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Y ,- . I: wt sx --4 so 25" 4 1? Yxwql' K' ,' W1 'N aff R x dx? , ,. u -gf" 'yflly A U Mug ww ,vw 'px I i s E A i ff. eff' "' i nnanrw , ,Ms X 5E41'58.11m':LgQf.,, M.. is g.n QM ,ff K :Z-F k. 1 1 15.1.11 1 .I1 1H'1 f :1fr31F' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 5 i 1 1 1 ,Qi 1 1 I 1 A 1 1 ll 15111 . Q 3 'Q , . fn, 1 5 1 -11: - 411 411. 1 1-1? 'l". 3 13,1 11 11: ., V 4 U l : -, rvif if -1 '11 1 , ,. 4 , ,V QT' X 1, 1 1 '2 1 1 , 'Em E53 :Q 1 ' 14-. -1, 11 1 ' lf ff 175. 31,2 ii' 1 .fig W 11 W: 5:41 WT-. 1"-L 1 'W '1 5- .wx 1 ,711 5 1 W 'Z 1111. ' ' x . QJZQVP' -51.9. , 1 ji:-14 V 11", 1 5,41 k . . ,'1 5' ,iw '. ?"'V1' ' 1 . I w i J .- 1-'ea 1 '- ,Jin 21113 nj L 4- Jdi: 1 Y 31151, .:,,.f5xl1! F51 11 11 111 E 1 113 ,us Q1 il'Lsff?,5i1i ' ' f 11111121112 A In WE, THE SENIORS, CLASS OF 1955 DO PRESENT THIS YEARBOOK TO THE STUDENTS OF NEW TROY HIGH SCHOOL AND TO THE CITIZENS OF THE SURROUNDING COMMUNITY STAFF CARYLE ANDERSON DICK RYDEN J ANIC E SAURBIE R KAY SKINNER ED MENSINGER RON SCHUCH ANN SOMMERS BILL RAKOW BERT SWANSON MR. E, TARZWELL, SPONSOR aerwwrwrxxxakwrarwxeefmwznxxxxx Ik wr wk wk :er Ik ar wk :or , wr ,Ig owns tl'11S book at ao: :ef wwrwwrarsrwxxarxwmxarxsxx New TFDY High SCTIOO1 New Troy, Michigan Q4 I X- gf? a 6 L 4 Ynrnfinn TO MRS. IDA GALBREATH, Who, since coming to New Troy in 1952, has become one of the best liked of all New Troy teachers, and, in her capacity as advisor of the Class of 1955 for the last two years, has served and helped us so often and ably, AND TO HER FATHER, MR. ALBERT HARFERT, Who, in his position as custodian for the last twenty-two years, has become a permanent part of thve New Troy school system, and a friend of every New Troy student, we, the Seniors, Class of 1955, do hereby dedicate this yearbook. MR, E, G, ECCLES SCHOOL SECRETARY Superintendent M,A,, University of Michigang B, S. , West- ern Michigan College. "Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1955 and best wishes for a happy and worthwhile life. " MR, L, B, JANNASCH Principal A. B. , Albion Collegeg M, A, , University of Michigang Driver Train- ing institute, 1954. Driver Training Civics Alice Schaffer "To go about your work with pleasure, to greet others with a word of encouragement, to be happy in the present and confident in the futureg this is to have achieved some measure of suc- cess in living. " E, O, G. MR. FEILER MRS. GALBREATH Citizenship English World History A, B, , Western Michigan B, A, , U. of Wisconsin Couege MRS. KEUN MRS. WIRTH W Jw I' W Spanish 8 Commercial Subjects A5 A.B. , Emmanuel Missionary College Home Economics B. S, , Michigan State College .fn - 4 A Mr. Neilson Shop Mathematic s I. A, , Iowa State Teachers College Mr. Manney Science Math Drexel Institute of Technology B. S. Central Michigan State College Iowa University Mr. Guse Mr. Menza Coach Physical Education I Music P I K B. S, , Western Michigan fAzT 11 B. M, E, D, , Vander Cook College Mr' arzwe College of Music tx American Literature American History Youth Problems A, B, Emmanuel Missionary College OTHER PERSONNEL SCHOOL BOARD Donald Hallman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President Martin Hauch . . . . Secretary Marcella ' Wood . . . . . . Treasurer Ray Taylor . ............. Trustee Clarence Wirth ..............Trustee E. G. Eccles . . Superintendent of Schools CUSTODIANS BUS DRIVERS Albert Harfert Merele Phillippi John Payne Ted Wire Theron Penland Berkley Ritchie Harold Tibbles Clarence Wirth Harmon Spears Walter Phillippi Allan Boyd Daniel Diehl John Payne Daniel Diehl, Assistant :'0.J SCHOOL COOK +7lM4 MRS. MARTHA ADAMS Also pict1u'ed are Lois Rakow, Mary Ann Korbelic, and Pauline Freehling. Sw lzninm C. 0 Go ELAINE WALLE NBERG "Elaine' ' Innocent as an angel on a monument. Activities Glee Club 1, 2, 4 Gym 1, 2, 4 F, H, A, 1,2,3,4 F, H, A, Reporter 4 Majorette 3 Basketball 2, 3 President 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 "With sincere regards to the class of 1955. May the years ahead bring each of you the most success and the brightest happiness. " MRS. IDA GALBREATH BERT SWANSON "Bert" A joker at school. For him, fun is a rule. Activities Band 1 Gym 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 N. Club 4 Paper fEd.J 3 Annual Ed. 4 Glee Club 3, Senior Play Vice-Pres. 4 Reporter 4 4 4 "Ronnie" A champion talker we have found, he'll talk to anyone around. Activities President 1 Student Council 1, 3, 4 Stu. Coun. Pres. 4 N Club 3, 4 N Club President 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Gym 1, 2, 3 Annual 4 Glee Club 3 Senior Play 4 Senior Class Cfticers LOIS RAKOW iii W if VIRGINIA HAUCH "Ginny" Virginia hopes to get a man, she'd better find one while she can Activities Gym Glee Club F, H. A. Secretary "Lois" A diligent person you'll agree. A success inbus- iness she will be. Activities Gym 1, 2 Glee Club 2 F, H. A. l,2,3,4 F, H, A, Rep. 4 Treasurer 4 RON SCHUCH CAROLYN SKINNER IlKay ll 'In band, on stage or in class, it's all the same to this lovely lass Activities Band President Vice-Pres Sec-Treas Secretary Majorette Glee Club F, H, A, Reporter Song Leader Senior Play Student Council Paper Staff ,Jamal ' 2,11-nu.. vggngags pany 0 Xia "Rich" JANICE SAURBIER "Jan" Jan is aneat and friend- ly lass, and one of the best dressed in our class. Activities Band 11 21 31 4 Secretary 4 President 3 Treasurer 2 Librarian 1 F,H.A, 1,2.3,4 Pianist 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Annual 1, 4 Senior Play 3, 4 Paper 1, 2, 3 Student Council 3 Be Bops 2 Rf t 35353 gf ucwgkv' W BARBARA KRIEGER "Kriegs" Krieger now but not for long, she'll soon be sing- ing another song. Activities Gyin 1, 2 Treasurer 3 Basketball 2 GENE JOHNSON "Gene" In many sports he rates ace high, and he's voted by all, one swell guy, Activities Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3 Track 3 4 N Club 3, Vice-President 4 Student Council 1, Gym 1. 