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4 2, E 52 5 gi ,, Q! 5 5 Z F5 . J 45 xr 5 3 3: 5: 5 S 1 I 5, ix Z 2 25 'e g i :E gf S Qi Ss il I Z, 5 fi ?i si 92 ii 9 W A . lj ii E .g X 5 V 2 31 af 6 - EF . if ll: ,f ' E I 2 9. 5, M gf ,',, Q, 3 E 5 21 ff fy V N, ..,gi.,.,,.M.......m,.N.....-,...,,..,,..,....,.....-..,.....-.,w...W-.,.-......,....N.1,.....,,.-m.-pw Q nm . Afmaaxmm:mmm-a-'nzmumvvmwmm41mswxmwm.L4mLuL4' -sm-f:suww::f.,:afmraw.m sf.m:fzmn'mm:fw.w-wsa.z L.: wxzvmvnwnerm -Am: ECI-ICJES 'I 979 , .. ,--,vv V Y Mfg :lr --.AZ X, X V' . flnlif MQIUIIIIIIIHIIIIIIWIIIIII I - - IIIZZJ Jllllll IMI niulllllllllnl -- ' ' ll ea ll ll n up u fri:-1 ll Il is 521.531 IE In N V E. 4--. - . v- ,. . 1. . 1 ..,..... rf-1 s- ,Q-f , NEW TQIEQ EAST I-4113+-1 563:-1001. WINNETKA u.n.lNCJls J'Y-Y rv," Out af the anonymity of the crowd 1 3 MSTUDENT LIFE xxx 'r li: it fb , QHirshJ STUDENT LIFE! 5 and develops an identity P. pm, W-3-,, W ' A 'N lffI5?7'7f Q-v---' 1 1 fi , ,V 'wi' , , g A" , ' ' , Wiz? A Q ,L V , A. M., , . Mui -.rr ff v ' I 1 m - la., 1 ff, W 1, ' 'D -, 4 A E . -N N 1 5, 5- :'o,. ,.3, A , i , H, L, 43:5 4-, wx 5 - A , 1 .f V 4 , 'wf '? Qbf.' 111:75 3,35 my-g.'. 1 7 f f,f:a,f-aw ,, , wwf! ,nw , '-. if 41 mg 3 5159, Mg ' gag? ' wi- 151, .fag-125 ,V , k ., fff,-War 4f . fa!f1f n3,w,,l'N ' Jw, '54 f' ' , fg'1 .g1'ff'f':-' 1 5 12'M1:aaQj -Y'vt'sf- , - . V , I ,slr ,i V A! ggiflffwfffjiq , H' ', -14-wg 2-,q.',,',1,,5-H V, 1' ' '?"'k:-912 'f ff: " WM? V , ,DQ ' -T! gflifj. 31l?451:'.g f L " ",'V7f ' " ,lf Q,H"l 'v'f13f,4" jffffvjf wj'Z,Y,',7' , " Jil, 'wif' ' H314 3 M 2122 4232. +L "'.l'4l'w,a '7.,,'.L'3' Juv ' :, , , f 'H-fm, , ,,1+. w,,A' 4-1. A m ,., Af'-'1 ,- .L-441. -V, MMI- . 'L , -1 M wa- f- -, ' 4 fax, ' , , mg su -'K + ' -aw W M f K I ' .- 1:5 'fp 2'fi':e1 V' ,ii , " N F5 5 ":q?"s,, 'A X H f 1 'ffiifl HJ NUI: n, I X . ,W , V, fm: wwf" N 3 V- Agffm, V, ,Q , . ., Jimi. N j 'fs M 694' L - it ! , 8fSTUDENT LIFE QStahlJ WW QStahlj fStahIJ WZLZXW VWZM qi, n 1, .n::aw,f 'mllft nd' aa? ""'..:' na --1 'Rf RSNQNK: f Ha rd yi 5 x x k x F through unique learning experiences -I we Y eb -'22 S H, e1 STUDENT LIFEI9 I-1+ OXSTUDENT LIFE and varied respanses to unassigned time. 4Smithj i iM0yJ 'i ,e,, i an up an ,Q I .4 an 1: .. ' ,,, 5 Q f i XE f ' Q -'LX n ' I T, i 3: , : V 5 'Wg' , 1 1,5 , ' ,:JiiFir3':', Y if ill, Q W .. V 4 V: fi 'ik 'K' it 1 ue , rue! N v ' I n i , age. ' Q3 i i if fi , , X mr' ki 1.6 i A "Zi eieiie i STUDENT LIFEXH Having endured administrative obs tacles Em N03 X s 1 . M -,eww ......,.,........-.-v- 4 S 4 ' L , , . ,.,..Mf. f W ,, , ..,,. .,f..-w.twmmf'wrfM" ' r - ' " 4 4' ?,,,,,.,... ,, , , jill QHardyJ iStahD fi STUDENT LIFEH3 4fSTUDENT LIFE iM0yD QWilliamsj ,'Vf -'moat - the student pursues inviting recreational alternatives Y ufvfn - TS W.-fi ww lumix 'da' 7-v ' fl V. A T2 in-.4 1050? F ' 1 5 l 1 3 45 , .4 -S is .. STUDENT LIFEX17 1 1 1 1 1 1: 'Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 E , 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 17 11' f 3622 1 , .M , ,-"' 1,,- 1 1 : --+V---ig,-.N-f- -..,,v ,,,. ,f ..., , ,,,,,, . 1 1 1 1 1 -Y-W , W , , W , W, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,Y ,1 1, , ,,,, W ,,,, A YW WY., W Y WW V U!mWgZYY77 M Min WY ' ' 1 1 --1 , --.-.4 1 1 1 1 ' "" "W " ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1' 1 13 M 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 r 11 111 5 1 1 1 ' 111 11 11 11 4 1 11 , 11 1x1 1 ,, 1 1 4 ,. ff. , 1 ,fy . rf fill? Lx: S ,. J , . V, W .-,.. ,i 1 V i fi l I 'x ,.1 N F'- ff N1 fix V' ' fy" ' fi 4 . w ,nv ,, ,, x,A , i 1 , ,-La 5 M , .X , , , , 1 . L XJ U 11----3 L J 1---J 7. Above: Copperhead creates a silver streak in Tri-Ship's Homecoming activities. Above right: Mr. Barton guides his ship through a sea of red tape. Right: Charities chairman Doug Ryan throws a knockout proposal to N-club President Joe Cousins. ICampbe11, Hardy, Hardy! QOXTRI SHIP FRESHMEN HELPERS - Bottom Row: Stern, Higgins, Fishbein, Ubben, Sherman, Henderson, Glaser, Beall, Howard, Neuhaus. Second: Pigott, Jacob, Boyd, Absent: Conley. Hx CONCENTRATING ON COMMUNITY and school service, Tri-ship had what Keith Boyd called "an extremely successful yearf, The 1978-79 club was characterized by expansion as a record number of people participated in its programs. Tri-ship continued its annual projects with increased uccess. Pride Inside, a program designed to involve students 'n the upkeep of the school, was revived with increased iemphasis and effectiveness. The Freshman helper program, with the goal ofhelping others enjoy the New Trier community, iwas expanded to help introduce freshmen to the school. After Lpolling the student opinion, Tri-ship hosted the first yhomecoming dance in 12 years. The dance featured the K KEITH BOYD JAMES TOLFORD JAMES GREGG RICK HENNESSY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer band "Copperhead," and netted 3500. Tri-ship continued its fund-raising efforts and sold a record 2800 trees during the annual Christmas tree sale. With the help of second year sponsor Terrence Barton, Tri-ship reached all social and financial goals. For the 53rd consecutive year, the cluh geared its programs towards the principles which gave the organization its name. The fellowship department of Tri-ship sponsored two charity drives, and N-club displayed Tri-ship's sportsmanship. Usher Corps reflected the club's citizenship by providing service to all New Trier visitors. With an increase in involvement, Tri-ship was able to efficiently execute its many diversified programs. TRI SHIP! 21 am e g , r S RACHEL VARLEY IRENE sTEvENsoN JULIE SCHWIEBERT CAMOUFLAGING HALL- WAYS with publicity posters, sending P.A. announcements through advisor rooms, mo- tivating advisory representa- tives, these were the means by which Girls' club successfully sparked interest in its organ- ization. Guided by President Rachel Varley, the club en- riched its calendar of events in an effort to encourage par- ticipation. The enthusiastic board members provided en- tertainment and enjoyment as they worked towards their ultimate goal: providing girls' scholarships. Innovations in the standard Girls' club schedule spurred intrigue and interest among the student body. "Friendly Week" was rescheduled to an early October date and proved to be an inspiring introduction to the year. Seven thousand "friendly grams" were dis- tributed throughout advisories setting high standards for large-scale endeavors that were to follow. Replacing the pump- kin sale of previous years, a new series of fall fund-raisers further extended participa- tion. The first annual candy sale added Girls, clubls cordial flavor to New Trier's fall routine. A new major project, the frisbee sale, sent profits soaring past predicted heights. Girls' club maintained its 22fGIRLS' CLUB President Vice president Secretary wave of success by continuing traditionally profitable projects. The freshman - senior hag party, "A Day at the Circus," was an entertaining welcome for incoming club members. Freshmen helpers warranted their title by providing a liason between freshmen and the awaiting opportunities New Trier offers. Expanded to include the entire district, the canned food drive challenged even the most ambitious advisories as they worked towards the final goal of 30,000 cans, this effort received more widespread support than any other event in the 78-79 schoolyear. Matching the can drive's success, the spring magazine drive produced great results as Girls, club spread its influence beyond the doors of New Trier and into the homes of the surrounding communities. Girls' club put its members into the spotlight in the spring fashion show and provided them with a special evening at the Daddy daughter dinner dance, both added further to the scholarship treasury. With the impressive gains resulting from widespread participation, Girls' club again proved itself to be one of New Trier's most successful and useful organiza- tions. MARIE BENDY Treasurer 811. i FRESHMEN HELPERS - Bottom Row: Triesch- Russell. Second: Ames, Carney, Purcell, O'Reilly, mann, Angle, Erzinger, Johnson, Cannon, Schadt, Buck, Badger. GIRLS' CLUB!23 TRI. USHER CORPS - Bottom Row: Laney, Unknown, Guhl, McCook, Mitchel. Carrane, Kerins. Second: Stenberg, Thigpen, Sheridan, ' JOHN REES DAVID ' JEFFREY CHARLES DANIEL GREG HALL ADAMS Junior class TURNER GARDNER LISSNER , LAWLER ROSSITER Co-chairman Sophomore class Co-chairman Co-chairman C0-Chai1-man Co-chairman arrangements services 'services public relations public relations JIM SINCOX BARNEY WILLIAM ROBERT MICHAEL DOUG RYAN HANK Co-chairman SCHAEFER TANGNEY HILARIDES 0'DOWD Charities ZANARINI arrangements Co-chairman Co-chairman Co-chairman Co-chairman Tri-ship Times entertainment entertainment tickets tickets RICH STERN JOHN JOSEPH Head of freshmen MITCHEL COUSIN S helpers Head usher N-Club -oo ,A V A-V o. , ,.., 2 ' 'fl -vw FI Q AUXILIARY COUNCIL OF TRI-SHIP - Bottom Row: Kerins. Carrane. Second: Gould, Unknown, Gordon, Lahey, DiClementi. Third: Elliot, Tyrrell, Worthington, James, Malles, Bergsten, Dahlheim. Absent: Archie, Cooley, Dickson, Morley, Nash. 24fTRI-SHIPXUSHER CORPS GIRLS' CL UB ' x i HELEN LAURA LAURA LYNN JULIE BONNIE ANN BEGGAN BADGER LAHRMANN HOSBEIN BERMAN OBERLIN ZIEGLER C0-head of social Head of freshmen Head of financial Asst. financial Co-head of C0-head of Asst. scholarships awareness helpers scholarships scholarships MIMI I AMY GILL HALL NICOLE ELLEN MAGGIE JENNIFER GARRON GIORDANO Co-head of KAMINSKI CLARK MCCOOK WOOD Co-head of social Co-head of publicity Co-head of Co-head of Co-head of Head of usher awareness publicity ' publicity banquets banquets corps USHER CORPS - Bottom Row: Unknown, Callaghan, Springer,DiClementi,Hung, Graham, Nelson, Rosenberg, Yates, Newby, Unknown, Unknown, Fine, Morand, Unknown, Chandler. Third: L. Dini, Carlin, Van Elk, Koscielak, Hinshaw, Wood. Second: Pitt, J. Dini, Unknown, Nebel, Lindner, Prindiville, Kalman. GIGI GREGG JENNIFER NANCY LEE LAURA PLUMB CO-head of art HOSBEIN Co-head of Co-head of service Co-head of art Service GIRLS' CLUBXUSHER CORPSXQS Made to aid 26fsP0RTs SERVICE A 4 1 '-f' ' ' X 4 Jack and Jill Went to school To learn to swim and tumble. Jack paddled hard With the aid of a guard And Jill came cartwheeling after. FOR MANY CHILDREN of the township, Saturday mornings meant fun-filled lessons and discoveries in swimming and gymnastics. These children were taught by dedicated, capable New Trier students. Guard and Gymkana volunteers, timers, matmaids, and statisticians made up Sports service, an organization comprised of students who shared a common interest - a desire to help their community and New Trieris athletic department. Members of Sports service gained a sense oi' responsibility and leadership as a result of the time they volunteered each week. On Saturday mornings, Gymkana members taught youngsters of the community various aspects of gymnastics. Guard lent its services to Boy scouts, Girl scouts, and the community by offering swimming and lifesaving lessons and supervised free swims. The aid given by matmaids, statisticians, and timers in scoring and clocking various events was an integral part ol' New Trier athletic events. Sports service formed a valuable link between New Trier and the community. 4 I rr . "4 g fx "f 28fGUARD GUARD GIRLS' GUARD-Bottom Row: Johnson, Ward, Lifvendahl, Engelmann Trieschman, Box, Arden, Hayes. Second: Eliot, Montgomery, Husting Madden, M. James, Guthrie, Farnsworth, Stephanie, Wussler, Berner, Turner, Jannotta. Third: Alexander, McMahon, K. James, R. Wussler BOYS' GUARD-Bottom Row: Dumont, Wussler, Hennessy, Bryan Gordon, Bhote. Second: Nash, Cray, Sharp, Miller, Murdoch, Freedman Lind, Dillon, Thomas. Third: Lederer, C. Gunn, Granath, Wengler, Baker 1 1 J Lorenz, Friedlander, Cervinka, Dillon, Sally Wussler, Kerr, Beggan, Varley. Fourth: Dickes, Stevenson, Downey, Hinshaw, Stewart, Carter, Holmberg Tatooles, Williams, Mclntire, Donahoe. Watkins, Rottman, Kuipers, Hartong, Ashmore. Fourth: Hawley, Heise, J. Wilson, Patterson, Mead, Kallman, Weldon, Moss. Fifth: Ticho, McBride, D. Gunn, Powell, T. Wilson, Martin, Mueller, Hotchkiss, Tangney. A I9 l'-ww W- t QM." u if V A A .. i 1 1 f' X Q ,. U... 3 Q" l ' i 'V .' 1 4 ' ,J ' ,ff 1 A ilii i". - J V 1 f W r, "" ' w,.. iiy X -N " kia. . , ' Dx N V J fe . " 'lf vi Q' A m A , 3 . ,.V N ' I l fly U .,. it '1', ' L , J ' aww GYMKANA AND STA TIS TICIANS 'Y H-. -'3..?-Qi, ii 5 -n - , Y "ml" Qf 6 .Q GYMKANA-Bottom Row: Nicholls, Conway, Bentley, Hostert, Wanger, L. Johnson, Squires, Harris, Miller, Marcia Fleming, D. Johnson, Coffield. Second: Vitikainen, Cavanaugh, Trotter, Platon, Rigolin, D. Stetter, Moretta, Lahey, Peterson, Ryno, DeStefanis, Chapman, Mary Fleming, Butterworth. Third: Norehad, Bennett, Stearns, Parrish, K. Walsh, Donahoe, King, Wright, Thomas, Sontag, Hubbard, Mead, Adamson 1 STATISTICIANS-Bottom Row: Adams, A. Love, Worthington, Kenney, Mulliken, Johnson. Missimer, Olderman. Second: O'Connor, Schmid, Houghtlin, C. Love, cz l i Al Kincaid, C. Schopen. Fourth: O'Connell, Andrews, Worthington, Jiganti, Needler, Denman, Ryan, Houghtlin, Schadt, Michala, Dierickx, Griesser, Neary, Bransky, Coon, L. Bergman, Jones. Fifth: Wengler, Cajet, Howard, Ehle, James, Conley, M. Stetter, D. Walsh, Creagh, T. Schopen, Spellrnan, Fragassi, Mueller, Bryan, Eliot, D. Bergman, Sipe. -V, 49 I9 4? GYMKANAXSTATISTICIANSXQQ 1 , , ,f ., ,,f,,,.fU f,fv,:,,f.',ff f,,f nw ,f:f,fcH,,y,fMff Hfffn,fff,,ff . M: f- 'ww different approach, focusing primarily on informal free- play to sharpen their wits for the State bridge tour- nament Chess club spon- sored interclub scrimmages as Well as interscholastic competition. For those in electronic entered Below x ' - - 1 gap p and ese an find expert offer a explanation on the art of cross-country skis. Far left: off with three fellow Chess clubbers, Lee Shang boxes in his opponents. Above: Math team member Michael Spertus exercises his mental powers to get to the root of the problem. fPea1-Iman, Per CLUBS! 31 32X C LUBS xuammmwnmrdfwwgwmw- W -- W- - - -W -":"f, ---' aff f if 5 4,9 lg, ., K , f A. ' , - ,-V, 7: ff I V v - , wgff f z 4 5' f'?ff 42 4' W 1 W 5:2 .ff AWf My ,,,,,, 73, 'Q "fm, 1 f V0 ff, , fa' w ff , , 'f -,f , 1 Wm ' , 5 'fi A' , Q , , 4' , P' A -1- 24, 'Z f f: 1, V .-" .,:,,,,fj - . xx, . xk , ,.y,,R4 , ,4 f ,wg Q- A, ,, ., f , .' A-'14 ,,l5'f.M,,, x f ' ,,. ,jzvg , fl, .,.5H-- ' ,, ,,,, ,, ,, ,1 , f KM , 4 ' 'W , 1 7. Kfm! ',f- X f - A . , lg ,Lffv , 'Xu f f 1,--1-'L , - ff' f 1 5 .,, cs .5 ' K' , J' ,, ,, ,A lrry VV ML In-:Jw 7, fl, , :I .. ,. , , ,, ,, . I kv ,, Q my if 46 , 'f,,? , ff 4 'VA 1 ' ' if 2' V411 V'A', ' "5 V :.f5ffg., 1 ,, , Q I f-I ZPjA:5f,7 J. 54 f ' 5 H f' ' ,,f-fg? f,5n Q f X i,,5w4A ,,f,V I-5, 4 ? I 5 'Q 54 f J i ' if 2' T QQ 'r V ' l :,i4"5"'L' 5 73", r ,wr -41" af-S4 ' if -J 1- , : . uw A-f Mff, . ,, wifi " af-7, '? K f A I N ffffffag ,Ab W ' 'nl' 'K 47,9 af 415' , F, ,. If , ,Law ,f , '9- .,,, ,,.1,xV . A " 2 , 1 7, ' lf, ,iamv f,, I, I 53 cf ff .zfv zjfy fgfxihfulmv V 3. , w ' +,?5 ,fQ ' . ,z , J f'fTQ!,,,'.? , f f, ., , ' ,- , "M -x 'i4'1,'2f T75 ' y ' f e fe : 'ff ' f 4 , A A' , 'f"'f f ' 4' W 'V ' V9 'f ' f X' life 1, . 1 sg ,MF ., - 44. - f , if-11' - . 1 f " '. al' 1 ,' 4,7 'gf-, Q f' My ,fl , L Aw Wf ' '16 ' 'iwg L , 5 ' -wp 4 wa, , V 2' fz., 2 1 ' f fm v ' . ' ff if V v 241' 'A ' - " A ,f 4 W Q gag ,,gwf :,7wwi'fQ-,f , 1 fn 'ff I , -S V, X wg, Vcigif , if 2' ff ' 4 , ,Q , ', " ' ,-,,H"' 2 fig Y A wi WYQ' 1 , r -' f -' ,f f 'ff 7 WW 4? W . 1 mhfiq Lf, 5 V, .. 4 ,Sy 'f 5' ' fwgf CLUBSX33 1:'?5Z'fzf , i H , ,, , ,Nfl "' - I ,4 14 4' , 4 I f 1 7' ff, , ff 1 Z 1 XX 34lCL.UBS A .1 W? An. N- , f N. 5. Eng Xa J 'Nic Nt! is N I Y I Hwn- jg- 'wfmtzaztfg , . r V X, 'C "e3IK"",, 3 3. ff, if -xx 'P' H ' Exec- 09144 I ,lex Nix e -1 ,fxxka ,gi -is ,N P Q fx mips' A if JA "' Kabir' 11""XY""ef fkhnfi Q 1 if f' 1 ,I 'ilrjlsf jg Y 4 Us '4 5 ' ,',1Q'y-" Lf, efC:'f':,S'Q .. Yfsxialdlxiifr p H5l'1:2 'gun thu?-fur.. N 1 nun, Qu wg fx .-if ,?:fs312"':f'gr :t"""'.""f-.:.:,'ew-A ,- ,MHEVQEE55 0: -135 , .If X' ,fix-,'.54xX'pf 1 'X if T, "f:W:i,J'f's sg " ,'x.,"'n f Nj" ,QAQI4 -T-gh::8::':e:' ws' It ' 4' ' V NV, 'I Y""'- if "f'?x?fi1 5' I '-45 P fix" f'b'fj3Q'-i-Y?gi"7"A'- 'jf?,j5".f'f.'f, 6, . U ,V 'S' 4 , ', xv Q' . , A ' . - , V., my Q .0 ,,.',, n f.M+,w'2:w- Avfff, ' , E . BUSINESS ORIENT- ED opportunities at New Trier were not restricted to Deca alone. Other student organizations, such as Hero, Home economics related occupations, and Oea, Office education association, ap- proached vocational educa- tion through the exploration of consumer and secretarial skills. Through occupation- al preparation and com- munity involvement, Hero prepared its members for jobs and careers which require home economics knowledge and abilities. As part of a community service requirement, Hero members visited a nursing home to become informed about the problems of the elderly. For students interested in office-related occupations, Oea provided an opportuni- ty to concentrate on busi- ness skills such as typing, shorthand, and accounting. Members of Oea improved their skills through par- ticipation in Oea competi- tions and employment in an office job. Hero, Oea, and Deca reaffirm the fact that although New Trier in- corporates a traditional academic program, the var- iety of educational op- portunities is unlimited. 36fHEROfOEA DE CA BOARD-Bottom Row: Penney, O'Leary, Peterson, Kuenzel, Tukey, Atten, Yelton. usak, Claborn, Meyer. Second: Lipson, Fite, A RECENT NORTH central evaluation of New Trier revealed that over 2095 of graduating seniors plan to be business majors in college. Until recently, exposure to business related skills was unavailable at the high school level. Because of the lack of depth in the work experience program, Deca, Distributive education clubs of America, was introduced to New Trier to provide a more well-rounded business curriculum. With over fifty members in the co- curricular class and club, Deca members studied re- tailing, marketing, and advertising skills. They successfully applied these skills in competition with other Deca representatives at area, state, and national levels. In addition, all students were employed in retail stores where they had the opportunity to use school learned skills. The club's members showed their involvement and enth- usiasm throughout the year by raking leaves, wrapping Christmas gifts, selling Val-o-grams, and designing a merchandise plan for the Winnetka thrift shop. DECAf37 -,,..-f""" boys' tournaments in bas-i ketball, softball, volleyball, andpsoccer, aswell cc i as boys' competitions flag football and -floor hockey. Students were also able to participate in a wide range of individual events, notably ping pongf and two-on-two basketball Other events included -coed tournaments in volleyball tennis. ' ' The IM board continf ued such traditional events as championship games with New Trier West and the All-star basketball game between the seniors and the faculty. Winter recreation nights and the IM rec broom were also made available to the students. Because of the efforts of an involved board, Intramural events attracted more participants than ever, making this year's program a great success. , winner Lorenz, Baylin, Left: Bill Timrn's raised level of enthusiasm helps make IM rac- quetball a smashing success. Top left: Driving for a basket in an intramural activity, senior Jim Beall shifts into high gear. Above: Junior Jim McGrew kicks off the IM flag football season with a powerful punt. I Campbell, Stahl, Campbellj IMf39 STUDENT COUNCIL LEGIS- LATIVE ASSEMBLY - Bottom Row: Graham, Dorn, Sommer, Judge, Cohen, Conley, Samos. Second: Cole, Downey, Greenblatt, Hines, Buzard, Tobin, Levine, Holstein. Absent: Doughty, Grace, Neuhaus. Y 4OfSTUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUN- CIL underwent signif- icant changes .in the past year in order to more ef- ficiently attend to the needs and desires of the student body. The organization combined its legislative and executive boards into a simpler "legislative assem- bly," and it completely changed its representative system from one chosen rep per advisery to one elected rep for every four adviseries. In addition to its regular duties of coordinat- ing the lost and found and producing student ID cards, Student council assumed matters of greater con- sequence. The organization sponsored a voluntary work program, designed to moni- tor the cafeteria, the student lounge, and all study halls, and it debated the desir. ability of a mandatory work program. Student council also made an effort to' educate the student body on the issues of voluntary desegregation and integra. tion, by providing speakers and information to the stu- dents. A soecial event came 2, ' 5 , my , . pg ,I , by L L at 4,3 ai, if ?z?'1'3f .I ,. Aww' .7 1' 17? W -, fry, i L1 1' 2.3 4654 .---,.r,Q1Eg i l "--.. , 1 I kg RICHARD SOMMER President STEVEN COHEN Vice-president waarag W.hggEz?- , K it .. ar, Mahi """ 1,111 W in October when SC revived a past activity and spon- sored the "Day - Before - November Fest," a school- wide Halloween party. Tom Swarsen, in his last year as faculty sponsor of the organization, was particularly pleased with the achievements of this year's Student council. "ln my eleven years as sponsor," he said, "this year's group has been one of the most creative and productive that I have had the pleasure to work withf, ln addition to increasing the amount of student awareness, the accomplishments of this year's Student council will hopefully set a trend for years to come. Above: Catering to student needs in the faculty cafeteria, Student council gets a taste of the legislative process. Right: Student council sponsor Tom Swarsen explains why he can count on the student government to get things done. Far right: Marnie Pope and Dave Buzard, members of Student council's legislative branch, leaf through this year's agenda. fPI1otos by Hinesj STUDENT COUNCILX41 42!EOC EOC IN A WORLD of multi-media saturation, cut-and-dried textbooks, and predigested informa- tion, the Educational op- portunities committee provided a refreshing change of pace with its live presentations. The organ- ization coordinated by Deb- bie Houghtlin, brought in such well-known figures as Abner Mikva, John Porter, and Roger Keats. As for cultural events, EOC pre- sented such entertaining groups as the rock band "Contraband" and the traveling performing group "Aesop's greatest hits." Long range programs in- cluded Project Future: 2001, Law Week, and a seminar on alcoholism. Through EOC's efforts, New Trier students were able to take advantage of innovative learning alter- natives. r"' 16 re x wwe ..., A .1-'nllllumzf fl' , 7:5364 63 it -M PWA X W 5 'bl J :fa . Q mwm V' , 5.1, A -S ff. f 2 , 1 f 4 Above: With Program director Chris Murdoch on the keyboard, one of EOC's diversified presenta- tions is composed. Right: During an EOC presentation, Congress- man Abner Mikva makes a speech that clarifies the differences between himself and his opponent. IHines, Hirshl Congressman :Away V, , Zh lea., A ' u p fx He makes a difference ' Z 2 5 , 1 U Z., Congressman ,ff ga, g, 4 fer Q He makes Ki HHAT EOC IS DOING FDR YUU r FFE BOARD - Bottom Row: loffberg, Goodman, Drew, Lee fetzer, Beskin. Second: Stone figott, Neuhaus, Ubben, Raveret e'resen, Perry, Gardner. Absent iliot. EOC BOARD - Bottom Row Miller, Houghtlin. Second: Regan P. Weaver, Thornton, A. Weaver Olds, Downey, Morand, Murdoch. STUDENT CABINET - Bot- tom Row: Summers, Kissinger Sommer, Mr. Weingartner, Ryan Second: Williams, Chamberlain Minn, Conley, Varley, Stone, Buck. . ,,,5-igr,-,. f U., '-- 1- , xg.,a,-V: . , ' 'mae ,M S qt, ., . M aw EOCXSTUDENT CABINETfEFFE BOARDM3 to trust and respect their companions as they dis- covered within themselves an added sensitivity towards others. Everyone involved derived a strong sense of satisfaction and self-worth from the Social service program. Board niembers provided leadership land guidance for each 'While co-heads: Cathy and Kate 'kept-Lthe, nina' The sale and EastfW Battle oft gr 111161 ,if f f' 4 A--w .,-,mg vm 'ff 'ya-.1 ...- ,., .M , ..- Iliff! fi, ff- ' P' W, 1 Al. ui X :4r"""'. Q54 if ., MQ? -.1 4, 4, Q Q .pn 3 ,vw-u rv'4 ? ff W Q J gg l,.......4 NQGISOCIAL SERWCE --'Y 'ensufk ..f.T""" . 1 V ..,..,,,,E -uni -fun 1 was 'i 1-iii gl M W IT IS 5:30 A.M., Saturday morning. After a long night of researching newspapers and reorganizing notecards, the debater drags himself to New Trier East. There he joins a small group of people, huddled in the dark, waiting for a bus. Soon he will be en route to another debate tournament. Even before their last season ended, the debaters began to prepare for this season's interscholastic competition. Many team members attended summer debate institutes at such universities as Redlands, Harvard, and Northwestern. During the school year, they continued their work, practicing their skills every eleventh period and researching at neighborhood libraries. This year's debate topic questioned the United States' energy policy. Proposed reforms included increasing the use of coal, nuclear and solar power, de-regulation of oil and gas prices, and even the use of imaginative alternatives such as solar space satellites and wave power. The debaters thus gained extensive knowledge in an area of urgent and world-wide importance. The 1978-79 team, led by coach Tom McClain and assisted by Martin Schnipper, was of exceptional quality. In all three divisions, Varsity, Junior varsity, and Novice, New Trier debaters took top team and individual awards. l Q Weinberg Murdoch Second Mr McClain Ccoachl, SOIHIHSI AbSel1t1 Blum Greenblatt Weinkopf Slack Buzard Doughty, Tobin .3 1 if VARSITY Bottom Row Zaks Smith, Myers, Olds, Third! Bunge, Scoville, Hines, Wiersema, Rosenb Below: Junior varsity debater Chris Murdoch argues that solar energy is only a sound investment on paper. Below left: With time running out, Jim Tobin gives Tim Nelson a hand with his speech. Far left: Varsity debater Richard Sommer explains the effects of oil imports upon the United States as he graphically discusses recent economic trends. Above left: Varsity debater Richard Slack helps Novice debater Matt Revord find a mine of information in an article on coal. fPearIman, Low, Pearlman, Lowj NOVICE Bottom Row Mr Schnipper Ccoachl Roche Turner Nelson, Lissner, Addis. ms nu B lil DIIATI mama ml nn ummm ONLY DEBATE! 49 In good spirits HELEN RYAN President POLLY DREW Vice-president JULIE MISSIMER Treasurer SOXPEP CLUB Above: During Apple week, Pre- sident Helen Ryan gets to the core of the matter through a pep talk. Above right: After 41 years at the helm of New Trier football, Walter Auschenbach's return makes for a special Homecoming. CCampbell, Stahlj JULIE KIRBY Secretary "Y-E-L-L, Y-E-L-L EVERYBODY YELL, PEP CLUB!": shouts of enthusiasm filled the halls and bleachers of New Trier. With various programs planned for the year, Pep Club spread spirit through- out the school. The organ- ization continued many traditional activities such as sponsoring the homecoming activities, selling refresh- ments at sporting events, and holding a candy cane sale before Christmas. The enthusiastic board expand- ed the extent of their programs by introducing Apple week, the Best bi-cep contest and a spring dance. In accordance with Title IX, Pep club tried to make as many activities co-ed as possible. For the first time, boys had an opportunity to apply for board positions. President Helen Ryan com- mented on the move to include boys, "We have made a big effort to become co-edg It has helped our organization to grow." In an effort to spread school spirit, Pep club 1978-79 not only expanded their mem- bership but also the extent of their programs. MARCY DICKES Head of functions y n A W , -0' SALLY HILL SALLY SUE LYNN MAXINE MARIPAT GIGI GUN AMY Head of SCHULTE MACKIE CHUDACOFF SONTAG LOFTUS Head of publicity FREEDMAN communications Coordinator Head of selling Asst. selling Asst. selling Head of Freshmen Asst. publicity FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS - Bottom Row: Stevens, Getschow, Butterworth, L. Bergman, Mack, D. Bergman, Eliot, McConnell, Andersen, Hill, Jones, Turner, Miller. Second: Holland, Schumann, Morand, Hayes, Tourville. SUSIE ANDREA CAROL EMMIE LUCY KATHIE BETSY FRANCES ATKINSON ROBERSON DILTZ SCANLAN FARNSWORTH BRINTON MCLEOD BRQWN Asst. publicity Head of art Asst. art Asst. art Co-bead of Co-head of Asst. eligibility Asst. eligibility eligibility eligibility .2 .M A . dif- "fr . POM-PON - Bottom Row: Patterson, Powell, Champion, Williamson, Bissell, Fetzer Johnson Montgomery Murphy Third Higgins Crawford, Wiggins, Lane, Romanek. Second: Ehmann, Fowler, Wright, Townsend, Bendix Bergersen Gibson Harkness Pelts Absent SOCCER CHEERLEADERS - Bottom Row: Shelly, Ramsdell, Douds, Plate, Driscoll, Fellinger, Haser, Richards. Second: Stone, Thomas, Donahoe, Besant, Snite Jaeck, MacLean. Absent: King. BASKETBALL CHEERLEAD- ERS - Bottom Row: Haser, Miller, Stevens, Andersen, McCon- nell, Driscoll. Second: Snite, D. Bergman, Turner, L. Bergman Mack, Eliot. Third: MacLean Jones, Butterworth. Absent: Hol- land, Plate, Jaeck. 52fPEP CLUB r Left: New Trier's spirit raising cheers are built upon a sound foundation. Above left: Pep club's float sails smoothly through the tide of the Homecoming parade. fCampbeII, Hirshj WRESTLING CHEERLEAD- ERS - Bottom Row: Ramsdell, Ramsdell, Beemer, Termyn. Second: Cunningham, Devlin, Fragassi. Absent: Lawton. PEP CLUB! 53 5 , 4- ,S 4 ,V ,iv l,o,,,5-. n 'cl 'I' r 'fr if n r f I . aiifiiik. uiylipiw. V 1 , . ,, - My , - A .,4-fqgf . ,yazgg ., -- 'F' A ifvg 1: ' , In ' ima '61, I inm- 5 - H1 .gf, 5A fu T H , Y , k wma 0:"k - Q' 5 ' ' ,, 3, ,.,-L., ' 'Q , ,lfem-rf, . ' Q, --4.,, -45' ' QC Y I P Q' ""' 'W Qi?ZQLfY m A , 4 :ilB.B, ,6 5 aiaahaai aiiiiaaazgg, ir "' O .83 E51 5 SN f ,..f- Nav, . R, 5 . 1 3,9-w 4 in V H 1 E11 515.1 x. I ' , me 1 X T. - fr T A , X C q !,-,-,Vu f W ,-.., TX W , ,MK , ' 1 X - , 1 1 x w , l , 1 ' - J 1 X Q-L fu L W- Jf-,Ffh f L x J R4- nf J U L 1 5, -' gr Qqzafffrffa-tf3i.3Ai1f''54, - - -1- - f Q-'fvf-'-:,::Lff , e :uf-Q:Tirnf:5f:.4 hMQQ 'f::fZ1f,:1- ,ff 5, . ' k 2, 1- -''B.'2Y JSA:-xref W--,ant--., 11 :3 1521?-f3:f:Ef""Z2L5f5-'E ' "'., ,fiZ5mafif:, - .Q , :.f1'.g::+xa1' 56fECHOES JOHN ELVERUM Layout editor .,..,,,.,.7.V ...WV Y -,.,, iw i 1 A i Beig11f2i Wiih deadlilwdaie front 9f hi1115 J9hn Elvfemmrlraws on his knowledge t0 Pr9fi1?Ce 2I1 imaginative layout? Be10WifS61iiOf1Sf0fYiBditOfS Maria T61 'in Ricih'St6rn buckle dow1i'iio"Ch6 liillminessfof seifectin ' Colorfi, ' i , ,',, ",,f, p, A , ., , ' f , ',,f , ,f,,. ,V f , ,gf PiX2fQr EGH0ES '79- Bel0W Iefr4N11mGf011S ri0tentia1 1CaPfiQHS Qffhf1 thrvugh fQhQ?m??1dfiQf Juni0r asSiS12vi 'JirliegStin1iQf2f0f1iQjLqftgj Ed?9Qffiff+C1iief Neale XX?1l1ia12iS2 ,4r1d faC111fy iSPQHSOr Jeamie K?1156 br1dgf-mlieir vHwab1egfiime ?Q Yf22Lvb00lr iHXr?fmf1ifvf9S4e AbQvQ1z eGCnf?rH1 '1112w?giHS Qdiforsif Mary fS?1G?mah puw1heirM:dS togeinefwvakb TSCHQES F?a?PPbQff2g 1W grown-mmhwaip .,,,,,,g i Z ECHOESf57 58fNEWS 'B f SUSIE HINDS MEG MALLOY JAMIE JOHN BODOVITZ Editor-in-chief Managing Editor MOLDAFSKY Feature Editor Copy Editor PERTINENCE WAS THE watchword of the '78-'79 New Trier News. In an effort to defeat student apathy, a subject attacked in an early editorial, the staff concentrated on arti: cles which directly affected the student body. The News expanded its coverage of events in the school and in the surrounding coniniunie ties, and encouraged par: ticipation, The addition of "News Briefs" and the expansion ofthe paper to six pages provided space for a more complete coverage of New Trier's extraecurricular activities, Weekly features pagw dealt with everything from restaurants to con: certs, presenting the broad range of entertainment offerm in the Chicago: Metropolitan area, These artiellw were designed to malke the student more aware of his opportunities and to help hirn get in: vollveds goat Liinoo' U Nov V JOSH SAMOS News Editor Editor-in-chief Susie Hinds reflected the News' policies in her editorials. She not only presented problems but offered solutions. Though often controversial, her views were never ineffec- tive. Letters to the editor and student submissions were welcomed and present- ed a broader viewpoint on many topics. Each division of the staff produced first rate material that complied with the News' high journalistic standards. With the newly created position of Head Photographer, photographs were of a quality consistently higher than those of previous volumes. The News and Sports departments, headed by Josh Samos and Matt Love respectively, sparked the issues with new and interesting approaches to the weekly reporting. Feature stories provided a humorous edge for the paper and were complemented by an innova- tive use of layouts and graphics. Through hours of painstaking precision, the separate divisions of the News were successfully coordinated, resulting in a publication with an expand- ed scope of interest and influence. 18 an.- ,, L:- ff: N-.J . 2 Z l' .. ECHUES A ,i A Q fi X 1 Q!! n GOXECHOES ,,..,f3f,Q I tom Row: Laurence, Kaplan, Frey XA 'I Stinneford, Maine. Second son, Nebel flst sem.J, Bosco Shaughnessy, Woodruff. Absent Hines. KATIE RICH STERN MARIA DAVID CALHOUN Storyfstudent TOLPIN ROSENBERG Storyfstudent life life editor Storyfstudent Story editor editor life editor TABITHA GUHL NANCY PICK MICHAEL SARAH MARY ROGER Sports editor Sports editor SMITH ALGER TAKAHASI-II DOUGHTY Sports editor Directory editor Special pictures. Business manager editor PHOTOGRAPHERS - Low, Revord, Stahl, Pearlman, Hardy, Campbell, Rossi, Hirsh, Moy. JUNIOR ASSISTANTS - Bot- Lawson, Wengler, Murray, Jack- NEWS MATT LOVE PHILENE Sports Editor GOTSIS ,, . . ,,.. Asst. copy BRENT BRAD MICHELE SOLOMON COLETTA HARLAND Asst. news Asst. features Asst. features JOHN STEVE PETER MODERWELL MINN MCNALLY Asst, sports Associate editor Head flst. sem.J A photographer i. ..,,, REPORTERS - Bottom Row: Bunge, Helmer, McCrea, Ubben, Selvaggio, Archie. Second: Strite, Beemer, Lourenco, Rubel, Lewis, Glass, Shaughnessy. Third: Wil- liams, Thornton, Weaverg Malloy, Dillon, Fox, Leonard, McKay Ryan, Gowler. Absent: Beskin, Raveret. NEWSf61 SQXWNTH STEVE MINN Station manager MARGARET LOURENCO Program director RICK SEGIL Repair man CHARLIE HENDERSON KURT SIEVERS Sports director News director 4 fn I THOUGH SURROUNDED BY computer tapes and chrome plated broadcasting equipment, the WNTH staff brought a feeling of warmth and spontaneity to a potentially impersonal FM station. This year, commercial free WNTH initiated its season with four thousand dollars worth of new equipment, its largest staff ever, and an impressive sign on - 100 hours of continuous broadcasting. Always channeling its attention toward student preferences, WNTH limited the over-played top forty to Saturday mornings and based its programs around album oriented rock. An expansive jazz program, feature albums, live jams, a musically informative Friday night show, and the Christmas countdown ofthe 88 most popular albums were all part of an innovative format. Recognizing the importance of informative and educational programs, the station broadcast the Mikva vs. Porter debate and provided live coverage of election returns. In addition, WNTH expanded its activity coverage, bringing area listeners both an increased girls' athletic program and a more complete sports report as well. This year, WNTH became a more socially active organization. They sponsored a major dance and contributed a homecoming float. The station's expansion signified a major effort to keep in tune with the student body and meet its demands for a top notch station. 88. 1 FM "M-wc., -ll fy..f.,x 5' BILL ERIC MIKE LEDERER MATHEWSON O'MALLEY Business manager Chief engineer Musicftapes director JOHN GINA LAUREN POWELL SHROPSHIRE TAYLOR Production Public relations Publicity director director director Above left: WINTH's John Davis Y adheres to a strict tape-playing schedule. Above: Tuning in on the finer points of technology, John Powell focuses on a current problem. IPl1otos by Moyl THE INTIMIDATING BUTTONS and flashing lights of an electronic world enveloped the diligent workers of ITV. A completely student run organization, ITV strove to develop creative and interesting programs. This year, ITV produced three alternating weekly shows that were entirely written and directed by students: a comedy, a magazine type news show, and a dramatic series. ITV continued to provide community services by broadcasting educational shows to elementary and junior high schools throughout the township. In addition, New Trier's television station provided an excellent learning experience - especially beneficial to those wishing to continue in the field of communications after graduation. Network ANDY SUMMERS SETH WOLPERT JAMIE PISANO Station manager Chief engineer Art office director ve, 6 ttf! rf,- ffq ITV 63 ., My mi- U-ff K K LQQ.f',1iU2" ,:ft5s1fJ,V5t'f1Wr?gH V U V V aff . my fi WNTH STAFF - Bottom Row: Trompeter, Chanen, Gilson, Wanger Stern, Callaghan, Laura Miller, Emerson, Gianukos, Ipavis. Second Nystrom, Morris, Rosenbaum, Henderson, Jewell, Un Known, Nack, Gould Walker, Un Known. Third: Mansfield, Baron, Spertus, McCormick ITV STAFF - Bottom Row: Stafford, Pimley, B. Campbell, Schaefer, Sullivan. Second: Waterman, Gantecume, Larson, Alger, J. Campbell v Fil- ca 1 'X' , J A . Waterman, O'Malley. Fourth: Trenholm, Un Known, Roth, Shropshire,i Corrigan, Eisenstein, Lisa Miller, Kretchmer, Goodman, Vye, Crouder,i Savara, Alster. Fifth: Geraghty, Minn, Lourenco, Powell, Roche, Shapiro,' Wall. 3 i MacDonald, Franklin. Third: McCarthy, Jester, Kocour, Rottenbergf Schelhas, Crowder, Paullus. 