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 - Class of 1977

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New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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MW K' X . r rf- V V' I - 1 J .5 L l'L4fv,..f',, Q, f, 1 r fr f 1 X f KqfY,1,f,., LW A KL, . f, !55,g,.,,4ki 1-ni-'VIL ,ig J , 9, 4 , . 4 LQ, TX f ,- V , , , Q, , - 4 ," i a ,ff i , -AL I 4' 4 Ux x bf, ,Ln bv i XL X,-J, I,-N Lf, 3-1.6, A 5,44 I5 I-.V Jjffulx-ay 1 -fjzkyxqllg fynyx ' CHIP 1 xg 5' I fr ' , W A , ' P . L f Vifflli V X cf! 7,4 In A QQ-'LY Y' ff' MLP- 1 " Y gif: Ja, yi, p'q,r-ig 4-LY ,-.w',,f'.X 0 Lk!!-7 pi,-X 4 ' 1 VI K H f- X, A I 'fr' ff JU ff if w to - me f 'W 7'2" - f,5.' Ik, 51' fd -ff" f gf '-'. .Aft !' 78-L fi 4, 4 Published by ECHOES '77 staff. Jeremy Paul, Editor-in-chief, Daniel Hirschhorn, General managing editor, Rachel Slonicki, Layout editorg Tom Wippman, Photo editor, Ellen Rosenberg, Student life editor, Julie Roberts, Jim Stinneford, Managing editors, directoryg Margaret Epler, Ann Maine, Kim Weil, Tom Wittebort, Managing editors, storyg Bob Dearborn, Phil Lardner, Bob Tipping, Sports editors, Mimi Bartholomay, Julie Stern, Special pictures editors, Shepherd Roberts, Associate layout editorg Junior assistants: Jane Beaman, Parker Bennett, Sue Braudo, Leah Feldman, Betta Franchini, Nick Gedo, Debbi Hively, Chuck Lawson, Thomas Shaver, Gabi Ticho, Laura Thomas, David Waldstein, Ed Weil, Sue Wengler. Photography: Jerry Ostergaard, Head of photographyg Steve Carlson, Jon Fine, Ian Lincoln, Sheila O'Connor, David Peterson, Sarkis Tatosian, Matt Weston. Sponsor: Mr. Norman Frey. Assistant to the sponsor: Mrs. Alice Green. ECHCDQS 977 IEW TRIER EAST IIGH SCHCDOL VINHCTKHILLINCIS ,JM . ,.-.. M, 444-7-mf-,-a.,z-r-N. 1 2 J 5 1 Q 5 P f 5 2 2 3 1 A wamrw 41, .,,3,7gw,7yf,', f 1 I' fhgwf ' 4 it En? , . l 2 , ff 131' J 5 " ' K " WF' -, ' - 93 :,w9J"' I- 5' :-:f"'jff , . -wrrwe-f ,bw 1, 10 r 1 .L .L 1, --1"?p - N . g,,fjmr: ' ' ' , .447 ,f A KwfF3E7 ' gf.-,Y mmm, , g,Q2!Aff4J4'q1i:,-V ' ,, A Av 2 . W W !'Q.1,q1L5L5iag: I ,J if-l, .W Mi?fbgn My X ,all iw mf , ww ' 1 " ' " W Q ' QV: L: 'V , .L , , f, . ml AI? ,- 1- V w-ff, '- 1 A X Y, ' '- , ' xo. " I 'finifl-Flight, " ,npf-' J'-:'Va. as QL 'yffv I ' y 1: A 54 f -ws ff 1 :'5:1c,' ww -s Q Nj, 1 w - HK, E X M ' V" W f W, , N Y x, . VE. ,A . "'.W4'Qg . , 55 9 ,9- ,4 a , , . f Jr f 1 'Yugi ,V ' M ,- w ' -. U4 x ' .M " A- -'-- - 'W"A""' ' fee .M - ,- 1' Q . x ,MW .fi ff 1 . . 1 ffl" ,: ' ! Afi.,jgg H, ' x P, , 'Q 0 I JP X . ff , , cf ent I Q I 1 S Z i A 1 wx: ', Q4 . ' M, 5 . J YT 1 73 7 , Y A ., ' 1 A-N. :Ml fs 5 Am fi? i 1 'ei f -f .-.1 4 ' f Iv -rv - 1 Q, vu , 4 , 1 .,.v -'Slim I f .f , . . , , . ,,,,,.,.,.,......,.,,. I A -2::.:::g-:- ,.....--.142v-.-.SAY-........--1 1. ..'I",:"""f'T" Qizib' A p N , :kj ,T Ak ,,,,zr., 5 , Y 5 Y , 1 Q W VV, A 7 qfis N' Q1 Ki wrt J :ig ' X , NkMx"iMi.':':,Tl24J Y I V V ? .4 . LY , A sg kk g ' jsiigx 1 Q, 3: 1 5 ' , 1 f" ' 'X . f . '1 Q Q - 1:1 1, X Y, 21 Q 1 Wu -1 11 '11 -1 L1 11 , gy 1x - 1 . 1 1 ,k,, 11 ,1 511 fm 1, 1 1 f 1 1 1-1 1k -, ff 5 . 5 Q , , A Q1 46 11 1 1 , 1 ' Q 'X A Q . 1- . : 'ATi"u ' ' -1.11-P . N -1 ,. ,, A W . ' 1 1 1 Y- Wa 'L 1'1 11191.11 " , 1 1 11 , , 1- 1. 4,11 11 11, -. , 4 1,1 11 i , K ' 11 1 1 Was: , '1 " '4:?'?"'1"w"i"""f"" " " 'f5'ff'1 ' f ' . 1 .1 ,, 11 7 'A g if--fi" V1 111"1EJf59" K 1 -11 11 , ,1 g,,q.,... 1, .1 ' .Y - , .1 11-A I 4 ,V 1. V I K 1! 3 ak 1x L , , in V, ,gg E 1 X1 1 5 11 -' 1 ' T1gk1g1:g', 'Q ' " . 1 Y ' ' 1 ., "v7F'7"'+q ' X 1 5 I 11,1 'N '- ' 2' ' XL ' .fu 11 1 1 1' 'f E T 3 Q111- J' ? 1 ' 1 ' '1 4121 s 1 1 X 2 , 1,1 - 1 1 1 1' 111 1 1 15 1111 1254 if ' 1' 1' H ,915 a J 5, A ,Lv K 1 A .Q , Wigs Z X .,11:11fidr.:! 1 f 1x1 1? ' 11 A 'xr LW .-"'.1-.1rLfif2,' 1 1, :sei ' , 1: 1 -1 t 1 WIA: V If 11 F! I 'fi 4 uF1:Q1'Ql'HL'p'1!?J.,"' , , ' . '1 fn W ' ' ' ' '55 ,x v A 2 11 1 'W 11:f:- v'Rfaps:a'L:1 1 . 1- 1 1 3 3 1 -,1ilM1:' 3' 'Emi - . VV , k:1,.15-.ygg:,1,:,,5g,abX:,m,S I , 1 i"3Q"1f2,.R 1 1 'I' 5, 1 W' V I' ' "5L'S'73?5ifs'w11-1 N .'1Q1g-. P? A -- A- 1 ,. 1 1 1 11,,,,11.W , 1 -1 1 1351? P1 5 4 P 1wJi-1' Hffffef. 1 swag 121 1 ' , 2-51-11 ' ' j 7-gr X1 X ,zkcirsw .A ,N fparf,1--f- , 1- 11 , P-W -1 - 1 W.-. X . ' 1-41. if 11 . A .1..., e1 1 5 --1. 1 1 F 1 5 i 3 5 1 R F W-.Z 1 1 . ' ' 4 A J 1 W' , f 11 1 1 3 . 5 1 1 3 1 1 I I 1 3, 1 Q :ek 1 Y 5 :1 1 in 'wo'--nw 'Nj' -1 1' . 5 1 1 ' . 1 ,,. ,, . .....4 11 1 -L-757 ff'-fre: M .M Aff-fi J 1, 11- ' 1Q.1 1'fj5j:q51'1 2 1 ,1-:sw ' -1 2, 1 :k,,J11 x U15 A My ' 'f1 l-fr 1-1-- v- 11' 1, 'iff 'l' ' Wan 3 uf ' 321 5 , '11, 11 1' -'1 WL: 1171-1'w,, ,- 1 '- ' ' T fmtgi is .MQ 1 1111, , ' ' , , 5 1 1111G1fiy1Wi I 1 , t' , ' Q .w1w..1,.1 45" """"111. 2 I , ,1 ,X , 1 1 1 lfw' I L 1 1 11 1111 1 1 H111 1 ""Y,"7 1 1 1 1 11 11 1121 , : I 1 ll , 11 1' W' 1 3 . . N . N ,1 11.....,4.w., 'V Wil 1 1 ,J eifmm I ' 1 :1 zsf':1,.g1'11.-1.,5N" wr- 11,1 11 "M" 1 11111491121 1 ifff- 1 f N ,1 , , JWI1' 1 1 14- V1 , xg:-: 11-f Wf1 , Y, .W-A , , f " -L,..,..1,.11......1.f., ...1,. .- 1-frf 'L-"lg YF ,N 11 71 -, ,W W , -M 5 I 1 V 1 I 1 5 5 1 Q 1 5 au-.W '1 I 3 For a moment, remove yourself from the red brick exterior, from the smooth cement facade, from the battleship grey walls to a world distant from the daily school existence of algebra homework, biology notes, and English papers. Imagine yourself living in a world that extends beyond math, English, science, US history, consumer and physical education. You will find yourself afloat in a veritable sea of places, politics, people, entertainment, events . . . in a word, life. Think of the locations: shopping at Northbrook court or Water Tower place, hearing fine jazz at Amazing Grace, attending a live concert at the Stadium, listening to the Chicago symphony orchestra, cheering at Comiskey park at SoIdier's or Wrigley field, cursing at O'Hare, living in Chicago, rescuing at Entebbe, exploring on Mars, or filling up the car at Plains. The political scene: The Carter clan, Jimmy, Rosalyn, Amy, Billy, and Miss Lillian over Jerry, Betty, Jack, and Susan, the Ford family, Thompson over Howlett, Liz Flay over Congress, Lance and Vance, Mayor Daley dies, Michael Bilandic lives. From Kissinger to Idi Amin it was business as usual. Raya f f 1 Ts ... 3 , lrriws "f S 7 Qt: to ' f in 1 I f .I ef . The names to remember: Muhammed Ali retires, Gary ju' "' N , , gfgllg-x Gilmore expires lFinallyll, King Kong terrorizes, Rene 4, I 6' . Richards changes, Charlie's Angels mesmerize, Barbara "' . ' 1. ff I l l Walters interviews, Frampton comes alive, Alex Haley -" iff! , Y' ' I finds his "Roots," Saul Bellow wins a Nobel prize, Nadia ' X , ' X f Comencidisplays perfection, Franz Klammer stays on the fl ' ' gt 5, edge, Bruce Jenner takes the decathlon. 'T ,' if Movies, theatre . . . That's Entertainment: All the Q A 1' ,, ,mc ,i . M if President's Men, The Wiz, Marathon Man, Network, N X 'X' I, ' nj, ,,J' Equus, Taxi Driver, Dirty Harry, Carrie, The Final Days, T Z. Q, J Q ll Disco, the hustle, the bump, the Olympics, the Super ' fl W-X. Q- T, lasik-T Bowl, Gone with the Wind . . . Evel Knieval. D -32 ' p I '--'T im'-,. If you dare to remove yourself from the immediate ZX- o'rUm3lQllgg'q,LgMlll,g - - - x 4 X' T 0' .T"52?'5"" 1" world surrounding New Trier, there is a world of news, a ,Z 44162, whole realm of experiences waiting for you. There is a XV '7 , world of news that happens every day-Our Nation's 200th birthday, the swine flu epidemic, coffee prices Hy! ' ,QQ skyrocket, Alaska becomes a winter resort, Buffalo ' ,' X !vQE,5i11,i immobiliaed, the conventions, Ronald Reagan, a 27- minute silent debate, fireslde chats, ERA, oil spill, cheap T 1 if thrills, inflation, deflation, recession, resurgence, rebate, 7 , ' debate, tax shelter . . . NEWS. 4 ' high It's all out there, extending beyond New Trier's 6. nligglifgi classroom and extracurricularframework. All ofthe world 4' , r ' is waiting to expose its places, its people, its entertain- A I ment, its current news events to you if only you really want 94 N ,lfj ' it. . .Indeed, itwasarich yearfor allevents, ranging from ,- - ' ' Kotter's kids to Carter's cook outs. I D A 'L . l l I K m l' W. I I Y f 2 , 5 V -:l'T"' l Y 2 ' r s ' A-Y.. h I " , : 1 ,, . l f '.-: I f'-I az... Y X 15' V 5 E 14 ff- "' if , ,T f ' 0 f 1 f ,,, l - , V. P T T A, -.1 x- 215. T, Tl? 1 , ,,.T iiffiix Arq"F, fl ' -? -NH A ' To f Cs! W l-,, l f-2' A Ziflcvff' ll T T l ff ' f 6 ' T l' EMA: F lg, lfbwl ff ri se- ' J 'QV g T . f ' IM 4 T' 4 ' .-4-fi'-" xl 'E 151 WT -H wt' . T A ' ' 'f 1 -9'-4 L fs ,ll WT TTT T E M . f l X, T' 551 T no 1 - I ' f ' .1 li ww -If K. "f T, -'-12: 5255422223 It Rifailfmgazql-gllflil ,lg I - ' 1 sm X ' faaass. 4- ' '--' 4 ' ' i T T T 'itll N --i'f5ffJ4'F ' .Tr--" ,Vf WT , " f ' i 1 f .I ll ' f law' e l T V Swim Mx f' XSTUDENT LIFE hamps! -, 1 E eas- Above: Co-captains Rich Weiss and Mark Bowen create toss. fPhotos by Catlsonl a silver dollar procession in preparation for the coin if Left: On his way to a championship season, Quarterback Rich Weiss shoulders his way through Niles East opposition. fPhotos by Laskyj The crowd, a tumultuous swirl of expression and emotion, presenting a thousand different angles and perspectives of fleeting faces. The noise, a whirlwind of dips and swells, excitement as the quarterback sets up and disappointment as the pass sails over an outstretched hand. It is a ritual of Autumn Saturdays, perhaps one of the most sacred institutions of high school: the football team, exuberant and intense on the sideline, powerful and swift in action, and the crowd, a panorama of voices and colors spilling onto the field. fPhoto courtesy of NTE Dad's clubj STUDENT LIFE MAJ Q. 1,1 fu! wi w .4 3 , x ,xx 1' af 'Li '4 5 311552.52-1, 1471-if I 1 ff 44' '3'J?,11i"'?,f35E '," Q ' ' Q 1 T11 "7 ' 1 1451 11'?11 11.31, 1E'b1111E1Q5, 1311? 15'1'31?13 1g11 1NE11f111? 11.1361 IEW 111 11121 111211'121ff 1f12G19+S1iT111j1 111731 1f1'1'11w1:11111gn 13111c1111f1'11121 M1121 O1f,,1,1 151E1 111111111 'U111 1111111 -1 1F,1111112111i1212111f1 1111191121 11133 1 1111211 1 51'151:i1'11z1111?1 1 151 .-,.1111.1.,. 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Q 1 , , ze ww.: 1-','g-,I- -1 -jgvf. ,' 1, 1115.5 ,M ' p : ,1Qi19ffeg1 .'1-4141 1--1 1431. 11111111 .1 1 ,1 1 111 1 1 va-W. 11- 1 113 L 111 ggi? x vizw' 1'1vg..rfq:44l Ls , 111,-'11g,gg1'i N 1 ,'Ew1'1-1T'1' 1441.1 1' 4 112-aw. 5112 5 13. 93, .5 . f?i425"11i .1111-1 1 1 1,. +1 ,1,1 -..1v,, 1f,,,,,,1 , 1 ,:1. -,yu-,f1,1:1 , -. gg . . HA,-1,1 1,,J, I , 11 Q11 1 ,1 Vi., 1 f7fe.'51g1".1-1:1 p..-11,11 11111 1 'f ' pf., ,.: , M. The winter of '77 will long be remembered as one of the most severe in history. On January 16, the mercury dropped to a bone-chilling 19 degrees below zero in Chicago, which made it the coldest day of the century. The below-freezing temperatures spanned a record- breaking 42-'day period before the thaw. Hundreds of millions of cubic feet of gas had to be burned during the cold spell, severely depleting the reserves in underground storage wells. Steel mills, large businesses, and schools were shut down in an attempt to alleviate the dwindling fuel supply and to make it last throughout the winter. Perhaps the worst hit city in the country was Buffalo, New York, where 160 inches of snow paralyzed the metropolis. Fortunately, New Trier was not especially hard hit, though thermostats were lowered several degrees. Aside from the irreparable damage done to the Florida citrus groves, a unified and sacrificing nation finally managed to pull through the brutal winter. Unfortunately though, our easily depletable fuel supply is still being consumed at an alarming rate. Perhaps Americans would think seriously before breathing a sigh of relief and turning their thermostats back up. After all, what will happen next winter? I 4 f , f ,. fl! When Old Patriotic Pa turns down the thermostat, waking up on third floor becomes a traumatic experience. One is reluctant to leave the toasty warmth of the bed, after viewing the frost gradually stretching its icy fingers across the pane. The prospect of slipping back into a sound slumber seems much more appealing than throwing back the covers. This harrowing process, however, is an obligation that all students must finally meet. Enough of hearing the rousing cries from downstairs! The student is now forced to shake off the last remnants of sleep and make preparations for the big move from bed to icy floor. A shudder violently racks the body as articles of clothing are unconsciously slipped on. A blind grasp for scattered papers left unfinished the night before, and then, a careless stashing into a worn-out knapsack . . . hurried motions of washing, and finally, a toothbrush whisked over chilled enamel. Prepared for the descent, knapsack in hand, the student is ready to face all adversities. Unaware of the other beings in the kitchen, the student begins the arduous task of obtaining a morsel of food for mere survival. Whether it be a cold chunk of oatmeal, a piece of burnt toast or a slurp of orange juice that is eventually gulped down, breakfast goes unnoticed. Nor is it of any concern as long as it serves the purpose. Donning extra layers to face the winter's knife jabs of cold, the student silently departs from the domain, pessimistically viewing the school day ahead. Far left: Bundled up in down, Jerry Ostergaard takes the defensive against the cruel winter of '77. Left: Winter's blanket of whiteness envelops a lonely traveler. fWippma11, Ostergaardj rf' A, - - ' irfziliazzrnnw, ,.,wMw,,,Wew W b f ww- -'M-54.1 - t . -V - - - . N... vm... -.,--, The people speak! ' The passage of the referendum leaves New Trier's Board of education in good hands. I0stergaardj i LOCATION YES NO Precinct 1 Glencoe 1584 447 Precinct 2 Winnetka 2630 1069 Precinct 3 Kenilworth 699 233 Precinct 4 Wilmette 1104 635 Precinct 5 Wilmette 507 355 Precinct 6 Wilmette 446 270 Precinct 7 Wilmette 357 320 Precinct 8 Wilmette 442 237 Precinct 9 Wilmette 213 112 Precinct 10 Wilmette 949 570 Precinct 11 Glenview 212 144 Precinct 12 Northfield 589 468 TOTALS 9750 4850 ZISTUDENT LIFE DECEMBER 4, 1976-People anxiously milled through the halls of New Trier East. In the Faculty dining room, the vote totals of 11 of the 12 precincts in the district were listed on the blackboard. The migration to the Board room increased as the minutes passed. At 11:30 p.m. the phone rang in the office of New Trieris business manager George Babigian. A hush fell over the school as the Winnetka precinct captains spoke. "Yes-2630.7 A roar enveloped the second floor. By a final tally of 9750 to 4850, the referendum to raise the taxes of New Trier Township by 68c per hundred dollars of assessed value passed with more than a two-to-one margin. Since 1973, the General assembly had frozen New Trier's tax rate at 1969 limits and prohibited a referendum without loss of state aid because of the Resource equalizer state aid law. Moreover, the Department of local government affairs had wiped out nine percent of New Trier's tax base because of the Cook County "multiplier" Consequently, the District's equalized assessed valuation had dropped E544 million since 1970. Although the average school receives 48 percent of its operating funds from the state, New Trier receives only 13 percent. The fact that the remainder of New Trier's revenue comes largely from local taxes prepetuated the monetary crisis. Since Dr. Roderick Bickert arrived from Mason City, Iowa, to become superintendent of the New Trier high schools three years ago, the Board of education and the Administration have worked almost exclusively on balancing the budget. The fund balances of S5 million built up over the past 75 years were depleted. An additional 1.4 million dollar cutback from personnel expenditures had caused the school to release 62 certified teachers. Cutbacks of 10 percent in the non-certified staff, 13 percent in the maintenance staff, and 20 percent in the school administration also resulted from this reduction. These personnel cuts resulted in 123 fewer class sections. There were at least 30 students in 30 percent of all classes, and several had over 40. Though money and time significantly decreased for activities and athletics, enrollment was down only five percent from the 1974-1975 level. In September, 1976, the General assembly, because of the serious plight of New Trier and similar schools, voted to return the right of referendum without loss of state aid. Thus, township residents were given the opportunity to control the fate of New Trier East and West. The election had to be held in the 1976 calendar year in order to be able to immediately use the money that a successful vote would bring in. Therefore, the Board of education and the Administration decided upon December 4, 1976, as the date for the referendum. OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER were months of hard campaigning which demonstrated the ability of students, faculty, administration, and the community to bond together and fight for a cause. Formed by the community, the committee for the New Trier referendum, headed by Co-chairmen M. Stanley Hughey and Paul Mikelson, was designed to inform the voters of the necessity of the vote. The township was divided into six sections: Avoca, Glencoe, Kenilworth, Northfield, Wilmette, and Winnetka. Each village had steering committees that were responsible for producing the yes voteg they produced excellent results through mailings, phone calls, and many dedicated volunteers. A great deal of support and enthusiasm stemmed from within the school itself. Special education students spent many hours preparing mailings for the entire community. Many New Trier graduates from the last five years were personally offered absentee ballots. Voter registration was held Thanksgiving weekend for college students and others who wished to vote. The press played a major role in the last pre-election days. Both school papers, East's New Trier News and West's Westwatch, ran editorials in favor of the referendum and closely covered the story. However, the major shock of the entire campaign came on December 2 when the Pioneer press published an editorial opposing the referendum on the grounds that New Trier had become a place for the "elite," Instead of proving detrimental, this editorial greatly angered many people who simply became more determined to act. On December 4, students and faculty offered services to the voters: driving to the polls, calling people, and free babysitting sponsored by Girls' club. These volunteers were organized by Mrs. Charlotte Robling, director of Informational services, and Mr. Richard Rhoad, a mathematics instructor. The voter turnout was over 14,500, the largest ever for a school referendum. If the referendum had failed, the budget would have had to be balanced by further reductions in staff and elimination of offerings in all departments, both curricular and extra-curricular. The passing of the referendum demonstrated the value placed on a first class education by the community. New Trier has always been a prime example of the finest public education available, and the taxpayers have proven that they are willing to make a sacrifice in order to maintain New Trier's standard of excellence. -Daniel H1TSChh0IH ,I-!!,,. Mrs. Charlotte Robling, director of Informational services, amplifies the platform of the referendum campaign to student participants. f0ste1-gasrdj STUDENT LIFE! 13 , l 1 ffm M gc swag 15526 My ,,, Qi- , ' ' H1-.P '. - .Qf'?I,:jWM.h"f'L'2W:Jf,',, f ., V. fr-af' ' 'lf Wfzfwi. 3,"4ivf5.p'f:ii!" . my Q " Akiitfiwifmf were ae, sf - aw w fa , fZ,,.,M2a4' . ' vfs:.'.:'fh"e V- :wi . it Y' ' W. We are of one race. So why is it that after the years of our childhood, we should be separated into two distinct groups, two defined roles, two worlds apart? We've lived, and now we must learn to work. Together. Certainly, they set the standards, the stereotypes, the models. The female in her devine loveliness was never meant to participate in the roughnecked sport of man. And then again, the male athlete was required to glisten brilliantly with the fury of the game, ever so bold in his victory. But it came easily in the innocence of our youth. Those warm, summer evenings when a game of softball or kick-the-can was the perfect end to a lazy day. The assumption was that everyone joined in, regardless of their sex. It seems a shame that standards should confuse and bewilder a world to such a degree that humanity must unite in a statewide decision: Title IX. After all, we've been together for such a long time. Naturally. fSTUDENT LIFE S Above left: Kathy Nixon and Pat Potts apprehensively court the idea of co-ed gym. Left: Kathy covers up for her doub1e's fault. Above: Unwilling to be fenced in by traditional PE, Kathy and Pat begin to appreciate the attributes of co-ed gym. Above right: Pat and Kathy find that mixed doubles is right up their alley. fPhotos by Ostergaard, advisories by Laslryj 'K .bmi 'Wai I rush to my locker after hurriedly departing from the latei bus. Speeding through the deserted hallways, I open the door to adviser room with the sound of the second belt ringing in my ears. After considerable debate with my unyielding adviser, I trudge disgustedly to the attendance office, where I pick up my daily tab. Upon returning, I interrupt my adviser's customary morning lecture: ". . .and you still have two weeks to start bearing down and bring those grades up before low scholarships come out . . . " I finally begin my routine wake-up conversation as the daily bulletin is being read. I slowly become aware E": iq. of the sounds of squeaking doors and approaching footsteps. By the time I look up, a feeble Lagniappe ticket salesman is already being bombarded with pencils and paper airplanesg a sympathetic student swiftly escorts her to the door. Just as the room has settled down to peace, I am suddenly startled from my stupor by the clashing of chimes over the loudspeaker. A fuzzy Tri-ship announ- cement emerges, but its blare is drowned out as the students crash out of adviser room, leaving the exasperated adviser trailing behind in a cloud of pink slips and re-entrance permits. STUDENT LIFE! 15 An expression of diversity surrounds our school. The conventional rules of student learning, teacher instruct- ing are often exchanged. The power of education is an ideal that transcends the system, from the student who becomes the teacher, to the professor turned harmonica harmonist when the homework checks and the grades tally. Even in the mastermind computer that collaborates the pupil's activities, the roles are commuted and the organizer awaits the schoIar's bidding. It all assimilates into the intricate process of growth we call the learning experience. Right: With a vast storehouse of knowledge at his fingertips, Dan Jones adds the finishing touches to his program. fKoppe1j IGXSTUDENT LIFE ,aw Kwan, "One man's meat is another man's poison." To the Centerites, the meat of learning lay in the excitement of :self-motivation and exploration into a variety of fields. ' This type of experimentation and adventure was exciting 1 and productive for the creative, self-directed studentg for lthe more traditionally inclined, however, the formal fl educational methods served to inspire productive learning. Because of the enthusiasm generated in an atmosphere of minimal formality, the Center offered an unique opportunity for emphasis on the individual. Many of those in the Center for self-directed learning lhad a developed interest in a particular field and were fable to concentrate more intensely on that one subject. Through specialized internships, they were able to take leducation from its purely academic context and apply it to the work world. gigs late the l bell Whatever program the Centerites chose to pursue, their effort, or lack of it,was evaluated by teachers in the Center. Written comments, instead of the usual letter grades, were used as a means of determining students progress. Equivalent to the 340 credits needed by the students in the parent school to graduate were the Centerites' realizations that by increasing their self- reliance and social capabilities, they attained the ultimate goalofeducahon. i 9 Above: An atmosphere of joviality is conducive to an enjoyable as well as productive Center study group. Left: Abandoning the same old song and dance routine of English class, Mr. J osefsberg scales new heights of teaching methods. Inset: Students at Greeley school give Kathy Karmin a hand in experiencing a different aspect of child development. IWippman, Carlson, Pe tersonj STUDENT LIFEXI7 ISXSTUDENT LIFE I f Weston 1 ' 1 y 1-V L -1 5 W Y , -N, fLaslAfj X r e i -............1.......- 1 I Weston 1 Alternative: a simple word which means so much to the desk-ridden student. Sitting at the same assigned pigeonhole day after day, the average aspiring scholar tends to crystalize, and, with aspirations frozen, loses true perspective regarding the nature of education and the purpose of his meek submission to the learning factory. Education is a personal matter, not just another edict from the IBM machine somewhere upstairs. New Trier offers an option to those glazed third-row refugees who daily mill about the corridors, sustaining the breath of life through faith in that final, apocalyptic 3:30 bell: Alternative Education. Here a spinning soccer ball replaces the clock face as the center of undivided attention: creative energy is allowed to culminate as an oil painting rather than an assertion of boredom on a desk-topg a driving simulator brings new dimensions to the classroom experience besides four walls and a slightly cracked ceilingg and limbs and joints, frozen into rigid right angles for entire periods, are allowed to arise and sweep into the movements of modern dence. Above left: Although taking them for a ride, the Driver's education simulators accelerate learning and steer students in the right direction. Below: Forward Shaun Chapman has no margin for error as his opponent keeps him on the ball. fLincoln, Ostergaardl STUDENT LIFEf19 xt I I I I v I Qt ' , X N V ljfffm I f I X W I X ke K , I EFX ,Xu I , fi, a X g A, mg , fyrr li- XX A xkitk 16:1 of a X, J fl I I s e ,, K , ,, .o YIXXR ,pl ' Ivii T51 il cliff? fix Qx .TX Q itie , A 1., ' I K 4 knj' Q Qi ft- ,Ugg :', I ,ff ,!.V VV Q 2 rj ,gi .lx-X- ' K, f ff ,,v .L 11 ,A , fx, re, xi s se- as at g 2 rl c I r a ., a , X N A 'E K ': X -. ,f f rj I 1 ,' I E . , , ,,,...,g , , ,. -. X 1 1 1 4 XXVIV4 Dad: In honor of your return from college, we are celebrating with a nice steak dinner tonight. Daughter: Dad, didn't I tell you? I decided to become a vegetarian. Dad: Great! I am paying S5000 a year for my daughter to eat bean sprouts and sauerkraut! Mom: But what about your protein? ' Daughter: Look Mom, there is twice as much protein in one spoonful of granola than in the meat they serve at school. And anyways, my health food prof told me that meat causes stomach cancer! Dad: My, they certainly have taught you a lot out east! As college courses delve into advanced topics, daily homework demands stack up against the student's leisure time. fFinej 20fSTUDENT LIFE 5 x , : , I .cmd ' x as We ' ,,-- ff V ,mi ,-,' ., , Ik " ", ligjie zg f 61 7JK College, unlike death, taxes, or the Junior theme, is a matter of personal choice. The presumption that it is unavoidable is a phenomenon unique to New Trier: almost everyone here is expected to continue his or her education somewhere beyond the world of 385 Winnetka Avenue. Some go to college to fulfill this dubious obligation: others go merely to insure future employment through a certified sheepskin. Most go to learn, to establish a lasting perspective on life, to fulfill needs not satisfied at the high school level, and to experience people and attitudesqunknown inside the North shore cocoon. There are basically two common visions regarding college life which every prospective scholar experienc- es-that of an utopian party palace where the most brilliant intellects yet produced by mankind teach philosophy on a campus which strongly resembles the '2.lNf1. Above Left: Wavering in the face of myriad choices, seniors flag down valuable insight from college-counseling secretary Mrs. Schwab. Above: A hard day's night at college finds brewing frustration released through high spirits. f Weston, Lincoln Q ' Elysian fields, and that of a suicide-inducing sweat shop of grueling labor, where bleary-eyed undergrads are perpetually climbing the ivy-covered walls. The latter image is foreshadowed by the application procedure, an effective promoter of insanity in its own right. Sheafs of transcripts, teachers' recommendations, and puzzling essay questions quickly throw your brain into a whirl of confusion and turmoil which encourages you to forget the whole thing altogether and procure a iob washing windows. But it is only after the admissions board has portentously declared its intent to absorb you into the college community that the full import of the situation hits you: you are now standing on the brink of a massive and inevitable change of lifestyle. After all these years, you are ready to put your past behind you, pull up roots, and timidly approach that single, monolithic experience known as College. STUDENT LIFEXZI 22fS'I'UDENT LIFE CHICAGO at night shines in her darkened 'glory. Her ' skyscrapers lean precariously against the inky void. Below in the maze ol lights, cars proceed slowly along the highways, snaking their way in and out ol the labyrinth ol boulevards. People scurry about their business like leaves in the whipping wind that sweeps our city, to what ends only they can tell. " Have: 5,.,.4-.Y r . 1 ..s4..... Af i . V, , .ily , . l .. e Nr?" fi- ' ' .'.,' V .EQH -fg ' 0711.26 , 'ig twflpgl ',1..,' 4 "0" ffl f , , ' 0 .n n - l :' ' 3 35"-' f . . , ,' 'T'-:Q 4' 5-". -.,,"'--.. rg. ..'-3 u- ', 'NM' , Q Q, 3. -s,,, g sm ,r 1... -vs., H A ' H1-J -, 4-15, 1-1 A. . Q, ll if ' -. -1 'n . I , - , .i ,, D lt, -4 n,' in BU U f pw' 1 .M, gf' K 510' Us 'g, ,., 3 ,ff .5 M 'V I . ' ' ' than o :Q :sell .r t' S A - 'I , ,o , V , . , - . . , 1 O ogqt. , 9' 'y'i-:if intein Q Q qlo wot.-' ol' lui!! Q.: 'A' 'I Q "A J g . N' 1-...QQLM g gw? ' Q ' ' " Q 'Y I Q 1 1 c 'v l l . :.0 .4 Y o ,Q Q , srl? u WMM.. sfq. V. 1 7 ' r 7' I, 'I l": . I 1 . in all C s'0:"' 9' ' . . ' t . 0' 3 . c .Q - g 1 . .5 -Ron. . ,e - , . , ' , A , . . A -, ,, Y . .1 +1 ' , Q 0 ,C 0 . 'o' 'Q 'Q - .fif ifif I' .5 '. I 0. . ' 9- 'viii r-'f I" I I I Y- sq- - -4-- -K, --wp-.--.m.e--s-nfl? ww-1' 3' ' ' "' ' P'd , g g g 0 o 4 'M Q 1 qv 4 I V ' ,-O - Y Q N , . I g I . . , U 'I I ...mica U 1 I J A . o ' 'l.'l- lp 1 . llllllflfllllll O . 1 ' Q. n noun' lllllllllllsggg llllllllfllllll IIIIIIIKIKIII . ills' ' 0 . ,N suntan Q Ph dm , the Inu ' me :gunna llglllallllllll lILulQlllulu llslllgllllflll ? uuunuunu . Q Q lllllllllllllll,,,--gg"-' Q lllllfllllllllg N i 'ies .0 . v E F ,,g--.2 . . '15 'V ' I lllllllllllllll 3 .r " 0 5 . D 0 - I -f,':- ' 0-. ' vom 'n a 36' " ' - , . . " -5 .' . 9 5.1 U 27" o 4 5 1 -- '.- ,- . - .' , - , ,g .' -J Ji. -f-5... - -.xii 'v-1. '--. gill 1-1 'uf f ' '-. .' f"':!": af gb ix .'W'. .I ' ' lllllllllllll ',',.,, ' xxbj llllllllll H l'I."i 0' an--o I Q " ' ' lllili lafhxwa ' r Vs' J r ...-, :nun I -uuvglno v-f" "' 1 "" i V I , .-'- 1- 4'-1 ' P ' W f fs ' dn . Ch 1 P, ' ' ' in K V V Umm-491 V I W "'h W' "' , ' K r r STUDENT LIFE!23 UW r L :IE I WK? .s ,J Q. Skiing A has Jean- Claude Killy. Skating has Dorothy Hamill. Sledding has no one. Who knows who won the Olympic bob- sledding event? Sledding is the under- dog of winter sports. What it needs is a new image, a folk hero to bring it respec- tability and style. Sledding needs me. I would show the world that there is more to sledding than just the kids in snowpants, mit- ten clips, and stocking caps. A movie could be made: "Downhill SIedder," and in the starring role I would sled across north- ern Wisconsin. At the top of every hill, my practiced eye searches out ice, bumps, and small children. Lying .down, l'm ready to go. l'm anxious to try a new hill, to feel the wind and snow whip up in my face, f to go faster and faster until the world is a white blur shooting up at me and the voices of onlookers rush in and out of my head. Even the dangers of hitting a patch of unforseen ice, or falling off and rolling downhill do not deter me. Later, like the battle- weary Vikings returning from freezing exploits, my cohorts and I gather around a fire to remove innumerable layers of wel clothingg we feast up on hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. And just before the fire goes out, and the last of the daring Flexible Flyer tales are told, and ,everyone is warm and sore, and tired and happy, someone lifts his mug and proposes a toast to the winner of the Olym- pic bob-sledding event. tr V4 ,F 1515 r ,,f sv . S vw.. ,, Q I . 9' , Us J' 9 0" 24fSTUDENT LIFE gay, ' A. if .1 ,, fP110t0S by Carlsonj I I I 1 l l x..--"Z Above left: Even illness cannot keep Steve Carlson's thirst for knowledge undercover. Below: Concerts at Amazing Grace are the Main attraction for NTE lx -.. 2715 , M, . l es ' 45951 12' ? .. . 4- ' I, students seeking hot jazz. Inset: From the darkness of the stage, Corky Seigel shines out in song. ICarIson, Lincoln, Woodsl ,ami 4 K., ' errfrr vssv MW- a 'X Home, sick-the com- mon affliction that affects all students at one point or another in their high school career. "Ma, I've got afever. . .astomachache . . .a headache. . .acold sore. . .would you believe a runny nose?" Everyone is familiar with the various forms in which the illness manifests itselfg there is the "24 - hours - to - write - a - paper" syndrome, the "Oh - my - God! - I've - got - a - biology -final - tomor- row," and the favorite of all, the "I - think - I'II - stay - home - and - watch - every - game - show - and - soap - opera - instead - of - sitting - in - class - today." When the disease oc- curs as often as once a week, it is deemed "chron- ic" or "terminal" and is usually associated with the word "truant." Of course, the chronic patient ration- alizes that he cannot live without his soaps or his game shows, but then again, try explaining that to a doctor or even worse, to a teacher. From the teacher's standpoint, the best cure for this dreaded illness is what's known in the medical field as the breakfast club, at which the recuperating student is fed a hearty and well- balanced diet of admoni- tions and solemn stares. If the student weathers this treatment, an often drawn- out procedure that length- ens as the disease pro- gresses, he may then re- turn to class without fear of infecting others. Home- sick is, however, here to stay, and heaven help any doctor or teacher who searches tor a cure. STUDENT LIFEXQ5 At last the day had arrived. The turkey was stuffed, the gravy was simmering, and the seven hours of basting were finished. Mom took the turkey out of the oven and set it lovingly on the counter. In keeping with tradition, Grandpa would do the honors. He studied the bird with a cool, keen eye. He then donned his apron, and, with a few deft strokes, sharpened his knife. The rela- tives looked on with great anticipation as he cut the first slice. With precision and finesse he carved the holiday bird, oblivious to the shouts of "I want white meat," "I want dark meat," "I want the drumstick!" I Wippmanj Right: Reflections of last summer bring back memories of good times at Great America. Below: A prism of colors and a cheerful array of lights illuminate Chicago's Christmas spirit. 1WYppman, Carlsonj 26fSTUDENT LIFE I ' I " . 15 i - T bite ,gl 'l ' .ii . . . ,. I 2 by x 1 fy Q"-If 13 - '- in my .af-u .,- , ...,-swab I .Q ,, gnlnl. E O 1 ' A i ,K 1 . A ,I ,Qgx . , 3, :I -1 Q f Weston J You're nervous, tense, anxious. The long line ahead plods slowly lorward. You bite your nails. Your excitement is worked into a frenzy as the shrill screams ol brave riders momentarily pierce the air and then tade into oblivion. lt's your turn. You tremble as you take your seat upon the vehicle ol late. There's no turning back. The motor hums devilishly. Trapped, you climb up, up, only to be hurtled earthward. You tighten your grip, close your eyes, and pray lor the end. Repeatedly thrown upward and pulled violently back to the ground, you wonder when it will end. You can't hold on much longer. Ahl Finallyl The motor grinds to a halt. Victory! You emerge exultant, radiating with pride. You knew you could do it. You rush to tell your friends. After all, it's only a select brave lew who can conquer the world's largest merry-go-roundl STUDENT LIFE! 77 I sincerely thought that if I came at 7:30 I could take the test and be done with it. Besides, everyone said that the PSAT's only meant scholarship money. So I went to a play the night before, because I wasn't worried. It was a bad play. ' The next morning, I left the house at 7:15 topick up a friend, and by the time we had finished watching Bugs Bunny and Friends and had started out for New Trier, it was 8 o'clock. A I The crowd was unbelievably large, reaching from the main door to Essex Road. Luckily, most of my friends managed to find me. Furiousat the sadism of whoever had organized this gruesome ordeal, we huddled together, trying to keep warm. At 8:45 I gave in to the pushing and screaming of my peers and felt a wave of clauszrophobia roll over my body. As my life flashed before myeyes, I had the premonition that this test might be my last. I will not tell you what happened when I got inside, or how I entered the numerals for Wayne Military academy in the boxes under "High School Code." Thatwould be anticlimactic. l'm sure' my scores will be, too. QSXSTUDENT LIFE Above: Their backs to the wall, these juniors forbodingly await the PSAT. Right: After the onslaught of lunchroom diners, janitors must prepare themselves for the battle against debris. I Weston, Ostetgaardj l 1 ,If ,, Q e 2 3 1 ii, 35 gi ,i 3 I E ,If gr Lf 4' . .. LL--'- .,-AL s s ' aff- -V A . N- A . .W .A , F Nxxx :x , jS.:N,.y A,Ai ,..A,A f, b , it X ,Q I, Q A X. tw...-f-..-.,........,. ms... Rx 35' , X , X, F . xl-M .wwe- , X S , I Q A A Q as X I t mmf X ungj, QR X it T51 A x ual ! x if Sitg ii emu tm JE qskvpxf. xi X W Q. .6 A X is mm N l x QV., gr.-,.,,xt5 H YN tb wich. 5, N "kd X K x Y at X .Rf S - I. F ' K v 3 I ,, 5 Xe 733' 'ilu ' 5- -64-w I I 'I I ,Q V' . 7 inf!-rj,L if 1-'Lf , 5 . . , ,, t f so l M' . A14 z . if I V it , , I My ,gegrf " f ' EV N 7. f7',124Z'f' N L' " Qtr 'Q , ,J ' E " M W I Y ' " ' " ' '- f,-, A fv 'V ' --V, ,, - .... , . an 1 H .. iff... . zi7TV.f 'S' ' 1'H?1fi fffagf, Aww ,, ', ,w W y 74, . :.?2Sfuf,5,',gffcg4W. a f I fWippmanj "Don't be nervous!" They say that fear is all in your head. I wish they would tell that to my stomach as it turns 360 degrees. I wish they would tell that to my forehead as the beads of perspiration start to roll down my nose. I wish they would tell that to my mouth as it becomes a desert. And as my knees start my whole body quaking, I wish they would repeat it one more time. Sure, fear is all in the head. Somehow, I wish knowledge was up there, too. I began my search for a place to study on the third floor. However, I am tempted to fall asleep while leaning on a comfortable pillow in the English resource room. Not even the most studious mind can totally escape the incessant hum of private conversation in any of the libraries. And unfortunately, windowsills, as many an exasperated faculty member has warned me, are illegal. Cushioning his responsibilities, this English student lays out his homework ahead of time. fPetersonj STUDENT LIFEf29 BOXSTUDENT LIFE fPhotos by Ostergaatdj X' ll: tf ..""?x, "galil Q, an , R.. S, fPetriej il Q . X K .J , .1 1' r , it . I "N . J. ll' I f' "' 285, ' 1: fl K0stergaardj 2 , . Xa!! X M6 vs. V 1 ' 1,,, STUDENT LIFEf31 You're not sure what is coating your mind, but its Red hall justice reigns supreme as this student's pleas meet with little success. fWippmanj For most of us, getting into trouble is a regular occurrence, a major if not dominant aspect of student life. There are few among us who, at one time or another in our high school career, have not had to use our creativity to explain to our parents why the current low scholarship notice must have been a gross miscalculation on our teacher's part. And there are few among us who have brought a report card home, not looking forward to the three months of solitary confinement which the last one entailed. The punishments we all have to face are varied, but all are institutions deeply etched into school life. He who has not experienced the sheer chill of sitting in an adviser chairman's office before adviser room, who has not run in agonizing circles at 7:30 in the morning spurred on by a merciless PE instructor, or who has not sat in restricted study hall under the stony gaze of a paraprofes- sional has certainly left a gap in his high school experience. The one who has not fallen victim to the endless parade of low scholarship notices, ditch slips, tardy slips, and make-up slips, is an escape artist worthy of Houdini himself. 32fSTUDENT LIFE thick, coarse brushstrokes are effectively whitewashing your thoughts. You stare at the blank page. It laughs at you, teases you, seduces your pen towards its virgin whiteness. But your pen is meek, and, with no ideas to guide it, forms a mindless doodle in the corner. By morning, the empty page must be filled with brilliant insights and examples, but your mind will register only anxiety and failure. Fears of a poor grade, a note to your parents, a disapproving glare, a quiet visit to the English office, or blazing mockery in front of the class dwell within you. Another minute passes as your brain once again declares the need to become organized and start writing. A half-hearted attempt at a thesis is disposed of in the empty wastebasket. The night confronts you like an endless tunnel, an endless ordeal. The familiarity of the situation pounds at your head. Why do you always wait until the last minute? A dialogue of reasons and excuses begins in your mind. Football, television, books, t.,,,W f, homework, movies, church, school: All have contributed to this frustrating situation. Exhausted, your eyelids plead with you to surrender to sleep, your mind is slowly ceasing to function. The night drags on as you realize you must drain your remaining energy onto the paper. As another hour passes, your brain finally spews out an acceptable thesis. You begin to write, but your frustration grows as the proper words begin to elude you. Why can't a story ever be just a story? How do teachers find these conglomerations of latent biblical correlations, confusing political satires, and hidden symbolism? An empty potato chip bag and bottle of Coke are disposed of in your now brimming wastebasket. Night's endless tunnel finally reveals a light at the end. Hysteria exists no longer, as the main body of the paper is completed. With the addition of an intelligent conclusion, a congestion of feelings is forced from your mind. Fear, tension, and anguish magically disappear. Immensely relieved, you cast an alarming glance at the clock while the last period is put into place. lt's time to wake up. 6,2255 Above: As the nocturnal hours wane, Steve Mclntire views his all-night vigil with waxing disgust. Left: Crime . . . and Punishment. fPEf61'SOD, Wippman, Wippmanj STUDENT LIFE! 33 5,6 I il g 7,4 FWIUJ-275 l mf 34fSTUDENT LIFE slums gl .. During the school lf New Trier East prohgi has the highest populai density of any place onf North Shore. The halls: wall to wall people dur. passing time whose ny objective is to beat ' tardy bell. After experiel ing many months of cf, peting with fellow stuclel for walking space, the ral tionship between NTEz1l congestion becomes llr ly engraved in the mint? However, the spra 'lll ing conglomeration lil makes up our school l, another side: it is nol P. ways teeming with peoyl trying to beat the clwl When the bell rings at 3::l the building revefl aspects of its charach imperceptible during lil school day. The factory is closw The workers have get home for the day. A ll: lockers slam and last mil ute good byes echo do' .'