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Ghz Qlnmzt 1 TT: Q 5 'B L-5 J 'i J-La J Member of the Columbia Press Associa tion Ghz Qlumer BXIXXXXXXXXX IHIIIII If Ill llllllllll A S N S S Ml COVER .,.,..,............ DR. POTTER ..,...... DEDICIATION ......... STAFF ....,.......,...........,.... H.ALL OF FAME LITERATURE .,......, nf-- :Halle-- I 7 I 3 I I Eli Lungs Four Five Efig hi Nine F Q ,I H! 43 .I N-:uf .hu J mXXqfy:'::'! -1Q :g'NXf X fl! Q v ' Q qiqniinlxuof ,' hx -, N ' ,5- 9 .X W SCHOOL NOTES ...A.............. Seventeen :ANNEX NEWS ..........,............,..... Tweniy SPORTS ..........A.........,....,.,,. Tewenty-three '- SENIOR EDITORS ....................... Thirty SENIOR CLASS .... ............ T Imty-one SENIOR OFFICERS Eighty-eight CLASS WILL ...,.................... Eighty-nine CLASS PROPHECY ...,..........I......... Nmefy CLASS CELEBRITIES ...... Ninety-three SOCIETIES .........,...........,...,.,., Ninety-five HUMOR .......,.......... One hundred mm W-Im I T 14 Hua 'S Imxhw , 3 gy kwkkilii in - 'TUE HA 'QIQZS Vx I f'v':wIsw' Y 7 I il ' 11 ll! !E:':i:::: '1:' rx-:. .- um X linlllluxxxxxmmxgi l ! Foul F GQwfDGSwfbCQwfDC5wfDCQwfb wfDGYwfD QfDGSwfD To Br. Bang A. 'HUTTPI' In appreciation of his kindly interest , and sympathy in school activities The Senior Class respecqfully dedicates this book. kemwscwwsemvwemwsemwscmwscmwsemvwemwaemwsi Five ' J Six fdibe Qtumet JEROME FOGEL Q125 Literary DAN SEITZMAN Q65 Alumni :HARRY SOLOMON Q165 BIIMI STRELSER Q95 ETHEL LIEBERMAN Q55 Aclvertising MILTON GREENBERG Q17 5 Literary XVILL EISENBERG MAT SCHULMAN SELMA BLAZER IRVING BLUMBERG ISIDORE UTOOVITZ LOU COHEN Miss B. HOFRIOHTER Svtuff Eolitor-in-Chief JOSEPH M. ROBIN Associate Editors ARTHUR SAMMETH Q135 Art ELI LANGS Q85 School Notes RIARTY DIBNER Q155 LEON GREEN Q15 Sports FELTON LEVY Q185 HANNAH GREENBERG Q45 Excliange RUTH OGUR Q115 Annex ANNA ROBIN Q25 Business Manager J. M. R. , Assistants LEE MODLIN Q105 Circulation MORRIS B. KRAVITZ Q35 Assistants NIORRIS HERSHB1AN Q145 Secretarial LILLIAN KARP Q75 Staff Art School Notes EDI BELLANCA SAM LEHMAN BUD GETSCHAL JACK DRILLIOH DAVID KOCH ALBERT SHAIDIRO Sports GOLDIE GRONENBERG PHYLIS HERTZ ELEANOR GRECO Advisory Board MR. I. ROSENZWEIG MISS ANN SEIPP DR. HARRY A. POTTER, Principal Eighf an-. ...f -Y.,-:uv v.a:.rvN.1..m.a-..--mn.,-2.f,s4.:,u.u..f Q.. mu.-.. -M N ine 2, s UARE PEG 3 By DANIEL SEITZMAN f R HENRY NDVINS paced furiously like a caged beast up and down the whole length of the office of the VVestfield "Sentinel" The short, angry from his cigar were a trustworthy index to his troubled mind. The Wreaths of smoke which had filled the room hung lazily, motionless, in the air, but at the first indication of his approach, they began to boil violently about his head, leaping nimbly, away as though they feared that his troubled mind was contagious. The editor of the "Sentinel', stopped abruptly in the midst of his feverish pacings, hesitated, tore on again, and finally decided to sit down. Mr. Nevins had every reason for being distressed. He had come to the small town of Westfield and established a daily newspaper a few years before. Fortunately, he had been able to secure financial support in the person of Mr. Barron, whose extensive business interests in that region had made him as powerful as a feudal lord-or rather baron, to continue the simile of his name. The paper had prospered, but not sufficiently to enable him to become a part owner. The interview he had just completed with Mr. Barron had com- pletely marred his happiness. He frowned as his mind reviewed the circum- stances attending that interview. Mr. Barron had brought his son with him, a tall, awkward youth, who, like the sons of many notables, did not attain the mental standard of his father. In the course of the conversation, it developed that Mr. Barron had ambitions for his son, William. The latter and had some experience as editor of his high- school paper and so was competent to be an associate editor of the "Sentinel" which didn't have a very large circulation. Nevins laughed bitterly. He knew what that meant-ultimate removal when young Barron had acquired enough experience to run it himself. "Oh, the irony of it," he though, "to lose a newspaper, built up by my own initiative and my own sweat, to a brainless scion of a shrewd family tree." Suddenly a though flashed upon his seaehing brain. His receptive faculties expanded to grasp every thread of hope. His face beamed with sunny radiance. The blue, hazy smoke caressed his cheeks affectionately as it slowly mounted up in delicate, shimmering threads. He would teach that sneeringly complaisant young Barron! His very ambition would be his ruin! He leaped at the telephone exultingly. "Yes ............ yes, Mr. Barron. Urgent business dQU13ndS my presence in Nashville to-morrow. Your son will report for duty early to-morrow morning and take over my duties." Mr. Barron rubbed his hands joyfully-so did Nevins, The evening of the next day saw Henry Nevins hastening into the office of the HSentinel." He had spent a restless day in a nearby town. XVith nothing Ten Gb 2 QZUIIIBI to do but mark the flight of time, his imagination had tormented his time into a series of crucifixions. The next ten minutes would decide his future. If ever dcjection and defeat had stamped themselves upon the f21C8 Of 3 man, it was palpably so in the ease of Mr. Blair, his General M?l112lQQ913 Who was sitting there as he entered. His slumped-up-position, head in hangs' be- spoke object misery and gloom. Upon Nevins' entrance, he looked up frighten ed like a timid sheep. He made a poo-r attempt at moistening his dried l1pS, swallowed, and began timorously. HMr. Nevins, 'i he stuttered, 'Tm afraid I have some bad news for YOU-N He looked up to see how the remark had gone home and continued Wllilfi he critically studied the ground. 'tThe paper has failed to get out." This simple confession made hope thunder in Nevins' ears. Blair couldn't believe the testimony of his eyes when he looked up and saw his chief smiling. Somewhat buoyed up at his good humor. Blair continued and found assurance and relief in garrulity. "It all started with a ghastly error by Will Barron. You know, Judge Thompson's wife is dead and in Barron's eulogy of her he wrote, of the town." Of course Hchastityw was a misprint for "charity", but we didnit find that out until we had a flock of woman storming the office and threatening to wreck the place if we wouldnlt rectify the error. Emotional stress and repression for the last twenty-four hours showed their violence. Nevens broke into a hoarse, diabolical shout of glee. Blair, how- ever, incredulously passed his hands over his eyes. He continued frantically: t'VVe had to collect every copy we could, but Barron refused to admit de- feat. He printed a question mark in parentheses after the work "chastity" and sent the papers out again. A half hour later Judge Thompson burst into the office. His manner was in contradiction to his clothes. Dressed in somber mournin, he brandished his cane about his head and broke into a torrential flood of abuse. Every sentence was emphasized with the staccato swinging of his cane. He shouted that unless every copy of the paper was collected and destroyed, the "Sentinel" would have a libel suit on its hands. But it was too late. About half of the papers had been sold already." The veins stood out dangerously on Blair's red face. Beads of perspcra- tion hung undecidely on his forehead and then coursed down to meet their brethren. Nevins had become quite calm, insanely so to Blair. The quiet that ensued made each aware of the familiar noises of the street outside. Blair was serenely and slowly inhaling each puff. "And where is Barron?" 'tBy this time he should be in Kalamazoolv The editor nodded knowingly. "By the way, Blair, from now on you will assume the position of As- sociate Editor. " Eleven r Twelve By Arthur M. Sammeth scoorvr iviccool. i , . . - H VEN after he was made an ensign, the enlisted men called lnm t'G00fy- in XZ 1 ' A x ' ' T 7 Y Y ,I No not to his face as they used to but whenever anyone spoke of "Goofy", there was no doubt as to who was meant. Why, even after they forgot why, the same old name went on: "Goofy" McCool. Of course, no one knew his 1'irst name. If you were to ask, say, "Sparks" Dorgan, or Terry Tracy about him tthey were on the pig-boat when it liappenedj, they ld probably say, "Who? 'Goofy,?-yeah, he's all right now, but I wisht ya could've seen him about four years ago. Man !-when that boy'd get excited, he'd throw anything, and everything. Supposein' he'd be standin' near a stanchion, and' get sore, he'd lift that stanehion out'n the deck with his bare hands and heave it, he was that mad! No wonder they called him goofy, Lnuts'! know what I mean?" "Say, listen," they'd say, if they saw that you were interested, 'tSay, listen. D'jever hear of the Snooty Rose? No-well, she was a pig-boat. What is it ?-a diver, a sub, you know, a submarine, naw-that wasn't her real name. Down in the register they called her F-14, but we called her the Snooty Rose, on account she was so sharp pointed, her nose. Naw, now we ain't got her no more. They went and sold her to some private company. Anyhow, me'n Goofy was on that boat together. Boy, ya' should ha' seen 'im then. Big husky guy tnot that he ain't big ,ii husky nowy, with fiaminl red hair, an' blue eyes. Not the kind of "fairy" eyes, but them light kind o' eyes, you know, he'd look atcha, and ya'd get a shiver down yer back. An' he had a pug nose, and a pretty wide mouth. But when he got sore, which was not very often, him bein' good natured, his lips would tighten up until they was nuthin, but a little cut in his face, and his blue eyes would get lighter and lighter blue ani heid squint until ya'd think he couldn't see. An' ya' should ha' seen his face. Man! It'd get so red that he looked like he was bleedin'! An' heres how he got his name-ya' know, "Goofy," Vile were on shore leave, mein Goofy, him and I bein' good friends then, an, I steps up to my sister's house, and leaves him for a minute. Well, I just get back in time to find Lieutenant Driscoll untanglin' Goofy from two policemen who thought they could kid him about his red hair an' git away wit it. Wlhen the two cops finally limp away, Driscoll marches us back to the ship, cuts off the rest of our shore leave, and puts us ta' work shinin' brass down in the engine room. Anyhow, we was shinin' it until Goofy starts talkin' to himself, gettin' mad at the way he'd been treated. Thirteen Ghz elumet 'tLookit," he says to himself, ulgookit, here a.m I, an enlisted man, a double enlisted man, in fact, clcanin' up brass on a dirty pig boat, just 'cause a scurvy high-hat's in charge of this dam' ship. An' why? 'Cause I hit a cop? An' why did I hit the cop? 'Cause he said I looked like I got hit with a tomato! Ta hell with the dam' ship. I'm gonna quit this low down, half- man's navy !" An' he picks up a wrench, an' throws it full force at a couple 0' wheels, smashin' 'em to bits, an' walks out. A little while after, I hear some noise topside, an' I says to myself, "Well, I'll see him in the jug, when I'm through here." Sure enough, I get through an' go up to the brig, an' there he is, sittin' there and cussin' out the U. S. Navy and the St. Louis Police De- partment. Vifhile I'm talkin' to him thro' the bars a bog comes up an' opens the door an' lets him out, just as a bell sounds for divin' practice. So I knew why he was let out. No one is kept in the brig while we go under for practice, 'cause in case somethin' happens, then he couldn't get out, see? Anyhow, we go down, and tap Morse signals up to some battle wagon up top, XVhen the bell sounds to rise to the surface again. Nothin' happens. We wait a while, thinkin' we'll go up any minute, when the lieutenant walks in and says, "Men, I've just discovered that the Releasing tank wheels have been broken. Which one of you was in Engine Room 4 today? "Seen' a.s how me an' Goofy and two others were in there, we step out of line. "Now, then, which one of you men is responsible for this?" and he holds up a wrench. "I found this lying under the wheel!" "Uh, I am," murmurs Goofy nervously. "I got sore and threw it. But I didn't see what it hit." "Oh, you Got Sore?" says the lieutenant. "Well, my man, just be- cause you got sore, and threw it, may cost us our lives. Yuh've broken the wheel on the relcasin' tanks, and until we get either another handle or are lifted up by dcrricks, we stay right on the bottom of the sea. Any man who would pull a trick like that deserves to be shot, drawn and quartered, and at any rate, you'll get this! And in front of the whole crew, he steps forward and slaps Goofy clean on the cheek, and barks: 4'You 're yella-yella enough to throw something when you get sore-yella !" NVell, ya' shoulda' seen Goofy. The whole hand of the lieutenant was stamped in his face, in white, and the rest was burnin' on fire. NVe all walk away, nervously, and some o' the men ask questions about raisin' the ship, but the lieutenant says that there is very little hope, and the best we can do is accept our fate like men. Me'n Goofy walk downstairs, him holdin' the wrench, the lieutengm given it to him, and he starts talkin' mad-like all of a sudden. "Yella am I? Drawn and quartered, huh? Slaps me in the face, does he, t havin' Fourteen tithe Qlumet A the bilge rat? I'll show him," an' he swings the wrench over his head H1141 with a mighty crash brings it downin exactly the same spot where he hit be- fore. IVell, there's a big explosion, and we both get knocked out cool. IVhen I open my eyes, all I can see is the blue sky, an, 1'CII1CI11bCI'l117 where I was last, I think I'm dead, until Driscoll pokes his face into mine. VVell, I get up off the deck where 1,111 layin' and find out that Ilm on the old Snooty Rose-but on top of the ocean instead of under it! "IIow'd it happen?" I asks the looey. " IVell," he says, "if it wasn,t for the way your friend MeOool has of throwin' wrenches we'd be down there yet. VVhen he hit that wheel before, he fixed it so we couldn't empty the tanks. But when he slammed it the second time, he snapped the handle off, and blew every drop of water out of those same damned tanks !" " 'Goofyj "-they call him H 'Lucky' " that's what I'd say. ...,.1gy.945-4... The Eternal Play Jaques. All the wor1d's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exists and their entrances ...................... AS YOU LIKE IT CAct II Sc. VIIJ A vast setting! A great east! The act keeps going, no one7s the last. A player drops out, another appears. This play does not end, after so many years. The setting is never discarded for new, Though the changes, time makes, are not very few. How many spectators watch this great show? There is only one of Whom I know. The Audience, Producer, and Oritic is One, He 's managed the players since Time has begun. To enter or leave, one waits for his cues. One can not decide to accord or refuse. Both comedies and tragedies together appear On this wonderful stage, year after year. Fifteen Fy0'fDG'WO0V5GWQfbCNwlDGNOVbGWOVb3'OfbGWQfDCWOf5CNMl5jK gi The Future Inferno XQJWNDQJWKDQIWKDQIWNDQJWKDQJONDQAWNBQJQNDQJWNDCJWA AM not mad I tell you. Don't stare at me that way. ft7s no mere disease of the brain. I have seen it--that awful eruption-the fires of death-the shrieking furies. That spectacle is no delusion-I could see- feel it-it haunts me-does not leave me. You see I'm not an idiot-not crazy -it was the promise of the future-the Future Inferno. It was quite warm, and a holiday besides, and naturally the parks and streets were crowded. Having shed my topcoat, I strolled along and finally sat down on an unoccupied bench in a little park. The soft, green foliage overhead hid the burning sun. The little children, rosy-cheeked and happy, gamboled and frolicked on the grass at my feet. I felt gloomy, morose and out of sorts. The bright sunshine, the happy children, the happy world- all this jarred on my nerves. I picked up a newspaper. I noticed an article Written by an eminent scientist concerning the Solar System's rapid aproach to the nebulae-the End had come. Thump, thump, thump-and lifeless bodies dropped to the ground. The hordes were all traveling-none standing still. But there was no escape-all were doomed-rich man, poor man, beggar, em- peror. Fire, Hell's fires had broken out-all the world was burning-a huge funeral pyre. And then the wind. The fear lessened, became less oppressive-but the wind, was no mere wind-it was a wall-no it was not a wall-it was a universe tumbling into eternity. My heart was bursting-the influx of air was too great for it. I tried to shout, to scream-The Calamity had happened- all was lost in the turmoil-the death struggle of a gigantic world with a nat- ural force. I was being torn apart, asunder. I was going-going-going. Witli a shriek I awoke. I'm not mad, it was true. It was no idle fancy, I lived, it was true, too true, the inevitable truth-The Future Inferno. it if I TALK TO YOU All day long, and sometimes far into the night, I talk to people-endless streams of them, XVQ talk of this and that . . . and sometimes of that and this D , And yet-I tell them nothing of myself. Then for a brief space of time, A snatched moment fraught with sullen fear, I talk to you . . . But-I say so much, So much of what is me- That oft I fear, someday, There will be nothing left to say. . . Sixteen .1-fd ,f .H fills ne passeront pas," translated to 'tThey shall not pass". There is now a controversy as to who said this-General Joffre-or the New Utrecht faculty. Police Commissioner Xllhalen lnvades New Utrecht! A police booth has been planted at the far side of our field. Step a little faster, you Service Squaddersl HAH right, welll play with a half deck then ln This is just another session of our Bridge Club, which holds meetings every Thursday in the Girl's Lunchroom after the 7th and Sth. The officers are:-David Cohn, President, Sylvia Sennet, Vice-President, and Herbert Glasser, Secretary. If it isn't one, it's the other. Madison beat us at football and then bas- ketball, but our "Tongue Team" beat them in a thrilling debate! Vtlhatis the matter? We ask you! He holds the gun in his hand, a look of sincere determination crossing his flushed countenance. His body is rigid and tense. He contemplates for a moment-then quickly he raises the pistol-slowly, steadily he draws the trig- ger. His body relaxes. Barney Hyman resumes his seat. The 100 yard dash had begun! There is the crunch of hard, tough bodies colliding ..,. Edgar plunges through-surges forward .... Yes, we were at the Senior Prom, and have come to the conclusion that Edgar is an excellent football player. The Latin Pony is fast fading. A translation of the poems of Robert Browning is much more fashionable-not to say usefull Ask for a Brownie. 