nations constituting the United Nations were sung with gusto by the Victory Scout Chorus. While this group was sing- ing characteristic songs ranging from "The British Grenadiersn to "Chi Lai," jack Oldstein, a student, realistically imitated President Roosevelt's historic speech delivered to the nation on February 25, 1942. This scene brought to a triumphant conclusion the first act of "Victory Paradef, L Almost two hundred members of the Victory Orchestra and the Vic- tory Chorus opened the second act with a rendition of Walt Whitman's musical cantata, UI Hear America Singing." The leading solo was admir- ably handled by Merrill Miller. Presented in an almost completely blacked-out auditorium, "Dive Bomb- er," a starkly dramatic radio skit, which told of Colin P. Kelly's historic sinking of a japanese battleship, packed an emotional thrill unparalleled by anything else in the show, as witnessed by the audiences strenuous applause. The next scene, "Good Neighborsj' perhaps the most colorful of all as regards staging and costuming, stressed Pan-American solidarity. It was Twenty featured by the antics of Mr. Warchaizer, who returning this time in the guise of a gallant Spanish toreador, coursed up and down the stage in vain pursuit of a very human bull. The comparison of an American school and a Nazi school constituted the theme of the following scene entitled "Approach to Learningf' This scene vividly impressed upon the audience how the German school teachers distort every field of learning to fit the needs of the Nazi Party. Gunther Wertlleimer excelled in the main role of the German refugee narrator. The finale was all that one expected it to be-magnificent. Even the vast stage of Utrecht's auditorium was completely filled-jammed full by a horde of swing-crazy "jumpers, and "jivers," swinging to the fast and catchy rhythms of Mr. Pelcher's "Victory Stomp." Now, after the frenzied excitement that attended the Parade during and preceding its five nights run, we can find some imperfections in the show. But, these blemishes are to be expected in any school presentation. All in all, we think that Victory Parade is the greatest show in all of Utrechts history. The one factor, we think that so clearly distinguishes it from similar shows of the past is the idea behind it. 'KVictory Parade" was a symbol of the ever-growing spirit of patriotism that has permeated Utrecht since December 7. It was a symbol of Utrechts willingness to do its part in this war. Twefzty-one , 4 1 L -x . f M W: 1 ""'-V. ,A 4, , as ' -4 ,ep fm df YQ f The Criminal By Sam Barru A tall young man stood by the window of the dingy little room on the second floor of the Mason-Arms Apts., smoking a cigarette. A tie dangled loosely from his neck. He pressed the butt of the cigarette against a tray with nervous fingers, adding another to the pile of stubs. A peroxide blonde with a heavy smear of lipstick, stuck her head through the doorway of the kitchenette. l'Ready for another cup of coffee," she asked. The young man swung around. "I didn't want any more coffee," he snapped, "And turn off that radio!" 'iRelaX, honey," the girl returned. He took another cigarette from his case. 'lYeah, relax. Youlre not in on this jobf, By the window, Sandy stiffened suddenly. He went for the door, sail- ing back, 'iBe back in a minute. A guy just walked to the end of the W I hall, he glanced down the stairway to the door of the managerls room. A big man in an overcoat and hat was talking to the manager. They looked up the stairs. Sandy jumped back to the wall, as they turned to look in his direction. The words of the manager, "Second door to the right," came floating to his ears. "For cripels sake, I got to get out of here with this ice," he barked at the girl, rushing back into the room. "Lock that door, quickly!" You stay here and stall 'em off. They donlt know you. Here, you'll need some dough, if I got any!" He fingered his pockets feverishly for his wallet. "Must of misplaced it," he muttered. 'Tm Hat busted anyway. So long." He started for the fire escape. There were sounds on the carpet outside. A dull knock sounded on the door. "Sandy!" the girl was crying. "You said you would never leave me like this again!" Another knock on the door stabbed through the room. Sandy jumped for the fire escape. "Go open the door." "All right, Sandy." The girl wasn't crying any more. 'This time it's for good. Don't bother to come back because I won't be here!" Sandy half heard the words as he sprang to the street. He broke into a run on hitting the sidewalk. Suddenly he checked himself. He glanced at the apartment. The girl was coming down the iire-escape with her grip. Twenty-three Sandy cursed softly as he bounded for the yards. The West Bound Express was backing up for a start when he sighted it. Sandy stood panting on the tracks. He scanned the yards and made for a grain car. "Hey, off the tracksl' a voice came to him from behind. A burly brakeman was standing a couple of cars down. Sandy moved down a ways. There was a lurch in the cars beside him, and the train started to roll. Sandy sped up as he headed for the grain car. The brakeman ran up behind him: "I said get off the tracks." Sandy smacked the brakeman again the moving car and let him bounce off on the ground. Two others started after him as he raced down the tracks. He was breathing hard. A policeman joined the other two. Sandy jumped for the railing. His hands gripped the bars. He pulled himself up and toppled into the car. The West Bound Express was moving fast now. Sandy rolled over in the corner on his stomach, breathing convulsively. Pk Pls Dk In the dingy foyer of the Mason-Arms Apts. a big man in an overcoat and hat walked up to the managerls door and rang the bell. The door open- edg "Yes?" "I guess no one is in," he said. "When Mr. McKay comes in, will you give him this wallet. I found it in the telephone booth at the corner drug- store. He must have misplaced it. Good day." I Am Young I am very young My life is very unimportant now. Everybody is talking about grave matters, important things- I am too young to be included in the conversation. My life has been made of small things- Recl shoes and ballet tlancers and small white flowers are all mixerl up in my life. Organtly curtains are important to me. I sway to music that no one hears. Let them discuss their grave matters. I will make a wish on the first star Anil smile at the first white flower. Twenty-four Sport Highlights . . . By HENRY GOLDSTEIN Observations Made At Random: fFor location of RANDOM, we suggest you use the nearest Atlasj Basketball referees in the P.S.A.L. cir- cuit next year ought to lead Utopian lives, for after many years of hard work, trustee Suey Feit is getting out on good behavior. Charley Grohsberger is certainly mak- ing those critics who chided him unfairly about his indoor track performances sit up and take notice . . . Charley's brilliant outdoor work thus far has more than olf- set his disappointing work on the pine boards . . . However, not many people know that Grohsberger was suffering se- verely from stomach trouble during the entire indoor season. We've also had a decided predilection for a lithe young chappie named Wenger. "Juicy,', as his teammates have affection- ately dubbed him, has, it seems, shattered a few important records lately. We even hear that civic leaders are thinking of erecting a monument to the Corley Island Tornado, right in the middle of Mermaid Avenue. Bernie Kupferschrnidt seems set for the captaincy of the basketball team next term, and that reminds us-We under- stand that "Coop" and Johnny De Mare have been "a-feudin"' a bit, and had a little seance in the gym after school, one day, beating their respective brains out. Come, come, lads! That's not the kind of spirit that will Win ball games! We hear Joe Labate, the Dodger scout, has been giving Big Joe Foppiani the old "Slobodka." Lenny Mormando is already on the Dodgers' payroll down at the Bums' farm in Johnstown, Pa., after his sparkling coverage of the hot corner last year. Since Coach Abe Warchaiser's sparsity of cranial vegetation has never yet been accurately accounted for, we thought we'd try to disseminate light on the subject. Mr. W.,s energies were so depleted and his patience at such a low ebb because of the futility of his football charges, that the grey hairs that graced his cere- brum, started to do nip-ups and departed from their roots. Well, that's about all for now, chillun! We trust we have not tickled your risibil- ities to any great extent with this idle banter, so like the altruistic little souls that we are, we'll take it on the lammy. TRACK lt is a foregone conclusion that this term's track team is the greatest to grace the cinders and the pine boards since the lush days of Barney Hyman. Concrete evidence of this is the fine performance of Coach Browne's mercury-gaited contin- gent throughout the indoor season. After the Dickinson meet, scheduled for the Jersey City Armory, was postponed, fthe Army had priorities on the use of the Armoryl, the Green and White spiked shoe brigade fought into a fourth place tie with Bryant, Morris, and Boys, at the City P. S. A. L. Indoor Championships at the Garden. In this meet, Utrecht's modern proto- type of Buck Rogers, Justin "Juicy" Wen- ger Hew down the runway in the record- eclipsing time of 6:4 seconds, with team- mate Eddie Friedman close on his heels. It took a P. S. A. L. Games Committee a number of weeks to ascertain the true Twenty-jive facts about Mount Saint Michaels' phoney win in the Stuyvesant-Manual Meet. The "Mikes" had used an ineligible chap by the name of Kleist in the novice high jump event, which provided the Bronx School with the winning margin of vic- tory over Utrecht and Loughlin, dead- locked at twenty-two points apiece. At the P. S. A. L. Committee's hearing, these facts were unearthed and Utrecht was awarded first place over Loughlin on the basis of more first places. The big story in this meet was the one two three finish in the 60 yard dash with Wenger, Katzman and Friedman running in that order. This, if we remember cor- rectly our track history, marks a prece- dent. In the IC4A Metropolitan Champion- ships staged at the Coliseum, the lk mile medley relay of Wenger, Katzman, Grohs- berger and Badenhop, speeded to victory, but, unfortunately, in the IC4A's at the Garden in a special afternoon event for public schools, the usually reliable Grohs- berger dropped the baton, and this relay was beaten. In the Catholic Invitation meet, the identical thing happened to Wenger, and as a result, the Green and pt S3551 H ,:-. - 1 ,A V 'V , 'F ' - - , I -sl , . - E I N Xa : J! , E, L p , E. I 4 1 t I W - is .3 , ,,, I T I ljlili ,V,, . I ,i'i f White's 880 quartet was also trimmed. Following the pattern they set during the indoor season, the Utrecht trackmen swept their first three outdoor engage- ments, dual meets with Newtown, Lincoln, and Brooklyn Tech, by one-sided margins. In the outdoor curtain raiser on April 21, Coach Browne's "cinder-ellas" wrote a major accomplishment into the books Twenty-Jix when they trounced a highly-touted New- town foe, 65-48, at Elmhurst. The Newtown boys had been undefeated in a period of ten years in their own back yard, and their ego was considerably de- flated, when the Green and White Mercury- men started to get hot. Utrecht captured nine out of fourteen events, sparked by Justin Wenger, Charley Grohsberger and Captain Normy Katzman among others. Wenger ran away with the 220, clocked in 2228, and as evidence of his versatility, the lean Utrecht ace com- peted for the first time in actual compe- tion in the running broad jump. He fin- ished second, too, with a leap of 19 feet l01f2 inches. Charley Grohsberger, in the best shape he'd been in all year, won the 440 hands down in the time of 5125. Charley beat Modesto Sarno, Newtown's quarter mile ace in this event. Sarno, incidentally, finished third in the P. S. A. L. meet at the Garden during the in- door season. The other two meets were complete romps, Lincoln being tripped 53-41, and the Technical school flattened 69-21. At this writing, the Brooklyn, City and Novice Champs and the Brooklyn Auto- motive, Schenectady and Boys High meets are still to be held. Whatever the outcome of these meets fand they augur well to be hotly contestedi it should be reiterated that this has been a gala year for Ut- recht track partisans. This year, Captain Normy Katzman, Charley Grohsberger, Billy Williams, and Al Mancusi, to mention a few, will exit from these portals. Katzman has been a consistent performer all year, and a fine leader. We've already extolled Grohsberg- er's ability, and his fine comeback after a slow start in the indoor season. Wil- liams, perhaps the most under-rated man on the squad, has long merited verbal bouquets. The quiet self-effacing blonde sprinter has run brilliantly, and if not for the publicity that teammate, Justin Wenger has received Cand deservedly soj, Billy would be up there in the limelight. Mancusi has capably filled the shot put post which has long been traditional at Utrecht. Next year, Coach Browne will have Jus- tin Wenger, Eddie Friedman, Joe McClel- lan, Jack Badenhop and others back in harness, plus Pete Caldora, and that should be a sufiicient nucleus for another fine track team. FOOTBALL By KEN KRONMAN Along about the middle of this term, came the announcement that football was being suspended at New Utrecht. Natural- ly, this move was to cause a few irate individuals to beef vehemently, and clamor for its immediate return. However, the Health Education Depart- ment released a number of reasons for the shelving of football. The first and obviously the most important was the lack of G. O. funds needed to carry on the sport. The previous season showed a S350 deficit on the money returned by football. Secondly, the lack of aihome field, forc- ing the school to play its games at Brook- lyn College or Lincoln Field necessitated the payment of a sizable amount of cash for the use of these fields. Third, the mediocre caliber of recent teams forced a decline in attendance at the gate, and students began to assume an extremely indifferent attitude toward the sport. Coach Vifarchaiser has kindly offered his services to an intramural football program, but the success or failure of that program will rest on one thing: student support of other varsity sports. Track, basketball, and baseball may suf- fer the same fate as football unless this support is achieved. iVe repeat, intramural programs are de- pendent upon the success of the varsity sports, for it is only when the latter are successful, that intramurals can be prop- erly financed. DIAMOND DUST By BOB SPIRO Lenny Bernstein looked like a sure thing for the right field picket post, but, unfor- tunately, a pulled tendon in his right leg sidetracked him for the season. Bernstein managed to play in the final game of the season . . . Dodger scout Joe LaBate had a look-see at the Utrecht nine. LaBate had his good eye trained on hurler Joe Foppiani . . . Abe Bilder was an energetic bullpen catcher and