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iffffrl , ' "fi: Wi? hwy Aff? T' ' Awww ' T ' W ar: 5 'Q ' Haw f x c ': 1 w,4.:,,,-.e'. wkmi " V:-.raw 511 ,Qi :L n-.259 ff wwf :?:1',"'53'f1 .,.,,-1 za Q: yr. - Xwm Y Am- wff A , W .pm J 1 ., U A , , ,-,A . R f. M 1 ..w. ,Q y 4' 5 , px .f.. gk X X i 4 , L L 4 ff' A K, 1 1 g r s 5 , ' u lv N 5 x , , A 1 ' J 1 x. r 1 X f -. -, .f v 1, , , Dedication This january 1940 issue of the New Utrecht High School Comet is dedicated to the memory of M1'. George Zinovoy, tmeaot of the Boys' P. T. Department, who passed away in early December, 1939. Many Decemtaers will pass be- fore '19 is forgotten by the student body. CCDMET JANUARY 1940 NEW UTRECHT HIGH SCHOOL Brooklyn, New York ,O- DR. MAURICE E. ROGALIN Principal Jerome Sehnur lshelle Cohen Leader of Boys, Sr. Arista President of Senior Class Morris Dweek P Editor-in-Chief of the Nuhs President of the l.C.C. Joseph Bellantoni Shirley Goldstein G. O. President Leader of Girls? Sr. Arista QI L MEGN . ' W 1 1 U y li g-h'g' zieizaff Chairman of the Board Managing Eciitor HAROLD TALL MORRIS DWECK Chief Senior Eciitor l-lARRlET KRAUSE Sports Editor Assistant Sports Eciitor Erwin Simensky Abe Blurnenfield Literary Editors Abe Faigelman Florence Helen Turchin Art Editors lol'1n Ciotalo Norman Graber Drama Eoiitor Essay Editor Ierome Schnur Elliot Flax Business Manager Harold Webman Staff Photographers Murray Lett loseph Gold Publicity Acivertising Solomon Deutsch Bernard Schilit Leonard Barkin lack Schwarz Faculty Adviser MR. ROSENZWEIG Literary Adviser MR. ZACHARY SERWER camel' Harriet Krause - Morris Dweclc - l-lcirolcl Toll Erwin Simerlsky - lerome Sclrmur Florence Turchin - Abe Forigelmom - Elliot Flux Dr. Maurice E Rogaljn Dr. Rogaliifs Message ixfiemioers of time Class of January 1Q4O New Utrecht High School Dear Friends, Permit me' to congratulate you on the successiui compietion of your iriigisi sciiooi course. You wiii agree that as a result of your studies and facuity guidance at this institution your physical and spirituai development are far more advanced than if opportunity for this study had not been made -avaiiainie to you. Proioaioiy tile surest Way to give vveigiit to this judgment is to contrast your present status, whatever it may ioe, with that of time young people in most of tire countries of the world today. I am certain that you wiii say with minions of your fellow countrymen mfiianii God for American it is my sincere imope that one of the many benefits that accrued to you as a result of time education that our city and State gave to you, is tile formulation of an active ideai of Americanism. You, I hope have been so strongly imbued with tiiis lofty motive that ali your iiie you Wiii be actuated by it. The welfare not only of our ineioved Country iout of tile entire World is contingent on the extent to which future generations uptioid Americanism and aii that it impiies. Since you are the proximate group to carry on, do it so that your successors wiii have greatly improved conditions under our spiendidiy democratic society. May I not also at this time Wisti for eacii of you iong, happy, and successful lives, in the service of America and ixfiani Sincerely yours, 6? Principal January 29, 1940 "The events and characters of this story are fictional and any simi- larity to the staff of the New Utrecht "NUHS" and the way it puts out a paper is purely coincidental." The office of the "Central Hi Clarion" was in an uproar. The paper Cwhich advocated a greater allottment of G.O. funds for their journalistic 'petty cash' and a reduction in . expenditures on such unneces- e sary items as "Teachers and Students' Symposium on Whether the Central City Council Should Approve a Bill to Provide the City with a New Council l-fall-S35"D had a 24 hour deadline to meet and no one could find "Cyclone" Baxter, the Sports Editor. The only sports item pasted on the dummy was an insignificant little paragraph reading something like this: "GJ-l.L.S. ON HIKE The Girls' Athletic Club un- der the supervision of Miss Morgan Went on a hike to Red Caverns last Saturday. It was reported that everyone had a grand time." To add to the troubles of "Doc" Lewis, the "Clarion's" Editor-in-Chief, the galleys had been brought up from the printer and all the cutting, pasting and correcting was being done in the little 2 by 4 office. ln a corner of the room, Claudia t'Shorty" Black and Shirley CGee Ain't Clark Gable Handsomel Ferber, the two feature editors, were haggling with "Ace" Carlson, the paper's star reporter. By LEONARD BARKIN "Look, be sensible," Claudia was plead- ing. "You can't have two bylines on the same page. lt don't look nice." "At a time like this, l can't be sensible," Ace retorted. "That story l wrote on "Trees" is the best thing this sheet ever had and l'm going to get a by-line if it's the last thing l ever do." "lf you get it," Shirley threatened, "it's going to be the last thing you ever do. At least on this paper." "Gimme my story," Ace shouted. 'l ain't working for you dopes any more. lquitf' 'Good You're fired," Claudia corrected. Ace flew out of the office. "What was that?" Doc asked, "A hurricane?" "No, only Ace quitting again," came the answer. "Gosh darn it. l-low many times a day does that guy hafta quit." ln the center of the office, rather majestically sprawled on the floor was "Newsy" Baker, the News Editor. All around him were galleys, dummys, paper, glue, scissors and all the rest of the material which dis- tinguishes an exalted editorkfromla common reporter. lust as he opened his mouth to say something, Doc shouted, "Pledgee!" "Yessir," came from a terrified, little lad in a corner. Ten new wffzecfzff Go find Cyclone. We need him. Dont come back without him." 'But where should l look fo . . 'lSilence. Look anywhere. l don't care how but find him. And when you come back, remind me to ask you to assume the angle." Yessir." Then vouch." The Pledgee had received the necessary aid to propel him through the door. u "Who is the editor of the Clarion'?" asked a meek, little girl stand- ing in the doorway. 'll am. What doyawant?" Doc said. B' "l gotta story for you. lt's about the poster contest of the yearbook and . . "Look," Doc eulogized. 'lYou're a nice little girl, you write beautifully, it's the best story l ever read but," and Doc blew up, 'lget the dickens out of here! We're trying to put out a paper!" The door slammed shut. Silence. And then. "l-liya folks," ln walked Ace. UBoy have l got an idea or have l got an idea. Boy oh boy it's a honey." 'lWhat are you back again?" asked Claudia. 'lYep it's me in the flesh and rarin' to go. Listen to this . . . No, gimme a typewriter. l'll write for you." Quiet reigned for awhile. A knock on the door. "Who is out yonder?" Newsy yawned. "lt's me-Pledgeef' 'lEnter," yelled Doc. 'lDid you find him?" 'lYessir. l-le's in the Deans office. l-le cut l-listory to listen to the Make-Believe Ballroom. l-le's got detention." "Detention-wand no sports page. Qwwwwwf' Doc fainted. As usual the paper came out-a day late. LOVE LETTER "l love you dear," the letter read, Written in pale green ink The words were full of feeling More feeling than you think Of course, the letters shook a bit, And some were far apart, But to be sure the words were there And came right from the heart. "l want to come and kiss you dear," Now you may think that bold, But really, how are you to know, It was written by a five year old? 1 Florence Schneider Twelve ' f X - 2 5 On Naming Dogs The modern lady taking her pet bull-dog out for an airing, curious to know how her pet arrived at his name, will be told a not-too-pretty story. The ancestors of the modern bull-dog were used for bull-baiting. The dogs, put upon the bull, tried to seize him by the nose and hold on. The bull tried to gore and disembowel the dogs. lt was difficult for the bull to toss a low-set dog, so short-legged, heavy animals were bred. Also, when the dog sunk his teeth into the bull's nose, the flesh swelled up and covered the dog's nostrils, making it difficult for the animal to breath. Breeders consequently bred dogs with turned up noses, the characteristic feature of milady's bull-dog. On The Crigin of Words When you say a house and lot you may not know it, but the word "LOT" is as American as Plymouth Rock. ln fact, it was first used on Plymouth Rock. When the Pilgrims landed, they divided the land in the simplest way they knew. They drew lots for it. Thenceforth, every man's share of land was called his "lot," The word, in the sense, is used only in this country. lt has never been used in that way in Great Britain. On ulalopiesn Every schoolboy knows what a "jalopy" is, lout who knows the origin of the word? "Old Broken-down Fords," frequently were exported to Mexico, many to Ialapa. Hence, in Southern California, any floppy car became a "jalopy." "lalopy is of Yiddish-Polish origin," writes another, "and is really a transliteration of the word "schlappe," meaning an old nag or horse. ln its present form it is applied to cars of old vintage with little power and anemic appearance." On "Wrong Ways" Publicity dogs "Wrong Way" Corrigan's footsteps like a faithful hound, and some of it is not of his own manufacture. A "wrong way" pulse, an abnormal condition in which blood is permitted to flow back into the heart because of the faulty closing of the aortic valve, is known to medical science as a "Corrigan Pulse." This disease occasionally results in the pulse "disappearing" for a short time. But doughty Douglas Corrigan had nothing to do with this "wrong way" pulse. The abnormality is named after Dr. D. I. Corrigan, a Dublin physician who died in l88U. Fourteen A faded old house stands back of the quays down at Portland Point, and its gaunt, grayish appearance forbids any warmth or laughter for which the fisher-homes at the Point are noted. Gray shutters hang on single hinges, and the clap-boards sound loudly against the sides of the house when the wind blows up. The sloshing of the dark, slimy water CfQCU1'lSl the Poles beneath the quays supplements of the chilly, damp at- rnosphere. The fisher-folk at Portland Point fear this house. 'llt has the ghost of a little boy," said one. "And he was a cripple at that," claimed a second. "Haven't ya' heard about his hunch and his crazy laugh?" asked another. "The way he smiled at a person was enough to set a man running," shrieked a fourth. ' "Ya know," said the first fisherman, By GIQADYS BASSE "there's only one of us that ever took a liken' to the boy, and that's old Sally. She probably thought the lad was crazy too, but she liked him. When the boy died of pneumonia, she had this here house of his closed up, and would ya' believe it-she won't let a soul go insideitl" "Look, there she is," and we turned about to see an ancient fisher- woman trudge slowly out the garden gate towards the group in which l stood. K 'lWhat d'ya' all want?" she demanded. "N-nothin' Sally, nothin'," replied one of the fishermen. "We was just telling this feller from the city about the little boy who used to live hear. Ya' ain't mad are ya"?" "What good would it do me anyhow? l liked the lad and I felt sorry for him. Anything wrong in that?" A chorus of "no" and "of course not" arose, after a fisherman had pressed Sally to tell me more about the little boy, she related what she knew of him. 'Every morning he used to come down here. He said he liked to come out on the Point because it was so quiet. Oftimes, I saw him walk staring at the sun and smiling. The first time l saw him, l thought he was going to dig for quahangs, but the tide was up, and he didn't carry a rake with him. He liked to Walk barefoot in the sand. I said to myself that someday the boy would catch his deaths' cold, because the chilly morning air isn't good for anyones bones, not even the young one's. He was a silly little boy, but l liked him." Sally began to sniffle, she cleared her throat and continued. "He wanted to write books, at least that's what he planned to do, and he even wanted to go to college. Think of that will you, he-wanting a college education! Many times l asked him what good a college edu- cation would be to a fisherboy, but he always shrugged his little shoulders Fifteen and said he would not stay here as his father had and his father's iatlief before him." l'Did ya' hear that?" bellowed one of the fishermen. Ult was good enough for his father, but not good enough for him!" The group beqdfl to laugh, but then Sally refuted. - ul-le had brains, he wasn't like you," their smiles faded, and they looked at one another guiltily. "lt was shameful," Sally continued, "that the poor laddie was so deformed. You know, they told me that his father ran away to the city when he was a baby. l suppose he tired of it, we folks down here usually do, you know. At any rate, he married, and when he came back, he brought the. little lad with him. None of the children here ever played with the little boy, they were afraid of him. l was about the only friend he had. You know, he used to tell me about the thousands of little folks he had for friends. l often asked him where they lived, but he only smiled at me and then ran down to the water's edge and sifted the sand through his fingers. l-le was a silly lad to be wanting to play in the sand all day. And he never went fishing. He said it hurt him to see the fishes' eyes popping out and the blood dripping all over their mouths when they were hooked." f'What a tender, delicate boy!" gushed one of the group. Sally looked at the fisherman angrily, and he quickly withdrew from the crowd. 'll think that if it were up to the laddie, there'd never be any fishing. lmagine the world without fish," and she paused to laugh. "lt's a silly thing though, isn't it? But what could you expect from a little lad? Once he did a very queer thing. l-le waded into the water up to his knees, and when I told him he'd be catching his deaths' cold, he just starred at me and laughed and laughed. Sally stopped talking to view the effect of her story upon her audience. She appeared satisfied, for she continued, almost confidingly. "Once he told me that he would go far away. When l asked him where he would be gone to, he looked at me in that queer way of his, and said that only his sand friends knew where it would go. l-le said that it was a secret between them and that he couldn't tell a soul about it. Mind you now, a secret! A funny child he was. "You know, l was afraid of his cough and his catching cold in the morning air. On the day that he didn't come to see me, l thought that maybe he had gone away with his little friends who live in the sand. But l knew the laddie would have said good-bye to me." Sally started to cry. She blew her nose loudly and brushed her tears away on the sleeve of her weathered sweater. f'Away with ya' now. All of you. Go on-away!" and she shooed her audience away. When the crowd did not disperse, she turned and walked hurriedly back through the garden from which she had come. l watched her open the cellar door of the house, and as she descended, one of the fishermen remarked. 'Sally must be losing her mind worshipping the little boy like this." "Yes," agreed the others and shook their heads sadly. Sixteen UNKNOWN WOMAN While visting a friend one afternoon A handsome gentleman dropped in One moment strangers, the next moment lovers. We were married and the years brought us eight children All still alive, but for one dead in Germany Dead mentally T For if you are now in Germany ' You are as good as dead. When they were growing up I kept house, sewed, cooked, and nursed them when sick. Until they grew up and had families of their own. Then l just sat and prayed all day For my beloved husband had passed away. l sat thinking of my full life in the days gone by Wishing I could live it over again. Until one night l felt very sick And ere the morning had begun l passed into a different world. l had loved life But l had lived it too long Lived too long to see Men take over Europe And threaten the land of the free. By Icmet Kaiser OUR LIFE W'e two were very young once We loved our fields, our work, and our crops. Living for each other and later our young ones-We enjoyed a simple life. Our work was our play, And the happy sun smiled With us constantly. Years ripened our life And sent our children To their own happy roads. lt has separated Paul and me But only for a brief time. Now as l sit alone The dreary night is enlightened With the thoughts of our youth, And our fields, and our children. Tomorrow that same sun of yesteryear Will shine down on me alone lt will smile with me too, By Norma Mottolcr Seventeen Golly, you'd kinda get the idea it was all his fault. The way she stamped her foot, turned around, just in time for him to see a tear trickle down her freckled face. What was that his dad once said, "Yeah, women will always resort to tears once all their other wiles are exhausted." His especially a red-headed onef' His motto was, "Never trust a woman," but that was the last time she got angry at him. And now, now here he was a fellow his age sitting on her stoop and being mopey about a girl. Not even a really pretty girl but one with the funniest color red hair. He tugged at his belt-as if to replace the tugging at his heart or better still he hoisted his pants-cause maybe that would sort of hoist his spirits. Well anyway, there he was on her stoop, waiting. lf she would only stop acting like an infant! lf she would only peek out of the curtain, wave to him or something. Anything. Ah, what's the use! She can't help it at all, she can't help anything-it was all her rnother's fault, always buttin in. Gee! Things have come to a pretty pass when a feller can't take the girl he loves for a drive. Golly that was harmless enough driving! He didn't care. He didn't care at all. There were plenty of fish in the seal Plenty of other girlsl-Girls who would be mighty proud to ride around with a fellow who had a nice new red kiddie car. By MARCELLA MARKSAMER ima ' By ELLEN MANDEL Scene: The prescription department of a drug store. lt is Christmas Eve and the druggist prepares to spend his usually quiet evening listening to the radio. He turns on the radio and a voice announces the fact that a message of peace on the Christmas Eve is about to be given. Voice: "ln many parts of this stricken world, the tears of long, long files of men and women, driven from their homes by blind hatred, wandering from country to country in misery and want, are quenching the Light of God which for thousands of years has guided the footsteps of your fathers and mine. The cries of war are drowning the sound of Gods voice . . . " A thief enters the store and with gun in hand, in- dicates what he wants. Policeman comes. Policeman and gunman are severely wounded. Voice: l' . . . Long ago, it was prophesied that 'men shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into priming forks'g men shall not lift up sword against man, neither shall they learn war and . . . " More policemen enter: they help carry out the wounded policeman, the injured druggist and the insensibly beaten gunman. " . . . When man's hand shall be outstretched, it shall be in the nature of help, not harm, in the nature of service, not in injury, in the nature Qt goodfellowship, not in enemity. God grant the men may live in peace and harmonyg all for one and one for all." Eighteen Time-Thursday, lanuary 4, 1940 lljour days before the lackson Day Dinner and the discovery of Americas No. 1 humoristl. Place-New Utrecht, famed for a Dramatic Society which has always managed to get rave notices from the critics . . . of the Utrecht Nuhs. 8115! Mr. Ehrlich's baton rises and the strains of the overture reaches the ears of an expectant audience. The music ends and Burly lack Potash and Blurry-Eyed lrving Goidel of Schnur's Stage Squad, lnc. 5 go into action and the curtains ac part revealing onstage a theatre in the background of an inn "somewhere in France." The cash customers as well as the teachers in the front rows are already gaping at the beautiful scenery and the excellent lighting effects. As yet not a gesture had been made nor a word spoken, still the audience has already moved forward to the edges of their seats in antici- pation of a great show. And as they anticipated, so it was. From the moment the cavaliers start their fencing exercises in the first act to Cyrano's fifth act death, it was easy to see that the New Utrecht Dramatic Society's presenta- tion of l'Cyrano de Bergerac" was the most spectacular and greatest in its eventful fifteen-year history. So successful, in fact, was the play that besides the scheduled lanuary 4th, 5th and 6th performances, a demand performance was given on lanuary 13th. And who is responsible for this hit? A great many people, from whom we choose lack Chakrin for initial honors. Chakrin, as most every good Utrechtite knows, played Cyrano. From the moment Cyrano throws Montfleury off-stage and for approxi- mately three hours more, the long-nosed soldier must dominate the play with the force of his character. l-le fights a duel, makes love for another to his only love, leads his regiment in a war and dies a magnificent death, all within three hours. And Chakrin does make Cyrano the dominant character. He performed more magnificently than any member of the audience ever dreamed of seeing. Every word he said added to the great- ness of the production. Yes, indeed, lack Chakrin brought fame both to himself and New Utrecht as he spoke and moved about on the great New Utrecht stage. But it was not Chakrin alone who was responsible for the play's success. lsabelle Cohen played the leading feminine role, that of Roxanne, Cyrano's cousin and secret love. She performed eloquently in a difficult role. Miss Cohen appeared on the stage as a spiteful, young, beautiful girl who loves the dashing young men who speak and write beautiful words about her. Robert Le Shufy portrayed Christian de Neuvillette, a young soldier, who is madly in love with Roxanne but who is handicapped in this love affair by his lack. of the power to write and speak eloquently. l-le makes a deal with Cyrano whereby his good looks and Cyrano's Words would Acljectives by MORRIS DWECK and HAROLD VVEBMAN Nineteen BACKSTAGE AT CYRANO By Murray Leif woo Roxanne. Le Shufy played his role as author Edmond Bostand PTObUb!Y V!SiO1'lGCl him, good-looking, dashing but weak in front of women. ln the role of De Cfuiche, a nobleman who also has a liking for Box- anne, was Zelly Donneson. Donneson made a perfect job of his character as his jealousy for Roxanne's love was brought out. incidentally, this is the same Zelly Donneson who is famous as an orator in Utrecht. Eliot Agush handled the comedy relief well in the role of Bageuneau, the pastry cook. His acting at the beginning of the second act in the pastry shop scene drew plenty of laughs from the audience. Agush kept un- tarnished his reputation as an actor in this school. Marcella Marksamer turned in a fine bit as the fidgety, flirtatious Duenna. Al Lebarwitch turned in a great piece as the Meddler in the first act, Marvin Berman appeared just about as drunk as he was supposed to be as Ligniere. Harold Webman was excellent initwo small parts, those of Montfleury, the actor in the first act and the Captain of the Cadets, Carbon de Castel-laloux. The actors who portrayed members of the crowd and the cadets all acted to perfection. Credit is due the Stage Crew under lerry Schnur's supervision, includ- ing lights, scene changing, making of scenery and so on. And now . . . Mr. lsidore Rosenzweig. Guiding the aspiring thespians through stormy rehearsals over a period of more than three months, Mr. Bosenzweig, in his last production at Utrecht was determined to make "Cyrano" his best. l-lis interpretation of the play, did more than anything else to keep this play in the memories of the Utrecht students for years to come. Wait, here comes the signal from Mr. Bosenzweig for a slow curtain at the end of the last act. The "Two Stooges," Buster Simensky and Abe Blumenfield are getting ready to 'lwalk the curtain," the "properties" are being collected by Elo Turchin and Hall Tall, and the loudspeaker is being disconnected by Abe Eaigelman. Curtain! Two Curtain Calls! House Lights! October 3-Utrecht Nuhs starts 30th term of publication with Morris Dweck as Editor-in-Chief. October 3-According to scholarship lists, New Utrecht leads the entire State of New York in scholarship. October 6-Faculty committee launches campaign to 'Beautify Utrecht." October 8-Work on "Cyrano De Bergerac" begins with Mr. Bosenzweig at the helm. October l9-Tall, Le- , , shefsky, Bellantoni nomin- ated for the G.O. Presi- dency, Dweck, Feinstein and l-lendel to seek Vice-Presidency. October 20-Ierome Schnur, Morris Dweck, Florence Turchin, Harold Tall, Shirley Ackerman, lsabelle Cohen, Emil Meli, Ioseph Ahearne, and Pearl Blau elected to Senior Cabinet. Twenty-one October 20-Tack Chakrin and Isabelle Cohen given leading pC1rtS iD "Cyrano De Bergerac." Gctober 25-Bellantoni, Feinstein, Didier and Kobrin win tour G.O. ottices. November l-Senior Cabinet chooses the Park Central tor Senior Prom. November 6-School throws its doors open to parents as Open SCl'1OOl Week begins. 