9? ii: A history student 's dreams come true! In one of the review sheets is- sued by Mr. L-v-ne lately, one of the mimcographed questions read as follows: "cuss the Federal Reserve Systemf' VVe wonder if the students gave vent to their feelings. Seventeen, mtg Ghz Qlumet And this one is an honest to goodness fact-6th Pe1'iOd-4-Ui Mr. S-d-t! XYliy, boy, that answer is irrelevant, unauthentic, nns- leading and fallacious. Meek, timid voice in rear :-And I thought it was Wrong. Do you get that tired feeling when a teacher gives you a zip or a Service Squadder slaps you on the back? Overcome this feeling! Drink OXO! It will revive you. Conforming to the custom originated last term of choosing a "Lady Comet" we propose none other than the cheerful and charming "Mimi" Strel- SGT. U il i The little boy who used to read "Nick Carter", behind his geography, grew up and now reads his tabloid behind a good paper. The Italian Club has had a very commendable term and is holding a party as this goes into print. The officers are: Garry Vetrano, President, An- thony Scuderi, Vice-President, Felix Fusio, Secretary, and Miss Romeo, Trea- surer. il 9? 'R Bang! Bang! Bang! Yep! You've guessed it. Mr. Moses and his sharpshooters aiming at the high spots. housky, who has directed the Negro spiritual song, "Deep Night." The officers are Sol if Pl? 5? The Senior Glee Club has been organized for its fourth year. Mr. Wil- club since the beginning, is at Work on the River," and the Russian chorus, "Dusk of Plaks, president, Betty Carlinsky, vice-presi- dent, Nat Weinstein, secretary, and Joe Witkin, manager. 8 PX 1? We pounced upon a freshie down under the boys' locker-room. Yes, Hor- tense, he was actually looking for Davy J ones' locker. O O D for get the the For the annexes-We Wish to say that it would us to come down very often to get school notes. some yourselves, just bring it down to the Main School Notes Editor in the Comet Office. Those best material Will be made Annex Reporters for be practically impossible Therefore, if you should Building and hand it to Submitting the most and School Notes. Matt Schulman tells us of the freshman whose only dread was to be dropped from a fifth floor class. Eighteen Gtibz Qlumet Can You ldentify? Q-u-i-e-t, please! QHint, Chem. Deptj Dumb-ox! !Hint, Hist. Depth Mais, oui--Of course you may! QHint, French Deptj 'cJamais! Jamais! Jamais!! CHint. French Deptj !'Here, take a broom. I can utilize some of that energy! CHint: Lunch- room.j 1930 Headline-"Utrecht YVins Big Air Derby" Yes, dear readers, this will be a reality in the near future if our Aviation Club can help it. This new club meets every Week under the able guidance of Miss Simon. T '25 if v , J.- U Q 7, , ,,!,, I .Y E . Q' l I JS mwinlxmg Ll ...V Ttsttaa ft? ' -11 , ,. 4-- + N Q., n L an-si, Mr. Simonls definition of a Senior: "A Senior is a boy who has reached the age when he thinks the most important thing to pass is not his examination, but the car aheadln 53 ii Many questions have been put to us, concerning the identity of that cute little girl Whose picture adorned our humble colyum last issue. Guess again, dear readers-the simplest things escape detection. "Study for all you're Worth," said the teacher, Warningly to us recently. Perhaps he Was cleverly hinting that We need not study any more. i :Y i4 We have a suggestion for modest "Whitey" Edgar. He should Wear eye-glasses-It would make him a spectacular player. N inteen 9098 or above Average Lifschitz, Sylvia 8505 to 90W Persky, Frieda Prager, Catherine Feinstein, Miriam Markman, Dorothy Decker, Ruth Simon, Florence Gordon, Rita Rubinstein, Lucille Gordon, Lena 80W to 851: Thompson, Virginia Schaff, Ethel Gerst, Helen Litwin, Jennie Genden, Dorothy Barotz, Fannie Ross, Ruth Barotz, Mollie Katz, Ruth Steinberg, Pearl Koeth, Selma Erster, Miriam Siegel, Ruth Wolfse, Emma Wolhandler, Helen Cohen, Rose Hyman, Martha Youngelman. Lillian Silverstein, Rose Tannenbaum, Sara Brownstein, Tiny Camara, Marie Heller, Fannie Sobel, Beatrice Warshaw, Esther Bluestein, Gertrude Pinkus, Yetta Chaleff, Rachel Inciardi, Marie Katz, Jean Klipstein, Thelma Twemfy et' Honor Roll Annex 3 75'Za to 8015 Epstein, Gertrude Kutcheroff, Lillian Sternhill, Sylvia Tolciss, Beatrice Mandracchia, Benedetta Trutt, Ruth Hyman, Eylvia Jonas, Edith Rosen, Ruth Kimmel, Roslyn Cooper, Ray Lowett, Florence Kaufman, Muriel Koplowitz, Selma Horowitz, Shirley Herzog, Sylvia Camillieri, Jenie Ain, Ruth Levine, Esther Morgenstein, Ethel Kaufman, Ruth Lorenzo, Lucy Tashlick, Sophie Chionchio, Angelina Greenspan, Frieda Levitan, Carrie Barillari, Tina Kirshner, Nora DiPalma, Fannie Scaglione, Letteria Schwatzburg, Miriam Kortis, Ruth Liebhofif, Helen Liebnoff, Helen Posner, Edith Bloom, Ruth Lemkin, Lottie Friedman, Ethel Ginsburg. Racille Osher, Florence Formansky, Anna Bacon, Louise Rosenblatt, Edna Serebrensky, Helen Serebreny, Lillian Steingartz, Celia Brand, Edith Magipinto, Concetta Rubin, Ruth Shlachetski, Pauline Aronson, Ruth Lippman, Sylvia Spitolowitz, Estelle Susser, Lillian Camilleri, Amelia Bader, Carrie Harris, Bernice Schwartzreich, Jeanette Silver, Lillian Genender, Norma Gray, Ruth Berg, Eva D'Augustinis, Elva Deutch, Harriet Schwartz, Madeleine Green, Beatrice Richman, Sarah Shipp, Beatrice Slachter, Jeanett Weiner, Esther Finklestein, eBatrice Scotti. Rita Seid, Ruth Tabachnick, Sylvia Fanelli, Tessie Esses, Victoria Gaber, Dora Weiner, Lillian Prisco, Olga Silver, May Leavitt. Bertha Wapnick, Martha QED 2 Qlnmet Bernstein, Milton Goldfarb, Tobias Leventhal, Ivan Greissman, Harry Fickhandler, Thomas Bleckner, Jack Neckritz, Benjamin Witkin, Hyman Morgenhesser, Ben. Freed, Henry Greenstein, Irving Bleiberg, Donald Klein, Herbert Barshay, Herman Reiback, Mortimer Aminoff, Fred 4 A. M. Cane, Alfred Braverman, Nathan Chessler, Herman DiMania, Salvatore Fennich, Max 5 A. M. Angstreich, Hyman Fleit, Matthew Kener, Max Mauriello, Louis Rubin, Clarence Smith, David A. M. SESSION 85W and over Hittner, Bertha Pastor, Frances Cantora, Olga Seigel, Pearl Harris, Rhoda Morgenstern, Evelyn Genberg, Esther Steinberg, Charles Livingston, David Schnelder, Harry Stern, Marvin 75W to 9476 Bell, Mollie Fels, Florence Firestone, Gizella Frankort, Reina Gold, Helen Gordon, Dorothy Polenberg, Sarah Safir, Doris Schlor, Rose Inslee, Elsie Saet, Ruth Korn, Ruth Bernstein, Yetta Isaacs, Mildred Goldberg, Gertrude Schechter, Helen Lieberman, Mollie Annex lO5 Weinstein, Abe Wiener, Henry Zelenetsky, Meyer Goldstein, Hyman Kalish, Irving iiritchman, Benjamin Lesselbaum, Max Lichtenstein, Harold Talmud, Sidney Dibner, Edward Reiner, Herman Cohen, Rubin Feigenbaum, Leo Giblin, Edwarcx Goldsmith, Samuel Goldberg, Martin Josephowitz, Jerome Levack, Joseph Zekser, Isidore Downing, Edward Benowitz, R. Christiansen, K. Ferrari, F. Fischtbol, A. Gallelli, A. Jacobson, L. Kehrman, S. Levinson, S. Annex 1180 Golding, Mildred Nechemias, Sylvia Dorfman, Florence Berman, Lorraine Holfman, Beatrice Seif, Beatrice Appleman, Bessie Rubin, Evelyn Goldstein, Beatrice Kallich, Kathryn Greenstone, Miriam Gentzlinger, Rose Marie Behrman, Esther Kressel, Ethel Feinman, Sylvia Goldiamond, Salome Sachs, Sylvia Schneider, Lillian Lachs, Libby Schumor, Florence Cooper, Sylvia Fiering, Adeline Genender, Aida Gilman, Henriette Grover, Dinah Horowitz, Roslyn Lannunbiata, Mary Lewis, Teresa Morton, Frances Sulken, Selma Goldstein, Gertrude Manwzor, A. Margolies, C. Monetti, Salvatore Parlatore, Gildo Peri, Mariano Romano, Alfonso Santulli, Ralph Santulli, Thomas Schettino, Domenick Einhorn, Martin Fuchs, Isidore Glass, Sam Goodman, Norman Goldstein, Leon Maron, Louis Slovensky, Jacob Altman, Carl Bergerm, Irwin Firstenberg, Harold Klahr, Fred Orans, David Rosenberg, Morris Soaherstein, Charles Shapiro, Isidore Winisky, Harry Ferrara, Joseph Huppert, Arthur Marchese, Edward J Gersberg, Esther Glantz, Mae Griffler, Freda Shickman, Bessie Ewig, Thelma Goldberg, Ruth Bellanca, Mirthe Bokser, Florence Diamond, Sylvia Feigenbaum, Claire Felman, Jeanne J affe, Minnie Miller, Ruth Roth, Hilda Silverman, Miriam Tartakov, Clara Wolrich, Florence Berkowitz, Pearl Biegun, Evelyn Digregerio, Amelia Meyers, Miriam Sparer, Fannie Benty, Jennie Brandel, Marian Dorf, Sadie Greenberg, Goldye Hershkowitz, Dorothy May, Nettie Serper, Pearl Shapiro, Pearl Greengrass, Pauline Twenty one Ghz Qllumet Pryzant, Sarah Abrahams, Norman Esserman, Howard Hurwitz, Isadore Shepherd, Miles Tocci, Frank Gelber, Leonard Mihlrat, Jack Farber, Bernard Seelig, Harry 8596 and over Plotkin, Florence Tramontana, Mary Kozlowsky, Marion Strum, Mamie Lewis, Harriet Goldstein, Joseph Chesky, Ezra Dickerman, Abe Silverman, Lester 75W to 847: Lotwin, Anna Ingber, Jean Klein, Anna Korman, Ruth Lippman, Rose Litwin, Minnie Aiello, Eugene A Alicandri, Bruno Blaker, Leon Bress, Philip Certner, Harry Freedman, Robert Galli, Leopold Glassman, Jacob Greenspan, Joseph Gross, Archie Reiser, Samuel Gross, Isidore Heller, Sidney Kaplan, Morris Kaufman, Mervyn Kurzweil, Edward Levy, Melville Manheimer, Dean Twenty-two Baer, Bernard Krupen, Philip Landsberg, William Mann, Robert Teitlebaum, Seymour Axelrod, Sydney Golfand, Carl Plumb, Burton Sachs, Julius Schicchi, Joseph P. M. Session Milhauser, Jack Norwick, Herman Pruslin, Kalman 4 P. M. Bacic, Anthony Bouton, Arthur Callahan, William Conrad, Arthur Davis, Leon Jacobs, Paul Kapura, William Kruchlow, Norman Silverberg. Hyman Sperling, Louis Witt, Herbert 5 P. M. Goodman, Sam Witt, Leonard P P. M. Campione, John Levine, David Landau, Francis Stadler, Clamon Schweyer, George Siegel, Sol. '7 P. M. Blackett, Harry Burkholder, Harold Rosenwertz, Meyer Schweber, Moses 8 P. M. Davidson, Ira Jehle, F. Kearney, Maurice Klugherz, Daniel S igmllllll Ill . ,..... I fc P X 'M uf, QQ vrfgfvaz., ,af Weisdorf, Joseph Wolf, Stanley Chavves, Meyer Cohen, David Hanna, Harold Waxberg, Ira Wilkin, Abraham Herman, Meyer Rothenberg, Myron Schwartzberg, Sol 9 P. M. Berger, Bernard Bo-okbinder, Morris Goldstein, Samuel Hackel, Bernard Handschuh. Leonard Moses, Sidney 10 P. M. Genzeloff, Leo Strum, Louis Schneiderman, Tully Schlamberg. Jacob Wolzer, Isadore 11 P. M. Braunstein. Harry Cooper, Edward Gisbu1'ne, Gene Hershkowitz, Emanuel Mayer, Harold Mesard, Louis Schainhouse, Arthur Sack, Allan Zuckerman, Stanley Stacy, Harold Fatato, Thomas Olsen, George Eben, Joseph Chodes, Ralph Mazurkiewkz, Sigmund Nelson, Walter Gross, Philip Erbs Qlnmet T 'air' 5 3 4 N P P QS, Q 1 mix' wh I Wflunvffmg ' F- N V G I va ,Ng M? Q., Twenty-fhree ,. 41. ,jf f N-' 1 ev 1 2 ,P if f W' gif wifi, f4,s . V? ' S N f r 4 :iii ' 9 X x' at ' -fu 'P S-S it '- - -J- :Rvws E u. FOOTBALL TRECHTITES of the present generation will always I ixx ? remember the disappointing football season of 1928. i y New Utrecht has always prided itself upon its fine elevens, y and, although the truth may hurt it is but just to say that 5 2 the team of 1928 has compiled the worst record of any New Utrecht eleven since the featherweight team of 1916. Not since 1920 has New Utrecht bowed to Brooklyn Prep on the gridirong not until the past season has St. Johnis prevailed over the Green and Wliite. Primarily it was the lack of any sort of adequate replacement material that was the main feature of the many defeats. At the beginning of the season 'Coach Zysman was faced with the stupendous task of building the team from the ground up. The light line that made its debut in the Jefferson game was but a shadow of the steamroller type of forward wall that it has been the New Utrecht tradition to maintain. Captain Hy Dvorkin at guard, Bethill at tackle, and Kirstein at center played inspired football but the rest of the line, although fast and willing lacked beef and that indefinable spark that is acquired only after weeks of hardening in the crucible of Interscholastic football competition. The backfield, playing behind a weak line never had an even chance to display its offensive powers. Edgar, Rice and Ceravolo, of whom nothing more than good ground gaining abilities were expected at the beginning of the season, rose to the occasion more than once to show inspired defensive play. Nextiyear the football fortunes of the Green and Xllhite should take a con- siderable rise, for Coach Zysman will have good veteran material. The unfor- tunate break in athletic relations with Poly Prep is to be deplored and the sub- stitution on our schedule of Erasmus Hall, an old rival, and Brooklyn Tech compensate us for thc chance of a victory over the Dyker Heights institution. but we must learn to "take our losses with a smile and a song, and our gains with a wink and whistle" and to set our eyes on the future with the determina- tion that next time victory shall be ours. Twefn-ty-four Ghz Qlnmer HOCKEY 'G O THE average individual it may seem to be a f rather silly paradox to state that the high brand ff ot hockey that Mr. T. J. Fitzpatrick teaches pupils, f uf was the cause ot their downfall in the P. S. A. L. tourna- f f 'O N ment this winter, and yet it is quite true. In the very X first game of the season the team went out on the ice X decided favorites against a weak Boy7s High sextet. Be- f ff-ff fore the game was very old both teams had scored goals, and then the Boy's team, intent on holding the Green and VVhite in check started an entirely new system of play. The entire team play of the Tftrecht team came to naught. if the Utrecht team had only descended to the same level of shinny as Boys, their superior weight would have eked out a. victory and New Utrecht would not have missed breaking into the play-offs for the champion, at least not by the margin of a Boys High tie. 4 Y f A, a . f .-1, 5.5.-,:,.w -' .. f I Q 1 Z .skip fi sw-:':La..' fffafffa zvfkzsxvf gf!" if . if 6.471-' - fQ ,,f L, f I ff? 5 . .5 , ,,,, , ,, X ' f 5 15. i -1 , , ff. . x - ' -. f aw, , X 3 x ' 5 1 1.1- The next four games on the schedule were easily won by the Green and Wliite. In the next game New Utrecht pulled a tartar in Erasmus, and the best it could do, was to earn another tie. In the final game Jamaica, our old hockey rivals, definitely smashed titular aspirations for us by administering a sound 2 to O defeat. The first team of Kuntz and Captain Ted McArdle, wings, Luhrssen, center, Richardson and Vinje, defense, and Calvosa, goal, proved to be fast, capable players and with another chance to playoff all their tie contests, an innovation that is expected to be passed by the P. S. A. L. committee for next season, they would have achieved better results. Connors, Lippman, Ryan, Goldstein, Seiker, and Cohen were good spares who are expected to develop in- to fine, polished players by next season. As tor next yearis team, Coach Fitz- patrick expects a mold a better combination than this year's contingent even though Captain McArdle, Calvosa, and Lippman will be graduated. With that end in view Manager Bobeck has booked post season contests with New D Rochelle High School, Hun School, and games vwhich are pending, with Morristown, Montclair, and La Salle Military Academy. All in all 1929 should prove to be a better year for new Utrecht hockey aspirations than 1928. SCORE New Utrecht ..... ..........,. 1 Boys High ...,.,... ....,,.. 1 New Utrecht ...,. ......,...... 1 Manual .............. ......,,..,. 0 New Utrecht .....,.. ............. 3 Jefferson .......... ........,.... 1 New Utrecht ..... ............. 5 Stuyvesant ......... ,,.,,...,.,., 1 New Utrecht ..... ............. 1' Lane ................... .,..,,....... O New Utrecht ..... ............. 1 Erasmus ...... .......,...,. 1 New Ultrecht ..,..... ............. O Jamaica ...,.. ...,,....,... 