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. v A ' n. 'hh 4,1 ,, A I ...Q ,L . W 'fxif g J Pggu. 29- 5 , I' li" .1,I, .X I N ,, R "?ll1'5"W ' U 4, sk' ' L, 'l -1 ll rv v I ix via li y C1 ,avi --Q -' f , , Near' :"f'1"29'C'f'!'.."'......"--1--.N ,M --v-mms? .Q 2 , - ., - ' 4 ,, 1 1 1 0 1 J ,. 1 our no -4. JJ' " Q 4 - W?'F"' ' ' ' fa ...N A 3 1 m . r J, ,- ff,QfiE'5i-YLA--1 yt. '3 Fiji , 32.341 1, r.,-14, , .,., x LW H!- . f Diff' '-J I : - V Q .J 1 -.fed fi fn- 1 I - ff' 1' Q" u,'1'f. ' 4- , Q A. . ww., 1-"'4 "- , ' ' 1 M :5ff1s1:x F+ . A ' " '1 "F"'Lf"f 5 ,' , V 4 ,lg ,,l.S3.,:. L, 4 H, - ,- . Af frm! , ' 'W' -',-' "r,g.' . ,, .45 4- , ... 1, 'A-' U. uf, ,5',.. r L 'I .' . hwiaryhn ' sf I , my-Haifa 51 " 'V -- .' yi,-.',Q,,,, n i -QF JI' .k' lr h 'v .f.,:. 1 , A 4 1, . , -. ,, 1 '- . ..4l'.f,l?'9iiY?E" 'LN . - 4-1, '4 K' I A. . '-jjfvi' ' KA-2 1 ,, I A I , A m,,, . , . . " W . A V l ' X1. n-M - ' V I I h"' 1 :wx 5' -'--1' av- 11 gmt' a P r' 5,-M.. .. . 54 J- W' if , J 'Q Vviighi L5 'QAM ' 4 fm .AaEnA'-Aww dxf! Z rj-fQ'f' -1 ' V Pi . V Q H 5:1' ,',g 'if ' , QW ' ., .wV,?- 3? ', 51. - in 55. 'I-Tj? 5 ' r 1 1 :try ,P' 'jhilsv 351 f f' ', M15-,. 4 -A ,n .a..i.+ . u if ., Z V ,F A , L. .E 5,1 . A. A ' Q ' rv PQ' .1 4 -, w - ,JM A i,-gg ' 5 i . K , 2, Q. .f' 5 , .M wg -A. . - Q N F . f 5' I 1' ' ' JA' 2,Q'! 'A'lf',f! -.f I- .- A .R V ,A ,f . VI - ' f . in-, f 221 Wuxi , , f A Ts 31-2' . - ,Hu- . mg . f 'E A .1 ZTHL, ' :vt ' Q' E, n , - , j.1'l"g5B f""0 , fp - 1 1 , - .-kj, 'g gs. ' A ., ,,:.,5i ,iff Lug. . . ' "LL, gvffl' ...I 5 - . . K Ai -1' "-. .z V V 1:.m-2s,- 11 n A- 1 . .1 'F-11'1 www .' 31-1., .-. .I ,Ji yx xx.- x fx ,619 LIBRI .2 l ..-F - ,,.R"" , 'if' -::3,.,":'7"' -'J-'E."" X' 5Q THE CLASS OF 1951+ or NEW Tnoy HIGH scnoor. IS PLEASED TO PRESENT TO OUR FELLOW STU- DENTS AND CITIZENS OF THE COMMUNITY THE 195k TROJAN SHIRLEY TRAPP GAYLORD LASKEY LUCILLE HAUCH HELEN ROBERTSON HARRY OLSON STARR BRIGHTBILL GORDON PETEREK JUDY WATERS STAFF CARYLE ANDERSON CARL GNODTKE LUCILLE DOROTHY DAREENE LAVERNE KRUMRIE CRITZER TRAPP SCHMALTZ VICTOR BANEY NANCY ENGLISH I .ff x ' 1, ,I S f CF THIS Boox BELoNGs TO 4 I N -...........-. NEW TROY HIGH SCHOOL NEW TROY, MICHIGAN RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED 11841607100 We the Seniors of New Troy High School, class of IQSM, do hereby dedicate our annual to the memory of Roland P. Sonnenberg a friend, classmate, and athlete. His sudden and trag- ic death on May 28, 1952 came as a blow to all who knew him. Though he is no longer with us the memory of "Ro1lie" will linger in our hearts forever. Uur I 5815 Chemistry Mathematics B.Ph. Northland Coll. Superior State ers College as it Mx Mr. Armstrong Mrs. Wirth Music B.M.E.D. Vander Cook College of Music Mr. Menza Mr. Neilson Commercial Subjects Spanish A.B. Emmanuel Miss- ionary College ,IU , W 6 . Mrs. Keun Mr. Guse cal English W L1 terature eeer y Crltn e Western Michigan T W College so - "2' 2 x i5QNW.f Mwpftww l3w aWQi"Ti C 'iyl gas ng -rg as fag W , if . U SL, Y W N ..,g, Vw,Wll lssl S - N, Mrs. Galbreath Mr. Feiler Home Economics Western Mich. College B.S. Michigan State College Shop Mathematics I.A. Iowa State Teach ers College Biology Coach Physical Education B.S. Western Mich. Citizenship World History United States History B.A. U. of Wisconsin Seated: C. Wirth CPres.J, E. G. Eccles lSupt.5n and M. Wood KTreas.D. Standing: D. Hallman fTrusteeJ, M. Hauch CSec.l and R. Taylor lTrustee5 - n ducwo c l 0 B0 dl R Se 'AAN ll G ll' A. Schaffer CLQ Bo, Civics Driver Training A. B. Albion College M. A. University of Michigan Driver Training Institute 195k Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither justice nor freedom can be permanently main- tained. "Garfield" Success to the Seniors of 'SL Mr. L. B. Jannasch Urlncipall ' ' 0. Pri gl? ff an 6 gd Suvdm KE. GJ Youth Problems I M. A. University of Michigan B. S. Western Michigan College As we say farewell to this Senior Class, we wish for them success and happiness and a long and fruitful life. Mr. E. G. Eccles 1 Superintendent Y K-'J' ' may fer A -P Har gav T. Penland as Q P'C,uST'0d Asst. Custodian t' 011559 Od.-lan M. Adams 'Cookn T. Wire, B. Ritchie, A. Boyd, C. Steckleberg, W. Phillippi H. Tibbles, M. Phillippi, T. Penland, H. Spears. gznirufs If WP f E w u a Ax Q52-Ai. I 'Nzpf rff B 5 X Il Us - 1 1 Ingvar Franzon 'Sweden A Swede he may be, as a doctor we shall see. Activities Class Pres . 1-3-lL Gym 1-2-3-A Football L Track 3-L Librarian N Club R ' AQ, I Ingvar has been our Class President for three Years. We believe that e. W ' My -1 finer job couldnft be done 'D by anyone. A, It t . Us PIOSIJ n 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Z CLASS KOTTO: Launched, But Not Anchored I CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose : CLASS COLORS1 Grey and White 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 if -If I' -ll' il' if il' 5 'I Un: Adwlvur 5 W iff L .11. ,. LX jjprwmvixgbsjgifjwywv ,af WM 4 A .kXf0oTp. QA' lr. Feiler nas been our worthy advisor throughout this, our senior year. For this we wish to give our heartiest thanks. nHarryn A joker at school, For him fun is a A IJMZSSVCIIY' CEV3' Lucyn Her smile has won , friends many, To us rule. it is better than any Activities Activities Basketball 2-3-H Glee Club 1-2-3 Baseball 1-2 Gyn 2 Track 2-3-M Secretary -L Football M Senior Play Vice-Pres. 1-2-3-L Hot Lunch 1-2-3 Annual Ed. L Annual Staff 3-M Sr. Play L N Club LL Gym 1-2- X P y, Qbym ' J A -,Q ,Q WN X57 fb y Qy Harry Olson Lucille 13hWfU2 nm-U wwf 'DorothUN Stubborn she may be, But d0P0Hd8b10 is she. Activities Glee Club 1-2 Treasurer L Librarian 3 Hot Lunch 1-2-3 Senior Play L Annual Staffh Dorothy Critzer Q-' 'ZEIN nDortn f',yAQf QQMUWW nf Af' ,ZX I jj f U UW af LW 'Darlenen NCGPIN In school spirit A !P09d demon he 18, Shg 1, 5 mgpit, To us he is a whiz. Activities Activities Glgg club 2-2-M Student Council 1-2-3-M Gym 1-2 Press Seca 14. Hot Lunch h Comm. Pub. Cheerleader 1-2-3-h Football Basketball 2 Basketball 1-2-3 F.H.A. Pres.h Annual Staff h Student C1. M Track 3 FQHOAQ 2'2"h."' Senior Play h Senior P117 L F.H.A. P.r1.2-3 N Club Q Darlene Trapp Carl Gnoetke 'Darnellh nCar11e "Fred" ashful he may be ut to us quite fella is he. NLaverneu Brains it may take One fine secretary she will rate. Activities Activities A ym -2- - Glee Club 1-2-3- Vasketball 5-q.3 h Hot Lunch 1-M rack 2'3" Salaries 'lf U O C eci Senior Play 14, Z9 61- Wj JM nigif 1 Fred R- Schmaltz Laverne Schmaltz nBunkn nVern1en .I nGordonn - 'ersonality galore, like Lim we'11 always want more. , ' UQ vi Activities ' if 0' laseball 1-2-3-1, W' lasketball 1-2-3-M qYHf -ootball M, ji Frack 2 ' viii hm 1-2-3-1+ INN I+ I mnual Staffh A ayvm umaem: c1. 