7 November l0-l38 Utrechtites installed into Senior Arista. lerome Schnur and Shirley Goldstein, leaders, speak. November 10-Students agree that America must stay out ot war at Peace Assembly. Dweck is Chairman, Donneson, Goldstein and Baron speak. November l0-GO. Cabinet chooses a budget committee as well as a committee to prepare agenda tor G.O. Congress. November 21-First tree in "Beautity Utrecht" campaign planted by Dr. Bogalin and Mrs. Appel. November 22-Mr. George Zinovoy, Chairman of the Physical Training Department passes away suddenly. December l-Senior Hop draws more than 500 as Artie Senior's Orches- tra dishes out the music. December 4-l-lendel noses out Donneson by l8 votes for Seventh Form Presidency. December 5-December l5 Music Concert goes into final rehearsals. December 8-Science Assembly Program presented amid roaring vol- canoes, ilashing lights and ringing bells. December 12-lnter-Club Council proposes a club period. December l5-S.B.O. sign put up as Music Concert "packs the house." Mr. Ehrlich announces repeat performance on lanuary 12. December l8-lerome Schnur, Arista Leader, awarded Co-operation-in- Government Medal. Nine others win certificates. December 22-Dramatics Class directed by Mr. Serwer and Madrigal, present special program at Christmas Assembly. lanuary 4, 5, 0-The spectacular and stupendous production ot i'Cyrano De Bergerac" presented. Mr. Bosenzweig directs. lanuary 8-Senior Arista Theatre Party sees "Pins and Needles." lanuary l2-Senior Arista elects Semel and Greenberg for its new leaders. ' A A lanuary l6-Cabinet presents tour reports to G.O. Congress. Ianuary l9-Senior Class Night presented-that's just about all. Ianuary 22-Semi-annual agony begins as Begents exams are handed out. . Ianuary 29-Ianuary l940 Senior Comet appears. A Ianuary 30-1065 seniors graduate from New Utrecht in ceremonies at Brooklyn Technical High School. ' 'tThis review has been compiled by the editors of the New Utrecht Nuhs who urge you to subscribe to the school paper during the coming term.D Twenty-two The hlSlOFY, the sudden death ofthe chairman of the Boys' P. T. department, Mr. George I. Zinovoy. '39 season brought to New Utrecht the saddest sports news in its Mr. Zinovoy was a well-known figure in high school sports, his position of chairman of the P.S.A.L. Games Committee attesting to this statement. lt was also Mr. Zinovoy, if we recall correctly, who put up a terrific struggle to bring baseball back to New Utrecht and finally succeeded in the Spring of '39, lt was really a blow to Q f Green and White sports when Q ww he passed away. Football-Since this was the Fall term, the gridiron again assumes its position as the leading sport in New Utrecht. A potentially powerful football team, captained by George Chieffo and coached by the able Mr. lerry Shaw, was too erratic to really get any place and finally finished the season with the unimpressive record of one victory, one deadlock, and five defeats. By ERYVIN SIZVIENSKY The gridders started off with a defeat at the hands of Manual, to the tune of l9-U. They followed this up with a l3-6 victory over Brooklyn Tech, the only triumph of the season. The thriller with Erasmus was next on the schedule and although the Greenies lost to the tune of 20-9, the efforts of Toe Biondo made it a moral victory, lt was ul-landsome Toe" who kicked the spectacular field goal that put the Buccos ahead by 9-7. CEditor's Note: Although Biondo kicked from the Buff and Blue 28 yard line, the lU yard end zone made it a 38 yard kickl. The Curtis squad took the pigskinner's by 7-U, and Madison followed the Staten lslanders example and put the Greenies on the short end of the l8-6 score. A terrific battle with Iefferson followed, with the Buccos holding the highly-favored, all-powerful Orange and Black eleven to a 6-6 deadlock. lt was in this game that the Bensonhursters were robbed of their second triumph. The Kelly-Greens were on the Ieff one and a half yard line when the final whistle blew. Lincoln administered the final defeat of the season when they took the boys over the hurdles by a 12-U count. lt was also in this season that lrv Kintisch, the big right tackle made the World-Telegram All-Scholastic, but didn't get the chance to play in Miami, when the trip got involved in official red-tape.. In the Penn Relays of 1928, Charlie Padock dodged tons of bricks and hurdled fallen spectators as the stands collapsed and yet ran 175 yards in the world record time of 17:2f5 seconds. i The ball left the bat of the great "Babe" Ruth at a speed of 120 miles per hour when he smashed out his homers. ' q T ' ' f Twenty-'three The longest relay in history was run by runners carrying CI f01'Ch' symbol of Olympic Games, from Greece to Berlin in 1936, Arthur Nehf beat the Yanks in a World Series game by pitching opposite to Iohn McGraw's instuctions from the bench. Track-Although, at the time of this writing, the Bensonhurst speedsters had only battled in two meets, it certainly looks as though they're on their way to a successful season. ln the opening Stuyvesant meet the pine-boardmen collected a total of lil points to finish in third place behind DeWitt Clinton and Bishop Loughlin. Iimmy Lombardo was New Utrecht's "fair-haired boy" in this meet, actu- ally walking away with the 880 yard novice event, finishing 25 yards in front of his nearest rival. The Knights of Columbus meet was the next chance the tracksters had and in the only high school event held at the meet took second place behind Bryant High. This was the 220 yard relay in which Cohen, Goldwein, Wise, and Caridi represented the Big Green fa deadline on this story prevented news of the Dickinson meet, held on lanuary l3, from being published hereinb. Ioe Louis knocked -down Stanley Poseda 3 times for a total count of 38 seconds. First count, Poseda was up at nine--second count lasted 19 seconds due to fact that Illinois boxing rules allow fighters 20 seconds to get back into the ring. Final count of ten came a few moments later. The first forward pass ever tried by Yale beat Harvard in 1906. Kansas City beat the Rainbow A. C. 234-2 in a basketball game in 1924. Soccer-Winding up second only to an undefeated Manual team, the booters led by Captain Al Schraeter and aided by coaches Boss and Kaye had a moderately successful season. They opened up in high gear when they drubbed Boys High 4-0, but their next opponents were a little tougher and so they were held to a l-l tie with Erasmus. They then dropped a 2-0 decision to the Manual champs but came back to take the important Lafayette game by l-0. They closed the season with an unimportant 3-l defeat at the hands of Eastern District. 2 - The game between Philadelphia and Chicago played in 1922 was a pitcher's nightmare. Score-Chicago 26, Philadelphia 23, and no errors on either side. Iackson Haines, a Chicago lad, originated and taught the style of figure skating which the Europeans are now teaching back to the Americans. He showed them how in 1864. Hockey-The puckmen started off with a 3-0 triumph over lackson that barely showed the calibre of the squad Coach Feely turned out, but their next encounter was with lamaica, former champs, and it was really a corker. The Bucs led by Captain Bud Crutchley let loose with a scoring attack that netted them four goals to the lamaicans one. lt was in this tussle that the Greenies first gave the world a glimpse of their puck prowess. The blademen tackled Brooklyn Tech next and lost on a heartbreaker. Twenty-four A scuffle in front of the Utrecht cage resulted in a score for Tech when one of their forwards Cstill unidentifiedj happened to kick it in. The Utrechtites avenged themselves, however, with a 2-O trouncing of Manual, They then went down to a l-U defeat before a Textile onslaught, but rose up and smashed Iackson 3-O. The following battle was a scoreless deadlock with lamaica, and at the time of this writing we were waiting for a return match with Brooklyn Tech. Hollanders argue that they played "KOWF" before the Scots- KOWF is Dutch for club-P. S. we're talking about GOLF. While at Texas Christian, "Sling'ing" Sam Baugh, threw the pigskin a distance of over two miles. Iames I. Braddock was the first heavy-weight champ in the history of the ring to go into a title bout on the short end of the betting-in his fight with Ioe Louis. First sacker Harry Davis wore two uniforms in one day. He played a double header and was at first base for the Giants in the first game. He was traded to Pittsburgh between games and played with the Pirates in the second game. Basketball-Coach G-oldberg's boys may not have the ability possessed by their predecessors of the '38-'39 season, but they certainly have the fight. The two season-openers, both non-P.S.A.L. resulted in a 33-31 triumph over Boys High and a 28-20 victory over Seward Park. Madison was next on the list and we certainly must give the Black and Gold the credit they deserve, for in their 44-23 victory over the Big Green, they showed us CI brand of ball-handling far superior to anything we've ever seen before on a high school floor. The next P.S.A.L. battle was more of a rout, for the hoopsters squelched Manual Training by a 47-35 count. Lincoln and Erasmus, two traditional enemies of ours, followed soon after. The Coney lslanders halted the basketeers to the tune of 28-23. The winning goal in the Erasmus game was scored in the last twenty seconds by Captain Nino Presti, on a one-handed "western" shot. The final score was 25-23, in the Greenies' favor. Although the Erasmus tilt was the closing of the terms' schedule there are still four more games left on the P.S.A.L. calendar, which come during next term. 1, -. L-f fl ,.f1 I if I 49 Ia V ix S .gn , Qaida- I' s I 'Zz TI-1 AT ELUSIVEL GIHK Twenty-five A reddish mist across the sky, A heavy earth that's far from dry, From heaven sho-ot down crystal streaks, And each slants to the spot it seeks. Some drop in cans. Some choose to dwell Atop a tree, or in a bell. One may perhaps wish to relax Beside a box of colored tacks. A tiny ball of purest rain Came sliding down a window pane. So slow but sure it reached its goal, And fell into a flower bowl. Each drop is destined. All must land. Some make oasis in the sand. Huge clouds store, crystals, sums untold, To quench a thirst the earth does hold. M6666 New Utrecht High, the school I love And cherish with a loyal heart, I aim to treasure and secure Your life-long beauty ne'er we part My precious days within your walls Will ever be a guiding light, To seek my fortune near and far, To know the wrong: to know the ri To show the school my gratitude: To show my gracious attitude, I plant a root, a sapling dear, Dorothy Forman-lst Prize winnyzfi The hand of God first planted trees The hand of man then tore down these He covered all with hard cement Now our time would be well spent To plant again that living beauty Now indeed it is our duty. It seems as though that act to me, ght. Would transform from a factory A building, dreary, cold and bare, To one with ivy covered walls so fair Then warmth and light would come once more And make a "New Utrecht" to adore To sprout and grow throughout the year. A New Utrecht of which we'd all be proud And then would sing its praise aloud To bloom cmd blossom with God's might Beautify New Utrecht! Happy thought With precious fruit grown strong and right, Then one day, not far away To beautify our Alma Mater For New Utrecht will come a new day With arts and plants of human nature. Viola Penzel 3rd Prize Fred Feder-2nd Prize Twenty-six C A 'X fx,-X 'T'EM,HEI2 ew f Jfffw fcifnhqt K, f WPA., Dacfar LMM! ? Gvb. . A. mea gm 1? AVfATOR D CUC' f3 JOMMQIISY 5 NPV' G ZXuW0Vy Kd Q'T3EUFL Me Name Ackerman Ahearne Agush Barkin Baron Bellantoni Bernstein Blau Bloom Caridi Chakrin Chietto Cohen Cohen Davidson Dweck Faigelman Feinstein Flax Goldstein Goldstein Graber Koeppel Krause Leshefsky Levine LiShutey Meli Ostrow S Peckliss Potash Riccio Rovis Rand San Filippo Scimmerman Schnur Schraeter Schumer Schwarz Simensky Tall Taormina Turchin Answers to Shirley "Red" Orson Antoine Sammy loe Hymayer Pearl Roslyn Tony lack George Roxanne HY Blossom Moe "Honest Abe" Edith Terry Ieanette Shirley Normy Tyrone Harriet Ray Muriel Bob Emil Flash Artie lack Bill Adelmo Sally Io Shimmie Rhett Al George lake Buster Scotty Pete Flossie aheddi '40 faajq Should be in love a football player a ham sober a musician in the White House in Atlantic City at Cabinet meetings on billboards in the Olympics on the radio in the Rose Bowl in Hollywood foiled out of love on the Times shorter given a brain with the Giants married given a medal a surrealist framed a secretary a politician in Hollywood on Broadway in Washington fixing short circuits in Esquire passed in Eco. at the Savoy a Rubinoff at the Fair A at Wimbledon graduated in Carnegie hoarse thinner ssquelchecl taller quieter in the Met. censored Famous for most popular most popular club period ? ? ? boy musician G.O. President Math tests Senior Editor prettiest girl track imitations boy athlete Senior Prom fencing typical editorials curiosity Vice-President he ain't lateness Senior Arista imitations swimming Senior Comet Sima Sel wasp waist "The Kiss" politician Cyrano lights jitterbugging courting Banquo orchestra best dressed tennis handsomest Senior Arista soccer excess avoirdupois Iells can't get a girl typical boy who knows hair ribbons Worst Crime Senior Hop red hair Rageneau trees his ilute Vesti La Guiba sports stories Senior Cabinet "Dark Eyes" dropping a stick Mr. Weiner football Cyrano being in this column ran for Treasurer NUI-IS Annex Page her picture basketball stories dancing student welfare Comet cover looks Senior pictures Alumni Club Dr. Leuchs office Christian Senior Class Nite going to school Sharpie attire NUHS circulation jitterbugging his music her clothes Sorore Ludorum the triangle stage scenery Madrigal Florida Tribune W.O.G. Senior buttons in this column Feature Page Weakness Bob Gloria Acting The light that kissin' babies Mr. Levine Mr. Weiner Mr. C. Cohen Fidell chemistry drawing ice skating Hirsch '? ? ? boys corny jokes Pepsi-Cola Frenchmen Ethel Artie Ierry cartocning women Mr. Charry clubs Dewey Roxanne All teachers Elaine Ieanette Flo Economics ladies Irwin Al Finale Bernice Chemistry Ruth Miriam jokes Flossie failed stealing ribbons singing Mr. Serwer dna Jenin-'L caiineil Florence Turclqin loe Ahearn Shirley Ackerman Harold Tall Isabelle Cohen lerome Schnur Emil Meli Pearl Blau Morris Dweck mmm dau affauea Mrs. Louise K Byrne MURIEL ABRAMOWITZ, l9U Bay 28th St., Bellevue School of NU-Ismgi BIOIOQY Squad, President ot Chern- rstry Club, Senior Arista Member. Excitable, lovable and a swell girl! FLORENCE ACKERMAN, l9l9-8lst St: Brooklyn Col- lege, American Student Union, Chqfningde Choygl Society, Service Squad Annex 3 fl yrj Though she's sweet and th0U9l-'1 She's coy: I'll bet she wants a handsome boy. SHIRLEY ACKERMAN, 4320-l7th Ave., Hunter Col- lege, Grade Advisor's Squad, Sorores Ludorem, Life SQWHQ- H5 lough l1'Yil-'lg to figure out how to knock yourself. As for the boosts-draw your own con- clusions. BEATRICE ADERMAN, 7518-l3th Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege. It must be all very interesting, but, please won't you let us hear it. PAULINE ADLER, 38l9-l5tl'1 Ave., Brooklyn College: Secretarial Club. Short, sweet, and simple. LUCILLE AGOLIA, l9f54-52nd St., Stenography otfice Squad. Modestry is the key note of her character. ELLIOT AGUSH, 45 Bay 38th St., Business, Dramatic Society IQ37-1940, American Student Union, "Ivory Door" "Skylines" "Cyrano De Bergerac". Don't call me "Orson". IOSEPI-I AI-IEARN, l556-73rd St., Salem, W. Virginia, Varsity Football C2 yearsl, Hockey Squad, Baseball Squad. For a fellow fine, call BEach View 2-5849. IOHN AIELLO, 8710-l5th Ave., Business, Squad l8U Cl yearl, Squad Man Cl terrnl. Good things come in small packages? MARIE AIELLO, 5Ul'9-llth Ave., St. Iol'in's University. Tall, stately and sophisticated. IDA AKS, l9l7 Cropsey Ave., Pratt Institute, Traiic Squad, Basketball Team, Biology Squad. Quiet and efficient-that's sufficient. IERRY ALTER, l826-49th St., YN. Y. U, What did he do for Utrecht? He went there. ANTHONY AMARANTE, l366-60th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Italian Club, Bookroorn Squad, News Staii. Napoleon was a small man too. ANTHONY AMITRANO, 6606-l3th Ave., N. Y. U., Service Squad, Preiect President for l Year, Mr. Hyman's Special Squad ot Annex l8U. Little man who wasn't there. EDVJARD AMITRANO, 6606-l3tl'1 Ave., College, Syra- cuse, Service Squad. An intelligent and well-liked fellow. THORLEIF ANDERSENB69-76th St., C, C. N. Y., Ser- vice Squad for l Year, Representative of Students Aid. All American-not to Rose Bowl, but to the finger bowl. ANDREW ACKERMAN, 2054-77th St., College. A brain like Webster's and a head like clay. CHARLES ANDERSON, 99 Bay 8th St., College, Class President, Service Squad. A nice guy is hard to find, here's one to keep in mind. 3 -1 Q A to l 23 IOHN ANDERSON, 7012-F. H. P., Business, Service Squad C3 termsl, Track Team fllfg Termsl- of The tall, silent type! CHESTER ANDROVICH, 1937-78th St.: Columbia U.: Football Team. Mighty muscle, mighty brain: He gave his best ior our dear old name. IOHN ANTONUCCI, 56 Bay 14th St., College, Service Squad, Art Club, Chemistry Club. New Utrecht's a good school no doubt, but he's very glad to get out. LAWRENCE ANTOPOLSKY, 87l-5lst St., University of Southern California ci Delehanty, Track Team, Ser- vice Squad. "Someone should chip in Gnd gel Q haircut." DOROTHY APFEL, 235 Quentin Rd., Pratt Institute, General Office C3 terrnsl, Economics Office C2 termsl, lunior and Senior Arista, Dean's Office. A joker at heart. MARCELLA APPELBAUM, 2Ol2-68th St., Brooklyn College, Senior Arista, Program Committee, Traffic Squad fAnneXl. She's the apple of our eye, the good one. ARTHUR ASCHKENASY, 35l7 Church Ave., Brooklyn College, Annex Service Squad C3 termsl, Mimeograph Squad, Poster Squad. Quiet and capable. SHIRLEY ASCI-IKENAZY, l459-42nd St., Business, Dr. Meinkin's Office Squad, Basketball Club, Handball Club. Shirley, Shirley, be a good skate-Don't al- ways mark me when I come late. AUGUST MORTON, 2080-77th St., St. Iohns Univer- sity, Service Squad, Gym Squad, No knocks no boosts just plain Morty. NICHOLAS AVENA, l429 Dahill Rd., Holy Cross College, Service Squad fl terrnl. The type who will make some girl a good husband. I VINCENT AVERSA, l82l-74th St., Polytechnic In- stitute, Senior Class President, fCorp.l Service Squad CSVZ termsl, Economics Squad. There is an art to everything says Vincent. THELMA BABUSHKIN, ZOO Bay 22nd St., Brooklyn College, Annex 3 Treasurer, Chaminade Choral Club, N. U. H. S. and Comet Representative. She has a beautiful voice. One of Utrecht's first choice. GUNHIED BACKMAN, l302-45th St., Business. Eco notes are so confusing-outside dates are so amus- ing. ' DANIEL BAGATELLE, 2l24-62nd St., University of Southern California, Service Souad. He wants to go to Southern California, but he'll end up in Brooklyn. EDWARD BAKER, 926-70th St., Notre Dame Univer- sity. A boy of the quiet kind, a knock for him is hard to find. ELMER BAKER, l238-56th St., Photography Club, Service Squad. A swell guy who deserves good things. BACHEL BALDASSARRE, l64l-7lst St., Business, Lunch Squad, Dean's Office Squad, Office Squad. Iust like a vitamin-mixed up in everything. NIIRIAM BALK, l93O-64th St., Brooklyn College, Ser- vice Squad, Auditorium Squad, Basketball Club. Spanish is her best subject-that she could do with- out. MELVIN BARBARASH, 1878-48th St., College, Service Squad, Program Committee, Spanish Committee. Where did he learn all that Spanish? LEONARD BARKIN, 2334-82nd St,, Brooklyn College, Organizer and Editor of two Annex Papers, N.U.H. S. Sports and Feature Staff, Publicity Manager of the Comet. His bark fini is louder than his bite. BEVERLY BARAN, 8002-2lst Ave., Brooklyn College, Service Squad, Program Committee. Oi all the gifts she doth possess, the best of Q11 is friendliness, CAROL BARON, l6l5-52nd St., Brooklyn College, Biology Squad, Bookroom Squad. Here's the lass who leads her class. MURRAY BARON, 6417-l7th Ave., Brooklyn College, A iive Q51 letter man-count 'em. SAMUEL BARON, 8688 Bay l6th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Orchestra, Band, Senior Arista. Sammy "fiddled" his way through high school. SYLVIA BARON, 2264-84th St., Vassar College, N. U. H. S. Squad, Dean's Office, Senior Arista. A lovely friend, real pearl, sum il up, a grand girl. HELEN BART, 1035-45th St., Business, Hall Patrol, Secretarial Studies Club. HELEN BARTH, l74l-75th St., Brooklyn College, Lunch Room Squad, Office Squad, Hall Duty. A young sweet miss is hard to find, so boys here's one to keep in mind. DORIS H. BARNETT, 4611-l2th Ave., Cornell College, Clos Sec'y for llfg years CB, 7, 8 termsl, Gym Ser- vices, Monitor's Squad, Dean's Squad. Why the boys go to New Utrecht. EDITH BASHIST, i479-44th St., New York University, German Club, Medical Society, Service Squad. A nicer girl you seldom meeteth, how can you knock a girl like Edith? GLADYS BAUM, 1247-55th St., Brooklyn College, Gym Service Squad, Office Squad, Secretary. She intends to be a typist-her boy friend likes her type. MENDEL BAVALITZKY, i684-76th St., Hollywood, Cal- ifornia. The sharpy who wants to hit Hollywood- with a bango? SOLOMON BAXT, i257-55th St., University of the State of Maryland, Gymn Squad, Manager lnter- mural Activities, Library Squad. When you become a doctor, "when" is what I'd like to know. ZACHARY BAZERMAN, l735-47th St., N. Y. U., History Book Room Squad. He's muscle bound from tapping himself on the back. MARIORIE BECK, 5423 Fort Hamilton Parkway, L. I. U., Office Squad in Annex, Dean's Squad, Program Committee. It's no mystery why Margy likes history -she is fond ot dates! MORTON BECKER, l774-66th St., Brooklyn College, Service Squad Annex 192 K4 termsl, Chemistry Prep. Squad, Fencing Team. Don't let them kid you: we think your crew haircut is cute! MARY BEDA, 2054-65th St. The most precious things do come in small packages. 