.l the now emptying cf-1 ridors. As the school em ties, those who rema behind become increa. ingly aware of their al. the second floor roturll reveal indentations ill: were hidden by Levis in half an hour ago. dedicated teacher remall. at a desk, busily scralul ing away the errors ol lll day with a red pen. All. silent now except for solitary janitor who revs ently sweeps up the duaf' remains of another de Only one more sign ol li continues in the emp ness: the clocks, markll the minutes and hon: with their solemn bla hands. ln the silence yf can hear the gears unwil in the echo of another de Above left: 1Petriej Inset: fwesfonj Left: 1Tatosianj roundings. The couches Q: l OIYIIYIUNICIATIONS 5 'fx ,Q j 4 if f ig? , ff gg Y H Q iw B V fl YN . fx. Q X Making wa ves "GOOD MORNING, this is educational, non- commercial radio station WNTH FM, broadcasting from the New Trier township high schools . . H The familiar voice of Nancy McEachron, station manager of WNTH, continued with the morning sign-on, and another broadcasting day had begun. WNTH provided ia wide variety of programs for township residents, ranging from news programming to progressive rock. On-the-spot election coverage on November 2 was a highlight of the broadcasting year. Other political features included interviews with candidates Bernard Carey, Abner Mikva, Jim Thompson, and Sam Young. WNTH also offered services to township residents. The senior citizens of the Winnetka community house produced a weekly radio show at the station. Junior high school students read their own creative writings over the air on the program "Through the Eyes of Youthf' and the station broadcast a public service series produced by the Bahai House of Worship. ITV, New Trier's educational television station, greatly expanded its professional staff this year and reached a level of efficiency unmatched in its 10 years of serving township schools. Last fall the station acquired a portable, color mini-cam which enabled ITV to tape various exhibits featured at the Field museum, such as "Man and His Environment," which then could be shown to New Trier classes. ITV also distributed 16mm films to more than 400 North Shore classrooms and media centers. The station became truly professional, and its service to its viewers reflected that quality. 36fWNTH ITV 'EQ As soon as DJ Dave Milici gets a request . . . the tables are WNTH. fPhot0s by McNaIIyj Above: Poised like a professional, this cameraman steers ITV toward dimensions of educational television. Right: ITV rookies learn the rope! of a push-button world. IPhotos by Carlsonj .' V. 4,5hegf E 1 V4 y- A ffirma tively speaking PAGES OF EXTENSIVE research were compiled on the orator's desk. His voice pierced the still air as the spontaneous thoughts of tense opponents flowed from mind to paper. Words streamed from the speaker's mouth as he desperately attempted to finish before his time expired. With his case organized into points and subpoints, he valiantly succeeded in beating the clock. - ' f .Llf1'22-E119-'z..,,fain, .-, jglgfy '2,Et'1,,'q, -5- , -5 ,2-lE1 , . ,,, ' ' ,. ,. - Qatar ' 2 - -:fi r ' TZ'4 Q.. G-1? ' ' 1 ' . I .. 1413 . 'I ' ffl 'Z 'ii wr. ' F mi3f?'1 f' 'f if 1, - . ,. ,r V 'L pp. ,, V, t 'Nga - :xr-.. ,I - g I. .V , , ze ge ' ' 38fDEBATE Above: The Orator-confidently ad- dressing the audience, attempting to Silhouetted against a classic background, novice debater Lee Freedman judiciously reviews his case. fCarIsonj ATTENDING SUMMER SEMINARS at Harvard prove his point. Above right: The Opponent-reflecting upon his words in search of a biting counterpoint. IP11otos by Carlsonj and the University of Massachusetts, the Varsity and Junior varsity debaters began to research their new topic, America's criminal justice system. Back home, the debaters extended their studies from victimless crimes, to anti-trust suits, to the merits of rehabilitation programs. With an impressive array of debaters, New Trier maintained and reinforced its superior record from previous years, placing highly in all State tournaments. IShowing the results of a laborious screening process, . . . Inklings YI promotional posters are a telltale sign of coming creativity. K photos by ul Ostergaardj nf- o 9 52,1 - ,gf ,Q - 5 'ls , ' Ce A 1:-fi? f , J - f-f Y, f fs- L72 -1? . P HZ.: '69 I f bf 4, P 4? 25" x, E 'O fi if 1 4144 " I ' '-ff :Haifa zfff' At. ' 2 .,. L5 ' e Q ,-4 ' gl 4, -f , 0 C' ' ,a , A a ' 711' "L'f'F' f 'l it , ' , :gg 1, A gf , IM , V ,xv f 'HM v1,4,:,'1y3, W. , , lr' , I ' , yfdjyj 1- .V , 5 ,- f Q . ., , . , H ,, ,yr , 1 .1 fe " ' 1 413' 1- g -. , f " 4' ' an , 'fn M, x ,,w.7? K uv 4 'E ' 'U' f ,fa f 'tfri gf , 'T " i f f ,'efl i'i'.VeA Q iii, 'i Vii"' 'V -.., 1,,f f,,, , ,. "' "'3':'YfCz'.x. - - Q - A l"CD,g4vvI'7g,- .3 fuk: ,tr ' , h ' "'- f- .,F5g, - L --,,,v 5 .. v ZKQ 'W was-51'-f--H . x X v Q-UuLn.L11nx1 4.21311-sun .2 '77 Creative pros HARNESSING THE CREATIVE ENERGY of an en- tire school is no easy undertaking, but Inklings, New Trier's literary magazine, proved worthy of the challenge. The Inklings staff presented to the student body an imaginative kaleidoscope composed entirely of work submitted by their talented peers. Original photography, artwork, prose, and poetry which met Inkling's standards of quality and in- genuity were organized into a comprehensive and meaningful sample of the school's considerable creative potential. The aim of Inklings, according to Faculty sponsor Diane Stoewer, was to represent that potential as fully as possible. The staff also both laid out and structured the magazine themselves, rather than paying a printer for the work. Both the subject matter and production technique of Inklings '77 reflected the high level of talent present at New Trier. INKLINGS!39 Week-end update 'Q fvzaofci'-' 2 , 1 w U jr , J V Mwwdam -If . ' .f , 1 4.52 f ' ft' . bg 4 Q LQA, , gg fxs .f if e .:L .gi , X .- , -,Q fi I I Ji E i' F , ,H i ' Q ll S Ln, AJ at 40fNEWS . -. J J ' A 'LSI' Q' 'Q ...1-rx Above: Fatigued, News editor Dan Wassmann makes last minute improvements before putting the News to bed. Right: After a week of proofing and reproving, Copy editor Mary Ellen Rielly eyes her handiwork with care. Above right: Backed by a busy schedule, Alan Hirsh and Mary Kane search for a catchy phrase to captivate their readers. f0stergaard, Wippman. Ostergaardj 45' Wk rn, Y wigs' Awww? H351 if 1 f ,of I Z X s I .iq Q .N -. ff irq ,ex fin-Txs 'NR s, E .. . ' ., V X .2 A . - - ,,11--sX- .1-, i-Q . . "ws, 'V '0ii..L.f- ,gb-Q -jr q Q - Munn ALONG WITH the usual complete coverage of the week's news and sports stories, the 76-77 volume of the New Trier News regularly featured fresh, incisive articles about student and community happenings. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, the topics ranged from freshman difficulties to teenage alcoholism and from volunteer mothers to the occult. The inclusion of these articles greatly enhanced the literary quality of each issue of the News. PROMISING COMPLETE fairness, the News' opinion desk, headed by Editor-in-chief Alan Hirsh, produced a series of editorials which were consistent with its reputation for independence and uncompromising honesty. The editors took a strong stand in favor of the tax referendum and gave a surprise endorsement for presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy, as well as commenting on other important issues. The News added social significance to substantial reporting to produce a stellar year of quality. NEWS!41 lwhkhqy 42fECHOES in book Talked to sponsor. Check. Past stories read. Check. Photos assigned. Check. Photos taken. Negatory. Photos reassigned. Check. Photos taken. Check. Captions written and approved. Check. Story written and approved. Void-senior editors. Story rewritten, edited, and approved. Check. Layout Triplicated. Check. As went the write-ups, so went ECHOES '77. A slow but steady stream of final drafts progressed through the story and directory editors, into the hands of the General managing editor, past the eyes of the sponsor, and into the mail via the Editor-in-chief. The ECHOES staff enhanced the color section of the book and added pages to the opening section. Innovation, creativity, and ingenuity were the bywords of the staffs performance. After it came off the press, ECI-IOES '77 became the challenge for the staff of '78 to surpass. Pri' ififycq r ' l . A ' 'off Above: Editor-in-chief Jeremy Paul exchanges his point of view with Junior assistant Sue Braudo as General managing editor Dan Hirschhorn observes. Right: "Double, double, toil and trouble!" IP1zotos by Wippmanj 1' ECHOESX43 141W NTH WN TH NANCY MC EACHRON Station manager SUE FELDMEIR Program director KELLY MC CULLOUGH Chief engineer DAVE MILICI Technical director STAFF-Bottom Row: A. Baron, Watson, Steffens, Madsen, Frey, Rubin, Myers, Amici. Second: McBurney, Lourenco, Hicks, Eckersberg, Jewett, Avildsen, Greene, Coogan. Third: Gordon, Minn, J. Baron, McEachron, Kretchmer, W. Kovacevic, Love, Mericle, McKiernan, Cohen. Fourth: Baldovin, Wittebort, Lawson, Eisenstein McCullough, Aimen, Wiersema, D. Kovacevic, Babich Fifth: Thomas, Radell, Kabel, Hall. Absent: Dillon Feldmeir, Milici, Punnett, Rappaport, Shrupshire Silberman, Stazy, Stitt. it P ""' ' 'V - ' fog , A gs n -. , ,A .1 ..... ,, Vw Bob Lawson Kathy Myers Dan Kovacevic Steve Minn Jessie Baron Tapesfmuslc PSA special Sportsfnews Elections Public relations director events director director director director TV R ., . . . L ,fix .vii i PATRICIA SKAJ A BRUCE CAMPBELL WILLIAM RYAN ANDREW SUMMERS Station manager Student production Student technical Office staff co-ordinator co-ordinator co-ordinator STAFF-Bottom Row: Moloney, Ullrich, J. Howard, Shoubin, tein, L. Skaja, Wiersema. Fourth: Baron, M. Skaja, Feldman, Eckersberg, Coogan. Second: Klawans, Wendy, Lampert, Laport, Radell, Wittebort, Thomas. Absent: Faurot, Frank, L. Howard, Cohen, Nordhern. Third: Marrinson, Rottenburg, Crandell, Eisens- Love, Michael Revord, Mark Revord, Segil, Silberman. ITV!45 46!DEBATE ALAN BRISK President DEBATE MARY ELLEN MAATMAN Vice-president VARSITY-Bottom Row: Kamin, Moore, Neumann, Absent: Brisk, Buckingham, Cardinal, McCormick, Maatman, Tobin, Chudacoff, Mr. McClain. Second: McLeese, Moraitis, Snell, .Wagner, White, Williams, ' GRACE GARVIN Foran, Schrage, Garvin, Black, Kubert, Denniston, Smith. Zuraw. Secretary NOVICE-Bottom Row: Schnipper fcoachl, Slack, Dorn, Hines, Tobin, Greenblat, Breyley, Prin- diville, Buckingham, Elliot Ccoachj. Second: Hastings, Smith, McShane, Doughty, Boyd, Scoville, Kleinman, Sommer, Rosenberg, Harland. Absent: Friedlan- der, Russell. NEWS ALAN HIRSH Editor-in-chief DAN WASSMAN THERESE HOFFMAN News editor ANDREA WOOLARD Managing editor Cohen, Gedo. Second: Weisbard, Cog- Absent: Diamond, Parmer. gins, Wildman, Davis, Frey, Burke, Copher, Johnson. Third: Phillips, Features editor REPORTERS-Bottom Row: Deasy, Medina, Revord, Varney, Harris, Mit- Maran, Rielly, Rubin, Dickson, Gallanis, chell, Huppert, Hector, McCarthy. MARY KANE Sports editor Elizabeth Kelly Mary Ellen Carin Sigel Laura Aronberg Keith Bodner Stuart Chanen Copy editor Rielly Assistant news Assistant features Assistant sports Assistant Copy editor editor editor editor managing editor John Zuraw Allison Graham Sandy Simon l George Varney Jack Cramer Associate editor Head Assistant head Business manager Illustrator photographer photographer NEWSX47 ECHOES JEREMY PAUL Editor-in-chief Roberts James Stlnneford Managing editor Managing editor directory directory Managing Managing editor editorial editorial Managing editor Wittebort editorial Managing editor editorial 48!ECHOES DANIEL HIRSCHHORN TOM WIPPMAN RACHEL SLONICKI General managing editor Photo editor Layout editor A ,fifffglt . ., ,s ,214 at ' X fy an , 52, f ' jf, JUNIOR ASSISTANTS-Bottom Row: Weil, Feld- Roberts, Hively, Ticho, Waldstein. Third: Bennett, man, Gedo, Braudo, Franchini, Thomas. Second: Beaman, Wengler. Absent: Lawson, Shaver. Ellen Marian Student life editor Bartholomay Special pictures Sports editor Special pictures editor editor Sports editor Sports PERFORMING h.:nr-A Q-F H , ' 'U 'E-2742. H ONIS Aplenty IN FREEZING WEAT HER, they travelled to Sat urday afternoon football ga mes to inspire the Indians to a Green and Grey victory The footballs and strong winds were gone when they came to the Christmas and Spring festivals, but still they enchanted the audie nce with their expertise. Ex pressing themselves not through words, but through music, New Trier bands en riched the events of the year. Above: As the shrill notes of her piccolo pierce the chill air Stephanie Hetz remains warm at heart. Below: Pasteries and music are sweetly combined into an evening of good taste at the annual Dessert concert Right A well defined horn section is instrumental for the philharmonic sound of Honor band. C Carlson, Fine, Ostergaardj 50fBAN DS THE JAZZ ENSEM- BLE and Lab band brou- ght the sound of New Or- leans to New Trier. Em- ploying imagination and a flair for improvisation, they trumpeted forth in true Dix- ieland style. Under the direction of its new conductor, Mr. Stanley Ackerman, Concert band hit new heights of ex- cellence, surpassing previous expectations. Joel Streightiff's Honor band reflected its abundance of talent through its strong showing at the annual State band contest. A diversified instrumental music program provided ample opportunities for musicians of various abilities to per- form. 5, SZXORCHESTRA THE BATON IS RAISED. Bows are brought to strings, mouthpieces to lips. On the first beat individual notes spring forth and blend into an expert composition of classical music. One glorious instrument composed of 115 in- dividual artists fills the air with the enticing sounds of Beethoven, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky. For the members of New Trier's Symphony orchestra, it is a matter of watching, counting, and responding at the right moment with the precise sound desired by both score and conductor. The Spring festival and the Dance concert highlighted the group's spirited year. The orchestra was acclaimed by itS conductor, Stanley Ackerman, as a "hardworking ensemble which always produced satisfying results." A u U l 1 4 Above left: With violin securely under her chin, a Chamber orchestra musician delivers a first string performance. Above right: With intense concentration, Jerry James and Ron Brzezinski reach new levels of musical quality. KPerlman, Carlsonj fCarlsonj 'Made T o Order' APPROPRIATE in the election year, Lagniappe's production of "Made To Ordern created a landslide. The musical dealt with two unusual candidates and their race for the Presidency. With such a topical subject, the 39th performance of the all-student creation attracted full houses. James B. Edwards, the favorite candidate, is a robot programmed to be the perfect president. This is known only to his inventor, Friedrich Lueker, and three businessmen backers. His opponent, Beatrice Marshall, is determined to win despite Edwards' popularity. In hopes of uncovering incriminating evidence, Marshall sends her press secretary, Sue Bennett, to investigate Edwards' office. Complications increase when Bennett falls in love with Edwards. Everything is resolved on election night as Edwards wins and Bennett meets the robot's real life model. Under the supervision of Karen Ver Bryck and Lisa Eisenberg, the musical was flawlessly executed. The show, written by Steve Nordmark with music by Sulie Girardi, was directed by Jeff Harnar, assisted by Tina Krimmer. 54fLAGNIAPPE Above: After being converted by an enthusiastic Sue Bennett, Edwards' converts look for new angles of success. Below: Lagniappe's perfection is a mirror image of behind-the-scene preparation by board members. Opposite: Backed by her running mate, Presidential candidate Beatrice Marshall broadcasts her electrifying policies. fWippman, Ostergaatd Wippmazd , 4, . W"""""" Mayor Mayor s wlfe Danny Floor manager CLARK DHHCB 00110611 '7 7 FLOWERING INTO the radiance of a new spring day, the gentle breeze of Dance concert '77 warmed January's mid-winter chills. After weeks of rehearsing, the dancers blossomed in a cavalcade of colors splashed over the dull wintry grays. From the rose tones of Bach's "Concerto in D Minor" choreographed by Mrs. Christine Fassnacht and Mrs. Suzanne Wente to the carefree melody of Gershwin's "An American in Parish designed by Edward Nicholson, the superlative movement and definitive grace of the advanced dancers flowed throughout the program. M,-ff 1-dipiivau-av 'Mit' Above: Balancing talent and perseverance, Alfreda Borden readies herself for an expert performance. Right: Basking in the limelight, advanced dancers dream of lazy, summer days in Elise Taylor's "Impressions," fPhotos by Carlson j 56!DANCE CONCERT I I V fully .-W. 7.11, fy fir THE OUTSTANDING achievements of the dance program were not only the superb technique displayed by the dancers, but the accomplished choreography done by students Felicia McCarren and Elise Taylor. In McCarren's "Passage," anticipation of an event, the event, and the distortions of an event that unfold in the memory were depicted in the angular movements of the blue clad performers. Taylor's "Impressions" was performed to the musical arrangements of Elliot 8a Delman. In the sultry doldrums of a summer's day, in panic, and in the elusive qualities of a reverie, the piece was expressed with finesse. The concert also included a dance without music and a humorous piece done by the advanced composition class. The latter epitomized the dancers' ability to bring comedy into their work while still performing with perfection. Dance concert '77 was a far-reaching successx that brought heartwarming joy to the severity of winter's frost. R Eg 58f OPERA CAST Caliph ......... .................... ............. A N DREW BIRD BRIAN PHILPOT Hajj ......... ........ . .JEFF HARNAR PETER MORAN Jawan .......... ................ K EN LACEY Lalume Marsinah Omar........ Wazir.... .. .. SCOTT COOPER CALLAWAY WENDI STRAUCH SULIE GIRARDI ANA MARIA ALVAREZ BARRINGTON NEIL BILL DIEBEL ...........GREG SAMPSON RICK HOUPT ON A TYPICAL mid- winter day during period 7f8, New Trier's February doldrums were shattered by the peal of the fire alarm. Students filed out of the building according to rehearsed procedure and were instructed to go to the main gym. Director of Oper- ating services Henry Bangser announced that the auditorium stage had caught fire, but that the Winnetka fire department was working to extinguish the flames. After discovering that certain parts of the stage were more charred than others, the State fire inspec- tor determined that the cause was arson. In the face of tighter hall security and supervision, students and faculty cooperated in an investigation which yielded the identification of two students. Extensive stage damage forced the Performing arts division to postpone "Kis- met," the Spring opera, until May. Director Peter- 'Kismet' man, cast, and crew sur- mounted the difficulties strewn in their paths by the February fire and utilized every extra minute of time to perfect the performance. They proved that 4'Kismet," which literally means Fate, was not destined to ruin. The classical strains of Bodin echoed in songs such as "Stranger in Paradise," and "Bangles, Baubles, and Beads" as played by the Chamber orchestra. The cast and crew's positive atti- tude bore "Kismet" up from the ashes to a brilliant success. In order to fill the "Kis- met" time slot, the Fresh- man-sophomore play was rescheduled. The colorful characters of Charles M. Schultz's comic strip "Pean- uts" were animated in the production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," directed by Mr. Edward Nicholson and Student dir- ectors John Newcombe and Mary Ellen Rielly. Bill Southern directed the mu- sical side of the comedy v C I I which illustrated a typical day in the life of Charlie Brown. Because of the February fire, many performances had to be rescheduled, can- celled, or moved to a new location. Despite the com- plex reorganization of time and energies, the Perform- ing arts division, as well as the New Trier community, demonstrated remarkable flexibility and determina- tion in dealing with the consequences ,of the un- fortunate blaze. The American Dream' and 'Black AN INTRIGUING double bill featuring two one-act plays comprised the Winter play. The handbill carried the following warning: WATCHING 'COMEDY TODAY' MAY BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR SENSE OF SECURITY. The first performance, "The American Dream" by Edward Albee, did indeed provide an unsettling perspective on some prevalent American attitudes. The play emphasized the folly of utter conformity in a materialistic society. The second production, "Black Comedy" by Peter Shaffer, involved a blown fuse at a social event and the subsequent comical confusion which prevailed in the dark. The characters, hidden by the darkness, oddly lost all inhibitions and brought to light their true personalities. Perceptive acting and the playing of dual roles demonstrated the actors' prowess and their ability to interpret difficult material. CAST Daddy, Georg Bamberger ...............,....................... JOHN J. NEWCOMBE Mommy, Carol Melkett ........ ............... ........... L Y NN VAN DYKE Grandma, Miss Furnival .............. ......... J ULIA E. MARRAN Mrs. Barker, Clea .............................. ......... L YNNE GOODMAN The Young Man, Harold Goringe .... ............... T HOMAS R. CLARK Brindsley Miller ................................. ....................... P ETER J. MORAN Colonel Melkett ....................................... WILLIAM M. DRISCOLL JR. Schuppanzigh .......................................,............. SCOTT DAVID COOPER vi 60fW INTER PLAY 'Nw Comedy' Above: Boxed in, Daddy realizes that the American dream has become a nightmare for him. Left: It is a 'Black Comedy' indeed for Brindsley Miller as he unsuccessfully tries to keep two wrathful women in the dark. Below: The Young Man focuses his attention on Grandma as she paints a portrait of the American family. fLasky5 Wippman, Laskyl ff uv o 1 -. K v . ln ' f Custom made UNSEEN AND UNHEARD beneath the auditorium floor, production crew members, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gill, created the physical environment employed by the actors above. During performances they were either off-stage applying make-up, moving curtains, controlling the lights from above the stage, or changing the scenery onstage in total blackout. Although the distinction of appearing before an audience was reserved to the actors, the crews could share equally in the applause. Their work was marked by the usual high level of excellence and professionalism. Though they were not able to bathe in the glory of the footlights, the crews were an essential part of every production. Above: Backstage, but still in the spotlight, Colleen Connors sews up this year's production of Lagniappe. Left: Kathy McClain brushes up on set design. Below: Crew member Mark Stein insures that Lagniappe's sets are "Made To Order." fPhotos by Carlsonj 'Q CREWSf61 I AN UNIQUE and pop- ular division of Performing arts is the annual Water ballet show. The cast of "The Only Wave to Travelv successfully continued the tradition of excellence and professionalism in this aquatic combination of endurance swimming and creative dance. Under the direction of Faculty sponsor Joyce McNaughton and Student director Kathy Karmin, the cast spent five months in and out of the pool practicing the 12 rou- tines. Though the show was performed predominantly by females, there was a coed .....,.,.LA.. -..A nv. all wsnlfx The Only Wave to Travel' Above: Branching out of the basic swim and dance members make a point of hard practice in hopes of programs, these Water ballet girls are well suited for this becoming the star attraction. fPhotos by Catlsonj combined form of expression. Below: Water ballet cast 621W ATER BALLET G ymagina tion VI Above: Mid-air balance and timing are the keys to Gymagination's synchronized trampoline triumphs. Below: Motionless except for a flourish of ribbon, gymnast Audree Nicholls salutes the oncoming performances. f0StE1'g8,8IL'L Emerson j THE STAGE WAS SET to captivate the audience with feats beyond the dreams of the ordinary gymnast, as acts including floor exercises, the pommel horse and the rings cavalcaded onto the floor. This was not "an exhibition, but a production"g this was Gymagination. Each of the two performances was enhanced with strobe and black lighting, and highlighted by a dramatic innovation: the figure on the balance beam was silhouetted. Gymagination, the best coeducational gymnastics show in the state, achieved an atmosphere of theatrical professionalism. Gymkana, the organization which designs as well as performs Gymagination, boasted a myriad of skillful performers. From the second the clock struck 8:13, Sponsor Gerald Denk and assistant Darlene Kluka succeeded in keeping the timed tumult of whirling bodies in perfect accord. GYMAGINATIONXBJ PERFORMING ARTS GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Bottom Row: DuSablon, Meltzer, Alvarez, Baumgart, W. Strauch, Reid, Hardee, Doctor, Nissly, Petty, Fleming. George, Appel, Varley, Kerr, Marcia Freeman, Fotopoulos, Venner, Katz, Fourth: Rosenberg, Hart, Dowen, McCoy, Goodrich, Straub, Mundt, Beck, Rielly. Second: Eisenberg, Girardi, White, Andrews, Krimmer, Burns, Craven, Alexander, Western, Tippens, Greer, Nelson, Siegel, Embree. Wolff, DiClementi, Schwimmer, Powell, Rubin, Callaway, Robbins. Third: Absent: Baxter, Hardin, H. Smith, Tangney. E. Smith, Wheeler, Martha Freeman, Jacobson, Weston, L. Strauch, BOYS' ENSEMBLE-Bottom Row: Lyon, Hoskins, Diebel, Babcock, Titterton, Walsh. Third: Driscoll, Hughes, Sampson, Bird, A. Tomlin, Archie, Barnett, Gregory, Newcombe, Moran, Harnar. Second: Rogers, Thorne, Towne, Stevenson, Hartong, Hindsley. Absent: Babb, Bowen, Brennan, Knowlton, Philpot, Cray, Comeau, Muller, McCandlish, Neel, Gnaedinger, Harnar, Houpt, Kavanagh, Lahey, McEvers, B. Tomlin, Tracy. GIRLS' CHOIR-Bottom Row: Sherman, Steagall, Mikelson, Hannon, Diltz, Platt, Powell, Cosgrove. Third: Van deWalle, Herlocker, Klauke Crane, Stern, Dempsey, Van Meter, Tlou, Noyes, Krebs, Dugan. Second: Skaja, Lane, Kuipers, Higgins, Green, Jones, Perrella, Beaman, Werth Luecker, Rielly, Ley, Burdick, Gallanis, Scholar, Armstrong, O'Malley, Absent: Braudo, Gautier, Moore, Ryno, Solberg, Tindall. GUPERFOBNIING ARTS 1 T X I A l I 4 ,, CHORALIERS-Bottom Row: Claffey, Hinds, Musica, Webb, Cawley, Theobald, Wagener, Rogers, Schwiebert, McKiernan, Shoubin, Haney, Gaynor. Second: Zimmerman, McMurray, Guilleminot, Rieger, Hughes Kingwill. Third: Wussler, Hagy, Reed, Decroocq, Tatooles, Mackie, Woodi Englemann, Seabright, Hosbein, Nordquist, Morrow, Croak. Fourth: Pearse, Kelly, Bendix, Burkard, Burns, McCook, Wiele, Gordon, Guhl, , Schneider, Watts, Auvil, Kuenzel, Lidecker, Astredo. Absent: Bodeen, Bartholmew, Slavens, Little, Angle, Eckersberg, Paoletti, Badger, Dell Buck, Coyle, Hook, Kincaid, McIntosh, Pearson, Watson. TROUBADORS-Bottom Row: White, Fisher, Surta, Dumont, Hoskins, Kallman, Feltes, Strite, Minn, Gross, Winton, Walsh. Absent: Cleland, Ieuter, Nicholis, Andersen. Second: Bohnen, West, Kraus, Mark, Shang, East, Hartong. Sarnos, Archie, Wussler, Drew, Hawley. Third: Fox, Golden, Van De Graaff, MUSETTES-Bottom Row: Varley, Connors, Garron, Hales, Brown, Kaden, Smith, Gun, Kapps, Johnson, Collins, Alexander, Watts. Second: Medina, Tompkins, Simpson, Sigel, Philpot, Kane, Arden, Drew, Fetzer, Clary, Savely, Meltzer, Rutz, Shinker. Third: Sibbald, Malone, Mericle, Pick, Schwiebert, O'Reilly, Moore, Dickes, Held, Calhoun, Massey, Hayes, Keefe, Frazer. Fourth: Judge, Gynn, Nelson, Davidson, Harkness, Maton, Tam, Friend, M. Downey, Ford, Malloy, G. Downey, Royal, Raveret, Stewart, Elliot. Absent: Beskin, Bronstein. PERFORMING ARTSXG5 CONCERT BAND-Flute: Metzger, Rude, Campbell, DeVryer, Bahng, Nelson, Thorn- ton, Reid, Clary, Olsen, Rigolin, Tuchmann, Stuhr, Sullivan, Rossow, Bartholomew, Zuke, Steffens, Dougherty. Clarinet: McKiernan, Hands, C. Henderson, Scoville, Hanlon, Harris, Hindsley, Sorenson, Jaeger, Dunn, Jacobs, Gignilliat, Roberts. Bassoon: Macomber. Alto sax: Lacey, Wengler, Sbrocco, Ransom, Dorn, Gibson. Tenor sax: Krodel. Baritone sax: O'Reilly. Cornet: Hoyt, Camras, Andrews, Kao, Snell, Belka, Nissly, J. Henderson, Sorenson, Fogarty, MacDonald, Reed, Leslie, Revord, Andrew. Horn: Guthrie. Trombone: Sullivan, Corrigan, Allen, Stitt, Bottum, Kocour, Lyons. Baritone: Dvorak, Southern, Sherman, Hartel. Tuba: Newby. String bass: Watson. Percussion: Adams, McNally, Stiles, Coyne, Gun, Schuldt, Kepler, Conran. 66fPERFORMIN G ARTS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-First Violin: Chien, Peers, M. Beebe Allen, Addison, Rosenthal, Pollock, Levine, Huppert, Drachman, Scherer, Copher, Gluckman, Hill, Wildman, Swihart, Suker. Second Violin: L. Bellamy, Babich, Seidenberg, MacDonald, Shang, Barnes, Hall, Prindiville Vauzanges, Dunn, Kaufmann, Bower, Tomes, Cortese, Freedman. Viola: .Q ' Black, Belzer, Siegel, Caspersen, Milenkovic, Campbell, J. Lee, Holland,fN. Lee, Hill. Cello: Bahng, Williams, Askounis, Johnson, P Bellamy, Garrett, Poor, Ellis, Mayer, Shelton, Kaufman, Chausow, Stein Burchard, Moore, Louis, Kaitchuck. Bass: Green, Brzezinski, Stephan Cottle, Tomes, Ackerman, James. Flute: Tindall, McMahon, Baumgart Q .-,fr g . , Q, " W. ,, , . ' , x y , J A djfzf, ,fl , 5 te. .W , , I 'fail V - z ' 3124! Mm , 1 Sosewitz, Addison, Needlman, Wright. Clarinet: Rude, Ticho, Neuhaus, McAllen. Bassoon: Heuer,T'aul, R. goren, Macomber. Trumpet: Perry, Conran, Goldeen, Southern, Robins, Schulman. Horn: Stein, Van De Wyse, Swoiskin, Fisch, Synek. Tuba: D. Beebe. Harp: Saunders, Graaff, Brownstein, Girardi, Levin, Pasikov, Peara, Plonsker. Trombone: Danilovics. Timpani: Kubert. Percussion: Binder, McCarthy, Hauptle. MacDonald, Cole, Hutter, Mack. Oboe: B. Soren, B. Bellamy, Legg, Piano: Doctor. Photos by Carlson PERFORMING ARTSf71 STRING ORCHESTRA-Violin: Bellamy, MacDonald, Huppert, Gluck- Holland, Campbell, Lee. Cello: Johnson, Kaufmann, Carlson Kaitchuck man, Swihart, Seidenberg, Slonicki, Barrett, Cahn, Kauffman. Viola: Cook. Bass: Stephan, Tomes, Ackerman, Onley. CHAMBER ORCHESTRA-First Violin: Chien, Peters, Beebe, Addis- on, Rosenthal, Pollock. Second Violin: L. Bellamy, Drachman, Copher Scherer, Gluckman, Wildman, Swihart. Viola: Black, Siegel, Belzer Caspersen. Cello: Bahng, Williams, Askounis, Garrett. Bass: Green, Brzezinski. Flute: Tindall, Baumgart. Oboe: Soren, B. Bellamy. Clarinet: Rude, Ticho, Neuhaus. Bassoon: Heuer, Paul, Soren. Horn: Stein, Van De Graaff. Trumpet: Perry, Fisch. Timpani: Kubert. STAGE CREW-Bottom Row: Eisenberg, Turner, Clark. Second: DeCroocq, Steffens, Ver Bryck, Frey, Klawans, Higgins. Third: DiClementi, Schneider, Wolfe, Ma- ton, Platon, W. Scoville, J. Scoville. Fourth: Winton, Zimmerman, Morris, Decker, Hughes, Fry, Best, Stein. Absent: Archie, Kelly. 72fPERFORMING ARTS ADVANCED DANCE-Bottom Row: Perez, Doblin, Dahl, Beck Wagner, Holmgren, Shang, Kerr, Johnson, McCarren, Miller, Neil Rubens, Varle Richbur Schwartz Ta lor Nevin. Second Bernier, yr gi , Y , 3 Maloney, Walters, Simpson, Crane, Webb, Chakiris, Rossi, Appel Luecker, Laughlin, Hill, Kramer, Keefe, Moore, Bellamy, Godard. Third Balderston, Reed, O'Brien, Reid, Zeddies, McMahon, Mason, Norman Conn, Doctor, Haser, Harnar, Moran, Newcombe, Franchini, Spiegler Weston, Stiffler. Fourth: Chiado, McShane, Goese, Wilson, Norcross Borden, Clark, Conway, Saunders, Weldon, Archie, Philpot, Kavanagh Driscoll, Nordmark, Sampson. Absent: Diebel. CHO-OPERA-Bottom Row: Dusablon, Meltzer, Marran, Nicholis Holmgren, Venner, S. Smith, Selvaggio, Powell, Hutton, Kerr, Alvarez, Katz, Beck, Steffen, Neil, Tangney, Richmond, Guyton, E. Smith, Metzger, Girardi. Second: Fleming, Hanson, Burns, Krimmer, Appel, Rubin, Binder, P. Haser, Hamar, Moran, Schwimmer, DiClementi, McIn- tyre, Laughlin, Niebank, Varley, Cooper, Strauch, Owens. Third: Callaway, Rosenberg, Norman, Embree, Gregory, Hoskins, Kudan, Mason, Aimen, Milford, Freeman, Lacey, Titterton, Taylor, Weston, Western Greer, McCoy, Denison, Reid, Kinney, Brand. Fourth: Wolff, Knowlton Bower, Winton, Newcombe, Archie, Rogers, Cole, Kavanaugh, Needlerl Galbraith, Bendix, Conway, Norcross, Clark, Tatooles, Borden, Hughes Nordmark. Fifth: Philpot, Walk, McCandlish, Driscoll, Nevin, Moraitis Walsh, Gremion, Tremayne, Weldon, J. Haser, Shaver, Freed, Bird, Houpt Boaz, Sampson. PERFORMING ARTS! 73 v y ii .71 K W s ref .gg 3 ,A 5 L. M-P7 - -... an- vu-6, .QN K , w A fi W3-4 GYMAGINATION-Bottom Row: Diaz, Elise Lin, Mclnnis, Wright, Stearns, Rubens, Hauptle, Socket, Cajet, Mack. Fourth: Hill, Karole Ryno, James, D. Maher, S. Maher, Atten, DiCesare. Second: Boshes, Rubel, Schwartz, Trotter, O'Nei1, Etheridge, Saterlee, Sollitt, Fisch, Schroeder, Nicholls, Conway, Maine, Mead, Jiganti, Rigolin, Blodgett, Hurd, Eugene Vogt. Fifth: Conley, Terrill, Whitman, Watkins, Worthington, McDonough, Lin. Third: Kennedy, B. Maher, Bischoff, Kim Ryno, Schopen, Houghtlin, Butterworth. WATER BALLET-Bottom Row: Claffey, Franche, I. Steven- son, Cosgrove, Dickes, Remien, Ford, Box, Burmeister, Osment, J. Freyer, Harkness. Second: Sch- reiber, Clary, Pelts, Phillips, Dell, Mericle, Yale, Besant, Arthur, Holmberg. Third: Miss McNaughton, Frommeyer, Frei, CMueller, Hook, Karmin, Her- locker, Cajet, W. Freyer, Craven, Wheeler, S. Stevenson. Fourth: Morrow, Allen, Scoville, Rubel, Chandler, Adams, Mack, Hannah, Hill, Husting, Ames, Crown, Golds- mith, Stehlick, White. Absent: Behan, Mabie, Mclntyre, Cecilia Mueller. 14!PERFORMING ARTS lmerzezsrs t"X-frflmf' Mix 'BQSQHSQQQQ Above: Intent upon his target, Indian tree salesman Geoffrey Price gets ready to bury the hatchet. Right: Tri-ship volun- teers tally the result of a fruitful canned food drive. IWippman, Tatosianj 76fTRI SHIP INCREASED STUDENT participation paved the way for the realization of Tri-ship's financial and social goals. A successful Christmas tree sale, netting 5B8,000, provided the bulk of the scholarship funds. Besides giving support to seniors, Tri-ship, along with Girls' club, donated over 10,000 cans to Chicago Erie house in the most plentiful canned food drive ever. Social events were also important. Held for the first time at New Trier West, the annual ice cream social helped to strengthen the bond between the two campuses. The Homecoming concert featuring the group "Slink Rand" was not only enjoyable but, for the first time in recent years, profitable. Through encouraging student unity, Tri-ship accomplished its goals effectively by affirming fellowship, sportsmanship, and citizenship. A If 5 .4-.myhk Aspiring Tri-ship financial whiz Bob Frederick's Keith Bodner, Mark Bowen, and John Smart. hand is quicker than the eyes of board members KWippmanj TRI-SHIPX77 Fun raisers .ll EN THUSIASM AND THE PARTICIPATION of the majority of the students are key factors to Girls' club success, according to President Maureen Carey. Stemming from the work of competent board members and enthusiastic Sponsor Rosalie Lawlor, each project undertaken blossomed into a major success. Firmly rooted in the tradition established through 57 years of perseverance, the objective of Girls' club, providing scholarships for senior girls, flourished. The continuance of 'ISXGIRLS CLUB many familiar activities: the pumpkin saleg the canned food driveg Friendly week, and the Daddy-daughter-dinner-dance encouraged participation from the entire student body. Extending outside its own turf, Girls' club provided babysitters for families in the community, sponsored a day of activities for inner city children, and collected clothes and toys for needy people. Cultivating a congenial atmosphere, the New students party and the Freshman-senior hag party sowed the seeds for an auspicious year. fi 7- N . s . we , A swans' Above: Decision . . . reflection . . . satisfaction. Right: Girls' club board member Beth Perry seals up preparations for the Great pumpkin sale. fWippman, Westonj The people 's choice A PASSERBY walking near room 278 10th period any day of the week would hear ideas and issues being generated, examined, and challenged. Under the watchful eyes of Sponsor Tom Swarsen and President Cindy Rogers, Student council has been a key organization in school activities. Continuing its involvement, Student council organized parties for new students and for freshmen, sponsored the M8zR Rush concert, an annual social event, and arranged a Fall festival week. Board members also pooled their talents and came up with a first place float in the Homecoming parade. Above: At SC's M8zR Rush concert, the lead guitarist pulls a few strings to arouse the audience. Below: Charting new policies, Student council heads turn to President Cindy Rogers. IPI1otos by Lincolnj Mp!! H ,mi 4 - t in Ui" it: Q--I it -'Digi Sponsor Tom Swarsen gleans astounding information on the hotline which he later presents to equally nonplused Student council members. fPhotos by Finej A MAJOR concern of Student council was the appropriation of 822,000 earned from the Flea market. Questionnaires were sent to adviser rooms asking for students' suggestions. The vote was in favor of renovating the student loungeg however, this decision had to be authorized by faculty committees. An amendment to the constitution changed the presidential term to coincide with a continuous school year. EOC, led by co-heads Rachel Hines and Neil Black, offered many educational opportunities during unassigned time. They sponsored a mock election, government Week, and brought in guest speakers including a psychic. STUDENT COUNCHJ81 ESTABLISHED FOR the promotion of spirit, Pep club sings out for the whole world to hear it. By selling and painting and pom-pon and cheer, It turns on the fans year after year. But Pep club '77 saw much innovation, In various parts of its organization. The Varsity cheerleaders, modified routine, Included the use of a small trampoline. And Homecoming committee kept up with the rest, By staging the very first "Best Legs Contest." But the biggest change was, without any doubts, Letting boys enter cheerleader try-outs. Yet much old was blended with all of the new, The mixture was great from the fans' point of view. With breakfasts, pep rallies, sales and "TP"ing, Pep Club '77 had the whole school agreeing, That though other parts of our high school are dear, Spirit is still the life-blood of New Trier. I AX -' fc ,Q Above: Pep club president Laura Pasek and Sponsor civvies, Varsity cheerleaders are up in arms over their Marilyn Domek practice their sales pitch on Barb daily practice. K0stergaareL Carlsonj Short for the Pep club mug sale. Below: Clad in f Jw Free: spirit ' Fld Q," -- f gi ..,. 1"r" 4 , ': 35 r J 'n9E3!"9 4? k33"'? A .,,.. ?q4q'A'v54g4ffHagf1'1.gc ""'W:f2v1.,-. sf'-f 1 -QM. . 1? ' ' 'v """"',,1-fL K WM..." 1' ' f, 1-ff ,f ' Q , f ' --new-1 4, if X'- A 3' 3 v , we ff' 1. A MP2 un ,fi fi- I' IMM x Above: Pep c1ub's efforts transform houses into teepees in preparation for the Indians' Homecoming battle. Left: Announcing lucky doorprize winners, Homecoming chairwomen and pep rally emcees psyche up fans and teams alike. fPhotos by Tatosianj PEP CLUB! 83 1, Kr 9: if 1' 41 "' I , 'img' I . f-..,,KQ.w Civic-minded THE SOCIAL SERVICE organization is designed to increase the interaction between New Trier students and people of other lifestyles. Through the relationships created, students became more aware of themselves as well as the conditions that exist in cultures outside their own. Widening students' horizons as well as providing vital service, Social service continued its programs to assist inner- city children, mentally retarded youngsters, the aged and 84!SOClAL SERVICE handicapped, hospitalized children, and suburban kids in need of tutelage. A spirit of community prevailed as a new program was formed which combined New Trier East and West Social service organizations. Besides the attraction of added programs, interest was heightened by greater participation in school functions. Social service day provided interesting and useful informa- tion for volunteers as well as other students. ,Hs-.Li 1 1 5 Above left: While conferring with Social service board members, Ccrhead Kelly Hamilton co-ordinates the week's prospectus. Above: Always eager to branch into new learning situations, Faculty sponsor Mr. Kroscel and Board member Debbie Wiese consider new ap- 3 proaches as they await their bus. Below: After school tutor Jeanne ' Jacobson and her tutee tune into knowledge and produce positive feedback. CWippman, O'Connor, Lincolnj. 3 v 4' ,N Q! SOCIAL SERVICEXSS Indian givers SPORTS SERVICE, the collective name given to various groups of energetic New Trier students, provides service to the school's athletic program and to the township. Guard, the largest branch of the Sports service organization, supervised the entire aquatics program. The first pool leadership program of its kind to be established in America, the Guard program has been copied world-wide. Gymkana expanded its instructional program to accommodate the large increase of interest in gymnastics. Besides providing weekly lessons for 100 grade school children, the group also gave gymnastic exhibitions throughout the community. Statisticians, timers, and matmaids completed the Sports service organization. Their vital assistance supplemented the resources available to the coaches and furthered the esprit de corps. Above: Senior guard Jody Turley teaches a young swimmer to reach for the perfect dive. Below: Gymkana instructor Eugene Lin assists his pupil with unparalleled expertise. fwippman, Laskyj l Q gl . . Q , 1 e Q is Q 1 . ' We-111's..if ij ' ji SGXSPORTS SERVICE If ' --' xi "WL, ...,, In X- Above: A New Trier Statistician is sidelined for clipping. Below: Skip Ashmore's words of encouragement whet this young boy's desire to swim. ILasIry, Petersonj X X V, W 55,5 1 , ' 4' ' ,M 1' f I ' if f we va., f 1 f it af ,,,,.f M, fa ,. 2 'f 15 fa ,Q ?? 24 X.. strengthened on the personal level. Accordingly, A the Q' American field service encouraged apeaceful interchange of ideas and customs. This year New Trier hosted Rozel Perez from the Philippines and Susan Hutton from gs: gh England. As integral members of their host families, they 2, 2 FRIENDSHIPS AMONG NATIONS are made and fa fa.. ,a few, M ' M-f' rr-b ,ia f ,AMJwf.s:s.a1.vkaf-wwf' Sf--AWAW4 tw f . ,,.,m,.., -, ,isa-mam was Z5 ff' WW A" YW J rf ff ff-2' I Wg gk, ,HMRQYQJ gf ff' tk . . . 5' 'i f i 5'Z'2:iX To Agf ' W,.,,,MWw X 5 Y??rW WW r 'E it . ' Yr. M itz' 1 ,iQ2v.:fv. lf' , -if 9 ' - , -e721fff5c"w.-Q. rf ' 1 1 ing .x -f"'WWm,L,, I a "2 K' ' A M,-.Mmamw-f'Wf'P we " it L' A ff' ' fy ,-1 Wired. af .A-Qfiffjwff fy: 5 fs mmsfm51"msM'XSfMtf' YV"-2 my ff V f IZA' ZMQA ws! aff P44 'wrfiazrva ,A 'M 'xx 5 f 9 M-,f .ff yn M 9? fy Af r 5 gy fag M M if shared the privileges and responsibilities of social, school, and community life in the United States. New to the AFS program this year was a short-term domestic exchange which enabled American students to experience social and academic life elsewhere in the nation. AFS members financed the new program through their energetic candy and pizza sales. Traditional activities such as the Reception, the AFS weekend, and International day also generated new interest. W G? 'cw f ,ma J ,.. -, f- fra, ,Z-f sr. 1 1,Wf ' X swf Mfg f Q Right: Barefooted and bareheaded, Rozel Perez performs a dance from her native Philippines at the AFS dinner. Below: Betwixt England and the Philippines, Susan Hutton and Rozel Perez find that NTE is common ground. fPI1otos by Wippmanj 65 t Xkq N5 V0 'E71'fW""if' 90"-'H aiag 1. 