1+ 35,1 Lenior Play 14, Gordon Peterek nPeten 'Warrenn 'Nancyn Wedding bells soonn 1111 chime, for h xer and Tom anytime In Youth Problems he is often heard, but the rest of the day not a word. Activities Activities Iym 1-2-3-L Band 1-2-3 Iheerleader 2-3 Ilee Club F.H.A. -2-3-M Annual Staff 1 1 Senior Play lit Preasurer 2 'Eldon' The girls he may go for, with them he rings a score. Activities Gym 1-2-3-h Basketball 2-3 Track 3 Baseball 2 'Jim' For any noise that you hear, Jimmie is bound to be near. Activities Gym 1-2-3-M .XX Q Wi Y A f A 1 , Y' A 1 Rj 'S an ey' Quiet at school he may be, but when h is away from school Whopeeli bn 'Ritz' 'Red' N 'Helen' When work is to be done, Helen is the ODD e Activities Band l-3 Cheerleader -2-3-L 1 Annual L Sr. Play L Paper Staff 2 F.H.A. 1-2 Student Cl. 3 ,1 , Al jf L W e 'N Jim Knapp 'Knobby' Activities Gym 1-2-3-L n Club KV-Pl L Football L Basketball l rrack L Baseball L Annual L Sr. Play L Stanley Pazder Victor Baney 'Stan' 'Vic' 1 e W xv' V Af Y 'Victor' If rhythm gon want, then Vic s ould be got. Activities Band l-2-3-L Sr. Play L 'Starr' Queen of our class, and quite a nice lass Activitiei Band l Glee Club 1-2 Gym 1-2 F e H e A o 1"2 Paper 2-3 Annual lg, Sr. Play L Librarian 2 'Shirley' 1 Talkative, she may be, but a heart as big as the sea. Starr Brightbill Dixie 'Dixie' If strength came with long hair, ig she would be strong sf' as a bear. A Activities Gym l-2-3-lp. Glee C 1-2-3-A P' W ff' 'Twink' 'Dix' l K Joseph Struhar 'Joe 'Joseph' Joseph is always saying some- thing funny, to us he is a honey. Activities Baseball Magr. 2-3 Basketball lagr. 2-3 Track Magr. e Football Magr. 'Gaylord' For photography he is known, but other traits he owns. Activities Activities F.H.A. 1-2 Annual lg, Glee Club 1-2 Gym 1-2 Sr. Play lg. Annual lg, Treasurer 3 1 My ' Shirley Trapp Gaylord Lasky k A 'Shirl' 'Gay' . X 5 'Robert' In acting business he may go, so here's to you, go on with 'the show. 'Lucille' In her the sun will always shine, In love with Gordon she is blind. Activities Activities Basketball 1-2-3-M F. H. A. l Track 3 Gym 1-2 gym P1 i-2-3-L gibrgrian -M r. ay r. ay Agggjgyjiiff L Robert Wisner Lucille Hauch tg' fpffwb 'Sn1ppe' 'Lu' KDW 'Robert' y' King of the fair ' but fellas like him are rare. Activities " A ' Baseball l-2-3-lg. ' Basketball 2 Football L Gym 1'2'3',+ Sr. Play L 'N' Club M Robert Sorget 'Bob' ! , 'Ethel' ULQQW Hiding behind her glasses, at boys she's making pass- es. Activities Hot Lunch l-2 Sr. Play lg. Annual Staff h Ethel Simmons L. B 1 'Eenie' e'Lere'ggs Lee ls a good lad, of this we are glad Activities Gym 3-7+ BEST DRESSED HOST INDUSTRIOUS Lucille Krumrie and Victor Baney Helen Robertson and Ingvar Franzon 'D Fr' is 1 1 ' Rf A I' ,Q L " 4 ' f f " if ', K ,, wg X 4' - , ,414 pk flecfioll ' L ' 'Ses+Q2i5N . 'We www! ff' s N15 1V0Lf 1' NY 5 5,1 , . J-lx Q , N mx 1 YAK 1? KING and QUEEN OF FALL FESTIVAL 'OST TU-UTTVE Starr Brightbill and Gordon Pgtgl-gk shi-T197 TTRPP and 'H-m"7 Knapp Rtnnmns-UP Nancy English and Ingvnr Franzon MOST DEPENDABLE MOST ATHLETIC Dorothy Critzer and Ingvar Franzon Gordon Peterek, Darlene Trapp and Stanley Pazder E CLASS COIEDIAN 'o 'pig' HOST FRIENDLY Lucille Krumrie and Carl Gnodtke CC56, HOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED shirhy Trapp 'nd cud Gnodtk' Laverne Schmaltz and Ingvar Franzon T. CII!! Ill FRESHMAN YEAR We started our Freshman year in 1950 with Ll members. For our class officers we elected the following: President-Ingvar Franzon, Vice-President-Stan Pazder, Secretary-Lora Vance, Treasurer-Roland Sonnenburg and Student Council representa- tives-Caryle Ericson and Gordon Peterek. Mrs. Evelyn Wirth was our class advisor. We had a very active class with many of the girls being members of the Glee Club and F.H.A. We had 6 members of our class in band. They were Warren Spauling, Helen Robertson, Starr Brightbill, Nancy English, Janet Pegram and Victor Baney. We also had 3 cheerleaders from our class. Janet Pegram was a varsity cheerleader, Helen Robertson and Darlene Trapp were Junior varsity cheerleaders. 7 boys, Rich- ard Nelson, Gordon Peterek, Stan Pazder, Roland Sonnenburg, Robert Sorget, Robert Wisner and Stanley Anderson were members of the Junior varsity basketball team. Starr Brightbill and Caryle Ericson were on the Trojanette team. SOPHOMORE YEAR In the year of 1951 our Sphpomore class consisted of only 38 students. During the year we were sorry to lose 3 of Qur girls wiich left us with only 35 members. We elected class officers as follows: President-Caryle Ericson, Viee-President Harry Olson, Secretary-Hillary Harris, Treasurer-Nancy English and Student Council representatives-Janet Pegram and Carl Gnodtke. Lucille Hauch was later elected as Sergeant of Arms. Our class advisor was Miss Judith Chandler. Again we had a very active class with 13 girls participating in Glee Club and 2 boys in band. We were very proud to have Helen Robertson and Darlene Trapp el- ected for varsity cheerleaders and Janet Pegram and Nancy English for Junior Var- sity cheereeaders. There were 12 boys who were on our mighty Trojan team for bas- ketball. M of our boys were on the track team. We also had 5 boys on the baseball team. There were 6 girls who took part in the Trojanettes basketball team. We all owe a note of thanks to the fine work of our Sophomore boys Stanley Anderson and Joseph Struhar for being such fine team managers, not only for boys basketball but in baseball and track also. JUNIOR YEAR In 1952 our Junior Class was made up of 3h students. Class officers were elected as follows: President-Ingvar Franzon, Vice-President-Harry Olson, Secre- tary-Lucille Krumrio, Treasurer-Shirley Trapp and Student Council representatives were Helen Robertson and Carl Gnodtke. Our class advisor was Mr. Peckham. Many members of our class participated in extra curricular activities. We had 2 members on the baseball team. They were Gordon Peterek and Bob Sorget. We had 2 members on the varsity team in basketball. They were Gordon Peterek and Stanley Pazder. 5 members of our class were on the 2nd team. They were Bob Wis- ner, Carl Gnodtke, Harry Olson, Eldon Reitz and Fred Sohmaltz. Fred Schmaltz, Gordon Peterek and Harry Olson were also on the track team. Helen Robertson aan Darlene Trapp were varsity cheerleaders. Nancy English was one of the junior varsity cheerleaders. Our class' most important project this year was the Junior-Senior Prom. SENIOR YEAR We started our last and final year at New Troy nHin with 26 members, M less than last year. Mr. Feiler, a new teacher, was our class advisor who guided us throughout the year in every project we took part in. Our class officers were as follows: President-Ingvar Franzon, Vice-President, Harry Olson, Secretary-Lucille Krumrie, Treasurer-Dorothy Critzer and Student Council representatives were Darlene Trapp and Carl Gnodtke. Carl was also elected President of the Student Council. This year will be one to remember for the beginning of football. Although, the team wasn't very successful at winning, it did bring up a spirit for Football in the years to come. Senior boys on the team wish the future teams all the luck in the world. These boys are Ingvar Franzon, Carl Gnodtke, Harry Olson, Bob Sor- get, Gordon Peterek, and Stan Pazder. Senior boys on the basketball team are Harry Olaon, Bob Wisner, Fred Schmaltz, Gordon Peterek and Stan Pazder, Senior boys on the baseball team are Eldon Reitz, Harry Olson, Gordon Peterek and Stan Pazder. Senior boys on the