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»1J976 Two hundred years ago, a country was born. Like the autumn leaves that surrender to time, the first 200 years exit in a glorious and brilhant display of color, a celebration of life. The rose, a symbol of rebirth, signifies the beginning of the next 200 years. Life blossoms anew, in itself a celebration. The death of the leaves and the bloom of the rose symbolize nature ' s change; the death of old aspirations and the bloom of new ideals symbolize society ' s change. We can be the slaves of change or the creators of it — but its inevitability is certain. The Editors, 1976. CONTENTS Openers ........ .2 Student life 16 Communications ,36 Performing arts ,52 Interests ...... ,74 Athletics . 106 Faculty ...... 174 Underclassmen 192 Seniors ...... Closing ...... Index ........ 261 Published by the staff of ECHOES 76. Daniel Fisch, editor-in-chief; James G. Borovsky, general managing editor; David Randall Padgitt, James D. Woods, co- heads of photography; Robert Hardy, layout editor; Mary Heller, Nancy Weinberg, managing editors of story; Denise Packard, Margot H. Suker, managing editors of directory; John Manion McGarry, photo editor and dssociate sports editor; Keith Jacobi, sports editor; Mary Therese Ryan, special pictures and student life editor; Barbara L. Wynne, special pictures editor. Junior assistants: Marian M. Bartholomay, Robert Dearborn, Margaret Epier, Daniel Hirschhorn, Phil Lardner, Ann B. Maine, Jeremy Israel Paul, Julie Roberts, Shepherd Roberts, Ellen Rosenberg, Rachel Slonicki, Julia Stern, James Stinneford, Robert Tip- ping, Kimberly Weil, Tom Wippman, Thomas Wittebort, Andrea Woolard. Photographers: Richard Doughty, Cheryl Koppel, Leigh Lasky, John Mengel, Jerry Ostergaard, Linda Petrie, Lisa L. Robbins. Mrs. Alice Green, assistant to the sponsor; Mr. Norman L. Frey, sponsor. l innnnn 11 NEW TRIER EAST HIGH SCHOOL WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Above: RH3 Power Steering: optional; MH7 Ignition System: standard; JB8 Bucket Seats: optional; DF9 Inflation: standard. Above right: Unable to harness galloping prices, man may be forced to return to real horsepower. (Padgitt, Doughty) THE EVENTS 11 THIS YEAR F C ' ' i The price of sugar and spice sours the taste of the sweetest candy. (V oods) -v » ;- -- - fff -- " fftammt • pmmmmmm m - 7-up and up and up. (Doughty) ■tisiasEfet. ' i. ;,„, 4i jisM lUSDA ' CHOICE ' BEEF LOIN orCLUB |¥ ' V, 4 OPKNlGR.S Maintaining New Trier ' s unique learning ex- perience—its wide assortment of programs and oppor- tunities—became a frustrating, worrisome responsibility for the administration, community, and faculty. In the midst of runaway Inflation, unfavorable state legislation denied the community Its traditional role of strong support for the school system through tax referendum. According to Principal Ralph McGee. " The school is striving to maintain all programs as fully as possible. " But, he warned, " We can only adjust until we reach a certain point where quality will diminish all across the board. " To date, the greatest tangible ramifications have been in- creases In size In freshman adviser rooms and some classes. In addition to these hardships, the faculty was forced to cope with fewer class concessions for student activities. McGee forecasted that " although next year ' s seniors wont feel the impact of the situation appreciably, this year ' s freshmen and those to come will definitely be affected. " Yet, anticipating corrective legislation in the near future, he felt that " the crisis won ' t be enough to diminish the quality of education at New Trier in the long run. " However, McGee warned that if this corrective legislation is not passed, the program offerings will even- tually have to be altered significantly with serious educational implications. DON ' T WO( Rr-UE - IN FR.E5H UATEfif - s OPENERS . ' i ■ mospluTO at McCormij lacc ' s auto Lit a soiiH- Al)nvi ' rislil: ' ii||. .ook sizzles PLEASURE ilS m s . s Holiday tradititti MFit warm glow. (Doughty) Ramsey Lewis plays his blues away at the Homecoming concert. (Padgitt) g OPEKERS 1 Above: The combination of pretty girls and merry men makes for a dandy dinner dance. Below: Overcoming Mr. VValdschraidt ' s restraining hand, Tom Felner elbows up towards the basket in the heat of the Tom Nesbit game. (Photos by Woods) Recipe for: ENTERTAINMENT Ingredients: 1 car (filled with gasoline) 1 or more friends 1 set of directions 1 wallet (preferably full of money) V2 cup of frustration and some good old-fashioned high spirits optional: 1 member of the opposite sex, for flavor Mix car, friends, and directions on a convenient driveway, and stir up discussion for 10 minutes. Frustra- tion can be added now, or after the evening is underway. After the idea has jelled, and all the ingredients are com- pletely blended, toss in the wallet. With a spoonful of spirits the mixture should start to rise, taking shape and direction. When the wallet used contains a lot of money and the car has a full tank of gasoline, the mixture will head for Chicago, either to a restaurant on Lincoln or Rush Street. When the wallet is empty and the car doesn ' t have very much gas in it, the mixture could result in a movie in Evanston, or a school-sponsored event, such as a basket- ball game or concert. Drench the whole thing in enthusiasm for a good three to five hours, and enjoy. OPENERS 9 10 OPENERS l ' adf, ' itt) OPENERS 1 1 The Bicentennial year provides an opportunity to observe our present situation, as well as the past and the future, from a unique vantage point. To gauge student at- titudes regarding current events, ECHOES asked students in eight adviser rooms, representing both sexes of all classes, to respond to topical issues. The questions deal with a variety of concerns, ranging from social ferments and local controversies to foreign policy and international dilemmas. YES NO UNDECIDED Should gun-control legislation be enacted? Did you see " Jaws " ? Should the United States remain in the United Nations? Should the United States give aid to Israel? Should homosexuality remain a criminal offense? 14% 14% 30% " m 37% 18% Is there a need for greater en- vironmental protection? Are you caught up in the Bicentennial spirit? Does the U.S. or any other world power belong in Angola? 14% 37% Do you watch Monty Python? Is terrorism an effective protest method? 14% Has the energy crisis affected your life? Should the Equal Rights Amendment be passed? Should President Ford be re- elected? Should women have the right to decide upon abortion? Should Rit d Nixon have been granted a Pit iental pardon? Should busing bt sed to integrate the public schools? 22% 28% H 35% 12 OPENERS (Mengel) (Photos by Koppel) — f j yl j C — JjL- ' h. .m1 - m ' i r- }f 1 icenlen ■% Serene and quiet, the virgin land lay un- disturbed. A crystal-like stillness hung, delicate and vulnerable in the air. All existed in silent har- mony, in peace. Then came explosive growth — the silence gave way to the hum of voices and machinery. Meadows gave way to roads, horses to cars. The forest gave way to housing, the land to civilization. ■jm .. : i m- ' fki ,.J 14 OPBNERS ' .. Kxcrcising their right to assemble, Wilmette patriots celebrate 2UU years of freedo (Doughty) a3 r ' w-- " The pursuit of happiness " formed the basis for the historical events of America ' s birth. Today, also, at New Trier, " the pursuit of . ' . happiness " is still the foundation for the diversity ▼ 1| of activities and choices of its people. And the ' ' » ' .- events of this Bicentennial year colorfully reflect jk this goal. r ■ 1 fi OPENER ir ' student life % ■:iBI ia 4f THE PLACE Right: The long and winding road to reconstruction. (Doughty) PA ' RKING 730-AM 400-P SCHOO DApYS " ' WBWfcfc ' — ? «S i: A chilled, empty sky sharply contrasts against the disciplined lines of technical arts. (Doughty) K Amid rushing bodies and mobilized books, I stopped still, and looked at a weathered old face and rejuvenated arm. For the first time, I saw that behind a changing mural of moving people, nestled in a seat of grass and concrete, sat a fascinating old lady. Il i- Left: The hall- mark of New Trier is its enlightening op- portunities. (Doughty) -:- W invsj.vt-- " MY:- -■ . (Padgitt. Doughty) M I i Transparent squares striped with Venetian blinds reveal books, begonias, wall clocks. A single aristocratic cooling cube for use during those hot summer months. A character or two appear where no one is allowed to sit: studying, gossipping, sitting and staring blindly out of the window. Two emaciated evergreens cower in opposite cor- ners. Two antique drainage covers sink deeper into the earth. While paper airplanes dispatched through open windows from bored hands come to rest one by one on the battered green grass. Although momentarily stumped, Mr. Dickman launches into a classic ex- planation with characteristic zeal. (Photos by Rosenberg) Aboie: Mrs. Clader expertly faces an age-old problem: freshmen vs. Greek mythology. Below: Although working hard in study hall, this student doesn ' t have a ghost of a chance to get ahead. (Padgitt, Doughty) 1 4mm am im mt is !9 IB liglEk STUDENT LIFE 21 In step with the times, students learn not only by traditional classroom methods, but have diverse opportunities to express themselves. (Doughty, Woods) Below left: As Dick Doughty proves, New Trier students do not take studying lying down. Above: The pedagogues, scholars, and memories have departed; only shadows remain. Below: Ivy League dreams are fostered in the solitude of a high school afternoon. (Photos by Doughty) ■X- i " ' 1. Working on the premise that at times it is easier to learn from a fellow student than a teacher, Student tutor- ing contributed to another year of academic excellence at New Trier. Proving the program to be a worthwhile ex- perience for both tutee and themselves, 47 volunteer tutors worked an average of two periods a week to help students with individual problems in subjects such as math, English, and foreign language. Tutors who excelled in a subject were matched with students who were having trouble in that same subject. Once a haven for the studious, the library has now replaced the student lounge as THE place to socialize. (Doughty, Mengel) 24 STUDENT LIFE (Doughty, Rosenberg} Solitude removes one in every way from those around him. Everyone needs a few minutes to be free from the in- fluence of others, to create a domain for himself, to be alone. In a classroom the student is a part of a unit; in a place of retreat he operates independently. The search for such a place could begin in the con- ventional " quiet places, " such as the library or the various resource rooms. The regular pulse of an activity passes by— but the interrupting conversation of a friend, the giggling freshman girls at the next table, or the looming presence of a teacher can intrude upon one ' s circle of quiet. A window ledge, little used hallway, or a patch of green grass in nice weather offer the solitude needed to escape pressure. Centerites take a step forward in learning about different walks of life. Koppell The Center for self-directed learning has continued to flourish in its isolated corner of New Trier for six years. Along with age has come an acceptance by students in the parent school of the Center ' s place as a viable alternative to formal education. The Center can, admittedly, be a cop- out for those who do nothing; on the other hand, it doesn ' t pressure the student, which may consequently help him to think. A requirement of 25 hours of study per week can be fulfilled at home, in school, or through an internship. Success or failure remains a personal choice, but work is evaluated by a faculty facilitator who acts as a guide throughout the course. Strong points and shortcomings of the course are discussed during small group community meetings rather than during the massive meeting of the Town hall. The Center tries to instill a sense of self-pride and responsibility in each Centerite and encourages him to think and express his thoughts independently. .STUDENT LIFE ' 25 BUREAUCRA® You are a small, glittering silver ball. You are battered and bashed from one situation to the next and rarely do you have time to pause and reflect on the past or the present or the future. Inside the machine you are too close to see the direction you are taking. Inside the machine you can hear only the buzzers and the bells; you can see only the flashing lights; you can feel only the bumpers and the springs. Inside the machine you believe that you are ricocheted aimlessly, and you are confused. But, in- side the machine you change, and you grow. Each tilt, each replay, each situation shapes you or stimulates you. t " Well, you see, there was a power failure on our block last night and all the clocks stopped, so my alarm clock didn ' t go off this morning and my mom woke me up late and then the newspaper boy tripped on the steps and my mom had to drive him to the hospital and then when she got back she had to catch the end of her favorite game show and that ' s why I ' m late for school. " (Padgitt) CHAIRMEN (Photos by Padgitt) ' PR NCPAL : i 5J-- ;■ DIRECTORS NSTRUCTONAL SERV CES ! OPERATING SERV CES i STUDENT SERV CES DEAN OF STUDENTS COORDINATOR GUIDANCE SPECIAL SERVICES Friendship It ' s 8:15 and he ' s coming in 15 minutes. Why did I ever agree? He asked me earlier this week and I just couldn ' t believe it. It wasn ' t that his charm overwhelmed me— he doesn ' t have any— I just felt sorry for him. Hearing the doorbell ring, I force these thoughts out of my head and start downstairs. Heart Throb meekly steps across the threshold, meets my mother, attempts to make semi-intelligent con- versation, and, of course, fails dismally. I quickly say goodbye and leave with him following at my heels. Luckily his car is a Volkswagen— bucket seats— no problem. I get in, and plant myself firmly against the door to stay as far away as possible. But each time he reaches for the stick— I shift, thinking he ' s going for my knees. I keep wondering how long the evening will last. (Padgitt) The downhill . sh of madness is temporarily eased b. moment of bucu ic ascent. (Oatergaard) 28 STUDENT LIFE Though he had already seen " Young Frankenstein, " he persuades me to go. We arrive ten minutes late, but the darkness hides me so I have no complaints. The film is loaded with lewd jokes, and after each, he nudges me with his elbow, repeats the line and then demands: " Did ' ya get it? " I slowly nod my head in disbelief. Heart Throb leans toward me, and simultaneously I lean in the opposite direction, suddenly intent on the film. The movie finally ends, and in the embarrassing silence during the ride home I develop my plan. Two blocks from my house, I inconspicuously un- buckle my seatbelt and search for the doorhandle. As we pull in front, he shifts into neutral and awkwardly throws on the brakes. Scared to hesitate a minute longer, I open the door, leap out, and thank him for the great evening. Not waiting for a response, I leave Heart Throb falling over my seat with a puzzled look on his face. It ' s over at last. Once inside, I sigh with relief. Above: The mirror image of past trouble, the Delphenis Devils strike terror into the hearts of men. Below: " 18, huh? Let ' s see some identification. " (Woods, Padgitt) STUDENT LIFE 29 " V mm : Ki- U t - i r " C ' mon, Ma, it ' s 4:20 and I td|| u to be here at 4:15. I hate wasting my ti piwaiting when I could be doing so many othl fiings. And it ' s so damn cold out here. I wii was ;%Mmmer again— I ' d be sailing, t " ing like the warm sun on your bad j|e of the lake. It ' s great when a wi you— the water feels good, not like on that hike last fall when we got caught in a storm. That football game in the snow last weekend reminded me a lot of how soaked we got. Right now I ' d rather have hot chocolate than beer, I ' m freezing. OK, Mom, you ' re 10 minutes late... " ;.,- ' - T - J ■ Si (3 ur " Stages STUDY HAl I !? " Study halls are boring and I hate them. I hope next year ' s freshmen get study halls for the full year. They deserve it. " " A bunch of Turkeys! " " I thought that the upperclassmen would be in dolent slobs with long hair and ratty clothes. But they were very presentable and courteous. " NEW TRIER " I think that Nil- is great if you get involved. It has a lot to offer. " FRESHMAN YEAF " All my classes are boring except for algebra where we eat peanuts and watch the ants running around on the floor. " Above: For the student without wheels, hitching is a handy solution. Below: Under Mr. Swarsen ' s watchful eye, inquisitive freshmen take a stab at the fetal pig. (Woods, Robbins) An anxious student opens the door to her driving future, f Woods j WHEELS " Driver ' s Ed., it gives you wings to fly with. " FRESHMEN " They should all be shipped off to another planet or used as food tasters in the cafeteria. " " They ' ll pass. But man, they really are getting smaller and louder. " WEEKENDS " Live out your fantasies on the weekends. " " They ' re a chance to blow off steam. " " They should be twice as long. " SOPHOMORE YEAR " More freedom! " STUDKNT LIFEy33 f Decisions hanging over her head, Leslie Kiem browses through pamphlets in the college con- ference office. (Koppel) PSAT ' s AND SATs: " Not as frightening as they seemed. " " They scare me. " " They were a joke. " " They ' re the end of the world, aren ' t they? " JUNIOR THEME: " It ' s sink or swim. " " They just do it to make you sweat. " " A worthwhile experience, definitely necessary. " " It looms in front of you. " " You hear about it for three years, I can ' t believe it ' s here. " COLLEGE: " The place to really start learning. " " Complete freedom. " " Beyond comprehension; I don ' t want to think about it. " !■ V9 4 fc ij 1 ■ t ' 1 U ' 1 Oil 34 STUDENT LIFE COLLEGE: " it ' || tjg pj e to get away from home. " " For in- tensely brilliant prodigy types. " " I ' m finally going! " " I guess it ' s worth the hassles. " " Will I make it? " ;OND " The longest four months ever. " " Going to school without pressure. " " I ' m in a kind of limbo. " " if you have to go to school, you might as well work. " " My fourth quarter will definitely show a decline in effort percentage. " " Too big. " " You can really get a lot out of it. " " Can ' t wait to get out of here. " " My favorite school. " Above: Burning the midnight oil, a student drags his way through the mass of paraphernalia that accompanies a senior English paper. Left: Jon Hill suits up for Commencement. (Doughty, Mengel) STUDENT LIFE 35 Oommu caiions Complex equipment presents no reel problem to WNTH engineer Dave Milici. (Robbing) All systems go ONE OF THE MOST highly developed high school television stations in the country, ITV once again proved in- dispensable in serving both the township and its students. Aside from broadcasting instructional television to over 30 schools on five channels, the station offered its considerable production facilities to the student body. ITV, jointly operated by a professional staff and four student staffs, has even more expansive plans for the future , including color facilities, more advanced equipment, and the far-reaching goal of an eventual link-up with computer services. New Trier ' s other broadcast outlet, WNTH, moved closer to becoming a locally independent radio station with considerably more student-originated programming. With cooperation and organization, students produced more of their own shows than ever before, shows that ran the gamut of radio broadcasts: progressive rock, folk, jazz, country, and news. In addition to expanding its coverage of almost all var- sity sports, the station aired, for the first time, student- produced educational programming and a student-written radio play series. The station also broadcast college inter- views for those unable to attend them in person. As a result of this increased programming, more students than ever before were able to participate in the operation of the sta- tion. Making a minute adjustment of the controls, Rob McAUen channels in on an ITV program. (Woods) The wizard of ITV. (Mengel) BOTH MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS relied heavily upon student participation. Student engineers volunteered their free time and their cooperation to keep both stations running with maximum efficiency. In return for their efforts, they received invaluable experience in all facets of radio and television production through contact with and instruction in using sophisticated equipment. The result of this coopera- tion, according to Mr. Richard Dienhart, ITV production director and WNTH faculty sponsor, was a training ground available to all New Trier students for possible future careers in media work. Benched by an injury, Ray Delphenis is inter- viewed by John Denniston, quarterback of the WNTH broadcast team. (Padgitt) s WNTH-rTV ;i9 Debatable points DEBATE AFFORDED students an opportunity to voice both positive and n egative viewpoints on subjects ranging from welfare to the jury system. Because of the great variety of ideas presented in these arguments, the debaters developed a wider understanding of today ' s controversies. This year ' s topic examined the desirability of an inter- national organization to develop and allocate scarce world resources. Researching this broad resolution demanded a great deal of time from both negative and affirmative teams. An anguished debater loses face after a frustrating meet. (Woods) DESPITE the expansive subject, the eloquent varsity teams of Joel Elliot and Robin Sylvan, along with John Den- niston and Ben Zuraw, placed consistently well in all tour- naments entered. Creation of a forensics class devoted to individual speaking enhanced an already potent debate department. Above: Faculty sponsor Mr. McClain weeds through the endless paperwork involved in running a successful debate program. Right: Lost in thought. .Junior varsity debater Clark Wagner reflects on the opposing arguments. (Photos by Woods) 40 DEBATE SPURRED ON by the success of 1975, Inklings, the literary magazine of the school, provided an outlet for stu- dent creativity. The magazine transformed scattered stu- dent thoughts into a polished publication. Student submit- tals, placed in the Inklings box in the attendance office, were criticized and reviewed by the hard-working staff, headed bv Co-editors Su Williams and Lynn Penney. In addition, the editors determined the layout and final selections of the materials, which included artwork, photography, prose, and poetry. The faculty sponsor, Mrs. Linda Relias, directed the staff in placing the final touches on the magazine before the two thousand copies were ready for distribution. Susie Calhoun stares transfixed as Mr. Boyle triggers an argument over newspaper policy. (Doughty) Ragtime ONCE YOU PICK IT UP, you can ' t put it down. On Fridays it ' s evident — scarcely a New Trier student can ig- nore the stack of New Trier News brought into advisory. Despite problems and criticisms of its content, the News maintained the desire to publish the best paper possible and keep the students informed. 42 NEWS THE STAFF ' S GRUELING ROUTINE of creating, writing, and " pasting up " gave New Trier a paper that served its myriad needs. Constant search for new features and interesting content proved exhausting. Classified ads and surveys were the key factors in stimulating student in- terest, according to Editor-in-chief Robert Mitchell. " The News must reflect the interests of the students. Conse- quently, an active student body insures stimulating content in the paper, " he remarked. He indicated student apathy as a major bane, citing the willingness of the students to criticize the paper but the lack of initiative in helping it. The News ' staff sought to generate a paper that reflected this year of change and crisis. Student readership of the paper and the strength of their opinions about it in- dicated the success of the staffs efforts. ' ■ W Left: Sports editor Cindy Tomlinson applies the necessary handwork to avoid a tacky paper. Below: With the pressures and frustrations that accompany his job, Editor-in-chief Bob Mitchell still takes his nearest competitors lyins down. (Photos by Doughty) NEWS 43 All booked up THE BICENTENNIAL edition of ECHOES was the direct result of endurance and resilience. A certain chaos prevailed during its production, which was not unique. Cap- tioning, indexing, typewriters clicking, chairs rumbling, phone ringing, radio blaring, proofreading, cropping; layout, contact sheets, prints, photo assignments, birthday cakes: total confusion, out of which, miraculously, a yearbook emerged. The chapter format of last year ' s book was again incor- porated, but the addition of the opening and student life sec- tions added a new twist to this year ' s publication. Above: Juniors work diligently to insure that their book measures up to standards. Right: Graphically explaining the meaning of a contested cap- tion. Mary Heller attempts to sway her doubtful superior, Jim Borovsky. (Photos by Doughty) 44 ECHOES Thwarting Editor-in-chief Dan Fisch ' s romantic entreaties, blond beauty Mimi Suker plays hard to get. (Woods) THE STAFF, working with determination, put in many seven-day weeks to meet all deadlines. While juniors kept busy with the assignments of the day, Sponsor Norman Frey, Editor-in-chief Dan Fisch, General managing editor Jim Borovsky, and other senior editors kept the work flowing smoothly. In October, three senior staff members traveled to New York for the Columbia Scholastic press seminar. Many new ideas introduced at the seminar were used in the production of this year ' s book, setting a trend for future editions of ECHOES. At the close of ECHOES day, every one of the 3,400 copies was sold. As part of their initiation, new staff members learn valuable lifesaver techniques. (Woods) ECHOES 4.5 WNTH V . MICHELE HOFFMAN Station manager NANCY McEACHRON Program director GARY KRETCHMER Chief engineer M " :l|| NANCY NEYLAN Publicity LOREN MARSHALL News director JENNY CLARK Assistant to program STAFF— First Row: Winsberg. Venner. Eck , Radell. Sensibar. Second: Marshall, Baron, Kretchmer, Donlon, h -:n, Soren, Baldovin. Third: Myers, Hoffman, Amir-fazli, Haney. Chwf. , Eisenstein, Gordon. Fourth: Belgard, Clark, M cEachron, Frey. Fifth: khardt, Kovacevic. Hall, Thorn, Limberg, Kubm, Lawson, Absent: Blanchard. Cohen, Dillon. Feldmeir, Hershenson, Hutter, Lane, Marcus, McCullough, Milici, Nugent, Ostergaard, Reiter, Silberman, Stitt. 46WNTH ITV ROBERT FAUROT Station manager WILLIAM RYAN Production coordinator GREGORY HARTNETT Assistant to chief engineer TOM WITTEBORT Student script coordinator PATRICIA SKAJA Art-office director STAFF— First Row: McNally, Bates, Scoville. White. Second: Campbell, Stem, Cohen, Terman, Baron, Sensibar, Jones, Coogan, LaCroix, Murrin. Third: Lawson, O ' Malley, Bloomfield, Goese, Bennett, Tatooles, David- son, Gaskill, Thomas. Absent: Kemmerer, Norcross, Nystrom, McAllen, Rosensweig, Segil, Skaja, Steffen. ITV 47 DEBATE tfl.d JOEL ELLIOT President ROBIN SYLVAN Vice-president MARY ELLEN MAATMAN Secretary VARSITY-JUNIOR VARSITY— First Row: Snell, Kubert, Stenn, Maatman. Tobin, M. Schrage, Wagner, Neumann, Lyon. Second: Mr, McClain (coach), J. Zuraw, E. Schrage, Hines, B. Zuraw, Mr. Ledinsky (coach). Third: McLeese, Denniston, Mr. Schnipper (coach). Sylvan, Fisher, ElUot. Absent: Brookstone, Cardinal, Garvin, Johnson, Young. NOVICE— First Row: Mr. McClain (coach), n, Chudacoff, Brisk, (coach), Smith, Black, Holland, Rhodes, McCormick, Moraitis, Williams, Buckingham, Green, Moore, Mr. Ledinsky (coach). S; ' (ind: Mr. Schnipper Kamin, Foran. Absent: Bridges. 48 DEBATE ROBERT MITCHELL Editor-in-chief SUSAN CALHOUN Managing editor MAKV HURLEY News editor RANDY SCHIENBERG Features editor PETER HOWELL Assistant features editor Alan Hirsh Assistant managing editor Stuart Chanen David Mitchell Kelly Pamela Heytow Business Distribution McCullough Copy editor manager Distribution f r " ' . ' r ' " ' " ° " ' - ■ ' " ' ' ™ " ' " ' " - h, McNally. Brandfon. Baran, Sigel, Madis. Leonard. Third: Woolard, Wagener, Kane, Brand Lleland, breen. Second: Bartholomaus, Bodner. Aronberg. Kelly. Rielly. Hoffman. Jiganti. McManus. Moore, Wassmann. Absent: Bergman, Rowe. NEWS 49 ECHOES— PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTOGR. PHERS— First Row: Padgitt. Second: Koppel. Mengel. Ostergaard. Petrie. Third: Doughty, Woods. LasW. Pendry, McGarry, Robbins. ' Photo by Smith) 50 ECHOES DANIEL FISCH Editor-in-chief JAMES BOROVSKY General managing editor DENISE PACKARD Managing editor-directory MARY HELLER Managing editor-editorial NANCY WEINBERG Managing editor-editorial ROBERT HARDY Layout editor RANDY PADGITT Co-head photography JIM WOODS Co-head photography JUNIOR ASSISTANTS— First Row: Wipp- man. Dearhorn. Second: Maine. Rosenberg, Hartholomay. Kpler, Slonicki. Weil, Roberts. Third: l.ardner, Hirschhorn, Stern, Stinneford, Wittebort, Woolard. Absent: Paul, Roberts, Tipping. ECHOES 51 Performing arts 54 ORCHESTRA First stringers THEY COME in all shapes and sizes: big, little, wide, slender, stubby, and long. They are constructed of various materials: wood, brass, steel, and ivory. They make all types of sounds: deep and moaning, high and delicate, wailing and crashing. The job of musicians is to combine all these sounds into a harmonious melody. For one period each day, orchestra members transformed from ordinary students into an elite group of musicians. They studied without textbooks, created without words, and tested without exams. The only true test of an orchestra is its performance. High-grade performances at the Christmas and Spring festivals, the Scholarship concert, and solo concerts were the hallmarks of the orchestras. ORCHESTRA 55 Above: Mr. Streightiff points out to the Honor band that practice makes perfect. Below right: As the beat goes on. Jim Rubel enjoys a break. (Photos by Robbing) Although it ' s a difficult feat to climb the jazz seal ' .ti Fox handles it with ease. (Robbins) 56 BANDS Above: All keyed up, Dave Goldblatt lets his fingers do the talking. Left: Rciss Wheeler picks on his guitar, while bassist Jon Green stays out of tre- ble. (Photos by Robbins) 76 Trombones START SOFTLY. Keep the tempo up. Trumpets are going tdo fast. That ' s a full rest, clarinets. Now crescendo. Can ' t hear the flutes. Cool it saxophones. Oboes come in. Don ' t fade out. Final measure. Bravo! The Honor band made itself heard from the third floor of the music building to Washington D.C. Performing on the White House lawn and touring Philadelphia highlighted a hard year ' s effort for Conductor Joel Streightiff and his band. With its usual swing the Jazz band kept feet tapping and fingers snapping at the Christmas and Spring festivals. Under the direction of Phyllis Clendening, the band offered a creative outlet for talented musicians and hosted trom- bonist Bill Watrous for Jazz night. BANDS 57 ' How the West Was Taken ' SIX MONTHS of cattle-driving determination made " How the West was Taken " possible. One of the few westerns in Lagniappe ' s history, it marked the 38th annual performance of the all-student production. The play proved to be one of the most popular events of the year, as over 200 people turned out to participate and full house audiences applauded every performance. Rachel Garron and Dimitri Moraitis supervised the entire production, which was written by Brian Cornelius and directed by Gary Gross. The play focused on a con man in the small town of Prosperity, California. The swindler, Zeb Peck, sets out to accomplish the biggest con of his life; but stumbles over a few obstacles, such as love, guilt, betrayal, and plain rotten luck. In a hilarious and slighty risque scene, Zeb corners Celia, an innocent young maid, and tries to seduce her, sing- ing, " Peck ' s Persuasion " . But innocence and virtue triumph, and Celia ' s true love, Billy, rescues her in the nick of time. David .Abell keeps his enthusiasm for the production close to his heart. (Woods) Above: Ana Alvarez digs up a moment ' s hesitation in Peter Moran ' s gold-minded departure. Left: An excited Tom Clark proclaims his two-fisted attitude towards the west to Sally Turner. (Photos by Woods) ANOTHER FAVORITE, the re%ival scene, roused not only the cast, but also the audience. Set in a graveyard, the Preacher opened the scene with " How Sad our Hearts. " and then led the cast to rowdy, holy exultation with " By and by. " As with all westerns, this one ended with Zeb and his daughter heading towards the sinking sun. leavine Prosperity to live happily ever after. A unique aspect of Lagniappe was the backstage perfor- mance of the cast. Unity among the cast members brought out the best in everyone. Through the efforts of the cast and administrative board. Lagniappe ' 76 took not only " the West. " but also East. CA.ST Zeb Peck THOMAS ROBERT CLARK Mollv Peck SALLY JO TURNER Celia Dawson ANA MARLA ALV.AREZ Billv Calhoun PETER .J MORAN Calhoun JIM KEMMERER Leslie Dawson SCOTT BARTLETT Mvrtle Stone DEBORAH HIRSCH Preacher JOSEPH KEEFE Henr% Stone JOHN NEWTOMBE Bartender WILLLAM DIEBEL Bank Teller BRIAN R. PHILPOT Old Ladv STEPHANIE MARLIN During a curtain tall ihc ihtriff re (Woods) ip5 the I ard of his starring role. LAC.NIAFPE .i9 ' Arsenic and Old Lace ' " COMEDY SHOWS MAN firmly rooted to the ground by his own Hmitations .... While it jars us with the evidence that we are no better than other people, it always comforts us with the knowledge that most people are no better than we are .... It allows us to laugh at our fear of death, pain, loneliness, hunger, and sexual inadequacy .... That laughter is the celebration of life. " {Excerpted from the program.) The winter play, " Arsenic and Old Lace, " was a celebration of life and death, created by the bizarre adven- tures of spinster aunts trying their hand at murder. The characterization of the two old ladies by Ann Callaway and Julia Marran enhanced the humor of Joseph Kesselring ' s play. Bill Driscoll as the insane nephew added a light touch. If comedy is measured by laughter, then the play was a total success. CAST Abbv Brewster JULIA MARRAN The Rev. Dr. Harper GARY R. GROSS Teddv Brewster WILLIAM M. DRISCOLL .JR. Officer Brophy ANDREW C. GREEN Officer Klein EVAN S. KAVANAGH Martha