2 Twenty-five the Qlumet Basketball N 1927 NEW UTRECHT basketball team reached -9. J ' 4 - X ' , new level. With the annexation of the Brooklyn 2 crown for the first time in its history the team went on to 'I defeat Textile for the Manhattan championship in a thrill- RS N ing game. The playoff with Newtown for the city leader- gi ship showed only one thing-the evident superiority of the Q Queen's school. Q 9 At the start of the past season the 1928 team started S out in much the same manner as its predecessor. Far Rocka- P I. way, Newtown, Textile, and Lane were mopped up in rapid succession, and then came that unfortunate contest with Hamilton. Hamilton presented a veteran combination,-the same team that started against us in 1927. Individually the New Ultrecht team seemed to be as good, if not better than the champions of '27, but a striking contrast was soon apparent. Whereas last year 's team rose to the occasion against Newtown only to be beaten by a rival that simply played better basketball, Coach Ross' charges cracked wide open at the crucial moment. Perhaps the team needed more seasoning, but that can hardly be the cause since Captain Potter and S. Olshansky were veterans of the championship team while Abromowitz, J. Putterman, Itkin, L. Olshansky, and Brown all saw service as reserves. THhe team came back after the Hamilton defeat to score wins over Boys: and Bushwick, but the old jinx cropped up once more when we were defeated by Madison by a mere two points. Then a close victory over a weak Manual team and subsequent wins over Eastern District and Erasmus Hall relieved the tension somewhat, but a crushing defeat by Jederson destroyed all hopes. for the Brooklyn championship. Naturally the morale of the squad dropped considerably and in the second game of a home and home agreement Newtown. avenged its earlier defeat. The team, however, closed the season as it opened it,-with a victory, this time over Brooklyn Tech. The members of the squad deserve a good deal of credit. For the first' half of the season the team was composed of Abrornowitz and Putterman at' forwards, Itkin at center, and S. Olshansky and Captain Sam Potter at guards. The second half of the season saw Coach Ross send a diftnram nombina. tion onto the court. The Olshansky brothers played forwards, Itkin started at center, Potter played left guard, and Siskind and Parsons alternated at right guard. Brown, Auerbach, Katz, Bonavita, Rosenthal, Reisen, and Manager Eckhaus proved to be decided assets to the team. . 1928 RECORD Date Score Opponent Score Place Oct. 29 New Utrecht ......,.... ..........,...... 3 1 Far Rockaway , ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. 2 4 honlg Nov. 2 New Utrecht ....,..... ............ 2 5 Newtown ,,,..,,..,,,,,,,,.,. ,,,, 2 3 away Nov. 5 New Utrecht ......... ........... 3 O Textile ........ ,,,, 2 3 home Tw entry-six A tithe Qtomet NOV- 9 New Utrecht ,,,,,,,,, 41 Lane ,.,,,.,,....... 1101119 Nov. 13 New Utrecht .......,.. 13 Hamilton home Nov. 16 New Utrecht ,,,,,,..,4 30 Boys ,,,,,,,,,,, .... a Way Nov. 20 New Utrecht .,..... .32 Bushwick 1101116 Nov. 23 New Utrecht .......... 21 Madison .......... HW?-Y Dec. 4 New Utrecht ..,,..,... 19 Manual ,.... home Dee- 8 New Utrecht .......,,. 27 Eastern ,......... .....,.. fl WHY Dec. 11 New Utrecht .......... 43 Erasmus HW-33' Dec. 14 New Utrecht .......... 22 Jefferson home Dec. 13 New Utrecht .....,..., 2-1 Newtown home Dec. 21 New Utrecht ,,,,,e,e,,,,,,n 50 Tech ,,,,e,,,, away fqy l g E Sb- sag' Track 7-if F 1923 HAS proved to be a hard year for New Zi Utrecht athletic teams at least the track team is the exception that proves the rule. New Utrecht has Kwon the indoor track championship four times in the past tive years and with the help ot Coach Barney Hyman is due to make it five To date the Green and White has easily captured the tew track meets that it has entered rather -K . Y . I - easily. The Eastern District Relays, the season opener, was copped with a mere 13 points. On the following Saturday the team journeyed uptown to annex the Stuyvesant Games trophy with 37 points. The Diocesan Schools meet in which the team collected 2-1 points made it three in a row. For the rest of the winter the schedule calls for the De La Salle meet, P. S. A. L. champs, Newark National champs, St. John's meet, Elks meet, Y. M. C. A. meet, Manual meet, Syracuse meet, and Harvard meet. In addition the one- mile relay will enter several special events at big meets. Although the schedule is very hard there is no reason why New Utrecht should go through the sea- son undefeated. The personnel of the team is as versatile as ever. Although captain Singer has been sick and has therefore missed the Stuyvesant and Diocesan meets Andursky, Katz, Sternback, Krosney, Ashkenazie, Mann, Furth, several promis- ing novices have carried on in his stead. Teitelbaum and Nottonson in the quarter-mile have been doing well, while Kaminsky, Hanke, Emil Friedman and several members of the cross-country team are earning points in Rosner's old specialty, the half-mile. The relays are well taken care of and out of all the track events the mile run remains the only one in which we are Weak. This yearls team is a definite improvement over that of last year in the Shot- put. Wurtenburg, Simnowitz, and Bonavita, promise to devel-op into another one-two-three-combination that will rival the good old L-abes, Adelman, Smith trio. Fred Wurtenburg in particular has all earmarks of a future Dave Adel- man. While breaking his novice in the Stuyvesant Meet the stocky shot-putter also broke a six year old record set by Frank Labes. It Wontt be long now before 1Vurtenburg will break fifty feet. At any rate, sizing up the situation the championship is a sure thing. . Twenty-seo en Ciba Qlumer Soccer I i VER since Mr. Yudell has taken charge of soccer the - ji sport has flourished at New Urtrecht. The team turned i1 , in a fairly good record for the past year, finishing second in its division and for a time threatening the leader. The -.fh a gii high lights of the past season were the victories over ? x Erasmus and Boys High, and, in a way, the tie game GD lf! :-3 with Madison. Chepacoff, an all-scholastic selection, Singer, W and Driscoll played well on the defense while Sperling, Schneider, and Withkoivslcy starred on the offense. Captain Emil Cerota was all over the field and proved to be an inspiring leader. Oscar Blumberg proved to be a good manager. DATE SCORE OPPONENT SCORE Sept. 26 ,,,,,,,,,,, New Utrecht .......................i .......... 1 Madison .A........,l.A..--....----.- - Oct. 1 ..,........ New Utrecht ....... . ......i... 2 Erasmus ...........- .,......--,, . . Oct. 6 ........... New Utrecht .......... ....,..... 1 Seward ---.--.- Oct. 12 ,.......... New Utrecht. .......... ....i..... 0 BL1Sl1WiCk A------ A Oct. 17 ......,.... New Utrecht .......... .......... l 1V1HH11211 --.,-'-- Oct. 19 ..,........ New Uftrecht ....i..... ......,,.. 1 Textile --.--4A- -Oct. 27 .,...,.,... New Uftrecht .......... .,........ 1 F11lSl1iHg ----A-------- Oct. 30 ........... New Utrecht ........, ..,....... 1 Boyls .--..-------.-------------- Nov. 3 .,.,,,..4., New Illtrgcht ,,..,...., ,......... 0 Richmond Hill ........ Nov. 6 ,.......... New Utrecht .......... .......... 1 Stuyvesant ........... . Nov. 8 ........... New Utrecht .......... .......-.. 1 Poly Prep --.-- . Nov. 10 ..,........ New Utrecht .......... .............................A 0 J0ff0rS011 ....... ...,.-5pg43...4... TO ALICE BACK FROM VVONDERLAND I too have slain the flame-eyed J abbcrwack, I too have leaned against the Tumtum tree, I too have heard the sad mock-turtle mock, And laughed at Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I too have laughed and inwardly have wept To see the sun's last rays in the White Knightis eyes, And dreaming dreams within a dream have slept On checkered fields beneath fantastic skies, Oh, Alice, has ever a sunless day made known To you the VVhite Knight as a stray sun beam? The jub-jub Bird, the frumions Bandersnatch, The Jabberwocky, all, a shapeless dream? Twenty-eight Thelma Levine 615132 Qllumet Swimming f"' T IS surprising that a. school like New Utrecht With TES line swimming pool and its modern equipment Sh0111d progress so slowly in the yearly interscholastic swimming tournament. Last year Mr. MacDavitt developed a fine team that lead the league for a number of weeks only to lose it in the final in the last few weeks to Manual and Erasmus. u gf H' Src 'ss , -Q? A L.-5-sbt , "'?"'-15 I This year the team started out like a whirlwind, in much the same manner as year's COII1blI13Tl0H- The team, led by Captain Arnold Finfer, easily defeated Jamaica and Lane in rapid succession, to assume the leadership. Flushing, however turned the tables on the Green and NVhite in the next meet. Madison, one of the weakest teams in the league provided a sensation by holding Utrecht to a tie, thus relegating the team to a position among the tail-enders. Since Brooklyn Tech and Erasmus completed the season of the Green and White by ad- ministering defeats there is little likelihood of rising above sixth place, this winter. However Manual, Jefferson, and Boy's are still to be met. A victory over Boys is assured while victories over the other two schools is not at all un- likely. If the team does not end up well this season, we must remember that next winter is another year and that Mr. MaeDavitt in time, may convince the swimmers that they are not all wet. SUMMARY New Utrecht ...... ............. 4 l Jamaica .....,... ..,,...... 2 6 New Utrecht ...... ....,.,.....t 5 6 Lane .........,.... ......,... 5 New Utrecht ...... ............, 2 6 Flushing .....v ...,....,. 3 4 New Utrecht ...... .....,....... 3 I Madison ......... ......,... 3 1 New Utrecht ...... ........,.... 2 6 Tech ........w .......... 3 6 l.-s-fwo4a--4-D CONSOLATION Two grey sullen clouds Passed over the moon tonight- And hid its splendor for a moment. All was dark-for there were no stars But for that moment I missed not The splendor of the silver moon. I welcomed the darkness For that moment. -Spuols. T wenty-nine Thirty Qtbe Qiumet 4 ,,', E1 f U n B Q -f Q Q 11 dlanuznrg Efmvntg-Ninn i V " 52 yi A .1' 1 ,. Thirty-one L Thirfy 1100 GI D 2 Q1 u In et AARON, SOLOMON N. Y. U. 10. ALTERMAN, BEATRICE C. C. N. Y. Track Team, Book Squad, Comet Rep. Born with two first names. ABRAMSON, PHILIP St. Johns College Service Squad, Law Club, Philly on the job. ABRAMSON, WM. Columbia History Club, Service Squad, Track. The school's hardest working boy-in P. T. ABRUZZO, MARY N. Y. U. Class Officer, Junior Arista, Sect. Span- ish Club, Program Comm. Generally speaking-a woman is gener- ally speaking-not so Mary. ADLER, IRVING Heidelberg University Annex Mgr., Nuhs, Track Team, Cap't. Inter-prefect basketball champs '26, Baseball 8z Football Squad. He has a far away look this season. We wonder Hwhol' can be the reason. ADLER, NATHAN C. C N. Y. R. O T. C., History Club, Math Club. Adler-but 'not an Idler. AIENA, PETER N. Y. U. Nuhs Rep., Red Cross Rep., Poster Service, Class Officer. Always quiet and without care. You'd hardly know he was there. AKSEL, IDA Maxwell Training Hockey, Girl Reserves, Sr. Literary Society. i Weighed in the balance and found gain- ing. ALICANDRI, BLANCHE Damrosch Con. Class Officer, Nuhs Sz Comet Rep., Blanchey, send Danny our regards. Blanchey, send Danny our regards. Sect. "Speedste1's". Adeste Fidelis, Class Officer, Swimming Club. Beatrice dear, we have great fears, That you have lost your barber shears. 11. AMODEO, BENJAMIN N- Y. U- Track, Class Basketball, Nuhs Rep., Service Squad. If pictures could only talk--. 12. ANGEL, SELMA N. Y. U. Service Squad, Comet Rep., French Club, Nuhs Rep. What an angel! 13. APPLEBAUM, ALBERT C. C. N. Y. Arista Senate, Nuhs Service, Comet Rep. An enemy of free speech. 14. ARKIN, ALVIN Columbia Lunchroom Squad, Arista, Latin Ser- vice Squad, Medical Society. Frozen face, the scientist. 15. ASNIS, VVALTER C. C. N. Y. Hand Ball, Lunchroom Squad, Floor Mgr. Always cheerful and content, on plea- sure not knowledge bent. 16. As'I'OR, MORRIS C. C. N. Y. Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs, History Club, Class Officer. 'Stoo bad, 'stoo bad. 17. AXELROD, REGINA N. Y. U. Sect. Biology Club, French Club, Girls' Athletic League. Gentle, modest, and fair is she E'en as a violet, won't you agree. 18. BABKES, ELI C. C, N, Y, Arista, Service Squad, Program Comm. Field Band. Make that trombone behave. Thirtytliree ,i--, Thirty-f 0101 Ghz Qtumet 1. 2. 3 4 5 6 7. 8. 9. BAUER, DINA Hunter Latin Service Squad, Latin Club, Hockey, Gym Squad. What will she hunt at Hunter? BALABAN, SIGMUND Columbia Chess Team, Chess Club, Lunchroom Squad, Comet Rep. A ready target for the opposite sex. BALINSKY, MOLLIE Columbia Service Squad, Chemistry Squadg Eco Club. Weighty in more ways than one. BALTOWSKY, MARY Cornell Sr. Arista, Jr. Arista, Program Com- mittee, Riding Club. What! Only 90612 Chicago BALTZERSEN, HENRY Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Chem. Club, Field Squad. If silence were golden ...... he'd be bank- rupt. - BARON, ROBERT Columbia Arista, Service Squad, Program Comm., Latin Service Squad. The nobleinan of Nuhs. BASHIST, ANNA C. C. N. Y. Junior Arista, Lunchroom Squad, German Club, Math Club. Rosy cheeks andleyes ofltrue blue To resist your sweet smile naught can we do. BASILE, UMBERTO U. of Alabama Football, Baseabll, Swimming, Handball. Versatile. BASLAW, FLORIN N. Y. U. Adeste Fidelis, Service Squad, Nuhs, Comet. One big smile. 10. BAUER, HAROLD Columbia Nuhs, Swimming Squad, Lacrosse. He gare us many an Nuhs. 11. BECKER, BENJAMIN Columbia Arista Senate, Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs, Medical Society. You don't hear much about his fame But he gets there just the same. 12. BECKERMAN, LARRY C., C. N. Y. Arista, French Club, Lang. Office Squad. A genius in the embryo. 13. BEDELL, CATHERINE St. John's Gym Squad, Newman Club. If we had no eyes, we fear, We'd never know she's here. 14. BEHRMAN, FRANKIE Hunter Senior Arista, Junior Arista, Latin Ser- vice Squad, Nuhs. Quite shy this lass you would think Yet someone's black locks turn her cheeks pink. 15. BELL, SYLVIA N. Y. U. Service Squad, Literary Club, Glee Club, Speedsters. Melodious as a "Bell?" 16. BELLOs, LOUIS Ohio' State Lacrosse. Ootball, Tra . 7 on J.: 0-ful! ,L -f 17. BEROWITZ, EDITH N. Y. U. Gym Squad, Programm Comm, Sr. Arista, Eng. Oifice Squad. Thoroughly charming fstill blushesj. 18. BERKOWITZ, SEYMOUR Ohio State Nuhs, Swimming Team, Mimeograph Squad, Eng. Book Room. Content to do well, without doing bet- ter. Thirty-five T Mrty-six Ciba Qtumzt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 9. BERMAN, PAUL C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad. B. S. L. C. lBachelor of the Science of Lunchroo-in Cleaningj BERNSTEIN, ARTHUR C. C. N. Y. Swimming, Track, Chess Club, Field Squad. To write geometry homework on an adding machine. BERNSTEIN, ESTHER N. Y. U. Program Comm. Lunchroom Squad, Adeste Fidelis A most charming young lady, yes, yes. BERNSTEIN, MORTIMER Long Island U. Tennis Team, P. T. Squad, Program Comni. The politician of the P. T. Squad and big shots. BIRNBAUM, IRVING C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Hall Squad, Class Of- ficer, Track Team. A dime for a quarter lof a piej. BIRNMAN, ESTHER C. C. N. Y. Girl Reserves, Sr. Literary Club, Service Squad, Hiking Club. This girl's a hiker, she loves to walk, I wonder too, if she loves to talk. BLAUSTEIN, LOLA. Columbia Sr. Dramatic Society, Journalism Club, Library Squad, Hockey Club. Sweet, demure and charming. BLOOM, EDNA Hunter Service Squad, Program Comm., Basket- ball. A very ejicient squad leader. BLUM, CHARLOTTE N. Y. S. of Fine and Applied Arts Adeste Fidelis, Swimming Club, Dancing Club, Glee Club. Always gay and ever bubbling with fun. 10. BOBECK, ARTHUR U.. of Michigan Hockey Team, Class Officer, Comet, Nuhs. Brought up by honest parents till he became a bootlegger at the age of 23. 11. BEOGART, LESTER 'N. Y. U. Orchestra, Glee Club, English Book Room, Editor of Class paper. To put gloves on a clock's hands. 12. BOGGIANO, RAYMoND St. John Track, Service Squad. I Q He did us a favor-we got his picture. C. C. N. Y. 13. BOMSE, EMANUEL Rep., Nuhs, Service Squad, Comet Arista Senate. Synocpate a Latin Verb., Business Club, Hiking 14. BORDEN, MARION Service Squad, Literary Club. Bound to be a milk man. C. C. N. Y. 15. BORENSTEIN, HERMAN Service Squad, Eco. Club. Another half-portion. 16. BORGESON, VILMA C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Office Squad, Library Squad, Speedsters. ' If she is as fast in everything as she is in stenography-then! 17. BRODY, LILLIAN N, Y, U, Office Squad, Dancing Club, Volley Ball, Basketball. A dainty little maid is she, her dances are a delight to see. 18. BRAUMAN, LEONARD N, Y, U, Service Squad, Eco Club. Why teachers quit young. Thirty-seven Thirfy-eiglzt GED 2 Gitomer BREINDEL, EVELYN C. C. N. Y. Biology Club, Tennis, Lunchroom Squad, Class Officer. English pursues her like Banquols Ghost. BRBSLAVSKY, ESTELLE Princeton Service Squad, Eng. Office Squad, Lunch- room Squad. Where'cl you get those eyes? BROMBERG, OSCAR Columbia Hall Squad, Service Squad, Track. As the Englishman would say-H'osear. BROOK, WALTER St. Johns Hall Squad, Sanitary Squad, Nuhs, Lunchroom Squad. Nice, quiet chap. BROSK, DORA Business Bridge Club, Girl Reserves, Literary Club, Speedsters. Look at Fannie. BROSK, FANNIE Business College Jr. Arista, Latin Club, Bridge Club, Grade Advisor's Squad. Dora's relative. BROUNSTEIN, BELLE C. C. N. Y. Class Officer, Music Club, Nuhs Girl Re- SQTVQS. We like her ways and queenly air, I Her big brown eyes and wondrous hair. BROWN, MILTON, C. C. N. Y. Nuhs, Debating, Comet, Brush Club. Winner of the Brown Derby. BROWN, PAUL C. C. N. Y. Eco Club, Medical Society. In the winter tiine, the water on his brain freezes. 10. BROWNSTEIN, ESTHER Pratt Inst. Physics Lab. Squad, Regents recording Comm, Volley Ball. Relation to Bella? 