2, 3, 2 4 Senior Play 4 RICHARD RYDEN CARYLE' ANDERSON When work interferes with pleasure quit work, Activities Gym 1, 2 Senior Play 4 Annual 4 Paper 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Library 3, 4 "Caryle" istic of her personality Her smile is character- Activities Gym 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 F,H,A, 1,2,3,4 Annual 3, 4 Ass't. Editor 4 Library - 2 Senior Play 4 PAULINE FREEHLING ' 'Pork' ' WW I ED ME NSINGE R ' A y, ' MARLENE Bnoss In f " Marlene" Full of fun and mischief A. blond is she and a too, doing things she beautiful lass. shouldn't do. Activities Activities Gym 1, 2 Gym 1.2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 F,H, A, 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 Treasurer 3 f , H, A, lParl.D 3 Secretary 4 - Senior Play 4 flfj ' 'fEddie" 159' 5 Innocence is bliss. f,V4f"yJ Activities fff ' 5" Gym l,2,3,4 t, U5 Glee Club ,4 Annual 4 1 it 1 M Hy, - fl 'I 9 W M 9 JOYCE SORGET BILL BANEY l4Bi11y91 llRedDl The greatest pleasure life is love. of Activities Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Gym 1, 2 F, H, A, 1, 2 Hot Lunch 1, 2, 3 Senior Play 4 Stubborn and short through life he'll be, but in basketball, he ' s a whiz you see, Activities Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 3 Track 3 Vice-President 1 Football 3 N Club 3, 4 Gym 1, 2, 3, 4 BOB WOODRICK "Bobbie' ' A single hair out of place casts its shadow. Activities Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Gym 1, 2, 3 N Club 3, 4 Lf' 5 I J ' 1L'4'JiU?V Ml' ' ,S 0 A RICHARD HAROFF UDick!l Though much of him we do not see, some day a great man he will be. 'n 'W 104. l Activities Basketball 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Football 4 Band 1, 2 Gym 1, 2, 3 JON HAMAN DELORES DINGES JANET PAZDER lAJan9D Always friendly just the same, always square in life's old game. Activities Gym 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 F, H, A, 1,2,3,4 Hot Lunch 2 lgJ'ono 1 Not handsome but good looking. Activities Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym 1, 2 .Wa laDinggl Delores happy as a lark time and dark, Activities X. ,x 1 enjoys herself both day- Gym 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 F. H. A. 1 Senior Play 4 v SHIRLEY LANE NANCY WEAVER "Shirl" Ihave a heart with room for every joy lor boyl. ED FORRESTER "Eddie" A likeable fellow is he. A great success he is Activities bound to' be. Glee Club 1 Activities Gym 1 Gym 1, 2, 3 F, H, A. 2 Basketball 2, 3 Track 3, 4 . Football 3, 4 . W , ' 1 W lINan!i Energetic, loads of fun, and for mischief she's the one. Activities Gym 1, 2 D! FRED BRIGGS RUTH HILDEBRANDT J V rw" "Ruthie" "Freddie" Though he was thought to be quite shy, Fred is Eenie, meenie, minie moe, someday she may find the Joe, really quite a guy. Activities Activities Gym 1, 2 Gym 1.2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3 F, H, A, 1, 2, 4 "Patti" Patti an excitable one, really is a lot of fun. Activities Glee Club 1, 3, 4 Gym 1, 2, 4 F, H, A, 3, 4 F, H, A, lParl.D 4 Hot Lunch 3 la Marys 1 Mary is gay and isn't shy, so she has won a lucky guy, Activities Glee Club l,2,3 Gym 1, 2, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2 Basketball 1 " Patti" Pat is sweet and nice to all, she found her Bob before us all, Activities Gym 1, 2 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 F, H, A, 1, 2 "Jean" Jean is cute and awful nice, lucky is he who shares the rice. Activities Glee Club 1, 2 Gym 1, 2, 3, 4 . JN if ' ' ff PAT AINSWORTH JEAN BENKE K "Mary Ann" When in school she is not very quiet, when outside she is really a riot. Activities Glee Club 1 Gym 2 F,H,A, 1,2,3,4 WHARTON MARY ANN KORBELIC ' 'Jimmie' ' If Jim is around there won't be much work done. Activities Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym 1, 2, 3 'Qx if PAT ACKERMAN JIM RICHARDSON c? we Wi 2-,S Senior Histor What proud and arrogant freshies we were on that memorable day in Sep- tember, 1951, when we first entered New Troy'smysterious upper grades. Ignorant of the joys and sorrows which were to be ours, thinking only that at last we had reached a long-sought goal -- High School -- we held our heads high and cared little what others thought. But oh, too soon, it seemed, we realized that our already acquired knowledge was small, that there was greater work to be done! The arrogance of the 42 members ofthat Freshman Class soon turned to meekness, when we found out that the others in the high school considered us just the LOWLY freshmen. Our class President that year was Ron Schuchg our worthy Advisor was Mr. Vernon Schultz. When at last we became sophomores, we possessed all the pride of the graduating seniors. No longer could folks call us "green", We had made friend- ships, and many of us felt we were capable of assuming any responsibility which our school might put on us. New activities caught our interest. This year our class.,Advisor was Mrs. Wirth, and our President was Elaine Wallenberg. When the time came for us to become juniors, we suddenly realized that half of our high school life had gone by. Where we did not know -- the days had passed so quickly. Our class membership had dwindled to a mere 37. Some of our classmates had left school for good, while others had moved someplace else, and were furthering their education. Our big event this year was the Prom, put on by us in honor of the graduating seniors. We also had a big drive to sell magazines, which was our largest money- making venture. It was quite a success. This year we became more familiar with many of the seniors, looking up to them with envy, and anticipating the day when we might assume their title. At last it came. We were Seniors. Our last year has seemed the busiest of them all. First we elected our class officers and advisor. Our President was again Elaine ,.Wallenberg, who had been our president since our sophomore year. Our class advisor was Mrs. Galbreath, who had been of great help to the class in her advisory capacity, and also as a very fine teacher, through both our junior and senior years. She was untiring in her efforts to have a nice prom when we were juniors, and as director of our class play in our senior year she spent much time and effort to make this play a success. On April 29 the Class of 1956 held a prom in our honor at the Whitcomb Hotel, in St. Joseph, on a beautiful evening. Our senior trip, to New York and Washington, was tenatively scheduled for sometime in Aprilg this was an out- standing event in our high school life. Baccalaureate was held on May 22. We knew our days here at Troy were fast drawing to an end, never to come again. We ended our school days with a class night program. We knew we were high school students for the last time. At eight o'clock sharp on the evening of May 25 we marched down the aisle to the platform. This was the completion of many years of effort by the 33 Seniors, and when we received our diplomas it was all ended, save the memories. The next day the school picnic was held, and on Friday we made our