track team are Harry Olson, Gordon Peterek, and Stan Pazder, NUMB? Euuille Rauch Lucille Krumrie Bob Sorget Starr Brightbill Shirley Trapp Fred Schmaltz Jim Knapp Ethel Simmons Stanely Pazder Darlene Trapp Carl Gnodtke Eldon Reitz Ingvar Franzon Helen Robertson Dorothy Critzer Eordon Peterek Harry Olson Laverne Schmaltz Victory Baney Bee Briggs Warren Spaulding Joe Struhar Dixie Benke Bob Wisner 3eth Cain Nancy English Esylord Laskey The Fl Enter b iness college Office work Fruit farmer Nurse Office work Farmer Painter Clerk Coach Get a job Farmer Enter army Study medicine I Enter college Secretary Truck driver Time will tell Private Secretary Electrical Engineer Tool and Die Maker Construction work Live in Florida Undecided Farmer Get Married Get Married Painter Get married Run a jitter-bug school Join Foreign Legion Take Ma Kettles place in Holly- wood Famous Seamstress in Stittsville Soda Jerk Comedian on W. H. F. B. TV Mrs. Corky Clark Fruit Farmer Raise twins Own tire factory for Cadilac Berry picker Landscape gardening A waitress to little Pickle farmer 3 part time Secretary to Carl Oil tycoon Gordon's business manager Take a trip Sunday Drummer for Joke writer Get Married to Galien every Vaughn Monroe for Bob Hope Manager of Chicago Cubs Model for Morris B. Sachs Shoe repair man Own dress shop Raise a trailer load of kids Photographer of Pin up Girls his 1956 red heads Sembr Class Play nA FEUDIN' OVER YONDERn FIRST ROW: S. Trapp, G. Peterek. SECOND ROW: B. Sorget, B. Wisner, H. Robertson, H. Olson, De Trl 3 so PlzdQr, Ls Schmaltz. THIRD ROW: S. Br1gSgb1ll,,C. Gnodtke, L. Hauoh, A. Sommers, N. English, E. Sim ons, Q. Critzer, Hrs. Galbreath. FOURTH ROW: V. Baney, K. Skinner, J. Saurbier, K. Franzon. 'Run fer the hillsln was the slogan of the senior class the evening they presented 'a Feudin' Over Yondern, a 3 act hill b1lly farce-comedy. The plot revolved around the Popoff family 3 the Fry family who had been feuding for years because one of the Popoff boys said he was going out to shoot an old skunk-one day and accidentally shot Paw Fry instead. xl., w. do ff ' W ewew qfvmv ,Me w 'f'm f fW,Q y ,f big!! .. K 1' ,ggi 2373. A K H 95 , e ,y 1 +2 yfeo rf My F owe ' 'y +0 fe ' M p1,,5QRlw lQ'Q IA Q 1 W- is , Q'aWf.I',r ' K A , If K W Sql, dairy - ggi L 4 A me v fly 9 W, le. xgnf, Q. -:xi-,-f fx f Q fx 'Please, Rosie Belle, don't shoot my Wi111e2n V 1 WS HShe wouldn't come back no ot way, so we had to carry her.N nDo you, Ezekial Popoff, take this woman, Rosie Belle Fry, be your lawful wedded wife?' 7455 Ill We the Seniors of l9Sh being of sound mind and body we herewith bequeath our physical and personal traits, Starr Brightbill Bob Sorget Jim ie Knapp Laverne Schmaltz Harry Olson Darlene Trapp Stanley Pazder Helen Robertson Carl Gnodtke Shirley Trapp Nancy English Ethel Simmons Gordon Peterek Ingvar Franzon Bob Wisner Dixie Benke Lucille Hauch Gaylord Laskey Lucille Krumrie Dorothy Critzer Lee Briggs Elizabeth Cain Warren Spaulding Fred Schmaltz Eldon Rsitz Victor Baney Joseph Struhar Her His natural curly hair to Shirley Lane. way with girls to Bill Rakow. His ability to fight with teachers to Dennis Casto. Her nAns to Joyce Sorget. His cute smile to Mr. Jannash. Her shortness and cheerleading ability to Karen Ackerman. His ability to play basketball to Larry Klug. Her red hair to Barbara Boyd. His slim physique to Jack Sizer. Her natural blonde hair to Blanche Taylor. Her ability to keep a man to Nancy Lodge and Deanna Deastrom Her ability to talk about Gallon boys to Virgina Hauch. His ability to be shortstop on baseball team to Jake Walters His sneeze to the Hallberg boys. His acting ability to Roy Forraht. Her ability to go out with guys to Mildred Vitek. Her quietness to Patty Adams. Leaves happy. Her ability to grow long hair to Janice Saurbier. Her height to Patty Steckelberg. His ability to whistle to Norman Briggs. Her ability to smoke Pall Malls to Shirley Lane. His phsycology in Youth Problems to the Junior Class H15 ab111ty to drive a new car to Ronnie Schuck. His ability to wink at girls to Wesley Sinner. His ability to do Trigonometry to Kay Skinner. H15 ability to be sports manager to Johnny Gilman. uniurs ..:. ' --"' --.:.r:1f'p -1-z.... - ----" .-nf E. Wallenburg CPPBSQ, V. Hauck fSec.D J. Walters wx A S. Lane , 4,39 SEQ F f v ' 1' fi Qi .Ski G. Jonnaoh K 1. igL0' . 45 .w . I K i ,f Cy J ah! ,Af . 0,hLgggE?! E. Mensinger IV. Pres.J B. Krieker CTreas.D P. Freehling D. Casto ,XJ. Hammond HJ . fl I , R. Hildobrnnt l U f 3' J. Pfaugh ' Isfyx' J. Richardson M. Wharton . 1. ,tzu Q.: f B.Bmmm M. Korbellc P. Anisworth B. Woodrick Y A Q. Briggs E072 K 4! J I B. Swanson K. Skinner 'jf J Wt D. Dinges XL-1' 1,4 ,wx M, 1 , ' Y V 14 x R. Harrof P. Ackerman B. Boyd Q, 7 ' ' .1 Wg. . W Y , ' ff J uc , ,f f I 4 B5 Baney bi J. Pazder M. Bross L. Rakow wQEQWf lvl., ,fg . O' 7 I Jn W t A93 k9H'f2?-52? A x Lx a er' n,, J 1 -U1 .lk-Nr X41 XX J. Sorget Our Junior Class of "Sh," is made up of thirty-nine students. For our class officers we elected the following: Elaine Wallenburg-Pres- ident, Eddie Mensinger-Vice-President, Virginia Hauch-Secrgtary, Barbara Krieger- Treasurer. Our student council representatives are Kay Skinner and Ronnie Schuch. Our class advisor is Mrs. Galbreath. Three Juniors, Gene Johnson, Billy Baney, and Ronnie Schuch, play on the varsity team. Bob Woodrick, Eddie Forrester, and John Haman are members of the second team. Gene Johnson, Billy Baney, Ronnie Schuch, Bert Swanson, and Eddie Forrester played on the Football team, this being our first year. Our Football Captain was Eddie Forrester. ' We have three members on the baseball team. They are: Gene Johnson, Bob Woodrick, and Jim Richardson. We have four members in the band. They are: Kay Skinner, Janice Saur- bier, Jim Richardson, and Elaine Wallenburg. Our greatest project of the year and the one everyone was looking forward to was the Junior-Senior Prom which was held on May 7. The Junior Classwishes the best of luck to the Senior Class of WSMH. 1 M w . jf ff J 'AXP 7V NMY 1 V E LQ 'J' 'H' if ,f 'r 1 GWR f JV ' i 9 J j f j l all Z . I I X l X V J I' A ' ,f l , fn' il, L X . 1 3 -W w if 6 Q Atl 1313551111311 I I I 1 La C7 Q -n QQ 'Pj V1 6,93 7? XJ ' 1 ll Top Row: N.Durkot, L.Baron, M.Mil1er, L.Mitchell, J.Gillman, P.Krugler, G.Johnson, J.Strefling, S.Hauch. hth Row: K.Hora, C.Backus, L.Hildebrant, N.K1ng, M.Vitec, D.Vance, K.Katowich, R.Pakula, A.Finch, A.Sommers. 3rd Row: D.Spalding, R.Brey, T.Segar, B.Westhauser, P.Adams, J.Dziekanowski, S.Rol1f, T.Wharton, R.Martin, R.Modro. 