Brewster ANN CALLAWAY Elaine Harper RACHEL S. GARRON Mortimer Brewster BRIAN J. CORNELIUS Mr. Gibbs JEFFREY D. HARNAR Jonathan Brewster THOMAS R. CLARK Dr. Einstein JOHN J. NEWCOMBE Officer O ' Hara SCOTT BARTI.ETT Lt. Rnonev PETER D. VAN I)E (;RAAFF Mr. Witherspc.n MARK J. BETCHKAL Above: Mortimer Brewster warns his brother Jonathan that it will be cur- tains for him if he does not cease his deadly profession. Below: Brian Cornelius is all choked up as his eccentric aunts divulge the secret of their elderberry wine. (Photos by Padgitt) K j I _g - mt 1 - ., H v f J Ij, B ' - . m.. H 1 pILrji a Si|H 1 ■ tt B BQSh ' l H 1 Kwa K M Above: Paling at the thought of cleaning up, crew member Stephanie Marlin pitches in. Below: The crew ' s spattered supply room is the victim of pre-show pandemonium. (Padgitt, Mengel) ( 1 f The light 1 brigade mm mi THEY WERE THE SHADOWS. Dressed entirely in black, the Stage crew crept quickly, silently on and offstage carrying scenery and props. Their unseen hands manipulated light and sound. The special moments of the performance itself were the reflection of the crews ' many hours of work. Their devotion and creativity produced the scenery, lighting, costumes, and make-up that were unique to each production. Guided by Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gill, the crew ' s mammoth and unseen efforts made Performing arts complete. CREWS 61 Dance concert 76 WAITING IN THE WINGS for the curtain to go up, the advanced dance groups silently readied themselves for the culmination of three months of preparation: the presen- tation of their annual dance concert. There had been ar- duous rehearsals and sore muscles, strenuous dance se- quences, and long stretches of waiting. But the dancers realized that their efforts were worthwhile when they shared a vibrant communication with their audience. The first of three pieces, Mr. Edward Nicholson ' s " Revolution, " depicted a personal view of three eras of American revolt: the break with England in 1776, the counter culture of the 1960 ' s, and a mechanical revolution of the future. American life remained the theme of the second dance, Mrs. Christine Fassnacht ' s " Network, " but dealt with its different aspects rather than different time periods. She set " Country Roads, " " Neon Strip, " " Main Street " and three others to the rousing music of Ernest Mansfield. The final piece, " Tryptych, " choreographed by Mrs. Suzanne Wente, Mrs. Linda Krivkovich, and student assistant Julia Davis, produced a mystical feeling in contrast to the first two numbers. The style and precision which over 100 students dis- played on stage confirmed dance as an essential dimension of performing arts at New Trier. A high energ ' wave connects the " Network " of dancers performing the composition " Country. " (Koppel) Above: Dancers wave the banner of future shock in Toby Nicholson ' s " Revolution. " Below: Dancers express themselves through poetry and pose. (Koppel, Padgitt) DANCE CONCERT 63 Above: Andrew Carnes (Andrew Bird) makes a proposal that Ali Hakim (Scott Bartlett) can ' t refuse. Below: Softly serenading his sweetheart, Curly Williams (Peter Moran) seeks to woo his way into her heart. (Photos by Woods) ' Oklahoma! ' FRONTIER EARTHINESS temporarily surfaced at New Trier with the Performing arts production of " Oklahoma! " Director William Peterman once again coor- dinated the students and staff into a magnificently staged musical comedy. " Oklahoma! " the first American stage musical, describes a romance set during the western surge of the opening of the new territories. The plot is typical of early American humor, gently poking fun at the easygoing manner of pioneer people. Three plain folk, Curly, Laurie, and Will Parker generate the plot of the play as they search for love on the prairie. | This year ' s production, mildly scaled down due to budget cuts, didn ' t match the opulence of previous shows. However, the lack of money didn ' t diminish the profusion of talent the Performing arts division has. Both casts per- formed well with the ample assistance of the symphony orchestra, whose renditions of " Surrey with the Fringe on Top, " " Everything ' s Up To Date in Kansas City, " and " Oklahoma! " rivaled those of any professional orchestra. N ? CAST Laurey RUTH REID ANN BALL Curly TOM CLARK PETER MORAN Jud Fry STEVE SCHEYER RICK HOUPT Aunt EUer SULIE GIRARDI PAM STILES Will Parker JEFF HARNER BIUAN PHILPOT Ado Annie PALILA BOYELL DEBI DREW AH Hakim JOE KEEFE SCOTT BARTLETT Above left: Despite their sometimes rocky relationshio. Laurey (Ann Ball) and Curly (Tom Clark) reconcile tneii differences and let people say they ' re in love. Left: Will Parker (Jeff Harner) entertains his cap- tivated audience with tales of wonder in " Everything ' s Up To Date in Kansas City. " (Lasky, Woods) OPERA 65 PERFORMING ARTS GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE— First Row: Maloney. Alvarez, Thompson, Varley, Powell, Freeman, Denisenko, Beadle. Fleming, Swan, Rotter, Tindall. Rielly, Robbins, Drew, Buechner, Simmons. Second: DiClementi. Reid. Winton, Dempsey, Schelhas, Goss, Cole, Sniith. McGee. Webster. Schwimmer. Brandfon, Stiles, Girardi, Garron. Third: Hobler, Woodruff, Kenn. Angelos. Rogers, Baumgart, Finder. East. Cleland. Pangrac, Esarey, Hardin, Needier, Davis, Turner. Absent: Kincaid, Pope. BOYS ' ENSEMBLE— First Row: McEvers. Lacey, Hoskins, Harnar, Rogers, Betchkal, Gregory, Keefe, Milford, Lee. Second: Diebel, Philpot, Engelhardt, O ' Connor, Howland, James Andersen, McCandlish, Humphrey, Hartong, Archie, Knowlton, Moraitis. Third: King, Freed, Bowen. Sampson, Limberg, Tomlin, Keating, Houpt, Towne, Walk, Flatley. Stuhr. Absent: Jack Andersen, Bishop, Clark, Kavanagh, Lahey, Meyers, Moran, Perkins, Preston, Ruffin, Setear, Sternberg, Tracy, Walsh. GIRLS ' CHOIR— First Row: Baxter, Francho Scoville, Carey, Nicholis, Eisenberg, Clapp, Dold ' Drohan, Clutter. Second: Clayton, Meyer, Allen Brumitt, Buck, H. Nixon, Cohen, McCarthy, J. - Fotopoulos, Hahn. Third: Weed, Spies, Gion, A ' 66 PERFORMING ARTS Hannon, Polvdoris, Schnelle. Beck, K. ' tie. Nissly. Martin, Brown, B. Drohan, ider, Gould, Rutz, Feltes, K. Nixon, Gottlieb, Pasek, Hardee, Higgins, Jones, Whelan, Wolff, Tippens, C. Olson, Held, Brandlein, Kuipers. Absent: Black, Craven, Dahl, Hennessy, Jacobson, McCook, McEachron, Northrup, Rosenberg, Rowe, Scholar, Sefert. MUSETTES— First Row: Venner. Landesman, E. Smith. Freeman, Appel. Kerr, S. Smith, Marran, DuSablon, Holmgren, White, Stallnrd. Second: Veil, Krimmer, Guyton, Rosenberg, Bohon, Cosgrove, Richman, Rubin, Tindall, Armstrong. Hart, Van Meter, Mikelson, Krebs, Powell, An- drew.s. Kirk, Baxter. Third: Strauch, Western, Embree, Greer, Lane, Wild- man, Moore, Herlocker, Beaman, Perrella, Mason, Goese, Mclntyre, Laughlin, Dowen, Siegel, Nelson. Absent: Bower, Callaway, Katz, McCoy, Merrill. TROUBADORS— First Row: Norman, Pitluk, Bamett, Bird, Nordmark, Hughes, Cray, Titterton, Colder, Newcombe. Second: Brumitt, Conway, Mcleod. Nevin, MuUer, Comeau, Driscoll, O ' Rourke, Thorne. Van De Graff, Tomlin, Kavanagh, Heinzen, Lyon, Rapoza. Norcross, Brennan, Babcock, Absent: CHORALIERS— First Row: Dugan, Griffith, Kofman, Rielly, Ryno. Selvaggio. Sherman. Deutsch, Temmerman. Crane, Weed, Mcintosh. Second: Burdick. Sethness, Diltz, Gallanis, Ley, Niebank, Metzger, Van DeWalle, Doctor, Rotival. Stern, Gautier, Braudo, Dempsey, Whitman. Third: Higgins, Williams, Buntain, Skaja, Klauke, Green, MacKenzie, Neil, Boynton, Hummel, Neary, Lekley, Werth, Goodrich. Absent: Egan, Geor„i-, Gorman, Lucas, Luecker, Mundt, Reynolds, Solberg. PERFORMING ARTS 67 CHORUS-OPERA— First Row: Hardin, Goss, Ball, M. Weston. Beadle, Pangrac, Nevins. Moran, Diebel, Conway, Borden. Strieker. Bendix. Tremayne, Raijas, Kenn, McMillen, Scheyer, Clark, East, Knowlton. Second: Keefe, Blanchard, Brand, Denisenko, Oberndorf, Thompson, Schwimmer, DiClementi, Burns, Hanson, Winton, Lyon, Woodruff, Plotter, Norman, Cole, McGee, Newcombe, Aimen, Needier, Reid, Harnar, Hoskins, Keating. Third: Rielly, Schwarz, Buford, Meltzer, Robbins, Beck, Alverez, DuVemet, Boyell, Garron, Stiles, Drew, Fleming, Steffen, Turner, •J. W ' eston, Neil, Webb, Cooper, K. Varley, Girardi, Hirsch. Fourth: Perkins, Black, Nevin, DriscoU, E. Kavanagh, Sternberg, Humphrey, Tatooles, Philpot, Abell, Callaway, Bartlett, Kemmerer, Young, Waltz, Sampson, Gross, Houpt. Absent: Andersen. Archie, Beuchner, Cole, Flatley, Galbraith. Garrison, Guyton, Handley, P. Kavanagh, Marlin, McCandlish, Moloney, Nicholis, Royal, Strauch, L. Varley. ADVANCED DANCE— First Row: Zeddies, Hall. Medina, Price, Ball, Harnar. Nevins, Moran, Rogers, Clayton. Beadle, Marcin, Franchini, Heller, Davis, Mack, McMillen, Clark, Sampson. Second: J. Weston. Webb, Neil, Parson, Keefe, Dauchy, Doctor, Gottlieb, Rossi. Willis, Rotter, Winton, Goss, Cole, Norman, Woodruff, Giordano, Taylor, Nevin. Third: Miller, Freeman, Brownstein, McCarren. Shang, Doblin, Thompson, Kubens, Boyell, Hill, Schaff, Eccker, Drew, Appel, Smithers, Turner, Abulughod, Bellamy, Houpt. Fourth: M. Weston, McMahon, Sigel, Marsh. Laughlin, Borden. Diebel. Perkins. Nevin, Kavanagh. Norcross, Humphrey. Philpot. DriscoU, Cornelius, Abell. Bartlett. Kemmerer, Gross. Absent: Betchkal, Devroy, Evans, Freud, Handley. McShane, Moore, Nadherny, Penney, Royal, Trobaugh, Varley, Young. 68 PERFORMING ARTS WATER BALLET— First Row: Scoville. Franche. Hurd. Crown. Powell, Baldwin. Fetzer. Mack. Hill. I. Stevenson. Morrow. Second: Wheeler. Wengler. S. Stevenson. Rippel. Behan. C. Mueller. White. Warren. Dell. Livendhal. Harkness. Third: Miss McNaughton (coach). Osment. Braun. Wirtz. Browne. Moorman. Robertson. Rosenberg, Herlocker. Karmin. Denison. Tallant. Martin. Guyot, Phillips. Fourth: Craven, Arthur, Fawcett. Atkinson. Pasek. Buck. Gunn, E. Mueller. Mabie, Hines, Cajet, Freyer. Hook, Gion, Yale. Absent: Adams, Gotaas. STAGE CREW— First Row: W. Scoville, Carp. Dugan. Schramm. Second: Swoiskin. VerBryck. Posen. J. Clark. Best. Eisenberg. Third: Stein, McClain, J. Scoville, Fry, T. Clark, Mariin, Kelly, DiClementi, Zimmerman. Absent: Addis, Baker, Brown, Cameron, Kemmer er, Moraitis, Wildman, N. Wolfe, S. Wolfe. PERFORMING ARTS 69 % ! ' 1 " p r ' J HONOR BAND— Flute: Esarey, Tindall. Baumgart, Sosewitz, Gooselaw, Calhoun, Wright, Maine, James, Holland, Askonas, Slonicki, K. Sides. Clarinet: Rude, Abulughod, Ticho, Southern, Witort, Conrad, Goldeen, J. Sides, Eckert, Schulman, Cheng, Kreiss, Kayton, Robbins. Oboe: Soren, McAllen, Bellamy, Hetz. Saxophone: Bransky, Hanlon. Trumpet: Katz, Wyse, Hoyt, Fisch, Fox, Kretchmer, Wengler, McGrew, Askounis. Horn: CONCERT BAND— Flute: Lewis, De Vryer, Thompson, Steffen, Campbell, Box, Bronstein, Nelson, Clary, Moldafsky, Wiese, Metzger. Clarinet: Pyskacek, Love, White, Roth, Jacob, Lindner, Henderson, Gignilliant, Wesner, Brandt, Kellog, McKiernan. Alto Sax: Wengler, Shrocco, Conte. Tenor Sax: Braden, Robertson. Horn: Brownstein, Plonsker, Paskov, Lane. Tuba: Elverum. Trumpet: Hoyt, Klotz, Stem, lilpw lS ™ ■ " ' IW ik f % - . . fi „„,„. • Wit A WW y y iJ 4 1 mt Wilcox. Stein. Walhgren, Peara. Girardi. Brownstein. Trombone: Rubel, Grossweiner. Butler. Campbell. Mack. Cole, Hutter. Baritone: Stevenson, Hirschhorn, Lyons. Tuba: Beebe. Bro. Dunn. Percussion: Binder. Williams, Kubert, Howell. Weil. Bassoon: Neuhaus, Heuer, Soren. White, Higa, Lin. Camras. Tussing. Glaser. Kao. Conran. Henderson. Belka, Keller. Baritone: Waldstein, Bottum, Southern, Sherman. Trom- bone: Schlussman, Chaloner. Stitt. Lyons. McAuliff. Corrigan. Per- cussion: Adams. Brainard. Hauptle. McCarthy. Oakley. Quinn. Buford. --% :-i r MJ- CHAMBER ORCHESTRA— Violin: L. Bellamy, Brubaker, Capsersen, Chien, Copher, Doctor. Grode, Hill, Kershaw. O ' Connor, Reeves, Rosenthal. Shapiro. Viola: Newton. Prindiville, Trobaugh. Cello: Askounis, Bahng, Johnson, I. Williams. Bass: Brzezinski, Green. Flute: Baumgart. Esarey. Tindall. Oboe: B. Bellamy. Soren. Clarinet: Abu- lughod. Rude. Bassoon: Heuer. Neuhaus. French Horn: Stein, Wilcox. Trumpet: Fox, Hoyt, Katz. Percussion: B. Williams. STRING ORCHESTRA— First Violin: Chien, Campbell, Caspersen, Copher, Hargie, Kirinich. Second Violin: Doctor, Gluckman, Cahn, Vauzanges. Viola: Milenkovic, Hill, Holland, Lee. Cello: Bellamy, Cook, Ellis. Kaitcheck, Louis, Ramsey. Bass: Brzezinski, Ackerman, Bennett, Tomes. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA— First Violin: Reeves, S. Addison. M Beebe, Brubaker. K. Caspersen, Chien, Copher, Drachman, Grode, Hill, Huppert, Kershaw. Mayer. O ' Connor, Peters, Rosenthal, Shapiro. Second Violin: Doctor, Babich, L. Bellamy, Dunn, Gluckman, Hargie, Hayes, Kirinich, Noyes, Pollock, K. Prindiville, Suker, Swihart, P. Van De Graaff, Vauzanges, Wildman. Viola: Abell, Belzer, Black, H. Caspersen, Kadlec, J. Lee, N. Lee, Milenkovic, Newton, P. Prindiville, Siegel, Trobaugh. Cello: Bahng. Askounis, P. Bellamy, Burchard, Chausow, Deutsch, Ellis, Garrett, Johnson. Kauffmann. Mayer, Poor, Shelton, I. Williams. Bass: «f4 14 eft f imi ' i- 1 ' ill WW JAZZ BAND— Alto Sax: Elliot, Bransky, Gooselaw. Tenor Sax:Southem, Hicks. Baritone Sax: Howell, Herzog. Trumpet: Katz, Hoyt, Wyse, Perry, Fox, R. Stein. Trombone: Rubel, P. Stein, MacDonald, Grossweiner, Butler, Lyons. Piano: Goldblatt, Sides. Bass: Green, Brzezinski. Guitar: Wheeler. Drums: Binder. Clark, Williams. JAZZ LAB BAND— Alto Sax: Hanlon, Kellogg, Conte, Kayton. Tenor Sax: Lindner. Robertson, Love, Braden. Bari Sax: McKiernan, Herzog. Trumpet: Kretchmer, Synek, McGrew, Tussing, Swoisken, Kao, Stem. Trombone: Cole, Mack, Hirschhom, Hutter, McAuliff, Stitt, Chaloner, Schlossman. Bass: Tomes, Ackerman, Elverum. Guitar: Williams, Riise. Drums: Quinn, Klein, Howell, Oakley. Piano: Sherman, Witt, Trompeter. Green, Ackerman, Brzezinski, James, Person, Stephan, Tomes. Flute: E arey, B. Addison, Baumgart, Crone, McMahon, Needlman, Tindall. Oboe: B. Soren, B. Bellamy, McAllen, Legg. Clarinet: Rude, Abulughod, Conrad, Goldeen, R. Neuhaus. Bassoon: D. Neuhaus, Heuer, R. Soren. French Horn: Wilcox, Girardi, Gitlin, Mazza, Peara, Richard Stein, J. Van De Graaf. Trumpet: Katz, Fox, Hoyt, Roger Stein, Wyse. Trombone: P. Stein, Clark, Grossweiner, MacDonald. Tuba: D. Beebe. Percussion: B. Williams, Buckingham, Howell, Klein, Kubert. Specter. Harp: Saunders. r r- ___ r- , - I r- — — • I r- Interests After school specials THE END OF EVERY SCHOOL DAY found many students seeking both interesting activities and worthwhile accompHshments. Both these needs were answered through the broad offerings of clubs. Everything from botany to bridge was open to exploration and many students seized these opportunities. The Junior and Senior music clubs gave students the chance to improve their musical abilities by performing before other members. Their monthly meetings also provided an outlet for the abundant musical talent found in both clubs. CO LOGY CLUB lOA MltP Senior music club tunes in and turns out a rousing song. (Wippman) 76 CLUBS ,m» • •• ' ■ V ' When the chips are down, Conflict simulations member John Campbell gets plain ornery. (Ostergaard) MATH HI EXAM MKTH ClUe i l jff f 1 ' jl 1 1 Al tQ w Bw (Photos by Padgitt) Trapping the attention of the Ecology club, Kathy Rude demonstrates the cruel bite of a steel trap. (Doughty) CLUBS 77 CLUBS WHICH OFFERED MEMBERS mental stimulus also enjoyed increased participation. Spurred on by last year ' s first place finish in the National math exam, Ber- nouUians brushed up on basic math skills as well as explor- ing more intricate mathematical theories. Bridge club used a duplicate game format to allow bridge fans to learn both the fundamental and more advanced bridge techniques. Drawn by the prospect of a good game. Chess clubbers congregated on Friday afternoons to sharpen their strategies. Model club, a place where precision and detailed work are requirements, was frequented by students who combined excess energy and concentration to create workable models. (Photos by Pad tt) Above: Card shark Chris Lynnes shrewdly surveys his hand at a Bridge club meeting. Right: Timing is of utmost import .rr- as Chess club member Raymond Cheng endeavors to hand Mr. 0-: •- concentrated defeat. (Laahy, Petrie) 78 CLUBS Fueling up to perfection, these Model club members prepare to blast to new heights. Pet He, CLUBS 79 ' vi V Beyond the scope of everyday learning. Biology club member Peter Mcllwee magnifies his knowledge in the field of research. (Mengel) EXUBERANT INTEREST centered around the four science clubs. Trips to such places as the Indiana Dunes and the Michael Reese medical center, coupled with in- creased membership, marked a triumphant year for the Biology club. Astronomy club continued its nocturnal successes with Friday night star gazing and after school lec- tures. Adding a sUghtly new twist to the usual topics, Aesculapians offered medically oriented students films and discussions on subjects ranging from transcendental medita- tion to nursing. The school also enjoyed the return of the Ecology club, which offered its members the opportunity to study and help improve environni ' n.tal problems through club projects. . % Above: After careful study and mathematical computations, Astronomy ckib menil)ers come to the conclusion that Venus and Mars are all right tonight. Below: With a twist of the pliers and a turn of the screw, an In- dustrial arts club member tightens his concentration on an individual pro- !(■( 1 (photos by Robbins) 80 CLUBS Finding the key to success, a Junior music club member entertains her audience with a noteworthy performance. (Robbing) THE GREAT DIVERSITY of clubs mirrored the variety of students at New Trier. Their interest and in- genuity turned clubs into an integral and exciting part of school life. Hardy Hosteling club members blaze new trails of adventure in their planning of a cross country ski trip. (Robbina) Biology club members put their heads together as they delve into the mysteries of human anatomy. (Ostergaard) CLUBS 81 Ship-shape FELLOWSHIP, sportsmanship, and citizenship are the mainstays that have kept Tri-ship afloat for the past 50 years. A very popular ice cream social, an amazingly successful canned food drive, and a record-breaking Christ- mas tree sale highlighted Tri-ship ' s 50th anniversary. The Homecoming concert featured a talented Ramsey Lewis, whose substantial fee caused a mild setback. This misfor- tune failed to discourage the board and proved a needed in- spiration for successful endeavors. Ninety-nine gallons of ice-cream were gobbled up at the ice-cream social, netting $400. Above: Patient ice-cream socialites wait for the latest scoop. Right: The proDiem oi trimming a Lhristmas tree fails to stump a wortny tree seller. Below: With the collection of newspapers for scholarship funds, John McGarry anfi Bob Dearborn grab the latest headlines. (Ostergaard, Koppel. Padgitt) m- A briefing is in order as Usher corp members prepare to host the oncoming crowd. (Ostergaard) WITH THE COOPERAT ION of the entire student body, the canned food drive left Chciago Erie House 14,502 cans healthier. In the true Christmas spirit, the annual tree sale boosted the club ' s scholarship fund enormously with the purchase of over 2,200 firs, pines, and spruces. The profit of some $10,000 shattered previous records. Exceptional services in many overlooked areas such as Usher and Service corps furthered Tri-ship ' s admirable ac- complishments. TRI-SHIP 83 Above: Benita Addison and Betsy Owens have everything well in hand at a weekly rep meeting. Below: At a Girls ' club bakesale, you can have your cake and eat it, too. (Pendry, Robbing) Joyce Johnson waits patiently in line, showing that concessions have to be made on both sides of the Girls ' club food stand. (Petrie) Beauties and The Beast make their appearances at the Freshman- Senior Hag party. (Pendry) 84 GLHLS ' CLUB Binding cornstalks, Cristy Burnham ties up Tinancial success vj« for the Girls ' club pumpl in sale. (Koppel) Great dames fSCHOL RSHiP FQf y Jbl GIRLS ' CLUB 85 Pep club mittens and doughnuts provide warmth for the cold and food for the hungry. (Lasky) Supply and demand prove to be unequal as Pep club is stormed with prospective mitten buyers. (Padgitt) ij 1, 86 PEP CLUB Above: Pep club president Sarah Purcell and sponsor Marilyn Domek brush up on Homecoming publicity. Left: Green and grey cheerleaders line up to welcome spirit with open arms. (Lashy, Lashy) Crowd pleasers " THE SPIRIT of Indian-Pendence, " the Homecoming theme of this Bicentennial year, epitomized the high level of excitement and activity generated by Pep club. The Homecoming committee, under the supervision of Co-heads Patty Matthei and Julie Warren, added a new flavor to the weekend with the sale of blue and orange gum on " Chew up Evanston Day. " High spirits continued through to halftime of the football game, where a live horse at the head of the parade provided a special attraction. The Pep club treasury received an extra boost through the sale of green and white striped mittens in addition to t-shirts. Weekly rep meetings were established in order to in- volve a wider spectrum of girls in the financial, publicity, and social activities of the club. Guided by hard-working President Sarah Purcell and Faculty sponsor Marilyn Domek, the new members, along with the dedicated board and committees, achieved a truly superlative year in Pep club history. PEP CLUB 87 m « Beaming with pride, this future gymnast holds success in the palm of her hand. (Koppel) First aid PENCILS AND CLIPBOARDS in hand, statisticians followed the team up and down the field, efficiently recor- ding sports data. A valuable asset to the Sports service organization, the statisticians, along with the timers, provided vital assistance to many coaches. Gymkana and the New Trier guard, the two other divisions of the organization, concentrated on instruction. On Saturday mornings, the two groups introduced fun- damental gymnastic and swimming techniques to grade school youngsters. Gymkana offered enthusiastic children the opportunity to acquire fluidity in movement. Guard in- stilled confidence and stressed water safety, while teaching basic skills to young swimmers. Betsy Hall tackles the job of writing the footi,, (Woods) its at a fast clip. W ' - i i J ' i W HHJ d HESfiiW r " m ► ' " ■ • ■ 88 SPORTS SERVICE Above: Julian Mack carves out the best form in a young swimming student. Below: (iuard member Sue Rutherford creates a wave of friendUness. (Photos by Koppel) Efficient statisticians Shannon Friedman and Hilary Cohrg make a point of recording accurate yardage. (Woods) SPORTS SERVICE 89 ii 1 r W--- ' Left: Abner Mikva triggers a heated discus- sion on gun control. Above: Sponsor Tom Swarsen has council paperwork well in hand. Right: Shoulder to shoulder with Lenin and Marx, President John Denniston instigates revolutionary Student council af- fairs. (Woods, Pendry, Mengel) 90 STlIt:iENT COUNCIL For ' em all A DIVERSE MIXTURE of legislation typified this year ' s Student council crusade to improve daily life at school. Feeling that free time needed redirection, the ex- ecutive board allocated increased funds to the Educational opportunities committee. Working with their enlarged budget, EOC initiated new programs, including the Movie of the week, which flickered into existence on Wednesdays. In conjunction with more constructive use of class time, coun- cil ' s proposal of a consumer education test in lieu of the course was bought by the school board. However, the foremost issue facing council involved Illinois state Senate bill 1493. Passage of the bill would allow New Trier township residents to hold a tax referendum for their schools. A group of concerned students took immediate action, and led by President John Denniston, they journeyed to Springfield to distribute petitions calling for an override of Governor Walker ' s veto of the bill. The first semester board felt that, overall, council in- itiated more affirmative political action this year than ever before. ) •% Joel Katz and his South School tutee tackle a hard task in an easy chair. (Woods) Social service volunteers stand up for what they believe in. (Woods) A friend indeed PATIENCE AND perseverance constitute the staple ingredients of a Social service volunteer. The recipe calls for three hours of weekly extracurricular time, a school year ' s worth of devotion, and immeasurable effort. With these qualities in mind, the 1976 Social service board began their yearly recruiting, drawing enthusiastic response. Increased numbers of participants encouraged the expansion of frontiers, including the creation of the new senior citizen program at Northwestern Nursing center. Enveloped in board affairs, members Laurie Tilley, Steve Smith and Marcy Planer huddle in conference. (Mengel) THE BOARD continued fund raising plans with its se- cond annual rummage sale held in January. Profits from the sale were supplemented by band concerts and bakesales sponsored by individual groups. The new faculty sponsor, Mr. Gene Kroschel. in con- junction with his eight group board, emphasized close student-tutor relationships as fundamental to learning. Co- heads Mary Minow and Andrea Maynard commented that the benefits of these one-to-one relationships produced the good feelings that kept Social service alive. This thousand dollar smile is salary enough for Social service volunteers. (Mengel) Taking care of business AT THE SOUND OF THE BELL ending afternoon classes, the mad rush to bicycles and cars is on. Why? To get to that job on time. Whether out of necessity or just to have a little more pocket money, neighborhood drugstores, super- markets, and ice cream parlors were full of New Trier students trying to make a buck. Senior Jack Hohengarten finds that work experience is not something to toy around with. (Koppel) After school work experience doesn ' t r ' ' w any room for loafing around. (Doughty) At Crate and Barrel, letting the work stack up pays off for employee John Mengel. (Doughty) 94AVORKING Barb Harter registers much more than small change working at White ' s. (Padgitt) GETTING A JOB is a real challenge. There are com- paratively few part-time jobs available; employers prefer ex- perienced workers who are out of high school and can work full time. Holding on to the job while still making time for outside activities and homework presents another problem. Theoretically, the first thing to go should be leisure time, for academic survival is crucial to the student. But no one wants to give up his free time, so instead of doing all the math problems, only the first, middle, and last are done. If an English paper is due the next day, the math, Spanish, and history are all postponed indefinitely. An intent Mary Heller wipes out the fallacy of the (Padgitt) Jeri Galbraith ' s obvious relish for selling hot dogs is put to good use at White Hen Pantry. (Padgitt) WORKING 95 WORKING quickly forces a realization of priorities. Last are football games, concerts, and sleep; at the top is try- ing to get your employer to think that you are doing more work than you actually are. After all, working isn ' t all that bad and it is a learning experience. As for its other rewards, well, every two weeks there ' s the paycheck. With a twist of the wrist, Rick Rippel slices into the heart of the matter and comes up with a choice cut for a hungry Henrici ' s customer. (Koppel) Above: Bob Pettersen ' s Jewel of a job earns him s!.;rie bread. Above right: In a real state of concentration, Ellen Bor ,v searches for better homes and gardens. Right: Man and machir bine as John Yaworsky carves out a new vocation in the framing r ' ss. (Photos by Padgitt) 96AVORKING stranger in a strange land A COMMON UNDERSTANDING among peoples of the world is priceless in this age of peiramount international concerns. In order to further this understanding, the American field service provided an interchange of learning and living experiences for high school students. AFS enabled students from different countries to interact and share their cultures with each other. The organization ' s motto, " Walk- ing and talking together, " reflected the AFS spirit of peace through sharing school, community, and social experiences. AFS exposed the students to American social life as well as American academics through a reception and a dinner which encouraged them to mingle with the . ' munity members other than their school colleagues. ' to integrate their ethnic cultures with their new Ar. knowledge was a challenge to AFS exchange studerr task »vas facilitated by the understanding AFS !■ sponsored International day AFS S- TRI ' SHIP ROB APATOFF Vice-president JEFF KING Secretary KEITH HAMILTON Treasurer £i Don Webster Mark Hosbein Marc Sheridan Junior class Sophomore class Co-chairman public relations John McGarry Co-chairman Mike Clark Co-chairman services services Mark Bowen Co-chairman public relations Bob Dearborn Social Services Bill AssimoB Freshman counselor Shaun Trenholm Charities Bruce Barkwill Co-chairman arrangements Bill Whittemore Head usher Blake Hamilton Co-chairman arrangements Paul Hindsley Entertainment Alex Kaseberg Dinner Hank Slingerland N-cIub 98 TRI-SHIP GIRLS ' CLUB BETSY OWENS President NANCY CARNEY Vice-president NANCY HARDIN Secretary BETH BUSHNELL Treasurer Michelle Rogers Co-head of scholarships Ann Ball Co-head of scholarships Ellen Perry Asst. scholarships Christy Burnham Co-head of art ELLEN BOROVSKY Head of freshman and reps Stephanie Sherman Co-head of art Ann Wassmann Benita Addison Co-head of banquets Co-head of banquets Jeanine Sides Head of financial Jan Armstrong Asst. financial Connie Talbot Head of publicity Mary Marvin Co-head of service Maureen Carey Co-head of service Cathy Clark Co-head of social awareness Beth Perry Co-head of social awareness GIRLS ' CLUB 99 PEP CLUB SARAH PURCELL President PATTY MATTHEI Vice-president BEV GRIFFITH Treasurer JANE FAWCETT Secretary JULIE WARREN Coordinator Christie Chandler Jeanine Jiganti Jeanie Heald Laura Pasek Becki Ambrose Sandy Nadhemy Head of projects Head of freshmen Asst. treasurer Head of art Asst. art Wi Allison Graham Susie Buck Molly Denison Lynne Atkinson Maureen Slattery Rebecca McClain Head of eligibility Asst. eligibility Asst. eligibility Co-head of Co-head of Asst. publicity publicity publicity Randy Schicnberg Anne Bovaird Wendy Freyer Anne Delaney Kiley Pryor Sallie Morris Mimi Suker Head of selling Asst. selling Asst. selling Co-capt. varsity Co-capt. varsity Co-capt. pom-pon Co-capt. pom pon cheerleading cheerleading Maureen Carter Mary King Co-capt. soc. wres. Co-capt. soc. wres cheerleading cheerleading SOCCER-WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS— First Row: King, Powell, Poirier, Gellerstead. Second: Dickson, Kepler, Carter. 100 PEP CLUB VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— First Row- Armstrong. Madden, Pryor, Bernier, Mtale. Se- cond: Moloney. Missimer. Sivright. Reed, Delaney. SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS-First Row: Klein. Buntain, Clark, Madden. Second: Coyle, James, Guthrie, -Smith. VARSITY POM-POM — First Row: Balderston, Freeman, Olson. Morris. Second: J. Suker. VVeldon. Pn.or. Mathewson. Riblet. Third: M. Suker. Watson. Frazer. Wendnagel, Harris. SOPHO.MORE POM-POM-First Row: Veit, WitcofI, Creenberg, Howell. Luecker. Second: Watkuis. Ehmann. James, Kruempelstaedter, Lev PEP CLUB 101 SPORTS SERVICE l ■ " I ? vsiif A¥ : JW " « l l ' l ' J ' P. j ts4 4]i l- S BOYS ' GUARD— First Row: Bracket!, Holmberg, Tim Porter. Heeter, Ebihara. Heiss, Peterson, Owens. Mclntire, Schreiber. Fourth: James, Bendix, Sternberg, Fawcett, Shepherd. Alexander. Ruderman. Second: VanHuele. Mack. Ashmore, Snyder. Gunn, Cole, Ticho, Ostergaard, Arden. Erickson, Hartz, Tom Porter, Kelley, Neiweem. Dunn. Assimos, Johnson, Absent: Ambrose, Baker, Marvin. Stephan, Kuhn, Patterson. Third: Hoag, Marquardt, Sommers, Smart. , i ll lvl I -W ' -i-S rr»i . fii ' ' | ' f ' - ' i ' l i ' " ' f| §»m 1% H GIRLS ' GUARD— First Row: Wall, Person, Dalhenii. Talbot. Redding. King. Fawcett, Varley, Armstrong, Clapp, Rutherford, Turley, Chandler, Nadherny, Griffith, Guyot. Allen, McDivitt, Stifiie-. Second: Bendix, Sullivan. Fourth: Frazer, Buntain, Martin. Hardin. Shockey. Slattery. Madeleine Kane. Mary Kane. Graham, Trautman ' Vinson, Robertson, Herlocker, Balderston. Gion, Buck, Ahlera, Pasek. Absent: Alexander, Matthei, Hill, Heald. Purcell. Lee. Third: Dugan, i . Johnson, Olson, Cragg, Gately, Marvin, Riblet, Swanson. 102 SPOKTS SERVICE SWIM TIMERS— First Row: Bhote, Nadher- ny, Talbot, Matthei, Reddinf», Griffith. Purcell, Robertson, Ouyot, McDivitt, Stiffler. Second: Danstrom, Giinn, Scott, Frazer, Spencer, Wat- son. .Schienberf;. Chandler, Martin, Wendnagel, Bailey, Remien. Third: Sullivan, Hill, Herlofker, Balderston, Atkinson, Heald, Turley, Olson, Pasek, Graham, Slattery, Trautman, Clapp, Mary Kane. Fourth: Dugan, Johnson, Cajet, Fawcett, Buck, Alhem, Buntain, Gion, Bendi.x, Hardin, Madeleine Kane. Absent: Abranis, Alexander, Braet, Cassin, Harris, Miller, Morris, Mueller, Peck, Riblet, Shehan. GYMKANA-First Row: Hurd. M, Etheridge. Second: Stephan. Hobler. Davis, Schelhas, Mc- Donough. Wiley, Rubens, M. Jiganti. A. Lin, Satterlee, Pfann. Third: Mackevich. Norton, Reed, Schroeder, Trotter, E. Lin, R. Lasky, Ridley. Avery, Andrews. Fourth: Carroll, Mr. Denk, Narrod, Whitman, Schmitt. Fox, K. Etheridge, Baer, Stogin, Richburg, Stearns, Socket, Golder, Bischoff, Miss Kluka, Block, Mitchell. Fifth: Schoof, Thompson, Talbot, Hayden, Royce, Kindig, J. Jiganti, Turbin, S. Lasky. MATMAIDS-First Row: O ' Boyle. Kaufman. Second: Gorman. Gonnoud, Kruempelstaedter, .-PORTS SERVICE 103 FROSH HELPERS First Row: Brumitt, Peck, Allen, E. Borovsky, Kt-mke, Wall, Martin, King, Stokes. Goss, Kelly, Assimos. Second: Volkmann, Wassmann, J. Borovsky, Morris, Kaseberg, Lipe, Bottum, Hulburt, Waitley, McGarry, Brown, Holmberg. Absent: Annes, Abrams, Lane, Swanson. LAGNIAPPE BOARD First Row: Eisenberg, VerBryck, Abell, Garron, Btuhholz, Cornelius. Second: Clark. Kenn, Gross, V ' eston, Wolfe, Rotter, Moraitis. USHER CORPS First Row: B. Solomon, Kurschner. Kelley. Sin- i-ox. .Jacob. Second: Whittemore. Rogers. Jack. Cooper, Bryan, J. Stern, Linder. Third: Krelchmer, Kirby, R. Stern, O ' Malley K. Solomon, Fourth: Feltes, Freund, Owens. M(K)nlev. Moss, Herlocker. 