1 -.rf if is , My f f M 4. 1-- 1 .if , 9,55 .,,f Ad ,..,-z fe. z' 5,4 . V , I 'f Q 'fy 3 4' 11, , Q L l f' ,..,,s.,. , ,M-fe Rf-IODA BELDEGREEN, 5021-l7tl'i Ave., N. Y. U. 61 Syracuse University, Swimming Squad, Program Committee, Art Club. She's like sugar, sweet and refined. IOSEPH BELLANTONI, 8854 Bay l6th St., La Scala Di Milano, Vice-President of Madrigal, President of Italian Club, G. O. President. Great voice: great guy: great president. CONCETTA BELLINI, ll54-47th St., Brooklyn College, luriior Arista, Senior Arista, Organization Squad. Brains are her specialty. LUCRI BELTRANI, 2l73 W. 9th St., Home, Service Squad, Glee Club. A sweet little girl with a big heart, who's always willing to do her part. ALVIN BERGER, 2322-80th St., University of Minne- sota. Alvin is a real sweel fellow. BERNARD BERGER, llOl-73rd St., New York Univer- sity, Madrigal, N. U. l-I. S. Representative, Service Squad. A regular fellow, with quite a good rep. SAMUEL BERGER, 1919-Slst St. Better left unsaid. RUTH BERMAN, 959-47th St., Business, Vocational Guidance Office, Program Committee, General Office. She's the honey, the boys are the bees. SOL BERMAN, 6408-19th Ave., N. Y. U., Basketball Team, Annex Newspaper, Senior Editor. If I praise myself I'm bragging. If I knock myself I'm a dope, so call me what you will. THEODORE BERGMAN, 2048-74th St., College, Band. Beware! Benny Goodman, Calamity is coming. ALLAN BERMAN, 8224 Bay Parkway, Cornell Univer- sity, Auditorium Squad, Lunchroom Squad. A regular fellow! HELEN BERNSTEIN, l93l-68thSt., C. C. N. Y., Dean's Squad, Traffic Squad. .May I be the only one to say, "we put the O. K. on her." IACK BERNSTEIN, l525-5Uth St., Brooklyn or City College, Office Squad, lunior Arista. ...One of the better Seniors to come out of Utrecht. IOSEPH BERNSTEIN, l525-50th St., City College, Library Squad. Ioey thinks he's big and great, but wait until his first big date. SOL BERGSTEIN, 553 Dahill Rd., Polytech, Cheering Squad CCaptainl, Clerk in P. T. Sleping is easy. moving is hard, except when he's out with the cheering squad. FLORENCE BETCHER, 1854-69th St., Business. Let her pass, she's a lovely lass. EVERETT BIRCH, 1918-79th St., N. Y. U., Service Squad, Annex Staff of N. U. H. S., English Bookroorn. Beware Benny Goodman and Glen Miller. BERTHA BLACK, 1434-4lst St., Vassar, Dean's Office Squad, Traffic Squad, Library Squad. To school she is always late, ,because at night she has a date. PEARL BLAU, b8Ul-l4th Ave., Business, Senior Cabi- net, Senior Editor, Senior Class Treasurer. ...A swell girl lwiih frendly ways and oh! what freckles on her CICS. ' HELENE BLAVVEISS, 2074-60th St., Vassar College, Office Squad, Class Treasurer, Service Squad. Knit me a sweater, huh? ROSLYN BLOOM, ll56-55th St. The flowers that Bloom in the spring-tra-la! WILLIAM BLOOM, 965-45th St., Brooklyn College, Service Squad Lieutenant, Office Squad, President of prefect. His lively looks, his smile extends, never regrets, never offends. SHIRLEY BLUESTEIN, 46 Bay 38th St., Hunter College, General Office Squad, N. U. H. S. Staff, Cornet Staff. Charming Shirley Bluestein, the girl we love the best, what would we do without her on our history tests. PEARL BODEK, 6801-l9th Ave., Chemist, Service Squad. A quiet girl we all like well of whom we have no faults to tell. ADOLPH BONGIORNO, 7ll3-l7th Ave., C. C. N. Y., Office Squad, Service Squad. When he pays at- tention, he Wants change. LOUIS BOSSO, 6408-l4th Ave., Notre Dame, Ser- vice Squad, Band, Watch out, Harry Iames. IAMES BOWZERES, 250-95th St., Texas Christian University, Bookkeeping Bookroom Squad, Track Squad, Sergeant Lunchroorn Squad. Most loyal Giant fan in New Utrecht. TERESA BRACCIOFORTE, lO36-63rd St., Business School, English Squad, Library Squad, Basketball Club and Volleyball. lust the right blend-student and friend. EDWARD BRADY, 357-88th St., Oxford, President of Class C3 termsl, Auditorium Squad Lieutenant, Cur- rent Events Club. He's a self made man but he isn't finished yet. IAMES BRANDER946-7lst St., St. lohns University, Lunchroom Squad, Auditorium Squad, Bookroom Squad, He's trying to get a "head" he certainly needs one. LILLIAN BRANDT, l9Ul-84st St., University of South- ern California. It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. ADELE BRANDWEIN, 7lUl Bay Parkway, College, Ma- drigal, Senior Arista, Senior Editor. The roses of Iune are ashamed when she comes out. SOL BRANDWEIN, i927-80th St., Unknown, Service Squad, Office Squad. Hi-ya Brandy! how's the wine? IEANETTE BRAVER, 1868-76th St., C. C. N. Y., Swim- ming Squad fl vearl, Hall Squad Annex 3. The sort of a girl we all admire and of whom we never tire. SEYMOUR BRAVERMAN, 20l5-62nd St., Cooper Union, Handball Squad. He's the nicest fellow in New Utrecht-he's gotta be-he's my friend. LOUIS BRETTSCHNEIDER, 1551-53rd St., Brooklyn College, Medical Society. Just plain "Doc," 43, -3 i T 3 . fa I r ! -J s ,... is 4" ..4i:.9" I . 1 8. ,M .. A f J F W sl 'Q s 3 I 1 Q 1? if Q . I lg-i i,-I ' 'Vg , . V A 2' 3 A X 2 if gi A J! . 9 e . 't '42 f 5 9:1 at Q, 1-,-if Z , 1 my ' ' ' 911516 ' , J' jf- 1 vr:f.L.f" ' vm, ,gg ,. 'f wg f ' I 1 . yy., - 1 fzfflf' ".' if "':Z7Q57'32!YV ,W - X - f M Aff ,fjfyw . , . -. - , Wy f 4.1 , , ' f It f ff AQ f I A I6 JU f, , r Q r f 5 J Z W f f 7,4-if .Q f 1 1 f f I f 4. if r,. ff, ' ' 4-.3 ff pffyg.-,f ' ,V . V, .JZ ' , V, . 4 'Q t i ,qfit ,. . .1 .. 2.1 ' , ...M BEATRICE BRICKNER, l9l4-75th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Service Squad Annex 3, Secretary to MiSS Buono. Golden blond is her hair, but the rest of her is also tair. CARL BRODSKY, 1355 W, lst St., C. C. N. Y., Ser- vice Squad. Built like Quebec, on a bluff. NATHAN D. BRODSKY, I322-44th St., St. Iohn, Pre- tect President, Service Squad Monitor, Lunch Room Squad. When blackie walks down the street, he knocks girls off their feet. BELLA MEREWALD, 76 Bay 23rd St., Business, Ratrol Squad, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Mrs. Pierce. MIRIAM BROWN, Slll-17th Ave., Savage, Senior Editor, 3 yrs. Swimming Squad, 7 Form Cabinet. I'm one girl who liked Eco-there was inspiration in that class. BLOSSOM BRUST, l3U Bay 29th St., Business School, Lunchroom Squad Annex 3, Library Squad Annex 3. Much mirth, no sadness, all good, etc. ANNA C. BUCALO, 1467-76th St., Business School, Service Squad, Bookroom Annex l8O. Quiet but ready, her ambition's steady. IOSEPH BUCALO, 1467-76th St., Art Club in Annex 192, Book Room Squad l92. An ambitious fellow is Ioe Bucalo. LOUIS CAGLIOSTRO, 1742 W. lUth St., Brooklyn College, Economics Squad, Track Team, Gym Squad. He expects to become a CGulfl salesman-no nox. MILDRED CAMMAROTO, 1829-76th St., Hunter Col- lege, Boys' Deans Office, Secretarial Club, Office Squad CAnnex 31. Is this a diploma, I see before me? Come, let me clutch thee. CECILIA CAPONI, 1320---65th St., Business, Office Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Basketball Club. She pos- sesses a bag full ot charm and personality. VITO CAPPIELLO, l336-40th St., University of Tahiti, CSouth Seasl, Iunior Arista, Boys Service Squad. One wink of Cappi's dark eyes, captivates all, regardless of size. IAMES CAPPOZZI, l357-44th St., College, Brooklyn. Too quiet to be knocked!!!? ANTHONY CARIDI, 8316-3rd Ave., Georgetown, 4 Years Varsity Track Team, 2 Years Varsity Captain. He is one big shot who can still mean a lot. IOSEPH CARLOZZI, IUBQ-50th St., Brooklyn Call, Service Squad, Track Squad, Book Room Squad. Oh that misplaced eyebrow. GUNNAR CARLSON, 816-53rd St., Ohio State, Swimming Team 2 Years, Baseball Team. Gunnar's a clean cut, likeable fellow. Tl-IERESA CASAZZA, 666-60th St., Business, Basket- ball Club, Baseball Club. A charming girl and friend worthwhile, who always greets you with a smile! VIVIAN CASALE, l4lU-59th St., Brooklyn College, Lunchroom Squad CAnnex 31 Squad, Madrigal Pag- eant. Always pleasant, never .bold: deepest respect she'll always hold. EERE if-XSSOUTO. 6410-20th Ave., Business, N.U.H.S. ,Q I lmeogmph Staff. Elsie with her sport tech- nique, Someday will make a champ athlete. EAABIE CHTUSANO. 7024 New Utrecht Ave., Drake's HSIHSSS School- AIWGYS calm. always-we can't knock so good a child. IOHN CLAPS, i665-Bzrtd Sl., Wgrk, Buck up old man, the mighty oak was once a little nut too. ARTHUR COHEN, l92l-81st St., N. Y. U., Service Squad 105. A gentleman and q Scholar, BERNARD COHEN, 2156-76th St., Brooklyn College, Orchestra CViolinl, Book Room Squad fHistoryJ, Mr. Grubnick's Office Squad. What's that guy Rubinoft got, that he hasn't? FLORENCE S. COHEN, 925-49th St., Eastern School for Biological Research, Dramatic Club, Senior Arista, Biology Tutor. Always smiling, always gay, a charming manner. a pleasing way. GRACE COHEN, 785 E. 4th St., Vassar College, Traffic Squad CAnneX 31, Girls' Deans Office, Lib- rary Squad. Oh, those big dark eyes, how they tantalize. HERMAN COHEN, l953-73rd St., Cornell University, Captain Fencing Team, Senior Arista Member, Mem- ber of Last Terms G. O, Council. He would make a good lumberman: fit he only used his headll ISABELLE COHEN, 4520-l2th Ave., Katherine Gibbs School, Debating Team, Feature Editor of N. U. H. S., Dramatic Society, President of Senior Cabinet, Senior Arista. Utrecht's gilt to the theatre. LORRAINE COHEN, 1561-38th St., Business College, N. Y. U., Grade Adviser Squad, Dean of Girls' Office Squad, Sten. Office Squad. Lorraine is a quiet lass, you hardly know she's in the class. IRVING COHEN, 2006 Benson Ave., Cornell Univer- sity, Captain Microphone Squad. Captain Service Squad 192, Lieutenant Lunchroom Squad, Main Build- ing. He would be king of all loudspeakers. LILLIAN COHEN, l967-65th St., Brooklyn College, Organization Office Squad, Service Squad, Biology Squad. This quiet. sweet, efficient sphinx never talks, always thinks. MAX COHN, 8638-20th Ave., Syracuse University, Varsity Track Squad 3112 Years, Service Squad C2 termsl, Locker Squad, Art Squad. What will our Track Team do without him? MURIEL COHEN, 8023-19th Ave., Business, Service Squad, Comet Circulation Squad, Deans Office Squad. I bet she was a beautiful baby cause baby look at her now. MURRAY COHEN, 5418 New Utrecht Ave., C. C. N. Y., Editor of Biology Paper, Member of Biology Squad, Member of Service Squad. Never has too much to say: but we like him anyway. ROBERT COHEN, 847-44th St., City College. He thinks that the lawyers bar is a new kind of chocolate. WILLIAM COLELLO, 8047-26th Ave. To know him is to like him. IOSEPH COLTRERA, 1728 W. l2th St., St. Iohn's University. The book that walks! 5 ft! 4 , ffjff -J fat qw ' . 1 ...A . .M ,X V, ,,.,, . Ml. BESSIE COOPERMAN, 2042-77th St., Business Col- lege, Commercial Office Squad, As long as Bessie's in class, everyone is sure to pass. IIM CORDASCO, 1316-64th St., Brooklyn College. He's just trying. IOE CONTRASTANO, l345-70th St., St. Iohn's Univer- sity, 2 yr. Service Squad of l8O Annex, Tutor in Bookkeeping, N. U. H. S. Representative for Z terms. Charlie McCarthy has nothing on him! HARRY CORSINI, I635-43rd St., C. C. N. Y., Hand- ball Team, Soccer Team. A great fellow and some fun: he's well liked by everyone. IOHN CILIBERTI, 8650 Bay l6th St., Business iPho- tographerl. A quiet boy we all know well: of whom we have no faults to tell. BARBARA CHAITIN, ISZI-53rd St., Purdue, Ind., Office Squad at Annex 3, Swimming Squad, Swim- mingClub. Blue eyes and reddish hair. she's bound to catch a millionaire. IRVING CHAIKEN, 2040-75th St., City College, Utrecht Swing Band. Quiet, diligent and intelligent. VELLA, CHARITON, l573-39th St., C. C. N. Y., Office Squad, Traffic Squad. Villa is like a bubble, al- ways getting in and out ot trouble, but she's cl. good kid and we all love her. LEONARD S. CI-IAKRIN, 902-44th St., New York University, Service Squad 43, 4, 6 termsl, Supply Squad C5 termsj, Physics Squad C7, 8 termsl. "I didn't do anything" Kand he didn'tJ. IACK CHAKRIN, 69l-18th Ave., Cooper Union, Eng- lish Book Room Squad, Dramatic Society, N. U. H. S. Staff. Age of miracles-hot air rises-Cyrano stays down. MILT CHARYN, 5000-l5th Ave., Brooklyn College, Office Squad Cl terml, Service Squad C2 termsl, Annex Newspaper fl8Ol. If the world had a sense of humor like his, it would stop to tell Mars a joke. GEORGE CHIEFFO, l56l-54th St., Business, Football Team C3 yrs.J Enthusiasm is the breath of a genius, let's hope George has enthusiasm. GOLDIE CHUDNOW, 2168-76th St., N. Y. U., Variety Athletic Club, Annex 3 Lunchroom Squad, Basket and Volleyball Club. Goldie is worth her weight in Gold. CHRISTOPHER CHRIST, II73-50th St., Work and Night School. The guy's always studying, maybe he will be something someday. MARTIN CYMES, 2165-75th St., C. C. N. Y., Track Team. He doesn't smoke, drink or gamble. He doesn't even do his homework. RAYMOND DALLO, 3813-lUth Ave., City College, Library Squad Cl terml. Noted for his courtesy and friendly smile! MARION D'ANGELO, 1070-49th St., Business Col- lege, Lunchroom Squad, Class Secretary of 7th Grade. Ot the gay and laughing sort, the type we call a real good sport. MIRIAM DANIELS, l806-48th St., Hunter, Gym Squad, Swimming Squad, Office Squad. It You're looking for an enjoyable date, call Wlndsor 7-7478. ?ETl3li,DANlEl.SON, BSI7 Colonial Rd. He's iust plain ure . ELI-Y DA-NNERHOI, 524-Slst St., Beauty Culture, Wil- gfzd ACC1Cl9U1Y2 Class Sefiretary, G. O. lust a swell 1 . IOHN DATRE, 1878-5431 Sli: College. He too, is too modest to list his services. BLOSSOM DAVIDSON, 1335-52nd St., Brooklyn Col- lege: Treasurer 7tl'1 form, Circulation, and Business Staii, Circulation Manager of N, U, H. S- in Am-,GX- First it's Carole Lombard, then Hedy Lamarr but to us it's always Blossom. DAVID DAVIDSON, 4704-l6tl'i Ave., C. C. N. Y, Silence is golden. Boy is he rich, IEROME DAVIS, 908-45th St., Brooklyn College, Swimming Team. One of the best bathers on our swimming team. MURRAY DAVIS, l735-Slst St., Cornell University, Lurichroom Squad, Service Squad, Auditorium Squad. His heart is like a hotel, room for everyone. GEORGE DAWSON, 832l-Sth Ave., Business. George might not have done any service for New Utrecht, but he certainly did no harm. IBENE DELIZIA, l655-76th St., Business School, Type Oiiice. The only thing blue about her is her eyes. TERRY W. DEMAIN, 5120-l9th Ave., Long Island University, 3 Years Service Squad, l Year Library Squad, Basketball Squad. A jovial guy is I6-HY! He's always making merry. DORIS DEMEBER, 1925-Glst St., College, Charriinade. I-lsset and capital-good looks. MARIE De MICHELE, l2l5-7lst St., Business School, Office Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Basketball Club. To know her is to like her. ANITA DENEAU, 2358-82nd St., C. C. N. Y. English Office Squad, Sima Sel Club Treasurer, Annex Biol- ogy Squad. The boys all like her and we know why. ...She's so lovely, ravishingly shy. ROSE DENSKY, 3810-l5th Ave., Paine Hall, Dean's Squad, Girls' Service Squad l92, Secretarial Club. She's very quiet until she starts talking. VINCENT DESIDEBIO, St. lohn's University, Cornell, Varsity Football, Madrigal, Service Squad. Lives in bandages and adhesive tape. VINCENT De STEPHEN, l9l6 E. 27th St., Fordham, Handball Squad, Math Club, Hockey Squad, Typing Squad. As nice a iellow as one ever meets. IAMES DIACOUMOPOULOS, 86l8 Bay Parkway, N. Y, U., Service Otiice Squad fAnneX lU5D, Ticket Squad. Immaculate and neat, for his clothes he cah't b e beat. DAVID DIAMOND, l6U5-44th St., United States Air Corps, Service Squad. He's been in a tailspin for tour years. J ,'r --1 AJ. ., 'Qi Q. 5 1 I L 7 , 1- " ' 'TP'-,-i.. 5 f,' . " 'ie ,f 231 ,37 l t Q , W W7 13' .. X15 I I li Q :ll X, .,. W i il at '32 A , I -"if . f " I f A-E--- ,,.. , A il as 5 ' 4,12 A I I j J Vi -J VV fi 'FE A bi: 7 an , rj if :. .4 Q1 V ff' 'I ,i A . ,J ' -. 3 is if , U. -.1 -l iz' 4 ' I if I I wi, ff' W4 f"-' rv ' V , ,',V Q . ' 1 f W X A for f .4 K . .- -7 ,,4,. 1 any , xf 4? "3 1 I . 1 i f ..1f ...... I 'f2 ' 7 ' ..,- 1 f , .V .Q ,- ' ' 6-',s:w' VL If-'Q -1 f ' .' -'Z Q ' ' "': jg H6 ' . ' S r- ",, 4 W f 'I . f Vf,V l H I .. "' , 3 , VV I ta I ff" , if 9 --.v, 5 I .1 ,Q f- 'A V4 Ly. 1 7 . es i ' igxig ...I , I ,V ,',, fx . ' ,fi ' .QD .V . fy f ' . .. 'wt ANGELINA Di BIASI, 1726-84th St., Business, Eco- nomic Bank Room Squad, Economic Office Squad. A little naughty, but how can we dislike a grand girl. GEMMA Di CERBO, 1528-76th St., Business School, Italian Club. ...A real "Gem." ROBERT Di GIROLAMO, 1749-55th St.: N. Y. U. His interclass activities, passing from class to class. VITO Di GIVIA, l77l-69th St., C. C. N. Y., Audi- torium, Library, Biology. Here's a boy hard to knock, his work is as regular as a clock. IOSEPHINE Di GREGORIO, 262 Bay 14th St., Business School. Josephine is dark and fair, always thinking about her hair. ISIDORE DIKOWITZ, 1456-44th St., City College. Too modest to list your services? ANTHONY Di LAURO, N538-72nd St., N. Y. U. Who's all right? He's all right. LEWIS Di LAURO, 37 Ave. U., Pace Institute. He's quiet, tall, and handsome. RICHARD Di MONDA, 7220 Bay Parkway, C. C. N. Y., Traffic Squad, Program Committee. It looks. person- ality and a kind heart means success and happiness, Richard should have more than his share. LILLIAN DOMB, l878-84th St., Business. Everyone is entitled to success, let's hope Lillian gets it. GEORGE DONAHUE, 1917-60th St., Long Island University, Program Committee. Quiet chap, but he'lI take an elevator to success. CATHREINE DOXSEY, 920 McDonald Ave., College of Hard Knocks, Girls' Dean Office Squad, General Office Squad, Basketball Club. As we like her. SYLVIA DREHER, l357-46th St., Lunchroom Squad in Annex, Dancing Club CModern7, American Student Union. Who is Sylvia? What is she? The grandest girl that any can be! ROSALIND DRESCHER, 1814-55th St., Business, Office Squad. A lady fair with golden hair. EDITH DREZNER, 4801-8th Ave., Business School. A girl with little to say, but We like her anyway. HAROLD DROOKS, 5225-l4th Ave., City College. His only service-graduation. GERTRUDE DEREVITSKY, 1943-68th St., Brooklyn College, Basketball, Lunch Room Squad, Dancing Club. She's just an all-around charmingly sweet girl. DAVID DUITZ, 1559-3rd St., Business, History Book Room Squad, Gym Clerk, Lunchroom Squad. Dale Carnegie's protege, I. P. Morgan's nephew and his mother's little "Duvvidil". RRRRIS C1iW?CK, 2173-69th st., Brooklyn College, 1 or-1n- ie of New Utrecht N h P 'cl t f Erie .Inter-Club Council, Managing Ecitjlf Ofrfyig Same? efuor Cf1b1Hetf,G-O- CGPUIST, Iunior Arista, Senior Arista. He hasnt written his -best story . . . Yet- STANLEYAEAGLE, l833-49th SL, Sf, johffs- Qffice Squad, Service Squad. He shocked the wolrld one day. He came in with his own homework. ESTELLE ECKSTEIN, 2l0l-75th St: New York Uni- versity, Sorores Amiticae, Dean's Office Squad Pro- gram Committee. Here's a girl with a lot ol pep A girl that has the "good sport" rep, I RITA EFRUS, 3091 Brighton St., C 11 . B kk - Office, Program Committee, StockORSSrii SZ?iadeieRi1f1cEi Rita none more sweeta. MIRIAM EISNER, 6410-20th Ave., Brooklyn College, Vice President of G. A. L., Secretary of Sorores Ludorum, Nuhs Office Squad. Lots of vigor, lots of pep, lots of spirit in her step. ' HARRY ENGLISH, 5309 New Utrecht Ave., St. Iohn's Ilalniveisity, Service Squad, Proststan Club, Sigma tta i. WALTER ENGLISH, 5309 New Utrecht, City College, Program Committee, Office Squad. Red headed, red blooded. LYNN P. ERDMAN, 4509-l0th Ave., Pace Institute, Dramatic Society, Program Committee, Dean's Office. Five feet three and lots of fun-What a girl for someone's son! HAROLD ESKOWITZ, 73 Bay 22nd St., Business, llfg Years Service Credit. The missing link to the chain of Destiny. AL FAIELLA, l75l-78th St., Unknown. Never proud, never boasts: here's to him many toasts. ABRAHAM R. PAIGELMAN, 2075-79th St., Brooklyn College, Annex Editor of Nuhs, 7 Terms Reporter on Nuhs, Iunior, Senior Aristas, Literary Editor of Comet. Iridefinite Ideality! Immeasurable Reality: Infinite Personality! DAVID PAIN, 7825-4th Ave., President of Eco Club. The only thing that separates David from starvation is a bathing suit. GEORGE PAGEN, 87-88th St., Business. George is looking for his honey who must possess a lot of money! GUS FANTINE, 5217-7th Ave., St. Iohn's University, Service Squad Cl terml. Utrecht's loss is St. Iohn's gainf?J PHYLLIS A. FASONE, 2327-82nd St., Drake's Busi- ness School. Patrol Squad, Program Committee Squad, Class Secretary. She is quite small, and still petite. Uncanny at time's, yet very sweet. IOHN FAVIACI, 1033-67th St., College fNotre Damel, Baseball. Why girls' hearts belong to daddy. NICHOLAS FARINACCI, ll68-67th St., Program Corn- mittee. The perfect escort. MORRIS PELD, 8015 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn College. Mr. Feld is absolutely convinced that he worked hard for it. '.,.: I. 1, ri! 5,521 ,,., ' I BERNARD FEIGENBAUM, ll8 Bay 32nd St., C. C. N. Y., Hebrew Club, Chemistry Club, Service Squad. Bernard is a staunch believer in the adage, better late than never. ISABELLE FElGIN, i953-69th St., Brooklyn, Squad in Chemistry Office, Chemistry Bulletin Squad. BOY she's a hit: not just a first baser, but a home-full Q MURIEL FELDMAN, N545-47th St., Business College, Secretarial Studies Squad, Library Squad. Never proud, never boasts. Here's to her. manY l0'1SfS- HERBERT EEINGOLD, 939-58th St., Brooklyn College, Basketball flntermurall. Has been a member Of fhe pest club for 3 years in a row. LENORE, FEINGOLD, 8320 Bay Parkway, Hunter College, Hall Squad in Annex 3, Maclrigal Society, Lunchroom Squad Annex 3. Lenore Feingold, sweet and demure you will like her, we are sure. IDA FEINBERG, l4U7-42nd St., Central, One Year? General Office. What would happen if she couldnt speak: Ah peace and quiet in the morning. ELORA FELLERMAN, 4910-l5th Ave., Hunter College, Office Squad, Dean's Squad. Dark and slender ot the preferred gender. SEBASTIAN FERRARA, 1465-78th St., Post Graduate Course in Mechanics, Pratt Institute, Patrol Squad in Annex l8U, Annex 180 Auditorium Squad. If we knock him, he'll feel slighted, if we boost him, he'll be conceited, so we'll remain neutral. BERT FERBER, i845-82nd St., Penn State, Track Team 31!2 Years, Service Squad l Year. So you think Iesse Owen was fast? lust watch Bert some- times. ELLIOTT A. PERBER, i845-82nd St., C. C. N. Y., Service Squad Captain, Football Team. Give him spats, derby and a cane-he's off lor Park Avenue! ETHEL FEREN, 4518-llth Ave., Hunter College, General Office, Service Squad, Dean's Squad. Small but gosh what brains. ELVIRA EERRIOLA, 917 E. 46th St., Business College, Swimming, Volley Ball, Basketball, Italian Club C3 termsl. You can call her "Ierry" but you can't ride her. GLORIA FEURSTEIN, 2053-83rd St., Business, Traffic Squad Annex 3, Dr. Meinken's Office-Dean of Girls' Lunchroom. litter! litter! what a bug! IOI-IN PIELDLY, 876-53rd St., Sea. Iust like death and takes it's a rule, ot this young man to .be well liked in school. NATHAN FILLER, 822-45th St., St. Iohn's, Library Squad. If hot air rises, whatever keeps him down? ISABELLE FINKS33-46th St., Business, Dean's Squad, Class Secretary, Senior Arista. I hope I don't go home in a pine box. PAUL PINKELSTEIN, 1775-63rd St., Business. He's big but swell. REGINALD FIORE, ll52-50th St. He's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny. EVELYN FISHKOFF, 5llU-19th Ave., Business Col- lege? LIPTOQY SCII-1ClCl, Office Work each Term. Her adorable dimples and charming smile are always at the height ot style. . HERMAN FISHMAN, 5683-7th Ave., M. I. T., Mimeo- graph. Handsome Herman where'd you ever grow those sideburns? MIRIAM FISHMAN, 931-48th St., Trophegen Art School, Dean's Service Squad Annex 192, Annex Glee Club, Madrigal Society. Maybe She gqrft fish for a job, but she surely can "fish for a man." IAMES FLANAGAN, 3225-87th St., University of Columbia, Lunchraom Squad, General Office Squad, Library Squad. Yeah for the Irish! ELLIOT FLAX, 155 Bay 34th St.: University of Wig- consin, N. U. H. S. Staff, Comet Staff, Program Com- mittee, Essay Editor of Comet. He's not short, he's not tall. But Elliot stands out among them all. SYLVIA FOGEL, 353 Dahill Road, Business, Dean's Squad Annex 3, Office Squad Annex 3, Mimiograph Office Annex 3. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? CHARLES FORMAN, ll73-52nd St., U. of Colorado, Bugle G Drum Corps. ...He had nothing to do so he did it at New Utrecht. DOROTHY FORMAN, 7617-l8th Ave., Business, Ser- vice Squad, Eco Squad, Program Committee, Law Club. About her poems she always frets, first prize for a poem she did get. LEONARD FORRAY, 7817-20th Ave., Furman Univer- sity. Number one "jitterbug" always caught in the rug. SHIRLEY FORST, 5lO2-llth Ave., Brooklyn College, Lieutenant Lunchroom Squad, Class President for two terms, Class Treasurer in Senior Term. Like an artist, she draws the boys. FLORA HARTSTEIN, 160 W. Kingsbridge Rd., Hunter, Grade Advisors Squad, Class President Annex l92, Service Squad. SHIRLEY FOX, 2554 Benson Ave., Business, Service Squad Annex 3, Traffic Squad Annex 3, Dean's Office Squad Annex 3. Whenever Shirley walks in the hall, the boys stop, look, listen and call. MARVIN FLODNESS, 8121-3rd Ave., Business CBank- ingl, Service Squad Main Building. Like a bridge- everything passes over him. WARREN FRERS, l635-7lst St., Business. Slim and Sunny, tries to be funny. EVELYN FRIED, 2130-80th St., College, Lunch Room Squad, Bookkeeping Office, Program Committee. Pretty eyes and red tresses, are some of the things that she possesses. HERMAN FRIED, l9l8-68th St., Business. You better stick to Math. HELEN FRIEDBERG, 77l3 2Utl'i Ave.: Brooklyn Col- le e- Math Office Squad, Spanish Tutoring Squad, P1-igiam Committee, Senior Arista. Sweet and tall, admired bY Gn- RUTH FRIEDENBERG, 8710-23rd Ave., Columbia Uni- versity- Service Squad, Economics Office Squad, He- brew Club. She's an exception to the rule, she's beautiful but not a iool. 4 1 X 1 is f e, a 3 , pg , , . It ' '04 J A ESTELLE FRIEDLANDER, 8789-23rd St., New York University, Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad. With a beautiful smile and golden hair-who can forget her. PHYLLIS FRIEDLANDER, l63l-58th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Office Squad, Iunior Arista, Dean's Squad. Plenty ot Wit, plenty of grit, she's the girl with plenty of it. AARON, FRIEDMAN, 959-53rd St., Oxford University, Service Squad, Gym Squad, Basketball. I-00k Olll girls! here he comes. ARNOLD FRIEDMAN, 937-47th St., Duke University, Soccer Squad, Service Squad in Annex. When you go to Duke, write to me in "Hoshkosh." MILTON FRIEDMAN, 936-48th St., University of Cal: ifornia. I'd break a .banner trying to knock 'MIM- ROSE ERIGUGLIETTI, 1363-70th St., Business. She doesn't have much to say, but we like her anyway. IEANNETTE ERISCIA, 25 Bay 23rd St., Business, Bas- ketball Club, Volley Ball Club, Tap Dancing. Pretty and efficient, friendly-that's sufficient. SYLVIA EUTTERMAN, 1672-53rd St., Vassar, Dean's Squad, Nuhs Office. A keen sense of humor is a great asset. GRACE GALLO, 2449 Bath Ave., Franklin Institute, Office Squad Annex, Traffic Squad Annex. A sweet miss, New Utrecht's sure to miss. PHILIP C. GAMBLE, Ir., 1948-51st St., University of Syracuse, Sigma Eta Chi tProtestant Clubj. What's the magnetic force that keeps him near 424? HANNAH GOTTLIEB, 785 West End Ave., Business School, Office Squad Cl terml, Biology Squad, English Squad. A pleasant smile, a charming way, a joy forever and a day. FRANK GEIGER, 1628-57th St., Cornell or Work. Here's hoping no more fan mail comes your way. CELIA GELFAND, l937-88th St., C. C. N. Y., Traffic Squad, Dean's Squad. ...Kind of wrapped up in her- self, but nice. AARON GELEAND, 215 Cropsey Ave., Columbia, Economics Book Room Squad. A boy so varied that he seems to be not one, but all mankind's "epitome". BERTHA GELTZER, 1279-37th St., City College, Eco- nomics Office, Secretary to Mr. Mandel. Like a Roosevelt policy-charming, clever, capable. ADA GENDELMAN, 4812-l4th Ave., Hunter College or Business School, Worked in English Office C6 termsl, Secretary of my Prefects C6, 7, 8 termsl. Hunter? How about giving the boys a break? CARMINE GENNARELLI, 979-40th St., U. S. National Guard, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Auditorium Squad. Utrecht's loss will be the Arrny's gain. CLARA GENTILI, 228 Bay llth St., The University of Southern California, Class Secretary, Hall Squad, Program Commitee. Always here, never late, she deserves to graduate. GEEEERI 2015-81st St., Brooklyn College, S61 S . b UUGX 3 C3 termsl, Senior Arista, Sima Ocm U I PTOQTCIIH Committee Sincereness and capability. One swell gal. friendly' as can be, PIARVEY GERBER, 8736-l7th Ave., Trade School. Get hlm an Edgar Bergen' mClYb9 then he will talk. BLANCHE GERINGER, 1784 stiiiweii Ave.- Univefsky of Southern California, Senior Arista I Economics Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Always happy, always gay, charming girl, the pleasing way, PEARL GERSHT, 1531-57th St., B kl H . Secretary of Annex 3, Executive ofroliieiitscgeiilsr and lunior Arista. A rare gem is Q pearl: also rare is this-girl QI can't knock myselfl, MURRAY GERSTEL, 842-44th St., C. C. N. Y.. ym goin' ta fight for my country. He don't know what he's going to be in the future, but he's going to be a capitalist. ANTHONY GIAMMUSSO, 8658-l7th Ave., St. Francis. Quiet and sensible. WILLIAM GINSBURG, 674 Dahill Rd., Brooklyn Poly- technic lnstitute, Captain Chemistry Squad, Captain Physics Squad, Bookrom Squad. When you become a siientist find a cure for a disease called "home- wor . IEAN GIANNITTO, l35l-89th St., BroWn's Business College, Economics Book Room Squad, Economic: Office Squad. She's one girl you'll find who's mind is hard to change or rearange. ANTONIO GIORDANO, l322-43rd St., Notre Dame. He's as Irish as his name, he's off to Notre Dame. LUCY GIORDANO, l965-58th St., Business School, S. S. Club, Baseball Club, Accounting Department Squad. Always in mischief, but never caught. How does she do it: we want to be taught. DOMINICK GIORDANO, l756-80th St.. His only am- bition is to graduate. SEYMOUR GITELMAN, l438-58th St., University of Iowa, Orchestra, Service Squad. "The mighty one." MARY GIULIANO, 26 Bay 22nd St., Brooklyn College, Grade Adviser's Office, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club. Gentlemen prefer blonds: those who haven't seen Mary. MAMIE GIUNTA, l32U--57th St., College, Program Commitee, Secretarial Club, Tutoring Squad. Black her hair, black her eyes. Competition girls', she's got the guys. EVELYN GLASS, 1868 Bay Ridge P'kway, Brooklyn College, Lunchroom Squad, 2 yrs. Traffic Squad, Pro- gram Committee. She's pretty to walk with and pleasant to talk with. SAUL GLASSMAN, 2050-80th St., New York Univer- sity, Auditorium Squad, Lunch Room Squad. An eceonomist when it comes to homework. RUTH GLASSMAN, l938-75th St., Drake's Business School, Accounting Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Sec- retarial Studies Club. The kind of girl who is hard to find. HILDA GLICK, l629-66th St., Vassar University, Deans Office, Lunch Room Squad. She's pretty as a picture-she ought to .be hung. v a 1 f W 1 I , 4 Q, xp? 1 , .J p, f,'. ,,.,, ,-,MZ - .W f av ,r- . 1. -7 ! I 'lt , X .44- Q . .W f I . .... . f. ,-,..- sz ,.,t!,, 4 f 4 f I 1 4 1 any 1osEPH aoLD, 2171-75th st., C. c. N. Y., Staff Photographer of N. U. H. S. The walking Camera' MADELINE GOLD, 2l4U-67th St., Paines Business School, Service Squad, Book Boom Squad. Shes the type of girl whose golden chain of friendship never tarnishes. SOL GOLDBEBG, 2052-84th St., Unknown. A swell guy. HELEN GOLDBERG, l785-80th St., Hunter College: Dean's Service Squad l92. lust the right blend' student and friend. ESTELLE GOLDBERG, 852-46th St.: C. N.. Y.: Service Squad, Dean's Office Squad, IUHIOF 'ANSW- A delicate parcel-a young lady Wrapped UP In her' self. MIBIAM GOLDBERG, 8645-23rd Ave., Nurses' Train- ing School, Program Committee, Iunior Nurses' Club, Volley Ball Club, A clever student and an agree- able classmate. EDITH GOLDBEBG, l5B5-48th St.: B'ooklyn College, Deqrfg Qffice Squad 192 fl terml,Traffic Squad Annex 3 Cl terml, Lunch Room Squad Annex C2 IGTHISI- Sweet and peppy as you can see, I just call her "Miss Personality." EDITH GOLDBEBG, 1817-50th St., N. Y. U., Library Squad QAnnexl, Office Squad, Iunior Arista, I don't think she's sweet at all, that's what someone said. In fact he swore by his own dear life, and then the sap fell dead. IBVING K. GOLDBEBG, l873-78th St., University cf Southern California, Service Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Gym Service Squad. A sport, a scholar thru and thru. But best of all a "Cassanova" too. SYLVIA GOLDHOR, 275-40th St., C. C. N. Y., Office Squad Annex l8O. All in favor say aye. HERBERT GOLDMAN, 59Ol-lOth Ave., L. I. U., Basket- ball C3 terrnsl, Baseball C3 terrnsl. S'udents-watch your local sport pages-you'll be reading about him slamming them into the hoops at L. I. U. GERALDINE GOLDSTEIN, 7lOl-l9th Ave., Vassar College, Girls Dean's Office, Traffic Squad tin Annex Sl, Library Squad. Lovely to look at, delightful to know. PAUL GOLDSTEIN, l96O-75th St., Brooklyn College, N. Y. Institute of Photgraphy. Started out to be a wit. But only got half way. SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN, 543l-l9th Ave., Business School, Glee Club. A charming girl is hard to find: you'd better keep Shirley in mind. MELVIN GOLDSTEIN, 279 Quentin Rd., N. Y. U., Principals Office Annex lU5, P. T. Door Squad, Hall Squad. Really nice guy and hard to find. So I suggest you keep him in mind. IEANNETTE GOLDSTEIN, 2044-75th St., Brown's Busi- ness School, Lunch Room Squad l yr. Traffic Squad Office Squad. A lovely person you can see, with very few faults apparently! EDITH GOLDSTEIN, 5024-9th Ave., Central Commer- cial Business School, Brooklyn College, Program Com- mittee, Dean's Squad, Secretary in Senior Term. She's as pretty as she is clever and that's a lot! MOBTON GOLDSTEIN, l556-52nd St., Annex Basket- ball Team, Service Squad, I. V. Basketball. Always charming, always gay. He must be swell to be that way. EDWARD GOLDSTEIN, l908-62nd si. Brooklyn CO1- lege? Service SCIUGCL Track Squad O President Annex 105' Blond hair'-Sho-Ypie socks, -much too nice for any knocks. SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN, lO53-5lst St: N. Y Us Office SCI1-lfldf Service Sqllfld, lunior Arista. Tall, prety and always calm, she wins you with her quiet charm. SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN, 73 Bay 22nd St. Brooklyn College, Leader of Senior Arista, Dean's Office Squad Committee of I. C. C., Dramatic Club. The A11 Amerl ican girl! BLANCHE GOLDSTEIN, 2032-69th St., Hunter College, Library Squad. As noisy as a falling snowflake, BERNARD GOLDSTEIN, 831-48th si., Columbia Um- versity, Football Squad, Assistant Manager Soccer Team, Program Committee. Tall, handsome, clever. and fine, hurry girls or wait in line. SYLVIA GONSHAK, 2157-60th St., Business, Glee Club, Valley Ball Club. Ignorance of the law is no excuse! SHIRLEY GOODMAN, 874-43rd St., Nurses' Training School. Shirley is the cream of the crop, soon to be a nurse working with a doc. HELEN GOODMAN, 5007-16th Ave., Savage, Office Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Annex l92 Dean's Office. She contributes daily to Wrigley's income. KATHERINE GORDA, l42 Van Siclclen St., N. Y. U., Auditorium Squad, Swimming Club, Lunch Room Squad. As lovely as a rose in bloom. BLANCHE GORN, lU75-79th St., Brooklyn College, Program Committee, Chaminade Choral Club, Basket- ball Club Annex 3. She has a smile for every friend and a friend for every smile. BERNARD GORSTEIN. l98l-Glst St., St. lohn's, Service Squad, Ice Hockey Squad. An earnest young man who should get ahead. NORMAN GRABER, 72Ol Bay' Parkway, Pratt Institute, Service Squad, Ticket Squad, Book Room Squad. He's the original "Women's Home Companion." RUBIN GRASS, 929-45th St., University of Berlin, Mimeograph Squad, Service Squad, Ticket and Eenc- ing Squad. Brown eyed Rubin is not so dumb. Quite a handsome boy and not so dumb. RUTH GRAU, i683-58th St., N. Y. U. Office Squad, Biology Squad, History Squad. Her calm sophistica- tion distinguishes her from the rest. ROSALINE GREENBERG, i964-66th St., New York University and Business, Office Squad-Annex 3, Dramatic Club, Traffic Squad-Annex 3. Rosaline with her dimpled smile can attract manyha boy who is worth while. MARION GREENFIELD, 74 Bay 34th St., Business School, Class Secretary, Comet Reoresentative. If silence were golden, Marion would be worth a million. ALBERT GRESPINO, l4l8-44th St., Business. Always smiling, his face lit, knows it, but can't explain it. LILLIAN GRONICH, 4707-lUth Ave., Brooklyn College, Dean's Office at Annex 192. Math Squad for l year, Program Committee. A "Lil" C1b0Ve CIVGYQQG- . -A 4 wfw , 1 Si JN Q 4 rg", ca' j A A - .ge- fl 'Q 3 ' 1 3 ' ,1-all I I ' Q I ...f Q . L- J' . JN ,S f '55 is raft :ffl - 3 y . 2" , .... , .si it 3 ,. 12 , up 3 iv , I I ' f krf ,, . I ' 'T A K... as 5 'i E ff. ..., T1i -. -1 ,tr , I A 'r 5 . 'D .- " K 1173 ' H A T i- ' :I , 9 ff,"", i. W' 1 I , , 77 0 .tl I d 4 L if Q ig , , bmV,A , VK , .Q , W .,, ,,, ,, 53222 T ,tri , , ,V , Ax,L , , r . T ' X . ' , tg. ,-,' " I A A ,, iigiift, ,ii ' A , i ' " ' W VF X" f fh kiflff IESSE GROSS, 1574-52nd St., University of Chicago, Circulation Staff "N, U. H. S.", Service Squad, Senior Arista. The man with the principles. NED GROSSBERG, 4ll6-l4th Ave., Brooklyn College, Mr. Corbett's Squad, Gym Squad, Swimming Squad. Has that mischievous glint about him. FELIX GROSSMAN, l7l3-57th St., St. Iohns, Service Squad, Gym Squad, Class Treasurer. Like 9X'1GX he's regular. ROBERT GUNDERSEN, 9512-4th Ave., Business, The only achievement I can claim, is to me, school honor never came. The boy who wants a gun. SHIRLEY HALEM,82U8-l8th Ave., Hunter College, Cornet Circulation Staff, Senior Editor, English Office Squad. It everyone studied as hard as she, W01'11 out text books there'd never be. SANDERS HALPERIN, l933-67th St., City College, Service Squad, Book Room Squad, German Club. Hickory, dickory, dock, Sandy's too nice to knock. SHERMAN HALPERIN, l562-76th St., Pratt Art In- stitute, Eco Squad, French Squad. Friendly, good sport, and scholar too. BEATRICE HALPERN, IS74-46th St. lust like a vita- min-mixed up on everything. IOHN HANSEN, 4506-8th Ave., U. S. Coast Guard Academy, Lunch Room Squad, Mimeograph Supply Squad, Biology Squad, Service Squad. Trading micro- scope and test tube tor uniform and twelve inch gun. HARRIET GOLDBERG, l772-68th St., N. Y. U., Basket- ball Club-Annex l92, Lunch Room Squad, Dancing Club l9Z. The female version of the male adonis- Tall, dark and handsome. AARON HATALIE, l437-4Uth St., Hunter College, Library Squad, Program Committee, Senior N. U. H. S. Representative. ...Happy-go-lucky, carefree and bright, cheerful and pleasant, Hc.ta1ie's all right. BERNADETTE HEALY, 43ll-8th Ave., Business, Bas- ketball Team, Traffic Squad CAnnex SJ. A cute little picture ot charm and wit. Lite's good to her tor she likes it. HOWARD HECHT, l953-68th St., City College, Band, Service Squad. Wise men and words are few. SHIRLEY HEIGHT, 2357-83rd St., St. Iohn's University, Grade Advisor's Squad, Office Squad, Traffic Squad. Shirley Height-the boys' delight. REUBEN HEISER, 4018-l4th Ave., Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, Madrigal Glee Club, All-City High School Chorus, Hall Duty Patrol, Once Rubin gets going, Bing Crosby 'better look out for his laurels. RICHARD HELEMAN, I949-84th St., C. C. N. Y. If silence were golden, Richard would .be rich. GEORGE HELLER, I532-50th St., Brooklyn College, Soccer Team, Arista, Annex Service Squad, Program Squad. When you get married. don't play too much "sock-er." MURIEI. HENDEL, I322-44th St., Business College, Hebrew Club, G. O. Office Squad, Hall Squad. Sweet, petit and always neat. IOSEPH HENDRICK, 43l5-l2th Ave., Columbia, Sup- Flignclgfiglimuigliueiiaiflonitorial Squad, Baseball Team. LEO HENIG, 5016-llth A ,A C . - termsl, Latin Book Room VSquQgiiilQnEiIOf0?uGfi3Sii are blue, violets are red, il You think So' so are you crazy. ' THELMA HENIG, l7l5-67th St- C' 11 N. Y., Guidance Office, Treasurer o1llYClE3Se?XT Sl H. S. Representeative. Charming style alwciye Qi smile, for her a man would walk a mile. HERBERT KLEIN, 6524-l7il'1 Ave., Vifork' Soccer Team Service. The Way his hair Waves, make all the girls rave. ESTHER HERSHORN, 1261-52nd St., N. Y. U: Annex 3 Office Squad, Book Room Squad, Generdl Office Squad. It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. RITA HERZ, l753-59th St., Cornell, General Office Squad, Book Room Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Pretty. winsome, and then some. MILLIE HIRSCH, 499 Ocean P'kWay, Nursing School. Why knock her, she never did anything. A RUTH HlRSCH, 45lU Ft. Hamilton P'kWay, Business School, Dean's Squad. Ruth with her dimpled smile can attract many o. boy who is worth while. LEO HIRTH, l472-46th St., City College of New York, Latin Squad, Nuhs Representative. A real intellect: and a real fellow. SELMA HITZIG, l65l-Bfith St., Columbia University, Dean's Office Squad, Dramatic Society, Assembly Squad. Selma is different-pretty and clever. TACK HOCHMAN, 2049-88th St., City, Annex Se"- vice Squad Cl yearl, Track Team, Chess Team. A voice like Webster and a head like clay. RUBY HOLLAND-l523-44th Street. Washington, Business School, Stenography and Typing Depts., Guidance and Placement Office. She is like a country brook-always babbling. MACK HOMESTEAD, 7516-5th Ave., West Virginia, 3 Years of Varsity Football, Color Squad, Class Presi- dent for 5 terms, What would the football team do without him? Win a few games! ABRAHAM HOROWITZ, 838-46th St., New York Uni- versity. He has a tongue like Webster. and a head like Clay. ABRAHAM HOROWITZ, 970-42nd St., R. C. A. ln- stitute, Gym Squad-lO5 Annex, Library Squad-lU5 Annex, Sergeant Hall Squad. -He can make a radio talk but doesn't say much hlmself. BEATRICE HOROWITZ, 2239-85th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, lust a girl with a Colgate smile that makes living more worth while. DAVID HOROWITZ, 1307 Avenue R, N. Y. U., Office Squad, Glee Club. For future reference consult "who's who." IEROME HOROWITZ, 2116-76th St., C. C. N. Y. Monitor on Service Squad 192, Gym Squad. He's a quiet young man who should get far. .,,. ,Q we V, , . ,-f ff X Z' y .K fy Q 11 44+ 11 f l f .dx Q- uai, M . U ..,.. , Y.:-Z. if 2 v , ce , ' 1 4 4 f. :M . t y f f ' -M 2 ' 'ff' T , A X Q V, , 'V . 7 f ' if 532 3-ff? R " ' 142521, V gf , V , M fy riff' f t 1- V 55 , W I , ff! r '," VJ? 'E ,. ., V I f v.',v X ..kL ig .. 3 I . I Z 1 'i . , m l ', "X 5' 'f , Z-rite ... , lf 3'--ff f f Y, 'fy Aa 4 . ' if Q ff- ' ,S - . 2 ' - . F Q Yf2g'3f l io' Mg 'I ' at ' -' J' - A ,.,- . V f 12 " if Q K ... 1 ,fy if ' ' 4, . .,,-an A fy I. ' f .- if 1 4, - V 1... -L: 1. Q 6' ,. f , f 4 t I F, W, 94" ,i F2 fr ' ff, - Q , 1 , .f K ' ,, :D 3 Y I f '- AW x .ft y. , f' f f ' ' :i i . , y , .W W4 ,,.., ,.,.,..,,M..... ,. f ks" ,':-if, ' ' t"'49'f'7 , H V , ,.z1:gij . fir - - - 4 ,797 . ,.:L, ,fit 1, it . e5 - -w 4 A '9 4 A ' fi 5 , Y, If , ,.V,V ,Sh i m , ,, b h iv -fi, i. 7 , ' ' ' ' ,k , ,, Yr ...Z f , Jr F :rs QE 113:53 f g gi 'Q I, - ', Q 1 ff. iv 'A . - , " ' ' , ffl . V A I. . W " if 'f ff ' , , aff... , .4 ' f' t f -V "" 5 7 7 .4 1, K. 4 jf , ew ,QM 1. A . 