11. BUCHWALD, JOSEPH C. C. N. Y.. Mimeograph Squad, Lost and Found Squad, Hall Squad, Class Officer. When you're gone, what will the Miine- graph Squad do? 12. BURG, ANNE Business School Senior Arista. Program Comm. Pres. Span Club, "El Correo." Modest .and retiring is she. 13. BURROS, BEATRICE N. Y. Nuhs, Ice Skating Club, Dramatic Society. Her smile will go a long, long way. 14. CACACE, DANTE St. John's Class Officer, Sten. Club, Nuhs Service Squad. No, dear, he isn't laughing-it's his inustache. 15. CALAMIA, DONIMIOK Long Island U. Italian Club,NeWman Club, Track. Some College! We'll Say! 16. CANIN, LILLIAN N. Y. U. Gym Squad, Spanish Club, Eco. Club, Literary Club. Boom, Booin, Here's a Canin. 17. CARRARA, MARIA Maxwell Training Office Squad, Italian Club, Tennis Club, Newman Club. Full of fun, a sonile for everyone you see We wish for more like you, Marie. 18. CASALENA, KATHERINE Hunter Service Squad, French Club, Newman Club, Arts and Crafts Club. Pray, timed lass, what is your fear? Speak up and let us know y0u're here. Thirty-nine ,tif Forty GED e Qlumzt CHAIKIN, IRVING U. of Alabama Hall Squad, Book Room Squad, Class of- ficer, Medical Society. Destined to be a cotton picker. CHECKANOVER, BELLE C. C. N. Y. Penn. U. Relay Team, Ticket Squad Squad, Class Officer. In tennis gou'll see her on the wing Shes the girl with lots of spring. CHEPAKOFF, MURRAY N. Y. U. Soccer, Track, Orchestra. Don't worry, the girls all like you. CHlARELLO, FRANK Polytechnic In. Service Squad. His services are too numerous to men- tion. CIULLA, JOSEPH Stevens Tech. Institute History, Track, Radio Club, Auditorium Squad, Math Club. One of life's little jokes. COHEN, ANNA hlazcwell Training History Bookroom, Service Squad, Span- ish Club, Debating Club. One of the "four hunclerclf' COIIEN, GERTRUDE Business Service Equad, Spanish Club, Lunch- room Squad, Glee Club. No relation to George M. COHEN, LoUIs U. of Wisconsin Mimeograph Squad, Advertising Staff Nuhs, Hall Squad, Lost and Found De- partment. Dr. Bruniinerls pal. COHEN, MEYER N. Y. U. Nuhs, Football, Sanitary Squad. The fighting Irish. 10. COHEN, MOLLIE C. C. N. Y. Comet, Basketball, Span. Club- Ice cream, you scream. 11. C01-IEN, MORRIS C- C' N- Y- Service Squad, Wireless Club, TT9-Ck' Chem. Lab. Squad. One of the 400. 12. COHEN, RUTH IVT. Y..U. Class officer, Basketball Club, Swlmmmg Club, Red Cross Rep- Another of the "four hundred." 13. COHEN, SYLVIA Business College Arista, Program Oifice, LHHCDTOUFI1 Squad, Sen. Literary Society. Sedate Sylvia. 14. COHEN, WILLIAM N- Y- U- Service Squad, French Club. You'd really think he's working hard flock at his servicesj. 15. Coox, HASTINGS Cornell Floor Mgr., Hall Squad, P. T. Clerk, Class officer. If Cook could cook. 16. CORLISS, THOMAS St. John's Newman Club, History Club, Law Club, Boxing Club. ' - Hasn't he got a winning srnile? 17. CoRoN, BLANCHE Hunter French Club, Sr. Literary Club, Tennis Club, Swimming Club. Last echo of Eco. 18. CORRADO, BENJAMIN N. Y. U. Italian Club, Comet Rep, Italian Paper. The reason Mussolini succeeds. Forty-one N Forty-two - GED e Qllumzt C'oSLow, JUDITH Hunter Arista, Regents Recording Comm, Class Officer. Twinkling eyes, may some day surprise. CRIFASI, JOSEPH Penn. State Service Squad, Rack, Nuhs, Comet. Headaches while you wait. CRISERA, CELIA N, Y, U, Program Comm, Italian Club, Speedsters. We hope that when Celia is at N. Y. U. her pleasant disposition will stay with her too. CURTO, MICHAEL Nuhs, Class Officer, Sr. Prom Comm., Sr. Class Night. U ofN. D. The student prince. Hunter Swimming Club, CUTLER, CHARLOTTE Sr. Literary Club, Nuhs, Tennis Club. Pleasingly plump, merry' and jolly, you'll never find her melancholy. DAHLIN, EVELYN Maxwell Training Comet, Physics Squad, Regents Record- ing Comm, Arista. The "Dahlin" of the class. DAVIDOFF, MARTIN B'kZyn Col. Pliar. Cross Country Team, Soccer Team, Law Club. He was elected president of the ninth form by acclcmnation. DAVIDSON, SYLVIA Business Regents Recording Comm, Office Squad, Girl's Reserves, Comet Rep. If red hair were a sign of knowledge, DAVIS, BLANCHE N. Y. U. Service Squad, Speedsters, Tennis Club, Nuhs. Chatter, Chatter, all the day, this young girl has much to say. .this girl would be a prof in college. 10. DESCHAMPS, MARCEL U. of Paris Comet, Fencing Team, French Publica- tion. Parlez-vous, francais. 11. DIAMOND, WILLIAM St. John's Service Squad, Debates, Lunchroom Squad. No diamonds in the rough. 12. DOBKIN, LEON N. Y. U. Red Cross, Service Squad, Medical Socie- ty, Radio Club. What's he broadcasting now? 13. DOLLECK, CLAIRE Business Bridge Club, Swimming, Service Squad. With her picture she had luck, most of us wanted half a buck. 14. DUEL, MIRIAM Pratt Institute Girl Reserve, History Club, German Club. Really nice, though lacking just a Lit- tle spice. 15. DURELSKY, SID N. Y. U. Service Squad, Tennis, Aud. Squad. He of the determined jaw. 16. EDELSTEIN, PEARL C. Cornell Arista Senate, General Office Squad, Speedsters Club. An ideal jiirl, a Pearllis she U Ercels in studies, service and executive capacity. , 17. EDGAR, WILLIAM N. Y. U. Football, Track, Class Officer. A modern hero true is he, a shining football celebrity. 18. ELLIS, ANNA ijergeve Nuhs, Eng. Office, Dramatic Club, Swimmingi'Team She knows every song and jassy tune. And is ever ready to dance, eve, morn and noon. Forty-three 1 1-if-, Forty--f0'e ith 2 Qllumet EMMA, EDWIN N. Y. U. Class Paper, Cocorico, Nuhs. Ah, to reap that revenge due from Eng. ENGEL, LILLIAN Savage Adeste Fidelis, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Skating. The inspiration for that famous song By Sain P. called t'Engela Mia." ERDBERG, DORIS Business Physics Squad, Regents Recording Comm. Cheer Squad When she was graduated her name was Dora. ESCOFFERY, DAN C. C. N. I. Service Squad, Eco. Club. At least he's honest. EVENS, MIRIAM U. of South Africa Leader Arista Assembly, Sr. Editor Comet, Program Comm, French Club. Ask J .M. R. FAGAN, ISIDORE St Johns Baseball, Auditorium Squad, Service Squad, Basketball. Nuttsy Fagan. FIDEL, HY N. Y. U. Track Squad, Class Officer, Field Squad, Basketball. Find out whether Phi Alpha Pi is a dessert. FIEGEN, SYLVIA School of Acctg. Sr. Arista, Program Comm., Bank Squad, Officer of Sr. Class. Y She always knows what she's about That she'll succeed we have no doubt. FINE, IRENE Finland U. Service Squad, Comet, Class officer, Sr. Exec. Comm. Fine! Miss Fine. 10. FINOCCHIO, EMILIA Marwell Trng. Italian Club, French Club, Newman Club, Cocorico Rep. I Another girl whois either going to make or break those kids. 11. FIRTEL, ISIDORE N- Y- C- R O. T. C., Law Club, French Club, Ser- vice Squad. Another Shyster! 12. FIRTEL, MILTON N. Y. U. Comet Rep, Law Club, R. O. T. C., Cur- rent Events Club. He's up to date-He belongs to the Current Events Club. 13. FISHER, GERTRUDE Business School English, Office Squad, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Arista. Run along, little girl. 14. FISHKIN, ROY N. Y. U. Biology Club, Stamp Club, Football, Bridge Club. Fishkin by a young lady is admired, He niust feel quite inspired. 15. FITZER, Rosie N. Y. U. Arista, Program Comm., Math Office, Class Officer. Adorable, Charming, Sweet, to every eye she is a treat. 16. FLAM, SYLVIA N. Y. U. Language Office Squad, Program Comm., French Club, Bridge Club. Froni the color of her hair, she should argue with inuch heat, But you'll find her disposition is very, very sweet. 17. FLEISCHMAN, MORRIS Law Law Club, Track Team, Lunchroom Squad. Enipty barrels 'make the inost noise. 58. FoND,, LILLIAN Hunger Service Squad, Glee Club, Library Squad, Bridge Club. We're all Fond of Lillian. Forty-five Forty-six Glibe Qllumet FORSCHMIEDT, FRANCES Maxwell Trng Libmfy Squad, Naturalist's Club, Frencn Club, Lunchroom Squad. A great admirer of Bullock. FRANK, PEARL St. John's Service Squad, Sten. Club, Hockey. Has anyone seen the Mother of Pearl? FREEDMAN, SADIE N, Y, U. Glee Club, Music Club, Eco Club. I just dote on Cream Puffs. FREIBERG, MILTON N. Y. U. Comet, Soccer, Service Squad, Bridge Club. He sat down, he gazed up, then the camera broke. FREIBERG, RUTH C, C, N, Y. Dancing Club, Service Squad. Silence is Golden. FREIDMAN, BEATRICE Cornell Biology Club, Girl Reserve, Latin Club, Art Service Squad. Doughnuts-she's money crazy. FRIEDMAN, SAM C. C. N. Y. Current Events Club, Service Squad, Au- ditorium Squad, Soccer. Sweet Spirits of Ammonia. FRIEDMAN, SARAH Maxwell Trng. Nuhs, Lunchroom Squad, Class Officer, Service Squad. If you're thinking of flunking, consult her fE'xplanation?j FRIEDMAN, HARRY C. N. Y. U. Field Squad, Auditorium Squad, Eco Club, Football Squad. He's so big-hearted, he wears a double breasted suit. 10. Fusco, PETER C. C. N. Y- Service Squad, Eco Club. Nothing to do and spends all his time doing it. 11. GADOLOWITZ, SAM BMSMGSS Sr. Grade Advisor's Squad, Arista, Nuhs. Born to be laughed at. 12. GALFUNT, MAX N. Y- U- Service Squad, Nuhs, Swimming Squad, Class Officer. Baby Face. 13. GAMPEL, FAY N. Y. U. Service Squad, Girls Athletic League, Lunchroom Squad, Program Comm. To fir her hair like Fay, in vain we fuss and rage. - 14. GARELICK, JENNIE N. Y. U. History Club, Literary Club, Bridge Club, Eco Club. Just the converse of her name. 15. GERBER, LILLIAN Business Young Barrymore Club, Sten. Club, Swimming Club. Silence is golden, she's coining money. 16. GERBER, SOLOMON C. C. N. Y. Nuhs, Fencing Team, Service Squad, Arista, Sr. Literary Society. Only other Sr. who hasn't track as a service. 17. GILDEN, LEON Syracuse Service Squad, Glee Club, Nuhs. We see him as thru the hall we walk, And we wonder if this boy can talk. 18. GILLMAN, ANNETTE Business Coll. Service Squad, Class Officer, History Club, Girls Reserve. If noise were money, you'd be poor. Forty-seven Forty-eight Ghz QZUIIIBI 1. GELMAN, MAC Z, C. C. N. Y. Mmstfelsi 525, Frolics, '26, Minstrels '28, G. O. Exec. comm., si-. Class Night? The perennjal Senior. 2. GLASSBERG, HAROLD U, gf Calif, Arista, Comet, Dramatic Society. Rippling waters call him far away. 3. GLASSER, HERBERT B'klyn Law Mmstrels -'28, Service Squad, Bridge Club. ' The Abysmal Brute. 4. GLAssMAN,,HELEN N. Y. U. Gym Squad, Literary Club, Music Club, Class Officer. But, Miss F-nkl-st--n, honest- 5. GLEICHER, HELEN N. Y. U. Sr. Arista, Regents Recording Comm., ing Comm., Physics Lab. Squad. ln the shorthand class we heard her say, "You can't flunk me for being un- prepared one day !" 6. GODOFF, BELLA Vassar Arista, Service Squad, Riding Club, French Club. Are you a society dame That you sport a riding pin Or do you put chewing gum on To keep you sitting on? 7. GOLD, JULIETTE N. Y. U. Service Squad, Tennis Club, Dancing Club, G. O., Lunchroom Squad. Where's her Romeo ? 8. GOLD, ROSE N. Y. U. Leader Jr. Arista, Prom Comm., Sr. Arista. Pretty, petite and sweet. 9. GOLDBERG, GRACE Maxwell Trng. Sr. Dramatic Society, French Club, Swimming Club, Dancing Club. Your face, my dear, is like a book where men may read strange matters. 10. GOLDBERG, JULIUS C. C. N. Y- Sr. Arista, Nuhs, Latin Service Squad, Program Comm. y It's a fraud, it's a fake. 11. GOLDBERG, SAM Bucknell Nuhs, Service Squad, Class Basket- Ball Team, Spanish Club. The Arrow Collar Ad. 12. GOLDFARB, ANNE C. C. N. Y. Class Officer, Lunchroom Squad, Sten. Club, Bridge Club. What's the use of sighing, there is no denying, Anne is the girl for whom all the boys are crying. 13. GOLDFARB, OSCAR C. C. N. Y. Arista, Book Room Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Class oificer. Flaming youth. 14. GALDIERI, ANITA William and Mary Newman Club, Service Squad, Gym Squad, Dancing Club. Some picture of you we've seen Anita dear, fo rsore eyes they'd prone a cheer. 15. GOLDSTEIN, BEATRICE C. C. N. Y. Basketball, Music Club, Hockey. b All that glitters is not gold. 16. GOLDSTEIN, JACOB C. C. N. Y. Accounting Club, Handball Squad, Bas- ket ball Squad. The "punctuation kid"-he's still a comma. 17. GOLDSTEIN, SIDNEY N. Y. U. Treas. Sr. Class, Sr. EX. Comm., Foot- ball, Lacrosse. Do you know what hapuened to Venus from tapping herself on the shoulder? 18. GOODMAN, IRVING C. C. N. Y. Comet, History Club, Nuhs. Mystery man of the class. Forty-nine 1 Fifty The Qllumet GORDON, RAPHAEL C, C, N, Y, SGTVICG Squad, Class Officer, Jr. Arista, Comet and Nuhs Rep. Get a degree fro ti A d BJ- liard Academyj m ze Ca amy Q 1 GOTTFIIQLD, DAISY Hume, Gym Office, History Club, Biology Club, Swimming Club, French Club. To find the length of a short circuit. GOUCH, VVALTER St, Jolmg Cross Country team, Track, Arista, Ser- vice Squad. We all admire him. GRAND, EDNA Maxwell Trng. gunchroom Squad, El Correo, Nuhs ep. Gee, she's a peach. GREENBERG, HANNAH Bryn M awr Dramatic Society, Basketball Team, Comet. Henny's full of pep and vim, if you don't believe this come to the gym. GREENBERG, MILTON U. of Arabia Comet, Arista, Service Squad, Hall Squad. Little, but O--my. GREENBERG, ROSE N.. Y..U. Service Squad, Dancing Club, Swimming Club. If better late than never, then never. GRECO, WILLIAIVI West Point Baseball, Track, Nuhs, Gym Club. New Utrecht's strong, silent man!!! GREENSCHPOON, JULIET v Julliard Sch. of Music Service Squad, Red Cross Rep., Nuhs Rep., Office Squad. You didn't change your name, did you? 10. GREENSCHPOON, RALPH U. of Argen. Track Team, Interprefect Basketball, Swim ing Team. ty did you change your name, Ron of 11. GREENSPAN, ABE St. Johns Sr. from Ticket Comm., Basketball, Nuhs, Class Officer. Ticket for the Prom? 12. GREVE, FRED K. Colgatq Swimming Team, Service Squad, ulee Club, Orchestra. We hope he likes the tooth paste there. 13. GRIFFLER, ROSE Hunter Dramatic Society, Swimming Club, French Club, Dancing Club. She"s a noisy miss, and never on time, that's a lie but we had to make this rhyme. 14. GRONENBERG, GOLDIE Adelphi Sec. Sr. Class, Comet, Nuhs, Red Cross. She's chockful of laughter, she's chock- ful of fun If there's anyone happy, you say she's the one. 15. GROSSEERG, MIRIAM N. Y. U. Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Math OHice, Hockey Team. Another dance demon. 16. GUAGLIANO, LILY Maxwell Trng. Italian Club, Lunchroom Squad, Program Comm., Service Squad. She knows what she knows, but what does she know? 17. GUASTELLA, JEANNETTE Hunter Literary Club, French Club, History Club. All her ways are winning ways. 18. GURSKY, LILLIAN St. Johns Library Squad, Sten Club, Math Squad. She thinks so much, her hair curls up. Fifty-one Fifty-two itbe Qlumer 1. 2. 3. 4 5 6 7 8 9 GUSTAVSON. ARNOLD C. C. N. Y. Chem. Club, Nuhs. Tho he has been in our class thru and thru, dTo the girls he's afraid to say "How- o." GUTMAN, GABRIEL N, Y, U, Nuhs RGD-. Comet Rep., Red Cross, Lunchroom Squad, His fiery spirit burst forth in a blaze of glory-at the top of his head. HAMMER, MILDRED Gio-ls Hebrew Coll. Biology Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Ser- vice Squad, Class Officer. Here's a girl we all adore She's one who never makes you sore Her charming ways we all will miss New Utrecht with her was perfect bliss. HAMMERBIAN, DOROTHY N. Y. U. Arista Senate, Latin Service Squadg Program Comm. The wandering "Chew." HECHT, ISIDORH N. Y. U. Service Squad, Library Squad, History Club, Oifice Squad. The lad who thinks he knows it all. N .Y. U. Squad, Lunch- HELD, MORTON Service Squad, Bookroom room Squad, Chess Club. An ambitious lad. Hunter HELLER, EDNA Nuhs Rep., Arista, Program Comm., Latin Service Squad. Here we have a combinationlof brains, popularity and sunny disposition. HELLER, LOUIS Si. John Service Squad, Baseball Team, Basket- ball Team, Nuhs Rep. He's so loud, he can't fall asleep. HENRY, YVILLIAM St. Johns Nuhs, Arista. Wm. has the knack of talking behind a teacher's back. 10. HERSCHBEIN, SYLVIA I C. C. N. Y. Music Club, Adeste Fidelis, Office Squad, Service Squad. To look intelligent in Eco. 11. HERTZBERG, SYLVIA C. C. N. Y. Service Squad. Where'd you get those eyes? 12. HOCHEN, SYLVIA C. C. N. Y. Speedsters, Service Squad. Sylvia tries and tries and tries But when her projects fail, She sighs and sighs and sighs. 13. HOERSCHGEN, EDNA Maxwell Trng. English Office, Service Squad, Dramatic Society, Swimming Club. Her favorite saying, "What did you do in Eco today?" 14. HOFFMAN, RALPH Penn State Track Team, History Club, Service Squad. Always running-wonder who's after him. 15. HOFFMAN, SAM St. John Medical Society, Service Squad. Caught in the act, he dons an inno- cent air, Tell us Sam, how do you manage that innocent stare? 16. HOLLAND, ABRAHAM C. C. N. Y. Office Squad, R. O. T. C., Class Officer, Track. Hello, Dutch. 17. HOLSTER, MARGARET N. Y. U. Glee Club, Program Comm., Math Club, Literary Club. Keep the box score for the Math team. 18. HONIG, SYLVIA New Paltz State Norm, Sch. Dramatic Society, Nuhs, English Of- fice, Class Officer. Eco is a great subject yeh, so great she can't master it. Fifty-im-ef Fifty-four The Qlumet HOROWITZ, ALBERT C, C, N, Y, gggleglitip-, Aud. Squad, Service Squad, He didn't have eno I 't ' 1 --- he joins the Eco of 1 m cuss HOROWITZ, BELLA Hun-my Service Squad, Biology Squad. Wise and quiet. HOROWITZ BERNHARDT Pol tea , h Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs Rep., lllllath. Eookroom, RQ O. T. C. Uses Griffith Stove Polish to polish up his understanding. EHOROWITZ, BIRDIE St. Johns Literary Club, Sten Club, Tennis, Fine Arts Dept. An artist-she draws flies. HOROWITZ, HAROLD N. Y. U. Interscholastic Tennis, English Book- room Squad, Sr. Arista. Born to blush unseen. HUPPERT, GILBERT Bklyn. CAC. Chess Club, Library Squad, Service Squad, Bridge Club, Forum. Noisy Huppert. IMPRESCIA, STELIO Fordham Swimming, Golf Squad, Nuhs Rep., Lifeguard Duty. Blessings on thee, little man. INGAR, FRIEDA C. C..N. Y. French Club, German Club, Literary Club, Lunchroom Squad. Ever quiet, but always there. ITKIN, AL .U- Of N- C- Basketball, Baseball, Sr. Social Comm. He's muscle bound from tapping him- self on the shoulder. 