104 FROSH HELPERS LAGNIAPPE BO.A.D USHER CORi STUDENT COUNCIL JOHN DENNISTON President JOHN ZURAW Vice president CINDY ROGERS Secretary Ben Zuraw Mark Sontag Dave Aimen Ruth Gitlin Sally Turner Safety Dining hall Dining hall EOC EOC SECOND SEMESTER BOARD— First Row: White, Rogers, Lewis. Second: Aimen, Kelly, Pendry, Sommer, Schrage, Krimmer. Absent: Bemer, Black, Hines, Milford, Pesch, Planer, Radnor, Steffen. ST;;DENT COUNCIL 105 SOCIAL SERVICE First Row: Mr. Kroschel. Second: Mengel, Hamilton, Planer. Third: Kramer, Tilley, Maynard, Smith. Fourth: Wirpel, Sharfstein, Obereiner, Fotopoulos, Hardee, Spier, Minow. Absent: Katz. STUDENT CABINET First Row: M uhell, Nadherney, ard, Williams, Penney, Purcell, Sternberg, Hoffman. Second: Mr. Weingartner, Stephan, Remii i , White, Weinberg. miston, Owens, Craigg, Fisch. Mr. Wellington. 106 SOCIAL SERVICE STUDENT CABK-.KT AFS HANS FAHLIN Sweden MARY FINLAY New Zealand FRANCISCO SEGARRA Spain ESIN YETKIN Turkey Naomi Stern Secretary- treasurer Jenny Doctor Co- head of program Kirsten Caspersen Co-head of Ellen Webber Co- head of pubHcity Carmen Sobat Co-head of film festival • . Parker Bennett Co-head of publicity Carla Askonas Co-head of weekend LESLIE ASKONAS Co-president LYNNE WEINBERG Co-president Laura Aronberg Co-head of weekend AFS 107 ! : . Mf it The longest yard IT WAS INDIAN summer. The Honor band struck up the New Trier fight song. Pep club posters predicted victory. The cheerleaders tried out new jumps. All this as the 1975 Varsity football team kicked off to an auspicious debut in the Central Suburban league. A toilet paper-strewn field in Deerfield early in the season marked the battle of giants. New Trier East gave Deerfield, state-champions-to-be, a close, exciting contest, losing in the waning moments of the game. With that contest behind them, the Indians moved toward a 5 and 3 record. A highlight of the season was the 16 to 9 vic- tory over arch-rival Evanston. The Indians bested sister- school New Trier West, leav- ing them scoreless for the third successive season. The offense was led by junior quarterback Rich Weiss, leading scorer Dale Estabrook, and fullback Alex Kaseberg. Weiss ' primary receiver was State honorable mention. Will Volkmann. Linebackers Chuck Harper and Hank Slingerland, with the help of another State honorable men- tion candidate, John Favorite, anchored the sturdy defense. Left: Varsity runningback Alex Kaseberg races through a closing door enroute to a first down against Deer- field. Right: Eyeing his target. Junior quarterback Rich Weiss sets up, deter mined to complete the play. (Woods, Woods) J.. FOOTBALL 111 -VJ . As his teammates prepare to blow out opponents, Junior half- — — — ■ - - - - — — - — — — back Dale Estabrook shifts into high gear. (Woods) SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. NILES EAST 27 GLENBROOK SOUTH 27 DEERFIELD 7 14 EVANSTON 16 9 WAUKEGAN EAST 40 6 NEW TRIER WEST 20 f m ■ - . HIGHLAND PARK 18 22 • ■ " •- • - j i li WAUKEGAN WEST 35 18 T • Bw i ' , _ New Trier tied for second place in the Central suburban league. V B Ia3 L ' SOPHOMORE 6 2 ymtt KK K M - wM FRESHMAN A 1 tf l K Km -sr BF-P • FRESHMAN B 6 2 Placeholder Drew Pitt gets a kick out of Peter Kilner ' s perfect form. ( Woods I WHILE VARSITY members were breakfasting, dress- ing, and getting psyched, the Freshman A, Freshman B, and sophomore teams were already out on the grid, fighting hard to bring in two league championships and a second place. The sophomore squad, completing its first season in the Central suburban league, captured a second place finish. Duff Volkmann, Joe Brennan, and Pete DiClementi, backbones of a determined team, provided the spark that fired the team to victory. Rallying after a first game loss, the Freshman A team went on to win seven consecutive games and capture the league crown. The Freshman B team also took the Central suburban league title with an unblemished record. Its overwhelming defense held opponents scoreless for the entire season. Freshman back Trey Yelton avoids being rounded up by the New Trier West Cowboys. (Padgitt) After a considerable Kuin. ii sophomore back lines up to take a seat, Indian style. (Pendryl FOOTBALL 1 1.1 Kicking up a storm 114 nOCCER Above: Charging co-captain Phelps Hoyt handily pulls away from his Niles East opponent. Below: After outmaneuvering his defender with some fancy footwork. Eric Sommers prepares to move onward. (Woods, Woods) DESPITE A LACK of experience at the beginning of the season, New Trier ' s varsity soccer team enjoyed one of its most successful campaigns in recent years, suffering only one regular season defeat. The team, consisting primarily of underclassmen, tied for first place in the Central suburban league, along with rivals Evanston and New Trier West. Undefeated for their first 12 games, the Indian drive was highlighted by overtime victories against Evanston and Wheaton Central. Led by all-state goalie Rick McNerney, defensemen Dan Copp and John Welch, New Trier was rarely scored up- on. An awesome offensive attack complimented this fine defense. All-American senior Kent Leonard and all- conferencer Gerry Konradt, along with junior speedster Mitch Hoffman, connected for the majority of the team ' s scores. Contributing to both offense and defense were mid- fielders Eric Sommers, Phelps Hoyt, and all-stater Scott Alster. y- « » : SOCCER 11. ' m }■ NEW TRIER ' S POST SEASON play began with a convincing 3-0 victory over Niles North. However, the season came to an abrupt end in the sectional finals when a fired up Evanston ball club defeated the Indians by a score of 2-1, leaving them with an excellent 13-2-2 overall record. The JV team also had a fine season, posting a record of 5-2-3, enabling the team to capture second place in the Cen- tral suburban league. Above: As the referee tries to keep pace, freshman Jim Gregg successfully tames his Wildkit defender. Above right: Sophomore hooter Tom Ernst breaks free from the enemy as he drives for the goal. Right: After connecting on a scoring drive, varsity mainstays Kent Leonard and Jerry Konradt connect again in a con- gratulatory handshake. (Rob- bins, Petrie, Woods) COACH MULLINER ' S sophomore squad had a disap- pointing fourth place finish in their division. The team, which had a strong defensive unit, was hurt by a lack of scor- ing punch. Getting off to a fast start, the freshmen cruised to an im- pressive 8-4-1 record. This year ' s enormous team, consisting of an unbelievable 59 players, performed well throughout the season. Coach Tom Garden praised his squad as having " a lot of depth and talent. " SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. LYON.S 1 1 (;lp:nbrook south 6 o DETROIT COUNTRY DAY 3 CRABHROOK 2 NILES EAST 7 1 WHEATON CENTRAL 1 LAKE FOREST DEERKIELD 4 EVAN.STON 2 1 HIC.HLAND PARK 2 1 WAUKEOAN EAST 3 1 WAUKECxAN WEST 9 2 NEW TRIER WEST 1 2 MORTON EAST 3 CLENBROOK NORTH 2 NILES NORTH 3 EVANSTON 1 2 New Trier tied lor first place in Central suburban league. W L T .11 ' M( )R VARSITY .5 2 3 SOPHOMORE 5 5 5 FRESHMAN A 8 4 1 FRESHMAN B 5 1 3 Above Left: Midfielder Craig Lee shows the intense concentration needed to reach his goal. Left: An aggressive Mitch Hoffman shows off some fancy aeronautics while keeping ahead of his Niles East opponent. (Woods, Lasky) SOCCER 1 1 ' In the long run (Doughty) WELL PREPARED for the last meet, New Trier East cross country runners contemplated their past season. They had faced stiff competition in the North division of the Central suburban league. The highlight of the year was a surprise fourth place finish in the Mat- toon Invitational. That behind them, they now concen- trated on the meet ahead. As the team left the bus, their opponents noticed two girls with the varsity squad. For the first time, the varsity ranks included two girl runners, Ann Maine and Anne Kruempelstaedter. With many outstanding performances behind them, Dave Knoop and Sam Detmer warmed up to the new terrain. They were joined by Pat Lane and Captain Dave Waitley, as the first runners headed for the course. At the start of the varsity race the runners finished their last stretches, glanced furtively at the hill that awaited them, and lined up. Coach Ben Almaguer gave the last bit of advice, " Hurry back. " Tension mounted as the starter lifted the gun, but after the crack, the strain and apprehension disappeared. Now all that mattered was the guy in front. Quickly they found the pace, with natural and rythmic strides. All those long practices around Indian Hill and the grueling laps at the track had paid off. The running itself had become se- cond nature. 118 Cl;: SS COUNTRY SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. NEW TRIER WEST 39 18 CLENBROOK SOUTH 34 21 MI.ES EAST 24 33 LI H ' HER NORTH 33 22 EVANSTON 33 22 HICHLANDPARK 24 31 I )EKKF1ELD 46 15 NEW TRIER WEST 28 27 WAUKEGAN 23 35 EVANSTON 35 22 New Trier finished eighth in the Maine West Invitational, eighth in the Zion-Benton Invitational, fourth at Mattoon, fourth in the Central suburban league, and fourth in the District meet. W L SOPHOMORE .S 4 FRESHMAN 4 2 Above left: Exhausted runners gasp lor breath after a grueling Sectional meet. Left: Stretching ahead of Evanston opponent, Dave Knoop has no intention of blowing his lead. Above: Finishing far ahead of his New Trier West rivals, freshman star Jeff Ubben is llagged on to victory. Right: Experiencing agony with every stride, Sam Detnier finds cross country a pain in the grass. (Ostergaard, Doughty, Doughty, Doughty) t W ■ ? ' Kings of clubs BY CAPTURING second place in the Central subur- ban league, the varsity golf team, under Coach Clint Carlstrom, made a marked impression. District medalist Paul Hindsley distinguished himself by shooting a four under par 32 at Highland Park. Starting seniors Scott Fisher, Bob Kulp, Tom Murphy, and Pat Quinn complemented this successful season ' s effort. Sparked by this nucleus, the var- sity ' s performance jelled at the end of the season to produce a first place finish in the Central suburban league meet. The undefeated sophomore team, coached by Mr. Tom Swarsen, snatched first place in the league. With tremen- dous play by Peter Lawler, John Donahue, and Jim Kaplan, the sophomores capped their perfect season with a runaway victory in the league meet. Seven returning sophomores will lead next year ' s squad. SEASONS RESULTS VARSITY XTE OPP. NILES EAST 160 167 GLENBROOK SOUTH 156 159 DEERFIELD 160 152 EVANSTON 154 167 MOUNT PROSPECT 160 150 WAUKEGAN EAST 155 160 NEW TRIER WEST 159 157 HIGHLAND PARK 149 151 WAUKEGAN WEST 156 179 New Trier placed second in the Central suburb;ii! league, fourth in the Districts, and eighth in the Champaign invitatior. .: Providing support for his teammates, Mark Perry plants himself on the green. (Pendry) Periodically, even the most experienced golfers have to rough it. (Petrie) 120 G()l.F rsscnoindHaKj Fancy footwork enables Kathy Stearns to complete a graceful backhand. (Doughty) Rallying point SUCCESS was the credo of this year ' s Girls ' tennis team, as outstanding individual skill and unusual group enthusiasm propelled them into second place within the newly formed Central suburban league. The 12 close-knit members, coached by Mary Jo Herzog, capped off their fine season by winning seven out of 10 matches. Kathy Stearns, number one singles player for the past four years, spurred her teammates on to excellent performances. The tandem of Stephanie Frei and Betsy Stogin won the district semifinals and proceeded down state. The junior varsity team also played extremely well, battling to a first place tie with Highland Park for the league title. Poised for play, Stephanie Frei keeps one eye on the ball, (f ' adgitt) Court ' s adjourned. (Doughty) ■IRLS " TENNIS 121 Sticklers for perfection HITTING PEBBLES for distance with tree branches, as original field hockey players did, is a far cry from the sport today. In olden days, female athletes, tired of running and jumping contests, sought other forms of recreation. Thus evolved field hockey of today, a highly competitive sport, which was brilliantly executed by New Trier East. A new, more effective formation spurred the Girls ' field hockey team to yet another spectacular showing. Garnering their fourth consecutive undefeated season, the team went on to become Sectional champions in the first state cham- pionship meet. Under Coach Bonnie Beach, the girls developed into a precision unit, manifested by every aspect of their play. The efforts of high scoring seniors Sarah Badger and captain Lisa Marder precipitated the team ' s quest for success. Both the Junior varsity and B team ' s seasons culminated in undefeated records, furnishing a strong backbone for next vear ' s team. Above: Vital link Lauren Goebel applies some fancy footwork in evad ing her bewildered North Shore Country Day opponents. Right: A fallen Helen Badger painfully illustrates one of the inevitable drawbacks of field hockey. Below: Skirting downfield. New Trier quickly comes to the aid of sur- rounded goalie Becky Held. (Robbing, Pendry, Robbing) •• ! . 122 FlKLD HOCKEY Above: Gasping for air. but still a breath ahead of her Waukegan East op- ponents. Kate Stiffler satisfies her thirst for competition. Below: Star junior Lisa Howard putts it to " em. (Koppel, Ostergaard) Home of the wave OVER 700 SWIMMERS crowded the halls and locker rooms at New Trier in November, jostling for places in the first Illinois girls ' state swim meet. A strong contender in the meet, the home team finished in fourth place. Martha Red- ding set the pace for the swimmers, while varsity diver Cin- dy Allen sprang past Ann McDivitt in a clos e contest for first place in the state diving competition. The varsity team, which splashed to an undefeated record and a first place finish in the Central suburban league, gave Coach Lee Kennicke reason for anticipating equal success next season. w ik ' ' I Blv, ' % I Like a pendulum set in motion, diver Ann .McDivitt swings the lead back to New Trier. (Ostergaard) Driving a model tee STRETCHING OUT FOREVER, the late afternoon green and gold of the course was an invitation to a game. Oblivious to their surroundings, though, the Girls ' golf team diligently practiced on. Their hard work paid off — with a fourth place finish in the state. Although the team started the season in the rough, facing stiff competition from Waukegan East and Libertyville, their stroke straight e.ied out in the state meet, bringing seventh and 22nd p!r;. ' to Allison Finney and Karen Parsegian, respectively ' Coach Geraldine Ryh ' j looked to juniors Li- ward and Mary Powell to lead • squad even higher year. GIRLS .SWIM GIRL.S- GOLF 123 ' Mi Walking tall " SEYFARTH SHOOTS from the corner . . . GOOD! Evanston brings the ball downcourt, the shot ... no good. Ryan grabs the rebound, a quick pass to Musica, Mike ' s jumper is up . . . swish! The ' Musica Magic ' comes through again. " This typical sequence resounded from the WNTH broadcast booth throughout the Indians ' basketball season. A varied attack and steady defense punis hed Central subur- ban league opponents into submission as New Trier cap- tured first place. The team ' s regional loss did little to offset their overall fine performance. Co-captains Chris Seyfarth and Jeff Ryan garnered all- league honors with their exceptional scoring and defensive abilities. They were complemented by ball-hawk Rich Temmerman, a returning starter, and sharpshooters Tom Hall and Mike Musica. Seniors Jamie Anderson and Marty Ordman, and junior Tony Peterson teamed with Musica to provide the depth at guard necessary to be champions. With three returning starters, next year ' s squad will make the radio booth an even livelier place. Left: Able to leap tall opponents in a single bound . . . Right: Senior guard Mike Musica goes airborne to find the key to success. Below: Forward Rich Temmerman is bullish on VVaukegan. (Photos by Woods) BASKETBALL 125 SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP PROSPECT 67 43 MAINE WEST 58 47 MAINE SOUTH 54 52 WAUKEGAN EAST 63 48 PROVISO EAST 52 50 HERSEY 50 57 WAUKEGAN WEST 57 43 HIGHLAND PARK 57 35 PEORIA MANUAL 61 86 PRINCETON 81 56 JACKSONVILLE 63 69 DEERFIELD 55 53 MAINE SOUTH 73 63 EVANSTON 54 45 NEW TRIER WEST 54 42 WAUKEGAN EAST 50 42 NELES WEST 44 52 LYONS 30 45 WAUKEGAN WEST 70 48 HIGHLAND PARK 87 52 DEERFIELD 60 74 EVANSTON 54 50 GLENBROOK NORTH 62 53 NEW TRIER WEST 47 55 GLENBROOK NORTH 62 57 LOYOLA 33 67 New Trier finished first in the Central suburban league North division. W L JUNIOR VARSITY 10 8 SOPHOMORE 15 8 FRESHMAN A 1 FRESHMAN B 13 5 Jamie Anderson prepares to meet the press. (Doughty) Left: An imposing north wind fans in an attempt to deflect Tom Hall ' s Arc de Trmmphe. Above: Displaying aggressive ball handling, JV guard Dale Estabrook easily licks his opponent. (Photos by Woods) SUFFERING FROM a detrimental lack of height, Coach Terry Barton ' s JV team finished an adequate season with an overall record of 10-8. Despite this definite height disadvantage, the team compensated with quick, hard work- ing guards, who should benefit the varsity squad next year. Owning the second finest record in Central suburban league competition. Coach Bill Fly ' s sophomore squad dis- played excellent shooting, aggressive rebounding, and superb positional play throughout the year. Centering around forwards John Donahoe and Bill Peters, the team handily dominated all areas of the game. Under the expert leadership of Coach Bob Leahy, the trosh A cagers brilliantly went through their season, suffer- ing only one defeat. Their 20-1 record gave them un - precedented control of the Central suburban league and enabled them to easily capture their league title. As did the A squad, the Freshman B team enjoyed an extremely fine season, capturing the Central suburban league title. Characterized by excellent substitutes and a tenacious defense, the squad cruised to a fine 13-5 season. .Above: Whilt awaiting a receiver, sophomore Dave Brackett uphold.s a high standard of excellence. Right: An airborne Brad Pierce handily goes for two. (Emerson, Rosenberg) BASKETBALL 127 ' The mold of form ' ALTHOUGH A TEAM SPORT, gymnastic squads are composed of individual participants. When competing, each gymnast is on his own, but his team benefits or suffers from his performance. The varsity squad profited from the achievements of several outstanding specialists. They han- dily won the Central suburban league, going undefeated in league meets and posting an overall record of 14-1. Trampolinist Brian Avery, who shattered the school record by scoring 9.0 points during the season, flipped his way to second place in the state meet. Other outstanding performers included Mark Jiganti, on still rings; Mark Etheridge, who finished 18th in floor exercise; Bill O ' Neil, 14th place on trampoline; and Taylor Davis, 21st place on the pommel horse. Increased proficiency in all facets of performance epitomized the Freshman and Sophomore teams ' seasons. I aa ' WiMiti Above: All-around star -John Stogin performs an un- paralleled routine. Below: Hurtling earthward, ringmaster Mark Jiganti dismounts like a spinning meteor. (Wippman, Doughty) Above: Jim Stearns rides his horse to the rescue of his team. Left: Floating on air, Brian Aver ' wings his way to victory. (Photos by Mengel) SKASON KKSILTS VARSITY NTE OPP. ■ANE TECH 116.56 62.90 l.AJNE EAST 116.56 115.57 .ILES WEST 114.40 107.55 ILENBKOUK NORTH 110.62 94.59 VALKEGAN EAST 73.10 64.00 .IINDELEIN " 109.73 106.95 VHEELIN " G 120.52 119.44 IICHLAND PARK 128.40 64.55 .AKE FOREST 127.77 38.30 )EERFIELD 125..33 90.80 •.TLES EAST 120.37 110.28 :VANSTON 129.09 100.52 iLENBROOK SOUTH 132.87 114.03 vEW TRIER WEST 130.52 97.61 PROSPECT 134.51 134.80 sew Trier placed first in the Shore Line division of the Central urburban league and 12th in state. W L T SOPHOMORES 9 7 •RESHMAN 6 5 Steve Platon takes a firm Uand on the high bar. (Mer-Hul) ;YMNASTICS 129 Well stated IN TRUE WARRIOR fashion, the swimming team shaved their heads in preparation for their final confronta- tion. On the warpath, the Indians battled their way to a se- cond place finish in the climactic state meet. This was the result of hours of hard work: practice that in mileage brought the swimmers almost all the way around the world. Julian Mack, New Trier ' s fastest sprinter ever, peaked at the state meet, winning the 100 yard freestyle and placing second in the 50 yard freestyle. Co-captain Bill Brackett propelled himself to a second place finish in the 100 yard backstroke. Fine performances were turned in by both relay squads. The 200 yard medlev relay team of co-captain Dick Ruderman, Brackett, Tom Holmberg, and Paul Shepherd placed third overall, while the 400 yard relay team made up of seniors Ruderman and Bruce Bendix and juniors Mack and Skip Ashmore displayed exceptional talent, placing se- cond in the state meet. SE.A SON RESULTS V. RSITY NTE OPP. MAINE EAST 127 45 GLENBROOK SOUTH 205 102 ROCKFORD GinLFORD 205 225 NILES WEST 143 45 LYONS 124 48 WAUKEGAN EAST 126 42 GLENBROOK NORTH 118 53 FENWICK 233 192 ST. VIATOR 233 144 WAUKEGAN WEST 57 24 MAINE SOUTH 131 39 HIGHLAND P. RK 106 62 DEERFIELD 119 53 EVANSTON 114 58 NEW TRIER WEST , 116 56 New Trier placed first in the Central suburbs league, first in the Districts, and second in the s tate. W L SOPHOMORE 12 FRESHMAN . . 9 Opponents find themselves in a pickle trying to keep up with the " Big Mac. " (Padgitt) m ' Suspended between finish and ofllcial victory. Skip Ashmore waits for timely results. (Ostergaard) Amid a sea of exhaustion, swimmers take a breather from the strenuous workout. (Ostergaard) THE TEAM also capitalized on the skills of Tom Schreiber and Tom Holmberg, respectively earning fourth and fifth in the 100 yard breast stroke; Mark Alexander, ninth place in the 100 yard backstroke; Skip Ashmore, sixth place in the .50 yard freestyle; diver Tom Porter, who placed fifth; and Barry Hartz, ninth in diving. The junior varsity team had an extraordinarily fine season. Standouts Pat McDivitt and Jeff Porter indicated a competent and efficient team for next year. Freshman co-captains Charles Cray and Lee Freedman, aided by Dave Hartong, spurred their teammates to victory in the freshman League meet. Above: Star diver Tom Porter glances heavenward moments before being blessed with a score of nine. Right: Quicker than you can say it. Bill Brackett backs it. (Photos by Padgitt) K; Mf — Varsity ' s Bill Potts applies strong-arm techniques during practice to subdue tpommate Alec Rothrock. (Padgitt) They ' ve got the grip WRESTLING HAS COME a long way since its ancient predecessor, the pancration, a rough and tumble, anything- goes bout in which only biting was prohibited. Grappling history includes such prestigious moments as a challenge match between Henry VHI of England and Frances I of France. Ancient Egyptian monuments depicting over 100 holds still survive. This year ' s Varsity wrestling squad followed the tradi- tion of hard work, dedication, and determination. Although hampered by frequent injuries, the team still managed to turn in some impressive individual performances. Seniors Bill Potts, Dave Lyons, and Earl Beebe, along with junior Alec Rothrock, all enjoyed outstanding seasons and qualified for the sectionals, placing among the top 65 wrestlers among the hundreds in the state. Head coach Jim Kruempelstaedter also showed in- creased optimism toward next year ' s team based on the abundance of talent found on the freshman, sophomore, and junior varsity levels. SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. NILES EAST 21 27 GLENBROOK NORTH 15 38 WAliKEGAN EAST 17 33 WAIKEGAN WEST 26 27 HIGHLAND PARK 7 48 MAINE SOUTH 9 40 NILES NORTH 31 29 NILES WEST 17 42 DEERFIELD 14 36 EVANSTON 16 39 LAKE FOREST 28 20 MAINE NORTH 16 39 NEW TRIER WEST 18 33 New Trier finished 14th in the Niles East tourn iiient and seventh in the Districts. -JUNIOR VARSITY SOPHOMORE . . . FRESHMAN Above: With a desperate effort, sophomnre Doug Beebe tries to turn the tides to keep from going under. Below: With the tensions and strains of a hard fought match behind, freshman Bruce Matthews finahzes his hold on victory. (Mengel, Doughty) » W L T 5 9 5 9 3 9 1 Best of the crest THE SKILLS of soccer, basketball, and swimming are all combined in the sport of water polo. A great water polo player is not only a good swimmer but an adept ball handler. Varsity co-captains Tim Porter and Bill Bracket! proved to be such players. Porter, one of the top 15 scorers in the state, led the team in scoring, as he racked up goals. Defense was bolstered by Brackett. who held the opposition ' s top scorers in check. Led by these two seniors, the varsity had a winning record for the first time in its three-year history, finishing with a 6-5 mark. The team was forced to overcome many handicaps in its quest for success. Having to share the use of the pool with the girls " swimming team, the Indians could practice only twice a week. This, coupled with the coaches possessing only three years ' experience , made the squad ' s accomplishments remarkable. As the outstanding JV team gained a finer knowledge of the skills and fundamentals of the sport. Coach Bill Wolff anticipated continued improvement next year. The writing on the (Doughty! vail spells victory for the varsity water polo team. SE.ASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP ROCK ISLAND 11 10 EV.- N,STON " 3 11 ST. VI.ATOR 7 18 DEERFIELD ■ 11 6 McHENRY 12 10 LOYOL.Ji 3 10 GLENBROOK SOUTH 15 1 NEW TRIER WEST 3 6 RIVERSIDEBROOKFIELD 20 4 GLENBROOK NORTH 7 15 LAKE FOREST 12 6 New Trier placed in the top 13 teams in the state. W L JUNIOR V. RSITY 8 2 Above: .Mter a McHenry attack, goalie David Sternberg heads New Trier upstream. Left: Aft er an exasperating game with St. Vialcir. a fatigued Mark Alexander reflects upon the completed contest. (Doughty, Ostergaard) WATER P0L0 i:i3 % % ' (Woods) FASCINATED FANS eagerly watched the New Trier hockey team skate and score its way through their season. Playing hockey requires total concentration from team members in stick handling and skating amid the fury of bodies and the whizzing of pucks. The demands of the game ' s hectic pace, fast starts, stops and changes of direc- tion insure that the players remain in top physical condition. Mr. Bert Keats coached the varsity team to a 16-14-? league record, and then to the capturing of the Founders Cup plavoff. Goalies Rob Kidwpl! and Tom Brown rame up with many key saves on defense, while the high scoring of Will Volkmann, Lloyd Bunting, and Charlie Moderwell provided the offensive punch. Many experienced juniors in- cluding Captain Eric Sommers as well as some promising junior varsity players guarantee a favorable future for the team. h Lloyd Bunting ' s fiery shot burns an opposing goaltender. (Woods) VARSITY SEASON RESISTS PLAYOFF RESULTS 1 in the Metro league an n W L T . . . 16 14 3 NTE OPP. 8 1 5 2 6 2 5 1 4 5 8 1 ished first in the LAKE FOREST LOYOLA NEW TRIER WEST . . FREMD FENWICK EISENHOWER New Trier finished fifti Founder ' s Cup playoff. Indian icer (Woods) Will Volkmann skates swiftly and carries 134 H(.! ' KEY a big stick. ' A touch of class ' AMIDST CLATTERING steel blades, the Varsity fen- cing squad jousted its way through a competitive schedule, finishing with a record of 2-8. Under the direction of Coach John Mulliner, the young team, led by junior Mike Pacini, senior Claude Kalter, and sophomore Ben Van Amerongon, finished in fourth place in the state meet. Pacini, who took second place in the epee division, also participated in the Junior Olympics, earning an 18th place finish, a remarkable feat for a high school junior The Freshman-sophomore team gained invaluable ex- perience during the year, which, along with the returning underclassmen, indicates a bright future for New Trier ' s fen- cing teams. Above: Fearless fencer Ben Van Amerongon foils his faceless foe. Left: Fencing about. Claude Kalter takes a stab at victnrv RpIow: Junior Olympian Mike Facmi stretches his skills to the limit as he takes the offense. {.Doughty, Kobbins, Robbins) • SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE MAINE SOUTH WON NILES EAST 6 GORDON TECH 4 NEW TRIER WEST 3 NILES WEST 8 M.MNE SOUTH 8 NILES EAST 10 GORDON TECH 12 NEW TRIER WEST 6 NILES WEST 8 New Trier placed fourth in the state. FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE FENCING 1.3.5 Hoopskirts WITHOUT CHEERLEADERS, without a band, and without the spirited support given to boys ' sports, the Girls ' basketball team recovered from a shaky start and bounded back into contention. Rallying behind seniors Ann Becker and Nancy Rebarchak, the team settled into a strong offen- sive and defensive combination. By the end of the season, the team was playing solid basketball. Their overall perfor- mance prompted Coach Gerry Ryberg to be optimistic about their chances in next vear ' s first state tournament. Above: Heading a charge downcourt. Stacie Schiffman evades the onslaught of her Deerfield adversaries. Below: Miss Ryberg, head of the Girls ' PE department, hands do vn some encouraging but forceful words to the basketball team. Below right: With the Indians ' opportunistic defense, they ' re bound to get the ball. (Robbins, Woods, Woods) 136 GmL.