1 Nz W Yea! Q2 ,M Q- nib if Q -elf? 1 ' fi 'W .2 N .,, , : T is AMT. --:Q ,,,,Q,,'W. ..-1 J, .4 64fWNTH ITV 15 ff, i , . a F , F 1 N-.S f f Well versed " c mm,-N ' 35:87 -fi X, McCarter Scully. Second. Hammerman IF ALL THE artists could release their abound- ing energy into one anth- ology, it would be the most magnificent collection in the world. They would con- gregate: the novelists, the poets, the painters, the sculptors, and the photo- graphers. Grey voids would colorfully be transformed into vibrant models of unprecedented brilliance. Inklings, New Trieris literary magazine, blended students' artistic talents 'r a unique compilation of prose artwork, and The staff submis- pectrum of student works. A new Creative writing workshop promoted contributions to Inklings while providing an informal atmosphere in into iwhich students could write and critique their en- deavors. Editor-in-chief Margot Stone organized the ambitious board members who worked diligently to enhance the magazine with they innovative addition of color. Drawing together a year's collection: of creativi- ty, ilnklings Day was marked by A the distribution of Inklings 79 and was com- plemented by student music and ldance presentations With eloquent expertise, Inklingsl 79 bound the imaginative talents of New Trier into one unique anth- ology. BOARD -- Bottom Row. Goldsmith Levsis Denman Freyer Wagner. Absent: Stewart. lNKLlNGbf6o any-va -up-gn I---f,.-J? ,., Q, . K. .A . V 2.fff.f!f2'Ang35 f?Q'CC7jQfQfQf?7GCQgIf ',ii?f ' 11 - '. , ,.".ZLJJl!f ,, IAJH- ' ljfidykf Zag, f.-..a','QQQ,g,, ,,. A, :1 J, Zff.1f1. A .zff -U J,f'1fff,, wf,f y fl ,yljlzl Hy, , , 1 LU 11111 .',' fi' 'f,',,Q', 1 f , QQ , .ff .!..,fx f ,ff, , 41 ,fff.',f'- f, 1, ,w f 1-1611 !14,f7Q,j ' lf, F fgig f aff' jx W 1 7 fQ:j44f, , ZZ- fs 7l!Q? ' t ,fZf,i, A ,Lf jf! -QI gif" '32 V 1 ff'J,ff" RQ E' lafgw ssff,,?f-ffj ' iff! LLLW f ,fiyew ff , f L' 4 !"hf,'1"" " 'V-f f' - 'Q-' f,i L72 I A I ,Q!6Z, A Q Q X ., , 44 V1 f I ., ' ' ,,,,,,.4.,1f m,4.,,xp, ,Um 4 A ff 5 1 4 ,f l X I, ,Wf,,W, ffQv .rn 1 ' i . 'Q '17 Q Z ' , , 4 ,f h mf, , ,, ' f' 53,-if 1 ,........-fawvnv, ,L " f'-' A 1 ' - . t 11 ' - . I 4-'Q . , 3 xv 3"" 42-F ' I , X - . Q Y . Q,-L.. 33 wills- ra .mi -.V . .Q NGK fs 'NT . ,ski Q gf V2.4 f -kk . v- - YT 3 K Ml I. 'lofiew-'kb gi "wg-,Aly-I K E-ml f f-Ig H Q 'Q I 27,5-I if gg-,--:rm--,pkg !,.,: ay X' 1 fy X. Y Nu, 1 in 'nf P' L f c ..-...S X......... Fancy footwork ing shutoutstin season. emphasis on technique ball control, the-Varsity compiled an overall of thirteen wins and two losses. The combination of 'a highl scoring offense and a strong young defense produced a well-balanced and unified spectacular f A ,After - being - named Chicago area Team of the fweek, an honor never. before iaia New -Trier: - West, and upsets of such formidable teams as Deer- field and Forest View. Scor- ing over seventyg goals and allowing only elievenagoals against them, the Varsity squad entered the State tournament ranked among the top fifteen teams. After a blazing playoff opening, the Indians earned a place in the sectional round-robin. Their par- ticipation in the tournament was ycutfshort by a 1-0 loss .to ' inrespine a brief iirthe' playoffs, showed its Caliber by 'Central suburban-fleague. - 7 .f A " "1 V A "f',il.,'.. 4.55 3 45 i " .K .4 Q, ., yi . . - axtw -. v't"2f"w T? -z , 1 1-Q J H2353 -rf! f11."4' f e- Y , Left: Varsity forward Kirk Kullby fires the ball downfield before his Forest View opponent can extinguish the Indian attack. Far left: Stopping the ball on the spot, Varsity forward John Moderwell exhibits expert dribbling skills. Above: Unable to pass up a golden opportunity, Steve Hoyt cashes in on good field position. IRevord, Stahl, Stahll THE JV SOCCER squad displayed excellence throughout the season, though hampered by an injury to star defenseman Nick Penney. Under the direction of Coach Earl Schabel, the Junior varsity worked with a versatile game plan and finished the season with a respectable 4-3-3 record. Characterized by Coach Bob Ward as a team that "showed a lot of hustle and improvement," the So- phomore squad played im- pressively all season. Finish- ing with a 7-2-3 season record, the Sophomores' powerful offense and tough defense showed a great deal of promise for next year. The Freshman A team geared their game around an outstanding offense. They presented a high level of play which Coach Tom Garden felt was not reflect- ed in the team's 5-5-3 record. The Freshman B team was described by Coach John Cadwell as a hard-working team that played well together. De- spite the disadvantages of such a large squad, the B team came out of the season with an impressive 6-4-2 record. , 1 . w M I, ,X ,Q 4 'X 2 fl av! Q.. 4. I . Vx,-ir G . X f P F L .A xi ,gif-M. , ,N ' 70fSOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY - Bottom Row: MacDonald, Plonsker, Yamazaki, MacGregor, McKay, Higgins, Penney, Gescheidle, Peck, Thesing. Second: Mr. Schabel fcoachl, Weaver, Barnett, O'Reilly, Thompson, Alvarez, Szafranski, Vaselopulos, Tschudy, Jackson, Tinkle. Third: McDonough, Kruempelstdtr, Sweet. Absent: Berger, Dearborn, Heitman, Lar- kin, Neary, Sullivan. VARSITY - Bottom Row Schulz, Boyd, Steinhoff, Hoyt, Willian, Kirk Kullby, Gregg Kepler, Hauser. Second: Mr Schinto fcoachl, Marquardt Miller, Rossiter, Pedicini, Wil- liarns, Kevin Kullby, Fresen Moderwell, Gately, Leonard, Faur- ot ftrainerJ. Absent: Hoskins. QL, .47 ,. 1' ' A SOPHOMORE - Bottom Row: Hoffman, Carrane, Levin, Nguyen, LeVally, Hays, Strahorn. Second: Cole, Taylor, Rutledge, Segil, Burgee, Galanis, Willian, Fowkes. Third: Bigelow, Reed, McDon- ough, Bendy, Nelson, Allstaedt Armstrong. Fourth: Norehad Maloney, Rowe, White, Whitman Pigott, O'R0urke, Guthrie. Fifth Harrison, Fawcett, Sweet, Burk- hardt, Box, Riblet, Johnson Linblad, Mr. Long fcoachl. Absent Dodge, Schwartz, Mr. Ward Ccoachj. 72fSOCCER r 2 SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. ADDISON TRAIL ..................., .......... 4 0 GRANITE CITY SOUTH ...... 1 3 LOYOLA ................................. ...... 4 O GLENBROOK NORTH ...... ...... 1 1 STEVENSON ..................... ...... 2 1 FOREST VIEW .............. ...... 5 0 JACKSONVILLE ........ ...... 4 0 NILES WEST ................. ...... 2 0 WAUKEGAN WEST ........ ...... 6 0 NEW TRIER WEST ......... ...... 0 0 NILES EAST .................. ..,... 7 0 EVANSTON ................ ...... 2 2 DEERFIELD ............... ...... 6 1 HIGHLAND PARK ........... .............. ..,. ........... .... ..... 5 0 NILES NORTH ......,......................................................................... 3 1 New Trier finished second in the Central suburban league. W L T JUNIOR VARSITY ........ ..... 4 3 3 SOPHOMORE ............. ..... 7 3 2 FRESHMAN A ........ ..... 5 3 5 FRESHMAN B ....... ..... 6 2 4 FRESHMAN A - Bottom Row: Oslund, Quinn, Slotkin, Lyons Stephens, Goff, Ury, Yasenak Rickard. Second: Moloney v 1 1 Kruempelstaedter, Mattox, Hell- man, Porta, Levy, Plonsker, Lynch, deVryer. Third: Zimmerman s Kleinman, Driggs, Warner, Mar- quardt, Schoch, Hinchman, Har- rington. Absent: Holmgren. FRESHMAN B - Bottom Row Plumb, Cohen, Rowe, Watson 1 Hosbein, Cell, Stanzler, Zimmer- man, Greenberg, Orelind, Hauser Huggins. Second: Starrett, Perry v v Lettner, Constan, Sullivan, Moore, Hoffmann, Glick, Gaber, Hanigan Broderick. Third: Bryan, Blackl well, Carter, Kelley, Davis, Burke Loftus, Minn, Rennolcls, Marks Woolard. Fourth: Lane, Pitluk Stahl, Lawton, Bachmann, Stenzel Campbell, McDonough, Schmidt Houghton. 1 1 v x 1 SOCCERX73 ee time THE EARLY-MORNING DEW glistens as the golfer prepares to tee off. Surveying the field, she is ready to battle the hazards of the course. Throughout the ritual of practice, the golfer strives to fulfill her potential. She knows that daily training is essential to golfing success. Rigorous discipline strengthened this year's developing team. Despite frequent rains in the beginning of the season, the Varsity squad excelled against league competitors Libertyville and Zion-Benton. Senior co-captains Jennifer Hosbein and Nancy Lee provided the inexperienced linksters with the necessary leadership. First-ranked Sarah Wheeler and sophomore Laura Cross were among the promising underclassmen. Coach Gerry Ryberg felt that the team gained experience and general knowledge that will greatly improve their quality of play next season. iaB.w..."ke Above: With an eagle eye, senior Jennifer Hosbein scans the fairway. Above right: Nancy Lee addresses the ball as she prepares to deliver a first-class chip Right: Sarah Wheeler's careful planning keeps her putting up to par. IPhotos by Stahlj 74fGIRLS' GOLF AN EXACT COMBINATION of precision and power ii as ' S' 5 ,.. , --..f3Qg,,.,, . 'ii Q it ji ti", 5. ...T-fuer-1 "if -1 Q s .. .V .... K f' is SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP PROSPECT HIGHLAND PARK NILES EAST NEW TRIER WEST LOYOLA WAUKEGAN WEST D DEERFIELD GLENBROOK SOUTH NORTH F11 GTON VIATOR GEENBROOK NORTH 5 EYANSTDN trer finished first in the Central suburban league and first in the paign Invitational E- I ll-L' Stir, A S' 1 1 .th Q' I 151 163 5 P 156 161 ' 154 182 . , g 1 if .. 170,-f O f A 5 5 5 1 " ' 1C67. '162' . j . ....,.......,.p,,14.Q1i.4..,.,g:g,1....Ll..?Q ,l.'..uLQ..f.....,...,f 1'9 167 5 5 ' ' 158 144 ' iff' , V A in .... 1 ...... 1: .... ...: .... J..g ........ ....................... ...... 2 3 4 .235 . . A viii.. f 5 ........ ....... .... ..... , ........ . . . ,.4 ...... , .............................. 156 172 f g -- "" g , ..... V ...................,.. . .... . ......,............................. 157 160. 1 5 'ity , Q ...... . ............. ,,. .,... . ...D . ............ I ....................................... 1 57 A 160. , OA ' P ,y l ,A l . .......... 4. ................................................... 149 160 g . y ,P , H - T., . fi., , .... 9 ......,g.. ..................................... .... .1 ..... . .............. 148 169 gp iff., O . V -L.jg:p1...!p,g:fAzli,V..15H+ - .. ' fp 7 HE- if A - - 'L 1 75 if 4 'HW- - , .. V ,, 1 . w, , 1 .v . A V - 5 f Y rjjjggg .nyc fmgxv j- Zi .5 ' ' f ' I , 'I f F V :, iff, Tl':f'iili'i9-.nlflfsxfilii-ff 1' . V T 1 1 it ' -A O ' Lu- 'f "V5' Q. ' V . ' 1 1' ' A ,5 '- 11 .1 1 -. . -.I ,gi 4.1 enables the golfer to play at the competitive level. This balance of strength and accuracy is the key to consistent golfing. During recent years, New Trier East golfers have brought expertise and finesse to the sport. Early season rainstorms hampered practices and cancelled meets, but the undaunted Varsity squad continued to develop their skills. Coach Clint Carlstrom's young team recorded an 11-2 season, capturing first place in the Champaign Invitational and in the Central suburban league. The abundance of good players provided keen competition Within the team. Senior Toby Thomas, noted for his smooth tempo, was chosen most valuable player. The exemplary play of J .C. Malles and Rich Synek also contributed to the team's success. Consistent loW scores from underclassmen Mike DeBartOlo and Jay Dempsey complemented the team's all-around performance. The Freshman-sophomore team, though inexperienced in meet play, improved as the season progressed. Sophomores Art Ellis and Guy Lieberman led the team. Frosh-soph coach Earle Metzger believes that persistent practice could result in a Central suburban league powerhouse in the coming years. Let's drive right BOYS' GOLF!75 BOYS' GOLF VARSITY - Bottom Row: Miller, Hardy, Synek, DeBartolo, Thomas. Second: Tittle, Mabie, Zanarini, Fitzgerald, Tarhan. Third: Cusick, Dancey, Malles, Hauptle, Lawler, Mr. Carlstrom Ccoachj. Absent: Madden, Panitch. GIRLS ' GOLF Bottom Row: Cross, Connolly, Meier, Regan, L. Hosbein. Second: Sullivan, J. Hosbein, Lee, Wheeler, Miss Ryberg lcoachl. 76!BOYS GIRLS' GOLF FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE - Bottom Row: Lieberman, Bosco Mr. Metzger Ccoachl, Russell Horsch, Freeman. Second: Jiganti C. Myers, Powell, Gould, Lipson Ellis. Absent: Dempsey, Ferrick Heitman, Kaltenekker, Kinney Mabie, McMahon, A. Myers Nelson. 1 THE VARSITY WATER polo team made waves this season as they competed in the tough open division. Hard swimming and skillful ballhandling were their trademarks as they plunged into a full game schedule. The extension of the season developed the squad's team- work and spirit. Seniors Josh Moss and Dave Har- tong, and junior Steve Ashmore were integral parts of the Indian offense as well as some of the highest scorers in the league. The Varsity's record of 6-7 reflected the age of the young water polo program and the consequences of limited pool time. Turning in a fine 8-3 record, the Junior varsity will be. a promising source for future players. Coach Bill Wolff commented on this season: "We set out to play 50096 ball and have some fun Ju l.f""" "5 . A i1LQ3 9I - 1-sr.. Walff's pack learning the game. We did, , flag ,J ' fa., 2 J "ri ff , -. . 2 A . f. ' 4-1 7, -K Q . A f 3 r' AP' "Jay K' V 'sf f' 4535. W 'f -4pf,,', , if fi' L.Q,fiW'5: ':"'.' 4 ,'-,iff x- 'az'-'1"'f!: ,w .K .g, ,w,,r,f,.':.:,?. 1' 'Zb?2sf"'fff7'-i6 ft "mam 7 if . 5' - f , --V.,-fqaxf, -,, -' V . f . 4112 ,J a-40' V ' ' "5-'JJ of ff?" f.,3-gala'-" v. y, . aw' -, , '1-we-. V and we are pleased with that." Once again, water polo was not considered a sport, only a club, and therefore received no funds. The volunteer coaching of Bill Wolff was greatly appreciat- ed by all the players. The time and effort he invested in this year's team will undoubtedly pay dividends for the future New Trier squads. Top: Varsity star John Horsting prepares to sink the eight ball in the end pocket. Above: Coach Bill Wolff keeps the JV team out of deep water with some in-depth advice. Left: Varsity water polo player Steve Ashmore keeps his head above water in a sink or swim situation. fCampbeIl, Campbell, Lowj WATER POLO! 1 7 VARSITY-Bottom Row: Lind Cray, McBride, Moss, Thomas 1 x Horsting, Ticho. Second: Hartong, Kallman, Ashmore, Murdoch, Miller, Adams, Sharp, Stonier Absent: Mr. Wolff fcoachl. WATER POLO ' lf lr-'lj f, . 1 'U 1 w'-. . I bsggtrnvvl '- ' z , I W -l A-rA i . , ' ,t iii, , -r" L. - fly , T fvq QI: 2 Vkd. ,A A Vfxfl FZ? 'K V7 9 Qgfi I Q, A, NCQ, ,, Y A if 'A" El fm", I JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom ,,y"' gj lf, 'VV' g A f 1 gr 5 Row: Mr. Wolff icoachl, Folkl, ,f A " C if f J lil' I QS X1 f I , ' I Martin, Raveret, Baker, Powell, ,,'. V K V , b A ', ,t , "WF ' I., ,A , y Steiner. Second: Marcus, Gluck- ,"b,' f3 ' t t ' ' , K ' V , 2 : man, Hotchkiss, Crandell, Coxon, if "i", Qlgff ",l i1iTfiQ,f Ez, 1 r , ft f ' . iii. l ' , 11 A , ' Wengler. Third: Gordon, Scott, ,,'. ' f-xx. t 5.5K 'lf A Q L -3bj,", t 'V f , ' W Stiffler, Mueller, Korn. ,." " 5 of M , 'r Y' if 1 r "if ' W' ' A 1 ff Q if fsff r I A 5 A i',,.r , A t l lg J tilti A n if s A - - M - - - FENCING L 'wma VARSITY-Bottom Row: Revord, Park. Second: Kitzhoefer, Leverentz, Haberman, Tolford. Third: James, Cleland, Cragg, Bigelow, Stahl, Bebak, White. Absent: Jackson. 78!WATER POLOXFENCING FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Schneider, Kalter, Hallenberg. Second: Revord, Rosen, Glick, Blake. Third! Mr. Phelan fcoachl, Ray, Coven, Rogers, Challinor. Absent: Paden, Shattil, Tippens. 1 Huff " ' i N ' ' Dl' t tm 'xt STATE CHAMPION: The highest honor a high school team can receive, the ultimate goal of every athlete. For the 1979 Fencing team, the dream of a state title became a reality as they returned from Champaign with the first place trophy. In the Epee division, senior Roger Cleland duelled to a personal first place victory while teammate Arthur Bebak took fourth place. In Foil, senior Mark Leverntz and underclassmen Stefan James and Fred Rosen finished fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. Earlier in the season, the squad qualified nine team members for the Junior Olympics, an unprecedented- accomplishment. After closing the season with a record of 7-2-1, the team captured the second place title at the lntersuhurhan tournament. Coach Phelan commented on the season: "The performance of this year's team was outstanding, and it will be a tough act to follow. Because ofthe high caliber of N.T.E.'s athletes, l expect our fencers to meet the challenge." r . J 1 5: r , . - rf- YL Vmcgtrv gut? D ,A Cf Ma Q PQEEXM? 1 Q 1 -4' 2 1' ' N if fs m,T'w MX SF lj-4 gf X i Z , ,M ff. F. f' W W 2- 5? Y 7 'ft h X -'LT : r1c.T jg 2 f2i'!i1'ffV f Dom was fi it W, fu, H.: U L lv- X L y.. L, JV ,fn 1 fl R? e.s2, ffffsgj X Above Left: Roger Cleland's suprise attack catches his oppon- ent off guard. Left: Jim Tolford sharpens his skills with the help of a few pointers from Coach Mike Phelan. IPhotos by Revordj cut above f , FENCINGf79 ff- , Marathon men In SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP .fm .... fI..,....ffI.,.,, 15, ..k.'.i-1lif3fa1'afQiJfiiZ.4q--agigfia, ..... k........ 50, x . TO THE ORDINARY man, Peoria, Illinois, may not seem to be the place where dreams come true. But for the '78 cross country team, the trip to Peoria meant the state meet, the culmination of hopes and aspirations. The momentum gained by the harriers out- paced the original expecta- tions of Coach Ben Al- magauer, who felt the team was the finest of the past eight years. versus only two defeats. Their season was highlight- ed by a first place berth in the Loyola University Invi- tational, a second place ranking in the Central suburban league, and a fifth place finish in both the Districts and the Sectionals. The Indians, having already conquered the stiffest league competition in Illinois, fin- ished a respectable sixteenth in the state. The accomplish- ments of the year will be an inspiration to the up-and- coming sophomore team. VARSITY - Bottom Row: Pigott DeVries, Childress, Glaser, Fay leuter. Second: Burr, Harrington Rosenhloom, Conran, Collins, Oakley Third: Hinman, Kallis, Hammersley Hennessy, Frank, Bottum, Mr Almaguer fcoachl. Absent: Beierle Craddock, Maguire, Sorenson. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE - Bottom Row: Bigelow, Hangren Leahy, Gradolph, Spitek, Cavalier Mr. Burnside fcoachl. Second: Stafford, Lambrecht, Lisle, Squires Pierpont, Bokhof, Burstein, Wallace, Smith, Dauchy. Third: Childress, Shephard, Bell, Wilfong, Olson, Templeton, Murphy, Hitt. Fourth: Bergman, Dahleirn, Auvil, Tshilds Grove, Guthrie, Daniels, Janosek Absent: Hinkamp, Onley. CROSS COUNTRYXS1 1 1 Tes ted taugh 82fFOOTBALL P1555 lkiqiier J0e fCougihg, H53 .ir ical . vi'-a 4, '-ge Mg: - -, "2 4-A" ' ki .1.rv.,,f'fe-bilayer. P , I as ,,,,,,Lx.. .Vg 5 .,,. . Pg 'fl . ""7.-gA,,g, -sJ+lfg"'lNf1:ii' 'ln' ' , 42 i 'aff l ., .WM , .ff , , . 3 ,Z gL4,,,agH"'1-x frvffiif ,v ,, ,,Y.' :VV ig 1 ' F - - fa 're 1 1 we za. , . 4 eg"- fys, t,,2.1-,grip Hiuqlmgbhls Qscprfs Ahern. "S ' as Q T2i2f3.TBQb'fH6dis4i-Jirsifr.. iiiibacki 1 is j 32 Hsiggias,1gj?s,g,gir1g,g1r5nf21saf ,,:he+aw.ay., ,rklggfesspby 'Stalzlh'-7, N Wai P J . 'g..t"'5'.Q' It f i ' .T - U gl.-1, .1-, Haj. J ' f P ."-:f,.- -' . AS A RESULT of last year's powerful showing, the '78 Varsity football team started the season with great expectations. Rated highly in the Central subur- ban league, the Indians were pressured to avoid the poor start which plagued last yearls team. During inter- views, Coach Eugene Ci- chowski downplayed the potential of the squad, a favorite ploy of winning coaches. However, nothing could hide the strength of New Trierls explosive of- fense. Led by quarterback Brad Pierce, running back Peter Higgins, and standout guards Odie Remien and Tom Meyers, New Trier's football team plowed its way through the opposition to harvest an early crop of victories. The Varsity squad started the season on firm footing with a tense, sudden death victory over highly-ranked Loyola. This was followed by a win over Glenbrook North, in which the Spar- tans suffered one of the worst defeats in their schoolls history. Confidence ran high, perhaps a little too high, and New Trier's un- defeated record was soiled by Highland Park. FOOTBALLXS3 VARSITY - Bottom Row: Perry, Wagener, Scoville, Yelton, Fox, Goese, DiClementi, Lundquist, Moore, Morlev. Second: Schuldt, Remien, Handwerker, Weiler, Ahern, J. O'Neil, Higgins, Beall, Pierce, Gorman Lehman, Smith, Cousins, Meyers, Piorkowski. Third: Beucher, Dowen RY311, JHUIGS, Hedigef, Tyrrell, Rabe, Adams, Tilley, Bianucci, Nykaza Above: New Trier's natural defensive ability brings a Wildkit down to earth. Above right: Varsity halfhack Rob Spellman threads his way through the eye of the Pirate defense. fPhotos by Pearlmanj 84fFOOTBALL SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP LOYOLA ................................. ...... 2 1 20 GLENBROOK NORTH ....... ...... 3 6 7 HIGHLAND PARK ........... ...... 2 2 24 WAUKEGAN WEST ...... ...... 2 6 0 NILES EAST ................ ...... 2 8 0 DEERFIELD ....... ...... 1 4 8 Canafax, Webster, Dickson, Haberg, Elliott, Walker. Fourth: Jordan, Lacey, Warner, Rees, O'Brien, Spellman, Brandon, Tangney, Coyle, Rafanello, Farnham, Kelly, T. O'Neil, Johnston, Zehr, Downing, Theobald, Pearce, Messer. THE INDIANS SPRANG back, however, to score a 26-0 victory over Waukegan West, a previously undefeated team. All hopes of unseating first-place and offensively potent Deerfield and Niles East rested upon the Indians' defense. Led by linebackers Michael Gorman, Michael Goese and defensive end Jim O'Rourke, New Trier defeated both teams, with Deerfield suffering humiliation at their own homecoming. In the battle for the league championship, the Indians gained more victories, defeating New Trier West and Niles North in the onslaught. New Trier East had again advanced into the playoffs. Unfortunately, the first meeting, against Glenbrook South, did not reflect the team's fine playing during the rest of the year. The game resulted in a 35-14 loss for the Indians. Despite this bitter loss, the Indians had lived up to everyoneis high expectations. The performance of the Varsity squad was emulated by the strong Sophomore team. Quarterback Michael Tangney and halfback Michael Clark led the offense, while NTE OPP. NILES NORTH ............. ...... 2 9 14 NEW TRIER WEST .... ...... 2 0 0 EVANSTON ........................................................... 28 14 New Trier finished first in the Central suburban league. W L T SOPHOMORE ...... ..... 7 2 0 FRESHMAN A ..... ..... 5 2 1 FRESHMAN B ..... ..... 2 5 0 FRESHMAN LINE- BACKER Harold Phillips formed the heart of the Sophomore defense. The team displayed its prowess by ending the season with a winning record of 7-2. The Freshmen estab- lished themselves as a formidable group of young 5'-1 . Q-H' N - 4 1 I I SOPHOMORE - Bottom Row: Smith, Sievers, Challinor, Lettner, Getschow, Borden, Harney, Quinn, Borelli, Miller, Hammond. Second: Nicolazzo, Wagener, Clark, Grundeis, Bergsten, Terrill, Moticik, Walker Tangney, Huff. Third: Sheridan, Egnor, Stephens, Herron, Jannottai Laughlin, Lathrop, Nixon, Traynor, Timm, Herbst. Fourth: Kaefer Canning, Barrett, Solberg, Sloan, Klein, Bellack, Phillips, Schwartz, Roth Coladarci, Shattuck. Fifth: Mr. Helfrich fcoachj, Dr. Wagner fcoachl, Mr Baldrini Ccoachl, Mr. Lewis fcoachl. Absent: Goese. 1 1 FOOTBALLXSS in 4- g , 7,37 'A fri. ,yf'if:.?fff1:rf Rf Right: Surrounded by Indians, a Glenbrook South offensive back is brought down in his last stand. Far right: A green wave of Freshman A linemen surge forward to wash out the opponent. Below right: So- phomore defensive end Bill Borden exercises squatter's rights as he stakes his claim on Indian territory. KPear1man, Stahl, Campbellj r , , V .r,,,:?VM,.,:f in A k I FRESHMAN A-Bottom Row: Morgan, Ray, Denison, Kepler, Klauke, Ahern, Peara, McLeese,Pitner,Toll. Fourth: Mr. Kruempelstaedter Kcoachl, Graham, Langmar, Sauer. Secgndg Hayes, Minogue, Raith, Patterson, McCahey fmanagerl, Mr. Denk lcoachl, Mr. Hilsabeck lcoachl. Kutschke, Sullivan, Elliott, Rammelt. Third: Yale, Warren, Brattleaf, XFOOTBALL Halal.: un. -.v...g., PLAYERS. AIDED BY the rushing of Henry Bian- ucci and the blocking of Pat Ahern, the A's finished with a record of 5-2-1. The Freshman B defense cen- tered around Duncan Drummond and Eric Adam- son with Jim Johnson providing the offensive attack. On all levels the NTE football season was one Where challenges were met with success. FRESHMAN B - Bottom Row: Barrett, Schumann, Tiegler, Houpt, Head, Alenson, Hodgson, Hayes, Johnson, Pope, McGoey. Second: O'Keeffe, Fix Madden, Solomon, leuter, Traynor, Johnston, Sibbald. Third: Kirk, Lahey: Kaefer, Druger, Gerding, Burns, Knuti, Adamson, Raglin. Fourth: Slavin Drummond, Cooley, Smith, DeVries, Riemenschneider, Dominik, Markovich, Fragassi. Fifth: Mr. Barefield icoachl, Metzger, Thompson, Armstrong, McCain, Mr. Benson lcoachj. FOOTBALLXS7 "BACK TO BASICS" paid off for the 1978 Girls' varsity tennis team. The training program implement- ed by Mary Jo Herzog and Hugh Davis stressed fun- damental skills, mobility, and quickness. The team's spec- tacular 7-0 league record, and their four invitational wins, speak for the success of this training. Since many girls played both doubles and singles, the coaches could plan a strategic roster which would take advantage of their opponent's weaknesses. A climactic vic- tory over Highland Park's powerful team highlighted their season. In district com- petition, two doubles teams qualified for the state tour- nament. Co-captains Betsy Stogin and Alicia Cannon led the team to a fourth place finish, while the doubles tandem of Juliet Naft and Melanie Harris placed third in the tourney. Outstanding individual performances on every level resulted in a championship season. SSXGIRLS' TENNIS SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP NILES EAST ............ .......... 6 NEW TRIER WEST ...... 7 WAUKEGAN WEST ...... 7 NILES NORTH ............ ...... 7 DEERFIELD ............. ...... 6 EVANSTON .................. ...... . 6 HIGHLAND PARK .................... .................................................. 5 New Trier finished first in conference play and fourth in the State meet. s service we Above: Racketeer Alicia Cannon fires a line drive for the home team. Above left: Net gains are under discussion when Mrs.-Herzog and Julie Kirby have a meeting of the minds. Above right: Liz FuJ1kawa's sweeping action cleans her opponents off the court. CPhotos by Revordj VARSITY - Bottom Row: Freed- man, Goldsmith, Cannon, Stogin Fujikawa. Second: Erzinger, Kirby Naft, Harris, Coleman, Third Bendix, Reimer, Lind, Hatton, Mrs. Herzog Ccoachj. Absent: Mont- gomery. TAL2 JUNIOR VARSITY - Bottom Row: Mathewson, Carroll, Powell, Cannon, Pfaelzer. Second: Mrs. Herzog Ccoachb, Nader, Needlman, Ferrick, Parr, White. Third: Miss Basolo fcoachl, Mr. Davis fcoachl, Silverstein, Cunningham, Alex- ander, Stogin, Epkins. GIRLS' TENNIS!89 ep th af field AN UNDEFEATED SEASON: the goal of every competitor. The field hock- ey team met the challenge but found that a flawless record created additional pressure in the playoffs. For the second consecutive year New Trier defeated all of their competition in the tough Suburban league, only to suffer abrupt and final defeats in the critical post-season games. The '78 team bettered their previous season by clinching the sectional title in a 4-0 rout of New Trier West and advancing into the quarter finals. A heartbreaking loss to Deerfield demonstrated the ruthlessness of the play-off system. FIELD HOCKEY SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. HOMEWOOD FLOSSMOOR ........ .......... 5 O BARRINGTON ............................ ...... 2 1 SCHAUMBERG ............. ...... 1 O HIGHLAND PARK ....... ..,... 7 O ANTIOCH .................... ...... 4 0 LAKE FOREST ...... ...... 4 3 DEERFIELD .,......... ....., 4 1 CRYSTAL LAKE ....... ....., 8 1 LINCOLN WAY ..... ...... 2 O OAK PARK ...,.............. ...... 1 0 MAINE EAST ................ ...... 4 O NEW TRIER WEST ........................................................................ 2 1 New Trier placed first in the Suburban league and the Sectionals. W L T JUNIOR VARSITY ........ ....... 4 3 2 I Ni' 'I 'Vos . , f.'H.115A. - VARSITY-Bottom Row: A. Buckingham, Karninski, Mauck, Helmer, Maloney, Ferguson, Mrs. Ambrose A. Zimmerman, Hirsh, M. Buckingham, Ellis, H. fcoachj. Zimmerman. Second: Badger, Hanlon, Kerr, Fry, JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Jaegers, S. Pick, Petty, Penticoff, Fogarty, Seymour. Third: Hart, Smider, Bohnsack, Thompson, McDermott, Faurot. Barratt, Armstrong, Bishop, Peterson, Julian, Nelson, Second: Hughes, Ernst, Sterrett, Bentley, Poor, E. Pick, Williamson, Lindstrom, Beinlich, Miss Schuster fcoachj. Left: Her goal in sight, Nancy Hirsh zeroes in on shutting out the opposition. Above left: Molly Buckingham takes charge of the situation by checking the progress of an offensive drive. Above: Forwards Molly Maloney and Val Mauck cut into defensive lines with their double edged attack. 1 Campbell, Hirsh, Hirsbj FIELD HOCKEYXQI 1 X15 ,- ff , , '9 ,T E w w r N! : 22.12-.1 ""3 in Q V W M! X qu, Norbhad fi 39" ff: 3' :F it Right: Steven Maher flies through the air with the greatest of ease during divi- sional vaulting competition. fStaI1Ij we f I Winnetka bar assacia tion THE POWER OF the mind must not be underes- timated. In boys' gymnas- tics, psyching up is as important as warming upg every gymnast requires inspiration to perform to his full potential. This year, a combination of Zulu war cheers, clapping, and shouts of encouragement propelled the team into action. Cou- pled with hard practice, high spirits were translated into high scores. The Indians psyched out their opponents en route to scoring a team total off 135.111, a new school record. Guided by Gerald Denk, named Outstanding coach of the league, New Trier fin- ished first in the division meet and an impressive second in the District match- up. From the ten Indians who qualified for the Sec- tionals, pommel horse stars Joe Wengler and Bob Creagh advanced to place eleventh and fifteenth in the State meet. New Trier's consis- tency in every event built an exceptional team whose up-and-coming members foreshadow future success. BOYS' GYMNASTICSIQ3 Bottom Row: Lin, Hostert, Levins, Ryan, Howard, Abrams, Lawless, Meier, Kullby, Harris, Lawler, Williams. Second: Ward, Scully, Piorkowski, L. Johnson, Chapman, Lazer, Epkins, Bennett, Armstrong, Ransom, Parrish, Buntain, Helmer, Kunath. Third: H. Sipe, Houghtlin lmanagerl, Ryno, Peterson, D. Johnson, Butterworth, Stetter, Conway, DeStefanis, Nicholls, Rigolin, Schopen, Schadt, C. Sipe, Needler, Worthington, Schmid Cman- agerl. Absent: Coffield, Starns. AFTER APPLAUDING the previous gymnast, the crowd settles down, anticipating the next competitor. All attention focuses on the gymnast who remains deep in concentration. Running her routine through her mind for one last time, she receives permission from the judge to proceed. Calmly, she steps forward to perform. With the strongest girls' gymnastic squad in NTE's history, the Indians tarnished the record of many opposing teams. Coach Darlene Kluka used past experiences to build a unified squad of strong competi- tors. With Laurie Schadt and Karole Ryno providing points in floor exercise, beam, and vault, the team defeated New Trier West, an accomplishment un- common to past Indian squads. Cindy and Heather Sipe, both all-around performers, gave NTE added strength in all areas. An admirable team record, a feeling of individual accom- plishment, and audience ap- preciation were the rewards for well-deserving girl gymnasts. 94!GIRLS' GYMNASTICS "ffm if All . . . if . s, ,. , . ., . , so iiii . tv , C, gf ,,. L, C . , 'f A .. . AA- ,,, . -... ,.. R.. ,K- . ,. ,, ': ' ' w I . - eb rf 'ya Below: Bent on receiving a high score, Beth Needler incorporates precision and grace into her routine. Left: Propelling herself off the horse, Laurie Schadt coralls more points for the Indians. Far left: Reaching for the stars, Liz DeStefanis strikes a radiant pose. I Pa terkiewicz, Stahl, Pa terkiewiczj fi no E El 'F i',,, Yu. TL ."".-.' iii ' , u , lr. 1 21 e - . .. s- ,.-, . - -Y ,,e.e.- g....,. BOYS G YMNA S TICS VARSITY-Bottom Row: Nore- had, Stetter, Conley, Walsh, Bryan, Adamson, Dunn, O'Connell. Second: Andrews, Spellman, D. Maher, Mueller, Cajet, Alvarez, Wengler, Schopen, Creagh, Chau- sow, S. Maher. Absent: Moretta. A L' yi its r ' 1" 1. Z?-N.. L' ' 1 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE -Bottom Row: Goff, Sakas, Plume, Young, Ganteaurne, Lawton, Armstrong, Hauldren, Kincaid, Knowlton, Jiganti, Vitikainer. Second: Mr. Eisele fcoachl, Broderick, Voll, Mad- den, Kutschke, Hauser, Bendy, Tangney, Adamson, Ehle, Wanger, Goodman, Adler, Schopen, Grundeis. Absent: Allen, Conte, Massey, Srnes- saert, Stevens, Wendt. GIRLS' GYMNASTICSIBOYS' GYMNASTICSXQ5 "WINNING SHOULD be the by-product of a perfection-oriented pur- suit." As conference and district champs, New Trier proved the validity of the philosophy of professional volleyball star Mary Jo Peppler. By stressing fun- damentals in rigorous prac- tices and relentless drills, the squad achieved an unblemished 7-0 league record. Building on a foun- dation of basic skills, head coach Bonnie Beach has increased the quality of the volleyball program at New Trier. Exhibiting strength in all facets of play, the Varsity squad showed consistency and aggressivenessg these qualities made them one of the most successful Indian teams in recent years. The outstanding play of Co- captain Laura Held was complemented by the solidi- ty of senior Yvonne Keller and Co-captain Christie Tillman. All-conference 96fVOLLEYBALL Above: The ferocious blocking of Laura Held and Sally Harrington tames the Wildkit offensive attack. Right: Varsity star Sue Schmitt launches a devastating missile into orbit. Far right: In a deadlock situation, Coach Lee Kennicke plots key strategy for the freshman squad. IHirsh, Revord, Siam f 13 ' X -"' 4 ww aw WW ,,1,' ' Set far W actian fv"f,o 17' 1' ' . ' 11 VOLLEYBALLXS7 Z3 7 fi f ff? f 'Z , players Sally Harrington and Sue Schmitt contribut- ed dramatic blocking and spiking as the Varsity members blended their talents to become a power- ful force in the Central suburban league. In early season play, the Indians blitzed their own Summer's end tourney, an innovative tournament conducted Without officials. The Junior varsity con- centrated on a building season, experiencing, in the Words of Miss Beach, "a searching yearf, The fresh- men comprised one of the strongest frosh squads Miss Beach has ever coached, promising to fill the gap left by the number of graduating players. M. be . .v'e,'r Above: Christi Tillmariffsgzback 'rty , court passing puts the volleyball H tebti one step further into ' winner's circle. Top: With a "ff cunning move, JV tri-captain Jeanne Maine puts-one over on her opponent. "Right: Junior Gigi Gregg takes center stage as she sets up ia play for the Varsity team. ILow, Pearlman, Lowj VARSITY - Bottom Row: Gregg, Carruthers, Zuke, Harring- ton, Keller. Second: Miss Kennicke fcoachl, Held, Baxter, Crandell, Schmitt, Tillman, Miss Beach Ccoachl. 98fVOLLEYBALL qxs. 5 li 52 I, 31 W 1' 3' 2 Ni? 5:1 gli A ili,i.. V A 1 . r ' A n lr 'ill l V A A li U v as M 5 H, W- NH li' 'wifi A ' .- , ' ' A A, . ' W - '2 ' . ,,,,i'2w,, ,Q , 1.2--A . H ig of 3 is l . - .,V 'V f M if ,E 1 I - l' - is A ,f -- s . r , . - 1 ,.1 A s . I . , , 1 I . is .1 A j ' x ' y f A 'Q ' . ff I 5 . i ' r .QA., A .. y 1 f , 1 JUNIOR VARSITY -- Bottom Row: Pisano, Smith, Maguire, Freeman, Sherman, Kitzhoefer, Maine. Second: Hall, Anderson, Freidrichs, Boudart, Roberts, Day, Ziegler, Miss Kluka fcoachl. FRESHMAN - Bottom Row: Craddock, Clay, Ryan, Helmer. Second: Kissinger, Butler, Sul- livan, Later. Third: Dysart, Buck, Miss Kennicke Ccoachl, Marsh, Hastings. Absent: Kilany. VOLLEYBALLf99 1, ,yy , wh. Q" .A y ,af f i1 as 7.1 ' 'P kw, W f-. ,f f ,, .. ,Ag 124 ,M ,A 7, J- W, 1 My 'i wif ' ,Juni ,:':'f 15' ffjij-QJQQLL , ,Q . '1,1,'I.. ' yf ,Lg QA. 4, . I , f , , VJ' if, , I I 6 . ,w f 5, , 1 if I , zf, ' Ziaifl I' M li, 6.6 as tg, , . .5.,,,'.,,,v, + V, R x Q -11 nf-'1-- +sKf,:1:"-wzfm rf ,f .g'5mv,1.. 535' -4.-1, J " " ate -' -.a we :ft 5 1 , .. t 1 2 'Q I A .zfi,"' ' ff . in f ' l - ,,.y,.,0 , if' ' . V, Q , . ' 4 5 ' Y - I t , , , wif. M7 .. .f 42, ' H J ,Q 'fr f-, ' ' f . lf, '4':f'.-" A . LT , - C , g 'Wm in , l .iff f- nt- 21+ V .. . i.-,, ., ai, I' ' - 4 , 11-1 .9 f.. f ,-it . 3 a' " 3 'fre 9 iff-1 ' .. , , , , I. f 4.'?4u?,g,5.z., g lbtyrf.-WIN ,'. 1 . Qi' I Q ' re- . 1-t ' .2 :f"if-f93"' 4,1 yu ,L " ' ' n .,', .jig 'Mgr 'Aww .,.,,m. .,,,, .ef-1 ,wav - .if ,., fa.. H '46 .5ff"1'3I'1if1f 4 s . ' 2, " . ., , . M-, ...- . .,,, .