2nd Row: F.Marx, B.Taylrr, D.Hutter, L.Hauch, A.Berry, J.Reitz, D.Boyd, D.Bennett, Mr. Armstrong. lst Row: W.S1nner, S.Anderson, N.Natzke, N.Johnson, B.Peterek, D.Seastrom, B.Rakow, N.Rehmel, J.Sizer, J.Reber, Mr. Neilson. As the sophomore class of S3-Sh we look back on the past year and we can be proud of our contribution to the activities of the school. Our class officers are: President-Dean Boyd, Vice-President-John Gilman, Treasurer-Bill Westhauser, Student Council members-Deanna Seastrom and Bill Rakow. Our class advisors are Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Neilsen. Nancy Johnson and Pat Adams are two of the varsity team cheerleaders. Deanna Seastrom is one of the cheerleaders for the Jr. varsity team. With an enrollment of forty-seven members we have seven boys on the varsity and Jr. varsity basketball teams. Nine of our boys are on the football squad. Several are expected to be on the baseball team. Nine girls from our class help to form a girls basketball team. Seven of the members of our class are in the Band. We also have six- teen girls in the Glee Club. Our biggest social activity was the Freshmen initiation. We would also like to wish the graduating class luck in the future. Nw 5 i s H442 I Q 'fkmiwga h 5 i I 1 1 in af :if : C Q ' 'M f Ufi52 fm K1 ,,:. v .Mint ,5'A, f 4g,A' f,nl.,'?",f - -3 5 Q dh W 5 " -H -' uh' gg ll In K Muuflllilllllwm n mmnn , ' v b ff' 8 X A , yew Q , If X IIIIIWIN fail 0- 1 N ummm N 0MHlm9 Hllhm 0 4 0 .JI . ,1 0 M gg ffllll 11:51 1 IIIllllllllll ull, , WML Q I Ilm IIIHHI FUD Ny fm, ,. 5 n ,RWTH W ,I 3 : 3.. W W Ze ri en -. W2 LEFT OF N-BOTTOM TO TOP- R. Krumrie, F, Jones, N. Natzke, B. Westhauser, K. Hora, C. Gnodtke, S. Pazdez'CV. Pres.l, J. Schaf'ferCTreas.l, MIDDLE OF N-TOP TO BOTTOM- B. Baney, B. W00dP1Ck, H. Olson, G. Persrek,QPre Mr. GuseCCoachJ, R. Schuck, B. Sorget, G. Johnson. RIGHT OF N-BOTTOM T0 TOP- J. Sizer, I. Franzon, D. Boyd, J. Struhar, L. Hildebrant, B. Peterek. E. Forrester. K. Freehling. The NNN Club, which is in its first year of existence at New Troy, con 31353 of high school athletes who have earned a letter in any major sport. The purpose of our club is to promote better athletic welfare. The first money making project was a basketball game between the faculty and the members of our club. S 1 alan .srarr it , , 5,4 ff? We worked hard but had a good time making this 195k TROJAN possible. Harry Olson Editor Helen Robertson Assistant-Editor Stanley Pazder Business Manager Nancy English Pictures Laverne Schmaltz Activities Starr Brightbill Art Work Class History Critzer and Lucille Krumrie- Seniors and Mock Election Trapp-Lucille Hauch Faculty Dedication-Senior Play Dorothy Shirley Darlene Trapp-Class Will-Predictions Gordon Peterek-Carl Gnodtke-Sports Victor Baney Music ' Gaylord Laskey Photographer Judy Waters and Carol Anderson Underclassmen elm in.ii:A off xi N K i WLS ' A," J fuaflll LUUIICTI Back Row-Mr. Eccles, R. Krumrie, D. Ott, E. Wallenburg, I. Franzon, D. Boyd, and W. Rakow. Front Row-N. Lodge, R. Schuch, K. Skinner, C. Gnodtke, D. Trapp, D. Seastrom, G. Peterek. This year Student Council officers are as follows: President Carl Gnodtke Clerk of the Board Kay Skinner Social Activities Darlene Trapp Student Welfare Ron Schuch Publications Deanna Seastrom Athletic Commissioner Gordon Peterek Advisor Mr. Eccles Some of our activities were: Taking charge of cheerleading elections. Planning a Black Cat Hop. Plannin the Christmas party. Giving 525 to the Baptist Ch1ldren's Home. Sponsoring dances after several basketball games. Planning assemblies through the year. Taking charge of the radio program. Reviving the constitution. fuyre flomem kers or Ame 4 Back Row-C. Johnson, B. Turpin, S. Barker, D. Stevens, P. Martin, M. Stevens, T. Segar, L. Barron, N. Durkot, M. Smith, and N. Shuler. 2nd Row-M. Miller, A. Zeissler, B. Sizer, B. Freehling, M. Sparks, J. Reitz, A. Sommers, C. Backus, M. Bailey, P. Ainsworth, E. Wallenburg, C. Anderson, B. Mooney, K. Ackerman, D. Wire, J. Hendricks, P. Adams, N. Johnson, and D. Bennett. 3rd Row-J. Saurbier, K. Skinner, J. Strefling, L. Schmaltz, D. Trapp, N. English, P. Freehling, M. Bross, N. King, and Mrs. Wirth. This year we have forty girls in our organization. On Oct- ober 2nd we elected our officers. They are as follows: Darlene Trapp President Nancy English Vice-President Laverne Schmaltz Secretary Pauline Freehling Treasurer Marlene Bross Parlimentarian Norma King Reporter JoAnne Strefling Historian Kay Skinner Song Leader Janich Saurbier Pianist Mrs. Durkot Chapter Mother Mrs. Wirth Chapter Advisor Some of our projects this were our apron sale, a very suc- cessful square dance on February 6, and our Mother-Daughter banquet. nm' 1 n myan Standing-S. Brightbill, S. Anderson, B. Sizer, K. Ackerman, D. Wire, and Miss Spacek. Seated at Piano-E. Mensinger. The Christian Trojan's Club was organized in October, 1953, and meets during the noon hour each Thursday. The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for Chris- tian young people to enjoy a time of fellowship, singing, worship, and discussion. Non-denominational, it provides a challenging outlet for an exchange of opinions and views. Membership consists of any students in high school who are interested in this type of fellowship. nFor I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christy for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth..." Romans 1:16 x 1 N ylyli 'iivlyly LZ Illia!!! gf ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Yf. IIIII w N 4 ONE OR TWO THREE FOUR C. Seibler, R. Westhauser CV. Pres.7. J. Mensinger, A. Walters, P. Clements, L. Klug, N. Robertson, L. Shuler, D. Lozmack, N. Gnodtke cL1brn.J. P. Fletcher QL1brn. and seo.7, and M. Marx. B. Mitchell, C. Taylor, C. Klute, D. Narregan, D. Sommers CL1brn.J, A, Ryden, A. Skinner lPres.J, D. Radde, R. Franks, J. Adams, C. Johnson . Aensinger, W. Spaulding, C. Place, G. Clements, C. Grant . Gnodtke, N. Shuler, M. Sparks, R. Widdis, D. Pletcher, B. Glaske, J. Styburski, C. Sparks, P. Randall, R. Backus CTreas-J, L. Viganskey, K. Franks, J. Bihlmire, T. KPi986Pn H. Shoemaker, and B. Branson. M. Heidinger, L. Miller, and D. Siebler. c M Glee dub ONE TWO THREE FOUR M. Burke, J. Krieger, R. Krumrie, M. Sonnenber , M. Smith. N. Durkot, L. Barron, L. Schultz, P. Steckelberg, B. Turpin, and P, Martin. N. Lodge, K. Skinner, G. Briggs, N. Sparks, M. Stephens, S. Barker, D. Stephens, A. Sommers, J. Strefling, M. Bally, D. Trapp, J. Pazder, P. Ackermen, J. Sorget, and B, Backus, L. Hauch, D. Johnson, B. Forraht, M. Miller, J. Saurbier, C. Johnson, J. Reitz, N. King, M. Wharton, R. Hilderbrandt, P. Aimsworth, G. Jqhngon. M. Vitek, Mr. Menza. D. Wire, C. Roundy, A. Zeissler, B. Mooney, B. Freehling, D. Bennett, C. Sorget, J. Reber, C. Schul t, D. Ott, N. Johnson, B. Sizer, P. Buegh and N. Schuler. UE- I :- Vocalist - K. Skinnerj Clgringt - A, Sgmmgpgg Piano - J. Saurbierj Trumpet - J. Saurbierg and Drum - V. Baney. The New Troy Be-Bops were organized at the beginning of the school year by the music director, Mr. Menza. The combo has played at various school activities and at a few dances and gatherings outside of'-school activities, ,144 1. to r. R. Westhauserg J. Larson: K. Ackermang K. Skinnerg E. Wall enbergg D. Barkerg J. Streflingg M. Pletcher. lfdfdllll ll C CLARINET Gaines, Irene Huling, Sandra Mitchell, larry Saurbier, Janice Seger, Theresa Sommers, Ann SAXAPHONE Bennett, Dixie Kempton, Judy Pletcher, Phyllis TRUMPET Narregan, Dolores Noggle, Judy Saurbier, Jim Skinner, A.C. Wire, Dottie PERCUSSION Banas, Laureen BHHSY, Vic Richardson, Jim Spaulding, Warren BAND PERSONNEL BAND DIRECTOR Rocco F. Menza TROMBONE