- ' BASICETBALL Left: Intently eyeing the shuttlecock, Lisa Marder cuts under and sends it flying. Below: Beth Kincaid kills two birdies with one stroke. (Photos by Padgitt) Netted tweet SPARKED WITH ENTHUSIASM after a successful finish at the New Trier West invitational meet, the Girls ' badminton team got psyched for the season. Varsity singles star Beth Kincaid, one of the state ' s best, along with doubles sensations Ingrid Miller and Lisa Marder, helped to lead their team to a triumphant 5-1 midseason record. With twice as many girls as last year trying out, the incredible record netted by this year ' s squad, and the growing popularity of the sport. Coach Lee Kennicke was optimistic. She ex- pressed confidence in the potential of her team, which she believed would fare well in the first state tournament, scheduled for 1977. BADMINTON 137 Swing set SOOTHING THE HURT of earlier defeats, the Girls ' gymnastics team rose to success later in the season. Through examples of precision, grace and poise, Co-captains Annie Lin and Marietta Mackevich encouraged their teammates. All-around gymnast Ellen Socket skillfully contributed the finishing touches to the varsity effort. Marcy Andrews on the uneven bars and Jennifer Baer on the sidehorse illustrated the skills that bolstered the team scores. Arduous practice preceded deserved success for the junior varsity. The first half of the season, stained by only one loss to New Trier West, promised great hopes for next year ' s team, who will participate in the first year of state- wide competition. Above: Gymnast Annie Lin takes off on another beam routine. Right: Kathy Whitman prepares to take the bar exam. Below: Battle Unes formed, the Girls ' gymnastics team gets ready to face its foe. (Robbina, Woods, Woods) mMm 138 GC-LS ' GYMNASTICS Veteran star Ingrid Miller tenses before unleashing a powerful return. (Ostergaard) The golden spike WITH A DETERMINATION befitting their reputa- tion, the Girls ' volleyball team fought to preserve their state championship title. Although Captain Ingrid Miller and star Lauren Goebel displayed great poise and dexterity, the team confronted formidable competition, preventing a repeat of last year ' s sensational performance. In the scramble for victories, the team clambered to first place in district competition. Coaches Bonnie Beach and Lee Kennicke gave direction to the tenacious team, which developed into a well-rounded squad. Although plagued by inconsistency, the team ' s effort was fundamentally sound. ■ et up iients ' Beth ries the ard) VOLLEYBALL 1,39 140 TF Ai " K DETERMINATION, constant improvement, hard work: the components of a winning team, according to Head coach Ben Almaguer, successfully combined to make New Trier ' s track team a winner. The Indians, who placed second in the Central suburban league meet behind Evanston, boasted an undefeated record in indoor dual meets. Not only did the team excel as a whole, but many fine performances were turned in by individuals. Jeff King set new home indoor records in the 300 yd. run and triple jump. One of the highlights of the season was the 12-team Morton West Invitational, where New Trier reigned supreme for the second consecutive year. Sophomore Joe Brennan ' s first place finish in the 60 yd. low hurdles tied the meet record and won him the trophy for most valuable athlete, an award that was presented to middle-distance runner Shaun Trenholm last year. Defending champs at the Wildcat Relays, the Indians triumphed again. Under the leadership of co-captains King and Sam Detmer, the team op- timistically awaited the outdoor season and relay competi- tion downstate in May. Above: New Trier ' s own minute men prepare fnr a fiflht to the linish. Left: Senior Alex Kaseberg geis nign on track. (Mengel; Pioneer Press photo by Rich Frishman) TRACK 141 rmgm . r .i Will Volkmann winds up the season and sends it home. (Rezabeck) SEASON RESULTS VARSITY NTE OPP. LOYOLA 5 4 MAINE WEST 4 4 NILES NORTH 7 8 LANE 11 9 WAUKEGAN WEST 13 2 HIGHLAND PARK 5 6 DEERFIELD » 2 EVANSTON 5 2 NEW TRIER WEST 1 2 WAUKEGAN EAST 7 6 WAUKEGAN WEST 15 8 CLAY .0 3 SOUTH BEND 1 4 HIGHLAND PARK 20 9 GREAT EFFORT and a tew surprises characterized the Varsity baseball team ' s 1975 summer season. Unex- pectedly superb hitting by underclassmen Jeff Nielsen (.319) and David Cook (.297) raised high hopes for the upcoming spring. The second surprise took the form of the unfortunate absence of senior Will Volkmann, whose strong pitching and field play, as Coach Ron Klein noted, might have added three to four wins onto the season record of 10-9-2. The early spring season was paced by the consistent play of returning lettermen Volkmann, John Drweiga, Scott Fisher, co-captains Drew Pitt and Tom Brown, and Rick Mclntyre. Mclntyre, who started behind the plate as a junior, was one of the few returning regulars. Combining a powerful bat with a tough defense, he added strength to an outstanding Indian attack. In overview, Klein summarized his team best as " just a heck of a good bunch of guys. " According to Coach Hal Severns. the Sonhomore squad displayed the most versatility that he has seen in the last few years. He, along with the Freshman coach Wes Baumann, worked to prepare their players for hopeful varsity status. U2 B Left: Catcher Duane Dickson masks his concentra- tion while awaiting the next pitch. Below: An errant throw fincis Indian speedster Jeff Nielsen headed for third and an Evanston opponent biting the dust. (Rezabeck: Pioneer Press photo by Al Swainston) .wLMmimi mfw-.i mf ' - ' ' ' ' . ' ■ ' IPi W : Return to sender DEDICATION AND determination marked the begin- ning of the 1976 tennis season. Relying on returning varsity strength and an abundance of underclass talent. Coach Hughes Davis foresaw a year of success and individual achievement. The varsity retained much of last year ' s prowess with the return of a number of experienced players. Anchored by senior Bill Kerr and sophomore Bob Frei, the team once again showed the form which enabled them to capture se- cond place in the state for both 1974 and 1975. The varsity also found added power in the outstanding performances of Craig Lee, Neil Golden, and Gregg Harris, all un- derclassmen. Standouts Peter Horwitch and Jeff Holland provided the Frosh-Soph squad with the extra boost needed for a strong season. The broad base of talent found in the frosh- soph division combined with the experience of the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams promised an excellent year in 1976 and in years to come. Above: Chuck Caldwell leans toward perfection when it comes to backhanded volleys. Right: Grittv determination and unmatchable finesse make Craig Lee unbeatable at hi racket. (Photos by Woods) 144 1; •;is J gB Sophomore star Bob Frei bares that gut feeling of cleanly slamming a ™ winner. iWondsi SEASON RESULTS - VARSITY NTE OPP. MAINE WEST 4 1 NICOLET 19 22 HOMEWOOD FLOSSMOOR 6 3 NILES NORTH 4 1 EVANSTON 5 New Trier placed second in the Arlington prep meet, second in the Maine South invitational, and second in Arlington invitational. TENNIS 145 Rocking the cradle LACROSSE, an ancient yet relatively obscure game, flung its rough and tumble style across the playing field with newly found popularity. The upswing in participation was paralleled by greater turnouts of avid fans. Coach Jim McFadzean ' s hopes for a powerful team centered around attackmen Lloyd Bunting and John Edwards and midfield standouts Scott Harrison and Rich Weiss. The team, consisting mostly of juniors, worked on building a new defense with prospects John Marquardt and Rick Houpt as its core. A large turnout and no cuts gave the Sophomore team, coached by Mr. Bill Fly, great depth to draw upon, as they looked toward an exciting season. Above: As receiver Chick Rowland demonstrates, lacrosse is catching on. Below: Tom Hussey stretches his talent to the limit as he flings the ball toward the goal. (Lasky, Koppel) • UtoW 4ite: (Photos by Padgitt) Gems of the diamond IN ACCORDANCE with the ISHA plan, the Girls ' soft- ball team participated in the first state tournament. Coach Darlene Kluka, in anticipation of this season, predicted: " I believe we ' re going to have a lot of good pitchers and catchers, and with the number of girls who have JV ex- perience, we should do quite well. " Wings on ttieir tieeis ADVANCED COACHING techniques, greater use of facilities, and increased participation resulted in stiffer com- petition, as girls gained their rightful recognition in the realm of sports. At New Trier, these factors had gratifying effects. Last year ' s Girls ' track team sent six members to state competition, and this year ' s new head coach. Miss Jaci Boyle, hoped to send more. With the growing support of girls ' sports, the four-year-old team not only ran in a highly competitive league, but also participated in its first in- vitational meet at Waukegan West. Left: Soloing in free flight, Rachel Slonicki sights a smooth landing. Below: Ingrid Miller brings home the fact that one pitcher is worth a thou- sand wins. (Padgitt, Woods) New IMage OVER THE SUMMER, boys ' intramural sports and Girls ' athletic association merged. The unification was partly due to the enactment of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare ' s bill. Title 9. which prohibits dis- crimination in scholastic athletics. However, an effort to help run the co-educational sports program more efficiently was the primary reason for the merger. Although at first ap- prehensive, co-student directors Mark Abbey and Laurie Cragg worked as a team to make this year one of IM ' s finest. The enthusiastic directors, with the help of Sponsor Wayne Wiemer, built a fine staff. Board members got directly involved with the student body, encouraging all students to participate in some activity that IM sponsored. This resulted in greater participation than in past years. H i li Above: Undaunted Randy Haberman deftly deflects a speedy puck in the IM wrestling gym. Below: An IM girls ' soccer player gets ready to " post " a with a fast flying boot. (Ostergaard, Lasky) IM wrestler Steve Green tries to find the lock. (Robbing) key to his opponent ' s ALONG with its reorganization, IM changed its loca- tion by moving to the new g ' m facility. After three years of shuttling to various elementary schools in the district for IM and GAA sporting events, IM eagerly transferred to the IM gym, where all indoor games were played. In addition, IM sponsor Mr. Wiemer volleyball. (Petrie) ' sets up " the rules of co-ed students enjoyed a recreation room with pool, ping pong, air hockey, and shuffleboard that was open throughout the en- tire school day. Yet, the merger of IM and GAA overshadowed all other developments. What had once been two, competitive organizations became one, progressive unit. David Koppel gives the pu . d magic carpet ride in a ■ ' ' ' l hockey in the new IM rec r i (Koppel) of air IM 149 FOOTBALL VARSITY— First Row: Wagner (manager), Bottum, Bergman, Pitt, Dietrich, Harrison, CoUias, Bro, Assimos, Kaseberg, Barkwill, Mr. Klein (coach), Mr. May (coach). Second: Bowen, Bunting, Kuenzel, Lahey, Tyrell, Estabrook, W. Volkmann, Roeper, Annes, Harper, J. Favorite, Delphenis Palmer McNultv. Third: Van Cleave, Gonnoud, Hubbard. Farnham Sullivan Fedenco Diaz Jav Lipe McKeone Cousins, Schmitt, Siingerland, Kilner, Sheridan. Fourth: Weiss, Patterson, Smart, L. Favorite, Schwiebert, James, Nykaza, Nielsen, M. Clark. Webster, Jeff Lipe. Fifth: D. Dickson, Hamilton, McRae. Vandeveld. Houpt, L. Clark. B. Dickson, Mr. Cichowski (coach). Absent: Balz, Mr. Bangser (coachi. Bar- ton, Brennan, D. Volkmann. SOPHOMORE— First Row: Boaz, Bissell, Brinton, Bianucci, Frank, Sprayregen, Acri, O ' Rourkc. EUwood, Balsley. Second: Bickert, Roberts, Williams, Kurschner, C.irringtooc Volkmann, ' hitchurch, Hoffman. Third: Thome, White, Rnvt. Pasek, Skillman, ; liss, Moore, Janaes. Fourth: Wright, Schmitz, Phillips, Dietrich, Nixon, Parr, Colder, Elia. Fifth: Mr. Larsen (coach), Brennan, Stewart, DiCleraenti, Cohrs, Mr. Helfrich (coach), Thomas, Mr. Leahy (coach). 150 f:(()TBALL FRESHMAN A— First Row: O ' Rourke, Corns, Shepard, Lundquist. Perry. Nissly, Davis. Second: Gonnoud, Meyers, Poorman, Yelton. Gnaedinger, Higgins, Lehman. Third: Smith, Hall, Beall, O ' Neil, Pierce. Andre. Fourth: Carson. Weiler, Fajer, Cousins. Stensby, Matthews. Fifth: Mr. Kruempelstaedter (coach), Mr. Hilsabeck (coach), Mr. Denk (coach), Winberg. Remein. FRESHMAN B— First Row: Cassidy. Hansen. Larkin, Morley, Heiser, McHugh. Henderson, Scoville, White. Second: Love, Hagberg, Fox, Kraus, Allen, Handwerker, DiClementi, East. Third: Mr. Benson (coach). Binder, Haser. Frank, Carney, Peter? ' i, Carr, Sherman, Mr. Barefit s oach). Fourth: Thigpen, Everly, Uriell, Kissinger, Klein, Nixon . ' Kowski, Copsp, Welch. FOOTBALL 151 SOCCER VARSITY— First Row: Mr. Schinto (coach), McNerney, Konradt, Hoyt, Alster, Leonard, O ' Keeffe, Mr. Ruben de Celis (coach). Second: Hynes, D. Dickey, Sommers, Copp, Bergman, Tipping, Chapman, Hjalmarson, WilHams. Welch, Hoffman, Butler, Milford, Hess (manager), George (manager). I ' - 4 u m - y ' i p JUNIOR VARSITV ' — First Row: Rudnick, 7. Morris, Fresen, son, Cutler. Mr. Schabel (coach). Fourth: Hirsh, Memmer, Howland, Florian, Sampson, Witt, Ink Second: Ranney. i . , neidle, Lacey, Dear- Williams, Morgan, Segarra, Gajewski, C. Dickey, born, Lee, Patterson. Third: Moderwell, Heidrich, .A kounis, Berlin, John- 152 :- CCER SOPHOMOKK— First Row: Moore. Talbot. Twiss. Bockley. Challenger. Ernst. Warner. Skalla, Hubbard. .Swenson, Klise. Sangster. Fourth: Curtis. Henderson. Williams. Lewis. Second: Henzlik. Zachary. Jannotta. Pyskacek, Sievers. King vill. Hauser. Sullivan. Guhl. Elliott. Rankin. Harris, Beebe, Dumont, Mr. Mulliner (coach). Third: Franzen, -.■a Cif ' . FRESHMAN — First Row: Ramsay. Burns. Moderwell. Mathewson. Rietz. Holleran. Flanagin. Hellman. McKay. Higgins. Second: Plummer. Kraybill. Beebe. Hirsch. Friedman, Williams. Sullivan. Cajet. Kelley. Du- mont, Fresen. Turner. Third: Baldwin, Glass. Freedman. N ' eary. Borokove. Boyd. Camras. Petray. Penney. Childs, Hoyt, Mr. Ward (coach). Fourth: W, !.■■[, William, MacCJregur. .-„.:. ..s, Swoiskin, PInnsker, E " ; . . ,;. er, Ci.irdner. Martin. Neuhaus. M,i( Donald. Fifth: Mr. Garden (•: Hos- bcin, Kut.sche. Gardner, GresL ' . Drileck, Stern, Edelmann. . ' ■- , " vresat, Pi lit age. Munuz. Kepler. S0CCER 1, 3 CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY— First Row: Waitley, Detraer, Lane, Bodner, DeVryer, Krimmer, Kruempelstaedter, Mr. Almaguer (coach). Absent: Flatley, Trenholm. Second: Maine, Frederick, King, Michala, Peters, Moloney, Knoop. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMOl . First Row: Conra- kater, Nash, Grace, (coach), Klotz, Michael Michala, Hilton, McKiernam, Patrick, Holland. Ubben, Segil, Matt Michala .ilarides, Hassenautr Second: Burnside Jewett, Hitt, Lindner. Absent: Lane, Morrison, Owens. 154;. )SS COUNTRY GOLF VABSI ' n— First Row: Osment. DiCesare, Schmidt, Mr. Carlstrom (coach). Second: Michala, McCormick, Drew, Perry, Hindsley. Third: Quinn, Hartong, Fisher, Salvano. Fourth: Nader, Kulp, Murphy. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE— First Row: Kaplan, Fern, Jiganti, i nomas, Synels. Second: S[ ray. Leekley, Lawler, O ' Kee!: Smith. Third: P. Lawler, Donahoe, Mais, Mohling, Mr. Swarsen (coach). Absent: Holland, Malles. GOLF 1.55 GIRLS ' TENNIS VARSITY— First Row: Stogin. Pollock, Solberg. Second: Mrs. Herzog (coach). Brookstone. Harris. Tschudy, Miller. Third: Olson. Frei, Bendix, Stearns, Hall. Absent: Chandler. JUNIOR VARSITY— First Row: Mrs. Herzog (coach). Fujikawa. McCarren, Cannon. Second: Cook. Addison. Denison. Braudo. . " Ambrose. Third: Wyse. Hobler, Moloney, Thomas, Frey. FIELD HOCKEY VARSITY — First Row: Goebel, Drohan. Marder. H Hold. S. Badger. Kress, Atten. Se- cond: Miss Beach (coach). Cragg. Fox, L. He; i Hanlon, H. Badger. B. Randlein (manager Miss Drake (trainer). 156 ; - LS ' TENNIS FIELD HOCKEY JUNIOR VARSITY— First Row: Zimmer man. Johnson, Zuke. Helmer, Cole, Phillips. Dusablon, Eckersberg, M. Buckingham. Se- cond: Kirk, Heida, Angle. Mclnnis. Maloney Chien. Third: Miss Beach (coach). Tindall DeVryer. Osment. Baxter. S. Buckingham. Brandlein. Miss Drake (trainer). First Row: Howard, Franche, Parsegian. Stiles, Remke. Second: Miss Ryberg (coach), Franchini, Griffith, Arthur, Elbert. Absent: Finney, Powell. GIRLS ' SWIMMING First Row: Marcus, Leekley. Gressens, McDivitt, Redding, Allen, Nor- ton. S. Rutherford. Guthrie. Second: Miss Kennicke (coach). Mr. Cajet (coach). Miss McNaughton (coach). Davis. Stiffler, J. Lee, Johnson. Harkness, Trautman, J. Rutherford. Third: Helmer, Weinstein, Ward. Carney, Husting. Diaz, VanDvke, Clary, Gallanis, Herkx i, ' " ■. Lee, Fourth: Kane, Alexander. Lidci ker, Trieschmann, Berquam i ' Marks, irimdell, Guyot, Cajet, Ahleni. GIRLS ' GOLF ' .iHLS ' SWIMMING 157 BASKETBALL VARSITY-JUNIOR VARSITY— First Row: White, Ordman. Anderson, Seyfarth. John Ryan. Fourth: Randolph. Jeff Ryan, Hum, Shelton, Hall, Estabrnok, Higgins, Witt. Second: Tillman. Peterson. Musica. Murphy. McNulty. Mr. Schneiter (coach). Mr. Barton (coach). Third: Mr. Clark (trainer). Hindsley, Temmerman, SOPHOMORE— First Row: Keller (manager), Co . I ' reiber, Ellis, Acri, Fly (coach). Third: Gynn, Rowe. Jackson. Peters, Bickert, Spencer, Mclntyre (manager). Second: ' ' nucci, Peterson, Ur;. ii Mais, Cloud. Mr. Donahoe, Brackett. 158 B. .-.KETBALL FRESHMAN A— First Row: Lyons. Neuhaus, McClellan. Second: Boyd, Lehman, .Adams. Geocaris. Trausch, Allen. Absent: Childs (manager) Pottage. Smith. Piere. Beall. Third: Mr. Leahy (coach), Hennessy. Segil. Slack (manager). TnlJiH P2 ' j) FRESHMAN B— First Row: Handwerker. Ubben. Fresen. Second: Perry, Hall. Schaefer, Danstrom. Gorman. I Hell. Love. Mueller. Ludovice. Gooding. Third: Kissinger, Piorkowski, BASKETBALL 1.59 GYMNASTICS VARSITY— First Row: Walsh, Carroll, J. Stearns, Jiganti, M. Stearns, (coach). Turbin, Etheridge, A. SoUitt, J. Sollitt, McClellan, Stephen, School, Hoskins, Trotter, DiCesare, O ' Neil, Platen. Second: Mr. Denk Stogin, Davis, Avery, Fisher, Knowlton. ■• ' 1 ■! U.|i ' ,i. ' . LI . ' I FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE— First Row: Pete; Bulkin. Wengler, Touml-) , Cajet, Chausow, Ar Schopen, Talbot. Third: Blodgett, DiClementi, H in, Flanagin. Second: Chapman, Weisbard, Walsh, Conley, DeMitchell, Hauptle, Jiganti. I, Kennedy, Smith, Fourth: Mr. Denk (coach), Etheridge, Chaloner, Taylor, Bischoff, Rapoza, ' -. Goldstein, Fucik, Murray, Howard, Fisch, Erzinger, Fajer, Bower. Satterlee, Stetter, Vogt. 16U . , .MNASTICS SWIMMING VARSITY-Kirst Row: Fawcett. Alexander, Bendix. Holmberg, Ruder- I ' nrler,;, .Inhiison. .Stemberg. Third: Stephan. MeDivitt. Assimos, man. Brac-kett, Tom Porter, Hartz. Shepherd. Second: Mr. Robertson Mack, Schreiber, Ashmore, Erickson, Snyder, Heiss, J. Porter, (coach), Mr. Matz (coach), Mr. Cajet (coach), Sommers, Heeler, Tim JUNIOR VARSITY-First Row: Markev, Bergman, McLean, Erickson, V,».ds, Ebihara, Ashmore. Inird: Meyers, Condrm, »• Mclnlire. Owens. Klauke, Peterson, Wheeler. Second: Mr. Robert.son M( Bride, G. Ticho, B. Ticho. (coach), Mr. Matz (coach), Mr. Cajet (coach). Siegal. Guhl. Holmberg, ' den. SWIMMING 161 FRESHMAN— First Row: Thomas. Sharp, Miller. Cray. Freedman, Mur- M(is . Third: Terman. Bums. Levins. Doughty. Carter, Plonsker, Stonier, doch. Hartong, Lind, Bangs. Second: Mr. Robertson icoachl. Mr. Matz Penney, (coachi, Mr. Cajet (coach), McBride. Frank. Hawley. Kallman. Horsting. WRESTLING VARSITY AND JLM VARSITY— Firsi .: SkiUman. Fox. Brown. Smithers. Stein, h. .k. Second: Mnr Marvin. Tunscher. Aldrich. Volkmann. Poormb. ' lird: Potts. Abbe Lyons, J. Lyons, Sanden, Carey, Beebe, Kelly, Mr. Kruempelstaedter (coach). Absent: Becker (manager), Wijas. 162, - MMIM . AVRESTLING SOPHOMORE— First Row: Beebe, Michala, Potts. Klise, Piper, Dietrich. Second: Panitch, Nolan, Fritz, Colder, Sprayregen, Porter, Mr. Workman (coach). © S w ft FRESHMAN— First Row: Lundquist, Hfmien. . chmid, .Siiepherd. Matthews, (lonnoud, Hosbein, .Second: Mar ' in, Everly. Beebe, Anderson, Nixon. Kraus, Cassidy. Absent: Mr. Metzger (coach). WRESTUNG 163 WATER POLO VARSITY— First Row: Stephan, Alexander, Sternberg, Porter, Brackett, Johnson, Ruder- man. Second: Mr. Wolff (coach). Shepherd, Heeter, Holniberg, Bendix, Ashmore, Mack. JUNIOR VARSITY— First Row: Mclntyre. Peterson, .Snyder, Erikson, .Schreiber, Owen.s. Ticho. Second: Mr. Wolff ( coach 1, Arden, Ashmore, Markey, Brackett, Porter, McDivitt. Third: Cole, Ebihara. HOCKEY First Row: Nader, Cook, Brown, Kidwell. Targun, Ciilbert, Sullivan. Second: McNerney, Roeper, Volkmann, Bunting, Nixon, Meyers, Moss, Mr. Bunting (coach). Third: Keats, Modersvell, Drew, Balz. Skalla. Ifri " ATER I ' OLO HOCKEY FENCING First Row: Cleland. Bigelow, Cragg, Mazza. Tolford. White, Leverentz. Second: Smith. Comeau. Kiesler, Dan Cohen. Ellis. Bailey. VVhitford. Sontag. Third: Mr. MuUiner (coach). Kalter. Pacini. Dave Cohen, Kavanagh, VanAmerongen, Levin. Absent: R. Stensby, S. Stensbv. P ' .i f GIRLS ' BASKETBALL VARSITY— First Row: Emery, Fasano, Becker, Bryan. Wilson. Miss Ryberg (coach). Second: Miss Boyle (coach). Held. Olson, N. Rebarchak. Hopkins, Kane, M. Rebarchak, Miss Drake (trainer). JUNIOR VARSITY-FRESHMAN— First Row: Tussing, Lee, Erzinger, Helmer, Schiff- man, Keller, Dusablon. Second: Kirk (manager). Cole. Creagh. Atten. Guhl. Oberlin. Ehmann. Baxter (manager). Third: Miss Ryberg (coach). Miss Boyle, (coach), Obenchain, Lambert. Waitley. Cawley, Jacob- son, Miss Drake (trainer). FENi ING GIKl.S ' BASKETBALL 1 60 BADMINTON First Row: Lampert, Cannon, Krebs, Badger, G. Morris, Drohan, Kimura, Schmitt, Campbell. Miller, Marder, Howard, Fotopoulos, DeVryer, Miss Bhote. Second: Mundt, McGrew, McCarthy, Raggi, Davis, Harris, Held. Kennicke (coach). Absent: Meeker, Wood. Tippet, Kincaid. Third: Miss Beach (coach), J. Morris, Sethness. Kinney, GIRLS ' GYMNASTICS First Row: Ridley, Whii - ■, Baer, E. Socket. ' . ckevich. Richburg. Second: Miss Kluka (coachi ! reischmann, James thrie. Colder, Lin, Mitchell. Hayden, A. Socket, Andrews, Bono. Third: Thompson. Kindig, Norton. Schmitt. Howlett, Ryno. Absent: Addison. Aver ' , Hurd, Williams. 166,K , .MINTON GIRLS ' GYMNASTICS VOLLEYBALL VARSITY — First Row: Borelli, Miller. Marder, Drohan, Kincaid, Davis. Second: Miss Beach (coachi, Olson, Stazy, Goebel, Held, Raggi, Miss Kennicke (coach). Miss Drake (trainer). VX " ffM-i ' X V -t% tti-? Jl ' NIOR VARSITV ' — First Row: Petty, Drew, O ' Reilly, Badger, Er- Burmeister, Cole, Badger, G Morris, Kimura, Miss Drf zinger Second: Schmitt, Zuke, Gynn, Bums, Harvey, Helmer, Schiffman, Fourth: Sorey, Spiegler, Yetk.: . McKeough, Held, J. N5 ' Dusablon. Third: Miss Beach (coach), Tindall, Keller, DeVryer, .Meeker. Miss Kennicke (coach ■ .Absent: Phih t. iuier). Cinney, VOLLEYBALIV167 TRACK VARSITY— First Row: Norris. Bro, Trenholm. Welch. Second: Palmer. Barkwill, Hotiman. King , Brennan. Third: Knoop. Bodner, Lane. Mallas. Fourth: Lipe. Frederick. Waitley. Krimmer. Fifth: Sherman. Hubbard. Hamiltcm. Mr. Almaguer (coach), Bergman. Detmer. UE ia91 , FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE— First Row: Thomas, DeVries, Hubbard, Ubben. Second: Frank, Smith, Lundquist, Glaser. Sherman. Third: Nash, Bottum. Stern. Higgins. Fourth: Trausch. Gorman. Klotz. Stazy. Fifth: Nissly. Kraus. Lehman. Sixth: Jewett. Hitt, Hilton, Mohling. Seventh: Drileck. Poormen. Cousins. Collins. 168A ' R. BASEBALL AKSITV — First Kow: Drwiefja. Cook. Volkmann. Pitt. Brown, Nielsen. Mclntyn- Second: Calhoun. Keatins;. Apatot ' f, Drew. Fisher. Altlrich. Dickson. Kovacevic. Third: Treiher. Handelman. Sider. Wilder. Goss, Moore. Kliot. Askounis. Fourth: Mr. Klein (coat-hl. Mr. Helfrich (coach). SOPHOMORE— First Row: Moorman. Cur- tiss. Bradley, DiClementi. McKeone. Second: Cloud. Warner, Mais, Devroy, Jaffey. Third: Smith, Peterson, Lawler, .Shepherd, Cullen. Fourth: Treiher. Mr. .Severns (coach). Keighard. Absent: Whitchurch. tec FRESHMAN— First Row: Schaefer, Wronski. Cajet. Thigpen. Moderwell, Rodenkirk. Second: Eggert. leuter, Yelton, Camras, Fresen, Petray. Third: Tatosian (manager). Ludovice. Synek. Pfisterer. Meyers. Pierce, Peterson. Fourth: Williams, Southern, Hagberg, Higgins, Handwerker, Geocaris, Fox. Fifth: Mr. Barton (coach). Zeh. Ware. Adams. McHugh. Sheperd. Mr. Baumann (coach). BASEBALL 169 TENNIS VARSITY— First Row: Hall. McN ' erney, Baker. Wheeler. Osment. Frei. Lane. Wagner, Madden. Harris. Mr. Davis (coach). Second: Caldwell, Rissman, Kerr, Golden, Carroll, Lee. Third: Berlin. . ' Mil FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORF. rirst Row: Mark, . .r. :n. Green, Jannot- Jeff. Holland. Bates. Doughty, Harris. Mr. Kahler (coachl. Absent: David- ta. Diamond, Pearlman, Moore. - . cond: Lawson, John. Holland, Bridges, son. Hilarides, Horwitch, Weil. 17() TEN. LACROSSE ' a j: ' VARSITY — First Kow: Kdwards. Balz. Ambrose. Hussey. Stevenson. Patterson, Kubin. McTlellan. Houpt, Bunting. Clark. Limberg. Horwitz. Nykaza. Weiss. Second: Houland. .Schaff. Woods. Harrison. Federico. Allen. Cramer. Absent: Becker, Michie. Marquardt, Gilmore. Delaney, Clilbert, Mr. McFadzean (coach). Third: SOPHOMORE— First Row: Erzinger. Nixon, ORoiirke. Elwood. Albrecht, Shepherd, Bab- loik. Second: Heinen. Kiesler, Patterson. Brin- ton. Tyrell. Karniel. Third: Tuchman, Barr, VN ' illianis. Smith. DeCroak. Linden. Fourth: Harnett. MiKiernan. Xeedlman. Hauser, Lindner. Britt. Mr. Fly (coach). FRESHMAN— First Row: Nykaza, Connolly, Davis, Andre, Scoville. Second: Strandell, Foran. Gonnoud. O ' Neil, Leider. Third: Everly, Rietz, Wussler. Edelman. GregK. Fourth: Heiser, O ' Rourke, Boyd. Hansen. Hauser. Mr. Fly (coach). LACROSSE 171 GIRLS ' TRACK First Row: Aronherg, Diaz, Maine, Talbot, Parsegian. Kruempelstaedter. Slonicki, Bizzell, Amir, Cajet, McCarthy, Smith, Royce, Zuke, Lee, Nagle, Look. Second: Goodrich (manager), Cragg, Jacobson, Hjalmarson, Salvano, Wright, Miss Boyle (coach). Campbell, Chester, Boothe, Pearson, Lovely, Little (manager). Third: SOFTBALL First Row: M. Buckingham. Kimura, Porino, ( ; .1 1 Drohan, Hales, A. Helmer. Third: Miss Kluka (coach), Cole. Hanton, Morris, Fasano, Cross, Buzzard, Schmitt, Mikei on, Shine. Seconc lot, Bryan, Shaw, Buck, L. Held, Waitley, Griffith, Olson, B. Held. Absent: Shapiro. Atten, S. Buckingham, Hosbeii -Schiffman, Dusabi ■ Helmer, Harris, 172 : S ' TRACK SOFTBALL IM MARK ABBEY Student director LAURIE CRAGG Asst. student director JOAN SEFERT Secretary Julie Arthur Head of coed sports Creighton Cray Boys ' individual sports Lisa Howard Girls ' individual sports Betsy Fox Girls ' special events Gary Cole Boys ' points and awards Carrie Stazy Patricia Lambrechi Ann Becker Bruce Lawson Girls ' points and Head of publicity News letter editor Asst. to boys ' awards team sports Mary Rebarchak Asst. to girls ' team sports Bill McKinley Asst. to boys ' individual sports Jane Morris Asst. to girls ' individual sports IM 17.T g V» -A v VVSW ' v i vV N vv m% y Mftsre scHEDuuL si ClJE pd-oavs tsacheh o.u 1 -0? -C3 -OC. -07 CNGLtSH T?« 1 ' ' - L M - f M P 3 ALL D Sr ' JEWER A ALU " rMo - AIL ' ALL P A T P I I ) . •■ ■. A L I I G -ML PA f -J lr) ' ,t II Al-L J JOHNSON 32 A 345 3A(S .3? A 37 ' , ENGL 1 " H »23 -Oi J ALL C iJARO -02 1 ALL JOSKPSHERO -03 2 ALL C MAop -04 ? At. L K QA!?NF. S M iL ' Ml.. -F » ' ■ T - «IN0 •- 76-i- CDI-jC . " ' O- ' A VS TF.AC.HcR o;» 1 ENGl. IS»- 321 -0 1 l ALL -»OMASI ' . S ( -0? 7 ALL ■r ALL ' ■ ' VE T TH US) -0 3 ' . ALL c SC AM SfA Y S-Sl ii. .19 1 j:iu«nl " =;n 32 3 -0 1 10 ALL M ■ nvLE ir.? OATl TNGL ISH A2a -0 1 J ALL N FRF Y ?3 " ' -0 2 ? All N FREY 23 : -0 3 A ALL P ROVLH 23.3 -0 •• -LL ■i H(1YL5 2 3 ' . 04 i i G ' ICL I S ' i A23 K ' mmm -02 -0 3 -04 1 2 P ALL ALL ALL JOSEFSHERG K 8 A H?. S 3 4 -0 4 ■ t ALL 4 H WLF. t 1 ' 32 4 j 1 E ' JC.L IS ' 1 4?3 -03 i ALL L i EL IAS 32 ■ -0 1 1 AuL MCCLOs eY 34 H -Ofc 3 ALL MCCLOSKEY 4J ♦ -0.: ■J ALL J icnn 346 -0 4 ALL H " OREAU 360 ♦ -0 1 3 ALu A t, R ► ' ' " s 360 -OG 4 ALL c f...DTT 34 1 4- -04 3 ALL S L F N . ' V D 362 -09 5 ALL L L I AS 362 + -0 5 4 ALL 1 : - 1 . L E ' f 362 6 ALL ♦ -Ofc 5 ALL I lIJi V 233 -10 5 ALL C SCAMB3AY 360 ♦ 6 ALL 6 ALL ♦ -0 7 7 ALL S L r- N .■, V D 343 -1 1 7 ALL c 5C3TT 34 ' 3 + 6 ALL 1 - lL + -OB 7 ALl. J TOOO 34 1 -iP 7 ALL : MO EAU 347 + fl ALL H ALL + -09 9 ALL A GREEM 362 -1 3 All UNASS tGNED 235 -10 9 ALL MCCLOSICEY 345 -14 10 ALL ALl ALL :; aA9NES C ' . . ' (ii.-) ft J0Se=30ER( 324 J3B 347 ♦ -1 I 1 1 ALL J TODD .16 2 -16 1 1 0 1 1 FNGLI SH 422 -17 S 1 ALL UNASS rONEU ——————— 3n6 -0 1 1 ALL L MILLE- WiiaiDGF 362 4 36 I 034J AM ST EN 323 -01 • 9 ALL S lEGGETT -02 •10 ALL S _FGGETT 0351 EMoLfSH 322 -OJ 1 ALL UNASS IGNED -02 2 ALL M ASVOS -03 3 ALL K BARNES -04 A ALL M ASVOS -06 T All ALL B BAKER -07 3 ALL K BARNES -08 J ALL J F ARR£LL -OT ;0 Ai-L J F ARRi-LL -10 1 i ALL P TAKE- 341 341 • ■ «iaa — at -.••••• ••••••••i • -••••••••• --•••• •1-4 ' 50 326 346 343 50 347 434 434 50 347 436 360 354 5 4.a .UM -»:« o_ai — aaiaai — — aiai— — — — — aiv — — — — — — — — + 00 31 HNGL I iM 42 I ♦ -01 3 ALL M ROWAN! 364 -0 3 2 ALL AVIS PAUL -0 4 4 ALL PARTR OGE -05 7 ALL L Ml.LER B ALL -0 6 9 ALL L MIDLER -0 7 i ALL AVIS PAUL .»_o_« « «ia »ai»o»ia— 055f -0 1 HKS WLO 5 ALL ■ 6 A_L 424 MANL: ENGLISH 324 TO 3 ' S WLU 424 cu ty Above: Mr. Wedekind attests to the theory that it is better to give than to receive. Below: With looks of worry and frustration written upon their faces. Dr. Bickert and Dr. Slocum try to draw up a solution to the problems facing the Board of education. (Padgitt, Woods) Mr. iVIurphy acutely constructs ' metry problem. (Mengel) ULTY iPii A brick wall would be better, but for study hall a briefcase must s ' ufTice for Mr. Burnside. (Doughty) Making the grade WITH 1493 BUTTONS decorating the lapels of faculty, students, administrators, and community members, the entire New Trier district bonded together to fight Gover- nor Walker ' s veto of SB 1493. The efforts of the lobbyists failed to eliminate the tax rollback that caused such severe damage to the school. Working without a contract, paid by last year ' s salary scale, and enduring long, drawn out negotiations, the faculty faced one of its most frustrating years. As if the contract dispute weren ' t enough, teachers found themselves with overloaded advisories, study halls, and classes, creating pressure and frustration for both students and faculty. New Trier regretted the retirement of facultv members Mr. David Gustafson, director of Operating services; Mr. Philip McDowell, teacher of German; and Mrs. Geraldine Clader, teacher of English. FACULTY 177 Administration MR. RALPH G. MC GEE DR. ROBERT W. JEWELL Principal Administrative superintendent P DR. RODERICK N. BICKERT Superintendent |E - 1 L ' f 3j MR. KENNETH L. MR. ERWIN A. MRS. MARY IDA MR. DAVID W. GUSTAFSON WELLINGTON WEINGARTNER MCGUIRE Director Operating services Dean of students Director Student services Director Instructional services BOARD OF EDUCATION— Fir8t Row: Mrs. Edward S. Hoffman, Mr. Peter N. Todhunter (president), Mrs. Hulburd Wampler. Second: Mr. Richard H. Rosenberg, Mr. O. William Neebe, Mr. Joseph W. Hirschhom. Absent: Mr. David O. Crow. (Vestiges photo by Jim Jarrow) 17 JMINISrRATION Administrative staff (;eorge r. babigian Oir. Administrative services ERNEST F. GIARELLI Dir. Facility services EDWARD R. DEVINE Dir. Operating research and development THOMAS W. TIMMIS Dir. Personnel services RICHARD A. DIENHART Production coordinator ITV JACK B. SPATAFORA Director ITV ROBERT T. GOBER Attendance officer MRS. MARY L. GLEASON Bookstore supervisor ROBERT LARSEN Procurement and transportation services MRS. CHARLOTTE ROBLING Dir. Information services MISS LOnSE HOLZINGER Registrar ROBERT L. PRLITT Cafeteria manager DR. MARTHA JO MATHEWS Chairman Guidance sers ' ices WILLARD G. RL " DIGER Career guidance CHARLES A. KLINGSPORN Manager Computer services FLOYD B. HILLMAN Career guidance MRS. SUE J. LENARD Senior girls ' adviser chairman HAROLD R. SEVERN ' S Senior boys ' adviser chairman MISS DL NE L. STOEWER Junior girls ' adviser chairman ROBERT L. GOLXD Junior boys ' adviser chairman MISS JEAN P. KIXMILLER Sophomore girls ' adviser chairman WESLEY A. BAUMANN Sophomore boys ' adviser chairman MRS. VIRGINIA E. JOBST Freshman girls ' adviser chairman LAWRENCE C. IRWIN Freshman boys ' adviser chairman WTLLLAM J. BOYD Dir. Evening school ADMINIS7 R.- TIVE STAFF 179 Department heads RICHARD J. BALDRINI Boys ' physical education JAMES A. BELLANCA Center CLINTON E. CARLSTROM Technical arts JOHN H. MULLINER Reading LEO H. NELMAX Driver education DR. WILLIAM J. PETERMAN Music Speech, Drama MRS. PEGGY W. PINK English MRS. BETTY G. QUICK Home economics MRS. ELAINE G. ROTH Library MISS GERALDINE RYBERG Girls ' physical education MRS. GENEVIEVE SAVAGE Health services HERMAN SCHILLEREFF Director of Athletics JOHN R. THOMSON Classics 180 .. PARTMENT HEADS Faculty MRS. JANE B. ANDERSON Classics MRS. RITA D. ANSON Music MRS. FRANCES B. APATOFF Instructional assistant ROBERT S. APPLEBAUM Science MRS .IF.ANNE W. ARNOFF Social studies MRS MARIA B. ASVOS Ent;li h MRS. RHEA K. ATKINS Assistant. Personnel services DAVID A. BACHMANN Music MRS BF:VERLY G. BAKER English MRS. JUDITH L. BAKER Business office MRS LILLIAN BOGSTRAND Parapnifessional MRS. JANET H. BOR-JA Modern languages MRS. NAOMA W. BOSSHART English ROBERT F. BOSSHART Mathematics MISS JACQUELINE E. BOYLE Girls ' physical education ROBERT R. BOYLE English MRS. JUDITH G BRINTON English ALAN A. BRIX Science MRS CARYL S BRIX Science MISS RUTH M. BULLOCK Library MRS. ESTHER BURNS Social studies PETER W. BURNSIDE Boys ' physical educatiuv. ARNOLD CAJET Driver eci ition MRS. S ' lA D. C Modern guages MRS. Si AN P. C " .1 Social studies FACULTV I81 MRS. BEVERLY CARLSTROM Office staff ALBERT S. CARPENTER Special education MISS GLORIA C. CASELLA Art MRS. LOIS F. CHRISTIAN Library MRS. ELIZABETH CHRISTOPH ITV office manager WALTER .J. CHRUSCINSKI Art EUGENE W. CICHOVVSKI Boys ' physical education MRS. GERALDINE B. CLADER English GARY E. CLARK Boys ' physical education MRS. BOBBIE H. CLEGG Girls ' physical education MISS PHYLLIS M. CLENDENING Music MRS. LUDMILLA R. COVEN Special education RICHARD P. COXON Technical arts MRS. BETTY L. CREEK Assistant. Information services MRS. MARGARET J. CRUMP Instructional assistant MISS LAURA M. DANIELS Center MRS. BARBARA B. DAVIS Modern languages W. HUGHES DAVIS Social studies MISS MARY T. DEIGNAN Special education GERALD M. DENK Boys ' physical education MRS. DOROTHY N. DERRY Social studies MISS MARILYN J. DOMEK Modern languages ANTHONY DOMENICK Paraprofessional MISS M. EVELYN DONNELL Mathematics MISS MARTHA L. DRAKE Girls ' physical education jit - s MRS. BARBARA M. DROHAN Business office MRS LORRAINE M. DULIN Modern languages MRS. JAN EASTMAN Office staff MISS BARBARA D. ELBLE Mathematics EDWARD P. ELLIOTT Social studies ROBERT A. ENKEY Art MRS. MIGNON F. ESAREY Office staff MELVIN E. EVERLY Science JAMES A. FARRELL English MRS. CHRISTINE S. FASSNACHT Girls ' physical education :. L L Ar CLARENCE H. FELDBUSCH Supervisor Facility services WILLIAM N FELT An MRS. .JEANNE M. FERCUSON Olfice staff MRS. KATHRYN H FITZ(;iBBONS Social studies MRS. ROSE M. FLEMINC; Office staff MRS. SUANNE GERSON Office staff MRS. CAROL B. GILL Theater production FRANKLIN I. GILL Theater production MRS. FRANCES S. GOETTLER Office staff MRS BARBARA J. GOLDBERG Art MRS. SHIRLEY GOLDSMITH Speech therap MRS. ALICE L. GREEN English WILLIAM P. GRE(;ORY Center DEAN D. HALL Social studies STEPHEN C. HAM Classics MRS. SUE M. HARVEY Special education MRS. RANA V. H.ATTON Science GENE HELFRICH Mathematics MRS. MARY .JO HERZOG Girls ' physical education MRS. ALISON HILSABECK Office staff -JOSEPH C. HUERTER Boys ' physical education MRS. -JOAN S. ISMOND Office staff -JOHN A. -JACOBSON Technical arts MRS. LILLY P. JACOB. Office staff MS. JULIF W. JOHN English DR. ANC S J. .JOH ' Social sti. es FACULTY 183 MRS. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Library BERNARD JOSEFSBERG English EDWARD W. KAHLER Modern languages MRS. LAURA S. KATZ Library AV MISS ELAINE M. KEHM Mathematics MRS. BARBARA M. KELLY Social studies MRS. HELEN L. KELLY Modern languages MRS. MARILYN V. KEMP English MISS LEOLA J. KENNICKE Girls ' physical education MRS. JOAN C. KILIANY Guidance JOHN N. KING Business educa ' ion PETER V. KINGSBIKY MISS NANCY KIRCHHEIMER Special education RONALD T. KLEIN Boys ' physical education 18 CULTY MRS. WENDY K. KLEIN Social studies MISS DARLENE A. KLUKA Girls ' physical education MRS. BIANCA KOHLENBRENNER Social studies WILLIAM J. KOSER Special education MRS. LINDA J. KRIVKOVICH Girls ' physical education EUGENE A. KROSCHEL School work JAMES KRUEMPELSTAEDTER Driver education MRS. LOLA H. KURLAND Office staff JAMES H. LABADIE Modern languages MRS. DEANNA LAZAR Office staff ZACHARY D. LAZAR Science ROBERT C. LEAHY ' Mathematics RAYMOND J. LEDINSKY Modem languages MRS. JANETTE Y. LEE Health services MRS. SUSANNE J. LEGGF English MRS. F ELYN E. LE ' IL Super. T Evening s - •■. e MRS. i HORA J. L ' Special education (Rohhina) FACULTY 185 MICHAEL T. MANLEY English R. ERNEST MANSFIELD Music MRS. BLOSSOM A. MARMEL Social studies ERIC K. MATZ Science MRS. MARGERY MAUCK School social work ROY R. MAY Boys ' physical education CRAIG S. MC CARTNEY ITV JOSEPH W. MC CLOSKEY English PHILIP J. MC CREA Science PHILIP W. MC DOWELL Modern languages JAMES C. MC FADZEAN Boys ' physical education MRS. MARY MC FADZEAN Office staff MISS JOYCE A. MC NAUGHTON Girls ' physical education MRS. SUSAN M. MEALY Mathematics GEORGE A. MILAUSKAS Mathematics MRS. JOANNE B. MILES Modern languages MRS. JUDITH R. MILLENSON School social work MRS. BEVERLY C. MILLER Center LLOYD O. MILLER English MISS MARIBETH MILNER Science CHARLES W. MITCHELL Mathematics MRS. LOUISE P. MORE Special education MRS. ROSE K. MOREAU English LEONARD R. MOREY Modern languages MISS HELEN N. MORROW Social studies MRS. CATHERINE N. ' RO English MRS. SALLY B. NEARY Office staff EDWARD W. NICHOLSON Speech. Drama MISS IRENE C. NIEBAUER Art MISS JUDITH S. NORDBLOM Social studies MRS. CYNTHIA G. NOWIK Business education MISS MINDY NUSINOW Home economics MRS. LOUISE O ' CONNELL Office staff RICHARD J. OLDERMAN Photography RALPH OLIVA Mathematics 186 , LTY LYNN R. OSBORN Technical arts MRS. JANE S. PARTRIDGE English MRS. ARLINE R. PAUL Center MRS. AVIS B. PALL English MRS DOROTHY L. PAILICK Mathematics KENNETH G. PERREAULT Technical arts MISS DONNA L. PETERSON Modem languages MRS. PAULA J. POYSER Home economics CHARLES E. PROVOW Science MRS. ISMENE RANGAVES Modern languages JOHN H. RAY JR. Mathematics MRS. LINDA P. RELIAS English RICHARD A. RHOAD Mathematic- DAVID H. ROBERTSON Boys ' physical education CHARLES F. ROCKEY Science .MRS. MARY B. RODEN English MRS. ARDYS A. ROEPKE Office staff MRS. MARGARET VV. ROMANI EnglLsh MISS MARGERY RORK Classics MRS. PATRICIA W. ROSS Mathematics MISS DL NE M. ROTONDO Music PABLO RUBIN DE CELIS Para professional ROLAND V. RLDE Speech. Drama MRS. HELEN W. RYON Girls ' physical education MRS. CAROLE D. SCAMBRAY English EARL S. SCHABEL Boys ' physical education ANTHONY D. SCHINTO Boys ' physical education JOHN A. SCHNEITER Driver education MARTIN A. SCHNIPPER English MRS. LAUFIA W. SCHULTZ Ofrice staff CHARLES E. SCHULZ Mathematics MRS. ROSE SCHWAB Office staft MISS Ci; DEE R. SCO- English MRS. JOANNE H. SH .