'N' p , 1 gg... 88fAFs 'Wish iyau were here ' NOW! J '-1 ' y :ani A A fternoon delights IT IS A STANDARD practice-when a group of New Trier students share a common interest, they form a club. Clubs are as much a fundamental aspect of student life as athletics, and participation is equally enthusiastic. Every day after school, New Trier's myriad clubs combine a social gathering with a learning forum, and the resulting exchange provides members with valuable knowledge and different viewpoints pertaining to their particular interests. Clubs not only enrich the regular academic curriculag they also foster interest in several areas which the average student may have otherwise overlooked. They provide in-depth exposure to various hobbies and pursuits, acting as a viable educational alternative in their own right. Right: Concentrating on the intricacies of wood design, Industrial Arts members pursue their creative talent. Below: Playing to the plaudits of the gods above, Forensics club participant Lynn VanDyke soliloquizes under the watchful eye of Sponsor Ray Ledinsky. Far below: After bidding farewell to a winning hand, this member of a Bridge club foursome prepares to deal accordingly. KFine, Ostergaard, Ostetgaardj mlib Ay! fx N! fix,-R .' mfiie A , 447 fffix-N V ' . fr 1 'J ,'A ., J If 4 .lf .X 1 .5 , ., K V' 'X Q I , ' C, f 'JK 'ii I ,I Q0 '- 'L' 4 ' .gary 1 1 I , x , X , '- 'Q XL! . L ' QOXCLUBS CLUBS WHICH had already established themselves as successful learning alternatives continued to plan new group projects. Aesculapians and Biology club carried on their research of the science of life with numerous guest speakers and field trips. Chess and Bridge club members met weekly to match wits with each other and to sharpen strategic skills, as did the active combatants of Conflict simulations club. Industrial Arts club members put their collective skill to good use as they undertook the task of constructing chairs for a church. The Hosteling club escaped the confines of New Trier's walls to sally forth on a cross-country skiing trip, reaffirming its commitment to outdoor diversions. Above: Recently returned from an outdoor extravaganza, Hosteling club reconvenes to plan further adventures. Right: Reaching toward his goal, Chess club member Owen Curtis keeps his challengers in check. K0stergaard, Wippmanj Above: As Ecology club members immerse themselves in pertinent literature, Sponsor Melvin Everly formulates further environmental safe guards. Above right: Astronomy club president Steve Licata raises the consciousness of fellow members to celestial heights. Below: Sponsor Phillip McCrea provides a little excitement for Biology club as he brings the science of life closer to a startled member. CPetrie, Ostergaard, Tatosiauj 5 yi tl Ti,,L""f ECOLOGY CLUB, resurrected by a renewed interest in the environment, again made conscientious objectives its trademark as members worked for a more liveable planetg whereas Astronomy club members sought to unravel the cosmic complexities of the universe. Math club, bolstered by strong participation and natural talent, continued its assault on National math exam honors and also competed in two other nationwide contests. Forensics offered many fields of endeavor for the debater and non-specialist alike, while striving to improve upon past performance in state and conference competition. CLUBSf91 if Q ag 4'-5 1 l -W af K ar . I . ., Q algal. a s " Ag tv '- E s 5 ....,,....g , is xxx, ,,,s, SJ C QQXCLUBS TWO MORE after-school attractions were added in 1977. The Star Trek club united afficionados of the television program, offering them an opportunity to explore the world of science fiction and the cosmos. DECA, a branch of the Distribution education club of America, appeared as a supplement to New Trier's Business department. Sponsor Louise Weiss described it as an organization for those students interested in management, marketing, retailing, and advertising, which offers scholarships to students interested in business degrees and related careers. Combining enjoyment with achievement, these clubs attained a happy medium of learning often lacking in formal classroom instruction. This blend of pleasure and profit, not to mention the prospect of learning something new and the possibility of establishing lasting friendships, was the primary factor which attracted such large numbers of New Trier students to clubs. The popularity of clubs once again proved an advantage to the individual student and to the educational system alike. . ' r I '4 f 1 l l w wx m X, W, , ii! vit Y, 5-1+ Above left: Displaying their affinity for Vulcan sign language, Star Trek club members congregate to discuss the conquest of space. Below left: Through tabulating sales statistics, DECA club participants make retailing their business. Above: As the battle lines are drawn, the opposing forces of Conflict simulations club prepare to ,Huw commence their after-school scrimmage. Below: Besieged by numerical complexities, Math club whiz Victor Milenkovic stares through the problem as fellow member Steve Fabry attempts to unravel the solution. f0stergaard, Tatosian, Ostergaard, Lincoln! CLUBSf93 94fTRI-SHIP TRI-SHIP Tom Curtiss Dave Perry Steve Schmitt Mark Hosbein Junior class Sophomore class Co-chairman Co-chairman public relations public relations i-M N .f ,. N 'M . Kult,-'.. Mark Bowen Tom Kirby Keith Bodner Co-chairman Co-chairman Co-chairman arrangements arrangements services PAUL HINDSLEY President DON WEBSTER Vice-president Keith Boyd Bill McKinley John Smart Co-chairman Head usher Entertainment services Bob Frederick Doug Witt Mitch Hoffman Tickets Freshman Charities BOB SDEARBORN counselor ecretary Jay Lipe Bob Bergman Rich Weiss Dinner Special events N-club A ,J SHAUN TRENHOLM Treasurer GIRLS ' CL UB MAUREEN CAREY EILEEN 0'MALLEY LORI ARMSTRONG CARLA SOREY Pfesldent Vice-president Secretary Treasurer iX"O9:-lfi " ' Jfxl l Beth Perry Ellen Rosenberg Rachel Varley Peggy Wagener Elissa Cohen Cecelia Mueller Jamie Cain Head of freshman Head of financial Asst. financial Co-head of service Co-head of service reps Kathy Balderston Jeanne Jacobson Mimi Garron Kathy Karmin Marie DiCesare Co-head of Co-head of Asst. scholarships Co-head of social Co-head of social scholarships scholarships awareness awareness Madeline Kane Peggy Clark Jane Oberlin Laura Gibson Julie Schwiebert Co-head of Co-head of Co-head of Co-head of Asst. publicity banquets banquets publicity publicity Co-head of art Co-head of art GIRLS' CLUBf95 FRESHMEN HELPERS Bottom Row: Taylor, Dhein, Perry, Reed, Martin. Second: Reid, Sale, Borden, Addison, Adams, Cajet, Warren, Hill. Third: Clark, Selvaggio, LA GNIAPPE BOARD KI Bottom Row: Wolfe, Clark, Kavanagh. Second: Eisenberg, Borden, Harnar, Nordmark, Girardi. Third: Western, Southern, Stein, Kelly, Whelan, Novak. Absent: McClain, Ver Bryck. QGIFRESHMEN HELPERSXLAGNIAPPE BOARD!USHER CORPS Smart, Bowen, Webster, Wassman, James. Absent: Diaz, Goss, Ryan, Shaffer, Sommers, Tipping, Trenholm, Weiss, Witt. USHER CORPS Bottom Row: Aronson, Paullus, Cole, Gordon, Doyle, Sincox, Kaufman. Second: McKiernan, Ryan, Schacherer, Nash, Stern, Frank. Third: Brown, McCormick, Henzlik, Rogers, Mitchel, Lindner. Fourth: Gescheidle, Diltz, Cosgrove, Rosenberg, Green. Fifth: McKinley, F oran, Stenberg, Schloss- man. Absent: Beebe, Boshes, Brown, Bryan, B. Campbell, J. Campbell Cascino, Cooper, DeForest, Dillon, Hargett, Hartnett, Hoback, James Kirby, Kirk, Klapper, Kurschner, Owens, Rottman, Solomon, Stearns Strite, Wippman. STUDENT COUNCIL - - Q4 President SECOND SEMESTER BOARD-Bottom Row: Carlson, Farnsworth, Kerr. Fourth: Foran, Holland, Henderson, M. Hines. Second: Kamin, R. Hines, Black, Kendall, McCormick, Pope, Schaff. Absent: M. McMurray. Third: T. Krimmer, Berner, Heinen, Krimmer, Smith, Sommer, White. CYNTHIA ROGERS DAVID AIMEN . Vice-president . "f'23W': Xl 23- EYE 1 H A .l ri CHARLOTTE LEWIS DOUGLAS MILFORD Secretary Treasurer STUDENT COUNCILXB7 PEP CL UB LAURA PASEK President MAUREEN SLATTERY JEANIE HEALD SUZANNE HOWELL Vice-president Treasurer Secretary SUSIE BUCK ii Coordinator Wendy Freyer Jody Turley Becki Ambrose Molly Denison Suzi Hurd Head of selling Head of publicity Head of functions Head of eligibility Head of freshman Rebecca McClain Cathy Rielly Head of art Head of communications PEP CLUB BOARD-Bottom Row: Remien, Morand, Bovaird, Short. Second: Smith, Dickes, Purcell, Ryan. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Bottom Row: Vitale, Thompson, Klein, Madden Cco-captainj. Second: Guthrie, Sivright fco-captainl, Missimer, James, Smith. 98fPEP CLUB l!7ll2fl.Q Allis -i n M 'Q' le ii , A A' , me f A A VARSITY POM-PON-Bottom Row: Hines James, Freeman, Olson fco-captainl. Second Suker, Pryor, Veit, Mathewson fco-captainl Owens. Third: Galbraith, Ehmann, Greenberg Ley, Schaaf. SOPHOMORE POM-PON-Bottom Row Pryor, Powell, Fetzer. Second: Ehmann Murphy, Reimer. Third: Calhoun, Rieger Hook, Bergersen. PEP CLUBf99 ,K , Mfg- , ' f 1 ., .fa,,-- f, ,fl 'f , , , l 4.2 MICHAEL REESE-Bottom Row: Braudo, Goldberg, Frankel. Second: Harris, Mayer, Rossi. Third: Davis, Addis, Castelnuovo. Absent: Garrison, Heida, Kaufmann. "fy ' 3" " 77? eff NORMANDY HOUSE-Bottom Row: Roessler, Hayes, Gibson, Lane, Stein, Rielly, Herrmann, Worthington. Second: Pagano, Hahn Obenchain, Roberts, Van Dewalle, Mrs. Walsh. Absent: Bovsmess, Brattleaf, Casey, Cottle, Fitz-Hugh, Ford, Foukal, Freyer, Hershenson, Minor, Mooney, O'Brien, Phillips, Raglin, Weber. 2 CHICAGO REED-Bottom Row: Feldman, Callaghan, Farnsworth, Beigman, Berner, Kofman, Mackevich. Second: Pearse, Mayer, Sides, T. Heiser, Brand, McCook, Wallace. Third: Addis, Rahmann, Mack, Burmeister, Rouleau, Boynton, Mrs. Thomsen. Fourth: Van De Walle, SKINNER SCHOOL-Bottom Row: Pantone, Wiese, O'Donnell, Sbroc- co. Second: Musica, Hayes, Edmonds, Saunders, Little. IOOXSOCIAL SERVICE Lyon, Kondzela, Stevenson, Rosenberg, Alonzi, Parsons, Cohen. Absent: Black, Cook, Crown, George, Grant, M. Heiser, Hutchison, Piggott, Rott- man, Sherman, Wall. AFTER-SCHOOL TUTORING-Bottom Row: Kravits, Smith, Tilley, Evans. Second: Haas, Mclnnis, Tippens, Webb, Korengold. Absent: Biel, Broderick, Ellis, Fawcett, Hammerman, Jacobson, Kofman. KELLY HAMILTON MARY HARDEE Co-heads , Y . naw - Qld!! 59' CHRISTOPHER HOUSE-Bottom Row: Fotopoulos, Carmell. Second: Schneider, Jewell, Haworth, Kennedy, Frazier, Hannah. Third: McIntyre, Herlocker, Greer, Elia, Jones, Manierre, Coyle. Fourth: Chick, Drachman, Webb, Hoffberg, Higgins, Phillips, Raglin, M. Frey. Fifth: Cross, Goldsmith, Weinstein, Tolpin, Dom, Brzenski, Lowe, Trainer. Absent: S. Frey, Moldafsky, Reinisch, Strauch. ISHAM-Bottom Row: Glass, Epler, Pyskacek, Campbell, Noyes. Se- cond: Feldman, S. Shang, Simpson, Doblin, Speigler. Third: L, Shang, Tachau, Holland, Alger, Gautier, Mr. Ward. Absent: Colman, Cosgrove, Little, McCosk1'ie, Stern, Temmerman, Warton. IS NORTHWESTERN-Bottom Row: Hamilton, Pantone, Wilson, Bohnen Second: Collins, Epler, Kerr, Pope. Third: Hardin, Smith, Barron Kramer. Fourth: Medina, O'Connor, Rado, Stern. Absent: Jannotta Love, Sheperd, Trenn. ST. CHARLES-Bottom Row: Monroe, Kadlec, Hellman, V. Hahn. Se- cond: King, Edwards, Carmell, Franchini. Third: K. Hahn, Scott Galbraith, Fox. Absent: Black, Garrett, Lampert, Peterson, Stevenson Synek. 'arf 1 1 BOYS' GUARD-Bottom Row: Peterson, Mclntire, Ticho, Skip Owens, Klauke, Meyers, James, Bergman, McLean, Tedd Erickson, Scott Ashmore, Heiss, Cole, Sick, Ostergaard, Gunn. Second: Mack, Todd Ashmore, Ebihara. Fourth: Stevenson, Klise, MCDlV1tt, Woods, Wang, Erickson, Snyder, Siegal, Condrin, Schreiber, Porter, Holmberg. Third: Sunkel, Arden, Markey, Marvin. 1 1 I a - -'-'-Q nun-g4 GIRLS' GUARD-Bottom Row: Herlocker, Slattery, Cajet, Madeline Rutherford, Laurie Buntain, Stevenson, Griffith, Farnsworth, Allen, Kane, Bendix, Johnson, Atkinson, Alexander, Lee, Heald, J. Rutherford. Gallanis, Dunn, Nadherny, Howell, Neary, Hill, Armstrong, Clapp. Second: Crown, Hurd, Dugan, McMurray, Balderston , Sullivan, Traut- Fourth: Leslie Buntain, Leekley, James, Hines, Fawcett, Thomas, man, Graham, Buck, Pasek, Stiffler, Mary Kane, Gately. Third: S. Ehmann,Mabie,Wengler,Crande11,0lSOI'1,Ah1em. IOZXSPORTS SERVICES TRACK TIMERS-Bottom Row: Flin- chum, Steffens, Pick, VanDeWalle, Braet. Second: Harkness, Salvano, Burrneister, White, Pearson, DesRemaux. Third: Tlou, Olson, Osment, Campbell, Warton, Flentye Burchard. Absent: Gorman, Heida, King, Owens. SPORTS SERVICES SWIM TIMERS-Bottom Row: Farnsworth, Olson, Griffith, Laurie Buntain, Hurd, Gately, Stevenson, J. Johnson. Second: Dugan, Heald, Gressens, Balderston, Bendix, At- kinson, Stiffler, Cajet, Madeline Kane, Clapp. Third: Crown, E. Johnson, Ahlem, Hill, O'Boyle, Little, Graham, Fawcett, Buck, Pasek, Herlocker, Slattery, Alex- ander. Fourth: James, Gallanis, Hines, DiCesare, Dickson, Nad- herny, Howell, Dunn, Berman, Tatooles, Rutherford, Zeddies, Mary Kane. Fifth: Crandell, Thomas, Wengler, Mabie, Freyer, Straub, Cecilia Mueller, Osment, Geldersted, Cathy Mueller, McIn- nis, Leekley, Gould, Ehmann, Les- lie Buntain. qqgf, 0 GYMKANA-Bottom Row: Stearns, Rubens, Trotter. Second: Talbot, Socket, Turbin, Kindig, Flanagin, Ball, Lin, Crown, Jiganti, Hurd. Third: Fox, Bischoff, Whit- man, Maine, Whitehand, Lipson, Haydon, Cajet, Takahashi, Atten. Fourth: Etheridge, Watkins, Fisch, Mitchell, Sollitt, Royal Schroeder, Worthington, Chaloner, McDonough, Blodgett. SPORTS SERVICESXIOQ CARLA ASKONAS LESLIE JOHNSON President President A Bottom Row: Gluckman Garrison, Smith, Jones. Second Fitz-Hugh, Bennett, Spiegler, Bloomfield, Ellis. Absent Askonas, Johnson. STUDENT CABINET 104fAFS BOARDXSTUDENT CABINET Bottom Row: Witt, Schrage, J Johnson, Pasek, Berkman, Hardee Skaja. Second: Paul, Hamilton Heiss, Cole, Askonas, McEachron Nadherny, Mrs. Lenard, Mr Weingartner. Absent: Boaz Carey, Hindsley, Hirsh, L. John son, Neuhaus, Rogers, Weiss. V WWWWHWJ. , 1 'X W .1 1 , W ZR - W W Q ' W ' L 1 x -1 1 1,11 1 11.7 -1171 1 1 "ig+1z 11 rW2Jw'Z5,111!1 WWm11i'fffez iEfc2111:W .,.' ff X 7 179 - " 1 7 , ' K' - f ' 1.1 , ' - 1 ., 4--f' " " '- 1 I 1 f '-1 . N- ' - "rg 5 4 1 .1 X' 4 1 xg L gy! ?L, L . 11.21 , N 1 1 X X XX X X X X X 1177XX51.X XM 5,,X7,XXXf'iX QifXXXXXX7XX XXXXXX: WX X X5 XX 7 1 X .1 11 . 1 1 11, H F 1 W1 1.1 1, 1. . -1 1, 1 1 11 1 M- 1- W h 11 1' 1 11 11 11.19, 1177111 A411 1 Q - . 1 . 1 ' 11- " W 7 ' 1 , 7 1 7 J I 1 , V, 1-1 7 -. , 1 M. XX X ,W . 1 . " " - A 1 1 1 11+ L L 777 77777 . 1 Q. cw , by 1 1 1.1 1-1 1 111 11 '1 11fWK 11 WW19M'w ,lm , .mil f- 11111 - Y ' ' ' W' " " ' ' Y" - - 17 Q fag" V, ' - 11 " 'f' 1 1 A Graff- , 1111 'J 11 15:7 .13 3517 17777, '- ' . , 1 1 W' W' if F 'W J, Z' 'f i QX W1 1 llrmgfsi W' fff'g1f',1 ' ,pg 7 in ,V 7 ,, , W if Wi W, ,H Wi 7 7 7 7 , if 7 Y 777 7 7 7 777 X . XF1 fy 1- F3- W 1 1 1 1111 7 1 +1 7 , ' 1 E1 7 7777 7 777 7 77 X K W X Y 77 X , fx , 1 X7 11. 1 Y' 1 HLEITIC 'F 1WYI ff ,K V' 'Q f W 5 1:-JW Wi-3? 1 1 fi I AJ EYSZXX , W gf 141 ...7i , FN T' Xi, 1 N " 1 ff. f 3 W .196-1 E W1 V11 Qu. 119 F' FW1-C 75 .F "Ff- ,if if J,.-f "fv- f""s. fx .9 Q., 1 1-K Kg J77...--F-Q-ff 'Q .V """'-EP' .gu- Sgiwffihg bi! 15? -ai' Lia- Q!-! Q. 14 WT: X? 1 W wi, iw 2-Q, ,rf- yi ,gf-P ,'5' ,, 'Qu' .5 5 vga aff 1, :pf al .EL 4 F' 8,4 ,QS ,F 1 ,f 2 ' W 1 ,IX ,M I 1 ,f W 1 1 ,AX f A g 1 W 1 W -11 1M7Q4 1 W , Q 5 5 Tia 1 W 1 Cf 1 X R ff' ' 2 if -, PWM: W 1 1 ' X 7 X X 1 J ,S X I 1 1 Hg if 71771 ' 1 V5 Jykgfs 1,75 . + 'iffy 1, X 17X f -WW 1 , 'Kia " 1 I Q-1 1 1 1 fl? .s 1 16' sk X 1 "1 1 X 14 C ' W 1 Lyfi , ,ir ,21XXEX XX X7 XIQ f4J-fffff 1 1i7i25 .X,fi,X,j 1 I C7 is X if X 1 W ' W, aj . 1 X X, L1 1 W 1171 J 1 1 gg 7, 1 X QQ E 'WWW 1 j W Ff 1 W 1 fl fl if W W 1 Q-J., , . 1 W W 7 f 1 WSW 1 1 W W 1 Wfn 7 f x 1 1 :. 1 1 111 W' 1 W 1 WJ' if 111 1 1 1 1 Pii TW , Q ffzgggg f, 7 W W W W W WLC' NW " 7 , ' ' 'i Y, " ' i " " i' " , 5 117 fi- ' X 1 , 175 ' fa U ,, ' ' ,Q"9 7,771+ YV 'il'- ifX 3 Qt W W 1 'W W YW f - 1 f 1 1 CQ 7 +I 77 77 7 77 7 '-'W' .ff 7 1 N5 ,- , ,,,,,, W , 7 1 -- - Wm- W, 11 7 , 7 77 7 7 7 X H W 1 4 7 "Qi W W X 3 5' ' - f: - 7-21" , Y f ,, ?lVj Y L 2 77347 6 777 - 1- H74 W vi X X' X WWW 7 Y - j W X 1 W 2 11 ff" 1 N3 ' V W ff n- - WWWWW1111 . 1 1 1 W if TWQ R V X iQ, 1" X X' W4 ' V 1 W 1 W, eg 1 1 1 1 ggrgiTii1 f 1 1 f 1 1 W 111' RJ 1 3 Y ' X ,Xj W 1 1 1 X W 1 X f . , 2- 5 117 'xii' -7 " X ,, Y W W X X71 ' W- 1 1 ' W1 1 X W 1 1 X W 1 W N LW F A 1 2, 'jj Vi -A,' ' - 5 'L 7 'X 1 W JG 1 W 106fFOOTBALL BLOOD, SWEAT, and tears best describes the Varsity football team's sea- son. Coach Chic Cichowski stressed practice and disci- pline as essential to the team's performance. The arduous hours of the sum- mer's double sessions paid off, as the squad captured the Central suburban league title with a record of 8-1. Injuries plagued the team throughout the sea- son, but the players kept their poise and steamrolled into the State 5-A playoffs. Far left: His face caged with intensity, Varsity quarterback Rich Weiss sends off the sweep. Left: Varsity stalwart Rick Houpt finds a moment of solitude before taking the defense. fPhotos by Wippmanj FOOTBALL! 107 Central y ,re.r . Above right: Freshman "B" back Steve Haworth gives his Waukegan East opponent the cold shoulder. Above far right: In the waning minutes against Deerfield, Sophomore quarterback Don Morley takes a final fling at success. Below far right: Following the blocking wedge of his teammates, Junior halfback Peter DiClementi picks out his opening. f0StB1'g8H1'd, McNally, Jaffe, Ostergaardj NEW TRIER opened the playoffs by convincingly trouncing St. Viator 35-8. The Quarterfinals pitted a tough Hersey squad against the Indians. The Hersey defense held strong, but the New Trier offense finally broke through. The 18-7 Win set up a semi-final game against St. Laurence in Gately stadium. But the Indians exited off the synthetic turf with tears of disappointment accompany- ing the 21-0 loss. The fans knew, though, that there was no reason for disap- pointment, for their team played up to its potential every minute of play, never willing to relinquish their goals. For the Indian fans, the Varsity showed allthe traits of a State champion- ship team. THE OFFENSE WAS LED by all-State quarter- back Rich Weiss, whose passing and running were the keys to its success. The backfield, consisting of tail- back Dale Estabrook, and fullbacks Steve Sullivan and Steve B i a n u c c i, caused many worries for opposing foes. The crisp blocking of the offensive line was the main factor of the explosive attack. The gang-tackling de- fense, always hungry for the turnover, complemented the offense with its ferocity. Led by all-Area linebacker Mark Bowen, middle guard Kevin Tyrrell, and end Tony Federico, this contingent constantly held opponents under 10 points. Corner- backs Peter DiClementi and Mike Clark made countless game saving tackles. 108fFOOTBALL THE SOPHOMORES played seven close games in tying for the CSL crown. The defense forced their opponents into many key mistakes, while the offense converted the turnovers into touchdowns. Peter Higgins played both ways, and should be a valuable addition to the Varsity. The Freshman A's dominated their opponents, while completing the season with an unblemished 8-0 record. Quarterback J.B. Rees led the ground control offense, while the defense held strong. Coach Morris Bar- efield's Freshman B squad played impressively in com- piling a 5-2-2 record. The team displayed a potent offense, which should prove promising for the future. Sticking around B L A Z I N G THE TRAILS of female compe- tition, the New Trier field hockey team set high stan- dards for future players. Beginning the season with an astonishing tryout of 55 girls, the team came out of a starting slump to end with a record of seven wins to four losses in Varsity competition. Captains .Becky Held and Katy Drohan steered their Varsity comrades on to this startling recovery. Towards the first of the season, they faced problems of team cooperation, but under the expert guidance of Coach Bonnie Beach, the team unified to upset state power Highland Park in mid-October with a 4-0 win. The Junior varsity, captained by Patricia Baxter and Jane Waitley, finished in second place in the Central suburban league, after losing the championship game at New Trier West. The B-team ended with a fine seasonal showing, providirrg a firm foundation for next year. 110fFIELD HOCKEY A in Above: With an ironclad grip on the ball, goalie Becky Held prevents a near devastating score. Right: Absorbed in concentration, Laura Held positions herself for a swinging strike. Below: Whirling around the ball, forwards Molly Maloney and Katy Drohan skirt towards the goal. Left: After scoring a goal, Junior varsity captain Patricia Baxter gets a well deserved hand from her teammates. fTatosian, Wippman, Ostergaard, Wippmanj W' B ' H N30-3 ' ' ln , , ,,,..l.,, L 1:14 sh flijji . HAM!" ,Q gy. 'MAH 'ina 4- . if W I y , ,W iz, I ,H ft, 1 'Uma . f V ,, 'if -E A X M kv , 543' V B 5 Luger Q M , ,, V V., nu' . Y s ,, ,, , , ,Q 'ww , ' ef- " , V. ' fn?,IWf'f:-1,:r""we :,f,f-,ggufggw . 'gg:,.1 wp- -- -, K 555765 f' ei. 'ani arf' HQ '- ,-twill fri, xwggp nggfaif Qs'-1."i'ftaf afilfrrffiia'.'s'Wfs4g,,f'JY U: an-an X n g 4 :easel-, 5351. viaagfwq 1 at Q ' 'L f v fm '- ,?"51, 21- . it -4 f A . 1 ' 3 f:s::f1q.g , " ' ea, ':.fZfie,f.1-.,,aM,, , . .Q I is, ff?-' 5-gmt A 1 W? i ,, N: n,,.'.i, f. -,X ' g:3,f,g,,p -f f 1381 ,Spy . 'rem , ,fb,G:,fp A n:1':fgfi'?!rcf?ife-,yff..XV 5 1 ' 1' rv t,,,A,hb? W gy., , ,. ,X .J ii ,, , i EvY1t?'3f:J H49 sf? f.. Muxff' xx ,, , M, .,,, :..m,, N, ,p9,,., W s+.iiK:'A:1:f , ..,iigfp'-?v32e'?,-.'.s,3.fw-f iwsazf ww- ,vekufi-1iS1ii'i3 ic2i:E5ti:'."-if:ini-.Wit -112 ""' 1 L 3' asm, ,.. Q. ,.,:ff-ffm.Eljslfwfgaqa ',X-45fSjf1g'.p5fg,3,A ESQVQXQE hm?-11, avg, 'ffefw'2'f1.,i:i1f-a1egiz.1f2ff" :.514j3g:u ,g.f,gQgq2':,f 2f..,?fw:-" -aaqxvggi. 1: -- 13.312 -'-E122 ' , 1':i,bflif-W V wi Hi' ,'ff2'1v- gm:3sZft-gk"11r4:g:szg,-MWQAYT. F 1 . gg-1 1.3 Q-parm. 75f.M,3f Maw -'g3.':e5gLj'kgvqg3 szgggfgfie ffnzinw. ui ' XY1'E.xQ -i!1ir'Y:.5.i 4:s3,y:Qf' :-12f.+'gaLf4W32r'- :Szgtgw If-gygilrrg, 6:5545 gg 4, , '4 wtf" .- .xFla'a5EMil':':I."-'-25353-.ilisifi35-.f2lia'.'5v f21"'1P55iiVil-'f'? wwf- "N 'QF avi' Y:-:Allah i -:um-wif-.1'.fwa:4,ff-Lf1f:.- srfqreix zQ'fsg35z1?1v,Mzszlfi,-if-55Ebf1,a vfffigsmfsem.-f, M,- -i'5?Qs5b5, 'f1,i,,,q1 fp aaa , Air? liQlf?i"H, ,2 11 -i k 'W' -1 ,, A mf 5,5 L. -M -asv f, 14 - Qt iggtfxwe-W 4. sv, . 1 ,vf.:1sa.-L gina. ' ir a. me? -1'-szfrrxffy .- :L : W aava,lL,qL,g . amd, ,.ffm..m.if My J -3 if ', - v 2-:fp i s-get ' a far , kwa vas. Q is gt 5 1 '32 ,Gtr Tix? +G W1 E1 "i,4,,+H, if J wk 422 J 2 H s ,jr in Lf, jf, ,Lani , , J 3 4 5 .za ff, '-o..-114, a fi U- fe - Sf- " iilfswif 513114 , ,,, :gig L 3 225541 Ein' 2.-3 Above: With an open field ahead, Varsity forward Bert Sullivan contemplates his next maneuver. Right: With the look of a general scanning the battleground, Coach Tony Schinto surveys his troops. Far right: Rick McNerney's great agility and aggressiveness enable him to guard the Indian goal with flying colors. IWippman, Wipp- man, Dearborn, Dearborn 2 Goal fever Q fr' I fi Staff 5 if I ,IM f any ,1 if f ng? ny ng Q, any 45, I atliffigzpfl '17 'flair 4 Q7g4ail4!g1ae'2 pfjliaffal "'I"lZ fflft? Il f ,l , gf 2 at , ' '.r, Y, ,ig1,,iEf 4' ,nf 1 .nffwair fa ' f ' ' ' ' ' C 1 zz?-' ff' f gc' 6,4 1 V ,.,, X, ,V :Fl I, gy, ?49',1,,' 'ff I' .Z ,, .wh-Q :Jah 4' 4 r' U, f H1 fg,.,f,, ,QQ ,fyjyllf 5' ' ' , ,,., ,..'.: .au ,.M2ifQJ,,A. , , ff V - 'f'-w-- -1-L DESCRIBED BY COACH Tony Schinto as his "best squad ever," New Trier's Varsity soccer team, composed of 13 returning lettermen, experienced a highly triumphant season. New Trier earned its Central suburban league title by rebutting major challenges from State powers New Trier West and long time antagonist Evanston. Despite superior mid-field performances by halfbacks Dan Butler, Gary Hynes, and all-Leaguer Eric Sommers, the hooters were unable to live up to Coach Schinto's pre-season predictio of a state title. Il J 1931 I I M ,.: :fbasically conservative style of offense, New Trier's top ,Zscorers Bert Sullivan, Shaun Chapman, and Pat Williams Q Qof 14-1. ' f ' A' ' f ,111 , ,. -. x ', - -2 . ' N' 1 rf "wmv , J -+ .mr ' Www' 5 . . . + 31, 1 v .- , f .4 WM i, Q , ,r , ,, H. , ,G ' fl - Y X ' X -'S-'P ' rf K f 5' , if -Q, ,Vg --gf. Q lfllwu- I V g. : - VX i 'M ,QQ 1,45 N 4 my I "icq, 'ZIy6'4:2'AiY'AwfW'ddszrv..f4,A, pyro, J N' S " P1114 . 'Ar -I 5 zs. ., K. I ragga, 9? Y ,ref 6. 1 ' 4' :Q x .Q- 1 , .fi Q ' -rf. L v 3, iw?-qv? Wy-fx ,Ci p.,-fy V kxhky F. Q,-, I, 3 X , ., X K v V I V I ' A V M . - ,.,. 'kvx as lug? X r' L J ' , gm -QQQCM ,V -. h , Y . . -. '-' M5 3 .V V , V: ' A,-into if Lv,-ig if-hw Q wr , -' is .,f ego ,Mfr ,v,14N, .,l ,, . .f W ,J Nh 5, , A , we sLl'iN"5.,..,. -J , r x. , .ll l i A W 1 , , A Wfflfi a S -'f"x',ff'.ii' 4 ,.-,, 4 ' P 'f rfb,-Sf'-'ref 4 ff :ff N all-if its-i VIII!! fllivl Kiwi? 'WA' Q- 'M .vea --waffle, Ar.v:'.egfQ""'f"""',f "Jr'a"f3V,f4?'wfmf' ' , ". 'away Ag an f'f'V4 III , n, dy,fA'.3V4p MN 'waxy W' Ni' ,gf 4' .JF 3154 AN UNYIELDING DEFENSE led by all-League goalie Rick McNerney and all-State defensemen Dave Dickey and John Welch compiled a phenomenal total of 12 shutouts setting a new school record. Maintaining a were an inherent factor in the Ind1an's regular season record 9' 5 SOCCERH13 114!SOCCER Above: With a fistful of determination, Varsity fullback Dan Copp goes on the offensive against Hinsdale Central. Below: Reaching back for an extra boost, JV star John Henderson succeeds in controlling a pass. fPhotos by Ostergaardj Y -f,- , ,' . , X - Vg 3 M Rs Q we Prima ,Nigga fi: 'WTI . , K 1' 1 ---was to 'r INN s". ' if frzijtgt-' '- ..-, X , . .,N,.s R. -. , 1 1 .1 ri' s 1 A ' 'KXVQSJ' .. f , ,iiggsxxqgws is xv i..,f-12. -',s-,ws ,ge-5. , t L , V- . f1---f.:,- .- ., -1-,SSW .q1kxs,-'- -T73 'K - ,fir flgffw rigs: 8,35-5 yr . - N . it maxi, , 4 1 p -1 " - .- f 'H' it A '... N , 5 ,- s afvvi-1, il 'ji' +2 .ff was :7'iiS'ff"i' R .. f5,g5k,- Q re .ix h lx t . is ' - " av., ,gn - 1 O r if tr , 'f 1 L .-. 0 -0 SF ' !.5- 1 1- xf 1' 'C nj I P :Q f Q my . - If - , as A , , . -1 ,. J ,- x :Wd 9-,-.Vg-i. ,nl arg, tt., 1 ,Q .f,,,,,, 1- , 1 -M wi tw -. ., , za-1, qs . .-.C . ..M,,, ,, AFTER THE CAP- TURING of the CSL title, Junior varsity coach Earl Schabel had nothing but praise for the JV team. Schabel felt that the squad's outstanding record of 9-1 helped distinguish this team as one of his finest. The sophomores' sea- sonal performance must also be termed quite suc- cessful. A balanced offen- sive attack and stubborn defensive play permitted the team to hold their ground against most opponents. Steady improvement throughout the year and extreme determination helped the Freshman A and B squads to impressive records of 7-1-1 and 4-4-1, respectively. With the talent that exists in the underclass ranks, the future of the NTE soccer program is promising. ,f ' 'YE 411,144 . ' 1 . ,,f.7g,-?a5fY?f5i 5-gi g 1 199,11 I v . ,f - v ' if ,Q I t - A , g ,I M- ry r M. ,.n f 4 , . .- '1"."5'4', "W" " 2 'J' ' ' ' "' 'VW' rl . - . rn w,"4 .N 1-ur ',' ' "' Y r, ,Ji ,,' '11 'A8.,,n, lx. Q fr lv ,., I., N., .i . , ,V , ,. 1, Am.,r,k',,! Ll,:f.f,'..? ,.5,t,-.4.i.:,, ,, j H -'f ', . . M..f.f.:-fb..-f-..' . ' wk' Y ' are -' K - ,, Y' . - it tg: ga or ""s.f 1 gps ' 3 , tiff' : fi, -- ,avr ,fax 3 gpg , ,gp ' EEN? gist -it 5sivNi.i ESM , .. A -Jtgw? toni" I .i ., -N - f- . inf-, f ' or ,-, L wx- I I ei' A f ' " 3. 1 P, K 4 I! . A, , .,, X . lll' lot- V ' , K T ' 'fag' I I . g R, we-. X if ' Q, I ' - I . 1 Siiilfiliji 1 ' ' 44-. Je. r H " -' V V ,, . ig 1? A Vzigiw, f1j:'f1:-gf,-,-.Q ' ,Pat Q --fx-2+ 1 , f 1 I 5-wa. wa - , ' I f, 5 A I V , ' I- :I if --.Ej:E 55i?-.,. ..., ,X . l. f' " -in 5 K- K' - I L 5 -ff. if 'Hai-Iif N' 4.11 F ,wifi wg ' 1. ,- -NifL:I'3I-Zfiilliliig A A ff . g1',,,if"f,9' ' I I 'fin 1 ,LQ. nfl' fr, v,,. ."'u1s,a,f.,., if-12115: 1 ',., 'iff ff: -'-' ,:af',,-'i',i 4,., . .,-4q.,, . X 9 -.-es .... , wx, , .,, L..f -vi ,,k. , M .,.L , ,V 4., Q ., , . S I f Zf . -k.L 3- 1,1 f. iv rf -14113 4-Q ' " 3 V , hesl 'LL 'LL' A 1- A -' . I L, f , f, V, aint' we . , ,.,, .. ,., ,I , 1 ,V L., .+,...,, .sz ff, -. , ,. ,. , . fbi., .. ., -sa .-sm.. .. 2' ,Q . 4 I 1 f. ' ' .. 1 fr '-'. ' gil VA A . - is 'fi Above: Searching through his bag of tricks, sophomore Peter Sullivan juggles downfield. Above left: Ability and acceleration become key factors as junior Dan Butler prepares to elude his Waukegan West opponents. Left: Freshman A booter Cal Steinhoff resorts to the martial arts while battling his Waukegan East foes. fOstergaanL Wippman, Dearbornj SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. GLENBROOK SOUTH ....... . ..... 3 0 WILLOWBROOK .............. ...,. 2 0 SCHURZ .................................. ..... 1 0 HINSDALE CENTRAL ....... ..... 2 0 LOYOLA .............................. ..... 8 0 GLENBROOK NORTH ....... ..... 1 O WHEATON CENTRAL ....... ..... 4 1 DEERFIELD ....................... ..... 5 0 EVANSTON .... I ............... ..... 1 0 HIGHLAND PARK ....... ..... 0 1 WAUKEGAN EAST .......... ..... 4 0 WAUKEGAN WEST ......... ..... 4 O NEW TRIER WEST ......... ..... 4 0 CHICAGO LATIN ........, 0 .......11 NILES WEST ............................................................................... 1 0 New Trier tied for first place in the Central suburban league. EVANSTON .......,............ 2 SOCCER! 115 f,5l43WQ?f ' 1,4fZ17f 4915 ' api, , ,V V V V 'iff vw ,. ,f , 41 ,V ff, , V V , V V. V Wxw, Mm-I 'ff ' f 'f ' can TW? ' ' f " ',' 1.4 ffm, J ,- ' ,,,' , Heading into the final lap, these Varsity swimmers give a final kick towards victory. fPBt61'S0lll Pool of success ENTERING THE PRELIMINARY COMPETI- TION of the State meet, the Girls' swimming team had high hopes of a State title. Despite the disqualification of the 400-freestyle relay team, the squad kept its composure and captured a sixth place finish in the State meet. Led by Tri-captains Mary Alexander, Hilary Davis, and Joyce Johnson, the squad showed great depth during the course of the season by establishing an undefeated record in dual meets, and by dealing Maine South its first loss in five years. Junior Laurie Guthrie dove her way to an undefeated record in regular meets, and displayed exceptional poise by capturing second place in the State finals. The Junior varsity had a very satisfying season, and should provide the groundwork for success in upcoming years. Above: With future prospects waiting in her wings, Junior sensation Laurie Guthrie attempts a difficult back dive. Below: Showing signs of brilliance, this Varsity free-styler strokes her way to victory. fLasky, Petetsonl 4' f , fit :rf My V . ,ip Vw 'gy ,' ' ff-V , hw' I mg ' 5 A ' Q 0 ' :Q :V , . V V t ,, , ',," N. My W V A 1 2 Q I 'i Q ' A if I My , if 'f 4 V 1' f- WWW? 'ml .QQ M. K 1 V ' ' -.R V I 1. .' ' 4 ' ' V ,,, A V, , W' Wlng ' ,,, ,,,f,aVf' f,p,3ga,f'5y.,, I WMVQL ' " V ' I ' ., , Yi. V .- V V 5 , . V 4 A, ' V ,, ,I f' if , if wp VSV W .. y . V1 , ,V,' ,WM I fy' r fun fr ' V- . V 1. 5 ., . . f , r r A f' . it as , X, .,V.. VV I. n as A V , V . , .iw , p if ,V VV V wg Z , Arg, . V may , Q .,,VV ,IVV .,,1V:VP'V5imA Vw , ,phd I . . if 'N ' 'Wg ' f 'fs . r ' fff 'Vf ze.. ' , , if H 'V 'l"f:L'W' " ' ffl " if ' ' ' . ' . A W 'V it wwf 2 . V 1' 'f , . 'fmt - ff WW ' 41 , 4 . 5 v Q. , - x , .. Q, , :A ,N , My .-4 . -- , VV - V V. ' 6 .., ,,,,,fa V. 514434 ,, ' - V - V ' r 4 V V f + -V 'K -- " " -f g,c eV , , V V,e..., 'V' 4 rw" ..', V.. 'Ms 1 f' Vx- 'Hs Z, .w9,f,gV,-. ,Q ,4V az-aff. vr' Q- fl ga' Q . 'ri , 44 f ' "i ka ' 1 ' H lf' J' ' V I" . ' ' Vw' ,- ' ,2""Vf'-ef-11410 " ' "" ffV7fW'734f .MV rg, V a . V 3. ,g V.: V V .V V, V p f V ,. K , V V as fs: ,,m,,,,r.5V M . - 4 , . , s, A, . VJWM , livin . , V ,fn 4. , .Qin .Va , ff .:f,,,,., ,744 if, Net gain ENTHUSIASM, dil- igence, poise, and con- fidence are indicators of a winning team. The Girls' Varsity tennis squad pos- sessed all of these char- acteristics in compiling a 7-1 record and a second place finish in the Central suburban league. The second place state finish was the highlight of the season. Number one seeded singles player Stephanie Frei showed flexibility by placing second for the State's doubles title with partner Betsy Stogin. The Junior varsity sat alone at the top of the Central suburban league. The potential of the Junior varsity squad, mixing with the experienced play of the underclass Varsity mem- bers, should blend to com- pose many promising sea- sons in the future. Above right: Senior Stephanie Frei's forehand proves to be a smashing success. Above left: Doubles stair Betsy Stogin consis- tently serves the needs of the team. Right: Using the net to the best of her ability, Varsity player Jami Harris follows through with a slice of victory. fLaSk55 Wipp- man, Laskyj 5 . W i I,V,'-'f wam ai T SFS? Eifiii .val gl ,., ' r' ,, . , - -P ,. 'lf it 'i sa Eijgju- . 41 -, ,,, ,zgjk " , 2 V K ., . , , V, . ff., ' I ' QQ" -I IW 1 ',-::'Q"wA : . "" ' M L -if-f':,,' nf ' :..!4'4'Jj , gt: .f. f,j'tg1,'- '-,,,,,f f 1- ' 1 ,,,f .i,,y we .1 fifty fffffg 4' A V , 4 , 7 Q 71 1' n . vff, 1 115, 1 ,!f.,,,4 , ' N , . , , !VvT? L 1.42 I f V T 1 '-fit, , , 1 ,, I "'i s T' M !,,,, , 3 ' fr M, If V ,f-V 4, fx , 'Y 2, f My , f' 1 4 v f ,, O .---gf-mf x ,y fs f Qfi' , f f U ,V7 -W .'7,'C:4f" " wwf mp- 'ft , y., nj' ' - it W' . ' i - 6 I I1 ' my 4 swwf ff If , jf , 5, -.. , -, 'Y ,vrv V, 1 rf- if fav," 0" 6534 A - .-if. A, . 3iL"'f': . 'fi zflfff 117, i '. 1 ,. '5 ff7?ff?5t'3 f -. ,4 1 , I ,I , ff., ziggy, Eg, 3,5 ,Kaffe :se r V , , ?4'v,'5'i' ,' Q ,UW ,fi 5, 'Q f., , W' ' 'rf are gf "9,"' 'ew an" W mga 44, !ffag'f?'..', Mtjfffxf 1 i 1 1' 1 g J 4.-t'.1f4 54':::j'.af1,vfq?'g. n..-g1'yfp,1,z 4 4 nf him, sag,-:t'437515,3f4,4W5,-,.,ztg-,fi-3. 4, I y? r 6 I P f '51-5-if-'---f:-L-4,-is--zz-3.51hiv-.f.f -1 ,,,,,t"ff1 fi. .1 .f, ,, ' 2 ff if f , 4 Mm: 3 V b ' ,. L,,, 5 , , f-Ds l: 'N' 1 K.. A . ' .. was-Q 'fi- ' F157 f i K 4 it"M Wi' Above: Golfing giant Peter Lawler bends to strike the deciding blow. Below: Blasting his way out of a difficult trap, junior John Donahoe looks towards greener pastures ahead. fPl1otos by Jaffej The ironmen UNPARALLELED in recent memory, the New Trier Varsity golf teamis individual and group achievements scaled new heights of golfing skill. Sizzling performances by juniors Pete Lawler, Jim Kaplan, and Greg Spray, along with seniors Paul Hindsley and Mike Salvano, included a 143 against Highland Park, which shattered the previous record of 148 for low score. In the Champaign invitational, the squad bested 30 of the state's finest teams to win this meet for the first time. A single stroke kept New Trier from reaching the state finals, however, this performance was not indicative of their tremendous play during the season. The F reshman-sophomore linksmen, led by Rich Synek, Hank Zanarini, and Jim Malles maintained their traditionally high standards of play and went undefeated, finishing first in the conference. Topflite's approach gives rise to a dropping dilemma. fMcNaIIy2 SEASONS RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. NILES EAST ....... ............... ......... 1 5 3 169 GLENBROOK SOUTH ...... ......... 1 56 151 DEERFIELD ..,................ ......... 1 57 154 PROSPECT ........,. ......... 1 45 147 LOYOLA ....................... ....... 1 45 152 EVANSTON .................... ......... 1 26 134 NEW TRIER WEST ......... ......... 1 49 152 HIGHLAND PARK ....... ......... 1 41 150 WAUKEGAN EAST .................................................................... 143 165 WAUKEGAN WEST .....,.................,........................................... 164 181 New Trier tied for second in the Central suburban league, and won the Champaign invitational. il Fair wa y incentive of autumnis offerings, Varsity golfer Lisa Howard prepares to set the ball in motion. f Weston, Tatosian, Westonl Above right: Encouraging the girls to come out swinging, Coach Gerry Ryberg clarifies rules and regulations for the day's round. Above: A determined Linda Emery gets her thoughts in line. Below: Spurred on by the 1755111 F, IN THE FEW, CRISP fall weeks beginning the school year, the Girls' golf team was busy breaking out their clubs for the new season. Diligently practicing in preparation for the upcoming meets, the team traveled all the way to Glencoe's public golf course for their daily workout. The conditioning was put to good use as the team encountered some especially tough competition at Waukegan East and Glen- brook South. Seniors Mary Powell and Linda Emery set the pace of play and led the team down- state. District action was sparked by the fine perfor- mance of junior Lisa Howard, as the team finished a com- mendable second. Lisa's excellent scores throughout the season were encouraging not only to In- dian fans, but also to Coach Gerry Rybers as she attempts to build a powerful Varsity squad for next fall. GIRLS' GOLFXI 19 Mind 0 ver meter "HOW'S MY DISTANCE? . . . Where is the next mark? . . . I'm not that tired!" Perhaps the two biggest fears of a cross country runner are the loss of awareness and the onset of doubt. When a meet becomes a matter of the runner's mind convincing his body that it can continue, a positive attitude becomes crucial. The cross country team, coached by Mr. Ben Almaguer, succeeded in keeping track of their thoughts. The strong running of Shaun Trenholm, Bob Frederick, and Keith Bodner provided a nucleus to a powerful Indian team. The Indians' fine season proved that cross country is truly a team effort. The squad reached its peak by placing second in the Central suburban league. Entering the State meet, the Indians showed promise, but their finish was hampered by injury to Bob Frederick. Though most of the squad is graduating, the Freshman-sophomore team showed that its members are capable successors. Above: Warm-up is a soulful experience for the past. Right: Unaffected by the gloomy atmosphere, long distance runner Above right' In a rimeval Ann Maine and Katie Wri ht take the weather in stride. .- . . p g setting, cross country runners echo footsteps of the fwippman, Weston, Westonj IQOXCROSS COUNTRY ,mls 9 no , V 11- , f' 4 ..: 4 W W tl , , 'O 'ham W ' ki. ' -un f' 1 f Aire W.. N A " ':,g"3,, ,Qfgk A+ -l-W 4- f AH swf.. A 7 . 'Il V-1-W W' 'L it 4 ' f"""' ' .7 -.-...f A , -- ' '..:g, . , V '-1: fur' ' fcf-iff--'JH ' ' -:sg . ' 1,--62. 'Z'-..iiZ: -if SEASON RESULTS NEW TRIER WEST ............ .......... GLENBROOK SOUTH ........ ....... NILES EAST ....,................. ....... WAUKEGAN WEST ............. ....... GLENBROOK NORTH, ....... ...... . WAUKEGAN EAST ......,... ....... EVANSTON ..................... ....... HIGHLAND PARK ...... DEERFIELD ................... NTE OPP. 36 22 36 71 17 44 15 50 23 37 16 47 23 33 30 26 49 15 NEW TRIER WEST ................. ......................... .................... 3 1 24 WAUKEGAN WEST ........,.................................................,... 15 49 thin the Main W t' 't t' lf' tin New Trier finished eigh e es invi a Iona, irs the Zion-Benton invitational, seventh at Mattoon, second in the Central suburban league, and seventh in the District meet. SOPHOMORE ....... FRESHMAN .......... W L CROSS COUNTRYH21 J, JC if , Q,-g:L.'gm.:.'S: Q.v.'-I:-s..s.. I -.... -CZCCT-C"QJ-5-'qJ5',: ..T.:'-'C':-2:+PgJ:m "'19LEC5Z"'.C:o ":'Jg:c'c-5-ERI grzzceris 1'Ef5q,3qQ,w1 F1 -4:-3-::.m,1Lm... Cb--uc1a.:nb?g ,m-,- 'cc-'rm - v1.1-:-cu,... .... ..-4 .L r" r- A , mqgws-s',1"fEr-': '5"L""5"-C'-'QJT:".?EC -5- 1 H Z, : .,.. v F- - L.. L- .-. ,- fjihgificg LT-fc',QEC'J-,:2C2. f-"',LS-Q'-7-u,..'U .cms CD'-5",:"'C...' --Lingus-N.,:...C 51344,-Q V-Q' Q, ir:-C?U':JL5"QJ:'-CC ---m'3wE,fUf L, 5,-sfwfxbf L12wgE-w:?, Q9 .1 ... -f -C 1 - -2 I -Gen-,:::EOmb g5EcugEa:3o2p:s. f- Z 11' : 5 '-' 'l 59 f- 'J ,.a sl V 'H fx .. GJ fu .., -- C5 L-, ,, rg rg Q, J Q. GJ .- JJ on cu - cf: cu - - ', ..: V. 2. E cv 5. H C6 Pg i -5 E E 'S 'an s.. Pg r-' LL .-. S- Q- fl r- ""' A . '-' --Ef',:.'- -f- "-E ::.':lS,--C--1.'l..E.:"'v4 'Z -5 'E gf I '75 'G CD s.. 3 2' Q r L C x CD seg-w,:::: 5 fvxgf-1: : vt,-'53Z::fS" 53:24-GBE,-5,f:',"1',f2f. f-'.",f, r::-- " --,-: w:2552?fE 2pwgE2F,:mQ : ' -u I: 5, -- -C -1 v I ' ..--1 m-g:f'c7""s5'5'Ecus5E.4mRE': EE Q3 ,,CU'j-:'p:55255g'F'a:,E.-'U"5 Q g,4E'fZfi5?-: :SEE ,i:-E:- 519.52 3? Cm 'A"'x""'Z.II?QJ"""'v '93--K' Sggv--Us-5,-..Z'. "4-JfI5CQmCU'-Gaim "-q,'-Q,,.. ....:u,f-'::L"C 2.03,-I0-P,bL,-13, I-i9-Q.:E-g3gagC,E':x7-uma 'Ce u::,:-Stggfz-:gy 5,.:-155535-Q -cc-.- cu ,.. --tu: --:--Off -'um P':f'-CUf-'::-E.f:,-fv.:--LQCCRU Q..f3: fu.: au 5-f..w---w t,,f::-L '- wi 40 ug-'J:c1I:GFggf'-mVrb'aa':r' ,. -- .K .. ,K - 4"I:m'u'.f-cvxmannvwf I L .CI - C15 ,.. cu f- .J C .- Q. an GS,-L, Dtqgigg.-..-w:CgC5CE-JL:-wx,- 4E.::,gf-'Uss--Qbgvmr-Q, Q.-cm :-5 LCN--V wi' u".L .cm . ,.. . -- L ,, .. :Z szriafwf-his is E2 Uaia?ie5fLCEe5iE5QHig Q:cv.ccu""'::q,m.- :gg ECU-QEQQ6 5'Qf:,.:EC:-CE :J'G.7"'?:Q,.C'fCQJ u--Q-109'----..a 'IWW' :JL--4+-VCJUSCIJ , 47 !""' 455, .:, 4 4 ,' K X , -, bv-1" 11: A V ' . g ffvg---fx" ' Q, '- ff, , ' "' ' , " 0 Wi" uf' an ' 2" " L'6'Lifn73,1 uf ,.J.,g, : .. -A , ,V,' ,," .SM ,,.A+,,w,.4x,,. ,. ,I 5 .3 , bzgiggigkjy, -:!E.?? - P 5, , . wsu:-, ,, W a ,V . Hz 3 'ff ,f,,N. 1 Q . Wx ww"jM,., ,W Q 4. f 4? W I 1 wQ 7' 2 71 TK Q I :Q , uf.. , . 52' af pull l' 'Q ig gg X 1 Q nv P ,nj n , ,,.. J' 'S X 'X 2 il , ju 5 MWHWWWM -,E -, ,.q-'v.,.., 4 fi 41? ,.A,, Y D HARD WORK and persistent determination character- ized Coach Terry Barton's JV team. After a disappointing start, the squad regrouped and went on to win the last eight games of the 9-5 season. Hampered by the loss of Lehman and Pierce to Varsity, the Sophomore team finished with a record of 11-12. Coach William Fly felt the major success of the season was the Ponies' first place finish in the Notre Dame Christmas tournament. Freshman A coach Bob Leahy and Freshman B mentor Chip Carpenter provided the leadership necessary to acquaint the freshmen with high school basketball. The B-bombers had an exceptionally fine season finishing at the top of the Central suburban league. Excellent defense kept over half of their opponents from scoring more than 10 points a period. ,fi ,S-'E' 5.-:FC 124fBOYS BASKETBALL QMS. fzfwf tr?-gil As all action stops, opponents and officials alike focus in on Steve 'lohner's attempt to follow through for two. fwippmanl f 7' ' :gj . ,e.s.." sl., J I ' . -SFA 55321-ll if .. wa. I I L ' ., ..L- , ,., ,, - Above: Finding himself alone and free, JV sharpshooter Paul Hindsley lofts one from the twilight zone. Right: Staving off a Pirates' charge, sophomore Mark Adams takes a firm stand on the rebounding issue. Below: As freshman Dick Dvorak sets the free throw into orbit, teammates and opponents launch into play. fWippman, Wippman, Ostergaardj SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. PROSPECT ....,.......... ...................... .......... 6 5 59 MAINE SOUTH ....... .......... MAINE WEST .............. .......... PROVISO EAST .............. .......... WAUKEGAN EAST ......, .......... HERSEY ........................... .......... WAUKEGAN WEST .......... .......... HIGHLAND PARK ........ .......... PONTIAC ....................... .......... ROCK ISLAND ............ .......... PEORIA MANUAL ......... ......... DEERFIELD ................. .......... MAINE SOUTH ....... ......... DEERFIELD ................. ......... 69 63 60 58 41 85 65 46 58 54 71 35 53 54 50 52 55 47 55 49 54 60 62 57 71 73 EVANSTON ..................... ......... 4 2 43 NEW TRIER WEST ...... ......... 6 0 71 WAUKEGAN EAST ....... ......... 4 2 48 NILES WEST ...................... ,........ 5 9 42 WAUKEGAN WEST .......... ......... 7 4 53 HIGHLAND PARK ......... ......... 6 5 54 DEERFIELD ................,....... ......... 8 9 72 EVANSTON .....,....................... ......... 6 6 67 GLENBROOK NORTH ......... ......... 7 7 54 LAGRANGE ......................... ......... 5 4 71 NEW TRIER WEST ....... ......... 6 7 65 NILES NORTH ............ ......... 8 1 68 LOYOLA ............................................................................................ 64 55 58 71 NEW TRIER WEST ....................................................................... New Trier finished fourth in the Central suburban league Nortlavdivisiori JUNIOR VARSITY ................,............................................,.............. 9 5 SOPHOMORE ............... ......... 1 1 12 FRESHMAN A ........................ ............... ....................., 8 1 2 FRESHMAN B ..,........................ ...................... ...............,........ 1 5 2 if IRI T 4 T. g v p T SN' v 'fi I Q 5' Rs. A g A , Y.lV 5 Q it .,i,. I I ' 5 , BOYS' BASKETBALL! 125 THEY DID IT AGAIN! Completing their third straight championship season, the Varsity volleyball team captured the District title, this time after an impressive victory over Niles East. The team, consisting of all but two seniors, marked a victorious trail into the District finals, there they faced Niles East in a head-on battle for District dominance. Barely losing the first game of the two- out-of-three match, New Trier fought back to win the second, 20-13. The pressure was on, for this last game was crucial. Sparked by such stars as Carla Sorey, Katie Drohan, and Captain Becky Held, the girls seemed to come alive in the clutch playing better than ever. Like a finely tuned locomotive, with Held railroading precision spikes, New Trier whistled through Niles East for a smashing 20-6 victory. The title was theirs! IZGIVOLLEYBALL Above: A line of Varsity players displays excitement, apprehension, and enthusiasm while giving lateral support for their battling team. Left: As the ball is momentarily frozen in space, the Volleyball squad hurriedly prepares for its descent. Below: With the pressure of the Districts mounting, Senior star Katie Drohan looks to the sky to find her sphere of success. Right: Varsity captain Becky Held powers the ball over her capitulat- ing Niles East opponents. fPI1otos by Wippmanj ' .D ' THE ACHIEVEMENTS of the Varsity were equally impressive in their regular season, where they finished with 12 wins and five losses for a first place tie in the conference. The coaching of Bonnie Beach coupled with training at a summer volleyball camp produced a true CSL powerhouse. The outlook for future teams is optimistic, with excellent JV players advancing to the Varsity level. After a year of quality playing, the JV squad finished with a 5-4 record. The upcoming JV players and the returning Varsity members will no doubt continue the volleyball dynasty at New Trier. l W ' I MM',,ff V, ff vwm,.,,,,,,AW on ' 5'-FF 1" 'TAM' ' ,Q .HW V V f , I ,W fy ff I ff VOLLEYBALLXIZ7 128fBOYS SWIMMING Whetted for state THE PRESSURES confronting newly appointed Head coach Eric Matz and State champ Julian Mack at the beginning of the season seemed insurmountable. Matz had to produce a team capable of challenging Hinsdale Central, the perennial State championship team. Mack, on the other hand, needed to successfully defend his 100 yard freestyle title, along with leading his team to victory throughout the season. These two men were the main reasons for the success of the Green Wave. With confidence growing throughout the year, and after sweeping through the Evanston invitational and the Indian relays, the team was ready to challenge the State powers. A fervent group of seasoned swimmers complemented Mack on the team's drive toward a State title. Seniors Tom Schreiber, John Snyder, Todd Erickson, and Skip Ashmore joined Mack to form a solid core about which the team rallied time and again. Juniors Pat McDivitt, Tedd Erickson, and Jeff Porter, along with divers George Klauke and Joe Nash, were instrumental in capturing the Wave's eventual fourth place finish. With the return of these Varsity lettermen, along with the fine talent from the JV squad, the 1978 version of the Green Wave promises both excitement and stellar achievements. SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP MAINE EAST ........................................................................ 123 37 LYONS .............................. ....... 1 10 62 WAUKEGAN EAST ........... ......... 6 6 17 GLENBROOK NORTH ......... ....... 1 08 64 WAUKEGAN WEST .......... ....... 1 301f2 411f2 HIGHLAND PARK ........ ....... 1 06 60 DEERFIELD ........................................ ............................... 1 33 37 EVANSTON ...........................................,............................... 119 53 NEW TRIER WEST ...................................,........................ 132 35 New Trier placed first in the Central suburban league, first in the Districts, and fourth in the State. W L JUNIOR VARSITY ......... ........... 9 0 FRESHMAN .................................... ................ ...................... 9 1 Above right: With determination . glowing from his eyes, Julian Mack I: ' 'L anxiously awaits the final results of ' V, ,, V , 1.4 an exhausting 200 yard freestyle. Right: Awaiting the decisions from the scorer's table, Head coach Eric Matz ponders the fate of his swim- mers. IPhotos by Ostergaardl me 'K 2 - V t H f f" , ings T 1 4... pf- 4-vw" :E 'v"H'i zessfaevr " --,f!f2i'?'?' . ' 732 .Q , ' ' -vi --v uv' """.4-W 2 Above: Varsity diver George Klauke prepares to tuck another title under his belt. Below: With his wings spread, this Varsity swimmer butterflies to victory. fwippman, Peterson 2 I 9 I K. .3 fl .1 'L A - ,.,..,k , of H . ,. H 'sv 4 'M' S BOYS' SWlMMING!129 Order on the court .NT .., ' IN A SPORT previously dominated by tall members of the opposite sex, the Girls' basketball team attained a new summit of achievement through depth of experience. Returning juniors along with new squad members brought the average team height to an imposing five feet nine inches. Working extremely well together, the Varsity not only showed great enthusiasm, but combined their excitement for the game with group effort and improved skills to have asfine showing in the Central suburban league. Behind the sharp shooting of senior Becky Held and juniors Martha Hopkins and Mary Fasano, the team continued to finish with an overall second place in their conference as a preview of the first annual IHSA Girls' State basketball tournament. Observed Coach Gerry Ryberg, "The key to this year's team was their ability to play effectively at both ends of the court." Left: Junior Martha Hopkins keeps the ball and the successfully breeze past her beaten defender Below game out of reach of her Waukegan opponents. Above: Taking a break from court action Varsity coach Gerry Intense concentration and some well-polished skills Ryberg and senior star Becky Held prepare defensive provide Mary Fasano with the necessary ingredients to strategy. fPh0t0S by Wrppmanj A 4. A delicate balance 7 M N, M 2 A ,N W ,nc Ma- ,,fg5,z-,:-icg45gg4:3j,..,-is-V'-nf. Hg W V 'V " M , M S ' if 7 I 51 A ' .52 ' - . Q S H C 4' f-'f ' ' 5 Y ' K 32 ?Ef,:2:12f,2xiifsuft ff-Y ' i s Qf -5 4' ?g.fff'f:ffQr 'iswxrsi - . J gs k.., Al.,-.' J V . JL . iw E4-'N 'vr2f'1:",, '- as ' 'sg-f:,1,, 5 M X is FK, H1 A ' 1 21'- Ci A one scsi "fits is A ff ,,:1,N,gQ ' X XA V SY-219 rn X N , , X4 Eiifziff 5 ' J Hwea-:5f:e -2 xv g1gQS1.,..'g?4,.3fg Q f Y 1 A My E51-31,55 xi f u.s:s,.:l'f '-ww: N. f Quai -ifessralf 4:41 :sais 51? 1, V wif c ??l'f3,2T c 1153? fm3.vdk"-' V7 ill' A Q ,Q ,.,, ..... .,..,,.. , A ., . A. eq 1 f' .3 , i. Above left: Beaming with satisfac- tion, Nancy Kindig takes a toehold towards perfection. Left: While concentrating on her routine, Ann Thompson wraps herself up in gymnastics. ICa1-Ison, Tatosian2 '7 J c If '7' U if 1 W, , ,Qf .4 wwf. 1 If f Q 4,25 2 3,2 A-fly' ' . I' , ,,'-, . . . ?.4i,,,.VV V, , q , 4 X 1 I ",' 'H 132!BOYS' GYMNASTICS 'Qp' 3 1 i 5 v. z 2 2 2 SEASON RESULTS VARSITY GLENBROOK NORTH ............. ..................... MUNDELEIN ..............,...... WAUKEGAN EAST ..... NILES WEST ................ MAINE EAST ...........,.. LANE TECH ............,..... PROSPECT .................... NEW TRIER WEST .... GLENBROOK SOUTH DEERFIELD .................. EVANSTON ................. WHEELING ................... HIGHLAND PARK ...... WAUKEGAN WEST ......... SOPHOMORE ............. FRESHMAN ......... NTE OPP. 93.62 97.93 92.22 111.62 85.24 65.87 .........94.41 87.77 90.07 85.24 .. 90.07 48.08 115.67 120.85 102.20 76.32 110.25 125.08 101.73 83.12 104.84 117.66 108.78 125.67 106.64 37.95 Win by forfeit W L 6 6 11 1 I R M12-. .+A . if-. A S s 2 t, , , +. , .4 5 F K -ww-P!-A-'Q l H ra gullgigz ggi 1 I -1 il. 3 . it f ll l. . . .J Fla- QT Above far left: Swinging to an awesome level, Mike Stearns displays himself as a top high bar contender. Above left: Intense concentration combined with sheer strength brings Chris Erzinger's routine to graceful conclusion. Above: Unparalleled in his perfection, Perry Talbot begins to ascend to greater heights. Below: Eyeing a victory, Frank DiCesare displays his flashy rings. fPIzotos by Wippmanj 5 iff. , ..,, j . , fl. LEX. Y 3 .Q 1.1 ar- tenders STUTZ. RUDI. Planche. Verounin. Stockli. The jar- gon of gymnasts is indeci- pherable to most people, but with hard work, patience and perservance, the boys, gymnastics squad turned bizarre words into graceful routines enjoyed and ap- preciated by their specta- tors. The "trampoline triow Bill of State champion O,Neill, Barry Bischoff, and the Chuck Trotter stole limelight as they swept top honors in many meets, in- cluding the Districts. Steadi- ly improving throughout the year, the Trevs fittingly con- cluded the season with their highest point total against Prospect. Solid routines by seniors Mike Stearns on hor- izontal bar and Frank DiCe- sare on rings, and consistent performances by junior all- around John Jiganti sup- plied crucial points in close contests. Impressive in- dividual performances in the Shoreline division meet vaulted the squad into the second place divisional fin- ish. Coach Gerry Denk ex- pected the predominantly junior team to continue its successful course next year. BOYS' GYMNASTICSI 133 L. ' ' ' -saw. NA - ,MW C' C77 'fv7"-M.-.., "-we 1 - N"'f'-w.,,MM' as .... , L- all P L --y-. -uf Bird wa tching BIRDIES WHIZZING through the atmosphere, and racquets continuously thrashing against the air were all a part of the many hard hours of the badminton team's practices. Badminton is often mistakenly considered an unchallenging sportg however, any one witnessing the practice of the squad easily determined that badminton is not only a true test of physical endurance, but is also a battle of intense strategy. With her eyes on the State meet, Coach Lee Kennicke skillfully trained her team, which drew great depth from nine returning seniors of last year's second place squad. Captain Hilary Davis was the leading singles player, and seniors Ann Meeker and Ginny Morris captured the top seed in the doubles competition. Tremendous performances by under- classmen, highlighted by outstanding sophomores Alicia Cannon and Laura Held, left Kennicke confident of a successful season in this increasingly popular sport. Wt 5.1g,sK"'T'-ju, K'- .,j' . 25,1 i' 3 . ,EQ H1 , Q4rff-,-4.1e- ,i- A, it f.4,.zv,:b , '- M '. v 1- f,'-Ms:-asf is 1 ,. '- S -f- 'is' rfswm..-S , .N :aff -' , sf HH -c ' -Q1 mf- ,,,.9f ye .. ,-if , I. Mesa Far above: Senior Katie Drohan and Jane Morris rally around to net invaluable court experience. Above: Preparing to hit an overhead smash, Captain Hilary Davis sets her sights on future goals. Left: Resting during a break in practice, Alicia Cannon ponders a new racquet. IWippman, Oster- gaard, Wippmanj Men af steel BY CAPTURING third place in the state meet, the fencing team earned Coach John Mulliner's claim as "the best team ever at New Trier." The squad proved itself as a program worthy of acknowledgement as the contingency not only distinguished itself in the state, but also in national competition. Senior Mike Pacini and sophomore Roger Cleland placed 7th and 13th, respectively, in the Junior Olympics. After 11 seasons as an interscholastic sport at New Trier, fencing finally received some of the recognition it deserves. With Cleland and a strong crop of underclassmen returning next year, the fencing team should continue to make its mark at New Trier. 'V l. H, . B, fFinej Above left: Kept on his toes by his adversary, fencing standout Mike Pacini sights a vulnerable opening. Below: At odds with his opponent, foilsman Dan Cohen bends an ear. ILinco1n, Ostergaardj .4 N-. ,Qi , whgl, ' -J,-,gs 3 xxx lx .jtxd pm 5 r I, I ,f ,k,,V 4 4, REACHING BEYOND expectations, the wrestling team achieved its first winning season in seven years. In a sport where individuals combine to form a team effort, Coach Jim Kruempelstaedter's wrestlers produced many fine personal performances. Through the efforts of Co-captains Alec Rothrock and Dan Lyons, the team placed fifth in the Districts and gained entry into the Sectionals. By consistent- ly improving throughout the season, Pat Potts finished with a second place effort in the Sectionals which enabled him to go downstate. Other highlights of the season included a first SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. NILES NORTH ...................... .......... 3 9 13 GLENBROOK NORTH ........ .......... 1 8 - 30 WAUKEGAN EAST .......... .......... 2 5 14 NILES EAST ................... ........ 9 36 WAUKEGAN WEST ......... .......... 1 4 36 NEW TRIER WEST ......... .......... 3 O 31 HIGHLAND PARK ........ .......... 1 5 31 NORTH CHICAGO ......... .......... 2 9 23 GRANT ......................... .......... 1 4 34 DEERFIELD ............ .......... 2 6 15 MAINE SOUTH .......... .......... 2 9 12 EVANSTON ...................................................................................... 29 24 MAINEEAST ................................................................................... 31 14 New Trier finished 14th in the Niles East tournament, first in the Ridgemont tournament, and fifth in the Districts. W L JUNIOR VARSITY .......,....,........................................ .......... 5 6 SOPHOMORE .............. ........... ................................................... 7 4 FRESHMAN .................................... ...................................................... 4 7 136fW RESTLIN G place in the Ridgemont tournament and victories over Waukegan East and Evanston whom they had not beaten in over a decade. A Talent seen in the JV, sophomore and freshman teams, coached by Earle Metzger and Clark Workman, provided hope for continuance of the new winning trend. All coaches agreed that, owing to the effectiveness of the coaching staff and the overall excellence of our wrestlers, wrestling is definitely on the upswing. Above: Alec Rothrock's Waukegan East opponent wrestles against his emotions as he struggles against an impending defeat. Below: Eyeing the situation, Coach Jim Kruempelstaedter and Varsity co-captain Dan Lyons grapple with a strategic problem. f Weston, Wippmanl .sl 1-' - ..-ul A in the Metro in the Chicago metro North division, but captured the interest of each lively crowd. A rough and tumble defense sparked by senior Doug Jaeschke characterized the style and enthusiasm of the team's play. Scoring punch up front was supplied by junior Peter Lawler and senior Lloyd Buntingr Unique in that it was 'gfnposedi squad junf Sullivan and the young team promises to join with its new coach to provide for a win- ning combination next sea- son. L T OPP. Losing his cool Peter Lawler puts his opponent on ice. f0stergaard, J, 11111 'ZZ QW WV? 'L -wx ,ir J y 31-f-' f' 'sa' L., 5 f' L .gy Wi- Ki - X2-ff' 2 ,:, , 1 -,Tu , . Y , 9k 1, 1 'V V' 4 V ,vw"',x. g , :","J!v' i " 2 4 I' 3 Y ff? M, -Wy:,ef I ' ,, ' f f f f , z' "wma: V ,g gd't 'Sv' , ,, I 'mg . fyjifz uh, 'av S ' 5- ifkx, ga . If Me! aw 9' Bases for success MARCH SAW the first signs of a baseball season that had been stirring since autumn. The team that seemingly began to practice in the spring thaw was ac- tually the product of months of preparation and discipline. From the dark hours of weight training in October to the dawn wor- kouts that imprinted per- fect form in the players' swings, the team attained the fundamentals necessary to insure precise, profes- sional baseball on each play. "The off-season work put in, plus the attitude of these kids, should be an indica- tion of the kind of season we'll have," Coach Ron Klein observed. Backed by the returning starters from last year's 11-9-1 second place team, the Indians were a fast squad that relied on strong pitching and tight defense to compete in the tough Above: Fielding a tricky grounder, infielder Jeff Nielsen throws himself completely behind his work. Right: Leaving the opposition in a cloud of dust, Rick Treiber sweeps across the plate. fWippman, Ostergaardj 140fBASEBALL Central suburban league. The return of pitchers Dan Kovacevic, Clay Goss, and Jeff Nielsen, all of whom had winning records, and the addition of junior pro- spect Ray Mals, composed a powerful staff. The fine hitting, led by Co-captains Andy Aldrich and Nielsen, along with Jeff Wilder and junior Dave Cook, promised to complement the excel- lence in other areas and mold a fine all-around team. Above: Anxiously observing the opposing pitcher, waiting batters foreshadow a big inning for the Indians. Below: A11-State first baseman Andy Aldrich gets into the swing of things at a pre-season workout. fOstergaard, Wippman2 Ill :fy 1, 1 ra ll fr, fffliffytll 1 1 111 1 l l SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. MAINE WEST ........ .......,.. 6 1 LOYOLA ................... ...... 5 3 NILES NORTH ...,....,.. ...... 1 2 2 WAUKEGAN EAST ...... 3 2 CLAY .....,....................... ...... 1 3 3 CLAY ........................ 1 ..,..... ...... 7 o WAUKEGAN WEST ...... 4 2 EVANSTON ................. ...... 4 7 HIGHLAND PARK ........ ...... 2 1 NEW TRIER WEST ...... 7 3 WAUKEGAN EAST ...... 12 1 DEERFIELD ...... , ............. .........,.... ...... 1 5 WAUKEGAN WEST .......... ...................... ...... e 2 BASEBALL! 141 Off and running 1 UNDER THE DIRECTION of new Head coach John Mulliner, the Girls' track team started off at a fast pace. With over 60 girls trying out, Mulliner had abundant talent to work with. Reversing a usual trend, more girls opted for long distances than ever before, reviving its depleted ranks. The nucleus of the team composed of seniors Ann Maine, Rachel Slonicki, and Katie Wright, along with juniors Anita Diaz and Pam Salvano, practiced with the Boys' track team throughout the year. Because of their experience combined with a large group of promising underclassmen, the squad showed signs of improving on their finish last season. 142fGIRLS TRACK r Above: Using the straightforward approach, senior Ann Maine stretches out the baton to her teammate. Below: Sophomore Karen Zuke is bound for glory as she vaults for victory. fPhotos by Ostergaardj ALTHOUGH A team sport which entails 12 players per squad, softball is also an individual sport, for when each player is faced with the ball, she faces it alone. How she handles the ball is up to her, but what she does affects the whole team. The Varsity and JV softball teams were each composed of strong in- dividuals as well as vigorous team players. One of the last sports of the NTE season, softball is often not given the recognition it deserves. Coach Darlene Kluka remarked that she was happy to see so many girls try Above: Profiled by the setting sun, hurler Katy Drohan unleashes the final strike. Below: In a crucial hit or miss situation, junior Jane Waitley shoulders the burden. fPb0t0S by 0'Connorj MV' If .ILV7 ff. A hit season out in the spring. With the dedication and talent of returning players Becky Held, Cindy Olsen, and Katy Drohan, the season was eagerly anticipated. Faced with the second IHSA State softball tour- nament, the girls, spurred on by the memory of last year's District title, showed superiority throughout the season. They proved how important strong individual performances are in softball and that Ms. Kluka was correct in saying that "they are all stars in their own rightf, SOFTBALLXI 43 wg, 7 Q33 ? -..Ugg W -...N Ns.. sw., -Q, Above left: Toeing the line, so- phomore Neil Golden uses back- handed tactics to defeat his dou- bles opponent. Right: Junior Jeff Holland's overhead reaches smash- ing new heights. Far right: Varsity mainstay Bob Frei displays his overpowering forehand beyond the shadow of a doubt. f0St81'g88l'i Carlson, Carlson Q Set in their ways SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. MAINE WEST .......... ......................... .......... 4 1 NILES NORTH ........ ...... 5 0 DEERFIELD ......... . ....,. 3 2 BARRINGTON ................ ...... 1 0 5 EVANSTON ......................... ...... 1 4 NEW TRIER WEST .......... ...... 5 O HINSDALE CENTRAL .................................................................... 1 8 WAUKEGAN EAST ............................................,............................. 5 0 New Trier placed second in the Arlington prep meet, second in the Arlington invitational, first in the Maine South invitational, and first in the New Trier East quadrangular meet. Above: Heading downfield on a goal scoring drive, Varsity lacrosse player Tony Federico reaches new heights of excellence. Right: Fending off the blows of his aggressive opponent, attackman Lloyd Bunting finds a solution for this sticky situation. fPhot0s by Wippmanj ..., 1 J-T. ,, . S, uf - ...- '-, fr, A -qv:-1-1f'f'L up-N sn, M .gbfq-V Glu:-ein, 1 aff, ..-:Q 'X "S, 4' QQ'--' .IT-, -' '..i-'npfv ' 'Ji-Q0rXHIQ':5.Qu.i...n..' XII Sticking together THE PERFECT combination of experienced letter- men, along with an anxious crop of underclassmen, provided for an enjoyable, exciting, and successful lacrosse season. Besides facing major Chicago area competitors, the squad once again made their annual excursion to Michigan, battling two tough teams. An evident esprit de corps enabled Coach Jim McFadzean's players to mold into a cohesive unit. Anchored by defensive standouts Rick Houpt and Litt Clark, along with offensive production supplied by attackmen Lloyd Bunting and Jay Gilbert, the team displayed the skills and finesse needed to repeat as one of the outstanding State powers. Rough and ready IN ITS SECOND YEAR at New Trier East, rugby has grown into a popular boys' interscholastic sport. This game, whose appeal peaked a century ago, has been recalled to life in sweeping style. By popular demand, rugby has returned to take its place among the ranks of respectability in the Midwest. Combining the elements of soccer and football, rugby provided students and spectators with an exciting, hard-hitting contact sport. Last year's convincing victory over Loyola in the 1976 State rugby championship game left Head coach Roy May very optimistic about his 1977 squad. "We're going to concentrate more heavily on the fundamen- tals of passing and kicking in order to repeat as State champions," he said. Returning backfield starters Dale Estabrook, Orlando Diaz, and Mike Clark provided a strong foundation for the team. The returning forward line of Jerry James, Chris Lahey, and Steve Schmitt sparked a scoring punch which promised another winning season for NTE. The interest shown by high attendance at games proved that rugby is not just another short-lived fad-it is here to stay. Above: In the midst of an early spring workout, senior Bill Bergman catches the drift of teammate Dave Kuenzel's lateral. Left: Temporarily defying the laws of gravity, Chris Pate's fate is left up in the air. IPhot0s by Sprayl RUGBY! 147 1-4-NT-T-we-,,1,.,.-,,F,,,F,.,,?4ff--,W eff H Y, ' 4 if'qL3iZ:ff?'g'ffz ,, 1.4. 97' 7 Bw, 47 'Ai 1 Above: Employing his unique powers of levitation, Mitch Wolf raises the IM rec room to a new level of extraordinary activity. fwippmanl , 5, .NX fi ',,:fJ?, if " ,, f"""C'f'f' M41 'Q ' 4,312 , 'f' " -f ' . Q! ., wg :W ,,,' ' f f Y ' 4 p 4 lf, , , 4 , , v V 'A . ,, sf fff' f JY ' 1 A' ' 1- "f5?7-,z -'U,,fff1'4f Y 'V "" " "gi 'A1f','C7Q.if1P'3'A5 ll'f5"r5'li41Q-'7',c ff 7 4 f , ' 1 '- . ,sp ,gf-:ff , yi: if x ' ' 1"'ffff7f'Yfav:'Sh 2, 'yi--f':fVf:Lf'4"f ff? 71' :iff ' 41 l , v , R' 'p"Y'v i'A ,,4 1. 1"KQ' J f ,yg1f1'ffziNf f.L:3g' 1a',Qr,f,:ifgfh,'yi,5 y , , f , , , Mg ,-, . , Ni-f-v',-54,2 , ,av 3. una g 4 ,., f- ' ,, ' My ,433 yr' 2 148flM eff- ' A' 'f'5'L':z 'vc J if p o e V ,gs ' 4, 7 21,1-' 3, Q. y 5' -.L,?Af1,211IF , jg.,-Z' ' ',,,, Nw, ,191 2622" "fir ' ' .Q T .-H iw- Hg? ' f ' 1" ' "' ' V- ' " 2.71 , H lf! ' - 'W "4 'i 1' a . 4'1" - I , ,' X ' 1 'ff W ' N - 1,rpfZr'Lf:-v,f'f'f1 f ff nfl X ,. , , Z Great lMpact OFFERING AN EXCITING alternative for non- interscholastic athletes, Intramurals directed activities ranging from boys' flag football to girls' volleyball. With over 30 various programs, IM tempered the burden of academic life for both boys and girls, Throughout the year the IM staff sponsored a variety of special events. Under the leadership of President Gary Cole, activities such as the punt, pass, and kick contest, the Tom Nesbit memorial basketball game, the second year of rec night, and the IM swim meet were extremely successful. Co-ed programs including volleyball, tennis, and swimming also encouraged wide participation. After its second year of merger with GAA, IM grew in size and interest. Valuable input from both halves of the student body increased not only participation, but also the quality and quantity of IM programs. Above left: Upholding the fate of IM, President Gary Cole supports the spirit of equal opportunity. Below: Able to play the sport of her choice, this IM co-ed attempts to liberate herself from her opponent. fWippman, Tatosianj ,, ,' I . .ry V., 9' 1 .sg K, Q -, . NWN' rf'3"'f'w-viQ'i,s fu 1'-1-.,,.. IMf149 FOOTBALL VARSITY-Bottom Row: Wagner fmanagerl, Schwiebert, Dickson, G Cousins, L. Clark, Hamilton, James, Lipe, Houpt, Bowen,Mr.Cichowski Ccoachl, Weiss, Hubbard, M. Clark, Estabrook, Tyrrell, Sullivan, Bischoff, Balz, Favorite. Second: Kurschner, Bissell, Volkmann, Bianucci, Schmitt, Bunting, Coyle, Black, Smart, Federico, Higgins, Webster, Lahey, Nykaza, VanDeveld, McKeone, DiClementi, Brinton, Boaz. Third: Bickert, Elia, White, Curtiss, Thomas, Acri, Whitchurch, Hoffman, Parr, Mr. May Ccoachl, Mr, McFadzean fcoachl, Mr. Klein fcoachl, Mr. Leahy fcoachj, O'Brien, Ellwood, Dietrich, J. Cousins, Golder, Phillips, Campbell, Nixon. Absent: Brennan, Getschow. 1 I '5 F 'hr . as SN?-P ' ."7"xa. A 6- .il .V . , , ., Qui ,X J 1 , ,i . N kr., gl 1 K V IA.. ,, V, V3 1.41, Sy . V , f f f f , 5 , .1 q 9-.. ,fi .gg v -"" T xi, , jf , Q gf r. A -VBA .1 2 7-V , .VJJ ZA A l W fyvy WM .df ' l vm fyrv f-,fr f i C ' ,fm -4 :V ,,, U l Yi kv , ax, F W I 1 f f V.',V W vmvrr' , I I V "' -V " ' V' :zz Y. r ,wr X 47 -K E asy ,, . ww. i r . , . 6, 5 V 1' V t I 0 h , 'l ,by K 1- , rr 1,1 I My 'I .6 I , E ' II 'wr riag A e ,r g, if - . - . .f f-L M. 9 - r at -1 1 M' .qu , A H I g QL EW4,-., ,V aff w,:g.,f4fry.f A rr 1 5 Q M, 1 t -" iam 'J asv' t r a a ' -na. . was 1 - E .. A f . - . I f- +1 W if , Tp 1' ' 1 V A ,, G 'N . 3 K -- ff - ' t lv 2' I ., "1 yg' ' Q1 , 1, .H "' 1. K9 ,.., . , , f 1.--, ff f A M fl --.aff we f--' nf- -f-- 13, ,. lst, 'MQW - ' Z .A . W ,Ur " ,I , ' ,E '- - 1 5... C' 5 SOPHOMORE-Bottom: Meyers, McHugh, Hagberg, Nissly, Perry, Fourth: Lehman, Welch, Piorkowski, Sheperd, Moore, Andre, Smith, Hansen, Heiser, Thigpen. Second: Higgins, Handwerker, Lundquist, Pierce, Hall,O'Rourke. Fifth: Peterson, Weiler, Ahern, Gonnoud, StephenS, Yelton, Gnaedinger, Kraus, Cassidy, Morley, DiClementi. Third: O'Neil, Kissinger, Turner, Gorman, Fajer, Wagener. Sixth: Nixon, Mr. Helfrich Beall, Davis, Leider, Remien, Corns, Goese, Fox, Williamson, Klingler. Ccoachl, Mr. Wagner Ccoachl. ISOXFOOTBALL FRESHMAN A-Bottom Row: Mr. Denk Qcoachl, Gale, Kerr, Rafanello, Schult, Nykaza, Black, Canafax. Third: Mr. Hilsabeck fcoachl, Dancey, DiClementi, Coyle, Kenyon, Andrews, Rees, O'Nei1, Bianucci. Second: Mr. Messer, Adams, Webster, Zehr, Ryan, Rabe, Dickson, Lockwood, Connors. Kruempelstaedter Ccoachl, Wright, Tangney, Lacey, Mayer, Spellman, Absent: Federico. Yi bf Eff, XD 1 .vw- f' ks, 1 :,,,,, , 2 .A u h A f fl A J f ' 1- ' " h Q "1 ru L A: -,, ...4 Y . ar i I if gg! J flat, ""',g.f.1""" f , -Y . , ' - ,, wffiafwfrzf' rf "f ,,Jw1'effyw,4f 2, g'f'f"f 7-,xp 1 ' " 'T ,, ,. W T 1+ f-f if fp., f i t 1 'rf ,Q -- . fN. f Q - 'oye . "f'ff'fz: A A 'e'ef . -2 . A fs- -2- : . H ff ,,, WA ,ff , f, , ' , , X,',,4 if pt. My ff, . H' ,g w, 5 4 5 . K 1 , ,r '1 ' V i - wif Iwi' : .3 , - 'ig ,,,, , M JL ghfy X f ,A.'!1yA..7ef4a,r,4 .,,,X, it fa, fl . 1 ' .4.,, N- , , 4 , . . ,, ,, t, - - ,I 4 ' LW' f fr I X. i . , i. P w -. .A ' y -. r Q Wg! if r 1-1, it - ,Q W Q, ,x, , Qf- Q, f. 5, eff- 2 w fx AQ yf fa, CQ2"'2v11w,, , f' i C ,f f fJfff'kg-,f'f'g,1ff, 'f fi 4 ' " 1 ., V, X , f' - 2. lf, ' 4 1 l Maia 5 A W 3 MW U L ':'mQ"'mJ 2 F.. P , 2, - .vu-Q . . .K+ 5 . 2 fl L- Z- 142 ' Q I ,7,i,,,,,,f ,g,,,,J"Mi1 L fr, g 7' , . A' A V r f x , . FRESHMAN B-Bottom Row: Castino. Hoffman, Jordan, Drew, Cohrs Fay, Cadden, Witt, DeGross, Miller. Second: Doyle, Conran, Kurschner, Johnston, O'Connell, Theobald, Paterkiewicz, Bunge, O'Neil, Reed, lVIr Benson fcoachj. Third: Tyrrell, Warner, Stanzler, Farnham, O'Br1en 1 , Tilley, Lutz, Downing, Walker, Mr. Barefield fcoachb. Fourth: Beucher, Turner, Hediger, Pigott, Boshes, Musil, James, Williams, Korn, Jonscher. Absent: Gorman, Lovering, Pearce. FOOTBALLH51 152fSOCCER soccsn VARSITY-Bottom Row: Hoffman, Hynes, Sommers, Dickey, Hjalmar- Beebe, Moderwell, Tipping, Mr. Ruben de Celis fcoachl, Van Cleave son, McNerney, Copp, Welch, Butler, Sullivan, Williams. Second: Mr. ftrainerj. Absent: Milford. Schinto fcoachj, Morgan, Chapman, Talbot, Kraybill, Lee, Warner, Kullby, JUNIOR VARSITY--Bottom Row: Ken nedy, Harris, Curtis, Dumont, Sangster, Henderson. Second: Powell, Williams, Twiss, Klise, Jannotta. Third: Henzlick, Ruival, Hubbard, Cornell, Franzen. Fourth: Bergman Hauser, Memmer, Swenson. Fifth: Pyskacek Guhl, Kingwill, Patrick, Elliott. Sixth: Sievers Mr. Schabel Ccoachj. Absent: Ernst, Jones Lacey, Rankin, Warner. X XM - -+.,,, Wm ' l if 1. SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Boyd, Kray- bill, Neary, Edelmann, McAuliff, Hauser. Second: Glass, Kepler, Beebe, Holleran, Larkin, Baldwin. Third: Plonsker, Stern, MacGregor, Friedman, Gardner, Borakove, Cajet. Fourth: Hellman, Ramsay, Langan, Williams, Kutschke, Camras, Sullivan. Fifth: Wussler, Drileck, Higgins, Hirsh, Gregg, Pottage, Penney. Sixth: Watkins, Carey, Kelley, Martin, Fresen, Hoyt, Willian. Seventh: Chamberlain, Flanagin, Mathewson, Moderwell, Dorn, Reighard, McKay, Eggert, Mr. Mulliner Kcoachj. Eighth: DuMont, Samos. Absent: Carter, Kullby, Sherman, Sincox. hen' FRESHMEN-Bottom Row: Maloney, Powell, Champion, Pedicini Gilmore, Murdoch, Schiele, Mendes. Second: Kullby, Gately, Balz, Milleri McGrew, Chadwick, Rossiter, Kaply, Cannon, Temmerman. Third: Burr Shelton, Alvarez, Vaselopolous, Marquardt, Leonard, Conroy, Phillipp LaCroix, Norehad. Fourth: Wilson, Thompson, MacDonald, Barnetti Harrington, Vye, Stenberg, Hoskins, Hines, Faukner, Turner. Fifth . Kreutz, Tomes, Steiger, Hill, Williams, Rossi, Kruempelstaedter, Kofman, Steinhoff, Dearborn, Kaltenekker. Sixth: Mr. Ward fcoachl, Nguyen, Kubiak, James, Heitman, Szfranski, Jackson, Tschudy, Weaver, Sweet, Mr. Garden Ccoachl. Seventh: Nash, Kocour, Laurence, Tinkle, Fosse, Dowen, Meier, Shaver, Martin, Schulz. Absent: Berger, Gescheidle, Low, Merkel, Nold, Pitluk, Snell, Titterton, Young. SOCCER! 153 GIRLS ' GOLF Bottom Row: Wheeler, Howard, Powell, Osment, Emery, Franchini. Second: Adams, Arthur, McGrew, Mundt, Sontag, Elbert. Absent: Brown, Franche, Miss Ryberg fcoachl. X VARSITY-Bottom Row: Badger, Krebs, Morris. Second: B. Held Atten, DeVryer, Buckingham, Third: Hanlon, Drohan, Dusablon Eckersberg Cmanagerl. Fourth: 'Miss Beach Ccoachl, L. Held, Maloney, Miss Drake fcoachl. 154fGlRLS' GOLFXFIELD HOCKEY FIELD HOCKEY W f ,, ,iff K idgfjigxaz. , L a JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Second: Kerr, Zuke, Baxter, Buckingham, Zimmerman. Third: Waitley, Hanlon, Mclnnis, Gregg, Johnson. Fourth: Miss Beach fcoachl, Yelton, Wright, Hummel, Miss Drake fcoachl. Fifth: Angle, Stuhr, Eckersberg Cmanagerl, Chien, L. Ellis. Helmer, Cole, Hirsh, N. Ellis. 14. 15512-- in VWIIX' WIIIIVKIJ L "FU F-IT?- 4n-L.., ' vi BOYS' GULF 1 i '-if f .L fi Z- . x 1' 'X X '- L - .... Yi rg l "'1lAA 'frm 3 41' GIRLS ' SWIMMING . V .. ......l..,,, . , , l,..,L.... VARSITY-Bottom Row: Spray, Lawler, Hindsley, Madden. Second: Mr. Carlstrom Qcoachj, Perry, Osment, Kaplan. Third: Salvano, O'Keefe, McCormick, Donahoe. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Leekley, Miller, Panitch, Mabie. Second: Mr. Carlstrom Ccoachj, Zanarini, Synek, Lawler. Third: Madden, Hauptle, Malles, Dvorak. Bottom Row: McMahon, Porino, Husting, Sick, Leekley, Lifvendahl, Day, T. Diaz, Allen, Frei, Snyder. Second: Marcus, Donahoe, Davis, Cajet, M Alexander, Johnson, J. Lee, Trautman, A. Diaz, Little, Rutherford, Norton Third: Mr. Cajet fcoachl, J. Alexander, Schreiber, Stehlik, Carney, B Guthrie, Cervinka, Madden, M. James, Craddock, Blodgett, Carter, Marks i Crandell. Fourth: Mackenzie, Denman, McBurney, McClain, Williams, Lidecker, Trieschmann, Roberts, N. Lee, K. James, Ward, Jaeger, Ahlem, Keating, L. Guthrie, Miss Kennicke fcoachl. Absent: Guhl, Mulliken, Mr. Matz fcoachj. BOYS, GOLFXGIRLS' SWIMMINGXI55 GIRLS ' TENNIS 3 1 I VARSITY-Bottom Row: Mrs. Herzog Ccoachl, Kirby, Bendix, Frei, M. Harris, Cook, Fujikawa, Ambrose, Denison, J. Harris, Solberg. Absent: Olson, Tschudy, Addison, Naft. Second: Mr. Waldschmidt icoachl, Pollock, H Stogin. JUNIOR VARISTY-Bottom Row: Braudo, Parcells, Berlin, McCarren, Bendix, Raglin, Marsh, Thomas, Frey, Buntain, Gellersted, Wyse, Mrs Cannon, Reimer, Erzinger, Stone. Second: Mr. Waldschmidt Ccoachl, Herzog Ccoachj. 156fGIRLS' TENNIS Hill-lifill ug x I II li CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY-Bottom Row: P. Jonscher, D. Trenholm, Haser, Curtis, Hilton, fcoachl, Bodner, Witt, S- Tl'0Y1h0lm, Mflhling- Klotz, Hitt. Second: Jewett, Wright, Salvano, Mooney, Slonicki, Maine, Holland.Third: R. Jonscher, DeVries, Krimmer, Frederick, Mr. Almaguer 17+ i . ' V 1 pl. , FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE - Bottom Row: Glaser, Hilarides, Oakley, Michala, Hennessy. Second: Conran, Nash, Ieuter, Higgins, Collins. Third: Rosenb- loom, Howard, Sutherland, Davis, Ubben. Fourth: Hartunian, Childress, Allen, Coogan, Lampert. Fifth: Campbell, Kallis, Ham- mersley, Mr. Burnside fcoachl. Absent: Knowlton, Segil. CROSS COUNTRYXIS7 BOYS' BASKETBALL VARSITY-Bottom Row: Brackett, Mclntyre, A. Peterson, Ellis, Treiber, Shelton, Hindsley, Donahoe, Mr. Schneiter Ccoachl. Absent: Acri Rohner, Rowe. Second: John Ryan, Uriell, Murphy, Tillman, Pierce, T. Estabrook, Peterson. Third: Mr. Barton Kcoachl, Lehman, Peters, Hall, Jeff Ryan, SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Mueller, Handwerker, Ubben, Neuhaus, fcoachj. Third: Geocaris, Trausch, Gorman, Kissinger, Segil, Adams. Ab Uriell. Second: Beall, McClellan, Schaefer, Allen, Ludovice, Mr. Fly sent: Smith. i l58fBOYS' BASKETBALL 2 FRIQSHMAN A-Bottom Row: Adams, Schuldt, Pendry, Stazy, O'Dowd, Seyfarth, Elliott, Bianucci, Ryan, Devlin. Williams, Deasy, Lane. Second: Mr. Leahy Ccoachl, Connors, Gorman, .D -I CJ FRESHMAN B-Bottom Row: Zanarini, Tilley, Madden, White, Burr, Beucher, Mr. Carpenter Ccoachl. Rees, Sunkel. Second: Mabie, Tinkle, Dickson, Turner, Bennett, Dvorak, BOYS' BASKETBALU159 VOLLEYBALL f:',1'-,rfwfzfggf:'a'fc':f2''wvzHz'ifff".pp-4wx' , H , K l , YZillfffiylfvffizffdfkiifi-LZQQZQQ-Z'Lfsl4,zifAZ4A642Z.wwM:124,'.Q1Lr,:,,v., f f x 2 , o o '24 T27 - 8,1 --'x L.. VARSITY-Bottom Row: Morris, McKeough, L. Held, Drohan. Second: Third: Miss Drake Ccoachh, Miss Beach Ccoachl, Miss Kennicke fcoachl. Maine fmanagerj, Kinney, Sorey, Olson, Stazy, B. Held, Cole frnanagerj. JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Drew, Yelton, O'Reilly, Angle, Gregg, Schiffman. Third: Baxter, Hoback, Anderson, Mendel, Schmitt Woodruff. Second: Burns, Helmer, Meeker, Tindall, Morris, DeVryer, Harrington, Tillman, Zuke. Absent: Ellis, Stuhr. 160fVOLLEYBALL BOYS' SWIMMING JUNIOR VARSITY-Bottom Row: Markey, Sharp, S. McBride, Bergman, Elliott, Hartong, Kallman, Cray. Second: Mr. Matz lcoachj, Mr. Wolff fcoachl, Holmberg, Stonier, Lind, Moss, Sunkel, Miller, Siegal. Third: Freedman, Ticho Hawley, Weldon, Murdoch, Horsting, Wheeler, Ashmore. Fourth: Condrin, Meyers, Bangs, R. McBride, Woods, Thomas, McLean. Absent: Guhl, Levins. VARSITY-Bottom Row: James, Tedd Erick- son, Snyder, Schreiber, Mack, Ashmore, Todd Erickson, McDivitt, Porter. Second: Mr. Matz fcoachj, Mr. Wolff fcoachl, Mclntyre, Heiss, Ticho, Peterson, Sick, Klauke. Third: Condrin, Meyers, Ebihara, Arden, Owens, Nash. FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: Mitchel, Cran- dell, Martin, Baker, Ashmore, Leider, Hotch- kiss, C. Gunn. Second: Mr. Matz Ccoachb, Mr. Wolff tcoachl, Wengler, O'Connor, Kuipers, Patterson, Tangney, Mead. Third: Hennessy, Bhote, Gordon, Merkle, Mueller, O'Neil, Gran- ath, Markey. Fourth: D. Gunn, Townsley. Absent: Canafax, Korn, Powell. BOYS' SWIMMINGf161 GIRLS' BASKETBALL FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: Hirshr, Fox, Ellis, McIntyre, Shibata, Cottle, Selvaggio. Second: Harrington, Neil, Lyons, Dusablon, Schiffman, Helmer, Krebs. Third: Craddock, Guhl, Sullivan, Hogan, Tracy, Plumb, Jones, Miss Ryberg Ccoachl. X 1 VARSITY-Bottom Row: Hanlon, Bryan Creagh, Atten. Second: Miss Ryberg fcoachl, Rebarchak, Held, Kane, Hopkins, Fasano. FENCING '-""" Bottom Row: Morrow, William, Kraybill, Kuhnen, Pettit, Revord, Corona. Second: Leverentz, M. Sontag, Haberman, Smudsky, White, Jackson, Tolford. Third: David Cohen, Lourenco, Park, Van Arnerongen, D. Sontag, James, Bebak, Mr. Mulliner fcoachj. Fourth: Levin lmanagerl, Pacini, Kavanagh, Dan Cohen, Bigelow, Cragg, Cleland, Smith. Absent: Biel, Moy. 162! GIRLS BASKETBALLXF EN CING , .A ' ,, 1 , 5 . ' N , lv, 4 1 1: iz 4 4- ,,,.Q.-,g J ' . ., f , , Q 3 Z I KV A an , . ,, 1 f " l L' ' 'ff ' - f as L .P ,f - 4 as uf? 'w i-21, - ,L -e K' sl, "UL, , Q., K S , c e i , if ,r.,, ,Q , , - 4 ,.,, r -MDM-'S' 11. l - .. ' 'N an GIRLS ' G YMNAS TICS BA DMIN TON fl .Ui +31 f' s YN p in Bottom Row: Lahey, Denman, Hayden, Maher, Kindig, Thomp- son, Nicholls, Burnett. Second: Olds, A. Schmitt, Socket, Howlett, Whitman, Mack, James. Third. Mitchell, Mead, Stetter, Ryno, Coyle, Rigolin, Worthington, Mrs. Wilson fcoachb, Ms. Kluka fcoachl. Fourth: Fleming, Peterson, Con- way, Hall, Lin, Rubel, Hill, Fite, D. Schmitt. Bottom Row: Gregg, Cross, James, Berlin, Harris, Hanlon, Carruthers, Krebs. Second: Miss Kennicke fcoachl, Stuhr, Cannon, Kerr, Cocalis, Badger, Drohan, V. Mor- ris, Miss Beach fcoachl. Third: Mundt, McGrew, Olson, Needler, Cook, Baxter, Mack, Schmitt. Fourth: Campbell, Williams, J. Morris, Meeker, Held, McCarthy, Davis, Harris. Absent: Rennolds, Sethness. GIRLS, GYMNASTICSfBADMINTONf163 BOYS' G YMNAS TICS VARSITY-Bottom Row: Tal- bot, O'Nei1, Blodgett, Lasky, Maine, Stearns, Jiganti, Trotter, Lin, DiCesare. Second: Denk fcoachl, Bischoff, Satterlee, Aspin- all, Etheridge, Stephan, McClel- lan, Fisch, A. Sollitt, J. Sollitt, Schroeder. FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE -Bottom Row: Jacobson, Camp- bell, Fox, Stearns. Second: Fisher, Devroy, Flanagin, Lee, Papierski, Champion, Fay, Holleran, Atten. Third: Titterton, Silverstein, Dunn, Morris, Purcell, Lipson, Ristich, Hargett. Fourth: Chausow, Dearborn, Kelley, Haup- tle, Mueller, Creagh, O'Connell, James, Norehad. Fifth: Federico, Alvarez, Spellman, Schopen, Chapman, Heitman, Frey, Wen- gler, Binder, Toombs, Vogt, Di- Clementi, Rubin de Celis fcoachl. HOCKEY ----1 --- - -- Bottom Rows Cook, Lawler, Sul ff! S145 J livan, Chapman, Tuchmann, Skal la, Reighard. Second: Mr. Cron kite fcoachl, Balz, Meyers, Martin, Gilbert, Gregg, Sommers, Sievers. p Third: Howland, Bunting Jaeschke, Nixon. Absent: Mr .,,., 5 ,W ,J Schinto Ccoachl. 'ml LW A 164fBOYS' GYMNASTICSXHOCKEY l 'ff 77 ,lg WRESTLING VARSITY-Bottom Row: Beebe, Saliwan- chik, Everly, S. Potts, Ransom. Second: Lyons Fox, Sprayregan, Nolan, Krause, Michala Third: Mr. Metzger fcoachl, Piper, Marvin, R Jonscher, Sheperd, Kelly, Rothrock, Mr Kruempelstaedter fcoachl. Fourth: Volkman P. Jonscher, Gonnoud, Anderson, Bridges Dietrich, P. Potts. Absent: Skillman, Stein. SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Marvin, Lar- kin, Winberg, Kraus, Pechtl. Second: Schmid, Hosbein, Nixon, Remien, Andersen, Mr Workman fcoachl. Absent: MacGregor, Mas- terton. FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: Kruempel- staedter, Cadden, Miller. Second: Lacey Jordan, Kallis, Connors, DiClementi. Third Stanzler, Mayer, Turner, Packard, Rafanello Mr. Metzger lcoachl. Fourth: Dowen, Kocour James, Stenberg, Jonscher, Tyrrell. Absent Brandon, Gately, Kudan, Nykaza, Pater- kiewicz. WRESTLING! 165 BOYS' TRACK I VARSITY-Bottom Row: Smart, Hoffman, G. Hubbard, Henzlik, Cornell, Third: Lewis, Cahn, Hicks, Norris, Bergman, Butler, Elliot, Lehman, Towne, Hitt, Witt, J. Hubbard, Curtis. Second: Trenholm, Thomas, Rohner, TTHUSCYI, Sandlin, BaI'13Ch, Kfimmef- Absent: Brennan- DeVries, Moore, Hilton, Frederick, Bodner, Jewett, Klotz, Mohling, Herzog. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Harrington, J. Nash, Seyfarth, Frank,Klingler. Third: Kofman,Hennessy, Kraus,Sunkel,Denby Campbell, Oakley, Roberts, Glaser, Hammersley, Higgins, Collins, Childress, Conran, Piorkowski. Absent: Lundquist, Weinzimmer. Pedicini. Second: Sorenson, Piggott, Drilek, Cosgrove, W. Nash, Stern, 166fBOYS' TRACK BASEBALL VARSITY-Bottom Row: C. Treiber, Wilder, Cook, Nielson, Aldrich, Bradley, Richmond, R. Treiber. Second: Mr. Helfrich, Askounis, Jaffe, Peterson, Cloud, Smith, Warner, Handleman, Cul- len, Mr. Klein. Third: Devroy, Lyon, McKeone, Sheperd, Goss, Kovacevic, Mala, Moore, Wagner fmanagerj. S O P H O M O R E-Bottom Row: Henderson, Winberg, Cummings, Moderwell, Meyers. Second: i:::.?g:s::1 P55523 If Ccoachj, Ludovice, Schaefer, ' ' Geocaris, Yelton. Absent: KT n , , , Hassenauer, Ware. 2 r P v K 2 'I W L lsr X Y ' -dis, , 1 W flfe , f :NW Elev frm L k, if .. .53 , YW X FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: Drew Kauf, Castino, Fay, Powell, Papierski, Rennolds. Second: Price, Black, Fosse, Schuldt, Mar- quardt, Turner, Szfanski, Burr. Third: Dvorak, Bennett, Tinkle, V V . Vye, Schulz, Lockwood. Fourth: ' , , 4 , , X Y. ' '..' J Af S Canafax, Ashmore, Warner, Gale. , J W ,V , , ,f W T f , Y X, ' Fifth: Mr. Barton icoachl, Spell- Q 4 Q no f ,, man, RBUCCI, O Dowd, Mr. ,M L , . ,,.,. ,,,. J L,,,,, Baumann fcoachjg lf 2 v,f' P A I 1 'g ix My W 9 ig , X Q V f . 7 , . f f, , H' . W I ,i,,,, .,,..,Q,,y,,.,,. if t 6 . In -AA' . 'I . ,. V' , 23 X , ' ' 3 , X BASEBALL! 167 GIRLS' TRACK 168fGIRLS' TRACK fHi1-S112 - ,, 1 V , ,Elf , 'V , f ,f,,,y::q,z I "" 2 f ,,,, . V- . V ...,.......-- -..L ,...,, n ., , . , .. , GIRLS' TRACK-Bottom Row: Maguire, S. Lindberg, Pok, Olderman, Hauptle, Cook. Second: Klein, Fite, Morden, Nordman, Campbell, Johnson. Third: Patterson, Kruempelstaedter, Young, Needlman, L. Lindberg, Denman. Fourth: Schoof, Harvey, Olson, Salvano, Wilson. Fifth: Lee, Warton, Zuke, Auvil, Burchard, Craddock. Sixth: Mr. Mulliner Ccoachj, Slonicki, Schmid, Cajet, Jacobson. Seventh: Beierle. Absent: C. Campbell, Downey, Little, Maine, Neil, Roeper, Smith, Sullivan. iv' ,A 'A N. i ' Q xg. h G kg? W '1yy - ,.wf M G04 XX - f' 5 , , 'Q N QQ I 27 9. 2 ,sx X ,Q V 3 ,s x x X X in X f K N2 f x Nw 7 5.7 .52 fl? yy k f M my Q I ' V f f -sf :W s L.-5 fl I xx' ' ' : ', ' 4 ' fav, X? Q f . I . I ' ' I, ' 7 1 5 N 1 L Q -1' i ,,,Tf Q ,QMEQMW ,,A' A HL?" 1 T " Y , f . Q ....... ................. 'fb .......,--,.J-- .reg Y , - - fx- . -I Aw -F su. . Ni' '- t 1, :,, F h . .., '-X..T..... .,,,,, . - :gf Wi. -x Q, 5 I ,mf -4' .rw K ,mxisg fx? X , Yr in a ff K . J X 'fr - f M X .. , , :pm 3' Iaq, ,,,L, , '51 X LA CHOSSE VARSITY-Bottom Row: Babcock Tuchmann Smrth OBrien Karmel icoachl Houpt Hussey Lrnden McClellan Kiesler Cramer P Patterson Albrecht, Federico. Second: Howland Schaff Nixon ORourke Barr Bunting Absent Balz Becker Erzrnger Gilbert Hauser M Patterson Tyrrell, Ellwood, Heinen, Williams Clark Brinton Thrrd Mr McFadzean Weiss SOPHOMORE-Bottom Row: Tittle, Boyd, Scoville, Nissly, Ever- ly, Hansen. Secondg Nykaza Schmid, Renner, Watkens, Andre Third: Mr. Cichowski Ccoachj O'Rourke, Olson, Padgitt, Foran Davis, Corns. FRESHMAN-Bottom Row Murdoch, Chadwick, Scott Steiger, Balz, Dearborn, Cray Mangler. Second: Johnston Kudan, O'Brien, O'Connell, Down- ing, Brandon, Butz, Kovacevic Third: Mr. Cichowski Kcoachj Steinhoff, Allen, Neylan, Boshes Federico, Vauzanges, Kaltenekker Blanchard. 