10. ITZKOWITZ, IDA BuSineSS G. O. P. Rep., Comet Rep. Though a Sr. at last she be, Still a child at heart is she. 11. JACOBSON, RUTH C. C. N. Y. Speedsters, Comet, Science Office, Fine Arts Dept. Ruth displays talent when confronting teachers. 12. JARO, HENRY N. Y. U. Track, History Club, Red Cross, Service Squad. .He has a wonderful memory, he re- tains facts so well that he can never get them out when he wants them. 13. JORGENSEN, ELMER St. Johns Printing Staff, Auditorium Squad, Ser- vice Squad, Class Officer. Talked so much, his Adam's apple turned to applesauce. 14. JOSEPH, LOUIS H. U. of L.,I. Football, Comet Rep., Track, Aud. Squad. Which is Which? 15. KAMEN, RosAL1ND Hunter Arista, Sr. Glee Club, Program Comm., Service Squad. We have hopes she'll grow up. 16. KAMEKSKY, ISIDORE N. Y. U. Service Squad, Office Squad. Steady-Jwatch the birdie. 17. KANTROWITZ, RUTH Pratt Inst. Sr. Arista, Eng. Office Squad, Program Comm. Few knew her-but to love her- 18. KAPLAN, HANAH Maxwell Trng. Service Squad, Girl Reserves, History Club, Dramatic Society. Never mention talking to her, It,s one thing she hates to do, She always refrains from saying a thing, Until she's spoken to. Fifty-five Fifty-six Ghz Qtumet KAPLAN, JULIA C. C N y step office squad, Eng. Off' 'S' I' OHICS Squad, Sten Club. me quam Julia has a heart of gold, How much we like her can't be told. KAPROW, JOSEPH P7-mt just Lunchroom Squad, Brush Club, Comet, Mimeograph Squad. Well, he tried to keep the lunchroom clean. KARMITZ, LENORE Colwmbia Riding Club, Comet, Hockey, Swimming. A girl should be young and ambitious, and always be full of viing Now take this advice to heart young lady, and don't be lazy in gym. KP-RP, LILLIAN Columbia Mgr. Sect. Staff Comet, Nuhs, Lunch- room Squad, Class Officer, A golden-haired fairy in our inidst. KARSH, HYMAN C, C, N, Y, Sr. Arista, Service Squad, Program Comm., riistory Club. Hurry, hurry, you'll be late, fWhose fault is it yours or fate? KATZENOWITZ, LOUIS B. C. P. Basketball, Hall Squad, Service Squad, Track. Knows where to go but won't go so far. KAUFMAN, BABE N. Y. U. Class Officer, Nuhs Rep., Hockey, Ten- n1s. She's a natural blonde. KAUFMAN, SAUL Columbia Football, Track, French Club, German Club. Some man-0-wow'. KERNER, HENRIETTA Maxwell Training History Club, Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs, Book Room Squad. Petite and frail UD 10. KIIx1IxIELIxIAN, JACK C. C. Y- Printing Squad, Track Team, A1'1S'C9-1 Gym Club. He who hath knowledge 21915 Spaliefll his words. 11. KING, KENNETH ' N. Y. U. Service Squad, Class Officer, Nuhs, Bookkeeping Squad. Not "King for a4day,"' Not "King for an hourgl' but 'tKing" always. 12. KINISHINSKY, HYMAN C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs, Rep., Stamp Club. Q. Where'd he get that shiner? A. A fish kicked him. 13. KIRSCHENBAUNI, JEROME C. C. N.. Y. Hall Squad, Orchestra, Baseball Varsity, Sr. Pin Comm. We hope he doesn't stick himself. 14. KIRSTEIN, MILTON U. of Michigan Football, Boxing Team, Track, FIeld Squad. Look who's here! 15. KLEIN, IRVING C. C.N. Y. Swimming Squad, Class Oiicer, Baseball, Basketball. Irving Klein, he thinks he's fine-but- 16. KLIEGNIAN, ANNE B'Klyn Col. of Phar.- Literary Club, Speedsters, Bridge Club, Library Squad. Speedster f??J in everything? 17. KOPPEL, EVELYN C. C. N. Y. Music Club, Glee Club, Nuhs Rep., Class Officer. She says what she believes and she be- lieves what she says. 18. KORMAN, SAUL Bucknell Track, Swimming, Hockey. So fast his future is behind hiin. Fifty-seven Fifiy eight The Qtumet EKORNBLUM, BESSIE U, of P, Rldlng Club, French Club, Service A lithey and actioe girl is she If youd test her, you'd see. KOURI. AL l Cairo, Egypt Sr. Class Night, Nuhs, Dramatic Soc- iety, N. U. Acrobats. Pretty as a picture-to be hung. KOVNER, MAX C. C. N. Y. Latin Office Squad, Program Comm., Bookroom Squad. The Book Croomj Worm. KRAMER, WILLIAM N. Y. U. Hall Squad, Service Squad, Comet, Con- flict Squad. Gaze upon him-. KRIEGER, ELEANOR Maxwell Training Nuhs Rep., Comet Rep., Basketball, Hockey. Though you are a pretty creature, you are doomed to be a teacher For a year or two and then, you will wed the best of men. KRIMSKY, AL N. Y. U. Basketball, Service Squad, Lunchroom, Squad, Class Officer. The answer to a maiclen's prayer. KRONENBERG, IRVING C. C. N. Y. Bookroom Squad, Lunch Room Squad. Writers' Club. Q. What are you looking at? A. No- thing. Q. Look in the mirror and see less. KULICK, ANNA Savage Jr. Arista, Lunchroom Squad, Literary Club, Grade Advising Squad. Not too fast, not too slow, just the sort one likes to know. KUNTZMANN, AUGUs'TA 1 Savage Arista, Language Office, Cocorico. Always willing to help is she, ask Mrs. Grossman you'll see. 10. LABES, LEON N. Y. U. Arista Leader, Class Officer, Camera Club, Track Team. The last and the admits itj the best of the Labes. 11. LAMPIASI, FLORA N. Y. U. French Club, Spanish Club, Office Squad, Gym Squad. Quiet, friendly and sincere, is this girl we mention here. 12. LANDBERG, DORA Hunter Basketball, Swimming Club, Ice Skating Club. If silence were golden, Dora would be a church mouse. , 13. LAUB, MARTHA N. Y. U. Literary Club, Sten Club, French Club. What she can do you'd never know, she's simply wonderful 'in Steno. 14. LAVINSKY, MEYER C. C. N. Y- Track, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Sam's brother. 15. LAVINSKY, SAMUEL C. C. N. Y. French Club, Track, Service Squad, Nuhs rep. Meyerls brother. 16. LEDYARD, JOHN N. Y. U. Swiming Squad, Field Squad, Brush Squad, Service Squad. Discover who plays tag on Tag Day. 17. LEISEROWITZ, JACOB C .C. N. Y. Math Team, Math Club, History Club, Service Squad. In all his works he does his best, but in Math excels by far the rest. 18. LENTINO, MARIE Maxwell Training Swimming Club, Newman Club, Gym Squad. Much to commend dear Marie, her rec- ord is fine she comes on time. Fifty-nine Sixty The Qllumet 1. LEPIS, PATRICIA Bugjnegs History Club, French'Club, Newman Club Elder calm and sweet, quiet, short and nea . 2- LERTORA, EDITH A. N. Y. School of l Fine and Applied Arts Selivwe, Squad, Nuhs, Adeste Fideiis, Swimming Club. She's a charley jine girl. 3- LEVIN, ANNA C. I Hunter College Treas. of G. O., Senior Editor of Comet, Seventh Form., Sec'l., Mgr. of Language Papers. I Personality and popularity and a sunny disposition,-Anna. 4. LEVIN, MARTIN C, C, N, Y, Swimming, P. T. Clerk, Track, Field Squad. No relation to our "Big Shot." 5. LEVINE, ABRAHAM C. C, N, Y, Medical Society, R. O. T. C., Service Squad. One of the 400-Abrahams! 6. LEVINE, BERNARD N. Y. U. Comet rep., Nuhs rep., Basketball, French Club. Another 3M yr. 7. LEVINE, SYLVIA N. Y. U. History Club, Bridge Club, Sr. Literary Club, Hockey. Bridge is her middle name, she's all aflred with the game. 8. LEVY, HAROLD H. McGill University Latin Office Squad, Hall Squad, Nuhs Tennis. He 'must like his "likker." 9. LEVY, HENRY C. C. N. Y. Nuhs, Rep., Comet Rep., Radio Club, Spanish Club. The way he smiled, the wcy he spoke, Shows he's a sport-can take a joke. 10. LEVY, HORACE N. Y. UU. Track Team. Nuhs, Law Club, Service Squad. Aw, whatis the use of hurrying, worry- ing, scurrying and hurrying. 11. LEVY, OSCAR I SWGCLQSG Nuhs, Eco. Club, Swimming, Social Comm. Big Boy. 12. LIBUTTI, LoU1s St. Johrfs Track Team, Rifle Team, Gym Club, Service Club. A scientist no doubt he will be, he just loves chemistry. 13. LOEB, MOLLIE Hunter Arista, Glee Club, Eco Club. Capable, popular and clever, too, what would not teachers do for you. 14. LIEBMAN, J EssE McGill University Comet, Hall Squad, Class Officer, Medical Society. Utercht's "Hot Air" Artist. 15. LINKE, CLARA U. of Tennessee Auditorium Squad, G. O. Rep, Comet Rep, Spanish Club. Precocious child. 16. LINSIDER, ANNA N .Y. U. Glee Club, Arista, Literary Club, Office Squad. As a bit of golden sunshine, she cheers the world about her. 17. LINSKY, SARA Pratt Secretarial School Sten Club, Service Squad, French Club, Nuhs Rep. It's hard to find a rhyme for her, be- cause she's everything that you prefer. 18. LIPPNER, SIDNEY Long Island U. Nuhs, Comet, Social Comm., Ticket Squad. The lad who thinks he lcizows it all. Sixty-one X S'ia:t1l-two GDB 'Qllumzt 1- LOBER, HELEN N .Y. U. 10. MANOCCIO, MICIiAEL St. Johns Gen. Office' Squad, Girls Gym Squad, Sten Club, Service Squad, Class Officer, Organ, Oifice Swimming Club. Bookkeeping Squad. Another quiet girl is she and most leis- The B'oolc-keelfmg wiz- urely think we. A 11. MARCUS, FLORENCE E. Harriet Mills 2. LOMOVE, ISIDORE N, yi UI Kindergarten School Library. Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Gym Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Class Of- Nuhs, History Club. ficer, French Club. Little Chjgdyen Should be Seen and not In every motion grace is hers, on every heard, feature sweetness stirs. -3. LIEBERMAN, ETHEL Columbia 12. MARGOLIN, EDWARD N. Y- U- Arista, Senior Editor, Glee Club. TT9-Ck, S91'VlC9 Squad, Program Comm-. . B' 1 Cl b. A pleasant smile and many a curl, 10 ogy u A makes a peach of this charming girl. Old New York University. 4. LOPES, CHARLES Fordham Track, Class Officer, Hockey. 13. MARINIELLO, NICHOLAS N. Y. U. , , Service Squad, Newman Club, Aud Squad, To fall in love with a blond-so he'll Nul-15 Rep. be sure he's a gentleman. .Just another senior. 5. LORBER, MORRIS N. Y. U. Service. Squad, Hall Squad, Basketball, 14. MARKOWITZ, MAX N .Y, U, Swlmmmg Team- I Capt. Math Team, Math Club, Math Nuhs Rep., Class Officer, Eco. Club. Squad, Algebra League, He could have been on the swimming Indispensable?-ask My, Weiner, team, if somebody hadnlt been first. 6. LUNDMAN, WALTER U. of S. Cal. 15- MABKOWITZ' BEN . . N' Y' U' On this Clay we all iigiee willing and Service Squad, AT1Sta, History Club congenial he. Speedstersv -The only senior who didn't take it se- 7. MAGIDOFF, ABRAHAM C. C. N. Y. WOUSZU- Service Squad, History Club, Forum, Writers' Club. 16. MARMER, MILTON N. Y. U.N Bound K0 Succeed- R. O. T. C., Law Club Biology Club. Mama, Mama. 8. MANDELM, SEYMOUR St. John's L Library Squad, Service Squad, Swimming Team, Hiking Club- 17. MAY, FRED C. C. N. Y. Why giils Slay home' Service Squad, Nuhs, Riiie Club. - I insist-Jane. 9. MANEZON, BIRDIE N. Y. U. Biology Office Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Comet Rep., Arista. Service is her middle name, Amiability is the first and third, She's as pleasant as the summer sun, as cheery as a bird. 18. MAZZAFERRI, ANGELA Nuhs, Rep., Comet Rep., Aud Squad, Class Officer. She doesn't say much, but we like her anyway. Sixty-three Sixty-four The Qlumet MCCUE, EDXVIN Pulster Institute 10- MEYER, ISABEL D Hunter Aud Squad, History Club, Newman Club, Latin 05109 Sflufldl 05109 Squad, Nuhs. Class Officer. A Prince of Good Fellows. MCKEAG, VVALTER Dartmouth Golf Team, Baseball, Bookroom Squad, Sr. Exec. Comm, Such courtly manners, such infinite grace, you'll surely be successful in life's race. MAILNIAN, ROSE N. Car. Col. for Women Nuhs, Comet, Gym Squad, Literary So- ciety. Rose dear, do tell us some more, whoin in W'isconsin do you adore. MCMAHON, CATHERINE Maxwell Train. Bookroom Squad, Program Comm., Swimming Club, Newman Club. Reared in Palestine. MEHL, ELSIE Business School Arista, German Club, Sten Office Squad, Office Squad. Clever, yet quiet. MENDELSOHN, ANNE Hunter Arista Library Squad, Bridge Club, Nuhs. Gentle, clever and kind, a better friend would be hard to find. MENSCH, SYLVAN C. C. N. Y. Arista, Nuhs, Bookroom Squad, Service Squad. Latin Hin,-A "Mensch" in the Senior Class. MERINGOLO, LEWIS C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Eco Club. PersonalitJy plus joviality-llleringola. MESSEL, JACOB Brown U. Track, Nuhs, Eco. Club, Chem. Club. "Wesley Barry!" Floor Mgr. She was meant to be an angel, I sup. pose, But the Gods left her on earth to cheer men's souls. 11. MICHELMAN, HERBERT Long Island U. Arista, Service Squad, Comet Rep., Hand- ball Squad. ' When a fella needs a friend. 12. MICHELSON, BERTI-IA I N. Y. -U. Regents Recording Comm., Science Office Squad, Speedster, French Club. With pretty black hair and eyes of brown, you'll never see her with a frown. 13. MIGLIACCIO, ERNEST St .John's Italian Club, Lunchroom Squad, Sr. Glee Club, Track. Show hiin the way home. 14. MILHAUSER, ALEX N. Y. U. Nuhs Rep., Comet Rep., Basketball Squad, Football Squad. We call him sandwich, because he's half- bred. ' 15. MILLER, ISIDORE N. Y.-U. Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs Rep., Comet Rep., Basketlballf ' The gentle art of blujing. E 16. MILLER, SIMON N .Y. U. Service Squad, Lunchroom Guard, Radio Club, French Club. ' - 5 Modest Simon. ' 17. MILLMAN, NATHAN C. C. N QY. History Club, Economic Club. Actions speak louder than words. 18. MINDEL, SYLVIA Hunger Biology Club, Service Squad, Office Squad, Gym Squad. I hope she isn't going bugs. ' U 'Sixty-five Sixty-six dlbe Qllumet MITTLEMAN, HELEN N. Y. U. Program Comm., Book Receipts Squad, Mr. Friecl's right lzancl man. MORIBER, JOSEPH B'klyn Col. of Plzar. Track Squad, Tennis Team, Basketball Squad, Service Squad. A prornising student-always promising to do better. MYSTERY, LADY Quite Charming Unknown We wish we knew who you are. MOSKOWITZ, PEARL Arista, Class Officer, C. C. N. Y. Program Comm. Big Business needs a bright girl, when she gets out they'll all want her. NACHMINSON, DAVID N. Y. U. Medical Society, Basketball, Glee Club, Football. An idea,-away his pencil flies, the pic- ture--a sight for sore eyes. NAGLER, IRA M. Syracuse Library Squad, Rifle Team, Chemistry Squad, Hall Squad. Why clogs go rnad . PAISNER, JOSEPH C. C. N. Y. French Club, History Club, Aud Squad, Service Squad. It "Pais-n'er" to shirk. NEGER, RHODA N- Y- U- Service Squad, Girl Reserves, French Club, Gym Squad. Neat, precise, always nice. NELSON, ROLAND St. Johns Service Squad, Eco Club. The onlyfellow who didn't give track as a service. 10. NITTI, SAVINO Columbia Italian Club, Newman Club, Service Squad, Class Officer. Nit-Witty. 11. NEDIEROW, MILTON U. of Iowa Comet, Nuhs, Class Officer. A chainpionof a kind. 12. NEINSTEIN, MURRAY C. C. N. Y. Arista, Nuhs, Lunchroom Squad, Ser- vice Squad. Such a horcle of successful men to C. C. N. Y. go. 13. NEMIROFF, ANNE Adelphi Latin Club, Biology Service Squad, Pro- gram Comm., Latin Service Squad. Rosy cheeks and big brown eyes, are charms that anyone would prize. 14. NESTLE, SYDNEY Damrosch Orchestra. Sydney, Nestle closer to mc. ' 15. NEsTLER, HERBERT N. Y. U. Lunchroom Squad, Chess Team, Arista, Nuhs. When he starts sweeping the lunchroom, the dust flies. 16. NEWMAN, MAE , A St.1Johnls Spanish Club, Biology Club, Hockey, Lunchroom Squad. She's demure and she's sweet, and shels taking besides, She's silent and she's gentle, and she no one derides. 17. Nos1TzER, BEss1E Maxwell Training Arista, .Program Office, Lunchroom Squad, History Club. All Bessie lacks is a more peppy voice, 18. Noz1cK, JOSEPH C, C, N, yi Service Squad, Aud. Squad, Nuhs Make flashlights for 'monkey-shines, Sixty-seven 1 Sixiy eight The Qtnmet OBER, EDWARD Football Team, Class Club, Track Squad. Ha1'rrml Officer, Hikers Rough and reddy. C. C. N. Y. Glee Club, Class Officer, Swimming Club, OLSHANSKY, ANNIE The silver-tongued orator. PARADLO, SALLY Hunter Italian Club, Biology Club, Spanish Club. Sally in our alley. PASSER-A, JOHN Colzcmbia Lunchroom Squad, Math Club. Hope he isn't a drug addict. PASTERNACK, FANNIE N. Y. U. History Club, Biology Club, Red Cross Rep., Glee Club. Little Fannie's very small, she hasn't very far to fall. PAVESE, FRANK A. C. C. N. Y. Hall Squad, Nuhs Rep., Handball, Soc- cer. Like Quebec-built on a bluyf. I PERELZWEIG, BENJAMIN Columbia Minstrels '28, Track Team, Hall Squad. As an actor on the stage, he'd be better of. PERELZWEIG, SAM B'klyn Col. of Phafr. Medical Society, Track Team, Minstrel '28, The Acrobatic Pharmacist. PETITO, HELEN N. Y. U. Literary Club, Office Squad, Newman Club, Nuhs Rep. Isn't she petite? 10. PETREANU, ABRAHAM N. Y. U. History Club, Biology Club, French Club, Medical Society. He seems to be quite a congenial spirit. 11. PETRY, ELMER Business Aud Squad, Nuhs Rep., Class Officer. Comet Rep. Small in stature, but not in noise. 12. PIVEN, LILLIAN C .C. N. Y. Eng. Office Squad, Program Comm., Ar- ista, Dramatic Society A pale lily. 13. PLAKS, SOL N. Y. U. Arista, Glee Club, Hall Squad. Mr. Bricker's right hand man. 14. PLATT, ANNA Hunter Nuhs Rep., French Club, Public Speak- ing Club, Eco Club. Elociition is her doom, because she al- ways fails to boom. N. Y. U. T. C., Math Club, 15. PLATZMAN, HARRY Brass Band, R. O. Baseball Squad. Some "math-letef' 16. PAGODA, EDWARD U. of Edinburgh, Scot. A Nuhs, Handball, Baseball, Football, Boxing Team. The Woman's Home Companion. 17. POTASH, IDA Buginegg Glee Club, Comet, Swimming Club, Sten Club. Potash and Perlmictter. 18. PRESSLER, HENRIETTA C. C. N. Y. Swimming Club, Class Olficer, Gym Squad, Program Comm. She's here, she's there, she's everywhere, Of all her friends she takes god care. Sixty-nine Sevenfy The Qtumet PROVENZANO, KATE N, Y, U, Service Squad, Nuhs Rep., Comet Rep., Anna just cannot understand why lovers should rage so, Said Kate: You've never been in love. How can you know? PRUSLIN, RosE Columbia Speedsters, Bridge Club, Service Squad, Swimming Club. Sh! She eats onions-don't breathe it to a soul. PRUSACK, RUTH Maxwell Training Girls Glee Club, Oifice Squad, Latin Club, Service Squad. She's going wild to be trained. PUNDICK, LILIEN Cooper Union Eng. Squad, Swimming Team, Dramatic Society, Basketball Team. King Solomon quite charms this lassie. RABINOWITZ, ISIDORE N. Y. U. Service Squad, Chemistry Club, Stamp Club. Raise radio sets by planting electric bulbs in magnetic yields . RAGosTA, RALPH C. C. N. Y. Italian Club, Nuhs Rep., Comet Rep., Another snowflake! RAMPULLA, JOHN N. Y. U. Eco Club, Track Team, Service Squad, Comet Rep. Dark and Swarthy-a Blacksmith. RAPAPORT, FAYE C. C. N. Y. Glee Club, Comet Rep., Lunhroom Squad, Sten Club. Do, re, me fa. RAPAPORT, LILLIAN N- Y- U- Glee Club, Arista, Basketball Team, Ser- vice Squad. . Program Comm., Service Squad, Basket- Although her body is small, you'll find hey voice makes up for it all. 10. REIF, MIRIAM Hunter Service Squad, Eco. Club, Sten. Club She's O. K. 11. REIFMAN, DAVID B'klyri Col. of Phar. Service Squad, Stamp Club, Nuhs. Another Business Mgr. gone but not forgotten. 