■ . J Para professional .MRS. DI VsE SMITH Office slu: FACULTY 187 ROBERT K. STEVENS Music MITCHELL G. STEWART Driver education WILLIAM P. STEWART Social studies MRS. BARBARA L. STONE School social work JOEL B. STREIGHTIFF Music THOMAS E. SWARSEN Science MISS CAROLYN J. SWEERS Social studies MRS. JLIDITH B. TATAR Special education MRS. GILLIAN H. THOMSEN Science MRS. JUNE TODD English (Woods) 188 ; ULTY MRS. VIVIAN E. TURCOT Special education RONALD A. TYNER Science MRS. LOUISE O. UNDERWOOD English MISS NANCY A. VEITH English MRS. GRETA M. VINCENT Office staff DAVID H. WALDSCHMIDT Social studies MRS. KATHERINE B. W. LSH English LUCIUS E. WARD Operating services ROBERT R. WARr Mhi h( matics MISS BRENDA h " VNE Business educatif FACULTY 189 RONALD T. WEDEKIND Mathematics MRS. KAROLYN K. WEED Library MRS. LOUISE R. WEISS Business education ROBERT M. WHIPPLE Mathematics MRS. SANDRA E. WHIPPLE Mathematics JON C. WHITE Social studies M. WAYNE WIEMER Driver education MRS, HELENE W. WIGGINS Office staff JAMES J. WOLF School social work WILLIAM R. WOLFF Boys ' physical education MISS PAMELA D. WOOD Center J. CLARK WORKMAN Technical arts MRS. MARTHA JANE WRIGHT Modem languages MISS JOAN L. ZUCKERM. N Operations coordinator li ' . (Koppel) ' LTY FACULTY COUNCIL-First Row: Miss Stoewer. Miss Donnell, Mrs. Christian, Mr. Hiisabecl , Miss Peterson. Mrs. Moreau. Se- cond: Mr. Wiemer, Mr. Rhode, Mr. Garden, Mr. Frey, Miss Kehm, Mr. Chruscinslti, Mr. Goodrich. Third: Mr. Leverentz, Mr. O ' Hare, Mr. Bangser, Mr. Burnside, Mr. McClain, Mr. McGee. ' W ttef ig HiT H H (Ostergaard) FACULTY 191 ■ ) 1 1 t 1 I 1 i i 1 1 • " " N 1 9 1 - j f i 1 Under- classmer ELISE TAYLOR President JOHN SELVAGGIO Vice-president LORI MATHEWSON Secretary MARK TRACY Treasurer JUNIORS CHANGE FROM the patterns of previous years is dif- ficult and discouraging, if not impossible. With two years behind them, many juniors decided that New Trier and the New Trier experience held little for them, and consequently Steering committee was faced with the problem of finding the participation and enthusiasm to make its projects successful. They settled down to work, however, and their initial determination snowballed as more and more juniors became involved. Successful sales of candy and other fund raisers meant money for needed equipment at Henroten hospital, the Junior class beneficiary. These efforts, along with a successful prom, turnabout and revitalized East-West dance, capped off the year with a sense of fulfillment as juniors found the momentum to carry them through New Trier next vear. MRS. ASVOS First Row: Taylor, Dickson, Hannon, Mahoney, Carey. MacGregor, Deutsch. Second: Allans, Baekgaard, Wilson, Bryan, Block, Eckersberg, Sayre, Mrs. Asvos. Third: Kinney. Rutz, Peterson, Schnake, Nixon, Rosenberg. Neylan, Morris. Fourth: Fiegan, Schlumpf, Weil, Gottlieb. Olson. Freyer. Weiler, Sontag. Absent: Bokhof, Brandt, Briganti. MRS. BAKER First Row: Addis. Pfann. HeaU ' . " - chwartz. Maatman, Meltzer. Second: Fotop- . Beck, Mclnnis Maher, Hill, Mazza, N: ' aker. Third: Nelson. Benvenuto, W, Tel, Polydons Schaffer. Freeman, Ba! n. Fourth: - ,ik. Little, Strauch, Auer !- Gilmore, ' ■ :n. Absent: Castelnuovo, ford. Mont? NIORS MR. BAKER First Row: Dewey, Findlay, Fnssler. O ' Neil, Dicesare. Pates. Second: Becker, O ' Keeffe, Gro.s.sweiner, Hamilton, Aspinall, Welch, Hoff- man. Third: Tracy, Bettis, Schwiebert. Bloom, Frederick. Pechtl. Krull, Mr. Baker. Fourth: Radnor, Baker, Martin, Best, Walk, Cousins, Aldrich, Stinneford. Absent: Obenchain. Ryan. MR. BARTON First Row: Barton. Arden. Bernick, Cassin, Carlson, Rundell. Second: Field. Handelman. Owens. Cohen. Morris. Bussell. M r. Barton. Third: Eisen. Goldstein, Grossman, Dalkin, Worthington, Mrkonich. Sullivan. Fourth: Zuraw. Dill. Clark. Schreiber. Lathrop. VanCleave. Klee. Solomon. Absent: Chapman. McCallum, McDermott. Neidig, Radcliffe. MR. BALMANN First Row: Phillips. Willian. Staessens. Harnar. Hill Second: Gajewski. Robinson. Gordon. Kelly. Sullivan, Hargett. Wheeler. Mr. Baumann. Third: Fishbein. Deppen. Weber. White. Lardner. Gross. O ' Brien Fourth: O ' Shaughnessy. Baldovin. Murphy. Mahowald. •Jahant. Setear. Snyder. Haser. Absent: Berns- tein. Dearborn. Mclntire. MR. BOSSHART First Row: Lilienhcim. Campbell. Harris Perry. Hussey Second: Hartong. Randle Memmer. Stearns. Hoskins, Peterson. ' r Bosshart. Third: Karas. Cole. Brown. Fn ■ " an Tatooles. Gotoft. Shehan. Four!! ' Wl McKeone. Tyrrell. Ruffin. HigKit -ore Poirier. Swanson .Absent: Bald. ' . Juan Gaiiiier. Neil. Santostefano. Trcp ' MR. CAJET PMrst Row: O ' Neil, McManus, Levin, ' anDeveld. Second: Salvano, Tinkle, Camis, Blackwell, Greeson, Mr. Cajet. Third: Knowitim, Philpot, Marvin, Ahern, Sollitt , West. Fourth: Moore, Targun, Bergman, Preston, Browne, Horwitz. Absent: Cloch, Fasano, HoUeran, Lyon, McCarthy, O ' Dwyer. MRS. GOLDSMITH First Row: Tung, Hennessy, Moore, Hahn, Moy. Second: Gressen, Rosenthal, Flanagan, Bellamy, Cohrs, VerBryck, Mrs. Goldsmith. Third: Huck, Sullivan, Addison, Epler. Olson, Pasek. Fourth: Craven, .Stensby, Schwimmer, Weed, Clayton, Edwards, Shaffer. Absent: Clark, Lev, Migely, Pope, Sobat, Swoiskin. MR. HALL First Row: Archie, Smart, Wagner, Kirk, Jewell, Wippman. Second: Marquardt, Bergman, Nelson, Rudnick, Brigham, Gregory, Ball, Mr. Hall. Third: Campbell, Robertson, Becker, DesReMaux, Mercier, Tompkins, Glass, Murphy. Fourth: Kovacevic, Getschow, Ostergaard, LaFaire, Ashmore, Rodenkirk, Goss, Greve. Absent: Sondheimer, Williams. MR. HILSABECK First Row: Schrage, Rogers, McNultv k, Simpson, Trotter. Second: Morand, Soi Pagano, Alii Kuecker, McCormick, ( Mr. Hilsabe. : Third: Paolella, Mu Wassmann, V I ' sh, Nauman, Kuenzel, Rt Fourth: Jaeschi Webster, Burkhardt, Bishi , White, Lahey. " labrook, James. Absent Cutler, Jones, Miuci. (ORS MISS KENNICKE First Row: Meyer, Sigel, Wahiund, Hutchin- s(in, Maine, Weaver. Second: I ' sher, Lam- brechl. Hihbard, Reed. Ander.son. Smith, Bax- ter, Miss Kennicke. Third: Hardin, Smith, Gotaas, Fox, Setten, Tilley, Hoffman. Fourth: .Anderson, McCabe, McEachron, Dowd, Brandlein, Henderson, Riiss, Needier. Absent: Bernier, Held, Robbins. Rogers. Swan. |w i l Wk t ff ' ' -y - B ' T l MRS. KLEIN First Row: Lewis, Beck, .■ lvarez. Planer. Nevin. Second: Winberg. .Sefert, .Sutherland, Kramer, Duffy, Mrs. Klein. Third: C.raham, Martin, Koch, Zeddies, Chapman, Moloney, Fourth: Gould, Frugoli, White, Urban, Swenson, Traut- man. Mead, Absent: Belskis, Erie, Evans. Kadlec. Kokes. MR. KRUEMPELSTAEDTER First Row: Curtis. Schiele. Davis. Prevo. Krimmer. Nevins. Second: Pendry. Smith. Boothe, Johnson. Greene. Ewing. Schwartz, Mr. Kruempelstaedter. Third: Lowndes, Stuhr, Masterson, Favorite, Sensibar, Gescheidle, Diaz, Fourth: Gunn, Ruffin, Cornell, McCor- mick, Poorman, Stephan, Grutz. Absent: Cassidy, Circle. Englehardt, Selvaggio. MR. LABADIE First Row: Schopen. Klein. Brown, Reese, Hutter. Pettit. Second: Winter, LaPat, Patter- son. Lane. Aimen. Romanek. Mr. Labadie. Third: Breitenbach. Nejedly, Wilder. Schmidt, Gordon. Copp, Hanney. Fourth: Shciton, Medina, Freed, Legg. Mcln ' yre, Riemenschneider Pacini. Absen! ' ' ones, LaGue. Ludovice. JUNIORS 197 MR. LINDLEY First Row: Collins, Seabury. Treiber, Webb, Jauss, Mr. Lindley. Second: Meadows, MacGillivray, Walsh, McHugh, Clay. Karr. Third: Foran. Peara. Osment, Carney. Schoof, Mack, Bowlby. Fourth: .Sandlin, Duff. Gordon, Jaeschke, Youngdahl, Remlinger, Stein. Ab- sent: Kriesant, Pesch. MR. METZGER First Row: Bischoff, Green, Smithers, McEvers, Hubert. Hirschhorn. Second: SoUitt, Paul. Hirsh, Farout, Kioutas, Sokol, Diebel. Third: Hindsley, Heuer. Weatherley, Black, Wittebort, Peterson, Tillman. Fourth: Hum. Tomlin, Randolph, Lincoln, Wall, .Schacherer, Budwig, Leonard. Absent: Chanen, Foukal, Ortegal, Mr. Metzger. MRS, MILLENSON First Row: Doyle, Neumann, Singleton, King, Ramsay, .Vlinogue, Schnelle. Second: Crawford, Higgins, Donlon. Pryor. Hammerman, Wiese. Black, Mrs. Millenson. Third: Hagy. Hahn, Karmin, Sherman, Lang, Temmerman, Smola, Low Fourth: Kuipers, Stazy, Regnell, Moor- man. Vanatta, Bnwness, Lau, Carmell, -Jones. Absent: Wright. MRS, MOREAU First Row: Breen, Verges, V ' itale, Thorsen, Harden, Myers. O ' Brien. Second: Levine, Burns, O ' Reilly, Hewett. Richburg, Aronberg, Lancey, Mrs. Moreau. Third: Woolard. Lampert, Gonnoud. Wirtz. Hall. Atkinson, Maloney, Edwards. Fourth: Fry. O ' Donnell, Gremion, Trausch. Saunders. Tippens, Shapiro, Olsen, Hardee. Absent: Feltes. 198 .J lORS MR. O ' HARE First Row: Lyon, Dickson, Snell, Page. Second: Weber, Soren. R. Stein, Wagner, Tobin, DiClementi, Mr. O ' Hare. Third: Higgins, Askounis, Hartel, McLeese, Lynnes, Clark, Mcllwee. Fourth: Moloney, Kelley, Weston, M. Stein, Egnor, Cardinal, Howland. Absent: Lavelle, Nielson. MRS. PARTRIDGE First Row: Winkler. Schwartz, Scoville, Doblin, Tschudy. McDonough, Kallerud. Second: Rowe, Vitale, Buntain, Herlocker, Pfutzenreuter. Regan, Brand. Third: Koelle, Cleaver. McClain. Kelly. Weston, Crump. .Suker. Baumgart. Mrs. Partridge. Fourth: Borden. Weldon. Ellis. .Slonicki, Mary Kane. Wagener, Hobler. Riggio, Madeleine Kane. Ab- sent: Hofstetter. Kidwell, Spellman. MRS. PAUL First Row: Varley, Eisenberg, Powell. Franche. Berggren. Second: Sale, Martin, Friedman, Brown, Piatt, Fleming, Mrs. Paul. Third: Cohen. Ezdinli, Pattison, McLaury. Peters, Reid, Clapp. Fourth: Schnake. Gottlieb, Spiegler. Bartholomay. Selig. Whelan, Wolff. Absent: Baker. Ducey. .Joni Rosenbloom, Julie Rosenbloom. MRS. RELIAS First Row: ' rindall. -Jiganti. Savitt. de Carlo, Kepler Second: Stoerker, Hoffman, Claffey, Shaw, Warren. O ' Mara. Mrs Relias. Third: MiShane. Roberts, Lowndes, Oberlin, O ' Malley, Holdford, Fourth: Straub, Tremayne. King. Amir-Fazli. Dhein. Chiado. Missimer. Absent: Black. Bulkin. Emery. Mallace. Perry. Raffo. Regan. Yunker •U ' NIORS 199 MR. SCHINTO First Row: Krygsman, Selby, Nelson, Milford, Lee. Second: Erickson, Hess, Prouty, Lacey, Reyncilds, Hynes, Mr. Schinto. Third: Steffens, .S. Allen, Clark, Green, Rcithrock, C. Allen. Fourth: Ryan, Bunting, Lipe, McCandlish, Kopp, Goese, Rutledge. Absent: Bellack, Farnham, Mahon, Meyers, Yohe. MRS. SCOBIE First Row: Muente, Holmes, .Steffen, Nicholis, Suslick, Clutter, Lasky. Second: Skaja, Scholar, Spies, Cazel, Spitek, Abramson, Hinshaw, Mrs. Scobie. Third: Moore, Chakiris, Gellersted, Rossi, Mayer. Fox, Leahy, Newman. Fourth: Bizzel, L. Davis. Schoof, Smith, Higgins, Mc- Carthy, H. Davis, McMahon. MR. STEVENS First Row: O ' Connell, Rees, Moran, Blanchard, Conant, Lazar, Brown. Second: Hassenauer, Cohen, Balz, Maloney, Merens, Thomashow, Mr. Stevens. Third: Sampson, Gilmore. McClellan, Goldblatt, Guidarelli, Twilling. Allen, Posner. Fourth: Norris, Smith, Boudart, McNerney, Kelly, St. Clair, Chapman. Absent: Hall, Jonscher. MISS STOEWER First Row: Haas, Turley, Adams, Miller, Lesli e, Dugan. Second: Girardi, Castino, Sivright, Zipperman, Meyer, Graver, Franchini, Miss Stoewer. Third: Swihart, Gately, Clark, Conn, Baran, Winternitz, Wilson, Lee. Fourth: Baron, Wiele, Fawcett, Ahlem, Buck. Alexander, Cajet, Jacobson. 200 .) ORS MR. SWARSEN First Row: Lyons. Drew. Skloot. Stevenson Madden. Marguerite. Second: Nykaza. Am hrose. Heiss, .Jacobs. Peterson. Moderwell Wagner. Witt. Third: Ciilbert, Cain. Lieberman MacDonald. Bloss, Federico. Schat ' f. Mr .• warsen. Fourth: Mack. Schmitt, Chiappe Morgan, Tipping, Houpt, Bowen, Weiss. Ab sent: Branskv. MRS. UNDERWOOD First Row: Mathewson. Cole, Allen, Rupp, Rubens, Copp, Rielly. Second: Arthur, DiClementi, Young, Meeker, Morris, Johnson, Cooper, Mrs. Underwood. Third: Slattery, Lit- tle. Gibson, Galbraith, Simon, Tippet, Clayton, Rutherford. Fourth: Kendall, Bendix, Stensby, Petrie, Scott, Frei, Gion, Stiffler. Absent: Brown. Grace. Nissly, Tavlor. MISS VEITH First Row: Beinlich. Walters, Drohan. Voss, Fegers. Second: Tittle, O ' Connor, Klauke, Dahl, Kelly, Morris, .Armstrong. Third: Zachary,, Carpenter, Bellamy, O ' Kelley, Louis, Aagaard, Miss V ' eith. Fourth: Later. Riff. Wilson, Sorey, O ' Brien, Dunn, Packler. Absent: Kemmerer, Pearl, Stern. MR. WHITE First Row: Kiseng. Seccombe. Binder. Ebihara. Bhote. Second: Ticho. Riise, Wilson. Huppert, Carew, Mirot, Mr. White. Third: Weisbacher, Sewell. Williams, Cramer. Hepler. Horn. Hj- almarson. Fourth: Gilbert. McCann. Towne, Wyse, Bodner, V ' anArsdale. Hubbard. Absent: Hall. McRae, Scholomite. JUNIORS 201 STEERING COMMITTEES JUNIOR First Row: Mathewson, Taylor, Tracy, Selvaggio. Second: Tippet, Heald. Beck, Han- son, Fotopoulos, Freyer, Karmin, Dugan. Third: Miss Stoewer, Carmell, Hobler, Craven, O ' Brien. White. Hirschhorn. Schrage, Lam- brecht. Martin, Sefert, Glass, Epler, Stem, Treiber. Fourth: Brand, Lampert. Doblin, Gottlieb, Nixon, Tippens, Missimer, Baxter, Kelly, Harris, Witt, Mr. Gould. Fifth: Blackwell, Cousins, Smart, Dhein, Peara, McCarthy, Phillips, Aimen, Carlson, Kubert, Philpot, Copp, Soren, Milford. Sixth: James, Hirsh, Stuhr, Marquardt. McXerny, Ambrose, Diaz. Hartong. Clark. Absent: Clark, Franchini, Frederick, Gately, Moore, Norris, Rielly, Sale, Ticho, Walsh. SOPHOMORE First Row: Cohen, Klein. McCarren, Goese, Burmeister, Braudo. Second: Stein, Holland, Messar. Pantone. Third: Karmel, Acri, Sprayregen. Roberts, Harris. Buntain. Fourth: Miss KixMiller, Ehmann. Prey. Sharfstein, Cook, Fisch, Lane, McShane, Mr. Baumann. Fifth: Boaz, Volkmann. Absent: Comeau, Holmberg, Hopkins, Ley. Nordmark, Perry, Shang, Weed, Wright. FRESHMAN Officers: LTiben, Slavens, Beskin, Neuhaus. 202 i BRING GOMMrrrEES SOPHOMORES JEFF HOLLAND President UKNISE STEIN Vice-president JUDY PANTONE Secretary SPIRIT WAS THE CRY of the Sophomore class as they crowded themselves into the stands at all the school sporting events to cheer the New Trier teams on. An unusually lively class, the sophomores poured enthusiasm into everything they did. Spurred on by class President Jeff Holland, their efforts in a car wash, a special movie presentation to com- memorate the Bicentennial, and a clothing drive to benefit needy families, were rewarded with success. Their vivacity carried over to their sponsorship of a party for new sophomore students, and an all school party with five bands. No longer daunted by New Trier, the sophomores forged ahead and left their mark on the school. ANN MESSER Treasurer MISS BEACH First Row: Lieberman, Howard, DeGross, Steagall, Goldberg. Second: Griffith, Malone, McCoskrie. Hart. Buzzard, Herbon. Third: Mclntyre. Buntain, Veit. Kruempelstaedter, Conran, DesRemaux, Olson, Miss Beach. Fourth: Askonas. Mundt, Rippel, Dowen, McCarty, Berquam, Wood. Absent: Barber, Cutler, Luecker, Van Dyke, Wyse. SOPHOMORES 203 MRS. BURNS First Row: Greenberg. Witcoff. Hellman, Rado. Ball, Crown. Second: Campbell. Andrews, Madden. -James. Perry. O ' Neil. Mrs. Burns. Third: S. Taylor, Stein. .Sosewitz, Callaway, Cam. Pope, Temmerman. Fourth: Rebarchak, Herlocker, Higgins. Hector, Lambert. Greer, Holloway. Absent: T. Taylor. Zehner. MR. CARPENTER First Row: Hoffman, Hohengarten. Karmel. Bone. Schennum. Witt. Second: Karouzos, Lewis. Rankin. Heinzen. Petersen. Peara. Third: Cox. Preiser. Pettersen. Bianucci, Templeton, Southall, Nejedley. Mr. Carpenter. Fourth: Dunlap. Jackson. Abbey. Stevenson, Zuke. Woolson, Townsley, Matthews. Absent: Boaz, Norman. MR. DAVIS First Row: Fritz, Henzlik, Keefe. Ait ken. Voss, Mr. Davis. Second: Waldstein. Parmer, Newhall. Blodgett, Bradley, Blanchard, Pear- son. Third: Rapoza. .Shepherd. Spring. Mc- Bride. Kerzee. .Jones. Wang. Etheridge. Fourth: Jonscher, Waring. Ryan, O ' Connor, Mecartney, Comeau. Babb. Aspinall. Absent: Hoffman. O ' Dea. MR. DENK First Row: Schroeder, Williams, Lin, Bockley, Taibot. Peterson. Second: Albr Chaloner. Murphy. Cohen. Erzinger. Bar DeCroocq. Mr Denk. Third: Bergm. Koushanpour. Ellis. Reighard. McLeo, Southern, Bischuff, Berggren. Fourth: Elliott Kiesler, Driscoll . ' olkmann, Kursch ner, Cur- tiss, Brennan, V. nods. Absent: Bergman, Colder. MOM RES MISS DOMEK First Row: Schneider, doldeen, Callaghan. V. Mack, Calhoun. Second: Porino, S. Mack, Thomashow. Cook, Deasy, VanDuzer. Third: Butz, McMurray, Wesner, Sethness, Deutsch, Thompson, PhilHps. Fourth: Boynton, Schmid, Perrelia. Cierrard, Hopkins, Frat;assi, Paniotte, Miss Domek. Absent: Harris, Heiser. MISS ELBLE First Row: Boshes, George, Skehen, Weed, Kin- dig. Second: Strauch, Garrison, Reynolds, Chien, Johnson, Gordon, Miss Elble. Third: Kowalsky, Prindiville, Dempsey, Fajer, Burmeister, Whitehand, Salvano. Fourth: Obenchain, McCoy, Cawley, Hively, Tallant, Tindall, Moore. Absent: Dusablon, Mannix, Schwinn. MR. GAHALA First Row: Townsend, O ' Keefe, Trenholm, Isaacs, Meyers, Royce, Keefe. Second: McLean, Ernst, Raucci, Burrill, Callis, Bryan, Graller, Mr. Gahala. Third: Krethchmer, Cray, Smith, Bridges, Braden. Condrin, Carstens, Sharfstein. Fourth: Moore, Siegal, Challinor, Wiley, Nold, Woodall, Kirby, Bloomfield. MR. HELFRICH First Row: Fern. Rem pert, Raymond, Jones, Keller, Nystrom. Sk. hiian. Second: Shibata, Howell, Poklop, Cuhin, Jackman, Fox, Markey, Mr Helfrich. Third: Patterson, Brinton. ' .mk, Pyskacek, Andler Norcross, Erickso ' lach. Fourth: Karagari ' Burchard, Mc ;per, Sherhe. ' d, Belgar ' . Parhan, Jewe ' ent: Bat mo. OPHOMORES 205 DR. JOHNSTON First Row: Sbrocco, Roberts. Gedo, Termyn, Wahlgren, Metzger, Cahn. Second: Haggerty, Wallace, Weber, Dickey, Ashmore, Newcombe, Landner, Berkman, Dr. Johnston. Third: O ' Rourke, Matthews, Fabry, Smith, Cutler, Pickard, Deforest, Shaver. Fourth: Donahoe, Surman, Foran, Thorne, Tomlin, Wilson, White, Mintz, Shapiro. Absent: Ruffin. MISS KEHM First Row: Hohengarten, Alonzi, Johnson, Walters, DiCesare, Bovaird, Moy. Second: Greve, Noyes, Stern, Allen, Stevenson, Huber, Gautier, Atten. Third: Hastey, Colman, Parsegian, Laughlin, Ambrose, Richman, Feld- man, Creagh, Miss Kehm. Fourth: Cook, Frommeyer, Gorman, Thomas, Frey, Elbert, Neary, Guthrie, Sides. MRS. KELLY First Row: Ryno, Swanson, Holland, Mc- Carren, Freeman, Miller. Second: Whitman, Foukal, Pok, Mcintosh, McClain, Marran, Petrillo. Third: Johnson, Niebank, Boyd, Staf- ford, Buerger, Rutherford, Spring, Mrs. Kelly. Fourth: Crandell, Myers, Wengler, Wyco, Coyle, Gignilliat, Kirk, Cervantes. MRS. KEMP First Row: Appel, McClain, Howell, Pearson, E. Smith, K. Smith. Second: Ellis, Kravits, Hayden, Socket, Waite, Jaffee, Mrs. Kemp. Third: Horsting, Beaman, Clark, Armstrong, Franchini, O ' Malley, Schwartz. Fourth: Weickert, Klingler, Goese, Hartmann, Messer, Waitley, Krimmer. Absent: Hines, Jannotta, Sanders. HOM ' RES MR. LEAHY First Row: Black, Zachary, Taylor, O ' Gara, Tuchmann, Hosbein. Second: Sebastian, Mc- Cullough, Harris, Carrington, Dumont, Heinen, Mr. Leahy. Third: Moles, Coyle, Carney, Mitchell, Bissell, Janaes, Dalton. Fourth: Mais, Williams, Modisett, Sullivan, Pasek. Ellwood, Mohling, Porter. Absent: Beebe, Bickert, Bishop, MRS. LEVY First Row: Smith, Braudo. Kriesant, Angeles, Frankel, Farnsworth, .Johnson. Second: Schinler, Remke, Petty, Solberg, Buckingham, Poulos, Tachau, .Jester. Third: VVestler, Wheeler, Jasper, Plate. Rubin, .James, Denison, VanMeter, Mrs. Levy. Fourth: Mabie, Skaja, Kaufman, Wild- man, Nadherny, Reda, Hammond, Kondzela, Werth. Absent: Klauke. MRS. MARMEL First Row: Rubel, Barron, Landesman, Norton, Miller, Kofman. Second: Ley, Askounis, Muckerman, Bohon, Cooper, Heida, Deutsch, Mrs. Marmel. Third: Hanlon, Rielly, Powell, Hangren, Egan, Griffith, Cosgrove, Gibson. Fourth: Hart, Lane, Nelson, DeVryer, Mueller, Leekley, Metzger, Beutelspacher. Absent: Feldmeir, Hurd. MR. MAY First Row: Klauke Porter, Lasky, Berger, Moore, Klapper. Second: Sangster, Swenson, Dearborn, PenticofI Breit, Field, Berlin, Mr. May. Third: ?■ Whitchurch, Eli,, nan. Fourth: I Skillnim, Bei( -i.. Ab :i: Dalagei : , t ' s, Scamitz, Richnv. ' P.d, DiClemente, Acri, : Kinr- ngwill, Thomas, ' uw, Ferretti, Hauscr ison. ■ s, Kuether. SOPHOMORES 207 MR. McCREA First Row: Carp. Jiganti, Nolan, McShane, Curtis, Morgan. Second: CuUen, Covey, Steffens, Haskell, Stephan, Small, Mr. McCrea. Third: Smith. Hughes, Drieske, Staessens, Field, Nachemson, Bryan. Fourth: Morrison, Phillips, Peterson, Bulter. Kashian, Dietrich, Groot, Muller. Absent: Long, Lyon. MISS McNAUGHTON First Row: Dunn, Shang, Diaz, Smith, Wertheimer, Gordon. Second: Krebs, Helmer, Kerr, Sherman, Pantone, Hodlick. Ramsay, Miss McNaughton. Third: Sanden, Doctor, Henschel, Rasmussen, Maranda, Lucas, Owens. Fourth: Taylor, Mitchell, MacKenzie, Beinlich, McDermott, Kornor, O ' Connor, Williams. MR. MITCHELL First Row: Hahn, Maine, Williams, Moore, Kurschner, Collins. Second: Harwich, Stein, Brummitt, Brzezinski, Sutherland, Carney, Mr. Mitchell. Third: Curtiss, Miller, Klotz, Franzen, Sievers, CuUen, Nevin. Fourth: Wolf, Nixon, Wright, Van de Graaff, Devroy, Boleyn, De Vries. MR. MURPHY First Row: Gautier, Denniston, Green, Biel, Mincgit Second: Mangier, Fine, Kendall, .Jaii.iotta, Michala, Mr. Muri Third: Carreiru Brainerd, McKinley, Un. Diltz, Freund, Hutfman. Fourth: Peters, Gym Banach, Lawson, McKeone, Cohrs, Balsiey. Ab- sent: Holland, Laiu-, Mackey, Mclntyre. ;OMOitES MRS. NOWIK First Row: Maher, Berner. Wood, Hurley, Winkler. Moshier. Second: Rosenberg. Osment, Thomas. Thorn. O ' Leary. King, Behan, Mrs. Nowik. Third: Hetz, Baxter, Stapleton. Flen- tye, Treacher. Burdick. Hutchins, Van Dewalle. Fourth: Burchard, Western. Siegel, Fitz-Hugh, Ehmann, Green, Fasano, Embree. Absent: Fitzgerald, Goodrich. MR. OLIVA First Row: Pitluk, McGrew, Obereiner, Twiss, Carr, Seibel. Second: Broderick. .Jacobson, Lawler, Tatosian, West, McDivitt, Mr. Oliva. Third: Linden, Conway, Varney, Borusheck, Hughes, Treiber, Elston. Fourth: Jim Davis, Spencer. Kamin. Brackett, Gaskill, Halliburton, Jerry Davis. Absent: Ginsburg. MR. OSBORN First Row: Rosenzweig, Markey, Higa, Hartnett. Coogan. Second: Minton. Warner. Titterton. Parikh. Merkel. Babcock, Spray, Mr. Osborn. Third: Pannett. Ticho. Weston. Hicks. Evans. Wheeler, Hubbard, Reitz. Fourth: Law- son, Rowe. Guhl, Thoennes, Jaffe, Mathews, Patrick, Bates. Absent: Cook. Menary. MRS. PAULICK First Row: Bernstein, Kerr, Winsberg, Gluckman. Sherman. Dugan. Second: Guyton, White. Cawley, Klein. O ' Keeffe. Cohen, V ' enner, Mrs. Paulick, Third: Oppen, Crane, Braet, Chapman, Diltz, Gallanis, Verges, Ellis. Fourth: McGrew, Watkins, Carmell, Schulman, Andrews, Regan, Bower, Copher, Eckert. SOPHOMORES 209 MR. RAY First Row: Hardy. Smith, Lasky, Rennolds, Wiley. Casperson. Second: Diamond. Punnett, Schulz. Myers, Hawkins, Joseph, Mr. Ray, Third: Beyer, Mahowald, Rhodes, Potter, Van Amerongen, Skalla, Goldman. Fourth: Peter- son. Moraitis. Carroll. Bennett. Sokol, Babcock, Holmberg, Carev. Absent: Hudson, Huffer, Page. Rudolfi. MRS. RYON First Row: Cacharelis. Ridley. Holmgren. Selvaggio, A. Schmitt, Mikelson. Second: Gran- nan, Kennedy, Kauss. Haworth, Burnett, Gaynor, Mrs. Ryon. Third: Neil, Campbell, T. Schmitt, Karouzas, Schneider, Cohen. Fourth: Belzer, Hummel, Schiffman, Poirier, Wright, Thomas. Sheridan. Absent: Marsh, riinor. lUBSd. J MR. WARD First Row: Marcus. Kaplan, Horwich, Cahn, Schneider. Second: Tyrrell, White, Cogging, Zimmerman, Licata, Widran, Mr, Ward. Third: Harloff, DuVoisin, Parr, Satterlee, Meeder, Murray, Moorman. Fourth: Bird, Nordmark, Lawson, Bone, Milenkovic, Cloud, Klise. Ab- sent: Bono, MR. WOLF First R ;i-: Weisbard, Challenger, C:;. -ii Sprayrej; Weil, Panitch. Second: Ack- :? Quinn. Ri i . Sunkel, Dunn, Kaiser, H son, Mr. V. Third: Foley, Schaefer, t Frei, Barr, ' - . er, Andruss. Fourth: Coxi Duffy, Kaull. .1, McCarthy, Beebe, Kavam Needleman, es. Absent: Britt, Kranick OPHCMORES JEFF UBBEN President BOB NEUHAUS Vice-president FRESHMEN FRESHMAN. Stumbling into this huge mass of green tiles and beige lockers is an experience not to be forgotten. Familiar faces seem to have disappeared, leaving in their places an unrecognizable mass of strangers. For the first few weeks the only haven is advisory, where the adviser knows your name, wrestles with your schedule, and introduces you to New Trier. Freshman advisory played an integral part in a new- comer ' s life at school. It was the first " team " encountered; it was involved in IM sports, charity drives, contests, and pro- jects. Class officers and Student council began a re- evaluation of the rights and responsibilities program which was followed through in the advisories. Early morning dis- cussions about grades, studying, and school clubs all helped integrate freshmen into the land of green and grey. CATHY SLAVENS Secretary BARB BESKIN Treasurer MRS. ARNOFF First Row: Madsen. Mrkonich, Dettmer, Levie, Beinlich, Bahng, Barry. Second: Fox, Brennan, Sibbald, Sullivan, Winkler, Vandeveld, Seabright. Third: Friend. Wallace, Tam, Maton, O ' Connor, Corapton, Bowness, Stewart, Mrs. Arnoff. Fourth: Harland, Petts, Nesbitt, Sheehan, Megan, Hill, Hewett, Adamson. MRS. BARNES First Row: Hinds, McKiernan, DeCa Coyle Schwiebert. ( ' ■ MacLean, Mrs. i Drachman, Hard-. Hanr-ui, Herrn-. Zin-: Worthing Ah -t: Burk, ' Alexander, Lee, Rennolds, Challenger. Second: I iron, Gun, Mayer, Strong, J.rnes. Third: Siavens, I ' Reilly, Green. raid. Fourth: Bur alley, ' )berlin, Crow: . Lau. lillan. FRESHMEN 211 MR. BENSON First Row: Carter, Brown, Solomon, Collins, Saliwanchik, Yi. Aagaard. Second: Samos, Sullivan, Goese, Doll, Conley, Conran, Hansen, Coogan, Mr. Benson. Third: Fucik, Philipp, Tit- tle, Doughty, Todd, Lundquist, McAuliff, Tato- sian. Fourth: Lehman, Peterson, Poorman, Stephens, Gorman, Kutschke, Ware, Stehlik, Fajer. MRS. BORJA First Row: Kime, Valenzuela, Kapps, Claffey, Gaynor. Second: Tung, Remien, Frazer, Sher- man, Russell, O ' Neill. Third: King, Harriman, Erzinger, Repetto, Weaver, Hangren, Smith, Mrs. Borja. Fourth: Rieger, Berlin, Denman, Kyung-Ah, Epler, .Judge, Bartholomew. Fifth: Wiele, Williams, Ehmann, Warton, Fetzer, Pearson, Harkness, Trieschmann. Absent: Morand. MRS. BRINTON First Row: Helmer. Flinchum, Reinisch, Beebe, Green. Caspersen, Boothe. Second: Munns, Friedlander, Patterson, Shinker, Lowe, Connors, Dell, Mrs. Brinton. Third: Schwiebert, Idzik, Bergman, Lederman, Schiffman, Houghtlin. Medina. Peters. Fourth: Broderick. Guhl, Gor- don, Hayes, Gynn, Dold, Goodman, Steffens. Absent: Corcoran. Malonev. MRS. CALESINI First Row: Klein, Freedman, Mack, Parsons, Varley, Keefe. Second: Clary, Cross, Hales, Steffens, Wussler, Stone, Powell, Mrs. Calesini. Third: Royce, Buck, Johnson, Provow, Arden, Hosbein, Purcell, Badger. Fourth: Downey, Borelli, Ryan, Zuke, Murphy, Bodeen, Short, Drew. Absent: Nadlener, Mericle, Tukey. 212 yKKSHMEN MRS. B. DAVIS First Row: Guilleminot, Bono, Collins, White, Zimmerman, Hill, Buckingham. Second: Rogers, O ' Brien, Cannon, Stevenson, Simpson, Meltzer, Weatherhead, Mrs. Davis. Third: Licata, Fragassi, Carney, Calhoun, Richburg, Speigier, Snite. Fourth: McCook, Klinge, Foukal, LaVelle, Hall, Phillips, Gion, Casey. Absent: Burns. MR. FARRELL First Row: Kofman, Leslie, Ahlborn. Bulkin, Nolan, Brownstein, Borsotti. Second: Blake, Schopen, Horsting, Carpenter, Sullivan, Plummer, Schramm. Third: Turner, Kraenzle, Corrigan, Kayton, Vogt, Wyco, Gaffke, Ronayne, Mr. Farrell. Fourth: Hartong, Ahem, Strite, Stonier, Dahl, Sershon, Frank, Schlossman. Absent: Slack, Tobias. MR. FREY First Row: .Jacobi. Grace, Pearlman, Platon, Chausow, DeV ' uono, Hellman. Second: Harza, Turner. Smith, McDonald. Kelley, Soren, Hepworth. Third: Holland. Radcliffe. Nykaza, Lyons, Higgins, Scoville. East, Rosenberg, Mr. Frey. Fourth: Osberg, Hosbein, Rosenzweig, VVickham, Munuz, O ' Rtjurke, Beall, Andre. Ab- sent: Lane, Wronski. MR. GROH First Row: Kowalsky, Henderson, Seghers, S cox, Turbin, Eng, Koppel. Second: Van Vlierbergen, Reichert, Baldwin, Heine, Hoff- man, Ticho, DeMitchell, Schopen, Mr. Groh Third: Fishbein, Anderson, Wilson, Leider, Breyley, Cortese, Hassenauer, Williams Fourth: Kallman, Trausch, Easterberg, Monty Python, Binkley, Hoffman, Ovresat Handwerker, Bowness. Absent: Kraybill Merrill. FRESHMEN 213 MR. JACOBSON First Row: Omara, Williams, Chwatal, Hutter, Larkin, Hoft ' inan, Holleran. Second: Buford Dell, Neary, Cohen, Gross, Penny, Berlin Conte. Third: Fry, Berger. Thigpen, Nichols Uriell, Watson, Bates, Vauzanges, Mr. Jacob son. Fourth: Carson, Thomas, Foran, Gonnoud Snider, Smith, Edleman, Stazy, Mueller. Ab sent: Carington. MR. KLEIN First Row: Marvin, Peterson, Burns, leuter, Winberg. Second: Everly, Toombs, Synek, Fresen, Hauptle, Geary. Third: Rodenkirk, Meyers, Pfisterer, Plonsker, Watkins, Myers, Cajet, Mr. Klein. Fourth: Bagg, Hardy, Smith, Southern, Kao, Fox, Randall. Fifth: Wend- nagel, Padgitt, O ' Neil, Schaefer, Hall, Pierce, Gnaedinger, Eggert. Absent: Surta. o f n ri fu MR. LEDINSKY First Row: Corona. Higgins, Levin, Ramsay, Kuhnen, Mr. Ledinsky. Second: Weinzimmer, Kludy. Schinler, Langan, Wengler, White. Third: Cragg, Nahidi, Belka, Hershenson, Nix- on, DiClementi, Cassidy. Fourth: Geocaris, Segil, Boudart, Stensby, Dorn, Dillon, Kraenzle. Absent: Allen, AmirFazli, Cox, Davis, Golds- tein, Hernandez, Horwitch. MR. MAN LEY First Row: Coletta, Stamatakis, Xii Bryan, Braim, Glaser. Second: Kiem, Si: Striebel, MiUnvh, Lanzillotta, Prouty, I, son, Mr. ManK-v. Third: Kuhnen, Gaskil; Aver, Morley, Bmakove, Lewis, Andersen, Plate. Fourth: Weil, d ' :Mns, Turner, Katzin, Olson, Davis, MacGregor. ■•helton. 214 Fivl. IMEN MR. MATZ First Row: Scoville, Kleinman, Wusseler, Rietz, Flanagin, Oakley, Kracht. Second: Glass, Freedman, Thomas. Lind. Dumont, Moss, Mc- Bride, Mathewson, Mr. Matz. Third: Davison, Bangs, Hauser, Hoyt, .Stetter, Stern, Miller, Beebe Fourth: Adams, Owens, Drileck, Kaitchuck, Murdoch, Pottage, Martin, Reighard, Cray. MRS. MAUCK First Row: Watson, Freeman, Jaeck, Miller, Musica, Bronstein. Second: Tulloch, Weinstein, Tussing, McConnell, Thompson, Peterson, Kane, Mrs. Mauck. Third: Wilson, Crawford, Reid, Reed. Ford. Rutz, Frey. Fourth: Babich. Auvil, Baker, Werner, Davidson, Malone, Lanham, McKeough. Absent: Goodman. Keefe, Stout. MISS NORDBLOM First Row: Tanaka, Cullen, Takahashi, Reitz, Wahlund, Mallace, Kingwill. Second: Marcus, Bottum, Hughes, Meijer, Schnagl. Parikh, Shoubin, Miss Nordblom. Third: Moldafsky, Rast, Addison, Paoletti, Philpot, Chwatal, Moy, Carroll. Fourth: Balisteri, Watts, Yale, Downey, Pyskacek, Reimer, Ames, Pick. Ab- sent: Novak, Smola. 0 J} f . MRS. POYSER First Row: Burmeistt-r. Fujikawa. Rennolds, Cavanaugh. Manicrrc. Haney. Second: Gilmore. Posner. Shaw. Neidig, Smith, Daniels, Cawley, Mrs. Poyscr. Third: Lewis. Wagener, Little. Pearse. Box. . (idis, Glass, Beck. Fourth: Burkard. Willey. Krause, Packler, Askir,. i.ewis, Bridiifwater, Goitioz. Absent: 0; ' :! :7uth, V ' ar.Mi ' ule. FRESHMEN 215 MR. PROVOW First Row: West, Hirsh, Moderwell, Hilarides, Henderson, Leverentz, Rubin. Second: Pasikov, Woods, Hastings, Hahn, Boyd, Korengold, Archie, S. Lane. Third: Gardner, Weatherley, Terman, Buechner, Dorn, Neumann, Barancik, Roth, Mr. Provow. Fourth: Radell, Hennessy, Minn, Lundin, Kepler, Gregg, Love, WilUan, McAUen. Absent: K. Lane. MRS. ROSS First Row: Williams, Prindiville, Hill, Fossler, Lovely, Watts. Second: Browne, Lee, Scully, CoUias, Morrow, Gulp, Breen, Mrs. Ross. Third: Love, Ahlem, Bellack, Held, Lipsich, Raglin, Mast, Turban. Fourth: Neuman, Duffy, Eisens- tein, Noel, Lidecker, Marks, Royal, Hickman. Absent: Savely, Smith. MR. M. STEWART First Row: Turner, Larson, Haberman, Pechtl, Eluerum, Morgan, Michala. Second: Kissinger, Lieberman, Pauker, Childs, Murrin, Petray, Perry, Ruffolo, Cutter. Third: Higgins, Van De Graff, Zeh, Neuhaus, Kellogg, Nash, Ubben, Bodovitz, Fox. Fourth: Volkmann, Allen, Hines, West, Gooding, Yelton, Corns, Piorkowski, Mr. Stewart. Absent: Mangier. MR. W. STEWART First Row: Shieh, Rempert, McKay, Vadebon- coeur, McGarry, Fisher. Second: Smith, Mc- Nally, Lawler, Jacob, Emerson, Bloss. Third: Carroll, Swoiskin, Connolly, Merkel, Kuppe, Weldon, Files. Fourth: Schmidtlein, Plate, Faurot, Sharp, Fitzgerald, Duffy, Shehan, Mr. Stewart. Fifth: Weiler, Sommer, Matthews, Gardner, Anderson, Welch, Ludovice, Remien. 