last visit to the school to pick up our report cards. As we go, we leave many friends, some never to see again, familiar sights, and many fine teachers, however we still have our memories to live with us forever. During our stay at New Troy we had our share of good times, and also times when it seemed like we just couldn't get ahead. However, everything turned out quite well in the end. ass Play The Senior Class was happy to present "Seventeen Is Terrific," a three act comedy by Esther E. Olson. The play was about a boy named Chuck Allenby, who needed 35.00 in order to take his girlfriend, Ginny, to the Spring Dance. He tried several ways of trying to get the money, and after failing several times, he finally succeeded in getting the money, and everything turned out all right. The Cast was: Dr. Allenby - a dentist .... ...... Grandma - the Doctor's mother-in-law . Hannah Hawks - the hired girl . . . . . . Chuck Allenby - a boy who was always Barbie Allenby - his sister . . . Janie Allenby - another sister . Billie Allenby - baby brother . . Patsy Gardner - a neighbor girl ....... Nancy Pomeroy - Barbie's girl friend . . Hugo Jarvis - a sophisticated youth . . George Bennett - friend of Chuck . . Ginny Grant - Chuck's girl friend . . . getting into trouble . . . Bert Swanson Caryle Anderson . . Joyce Sorget . . Richard Ryden . . . Kay Skinner . . Virginia Hauch . . . Ed Forrester Pauline Freehling . Janice Saurbier . . . Ron Schuch . . . Gene Johnson . . . Delores Dinges GIVE ME THAT TOWEL ! ! ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY ! ! THE CLASS OF '55 AS SEEN IN '65 Here it is, 1965, and the class reunion and dinner we had planned at graduation has arrived. We had just finished the decorating when the former Pauline Freehl- ing and her husband Tom arrived. They had just come back from their gorilla- hunting expedition to Africa -- we hope they had a nice trip. Next to arrive was that fearless, world-faznous lion trainer, Eddie Mensinger. Right after Ed came Joyce Sorgetg she is now the head matron of a reform school in Rhode Island. Ron Schuch just drove up in his 1965 Cadillac, he is now a great television an- nouncer -- it seems he ran Marty Faye out of business. Now that everyone has arrived let us go and find out what the rest of the Class of '55 are now doing. Shirley Lane and Nancy Weaver came all the way from North Carolina, where they have their own tobacco farm. Delores Dinges now runs a style shop, and husband Gene J olmson has his own shoe factory so that he won't have so much trouble obtaining size 14 shoes. Jim Richardson and Fred Briggs have a contract for redesigning Studebaker's automobiles -- have you seen the longer, wider, more expensive model? The new art instructor at the New Troy University is none other than Pat Ainsworth. Kay Skinner ma.rried someone named Jim, they are now in the process of raising their own football team, eleven boys -- Kay seems to have forgotten that they're cheaper by the dozen. The former Janet Pazder and husband Bill Baney flew in from the upper peninsula. When he is not chasing butterflies for the Sawyer National Museum, Bill manages a resort in upper Michigan. What's this? Barbara Krieger, named Miss Lonely Heart of 1965, drove down from the mammoth city of Bridgman to join the party. At the same table as Barb we see Dick Ryden and Caryle Anderson, the skating team of Ryden and Ryden, who have come from Chicago, where they are performing in the Ice Capades. Next to them we see Bert Swanson, the great wrestler known the world over as the "Dirty Bird!" Standing by the punch bowl with Gene Johnson we see Bob Woodrick, who now owns a mule farm in Texas -- his Ford just wasn't fast enough. Virginia Hauch and her husband, Don, drove up all the way from Arkansas. Virginia is a model for the FARMER'S GAZETTE. Jon Haman, who is well-known as an excellent photographer, has been taking pictures of our re- union all evening -- except when he joins Gene and Bob at the punch bowl. We had hoped that he would take moving pictures, but he left his movie camera in his customized '65 Ford station wagon. The food for the dinner will be provided by some of our former classmates. The former Mary Wharton and her husband, who live on a potato farm, were only happy to furnish us with potatoes. The fine fish we are having was provided by the one and only Louie's Fish Market -- Lou Golob, that is. The milk was pro- vided by Rich Haroff, who owns a huge dairy farm on the outskirts of the city of Glendora. To make the meal complete, we will finish with watermelons from Ed Forrester's farm, in Arkansas. After-dinner entertainment will be furnished by the famous Paris Can- Can land they surely canj dancers. They are Lois Rakow, Jean Benke, Ruth Hildebrant, Pat Ackerman, Mary Ann Korbelic, and Elaine Wallenberg. They will be accompanied by Janice Saurbier's all boy orchestra. Now that we have seen and talked to everyone, let's get on withthat dinner we have been talking about and waiting for. Our program chairman, Marlene Bross, is getting impatient. MOST FRIENDLY MOST TALKATIVE 8: CLASS COMEDIAN Dick Ryden and Caryle Anderson Ron Schuch and Joyce Sorget xi W' se A :S 4:00 MOST POPULAR MOST INDUSTRIOUS Kay Skinner and Ron Schuch Elaine Wallenberg, Ed Mensinger Caryle Anderson and Bert Swanson BEST DRESSED MOST ATHLETIC Janice Saurbier and Bob Woodrick Gene Johnson and Elaine Wallenberg FALL FESTIVAL KING AND QUEEN N COURT MOST DEPENDABLE MOST LHCELY T0 SUCCEED Elaine Wallenberg, Bert Swanson Bert Swanson and Caryle Anderson Dick Ryden and Mr. Jannasch CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of New Troy High School, 1955, being of fairly sound mind and body, do hereby make our final will and testament: I, Elaine Wallenberg, will my height to Rexalee Westhauser. I, Virginia Hauch, will my ability to be quiet in study hall to any freshman. I, Barbara Krieger, will my worn out typewriter to next year's typing class. I, Ed Mensinger, will my ability to be seen and not heard to Alan Berry. I, Jim Richardson, will my ability to play drums to Bob Branson. I, Richard Ryden, will my singing ability to Roger Schlender. I, Mary Wharton, will my ability to hook a man to Dixie Bennet. I, Shirley Lane, will my ability to write my name backwards to John Dziekanowski. I, Pauline Freehling, will my ability to wreck a car to the Segar boys. I, Ron Schuch, will my ability to tell and laugh at my own jokes to Dean Boyd. I, Pat Ainsworth, will my artistic ability to next year's Youth Problems class. I, Bob Woodrick, will my ability to get along without girls to Larry Mitchell. 