170!LACROSSE RUGB Y V Bottom Row: Clark, Moloney, K. Bergman, Diaz, Tyrrell, Lahey, Black, Third: Perlman, Welch, Barton, O'Shaughnessy, Phillips, D. Ahern, Webster, Estabrook, Cain. Second: P. Higgins, Medina, Pates, Shehan Diclementi, Brown, Kuenzel, B. Higgins, McCarthy, Schmitt, Roenisch. , Dickson, Carr, Bloomfield. Fourth: Kurschner, Green, Campbell, James, W. Bergman, J. Ahern, Mahowald, Bryan, Perry, Mr. May fcoachl. fHirshj RUGBYf171 172fIM IM GARY COLE LISA HOWARD Student director Executive secretary 1Stinn efordl BILL LEGG Head of team sports Robin Kirk Creighton Cray Asst. head of Head of boys' team sports individual sports Bob Rempert John Moderwell Asst. individual Communications sports Lauren Cole Mark Fishbein Asst. Head of communications special events Ron Witt Bruce Dalkin Jim Scoville Ellen McCoskrie Colette Campbell Bob Gescheidle Points and Points and Head of co-ed Head of Asst. Asst. awards awards sports individual sports individual sports team sports FACULTY X.. rj s Well slated IT WAS A YEAR of hope. After the dissension, contract difficulties, and financial crisis of 1975-'76, New Trier surged toward a brighter future. In April of 1976, the Board of education finally agreed to binding arbitration. This clause allowed the Board and the teachers to resolve the difficulties concerning salaries and pensions-difficul- ties which had kept the teachers without a contract for 18 months. This year the community responded overwhelm- ingly to the schoolls needs, the passage of the referendum allocated a higher property tax which insured the quality of education at New Trier for the future. In an atmosphere of optimism, teachers searched for ways to expand their roles as educators. They underwent an intense self-evaluation for the first time since 1968, participating in the evaluation conducted by the North Central accrediting agency. The North Central committees examined topics ranging from general curriculum to school facilities and then compiled reports which were given to a central committee which analyzed the findings in order to revise, evolve, and supplement the educational objectives of NTE. Teachers also broadened their horizons by taking education out of the classroom. Mrs. Jane Partridge, in connection with American international field service, took a group of students to Cambridge for a two-week course, they also travelled throughout Europe. Mr. Steven Hilsabeck supervised a group of students in a week-long trip to the Kampsville archeological site. 1' 174fFACULTY +res - Above: Miss Niebauer's sympathetic advice saves a student who is poised on the edge of an inky abyss. Right: In a moment of pedigogical meditation, Dr. Johnston is on the brink of making history. Below: Mr. McCrea strikes a harmonious chord between biology and music. Below left: In terms of teacher-student communications, Mrs. Whipple knows that laughter is the common denominator. I Weston, Fine, Tatosian, Wippman.l si.. .51 pancreas 53,-ie UV k.,,,, , Hmxach 5312 ,. , I , supvl' g L 4 A dminis tration DR. RODERICK N. BICKERT Superintendent rv, f X BOARD OF EDUCATION-Bottom Row: Mr. David O. Crow, Mr. Peter N. Todhunter, Mr. Richard H. Rosenberg. Second: Mr. Joseph W. Hirschhorn, Mrs. Hulburd Wampler, Mr. O. William Neebe. Absent: Mrs. Edward S. Hoffman 176fADMINISTRATlON MR. RALPH G. MC GEE DR. JOHN B. Principal PATZWALD Associate superintendent MR. KENNETH L. MR. ERWIN A. WELLINGTON WEINGARTNER Dean of students Director, Student services MRS. MARY IDA DR. HENRY S. MC GUIRE BANGSER Director, Instructional Director, Operating services services MRSGEORGE R. BABIGIAN Dir. Administrative services MR. WILLIAM J. BOYD Dir. Evening school MR. RICHARD A. DIENHART Production coordinator, ITV MR. ERNEST F. GIARELLI Dir. Facility services MRS. MARY L. GLEASON Bookstore supervisor MR. ROBERT T. GOBER Attendance officer MISS LOUISE HOLZINGER Registrar MR. CHARLES A. KLINGSPORN Administrative assistant MR. ROBERT LARSEN Procurement and transportation services MR. ROBERT L. PRUITT Cafeteria manager MRS. CHARLOTTE ROBLING Dir. Information services MR. JACK B. SPATAFORA Director, ITV MR. THOMAS W. TIMMIS Dir. Personnel services MR. FLOYD B. HILLMAN Career guidance MR. WILLARD G. RUDIGER Career guidance A dminis tra tive staff U? MRS. SUE J. LENARD Senior girls' adviser chairman MR. HAROLD R. SEVERNS Senior boys' adviser chairman MRS. CAREY MESTJIAN Junior girls' adviser chairman MR. ROBERT L. GOULD Junior boys' adviser chairman MISS JEAN P. KIXMILLER Sophomore girls' adviser chairman MR. WESLEY A. BAUMANN Sophomore boys' adviser chairman MRS. VIRGINIA E. JOBST Freshman girls' adviser chairman MR. LAWRENCE C. IRWIN Freshman boys' adviser chairman .Q ADMINISTRATIVE STAFFXI77 MRS. SUZANNE B. ADAMS English MRS. RITA D. ANSON Music MRS. FRANCES B. APATOFF Instructional assistant MR. ROBERT S. APPLEBAUM Science MRS. JEANNE W. ARNOFF Social studies MRS. RHEA K. ATKINS Assistant, Personnel services MR. DAVID A. BACHMANN Music MRS. BEVERLY G. BAKER English MRS. JUDITH L. BAKER Business office MR. RICHARD J. BALDRINI Chairman, Boys' physical education MR. MORRIS BAREFIELD Mathematics MRS. KATHY H. BARNES English MRS. DEBORAH BARTHOLOMAY English MR. TERENCE J. BARTON Mathematics MISS BONNIE L. BEACH Girls' physical education MRS. PRISCILLA L. BECHINA Office staff MR. ROBERT B. BELL Science , MISS SHARON M. BELL Business education MRS. FRANCES M. BENSON Business education MR. JOHN J. BENSON Mathematics MRS. FERN S. BERGER Office staff MRS. LOIS S. BIEGEL Office staff MRS. LILLIAN BOGSTRAND Paraprofessional MRS. JANET H. BORJA Modern languages MRS. NAOMA W. BOSSHART English MR. ROBERT F. BOSSHART Mathematics MR. ROBERT R. BOYLE EnglishfSpeech, Drama MRS. JUDITH G. BRINTON English MR. ALAN A. BRIX Science MRS. CARYL S. BRIX Science MISS RUTH M. BULLOCK Library MRS. ESTHER BURNS Social studies MR. PETER W. BURNSIDE Boys' physical education MR. ARNOLD N. CAJET Driver education MRS. SILVIA D. CALESINI Modern languages MRS. BETTY L. CREEK Assistant, Information services MRS. BARBARA A. CROISANT Special education MRS. MARGARET J. CRUMP Instructional assistant MISS LAURA M. DANIELS Center MRS. BARBARA B. DAVIS Modern languages MR. W. HUGHES DAVIS Social studies MISS MARY T. DEIGNAN Special education MS. KATHLEEN M. DEMPSEY Modern languages MR. GERALD M. DENK Boys' physical education MRS. DOROTHY N. DERRY Social studies MR. DAVID A. DICKMAN Chairman, Social studies MISS MARILYN J. DOMEK Modern languages MISS M. EVELYN DONNELL Mathematics MISS MARTHA L. DRAKE Girls' physical education MRS. BARBARA M. DROHAN Business office MRS. LORRAINE M. DULIN Modern languages MISS BARBARA D. ELBLE Mathematics MR. EDWARD P. ELLIOTT Social studies MR. ROBERT A. ENKEY rt MRS. MIGNON F. ESAREY Office staff MR. MICHAEL W. CARAGHAR Technical arts MRS. BEVERLY CARLSTROM Office staff MR. CLINTON E. CARLSTROM Chairman, Technical arts MR. ALBERT S. CARPENTER Special education AIXIISS GLORIA C. CASELLA rt MR. HENRY E. CHARLES Classics MRS. LOIS F. CHRISTIAN Library MR. WALTER J. CHRUSCINSKI Chairman, Art MR. EUGENE W. CICHOWSKI Boys' physical education MR. CARL W. CLADER Chairman, Science MR. GARY E. CLARK Boys' physical education MRS. BOBBIE H. CLEGG Girls' physical education MISS PHYLLIS CLENDENING Music MRS. LUDMILLA R. COVEN Special education MR. RICHARD P. COXON Technical arts 4? FACULTY! 179 MR. MELVIN E. EVERLY Science MR. JAMES A. FARRELL English MRS. CHRISTINE FASSNACHT Girls' physical education MR. CLARENCE H. FELDBUSCH Supervisor, Facility services MR. WILLIAM N. FELT Art MRS. JEANNE M. FERGUSON Office staff MISS KATHLEEN A. FERGUSON Office staff MRS. KATHRYN FITZGIBBONS Social studies MRS. ROSE M. FLEMING Office staff MR. WILLIAM R. FLY Driver education MRS. HEDY FRANZ Cafeteria bookkeeper MR. NORMAN L. FREY English MRS. HELENE R. FRIEDMAN Modern languages MR. JOHN W. GAHALA Modern languages MR. THOMAS J. GARDEN Special education MRS. SUANNE S. GERSON Office staff MRS. CAROL B. GILL Theater production MR. FRANKLIN I. GILL Theater production MRS. BARBARA J. GOLDBERG Art 180fFACULTY fPendryj MRS. SHIRLEY S. GOLDSMITH Speech therapy MR. PAUL C. GOODRICH Chairman, Business education MRS. ALICE L. GREEN English MR. WILLIAM GREGORY Center MR. DEAN D. HALL Social studies MRS. GLENNA HALLIBURTON Office staff MR. STEPHEN C. HAM Classics MR. RICHARD F. HANGREN Chairman, School social work MRS. SUE M. HARVEY Special education MR. GENE R. HELFRICH Mathematics MRS. MARY JO HERZOG Girls' physical education MRS. ALISON R. HILSABECK Office staff MR. STEPHEN A. HILSABECK Social studies MR. JOSEPH C. HUERTER Boys' physical education MRS. CHARLOTTE HUGGINS English MRS. CLAIRE L. HUGHSON Mathematics MRS. JOAN S. ISMOND Office staff MR. JOHN A. JACOBSON Technical arts FACULTY! 181 MRS. LILLY P. JACOBSON Office staff MR. GORDON W. JENSEN Chairman, Modern languages MS. JULIE W. JOHNSON English DR. ANGUS J. JOHNSTON Social studies MRS. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Library MR. BERNARD JOSEFSBERG English MISS ELAINE M. KEHM Mathematics MRS. BARBARA M. KELLY Social studies MRS. HELEN L. KELLY Modern languages MRS. MARILYN V. KEMP Chairman, English MISS LEOLA J. KENNICKE Girls' physical education MR. JOHN N. KING Business education MR. PETER V. KINGSBURY Art MRS. NANCY HOLLINS Special education MR. RONALD T. KLEIN Boys, physical education MRS. WENDY K. KLEIN Social studies MISS DARLENE A. KLUKA Girls' physical education MR. WILLIAM J. KOSER Special education MR. EUGENE A. KROSCHEL School social work MR. JAMES KRUEMPELSTAEDTER 182fFACULTY Driver education MR. ROBERT E. KUENNEN Art f Wippmanj MR. JAMES H. LABADIE Modern languages MISS ROSALIE LAWLOR English MRS. DEANNA K. LAZAR Office staff MR. ZACHARY D. LAZAR Science MR. ROBERT C. LEAHY Mathematics MR. RAYMOND J. LEDINSKY Modern languages MRS. JANETTE Y. LEE Health services MRS. BARBARA A. LEECH English MRS. SUSANNE J. LEGGETT English MRS. EVELYN E. LEVERENTZ Supervisor, Evening school staff MR. RODNEY J. LEVERENTZ Chairman, Mathematics MRS. THORA J. LEVY Special education MRS. BLOSSOM A. MARMEL Social studies MR. ERIC K. MATZ Science MR. ROY R. MAY Boys' physical education MR. THOMAS B. MC CLAIN Speech, Drama MR. JOSEPH W. MC CLOSKEY English MR. PHILIP J. MC CREA Science MR. JAMES C. MC FADZEAN Mathematics MRS. MARY MC FADZEAN Office staff MISS JOYCE A. MC NAUGHTON Girls' physical education MRS. JOANNE B. MILES Modern languages MRS. JUDITH R. MILLENSON School social work MRS. BEVERLY MILLER Center MR. LLOYD O. MILLER English MR. CHARLES W. MITCHELL Mathematics MRS. LOUISE P. MORE Special education MRS. ROSE K. MOREAU English MR. O. JAMES MORGAN English 184fFACULTY 4 i .. ,..,, . Q ,.,,,,.... 3 , if nf: f . . f I ,R ge I I 'Q , . 2 . If Q is as I, r- .Q ,.. ., V- 'M,, 4.,,-.H+ ,Q Q 1 2 N, gg, , , 4 .... 5 K, V. f ti gf? f fif , ' 1 ..' 4' , 4 1 1 6 ' '." .. ' isa-a , 9331 ' ' ' ' " .7122 i ' - 22 .. ' .g f " W' 'A .. -. , . 4.,. me-,. 4-. :.,. ..p,.. 5325 k'.p E -f-A-A ""' , A 372 '7 3 if ' 1CarIs0l1l M RS. MARIE-LOUISE T. MORRIS Modern language MISS HELEN N. MORROW Social studies MISS JANE E. MUELLER English MR. JOHN H. MULLINER Chairman, Reading MRS. CATHERINE E. NARO English MRS. SALLY B. NEARY Office staff MR. LEO H. NEUMAN Chairman, Driver education MR. EDWARD W. NICHOLSON Speech, Drama MISS IRENE C. NIEBAUER Art MISS JUDITH S. NORDBLOM Social studies MRS. CYNTHIA S. NOWIK Business education MISS MINDY A. NUSINOW Home economics MRS. LOUISE C. O'CONNELL Office staff MR. MICHAEL J. O'HARE Science MR. RICHARD J. OLDERMAN Photography .fy 'gk' , IPa ulj ff' .s1sfE"s f rf N . ,IQ .1 fPa ul 1 FACULTY! 185 ,av MR. ANTHONY D. SCHINTO Boys' physical education MR. JOHN A. SCHNEITER Driver education MR. MARTIN A. SCHNIPPER English MRS. LAURA A. SCHULTZ Office staff MR. CHARLES E. SCHULZ Mathematics MRS. ROSE SCHWAB Office staff MRS. RUTH T. SCOBIE Business education MISS CINDEE R. SCOTT English MRS. JOANNE H. SHEPARD Paraprofessional kt v" -V J' ,.1, f"a-5.1 ig' wat, . MRS. DIANE F. SMITH 186fFACULTY Office staff Q. -:ffl Rf, '.'.,,,:.'-: ,gn .R .. ,. '.. ...Z .'.':.:..,. 9 Q! Il:o. 0 ".. .','..,'l-42 .. ,-,,,-,-.,-, .s'.'... u .... s.,-. -'.','.', .H -.-.--.-.--. ... MR. LYNN R. OSBORN Technical arts MRS. JANE S. PARTRIDGE English MRS. ARLINE R. PAUL Center MRS. DOROTHY L. PAULICK Mathematics MRS. JUNE PENNER School social work DR. WILLIAM J. PETERMAN Chairman, MusicfSpeech, Drama MISS DONNA L. PETERSON Modern languages MRS. PAULA J. POYSER Home economics MR. CHARLES E. PROVOW Science MRS. BETTY G. QUICK Chairman, Home economics MRS. ISMENE RANGAVES Modern languages MR. JOHN H. RAY JR. Mathematics MR. RICHARD A. RHOAD Mathematics MR. CHARLES F. ROCKEY Science MRS. MARY B. RODEN English MRS. ARDYS A. ROEPKE Office staff MRS. MARGARET W. ROMANI English MRS. ELAINE G. ROTH Chairman, Library!Media center MR. PABLO RUBIN DE CELIS Paraprofessional DR. ROLAND V. RUDE Speech, Drama MISS GERALDINE A. RYBERG Chairman, Girls' physical education MRS. HELEN W. RYON Girls' physical education MRS. GENEVIEVE SAVAGE Health services MR. EARL D. SCHABEL Boys' physical education MR. HERMAN J. SCHILLEREFF Director of Athletics X X 9 MRS. SANDRA E. WHIPPLE Mathematics MR. JON C. WHITE Social studies MR. M. WAYNE WIEMER Driver education MRS. HELENE W. WIGGINS Office staff MR. JAMES J. WOLF School social work MR. WILLIAM R. WOLFF Boys' physical education MR. JAMES A. WOLTER Chairman, Special education MR. J. CLARK WORKMAN Technical arts MRS. MARTHA JANE WRIGHT Modern languages MS. JOAN L. ZUCKERMAN Operations coordinator, ITV MS. LAURA K. SNIDER Library!Media center MR. ROBERT K. STEVENS Music MR. WILLIAM P. STEWART Social studies MISS DIANE L. STOEWER English MRS. BARBARA L. STONE School social work MR. JOEL B. STREIGHTIFF Music MR. THOMAS E. SWARSEN Science MISS CAROLYN J. SWEERS Social studies MRS. JUDITH B. TATAR Special education MRS. DOLORES THOMAS Science MRS. GILLIAN H. THOMSEN Science MR. JOHN R. THOMSON Chairman, Classics MRS. J. JUNE TODD English MRS. VIVIAN E. TURCOT Special education MR. RONALD A. TYNER Science MRS. LOUISE O. UNDERWOOD English MRS. GRETA M. VINCENT Office staff MR. DAVID H. WALDSCHMIDT Social studies MRS. KATHERINE J. WALSH English MR. LUCIUS E. WARD Operating services MR. ROBERT R. G. WARD Mathematics MISS BRENDA R. WAYNE Business education MR. RONALD R. WEDEKIND Mathematics MRS. LOUISE R. WEISS Business education DR. ROBERT M. WHIPPLE Mathematics FACULTY! 187 CAFE TERIA STAFF Bottom Row: Smith, Toney, Alber ty, Levins, Losado, Bixler, Hodge. Second: Franz, Gross, Boystrand, 5 Baldi, Corrus, Kubiak, Ruffin, Kum ' mer. Absent: Berkowicz. MA IN TE NA N CE CHE WS Xu 'Q NIGHT SHIFT-Bottom Row Hoss, Schilf, Nardomarino, Gregori Zauner. Second: Holloway, Upguard J. Tosi, D. Tosi, Dipietro. Third: Lipscomb, Shaffer, Bernardi, Miller. Fourth: Bernadel, Perkey, Logli Thalman. Absent: Ambrogi Cavallari, Hoffman, Kiederlen. n., Q 1 , X ISSXMAINTENANCE UHDQRCLIASSIYIEPI S l If Q lf fl ff' Z 1 ,Jef V, .4 W' 2 w, 21 ' 4 'MZ ' , f' ,, f X " Ziff if f2 Qff G+ W W , U M qw vw M, lv GV , V.. vga ' :'eN4x ' MRS. BOSSHART Bottom Row: Waite, Jannotta, Howell, Ellis Kravits. Second: Smith, Williams, McClain Pearson, Schwartz, Mrs. Bosshart. Third: 1 Hayden, Socket, Franchini, Clark, Armstrong, Beaman. Fourth: Messer, Scherer, Sanders, Waitley, Goese, Weickert. Absent: Appel, Hines, Klingler, Krimmer, O'Malley, Sanden MRS. BURNS Bottom Row: Crown, Ball, Smith, Andrews Rado, Zehner. Second: Callaway, Greenberg, Pantone, Pope, T. Taylor, Witcoff, Mrs. Burns Third: Madden, James, Schaaf, Cain, Stein Temmerman, Higgins. Fourth: Campbell, S Taylor, Lambert, Greer, Herlocker, Rebarchak Hector. Absent: Fisher, Hellman, Kerr, O'Neil Perry. MISS BEACH Bottom Row: Veit, DeGross, Sick, Seidenberg, Goldberg, Steagall, Lindberg. Second: Lieber- man, Lucas, Luecker, McCoskrie, Howard, Buzzard, Kruempelstaedter, Buntain. Third: Maranda, Mclntyre, Olson, DesRemaux, Burke, Malone, Barber, Wyse. Fourth: Hart, Dowen, Rippel, Mundt, Askonas, Conran, Miss Beach. Absent: McCarty, VanDyke. MR. CARPENTER Bottom Row: Hoffman, Schennum, Witt, Hohengarten, Bone, Peara, Karmel. Second: Karouzos, Heinzen, Rankin, Petersen, Temple- ton, Bauer, Huge. Third: Stevenson, Nejedly, Lewis, Pettersen, Fish, Bianucci, Southall, Freiser. Fourth: Zuke, Woolson, Townsley, Abbey, Campbell, Jackson, Dunlap. Absent: Boaz, Sebastian, Mr. Carpenter. JUNIORSf191 Fla amvfvf' MISS DOMEK Bottom Row: Mack, Goldeen, Schneider, Rossen, Dunn, Deasy. Second: Shang, Werth- eimer, Thompson, Cook, Thomashow, Phillips. Third: Heiser, Porino, Doctor, Butz, Harris, Fragassi, Miss Domek. Fourth: Sethness, Gerrard, Perrella, Sandor, Hopkins, Schmid, Boynton. Absent: Evans, McMurray, VanDuzer. MISS ELBLE Bottom Row: George, Kindig, Boshes, Ram- say, Johnson, Garrison. Second: Tindall, Dempsey, Platt, Burmeister, Salvano, Miss Elble. Third: Prindiville, Whitehand, Hively, Strauch, Ballin, Moore. Fourth: Fajer, Rey- nolds, Tallant, Cawley, McCoy, Obenchain. Absent: Chien, Gordon, Mannix, Skehen, Smola, Weed. 192fJ UN IORS MR. DAVIS Bottom Row: Blodgett, Bradley, Newhall, Aitken, Henzlik, Parmer. Second: Waldstein, Jones, Wang, Fritz, Krause, Odea. Third: Pearson, Etheridge, Aspinall, Hoffman, McBride, Rapoza, Mr. Davis. Fourth: She- pherd, Hoback, Comeau, Babb, O'Connor, Ryan. Absent: Jonscher, Keefe, MeCartney, Voss. MR. DENK Bottom Row: Lin, Talbot, Hitt, Golder, Williams, DeCroocq. Second: Erzinger, Schroeder, Albrecht, Barnett, Bischoff, Berg- gren, Murphy, Mr. Denk. Third: Reighard, Ellis, McLeod, Southern, Cohen, R.F. Berg- man, Woods. Fourth: Koushanpour, Kiesler, Curtis, Kurschner, R.A. Bergman, Elliott, Morgan. Absent: Brennan, Chaloner, Driscoll, Peterson, Volkmann, Kennedy. MR. GAHALA Bottom Row: Keefe, Meyers Ro ce O'Keefe, v Y , Graller, Trenholm. Second: Bryan, Burrill W8fI1e1', Ernst, Braden, Cray, Mr. Gahala Third: Bloomfield, Condrin, Kretchmer, Nold Williams, Kirby. Fourth: Siegal, Smith Bl'1dg6S, Wlley, Moore, Woodall, McLean Absent: Carstens, Challinor, Raucci. MR. HELFRICH Bottom Row: Skillman, Nystrom, Jones, Rempert, Markey, Howell. Second: Fox, Cohen, Keller, Jackman, Poklop, Fern, Shiba- ta. Third: Fisch, Erickson, Norcross, Jewett Piper, Brinton, Shepherd, Mr. Helfrich Fourth: Andler, Pyskacek, Patterson, Ander- son, Moore, Karaganis, Burchard. Absent: Purmett, Raymond, Tarkan. Q ! fi Q66 Fir 5 1 :W 1 if . A 1, , , ., , I I X H 1 . ,., , gf -J ' rrrr re . J' Yi or iror iii, 5 i AW Y.. L . S.- - r ,,, 755 Q-QPHSM V ' ,,,, 'ffm 1 1 i F9 ew, .V , t , :Y W : f.-5 i NTP if E315 Sa 21.7559 if I wink LL .rr ' 5' 09 it KZ S' igiigifffir n Eialelfii m.,::': pf liellliilf seg ai Y rel' J Lf MW, g, DR. JOHNSTON Bottom Row: Cahn, Wahlgren, Roberts, Berkman, Termyn, Dr. Johnston. Second: Cutler, Haggerty, Sbrocco, Dickey, Ashmore, Lindner, Smith. Third: Shapiro, Wilson, Pickard, Fabry, Shaver, Mintz, Mathews, Weber. Fourth: Donahoe, Surman, Tomlin, White, DeForest, Thorne, Foran, Ruffin. Absent: Gedo, Newcombe, O'Rourke. MISS KEHM Bottom Row: Moy, Bovaird, Johnson, Walters, Gautier, Atten. Second: Noyes, Creagh, Feldman, Stevenson, Alonzi, Greve, Miss Kehm. Third: Stern, Frey, Ambrose, Richman, Laughlin, Sides, Elbert. Fourth: Parsegian, Thomas, Frommeyer, Gorman, Neary, Guthrie, Cook. Absent: Allen, Dicesare, Erie, Hohengarten. JUNIORSf 193 MR. LEAHY Bottom Row: Hosbein, Tuchmann, James Taylor, Black, Carrington, Dumont. Second Beebe, O'Gara, Harris, Dalton, Montgomery, Zachary, Heinen. Third: Bissell, Janaes McCullough, Carney, Coyle, Bishop, Sullivan Fourth: Pasek, Ellwood, Porter, Mohling, Williams, Bickert, Mals, Mr. Leahy. MRS. LEVY Bottom Row: Frankel, Kriesant, VanMeter Wright, Johnson, Katz, Braudo, Tachau Second: Buckingham, Farnsworth, Smith Solberg, Denison, Plate, Sherman, Jasper, Mrs Levy. Third: Nadherny, Wildman, Petty Werth, Westler, Schinler, Rubin, Jester Fourth: Kondzela, Klauke, Poulos, Kaufmann, Wheeler, James, Kunkel, Mabie, Skaja. Absent: Angelos, Funari, Reda. 194!JUNIORS y 1 MS. B. KELLY Bottom Row: Miller, Freeman, Marran, Holland, Petrillo, McCarren, McClain, Pok. Second: Swanson, Ryno, Foukal, Paul, Krebs, Whitman, Helmer, McIntosh. Third: Spring, Warner, Rutherford, Stafford, Buerger, Gignil- liat, Kirk, Boyd. Fourth: Wyco, Korner, Johnson, Niebank, Mitchell, Myers, Crandell, Wengler, Ms. Kelly. Absent: Lee. MRS. MARMEL Bottom Row: Miller, Hurd, Norton, Hodlick, Rubel, Tangney, Deutsch. Second: Kofman, Landesman, Griffith, Barron, Askounis, Cooper, Gibson, Hanlon, Mrs. Marmel. Third: Powell, Muckerman, Egan, Heida, Ley, Hangren, Cosgrove, Rielly. Fourth: de Vryer Beutelspacher, Dow, Leekley, Mueller, Hart, Nelson, Lane.Absent: Metzger. MR. MAY Bottom Row: Lasky, Vanderhorst, Klapper Berger, Acri, Berlin. Second: Penticoff, Whit- church, Elia, Field, Mcliiernan, Sangster, Mr May. Third: DiClementi, Porter, Swenson Rohner, Hauser, Schmitz. Fourth: Beitzel, Potts Skillman, Ferretti, Thomas, Kingwell, Kuether Absent: Breit, Klauke, Lanham, Richmond. 1 v 1 HX: 1 4 - sg' ZX MR. MURPHY Bottom Row: Cornell, McIntyre, Jannotta, Biel, Mackey, Mangler. Second: Denniston, Lourenco, Minogue, Fine, Holland, Lane, Mr. Murphy. Third: Michala, Hoffman, McKinley, Kendall, Balsley. Fourth: Uriell, Freund, McKeone, Gynn, Carreira, Peters. Absent: Banach, Cohrs, Diltz, Gautier. MR. McCREA Bottom Row: Morgan, Ruival, Curtis, Carp Lyon, Steffens. Second: Richardson, Small McShane, Nolan, Bryan, Cullen. Third:Groot Muller, Stephan, Dreiske, Hughes, Staessens, Mr McCrea. Fourth: Smith, Phillips, Peterson, Field Kashian, Butler. Absent: Dietrich, Jiganti, Morr- ison. MR. MITCHELL Bottom Row: Collins, Williams, Kurschner, Maine, Sutherland. Second: Hahn, Brumitt, Miller, Curtiss, Cullen, Mr. Mitchell. Third: Klotz, Revord, Franzen, Dudenhoefer, Brzezinski, Van de Graaff. Fourth: Weinstein, Boleyn, Sievers, DeVries, Wright, Nixon. Absent: Carney, Devroy, Moore, Nevin, Stein, Wolf. ,Q i , ' eff 5,13 4, ' t JUN1oRsf195 1 5 JQLXD I H I-:raw MR. OSBORN Bottom Row: Coo an, Higa Hartnett, Markey S i , Babcock, Parikh. Second: Rosenzweig, Spray, Titterton, Minton, Corbett, Hubbard. Third Merkel, Wheeler, Cook, Hicks, Bates, Mr Osborn. Fourth: Jaffe, Thoennes, Evans, Law- son, Guhl, Ticho. Absent: Rowe. MRS. PAULICK Bottom Row: Diaz, Klein, Bernstein Gluckman, Sherman, Dugan. Second: Braet, Paulick. Third: Cawley, Diltz, Lenzner, Verges, Crane, Ellis, White. Fourth: Regan, Watkins, McGrew, Carmell, Bower, Copher, Schulman, Gallanis. Absent: Carter, Chapman, Eckert, Venner, Cohen, Kerr, O'Keeffe, Guyton, Mrs McCormick. IQBXJUNIORS MRS. NOWIK Bottom Row: Wood, Berner, O'Leary, Maher Van DeWalle, King, Owens. Second: Thomas Hetz, Hutchins, Burdick, Tlou, Fitzgerald Winkler. Third: Stapleton, Baxter, Ernbree Rosenberg, Osrnent, Flentye, Treacher, M1-S Nowik. Fourth: Green, Fasano, Siegel Burchard, Ehmann, Goodrich, Western, Fitzl Hugh. Absent: Behan, Moshier. MR. OLIVA Bottom Row: Twiss, Carr, Obereiner, Jacobson, West. Second: Lawler, Tatosian, McGrew, Broderick, Seibel, Mr. Oliva. Third: McDivitt, Pitluk, Trei-ber, Linden, Gaskill. Fourth: Davis, Varney, Halliburton, Brackett, Kamin. Absent: Borushek, Davis, Elston, Hughes, Thorsen. NM? J 9 v MR. WARD Bottom Row: Cahn, O'Brien, Kaplan, Marcus Coggins, Horwich. Second: Craig, Widran, Satterlee, Parr, White, Powell. Third: Licata Milenkovic, Quilici, Du Voisin, Harloff, Cloud Mr. Ward. Fourth: Klise, Murray, Meeder Bone, Lawson, Nordmark, Bird. Absent Schneider, Tyrrell, Zimmerman. MR. WOLF Bottom Row: Panitch, Challenger, Weil Sprayregen, Chudacoff, Kaiser. Second Roberts, Henderson, Britt, Butler, Barr, Sunkel Third: Dunn, Quinn, Frei, Schaefer, Hilton, An druss. Fourth: Ackerman, Needleman, Tomes Kauffmann, McCarthy, Schmidtlein, Duffy. Absent: Beebe, Foley, Nelson, Weisbard, Mr. Wolf. MR. RAY Bottom Row: Caspersen, Wiley, Rennolds Lasky, Smith. Second: Hardy, Rudolfi, Schulz Joseph, Van Amerongen, Sicalla. Third: Myers, Potter, Hudson, Richmond, Carey, Sokol, Mr Ray. Fourth: Mahowald, Goldman, Babcock, Moraitis, Petterson, Beyer. Absent: Bennett, Hawkins, Holmberg, Huffer, Punnett. MRS. RYON Bottom Row: Gordon, Shine, Schneider, Mikelson, Selvaggio, Holmgren, A. Schmitt. Se- cond: Kennedy, Burnett, Cohen, Haworth, Allen, Gaynor, Mrs. Ryon. Third: Neil, Minor, T. Schmitt, Campbell, Marsh, Sheridan, Wright, Kauss. Fourth: Tomory, Thomas. Poirier, McDermott, Beinlich, MacKenzie, Belzer, Hummel. Absent: Grannan, Karouzos. JUNIORS! 197 S OPH OM ORE S BOB NEUHAUS TONY LEHMAN President Vice-president SALLY FRIEDLANDER JIM SCOVILLE Secretary Treasurer EMERGING FROM the confines of inexperience, the Sophomore class distinguished itself with an admirable combination of dedication and enthusiasm. In a year of difficult social and academic adjustment, sophomores nevertheless proved both active and productive under the leadership of President Robert Neuhaus. At the St. Viator vs. NTE football playoff game, they sold hot chocolate to chilly spectators to benefit the Robinson-Sewell Memorial Fund. In addition, sophomores raised money for scholarships through holding both a car wash and a pen sale. They sponsored two class parties, exhibiting a willingness to lead an active social life as well as a knack for successful organization. Mr. Wes Baumann, adviser chairman, was pleased with the Sophomore class officers. "Under the direction of excellent class leadership, we enjoyed one of the most active and involved steering committees ever," he explained. Their efforts helped the Sophomore class make a name for itself through successful charity work and spirited social activity. IQSXSOPHOMORES Beaming with pride, this Driver's ed. auto helps wipe out many bad habits characteristic of novice motorists. lWestonj MRS. ARNOFF Bottom Row: Bahng, Dettmer, Levie, Beinlich Gotsis, Mrkonich, Sibbald. Second: Madsen Lindberg, Seabright, Vandeveld, Nesbitt Bowness, Sotern. Third: Brennan, Wang, Wallace, Tam, Sullivan, Compton, Winkler Mrs. Arnoff. Fourth: Adamson, Maton O'Connor, Hewett, Fox, Pelts, Friend, Harland Absent: Stewart. MRS. BORJA Bottom Row: Gaynor, Valenzuela, Claffey, Russell, O'Neill, Sherman, Hangren. Second Tung, Smith, Kapps, Morand, Fetzer, Remien Berlin, Erzinger. Third: Kim, Demman Pearson, Ehmann, Rieger, Judge, Harkness Frazer. Fourth: Weaver, Bartholomew, Epler Lifvendahl, Warton, Trieschmann, Williams Wiele, Mrs. Borja. Absent: Harriman. MRS. BARNES Bottom Row: Challenger, Lee, Hannah, Hinds, Webb, Alexander, Vanderhorst. Second: McKiernan, Mayer, Tlou, Schwiebert, Burk, Gun, MacLean. Third: Herrmann, Drachman, Garron, Coyle, O'Reilly, Hardy, Slavens, Mrs. Barnes. Fourth: Oberlin, Royal, Elia, Crown, Burns, Malloy, Worthington, Zingg. Absent: DeCarlo, Lau, Rennolds, Strong. MR. BENSON Bottom Row: Yi, Aagaard, Pettit, Hansen, Saliwanchik, Collins, Carter. Second: Conley, Solomon, Brown, Coogan, Doll, Goese, Conran, Tatosian. Third: Todd, Philipp, McAuliff, Sullivan, Lundquist, Doughty, Tittle, Mr. Benson. Fourth: Fucik, Ware, Fajer, Stephens, Gorman, Stehlik, Kutshke, Peterson, Lehman. Absent: Arthur, Bebak, Joshua, Samos. Lit--'l SOPHOMORESH99 MRS. BRINTON Bottom Row: Caspersen, Flinchum, Beebe, Reinisch, Friedlander, Boothe, Jaeger, Gynn. Second: Shinker, Steffens, Connors, Dell, Peters, Lederman, Mrs. Brinton. Third: Bergman, ldzik, Patterson, Munns, Medina, Schiffman, Helmer, Chadwick. Fourth: Dold, Corcoran, Hayes, Gordon, Guhl, Goodman, Houghtlin, Schwiebert, Broderick. Absent: Lowe. MRS. DAVIS Bottom Row: Krause, White, Collins, Zimmer- man, Hill, Weninger, Buckingham, Mrs. Davis Second: O'Brien, Rogers, Weatherhead Meltzer, Hall, Gion, Burns, Phillips. Third Guilleminot, Stevenson, Simpson, Richburg, Cannon, Fragassi, Spiegler, Snite. Fourth Brinker, McCook, Casey, Calhoun, Lavelle Foukal, Licata, Klinge. if .La 5 QOOXSOPHOMORES MRS. CALESINI Bottom Row: Freedman, Keefe, Parsons, Klein, Powell, Mack, Varley. Second: Hales, Badger, Cross, Drew, Steffens, Madlener, Arden, Mrs. Calesini. Third: Royce, Clary, Hosbein, Mericle, Purcell, Johnson, Borelli, Provow. Fourth: Murphy, Short, Stone, Buck, Tukey, Zuke, Ryan, Downey. Absent: Bodeen, Wussler. MR. FARRELL Bottom Row: Borsotti, Ahlborn, Brownstein, Kofman, Leslie, Mr. Farrell. Second: Schramm, Vogt, Sullivan, Carpenter, Slack, Dudenhoefer. Third: Horsting, Schopen, Corrigan, Plummer, Frank, Sershon. Fourth: Wyco, Schlossman, Kraenzle, Stonier, Timmis, Strite, Ahern. Absent: Blake, Nolan, Ronayne, Turner, Walker. MRS. FASSNACHT Bottom Row: Croak, Nagle, Pollock, Howlett, Johnson, Husting, Stogin, McMurray. Second J. Wolfe, Maloney, Tolpin, Elliot, Nelson Mackie, Mueller, Decroocq, Mrs. Fassnacht Third: Widermann, Trainor, Schmitt, Harvey Dickes, Hook, Schinler, Hagy. Fourth: N Wolfe, Parcells, Carney, Kuenzel, Kelly Englemann, Bendix, Bergersen. "" MR. FREY L ' Bottom Row: Grace, DeVuono, Hellman, ' ,, , Chausow, Revord, Soren, Platon. Second: East, ,, r Kelley, snntn, Avildsen, Jacobi, Pearlman, Mr. I ' fn L, E Frey. Third: Hepworth, MacDonald, Cusick, Q Rosenberg, Scoville, Andre, Nykaza. Fourth: .1 Booll, Lyons, Holland, Shelton, Wickham, li wi 0'Rou1-ke. Absent: Lane, Turner. 'if Ay . MR. FLY Bottom Row: McHugh, Plate, Lipson, Ni- cholis, Johnson, Bryan, Glaser. Second: Marrinson, Pigott, Shang, Kiem, Coletta, Prouty, Lanzillotta, Mr. Fly. Third: Cousins, Davis, Moore, Morley, Klingler, MacGregor, Lewis. Fourth: Wilson, Weil, Katzin, Olson, Turner, Gaskill, Kuhnen, Auer. Absent: Blommert. . ll MR. JACOBSON Bottom Row: Cummings, Holleran, Hoffman, Conte, Penney, Cohen, Chwatal. Second: Hutter, Williams, Doll, Neary, Nichols, Buford, Berger, Borakove, Mr. Jacobson. Third: Smith, Gross, Foran, Mueller, Inlgpen, Watson, Bates, Thomas. Fourth: Uriell, Vauzanges, Stazy, Fry, Snider, Wagener, Edlemann, Gonnoud. Absent: Andrew, Berlin, Larkin. SOPHOMORESXZOI MR. KLEIN Bottom Row: Cajet, Synek, Marvin, Hauptle, Everly, Surta, Toombs, Winberg. Second: Fresen, Myers, Southern, Meyers, Gnaedinger, Eggert, Kao, Mr. Klein. Third: Bagg, Plonsker, leuter, Randall, Pfisterer, Smith, Pierce, Padgitt. Fourth: Schaefer, Hardy, Watkins, O'Neil, Fox, Hall, Hosbein, Donahue. Absent: Burns, Peterson, Rodenkirk. MR. KOSER Bottom Row: Kraybill, Henderson, Schopen, Turbin, Sincox, Koppel. Second: Seghers, M. Hoffman, Kowalsky, Ticho, Vanvlierbergen, Cortese, Andersen, Mr. Koser. Third: Wil- liams, Hassenauer, Fishbein, Handwerker, Cooney, Reichert, Wilson. Fourth: Bowness, J. Hoffman, Leider, Binkley, Ovresat, Trausch, Kallman. Absent: Baldwin, Breyley, Demitchell. Qtr QONSOPHOMORES MR. LEDINSKY Bottom Row: Amirfazli, Kuhnen, Levin, Ramsay, Anderson, Corona, Horwitch, White. Second: Schmidt, Wengler, Hershenson, Higgins, Langan, Chamberlain, Randstrom, Kludy, Mr. Ledinsky. Third: DiClementi, Goldstein, Hernandez, Nahidi, Weinzimmer, Nixon, Schinler, Belka. Fourth: Dillon, Kraenzle, Cragg, Dorn, Boudart, Lynch, Segil, Geocaris. MR. MATZ Bottom Row: Flanagan, Oakley, Moss, McBride, Wussler, Stetter, Stern. Second: Rietz, Kleinman, Mathewson, DuMont, Thomas, Scoville, Glass, Hoyt. Third: Beebe, Bangs, Lind, Hauser, Cray, Martin, Mr. Matz. Fourth: Pottage, Reighard, Drileck, Chapman Kaitchuck, Murdoch, Owens, Adams. Absent: Freedman, Miller. MRS. POYSER Bottom Row: Meyer, Rennolds, Haney, Cawley, Manierre, Cavanaugh. Second: Fuji kawa, Beirle, Smith, Neidig, Gilmore, Mrs Poyser. Third: Shaw, Beider, Wagener, Addis Pearse, Glass. Fourth: Lewis, Van Heule, Little, Box, Krause, Burkard, Askin, Willey. Absent: Bridgewater, Gomez, Packler. MR. PROVOW Bottom Row: Henderson, Rubin, Leverentz, Hilarides, Hirsh, Moderwell, Korengold, Hahn. Second: West, Boyd, Lane, Archie, Woods, Pasikov, Barancik, Mr. Provow, Third: McAllen, Gardner, Dorn, Terman, Roth, Love, Hastings, Weatherley, Buechner. Fourth: Kepler, Neumann, Minn, Gregg, Willian, Lundin, Osberg, Hennessy, Radell. MR. McFADZEAN Bottom Row: Michala, Larson, Elverum Morgan, Haberman, Perry, Pauker. Second Turner, Pechtl, Ruffolo, Ubben, Lieberman Childs, Petray, Mr. McFadzean. Third Mangler, Neuhaus, Zeh, Bodovitz, Murrin Yelton, Kellogg, Nash. Fourth: Corns, Pior- kowski, Williamson, VanDeGraaff, Hines Allen, Kissinger, West. Absent: Clutter Higgins. MS. NORDBLOM Bottom Row: Mallace, Kingwill, Tanaka, Wahlund, Takahashi, Shoubin, Caroll. Second: Ames, Cullen, Reitz, Parikh, Schnagl, Smola, Rast. Third: Paoletti, Moy, Addison, Hughes, Philpot, Bottum, Marcus, Ms. Nordb- lom. Fourth: Moldafsky, Chwatal, Pick, Pyskacek, Reimer, Downey, Nordquist, Yale. Absent: Guice, Meijer, Watts. SOPHOMORESXZO3 . l I MRS. RODEN Bottom Row: Bronstein, Musica, Reid, Rutz, Jaeck, Peterson. Second: Weinstein, Thomp- son, Tussing, Keefe, James, McConnell, Mrs. Roden. Third: Wilson, Lanham, Crawford, Reed, Morrow, Malone. Fourth: McKeough, Wood, Ford, Werner, Auvil, Baker, Babich. Absent: Davidson, Goodman, Husak, Kane, Muller, Watson. MR. TYNER Bottom Row: Erie, Levins, Frank, Kullby Racker, White. Second Silberman, Camras Heiser, Adler, Sally, Mazza, Strandell, Mr. Tyner. Third: Coogan, Malles, Hahn, Tolford Summers, Friedman, Klein, Donahue. Fourth Shepherd, Boynton, Masterton, Carey, Dan- strom, Cleland, Williams. Absent: Hogan Neer, White. 'POLUSOPHOMORES y ,MA MR. STEWART Bottom Row: Fisher, McGarry, Vadeboncoeur, Bloss, Shieh, Emerson. Second: McNally, Jacob, Lawler, Smith, Mooney, Files, Merkel. Third: Matsumoto, Connolly, Remien, Weldon, Shehan, Swoiskin, Sharp, Mr. Stewart. Fourth: Welch, Schmidtlein, Ludovice, Faurot, Ander- son, Sommer, Weiler. Absent: McKay, Plate, Rempert. MR. STREIGHTIFF Bottom Row: Luster, Blommaert, Atten Trompeter, Williams, DiClementi. Second! Poor, Mr. Streightiff. Third: Roberts, Greenbi Coleman, Leekley, Nissly, Binder, Campbell latt, Bushnell, Shelton, Bower, Garrett Fourth: Bottom, Bigelow, Howard, Coyne, McClellan, Schmid, Feltes. Absent: Koelle LaCroix, Reiter, Walsh. MRS. WEISS Bottom Row: Graham, Brown, Mackevich, Abrams, Ryno, Parrich, Chester. Second: Hill, O'Leary, Pagano, Rouleau, Sigel, Moore Massey, Mrs. Weiss. Third: Croak, Eckersberg, Theobald, Getschow, Goldsmith, Dusablon, Conliffe, Pryor. Fourth: Sandor, Bernard, Roessler, Freyer, Schmitt, Roberson, Harvey, Ortegal. DR. WHIPPLE Bottom Row: Grannan, Nash, Tobin, Leonard Fisher, Rees, Powell. Second: Wright, Chuker- man, Bruce, Haser, Hagberg, King, Hawley, Green. Third: Winton, Thomas, Carr, Mark Kraus, Barr, Stern, Howell. Fourth: Jones Golden, Walker, Sontag, Renner, Sherman Kabel, Charman, Dr. Whipple. Absent: Averill Stitt. lxfsi' MRS. WALSH Bottom Row: Hoffberg, Harrison, Pfaelzer, Berman, Avery, Wagner, Lunkes. Second: Kurlander, Angle, Carney, Beskin, Tompkins, Trotter, Brinton, Lee. Third: Porino, Ward, Alger, Bellamy, Kaden, Klee, Hayes, Terrill. Fourth: Tillman, Gray, Raveret, Roberts, Schneider, Tatooles, Gord, Grant, Mrs. Walsh. X MRS. WHIPPLE Bottom Row: Watts, Lovely, Fossler, Hill, Brattleaf, Collias, Prindiville. Second: Mast, Raglin, Lipsich, Scully, Williams, Breen, Savely, Mrs. Whipple. Third: Culp, Ahlem, Turban, Lee, Bellack, Lynch, Hickman. Fourth: Held, Lidecker, Marks, Smith, Neuman, Noel, Duffy, Eisenstein. Absent: Love. SOPHOMORESXQO5 EMBARKING UPON the four year voyage through the green and grey waters of N first semester freshman may find himself in rough waters. Scorned by his peers and generally lost without those longtime pals of yesteryear, he may find high school cruise a never-ending horizon of clear sailing or a tempest of insur- mountable woes. or the beginning months the latter is the most likely 'L-A -A course taken. With nary a lighthouse in sight y and rocky shoreline guarding the coast, fs, g ,ggy g Ha safe landing into the new new we ' A rld seems most distant and frustrating to the mariner. Yet as the storm clears, the frosh finds himself an explorer with new frontiers be encountered by of active par- ticipation and pioneer- foreboding still pose with the life- advisory to bringwhim ashore, the freshman soon T New Trier a fggmqis-6 ing land indeed where opportunitieswaib6und.i 5 if i i u 1 Carlson I ueitze while- f fi? rx' 4" its ,, ,.gg,, , rffde fwii ? S HALL ADAMS JOHN MARQUARDT LYNN CHUDACOFF FRANCES BROWN President Vice-president Treasurer S6Cre1381'y MR. BACHMANN Bottom Row: Miller, Devroy, Reed, Sweet Steiner, Cohrs. Second: Kaufmann, Bauer Roessler, Abu-lughod, Cannon, Cortese. Third: Hartnett, Pisano, Frey, O'Reilly, Kovacevic Onley, Mr. Bachmann. Fourth: Smith, Park Zehr, Brown, Toubus, McConnell, Rottman Absent: Conran, Higgins, Kallis, Kurschner Meier. ZOGXFRESHMEN MR. BAREFIELD Bottom Row: Chalmers, Silverstein, Johnston Howard, Kyle, Cadden, Campbell, Marcus. Second: Miller, Frank, Ryan, Gilmore, Jordan, Drew, Castino, Hoffman, Worsek. Third: Lippitz, Lacey, James, Nykaza, Madden, Sunkel, Stern, Mr. Barefield. Fourth: Stiles, Price, Johnson, Burnstan, Rabe, Pearce, Bianucci, Gorman. s MISS BELL Bottom Row: Huppert, James, Evans, Ander- son, Hubbard, Hall, Polydoris. Second: Parr, Rude, Hauldren, Burdick, Peter, Gnaedinger, Bower. Third: Lundin, Hausheer, Monsees, Schwimmer, Barrett, Yelton, Miss Bell. Fourth: Stuhr, Malloy, Cole, Petersen, Welpott, Schmidtlein, Tschaikowsky. Absent: Naft, Trenn. ixvllvfgrsw Wffi' 1 ' . I WEBER Clll xl sg 5 MR. BUERGER Bottom Row: Hines, Borushek, Lacroix, Miller, Aronson, Levin. Second: Theobald, Kullby, Brandlein, Rossi, Potts, Harrington, Barnett, Mr. Buerger. Third: Kelley, James, Kolflat, Turner, Kubiak, Vaselopalos, Damato. Fourth: Downing, Buechner, Davis, Rotten- berg, McCarthy, Langmar, Webster, Fajer. MISS BULLOCK Bottom Row: Schulte, Wysockey, Rossi, Segel, Hall, Worden, Morden. Second: Beggan, Shine, Veit, Stamatakis, Wassmann, McKenna, Koester, White. Third: Levenson, Cross, Santeler, Moulton, Johnson, Hogan, Miss Bullock. Fourth: Lang, Bowers, Friedman, Anderson, Kunz, Mulliken, Powers. Absent: Lynch, Sauer. FRESHMENXZO7 MR. BURNSIDE Bottom Row: Titterton, Zibble, Allen, Davis Snell, McGrew, MacDonald, Lee, Mr. Burnside Second: White, Bunge, Fogarty, Thompson Reed, Hornstein, Kruempelstaedter McKeough. Third: Fosse, Jewett, Caldwell, Schuldt, Shaver, Marquardt, Stazy, Szafranski. Fourth: Buecher, Connors, Lockwood Vauzanges, Goss, Decker, Kocour, Adams. Absent: Dancey, Devlin, MRS. CHRISTIAN Bottom Row: Lin, Berner, Kalis, Goldman, Warris, Shreiber. Second: Lewis, Buell, Moore Macomber, Twilling, Favorite, Campbell, Mrs Christian. Third: Potter, Muckerman, Pope Hackett, Neil, Griesser, Allen. Fourth: Tracy, VanDeWalle, Kelly, Powers, Hoback, Eliot, Frei, Alger. Absent: Amici. 