12. REIN, ROSE Hunter Arista, Program Comm., Comet Rep., Bridge Club. You used to be so quiet and shy, but now you're bright as a butterfly. 13. REINHART, LEO N. Y. U. Basketball, Track, Bookroom Squad, Football. No relation to Strongheart. 14. REINGOLD, LEON Syracuse Ed.-in-Chief Nuhs, Sec. G. O., Orches- tra, Journalism Club. By all means a regular fellow, 15. REISCHE, SID Ohio State Track Team, Soccer Team, Nuhs. Nice boy-he ought to get ahead-he surely needs one. 16. REISNER, HELEN Brooklyn Law Girls Reserve, Tennis Club, Chem. Of- fice, German' Club. A quiet girl who does her work, neifer a bit do we see her shirk. 17. RESNICK, HELEN Columbia History Club, French Club, Dramatic So- ciety, Literary Society. A model student. 18. RICE, ALEXANDER U, of Va, Football, Track, Literary Club. "Sonny Boy." Seventy-one 1 1 I Seventy-fu'0 The Qlumet 1. RIFKIN, NORMA N Y Class Officer, Minstrels '28, Glee 'Club.U- Her wisdom, unlike Iieauf-1, jg dgepl-too deep to come out. 2. ROCHLIN, MORDECAI C, Q, N. Y Nuhs, Arista, Service Squad, Program, Comm. Primarily a student, 3- ROMEO, LENA Pratt Institute Italian Club, Class Officer, Newman Club. One treasurer who hasn't absconded. 4. Ross, BENJAMIN St. Johrds Comet, Latin Office Squad, Chess Club, Debating Team. As a debater he makes a yine chess player. 5. ROSENBERG, DOROTHY Business Glee Club, Spanish Club. Altho' she's just a little sassy, she wags her tongue like Trotzky. Barnard 6. RosoFsKY, BEATRICE Arista, Service Squad, Class Officer, Prog. Comm. "I knew Fd get into the Arista some day." 7. RQTHENBERG, RALPH Long Island U. Boxing Club, Basketball, Camera Club, Checker Team. I wish the chemistry teachers 'would wash their own dishes. 8. ROTHCHILD, Jiass N. Y. U. Book Receipt Squad, Nuhs, Brush Club. His face is blank, his mind is worse. 9. ROZMAN, DOROTHY C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Re- gents Recording Comm., Girls Reserve. Wistfitl and Dreamy. 10. RUBINOWITZ, IRVING Columbia Medical Society, Chemistry Club, Class Officer. It would give us pleasure to be ill, if Dr. Rubinowitz prescribed the pill. 11. RUDINSKY, DELLA Cornell Service Squad, Volley Ball, Basketball, Swimming. Volley Ball, Swimming, Basketball, Del- la excels in one and all. 12. RUSH, ANNA Adelphi Arista, History Club, Program Comm., Latin Service Squad. If you want a girl that has brains, high marks and all that, A girl who stands for Arista, to Anna taYe off your hat. 13. Rrsris, SIMON C. C. N. Y. Nuhs Rep., Comet Rep., Track, Chess, Club. The Chess-nut. 14. SACHS, NETTIE N. Y. U. Eng. Office Squad, Class Officer, Nuhs Rep. Sachs, Nettie-a lovely miss is she. 15. SACKS, EDITH Business Class Officer, Nuhs, Speedsters, Library, Typist. She seems to know what she's about, we'll hear from her when she's out. 16. SALTMAN, EL1As N. Y. U. Service Squad, Debating Team, Medical Society. Quiet-but forceful. 17. SAMBURG, VIVIAN Anderson-Milton Sch. Eng. Office Squad, Chess Club, Frolics '26, Dance Club. Nazimooa, the second. 18. SANDBANK, MAX C. C. N. Y, Biology Club, Service Squad, Chess Club, Lunchroom Squad. There is something in the Evolution Theory after all, Seventy-three Seventy-f0u r The Slimmer SANDERS, GEORGE St. JoIin's Service Squad, Comm. Office Squad, Rep. Nulis, Class Officer. Er-there's plenty of sand in him. SAN FILIPPO, FRANK Fwdlmm Track, Chemistry Club, Service Squad, Swimming Club. His breeze in running gave the fellow behind hivn pneumonia, SANTANGELO, JASPER Polgtech Italian Club, Newman Club, Class Officer, Service Squad. He says nothing and it sounds great. SATRIANO ELEANOR Maxwell Training Service Squad, Newman Club, Italian Club, Nuhs Rep. School rna'ain. SCHARFSTEIN, NLIRIAM Maxwell Train. Class Officer, Service Squad, Office Squad, French Club. Miriam Scharfstein is very keen. SCHECHTMEN, EVA C. C. N. Y. Arista, OHice Squad, Program Comm. Like her namesake-always tempting the boys. SCHEINBLUM, SAM B'klyn Col. of Phar. Dancing Comm., Class Officer, Track, Basketball Team. The Irnniaculate Deception. SCHERZER, HELENE . Cornell Service Squad, Speedsters, Miss Simp- son's Squad, Mr. Behnken's Squad. Mother's Angel Child. SCHLANG, DAviD U .of South Africa Tennis, Swimming, Aud, Squad, Glee Club. He 'must be wild. 10. SCHMIDT, ISRAEL B'Iclyn Col. of Phar. Service Squad, Eco. Club, Lunch Room. Another one! 11. SCHNABEL, CELIA Business School Baseball Team, Arista, Basketball Team, Hockey Team. And for all that she goes to business. 12. SCHNEIDER, CHARLES U. of Penn. Brush Club, Art Squad. Under wondrous pictures you have seen his naine, Here's to the future artist of Greenwich Village fame. 13. SCHNEIDER, Louis Penn. State Handball, Service Squad, Basketball, Track. Another Track man. 14. SCHONBERGER, JOSEPH N. Y. U. Service Squad, Medical Society, Class Officer, A lady killer-one look at hiin and they die of fright. 15. SCUREIBER, Louis HC. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Nuhs, Comet. He made a sweeping success of his high school career. ' 16. SCHROEDER, HELEN Barnard Arista, Program Comm., Class Officer, Backetball Team. Cute little lassie everybody knows, not the kind that's sassie, and she's mighty like a rose. 17. SCUDERI, ANTHONY St. John's Italian Club, Track, Lunchroom Squad, Glee Club. 'Ja get it? 18. SCHUPPER, FRIEDA Hunter Nulis, Glee Club, Arista, Book Receipt Squad. Just a blonde-haired lass, who stands out in her class. Seventy-five Seventy-six alba Qtumet SOHWARTZ, ELIZABETH C07-neg Asst to Miss Simpson, Service Squad, Program Comm., Sr. Arista. She's just .another on the list, But by Miss Simpson shelll be fmissed. SCHWARTZ, ESTHER Maxwell Training Lunchroom. Squad, Regents Recording Comm., Office Squad, Bridge Club. Pretty eyes and liorely tresses, are only some of the things she possesses. SCHWARTZ, MELVIN C. C. N. Y. QB'klynJ Service Squad, Comet, Spanish Book Room Squad, Nuhs. Sinall-but obstreperous. SCHWARTZ, Sylvia Adelphi Eng. Office Squad, Service Squad, His- tory Club, Arista, Long may the permanent wave-. SCHECHTER, J OSEPH N. Y. U. Comet, Track Team, Cross Country Team. Just ................................. ? N. Y. U. Club, Service SCIORTINO, JOSEPH Nuhs Rep., Newman Squad, Class Officer. Be a pretzel.bender. SEELENFREUND, GERTRUDE C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Swimming Club, Class Of- ficer, Eco Club. She wants to take study as a major. SEID, ISADORE C. C. N. Y. Track Squad, Cocorice Rep., French Ave. Free from care. SELKIN, ABRAHAM B'klyn Col. of Pliar. Latin Service Squad, Service Squad, History Club. The best years of his life were when he was a senior. 10. SELONICK, AMBROSINE Maxwell Train. Gym Squad, Dramatic Society, Glee Club. I know it all. 11. SELEVAN, TED U. of Palestin- Soccer, Track, Medical Society, and Squad. Be active-be active-find something to do. 12. SHAPIRO, SADIE Hunter Service Squad, El Correo, French Club, Swimming Club. Little Sadie is a very good sport, We like her hair cut so short. 13. SHEVAC, RANDOLPH Columbia Arista, Bridge Club, Service Squad, Chem. Club. He couldn't get into any other college, so he's going to Columbia. 14. SEVUSH, FREDA N. Y. U. Comet Rep., German Club, Nuhs Rep., Swiming Club. Dignity and wisdoin, a jine combination. 15. SHAPIRO, BLANCHE St. John Program Comm., Office Squad, Service Squad. Ting-a-ling! We thear wedding bells... 16. SHEINFELD, AGNES N. Y. U. Nuhs, Service Club, Lunchroom Squad Adeste Fidelis. Aggie, Aggie. How you agitate those boys QStanley Murray, etc.J 17. SHAROFF, MILDRED St.John's Glee Club, Class Officer, Nuhs, Pinafore. Her ainbition is to use an Eco teacher as an anchor on a boat ride. 18. SEIDEL, CHARLES U. of Palestine Track Team, Hikers Club, Service Squad. Makes haste slowly. l . S eventy-seven Seventy-eight QED 2 aumer SHERMAN, HELEN ' Cornell 10. SIMON, SADIE N. Y. U- Arista, Program Comm., Language Of- French Club, German Club, Red Cross, Hce Squad, Literary Club. Lunchroom Squad. It's hard to knock this girl-she may Ask Ruth. write behind your back. 11. SLOOP, MAE N- Y- U- SIEGEL, FLORENCE Hamer Service Squad, Latin Club, Glee Club. She always knows her lessons, and yet speaks so low, We have to strain our very ears, to catch a word or so. SIEGEL, JACK N, Y, U, Printing Squad, Class Oificer, Swimming, Cross Country. Pass those nine majors and three min- ors. SILVER, LAURETTA Pratt Institute Comet Rep., Nuhs Rep., Tennis, Speed- sters. A worthy 'name for a girl of wit and knowledge. SILVERMAN, EMANUEL C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Med- ical Club, Track Squad. He's a silver-man. SCHULMAN, REBECCA C. C. N. Y. Nuhs, Office Squad, Speedsters. Ever calm and neat, quiet and nice and sweet. SILVERMAN, RosE Business Glee Club, Spanish Club, Basketball. . Just like a real rose, sweet'n every- thing. , SILVERMAN, EDWARD N. Y. U. Football Squad, Baseball, Basketball, Nuhs Rep. Positively no relation to Phil. SIMON, RUTH Business Service Squad, Glee Club, Basketball, Class Officer. Ask Sadie. Latin Club, Biology Club, Program Comm., Hockey. 'fShow me f" Long Island U. 12. SLOTNICK, MAX A Orchestra, Basketball, Service Squad, Eco. Club. The Buxom Cherub. 13. SMITH, RUTH Maxwell Training Service Squad, Physics Squad, Nuhs Rep., Regents Recording Comm. Teacher! Teacher! May Il? 14. SOLLOG, HELEN Brown'es Business Col. German Club, French Club, Literary So- ciety, Swimming Club. , Neat and precise, without a touch of vice. 15. SoMACUoFsKY, AARON N. Y. U. Service Squad, Eco. Club. Had his tonsils removed so that he could make longer speeches. 16. SONDOWICH, SOPHIE Hunter Swimming Club, Comet Rep., Literary Club. Dainty and petite, when dancing she's a treat. 17. SPELLMAN, CLARENCE N. Y. U. Service Squad, Conflict Squad, Language Office Squad, Sten. Club. That ambition-Private, Corporal and Sergeant. 18. SPIWAK, ALBERT Long Island U, Medical Society, Sten. Book Room, Track, Service Squad. So crazy he's wild about himself. S eventy-nine Eighfy The Qllumet STAFF, HOWARD St. John's Debating, Swimming. He had nothing to do, so he did it at Utrecht. STEER, MACK U. of South Africa Field Squad, Hall Squad, Cheer Squad, Nuhs. The call of the Wild. STEIN, HARRY U. of Edinburgh Medical Society, Literary Society, Foot- ball, Swimming. What's this-a Scotch man. STEINBERG, HAROLD N. Y. U. Track, Service Squad, Gym Squad, His- tory Club. Plenty of brain cells, but they need re- charging. STEINBERG, PHILIP N. Y. U. Comet Rep., Nuhs Rep., Basketball, Office Squad. Not related to the Nlcebergsf' STEINER, SYLVIA C. C. N. Y. Orchestra, Glee Club, Arista, Music Club. She's of the clever kind, 35 years if you donyt mind. STEINIG, MAURICI-3 N. Y- U- Track, Nuhs, Service Squad, Comet. VVould that all boys appeal to us like him. STERN, ESTELLE N. Y.'U. Sten Club, Office Squad, Tennis, Swim- ming. She's made of Hsfwnw Stull- STERNHILL, ELSIE C. C. N. Y. History Bookroom, French Club, Service Squad. Still waters run deep. 10. STRAUSS, SARAH Business Swimming Club, French Club. A fair mermaid. 11. STRELSER, MIMI Columbia Comet, Sr. Prom Comm., Adeste Fidelis, Regents Recording Comm. Although our Mimi is very small, Boy! How she can make em fall. 12. STRICKLER, WILLIAM Columbia Eco. Club, Track Team, Office Squad, Comet Rep. Quite a decided young student when he decides. 13. SUFRIN, ROSE Columbia Law Club, Sten. Club, Comet, Service Squad. Tell us, Rose, whom is it you adore, And what does he take you for-better or worse? 14. SUSSMAN, IDA N. Y. U. Office Squad, Swimming Club, Sten Club, Tennis Club. A tender voice and golden hair, let's you know Ida's here. 15. 'I'AIN0wI'fz, BESSIE Long Island U. Glee Club, Hikers Club, Floor Mgr. Conscientious work smoothes many a wrinkle from high school life. 16. TARTAKOFF, ISIDORE N. Y. U. Football, Baseball, Track, Cross-country. Primarily an athlete. 17. TANTAKOV, SYLVIA Hu-mer Dance Recital '25, Lunchroom Squad, Bridge Club. I She seems so meek and quiet, I wonder zf she's fooling you and me. 18. TEITBLBAUM, FANNIE Barnard or U. Q . in Jerusalem. Arista, Service Squad, French Club, Ger- man Club. A quiet, get clever lassie. Eighty-one Eighty-two Ghz Qtumer TEMCHIN, ALEX C. C. N. Y. OrChe'?t1'3-Y Nuhs Rep., Red Cross Rep., Debatmg Team. Appearances may sometimes stun for a quiet boy can be full of fun. TEPPER, HYBIAN Cogmwia Service Squad, Biology Club, Unassuming modesty. TULLMAN, ALEX Dramatic Society, N. Y. U. Bridge Club. Alex, the Great. N. Y. U. Newman Club, Hall URGO, FRANK Service Squad, Squad, Nuhs Rep. Write a book on Economics. Urcovrrz, ISIDORE St. John's Capt. Service Squad, Sr. Exec. Comm., Comet, Pin Comm. You blankety, blankety, blank. VADALA, SOL N. Y. U. Service Squad, Nuhs, The idol of the class-he's been idle four years. VALVE, JOSEPHINE Pratt's Institute Service Squad, Adeste Fidelis, Art and Crafts Club. Lady Valve is quite serene, she lifts her eyebrows with queenly mien. VAN GELDEREN, HAZEL Hunter Arista, Glee Club, Service Squad, Class Officer. Always quiet, without care, you'd hardly know she was there. VERNARELLI, MARIA Travel Italian Club, Tennis Club, Newman Club, Class Officer. What did you do in Chem today? 10. VERUSIO, MARIE St. Jolin's Law Club, Swimming Club, Tennis Club, Ice Skating Club. An aspiring athlete of N. U. High, her nose near powder 'ne'er comes nigh. 11. VETRANO, LARRY St. John's Arista, Italian Club, Edit. "Ill Classicef' The pen is mightier than the sword. 12. MYSTERY, MAN Unknown Must be good! We would also like to know who he is. 13. VIDAVER, SIDNEY C. C. N.-Y. Service Squad, Hall Squad, Conliict Squad, Sanitary Squad. Spoke through a sieve and had his voice strained. 14. VRIALE, HENRY N. Y. U. Service Squad, Newman Club. , Be a miller when knighthood was in flour. 15. WAISDIAN, MARJORIE Hunter Glee Club, Eco. Club, Service Squad Sophisticated. 16. WALD, DORA N, Y, U, Latin Club, Lunchroom Squad, Basket- ball, Literary Club. A queen of queens. 17. WALL, THEODORE N, Y, U, giurmget, Nuhs, Medical Society, Stamp u . . Burn the midnight gasoline-on a joy- ride. 18. WALSH, JOHN U, p i Aud. Squad, Poster Work, Classojillffcyfg, Methinks he's Irish. Eighty-three Eighfy-foul Ghz Qllnmet WALTER, REINHOLD C. C. N. Y. Cross-country, Nuhs, Physics Lab. Squad, German Club. Run of a cliff and collect insurance. WALTMAN, ANNA Business Sten. Club, French Club. She's individual, she likes to bake, no business her back will break. .WEBER, ARTHUR N. Y. U. Brass Band, Service Squad, Latin Squad, Radio Club. The man who laughs. WECHSLER, ELSIE Business Service Squad, Biology Club, French Club, Nuhs. Small and sweet, a reminder of Hinge's Midget Pickles. WEINBAUM, IDA Maxwell Training Glee Club, French Club, Hikers Club. Our actress .V WEINE, GEORGE N. Y. U. Football, Track, Nuhs, Medical Society. All-around man. WEINSTEIN, MORIRZ U. of Vienna Service Squad, History Club, Debating Team, Dancing Club. A man with a brain and will power too, old boy, life has much for you. WEINER, MILDRED . C. C. N . Y- Speedsters, Writers Club, Literary Club, Hikers Club. Ringlegfs tallest! WEINSTEIN, NATHA N C. C. N. Y. Arista, Glee Club, Class Officer, Lunch- room Squad. Rough and ready-mostly rough. 10. WEINSTEIN, SYLVIA Hunter Office Squad, Glee Club, Language Office Squad, Basketball. A Hunter-she'll get her man. 11. NVEINSTOCK, PEARL Business School Glee Club, Eng. Office Squad, Service Squad. New Utrecht's speak easy and you can't stop her either. 12. WEISBERG, GOLDIE Jamaica Training Nuhs Rep., Service Squad, French Club, Class Officer. Steady shot is Goldie, who some day a teacher will be. 13. MYSTERY, ANOTHER Unknown Judge for yourself We'd also like to know her. 14. WEXLER, ESTHER Business Program Comm., Service Squad, Office Squad, History Club. Esther with her big, broad grin, be- lieves it's smiles that make one win. 15. WEXLER, HELEN Hunter Service Squad, Red Cross, Class Officer, Comet Rep. Her eyes ares wicked and never still, someday theifll capture handsome Bill. 16. lWILLIG, HELEN Maxwell Training Office Squad, Gym Squad, Class Officer, Swimming Squad. Well, Well, Maxwell. 17. WILNER, GUSSIE Hu-mer Nuhs Rep., Speedsters. Apple cheeks! 18. YOKEL, SEYMOUR N, Y, U, Program Comm., Nuhs, Latin 'Service Squad. Seymour spends his time to good advan- tage f?J Eighty-five CWHP fy 'W "Jn wqfiifq F fig 1? WEWQMQ Eighty 90 I: .. x - ' BS .' "" X fl!-Z' ' 'X E-D XXX I V Eg-un 5 S X f chief? fr ' "UPN 'X fifg LW- E Aw 'X Ml f .f I E o 9 ' ' -1 ' E S J Nu KAW ij The Qlumet YOUNGER, TESSIE C. C. N. Y. gigista, Glee Club, Service Squad, Basket- a . I bet one diamond. ZAKROCZMYSKI, XVANDA Columbia Library Squad, French Club, Comet Rep., Regents Recording Comm. Wliitsle it! ZANVILL, BERNARD St. Jolin's Baseball, Printing Squad, Office Squad. He uants to be head waiter in the Auditorium. ZARETSKY, ROSE St. Jolin's Lunchroom Squad, Hockey, Comet Rep., Speedsters, Class Officer. Rose, tiny as a bird, seldom seen and never heard. ZATUCHNE, SAMUEL N. Y. U. Language Book Room Squad, Latin Club, Medical Society. Since he's captain of the Language Book Room lie's quite generous-on the scliool's account. 