21b,; •=HMEN MR. STREIGHTIFF First Row: Leekley, Williams, Luster, Atten, Reiter, Trumpeter. Second: Walsh, Miossi, Nissly, Garrett, Shelton. DiClementi, LaCroix. Third: Binder, MacDonald, Howard, Bigelow, Campbell. Greenblatt, Bushnell, Todo. Fourth: Feltes, Schmid, Koelle, McClellan, Maloney, Poor, Bower, Bottom, Mr. Streightiff. Absent: Barnard, Blommaert, Coleman. MR. TYNER First Row: Friedman, Heiser, Racker, Frank, D. White, Silberman, Levins. Second: R. White, Adler, Summers, Malles, Hahn, Carney, Camras, Mr. Tyner. Third: Masterton, Hogan, Neer, Strandell, Sudler, Sally, Coogan, Mazza. Fourth: Williams, Danstrom, Cleland, Carey, Bovnton, Sheperd, Klein, Donahue. Absent: Erie, Tolford, MRS. WALSH First Row: Berman, Kaden, Harrison, Hoffberg, Kurlander. Second:Pfaelzer, Tompkins, Beskin, Brinton, Trotter, Avery. Third: Keller, Lee, Angle, Lunkes, Wagner, Porino, Kimura. Fourth: Klee, Carney, Gray, Alger, Terrill, Bellamy, Ward. Fifth: Grant, Gord, Roberta, Raveret, Schneider, Hayes, Tillman, Tatooles, Mrs. Walsh. Absent: Laughlin. .MRS. WEISS First Row: Wolfman, Brown, Ryno, Chester O ' Leary, Goldsmith, Hill. Second: MacKevich Zucco, Bartosch, Graham, Pagano, Theobald W ' ebb. Third: Conliffe, Holland, Pryor Eckersberg, Sigel, Rouleau, Massey, Parrish Mrs. Weiss. Fourth: Schmitt, Roessler, Rober son, Harvey, Getschow, Dusablon, Moore, Ber nard. Absent: Abrams, Croak, Freyer. FRESHMEN 217 DR. WHIPPLE First Row: Stitt, Rees. Fisher, Wright, Gran- nan, Tobin, Xash. Second: Barr, Hagberg, Green, Mark, King, Powell, Hawley, Dr. Whip- ple. Third: Walker, Chukerman, Howell, Son- tag, Kraus, Bruce, Haser, Thomas. Fourth: Chapman, Sherman, Stern, Winton, Averill, Gayton. Kabel, Jones. Absent: Carr, Golden, Leonard. MISS C. WHITE First Row: Trainer, Hewlett, Johnson. N ' agle, Pollock, Carney, Croak. Second: Husting, Maloney, Schmitt, Elliot, Nelson, DeCroocq, Parcells. Third: Hook, McMurray, Tolpin, Widermann, Wolfe, Mueller, Mackie, Hagy, Miss White. Fourth: Bergersen, Kuenzel, Ben- dix, Kelly, Harvey, Schinler, Englemann, Dickes. Absent: Stogin. The opening day of schooL and already this freshman is headed in the wrong direction. (Woods) 218 F1....SHMEN CENTER COMMUNITY GROUPS MK. BKLLANCA KirsI Row: Malles, ' reiiiowitz, Kidd. Kavanaufjh. Second: Trobaugh, Perlmaii, Kudan, Handley. Third: Sauer, Young, Mohl- inn. Pederson. Lundin, Brisk. Fourth: Miller, Mr. Bellanca, Butler, Simpson. Absent: Burns, Clay, King, Robertson. fr ■ J J t A " ' Si V ■. »f J ff fkJL in m i Iri f % V ' ' K j i ■ HL. fe(i«J A - i?y L MISS DANIELS First Row: Miss Daniels, Winton, Flatley. Second: Andrews, Schwarz, Kincaid, McCluskey, D. DeMitchell, Nugent. Third: McCiiskrie, Terry. Absent: Bono, Conyn, L. DeMitchell, Donnelly, Katz, Kidd, Nevin, Nevins, Rude, Specter, Spier. .MR. GREGORY First Row: Moffett, Cooper, Humphrey. Second: Martin. Wright. Clark. Schultz. Her- zog. Third: Fucik, Thompson. Fourth: Reves, Bowers. Lindley. Mr. Gregory. Burmeister. Callahan. Absent: Anderson. Egan. Gibbs, Jewett, Katz, Kowalsky, Mason, .McCabe. Richardson. (■ENTER 219 MRS. MILLER Clockwise from Top: Mitchell, Schmitz, Kiem, Yaworsky, Terry. Everingham. Nedoss, Mrs. Miller. Koppel, Amir. Idzik, Elliot, Long, Laughlin, Lagershausen, Stewart. Absent: Abell, Carney, Jablonski, Green, Lee, Novie, Trompeter. MRS. PAUL First Row: Feldman, Farnsworth. Sokol, Mrs. Paul. Second: Levit. Hast, Donoho, Vogt. Third: Lenzner. Campbell, Foertsch, Kohler, Davis. In the Tent: Alexander, Dadian, Edwards. Eisenstein, Frey, Graff, Hanson, Mercer, Murray, Reiter, Rippel, Royal, Weeks. (Doughty) 220 VF.NTER MISS WOOD First Row: Mackie. Kelly, Challenger, Negronida, Black. Second: Gould, Tassey, Pierskalla, Miss Wood, Keefe. Absent: Baldwin, Hastey, Johnson, Malone, Martin, Mason, McGuiness, Merkel, Milburn, Minow, Parisi, Peck, Peterson, Seaman, Wilson. i Doughty) CENTER 221 Seniors MICHAEL WHITE President MARK STEPHAN Vice-president SALLY TURNER Secretary KEITH HAMILTON Treasurer SENIORS FOUR YEARS HAVE PASSED so quickly; it seems like only yesterday when the Class of ' 76 came stumbling through the doors of New Trier for the first time. The school is different now in many ways; the changes include the con- struction of the gym complex, the return of four quarters of p.e. and 8:15 advisory, a change in administration with the appointment of Dr. Roderick Bickert as superintendent, and a rapidly growing interest in girls ' athletics. The school has made an impression on the Class of ' 76, just as the class, with its spirit and dedication, has left its mark on New Trier. Mr. Harold Severns, senior boys ' adviser chairman, observed that the seniors " have changed from the turbulent seniors of a few years past. " He added that the Class of ' 76 was as hard working and constructive as any class he had seen during his six years as adviser chairman. (Photos by Petrie) 224,:- ' ; lORS Mark Fisher Abbey David C. Abeil Kathryn Anne Abrams Deena I. Abu-Lughod Peter Ackermann Sarah Ross-Lewin Badger Jennifer VVinslow Baer Cynthia L. Bagg Bronwyn Bailey Laura Baldwin SKM()RS 22r) Ann G. Ball Loretta E. Bannon Mariana Baran Bruce H. Barkwill Craig W. Bartholomaus Richard Scott Bartlett Yolanda G. Bauman Carla E. Baylaender Anne Elizabeth Beadle Jeanne K. Beard Ann V. Becker Earle Carlton Beebe Bruce William Bendix Charles Hamilton Benson Kenneth E. Berggren Carol Ann Blackwell Stephen Roger Bloom James P. Bodovitz Ellen Frances Borovsky James G. Borovskv John Robert Borre Roger E. Bottum Paula Boyell William A. Brackett Kathv Bradley KNIORS Margery Irene Brandfon Andrew Charles Brands Virginia Z. Braun A. Charles Bro Lvnn Ann Brodeur Pearl E. Broeckl Susan Gail Brookstone Christopher Focke Brown Thomas K. Brown Julie Brownstein Elizabeth Allen Brubaker Jane Pence Brumitt Brenda Sue Buchholz Donald R. Buckingham Susan M. Buckingham Peggy Ann Cadden Charles H. Caldwell Susan Calhoun Walter S. Calhoun Eileen M. Callahan Ann Hampton Callawax Mark Cam is Anne ( ampbell Paul ( ' : obeli Micha. ' ). Camra; SENIORS 227 Laurie Ann Cardais Kevin J. Carey Penelope H. Carlson Nancy Louise Carney Glen C. Carpenter Christian M. Carro Maureen L. Carter Kirsten Louise Caspersen i Barry S. Cassidv Catherine G. Cassin Bill Castino Belkis Cervantes Mark L. Challenger Christie Jane Chandler (Doughty) 22b, MORS TELEVISION STUDIO_ 450A Ginny Chapman Daniel G. Chausow Raymond Shenfj-Chieh Cheng Laura Childs Gregg Chudacoff Amv Rose Chukerman Marian Claffey Catherine G. Clark Thomas Thacher Clark Trena Marie Cleland Leigh Ann Cole Wendy F. Cole Theodore J. Collias Phillips M. Connor Kathryn Ann Conrad John Henry Conyn James C. Cook Hallie Cooper Susan ( iiadini Patricia I ' aith Corcor: SENIORS 229 Brian J. Cornelius Marsha Ann Corns Solon Jay Cousins Mara Elizabeth Coyle Laurie Carol Cragg Raymond Charles Delphenis David Mario DeMitchell Patricia Ann Dempsey Mary Denisenko John Ale- nnder Denniston F,NIORS Oren Richard Depp William J. Deppen M. Samuel Detmer Tom Devine Susan M. Devrov John S. Edwards Martha M. Egan Felicia Eichner Sharon A. Eisenstein Bruce Eliot SKMORS Z ' U Jessie Evans Lex Eversz Leyla Ezdinli B. Hans Fahlin Julia Annette Fajer Scott Cherington Farnsworth Daniel Lee Faulkner John Russell Favorite Dwight P. Fawcett Thomas I. Felner John R. Ferretti K JL H S H ML Joel H. Elliot Miriam Tamara Ellis Susan J. Ellis Sharman Sue Esarey (Doughty) " NIOR,- Leslie -Jane Fiedler Barbara Finder Joel B. Fink (Doughty) T mB 1 ■ ■ m T«t nR,. i«i.cff.- a ■::. ' hty) Josepha Fragassi Debora H. Frank Kathy Lynn Frankel Marion Frazer Wayne Freeman Leslie Freiser Wayne Willard Fresen Elissa L. Freud Karen Marie Frugoli Karen Louise Frve Jane C. Fuller Andrew C. Furst David Bryant Gale John Stevenson Galvin Alice Louise Garrison Lauren M. Goebel Carol Ann Goldberg Robert S. Gold ' r.erg Nancy Beth Goic ' James C. Gonnoi Katharine Lynn GoodSmith Janet G. Gooselaw David R. Gordon Mary Gordon Margaret Goss John B. Gotta Liselle C. Gottlieb Shawn Grafe Karen (iraf ' f Andrew C. Green Douglas Scott Green David Greenberg Robert Warren Greene Beverly Jean Griffith Desiree Lee Grode Robert W. Hardy Karin Ann Hargie Pamela Ann Harloff Carl Harms Charles L. Harper Keith Harrington Ellen Harris Judd Marc Harris Scott Harrison Emilv A. Hart SF,NIOR.S -2;i5 Barbara Day Harter Michael E. Hartmann Barry Hartz James P. Harvey Sharon A. Hawkins George S. Hay dock Thane W. Heal Bruce T. Heeter Paul K. Heidrich Gretchen Lvnn Heine Michael Heinzen Marv Constance Heller Merrilee Hepler John F. Herlocker Jr. Noreen Ann Hernon Charlotte A. Heroux Timothy G. Herrn nnn Clayton Sayre Hexi n Pamela A. Heytow Susan G. Hiering (Woods) 236 • lORS Andrew Trevor Higgins Cynthia Ann Higgins Jon C. Hill James Rodger Hines Deborah Hirsch Laurie Ann Hirsch Melissa Anne Hjalmarson Richard N. Hoag Robert J. Hodlick Loraine C. Hoff Mark David Hoffman Michele D. Hoffman Priscilla R. Hoffman John M Hohengarten Thom !,- I. Holmberg Richr.rd P. Horchne Peter well SENIORS 237 Phelps B. Hoyt Elise Ann Hughes WiUiam H. Hulburt David C. Humphrey Mary Elizabeth Hurley Thomas A. Hurley Jason T. Hurst Michael Richard Hussey Peter R. Hutt Peter A. Ivanovich Paula Jablonski Thomas J. Jack Jr. Keith P. Jacobi Robert Pieter J. Jansen Joan Lynn Jasper Mark Richard Jiganti Brett B. Johnson Christopher W. Johnson Diane Elizabeth Johnson Kent A. Johnson Laurel Lynn Kaply Elizabeth Anne Karr R. Alexander Kaseberg Janet Kashian David Walter Katz Joel Avrum Katz Steven David Kauf Scott Kay Bradley A. Keating Matthew M. Keats ' )RS Thomas M. Keef ' e Belinda Keever Scott James Keithley Kathryn Jane Keller Mike B. Kellett James C. Kelley Patrick W. Kelley Susan W. Kelley Mary Elizabeth Kelly Megan Kelly James Carney Kemmerer Dana Lauren Kenn Alison Kerr William Dodge Kerr III Elizabeth J. Kershaw Kimberly Ann King Mark A. King Mary Elizabeth King R. Thomas King Daniel Kingery Susan Marie Kirinich Ellen Marie Klingler Susan Kmieciak David W. Knoop Margaret Ann Koch .SENI0RS i9 Gerry Konradt Cheryl L. Koppel David Phillip Korengold Heather J. Korsvik Greg A. Kowalsky Susan M. Kramer Nancv Krause Henry R. Kraybill Claudia Kreiser Kathrvn A. Kriesant Anne Kruempelstaedter George F. Kubin Valerie Kuecker Jeffrey M. Kuhn Robert Samuel K :d Sharon La C Patrick S. Lane Laura Lee Larkin 240 m. RS Christine L. Larson Ellen Jo Lawson Alexandra E. Lee SENIORS 241 Stephen C. Loudin Craig J. Love Joseph T. Low Holly Sue Lundberg Nora R. Luster Polly Rudele Matin Patricia Ann Matthei Peggy J. Matthews Andrea Beverly Maynard wlORS Peter Gray Mazza Kathleen Ann McAuliff William T. McClain Tom McCluskey Catherine Jean McCook Diana Miller Elizabeth Ann Miller Elizabeth B. Miller Eric L. Miller Ingrid Christina Miller SENIORS 243 Christopher Clark Mills Mary R. Minow Robert Bruce Mitchell Karen A. Mohling Todd Mohling Anne Marie Moloney Elizabeth Anne Moloney Dimitri J. Moraitis Aileen Francis Veronica Moran Timothy J. Morand Becky Kay Mulder Richard S. Murphy Thomas S. Muri)hy John Murray Anne E. Musgjerd Michael S. Musica Mark Myers Jason J. Nader Wendy Cathleen Nadherny Michael David Nagle Ruth Ann Narrod David Nedoss James P. Neiween Randy Abbott Nelson David William Neuhaus Edward Mark Nevins Elizabeth Anne Newhali " i. ' l Patricia Cj. Newton Helen Kctte Nixon SKNIORS 24. ' ) Matthew Nolan William M. Nold ■Jane Katherine Nortrup Diane Carol Notbohm Eric H. Nvstrom Charles W. Packer David R. Padgitt Eleanor V. Pagano Brian David Adam Palmer Wanda Marie Pangrac David B. Panitch Ricky M. Paoletti Deborah A. Papierski Gayle Parsch Karen Arline Parsegian 246,,- ' --lORS Anne M. Parson Steven Benjamin Pasikov Mary Alexander Patera Anne E. Pates James R. Patterson Laurie Jeanne Pearse Emily Ann Peck Carolyn A. Penney Reed Frederick Perkins Suzanne E. Person William M. Potter William A. Potts Suzanne Evelyn Prevo Deborah Diane Price Patricia nne Prindiville SE. IORS 247 Kiley Ann Pryor Sarah Natalie Purcell Carol Lynn Pyes Patrick Quinn Elizabeth Virginia Radloff Christopher R. Raffo Karen E. Raggi Leeanne Raucci Mary Rebarchak Martha Cook Redding Kimberly Alison Reeves Susan Reib Thomas D. Rein Anne Remien Stacy Spence Remke 248 S ' v .lORS Kendal S. Rempert Sharon Anne Reynolds Steven J. Rezabek Marv J. Riblet William C. Richards Frederick 0. Rippel Arnold R. Rissman Lisa Louise Robbins Jody Lynn Robertson Charles L. Robinson D. Sn.Ti Roeper Kim J. Rogers Mary Beth Rogers Michelle M. Rogers Meg E Ronan SENIORS 249 Stephen Berkely Schmidt Nancy Schmitz George Gregory Scholomite Michael David Schra- Carolvn Marie Schul Hilary Schwartz Laura Schwarz James Robert ScoUay Alice R. Scott Robert A. Seaman Karen J. Rosen Laura B. Rosen Lisa Fran Rosenberg Randall R. Roth Steven Mark Rothschild Catherine Marie-Helene Rotival Barbara Joy Rotter James M. Rubel Richard H. Ruderman Marv Therese Ryan Michael F. Sampson Sharon Diane Sanborn Thomas Gordon Sanden Raija-Sisko Elisa Sarlund nhn Scanlan ORS A. Francisco Segarra Sarah Elizabeth Seibel Christopher C. Seyfarth Michael Ann Shapiro Jamve Jov Sharfstein Julie M. Shehan Leigh Turner Shelton Paul C. Shepherd Ma rc H. Sheridan Carol Anne Sherman Roger Scott Sherman Elizabeth Houston Shockey Jerold H. Sider Jeanine Marie Sides John F. Sievers Beth Annette Smithers Thomas Jerome Snyder Ellen B. Socket Scott Sommers Mark Jordan Sontag Fanny Sosna hm Benjamin Spector Nathaniel B. Speight Nancy Catherine Spencer David Matthew Spier SENIORS 251 Lydia Ann Spitek Walter F. Stephan David Sternberg Robert R. Stevens David M. Stevenson Nancv L. Stewart Pamela Jane Stiles John Stogin Marion Frances Stokes Patricia Ann Straka 25 : ;-. N ' ORS Julie Ann Strieker David Leonard Strouse Mark Dieter Sudler Margot Howard Suker Barrv Sullivan Kevin B. Sullivan Rick Sullivan Patricia Ann Swanson Robin D. Sylvan Anna J. Szarapka Marv Alice Tvrre Elizabeth H. Urban (Pendry) SKNI0RS 2.s:i Theresa VanCleave Joseph E. Van Duzer Alhson Marie VanDyke Thomas J. Van Heule Jr. Nancv J. VanZevern Timothy T. Welpott Ehzabeth Ellen Wendnagel Frank R. Wengler Steven J. Werner Jennifer McFarlund Weston 254 :., ;ORS Scott C. Wettersten Robert Leonard Wheeler III Michael T. White Molly Ann White Lori Whit ford Todd Young Barry Charles Zachary Nancy Lynn Zanzucchi Gerald R. Zimmerer Benjamin C. Zuraw r " • i ' t SENIOR! 5 25; NATIONAL MERIT SEMIFINALISTS— First Row: Frye, Allen. Moss. Weatherhead, Cornelius. Doughty. Absent: Abell. Bottum, Doerschuk, Johnson. Kilner. Herlocker. Crane. Heller. Second: Fisch. Hines. Sylvan, Gross, Young, LETTERS OF COMMENDATION— First Korsvik, Varley, Green, Stenn. Fourth: Spier, Higgins, Furst, Wilcox, Zuraw, Sontag, Glaser. Moss, Blackburn, Schmid, Schienbi Webber. Second: Slingerland, Elliot. Absent: Alexander, Bartholomaus, Becker. Cahn, O ' Connell, Rogers. Esarey, Trobaugh, Brubakf .tter, Prindiville, Finney. Gordon, Harza. Hill, Katz, Keane, Koch, Lipe. Long, McCoskrie, Calhoun, McCook. Third: Stein, Hall, Flentye, Ave: :,mmerer, Stogin, Minow, Nevin. Peters. Schrage, Turner, Wynne. 256, .lONAL MERIT STEERING COMMITTEE First Row: R mien, Bushnell, Parsons, Willis, Delaney. Angelos, Harris. Second: Turner, Berlin, Stephan, McCook, O ' Neil, Schmid. Third: Giflin, Rogers, Ball, Lane, Morris, Moloney, Varley, Hjalmerson, Artiaga, Creagh. Fourth: Mrs. Lenard, McMillan, Griffith, Scheyer, Matfhei, Hamilton, Jacobi, Kidwell, Stogin, Vihon, Calhoun, Stein, Mr. Severns. Fifth: Stearns, Martin, White, Young, Cleland, Heller, Raffo, Gunn, Mueller. Ab- sent: Packard, Suker, Weinberg. SENIOR ADVISERS First Row: Mrs. Lenard, Mrs. DuHn, Miss Clendening, Mr. Fly, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. McClain, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Rnden, Mrs. Clader, Mr. Severns. Second: Mr. Waldschmidt, Mrs. Bosshart, Miss Peterson, Miss Sweers, Miss Scott, Mrs. Whipple, Mrs. Hatton. Third: Mr. ' ,.lff, Mr. Ferrer, Mr. Bumside, I !izar, Mr. Hirsch, Mr. Schul.- Wagner. irefield, Mr Bangser, Mr Br jent: Mr. Boyd, Mr. Grside Mr. Dr. STliERING COMMITTEE SENIOR ADVISERS 257 !j r af ' I ' J i y •1 . • ' - f • ' i ' ( ' ' ' 4 V vV ' . ' ' , ' I - «} V 7 V .: J • xi % . y A V ? , " Never thought this day would end. Jus Jon ' t under- stand why my math teacher can ' t give test ■ - his own tesJ day— I flunked it for sure . . . two 3 days until Friday— basketball game this weeker Jaws ' is finally playing closer than Golf Mill. I coui ooth if I leave all my homework for Sunday nigh ' hey wouldn ' t have fire drills during lunch. If it or Jeen during the test. Social service needs posters rummage sale — guess ill help tomorrow during a eriod. Bob ' s birthday ::ext week. English class was ir ing, fe : like I ' m realiy ear- ning something. Forgot tr get killed for getting sue to get home and start cketsf ' : the winter r ,-— I ' ll ;myse —4:30 air? uy— got omework. Patrons We gratefully thank our friends in the business community for their support. Adams Electric Alice Gumbiner The Amber Light Austin and John Belgard Rx Opticians, Inc. Baskin Bobbins Bertie del Lago Bob ' s Restaurant C. D. Peacock Cathy ' s Place-Doll House Century 21 -New Trier Beal Estate Chalet Hair Fashions Chin ' s Chop Suey Cramer Custom Upholstery The Crystal Cave Diamond ' s Park Ave. Meat Market Doyle Opticians First Federal Savings of Wilmette The First National Bank of Winnetka Forms and Faces Inc. Franz Stoeger Fred ' s Bicycle Shop Games Del Lago Gleason ' s, Inc. Glencoe Bike Gift Shop Glencoe Book Shop Glencoe National Bank Glencoe Paints and Wallpaper Greenbay Trailfitters Hair Fashions by George Harrie ' s Restaurant and Delicatessen The Home Exc nge Howard Johnser s Hubbard Woods I - n 78 J. H. Kahn Realty Joe Jacobs Chevrolet Kenneth Friend Realty, Inc. Koenig Strey Kusher Tailoring La Colonna Imports London Corner Ltd. 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Angela Allvn 211 Addis. Caren A. 69.194 Addis, Ronit Ruth 215 Addison. Benita Joan 72.84,99.156. 1% Addison, Susan Lee 72,166,215 Adler, Christopher A. 217 Adorjan, Elizabeth M. 225 Ahem, Daniel 213 Al-em, ,Jamcs Jerome 1%,213 Ahlbom, Donald B 213 Ahlem, Carol Marie 157,216 Ahlem, Marilyn J. 102,103,200 Aimen, David B. 68,105,197,202 Aitken. Nicholas B. 204 Aitken, Richard T. 225 Aki, William A. 225 Albrecht, Peter L. 171,204 Aldrich, ,i ndrew M. 162,169.199 Alexander. Lisa K. 211 Alexander. Mark E. 102.133.161. 164.225.256 Alexander. Marv Alexander. Robra E. 220 Alger. Sarah Alger 217 Allans. Francine 194 Allen. Amv Kimball 66,201 Alien, Christopher J. 171,200 Allen, Cynthia 102.104,157,225, 2,5b Allen, -John Glenn 151,159,216 Allen. Joseph P. 225.256 Allen. James Scott 200 Allen. Mark Armstrong 200 Allen. Mark Guv 214 Allen. Paul Timothy 225 Allen. Stacv Jeanne 225 Allen. Susan P 206 Almaguer, Mr Benjamin G. 1.54,168 Alonzi, Suzanne Mane 206 Arden, Carolyn Sue 212 Arden. David E. 102,161,164,195 Armstrong, txiretta J. 101,102.201 Armstrong, Janice L. 67,99,206 Amoff, Mrs, .leanne W. 181,21! Aronherg, Laura Jeri 49,107,172, 198 ARSENIC AND OLD LACE 60 Arthur, Julia Ellen 69,157,17,1, 201 Artiaga, Cecilia V. 225,2.57 Ashmore, Scott VV. 161,164,206 Ashmore, Sidney B. Ill 102,130, 161,161,190 Askin, Denise Ruth 215 Askonas, Caria M, 203 AskDnas, Leslie Jean 107,225 Askounis. Dean M. 70,1,52,169,199 Askounis, Themis E. 72,207 Aspinall, Mark Steven 199 Aspinall, Todd C. 204 Assimos, William G. 98,102,104, 150,161,225 Asvos, Mrs. Maria B. 181,194 Atkins, Mrs. Rhea K. 181 Atkinson, Lynne 69,100,102,103,198 Atten. Jim R. 160,217 Atten. John F, 1% Atten, Mary Jo 1,56,165,172,206 Auer, Carolyn Marg 194 Auer, .Joseph E. 214 Averill. Chuck Norton 218 Avery. Brian P., 256 B Babb. George Samuel 209 Babcock. Richard F. 210 Babcock. Timothy T, 67.171.209 Babich. Karen Elaine 72.215 Babigian, Mr. George R, 179 Bachmann. Brian 225 Bachmann. Mr. David A. 181 Badger. Helen K. 122,1.56,166,167, 212 Badger. Sarah R. 156,167,225 BADMINTON 137,166 Baekgaard, Karen 194 Baer, Jennifer W. 103,166,225 Ragg. r Tithia L. 225 Barr, Bradford S. 171.210 Barr, Gregorv Edward 218 Barron, Patricia J. 207 Barrv. Deirdre 211 Bartholomaus, Craig W. 49,226,256 Bartholomay, Marian 51,199 Bartlelt, Scott R. 64,68,226 Barton, Bruce R. 150,195 Barton, Mr. Terence J. 1.58.169. 181,195 Bartosch, Betsv 217 BASEB. LL 142,169 BASKETBALL 124,158 BASKETBALL, GIRLS ' 1,36,165 Bates. David R. 209 Bates, .lohn Robert 47,170.214 Bauman. Yolanda G. 226 Baumann. Mr. Wesley A. 169.179. 195.202.219 Baumgart. Mary Kay Baxter, Patricia 67,157,165,209 Baxter. Sarah M. 66,197,202 Bavlaender. Carta E. 226 Beach, Miss Bonnie L. 1,56,1.57,166, 167,181.203 Beadle. Anne E. 66,68,226 Beall. Jim R. 151.159.213 Beaman. Jane Anne 67.206 Beard. Jeanne Kai 226 Beck. 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Ronald Mark 208 Bigelow, ,Iohn M. ,Ir 16,5,217 Binder, Jerome C. 151.160,217 Binder, Martin E. 70,73,201 Binklev, David Andrew 213 Bird, Andrew J. 64,67,68,210 Bischoff, Barrv D. 103,160,204 Bischoff, Christopher 198 Bishop, Andrew J. 207 Bishop, Benjamin W. 196 Bishop, Matthew E. 226 Bissell, Jeffrey W. 1,50,207 Bizzell, Pamela R. 172,200 Black, Beatrice H, 199 Black, Brian . 226 Black, Eileen M. 66,198 Black, Helen Winslow 68,72,221 Black, Neil S. 48,10,5,207 Black, Peter A. 198 Blackburn, Paul C. 226,256 Blacke, Guv Ashley 213 Blackwell, Bruce Wm 196,202 Blackwell, Carol Ann 226 Blanchard, Eric M. 204 Blanchard, William B. 46,68,200 Block, Priscilla 103,194 Blodgett, Chris W. 160,204 Blommaert, Frank Mark 214 Blommaert, Paul Allen 217 Bloom, Sean Kevin 195 Bloom, Stephen R. 226 Bloomfield, Thomas A. 47.205 Bloss. Christopher H. 216 Bloss. Tom L. 201 Boaz, Nathan Wesley 1,50,202,204 Bockley, Philip F. 1.53,204 Bodeen. Susan Harwood 212 Bodner. Keith Bixiovitz. James P. 226 Bodovitz. .John F. 216 Bnhon, Anne 67,207 Bokhof, Laura Anne 194 Bolevn, Daniel Joseph 208 Bone, Edward Lvie 210 Bone, Steven Charles 204 Bono, Bruce Vincent 210 Bono lennifer A 166,213 Brackett, David M. 127,1,58,164. 209 Brackett, William A. 102,131, 161,164,226 Braden, Michael S. 70,73,205 Bradley, Kathy S. 226 Bradley, William T. 169,208 Braet. Man ' P. 103,209 Brainerd, Kent H. 70,208 Brand, Pamela Anne 49,68,199,202 Brandfon, Margery I. 49,66,227 Brandlein, Margaret A. 66,156,157. 197 Brands, Andrew C. 227 Brandt, Jacqueline A. 70,194 Bransky, James Allan 70,73,201 Braudo, Susan J. 67,156,202,207 Braun, Ford S. 214 Braun, Virginia Z. 69,227 Breen, Madeleine Ann 198 Breen, Sheila Marie 216 Breit, Kenneth P. 207 Breitenbach, Eric 197 Brennan, Joseph P. 67,113,140,1,50, 168,204 Brennan, Patricia B. 211 Brevlev, Geoffrey W. 213 Bridges, Tom S. 48,179,205 Bridgewater, Barrie 215 Briganti, Susan L. 194 Bngham, Edmund T. 196 Brinton, David Howard 1,50,171,205 Bnnton, Mrs. Judith G. 181,212 Brinton, Kathrvn L. 217 Brisk, Alan Cooper 48,1% Brisk, Susan D. 219 Bntt, Raymond E. 171,210 Brix, Mr, Alan A. 181,2,57 Bnx, Mrs. Caryl S. 181 Bro, Albin C. 70,150,168,227 Broderick, Cynthia .Jo 212 Broderick, Robert C. 209 Brodeur, Lynn A. 227 Broeckl, Pearl E. 227 Bronstein, Miriam 70,215 Brookstone, Susan 48,1,56,227 Brown, Christopher F. 227 Brown, Deborah Lee 66,201 Brown, Gregory Alan 212 Brown, Jeffrey ' Clay 169,200 BrovTO, Michael B. 162,197 Brown, Michael Steven 104,195 Brown, Nicola Susan M. 217 Brown, Suzanne M 199 Brown. Thomas K 164.169,227 Down in the basement there is a small room with blue walls and a yellow stripe running around it. If you walk past it almost any period of the day, you can hear faint clinks, thuds, and the sound of rushing water. Hidden deep inside, stumbling around in the dark, are the nine photographers who animated the pages of the yearbook. With students ' interests ranging from White ' s to skiing, the staff had to travel far and wide to capture the variety of pictures needed. The photo gallery, placed in the index this year, gives the ECHOES photographers a chance to display their freelance talent. Abler, Scott K. 1.52,225 Alvarez. Ana Maria Ambrose. Becki Ambrose. Colin T. 171.201.202 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 97.107 Ames. Jennifer Dawes 215 Amici. Michael J. 22.5 Amir. Sari C. 172.220 Amirfazli. Amirhassan 214 Amir-Fazli. Carol J. 46.199 Andersen. Jack M. 225 Andersen. James R. 66.68.225 Andersen. John R 163.213 Anderson. David 219 Anderson. Deborah P. 197 Anderson. James D Andei n. Mrs. Jane B 181.257 Anderson. Lamar 22.5 Anderson. Martha J 225 Anderson. Todd S. 216 Anderson. Tracv Ellen 197 Andler. BvTon Robert 205 Andre. Calvin Seward Andre. Christopher S. 22.5 Andrews. Amy Collins 209 Andrews. Katherine M. 219 Andrews. Marcv 103.166.225 Andrews. Tamera Jo 67.204 Andruss. Timothy Y. 210 Angelos. Cheryl Lynn 207 Angelos. -Joan K. 66.225.257 Angle. Jennifer 1.57.217 Annes. Nicholas J. 104.150.225 Anson. Mrs Riu D. 181 Apatoff. Mrs. Frances B. 181 Apatoff. Robert S. 98.169.225 Appel. Karen Eve 67.68.206 Applebaum. Mr. Robert S. 181 Archie. Christopher S. 216 Archie, Timothy R. 66,68,196 Bagg, Michael David 214 Bahng, Grace Mimi 72,211 Bailev, Bronwyn J. 103,165,225 Baker, Mrs. Beverly 181,194 Baker, Carvna 215 Baker, Mrs. Judith L. 181 Baker, Mark Alan 69,170,195 Baker, Melinda Sue 199 Baker, Mrs. Michael A. 195 Bakkemo, Mark M. 205 Balderston, Katharine 101,102, 103,194 Baldovin, Christopher 46,195 Baldrini, Mr. Richard J, 180 Baldwin, Gregory J. 1,53,213 Baldwin, Laura 69,225 Baldwin, Mark Douglas 195,221 Balisteri, Andrea R. 215 Ball, Ann G. 65,68,99,226,257 Ball, Beverly V. 204 Ball, Theodore M. 196 Balslev, Steven Devry 1,50,208 Balz, Steven .John 150,164,171,200 Banach, Karl J. 208 BANDS ,56 Bangs, Randall W. 162,215 Bangser, Mr. Henry S. 150,181, 191,2.57 Bannon. Loretta E. 226 Baran. Cecily 260 Baran. Mariana 49.226 Barancik. Stephen C. 216 Barber. Man- N. 203 Barefield. Mr. Morris 151.181.257 Barkemever. Germaine 197 Barkwill. Bmce Barnard. David R. 217 Barnes. Mrs. Kathv H. 181 Bamett. Charles K. 67.171.204 Baron. Jessica Anne 47.%.200 201 Bennett. Parker L. 47,72.107.210 Benson. Charles H. 226 Benson. Mr. .John J, 151.181.212 Benvenuto. Anna Marie 194 Berger. Douglas Paul 207 Berger. .Mrs. Fern S. 181 Berger. Robert L. 214 Bergersen. Leslie . nn 218 Berggren. Amelia Sue 199 Berggren. David C. 204 Berggren. Kenneth E. 226 Bergman. Art C. Bergman. Kurt Walter 1% Bergman. Robert A. 161.204 Bergman. Robert Ford 204 Bergman. Virginia Ann 212 Bergman. William John 49.152.196 Berlin. Andrew T. 207 Berlin. Ann Elizabeth 212 Berlin. Douglas H. 1.52,170.236. 257 Berlin. Lawrence S 214 Berkman. Dav, l l-rael 107.206 Berman. Lvnn KHen 217 Beniard, Kellv Lvnn 217 Bemer. Louise Bl.ike 10.5.209 Bemick. Daniel .M 195 Bemier. Denise Marie 101.197 Bemstein. Pamela B 209 Bernstein. Ted Sfinrt 195 Bertenshaw. Thnmns M. 226 Besant. Sue 22f Beskin. Barbara Ann ' 202.211.217 Best. Lauren.. M R9.I95 Betchkal. Murk I •• ;.68.226 Bettis. Britt ' . Beutelspacher, i 207 Bono. Tre 219 Boothe. -Jerry A. 197 B.Hiihe. Leslie E. 172.212 Borden. Alfreda 68.199 Borakove. Andrew M. 153.214 Borelli. Margarita M. 167,212 Borja, Mrs. Janet H. 181,212 Borovsky, Ellen F. %,99, 104,226 Borovsky, James G. 44,51,104,226 Borre, John R. 226 Borsotti. Anthony C. 213 Borushek. Ernest R. 209 Bosgrand. Mrs. Lillian 181 Boshes. Bari Lee 205 Bosshart. Mrs. Naoma W. 181,259 Bosshart. Mr. Robert F. 181,195 Bottum. Carroll 215 Bottom, .John Bixler 70,168,217 Bottum, Rfiger E. 104,1,50,226,2. ' 56 Boudart, John 0. ' 200 Boudart, Mark G. 214 Bovaird, Anne E. 100,206 Bowen, Mark K. 66,98,150,21 Bower, Claudia 67,209 Bower, Gregory S. 160.2 ' Bowers. Alice Anne 2i Bowlbv. .Stephen E. . ' Bowness. Janet M. 1 Bowness, Lawrence Bowness, Nancie ■ Box, Barbara A 15 Boyd, Donna I Boyd, Keith ■ ■■•,171.216 Bovd, Mr. ' . " 179 Boyell, Pau -i6 Boyle. Mi ine E, 165, 172.181 Boyle, Mr t R, 181 Bovnton, ■ ' d 217 Boynton. ■ . rine P 67,205 Joseph A. Jr 1% Marv Kay 69,216 Daniel A. 70,213 Julie 68,227 Bnibaker, Elizabeth 72,227,256 Bruce, Scott Spencer 218 Brumitt, Jane P 66,104,227 Brumitt, William F. 67,208 Bn-an, Arthur E. 104,205 Brvan. Elizabeth G. 165.172,194 Brvan. John Henry 208 Bnan. John Milner 214 Brzezinski. Ronald J. 72.73.208 B ' .ichholz. Brenda S. 104.227 H ' l. k Stacv Harman 172.212 ••; K. Susan K. 66.69.100,102,200 ,. k:ngham, Donald R. 227 i. :Mngham, Molly 157,172,213 ■ iiKingham, Sarah 48,72,157,172. Buckingham. Susan M 227 Budwig, Mark 198 Buechner, Ellen Ann 66,68,227 Buechner, Robert Carl 216 Buerger, Marv Jane 206 Buford, .John A. 70.214 Buford. Ruth E. 68.227 Bulkin. Garv David 160.213 Bulkin. Leslie A l ' ' " Bullock. Miss P " . M. 181 BunUin. Laur., K 102.103.199 Buntain. Leslii Ann 67,101,202,203 Bunting, LI ■. : M, 134.150,164, 171,200 Burchard, Charles E, 205 Burchard .lanine C, 72,209 Burdick Wendy Ross 67.209 Burk, Mary 227 Burk, Mvra Marlene 211 Burkard, Anne C. 215 INDEX 261 Burkhardt, Keilh i. 46,196 Burmeister. Kric T. 219 Burmeister, Kristina 215 Burmeister. Wendy S. 167,202,205 BurnHl. Katherine E. 210 Buriiham. Cristy 99 Bums, Mrs. Esther 181,204 Bums, Joanne 167,213 Bun •Julie 219 , Julie Marie 2ii Bums. Lawrence C. Jr 1.53,162.2l- Bums, Valerie Grove 68.198 Burnside. Mr. Peter W. 127,1,54. 181,191.2,57 Burrill, Robert J. 205 Bushnell. Elizabeth A. 99,229.257 Bushnell, Stuart C. 217 Bussell. John Robert 195 Butler. Andrew C. 70,73,22 " Butler, Christopher J. 227 Butler, Daniel W. 1,52,210 Butler, Margaret C. 219,22 Butler, Phillip J. 227 Butler. Terence A. 208 Butz. Susan Alice 205 Butz. Theodore H. 227 Buzzard, Amv Louise 172,203 Buzzard, Paul F. 227 Cacharelis. Brenda L. 210 Cadden, Peggy A. 227 Cahn, Jeffrey A. 72.206 Cahn. Steven M. 210 Cain, .Jamie A. 204 Cain. John Henry 201 Cajet. Mr. Arnold N. 157,162,181, 196 Cajet, Kenneth Steven 153,160,169, 214 Cajet, Kiraberly A. 69,102.103.157. 172,200 Caldwell, Charles H. 144,170,227 Calesini, Mrs. Silvia D. 181,212 Calhoun. Catherine A. ZT3 Calhoun. Karen Anne 205 Calhoun. Susan 42.49,70,227.25b. 257 Calhoun. Walter S. 169.227 Callaghan. Colleen 206 Callahan, Eileen M. 219,227 Callaway, Ann 68,227 Callaway. Elizabeth G. 67.204 Callis. Brett 205 Cameron, Craig M. 69 Camis, Mark Bradlv 227 Camis, Scott Michael 196 Campbell, Anne C. 220,227 Campbell, Barbara Ann 70,166,210 Campbell, Bruce Blair 47,70,195 Campbell, Colette M. 172,204 Campbell. John P. 77.196 Campbell. Paul Z. 227 Campbell. Richard E. 72.217 Camras. Louis Camras. Michael D. 227 Cannon. Alicia Laurie 156.166, 172,213 Cardais. Laurie Ann 228 Cardinal. David J. 48.199 Carew. Roy G. 201 Carey. Carter Lee 217 Carey. Kevm J. 162.228 Carey. Maureen Alice 66.99,194 Carey, Mrs. Susan D. 181 Carey, Warren Marian 210 Carington, Robert W. 214 Carlson. Penelope H. 228 Carlson. Steven R. 195.202 Carlstrom. Mrs. Beverly 182 Carlstrom. Mr. Clinton E. 1,55,180 Carmell, .Jamie Lynn 198,202 Carmell. Jill Nancy 209 Camev. Carolyn M. 220 Camev. Catherine P. 1.57.217 Carney. Ellen Ruth 213 Camey. John Edward 198 Camey, Lawrence 207 Camey, Lmda .Jean 218 Camev, Nancy 99,228 Carney. Thomas S. 208 Camey. William 0. 151.217 Carp. Donald C. 69.208 Carpenter. Alan J. 213 Carpenter. Mr. Albert S. 182,204 Carpenter, Glen C. 228 Carpenter. Tracy L. 201 Carr. James 151.218 Carr. Rupert 209 Carreira. Timothy W. 208 Carrington. Jr Geddes 150,207 Carroll, Christian M, 103,160, 170.228 Carroll. David A. 210 Carroll. Grant T. 216 Carroll, Nell Jane 215 Carson, Chris John 151,214 C::- t..ns, Peter A. 205 Can., Maureen L, 100,228 Ca:: Mbert C. 162,212 Casella, Miss Gloria C. 182 Casey, Peggy L, 213 Caspersen, Bryan L. 210 Caspersen, Holly J. 72,212 Caspersen, Kirs ' ten L. 72,107,228 Cassidy, Barry S. 228 Cassidv, Chris Sean 197 Cassidy, .James Quinn 151,163,214 Cassin, Catherine 103.228 Cassin. Mark 195 Castelnuovo, Lia Anna 194 Castino. Julie 200 Castino. William A. 228 Cavanaugh. Pamela J. 215 Cawlev, Megan Rose 165,205 Cawley, Patricia M, 215 Cawlev, Susan Marie 209 Cavton, William L. Jr 218 Cazel, Alixandria L. 200 THE CENTER FOR SELF-DmECT- ED LEARNING 25, 219 Cervantes, Belkis 228 Cervantes, Judith 206 Chudacoff, Gregg A. 229 Chudacoff, Mark R. 48,210 Chukerman, Amv Rose 229 Chukerman, Michael J. 218 Chwatal, John Stephan 214 Chwatal, Mary G. 46.215 Cichowski. Mr. Eugene W, 150,182 Circle, Tom R. 197 Clader, Mr. Carl W. 180,2,57 Clader. Mrs. Geraldine B. 182 Claffev. Barbara 199 Claffev, Marian 229 Claffev, Norine 212 Clapp. Lindsev Ann 66,102,199 Clark, Catherine G. 99.229 Clark. Elizabeth A. 219 Clark. Mr, Gary E. 158,182 Clark, Jennifer Jean 69,196 Clark, .Jennifer Lynn 46,61.200 Clark. Littrell G. 150,171.195. 2112 Cole, Gary Daniel 68,102,164,173, 195 Cole, Leigh A. 229 Cole. Wendy F. 66.68.229 Coleman. Thomas D Jr 217 Coletta. Bradley J. 214 Collias. Susanne Rae 216 CoUias. Theodore J. 150.229 Collins. Cathleen Lou 213 Collins. Michael S. 198 Collins. Scott T. 208 Collins. Vincent J. 168.212 Colman. Nancy Laura 206 Comeau. David J. Compton, Susan Mary 211 Conant. Jay Daniel 200 Condrin. Kevin Paul 161.205 Conley. James Gerard 160,212 Conliffe. Michele R. 217 Conn. Susan Lvnne 200 Connolly, Patrick C. 216,171 Connor, Phillips M. 229 Connors. Colleen Mary 212 Corrigan, Robert W. 213 Cortese, Thomas A. 213 Cosgrove, Ann 67,207 Cousins, .Joseph W. 151,168.214 Cousins. Grayland 1.50,195.202 Cousins, Solon Jay 230 Coven, Mrs. Ludmilla 182 Covey, Robert 208 Cox, James M, 204 Cox, Stephen Andrew 214 Cuxhead, Mark KaH 210 Coxon, Mr. Richard P. 182 Covle, Eliza Ann 211 Coyle, Mara Eiiz 230 Covle, Margaret M. 101.206 Coyle, Sean P. 196 Covle, Shaun Seery 158,207 Cragg, Jeffrey E. 165.214 Cragg, Laurie C. 2.30 Cragg. Philip G. 2.30 Cramer. Jack Woodward 171.201 Crandell. Margaret A. 157.206 Chakins, Carolyn Ann 200 ChallcriKer, Ann M, 211 Challcns-, Mark L. 221,228 Challenser Thomas M. 153,210 Challinor, P.uil E, 205 Chaloner. Wi!lia, „ q 70,73,160,204 Chandler, t. I:n .. J, 100.102 103.156.228 Chanen. Stuarl .: . ;9.198 Chapman. Carni , iv)7 Chapman. Heather i i- 209 Chapman. John Jay . Chapman. Robert Li • Chapman. Shaun H, : r Chapman. Virginia N, 2 Chapman. Wheeler E. 1. Chausow, Daniel G. 72.2.! Chausow. Douglas Dean W- : Cheng. Raymond 70.78.229 Chester. Wendy Lvnne 172.2! Chiado. Julie Ann 199 Chiappe. Bob Ray 201 Chien. Grace Lynn 72.157.205 Childs. Laura A. 229 Childs. Philip . CHORALIERS Christian. Mrs. Lois F. 182.191 Christoph. Mrs. Elizabeth 182 Chruscinski. Mr. Walter J. 182. 191 Clark. Thomas R. Clark. Thomas T. 69,72,104.229 Clark, Thomas Walton 73,200 Clary, Rosalie M. 70.157,212 Clay, Kathrvn Ann 219 Clay, Thomas Lee 198 Clayton, Kathv A. 68,201 Clayton, Sarah Jane 196 Cleaver. Caludia Beth 199 Clegg. Mrs Bobbie H. 182 Cleland. Rogei B. 165,217 Cleland. Trena M 49,66.229.257 Clendenning. Miss Phyllis M. 182 Cloud. Brad Wm 1,58,169.210 CLUBS 76 Clutter, Phyllis E. 66,200 Clutter, Robert M, 216 Coggins, Paul J. 210 Cohen, Aaron Seth 214 Cohen, Daniel Lee 165,204 Cohen, David Lee 1.3,5,165,195 Cohen, Elissa Diane 209 Cohen, Joshua L. 200 Cohen, Lawrence E. 205 Cohen, Marcy Hope 47,66,199 Cohen, Sharon Amv 202,210 Cohrs, Hilary A. 89,196 " ohrs, James C. 150,208 Cole, Diane Lisa 70,73.157,165. 167,172,201 Conrad, Kathrvn Ann 72,229 Conran, Karen 70,203 Conran, Kevin P. 70,154.212 Conte. Robert Francis 70.73.214 Conway, Michael K. 67,68,209 Convn, .John H. 219,229 Coogan, Michael L. 47,209 Coogan, Thomas James 212 Cook, David 164,169.202.209 Cook. Elaine Grace Cook, James C. 98,229 Cook, Sarah A. 206 Cooper, Hallie A. 229 Cooper, Lisa Ellen 207 Cooper, Melissa Ann 201 Cooper, Scott David 68,104,219 Coogan, James Kevin 217 Copher, Susan Marie 72,209 Copp. Daniel N. 152.197.202 Copp, Susan Kathleen 201 Coradini, Susan N. 229 Corcoran, Anna Cary 212 Corcoran Patricia F. 229 Cornelius, Brian J. 60,68,104. 230.256 Cornell. Shane O. 197 Corns. Marsha A. 230 Corns. Michael A. 151.216 Corona. William J. 214 C Wooas) Crane, Katherine L. 67,209 Crane, Kenneth M. 230,256 Craven, Leslie 66,69,196,202 Crawford, Laura J. 215 Crawford. Patricia A. 198 Crawford. Stephanie 194 Crav. ChaHes Francis 162,215 Cray, Creighton E. 67,173,205 Creagh, Pamela Marie 65.206 Creagh. Rita Ellen 230.257 Creek. Mrs. Betty L. 182 Croak. Cathy Ann 230 Croak. Constance J. 218 Croak. Cynthia Louise 217 Crone. Leslie E. 72.230 Cronk, Nancy 230 Cross. Mollie 172,212 CROSS COUNTRY 118,154 Crown, Elizabeth 211 Crown, Nancy J. 230 Crown. Sara Beth 69,204 Crump, Jennifer Ann 199 Crump. Mrs. Margaret J. 182 Cullen. Christopher J. 208 Cullen. Jonathan A. 169.208 Cullen. Teresa Anne 215 262 lKi)EX Gulp, Mollis Quick 216 Curtis, Luke T. 197 Curtis, Owen Arthur 153,208 Curtiss, John Edwin 169,208 Curtiss, Thomas Ue 150,204 Culler. Bdith B. 203 Cutler, Elliot P. 206 Culler, Mar - P. 230 Cutler, .• lunrl Yantis 1.52,196 D Dadian. Harhara .1. 220.230 DADS ' CI.l ' B 191 Dahi, Linda C. 66,201 nahl. Paul William 213 Dahleim, Patricia A. 102,230 DalageorRas, Mike Glenn 207 Dalkin. Alan C. 230 DaMn. Biu e L. i95 Dnllon. Rohert J. 207, l.mda M. 230 DANCE 62.68 Daniels. Mis8_Laura M. 189 • ' l " Daniels tJiiTiertTX. JR Danstrom. Carol™ S. 103.230 Danstrom. Eric -ion 1.59.217 Dauchv, Anne L. 68.230 David, Peter C. 230 Davidson, Carolyn J. 215 Davidson, Thomas S. 47,230 Davis, Annette i:. 