Brueck, Dennis Reber, Jean EbALTO HORN Johnson, Carol Strefling, Joan BARITONE Robertson, Mary Jo TUBA Marx, Fred TWIRLERS Ackerman, Karen Barker, Darlene Larson, Julia Fletcher, Mary Ann Skinner Kay-Drum Majorette Strefling, Judy Wallenburg, Elaine Westhauser, Rexalie ROW ONE J. Saurbier iPres.J, A. Sommers iSec.I, T. Segar, L. Mitchell CSoc. Chmn.p J. Strefling, D. Bennett, and J. Kempton fL1brn.l. ROW TWO I. Gaines, S. Huling, J. Saurbier, D. Narregan, J. Noggle, D. Wire, F. Marx, M. Robertson, D. Brueck, and J. Reber. ROW THREE Mr. Menza, R. Westhauser, J, Larson, K, Ackerman, K, Skinner qv. presoj, E. Wallenberg, D. Barder, J. Strefling, M. Pletcher, W, Spaulding, L. Banas fL1brn.D, J. Richardson, and V. Baney. At the beginning of the year, we lost 12 band members because of schedule complications. This left us with 2h players. A Junior Band, which is composed of M7 members, was organized. These players will some day augment the concert band. The year's activities began with the Marching Band accepting an invitation to participate in the NBand Dayn program at Western Michigan College. We did not enter the marching band contest in Benton Harbor because we were not informed in time. As a result, we went as observers only. The Marching Band took part in the annual Halloween Parades at Three Oaks, Sawyer, and New Troy. It was next seen making formations at the basketball games. Some of the themes were: NA Christmas pageant 3 HA Program on Safetyng and WA Pro- gram on Peacen. This year the Marching Band introduced colored cap lights. The Concert Band, Glee Club, and nBe-Bopsn, made their first appearance at the Fall Festival. The program consisted of Marches, Classical and Popular music. Their next appearance was in the Christmas Concert, which was very successful. program included the Baton Twirlers, and also marked the first public appear- of the Junior Band. Some of the highlights of this program were: a Piano by Janice Saurbierg a vocal solo by Kay Skinner: novelty numbers by the band, as NEh, Cumparin and NDragnetn with Ingvar Franzon as the narrator, and other known classical numbers and marches. This ance solo such well The Solo and Ensemble contest was held at Kalamazoo in Western Michigan College on Jan. 31. The following received a second place rating: Ann Sommers- clarinetg Vic Baney-drums: Janice Saurbier and Ann Sommers-clarinet duet: Dolores Narregan and Judy Noggle-cornet dust. The S.W.M.B.O.A. Band contest will be held at Wayland, Michigan, Feb. 26. The band is working very hard to overcome their weakness in sight-reading, as this is an important factor in judging the context. We hope to obtain a good rating. The Glee Club will participate in the Vocal Festival, April 21, to be held at St. Joe. Some of the remaining activities for the Music Department are: a Spring Concertg a Memorial Day Paradeg and also the possibility of an Operetta. The Band Boosters Club was reorganized and has done much to support the band. They raised funds with various activities such as: a spaghetti dinner: bake sales, movies: etc. bThis year the school bought the band new music stands, an EbBass and chair, an E Alto Horn, a tuning bar, and also painted the bass drum and drum heads. I f - W c X ! . "4 4 V o 9, 0 C' Yo if 6' CU Os 'o 8 is 9 A , 9 Y E, ' asf'-' 55? I1 -t,. x I Iftifff 6 H4 , . 4 1 N 4 A 4, A uv W 1 f fl LL,k V: , k--fL 1 N, A , v Jim farm, --ff--,f -1:--5 fl ..-Wya,-,,,,,,:. -iw, m5SM.Vf7V-f k iilf"fff-d1l'V 'xiii' 'Q2-g,Mm:- . .. ,L ,:2,.,X.,,5i i ,kk. .k,XWk5F..M M515 as 'NY Q X Q an 2385 X , A X if , .Q , :W . 1 X:-gala"w:Hf141,sfz?::fcsigggg- Q:f.. ' H -, . ' A- f i'fs1,'ss24!:fIs ff52!Qf:feg25Y1f!g:5, gymgg A , X , , . 3 3? R15 , U?,'eA3n X Uri gig.-11 mi N farm Y awk -v ,W iwqw, Q5 ,Y . :AQ kg?"'if wr ':" ':":--:Z ' ., " L' I . 1 QM 3..1!E.'fa:f'r.2. 'iivasvmwl--. , . . ' N , , ' - - W' 3-as fi nail, rTN'6'5TQQ'i 00 bdll Team be g ROW ONE Coach Grey, R. Schuck, I. Franzon, H. Olson, C. Gnodtke, B. Sorget, S. Pazder, G. Peterek, G. Johnson and Coach D'Agost1no. ROW TWO K. Freehling, B. Baney, N. Natske, B. Peterek, J. Sizer, R. Jones, R. Brey, L. Sparks, B. Westhauser, and B. Swanson. ROW THREE J. Wisner, B. Wallenberg, M. Segar, L. Hilderbrandt, K. Hora. D. Boyd, J. Saurbier, J. Schaffer, B. Schrieber, D. Siebler, T. Wharton and.Managers- J. Struhar and J. Gilman. New Troy's first football team consisted of 31 players. Six of whom were seniors: Gordon Pet erek, Stan Pazder, Carl Gnodtke, Bob Sorget, Harry Olson, and Ingvar Franzon. 10 sophomores and 9 freshmen. Regarding the fact that we Y didn't win any games we still had.a good season. Five games played we lost L and tied l. In our fiPSt game with New Buffalo we had a T.D. called back because of clipping and in addition we had 135 yards in other penalties. Score 7-O. In our second game, played against Buchanan's J.V., we felt a little more ex- perienced and half-back Bill Baney scored New Troy's first legal T.D. Carl Gnod- tke carried the ball 2 yards over the line for the extra point, and New Troy the game 7-O. Then in the second period we gave to Buchanan and they scored 2 T.D.'s. New Troy came ck in the third period and Don Krone scored a T.D. But all this hard work nBucktownn beat us 20-13. Our third game was with Edwardsburg we really thought that we were going to win this game, but due to the absence of some of our players our team wasn't complete. In that game also we had quite a few penalties charged against us, but through all our misfortunes we managed to tie the game O-0. The fourth game of the season was with Dowagiac. By this time the morale of the team was riding high. At the half we were trailing lb-b. Our first T.D.was made by Stan Pazder a senior, and in the third quarter Bob Peterek carried the pigskin across for another Trojan tally. Even though we bowed to defeat it was still one of our greatest games played. The score was 21-12. Our final game of the season was played with Eau Claire. But they Pulled a nBoo-Boon they had a five man defensive line with four linebackers and consequently, none of our plays worked right. Due to two fumbles Eau Claire managed to get two T.D.'s and only one extra point to win the game 13-O. Jn Var Hy ROW ONE J. Wisner, T. Wharton, B. Wallenberg, and L. Sparks. ROW TWO B. Westhauser, K. Freehling, W. Sinner, A. Berry,and E. Forr- ester. ROW THREE Coach D'Agostino, T. Kaletta, N. Natske, J. Ramon, J. Sizer, B. Peterek, B. Woodrick, and Manager J. Struhar. The Jr. Varsity, coached by Hank D'Agostino, had a very successful season. They ended up in a first place tie with New Buffa1o's Jr. Varsity. Our team won 15 games and dropped only 2. This fine record was brought about by the scoring abilities of Jack Sizer, Bob Peterek and Larry sparks, and the fine ball handling and defense of the rest of the team. SCORES N. T. Ogp. Stevensville 31 2 Edwardsburg 38 2 New Buffalo 6 Eau Claire 9 28 Bridgman SS Sh Bar-ods 55 23 Three Oaks 0 L2 Galien 35 28 Stevensville 59 M5 Edwardsburg O 30 New Buffalo 1 37 Eau Claire 3 Bridgman Baroda S2 hh St. Joe Ponies 3 38 Three Oaks 3 eansn L15 30 These players will be our future versity teams, and from the record they have just made, we have high hopes for good future varsity teams. W -1. W-Milam ,.