--.,. , THE BOY'S VARSITY distance Aman Steve Ash- swim team has always main- more, the Indians proved to tained an excellent reputa- he formidable toes in the tion in Illinois swimming Central suhurhan league. s competitiong this year was no The team's strength was V . .r f-DQ exception. The Varsil.y squad, "the best in the past thirteen years" according to Coach Matz, came through once again to produce a winning season. The squad's depth was the key to the Indians' achievements. With a strong central core comprised ol' returning all-American Dave Hartong, diver Joe Nash, butterflyer Jon Sharp, and reflected in the dedication ol' its seventy-nine members, thirteen ol' whom were sen- iors. Although NTW and Evanston provided stifl' competition, the Indians dominated the league. The JV and Sophomore teams made a promising splash this season and hope to ride into the future on their wave ol' success. c BOYS' SWIMMINGIIOI B0 YS ' SWIMMING l , pc. . ,1 ., 2 ! AV H f, 4 VARSITY-Bottom Row: Hartong,'Lind,Murdoch, McBride, Sharp, Moss, Mr. Wolff fcoachl, Baker, Stonier, Ashmore Hotchklss Horstmg Folkl Cray, Nash. Second: Mr. Matz fcoachl, Mr. Cajet fcoachj, Mr. Jones Ccoachl, Third: Freedman, Martin, Levins, Miller JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Ghlckman, MacDonald, Car- roll, Scott, Lorenz, Raveret, O'Malley, Gordon. Second: Mr. Matz fcoachj, Mr. Cajet fcoachj, Mr. Wolff Ccoachl, C. Gunn, Streightiff, Steiner, Stiffler, Lazar, Coxon, Fawcett. Third: Patterson, Powell, Gordon, Mead, II Gunn, Korn. , ,,.....- 5 3 1, A FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: Ingersoll, Poulos, Hodgson, Wire, Mathias, Third: Russell, Wilfong, Walker, Cornell, Plonsker Carter Schoch Madden Pitner, Driggs, Mattox, Myers. Second: Mr. Matz Ccoachl, Mr. Cajet Ccoachl, Denby. Mr. Wolff fcoachl, Allen, Pantone, Mark, Johnson, Coyle, Klauke, Guhl. 102!BOYS SWIMMING lik. .AIA AFTER AN EXCEP- TIONALLY strong year, the loss of several key players often compels a team to start anew, building the skills and teamwork which made its predecessor so successful. This was the problem that faced the 1979 Varsity girls' basketball team. Further hampered by a surprisingly large number of injuries, the squad emerged from a slow start to Fox. On other levels of play, the freshman team com- piled a near-perfect 12-1 record under coach John Cadwell? while the Junior varsity posted a final confer- ence record of 10-4. Twelve returning varsity players and a promising group of underclassmen paint a bright picture for the quali- ty of future girls' basketball teams. Sharp shooters show steady improvement throughout the season. As the players gained more experience, the team consis- tently exhibited better ball control and an increased shooting average, highlight- ing their record with a victory over Niles North and a double-overtime upset of Deerfield. Individual stan- douts included senior center Tabitha Guhl and high- scoring forward Ann Tracy, as well as junior guard Barb I , ,l.:4?'4f'.y! 3 Left: Varsity captain Ann Tracy jumps at the chance to make an Indian basket. Above: Junior Sally Harrington receives a standing ovation form her teammates during their season premiere. ILUW, Revordj GIRLS' BASKETBALLXIOB 104fGIRLS' GIRLS ' BASKETBALL VARSITY-Bottom Row: Plumb, Shelton, Silverstein, Mauck, Fox, Lowley, Harrington. Second: Miss Ryberg fcoachj, Miss Drake Ctrainerl, Tracy, Scanlan, Guhl, Craddock, Powers, Crandell, Von Essen fmanagerl. JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Baur, White, Zimmerman, Denniston, Heeter, Rennolds. Second: Ellis, Day, Powers, George, Malott, Lifvendahl, Cavalier, Miss Reis fcoachl. ,Su -iff 9 Blfifjff, ,X f' pv""" Ny 3 BASKETBALLHIOCKEY HOCKEY BOTTOM ROW: Vosseller, Solber, Hassenauer, Baldwin, Martin, Larkin, Balz, Hagberg. Second: Solberg, Downing, P. Nixon, Henderson, McMahon Renner, Tittle, Kenyon. Absent: Bi Nixon, Pfisterer. Vu - ,,c,,,,,..... Right: With a defender in hot pursuit, a fired-up Michael Hassenauer leads an Indian offensive attack. Below: A New Trier line warms the bench as they wait their turn to hit the cold ice. IP1zotos by Hirslzj AS THE CROWDS come in from the peaceful calm of night, they are confronted with bright lights, echoing shouts, and the cool scent of the indoor arena. Suddenly, they are transported into the world of hockey. The fast- paced, up-front action makes the fans feel as though they are actually part of the game, and they show their apprecia- tion with enthusiastic yells and cheers. After two hours of nonstop action, the crowd leaves almost as exhausted as the players themselves. Once again, the NTE hock- ey team maintained a faithful following during their excel- lent season. Their success was due largely to the leadership of team captains Gary, Mar- tin, Mike Hassenauer, Greg Baldwin, and Scott Pfisterer. As a follow-up to their outstanding record of 22-3-1, the team won the Chicago Metro North division title. HOCKEYHO5 Below: Long distance trio Rick Rosenbloom, Joe Klingler, and Vinny Collins journey down the straits of New Trier's indoor track. Right: Dave Denby turns on a white hot streak of speed to spark his lead in the 50-yard low hurdles. Below right: Even though the blizzard caused many fair weather runners to get cold feet, John Pigott and Joe Klingler kept making tracks. fHirsh, Hirsh, Lowj 1 7 I Q i x I 106fBOYS' TRACK EVERYONE RUNS. The butcher runs, the banker runs, and the happy homemaker runs. However, it takes more than a satin warm-up suit and a pair of Nikes to be on the track team. When bad weather hit Chicagoland this winter and the neighborhood joggers scurried inside, the NTE thinclads kept running. In addition to braving the elements, the Indians had to use New Trier's antiquated and over-used indoor facilities until spring. Although the stalwart varsi- ty crew lacked the depth necessary to be a viable contender, they possessed several outstanding in- dividuals and a superior distance team. Senior cap- tain Rick Hennessy turned in good performances in the triple jump, while junior Clyde Koffman excelled in the 50-yard dash. The running craze hit freshmen hard, as thirty-five recruits provided the building blocks for the next three years. if , , In the running VARSITY-Bottom Row: DeVries, Collins, Stern Conran, Pigott, Glaser, Weinzimmer, Hennessy, Denby. Second: P. Piorkowski, Trausch, Kallis Hammersley, Harrington, Frank, Oakley, Klinger FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Cooley, Druger, Rammelt, Slavin, Burstein, Yasenak, Pigott, Smith, Beckman. Second: Thompson, Porta, Fix, Bell Thigpen, Scott, Gerding, Oslund, Levy, Pierpont 1 .lm 3 Third: M. Piorkowski, Drileck, Fujii, Childress, Rosenbloom, Higgins, Feldman, Sorenson, Kofman. Sibbald, Alster, DeVries. Third: Shattil, Head, Dempsey, Holmgren, Moore, Hoghton, Kelly, Timm. Fourth: Dauchy, Meyers, Childe, Stafford, Grove, Tshilds, Kaltenekker. BOYS' TRACKXIO7 Grapple turna vers VARSITY-Bottom Row: Miller, Kruempel staedter, Reed, Lynch, Gately, MacGregor Ransom. Second: Potts, Stanzler, Pechtl, Moore, iiii gras Finn Mr. Galea icoachl, James, Dowen, Absent: Buechner, Beebe, Shepherd. 451' P ' P W Rafanello. LOSXWRESTLING A STRONG BASE is the key to successful wrestling. The individual wrestler needs a solid background of fundamental skills and the team must be supported by a firm foundation of quality Wrestlers. New head Coach Peter Galea built this base from his Varsity team by installing up-to-date wres- tling and conditioning tech- niques. Comprised mainly of juniors, the Varsity's inexperience was balanced by their energy and enthu- siasm. Although the mat- men struggled in early season matches, the Indians bounced back with a seven- meet Winning streak. The success of the team as a whole was greatly aided by team co-captains Jeff Ran- som and Steve Potts, both sectional qualifiers. Seniors Bob Pechtl and Charles Moore both added neces- sary leadership and in- dividually compiled many victories. A team record of 10-6 proved that sound coaching and hours of in- tense training were the key to a winning season. The Freshman and Junior levels, coached by Mr. Metzger and Mr. Lewis, also Q3 --ww-nnn.g,, Above. In the last crucial seconds of his match senior Bob Pechtl teeters on the brink of victory. Below left: Varsity coach Peter Galea and junior Robert Krumpel- staedter put their heads together to map out a plan of attack. Far left. Coming to M ,grips with his ,opponent 'Va1'S,1tyQwrestler SteVeiPotts watcheswfor' the right 7 ent to shoot for a take down., fStahIi' ' -W JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Levins, Koppel. Second: Pigott, Peck, Klein, Barr, Herbst, Hurley, Connors. Third: Mr. Kruempelstaedter Ccoachj, Selig, FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: Prange, Metzger, Majeczky, Zimmerman, Currie, Newton, Blackwell, Kelley, Johnson, Robison, Glass. Second: Mr. Lewis 1 5 Sensibar, Yamazaki, Jonscher, DiClementi, Mr. Metzger fcoachl, Buechner, Franz. Absent: Eisenstein, Linblad, Shepherd, Taylor. fcoachl, Krause, Escamilla, Ahern, Phillips, Peara, McLeese, Minogue, Warren, Marquardt, Fragassi. Absent: Heitman, Jeannin, Mathias. enjoyed a rewarding season. Sophomore grapplers Terry Lynch and Ed Reed, along with junior Rick Rafanello, produced outstanding records and will be return- ing next year to enrich the composition of the Varsity team. The strong base of Coach Galeais Varsity will be strengthened by the knowledge players gained at the J.V. levels. WRESTLING! 109 Shooting IIOXBASKETBALL Sf3l'S J I ,A. ,gg A .wwf , ,A 'fr--f ,', i 2 A ' ' '- . '1 L, A TRADITIONAL TRIANGLE of rivalry was revived in the Central suburban league with New Trier East, Evanston, and New Trier West fighting for the division title. During league competition, the Indians found themselves on the short leg of the three-sided battle, finishing second behind the dead- locked Cowboys and Wild- kits. Because they peaked toward the end of the season, it was the playoff action that put NTE back on equal footing. Though the rivalry resembled last year's, this season had its marks of distinction. Coach John Schneiter found a new angle with his 3-guard, 2-center offense, made possible by a 10-man base of capable players. Another '79 innova- tion was the alley-oop pass from floor leader Brad Pierce to 6'6" Tony Lehman. The team also hit 100 twice during the winter, second only to Lehman's slam dunks for winning crowd appeal. Unlike the last four years, the Indians breezed through Regional competi- tion. After a lopsided vic- tory over Niles East, the tribal five faced Evanston, who had robbed them ear- lier of both regular season games. Led by senior John Allen, East turned the tide 180 degrees by upsetting the Wildkits to capture the Regional championship. A tough Sectional game against Elk Grove ended the Indian season, a good year by anyone's definition. Below With the outcome of the game in the palm of his hand Brad Pierce springs into action Left Varsity basketball player Doug Pendry has the floor as he moves to carry the motion Far left Tony Lehman rises to the occasion as he goes up for two in the East West game IRem1en Pearlman Stahlj p ' 'wr aff- K ill! E gr. 3 , if K 3 V ff ' ' 1 , ' fs ' 1 L' , if V' f i i A ,, A , Z I V,,: 2 , ' 4 , ' f , 1,55 X. N . ' f f " of ' 1 A win against arch-rival NTW carried the Indians to the top of the world, but West's revenge brought the team back down to earth. IPI1otos by Pearlman j BASKETBALL! 111 CONSISTENT WITH THE close Varsity stand- ings, the Junior varsity and Sophomore teams split the honors for, the top spot in their respective leagues. The highlight of the JV season took place when the century mark was broken in a crucial game against New Trier West. J. B. Rees and leading scorer Brett Ben- nett carried the team through the ten-game win- ning streak that earned them a share of first place. The Sophomore squad, though missing varsity- promoted stars Dave Cur- tiss and Bob Millikin, had 6'6" John Gynn and 6'3" Ed Harney to lead them to a 17-3 record. With so much up-and-coming talent, In- dian fans have good reason to be optimistic about the New Trier basketball pro- gram in years to come. -ee,-P' IIQXBASKETBALL UM I - Vina Above left: Staying ahead of the game, JV cager Eric Seyfarth converts a fastbreak into a layup. Above: Sophomore cager John Worthington asserts his position as chairman of the boards. Above right: Varsity player Mark Adams demonstrates the flexibility of his shooting skill as he stretches New Trier's lead. Right: Freshman A player Malcolm Childress high steps down the lane to keep his shot beyond the reach of a Wildkit. IHa1-dy, Stahl, Low, Hirshj 4, gf .11 l ff-4 'CMF W? Q i., ,.., I , .,,. , I 3' r 'A 85 a Trier Afhe , s - e s ,K - .cl ' Vg. , V ' , if A ff t A Y 1 VARSITY-Bottom Row: Askonas fmaflageff, Millikifl, RGCS, Allen, Botsford, Kissinger, Seyfarth, Lehman, Adams, Curtiss, Ryan, Connors, Mr. Pierce, McClellan, Bennett. Second: Mr. Schneiter fcoachb, Mabie, Schintg fcoachj, Absent: Ubbgn. BASKETBALIJ113 M f, ' '4,,., SOPHOMORE - B0tt0ID ROW! HaII1m0l'Sley, FOI'aIl, BOrde11, Third: Gynn, Harney, Maddox, Quinn, Herron, Roth, Wegner, Absent: Worthington, R. Gynn, Jones fmanagerl. Second: Mr. Hanrahan fcoachj, Clark, Dhein. Gallanis, Lahrman, Tyrrell, Crown, Mueller, Huff, Mr. Barton fcoachj. 1 MXBASKETBALL FRESHMAN A - Bottom Row: Mr. Leahy fcoachl, McCain, Davis, Hausheer, Childress, McMahon. Second: Harrington, Olson, Morgan, Daniels, Dwyer, Fogarty. Third: Bosco, Lisle. lFRESHMAN B - Bottom Row: Mr. Carpenter Ccoachl, Wolff, Burke, Mabie, Davis, Murrin, Swanson fmanagerj. Second: Quinn, Obereiner, Schoch, lNelson, Zimmerman, Klauke. Third: Freund, Lindblad. l l i BASKETBALLH15 ZZ 'U A ,IU THE STARTER'S GUN cracked and the New Trier East girls' swim team ex- ploded into action. As the Indians gained momentum, they advanced to the State finals, where a first place showing by the 200-yard medley team broke records and started them on their way to victory. Solid perfor- mances by Senior swimmers Anne Ward and Laura Lifvendahl, and Sophomore Betsy Lind enabled the squad to swim past competi- tors and increase their lead. Emerging from the meet triumphant, the team brought home their first 116!GIRLS SWIMMING Top: Ina' fleet-footed effort, Libby Hill and Gretchen Hin- kamp keep on trackingtoward the finish line. Above: Leaning in the right direction, Claudia Neil prepares to take the straight and narrow way. Right: Track- ing their progress, the relay squad ' results frorn:Mr. StahL,'StabD' Right an track FROM THE START- ING block, the 1979 Girls' track season took off at full speed. After last year's building season, the runners were set to accelerate past their opponents. A rigorous conditioning program paid off as the girls got the inside edge in races leading up to the state meet. As the team captured the lead, their hustle, desire, and effort won them a high position in the conference. The out- standing performances and enthusiasm of tri-captains Laura Held, Helen Ryan, and Karen Zuke set the pace for the entire team. With th-ree returning state com- petitors, an energetic crop of new racers, and a versatile coaching staff, the team's line-up was one of the strongest ever. With the odds in their favor, the Girls' track team cashed in at the track both in confer- ence and state competition. ' .x...g..... Q. J I Srl if I I ' I, ffQ'wV.1frQ tif . hx I HM, 1. ff ,, f f f , :ff A 5 ' J M' 2, GIRLS' TRACK ,. l, 1 ez, f y , GIRLS ' S WIMMING VARSITY-Bottom Row: Mc- Clain, Watts, Ward, Lifvendahl, K. James, Madden, M. James. Second: Mr. Matz Ccoachj, Miss Isaacs fasst. coachl, Guthrie, Blodgett, Diaz, Carter, Williams, McMahon, Alexander, Mr. Cajet fcoachj. Third: Kelly, Mulliken, Day, Frei, Florro, Cervinka. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE -Bottom Row: Cross, Epkins, J. Kelly, Ward, Lind, Mary Kelly, Jaeger, Cervinka, Lindstrom. Second: Mr. Matz fcoachl, Miss Isaacs fasst. coachl, Roth, Hern- don, Miller, Richards, Megan Kelly, Bloomfield, Furca, Stone, Sullivan, Mr. Cajet fcoachl. Third: Jaegers, Martin, Steiner, Kanaley, Lorenz, S. Rutherford, Fried- lander, P. Rutherford, Willis, MacDonald. Fourth: Whiteside, Wood, Cunningham, Mueller, Moore, Peterson, Hall, Davis. Absent: Michels. 'A " A " 6' ' 'I 4 Q- .,amf4-vws N ., 1, N W N T VARSITY-Bottom Row: Ma if E l 5T' guire, Beierle, Gradolph, Spitek, Kirscher, Hart, Zuke. Second: Onley, Tomes, Fry, Head, Lahr man, Ryan, Held, Neil, Hill Hinkamp. Absent: Sullivan. ffffi JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Collins, McMurray, Older- man, Sherman, Maher, Cavalier Second: Jeannin, J. Davis, Peter- son, A. Davis, Kusar, Moses Bigelow. ..,.,.,, , 118fGlRLS' SWIMMINGXGIRLS' TRACK I B0 YS ' TENNIS 2. A ' 'lm ,'. ' f'5"'.ni1'g il 1: .. 3 . ..v:frgf 3 r "Mg 5 'rim X wgiilh' VARSITY-Bottom Row: Delong, DeBartolo, Shepherd, Mark, Wheeler. Mr. Davis Ccoachl, Stern, Lane, Hall, Golden, Pearlman, Bates, Holland. Second: White, Hilardes, Brandwein, Horwitch, Carioscia, Caldwell. Third: 5? gZ'i?'4rI2qr3Ef1i21 5.-:...4..w... FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Richie, Jeannin, Cook, Third: Mr. Fly fcoachb, C. Johnson, Jansen, Albertson, Dauer, Friend, Horwitch, Majeczky, Buerger, D. Johnson, Seltzer. Second: Hirsch, Price, Kenney, Riskind, Schwartz. Absent: Bridges, Howland, Montross, Yuen. Kruempelstaedter, Chanen, Gould, Murphy, Harris, Stafeil, Doughty. BOYS' TENNISM19 ,. ,4 . ..-small 6 . 1-JW SUMMER USUALLY SIGNIFIES the end of school activities, but for tennis players, these months are a time for vital preparation. Members of the NTE team did not lay down their rackets after finishing fourth in the 1978 championships. They continued to play in out-of-school tournaments priming up for the 1979 season, where they proved to be one of the top state contenders. Neil Golden, competitor in National tennis tournaments, returned to lead seven varsity lettermen. Seniors John DeLong and Peter Horwitch and Junior Scott Lane represented the fine group of Indian players who netted a prestigious rank in the Central suburban league. The underclassmen, coached by Mr. Fly, developed into a highly skilled team as the result of tough intersquad competition. 120fBOYS TENNIS hhuui -0'-,.,......-,-,..,4.---' fail' rw Ill ' V 1 lwlg , V I X , 'lvl in ,1 iii Right: Standing firm John Holland bases his backhand on solid ability Above: Scott Lane's flying leap enables him to propel his powerful return fPear1man, Hirshl 1 f Of, r is i as i f 1 K 6 W w , v i iff- Q t,a-' - If J -, L ' -Ae ' .J NX xfk' 'L' ' 'xr'-as 2 X-fi , I ,, Xe xg, 5,1 1. " E gg Q - Nea ' Q, ' 1 ' , ., ? ' 5! V' . is ,- .. lg ,h i i 'A xg, I A -9. 4. vw.. -uve- YR., 'fp Q-fm All-an.. 4919 ' 1 fu' , x na '-Lfmf, , " F ,JL"'1L2. Tl, . i"?"" . ,i i',::'7',,'w 1??57frT"ir1: 47 5.3 sp 1175, 317535 ,wi gg-fqqy , r':fq.':gmfewv,- fr Above: Linking careful forethought with a clean forehand, Spider Hilarides unleashes a devastating stroke. Inset: Peter Horwitch raises a racket to cheer on a winning serve. fPhotos by Peatlmanj BOYS' TENNISH21 A K Jya , 5' .Z V4 x x 1 :P F nv V E -fl E 1 if J E LINSEED OIL IS carefully rubbed into leather. Dormant bodies stretch into condition. Dirt is kicked from cleats and bats crack. Then, to the cheers of their devoted fans, the Indian nine take the field. The loss of a majority of last year's regional cham- pionship team left the prospects for this year's squad uncertain. With only four returning lettermen and a tough schedule, 1979 was a year of constant work accompanied by steady growth. Co-captains Dan Geocaris and Barney Schaefer helped to unify the year's campaigng Geocarisis Sultans of swing 17 UBASEBALL Left: In a show of record batting power, Trey Yelton connects for one of NTE's greatest hits. Above: An Indian batsman shifts into high gear as he races to beat the throw to first. Right: Playing a hunch, Dan Geocaris prepares to make a play on the first base line. Far right: Like a flash of lightning, John Marquardt bolts toward second base. 1StahI, Pearlman, Pearlman, Pearlmanj .991 fielding average and Schaefer's 1.74 ERA con- tributed to the team's notable progress over sum- mer. The Varsity's lack of starting experience was offset by the enthusiasm of seniors Bill Eggert, Scott Pfisterer, and Jack McHugh. The consistent pitching of juniors John Marquardt and Dick Dvor- ak gave Head coach Ron Klein reason to be confident about his untested team. Responsible in part for the squad's substantial im- provement was new assis- tant coach Pete Burnside, a retired professional ball player. VA 2 t llli , , A - ffgf, I I , .,,,- .yaggufv-' ...,, 1 ' 1' '- ,:we'5r-Hr1'fiw- A , ,Aw-r ue.-yyff' r"S' -04--- ' ' ' Y R if T-if , , 41' ..54"'l , ,,1 1 Ah ff vvc, : ,..,,. ,IAHAIJ vr ah' ,fl il '1 1 ag! ti lift lr ,b 1 ir - . 1'0L ' i f . i 5' X 'A H .,.- cl -1 , QM 4 at 1 40,4 ,' ,4 .. fl., Way, , .I S 'W , np-.V , A N -. V . ,.. 4, . 'r ii' ' ' ' 4 '!f',7,,,F,A'a,.,f' ,M f'f3',f"i ' um' gf -fiif-.,Lr,,, . 1, -, ,i -6513 " ' ' , gg arq, fp .ff .,-Ls' , v-.ffl ggyxgf ,f-f,.1'-Q5 jg? igrrq' ,g',,7,' 99 irq-V Af,'g1g2..JQ'1,,,k -pn ,,.A,,,,, ,gms I gfv'MAM? 4, .:f,.T,-,f-5.4, ugh., 45 1, 5.3,,,,, . D, .. Vic, 1 v ag: '7Q5.'f , -it gf, i " ,Iggy -'. 9 4' 44. ,Q-,J if-Y-ii'-' ' 'V ' .A-5 in iv . -' 1 f ' 1 : ' T -i g' 'H' .J ' r -- ' . Q". E. 'L 'f -A-JJ5 flfriaf-"M 5 ' F' f"'f"'l ' - 11 -. ,sw 1, 1 , ' , - , - P, A , - I .af 1' 2, f W-vi 4 - , I . ' or vi ff iff Mft rf 7? 4gf"75'J'gz'4'giii?p..:w-c'.,.. ff' , fi' ' f4"5f'S -.53 ' ago- f fe",,f?',',f mv, 'if ff, 2 .. ., fi ' f I u ' A ' ' " J ,. U ,. rf . A W may ig'-vw--i-M 'Wi 1 4- my u,wuWwmf1pgrim "dwarf, wwjzigw WT D U' WJWWTU-'F'7T'WUf7fTl'lmWV'W?Wli i TWWTWWWWWFTWTTW V ,s.l, ,nA..,L,,t My lw? H' , ,J V l PM I 1, ll' ,V W l MW l r lil VARSITY - Bottom Row: Klein Fay, McHugh, Geocaris, Schaefer Pfisterer, Henderson, Vosseller Second: Kauf, Papierski, Yelton Fosse, Zehr, Black, Wagener, Price Third: Eggert, leuter, Marquardt Mr. Klein fcoachl. Fourth: Tinkle Dvorak, Herron, Roth. Fifth: Mr Burnside fcoachl, Schuldt, Ware Drew, Newby. 124fBASEBALL BASEBALL SOPHOMORE - Bottom Row: Borden, Ellis, Peter, Winberg, Mitchell. Second: Kenny, Ieuter, Worthington, Vosseller, Whitman. Third: Mr. Severns fcoachl, Huff, Herron, Roth, Foran, Nold, Segil. FRESHMAN - Bottom Row: Vile, Newton, P. Zimmerman, Blackwell, T. Zimmerman, Rick- ard, Nelson, Rennolds. Second: Hauldren, Franke, Slotkin, Oslund, Metzger, Burke, Denison. Third: Mr. Helfrich Ccoachl, Clay, Marks Fix, Elliot, Ieuter, Bennett. Fourth: Mr. Carpenter Qcoachl Murrin, Freund, Davis, Fogarty Riemenschneider, Squires. Absent Lindblad. 1 1 6 IT TAKES MORE than an agile wrist, swift moving feet, and a keen eye to become a NTE badminton player. It takes work. Alth- ough the sport lacks special outfits, shoes, and private lessons, it requires a high level of performance and skill. A competitive badmin- ton game often amazes the spectator who has never seen the sport played with such intensity. Under a rigid condition- ing program, those uback- yard badminton playersn with sufficient determina- tion progressed into compe- tent players and then adept v a r s i t y competitors. Throughout the season, the team's flexible ladder rank- ing system added extra incentive to aspiring in- dividuals. Co-captain Alicia Cannon capitalized on the excellent t r a i n i n g tech- niques offered as she rose to the number one singles position in her fourth year on the team. To round out the Indian effort, the dou- bles team of Karen Car- ruthers and Martha Berlin guaranteed the team a "sure win at every meetn accord- ing to Coach Lee Kennike. During the '79 season, the NTE badminton team ranked supreme on the court. Weezie Kerr incorporates a dancer's grace and snappy wrist action in her return delivery. 1HirsI1j i,. .,J' , Karen Carruthers itll Rx-.Q -Xu 1 ' "Mr -NX Crosse fire FROM A CLUSTER of clashing sticks, a whirling ball escapes. A shout distin- guishes an exultant figure who raises his stick in triumph. The desolate goalie retrieves the ball as the players return to the line. The conflict sparks again, and the teams race on. Blasting out of the harsh winter, the lacrosse team launched a ship of relatively inexperienced players into action. Al- though coaching problems 126fLACROSSE and budget cuts hindered widespread interscholastic participation, the Indians found competition from Oak Park, New Trier West, and LaGrange high schools. Seniors Bill Scoville, Jim O'Rourke, and Bob Nykaza formed the nucleus of the team while juniors Rex Balz, Geoff Hart, and Steve Federico provided back-up power. Under the guidance of Coach McFadzean, the 1979 lacrosse team followed a direct course to stardom. LA CROSSE BADMINTON-Bottom Row: Berlin, E. Cannon, Malott, Prindiville, Moore, A. Buckingham, Smith, Thomas. Second: Skaja fmanagerl, Maguire, Freeman, Campbell, Kiliany, Ubben, Surrnan, Jannotta, Dysart, Renner, BA DMIN TON Butler, Holland. Third: Miss Beach fcoachl, Baxter, Gregg, Wussler, Carruthers, Hanlon, Badger, A. Cannon, Kerr, Burns, Hall, Adams, Miss Kennicke fcoachl. Absent: M. Buckingham, Powell, Zimmerman. LACROSSEXBADMINTONXIZ7 wi , if v ,GJ i if hi TM 4 wi , , -, . 1 ,l Y - ' lvl H . I fm Q X ry-5 l iw, 2 , iamond irls Above: Warming up for the new season, juniors Barb Fox and Julie Taylor get into the swing of softball. Right: Preparing for a sound season, Ann Tracy tunes her arm for a perfect pitch. Below: Drilling out in left field, the New Trier East softball team strikes it rich with Stacie Schiffman. IPhotos by Moyj IZSXSOFTBALL L 1 VARSITY - Bottom Row: Miss Hernandez fcoachl, Hands. Third: Helmer, L. Powers, Baur, Rosenberg, J. Tracy, Fox, Krebs, Heeter, White, Lowley. Second: Mr. Powers. Absent: Connell, Regan, Rennolds, Taylor, Benson fcoachj, Schiffman, Crandell, Ellis, Silverstein, Zimmerman. f I f we if It looked extremely rocky for the visiting team that dayg They were up against New Trier, with but an inning left to play. The Indians had taken second place in state the year before, And it looked as though their lineup would lead the league once more, Under the coaching of Jack Benson, the Indians set their stance. The other team looked desperate, they knew they had no chance. With pitchers like Ann Tracy hurling strikeouts from the mound, The oppositions batting game could not get off the ground. The batter took a practice swing and then approached the plate. First one strike then a second flew, two arrows swift and straight, And with the third pitch to her, there was not a trace of doubt, That New Trier had triumphed once againg the pitcher struck her out. SOFTBALLH29 ., ,I .km Q, .INN k,- Q-vw f," f nil IN fe Q, . ' 1 " , ,S a 'U -Q Z s Q I, .,, , is A A V , M 4. 4 ' E . ,V if H1 y I 1 1 .Q H Q Ly 4 1 , I .,'., Q Y"-V' "" -'1'.w'-'1'1fzg,aff4rg,. , 1 WW 5 ws, 1 f , H 1 X ' ' 3 Nw' tw'-I-'h...,,.. ... ,. N ,- ' 15,1 , , 5 Q-,ff --. .N ll' .wgfzmmy V., A V, ....i,2nm- n X - 44' af w s I 'Ll ?I LJI IIVIIIXIG AI-:ITS 2 ffp - , ,,,.wW,-'f" ' Q - 1 Q: . 9 g Kung N- W'-., ' in 1 l A N 3: 0 0 QQ g Q v 3 0 9 ,W 242- que 0021? ff! ,Q , 4. 6 M' V' 6 rj, A6 40 7 I Lf? I . , ,422 J 'Krggfwqaevff-,'aff-4:1-Apuiowbmyk, ...,.,.... Q-'-wk K-'--ex"'R 'WM 5- XX 1 n Q Q., U f N If , su 1 nammnwzu . E .43 ri J Wolfe, Decker, LAGNIAPPEf 133 IN A DESPERATE struggle for freedom, three escaped convicts have in- vaded an average suburban home and are holding the family at gunpoint. This year's winter play, "The Desperate Hours " drama- Qesrfrtssttqvaafiofiffasait recounted the harrowing seventy-two hour ordeal that took place in modern Indianapolis. The play chal- lenged New Trier's best actors to maintain high physical and emotional intensity through sensitive character analyses. The set, a complete two-story house, enhanced the realism and complexity of the drama. Up to three separate vignettes occurred simultaneously in the six visible rooms of the family's house. The elaborate set often obstructed the actors' visual cues, further chal- lenging their awareness. Directed by Mr. Robert Boyle and assistant Gina Shropshire, the cast over- came the technical and performing difficulties that confronted them. The var- ious aspects of the play were coordinated into a fine dramatic performance. Winston ..... Bard ........ Carson ........ Eleanor ...... Ralphie ...... Dan .......... Cindy ...... Glenn ...... Hank ....... Robish ........ Chuck ................ Mr. Patterson ...... Fredericks ............. Miss Swift ................... Radio announcer Dutch ......................................... CAST JOHN CANNON ADAM BALDWIN CHUCK DU SABLON RUSTY SCHWIMMER NEAL PEARLMAN PETER AVILDSEN KRISTEN HAYES HOB JORDAN BRIAN D'AMATO LOUIS KRAUSE GORDY GLUCKMAN LARRY WOOD JON MUSIL MAGGIE YOWELL PETER GIANUKOS GRANT SBROCCO STAGE FRIGHT: A disease afflicting actors and actresses the world over. Causes: Bright lights and crowds of people. Symp- toms: Queasy stomach, shaky knees, and slurred speech. Cure: There is no actual known cure for this affliction other than exper- ience. The "Freshman and Sophomore classes over- came stage fright to present a pair of memorable produc- tions. They kicked off their season under the watchful eyes of Mr. Edward Steele - Nicholson with their rendi- tion of Liam O'Brien's "The Remarkable Mr. Penny- packerf' The play revolved around the character of Mr. Pennypacker, who has two wives and 17 children. The drama focuses on one of the families and the problems that arise when they dis- cover their father's true personality. The spring production, directed by Mrs. Catherine Pingel - Powell, was Rick Besoyan's "Little Mary Sunshinef' The play, a melodrama, was concerned with Little Mary Sunshine's attempts to retain her possession of the Colorado inn. The work spoofs the famous Canadian mounty pictures of old. Both productions displayed the fine underclassrnen talent that supplies New Trier's performing arts division. FROSH-SOPH PLAYSH35 CAST The Kmg ...................... JOHN HINES PETER VAN DE GRAAFF MONICA MCCARTHY JANE RAVERET MIRIAM GARRON JULIA HURN HOLLY PETRIE CAROLYN ARDEN PAUL HASER STEVEN WINTON LOUIS KRAUS ADAM BALDWIN JOHN FITZGERALD CHRIS MURRY SCOTT STREIGHTIFF WILLIAM TEINOWITZ SALLY HUSAK WENDY WAGENER cn nf-1 : 2Ea25ff15?-EfU559Twf? C, --:W oom-umm -, 'UQ O4 Q-Q,-we 5 '1 9-EL cn Qu: O QOBCDH mcwrbvqrpfxm BO'-sE'?z0S5Om""':-SPSS me mw5,,,..,.,S'25'4.5:'5 52.2 "'o:r'D'O,-3m,,g14Ig N.-nag,-lp-q,,--gpmsnm ora gogUJ'Uw m' OUQ 5'U"""'-Qm"fe+:-'rn gwmgggfiicnivvog OH - or-I nw:-'U.., SQEUSWSESEESSECQ 21-fmlffo'-5-5gUl4'3,"'4'U::: '... "'vO3,,,,mQ:f, Q20-u 'U 1 :sm O'-5 '-1+ me rn :S ,.,-va-Om... g3o..5ogl-pm m B B' q5GNH"-!5"2"'r"""e-. Cb.-.gbfflmmgg cbt-,gc'B,O-:,-rn Hmm 5-5 Uf?CD2+- 3205- v-1 .-.l""-'- '- ES'5-':3?"f.55U'3"'xeSEm :ffm-.:B:-:r ET-1:-an-dylg -F"e-mmogmmmuomn-:ff 'Alu . Ns: fl '.', ' E' 3 fe .V I ,-" It t X yas , Jw K' V, ,. N' G , a 4 K I 3. " 'J .. "N, 4 A E WRX f f I - " ,, :if I , ' - ff 4 . 4 ,, , ff .: k .f " A 4 'Hi , Y N I . , -.:.f, f 4 ' - ff ' ' ya , Q, .Ji -1 ,, . , Aa gl , 4 3 it K ,L W 9 . h f NY ' A iw' , -M W I 5,17 'K 1 " 2 I 4 it 1 34 i i Ye 5 1 1 1? 'S Q 'fd A f f Zh ,, I WQE1, 5? I N. , .. .4 .M , .R ,U . fr 5 ml 2 ' p , 0. f ff, Q 'V .45 1 Q I nf 3 af? In X W iv z 2 . f, df3S"fj .44 2' fi? f v4 91 .Y I 5 fi F I if Ip! . ' y e M I' gi n gf QY I 5 H 4, l I H . , , ,N V WRX' , N , ,, ,, Y' , ,4 .fu nw . J 2 IEXSK .au .-...- 'T he King and I' W FW f , r 5 , .fi f f.-pr! rg: -M 4 W. L- vi , 1 V 3 I S155 QA3,r'5f 1,015 . f- N 'ae .fm 1 , . W S t A . ,I -.- 5.4: 4? 'sau-fs. . um lf, ., F" Vi .-fr' wh In 'J ir . -'Kita If -,,,g1l 1 Q x M 9 - x' Q T I 4 vw api? I , . ,, "t tf , f i- .. I ,, , HW'-g gl. -2352 ,sz -, , 5 .- 5 ".-i s . It ,,r -. . . 4,54 j -I nf .f- : lf? 5:3 :A ' A 1 M A , - K luigy ' , 3 li' i ,I ,Tig ,v-, ef' if T f f rs , I f . f fm 2 , -' Ml P i' , fe-if . i ,, I I-Mn, A ? 1 ,1 1...,, . F E bi I i -. . .ef-2 ' N .- . I r -'E Piss- Q!! d. 'ffIm1T- 4' SC : AUDITIONS The six weeks rehear- MANC S au lences respon e oeac When The King and I was announced as the 1979 Spring opera, members of Chorus-opera began t0 prepare their auditions. The night that the two casts were chosen generated enthu- siasm and established the high standards of excellence that were to remain throughout the pr0duCti0I1- SCENE II: REHEARSI- ALS I sals required unfaltering dedication. Major advances maintained the casts, initial enthusiasm. Moving from the chorus room to the auditorium, putting ithe royal scenery in place, adding the orchestral ac- companiment, the broad- way costumes, and the Siamese make-up, all in- The months of prepara- tion and rehearsals came together and resulted in one of the most spectacular productions in New Trier's history. Complemented by Rogers and Hammerstein's most successful score, the play flowed beautifully, from the authenticity of the 19th century port to the performance with a stand- ing ovation. For all involved, the endeavor proved to be an exciting success, an outstanding accomplish- ment, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. creased the excitement. magnificence of the king's 1" SCENE III: PEHFOR- palace. The 'overwhelmed f .s--. f OPERA! 137 Dance day THE ASCENT OF MAN began with a recogni- tion of the importance of self-expression. Dance, one of the oldest forms of artistic expression, evolved from the first experimental gestures of prehistoric man. Retaining primitive elements of movement, dance became refined into established patterns and rhythmical images. Today, dance is a recognized visual art, a creative outlet of energy, and a popular form of entertainment. Dance lived on at New Trier as students creatively expressed themselves in the informal atmosphere of Dance day. Drawing from infinite possibilities in movement, time, shape, and design, students choreo- graphed dances during three weeks of studio work. From solos to group arran- gements, the dancers pre- sented over fifty pieces which included fluid ballet, vibrant jazz, and modern dance. An experience in the vitality and everlasting beauty of dance was the prime goal and 'accomplish- ment of Danceday. D ' l38fD ' V -'t' if 1-5 ,-'i ji:.A'V'.liiQf3-:L 2.-r ,l?i1.i:Af5?2ifi' 115' 3751155 Y. 1 1fl,15L'lfgQ"'Li .':.?'A K ., c 'f 1 LV- .-L,.'.,,1f:-'f ' '-- f, -' ' ,-.c f:"....'zg14a:'- N fd: 11- V 455-f4i48"t:-hf5Egf-.firf:44ss1r4:.s .-ezzfzftzgz faxes: ,f.:!5E1r:a+s.a L 2'-lu .J -14-,gfaf41.f..a,Wa , s.. "I L fs: .3 if ' Q ' "vu 5" W A f : Ei it " .KA V - -f -fi - A . -,V iw. ' wi. r ' jjj is 1 J., . .. - 1- M iii "' Wimsfm ,.s,,. . 'ji 2 -Jygzesf 'J 1, 7lA:..,Se-'fb' , IQ' be -am? "44M15'ZY,3' 2, V fa f N 4? 4 4 'isa N , . ,. Hits-.. ' , i fr' at 1 K X ,a.Qw,nlilvxwwunwwg,,.Q..sf4'gfm'11,.gs,-.--4i,::. r. 51,511-I-1fge2+w'if'3v3"2W:ff?fff4"cw -fr: v f ' -' 'Q -' . F71 , ,, ' in f ., in Y 7 N 7 be N.. , ff ,,f' ,Q - ,KM ,ef 4' W V 1 D Below left and Heidi Treischman tap their imaginations to produce a lively number for Dance day. Left: Mila Parrish transforms the darkness of the stagexwith the electric imagery and clean movement. of her solo "" ,,,f. ,QQ f ,ig F535 'ii '4 'Lrf' -aw X Q f ,s performance. Above: Mr. Nicholson's beginning class corrals the audience's at- tention as they round up their debut performance of "Rodeo" Below: Doses of backstage humor cure symptoms of stage fright in Dance day performers. fStahl, Campbell, Camp- bell, Campbell! e s DANCE DAYl139 Bottom Row: Hennessey, Sand- berg, Schneider, Meltzer, Webb, McLellan, Varley, Gun, Garron, Hinds, Stevenson, Graller, Brown, Teinowitz. Second: Kerwin Yowell, Maton, Shropshire Wagener, Maine, McCarthy, Turi ner,Sibbald, Savely, Beskin, Tomp- kins, Medina, Venner, White. Third: Schwimmer, Henderson Hackett, A. Hall, Hayes, Heinen, Gi Hall, Calhoun, Arden, Malone Schwiebert, P. Drew,'Klawans Husak, Petrie. Fourth: Tippens, Trobaugh, McDonald, Shang Tourville, Nordman, Archie, Du- sablon, Vanover, O'Malley Bodeen, Binder, Gynn, Dickes, MoCarter. Fifth: Golden, Kraus,'B. Drew, Mericle, Engleman, Raveret, Tatooles, Hinshaw, Held, Lidecker Peponis, Winton, Haser, Sweet Cole. Sixth: Van de Graaff,'Hines,, Nicholis, Schellenberg, Sampson Musil, Lewis, Cannon, Hurn Beemer, Jordan, Downey. Absenti Baldwin, Judge, Kaden, Mericle Philpot, Weinberg, Yamazaki Zanarini. SEVENXEIGHT - Bottom Row: Macomber, Haser, Turner, Powell, Simpson, Rubel, Friedlander. Second: White, Giordano, Pearse, Stevenson, Eliot, Harvey, Denman, Hayes, Hinds. Third: Olds, Hurn, Welpott, Downey, Englemann, Mack, Tatooles. 