41 ' 2 if f ' il RAYMOND L. HOROWITZ, lU0 Bay 26th St., College, Columbia, Eootbal Squad, Track Team, A swell ath- lete and -a swell fellow. BERNICE HUBER, 2020-83rd St., Broklyn College. When she opens her mouth-she says something worth while. STANLEY HUFNAGEL, l8l Nassau Ave., Work. I'd knock you, it it weren't tor the A. S. P. C. A. IOSEPH HVIPARATO, ll2l-82nd St., Bucknell Univer- sity, Senior Arista, Service Squad, lunior Arista Officer. Easy girls, easy-lines form to the right- IACOB INGBER, 2029-78th St., C. C. N, Y., Ticket Squad. A swell guy, and what's more, it's certainly hard to get him sore. IERRY ISAACS, i651 E. l2th St., N. Y. U., Sten. Book Room, Football Squad, Typing Book Room. ...Gods gift to Mr. Staclcenteld. ETHEL ISAACSON, l724 W. l3th St., Hunter College, Tutoring Squad, Program Committee, Lunch Room Squad. Sweet as a song. happy as a lark. ROBERT ITTELMAN, l83U-82nd St., S. Technical School, Service Squad. Kid unconcerned-strong- silent. PHILOMESO IVANDITT, 1229-66th St., Business. Nice manners, pleasant smile, a gentler girl it's hard to meet. BEVERLY IACOBS, 1967-75th St., Brooklyn, Gym Squad. This little girls favorite pose, sitting in class and winking at the boys. FLORENCE IAFEEB49-42nd St., Hunter or Brooklyn College, Annex Biology Squad C3 termsl, Main Build- ing Biology Squad C3 termsl. PEARL IAROSS, 8640-l9th Ave., Pratt institute, Ser- vice Squad, Book Room Squad. A sparkling eye, a light step. Here's a girl with lots of pep. HARRY IOFFE, 1833-50th St., University of Washing- ton. He who works is nuts! NORMAN IOHNSEN, 7417-llth Ave., City College of New York, 3 years on Service Squad. The shiek that resembles a mouse! PAUL IOHNSON, lll7 Bay Ridge P'kWay, Long Island University, Ice Hockey Team, Service Squad. A regular fellow. ESTELLE KADEN, l768-70th St., Business College, Lunch Room Annex 3. She never tried, it's just tate. That she has to graduate. , MARTIN KAHN, l864-85th St., University of Minne- sota, Supply Squad, Fencing Squad, English Book Room Squad CAnnexl, Prefect President. With the things he gets away with, you'd think he owned the school. IACK KALISH, l738-67th St., St. Iohn's College, Swimming Team, Book Room Squad in Annex. A typical Spanish athlete: throws the bull. SHIRLEY KAMERLING, 7021-1 9th Ave., Business, An- Hefi,L1gnCh ROOIT1 Squad, Program Committee, Dra- H25 1C IOCIGW- -Eyes brown, hair oi red, 'sweet and simple nuff said. RUTH KANToR, 3403-1 4th A .' B ' - Off' Squad- some think the Wvrldvewas u1iigf1ZS'fof xiii and lrolic-and so does Ruth, ANNA KANUSHER, 2034-77th SL, Hunter Cgllegei Supply Room Squad, Tutoring Squad Program Com- mittee. Our most gleeiul product. I GERTRUDE KANUSHER, 2034-77th St., C't C ll of. New York, Supply Room CAnnex 35, ProgiIamOCS21T mittee, Grade Advising Squad. Still water runs deep. St.: Business Sghgglj ln Annex 3 on Office Squad. Good sport, good student, always jolly, always prudent, BERNARD KAPLAN, 4109-l5th Ave., Hollywood, Ser- vice Squad. One of the boys gone wrong. HELEN KAPLAN, 1208-43rd St., Hunter, Office Squad, Traffic Squad. Still water runs deep. IRVIN KAPLAN, l06 Ave. P, N. Y. U. Better "Times" will come? IRVING KAPLAN, 961-43rd St., C. C. N. Y., lunior Arista, Senior Arista, Auditorium Squad, Swimming Squad. Girls! Girls! He's tall, dark and very busy! LESTER KARR, l559-4lst St., Brooklyn, Treasurer of Alumni, G. O. Swing Band, Program Committee in 192. Mr. B. Goodman you need a new ivory tickler. Here I am. ROBERT KASH, 1532 W. lUth St., Sorbonne, France, Hall Squad Annex, Paper Squad Anner. Oh, Kash! What a cute mustache! HERBERT KASTENBAUM, l559 W. 8th St. The idol of the class-he's been idle for years. GRACE KATZ, l339-48th St., Brooklyn College, Pro- gram Committee. Nice and neat, it's hard to find a girl so sweet. HELEN H. KATZ, 939-4lst St.., University of Virginia, Grade Adviser Squad, Glee Club Annex l92, French and Biology Clubs. Her cheeks are red, her eyes are blue, what more can a boy ask for to pitch a little woo. LEON KATZ, 1467-42nd St., College, Service Squad, Madrigal, He had nothing to do, so he did it in New Utrecht! RUTH KATZ, 2346-84th St., Business, Service in Vo- cational Guidance Office, S. S. Club, Lunch Room Squad. No matter how dull or dreary the day, Ruth is here to smile it away. HAROLD KAUEMAN, l777 Ocean Parkway, New York University, Mimeograph-3 years, Medical Society Cl tel-my, Supply Squad. When better women are "made" Harold will "make" them. SYLVIA KAUEMAN, 2035-75th St., Business College, Biolggy Squad, Commercial Squad, Service Squad. A quiet lass, one of the nicest in our class. nf at i l .- i ,N . . f Qi 1 7. fffifwzf 4,55 '-,.,. . fs. I t f A if ff., wwf ff ' if A jg ' , I, ' A F X ' ,w "' A - ,Lfij I I .1 .-, - w i f.. fgffffi . , ,, A . . ,' , ' fa-ff it if -,-. ., 2, 4v.1 ?l . ':'1fl'f1p L' V ,-" L 'K . A . ' f. . ..,., . f 5 l ..y. M y y. Vym' ' I ..s, ' , ,,, 'ffif' f :H ' ,. ,.z',:fZf1' .- z,"!? W , Y , . A , ti , . f. if f I vf7 . 1 W fix "mh' f V I J r " '. 4 ,, " ' ' QV ,. t, n i t J A ...M-.,,A nfl ' i- A-M 49 i . , Wi' " ,A 55 f Af I f ir, tty Q 4 3.9, U - ff F '-", , , W7 I 3 , , 15.5 , Wi: . 'ft f i 2g t f i v 1' uk ELEANOR KOVEN, l975-83rd St., Business Modest. quiet and sweet is she: one we all like, I'm sure you'1l agree. HELEN KAY, 210 Dahill Rd, Business. Large eyes will open correct answers always spoken. DORIS KEELY, l27l-73rd St., Business, Service SCII-lcd Q7th terml, Service Squad f8th terml. Always sweet. never wild: how can we knock a girl so mild? PEARL KEIL, l74I-62nd St., New York University, Office Squad, Program Committee. If You Want C1 lovable and sweet girl, you will find it all rolled into Pearl. ANN KESSLER, 983-46th St., Brooklyn College, Ma- drigal, Senior Arista all terms, Class President Q2 termsl. Nice to listen to, nice to know-a perfect combination. HARRY KING, 450-4lst St., Brooklyn College, Iunior Arista, Annex Auditorium Squad, Math Tutoring Squad. Something sad must have happened in his life. PEARL KIRSCHENBAUM, 4818-l3th Ave., Office Squad CZ termsl, Iunior Arista, French Club. lf silence were a virtue, she'd be a Saint. ESTHER KLEIN, 933-42nd St., Business, Grade Ad- visors Squad, General Office Squad, Athletic Clubs. Cheerful, pleasant, friend worthwhile. FLORENCE KLEIN, 4913-l7th Ave., Brooklyn College, Program Committee, Service Squad Class President in 192. Because of her unpretentious charm, about her all the boys' do swarm. HILDA KLEIN, l729-46th St., Paine Hall, Dean's Squad, Office Squad. Great student, great pal, great helper, great gal. MAX KLEIN, 2056-58th St., Brooklyn College, Ser- vice Squad, Band, Biology Squad. Kleint knock him lwhewll ELEANORE KLEINBERG, l223-42nd St., Cornell Uni- versity, Biology Squad CAnnex Sl, Lunch Room Squad CAnnex Sl, Auditorium Squad. Like dessert, a Royal girl of My-T-Fine stock. ADOLPH KOEPPEL, 901 Ave. H, Harvard, Service Squad, Golf Team, Swimming Team, Senior Arista. Indespensable to the feminine population of New Utrecht. LAWRENCE KOGAN, 1543-41st St., College, Pro- gram Committee. An aspiring chemist who tries very hard. but nevertheless he can't make the squad. IOSEPH KORNSTEIN, 1942-66th St., Brooklyn College. He is one of the Dodge Bros. when it comes to classes. SYLVIA KOWENSKY, 6804-Zlst Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege, Senior Arista, Charminade Choral Club, Or- ganization Office Squad. Sweet. capable and de- mure, she'll make a success, we're sure. RUTH KRAMER, 835-47th St., Hunter College, He- brew Club, Service Squad, Class Secretary. To know her is to love her, and well-you know the rest. MYRON KRANIS, l325-54th St., City College, Ser- vice Squad, President Senior Prefect. A gentleman and a scholar. HARRIET KRAUSE 16 . , 52-45th St., Business, Music Sine? Squadf PTOQTGIH Committee, Senior Editor-in- Mlssic Ogggjcoefflelf SeCf9iC1r1al Club. Sweetheart of the BERNARD KRAUSMAN 1672 55131 S, Ci, College U ' C' -2 Y if New York' Program COl'1'1in1ttee, Service Squad, unch Room Squad. So You re the guy who made out my lousy program. HERBERT I. KROHN, 1542-57th S - . Service, Office, Lunchroom ond gggigi' Good sport, good friend, on whom you Con dependl KENNETH KRUGER, 1651 Cropgey Ave.. Appremice, Ship in BTOOMYU NCWY YG1'd: Service Squad I ioined the Navy to see the world, and what do I see, I saw the sea. SHOLOM KRUMBEIN, 1211-50th St., Brooklyn College, Biology Squad, English Book Room Squad, Nuhs Cir- culation Staff. He's got ambition, brains, and Cgufqge, The A. B. C. to success. GILBERT KUNIKOEE, 4408-17th Ave., Northwestern, Chemistry Prep Room Squad, Radio and Photgraphy Club, Service Squad Annex 105. He think he's the wittiest guy in school and he's half right. NORAN KUPEERBERG, 1961-65th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Program Committee, Service Squad. The pupil of his teachers' eye. HILDA KURZIUS, 2226 E. 21st St., Business School, Dean's Office Squad, Class President, Lunch Room Squad. Sweet and petite and lots of charm. LILLIAN KUTTIN, 1931-60th St., Brooklyn College, Secretary in Annex 3. Small and petite, lovely to meet. CECILE LADA, 1207-49th St., Adelphi, English Office Squad, Swimming Squad, Secretary to Miss Bort. Her charm and sophistication inspires interest and fascination. MILDRED LAIEER, 2074-62nd St., Brooklyn College, Auditorium Squad, Library Squad. A nice girl we all like well, of whom we have no faults to tell. SYDNEY R. LAKOW, 5121-17th Ave., N. Y. U., Dr. Leuchs Office Squad, General Office Squad, Swim- ming Squad. Nice manners, pleasant smile, a nicer boy is hard to find. HELEN LANDAU, 1944 Bay Ridge P'kway, Business, Girls Dean, It's not the questions that bothers her. It's the answers. TESSIE LANDE, 5212-lUth Ave., Paine Hall, Lab. Technolggy, Eco Squad, General Office, Grade Ad- visers. Seen but not heard. RHODA LANGSAM, 1859-76th St., Hunter College, Senior Arista, Sorores Lodorum, Dean's Office Squad. When's the next basketball practice? WALTER LAPUTZ, 1935-83rd St.: Farmingdale Agri- cultural School, Dramatic Squad at Thomas leffer- son H. S,, Track Team fl terml, Madrigal C2 termsl. When the revolution comes we'1l all be eating krep- lachs! MTLDRED LAUPER, 5621-8th Ave., University of Penn- sylvania, Girls' Dean's Office, 192 Annexdotes, Pro- gram Committee. She's no Chesterfield, but she's mild and satisfies. MARVIN LAUNER, 1957-73rd st., wierd School of Music: Bond, Orchestra. Musically inclined: with friendliness combined. . . ..., . f A . lfis ..i, , f v fi f . .fir ' -J'-.,-,-., ,:,. .1 ,:,,.. , .-' ., 1 ,, , . Mfr,-., . f -ft, ., . if., e. " ' 53515, ,.: 5335.4 ,fb ,Ei 1 ' xff s' " ' ,if f , A V, gee ll-fE3,j.f:,2 A 1 Mfg. 5,-V were , , 1'fr2f:,,4n1i.t',:, 'f"1Z','., ,gi 1 i if ' f, , , ' 'ffl V, v , . ,,i, 1 ' . 7 ., ., i I I '- fl H5311 r , ' " ag , ,1:EjizQ 5 ' ".,' ? ' "'," ,z ' '.,' ' f,'. , f . , ' I .7 ,.,. ' 5, V, I fi.. ' iff' . ' 1 . ' ,I::'Qf"'f12 1 ' v.. h g if , , f,-,..V I ,, 4 4 1 7 f . i J, , j 4 Q 4 iff' . ,,.., 1 f . L Q1'f'i7f " . .. mr' .V.l' H i. . u ,.. , , 2' 'Z - ' '77 in 4, 'A i sf: so , . , .f'if 1 . f A' .1 , ' - J ,- Q-i'1"'. , , ':, '1f', .. .figfix-:i,.,:.. 1 ' ,V 'K 4-r g - f - -,-, , . f iirff . ,,., t F . fav. - - W J - .X 'VY , ,. is n f, , Q IVAN LARSEN, 618-47th St., St. lOl'11'l'Sj Hockey Team 3 yrs., Swimming Team 2 yrs. One of the too few scholar-athletes-strong silent type. VINCENT LATELLA, i358-80th St., N. Y. U., Service Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Auditorium Squad. H15 face is his fortune: he says, no income tax. PAULINE LATENO, 2029 Stillwell Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege. Pauline-so quiet and sweet? RUBIE LOVERIDGE, 850--Slst St., Business, SecretCiIY of Protestant Club, N. U. H. S. Here's a girl Wlth plenty of assets. RHODA LAX, l874-58th St., C. C. N. Y., Dean's Squad, Office Squad. Her eyes are always shining and her lips forever smiling. HERBERT LAZANSKY, B623 Fort Hamilton P'kway, St. Iohn's University, Lunch Room Squad, Clerk in Boys' Gym, Associate Editor of Commercial Law Paper. Cloudy or sunny, Herbert wants money. AL LEBARWITCH, l779-Glst St., City College, Band, Program Committee, Dramatic Club, In drC1mf1i1C fields an important factor and we'll have you know he's our class actor. SARAH LEEKOWITZ, i768-79th St., Hunter College, Dean's Office in Annex l92. She hr1sn't much 10 say: but we like her anyway. HELEN LEHRER, 570 East Znd St., New York Univer- sity, Rest Room Squad-Annex 3, Hall Duty-Annex 3. As fine as falling snow, and just as quiet. DOROTHY LElBOVlCH,6903 Fort Hamilton P'kway, City College, Iunior Arista, Program Committee, Sima Sel Social Club, CVice-Presidentl, Modest, charming, what more could we Want? CLAIRE LENCHUS, 853A-46th St., N. Y. U., Mrs. Appell's Office Squad, Mr. Lubbish's Office Squad, Library Squad CAnneXl. A pleasant girl with a striking personality. ANTHONY LENZO, 67234l3th Ave., C. C, N. Y., Italian Office 2 periods, Vice President of Newman Club, Fencing Squad. He's like petroleum very crude. LOUIS LEOPOLD, l52E5-Slst St., Brown University, Service Squad, Glee Club, Biology Squad. He'd like to be a floorwalker in a telephone booth. LAWRENCE LERER, i929-69th St., Brooklyn City Col- lege, Organization Office l yr., Program Committee, English Book Room. Little man, big mouth. DOROTHY LESHOWITZ, 2433-85th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Athletic Squad, Basketball Club. Disposition as sunny as her hair. IANE LESCH, l776-59th St., Business College, Deans Squad, Stenography Squad, Chaminade, She hasn't much to say, but We like her anyway. STANLEY LESTER, 8758 Bay Parkway, N. Y. U.. For tacklers he's the little man who isn't there. GERTRUDE LETTESE, 1325-54th St., Pratt lnstitute or Brooklyn, Program Committee, Dean's Office-Annex, Art Club. Although she's an artist, she hasn't learnt the art of keeping quiet. 4 of 7940 BOYS GIRLS lvlost Popular uReclu Almearn Typical Boy l-lal Tall Hancisomest Bernie Slmimrnerrnan Friencliiest Boy Ray Leshelsky Boy fo urnaiist lxlorris Dweclc Actor .laclc Claalcrin Musician Sarnrny Baron Best Dresseci Artie Peclcliss Ariisi Norman Graloer Atniete George Clmiello Genius Jerry Scllnur lvlost Likely to Succeed Buster Simenslcy Politician Emil Meir Iitterinug W Bil Riccio Laciies, Man Dan Bagatelle Typical Girl Blossom Davidson Frienciiiest Girl Harriet Krause Actress lzzie Col1en Best Dressed Sally Rand Atiiiete Jo San Filippo lviost Lileeiy to Bea Nlillirnet fitteriwug Jeanette Golclstein Blast Popular Slrirley Aclierrnan prettiest Roslyn Bloom Girl fournaiist Flossie Vlqurclnin llvlusician Bella Reingolcl Artist Gertrucle lettese Genius Sllirley Golclstein Succeeci Perpetual Motion Nlilclrecl Solnel Cutest lxluriel Colaen Fifty-live , LANES, m HFPL Q 1 ., GIRL. AcTRE-'55 GENIUS. A '- a Ac'-gui Guru. Gnu. Mosv M A M ' If BOY LIKELY To SULCEED' ,. POPULAR MOST PMPULAR Suki. ' ART IST ggmm. N f 1940 TN 'VIN qua! , Gigi. esgw us TYPICAL 'Guku ., -Mooisncxbrlf nay . 'M'6'6'3rbmlfJ' 0 fteniafz. eiifau Chief Senior Editor HARRIET KRAUSE Assistorit Editor Assistant Editor BERNARD SCI-HUT SHIRLEY ACKERMAN MURRAY L Hex Service 5ClLlC1d. The teachers' nemesis. I ' EVENSTEIN, 2440-24th St' St lohns- An- HELEN LEVINE, 902-47th St, N , M 1 . Y. U., Book Room Squad, Sorores Amicitiae, Lunch Room Squad Sweet lov-ely, mu and thin, Shen make Q peffecfmcmnel quin. HERBERE LEVINE, 1077-54th St., Academy of Ad- vance rawing, Service Squad. lust one of lhe 54th Street Boys. MIRIAM LEVINE, 955-43rd St., Poee tttstttute. Bose- ment Squad, Bio Squad, News Represe-motive Senigf Editor, Iunior Arista. Capability u11dQubted,Shg'S even sorry she's leaving Utrecht. MURIEL B. LEVINE, ll73-52nd St., B kt C 11 - Dr. Leuch's Office Squad, Class Presildjebntyffith Oteifiif General Office Squad. It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. SEYMOUR LEVINE, 7615-Zlst Ave., Cornell Univer- sity, Lieutenant of Monitorial Squad, President of Class, Member of Glee Club of Annex l92. He's a smart fellow who knows his Eco. AUGUSTA LEVY, 7620 Bay Parkway, Hunter College, Secretary of Madrigal, Guidance Office Squad, Miss Robinsons Squad fAnneX 31, City Chorus. With a voice like a bell, she can sing real well. BERNARD LEVY, l839-55th St., Brooklyn College, Book Room Squad CAnnex lO5D. Not modest, but self-appreciative. HENRY LEVY, 1320-53rd St., C. C. N. Y., Lunch Room Squad. What has he got that gets you? MORRIS LICHT, 8408-20th Ave., College Unknown, Soccer Team, Basketball Team, flU5 Office Squad. For my pocket dictionary I have to seek, when this guy Licht gets up to speak. RENIE LIEBERMAN, 756 E. 2nd St., Business College. She thinks she's witty, but she's only half right. EVELYN LIEBMAN, l824-50th St., Brooklyn, Grade Advisors Office, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club. Not too quiet, not too gay, A sweet girl in every way. LILA LIEBMAN, 867l-20th Ave., C. C. N. Y., Deans Office fGirlsl, Program Committee, Grade Advising Squad. A young sweet miss is not easy to find, so here is one to keep in mind. LILLIAN LIEBMAN, 907-46th St., Pratt lnstitute, Uni- versity of Miami, Tutoring Squad, Office Squad, Book Room Squad. She's so kind so sweet, just the girl you'd like to meet. SEYMOUR LIESCHITZ, 2402-85th St., Brooklyn Col- legey Has that puzzled air that always betrays a Dodger fan. SYLVIA LINDENHAUER, 8002-21st Ave., Vassar, Boys Dean Squad, Library Squad, Traffic Squad. Like sugar-sweet and refined! FLORENCE LIPPI, l97l W. l2th St., College, Assistant to Teooher CMrs. Sarnuelsenl, Assistant to Grade Adviser fMr. Schlackrnanl. Smile fit for a Colgate ad. SUZANNE LIPPMAN, l354-55th St., Business College, Mr. Feldnian's Office, Auditorium Squad, Basketball Club. Though sometimes she is very stern, she is always ready to do her turn. te.: ' ,t . fgfffi t 3' lf A3 Q I ,J .1 1 .1- If :QQ M ge er? Q Iwwfftr. J.. Y aiu, I I . 71, 4 . 14.255 fs 5 ' - "" ' f 0' t : 'fi an .f Q... , wr .4 4 -WF. . 4 .. - J. , VV or . tr I I . X 'C tt ' J A " S 3 , ' . 2 ' ' L VWY7' . 2.-ff'-'f ' . V , A ay, , , f ,q 5 ,, .-is 210, .af A :Q V ' ' .V-Q -az '- ' i . , I 0 ff , vie , my ' ff W Af V47 7'n,9,.:,, ',,' A ,ff ':V'f,f1LEg:' wr , , .gf J ff .' ,Q 1 95 , . t . ff 4? Q ' ' , , f', ' 'Z'.5'g..:'f-, , ' I f V I Vtav , , , -- ',, '- ' J .-. 1 m,,, . ' ' i f . V, f, ,K , ' ' t P ' '- WG 2'f'Wf ' ..-, ' , 4 I Q 4? V' VVIV if . I V, 1 t .1 "" I , I V . .V f fa, , f 45' if V 4 245 'I I Jw Q ,- tx ia M ' ft ,4 I V ,fy f.- 4-Q I ., , , "freeze - ,f ',,- ,f 4, ' ,. . , 35,2 ' 'f 'ML1 V' vi 2 2 'Q 'iz . .ge ' ' V ,V , ,5 x, V rt .Q 11 ng A tif- V,, t, :A -1 f if J X H J. .T , iv?" -'Q-'H ,.., . erm... Vf , 4 '72 -f ' i I j,.1if'Iq Q fa W g' , ' ' X :' t . ng .V,t I V ,f rl. f V ,ILV I t -. ' me -Y I 1, :gmt I , ,1 -- -I,-. ff I f ., 53-:.g -Af, .V , ,,,.' , , J, ,. V VVVV V ,.,V V, V, 222, 95"""'Q -KQV? KV f -?,', A V ,L cuff. . ,t If V ' f 775 0 V-a w: ' . .ty X V SEYMOUR B. LIPSCHITZ, 1948-73rd St., C. C. N. Y., Physics Tutor, Radio Physics Club. His knowledge IS even amazing to himself. ' RAYMOND LESHEFSKY, 2451-65th St., President of SUHO Self Sfiphomore Executive, G. O. Athletic Rep- resentative. A born leader. CECILE LOBERSTEIN, 8684-20th Ave., Work, Traffic SCIUGCI C1 iefml, Dr. Drachman's Office Squad. Like a Nestle's bar-sweet and nutty. MARIE LOEEREDO, l254-73rd St., Business School, General Office Squad. Oh Marie-what sleep have I lost for thee. LAWRENCE LOHRER, l632-45th St., Columbia Uni- versity, Football Team, Service Squad, Eco. Squad. An Arista man who always kicks-the footballf?J ANGELINA LORUSSO, IZSG-53rd St., Business, Senior Arista, Service Squad C4 and 55 Italian Office Squad C7 and 8J. She doesn't need a spanking to make her "smart" EDWARD LUCANO, H575-72nd St., Fordham Univer- sity, Service Squad. An excellent student, and an equally good friend. RACHAEL LUPARDO, 4809-llth Ave., Gym Squad. A fine broth of a girl, never gets in a stew. KATHERINE LUPIANO, IIZ7-57th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Lunch Room Squad, Commercial Office Squad. It's hard to find a rhyme for her, because she's everything you prefer. SHIRLEY LUSKIN, 1434-40th St., Beth-Israel Nurses Training School, Office Squad, Dean's Squad. To know her is to love her and everybody knows her. IVIONI-IEIIVI MANASSA, 2335-85th St., Cornell Univer- sity, President of Class. Why girls leave SChOOl? . . . and come back. ELLEN MANDEL, 929-58th St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Eco Squad, Swimming Squad, Lunch Room Squad. I can't knock me, I know me too well. THORSEN MANGOR, 78l-47th St., Business, Swim- ming Team C4 termsl, Captain of Swimming Team Cl terml. A stream-lined brain-small and narrow. MILTON MANN, 1577-58th St., West Point. A rare combination ol brawn and brain. IOSEPH MARCIANO, 7717-16th Ave., Business. Silence is golden. SARAH MARCUS, 2155-72nd St., University of Texas, Service Squad, Hebrew Club. Cow-girl from 1-One Star State-Yippee. INEZ MARGARELLA, 920-Slst St., Hunter College, General Office Squad, I-Iall Squad-Mr. Corbett, Dr. Leuchs Office. Inez has a pretty face, and a smile you can't erase. THEODORE MARKOWITZ, 1280-53rd St., Cooper Union, Lunch Room Squad. A fine fellow who's nice to know. S DFQEQIPSAS M-'tt-RINO, 1557-58th sr., Hunter College, st dn GIYICS Squad, Italian Club. She's the quiet, u lou-'5' flendly kind, a nicer girl is hard to find. PARIS MARION, 7719-l4th Ave- State Perl I mean Penn State, Golf for two terms 'I IS Marion' Qin to Paris, or State Pen? ' g g srRoNGlN MARTIN, 5001-lslh Ave. penn SMG U. Service Squad, Basketball Squgdv who said Robefi Taylor is a lady killer? BLOSSOM MASHBERG, 92 Bay 32 d S y. N ' H - pnel, Basketball Club. our of href Yiylu ffgffef hell, C1 peep: don't know it she's extra smart or just asleep. TI-IELMA MASS, 5100-l3tl'1 Ave., City College, Iunior Arista, Program Commitee, Service Squqd, Always hClPPY' CIIWC'-YS 90-Y' Charming manner, pleasing way. FELIX MASTROPIETRO, ll52-67th St., Brooklyn Col- lege. Perhaps no services for our school, yet still in all, he's nobody's tool. ANGELA MAURINO, 8022-15th Ave., Italian Club Officer, Service Squad, Dramatic Squad. Some day our Angela will be another Sarah Bernhardt. ARNOLD B. MAURO, 6203-lUth Ave., St. lohn's, His face is his fortune: he pays no income tax. LEONARD MAZZA, 204 Bay IOth St., C. C. N. Y. He may speak like Webster, but he's got a head like Clay. CARL MAZZARA, 2120-84th St., University of Ala- barna, Executive of Annex l8U-2 yrs., Captain of Ticket Squad-2 yrs. Swimming Team-2 yrs. "Get your iootball tickets." MARIE MAZZARINO, 34 Bay 19th St., University of Southern California, Stenography and Typing Squad, Class President, Library Squad in Annex 3. Her charm and personality only two of her many assets. FRANCES MAZER, l56l-lllst St., Senior Arista, Cha- minade Choral Club, Secretary of Class. What would Pref. 408 do without her? ALFRED MCCOYD, 244-68th St., Brooklyn College. He's practicing to be c. surgeon-always cutting. MILDRED MCADE, 861-48th St., N. Y. U., General Office Squad, Dean's Squad CAHHGXL Economics Office. She's got what it takes! Sth St., Hunter or Brook- lunior Arista, Annex l92 nice, and Selma is nicer SELMA MEDNICK, IQ46 W. lyn College, Dean's Squad, Glee Club. It's nice to be than nice. ANNETTE MELBLOW, 7606-I7th Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege- Library Squad CAnnexl, Service Squad, Com- mefgiel offree. The girl wifh red heir, also hee Q certain air. EMU., MELI, l573-8lst St., Business, G.O. Cabinet, Service Squad, Dean's Squad, Senior Cabinet. Our minute man-one minute too late! LEO MELLIS, l85I-55th St., Brooklyn College, Service Squad, Qffice Squad, Annex Newspaper. Can he help it it he went to Utrecht. ' ,-,, ,V r , -?5?,':'f' . 'A ' .- .t ff '99 A , Y ,jx ' ,, y 1 fre , Q. : 'S , I . re ' .Q ,gQ,,ff:'-- V . . - f"' , ,, ' fselur. we , T' - " Z , 7'-K., .,ni1.f:,- -ifg ,, A Y we .,.f 4' ' , re - -. -.,' ,gu.,.14:'rQ.1-ee-1 f 'I ,'f' 1 "Lf "1 1 f, . ,fx 4i"', ' fl f-,. ' 15 " X532 41' A f ' 4' 255' ' " Fl! " 25 If .- . -.-', T ' 11? ,, "'- " 'ezsrf' , ,ff jg 4 '-'f . -l'.- . , "" - f f 1 ffz',:f,:f ' I E'jjgfff,.-QI' ' ,1, f ff I 2 f t X " J-'V-:e':.,-: f A 7 2? ' f ..,.. . . . X v . 4. , i ,g I ggi 1 M , 'B . 4, ,,,,,. ,V v f f,gf:gr,,.g,1, 7?fe, I f,,., . 'f ,'.' My f A gf, Ig f -if 'H 4 1 0 f. . ,.,... ,ll, , t ' '.,' , ,- ' ,3 -,., , ,,..- f ,,,.,,. . ' zz , A f 4' 1 , lr . , ,. m i.,m,',., . ,a x " veg, ' P" -A: . . 'ri' "if" fi f P K 4 , Z ' f 'Z-If y f l v , .4 1-gi, , . , f-Q ff . w 2233, I . . , 11 -ilifw ,car :' ' ' ."4-ekfrf?-'fri ,. " ' . Ma ' I 5 .M-, f ' rylifa , 1 ,- -.f,:,.,.. ,:,,e fg,- . , f,,,,, myg, f ,-fy:-f ,.