230 Davis, Mrs. Barbara B. 182 Davis, Clarence 214 Davis, Garv Mark 197 Davis, Milan- S. 200 Davis. James Elder 209 Davis. Jerrv- P. 209 Davis. Julia Ann 68.230 Davis. Karen L. 2.30 Davis. Kent C. 220 Davis. Laura Louise 200 Davis. Steve 171 Davis. Tavlor S. Davis. Mr, W. Mughes 170.182.204 Davis. William Steven 151.214 Davison. Lang James 170.215 Dearborn. Joseph W. 82.207 Dearborn. Robert H. 51.82.98,1.52, 195 Dearborn, Robert J. 23 " Deasv, Dorothy 205 Deasy, Theresa 230 DEBATE 40.48 Decarlo. Laura Jean 199 Decarlo. Lisa Marie 211 Decroocq. Laura Jean 218 Decroocq. Philip M. 171 9n Deforest, nifford 206 Degross. Daniel J. 230 Degross. Laura 203 Deignan. Miss Marv T. 182 Delanev. Anne E. Delanev. Jr Robert O. 171.230 Dell. Sarah B, 69.212 Delphenis. Rav C. 39.150.230 Demitchell. Anthony M. 160.213 Demitchell. David M. 219,230 Demitchell. Lisa Ann 219 Dempsev. Kathleen 67.205 Dempsev. Patricia Ann 66.230 Denisenko. Maria 6«.68.230 Denison. Marv A. . Denk. Mr. Gerald M. 160.182 Denman. Sara Baldwin 212 Denniston. James R. 48.208 Denniston. John A. 39.48,90,91. Depp. Oren R. 231.2.56 Deppen. Michael J. 195 Deppen. William J. 231 Derrv. Mrs. Dorothy N. 182 Desremaux. Danelle 203 Desremaux. Thomas J- 1% Detmer. Samuel M, Dettmer. Karen 211 Deutsch. Jill Ann 67,72.207 DeuLsch. Julie Loren 205 Deutsch. Susan E. 194 Devine. Mr, Edward R, 179 Devine. Tom F. 231 DevTies. James Norman 168.208 DevTov. Jefferv A. 169.208 Devrov. Susan M. 68.231 DevTver. .Johanna M. 167.207 Devrver. Pieter 154.-231 Devuond. .lohn 213 Dewev. Christopher J. 195 Dhein. Genevieve E. 199.202 Diamond. Lawrence L. 170.210 Diaz. Anita Jov Diaz. Orlando Q. Dicesare. Frank W. 155.160.195 Dicesare. Marie P. 206 Dickes. MarclvTl J. 218 Dickev. David M. 1.52.206 Dickev. m Clvde E. 131.1.52 Dickman. Mr. David A. 20.180 Dickson. David Parry 150.199.143 Dickson. Polly Anne 100,194 Dickson, Robert D. Jr 150.169,231 Didementi, Jurt M. 160.217 Didementi. Paul J. 151.214 Didementi, Peter S. 150.169,204 Didementi. Suzanne M. 66.68.69. 201 lluliMmnli. WilliHm L. 199 l)i,.|i,l, WilluiMi C l;l llS.198 lIuMih.irl. Mr liichHnl A, 179 Diclruh, Dnviil .1 1,511.163.208 Dietrich. Michad A. 1.50.231 Dill. Neil F. 195 Dillon. Bhzabeth Ann 231 Dillon. Joseph G. Jr 46.214 Diltz. Sally E. 67.209 Diltz. Thomas R. 208 Donoho. Ward Haskell 220.231 Dorn. Andrew Scott 214 Dorn. Mark Robert 98.231 Dorn. Stephen .leffry 216 Doughty. Richard E. . Doughty. Roger W. 162,170,212 Dove, .Sally E. 231 Dowd, Chervl Ann 197 Dowen, Uurie Ann 67.203 Dowen. Thomas Stephen 231 Duffy, Michael John 210 Duffy, Mary Patricia 197 Duff, Brian B, Jr 198 Dugan, Margaret 67,69,209 Dulin, Mrs 1 irraiiie M. 57,182 Dumont, Christopher R, 153,215 Dumont. Richard M. 116.153.207 Dunlap. Prescott L. 204 Dunn. Kalhrvn Joyce 72.20S Dunn. Mark R. 70.102.231 . Gillii , Mari 1 Sin I 212 Doyle, Julie T. 198 Drachman, Laura J. 72,211 Drake, Martha L. 1.56.15 165.167.182 Dreiske. Charles G. 208 lureen Rita 201 issell B, 231 bias B. 210 Amy C. 231 , .Jean Marie 1.57 Dusablon.Julia M. 67.165.205 Doblin. Sharon Melen 66.68.199. 202 Doctor. Anne E. 67.68.202 Doctor. Jennifer Ruth 72.231 Doenschuk. David O. 231.2.56 Dold. Barbara .lean 212 Doll. Charles .James 214 Doll. Christopher Roy 212 Domek. Miss Marilyn J. 87.182.205 Domenick. Mr. Anthony 182 Donahoe. John J. Donahue. Kevin John 217 Donlon. I uric J. 46.198 Donncll, Miss M. Evelyn 182,191 Donndlv. Michad T. 219 Drew. David M ! ' ;4.231 Drew. Debra li. ' , 1 ' HI.231 Drew. Paula i.vnn 167.212 Drew. Steven K.ii;i ' r Drileck. Charles A, Driscoll. William M. 67.68.204 Drohan. Barbara M. oy 66.231 Drohan. Mrs. Hnr ira M. 182 Drohan. Kathlc -i 1 167.172.201 Drwiega, John 1 ' :i .231 Ducey. Emily M iria 199 Dugan. Joan 11 i: 103.200.202 Duffy. Eileen .M •■■ ' • Duffy. John !. ' • _ " • ' (Mengel) E " Sast.And. 151.213 East. Lvdia Porter 60.68.231 Easterberg Nels C, 213 Eastman. Mrs. Jan 182 Ebihara. John Menry 102 ' 61.164. 201 Eccker. Sandra L. 68.231 ECHOES 44.51 Eckersberg. Ingrid K, 1.57.217 Eckersberg. Lisa M. 46.194 Eckert. Karen Lea 70.209 Edelmann. John 1.53,171.214 Edelmann, Laura L. 231 Edmonds. Katharine 198 Edmonds. Wm Louis 111 231 Edwards. John S. 171.220,231 Edwards, Mary E. 196 Egan, Elizabeth C. 67,207 Egan, Martha M, 231 Egan, Suzanne 219 Eggert, William James 1.53.169. 214 209 Ehmann. Nancy Ann 165.212 Eichner. Felicia J. 231 Eisen. Richard S. 195 Eisenberg. Lisa Jane 66.69.104. 199 Eisenstein. Amy Lynn 46.216 Eisenstein. Sharon A. 220.231 Elbert. Gavie Sue 157.206 Elble. Miss Barbara D. 182,205 Elia. Suzanne O. 211 Elia. Thomas P. 1.50.207 Eliot. Bruce M, 169.231 Elliot. Joel H. Elliot. Vicki Beth 172.218 Ellioll. Mr Edward P, 182 Elliott. William P. 1.53.204 Ellis. Arienne I. 2C» Ellis. Barbara Ann 72.199 Ellis, John J, 1.58,204 Ell Mil 1 Tan I 232 Elhb, Nancy 165,206 Ellis, Susan J. 232 Ellwood. Prescott W. 150,171.207 Elston, Ross W. 209 Elverum, .John Shiling 70,173.216 Embree. Cristan 67.209 Emerson. Brvan Tiller 216 Emery. Linda Ann 165.199 Eng. " Stuart David 213 Engdhardt. James C. 66.197 Engdmann. Anne D, 218 p;nkev. Mr, Robert A. 182 Epier. Barbara K. 212 Epier. Margaret Anne 51,196,202 Erickson, Tedd Scott 161,205 Erickson, Todd A. Erie. Itobert M 217 Erie. Robin M. 197 Ernst. Thomas W. 116.153.205 Erzinger. Christian M. 160.171. 204 Erzinger. Eve E, 165.167.212 Esarev. Mrs. Mignon F. 182 Esarey. Sharman S., 256 Eslahrook. Dale F. 112.126,150. 1,58,196 Etheridge, Kevin F. 103,160.204 Etheridge. Mark B. Evans. Amy L. 68.232 Evans. Christine L. 197 Eva , Jei ■ 232 Evans, John Edward 209 Everingham, Kenneth W. 220 Everlv, .lames R, 161,163.171,214 Everlv, Mr. Melvin E. 182 Eversz. Alexis Wood 232 Ewing. Brian .lames 197 Ezdinli. Leyla 2.32 Ezdinli. Suzan 199 I . fo. Allan Ue 196 ri. Steven F. 206 .1 CLTY AND ADMINISTRATION 176.178 FACULTY COUNCIL 191 Fahlin. Mans B. 97.107.232 Fajer. Gregory V. 151.160 Fajer. Janis 205 Fajer. Julia A. 232 Farnham. Davis B. 150.200 Farnsworth. Scott C. 232 Famsworth. Julie A ' . 0 Farnsworth. Mar ' .■; ' Fan-dl, Mr. Jam. - A. 182.213 Fasano, Christnih. r A. 196 Fasano. Mar. ' ,: c 165.172.209 Fassnacht. M- Christine 182. 218 Faulkner. Waind Ue 232 Faurot. Alexander M. 216 Faunit, Rnbert S. Jr 47.198 Favorite .John R. 1.50.232 Favorite. Lee Steven 150.197 Fawcelt, Dwight P. 102.161.232 INDEX 263 Federico. Am!- :iv S. 150.171. 201 Fegers, Veronica A, 201 Feidbus. h. Mr, Clarence ia3 Feldman, Daniel P. 220 Feldman, Leah S. 206 Feldmeir, Susan .J. 46,207 Felner. Thomas I. 9.2.32 Feltes. Anne Virginia 66,198 Feltes. Thomas Eweil 104.217 FENCrNG 135,165 Ferguson. Mrs. .Jeanne 183 Fern. .John David 155 Ferretti. .John R. 232 Ferretti. Steve G. 207 Fetzer. Laurie Diane 169.212 Fiedler, Uslie Jane 233 Fiegen, Jean Marie 165.194 Field. Brad D. 207 FIELD HOCKEY 122.156 Field. James M. 208 Field, Wade R. 195 Files, Burke L. 216 Finder, Barbara J. 66.233 Findlay. Robert 195 Fine. .Jonathan Ian 208 Fink. .Joel B. 233 Finnev. Allison 2.33.2,56 Fisch, Daniel T. 45,61,106.233,256 Fisch, Joel S. 70,160.202.205 Fishbein, Daniel L. 213 Fishbein, Mark Hubert 195 Fisher, Gregg Alan 216 Fisher. Scott E. 155,169. ' 233 Fisher, Steven M. 48,160,233 Fisher, Timothy R. 218 Fitz-Hugh Lvnn 209 Fitzgerald, Michael A- 216 Fitzgerald, Sheila H, 209 Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Kathrvn 183 Flaherty, Joyce Ann 233 Flanagan, Nancy J, 196 Flanagin, .John Mead 163,160,215 Flatlev, Michael J 66,68,154,219 Fleming. .Joan C. 66.199 Fleming, Mrs. Rose 183 Flentve. Laurel 209 Flentve. Tim L. 256 Fljnchum. Sandy Jean 212 Florian, Mark B, 152,233 Fly. Mr. William 15S.171,183,257 Fo - Mark P. 210 Folk, ■ -- ' m B. 233 FOO ' ! . 110.160 Foran. John Uamian 171,214 Foran. Matthew D. 198 Foran, Michael L. 4«,206 Ford, Margaret H, 215 Forrer, Mr. Thomas 183.257 Fossler, Monica Edith 216 Fossler, Steven K. 195 Fotopoulos, Paula D. 66,106,166, 194.202 Foukal, Anna Maire 206 Foukal, George Steven 198 Foukal. Pamala R, 213 Fox, Alex C, 216 Fox, Ann K. 197 Fox. Chuck 162,205 Fox. Elizabeth A. 156,173.233 Fox, James P. 56,72,173.233 Fox, Mary Stuart 211 Fox, Steven G. 151,169,214 Fox, Susan Elizabeth 103.200 Fragassi, Barbara J. 233 Fragassi, Enza S, 213 Frev, David I. 46.220 Frev. Kathrvn Lvnn 216 Frev, Martha Marv 156.202.206 Frev. Mr, Norman 183,191,213 Freyer, Jody 217 Freyer, Wendy 69,100.194,202 Friedlander, Sally A, 212 Friedman, Gregory A. 153.217 Fnedman. Shannon C. 89.199 Friend. Pam F, 211 Fritz, Brett Joseph 163.204 Frommever, Susan M, 206 Frugoli, Karen 234 Frugoli, Linda S. 197 Fry. Timothy John 69.214 Fry, Wendy Catherine 198 Frve, Karen L. 234.256 Fucik. Kirsten Marie 219 Fucik. Mark William 160.212 Fujikawa, Elizabeth 156,216 Fuller. Jane C. 234 Furst. Andrew C. 234.266 Gellersted, Diane C. 100,200 Geocaris, Daniel D. 159,169.214 George. Dorsev C. 67,206 George. Gary T. 152,234 George, Jane Anne 234 Gerrard, Lani L, 205 Gerson, Mrs. Suanne 183 Gescheidler, Robert H. 1,52,197 Getschow. Heidi 217 Getschow, Kurt A. 196 Gevser, Richard Kriss 234 Giarelli, Mr. Ernest 179 Gibbs, Richard S. 219 Gibson. Laura Ann 207 Gibson, Pamela Lynne 201 Gignilliat, Rebecca M. 70,206 Gilbert, Chris 201 Gilbert, .Jonathan A. 171,183, 201 Gill, Mrs. Carol 164 Gill, Mr. Franklin 183 Gilmore. Jim M. 171,200 1 m tf M « fcW ' W% i n ■ .- " - ' ■ yf • ' i Fragassi, Fernanda M. 205 Fragassi. Josepha T. 234 Franche, E. Chace 66,69,167,199 Franchini. Elisabetta 68,206 Franchini, Nichole E. 157,200.202 Frank, Bernard D. 160.205 Frank, Bill Gregory 162.168,213 Frank, Dehira H. 234 Frank. Jose;-- 151,217 Frankel, Ann I 207 Frankel, Kari, ! 234 Franzen, Lav. ■ ; ; 153.208 Frazer, Eddie .i. Frazer, Marion r 103,234 Frederick, Robert . . ' 1 ' 68 196,202 Freed, Christopher J . i: Freedman, Debora I . Freedman, Lee Scott 1 15 Freeman. John James I; ' Freeman, Marcia Ann 67, k-. Freeman. Martha M. 66.10;, Freeman. Melissa R, 215 Freeman. Wavne K, 234 Frei, Jr Robert Reed 145,170,2 Frei, Stephanie 121,156,201 Preiser. Erik 0. 204 Preiser. Lf lie 234 Fresen, Phillip A. 153.159.169. 214 Fresen. Wavne W. 152,234 FRESHMEN 211 Freud, Elissa L. 68.234 Freund. Mark T. 104.208 G Oaffke, John George 213 Cabala, Mr. John 183.205 Gajewski, Steven 152,195 Galbraith, .Jeri Lvnn 68,76,94,201 Gale, David Bryant 234 Gallanis, Kathrvn 67,157.209 Gallas, Anne R, 201 Galv , Stevi 1 234 Garden, Mr Thomas 153.183,191, 251 Gardner. Grant G. 153,216 Gardner, Jeff W. 163.216 Garrett, Steven R, 72,217 Garrison, Alice L. 68,234 Gan-ison, Cynthia A. 205 Gan-on, Miriam Ruth 211 Gan-on, Rachel S, 66,68,104,234 Garvin, Grace R, 48.194 Gaskill, John C, 47,214 Gaskill, Ri.bert H. 209 Gatelv, Anne H. 200.202 Ga Gautier. Paul Michael 195 Gautier. Sarah L. 67.206 Gavnor. Julia A, 210 Gavnor, Maureen 0. 234 Gavnor, Michael J. 234 Gavnor. Sharon M. 212 Geary, William T, .Jr 214 Gedo, Nicholas M, 206 (Lasky) Gilmore. Molly Ellen 194 Gilmore. Sarah S. 215 Ginsburg, James S. Gion, Mary Tberese 66,69,102.103, 201 Gion, Suzanne Cecelia 213 Giordano, Nan Elizbth 68,234 Girardi. Susan E. 66,68,70,72, 200 GIRLS CLLIB 84,94 Gitlin. Ruth E. 72,105,234,257 Glaser, Charles B. 70.168.214 Glaser, Frank M. 234,256 Glass, Bruce Alan 196 Glass. Karvn Sue 92,201.202 Glass, Linda Carol 215 Glass, Michael Jay 153,216 Gleason. Mrs. Mary Louise 179 Gluckman, .Jolene E. 72.209 Gnaedinger. .John P, 161.214 Gober. Mr, Robert 179 Goddard, Lisa 234 Goebel, Lauren M, 122,1,56,167, 234 Goese, Daniel Paul 47.200 Goese, Marv 67,202,206 Goese, Michael J. 151,212 Goettler, Mrs, Frances 179 Goldberg, Mrs. Barbara 183 Goldberg. Carol Ann 234 Goldberg, Julie R, 203 Goldberg. Robert S. 234 Goldblatt, David R, 57,73,200 Goldeen, Claudia A. 70.72,205 Golden, Neil Barry 170,218 Colder, Kenneth C. 67,1.50,163,204 Colder. Nancy B. 103.166.234 Goldman. David Alle 210 Goldsmith. Carrie N. 217 Goldsmith. Mrs, Shirlev 183,196 Goldstein, Jay M, 160.214 GOLF 120,155 GOLF. GIRLS ' 123,1,57 Goldstein, John Alan 195 Gomez, Michelle K. 215 Gonnoud. James C. 150,234 Gonnoud, Mary K. 103.198 Gonnoud. Peter Andrew 151,163,171, 214 Gooding, Thomas C, 1,59,216 Goodman. Luci Meg 215 Goodman, Malin L, 212 Goodrich, Julie E, 67.172,209 Goodrich. Mr, Paul 180.191 Goodsmith. Katherine 234 Goodsmith. Laura W, 215 Gooselaw, Janet G. 70,73,234 Gord, Kristin E, 217 Gordon. David R. 234.266 Gordon, Evan Sgutt 46,198 Gordon. Joseph 195 Gordon. Louise 205 Gordon. Lynn Ellen 208 Gordon. Mark J, 197 Gordon, Marv Patricia 234 Gordon. Rochelle Thea 212 Gorman, Kelly Ann 67.103,206 Gorman, Michael Sean 159,168,212 Goss, Clav Arthur 169,196 Goss, Margaret L, 66,68,104,234 Gotaas, Barbara J. 69,197 Gotoff, Robert Allen 195 Gotia, .John B. 2.35 Gottlieb, Liselle C. 68,235 Gottlieb, Joy 199 Gottlieb, Suzanne Gay 66.194,202 Gould, Kathrvn A, 221 Gould, Margaret N, 66,197 Gould, Mr, Robert 179,202 Grace, John Stephen 154.213 Grace, Kathleen M, 201 Grafe, Shawn L, 235 Graff, Karen Sue 220.235 Graham, Allison J, 100,102.103, 197 Graham. Jennifer M. 217 Oraller. Paul 205 Grannan. Dennis M. 218 larv E. 210 Gn 217 Graver. .Julie L, 200 Grav. Teresa Jean 217 Green. Mrs, Alice 183.167 Green, Andrew Charles 235,256 Green, Douglas Scott 49,235 Green. Edward Alan 48,170,208 Green, Janet M. 67,209 Green, .lonathan W, 67,72,73.198 Green. Karen Lvnn 212 Green, Paul Matthew W. 218 Green, Richard H. 220 Green. Steven R, 148,200 Green, .Susan Louise 211 Greenberg. Beth R. 101.204 Greenberg. David M, 235 Greenblatl. Robert H. 217 Greene, James A. 197 Cireene. Robert W. 236 Greer, Julie R, 67,204 Greeson, Peter 196 Gregg, James Chandler 116,153. 171,216 Gregory, Douglas W, 66,196 Gregory. Mr, William 183,219 Cremion. Blandine B, 198 Gressens, Kathy Anne 196 Greve, Amy Victoria 206 Greve, George F, 196 Griffith, Beveriy J, 100,102, 103,172,235.257 Griffith. Carol L. 157,203 Griffith, Susan Lee 67,207 Grode, Desiree 72,236 Groh, Mr. Gary 213 Groot, Jonathan K. 208 Gross, Gary R. 68,235.256 Gross, Glenn Weston 214 Gross. Mark C. 195 Grossman, Jonathan A. 196 Grossweiner. James B. 70.72,73, 196 Gmtz, Mark W. 197 Guhl. Peter R, 1.53.161,209 Guhl, Tabitha Jane 157,165,212 Cuidarelli, Robert 200 Guilleminot, Isabelle 213 Gun. Giselle Marie 211 Gunn, Alan M. 102.197 Gunn, Phoebe 69,103,235,267 Gurda, Mark H. 236 Gustafson. Mr. David 178 Guthrie, Laura J. 101,138,157, 166,206 Guyot. Suzanne L. 69.102,103, 157,235 Guyton, Carolyn H, 68,235 Guvton. Pamela Jean 67,209 Gvnn, Elizabeth Anne 167,212 Gvnn, Mark G, 158,208 264 lNDEX H Haas. Karen Sue 200 Haberman. Joel Scott 216 Habcrman, Randall B. 148,235 HanberB. (Irani C. 151.169.218 Haggerty. Malcolm R. 206 Hagy. Laurie 218 Hagx. Lisa i98 Hahn. Chris Francis 216 Hnhn. Douglas L. 217 Hahn. .lames David 208 Hahn. Kathn.Ti Eileen 198 Hahn. Patricia .). 235 Hahn, Maureen 66.1% Hales. Martha W. 172.212 Hallihurtim, Andrew M. 209 Halliburton, .John H. 2.15 Hall, . nnalisa 235,2.56 Hall. Mr. Dean D. 1 3.196 Hall. Elizabeth A. 88.156.235 Hall, .leffrev Pereson 46.151,159. 214 Hall. .Julia Ann 213 Hall. Karen Linda 68.198 Hall. Kerr ' 170 Hall. Thomas Edward 26.126.158,195 Hall. iTiomas 200 Ham. Mr. Stephen C. 183 Hamilton. Keith D. Hamilton. T, Kellv 106.195 Hamilton. William B. 98,150.168. 200 Hammerman. Lisa Ann 198 Hammond. Pattv 207 Handelman. Jeffer - 169.195 Handlev. Thomas L. 68,219 Handwerker, Barrv A. 151,159,169, 2i:i Haney, Meghan 46,215 Hangren. Elizabeth 207 Hangren. Laura Ann 212 Hangren. Mr Richard F. 180 Hanlon. Martha Mar Gibbs 235 Hannah Tamara Ue 23.i Hannah. Wendv Lvnn 211 Hannon. Lisa Ruth 66,194 Hansen. Bradley G. 151.171,212 Han.sen. Kimberly C. 235 Hanson. .Joyce Elaine 68,202,220 Hardee, Marv B. 66,106.198 Hardin. Jan Louise 66.68,102,103. 197 Hardin, Judy M. 198 Hardin. Nancy A. 99,235 Hardy. Carolyn Lee 211 Hardy. Robert V. 51.81.235 Hardv. Stephen B, 210 Hardy. Thomas Randall 214 Hargetl. Brad K. 195 Hargie, Karin A. 72,235 Harkness, Amy Stiller 69,157.212 Harloff. Keith Edward 210 Harland. Michele H. 211 HarU fT. Pamela A. 235 Harms. Carl G. 2.35 Harnar. Jeffrey Dean 65.66.68,195 Harper. Charles L. 150.235 Hamman. Brooke T. 212 Harrington. Keith W. 235 Harris. Ellen D. 101.103.235,257 Hams, Gregg Walker 170,195,202 Harris. .Jami Faith 156.166.172,206 Harris. Judd M, 49.235 Harris .Jr Kenneth A. 153,170,202, 207 Harrison, Scott 150.171.235 Harrison, Stephanie L. 217 Horsting. Amy 206 Hart. Emilv A, 2.35 Hart. Melissa Jean 67.207 Hart. Pollv Susan 203 Hartel. William J 199 Harter. Barbara D. 95.195.236 Hartmann. Judee M. 206 Hanmann. Michael E. 236 Hartnett. Gregory T. 47.209 Hartong. David George 162.213 Hartong. John Gordon 66,155.195, 202 Hartz. Bam- F. 102.161.236 Harvey, Eileen T. 167.217 Harvev. James P 23S Harvey. Laura E. 218 Harvey. Mrs. Sue M. 183 Harwich. Murray D. 208 Harza, John D, 213 Ha 256 Haser. John B. 195 Haser. Paul Bryant 151.218 Haskell. David Ross 208 . Michael J. 1,54,213 . Thomas S. 200 Hast. Howard Arthur 220 Hastev. Marguerite M. 206,221 Ha.stings, William H. 216 Hatton. Mrs. Rana V, 183.257 Hauptle. Richard S. 70.160.214 Hauser. Kenneth 1.53,171.207 Hauser. Peter C. 1.53.215 Hawkins. Patrick J. 210 Hawkins. Sharon A. 236 Hawley. Robert B. 162.218 Haworth, Susan 210 Hayden. Melissa Ann 103.166,206 Havdock. George S. 2.36 Hayes. Kristin A. 72.217 Haves. Maureen Anne 212 Heal. Thane W. 2.36 Heald. Jean Hughes 100.102,103. 194.202 Hector. Valerie Anne 204 Heeter. Bruce T. Heida. .lanet Lvnn 1.57.207 Heidnch. Paul K. 152.2.36 Heine. Gretchen 2.36 Heine. Peter Thomas 213 Heinen. Stephen C, 171.207 Heinzen. .John C. 67.204 Heinzen. Michael S. 236 Heiser. Martin F. 151.171.217 Heiser, Teresita E. 205 Heiss, Christopher W, 102,161,201 Held. Laura Elizabeth 1,56,166,167, 172,216 Held, Rebecca Jane 165 Helfrich, Mr. Gene R. 167,169,172, 197 Heller. Marv C. 44,51,68,95,236, Hellman, Christopher 1,53.213 Hellman. Judith Ann 204 Helmer. Anne K. 1.57.1 5.172.2r2 Helmer. Jane Krez Henderson. Charles N. 70.151,216 Henden.on. .leffrev 213 Henderson. .John M. 70.153.210 Henderson. Kathv .lo 197 Hennes,sv. Elisabeth 66.196 , H. Richard 159,216 . Nancy J. 199 Henschel. Leigh S. 208 Henzlik. .Joseph C. 1.53.204 Hepler. Merrilee 236 Hepler. .Steven M, 201 Hepwortb. Andy N. 213 Hepworth. Laurie A. 199 Herbon. Jodi Lvn 203 Herlocker. John F. .Ir 104,236,2,56 Herlocker, Julie 87,204 Herlocker, Nancy M. 69,102,103,1,57, 199 Hernandez, Tomaa M 214 Hemon. Noreen Ann 236 Heroux. Charlotte A. 236 Herrmann. Marianne M. 211 Herrmann. Timothy G. 236 Hershenson. Joseph B. 46.214 Herzog. Andrew .1, 70.73.219 Herzog. Mrs. Marv Jo 18:1.1.56 Hess. Stanley Kevin 1.52.200 Hetz. Stephanie C. 70,209 Heuer. William B. 70.72.198 Hewett. Catherine B. 211 Hewett. Susan M. 198 Hexton. Clayton Sayre 236 Hevtow. Andrew Todd 207 Hevtow. Pamela A, 49.2.36 Hibbard, Charleen K. 197 Hickman. Theresa M. 216 Hicks. James Clifford 70.73.209 Hiering. Susan G. 236 Higa. Jonathan 70.209 Higgins. Andrew T. 237.2.56 Higgins. Brian Gerard 1.58.199 Higgins. Chris M. 213 Higgins. Cvnthia A. 237 Higgins. Ellen Wavne 2(X1 Higgins. Jacqueline 67.204 Higgins. Marguerite 66,198 Higgin.s. Peter F. 151.169,216 Higgins. Roger Mark 153.168.214 Higgins. Thomas P. 195 Hilarides. R«)bcrt S. Hill. Cana Delafon 216 Hill. Diana Louise 211 Hill. Elisabeth J. 69,217 Hill. James K. 195 Hill. Jon C. 35.237,256 Hill, .Sara William 72,213 Hill, Susan I. 68,72,102,103,194 Hillman. Mr Floyd B. 179 Hilsabeck. Mrs, Alison 183 Hilsabeck. Mr. .Stephen A. 151.183. 197 Hilton. David H. Hinds. Susanna C. 211 Hindsley. Paul M.,58,199 Hines, James Rodger 48,105,2,37,256 Hines. .John Robert 216 Hines, Rachel 69,105,206 Hinshaw, Kimberlee 0. 200 Hirsch. Deborah J. 68.237 Hirsch. Laurie A. 237 Hirschhom, Daniel B. 51.70,73.198, 202 Hirsh, Alan Mathew 49,1.52,198,202 Hirsh, .John Ira 1,53,216 Hitt, Peter David 1,54,168,204 Hively, Deborah L. 205 Hjalmarson, John C. 152,201 Hjalmarson, Melissa A. 172,237,257 Hoag. Richard N. 102,161,237 Hobler. Ruth V. 66.103,156,199,202 Hodlick. Robert J. 237 Hodlick. Tam E. 208 Hoff. Loraine C. 237 Hoffberg. Shell Feryl 217 Hoffman. Alan D. 204 Hoffman. Greg Wagner 214 Hoffman. Jane 197 Hoffman. .John M. 213 Hoffman. Kevin James 1.50.208 H.iffman. Mark D 237 Hoffman. Michele D. 46.106.237 Hoffman, Mitchell L 117.140, (Doughty) INDEX 265 Hoffman, M ' - :--.-(i i Hoffman, ' - .; 2:17 Hoffmai - 201 Hoffni.ii:, , .,,re e Ann 49,199 Hofstetlfr, .Susan 200 Hofstetter, Sydney L. 199 Hogan, Michael John 217 Hohengarten. Helen 206 Hohengarten. John M. 94,237 Hohengarlen, William 204 Holdford, Ruth Ann 199 Holland, Christina 70,72.206 Holland, .Jeff J. 48,l!i4.170,202 203,208 Holland, John Oldham 156.170.213 Holland, Maureen 217 Holleran, Mark M. 196 Holleran, Martin L. 1.53,214 Hollnway, Nancy 1. 204 Hulmberg, Michael J, 161,202.210 Hnlmberg. Thomas J. 102,104.161. 164,237 Holi Jull! I 200 Holmgren, Carolyn 67.210 Holzinger. Miss Louise 179 Honigsblum, Mrs Lana R. 183 Hook, Susan Marie 69,218 Hopkins, Martha Carol 165.202, 205 Horchner, Richard P, 237 Horn. .loseph J. 201 Horsling, Amy 206 Horshng. .John R, 16,162,213 H.irwich, Franklin 210 Horwitch, Peter Dayid 170,214 Horwitz, Clifford W. 1.52,171.196 Hoshein. Jennifer Ann 172.212 Hosbein, .James R. 1.53.163,213 Hosbein. Mark B. 98,207 Hoskins, Art W. 66,68,150.201 Houghtlin. Deborah A. 212 Houpt, Richard V. 66.68.150,171,201 Howard, Lisa Anne 125.157,166,173, 203 Howard, Paul W. 160,217 Howell, .lohn Angus 218 Howell. Peter L. 49,73.237 Howell, Samuel 70.72.73,209 Howell, Suzanne 101.206 Howland, Charles H. 66,153,171,199, 146 Howlett, Julie Ann 166,218 Hovt. Phelps B. 70,72.73.115,152, 238 Hovt. Stephen Dubbs 70.116,153, 215 Hubbard. George Alan 1,50,168.201 Hubbard, James W. 1,53,168.209 Huber, Jerilyn 206 Huck, Catherine C. 196 Hudson, John 210 Huerter. Mr. .Joseph C. 183 Huffer, Robert M. 210 Huge, Terry L, 207 Hughes, Elise Ann 238 Hughes, Michael J. 209 Hughes, Pamela 215 Hughes, William M, 67.208 Hulburt, William H. 109.23P Hull, .Jonathan D. 208 Hummel. Kathenne F. 67,21u Humphrey, David C. 66,68,219.2,38 Huppert. .loshua B. 72,201 Hurd, Suzanne Dweitt 69,103,166.207 Hurley, Joan Marie 209 Hurley, Mary 49,238 Hurley, Thomas A..158.198 Hum, Steven Ijirose 238 Hurst, Jason Thomas 238 Hussey, Michael R. 238 Hussey, Thomas Albert 171.195 Husting, Jennifer Kay 157,218 Hutchins, Sarah A. 209 Hutchison, Sarah 197 Hutt, Peler R. 238 Hotter. Paul Hazard 46,70,173,197 Hutter. Steven Neal 214 Hynes. Gary Laurence 152,200 Idzik, Chris John 220 Idzik, Rebecca Joan 212 leuter, Charles R. 154.169,214 Irwin. Mr. Lawrence C. 179 Isaacs. James L, 205 Ismond, Mrs. Joan S. 183 Ivanovich. Peter A. 238 Jackman. Mark T. 205 Jackson, Herbert K. 1.58,204 Jacob. Kenneth Hales 70.104.216 Jacobi, Keith P, 51,95,238,2.57 Jacobi. Wvn 213 Jacobs, Clayton D. 201 Jacobson, .Jeanne M. 66,165.172,200 .Jacobson, Mr. .John A. 183,214 Jacobson, Mrs. Lilly P. 183 Jacobson, Timothy A. 209 .laeck. Christine Ann 215 Jaeschke. David J. 198 Jaeschke, Douglas S. 196 Jaffe, Frank W, 209.169 Jaffee. Barbara Jean 206 .lahant. .lohn Pierre 195 James, Catherine C. 101,166.204 James, .Jeremiah S. 202 James. Merrily Lind 101.170.207 Janaes, Daniel James 1.50,207 Jannotta. Jr Edgar D. 1.53.170,208 Jannotta, Mary C. 206 Jansen. Robert P. 238 Jasper, Joan Lynn 238 Jasper. Elizabeth A. 207 Jauss, James Henry 198 Jensen, Mr. Gordon W. 180 Jester, Judith Ann 207 Jewell, Robert David 196 lewell, Dr, Robert W. 178 . ' ewett, Robin E. 154,219 ifwett, William D. 154.168,205 ' iganti, Mark 103,128,160,238 Jiganti, .Jeanine M. 49.100.199 Jiganti. John J. 103,155,160,208 Jobst, Mrs. Virginia E. 179 Johnson. Adrienne 206 Johnson. Brett B. 238 .Johnson. Catherine A. 157,218 Johnson, Christopher 238 Johnson, Diane E. 238 Johnson, James H. 221 .Johnson. .Joel V. 48.1.52,197 Johnson. Joyce C. 89,102,103,157, 201 Johnson, Ms. Julie W. 183 Johnson, Karin Ruth 212 .Johnson, Kent A. 102,161,164.2.38 Johnson. Leslie Ellen 72.205 Johnson, Margherite L. 207 Johnson, Raymond D. 207 Johnson, Richard A. 238 Johnson, Steven Lloyd 238,256 Johnson, Susan M. 206 Johnston. Dr. Angus J. 183,206 .Johnston. Mrs. Elizabeth 184 Jones, Daniel M. 196 Jones, Douglas F. 205 Jones, Eric Donald 218 Jones, Gregory Todd 68,197 Jones, Nancy 66,198 Jones. Timothy A. 47.204 Jonscher, Peter L, 204 Jonscher, Richard S. 162,201 Josefsberg, Mr. Bernard 18 loseph, John Alan 210 Judge, Catherine R, 212 K Kaatz, William J. 238 Kabel, Marcus Ian 218 Kaden, Debra Sue 217 Kadlec, Jennifer E. 72,197 Kahler, Mr. Edward W. 170,184 Kaiser. Kristopher E, 210 Kaitchuck. Kevin M. 72,215 Kallerud, Larren K. 238 Kallerud, Laury Lvn 199 Kallman, Rob C. 162,213 Kalter, Claude J, 135.165.238 Kamin. Anthony 48.209 Kane, Kathleen 215 Kane, Madeleine 102.103.157,199 Kane, Mary V, 49,102,165,199 Kao, Jeffrey Lee 70,73.214 Kaplan. Jame Simpson 155,210 Kaply. Laurel l::m 238 Kapps, Alison r l,: .. 212 Karaganis. Jr J. ' ,: ■-. 205 Karas. Lee Arthur ' • Karmel. .Joshua N. i ■12.204 Karmin, Kathryn G.i ,, ;98.202 , Themistoc . Vasilea B. ; ' Karr, Elizabeth M. 23s Karr, Eric John 198 Kaseberg, R. Alexndr 98,1 141,150.238 Kashian. Janet L. 238 Kashian. Paul G. 208 Katz. David W. 70,72.73.104.. Katz. .Joel A. Katz, Mrs. Laura S. 184 Katz, Patricia Anne 67,219 Katzin, Bob 214 Kauf, Steven David 238 Kauffmann, .John H. 210 Kaufmann, Kathryn I. 72,103,207 Kauss. Sue Marv 210 Kavanagh. Evan Smith 67.68.210 Kavanagh, Preston B. 68,165.219 Kay, Scott W, 238 Kavton, Todd Steven 70,213 Keating, Bradley A. 66,68,169,238 Keats, Matthew M. 164,238 Keefe, Christopher P. 205 Keefe. Joseph A. 66,68.221 Keefe. Margaret I. 212 Keefe. Regina Anne 215 Keefe. Thomas P. 204 Keefe. Tom M. 239 Keever. Belinda Ann 239 Kehm, Miss Elaine M. 184,191,206 Keithlev. Scott J. 239 Keller. Broderick B. 70,158.205 Keller, Kathrvn .Jane 239 Keller, Yvonne C. 165,167,217 Kellett, Michael B. 239 Kellev, Kendall M. 199 Kellev. Patrick W. 102.239 Kellev. Douglas W. 104.153.213 Kellev, James C. 239 Kellev, Susan W. 239 Kellogg, Andy H. 70.73.216 Kelly. Mrs. Barbara M. 184.206 Kelly, Elizabeth J. 49.69.199 Kelly, Erin Louise 201 Kelly, Mrs. Helen L. 184 Kelly, Lawrence John 105,162.195. 202 Kelly. Margaret M. 218 Kelly, Mary Elizabeth 239 Kelly, Megan M. 104.239 Kelly. Nancy A. 221 Kellv. Sean Patrick 200 Kemmerer, Claudia D. 201 Kemmerer, .James C. 47.68,69,239 Kemp, Mrs. Marilyn V. 184.206 Kendall. Margaret M. 201 Kendall. Peter Atwood 208 Kenn. Dana L. Kennedy. Michael C, 160 Kennedy. Susan Ruth 210 Kennicke. Miss Leola J. 157.166. 167.184.197 Kepler, Daniel B. 1,53.216 Kepler. Su.sanne E. 100.199 Kerr. Alison 239 Kerr. Ellen M. 67,208 Kerr, Kendra 209 Kerr, William D. 170,239 Kershaw, Elizabeth 72,239 . Chei 239 Kerzee, Robert Alan 204 Kidd, Pamela E. 219,234 Kidd, Peter James 219 Kidwell, Anne B. 199 Kidwell. Robert L. 164.239.257 Kiem, Leslie Ann 34,220.239 Kiem. Lincoln David 214 Ki esler. Mitchell B. 165.171,204 Kiliany, Mrs. .Joan C. 184 Kilncr. Peter H. 113, ng-Ah 212 Kissinger, William Jr 151,159.216 Kixmiller. Miss Jean P. 179,202. 219 Klapper, Philip D. 207 Klauke. Ann Marie 67.207 Klauke. George F. 161.207 Klauke, Laura Ann 201 Klee, Kevin 195 Klee, Tracey Alison 217 Klein, Elizabeth Lee 21i Klein. Eric 151.217 Klein. Klaus Dieter 72,73,197 Klein, Mr, Ronald T, 1.50,169,184, 214 Julit Kleir Ellit 215 Kime, Laurence C, 239 Kimura, Naoko 166,167,172.217 Kincaid. Elizabeth A. 137,139,166. 167.239 Kincaid. Margaret M. 211 Kincaid. Robert John 219,239 Kindig. Deborah L. 2.39 Kindig. Nancy Ann 103.166,205 King, Gail Elizabeth 209 King, .Jefferv E. 66.98.108,154.239 King. Mr. .John N. 184 King. Kimberly Ann 102,104,239 King, Linda June 198 King, Mark A. 239 King. Mary B, 100.2.39 King, Meridith Lynn 199 King, Michael Foster 219 King, Richard Ellwood 218 King, Robert T. 239 Kingery, Daniel 239 Kingsbury, Mr. Peter V. 184 Kingwill, Baird C. 1,53,207 Kingwill, Stephanie D. 215 Kinnev, Elaine F. 166,167.194 Kioutas. Tim T. 198 Kirby, Thomas C. 104,205 Kirchheimer, Miss Nancy 184 Kirinich, Susan Marie 72,239 Kirk, Mark Steven 196 Kirk, Robin 67,1,57,16.5,206 Klinge, Carol Therese 213 Klingler, Donna J. 206 Klingler, Ellen Marie 239 Klingsporn. Mr. Charles A. 179 Klise. Thomas J. Klotz, Edward S. 70,154,168.208 Kludv, Steven Carl 214 Kluka, Miss Darlene A. 103,166,172.185 Kmieciak. Susan M. 239 Knoop. Dave W. 119,154,168,239 Knowhon, Robert L. 66,68,160,1% Koch, Judith Ann 197 Koch, Margaret Ann 239,256 Koelle, John Erik 217 Koelle, Kathryn M. 199 Kofman, Bonnie Jane 67,207 Kofman, Paul 213 Kohlenbrener, Mrs. Bianca 185 Kohler. Charles B. 220 Kokes, Linda L. 197 Kondzela, Patricia A. 207 Konradt, .Joseph G. 116.240 Kopp, Jeff K. 152,200 Koppel, Cheryl L. 50,220.240 Koppel. David Norman 149.213 Korengold. David P. 240 Korengold. Richard H, 216 Korner, Paula L ' ' oa (Koppel) 266 lNDEX Korsvik. Heather J. 240,256 Koser. Mr. William J. 185 Koushanpour. David 204 Kovacevic. Daniel P. 46.169,196 Kowalskv. C.reg A. 219.240 Kowalskv, Paul Andrew 213 Kowalskv. Susan Beth - ' K, Kracht. Phillip R. 215 Kraenzle, Friedrirh H, 214 Kraenzle. Otto Walter 21.1 Kramer, Marion 106,197 Kramer. Susan M. 240 Kranick, Harrv D. 210 Kraus, I iuis James 151, If 168,218 Krause, Laurie Ann 215 Krause. Nancv E. 240 Kravits, Susan I.vnne 206 Kravbill, Henr - R 2411 Kravhill, Paul D. 1,53.213 Krebs. Uslie Ann 67.70,1,56,166,208 Kreiser, Claudia A. 240 Kretchmer. Garv E.,205 Kriesant, Karen E. 207 KriesanI, Kathrvn A, 240 Kriesant, Ken F. 198 Knmmer. Mathew H. 105.1,54.168.197 Krmimer. Tma 67.206 Krivkovich, Mrs. Linda J. 185 Kroschel. Mr. Eugene A. 106,185 Kruempelstaedter, Anne 103,154 246 Kruempelstdter, Linda 101,203 Kruempelstaedter, Mr. .J. 151.162. I, ' i5.197 Krull, Kevin .1. 195 KrvRsman. Cvril 2(K) Kuhert, Charles N. 48,70,72,198,202 Kubin, George F. 46,171,240 Kudan. Mark B. 219 Kuecker, Scott, T. 196 Kuecker, Valerie C. 240 Kuennen. Mr. Robert E. 180 Kuenzel. Kimberlv R. 218 Kuenzel. David S. 150,196 Kuelher. Tmiothv .L 207 Kuhn. .Jeffrev M. 102.240 Kuhnen. Blair O. 214 Kuhnen. dregg 214 Kuipers. Maribeth 66,198 Kulp. Robert Samuel 1,55,240 Kuppe, .lames Burgi 216 Kurland. Mrs. Lola A. ia5 Kurschner. .Jr Gilbert 1.50.204 Kurschner. Michael P. 104,208 Kurlander, Leslie L. 217 Kutschke, Thomas A. 1,53,212 L 200 Lacroix, Charles A, 47,217 Lafaire, Garv F. 196 Lagershausen, Suzanne 220 Lague, Raymond E. -Jr 197 Lague. Sharon R. 240 Lahev. Christopher E. 1,50,196 Lambert, Celeste M. 165,204 Lambrecht, Patricia 173.197,202 Lampert. Cvnthia L. 166,198,202 Lancev. Elizabeth 198 Landesman, Ann 67,207 Lane. Burl Keith 216 Lane. Gwvneth 46,67,207 Lane, Patrick S, 104.1,54,168,24l L ne. Russel G. 70,213 Lane, Shaun P. 154,202 908 Lane, Svdnev H. 216 Lane, ferry 170,197 Lang. Lisa Ann 198 Langan. Matthew P. 214 Lanham. Linda Ann 215 Lanzillotta. Salvino 214 Ijipat. Robert X. 197 Lardner. Philip .1. 51,195 Larkin. Daniel F. 151,214 Larkin. Laura L. 240 Larson. Christine L. 241 Larson. Ian Read 216 Larson, Mr. Robert 179 Uskv. Leigh R. .50.210 Laskv. Rhonda Joy 103.200 I-askv. Scott A. 103,207 Later, Tracy C. 201 Lathrop, Mark Leon 195 Uu, Dodie Elizabeth 198 Lau, Theresa Ann 211 Laughhn. Cas.sandra G. 67.206 Uughlin. Christopher 68,220 Laughlin, Elizabeth L. 217 Lavelle, Carol Ann 213 Lavelle, Michael F. 199 Lawler. Daniel Paul 1.55.216 Lawler. Peter T. 1.55.169,209 Miss Rosalie 185 Lawson. Bruce B. 170,173,208 Lawson. Charles A. 210 Uwson. Ellen .1. 241 Lawson, Robert David 46.47,209 Lazar. Mrs. Deanna 185 Lazar. Stuart Norman 2(K1 Lazar. Mr. Zacharv ia5,257 Uahv, Barbara .1. 200 Leahy, Mr. Robert 1,50,1.59,185,207 Lederman. -lill Susan 212 Ledinskv. Mr, Raymond 48,185,214 Ue, Alexandra E. 241 66.117.144,1,52.170,200 Ma Al.rlh 241 III 72,102,1.57.200 Lee. Nancy Kathrvn 72,157,217 l ee. Virginia .loanne 165,211 Leeklev, -Inhn Maurice 155,217 l.eeklev. Virginia Ann Legg. William L. 72.173,197 Leggelt, Mrs. Susanne 185 .Joseph A. 151.1,59,168,212 I.ehn Ma Leonard, Kent 114,116,152,241 Leonard, Patricia A. 241 Lin. Annie 103.138,166,241 Lin, Eugene 70,103.204 Lincoln, Ian Preston 198 Lind, Robert J. 162,215 Linden, Richard F. 171,209 I.indlev, Mr. Austin 198 Lindlev, Teri Lin 219 Lindner, .Ir Robert F. 70,73,104. 1,54,171,206 Lipe, .lav B. 1,50,1()8,2()0 Lipe, .Jei ' f 104,1.50,241,256 Lipsich, Beth 216 Lipson, Michael Rand 214 Little, Deborah 194 Little, Erika Eileen 201 Little, Karen A. 172,215 Long, Paul Francis 208 L.png, Therese M. 220,241,2,56 Louis, Margo Karen 72,201 Uive. Kathrvn S. 216 Love, Matthew David 70,73,151, 1,59,216 Lovelv,Lvnn D. 172,216 Low, Rebecca Sharon 198 Lowe, Bonnie Beth 212 Lowndes, Larry C. 197 Lowndes, Laura K. 199 Lucas. Margaret L. 67,208 Leonard, Stephen E. 49,198 Leonard, William .1. 218 Leslie. Brian Russell 213 Leslie. Mary Ann 200 Lev. .Julie 196 I verentz, Mrs. Evelyn 185 Leverentz. Mark .J. 165.216 Leverentz. Mr. Rodney 180,191 Uvie, Karen Michelle 211 Uvin, Bruce Michael 214 Levin .Jeffrey Scott 166.196 Uvine, Su.san .Janet 198 Uvins, Frank .Joseph 162,2w Levit, Creon M. 220 Irfvy. Mrs. Thora 185.207 Lewis, Aloma Aneita 215 Lewis, Andrea Maria 70,215 Uwis, Charlotte C. 105,197 Lewis, .John Darvl 241 I wis, Michael E. 204 Uwis. Vinroy V. 1.53.214 Ley, Catherine S. 67,101.202,207 Lev, George 241 Licata. Elizabeth Ann 213 Licata, Stephen .1. 210 Lidecker. Mary C. 1.57,216 Lidecker, Lynne 157,241 Lieberman. -lulie Ann 203 Lieberman, Karl .James 201 Lieberman. Keith Mark 216 Lilienheim. Michael .1. 195 Limberg, Douglas S. Ludovice. .John N, 1,59,169,216 Ludovice, Robert -John 197 Luecker, Cvnthia 67.101,203 Lundin, Amy E. 219 Lundin, Thomas Andrew 216 Lundquist, Mark ,Steve 151,163.168, 212 Lunkes, Sueanne 217 Luster, Dwight Edward 217 Lutman. William T, 242 Lvnnes, Christopher S. 78.199 Lvon. Bruce W. 48,199 Lvon, .Jamee Claire 242 Lvon, John A. 196 Lvon, .Jonathon 68,208 Lyons. David M 162,242 Lyons. Dennis K 70,1,59,213 Lvons, -James Daniel 70.73.162,201 MacDonald, Bill Scott 72,73,201 MacGillivray. Scott R. 198 MncGregor, .John D. 153.214 MacGregor, Melinda A. 194 Mack. Eileen Marie 69,212 Mack, .Julian Capps 89.102,161,164, 201 Mack, Kathleen V. 205 Mack, Laura W, 68,242 Mack, Marco Itav 70.73,198 Mack. Sheila A, 205 Mackenzie, .lamie Sue 67.208 Mackcvich, Marietta 103.166,242 Machevich, Nancv E. 217 Mackev. Brian P M Mackie, Linda R.ibin 2 1 Mackie. Susan B.