1 1 v 1 CHO- OPERA , , , , ,, ,,,,7, J , - ' 1 741 z , 4 ' 7fQ55W4fW J ADVANCED DANCE ill ll 140fCHO OPERAXADVANCED DANCE ELEVEN - Bottom Row: Binder, Segel, Goldberg, Lovely, Reid, Bendy, Varley, Gun, Langan, Hall, Petrie, Haser. Second: Winton, McCarthy, Raveret, Wagner, Davidson, Parrish, Zeh, Drew, Dickes, Lewis, Medina, Wagener, Husak, Nicholis. Third: Damato, Kraus, Stewart, Avildsen, Shang, Jordan, Van de Graaff, Mericle, Cannon, Green, Dusab- lon, Lane, Spiegler, White. Absent: Davis, Hines, Kaden, Roberts, Russell, Wussler. WHEN THE GAFF- NEY auditorium lights dim, the murmurs of the expec- tant audience quickly sub- side. The curtain rises, the now-silent crowd finds itself transported to an entirely different world. This star- tlingly realistic environment is created by NTE's hard- working but often unseen crews. Months before a show was produced for the public, the crews began to construct their elaborate sets. Guided Making the scene by Mr. and Mrs. Gill, they built dramatic settings with painstaking care. This sea- son offered the crews an unusual double challenge. Lagniappe '79 demanded a space-satellite setting, and the winter play, "The Desperate Hoursf, required construction of a two-story house. In both cases, the highly professional results illustrated the great skill and dedication of this year's crews. STAGE CREW-Bottom Row Klawans, Eckhouse, Hirsh, Wolfe Jewell, McCrea. Second: Carlson Higgins, Maton, Pimley, Lane Peponis, Haser, Woolard. Third Fry, Decker, Scoville, Morris Golub, Jacob, Crown, Lyon, Posen Absent: Howard. K SWING CHOIR-Bottom Row: Hennessy, Graller, Winton, Petrie, l Binder, Venner, Nicholis, McCarthy. Second: Embree, Gynn, Drew, Elliot, Golden, Hayes, Van de Graaff, Hines, Hinshaw, Haser, Pick. ' 1- rf ., 'W V' " ' I V. 17 Q , V ,1 .1 ' r. Q . V, f L15 V sy -',- rw , f I 9 1. mg, 1 4 I - Q 11 5 , - BOYS' ENSEMBLE-BOUSOUI ROW? WiI1'C0Y1, Drew, DHS-Hbl0fl, Dumont, DeRuiter', W. James, Wilcox, Blanchard, Kallman, Feltes, S. James, Conley, Binder, Walsh, Gnaedinger, Yamazaki, Nicholis. Second: Collins, Chalmers, Cannon. Stiles, Tangney, Ieuter, Fox, Lippitz, Mericle, Sandberg, Fujii. Third: 4 4 L Q Q., MUSETTES-Bottom Row: Kaminski, DiClementi, Haser, W. Wilson, Sewell, Reid, S. Johnson, Malone. Third: Pearson, Nelson, A. Ryan, Baldwin, Shelly, Parmer, Vogt, G. Miller, Petrie, Harold, Lindner, Carlson, Williams, Crane, Langan, Hamilton, Lloyd, Proffit, Todd, Sebastian, Godfrey. Second: Zales, Mazza, Macomber, D. Johnson, L. Miller, C. Wilson, Downey, M. Ryan, Rubin, Lane, Hemke, Lewis. Holloway, Rigolin, Trompeter, Pemble, Chapman, Abell, James, Rosenberg, MQXPERFORMING ARTS Q at if if P N if iz fn in 4 f Q -APQ if GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Bottom Row: Clary, Lahey, Venner, Welch, Hales, Gooselaw, Nordman, Campbell, Schwimmer, Mericle, Dell, Hayes, Diltz, Collins, Rutz, Eckhouse, Alexander, McKiernan, Webb, Gun, Schulte. Shropshire. Second: Spore, Downey, Hurn, Friend, Tschaikowsky, Harkness, Favorite, A D. 4 TROUBADORS-Bottom Row: Pierpont, Shlenskv, Winberg, Minn, Sampson, Lewis, Embree, Albertson, Tschaikowsky, Tippins, Sweet, Pfann, Holmgren, Woolard, Slack, MacDonald, Hofmann, Watson, Posen, MacDonald, Becker, Porta, McMahon,'Trobaugh,TTangney,Denison, Lahey Rielly, Pearlman, Teinowitz, Gianokos, Firestone, Massey. Second: Friend, Mundt, Vanover. 9 Qfng M ,I ,,,.,. M, ia .fi GIRLS' CHOIR-Bottom Row: Keating, Chiappe, Burdick, Cawley, Cualoping, Racker, Danilovics. DeCroocq, McKiernan, Kretchmer, Haser, Campbell, Wysockey, Brumitt, i I CHORALIERS-Bottom Row: Eby, Sullivan, Walsh, Stafford, Priest, Higgins. Second: Potts, Fair, Porter, Kogan, Milici, Boleyn, Phillippi, Parsons, Johnson, Kona, Wright, McCormick, Fleming, Petty, Specht, Southern, Penney, Jarrow, Laport, Nevin, Fetzer. PERFORMING ARTSXI43 ,.., 4, ., 4... :ug iqlgrlw .,,. J' ' "ww, 'J' - 'ill' I U As' rg, , V I I , "- gy' 161 A " lf 4' 15.71, 4 -'Z s. ,,.,,, - - , ,A f Q T , 45,-1' f V " ' ' 'gf' .,,. . ..I ggi, ' , a- ini., f, , U - v -I .-My ,r W , ima! . . 7 sv' 1 I ' ' ' - , -Jfyq f, 1, ,V , ., I ,I ,lr Zrrlfw I -V 1 Leif if ' ff- T , A, e'i,.,,, 5 'Y f .1 "5-H-. -1" ' 2' ' "az, 1- "Jiffy J 1:1 fMAf','V'V' g,i'.',,fp I g WATER BALLET-Bottom Row: Atkinson, N. Flanagan, Buck, Marsh, Kanne, Friedlander, Chal- lan Sullivan, M. Flanagan. Second: Diaz, Clary, Stern, MacLean, Aland, McMahon, S. Goldsmith, Wussler, Mrs. Myers fsponsorj. Third: Kelly, Carter, Hosbein, Hardy, Montgomery, Lorenz, Moore, P. Rutherford, Yale, Lifvendahl, Milliken, G. Husting. Fourth: Frei, Charlotte Sullivan, Smith, P. Mueller, S. Rutherford, L. Cross, Hill, Lyons, M. Cross, C. Goldsmith, J. Husting, Hackett, C. Mueller, Kaplan. Fifth: Mathew- son, C. Williams, Rubin, Dickes. Absent: Downey, Harkness, Hub-' M1113-HD" 1.-... ,pu -.Lfv ...Y ' we-w ff- 1 f -- . , .fr 4-'qw V. have lines A atzoesg Y P 1 THE S STARTS in five Everyone line up with partner. Remem .ow yqgnavs, A av 'Q 2 ,W V fa, +f1..4n-4 "' ' -er EJ ., 2'j f, Cm, f I ,, ,I , f,., ' Q ' 2.,fZ, , wr, 4- -fjf ' -s. A xkfa, ,.,. ,,.4' " Above: Throughout concentratedfefforts to develop their timing and form, these swimmers shovsfthat they get a kick . out of waterballet. Top: A senior foursomeaccomplishes a feat of perfect balance. fPhotos by Stahlj A 144!WATER BALLET end, don't stand bottom of the poolliHurry up! No talking! A Q Q This is it, it' night +Ealread,y. ,fhlugstv Poolin' Around? ehasn'tibeen all fun ga and iiiesf its been facets tof of our sponsor, Dorothy ,Myers was a thrill ,tosililsel favorite songs "Domino, bard, Lind, T. Williams. Games People Play lafter' school seemed endless: struggling for pool, time, for breath in the dolphin, enduring' of brown bag With the Student fdiir'ecZto'r Goldsmithgiiwe painted scen- ery, wrote fthe r narration, sold, tickets, and arranged etheiprogram. All that .preparation for two per- formances. The butterflies are doing, ballet legs in my stomachll The lights are out, the line front of me is moving! LADIES AND GENT- LEMEN! Here is a show that will leave you spell- bound with daring exhibi- tions of gymnastics, clowns, music, and a cast of thou- sands. In the center ring. . . Gymagination VIH! Coached by Miss Darlene Kluka and Mr. Gerry Denk, the 120-member Gymkana organization created an unforgettable show. Mind- boggling flips and flops, FMU' 'xg ,. Al. " -' -. ' ,-,i.-: ' ,r X -. 7 s ff tag? ,vi - Aix l . . 1 I w - 4v , 1, an ff' ' . q A 1 3 g J ' i , . 1- I F I , fantastic lighting effects, and imaginative musical combinations left each spec- tator astounded. Capacity audiences viewed such unique acts as "Adagio,,' an act where the couples balance strength and agility in graceful sequences, "Flying fanatics," in which members of the cast disguise some of the show's most difficult and carefully planned movements as G ymagina tion VIII rs - as s 1 ,,., , .4 4 W it qv w Y l by .. ioc, e or 443. B- 4,5 +- humorous improvisation, and a new member to the Gymagination line-up: "Spanish webs,'l a challenge to the strength of gymnasts who perform suspended 25 feet above the gym floor. These acts were supple- mented by the traditional gymnastic precision that first distinguished Gymagination, and estab- lished New Trier's most unique form of entertain- ment. GYMAGINATION-Bottom Row: Nicholls, Conway, Harris, D. Johnson, Hostert, Coffield, Marcia Fleming, L. Johnson, Peterson, Butterworth, Mary Fleming. Sec- ond: Andrews, Norehad, Schadt, Platen, Moretta, Wanger, Rigolin, Cavanaugh, Trotter, Ryno, Hill, DeStefanis, Wright. Third: Hargett, Worthington, Bennett, Stearns, Adamson, Parrish, K. Walsh, Milliken, Jiganti, Vitikain- en, Mead, Donahoe, Bergman, Terrill, Sontag, Needler. Fourth: Wengler, Alvarez, James, Howard, D. Walsh, Cajet, Maher, Mueller, Creagh, Chausow, Ehle, Griesser, Thomas, Alexander, King, Sipe. GYMAGINATIONXMS 134-C f' ' V . , . , , .. Q,fm-,gf:a,..,..,.14Q,-.W 1, , , . ,,, , . ..,,g,,.- ...L -A , N 4. ff, ' : -. - v . c ,',A,,. , ,,,., T ,,,,, . ,.,1 NEW TRIER BANDS scaled formidable heights while voicing the excellence of the Performing arts department. Though han- dicapped by discordances in the working routine, Honor band rose to the many challenges confronting it and smoothly maintained .the quality performances that distinguish the band. Adjustments were made to harmonize conflicting ob- ligations and decreased membership with the initia- tion of a new conductress. 6 Backed by a superb bassoon section, Miss Phyllis Clen- dening blended the melodious tones in a highly polished contemporary repertoire. She confidently scheduled an expanded calendar of high powered performances. A dynamic brass foun- dation compelled the Jazz ensemble to outshine past musical achievments. The stirring trombone and trum- pet sections produced an impressive New Orleans sound in the syncopated beat. The young saxophones bounded beyond initial expectations to enhance the musical quality. Profession- al trombonist Phil Wilson's appearance at Jazz night complemented, but did not outclass, the high school ensemble. I The Concert and Jazz lab bands flourished under the direction of Mr. Stanley Ackerman. Perfecting in- creasingly complex pieces, the groups ' incorporated striking performances with the cumulative band effort, completing the ,noteworthy year. Left: Senior Steve Hoyt earns his stripes with a five-star reveille. Above left: A musician faces off rehearsals incognito with a shining demonstration of musical ability, Top left: Gordie Williams pulls strings to get the perfect chord in an electrifying jazz performance. Above: Jim Trompeter finds that a jazzy piano accompaniment is the key to a well-tuned ensemble. fRevord, Revord, Moy, Moyl BANDSX147 . 0.4.-u...zm1.g... .,.., -,-,, 148fBANDS 3, ag- mfs' vwmvf,-e,v,z,x.a:f , i , HONOR BAND - Flute: Lewis, Reid, Nelson, Proffit, Rigolin, Olson, Thornton, Clary, Barth- olomew, Zuke, Baur. Oboe: Neuhaus, Louis. Bassoon: Paul, Soren, Macomber. Saxophone: Kellogg, Wyse, Lacey, Wanger. Clarinet: Swoiskin, Pyskacek Hands, Spinner, Sorenson, Golin, Gitlin, Dunn. Trumpet: Stern, Synek, Hoyt, Camras, Gould Fogarty, Revord, Kao. Horn: Levin, Krebs, Heeter. Trombone: Gunn, MacDonald, Johnson, Hoffman, Park. Baritone: Dvorak, Sherman, Eisenstein. Tuba: Bottom, Andrew. Percussion: Stiles, Oakley Schuldt, Hauptle, Kurschner, Streightiff if as ' ' . SMH .xvw nf 1 , fa-use N--, - . JAZZ BAND - First Row: Wyse, Kellogg, Vlierbergen,Watson,Synek,Hoyt,Conran,Tussing, Sorenson, Lacey. Second: Trompeter, Gilson, Kao, Andrews. Absent: Corrigan, Love, Sullivan, Schuldt, MacDonald, Allen, D. Gunn. Third: Stitt, Swoiskin. Kurschner, C. Gunn, Oakley, Williams, Van BANDSX1-19 150!BANDS CONCERT BAND - Flute: Fisch, Buick, Schwartz, Ellis, Lindner, Wolfe, Kaplan, Smith, Specht, Yates Dunn, Schreidel, Dewys, Provow, Farnsworth, Alonzo, Howard, Kelly, Lorenz, Miller, Thomashow. Oboe Nystrom. Bassoon: Husak, Kleinman. Clarinet Spinner, Fogarty, Stern, Mauck, Finney, Kelley, Roberts, Tan, Cualoping, Snider. Alto Sax: Ward, Bailey, K. Stephens, Rein, Revord, Crowder Trumpet: Ackerman, Bennett, Young, Seltzer, Goese, Gilmore, Duffee, Waterman, Warren, Gradolph Stearns, Bohnsack, Beckman. Baritone: Herndon Beltrano, Gould, Taylor. Tuba: Newby, Barancik. French Horn: Yelton, Soren, Schlossman, Lowley Trombone: Knuti, T. Hartel, D. Hartel, Bowen Sensibar, Allen, Pinkerton, Sendelbach. Percussion Epkins, Nelson, Kepler, Love, Hauser, R. Stephens Thompson, Yale, Bellack, Glick, Powell, Schmitz Skibitsky. Bass Clarinet: Armstrong. JAZZ LAB BAND - Bottom Row: T. Tussing, Ray, Third: Onley, Spertus, Glick, Nelson, Hauser, Buford, D. Tussing, Box, Love, O,Reilly, Rein, Schneider, Streightiff, Boyd, Fogarty, Goese, Snell, Seltzer Granath. Second: Hoffman, Park, Hartel, Knuti. Absent: Ristich. JAZZ LAB BAND - Bottom Row: M. Kocour, Ramsdell, Wanger, K. Stephens, Ward, Ranson Granath, Fiffer, Bailey, Fogarty. Second: Cooley Yale, Hartel, Johnson, Bowen. Third: Garrett, Rl Stephens, Gould, Bennett, Ackerman, Warren, Young, Duffee, Bohnsack. Absent: Boynton, S. Kocour, Nissley, Powell. BANDSf151 ,.,,. LEAVING CLASS- ROOMS crowded with text- books, numbers, and pen- cils, a member of New Trier Eastls Orchestra encounters a world of music, notes, and instruments as he enters practice rooms and concert halls. Throughout the year, conductor Mr. Stanley Ack- erman applied his twenty years of experience to unite some of the best musicians he has ever worked with at New Trier. Through exten- sive practice, each member ISQXORCHESTRA lsnl"s" QIMQQI' I ' ifjril I f . It . g.. M 'ill' : I 5 ' ' . Iii' 'Q' V .ii all of the Orchestra strove to attain the high standards that New Trier expects. The 1978-79 troupe supported educator's opin- ions that New Trier East has one of the best high school orchestras in the nation. A total of eight players were accepted into the Youth Orchestra of Greater Chicago, an organ- ization composed of the best musicians in the Chicago area. This year was the first year that three first chair E. Ati. 4 . -5 , 7 ,S . players, Grace Bahng, Libby Bellamy, and Roger Soren, participated in this selective group. During the course of the year, the Orchestra contin- ued to have a busy schedule. In addition to accompany- ing such New Trier events as the dance concert, the opera, and the winter and spring festivals, the Orches- tra performed in neighbor- ing schools and around the community. ,FLY gg J- f TFQYTQ A perfect score 3: I' Left: Bow in hand, Julie Alexander aims for the target of musical expertise. Above left: Senior Richard Hauptle beats spice into his musical kettle. Above: New Trier's troupe of trumpeteers tends to the tempo of its tunes fPhotos by Lowj ORCHESTRA! 153 154fORCHESTRA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - First Violin: Peters, Bellamy, Beebe, Siegel, Pollock, Kenny, L Shang, Pinnell, Ticho, MacDonald, Kaufmann Cascino, Hastings. Second Violin: Barnes, Emrich, Bower, Boyer, Freedman, Barrett, Tshilds, Hemke, Kaufman, Tomes, Alexander, Hayes, Jansen. Viola: Caspersen, R. Campbell, Turbin, Gordon, Moulton, Lee, Hill, Huebner. Cello: G. Bahng, Williams, S. Garrett, Whitson, Shapiro, M. Bahng, Carlson, A. Campbell, Glass, Moore, Stein. Bass: Watson, Blanchard, Tara Tussing, T. Garrett, Onley. Flute: , 261 ' P' lim ' 5, . ', Y , ' "Vai-f Ki. if. is . X, .. "l ' fy , C 4, af, 5 :fix , , s'x 'Q ' -' ' Lewis, Reid, Nelson, Fisch, Buick, Rude, Olsen. Oboe: McAllen, M. Neuhaus, Louis. Clarinet: R. Neuhaus, K. Swoiskin, Pyskacek, Roth, Hands. Bassoon: Paul R. Soren, Macomber. Piano: E. Shang. Harp Danilovics. Horn: Levin, Pasikov, Heeter, K. Soren Krebs, P. Schlossman, Yelton. Trumpet: Stern, M Swoiskin, Hoyt, Tanya Tussing, Conran. Trombone Allen, Corrigan, Sullivan, M. Schlossman. Tuba Bottum. Percussion: Hauptle, Stiles, Buford, Adams Gunn, Kurschner. 1 9 ' I a 4' A .I -1' 'yi w frm" 4 l . 'bs -- , , 4. - . ,"-,ff ff J 1' I , . I ,f I, . , V ,N 3 1 , CHAMBER ORCHESTRA - FirsteViolin: Peters, Bellamy, Siegel, Kenny, Pinnell. Second Violin: Barnes, Emrich, Ticho, Cascino, Moulton. Viola Caspersen, Turbin, Lee, Hill. Cello: Bahng, Williams Garrett, Shapiro. Bass: Watson, Tussingl Flute: 1 Lewis, Reid, Nelson. Oboe: M. Neuhaus, Louis. Clarinet: R. Neuhaus, Swoiskin. Bassoon: Paul, Soren, Macomber. Horn: Levin, Krebs, Heeter Trumpet: Stern, Camras. Timpani: Hauptle, Stiles - fi 92 Vw if ',,, I A ,gf fl' fjjkv if: 4, . ,V , i , X ' N X. V K ef A " V STRING ORCHESTRA - First Violin: Barnes, Levin, Atherton. Viola: Gordon, Huebner. Cello: Boyer, Kaufman, Hemke, Hastings, Jansen. Second Whitson, Campbell, Glass, Shapiro, McNally, Violin: Alexander, Hayes, Milici, Kalsch, Hinkamp, MacDonald. Bass: Blanchard. ORCHESTRASX 155 1' a E - ,'. x Y 359. in ' - x K L 1. 1 5.-"jr J, xi RL . 1, WMC? L 9 ff. . 1 wx Ggiraifv - S1 fliijig U A . -WH "5" X ? , ' 'ag M if 1. A if - ff-,, H '52 221 if fvw,.z, 5 ww- .HIHLS ,W 'WW 25 , A.: -, Q 1 f 1. K 1-swf: , .5 4 . ., ' I, , , n. l . I . I 47 r"' w 1 ra' 'J 1 . A V . wx- L x' ,f J ' . 1--,-. Ma:-'M' 5,-J 1.-5,1 -,, ,, j'-gf-3.3! . 4' 'wh' ww, 1 ' rn wan. ,, JI - g.Q.a5'PM?'. 'f , fi 'Y ...ik 'E T:-J f ,tiff-'1",3.Zy': IQ- .-, 'f1 1 r'4J9y1fEIsipf'., 1, RQ-,riv.j3i21,y1 f ,-4 , Q .HFLHQ T. .1'-QW W, 1. J N. ,X R is f,.24!Q1,Pa3"5',3f'1.-. ,' . 5:5 f?fffnue."y. ix jc. " .-vp ,,'.,ZtHV! . i-,"l,1" M A -1,'v ,rf-Y, -jf V gl V. .,. S 1, 4 ! ...'... .133 f .mg L X 4 VI jx! k ww Q H -fa Y , ZX N 1 -A I eacher features THE NEW TRIER cur- riculum has traditionally been complemented by one of the finest groups of educators in the nation. This year was no exception. But the 1978-79 staff was confronted with the prob- lem of declining enrollment. It has been estimated that by 1987 there will be 4896 fewer students attending school in the New Trier district. The administration has been trying to devise a plan that would allow both New Triers to remain open and that would maintain the number of class options. Due to insufficient funding, the township will be forced to employ between 15 and 19 fewer teachers next year. New Trier's high level of education has not yet been affected by these obstacles. Teachers continued to help students fulfill their poten- tials. Aside from the usual academic courses, the school offered many informative and interesting electives. Many courses not only gave students the opportunity to explore different aspects of learning, but also provided career guidance. With the formation of New Trier Central, several major problems were al- leviated. The township was able to provide education for everyone while saving money at the same time. Those students needing special attention could now attend classes at New Trier Central, instead of being sent to a private school at the township's expense. The new facility also helped to centralize the administra- tion and computer system, which were formerly spread throughout the district. This year's staff maintained 58!FACULTY 1 , 4- a, 4.4- 'f'ii'?f?'g'a 'cf Q ...... .........A........,,, WW- . -,.s.,.,,,.,,,,,,,M pgvv p ii ' ' I . .r Q. .1 .... W, Si.. .1 .lprin New Trier's reputation of academic excellence. Top: When discussing Frenc culture, John Stahl and Mrs Lauerman find that they speak th same language. Above: After a harf day, Mr. Lewis relaxes in an eas. chair. Below: Taking his cue, M Garden aims to sink a ball in t Slde D0Ck6t. fPear1man, Cam bell, Campbellj ADMINISTRATION MR. RALPH G. McGEE DR. JOHN B. DR. RODERICK BICKERT Principal PATZWALD Superintendent Associate superintendent MR. KENNETH L. MR. ERWIN A. MRS. MARILYN V. DR. HENRY S. BANGSER WELLINGTON WEINGARTNER OLANDER Director, Operating services Dean of students Director, Student services Director, Instructional services fi ' V -YU ' fk -ak! x "X 37 'TQSQI1 J' if I g -f' -QQ BOARD OF EDUCATION - Bottom Row: Mrs. Frank M. Shurman, Mrs. Arnold H. Levy, Vlr. Richard H. Rosenberg. Second: Mr. Arthur M. Wright, Mr. John C. Colman, Mr. Fred D. Stone, Mr. David O. Crow. ADMINISTRATIONH59 Administrative staff MRS. MARY L. GLEASON Bookstore supervisor MR. ROBERT T. GOBER Attendance officer MR. JACK B. SPATAFORA Director, ITVfInformation services MRS SUE J LENARD Senior girls' adviser chairman MR. HAROLD R. SEVERNS Senior boys' adviser chairman MRS. CAREY MESTJIAN Junior girls' adviser chairman MR. GENE R. HELFRICH Junior boys' adviser chairman MISS JEAN P. KIXMILLER So homore irls' adviser chairman P E MR. WESLEY A. BAUMANN Sophomore boys' adviser chairman MRS. VIRGINIA E. JOBST Freshman girls' adviser chairman MR. LAWRENCE C. IRWIN New Trier Central MR. GEORGE R. BABIGIAN Dir. Administrative services MR. WILLIAM J. BOYD Dir. Evening school MRS. MIGNON F. ESAREY Office staff MR. ERNEST F. GIARELLI Dir. Facility services MR CHARLES A. KLINGSPORN Administrative assistant MRS. MARY KRANTZ Office staff MR. ROBERT LARSEN Procurement and transportation services MRS. DEANNA K. LAZAR Assistant, Information Services MR. MICHAEL E. SCHACK Dir. Special education MR. THOMAS W. TIMMIS Dir. Personnel services MRS. GRETA M. VINCENT Office staff x X il sq C17 sy! I i fHirshJ .A 1 V, In 43-X N ki MRS. SUZANNE B. ADAMS Speech, Drama MISS LINDA A. AMBROZIK English MRS. RITA D. ANSON Music MR. ROBERT S. APPLEBAUM Science MRS. JEANNE W. ARNOFF Social Studies MR. DAVID A. BACHMANN Music MRS. MARJORIE BAIRD Reading MRS. BEVERLY G. BAKER English MR. MICHAEL A. BAKER Business education MR. RICHARD J. BALDRINI Chairman, Boys' physical education MR. MORRIS BAREFIELD Mathematics MRS. KATHY H. BARNES English MR. FREDERICK A. BARNEY Boys, physical education MRS. DEBORAH BARTHOLOMAY English MR. TERENCE J. BARTON Mathematics MISS BONNIE L. BEACH Girls' physical education MR. ROBERT B. BELL Science MRS. FRANCES M. BENSON Business education MR. JOHN J. BENSON Mathematics FACULTY! 161 MRS. FERN S. BERGER Office staff MR. RALPH M. BERKEMEIER Facility services DR. MARY BOESEL Reading MRS. LILLIAN BOGSTRAND Paraprofessional MRS. CAROL BONAMI Business education MRS. JANET H. BORJA Modern languages MRS. REBECCA L. BOYLAN English MR. ROBERT R. BOYLE EnglishfSpeech, Drama MRS. JUDITH G. BRINTON English MR. ALAN A. BRIX Science MR. EUGENE W. CICHOWSKI Boys' physical education MR. GARY E. CLARK Boys, physical education MRS. BOBBIE H. CLEGG Girls' physical education MRS. PHYLLIS CLENDENING . Music MS. LUDMILLA COVEN Special education MR. RICHARD P. COXON Technical arts MRS. BARBARA A. CROISANT CareerfCollege counseling MRS. MARGARET J. CRUMP Special education MISS LAURA M. DANIELS Science MR. W. HUGHES DAVIS Social studies 162fFACULTY 'S 03" ,KNO MRS. CARYL S. BRIX Science MRS. BETTY A. BROCKELMAN English MR. CARLTON F.. BUERGER English MS. RUTH M. BULLOCK Library!Media center MS. MEG BUNKER Credit union MR. PETER W. BURNSIDE Boys' physical education i MR. JOHN H. CADWELL JR. English MRS. SILVIA D. CALESINI Modern languages MRS. SUSAN P. CAREY Social studies MRS. BEVERLY CARLSTROM Office staff MR. CLINTON E. CARLSTROM Chairrnan, Technical arts MR. ALBERT S. CARPENTER Special education MR. HENRY E. CHARLES Classics MS. LOIS F. CHRISTIAN LibraryfMedia center MR. WALTER J. CHRUSCINSKI Chairman, Art MR. DAVID A. DUTCH Business education MR. ELTON EISELE Paraprofessional MR. EDWARD P. ELLIOTT Social studies MR. ROBERT A. EN KEY Art MR. MELVIN E. EVERLY Chairman, Science MR. JAMES A. FARRELL English MRS CHRISTINE S. FASSNACHT Girls' physical education MR CLARENCE H. FELDBUSCH Supervisor, Facility services MR. WILLIAM N. FELT Art MRS. JEANNE M. FERGUSON Office staff MRS KATHRYN FITZGIBBONS Social studies MRS. ROSE M. FLEMING Office staff MR. WILLIAM R. FLY Driver education MRS. HEDY FRANZ Cafeteria bookkeeper MR. NORMAN L. FREY Chairman, English MISS MARY T. DEIGNAN Special education MS. KATHLEEN M. DEMPSEY Modern languages MR. GERALD M. DENK Boys, physical education MR. DAVID A. DICKMAN Chairman, Social studies MRS. MARY-LOU DICLEMENTI Office staff MR. RICHARD A. DIENHART Production coordinator, ITV MISS MARILYN J. DOMEK Modern languages MISS MARTHA L. DRAKE Girls' physical education MRS. LORRAINE M. DULIN Modern languages MRS. DELPHINE DUPEE Mathematics MRS. HELENE R. FRIEDMAN Modern Languages MISS MARY JO GAFFNEY LibraryfMedia center MR. JOHN W. GAHALA Modern languages MR. PETER A. GALEA Science MR. THOMAS J. GARDEN Special education MRS. SUANNE S. GERSON LibraryfMedia center staff MRS. CAROL B. GILL Theater production MR. FRANKLIN I. GILL Theater production FACULTY! 163 MRS. BARBARA J. GOLDBERG Art MRS. SHIRLEY GOLDSMITH Speech therapy MRS. ALICE L. GREEN English MR. WILLIAM P. GREGORY Center MR. GARY L. GROH Technical arts MRS. DANA W. HAGENAH LibraryfMedia center staff MR. DEAN D. HALL Social studies MR. STEPHEN C. HAM Classics MR. RICHARD F. HANGREN Chairman, School social work MRS. SUE M. HARVEY Special education staff MISS VIVIAN D. HERNANDEZ Modern languages MRS. MARY JO HERZOG Girls' physical education MR. FLOYD B. HILLMAN CareerfCollege counseling MR. STEPHEN A. HILSABECK Social studies MR. CARL F. HIRSCH Mathematics MRS. NANCY K. HOLLINS Special education MISS LOUISE HOLZINGER Registrar MR. JOSEPH C. HUERTER Boys, physical education MRS. CHARLOTTE HUGGINS English MRS. CLAIRE L. HUGHSON Mathematics MRS. NANCY B. ISAACS Science 164fFACULTY MRS. JOAN S. ISMOND Office Staff MR. JOHN A. JACOBSON Technical arts MRS. LILLY P. JACOBSON Office staff MR. GORDON W. JENSEN Chairman, Modern languages MS. JULIE W. JOHNSON English MR. VERNOY A. JOHNSON Center MRS. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Library!Media center staff MR. MITCHELL C. JONES Social studies MR. BERNARD JOSEFSBERG English MS. JANET S. KATZENBERG JUSTIS Girls, physical education MISS ELAINE M. KEHM Mathematics MRS. HELEN L. KELLY Modern languages MRS. JEANNE L. KELLY English MISS LEOLA J. KENNICKE Chairman, Girls? physical education MR. JOHN N. KING Business Education MRS. ROBERTA R. KLAMM Mathematics MRS. VICKI KLEMM Special education MR. RONALD T. KLEIN Boys' physical education MRS. WENDY K. KLEIN Social studies MR. ROBERT F. KLOCKER Special education MISS DARLENE A. KLUKA Girls' physical education MRS. CHERYL J. KNEUBUHLER Mathematics MR. RICHARD J. KOERNER Modern languages MR JAMES KREUMPELSTAEDTER Driver education MR. EUGENE A. KROSCHEL School social work MR. ROBERT E. KUENNEN Art MR. JAMES H. LABADIE Modern languages MRS. JANETTE Y. LACHNER Chairman, Health services MISS MARY L. LAUERMAN Modern languages ISGXFACULTY MR. ZACHARY D. LAZAR Science MR. ROBERT C. LEAHY Mathematics MR. RAYMOND J. LEDINSKY Modern languages MRS. BARBARA A. LEECH , English MRS. SUSANNE J. LEGGETT English MRS. BARBARA LEIDEN School social work MR. RODNEY J. LEVERENTZ Chairman, Mathematics MRS. THORA J. LEVY Special education MR. KENT D. LEWIS Business education MR. REXFORD G. LEWIS Business education MR. AUSTIN F. LINDLEY Mathematics MS. ELIZABETH E. LOVELL English MS. CATHERINE J. MARINE LibraryfMedia center MRS. BLOSSOM A. MARMEL Social studies MR. FRANK A. MATTUCCI Social studies MRS. BETSY MATZ Library!Media center staff MR. ERIC K. MATZ Science MR. ROY MAY Boys' physical education MR. THOMAS B. MCCLAIN Chairman, Speech, Drama MR. JOSEPH W. MCCLOSKEY English MR. PHILIP J. MCCREA Science MR. JAMES C. MCFADZEAN Boys' physical education MRS. MARY MCFADZEAN Office Staff MR. H. EARLE METZGER English MRS. HELEN MEYERS Office staff MS. JUDITH S. NORDBLOM Social studies MRS. ANNE NORDMARK Office staff MRS. CYNTHIA S. NOWIK Business education MISS MINDY A. NUSINOW Home economics MR. MICHAEL J. O'HARE Science MR. RICHARD J. OLDERMAN Photography MRS. PATRICIA O'NEIL Health services staff MS. JUDITH A. OPPEL Special education MRS. JANE S. PARTRIDGE English MRS. ARLINE R. PAUL Center 168fFACULTY ie- . Ytwr MR. GEORGE A. MILAUSKAS Mathematics MRS. JUDITH R. MILLENSON School social work MR. LLOYD O. MILLER English MR. CHARLES W. MITCHELL Mathematics MRS. LOUISE P. MORE Special education MRS. ROSE K. MOREAU English MISS HELEN N. MORROW Social studies MISS JANE E. MUELLER English MS. WAHNETA M. MULLEN Modern languages MR. RICHARD K. MURPHY Mathematics MRS. CATHERINE E. NARO English MRS. SALLY B. NEARY Office staff MR. LEO H. NEUMAN Chairman, Driver education MR. EDWARD W. NICHOLSON Speech, Drama MS. IRENE C. NIEBAUER Art MR. JOHN H. RAY Mathematics MS. JOY A. REIS Social studies MR. RICHARD A. RHOAD Mathematics MS. KATHLEEN A. RINEHART Social studies MR. CHARLES F. ROCKEY Science MRS. MARY B. RODEN English MR. ALLEN E. ROSS Art MRS. PATRICIA W. ROSS Mathematics MRS. ELAINE G. ROTH Chairman, LibraryfMedia center MR. W. JESS RUDIGER CareerfCollege counseling MISS GERALDINE A. RYBERG Assistant director, Athletics MRS. HELEN W. RYON Girls' physical education MR. EARL D. SCHABEL Boys' physical education MRS. BETTY SCHILLEREFF Home economics MR. HERMAN J. SCHILLEREFF Director, Athletics XJ MRS. DOROTHY L. PAULICK Mathematics MRS. JUNE PENNER School social work MR. KENNETH PERREAULT Technical arts MISS DONNA L. PETERSON Modern languages MS. SUE A. PETERSON Office staff MR. MICHAEL J. PHELAN Mathematics MRS. KATHY PINGEL-POWELL Speech, Drama MRS. PAULA J. POYSER Home economics MR. CHARLES E. PROVOW Science MRS. JANE B. PUCKETT Reading iv' 1? MR. JOHN A. SCHNEITER Driver education MR. MARTIN A. SCHNIPPER English MRS. DONNA SCHRAMM Office staff MRS. ROSE SCHWAB Office staff MRS. RUTH T. SCOBIE Business education MRS. JOANNE H. SHEPARD Paraprofessional MS. NANCY L. SMITH Home economics MR. ROBERT K. STEVENS Music MR. WILLIAM P. STEWART Social studies MISS DIANE L. STOEWER English FAC ULTYf169 MR. JOHN R. THOMSON Chairman, Classics MRS. VIVIAN E. TURCOT Special education MRS. ALICE P. TURNER Office staff MR. RONALD A. TYNER Science MRS. LOUISE O. UNDERWOOD English DR. JAMES R. WAGNER Science MRS. KATHERINE J. WALSH English MR. LUCIUS E. WARD Operating services MR. LAWRENCE T. WARE Art MISS BRENDA R. WAYNE Business education MR. RONALD R. WEDEKIND Mathematics MRS. LOUISE R. WEISS Business education MRS. SUZANNE K. WENTE Girls' physical education DR. ROBERT M. WHIPPLE Mathematics MRS. SANDRA E. WHIPPLE Mathematics MR. JON C. WHITE Social studies MR. M. WAYNE WIEMER Driver education MR. JAMES J. WOLF School social work MR. WILLIAM R. WOLFF Boys' physical education MR. JAMES A. WOLTER Chairman, Special education MR. J. CLARK WORKMAN Technical arts 170fFACULTY MR. JOEL B. STREIGHTIFF Chairman, Music MR. RICK L. SUSSEN English MR. THOMAS E. SWARSEN Science MISS CAROLYN J. SWEERS Social studies MRS. GILLIAN H. THOMSEN Science In Memoriam MR. WILLIAM J. KOSER Special education DAY SHIFT - Bottom Row: Acello, Carr, Lipscomb, Baker, E Laude, Franchi. Second: Holloway Beck, W. Feldbusch, Miner, vvf Laude. Third: Askin Holstead Borden, Sansone. lizourth: cf Feldbusch, Grant, Smith, Hoff- I'l'l3I'l. NIGHT SHIFT - Bottom Row: Lipsconib, Dipietro, Nordomarino, Upgard, J. Tosi, D. Tosi. Second: Logli, Bartolai, Bernadi, Thomas, Shaffer, Michael Hoss. Third: Thalman, Perkey. Absent: Am- brogi, Cavallari, Gregori, Melvin Hoss, Kiederlen, Zauner. I MAINTENANCE CRE WS ww ww Nm, ,Q q V113 1 it f, 10, x,ffQ, , ,,,b A QQ W I V I L , 5 , 7 Q 9 f- f - 1511-'gg '.i + A ' Q " av - f 1 , ' X f yr , W " 5 ,LM-ffff"0 -xiazf. QT' An 1 I 1 'Ffh f ' 'I , ff. an 'AV , C 1 D Q ' 'Lfiivv-. gr, J 12- Q J ', If ,'f- -, " . ' . 259 V' . . 4 . . X, S 1 'iff' i x 4 .r ,gf , ' . , 'i'M5L" 2. ,W ,Y in W. 1 q 9 xy ,I f Af TM, X' 72 :Sir . A, I 1 z x , 4, ., 5 JN, R. .1-pw: The Center , i ,. ALTERNATIVES IN EDUCA N ' 7i1!CENT'??31 eve, . ,fi NETWORKS OF COMMUNICATION wfi X if 47 2 Wana W D 1,5 L wa amwavwmwwzmmmwuwwmwwfmm HW' E R .,aN X xwmx wsfmwrxmss-wwwm.v 'RESEARCH x Wy, 5 , , , 2 ,ff 1:4 f ,V 41 xmwxxmwgmw: ri S S S S S X A S 5 X X' S S 3 2 .zwwzmxrm 2 K, 5 Wmwwmmmmwrmmwmwm241mv1,wmmwmmwzwwarinrwmmizvfsmvvmxwrfbvamwfmmcaolom Trim L I TER CTIONS W 4 FU D RMUSERS vn- qu- wfwfff ff I X H 5 S S ii 5 E R Q X-AQ, vmiazl XS wmww New fi ii h 4 fwewmwff flwxffwfmfm ufaykmwf fwfwff 1 nf 1 wwf 1,f,vw 111 A nf mmf EF - Vl 'l'4" . ,Elie if 2' " V 5,5213-'4,g,g' T'f21Q5iE,,f5w- ff aj QL Q Q.:,'fv 1 . 1.4 fi, 'Q f"'71'1'fEg5As:Q..-5:3551' me 1 - 112 , W A : 4 xy' , Q,-'-5,16-':g:w'ff1 -.54-if: V1 111-4.1 . 4 r. JA N ' " ' f- A 1 'Q 1- "Q" ' - 11 A H ' , .Yr W: ggi: -.f 4- -7 , - , . -.,, . --- -P ,qw-.., 1,-:ffm , ,. -,..1,.w:.f5,v.. 3 ' - , 1' , .aw 1,-f1e,Y:ffTf1r .21,g!f!w, -ugh- , , . -, , .- ,-1S".f-- :-Q.- ,-AM. 16.-ff? J. .fgwff-fr, , . . 1 H fff ' ff., '-1:41, "- , f ,,... . ,,,ff',,vfv- ,, ,,g.,L,,...f -.., Q- -- -,fd-.., , , - - 'U 55' 75135 Yi -ffm 1:51 :iS1:"'f,?a-miie.-1-17,2 11272 T' 4' 21-fr s f ,H A? Lf 4.'fgAf,few:?rs:1f- -' , , Je,-:-H -rf, 7:'1", ,- ' -,N L- - .Y ,J 4. f1S'F."':fT?:131, -- . . :Eff TT f ,. 1 " J, '2 i,:- f"f' r?:1x:i , 1,241 gf -1.i.1a'.' -:fc :..:, " aaa' Y-'- ' R , 2-I 5 MR. GREGORY Bottom Row: Caspersen, Camp- bell, Bronstein, Borushek, S Johnson. Second: Kudan, Fitz- Hugh, R. Johnson, Abrams, Gomez, Holloway, Mr. Gregory, Shine. MRS. KIRK Bottom Row: Radell, Kiem Second: Heiser, Twilling, Mrs Kirk, Bowers, Lavelle, Hurn Third: Immenhausen, Deutsch, Alexander. 176fCENTER Wit. MR. JOHNSON Bottom Row: Maslowski, Rein- isch, Rosenzweig, Amirfazli, Good- man, Ball, Mr. Johnson. Second: Avildsen, Glass, Sershon, Lewis. Third: Kaden, Jewett. Absent: Anderson, Balmes, Brown, Don- ahue, Garrett, Goss, Hauptle, Lane, T. McCabe, V. McCabe, Snider, Trenholm. w l l I E i s 0 Ja...-BSS.-.'f"' A "" f , f Mi.. MRS. PAUL Bottom Row: Levit, Belka, Elliot, Sandor. Second: Tolpin, Bahng, Dusablon, Mrs. Paul, Kabel, Babich, Fucik. Third: Schramm, Pieper, McMurry, Judge, Hagy, Yunker. Fourth: Chwatal, Immen- hausen. Absent: Carey, Graham, Jones, Long, Moore, Neidig, Norman, Rude, Schneider, Spector. MS. SCHREIBER Bottom Row: Ms. Schreiber, Hill, Andrew. Second: Frey, Stevenson Kleinman. Absent: Flinchum Flynn, Fucik, Mendel, Poor Saballus, Spellman, Ullrich. Freshmen 'TWAS THE FIRST day of school and all through New Trier, The students were ready to start the new year. Cheerleaders were stationed in hallways with care, Knowing the freshmen soon would be there. When down in the basement there arose such a clatter, All sprang from their rooms to see what was the matter. And who of all people befell all their looks? But a nervous young freshman who'd dropped all his books. "My pink slips! My gym suit! The Oddysey!," he cried, While above him a poster proclaimed "Pride Inside." More rapid than ditch slips his frosh helper came, Who smiled and calmed him and called him by name. With a wink of his eye and a nod of his head, He soon told the frosh he had nothing to dread. So, up to the fourth floor, the freshman, he flew, But missed RSLR by a minute or two. In study hall he rested, his feet felt like lead, While visions of pom-pon girls bopped in his head. As his first day progressed he came out of his shell. He had made many friends when he heard the last bell. So, having reviewed every class of the day, He strolled out the door in a confident way. He said to his mom as they drove out of sight: "I guess I'll survive, New Trier is all right!" Though he's dropped mounds of books, a freshman with butter- fingers is nothing to snicker at fpadgim 78!FRESHMEN KATE .BUCK SUSAN AVERY President Vice-president MEREDITH EMERSON COURTNEY MARSH Secretary Treasurer MISS AMBROZIK Bottom Row: Ryan, Ransom, Powell, Breck heimer, Strahorn, Richards. Second: Patterson Seymour, Barr, Pimley, Jackson, Husak. Third! Pick, Becker, Parker, Downey, Lewis, Ruben- stein, Miss Ambrozik. Fourth: Parr, Wright, deVuono, Maher, Furca, Kanaley. Fifth Petray, Herndon, Jaeger, Lisle, Lehman Absent: Harvey. MR. CADWELL Bottom Row: Orelind, Flinchum, Nomoto, Rielly, Majeczky, Kaminski. Second: Lettner, Keller, Houghton, Meyer, Duffee, O'Connor. Third: Tate, Slotkin, Hallenberg, Graham, Johnston, Shlensky. Fourth: Bailey, Sibbald, Carter, Bennett, Shearer, Mr. Cadwell. Fifth: DeVries, Moy, Dominik, Beitzel, Beckman. Absent: Hackett. MISS BEACH Bottom Row: Cole, Sutherland, Edmonds, Rafanello, Sample, Faurot. Second: Beinlich Fuchs, McDermott, Rowell, Ward, Sperry Third: Armstrong, Steiner, Jennings, Brans- field, James, Miss Beach. Fourth: Gould Hastings, Bishop, Flanagin, Dickes, Renner Fifth: Gaines, Neuman, Buck, Petrie, Hauser Absent: Moore. MRS. BROCKELMAN Bottom Row: Carroll, Barnes, Gradolph, Nurnberger, Lunquist, Miller. Second: Moore, Vokes, Ipavic, Chen, Leahy, Hayes. Third: Kennedy, Clay, Dahl, Bigelow, Pitt, Weiss. Fourth: Butler, Fosse, Knoblock, Stogin Farwell, Mrs. Brockelman. Fifth: Diltz Howard, Brands, Price, Gunnels. r y FRESHMENX 1 7 9 BOXFRESHMEN A-hx, ..,,.a MISS DOMEK Bottom Row: Thomashow, Berman, Lawless, Harrison, Hangren, Van Vlierbergen. Second: Koscielak, Ganteaume, Schmidt, Cannon, Dunn, Balmes. Third: Stone, Kalsch, Aland, Nykaza, Miss Domek. Fourth: Malott, Ryan, Hummel, Kelley, Alexander. Fifth: Madden, Julian, Laport, Cunningham, Madison. Absent: Abrams, Kravits. MISS KEHM Bottom Row: Friedman, Emerson, Craddock, Kalman, Hendrix, Peterson. Second: Piorkowski, Kelso, Jarvis, Moses, Fox, Roberts. Third: Franden, White, Mathewson, Roth, N. Gorman, Miss Kehm. Fourth: Hetherington, Kitzrow, Bloomfield, Schmid, O'Connor. Fifth: McNeill, K. Gorman, Lipe, Trenholm, Berger. Absent: Kullby, Noyes. MR. CARPENTER Bottom Row: Nelson, Glass, Hirsch, Singer Lawton, Gaber. Second: Buerger, Edwards Conte, Campbell, Woolard, Lyons. Third Franklin, Metzger, Dickie, Harnack, Erzinger Denby, Mr. Carpenter. Fourth: Rosen McMahon, Badger, Kauf, Krause, Hinchman Fifth: Deppen, Raglin, Callaghan, Swanson Hastey. Absent: Lahey. MR. DENK Bottom Row: Drayton, Rennolds, Zimmerman, Cohen, Ury, Cell. Second: Chan, Vile, Hauldren, Johnson, Pope, Lane. Third: Stevens, Tiegler, Hauser, Bryan, Burns, Kruempelstaedter, Mr. Denk. Fourth: Kepler, Elliott, Armstrong, Toll, Minogue. Fifth: Klauke, Patterson, McLeese, Johnston, Adamson. Absent: Ahern, Horsch, Rowe. 1 MR. KOERNER Bottom Row: Sal-ras, Morris, Seccombe Ganteaume, Greenberg, Voll. Second: Stenzel Dellin, Reis, Kelley, Dickinson, Haworth Third: Friedman, Flynn, Pitluk, Sullivan Plonsker, Mr. Koerner. Fourth: Hermeling Murrin, Wolff, J. Dempsey, Levin. Fifth Blomquist, Ortegel, L. Dempsey, Clary, Frey. Absent: Cornell. 1 Q .L , .tm 1 ., i ' -fo' is ff . A ., I Z Y , ,WN ...J 55: , 'J' 'a' 4 ,Q ' i ---' t xl V W 'A A g g 1 Q , - Lf- Q V Y , f ,R , : , ? : ' , I .ry . ia , - Amex 35 8 ' 4 951, ,u we as .JT , 1 ' ,f A. offs. sw. x S 1 " if A N ., ' Y L Nag J P A ft h In gl l J A A ,kv ' V fi Q l MRS. KLEIN Bottom Row: Russell, Levins, Svingos McGrew, Curtiss, Kaplan. Second: Chu, Davis Scully, Potts, Johnston, Mrs. Klein. Thirdi Fasano, Kaltenekker, Baldovin, Leondedis Snider. Fourth: Ferrick, Polydoris, Grannan Cervinka, VanDyke, Emmert. Fifth: Peterson Whiteside, Vosseller, Wackerle, Wollaeger Little. Absent: Massey. t . . .,. . tf ,. ,N a,.. . . Vi. V ..k, ,I , .,- ' E. mf? af-Nik M -. g K Y If -,A , A ..,- ff 5? W fi, sg, x., , . 