908fFRESHMEN MR. CHARLES Bottom Row: Fasano, Ivanovich, Rockefeller, Papierski, Cassidy, Barreca. Second: Balz, Knox, Hartunian, Ristich, Auer, Maloney, Mr. Charles. Third: Kauf, Childress, Kudan, DeVries, Hicks, Kmieciak, Andrews. Fourth: O'Brien, Stanzler, Kuipers, Schacherer, Ren- ner, Black, Hammerman. Absent: Davis, Merkel. MRS. DULIN Bottom Row: Hardy, Stevenson, Cardinal, Jones, Trieschmann, Jannotta, Hynes. Second: Farnsworth, Butterworth, Kutschke, Mclnnis, Donohue, McCarthy, Cain, Mrs. Dulin. Third: King, Lagershausen, Moss, Yowell, Werder, Meyres, Browne, Carter. Fourth: Carey, Peponis, Foster, Gibson, Blank, Licata, Neumann, Martin. Absent: Kelly. MR. ELLIOTT Bottom Row: Stearns, Hotchkiss, Dunn, Cascino, Scott, Cole. Second: Rosenbloom, Pedicini. Kreutz, Laurence, Low, Mueller, Hargett, Mr. Elliott. Third: Doyle, Gordon Gellersted, Nash, Panitch, Leonard, Mead Fourth: Lacey, Packard, Coyle, Ryan, Turner, Sorenson, Boshes. Absent: James, McDonald 59 :Hs nous MRS. GREEN Bottom Row: Rowe, Kaplan, Pomper, Heal Carruthers, Ullrich, Braet. Second: Bonneville Martin, Frey, Cervinka, Shibata, Giordano Chudacoff, Adelstein. Third: Benton, Dan ilovics, Nicholls, Williams, Bartholomew Young, Mrs. Green. Fourth: Keating, Diltz Drummond, Dougherty, Craddock, Truehart Schmid, Thoennes. Absent: Harvey, McCabe. ,Img ,, ,, ,, . , MR. ENKEY Bottom Row: Zimmerman, Fox, Bahng, Kaply Degrosse, Witt , Sutherland. Second: Purcell Kolflat, Paullus, Huppert, Zaks, Hector, Mr Enkey. Third: Smudsky, Rolston, Morris Zanzucchi, Mayer, Bohnen. Fourth: Law Adams, Tinkle, Mitchell, Sternberg, Sobat. ?'ev"f MRS. HERZOG Bottom Row: Selvaggio, Balmes, McCrea Hellman, Flynn, Anderson. Second: Schaefer Brumbaugh, Leonard, Tashjian, Byrom, Snave- ly, Day. Third: Lewis, Wheeler, Peterson Cohen, Wright, Woodruff, Ferretti, Mrs Herzog. Fourth: Morrison, Nesvig, Nebel Chiappe, Lynnes, Lyons, Gillis, Danilovics Absent: Nelson, Newhall, Weinberg. FRESHMENf209 . x .ff 9 Cskreeo MS. JOHNSON Bottom Row: Berlin, Johnson, Williams, S Fox, Sanchez, Tuchmann, Blodgett. Second Hahn, Brown, Rahmann, Hanlon, G. Fox Thornton, Woolard, Fite, Ms. Johnson. Third: Gooselaw, Prinslow, Gould, Nader, Hummel Petropoulos, Burnett, Sullivan. Fourth. Hogan, Mahon, Kenney, Pfutzenreuter, Tour- ville, Little, Kusar, Ganz. MR. JOSEFSBERG Bottom Row: Barr, Campbell, Moloney Shelton, Kincaid, Murray. Second: Drew Borre, McLellan, Dusablon, Ransom, McDer- mott. Third: DiClementi, Treynor, Ruby Paterkiewicz, Tarhan, Beltrano, Mr. Josefs- berg. Fourth: Heitman, Tyrrell, Moy, Brandwein, Berger, Baldwin, Lovering Absent: Steinhoff. mm 21OfFRESHMEN v MR. HIRSCH Bottom Row: Seymour, Chadwick, Schell, Maloney, Nguyen. Second: Knowlton, O'Brien, Feltes, Geier, Geweke, O'Neil. Third: Heise, Regan, McCabe, Lutz, Kofman, Laport, Mr, Hirsch. Fourth: Blanchard, Federico, Schulz, Messer, Buzard, Jackson. Absent: Conroy, Green, Lampert. MRS. KELLY Bottom Row: Maguire, Waite, Black, Chiad0, Bannon, Appelbaum, Mrs. Kelly. Second: Lahey, Obenchain, Kerr, Ballin, Kiener, Farnsworth. Third: Fitz-Hugh, Needler, Barber, Yenni, Kretchmer, Holmberg, Rowe, Mendel. Fourth: Kerwin, Shropshire, Maloney Gomez, Pieper, Thomas, Baxter. Absent: Ellis, McKeough, Nordmark, Taylor. MISS KLUKA Bottom Row: Page, Brumitt, James, McIntyre, Rankin, Lyon. Second: Jackson, Stinneford, Kutschke, Cocalis, Iverson, Martin, Goldstein, Smola. Third: Plumb, Loftus, Guthrie, Hickman, Lipsich, Bissell, Lissner, Carey, Miss Kluka. Fourth: Immenhausen, Collomb, VanDyke, McCarty, Needlman, Schmitt, Roeper, Hurn. MRS. NARO Bottom Row: Shoubin, Healy, Conway, Silberman, Murrin, Madden. Second: Rigolin, Storlie, Brown, Mead, Hahn, Killoren, Gal- braith, Mrs. Naro. Third: Clark, Husting, McGreW, Klotz, Racket, McBurney, Alonzi. Fourth: Lezama, Mack, Luckett, Dow, Seghers, Lourenco, Skaja. Absent: Kimling, Klebba, Schopen. ffhnll MR. LAZAR Bottom Row: Freedman, Jacobson, Young Hennessy, Brookstone, Baron, O'Malley Second: Blum, Kuecker, Townsley, Mangler Dugan, Askonas, Hartel, Mr. Lazar. Third: Granath, Kerr, Kenyon, Gunn, Rafanello Krodel, Tilley. Fourth: Brandon, Dovei Warner, Hoskins, Mabie, Crandell, Martin Raucci. Absent: Leider, Mericle. MR. McCLAIN ' Bottom Row: Champion, Kraybill, Murphy Tomes, Clark. Second: Maher, Creagh, Gotoff: Freud, Deruiter, Collins. Third: Dearborn, Hines, Gale, Rappaport, Steinberg, Zanarini Jordan. Fourth: Nordhem, Wiersema, Geschei: dle, Paul, Sorenson, Dickson, Wilcox. Absent Musil, Pitluck, Rosenbaum, Mr. McClain. FRESHMEN!211 r MR. PASCHEN Bottom Row: Migely, Fujii, Connors, Wen- dling, Haworth, Kelley. Second: O'Connell, Coogan, Williams, Berman, Wagoner, Wolpert, Faulkner. Third: Watson, Burrill, Kokes, O'Connor Jonscher Wri ht Alvarez, Mr , i g y - Paschen. Fourth: O'Malley, Pigott, Newby, Crawford, Bennett, Dvorak, Seyfarth. Absent: Allyn, Melamed. MISS PETERSON Bottom Row: Cottle, Schklair, Peterson Fleming, Sutherland, Wiggins, Graller, Glenn Second: Smith, Hauptle, Britt, Diaz, Jewell Turner, Venner, Monroe, McLellan. Third: Carlson, Angle, McEvers, Donahoe, Klawans, Rosenberg, Oslund, Miss Peterson. Fourth: f Haser, Olsen, Desremaux, Jones, Mack Judson, McDonough. MR. RHOAD Bottom Row: Mendes, Temmerman, Chan, Tussing, Fay, Koushanpour, Shang. Second: Wend Sershon Wilson Mueller Black y, 7 5 7 7 Wheeler, T. Allen, Mr. Rhoad. Third: Weaver, Tschudy, Wood, Butz, O'Neil, Nold, Stiritz, Greene. Fourth: Denby, Spertus, Love, G. Allen, Neylan, Feldman, Osman, Surman. ZIQXFRESHMEN MR. SCHNIPPER Henzlik, Weiner, Lane, Coshow, Henderson O'Dowd, Smith. Third: Wengler, Andrewfh Fitgerald, Spencer, Walker, Morrow, Burr, MI' Schnipper. Fourth: Norris, Kirk, Britt, VY9 SPGUIHHH, Hediger, Hoback, McKeone. Bottom Row: Findlay, Rennolds, NedosS, Schiele, Radcliffe, Morris, Wendt. Second: f l 3 I I v 1 f 3, I A F. I Rv-F x MISS WAYNE Bottom Row: Goldblatt, Stein, Hayes, Gold- berg, Hahn, Timmins, McKiernan. Second: Sontag, Varouxakis, Barnes, Marcus, Welch, Nordman, Dent. Third: Kurlander, Heinen, Yunker, Bruce, Mellon, Allen, Norris, Miss Wayne. Fourth: Pearl, Callaghan, George, Brzezinski Hines, McGoey, Davidson. Absent: 4 Brown, McCabe. MISS SCOTT Bottom Row: Butler, Regan, Koscielak, Rubel Eckhouse, Hilton, Kirby. Second: Heller Gregg, Hirsh, Maine, Bosco, Taylor, Chandler Bergman. Third: Neary, McClain, ,Snyder Husak, Burns, Harrington, Lorenz, Wussler Miss Scott. Fourth: Slonicki, Ahlem, Rossow Wood, Besant, Olds, Hinshaw, McIntire Absent: Townsend. MISS SWEERS Bottom Row: MacDonald, Walters, Squires, Stehlik, Lems, Stetter, Bergman. Second: McMahon, Missimer, Bartlett, Valenzuela, Gibson, Olderman, Fox, Krebs. Third: Mont- gomery, Jenkins, Wussler, Dillon, Lidman, Petrie, Miller, McCorter, Ms. Sweers. Fourth: Hindsley, Williams, Wiele, Alexander, Tomes, Phelan, Kiesler, Beemer. MR. WALDSCHMIDT Bottom Row: Bhote, Gately, Hill, Powell, Murdoch, Maher, Weinkopf. Second: Gunn, Rossiter, Kaufman, Steiger, Deasy, Norehad, Markey, Hinman, Mr. Waldschmidt. Third: Philipp, Farnham, Hammersley, Tangney, Patterson, Rees, Korn, Ashmore. Fourth: McMahon, Kaltenekker, Klise, Williams, Cosgrove, Elliott, Canafax, Baker, Dowen. FRESHMENf213 r CENTER MR. GREGORY Bottom Row: Schultz, Herzog, Hines, Tein- owitz. Second: Stout, Mr. Gregory, Mason, Bowers, Nedoss, Levin, Cooper. Third: Frey, Rude, Kowalsky, Long, Johnson, Frank, Peck, Robins, Neil. Absent: DeMitchell, Hastey, Hurley, Kavanagh, Kudan, McGuinness, Men- ary, Weiler, Wilson. I Weston Q 214!CENTER MISS DANIELS Bottom Row: Everingharn, Kidd, Scholar, Rubel. Second: Andrews. Third: Mr. Kings- bury, Baldwin, Miss Daniels, Davis. Absent: McCabe, Wilson. l lSprf1.Yl fWippma11j MR. JOHNSON Bottom Row: Burmeister, DuSablon, Hol- loway, Colman, Challenger. Second: Neylan v Black, Kavanagh, I-last, Amir-Fazli, Taylor, Gould, Horsting. Third: Vogt, Mueller, Kirk Mr. Johnson. Absent: Anderson, Doyle, Green Hanson, Hofstetter, Laughlin, Page, Wesner. y s CENTERf215 MRS. MILLER Bottom Row: Flatley, Nugent, Miller McGuinness. Second: Kincaid. Third: Alex- ander, Eckersberg, Burmeister, Sauer, Fucik Fourth: Keefe. Absent: Brinker, Carey, Chal- lenger, Clay, Cutler, Frey, Hohengarten, King, Mackie, Meijer, Neel, Pedersen, Perlman Platt, Schneider. a .ff ff f q , f VXKYMW MRS. PAUL Bottom Row: Rosenzweig, Levit. Second: Jewett, Norman, Conway, Higgins. Third: Negronida, Gregory, Henschel, Lindley. Fourth: Taylor, Brooks. Fifth: Mrs. Paul. Absent: Callaghan, Farnsworth, Jaffee, Kelly, Kohler, Mack, Mason, Mercer, Mitchell, Munuz, Parisi, Remke, Simpson, Tassey. mi lem far pp ZIGXCENTER fwfppmw RIGHTS 8: RESPONSIBILITIES HELPEFIS Bottom Row: Wippman, Mathew- son, Rielly, Heald, Addison, Franche, Reid, Hirschhorn. Second: Selvaggio, Taylor, Saunders, Martin, Straub, Freyer, Dhein. Third: James, Webster, Hirsh, Hall, Pendry. Absent: Freeman, Holleran, Little, McLeese, Murphy, Philpot, Schrage, Snell, Sommers, Steven- son, Stiffler, Tipping, Trenholrn, Weston, Witt. ' f.J'x., h yfg , 1, , Q fa- ' - e :sf-11-5 3 ,.. ywxsx IHirshl RIGHTS Xa RESPONSIBILITIES HELPERSIZI7 STEERING COMMITTEES JUNIOR-Bottom Row: Boaz, J. Harris, Perry, Donahoe. Second: C Warner, Talbot, Pattersen, Denniston, Holland, Sprayregan, Skillman, Butler, Bernstein, Hauser. Third: Klein, Burnett, Roberts, Jannotta, Lawler, Ley, Stevenson, Mack, Conran, Kruempelstaedter, Selvaggio, Maher, James, M. White, Rubin, Karmel. Fourth: Mr. Gould, Mrs. Mestjian, Madden iff: 15? .57 'PISXSTEERING COMMITTEES Hosbein, Bissell, Satterlee, Punnett, Coggins, K. Harris, Cray, Brayan Henzlik. Fifth: Bickert, Elia, Holmberg, Phillips, Abbey, Ticho, McDivitt, Butz, Tallant. Sixth: Volkman, Herlocker, Burchard, Lane, Peterson. Absent: Beaman, Burke, Frey, Hart, Marran, Moore, D. Warner, Westler B. White. FRESHMAN-Bottom Row: F. Brown, Kraybill, Chudacoff, Adams, Stuhr. Second: Smith, Flynn, Rahmann, Dancey, Martin, King. Third: Buell, Stinneford, Sontag, Keating, Drew, Bergman. Fourth: Farnsworth, Mulliken, McBurney, Dow, D'amato, Dillon. Fifth: Berman, D. Brown, Blanchard, Norris, Deasy. Absent: Hangett, Marquardt. SOPHOMORE QLeftJ-Bottom Row: Friedlander. Second: J. Scoville, Lehman, Neuhaus. Third: M. Smith, B. Scoville, Surta, Golden. Fourth: Emerson, Pick, Hoffberg, Hewett. Fifth: Shang, Houghtlin, Erzinger, Mackevich. Sixth: Greenblatt, Kallman, Herrmann, Lewis. Seventh: Lane, Rosenberg, Hartong, Williams. SEHIORS X f f ff' X M um f l u f f ffl ff!IIHHfff gf f ish 1 Q f9 W ,f - Af' f f A,,, Y ' AAv ,KX M n Nh M 511 , I , f ' , nv S- QZOXSENIORS 4,,..f1w.f-,r.,.a.,. , f fy' A g A JN ELLIOT SCHRAGE President DOUGLAS WITT Vice-president MARY ELLEN RIELLY Secretary ROBERT TIPPING Treasurer 26 U13 , , f NMI 4125 .v .4 Q' :Z 4 Q fl .ff ' ' ms-, .K-ifbw . r ,L,e t tsfi , ,, f J - X V ff, 525- A smqi W ff " 'T 4'V 5 5, X .O f pf ..,' 2 ' - if rr we, MMV .asm 'WW' ' x -- Q A 1 f- A, 524 f f 3, X ff , ' "1 4 Eff Q. Q gf N-of responsibility Cl1S'f1I1glIlSl4'IBCl the Catfish of'19'7'752Respof1d-' 0' 0 Zf "" 'W W cf' W 4 4' J' "' W W ing to the needs of the Freshman class, seniors thiernselves MW A taught "R1ghtsAa11gl+e1iesQQpsih1l1t1E'i 42132395-32195919192 W My Wg evaluations ofCth1s,new.prograri1tpve r eoncrefze ewideixicfe 12, 2 its immense success. Outstanfllng academic achievement? also characterized the seniors: one-tenth of the class were 7 if National merit semi-finalists or received letters of if commendation. The class's novel method of raising funds with a Spring T-shirt sale not only resulted in financial . 110 3, 5 success but showed a revived school spuygand senhse OQ g - ,deff Q 215 Pflde- f ' ' ' Q, Wy :WWW M014 QWQW' if Wy The graduates showed an unselfish"s??l'fo6? dedication to future classes by their efforts on the tax referendum. Although the outcome of this referendum WfouQld'ffH?iti'fliaye directly affected jhe Sergozzy class, they 1 fecoggizedsfsf irrrjiortancew of thgfsefhiors joirya M fi volunteer orgaifigatidnsa afndffglid f'nS1ass'n fgyqffitsa . ,,ir y f X students fully' justified anappraisal 'by' thefclassh'president',"rj e Nrrir' ' Elliot Schrage: "The Class of '77 was an extremely consciousw class, very ,aware gf 'community and schcyol events." 'lflreirntrdbntribjdtions Were felt hyjallsfz - .awww fomzwawt M Nw - 1 144-. ,,...Z,W 5 2 ff 2 Lnpig N 6' QQ , J f-If . 'L umTin11 uf S Q, Ullixuxisa, runfcrreh upun NURS Qrsv uf siuhgs QKQSKZQEMEQ Emi iw Eizmiig Efhuraxiiuzz, ami ia QZQVZEQE M this srhnui. uf, ju 232, mm g o ,. -. fL8Skyl Q kyfiwxzxfwoazxgcl we ,N 9 Wa QQ Dawn Marie Aagaard Susan Gail Abramson Judy Rowan Adams Caren A. Addis Benita Joan Addison James J. Ahern Jr. Marilyn Jo Anne Ahlem David B. Aimen Mary Alexander Francine Allans Sidney Beckwith Ashmore III ZQZXSENIORS Dean Askounis Mark S. Aspinall Lynne Vaughan Atkinson John F. Atten Carolyn Margaret Auer Karen Baekgaard Mark Alan Baker Melinda S. Baker Katharine C. Balderston Amy Kimball Allen Christopher J. Allen James Scott Allen Mark A. Allen Ana Maria Alvarez Colin Ambrose Sari C. Amir Carol J. Amir-Fazli Deborah P. Anderson Tracy Anderson Timothy Robert Archie David E. Arden Loretta J. Armstrong Laura J. Aronberg Julie Ellen Arthur Christopher Sebastion Baldovin Mark Douglas Baldwin Ted N. Ball Steven J. Balz Cecily Taft Baran Germaine Barkemeyer Jessica Anne Baron Marian Mahin Bartholomay Bruce R. Barton Mary Kay Baumgart Denise Marie Bernier Ted Stuart Bernstein Laurence M. Best Britt W. Bettis Adi Keki Bhote Marty Binder Christopher Bischoff Benjamin W. Bishop Pamela Renee Bizzell Eileen Mary Black Sarah M. Baxter Karen Anne Beck Laura D. Beck Daniel L. Becker Kurt Merrill Becker Beverly Beinlich David Eric Bellack Barbara Rachael Bellamy Mary Patricia Bellamy Louise Catherine Bendix Anna Marie Benvenuto Kurt W. Bergman William John Bergman Amelia S. Berggren Daniel M. Bernick SENIORSX 223 224!SENIORS Alan Cooper Brisk Deborah Lee Brown Michael B. Brown Michael Steven Brown Elizabeth G. Bryan Susan K. Buck Mark Budwig Laurie Elizabeth Buntain Lloyd M. Bunting III Lawrence Keith Burkhardt Eric T. Burmeister Valerie G. Burns John Robert Bussell John H. Cain Kimberly Cajet Helen Winslow Black Peter Black William Bruce Blackwell Priscilla Block Sean Kevin Bloom Tom L. Bloss Keith Michael Bodner Laura Anne Bokhof Alfreda Borden John Boudart Irene Marie Bouvier Mark K. Bowen Alice Anne Bowers Stephen Edward Bowlby Pamela Anne Brand Margaret A. Brandlein James A. Bransky Madeleine Ann Breen Eric Breitenbach Susan L. Briganti Scott M. Camis Bruce B. Campbell John Patrick Campbell David J. Cardinal Roy G. Carew Maureen Alice Carey Steven R. Carlson Jamie Lynn Carmell Tracy Louise Carpenter Chris Cassidy Lia Anna Castelnuovo Julie Castino Alixandria L. Cazel Carolyn Ann Chakiris Stuart Jay Chanen Carolyn E. Chapman Robert Lee Chapman Shaun H. Chapman Julie Ann Chiado Robert R. Chiappe Thomas Rhys Circle Barbara Claffey Lindsey Ann Clapp Elizabeth A. Clark t is 'rx Jennifer Jean Clark Jennifer Lynn Clark Littrell G. Clark Michael J. Clark Thomas Robert Clark Thomas W. Clark Kathryn Ann Clay Thomas L. Clay Kathy Clayton Sarah Jane Clayton Phyllis E. Clutter SENIORSf225 5 'Www' David L. Cohen Joshua L. Cohen QQBXSENIORS fDoughtyj Susan Lynne Conn Melissa Ann Cooper Scott David Cooper Daniel N. Copp Susan Kathleen Copp 1 9 Shane O. Cornell Grayland R. Cousins Margaret Mary Coyle Sean Patrick Coyle Jack Woodward Cramer Leslie A. Craven Stephanie Crawford Jennifer Ann Crump Patricia C. Culhane Luke T. Curtis ln.. 5375? Marcy Hope Cohen Hilary A. Cohrs Diane L. Cole Gary Daniel Cole Michael S. Collins Jay Conant Sharon Lynne Cusick Stuart Yantis Cutler Linda C. Dahl Bruce L. Dalkin Gary Davis Hilary S. Davis Kent C. Davis Laura Louise Davis Robert H. Dearborn Laura Jean DeCarlo fwippmanj SENIORSXQZ7 Lisa Ann DeMitchell Michael J. Deppen Thomas James DesRe'Maux 228fSENIORS Susan E. Deutsch Christopher J. Dewey Genevieve Eleanor Dhein Orlando G. Diaz Frank William DiCesare David Parry Dickson Polly Anne Dickson .45-n w Suzanne Marie DiClement1 William L. DiClementi William Charles Diebel Neil F. Dill Jr. Sharon Helen Doblin Laurie J. Donlon Cheryl Ann Dowd Julie T. Doyle - Steven R. Drew Kathleen Marie Drohan Phyllis Marie Dudeck Joan H. Dugan Brian B. Duff Jr. Maureen Rita Dunn David Eaton John Henry Ebihara Lisa H. Eckersberg Kricket Edmonds Mary Elizabeth Edwards James William Egnor Rick Eisen Lisa Jane Eisenberg Barbara Ann Ellis Linda Ann Emery James C. Engelhardt Margaret Anne Epler Todd A. Erickson Dale Frederich Estabrook Brian James Ewing Suzan Ezdinli Allan L. Fabian Julie A. Farnsworth Christopher A. Fasano Robert S. Faurot Jr. Lee Steven Favorite fn 'T'--V' Jane W. Fawcett Anthony Federico Veronica A. Fegers Anne Virginia Feltes Jean Marie Fiegen R. Wade Field Robert Findlay Mark Hubert Fishbein Nancy Flanagan Michael J. Flatley Joan Celeste Fleming Matthew D. Foran Steven Fossler Paula Diane Fotopoulos Ann Kathryn Fox Susan Elizabeth Fox Elisabeth Chace Franche Nicole E. Franchini Robert W. Frederick Christopher James Freed John James Freeman Martha McDonald Freeman Stephanie A. Frei Wendy Freyer Shannon C. Friedman 1 Diane C. Gellersted Jane Anne George Robert H. Gescheidle Kurt Arthur Getschow Pamela L. Gibson Chris Gilbert Jonathan A. Gilbert James M. Gilmore Molly E. Gilmore Mary Therese Gion - -sw.-.,, . fig- 4if.,g:f w ..,f ll l l! lx Elf 'Q' W qw J ,gs RE? vifivs N X 53513. 44 f sms., sv. -M ww Q seams- . KWLQQQ A -.W ,,v. Qfqwfggp ' Em-. 4. tx A, QSM? v i :P .1 grfik. ,Q Q is 3 ESX V A , K E2 1. is M x N Ns l y x I 5 ar 4. A.. . ,,.-:ew-,141 .sfm A , .i:kj,:'g,gjE f Q. A . iel'o L' . H .A H-' pf" 4 V5 fe -r-r . l- W 'W w C L "W ' 1' ?Qif'ff" S -. ' gf-Q',3QEs Q. . s x Ii N J A X fa i ,. - . 9 Y7 , :W 'i -H ' 'L -.Tw-iii! P'-.VW - ,2. '11 A . . .1 Y ,.-ve ' V , , r ... 1 -c . 1 ' N E 95 9' .1 ' Q. 'V -3 Y I :. I alliksv A 'J :L , x . ft 1 'ZIBOXSENIORS 14? ,MN Linda Frugoli Wendy Catherine Fry Kirsten Marie Fucik Christina E. Fusco Steven H. Gajewski Jeri Galbraith Anne Reed Gallas Grace Rosemary Garvin Anne Henderson Gately Paul Michael Gautier Susan Elizabeth Girardi Bruce Alan Glass Karyn Sue Glass Michael S. Glatt Caroline Anne Godard Daniel Paul Goese John Alan Goldstein Mary Kathryn Gonnoud Evan S. Gordon Joseph Gordon Mark J. Gordon Clay Arthur Goss Barbara Jean Gotaas Robert Alan Gotoff Melissa Joy Gottlieb 'NTP James Anthony Greene Douglas W. Gregory Blandine Beatrice Charlotte Gremion Kathryn Anne Gressens George F. Greve Mark Charles Gross Jim Grossweiner Charles Edward Guice Robert M. Guidarelli Alan Montgomery Gunn Xxx x sf? my af 2 Suzanne Gay Gottlieb Kathryn A. Gould Margaret N. Gould Kathleen Mary Grace Allison J. Graham Julie L. Graver Cheryl Ann Green Jonathan W. Green Richard H. Green Steven R. Green Karen S. Haas Lisa Hagy Kathryn Eileen Hahn Maureen Hahn Kerry Hall Thomas Edward Hall T. Kelly Hamilton William Blake Hamilton Lisa Ann Hammerman Jeffery A. Handelman Lisa Ruth Hannon Joyce Elaine Hanson Mary Bishop Hardee Jan Louise Hardin Bradley K. Hargett SENIORSf231 wntux-Q-'w-fiv"" Jeffrey Dean Harnar Gregg Walker Harris William James Hartel John Gordon Hartong John Bernard Haser Thomas S. Hassenauer Howard Arthur Hast Jean Hughes Heald Christopher W. Heiss Rebecca Jane Held Kathi-Jo Henderson Elisabeth Ann Hennessy Nancy Henneuse NIEH- 'ib- i -aiu-4 Ellen Wayne Higgins Marguerite A. Higgins James K. Hill Susan I. Hill Paul M. Hindsley Kimberlee Della Hinshaw Daniel Bernard Hirschhorn Alan Mathew Hirsh John C. Hjalmarson Lisa Gail Hoback Ruth V. Hobler Mitchell L. Hoffman Therese Ann Hoffman Sydney L. Hofstetter Ruth Ann Holdford 234!SENIORS Mark Holleran Juliana Holmes Joseph J. Horn Cliff Horwitz Arthur William Hoskins Richard V. Houpt Jr. Charles H. Howland George Alan Hubbard Catherine C. Huck Steven LaRose Hurn Thomas Albert Hussey Sarah Hutchinson Paul Hazard Hutter Susan Patricia Hutton Gary L. Hynes Clayton D. Jacobs Jeanne M. Jacobson David J. Jaeschke Douglas Scott Jaeschke John Pierre Jahant X rl f l '37 , if ,Hear Jeremiah S. James II Todd Burke Jarvis Robert David Jewell Robin E. Jewett Jeanine Marie Jiganti Elizabeth V. Johnson Joel Vandiver Johnson Joyce Christine Johnson Daniel H. Jones Gregory T. Jones Nancy Louise Jones Richard S. Jonscher Kristine Louise Kadel Jennifer E. Kadlec Laury Lyn Kallerud Madeleine Kane Mary V. Kane Edmund P. Karam Lee A. Karas Kathryn G. Karmin Eric J. Karr Preston B. Kavanagh Kendall M. Kelley Elizabeth Joyce Kelly Erin Louise Kelly Lawrence John Kelly Nancy A. Kelly Sean Patrick Kelly Claudia D. Kemmerer Susanne Elizabeth Kepler Anne B. Kidwell Linda J. King Meridith Lynn King Elaine F. Kinney Mark Steven Kirk tax f. 737.- 'WH 41,4 sg N, it ya ,pi Laura Klauke Kevin Klee Klaus D. Klein Rob Knowlton Judith Ann Koch Kathryn M. Koelle Linda L. Kokes Jeff Kopp Daniel Peter Kovacevic Marion Kramer Matthew H. Krimmer Kevin J. Krull Cyril G. Krygsman Charles N. Kubert T. Scott Kuecker SENIORSX 235 David Symmes Kuenzel Maribeth A. Kuipers Kenneth E. Lacey Gary Francis LaFaire E. Christopher Lahey Patricia Lambrecht Cynthia L. Lampert Terry Lane Lee Lang Robert X. Lapat Philip J. Lardner Rhonda Joy Lasky Tracy Catherine Later Mark Lathrop Dorothy Elizabeth Lau Michael F. Lavelle Stuart N. Lazar Barbara Jean Leahy Craig S. Lee Joanne Carol Lee William L. Legg Stephen E. Leonard Mary Leslie Julie Lev Jeffrey Scott Levin Susan J. Levine Michael E. Levinson Charlotte C. Lewis Karl Lieberman Ian Preston Lincoln Teri Lin Lindley Jay Birnie Lipe Deborah Anne Little Erika Eileen Little Margo Karen Louis Rebecca Sharon Low Larry C. Lowndes Laura K. Lowndes Robert J. Ludovice Amy E. Lundin Christopher S. Lynnes Bruce W. Lyon John A. Lyon J. Daniel Lyons Mary Ellen Maatman William Scott MacDonald Scott R. MacGillivray Melinda A. MacGregor Julian C. Mack Marco R. Mack Linda Robin Mackie John Albert MacLean John M. Madden Virginia A. Maher Margaret Ann Mahoney Mark G. Mahowald Ann Barrett Maine Heidi Anne Mallace Anne Frances Maloney Michael H. Maloney Dan Marguerite Galen S. Martin f Wippmanj I Q vb. x- f wg rf if , 41 .: any w f Wippman2 Tracy Lynn Martin Philip C. Marvin Desmond Masterton Lori E. Mathewson Polly Mayer Joy Mazza Janet Kay McCabe Anthony R. McCandlish John D. McCallum Erin Ann McCarthy Kathryn L. McClain John S. McClellan Jr. Christopher Howard McCormick William T. McCormick SENIORSf239 '- ' 'f""11lr5 'bf f :ff 3 -raw 1 f.,,-an X fel? Q 1 K ' Q MOXSENIORS . I ,til 'xvjlf M 1. ' 5 J Jayne F. McDonough Nancy Jeanne McEachron I X 9 ' R f ,,,, 2' 9 -fi5q,,:1'ij'1 . if,:fg4:1:a-13 . f '-212-:W ffw V f .b - vw" '- ' if 'N 3223 V ' . rug, -fx '- 5. :.f9' Pufv - f 1" V , Robert D. McEvers John B. McGuinness Michael W. McHugh Peter T. Mcllwee IPhotos by Weston Q37 MK. A I Ca rlson J Elizabeth Proctor Mclnnis Steven L. Mclntire Jeffrey M. McIntyre James Joseph McKeone Treacy Ann McLaury Roy W. McLeese Elizabeth B. McMahon R. Brian McManus Richard H. McNerney Thomas Kane McNulty Elizabeth C. McShane Virginia C. Mead T. Frank Medina Ann W. Meeker Ann Kathryn Meltzer Don N. Memmer Evan William Mercier Bennett H. Merens Ann C. Meyer Daniel R. Meyer Warren J. Meyers Margaret Ann Migely Douglas James Milford SENIORSf241 242fSENIORS David C. Milici Brian Onan Miller Judith Lynn Miller Sheila M. Minogue Max Mirot Katherine Elizabeth Missimer Charles M. Moderwell Donald J. Moloney Nancy Lou Moloney Matthew J. Mooney Gerald W. Melissa Timothy M. Peter J. Thomas W. Moore Moore Moore Moran Moran Robert Carr Morand Richard E. Morgan Janet Mary Moritz Amy V. Morris Jane Louise Morris Robert C. Morris Jr. Virginia Morris Regina Moy Jan Edward Mrkonich Suzanne G. Muente Michael J. Murphy Michael Stuart Murphy Katharine Louise Myers G. Phillip Nauman Soozie Nebenzahl Ruth C. Nedoss Debra Susan Needler Jill C. Negronida Steven Earl Neidig Barrington Roy Neil R. Riley Obenchain Jane Ann Oberlin Elizabeth Dean O'Boyle Judith G. O'Brien Martin M. O'Brien Malachy J. O'Connell Sheila Mary O'Connor Eileen N. O'Donnel1 Michael O'Dwyer Philip Robinson Sebastian O'Keefe Mary Holly O'Kelley Heidi R. Olsen Cynthia E. Olson Julie A. Olson Eileen Elizabeth O'Malley William P. O'Neil Patrick O'Neil Camille M. O'Reilly Daniel J. O'Shaughnessy Andrew T. A. Osment Frank Paul Nejedly Matthew P. Nelson Scott Richard Nelson Barbara Neumann Nancy M. Nevin Stephen Elliott Nevins Julie Michelle Newman Nancy Beach Neylan Lita Ann Nicholis Jeffrey B. Nielsen Kathleen M. Nissly Kathleen R. Nixon David Milton Norris Jr Cherylann Novak Dan Nykaza '-"5-. Jonathan E. Peara Kendra Lynn Pearl Richard P. Pechtl Jerome S. Ostergaard Cabe M. Owens Michael S. Pacini Neil A. Pagano Geoffrey Gray Page Laura Janette Pasek Chris Jon Pates Michael C. Patterson Jean Grant Pattison Jeremy Israel Paul 244fSENIORS Wi if' 'VV fWestoi Mary Joann Pedersen Thomas Andrew Pendry Rozel Lana Perez Beth Perry Mark P. Perry Brian Lindsey Pesch Renata G. Peters Anthony Carl Peterson David D. Peterson Jr. Jennifer Peterson Linda A. Petrie Timothy T. Pettit Joanne Pfann Joan Pfutzenreuter Sam Phillips agua- Brian R. Philpot W Mary Barbara Pigott W7 Marcy Lee Planer 5 Harry Victor Plate ' l Alison Platt lx C lt 1 NZ!! x I I 4 Lynn Marie Polydoris Sandy Pope 'J 1 SENIORSIZ45 George Charles Ranney Jeffrey Paul Reda Elizabeth Anne Reed William H. Rees John B. Reese Joanne Doris Regan Margaret Ann Regan Karen Christine Regnell Ruth Elizabeth Reid Rae Ann Renner Michael Patrick Reynolds Teri S. Richburg Mary Ellen Rielly Diane Lynn Riff Caroline M. Riggio T i L ,M 246!SENIORS Mary Adelaide Powell Thomas James Prevo Bruce Prouty Marya B. Pruzansky Alexandra D. Pryor Jonathan Radnor Lolly M. Raffo Julie H. Ramsay Paul M. Randle Ian C. Randolph E, Ole H. M. Riise Cydney Robbins Julie Evans Roberts William Bruce Robertson Deborah Lynn Robins Timothy J. Rodenkirk Dave Roenisch Jr. Cynthia Lee Rogers Michael Scott Rogers Mark Lee Romanek Ellen M. Rosenberg Elise Gail Rosenthal Elizabeth A. Rossi Alexander R. Rothrock Katrina A. Rowe Peggy Rubens Kathleen Susan Rude Jeff Ari Rudnick James H. Ruffin David Rundell Amy Schaffer Robert S. Schiele John Richard Schmidt Stephen E. Schmitt Jan Schnake Joan Mary Schnake Dawn Renee Schnelle Jane E. Scholar Andrew P. Schoof Sandra M. Schoof 248fSENIORS . ,N Elliot Jay Schrage Thomas E. Schreiber Hunter N, Schultz James A. Schwartz Sally Nan Schwartz Carolyn Marie Schwarz Kirk D. Schwiebert Lisa Beth Schwimmer Priscilla L. Scott Susan E. Scoville David Seabury David Seccombe Joan Brydon Sefert Reed Seneca Selby Marcia R. Selig Jack S. Selvaggio Jordan Reid Sensibar John K. Setear Karen B. Setten Stephani Shaffer Colleen C. Shannon Caroline Eve Shapiro Cynthia J. Shaw David Madden Shehan George H. Shelton Stephanie Anne Sherman Carin Joann Sigel Sandra Simon David E. Simpson Thomas K. Simpson Janet Singleton Barbara Ann Sivright Patricia Susan Skaja Howard J. Skloot Maureen Anne Slattery Carmen Susan Sobat Frank G. Sokol Arthur Thomas Sollitt James M. Sollitt Keith Solomon Keith Eric Sommers Richard Joseph Sondheimer Diane M. Sontag Bradley William Soren Carla Maria Sorey Miriam Sosewitz John O'Brien Spicer Julie E. Spiegler Karen Sue Spies Jessica Spitek Mark St. Clair Gary R. Staessens Carrie Lee Stazy Michael K. Stearns Ann Elizabeth Steffen Jon Anton Steffens Mark Andrew Stein Richard Andrew Stein Steven F. Stein Michael Stephan T. Rachel Slonicki John Richard Smart Ann Goodrich Smith Gregory M. Smith Heather Joy Smith Karen Laura Smith Richard B. Smith Stephen Macalister Smithers Robert Jeff Snell John B. Snyder SENIORSf249 ZSOXSENIORS Scott Arthur Stephens Julia Ann Stern John F. Stevenson Kathryn G. Stiffler James G. Stinneford Carol J. Stoecker Jennifer Straub Wendi Carter Strauch Greg Stuhr Jane Howard Suker Ann Katherine Sullivan Robert Sullivan Stephen P. Sullivan ,Q 1 Weston I t:2..L.ius. qv' . 5 , - ' .'- -X wp .sy-3-E5 ' ii? 4 'A K1 J 'Z-: J 'f-vkfi .- Mit?"-'. "":?g3. - 5. N10-9 x 4, be Xi!- X x,"'f 1'7- ,Tx Nix! , 4 - ,sf-if I VS- " -3'f? ..k Y- A "-v 1'exlx1:s.., fl I Lincoln 1 f Wippmanj 'se Laura Suslick Dana Beth Sutherland Julie K. Swan Lisa Ewing Swan Steven M. Swanson Anne Ward Swenson Sharon Ann Swihart Susan Joy Swoiskin Michael J. Targun John James Tatooles Elise L. Taylor Gloria E. Taylor Claire Marie Temmerman Andrew J. Thomashow Karen Thorsen SENIORSX 251 252fSENIORS Barry Ticho Kimberly Helen Tilley Thomas Gregory Tillman Jennifer Jean Tindall David H. Tinkle Eleanor Louise Tippens Susan C. Tippet Robert Tipping Catherine E. Tittle Michael Joseph Tobin Andrew Custer Tomlin Philip Bard Towle David Miller Towne MarkiTracy Diane C. Trausch Katie J. Urban Joan Elizabeth Usher Scott VanArsdale Tracy Ann Vanatta Brian Van Cleave Dirk Vandeveld Katherine Roe Varley Karen Elayne VerBryck Sonia Verges Lisa Marie Vitale Shawn Marie Trautman Christian F. Treiber Christine Ann Tremayne Shaun Peter Trenholm Charles Hugh Trotter Carolyn Marie Tschudy Lai Ching Tung Joanne Turley David L. Twilling Kevin J. Tyrrell J Tami Ann Vitale Mary L. Vogt Karen Anne Voss Peggy Ann Wagener Clark David Wagner Douglas N. Wagner Mary Colleen Wahlund Randall B. Walk Gregory P. Wall Michael J. Walsh Thomas M. Walsh Jeanne M. Walters Christopher B. Warner Julia Lynn Warren Daniel Paul Wassmann John H. Welch Lisa Courtney Weldon Jill A. Wendnagel Brooks David West Matthew Loren Weston Melissa Weston Alison Jean Whelan Chel Gregory White Laurance L. White Susan Draper White Connie H. Weaver Jeffrey M. Webb Charles Andrew Weber Kent Weber Donovan J. Webster Sheila Kay Weed Kimberly Ann Weil April Lynn Weiler John Weisbacher Richard M. Weiss 254fSENIORS Julie Ann Wiele Deborah Lynn Wiese Jeffrey P. Wilder Patrick B. Williams James G. Willian Ann Hillery Wilson Leslie L. Wilson Sarah L. Wilson Lisa Marie Winberg Robin Lynn Winkler James Winter Lynn Sue Winternitz f Wes tonj Roger Joseph Wyse Donald W. Yohe Mary Ann Young Barbara Marie Yunker Robin Sue Zachary Maryan Zeddies Laura Jean Zipperman John M. Zuraw InAA Blaine M. Robinson emodam Lowell S. Sewell Tom David Wippman Mary Lynn Wirtz Douglas Edward Witt Thomas J. Wittebort Susan Kim Wolff Andrea Leigh Woolard LaGrange Worthington III Katherine Elizabeth Wright SENIORSX 255 NATIONAL MERIT SEMIFINALISTS-Bottom Row: Roenisch, Hirschhorn Gregory, Levine, Maatman Second: McLeese, Higgins Hoback, Galbraith, Garvin. Third Setear, Lavelle, Weil, Ryan, Hirsh Absent: Cardinal, Cole, Huppert, Kavanagh, Lynnes, Mack, Milford Saunders, Schwarz, Spiegler Trautman, Webb, Whelan. 256!NATIONAL MERIT LETTERS OF COMMENDA- TION-Bottom Row: Kubert Addison, Mayer, Rees, Rude, Ad: dis, Dugan, Rosenberg. Second: Arden, Krull, Stein, Wagner, Snell Lee, Ebihara, Bransky, O'Donnell Third: Paul, Bloom, Soren Stearns, Heiss, Peterson, Sommers Farnsworth, Kelly. Fourth: Stin: neford, Freyer, Best, McCandlish Schmitt, Zuraw, Sensibar, Tren- holm, Philpot, Gescheidle. Absent Baxter, Bergman, Bernick, Clapp Clark, Cooper, Legg, Levin McCormick, McEvers, Milici, Reg- nell, Schrage, Schreiber, Sullivan Weber, Willian, Wittebort. 1 .a o z Nl X-' ,gl I IDM- Ruben ECE, 55- er, Snel Donnell Soren, mmm dr Sdn' fandlilw 5, TIER' . Alwt L flilfll- lim' Ed Fri' lBottom Row: Tipping, Witt, Rielly, Schrage, Mr. Severns. Se- cond: Doblin, Franche, Kubert, Hirschhorn, Armstrong, Hirsh. Third: Shaw, Heald, O'Boyle Stoecker, Mathewson, Maine. Fourth: Fotopoulos, Muente, Turley, Martin, Stearns, Glass. Fifth: Lane, Atten, Little, Ticho, Krimmer. Sixth: Sherman lHobler, Taylor, Franchini, Wilson. Seventh: Tracy, Sommers, Carmell, Soren, Raffo, Chiado, Spiegler, Whelan, Clayton. Eighth: M. Gottleib, Freyer, Sorey, Cole, Kane, Slattery. inth: Goldstein, Salvano, hilpot, Gould, Johnson. Tenth: urphy, Pendry, Cousins, Slonicki, S. Gottleib. Top Row: lHall, Smith, Zuraw, Houpt, Clark. Fgbsent: Addis, Carey, Davis, pler, Grace, Graham, Guidarelli, Gunn, Kelly, Lambrecht, Levine, Madden, O'Brien, Ryan, Sefert, Shelton, Smart, Stern, Weston, White, Mrs. Lenard. 1 1 1 STEERING COMMITTEE SENIOR ADVISERS Bottom Row: Lenard, Romani, Donnell, Scobie, Goldsmith, Underwood, Severns. Second: M. Baker, Moreau, Huggins, Ken- nicke, Partridge, Millenson, Swarsen, B. Baker. Third: Stoewer, Hilsabeck, Hall, Baumann. Ab- sent: Barton, Bosshart, Cajet, Klein, Kruempelstaedter, Labadie, Lindley, Metzger, O'Hare, Schin- to, Stevens, White. STEERING COMMITTEEXSENIOR ADVISERSIZ57 258lSTUDENT LIFE I , - my--,ggmzr-,,f ww-T Y t 1 ,. , K - V I .Y Q -N WN W - - X- 4 ,, "'5Til'ifE5. 3,5 'f ZQJ J, K-'25Ai1,lf?2jtfqw2 xg , if ,ifgfzy-Q ,Q 1 - V, 3-wi wff u f 5:2 1543 ' ,. il f ' - L f1- YH. ' if i ff' J is , f fa . Q-E? ,-Q?::f:,,jf3i- 5.35511-fmgamaiakf .' , H, -wr' f S., la., ' ' 'au If 5 1 Q ,war -,H . , if w r V I VAVV X H-1.7, 1 af ' s Y . V.- V f STUDENT LIFE! Pa ff0l1S We gratefully thank our friends in the business community for their support. A. J. Burrow's Trout and Grouse American Alloys and Retractories Co. Anna Salon De Beauti Burhop's Seafoods Butler Real Estate Caledonian, Inc. The Camera Shop Capriccio Imports-Erika Geiller The Carrot Top Chestnut Court Book Shop Chin's Chop Suey Crossroads Restaurant The Crystal Cave The Daily Grind David Husak A.S.I.D. Del Lago Pharmacy Ltd. 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Auvil, Jim R. 74,103,164,204 John F. 222,257 Mary Jo 154,162,193 Carolyn Marg 222 Daniel J. 208 Joseph E, 201 Pamela D. 65,168,204 Averill, Charles N. 205 Adams, Hall III 151,159,206,208,218 Adams, Judy Rowan 7-1,963,154,222 Adams, Mark Leslie 65,69.125,158,202 Adams, Ross B. 209 Adams, Mrs. Suzanne B. 178 Avery, Janet C. 205 Avildsen, Peter 44,201 Adamson, Angela Allyn 199 Addis, Carers A. 100,222,256,257 Addis, Ronit Ruth 100,203 Addison, Benita Joan 70,96,156,217, 222,256 Addison, Susan Lee 70,72,203,218 Adelstein, Sally F. 209 Adler, Christopher A. 204 Ahern, Daniel 150,171,200 Ahern, James Jerome 171,222 Ahlborn, Donald B. 200 Babb, George Samuel 64,192 Babcock, Richard F, 197 Babcock, Timothy T. 64,146,170 Babich, Karen Elaine 44,70,204 Babigan, Mr. George 177 Bachmann, Mr. David 178,206 Badger, Helen K. 65,154,163,200 BADMINTON 134,163 Baekgaard, Karen 222 Ahlern , Aileen Kay 213 Ahlem, Carol Marie 155,205 Ahlem, Marilyn J. 102,103,222 Aimen, David B. 44,73,97,222 Aitken, Nicholas B. 192 Albrecht, Peter L. 170,192 Aldrich, Andrew M. 141,167 Alexander, Jane 155,213 Alexander, Lisa K. 65,199 Alexander, Mary 64,102,103,155,222 Alexander. Robyn E. 216 Alger, Beth A. 208 Alger, Sarah Jeanette 101,205 Allans, Francine 222 Allen, Amy Kimball 222 Allen, Ann Elizabeth 155,208 Allen, Christopher J, 222 Allen, Gregory Scott 212 Allen, James Scott 222 Allen, Joan P. 213 Allen, John Glenn 158,203 Allen, Katherine Louise 197 Allen, Mark Armstrong 70.222 Allen, Stuart R. 157,208 Allyn, Allen, Susan P. 74,102,193 Allen, Thomas E. 66,69,212 Tony D. 212 Almaguer, Mr. Benjamin 157 Alonzi. Anne E. 100,211 Alonzi, Suzanne Marie 193 Alvarez, Ana Maria 64,73,222 Alvarez, William R. 153,164,212 Ambrose, Becki 98,156,193 Ambrose, Colin T. 222 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 88,104 Ames, Jennifer Dawes 74,203 Amici, Carol Jeanne 44,208 Amir, Sari C. 222 Amirfazli, Amirhassan 202 Amir-Fazli, Carol J. 215,222 Breyley, Geoffrey W. 46,202 Cajet, Britt, Ji Andersen, David Kent 65,202 Andersen, John R. 165,202 Anderson, David A. 215 Anderson, Deborah P. 222 Anderson, Jamie Allyn 160,207 Anderson, Julie Ann 207 Anderson, Linda Kay 209 Anderson, Theodore V. 67,165,193 Anderson, Todd S. 204 Anderson, Tracy Ellen 222 Andler, Byron Robert 193 Andre, Calvin Seward 150,170,201 Andrew, Thomas James 66,201 Andrews, Amy Collins 66,69,214 Andrews, Dana Richard 208 Andrews, Raymond S. 151,212 Andrews, Tarnera Jo 64,191 Andruss, Timothy Y. 197 Angelos, Cheryl Lynn 194 Angle, Jennifer 65,205 Angle, Susan 154,160,212 Anson, Mrs. Rita 178 Apatoff, Mrs. Frances 178 Appel, Karen Eve 64,723,191 Appelbaum, Barbara B. 210 Applebaum, Mr. Robert 178 Archie, Christopher S. 65,72,203,218 Archie, Tbzothy R. 64,73,222 Arden, Carolyn Sue 65,200 Arden, David E. 102,161,222,256 Armstrong, Janice L. 64,191 Armstrong, Loretta J. 95,102,222,257 Amoff, Mrs. Jeanne 178,199 Aronberg, Laura Jeri 47,222 Aronson, Daniel B. 69,96,207 Arthur, Julia Ellen 74,154,222 Ashmore, Scott W. 102,161,193 Ashmore, Sidney B. III 87,102,161,222 Ashmore, Steve G. 161,167,213 Askin, Denise Ruth 203 Askonas, Carla M, 104,191 Askonas, Charles F. 211 Askounis, Dean M. 72,167,222 Askounis, Themia E. 7O,72,194 Bagg, Michael David 202 Bahng, Grace Mihi 70,72,199 Bahng, John Bosung 66,72,209 Baker. Mrs. Beverly 178,257 Baker, Brian Paul 69,161,213 Bake, Caryna 204 Baker, Mark Alan 169,222 Baker, Melinda Sue 222 Baker, Mr. Michael A. 257 Balderston, Katharine 73,95,102. 103,222 Baldovin, Christopher 44,223 Baldrini, Mr, Richard 178 Baldwin, Adam S. 210 Baldwin, Gregory J. 153,202 Baldwin, Mark Douglas 214,223 Ball, Beverly V. 103,191 Ball, Theodore M. 223 Ballin, Alyssa Ann 192 Baum, Cathy 210 Balrnes, Elizabeth M. 209 Balsley, Steven Devry 195 Balz, Rex M. 153,170,208 Balz, Steven John 150,164,170,223 Banach, Karl J. 166,195 BANDS 50 Bangs, Randall W. 161,202 Bangser, Dr. Henry 176 Bannon, Valerie J. 210 Baran, Cecily 165,223 Barancik, Stephen C. 69,203 Barber Mary N. 191 Barber, Wendy J. 210 Baretield, Mr. Morris 151,178,207 Barkemeyer, Germaine 223 Barnes, Carol M. 69,70,213 Barnes, Mrs. Kathy 178,199 Barnett, Charles K. 64,192 Barnett, Paul 153,207 Baron, Andrew Saul 44,211 Baron, Jessica Anne 44,115,223 Barr, Bradford S. 170,197 Barr, Gregroy Edward 205 Barr, Thomas E. 210 Barreca, Frank Thomas 208 Barrett, Elizabeth A. 69,72,207 Barron, Patricia J. 101,194 Bartholomay, Mrs. Deborah 178 Bartholomay, Marian 48,223 Bartholomew, Leslie K. 65,66,199 Bartholomew, Susan P. 209 Bartlett, Elizabeth L. 213 Barton, Bruce R. 171,223 Barton, Mr. Terence 158,167,178,257 BASEBALL 140,167 BASKETBALL, BOYS' 122,158 BASKETBALL, GIRLS' 130,162 Bates, David R. 196 Bates, John Robert 169,201 Bauer, William Brent 191 Bauer, Phillip M. 206 Baumann, Mr. Wesley 167,177,257 Baumgart, Mary Kay 64,67,70,72,223 Baxter, Mary E. 160,163,210 Baxter, Patricia 64,110,154,196 Baxter, Sarah M. 223,256 Beach, Miss Bonnie 154,160,178,191 Beall, Jim R. 150,158,201 Beaman, Jane Anne 48,64,191,218 Bebak, Arthur P, 162,199 Bechina, Mrs. Priscilla 178 Beck, Karen Anne 64,73,223 Beck, Laura Diane 223 Becker, Daniel L. 223 Becker, Kurt Merrill 170,223 Beebe, Adam Garde 96,197 Beebe, Andrew H. 153,165,202 Beebe, Douglas S. 69,70,152,194 Beebe, Mary 70,72,200 Beemer, Leslie E. 213 Beggan, Ann Marie 207 Behan, Catherine F. 74,196 Beider, Kelly Tema 203 Beierle, Diane C. 168,203 Gellefal ll1d6X 5 it . ' ,g ACKNOWLEDGMENTS-Jerry Ostergaard, cover photography, Kim- berly Weil, water colorg Parker Bennett, caricature and division page artwork, Mr. Robert Moorhead and the Walsworth publishing company, Marceline, Missourig Mr. John Werner and the Sanford studio, Evanston, 5 Illinois. Beinlich, Beverly A. 223 Beinlich, Dawn E. 197 Beinlich, Sandra L. 199 Beitzel, Robert S. 195 Belka, John C. 66,69,202 Bell, Mr. Robert 178 Bell, Miss Sharon 178,207 Bellack, David Eric 223 Bellack, Patricia A. 205 Bellamy, Barbara 67,70,72,73,223 Bellamy, Libby 70.72.205 Bellamy, Mary Pat 70,223 Beltrano. 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Jr. 162,204 Binder, Jerome C. 73,164,204 Binder, Martin E. 67,68,70,223 Binkley, David Andrew 202 Bird, Andrew J. 64,73,197 Bischoff, Barry D. 74,103,164,192 Bischoff, Christopher 150,223 Bishop, Andrew J, 194 Bishop, Benjamin W. 223 Bissell, Jeffrey W, 150,194,218 Bissell Nancy J. 211 Bizzell, Pamela R. 223 Black, Eileen M. 100,223 Black, Helen Winslow 70,72,215,224 Black, Michael H. 151,167,208 Black, Neil S. 46,97,194 Black, Nora Jean 101,210 Black, Peter A. 150,171,224 Black, Robert W, II 212 Blackwell, Bruce Wm. 224 Blake, Guy Ashley 200 Blanchard, John Adams 210,218 Blank, Elizabeth H. 208 Block, Priscilla 224 Blodgett, Chris W. 74,103,164,192 Blodgett, Sara G. 155,210 Blommaert, Frank Mark 201 Blommaert, Paul Allen 204 Bloom, Sean Kevin 224,256 Bloomfield, Thomas A. 104,171,193 Bloss, Christopher H. 204 Bloss, Tom L. 224 Blum, Alan Jeffrey 211 BOARD OF EDUCATION 176 Boaz, Nathan Wesley 73,104,150,190, 191,218 Bodeen, Susan Harwood 200 Bodner, Keith 47,77,94,157,166,224 Bodovitz, John F. 69,203 Bogstrand, Mrs, Lillian 178 Bohnen, Thomas Anton 65,101,209 Bokhof, Laura Anne 224 Boleyn, Daniel Joseph 195 Bone, Edward Lyle 197 Bone, Steven Charles 191 Bonneville, Deborah A. 209 Boothe, Leslie E. 200 Borakove, Andrew 153,201,169 Borden, Alfreda 56,73,96,224 Borelli, Margarita M. 200 Borja, Mrs. Janet 178,199 Boore, Robert Edwin 210 Borsotti, Anthony C. 200 Borushek, Ernest R. 196 Borushek, Ruben G. 207 Bosco, Carla M. 213 Boshes, Bari Lee 74,192 Boshes, Estes Henney 96,151,170,209 Bosshart, Mrs. Naoma 178,191 Bosshart, Mr. Robert 178,257 Bottum, Carroll 203 Bottum, John Bixler 66,204 Boudart, John G. 224 Boudart, Mark G, 202 Bouvier, Irene M. 224 Bovaird, Anne E. 99,193 Bowen, Mark K. 6,77,94,96,150,224 Bower, Claudia 73,77,196 Bower, Gregory S. 204 Bower, Rebecca 69,70,207 Bowers, Alice Anne 214,224 Bowers, Karen Z. 207 Bowlby, Stephen E. 224 Bowness, Janet M. 100,199 Bowness, Lawrence 202 Box, Barbara Anne 67,74,203 Boyd, Donna P. 194 Boyd, Keith M. 46,94,153,170,203 Boyd, Mr. William 177 Boyle, Mr. Robert 178 Boynton, Edward 204 Boynton, Katherine P. 100,192 Brackett, David M. 158,196 Braden, Michael S. 69,193 Bradley, William T. 167,192 Braet, Camille Ann 209 Braet, Mary P. 103,196 Brand, Pamela Anne 73,100,224 Brandlein, James E. 207 Brandlein, Margaret A. 224 Brandon, Mark R. 165,211 Brandwein, Bruce S, 169,210 Bransky, James Allan 68,224,256 Brattleaf, Deborah S, 100,205 Braudo, Susan J. 43,48,64,100,156,194 Breen, Madeleine Ann 224 Breen, Sheila Marie 205 i Brzezinski, Julie L. 101.213 Brzezinski, Ronald J. 53,68,70,72,l95 l Buck, Stacy H. 200 Buck, Susan K. 98,102,103,224 Buckingham, Molly 46,154,200 Buckingham, Sarah 46,154,194 Budwig, Mark 224 Buechner, Robert Carl 203 Buechner, William A. 207 Buell, Kathryn Helen 208,218 Buerger, Mr. Carlton 207 Buerger, Mary Jane 194 Buford, John A. 67,201 Bullock, Miss Ruth 178,207 Bunge, Jonathan C. 151,208 Buntain, Laurie E. 102,103,156,224 Buntain, Leslie Ann 99,102,103,191 Bunting, Lloyd M. 146,150,164,170,224 Burchard, Charles E. 193 Burchard, Janine C. 70,103,168,196,218 Burdick, Amy Greene 207 . Burdick, Wendy Ross 64,196 Burk, Myra Marlene 199 l Burkard, Anne C. 65,203 Burke, Mary 47,191,218 Burkhardt L. Keith 224 Burmeister, Eric T. 216,224 Burmeister, Kristina 215 Burmeister, Wendy S. 74,100,103,192 Burnett, Katherine E. 197,218 Burnett, Tina A. 163,210 Burns, Mrs. Esther 178,191 Burns, Burns, Joanne 160,200 Julie Marie 65,199 Burns, Lawrence C. Jr. 202 Burns, Mary Ellen 213 Burns, Valerie Grove 64,73,224 Burnside, Mr. Peter 157,208 Burnstan, Richard S. 207 Burr, John Howard 69,153,159,167,212 Burrill, Robert J. 193 Burrill, William E, 212 Bushnell, Stuart C. 204 Bussell, John Robert 224 Butler, Daniel W. 115,152,166,197,218 Butler, Molly McClure 213 Butler, Terence A. 195 Butterworth, Anna B, 74,208 Butz, James R. 170,212 Butz, Susan Alice 192,218 Buzard, David Andrew 210 Buzzard, Amy Louise 191 Byrom, Diana D. 209 Cadden, John Baker 151,165,207 CAFETERIA STAFF 188 Breit, Kenneth P. 195 Breitenbach, Eric 224 Brennan, Joseph P. 64,150,166,192 Brennan, Patricia B. 199 Bridges, Bridgew Tom S. 165,169,193 ater, Barrie 203 Briganti, Susan L. 224 Brinker, Michelle S. 200,216 Brinton, David Howard 150,170,193 Brinton, Mrs. Judith 178,200 Brinton, Kathryn L. 205 Brisk, Alan Cooper 46,224 m S. 212 Cahn, Jeffrey A. 72,166,193 Cahn, Steven M. 197 Cain, Jamie A. 95,191 Cain, John Henry 171,224 Cain, Mary Ann 208 Mr. Arnold 155,178,257 Cajet, Kenneth Steven 74,103,153,202 Cajet, Kimberly A. 74,96,102,103, 155,168,224 Caldwell, Thomas N. 169,208 Calesini, Mrs. Sylvia 200 Calhoun, Catherine A. 65,99,200,216 Callaghan, Colleen 216 Callaghan, Katie Ann 100,213 Britt, Melissa March 212 Britt, Raymond E. 197 Brix, Mr. Alan 178 Brix, Mrs. Caryl 178 Broderick, Cynthia Jo 100,200 Broderick, Robert C. 196 Bronstein Miriam 65,66,204 Brooks, Christopher 216 Brookstone, Gordon A. 211 Brown, Amanda J, 210 Callaway, Elizabeth G, 59,64,72,191 Camis, Scott Michael 225 Campbell, Barbara Ann 66,163,197 Campbell, Bruce Blair 45,67,225 Campbell, Colette M. 101,168,172,191 Campbell, Douglas Y. 164,169,210 Campbell, Jean Elliot 103,168,208 Campbell, John P. 96,225 Campbell, Paul Joseph 157,166,207 Campbell, Richard E. 69,70,72,204 Campbell, William O. 96,150,171,191 Brown, Brown, Brown, David Berno 96,206,218 Deborah Lee 224 Gregory Alan 199 Brown, Maren T. 154,211 Brown, Marie Frances 206,213,218 Brown, Michael B. 224 Brown, Brown, Michael Steven 96,171,224 Nicola Susan M. 65,205 Camras, Louis 66,153,204 Canafax, Eric David 151,161,167,213 Cannon, Alicia Laurie, 134,156,163,200 Cannon, John W. 153,206 Caraghar, Mr. Michael 178 Cardinal, David J. 46,225,256 Cardinal, Suzette J. 208 Browne, Barbara S. 208 Brownstein, Daniel A. 67,70,200 Bruce, Liz 213 Bruce, Scott Spencer 205 Brumbaugh, Leslie J. 209 Brumitt, Ellen S. 211 Carew, Roy G. 225 Carey, Camille C, 211 Carey, Candy C. 208 Carey, Carter Lee 153,204 Carey, Maureen Alice 95,104,225,257 Carey, Warren Marian 197,216 Brumitt, William F. 195 Bryan, Arthur E. 96,171,193,218 Bryan, Elizabeth G. 162,224 Bryan, John Henry 195 Bryan, John Milner 201 Carlson, Maura 69,72,97,212 Carlson, Steven R. 225,262 Carlstrom, Mrs. Beverly 178 Carlstrom, Mr. Clinton 155,178 Carmell, Jamie Lynn 101,225,257 INDEX! 