-., If It V . LENORE MENAKER, 8559-2lst St., Nurses Training, Kings County, Swimming Squad, Life Saving, Class President, 6th term, Class Vice President, 7th term. "Oh Teddy!" IOSEPHINE MENKEN, 1573-48th St., West Point, Dean's Squad, Chaminade, Swing Band fvocalistl, Pep, vim, vitality, and a dash of personality. DOUGLAS MESSALL, l836 Elston Ave., Delehanty ln- stitute, Service Squad, 4 yrs. Captain. He'S C1 1'11C9 guy, when he comes to school. SYLVIA MEYER, lUl5-44th St., St. Iohns, General Office Squad, Dean's Squad CAnnexl English Squad. Perfect combination of looks, style, and personality. FLORENCE MEYERSONZOUQ-85th St., Hunter College, Lunch Room Squad, Marionette Club. A smile for all, a word to greet. We all agree that she is sweet. SYLVIA LEVINE, 928-46th St., Business School. Co- operation is the basis of success-right Sylvia? IUDITI-I MILBERG, I734--56th St., Swarthmore, Senior Arista, Annex 3 Traffic Squad, Annex 3 Grade Ad- visor's Squad. Here is our ludy. Utr9Cht'S Helen of Troy, we're still wondering who'll be the lucky boy. MILDRED GOLDBERG, l6l6-64th St., Central High School Secretary, Worked in Office in Annex 192, Biology Club, Basketball Club. Dainty, modest, fair is she, a dainty miss, we all agree. CY MILLER, 2lU9-78th St., N. Y. U., P. T. Squad, Football Squad, Nature made him and never dupli- cated. ROSALINE MILLER, 7524-l8th Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege, Annex 192 Glee Club C3 termsl, Chaminade C3 termsl, French-American Club. A bright young thing. who likes to sing. WILLARD MILLER, 544-73rd St., Business. A dip- loma! Come, let me clutch thee. BEATRICE MILLIMET, 5023-l4th Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege, Biology Squad Cl terml, Chemical Squad Cl terml, French Squad C5 termsl. Gentlemen preferred blonds until they met Beattie. GEORGE MILLSTEIN, 933-47th St., Syracuse, Service Squad. A .boy of the quiet kind, knock for him is hard to find. IOSEPI-IINE MINICUCCI, l24Z-53rd St., Hunter Col- lege, lr. Arista, Senior Arista, Grade Adviser's Squad. If intelligence means "oomph" she's got "IL" CLAIRE MINSKY, l57l-42nd St., St, lohn's University, Traffic Squad, Deans Squad. A sweet girl with a hearty smile, a lovely person, a iriend worth while. ROSE MITAROTONDA, 93 Bay l9th St., Business, Italian Club, Secretarial Studies Club, Swimming Squad. Rose has big great eyes of brown, always pleasant, never frowns. RITA MITCHEL, 2030-73rd St., N. Y. U., Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Library Squad. Am- bitious and efficient: isn't that sufficient? I-IARRIET MITGANG, 2015-7lst St., College, French Club, Service Squad, Class President-3 years. Har- riet, when it comes to style, has dame fashion beat by a mile. ADELE MIRENDA 1333 Blot St St ' . . f f s ., . Iohns College, Commercial Offlfle, President oi Secretarial Club last term, Grade Advising S d - her job. but after all slielcigi nlglajeigg, knocks was CELIA MoRGENsTERN, i77o-74th gf, C, C, N, Y, Lunch Room Servlce SCIUGCI, Calendar. Her mouth is always chewing, her b k f - But what will M. W ' oo S lung 017 The, Chau' 1' elner do, when Celia isnt there. PETER MORGERO, 5813-21 t A - N D . Office Squad-IBO Annex, HalESquddLMaliiieBuildliii1ZZ Newman Club. His wisdom is so deep he can't find it. EVELYN MORRISON, 913-45th St.. Umversiw of Southern California, Program COij'1mittee Office Squad, Secretarial Service. Lite is gay, nlot Worth a peck, I'm having fun, so what cure 1, NANCY MOSCATELLI, 225 Bay 49th St.., Business CO1- lege: Service Squad. Pregrant Committee, Office Squad. Not so smart, not so dumb, just a girl like anyone. MOLLIE MOSKOWITZ, 1423-42nd St., Business, Gym Squad, Domestique Art Squad, Mrs. Appels Squad. Hickory dickory dock, Mollie's too nice to knock. HELEN MOSKOWITZ, 1762-Slst St., Hunter, Dean's Squad, Swimming Team. Why boys keep their minds off their work. ROBERT I. MOTTO, 6635 Ovington Court, Handball Team. As keen as his namesake. GLADYS MONDSCHEIN, ll58-55th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Iunior and Senior Arista, Math Squad, Program Committee. "The wonderful 'Wizard of Ours'." SHIRLEY MOZLIN, l5U7-42nd St., City College. Being nice is her favorite sport. IOSEPHINE MURATORE, l275-69th St., Business, Dr. Leucl'i's Office Squad C2 termsl, Annex 3 Service Squad, Annex 3 Lunch Room Squad. It you looked throughout the world, a grander girl could never -be found. FRANK MURRAY, 1814-72nd St. He always has something to say. ELEANOR NADEL, 917-50th St., Brooklyn College, Math Squad Secretary, Senior Arista, Iunior Arista. Pleasant to walk with, interesting to talk to, nice to think about. WILLIAM NEIMAN, l4l6-43rd St., Commercial lob and College? Supply Room Squad. Quiet and un- assuming, but he knows his stuff. IOHN NELSEN, 333-89th St., Business, Class Presi- dent, Class Secretary. Prince Charming had nothing on him. RUDOLPI-I NEMEROFF, 1265-45th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Service Squad. His only ambition was to pass Eco. GITA NESIS, l379-54th St., Brooklyn College, Cap- tain Of Book Room Squad, Biology Squad, Iunior and Senior Arigtas. Mr. Weiner Without Gita, is like the lone Ranger Without Silver. HoNoRE NEUHAUSER, 1923-84111 si., Hunter Col- lege, Biology Squad, G. A. L. Representative. Everyt- one honors "Honore." if f 5 3 5 , , 1-452. X ,.V, It ,,, ,, -xxx RI-IODA NEWMAN, 2023-80th St., Cornell University, Traffic Squad-Annex, Program Committee, Infirmary Squad. That she is sweet we have no d0l1blf but xrhy she is so quiet we haven't found out. MIRIAM NEWMAN, 1647-46th St., College or Dental Hygienist School, Library Squad, Lunch Room Squad, English Office Squad. One swell girl, She C1095 everything. Everyone knows her and those that don't Wish they did. FLORENCE NEWMAN, 1411-35th St., Vassar College, Program Committee, Office Squad, Secretarial Studies Club. A girl with poise, who rarely makes noise! MIRIAM NEWMAN, 905-43rd St., Work. ,.,AlwaYS OH the run, for someone's son? SEYMOUR NEWMAN, 3845-13th Ave., Syracuse Llni- versity, Band, Class bourgeois Knot CO1'1CG1'leCl Just self-appreciativel. MARIA NICOSIA, 1323-78th St., Business School, Treasurer Chaminade, City Chorus. Beware of the quiet ones! FRANK NILSEN, 8719 Colonial Rd., Unknown, Dean's Squad 2 yrs. Nice and quiet, but he has his mom- ents. HELEN NOGEL, 1203-48th St., City College, Annex Secretary of Dramatic Club, Annex Auditorium Squad, ll. LJ.l-LS. Office Staff. Wow! what a head - - - of hai:. RUTH NOVOROSS, 1965-78th St., Iulliard, Lunch lloom Squad, Office Squad, Madrigal. A voice like Nightingale, the simplicity of a sparrow and the dis- position of a dove. HARVEY NOZICK, 1917 Cropsey Ave., Cornell lCol- lege of Agriculturel. A Londoner, lost in a fog. MARTIN OLTSIK, 6418-19th Ave., Business, He puts vaseline on his hair, and everything slips his mind. MARIE ORTOLANI, 7506-20th Ave., Hunter College, Organization Office, Dean's Squad, Italian Club. Nice, sweet and demure, outside of school I'm not sure. BEATRICE OUMAN, 6924-13th Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege, Economic Squad, Service Squad 15th terml. Beatrice is the likeable sort, those that know her will retort. ALVIN ORLOWEK, 1364-57th St., Work. He's so quiet, but what a guy! SHIRLEY ORNSTEIN, 2347-81st St., Vassar College, Senior Arista, Library Squad, General Office Squad. Capability undoubted. ROSARIO OGNIBENE, 7609-10th Ave., N. Y. U., Biology Squad 180, Service Squad 180, Service Squad in Main Building. A fellow who is grand, always ready to lend a helping hand. FLORENCE OSCHER, 2124-63rd St., Bryn Mawr, Pro- gram Committee, Dr. Meinken's Squad, Math Squad. Like a Chesterfield-she satisfies! MARION OSTER, 4209-15th Ave., Business School, Library Squad, Basketball Club. Quiet and unassum- ing. PHILIP OSTROW 8002 , -Zlst Ave., City College, N. Ha H' .ISV Stage 'Squad-Arista, Gym Squad. His mqxigfula lgggiiljmlng lfend: is bound to bring him ARTHUR PASLAWER 4521 U term, Current EVE t Elith Ave., Service Squad , n s he doesn't take Ex-lax. U A A regulon guy and MADELINE PAILEY, lf-125 E. 5th S . . Oiiice Squad, Service Squad, Progtrorircglookriiynliitg-elllgghee has all the steadiness and charm ot the old lash- ioned girl. VIRGINIA PALAMARA, 1530-74th Stn Business Col- lege, Newman Club. She had nothinlg to do so she did it at Utrecht. ANTHONY PALERMO, 8103-l4th Ave., Civilian Con- servation Corps. The C.C.C. is a hell ot a place to be. The temperature in the shade is a hundred ninety three-dig-dig well all right, THELMA PARNES, l258-43rd St., Brooklyn College, Iunior Arista C5 termsl, Senior Arista Cl terml, Lib- rary Squad C2 termsl, Boys and Girls Dean's Squad Annex 192 C2 termsj. Simplicity and intelligence is her combination. SHIRLEY PASSMAN, 2032-72nd St., Business School. Seldom seen, seldom heard: why knock her and be absurd. PEARL B. PASTER, l938-e82nd St., Nurses' Training School, Lunch Room Service Squad, Economic Squad. Pretty and prim. CLAIR PATRONE, 4607-18th Ave., Arnold College, Handball Club, Swimming Club, Varsity Club. Pretty, petite and a pleasing personality. IAMES PECORARO, 1505-66th St., Business. Peck's becoming a Londoner since he read the London Times. ARTHUR PECKELIS, 2066-79th St., Notre Dame, 3 years Swimming Team, Class President, Service Squad. He wears what the well dressed man shouldn't. RAYMOND PETERSON, 639-49th St.: C. C. N. Y. C. C. N. Y.-no doubt the "Cleaning Corp. for the New Year" EMANUEL PETERFREUND, l3l4-50th St., Brooklyn College, Physics Squad, Service Squad, N. U. H. S. Squad, Senior Arista. No check will check him from checking the attendance. ANTHONY PETROCELLI, 8002-14th Ave., N. Y. U., Service Squad, Football Squad, Track Squad. New Utrecht's play-boy-you can call him Claude. ALBERT PERLMAN, 665-48th St., Brooklyn College. Too good to knock? DAVID PERMAN, 49 Bay 26th St., C. C. N. Y., Senior Editor of "Comet", Secretary and Treasurer of Radio- Physics Club, Service Squad. New Utrecht is losing a scholar, athlete, and C1 swell fe1l0W- DOMINICK PERRINI, 2024-85th St., Business. An infant in the eyes ot the law: the nicest fellow we EVE! SGW. SHIRLEY POLLACK, ZUU6 Benson Ave., Nurses' Train- ing School, Organization Squad, Arista, Sorores Lu- dorum. Her long black tresses and dark mysterious eyes are enough to hypnotize. STANLEY PINKOWITZ, 1876-49th St., New York Uni- versity, Mirneograph Squad, Spanish Squad, Audi- torium Squad. We never heard from him. He WGS too busy getting an education. LIA PITACCO, 2133-83rd St., Business School: Lunch' roorn Service Squad. As good as you C1197 AS had as- she is. ANITA PLANCHER, 974-46th St,, Brooklyn College, Senior Arista, Boys' Dean's Office Squad ll Y?ClTlf Poster Club CArt Clubl. Charming, clever. PO1SGdf refined: make up her character all combined. ARMAND POLIZZI, 38lU Fort Hamilton Place. WOIIC fascinates him-he can look at it for hours. PEARL POLK, 38lO-l5th Ave., Business, General Of- fice. A mild and modest modern miss. FRANK POMERANTZ, l74l-60th St., University of Wisconsin, Service Squad. Wanted! A microscope to detect his faults, so we can knock him. ALBERT ALLAN POSNER, 959-56th St, Oregon U., Band, Orchestra, Mimeograph. Before he Starts talk- ing, he wants to say something. GRACE POSS, 7524 Bay Parkway, Adelphi College, Dean's Office Squad, Sorores Amicitae, History and Current Events Clubs. Anyone with such a brain will carve a niche in the Hall of Fame. SIDNEY POSS, 8223 Bay Parkway, N. Y. U, or An- tioch fOhioJ, Dramatic Society, N. U. H S. Sidney might not be able to sell the "Nuhs." but his swell personality sells him. IACK POTASH, 552-82nd St., Iowa State University, Iunior Capt. of Miineograph Squad, Circulation Mana- ger of N. U. H. S., Asst. Stage Manager. As nice a person as you will meet under any microphone. WILLIAM POULAKIS, l78l-63rd St., Columbia. Venus and all her charms would have fallen for this Apollo. EDMOND PRICE, 375-86th St., C. C. C., Lunchroom Squad Cl terinl. What "Price" Glory. BELLA PROSTAKER, 2854 W. 2Oth St., Business Col- lege, Class Secretary Cterrn 45. Like Ethyl Gasoline- hard to find a knock. SAM PREFFER, 4123-9th Ave., St. Iohn's, Mirneograph and Supply Squads. The answer to a maiden's prayer fthe wrong answerj. OLGA PREGGON, 8404-23rd Ave., Business School, Traffic Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Ah! Your locks are like a ray of sunshine. RUDOLPH PANZA, l332-41st St., Business College, G. O. Swing Band, Violin, Italian Club C2 yearsl. "Silence is golden"-my, my, is he broke! IOSEPH PUGLISI, 2147-70th St., Long Island Univer- sity, Captain Service Squad l92 for Mr. Brown, Mem- ber of Iunior Arista, Aud. Squad in l92 and Book- roorn Squad CEng.J A gentleman and a scholar. WILLIAM BAFEANIELLO, 106 Batting Ave., N. Y. Bar- ber College, Destined for close shaves. EVELYN RAHTHUS, 84-15 4th Ave., City College or Hunter College., Tutoring, Math Club, G. O Squad A winning smile, a helping hand: We really think she's grand. SALLY RAN111456-55th St.p Sara Lawrence, Office Squad, Organization SquQd, BOYS! Donft miss this gorgeous bit of femininity. CGBBTRUDE REDNER, l75O-58th St., Either Brooklyn O ege? Deans Squad' GYU1 Squad, Sorores Ludorem. If you ever want to read a poem, go to Geztie. BET-LA REINGOLD, 77 Buy 32nd st., Brooklyn College, Senior Arista, Orchestra, Library Squad. Silence is golden, and she's on the gold standard. ESTHER REISMAN, 954-5lst St.: C. C. N. Y.- Lunch- room Squad, Charninade, President of Prefect Class. A lively girl who should go far. Sig Lunchrggm Squad, Service Squad, Bookraom Squad, S5-70 or flunk. MARVIN RIBNER, l846-80th St.7 New York University, Comet Squad, Service Squad, Dramatic Society. He believes in Fate: Marvie hopes to graduate. NORMAN REICI-I, 4281-Sth Aveg University of Arkan- sasp Track Team. His slap-happy demeanor is im- possible to imagine. STANLEY RIEGER, l859-76th St.g Dentistry. Is this a diploma I see before me? Come, let me clutch thee! IRVING RIMER, 23l8-82nd St., New York State Col- lege of Forestry Ranger Schoolg Physics Laboratory Squad, Lincoln was a good man. But what's that got to do with Irving. b IOSEPH RINALDI, l46U-79th St.g Notre Dame U.7 Service fAud.l Squad, Library Squad, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey Teams. Strict interpretation of the Eco. book. MARIA RINALDI, ll2-39th St.g Businessg Program Committee, Service Squad, Office Squad. Gold is not all that glitters. TI-IERESA RINALDI, 45 Ave. Op Nurses' Training School, Switchboard Operator, Naturalist Staff, Biolo- gy Squad, Guidance Squad. Lively and gay: With always something to say. BLANCI-IE RIVAN, 8678 Bay Parkwayg Brooklyn Col- lege, General Organization Squad, Grade Advisers' Squad, Iunior Arista. Cute? I'll tell the world she is. ELLA RIVKIN, l327-46th St.g Main Office in No, l9? fT6I'ITl 21, Math Office in Main Building fTerm 51. A laugh, a chat, a gay retort-perhaps sometimes a pun. A friend to all who know her-a smile for everyone. BEULAH ROTH, 2373-85th St.p Brooklyn Collegeg American Student Union, Art Staff of "Comet," Vice- President of Prefect. Beulah Roth is the name: For drawing pictures she has fame. ELI ROEEWARG, l528-49th St.g Paris Conservatory of Arty Auditorium Squad, Spanish Squad, French Squad. Look, girls! IOHN ROMANO, l455-81st St.g Cooper Union or M. I. T., Lieutenant on Guards fl term, auditoriuml. SO patriotic he wears a union suit. CGteetings, Gate, I graduc-.te.l EDITH ROMANTZ, 968 47th St.g Brooklyn Collegeg Madrigal, Dean's Squad. All the boys try to catch her eye: But with her nose up high, she just passes them by. A ar X f 1 ., , ,' 1 15. 2 WILMA ROMER, 30 Bay 25111 st., Kings County Nurses' Training, Chaminade, Life Saving Club, An- nex Traffic Squad. Wilma's chuck full of fun, humor and wit. FANNIE ROSEN, 2140-75th St., City College: Com- mercial Law Office, Service Squad, LibrarY Squad- lntelligence plus a sweet personality. MILDRED ROSEN, l842 W. Sth St., Business School, Office Squad, Biology Squad, 4 Terms on TTGHIC Squad. Grand girl and a sincere friend. HAROLD ROSENBAUM, 932-55th St., College: Annex Service Squad, Main Building Service Squad. If You know him, you like him: what more is there to SQY? ROBERT ROSENGREN, 237 Ovington Ave., Swimming Team, Chemistry Club, Service Squad. AVOCGUOUI that's swimmen: His hobby, that's wimmeh- ESTELLE ROSENSON, 959-42nd St., Hunter College, Secretary of Prefect, Lunchroom Squad, Program Com- mittee. Smart, but quiet: a nice glrl. RUTH ROSENZWEIG, 7ll3-l8th Ave., Business World, Economics Office, Traffic Squad fAnneX 37. Rllillle is a C. L. tutor: And in later life will have many a suitor. ANTHONY ROSSI, 8785 Bay l6th St. Little man, what now? IOHN ROSSILLI, l774-E. 3lst St., Annapolis of the Air, Service Squad, Bugle Drum Corps, Band. Hes all up in the air. HELEN ROTHSTEIN, 8015 Bay Parkway, Hunter Col- lege, Lunchroom Squad, English Office Squad, Patrol Squad. One of the sweeter younger set: Don't wor- ry, you'll get there yet. ADELMO ROVIS, 2106 Cropsey Ave., Columbia Uni- versity, Orchestra C3 yearsl, Soccer Team, Annex Service Squads. Mr. Ehrlich's inspiration. OLGA RUBANO, i648-80th St., Brooklyn College or Hunter, Miss Robinson's Office Squad. Modest and sweet is she: One we all like: I'm sure you'll agree. ARNOLD RUBENSTEIN, 859 St. Iohn's Pl., C. C. N. Y., Track Team, Mimeograph Squad. Too bad Terry Shaw didn't get a look at him while he was sling- ing beautiful passes and fast ball carrying in P. T. classes. HANNAH RUBINSTEIN, 8184 Bay 16th St., City Busi- ness College, Annex Office Squad, Badminton, Volley- ball. Homework she may not do: But high SCh001 she's sure to get through. IANET RUBINSTEIN, 1050-54th St., Vassar College, Floor Manager's Squad, Secretarial Office, Iunior Arista. She'd make a good history student fshe likes datesl. MARTIN RUBINSTEIN, 8735 Bay Parkway, St. Iohn's University, Football Team, Ticket Squad, Service Squad. If muscles were brains, he'd be an Einstein. SELMA RUBENSTEIN, 46 Bay 25th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Service Squad, Library Squad, Basketball Club. She loves 'em and leaves 'em. ELEANOR IUSTINE RUBIN, 1627-53rd St., Iuilliard School of Music, Service Squad, Glee Club, Library Squad. Since she changed her haircomb-woo! woo! RITA RUBIN, 2418 Benson Ave., New York University, Senior Arista, l. C. C. Representative, Math Squad and Club. A little girl with plenty of brains. lgflA1RGfARET RUNNlONS, l662-69th Sf., Business C OO? Lunch S011-1ClCi, Auditorium Squad, Basketball Club. A redhead minus the temper. HILDA RUSH' 554 E- 2nd ST.: Lunchroorn Monitor, As- sistant to Floor Manager, Annex Newspaper. Best example of perpetual motion! CLAIRE RUSSO, 2292 McDonald Ave., Business CO1- lege? Swlmntmg P001 Squad, Vice-President f5th terrnl. Her frlends call her "Sweetie", need you won- der why? MARVIN SABELE, 2166-76th St., New York Univer- sity, Fencing Squad, Visitor of Dean, Likes redheads especially. MIRIAM SACKS, l76 Ba 29th St. ' it of Y , Un1vers'y Southern California, General Office Squad, Traffic Squad, Dean's Office. She's charm and wit per- soniiied. SYLVIA SACHS, 7615-20th Ave. Colle e' Traffic I 9 I Squad Annex 3. A likeable girl, simple and sweet. ANGELINA SAFANTE, 2339 Stillwell Ave., Business, Lunchroorn Squad, Bookkeeping Office Squad, Vice- President and Secretary for Prefect. Cupid draws the arrow, but Angelina draws the beaus. PAUL SAET, l756-58th St., Brooklyn College, Service Squad, Senior Class President, Book Room Squad. The world was too small for both of them, so Napo- leon died. STUART SAGALOVV, 1739-50th St., Harvard, Annex Service Squad, Auditorium Squad, Manages to do all his homework during Spanish period. RACHAEL SALEM, l938-65th St., City College, An- nex 3 Lunchroorn Squad, Annex 3 Tutoring Squad, Annex 3 Traffic Squad. Modest and quiet, one we all like. MARTHA SALINSKY, l7l7 W. 6th St., Business School, Lunchroorn Squad Annex 3. She's like a Nestle's bar -very sweet. STANLEY SALMORE, l327-45th St., City College, Service Squad fl92D,' "Nuhs" Circulation Squad fl8UJ, Biology Squad tMainJ. He will get to the top. CHARLES SAMMARTINO, 60-28th Ave, His knock is hard to find, we see: or can it be his modesty? CLARA SAMOWITZ, l767-67th St., Brooklyn College, Principals Office Annex 3, Grade Advisers' Office, Miss Buono's Secretary. Utrecht's loss is Brooklyn College's gain. MURIEL SAMUELS, 30 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn Col- lege, Organization Squad, Sorores Amicitae, Senior Editor. She's so busy she often meets herself com- ing from where she's going. FRANK SARACINO, 213 Bay 8th St.. The more you know him, the -better you like him. IRVING SARNOEF, 2059-75th St., Brooklyn College. Irving finds life like a bore: No knocks come kicking at his door. ALEXANDER SAVITZ, 2249-83rd St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Service Squad, Tutoring Squad, President of Clqgg. New Utrecht loses a dynamic personality. . , 'Y I fl' .J 2-f ,T ' V ' iff! f 1 f ? 1 . ff., r , Q3 ' W . f ' H if 63 V if to . .- -:wi "',h"fk A i.gf2fjJ" 'Qi f ' ' M ?' 3 ik - ,its ' f ' , ' ,535 "ff"-"4 52 4 43 . f I , f 4 pf ,rV, V .f 5, 5' ,,f! f i ...i,'g,f,'3f'33jf4,i3,w ,. ,f Yffjff . , ,,., .Ii 1 I '2 ,L, 2. . I , ,,-1' .V I A f m.. ,, I ' , ,,,. . t ' " ' '- .......,,,,.,ff' BEATRICE SCARICAMAZZA, l8l4-69th St., Brooklyn College, Chaminade Choral Club, City Chorus, MT- Corbett's Office Squad. Dark as night, and lust Us exciting. MILDRED SCHACHTER, 7602-Zlst Ave., Hunter Col- lege, Dean's Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Hall Guard in Annex 3. A quiet personality plus a Sweei face equals a charming girl. ALVIN SCHRAETER, 5415-l4th Ave., N. Y. U., Madri- gal Society Captain of Soccer Team, Captain of Color Guard. Sang, played, slaved for the CCIUSS- and believe me, friends, l loved it. RUTH SCHARR, 4303-l2th Ave., Business. Nice'and neat, and she's a swell girl besides. MAURICE LAUPER, l932-62nd St., City College, Vice- President of l8U G. O., Service Squad in IBO, Mem- ber of G. O. Cabinet in l8O. Maurice is One Swell fellow. KARL SCHECTER, l45O-44th St., Cooper Union,- An- nex Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad. If liveliness is a commodity, he has the goods. IRVING SCHENKER, 1938-72nd St., Richmond Univer- sity, Auditorium Squad, Madrigal, Senior Editor. He resembles me remarkably. FLORENCE SCHLEGEL, 2022-69th St., City College, Library Squad, Service Squad, Program Committee. Silence is golden, but in silver believes Florence. PEARL SCHALMAN, l975-84th St, Hunter College, Traffic Squad, Program Committee. Modesty is the keynote of her character. EVELYN SONYA SCHLANSKY, 2132-75th St., City College, Gym Office Squad, Swimming Squad, Nuhs Distribution Squad. She's the kind of girl who makes your high school memories pleasant. VICTOR SCHLAFE, 8102-2Uth Ave., Brooklyn College, Orchestra C3 yearsl, Library Squad CZ yearsl, Office Squad tGen. l yearl. He's not only tall, dark and handsome, but he is smart, as well. CARMELA SCLAFANI, l472-77th St., Business School, Office Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Dancing Club. Nice things come in small packages. IDA SCHLANKOWITZ, l5U7-42nd St., Business, Gen- eral Office Squad, Bank Office Squad. Never has very much to say, but we like her anyway. SOL SCHNEIDER, 2073-75th St., Brooklyn College, Executive of Senior Arista, English Bookroom Squad, Latin Office Squad, Math Team. A promising stu- dent Calways promising to do betterl. IEROME SCHNUR, l5l7-54th St., News Editor of Utrecht Nuhs, Leader Boys' Senior Arista, Stage Man- ager, Drama Editor of Cornet, President of l92. lust like a Roosevelt policy C. C. C. fClever, Capable, Consciousl. BERNARD SCHILIT, 2240-82nd St., City College, Ad- vertising Manager of Nuhs and Comet, Iunior and Senior Aristas, Senior Editor of Comet. Hollywood has its Clark Gable: France had Napoleon, and New Utrecht-aw, I ran out of space. GEORGE I. SCHUMER, 1419-42nd St., L. I. U., Track Team, Capt. Mimeo. Squad l92, Capt. Service Squad l92. Georgie porgie, so small and shy, But he'll get o'er it by and by. lfg2LhfQ,2fHgVE1TZER, 1955-78th st., Brooklyn coi- Tutoir Lucille Cilsmd lljv Ilermsll Spanish Tutor' Math ' 9 . owns it is just the Same. Y name, And the one who BEVERLY SCHWARTZ, 83l3-Zlst Ave- Brooklyn coi- DSX , Qt i History dates are so c feH?m?S Helper lArmeX Sl' more amusing. on using, Outside dates are so GERTRUDE SCHONWETTER, 7602-2 - ' College, Book Room Squad, Grade Alzliiiseli-Ys,e.Sq1E:ddI Iunior and Senior Arista, Not very often, but once in a while: You'll iind a girl with a Pepgodeni Smile, IUDITH SCHOENFELD, 2051-74th Stx C' C11 - Ottice Squad Clk yearsj. It's nice' tonga fatigsi when you're naturally nice. PHILIP SCHORR, 913 47th Si., City College of N, Y, Quiet, reserved and shy. Why? CLARA SCHLOSSBERG, 909-47th St., Nursing School, Office Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Iunior Arista. We sure would like to be her patient. HERBERT SCHOENFELD, 820 McDonald Ave., Me- chanics Institute, Service Squad in Annex l92, Book Room Squad. Honest endeavor is the greatest factor in success. FRED SCHONWETTER, 7602-Zlst Ave., University of Alabama, Track Squad fl yearl, Senior Editor, Nuhs. Circulation Statt CAnneX 1925. The nicest guy in the class. CI can't knock myselfll ROHSE SCHWEBEL, 7521-19th Ave., West Point, Ser- vice Squad, Drarnatics. Ioin the Army, boys, Rohse is. BLANCHE B. SCHWARTZ, 6412-19th A ve., N. Y. U., Lunch Roorn, Medical Otfice, Tutoring Squad. Noth- ing but the best tor her. - MIRIAM WEINSTEIN, H79-Slst St., Work, Secretary ot Senior Class, Personal Secretary to Mr. Corbett. She's a student that's Hedy: A La Marvellous young lady. SAMUEL M. SCHWARTZ, 2341-82nd St., Brooklyn College, Monitorial Squad, Radio Physics Club. At least Sam is not sweet, petite, and demure. HELEN SCHWARTZ, 2751 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege, Traffic Squad lAnneX ISD, Program Committee. A good friend is hard to find: but here's one to keep in mind. IACK A. SCHWARZ, 1935-83rd St., Paris Institution of Liberal Education, Senior Editor of Cornet, Adver- tising Manager ot Cornet, Advertising Manager ot Nuhs. Oh, Ty! EDWARD SCHWARTZ, l23l-5lst St., C. C. N. Y., Mimeograph Squad, Chemistry Squad, Physics Squad. One swell fella-ever successful may he be. NICHOLAS SCAURBY, I4 Bay llth St., New York University, Service Squad, Fencing, Football CMana- gerl. If only more people would follow his exam- ple and think before they speak. ANNA SCIBELLA,lll3-73rd St.,Business College, Mic- fogcopy Club CAnneXJ, Annex Squad. She's so quiet, But boy what ci riot. ROSE SCRIBBANO, 84l2-l8th Ave., Business, Madri- gclu Her-e's a girl we'd all like to meet. ,. E . 