should develop into Coach Felcher's number one backstop next sea- son . . . Itis quite unusual for a third baseman to bean a player but Captain Sol Fried- man accidentally beaned Larry Ciaffone sliding into the plate . . . A word of thanks to baseball managers Lombardi, Gulino, Varrone, and Bonne- quero . . . Joe Trotta, Utrecht's former all-scholas- tic shortstop, practiced with the team be- fore leaving for Quebec to start the sea- son there . . . Lou Trotta CJoe's brotherj and Joe Brancatelli shared duty around the key- stone sack. BASKETBALL By Mon ROKEACH Erasmus eliminated New Utrecht from a berth in the Divisional Championship playoffs for the second consecutive year, as Al Badain's scrappy Buff and Blue quintet came from behind to triumph in the closing minute of play, 45-43. The Green and White disregarding 3-1 odds, copped a thrilling 31-29 upset-Win in Madison Square Garden, December 20, thus avenging last year's triumph by Erasmus which also eliminated Utrecht as a championship contender. Spearheading the Green's attack was Captain Larry Jacobson whose 112 points enabled him to capture runner-up laurels in the scoring department in Brooklyn Division 2. i Utrecht suffered two crushing defeats at the hands of Madison. The initial con- test set a precedent in that it was the first sporting event in the history of the United States to be postponed because of an air raid alert. The alarm was a phoney but Madison's bombardment of the basket proved to be quite a reality. The Black and Gold tri- Twenty-Jevefz Umphed 37-29 and gave a repeat perform- ance on February 3, when it annihilated the Bensonhurst quintet, 40-19, at the Highwaymen's court. Jimmy Moscowitz's lads humiliated our twine-swishers by chalking up 30 points in the second half, while limiting the Green and White to a mere 3 points. Lafayette, playing inspired ball, led an overconfident Green and White contingent throughout most of the contest, before finally bowing to a more seasoned Utrecht quintet, 43-41 on February 20. Jacobson's 19 points paced the victors. However, the winning marker came on Bernie Sugarman's lay-up, after the lanky star sunk a pivot, tying the score at 40 apiece. Normie Mager, Lafayette forward, gave Utrecht partisans the jitters as he regis- tered 10 consecutive points in an unin- terrupted scoring splurge before being forced out of the game on fouls. Coach Ross' five then proceeded to romp over Lincoln, 64-34, in the season's finale. Highlighting the contest was Jacobson's scoring of 22 points, the highest totaled by a Utrecht player in a single encounter. "Jumbo" Stenzi successfully brought a four-year playing career to a close by tallying 17 points. New Utrecht's quintet terminated the season with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, which gave it third place in the P.S.A.L. Division 2 standings. FENCING By GUNTHER WERTHEIMER The 1942 Fencing season was a bitter pill for the coach and the team alike. Although the season began auspiciously, Tw elziy-eight the championship hopes entertained by the squad did not materialize. It seems to us that the greater part of the blame for our low fifth place stand- ing must be absorbed by Captain Jerry D'Alessio and by the number two man, Philip Alba. A clean split of fourteen bouts for D'Alessio and eight losses and six victories for Alba certainly did not speak well for their prowess, although D'Alessio's second place in the City-wide champonships and both of them Form being invited to the Individual Champion- ships seems to point towards a different conclusion. Jack Oldstein with a record of just one defeat out of ten starts, showed a most commendable spirit throughout the season, together with Herbie Kaufman, Justin Cammaleri, and Mario Abatte. The first three matches with Clinton, Port Richmond and Lafayette were push- overs for the Green and White. However, these victories proved too much for the Utrecht fencers and over- confidence brought an ill-deserved defeat at the hands of Townsend Harris, at a score of seven to five. The following three weeks saw the Var- sity beaten by a strong Bayside aggrega- tion, seven to five, and a tie scored against the second team by the Bronx High School of Science. Lincoln's championship team scored an 8-4 victory in a hotly-contested battle as indicated by the individual 5-4 scores. The swordsmen wrote finis to the season with a 7-5 win over the second place Madison team. Mr. Mirelman's excellent coaching has readied next term's team in such a man- ner as to be fairly confident of success. XX The Seniors Twefzty-nine NAME Anderson Antieri Aronson Bernstein Blatt D'Alessio Ezorsky Fisher Gold Gross Grossman Grumbach Hacker Hoenig Isaacson Jacobson Katz Katzman Kaufman Levochi Lipson Margarette Reich Reilly Rinaldi Rosalie Schlacter Schwartz Sobel Stenzi Weiss Wexler wt Il Utafeclnds Pest and Worst Bob Sal Lucius Renee Irving Jerry Smokey Delly Anita Evelyn Ernie Mel B otch Hal Rose Larry Elaine Normie Jerry Marie Leo Ruth , Lorraine Jimmy Helen Michael Ernie Shirley Lorraine Jumbo Gladys Bevie cheerful likeable changeable delovely timely punchy babbely cute delightful like sugar dynamic A lovable lugubrious all-around rosy improved versatile fiery bossy CGHQPPYV' genius quiet rationed swell tops quiet drooling out of this world rich and mellow ? angelic swell SHOULD BE orator policeman president located quiz-kid a 4th musketeer extinguished loved in love lend-leased duplicated fit to print sat on elected First Lady graduated circulated bolder censored married Einstein Jr. an athlete in classes in uniform Hall of Fame known fed appreciated wealthy in the pen unwound in Senate WORST CRIME Pres. of School Service Squad NUHS Sec. of Sen. Class Arista Fencing Sloppy-COPY Want ad G. O. Secretary diets Feature Page Front Page MWhat a Lifei' Football Arista All-Scholastic Tabulations Best Athlete, Orchestra Lindy Hop Math. Team G.A.L.S. Cockney Accent 'GT icali' YP uGirl Scholari' '4Popular Boyl' History Homework Senior Class Treasurer of G.O. Basketball Flute History WEAKNESS Oratory Cigars Wide Suspenders Nephews Zoot-Suit Figures? Arista? Sigh! Dates fin Historyl Food Anita G. Crew-Cuts Jokes Marsha G. George Mr. Grubnick Ballet Track Team Kaufman Willie Vice-Pres. Sen. Cl. Averages Clothes Chop! Chop! Gary Cooper Unknown Richmond 6'Really', Rings t Les Femmes Eddie Mr. Jacobs Senior Cabinet , , 1 MR. REINER Tbirty- K WWH f X ff' fea,lt111estQjiE?gf'Zl'lnHells A 9, , 9 Q A anceznllyffll K Qi' in Q 4' Q' , 50 G bfjldget GAXCQQQH G 6, 320 ' da f , ro Congress Lines A 0 ,559067 og X IN X5 00 0 IJ? f fu 55 FINYTJJFLJJ 152, Oiieri, G' AO' 2 fa' .DEFMMV N3 . naff rfb NN ff yxfgxmmx Pe. ,SG W 6 if L NATEZURSTRQUQZZECI X? 0 0 flf fr, 0 EM Q' S, CRA - , ,EQQISIIIUS TEAMINDEBUT. , gf C? Q efiwp Sbuiebaffr 'WB S 5 N Ive I 00,6 ea Wlrlllllll Nr Q G , 11 -2111. II: 111 , J Q Q ag lf? 4 f ff I1-?I'1II11.a?Q -W 5mw?j1 Erajlpbts Q 5 A u PIA. 'A ' Q Q S ' 011111 Q13 E. K5 xi Q 'S . ee V1 I 9 N N? 5 Utrechtis Gctflry Pafadrei I E bg gk- ? 1' 63 1 1' I5 Q 9 5 Utrecht TIE S GXOVV is t , ef VP l st Pl HH f ' 1 f El " A 0 ' xx Pegnnzfg n I. N' 5 ifer 1, W f 5,3 969,19 pc 63 199 IQ Q Yydxxs if F861 0 0 1 YSQ 0 X D0 GXQLQB QOUNCRJ YRESL1' lIld001'NgW'0Wq f TER' FSTE - Aff 'I 5, ea 61 9 1' il ' 0 Zi 13f,fz2:,ff.:',:f'5,,'if TR CK E 5 Qisffi' Will and Testament Wife, the senior class of june, 1942, having duly complied with the exist- ing laws and statutes set forth by our most blessed and sacred government, namely the assailing of various examinations and certain prescribed subjects, do in a manner acknowledged by previous scribes, betake upon ourselves the unwholesome duty of bequeathing certain objects, which along with the dregs of our high school career we leave to those unfortunates inscribed below after which they are to be painstakingly deposited in the nearest ashcan. To Dr. Ryan we leave a box of pipe cleaners, contributed by the long suffering faculty and student body of New Utrecht. To Dr. Lieberman we leave Lana Turner for purposes of morale during air raid drills. To Mr. Serwer we leave the fragrant memory of two achievements of major proportion, the infant genius that doth now grace his household and the never-to-be-forgotten Victory Parade. To Dr. Mins we leave one bottle of throat gargle and a book of singing lessons. To Mr. Schlakman we leave the emaciated bodies of the Comet editors who dropped dead of exhaustion and overwork on the doorstep of the Eastern Printing Company. We leave the matron on the second floor still casting amorous glances at the elevator man. To the NUHS office we leave a mouse trap. To the Microscopy Club we leave a member. The Deans we leave. j Party of the Eirst Part Party of the Second Part THE LITERARY EDITORS THE SENIOR EDITORS Party of the Umpteenth Part THE SENIOR CLASS Thirty-1ffa1'ee BLOSSOM AARONS I l952-77th Street. Gym Squad, Grade Ad- visers' Office. It's too had but it's true, I can't knock you. lERRY ACKERMAN 8420-20th Avenue. Health Ed. Squad, Service Squad, Prefect President. A sport, a scholar thru and thru. But best of all, a "Casanova" too. BETTY ADLER 3819-l5th Avenue. With a comb and mirror she's out to lick the world. HARRIET ADLER l934-64th Street. Lunch Room Squad, First Aid Squad, Attendance Office. No fair! She's got a double dose of dimples. AMES AMBROSINI 7313-13th Avenue. Hockey Team, Baseball Team, Service Squad. He had pep, he had steam, But only with the baseball team. ROBERT ANDERSON ll37-76th Street. Pres. of G.O., Vice-Pres. of G.O., Pres. of Protestant Club. The Golden Boy. MICHAEL ANGELICA 1639-82nd Street. Orchestra. A swell fellow. SALVATORE ANTIERI 1743-76th Street. President and Captain of Service Squad. The fellow with the mellow voice that just charms the senoritas. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 STEPHANIE ADLER l53O--52nd Street Annex Lunch Room Squad, Girls Gym Office Squad. A dancing Miss. SELMA AI-IL ll8U-Slst Street. Lunch Room Squad. Merry, happy always gay, Wears a pleasant smile each day. ESTHER ALEXANDER 2025-78th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Study Hall Squad. Good things come in small bundles. PHILIP ALGOZZINI l874-West Sth Street. Football Team CCO-Captainl. "Why don't you play foot- ball?" he asked, hobbling on a broken foot. kv STANLEY APFEL 864-49th Street. Library Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Annex Newspaper. "Times, Times, Please buy a Times, Come on kids, where are your dimes?" IOHN ARAKELEAN Good old Iohn. 3l8-39th Street. Service Squad. MARIE ARCADIPANE N l75O-77th Street. Office Work, Service Squad. She likes 'em short, she likes 'ern tall, She likes them any way at all. ATALIE AROND 5505-llth Avenue. Band, Orchestra, Program Committee. Utrechfs gift to the music ,world. l420-44th Street. L- W Sv 'V DEGUIDA ASSUNTO LORRAINE BARBIERI Service Squad. Most likely to succeed. EMMY LOU ATKINSON 8502-20th Avenue. Vice-Pres. of Madrigal So- ciety, Band, Eco. Office Squad. Musically inclined and sweetness combined- IRWIN AUERBACH l67l-46th Street. Defense Stamp Repfesema' tive. It's not the questions that bother him-it's the answers. GERALD AVRUCH l224-4lst Street. English Bookroom, Service Squad. He's no "Chesterfield"-but he's mild and satisfies. EVELYN ARONSON 392 East 4th Street. Administrative Office, Lunch Room Squad, Swimming Club. One nice girl. LILLIAN ARONSON 4316-l5tl'i Avenue. General Office, Secretary in Prefect, Attendance Monitor. Where'd you get those rosy lips? MARVIN LUCIUS ARONSON 1466-46th Street. Editor-in-Chief of Utrecht NUHS, Associate Editor of Comet, Student Editor of Victory Parade, Iournal. Lucius sure is luscious. MINNIE ASHKINAZY 1721-54th Street. Grade Advisers Squad. She doesn't say much-so neither can I. COMET I JUNE 1 9 4 2 - CLARA BAILIN 4406-l6th Avenue. Office Squad. The teachers' delight??? LIVIA BALDASSARRE l64l-7lst Street. Annex Library. She's got ar heart throb- but he's in the Army. HARRIET BALSAM 4802-l2th Avenue. Sorores Ludorurn, Grade Advisers' Squad, Senior Cabinet. The exception to the "Gen- tlemen Prefer Blondes" rule. ROBERT BARBERO 582-39th Street. "This is ridiculous, some- one's made a horrible mis- take!" ,.,.., Y Y. 1 1623-77th Street. Accounting Office Squad, Girls' Pool Squad, Girls' Swimming Team. To know her is to love her -especially if you're that certain "guy!" ALBERT BARTOLOMA 1335-43rd Street. A boy of the quiet kind, A knock for him is hard to find. LIBORIO BARTOLOTTA l556-79th Street. Service Squad. Ambition: Doctor. After two days in the hospital he'll take a turn for the nurse. LILLIAN BASSMAN l322-44th Street. Library Squad. Lillian is so very gay. That she makes friends every day. ff' 5 Ihr , f ALICE BAUMEL 53l5-l5th Avenue. Girl's Dean's Office Squad, Service Squad, Hebrew Club. A brilliant mind. She's one of a kind. CHARLES BAYLISS 957-58th Street. Math Tutoring Squad. Always full of fun. LEON BEAR l7Ol-West 3rd Street. Service Squad, Sr. Arista, NUHS Representative. Steady talker. ROBERT BECK 5617-12th Avenue. Band. A square shooter-a swell fellow. CLAIRE BERKOWITZ ll39-53rd Street. Eng. Office Squad fCapt.D, Dean's Office, Sten. Speed Club. To nice to knock. MEL BERKOWITZ 2l28-82nd Street. Sr. Captain of Mimeograph Squad, Sr. Arista. It's about time we had an Arista man in the book. NORMAN BERGER lO64-7Utl'1 Street. Band, Orchestra, Dean's Squad. As Victor Herbert would say, "A gift to the musical world." SOLOMON BERGER 5ll5-l3th Avenue. Service Squad. "Bugs" is one swell guy! COMET JUNE 1 9 4. 2 ' THELMA BECKENSTEIN CHARLES BERMAN 2l24-62nd Street. l545 Marine Parkway. Here's a hammer-knock lr. Arista, Sr. Arista, Pro- yourself. gram Committee CCapt.J ROSALYN BEER l739-63rd Street. Sten Office Squad, History Office Squad. Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you. DIANA BELASCO 1556-53rd Street. Annex Attendance Office, Annex Service Squad. She's ready at any time to do anything for anybody. NATHAN BELOSTOCK 4820-l3th Avenue. Service Squad, Baseball Team. A good sport - a regular guy. Well-Napoleon was a little QUY- IRWIN BERMAN l876-58th Street. Biology Squad. Quiet and dreamy. RUTH BERMAN l733--52nd Street. Lunch Room Squad. Not too fast, not too slow. The type you like to know. DOROTHY BERNSTEIN l2U3-86th Street. Biology Office. A great day dreamer-she still isn't awake. ,ps DOROTHY BIANCARDI l953-84th Street. Program Office, Sr. Cabinet, Dean's Office. Carrot top. EDITH BIEBER 1850-52nd Street. Student Editor of School Calendar, Arista, Dean's Office. All the boys have Bieber "Lieber". ISAAC BIGEL 532l-l3tl'1 Avenue. Service Squad. Quiet and shy: but a regu- lar guy. IOSEPH BILLECI l824-84th Street. Service Squad. I He's another Service Squad fiend. 1042-50th Street. he isn't finished yet. RENEE BERNSTEIN l259-48th Street. . Cabinet, P.T. Staff. HAROLD BESSELL 926-47th Street. Congress. 