261 Scott T. 195 farmell, Jill Nancy 101,196 farney, C. Penny 155,205 farney, Lawrence 194 Iarney, Linda Jean 201 farney, Thomas S. 195 farp, Donald C. 195 farpenter, Alan J, 200 farpenter, Mr, Alhert 158,178,191 farpenter, Tracy L. 225 farr, James 171,205 Iarr, Rupert 196 Zarreira, Timothy W. 195 Carrington Jr., Geddes 194 Iarroll, Grant T. 204 Carroll, Nell Jane 203 Carruthers, Karen A. 163,209 Sarstens, Peter A. 193 Carter, Cristen N. 155,208 Carter, Kelly 196 Carter, Robert C. 153,199 Sascino, Christopher 69,96,169,209 Casella, Miss Gloria 178 Casey, Peggy L. 100,200 Caspersen, Bryan L. 197 Caspersen, Holly J. 70,72,200 Cassidy Chris Sean 225 Cassidy, Daniel E. 208 Cassidy, James Quinn 150 Castelnuovo, Lia Anna 100,225 Castino, Daniel Ford 151,167,207 Castino, Julie 225 Cavanaugh, Pamela J. 203 Cawley, Megan Rose 192 Cawley, Patricia M. 65,203 Cawley, Susan Marie 196 Cazel, Alixandria L. 225 THE CENTER FOR SELF- DIRECTED LEARNING 17,214 Cervinka, Anne Marie 155,209 Chadwick, Cherie 200 Chadwick, Philip W. 153,170,210 Chakiris, Carolyn Ann 73,225 Challenger, Ann M. 199,216 Challenger, Mark L. 215 Challenger, Thomas M. 197 Challinor, Paul E. 193 Chalmers, Douglas M. 207 Chaloner, William C, 103,192 Chamberlain, John H. 153,202 Champion, Thomas P. 153,164,169,211 Chan, Terry Paul 69,212 Chandler, Carolyn D. 74,213 Chanen, Stuart Jay 47,225 Chapman, Carolyn E. 225 Chapman, Heather Ann 196 Chapman, John Jay 205 Chapman, Robert Lee 225 Chapman, Shaun H. 19,152,164,225 Chapman, Wheeler E. 164,202 Charles, Mr. Henry 108,179 Chausow, Douglas Dean 70,164,201 Chester, Wendy Lynne 205 Chiado, Julie Ann 73,225 Chiado, Lisa Marie 210 Chiappe, Bob Ray 225 Chiappe, Suzie Z. 209 Chien, Grace Lynn 70,72,154,192 Childress, Stephen S. 157,166,208 Childs, Philip 203 Christian, Mrs. Lois 179,208 Chruscinski, Mr. Walter 179 Chudacoff, Lynn E. 206,209,218 Chudacoff, Mark R. 46,197 Chukerman, Michael J. 205 Chwatal, John Stephan 201 Chwatal, Mary G. 203 Cichowski, Mr. Eugene 150,170,179 Circle, Tom R. 225 Clader, Mr. Carl 179 Claffey, Barbara 225 Claffey, Norine 65,74,199 Clapp, Lindsey Ann 102,103,225,256 Clark, Andrew E. 69,211 Clark, Elizabeth A, 225 Clark, Ellen P. 211 Clark, Mr. Gary 179 Clark, Jennifer Jean 72,96,225 Clark, Jennifer Lynn 225 Clark, Littrell G. 150,17O,225,257 Clark, Margaret A. 95,191 Clark, Michael J. 96,150,l71,225 Clark, Thomas R. 73,225,256 Clark, Thomas Walton 225 Clary, Rosalie M. 65,66,74,200 Clay, Kathryn Ann 216,225 Clay, Thomas Lee 225 Clayton, Kathy A. 39,225,257 Clayton, Sarah Jane 225 Clegg, Mrs. Bobbie 179 Cleland, Roger B. 162,204 Clendening, Miss Phyllis 179 Cloud, Brad Wm, 167,197 CLUBS 89 Clutter, Phyllis E. 225 Clutter, Robert M. 203 Cocalis, Lisa Brett 163,211 Coggins, Paul J. 47,197,218 Cohen, Aaron Seth 201 Cohen, April Judith 209 Cohen, Daniel Lee 100,135,162,192 Cohen, David Lee 162,226 Cohen, Elissa Diane 95,196 Cohen, Joshua L. 226 Cohen, Lawrence E. 193 Cohen, Marcy Hope 44,415,226 Cohen, Sharon Amy 47,197 fohrs, Charles Malme 151,206 262!INDEX Cohrs, Hilary A. 226 Cohrs, James C. 195 Cole, David Michael 96,209 Cole, Diane Lisa 67,68,70,154,160,226 Cole, Gary Daniel 73,102,104,149, 172,226,256,257 Cole, Laura Ellen 172,207 Colema Coletta Collias, n, Thomas D. Jr. 169,204 J. Bradley 201 Susanne Rae 99,205 Collins, Cathleen Lou 65,200 Collins, James Thomas 101,211 Collins, Michael S. 226 Collins, Collins, Vincent J. 157,166,199 Collomb, Victoria H. 211 Colman, Nancy Laura 101,215 Comeau, David J. 64,192 Compton, Susan Mary 199 Conant, Jay Daniel 226 Condrin, Kevin Paul 102,161,193 Conley, James Gerard 74,199 Conliffe, Michele R. 205 Conn, Susan Lynne 73,226 Connolly, Patrick C. 204 Connor Connor s, Charles W. B. 165,212 s, Colleen Mary 61,65,200 Connors, James J. 151,159,208 Conran, Karen 67,70,191,218 Conran, Kevin P. 67,69,157,166,199 Conran, Michael C. 66,68,151,206,216 Conroy, Thomas M. 153,210 Conte, Robert Francis 69,201,218 Conway, Christina Ann 74,163,211 Conway, Michael K. 73,216 Coogan, Christopher L. 157,212 Coogan, James K. 204 Coogan, Michael L. 44,45,196 Coogan, Thomas James 199 Cook, David 164,167,196 Crane, Katherine L. 64.73.196 Craven, Leslie 64,74,226 Crawford, John S. 212 Crawford, Laura J. 204 Crawford, Stephanie 226 Cray, Charles Francis 161,202 Cray, Creighton E. 64,172,198,218 Creagh, Pamela Marie 162,193 Creagh, Robert Tracy 164,211 Creek, Mrs. Betty 179 CREWS 61,72 Croak, Constance J. 65,201 Croak, Cynthia Louise 205 Croisant, Mrs. Barbara 179 Cross, Carol M. 101,163,207 CROSS COUNTRY 120,157 Cross, Mollie 200 Crown, Elizabeth 100,199 Crown, Sara Beth 74,102,103,191 Crump, Jennifer Ann 226 Crump, Mrs. Margaret 179 Culhane, Patricia C. 226 Cullen, Christopher J. 195 Cullen, Jonathan A. 167,195 Cullen, Teresa Anne 203 Culp, Hollis Quick 205 Cummings, John Fox 167,201 Curtis, Luke T, 157,166,226 Curtis, Owen Arthur 90,152,195 Curtis, John Edwin 195 Curtiss, Thomas Lee 94,150,192 Cusick, John Gregg 201 Cusick, Sharon L. 227 Cutler, Elliot P. 193,216 Cutler, Stuart Yantis 227 Dahl, Linda C. 73,227 Dalkin, Bruce L. 172,227 Dell, Sarah B. 65,74,200 Delong, John B. 169 Demitchell, Anthony M. 202 Demitchell, Lisa Ann 214,228 Dempsey, Kathleen 64,192 Dempsev, Ms, Kathleen M. 179 Denby, David H. Jr. 166,212 Denison, Mary A, 73,98,156,194 Denk, Mr. Gerald 151,164,179,192 Denman, Sara Baldwin 155,163,168,199 Denniston, James R. 46,195,218 Dent, Missy 213 Deppen, Michael J. 228 Derry, Mrs. Dorothy 179 Deruiter, Donald A. 211 Desremaux, Danelle 103,191 Desremaux, Lisa Jane 212 Desremaux, Thomas J. 228 Dettmer, Karen 199 Deutsch, Jill Ann 194 Deutsch, Susan E. 228 Devlin, Paul A. 159,208 Devvno, John 201 Devries, James Norman 157,166,195 Devries, Peter J. 208 Devroy, Gary Daniel 164,206 Devroy, Jeffery A. 167,195 Devryer, Johanna M. 66,154,160,194 Dewey, Christopher J. 228 Dhein, Genevieve E. 96,217,228 Diamond, Lawrence 47 Diaz, Anita Joy 74,155,196 Diaz, Orlando Q. 96,171,228 Diaz, Tami Ann 155,212 Dicesare, Frank W. 74,133,164,228 Dicesare, Marie P. 95,103,193 Dickes, Marclyn J. 65,74,99,201 Dickey, David M. 152,193 Dickman, Mr. David 179 Dickson, David Parry 150,171,228 Dickson, Edward B. 151,159,211 Dougherty, Allison H. 66,209 Doughty, Roger W. 46,169,199 Dove, Charles A. 211 Dow, Elizabeth Ann 194 Dow, Sarah Jane 211,218 Dowd, Cheryl Ann 228 Dowen, Eric Arman 153,165,213 Dowen, Laurie Ann 64,191 Downey, Gillian S. 65,168,203 Downey, Marion Strain 65,200 Downing, Gregory E. 151,170,207 Doyle, Julie T, 215,228 Doyle, W. Mercer 96,151,209 Drachman, Laura J. 70,72,101,199 Drake, Miss Martha 154,160,179 Dreiske, Charles G. 195 Drew, Bertram J. 65,210 Drew, Gerald Philip 151,167,207,218 Drew, Paula Lynn 65,160,200 Drew, Steven Roger 228 Drileck, Charles A. 153,166,202 Driscoll, William M. 64,73,192 Drohan, Mrs, Barbara 179 Drohan, Kathleen M. 110,126,134,143, 154,160,163,228 Drummond, Elizabeth A. 209 Dudeck, Phyllis M. 228 Dudenhoefer, David A. 195 Dudenhoefer, Stephen 200 Duff, Brian B, Jr. 228 Duffy, Eileen M. 205 Duffy, Michael John 197 Dugan, Joan H. 102,103,228,256 Dugan, Margaret 64,196 Dugan, Robert J. 211 Dulin, Mrs. Lorraine 179,208 Dumont, Christopher R. 65,153,202 Dumont, Richard M. 152,194 Dunlap, Prescott L. 191 Dunn, Kathryn Joyce 66,70,102,103,192 Dunn, Keith Richard 164,202 Cook, Elaine Grace 71,100,156,168,192 Cook, Sarah A. 163,193 Cooney, Charles E, 202 Cooper, Lisa Ellen 194 Cooper, Melissa Ann 226 Cooper, Scott David 73,96,214,226,256 Copher, Susan Marie 47,70,72,196 Copp, Daniel N. 112,114,152,226 Copp, Susan Kathleen 226 Corbett, Steven 196 Corcoran, Anna Cary 200 Cornell, Kenneth 152,166,195 Cornell, Shane O. 226 Corns, Michael A. 150,170,203 Corona, William J. 162,202 Corrigan, Robert W. 66,659,200 Cortese, Paul N. 70,206 Cortese, Thomas A. 202 Cosgrove, Ann 64,74,194 Cosgrove, Joseph S. 96,101,166,213 Cosnow, Charles E. 212 Cottle, Julia Ann 69,70,100,162 Cousins, Joseph W. 150,201 Cousins, Grayland 150,226,257 Dalton, Robert J. 194 Damato, Brian R. 207,218 DANCE CONCERT 56 Dancey, Michael Allen 151,169,208,218 Daniels, Miss Laura 179,214 Danilovics, Paula 209 Danilovics, Tija 70,209 Danstrom, Eric Jon 204 Davidson, Carolyn J. 204,65 Davidson, Margaret L. 213 Davis, Mrs. Barbara 179,200 Davis, Bradford A. 157,207 Davis, Gary Mark 227 Davis, Hilary S. 97,134,155,163, 227,257 Davis, James Elder 196 Davis, Jerry P. 196 Davis, Kent C. 214,227 Davis, Laura Louise 100,227 Davis, Scott Baxter, 208 Davis, Timothy S. 208 Davis, Mr. W. Hughes 169,179,192 Davis, William Steven 150,170,201 Day, Linda 155,209 Coven, Coxon, Mrs. Ludmilla 100,179 Mr. Richard 179 Coyle, Eliza Ann 65,101,163,199 Coyle, Kevin T. 151,209 Coyle, Margaret M. 226 Dearborn, John Henry 153,164,170,211 Dearborn, Robert H. 48,94,227 Deasy Dorothy 47,192 Deasy, Sean P. 159,213,218 DEBATE 38,46 PHOTOGRAPHERS-Bottom Row: Peterson, Lincoln, O'Con- nor, Tatosian, Ostergaard, Carlson, Weston. Absent: Fine, Lasky, Wippman. Dickson, Polly Anne 47,99,103,228 Diclementi, Kurt 164,204 Diclementi, Michael P. 151,165,210 Diclementi, Paul J. 171,202 Diclementi, Peter S. 108,109,150,195 Diclementi, Suzanne M. 64,72,73,228 Diclementi, William L. 228 Diebel, William C. 64,73,228 Dienhart, Mr. Richard 177 Dietrich, David J. 150,165,195 Dill, Neil F. 228 Dillon, Joseph G. Jr. 44,96,202,218 Dillon, Kathleen A. 213,218 Diltz, Carol Ann 209 Diltz, Sally E. 64,196 Diltz, Thomas R. 96,195 Doblin, Sharon Helen 73,101,228,257 Doctor, Anne E. 64,70,73,192 Dold, Barbara Jean 200 Doll, Charles James 201 Doll, Christopher Roy 199 Domek, Miss Marilyn 82,179,192 Donahoe, John J. 118,155,158,190,193, 218 Coyle, Sean P. 150,226 Coyle, Shaun Seery 207 Coyne, Matthew T. 66,204 Craddock, Mary Helen 155,162,168,209 Cragg, Jeffrey E. 162,202 Craig, Peter A. 170,197 Cramer, Jack Woodward 47,170,226 Crandell, Christopher 45,161,211 Crandell, Margaret A. 102,103,155,194 Decarlo, Laura Jean 227 Decarlo, Lisa Marie 199 Decker, Douglas S. 72,208 Decroocq, Laura Jean 65,72,201 Decroocq, Philip M. 192 Deforest, Clifford 96,193 Degross, David M. 151,209 Degross, Laura 191 Deignan, Miss Mary 179 Donahoe, Martha Dodd 155,212 Donahue, Daniel T. 202 Donahue, Kevin John 204 Donlon, Laurie J. 228 Donnell, Miss M. Evelyn 179,257 Donohue, Megan M. 208 Dorn, Andrew Scott 46,153,202 Dorn, Stephen Jeffry 66,101,203 Dunn, Maureen Rita 228 Dunn, Tobias B. 197 Dusablon, Charles M. 210 Dusablon, Jean Marie 162,205 Dusablon, Julia M. 64,73,154,215 Duvoisin, Tom 197 Dvorak, Richard J. 66,125,155,159,167,212 East, Andy N. 201 Eaton, David Elwell 228 Ebihara, John Henry 102,161,228,256 ECHOES 42,48 Eckersberg, Ingrid K. 44,45,65,154,205 Eckersberg, Lisa H. 216,228 Eckert, Karen Lea 67,196 Eckhouse, Ann Megan 213 Edelmann, John 153,201 Edmonds, Katharine 100,228 Edwards, Mary E. 101,228 Egan, Elizabeth C. 194 Eggert, William James 153,167,202 Egnor, James William 228 Ehmann, Jean Elizabeth 99,102,103,196 Ehmann, Nancy Ann 99,199,218 Eisen, Richard S. 228 Eisenberg, Lisa Jane 64,72,96,228 Eisenstein, Amy Lynn 44,45,205 Elbert, Gayle Sue 154,193 Elble, Miss Barbara 179,192 Frey Goese, Elia, Suzanne D. 101,199 Elia, Thomas P. 150,195,218 Eliot, Lise 208 Elliot, Vicki Beth 65,201 Elliott. Mr. Edward 179,209 Elliott, James Peter 159,213 Elliott, William P. 152,161,166,192 Ellis, Arienne I. 196 Ellis, Barbara Ann 70,100,104,228 Ellis, John J. 158,192 Ellis, Linda Sue 154,162,210 Ellis, Nancy 154,160,191 Ellwood, W. Prescott 150,170,194 Elston, Ross W. 196 Elverum, John S. 67,203 Embree, Cristan 64,713,196 Emerson, Bryan Tiller 204,218 Emery, Linda Ann 119,154,228 Engelhardt, James C. 228 Engelmann, Anne D. 65,201 Enkey, Mr. Robert 179,209 Epler, Barbara K. 101.199 Epler, Margaret Anne 48,229,257 Erickson, Tedd Scott 102,161,193 Erickson, Todd A. 102,161,229 Erie, Robert M. 204 Erie, Robin M. 193 Ernst, Thomas W. 152,193 Erzinger, Christian H. 133,170,192 Erzinger, Eve E. 156,199,218 Esarey, Mrs. Mignon 179 Estabrook, Dale F. 150,158,171,229 Etheridge, Kevin F. 74,103,164,192 Evans, Christine 192 Evans, Ellen G. 100,207 Evans, John Edward 196 Everingham, Kenneth W. 214 Everly, James R. 69,165,170,202 Everly, Mr. Melvin 91,180 Ewing, Brian James 229 Ezdinli, Suzan 229 Fabian, Allan Lee 229 Fabry, Steven F. 93,193 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 174,176 Fajer, Gregory V. 150,199 Fajer, Janis E. 192 Fajer, Richard D. 207 Farnham, Jeffrey B. 151,213 Farnsworth, Amy T. 210,218 Farnsworth, Julie A. 216,229,256 Farnsworth, Lucy B. 69,100,208 Farnsworth, Mary 97,102,103,194 Farrell, Mr. James 180,200 Fasano, Christopher A. 229 Fasano, Daniel J. 208 Fasano, Mary Alice 130,162,196 Fassnacht, Mrs. Christine 180,201 Faulkner, Thomas B. 153,212 Faurot, Alexander, H. 204 Faurot, Robert S. Jr. 45,229 Favorite, Jama I. 208 Favorite, Lee Steven 150,229 Fawcett, Jane W. 100,102,103,229 Fay, John Edward 151,164,167,212 Federico, Anthony S. 146,150,170,229 Federico, Steven J. 151,164,210 Fegers, Veronica A. 229 Feldhusch, Mr. Clarence 180 Feldman, Joel S. 45,212 Feldman, Leah S. 48,100,101,193 Feldmeir, Susan J. 44 Felt, Mr. William 180 Feltes, Anne Virginia 229 Feltes, John William 210 Feltes, Thomas Ewell 65,204 FENCING 135,162 Ferguson, Mrs. Jeanne 180 Ferguson, Miss Kathleen 180 Fern, John David 193 Ferretti, Mary Jo 209 Ferretti, Steve G. 195 Fetzer, Laurie Diane 65,951,199 Fiegen, Jean Marie 229 Field, Brad D. 195 FIELD HOCKEY 110,154 Field, James M. 195 Field, R. Wade 229 Files, L. Burke 204 Findlay, James Scott 212 Findlay, Robert 229 Fine, Jonathan Ian 195,262 Fisch, Joel S. 67,70,72,74,103,164,193 Fish, John Michael 191 Fishbein, Daniel L. 202 Fishbein, Mark Hubert 172,229 Fisher, Gregg Alan 164,204 Fisher, June Maria 191 Fisher, Timothy R. 65,205 Fite, M. Kathy 163,168,210 Fitzgerald, Mark R. 212 Fitzgerald, Sheila 196 Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Kathryn 180 Fitz-Hugh, Fay 210 Fitz-Hugh, Lynn 100,104,196 Flanagan, Nancy J. 229 Flanagin, John Mead 103,153,164, 170,202 Flatley, Michael J. 216,229 Fleming, Joan C. 64,73,229 Fleming, Mary K. 163,212 Fleming, Mrs. Rose 180 Flentye, Laurel 103,196 Flinchum, Sandy Jean 103,200 Fly, Mr. William 158,169,180,201 Flynn, Mary Kathleen 69,209,218 Fogarty, Thomas John 66,69,208 Foley, Mark Phillip 197 FOOTBALL 106,150 Foran, John Damian 170,201 Foran, Matthew D. 229 Foran, Michael L. 46,96,97,193 Ford, Margaret H. 65,74,100,204 Fosse, Eric Irwin 153,167,208 Fossler, Monica Edith 205 Fossler, Steven K. 229 Foster, Tracey M. 208 V Fotopoulos, Paula D. 64,101,229,257 Foukal, Anna Maire 194 Foukal, Pamala R. 100,200 Fox, Ann K. 229 Fox, Barbara Ann 162,213 Fox, Chuck 165,193 Fox, Fred W. 164,209 Fox, Gwynne Marshall 101,210 Fox, Mary Stuart 199 Fox, Sara Renay 210 Fox, Steven G. 65,150,167,202 Fox, Susan Elizabeth 103,229 Fragassi, Enza S. 200 Fragassi, Fernanda M. 192 Franche, E. Chace 74,154,217,229,257 Franchini, Elisabetta 48,73,104 Franchini, Nicole E. 101,154,229,257 Frank, Bernard D. 214 Frank, Bill Gregory 166,200 Frank, Joseph 204 Frank, Peter Joseph 45,96,207 Frankel, Amy Jo 100,194 Franz, Mrs. Hedy 180 Franzen, Lawrence K. 152,195 Frazer, Eddie Jane 65,101,199 Frederick, Robert W. 77,94,157,166,229 Freed, Christopher J. 73,209 Freedman, Debora Lee 200 Freedman, Keith M. 211 Freedman, Lee Scott 38,70,161,202 Freeman, John James 229 Freeman, Marcia Ann 64,713,194 Freeman, Martha M. 64,73,99,217,229 Frei, Jennifer J. 74,155,208 Frei Jr., Robert Reed 146,169,197 Frei, Stephanie 117,156,229 Freiser, Erik D. 191 Fresen, Phillip A. 153,202 FRESHMAN HELPERS 96 FRESHMEN 206 Gellersted, Diane C. 99,I03,156,230 Gellersted, Richard 209 Geocaris, Daniel D. 158,167,202 George, Dorsey C. 64,100,192 George, Jane Anne 230 George, Regina M. 213 Gerrard, Lani L. 192 Gerson, Mrs. Suanne 180 Gescheidle, Robert H. 96,l72,230,256 Gescheidle, Thomas 96,153,211 Getschow, Heidi 99,205 Getschow, Kurt A. 150,230 Geweke, William Todd 210 Giarelli, Mr. Ernest 177 Gibson, Kate Morris 66,69,213 Gibson, Laura Ann 95,194 Gibson, Margaret Anne 208 Gibson, Pamela Lynne 100,230 Freud, Douglas Robert 211 Freund, Mark T. 195 Frey, David I. 216 Frey, Emile W. 164,206 Kathryn Lynn 44,72,214 Gignilliat, Rebecca M. 66,194 Gilbert, Chris 230 Gilbert, Jonathan A. 164,170,230 Gill, Mrs. Carol 180 Gill, Mr. Franklin 180 Gillis, Martha E. 209 Frey, Mnrthu Mary 47,101,156,19Il,218 Frey, Mr. Norman L. 180,201 Frey, Susan Hilary 101,209 Freyer, Jody 74,100,205 Freyer, Wendy 74,98,103,217,229,256, 257 Friedlander, Sally A. 46,198,200,218 Gilmore, Jim M. 230 Gilmore, John Patrick 69,153,207 Gilmore, Molly Ellen 230 Gilmore, Sarah S. 203 Gion, Mary Therese 230 Gion, Suzanne Cecelia 200 Friedman, Erika Ann 207 Friedman, Gregory A. 153,204 Friedman, Mrs. Helene 180 Friedman, Shannon C. 229 Giordano, Amy Paul 209 Girardi, Susan E. 64,70,73,96,230 GIRLS' CLUB 78,95 Glaser, Charles B. 157,166,201 Friend, Pam E. 65,199 Fritz, Brett Joseph 192 Frommeyer, Susan M. 74,193 Frugoli, Linda S. 230 Fry, Timothy John 72,201 Fry, Wendy Catherine 230 Fucik, Kirsten Marie 216,230 Fucik, Mark William 199 Fujii, Saigo Cleland 212 Fujikawa, Elizabeth 156,203 Funari, Amelia Jean 194 Fusco, Christina 230 Gahala, Mr. John 180,193 Gajewski, Steven 230 Galbraith, Elizabeth 211 Galbraith, Jeri Lynn 73,99,101,230,256 Gale, Phillip R. 151,167,211 Gallanis, Kathryn 47,64,102,103,196 Gallas, Anne R. 230 Ganz, Alexandra Mary 210 Garden, Mr. Thomas 180 Gardner, Jeff W, 153,203 Garrett, Steven R. 70,72,101,204 Garrison, Cynthia A. 100,104,192 Garron, Miriam Ruth 65,95,199 Garvin, Grace R. 46,230,256 Gaskill, John C. 201 Gaskill, Robert H. 196 Gately, Anne H. 102,103,230 Gately, R. Michael 153,165,213 Gautier, James 195 Gautier, Paul Michael 230 Gautier, Sarah L. 64,101,193 Gaynor, Julia A. 197 Gaynor, Sharon M. 65,199 Gedo, Nicholas M. 47,48,193 Geier, Timothy Gerard 210 Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass Bruce Alan 230 Karyn Sue 101,230,257 Linda Carol 203 Michael Jay 153,202 Glatt, Michael Samuel 230 Gleason, Mrs. Mary Louise 177 Glenn, Elizabeth W. 212 Gluckman, Jolene E. 70,72,104,196 Gnaedinger, John P. 64,150,202 Gnaedinger, Sally 207 Gober, Mr. Robert 177 Godard, Caroline Anne 73,202,230 Daniel Paul 230 Greenberg, Beth R. 99,191 Greenblatt, Robert H. 46,204,218 Greene, Howard E. 212 Greene, James A. 231 Greer, Julie R. 64,73,101,191 Gregg, James Chandler 153,164,203 Gregg, Virginia Dawes 154,160,I63,213 Gregory, Douglas W. 64,73,216,231,256 Gregory, Mr. William 181,214 Gremion, Blandine B, 73,231 Gressens, Kathy Anne 103,231 Greve, Amy Victoria 193 Greve, George F. 231 Griesser, Kimberly A. 208 Griffith, Susan Lee 102,103,194 Groot, Jonathan K. 195 Gross, Glenn Weston 65,201 Gross, Mark C. 231 Grossweiner, James B. 68,231 Guhl, Peter R. 152,161,196 Guhl, Tabitha Jane 65,155,162,200 Guice, Charles E. 231 Guice, Patricia 203 Guidarelli, Robert 231,257 Guilleminot, Isabelle 65,200 Gun, Giselle Marie 65,66,199 Gunn, Alan M. 102,231,257 Gunn, Charles Bradley 69,161,211 Gunn, Damon Mott 69,161,213 Guthrie, Brenda 66,155,211 Guthrie, Laura J. 9B,116,155,193 Guyton, Pamela Jean 73,196 GYMAGINATION 63,74 GYMNASTICS, BOYS' 132,164 GYMNASTICS, GIRLS' 131,163 Gynn, Elizabeth Anne 65,200 Gynn, Mark G. 195 Haas, Karen Sue 100,231 Haberman, Joel Scott 162,203 Hackett, Constance A. 208 Hagberg, Grant C. 150,205 Haggerty, Malcolm R, 193 Goese, Mary 73,191 Goese, Michael J. 150,199 Goldberg, Mrs. Barbara 180 Goldberg, Elisabeth J. 213 Goldberg, Julie R. 100,191 Goldblatt, Vicki V. 213 Goldeen, Claudia A. 70,167,192 Golden, Neil Barry 65,146,169,205,218 Golder, Kenneth C. 150,192 Goldman, David Alle 197 Goldman, Tamra Ruth 208 Goldsmith, Carrie N. 74,101,205 Goldsmith, Mrs. Shirley 181,257 Goldstein, Jamie E. 211 Goldstein, Jay M. 202 Goldstein, John Alan 230,257 GOLF, BOYS' 118,154 GOLF, GIRLS' 119,155 Gomez, Michelle K. 203 Gomez, Suzanne Mary 210 Gonnoud, Mary K. 230 Hagy, Laurie 65,201 I-Iagy, Lisa 231 Hahn , Chris Francis 203 Hahn, Darci L. 210 Hahn Hahn Hahn Hahn Hahn Hahn , Douglas L. 204 , James David 195 , Kathryn Eileen 101,231 , Margaret Ann 100,211 , Maureen 231 , Valerie Cecile 69,101,213 Hales, Martha W. 65,200 Hall, Alison Gordon 70,163,207 Hall, Mr. Dean 181,257 Hall, Gillette Hewitt 207 Hall, Hall, Hall, Jeffrey Persson 150,169,202 Julia Ann 200 Kerry 44,169,217,231,257 Hall, Thomas Edward 158,231 Ham, Mr. Stephen 181 Hamilton, T, Kelly 85,101,10-4,231 Hamilton, William B. 150,231 f Wippmanj Gonnoud, Peter Andrew 150,165,201 Goodman, Luci Meg 204 Goodman, Malin L. 200 Goodrich, Julie E. 64,196 Goodrich, Mr. Paul 181 Gooselaw, Kathryn A. 210 Gord, Kristin E. 205 Gordon, Evan Sgutt 44,230 Gordon, Joseph 230 Gordon, Joseph Nathan 96,161,209 Gordon, Louise 192 Gordon, Lynn Ellen 197 Gordon, Mark J. 230 Hammerman, Lisa Ann 100,231 Hammerman, Michael M. 208 Hammersley, Howard A. 157,166,213 Handelman, Jeffery 167,231 Hands, Helen M. 66,67 Handwerker, Barry A. 150,158,202,218 Haney, Meghan 65,203 Hangren, Elizabeth 194 Hangren, Laura Ann 199 Hangren, Mr. Richard 181 Hanlon, Martha 67,68,154,162,194 Hanlon, Sarah Kirk 67,154,163,210 Hannah, Wendy Lynn 74,101,199 Hannon, Lisa Ruth 64,231 Gordon, Rochelle Thea 65,200 Gorman, Kelly Ann 103,193 Gorman, Michael Sean 150,158,199 Gorman, Patrick C. 151,159,207 Goss, Clay Arthur 96,167,230 Goss, Peter S. 208 Gotaas, Barbara J. 230 Gotoff, David M. 211 Gotoff, Robert Allen 230 Gotsis, Philene 199 Gottlieb, Melissa Joy 230,257 Hansen, Bradley G. 150,170,199 Hardee, Marv B 64 101,104,231 Hardin, Jan Louise 64,101,231 Hardy, eth Ann 208 Hanson, Joyce Elaine 73,215,231 B C Hardy, arolyn Lee 199 Hardy, Stephen B. 197 Hardy, Thomas Randall 202 Hargett, Brad K. 231 Hargett, Michael K, 96,164,209,218 Gottlieb, Suzanne Gay 231,257 Gould Gould , Kathryn A. 215,231 Margaret N. 103,231,257 Gould, Patricia M. 210 Gould, Mr. Robert 177,218 Grace, John Stephen 201 Grace, Kathleen M. 231,257 Graham, Allison J. 47,102,103,231,257 Graham, Jennifer M. 205 Graller, Amy Carol 212 Graller, Paul 193 Granath, Bruce D. 69,161,211 Grannan, Dennis M. 205 Grannan, Mary E. 197 Grant, Nancy 100,205 Graver, Julie L. 231 Gray, Green Teresa Jean 205 , Mrs. Alice 181,209 Green, Cheryl Ann 231 Green, Janet M. 196 Green, John Brian 96,210 Green, Jonathan W. 68,70,72,231 Green, Paul Matthew W. 44,205 Green, Rich 215 Green, Steven R. 171,231 Harkness, Amy Stiller 65,74,103,199 Harland, Michelle H. 46,199 Harloff, Keith Edward 197 Harnar, Jeffrey Dean 59,64,73,96,232 Harriman, Brooke T. 199 Harrington, Michael P. 153,166,207 Harrington, Sally Ann 160,162,213 Harris, Gregg Walker 169,232 Harris, Jami Faith 100,117,156,163, 190,192,218 Harris Jr., Kenneth A. 47,152,194,218 Harris, Melanie Jill 66,156,163,208 Harrison, Stephanie L. 205 Hart, Melissa Jean 64,194,218 Hart, Polly Susan 191 Hartel, Daniel Edward 66,211 Hartel, William J. 232 Hartnett, Gregory T. 116 Hartnett, Kevin P. 96,206 Hartong, David George 161,218 Hartong, John Gordon 64,232 Hartunian, Andrew M. 157,208 Harvey, Eileen T. 99,205,218 Harvey, Laura E. 201 Harvey, Leslie 168,209 INDEX! 263 Harvey, Mrs. Sue 181 Haser, Clara M. 212 Haser, John B. 73,157,232 Haser, Paul Bryant 73,205 Hassenauer, Michael J. 167,202 Hassenauer, Thomas S. 232 Hast, Howard Arthur 215,232 Hastey, Marguerite M. 214 Hastings, William H. 46,203 Hauldren, Jamie E. 207 Hauptle, Nancy K. 69,168,212 Hauptle, Richard S. 67,70,74,155, 167,202 Hauser, Kenneth 152,170,195,218 Hauser, Peter C. 153,170,202 Hausheer, Jennifer L. 207 Hawkins, Patrick J. 197 Hawley, Robert B. 65,161,205 Haworth, Steven 108,109,212 Haworth, Susan 101,197 Hayden, Melissa Ann 103,163,191 Hayes, Kristin A. 65,99,205 Hayes, Maureen Anne 100,200 Hayes, Susan E. 100,213 Heal, Stacy Lynn 209 Heald, Jean Hughes 98,102,103,217, 232,257 Healy, Elizabeth A. 211 Hector, Joseph F. 209 Hector, Valerie Anne 47,191 Hediger, Robert H, 151,212 Heida, Janet Lynn 100,103,194 Heinen, Deborah S. 97,213 Heinen, Stephen C. 170,194 Heinzen, John C. 191 Heise, William E. 210 Heiser, Martin F. 100,150,204 Heiser, Teresita E. 100,192 Heiss, Christopher W. 102,104,161, 232,256 Heitman, Charles S. 153,164,210 Held, Laura Elizabeth 65,110,154,160, 163,205 Held, Rebecca Jane 110,126,130,154,I60, 162,232 Helfrich, Mr. Gene 152,167,181,193 Heller, Catherine F. 213 Hellman, Christopher 153,201 Hellman, Judith Ann 191 Hellman, Mary C. 69,101,209 Helmer, Anne K. 154,162,200 Helmer, Jane Krez 160,194 Henderson, Charles N. 66,167,203 Henderson, Jeffrey 202,218 Henderson, John M. 66,97,114,152,197 Henderson, Joseph Jr. 212 Henderson, Kathy Jo 232 K Wippmanj Hennessy, Elizabeth 232 Hennessy, Gerald J. 161,211 Hennessy, H. Richard 157,166,203 Henneuse, Nancy J. 232 Henschel Leigh S. 216 Henzlik, Joseph C. 96,152,166,192,218 Henzlik, Paul E. 69,212 Hepler, Steven M. 233 Hepworth, Andrew N. 201 Hepworth, Laurie A. 233 Her Her Her locker, Julie 64,101,191,218 locker, Nancy M. 74,102,103,233 nandez, Tomas M. 202 Hirsch, Mr. Carl 210 Hirschhorn, Daniel B. 43,48,67,68, 217,233,256,257 Hirsh, Alan Mathew 40,47,104,217,233 256,257 Hirsh, John Ira 153,203 Hirsh, Nancy Ellen 154,162,213 Hitt, Peter David 157,166,192 Hively, Deborah L. 48,192 Hjalrnarson, John C. 152,233 Hoback, Amy Ann 69,160,208 Hoback, Christopher C. 212 Hoback, Frank J. 96,192 Herrmann, Marianne M. 100,199,218 Hershenson, Joseph B. 100,202 Herzog, Andrew J. 67,68,166,214 Herzog, Mrs. Mary Jo 156,181,209 Hes, Haggai 233 Hetz, Stephanie C. 50,67,196 Heuer, William B. 67,70,72,233 Hewett, Catherine B. 199,218 Hewett, Susan M. 233 Hibbard, Charleen K. 233 Hickman, Mary C. 211 Hickman, Theresa M. 205,218 Hicks, James Clifford 51,67,68,166,196 Hicks, Stuart Coleman 44,208 Hoback, Lisa G. 233,256 Hobler, Ruth V. 233,257 HOCKEY 137,164 Hodlick, Tam E. 194 Hoffberg, Sheli Feryl 101,205,218 Hoffman, Alan D. 191 Hoffman, Greg Wagner 201 Hoffman, John M. 202 Hoffman, Kevin James 150,195 Hoffman, Mitchell L. 94,138,152,166, 230 Hoffman , Myles Brent 202 Hoffman, Scott B. 192 Hoffman, Scott T. 151,207 Hig Hig a, Jonathan 196 gins, Brian Gerard 150,171,233 Higgins, Chris M. 216 Higgins, Ellen Wayne 64,101,233 Higgins, Jacqueline 72,191 Higgins, John D. 206 Higgins, Marguerite 233,256 Higgins, Peter F. 171,203 Higgins, Roger Mark 153,157,166,202 Hilarides, Robert S. 157,169,203 Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill , Carra Delafon 99,205 , Elisabeth J. 74,163,205 , James K. 233 , Melville C. II1 153,213 , Sara Williamson 69,70,74,200 , Susan 70,73,96,102,103,233 man, Mr. Floyd 177 Hilsabeck, Mrs. Alison 181 Hilsabeck, Mr. Stephen 151,181,257 Hilton, David H. 157,166,197 Hilton, Linda J. 213 Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin Hin ds, Susanna C. 65,199 dsley, Jody 66,213 dsley, Paul M. 64,94,104,125,155,158 es, John Robert 203,214 es, Ken John 46,207 es, Martha Anne 213 es, Matthew M. 97,153,211 es, Rachel 97,99,102,103,191 man, James S. Jr. 213 shaw, Jennifer B. 213 shaw, Kimberlee O. 233 Hoffman, Therese Ann 47,230 Hofstetter, Sydney L. 215,233 Hogan, Audrey E. 162,207 Hogan, Cathleen E. 210 Hogan, Michael John 204 Hohengarten, Helen 193,216 Hohengarten, William 191 Holdford, Ruth Ann 233 Holland, Christina 67,70,72,101,194 Holland, Jeff J. 97,146,157,169,195,218 Holland, John Oldham 169,201 Holleran, Mark M. 234 Holleran, Martin L. 153,164,201,217 Holloway, Nancy I. 215 Holmberg, Judith M. 74,210 Holmberg, Michael J. 102,161,197,218 Holmes, Juliana 234 Holmgren, Carolyn 73,197 Holzinger, Miss Louise 177 Hook, Susan Marie 65,74,99,201 Hopkins, Martha Carol 130,162,192 Horn, Joseph J. 234 Hornstein, Jeffrey D. 208 Horsting, Amy 215 Horsting, John R. 161,200 Horwich, Franklin 197 Horwitch, Peter David 169,202 Horwitz, Clifford W. 234 Hosbein, James R. 165,202 Hosbein, Jennifer Ann 65,200 Hosbein, Mark B. 94.194218 Hoskins, Art W. 64,73,234 Hoskins, Richard S. 65,153,211 Hotchkiss, John R. Jr. 161,209 Houghtlin, Deborah A. 74,200,218 Houpt, Richard V. 73,108,109,150,170, 234,257 Howard, Joseph Gerard 45,157,207 Howard, Lisa Anne 45,119,154,172,191 Howard, Paul W. 204 Howell, John Angus 205 Howell, Samuel 193 Howell, Suzanne 98,102,103,191 Howland, Charles H. 164,170,234 Howlett, Julie Ann 163,201 Hoyt, Stephen Dubbs 66,153,169,202 Hubbard, Connie 207 Hubbard, George Alan 150,166,234 Hubbard, James W. 152,166,196 Huck, Catherine C. 234 Hudson, John 197 Huerter, Mr. Joseph 181 Huffer, Robert M. 197 Huge, Terry L. 191 Huggins, Mrs. Charlotte 181,257 Hughes, Michael J. 196 Hughes, Pamela 65,203 Hughes, William M. 64,72,73,195 Hughson, Mrs. Claire 181 Hummel, Katherine F. 197 Hummel, Rebecca Jean 154,210 Huppert, Anne-Marie 69,207 Huppert, Joseph E. 209,256 Huppert, Joshua B. 47,70,72 Hurd, Suzanne Dewitt 74,98,102,103, 194 Hurley, Joan Marie 214 Hurn, Julia Ann 211 Hurn, Steven Larose 234 Husak, Leslie Ann 204 Husak, Sally Anne 67,213 Hussey, Thomas Albert 170,234 Husting, Gretchen M. 211 Husting, Jennifer Kay 74,155,201 Hutchins, Sarah A. 196 Hutchison, Sarah 100,234 Hutter, Paul Hazard 67,70,234 Hutter, Steven Neal 201 Hutton, Susan P. 73,88,234 Hynes, Gary Laurence 152,234 Hynes, Lee Ann 208 Idzik, Rebecca 200 Ieuter, Charles R. 157,202 Immenhausen, Kimberly 211 INKLINGS 39 INTRAMURALS 148,172 Irwin, Mr. Larence 177 Ismond, Mrs. Joan 181 ITV 36,45 Ivanovich, Francis J. 208 Iverson, Karen Lynn 211 Jackman, Mark T. 193 Jackson, Bruce David 153,162,210 Jackson, Deirdre M. 211 Jackson, Herbert K. 191 Jacob Kenneth Hales 66,204 Jacobi, Wyn 201,218 Jacobs, Clayton D. 234 Jacobson, Jeanne M. 64,85,95,100, 168,234 Jacobson, Mr. John 181,201 Jacobson, Mrs. Lilly 182 Jacobson, Ralph David 159,164,211 Jacobson, Timothy A. 196 Jaeck, Christine Ann 204 Jaeger, Anne Louise 66,155,200 Jaeschke, David J. 234 Jaeschke, Douglas S. 164,234 Jaffe, Frank W. 167,196 Jaffee, Barbara Jean 216 Jahant, John Pierre 234 James, Carl K. 151,165,209 James, Catherine C. 74,98,163,191,218 James, Elizabeth A. 207 James, Jeremiah S. 53,70,96,150,171, 217,234 James, Katrinka Jo 155,204 James, Mary K. 155,163,211 James, Merrily Lind 67,99,102,103,194 James, Robert Marion 102,161,194 James, Stefan C. 162,207 James, Warren Andrew 96,153,164,207 Janaes, Daniel James 194 Jannotta, Edgar D. Jr., 101,152,169,195 Jannotta, Martha 208 Jannotta, Mary C. 181,191,218 Jarvis, Todd Burke 234 Jasper, Elizabeth A. 194 Jenkins, Karen M. 213 Jensen, Mr. Gordon 182 Jester, Judith Ann 194 Jewell, Lisa Ann 101,212 Jewell, Robert David 234 Jewett, George Andrew 144,208 Jewett, Robin E. 216,234 Jewett, William D. 157,166,193 Jiganti, Jeanine M. 234 Jiganti, John J. 74,103,164,195 Jobst, Mrs. Virginia 177 Johnson, Adrienne 47,194 Johnson, Catherine A. 65,201 Johnson, Deborah Ann 210 Johnson, Elizabeth V. 103,234,257 Johnso n, Harold Alan 201 Johnson, Jeannette 168.207 Johnson, Joel V. 234 Johnson, Joyce C. 102,103.10-1,155,234 Johnson, Ms Julie 182,210 .Iohnso Johnso J ohnso n, Karin Ruth 154,200 n, Leslie Ellen 70,72,10-1,192 n, Margherite L. 73,194 Johnson, Raymond D. 214 Johnson, Steven C. 207 J ohnso Johnso n, Susan M. 193 n, Mr. Vernoy 215 Johnston, Dr. Angus 174,182,193 Johnston, Mrs. Elizabeth 182 Johnston, Scott Bryan 151,170.207 Jones, Daniel H. 16,104,234 Douglas F. 152,193 Jones, Jones, Eric Donald 205 Jones, Gregory Todd 234 Jones, Margaret Jane 162,212 Jones, Nancy 64,101,234 Jones, Robin S. 208 Jones, Timothy A. 192 Jonscher, Michael R. 151,165,212 Jonscher, Peter L. 157,165,192 Jonscher, Richard S. 157,165,234 Jordan, George T. 151,163,207 Jordan, Horace W. 211 Josefsberg, Mr. Bernard 17,101,152,210 Joseph, John Alan 197 Judge, Catherine R. 65,199 Judson, Linda Ann 212 JUNIORS 190 Kabel, Marcus lan 44,205 Kadel, Kristine L. 234 Kaden. Debra Sue 65.205 Kadlec, Jennifer E. 101,234 Kaiser, Kristopher E. 197 Kaitchuck, Kevin M. 70,72,202 Kalis, Karen E. 208 Kallerud, lmury Lyn 234 Kallis, Jonathan A. 157,165,206 Kallman, Rob C. 65,161,202,218 Kaltenekker, Frank J. 153,170,213 Kamin. Anthony 46,97 ,196 Kane, Kathleen 65,20-4218 Kane, Madeleine 95,102,103,235,257 Kane, Mary V. 40,47,102,103,162,235 Kao, Jemey Lee 66,69,202 Kaplan, James Simpson 155,197 Kaplan, Tamara Marie 209 Kaply, Chris W 153,209 Kapps, Alison Marie 65,199 James Jr. 193 Karam. Edmund D. 235 Karas, Lee Arthur 235 Karmel, Joshua N. 170,191,218 Karmin, Kathryn Gina 17,74,95,235 Karouzos, Themistocls 191 Karouzos, Vasilea B. 197 Karr, Eric John 235 Kashian, Paul G. 195 Katz, Patricia Anne 64,73,194 Katzin, Bob 201 Kauf, Ted J. 167,208 Kauffmann, John H. 197 Kaufman, Warren Ralph 69,72,213 Kaufmann, Kathryn I. 70,72,100,194 Kaufmann, Keith E. 69,70,96,206 Kaus, Sue Mary 197 Kavanagh, Evan Smith 73,96,215 Kavanagh, Preston B. 73,162,214,235, 256 Keating, Wendy Jeanne 155,209,218 Keefe, Christopher P. 193 Keefe, Joseph 73,216 Keefe, Margaret 1. 200 Keefe, Regina Anne 65,204 Keefe, Thomas P. 192 Kehm, Miss Elaine 182 Keller, Broderick B. 193 Kelley, Brian Joseph 212 Kelley, Douglas W. 153,164,201 Kelley, Kendall M. 235 Kelley, Mike Andrew 207 Kellogg, Andy H. 67,69,203 Kelly, Mrs. Barbara 182,194 Kelly, Elizabeth J. 96,235 Kelly, Elizabeth L. 47,72,208 Kelly, Erin Louise 235 Kelly, Mrs. Helen 182 Kelly, Mrs. Jeanne 210 Kelly, Lawrence John 165,235,256,257 Kelly, Margaret M. 65,201 Kelly, Nancy A. 216,235 Kelly, Kelly, Patricia A. 208 Sean Patrick 235 Kemmerer, Claudia D. 235 Kemp, Mrs. Marilyn 182,193 Kendall, Peter Atwood 97,195 Kennedy, Michael C. 74,152,192 Kennedy, Susan Ruth 101,197 Kenney, Lynne Maureen 210 Kennicke, Miss Leola 155,160,182,257 Kenyon, Richmond W. 151,211 Kepler, Daniel E. 66,153,203 Kepler, Susanne E. 99,235 Kerr, Anne Louise 154,163,210 Kerr, Ellen M. 64,73,191 Kerr, Jeffrey Dee 69,151,211 Kerr, Kendra 97,101,196 Kerwin, Marie Eliz 210 Kidd, Peter James 214 Kidwell, Anne B. 235 Kiener, Annette J. 210 Kiesler, Carolyn S. 213 Kiesler, Mitchell B. 170,192 Kim, Kyung-Ah 199 Kimling, Laura V. 211 Kincaid, Joseph Paul 210 Kincaid, Margaret M. 216 Kindig, Nancy Ann 103,131,163,192 King, D. Kristen 208,218 King, Gail Elizabeth 103,196 King, James S. 216 King, Mr. John 182 King, Linda June 101,235 King, Meridith Lynn 235 King, Richard Ellwood 205 Kingsbury, Mr. Peter 182,214 Kingwill, Baird C. 152,195 Kingwill, Stephanie D. 65,203 Kinney, Elaine F. 73,160,235 Kirby, Julie Carolyn 156,235 Kirby, Thomas C. 94,96,193 Kirchheimer, Miss Nancy 182 Kirk, James Thomas 212 Kirk, Mark Steven 96,215,235 Kirk, Robin 172,194 Kissinger, William Jr. 150,158,203 Kixmiller, Miss Jean 177 Klapper, Philip D. 96,195 Klauke, Ann Marie 64,194 Klauke, George F. 102,161,195 Klauke, Laura Ann 235 Klawans, Susan Sarah 45,72,212 Klebba, Anne 211 Klee, Kevin 235 Klee, Tracey Alison 205 Klein, Elizabeth Lee 168,210 Klein, Erez 204,218 Klein, Klaus Dieter 235 Klein, Mr. Ronald 150,167,182,202 Klein, Tammie Ann 98,196,218 Klein, Mrs. Wendy 182,257 Kleinman, Elliott A. 46,202 Klinge, Carol Therese 200 Klingler, Donna J. 191 Klingler, Josef F. 150,166,201 Klingsporn, Mr. Charles 177 Klise, James C. 213 Klise, Thomas J. 102,152,197 Klotz, Audie 211 Klotz, Edward S. 157,166,195 Kludy, Steven Carl 202 Kluka, Miss Darlene 163,182,211 Kmieciak, Joseph C. 208 Knowlton, Christopher 157,210 Knowlton, Robert L. 64,73,235 Knox, Douglas 208 Koch, Judith Ann 235 Kocour, Steve Robert 66,69,153,165, 208 Koelle, John Erik 204 Koelle, Kathryn M. 235 Koester, Bonnie Lynn 207 Kofman, Bonnie Jane 100,194 Kofman, Clyde 69,153,166,2l0 Kofman, Paul 200 Kohler, Charles B. 216 Kokes, Gregory Joseph 212 Kokes, Linda L. 235 Kolflat, Kristian 209 Kolflat, Leif A. 207 Kondzela, Patricia A. 100,194 10s tergaatdl Kopp, Jeff K. 235 Koppel, David Norman 202 Korengold, Richard H. 100,203 Korn, Lawrence Mark 69,151,161,213 Korner, Paula L. 194 Koscielak, Marylynn 213 Koser, Mr. William 182,202 Koushanpour, David 192 Koushanpour, Phillip 192,212 Kovacevic, Daniel P. 44,167,235 Kovacevic, William J. 44,206 Kowalsky, Paul Andrew 202 Kowalsky, Susan Beth 214 Kraenzle, Friedrich H. 202 Kraenzle, Otto Walter 200 Kramer, Marion 73,101,235 Kraus, Louis James 65,150,165,166, 105,218 Krause, Cynthia Ann 200 Krause, Hal Charles 165,192 Krause, Laurie Ann 203 Kravits, Susan Lynne 100,191 Kraybill, David J. 162,211,218 Kraybill, Paul D. 152,153,202 Krebs, Alison Lee 67,162,213 Krebs, Leslie Ann 64,67,154,163,194 Kretchmer, Elizabeth 210 Kretchmer, Gary E. 44,67,68,193 Kreutz, Eric l-larger 153,209 Kriesant, Karen E. 194 Krimmer, Mathew H. 97,157,166,235, 257 Krimmer, Tina 64,73,97,191 Krodel, William H. 66,69,211 Kroschel, Mr. Eugene 85,182 Kruempelstaedter, Mr. James 136,151, 165,132,257 Kruempelstaedter, Linda 168,191,218 Kruempelstaedter, Robert 153,165,208 Krull, Kevin J. 235,256 Krygsman, Cyril 235 Kubert, Charles N. 46,67,70,72,235, 256,257 Kubiak, Joseph John 153,207 Kudan, Jonathan Louis 165,170,208 Kudan, Mark B. 73,214 Kuecker, Glen David 211 Kuecker, T. Scott 235 Kuennen, Mr. Robert 182 Kuenzel, David S. 147,171,236 Kuenzel, Kimberly R. 65,201 Kuether, Timothy J. 195 Kuhnen, Blair G. 162,202 Kuhnen, Gregg 201 Kuipers, Maribeth 64,236 Kuipers, Thomas R. 161,208 Kullby, Kevin Stuart 153,207 Kullby, Kirk Walter 152,153,204 Kunkel, Anne Elizabeth 184 Kunz, Tracey E. 207 Kurlander, Kathy A. 213 Kurlander, Leslie L. 205 Kurschner, Gilbert, Jr. 150,192 Kurschner, Michael P. 96,171,195 Kurschner, Phillip A. 69,151,206 Kusar, Angelica R. 210 Kutschke, Joanne M. 208 Kutschke, Julie Anne 211 Kutschke, Thomas A. 153,199 Kyle, Peter F. 207 Labadie, Mr. James 183,257 Lacey, Kenneth E. 73,152,236 Lacey, Kevin Brian 207 Lacey, Peter T. 66,151,165,209 Lacroix, Charles A. 204 Lacroix, Jacques E. 153,207 LACROSSE 146,170 Lafaire, Gary F. 236 Lagershausn, Kathleen 208 LAGNIAPPE 54,96 Lahey, E. Christopher 64,150,171,236 Lahey, Kara Eileen 163,210 Lambert, Celeste M. 191 Lambrecht, Patricia 236,257 Lampert, Cynthia L. 101,236 Lampert, Jeffrey 45,157,210 Landesman, Ann 194 Lane, Gwyneth 64,100,194 Lane, Russel G. 170,201 Lane, Scott D. 159,169,212 Lane, Shaun P. 195,218 Lane, Sydney H. 203,218 Lane, Terry 169,236,257 Lang, Lisa Ann 236 Lang, Paula Ann 207 Langan , Matthew P. 153,202,218 Langmar, Emery Louis 207 Lanham, Linda Ann 204 Lanham, William 195 Lanzillotta, Salvino 201 Lapat, Robert X. 236 Laport, Michael A. 45,210 Lardner, Philip J. 48,236 Larkin, Daniel F. 153,165,201 Larsen, Mr. Robert 177 Larson, lan Read 203 Lasky, Leigh R. 197,262 Lasky, Rhonda Joy 236 Lasky, Scott A. 164,195 Later, Tracy C. 236 Lathrop, Mark Leon 236 Lau, Dodie Elizabeth 236 Lau, Theresa Ann 199 Laughlin, Cassandra G. 73,193 Laughlin, Elizabeth L. 215 Laurence, Eric Lewis 153,209 Lavelle, Lavelle, Carol Ann 200 Michael F. 236,256 Law, Bruce Kennedy 209 Lawler, Daniel Paul 155,204 Lawler, Peter T. 118,137,155,164, 196,218 Lawlor, Miss Rosalie 183 Lawson, Charles A. 48,197 Lawson, Robert David 44,196 Lazar, Mrs. Deanna 183 Lazar, Stuart Norman 236 Lazar, Mr. Zachary 183,211 Leahy, Barbara J. 236 Leahy, Mr. Robert 150,159,183,194 Lederman, Jill Susan 200 Ledinsky, Mr. Ray 89,183,202 Lee, Craig S. 152,169,236 Lee, David Michael 164,208 Lee, Mrs. Janette 183 Lee, Joanne Carol 70,102,155,236,256 Lee, Kathy C. 194 Lee, Mary 168,205 Lee, Nancy Kathryn 69,70,72,155,205, 218 Lee, Virginia Joanne 199 Leech, Mrs. Barbara 183 Leekley, John Maurice 155,169,204 Leekley. Virginia Ann 102,103,155,194 Legg, William L. 70,l72,236,256 Leggett, Mrs. Susanne 183 Lehman, Joseph A.'150.158,166.198, 199,218 lNDEX!265 McClellan, Leider, Andrew F. 69,161,211 Leider, Mark 150,170 Lems, Maurine 213 Lenard, Mrs. Sue 104,177,257 Lenzner, Jamie 196 Leonard, Kyle 153,209 Leonard, Sarah Jean 209 Leonard, Stephen E. 236 Leonard, William J, 205 Leslie, Brian Russell 66,200 Leslie, Mary Ann 236 Lev, Julie 237 Levenson, Karen Grace 207 Leverentz, Mrs. Evelyn 183 Leverentz, Mark J, 162,203 Leverentz, Mr. Rodney 184 Levie, Karen Michelle 199 Levin, Bruce Michael 202 Levin, Jeffrey Scott 162,214,237,256 Levin , Russell Jay 67,70,207 Levine, Susan Janet 70,237,256,257 Levins, Frank Joseph 161,204 Levinson, Michael E. 237 Levit, Levy, Lewis Lewis M. Creon 216 Mrs. Thora 184,194 , Andrea Maria 67,203,218 , Charlotte C. 97,237 Lewis, Elizabeth R. 209 Lewis , Leslie S. 208 Lewis, Michael E. 191 Lewis, Vinroy V. 166,201 Ley, Catherine S. 64,99,194,218 Lezama, Maria Anne 211 Licata, Catherine M. 208 Licata, Elizabeth Ann 200 Licata, Stephen J. 91,197 Lidecker, Mary C. 65,155,205 Lidman, Diane Susan 213 Lieberman, Julie Ann 191 Lieberman, Karl James 237 Lieberman, Keith Mark 203 Lifvendahl, Laura Ann 155,199 Lincoln, lan Preston 237,262 McMurray, Lin, Elise Tseng-Chin 74,163,208 Lin, Eugene l. 74,86,103,164,192 Lind, J. Robert 161,202 Lindberg, Lura 168,199 Lindberg, Susan Beth 168,191 Linden, Richard F. 170,196 Lindley, Mr. Austin 257 Lindle Teri Lin 216 237 yi . Lindner, Robert F. Jr. 67,69,96,193 Lipe, .lay B. 94,150,237 Lippitz, Bradley H. 207 Lipsich, Lisa Beth 205 Lipsich, Michele R. 211 Lipson, Michael Rand 103,164,201 Lissner, Jean Ann 211 Little, Amy E. 210 Little, Deborah 100,103,217,237,257 Little, Erika Eileen 101,237 Little, Karen A. 65,155,168,203 Lockwood, John Andrew 151,167,208 Loftus, Maripat 211 Long, Paul Francis 214 Lorenz, Victoria A. 213 Louis, Margo Karen 70,237 Lourenco, Margaret 44,211 Lourenco, Peter E. 162,195 Love, Brian James 44,-45,212 Love, Kathryn S. 101,205 Love, Matthew David 67,69,203 Lovely, Lynn D. 205 Lovering, Hutchison C. 151,210 Low, Michael D. 153,209 Low, Rebecca Sharon 237 Lowe, Bonnie Beth 101,200 Lowndes, Larry C. 237 Lowndes, Laura K. 237 Lucas, Margaret L. 191 Luckett, Paula 211 Ludovice, John N. 158,167,204 Ludovice, Robert John 237 Luecker, Cynthia 64,713,191 Lundin, Amy E. 237 Lundin, Sarah Jane 207 Lundin, Thomas Andrew 203 Lundquist, Mark Steve 150,166,199 Lunkes, Sueanne 205 Luster, Dwight Edward 204 Lutz, Steven Penfield 151,210 Lynch, Daniel A. 202 Lynch, Jacqueline E. 205 Lynch, Rose Marie 207 Lynnes, Christopher S. 237,256 Lynnes, Katherine E. 209 Lyon, Betsy Ann 211 Lyon, Bruce W. 238 Lyon, John A. 167,238 Lyon, Jonathon 64,100,195 Lyons, Deborah Ann 162,209 Lyons, Dennis F. 66,68,201 Lyons, James Daniel 136,165,238 Maatman, Mary Ellen 46,238,256 Mabie, Janice P. 74,102,103,194 Mabie, John C. 155,159,211 MacDonald, Bill Scott 68,70,238 MacDonald, James 201 ' MacDonald, Martha Joy 69,70,72,213 MacDonald, Thomas R. 67,69,153,205 MacGillivray, Scott R. 238 266fINDEX MacGregor, John D. 153,165,201 MacGregor, Melinda A. 238 Mack, Eileen Marie 74,99,200 Mack, Julian Capps 102,128,161,238, 256 Mack, Kathleen V. 74,163,192,218 Mack, Marco Ray 67,68,70,238 Mack, Sarah Huntley 100,163,212 Mack, Sheila A. 216 Mack, Theresa J. 211 MacKenzie, Jamie Sue 155,197 MacKevich, Nancy E. 100,205,218 Mackey, Brian P. 195 Mackie, Linda Robin 216,238 Mackie, Susan Beth 65,201 MacLean, Elizabeth S. 199 MacLean, John A. 238 MacOmber, Brigit D. 66,70,208 MAINTENANCE CREWS 188 Mallace, Mallace, Elizabeth K. 203 Heidi Anne 238 Malles, James Craig 155,204 Malloy, Margaret Mary 65,199 Malloy, Mary E. 65,207 Malone, Kathleen 210 Malone, Maureen 191 Malone, Patricia 65,204 Maloney, Anne Frances 73,238 Maloney, Daniel E. 208 Maloney, John I. 153,210 1 Maloney, Mary Lyng 110,154,201 Maloney, Michael H, 238 Mals, Raymond J. Jr. 167,194 Mangler, John Joseph 153,170,211 Mangler, Paul David 203 Mangler, Robert J. 195 Martin, Dana 211 Martin, Dianne Marie 209 Martin, Galen S. 96,217,238,257 Martin, Gary Bradford 153,164,202 Martin, Maureen A. 208 Martin, Tracy Lynn 239 Marvin, Philip C. 102,165,239 Marvin, Thomas Gerard 165,202 Mason, Robert 216 Mason, Vicki 73,214 Massey, Claire Andrea 65,205 Mast, Christine M. 205 Masterton, Desmond J. 239 Masterton, Patrick J. 165,204 Mathewson, Lori 99,217,239,257 Mathewson, Mark Allin 153,202 Matthews, Doug S. 193 Maton, Michelle L. 65,72,199 Madde Madde Madde n, Anne Kelly 155,211 n, Diana Leland 98,191,218 n, John M. Jr. 155,169,238,257 Madden, William Frank 155,159,207 Madlener, Deborah L. 200 Madsen, Virginia Gail 44,199 Maguire, Kathleen M. 168,210 Maher, David Paul 74,211 Maher, Elizabeth Anne 74,163,196,218 Maher, Maher, Mahon Steven James 74,213 Virginia Anne 238 , Bridget 210 Mahoney, Margaret Ann 238 Manierre, Susan J. 101,203 Mannix, Elizabeth A. 192 Maranda, Sharon H. 191 Marcus, Edye Anne 155,203 Marcus, George David 197 Marcus, John William 207 Marcus, Karen Lynn 213 Marguerite, Daniel J. 238 Mark, Gordon Griffith 65,169,205 Markey, Christopher A. 161,213 Markey, Richard M. 102,161,193 Markey, Thomas S. 196 Marks, Kathy Ann 155,205 Mahowald, Mark G. 238 Mahowald, Paul James 171,197 Maine, Ann V. 48,67,l20,142, l57,168,238,257 Maine, Jeanne 160,213 Maine, Robert lll 74,103,164.195 Marmel, Mrs. Blossom 184,194 Marquardt, John F. Jr. 153,167,206 208,218 Marran, Julia E. 47,73,194,218 Marrinson, Andrew H. 45,201 Marsh, Kathryn Ann 156,197 Martin, Burrous, J. 153,161,211,218 1 K Carlson J Matsumoto, Ken 204 Matz, Mr. Eric 128,155,161,184,202 May, Mr. Roy 150,184,185 Mayer, Katherine A. 70,100,199 Mayer, Polly Selz 100,239,256 Mayer, Sydney R. 151,165,209 Mazza, Joy 239 Mazza, Mark Kaylor 204 McAllen, Robert 67,70,203 McAuliff, Robert B. 153,199 McBride, Richard S. 161, 192 McBride, Stephen 161,202,218 McBurney, Jana Lee 44,155,211,218 McCabe, Anne 213 McCabe, Janet Kay 239 McCabe, Michael Bolin 210 McCabe, Tracy Gayle 209 McCabe, V McCallum, alerie Lee 214 John D. 239 McCandlish, Anthony R. 64,73,239,256 McCarren, Felicia M. 73,156,194 McCarter, Amy Warner 213 McCarthy, McCarthy, Daniel J. 207 Erin Ann 163,239 McCarthy, Glenn T. 70,171,197 McCarthy, Monica Mary 208 McCarthy Vincent B. 207 McCarty, Marie L. 47,191 McCarty, Wendy 211 McClain, Kathryn L. 61,96,239 McClain, Mary G. 155,194 McClain, Marylee A. 213 McClain, Rebecca A. 98,191 McClain, Mr. Thomas 46,184,211 John S. 164,170,239 McClellan, Michael G, 158,204 McCloskey, Mr. Joseph 184 McConnell, Ann Thomas 204, McConnell, John F. 206 McCook, Margaret E. 65,100,200 McCormick, Christopher 46,96,239,256 McCormick, M. Kathleen 196 McCormick, William T. 155,239 McCoskrie, Ellen Jane 101,172,191 McCoy, Nina A. 64,73,192 McCrea, Healy M. 209 ,McCrea, Mr. Philip 9l,I74,l8l,195 McCullough, Kelly N. 44,194 McDermott, Chris A. 197 McDermott, G. John 69,210 McDiVitt, Patrick W. l02,16I,I96,2I8 McDonald, Andrew G. 209 McDonough, Ellen L. 212 McDonough, Jayne F. 74,103,240 McEachron, Nancy J. 44,104,240 McEvers, Allison H. 212 McEvers, Robert D. 240,256 McFadzean, Mr. James 150,170,184, 203 McFadzean, Mrs. Mary 184 McGarry, Kevin V, Jr. 204 McGee, Mr. Ralph 174 McGoey B arbar 213 McGrew, Joan Helaine 211 McGrew, Kenneth A 67 196 McGrew Susan W 154 163 196 McGuinn s s, John B. 214,240 McGrew1 James Pope 153,169,208 .e - , , e McGuinn s s, Margaret 216 McGuire, Mrs. Mary Ida 176 McHugh, John J. 150,167,201 McHugh, Michael W. 240 Mcllwee, Peter T. 240 Mclnnis, Elizabeth 103,241 Mclnnis, Jennifer 74,100,154,208 McIntire, Stacy Ann 213 Mclntire, Steven Lee 102,161,241 McIntosh, Elizabeth D. 194 McIntyre, Jeffrey 241 McIntyre, Kevin C. 158,195 McIntyre, Mary Anne 162,211 McIntyre, Sue 73,74,101,191 McKay, Thomas Michael 153,204,218 McKenna, Alicia Lynn 207 McKeone, Brian P. 212 McKeone, James J. 150,241 McKeone, John S. 167,195 McKeough, Beth Anne 210 McKeough, Michael A. 208 McKeough, Susan M. 160,204 McKiernan, Ariane E. 65,199 McKiernan , Brian J. 44,51,66,68,96,195 McKiernan, Karin A. 213 McKinley, William B. 94,96,195 McLaury, Ann 241 McLean, Bruce D. 102,193 Mclaeese, Roy W. III 46,2I7,241,256 McLellan, Katie 212 McLellan, Stephan J. 210 McLeod, John C. Jr. 192 McMahon, Elizabeth 70,73,241 McMahon, Jenny Marie 155,213 McMahon, William P. 169,213 McManus, Brian M. 241 Jane 65,201,218 McMurray, Susan 97,102,192 McNally, Peter C. 66,204 McNaughton, Miss Joyce 74,184 McNerney, Richard H. 112,152,169,241 McNulty, Thomas K. 241 McShane, Antony J. 46,195 McShane, Elizabeth C. 73,241 Mead, Rebecca R. 74,163,211 Mead, Sumner Price 161,209 Mead, Virginia C. 241 Mecartney, Dave L, 192 Medina, Anita M. 65,200 Medina, Thomas Frank 47,101,171,241 Meeder, James F, 197 Meeker, Ann W. 160,163,241 Meier, John K. 153,206 Meijer, Karen Eliz 203,216 Melamed, David 212 Mellon, Jay Anne 213 Meltzer, Cynthia L. 65,200 Meltzer, Ann Kathryn 64,73,241 Memmer, Don N. 152,241 Menary, Barry R. 214 Mendel, Beth Ann 160,210 Mendes, Craig T. 153,212 Mercer, William A. 216 Mercier, Evan William 241 Merens, Bennett H. 241 Mericle, Karen Grace 65,714,200 Mericle, William C. 44,211 Merkel, Alan C. 204 Merkel, David D, 196 Merkel, Paul 153,161,208 Messer. Ann Hanes 191 Mewer, Joseph Shaw 69,151,210 Mestjian, Mrs. Carey 177,218 Metzger. Mr. H. Earle 165,257 Monsee Montgo Montgo s, Debra L. 207 mery, Dorothy D. 213 mery, William A. 194 Mooney, Mathew John 157,242 Mooney, Michael James 100,204 Moore, Moore, Moore. Charles A. 150,201 Ellen C. 64,73,192,218 Gerald William 167,242 Mueller, Matthew A. 215 Mueller Thomas E. 161,209 Muente, Suzanne G. 242,257 Muller, Douglas S. 64,195 Mulliken, Cindy M. 155,207,218 Mulliner, Mr. John l5l'l,l62,168,l85 Mundt, Joann 64,154,163,191 Munns, Julie C. 200 Metzger, Elizabeth O. 66,713,194 Meyer, Ann C. 241 Meyer, Daniel Robert 241 Meyer, Suzanne Lee 203 Meyers, John Charles 102,161,193 Meyers, Thomas David 150,167,202 Meyers, Warren J. 164,241 Michala, Matthew F. 157,203 Michala, Michael 165,195 Migely, Margaret Ann 241 Migely, Thomas F. 212 Mikelson, Mary Ruth 64,197 Milenkovic, Victor J. 70,913,197 Miles, Mrs. Joanne 184 Milford, Douglas J. 73,97,152,2-11,256 Milici, David C. 36,4-1,242,256 Millenson, Mrs. Judith 184,257 Miller, Mrs, Beverly 184,216 Moore, Jonathan E. 166,193 Moore, Melissa M. 242 Moore, Sarah Ellen 65,205 Moore, Stephen K. 46,195 Moore, Timothy M. 242 Moore, Veronica C. 69,70,208 Moore, William Jr. 193 Moraitis, Philip 46,713,197 Moran, Peter James 64,721,242 Moran, Thomas Wm. 242 Morand, Marybeth 99,199 Morand, Robert Carr 242 Morden, Kimberly A. 168,207 More, Mrs. Louise 184 Moreau, Mrs. Rose 184,257 Morgan, David H. 195 Morgan, James Parker 192 Morgan, Mark D. 203 Munuz, Erol 216 Murdock, Christopher 153,170,213 Murdock, David M. 161,202 Murphy, David Gerard 192 Murphy, Marquerite L. 99,200 Murphy, Michael H. 211,217 Murphy, Michael John 158,242,257 Murphy, Michael S. 242 Murphy, Mr. Richard 195 Murray, Christopher W. 197 Murray, David 111 210 Murrin, Mary F. 211 Murrin, Michael Paul 203 Musica, Michelle S. 65,100,204 Musil, Myers, Myers, Myers, Jonathan P. 151,211 Arno Rhodes 197 Katharine L. 44,242 Laura 208 Miller Miller, Brian Onan 216,242 Miller, Jeffrey M. 153,207 Miller, Joy Denise 204 Miller, Judith Anne 194 Miller, Judith Lynn 73,242 Karl T. 151,165,206 Morgan, Mr. O. James 164 Miller, Kim 194 Miller, Kristen Nancy 213 Miller, Mr. Lloyd 184 Miller, Mark Timothy 195 Miller, Randall Bret 155.207 Miller, Scott Lee 161,202 Minn, Steven Mark 44,65,203 Minogue, James Scott 195 Morgan, Richard E. 152.242 Moritz, Janet M. 242 Morley, Donald B. 108,109,150,201 Morris. Amy V. 242 Morris. Dwight Allen 72,209 Morris. Jane Louise 134,154,160. 