-44 , . . - 5' f . f. Jo 110,012 D. Boyd lp Coach Guse 001' NHS-5 1,30 I? R. Jones F Schmaltz fa-C30 F sk tba!! New Our team consisted of ll players, 5 of which Peterek, Stan Pazder, Fred Schmaltz, juniors: Gene Johnson, Bill Baney and Ron Schuck. were seniors. They were: Gordon and Bob Wisner. There were 3 Dean Boyd was a lone sophomore Harry Olson, Jerry Schaffer and Fritz Jones were freshmen. Our season ended with 10 wins and 7 defeats. had a good season, for most of our 7 All-in-all the boys thought they defeats were close contests. Just as our basketball season was to open our coach Don Gray was called to service and Art Guse, a fellow who is well liked in this area and had coached the Trojans in 1950, was called to take his place. Coach Guse took over the team on a Monday and on Tuesday night we had our first game. Our opening game was with Stevensville on our home floor. Our best offensive player was Gene Johnson who scored 2h points. Gordie Peterek also did a good job for the Trojans in his backboard work. The final score was M2-39 in the nCardsn favor. Our second game was with Edwardsburg on their floor. New Troy had control of the game all the way. The Eddies gave a good but not good gncugh last quarter spurt. The score at the end of the first quarter was lh-8 and at half time the Trojans were leading 28-17, and hl-30 at the end of the third quarter. Jerry Toth and Bill Mackling were high scorers for the losers with 11 points apiece. This was the Trojans first win of the season. The next game was on the New Buffalo hardwood. New Troy trailed the first three quarters but made a successful final period spurt. At the end of the first quarter the score was lh all and then the Bisons pulled away and at the half-way mark the Biggng lead 29-22. By the end of the third period the Trojans had begun to show them we could play ball. Our team was crippled by Gene Johnson being out of the game because of fouls. The Bisons also lost 2 players for the same reason. Gene Johnson collected 15 points and Stan Pazder and Gordie Peterek had 12 points apiece. Buffalo's new center, Howard Rose, was high for the losers with 21 points. The final score was New Troy 57, New Buffalo 53, Our fourth game was with Eau Claire on our home floor and the Beavers suffer- ed a defeat. Gene Johnson lead our offensive play and Gordie Peterek did a good job on the backboards. The game ended 63-39, New Troy's favor. Next New Troy traveled to Bridgman and showed the Bees who could do the sting ing. The Bees tried to stop our great offensive player Gene Johnson, but he was still able to gather ll tallies. Dean Boyd was top man with 17 points, and was followed by Baney and Pazder. Ron Batson topped the losers with 13. The game ended 63-39 in the Trojan's favor. After our Christmas holiday our high Fred with first game was with Baroda on our gym. Our scoring center, Gene Johnson, wasn't able to play, but substitute center Schmaltz did a good job. Stan Pazder lead our offensive play in this game 17 points, and was followed by Peterek's 12. Baroda's big man was Handle- man with 22 points. The final score was M5-35 in favor of Baroda. After Baroda's game New Troy traveled to Three Oaks. Our center Gene John- son was still unable to play because with the measles. New Troy was able of carbuncles and Fritz Jones was also out to keep pace with the Oakers till the mid- dle of the first quarter when 'Z1gg19s' team pulled away. Stan Pazder was our big gun with 16 points and he also played good offensive ball. Substitute cen- ter, Fred Schmaltz did a good job in the center post and Baney played a good de- fensive game. The Gusemen out-scored the Oakers in the final period 15-9. but they were still able to beat us 60-hh. Don Martus lead the Oakers in offensive play with 26 points. Our eighth game was with Galien Galien looked good and at the end of on our floor. At the beginning of the game the first quarter they lead 12-8. By half time we were able to catch them and the score was 19-19. With Johnson and Boyd scoring we were able to go ahead 35-32 at the end of the third period. Along with the scoring went Peterek's work on the nBoardsN. The game ended M8-M2 in our favor. The next game was played at Stevensville and seemed as though all of our boys were noffn. The first quarter was good as we lead them 15-7, but after that, with the aid of Flor1an's 32 points the Carden lead the rest of the game and beat us oh-h6. Our second game with Edwardsburg was played in New Troy. The game was a close contest all the way and at the 18-16. At intermission they lead 33 Eddies 12-M, but in the final period seconds went ahead to beat us 5h-52. On the following Friday we were end of the first quarter we lead by 2 points, 31. In the third period we outscored the the Eddies closed in and in the last thirty the hosts to the New Buffalo Bisons. The first half of the game d1dn't look too favorable to the Trojan followers as the Bisons lead 25-19 at half time and in the third quarter they lead by 10 points. Then defensive 2 periods Next BASKETBALL NEWS fCont.J the Bisons slacked off and with Johsson and Peterek scoring and the good work of Baney and Boyd the nhometownn outscored the Bisons in the final and beat them H2-39. W0 WCPO the guests of the Eau Claire Beavers in their new Sym, but their nice floor showed them defeat, for our boys were never bothered as Johnson, Boyd, and Pazder lead our Offensive play and at intermission we lead 36-16. Mitchell from Eau Claire was high for the losers. The final score was S7-MO in favor of New Troy. When Bridgman came to play us on our court, we didn't have too much trouble although they upulledn a zone defense. This upset our center Gene Johnson and we had to depend on the out court shooting of Dean Boyd, Stan Pazder, and Gordie Peterek but they did a good job and we weren't in trouble throughout the game. The final score was S5-M6 and Birmingham was high for the losers with 19 points. On February 12 we had a hair-raising panic, at least in the last 2 minutes of play. This game was against Baroda on their court. New Troy jumped off to a 16-12 lead at the end of the first quarter and a 29-19 lead at half-time. With 35 seconds to go Baroda was leading Sl-SO when Ernie Boldt charged into Dean Boyd and Boyd made both his tries good and we went ahead S2-51. After this we added five points and the Bulldogs h man team only added 1 charity. The final SCOPB WHS S7-52, New Troy's favor, of course. Our only Non-conference game was with the St. Joe Ponies on the St. Joe High School Gym floor. Gordon Peterek was the Nbig boyn on the offensive side and Johnson had plenty to say about who got the rebounds. New Troy lead all the way except the first minute of play. At the end of the first quarter the score was 6-L, our favor. At intermission the score was 21-13 and after the third period it was 33-27. The fourth quarter was the most exciting but the Trojans managed to stay ahead and win M7-M3. February 19 was the big game