9' help "lick" the laps! ' a PATSY BEVILACQUA l523-78th Street. President of Class. him day and night. l COMET f JUNE 1942 HENRY BIORNSEN 757-46th Street. He's just happy he's grad- uating. ALFRED BIANCATO 8612-l8th Avenue. Sr. Arista, Math Tutoring, Hall Patrol. The "punctuation kid"-he's still in a comma. IRVING BLATT l447-52nd Street. Leader of Sr. Arista, Leader of Ir, Arista, Captain of Boys' Dean's Squad. He holds a filibuster every day in Chem. class. He also can disprove Einstein's theory. ' HAROLD BLAWEISS 2074-60th Street. Service Squad. , He does nothing in particu- lar-but he does it well. English Tutoring, Service Squad, Auditorium Squad f He's a selt-made man-but NUHS Staff, Sec. of Senior Like the A.A.A.-Able, Am- bitious and Attractive. Service Squad, Pan-Ameri- can Club, Defense Stamp He's doin all he can to MARVIN BERNSTEIN MELVIN BIRENBACH 2133-79th Street. Soccer Team, Track Squad, Football Squad. Mel Ott, Mel Hein-and Mel Birenbach! A ' BELLA BISTRITZKY l538-47th Street. Math Team, Math Club, Grade Advisers' Squad. Einstein and Bistritzky - Brains, Inc. BETTY BITTAN ll28-48th Street. NUHS Feature Staff, Girls' Dean's Office, Victory Pa- rade Representative. Versatile, vivacious and vivicl. Teachers Secretary, Vice- FLORENCE BITTER l7l9-67th Street. The thought of Eco. pursues Social Squad. Repeat the question. please. vs, 5 'Wx FRANCES BLOCK 53l8-l8tl'1 Avenue. Assistant to Mrs. Lewis, Office Squad. Why men go nuts! LAWRENCE BLOCK 4600-9th Avenue. Latin Office Squad, Latin Nuntius Rornanus CAssistant Editorl, NUHS Staff. Larry's hobby is raising turtles. SELMA BLOOM 8693 Bay Parkway. Like a Chesterfield - She Satisfies! ALFRED BLUEWEISS 953-59th Street. Pan-American Club. He had nothing to do, so he did it at Utrecht. I I I 4 l 145 f y ,Aw SHIRLEY BOOK 6911-lgth Avenue. History Office. Isn't she delicious! MURRAY BORSON 5701-l5th Avenue. The only service he did for his school was to graduate. RITA BOSKIN lll9 Ocean View Avenue. Sr. Arista, Boys' and Girls' Deans Squad, Office. None is sweeter or neater than Rita. Spanish EMILIO BOZZO l42l-7Cth Street. The way oi all flesh . . COMET JUNE i 1942 Q ARNOLD BOAS 8100 Bay Parkway. Sr. Arista, Math and Latin Tutor, Latin and Math Newspapers. If brains were dynamite, he'd blow-the world to bits. NEAL BOENZI l274-64th Street. Bookroorn Squad, Serv.ce Squad. Smart as they come. LOUIS BONACCI l532-6lst Street. Service Squad. Starts and ends the with a smile. HUGO BONAGURA i438-83rd Street. Sr. Cabinet, Madrigal So- ciety, Service Squad. Beware girls!-she's jealous. pw gk WILLIAM BRAFMAN 1347-48th Street. Mirneograph Squad. A rolling stone gathers no moss - so she sleeps all day. MURRAY BRAVIN 1342 Ocean Parkway. Service Squad. God's gift to womankind: Please refund! SEYMOUR BRAYMAN l977-7lst Street. Too busy growing to do day anything else. PAUL BREGMAN 5100-l5tl'i Avenue. English Bcokroorn Squad, NUHS Staff, Sr. Arista. Uses words like Webster and has a head like Clay. ROBERT BRUNNER FRANCES CAPPELLO 673-75th Street. 722l-l7th Avenue. Football, Service Squad. Boys' Deqyfs Office' Pro- New Utrecht's gift to the gram Committee. COC-lst Guard- Line forms to the right, boys. SALVATORE BRUNO 6812-llilfl AVENUE. FRANK CAPPOZZI Service Squad iLieuf'l' He's a regular fellow. A swell guy! IOSEPH CARATALO LAWRENCE BUNSICK 77l8-l5th Avenue. 450 Eggf 18th Street, Stair Guard, Library Moni- Senior Band, Swing Band. tor. Hopes to become a second The finest fellow one could Benny Goodman! kI1OW- ANGELA CALABRESE ANTHONY CARBONE l349-66th Street. 7220-17th AVGUUS- Gym Office Squad. Swimming Squad.. I If you need a friend, here W'hy Mr. Cowan is getting is one you can depend on. gray. -1 .... , - MURRAY BRENNER 1850-76th Street. Orchestra, Band. If we knock him, he'll feel slighted. If we boost him, he'll get conceited. So we'll remain neutral. SAM BRICK 52Ol Ft. Hamilton Parkway. Service Squad, Track Team. Service squad here, service squad there, here a service, there a service, everywhere a service, service-phew! DONALD BROGGINI 837-55th Street. Biology, Physics Tutoring, Math Tutoring, Field and Lab. Mathematics. Captain of the Clouds. GLORIA BROWN 8419-l9th Avenue. Cutting Committee, Swim- ming Club. Like "Luckies"-she's neither harsh nor irritating. t E Q UWET l JUNE t 1942 ,1- MARY CALDAROLA i875-86th Street. Always frank and tactful too, We extend our congratula- tions to you. MARION CAMPAGNA 1314-43rd Street. Administrative Office Squad, italian Club, Press Club. New Utrecht will miss her -but not vice versa. MICHAEL CAMPIONE l449-66th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Hall Patrol Squad. Whenever you see him he needs a shave. PAUL GERARD CANTOR 5201-l4th Avenue. Cheering Squad tCo-Capt.J, Paper Defense Squad, Band. Sleeping is easy, moving is hard, Except when he's out with the cheering squad. ROBERT CARBONE ROBERT CAVALLARO 1861-55th Street. Service Squad. A little quiet but a swell guy. SHIRLEY CARDON 3001 West 29th Street. NUI-IS Staff, Dramatic So- ciety, Service Squad. Hollywood, here I come! FIORVANTI CARLINO 1052-40th Street. Why be so modest? ismegood looking as they JOHN CHIARELLO MICHAEL CARTER 8010-l5th Avenue. 1630-76th Street. Service Squad. The only service he did for Some fellows pursue learn- Utrecht was to graduate. 3124-l4th Avenue. Library Squad, Chess Team, Health Ed. Squad. A walking Webster's Un- abridged Dictionary. IENNIE CHANOVER 7412-18th Avenue. Program Office, Chaminade, Girls' Dean's Office. To know her is to love her. MARVIN CHERPAKOV 952-57th Street. Band, Service Squad. ing but he'll learn pursuing. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 i l255-69th Street. Sten. Office, Gym Office. What a secretary! WALTER CARUSO 1275-80th Street. ltalian Office Squad CCapt.D, Fencing Squad. Any man with such a brain, will crave a niche in the Hall of Fame. BENEDETTO CASCIO 1651-85th Street. Book Room Squad, Service Squad. Bene means good and that Benedetto is. ANTHONY CANGIALOSI 7122-15th Avenue. Service Squad. Slow and steady wins the race. NORA CARUSO SAVERID CHIFARI 5916-New Utrecht Avenue. Chamber of Commerce Club, Eco. Bqok Room Squad, Service Squad. Where there's work to be done, he's yelling-for none. MARY CHISARI l85l-70th Street. Accounting Book Room, Sec- retary to Miss Shea. What would Mr. Mandel do without you? DANIEL CHRISTIE 829-50th Street. Speech is silver: silence is gclden. FRANK CIPOLLA l435-66th Street. Guard, Who's got the homework? 1818-79'th Street. Auditorium Squad, Physics Tutoring Squad. When he pays attention, he wants change. HARRIET COHEN l845-82nd Street. English Book Room Squad, Class President and Secre- tary, Grade Advisers' Office Squad. Little, but oh my! , HELEN COHEN 3570-l2th Avenue. Swimming Squad, History Office, Dean's Office. A bright-eyed blonde, Of whom we are all fond. HERBERT COHEN H568-58th Street. Library Squad, English Book Boom, Service Squad. History dates are so confus- ing, Outside dates are so amus- ing. 1848-55th Street. IOSEPHINE CIULLA 1828-Benson Avenue. IOSEPH CLEMENTE l748-64th Street. HAROLD COHEN ROSLYN COHEN l623-48th Street. She's growing up. SHIRLEY COHEN Service Squad, Biology Squad, Gym Squad. "Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you." CThat's his motto.l PAULA COGAN ll23-l4th Street. Administrative Office Squad, French Office Squad. A sweet and charming Miss is she, Lively and peppy as you can see. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 ,1-....-.i. .-1 . 926-46th Street. Sten. Speed Club, Defense Council. Too nice to knock. TOBEL COHEN 4309-14th Avenue. English Office, Lunch Boom Squad, Economics Office. Full of pep and fun, And liked by everyone. WILLIAM COHEN l9B5-50th Street. Dramatics Society, Service Squad. Among his souvenirs of Utrecht: One ripe tomato! EDWARD CIRLIN IEROME COHEN l759-60th Street. BiO1OQY PTSD Cflfd, Swim- Although you don't know ming TGOITL MlCT0SCOl9Y him when he's there, you Club. miss him when he isn't. Steady but ready for any emergency. NATHAN COHEN l7l3-65th Street. Sec. of GO., Office Squad, A pity that She has ig go, lVlC1Cle All' Raid lI'1SlgI'liC1. An unusual name, and brain to match. PAULINE COHEN l9U7-60th Street. Secretary, Law Club, Sten- ography Club. Her one ambition is being achieved now. PHYLLIS COHEN 5llU-l9th Avenue. Seventh Form, Senior cab- inet. Heaven have mercy on this "angel's" patients. DOMENICK COIRO ll4l-50th Street. His mind is like airplanes- always soaring. VIVIAN COLASANTO l939-6lst Street. Calendar Squad, Class Pres- ident, Air Raid Emergency Squad. Different from most girls- she doesn't talk much C?J. ANN COLUCCI 8008-16th Avenue. Service Squad. As fine as the falling snow -and just as silent. MICHAEL COMITO l424-69th Street. His only service was to leave school. Why. girls go to New Utrecht. GILDA COSTANTINO 1625-64th Street. Too busy chasing the mas- culine sex to offer services. ELEANOR COSTONZA l934-78th Street. A charming girl and friend worthwhile. Who always greets you with a smile. ELEANOR CRUGNALE 1329-75th Street. Emergency Room Squad, Swimming Club, Member of G.A.L. She doesn't have much to say, But we certainly like her anyway. VIRGINIA CUCCIOLI 852-4lst Street. Emergency Room Squad, Swimming Squad, Library Squad. lust like sugar-sweet and refined. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 l3l7-78th Street. Service Squad, Baseball Team. A young man of the quiet kind, A knock for him is hard to find. HELEN COOPER l564-58th Street. FRANK CONDRERAS CARMINE D'AGOSTINO l7U4-76th Street. The only thing he got out of Utrecht was hirnselt. IERRY D'ALESSIO 1571-64th Street. Captain of Fencing' Team, Library Squad, Hebrew Bul- ' letin Squad, Attendance Office. It's nice to be natural, when ' you're naturally nice. ELEANOR COOPERBERG 930-50th Street. Senior Arista, Sten. Office, Grade Advisers' Office. She's got what it takes to succeed. LILLIAN CORN l573-48th Street. Attendance Office, Lunch Room Squad. A pleasant boost is her due, Her classmates like her-so would you. Service Squad. Another D'Artagnan. LILLIAN D'AMlCO 2l38-58th Street. Math Club, Lunch Room Squad, Grade Advisers' Squad. All the .boys are silly about that dilly filly. Lilly. LILY DANIELS H556-70th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Hall Squad, Sigma Eta Chi, Always ready with a smile to cheer you on. RUTH DEIFIK EDI 2074-62nd Street. Dean's Office, Law Club, Chamber of Commerce. Never quiet, never still, Of her you can't get your fill. VINCENT DEL GRECO l80l-69th Street. Spanish Office Squad, Class President, Library Squad. A nice fellow, but much too quiet. DOMINICK DeLOBENZO 7805-l8th Avenue. Perhaps no services for our school, Yet still in all, he's nobody's fool. IBIS DEL VECCHIO 13453-78th Street. Gym Office. Her first name describes her -sweet and pretty. TH DEUTSCH JEAN D'ANNUNZIO FRIEDA DEMEL 1157-60th Street. Secretarial Studies Squad, Pres. of Prefect, General Office Squad. If brains were electricity, she'd be a power house. LOUIS D'APUZZO l68l-65th Street. Service Squad, Gym, Book Room Squad. To knock myself is hard enough, To boost myself is twice as tough. ELEANORE D'AVANZO l479439th Street. Mr. Corenthal's pet - and one sweet gal. MILDRED DE GISE ll6O-56th Street. l73O-67th Street. Grade Advisers' Office, Sec. of Prefect Class. Frieda need never despair, Her enchanting giggle will get her there. QWhere?l ALFRED DENENBERG 7805-l9th Avenue. German Club, Grade Ad- visers' Squad, Sr. Editor. Ah! Taking these pictures reminds me of San Quentin! IRENE DESANTIS l68l-065th Street. Girls' Lunch Room, Study Hall Squad. Soft voice, a sweet smile, That's Irene all the while. IO ANN DESANTIS 2l27-58th Street. Program Office Squad. Sten. Club. Roses are red, violets are She's reliable and true, blue, And furthermore, a worker Sugar is sweet and Io Ann too. so are you. i i COMET I JUNE I 1 9 4, 2 ,...l1.1- -1 l47U-44th Street. Economics Office, Attend- ance Office, Grade Advisers' Squad. Simple and Sweet. LENA DEYESO l825-72nd Street. Grade Advisers' Office. A smile for all, a word to greet, We all agree that she is sweet. EVELYN DIAMOND l478-East 2nd Street. History Squad. Not too dumb, not too smart -just like everyone. MURRAY DIAMOND 5Ul4-9th Avenue. Attendance Checker. His laughter is as solid as his waistline. LOUIS DIBELLA CELIA DI MATTEO rs -'V" l55 Avenue U. Service Squad CCapt.D, Eng. Book Room Squad. Down the red flag-here comes the Marine reserve ANDREW DIBNER 7306--l7th Avenue. English Book Room fCapt.l, Sr. Band, Sr. Arista. A genius-pure and simple. DAVID R. DIBNER 7306-l7th Avenue. English Book Room CC:pE.l, Sr. Band, Sr. Cabinet. Has all the qualities ot be- ing a success in any field of endeavor. MARIO DI DIEGO l735-78th Street. Service Squad, Pres. of Pre- fect Class, Lunch Room Squad. Mario is just one swell per- son to know. I I 7701-l5th Avenue. Cutting Squad, Secretarial Studies Squad, Program Office. Iust gentle and demure. EMIL E. DISPENSA l93O-72nd Street. Football Team. Hollywood has its Clark Gable, France had Napoleon and New Utrecht-aw. I ran out of space! JACK DREHER 1357-46th Street. Service Squad, Class Presi- dent, English Office Squad. A quiet fellow we all like well. For him we have no faults to tell. DORIS DUNN Delectable. delightful. de- licious, delovely Doris. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 L DAN DI LEO 1 ELAINE DWORETZKY 7309-3rd Avenue. . Every day's a holiday. DOMINICK DI MAIO l4Ol-58th Street. -Fordham, watch out! ELIZABETH DI MAIO l675-83rd Street. Squad. everyone. FERDINAND DI MARIA 1356-78th Street. Team, Service Squad. mon, him. Service Squad, Dean's Of- fice Squad, Baseball Squad. He knew the answers here Girls' P.T. Squad, Library A heart with room for Football Team, Baseball He thinks he's another Har- This time the dream's on lB76-53rd Street. English Squad, Math Squad, Spanish Squad. Goes the way of all flesh- to Brooklyn College. SANTA EGITTO l7l8-76th Street. Elevator Squad, Swimming Squad, Chaminade-Madrigal. Santa's smile is worth a million. LILLIAN EHRLICH 7616-l8th Avenue. Senior Editor, Senior Rep., Vice-Pres. Sorores Ludorum, NUI-lS. What do they expect me to write about myself-l'm a swell kid! PEARL EICHEL l869-59th Street. Our future bacteriologist. BEATRICE EISNER 1762-65th Street. Sr. Arista, Spanish Office Squad, Inter-Club Council. She has goo-ci looks and startling wit. Has she got personality?- Boys she's it! CLAIRE ELSTER l674-58th Street. Dean's Office, G-.O. Office. Secretarial Squad. Attention! Bight dress! LEWIS ENGBER l626-66th Street. Service Squad CCGPUII Re' porter on NUHS, Madrigfll- It's not the questions that bother him, it's the answers. ARTHUR ESBITSKY 1246-55th Street. The reason WhY bafbefs go broke. ii CGMET - SHIRLEY EIDMAN 838-44th Street. Service Squad. A cute eyeful who is worth looking at. ' HARRIET EISENBERG 5702-llth Avenue. Lunch Room Squad, NUI-IS Circulation, Ir., Sr. Arista. Oh gosh! I'm at a loss for words Cfinallyl. SABINA EISENBERG 52Ul-l4th Avenue. tice Squad, German Club. Service Squad, English Of- ANTHONY I. ESPOSITO 1720-57th Street. Service Squad, Times Hep. He's keeping up with the "Times." ELENA ESPOSITO 5'7l6-l2th Avenue. Lunch Room Squad. It's not the questions that bother her, it's the answers. LOUIS A. ESPOSITO l853-63rd Street. Service Squad, Swimming, Biology Research Club. Not too fast and not too Call her Binky! slow, lust the type we like to know. f HELEN EISENSTADT X 1457-53rd Street. Math. Office Squad. VINCENT I. ESPOSITO X She doesn't have very much l284 Tabor Court. to say, But we like her anyway. 