6. ZARON, DOROTHY St. Jolnfs Lunchroom Squad, Office Squad, Basket- ball, Girls Glee Club. Children should be seen and not heard. 7. ZELENETSKY, SARAH N. Y..U. Eng. Office Squad, Regents Recording Comm., Service Squad, Swimming. We really are most curious, what makes you seem so serious? 8. ZIERLER, ROSE Pratt Institute Biology Club, Basketball, Economics Club, Ice Skating. This young girl is going to Pratt, when she gets out she'Zl know how to make a. hat. f 9. ZITO, JosEPH Fordham Track, Nuhs Rep., Service Squad, Biol- ogy Club. Buck-Teeth Joe. 10. ZITTEL, TED C. C, N, Y, Arista, Service Squad. Of friends, lie's the very best. vlwf X Q Eiglity-severe Eighty-eight 'Q' 'A ..... .- 2 3555 s,iiffrs----------f - lyk gg, x -v Ei tai l s . - 1- 1,'-j " F' M Q iQ x - 5 in i A fi 1 9 fl 1 1 li .N-ig., 'J ,. .Fi ii I, ..:, 5:55 2 M ii-f .. -....- .. .--L:-...Y L- I .. ,, , -1-H E, the members of the Class of January 1929, having been pronounced of sound mind by the faculty, and without any persuasion, force or com- promise, do hereby leave, bequeath, bestow and donate the following items to the following persons: To Miss Grant we leave some "salve" of which she may a-vale herself. To Miss Finkelstein we leave a "Glossary of Polite Cuss-wordsf, to re- place those which have been worn out on this class in general, on Larry Beck- erman in particular. To Mr. Mahey, we leave 51343.79 in order to place it in bets on ques- tions in economics. To Dr. Leuchs, we leave a new rubber stamp with which to sign admits. A To the Seventh Formers, we leave the hope that they will pass Eco. and kill Macbeth without too much bloodshed. To the next Editor of the COMET we leave the hope that all the material will be in on time. To the school we leave the building, the Faculty Qsorry, but someone had to get themj, and everything not portable. . To Dr. Potter, we leave our heartiest good wishes and wish to express our sorrow at leaving him. E We make Mr. XV. C. Leonard the executor of this will and if all the provisions herein are not faithfully carried out, may all his students be funny huinorists. , Signed, in the presence of the Janitor Cwho wants to throw us out of the Comet Officej, on this, the day on which we are parting from our beloved Alma Mater in whose halls we have spent the happiest days of our life. By these, we affix our signature and seal. Witnesses E35 . 7. lVl. . ,K The Class of January 1929, 5 S 12' i Z D ala, if Q - L. B- 9 of x E By Larry Beckerman rv' Q E were walking along the boardwalk at Coney Island and since we had just come back from France, we decided to take in all the sights. The iirst sign that caught our eyes was that of Pseudo, the t'Great Oriental Fakir" and incidentally, faker. Since we had nothing much to do, wc went in. It was a dimly-lighted, cozy place that we entered. NVe saw a gleaming crystal and surrounding it a pile of soft cushions. XVe sat down on one and waited. Pseudo entered. He was dressed in yards of silk. He wore a purple and yellow mask, which covered his face entirely. "What would you like to know?" he asked. "Oh," we said, "tell us what happened to our fellow-convicts back at New Utrecht High School." Wlien we mentioned the school, the man started, but recovered his Orien- tal poise in a moment. 'fWell,', said he, peering into the crystal, "listen-H QThis is a substance of what he told us.j Ira Singer has won the 5th annual "Bunion Derbyf' Hy Dvorkin has joined Grangels Yankees. 4'Smiling" Anna Levin has become a telephone operator. The voice with a smile. Bess Freeman has been sent to the Olympic games as entry in the mile run. Back in -Ultrecht she Was always running for something. Pete Tropea is an insurance collector. He always could extract money. "Rosen Gold will enter her father's business of florist, after she finishes her term of imprisonment for tampering with the 'tmalesf' Sol Asch, too, is a florist. He specializes in 'fliliesf' Lil Pundick did not visit the Comet Office on her visit to school and is now repenting in sack cloth and "ashes" Leon Reingold has bought, edited and ruined the "Daily Newsf' Ethel Lieberman, always ready to help, is secretary to the Mayor. Miriam Hvcns plays the part of the heroine in '4Robin Hoodf' Ninety itbe Qlnmet Percy Livingstone has joined the army. Lil Engel is the foremost authority on basketball. This is a result of Seeing SO many games, Larry Beckerman, after a study of Helen-ic art has become a French teacher. After he finished these statements, the soothsayer turned to me and took off his mask. It was Sid Goldstein. He always did like to fool the public. To-.T A GHOST RETURNS T LAST I had been given a furlough. I was free to do as I pleased until two olclock that day. If I were not back at two, my grave would close up and I would be a wanderingtghost. I decided to retrace my steps to dear old New Utrecht and see how things were going along there. NVithin two minutes I was entering the building. I thought I would go to see Dr. Potter hrst. I made up way to the General Office. On approaching the principa1's desk-lo and behold Y-whom did I see sitting there?-None other than our very own W. C. Leonard. His hair was in white locks reaching almost to his shoulders. Before him lay open the "Three Musketeers," which he read while munching on a chocolate box. I hesitated upon disturbing him because I knew when he read this book it was a sign of his being in a bad humor. Nevertheless, I braved the danger and spoke his name. After a pleasant conversation. I left him and took the elevator up to the fourth floor. Wheii I stepped out of the lift, I barely missed colliding with a someone bobbling along on crutches. On looking at the person a second time I saw that it was Hy Dvorkin. "Hello, Hy," I cried, "what have you been doing to yourself tl" "Just another football scrimmagef, he replied. After we had exchanged a few more words, I proceeded along the hall. Down at the Henny Besdine, in the center of the group, talking not to disturb him and was about to turn the corner hammering geometry into the pupils? heads. I was I suddenly perceived the clock and saw that it was end I saw a group of students. Upon drawing nearer I saw for the Nuhs. I decided when I heard Mr. Hirsch going to enter 426 when three minutes to two. I did not want to leave the building without saying "Hello" to Mr, Hirsch, so I decided to spend two minutes speaking to him and one minute in getting back to my grave. I entered the room bald and very coat. He was mained there panic-stricken an idea came and my former math teacher, slightly was still wearing the inevitable alpaca we fell to talking. Unknowingly I ye- realized the fact and became almost gray at the temples. He very glad to see me and ten minutes. I suddenly 5 for to be a ghost without a. grave is an awkward situation. Then to me! I hurriedly made my farewell to Mr. I-Iirsch and ran down to the third floor. A few minutes later-very much relieved-I was rapidly decending the main staircase with a late pass from Mrs, Avirett in my hand. AMEN N inety-one Ghz Qlumet C L I I f I Q 2 , Ds -A .ix ixn ITDUI -i op-45" 6, mx 44.. A .. . . xfbff if ' ' f E - It uf 95 QQ ll! I ' E if 4 ,Y fig? f i V 2 ,E -.... ., . .. - w a s -F .. ... I E x' clAcs qc nosA'r :W Ass Ann K1 ,J xx ' Q I 'Q .ix X f M f ' x 0 ' ' E ' V A X 5' yi . Q1 ' 'I' K 0' 'rn 1.-' . M 15 W7 f ,,,,, , W..- xg5,,,.-,xi 1 I if f V 1 ,L ' ' CIASWHIAVYUIIGHF CIA!! UDIIYIIIAIIF Q :, 5 X f -v , 'Q ,,f- X 5 ' JIWV e mf ' wwX "'a2!::w-:1s--- ' A -- f -'-- 6591. y F f 41 4 0 'lx 5- H I K ,fwfr yi f V ff if N I . if M 1 ww w u xx ' I ' Q W W IIASU T BIIY fllf S lllll00!,, Ninety-two Ghz Qlumet CLASS CELEBRITIES MOST POPULAR GIRL ..,...,........ MOST POPULAR BOY ......,.,... PRETTIEST GIRL ..,.,,....... HANDSOMEST BOY ....,........ CLASS CLASS CLASS GENIUS ,.,,.....,.,.,,,, ,, J OURNALIST ........... POLITICIAN ........v.....,.. GIRL CLASS WORKER ..... I ....... BOY CLASS WORKER.. CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CUTE ST .................... BABY ....,,................. ACROBAT ...,.,....... KIBITZER ...,........,.,.......... HEAVYWEIGHT ..... - .... GIRL CLASS ARTIST ............... BOY CLASS ARTIST ...........,...... BEST DRE SSED GIRL .,.............. BEST DRESSED BOY ............... J OLLIE ST GIRL ...,,,.......,.,... CLASS CLASS FRIEND ....... PEST ........,...........................,............ SCHOOL-GIRL COMPLEXION ............ BEST ALL-AROUND GIRL ............... BEST ALL-AROUND BOY .............. CLASS LAZIEST ......................,............ MO ST T ALKATIVE GIRL ......,........ MOST TALKATIVE BOY ...,............ ...,.c..Bess Frecrnan ............Ira Singer ay Gaanpel .- ..... Michael Cnrto Walter Gouch ......-....Le0n Rclngolli ac Gclman Lemn ...lsiolore Utcovitz Slrelser ................Annc Menolelsohn ...........Albert Kouri cnny M ales Ober ..........Charlottc Orange artin Dibner ..............,.Lllliafn Engel .,.........Sam Abrcmowitz ..........-.....Jul'la Schwartz ..............,S0p71ic Sanwlowilz .............Mill0n N emcrcw Evans Schroeder Dvorkin M arcel Dcscharnps ...-,.......D01'0ffLy H ammey-man 9701! Livingstone N lncty-three Autographs -A-f-4are4a--4--. ,,,1 1 Gbemumet F5 x R X M XE +1 , I ,QNX ,Af S D SX n gf.. XX' U ml f 5 XXX ,Eta NVXN luif, N : xx '- Q ',,- ti., E ' cl In 7- X XE!" ' Q. '11 . 0 :M , w as 4 Aff I 2 ' V X ": ff.?.X xuC""' ii RIS xl! LW LK. xxa.-L-:Man KL? -wave ZSS VW jx! -gs- aa Ninety-five SENIOR ARISTA ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB ADESTE F'IDELIS LIBRARY AND BOOK RECEIPT SQUADS DEBATING TEAM MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD BIOLOGY CLUB LUNCHROOM SQUAD QED? Qlnmef 1 , si 'F' E E V 3ENIOfZ.'F:2OW'1 oU'D MQICE A Bye, Hg-r gh. JN THF S1NCilUq Fool., ,Q 1? '-U7 you COULD SING' '. ' , '2 N as T: gf , + 'W fx ""'gQwu f rj N ' 1' l K - o 7 -N Q: lV1E' 'D 0 1' , f -I ---af - V 0 . K fa C 7 ax,-. -1-1-. N 'N - 'K 'I ,JJ E?Fe77c on LOWDOMN ' ',,,,,..- ,Q 'OC cg cmss 'su-16114. I X wi '.'-'Q'- I HPVVE' Qxl 7 A N Do NHT A 4 XVVH LA ' f oo' ' ED WHEN ETCHIN xiao E N q Smeg-req. W , ISFT Dowv --1 Q ' AT TH6' PIANO. ' -- -:im IT WAS FULL1 ri lv 5 Five MINUTES , " Q o 1: ' l V V f 15 r gi-is BEFORE Ifoopw 4 - . ' E53 E. SLOT' . ' ' E :D '::.5v- Fora M , S2512 HGL'r..s'1'5 I ILEIQ4- N lC?SLE!l lwgfsigffq a - 5' Q 'f W fifggf ' - X f OW, ii .L :XS Q ""u b-QL, 7 s I Vi-lg?-0 '00 ' GIENTSI 5553333 5 ,127 ,' 5 ' la g -f' - 2 ,gf -' gf 4 ,av 2 5 f my , u--' as f. ffx i ! " X min - pe! r A ,I fm Q 1 ix 2 , ' .ZZ-v:.?-?- - 1 0110 hlmdrvd eiglzi' get 5.4 A GEOMETRY PROBLEM tF0r the benefit? of our Math instruetorsj GirvenM 1 dog and an inclined plane. Prove-An inclined plane is a lazy dog. Proof-An inclined plane is a slope up. A slow pup is a lazy dog. Hence-An inclined plane is a lazy dog. Q. E. D. "Hey, youlre sitting on some jokes we cut out I" "I thought I felt something funny." ii HX4 Sk He Qwho took Frenehl-HJe t' adore." She twho didn 'tj-6'Shut it yourseltg you left it opcnf If if 4 High and Mighty Senior: "I've had this car for years and never had a Wreck." The Soph: "You mean youlve had this Wreck for years and never had a ear." 19? 1' ll? "Now you listen here, Mrs. McCarthy. I donlt mind if your ruffian copies off 'n my ruffian at school, but mind yuh, I Won't have him beatenlm if he gits it Wrong." 4? 93 fi Doctor-QTO quarantined elientb "Well, Mose, have you been taking hygienic precautions to prevent the spread of the disease?" Mose-'tYassuh, Doctah! I oben gone an' got one o' dem "sanitary cups" an' we all drink out 'm it." SF U if I run from slzunks, though I would trust a lion or a snake. Oh, what a whale of difference just a few scents make! One humirecl nine The Qtnmet The evening paper came out with the glaring headline: "HALF THE CITY COUNCIL ARE CROOKSY' A retraction in full was demanded of the editor under penalty of arrest, Next afternoon the headline read, "HALF THE CITY COUNCIL AREN'T CROOKSY' S 6 A i We editors may dig and toil, 'Till all our fingers sure are sore: But some poor fish is bound to say "Huh! I hoid dat joke before." 12 SF 11 Herr NVifflesnitzer complimented an employee on his punctuality. "Vil- liam, I notice you are early of late: you Were behind before, but now you are first at last. ' ' 8 1 1 Prophet: "The world will come to an end to-morrowf, Senior: UC. K.-I can get along Without it." i i 16 449 " - bg fx? X Q ., b f: A rv. 9 I mx 4' X! S Don't let this discourage you, graduates! A High School Grad went into an office and inquired, "Are there any vacancies for Work here?" The office boy replied, "There will be if my salary isnit raised to 111116 dollars a Week I " 1- 5 If He: "I Wanted to tell you something for a. Week back." She: "What is it?" He: "Red Cross Mustard Plastersf' One hundrecl ten A Business Man Said:- ". . . AND A GOOD STENOGRAPHER! SHE IS GOD'S MOST BLESSED CREATION." WE CAN MAKE OF YOU, TOO, A GOOD STENOGRAPHER, WORTHY OF A GOOD POSITION OUR COURSES ARE EASIER, QUICKER AND BETTER Special Courses for High School Graduates TABLE SHOWING COMPARATIVE COST BETVVEEN OTHER SCHOOLS AND PERSONALITY BUSINESS SCHOOL Other schools charge ,,.,......,.,..,,...,.,...,,.....,,,.,,.,,.,...,,,,,.....,,,,..., , ,,.,.,.. 35175.00 The Personality Business School charges ,.......,,.........,,... 100.00 You save in tuition cost ....,.......... . i,,............... .......... 95 75.00 Other schools take ........................,. - .........,.........i..., .,,......... 8 months The Personality Business School takes ...,.,........,.,....,.. 4 months You save in time ...,.,..............,,.............................,.,..........,... - .,.,.... 4 months A high school graduate can start with a monthly salary of .i.....................rr....,.................,............... 9575.00 Time saved ....,..............,.......... .....................,.....,..........,....,,...... 4 months Earnings saved .......... ........... S 300.00 Tuition saved ..,............................ .,.,............. 7 5.00 You can save this total ..,...............................,...,.....,,................, 35375.00 Our BIVLB COURSE is open to high school graduates and college students, takes 4 months, includes expert instruction in Stenography, Typewriting, Book- keeping and Secretarial Duties and costs only 510000. . BELLA M. BALTOR PERSONALITY BUSINESS SCHOOL 53rd Street and New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. Ambassador 3773 hiemvwemwsewvwcmwsemwacmwsemwscwwacmwsemwsi Patroizifze Our Advertisers Ghz Qllnmet THE ORAVEN QWitl1 Apologies to Poe's "The Ravenwj Once upon a term beginning, After many terms of sinning, A disgusted, heartsick student Stamped his ifeet upon the floor. And he said, t'It's just been sifting Through my dome that I've been drifting, And my ways I must be shifting As I've never done beforeg So this term I mean to study, Study hard-and nothing more." In an eloquent recital He set forth the very vital Need of change of attitude To save him from 'tthe door". 4'Bygones," said he, t'I'm forgetting- Even though it means regretting- N ow my molars I am setting, And this term I'll sit and pore Over volumes ten and more. Of the toughest kind of lore." This he howled, and also more. Two Weeks passed ,in which our hero, Once a patron of the zero, a goodly number of days of yore. Bohunkus Dubb- join a club- it-there's a rub, Had redressed Of the wrongs Then came one Asking him to And he joined For he studied-nevermorel History Examination Comparisons- "What did you put down as an indirect tax in the Old Regime? "Salt l" " Same here, shake ! " An English class was reading about the Earl of Chesterfield in Macau lay's Life of Johnson. The teacher asked, 'WVhen you speak of Chesterfield, of what do you im mediatcly think? fthe teacher was referring to Macaulay, of courseb But the class shouted-'Cigarettes." One hzmzdz-eel twelve Ak U10 modern F' dflfnfeer 27119 CFYO NG SCHOOL o TRAINING A8i7l'f'1? l'1?AllYlM.v 71747 6'U4R4WlfiJ' Bfflil? POJ'l1'70llJ' ENDORSED BY THE LARGEST BUSMESS INSTITUTIONS EST D884 24 siggggl HELACE BROOKLYN HEIGIETS Jelepfmne MAIN 0793 i f l I , 6 , 'f 2 " 1 v - x , . , ' M ' , ' ' T My 3 .V X X yx A ' K Mymw ,f A . .. V k f - f . , ,VA -yffx, ff, .V k 5 xl f. ' , ' f . ' ,, I ' 15' 4, f K Q! I f' ' K . - , ,a fmfy, I EQ Cfy, 'Lf' w .- ,Q ' 5 - Of' . f I ' I 4 , ,g, X- if 6,x H, . -anu1wnuu- :W ,, , nuqulnwulq nu fn- ,V k . R X nn, V,-,, Pflfrn E, 0 - -1 I 'ff Ghz Qllumzt VVife: "You think so much of your poker, you don't even remember when We were married." Hubby: "I sure do. It was the day after I held that straight Hush at the club." . 5? all Sk Prof. "Do you serve any cheese with apple pie T, Waiter: "Yes sir we serve an bod here." 7 7 :Er Sf: Autoist-I clearly had the right of way when this man ran into me and yet you say I was to blame. i Local Cop-You certainly were. Autofist-Why is that? Local Cop-Because his father is Mayor, his brother is Chief of police, and I go with his sister. 11 3? S Heard over a sandwich. 1.-"Why dontcha buy a bottle of cocoa. It's delicious." 2.-"I'm afraid! It doesn't match my vest." 11 13? Q? Wife-f'Look at that adorable hat in the window, John. Let's go buy it." John-"Certainly, dear, right by it." 2? 'Xl k "I understand that there are several women in Congressf' "Yes, suppose all Congressmen became women. What then?" "VVhy, then, it would be a house of Miss Representatives." its 3? W Senior: "Do you know I began life a a barefoot boy?" Freshie: "Well, I wasn't born with shoes on either." 2? 2? 