'E rarer ' .... 1 is F' 8 il, '35 ' Q, ...L tit' ' R Wx, E Q, 4- J' f Uh . .i...f' 1, 4 it "i' 2 .,,' 1 "i- f I 5 T. 1 ' ,L T 3, ' - ,- -Ev I A . Q If :J nf . LA.. f V, I . Q . 'fy' A . . ,Tv V . A . i, 7 7 .,. ' , , 2- 1 ' Sir 1 , .ff CLAlRE SEGALOWITZ, 6801-Zlst Ave., Travel, Cha- minade. Claire is like a melody: a melody from the sky. IRVING SEIDMAN, 8508 Bay Parkway, N. Y. U.: Ser- vice Squad. Step aside, man. DOROTHY SELLER, 1726-43rd St., C. C, N. Y., Dean's Squad fAnneX, 3 termsl, Program Committee, Biology and Bookkeeping Tutoring Squads, A girl Of the quiet kind: a knock is hard to find. PAULINE SELIKOWITZ, 2123-73rd St., Syracuse Uni- versity, Secretary of 7th Form, Dr. Leuch's Office Squad, Mr. Failkoff's Office Squad. What an artist! She even draws the attention of the football players. HARRY SELTZER, 7706-l8th Ave., Penn State, Annex Squad. He's one Seltzer who won't fizzle. ANNA SERRA, l22l-58th St., St. lohn's, Captain Math Squad, Class Representative 68th terml, Class Sec- retary C7th terml. It's nice to be natural, when y0u're naturally nice. EUGENE SERVIDIO, 4914-9th Ave., Brooklyn College, Lunchroom Squad. P-s-st- Lend me Your PhYS1CS homework. HERBERT SESKIN, 1573-39th St. An intelligent fellow finds a place anywhere. RITA SETTEDUCATE, 912-40th St., Work - Business, Office Squad, Hall Squad, Gym Squad. As swell a girl as you can find: Short and sweet and so re- fined. IOSEPH SETTEDUCATE, 920-40th St., Business. Lots of success to a boy who deserves it. ELAINE SEVILLE, l559-55th St., Hunter College, Of- fice Squad, French Club. Though she's quiet in classes, in knowledge she surpasses. SEYMOUR SOBEL, 904-49th St., Brooklyn College, Service Squad. Don't worry if Chem stumps you: you're not the only one. ANITA SHANETZKY, 2258-65th St., Brooklyn College, Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad, Library Squad. An up-to-date girl from head to toes: A regular gal Wherever she goes. SHIRLEY SHANIK, 1954-80th St., Brooklyn College, History Tutoring Squad, Traffic Squad. Introducing Miss Shanik, a girl who never put up a kick. lRVlN SHAPIRO, ll49-4lst St., Cornell, Vice-President of Utrecht Medical Society, Award from American ln- stitute of Science Engineering, Biology Laboratory. Chief heckler. BETTY SHAPIRO, l5Ol-38th St., Brooklyn College, General Office Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Basketball and Swimming Clubs. A sweet and pretty blonde of whom We are all fond. CAROLYN SHAPIRO, 1065-5lst St., N. Y. U., Dean's Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Gym Squad. Gentlemen prefer blondes. There's a chance you'l1 get that "he" man. HARRIET M, SHAPIRO, 8727-20th Ave., Barnard, Cap- tain Dean's Squad C3 termsl, Medical Office and Gym Squads, Dr. Leuclrs Squad. Her cleverness and mod- esty make Harriet the grand person she is. SH M-IRLEY SHAPIROf 1591-38th St.: Brooklyn College: Slinleogmph Oihcef Offlfie Squad, Swimming Squad e s never here, she h ' yells She Starts to bluSh?S to rush, and when teacher IOHN SCI-IATZ 462-76th St Busine ' ' , -2 s : Ann X Office Squad.. New Utrecht High so dem.: Bin hefj glad at last hes clear. DAVID SHUGAR, 2278-85th St: Unknown Call him sugar, he's refined. I ' ADELINE SECURONZA, l848-73 d S - B ' - Aided Mrs. Milberg CAnneX 3l, Trdffic Sqiiad 31. A nice person in her way: Has,-yt very much to say. FRIEDA SIEGEL, 8405 Bay Parkway, N, Y, U4 Lunch- room Squad, Service Squad. Her voice is soft and gentle: Her actions pure, the good in woman, ERNEST SIGISMONDI, 6707-llth Ave.: Columbia: Service Squad in Annex, Book Room Squad, Baseball Team. Is it Tuesday or Sigis CMondayJ mondi. IDA SILVERI, l529-79th St.: Business: Secretarial Studies Club, Italian Club. If all the girls were nice as she, what a school this would be. FRANCES SILVERMAN, 8301 Bay Parkway: Business. A young sweet miss is hard to find: so here is one to keep in mind. LEONARD SILVERMAN, l68 Bay 26th St.: Alabama: Vocational Guidance Squad, German Club, Auditor- ium Squad. Alabama, here I come. MILDRED SILVERMAN, 1578 - 40th St.: Richmond School of Art: Office Squad, Art Squad, Program Committee. Pretty and clever, everything she does is orderly and neat. MURRAY H. SILVERSTEIN, 5516-l2th Ave.: College: Lunchroom Squad. One of those too few good guys. ERWIN SIMENSKY, l526-77th St.: University of Wis- consin: Sports Editor of Nuhs, Vice-President of S. A. C., Book Room Squad CCapt. lO5l, Sports Editor of Comet. As nice a fellow one can meet, a gentleman and a sportsman. ANTHONY SIMEONE, ll43-39th St.: Business. A brain like Webster: and a head like Clay. GABRIEL SIMON, l4l6-43rd St.: Brooklyn College: Orchestra, Hall Duty Monitor, Track Team. Gabriel can't blow a horn, but you should hear him fiddle. MURIEL SINGER, 86 Bay 29th St.: Madrigal, Lunch- room Squad, Swimming Club. She has a smile that you can find your way with it in the dark. BERNICE SKAL, 945-40th St.: Business: Lunchroom Squad, S, S. Club. Chew! Chew! Chew your bub- ble gum: only she chews Spearmint! IEANETTE SKOLNICK, 4117-l5th Ave.: Brooklyn Col- lege: Girls' Dean Squad C3 termsl, Boys' Dean Squad Q3 termsl, Office Squad in Annex l92. The school's all-around secretary. PAUL SLATOFE, 33 Webster Ave.: Brooklyn College, He prefers black heads because he can squeeze them. XM. ' 7 f do ,V if .X ,Ai - 1- ,. I Q,4.,1gjfTj ' 'iffy V ., .g. L f.. ff? .ff -veg ,"' 5- nil iff ar , if I 1 . ,V, f I .A ,,:, ,. M. .1,. M.,,.,A .g f I ff! Q? VV !V.' fi, , 4 . , ,CII I, 4 i , I f 'f 5 ttst . Q , .I " VF-3 A ff 'C ' ' ,", , . . 1 if ,V+ ' , W V .f,,,g54i V' V I 41' A ,av-: I .f 2 f ' -fl-, rg ,fat i . . ,Q .K - ' - ' ' we A f , , ,i., . y Z , ,, IX Z, ,, W, ,Q fs ,f f, f , Y , 4' f I A71 2? ' 'jf Xfff 0 , . 1 f 1, K f f 4 j if . , . ,,, , 4 y as f 3 W X fi' ,f ff f W Z ,W ff f, , f ff W fa fx I f 6 7 is "'f- ff V47 W I ., ,f , f ' ,f 4 , an f W r f' 1. V ,Q VA L , , 3 I r s-'fl-'1-ff.l, 'VZ . ' I 1 5"' WWI-Q. "r5'I5aW'ZiZ',s',f'3'1,' V' '3'Y,.f' '- Q 1 '1'v5 'f', I 7 I 1,515,- . .J ,sf ' ' I .,, . .V A 'X 'ti 1 ' 1 ff -'W If f Q.,.f.. Z sf 1 r ,J fr I 6 f M 4 I if if ,M , , . , 2 f 4 44 Xl ,, s f it as I '14 . f ix ' " 5. s 55' 2 ,.,.., , . , of , ,,f,, I - ,. V, , f f f f a . f fl "0 l 1 4 ,ff H ' Q SELMA SLOVENSKY, 236i-83rd St., Notre Dame? Modern Dance Group, Tutoring Squad. lust C1 bundle of cuteness. GERALD SMITH, l9l3-60th St., Business World: Swimming Team. Smitty is sure to win friends 010119 lite's way. HAROLD M. SMITH, 932-Slst St., Delehanty In-sti: tute, Track. His ambition is to prove that ladies styles change, but their designs remain the same. SYLVIA SMITH, l379-54th St., Smith College,-Sten. Office, Bio. Office, Program Committee. Sylvia 15 the tops. She has grace. charm, and plenty of person- ality. PAUL SNYDER, l335-77th St., Business .Night Col- lege, Service Squad. In his dress he IS so Deaf' when girls go with him it's Dutch treat. FLORENCE SOBEL, 44 Bciy seth st., Business. she is sincere. loyal, and nice, and a girl you'd count on meeting twice. MILDRED SOBEL, 902-5lst St., Paine Hall School, Library Squad, Dean's Squad, Biology Squad. A sparkling eye. a light step: here's a girl with plenty of pep. CLAIRE SOLONCH, 2014 W. llth St., Business Col- lege, Office Squad in Annex. Her red hair adds to her flaming personality. FLORENCE SONENSHINE, 85lO-Zlst Ave., University of Southern California, Traffic Squad, Boys' Dean's Squad. A winning smile, a helping hand, a real good sport, we think she's grand. MARIE SOROCCO, 1865-52nd St., Business, Madri- gal C222 yearsl, S, S. Club. Cute nose, blonde locks: She's too nice to have a knock. LOUIS SOSCIA, 8617-l4th Ave., Fordham University, Service Squad C2yearsl, Soccer Team, Good things come in small packages Cso does poisonl. SYDNEY SPECTOR, 5015-l6th Ave., California Uni- versity, Biology Club. It brains were dynamite, he would blow the world to bits. MICHAEL SPINELLI, I3 Bay 10th St., Fordham Uni- versity, Lieutenant Service Squad C315 yearsl, Mr. Sander's Squad. His high school days are over: But his college daze will soon begin. HILDA SPIRITOS, i742 W. l3th St., Brooklyn College, Biology Squad, Annex Office Squad, Basketball Club. A mild and modest modern rniss. WALTER SROUR, 1943-64th St., C. C. N. Y., Teach- ers' Secretary, Glee Club, Office Squad. In posses- sion co-f that happy blend: A good student and worthy rien HENRY STAHL, 5lll-18th Ave., L. I. U... He's a promising student, always promising to do better. LEONARD STIGLITZ, 927-44th St., N. Y. U. A future astronomer-he practices gazing in class. ROBERT STRAUSS, 813 Ave. U., St. Iohn's University, Madrigal C3 yearsl, City Chorus Cl yearl, Pageant Chorus. Like Mt. Kisco-built on a bluff. ,If,4e'lZl3nTHX1LhST.EINf 1551-43rd St., C. C. N. Y., Soccer I YSICS Squad, Book Room Squad. Utrecht's soccer star. QQFM-ANA STERNBACH, 7602-Zlst Ave., Brooklyn yqhege, injrican Student Union. He likes subiects EQ Fcgei 0 ebfllef Gnd has arguing power bestowed SARAH STEINER, 8607 Bay Parkway- To work and Brooklyn College at night, Office Squad in Annex 3 P. T. Squad, Floor Manager Squad A good sport: a real pearl: to sum it up, a nice gil-1, BEATRICE STEINMETZ, 2066-80th St.- Brooklyn CO1- lege, Traffic Squad in Annexx 3, Luflchfoom Squad in Annex 3, Tutoring Squad. Neat, sweet: nice to meet. STUART SHOULBERG, 1719-43rd St., West Point, Mimeograph Squad, Service Squad, Supply Squad. Our future generalissimo. s GERTRUDE STURM, 5709-14th Ave., Business Col- lege, Lunchroom Squad CAnneX 31. Shy and sweet: c. teacher's treat. ELEANOR STUART, 8805-I5th Ave., Business School, Medical Office Squad CI yearl, Service Squad CAn- nex SJ. Sharp, yet conservative: They- don't mix: But Eleanor seems to know the tricks. RUTH SUGARMAN, 4503-I3th Ave., Business Col- lege, Organization Office, Stenography Office, Dean's Office CAnnexl. A promising student, always promis- ing to do better. FRANCES SUNA, 2038-69th St., Brooklyn College, Program Committee, Office Squad CAnneXJ, Service Squad CAnneXl. It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. DAVID SUSSMAN, 30 Bay 25th St., New York Uni- versity, Class President, Comet Representative, Senior -Editor. Always there in time ot need: He's most likely to succeed. ELEANOR SUVALSKY, 1614-78th St., Rhodes Busi- ness School, Office Squad, Senior Arista, I. C. C. Rep- resentative. Sweet, petite and full ot grace: all these you'll find-what's more-a pretty face. MARION SVJAIN, I743-Slst St., Business. A charm- ing girl we all like well. CAROLINE SZABO, l6l7-45th St., Business, Book- keeping Squad. Tall and sweet, always calm, She wins you with her quiet charm. EDITH SZYMKIEWICZ, l44l-41st St., Business, Lunch- eon Squad, Office Squad, Auditorium Squad. Her mouth is like a cafeteria-open day and night. ELEANOR TAMIS, 2055-69th St., Hunter College, Li- brary Squad. She's as nice as they come! PETER TAORMINA, 952-41st St., Business College, Vice-President and President of Madrigal Society. Head Librarian of All-City High School Chorus, Dra- matic Society. A lady-killer-one look at him and they tall. SOLOMON TAUB, 1944-75th St., City College, Our backseat heckler. MARTIN TAUB, l7Z4-5lst St., Cornell University, Service Squad Z yrs. CAnnexl, Lunchroorn Squad Clvlainl, Auditorium Squad fAnneXl. He might have become a famous ichthyologist had his twin tropical fish not have caught cold and died. 1' 6 W., ' ,W . 4 ' if " If ' ' v 1 . f ' 5 V, Y 0, 1 EK A4 ' 45 1 3 . . .-' T' ' "" 3 it if 1 'TWV S 4 X ' f ' .pf H A 'ire' gf. I 4 Qi. rf' ' af " x A' f 74-W -.., ' Y A ' wifi if A-A .f ,. . . .. f ,f I is M I 1 yr .,........ 442. yy' ,mf N..,-.,.,..,m.,....,, 1 f 'Uv 'A ge , "Sf .1 if ' V ' ' . 'Biff A ff I I J. no I I f f Q . .,.. ,w iv 1 '31 ,U 5 H,:f. 3L V , ,, , C. ' 'ffi ' , i-'. ' of 4542-I i' ' , A f -.if 1 1 .,V. .. Hi, 1, ., .. . V f f" -'iz 9' ' ' If if ' ' I 1 ' N' 1 '.,. If f ' f if .f.. 'Q ' P 7 Q , .,V , ELAINE TAUB, llZl-77th St.y Pace Institutey Service Squad tAnnex 31, Basketball Club CAnnex 3l. Elaine found her Launcelot. ADELINE TEITEL, 1428-43rd St.y Collegey Head iii Dean's Office in the Annex. Here's a hammer- knock yourself, we can't. ANGELO TELESCO, 1547-64th St.y N.Y.U. Premedical Coursey Track Team. A pal and a friend: 011 Whom you can depend. GAETANO TRIANO, 3720-l3th Ave.. Too modest to list his services: too bashful to state his destination. HENNING TORNQUIST, 5Ol2-Bth Ave.y Cornell Uni- versityy Protestant Club, Swimming Team. I-ook what the girls are losing . . . SALVATORE TORTORELLA, 23 Bay l7th St.y Niagara Universityy Football Team 3 yrs., Track Team, Service Squad. You've got to be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls. TIMOTHY TROTT, 47 Bay 26th St.y C.C.N.Y.y'Service Squad. Upon his teachers' own admissions 'TIIDUIY is an ideal student. FRANK TUPARO, 1423-59th St.y Band, Service Squad tMain I-Ialll, Book Squad. A promising student, always promising to do better. ARMAND TUMMINIA, 873-55th St.y Brooklyn Collegey Lieut. in Auditorium Squad, Library Squad, Photog- raphy Club. Armand-God's gift to the ladies. FLORENCE H. TURCHIN, IGOQ-55th St.y City Collegey Feature Editor "Nuhs", Senior Arista, Senior Cabinet, Editor on Cornet, G.O. Cabinet, Executive of I.C,C. Oh, Gosh! I'm at a loss for words. ffinallyl MORRIS TURETSKY, l74O-66th St. Take note: Con- sider one's fellow man. MORRIS TURIM, l9l2-75th St.y Collegey Service Squad. He could stop traffic with his hair. MAX TURIM, l9l2-75th St.y Business. Oh dear, teacher, can't you see you must'nt always pick on me! ETHEL ULLINAN, 2357-62nd St.y Pratt Institutey Eng- lish Squad, Drawing Squad, Basketball Team. A quiet mind in Cl loud world. RUTH ULLMAN, l574-4lst Sty New York University. Smiling, cheerful: always dependable. MARIE VACCARO, 953-42nd Sty N.Y.U.y Program Committee, Grade Adviser's Assistant, Aid in Biology Club. She will make any man very happy. EDWARD A. VERDI 7918-l2th Ave.y Queens City Collegey Service Squad, Newman Club. Everyone does agree: a swell fellow is Verdi! MARTHA VETRANO, l4l9-l5th Ave.y Hunter Collegey Office Squad. Pretty, sincere, and nice: She's a girl we'lI think of twice. RUTH VILI Service S uIXd?lKYl'ft2O4Os8Oth St? BTOOMYU College: I CI , u oring in M . . . H 1 ath, Tutoring in Spanish. si ence were golden what a prospect She,d be- ANNE vo1.YNsKY, 7802 . , 52lst Av - B ' h 1- T ff S e., usiness Sc oo, You are sweet. word lo greet: we most admit that PEARL WALDMAN, lUl9-4 tries her best and Stl? Stl Business' Pearl never rests, f reach the crest. or hope some day lo IRVING WALDNER, 69 Bay 29th S . . Track Squad, President of Class. tHHi1Z3OligqT1?I-Tllliil ber, where he can use his head, IEANNE WALLACH, 1582-5lst SL- Cglumbia Uni- versity, Office Squad, Class Secretary. Modest, queer and sweet is she: one we all like I'm sure you'll agree. RUTH WALTZMAN, 4610-12th Ave., Girls' Dean Squad' LUUCTITOOTH Squad. Our little information bureau. ERIKA WASSERMAN, l9B8-73rd St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Annex Service Squad, Library Squad. Who is this QUY, Harold, anyway? RHODA, VJASSERMAN, 8747-Zlst Ave., Brooklyn Col- lege, Chemistry Squad, "Nuhs" Staff, Ir. and Sr. Arista, She is blessed with a good dose of charm and sweetness, and an oversupply of brains. MORRIS WASSERMAN, 1828-68th St., Brooklyn Col- lege. For a guy who does so little, he accomplishes a lot. MOE WAXMAN, 1745-59th St., Brooklyn or City, Annex Service Squad, Book Room Squad, Annex Bi- ology Squad. .If his neck was a typewriter it would be Underwood. DOREEN WAYNE, l562 West 7th St., Pratt Institute, Program Committee, Traffic Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Tell me, fair maiden, are there any more at home like you? RUTH WEINER, 557 East 3rd St., N.Y.U., Swimming Squad, Library Squad. Charming personality: to Ruth we wish lots of luck. ' EDITH WEINER, 2307-83rd St., Brooklyn College, Deans Squad 3 terms, Auditorium Squad l term. She feels at home when she's standing on a soap- box. IRVING WEINER, 6813-Zlst Ave., Syracuse University, Math Club, Eco. Club, Football, Orchestra. Irv makes the Dean's office his favorite hangout. MOLLIE WEISBERGER, l334-42nd St., C.C,N.Y., Bank Teller, Office Squad. A voice like Webster and Cl head like Clay. ANCHEL WEISEL, l983-52nd St., St. Iohn's University. Love of iest makes him a pest! S. WEISS, 4 Dahl Court, C.C.N.Y., German Club, Spanish and German Office Squad, Captain of Ger- man and Spanish Bookroom. Keeper of the bookroom and New Utrecht gals' hearts! ETHEI.. WEISINGER, l576-49th St., Columbia Uni- versity, Biology Squad, Inter-Club Council, A.S.U. They Say the A.S.U. is full of reds: but she has black hair- N as at ,A 4 ' 'ef I iii -r' I , q ' -:H 7 '. K I . f A y. - if S ss, '99 wily, ggff 4, . A ME 4-- ,P ' if iw., ff '23 ff., t A si 4 as 1' f gf. ....: 315.5 ' . . . . ,' V 1 .,. ,,,, i ,tr l,. s , ., , ' b i :,. r Y .L I V v'g f . . ,fr . 1, ,gL,. ' .- ' "-' . -4- ff R gf , V, 'v,V f . , Q ff ' , f vi ,:' 31 f fn ff , , , - , . . A ' . ' . 'WBA - , ' '77, 4 yc,,rf,3:,- . - ' I .-3' .' if K f-"" , 3 6 rf ' 1 , ',f-f , 5 5 , . ff ff, , 4 f G 1 f a f' Y . W . ' 4. , , A my V - IA A.,. .4--: if r n, , M , f , J, ,,,. , '21 :.Q,A W, , ...Y ' A 3' 59 , f , ! 4 Q'-1 . Wggq f - S fi fr f,,of1w-2 41 ,- .- ,I ,f 1 4, r,ii,,, T If ,,, i 5 , ' T f 1 ' ' FQ ,mm, , J .. , ' Z " .,.- n ff ,I RUTH WEITZ, 992 Dahill Road, Florida State College For Women, Office Squad fAnneX Sl, Service Squad. En and on she goes: when she'll stop talking 110bOdY nows. ROSE WINOGRAD, 9ll-57th St., N.Y.U., PrOQYCtT1'1 Committee. To know her, is to admire her. EVELYN WITKIN, ZOO Bay 22nd St., Brooklyn College, Senior Arista, Basketball Club CAnnex 3l. Inside school she's sweet and demure: outside, we're not so sure. EDWARD L. WURZBERG, 26lU-74th St., Harvard University, Shot-put Squad, Class Officer. If he VYQS a head of lettuce, he'd cut himself in two: and g1V9 the leaves to everyone, but save his heart for-WHO? ANNA YOUBERG, l85l-68th St., Kings County Hos- pital, School of Nursing, Infirmary Duty, lunior Nurses Club, Squad Duty in Annex. I d0Yl-If k110W h0W good a nurse Anna will turn out to be but she still has the nicest cheeks. IOSEPH ZACCHI, 8731-26th Ave., Musical Career, Track Team, Service Squad, italian Club. A regular fellow and he doesn't use ExLax. STANLEY ZAKHEIM, l6UO-55th St., N.Y.U., Service Squad, Basketball Squad, Bookroom Squad, A regu- lar guy and he doesn't use Ex-Lax. IEAN ZALLER, l76 Bay 29th St., Business College, Sten. and Type. Squad, General Office, Service Squad. Vim, vigor, and vitality. IOSEPH ZANGEN, lO25-45th St., W.P.A., Mimeograph Squad, English Squad, Service Squad. His school daze have finally ended. EUGENE ZAPPOLI, i629-83rd St., Football Team. Sweet, bulky, and demure. RUTH ZARETSKY, 2l72-85th St., Brooklyn College. Pleasant and kind and also refined. SYLVIA ZARETSKY, 2172-85th St., Brooklyn College. A girl we enjoy knowing. MILDRED ZARITSKY, 8lU9 Fort Hamilton P'kway, C.C.N.Y., Office Squad CAnnex 31, Dean's Squad, Swimming Squad. It you're her friend you will never be lonely for the rest of your life. DOROTHY ZERBO, 572l-l6th Ave., Columbia Uni- versity, Library Squad, Office Squad, A smiling face, a helpful hand: a real nice girl, we think she's grand. SYLVIA ZIRULNIK, 5609-l5th Ave., Hunter College, Office Squad CAnneX l92l, English Office Squad. A friendly girl who's nice to know. ELIHU ZUCKER, 2132-69th St., U.S.C., Service Squad, Music Squad, Tutoring Squad. Straightforward, clever, and kind: as good a friend is hard to find. HOWARD ZUCKER, i748-56th St., Brooklyn College. Suo clever he'll probably discover the fourth dimen- sion. GLORIA ZUCKERMAN, 2l4 Shore Blvd., C.C.N.Y., Library Squad, Office Squad, Annex Newspaper. Gloria is a girl, charming and nice: the kind who gets the old shoes and rice. Egrl-gXlAO?fUCKgERlxiAlXI, l857-59th St., Cornell Uni- . i .YI dl we Cwfldi Gym squad, DA. squad. Sylvia :fs 233 bygyfweet and CCY! and as good an athlete EAXVRENCE-I IZUCKERWISE, ,902-47th St., Brooklyn O 999 95 not ShOrt, hes not tall, Larry stands out among them all, SAUL ZWEIG, 2029-76th St., Brooklyn College' Ser- vice Squad l yr., Ticket Squad I yr, He mifsf be brave, selling football tickets for New Utrecht, DOROTHY ZWERDLING, 5ll7-llth Ave: CCNY or Hunter, Departmental Poster Squads KAHISQXIIQZDI pro- gram Committee, Prefect Representative for llcoynetfl- This redhead was short. then she became fall, new she knows Mr. Polatnick. and that ain't alll SALLY SAUNDERS, 5904-8th Ave., Nursing School, D.A. Squad, Hall Squad, Science Squad. She's more ,wo beautiful by far: than the actress, Heddy LaMarr. IVER BROOK, 522-85th St., Annapolis, room 2 yrs., Bugle and Drum Corps I New Utrecht's gift to the girls. fCute! MILFRED BRESLAU, 2141-78th St., St. sity, Service Squad, Chemistry Club, Comes late to avoid the rush. English Book- yr., Sr. Arista. ain't he?D Iohn's Univer- Physics Club. IOSEPH GRAZI, 2029-65th St., C.C.N.Y., Ir. and Sr. Arista, Service Squad, Hockey Team. A nice fellow we like so well: of Whom We have no faults to tell. MARILYN POLIN, 2138-68th St., Cooper Union, Assis- tant Lieut. on Auditorium Squad. lf there were Cl contest for enchanting wiles: Marilyn would win with her charming smiles. RAYMOND WEKSELBLATT, 4511-l3th Ave., St. Iohn's University, Basketball Team CAnnex lO5l, Library Squad CAnne-X lU5J, Auditorium Squad. Hickory, dickory, dock: he's too good to knock. MARVIN SCHNEIDER, ISUZ-86th St, Columbia Uni- versity, Fencing Team, Service Squad, Auditorium. He got something out of New Utrecht-himself! BEATRICE ROTHMAN, lll Parkville Ave., C.C.N.Y., Office Squad, Swimming Squad, Dramatic Society. If being good-natured were money: Bea would be a millionaire. DORIS BIORKSTIOM, l75l-73rd St., Business School, Gym Squad, Art Club, Protestant Club, Nothing about her that's not commendable. Q FLORENCE STERN, 3904-l5th Ave., Pace Institute, Dean's Squad, Program Committee, Bookkeeping Squad. Her face is her fortune and it runs into a nice figure. LOUIS CORRERI, i903-60th St., Business, Dramatic Society, Madrigal Society, Service Squad. No finer fellow has ever .been seen: in the halls of the White and Green. BILL COGNAT, lU59-86th St., Florida University, Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Service Squad. A barking dog never bites--and he never barks. MATTHEW CORDOVA, l735-84th St., Columbia Uni- versity, Service Squad, Bookroom Squad, Boys' Dean Office, One of the "57 Varities". LEONARD IEFFREY, 2030-68th St., West Point, Foot- ball Squad, Ticket Squad, Office Squad, lust when a fellow gets to thinking the school won't do without him-he's graduated! . ,3 , l ' rv , 1, ' .ji tjiiy ' 5' J ' 5 'wi' 1 I 3 2 27 , , ff 'Jr .y 1 72 in if i?f 5 I 5 .. B f 2 za 'E , .C , 4' J. g'2Zf lk! -A ff x ...H ff f Y . lg H4 r f I 19 it , 'E' , "4 'Q I it as 'tx- f .V " ff .fr 'w -ta F , 'K . j 1 3 Ji X 5' V V. I V'. I, , ,F ,. at .. , '.,.,f'.a V49 . Q3 V ' ' l"' YU. ff, . X ,.V, I ,',,V, 5 ,W .5 , it JE Z if l 9 if ,Q uf If, yy., y, V. ,f ' JV' , 'P f 'E fi 1 f, J I t-"5 ff f U 1 3 3 ff . 