2 JUNE 1942 GERTRUDE EZORSKY l443-42nd Street. Editor-in-Chief of Comet, Copy Editor of NUHS, Sr. Arista. The inspiration for Tenny- son's "Babbling Brook." SALVATORE FALOTICO l34U-8Uth Street. Service Squad. Vlhat a hunk o' man he is! CLARA FARBER 1888-54th Street. Service Squad, English Of- fice. I Did you say Clara was quiet? ETHEL FARBOWICH l825-69th Street. Typist for Hertzlinger. A quiet Miss who will go far. Italian Squad. "Calling Dr. Esposito!" DOMINIC FARRUGGIO 1709-78th Street. Service Squad fCapt.l, Ital- ian Squad, Italian Choral in Pageant. Too bad the bell wakes him up. ROSE FAVIANA l7l6 Bay Ridge Parkway. General Office Squad, Sec- retarial Office Squad. She's no Chesterfield-but she's mild and satisfies. EDNA FEBO l2U9 Tabor Court. P.T. Office. I'm in a happy frame of mind. LILLIAN FEIT 937-48th Street. Boys' Dean's Squad, Library Squad, Sr. Editor. A winning smile, and a helping hand, A real good kid, I think she's grand. IOHN FERRARO l366-66th Street. An Army man. IOHN FERRELLI 6630 Wollaston Court. Service Squad. His wisdom is deep, too deep to come out. ELAINE FIALKA 4423-9th Avenue. Library Squad. A quiet girl we all like well, Of whom we have no faults to tell. ROSE FICANO 8418-l3th Avenue. Nice to know. ,. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 l SIDNEY FEIT RUTH FIGATNER 8l6-47th Street. Basketball Team, Track Team, Service Squad. If he knew his work as well as he does girls, he'd be O.K. HAROLD FEREN 45l8-llth Avenue. General Office Squad, Pro- grarn Committee, Madrigal. The fourth Musketeer. 1 CARMELA FERLA l84 Underhill Avenue. Charninade, Girls' Dean's Squad. Sweet and petite: the kind of person you'd like to meet. ' PEARL FERMAGLICH l4Ul-55th Street. General Office Squad, l8U Annex Newspaper, English Book Room Squad. Her gift to New Utrecht is a big smile. l727-53rd Street. Merry, happy, always gay, Wears a pleasant smile each day. ALBERT FINE 7319-l9th Avenue. Service Squad. Seen but never heard. IACK FINKELSTEIN l9l2-75th Street. Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad. He's still wondering how to keep the lunch room quiet. SYDELL FISHER QU2-47th Street. Library Squad, Bus. Mgr. of Cornet, NUHS Squad. Too hot to handle. IEROME FLOMEMDOBF 4503-l5th Avenue. Track Team. Rip Van Winkle slept too. PENI FORGOSH l932-75th Sireet. Gym Squad, Grade Ad- visers' Squad, German Club. Seldom seen and seldom heard, Why knock her and be absurd? LARRY FORRAY 2223-80th Street. Service Squad. Clothes makes the man. He sells the clothes-what does that make him? SHEPARD FORTGANG 1819-66th Street. Service Squad. Ready to speak it need arise, Willing to be silent other- wise. 9 BATHSHEVA FISHMAN 3 l4UO-5lst Street. Math Team, Hebrew Club, Q Pageant. ? She's got the green , eyes with that soft light. ' EVELYN FISHMAN l94'7-58th Street. Girls' Dean's Ottice. Her whole description is complete, With just one word and that is "Sweet". HERMAN FISHMAN l26l-49th Street. English Book Room CCapt.J, Paper Conservation Squad, Sr. Arista. He uses vaseline on his hair: that's why every- thing slips his mind. MORTON FLASCHEN w 5000-15th Avenue. Dean's Squad. Always smiling, gay and dependable, Everything about him is recommendable. COMET ' JUNE 1 9 4. 2 ,. Ll11- MARIGOLD I-'RANKEL 8201-l9tl'1 Avenue. French Bookroom Squad, Class Secretary, Program Committee. r Like "Camels"-She's mild: ' Like "Chesterfields" - she satisfies. Altogether she's a "Lucky Strike". ROSALIND FRANKEL l930-77th Street. Secretarial Squad, Program Committee. She had nothing to do so she did it at Utrecht. IRWIN I-'RIEDMAN i690-54th Street. Dean's Oitice Squad, Gym Clerk. I know I'm not handsome, but what's my opinion against 40.000 girls. LENORE FREEDMAN l947-7lst Street. Grade Advisers' Office, Pro- gram Committee. A wee bit quiet, a wee bit shy, 1 But when you know her- my oh my! IRVING FOX 2069-85th Street Service Squad, Ask him what he urday nights. does Sat- SHEILA FRACKMAN l459-5lst Street Reporter on NUHS, Sorores Ludorum, Boys' and Girls' Dean's Office Squads. Oi all the gifts she does possess, The best of them is friendli- ness. IRWIN FRANK ll48-52nd Street. How he loved those school days. IANET FRANK l95O-74th Street. lntirrnary, First Aid Squad, Math Ottice Squad. The kind of girl you can't forget. J 5 i AMD Sclcceeo ST uxeulv :ro - 6'IF'44f pirkktjiqlei acid, yw? THLaTe. zz.. I 5ALH6 8?-Sf X E ARF pam 'A TQ' Q -4--g..,.x.g 'N Tift 00 GTE WTTERBUGS 01,5 BE 1 Foam? dr HP 'A nic THES P15531 O WOZQNA I A A 'IZWJ ' f B' 4M1nHJ 5 FRMQNDLIE ov + 6-IRL ff 0 H H'ENFlE'fyy !'l' f?0y Q, 531 RL COMEDIAN' gov? + Gn-1 4. ACTOR HE HAS oc-I5 'THE UQEU -E-Jilx GOQD Q 5 onli V1-ff A55 051 PoPULA pf 6-IRL. 4- 807' I WY GIRL. SCHOLJRRS fo -E!-KTT 507' 4' SNIRL P0LlT1C1,qN 1 r T1 MELVIN FRIEDMAN l845-82nd Street. Biology Squad, P.'I'. Class Secretary. A swell fellow! SEYMOUR FRIEDMAN lO59-58th Street. Biology Squad, G.O. Cong- ress, Service Squad, Medi- cal Club. Why girls leave home- and then go home again. SOL FRIEDMAN 54l3-l8tl'1 Avenue. Baseball Team. Still selling Baseball But- tons? 1Uc PLEASE! ESTHER FREINDLICH l677-76th Street. Prefect Secretary, Secretary to Mrs. Lyons in Gym. Her marks are like fever- they run so high. 5 E ROSALIND FRUMIN lO35-53rd Street. Gym Squad, Dean's Squad, Infirmary Squad. Iust try to put one over on Rosy. GILBERT FUTTERMAN l76U-48th Street. Always ready and eager to do, We don't know a nicer fellow, do you? DANIEL GALGANO 6824-l6th Avenue. In a world of his own. WILLIAM GALKER 8206-3rd Avenue. Service Squad. Also from Utrecht? UWET JUNE 1942 - ELAINE FREUND MARION GALLO l34U-5Utl'1 Street. Traffic Squad, Program Or- ganization Otfice, Lunch Room Squad. Five feet two, lots of fun, What a girl for someone's son. BLOSSOM FROME . l92l-67th Street. Library Squad, Study Hall Squad. A quiet girl with a pleasing disposition. These are words that fit her description. MILDRED FRUCHT 1481-42nd Street. Sr. Arista, Secretarial Office, Accounting Office. An example of what the Arista stands for. PHIL FRUCHTMAN l25 Lenox Road. Ping Pong Team fCapt.l, Vice-Pres. of Prefect. Always put off for tomorrow what you can do today. l9Ol-66th Street. Madrigal, Music Squad. Secretary of the Madrgal. Mrs. .Marinello Without Mar- ian is like the Lone Ranger without Silver. ALFRED GANDLER l5SZ Ocean Avenue. Physics Squad, Chemisry Squad, English Book Room Squad. If brains were dynamite, he couldn't blow his nose. MARIAN GARBER 5015-l0th Avenue. Lunch Room Squad. A nice person in her Way, Hasn't very much to say. BLANCI-IE GARTER 1925-53rd Street. Grade Advisers' Squad, General Office Squad. In her simple quiet way, She progresses day by day. RICHARD GERBINO lUl5-69th Street. Lunch Room Squad. A swell guy! MARIE GIACOBBE 7724-l5th Avenue. Italian Club. Quiet. but oh! so nice. v'INCENT GILIBERTI l524-74th Street. Service Squad. What do I want to learn Economics for? Next week it will be different anyhow. SOL GILLMAN lU35-45th Street. Handball Team. With education I'm not at odds. But for graduation I thank the gods. ' MARIE GAUDIO DEATRICE GLASSER l433-85th Street. Service Squad, Emegency Room Squad KCap.J, First Aid Squad for Air Raid CCapt.J. Another Florence Nighting- gale in the making. EDWIN GEANDOMENICO l944-62nd Street. Service Squad. He comes from a good home, but he lost the ad- dress. ANGELA GERACE 6911-l4th Avenue. Service Squad, Vice-Prei., Secretary CAnneXl. Charming dark haired de- lovely. Future Steno. RUTH GERBER 2937-West 3lst Street. Main Office, Library Squad. Too nice to be knocked. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 l947-65th Street. Library Squad, Commercial Law Club, Class Secretary. A charming girl is hard to find. lt's best to keep Beattie in mind. ALMA GLUCK 5000-15th Avenue. Orchestra, Service Squad, Sec. of Sr. Class. Gluck-take off the "G" Alma. and may you have the rest always. THELMA GLUCKOWSKY 42lU-l5th Avenue. lnquiring Reporter on NUHS Staff, Class Secretary, Dra- matic Club. Dark and slender. And of the preferred gender. ROSE GOETZ 4123-9th Avenue. Spanish Office, Swimming Squad. A quiet girl we all like Well. ANITA GOLD l57l-52nd Street. Secretory of G.O., NUHS. Sr. Arista, Sorores Ludorum. A girl is like a melody. Anita is like a symphony. BERNARD GOLD l2l6-54th Street. Service Squad. He's got that healthy school girl complexion. Oh! those cheeks. DAVID GOLDBERG l72l-45th Street. Service Squad, Bio. Lab. Squad, Gym Squad. David. David. I've been thinking-you're pretty swell. DOROTHY GOLDBERG 5570-13th Avenue. Grade Advisers' Squid, Li- brary Squad, Lunch Rzom Squad. Silence is golden, speech is silver-she's off the gold standard. 'ks-vw EVERETT GOLDBERG 7224-l8th Avenue. Office Squad, Medical Club, Service Squad. X Live-wire personality. FLORA GOLDBERG l837-78th Street. Bio. Prep Squad, Library Squad, Grade Advisers' Squad. Thinks she's a wise cracker. but she's just a ginger snap. HARRY GOLDBERG 2052-84th Street. President of History Club, Class President, G.O. Rep. lust like a vitamin-always gets mixed up in every- thing. HERBERT GOLDBERG 7407-l9'th Avenue. He's a leading student-he leads the class out ot the door when the bell rings. MARTIN GOLDENBERG 1802 Ocean Parkway. Service Squad, Fencing Squad, Math lnstrurnents Club. His record speaks for him. MURIEL GOLDFARB 856-44th Street. Lunch Room Squad. The three s's: small, sweet, and swell. IDA GOLDMAN 92 Parkville Avenue. A sweet and charming Miss is she. Lively and peppy as can be. lUDITH GOLDMAN 1369-48th Street. Grade Advisers' Office, Li- brary Squad. With a smile on her face every day, She surely is jolly in every way. COMET A JUNE l 1942 IEAN GOLDBERG l325-43rd Street. Band, Lunch Room Squad. It's no mystery why lean likes History. She likes dates. MARCIA GOLDBERG 4206-15th Avenue. Madrigal, Library Squad, General Office Squad. Cupid draws the arrows, but Marcia draws the Beaux. MURRAY GOLDBERG 7106-20th Avenue. Study Hall, Lunch Room Squad. He would get on the Lunch Squad! SAM GOLDEN 1921-70th Street. Band, Orchestra. Sam, you made the pants too long. MARTIN GOLDSMITH 1364-58th Street. Service Squad, Gyrn Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Il New Utrecht had more squads. he'd be on them. MARY GOLDSON lO6O-Slst Street. Sweet and petite. GEORGE GOLDSTEIN 831-48th Street. Main Office Squad, Supply Squad. A brain like Webster: and a head like Clay. THELMA GOLDSTEIN l732-62nd Street. Program Committee, Grade Advisers' Office, Chemistry Squad. A well dressed gal who will go far-an asset to any office. '43 IOYCE GRAFMAN 1758-Slst Street. Prefect Secretary, Adminis- trative Office. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? CSay it's me.l ROBERT GREENBERG 4715-lUth Avenue. lnter-Class Basketball Tourn- ament, Class Pres., Basket- ball Team. His goal - the Paramount stage with his own band. SIDNEY GREENE l724-l4th Street. Band, Orchestra, Music Of- fice Squad. Strike up the Band! MORTON GREENFIELD l62l-44th Street. Secretary, Class President. He knows what he knows, but what does he know? SYLVIA GOODMAN HARRIET GREENSTEIN l327-46th Street. Squad, Dean's Office. Quiet and likeable. BERNICE GORDEN l564-44th Street. Art Club. , She's there - you'd ' know it. IEROME GORDON lE583-58th Street. Photo Micrography Service Squad. physics homework? 1 t NORMAN E. GOTTLIEB 7l9-47th Street. Band, Senior Band. often. He has such dimples. COMET JUNE 1 9 4. 2 CHARLES GROSSBERGER 1433-45th Street. National Champ, Track Team. A credit to our school's track team. BLANCHE GROSS l757-76th Street. Dean's Office, Program Committee, Class Secretary. Did you receive a letter to- day from a branch in the service? Al? EVELYN GROSS I774-67th Street. NUHS Reporter, G.O. Vice- President CAnneX l8Ul, Grade Advisers' Squad. Her face is her fortune- and it runs into a nice figure. RITA GROSS l5l2-48th Street. Lunch Room Squad CLieut.l, lf., Sr., Arista, Hebrew Squad. Her smile is something to find your way with in the dark. Swimming Squad, Service never Club, Hey, quick! Whose got the Lunch Room Squad, Iunior He ought to smile more nice l946-59th Street. Prefect Pres., Sr. Cabinet Rep., Sr. Arista. A winning smile and a helping hand, Here's one girl I think is grand. CARMELA GRIMALDI 7405-l5th Avenue. English Book Rcom Squad, Study Hall Cutting Swimming Squad. Quite a fish. Squad, ESTHER GROBSTEIN 2137-62nd Street. Library Squad, Study Hall, Traffic Squad. She has blue eyes-that's all We know about her! MARY GROCCIOLA Her smile is her fortune and it runs into interest. ERNIE GROSSMAN l85U-53rd Street. Feature Editor ot NUHS, Comet Stott, Dramatics So- ciety. A tuture in Iournalism we know. FLORENCE GROSSMAN l62 Bay 34th Street. Biology Squad, Pres. ot Microscopy Club, Class Sec. Simple and sweet. SYLVIA GROSSMAN l7l3-57th Street. GO. Ottice Squad, Lunch- room Squad, Gym Squad. A girl you'd like to meet. ANTHONY GROSSO l828-70th Street. Still waters run deep. MARIE GUARNIERI 6412 New Utrecht Avenue. Service Squad, Dean's Ot- tice, Her greatest service is to get out of Utrecht. HOWARD GULAMERIAN 7623-l6th Avenue. What did I do for Utrecht? I went there! RUTH GUMMESSON 915-57th Street. Lunch Room Squad, She is blonde, but sorry, fellows, she Wears a ring. IRVING GUTSTEIN 2266-8lst Street. Not lazy, just nonchalant. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 I MELVIN GRUMBACH 7705-Sth Avenue. News Editor ot NUHS, lr. and Sr. Arista, Sr. Cabinet. The saving grace of New Utrecht intellectualism. GEORGE GUAGLIARDO lO25-58th Street. Pen and Brush Club, Poster Club. An artist at heart. OSEPH GUALTIERI 2057-55th Street. Ir. and Sr. Arista, English Book Room Squad, Program Committee. He's a self-made man-but he's not finished yet. GRACE CUARINO 67l6-l5th Avenue. General Ottice Squad, Class Treas., English Book Room Squad. It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. I 1 l l ANGELINA GUZZINO l855-76th Street. Class Secretary, Library Squad. Although she looks just like a Saint, You'd be surprised to find she ain't. DOROTHY HABER 5424-l2th Avenue. Grade Advisers' Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Dotty is a quiet lass, You hardly know she's in class. LEONARD HACKER I l379-54th Street. There's laughs whenever he's around. RENE HAMMER 823A-48,h Street. Orchestra, Band, Madigal, lr. Arista, Lunch Room Squad. Irene certainly is a music lover, And all who know her can't help loving her. 451 MAE HARRIS HYMAN N. HIRSCHBERG 2263-84th Street. Dean's Squad, Administra- tive Squad, Mimeograph Squad. Slow but sure. BEATRICE HELLER i857-66th Street. Class Secretary, Library Squad. Here you followed every rule. Are you that way out of school? FRIEDA HELLER 1751-72nd Street. Book Room Squad. For a swell girl, call BE. 2-2358. ROBERT HELLER 5224-l lth Avenue. Fencing Team. I In class as in fenflflgf he never gets the point. ANNETTE HANDLER HERBERT HOENIG i525-43rd Street. 