2, - -jr as -' - e ' ef . J. MRS. KNEUBUHLER Bottom Row: Cole, Wertheimer, Hughes, Shimura, Mooney, Lawler. Second: McMurray, Laurence, Holleran, Cullen, Viglietti. Third: Brennan, Baker, Lazer, Alvarez, Hung, Mrs. Kneubuhler. Fourth: Kabel, von Molnar, Yates, McMahon, Gibbons. Fifth: Schwartz, Pfaelzer, Newby, Sharp, Williamson. MR. LABADIE Bottom Row: Moloney, Steinek, Kim, Loftus, Cook, Jeannin. Second: Lynch, Sendelbach, Dunbar, Slack, Arima, Donahue. Third: Walker, Flatley, Fragassi, Riemenschneider, Mr. Labadie. Fourth: Bohnen, Gerding, Slavin, Fogarty. Fifth: Garrison, Crowder, Levy, Jansen, Barrett. Absent: DeRuiter. FRESHMENX 181 QXFRESHMEN MISS LAUERMAN Bottom Row: Whitson, Sipe, Kalter, Lin, Robb, Swan. Second: Tan, Everingham, Oestrike, Spitek, Alonzo. Third: Bowen, Eaton, Schopen, Cangelosi McCann, Miss Lauerman. Fourth: Lindstrom, Skaja, Shaughnessy, Williams, Wood. Fifth: Conran Adelman, Nystrom, Jonscher, Weatherley. MRS. LEVY Bottom Row: Thompson, Wold, Provow, Willis, Kiliany, Zibble. Second: Kushner, Turner, Sterret, Lewy, Bogard, Mrs. Levy. Third: Herbst, Fogarty, Schwarzbach, Avery, Ellwood, Ubben. Fourth: Kanne, Buntain, Surman, Wilson, MacDonald, Helmer. Fifth: Davis, Lindley, Bohnsack, McClain, Adams, Russ. MR. LEAHY Bottom Row: Plumb, Young, Zimmerman, Greenberg, Stevens, Rickard. Second: Carrane, Schmidt, Hosbein, O'Neil, Bentley, Currie. Third: Schumann, Driggs, Quinn, Gilson, Mr. Leahy. Fourth: Watson, Johnson, Broderick, Yale, Pitner, Madden. Fifth: Huggins, Daniels, Mabie, Jackson, Peterson. Absent: Bowen, Hayes, Hofman. . 'F , Q .fp -vi . L ,,'f' A E - V , . , ' ' i ,... . i T '1 ,,:. . 1 we , ' ' ' -t A , J , . mai' g rf' 1 'vi '," ' , 1 , ,,, , , Q 4, U' ' f ' , if F 1 Q Aiei t v i :r ::' ' , ,Y L, ' J ' 'ii" i A 45 'P P , Y ' 0 g . 1 A 4 1 iizi Pi ' f, - ' X i 5 121'-'f. vi--1373, f' "' E a , X v ' , rf 5, MR. LEWIS Bottom Row: Ritchie, Newton, Johnson, Campbell, Mathias, Mattox. Second: Blackwell, Nash, Stahl, Boyd, Burke, Oslund, Mr. Lewis. Third: Heitman, Marks, Thompson, Warner, Denison, Lindblad, Oslon. Fourth: Marquardt, Fix, Wire, Nelson, Lambrecht, Morgan, Markovich. Fifth: Porta, Howard, Russell, Warren, Wilfong, Guhl. MR. METZGER Bottom Row: Fiffer, Kahlrnorgan, McCahey, Chanen, Ernst, Baumann. Second: Minn Taylor, Schoch, Johnson, Ieuter, Traynor. Third: Robison, Tarr, Solber, Harrington Cooley, Miyashita, Mr. Metzger. Fourth Templeton, Dean, Moore, Bosco, Bianucci Fifth: Phillips, Peara, Brattleaf, Kutschke Absent: Posen, Ray. A ,V 4122 ,iff MR. OSBORN Bottom Row: Trompeter, Seltzer, Sullivan Schnadig, Klinlger, Poulos. Second: Head, Houpt, Langmar, Andrews, Ross. Third: ' Alenson, Funari, Lagershausen, Barancik, Shaw, Mr. Osborn. Fourth: Marks, S. Davis, Frankel, Hagberg, Albertson. Fifth: Padgen, Corra, McDonough, M. Davis, Wright. MR. MCCREA Bottom Row: Prange, Pearlman, Firestone, Goff, Bahng, Cassidy. Second: Gotta, Santeler, Bachmann, Hayes, lgliori, Connolly. Third: Burstein, Solomon, Shieh, Levine, Schriedel, Mr. McCrea. Fourth: Drummond, Stephens, Escamilla, Stefany, Lisle, Emery. Fifth: DeVryer, Carpenter, Ackerman, Mills, Gritschke, Johnson. Absent: Jans. MS NIEBAUER Bottom Row: Graham, Wysockey, Ball, Spector, MacLean, Ruby. Second: Schmitz, Hirschle, Harrison, Marsh, Fitzgerald, Carr. Third: Kubiak, Yelton, Atherton, Williams, Barratt, Ms Niebauer. Fourth: Osman, Bodovitz, Tatosian, DeMitchell, Carioscia. Fifth: Jaegers, Gillis, Spier, Kirscher, Pringle. Absent: Gribble. FRESHMENU83 LXFRESHMEN MRS. PAULICK Bottom Row: Nordstrom, Jeannin Howard, Nolan, Bennett, Ernst. Second: Dicesare, OlConne1l, McKenzie, Lieber- man, Marvin, Mrs. Paulick. Third: Dewys Baez, Barreca, Carreira, Reitz, DeGryse Fourth: Bergersen, Dysart, Lorenz Mueller, Norwood. Fifth: Wagener Willian, Adams, Hinshaw, Martin. Absent Bockley, Smith. MR. PHELAN Bottom Row: Zimmermann, McGoey, Schneider, Yasenak, Hellman, Holmgren. Second: Rohner, Sullivan, Dwyer, McWhirter, Von K Varga, Franke. Third: Lyon, Smith, Bacle, McKenna, Glick, Mr. Phelan. Fourth: McCain, Clay, Rammelt, Ray, Freund. Fifth: Raith, Malloy, Davis, Bovenschulte, Tsuchimo- to. Absent: Davis, Horwitch. MR. RAY Bottom Row: Gianukos, Stanzler, Smessaert, Wendt, Allen, MacDonald. Second: Ferrick, Pantone, Fishman, Agustin, Burdick, Kaefer. Third: Aschauer, Fischer, Fajardo, Hodgson, Savard, Pfann, Mr. Ray. Fourth: Weinberg, Schmidtlein, Price, Hausheer, Pierpont, Meissner, Myers. Fifth: Mark, Davidson, Kirk, Obereiner, Zanzucchi, Reimer. MS. RINEHART Bottom Row: Smider, Coletta, Klawans, Pick Phillips, Saville. Second: Zanarini, Mesrobian Holland, G. Sullivan, Maheras, Migely. Third Power, Cole, Tatosian, Federico, Geniesse, Ms Rinehart. Fourth: Davis, Rutherford, Later, M Sullivan, Kelly. Fifth: Meek, Peterson, Smith Mansfield. Absent: Handelman, Kissinger Seghers. MR. WARE Bottom Row: Starrett, Abbott, O'Keefe, Miller, Heise, Constan. Second: Barrett, Carew, Stern Shehan, Wright, Sauer. Third: Coyle, Scott, Bokhof, Druger, Mr. Ware. Fourth: Horton Smith, Perry, Hanigan, Springer, Tschaij kowsky. Fifth: Knuti, Kleinman, Squires Childress, Cunningham, Vlahos. Absent Ingersol. x .nv-2 , 1-1:1-M Q --- - ' sk . 'N 75: 'J MS. SMITH Bottom Row: Mitchell, Kofman, Leahy Feldman, Lee, Davis. Second: Cavalier, Nelson Calkins, Dini, Krit, Kuhn. Third: Bissell Russell, Maloney, Nack, Wheeler, Ms. Smithi Fourth: Kunath, Morris, Johnson, Connors, Kelly. Fifth: Milbratz, Prindiville, Bowen Marsh, Varouxakis. Absent: Burrill. ' 'Q----Q v---ii...- h,-1. Q x . 1 . rl X I ' f r fl X ff f , Q I. ,V l 3 fr F r s . p if i 1 l if f I f M l r l 2' A A il f ' R N 1 o. iv! . V ,X , 5 --vw A sq- A -A M ' 'or' . . . , gif ,L -4 ... on - M - ,e A . .. .... . ' 1: 2 1 FRESHMENXIS5 Saphomores STACY HOLLAND DANIEL KISSINGER MICHAEL KOCOUR MARY VANVLIERBERGEN President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Nancy: Joe Nancy: Joe Nancy Joe Nancy Joe: Nancy: Joe: Nancy: Joe: Nancy: Joe: Nancy: Are you going to the Sophomore Turnabout? No. Will you go with me? Well . . . er . . . I guess so. But I've never really gone to anything like that before. I don't have to rent a tux do I? I'm going to be wearing a long dress, but as long as you don't look like a slob that's fine with me. I'll probably be able to drive by then - but I'm getting a "D" in theory so I don't know if my parents will let me get my license. Well, if you don't get your license we can walk. I'd rather die than have my parents drive us. By the way, are you going to the basketball game on Friday? We're going to wail on West. Oh, I wish I could but I have to babysit. I may be starting. Well, I bet I could get out of it. On second thought, there's a slight chance I won't start. Well, um . . . did you study for the geometry test? Are you kidding? I was on the phone all night with my friends trying to get up the nerve to ask you to Turnabout! Oh well, I'll probably flunk. See you 10th. Yeah, see ya. XSOPHOMORES MRS, ADAMS Bottom Row: Pok, Parmer, Callaghan, Conant Finney, Page. Second: Lawlor, Seymour, Sullivan Nolan, Platon, Wilson, Vogt. Third: Rutherford Mrs. Adams, Kurschner, Dierickx, Michala, Griffith Fourth: Witherell, Eldredge, Lindley, Nevin Chapman, Johnson. Fifth: Porter, Sharfstein, Lane Andrews, Shelton, Higgins. 1 f I ,J -. ,, fy.: Q 4. ' , ,. , . ' , z- fp- ,- of Syl, f li 1 V ,. a If 4 A -I , , l' ' . i pg: ' ,.,!, ,fl ' MRS. BARTHOLOMAY - Bottom Row: Pagano, Campbell, Sayre, Eby, Baldwin Schumann. Second: Douds, White, Walsh Parrish, Wolfe, Hoagland, Mrs. Bartholomay Third: Dini, Kleckner, Pelts, D'Arnico, Higgins Fair. Fourth: Diltz, Heeter, Panas, Head Neuhaus, O'Leary. Fifth: Colnon, Ramsdell Crandell. Absent: Becker, Haigh. MRS. BAKER - Bottom Row: Goldberg, Sherman, Chan. Second: DiClementi, Mazza, Coffield, Pfann, Lindsey. Third: Lockwood Fink, Ludovice, Paoletti, Holloway, Hinman Fourth: Schriedel, Stevenson, Penney, Murrin Hamilton, Snavely, Mrs. Baker. Fifth: Brick Mead, Hinkamp, Abell, Rugland, Dini, Dill. MR. BAKER -- Bottom Row: Gross, Dicesare, Revord, Nolan, Caylor, Cohen. Second: Petterson, Gallanis, Lucik, Maloney, Cornell, Auvil, Mr. Baker. Third: Ward, Sullivan, Burgee, Keogh, Johnson, Wieland. Fourth: Weickert, Sensibar, Wall, Abbey, Janosek. Fifth: Hammersley, Lathrop, Ehle, Embree, Murray, Brashears. Absent: Tshilds. 1 v 1 I N- I MR. BARTON - Bottom Row: Carrane, Doughty, Knowlton, Lahey, Adamson, Nelson. Second: Sheehan, Nesbitt, Tyrrell, Lieberman, Peponis, Traynor, Burmeister. Third: Negron- ida, Schmitz, Bendy, Tan, Huff, O'Rourke. Fourth: LeVally, Secaras, Johnson, Biskis, Sampson, Grove, Mr. Barton. Fifth: MacDon- ald, Thompson, Quinn, Wall, Gynn. Absent: Herndon. SOPHOMORESH87 SXSOPHOMORES MRS. CROISANT - Bottom Row: Keyes, Kaiser, Collins, Richards, Verges, Paullus. Second: Hall Beck, Pinnell, Whelan, Berndt, Mrs. Croisant Third: Denniston, Southern, Fenner, Kelley McConnell. Fourth: Giras, Nebel, Sullivan, Nack Ryan, Coyne. Fifth: George, Kasner, Day, Bryan Morand. Absent: Rosenzweig. MRS. FRIEDMAN - Bottom Row: Newman Hardy, Hostert, Borre, Rennolds. Second: Kaplan, Milici, Champion, Schwartz, Voll. Third: Whitehand, Milliken, Rineberg, Zales, Mrs Friedman. Fourth: Schaefer, Murray, Tuchmann Stephan, Pisano, Pimley. Fifth: Spertus, Rigolin McCormick, Todd. Absent: Huebner, Mueller Trompeter. s MR. CAJET - Bottom Row: Golden, McHugh, Tamai, Strouse, Barreca, Canning. Second: Lynch, Shattil, Vosseller, Streightiff, Hurley, Black. Third: Nernat-Nasser, Nutt, Adler, Eisenstein, Sloan, Schuster, Mr. Cajet. Fourth: Gerding, Barrett, Freeman, Goese, Gynn, Paden. Fifth: Laughlin, Gould, Flinn, Coxon, McClellan. 'gifpf 1 iw are T' MR. GARDEN - Bottom Row: McConnell, Harris, Pigott, Ruffino, Nguyen, Murphy. Second: DeGross, Donell, Hennessey, Thigpen, Blake, Mr. Garden. Third: Meyers, Kenney, Kenny, Hughes, Bergman, Boyer. Fourth: Waterman, Berlin, Nold, Raucci, Cawley. Fifth: Maddox, Crown, Ellis, Creevy, Dempsey. MRS. GOLDSMITH - Bottom Row: Moncrieff, Gray, Drileck, Miller, Fisch, Marsh. Second: K. Johnson, Carlson, Gitlin, Shaffer, S Johnson, Plate, Mrs. Goldsmith. Third Mauck. Fourth: Swoiskin, Lambert, Murrin Wood, Love. Fifth: Kneifel, Proffit, Roberts Parsons. Absent: Boudart. Driscoll, Andersen, Golin, Carlson, Laport, i if , 1.4 -L! MR. HILSABECK - Bottom ROW: Nelson Guthrie, Casey, Leahy, Lindblad, Jiganti Second: Moran, Winberg, Hahn, Ellis, Klein, Box. Third: Millikin, Gourley, Barr, Cole, Eberhard. Fourth: Fowkes, Dauer, Dhein Shattuck, Henderson. Fifth: Austin, Solberg, Clark, Smith, Johnson. Absent: Borelli Grundeis, Wallace, Mr. Hilsabeck. T l MRS. GORSHOW - Bottom Row: Miller, Tourville, Saballus, Wilson, Kong, Zimmerman Second: Harris, Lowley, Kogan, Love Kaminski, Penticoff, Mrs, Gorshow. Third: Turhin, Fair, Macomber, Rutkowski, Evans, Schlossman. Fourth: Burkard, Murray Sebastian, O'Rourke, Pemble, Cook, Trausch Absent: Maguire. MR. HALL - Bottom Row: Moretta Vitikainen, Klebba, Allen, Hays, Garrett Second: Cacharelis, Shapiro, Smith, Reed Pearl, Laporta. Third: Levin, Whitman Mitchell, Weinzirnmer, Fish, Mr. Hall. Fourth: Wagener, Johnson, Rainford, Kamp, Carrier. Fifth: Turner, Borden, Williams, Maibenco, Moticik. Absent: Adams, Dugan, Mclver. SOPHOMORESM89 OXSOPHOMORES MRS. HUGGINS - Bottom Row: Straka Peterson, Poor, Buckingham, Carlin, Jeannin. Second: Tilton, Sidhu, Dudick, Thomas, Reid, Shaughnessy, Mrs. Huggins. Third: McNally, Pearson, Balmes, Ryan, Connolly, Van Elk. Fourth: Buick, Hosbein, Ziegler, Epkins, Stafford, Des remaux, Hemke. Absent: Connell, Shelly, Weinbren ner. MR. KRUEMPELSTAEDTER - Bottom Row: Blake, Stafford, Goodman, Milici, Campbell DeGryse. Second: McCook, Hammond, Schopen Timm, Slavens. Third: Baylin, Maurer, Hoffman Rowe, Sheridan, Mr. Kruempelstaedter. Fourth Segil, Fucik, Jaegers, Horn, Herron, Schellenberg Fifth: Allen, Guthrie, Sutton, Schwartz, Mintz. MRS. LEECH - Bottom Row: Daughtery, Cordell, Wilson, Priest, Schell. Second: Carew, Smead Langan, Boleyn, Zeh. Third: Beemer, Jarrow Rockefeller, Perry, Mrs. Leech. Fourth: Johnson Worden, VanVlierbergen, Friedrichs. Absent Fossler, Holmes, Pangrac. I . . 4. MRS. MARMEL - Bottom Row: Potts, Barnard, Akiyama, Baur, Onley, Cualoping. Second: Kelly, Kogan, Spring, Tussing, 'Mies, Mrs. Marmel. Third: Snider, Cohen, Hahn, Romanek, Cain, Beinlich. Fourth: Johnson, Hall, Wellenreuther, Koester, J. Levin. Fifth: Hoffman, Geraghty, Wassman, Eisen, C. Levin. Absent: Smith, Weinberg. it 5 Yun!! MRS. PARTRIDGE - Bottom Row: Meier, Freeman, Sherman, Sewell, Miller, Everly. Second: Termyn, Wright, Lloyd, Hosbein Ward, Regan, Mrs. Partridge. Third: Fleming, Atkinson, Goodie, Rosenberg, Stern, Peterson Fourth: Stearns, Downey, Siegel, Lindner Bransky, Crane, Hatton. Fifth: Williams Terman, Moore, Devlin, Flanagin, Wood, Lind QCLGA MR. MILAUSKAS - Bottom Row: Powell, Levins, Carruthers, O'Donnell, Platt, Offer. Second: Cunningham, Lahrmann, Jones, Dauchy, Mundt, Egnor. Third: Rogers, Heinzen, Mathewson, Campbell, Sievers. Fourth: Lawson, Chatterton, Zuke, Harmon, Chadwick. Fifth: Stenzel, Coladarci, Harney, Gion, Mr. Milauskas. Absent: Barker. MISS NUSINOW - Bottom Row: Fine, Williamson, Funari, Jahant, Scott, Deasy. Second: Crawford, Lawton, Friedlander, Hegarty, Cross. Third: Kahlmorgan, Linkowski, Wood, Reighard, Johnson, Miss Nusinow. Fourth: Cavalier, Ellis, Nelson, Specht Malone. Fifth: Trausch, Morris, Armogost, Harrold, Graham. Absent: Bloom, Waite. MR. O'HARE - Bottom Row: Anderson, Raveret, Gould, Schwartz, Hartel, Rein. Second: Myers, Howland, Ryden, Allsteadt, Jannotta, Powell, Mr. O'Hare. Third: Sullivan, Soren, Walsh, Lazar, Lissner, Herbst. Fourth: Pinkerton, Coven, O'Malley, Norehad, Kaefer, Worthington. Fifth: Dahlheim, Bell, Wegner, Kocour. Absent: Kunkel, Montross. SOPHOMORESM9 l92fSOPl-IOMORES 1 DR. RUDE - Bottom Row: Yuen, Zoghlin, Jennings, O'Brien, Walker. Second: Bigelow, Campbell, Schroeder, Karr, Kalter. Third: Sullivan, Spinner, Schlossrnan, Mueller, Ross, Dr. Rude. ' 2 Fourth: Schuller, Bergsten, Kmieciak, Jester, McGarry. Fifth: Schultz, Niedermaier, Randstrom, X I Donovan, Dunton. Absent: Gordon, Kiener. MR. SCHINTO - Bottom Row: Kerins, Hussey Rutledge, Rosen, Sugarman. Second: Patrick Kincaid, Peter, Sincox, McDonough, Mr. Schinto. Third: Solber, Burkhardt, Stafford, Riskind O'Reilly. Fourth: Nixon, Mitchell, Bromberg Bellack. Fifth: Sievers, Kalin, Tangney, Steiner Absent: Balmes, Halwick, Hartnett, Riblet. l X552 41 M91 i K MR. SCHABEL - Bottom Row: Martin 1 Rahe, Taylor, Dublin, Selig, Kissinger. Second: Hill, Strahorn, White. Lucas, Diebel, Mr. Schabel. Third: Remke, Armstrong, Wilson Kuether, Nelson. Fourth: Thompson, Peck- ham, Horwitz, McRae, Jones. Fifth: Challinor, Nicolazzo, Burchill, Jacobson, Coleman. Absent: La Porte. MR. STEVENS - Bottom Row: Teinowitz Dodge, Shapiro, Schneider, Wallace, Malia Second: Miller, Cavallino, Schlumpf, Sweet Vanover, Sbrocco. Third: Kay, ManKus Crown, Johnson, Turner. Fourth: Lettner, Lee Lewis, Schelhas, Kinnev. Fifth: Franz Trobaugh, Friend, Davis, Mr. Stevens. Absent Long. V MR. SWARSEN - Bottom Row: Freeman Bridges, Alger, Wanger, Lipson, Miller. Second Carroll, Scott, Harrison, Marcus, Larson Third: Powell, McDonald, Kelly, Shepherd Stevenson, Stephens, Mr. Swarsen. Fourth Ieuter, Fawcett, Jacobs, Stiffler, Willian, Foran, Gluckman. Fifth: Lorenz, Roth, Gilson, Minar Curtiss. Absent: Rappaport. Fan 1.3 Xi? MISS STOEWER - Bottom Row: Freedman, Goldsmith, Coleman, Haser, Fleming, Stecker. Second: Ward, Petrie, Stevens, Haderlein, Bellamy, Lane. Third: Fellinger, Sullivan, Craddock, Fowler, Holland, Godfrey. Fourth: Harkness, Miller, Rubin, Flynn, Miss Stoewer. Fifth: McLeod, Ryan, Fry, Malott, Fetzer, Lifvendahl, Absent: Cunningham, Michels. MR. WHITE - Bottom Row: Wallace, Hitt, Moore, Rickard, Alster. Second: Hartman, Miner, Stafeil, Kovitz, Anton. Third: Kalten- ekker, Bagg, Ticho, Wagner, Agustin, Mr White. Fourth: Meyers, Lavelle, Nordmark Wyse, Tippens. Fifth: Terrill, Childe, Roche Getschow, Addis. Absent: Beckers, Holstein Mark. MRS. UNDERWOOD - Bottom Row: Munitz, Reinheimer, Kepler, Petty, Kelly, Gray. Second: Patterson, Pyott, Springer, McMahon, Holland, James. Third: Nejedly, Coon, Phillippi, Bennett, Williams, Hart, Mrs, Underwood. Fourth: Scanlan, Lancaster, Tincu, Silverstein, Miller, 0'Keefe. Fifth: Shapiro, Keller, Smith, Sergesketter, Aschauer, Lewis, Kowalski. Absent: Carruthers. M M Q SOPHOMORESXIQ3 ?4fJ UN IORS MR. BACHMANN Bottom Row: Miller, Steiner, Pisano, Bauer Kaufmann, Jacob. Second: Sweet, O'Reilly, Devroy Hartnett, Reed, Escamilla. Third: Abu-lughod Kallis, Cortese, Roessler, Cohrs, Mr. Bachmann Fourth: Cannon, Kovacevic, Kurschner, Park, Kane Onley. Fifth: Brown, Zehr, Rottman, McConnell Toubus. Absent: Meier. I W4 1 X Z' lu...1.1 Junior BLAIR TINKLE President SALLY HARRINGTON Vice-president RICH THOMPSON FRANCES BROWN Secretary Treasurer WITH THE COMING of September, one fourth of the New Trier student body discovered that they were entering the second half of their high school careers. All too soon, the Juniors realized that the pace of their third year was infinitely faster than that of the previous ones. As activities increased and hours became more valuable, time and energy were carefully rationed to include a heavy workload and a more engaging social schedule. Juniors were preoccupied with weighty textbooks and research papers in the year that is often considered the most academically consequential. Although endless college testing was frustratingly time-consuming, it made life beyond New Trier more of a reality. Junior year was a time of hard Work and extreme effort but also a year of productivity and development. When June arrived, the Juniors had completed one more crucial st ep in their education. MR. BAREFIELD - Bottom Row: Jordan, Howard, Hoffman, Kyle, White. Second: James, Cadden, Chalmers, Miller, Worsek, Lippitz. Third: Drew, Gilmore, Price, Stahl, Stiles, Mr. Barefield. Fourth: Ryan, Pearce, Johnston, Johnson, Lacey. Fifth: Nykaza, Madden, Bianucci, Castino, Sunkel, Stern, Rabe. Absent: Campbell, Marcus. if if ., I MISS BULLOCK - Bottom Row: Schulte, Rossi, Beggan, Wysockey, Veit, Gutekanst. Second: Koester, Levenson, Segel, Wassman, Cross, White. Third: Morden, Porta, Santeler, Hall, Johnson, Moulton, Miss Bullock. Fourth: Lynch, Hogan, Mulliken, Powers, Lang Absent: Friedman, Worden. 1 li Q efafrgj 1 54-f . ff, X p MR. BUERGER - Bottom Row: Miller, LaCroix, Levin, Kullby, D'Amato, Aronson. Second: Kelley, Potts, DeBartolo, Kubiak, Harrington, Rossi, Third: Buechner, Barnett, Carioscia, Langmar, Vaselopulos, Kolflat, Mr. Buerger. Fourth: Downing, James, Webster, Rottenberg, Piorkowski, McCarthy. Absent: Brandlein, Davis, Theobald, Turner. MR. BURNSIDE - Bottom Row: MacDon- ald, Snell, Lee, McGrew, Kruempelstaedter, Davis. Second: McKeough, Titterton, Allen, Zibble, Thompson, Szafranski. Third: Horn- stein, Fogarty, Bunge, Dancey, Schuldt, Mr. Burnside. Fourth: Lockwood, Caldwell, White, Kocour, Marquardt. Fifth: Decker, Stazy, Beucher, Connors, Adams, Devlin. Absent: . Fosse, Tangney, Vauzanges. JUNIORSXIS SXJUNIORS MR. CHARLES - Bottom Row: Barreca, Fasano, Ristich, Cassidy, Merkel, Ivanovich. Second DeVries, Childress, Rockefeller, Papierski, Hicks Third: Knox, Balz, Schacherer, McKee, Hartunian Mr. Charles. Fourth: Renner, Stanzler, Kioutas Fifth: Black, Hammerman, Kmieciak, Kauf Kuipers. Absent: Andrews, Folkl, Maloney, O'Brien Pendry. ----1 MR. ELLIOTT - Bottom Row: Pedecini, McDonald, Cascino, Stearns, Pettit, Dunn. Second: Coyle, Laurence, Scott, Leonard, Gordon. Third: Sorenson, Rosenbloom, Hotchkiss, Nash, Mr. Elliott. Fourth: Cole, James, Boshes, Mueller. Fifth: Mead Ryan, Packard, Turner. Absent: Hargett, Hart Lacey, Low, Panitch. x v W ,. MS. CHRISTIAN - Bottom Row: O'Donnell, Macomber, Lin, Amici, Ms. Christian. Second: Potter, Goldman, Neil, Favorite, Campbell, Berner. Third: Powers, Tracy, Moore, Harris, Griesser, Stocco. Fourth: Frei, Hoback, Alger, Howard, Kelly, Lewis, Eliot. Absent: Van- DeWalle. ' MRS. DULIN - Bottom Row: Segal, Florro, Cardinal, Mclnnis, Donohue, Fish. Second: Butterworth, Lagershausen, Foster, King, Farnsworth. Third: Hardy, Moss, McCarthy, Kutschke, Mrs. Dulin. Fourth: Carter, Peponis, Neumann, Yowell. Absent: Cain, Gibson, Hynes, Jannotta, Jones, Licata, Myers, Trieschmann. if' ....... MRS. GREEN - Bottom Row: Schneider, Martin, Young, Cervinka, Frey. Second Kaplan, Heal, Chudacoff, Braet, Nicholls Third: Giordano, Bartholomew, Drummond, Diltz, Williams, Mrs. Green. Fourth: Adelstein Keating, Danilovics, Craddock, Schmid. Fifth: ' Pomper, Bonneville, Truehart, Langan. Absent: Rowe, Thoennes. MRS. HERZOG - Bottom Row: Selvaggio, Anderson, Tashjian, Brumbaugh, McCrea Woodruff. Second: Peterson, Nelson, Wright, Day, Lynnes. Third: Wheeler, Snavely, Nebel, Leonard, Mrs. Herzog. Fourth: Lewis, Nesvig, Chiappe, Weinberg, Morrison. Fifth: Lyons Danilovics, Newhall. Absent: Cohen, Ferretti Gillis, Hellman, Schaefer, Stephens. MR. ENKEY - Bottom Row: Witt, Kaply, Brett, Purcell, Sutherland. Second: Bahng, Paullus, Smudsky, Mitchel, Zanzucchi, Mr. Enkey. Third: Emrich, Hector, Rolston, Bohnen, Adams. Fourth: Morris, DuBois, Sobat, Law. Fifth: Steiner, Weldon, Tinkle, Binkley, Zaks. Absent: Trippe. . ' IV Q' :sf X MR. HIRSCH - Bottom Row: Chadwick, O'Brien, Schell, Crow, Geier. Second: Slattery, Maloney, Bryan, Seymour, Kofman, Lampert. Third: Feltes, O'Neil, Green, McCabe, Regan, Mr. Hirsch. Fourth: Buzard, Morrell, Blan- chard, Conroy. Fifth: Messer, Schulz, Laport, Jackson. Absent: Cox, Geweke. JUNIORSXIQ fJUNIORS life! MRS. KELLY - Bottom Row: Maguire, Lahey, Ballin, Kretchmer, Ellis. Second: Appelbaum Kerwin, Bannon, Greiner, Black, Mrs. Kelly. Third Obenchain, Barber, Waite, Malone, Needler. Fourth Holmberg, Rowe, Thomas, Kerr, Yenni. Fifth McKeough, Baxter, Taylor, Kiener. Absent Nordmark, Shropshire. MISS KLUKA - Bottom Row: Page, James Bentle Stinneford Brumitt Hands Second Iverson, Kutschke, Jackson, McCarty, Miss Kluka. f Third: Lyon, Bissell, Lipsich, Goldstein, Carey. Fourth: Needlman, Loftus, Cocalis, Guthrie Rankin. Fifth: Murphy, VanDyke, Anderson, Plumb, Lissner. Absent: Dwyer, Martin, Mclntyre. MS. JOHNSON - Bottom Row: S. Fox, Berlin, Johnson, Montgomery, Tuchmann, Wieghardt. Second: G. Fox, Brown, Blodgett, Woolard, Malia, Mrs. Johnson. Third: Pope, Gooselaw, Davis, Kitzhoefer, Gould. Fourth: Mahon, Hummel, Tourville, Fite, Kenney, Hanlon. Fifth: Hogan, Pfutzenreuter, Kusar, Ganz. Absent: Nader, Thornton, Williams. MR. JOSEFSBERG - Bottom Row: Ran- som, Moloney, Barr, Kincaid, Firestone Second: Shelton, Treynor, Campbell, Pater- kiewicz, Mr. Josefsberg. Third: Murray, Drew, DiClementi, Beltrano, Lovering. Fourth McDermott, Steinhoff, Heitman, T hesing, Moy Fifth: Ruby, Tarhan, Berger, Brandwein Absent: Baldwin, Dusablon, Tyrrell. MR. LAZAR - Bottom Row: Hennessy Dugan, Jacobson, O'Malley. Second: Kerr Brookstone, Dove, Leider, Mr. Lazar. Third Rafanello, Kuecker, Gunn, Barron. Fourth Mangler, Granath, Hartel, Mericle, Warner Fifth: Tilley, Martin, Askonas, Brandon Mabie. Absent: Blum, Freedman, Hoskins, Kenyon, Nedoss, Raucci, Townsley. MR. MAY - Bottom Row: Findlay, Rennolds, Schiele, Radcliffe, Weiner, McCarthy. Second: Fitzgerald, Lane, Vye, Norris, Mr. May. Third: Henderson, Andrews, Glickman, O'Dowd Spencer, Walsh. Fourth: Cosnow, Wengler, Hoback, Hediger, Hewett, Morrow. Fifth Heise, Kirk, Federico, McKeone. Absent Walker. 1y.g11'fCLE MR. MCCLAIN - Bottom Row: Champion, Murphy, Kraybill, Clark, Kolflat, Rosenbaum Second: Gale, Rappaport, Tomes, Zanarini DeRuiter, Mr. McClain. Third: Maher, Creagh, Freud, Jordan, Nordhem. Fourth: Gescheidle, Musil, Lederer, Paul, Sorenson. Fifth Wiersema, Wilcox, Dickson. Absent: Betan- court, Bussey, Hines, Pitluk. MRS. NARO - Bottom Row: Healy, Madden Conway, Murrin, Galbraith. Second: Kenny Klebba, Alonzi, Lezama, Rigolin, Mrs. Nato. Third: Clark, Luckett, Husting, Schopen Silberman. Fourth: Racker, Mack, Mead Seghers. Fifth: McCrew, Mason, Skaja. Absent: Dow, Killoren, Klotz, Storlie. g . M . JUNlORS!199 VJUNIORS MRS. NOWIK - Bottom Row: Gregg, Regan Rubel, Maine, Eckhouse, Hirsh. Second: Husak, Bosco, Neary, Richardson, Heller, Hilton, Mrs. 5 Nowik. Third: Snyder, Mclntire, Lorenz, Harring- ton, Rossow, Hinshaw. Fourth: Hackett, McClain, 5 Wussler, Ahlem Taylor, Townsend, Wood. Fifth: 4 Bergman, Burns, Besant, Chandler, Kirby, Olds Absent: Butler, Koscielak. 2 P :Z 5 MR. RHOAD - Bottom Row: Chan, Nishibori, Tussing, Mendes, Shang, Fay. Second: Koushan our Butz O'Neil Black Wheeler Mr Rhoad. P i y , , y - Third: Mueller, T. Allen, Wood, Weylan, Wilson Weaver. Fourth: Tschudy, Spertus, Love, G. Allen, Denby, Feldman. Fifth: Nold, Davis, Surman Osman. Absent: Crawford, Greene, O'Malley. MRS. SCOBIE - Bottom Row: Schechter, Evans, E James, Claborn, Lundin. Second: Gnaedinger Hubbard, Burdick, Naft, Hall, Mrs. Scoble. Third: Barrett, Schwimmer, Levy, Yelton, Mella. Fourth Petersen, Cole, Polydoris, Bower. Fifth: Schmidtlein Monsees, Tschaikowsky, Malloy. Absent: Peter Welpott. M,4,',' V1 V + ,, ,4. 1. V 5. ',L' -'1 vguf it!! url. , ..,, fa-VV ' if fl MISS PETERSON -- Bottom Row: Schklair Britt, Peterson, Graller, Jewell, Cottle. Second Sutherland, Fleming, Diaz, Turner, Wiggins Monroe, Miss Peterson. Third: Smith Donahoe, McLellan, McEvers, Olsen, Hartigan Fourth: Venner, Haser, Oslund, Klawans Angle, Carlson. Fifth: Mack, DesRemaux McDonough, Judson, Jones. 34-.57 . xi V 7 'Y ' V E, ,ifgzgx I ' , A A J 'tif . V s ...U ,A r 1 MISS SWEERS - Bottom Row: MacDonald Squires, Kiliany, Lems, Fox, Olderman Second: Stetter, Velde, Petrie, Krebs, Lidman, Miss Sweers. Third: Missimer, Hindsley Bergman, Bartlett, Gowler, McMahon. Fourth Miller, Jenkins, Dillon, Tomes, Williams, Wiele Fifth: Alexander, Phelan, Beemer. Absent Kiesler, McCarter, Montgomery, Wussler. S L MR. SCHULZ - Bottom Row: Moloney, Fujii, Peck, O'Connell. Second: Wendling, Berman, Faulkner, Kelley, Williams. Third Connors, Wright, Watson, Haworth, Kokes Fourth: Jonscher, Wolpert, Alvarez, Pigott Newby, Coogan. Fifth: O'Connor, Shaughnessy Dvorak, Bennett, Seyfarth. Absent: Migely Nagasawa, Mr. Schulz. l l li J. i MISS WAYNE - Bottom Row: Stein, Goldblatt, Keller, Dent, Hahn, Destefanis. Second: Varouxakis, Norris, McKiernan, Bruce, Barnes, Davidson, Miss Wayne. Third: Sontag, Allen, Hausheer, Brennan. Fourth: Marcus, Callaghan, Nordman, Mellon, McGoey, Heinen. Fifth: Brown, George, Brzezinski, Pearl. Absent: Welch. X MR. WOLFF -' Bottom Row: Cwately, Bhote, Powell, Hill, Rossiter, Gunn. Second: Wein- kopf, Kaufman, Murdoch, Maher, Farnham. Mr. Wolff. Third: Deasy, Rees, Hammersley, Hinman, Williams. Fourth: Patterson. Canafax, Kaltenekker. Korn. Cosgrove. Fifth: Baker, Klise, Dowen. Absent: Ashmore, Elliott. -lL'NlORS!2Ol STEERING COMMITTEES 5' FRESHMAN - Bottom Row: Buck, Avery, Marsh, Emerson. Dysart, Nelson, Pierpont, Connolly, Slotkin, Dellin. Fifth: Davis. S900l1d2 COHDOTS, M- SUIHVHHY St1'3h0l'U, N9Wt011, H0Sb9iU, F9f1TiCk- Absent: Barrett, Berger, Glick, Hinchman, Posen, Rennolds, Van Third:Flannigan, G. Sullivan, Spitek, Pringle, Miller, Thompson. Fourth: Vlierbergen, 40 SOPHOMORE -- Bottom Row: Holland, Van Vlierbergen, Kocour, Fowler, Wright, Ryan, Ellis.. SEYUIOUF, L0ve, Kaplan, Pyott, McMahon, Kissinger, Second: Fine, McLeod, Pelts, Morand, Wassmann, Sherman, Neuhaus. Fourth: Jaegers, Pigott, Revord, Walker, Soren, Rogers, Adams, Schell, Marsh, Maguire. Third: Cavalier, Zimmerman, Rineberg, Peterson, Strouse. Absent: Freedman, Freeman, VanOver. XSTEERING COMMITTEES ff F t i so . STEERING C av. T7 IL, no , ,-fgff, K, DQ 'Fai' 'ha JUNIOR -. Bottom Row: Thompson. Brown, Harrington, , Tinkleu Jones, Missimer, Hackett, Turner, Bergman, Champion, Mr. Helfrich. Fifth: Second: Stephanie Wussler, Healy, Mellon, Mack, Sally Wussler, Fay. Nofdmafk,Weldfm,BUflg9,J0Td311,DeBH1't010,K0fIT1an,Ma1'qU3fdt,Z21kS- Third: Wassmann, King, Bissell, Pope, Diltz, Cohrs. Fourth: Mrs. Mestjian, Sixth: James, Maher, Mueller, Seyfafthf O'ReiHY- Seventh! WilS0U- 4 SENIOR - Bottom Row: Hauser, Rosenberg, Helmer, Berlin, Handwerker, Ha , W l L ' N h F h' ' ' Fetzer, Smith, Watts., Second: Davidson, Addis, Nesbitt, Frazer, Broderick, Bejlifny Kiissgsgol- gvgiigy ildaargj S623-lie' MacGregor' Wllhamsl Perry' Madlener, Bergerson, Gun, Mackie, MacLean. Third: Tompkins, McCook, i y Y ' STEERING COMMITTEESXQOB Q W.. . 'lf'-V R .wx ,,,, 4" A ., .xx ,rl lv, ' v , Jw J, 4'QlE 11, 5? ' I! H If + -I Vw Ka L gf bfi UC, jlf Zqwo lx, f MSO VKMNQQ GU F' HQ QUKHQOQ i a 5 if I U rn is 1 -11 4 ji J., wg N SEIXIICJFIS APPLICATION FOR UNOERGRADUATE ADMISSION Legal Name Class Senilor - l.3Sl FIFSII Middle School NOW Attending New Trier School East E VA L U AT I O N 1. What are the first words which come to mind to describe the applicant? Capable , involved, tense , rowdy, uncertain, anticipating. 2. Academic Characteristics: W At t-he bgginning of the year, I became obsessed with the problem of getting into college. -:lifter I got my letter of acceptance, my study habits fell apart. I realized - that I was a victim of a condition known as senior slump. I am confident that I will recover by September. , I as 3. Personal Characte I V JIM CONIZEY BILLWKISSIN GER MARK ADAMS BARB BESKIN President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer PERSONAL STATEMENT lt is our aim to get to know you as well as possible through this application. With this in mind, please describe in detail some special interest, experience, or achievement or anything else you would like us to know about you. Essays on a personal, local or national issue that are of particular concern to you are also welcome. Attach extra pages isame size pleasei, if your statement exceeds the limits of this page. Also feel free to submit tapes of musical performance, photographs or examples of art work, samples ofwriting, or other examples of your creative work. Senior year is like reaching a plateau high above the clouds after a four year climb. The view is dazzling, but you must force yourself to think clearly. The time has come for the group to separate, and there is only one trail for each individual to follow. For some the path will be clear, others will encounter obstacles. Only one thing is certain: it is impossible to remain here. ZOGISENIORS Kevin L. Aagaard Ellen Jane Abrams Mark Leslie Adams Angela Allyn Adamson Ronit R. Addis Christopher A. Adler Daniel J. Ahern Donald B. Ahlborn Lisa Katherine Alexander Sarah Jeanette Alger Karen Elaine Babich Helen Katherine Badger Michael Bagg Grace Mihi Bahng Caryna Baker Gregory John Baldwin Stephen Charles Barancik Heather Barnes Leslie Kay Bartholomew John R. Bates John G. Allen Carla Lecuyer Almgren Jennifer Dawes Ames Amirhassan Amirfazli Todd S. Anderson Calvin S. Andre Thomas J. Andrew Jennifer Angle Christopher Stuart Archie Carolyn Sue Arden Denise Ruth Askin Jim R. Atten Pamela D. Auvil Janet Carroll Avery Peter Lee Avildsen F- me i SENIORSXQU OSXSENIORS Joy Beach Jim Raymond Beall Jr. Arthur P. Bebak Andrew H. Beebe Mary Beebe Barbara Anne Box Keith MacDonald Boyd Edward M. Boynton Deborah Susan Brattleaf Sheila Marie Breen Kelly Tema Beider Diane Christine Beierle Sandra Leigh Beinlich Patricia Anne Bellack Elizabeth Anne Bellamy Linda Joyce Bendix Marie Christine Bendy Robert Berger Leslie Ann Bergersen Virginia Ann Bergman Lawrence S. Berlin Lynn Ellen Berman Kelly Lynn Bernard Barbara Ann Beskin John Bigelow Jerome Binder Susan Bodeen John F. Bodovitz Leslye E. Boothe Margarita M. Borelli Robert Edward Botsford Carroll Bottum John Bottum Mark G. Boudart Gregory S. Bower Miriam Bronstein Gregory Alan Brown Nicola Susan Brown Daniel Brownstein John Milner Bryan Stacy Harman Buck Robert C. Buechner John Buford Anne Christine Burkard Molly Catherine Buckingham Kristina Burmeister Joanne Burns Julie Marie Burns Lawrence C. Burns Jr. John H. Burr Stuart C. Bushnell Kenneth Steven Cajet Catherine Ann Calhoun Richard Ethan Campbell Louis E. Camras Alicia Laurie Cannon Catherine Penelope Carney Alan Carpenter James Carr Karen Anne Carruthers Geoffrey W. Breyley Barrie Bridgewater Michelle Sophia Brinker Kathryn Lee Brinton Cynthia Jo Broderick 4 'ff Eff.. l v J , Peggy L. Casey Holly Jeanne Caspersen Pamela Joyce Cavanaugh Patricia Marie Cawley John Hayes Chamberlain Jr. SENIORSXZOQ Wheeler E. Chapman Douglas Dean Chausow Philip Childs Michael J. Chukerman John Stephen Chwatal - fwtmow, ffrqniifihp 5 OXSENIORS Cathleen Lou Collins Vincent J. Collins Jr. Susan Mary Compton James Conley James S. Connell Patrick C. Connolly Jr. Colleen Mary Connors Kevin P. Conran Robert Francis Conte Thomas J. Coogan HI James Kevin Coogan Michael A. Corns William J. Corona Robert W. Corrigan Thomas Cortese Mary Genevieve E. Chwatal Norine Claffey James W. Claborn Rosalie Marion Clary Roger Bradley Cleland Aaron Seth Cohen Thomas Coleman J. Bradley Coletta Susanne Rae Collias Matthew T. Coyne Jeffrey E. Cragg Laura Joanne Crawford Charles F. Cray Constance Jeanne Croak Cynthia Louise Croak Mollie Cross Elizabeth Ida Crown Denise G. Cualoping Teresa Anne Cullen Hollis Quick Culp John F. Cummings Julia Anne Curley J. Gregg Cusick Eric Danstrom Carolyn J. Davidson William S. Davis Lisa Marie DeCarlo Laura Jean K. DeCroocq IQXSENIORS Sarah Brewster Dell John B. DeLong Sara Baldwin Denman Karen Dettmer Marclyn J. Dickes Kurt M. DiClementi Paul J. DiClementi Joseph G. Dillon Jr. Barbara Jean Dold Charles James Doll Christopher R. Doll Andrew S. Dorn Stephen Jeffry Dorn III Roger W. Doughty Gillian S. Downey Marion Strain Downey Paula Lynn Drew Charles A. Drileck Eileen Marie Duffy Christopher R. Dumont Jean Dusablon Andrew N. East Ingrid K. Eckersberg John A. Edelmann William James Eggert Nancy Ann Ehmann Amy Lynn Eisenstein Suzanne Denese Elia Vicki Beth Elliot John S. Elverum Bryan T. Emerson Anne Dantonet Engelmann Barbara Kennedy Epler Eve Elizabeth Erzinger James R. Everly lv. J Phillip A. Fresen Kathryn L. Frey Jody Freyer Sally A. Friedlander Pam E. Friend Timothy John Fry Mark William Fucik Elizabeth G. Fujikawa Stanley Noyes Gaines Nancy Helen Galvin Jeff William Gardner Miriam Ruth Garron John C. Gaskill Sharon M. Gaynor William T. Geary Gregory V. Fajer Alexander Henry Faurot Thomas E. Feltes Linda June Ferguson Laurie Diane Fetzer L. Burke Files Daniel Fishbein Gregg Alan Fisher Timothy R. Fisher John Damian Foran Margaret H. Ford Monica E. Fossler Pamala R. Foukal Mary Stuart Fox Steven Gerald Fox Enza Santina Fragassi William G. Frank Eddie Jane Frazer Jeff Freas Lee Scott Freedman SEN lORSf 213 Daniel D. Geocaris Brian Francis Geraghty Heidi Getschow Burke S. Gilbertson Suzanne Cecelia Gion USENIORS Charles Benjamin Glaser Gabrielle Anne Glass Linda Carol Glass Michael Jay Glass John Phillip Gnaedinger Jr. Michael J. Goese Neil Barry Golden Carrie Nelle Goldsmith Jay M. Goldstein Michelle Katherine Gomez Luci Meg Goodman Malin L. Goodman Rochelle Thea Gordon Michael S. Gorman Philene Gotsis Paul Gowler John Stephen Grace Jennifer Graham Dennis M. Grannan Nancy Grant Teresa Jean Gray Karen Lynn Green Paul Matthew Wrightson Green Robert H. Greenblatt James Chandler Gregg Tabitha Jane Guhl Isabelle Marie Noel Guilleminot Giselle Marie Gun David H. Gutfreund Elizabeth Anne Gynn Joel Scott Haberman Maureen Marlyne Hackett Grant C. Hagberg Laurie Hagy Chris Francis Hahn Douglas L. Hahn Martha Wynne Hales Jeffrey Persson Hall R.. if Carolyn Lee Hardy Thomas R. Hardy Amy Stiller Harkness Michele Harland Brooke Tefft Harriman Stephanie L. Harrison David G. Hartong Eileen Therese Harvey Laura Elaine Harvey John D. Harza Paul Bryant Haser Michael J. Hassenauer Richard S. Hauptle Peter C. Hauser Robert B. Hawley Kristin Annette Hayes Maureen Anne Hayes Adrienne Head Martin F. Heiser Laura Elizabeth Held Christopher S. Hellman Anne Krez Helmer Julia Ann Hall Barry Handwerker Meghan Haney Laura Ann Hangren Bradley G. Hansen "1!" Charles Nichols Henderson Elizabeth Janvier Henderson XSENIORS Jeffrey Henderson Harold Richard Hennessy Andrew N. Hepworth Tomas M. Hernandez Marianne M. Herrmann Catherine Bickmore Hewett Peter F. Higgins Roger Mark Higgins Robert S. Hilarides Carra Delafon Hill Diana Louise Hill Kenneth Hales Jacob Wyn Jacobi Christine Ann Jaeck Anne Louise Jaeger 1f"..9'l Elisabeth Jean Hill Sara Williamson Hill Susanna C. Hinds John R. Hines John lra Hirsh Sheli Feryl Hoffberg Greg W. Hoffman John Mitchell Hoffman John O. Holland Martin L. Holleran Susan Marie Hook John R. Horsting Peter D. Horwitch Jennifer Ann Hosbein James R. Hosbein Deborah A. Houghtlin Paul C. Howard Paul Wilson Howard Julie Ann Howlett Stephen Dubbs Hoyt Robert M. Huffer Pamela Hughes Leslie Ann Husak Jennifer Kay Husting Charles Richardson Ieuter SENIORSX 217 Katy Jo James Catherine Ann Johnson Karin Johnson Eric Donald Jones Catherine R. Judge Debra Sue Kaden Robert Carl Kallman Jeffrey Lee Kao Alison Marie Kapps Margaret Isabel Keefe Yvonne C. Keller Douglas W. Kelley Andy H. Kellogg Margaret Mary Kelly Daniel E. Kepler Lincoln David Kiem Margaret M. Kincaid Richard E. King Stephanie D. Kingwill James T. Kinsella William J. Kissinger Jr. Peter Kitzhoefer Elizabeth Lee Klein yv' 6'x Daniel Francis Larkin Ian Read Larson Carol Ann Lavelle Daniel Paul Lawler Jill Susan Lederman Mary Pope Lee Carol Therese Klinge Josef Franz Klingler Steven Carl Kludy John Erik Koelle Paul Kofman David Norman Koppel Richard H. Korengold Paul Kowalsky Friedrich H. Kraenzle Otto W. Kraenzle Louis James Kraus Laurie Ann Krause Karen Elizabeth Kriesant Kimberly R. Kuenzel Blair G. Kuhnen Gregg Scott Kuhnen Kirk Kullby Lesley Lynn Kurlander Thomas A. Kutschke Charles A. Lacroix Laura Ann Lahrmann Russel G. Lane Matthew P. Langan Linda Lanham Salvino Lanzillotta Jw' Margaret P. Lourenco Matthew David Love Kathryn Schuttler Love Lynn Dianne Lovely Bonnie Beth Lowe John Nicholas Ludovice Thomas Andrew Lundin Mark Steven Lundquist Sue Lunkes Daniel A. Lynch Jacqueline E. Lynch Dennis Fisher Lyons