of the season. It was with the Oakers of Three Oaks. At 5:30 three bus loads of Three Oaks followers were waiting 6 wide all the way to the road just to see if the Oakers could beat the Trojans. At the end of the first quarter the Trojans were trailing by ll points, but by half- time we were only behind by L. The closest we ever came to the Oakers was with- in 2 points. During this battle the Trojans only had M fouls called on them while they held the Oakers to 61 points. In the two previous games they scored over 80 points per game. The New Troy nnet Warmersn were Johnson, Boyd, and Pazder while Peterek was doing a high scorer was Martus with 29. The last game of the season period the Gaels jumped off to a At the end of the quarter it was the Trojans came back strong and minutes of play. Then the Gaels good job on clearing the nboardsn. Three Oaks' The final score was 61-MB. was with Galien on their court. In the first 10-O lead and then our own Gene Johnson hit one. lh-7 in favor of Galien. In the second period were ahead of the Gaels by 2 points within two again lead 27-23 at intermission. At the end of the third period the Gaels lead Ml-38. In the fourth period it was tied Ml all but the final result was M9-M6. in favor of Galien. We shared the third place title with the Baroda Bulldogs- And SO, W0 CHM! to the close of the 1953-Sh basketball season. SCORES N.T. CPP- Stevensville 39 M2 Edwardsburg S2 M7 New Buffalo 57 53 Eau Claire 63 9 Bridgman 63 9 Baroda 25 Three Oaks O Galien h 2 Stevensville L6 L Edwardsburg 2 Sh New Buffalo 2 9 Eau Claire S7 O Bridgman S5 L6 Baroda 7 1 St. Joe Ponies 7 Q3 Three Oaks L8 1 Galien L6 M9 GOOD LUCK TO FUTURE TEAMS!- Ulflf DUFKCFPUII I GUM 1. P. Adams, 2. R. Martin, 3. P.- Steckelbergf M. D. Johnson, 5. C.- Johnson, 6. J. Hendricks, 7. N.- Lodge, 8. A. English, 9. A. Sch- ultz, 10. B. Freehling, 11. T. Se- ger, 12. D. Spaulding, 13. D. Sea- strom, lh. S. Anderson, 15. N. Dur kot, 16, E. Wallenberg, 17. C. And erson, 18. P. Beagley, and 19. D.- Bennett. Q-Q V 2. A2 .E A W ty? AAAAA 9 1.' ' LE- v-,V-E ,::A A . g-35557, ..k, 7 3 , 5- . RQ f 1 Twenty-one girls reported for the 195k girls basketball team under the coaching of Ida Galbreath and Alice Schaffer. We have an inexperienced team, having 10 freshmen, 8 sophomores and 2 jun- iors. Four games were scheduled, two each with Baroda and Berrien Springs. We opened our season playing a good Berrien Springs team, losing 32-25. Joyce Hendricks was high with ll, Theresa Segar 8, and Betty Freehling . Our second game was played against our strong rivals, the Baroda Bulldogs. With our guards playing a fine defensive game our team came out on top MO-25. Joyce Hendricks was high with ll, Theresa Seger 7, Barbara Boyd 8, Patty Adams S, and Betty Freehling 9, We have two games remaining. We hope to get revenge on the Berrien girls and take another one from Baroda. A A. 1-GHG. .-:5.'5:'?y1? I , -4. I ,id K. 'U' 'S . wsw: a.-.-'.5-:.:,.5.:.:g.:,.g..g.9gzq.g.:. I -..- 5 1 Z' 1:11. , " 1 'f' r .,- ,. 1 I' .'u'. ' 35:19 '-' " -2-x-,. qxfgzq 2133115955 11356-.-Wi!" EIIHRQVIQIJJ . w ,, . wg .. Q L Q? 'L V Q -Oo . a g 29 Q 'J f. , ..f'ib 1 XJ 5 . I , , 4.5 I N55 '1 . ' . J -r , ...-.,-. '7 -.. fr c.,5"'!, ' M.-4 X ' if Y -I ,f I f ' J I ,ff ' ' I 5 kgs' x v? x ,fl ,..,f W I f' V X 'xxx' 4. X EZ . f4'ff:g-,NX 5 - Y W., ab "' ' xml -L 58 rs! X 1 I xi pl... .1- V w n . 15522 '4'1t.'f" 49 T in Y f Dr 1- PUNK Jr 53"-s-1vf" xx Q ,HBLANCHEH V N 5 , -Q, .xf ig 7 Xu. f N HROUGHIN IT B4 fe 1 X" 2 ' 4 September Opened school We picked cheerleaders for football and basketball. October Football game with New Buffalo reserves. 2. The F.H.A. had their elections. 8. Football game with Buchanan reserves. 1 . Edwardsburg football game. 1 . Freshman-Sophomore Party. 17. Band Paper Drive 22. Football game with Dowagiac reserves. 26. Oh!Ohl Senior pictures taken. 30. Football game with Eau Claire at Buchanan. 31. Band played at Sawyer. November 6. Closed school at noon. 7. Fall Festival 13. Student Council sponsored Black- Cat Hop. It was a farewell par- ty on Coach Gray. Zh. Our first basketball game was played with Stevensville. 25. Close at noon for Thanksgiving Day. lfllllifr'-at u,1u "", Ill -1'! V "" I 1' HQ' "-- rr N . ' , I-Q' ' M 127415 1' X '.. . ' ' .-J'::::sssf ' fig, l 'Hsse 1 f ,. fffy' ff ' f' be X K X I .ui 1 -r ' "nf 1 ,uw in AW' .A 'll ' ,. ' "GliIL VULGER nv Q' Y . 'dd 111 suns' an-:Q ,nl 'V-vs. f APPLE .Q f xv Q L, LLIK L gc. f S a Q, 1 ' M 57!""-r. H 'E f zf P J .ff -f .Wu 'V' 4?-' CALENDAR tcomm December 2 3 Ly. 11 1 1 22 23 J 2 15 19 20 18 22 2 22 29 February 3. 6 Two matinee! of the Senior Play Seniors presented three act hill- billy comedy, "A Feudin' Over Yonder? Basketball game with Edwardsburg. New Buffalo basketball game. Eau Claire game. Bridgman basketball game. Christmas concert with Band and Glee Club participating. Close school for Christmas va- cation. Assembly and party. fn! Reopen school after vacation We all enjoyed a film from the Moody Bible Institute. Baroda basketball game. Three Oaks game. I Galien game. 'X I-,'-j-"PIX, Local Cherry Pie Contest 120561 22. Semester tests. Semester ends. ,Rf We were on radio station W.H.F.B. Edwardsburg basketball game. New Buffalo game. 2. Al 4 ij 555:53-.X X Lx' Eau Claire basketball game. Bridgman game. The F.H.A. sponsored a square dance. 12 lb 19 25 26 Baroda game Game with with St. Joe Ponies. Three Oaks game. Assembly-Cole Marionettes. Galien game. PIGTAILS' 1 FARM GIRLN LOVERS nAIN'T SHE SWEETN 3ln1ITTLEToTS WGOING STEADYH NFRESHIESN gsgagg .iQg E "ToTEM POLE" it x,, n POSING DING?n HOFF THE GRASS' NNICE CAR 'S 3,41 59- X CALENDAR fCont.l March April May fd! 11. Q X3 mf: .4 lv 2L. County Vocal Program in which the Glee Club Particapated. The Senior Class sponsored a Variety Show to raise funds for their Sen- ior trip. 26. . Assembly--Man Who Knew Lincoln Good Friday . Baseball game with Benton Harbor . The event everyone was waiting for finally came. The Junior-Senior Prom! 15 16. 29 30 lL. Band Concert 23. Baccalaureate 25. Class N1ght??? 26. At last! Commencement ' 27. Picnic 28. School closes ??? Senior Trip 'X 'xi -NJ! K xx 'U fin itlm A .f 'xxqix Z N ,.i:f eff' 6 X A 'Q x NXT-. x 5 X Yfmf ff xxx S' 5 Y if nfucgmgiz XQ XX . Compliments of EW TROY MILL Flour And Feed Phone 18 New Troy Michigan F '-!:.'