1 Lunch Room Squad. why look further? ARTHUR Hrirtitrs 536-85th Street. Sr. Arista, Treasurer, HERMAN HARRIS 917-56th Street, Always sweet, never bold, Deepest respect she will always hold. GEORGE HARRINGTON 923-76th Street. Oh those dimples! Girls inter- 5Ul6-llth Avenue. Service Squad. Hollywood has its Gable. France had Napoleon and New Utrecht-aw! I ran out of space. NORMA HERCHKOWITZ 6106-19th Avenue. Accounting Office, Girls' Dean's Office. A jolly disposition with never a frown, She's a pal that buoys you up and never lets you down. viewer, English Book Room, HARRIET HIGF-B 'Squad' Slfeel. He 'carries a lot of freight an his train of thought. Track Squad, Gym Squad, Service Squad. Thinks he's suave with that French fuzz. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 1 Economics Squad, NUI-IS Of- fice, G.O. Office. She's got a tezpsichorean twitter. ESTELLE HIRD 5416-llth Avenue. Dean's Office Squad, Pro- Gram Office Squad, Prefect Secretary. Her "V" is for Vivaciousness. 5508-l8th Avenue. Football Team, Book Room Squad, Service Squad. Our football hero. MIRIAM HODO SH 1365-56th Street, P.T, Office Squad, Library Squad, Spanish Office., Sweet andglovely. r" HAROLD HOENIG ' ' ' 4515-l2th Avenue. Football, Basketball, Base- ball Teams, G.O. Cabinet, Treasurer. Harold is hard to ramble CSO I am told.J BERNARD HOFFMAN 1444-57th Street. Program Committee, Service Squad, Chem. Lab. Squad. Oh, teacher dear! Can't you see that you mustn't alway pick on me. l t 'JFK 1?- IEROME HOLTZMAN STANLEY HYMAN 8923-18th Avenue. Library Squad, Study Hall Squad, Deans Office Squad. He's like Ethyl gasoline. Hard to find a knock. STANLEY HOOKMAN 5411 Pt. Hamilton P'kWay. Service Squad, Pres. of Annex, Chemistry Squad. Nice to know-swell fella! ALICE HOROWITZ 1315-50th Street. Girls' Dean's Squad, Pro- gram Committee, Chamin- ade. She'S fhe honeylfhe bgys SIOII, ClI'CLllClIlOI'1 gre the bees, Class housewife. ALVIN HOROWITZ 1147-56th Street. DANIEL INNENBERG Service Squad, Track Team. 1850-81st Street. Another of our worthy History Book Room Squad. track team. Still water runs deep. 'E' 1114-55th Street. Service Squad. A happy-go-lucky fellow. FRANK IANNIZZI Air Raid Warden, Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Always seen, always heard, To knock him would be absurd. IOSEPHINE INCATA 1657 Bay Ridge Parkway. Library Squad, News Office COMET JUNE l 9 4 2 ARTHUR HORWITZ 1835-83rd Street. Lunch Room Squad. He's going to Brooklyn Col- lege. flt says here.l STANLEY HOROWITZ 1472-52nd Street. There's a great deal more he knows than he says. ARTHUR HYMAN 5520-15th Avenue. Program Committee, Grade Advisers' Squad, Engl sh Book Room Squad. Prophecy - Traveling Sales- man. ' , MIRIAM HYMAN 1870-64th Street. Boys' Dean's Squad, Admin- istration Squad, Sec. of the Commerce Club. Talkative, friendly and nice to know. HOSE ISACSON 1120-55th Street. Grade Advisers' Squad, Sr. Arista Leader, NUHS Staff. Feminine Mayor LaGuardia: here-there-everywhere. ALBERT IACOBOWITZ 1047-50th Street. Boys' Gym Squad, Ping Pong Team. A swell fellow-but swell! IOEL IACOBSON A really swell guy! PHIL IAFFE 1130-59th Street. Service Squad CLieut.l. Is this a diploma I see before me, Come let me clutch thee! Qs 'S- REGINA IUNGREIS ANNETTE KAPLAN 52lO-l4th Avenue. Hebrew Squad, Library Squad, History Squad. Her and ambition will make her a sure success. THEODORE IUNGREIS l369-48th Street. Boys' Dearfs Squad, Pho! tography Club, Book and Supply Room Squads. A fellow like him is hard to knock. ROSLYN KALBERG l938-57th Sreet. Cheer Squad, General Of- fice Squad, Boys' DGOTIIS Squad. We hope the boss's knee will be softer than the seats at Utrecht. DOROTHY KPILMEYER l763-62nd Street. Math Tutoring Squid, L'- brary Squad. Clever and sweet: a com- bination you seldom meet. PETER IHNNUZZI l372-82nd Street. Study Hall Squad, Deari's Office Squad. I didn't do it! MEYER IONAS l639-66th Street. Hall Squad, Library Squad, Looks like Sterling Hayden! L. IRWIN IOSEPHS 2051-79th Street. French Book Room Squad, Orchestra. Next stop - Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. LOUISE IUERGENS 874-57th Street. Library Squad. A quiet girl we all like well, Of whom we have no faults to tell. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 ,.i 39l7-l3th Avenue. Grade Advisers' Office. To know her is to like her. HORTENSE KAPLAN 917-5lst Street. Sten. Office, Study Hall Squad. Fair as fair can be. BERNICE KASKOWITZ 2061-8lst Street. Dean's Office Squad, His- tory Office Squad. As clever as the day is long. ROSLYN KASKOWITZ 205i-8lst Street. Dean's Office, Secretarial Squad. She's not an angel-but almost! ETHEL KAMMERLING H350-45th Street. Band, Orchestra, Music Of- fice Squad. What makes Sammy run? DORIS KAMINSKY ll64-47th Street. Latin Office Squad., Madri- gal, Deans Office. If silence is golden, she has the Midas touch. ' STANLEY KANAREK l538-39th Street. Service Squad CSgt.l, Sr. Arista, Chemistry Tutor. Sergeant Kanarek. BERNARD KANNER i556-5lst Street. English Book Room, Audi- torium Squad, Lunch Rcom Squad. His high school days are over but his college daze will soon begin. Z i l l . frm ! I l fi- PEARL KASOFSKY TOBY KATZ 209 Avenue F. Administration Office, Class Secretary. One swell gal, friendly as can be, Plus sweetness and sincer- ity. IEANETTE KASS l555-Slst Street. Library Squad. Ieanette Kass is a nice little lassie. NORMAN KASS 976-56th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Latin Tutor, Secretarial Studies Book Room. You cannot praise his traits too well, For altogether he is swell! ALICE KATZ lOl5--44th Street. Sr. Arista, Girls' Dean's Of- fice Squad, Program Com- mittee. Brains and red-headed tresses, Are the things that she possesses. l50l-53rd Street. Boys' Dean's Office Squad, Sorores Ludorum, French and Hebrew Squads. As nice a girl as you can find, Smart, sweet and so refined. NORMAN KATZMAN 1819-79th Street. Track Team fCapt.J, Na- tional Champ-l942. If his brains were in his teet he would be a genius. He is a swell guy! IERRY KAUFER l852-49th Street. Service Squad. The perfect example ot the super - duper, high - powered salesman. CLAIRE KAUFMAN 1206-55th Street. Organization Office, Library S q u a d, Grade Advisers' Squad. Sugar and spice and every- thing nice-that's what little Claire is made, ot. COMET JUNE 1 9 42 ? CHARLOTTE KATZ JEROME KAUFMAN 1683-53rd Street. Assistant to Mr. Sackrin. A red-head and such a lovely disposition. 936-45th Street. Orchestra, Cornet Art Editor, Dramatic Society. He loves work-He can sit and look at it for hours. ELAINE KATZ FRANK KEDER l78U-76th Street, Circulation Mgr. of NUHS and Comet, Vice-Pres. of Prefect, Sorores Ludorum. Beauty and brains-what a combination! MARVIN KATZ ll8O-46th Street. Quiet genius at work. SAM KATZ 912-5lst Street. Lunch Room Squad. Better to be small and shine, than to be great and cast a shadow. l2l7-68th Street. Protestant Club. Never proud, never boasts,'s to him-many toasts. LOUIS KELLER lU53--53rd Street. Service Squad. Service is his specialty. EDWARD KELLY 5211-12th Avenue. Arista Treas., Service Squad CCaptair1J, Math Tutoring Squad CCapt.l. Kelly's an asset. not a blight, Look at his record-a noble sight. HOWARD KIMMEL CHARLES KOGAN l965-84th Street. l536-5lst Street. Pres. of Photography Club, Find Mr. Tuzza and you find Exam Office Staff, NUHS Kogan. Rep. You get sea-sick looking at his hair. VIVIENNE KIMMEL 42l9-l8th Avenue. Chemistry Office, Audtor- ium Squad. Tall and sweet. with her smile she's complete. FRANCES KIMELMAN l46l-45th Street. Accounting Office Squad, History Office Squad, Cham- inade. To know her is to like her. FRANCES KIRSCHSTEIN l778-78th Street. Girls' Dean's Office, History Office Squad, Sr. Editor. She's not a miner's daughter -but oh, what resources! COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 SY!-VIA KIRSH JACK KRAFTCHICK 4424-10th Avenue. Dean's Prefect Squad, Cut- ting Committee Squad, Swimming Squad. Like Chesterfie1d's - she satisfies fespecially Normyl. ETHEL KLESTZICK 1431-54th Street, Vice-Pres, of G.O., General Office Squad, NUHS Re- porter. Not too fast, not too slow, Iust the kind you'd like to know. PEARL KLINGER 6713-l9th Avenue. Service Squad. A swell girl! ANITA KNOBEL H349-5lst Street. Deans Squad, Secretary of Prefect. . 35lU-l4th Avenue. Lunch Room Squad, Or- chestra. Bring him back alive! l.-IURIEL KRANICH 932-50th Street. Miss lnman's Grade Adviser Squad. Oh! no. not a test! ESTHER KRONENBERG lO66-54th Street. Dean's Office Squad, Mime- ograph Squad, Senior Cab- inet, A lovely girl with a sunny disposition. SHIRLEY KRONENBERG l925-67th Street. Biology Squad, Study Hall. Good things come in small Anita is sw ell! packages. PHYLLIS KOHN 1984-82nd Street. Senior Cabinet, Lunch Room Squad, Library Squad. Blonde hair, green eyes- say. where have you been hiding? WILLIAM KONDRA Auditorium Squad. 285-l7th Street. Wake up and live! BERNARD KRAFT l90l-75th Street. Biology Squad, Exam Office Squad, Chemistry Squad. Getting out on Good Be- havior-his life begins in '42. KENNETH KRONMAN BARBARA LANDSMAN 1332-46th Street. Service Squad CCaptainl, Senior Arista, Track Team. Our financial wizard takes our pocketbook by blizzard. ANN LABINGER 1754-66th Street. Library, Deans Office, At- tendance Office. Smart stepper. FRANCES LABOZZETTA i028-64th Street. Madrigal, Miss Pendry's Of- fice, Gym Office. Really a swell girl. NATALIE LACKER 1824-80th Street. General Office Squad, Re- gents Recording, Emergency Room Squad. Gentle and sweet. Nice to meet. 4806-17th Avenue. Lunch Room Squad, English Book Room, Service Squad. A worshipper at Dame Fashion's Shrine. ROSALIE LaROSSA l784-79th Street. Dean's Office, Chaminade, Attendance Office. Petite and pretty. IOHN LAURICELLA 1513-83rd Street. English Book Room Squad, Service Squad. We all have intentions and so has Iohn-St. Iohn's Uni- versity. PEARL LEBOWITZ 4618-18th Avenue. Boys' Gym Office, History Office Squad. I thought and thought-but all in vain. To knock myself is quite insane. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 - l26l Tabor Court. Italian Choral Club. refined. HUGO LANDERER 5316-14th Avenue. Service Squad. Solemn as an owl! NORMA LANDIN 8735 Bay Parkway. torium Squad. oh! what a gal! FLORENCE LANDMAN 1045-44th Street. Office, English Office. answer. Attendance Office Squad, She's like sugar-sweet and Boys' Deans Office, Audi- If you knew Spanish like she knows Spanish-oh! oh! Dean's Squad, Economics Teacher, teacher, I know the DIANA LALLI RAYMOND LEDERMAN i940-68th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Service Squad. When Ray smiles Csighll: Uh-uh, girls, beware! ADA LEFKOWITZ 1566-46th Street. Chaminade, Madrigal, Gym Squad. lust give her a pencil and paper and watch her go. DOROTHY LEIBOWITZ 31 Ocean Parkway. Accounting Office, President of Chamber of Commerce Club, Secretary to Mr. Kovel. One of the nicest girls we know. HONORINE LEIBOWITZ 1320-51st Street. A 90 in English pulled her average down. l334-48th Street. t i v I L ALENA LEONILDA 828-47th Street. President of Prefect. Stay as sweet as you are. IOSEPH LESNER 2343 East 26th Street. Handball Team. He never has much to say. But everyone likes him any- way. FLORENCE LESSCH F569-5th Street. Different-she speaks only when spoken to. HAROLD LEVINE l33O-47th Street. Senior, lunior Arista, Senior Cabinet, English Book Room CCaptainJ. M.B.A. and L.L.B. He'1l be full of letters: but success. also COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 , L. MIRIAM LEVINE BETTY LIKIER , Beautiful and charming. WILLIAM LEVINE 1472-43rd Street. Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad. The school idol-idle for the past four years. PHYLLIS LEVINSON l64l-78th Street. Madrigal, Chemistry Office Squad, Class Vice-President. Sweet and lovely. RACHELLE LEVITIN 972-46th Street. Grade Advisers Squad, Math Club, Swimming Club. She's always late-but she's worth Waiting for! 1228-45th Street. 5 G.O. Office, Girls' Dean's Office, Organiaztion Office. To know her is to like her -sweet gal. CALVIN LIPPEL 1665-53rd Street. Band, President of Class, Study Hall. Musically inclined. With friendliness combined. DAVID LIPMAN l555-52nd Street. His classes are like Pull- mans-he sleeps in them all. ROSALINE LIPSHITZ l83O-48th Street. Manager of Annex Circula- tion Squad, General Office Squad, Dramatic Society. A heart like the sun-warm and big. 2 . . 5 t MARIE LeVO CHE l375-69th Street. ltalian Club, Madrigcil, Pan- American Club. She's noisy and sweet, and lovely too, A -finer girl you'll never view. MIRIAM LEVY 5lU9-l8th Avenue. IBO Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Language Papers Squad. She who does well needs not the praise of others. MURIEL LICHTENSTEIN l7lU-77th Street. Science Squad, General Of- fice, Secretarial Studies Squad. Call her hinges because she's something to adore. SEYMOUR LIFSHITZ 1957-66th Street. Vice-President, Secretary of Prefect, Service Squad. Pretty popular - with the Dean. '19' LEON LIPSON CARMELA LUPO 55 Suffolk Street. English Book Room, Physics Squad, Math Office Squad. A fellow ot the smart and friendly kind. For whom a knock is hard to find. EUGENE LISSANDRELLO 8219-llth Avenue. His face is his fortune-he pays no income tax. GRACE LOMANGINO 1364-81st Street. Sten. Club, Secretarial Of- fice, Organization Office. She'1l always remember Eco. 10. IOE LOMBARDI 1938-62nd Street. Lunch Room Squad. Lupo is no stupo - she knows her stuff. FAITH LURIEA 2020 East 4lst Street. Attendance Squad, Emer- gency Squad. As true as her name. ANNETTE LUSTIG l4l9-49th Street. Girls' Dean's Office, Library Squad, Cutting Squad. Smiling, cheerful, always dependable, Nothing about her that's not commendable. 1160-7lst Street. CHARLOTTE LUTSKY Cornet Art Staff, Service Squad CCapt.D, 4 Various Athletic Teams. .Afuture General MacArthur. 1729-46th Street. Dramatic Society, Chamin- ade, Senior Cabinet. I love me, I think I'm grand! l COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 . - l NICK LOMBARDO 7213-l2th Avenue. Service Squad. not too high. OSCAR LONDON l96l-7lst Street. torium Squad. THOMAS LONG What a guy! ANTANINA LONGO yet. Bugle and Drum Corps, Nick is a likeable guy, His marks aren't low and Still peddling his papers. PAUL MAGGIOLA 6204-l7th Avenue. Spanish Office Squad, Class Secretary. One of the really swell people. ROSE MA GRAM 1651-66th Street. General Office Squad. Lunch Room Squad' Audi- Madame Chatterbox. SARA MALEH l92l-64th Street. English Squad, Girls' Dean's Squad, Iunior Arista. A girl with brains is hard to find. ll27-73rd Street. ALPHONSE MANCUSI One ot our sweet young set. ll25-86th Street. Don't worry, you'll get there Track Team, Service Squad. Reminds us of Don Iuan. MARILYN MANUTA 1341-54th Street. Swimming Squad, Italian Tutoring Squad, Madrigal, Chaminade. 