John Donald MacGregor Eileen Marie Mack Nancy Ellen Mackevich Nancy Kathryn Lee Virginia J. Lee John M. Leekley Joseph Anthony Lehman Mark Leider William J. Leonard Mark J. Leverentz Karen Michelle Levie Bruce Michael Levin Frank Levins Andrea Maria Lewis Vinroy Lewis Elizabeth Anne Licata Mary Catherine Lidecker Keith Mark Lieberman Laura Ann Lifvendahl J. Robert Lind Lura Kit Lindberg Lisa Beth Lipsich Michael Rand Lipson Susan Beth Mackie Elizabeth Stewart MacLean Deborah L. Madlener Virginia Gail Madsen Elizabeth K. Mallace James Craig Malles Margaret Mary Malloy Patricia Malone Mary Lyng Maloney Paul Mangler Susan Jennifer Manierre Edye Ann Marcus Gordon G. Mark Don Marsh Gary Bradford Martin Thomas Gerard Marvin Claire Andrea Massey Chris Mast Pratick Masterton Bradford D. Mathewson Ken Matsumoto Michelle Louise Maton Katherine Alix Mayer Mark Kaylor Mazza Robert William McAllen Robert B. McAuliff Stephen McBride Valerie Lee McCabe Michael G. McClellan Ann Thomas McConnell Margaret Eliza McCook John T. McDonough Kevin V. McGarry Jr. John Joseph McHugh Thomas Michael McKay Susan McKeough Ariane Elizabeth McKiernan Jane Dooley McMurray Peter C. McNally Anita Margaret Medina Karen Eliz Meijer Cynthia Lorin Meltzer Karen Grace Mericle Suzanne Lee Meyer Thomas David Meyers Matthew F. Michala Scott Lee Miller Steven Mark Minn Alistair N. Mitchell John Warren Moderwell Sarah Ellen Moore Mary Elizabeth Morand Donald B. Morley Thomas Morrison Josh Jacob Moss ZZXSENIORS Jamie Moldafsky Michael James Mooney Charles A. Moore III Linda Monvan Moy Elisa Jean Moyer Heidi Jo Mrkonich Catherine Anne Mueller Mark N. Mueller Julie C. Munns David M. Murdoch Marguerite L. Murphy Michael Paul Murrin Michelle S. Musica Donald L. Myers Scott Myers Julie Ann Nagle Joseph James Nash William Nash Thomas D. Neary James Neer Janet Diane Neidig Laura Kathryn Nelson Margaret Mary Elizabethann Nesbitt Robert F. Neuhaus Carolyn Hope Neuman Mark A. Neumann Donald James Nicholis Dale Nichols Gregg J. Nissly Patrick W. Nixon ff' K 224fSENIORS Julie Ann O'Leary James MacKenzie O'Neil Kathleen Ann O'Neill Eileen Elizabeth O'Reilly James Joseph O'Rourke Debra Marie Ortegel Eric Raymond Ovresat Karen Sue Packler Donald Lee Padgitt Julianne Pagano Catherine M. Paoletti Lindsey Diana Parcells Sara Jean Parikh Mila Louise Parrish Sarah Parsons 'C17 Penny Susanlisa Noel Andrew Nolan Molly Owen Nordquist Robert S. Nykaza William R. M. Oakley, Jr Julie Marie Oberlin Leslie Lynn O'Brien Kevin P. O'Callaghan Nora Ellin O,Connor Sarah McCabe O?Donnell Michael Paul Pasikov Maryann Patterson Elliott Charles Pauker Gregory Y. Pearlman Martha Lee Pearse Jacqueline Rae Pearson Robert John Pechtl Leslie Gail Pelts Nicholas S. Penney David R. Perry Alison Beth Peters Herbert Douglas Peterson III Martha Lynn Peterson Scott Peterson Craig Reynold Petray Laura B. Pfaelzer Scott Mark Pfisterer John M. Philipp Victoria Brocksbank Phillips Tracy Ann Philpot Laura Ann Provow Elizabeth K. Pryor Elizabeth Purcell Naya T. Pyskacek Lester K. Racker Nicholas Radell Carla Neil Raglin Leslie Ann Rago Scott F. Ramsay David William Randall 'CSF' Nancy Elizabeth Pick Bradley Keith Pierce John Thomas Pigott Paul F. Piorkowski Norman E. Plate Charles N. Platon Steve Edward Plonsker Susan Pollock Nicole Marie Porino Lisa Star Poteshman Mark H. Pottage Erin Jane Powell Lawrence R. Powell Frances Eileen Prindiville Peter Kellogg Prouty SENIORSf225 GXSENIORS Thomas A. Randstrom Jane Elizabeth Raveret Thomas P. Rees Peter A. Reichert Patricia Rae Reid Alan Kirk Reighard Janey Reimer Katie L. Reinisch Adam E. Reiter Lauralee Reitz Mary Margaret Remien Robert O'S. Remien Robert S. Rempert Louis J. Renner III Catherine Ann Rennolds Maureen L. Rennolds Michael John Revord Pamela K. Richburg Karen Pamela M. Rieger David Charles Rietz Gay Leslie Rineberg Andrea N. Roberson Gwenyth Bingham Roberts gnu., ,f wa Michael W. Rosenzweig Thomas Rubel Roth Brenda Louise Rouleau Julie Ann Royce Barbara Elizabeth Royal Ronald M. Rubin Michael A. Ruffolo Suzanne Marie Russell Laura Ann Rutz Helen Marie Ryan Karole Lynn Ryno Paul D. Saliwanchik 3' 'J' Richard Roland Rodenkirk Monica Susanne Ursula Roessler Ann Elizabeth Rogers Philip Rudolf Rohner David M. Rosenberg Joshua R. Samos Bo Peter Sandberg Marcia Lynne Savely Lauren Cardy Schadt Joseph S. Schaefer Stacie Lee Schiffman Jack Thomas Schinler Jill Marie Schinler Marc Schlossman W,-ee ff CRevordl SENIORSXZQ7 228fSENIORS John S. Schmid Matthew John Schmidt Deborah Ann Schmitt Susan Marion Schmitt Diane Schnagl Debbie Schneider Timothy A. Schopen Cynthia K. Schwiebert Julie Lynn Schwiebert James C. Scoville -Q Richard W. Slack Catherine Mary Slavens Amy L. Smith Andrew K. Smith Carolyn Anne Smith 'Tj William H. Scoville Gail Cecelia Scully Caitlin Anna Seabright Edward Boyd Seghers Richard Dern Segil Eugene J. Shang Jonathan D. Sharp Catherine Mary Shaw Douglas E. Shehan John R. Shelton Michael A. Shepherd Bruce Irwin Sherman Gail Susan Sherman David Lin Shieh Kathrine Eliane Shinker Allison Jo Sibbald Craig L. Silberman Leah Simpson Jim R. Sincox Cynthia Sipe 2? sf Michael Joseph Smith Michael Scott Smith Wendy Sue Smith Virginia H. Snite Brent Eric Solomon Richard Francis Sommer Mitchell A. Sontag Roger Charles Soren Nancy Sotern James M. Southern Jennifer Ellen Spiegler John Stahl Donald Francis Stazy Kathleen S. Steffens Kristina Maria Steffens Keith W. Stenberg Todd J. Stephens Jonathan S. Stern Richard E. Stern Mark D. Stetter Irene D. Stevenson Shawn Stewart Christopher A. Stitt John M. Stocco Elizabeth B. Stogin Margaret Ann Stone John R. Stonier Margaret Rose Stout Michael J. Strandell David Strite , . ff ""'s 5 I H S1 Hr.. K rig ,Q V, ff? .4 Peter Sullivan Margaret Elnora Sullivan Michael J. Sullivan Andrew H. Summers Craig Bradley Surta SENIORSJ229 ,wav James S. Tolford Maria Suzanne Tolpin Randi Sherryl Tompkins Mark H. Swoiskin Richard J. Synek Laura Angelique Szynal Mary Nobuko Takahashi Ginger Ellen Tam Paula Elleni Tatooles Oscar S. Tatosian Mark DeCosta Terman Kathryn Anne Terrill Amy Jane Theobald Lawrence Thigpen Jr. Johnson T. Thomas Robert B. Thomas Tobin Lee Thomas Kirsten Thompson Joshua A. Ticho Christianne Tillman Richard W. Tittle James B. Tobin James Thomas Todd gk 4 Thomas Mitchell Toombs Nancy Ann Trainor Brian James Trausch Heidi Ann Trieschmann James W. Trompeter Anne Catherine Trotter Elizabeth Tukey Linda S. Turban Daniel M. Turbin Gary S. Turner Terry Dean Turner Thomas B. Turner Jr. Tanya Tussing John Edward Tyrrell Jeffrey W. Ubben Michael F. Uriell Brett Anthony Vadeboncoeur Rupert VanDenBogaerde Peter D. Van De Graaff Lynne Van Der Horst Caren Christine Vandeveld Patricia Van Heule Hugo K. Van Nispen Brian Van Vlierbergen Rachel Varley Georges D. Vauzanges SENIORS! 231 Anne Isabella Veeger Thomas T. Vogt Jr. Alexandra M. Von Essen Thomas P. Wagener Wendy Louise Wagener Julia Wagner Patty Ann Wahlund Mark J. Walker Beth E. Wallace Daniel Francis Walsh Grace C. Wang Anne Cecelia Ward William Jay Ware David E. Watkins Susan Olive Watson fly William C. 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' ff,9,,,,fStahU W ,V L' -l- Freshmen realized that computer readouts were the first in a long line of changes from Junior high school. 242!CLOSING ASD b een 3- r WT! Qi Ta E51 X bfelvf Ss.: it ' tg " , bfi' r 7 fRevordj Prices of New Trier parking stickers soared to twenty-five dollars per semester to cover in- the Village of Winnetka. by While adapting to changes next five years. l The new magnetic library . . t ff t' l td The new student designed and painted mural Zisssgketisfzleycu Own brightened up the New Trier cafeteria. Year long road and bridge repairs on Sheridan Road rerouted traffic on the major thoroughfare. G5 '5a"?' .n I P - e . - ROAD 's -ff, Q" -1'jf',Qf?f , , cLosEn 0 T'- i 8' x -'vii Due to declining enrollment, New Trier was forced to cut twenty-four teachers. Dr. Bickert also announced fears that the two New Triers might be compelled to merge within the CLOSING! 243 244!CLOSING fShermanl Announcing U-Tel's new and soon to he memorable record album: "Those Exciting Sounds From The Winter Of l979!" You get John Coughlin's priceless rendition of, "Only 2-4 Inches Tonight." Dr. Bickertls beautiful, "No School Today." Ken Sain's exciting, "It'll Melt. That Will Be 390,000 Please." And how 'bout the Chicago transit authority's memorable, "Spinning Wheels." You get the Associations, "Windy." Jake Smith's, "Rooftops Keep Fallin' On My Headf' And who could forget Jayne Byrne's "Put On Your Coat, And Get Out And Vote." And Jim Beinlich's, "More Snow, More Dough, No Go." And what set would be complete without Jim Thompson's, "Meet Me In Miami." And if you act now, you will receive absolutely free of charge a copy ol' the award winning film, "The Great Sain Robbery." That's right, so get on the phone now and dial toll free C8001 BLizzard 4- one too many, and get all this for the low, low price of 336.99 record or 337.99 for the 8-track tape. Call now While supplies last! That's C8001 BLizzard 4- one too many. Call Now! I X xx Egg' I 4 49 'P 04' 4 -Z 1 CLOSING!24 my 5 1, WW' if 5, 6 " ,M f v,!,o01n1, My 'W M32 J'1f-x3w1,,,., , z',,Q afffia fix I A6 246fCLOSING b ICQampbel1j 'Gunn 1 . r Q - W ,. -9:41:51-.fzV'. " "J ' 1iii:'iQQ'1'f:3527fi'1:f1Li7+1551-" ' 33141 3:13335 jg , N-1, - . ,V" ., ,?,,,., ., .. W Hn' ...22.1ff.,f ' 1,5 Qnsfy-362, 21 em" EFX" iw vu.-5, ' ' 'SG -1. ,, '6 ,Y 3 4 W 5 , f' 1 4 4 1:1 wx- Qv X Mqg A nu.-Y 1 s dark right. " attitudes." forward to something-an early dismissal, an assembly-ANYTHING!" A 4'Food." o "Learning" e "Some of the gorgeous guys." HGRADUATIONV' 1 - f the students define themselves 6,4 I 'Y fa .Xe K. CI-Iirshl 9 . 1 'P f 3' 9' y zz 0 fr' xl, '13 Y A4 ,wx Y .,,fIr-- ?, ,,qg, Y, r fuk! f-1 "fa ff: C if' 6 I fRevord1 CLOSINGXZ4 and realize their pa ten tial. 2418! CLOSING PATFRONS I We gratefully thank our friends in the business community for their support. i r i Al Bar Laboratories, Inc. E AlIen's Stationers, Inc. 1 Anna Salon de Beaute Anne Hopkins, Inc. Arena Hair-Styling for Men Avery-Murphy TV Bob's Restaurant i Century 21, McKnight 81 Nash, Inc. Der Lipizzan Boots 8. Shoes I Edwards Florist, Inc. , Fell Shoe Company 2 Fields Imports, Inc. First Federal Savings of Wilmette f First National Bank of Wilmette Fred's Bicycle 81 Sport Shop i Games del Lago Glencoe Book Shop Glencoe National Bank Gold Medal Cleaners Goldsmith, Yamasaki, Specht Green Bay Trailfitters Herb Ellis' Union 76 ii i F y Indian Hill Texaco i Joe Jacobs l I Koenig 81 Strey, Inc. L 81 A Stationers, Inc. La Colonna Imports, Inc. i Lakeside Shoes i LP3 Shoppe i McDougal, Littell, 81 Co. , Michel Beauty 81 Gifts Murry's 76 I Nash Realty l l Pants Towne Park Avenue Bootery Plaza del Lago Cleaners Porter's Electric Quartet, Inc. Ray's Sport Shop Ridge Avenue Butcher Shop RRB Cycles Sam's House of Beauty Sanford Studio, Inc. SchmendI's Ridge Court Schultz 81 Odhner's, Inc. Scott Opticians Shawnee Service Center Such-A-Deal, Inc. Suzanne-Antique Accessories Terminal True Value Hardware Tighe Realty Co., Inc. The Art Studio-Gallery The Crystal Cave The Frame Works, Inc. The Wilmette Bank T. J. Cullen Jewelers Toy Castle of Wilmette Village Toy Shop Village TV 81 Hi-Fi Wally King's Music Center Weineckeis of Glencoe White's Drug Store Wilmette Bicycle 81 Sport Shop Wilmette Bootery Wilmette Lighting, Inc. Wilmette Tailors 81 Cleaners Bebak, Arthur Peter 78,208,235 Boleyn, Butler, Elizabeth 99,127,179 Adams, David C. 202 BADMINTON 125 Baird, Mrs. Marjorie 161 Ball, Melissa Frances 183 Almgren' Cafla Lawyer 207 Barancik, Stephen C. 207,235 Carew, De Andrews, Dana Richard 196 11. xl INDEX PHOTO GALLERY Aagaard, Kevin Leif 207 .Abbey, Michael Hall 187 Abbott, Eric S. 185 Abell, Elizabeth Ann 142,187 Abrams, Ellen Jane 46,176,207,234 Abrams, Joan Frances 47,94,180 Abu-Lughod, Jawad 1. 194 Ackerman, Michael Scott 150,151,183 Askonas, Charles F. 113,199 Atherton, Jeanette Marie 155,183 ATHLETICS 66 Atkinson, Susie 49,51,144.191 Atten, Jim R. 36,207 Austin, Richard Lee 127,189 Auvil, Pamela D. 207 Auvil, Paul Reeves 81,187 Avery, Janet C. 207 Avery, Susan 178,182,202 Avildsen, Kathrine E. 176 Avildsen, Peter Lee 140,207,235 Ackerman, Mr, Stanley M. 146 Adams , Cristine 46,47,127,182 Adams, Hall Ill 24,84,195 Adams, Lisa R. 29,184 Adams, Mark Leslie 78,112,113,154,203,206,207 Adams, Ross B. 197 Adams, Mrs. Suzanne B. 161,186 Adamson, Angela Allyn 47,207,235 Adamson, Eric E. 87,95,180 Adamson, Stuart Shawn 29,95,145,187 Addis, Jeremy Allan 49,193 Addis, Ronit Ruth 47,203,207,234 Adelman, Noreen Marnie 129,182 Adelstein, Sally F. 197 Adler, Christopher A. 207 Adler, John Kevin 95,188 ADVANCED DANCE 140 Agustin, Anthony 193 Agustin, Michael 184 Ahern, Daniel 83,84,207 jE,Ahern, Patrick G. 86,109,180 24 l Ahlborn, Donald B. 207 Ahlem, Aileen Kay 200 Akiyama, Shino 190 Aland, Allison Lynn 144,180 Albertson, Robert C. 119,146,183 Alenson, Jon Fordyce 87,183 Alexander, Jane 28,118,145,201 Alexander, Julie E. 154,155,176 Alexander, Katey 89,180 Alexander, Lisa K. 143,207,235 Alger, Beth A. 196 Alger, Langdon Edward 64,193 Alger, Sarah Jeanette 60,207,235 Allen, Bill 190 Allen, Doug Edward 95,102,184 Allen, Gregory Scott 200 Allen Joan P. 201 Allen, John Glenn 113,207 'Allen, Stuart R. 195 Allen, Thomas E. 47,149,150,154,200 Allen Timothy John 189 Allsteadt, John Robert 47,72,191 Almaguer, Mr. Benjamin G. 81 Babich, Karen Elaine 177,207,235 Bachmann, Mr. David A. 161,194 Bachmann, Erick 73,183 Bacle, Morris Young 184 Badger, Badger, Helen K. 22,25,91,127,207 John Flindt 180 Baez, Jennifer 184 Bagg, Michael David 207 Bagg, Robert Charles 193 Bahng, Grace Mihi 154,155,177,207 Bahng, John Bosung 197 Bahng, Michael Hisung 154,183 Bailey, William E. 150,151,179 Baker, Mrs. Beverly G. 161,187 Baker, Brian Paul 28,78,102,20l Baker, Caryna 207 Baker, Julie Ann 181 Baker, Mr. Michael A. 161 Baldovin, Annette M. 181 Baldrini, Mr. Richard J. 85,161 Baldwin, Adam S. 140,198 Baldwin, Barbara Ellen 142,187 Baldwin Ball, Be , Gregory J. 104,207 verly Venable 176 Ballin, Cathy 198 Balmes, Carolyn Louise 190 Balmes, Elizabeth M. 176 Balmes, Michael John 192 Balmes, Nancy Jean 47,80 Balz, Rex M. 104,196 BANDS 146 Bangser, Dr. Henry S. 159 Bannon, Valerie J. 198 Barancik, Scott J. 150,183 Beck, Susan Leslie 46,188 Becker, Christopher L. 143 Becker, Deborah Susan 47 Becker, Jill Mary 179 Beckers, Gordon Keith 193 Beckman, Tim Andrew 107,150,179 Beebe, Andrew H. 108,208,235 Beebe, Mary 154,208 Beemer, Kathleen C. 53,190 Beemer, Leslie E. 61,140,201 Beggan, Ann Marie 25,28,195 Beider, Kelly Tema 208 Beierle, Diane C. 81,118,208 Beinlich, Jennifer Lynn 91,119 Elizabeth Anne 143,190 Beinlich, Sandra L. 208 Beinlich, Sharon Suzanne 190 Beitzel, Thomas Wm. 179 Bonneville, Deborah A. 197 Boothe, Leslie E. 208 Lq,Borden, William A. 85,86,l14,124,189 Borelli, Margarita M. 208 Borelli, Ricardo N. 85,189 Borja, Mrs. Janet H. 162,234 Borre, Mariclaire 46,188 Borushek, Ruben G. 176 Bosco, Carla M. 35,46,60,200 Bosco, Joseph 76,115,183 Boshes, Estes Henney 196 Botsford, Robert Edward 208 Bottum, Carroll 208 Bottum, John Bixler 47,81,148,154, 208 Boudart, Kathleen Mary 99,189 Boudart, Mark G. 208 Burkhardt , William 72,192 Burmeister, Kristina 209 Burmeister, Neil 187 Burns, Joanne 209 Burns, Jul ie Marie 209 Burns, Lawrence C. Jr. 209 Burns, Mary Ellen 47,127,200 Burns, Thomas R. 87,127,180 Burnside, Mr. Peter W. 81,124,162,195 Burr, John Howard 81,209 Burrill, Laura 185 Burstein, Harold John 81,107,183 Bushnell, Stuart C. 209 Bussey, Brian K. 199 Butler, Molly McClure 200 Butterworth, Anna B. 29,51,52,94, 145,196 Belka, John C. 177 Bell, Kevin T. 81,107,191 Bell, Mr. Robert B. 161 Bellack, Patricia A. 208 Bellack, Robert E. 85,150,192 Bellamy Katherine 47,193 Bellamy, Libby 154,155,208 Beltrano, Angelo Mike 150,198 Bendix, Linda Joyce 52,89,208 Bendy, Edward C. 72,95,187 Bendy, Marie Christine 23,47,140, 208,235 Bovenschulte, Dave F. 184 Bowen, Margaret Grace 182 Bowen, Stephen James 150,151,182 Bowen, Tana L. 185 Bower, Gregory S. 33,208 Bower, Rebecca 154,200 Bowers, Karen Z. 176 Box, Barbara Anne 28,208 Box, Richard Thomas 72,151,189 Bennett, Beth Ann 184 Bennett, Brett A. 113,201 Bennett, James Edwin 124,150,151,179 Bennett, Michelle L. 29,46,94 145,193 Benson, Mrs. Frances M. 101 Benson, Mr. John J. 87,128,161,234 Bentley, Marion E. 29,91,198 Bentley, Paul Richard 182 Berger, Berger, Berger, Barbara A. 180,202 Mrs. Fern S. 162 Jeffery A. 71,198 Berger, Robert L. 208 Bergersen, Lauren M. 184 Bergersen, Leslie Ann 52,203,208 Bergman, Donna 29,51,52,200 Bergman, Kenneth Gerald 81,188 Bergman, Laura 29,51,52,145,201,203 Bergman, Virginia Ann 208 Bergsten, Carl John 24,85,127,192 Boyd, James William 151,180 Boyd, Keith M. 20,21,70,208 Boyer, Kenneth Paul 154,155,188 Boylan, Mrs. Rebecca L. 162 Boyle, Mr. Robert R. 59,162 Boynton, Edward 151,208 BOYS' ENSEMBLE 142 Braet, Camille Ann 197 Brandlein, James E. 195 Brandon, Mark R. 84,199 Brands, Tamara Joy 179 Brandwein, Bruce S. 119,198 Bransfield, Marjorie 179 Bransky, Elizabeth Ann 29,191 Brashears, Charles 187 Brattleaf, Brian W. 86,183 Brattleaf, Deborah S. 208 Breckheimer, Mary E. 179 Breen, Sheila Marie 47,208 Brennan, Cara Fay 181 Brennan, Nicole Anne 201 Brett, Keith B. 197 Breyley, Geoffrey W. 209 Butz, James R. 200 Buzard, David Andrew 34,40,41,48,197 Cacharelis, Joel A. 189 Cadden, John Baker 195 Cadwell, Mr. .John l-l. 70,162,179 Cain, Cindy B. 190 Cajet, Mr. Arnold N. 102,118,188 Cajet, Kenneth Steven 29,95,102, 145,209 Caldwell, Thomas N. 119,195 Calesini, Mrs. Sylvia D. 162,234 Berkemeier, Mr. Ralph M. 162 Berlin, Jordan David 188 Berlin, Lawrence S. 203,208 Berlin, Martha L. 127,198 Berman, Joel Howard 201 Berman, Lynn Ellen 25,180,208,234 Bernard, Kelly Lynn 208 Brick, A Bridges, my Lynn 187 David Powell 119,193 Bridgewater, Barrie 209 Brinker, Brinton, Brinton, Britt, M Michelle S. 209 Mrs. Judith G. 162,234 Kathryn L. 51,209 elissa March 47,200 Calhoun, Catherine A. 47,60,140, 209,235 Calkins, Christine Anna 185 Callaghan, Callaghan, Katie Ann 201 Margaret M. 25,54,186 Callaghan, R. Stephen 180 Campbell, Andrew 154,155,180 Campbell, David Seabury 73,127,180 Campbell, Douglas Y. 60,198 Campbell, James Stephen 191 Campbell, Jean Elliot 143,196 Campbell, John Charles 64,190 Campbell, Paul Joseph 195 Campbell Richard E. 154,176,209 Campbell, Robert F. 63,154,192 Campbell, Camras, L Susan Lynn 127,187 ouis 148,155,209,235 anafax, Eric David 84,201 Berner Besant Alonzi, Anne E 47,199 Alonzo, Rose 46,150,182 Alster, Daniel Kerry 64,107,193 Alvarez, Willam R. 71,92,95,145,201 Alvarez, Vivian Maria 181 Ambrose, Mrs. Margie 91 Ames, Jennifer Dawes 22,207,234 Amici, Carol Jeanne 196 Berndt, , Sheila S. C. 28,196 , Julie Helen 52,200 Susan Angela 188 Beskin, Barbara Ann 43,46,47,61,140 Amirfazli, Amirhassan 176,207 Andersen, Nancy 51,52,189 Anderson, Gregg Douglas 191 Anderson, Guy L. 176 Anderson, Jamie Allyn 99,198 Anderson, Linda Kay 197 Anderson, Todd S. 207 Andre, Calvin Seward 207 Andrew, Jill 177 Andrew, Thomas James 148,207 Andrews, Hope Louise 186 Andrews, Lars 183 Andrews, Raymond S. 29,95,l-45,149,199 Angle, Jennifer 22, 207 Angle, Susan 200 Anson, Mrs. Rita D. 161 Anton, Thomas George 193 Appelbaum, Barbara B. 47,198 Applebaum, Mr, Robert .l. 161 Archie, Christopher S. 24,61,140,207 Arden, Carolyn Sue 28,140,207,234 Arima, Naosuke 181 Armagost, Leah Beth 191 Armstrong, David C. 87,150,180 Armstrong, James Fraser 72,595,192 Armstrong, Mary E. 91,911,179 Arnoff, Mrs. Jeanne W. 161,234 Aronson, Daniel B. 195 Aschauer, Karen Claire 193 Aschauer, Tom Arthur 184 Ashmore, Steve G. 28,78,l02,201 25llflNDEXfPHOTO GALERY Barber, Wendy J. 198 Barefield, Mr. Morris 87,161,195 Barker, J. Scott 191 Barnard, Susan 190 Barnes, Angela 155,179 Barnes, Carol M. 154,155,201 Barnes, Heather 207 Barnes, Mrs. Kathy H. 161,234 Barnett, Paul 71,195 Barney, Mr. Frederick A. 161 Baron, Andrew Saul 64,199 Barr, Sarah C. 179 Barr, Thomas E. 198 Barr, Todd Arthur 109,189 Barratt, Kathy Jane 91,183 Barreca, Ann Louise 129,184 Barreca, David Paul 188 Barreca, Frank Thomas 196 Barrett, Edward Joseph 85,188 Barrett, Elizabeth A. 154,200 Barrett, Richard Benner 87,181,202 Barrett, Steven John 185 Bartholomay, Mrs. Deborah 161,187 Bartholomew, Leslie K. 148,207 203,206,208,234 Betancourt, John Paul 199 Beucher, John George 84,195 Bhote, Xerxes K. 28,201 -- Brix, Mr. Alan A. 162 Brix, Mrs. Caryl S. 162 Brockelman, Mrs. Betty A. 162,179 Broderick, Cynthia Jo 203,209 Broderick, Richard P. 73,95,182 Bromberg, Jonas 1. 192 Bronstein, Miriam A. 47,176,209 Brookstone, Gordon A. 199 angelosi, Annette M. 182 Canning, Andrew Douglas 85,188 Cannon, Alicia Laurie 22,88,89,127, 209,234 Cannon, Elizbeth M. 89,127,180 Cannon, John W. 140,142,194 Cardinal, Suzette J. 47,196 Bartholomew, Susan P. 197 Bartlett, Elizabeth L. 47,201 Barton Mr, Terence J. 21,114,161,187 BASEBALL 122 BASKETBALL, BOYS 110 BASKETBALL, GIRLS 103 Basolo, Ms. Peggy 89,160 Bates, John Robert 119,207 Bauer, Phillip M. 194 Bauman, Frederick A. 183 Baur, Suzanne Marie 104,128,148,190 Baxter, Mary E. 98,127,198 Baylin, Marc Joel 39,46,190 Beach, Miss Bonnie L. 98,127,l61,l79 Beach, Joy Denise 208 Beall, -lim R. 20,39,83,84,208,234 Bianucci, Joseph M. 84,1994 ianucci, Henri Chapman 18396 Bigelow, David Hansen 72,192 Bigelow, John M. Jr. 78,208,235 Bigelow, Susan Warren 81,118,179 Binder, Jerome C. 140,142,208 Binkley, David Andrew 197 Bishop, Nancy Ellen 91,179 Biskis, Edward John 187 Bissell, Katherine Ellen 185 Bissell, Nancy J. 52,198,203 Black, Christopher John 188 Black, Michael H. 124,196 Black, Nora Jean 198 Black, Robert W. II 200 Blackwell, William C. 73,109,124,180 Blake, Thomas Martin 78,188 Blake, Todd Travis 190 Blanchard, John Adams 142,154,155,197 Blodgett, Sara G. 118,198 Blomquist, William E. Jr. 181 Bloom, .Jennifer Ann 191 Bloomfield, Susan 118,180 Blum, Alan .Jeffrey 48,199 Bockley, Ann Elizabeth 184 Bodeen, Susan Harwood 47,140,208 Bodovitz, John F. 59,208 Bodovitz, Laurie 183 Boesel, Dr. Mary 162 Bogard, Jill H. 182 Bogstrand, Mrs. Lillian 162 Bohnen, James Alfred 181 Bohnen, Thomas Anton 46,197 Bohnsack, Suzanne 91,129,150,151, 182 Bokhof, Henry Steel 81,185 Brown, Amanda J. 198 Brown, David Berno 194 Brown, Gregory Alan 209 Brown, Maren T. 176 Brown, Marie Frances 51,194,201,203 Brown, Nicola Susan 140,209 Brownstein, Daniel A. 209 Bruce, Liz 201 Brumbaugh, Leslie J. 197 Brumitt, Ellen S. 143,198 Bryan, Daniel F. 73,180 Bryan, Edward O. 197 Bryan, John Milner 28,29,95,126,209 Bryan, Margaret Purifoy 188 Brzezinski, Julie L, 201 Buck, Kate W. 4:1,99,l44,178,179,2o2 Buck, Stacy Harman 22,209 Buckingham, Amy Grace 91,127,190 Buckingham, Molly C. 91,127,209,235 Buechner, Robert Carl 209 Carew, Pa clan Patrick 185 tricia Jean 190 Carey, Camille C. 198 Carey, Carter Lee 209 Carey, Mrs. Susan P. 162 Carey, Warren Marian 177 Carioscia, Carioscia, Elizabeth M. 183 Michael D, 119,195 Carlin, Rachel Ann 25,190 Carlson, Linda Marie 142,189 Carlson, Maura E. 154,200 Carlson, Paula Dorothy 141,189 Carlstrom, Mrs, Beverly 162 Carlstrom, Mr. Clinton E. 76,162 Carney, C. Penny 22,209 Carpenter, Alan J. 209 Carpenter, Mr. Chip S. 115,124,162, 190 Carpenter, .lames A. 183 Carr, Ann 183 Carr, James 209 Buechner, William A. 108,109,195 Buerger, Mr. Carton F. 162,195 Buerger, Robert J. 119,180 Buford, John A. 151,154,209,235 Buick, Julaine Bernil 150,154,190 Bullock, Ms. Ruth M. 162,195 Bunge, Jonathan C. 48,61,195,203 Bunker, Ms. Meg 162 Buntain, Joanne Jamie 94,182 Burchill, Michael Shaw 192 Burdick , Amy Greene 143,200 Burdick, Jeffrey Black 184 Burgee, Christopher J. 72,187 Burkard, Anne C. 46,209 Burkard, Mary Francis 189 Burke, John Michael 73,115,124,180 Carrane, James G. 182 Carrane, Robert A. 24,72,l87 Carreira, Laurie Ann 184 Carrier, David R. 189 Carroll, Adam Stuart 102,193 Carroll, Monica E. 89,179 Carruthers, Eileen Marie 193 Carruthers, Karen A. 98,127,209,235 Carruthers, Neil Thomas 191 Carter, Cristen N. 28,118,144,196 Carter, Timothy Patrick 73,102,179 Cascino, Christopher 154,155,196 Casey, Peggy L. 209 Casey, Winston G, 189 Caspersen, Holly J. 154,155,176, 209,235 AMID A TORRENT of film, negatives and proof sheets, the ECHOES '79 photography staff produced the quality work that has always been the standard in past years. A yearbook photographer became a familiar sight at all the school functions, gathering material for both the Senior editors and Junior assis- tants. The pictures on the following pages were chosen by the photographers them- selves as being indicative of the effort and talents of .y,Cousins, Joseph W. 21,24,82,84,211 1. Cassidy, Cassidy, dgiastino, Cavalier, Cavalier, Daniel E. 196 Timothy Richard 183 Daniel Ford 195W Andrea 118,185 Sarina Ann 81,104,191,202 Cavallino, John R. 192 Cavanaugh, Pamela J. 29,47,145,209 Cawley, John Stephen 188 Cawley, Patricia M. 143,209 Caylor, Richard E. Jr, 187 Cell, Michael William 73,180 CENTER 174 Cervinka, Anne Marie 28,118,197 CHO-OPERA 140 CHORALIERS 143 Christian, Ms. Lois F. 162,196 Chruscinski, Mr. Walter J. 162 Chu, Unkyung 181 Chudacoff, Lynn E. 51,197 Chukerman, Michael J. 210 Chwatal, John Stephan 177,210 Chwatal, Mary G. 210 Cichowski, Mr. Eugene W. 162 Claborn, Clara Susan 36,200 Claborn, James W. 210 Cervinka, Lisa Kristine 118,181 Chadwick, Dane Robert 191 Chadwick, Philip W. 197 Challinor, Mark Allen 78,85,192 Chalmers, Douglas M. 142,195 CHAMBER ORCHESTRA 155 Chamberlain, John H. 38,451,209 Champion, Molly K. 52,188 Champion, Thomas P. 199,203 Chan, Ernest Edward 180 Chan, Terry Paul 200 Chan, Vera 187 Chandler, Carolyn D. 25,46,52,200 Chanen, Bruce Michael 64,119,183 Chapman, Lee Inglis 29,94,147,186 Chapman, Wheeler Elliot 210 Charles, Mr, Henry E. 162,196 Chatterton, Robert E. 191 Chausow, Douglas Dean 92,95,145. 210,235 Chen, Evelyn E, 179 Chiappe, Suzie Z. 143,197 Childe, David Cyril 107,193 Childress, Malcolm D. 81,1 12,115,185 Childress, Stephen S. 81,107,196 Childs, Philip 210 Claffey, Norine 47,210 Clark, Andrew E. 199 ' lark, Daniel Morrison 85,114,189 Clark, Mr. Gary E. 162 Clark, P. Ellen 23,251,199 Clary, Stanton 181 Clary, Rosalie M. 143,144,148,210 Clay, Jeffrey Allan 124,184 Clay, Marisa Louise 95,99,179 Clegg. Mrs. Bobbie H. 162 Cleland, Roger B. 78,79,210, Clendening, Miss Phyllis 146,162 CLOSING 236 CLUBS 30 Cocalis, Lisa Brett 198 Coffield, Jennifer L. 29,94,145,187 Cohen Cohen Cohen Aaron Seth 210 1 Andrew 73,127,180 , Aprii .Judith 197 Cohen, Julie Ann 46,190 Cohen, Steven Michael 40,41,187 Cobrs, Charles Malme 194,203 Coladarci, John A. 85,191 Cole, David Michael 140,196 Cole, Elizabeth Louise 184 Cole, Laura Ellen 200 Cole, Melanie Sue 181 Cole, Robert James 40,72,189 Cole, Susan Marie 179 Coleman, Christopher H. 192 Coleman, Deborah Ann 89,193 Coleman, Thomas D. Jr. 210 Coletta, J. Bradley 61,210 Coletta, Mary Claire 184 Collias, Susanne Rae 210 Collins, Cathleen Lou 47,143,210 Collins, Haley 118,188 Collins, Vincent J. 81,106,107, 142,210 Colnon, Julie M, 187 COMMUNICATIONS 54 Compton, Susan Mary 46,210,235 Conant, Elizabeth Scott 186 CONCERT BAND 150 Conley, James Gerard 20,29,40,43, 92,95,142,203,206,210,234 Connell, .lames Spencer 210 Connell, Patricia Louise 128,190 Connolly, Francis A. 183,202 Connolly, Karen E. 76,190 Connolly, Patrick C, 210 Connors, Charles W. B. 109,201 Connors, Colleen Mary 133,210 Connors, James J. 113,195 Connors, Susan M. 185,202 Conran, Kevin P 80,81,107,149,154, 210 Conran, Michele Ann 182 Conroy, Thomas M. 197 Constan, Andrew Davis 73,127,185 Conte, John R, 95,180 Conte, Robert Francis 210 Conway, Christina Ann 29,94,145,199 Coogan, Christopher L. 201 Coogan, James Kevin 210 Coogan, Thomas James 210,235 each individual. Cook. Jonson Blair 119,181 Cook, Marie L. 189 Cooley, William Henry 24,87,107, 151,183 Coon, Suzanne M. 29,193 Cordell, Jane 190 Cornell, Rob Lawrence 102,181 Cornell, Thomas Edwin 187 Corns, Michael A. 210 Corona, William J. 210 Corra, David C. 183 Corrigan, Robert W. 64,149,154,210, 235 Cortese, Paul N. 194 Cortese, Thomas A. 210 Cosgrove, Joseph S. 201 Cosnow, Charles E. 199 Cottle, Julia Ann 47,200 Coven, Ms. Ludmilla 162 Coven, R. Daniel 78,191 Cox, Stephen 197 Coxon, Peter John 78,102,188 Coxon, Mr, Richard P. 162 Coyle, Christopher J. 102,185 Coyle, Eliza Ann 211 Qifoyle, Kevin T. 84,196 I Coyne, Mary Bridget 47,188 Coyne, Matthew Thomas 211 Craddock, Eileen Marie 99,180 Craddock, Mary Helen 81,104,197 Craddock, Maureen Leigh 193 Cragg, Jeffrey E. 38,78,211 Crandell, Catherine E. 98,128,104,187 Crandell, Christopher 78 Crane, Stephanie Ruth 47,142,191 Crawford, Janet Muriel 52,191 Crawford, John S. 200 Crawford, Laura J. 211 Cray, Charles Francis 28,78,211,235 Creagh, Robert Tracy 29,92,95,102, 145,199 Creevy, Brian Quentin 188 CREWS 141 Croak, Constance J. 211 Croak, Cynthia Louise 211 Croisant, Mrs, Barbara A. 162,188 Cross, Carol M. 144,195 Cross, Laura Ward 76,118,144,191 Cross, Mollie 211 CROSS COUNTRY 80 Crow, Stephen Thomas 197 Crowder, William C. 64,150,181 Crown, David Arden 114,192 Crown, Elizabeth 211 Crown, William H. 141,188 Crump, Mrs. Margaret J. 162 Cualoping, Denise G. 46,143,211 Cualoping, Nadine 150,190 Cullen, Mary Priscilla 181 Cullen, Teresa Anne 211,235 Culp, Hollis Quick 211 Cummings, John Fox 211 Cunningham, Candace C, 53,85-3,193 Cunningham, Devin P. 127,191 Cunningham, Kenneth 46,185 Cunningham, Sarah Beth 118,180 Curley, Julia Anne 211 Currie, Jim L. 109,182 Curtiss, David A. 113,193 Curtiss, Karen Anne 181 Cusick, John Greg 76,211,234 Dahl, Patricia Ann 179 Dahlheim, John Andrew 24,81,191 D'Amato, Brian R. 140,195 Damico, Barbara Anne 187 DANCE DAY 138 Dancey, Michael Allen 76,195 Daniels, Miss Laura M. 162 Daniels, Stephen Draper 81,115,182 Danilovics, Paula 143,197 Danilovics, Tija 154,197 Danstrom, Eric Jon 211 Dauchy, David 81,107,191 Dauer, Christopher Scott 119,189 Daugherty, Chari Dawn 190 Davidson, Carolyn J. 140,203,211 Davidson, Dana Bruce 184 Davidson, Margaret L. 201 Davis, Angela 118,184 Davis, Bradford A. 195 Davis, Cynthia 181 Davis, Eric Rutherford 184 Davis, Faith H. 185 Davis, Jake E. 140,200 Davis, John C. 62,192 Davis, Julia Snow 118,182 Davis, Mark Cameron 183 Davis, Risa D. 198 Davis, Scott Baxter 195 Davis, Shawn Leigh 115,124,184 Davis, Shepard Andrew 73,115,183,202 Davis, Mr. W, Hughes 89,119,162 Davis, William Steven 211 Day, Linda 118,197 Day, Lisa Christine 99,104,188 De Bartolo, Michael 76,119,195,203 Dean, Merrick S. M. 183 Dearborn, John Henry 71 Deasy, Kyle A. 191 Deasy, Sean P. 201 DEBATE 48 DECA 36 DeCarlo, Lisa Marie 211 Decker, Douglas S. 133,141,195 DeCroocq, Laura Jean 143,211 DeGross, David M. 188 DeGryse, Anne Marie 184 DeGryse, Charles Wm. III 190 Deignan, Miss Mary T. 163 Dell, Sarah B. 143,212 Dellin, Edward J. 181,202 DeLong, John Blair 119,212 DeMitchell, Maria R. 183 Dempsey, Ms. Kathleen M, 163 Dempsey, Jack A. 76,181 Dempsey, Jay Edward 188 Dempsey, Louis F. 107,181 Denby, David H. Jr. 106,107,200 Denby, Robert L. 102,180 Denison, Stephen Carter 85,124, 143,180 Denk, Mr. Gerald M. 86,163,180 Denman, Sara Baldwin 29,65,140,212 Denniston, Rose Mary 104,188 Dent, Missy 201 Deppen, Pat 180 Deruiter, Donald A. 142,199 Deruiter, Robert Ashton 182 Desremaux, Lisa Jane 200 Desremaux, Suzanne M, 190 DeStefanis, Elizabeth 29,94,145,201 Dettmer, Karen 212 Deutsch, Ellen Melissa 176 Devlin, Ann Elizabeth 53,191 Devlin, Paul A. 195 DeVries, Adam David 87,107,179 DeVries, Peter J. 81,107,196 Devroy, Gary Daniel 194 DeVryer, Leonard Gerard 73,183 INDEXXPHOTO GALLERYX251 DeVuono, Vicki 179 Dewys, Alisa Kay 23,150,184 Dhein, James Schaefer 114,189 Diaz, Tami Ann 118,144,200 DiCesare, Joseph P, 187 DiCesare, Theresa Ann 184 Dickes, Cindy 144,179 Dickes, Marclyn J. 28,51,140,212,234 Dickie, George Iain 180 Dickinson, Paul Edward 181 Dickman, Mr. David A. 163 Dickson, Edward B. 24,84,199 Di Clementi, Mrs. Mary-Lou 163 Di Clementi, Debra Lynn 25,142,187 DiClementi, Kurt 212 DiClementi, Paul 24,84,212 DiClementi, Michael P. 109,198 Diebel, John Robert 192 Dienhart, Mr. Richard A. 163 Dierickx, Lisa Sara 29,186 Dill, Maryann 187 Dillon, Joseph G. Jr. 28,212,234 Dillon, Kathleen A. 28,61,201 Diltz, Carol Ann 5l,143,197,203 Diltz, Catherine Marie 179 Diltz, Susan Louise 187 Dini, Jennifer L. 25,465,187 Dini, Joann M. 187 Dini, Laura Marie 25,185 Dodge, Alexander M. 72,192 Dold, Barbara Jean 212 Doll, Charles James 212 Doll, Christopher Roy 212 Domek, Miss Marilyn J. 163,180 Dominik, James William 87,179 Donahue, Martha Dodd 28,29,52,14.5, 200 Donahue, Daniel T. 176 Donahue, James Patrick 181 Donnell, David Crawford 188 Donohue, Megan M. 196 Donovan, Walter Charles 192 Dorn, Andrew Scott 212 Dorn, Stephen Jeffry 40,41,212,235 Douds, Laurie Ann 52,187 Doughty, Bruce Waldo 49,119,187 Doughty, Roger W. 40,48,60,212,235 Dove, Charles A. 199 Dow, Sarah Jane 199 Dowen, Eric Arman 84,108,201 Downey, Catherine S. 47,142,144,191 Downey, Gillian S. 40,451,212 Downey, Jennifer Shelby 179 Downey, Marion Strain 28,140,143,212 Downing, Gregory E. 84,104,195 Drake, Miss Martha L. 104,163 Drayton, Michael V. 180 Drew, Bertram J. 140,142,198 Drew, Gerald Philip 124,195 Drew, Paula Lynn 43,50,140,212 Driggs, David 73,102,182 Drileck, Andrea Sue 47,189 Drileck, Charles A. 107,212 Driscoll, Marie Karen 52,189 Druger, Michael Joseph 87,107,185 Drummond, Duncan Francis 87,183 Drummond, Elizabeth A. 197 Dublin, Todd Edward 192 Dubois, Dave W. 197 Dudick, Mary Jo 46,190 Duffee, Jim E. 150,151,179 Duffy, Eileen M, 212 Dugan, John C. 189 Dugan, Robert J. 39,199 Dulin, Mrs. Lorraine M. 163,196 DuMont, Christopher R. 28,46,142,212 Dunbar, Lee Wayne 181 Dunn, Carolyn Joan 150,180 Dunn, Keith Richard 95,148,196 Dunton, Robert Roger 192 Dupee, Mrs. Delphine 163 Dusablon, Charles M. 140,142,198 Dusablon, Jean Marie 177,212 Dutch, Mr. David A. 163 Dvorak, Richard J. 124,148,201 Dwyer, Maria T. 198 Dwyer, Pat Denis 115,184 Dyaart, Patricia 99,127,184,202 252fINDEXfPHOTO GALLERY East, Andrew N. 212 Eaton, Jennifer J. 182 Eberhard, Peter August 189 Eby, Gail Elizabeth 143,187 ECHOES 56 Eckersberg, Ingrid K. 212,235 Eckhouse, Ann Megan 141,143,200 Edelmann, John 212 ' ' Edmonds, Deborah Renee 179 Edwards, Steve G. 180 Eggert, William James 124,212 Egnor, Robert Charles 85,127,191 Ehle, Curtis M. 29,95,145,187 Ehmann, Nancy Ann 52,212 Eisele, Mr. Elton 95,163 Eisen, Deborah Sue 190 Eisenstein, Amy Lynn 64,212 Eisenstein, Steve Neil 109,148,188 Eldredge, Judith Lynn 185 Elia, Suzanne D. 212 Eliot, Lise 28,29,43,51,52,140,196 Elliot, Vicki Beth 142,177,212 Elliott, Mr. Edward P. 163,196 Elliott, James Peter 24,84,201 Elliott, Peter C. 86,124,180 Ellis, Arthur John 76,124,189 Ellis, Elia M. 188 Ellis, Linda Sue 91,104,128,198 Ellis, Nancy Linda 150,191,202 Ellwood, Marjorie 182 Elverum, John S. 56,57,212 Embree, Brian 142,143, 187 Emerson, Bryan Tiller 212 Emerson, Meredith H. 64,178,180,202 Emerson, Bryan Tiller 212 Emerson, Meredith H. 64,178,180,202 Emery, Steve 183 Emmert, Margaret L. 181 Emrich, Richard Maxwell 154,155,197 Engelmann, Anne D. 28,140,212 Enkey, Mr. Robert A. 163,197 EOC 42 Epkins, Carol Margaret 89,94,118, 150,190 f Epler, Barbara K. 47,212,235 Ernst, George W. 47,183 Ernst, M. Elizabeth 91,184 Erzinger, Eve E. 22,89,212,234 Erzinger, Neil Emmett 180 Escamilla, Carl Paul 194 Escamilla, Daniel L.'109,183 Evans, Ellen G, 200 Evans, Margaret Anne 189 Everingham, Ruth Anne 182 Everly, James R, 212 Everly, Linda Margaret 191 Everly, Mr. Melvin E. 163 FACULTY 156 Fair, Mary Beth 187 Fair, Pamela Ann 143,189 Fajardo, Matthew Robert 184 Fajer, Gregory V. 213 Farnham, Jeffrey B, 84,201 Farnsworth, Lucy B, 28,47,51,150,196 Farrell, Mr. James A. 163,234 Farwell, Dione 46,179 Fasano, Anne C. 181 Fasano, Danniel J. 196 Fassnacht, Mrs. Christine S. 163,234 Faulkner, Thomas B. 201 Faurot, Alexander H. 70,213 Faurot, Suzanne Spencer 46,591,179 Favorite, Jama I, 143,196 Fawcett, Donald Neal 72,102,193 Fay, John Edward 81,124,200,203 Federico, Patricia C. 47,184 Federico, Steven J. 199 Feldbusch, Mr. Clarence H. 163 Feldman, Joel S. 107,200 Feldman, Susan C. 185 Fellinger, Beth Anne 52,193 Felt, Mr. William N. 163 Feltes, John William 197 Feltes, Thomas Ewell 142,213 FENCING 79 Fenner, Ann Frances 188 Ferguson, Mrs. Jeanne M. 163 Ferguson, Linda June 46,91,213 Ferretti, Mary Jo 197 Ferrick, John 76,184 Ferrick, Melanie 89,181,202 Fetzer, Laurie Diane 43,52,203, 213,234 Fetzer, Linda Marie 143,193 FIELD HOCKEY 90 Fiffer, Thomas G, 151,183 Files, L. Burke 213 Findlay, James Scott 199 Fine, Lindsey Rachel 25,45,191,202 Fink, Alison Erika 187 Finney, Barbara 150,186 Firestone, John Francis 198 Firestone, Robert Edward 143,183 Fisch, Sharon J. 150,154,189 Fischer, Carl H, 184 Fish, Alice Kathleeen 196 Fish, Paul Joseph 189 Fishbein, Daniel L. 20,38,213 Fisher, Gregg Alan 213 Fisher, Timothy R. 213 Fishman, Mark Nathan 184 Fite, Mary Katherine 36,198 Fitz-Hugh, Fay 176 Fitzgerald, Mark R. 76,199 Fitzgerald, Mary 47,183 Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Kathryn 163 Fix, John H. 87,107,124,180 Flanagin, Margot 47,144,191 Flanagin, Nancy 144,179,202 Flatley, David Andrew 181 Fleming, Elizabeth Lucia 143,191 Fleming, Marcia R. 29,145,193 Fleming, Mary K. 29,145,200 Fleming, Mrs. Rose M. 163 5 Flinchum, Phillip John 177,179 Flinn, David D. 188 ' Florko, Catherine 118,196 Fly, Mr. William R. 119,163,234 Flynn, Kathleen Marie 193 Flynn, Kevin Andrew 181 Flynn, Mary Kathleen 177,193 Fogarty, Joanne F. 91,150,151,182 Fogarty, Thomas John 148,151,195 