163,242 Morris, Mrs. Marie-Louise 185 Morris, Paul 164,212 Morris, Robert C. Jr. 242 Morris, Virginia 160,163,242 Mueller, Miss Jane 185 Mueller, Mark N. 158,201 Myers, Mary W. 194 Myers, Scott H. 202 Nader, Page Alison 210 Nadherny, Sandra J. 102,103,104,194 Naft, Juliet Gail 156,207 Nagle, Julie Ann 201 Nahidi, Kurosh 202 Negronida, Jill C. 216,242 Neidig, Janet D. 203 Neidig, Steven Earl 242 Neil, Barbara M. 197 Neil, Barrington Roy 73,214,242 Neil, Claudia R. 162,168,208 Nejedly, Carl T. 191 Nejedly, Frank Paul 243 Nelson, Bonnie S. 209 Nelson, Kyle 197 Nelson, Laura Kathryn 65,66,201 Nelson, Matthew Peter 243 Nelson, Robin L. 64,194 Nelson, Scott Richard 243 Neltzer, Cynthia 218 Nesbitt, Margaret M. 199 Nesvig, Debra L. 209 Neuhaus, Robert F. 67,70,72,104,158, 198,203,218 Neuman, Carolyn Hope 205 Neuman, Mr. Leo 185 Neumann, Alicia Vee 208 Neumann, Barbara 46,243 Neumann, Mark A. 203 Nevin, Gerald P. 73,195 Nevin, Nancy M. 243 Nevins, Steve 243 Newby, Grant W. 66,212 Newcombe, John Joseph 64,73,193 Newhall, Laura Clark 209 Newhall, Robert C. 192 Newman, Julie M. 243 NEW TRIER NEWS 40,47 Neylan, Nancy Beach 215,243 Neylan, Robert J. 212 Nguyen, Minh Ngoc 153,210 Nicholis, Donald J. 65,201 Nicholis, Lita Ann 73,243 Nicholls, Audree M. 63,74,163,209 Nichols, Dale R. 201 Nordman, Lynn G. 168,213 Nordmark, Cindy 210 Nordmark, Steve A. 73,96,197 Nordquist, Molly O. 65,203 Norehad, David C. 151,153,164,213 Norman, James Carl 73,216 Norris, David Milton 243 Norris, Laura 213 Norris, Mark Denman 166,212,218 Norton, Kelly Ann 155,194 Novak, Cheryl Ann 96,243 Nowik, Mrs. Cynthia 185,196 Noyes, Nancy 64,101,193 Nugent, William H. 216 Nusinow, Miss Mindy 185 Nykaza, Dan Joseph 150,243 Nykaza, Michael James 151,165,207 Nykaza, Robert Steven 170,201 Oakley, William R. M. 67,68,157,166, 202 Obenchain, Abigail M. 192 Obenchain, Edith E. 100,210 Obenchain, R. Riley 243 Obereiner, John R. 196 Oberlin, Jane Ann 95,243 Oberlin, Julie Marie 199 O'Boyle, Elizabeth D, 103,243,257 O'Brien, Brian K. 210 O'Brien, John F. 150,170,197 O'Brien, Joseph C. 151,170,208 O'Brien, Judith G. 73,243,257 O'Brien, Leslie Lynn 100,200 O'Brien, Martin 243 O'Connell, Burke J. 151,164,170,212 O'Connell, Mrs. Louise 185 O'Connell, Malachy J. 243 O'Connor, Dennis Lee 192 O'Connor, John Mullen 161 O'Connor, Nora Ellin 101,199 O'Connor, Sheila 243,262 O'Connor, Thomas A. 212 O'Dea, Mike G. 192 O'Donnell, Eileen N. 39,100,243,256 O'Dowd, Michael Joseph 69,159,167, 212 O'Dwyer, Michael A. 243 O'Gara, Brian T. 194 O'Hare, Mr. Michael 185,257 O'Keefe, James L. 155,193 O'Keeffe, Mary P. 196 O'Keeffe, Philip R. 243 O'Kelley, Mary Holly 243 Olderman, Elisa L. 168,213 Olderman, Mr. Richard 185 Olds, Kristin Lynn 69,163,213 O'Leary, Ann E. 196 O'Leary, Julie A. 205 Minogue, Sheila Mary 242 Minor, Jennifer Rose 100,197 Minton, Lawrence R. 196 Mintz, Ari David 193 Mirot, Max Stephen 242 Missimer, Julie G. 213 l Missimer, Kathy 98,242 Mitchel, John P. 96,161,209 Mitchell, Mr. Charles 184,195 Mitchell, Christine 103,163,194 Mitchell, David E. 216 Mitchell, David Scott 47 Moderwell, Charles M. 152,242 Moderwell, John W. 153,167,172,203 Mohling, Timothy G. 157,166,194 Moldafsky, Jamie 67,101,203 Moloney, Donald J. 171,242 Moloney, Nancy Lou 242 Moloney, Patrick D. 45,210 Monroe, Marjorie Lynn 69,101,212 Morrison, Sally Lynne 209 Morrison, Thomas J. 195 Morrow, Barbara Ann 65,74,204 Morrow, Miss Helen 185 Morrow, Thomas Alfred 162,212 Moshier, Mindy Lee 193 Moss, Josh Jacob 161,202 Moss, Karen Lawre 208 Moulton, Jennifer L. 207 Moy, Linda Monvan 203 Moy, Michael L. 162,210 Moy, Regina 242 Moy, Rita 193 Mrkonich, Heidi Jo 199 Mrkonich, Jan Edward 242 Muckerman, Catherine 194 Muckerman, Cecilia L. 208 Mueller, Catherine A. 74,103,201 Mueller, Cecilia M. 74,95,103,194 Mueller, Frederick L. 212 x Nam, Mrs. Catherine 185,211 Nash, John Joseph 96,153,166,209 Nash, Joseph James 161,205 Nash, William Kidd 157,166,203 NATIONAL MERIT 256 Nauman, G. Phillip 242 Neary, N eary Nancy Jo 213 Mrs. Sally 185 Nearyi Susan Marie 102,193 Neary, Thomas D. 153,201 Nebel, Neben Natalia A. 209 zahl, Suzanne 242 Nedoss, Charles A. 212 Nedoss, Ruth C. 242,214 Needler, Debra S. 73,163,242 Needler, Elizabeth A. 210 Needlman, Lisa Beth 168,211 Needlman, Marc S. 70,197 Neel, Eliot 0. 64,216 Neer, E. James 204 f Ta tosianj Nicholson, Mr. Edward 185 Niebank, Mary Agatha 73,194 Niebauer, Miss Irene 174,185 Nielsen, Jeff B. 140,167,243 Nissly, Gregg Joseph 66,150,170,204 Nissly, Kathleen M. 64,243 Nixon, Kathleen R. 15,243 Nixon, Michael G. 150,164,170,195 Nixon, Patrick W. 150,164,202 Noel, Penny 205 Nolan, Andrew F. 200 Nolan, Justin Timothy 165,195 Nold, Andrew 193 Nold, Thomas C. 153,212 Norcross, Jon Darrow 73,193 Nordblom, Miss Judith 185,203 Nordhem, Robert A. 45,211 Oliva, Olsen, Olsen, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Mr. Ralph 196 Heidi 243 Holly R. 66,212 Cynthia E. 156,160,163,243 Julie A. 99,102,103,243 Scott Raymond 170,201 Valerie Sue 103,168,191 O'Malley, Diane Marie 64,191 O'Malley, Eileen 95,243 O'Malley, Michael John 211 O'Malley, Paul 212 O'Neil, James M. 150,170,202 O'Neil, James Patrick 151,210 O'Neil , Janet Mary 191 O'Neil, Patrick W. 243 O'Neil, Thomas Grant 151,212 O'Neil, William P. 74,164,243 O'Neill, Kathleen Ann 199 Onley, Paul Robert 69,72,206 OPERA 58,272 ORCHESTRAS 52 O'Reilly, Camille M. 243 O'Reilly, Eileen E. 65,160,199 O'Reilly, Michael F. 66,69,206 O'Rourke, James Joseph 150,170,201 O'Rourke, Thomas M. 170,193 Ortegel, Debra M. 205 Osberg, Kenneth C. 203 Osborn, Mr. Lynn 186,196 O'Shaughnessy, Daniel 171,243 Oslund, Sheroll Kay 212 Osman, Douglas F. 212 Osment Andrew T. 155,243 Osment, Mary J. 74,103,154,196 Ostergaard, Jerome S. 11,48,102,244, 262 Ovresat, Eric Raymond 202 Owens, Cabe M. 102,161,244 Owens, Gladys Y. 99,103,196 Owens, Lloyd Hamilton 73,596,202 Pacini, Michael Scott 135,162,244 Packard, Guy C. Jr. 165,209 Packler, Karen Sue 203 Padgitt, Donald Lee 170,202 Pagano, Julie A. 100,205 Pagano, Neil A. 244 Page, Bill H. 215 Page, Geoffrey Gray 244 INDEXf267 Page, Sarah C. 211 Panitch, Steven L, 197 Panitch. William A, 155,209 Pantone, Judith 100,101,191 Paoletti, Catherine lvl, 65,203 Papierski, Carlos B. 164,167,208 Parcells, Lindsey D. 156,201 Parikh. Alan N. 196 Parikh, Sara Jean 203 Parisi, Barbara Rose 216 Park, Thomas Grimes 69,162,206 Parmer, Raymond C. 47,192 Parr, David Raymond 150,197 Parr, Margaret A. 207 Parrish, Mila Louise 205 Parsegian, Barbara J. 193 Parsons, Sarah K. 100,200 Partridge, Mrs. Jane 186,256 Paschen, Mr. Daniel 212 Pasek, Glenn T, 194 Pasek. Laura J, 82,98,102.103,104,244 Pasikov, Michael Paul 67,70,203 Paterkiewicz, Matthew 151,165,210 Pates, Chris Jon 147,171,244 Patrick, Gregory R. 152 PATRONS 260 Patterson, Maryann 168,200 Patterson, Michael C, 170,244 Patterson, Patrick A. 170,193 Patterson, William T. 213 Pattison, Jean G. 244 Patzwald, Dr. John 176 Pauker, Elliott C. 203 Paul, Mrs. Arline 186 Paul, Ephraim David 67,70,72,211 Paul. Jeremy Israel 43,48,104,244,256 Paul, Pamela Susan 194 Paulick, Mrs. Dorothy 186 Paullus, Patrick J. 96,209 Pears, Jonathan Edgar 244 Peara, Timothy Grant 67,70,191 Pearce, Paul Nicholas 151,207 Pearl, Kendra Lynn 67,244 Pearl, Leslie Anne 213 Pearlman, Gregory Y. 169,201 Pearse, Martha L. 65,100,203,218 Pearson, Brad James 192 Pearson, Jacqueline R. 103,199 Pearson, Linda Sue 191 Pechtl, Richard 244 Pechtl, Robert John 165,203 Peck, Susan E. 214 Pedersen, Mary Joann 216,244 Pedicini, Eric Louis 153,166,209 Pelts, Leslie Gail 74,199 Pendry, Douglas J. 159,169 Pendry, Thomas A. 217,244,257 Penner, Mrs. June 186 Penney, Nicholas Seth 153,201 Penticoff, Brian A. 195 PEP CLUB 82,98 Peponis, Nancy Ellen 208 Perez, Rozel Llana 73,88,244 PERFORMING ARTS 64 Perlman, Daniel 171,216 Perrella, Regina M. 64,192 Perry, David R. 94,150,171,203 Perry, Ellen C. 190,191,218 Perry, Mark Price 67,68,70,72,155,244 Perry, Mary Elizabeth 79,95,96,244 Pesch, B Peter, M rian L. 244 argaret Mary 207 Peterman, Dr. William 186 Peters,Alison Beth 70,72,20O Peters, Renata G. 244 Peters, William H. 158,195 Petersen Petersen , James F. 191 , Kathy A. 207 Peterson, A. Thomas 197 Peterson, Andrew K. 158,167,195.218 Peterson. Anthony C. 158,244 Peterson, David D. Jr. 102,161,244, 256,262 Peterson, Miss Donna 186,212 Peterson, Herbert D. 150,199 Peterson, Jennifer 101,244 Peterson, Joy Lois 163,212 Peterson Peterson , Laura S. 209 . Martha Lynn 204 Peterson, Scott E. 202 Peterson, Todd M. 192 Petray, Craig R. 167,203 Petrie, Holly 213 Petrie, L Petrillo. inda 245 Kathryn Ann 194 Petropoulos, Angela C. 210 Pettersen, Thomas L. 191,218 Pettit, C Pettit, T lark R. 162,199 imothy T. 245 Petty, Jeanne P. 64,194 Pfaelzer, Laura Block 205 Pfann, Joanne 245 Pfisterer, Scott M. 167,202 Pfutzenreuter Joan 245 Pfutzenreuter, Kathryn 210 Phelan, Jane P. 213 Philipp, Chris 153,170,213 Philipp, John Marston 199 Phillips, Catherine 74,192 Phillips, John A. 47,150,17l,l95,218 Phillips, Samuel 245 Phillips Victoria B. 100,101,200 Philpot, Brian Riley 64,73,217,245. 256,257 Philpot, Tracy Ann 65,203 Pick, Nancy Elizabeth 65,103,203,218 Pickard, sam Davis 193 2638! INDEX Pieper, Nina Colleen 210 Pierce, Bradley 150,158,202 Pigott, John Tom 166,201 Pigott, Mary Barbara 100,245 Pigott, Michael J. 151.212 Piorkowski, Paul F. 150,166,203 Piper, Eric J. 165,193 Pisano, Micahel James 206 Pitluk, Adam J. 196 Pitluk, Zachary W. 153,211 Planer, Marcy Lee 245 Plate, Harry Victor 245 Plate, Joseph A. 204 Plate, Norman Edward 201 Plate, Valerie Ann 194 Platon, Charles N. 72,201 Platt, Alison 216,245 Platt, Mary Katherine 64,198 Plonsker, Steve E. 67,70,153,169,202 Plumb, Laura M. 162,211 Plummer, Kevin John 200 Poirer, Lise Ann 99,197 Pok, Nary R. Liza 168,194 Poklop, Joseph R. 193 Pollock, Susan 70,72,156,201 Polydoris, Lynn 245 Polydoris, Susan C, 207 Pomper, Felicia 209 Poor, DavidA. 70,204 Pope, Elizabeth 97,101,191 Pope, Margaret E. 208 Pope, Sandy 245 Porino, Nicole Marie 155,205 Porino, Sandra Judith 192 Porter, Jeffrey Roy 102,161,194 Porter, Matthew R. 195 Posner, Howard Alan 169 Pottage, Mark H. 153,169,202 Potter, James P. 197 Potter, Michelle E, 208 Potts, Patrick A. 15,165,195 Potts, Stephen Peter 165,207 Poulos, Sandra D. 194 Powell, Debra Anne 64,919,194 Powell, Erin Jane 99,200,218 Powell, Jeffrey S. 152,197 Powell, Lawrence R. 167,205 Powell, Mary A. 64,73,154,246 Powell, William L. 153,161,213 Powers, Elizabeth 207 Powers, Joanne T. 208 Poyser, Mrs. Paula 186,203 Prevo, James Thomas 246 Price, Geoffrey C. 76,167,207 Prindiville, Frances 46,205 Prindiville, Kathleen 70,192 Prinslow, Suzette M. 210 Prouty, Bruce K. 246 Prouty, Peter K. 201 Provow, Mr, Charles 186,203 Provow, Laura Ann 200 Pruitt, Mr. Robert 177 Pruzansky, Marya B. 246 Pryor, Alexandra D. 99,205,246 Pryor, Elizabeth K. 99 Punnett, Eric C. 193 Punnett, Ian Case 44,197,218 Purcell, Andrew K. 164,209 Purcell, Elizabeth 99,200 Pyskacek, Naya Twig 67,101,203 Pyskacek, Peter S. 152,193 Quick, Mrs. Betty 186 Quilici, Rob W. 197 Quinn, Michael K. 197 Rabe, Bruce Robert 151,207 Racker, Lester 204 Racker, Victoria V. 211 Radcliffe, Simon A. 212 Radell, Nicholas 44,-45,203 Radnor, Jonathan 246 Rado, Susan Ann 101,191 Rafanello, Frederick 151,165,211 Raffo, Lenore Marie 246,257 Raglin, Carla Neil 100,101,156,205 Rahmann, Susan M. 100,210,218 Ramsay, Cynthia B, 192 Ramsay, Julie H. 246 Ramsay, Scott Forbes 153,202 Randall, David W. 202 Randle, Paul M. 246 Randstrom, Thomas A. 202 Rangaves, Mrs. Ismene 186 Rankin, Kelly Jean 211 Rankin, Ross L. 152,191 Ranney, George C. 246 Ransom, Jeff Scott 66,165,210 Rapoza, Darion 73,192 Rappaport, Norton A. 44,211 Rast, Martha Sue 203 Raucci, Dana Richard 193 Raucci, Laurence R. 167,211 Raveret, Jane E. 65,205 Ray, Mr. John 186,197 Raymond, Daniel 193 Rebarchak, Nancy 162,191 Reda, Jeffrey Paul 246 Reda, Laurie 194 Reed, Andrew Jonathan 66,151,208 if rg ,,' ,Fa-'fifcv f - Y., .g.a.1.t-V-,'a. ' '1 5, 1.5-V ., ,f ,5,. . .. e I.,-.viggjyrswf 'v i 0 .. , bw 5 'IL' FW' .', -. a i 7 I Reed, Elizabeth Anne 73,96,246 Reed, Sanford 206 Reed, Terri Lynne 65,204 Rees, John Benjamin 151,159,213 Rees, Thomas P. 205 Rees, William H. 246,256 Reese, John B. 246 Regan, Brian Charles 210 Regan, Eileen M. 196 Regan, Joanne Doris 246 Regan, Margaret Ann 246 Regan, Patricia Joan 213 Regnell, Karen C. 246,256 Reichert, Peter A. 202 Reid, Patricia Rae 66,204 Reid, Ruth Elizabeth 64,73,96,217,2 Reighard, Alan Kirk 153,202 Reighard, Scott R. 164,192 Reimer, Janey 99,156,203 Reinisch, Katie L. 101,200 46 '27, Reiter, Adam Elia 204 Reitz, Lauralee 203 Remien, Mary Margaret 74,99 Remien, Robert O. S. 150,165,204 Remke, Sara Ann 216 Rempert, Bradley A, 193 Rempert, Robert S. 172,204 Renner, Gregory J. 208 Renner, Louis Joseph 170,205 Renner, Rae Ann 246 Rennolds, Catherine A. 163,203 Rennolds, Maureen L. 199 Rennolds, Michael F. 167,212 Rennolds, William J. 197 Revord, Mark Lloyd 45,47,195 Revord, Michael J. 45,66,162,201 Reynolds, Karen Ann 192 Reynolds, Michael P. 246 Rhoad, Mr. Richard 186,212 Richardson, Matthew M. 195 I Weston Richburg, Pamela Kay 200 Richburg, Teri S. 246 Richman, Ruth M. 73,193 Richmond, David Roy 195 Richmond, Seth G. 167,197 Rieger, Karen P. M. 65,991,199 Rielly, Catherine A. 47,64,98,100,194 Rielly, Mary Ellen 40,47,64,217,220, 246,257 Riemenschneider, Steve 256 Rietz, David Charles 202 Riff, Diane Lynn 246 Riggio, Caroline M. 246 RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES HELPERS 217 Rigolin, Vera Helena 66,74,l63,211 Riise, Ole I-I. M. 246 Rippel, Anne 'Drrle 191 Ristich. Mark A. 164,208 Robbins, Cydney Beth 64,246 Roberson, Andrea N. 205 Roberts, Gwenyth B. 100,155,205 Roberts, Howard D. 66,166,204 Roberts. Julie Evans 4S,246,257 Roberts, Peter Craig 193,218 Roberts, Shepherd M. 48,197 Robertson, William B, 67.68246 Robins, Deborah Lynn 67.70.21-1,246 Robinson, Blaine M. 255 Robling, Mrs. Charlotte 13,177 Rockefeller, James 208 Rockey, Mr. Charles 186 Roden, Mrs Mary 186,204 Rodenkirk. Richard R. 202 Rodenkirk, Timothy J. 246 Roenisch, Davis H. 171,246,256 Roeper, Deborah Leigh 168,211 Roepke, Mrs. Ardys 186 Roessler, Karl Wm. 206 Roessler, Monica S. 100,205 Rogers, Ann Elizabeth 65,200 Rogers, Cindy Lee S0,97,10-4.246 Rogers, Michael S. 64,73,96.2-16 Rohner, Stephen Paul 124,158,166,195 Ralston, David Norman 209 Rornanek, Mark Lee 246 Romani, Mrs. Margaret 186,257 Ronayne lll. John F. 200 Rosenbaum, Datid G. 211 Rottman. Alan 96,100,206 Rosenberg, Deborah L. 100,212 Rosenberg, Ellen M. 48.95.247 Rosenberg, Paula Ann 73,196 Rosenbloom, Eric Jay 157.209 Rosenthal, Elise Gail 70,72,247 Rosenzweig, Brook L. 196 Rosenzvfeig, Michael W. 216 Rossen, Deborah Faith 192 Rossi, Elizabeth it 73,100,247 Rossi, John X. 153.207 Rossi, Roberta G. 207 Rxssiter, Gregory M. 153,213 Rosow, Cathrine E. 66,213 Roth, Mrs Elaine 186 Roth, Thomas Rubel 67,203 Rothrock, Alec R. 136,165,247 Rottenberg, David E. 45,207 Rottman, Alanc 96,100,206 Rouleau, Brenda I.. 100,205 Royce, Wesley 193 Rubel, Andrea 214 Rubel, Nancy 74,194 Rubel, Marcie 74,163,213 Ruben DeCelis, Mr. Pablo 152,164,185 Rowe, Anthony William 158,196 Rowe, Cynthia Dee 209 Rowe, Elizabeth 210 Rowe, Katrina A. 247 Royal, Barbara E 65,103,199 Royce, Julie 200 0 . For , Aw- . Y ' J- ', ,ar 25' .. r I ,wwf -1 fe sf 3 ." F.. -- Y , W., Rubens, Peggy 73,74,103.247 Rubin, Julia A. 47,64,73,19-4,218 Rubin, Ronald Maurice 44,203 Ruby, Jon Brad 210 Rude, Elizabeth 66,207 Rude, Kathleen Susan 70,72,21-1,2-17. 256 Rude, Dr, Roland 186 Rudiger, Mr, W. Jess 177 Rudnick, Jeff A. 247 Rudolti, Steve L, 197 Ruffin, James H. 247 Ruffin, Stuart R. 193 Ruffolo, Michael A. 203 RUGBY 147,171 Ruival, Marcelo H. 152,195 Rundell. David S. 247 Rupp, Nancy Jane 247 Rus, Nancy Marie 247 Russell, Suzanne M. 46,199,247 Rutherford, Julie 102,103,155,19-1 Rutherford Sue Ann 102 Rutledge, Dwight R. 247 Rutz, Carey Louise 247 Rutz, Laura Ann 65,204 Ryan, Douglas Donald 151,159,209 Ryan Helen Marie 99,200 Ryan, Jeff Kevin 158,247 Ryan, John Clemens 158,2-47,256,257 Ryan, John Daniel 96,207 Ryan William R. 45,192 Ryberg, Miss Geraldine 119,130,154 162,186 Ryno, Karole Lynn 74,163,205 Ryno, Kim 64,7 4,194 Ryon, Mrs. Helen 186,197 Sale, Mary Monroe 96,247 Saliwanchik, Paul D. 165,199 Sally, 1Villiam Donald 204 Salvano, Michael C. 155,247,257 Salvano, Pamela 103,157,168,192 Samos, Joshua 64,153,199 Sampson, Gregory W. 64,73,247 Sanchez, Ruth 210 Sanden, Lianne 191 Sanders, Victoria 191 Sandlin, Neil Bryan 166,247 Sandor, Eva 192 Sandor, Martha Rose 205 Sangster, Jr. Maynard 152,195 Santeler, Linda Marie 207 Santostefano, Danny A. 247 Satterlee, William W. 74,l64,197,218 Sauer, John Maritan 216 Sauer, Mary Kathryn 207 Saunders, Henrietta 70,73,100,217, 247,256 Savage, Mrs. Genevieve 186 Savely, Marcia Lynne 65,205 Savitt, Terri Lyn 247 Sbrocco, Matthew A. 66,100,193 Schaaf, Robin Gail 97,99,191 Schabel, Mr. Earl 152,186 Schacherer, Paul A. 96,208 Schaefer, Cathleen Jo 209 Schaefer, George P. 197 Schaefer, Joseph S. 158,167,202 Schaff, S. Johnson 170,247 Schaffer, Amy Carol 247 Schell, Robert Edward 210 Schennum, Scott D. 191 Scherer, Karen A. 70,72,191 Schiele, John Henry 153,212 Schiele, Robert S. 247 Schiffman, Stacie Lee 160,162,200 Schillereff, Mr. Herman 186 Schinler, Jack Thomas 202 Schinler, Jill Marie 201 Schinler, Laura Ann 194 Schinto, Mr, Anthony 112,158,164,186, 257 Schklair, Victoria 212 Schlossman, Marc N. 67,69,96,200 Schmid, Dorothy E, 192 Schmid, Jane Frances 168,209 Schmid, John Stephen 165,170,204 Schmidt, John Richard 247 Schmidt, Matthew John 202 Schmidtlein, James P. 204 Schmidtlein, John P. 197 Schmidtlein, Mary Kay 207 Schmitt, Anne M. 163,197 Schmitt, Deborah Ann 201 Schmitt, Donna Marie 163,211 Schmitt, Stephen E. 94,15O,171,247, 256 Schmit t, Susan Marion 160,205 Schmitt, Teresa A. 163,197 Schmitz, Michael S. 195 Schnagl, Diane Lynn 203 Schnake, Janet Ann 247 Schnake, Joan Mary 247 Schneider, Debbie L. 65,72,101,205 Schneider, Donna Joan 197 Schneider, Donna Rae 192 Schneider, James S. 197,216 Schneiter, Mr. John 158,186 Schnelle, Dawn R, 247 Schnipper, Mr. Martin 46,186,212 Scholar, Jane E. 64,214,247 Schoof, Andy P. 247 Schoof, Sandy 168,247 Schopen, Keith F. 200 Schopen, Robin M. 211 Schopen, Timothy A. 74,164,202 Schrage, Elliot Jay 46,104,217,220, 248,256,257 Schramm, Frederick R, 200,218 Schreiber, Amy K. 74,155,208 Schreiber, Thomas E. 102,161,2-18,256 Schroeder, Edward G. 74,103,164,192 Schuldt, Stuart N. 66,69,151,l59, 167,208 Schulman, Caroline D. 67,70,196 Schulte, Sally A, 207 Schultz, Hunter N, 214,248 Schultz, Mrs. Laura 186 Schulz, Mr. Charles 186 Schulz, Eric M. 153,267,210 Schulz, Paul A. 197 Schwab, Mrs. Rose 21,186 Schwartz, Anne E. 191 Schwartz, James A. 248 Schwartz, Sally Nan 73,741,248 Schwarz, Carolyn M. 248,256 Schwiebert, Cynthia K. 65,199 Schwiebert, Julie L. 65,913,200 Schwiebert, Kirk 150,248 Schwimmer, Deborah L. 207 Schwimmer, Lisa B. 6473.248 Scobie, Mrs. Ruth 186,257 Scott, Miss Cindee 186,213 Scott, Priscilla L. 101,248 Scott, Schantz 170,209 Scoville, James C. 46,66,72,172,198, 201,218 Scoville, Susan E. 74,248 Scoville, William H, 72,170,202,218 Scully, Gail Cecilia 205 Seabright, Caitlin A. 65,199 Seabury, David 248 Sebastian, Thomas J. 191 Seccombe, David D. 248 Sefert, Joanie B. 248 Segel, Tanya Elen 207 Seghers, Boyd 202 Seghers, M. Danielle 211 Segil, Richard Dem 45,157,158,202 Seibel, David Bixby 196 Seidenberg, Ann 70,72,191 Selby, Reed Seneca 248 Selig, Marcia R. 248 Selvaggio, Anita T. 162,209 Selvaggio, John S. 96,217,248,257 Selvaggio, Sharon 73,197,218 SENIOR ADVISERS 257 SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE 247 SENIORS 220 Sensibar, Jordan R. 248,256 Sershon, Mark John 200 Sershon, Thomas W. 212 Setear, John K. 248,256 Sethness, Kimberly 163,192 Setten, Karen B. 248 Sevems, Mr. Harold 167,177,257 Sewell, Lowell S. 255 Seyfarth, Eric James 159,166,212 Seymour, Robert P. 210 Shaffer, Stephani 96,248 Shang, Eugene Jay 65,201,218 Shang, Sophia H. 73,101,192 Shang, Uriah Lee 69,70,101,212 Shannon, Colleen C. 248 Shapiro, Caroline Eve 248 Sharpiro, Owen Jon 193 Sharp, Jonathan D. 161,204 Shaver, Douglas H. 153,208 Shaver, Thomas Bruce 48,73,193 Shaw, Catherine Mary 203 Shaw, Cynthia 248,257 Shehan, David M. 171,248 Shehan, Douglas E. 204 Shelton, Benjamin J. 70,201 Shelton, George H. 158,248,257 Shelton, John R. 204 Shelton, Michael J. 153,210 Shepard, Mrs. Joanne 186 Shepherd, David C, 101,167,193 Sheperd, Harold L. 165,192 Sheperd, Michael A, 150,204 Sheridan, Beth Carol 197 Sherman Sherman Sherman Sherman Sherman , Bruce l. 66,153,205 , Gail Susan 100,199 , Melissa B. 194 , Patricia M. 64,68,196 , Stephanie A. 248,257 Shibata, Shintaro 193 Shibata, Yukiko 162,209 Shieh, David Lin 204 Shine, Ann Wayles 207 Shine, Christine E. 197 Shinker, Kathrine E, 65,200 Short,Barbara J. 82,99,200 Shoubin, Bethamy, 45,635,203 Shoubin, Steffanie B. 211 Shropshire, Virginia 44,210 Sibbald, Allison Jo 59,65,199 Sick, Deborah Louise 155,191 fLinco1nj - ,V ,Mfg .., , -et sr ,, 4 of '..,,,-'1 ,. . .,. , ., ae., F Ji' fl. jr. 1 ir' ,,'. , . ,IF -,, ,, - aff- f - - Ei: mi'-r xy' Sick, Robert Andrew 102,161 Sides, Kathryn M. 67,100,193 Siegal, Peter Eric 102,161,193 Siegel, Betsy Ann 64,70,72,196 Sievers, Thomas E. 152,164,195 Sigel, Carin Joann 47,248 Sigel, Gwynne B. 65,205 Silherman, Amy Beth 211 Silherman, Craig L. 44,115,204 Silverstein, John E. 164,207 Simon, Sandra 47,248 Simpson, David E. 216,248 Simpson, Leah Ruth 65,72,101,200 Simpson, Thomas K. 248 Sincox, Jim R. 96,153,202 Singleton, Janet Ann 248 Sivright, Barbara A. 98,248 Stafford, Elizabeth 194 Stamatakis, Tina N. 207 Stanz ler, Jeff Paul 151,165,208 Stapleton, Margaret A. 196 Stazy, Carrie Lee 160,249 Stazy, Donald F. 201 Stazy, Mark A. 44,159,208 Steagall, Marilyn D. 64,191 Stearns, Kenneth A. 69,96,164,209 Stearns, Michael K. 74,103,133,164, 249,256,257 STEERING COMMITTEES 218 Steffen, Ann E. 73,249 Steffens, Jon Anton 249 Steffens, Kathleen S. 66,200 Steffens, Kristina M. 44,72,103,200 Steffens, Wayne P. 195 Tachau, Ellen Haya 101,194 Takahashi, Mary N. 103,203 Talbot, Perry P. 103,133,152,164, 192,218 Tallant, Elizabeth J. 192,218 Tam, Ginger Ellen 65,199 Tanaka, Yuko 203 Tangney, Sean Ann 64,73,194 Tangney, William Todd 151,161,213 Targun, Mike Jerome 251 Tarhan, Kurt K. 210 Tarhan, Sami 193 Tashjian, Kristina L. 209 Tassey, Katherine C. 216 Thoennes, J. Mitchell 196 Thoen nes, Lisa K. 69,209 Thomas, Deanne Lee 103,197 Thomas, Mrs. Dolores 187 Thomas, Jennifer Nan 210 Treacher, Alison Jane 196 Skaja, Laura Jeanne 45,211 Skaja, Martha L. 45,64,194 Skaja, Patricia S. 45,104,248 Skalla, Steven P. 164,197 Skehen, Mary Beth 192 Skillman, Stephen L. 165,193,218 Skillman, Timothy P. 195 Skloot, Howard Jay 248 Slack, Richard W. 46,169,200 Slattery, Maureen A. 98,102,103,248, 257 Slavens, Catherine M. 65,199 Slonicki, Angela N. 69,72,213 Slonicki, T. Rachel 48,157,168,249,257 Small, Thomas Wren 195 Smart, John Richard 77,94,96,159,166, 249,257 Stehlik, Jane E. 74,155,213 Stehlik, Joseph E. 199 Steiger, William C. 151,153,170,213 Stein, Anne 69,70,213 Stein, Denise A. 100,191 Tatar, Miss Judith 187 Tatooles, John James 73,251 Tatooles, Paula E. 65,103,205 Tatosian, Oscar S. 199 Tatosian, Sarkis M. 196,262 Elise L. 57,73,96,217,251,257 Taylor, Thomas, Johnson T. 161,205 Thomas, Kathleen Anne 196 Thomas, Laura 48,156,193 Thomas, Markham W. 138,150,166,195 Thomas, Tobin Lee 202 Thomas, William C. III 44,45,201 Thomashow, Andrew J. 251 Thomashow, Nancy Gay 192 Thompson, Ann 98,131,163,192 Thompson, Kirsten L. 67,204 Thompson, Richard III 153,208 Thomsen, Mrs. Gillian 100,187 Thomson, Mr. John 187 Thorne, Robert M. 64,193 Thornton, Amie Diane 66,210 Thorsen, Mark Mitten 196 Ticho, Barry S. 102,161,252,257 Ticho, Gabriel C. 48,67,70,72,196,218 Stein Stein , Donald Edward 195 , Mark A. 61,72,96,249 Stein, Richard A. 67,70,72,165,249,256 Stein, Steven F. 249 Steinberg, Jack G. 211 Steiner, Edward F. 206 Taylor, Erin M. 215 Taylor, Forbes 194 Taylor, Gloria E. 216,251 Taylor, Julia S. 213 Taylor, Lauren Eliz 210,215 Ticho Joshua A. 161,202 Tilleyi James Byron 151,159,211 Tilley, Kimberly H. 100,252 Tillman, Christianne 160,205 Tillma Timmi n, Thomas G. 158,252 ns, Carter Lynn 213 Steinhoff, Calvin F. 115,153,210 stenberg, Keith W. 9e,153,165,2o9 Taylor, Taylor, Teinow i Sharon 191 Terri Lee 191 tz, Harry M. 214 Timmis, John 200 Timmis, Mr. Thomas 177 Smith, Smith, Smith, Alison L. 212,218 Amy Lee 65,203 Andrew K. 202 Smith, Ann Goodrich 249 Smith, Carolyn Anne 199 Smith, Christopher A. 167,195 Smith, Mrs. Diane 186 Smith Smith Eleanor 64 73 99101 191 I Glenn B. 46193, 1 Smith, Gregory M, 249,257 Smith, Heather Joy 64,249 Smith, Jeffrey A. 104,170,197 Smith Karen Laura 100,249 Smith, MacAllister B. 212 Smith, Mark K. 201 Smith, Martha Hosmer 98,194 Smith, Michael J. 150,158,201,218 Smith, Michael James 162,193 Smith, Michael S. 46,97,204 Smith, Philip Gordon 69,206 Smith Smith Smith , Richard B. 249 , Susannah L. 73,191 , Wendy Sue 168,205 Smithers, Stephen 249 Smola, Jennifer 192 Smola, Mary Alice 203 Smola, Ora Lee 211 Smudsky, Clayton T. 162,209 Snavely, Lorraine D. 209 Snell, David H. 66,69,153,208 Snell, Robert Jeff 46,217,249,256 Snider, James Dalton 201 Snider, Miss Laura 187 Snite, Virginia H. 200 Snyder, Elizabeth A. 155,213 Snyder, John Bennett 102,161,249 Sobat, Carmen Susan 249 Sobat, Thomas A. 209 Stephan, John F. 70,72,195 Stephan, Michael D. 164,249 Stephens, Scott A. 250 Stephens, Todd J. 150,199 Stern , Jonathan S. 96,169,202 stem, Julia Ann 4s,67,1o1,25o,257 Stern, Naomi Lisa 64,193 Stern, Richard E. 153,166,205 Stern, Scott David 207 Stetter, Debra Lynn 163,213 Stetter, Mark David 202 Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve ns, Mr. Robert 187,257 nson, Deborah J. 100,208 nson, Irene D. 74,101,200 nson, John F. 217,250 nson, Michael W. 64,108,191 nson, Susan M. 74,102,103,193, 218 Stewart, Shawn 65,199 Stewart, Mr. William 187,204 srimer, Kathryn G. 73,1o2,1oa,217,25o Stiles, Paul Gilbert 66,207 Stinneford, James G. 48,250,256 Stinneford, Julie M. 211,218 Stiritz, Kent Alan 212 Stitt, Christopher A. 44,66,69,205 Stoecker, Carol Jean 250,257 Stoewer, Miss Diane 187,257 Stogin, Elizabeth B. 117,156,201 Stone, Mrs. Barbara 187 Stone, Margaret A. 99,156,200 Stonier, John R. 161,200 Storlie, Leslie Ann 211 Stout, Margaret Rose 214 Strandell, Mike John 204 Straub, Jennifer 64,78,103,217,250 Strauch, Laura Holt 64,192 Strauch, Wendi Carter 64,101,250 Streightiff, Mr. Joel 187,204 Strite, David Keator 65,96,202 SOCCER 112,152 SOCIAL SERVICE 84,100 Socket, Anita C. 74,103,163,191 SOFTBALL 143 Sokol, Dan H. 197 Sokol, Frank G. 249 Solberg,Sally B. 64,156,194 Sollitt, A. Thomas 164,249 Sollitt, James M. 74,103,164,249 Solomon Brent Eric 96,199 Solomon, Keith N. 249 Sommer, Richard F. 46,97,204 Sommers, K. Eric 96,152,164,217,149, 256,257 Sonclheimer, Richard' J. 249 Sontag, Diane M. 154,162,249 Sontag, Maxine Carol 162,213,218 Sontag, Mitchell Alan 205 SOPHOMORES 198 Soren, Bradley W. 67,70,72,249,256,257 Soren, Roger Charles 67,70,72,201 Sorenson, Carl Martin 66,69,166,211 Sorenson, Paul C. 66,209 Sorey, Carla Maria 95,160,249,257 Sosewitz, Miriam 70,249 Sotern, Nancy 199 Southern, James M. 67,202 Southern, William A. 66,68,70,96,192 Southall, Kelly L. 191 Spellman, Robert N. 151,164,167,212 Spencer, Oliver W. 212 Spertus, Michael Paul 212 Spicer, John O'Brien 249 Spiegler, Jennifer E. 73,101,200,218 Spiegler, Julie E. 104,1-19,256,257 Spies, Karen Sue 249 Spitek, Jessica Ann 249 SPORTS SERVICES 86,102 Spray, Gregory S. 155,196 Sprayregen, James H. 165,197,218 Spring, Sarah E. 194 Squires, Elizabeth A. 213 St. Clair, Mark S. 249 Staessens, John C. 195 Staessens, R. Gary 249 270fIN DEX Strong, Judith Ann 199 STUDENT CABINET 104 STUDENT COUNCIL 80,97 STUDENT LIFE 2,258 Stuhr, Greg P. 250 Stuhr, Kerry Anne 66,154,160,163, 207 ,218 Suker, Jane H. 70,99,250 Sulliv Sulliv Sulliv Sulliv Sulliv Sulliv Sulliv Sulliv an, Ann K. 102,250 an, Bert D. 112,152,164,194 an, F. Peter 66,69,115,153,200 an, Jennie W. 66,210 an, Margaret E. 162,168,199,218 an, Michael J. 199 an, Robert G. 250,256 an Stephen P. 150,250 Summers, Andrew V. 45,204 Sunkel, Brian A. 69,159,166,207 Sunkel, Gregory A. 102,161,197 Surman, Robert Emmett 212 Surman, William A. 193 Surta, Craig Bradley 65,202,218 Suslick, Laura Susan 251 Sutherland, Dana Beth 251 Sutherland, David B. 195 Sutherland, Janet P. 212 Sutherland, Scott P. 69,157,209 Swan, Swan, Julie K. 251 Lisa Ewing 251 Swanson, Lori L. 194 Swanson, Steven M. 251 Swarsen, Mr. Thomas 81,187,257 Sweers, Miss Carolyn 187,213 Sweet, Robert B. 153,206 Swenson, Anne Ward 251 Swenson, James F. 152,195 Temmerman, Claire M. 251 Temmerman, Ellen G. 101,191 Temmerman, George B. 153,212 Templeton, William T. 191 TENNIS, BOYS' 144,169 TENNIS, GIRLS' 117,156 Terman, Mark Decosta 203, Termyn, Peter N. 193 Terrill, Kathryn Anne 74,205 Theobald, Amy Jane 65,205 Theobald, Patrick E. 151,207 Thigpen, Lawrence 150,201 Tindal Tindal Tinkle l, Jenny Jean 67,70,72,160,252 l, Julie 64,192 , Blair 153,159,167,209 Tinkle, David H. 252 Tippens, E. Louise 64,100,252 Tippet, Susan C. 252 Tipping, Robert Glenn 48,96,152,217, 220,252,257 Titterton, Douglas C. 153,164,208 Titterton, George 64,73,196 Tittle, Cathy E. 252 Tittle, Richard W. 170,199 , yea .' N so P Art ' ,i 1235 ,f ' gi Swihart, Sharon Ann 70,72,251 SWIMMING, BOYS' 128,161 SWIMMING, GIRLS' 116,155 Swoiskin, Mark H. 67,68,70,204 Swoiskin, Susan Joy 251 Synek, Richard Joseph 68,70,101, 155,202 Szafranski, Michael J. 153,167,208 Tlou, Hla Sah 64,199 Tlou, Leh Lohonolo 103,196 Tobin, James Brian 46,205 Tobin, Michael J. 46,252 Todd, James Thomas 199 Todd, Mrs. June F87 Tolford, James Scott 162,204 Tolpin, Maria Suzanne 101,201,218 Tomes, Elizabeth A. 213 Tomes, John Wilson 69,70,153,211 ., Tomes, Robert Steel 70,72,197 I 3' Tomlin, Andrew C. 64,252 - f , Tomlin, Robert W. 64,193 Tomory, Marianne K. 197 Tompkins, Randi S. 65,205 Toombs, Thomas M. 164,202 Toubus, Stephen A. 206 Tourville, Renee M. 210 Towle, Philip Bard 252 Towne, David Miller 64,166,252 Townsend, Kathryn N. 213 Townsley, Darrell S. 211 Townsley, Michael B. 191 TRACK, BOYS' 138,166 TRACK, GIRLS, 142,168 Tracy, Annette 162,208 Tracy, Mark Howard 64,252,257 Trainor, Nancy Ann 101,201 Trausch, Brian James 158,166,202 Trausch, Diane 252 Trautman, Shawn Marie 102,155,252, 256 Treiber, Christian F. 167,252 Treiber, Frederick 140,158,167,196 Tremayne, Christine A. 73,252 Trenholm, Derek Cole 157,193 Trenholm, Shaun Peter 94,96,138,157, 166,217,252,256 Treynor, Scott R. 210 fWippman, ,..'-- 1121 IIFV' XX' X . . 140' 'f K 7' HEW THIEH x . fr' 22 F5 By winning a District title and earning a trip downstate,the New Trier West Cowboys captured the hearts of their sister school fans. fPhoto courtesy of New Trier West Vestigesj Triesclunann, Heidi A. 155,199 Trieschmann, Margaret 208 TRI-SHIP 76,94 Trompeter, James W. 68,204 Trotter, Anne C. 205 Trotter, Charles Hugh 74,103,16-1,252 Wyse Truehart, Marian M. 209 Tschaikowsky, Chris 207 Tschudy, Carolyn M. 156,252 Tschudy, Greg W. 153,212 Tuchmann, Eugene T. 164,170,194 Tuchmann, Nicole S. 66,210 Tukey, Elizabeth Dunn 200 Tung, Lai Ching 252 Tung, Magdalena 199 Turban, Turbin, Turcot, Turley, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Linda Sue 205 Daniel Meyer 103,202 Mrs. Vivian 187 Joanne 86,98,252,257 Brad Henry 200 Gary Steven 203 Henry Hill 151,159,209 Robert E. 153,165,167,207 Susan Lynne 72,212 Terry Dean 201 Tom B. 150,201 Tussing, Derrick 69,212 Tussing, Tanya 67,69,204 Wiele, Ubben, Jeffrey W. 157,158,203,218 Twilling, David Lewis 252 Twilling, Laura Mary 208 Twiss, Kevin James 152,196 Tyner, Mr. Ronald 187,204 Tyrrell, Gerald M. 170,197 Tyrrell, Kevin James 150,171,252 Tyrrell, Timothy P. 151,165,210 Ullrich, Katharen M. 45,209 Underwood, Mrs. Louise 187,257 Urban, Catherine J. 252 Uriell, Michael F. 158,201 Uriell, William F. 158,195 USHER CORPS 96 Usher, Joan Elizabeth 252 Vadeboncoeur, Brett A. 204 Valenzuela, Clara 199 Valenzuela, Maria D. 213 Vanarsdale, Scott 252 Vanatta, Tracy 252 Van Amerongen, Ben 162,197 Van Cleave, Brian 152,252 Van De Graaff, James 65,66,70,72,l95 Van De Graaff Peter 203 Vanderborst, Barry M. 195 Vanderhorst, Lynne 199 Vandeveld, Caren C. 199,218 Vandeveld, Dirk John 150,252 Van De Walle, Pamela 64,100,103,196 Vandewalle, Vicki Ann 208 Van Duzer, Jane 192 Vandyke, Lynn Ann 89,191 VanDyke, Mary E. 211 Van Heule, Patricia A. 203 VanMeter, Judith Ann 64,194 VanVlierbergen, Brian 69,202 Varley, Katherine R. 64,73,252 Varley, Rachel M. 65,95,200 Vaselopalos, Bill C. 153,207 Varouxakis, Eva L. 213 Varney, George T. 47,196 Vauzanges, Daniel F. 208 Vauzanges, Georges D. 70,201 Veit, Jana L. 207 Veit, Jody 99,191 Venner, Crystal 64,73,196 Venner, Lisa H. 212 Verbryck, Karen E. 72,96,252 Verges, Linda Mary 196 Verges Sonia 252 Vincent, Mrs. Greta 187 Vitale, Lisa M. 252 Vitale, Tami Ann 98,253 Vogt, Mary L. 215,253 Vogt, Thomas T. 74,164,200 Volkmann, Thomas D. 150,165,192,218 VOLLEYBALL 126,160 Voss, Andrew Bort 192 Voss, Karen Anne 253 Vye, Jerome Preston 153,167,212 Wagener, Peggy Ann 95,253 Wagener, Thomas Peter 150,201 Wagener, Wendy Louise 65,203 Wagner, Clark David 46,169,253,256 Wagner, Douglas N. 150,167,253 Wagner, Dr. James 150 Wagner, Julia Ellen 73,205 Wagoner, Brian L. 212 Wahlgren, William R. 193 Wahlund, Mary Colleen 253 Wahlund, Patty Ann 203 Waite, Leslie 191 Waite, Lindsay Hollis 210 Waitley, Jane S. 143,154,191 Waldschmidt, Mr. David 156,187,213 Waldstein, David J. 48,192 Walk, Randall Bruce 73,253 Walker, Mark J. 200 Walker, Robert E. Lee 151,212 Walker, Thomas C. 205 Wall, Gregory Peter 100,253 Wallace, Beth Esther 100,199 Walsh, Daniel F. 65,204 Walsh, Mrs. Katherine 100,187,205 Walsh, Michael J. 64,713,253 Walsh, Thomas M. 253 Walters, Jackie Ann 213 Walters, Jeanne M. 73,253 Walters, Theresa L. 193 Wang, Wang, Grace 199 Stewart 102,192 Ward, Anne Cecelia 155,205 Ward Ward Ware, , Mr. Lucius 187 , Mr. Robert l01,153,187,l97 William Jay 167,199 Warner, Anne Pickett 194,218 Warner, Christopher B. 152,253 Warner, Douglas J. 152,167,193,218 Warner, Richard D. 151,167,211 Warren, Julie 96,253 Warton, Jennifer J. 101,103,168,199 Wassmann, Dan Paul 40,47,96,253 Wassmann, Sue E. 207 WATER BALLET 62,74 Watkins, Ann E. 74,99,103,196 Watkins, David E. 153,170,202 Watson, Susan Olive 44,204 Watson, Thomas Jack 66,169,212 Watson, William C. 201 Watts, Amy Louise 65,205 Watts, Merideth Synia 65,203 Wayne, Miss Brenda 187,213 Weatherhead, Judith M. 200 Weatherley, Glenn R. 203 Weaver, Anna Marie F. 199 Weaver, Connie H. 253 Weaver, Paul C. 153,212 Webb, Jeffrey M. 73,253,256 Webb, Lisa Suzanne 65,100,101,199 Weber, Charles A. 253,256 Weber, Kent Reed 100,253 Weber, Scott P. 193 Webster, Donovan J. 94,96,150,171, 217,253 Wester, John R. 69,151,207 Wedekind, Mr. Ronald 187 Weed, Sheila Kay 253 Weed, Wendy Beth 192 Weickert, Cady Linda 191 Weil, Douglas Allen 201,218 Weill III, Edward S. 48,67,169,197 Weil, Kimberly Ann 48,253,256 Weiler, April Lynn 214,253 Weiler, Randy Keith 150,204 Weinberg, Susan E. 209 Weiner, Michael R. 212 Weingartner, Mr. Erwin 104,176 Weinkopf, John F. 213 Weinstein, Elizabeth 101,204 Weinstein, Jeffrey L. 195 Weinzimmer, Laurence 166,202 Weisbacher, John 253 Weisbard, Jonathan F. 47,197 Weiss, Mrs. Louise 187,205 Weiss, Richard M. 6,7,94,98,104,107, 150,170,253 Welch, Dorothy Anne 213 Welch, John H. 152,171,253 Welch, Keith Alan 150,204 Weldon, Lisa C. 73,253 Weldon, Theodore T. 161,204 Wellington, Mr. Kenneth 176 Welpott, Victoria A. 207 Wendling, Clarence L. 212 Wendnagel, Jill A. 253 Wendt, Forrest M. 212 Wendy III, C. Michael 45,169,212 Wengler, John Mathew 69,161,212 Wengler, Joseph T. 66,164,202 Wengler, Susan T. 48,102,103,194 Weninger, Christine L. 200 Werder, Julia M. 208 Werner, Karen Lea 204 Werth, Christina C. 64,194 Wertheimer, Leslie A. 192 Wesner, Wendy Sue 215 1 it West, West, West, West, 21115, Tlljgl? f 2 2 4 ff ,gf , ', .' ' M. I If 1 . Z 'gi Brooks D. 253 John Redford 196 Michael James 64,203 Peter Elliott 203 Western, Peggy Rae 64,73,96,196 Westler, Theresa C. 194,218 Weston, Matthew Loren 253,257,262 Weston, Melissa 64,73,217,253 Wheel Wheel Wheel Wheel er, Karen Jensen 64,74,194 er, Randal Laine 212 er, Ross L. 68,161,196 er, Sarah 154,209 Whelan, Alison Jean 96,253,256,257 Whipple, Dr. Robert 187,205 Whipple, Mrs. Sandra 174,187,205 Whitchurch, James C. 150,195 White, Blair Wallace 46,150,193,218 White, Brian James 159,169,208 White, Chel Gregory 253 White, White, White, White, David Weston 65,202 Deborah N. 207 Dennis William 162,204 Mr. Jon 187,277 White, Laurance L. 253 White, Marianne 200 White, Melissa Helen 64,74,97,103,196 218 White, Robert W. Jr. 204 White, Susan Draper 253,257 White, Timothy C. 197 Whitehand, Lori M. 103,192 Whitman, Kathy Lee 74,l03,163,l94 Wickh am, John W. 201 Widermann, Maria E. 201 Widran, Sanford Louis 197 Ann Elizabeth 213 Wilson, Dave 201 Wilson, Jeffrey Allen 214 Wilson, John J. 153,212 Wilson, Kari K. 168,204,218 Wilson, Leslie L. 73,101,254 Wilson, Sarah L. 214,254 Wilson, Thomas Paul 202 Wilson, Timothy Scott 193 Winberg, Lisa Marie 254 Winberg, Michael H. 165,167,202 Winkler, Randee D. 199 Winkler, Renee S. 196 Winkler, Robin Lynn 254 WINTER PLAY 60 Winter, James 254 Winternitz, Lynn Sue 254 Winton, Steven Keene 59,65,72,73,205 Wippman, Tom David 48,96,217, 254,262 Wirtz, Mary Lynn 254 Witcoff, Lisa Ann 191 Witt, Douglas E. 94,96,104,157,217, 220,254,257 Witt, Ronald Lee 172,191 Wm, Timothy sam 151,166,209 Wittebort, Thomas J. 44,45,48,254,256 WNTH 36,44 Wolf, Mr. James 187,197 Wolf, Mitchell Scott 148,195 Wolfe, Jennifer L. 201 Wolfe, Nancy J. 72,96,201 Wolff, Susan Kim 64,73,254 Wolff, Mr. William 161,187 Wolpert, Seth Isaac 212 Wolter, Mr. James 187 Wood, Abigail D. 65,204 Wood, Jennifer B. 213 Wood, Jennifer W. 196 Wood, Lawrence Milton 212 Woodall, Jeffrey P. 193 Woodruff, Jennifer M. 160,209 Woods, David Kimball 203 Woods, Lawrence H. 102,192 Woolard, Andrea L. 47,254 Woolard, Sharon L. 210 Woolson, Robert M. 191 Worden, Mary 207 Workman, Mr. J. Clark 165,187 Worsek, John Michael 207 Worthington, Claudia 74,100,103, 163,199 Worthington, Lagrange 254 WRESTLING 136,165 Wright, Jennifer 194 Wright, Katherine 70,120,157,254 Wright, Kimberly T. 67,74,154,209 Wright, Mrs. Martha 187 Wright, Peter Vansyse 151,212 Wright, Robert T. 195 Wright, Stephanie 197 Wright, Theron W. 205 Wussler, Robert J. 65,153,202 Wussler, Rosemary C. 65,200 Wussler, Sally Marie 213 Wussler, Stefanie 213 Wyco, Wyco, Marie H. 194 Mark Joseph 200 Wyse, Jeanine Marie 156,191 , Roger Joseph 68,70,254 Wiele, Julie Ann 254 Wiele, Susan Marie 65,199 Wiemer, Mr. M. Wayne 187 Wiersema, William H. 44,45,211 Wiese, Deborah Lynn 85,100,254 Wiggins, Mrs. Helene 187 Wiggins, Linda Anne 212 Wilcox, Brian W. 211 Wilder, Jeffrey P. 167,254 Wildman, Jeanne Marie 47,70,72,194 Wiley, Wiley, John Andrew 197 John Howard 193 Willey, Christine 203 Williams, Amy 205 Williams, Bradford H. 151,213 Williams, Catherine 191 Williams, Christopher 46,170,194 Williams, Cindy L. 209 Williams, Donald C. Jr. 193 Williams, David L. 204 Williams, Glenn Alan 153,159,212 Williams, Gordon J. 68,69,204,218 Williams, Ingrid M. 70,72,l99 Williams, Michael W. 202 Williams, Neale A. 153,201 Williams, Patrick B. 152,254 Williams, Robert M. 195 Williams, Tamaya Ann 162,210 Williams, Teri Lynne 155,163,213 Williams, Thomas V. 152,192 Williamson, Mark M. 150,169,203 Willian, James Gordon 254,256 William, Jeffrey L. 153,203 Wilson, Ann Hillery 254,257 Wysockey, Simonne H. 207 Yale, Mary Porter 74,203 Yelton, Chris Royal 154,160,207 Yelton, Trey M. 150,167,203 Yenni, Beth 210 Yi, Kei-Mu 199 Yohe, Donald W. 254 Young, David W. 153,211 Young, Linda 168,209 Young, Mary Ann 254 Yowell, Margaret Ann 69,208 Yunker, Barbara M. 254 Yunker, Teresa Marie 213 Zachary, Howard S. 194 Zachary, Robin Sue 254 Zaks, Ari Uri 209 Zanarini, Raymond H. 155,159,211 Zanzucchi, Vincent A. 209 Zeddies, Maryan 73,103,254 Zeh, James C. 203 Zehner, Cindy Ann 191 Zehr, Robert Foster 151,206 Zibble, David James 208 Zimmerman, Amy 65,154,200 Zimmerman, Daniel J. 72,197 Zimmerman, Gregg A. 209 Zingg, Laura Lee 199 Zipperman, Laura Jean 254 Zuckerman, Ms. Joan 187 Zuke, Karen Louise 66,142,154,160, 168,200 Zuke, Thomas Michael 191 Zuraw, John M. 46,47,254,256,257 INDEX!271 272fINDEX Rising from the ashes of the February fire, Kismet performers returned to deliver a successful show in May. fPioneer Press Photo by Rosemary Kaulg ECHOES photo by Wippmanj WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. 1 ff- 1.lll.'l A0 A.. Q. N . Q N. . .' 411. A lf. 14 A I D10 W 9 . Q G1 0 Ill 4' ' m f A ' ' 4 lo ll ywf an V.-M 1 .4 " " n a 1? 4 ' Y f : P9 SOM f , Y - ' 1 ' 5' .um wk, qw wg : 5- C10+'5CD UXLMO CLIIWWJQ ff .f 3 ww wma -Nw 255 Q 'wqmggribxnm www 1 7 xhgfis rg vxizvvkg ' . 5- T. Mg . ppm NU Qi.. 0 'W S W NLF 951 f 1 C':L5Eu G5 w6?JHiif2f1. 4- Wfkd . ' . . 1 Kkfalz ' K f - W ' AJ IVU ' 5 Q, 4595, fvqw+0g '1 M .ff X kilwvqf Q Ydffi, ,,. , ' Ljjo , vfvm EQ ' 3 -R x QCDGQ GVWCUES- -!'l'f"1f ' no-Q -haw ww O 3 70, qvggyggwkww Amgwfyfw ' Ui Oi' vf by Q 'lg A DSQOQA KYXOZHA ' 9 ii w4iKlQg'f 5QS?Qvl?Q3 5 955 li?g3t'fpm . B . 25 . 335 4 Qgw .f wg . C 4 Q' E ' ENE . W . . EH Q .5 Q x. p. 3 XY Zzr-RET- Q4 11.21 LA - i?N.13g39?,g?ESQ5 Q-gf-g?s""'i.3ES"a'39ENExE4C l'2i"xSL5SSe'Xf5'A'3Qf3l:2N if Qi 50652 Sf S' Q 9,SLc+""' Q Qvxb-mfs 5.95 sf? 51 fswx X- xmfiq Nevis ISSSP? gskixg Nfqbew 555.8 'W 'N A 3' I if-E'21Ws wi SNS' W-xqfirf S5 in Amer Qgasgrsfx iivks EH-QYQENSXQL 355235535 LSNF Pfvfggnigx TFQNQ zsxzgw SXSNTPSNS-'E-ia? Q-X 'QEEQFNESX-N? :E-4 fl? Kkffk-M13 Fggwgfkhii iffifvw 5'-fm YQPE-fmxmiiigxsg Nxfbg'-Y' Q Egimw XKSQNS 'L ,Si si N swf? E35-gf? irgr Sava? SSL :Ex 'v,Hw,fe gh Q5 g? g'?5is3Si1Lm-Q 5252 Mgt? Sw 'Qi 'Fira-X-"'s' 'NW'qxFgxBX? mgwwgff' S Ni' ffzfgfsbiwsipi Hs? WTS ' X, . 1 3 ,- 5'ixi-'Slfi??,'w-6331?-63SS5.sQ??"5vME3-NRFQE 'Q M Yi- n E-hifi 253,52-E52Ss5gH:x,QPym3.vi3E2 W'w12"XE:-X33-f E Niliim .5 Jil' XC .X N ,X Xf3XEl5"?21'xi:e!X'Nf.?NQNEN2' ,SNQLPE if 3?bi'S?X52B4T' QGGRS ES'sPf"'Vw's?5 P55x "+x'if?f5xf fi Qgx Egg aw sw?-x...1 Y-Ju, 'Q- Q has N555-lib ,img Q3 Q Ngqigs Q-'YXXRS i - Svxfgflgi' Q QQQFW--wg?-3 5 - M-x 9 X33 ggglybtwxiszf' 93-Q -bgsfggxggf.-. Xw.,i Sb ? ?5SYN3?3? Q' Xfqvgxgm -Bbq? if Q., Efsqzffikxg XS -K Ts "' fs 5,-ESBL3 ,., -'NJ 4 3 x. -. N NK! W 3 N 7' 5 5 x

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