1, Mary Ann Korbelic, will my ability to keep my hands off other girls' guys to the Junior girls. I, Janice Saurbier, will my Henry-J to the Driver Education class. I, Gene Johnson, will my way with the girls to Paul Kugler. I, Ruth Hildebrant, will my quietness to Arlene Schultz. I, Jon Haman, will my ability to sleep in.class to Ken Hora. I, Bert Swanson, will my front seat in Youth Problems to Bill Westhauser. I, Kay Skinner, will my majorette's position to Mary Ann Pletcher. I, Fred Briggs, will my ability to write to anyone who can read my writing. I, Delores Dinges, will my books to anyone that will burn them. I, Rich Haroff, will my cow-milking ability to the Hallberg boys. I, Pat Ackerman, will my cooking to anyone who can eat it. I, Ed Forrester, will my fullback position to Larry Klug. I, Marlene Bross, will my long hair to Judy Hess. I, Lois Rakow, will my ability to mind my own business to the Sophomore girls. I, Bill Baney, will my loud clothes to any cool kid. I, Janet Pazder, will my full skirts to Nancy Lodge. I, Caryle Anderson, will my natural blonde hair to Sue Anderson. I, Joyce Sorget, will my devilish ways to any little a.ngel. I, Lou Golob, will my hatred for women to Alvin Krumrie. I, Nancy Weaver, will my ability to go out with guys to Jean Reber. I, Jean Benke, will my ability to drive a Cadillac to Jim Wisner. We, the Senior Class, will to Mrs. Galbreath all the gratitude and respect in our hearts, for her being the wonderful person she is. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Tarzwell a standardized test book for each of his classes, for his benefit as well as the students'. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Manney a few of our surplus thousands so that he may remodel the laboratory. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Menza a break-resistant baton and a head guard for the school's open windows. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Jannasch a Dick Track badge to help him in his detective work as he trails missing students. We, the Senior Class, will to lVlrs. Keun a 1955 Cadillac to bring her to New Troy from Berrien Springs. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Feiler a economy-sized notebook inwhich to keep track of all his assignments, and a later model 1937 Pontiac. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Eccles an elevator to bring him up and down on his many trips from his office to the upper floors. We, the Senior Class, will to Mrs. Wirth a Betty Crocker cook book to help her in her Home Economics classes. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Guse our best wishes for all Trojan teams to come. We, the Senior Class, will to Mr. Neilson a padded cage in which to keep some of his Mechanical Drawing students when they get out of hand. We, the Senior Class, will to Albert, John, and Mr. Deihl a set of knives with which to scrape gum from the bottom of the study hall seats. 'D D 0 HIIIUY5 Dean Boyd Larry Mitchell Sue Anderson Shirley Hauch Secretary Treasurer Nancy Johnson Bill Rakow Patti Adam? JN Oi , Qs' will 5 Bob Peterek Deanna Seastrom Bill Westhauser Theresa Segar Wes Sinner Blanche Taylor Ken Hora Norb Natzke Marilyn Miller Don Hutter - -Wy. Jack Sizer Ann Sommers VD- ...v.- - J Agqnuvuau. Nancy Durkot J, Dziekanowski Mildred Vitek Norma Rehrnel Paul Kugler Louise Barron Jean Reber Alan Berry r a Dianne Spaulding Karen Katowich Bob Mudro Rosemary Martin 2 vm f Fred Marx Jeanette Reitz John Gillrnan Norma King Tom Wharton Linda Hauch Charlotte Backus Garnet Johnson Ron Brey T1 rdnsimnu 2, Q Q S A Q3 'TS nuglinnnn If ROW ONE: C. Sorget, K. Ackerman, B. Branson, B. Dolan, R. Wallenberg, R Krumrie, G. Zielke, R. Widdis, J. Freehling, H. Daniels, R. Backus, J. Critzer ROW TWO: D. Schmaltz, J. Dolan, A. Krumrie, G. Knitter, M. Segar, D. Diehl R. Forraht, L. Hauch, A. Ziessler, B. Sizer, S. Barker, B. Mooney, J. Meizie B. Turpin. ROW THREE: Mr. Neilson, M. Natzke, D. Hallberg, R. Jones, D Ott, J. Wisner, K. Freehling, T. Kaleta, N. Briggs, D. Siebler, H. Vance, J. Schaffer L. Sparks, J. Saurbier. ROW FOUR: D. Stephens, M. Sonnenberg, J. Ainsworth B, Forraht, J. Hauch, L. Schuler, J. Krieger, M. Baily, G. Briggs, R. Krumrie M. Burke, P. Steckelberg, M. Smith, N. Schuler, Mrs. Keun. ROW FIVE: A Schultz, D. Ott, D. Johnson, N. Lodge, A. English, M. Sparks, M. Marino, M Stephens, C. Bross, D. Bross, C. Johnson, R. Gross, K.Roundy, P. Bueghly """OFFICERS'9"9' Ken Freehling. Peggy Bueghly, Gail Briggs, and Rex Krumrie. . Q L rnglimcn , X, . si i 'if .I . " 7' 61 ,V A. A r,,M -.yy 'fx . af- " - .J T ,w 7 e 19 . ROW ONE: D. Bamman, B. Brackett, A. Gnodtke, L. Story, D. Kramer, L. Lockman, D. Krieger, J. Permesang, D. Schmidt, E. Simmons, P. Randall, R. Schlender, V. Ott, L. Schmidt, T. Jochem, B. Rehmel. ROW TWO: J. Nogg1e,N. Benke, J. Lindgren, M. Cherry, A. Rennack, S. Vance, J. Strefling, P. Mezei, S. Freyer, J. Howell, D. Wershing, B. Backus. ROW THREE: Mr. Menza, C. Freehling, J. Adams, K. Dunlap, M. Robertson, A. Martin, M. Jotsat, D. Johnson, S. Bross, D. Rollf, S. Ehlert, L. Krumrie, M. Pletcher, N. Krieger, Mr. Manney. ROW FOUR: J. Melton, J. Krieger, L. Gardiner, J. Mensinger, C. DeWeese, M. Kit- tleson, L. Knitter, J. Kempton, L. Pazder, D. Narregan, J. Casto. N Nerma Krieger . . . . Vice-President Shirley Vance . . . .Treasurer , Bonnie Backus . . .Secretary Jacky Adams . . . President JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS MR, D'AGOS'TINO, MR, VAVRA, and MR, FO TUNA 0 , 9 Ziv-4 Wi fog? 5 THE EIGHTH GRADE THE SEVENTH GRADE E LEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS BACK ROW: Mrs. C. Briney, Miss E. Beall, Mrs. E. Steckelberg, Mrs F. Sommer, Mrs. E. Prince. FRONT ROW: Mrs. G. Decker, Mrs. M Reck, Miss M. Spacek, Mrs. M. Burns, Mrs. L. Jachim. rfinififff 331 -0 Bert Swanson ,,,,,, Caryle Anderson , , , Ron Schuch .....,, Dick Ryden ,,.. Ed Mensinger Janice Saurbier Kay Skinner Ann Sommers . . . Bill Rakow Mr. Ernest Tarzwell Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Reporters Junior Representatives Faculty Sponsor The TROJAN STAFF would also like to thank the following individuals for their help in producing this yearbook: Pat Ainsworth, for her cover design Barbara Krieger Marlene Bross Lois Rakow Mary Ann Korbelic Pauline Freehling Delores Dinges Mary Wharton, and Elaine Wallenber, for typing and ad-sellingg and Mr, Ernest Tarzwell, for the aid he rendered in his capacity as faculty sponsor of the 1955 TROJAN, Student Coun il BACK ROW: Gail Briggs, Jim Saurbier, Dean Boyd, Kay Skinner, Ron Schuch Elaine Wallenberg, Bill Rakow, Ed Forrester, and Lois Rakow. FRONT ROW Larry Pazder, .Pat Steckelberg, Joanne Strefling, Jacky, Linda Krumrie and Nancy Johnson. OFFICERS President ........ ............. R on Schuch Commissioner of Social Activities . . . . Nancy Johnson Commissioner of Student Welfare . . . . Bill Rakow Commissioner of Publications . . . . . Jim Saurbier Commissioner of Athletics . . . . . . Ed Forrester Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . Pat Steckelberg Advisor ....... . . Mr. E. G. Eccles ACTIVITIES Sponsored radio program CWHFBJ Sponsored a fire drill program Gave food gift to needy family Scheduled several entertaining and educational assembly programs for the school year. N-CLUB BACK ROW: B. Peterek, R. Harroff, J. Sizer, R.Schuch, G. Johnson. ROW TWO: R. Jones, B. Woodrick, B, Barley, J. Schaffer, Coach Guse, D. Boyd, N. Natzke, B. Westhauser, W. Sinner. ROW THREE: M. Segar, K. Hora, B. Swanson, R. Krumrie, K. Freehling, E. Forrester, L. Mitchell, J. Gilman. NOT PICTURED: Bill Rakow. ALUMNI MEMBERS: Stan Pazder, Carl Gnodtke, Harry Olson, Gordon Peterek, Bob Sorget, Ingvar Franzon, Joe Struhar. OFFICERS President ..... .... R on Schuch Vice-President . . . . . Gene Johnson Secretary . . . .... Dean Boyd Treasurer . . . . Jerry Schaffer The N-Club, whose purpose is to promote better athletic welfare, is composed of high school athletes who have earned a letter in any major sport. F.H.A. ROW ONE: J. Streffling, J. Noggle, T. Segar, P. Adarns, N. Johnson, M. Miller B. Backus, B. Sizer, M. Mareno, A. Schultz, A. Martin. ROW TWO: C. Anderson J. Saurbier, C. Freehling, M. Wharton, R. Hildebrant, C. Johnson, D. Bennet D. Spaulding, N. Rehmel, J. Reitz, K. Skinner, N. King, K. Dunlap, Mrs. Wirth ROW THREE: M. Bross, M. Korbelic, L. Hauch, E. Wallenberg, L. Rakow, J Streffling, J. Pazder, P. Freehling, A. Sommers, P. Ainsworth, S. Hauch. OFFICERS President ........ . . Joanne Streffling Vice-President . . . . . Ann Sommers Secretary ..... . . Pauline Freehling Treasurer .... ..... J anet Pazder Parliamentarian . . .... Pat Ainsworth Reporter .... . . Elaine Wallenberg Historian . . . ...... Pat Adams Song leader . . .... Judy Strefling Pianist ..... . . . Janice Saurbier Chapter Mothers . . . . Mrs. Somrners Mrs. Schuch Mrs. Wharton Chapter Advisor . . . . . Mrs, Wirth Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: N. Lodge, P. Steckleberg, A. Schultz, A. English, N. Krieger, B. Taylor, L. Krumrie, E. Wallenberg, C. Anderson, J. Strefling, K. Dunlap, G. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Noggle. SECOND ROW: J. Sorget, L. Hauch, J. Krieger P. Ainsworth, A. Sommers, M. Bailey, C. Freehling, C. Johnson, K. Roundy, P, Bueghly, M. Vitek, M. Jotzat, N. King, J. Reitz, C. Sorget, D. Bennet, Mr. Menza. THIRD ROW: N. Durkot, L. Barron, R. Krurnrie, J. Krieger, J. Reber, B. Forraht M. Miller, D. Wershing, B. Sizer, S. Hauch, N. Shuler, S. Ehlert, D. Johnson, J Strefling. FOURTH ROW: L. Gardner, D. Kramer, P. Kugler, R. Schlender E. Mensinger, J. Dziekanowski, J. Dolan, T. Wharton, R. Wittis, D. Schmaltz G. Zilke, B. Branson, B. Dolan, B, Swanson, R.Ryden, J. Casto, P. Randall. D am Ma b effes LEFT T0 RIGHT: K- Skinner, D- Barker, J. Strefling, M. Pletcher, S. Schuh R. Westhauser. 1 1 1 1 .v MARC HING BAND l lllll in it CLARINET Gaines, Irene Gnodtke, Marie Huling, Sandra Klute, Christine Mensinger, Judy Mitchell, Larry Saurbier, Janice Segar, Theresa Shuler, Nancy Siebler, Carol Sornmers, Ann Sparks, Marjorie Taylor, Carol Westhauser, Rexalie FLUTE Clements, Pat Klug, Larry Robertson, Nancy Eb ALTO HORNS Johnson, Carol Mensinger, Carol Strefling, Joanne BAND PERSONNEL BAND DIRECTOR Rocco F, Menza SAXA PHO NE Banas, Laurene Bennett, Dixie Gnodtke, Norma Kempton, Judy Lozmack, Dean Marx, Mary Pletcher, Phyllis Shuler, Lee OBOE Richardson, Ann TRUMPET Narregan, Dolores Noggle, Judy Ryden, Allen Saurbier, Jim Seibler, Denny Skinner, A. C. Sornmers, Delmas Sparks, Clem BARITONE Robertson, Mary Jo TROMBONE Brueck, Dennis Clements, Gene Grant, Clayton Reber, Jean TUBA Backus, Russell Randall, Paul PERCUSSION Bihlmire, John Branson, Bob Dolan, Ben Freehling, Charlotte Richardson, Jim Widdis, Russell TWIRLERS Larson, Julia Pletcher, Mary Ann Skinner, Kay--Drum Majorette Strefling, Judy Schuch, Shirley JUNIOR BAND ROW ONE: B. Mitchell, L. Sutton, D. Ritchie, C. Brueck, S. Bihlmire, L. Miller, M. Keidenger, N. Rehmel, K. Taylor, J. Brueck. ROW TWO: B. Glaske, D. Pletcher, B. Smith, D. Krieger, J. Styburski, D. Schmaltz, R. Richardson, F. Stanage, L. Freehling, C. Strefling, M.Freehling, R. Franks, D. Stanage, C. Place, D. Finch. ROW THREE: Mr.Menza, B. Rehrnel, E. Feiler, K. Franks, G. Rehmel, T. Krieger. SENIOR BAND ROW ONE: J. Saurbier, Secretary, A. Sommers, Treasurer, T. Segar, L. Mitchell Vice-President, L. Klug, P. Clements, N. Robertson, D. Fozmack, N. Gnodtke P. Pletcher, M. Marx, J. Kempton, Librarian. ROW TWO: C. Siebler, I. Gaines C. Klute, N. Shuler, J. Strefling, C. Johnson, P. Randall, R. Backus, C. Mensinger M. Robertson, R. Westhauser, L. Banas, L. Shuler, D. Bennett. ROW THREE C. Taylor, M. Gnodtke, J. Mensinger, M. Sparks, S. Huling, A. Richardson, C Grant, G. Clements, D. Brueck, J. Reber. ROW FOUR: A. Ryden, D. Sommers C. Sparks, J. Saurbier, Social Chairman, A. C. Skinner, D. Narregan, D. Siebler J. Noggle, Mr. Menza, K. Skinner, President, M. Pletcher, J. Strefling, S. Schuch J. Larson, R. Widdis, C. Freehling, J. Bihlmire, B. Branson, B. -Dolan, J. Rich: ardson. PAPER DRIVE Pictured above are some of the band members who helped with the Fall paper drive. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Robertson, J. Strefling, D. Bennett, and B. Dolan. ACTIVITIES This year we lost some of our ba.nd members because of schedule com- plications, but our senior band was augmented by members of last year's junior band. As a result we now have 51 members in the concert band, the junior band, now in its second year, has 25 members. We started practicing two weeks before school started, for a marching contest at Niles. Here a much improved band received a second division rating. The band was invited to participate in "Band Day" at Western Michigan College, but was unable to attend because of other comrnittments. The band marched at some of the football games, it also participated in the annual Halloween parades at Three Oaks, Sawyer, and New Troy. The "Pep Band" played at a few of the basketball games. The concert band made its first appearance of the new year at the annual Fall Festival along with the Glee Club. The program consisted of marches and classical numbers. Our next formal appearance was at the yearly Christmas concert, complete with S1200 worth of new uniforms tpurchased by the Band Boosters Clubjg the junior band, twirlers, glee club, and the newly formed girls vocal quartet, called the "Out-of-Timers" also appeared on the program. Special numbers of this concert were: a trumpet solo by Jim Saurbier, "Soliliquy for Trumpet," "Sleigh Ride," "Ride up in de Chariot," "On the Trail," and "Ballet Parisien." The solo and ensemble contest was held January 29 at Kalamazoo. Christine Klute and Sandra Huling, clarinet duet, received a first place rating, second place ratings went to Judy Kempton and Mary Marx, a saxophone duet, and Caroline Siebler and Irene Gaines, a clarinet duet. This year, for the first time, the contest was judged on a state level. Ann Sommers and Jim Saurbier were chosen to play in the All-Star Band at Dowagiac, and Ann Sommers had the honor of playing first chair in the clarinet section. The S.W.N.B.O.A. UQ band contest will be held February 25 at Constantine. Our sight-reading has greatly improved and we are all hoping for a good rating. The glee club festival will be held April 20, in Buchanan. The remaining activities for the music department are: An operetta for the glee club, a Spring concertg the Memorial Day parade, and the Blossom Parade in St. Joseph. The Band Boosters Club really backed the band this year by buying 16 new uniforms for the band. They raised funds by sponsoring movies, bake sales, dances, selling different items, and so forth, F l ililfiiffff Football Football, a sport which develops character as well as brawn, is one of the competitive sports engaged in by New Troy High School. This being only the second year of football competition at New Troy, the coaching staff measured the season's success by the learning and proper application of fundamentals, rather than going by the victory standard alone. Our first game of the 1954 season was played against the St. Joseph Ponies. After winning the coin-toss, they elected to receive the opening kick-off. Making little progress through our line, they tried a play around our end, which was good for a touchdown. Discovering somewhat of a weakness at the end positions, they employed this same play successfully at various intervals. The first half of the game ended with the Ponies leading, 19-O. However, the second half was a different story. Neither team crossed the goal line, thus the final score of the season's opener was St. Joseph 19, the Trojans 0. The second game was played against a hard hitting Edwardsburg team, which had a quite fast and deceptive offense. They employed a "draw play" which confused most of their opponents, including the New Troymen. Even though we were on the short end of a 30-7 score, we did hit "pay dirt." The next game was with New Buffalo. Finding the going on the ground rough, the Bisons employed an aerial attack. Pursuing their passing tactics, they acquired 20 points to New Troy's 0. The fourth game, which was to be the highlight of the year's schedule, was played against the Buchanan J. V.'s. The evening was cool and clear, the field was well lighted, the New Troy band was there, and a predominantly New Troy crowd was in the stands to witness what proved to be the Trojan's first entry in the victory column. The only win for Bucktown that night was before the game, when they won the coin-toss, they elected to receive, meaning that the Trojans would kick-off. Getting nowhere on their first three plays, they were forced to kick, giving the Troymen the ball. Our first series of plays resulted in a touch- down, after which two more T. D.'s were scored in the first two periods of play, making the score 18-0 at half-time. At the game's end the green and white clad men of Troy left the field victorious on the top end of a 24-14 score. The season's fifth game matched us against the highly rated Galien Gaels. Taking advantage of the breaks, they scored a T. D. in the first half of the game. even though they gained only a total of 17 yards throughout the first two periods of play. The second half saw the play see-saw back and forth, with each team trying to outwit the other. New Troy's only touchdown of the game was scored on a beauti- fully executed pass play. Although the Trojans gained more yardage, and completely outdid the Gaels statistically, the opposition rolled up a higher score, 14 points to our 6. The final game of the 1954 season was with the league champions, Eau Claire's Beavers. This being the first high school football game ever to be played at New Troy. the Trojan team went out on the field determined to do their best. Were it not for the speed of one of their ballcarriers, who returned our opening kick-off 86 yards for a touchdown, and who outran our defenses on a very few plays, the final score would have been much closer than a 26-0 defeat. Captains for each game were named by the coaches. For the first game Eddie Forrester was named. second game--Ron Schuch and Jon Haman. third game--Jerry Schaffer and Norb Natzke. fourth game--Bert Swanson and Bill Westhauser. fifth game--Bob Peterek and Jack Sizer sixth game--Eddie Forrester and Ron Schuch. At the close of the season an election was held and Eddie Forrester was named tea.rn captain for the 1954 football season. COACHES MR, GUSE MR, FORTUNATO MR. D'AGOSTINO CAPTAIN ED FORRESTER embrs BERT and NORBE RT RON SCHUCH RICH HARROFF . 5 ' K ,f A, Q 'I MQ '7"' ,ga 'L 45 ' W A qs 'Q 'QQ x W J x K J, 3 W-5 4 'h""W' . f ,, 'Wifi' Q - -.A .. 3, -' x . K a+ -A ' c 9' Aff .2 j , Q 1' A ,.' 'F J' Y I Q Z? 2 3 A 5 , I w ' 1 pq 135, v A W .. ' -S 1 JUNIOR VARSITY BACK ROW: D. Schmidtg R. Widdisg K. Freehlingg D. Ottp T. Kaletag W. Sinner L. Sparksg B. Wallenbergg J. Wisnerg Coach D'Agostino. FRONT ROW: D. Krieg erg L. Knitterg D, Krarnerg L. Schmidtg L. Gardinerg C. DeWeeseg L. Pazderg J Castog D. Bamman. SEASON'S RECORD DATE N, T, OPP Nov, New Troy at Stevensville 47 Dec. Edwardsburg at New Troy 39 New Buffalo at New Troy 36 New Troy at Eau Claire 52 Bridgman at New Troy 46 Jan. New Troy at Baroda 40 New Troy at Covert 42 3 Oaks at New Troy, played at St. Joe Ponies' Gym 32 New Troy at Galien 46 Stevensville at New Troy 40 New Troy at Edwardsburg 51 New Troy at New Buffalo 38 Feb Eau Claire at New Troy 63 New Troy at Bridgman 25 Covert at New Troy 45 Baroda at New Troy 40 New Troy at 3 Oaks, played at St. Joe Ponies' Gym Galien at New Troy JACK SIZER JERRY SCHAFER RICH HAROFF GENE JOHNSON BOB PE TE REK JON HAMAN DEAN BOYD i NORB NATZKE FRITZ JONES BILL BANEY BOB WOODRICK 559 QL pq -, . ,E 3 ' 1335955 gi' .N an X.: - .A i Q. ,.. - 1 '- Z I 1 3? 