Fogarty, Tom 115,124,181 Folkl, Tod A. 78,102,196 FOOTBALL 82 Foran, John Damian 213 Foran, Robert W. 114,124,193 Ford, Margaret Helen 213 Posse, Eric Irwin 124,195 Fosse, Lisa Jane 179 Fossler, Marion Lee 190 Fossler, Monica Edith 213 Foster, Tracey M. 196 Foukal, Pamala R. 213 Fowkes, Scott William 72,189 Fowler, Stacey Alyson 52,193,202 Fox, Alexandra Brooke 180 ' Fox Fox Fox Fox, , Barbara Ann 104,128,201 , Gwynne Marshall 61,198 Mary Stuart 213 Fox, , Sara Renay 198 Steven G. 46,B4,142,213 Fragassi, Enza S. 29,53,213 Fragassi, George D. 87,109,181 Franden, Andrea Maria 180 Frank, Bill Gregory 81,107,213 Franke, Edward S. 124,184 Frankel, Charles Bradley 183 Franklin, Michael K. 64,180 Franz, Mrs. Hedy 163 Franz, William Edward 109,192 Frazer, Eddie Jane 47,203,213, 234,235 Freas, Jeffrey Clifton 213 Freedman, Amy E. 51,89,193,202 Freedman, Debora Lee 235 Freedman, Keith M. 199 Freedman, Lee Scott 28,102,154,213 Freeman, Glenn Paul 188 Freeman, Margaret Holmes 99,127,191 Freeman, Russell T. 76,193,202 Frei, Jennifer J. 47,118,144,196 Fresen, Phillip A. 43,70,72,213,235 FRESHMEN 178 FRESHMEN HELPERS, BOYS 20 FRESHMEN HELPERS, GIRLS 22 Freud, Douglas Robert 199 Freund, Gregory Joseph 115,124,184 Frey, Daniel Scott 181 Frey, Kathryn Lynn 177,213 Frey, Mr. Norman L. 163 Frey, Susan Hilary 46,60,197 Freyer, Jody 65,213,234,235 Friedlander, Mary Jane 118,144,191 Friedlander, Sally A. 28,140,213 Friedman, Erika Ann 195 Friedman, Mrs. Helene R. 163,188 Friedman, Joshua T. 181 Friedman, Laura Anne 180 Friedrichs, Kirsten 99,190 Friend, Pam E. 143,213 Garrett, Thomas S. 151,154,139 Garrison, Robert Arvid 181 Garron, Miriam Ruth 25,140,213, 234,235 Gaskill, John C. 213 Gately, R. Michael 70,108,201 Gaynor, Sharon M. 213 Geary, William T. Jr. 213 Geier, Timothy Gerard 197 Geniesse, Pamela Jean 184 Geocaris, Daniel D. 124,214 George, Melissa Mary 104,188 George, Regina M. 201 Geraghty, Brian Francis 214 Geraghty, Lisa 64,190 Gerding, Keith Rohde 87,107,181 Gerding, Paul Sullivan 188 Gerson, Mrs. Suanne S. 163 Gescheidle, Thomas 39,71,199 Getschow, Brett Arthur 85,193 Getschow, Heidi 51,214 Geweke, William Todd 197 Gianukos, Peter D. 64,143,184 Gibbons, Debbie Lynn 181 Gibson, Margaret Anne 52,196 Gilbertson, Burke St. John 214 Gill, Mrs. Carol B. 163 Gill, Mr. Franklin I. 163 Gillis, Audrey Anne 47,183 Gillis, Mamie E, 197 Gilmore, John Patrick 127,150,195 Gilson, Matthew William 64,182 Gilson, Thomas Andrew 149,193 Gion, John Michael 191 Gion, Suzanne Cecilia 214 Giordano, Amy Paul 25,140,197 Giras, Elizabeth J. 188 GIRLS' CHOIR 143 GIRLS' CLUB 22 GIRLS' ENSEMBLE 143 Gitlin, Naomi Susan 148,189 Glaser, Charles B. 20,81,107,214 Glass, Gabrielle A. 61,214 Glass, Linda Carol 176,214 Glass, Michael Jay 150,214 Glass, Steven Howard 109,154,155,180 Gleason, Mrs. Mary Lou 163 Glick, Matthew Stuart 73,78,150, 151,184,202 Giickman, Steve Howard 199 Gluckman, Gordon Robert 78,102,193 Gnaedinger, John P. 142,214 Gnaedinger, Sally 200 Godfrey, Lisa C. 142,193 Goese, Joseph T. 85,150,151,188 Goese, Michael J. 84,214 Goettler, Mrs. Frances S. 163 Goff, Peter Emmett 73,95,183 Goldberg, Mrs. Barbara J. 164 Goldberg, Susan V. 140,187 Goldblatt, Vicki V. 47,201 Golden, Dennis James 188 Golden, Neil Barry 119,140,142,214 Goldman, Tamara Ruth 47,196 Goldsmith, Carrie N. 144,214 Goldsmith, Mrs. Shirley 164,189 Goldsmith, Susan Kay 65,89,144,193 Goldstein, Jamie E. 198 Goldstein, Jay M. 214 GOLF, BOYS' 75 Grant, Nancy 46,47,215 Gray, Ivy Joy 193 Gray, Katy 189 Gray, Teresa Jean 215 Green Green , Mrs. Alice L. 164,197 , John Brian 197 Green, Karen Lynn 215 Green, Paul Matthew W. 46,140,215 235 Greenberg, Corey Jon 73,127,182 Greenberg, Matthew A. 181 Greenblatt, Robert H. 40,48,215,235 Greene, Howard E. 200 Gregg, James Chandler 21,24,70,215, 234 Haberman, Joel Scott 78,215 Hackett, Constance A. 39,140,144 200,203 Hackett, Edward Michael 179 Hackett, Maureen Marlyne 47.215 Haderlein, Lisa 147,193 Hagberg, Grant C. 84,104,215 Hagberg, Jay D. 183 Hagenah, Mrs. Dana W. 164 Gregg, Virginia Dawes 25,98,127,200 Gregory, Mr. William P. 164,176 Greiner, Denise 198 Gribble, Allison A. 46,183 Griesser, Kimberly A. 29,145,196 Griffith, Susan L. 186 Gritschke, John F. 183 Harza, John Davidson 216 Friend, Wm. J. 119,143,192 FROSH-SOPH PLAY 135 Fry, Jamie C. 91,118,193 Fry, Timothy John 133,141,213 Fuchs, Vivian J. 179 Fucik, Patrick Robert 190 Fucik, Mark William 177,213 Fujii, Saigo Cleland 107,142,201 Fujikawa, Elizabeth 88,89,213 Funari, Anthony A. 183 Funari, Julie Ellen 191 Furca, Allison L. 118,179 Gaber, David Dickson 73,180 Gaffney, Miss Mary Jo 163 Gahala, Mr. John W. 163 Gaines, Jacqueline Gay 179 Gaines, Stanley Noyes 213 Galbraith, Elizabeth 46,199 Gale, Phillip R. 199 Galea, Mr. Peter A. 108,163 Gallanis, Craig Thomas 72,114,187 Galvin, Nancy Helen 213 Ganteaume, Freddy 46,64,95,131 Ganteaume, Ines 180 Ganz, Alexandra Mary 198 Garden, Mr. Thomas J. 70,158.163,133 Gardner, Jeff W. 24,415,213 Garrett, Steven R. 154,155,175 GOLF, GIRLS' 74 Golin, Ellen 148,189 Golub, Todd Robert 141 Gomez, Michelle K. 176,214 Goodie, Sharon E. 47,191 Goodman, Grant Conway 95,190 Goodman, Luci Meg 43,214 Goodman, Malin L. 64,176,214 Gooselaw , Kathryn A. 143,198 Gordon, Alan F. 102,154,155,192 Gordon, 196 Gordon, Gorman, Gorman, Gorman, Gorshow, Joseph Nathan 24,28,78,102, Rochelle Thea 214 Kathleen Ann 180 Michael Sean 84,214 Nora Ann 180 Mrs. Naomi 189 Goss, Peter S. 176 Gotsis, Philene 46,61,214,235 Gotta, James Robert 183 Gould, Christopher P. 76,148,l51,188 Gould, Ingrid Eugenie 179 Gould, Jonathan B. 24,64,119,150,191 Gould, Patricia M. 198 Gourley, Erik R. 189 Gowler, Linda L. 201 Gowler, Paul Preston 61,215 Grace, John Stephen 40,215 Gradolph, Rebecca S. 47,81,118, 150,179, Graham, Graham, Graham, 243 Hilary Mary 40,129,183 Jeffrey 86,179 Jennifer M. 177,215 Graham, Leslie J. 25,47,191 Graller, Amy Carol 140,142,200 Granath, Bruce D. 128,151,199 Grannan, Dennis M. 215 Grannan, Nancy Jean 181 Gross, John E. 187 Grott, Mr. Gary L. 164,234 Grove, Douglas W. 81,107,187 Grundeis, Scott E. 85,95,189 GUARD 28 Hagy, Laurie 177,215 Hahn, Hahn Hahn Hahn Hahn Chris Francis 215 . Douglas L. 215 , Mark Thomas 189 , Nancy B. 190 ' , Valerie Cecile 201 Hales, Martha W. 47,143,215 Hall, Alison Gordon 46,140,195 Hall Mr. Dean D. 164,189 Hall Hall Gillette Hewitt 25,140,200 . Jeffrey Persson 119,215 Hall, Julia Ann 216 Hardy, Thomas Randall 76,216 Hargett, Michael K. 145,196 Harkness, Amy Stiller 143,144,216 Harkness, Sara Gates 52,193 Harland, Michele H. 61,216,235 Harmon, Charles D. 191 Harnack, Christopher 180 Harney, Edward J. 85,114,191 Harriman, Brooke T. 216 Harrington, John B. 73,115,183 Harrington, Michael P. 80,81,107,195 Harrington, Sally Ann 97,98,104, 194,200,203 Harris, Heidi Caroline 29,94,145,189 Harris, Jon Wesley 119,188 Harris, Melanie Jill 89,196 Harrison, Laura Marie 180 Harrison, Matthew 72,193 Harrison, Stephanie L. 216 Harrison, Tracy 183 Harrold, Renata Jane 46,142,191 Hart, Geoffrey Arthur 196 Hart, Sarah Dunn 91,118,193 Hartel, Daniel Edward 150,151,199 Hartel, Tom Lee 150,151,191 Hartigan, Mary K. 200 Hartman, W. Andrew 193 W Guhl, Jonathan 24,102,180 Guhl, Tabitha Jane 60,104,215,235 Guilleminot, Isabelle 35,215 Gun, Giselle Marie 51,140.143.203, 215 Gunn, Charles Bradley 28,102,149, 154,199 Gunn, Damon Mott 28,102,148,149,201 Gunnels, Kimberly Ann 46,179 Gutekanst, Joan 195 Gutfreund, David Henri 215 Guthrie, Brenda 28,118,198 Guthrie, Bruce MacClemnt 81,190 Guthrie, Bruce MCM 72,189 GYMAGINATION 145 GYMKANA 29 GYMNASTICS, BOYS' 92 GYMNASTICS, GIRLS' 94 Gynn. Elizabeth Anne 140,142,215 Gynn. John 114,187 Gynn, Robert Matthew 114,188 Hall, Katherine 118,188 Hall, Pamela Jean 99,127,190 Hallenberg, Christian A. 78,179 Halwick, Thomas Del 192 Ham, Mr. Stephen C. 164 Hamilton, Leigh Anne 142,187 Hammerman, Michael M. 65,196 Hammersley, Bruce Joshua 114,187 Hammersley, Howard A. 81,107,201 Hammond, Stuart 85,190 Hartnett, Kevin P. 194 Hartnett, Matthew J. 192 Hartong, David George 28,78,I02,216 Hartunian, Andrew M. 196 Hartwig, Ms. Debby 129 Harvey Harvey , Eileen T, 47,216 , Elizbeth D. 179 Harvey, Laura E. 140,216,235 Harvey, Leslie 216 Harvey, Mrs. Sue M. 164 Handelman, Dawn 184 Hands, Helen M. 128,148,154,198 Handwerker, Barry A. 84,203,216 Haney, Meghan 216 Hangren, Christine A. 81,180 Hangren, Laura Ann 216 Hangren, Mr. Richard F. 164 Hanigan , Donald W. 73,185 Hanlon, Sarah Kirk 91,127,198 Hanrahan, Mr. Kevin 114 Hansen, Bradley G. 127,216 Hardy, Beth Ann 196 Hardy, Carolyn Lee 60,216 Hardy, Elizabeth Ann 47,144,188 Haser, Clara M. 141,143,200 Haser, Maria Todd 52,140,142,193 Haser, Paul Bryant 133,140,142,203, 216,235 Hassenauer, Michael J. 104,216 Hastey, III Robert P. 46,180 Hastings, Mary Margaret 99,129,154 155,179 Hatton, Kimberly Burrell 47,89,191 Hauldren, David Gerard 95,124,180 Hauptle, Nancy K. 176 Hauptle, Richard S. 76,148,l54,155 Hauser, Elizabeth 179 INDEXIPHOTO GALLERYf253 .. .3 ,far Hauser, John 73,95,127,150,151,180 Hauser, Peter C. 70,203,216 l-Iausheer, Jennifer L. 201 Hausheer, Robert Stuart 115,184 Hawley, Robert B. 28,216 Haworth, Mark 47,181 Haworth, Steven 201 Hayes, Howard R. 86,182 Hayes, Kathleen Ann 154,155,179 Hayes, Kristin A. 28,51,140,142,143, 203,216 Hayes, Maureen Anne 216,235 Hayes, Richard J. Jr. 87,183 Hays, Paul D. 72,189 Head, Adrienne M. 216 Head, Damian P. 87,107,183 Head, Ellen P. 47,118,187 Heal, Stacy Lynn 197 Healy, Elizabeth A. 199,203 Hector, Joseph F. 197 Hediger, Robert H. 83,84,l99 Heeter, Christie Lynn 104,128,148,154, 155,187 Hegarty, Kimerly A. 191 Heinen, Deborah S. 140,201 Heinzen, Stephen Raymond 191 Heise, Steven James 185 Heise, William E. 28,199 Heiser, Martin F. 47,176,216 Heitman, Bradford Jack 76,109,180 Heitman, Charles S. 71,198 Held, Laura Elizabeth 97,98,118, 140,216,234 Helfrich, Mr. Gene R. 85,124,160,203 Heller, Catherine F. 47,200 Hellman, Christopher 33,216 Hellman, Mark Gordon 73,127,184 Hellman, Mary C. 197 Helmer, Anne K. 47,61,91,128,203,216 Helmer, Elizabeth K. 94,99,182 Hemke, Elizabeth Anne 142,154,155, 190 Henderson, Charles N. 20,62,64,124, 216 Henderson, Elizabeth J. 140,216 Henderson Jeffrey 28,216 Hennessy, Gerald J. 28,140,142,199 Hennessy, H. Richard 21,81,107,216 Hepworth, Andrew N. 216 Herbst, Martin 85,109,127,191 Herbst, Mary Ryan 182 Hermeling, Timothy Lee 181 Hernandez, Thomas M. 216 Hernandez, Miss Vivian D. 124,164 Herndon, Carol Lynn 118,150,179 Herndon, Wm. Charles 187 HERO 37 Herrmann, Marianne M. 47,216 Herron, Morgan N. 85,114,124,190 Herzog, Mrs. Mary Jo 88,89,164,197 Hetherington, Stacy L. 180 Hewett, Catherine B. 216 Hewett, Charles C. 199 Hicks, Stuart Coleman 196 Higgins, Jill Elizabeth 141,143,187 Higgins, Lauren Marie 52,186 Higgins, Peter F. 83,84,217 Higgins, Roger Mark 20,71,72,107,217 Hirsh, Nancy Ellen 91,141,200 Hitt, Jeffrey Buell 81,193 Hoagland, Laura Lee 46,187 Hoback, Amy Ann 196 Hoback, Christopher C. 199 Hostert, Lisa Ann 29,94,145,188 Hotchkiss, John R. Jr. 28,78,102,196 I-Ioughtlin, Deborah A. 29,43,94,217 Houghton, Gordon Knight 73,107,179 Houpt, Peter Beyer 87,127,183 Howard. Douglas M. 141,180 Howard, Jennifer Arden 50,179 Howard Howard , Jennifer Celene 94,184 , Joseph Gerard 195 Howard, Maria 196 Howard Howard , Paul C. 217 , Paul W. 20,29,145,217,234 Howland, Scott Raymond 119,127,191 Howlett, Julie Ann 217 Hoyt, Stephen Dubbs 69,70,147,148, Jarvis, Tracy 180 JAZZ BAND 149 JAZZ LAB BANDS 151 Jeannin, Christophe 109,119,182 Jeannin, Dominique 118,190 Jeannin, Sophie 184 Jenkins, Karen M. 201 Jennings, Elizabeth 179 Jennings, Robert William 192 Jensen, Mr. Gordon W. 165 Jester, Joseph Randall 64,192 Jewell, Lisa Ann 64,141,200 Jewett, George Andrew 176 Jiganti, Paul James 29,76,95,145,189 Jobst, Mrs. Virginia E. 160 HOCKEY 105 Hodgson, Christopher L. 87,102,184 Hoffberg, Sheli Feryl 43,46,217 Hoffman, Greg Wagner 217 Hoffman, John M. 217 Hoffman, Mary Beth 190 Hoffman, Matthew T. 72,148,151,190 Hoffman, Scott T. 195 Hofmann, Richard,D. Jr. 73,127,143, Hilarides, Robert S. 24,121,217 Hill Carra Delafon 217 Hill Corwin D. 127,192 Hill, Diana Louise 177,217 Hill Hill Hill Elisabeth J. 51,117,118,145,217 Melville C. III 201 1 Sara Williamson 51,144,154, 155,217 Hillman, Mr. Floyd B. 164 Hilsabeck, Mr. Stephen A. 86,164,189 Hilton, Linda J. 46,200 Hinchman, David Nelson, 73,180,202 Hinds, Susanna C. 58,59,140,217,235 Hindsley, Jody 201 Hines, John Robert 133,140,142, 217,235 Hines, Matthew M. 40,48,60,199 Hinkamp, Gretchen Marie 117,118,155, 182 Hogan, Audrey E. 195 Hogan, Cathleen E. 198 Holland, Amy Victoria 127,184 Holland, John Oldham 119,120,217 Holland, Margaret Anne 193 Holland, Stacey 46,51,52,186,193 194,202 Holleran, Lynn Kathleen 129,181 Holleran, Martin L. 217 Hollins, Mrs. Nancy K. 164 Holloway, Kim 142,187 Holloway, Owen F. 176 Holmberg, Judith M. 28,52,198 Holmes, Melinda 190 Holmgren, James 71,73,107,143,184 Holstein, Peter L. 40,193 Holzinger, Miss Louise 164 HONOR BAND 148 Hook, Susan Marie 217 Horn, James L. 190 Hornstein, Jeffrey D. 195 Horsch, Michael E. 76,180 Horsting, John R. 78,100,102,217 Horton, Todd 185 Horwitch, Daniel Ross 119,184 Horwitch, Peter David 119,121,217 149,154,217 Hubbard, Connie 29,144,200 Huebner, Cynthia Jane 154,155,188 Huerter, Mr. Joseph C. 164 Huff, Michael Kale 85,114,124,187 Huffer, Robert M. 217 Huggins, Mrs. Charlotte 164,190 Huggins, John 73,182 Hughes, Mark Thomas 188 Hughes, Pamela 217 Hughes, Tara Ann 91,181 Hughson, Mrs. Claire L. 164 Hummel, Rebecca Jean 198 Hummel, Virginia 180 Hung, Catherine C. 25,181 Hurley, William R. 109,188 Hurn, Julia Ann 46,140,143,176 Husak, Jean Ann 150,179 Husak, Leslie Ann 36,217 Husak, Sally Anne 140,200 Hussey, Jeffrey Wood 192 Husting, Gretchen M. 144,199 Husting, Jennifer Kay 28,144,217 Hutter, Steven Neal 231 Hynes, Lee Ann 196 Ieuter, Charles R. 46,81,124,142, 217,234 Ieuter, Jake A. 87,124,183 Ieuter, William 124,193 Igliori, John Jordan 183 IM 38 Immenhausen, Kimberly 176,177 Ingersoll, Jared S. 102,185 INKLINGS 65 INTERESTS 18 Ipavic, Diana Karolina 64,179 Isaacs, Mrs. Nancy B. 118,164 Ismond, Mrs. Joan S. 165 ITV 63 Ivanovich, Francis J. 196 Iverson, Karen Lynn 198 Johnson, Brian R. 148,151,187 Johnson, Brice Aaron 182 Johnson, Carolyn Janine 143,186 Johnson, Catherine A. 22,218 Johnson, Charles H. 119,183 Johnson, Curtis J. 189 Johnson, David O 119,180 Johnson, David Page 189 Johnson, Deborah Ann 29,94,145,198 Johnson, Deborah C. 142,190 Johnson, George 187 Johnson, James Michael 87,109,180 Johnson, Jeannette 29,195 Johnson, Joan M. 185 Johnson, Ms. Julie W. 165,198 Johnson Johnson , Karen Elizabeth 189 , Karin Ruth 28,218 Johnson, Laura Ann 29,94,145,190 Johnson , Matthew Quinn 102,183 Johnson, Raymond D. 176 Johnson, Steven C. 195 Johnson, Steven Louis 176 Johnson, Susan Annette 142,191 Johnson, Susan Bonner 52,189 Johnson, Mr. Vernoy A. 165,176 Johnson, Wayne Jeffrey 72,192 Johnston, Mrs. Elizabeth 165 Johnston, Elizabeth R. 181 Johnston, Gregg 87,179 Johnston, Kenneth B. 180 Johnston, Scott Bryan 84,127,195 Jones, Eric Donald 177,218 Jones, Gerald F. 191 Jones, Gregory C. 114,192 Jones, Margaret Jane 200 Jones, Mr. Mitchell C. 102,165 Jones, R obin s. 29,51,52,19s,2oa Jonscher, Michael R. 109,201 Jonscher, Veronica Mary 182 Jordan, George T. 84,195 Jordan, Horace W. 140,199,203 Josefsberg, Mr. Bernard 165,198 Judge, C 218,234 atherine R. 40,41,140,177, Judson, Linda Ann 200 Julian, Carolyn M. 91,180 JUNIORS 194 Bruce David 60,71,78,197 Jackson, Jackson, Darla L. 179 Jackson, Deirdre M. 198 Jackson, Jacob, K William Duncan 182 enneth Hales 20,133,141,217 Kabel, Alexandria Anne 181 Kabel, Marcus Ian 177,235 Kaden, Debra Sue 137,140,176,218 Kaefer Kahlm , Frederick 87,184 Kaefer, organ, Christopher 183 Merrie 35,127,191 Kahlmorgan, Katrina Ann 191 Jacob, William Blair 194 Jacobi, Wyn 217 Jacobs, Zachary Thomas 193 Jacobson, Mr. John A. 165,234 Jacobson, Kurt C. 192 Jacobson, Mrs. Lilly P. 165 Jacobson, Ralph David 199 Jaeck, Christine Ann 52,217 Jaeger, Anne Louise 47,217 Jaeger, Margaret 118,179 Jaegers, Peter James 190 Jaegers, Rebecca,Ann 91,118,183 Jahant, Marianne Louise 191 James, Ann Michelle 46,179 James, Carl K. 84,108,196 James, Elizabeth A. 200 James, Heidi Miche 49,142,193 James, James, Katrinka Jo 28,118,218 Mary K. 28,118,198 187 Hinman, James S. Jr. 81,201 Hinman, Julia F. 187 Hinshaw, Jennifer B. 25,28,140,142, 200 Hinshaw, Judith Wade 184 Henderson Henderson I Joseph Jr. 199 Mark Garfield 104,189 Hendrix, Beth Noel iso Hennessey, John G. 188 Hirsch, Mr. Carl F. 164,197 Hirsch, Ronald A. 119,180 Hirschle, Heather Anne 183 Hirsh, John Ira 57,60,157,217,234 254fINDEXfPHOTO GALLERY Horwitz, Blake Wolf 46,192 Hosbein, Gregory Clark 73,127,182, 202 Hosbein, James R. 217 Hosbein, Jennifer Ann 25,74,76, 144,217 Hosbein, Laura Ellen 25,46,76,191 Hosbein, Mary R. 46,190 Hoskins, Richard S. 70,199 James, Stefan C. 78,142,195 James, Warren Andrew 24,29,142,145, 195,203 H Jannotta, Martha 28,46,196 Jannotta, Peter Ross 85,127,191 Janosek, Andrew William 81,187 Jans, Danny 183 Jansen, Mark Harvey 119,154,155,181 Jarrow, Anne L. 143,190 Kaiser, Michelle K. 188 Kalin, Merrill 192 Kallis, Jonathan A. 81,107,194 Kallman, Robert C. 28,78,142,218 Kalman, Jennifer 25,180 Kalsch, Donna Jean 155,180 Kaltenekker, Frank J. 201 Kaltenekker, Margit 181 Kaltenekker, Peter A. 76,107,193 Kalter, Jacqueline I. 78,182 Kalter, Rene P. 192 Kaminski, Gregory Earl 179 Keminelei, Nicole 25,91,142,1s9 Kamp, David E. 189 Kanaley, Kathleen M, 118,179 Kane, Steve M. 194 Kanne, Margaret E. 144,182 Kao, Jeffrey Lee 148,149,218 Kaplan, Anne Francoise 46,188,202 Kaplan, Susan Beth 150,181 Kaplan, Tamara Marie 60,144,197 Kaply, Chris W. 197 Kapps, Alison Marie 218 Karr, John Ed 192 Kasner, Judith Lorence 188 Katzenberg-Justis, Ms. Janet S. 165 Kauf, Paul Richard 180 Keuf, Ted J. 124,196 aufman, Warren Ralph 154,155,201 aufmann, Keith E. 154,194 ay, Eric C. 192 eating, Wendy Jeanne 143,197 eefe, Margaret l. 218 ehm, Miss Elaine M. 166,180 eller, James M. 179 eller, Jennifer Grace 201 eller, Lizabeth Beeson 193 eller, Yvonne Caroline 98,218,235 ,elley, Brian Joseph 201 elley, Douglas W. 218 .elley, Jeffrey R. 73,109,181 Qelley, Krista D. 188 lelley, Magan M. 118,150,180 lelley, Mike Andrew 84,150,195 Kellogg, Andy H. 148,149,218 lelly, Ann Quinn 190 ielly, Brian W. 107,193 ielly, Elizabeth L. 118,144,196 Ielly, Mrs. Helen L. 166 Kelly, Mrs. Jeanne L. 56.166,198 ielly, Julie Ann 118,184 Kelly, Margaret M. 218 Kelly, Mary 118,193 Kelly, Mary Louise 185 Kelso, Heather 180 Kennedy, Carole Ann 179 Kenney, Lynne Maureen 29,198 Kenney, Robert Jerome 119,188 Kennicke, Miss, Leola J. 97,98,99, 127,166 Kenny, Maria Celine 155,199 Kenny, Martin Peter 124,154,188 Kenyon, Richmond W. 104,199 Keogh, John Carlin 187 Kepler, Daniel E. 70,218 Kepler, Gordon V.A. 86,180 Kepler, Jenny Alice 150,193 Kerins, Jeffrey S. 24,192 Kerr, Anne Louise 28,91,127,198 Kerr, Jeffrey Dee 199 Kerwin, Marie Eliz 133,140,198 Keyes, Karen Eileen 188 Kiem, Lincoln David 176,218 Kiener, Andrew 192 Kiener, Annette J. 198 Kiesler, Carolyn S. 201 Kiliany, Colette Anne 47,201 Kiliany, Jennifer M. 99,127,182 Killoren, Mary Ann 199 Kim, Junu T. 182 Kincaid, Hobart B. 29,95,192 Kincaid, Joseph Paul 198 Kincaid, Margaret M. 218 King, D. Kristen 29,52,145,196,203 King, Mr. John N. 166 King, Richard Ellwood 218 Kingwill, Stephanie D, 218 Kinney, Clark A. 76,192 Kinsella, James T. 218 Kioutas, George P. 196 Kirby, Julie Carolyn 50,88,89,200 Kirk, Mrs. Beverly Miller 176 Kirk, James Thomas 199 Kirk, John A. 87,184 Kirscher, Elizabeth 118,183 Kissinger, Daniel C. 186,192,202 Kissinger, Monica Mary 99,184 Kissinger, William Jr. 43,113,203, 206,218,234 Kitzhoefer, Iris M. 99,198 Kitzhofer, Peter 78,218 Kitzrow, Tanya Li 180 Kixmiller, Miss Jean P. 160 Klamm, Mrs. Roberta R. 166 Klamm, Mrs, Vicki 166 Klauke, Timothy Joseph 86,102,115, 180 Klawans, Sandra Jean 184 Klawans, Susan Sarah 133,140,141,2O0 Klebba, Anne 199 Klebba, Daniel Joseph 189 Kleckner, Diane Eliz 47,187 Klein, Elizabeth Lee 218 Klein, Erez 218 Klein, Ronald Kevin 85,109,124,189 Klein, Mr. Ronald T. 124,166,234 Klein, Mrs. Wendy K. 166,181 Kleinman, Elliott A. 177,218 Kleinman, Jonathan S. 73,150,185 Klinge, Carol Therese 219 Klingler, John Michael 183 Klinger, Josef Franz 106,107,219 Klise, James C, 201 Klocker, Mr. Robert F. 166 Klutz, Audie 199 Kludy, Steven Carl 219 Kluka, Miss Darlene A. 99,166,198 Kmieciak, Andrew C. 192 Kmieciak, Joseph C. 196 Kneifel, Linda S. 189 Kneubuhler, Mrs. Cheryl J. 166,181 Knoblock, Gretchen S. 179 Knowlton, James William 95,187 Knox, Douglas 196 Knuti, Erik G. 87,15O,151,185 Kocour, Michael G. 151,186,191,202 Kocour, Steve Robert 63,64,186,195 Koelle, John Erik 219 Koerner, Mr. Richard J. 166,181 Koester, Bonnie Lynn 195 Koester, Debra Ann 190 Kofman, Clyde 107,197,203 Kofman, Kerri Anne 47,185 Kofman, Paul 219 Kogan, Naomi Ruth 143,189 Kogan, Sara Judith 190 Kokes, Gregory Joseph 201 Kolflat, Kristian 199 Kolf1at, Leif A. 195 Kona, Lindy Anne 143,189 Koppel, David Norman 109,219 Korengold, Richard H. 219 Korn, Lawrence Mark 78,102,201 Koscielak, Barbara J. 180 Koscielak, Marylynn 25,46,200 Koser, Mr. William J. 170 Koushanpour, Phillip 200 Kovacevic, William J. 194 Kovitz, Samuel Howard 193 Kowalski, Victoria Jean 193 Kowalsky, Paul Andrew 219 Kraenzle, Friedrich H. 219 Kraenzle, Otto Walter 219 Kraus, Louis James 140,219 Krause, Kevin Clarence 109,180 Krause, Laurie Ann 219 Kravits, Judith Ann 180 Kraybill, David J. 199 Krebs, Alison Lee 128,148,154, 155,201 Kretchmer, Elizabeth 64,143,198 Kriesant, Karen E, 219 Krit, Melissa Jane 185 Kroschel, Mr. Eugene A. 166 Kruempelstaedter, Mr. James 86,109, 166,190 Kruempelstaedter, John 73,119,180 Kruempelstaeder, Robert 71,108,195 Kubiak, Joseph John 195 Kubiak, Kimberly Faith 183 Kudan, Jonathan Louis 176 Kuecker, Glen David 199 Kuennen, Mr. Robert E. 166 Kuenzel, Kimberly R. 36,47,219 Kuether, Matthew 192 Kuhn, Keller Ann 185 Kuhnen, Blair G. 219 Kuhnen, Gregg 219 Kuipers, Thomas R. 28,196 Kullby, Kevin Stwart 70,195 Kullby, Kirk Walter 69,70,219 Kullby, Kristen 94,180 Kunath, Victoria Lind 94, 185 Kunkel, Patrick K. 191 Kurlander, Leslie L. 219 Kurschner, Marilyn M. 186 Kurschner, Phillip A. 148,149 154,194 Kusar, Angelica R. 118,198 Kutschke, Ed F. 86,595,183 Kutschke, Joanne M. 196 Kutschke, Julie Anne 198 Kutschke, Thomas A. 219 Kyle, Peter F. 195 Labadie, Mr. James H. 166,182 Lacey, Kevin Brian 149,195 Lacey, Peter T. 84,148,196 Lachner, Mrs. Janette Y. 166 Lacroix, Charles A. 219 Lacroix, Jacques E. 195 LACROSSE 126 Lagershausen, Timothy 183 Lagershausen, Kathleen 196 LAGNIAPPE 132 Lahey, John Kurt 87,143,180 Lahey, Kara Eileen 29,143,198 Lahey, Phil F. 24,187 Lahrmann, Laura Ann 25,118,219,234 Lahrmann, Wm. A. III 114,191 Lambert, Margaret M. 189 Lambrecht, Matthew G. 81,180 Lampert, Jeffrey 197 Lancaster, Allison Lee 193 Lane, Elizabeth Anne 140,141,142,186 Lane, John Kieran 73,180 Lane, Patricia Clarke 52,193 Lane, Russel G. 176,219 Lane, Scott D. 119,120,199 Lane, Sydney H. 127 Lang, Paula Ann 195 Langan, Louise 142,190 Langan, Matthew P. 219 Langan, Patricia E. 140,197 Langmar, Emery Louis 195 Langmar, Peter S. 86,183 Lanham, Linda Ann 219 Lanzillotta, Salvino 219 La Porte, Damon J. 127,192 LaPort, Lisa Anne 143,189 LaPort, Margaret Alicia 180 LaPort, Michael A. 197 LaPorta, Anthony F. 189 Larkin, Daniel F, 71,104,219 Larson, Carl Frederick 64,193 Larson, Ian Read 219 Later, Sara 99,184 Lathrop, Eric Otto 85,187 Lauerman, Miss Mary L. 158,166,182 Laughlin, Charles T. 85,188 Laurence, Eric Lewis 60,196 Laurence, Lynn 181 Lavelle, Carol Ann 176,219 Law, Bruce Kennedy 197 Lawler, Daniel Paul 24,76,219,235 Lawler, Kate Elizabeth 94,181 Lawless, Caroline Mary 94,180 Lawlor, Faith Helen 47,186 Lawson, Bruce Eugene 60,191 Lawton, Lori L. 53,191 Lawton, Michael T. 73,95,127,180 Lazar, Mr. Zachary D, 167,199 Lazar, Zachary Douglas 102,191 Lazer, Jill Mari 94,181 Leahy, Jane Simmons 179 Leahy, Nancy Catherine 81,185 Leahy, Mr. Robert C. 115,167,182 Leahy, Thomas Charles 189 Lederer, William A. 28,62,199 Lederman, Jill Susan 219 Ledinsky, Mr. Raymond J. 167,234 Lee, David Michael 195 Lee, Jane 185 Lee, Mary 219 Lee, Ming 192 Lee, Nancy Kathryn 25,43,74,76, 154,155,220 Lee, Virginia Joanne 220 Leech, Mrs. Barbara A. 167,190 Leekley, John Maurice 220 Legget, Mrs. Susanne J. 167 Lehman, Joseph A. 84,111,113,220 Lehman, Monica M. 179 Leiden, Mrs. Barbara 167 Leider, Andrew F. 199 Leider, Mark 220 Lems, Maurine 201 Lenard, Mrs. Sue J. 160,234 Leonard, Kyle 61,70,196 Leonard, Sarah Jean 46,197 Leonard, William J. 220 Leondedis, Sarah Frances 46,181 Lettner, James Philip 85,192 Lettner, John George 73,179 Levally, Mark L. 72,187 Levenson, Karen Grace 46,195 Leverentz, Mark J. 78,220 Lewis, Elizabeth R. 197 Lewis, Mr. Kent D. 85,109,167,180 Lewis, Leslie S. 196 Lewis, Linval 140,143,192 Lewis, Tamara 142,193 Lewis, Mr. Rexford G. 158,167 Lewis, Vinroy V. 220 Lewy, Patricia Lynn 182 Lezama, Maria Anne 199 Licata, Catherine M. 196 Licata, Elizabeth Anne 220 Lidecker, Mary C. 46,140,220 Lidman, Diane Susan 201 Lieberman, Guy William 76,187 Lieberman, Keith Mark 220 Lieberman, Robin Mayer 184 Lifvendahl, Laura Ann 28,118,220 Lifvendahl, Susan 104,144,193 Lin, Elise Tsin-Chin 94,196 Lin, Eva I. 182 Lind, Elizabeth N. 89,118,144,191 Lind, J. Robert 28,78,102,220 Lindberg, Lura 220,235 Lindblad, Christopher 115,124,180 Lindblad, Tyler Wade 72,109,189 Lindley, Mr. Austin F. 167 Lindley, Becki Janine 182 Lindley, Lori Deann 186 Lindner, Sally Kuhn 25,47,142, 150,191 Lindsey, Vicki Ann 187 Lindstrom, Alicia Jane 91,118,182 Linkowski, Laura Ann 191 Lipe, Katherine B. 46,180 Lippitz, Bradley H. 142,195 Lipsich, Lisa Beth 220 Lipsich, Michele R. 198 Lipson, Laurence Eric 76,193 Lipson, Michael Rand 36,220,235 Lisle, Jennifer Ann 179 Lisle, Matthew W. 81,115,183 Lissner, Charles Ira 24,49,191 Lissner, Jean Ann 198 Little, Kathryn Jean 181 Leverentz, Mr. Rodney J, 167 Levie, Karen Michelle 171,220 Levin, Andrew C. 181 Levin, Bruce Michael 220 Levin, Caryn Lisa 190 Levin, Jil Iris 155,190 Levin, Matthew H. 72,189 Levin, Russell Jay 148,154,155,195 Levine, David Arnold 40,183 Levins Levins Levins , Frank Joseph 101,102,220 , Mary Rose 94,181 , Philip Alexander 109,191 Levit, Theodore 177 Levy, Halle Beth 200 Lloyd, Rebecca Elizabeth 135,142, 191 Lockwood, John Andrew 195 Lockwood, Mary Christine 187 Loftus, Maripat 51,198 Loftus, William B. 73,182 Long, Mr. 72 Long, Paul Francis 177 Long, Phillip Edward 192 Lorenz, Leslie 118,144,150,184 Lorenz, Victoria A. 28,39,200 Lorenz, Will R. 102,193 Louis, Jennifer C. 148,154,155 Lourenco, Margaret P. 61,62,64,220 Levy, Henry B. 73,107,181 Levy, Mrs. Thora J. 107,182 Lewis, Andrea Maria 61,65,140,148 154,155,203,220 Lewis, Barbara Beverly 46,179 v Love, Love, Anne T. 29,47,150,189 Brian James 200 Love, Emily Isidora 47,151,189,202 Love, Kathryn S. 29,44,45,47,220,235 Love, Matthew David 59,61,149,220, Kushner, Dian Alison 182 Lavelle, Jay Augustine 193 I-f9WiS. Elilfibeth ADH 176 235 1 I 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - - 2 - - I l l i 1 1 I 1 1 INDEXIPHOTO GALLERY! 255 Miller, Lovell, Ms. Elizabeth E. 167 Lovely, Lynn D. 140,220 Lovering, Hutchison C. 198 Low, Michael D. 60,196 Lowe, Bonnie Beth 220 Lowley, Sue A. 104,128,150,189 Lucas, Thomas Grant 192 Luckett, Paula 199 Ludovice, John N. 220 Ludovice, Kathleen Ann 187 Luick, A. Lee 187 Lundin, Sarah Jane 200 Lundin, Thomas Andrew 220 Lundquist, Mark Steve 84,220 Lundquist, Nancy C. 179 Lunkes, Sueanne 220 Lynch, Daniel A. 220 Lynch, Jacqueline E. 220 Lynch, Rose Marie 195 Lynch, Terrence Joseph 108,188 Lynch, Todd Michael 73,181 Lynnes, Katherine E. 197 Lyon, Betsy Ann 198 Lyon, David Bonn 141,184 Lyons, Deborah Ann 144,197 Lyons, Dennis F. 220 Lyons, John 73,180 Mabie, Douglas 76,115,182 Mabie, John C. 76,113,199 MacDonald, Dan Matheson 64,143,184 MacDonald, Emily 118,155,182 MacDonald, John Thurlow 187 MacDonald, Martha Joy 154,201 MacDonald, Thomas R. 71,148,149,195 MacGregor, John D. 71,108,203,220 Mack, Eileen Marie 51,52,220 Mack, Sarah Huntley 46,200,203 Mack, Theresa J. 140,199 Mackevich, Nancy E. 47,220 Mackie, Susan Beth 51,203,221,234 Maclean, Elizabeth S. 52,203,221,234 Maclean, Margaret B, 47,144,183 Macomber, Brigit D. 148,154,155,196 Macomher, Marcia Lynn 140,142,189 Madden, Anne Kelly 28,118,199 Madden, John 87,95,102,182 Madden, Nancy H. 180 Madden, William Frank 76,195 Maddox, Richard T. 114,188 Madison, Ahhy Margaret 180 Madlener, Dehorah L. 203,221 Madsen, Virginia Gail 221 Maguire, Kathleen M, 81,118,198 Maguire, Margaret Mart 99,127,189, 202 Maher, David Paul 95,145,199,201 Maher, Jean Margaret 118,179 Maher, Steven James 92,93,95,l45,203 Maheras, Melanie E. 184 Mahon, Bridget 198 Maibenco, Edward P. 189 Maine, Jeanne 60,98,99,140,200 MAINTENANCE CREWS 171 Majeczky, Mike 109,119,179 Malia, Daniel W. 192 Malia, Diane C. 198 Mallace, Elizabeth K. 221 Malles, James Craig 24,76,221 Malloy, James Patrick 184 Malloy, Margaret Mary 58,59,221 Malloy, Mary E. 61,200 Malone, Kathleen 198 Malone, Mary 142,191 Malone, Patricia 140,221 Maloney, Daniel E. 196 Maloney, John I. 197 Maloney, Kieran Patrick 72,187 Maloney, Laura Marie 185 Maloney, Mary Lyng 91,221 Maloney, William B. Malott, Barbara Holden 127,180 Malott, Liza Hubert 104,193 Mangler, John Joseph 199 Mangler, Paul David 221 Manierre, Susan Jennifer 221 Roger T. 192 Mankus Mansfie d, Alison Eve 64,184 Marcus, Edye Anne 221 Marcus, John William 195 Marcus, Karen Lynn 201 Marcus, Mitchell Harris 78,193 Marine, Ms. Catherine J. 167 Mark, Christopher 193 Mark, Gordon Griffith 119,221 Mark, Michael 102,184 Markovich, Alexander D. 87,180 Marks, Brian W. 183 Marks, Greg Alan 73,124,180 Marmel, Mrs. Blossom A. 167,190 Marquardt, James Donald 73,109,127, 180 Marquardt, John F. Jr. 70,l24,195,203 Marsh, Anderson Donald 221 Marsh, Courtney 99,144,178,185,202 Marsh, Laura Elizabeth 189,202 Marsh, Mary Susan 129,183 Martin, Burrous J. 28,78,102,199 Martin, Carrie Louise 118,184 Martin, Dana 198 Martin, Dianne Marie 197 Martin, Gary Bradford 104,221 Martin, James W. III 192 Marvin, Nancy T. 184 Marvin, Thomas Gerard 211 Masloski, Sheila T. 176 Mason, Sarah Jane 199 Massey, Catherine Mary 129,181 Massey, Claire Andrea 221 Massey, Guy Daniel 95,143 Mast, Christine M. 221 Masterton, Patrick J. 221 Mathewson, Bradford D. 221 Mathewson, Eric Randolph 62,191 Mathewson, Gwen 89,144,180 Mathias, Rohert Paul 102,109,180 Maton, Michelle l.. 133,140,141,221, 235 Matsumoto, Ken 221 Mattox, Peter 73,102,180 i 256fINDEX!PHOTO GALLERY Mattucci, Mr. Frank A. 167 Matz, Mrs. Betsy 168 Matz, Mr. Eric K. 102,118,168,234 Mauck, Valerie Lynne 91,104,150,189 Maurer, Jeff W. 190 May, Mr. Roy 168,199 Mayer, Katherine A. 44,45,221,235 Mazza, Ann 142,187 Mazza, Mark Kaylor 221 McAllen, Robert 154,221,235 McAuliff, Robert 221 McBride, Stephen 28,78,102,221 McCabe, Valerie Lee 176,221 McCabe, Michael Bolin 197 McCabe, Tracy 176 McCahey, Edward Miles 86,183 McCain, Daniel I. 87,115,184 McCann, Joanne Marie 182 McCarter, Amy Warner 65,140,201 McCarthy, Daniel J. 199 McCarthy, Monica Mary 137,140,142 196 McCarthy, Vincent B. 64,195 McCarty, Wendy 198 McClain, Joy Louise 182 McClain, Marylee A. 118,200 McClain, Mr. Thomas B. 48,168,199 McClellan, Michael G. 113,221 McClellan, Timothy C. 188 McCloskey, Mr. Joseph W. 168 McConnell, Andrew 188 McConnell, Ann Thomas 221 McConnell, Caroline 51,52,188 McConnell, John F. 194 McCook, Margaret E. 23,25,203,221 McCook, Thomas R. 24,190 McCormick, Hilary B. 35,64,143,188 McCrea, Healy, M. 61,141,197 McCrea, Mr. Phillip J. 168,183 McDermott, G. .John 198 McDermott, Michel Lois 91,179 McDonald, Andrew G. 196 McDonald, Scott Anderson 102,140, 143,193 McDonough, Ellen L. 200 McDonough, John Thomas 71,221 McDonough, Paul H. 73,127,183 McDonough, Wm. 72,127,192 McEvers, Allison H. 200 McFadzean, Mr. James C. 168,234 McFadzean, Mrs. Mary 168 McGarry, Kevin V. Jr. 221,235 McGarry, Peter Thomas 192 McGee, Mr. Ralph G. 159 McGoey, Barbara J. 201 McGoey, Terence W. 87,184 McGrew, James Pope 39,195 McGrew, Joan Helaine 199 McGraw, Mary Kenyon 181 McHugh, John J. 124,221 McHugh, Thomas Lyons 188 McInnis, Jennifer 196 Mclntire, Stacy Ann 28,200 Mclntyre, Mary Anne 198 Mclver, Terry D. 189 McKay, Thomas Michael 61,71,221,235 McKee, Kevin Michael 196 McKenna, William L. 184 McKenzie, Catherine 184 McKeone, Brian P. 199 McKeough, Beth Anne 198 McKeough, Michael A. 195 McKeough, Susan Margaret 47,222 McKiernan, Ariane E. 143,222 McKiernan, Karin A. 143,201 McLeese, Matthew L. 86,109,180 McLellan, Katie 140,200 ' McLeod, Elizabeth Foster 46,51, 193,202 McMahon, James Brian 76,115,143,180 McMahon, Jenny Marie 28,118,201 McMahon, Kathleen Newman 181 McMahon, M. Michele 144,193,202 McMahon, William P. 104,201 McMurray, Jane 177,222 McMurray, Margaret K. 118,181 McNally, Peter C. 61,222 McNally, Kathleen 155,190 McNeill, Christine M. 180 McRae, Phillip G. 192 McWhirter, Cameron K. 184 Mead, Laura 187 Miller, Samuel E. 185 Miller, S Miller, S cott Lee 28.7371027222 usan Elizabeth 51.52,193 Miller, Tracy L. 46.193 Milliken, Mary H. 26,144,145,I88 Millikin, Robert Russell 113,189 Mills, Robert J. IV 183 Minar, Thomas Jackson 193 Miner, Anthony Robert 193 Minn, Richard A. 73,143,183 Minn, Steven Mark 43,6I,62,64,222 Minogue, Christopher S. 86,109,180 Mintz, Steven Hillel 190 Missimer, Julie G. 29,50,201,203 Mitchel, John P. 24,197 Mitchell, Alistair N. 124,222 Mitchell, Andrew James 189 Mitchell, Charles T. 192 Mitchell, Mr. Charles W. 168 Mitchell, Mary Berenice 185 Miyashita, Toshiyuki 183 Moclerwell, John W. 61,69,70,222 Moldafsky, Jamie 46,58,59,222,234 Moloney, Adam Joseph 73,181 Moloney, Christopher 201 Moloney, Patrick D. 198 Moncrieff, Cynthia Lynn 189 Monroe, Marjorie Lynn 200 Monsees, Debra L. 200 Montgomery, Dorothy D. 28,52,201 Montgomery, Virginia F. 89,144,198 Montross, Peter Holmes 119,191 Mooney, Anne Margaret 181 Mooney, Michael James 222 Moore, Barrett Holloway 73,127,183 Moore, Charles A. 84,108,222 Moore, Eddie Stanley Jr. 107,193 Moore, Kathy A. 127,179 Moore, Marian E. 118,144,191 Moore, Mary Elizabeth 179 Moore, Sarah Ellen 222 Moore, Veronica C. 154,177,196 Moran Peter L. 189 Mead, Rebecca R. 29,145,199 Mead, Sumner Price 28,102,196 Medina, Anita M. 140,222,235 Meek, Mary F. 184 Meier, John K. 194 Meier, Pamela Anne 76,94,191 Meijer, Karen Eliz 222 Meissner, Ted A. 184 Mella, Jenina 200 Mellon, Meltzer Jay Anne 201,203 , Cynthia L. 140,222 Mendel, Beth Ann 177 Mendes, Craig T. 200 Mericle, Karen Grace 140,143,222 Mericle, William C. 140,142,199 Merkel, Paul 196 Mesrobian, Donna S. 184 Morand, Julie 25,51,I88,202 Morand, Marybeth 42,47,222 Morden, Kimberly A. 195 More, Mrs. Louise P. 168 Moreau, Mrs. Rose K. 168 Moretta, Jon C. 29,95,145,189 Morgan, Andrew Pickard 86,115,180 Morley, Donald B. 24,84,222 Morrell, Brant Stebbins 197 Morris, Dwight Allen 141,197 Morris, Kathryn Irene 191 Morris, Meredith Ann 64.185 Morris, Robert Raiguel 181 Morrison, Sally Lynne 197 Morrison, Thomas Jay 222 Morrow, Miss Helen N. 168 Morrow, Thomas Alfred 199 Moses, Megan Leigh 118,180 Moss, Josh Jacob 28,78,102,222 Moss, Karen Lawre 196 Moticik, Mark Joseph 85,189 Moulton, Jennifer L. 154,155,195 Moy, Benjamin L. 179 Moy, Linda Monvan 60,223 Moy, Michael L. 198 Moyer, Elisa J. 223 Mrkonich, Heidi Jo 223 Mueller, Catherine A. 144,223 Mueller, Frederick L. 29,95,145,20o 1' Mueller, Miss Jane E. 168 Mueller, Joan G. 46,188 Mueller, Margaret 118,144,184 Messer, Joseph Shaw 84,197 Mestjian, Mrs. Carey A. 160,203 Metzger, Mr. H. Earle 76,I09,168,183 Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Mark N. 223 Paul Timothy 114,192 Thomas E. 28,78,196,203 Metzger, Jon E. 87,109,124,180 Meyer, Meyer, John Don 179 Suzanne Lee 36,46,222 Meyers, Edward Melvin 188 Meyers, Meyers, Mrs. Helen 168 Thomas Alan 84,107,193 Meyers, Thomas David 222 Michala, Jeannette M. 29,186 Michala, Matthew F. 222 Michels, Melissa 118,193 Mies, Molly Anne 190 Migely, Migely, Stephanie 184 Thomas F. 201 Milauskas, Mr. George A. 168,191 Milhratz, Kristen Lynn 185 Milici, Dawn A. 47,143,155,188 Milici, Nick Vincent 190 Millenson, Mrs. Judith R. 168 Miller, Bradly 85,193 Miller, Gretchen Leslie 29,118,142, 189 Miller, .Jeffrey C. 70,158,195 Miller, Jennifer L. 179,202 Miller, Karl T. 108,194 Miller, Kristen Nancy 201 Miller, Mr. Lloyd O. 168 Miller, Laura Diane 43,64,189 Lisa Alexandra 64,142,191 Mullen, Ms. Wahneta M. 168 Mulliken, Cindy M. 29,118,195 Mundt, Scott Gordon 143,191 Munitz, Laura Helene 193 Munns, Julie C. 223 Murdoch, Christopher 42,43,48, 49,201 Murdoch, David M. 28,78,102,223,234 Murphy, Carolyn E. 198 Murphy, Marguerite L. 52,223 Murphy, Michael H. 199 Murphy, Mr. Richard K. 168 Murphy, Ward G. 81,119,188 Murray, David III 60,198 Murray, Katherine Claire 188 Murray, Mary Ellen 189 Murray, Roh Roy 187 Murrin, Christine Ann 187 Murrin, Kathleen P, 189 Murrin, Mary F. 199 Murrin, Michael Paul 223 Murrin, Pat J. 115,124,181 MUSETTES 142 Musica, Michelle S. 46,223 Musil, Jonathan P. 140,199 Myers, Andrew B. 76,102,184 Myers, Christopher Hoy 76,191 Miller, Philip Craig 192 Miller Randall Bret 39,76,195 Myers, Mrs. Dorothy 144 Myers. Laura 48,196 Myers, Scott H. 223 ack, Allison B. 64,188 ack, Jennifer E. 185 ader, Page Alison 89,198 aft, Juliet Gail 89,200 agasawa, Akio 201 agle, Julie Ann 223 aro, Mrs. Catherine E. 168,199 ash, John Joseph 24,196 ash, Joseph James 28,102,223 ash, Michael Armstrong 180 ash, William Kidd 46,223 ATIONAL MERIT 235 eary, Nancy Jo 29,200 gary, Mrs. Sally B. 168 'eary, Thomas D. 