11 X Owner: "I say, can you drive a car?" Stranger: ' 'No, boss. " 4 "Splendidg then stay here and mind my car for a while will you?" 'Xl Pk i Sumpins' the matter with thish match. Wotsamatter, doesn't it light? I dunno-it lit a minute ago. SF ik if Aviation Stude Cabout to go upbz "What happens if the parachute fails to open?', Instructor: "You come back, son, and I'll give you another onefl S k 1' "I hear Newlywed just worships her husband." 'tYes, she brings him burnt offering three times a day." One hunclreol fourteen Ahoy .' Ahoy .' Ahoy .' CHARLIE is back at the old stand again and has made Th e P a 1 ac e Sweet Shoppe A NEW AND MAGNICEN-T PARLOR for the accommodation of his old, as Well as new friends A visit will be of mutual benefit. d bigingoguiogng ICE SODA 8: - CREAM CANDIES , Dioioiuioioinq p 1 K' EXCELLENT LUNCHEO-NS Come in and Try Our TOASTED SANDWICHES They Are Really Delicious 7 820 New Utrecht Avenue CCorner 79th Streetl Phone BEAcl1view 3363 CHARLES VASSILAKOS, P1'0Pfi0f01' iTQlWN9QAWkDQ!0bN9Q200kDQ2Qk9Q245NDCJ45k9Q!Wk9CJ09k9QAWk91 Patrmzize Our AcZve1'tfise1's Ghz Qtnmer THE CARTOONIST TURNS TO RADIO Said the famous doctor, UGO, and get yourself-a radio, And relax if you would dodge complete prostrationf' So the comic-strip cartoonist got a forty-tube, the soonest That he could, to soothe his nervous agitation. And that night in dressing gown, the cartoonist sat him down, To obtain the recreation that he necdedg Something novel which would refresh him, not the old things which de- pressed him, For the Doc. was doubtless right, he conceded. Then for many fevered Weeks, turning knobs and lighting squccks, The cartoonist tried to turn in station P O VV I E! And his reason got the gate, through his failure to locate Stations POOF! and CLANK! and NVOOF! and BI-IAM! and ZOVVIE! This cartoonist, sad to say, has by friends been put awayg In the booby hatch you 'll find him plainly flooey. First he moans and then he sobs, as he twists and turns door knobs In a frantic search to locate station B L O O I E ! 253 Pk :lk First Indignant Roman Citizen: "I hear Nero was torturing people at the Palace again last nightf' Second Ditto: "Somebody ought to take that violin from him." "What do you ask for the sport roadster?H Rolls-Royce Salesman: "3513,695." "Well, what Would you allow me on a 1914 Ford touring?" V One hu-ndrcfi siaffccvz o neo ,ci 1 :ci 3ri::ioi:i:-ci-:iz-.eggg-5-5-1-2-:-:icicgcfe.-:::-.0224-zu II . U A House is as Good as its Hostess and a u School is as Strong as its Principal arid Staff " ORGANIZED moi U U E O REP S HOOL I 0 ' H 185-187 EAST BROADWAY, N. Y. Q Day and Evening Divisions. Co-Ed ii Eron School is Chartered by the New York Board of Regents D REGENTS EXAMINATIONS are held in ERON SCHOOL BUILDING E Eron School is recognized by leading Universities C 'XC is 3? 9? Sis U The Story of Eron School is told by its Thirty Thousand Alumni II in all Professions. Business, and Colleges c ' se Time is the Essence of Life U Have in Mind the Economy of Time 3 Register Now for a CULLEGE PREPARATORY or a E COMMERCIAL COURSE for the NEW TERM Q WHICH STARTS THIS MONTH ll Phone: Orchard 4473 JOSEPH E. ERON, Principal . "' lC'3l2lil i ll lililjlilililililililill-il1'l5i0l H T 0 Q 0 High-School " G d 5 ra uates X I, Whatever you plan to do after ' graduation-whether you plan , A for Ezofltelge pr business--your it A ti' f Q men a eve opment must con- ,.' ,' '12, O I I' , U hnue' fl xy -. 4 1 ' ' -. Q 'A-k'x-5,7 G Pace Institute is a distinctive private jl,'I,li4',Jf5fA,r T liil4hX?tirx"':1.i,l ll school of professional grade. Day and We , A , .f ,ff . t ."t."4'4IM,',', 5 evening courses in Accountancy, Busi. ' lil-'lfi'1i'I,15 5 I 5 :less AdminiSt':fi?1n,211:diecret3ria1Prac- Yar Q 5' he KARD, i HH' ICE, prepare ig -sc oo gra 1 f flatly! yy 4iQXAETiCAN ,!fYiIilijIif1',kl,l H immediate earnings. Secretarialuliriaiiigg ,MIXI r,XtY1Q1Ql.'I,. fy,-a!7 nu. lpfaq lfi-::QfX1uXl7,f,',J H includes a complete course in Shorthand VHF' Ay-Xtyfylfy Q . , ,AyVii,h,kri!'l1l. H and Typewrztmg for beginners. Many - '1',','l'V,', ,'., ,f,'. .. ' graduates who have acquired experience uf rf' - A v' II 'W g 5, 3. Q are now treasurers and controllers oflarge 'I' ' Q , V. P' corporations-others are in successful 2zE42lld I 'F Wmm+4f E Accountancy practice. .ZKTLT fi: , 0 Field trips to-the offices and plants ofthe larg- ,TW L ' fl. 1' f, estorganigatlonsin New YorkCity area unique VIE: li 'ltr f Q characteristic ofthe work ofthe Institute. The e Tlllllll' H 525.52122tsuaizsssszzd.'O mfr' with 5 3 r DSYCH S. II , n Pace Institute Q 225 Broadway New York 1cr1n1:1cicicioio1cici g Patronize Our Advertisers me U Patronzze Z' ' x 0 0 Northeastern I University The School of Engineering In co-operation With engineering firms, offers? five year curriculums leading to the Bachelor's degree in the follow- ing branches of engineering: CIVIL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING The School of Business Administration Co-operating with business firms, of- fersi' five year collegiate courses lead- ing to the degree of Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration in ACCOUNTING or in FINANCE or in MERCHANDISING The Co-operative Plan of training enables the student to combine theory with practice and makes it possible for him to earn his tuition and a part of his other school expenses. Students admitted in either September or January may complete the scholastic year before the following September. For catalog or furtlter information write to: NORTI-IEASTERN UNIVERSITY MILTON J. SCHLAGENHAUF, Director of Admissions , Boston, Massachusetts tFive year program on co-operative plan on and after September 5, 1929. c A ' '5"iUlliiiiiiii:l1: Engineering and Chemistry THE POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE or BROOKLYN 5 College of Engineering DR. PARKE R. KOLBE, President Offers Courses Leading To Degrees In Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. 3638396 Send For Information, Including An- nual Day and Evening Catalogs and The Illustrated Bulletin To: ERNEST J. STREUBEL, Dean 99 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Reservations fofr February entrance may be made at this time. ca U . g Advertisers E n U X! e o'oxin'o-u1u--- - -.Tm .. ,, 4 11 Patronize Our Aclvev'tlser.s fffco ET" A C URSE THROUGH THE Founded 1879 ,. I Ch Telephone l -f ,gy ' ' , K ' - artgred Stagg 1718 l fly' I' 1 Regisiizered Hi h h I d THERE IS NO -BETTER BUSINESS SCHOOL! 8 SC 00 Stu ents save both time and money through our specialized methods WOOD' BUST ESS SCHOOL I-Ialf block from 287 BROADWAY Mm Avent, Wmsbg. Bridge Plaza BROOKLYN "I-,'yStatiOne Compliments of KINGSWAY PHOTO STUDIO HOTOG PHS z'vc'1U5reve7' 1208 Kings Highway Brooklyn, N. Y. For Quality Service Workmanship try THE ROPP PRESS Printing and Stationery Plateless Engraving 4421 New Utrecht Avenue On 45th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WINDSOR 6014 1:1 1 1 1 1n1c1c1c1o1c1r-c11:1Ipr-I--ciegcir:i.,Z1,i,,1C1-C-c1,:..c1 DO YOU WISH TO ENTER COLLEGE? COMPLETE A HIGH SCHOGL COURSE IN 9 to 10 MONTHS CREDIT ALLOWED FOR PREVIOUS WORK IF you require a complete high school course OR desire to shorten the time in High School OR need but a few courses for college entrance THEN communicate immediately with COLLEGE PREPARATORY SCHOOL 50 Court Street TelepIhone:.Triangle 2298 Brooklyn, N, Y, Located in the Borough Hall sect1on adjacent to all the transportation facilities of Greater New York. Avail Yourself of the Finest Teaching Staff in the City 0102 Patr0m'ze Our Ad11e1'15iseI's ,f ,f , ,y Wy 7 X W f iw-TE fi J I IT I IIWIWWWW DRUMMER Bows SISTER I FINE RIBBED STOCKINGS FOR GIRLS 7, - ffgf t . Y -wwf -c X is? X X ,0 11-IZ, :Q fxjkbwsa Qi af R ST' :Y y wif y Re mforced heels and toes g1ve l C tra wear X X j Extra I g In ength- plent of stretch Z j ull sizes no seams colors ,f -u Q A Z fast and s amless -2- I xg Black n e ordo ' , Zi' ' X A I will - TX 2 Q I I D I L X 'fc' 'f "I -I XX Q .ve fig! , M -rss-I -f , -11, il., Q .SQ 35 ,- , f 1 1 as , 15, eg .,, gb- ff 2 ' -' ' -H is xl-bt, 1Q.7jIX:,,, ' Xl X-AQ? yt fx.. X - . T N, X 'ln . Gu X " - " X N .il , :QI , 2 , I- , 'W WTTIN. I In Qui A ,f xl I w.. 'J-I T it I. .fm A 'I' 'W ff, . N' X M. 0 1 ,r-. xx A ., A 'I 1 W, fc- U... , 1 I W' A , xl 'I ull s. ,, F5 ' , K 0 st I 'ily . 'mmf l I - . 1' I Y V , if L--1 ,,,, I THE DECI ION WHICH MEANS SUCCESS OR FAILURE If you desire success in business, take business training. Day school as usual. Evening school Monday and Thursday, seven to ten. LAMB'S BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL LAMB BUILDING, 370 NINTI-I STREET Brooklyn, New York Free Employment Department Telephone South 4236 Qzvwassf Pafronize Our AfI1'e1'f2'ser.S - - --- 2.1.25 I I I I . BEN. 3022 U U ATLANTIC 0711 U 9 U Get Them in the Lunch Room II U 6505 Bay P211'li'WZlfX' U . Everything in Music V II Agency FOI' Q DIXIE CUPS! Buesher's Saxophones Weyman Banjos Ludwig Drums Inc. U Popular Records and Sheet U 6508-6th Avenue Music U Brooklyn, N. Y. Ae- QYAINTED U U CORTLAND 5109 ROOM 513 CHARLES FEIG Wholesale 'Jeweler A small deposit will hold any article until Christmas 99 Nassau Street New York City ,- -4 . .. FOR SWEATERS, BATHING SUITS GO TO CREIZEITS 41206-13th Ave., B'klyn Tel. Windsor 8085 Q! Y s Pafr01z1'2e Our flfZ1'Cl'ZLiS67'S S 3 , , 1 , 1 3 2 5 CARDS 81 ENVELOPES g ' 1 3 WITH YOUR NAME 1 5 5 3 5 3 5 ' 3 S 1 S 0 0 j , 1 2 2 , 1 ' 5 2 5 1 GIFTS FOR STUDENT AND TEACHER S 1 2 A Large Selection of Books and Novelties 1 ' 5 ELLENSON'S 1 2 2029 - 86th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 3 3 7 , ' 1 l 2 EREILICH'S 0 1 , O O I 2 EXeTe1ses 111 Plane Geometry 3 K IS THE MOST HELPFUL REVIEW MANUAL PUBLISHED. Z Q PRICE, IN QUANTITY, AS LOW AS 20 CENTS A COPY j f LZBGXQ ' 1 1 , WE ALSO PUBLISH 3 1 I 5 o o 0 0 g Umt Progress OULl1HCS III CIVICS 2 1 j IN QUANTITY, 25 CENTS A COPY 3 1 1 1 1 2 EASTERN PUBLISHING COMPANY 2 f Executive Ojfices: Publication Office: S S 509 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK I4 COOK ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y. f 5 TAI. Vandefbm 5191 Tel. Pulaski 1535 2 1 Q BROOKLYN HIGH SCHOOLS MAY SECURE IMMEDIATE 5 g DELIVERY BY TELEPHONINO OFFICE OF PUBLICATION 5 1 1 5 5 Patronize Our Advervfisers 1 1 - - i i i 1 1 -E 1 i 1: 1 ulcicicioiclzsicloioielpgpioin 23393 THE SCHOOL WITH THE BEST BUSINESS TRAINING AND POSITIONS COMPLETE BUSINESS COIVIPTOIVIETER SECRETARIAL SHORTHAND ACCOUNTING TYPEWRITING BOOKKEEPING SPEED CLUB OPEN ALL YEAR DAY AND EVENING Write for Booklet or 'Phone SUNset 1886 5105-5111 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. CHOOSE WISELY ' Choose a school that you can be proud' of. BROW ES BUSINESS COLLEGE 7 LAFAYETTE AVE. TELEPHONE NEVINS 2941 ONE OF AMERICA'S GREAT SCHOOLS Patronize Om' Ad1Je1'fiseT1's BROOKLYN SECRETARIAL SCHOOL A Secretarial School for Girls SECKETARIAL COTRSES - INTENSIVE COFRSES SPECIAL COI'Ii'SES Day - Affer B1LS7:'H6.SS - Evmzfiozg Now Located Opposite Abraham 8: Strauss 202 LIVHNGSTON ST., BRGOKLYN, N. Y. Phono T1'li111Q,'lC 8551 M. C. BAIRD, Principal - e.'7' ' 'of' - ' -E7 'A' V QAQcN'5T E " E, ., 'S ., .J .S T -' LEVY 8a BAIRD REAL ESTATE INVESTORS 44 Court Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Telephone Triangle 0275-0276 Patronize Our Adveriisers mvInmmmmlnllnunlmuuulrmllunnuulnnmnuuumuunmnmummmmI1uummuumunmlmmmmunulmlumuu11wlll1ulllullmummulumllululunuuuuulllummrlmmlunlmmmnuumuunnnnumnmnmnmmm Bro0lclyn's Most Successful Business School INCORPORATED AND REGISTERED BY THE REGENTS Prepare for Buslness in a Business Atmosphere ,VZ f"f34 ., ,, ' W S5155 ,,,, .- Began Any Day or Evening f ffifee E .. 431 5 . M . ss zzvfstmgqjxh mpl Oymenf f Pfocufed for Graduafes " ,, ' - . W2 gif ' of .,s. U 11 d pj, ,ff . ' nexce e H M e , 'A ' Location "" ' fr -- , 20,000 square feet . .. 1 Offheanesfflighf' : I , , , 5 ' i-?S:,d bfi-it I ventl- ' 'ffifiz ....,j . ,a e SC 00 moms X . ln Greater New ,P 'e'ee' York- '.:f1:,,f-f,,.',,- U: 'sz -'WSH , -1: .:,,':, a,:'::5,,"' 1 -z-:is "" y "W-w'l'f'LW,f ,. -if "hifi" ' ' 4, ,- ' Call r' e ' W if or nf-it fflu szi f f' riff- WMM telephone -7 5' ' A CT"w'1Hfe 12215 fvrfull , Particulars. HEFFLEY SCHOOL, 555-557 Fulton Street at Dekalb Avenue and Albee Square f 1 A M 5 W W I A W ffl! W 1 X 3 X I H II 'I X ' 1 !,-' K 1 2 I l wuz- 5 . f l ,yi DRUMMER BOY l NRA in Q Q 9 A 1 V STOCKINGS N N fx, ,,l Flrs! in peace to molher's m n 1 1 If l',,f V , lf. 1 ' Z First in choice of thrift inclined Z ,j 0 V P116 Z Wide and narrow ribs f . Z 1, l , 31744, , 9.1 xx I I Fifi, A EXTRA STRONG x I lg, HEELS AND Toss QWQ Q M S -'-' g wlf lf' f 'W Zgghww, ,N'sA N 9 I lqlqlklyy ' All Black and Cordovan l lu It A 1, ' , - ' ffm.. f l 4 HM' 1 f S.-xl!! Fast and stainless colors ,WK-"pz""Illll "' H-:J Eff! If-,'. i,NL,, l 5g ,fig H Look lor label on each palr L ll'W - :H IT U C'- l pjnil Q. . - .wal M'M'llliv"ffWli , M n f IL, 'J-1 ' ffwf X ' 9 ' ' I . wk , IJIIfI'07lZ'E,6 Our f1cIL'cf1'fise1'.s' WHEN BUSINESS SCHOOL SOLICITORS call-let these facts speak for the NY" TI-IE "Y" SCI-IOOL, maintains day and evening business courses at the lowest fees in the city- because it has no solicitors, does no advertising and makes no profit. TI-IE "Y" SCI-IOOII.. aims only to provide the best teachers and equipment for its students at the Iow- est possible fees. REGISTER NOW! DAY: 310 a month EVENING: S55 a month BUSINESS SCHOOL Y. M. and Y. W. II. A. of Boro Park 14TH AVENUE BET. 49TH AND 50TH STREETS v to o Q c c Q e c c 0 Q .: :I U Q 1: Q Q v c Q Q I 3 6.C I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I 2 I LINOTYPE CYLINDER AND I ' coMPosmoN AUTOMATIC PRESS WORK II I , I E - s I I I I EASTERN PRINTING COMPANY II : II P1 inte: s and Publishez S I LARGE CONTRACTS EXCELLENT JOB EXECUTED DEPARTMENT CALL FOR OUR REPRESENTATIVE WE PRINT ANYTHING FROM A CARD TO A NEWSPAPER 14 Cook Street Brooklyn N Y At IVIanI1 tt n Avenue Tel phone Pul ski 1535 Better Prnztznq Zileaus Better Business 1 Q Q 9 o 9 9 9 Q Q o 9 0 0 0 0 Q 9 9 0 Q 9 4 0 0 0 o 9 Q Q 0 Q Q 9 Q 0 0 Q o 0 Q o 0 o 0 0 9 o 9 o Q 0 s o Q 0 9 s o no 43 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3 .5.-.,:..:.,:,,:,,:.,:n-..:.,:.,:.,: I I 7, H 3 I I I 2 I I I 2 I E I . I - Q I I 2 I ' 2 I ' I ' O 2 I I 5 I 9 Q 3 I " 2 I 2 I 2 I ,, 2 I ' , I 2 , 2 5 - O , 0 it I . . 9 Q 2 I I I 9 .101.I1.,:..2.,:..:..:.,:.,:..10: I 30.0000000000000000000000000 Pazfronize Our Advertisers -'- fo? 7n-o:oic1clu1uiuqe-r-,,-eTn- , C ' " aio: f oiuioinioio SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY Give HOU" fflmlly Plmllfy of rich, delicious BORDE lS ILK aiicl note the clzjffcrcncc in their health and vitality. -ClGi:1o1u+u- - - - A - - -'- - f- 1 1 1.1-1.1:-7:1 13:0-reqpoqp The Store 6806 BAY PARKWAY Telephone: BENSONHURST 6137 "THE COMPLETE STORE" SPORTING GOODS COMMERCIAL STATIONERY THIS lVIONTH'S SPECIAL! Fillers for 3 Ring Binders-Plain, Ruled or Quadrille 5 X724-15C 6 X92-19c SMZXSMZ-l7c SMXII -27C SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR OTHER SCHOOL SPECIALS BROOKLYN ACADEMY ANNOUNCES The opening of its Spring semester, February 4, 1929 in ITS NEW BUILDING ontague and Henry Sts., Tel.: Nevins 379I ntrance on I-Ienry Street Borough Hall Station REGISTERED HIGH SCHOOL Regents examinations are held in our building ourses in preparation for WEST POINT-ANNAPOLIS-COLLEGE ENTRANCE TECHNICAL 8: TEACHERS' TRAINING SCHOOLS Student activities: Literary, Athletic, Musical, Social NEW YORK PREPARATORY SCHOOL 'fEvening Departmentj Palroizize Our Aclverfisers' QE Xi VD 'US ua ,H E552 E S 1323 E52 3522 aeixil 'Ugg QQ? X835 F4 ff W 812-E Di fo I-fl fff 8 '51 E 5 aj-E gws 3255 512 U 'H 'B UE H- QL, :AE 5535 Bbw om O Pafr0n z'ze Our Adverfi.9er.S ESQ EEO -cz Qwgnzfu Q- 13 SU U8 BEDS' ,J 'I 'r' . ' fi ' gm ' -H 5 L .gsm rf ww .fi A , . --. "-QI'-f ' -nl 7"1:-' ' ghffgjg g -. - , , a3?paw.Q:-,.-yfjgl :,54,'..M,e, ,.gf5. .gr '-..,,2,.?f P' . Jw ' -- .tw -ig 1. 32.1 . ,' 'I ' L 'sf 4 , M V A K'+-Y:-,Mir WW -mi .' 7 , ,, fn 1' f 'v 'i3w'1fM-50' - . .1 H+: . ' M ., :' : I -M- . , , . Q yr A, x- ' L- 'lf' E-1 iffifi , "H W, V - 1 -"A 1 . sf-A Q .A QA -V V .- ' 49: , f 2, 1 l im. 'X 1957 I'f5',if' ,, ., 4 Q ,,,,,, A .W ffm'w'f-fw ' '-F ' ni-' 1 A A - V -W - f:'.1f--M3..- fm . . A.EWf"'u?f'.ZiQs " ' f'f?5,g:P?-feizf- V ,A Z Y, .i+.gS.vQEj.1n , , ' , ' 'Mgr' P . 5, kffwz A 4 S fl 591, an Ami' M , ,-,flfvr rg M' if! 1 3" ,I Q:-1 W. ., V ly 1519,--,,.: -,-! .' -' . . fffff 'M L ., ' wie- 5., ,- A f.- A5-l",'-1f',Q.j,Z ,, . ' ,..ffg,:,Q.L1?if1 "f - L- ' '- .k.g"ffifS,, ' 'l , .-i.???'P 2 .K X - 1 . , -.MW ' ' 1' ' .V -1 2.-4.-fn ' 1 fv- ' -1 -AL A :xii ' ' 'if IQ .- L. 'PTMU . P - J- 5 .. A x ' ' . - J.. -V fig'-f .,.,f.-1 if 1- 2 rs f3Q.-7i'l"3 -f ' -A L. ,LZTQJ ' "Wi - ' f 14 1-aa.-L - -- - " '23 ..Vx'-W-4 ' 'L H, '23,-f ,v -Q , . .H- wwf lx U. fu , " if le, ' -. 1- '11, 'gg . h W v, R Y. 'V w ,. Y, if V V: 4- , -.-- I gh 1 fi' . J. tri I '- f .ff - .-If "Q: . w 5 V, '- V' ,fa '97-'11, . ' w 2354 3, A s..,- A ,f--, 2u:vem.',,-z,'.- QW' "' ' ' ' 29' ,i 7-L -A ff-'TU T- V ,.L- ' , .. ap-,g: g.1,: .. ,-:ff-V .2- ,' 11. ,4 NI, 'F L". - -V" - . -. - .-2 W -df! .-' 'fu ...g..' v. .-"" .V 'v uf, .1 ' if" , 'l ,D nf' V 5 ,f ' fx, ff .Q 14. '- ,' ' N- 5 Wm, F 3 1- - Q. 7 5 ,mn - .- lx ,X 'V Q".-"'-11 . A . ' ' - ' -Y Va- . -. V-"5-.Aa -, .. , ,fy tif: 1, ,- A . , 1 Ng' N ' V, K., 1 i f YL f ,J V1 1 . ,, 1. .V ,jg f - , .- nth. if ' -ra .. - v- ' "X 2 .-.VI ,,4 , -fr:-. 1. I.: .YG ,Q .1 " 1, ' ,I 5 - V .- U H., I ,L . I! . L, " .f ,cg . . V ...wif ,., . I A 7 ,. , J- 1 'Z' ' bf fig' . . I

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