4, hi If I g. , 4 l I , ., , l ,f .ff I 1 elf t if"- l I I 496. M , M' 4 t , 1 1 ft ..-,,-1 . ' f '7 . , ,,' ,, "'-"..ivf'ff'-, t . 4 if ,f . 5, , i Q .. , x I 4 ,, ,. I , I T' fl, I ' .. y . Y 1 ff' s 4 L. r , " 'mba 4 - .sz f .if uf 5 at , sk , 2 ff 1 , X wtf I .3 .,,. , - g.. . We -sg WJ W, f it Y , , . gf , A .. KK , , 155' 1.412 Y f 4 I A if X ' 22, 14,113- V r 1 r,,r, . I isit f Y? I ,,.,r f , A .YK Ca . 1 5 , 1 Q f 4' 4 , M , A ,, 4- is LUCILLE COLLETTI, 1237-7lst St., Infirmary Duty, Lunchroom Squad. It's nice to be natural when your naturally nice. RUTH SCHWARTZBERG, 6908-Zlst Ave., Business: Service Squad. It's nice to be natural when YOU fe naturally nice. ADA GASWIRTH, l857-50th St., N.Y.U., Office Squad, Program Committee, Iunior Arista. Different from other women-she doesn't talk much. CAMILLE DiLORENZO, 59-28th Ave., Business School, Tennis Club, aBsketball Club. Like an old moving picture-silent! IEAN TUORTO, l5l Lawrence Ave., Bank Squad, Swimming Squad, Office Squad tAnneX l92l. For C1 "jitterbug" she's just the right size! ALEX BOFFA, IUI7-73rd St., Orchestra 3 yrs., Band. Did you ever see a dream walking? ELIHU MICHNOEF, 1684--77th St., Farmingdale, Nuhs Staff, Bookroom Squad. Graduation is one of 1115 outstanding services. NORMAN SMITMAN, 329-69th St., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dean's Office Squad fCapt.l, Hockey Team. That which the hockey team HOCkS- FRANCES ZUCKERMAN, 2071-72nd St., Iulliard School, Swimming Squad, Service Squad, Dramatic Society. Frances Zuckerman with a great ambition: hopes some day to be a great musician. BYRTHA TARGER, l507-42nd St., Columbia Univer- sity, Office Squad, Art Club, Spanish Club, It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. ELEANOR SCHLAGER, l427-58th St., Brooklyn Col- lege, Glee Club CAnnex 1925, Lunchroom Squad. Modest, quiet, and sweet is she: one we all like I'm sure you'll agree. RAYMOND SERGIO, l562-78th St., Franklin Institute. Never proud, never boasts: here's to him-many toasts. MARY MANZELLA, 78l3-l5th Ave., Business College, Chaminade Choral Club. A quiet girl we all like well: of whom we have no faults to tell. ANNA WEINSTEIN, 1665-66th St., Adelphi, Dean's Office Squad., Bookkeeping Squad, Nuhs Representa- tive. A very queer girl is she: ever successful may She be. DOROTHY BRAND, M56-44th St., Cooper Union, Main Hall Service Squad, Music Office Squad. As sweet as they make them-is Dorothy Brand. EVELYN MERRIN, 2009-85th St., Long Island Uni- versity, Tennis Team. Ever successful may she be. MERCEDES, MILLER, 24 Bay Slst St., Business School, Protestant Club. Like a chocolate bc.:-sweet and tasty. NATALIE SILVERBERG, 199 Bay l7th St, Finishing School: Sorores Lordorum, Office Squad 2 yrs., Basket- ball Club. If athletes were against the rule, Natalie would still play fairly. LOUIS STEINBERG, 506 Em Sth 5, CCNY D matic Club tAnnex Iam CIQS P 'id 't'5thi:F ra- Eimfgfrclcil I-QW Club- He is ticeriasdkieriqgl We him- mos son'Y"S0Y1'Yf graduation means leaving VIRGINIA MCGRATH, lglg-64th sf- I3 I C H . :A-UUSX LUDTO-TY Squad. Interestedl iiiidiljstlngfg :Bait inter td: f d ' ' ' ' - ese We In Vlrglflld in everything. SADIE VIRGA, 87 Bay 47th St.- B ' . Office Squad Class Secretary, ServicSSSnej3d,COg?gfEi the gifts she doth possess: the bestqot these is friendliness. SHIRLEY FOREM, l825-55th St.: Business World. Boys' Dean's Office, Hickory, dickory, deck: Shirleys too good to knock. HARRIET ROSEN, ll62-55th St.: Secretary: Program Committee, Sweet, neat, petite: one you seldom meet. SOLOMON BLATT, 582 East 2nd St.: Business: Dancing Club, Commercial Law Club, Service Patrol. A gentleman and a scholar. VINCENT GUARNA, 8755-l9th Ave.: Annex Service New Utrecht's a good school no doubt: but he's very glad to get out. ALBERT KNUDSEN, 194 Battery Ave.: Annex Service Squad Lieutenant, Annex Office Squad Captain, Madrigal Society 3 terms. He's got that healthy school-girl complexion. HOWARD WASBERG, 747-42nd St.: Rensselaer Poly Tech: Mimeograph Squad 2 terms, Service Squad 2 terms, Biology Club 2 terms. lust another Utrechtite! SYLVIA GELLES, ll2 May l3th St.: Brooklyn College: Nuhs Reporter 2 terms, Cheerleader, Office Squad 3 terms. Cheerful, smiling, always dependable: every- thing about her is commendable. GRACE PUGLISI, l580-76th St.: Hunter College: Dean's Squad 2 terms, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club. A lass with a golden smile: who makes you fell that life's worthwhile. GERTRUDE SIEGAL, 8639-28rd Ave.: Business: Audi- torium Squad, Office Squad, Lunchroom Squad. She's cute and small: and liked by all. MAXINE CANTOR, 956-59th St.: Grade Adviser's Squad. A pleasant smile and many a curl: makes a peach of this charming girl. ROSE FUCHS, 4209-l5th Ave.: Brooklyn College, Gym Squad, Office Squad. She's just like a chocolate bar-sweet and nutty. MARIE DE MARCO, l63l-42nd St.: Business: Gym Squad, Office Squad. She's so shy: we wonder why? ESTHER KATZ, l965 Cropsey AVG.: B1-1SiHSSS: Office Squad, Auditorium Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Her daze in school have finally ended. MURIEL KAUFMAN, 7l4 E. 5th St.: Business College: Monitors Squad, Swimming Squad. She doesn't have much to say: but we like her anyway. GEORGE LIEBNER, 7722-20th Ave.: N.Y.U.: Mimeo- graph and Supply Squad, Physics Squad, Mineralogy Club. Strangth of mind is exercise, not rest. Qi ff' 'Q A A '2 X2 f,QZvfi.-511' -W 9 , . y fEeg5""s' .4333 ' '32 iv , L L ,. its is I. rw? 'P 'rl--5' 1,..,:: 1.. , ly VV .V.,,,, 5 ..,, 3. , .f it 3 A If, ty a L if "" , 11 '31 4' ii I - lt? lt A. -S .Q .- , ,. . M 2 gf -s... J 1 asf g- va I I , f ,.: - ff' A65 , .-., H is 6 s li Q! N AV .V t k,,, f f M A . V ' Q f .9 ANITA WAXMAN, 1450-48th St., Brooklyn College. They come no sweeter than Anita. EDITH FEINSTEIN, 5413-9th Ave., Brooklyn College: Vice-Pres. of G.O., Senior Arista, Annex President. It she were president it would be nice: but Shu in all she is our vice. THOMAS DECICCO, B816-l6th Ave., Lu1'1Cl'1IOO1'1'1 Squad CLieut.J, Service Squad. Here's one QUY who certainly can: be proud of his gal-Miss Susan. GRACE CAFARELLA, ISOI-69th St., Columbia Uni- versity, Nurses' Club, Aid in Dean's Office, GGDGTUI Science Club. A winning smile, a helping hand: G real good sport, we think she's grand. IOSEPHINE SANFILIPPO, 188 Bay 19th St., L.I.U., Pres. of G.A.L. 3 terms, P.T. Squad 6 terms, Library Squad 2 yrs. "See you in Wimbledon, Io." ROSE PULEO, 6617-20th Ave., C.C.N.Y., Girls' DeClT1'S Office CAnneX l8Ul, English Office fAnneX l8Ul, Ser- vice Squad. It's nice to be natural, When YOU fe naturally nice. VIOLET DABAI-I, 501 Ave. S., N.Y.U., Tennis Club, Office Squad, Capt. of Gym Squad. A quiet glfl Of sterling worth, is more than all gold on earth. FLORENCE SHAPIRO, 5001-l4th Ave., American Academy of Dramatic Arts, French Squad, Biology Squad, Ir. and Sr. Arista. A smart young girl with the heart of a pearl. LILA ROSENBERG, 2152-85th St., Pratt Institute, Hall Squad, Library Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Nice, neat, neat. and petite: a girl who is sweet. PHIL SCHNEIDER, 7320-l8th Ave., Chicago, Class Nuhs Representative, Class "Comet" Representative. He never has very much to say: but we like him anyway. IRMA SEIDEN, 973-44th St., Business, Office Squad, Secretary of Prefect, Floor Squad. Sorry boys, we're not permitted to give phone numbers. PETRINA COLOMBO, 2156-83rd St., Columbia Uni- versity, Lunchroom Squad, Italian Tutoring Squad, French Tutoring Squad. A pleasant girl we all like well: of whom we have no faults to tell. PEARL COHEN, lI23-55th St., Smith College. Floor Managers Squad, Secretary of Eco. Class, Ir. Arista. A perfect speciman: she's got brains, she's nice, and you can see the rest. SALVATORE PIPITONE, l547-58th St., Georgia Tech. Sal's only service is graduation. CORNELIUS CRESCENZO, 2559 Stillwell Ave., Colum- bia University, Madrigal Society, Service Squad. Siri-lger, eh?-well, it at first you don't succeed, take a int. BERNARD SHIMMERMAN, 2069-75th St, Fordham University, Varsity Football, Service Squad, Repre- sentative of Boys' Athletic Dept. He'll be remembered in the hearts ot football fans-and girls! ROBERT STIEBER, 1572-57th, St., Hunter College, Baseball, Service Squad. -and he doesn't know that Hunter is a girls' school! WILLIAM RICCIO, 2246-80th St., Notre Dame Uni- versity, Service Squad, Artist for Annex Paper. Don't fret if you can't make Notre Dame: for anywhere you go, you will find fame. c StQi1fOPfEggiigHeA, 1373-40th st., Daiahamy Ia- NIUIHISI ' can hefheiilllsiercial Boolcroom. He's from QQESSNSY C13STn1aNANo,' ionfesth su, Fordham, qua . Id be telling lies. ggEhOR1GlEi BUTHENBERG, 110 Avenue C.g Iulliard , OO O US1C- He GCtS well, talks well, and battles his teachers. GLADYS BASSE, 2146-61st St., Brooklyn Cgllege' Blogglfg Squad, Dramatic club, Writers Club She ma e riends so fast, that h d ' I back to Rhode Island any fnjre. oesnt want to go IOSEPH BELLO, 5904-7th Ave., Foofbqllll Bqgebqul Service Squad, A true Englishman-always in a fog. He probably preferred blondes-even in the dark ages. FLORENCE MEDWAY, 1551 West llth St.g Business Collegeg Bookroom Squad CAnneX 1801, Gym Squad, A pleasing disposition always saves the day. PHILIP MENNA, 149 Bay 8th St. Gives his homework to anyone who asks. ROSE DEITCH, 2083-78th St.g College, Service Squad, Life Guard at Swimming Pool, Gym Squad. Very sweet and a pleasure to meet. HENRIETTA MASSARO, 1858-63rd St., Businessg Oi- fice Squad, Glee Club CAnneX 1921. A pleasant boost is her due: her classmates like her-so would you. HELEN GUTSTEIN, 1854-66th St, Businessg Office Squad fAnnex 1921, Traffic Squad CAnneX 1921. Always rushing, this little lass: running down for a late pass. HAROLD TALL, 2153 Cropsey Aves C.C.N.Y.5 Editor- in-Chief of the "Comet", Annex Editor of the Nuhs, Member of the Senior Cabinet, Senior Arista, Stage Squad, Captain of Debating Team. He's the finest fellow I ever knew fhe's me1. VITO INSINGA, 1724-79th St., N. Y, State Merchant Marine Acadernyp Baseball Team, Service Squad. He'll sail the ocean wide: and that rhymes with tide. IRVING GREENSANG, 2014-65th St.: Brooklyn Col- legegp Monitor Squad, Mimeograph Squad. Irving always made the grade. HERMAN MARTIN, 8014-l9tl'1 Ave.g University of Michigang Service Squad, Annex Basketball Team, Current Events Club fAnneX Pres.1. Dependable as one suspender button. sH1RLEY, SEKULSKY, 1575-48111 st., C.C.N.Y. A tall, attractive lass: only in our prefect class. SIDNEY KLEIN, 1939-73rd St.p Brown University. His most important service is his graduation. IDA ITALIANO, 1240-79th St. Studious, cheerful, quiet, and polite. 2 ' ,' Ff"77Tf"i ' ' J 44 -' , , , 1,1-f ' F ' L , 1 'f r- ga f. . ' ,T VI V ,VV H in f fiflfif :M lp ALR fb V757 - 57" A ' f' fff5'W'5f7l!77f7 .- I W , -, ' i'i1'f 'I J Q , f f ' Zi' 4 Q ,ffm ,fwfff . 4 XA ' 4 ff 'Q f if ' , ffa , 7571 1 , ll, A g f' ff. , I KM AWA A , if Wiifg a , f V i ff ,,,, L2 M ff f do f ' ff ,, fff mg ff 5944 ' lg if 4 4 ff ff 1 ,XWV QZ f I I LAWRENCE FORDEN, l2U5-43rd SL5 College: Lunch' room Squad, Service Squad. The hcmdsomest boY in an empty classroom. ABRAHAM NAGEL, 1442-44th SIA Businessg Service Squad. There is a boy who knows so much that he can't keep up with himself. CARL VIIELGOLASKI, 2813 Ocean Aveq Brooklyn Collegeg Spanish Office Squad. Mexico's gift to ihe fair sex. MILTON SPROTZER, l42U-43rd Milt is so modest that he won't even list his services. BEATRICE TEWES, 636-45th Sf.g Protestant Club, Grade Advisers Office. Three's a crowd but "Tewes" company. camefm: HILDA STARK WALTER CLARK GUSTAV ARNOLD STANLEY IANKOWSKI WALTER IOHNSON FRANCES MORGENSTERN BERNARD ROTHMAN PETE SCHERE PHILIP MORGENSTERN HAROLD WECHSLER IRVIN G REGENSTREIF MILDRED KATZ HOWARD FISCH SEYMOUR BLOOM IOYCE BUCH DOUGLAS BUCKSTAD HAROLD FINKELMAN HERMAN BERNSTEIN ABRAHAM WINTER IGNATIUS BARBETTA LILLIE HANDELMAN ELI MISHUCK FRANK NOCELLA WALTER KREHER IOSEPH KASS SAM BRAHA ODEN THORSTENSEN SADIE WEISSBERG LESTER GOLDBERG GERALD GOODMAN FRANK BARESICH ABRAHAM OSITINSKY MORRIS OSITINSKY MORTON STEIN SAMUEL TEICH ESTHER SEITZ NORMAN MANILOI-'I' ANTHONY LUCCELLO LEO HINDERSTEIN RosARIo CANNIZZARO MARION PUCCIO IACK MozzoLA LOUIS PETROCELLI SID SCHIFFMAN FRANK PELLAGRINI NATHAN MATTHEWS WALTER HEEPE EUGENE CORNEILSON ARTHUR EPSTEIN EVELYN VITALE RAYMOND FEINBERG VINCENT MASCIANA ABE MILLER HOWARD WELT MARVIN SILKOWITZ ALBERT MASCETTI ESTELLE GUTKIN PHILIP MENNA SEYMOUR MILLER ROBERT OOHEN IANET GUTMILL EUGENE ESPOSITA DAVID SCHNEIDER SANTA DELLA CROCE WARREN GRIESCHE IOE sI-IURGAN ERWIN KAPLAN BERNARD ZOROWITZ MORRIS ROSENBERG NATHAN CITRIN Sty Brooklyn College. BERNARD ZEITLIN NORMA ACCHIFINTO MORRIS GOLDSTEIN JOSEPH MAZZOTTA FRANK CARABETTA JACOB BEEKMAN BERTHA ABRAMOWITZ ROY BIRKLAND LOUIS MOSTAL MILTON MAZOR GEORGE FRIEDLAND IRVING ROSENFELD PHILIP SHAPIRO FRANCES AMORILLI NICK BORELLO HERBERT LEVY HAROLD LEWIS EDWARD MASCALI JACK PELLEGRINO FRIEDA SCHABER JERRY SPRINGER DAVID SUSKIN STANLEY SUTTENBERG DANIEL SUSKIN FRANK MATTER VICTOR HASON MILDRED AKELROD HELEN SATTLER RUTH KIRSCHNER HAROLD GERSHOWITZ EDWARD FRIEDMAN MARTHA BERLIN HELEN ABRAMSON IRVING POLLACH SEBERT JOSEPH MAURICE GIMBEL LILLIAN LUCA ALFRED SILVERSTEIN ARNOLD REGA SYLVIA PADULA ERNEST VIOLI NATALIE ROSE SIDNEY KLEIN MORTON LEVITT CHARLES NADLER MIRIAM POLATSEK HERBERT SINGER ANKER TIERSEAND ROBERT BROWN HARRY IOHNSON IOHN NAPPI FRANK SALEMI VINCENT DI TIORI BETTY BARON FRANK CIRILLO KENNETH WOITAS FRANK SCHUSTER ALFRED PALUMBO ARTHUR KRELOFF VITO GAROFALO ALICE KELA SALLY SUTTON ARNOLD BOLKA LAURENCE COHEN LE ROY GAFFMAN RUTH KAPLAN MELVIN KAPLAN ANTHONY TRITICO MARTIN REIFFIN NORMA MILLER LLOYD SCHOCHET DONALD SOLOMONS NICHOLAS CEGLIA CHARLES HABER KRAUS PETER MACCARONE LEONARD SEHRES ALFRED GEORGE MORTON KIEL ISRAEL PITTELMAN MELVIN RUBIN HAROLD BENSEN KENNETH SWITZER ELAINE GOLDSTEIN RITA PARCO MARVIN KLINE GEORGE RESNICK CHARLES AKRENT MURRAY ANGEL LEON MINTZ FRANK LICCEDO IDO LIAN MORRIS BERGER LEO GELLEA PHIL SCHNEIDER I DANIEL YAREZOWER .,,, , LIBRARY SQUAD "NUI-IS" STAFF SERVICE SQUAD Gossip Column in 1951 By WHANTON DALKER I DCiV1d lerome, successor to Billy Rose, gives out the information that hls H-ewesl efdrcfvcfganza, t'Unhand That Girl" or UHeaven Protects The vworkmg GGL' goes into production soon. Ierome is the nom de plume of TQTTY SClflI'1ur, a former Utrechtite who was so misunderstood at his Alma Mater to be elected Boy Genius by the Senior Class of l94U. lt is under- stood that the leads are to be handled by Roxanne Cohen and "Cyrano" Chakrin who received their early training at New Utrecht High School . . . We are informed that No. 132455-A flied Al'19C1T1'l'5'l WGS voted the Most Popular lnmate at Ossining. Ahefimef Cf Utfechlile, fwouldnft you knowj has retained his popularity down through the years ever since he Was elected Most Popular Boy at New Utrecht . . . Morris Dweck, a journalist of some renown, was astounded to learn that his book, "See America Thirst" had sold a hundred copies in its first printing. Because of this unprecedented success Doc, as he is affectionately known, will reprint the great opus . . . Florence Helen Turchin, well known fashion expert of the Daily UPews", is being sued by Sally Rand, recently chosen No. l of the ten best dressed women in the world, for libel about her clothes. 'lBoss" Emil Meli is under indictment by the Grand lury for his control of the Regents insurance racket. Meli insures high school students who are taking Regents against failure. He bribes officials to tell him what the questions will be, then he issues the answers to his policy holders. Seen about New York: Buster Simensky, once chosen "Most Likely to Succeed," seen at the Troc-toting trays of dishes for ten bucks a week and tips . . . Shirley Ackerman, Most Popular Girl of the Senior Class of l94O, posing for Lifebuoy ads . . . Harriet Kauss has organized a society for homeless Fiji Islanders, designed to bring them relief. Miss Krause has long been known for her soft heart even in high school where she was chosen the Most Friendliest Girl . . . Ray Leshefsky running for re-election to the Presidency of the Utrecht Alumni Association. lf he succeeds it will be his tenth term. CWe'll bet a certain former President of the United States is blushing in envyj . . . Ioe Bellantoni brought the house down with his rendition of 'xVesti La Giuba" at the opening of the Metropolitan Opera House season. The music, incidentally, was conducted by Sammy Baron, a former Utrecht musician . . . Pearl Blau, President of R. H. Lacy Sf Co., addressed a meeting of department store executives the other day. We knew her when she was just Secretary of the Senior Cabinet. News from here and there: Harold Tall, the Senator from Brooklyn, has started a filibuster which up until now has lasted forty days and nights with no sign of a letup. Tall first showed his aptitude for filibustering in New Utrecht High School where his teachers couldn't shut him up . . . Edith Feinstein, the first woman president, has broken another tradition. She has officially proclaimed that the school year is to begin on Iuly l and continue until September l at which date vacation will officially commence. Eighty-seven ORGANIZATION SQUAD "COMET" STAFF BOYS' DEAN'S SQUAD We the Senior Class of lanuary l940, although sound of mind or body fcmd S1OWlY Qelliflq decrepit with old agel, do hereby ordain that the fOHOWi1'1Q iS what we graciously and so humbly bestow to those that have aided and befriended us within the past four years of imprisonment. lust One Problem faces the writers of this will. lt seems that the members of this senior class have taken so much, that little is left to leave. However, like most graduates of '40 Cl840l, we DO or DIE in the attempt.- And so, here lies our futile Q L K effort. ' z To Dr. Eogalin-we leave New Utrecht High School, 8,000 students, a dozen trees, Cwith hopes for leavesl, and four shrubs. To Dr. Leuchs-we leave a chaise lounge so that he may rest between sessions of day and night school. To Mr. Charry, "Director of the Band"-we leave a music office not cluttered up with books, coats and all the hoi-polloi that took up so much sacred space. To Miss Phillips-we leave Brooklyn, C.C.N.Y., Columbia, Hunter, and all the rest. CWe don't want them.l To Mr. Leonard-we leave a little note book and pencil so that he may recall in time of need the names of 'all his illustrious adopted sons and daughters. To Mr. Drachman-we leave an umbrella. This will make his resem- blance to Chamberlain complete. 0 1 To Mr. Cohenwwe leave a box of "Polli-Titian Cigars" Cwith hopes that his colleagues will enjoy the changel. To Mr. Serwer-we leave a battering ram which will help him to get to his desk in the N.U.l-l.S. office once in a while. To Grubnick and laffe, lnc.-We leave the suggestion that they draw up a new charter-entirely omitting late passes and detention. CWe hope that this won't drive them to bankruptcyl To Mrs. Swahn-we leave a box of chalk with the profound hope that she uses it to have the students understand what she writes as well as 'ln erself. As for Mr. l-lirsch-WE LEAVEl To the incoming Seniors-we leave a new set of Eco. answers gently engraved uponthe newly planed desks. CWe doubt if even these will helpl To Mrs. Byrne,-we leave our sincere appreciation for all the time and effort she spent in managing the Senior Class safely and soundly for 6 months. Ulnother few months and just think of the resultsl To our fellow Seniors?-we leave hopes that all their ambitionssand as- pirations are reached with great success. Party of the Eirst Part Party of the Second Part Shirley Ackerman Harriet Krause , Eighty-nine -al E GO. CABINET GENERAL OI-'FICE SQUAD 'Q 3 149. Jeni' Q m Q ,.,, K.-.l,,..,, ,1,.i 5,,M X f ,Q "1-Tiff: 36:21 .L ,T .v.35':'3 1-L '5iff.i2V-z 7 ' y x 2395? fl. - 1'3I-fm. ' A J f f47'fi. 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V '., XX IIQI IIII II IIII M ,wa My Your Credit Is Good at Crawford Clothes O Largest Clothing Chain in the East 0 mm UNION Ma-cIe and Sewed D YOUR NEAREST CRAWFORD STORE 4502 - I3tI1 AVENUE B'IcIyn, N. Y. Jewelry for Senior Class Supplied by IAMES MCCOY 36 West 47th Street New York City McCarthy 81 Simon INC. Manufacturing Specialists Specializing in CHOIR VESTMENTS PULPIT GOWNS and CAPS and COWNS FOR ALL DEGREES OUTFITTERS TO OVER 1500 SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND CHURCHES 79 WEST 36th STREET New York Just of Fifth, Avenue , 'Good Luck E, and S C H E REGISTERED BY THE BOARD OF REGENTS C t l t o BUSINESS and Ongfa u a 10715 SECRETARIAL TRAINING Day and Evening Sessions 011 ygul' gradl1HtiOl1 Ccziczlogue upon request Williumsburqh Savings Bunk Bldg, ONE HANSON PLACE --. 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Suggestions in the New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


New Utrecht High School - Comet Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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