..?:S.':' 9.3: P-5 BRIDGMAN and SAWYER FARMERS EXCHANGE an An Compliments GARDNERS, ST, JOE INC. Of Sporting Goods " Everything MODERN FURNITURE For The Sportsman" 312 State Street St. Joseph Michigan St. Joseph, Michigan Compliments of BRIDGMAN COAL COMPANY " 1't C 1" HOUSE' OF DAvm Qua 1 y Ca GREENHOUSES Phone Garden 9 -362 1 Lakeshore Drive St. Joseph Michigan Phone Bridgman 134 Bridgman, Michigan BLACKSTONE FOOD MARKET "The House of Swedish Specialties" On Corner of US 12 And Sawyer Road Phone New Troy 66F22 Compliments Of WOODWORTHS INSURANCE AGENCY Income Tax Service 113 East Front St. Buc hanan Mic higan Compliments of EW 'l'ROY HARDWARE and ELECTRICAL APPLIA CES New Troy Michigan BARUUA MANUFACTURING C0 PAUL FRANK STUUIU For The Best In Photography RITCHIE ROYAL BL E GROCERY Groceries And Meats Fresh Fruits And Vegetables affix PS7 M cfm UQ, ffl -,M za-f ' v 'XYZ' fl .N ,LJ 'vid iQ"'ii'w4 4 Ur lgfvff 'fed New Troy Michigan Compliments of THE BA K OF THREE 0AKS Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Three Oaks New Buffalo Michigan Compliments of THREE EAKS LUMEER and CEAL CEMPANY EIJE W Three Oaks Michiga TAYLUR BEDS. GARAGE Brake Drum Turnin C ompliments of RIME and HILDEBRA D "Make This Your Store" St. Joseph Michigan Compliments of HEIR DFFICE MACHI E 204 Michigan Ave. Benton Harbor Michigan Best Wishes From MODER FURNITURE 00 3068 State St. Phone 3-1522 For Personal Service St. Joseph Michigan AXEL FRANZO Shell Service General Auto Repairing Accessories-Tires-Batteries Phone New Troy 9852 U. S, 12 - Sawyer Michigan Buy Quality Flowers From The TORNQUlST FLUWER SHOP Phone 3-2021 2309 Cleveland oseph Mich' BAREDA HARDWARE ' 4 SWEDISH COFFEE POT e Lakeside 4511 On U S Compliments of SAWYER ROYAL BLUE STORE Art Bender, Proprietor Headquarters For School Proms WHITCUMB HOTEL Good Luck Seniors TRUDELL GROCERY Groceries And Meats Phone Lakeside 5077 Harbert Michigan Compliments of THE CALVI GRILLE SERVICE , 901106 Compliments of do Q- HAUSMAN MOTOR C0. Dodge And Plymouth Passenger Cars Phone 5511 Three Oaks Michigan Compliments of ACKERMAN NUR ERY Compliments Of THE WARRE FEATHERBO E C0. "The Brand Name For Quality Since 1883" Textile Notions Koroseal Products Three Oaks Michigan 7 Y, iwwv ....- C omp lirnents of MARTI EEE . Scrap And Iron Salvage Benton Harbor' Michigan THE MILLMETUAL AGE CY 410 Fidelity Bldg. Office Phone 5-3261 Home-Office: Lansing Benton Harbor Michigan Compliments of MILLER EQUIPME T Your Friendly Buick And Service International Trucks Parts And Service I Baroda Michigan WE THAU ER NUR ERIE It Will Be A Pleasure To Serve You Located On U, S, 12 Sawyer, Michigan Best Of Luck In The Future Seniors PRODUCER CREAMERY Milk - Butter - Cottage Cheese - Cream - Buttermilk Benton Harbor Michigan Best Wishes to Everyone in The 1954 Graduating Class C ornpliment s of BOYD FU ERAL HUME Phone 10 Bridgman . Michigan J N BARODA SUNDRIES Patent Medicines School Supplies Fountain Service BARODA LOCKER PLANT We Freeze Vegetables We Freeze Fruits We Freeze Meats BaI'Oda MiChigal'l Baroda Michigan Compliments ROT1 ROTI'S Of SHOE STORE BATCHELOR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE Phone 930 Buchanan Michigan Buchanan Michigan POTTS AND SONS HARDWARE Compliments Of Dick, George, Ed, TORNQUIST And Davey GROCERY STORE Three Oaks Michigan Harbert Michigan Good Luck Seniors J'S CAFE UNION PIER LUMBER CO. Phone 3751 Union Pier Michigan Pavilion Tourist Court Dancing Every Saturday And Sunday Night James Copiak, Proprietor Union Pier Michigan Best Wishes To The Class Of '54' TESSMANN'S CAFE Good Luck Seniors VOGUE SHOPPE Three oaks Michigan Three Oaks Michigan Compliments Compliments Of Of ROBERT E. WARREN SPARK'S Agency STANDARD SERVICE Insure Today-Be Sure Tomorrow Repairing-Welding-Greasing Insurance U. S. 12 Sawyer Michigan Three Oaks Michigan Compliments DEAN STANDARD of FLOOR COVERINGS TINY TOWN SHOP Children's Wear Exclusive But Not Expensive Three Oaks Michigan Armstrong And Nairn's Linoleum Asphalt Tile Goodyear Vinyl Wall Covering Business Phone HAR. 5-4882 Res. Phone: Lakeside 4472 124 Water St. Benton Harbor Michigan Compliments Of SAWYER BARBER SHOP X' N 1 . S Sawye r J Michigan l Compliments Of LEO C. RUTZ AGENCY Insurance Completes Services Travel Air - Steamship-Tours 131 E. Main St. Benton Harbor Michigan TOLLA DR G TORE "For A11 Your Drug Store Needs" Sawyer Michigan C omplirnents of GRUSSE BRO . Plumbing and Heating Three Oaks Michigan Compliments of For A11 Your Insurance Needs EDGAR DTT I URA CE - ' -L'f -B d Baroda Auto Fire ie on s Michigan Compliments of PYRAMID 0lL C0. C omplime nts of GAMBLES DEPARTMENT STORE Authorized Dealer of Inter-Store And Office Correspondence BARODA LUMBER CUMPANY Compliments of THE FABRIC HUPPE For All Your Fabric Needs Ask I' Q fa If l fx 'X' XLLI. if .11 Hi. fffsalivkixz. - ::::: f1l2:!::i"ff-3 :lnnn:'I:::lg'ulSHY .1-2:22-----:-iggm' . . Benton Harbor -.,ggg,,g:,-...Al-..,v Michigan Builders Supplies Millwork Lumber Coal Plumbing - Heating Hardware - Paint Electrical Supplies ZEIGER LUMBER and COAL C0. A Complete Building Service Sawyer Michigan Best Wishes To The Class Of '54 M. MINDEL 81 SONS Scrap Materials Office 8: Yards 3 19 - 8th St. Telephone 5-2153 Benton Harbor Michigan Compliments Of CONSUMERS COAL CO. Coal For Solid Comfort Phone 5-1141 107 Water Street Benton Harbor Michigan Best Wishes RINGO SUPER MARKET Compliments Of H. O. WILSON INC. Manufacturers of Ice Cream Bottlers of Orange Crush And Old Colony Beverages Phone Bridgman 20F4 Baroda Michigan Benton Harbor Michigan RITTER'S RESTAURANT Compliments Good Food Of Phone GArden 9-3591 BILLMAN'S FLORAL SHOP Phone 181 Lake Street Stevensville Michigan Bridgman Michigan Best Of Luck Seniors RED -ARROW-CAFE Bridgman Michigan BRIDGMAN BAKERY Complete Line of Baked Goods Bridgman Michigan X 1 W, ,6 LN" I . wx ' X X , Best Of Luck To Class of '54 I . Carl And Marge's WY won GRILL QE School Supplies - Fountain Service "Eat More Ice Cream" New Troy Michigan B00 TER ' These People Have Contributed To Help Us Pay For Our Annual A1 Boyd Ann Johnson Benton Electronics 'lsgome 054443 , I 4,. 11 'E Xu W F1971 1 A 257' ' V - , 4 I f-. 1- Q I Ht' . 1 f '25 .M S JI 1 ffl? Ei? , Til, sri. '- ii - , .. 14,1 H1571 I,f'Y--3 A Ai ' ,VW 4 1. 'Q 3.. 'ff .5 fi iii - -1 Q mn! E Y? 'fi "'W"Ul!'5'MF X . Ali v, 3 Q., 11 -fs -' m ' ,. '- ,K Q 4 ,. 1,4 J , 4.0, .V 4 A 4 ,4,Q,. ,1'.'.g-A: 'qq,. gr. 4 q , , I .1 ,' , '.--v .3 I , r , 3 x., A .-gk' .. . Q' , 1 ' .1 an ' 4 QW. f , , w 6 X L 55411 y. qw L. 4 ,,. , 1 1' l -, -1'l:j.'.1-w.':.:1 " .- x-gu1.5Bq.1g-an v,-7.-1,1 H .-au 4 1 .1-X . ,Ll -f --1 ow A , , l ,,.. :r 15:1 :ffl vi! pb. ..L 4 n L. .A - ,151 1rI4'fW' Ab w , -1 'J + . -am' 3 ' ' 5 .,L.f',"a:' N , 5 f -' SAX rw- -I M if " ., -, . Y wh ' ' 4 ' -.- 'S'--, ,lf -x, . gm, 2"'4'c if S2 INTER-COLLEGIATE PVRESS Publushers - Cover Munuiaclurers - Book Binders , J FACTORY -HOME OFFICE Kansas City -5-. .-vw ue lo. ' 4 1 F-nvvlli vv S.,- v-4 . Y. xrx ., . -xv'-V . "gg: iv.. I 1 1f'Y' 5 .f V I .J X l l , X.. Ax f V vfv ri - --L -- . l ,, .Q-0. 4 '1-. 0' A , 1.3, T. 1- W .- ' -.4-A-.-A1"f ftxf.. , '.,rg - WJ - " Al'. U-1:1 .- I :dj r4.,,, if . , W- -- Y W- ' X .,.,'--ru F .1-5-,HQ J M , -.. , - ,K . , . Q I l ' .- if l .4--v T , EV tg 1'l I ai .1 ....F:. I J' 's' -I - 3 el ,4- - Q, ' x .41 ' r . :.5..'1." ni 1' , - - ' W-. - -1' 4 ,.LAL" 9?,Vh,4','?i ..-rdf u sv I. N 4 ,qu , J U 5 b- 9- A , ly'-,'. ln, 1. - 'ji fi,t',.,,, 5. I .J jf fb- ' A '47 dv' "a"9' :Ish I 'A Iss -4 3B',5G. In fin. M V 4 . I 4. ' , -. ff, ,.-' yv ., -:' 3 , . ,.,,,:s, 53, ,hy A J. ' Q..-ri -. -'.i.-- . .4rQ .L "" -. ' -" I 'W' ' '- ""'-' . 'Ld -' J-. ' I .f. +1 Ae"- lv-f"'7 ww, , 1 . 1 V vga' I .fl 4.6 r ,, 1,.,.,, P-. if f. Q, i 4-1 Fl IV -. -V ui 4 me ' """"'H1 X ,,W,...,."Q'ww-....Q.,. A was . , , A JL: f' -if If . Q- ,Af w - K If fd. 1-.-.w r 'I .ew

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