'Q f'3 Q3'3 gf A ,N -.1 fx y - , S 2 M. ss H' ' J .. Q 1 954-55 BASKETBALL SEASON The 1954-55 season began with the Trojans journeying to Stevensville on November 23. The Cardinals were on the losing end of a 71-65 score as the final buzzer Gene Johnson, starting the season off on the "right foot", accumulated 28 points. On December 3, the Eddies from Edwardburg invaded the New Troy gym. After four quarters of lively action, the Trojans emerged victorious with a 59-44 win. Dean Boyd hit for 18 points. New Buffalo's Bisons were next on the Trojan's schedule. They came to New Troy on December 10 where they were beaten 66-46. Dean Boyd this time hit 20 points. On December 14, the Trojans went to Eau Claire, where they played a much improved Beaver team. After a hard fought contest the Trojans again were the winners, 55-49. Jerry Schaffer led the Trojans scoring attack with 18 points. The Bridgman Bees then invaded New Troy's gym, they were soundly defeated 67-46. Gene Johnson sent 33 points swishing through the nets, his highest one game output. The first game of the new year was played January 7, against Baroda on the Bulldogs court. Dean Boyd hit for 21 points as the Trojans won their sixth Qout of sixj game of the season. The final score was 69-54. On January 11, we traveled to Covert for a non-conference game against the highly rated Covert five. In one of our lowest scoring games of the year, the Trojans went down to their first defeat, 48-42. Dean Boyd and Gene Johnson led the New Troy scoring with 10 points each. THE game came next. On January 13, at the neutral St. Joseph Ponies gym, we engaged the Three Oaks Oakers, with the conference lead at stake. Though the Oakers leading scores were held down, their center, Grigel, got hot dunking in 37 points. The Oakers emerged victorious after a hard fought contest 60-51. Gene Johnson led the Trojans with 22 points. On January 18, the men of Troy went to Galien where they downed the Gaels 65-48. Gene Johnson again scored 22 points. The Stevensville team next came to our gym to take on the second-place Trojans. They left on the end of a 65-54 score, as Jerry Schaffer led the Trojans scoring with 19 points. On January 25, we went to Edwardsburg, where we again won, 66-40. Dean Boyd contributed 27 points to the Trojan cause. Next, on January 28, we traveled to New Buffalo, where Gene Johnson added 22 points to his season's total, and the Trojans won 72-58. On February 1, the Eau Claire Beavers came to New Troy, and did what they should not have done---beat us by 1 point. Gene Johnson had 32 points, but an Eau Claire free throw in the final seconds spelled the Trojans second conference loss. We got back on the victory trail on February 4, as we beat Bridgman, 73-54, Gene Johnson again scored 22 points. On February 9, the Covert team came to Troy, and the Trojans experienced another non-conference defeat, 63-59, after a hard fought battle. Dean Boyd led the Trojans scoring with 16 points. Baroda's Bulldogs come to New Troy on February 11. Inthe Trojan's highest scoring game of the year, the Bulldogs were defeated 84-55, as Gene Johnson dunked in 25 points. The Annual deadline came before the Three Oaks and Galien games had been played, so those scores have to be omitted. 1 HEI 'Hllll J. t ' 'iff' 3' 'Ur ll b ,st S C I 1 1 "V 't Activities ' A 5 4 Y IW J' 4, SEPTEMBER 7 School opened 22 Football 8: basketball cheerleaders chosen " 24 First football game with Edwardsburg 1 OCTOBER I Football game with New Buffalo NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY v 'k qs Q 'W Freshman-Sophomore party Football game with Galien Started taking Senior pictures Marching Contest Halloween Parade Closed school at noon Fall Festival Assembly "Progress Makes Perfect" Seniors presented a three act comedy, "Seventeen Is Terrific" First basketball game played with Stevensville. Closed school for Thanksgiving Cherry pie contest Lion's Club party Christmas Concert Closed school for Christmas vacation Seniors presented an assembly School reopened Amateur Show Band presented a movie Solo ensemble contest Senior Class sponsoreda Donkey bas- ketball game Senior band held a bowling party Band boosters Valentine party Basketball tournaments started At last the Senior trip School closed Good Friday 8: Easter Buchanan Vocal Festival The Prom was held at the Whitcomb Hotel, It was enjoyed by everyone We started our last month of school We hoped! ! ! Baccalaureate Class Night At last the night came when we would no longer be Seniors. Commencement Our school picnic the last one we would be able to attend as students of Troy High School School closes would be able to attend as students of New 'lroy High School , . School closes ' 1 Lf. '- fl-.Q 27 26. Our school picnic the last one we -1 . 'g I O 2 'x " 7 xv.. I r " HAIL TO THEE, OUR ALMA MATER M, 5 MR, TARZWELL'S ONE AND ONLY HISTORY CLASS MRS, KUEN'S TYPING CLASS sief E 091: 50 K9 5'LY99' 103 Uwr' , Y "What's up coach? Mr. 8: Mrs. Galbreath prom nite. Mr. 8: Mrs. Jannasct prom nite Thank you Sir Puzzled ? ? ? Janice 8.1 the flagpole 7 5747? Y Yi hgixl 3 ah' 'Y a 'W' 1 Wo. . na O LX we Hannah, where's that hot water? " 6 C 1 KN 0 no' S ,I fzl mai guy Plcmc Tune! WOW! What a pose? 'P ? R- .Annu ,pk aa-nawefsxx BWYNX A "Off the grass" .Nui ed uP 5 sf? QQQQQ 56" 5? Pretty Towels! ! ! ! Q! wvwve 0106 X XX.. . 