39,71,223,234 ebel, Natalia A. 60,197 'ebel, Silvia Bernadette 25,47, 135,188 ledoss, Charles A. 199 leedler, Elizabeth A. 29,95,145, 194,198 leedlman, Lisa Beth 89,198 leer, E. James 223 legronida, Timothy P. 187 leidig, Janet Diane 177,223 leil, Claudia R. 117,118,196 lejedly, Cindy Louise 193 lelson, Bonnie S. 25,197 lelson, David Norman 115,124,180 lelson, Doug Bachman 189 lelson, Elizabeth A. 91,142,191 lelson, Kevin John 76,150,151,180 lelson, Laura Kathryn 148,154, 155,223 lelson, Pamela Christine 185 lelson, Timothy Andrew 49,72,187 lelson, Thomas L. 192,202 lemat-Nasser, David H. 188 leshitt, Edward Paul 187 lesbitt, Margaret M. 203,223,234 lessdg, Debra L. 197 leuhaus, Mary Margaret 148,154,155, 187,202 leuhaus, Robert F. 20,40,154,155, 203,223,234 wleuman, Carolyn Hope 223 Jeuman, Elizabeth 179 wleuman, Mr. Leo H. 168 wleumann, Alicia Vee 196 vleumann, Mark A. 223 wlevin, Mary A. 143,186 lewby, Grant William 124,150,201 wlewby, Gretchen Ann 25,181 wlewhall, Laura Clark 197 lewman, Pamela Metella 188 Jewton, Ray Eugene 109,124,180,202 JEWS 58 Jeylan, Robert J. 200 wlguyen, Thien Van 72,188 wlicholis, Donald J. 140,142,223 Jicholls, Audree M. 29,94,145,197 Jichols, Dale Robert 223 wlicholson, Mr. Edward W. 168 licolazzo, Peter Sten 85,192 iehauer, Ms. Irene C. 168,183 iedemiaier, Jeffrey S. 192 Nlishibori, Jun 200 Nlissly, Gregg Joseph 151,223,234 Qixon, Patrick W. 104,223 Jixon, William Clyde 85,104,192 wloel, Penny 224 Jolan, Andrew F. 224 Jalan, Christine Marie 46,186 Jolan, Mary Clementine 184 wlolan, James F. 187 wlold, Stephen P. 124,188 Jold, Thomas C. 200 iomoto, Jeffrey Toyo 179 slordblom, Ms. Judith S. 168,234 Nlordhem, Robert A. 199 iordman, Lynn G. 140,143,201 Wordmark, Mrs. Anne 168 Nlordmark, Cindy 198,203 Nlordmark, David A. 193 Qordquist, Molly O. 224 Qordstrom, Laura 184 ilorehad, David C. 29,92,95,145 Nlorehad, Michael S. 72,191 Gorman, James Carl 177 iorris, Laura 201 Nlorris, Mark Denman 199 Qorwood, Alison Kaye 184 Nlowik, Mrs. Cynthia S. 168,200 ioyes, Martha J. 180 lurnberger, Nancy Lynn 179 Jusinow, Miss Mindy A. 168,191 lutt, Claude Sebastian 188 lykaza, Michael James 84,195 Jykaza, Robert Steven 127,224 lykaza, Wendy Sue 180 lystrom, Karen Lynn 64,150,132 Oakley, William R. M. 81,107,148, 149,224 Obenchain, Edith E. 46,198 Obereiner, James Michael 115,184 Oberlin, Julie Marie 25,224,234 O'Brien, Brian K. 197 O'Brien, Joseph C. 84,196 O'Brien, Keith A. 192 O'Brien, Leslie Lynn 224 O'Callaghan, Kevin Paul 224 O'Connell, Burke J. 29,95,201 O'Connell, Jane Frances 184 O'Connor, Mary Elizabeth 29,180 0'Connor, Nora Ellin 224 O'Connor Thomas A. 201 O'Connor, Timothy Patrick 179 O'Donnell, Dennis L. 191 O'Donnell, Elizabeth H. 196 O'Donne O'Dowd, OEA 37 Oestrike, ll, Sarah McCabe 224 Michael Joseph 24,199 Heidi 47,182 Offer, Raphael E. 32,191 O'Hare Mr. Michael J. 168,191 O'Keefe, Kelly Ann 193 O'Keeffe, Colin 87,185 Olderma Olderma Olds, Kr 0'Leary, O'Leary n, Elisa L. 29,118,201 n, Mr. Richard J. 168 istin Lynn 43,48,140,200 Aileen Margaret 187 Julie A. 36,224 Olsen, Holly R. 148,154,200 Olson, Keith Caldwell 81,115,180 O'Malley, John Daniel 200 O'Malley, Michael John 62,64,140,199 O'Malley, Paul Thomas 102,191 O'Neil, James M. 84,224 O'Neil, James Patrick 197 O'Neil, Mrs. Patricia 168 O'Neil, Patrick Joseph 182 O'Neil, Thomas Grant 84,200 O'Neill, Kathleen Ann 224 Onley, Carole Lynn 81,118,190 Patrick, Christopher B. 192 PATRONS 249 Patterson, D. Scott 86,180 Patterson, Maryann 224 Patterson, Mary HE. 52,193 Patterson, Molly 179 Patterson, William T. 28,102,201 Pauker, Elliott C. 224 Paul, Paul, Mrs. Arline R. 168,177 Ephraim David 148,154,155,199 Paulick, Mrs. Dorothy L. 169,184 Paullus, Molly Ann 188 Paullus, Patrick J. 64,197 Peara, Andrew Thomas 86,109,183 Pearce, Paul Nicholas 84,195 Pearl, Pearl, Leslie Anne 46,201 Steven B. 189 Pearlman, Gregory Y. 60,119,224 Pearlman, Neal Lawrence 134,143,183 Pearse, Martha L. 46,140,224 Pearson, Jacqueline R. 224 Pearson, Jill Kristin 142,190 Pechtl, Robert John 108,224 Peck, Stephen King 71,109,201 Peckham, William L. 192 Pedicini, Eric Louis 70,196 Pelts, Pelts, Karen Lynn 187,202 Leslie Gail 52,224 Pemble, Sara Edmonds 142,189 Pendry, Douglas J. 111,196 Penner, Mrs. June 169 Penney, Deborah A. 46,143,187 Penney, Nicholas Seth 36,70,71,224 Penticoff, Elizabeth D. 91,189 PEP CLUB 50 Peponis, Arthur Harold 187 Peponis, Nancy Ellen 133,140, 141.196 PERFORMING ARTS 130 Perreault, Mr. Kenneth 169 Perry, Amy Suzanne 190 Perry , David Robert 43,84,203,224 Perry, Edward Patrick 73,185 Peter, Margaret Mary 200 Peter, Timothy Sean 124,192 Peters, Alison Beth 154,155,225,235 Petersen, Amy Elizabeth 47,190 Petersen, Kathy A. 36,200 Peberson, Amy Laura 91,118,184 Peterson, Christopher C. 182 Onley, Paul Robert 151,154,194 OPERA 136 Oppel, Ms. Judith A. 46,168 ORCHESTRAS 152 O'Reilly, Eileen E. 22,224,234,235 O'Reilly, Kevin Gerald 127,192 O'Reilly, Michael F. 71,151,194,203 Orelind, Greger John 73,179 O'Rourke, James Joseph 127,224 O'Rourke, John Patrick 72,127,187 O'Rourke, Margaret Marie 189 Peterson, Miss Donna L. 169,200 Peterson, Heather Anne 46,181 Peterson, Herbert D. 225 Peterson, Jean D. 118,191,202 Peterson, Joy Lois 29,94,145,200 Peterson, Laura S. 197 Peterson, Martha Lyn 225 Peterson, Pamela Jean 180 Peterson, Scott E. 225 Peterson, Ms. Sue A. 169 Petray, Craig R. 225 Petray, Nancy 179 Petrie, Holly Anne 140,142,201 Petrie, Marnie Elizabeth 179 Petrie, Nancy Ellen 46,142,193 Pettersen, Scott J. 187 Pettit, Clark R. 196 Petty, Jennifer Marie 91,143,193 Pfaelzer, Laura Block 47,225 Pfaelzer, Susan S. 89,181 Pfann, Bettyann K. 187 Pfann, Richard Karl 143,184 Pfisterer, Scott M. 104,124,225 Pfutzenreutr, Kathryn 198 Phelan, Mr. Michael J. 78,79,129, 169,184 Phelan, Jane P. 201 Philipp, John Marston 225 Phillippi, Marjorie L. 143,193 Phillips, Harold T. 85,109,183 Phillips, Holly M. 184 Phillips, Victoria B. 225 Philpot, Tracy Ann 140,225 PHOTO GALLERY 250 Pick, Elizabeth J. 91,179 Pick, Nancy Elizabeth 60,133,142, 225,235 Pick, Sarah Jane 91,129,184 Pieper, Nina Colleen 177 Pierce, Bradley 82,84,111,113,225 Pierpont, Scott Nelson 81,107,143, 134,202 Pigott, John Tom 20,43,81,106,107, 225,234 Pigott, Mark Andrew 72,107,188,202 Pigott, Michael J. 109,201 Pimley, Anne R. 64,188 Pimley, Venetia Mitchell 141,179 Pingel-Powell, Mrs. Kathy 169 Pinkerton, Brian James 150,191 Pinnell, Emilysue 154,155,188 Piorkowski, Julie Marie 94,180 6,0 Ortegel, Debra M. 224 Ortegel, John J. 181 Osborn, Mr. Lynn R. 183 Oslund, Oslund, Osman, Osman, Ovresat, Jeffrey Eric 73,107,124,180 Sheroll Kaye 200 Douglas F. 200 Victoria Lynn 183 Eric Raymond 224 Packard, Guy C. Jr. 196 Packler, Karen Sue 224 Paden, John Edward 78,188 Padgitt, Donald Lee 127,224 Padjen, Joseph Cook 183 Pagano, Catherine T. 187 Pagarw, Julianne Elizabeth 224 Page, Mary 186 Page, Sarah C. 198 Panas, Hillary Kristen 47,187 Pangrac, Anna Marie 190 Panitch, William A. 76,196 Pantone, B. James 102,184 Paoletti, Catherine M. 224 Paoletti, Deborah Ann 187 Papierski, Carlos B. 124,196 Parcells, Lindsey D. 224 Parikh, Sara Jean 224 Park, Thomas Grimes 78,148,151.194 Parker. Parmer, Julie Ellen 179 Phyllis 142.186 Parr, Christine Marie 89,129,179 Parrish, Martha Lee 29,94,1-15,187 Parrish, Mila Louise 138,140,224 Parsons, Elizabeth H. 143,189 Parsons, Sarah K. 224 Partridge, Mrs. Jane S. 168,191 Paaikov, Michael Paul 154,224 Paterkiewicz, Matthew 198 Piorkowski, Michael J. 107,195 Piorkowski, Paul F. 84,107,225 Pisano, Gabriella 99,188 Pisano, Michael James 63,194 Pitluk, Quentin 73,181 Pitluk, Zachary W. 199 Pitner, Gregory Alan 86,102,182 Pitt, Lisa N. 25,179 Plate, Cheri Lee 52,189 Plate, Norman Edward 225 Platon, Charles N. 225 Platon, Helen T. 29,145,186 Platt, Adam Philip 49,191 Plonsker, Edward M. 73,102,181 Plonsker, Steve E. 71,225,235 Plumb, Laura M. 25,104,198 Plumb, Michael P. 73,95,182 Pok, Thida Odile 186 Pollock, Susan 154,225,235 Polydoris, Nancy Ann 181 Polydoris, Susan C. 200 Pomper, Felicia 197 Poor, David A. 177 Poor, Michele A. 91,190 Pope, Margaret E. 41,47,198,203 Pope, Robert B. Jr . 87,180 Porino, Nicole Marie 225 Porta, John E. 73,107,143,180 Porta, Stephanie S. 195 Porter, Pamela Alice 143,186 Posen, Brian Lee 141,143,183,202 Poteshman, Lisa Star 225 Pottage, Mark H. 225 Potter, Michelle E. 196 Potts, Catherine Fay 143,190 Potts, Maureen E. 181 Potts, Stephen Peter 108,195 Poulos, James Arthur 102,183 Powell, Erin Jane 52,140,225,234 Powell, John Robert Jr. 62,64,191 Powell, Lawrence R. 225 Powell, Robert Benjamin 76,151,193 Powell, Sally Curtis 89,127,179 Powell, William L. 28,78,102,201 Powell, William W. 150,191 Power, Constance Ann 184 Powers, Elisabeth 104,128,195 Powers, Joanne T. 104,128,196 Poyser, Mrs. Paula J. 169,234 Prange, Phillip Hamilton 109,183 Price, Elizabeth K. 179 Ae 'Q If- . l Ll- vPrice, Geoffrey C. 124,195 Price, Thomas Paxton 119,184 Priest, Lesley S. 143,190 Prindiville, Anne T. 25,127,185 Prindiville, Frances 225,234 Pringle, Susan Vaughan 183,202 Proffit, Kathryn C. 142,148,189 Prouty, Peter K. 225 Provow, Amy J. 150,182 Provow, Mr. Charles E. 169,234 Provow, Laura Ann 225 Pryor, Elizabeth K. 225 Puckett, Mrs. Jane B. 169 Purcell, Andrew K. 197 Purcell, Elizabeth 22,225,234 Pyott, Sheila S. 193,202 Pyskacek, Naya Twig 148,154,225 Quinn, David 73,115,182 Quinn, Thomas J. 85,114,187 R 8: R HELPERS 234 Rabe, Bruce Robert 84,195 Racker, Lester 25 Racker, Victoria V. 143,199 Radcliffe, Simon A. 199 Radell, Nicholas 176,225 Rafanello, Donna Sue 179 Rafanello, Frederick 84,108,199 Raglin, Carla Neal 46,225 Raglin, James Michael 87,180 Rago, Leslie Ann 225 Rahe, William Henry 192 Rainford, Grant G. 189 Raith, John C. 86,184 Rammelt, David A. 86,107,184 Ramsay, Scott Forbes 225 Ramsdell, Edith Cutcheon 46,52, 53,151,187 Randall, David W. 225 Randstrom, James Edward 192 Randstrom, Thomas A. 226 Rankin, Kelly Jean 198 Ransom, Jeff Scott 108,151,198 Ransom, Julie Jo 46,179 Rappaport, Mitchell L. 193 Rappaport, Norton A. 199 Raucci, Laurence R. 199 Raucci, Randolph C. 188 Raveret, Jane E. 43,61,140,226,235 Raveret, Thomas Adam 78,102,191 Ray, Andy B. 86,183 Ray, Mr. John H. 169 Ray, Kevin Stewart, 78,151,184 Reed, Edward Cloy 72,108,189 Reed, Sanford 194 Rees, John Benjamin 24,84,113,201 Rees, Thomas P. 226,235 Regan, Brian Charles 197 Regan, Patricia Joan 43,46,200 Regan, Sharon Kathleen 76,128,191 Reichert, Peter A. 226,235 Reid, Julia 142,190 Reid, Patricia Rae 140,148,154,155, 226 Reighard, Alan Kirk 226 Reighard, Barbara 191 Reimer, Janey 89,226 Reimer, Scott Thomas 184 Rein, Howard George 150,151,191 Reinheimer, Jill G. 193 Reinisch, Katie L. 46,176,226 Reis, Ms. Joy A. 104,169 Reis, Stephan Martin 181 Reiss, Leslie 46 Reiter, Adam Elia 226 Reitz, Lauralee 226 Reitz, Natalee 184 Remien, Mary Margaret 56,57,226 Remien, Robert O,S, 84,226 Remke, Andrew Robert 192 Rempert, Robert S. 226 Renner, Christina M. 127,179 Renner, Gregory J. 196 Renner, Louis Joseph 104,226 Rennolds, Catherine A. 226 Rennolds, David Joseph 73,124,180 202 Rennolds, Karen Marie 104,128,188 Rennolds, Maureen L. 226 Rennolds, Michael F. 199 Revord, Matt James 49,78,150,187,202 Revord, Michael J. 60,78,148,226 Rhoad, Mr. Richard A. 169,200 Riblet, Doug B. 72,192 Richards, Leslie 118,179 Richards, Lisa 52,188 Richardson, Tracy 47,200 258fINDEX!PHOTO GALLERY Richburg, Pamela K. 226 Rickard, Glenn 193 Rickard, Steven Bonham 73,124,182 Rieger, Karen P.M. 226 Rielly, Thomas Patrick 143,179 Riemenschneider, John P. 87,124,181 Rietz, David Charles 226 Rigolin, Carla 142,188 Rigolin, Vera Helena 29,94,145,148, 199 Rineberg, Gay Leslie 226 Rineberg, Jan 188,202 Rinehart, Ms. Kathleen A. 169,184 Riskind, Jonathan M. 119,192 Ristich, Mark A. 151,196 Ritchie, Thomas M. III 119,180 Robb, Heather Wells 182 Roberson, Andrea N. 51,226 Roberts, Gwenyth B. 138,140,226 Roberts, Howard D. 150 Roberts, Jennifer I. 180 Roberts, Margaret H. 99,189 Robison, Eric James 46,109,183 Roche, James C. 49,64,127,193 Rockefeller, Felicia Ann 190 Rockefeller, James 196 Rockey, Mr. Charles F. 169 Roden, Mrs. Mary B. 169,234 Rodenkirk, Richard R. 227 Roessler, Karl Wm. 194 Roessler, Monica S. 36,227 Rogers, Ann Elizabeth 227 Rogers, Christopher 78,191,202 Rohner, David 184 Rohner, Philip Rudolf 227 Rolston, David Norman 197 Romanek, Lynn 52,190 Rosen, David Charles 180 Rosen, Fred M. 78,192 Rosenbaum, David G. 64,199 Rosenberg, David M. 34,48,60,203, 227,235 Rosenberg, Miriam Sue 25,128,142, 191 Rosenbloom, Eric Jay 81,106,107,196 Rosenzweig, Gina Terra 188 Rosenzweig, Michael W. 176,227 Ross, Mr. Allen E. 169 Ross, Earl Marvin 183 Ross, Eric Roman 192 Ross, Mrs. Patricia W. 169,234 Rossi, John X. 63,195 Rossi, Roberta G. 47,60,195 Rossiter, Gregory M. 24,70,201 Rossow, Cathrine E. 39,200 Roth, Mrs. Elaine G, 169 Roth, Ernie S. 85,114,124,193 Roth, Jennifer Hollis 118,180 Roth, Thomas Rubel 64,154,227 Rottenberg, David E. 64,195 Rottman, Alan G, 28,194 Rouleau, Brenda L. 227 Rowe, Cynthia Dee 197 Rowe, Elizabeth 47,198 Rowe, Robert Martin 180 Rowe, Robert V. 72,73,190 Rowell, Sylvia Agnessa 179 Royal, Barbara E. 46,227 Royce, Julie Ann 227 Rubel, Marcie Ann 61,140,200 Rubenstein, Jodi Lynn 179 Rubin, Martha B. 142,144,193 Rubin, Ronald Maurice 227 Ruby, Elizabeth Ann 183 Ruby, Jon Brad 198 Rude, Elizabeth 154,177 Rude, Dr. Roland V. 192 Rudiger, Mr. W. Jess 169 Ruffino, Gary Michael 188 Ruffolo, Michael A. 227 Rugland, Amy 47,187 Russ, Leslie Elaine 182 Russell, Heather 181 Russell, Nina 129,185 Russell, Peter Marr 76,102,180 Russell, Suzanne M. 22,46,140,227, 234 Rutherford, Paula K. 118,144,186 Rutherford, Sally Ann 118,144,184 Rutkowski, Elaine T. 189 Rutledge, John W. 72,192 Rutz, Laura Ann 143,227 Ryan, Anne 29,142,190,202 Ryan, Ciara Regina 94,179 Ryan, Douglas Donald 21,24,84,113, 196 Ryan, Helen Marie 43,50,51,118,227 Ryan, John Daniel 47,61,195 Ryan, Julie Marie 99,129,180 Ryan, Mary T. 47,142,193 Ryan, Michaela Nolan 135,188 Ryberg, Miss Geraldine A. 76,104,169 Ryden, Eric Verner 191 Ryon, Mrs. Helen W. 169 Ryno, Karole Lynn 29,94,145,227 Saballus, Donna Jeanine 189 Saballus, Thomas Donald 177 Sakas, Brandon Wm. 95,181 Saliwanchik, Paul D. 227 Samos, Joshua 40,58,159,227,234,235 Sample, Jana B. 179 Sampson, Richard S. 135,140,143,187 Sandberg, Bo Peter 140,142,227 Sandor, Gizella M. 177 Santeler, Bradley James 183 Santeler, Linda Marie 46,195 Sauer, Matthew A. 86,185 Savard, John Andrew 64,184 Savely, Marcia Lynne 140,227 Saville, Shaun Elizabeth 184 Sayre, Nina Elisa 187 Sbrocco, Grant 192 Scanlan, Emily Louise 51,104,193 Schabel, Mr. Earl D. 70,71,169,192 Schacherer, Paul A. 196 Schadt, Lauren Cardy 22,29,94,145,227 Schaefer, Cathleen Jo 197 Schaefer, Joseph S. 24,194,227 Schaefer, Kathy D. 64,188 Schechter, Lindy Lee 200 Schelhas, Robert 64,192 Schell, Margaret Ann 46,190,202 Schell, Robert Edward 197 Schellenberg, Adam P. 140,190 Schiele, John Henry 199 Schiffman, Stacie Lee 128,227 Schillereff, Mrs. Betty 169 Schillereff, Mr. Herman J. 169 Schinler, Jack Thomas 227 Schinler, Jill Marie 227 Schinto, Mr. Anthony D. 69,70,113,192 Schklair, Victoria 46,200 Schlossman, Gail M. 189 Schlossman, Marc N. 154,227,235 Schlossman, Peter C. 150,154,192 Schlumpf, Chris J, 192 Schmid, Jane Frances 94,197 Schmid, John Stephen 127,228 Schmid, Maria Clare 29,180 Schmidt, Alison C. 180 Schmidt, Bennett 73,182 Schmidt, Matthew John 228 Schmidtlein, Joseph 184 Schmidtlein, Mary Kay 200 Schmitt, Deborah Ann 228 Schmitt, Susan Marion 96,98,228 Schmitz, Jeffrey Michael 150,187 Schmitz, Katherine M. 183 Schnadig, David Lawrence 183 Schnagl, Diana Lynn 228 Schneider, Andrew E. 78,184 Schneider, Debbie L. 228 Schneider, James A. 140,151,192 Schneider, James Scott 177 Schneider, Patricia L. 197 Schneiter, Mr. John A. 113,169 Schnipper, Mr. Martin A. 49,169 Schoch, Breton Allan 73,102,115,183 Schopen, Christopher J. 29,595,190 Schopen, Cynthia Marie 94,182 Schopen, Robin M. 199 Schopen, Timothy A. 29,9a,95,22s Schramm, Mrs. Donna 169,177 Schramm, Frederick R. 177 Schreiber, Ms. Wendy A. 177 Schriedel, Blake Andrew 183 Schriedel, Meghan E. 150,187 Schroeder, William W. L. 192 Schuldt, Stuart N. 84,124,148,149,195 Schuller, Dieter Daniel 192 Schulte, Sally A. 47,51,143,195 Schultz, Eric Stuart 192,197 Schulz, M r. Charles E. 201 Schulz, Eric Martin 70,197 Schumann, Patricia Ann 51,187 Schumann, William F. 87,182 Schuster, Andrew B. 188 Schuster, Mrs, 91 Schwab, Mrs. Rose 169 Schwartz, Andrew Robert 72,190 Schwartz, Frederick C. 85,119,191 Schwartz, Jane Elizabeth 150,188 Schwartz, Wendy E. 181 Schwarzbach, Ellen S. 182 Schwiebert, Cynthia K. 228 Schwiebert, Julie L. 22,140,228 Shropshire, Virginia 62,64,140,143, 198 Sibbald, Allison Jo 140,228 Sibbald, John 87,107,179 Sidhu, Mary Chadwick 190 Siegel, Eileen Quint 154,155,191 Sievers, Kurtis Lyon 85,191 Sievers Robert William 192 Silberman, Amy Beth 199 Silberman, Craig L. 228 Silverstein, Laura R. 89,104,124,193 Simpson, Leah Ruth 140,228 Sincox, Jim R. 24,228 Sincox, David Bradley 192 Singer, Theodore John 180 Sipe, Cynthia 29,46,94,145,228 Sipe, Heather A. 46,94,182 Skaja, Judeth Alene 127,182 Skaja, Laura Jeanne 199 Skibitsky, Charles W. 150 Slack, Jeffery K. 182 Slack, Richard W. 48,49,143,228 Slattery, David Brian 197 Slavens, Catherine M. 228 Slavens, Nick George 190 Slavin, Ross Aaron 87,107,182 Sloan, Mark Thomas 85,188 Slotkin, Ian Douglas 73,124,179,202 Smead, Romaine Dannette 190 Smessaert, Nicholas 95,184 William R. T. 189 Schwimmer, Deborah L. 140,143,200 Scobie, Mrs. Ruth T. 169,200 Scott, John H. 78,102,190 Scott, Paul A. 107,185 Scott, Schantz, 196 Scott, Shannon Rae 191 Scoville, James C. 48,133,141,203 228,235 Scoville, William H. 84,127,228,234 Scully, Gail Cecelia 46,65,228 Scully, Gwen Suzanne 47,94,181 Seabright, Caitlin A. 36,228 Sebastian, Laura E. 142,189 Secaras, Harry John 187 Seccombe, Steven L. 181 Segal, Beatrice 47,196 Smider, Susan Michele 46,91,184 Smith, Alexander David 81,107,184 Smith, Alison L. 200 Smith Amy Lee 228 Smith Andrew K. 228 Smith, Carolyn Anne 228 Smith, Daphne Lynn 99,127,190 Smith, Dennison 184 Smith, Lois M. 144,184 Smith, Michael J. 60,84,203,229 Smith, Michael S. 48,229 Smith, Ms. Nancy L. 169,185 Smith, Raymond J. 87,185 Smith Stephen Joseph 85,189 Smith, Susan B. 150,193 Smith Wendy Sue 229 Smith: Seymour, Segel, Tanya Elen 46,140,195 Seghers, Boyd 228 Seghers, M. Danielle 199 Seghers, Mary Nathalie 184 Segil, Richard Dern 62,228 Segil, Robert Alan 72,124,190 Selig, Robert 109,192 Seltzer, Todd Joseph 119,150,151,183 Selvaggio, Anita T. 61,197 Sendelbach, Peter 150,182 SENIOR ADVISERS 234 SENIORS 204 Sensibar, Bradley M. 109,150,187 Sergesketter, Terri 193 Sershon, Thomas W. 176 Severns, Mr. Harold R. 160,234 Sewell, Janell Agnes 142,191 Seyfarth, Eric James 112,113,201,203 Seymour, Deborah Jane 47,186,202 Seymour, Elizabeth Marie 47,91,179 Robert P. 197 Smudsky, Clayton T. 197 Snavely, Lorraine D. 197 Snavely, Yvonne 187 Snell, David H. 151,195 Snider, Cayce Maria 150,181 Snider, James Dalton 176 Snider, Sue Lauren 46,91,190 Snite, Virginia H. 52,229 Snyder, Elizabeth A. 200 Sobat, Thomas A. 197 SOCCER 68 SOCIAL SERVICE 44 SOFTBALL 128 Solber, Jeffrey T. 104,192 Solber, Peter S. 183 Solberg, Arnold Tor 85,104,189 Solomon, Brent Eric 61,229 Solomon, David H. 87,183 Sommer, Richard F. 40,41,43,48,49, 229,234 Sontag, Maxine Carol 29,51,145,201 Shaffer, Dana 189 Shang, Eugene Jay 140,154,228 Shang, Uriah Lee 31,154,200 Shapiro, Amy Johanna 155,193 Shapiro, James M. 64,189 Shapiro, Nicholas J. 154,155,192 Sharfstein, Stacy L. 186 Sharp, Jonathan D, 26,28,78,100,102, 228,235 Sharp, Sarah Helene 181 Shattil, Steven James 78,107,188 Shattuck, Jonathan Lloyd 85,127,189 Shaughnessy, David C. 60,61,201 Shaughnessy, Eileen T. 182 Shaughnessy, Margaret 190 Shaw, Catherine Mary 47,228 Shaw, James Bryan 183 Shearer, Benjamin C. 179 Sheehan, David Michael 187 Shehan, Douglas E. 228 Shehan, Jim R. 185 Shelly, Elizabeth Daly 52,142,190 Shelton, John R. 228 Shelton, Margaret Ellen 104,186 Shelton, Michael J. 198 Shepard, Mrs. Joanne H. 169 Shepherd, Jon Robert 81,119,193 Shepherd, Michael 108,109,228 Sontag, Mitchell Alan 229 SOPHOMORES 186 Soren, Kenneth B. 150,154,191,202 Soren, Roger Charles 148,154,155, 229 Sorenson, Carl Martin 81,107,199 Sorenson, Paul C. 148,149,196 Sotern, Nancy Ann 229 Southern, James M. 133,229 Southern, Kathryn Anne 143,188 Specht, Hannah Graham 143,150,191 Spector, Jon Benjamin 177 Spector, Julie Elizabeth 183 Spellman, Robert N. 29,84,95,177 Spencer, Oliver W. 199 Sperry, Elizabeth B. 179 Spertus, Deborah M. 64,188 Spertus, Michael Paul 31,151,200 Spiegler, Jennifer E. 140,229,234, 235 Spier, Ellen Dosey 46,183 Spinner, Gregory M. 148,150,192 Spitek, Elizabeth Ann 81,118,182,202 Spore, Courtney A. 143 SPORTS' SERVICE 26 Spring, Jessica L. 47,190 Springer, Catherine Cole 193 Springer, David Scott 185 Sheridan, Scott Daniel 24,85,190 Sherman, Bruce I. 20,56,57,107,148, 228 Sherman, Carolyn Beth 47,99,118,191 Sherman, Gail Susan 228 Sherman Nancy Beth 187,202 Shieh, David Lin 39,228 Shieh, Mark William 183 Shimura, Kazumi 181 Shine, Ann Wayles 176 Shinker, Kathrine E. 228 Shlensky, Lincoln 143,179 Squires, Elizabeth A. 29,201 Squires, Vernon Pellett 81,124,185 Stafeil, William Jordan 119,193 Stafford, Cynthia L. 143,190 Stafford, David W. 64,190 Stafford, Richard W. 81,107,192 Stahl, James E. 78,195 Stahl, John F. 57,60,158,229,235 Stahl, William D. 47,73,180 Stanzler, Jeff 108,196 Stanzler, Mark Richard 73,184 Starrett, William Ward 73,185 STATISTICIANS 29 Stazy, Donald F. 229 Stazy, Mark A. 195 Stearns, Kenneth A. 150,196 Stearns, Sarah Katherine 29,94 145,191 Stecker, Dana Lyn 193 STEERING COMMITTEES 202 Stefany, John David 183 Steffens, Kathleen S. 229 Steffens, Kristina M, 229 Stein, Anne 154,201 Steiner, Aaron Russell 197 Steiner, Edward F. 194 Steiner, Gerald J. Jr. 182 Steiner, John R. 78,102,192 Steiner, Karen Beth 118,129,179 Steinhoff, Calvin F, 70,198 Stenberg, Keith W. 24,229 Stenzel, David Erwin 73,181 Stenzel, Marc Oliver 191 Stephan, Brian 73 Stephan, Julie Ann 188 Stephens, Kelli J. 47,150,151,197 Stephens, Patrick 85,193 Stephens, Robert Bruce 150,151,183 Stephens, Todd J. 229 Stern, Charlotte Leah 144,150,191 Stern, Jonathan S. 119,133,148,154, 155,229 Stern, Richard E. 20,24,57,60,70, 107,229 Stern, Scott David 195 Stern, Torey I. 64,185 Sterrett, Brooke M. 91,182 Stetter, Debra Lynn 29,94,201 Stetter, Mark David 29,92,95,229,234 Stevens, Brian M. 95,180 Stevens, Lesley 51,52,193 Stevens, Mr. Robert K. 169,192 Stevens, Robert Kendall 182 Stevenson, David L. 193 Stevenson, Deborah J, 140,177 Stevenson, Irene D. 22,28,140,229, 235 Stevenson, Susan Kirby 46,187 Stewart, Shawn 28,65,140,229 Stewart, Mr. William P. 169,234 Stiffler, John C. 78,102,193 Stiles, Paul Gilbert 142,148,154, 155,195 Stinneford, Julie M. 47,57,60,198 Stitt, Christopher A. 149,229 Stocco, John Micheal 229 Stocco, Joyce Marie 196 Stoewer, Miss Diane L. 169,193 Stogin, Elizabeth B. 89,229 Stogin, Jennifer Emory 89,179 Stone, Carolyn Sweet 118,180 Stone, Margaret A. 42,43,52,65, 229,235 Stonier, John R. 78,102,229 Storlie, Leslie Ann 199 Stout, Margaret Rose 229 Strahorn, Charles A. 72,192 Strahorn, Kathleen 129,179,202 Straka, Catherine Ann 190 Strandell, Michael 127,229 Streightiff, Mr. Joel B. 170,234 Streightiff, Joel Bruce 102,148,151,188 STRING ORCHESTRA 155 Strite, David Keator 61,229 Strouse, Joseph W. 188,202 STUDENT CABINET 43 STUDENT COUNCIL 40 STUDENT LIFE 1 Sugarman, Thomas Jerome 192 Sullivan, Andrew Joseph 184 Sullivan, Challen Walker 143,144,193 Sullivan, David Benedict 73,183 Sullivan, F. Peter 71,149,154,229 Sullivan, Gieriet S. 76,118,144, 184,202 Sullivan, Jill Marie 186 Sullivan, John Patrick 86,181 Sullivan, Joseph Peter 187 Sullivan, Kathleen 188 Sullivan, Kevin O. 64,192 Sullivan, Margaret E, 118,229 Sullivan, Margaret M. 99,184,202 Sullivan, Michael J. 229 Sullivan, Thomas Charles 191 Summers, Andrew V. 43,63,229 Sunkel, Brian A. 195 Surman, Julie Ann 127,182 Surman, Robert Emmett 200 Surta, Craig Bradley 229 Sussen, Mr. Rick L. 170 Sutherland, Clare Shane 179 Sutherland, Janet P. 200 Sutherland, Scott P. 197 Sutton, David Anderson 190 Svingos, Adena 129,181 Swan, Irit Eraa 182 Swanson, William Wood 115,180 Swarsen, Mr. Thomas E. 41,170,193 Sweers, Miss Carolyn J. 170,201 Sweet, Robert B. 71,194 Sweet, Thomas C. 72,140,143,192 SWIMMING, BOYS' 100 SWIMMING, GIRLS' 116 SWING CHOIR 142 Swoiskin, Karen Gayle 47,148,154, 155,189 Swoiskin, Mark H. 47,149,154,230 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 154 Synek, Richard Joseph 44,75,76,148, 149,230 Szafranski, Michael J. 71,195 Szynal, Laura 230 Takahashi, Mary N. 60,230 Tam, Ginger Ellen 230 Tamai, Takao 188 Tan, Merita 182 Tan, Michael C. 150,187 Tangney, Michael C. 85,95,143,192 Tangney, William Todd 24,28,42, 84,195 Tarhan, Kurt K. 76,198 Tarr, Darryl Gordon 183 Tashjian, Kristina L. 197 Tate, Curtis Robert 179 Tatooles, Paula E. 28,140,230 Tatosian, Emily E. 184 Tatosian, Lucine Mariam 183 Tatosian, Oscar S. 230 Taylor, Douglas David 150,183 Taylor, John Gilbert Jr. 72,109,192 Taylor, Julia S. 128,200 Taylor, Lauren Eliz 62,198 Teinowitz, Daniel A. 140,143,192 Templeton, Peter 81,183 TENNIS, BOYS' 120 TENNIS, GIRLS' 88 Terman, Anne Louise 191 Terman, Mark DeCosta 230 Termyn, Jennifer Ann 46,53,191 Terrill, Jeffrey Scott 85,193 Terrill, Kathryn Anne 145,230 Theobald, Amy Jane 230 Theobald, Patrick E. 84,195 Thesing, W. Joseph 71,189 Thigpen, Lawrence 24,107,188 Thigpen, Lawrence B, 24,230 Thoennes, Lisa K. 197 Thomas Holly Anne 127,190 Thomas: Jennifer Nan 29,52,145.198 Thomas, Johnson T. 28,78,230 Thomas, Thomas, Robert Bruce 230 Tobin Lee 75,76,230 Thomashow, Kathy Ann 150,180 Thompson, Brian E. 87,107,150,180 Thompson, Eric 192 Thompson, Kirsten L. 49,230 Thompson, Kristen 91,129,182,202 Thompson, Peter Butler 187 Thompson, Richard II1 71,194,195, 203 Thomsen, Mrs, Gillian H, 47,170 Thomson, Mr. John R. 170 Thornton, Amie Diane 43,61,148,198 Ticho, Benjamin H. 154,155,193 Ticho, Joshua A. 28,78,230 Tiegler, Thomas Lance 87,180 Tilley, James Byron 84,199 Tillman, Christianne 98,230 Tilton, Martha 47,190 Timm, William 39,85,107,190 Tincu, Lisa Sara 193 Tinkle, Blair 71,124,194,197,203 Tippens, William W. 78,140,143,193 Titterton, Douglas C. 195 Tittle, Richard W. 76,104,230 Tobin, James Brian 40,48,49,230 Todd, James Thomas 230 Todd, Joan Louise 142,188 Tolford, James Scott 21,78,79,230 Toll, Dan A. 86,180 Tolpin, Maria Suzanne 47,57,60,177, 230 Tomes, Elizabeth A. 118,201 Tomes, John Wilson 154,199 Tompkins, Randi S. 46,140,203,230 Toombs, Thomas M. 231 Toubus, Stephen A. 194 Tourville, Kara Ann 46,51,189 Tourville, Renee M. 46,65,140,198 Townsend, Kathryn N. 52,200 Townsley, Darrell S. 199 I TRACK, BOYS' 106 TRACK, GIRLS' 117 Tracy, Annette 104,128,l46,196 Trainor, Nancy Ann 231 Trausch, Brian James 107,141,231 Trausch Trausch Traynor, Traynor, , Catherine 189 Karen 191 Christopher J. 87,127,183 William M. 85,187 Trenholm, Derek Cole 176 Trenholm, Sheila Davis 64,180 Treynor, Scott R, 198 TRI - SHIP 20 Trieschmann, Heidi A, 22,28,138,231 Trieschmann, Margaret 196 Trippe, James R. 197 Trobaugh, Frederic M. 140,143,92 Trompeter, Anne C, 64,142,188 Trompeter, James Webster 147,149,231 Trompeter, John Wagner 183 Trotter, Anne C. 29,47,145,231 TROUBADORS 143 Truehart, Marian M. 197 Tschaikowsky, Chris 143,200 Tschaikowsky, Stephen 143,185 Tschudy, Greg W. 71,200 Tshilds, Socrates Craig 81,107, 154,187 Tsuchimoto, Ryuhei 184 Tuchmann, Karen Yvonne 188 Tuchmann, Nicole S. 198 Tukey, Elizabeth Dunn 36,231 Turban, Turbin, Linda Sue 231 Ann Miriam 154,155,189 Vauzanges, Daniel F. 195 Vauzanges, George S, 231,234 Veeger, Anne Isabella 232 Veit, Jana L. 47,195 Velde, Janet D, 201 Venner, Lisa H. 140,142,143,200 Verges, Denise 188 Viglietti, Catherine 181 Vile, Richard 124,180 Vitikainen, Christopher 29,95,145,189 Vlahos, Nicholas J, 185 Vogt, Jeanine Marie 142,186 Vogt, Thomas Theodore Jr. 232 Vokes, Kathryn Audrey 179 Voll, Matthew Robert 95,181 Voll, Susan Anne 188 VOLLEYBALL 96 Von Essen, Alexandra M. 104,232 Von K Varga, Sasha Peter 184 Von Molnar, Karen 181 Vosseller, Keith Allen 104,124,188 Vosseller, Lisa Ann 181 Vye, Jerome Preston 64,199 Wackerle, Jennifer L. 181 Wagener, Daniel Robert 85,189 Wagener, Susan Marie 184 Wagener, Thomas Peter 84,124,232 Wagener, Wendy Louise 133,140,232, 234 Wagner, Dr. James R. 85,170 Wagner, Julia Ellen 46,65,140,232, 235 Wagner, Thomas Michael 84,193 Wahlund, Patty Ann 232 Weingartner, Mr. Erwin A. 43,159 Weinkopf, John F. 48,201 Weinstein, Elizabeth 46,232 Weinzimmer, Laurence 107,232 Weinzimmer, Leland David 189 Weiss, Mrs, Louise R. 170,234 Weiss, Marilyn Anne 179 Welch, Dorothy Anne 143,201 Welch, Keith Alan 232 Weldon, Bartholomew Edw. 197,203 Weldon, Michelle E. 232 Weldon, Theodore T, 28,232 Wellenreuther, Judith 190 Wellington, Mr. Kenneth L. 159 Welpott, Victoria A. 140,200 Wendling, Clarence L. 201 Wendt, Courtney P. 95,184 Wengler, John Mathew 28,60,78,191 Wengler, Joseph T. 29,92,95,145,232 Weninger, Christine L. 232 Wente, Mrs. Suzanne K. 170 Werner, Karen Lea 232 Wertheimer, Victoria 181 Wood, Elizabeth L. 191 Wood, Grace Elizabeth 118,182 Wood, Holly Marie 191 Wood, Jennifer B. 25,200 Wood, Lawrence Milton 200 Wood, Shelley Lynne 189 Woodruff, Jennifer M. 60,197 Woods, David Kimball 233 Woolard,Charles F. 73,143,180 Woolard, Sharon L. 141,198 Worden, Mary 195 Worden, Pamela Ann 190 Workman, Mr. J. Clark 170 Worsek, John Michael 195 Worthington, Claudia 29,94,145,233 Worthington, John B. 24,112,114, 124,191 WRESTLING 108 Wright, Cameron 179 Wright, Cynthia Nancy 143,191,202 Wright, Kimberly T. 29,52,145,197 Wright, Lincoln William 183 Wright, Peter Vansyse 201 West, Michael James 232 Wettach, Wheeler, Karin 232 Allison L. 85 Wheeler, Randal Laine 119,200 Wheeler, Sarah 74,76,197 Whelan, Melissa Lee 188 Whipple, Dr. Robert M, 170,234 Whipple, Mrs. Sandra E. 170,234 White, Brian James 119,195 White, Claire Bennett 104,128,187 White, David Weston 140,232 White, Deborah N. 195 White, Dennis William 78,233 White, Mr. Jon C. 170,193 White, Marianne 140,233 White, Paul Joseph 72,192 White, White, Robert W. Jr. 195 Susan Y. 89,180 Whitehand, Lisa Carlyn 188 Whiteside, Pamela Jane 118,181 Whitman, Michael T. 72,124,189 Turbin, Daniel Meyer 231 Turcot, Mrs, Vivian E. 170 Turner, Mrs. Alice E. 170 Turner, David E. 192 Turner, David Lewis 24,149,189 Turner, Gary Steven 231 Turner, Henry Hill 196 Turner, Nancy S. 182 Turner, Robert E. 195 Turner, Susan Lynne 28,51,52,140, 200,203 Turner, Terry Dean 231 Turner, Tom B. 231 Tussing, Derrick 151,200 Tussing, Tanya 149,151,154,155, 231,235 Tussing, Tara 154,190 Twilling, Laura Mary 176 Tyner, Mr. Ronald A, 170,234 Tyrrell, John Edward 231 Tyrrell, Kenneth Joseph 114,187 Tyrrell, Timothy P. 24,84,198 Ubben, Jeffrey W. 20,43,61, 113,231,234 Ubben, Pamela Louise 127,182 Ullrich, Katharen M. 177 UNDERCLASSMEN 172 Underwood, Mrs. Louise O. 170,193 Uriell Michael F. 231 Ury, Ira Brett 73,180 Waite, Karen Ann 191 Waite, Lindsay Hollis 198 Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Mark J. 232 Patrick M. 85,192,202 Robert E, Lee 84,199 Shawn O, 64,102,182 Wall, Glenn W, 187 Wall, Stephen 64,187 Wallace, Beth Esther 46,232 Wallace, Jeffrey M. 81,193 Wallace, Robert L. 192 Wallace, William James 189 Walsh, Brooks A. 199 Walsh, Catherine Ann 29,143,145,187 Walsh, Daniel F, 29,92,95,142,145, 232,234 Walsh, James Michael 127,191 Walsh, Mrs, Katherine J. 170,234 Wang, Grace 232 Wanger, Eric D, 29,64,95,145, 148,151,193 Whitson, Kirsten Lynne 154,155,182 Wickham, John W. 233 Widermann, Maria E. 233 Wieghardt, Susanne 198 Wieland, John Dennis 187 Wiele, Ann Elizabeth 201 Wiele, Susan Marie 233 Wiemer, Mr. M. Wayne 170,234 Wiersema, William H. 48,199 Wiggins, Linda Anne 52,200 Wilcox, Brian W. 39,142,199 Wilfong, John Richard 81,102,180 Willey, Christine Mary 233,235 Willian, Jeffrey L. 70,233 Wright, Theron W. 233 Wright, Willmar 185 Wussler, Robert J. 28,203,233,234 Wussler, Rosemary C. 28,140,233, Wussler, Sally Marie 28,144,200,203 Wussler, Stefanie 28,127,201,203 Wyco, Mark Joseph 233,235 Wyse, Joseph P. 148,149,193 Wysockey, Kathryn A. 183 Wysockey, Simonne H. 143,195 Yale, John W. 86,150,151,182 Yale, Mary Porter 144,233 Yamazaki, Taro 71,109,140,142,233 Ward Adrienne M. 118,191 v Ward, Anne Cecelia 28,118,232 Ward, Catherine Ann 193 Ward John Stephen 150,151,187 v Ward Mr. Lucius E. 170 Ward, Patricia Mary 94,179 Ward, Mr. Robert R. 72,170 Ware, Mr, Lawrence T. 170,185 Ware, William Jay 124,232 USHER CORPS 24,25, Warner, Richard D, 84,199 Warner, William Dean 73,180 Warren, Gilbert McCoy Jr. 86,109, 150,151,180 Wassmann, Sally Jane 190,202 Wassmann, Sue E, 195,203 Wayne, Vadeboncoeur, Brett A. 231 Van De Graaff, Peter 136,140,142, 231 Vanderhorst, Lynne 231 Vandeveld, Caren C. 47,231 Vandewalle, Debra Lynn 46 Vandewalle, Vicki Ann 196 Vandnbogaerde, Rupert 231 VanDyke, Donna Marie 181 VanDyke, Mary E. 198 Van Elk, Maria J. 25,47,l90 Van Heule, Patricia A. 231 Van Nispen, Hugo K, 231 VanOver, Charles F. 140,143,192,202 VanVlierbergen, Brian 149,231,235 VanVlierbergen, Mary D. 46,186, 190,202 VanVlierbergen, Megan R. 46,180,202 Varley, Rachel M. 22,28,43,140,231, 234 Varouxakis, Eva L. 201 Varouxakis, Yvonne B. 129,185 Vaselopulos, Bill C. 71,195 WATER BALLET 144 WATER POLO 77 Waterman, Barry Jay 46,64,150,188 Watkins, David E. 28,127,232,234 Watson, James Kells 73,143,182 Watson , Susan Olive 35,232 Watson, Thomas Jack 149,154,155,201 Watson, William C. 232 Watts, Amy Louise 203,232 Watts, Merideth Synia 118,232 Miss Brenda R. 170,201 Weatherhead, Judith M. 232 Weatherley, Glenn R. 232 ' Weatherley, Karen Sue 46,182 Weaver, Anna Marie F. 43,61,232 Weaver, Paul C. 43,71,200 Webb, Lisa Suzanne 140,143,232 Webster, John R. 84,195 Wedekind, Mr. Ronald R. 170 Wegner, Peter H. F. 114,191 Weickert, Warren Nelson 187 Weil, Douglas Allen 232 Weiler, Randy Keith 84,232 Weinberg, Douglas D, 184 Weinberg, Eve 190 Weinberg, Susan E. 48,146,197 Weinbrenner, Joan C. 190 Weiner, Michael R. 199 QGOXINDEXXPHOTO GALLERY Williams Williams , Amy 233 , Anne Marie 142,191 Williams, Bradford H. 201 Williams, Cindy L. 144,197 Williams, David L, 233 Williams, George Edwin 189 Willams, Glenn Alan 70,201 Williams, Gordon J. 61,147,149,203 Williams, Ingrid M. 154,155,233 Williams, Laura Ann 47,193 Williams, Laurie Ann 47,182 Williams, Lisa May 94,183 Williams, Michael W. 39,233 Williams, Neale A. 43,56,57,233 Williams, Tamara Ann 198 Williams, Teri Lynne 28,118,144,201 Williamson, Christine 91,181 Williamson, Deanne Marie 52,191 Williamson, Mark M. 233 Willian, John Stuart 72,193 Willian, Mary 184 Willis, Julie 118,182 Wilson, Catherine 182 Wilson, Cheryl Lynne 142,186 Wilson, James P. 192 Wilson, John J. 28,200,203 Wilson, Karen 46,189 Wilson, Thomas Paul 28,233 Wilson Wendy Joan 142,190 Winberg, Christopher Lee 124,143,189 Winberg, Michael H. 233 Winkler, Randee D. 233 WINTER PLAY 134 Winton, Steven Keene 140,142,233 Wire, Christian Wade 102,180 Witherell, Sharon S. 186 Witt, Timothy Scott 197 WNTH 62 Wold, Karen 47,182 Wolf, Mr. James J. 170 Wolfe, E lizabeth Marie 187 Wolfe, Jennifer L, 150,233 Wolfe, Nancy J, 133,141,233,235 Wolff, Benjamin E. 115,181 Wolff, Mr. William R. 77,78,102, 170,201 Wollaeger, Anne Clare 181 Wolpert, Seth Isaac 63,201 Wolter, Mr. James A. 170 Wood, A bigail D. 233 Yasenak, Phillip Angelo 73,107,184 Yates, Ann K. 25,150,181 Yelton, Chris Royal 36,200 Yelton, Georgia Bond 150,154,183 Yelton, Trey M. 84,124,233 Yenni, Beth 198 Yi, Kei-Mu 233,235 Young, Linda 197 Young, Richard A. 95,150,151,182 Yowell, Margaret Ann 140,196 Yuen, Eric Cho-Ming 119,192 Yunker, Teresa Marie 177 Zaks, Ari Uri 48,197,203 Zales, Diana A. 142,188 Zanarini, Beth Jane 184 Zanarini, Raymond H. 24,76,140,199 Zanzucchi, Jeffrey Paul 184 Zanzucchi, Vincent A. 197 Zeh, Amy B. 136,140,190 Zeh, James C. 233 Zehr, Robert Foster 84,124,194 Zibble, David James 195 Zibble, Rebecca Jane 182 Ziegler, Elizabeth P. 25,99,190 Zimmerman, Amy 91,127,233,234 Zimmerman, Mary Heidi 91,104,128, 189,202 Zimmerman, Peter M. 73,115,124,182 Zimmerman, Russell E. Jr. 184 Zimmerman, Tony 73,109,124,180 Zingg, Laura Lee 233 Zoghlin, Dale Adam 192 Zuke, Edward 191 Zuke, Karen Louise 98,118,148,233 Zukowski, Robert J, 233 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - Steve and Pam Breitberg and the Sanford studio Wilmette, Illinois, Greg 1 Pearlman, cover photo, Mr. Robert Moorhead and the Walsworth Publishing Co., Marceline, Missouri. Special thanks to Mrs. Jeanne Kelly, Faculty spon- SOI'. I WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A -. - mg. , if Q15 aw nil. lg? Lum in Sui ,f vb. 'flfik ml V ,J 3 ,w , fekegf 43. A V 1- ,ah 1 I k I I 4 ,as- f Q 1' vm IL- - ,14 : w ., ir Q' 'iw ,, glam' W, ,J If-A Q- 15:4-iff? -1 .V :xi mf ,415 . X111 " g-M357 , ' ,511 fl, L 11 ,1 L bww. p A F as-an ,O 3 It L safe! QM., My r Y ,W 1 . Ae:-A xy, 14 213 I 1, mu , ii . ,V V. Eff . .v ,, 3 V .K QA x1"W'.T ' ' f wr 'X YQ fn ' -fx 'wi ' ,gg5'j5, 1 Q ff' fZ'QjQ:Q 3 f -. lgfjfsmm ,L Qsiii P' 5-"-411' ,-mf .if ' ,, J,..Lf, -,:,4 151 ' ,fi"f1f'?ff' 1 -, , M-fuxilali V4 fr .L X ,H I sf rf 4' ci WH R fs:-M B i V 24:1 . X ,HZ fglfijj-,uw-' 1 Q56 -4 ,, I K Rf Ei5l?f3?F w 35 ' T -s'mLz'L'r" ' 1 .E Vi 'iff' vga, V:-Elk? ue'15E:,, fl -afff -iw if " 'kbnfgqf 1 ,W , ,ian , '11, . , A an amnaeaw:,maurxmsny-:mmxqmxs-nnxvusmazuaafswvgi mmm. xm-Lyxmms.2sQ1mr,2:v.Lsv1l e nz may xnawmmmqwa 2' in he E 5 X , it 1 K 5 w.fW. WW-www! w-,, A'.Q h,'- f ' - 1 I , M.:

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