952, average is her goal. RUTH MARGARETTEN 5112-l3th Avenue. Senior Arista, NUI-IS, Swim- ming and Basketball Clubs. Smart and likeable. ADELAIDE MARINO 8009-15th Avenue. Italian Choral Club, Madri- gal, Chaminade. lust give her a sheet oi music-and will she sing it! ANNETTE MARK l574-56th Street. Deans Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad, German Club. Still worrying over her scholarship. VICTORIA MARTINELLI lO72-66th Street. Biology Squad, Infirmary Squad, Library Squad. Future Lana Turner. IOHN MARTOCCI 84ll-l4th Avenue. Service Squad. A square shooter-a swell guy. CLAUDINA IVIARZANO 2273 East lst S.reet. Secretarial Dept., French Dept., Newman Club. Like "Chesteriields" - she satisfies. ANDREW MASTRONARDI l24l-67th Street. Fencing Squad, Service Squad. Andy is so small. he still gets into the movie for eleven cents. UWET JUNE 1942 IOSEPH MAROTTA 7320-l7th Avenue. Service Squad, Swimming Team. A regular guy. NICHOLAS MAROTTA l366-44th Street. Library Squad, Physics Tu- toring Squad, Latin G Math Tutoring Squads. Why knock when a boost is just as appropriate. ROBERT MARS 2025-83rd Street. Quiet, nice and smart. FRANK MARTANO 1853-60th Street. "Silent Night" in the day- time. IOSEPH MATARAZZO 1419-59th Street. Service Squad, Chamber of Commerce Club. Don't worry! Napoleon was a small man too. ABRAHAM MAURER l737-78th Street. Study Hall Squad. He got on the squad to get away from studying. IGNAZIO MAZZAPICA l62l-8lst Street. Service Squad, Italian Club. Hickory, dickory, dock, He's too nice to knock. RAY MAZZERELLA 7005-lllth Avenue. Track Team, Service Squad, First Aid Marshal. One "Track" Mind. 1 WILLIAM IVICCAIG MARIE MELONI 1048-57th Street. Swimming Team, Service Squad, G.O. Vice-President. Star of the swimming team. DOROTHY MCKARIUS i28 Parkville Avenue. She never has much to say. But We like her anyway. IOHN MCLAUGHLIN l449-72nd Street. President of Newman Club, Captain of Service Squad, Gym Squad. He's so quiet we. never know he's in the room. FRANK MCNAMARA 7821-l4th Avenue. Service Squad. The only thing he got out of Utrecht was himself. l8l8-7lst Street. Economics Squad, French Squad, PT. Squad. She's sweet as sugar, but twice as hard to get. MARTIN MELTZER l55l-49th Street. Lieutenant in Study Hall, Lieutenant in Lunch Room, Student Aide to Faculty Member tAir Raidj. A swell fellow! What more can we say? BUDDY MERLE l8ll-69th Street. NUHS Office, Dramatic So- ciety. When from this school he does depart, He leaves all the girls with a broken heart. PROVIDENCE MEZZACAPPA l7Ul-7lst Street. Biology Squad, Study Hall Squad. One of the best, Liked by the rest. COMET J U N E 1942 l934-74th Street. Math Office Squad. pal, gal. 'V PHYLLIS MEDLIN 1878-84th Street. Committee. 5 She's pretty as a picture. GLORIA MEISELMAN l344-54th Street. Never stops talking . LEONARD MEISELMAN 5702-l lth Avenue. Squad. onel. English Book Room Squad, Chemistry - Physics Squad, A gentleman, scholar and He's a catch for some nice French Book Room, G:ade Advisers Squad, Program Library Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Locker Room Squad. Service Squad, Knitting "Basil" is the answer to a - maiden's prayer fthe wrong ALVIN MEDOFF HERBERT MIGDAL IU43--50th Street. Service Squad. Dramatic Society, Debating Club. Nothing to do and spends all his time doing it. BEATRICE MILLER 1965-84th Street. Girls' Dean's Office, French Office. Little to be said about one who says so little. ELEANOR MILLER 919-47th Street. Secretarial Department, Eco. Office, Lunch Room Squad. A friend of all. we will agree. Helpful. happy, don't you see? ESTHER MILLER l864-69th Street. Dramatic Society, Circula- staff, NUHS Staff. How's your art weaving, Esther? HERBERT MILLER 5601-14th Avenue. Service Squad, Book Room Squad, Library Squad. Silent as the night. SHIRLEY MILLER 3912-l6th Avenue. Some Sharpiel SHIRLEY MILLSTEN 1845-55th Street. Secretary of Prefect, Biology Squad, Library Squad. Sweetheart of the 96th Bom- bardment Squadron. RONALD MINERVINI COMET JUNE 1 9 4. 2 ALVIN MINTZES ANTHONY MORELLI 1858-64th Street. 1427-8lst Street. Captain of Chess Team, Madrigal, Band. Senior Arista, Orchestra. A fine musician-a fine fel- Quiet and efficient-thc.t's low. sufficient. ANN MIRIGLIANO l330-6Ull'1 Sifeel. IOHN MORRIS Class Secretary, Secretary 8217F12th Avenue in General Office, Secretary Like the Automal - no I in Attendance Office. Service. Secretary in name only. THEODORE MISCHEL 1758-5151 Street- HERBERT Mosxovvrrz California Scholarship Hon- orar Societ Math Club, Y Y, Math Instruments Club. Hitler's loss-our gain. ANTHONY MISTRETTA 1855-70th Street. NORMAN MOSKOWITZ I Football Team, Book Room lUl8-46th Street. Squad Service Squad, What would prefect be with- Squad. out Mistretta? 4701-l5th Avenue. Cheering Squad. Who cheers HIM up? Service Squad, Chemistry Everybody likes Normy. WILLIAM MONSOUR 610--90th Street. Graduation is his only ser vice-and that's enough. ANTHONY MONTALBANO lUU7-60th Street. A nice guy! IACK MOORSTEIN l52O-5Uth Street. Annex Service Squad. The "Lark". MICHAEL MORANDA 1516-80th Street. l037-67th SIIGGI. Ofchestfq, HOCkeY T9C11'1'1, Service He has the A.B.C. of success Squad. -ambition, brains and ca He'll know better next time. pability. STANLEY MOSKOWITZ 5411 Ft. Hamilton Parkway. Chemistry Squad, Physics Squad, History Book Room. Here's one fellow who's really swell. THEODORE MOSKOWITZ l837-53rd Street. Band, Captain of Service Squad, Leader of New Utrecht Swing Band. Always pleasant, never bold, Our deep respect he'1l als ways hold. ELEANOR MUDICK 860-49th Street. Boys' Dean's Office, Secre tarial Squad. Charming and nice. BEVERLY MUND 902-47th Street. General Office, Spanish Of- fice, Spanish Squad. She's a girl we all like well, OI whom we have no faults to tell. CHARLES NELSON 471 Senator Street. Service Squad. Charles be nimble, Charles i be quick, I Charles jump out of New . Utrecht. HELEN NELSON l254-5lst Street. Swimming Squad. Shy and sweet, A teacher's treat. IENNIE NICOLOSI l766-64th Street. Swimming Squad, Seldom seen, seldom heard, Why knock her and be ab- surd? IRENE OBERMAN 5212-l3th Avenue. GYH1 Squad, Lunch Room Squad. She's full of spice and everything nice. :i COMET JUNE I 9 4 2 IAMES MURRAY 1937-70th Street. James Murray taught me dancing in a hurry. SYLVIA MUSSAL 702-44th Street. Latin Office, Grade Advisers Squad, Infirmary Squad, Dramatic Club. True model oi American womanhood. THERESA MUSSO 1714-76th Street. Dean of Boys' Office Squad, Dean of Girls' Office Squad, Infirmary Squad. Sweet, studious, pleasing and kind, A nicer girl is hard to find. BEVERLY MUTNICK 1733-59th Street. Grade Advisers Squad, I. C. C., Senior Editor. Me thinks, I'm somebody you'd love. Clit least that's what I think.J ROBERT OLSEN 862-5Uth Street. Quiet, modest, unassuming, We see a brilliant future blooming. WILLIAM OLSEN A real hick in New Utrecht. He wants to ,be a farmer. ANNA ONGARATO 6805-l4th Avenue. Grade Adviser's Squad, Sr. Arista, Vice-Pres. of Italian Club. Here's a girl with lots of pep, At Utrecht she's made quite a rep. SOL ORBUCH 1670-66th Street. English Book Room Squad, Vice-President of Prefect, Service Squad. What more can I say after I say,-he's swell! SHIRLEY PADEROFSKY l224-lllst Street. Office Squad, Study Hall. Friendly and gay. She has a Winning way. ELEANOR PAGNANO ll25-39th Street. Accounting Office Squad. A sweet girl with a pleas ing personality. NANCY PALMIERI l 154-59th Street. Office Squad, Drum Major- ette. Sparkling, witty, gay and pretty. NANCY PALMIERI 1871-59th Street. nch Room Squad, Charac- Lu ter-Rating SCIUGCL Is she capable of blushing? ARTHUR ORENT NANCY L. PALMIERI 1025-45th Street. No one can compare with Arthur. GERALD OSOFSKY Football Team, Baseball Team. The only city scorer against Lincoln's eleven. EDYTHE OSTROFSKY l8l9-E39'th Street. Biology Squad, Study Hall Squad, Cutting Squad. Edythe to you, but Sgt. Dy- namic to the 96th Bombard- ment Squadron of Langley Field. Virginia. EMANUEL OTTAVIANO 6611 Ft. Hamilton Parkway. Maolrigal, Service Squad. Easy to know-hard to spell. COMET 8214-l4tl'1 Avenue. Swimming Team, Basketball Team, Chaminade. A lady and a scholar. MARILYN PALTER 911-50th Street. Sorores Ludorum, Athletic Clubs, G.A.L,S. If gym were only a major subject. FRANK PALUMBO B818-lfith Avenue. Service Squad. A boy of the quiet kind. A knock for him is hard to find. HARVEY PANKIN l649-54th Street. GO. Squad, Treasurer oi l8O, G.O. Congress. California. here I come! fAir craft plant is his de- sireJ - JUNE l 1942 3 ,....l.111 T BALDWIN PAREDES l75O-78th Street. Biology Squad, Service Squad. Baldwin-nice name: nice boy, too. IOSEPHINE PATTI i925-72nd Street. Economics Office, General Office, Secretarial Studies, Looks and brains are had to find, But in this lass they're both combined. NORMA PEHR 2034-78th Street. Tutoring Squad, Library Squad, Iunior Arista. Still water runs deep. CHARLES PELLEGRINI 1951-52nd Street. Baseball Team. The Dodgers are waiting for him. l 4 i MICHAEL PELLIGRINO 1680-80th Street. Book Room Squad, Service Squad, Gym Squad. "Silence is Golden"-my. is he broke! MURRAY PENN 6801-19th Avenue. Service Squad. He ought to .become a lumber man-and use his head. OTTILIE PEPPERCORN 5000-l5th Avenue. Secretary of Annex 180, Arista interviewer, NUHS Reporter. You're lovely to look at and delightful to know. ALBERT PERLIN 1751-67th Street. Orchestra, Band. Baby face. is ,Ut IAMES PICCO ' 1958-67th Street. r Utrecht's loss. EDWARD PIGAN 8776 Bay 16th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Audi- torium Squad. Like dandruff-trying to get a-head. MARILYN PINES 7206-17th Avenue. Library Squad, Gym Squad, French Squad. She's really fine. This Marilyn "Pine". IOHN PINTO 1551-84th Street. Be good, Iohn, be And let who will. be care- tree. good! il.-Tl-, COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 LESTER PETKOFSKY 1819-76th Street. Senior Band, Chemistry cnd Physics Squads. With education he's not at odds. But for graduation he thanks the gods. PETER PHILLIPS 861-48th Street. What Utrecht needs more of. FRANCES PICARELLO 5910-14th Avenue. Lewis. I Iust Bored of Education. i 1 GLORIA PICCIANO t 5715-l8th Avenue. i Cutting Squad Office, Boys gram Committee. Calm and sweet. Isn't she a treat? Sten. and Speed Club, Se'- vice Squad, Aid to Mrs. Deans Office Squad, Pro- 1 t PHOEBE PLATEK H43-53rd Street. Program Committee, Class Secretary, History Office. She's cute, she's neat. She's just the girl you'd like to meet. DONALD PLOTKIN l3l9-50th Street. Service Squad tLieut.l, Pan- American Club, Mimeograph Squad. BIG-in every sense of the word. ALVIN PLUSH 1732-62nd Street. Swimming Team, Life Sav- ing Club, Service Squad. Give him a gun, and the U. S. has ct new battleship -U.S.S. Plush. MORRIS PLUST 1632-49th Street. History dates are so con- fusing. Outside dates are more amusing. AUGUST PORTOGALLO 6223-lBth Avenue. Service Squad, lunior Band. A really swell guy! MILTON POSTMAN 1881-59th Street. Hebrew Tutoring Squad. Milty's a woman hater! MARY POWERS 410-Glst Street. Office Squad, Senior Arista. A conscientious worker with a heart as good as gold. VINCENZA PRESTIPINO 6909-l6th Avenue, Book Room Squad, Madi- gal. AS happy as a girl who lived in a house with seven gables! 836-47th Street. General Office Squad. Frieda the attractive, commodating sort, a sport. CLEMENTINA. POLITE 1425-Blst Street. Program Committee. IOSEPH POLITO ll47-73rd Street. Team. ROSALIE POLLICINO 2623 Foster Avenue. Italian Office, ltalian Cute little Latin. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 -l IEAN RABINOWITZ lll2-53rd Street. What did I do for Utrecht? I went there. LEONORE RABINOWITZ 1434-45th Street. Arista, Math Squad, English Squad. Like ethyl gasoline-hard to find a knock. PEARL RAKUSIN 210 Dahill Road. Dean's Office, Program Committee, Cafteria Squad. Her smile is as contagious as her yawn. RUTH RAND l455-55th Street. General Office Squad, lr. Arista, Vice-Pres. of Prefect. Dear Ruth: Come. Hollywood, Calif. We all admire her for being Like sugar-she's scarce. Service Squad, Baseball He's as nice as they come. FRIEDA POLAKEWITZ ' OLIVIA PRINCE l563 Bay Ridge Parkway. Guidance Squad, Health Ed. Squad. Nice girl. MARGIE PRIORE 1323-7lst Street. Boys' Deans Squad. She's like ct chocolate bar- Dr. Ryan's Office, Law Club, sweet and nutty. MARIE PROCACCIO 1331-80th Street. Accounting Office Squad, Italian Choral Club, Cham- inade. Her looks and her voice will win every heart. HORACE RABINOWITZ lUU6-57th Street. Club. Sten. and Type CCapt.J. A swell fellow! TOR RANVIG V 79l8 Ft. Hamilton Parkway. Orchestra, Office Squad, Service Squad. A lust the right blend-student and friend. FLORENCE RAUSH 1025-46th Street. Grade Adviser's Squad, Madrigal. A sweet little thing, That likes to sing. HERBERT RAUSHER lU33-55th Street. Senior Cabinet, Gym Squad, Manager of Dance Group in Victory Play. His dancing is a fiery as his red hair. NORMAN RAUSHER lU33-55th Street. President of Prefect Class, Service Squad. He comes from a good family, but he lost the ad- dress. MIRIAM REISMAN 954-5lst Street. Deanfs 'Service Squad, Pro- gram Committee. Happy as the sun-she'll reach. IAY REITER 965-45th Street. Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Prediction: Politician! ALBERT REPEN SKY 553-82nd Street. Service Squad. Doc, what you could give to Mr. Waldbaum! HILDA RICE 1680-49th Street. NUI-IS Staff, French Office, Boys' Dean's Squad. She attended a circulating library and has been dizzy ever since. - COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 LORRAINE REICH 5213-l4th Avenue. Treasurer, Senior Cabinet, Dramatic Society, Office Manager of the NUHS. Lovely to look at- MARTIN REICH l469-54th Street. Band, Dean's Office Squad, Book Room Squad. Keep away from revolving doors! Look what happened to him- MILTON REIN 1251-36th Street. Silence is golden: he might be arrested for hoarding. CHARLOTTE REINER lU05-46th Street. Administration Squad, Sr. Arista, Lunch Room Squad. She's worth her weight in gold. l r t IAMES RIELLY l269-75th Street. Service Squad, Class Presi dent, Tennis Squad. The kid was born to dance MINNIE RIEZMAN 81 Bay 22nd Street. Law Squad. Nothing to knock-plenty to praise. HELEN RINALDI lll2-39th Street. Grade Adviser's Squad, Sr. Arista Executive, Inter-Club Council. Beautiful big brown eyes and a hundred in the His- tory Regent "besides". GERTRUDE RINDER 47l6-l4th Avenue. G.O. Office, Accounting Of- fice, Program Committee. She probably heard that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." 945-42nd Street GLORIA RISSETTO FRP-NCIS ROMAN0 l835-7lst Street. Madrigal, Law Club, Bas- ketball Team. From Miss to Mrs. ANNE RIZZO 6602-l9'tl'1 Avenue. Attendance Office. Columbia! Here I come! l7l6-43rd Street. lnfirmary Squad, Service Squad, GO. Delegate. Too nice to knock. MICHAEL ROSALIE l65l-68th Street. Service Squad, Sr. Cabinet, Class President. He has to do "all" the work! N1cKoLAs Rizzo RUTH HOSE 6815-llth Avenue. Service Squad CCapt.l, Track Team, Iunior Arista. Mighty muscle, mighty brain, He gave his best for our good name. DENNIS ROBERTS ll6B-55th Street, Math Office Squad CCapt.l, Math Tutoring Squad, Sr. Arista. Happy-go-lucky, carefree and bright, Cheerful and pleasant, she's all right. 1528-45th street. ARNOLD ROSEN Service Squad, History Tu- toring Squad. He got something out of Utrecht-himself. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 SHERRY ROBINSON HELENE ROSENBERG President of Prefect, General l766-47th Street Library Squad, Dramatic 4219-l5th Avenue. English Book Room Squad CCapt.l, Book Room Squad. What every class needs. Office Squad, Spanish Office Squad. I have it proven, it can be done: to be pretty and not be dumb. DORIS ROGALL 4205--l7th Avenue. Girls' Dean's Office Squad. She does'nt have much to say, But we like her anyway. MORRIS ROKEACI-I 2518 Voorhies Avenue. Football Team, NUHS Staff, Comet Staff. An answer to a maiden's prayer, When he becomes a mil- lionnaire. DOMINIC ROMANO l455-8lst Street. Swimming TSCHH, Team. I Girls! Girls! Hes tall, dark and very buSY! Fencing Society, In all Utrecht Plays. Someday you'l1 see her in lights, "Eat at Ioe's". LILLIAN ROSENBERG 4408-l6th Avenue. Service Squad, Secretarial Squad. To worry little and study less, Is her idea of happiness. MARVIN ROSENBERG 921--59th Street. General Office Squad, Writ- ers' Club fPres., Sec.l A boy of the nice and friendly kind, For him a knock is hard to find. DIANA ROSENBLUM 4216-15th Avenue. Economics Squad. A future Rembrandt. HERMAN ROSENBLOOM Dams ROTHSTEIN 2233-82nd Street. Service Squad, Math Club Writers' Club. Another Orson Welles! MARTIN ROSENBLUM l206-48th Street. President of Debating So- ciety, I.C.C., Service Squad. He'd argue with Einstein. FLORENCE ROSENTHAL l954-54th Street. Faithfulness and sincerity has she above all. SAUL ROSENZWEIG 4906-13th Avenue. He'll surely be classified as high. . l042-45th Street. Service Squads, Basketball Team, Senior Cabinet. Tall, blond and terrific. BERNICE ROVINSKY 4522-15th Avenue. Study Hall Squad. Glamour girl of "419." BERNARD RUBIN 1324-50th Street. Secretary of Annex 180. How Adolphe Menjou looks in the morning. DIANA RUBIN 1627-53rd Street. Class Secretary, Madrigal Society, Girls' Dean's Office Squad. Deannie is an angel, but the law of gravity keeps her down. E UWET E JUNE 1942 Arista, Poster Squad. One of the best of the best in Utrecht. l429-57th Street. Organization Squad, Girls' Dean's Office Squad, Senior Arista. A tall. quiet lass, Who never makes a sound in class. LEONARD ROTHSCHILD l937-65th Street. Lunch Room Squad, Study Squad, Paper Conservation Squad. What's up. Lenny boy? STANLEY ROSHKIND GEORGE RUIZ 1861-50th Street, 5514-18th Avenue. English Book Boom Squad As noisy as a falling snow- tCapt.l, Biology Squad, Sr. flake- LUCY RUPOLO i459-7lst Street. Secretary of Prefect. DAVID ROSS 1101-57th Street. Small-but not too small to HGH Squad' hide that Smile. A sawed-off Superman. ELEANOR ROSS VINCENT RUSSO 1425-78th Street. Track Team, Vice-President of Medical Club, History Tutor. Interventionist - Isolationist - Depending on whether it's girls or homework. MAC RUTTENBERG l4ll-35th Street. Miss CosloW's Office-l26A, Charninade. Big heart and big girl. -I kN 1 ...L 67094-l4th Avenue. Class Secretory, Infirmary Squad, Service Squad. Here's a jewel, What's leaving school. ROSE SANTANGELO IZB4-80th Street. Sten. Speed Club. She may be shy, she may be Coy, But I bet she wants a hand- some boy. ALICE SANTURRO l544-7lst Street. Administration Office, Sten. Speed Club, Chamber of Commerce. She may be quiet-but oh! what a brain! BENIAMIN SARNICOLA 6212-l2th Avenue. Service Squad. Give me liberty-or let me SCIQITI. MARIE SANTAGATA EDWARD SCHELLENS IZOS East 47th Street. Tall, dark, and then some. DON SCHER l644-58th Street. Graduation is his only ser- vice. IEROME SCI-IINDELHEIM l45l-52nd Street. A swell fellow with brains. MIRIAM RUZI l275-4lst Street. Senior Arista, Iunior Arista, Secretarial Office Squad. With hair so tair. People stop and stare. LUCY SAFFIOTTI 1801-69th Street. Newman Club, Class Secre- tctry. Satan takes too many holi- days. FLORENCE SALUCCI 7705-18th Avenue. Girls' Dean's Squad, Study Hall Squad, Grade Advisers Squad. A quiet girl we all like well, Of whom we have no faults to tell. MELVIN SAMET l757-60th Street. Lunch Room Squad. The little lawyer. l COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 IRWIN D. SCHLACTER 7220-l7th Avenue. Adv. Mgr. of NUHS and Comet, Senior Cabinet, Vice- Pres. I.C.C. It I praise myself I'm brag- ging. If I knock myself I'm a dope-so call me what you will. IEANNETTE SATI-LMAY l828 Bay Ridge Parkway. Library Squad, Latin Tutor- ing Squad, Grade Advisers Squad. Sweet and pretty - and pretty witty. RUTH SCHACHNER 4600-9th Avenue. Grade Advisers Office, Of- fice Squad. "Any stamps today?" She's doing her part for the U.S.A. TILLIE SCHALL l472-43rd Street. English Book Room Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Iunior Arista. The reason firm, the temper- ate will: endurance, fore- sight ,strength and skill. HARRIET SCHARFSTEIN l8l8-79th Street. Library Squad, Class and Prefect Secretary, Treasurer of Class. A really swell girl! wt 4 1 l l i x l 4 ROSLYN SCHLEIFFER PHIL SCHULDMAN 5306-l3th Avenue. Madrigal, Iournalism Club, Boys' Dean's Office Squad. Still water runs deep. LILLIAN SCHNALL ll57-43rd Street. Program Committee, General Office Squad, We all think she's swell. and every knock's a boost. SIDNEY SCHNAPERMAN 2032-69th Street. Gym Squad, Service Squad, Study Squad. Sid's the type that gives the girls an eye-lashing. LEO SCHNEIDERMAN 4418-lUth Avenue. NUHS and Comet Staff Artist. This fellow went to New Utrecht just for an "educa- tion"! 1237-43rd Street Madrigal Society, Music Squad. No wonder he likes history: he's fond of "dates." BERNICE SCHUPACK 1748-68th Street Latin Office Squad, Biology Squad, Program Committee. Her marks are like fever: they run so high. SALLY SCHUSTER . 5801-15th Avenue. Math Office Squad, Prefect Secretary. lust like a cream puff- sweet and tempting. STANLEY SCHUTZER l524-49th Street. Grade Adviser's Office, Hall Patrol Squad, Lunchroom Squad Lieutenant. Vxlants to know if Custer sold French ice cream in his "last stand." COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 ZELDA SCHNEITZER 5112-l7th Avenue. Music Office, General Office, Secretarial Squad. Like a Nightingale, she sings. Iwonder? WILLIAM SCHOCHET 4723-l7th Avenue. Biology Squad. Winning personality -loads of fun. MALCOLM SCHRADER 5100-15th Avenue. Program Committee, History Coaching Squad. Piano virtuoso and future chemist. , EDITH M. SCHREIBER l932-62nd Street. Sec. to Mr. Green, Sten. Tutoring Squad. lust give her Soccer and she won't bother you. DANIEL SCHWARTZ 869-58th Street. Service Squad. Class artist. HERBERT SCHWARTZ 2021-76th Street. He's so fond of arguments, he won't even eat anything that agrees with him. RUTH SCHWARTZ 942-47th Street. Swimming Squad, Treasurer of Class. She cancelled more money than the U.S. Mint manufac- turers. SHIRLEY B. SCHWARTZ l249-76th Street. Senior Class President, lun- ior Arista Leader, NUHS Circulation Squad. President of our Senior class. Shirley certainly is some lass. LAWRENCE SELIGMAN 4910-l7th Avenue. Service Squad. He's too quiet to be knock- ed. IEROME SERGI 5323-l2th Avenue. We're waiting for his book, "How to Grow a Mustache" --with Special attention to novices and seniors. FLORENCE SEYBERT 1975-66th Street. NUHS Office, Drarnatics So- ciety, Service Squad. Encourages young love. ADELE SHAKIN l448-42nd Street. English Bookroom, Basket- ball Club, Baseball and Tennis Club. Athletic Adele. ' YVETTE SEGALL 5420-15th Avenue. ABRAHAM SHAMAH 6l2l-18th Avenue. Attendance at Annex l8O, French Office, Swimming Club. Brains, beauty and person- ality. MILTON SEIDENSHNER 964-1l9'th Street. Service Squad. Dressed to perfection. FLORENCE SEISLER 1245-50th Street. The gift of gab. EVELYN A. SELEVAN ll5Z-53rd Street. keep her in mind. -1- I COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 , WILLIAM SHIFFWIN 1928-64th Street. Everyone says he's grand- Always willing to give C1 helping hand. SAMUEL SHIFTER 1274-55th Street. Boys' Dean's Squad, Supply Squad, Mirneograph Squad. A regular fellow! SYLVIA SIBEN i863-78th Street. Biology, French, Library Squads. Siby, where did you get those big blue eyes? NETTIE SICIGNANO 1705-84th Street. Organization Squad, Hall Patrol Squad, Latin Office. Like sugar-sweet and re- fined. Senior Arista, Girls Dean's Squad, Secretarial Staff. You don't find many girls like her. So I suggest you Lunch Roorn Squad, Guard at Entrance, He likes them short, he likes them tall, He'll like them any way at all! VVILLIAM SHANNON l943-54th Street. GO. As Irish as they come. IEROME SHAPIRO 1459-48th Street. Patrol Squad, Band, Iunior and Senior Arista. Always there in time of need, He's most likely to succeed. PHOEBE SHARFSTEIN 943-53rd Street. ICC. President, NUHS Staff, Student Defense Council. Her ethics being very high, She will do more than just get by. G2 1 l 1 i GLORIA SIEGEL MIRIAM SIMPSON 41 Loui-a Street. Biology Squad, Grade Ad- viser's Squad, German Club. A nice girl! GLORIA SIE GEL 8420-20th Avenue. G.O. Office Squad, Senior Arista, Usher for Concerts. She's capable-a very good worker. SELMA SIEGEL 4701-15th Avenue. Class Treasurer, Claes Sec- retary, Character Rating- Mr. Smithline. The S. S. stands for "Sweet Smile". IULIA SIEGIL l75U-65th Street. Teacher's Secretary. Iulie, Iulie, clever cutie, Wants to be a photogra- pher's beauty. 1546--46th Street. Accounting Office, Library, Dr. Leuchs Office. lt's hard to knock one so nice. DAVID SINGER 46ll-l2th Avenue. A swell fellow! MARIO SIRIANI l469-46th Street. Answer to a mother's prayer. GERALD SLOTNICK NUHS Staff, Biology Office, Economics Office. The "Wolf" of the honor school. UWET JUNE 1942 l IEROME SILBERSTEIN 49Ul-l4th Avenue. Service Squad CCapt.J. His name the nation will proclaim, He's going to "cut" his way to fame CM.D.D. AARON SILVER l547-40th Street. Small, swell. smart. ALVIN SMULIAN IS44-Slst Street. Treasurer of Annex, Track Team, Chamber of Com- merce. Hears all . . . Sees all . . . Knows f?J. LORRAINE SOBEL lO23-46th Street. Treasurer of G.O., Arista, NUHS Reporter. Her cheeks were made to blush, 'Her lips to-oh! hush! ETHEL SILVER BERNICE SOLOMON 5102 Ft. Hamilton Parkway. Boys' Dean's Office, Guid- ance Office CSec'yD, Program Committee. When she dances, she "Dances". EVELYN SILVER 4ll Grand Avenue. Biology Office. Delmont-what a peach! l538-44th Street. Senior Arista CSec'yl, Math Office Squad, French Office Squad. Gentlemen prefer blondes! PHYLLIS SOLOMON 5501-l5th Avenue. Dean's Office Squad, Grade Adviser's Squad, Morale Committee. What a morale builder! GLORIA SORENSEN WALTER STANGER 1880-55th Street. 5001-10th Avenue. Service Squad, Secretarial A very patriotic fellow. He Office. doesn't waste his words. A pretty blonde. MORTON SOSINSKY l69O-66th Street. A Wolf . . . EVELYN SPECTOR 5015-l6th Avenue. Senior Arista, Lunch Roorn Squad, Spanish Office. As tiny as a star and just as bright. ELAINE SPIEGELMAN 5005-l6th Avenue. French Service Squad, Cafe- teria Squad, Stenography Squad. A young sweet miss is hard to find, So boys here's one to keep in mind. EDWARD SOMMERS AN 4802-12th Avenue. Pottsy Tearn CCapt.l, Iai-Ali KHi-Lib Capt. A promising student always promising to do better- NA SPINA l324-68th Street. Boys' Dean's Office, Mrs. Leurs, Editor of Annex Paper. She'll make a good stenog- rapher. IOSEPH SPINGOLA SIDNEY SONENBLUM 1771-63 C, S, ,Q ll5l-55th Street. GO. Office Squad, Senior Editor of "Cornet", Iunior and Senior Arista. Quiet and efficient. ESTELLE SONENSHEIN 1939-73rd Street. Charm, wit, personality. r ree Service Squad. New Utrecht's loss is St. Iohn's gain. EDITH SPITZ 1333-Slst Street. Madrigal, Nuhs Staff, Bi- ology Squad. Full of laughter, full of fun, Always a happy-go-lucky one. ROBERT SOODAK MARIO STALTARI l742-62nd Street. Biology Squad, Squad. He shouted when it hit him, yes indeed! Service l9lU Benson Avenue. Service Squad, Paper Col- lecting for Defense. Show your passes boys- Mr. Tuzza is watching. -1. COMET JUNE 1942 It - KATE STECKER l973-70th Street. Emergency Rocrn, Secretary of Hebrew Club, First Aid Squad. Agreeable and full of fun: Well liked by everyone. ROSLYN STEIN 5lO8 Ft. Hamilton Parkway. Sorores Ludorum, Prefect Secretary, Grade Adviser's Squad. Is this a diploma I see be- fore me? Come, let me clutch thee. CALVIN STEINBERG l854-66th Street. Service Squad, Social Corn- mittee, Defense Committee. Calvin, what would the Ser- vice Squad do without you? MIRIAM STEINBERG , MARTIN SWEET 905-43rd Street. Lunch Room Squad, Corn- mercial Law Club, Girls' Dean's Squad. She will never show signs of a shortage. RAE STEINER l25 Webster Avenue. Her only service is grad- uating. BURTON STEKLER 829-45th Street. Math Team fCapt.l, "Mathe- magician" Editor. He'd sell ice to an Eskimo and make him think he's getting a bargain. RAYMOND STENZI ll5 Lincoln Road. Senior Cabinet, Basketball Team, Latin Club. Bored of Education. 927-5lst Street. Library Squad, Book Room Squad, Service Squad. Don't let his name deceive you! ALBERT SZABO 7202-l7th Avenue. Senior Band, Lunch Room Squad, Biology Lab. Squad. "4l9's" musician. ISRAEL TAFFET 725 Avenue l. Chemistry Office, Service Squad. Is this a diploma I see be- fore me? Come, let me clutch thee! PHIL TANENHAUS 5514-15th Avenue. Service Squad. A boost you want? Bribe us! COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 MIRIAM STERN 1940-7lst Street. History Office Squad, tarial Studies Club. Oh, is she cute!!! DAVID D. STEUERMAN 4402-lUth Avenue. Studies Club. l BERNARD SUGARMAN IB47-55th Street. Basketball Team. You big brute! x Secre- lunior and Senior Arista, Boys' Deans Squad, Hebrew Squad. Really nice guy and hard to find, So I suggest you keep him in mind. -' HELEN STUDENBERG 875-43rd Street. Lunch Room Squad, Ac- counting Squad, Secretarial Why is she so patriotic? . ELIZABETH TANGA 78U8-l5th Avenue. Grade Adviser's Squad, Pro- gram Committee, Italian Club. Sweet and pretty is our "Liz", And at language-a "wiz." LARRY TARANGELO l24U-54th Street. Service Squad. Always in mischief, but never caught, How does he do it? We want to be taught. ANNA TARTARO i755-69th Street. Attendance Office, Secre- tarial Studies Office. Vivacious personality -lots of fun! GERTRUDE TAUSCHER 1950-47th Street. President of German Club, Grade Advisers Squad. Sweet, capable and demure, She'l1 reach success, we are sure. LOUIS TEDESCO Boys' Squad. is just one test after other. PRISCILLA TEITELBAUM l432-43rd Street. Club. Quiet and sweet: a girl you'd like to meet. HARRY TELLES 6ll9-l8tl'1 Avenue. IOHNNY TEMENOPP 78U5-l8th Avenue. Titlel Mgr. Glad to graduate. COMET JUNE 1 9 41 2 , MILDRED TEPPER FRANCINE TRACHTENBERG 955-47th Street. Auditorium Squad, C. L. Office. What attraction did you find in commercial law? MARCIA TERR 4515-lUth Avenue. NUHS Circulation Squad. Come on Marcia! Here's your chance, Teacher's not looking, go into your dance! CO CONA THAMBOUNARIS l97l-52nd Street. Study Hall Squad, Attend- ance Monitor. Sweet as sugar-but she's not rationed. SHIRLEY THOMAS 1262-43rd Street. Madrigal, Library Squad. Grace Moore in the making. l9'O8-75th Street. Library Squad. Not too quiet, but always gaYf A sweet girl in every way. DOROTHY TREIBER l928-78th Street. General Office Squad, Bi- ology Squad. When you get to know Dor- othy-you adore her. PETER TREUENF ELS l4O Bay Ridge Parkway. If you build a better mouse- trap . . . LOUIS TROTTA 6903-l6th Avenue. Hockey-Textile H. S., Foot- ball, Baseball. School is all very well, But what he likes is the dis- missal bell. Out! Out! Brief candle: life Library Squad, Vocational Guidance Office, Hebrew Study Hall Service Squad. Not too smart or too dumb, lust a fellow like everyone. Tennis