1. Ce Qc 650 A ei fnivm., Ready Aim Fire? ? ? ? S16 ep B eauty ,4 How Interesting ADVERTISEMENTS It was with the help of the persons or groups of persons whose names appear on the following pages that the completion of this yearbook was made possible. Following is a list of merchants and businessmen who are boosters of this yearbook: M, Mindell 8: Sons Koenigshof Dry Goods Home Furnishings Store Gillman's Grill Chas. Pokorny Sawyer Auto Service The Gazette 3 Oaks Barber Shop Tornquist's Grocery W. H. Kramer 3 Oaks Auto Supply Grosse Bros. Desenberg's Men's Store Compliments of EW 'l'ROY MILL Flour and Feeds Phone HA. 6 - 3422 New Troy Michigan Best Wishes A. CARUSO STUDIO CREATIVE PHO'l'0GllAPHY QPhotographer For THE TROJANJ Compliments NEW Ofwov HARDWARE and ELECTRICAI. APPLIANCES P0'l"l'S and SONS HARDWARE Dave, George, Dick, Ed Hardware Household Sup C ompliments of ll. C. GUST 'l'RAC'l'0R SALES BRIDGMAN COAl. C0. C ompliments of CUNNELLY FU ERAL ll0ME Three Oaks, Michigan Phone 302 24 Hour Ambulance Service With Modern Oxygen Equipped Invalid Coach. We Sell a Fine Line of Markers and Monuments at Very Reasonable Prices. RITCHIE ROYAl. Bl. E GROCERY Groceries and Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables New Troy Michigan 'l'AYLOR BRO . GARAGE 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Tires Tubes Batteries Frame and Wheel Alignment Brake Drum Turning New Trgy Michigan The Class of '55 SAWYER FAEMEIYS EXCHANGE ALLIS-CEALMERS Sales and Service 'l'AYLOIl'S LAUNDRY and CLEANING C0 Compliments of THE BANK of THREE HAKS C ompliments of THREE HAKS LUHBEH and CHAL CHHPAHY Mic Best of Luck to Class of '55 Carl and Marge's 'l'll0J GRILL School Supplies Fountain Service "Eat More Ice Cream" New Troy Michigan Compliments of 'l'0Ll.AS DRUG S'l'0RE "For A11 Your Drug Store Needs" Sawyer Michigan C ornpliments of HAUSMANN M0'I'0R COMP Y PONTIAC Three Oaks Phone 5511 Michigan Compliments nuNEmAGEn's THREE ous DEPT. svoma C omplirnents of ACKERMAN NURSERY C omplim ents of Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer RECKS M0'l'0R SALES. INC. GAMBLE Buchanan Michigan Sullivan Brothers OP9I'at0T'S Johnson Motors Fishing Tackle Guns and Ammunition Paints and Hardware G, E. Appliances Compliments of MILLER EQUIPM 'I' Your Friendly Buick and Service International Trucks Parts and Service Baroda Michigan WHITCUMB H0'l'El. Headquarters for School Proms St. Joseph Michigan Congratulations 8: Best Wishes To the Graduating Class of 1955 LIN ER cnsvnom Alisi omiiflihliii womvmu E GARDENS msn CHARLIE' mm UNl0N PIER L MBEP- A D SUPPLY COMP Y Lennox Air-Flow Complete Plumbing Service Union Pier, Michigan Phone Lakeside 3751 Phone Bridgman 39 Compliments of SWEDISH COFFEE POT Phone Lakeside 4511 On U, S, 12 Harbe rt Michigan Best of Luck Seniors WRIGHT MOBIL SERVICE B ridgman Michigan Good Luck Seniors Best Wishes TRUDELL GROCERY Class Of '55 Groceries and Meats DR. LESTER KNIGHT Phone Lakeside 5077 Hargert Michigan Three Oaks Michigan Comphments Compliments of of ROBERT E, WARREN AGENCY Insure today-Be sure tomorrow JOHN SCHMIDT Insurance Three Oaks Michigan Three Oaks Michigan Best Wishes Senior Class of '55 LINTNER'S ROYAL BLUE Phone Ha. 6 - 0753 Glendora Michigan STREFLINGS I. G, A, Full Line of Groceries and Meats Phone Galien 352 Galien Michigan BARODA LUMBER CO, Building Material Posts - Fencing - Glass - O'Brien Paints Baroda, Michigan C ongratulations To the Class of '55 BARODA HARDWARE Phone 12F3 - Baroda C ompliments of BILLMAN'S FLORAL SHOP Bridgman, Michigan C ompliments of GNODTKE DRUGS Buchanan, Michigan Best Wishes to You! THE BETSY ROSS SHOP Welcomes You 109 Front St. Buchanan, Michigan Compliments of THE EVANS CO. Buchanan, Michigan Best Wishes from ROTI ROTI SHOE STORE Buchanan, Michigan St. Jose P Compliments of HOUSE OF DAVID GREENHOUSES Phone Garden 9 - 2621 Lakeshore Drive h Michigan Compliments Compliments of of SAWYER BARBER SHOP DAVID ODONNOHUGH Sawyer Michigan U, S, 12, Harbert Michigan Compliments BLACKSTONE FOOD MARKET of "The House of Swedish Specialties" Corner U. S. 12 and Sawyer Road SPARKS STANDARD SERVICE Repairing-Welding-Greasing U. S. 12 Sawyer, Michigan Compliments of JOE BANAS TEXACO SERVICE Joe, Jessie and Laurene U. S. 12 Browntown Road Sawyer Michigan C ompliments of DEL'S I. G, A, B ridgman Michigan Best Wishes to the Class of '55 TESSMAN'S CAFE Three Oaks Michigan Compliments of SAWYER ROYAL BLUE Art Bender, Proprietor Sawyer Michigan RITTERS GARDINER'S, ST, JOE INC, The Family Restaurant Sporting Goods Phone GA 9 - 3591 "Everything for the Sportsman" 312 State Street Stevensville Michigan St. Joseph Michigan Compliments of Compliments H, 0, WILSON INC, of Manufacturers of Ice Cream PYRAMID OIL CO' Bottlers of Orange Crush and Old Colony Beverages Phone WA' 5 - 2136 Benton Harbor Michigan Benton Harbor Michigan RRIUGMA PRINTING CUMPA Y BUSINESS STATIONARY NURSERY SUPPLIES PAMPLETS BOOKLETS FOLDERS CARDS TELEPHONE 3 BRIDQNIAN, MICHIGAN , T Compliments EDGAR ond INSURANCE Baroda Auto-Fire-Life-Bonds Michigan HEIER' Furniture Office Supplies Machines Phone Wa 5 - 8868 Compliments of "Make This Your Store" St. Joseph Michigan Compliments of THREE 0AK FLURISTS Flowers for all occasions Three Oaks Michigan Compliments of N THE cimvm mmm p p R. D. ELLIS INSURANCE AGE CY 410 Fidelity Bldg. Benton Harbor, Michigan Representing: Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Co. Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. Office Phone: Residence Phone: WAlnut 5 - 3261 YUkon 3 - 3524 Compliments of BEYD FU ERAL HOME Bridgman Michigan A. B KE C0 STR CTIO Bulldozing - Crane Service - Trenching - Black Dirt Sand - Gravel - Stone - Fill Dirt - Manure Sawyer, Michigan Road Construction Our Specialty Black - topping Telephone: HA 6 - 1762 Three Oaks Best Wishes THE WARR FEATHERBO E C0. Mic higan Wiffff W My Wwffy fQ?gwj1QjQgw5Wf M, M WW ?'f"f2,giQTfff Q1 fs? 9? wwf J Q X W J ji M 5 E H1 0 ' n 1 ffl M 1 Q T'7g 3 swf M 3 Qi? ' W0 f 3 35iv 'P .Q ' Q W +50 3211 Wg b INTER-C Pubhshers - Co x'QX S? OLLEGIAT 3 6 M tg FACTORY HOME OFFIIE Kunsus City PRESS Book Binders -4. My-E , g. "M5"k1S-ff hm fn R 1 , ' xw- 4 ,K .Q - 39 M' Jf 1. wg U, W... ma-z ww-0-r - ffe"-v-w'+'----,- -:M run :ver-H-wwffw-:fr-M-e , . . , . . ,,, . . . .2-:.sf"4-rf'-r'x-gf-1-nav:-"'N--n---v-'HM-P---vviv lfw'--'I---t'1--M'-'W' a i , . - A ,:u x .V.: 5 A ,,,,.,, .,1 1,t,.wTii,,1,f,WE ZW., K V jyg i l ., ., -- I ,,,,g,,v,,,.1,.. A :aff

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New Troy High School - Trojans Yearbook (New Troy, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


New Troy High School - Trojans Yearbook (New Troy, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Troy High School - Trojans Yearbook (New Troy, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 32

1955, pg 32

New Troy High School - Trojans Yearbook (New Troy, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 45

1955, pg 45

New Troy High School - Trojans Yearbook (New Troy, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 59

1955, pg 59

New Troy High School - Trojans Yearbook (New Troy, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

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