Team, Math. Squad, Pottsy Team CWon City SHIRLEY TOLL ll4 Albemarle Road. Music Office, Teachers' Sec- retary, Secretarial Speed Club. She may not be a miner's Daughter-but oh! what re- sources! MORTY TOMASHOFF 1858-48th Street. Head Manager of Basket- ball Team. He certainly can play bas- ketball! VINCENZA TOMASI 8424-l'7th Avenue. Sten. Club, Organization Office. Waldbaum blessed her with these privileges. THERESA TORCHIO l767-64th Street. Office Squad, Sten Speed Club. Good things come in small Packages-or do they? IRVING TURK VINCENT VILLANI 5lU5-l0th Avenue. Service Squad. Like an old moving picture -silent! LAURA TUORTO 549 Dahill Road. Accounting Office, Economics Office. You've got something there -those eyes. HYMAN TUSHINSKY 1951-68th Street. Math. Tutoring Squad, Pre- fect President, Arista Execu- tive, Woman's home companion. ADELE ULANER 7316-20th Avenue. French Book Room Squad, Class President, French Dra- matics Club. Full of fire! 4106-l5th Avenue. Book Room Squad, Service Squad. Like a sale-he draws the women. VINCENZA VILLANI 1221-59th Street. Lunch Room Monitor, Grade Adviser's Office. Usually in a hurry to get Lord knows where, But always a success when she gets there. PAUL VITALE l245-59th Street. Service Squad, Class Presi- dent. His ambition is to become a farmer. A swell guy to know! LARRY VOGEL l9Zl-59th Street. Swell fella-fine companion. COMET JUNE 1 9 4 2 CONCETTA VACCARINO 1863-59th Street. Madrigal fTreas.l. lust call her "Hinges" 'cause she's something to adore. BELLA VEN GER 2053-78th Street. Service Squad. A pleasant ,boost is her due, Her classmates like her-so would you! IRENE VETRANO 6519-l5th Avenue. Program Committee, Study Hall Squad, Swimming Squad. Always ready to offer her services. ANATOLE VIRZI 1846-54th Street. Clerk in Gym. He brings 'em back alive. MARY VOLPICELLA ll25-52nd Street. Annex Vice-President, Class President, Class Treasurer. Mary's ring from Ioe is Blue -but Mary's very happy. WALTER VREDENBURGH 1876-50th Street, Hall Patrol Squad. He feels Monday's no time for a test. After two days' holiday, he needs a rest. RUTH WALDO lU67-50th Street. English Squad, Prefect Sec- retary, Orchestra. Sweet and demure, But you can't be too sure. FLORENCE WALKER 2057-75th Street. So friendly and so gay, No wonder she has a win- ning way. LEON WAXMAN GILDA WEINSTOCK W1 FLORENCE WALLACH l l852-5lst Street. Q Senior Arista, Boys' Deans Q Office Squad, Spanish Of- fice. A lot of fun! MORTON WALTER 8784-21st Avenue. Deans Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Service Squad. A.W.O.L. CA Wolf on the Loose.J RHODA WARSHOFSKY 4205-15th Avenue. Attendance Office Squad, Dramatics Society, Clerical Work for Teachers. Nice and sweet - and so petite. LAURA WASSERMAN 1447-40th Street. Library, History Office. A walking plug for Wrigley. K. COMET JUNE -e 1942 40l5-9th Avenue. "Times" Representative. We can't boost him-he's too high. ARTHUR WECHSLER 964-49th Street. Service Squad, Defense Squad. He's a regular guy! MURRAY WEINBERG ll0l-54th Street. His only service is grad- uation. HARVEY WEINBERG 1536-56th Street. Spanish Office Squad, Track Squad, President of Stamp Club. He's like a bridge-every- thing passes him. 1824-55th Street. G.O. Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Gym Squad. Quiet and attractive. GERARD WEISS 854-44th Street. Biology Tutor. He's a self-made man, but he isn't finished yet. GLADYS WEISS 1525-50th Street. Service Squad fSgt.J, Senior Cabinet, Orchestra. A pleasant combination of brains and beauty. IACK WEISS l6UU-55th Street. Paper Defense Squad, Sen- ior Cabinet, Service Squad. Iack has his foot in every- thing. MARTHA WEINGAND l3U8-42nd Street. President of Class, Service Squad, General Office. A regular guy! - nice to know. ROSE WEINIGER 930-50th Street. Girls' Dean's Office, History Office, Library Squad. Quiet. sweet and coopera- tive-an ideal steno. MARTIN WEINSTEIN l832-Blst Street. Hebrew Copper Club. He's the nicest fellow in New Utrecht. He's gotta be-he's one of the Wolves! SEYMOUR WEINSTEIN lOl7-48th Street. Orchestra, Band, Service Squad. The idle of the class. IACQUELINE WEISS l878-84th Street. Sorores Ludorum, Basketball, Swimming Club. Gay and charming. ALICE WELT l425-51st Street. Exit Squad, Swimming Squad. Your schooling was like a movie show, You came, stayed a while, and now you'll go. IANE WELT l425-51st Street. Swimming Squad. And she swam, and she swam. all over the dam. SHIRLEY WELTCHEK 5423 Ft, Hamilton Parkway. Dean's Office Squad, 7th Form Representative, Sorores Ludorum. Something new - a quiet blonde. PEARL WIENER l425-Slst Street. NUHS Circulation Staff, G. O. Service Squad, Grade Adviser's Squad. A swell girl! EVELYN WIESEN l935-74th Street. Orchestra, Band, Swimming. Gabriel! Blow your horn! MILTON WILKOW 95 Bay 3lst Street. Mirneograph Squad. Glib talker. BELLE WILLSTEIN ll57-43rd Street. Office Squad, Dramatics Club, Program Committee. A busy girl. ,- comm JUNE , 1942 , ELDAD WERTHEIM GERTRUDE WINCKLER 7802-2lst Avenue. Service Squad, He's so nice and quiet, ARNOLD WERNER 7920-19th Avenue. English Book Boom Squad, A promising student. Al- ways promising to do better. BEVERLY WEXLER l972-7lst Street. Lunch Room Squad, Spanish Office Squad, Class Secre- tary. A swell girl who believes in fun land Nelson Eddyl. RITA WIEN 1348-47th Street. Emergency Boom, German Club. An all-around girl. 5712 New Utrecht Avenue. lunior Arista, Senior Arista, Gym Squad. Still water runs deep. EDITH WOHL Vivacious and flirtcitious. LEON WOLENTZ 1456-44th Street. Book Room Squad, Service Squad, History Club. Always here, never late, He deserves to graduate. HOWARD YAGER 974-45th Street. Service Squad. He got something out of New Utrecht-himself! rm T1 SHIRLEY YARMQLOVSKY RUTH ZEHNGUT 54ll Ft. Hamilton Parkway, Infirmary Squad. A pretty girl is like a mel- ody. HELEN YANNONI 1759-72nd Street. 5Ul8-llth Avenue. Attendance Office, Science Office, English Office. Steepechase has nothing on her. Secretarial Studies Office, LUCH-'LE ZINN Newman Club. There is something in the way she looks, That causes boys to drop their books. MARVIN YARIN l3l6-45th Street. Hall Squad, Stage Squad. A sound supporter of the "Times". SELMA ZABINSKY ll47-56th Street. Law Clerk, Grade Advisers' Office. lf all the gals were as sweet as she, What a school New Utrecht would be! MIRIAM ZANGEN 9l3-45th Street. Administrative Office Squad, Senior Arista, Lunch Room Squad. l84U-48th Street. NUHS Staff, Lunch Room Squad, Library Squad. Cute and zippy. ARNOLD ZISSELMAN l728-56th Street. Orchestra, Chemistry Squad, Biology Squad. He'll go places. MILTON ZLOTNICK l9E4-66th Street. Study Hall Squad, Health Education Squad, Economics Squad. Full-fledged member of the intelligence department. MARVIN ZUCKER l755-65th Street. Service Squad, lunior Arista, Track Squad. Caesar died because he was ambitious. Marvin will live forever . . . BARBARA ZYMARIS l238-72nd Street. Nice to know-but much too quiet. ClTl'L8TLl Nocella, Christene jungreis, Irving DeLucci, Joseph FV einer, Harry Levy, Ruth Chisari, Mary Camora, Emanuel Juncreis, Theodore Cabial, Oliver Hansome, Joseph Trocciola, Mary Pethof, Benjamin Peterson, Hans Williams, William Colabella, joseph Aclelfio, Salvatore Lakow, George Senior celebs cmd Emfmfztes POPULAR BOY MICHAEL ROSALIE POPULAR GIRL SHIRLEY SCHWARTZ BOY POLITICIAN HAL HOENIG GIRL POLITICIAN ANI TA GOLD BOY ATHLETE NORMAN KATZMAN GIRL ATHLETE RUTH MARGARETTEN BOY ACTOR JEROME KAUEMAN GIRL AC TRESS EVELYN GROSS BOY JITTERBUG HERBERT RAUSHER GIRL JITTERBUG MARIE LEVOCI PLAY OE THE YEAR MACBETH BAND OE THE YEAR HARRY JAMES I STA TES MAN FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT BOY MUSICIAN IRWIN IOSEPHS GIRL MUSICIAN GLADYS WEISS BOY LIKELY TO SUCCEED LEON LIPS ON GIRL LIKELY TO SUCCEED RENEE BERNSTEIN ERIENDLIEST BOY JERRY D'ALESSIO ERIENDLIEST GIRL RITA BOSKIN BOY COMEDIAN LEONARD HACKER GIRL COMEDIENNE BEVERLY IVEXLER BO Y S CH OLAR MARVIN L. ARONSON GIRL S C H OLAR HELEN RINALDI BOOK OE THE YEAR KING'S ROW MOVIE OE THE YEAR HOIV GREEN WAS MY VALLEY WOMAN OE THE YEAR CAROLE LOMBARD MAN OE THE YEAR DOUGLAS MACARTHUR See page! 48 and 49 vzmous erjmfy Trials RADIO SCRIPT COPYRIGHT, JUNE, 1962 Afzzaozurzcerz Good evening, ladies and gentlemen this is "Famous Perjury Trials" brought to you by the courtesy of Irwin Schlakteris strictly kosher restaurants. Try our meatballs and spaghetti, if you don't like the spaghetti, wrap it around the meatball and make a yo-yo. Ladies are invited. At this point we wish to announce that tickets for the twentieth version of "Victory Parade" at New Utrecht High School will be dis- tributed gratis at the end of this broadcast. In return for this courtesy we have drawn tonight's script from a case involving only New Utrecht students. The sketch is aptly entitled 'lThe Face on the Barroom Floor Had a Bullet In It." Nd1'1'dl'O1'I The scene is Donald Plotkin's first class, super deluxe bar and grill, famous for its fine lemonade. Robert Andersen, first prohibitionist mayor ever elected in New York City, has just been hit over the head with a ketchup bottle with ketchup in it . . . He is sprawled out on the floor-dead. Melvin "Saint,' Grumbach is on the alert. He is worming a drink out of the bartender, joe Lombardi. He notices the corpse. Grzmzbfzcb: Wlao done it? Narrzziorz There is no answer. Grumbach notices Lorraine Reich the "Turtle Neck Sweater Girli' seated with that Victor Mature in small propor- tions, Ernie Grossman, clad in his best leopard skin and bowie knife. Grumbach: Wluat do you have to say about this. G1'0J'.l'77Z6Zl7I Burp. Nfz1'1'af01': Grumbach, turning around, notices Gertrude Ezorsky, author of that great American novel, "Ill Smelling is the Garbage in the Streets of the Great City." He addresses her. Grzwzbarh: How about your opinion on this matter, Miss Ezorsky. M255 Ezorffeyz After years of fighting for women's rights, a girl will be able to smoke a cigar in peace. fShe takes out a cigar and puffs awayj. Nd1'1'5lfO7'I Grumbach perceives Marvin L. Aronson, defeated "confusion" candidate for mayoralty, sitting in a corner reading a type book. Giwzzfmcb Qsuavelyjz Now just what did you have to do with this little affair. Arofzrofrz Me with my beautiful little face? Why I was sittin' in the corner eatin' a green apple. Eighty-yfae Grizmbizfb: Now this has gone just far enough. Iim getting sick of this nonsense. When a mans' murdered, somebody murdered him, see. Now you birds are gonna help me find out, see. Now you there Qpointing to Buddy Merle, agent for Shirley Cardon famous actress, who won the coveted role of Mona Slop in "A Barmaid's Vengeancej what were you doing when the act was commited. Merle: Why, I was planning my campaign in Russia. Didn't you know I'm Hitler. Nobody believes me, though. Especially those men with the white jackets. Grimzbizcb: Qseeing four women clustered around the corpse avidly search- ing through the deceased's walletj Who are you? Pom' Voices: I was his secretary and future wife fembarrassed silencej. All four file off weeping. Eleiiize Katz: fsnifflingj He loved my ballet he was going to make me a great ballerina. Shirley Schwizrrz: fsobbingj He promised me a million dollars for my dog and cat fund. Glezdyr Weiss: I was to make my debut at Carnegie Hall Imagine, from the Harlem half-tone sextette to Carnegie Hall. Marcia Terr: Oh, what am I going to do. What's to become of my inter- pative dancing. Ah, how he delighted in it. Even though he never understood it. Nd1"1'df01'Z Cfrumbach is non-plussed. Suddenly he sees a head rising from behind the bar. It is Donald Plotkin, proprietor. He stares wide-eyed at the corpse. Plotkin: Ah, whatis this. Boy, those free lunch hounds will get meat in their sandwiches tomorrow. Suddenly there is a loud noise in the back. "Botch." Hacker, has-been actor, runs to the front and stands before Grum- bach. Hizcker: I cannot tell a lie, I did it, and I'd do it again. For years I haven't had a part. Ever since they stopped producing Q'What a Life" I've been on the W.P.A. and finally my first big chance. The lead in "Citizen Anderson," and he wouldn't have it. Ah, woe! woe! Che begins to blubber, taking out a huge bandana handkerchief and blow- ing his nose into it. Grimibizcb: Now was that a nice thing to do. Here there, you two. QHe calls his two bodyguards jumbo Stenzi and Louis Engber who are hid- ing behind the bar. They handcuff the prisoner and lead the weeping derelict awayj. Grzzmbizclaz Qseating himself at the barj. Ah such is life. Oh well I'll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow's another day. Eighiy-Jix NUHS OFFICE LIBRARY SQUAD ENGLISH BOOKROOM SQUAD BOYS' SENIOR ARISTA GIRLS' SENIOR ARISTA SERVICE SQUAD ACCOUNHNG OFHCE SQUAD BOYS' DEAN SQUAD GNL? DEAN SQUAD G.O. OFHCE SQUAD COX SONS and VINING, INC. Established 1937 AfIcZk6'7'J' 0 CAPS AND GOXWNS ACADEMIC HOODS f JUDICIAL RQBES CHOIR VESTMENTS BEST STYLE AND LIVORKMANSHIP INQUIRIES SOLICITED 131 EAST 25rd STREET N EW YORK Majestic Photo T Engraving Co., Inc. IIEFFLEY S C110 GL naalsmnzn BY THE BOARD OF mzsmrs BUSINESS and SECRETARIAL TRAINING DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS Catalogue upon request Williamsburgh Savings Bank Bldg. ONE HANSON PLACE At Flatbush Avenue, BROOKLYN Telephone: STer1ing 3-5210 No Branches Operated 50 WEST 17th STREET NEW YQRK CITY Telephone WAtkins 9-4430 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER EOR THE JUNE 1942 COMET ARTHUR sTUD10s,1NC. Specialists in School Annuals 1457 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Bryant 9-7342 EXCLUSIVELY EQUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK WORK 5 u i rfiwliie' mf r COLLEGE of ARTS and SCIENCES Day and evening courses leading to BS. fSocial Science and Pure Sciencej. Preparation for l-ligh School Teaching. Preparation for Law, Medidne, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Veterinary Nledicine. Summer Session: June 8 ' Full Term: September 21 SCHOOL of LAW Two-year day or three-year evening course leading to degree LLB. Summer Session: June 3 1 - Full Term: September 23 SCHOOL of COMMERCE Day or evening courses leading to degree B.B.A. or B.S. for High School Teaching and in preparation for Law School and Certified Public Accountant Examinations. Summer Session: June I ' Fall Term: September 14 COLLEGE of PHARMACY Day course leading to degree BS. in preparation for Pharmacy, Nledicine, Drug, Chemical and Bio- logical fields. Professional Civil Service. Fall Term: September I4 -O Registrar-96 Schermerhom St., Brooklyn. N. Y. Telephone TRiangle 5-0150 PRINTER S ' AND ' PUBLISHERS 3"O5OO PHINHNG ul FLIJTBUSHFXTE. BROOKLYN NY. 1 STANDARD RING CUMPANY Manllfactllrers of All Jewelry of Class of June 1942 130 WEST 46th STREET NEW YORK CITY BRyzmt 9-4823 AUTOGRAPW-IS 4 L 5 x ia I Y 73 ir -ug ,J A ,, "big aww- v 'Q Q, .fi K , - 1 i AUTOGRAPHS Q i fi Z3 A. i. , 113 . A3 5x ,Y Q, 52 z. 19 'E 3 52 vs 1:4 SP5 3? 35 55 .- ii1---..--A-.--.-.-.-.-..,. ...-..,.. . ...- . .,., . . . .. . . . . . , ,.., .. , . ,.-.......,..,.,,.... . .. ,. .-.. . .. . ,At

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