-lh M» Maclean. Elizabeth S 211 Mncmillan, Alisa 211 Madis, Clinton Kemp 49,107,242 Madden, Diana Uland 101,204 Madden, .John M, .Jr. 170.201 Madden, Katheryn M. 101,242 Madlener, Deborah L. 212 Madsen, Virginin Gail 211 Maher, Elizabeth Anne 209 Maher. Virginia Anne 194 Mahon, Marie T. 242 M Maatman Mnr, Kllen 48,194 Mabie, .Janice I ' ra).207 Mabie, Karen ' . -12 MacDonald, Alexander 1,53,217 (Petrie) Mahon, Patrick D. 200 Mahoney, Margaret Ann 194 Mahowald, K.ilherine A. 242 Mahowald. Mark G. 195 Mahowald, Paul .James 210 Maine. Ann V. 51,1,54,170,172,197 Maine, 111 Robert 208 Mallacc. Elizabeth K. 215 Mallace. Heidi Anne 199 Malles. Edward D. 168.219.242 Malles. .lames Craig 1.55.217 Malloy, Margaret Marv 211 Malone. Andrew H, 221 Malone. Maureen 203 Malone. Patricia 215 Maloney. Anne Fran. - Maloney, Elizabeth - Maloney, .I.ihn W, " ■■ Maloney, Mary Ly ,218 Maloney, Michac ' - ' il MaU, .Jr Kavm.iP 155.158.169. 207 Maloney, Wif ■• 217 Maltz. Ellen .2 Manella. .1 i M. 242 Mangier, ' ' avid 216 Mangier, ' ■, .1. 208 Manierrc, - .n .1. 215 Manlev. M ' ixhael 186.214 Mannix, Elizabeth A, 205 Mansfield, Mr. Ernest I8l, Maranda, Sharon H, 208 Marcin, Marietta 68 Marcus, Edye Anne 215 Marcus, George David 46,210 Marder,Lisa 1,37.1,56,166,167 Marguerite, Daniel .J. 201 Mark, Gordon Griffith 170.218 Markev, Richard M. 161,164.205 Markev, Thomas S, 209 Markonich, Heidi 211 Marks, Kathy Ann 1,57,216 Marlin, Stephanie 61,68,69 Marmel, Mrs, Blossom 186,207 Marquardt, .John M, 102,171,196,202 Marran, .Julia E. 67.206 Marrinson. Andrew H. 214 Marsh, Kathrvn Ann 99,210 Marsh, Lisa .J, 68 Marshall, L jren Hess 46 Martin, Barbara A. 69,102,103,104, 2,57 Martin, Galen S. 66,199,202 Martin. Gary Bradford 1.53.215 Martin. .James Paul 221 Martin, Kirk Andrew 195 Martin, Robert A, 219 Martin, Tracy Lvnn 197 Marvin, Marv Patricia 99 Marvin. Philip C, 162.196 Marvin. Thomas Gerard 163.214 Ma.son. Robert W, 201 Mason, Vicki 67,219 Massey, Claire Andrea 217 Massey, Kristin E, 242 Mast, Christine M. 216 Masterton, Desmond .J, 197 Maslerton. Patrick J. 217 Mathewson. Lori 101.194.201,202 Mathewson, Mark Allen 153.215 Matin, Polly Rudele 242 Matthei, Patricia A, 100,102.103, 242.2,57 Matthews. Bradley C, 204 Matthews. Bruce R, Matthews. Doug S, 206 Matthews. Dr. Martha -io 179 Matthews, Peggy .1. 242 Matthews, Raymond B. 209 Maton. Michelle L. 211 Matz. Mr Eric 161.162,186,2,57 Mauck, Mrs Margery 186,215 Maver. Katherine A, Mav, Mr, Riiv 1,50,186,207 Maver, Polly Selz 72,200 Maver, Katherine A, 72,211 Mavnard. Andrea B, 106,242 Mazza, .Jov 194 Mazza, Mark Kaylor 16,5,217 Mazza, Peter Gray 72,243 McAllen, Robert 38,39,47,70,72, 216 McAuhff, Kathleen A. 243 McAuliff, Robert B, 70.73,212 McBride. Richard S, 161,204 McBride, Stephen 162,215 McCabe, .Janet Kay 197 McCabe, Valerie Lee 219 McCallum, .John D, 195 McCandlish, Anthony R, 66,68,200 McCann. Terrance M, 201 McCarren. Felicia M, 68. K56.202.206 McCarthv. Edward A, 196 McCarthy. Erin Ann 66.166.172,200. 201 McCarthv. Glenn T, 70.210 McCartney. Mr. Craig 186 McCartv. Marie L, 203 McClain. Kathrvn L. 69.199 McClain. Marv G, 206 McClain. Rebecca A, 100.206 McClain. Mr, Thomas 40,48.80,191, 257 McClain, William T, 243 McClellan. .John S, 160.171,200 McClellan, Michael G, 159,217 McCloskev, Mr. .Joseph 196 McCluskev, Donald T. 219,243 McConnell, Ann Thomas 215 McCook. Catherine .1. 66,243 McCook, Margaret E, 213 McCook, Theresa .J, 243,256,257 MiCormick, Christopher 48,146,243 KCormick, William T, 1.55,197 McCoskrie, Ann .Judith 219.243,256 .Mcfoskrie, Ellen .Jane 203 MCoy, .John in 243 McCoy, Nina A. 67.205 McCrea, Mr. Philip 186.208 McCullough. Holly E, 243 McCullough. Kelly N. 46,49,207 McDermott, Chris A, 208 McDermott, Th omas (i 195 McDivitt, Ann Lynn 1(13.103.123,243 McDivitt, Patrick W ;61, 164.209 McDonald, .Jamc ■ ' - ' 13 McDonald, .Jef- ■ 243 McDonough, ,■ 103,199 McDowell, •■ .lip 196 McEachr • . .J. 46,66.197 McEvet ' . b. 66.198 McFac, . ' r. .James 171 McF II. Mrs. Mary 186 Mcij, : , .1 hn Manion . 104.24 McGarrv. Kevin V. .Ir 216 McGee. Bonnie .J, 66.68.243 INDEX ? McGee. ' .. Ralph 178.191 McGr-: 111, Kathy Joan 243 Mcf-i ' v. Kenneth A. 70,73.209 M. lew. Susan W 166.209 lcGuinness. .Inhn B. 221 McGuire, Mrs, Mary Ida 178 McHugh. .lohn •], 1.51,169.214.243 McHugh. Michael W. 198 Mcllwee, Peter T. 80,199 Mclnnis. Elizabeth l. ' i7.194 Mclntire. Steven Lee 102.161.195 Mcintosh, Elizabeth D. 67,206 Mcintosh, Wendy J. 243 Mclntvre, .Jeffrey 197 Mclntvre, Kevin C. 158,208 Mclntvre, Richard R. 169,243 Mclntyre, Sue 67.203 McKay. Thomas Michael 153.216 McKeone, James J. 1.50.195 McKeone. John Shine 169.208 McKeough. Susan M, 167.215 McKiernan. Ariane E. 211 McKiernan. Brian J. 207 McKinlev. William B. 104.173.208 McLaurv. Ann 199 McLean. Bruce D. 161.205 McLeese. Roy W. HI 48.199 McLeod, Jr .John C, 67,204 McMahon, Elizabeth 68,72.200 MrManus. Brian M. 49.196 McMillen. Anne C. 68.243.257 McMurray. Jane 218 McMurray. Susan 205 McNallv. .John M. 49.243 McNallv. Peter C. 47.216 McNamara. Donald A. 243 McNaughton. Miss Joyce 69.157.186. 208 McNemey, Richard H. 152,164,170, 200,202 McNultv, Michael C. 150,1.58.243 McNulty. Thomas K. 196 McRae. Michael Jodie 243 McRae. Steven Kirk 150 McShane. Antony J. 202.208 McShane. Elizabeth C. 68.199 Mead. Virginia C. 197 Meadows. Robert K. 198 Mealy. Mrs. Susan 186 Mecartnev. Dave L. 204 Medina, Anita M. 212 Medina Torrev-Yvonne 68 Medina, Thomas Frank 197 Meeder, James F. 210 Meeker. Ann W. 166.167.201 Megan. Molly E. 211 Meijer, Karen 215 Meltzer, Ann Kathryn 68,194 Meltzer, Cynthia L. 213 Memmer, Don N. 1,52,195 Menary, Barry R. 209 Mengel, .John S. .50,94,106 Mercier, Evan William 196 Mercer, William Allan 220 Merens. Bennett H. 200 Mericle, Karen Grace 212 Merkel, David D, 209 Merkel, Alan C. 216 Merkel, Pamela Ann 221 Merrill, Linda Mae 67,243 Merrill, Michael G. 213 Messer, Ann Hanes 202,203,206 Metzger. Elizabeth O, 67.70.207 Metzger. Mr. Earl H. 163,198 Metzger. Mark S. 206 Meyer. Ann C. 66.197 Mever. Lorelei M. 46.200 Meyers..Iohn Charles 161.205 . Thomas David 151,169, Miller. Scott Lee 162.215 Mills. Christopher C. 244 Milner. Miss Maribeth 186 Minn. .Steven Mark 216 Minogue. James Scott 208 Minogue. Sheila Mary 198 Minor. Jennifer Rose 210 Minow. Mary R. Minton. Lawrence R. 209 Ari David 206 Mic Jan 217 214 Mevi Wan 1 J. 164.200 Michala. .John P. 154,243 Michala. .Joseph C. 1.55 Michala. Matthew F. 1.54.216 Michala. Michael Michie. James Paul 17! Migely, Margaret Ann 196 MikeUon, Mary Ruth 67,172,210 Milauskas, Mr. George 186 Milburn, Curtis A. 221 Milenkovic. Victor J. 72.210 Miles. Mrs. .Joanne 186 Milford. Douglas J. 66.105,152, 200.202 Milici. David C. 38.46.196 Millenson. Mrs. Judith 186,198 Miller. Mrs. Beverly 186.220 Miller. Diana G. 243 Miller. Elizabeth A. 103 Miller. Elizabeth B. 243 Miller. Eric L. 219.243 Miller. Ingrid C. 167.243 Miller, Joy Denise 215 Miller, .Judith Anne 207 Miller, Judith Lynn 68.200 Miller. Kim 206 Miller. Mr. Llovd 186 Miller. Mark Timothy 208 Mirot. Max Stephen 201 Missimer. Kathy 101.199.202 Mitchell. Charles W. 208 Mitchell. Christine 103.166.208 Mitchell. David E. 220 Mitchell. David Scott 49.207 Mitchell. Fiobert B. Moderwell. Charles M. 152,164.201 Moderwell. .John W. 153.169.216 Moffett. James S. 219 Mohling. Karen H. 244 Mohling. Timothy G. Mohling. Todd 219,244 Moldafsky, .Jamie 70,215 Moles, Peter T. 207 Moloney, Anne M. 101,244,257 Moloney. Donald J. 1.54.199 Moloney. Elizabeth A. 66.68.244 Moloney. Nancy Ixiu 156.197 Moore. Christian 153.170.207 Moore. Ellen C. 67.68.205 Moore. Fiona Tracy 1% Moore. Gerald Wiliiam 169.1% Moore. Jonathan E. 205 Moore. Jr William 1.50.205 Moore. Melissa M. 200.202 Moore. Sarah Ellen 217 Moore. Stephen K. 48.208 Moore. Timothy M. 49.195 n. Bradley 169.210 . Terri .j ' o 69.198 Moraitis. Dimitri Moraitis.Philip 48.210 Moran. Aileen F. 244 Moran. Peter James . Moran. Thomas Wra 196 Morand. Marybeth 212 Morand. Robert Carr 1% Morand. Timothy J. 162.244 More. Mrs. Ixiuise 186 Moreau. Mrs. Rose 186.191.198 Morey. Mr. Leonard 186 Morgan. David H, 208 Morgan. Mark D, 216 Morgan. Richard E. 152,201 Morgan, Sean T. 244 Moritz. Janet M. 194 Morley. Donald B. 151.214 Morris. Amy V. 172.194 Morri s. Jane Louise 103,166.167. 173.201 Morris. Sallie B. 100.101.244 Morris. Kevin P. 104.152,244. 257 Morris, Robert C. Jr 195 Morris. Virginia 166.167.201 Morrison. Thomas J. 154.208 Morrow. Barbara Ann 69.216 Morrow. Miss Helen 186 Moshier. Mindy Lee 209 Moss. David C. 244,256 Moss. .James D. 104.164.244 Moss. Josh Jacob 70.162.215 Moss. Laura A. 244.256 Moss. Patricia Ellen 244 Moy. Linda Monvan 215 Mov. Regina 196 Moy. Rita 206 Mrkonich. Heidi .Jo 211 Mrkonich. Jan Edward 195 Muckerman. Catherine 207 Mueller. Catherine A. 218 Mueller. Cecilia M. 69.207 Mueller. Elise Mueller. Mark N. 159.214 Muente. Suzanne G. 200 Mulder. Becky K. 245 Muller. Douglas S. 67.208 Mulliner. Mr. .John 153.1 5.180 Mundt. .Joann 67.166.203 Myers, Mark T, 245 Myers, Mary W. 206 Myers. Scott M 214 . Julie C. 212 Munuz. Erol 1.53.213 Murdoch. David M. 162.215 Murphy. David Gerard 204 Murphy. Marguerite L. 212 Murphy. Michael John 195 Murphy. Michael S. 1.58.196 Murphy. Mr, Richard 176.208 Murphy. Thomas F, 155.245 Murphy. Thomas F. 1,55.245 Murray. Christopher W. 160,210 Murray. John C. 220.245 Murrin. Michael Paul 47.216 Musgjerd. Anne E. 245 Musica. Michael S. 125.158.245 Musica, Michelle S. 215 Myers. Amo Rhodes 210 Myers. Katharine L. 198 (Ostergaard) N Nachemson. Mike 208 Nader. .Jason J. 1.5,5.164.245 Nadhemy. Sandra J. 100.207 Nadhemy. Wendy C. 245 Nagle. Julie Ann 172.218 Nagle. Michael D. 245 Nahidi. Kurdsh 214 Narn. Mrs. Cathie 186 Narrod. Ruth A. 103.246 Nash. Joseph James 218 Nash. William Kidd 154.168,216 NATIONAL MERIT 2.56 Nauman. Phillip G. 196 Neary. Mrs. Sally 186 Neary. Susan Marie 67.206 Neary. Thomas D. 153.214 Nedoss, David M. 245 Nedoss. Ruth C. 220 Needier. Debra Susan 66.68.197 Needlman. Marc S. Neel. Eliot D, 208 Neer. .James E. 217 Negropida. .Jill C. 221 Neidig. Janet Diane 215 Neidig. Steven Earl 195 Neil. Barbara M, 67.210 Neil. Barrington Roy 68.195 Neiweem. James P. 102.246 Nejedly. Carl T. 204 Nejedly. Frank Paul 197 Nelson. Diane T, 194 Nelson. Laura Kathryn 70.218 Nelson. Matthew Peter 200 Nelson. Randv A, 245 Nelson. Robin L. 67.207 Nelson. Scott Richard 196 Nesbitt. Margaret M. 211 Neuhaus. David W. Neuhaus. Robert F., 211.216 Neuman. Carolyn Hope 216 Neuman. Mr. Leo 180 Neumann. Barbara 48.198 Neumann. Mark A, 216 Nevin. Gerald P, 67.68.208 Nevin. Nancy M. 197 Nevin. Paul E, Nevins. Mark E, 68.219.245 Nevins. Steve 197 NEW TRIER NEWS 43 Newcombe. John Joseph 67.68.206 Newhall. Elizabeth A. 245 Newhall. Robert C. 204 Newman. Julie M. 200 Newton. Patricia G. 72 Nevlan. Nancy Beach 46.194 Nicholis. Donald J. 214 Nicholis. Lita Ann 66.68.200 Nichols. Dale R. 214 Nicholson. Mr, Edward 186 N ' lehank. Mary Agatha 67.206 Niebauer. Miss Irene 186 Nielsen. .Jeff B, Nisslv. Gregg Joseph 151.168.217 Nisslv. Kathleen M, 66.201 Nixon. Helen K, 66 Nixon. Kathleen R. 66.194,202 Nixon. Michael G. 1,50.171.208 Nixon. Patrick W. 161.163,214 Noel. Penny 216 Nolan. Andrew F, 213 Nolan. Justin Timothy 163.208 Nolan. Matthew 246 Nold. Andrew 205 Nold. William M, 246 Norcross. Jon Darrow 4V.67.68.206 Nordbloom. Miss Judith 186.215 Nordmark. Steve A. 67.202.210 Norman. James Carl 67.68,204 Norris. David Milton 168,200.202 Norton. Kelly Ann 103.157.166,207 Nortrup. ,lane K, 66,246 Notbohm, Diane C. 246 Novak. Cheryl Ann 194 N.nic. Tvra L. 220 Nowik. Mrs, Cynthia 186.209 Noves. Nancy 72.206 Nugent. William H, 46.219 Nusinnw. Miss Mindv 186 Nykaza. Dan .Joseph 150.171.201 Nvkaza. Robert Steven 171.213 Nvstrom. Eric H. 246 Nvstrom. Karl John 47.205 Oakley. William R. M. 70.73. 215 268 lNi;iiX Obencha n. Abigail M. 165.205.215 Obencha in. Rilev R. 195 Obereme r. John R. -209 Obereine r. Lnri A. 106.-246 Oberlm. Jane Ann 199 Oberlin. Julie Mane 165 Obermoeler. Chrisandr 246 Obemdorf. Joan H. 68.246 OBovle Elizabeth D. 103.198 O ' Brien Judith G. 92. ' 2O1.202 OBhen Kevin M. 246 O ' Brien Leslie Lvnn 213 O ' Brien Martin 195 O ' Brien Tim K. 246 O ' Conne 11. Mrs. Louise 186 O ' Connell. Malachy J. 200 O ' Cnnnell. Margaret J. 246.256 O ' Connor. Carrie D. 208 O ' Connor. Dennis Lee ' 204 O ' Connor.Mollv 72.246 O ' Connor. Nora Ellin 211 O ' Connor. Sheila 201 O ' Connor, Timothy D. 66.246 Odea, John H. 246 Odea. Mike G. 2W O ' Donneil. Eileen N. 198 Od»-ver. Michael A. 196 O ' Gara. Brian T. 207 Ogden. Susan L. 246 O ' Hare. Mr Michael 191.199 O ' Keefc. James L. 155.205 O ' Keefe. .Sharon Ann 246 CKeeffe, -Icrome 152,246 O ' Keeffe. Marv ' P. 205.209 O ' KeefTe. Philip R. 195 O ' Kellev. Marv Hollv 201 OKLAHOMA! 64 Olderman. Mr Richard 186 0 ' Lear . Ann E. 209 O ' Learv-. Dan M. 246 0 ' Lear -. Julie A. 217 Oliva. Mr. Ralph 186,209 Olsen, Heidi 198 Olson. Cvnthia E. 66,156.165.167. 172.194 Olson. Julie A. Olson. Scott Raymond 214 Olson. Valerie Sue 203 G ' Mailev. Diane Marie 206 O ' Mallev. Eileen E. 199 O ' Mallev. Kevin J. 47.104.246 O ' Mara. Elizabeth Anne 199 O ' Mara. Robert David 214 O ' Neil, James M. 151.171.214 O ' Neil. Janet Marv 204 O ' Neil. Nancv Jean 246.257 O ' Neil. Patrick W. 196 O ' Neil. William P. 1 ' 28,160.195 O ' Neill. Kathleen Ann 212 Oppen. Catherine ' 209 ORCHESTRAS 54 Ordman. Martin 1.58.246 O ' Reillv. Camille M. 198 O ' Reillv. Eileen E. 167.211 O ' Rourke. James .Joseph 151.171.213 O ' Rourke. Patrick F. 246 O ' Rfjurke. Thomas M. ' 206 Ortegel. Robert K. 198 Osberg. Kenneth C. 213 Osborn. Mr. Lvnn 186.209 Oshaughnessv. Daniel 195 Osment. Andrew T. 1.5.5,170.198 Osment. Mar • J. Ostergaard. Jerome S. 46,.50.102.1% Ovresat. David M 246 Ovresat. Eric Raymond 1.53.213 Owens. Cabe M. Owens. Elizabeth Owens. Gladys Y. 208 Owens, Lloyd Hamilton 104,154,215 Pacini, Michael Scott 1,35,165, (Robbins) Packard. Dcnise E. 51,246,257 Packer, Charles W. 246 Packler, Debbi F. 201 Packler. Karen Sue 215 Padgitt. David R. 50.51.246 Padgitt. Donald Lee 214 Pagano, Eleanor V. 246 Pagano, Julie A. 217 Pagano, Neil X. 196 Page. Bill H, 210 Page. Geoffrey Gray 199 Palmer. Brian D. l ' 50.168,246 Pangrac, Wanda Marie 66.68,246 Paniotte. Maggie ' 205 Panitch. David B, 246 Panitch. Steven L. 163.210 Pantone. Judith 202.203.208 Paolella. David J, 196 Paoletti, Catherine M. 215 Paoletti, Ricky M. 246 Papierski, Deborah A. ' 246 Parcells, Lindsev I) 218 Pankh, Alan N. Ml Parikh, Sara Jean 215 Parisi, Barbara Rose 221 Parmer. Ravmonii ( ' ' 204 Parr. David Ravmond 1,50,210 Parrish, Mila b " i».- 217 Parsch. Gayle 1, 216 Parsegian. Barh. rit .1. 206 Parsegian. Karen A Parson. Anne M t 8,247.257 Parsons. Sarah K 212 Partridge, Mrs I;.ni- 186 Pasek, Glenn 1 15 " , 207 Pasek, Laura I ' ;l,10fl,102.103, Pasikov, Mich;i. ! i i.il_ 70.216 Pasikov, Steve ' - 247 Patera. Mari . ' :M ' Pates, Anne El: «l e ' h 247 Pales, Chris .i Patrick, Gregcr .. 154.209 PATRONS 260 Patterson, .lames R. 152.247 Patterson. Mary Ann 212 Pattenion. Michael C. Patterson. Patrick A. 171. ' 205 Pattison. .Jean G, 199 Pauker. Elliott C. 216 Paul, Mrs, Arline 186.220 Paul. Mrs. Avis 186.199 J ' aul. .leremv Israel 198 Paulick. Mrs. Dorothy 186 Penra, .lonathan Edgar 198,202 Peara. Timolhv Grant 70,72,204 Pearl, Kendra Lynn 70,201 Pearlman. Gregory Y. 170.213 I ' earse. Laurie J. 247 I ' earse. Mariha L. 215 Pearson. Brad James 204 I ' earson. Jacqueline R. 172.212 Pearson. Linda Sue ' 206 Pechtl. Richard 195 Pechtl. Roberi John 216 Peck. Emily A. 103.104.247 Peck. Susan E. 221 Pedersen. Mary Joann 219 Pelts. Leslie Gail 211 Pendrv. Thomas A. .50.105.197 Penney. Carolyn A. 49.106.247 Penney. Nicholas Seth 68,153.162, 214 Penticoff. Brian A. 207 PEP CLUB .%.100 Perkins. Reed F. 68.247 Perlman. Daniel 219 Perreault. Mr. Kenneth 187 Perrella. Regina M. 67.205 Perry. David R. Perry. Ellen C, 99.202,204 Perr . Mark Price Perry. Mary Elizabeth 99.199 Person. Suzanne E. 72.102.247 Pesch. Brian L. 105,198 Pelerman. Dr. William 180 Peters. Alison Beth 72.212 Peters. Renata G. 199 Peters. Tom F. 1,54. ' 247.2.56 Peters. William H. 1.58.208 Petersen. lames F. 204 Petersen. Sandra Lee 247 Peterson. Thomas A. 210 Peterson. Andrew K. 158.169.208 Peterson. Anthony C. 1.58.198 Peterson. Dale Edward 195 Peterson. David D. Jr 102.161.164. 201 Peterson. David W. 247 Peterson. Miss Donna 187.191 Peterson. Herbert D. 151.212 Peterson. Jennifer 194 Peterson. Linda M. ' 221,247 Peterson. Martha Lvnn 215 Peterson. Scott E. 160.169.214 Peterson. Todd M. 204 Petrav. Cheryl Louise 247 Petray. Craig R. Petne, Linda Anne 50.201 Petrillo. Kathrvn Ann 206 Pettersen. Robert H. 96.247 Pellersen. Thomas L. 197. ' 204 Petty. Jeanne P, 167.207 Pfaelzer. Deborah A. 247 Pfaelzer. Laura Block 217 Pfann. Joanne 103.194 Pnsterer. Scott M. 169.214 Pfutzenreuter. Joan 199 Philipp. John Marston 212 Phillips. Catherine 69.205 Phillips. .John A. 150,208 Phillips. Samuel 195.202 Phillips. Victoria B. 1.57.213 Philpot. Brian Riley 66.68. 196. ' 202 Philpot. Tracv Ann 167.215 Pick, Nancy Elizabeth 215 Pickard. Scott Davis 206 Pierce. Brad K. 127,151.1.59,169. 214 Pierskalla. William P. 221,247 Pink. Mrs, Peggy 180 Piorkowski. Paul F, Piper. Eric J. 163.205 Pirruccello. Ann L. 247 Pitluk. Adam J, 67.209 Put. Andrew S. Planer. Marcy Lee Plate. .Joseph A. 216 Plate. Norman Edward 214 Plate. Valerie Ann 207 Platon. Charles N. 213 Platon. Steven C. 129.160,247 Piatt, Alison 199 Plonsker. Richard L. 247 Plonsker. Steve E. 70.153,162 Plummet, Kevin John 1,53,;- Poirier. Lise Ann 100.210 Poirier. W. Wallace Jr ' . ' Pok. Nary R. Lisa 2f ' Poklop. Joseph R, 2 ' PoUak. Lis a Carol _ Pollock, Susan 72. Polydoris. Lynn • ' Poor, David A. Porter, Jeffrey Roy 161,164,207 Porter. Jesse B. 247 Porter. Matthew H, 163,207 Porter, Thomas L. 10 ' 2,131, 161,247 Porter, Timothy Paul 102,161,164. 247 Posen, Miles P. 69,247 Posner, Desiree A. 215 Posner, Howard Alan 200 Pottage. Mark H. Pottage. Nancv Tod 247 Potter. James P. 210 Potter. William M. 247 Potts. Patrick A. 163.207 Potts. William A. 132.162.247 Poulos, Sandra D. 207 Powell. Debra Anne 67,100. ' 207 Powell. Erin Jane 212 Powell, l awrence R. 218 Powell. Mary A. 66.69.199 Poyser. Mrs. Paula 187.215 Preston. Charlie E. 68.1% Prevo. James Thomas 197 Prevo. Suzanne E. 247 Price. Deborah D. 68.247 Prindiville. Frances 216 Prindiville. Kathleen 72,205 Prindiville. Patricia 72.247. ' 256 Prouty. Bruce K, 200 Proutv. Peter K, 214 Provow. Mr. Charles 187.216 Provow. Laura 212 Pruitt. Mr, Robert 179 Pryor. Alexandra D, 101.198 Pryor. Elizabeth K. 217 Pryor. Kiley A. 100.101.248 Punnett. Case I. 210 Punnett. Eric C. 209 Purcell. Elizabeth 212 Purcell. Sarah N. 87.100.102,103, 106. ' 248 Pyes. Carol Lynn 248 Pyskacek. Nava Twig 70.215 Pvskacek. Peter S. 153.205 Q ck. Mrs, Betty 180 nn. Michael K. 70.73.210 nn. Patrick S. R Poorman, Step .■2,197 Poorraan, TK ..168.212 Pope, Eliza ' - Pope. Sanii Porino, N ■-le 172.217 Porino, Sar .dith 205 Racker. Lester 217 Radcliffe. Guy Peter 213 Radcliffe. Mark David 195 Radell. Nicholas 46.216 Radloff. Elizabeth 248 Radnor. Jonathan 105.195 Rado. Susan Ann 204 Raffo. Christopher R. 257 Raffo. Lenore Marie 199.248 Raggi. Karen E. 137.167.248 Raglin. Carla Neil 216 Ramsay. Cynthia B, ' 208 Ramsay. Julie H. 198 Ramsay. Scott Forbes 72.153,214 Randall. David W. 214 Randle. Paul M, 195 Randolph. Ian C, 1,58.198 Rangraves. Mrs, Ismene 187 Rankin, Ross L, 1,53.204 Ranney. George C. 152.197 Rapoza. Darion 160.204 Rasmussen. Irene N. 208 Rast. Mariha Sue 215 Raucci, Iluna Richard 205.248 Raver..! -lane E. 217 R;iv ' .Ir, .John 187,210 K, ...n.i. Daniel 205 ' ... hak. Marv 165.173.248 ,: hak. Nancv 165,204 ,... Jeffrey Paul 196 . .la. Laurie 207 : adding. Martha C. Reed. Elizabeth Anne 101,103.197 Reed. Terri Lvnne 215 Rees. Thomas P. 218 Rees. William H, 200 Reese, John B. 197 Reeves, Kim A. 72,219,248 Regan. Eileen M. 209 Regan. Joanne Doris 199 Regan. Margaret Ann 199 Regnell. Karen ( " ! ' )» Reib. Susan R . ' .k Reichert. P t. r •■ , 213 Rcid. Patri. . liae 215 Reid, Rul!i Klizabeth 66,68.199 Reighar.i .Ian Kirk 215 Reighar.l Srolt R. 169,204 Reimer. I.iiey 215 Rein, Thomaa D. 248 Reinisch. Katie L. 212 INDEX 269 Reiter, Adam Elia .i7 Reiter, Keturah L. 46,220 Reitz, Lauralee 21S Reitz. Rav Alan 209 Rclias, Mrs. Linda 187 liemien. Anne 103,106.248,257 Remien. Marv Margaret 212 Remien, Robert O. S. 151,163,216 Remke, John Lang Jr 248 Remkc. Sara Ann 207 Remke, Stacv S, 104.1,57 Remlinger, Robert G. 198 Rempert, Bradley A. 205 Rempert, Kendall S. 249 Rempert. Robert S. 216 Rennnlds. Catherine A. 215 Rennolds. Maureen L. 211 Rennolds. William J. 210 Repetto. Leanne C. 212 Reynolds, Karen Ann 67,205 Reynolds. Michael P. 200 Reynolds, .Sharon 249 Rezabek, Steven J. 249 Rhnad, Mr, Richard 187,191 Rhodes, Harrv Mayer 48.210 Riblet. Mary .lane 101.103.249 Richards, William C. 249 Richardson, Matthew M. 219 Richburg, Pamela Kay 213 Richburg, Teri S. 103.166,198 Richman. Ruth M. 67,206 Richmond. David Roy 207 Ridley. Susanne L, 103.166,210 Rieger. Karen P. M. 212 Rielly, Catherine A. 67,207 Rjelly. Mary Ellen .50.66,68,201,202 Riemenschneider, Stey 197 Rietz, David Charles 153.215,171 Riff. Diane Lynn 201 Riggio, Caroline M. 199 Riise. Ole H.M. 73.201 Rippel. Anne Turle 69.203 Rippel. Frederick O, 96.220,249 Riseng. Dag Richard 201 Rissman. Arnold R. 170.249 Rnbhins. Cydney Beth 66.68.197 R.ibbins. Lisa L. ,50.249 Roberson. Andrea N. 217 Roberts. G venvth B. 217 Roberts. .Julie 51.199 Roberts. Peter Craig 150.202.206 Roberts. Shepherd M. 210 Robertson. Catherine 219 Robertson. Mr. David 161.162.187 Robertson. .Jody 69,102,103,249 Robertson. William B. 70,73.196 Robinson. Blaine M. 195 Robinson. Charles L. 249,267 Robling, Mrs. Charlotte 179 Rnckey, Mr. Charles 187 Roden, Mrs. Marv 187,25, Rodenkirk, Richard R. 169,214 Rndenkirk, Timothy .J. 196 Rneper. D. Scott 150,164,249 Roepke, Mrs. Arovs 187 Roessler, Monica S. 217 Rogers, Ann Elizabeth 213 Rogers, Cindy Lee 105,197 Rogers, .Jacqueline K. 249 Rogers, Beth M. 66,249 Rogers, Michael S. 66,104.196 Rogers. Michelle M. 257 Romanek. Mark Ue 197 Rnmani. Mrs. Margaret 187 Ronan, Margaret 249 Ronayne III .John F. 213 Rork. Mrs. Margerv 187 Rosen, Karen .1, 2.50 Rosen. Laura B. 2.50 Rosenberg. David M. 213 Ro.senberg. Ellen M. 57.66.194 Rosenberg. Lisa 69.250 Rosenberg. Paula Ann 67.209 RO! nblo. 199 Rosenbloom. .Julie 199 Rosenthal, Elise Gail 72,196 Rosenzweig, Brook L. 209 Rosenzweig. Michael W. 47,213 Ross, Mrs. Patricia 187,216 Rossi, Elizabeth A. 68,200 Roth. Mrs. Elaine 180 Roth. Randall 2.50 Roth. Thomas Rubel 70.216 Rothrock. Alec R. 162.200 Rothschild. Steven M. 2,50 Rotival, Catherine 67,2,50 Rotondo, Miss Diane 187 Rotter, Barbara .],50, 2,56 Rouleau, Brenda L. 217 Rowe, Anthony William 1,50,1.58,209 Rowe, Katrina A. 49,199 Roval, Brabara E. 216 Royal, Mark C. 68,220 Rovce. Julie Ann 172,212 Rnvce, Wesley Wm 103,205 Rubel, James M. 56,70,73,2,50 Rubel, Nancy Jo 207 Ruben De Celia, Mr, Pablo 152,187 Rubens, Peggy 68,103,201 Rubin. Julia A. 67.207 Rubin. Ronald Maurice 46,216 Rude. Kathleen Susan 219 Rude, Dr. Roland 187 Rucierman. Richard Rud., .r. Mr. W. Jess 179 270 i,NlDEX Rudnick. .Jeff A. 152.196 Rudoin. Steve L. 210 Ruffin, Edmund S. 197 Ruffin. James H. 195 Ruflm. Stuart R. 206 Ruffoln. Michael A 216 Rundell. David S. 195 Rupp. Nancy Jane 201 Russ. Nancy Mane 197 Russell. Suzanne M. 212 Rutherford. Julie 1,57.206 Rutherford. Sue Ann Rutledge. Dwight R. 200 Rutz. Carey Louise 66.194 Rutz. Laura Ann 215 Ryan. Helen Mane 212 Ryan. Jeff Kevin 1.58.200 Ryan. John Clemens 1.58.173,195 Ryan. Mary Therese 51,250 Ryan, William R. 47,204 Ryberg, Miss Geraldine 136.157, 166,180 Rvno, Karole Lynn 67,166,217 Ryno, Kim 206 Ryon, Mrs. Helen 187.210 Satterlce. William W. 103.160.210 Sauer. John Maritan 219 Saunders. Henrietta 72.198 Mn 186 s Sale. Marv Monroe 199.202 Saliwanchik. Paul D. 212 Sally. William Donald 217 Salvano. Michael C. 1,55,196 Salyano,Pamela 172,205 Samos, Joshua 1,53,212 Sampson, Gregory W. 66,68.200 Sampson. Michael F. 152.260 Sanborn. Sharon Diane 250 Sanden. Lianne 208 Sanden. Thomas Gordon 162.2.50 Sanders. Victoria 206 Sandlin. Neil Bryan 198 Sangster. Jr Maynard 153.207 Santos tefano. Dannv A. 195 Sarlund. Raija 68.97.250 Savelv. Marcia Lvnne 216 Savitt. Terri Lynn 199 Sayre, Elizabeth Ruth 194 Sbrocco. Matthew A. 70,206 Scanlan, .John Douglas 260 Schacherer, Philip M. 260 Schacherer. Stephen J. 198 Schaefer. George P. 210 Schacfer. .Joseph S. Schaff. Johnson S. 171.201 Schaffer. Amy Carol 194 Schelhas. Marv Ann 66.103,250 Schennum. Paul D. 2.50 Schennum, Scott G. 204 Scheyer, Steven R. 68,2,50.257 Schiele. Robert S. 197 .Schienberg. Randy M. 49.100.103. 260.256 Schiffman. Sharon Kay 165.210 Schiffman. Sheila J. 250 Schiffman. Stacie Lee 212 Schinler. Dale R. 2.50 Schinler. Jack Thomas 214 Shinier. Jill Marie 218 Schinler, Laura Ann 207 Schlossman, Marc N. 70,73.213 Schlumpf. Lvnne Marie 194 Schmid. Barbara C. 250.256,257 Schmid, Dorothy E. 205 Schmid, John .Stephen 163,217 Schmidt, .leffrev Dean 2,50 Schmidt, .John Richard 1.55.197 Schmidt. Katherine M. 2.50 Schmidt. .Stephen B. 2.50 Schmidtlein. James P. 216 Schmitt. Anne M, Schmitt. Deborah Ann 218 Schmitt, Stephen E, 1.50.201 Schmitt. Susan Manon 167,214 Schmitt, Teresa A. 166.210 Schmitz. Michael S. 1.50.207 •Schmitz, Nancy 220,250 Schnagl, Diana Lynn 215 Schnake, Janet Ann 199 Schnake, Joan Marv 194 Schneider, Debbie L. 217 Schneider, Donna Joan 210 Schneider, Donna Rae 205 Schneider. James S. 210 Schnelle, Dawn R. 66.198 Scholar. Jane E. 66,200 Scholomite. George G. 49,250 Scholomite. Nicholas 201 Schoof. Andy P. 103,160.198 Schoof, Sandy 200 Schopen, Charles E. 197 Schopen. Keith F. 213 Schopen. Timothy A. 180.213 Schrage. Elliot Jay Schrage. Michael D.,56 Schramm. Frederick R, 69.213 Schreiber. Thomas E. 102.161.164. 195 Schroeder. Edward G. 103.204 Schulz. Carolyn M. 250 Schulman. Caroline D. 170.209 .Schulz. Paul Allen 210 Schultz. Hunter N. 219 Schwartz. Anne E. 206 Schwartz. Hilary F. 2.50 Schwartz, James A. 197 Schwartz, Sally Nan 199 Schwarz. Carolyn M. 68.194 Schwarz. Laura B. 219.250 Schwiebert. Cynthia K. 211 Schwiebert. JuUe L. 212 Schwiebert. Kirk 150.195 Schwimmer, Lisa B. 66,68.196 Schwinn. Su,san B. 206 Scollav. James R. 260 Scott. Alice R. 103,260 Scott, Priscilla L. 201 Scoville. James C. 47.69.213 Scoville. Susan E. 66,69,199 Scoville, William H. 161.169.171, 215 Scully. Gail CeciHa 216 Seabright. Caitlin A. 211 Seabury. David 198 Seaman. Robert A. 221.2.50 Sebastian. Thomas J. 207 Sec combe. David D. 201 Sefert. Joan Brydon Segarra. Francisco A. 107.152.251 Seghers, Boyd 213 Segil, Richard Dem 47,1,54,159,214 Seibel, Sarah E. 251 Seibel. David Bixby 209 Selbv. Reed Seneca 200 Selig. Marcia R. 199 Selvaggio. John S. 194,197,202 Selvaggio. Sharon 67,210 Sensibar. Gordan R. 46.47.197 SENIORS 224 Sershon. Mark John 213 Setear. John K. 195 Sethness. Kimberly 67.166.206 Setten. Karen B. 197 Sewell. Lowell S. 201 Sevfarth, Christopher 168,251 Shaffer, Stephani 196 Shang. Eugene Jay 214 Shang. Sophia H. 68.202.208 Shapiro. Caroline Eve 172.198 Shapiro. Michael Ann 72.251 Shapiro. Owen Jon 206 Sharfstein, Jamye J. 166,251 Sharfstein, Jeffrey T. 202,206 Sharp, .Jonathan, D. 162.216 Shaver. Thomas Bruce 206 Shaw. Catherine Marv 216 Shaw. Cynthia 172.199 Sheehan. Nora C. 211 Shehan. Douglas E. 216 Shehan. Julie Marie 103,251 Shehan. David M. 196 Shelton. Benjamin J. 72,214 Shelton, George H. 158.197 Shelton. .John R. 217 Shelton. Leigh T. 251 Shepherd. David C. 169.205 Shepherd, Paul C. 102.161,164,251 Sheperd. Michael A. 151.163.169. 217 Shepherd. .Jr Harold L. 171.204 Sheridan. Beth Carol 210 Sheridan, Marc H. 98,1.50.251 Sherman. Bruce I. Sherman. Carol Anne 251 Sherman. Gail Susan 212 Sherman. Melissa B. 208 Sherman. Patncia M. 67,73,209 Sherman. Floger S. 168.261 Sherman. Stephanie A. 99,198 Shieh. David Lin " = ( Padgitt) Shihata. Shintaro 205 Shine, rhristlne 172 Shinker. Kathrine E. 212 Shockev. Elizabeth H. 102.251 Short. Barbara J. 212 Shoubin. Beth Amv 215 Sibbald. Allison .lo 211 Sider, Jerold H. 169,251 Sides. .leanine Marie " 0,73.99.251 Sides. Kathrvn M. 70.206 Siegel. Betsv Ann 67,72.209 Siegal. Peter Eric 68.161,205 Sievers. .John F. 251 Sievers. Thomas E. 153.208 Sinel, Tarin .loann 49,197 Sigel, C.wynne B. 217 Sigel, Paul Emerson 251 Silberman, Craig L. 46,217 Simmons. Sarah Eliz. 66.251 Simon. Sandra 201 Simpson. David E. 219 Simpson. Leah Ruth 21.1 Simpson. Thomas K 196 Sincox, .lim R. 104,213 Singleton, .lanet Ann 198 Sivright. Barbara A. 101.200 Skaja, Martha L. 47,67,207 Skaja, Patricia S, 47,200 Skalla, .Steven P. 153.164,210 Skehen, Mar ' Beth 205 Skillman, David V .Ir 251 Skillman, Stephen L 162.205 Skillman. Timothy P, 1.50,207 Skinner. Steven Lea 251 Skloot. Howard Jav 201 Slack. Richard W. 1,59,213 Slallerv, Maureen A. 100,102,103. 201 Slatlerv, Stephen .J. 251 Slavens, Catherine M. 202,211 Slavens. Tina Maria 251 Slingerland. Henn ' 98.150.251. 256 Slonicki, Rachel T. 199 Small, Thomas Wren 208 Smart, -lohn Richard 102.1.50,196.202 Smith. Amv Lee 215 Smith. Andrew K. 155.168.214 Smith. Ann Goodrich 200 Smith. Carolyn Anne 212 Smith. Christopher A. 169.208 Smith. Douglas 213 Smith, Eleanor 67,206 Smith, Glenn B. 48.206 Smith, Gregory M. 200 Smith, Heather .Joy 66,197 Smith, .leffrev A. 171,210 Smith, Karen Laura 197 Smith, Katherine 206 Smith, Mark K. 160.213 Smith, Martha Hosmer 101,207 Smith, Michael E. 251 Smith, Michael .J. 151,1.59,214 Smith, Michael James 205 Smith, Michael S. 165,216 Smith, Richard B. 197 Smith. Steffenv E. 251 Smith, Steve C. 49,93,106.251 Smith. Susannah L, 67,208 Smith, Wendy Sue 172.216 Smithers. Beth A. 68,251 Smithers. Stephen 162,198 Smola, .Jennifer 198 Smola, Mar - Alice 21S Snell, Robert -Jeff 48,199 Snider, .James Dalton 214 Snite. Virginia H. 213 Snvder, .John Bennett 102,161,164, 195 Snyder, Thomas -J. 251 Sobat, Carmen Susan 196 Sobel, Robert L. SOCCER 114,152 SOCIAL SERVICE 92,106 Socket, Anita C. 103,166,206 Socket. Ellen B. 166.251 SOFTBALL 147 Sokol, Dan H. 210 Sokol, Frank G. 198 Solberg, Sally B. 67.156.207 Sollitt. A. Thomas 160.198 Sollitt. .James M. 160.1% Solomon. Brent Eric 104.212 Solomon. Keith N. 104.195 Sommer. Richard F. 10.5.216 Sommers. Eric K. 115.152.196 Sommers. Ue S. 102.161.251 Sondheimer. Richard .J. 1% Sontag. Diane M. 165.194 Sontag. Mark .1. Sontag. Mitchell Alan 218 SOPHOMORES 203 Soren. Bradley W. 70,72.199.202 Soren. Roger Charles Sorcy. Caria Maria 167.201 Sosewitt. Miriam 70.204 Sosna. Fanny 251 Southern. .James M. 70.169.214 Southern. William A. 70.73.204 Soulhall. Kelly L. 204 Spector, .Ion B. 72,219.251 Speight. Nathaniel 251 Spellman. Gerianne .). 199 Spencer. Nancy C. 103.251 Spencer, Vincent C. 158.209 Spiegler. .Jennifer E. 213 Spiegler, Julie E. 167.199 Spier. David M. 106.219.251,256 Spies, Karen Sue 66,200 Spiiek, Jessica Ann 200 Spitek, Lydia A. 2.52 SPORTS SERVICES 88.103 Sprav. Gregory S. 1.55.209 Spra ' vregen. James H. 1.50.163. 202.210 Sprayregen. Linda R. 252 .Spring. Katherine M. 252 Spring. Michael 204 Spring, Sarah E. 206 St. Clair. Mark S. 200 Staessens. R. Gary 195 Staessens. John C. 208 Staessens. Karen 252 Stafford. Elizabeth 67.206 STAGE CREW 69 Stamatakis. Chris J. 214 Stanzler, Linda S. 252 Stapleton, Margaret A. 209 Stazv, Carrie Lee 167,173.198 Stazv. Donald F. 1.53,168.214 Steagall. Marilyn D. 203 -Stearns. James D. Stearns. Katherine E.,57 Steams. Michael K. 103.160.195 STEERING COMMITTEES 202 Steffen. Ann E. 47.68,70,10,5,200 Steflens, .Inn Anton 200 SletTens, Kathleen S. 212 Stevenson, David M. 70,252 Steven.son, Irene D, 69,213 Stevenson, John F. 171,201 Stevenson, Michael W. 204 Stevenson, Susan M. 69.206 Stewart. Nancy L. 220.252 Stewart. Shawn 211 Stiffler. Kathrvn G. 102.103,123. 157.201 Stiles, Pamela J. 66,68.157.252 Stinneford. .James G. 51.81,195 Stitt. Christopher A. Stoecker. Carol Jean 199 .Stogin. Elizabeth B. 1.56,218 Stogin, John M, 103,160,252.256. 257 Stokes. Marion F. 104.2,52 Stone. Margaret A. 212 ' Stonier, John R. 162,213 Stout. Margaret Rose 215 Straka. Patricia A. 252 Strandell. Mike .John 171.217 Strauh, .Jennifer 199 Strauch. Laura Holt 67.205 Strauch. Wendi Carter 68.194 Streightiff. Mr. Joel .56.188.217 Strieker. Julie Ann 68.2.53 Striebel, .James A. 214 Strife, David Keator 213 Strong. Judith Ann 211 Sir. .use. David 2.53 Swanson, Lori L. 206 .Swanson. Patricia A. 104.2,53 Swanson. Steven M. 195 Swarsen, Mrs. Bonnie 2.57 Swarsen. Mr. Thomas 32.90.1,5,5.188, 201 Swenson, Anne Ward 197 Swenson, James F. 153,207 Sweers, Miss Carolyn 188.2.57 Swihart, Sharon Ann 72,200 SWIMMING .36,161 SWIMMING, GIRLS ' 123 Swoiskin, Mark H. 70,73,1,53.216 Swoiskin, Susan Joy 69.196 Sylvan. Robin D. 48.253.256 Svnek. Richard Joseph i69.214 Szarapka. Anna J. 253 Tachau. Ellen Haya 207 Takahashi. Mary N. 215 Talbot, Constance C. 99,102,103, 172,2,53 In the aftermath of an early spring tornado, this home in Wilmette bears testimony to the force of nature. (Ostergaard) Steffcns, Kristina M. 212 Steffens, Wayne P. 208 Stehlik, Joseph E. 212 Stein. Denisc A. 202.203.204 Stein. Donald Edward 208 Stein. Mark A. 169.199 Stein. Peter M. . 2.57 Stein, Richard A. 70,72.162,199 Stein. Robert O. 72.252 Stein. Roger H. 72.73.252 Stein. Steven F. 198 Steinhoff. Scott B. 252 Stenn. Howard M. Stephan. .John F. 72.208 Stephan. Mark F. Stephan. Michael D. 103.160.197 Stephan. Walter F. 2.52 Steph ens. Todd J. 21 2 Stern. -Jonathan S. 170.215 Stem. Julia Ann Stem. Naomi Lisa 67.107.206 Stem. Richard E. 104, 218 Sternberg. David Stetter. Mark David 160.215 Stevens. Robert R Z52 Stuhr. Greg P. 66.197,202 STUDENT CABINET 106 STUDENT COUNtTL 90,105 STUDENT LIFE 16 STUDENT TIITORING 24 Stuhr. Greg P. 66.197.202 Sudler. .John 217 Sudler. Mark Dieter 253 -Sukcr. .Jane H. 72.101.199 -Suker. Margn H. 253.257 Sullivan. Ann K. 102,103.196 Sullivan. Barrv L. 253 Sullivan. Bert D. 153.164,207 Sullivan. Peter F. 213 Sullivan. Kevin B. 2.53 Sullivan. M.irt;aret E. 211 Sullivan. Mh h icl J. 212 Sullivan. Ri. k. A- 2.53 Sullivan. Roh.rt G. 195 Sullivan. Sl.i- ' iin P. 150.195 Summers. .Vn-ln-w V. 217 -Sunkel. Gr.i-.rv A. 161.210 Surman, Jr William R. 206 Surta. CraiK Hradlev 214 Suslick. Lau- . Susan 200 Sutherland, I ' uia Beth 197 Sutherland, I ):nid B. 208 Swan. Julie K 66.197 Swan. Lisa E Mng 194 Talbot. Perry P. 103.1,53,160.2114 Tallant, Elizabeth J. 69,205 Tarn, Ginger Ellen 211 Tanaka, Yuko 215 Targun, Mike Jerome 164,196 Tarhan, Sami 205 Tassev. Katherine C. 221 Tatar, Mrs. Judith 188 Tatooles, -John James 47,68,195 Tatooles. Paula E. 217 Tatosian. Oscar S. 169.212 Tatosian. Sarkis M. 209 Taylor. Enn Margaret 208 Taylor. Elise L. 68.194.202 Taylor. Forbes 160.207 Tavlor. Gloria E. 201 I ' avlor. Sharon 204 Taylor. Terti L. 204 Teinowitz. Harry M. 219 Temmerman. Ciaire M. 198 Temmerman. Ellen O. 67.20 ■ Temmerman. Rich P. 125,- Templeton. Kendall T. ' ' Templeton. WiUiam T. TENNIS 144 TENNIS. GIRLS ' ' Terman. Mark Df 162.21 Termvn. Peter X Terrill. Kathrv. .17 Tershel. Joar Theobald. A Thigpen. I Thoennes Thoennc Thomas Thomas Thomas. Johnson T. 162.218 Thomas. Kathleen Anne 209 Thomas. Laura 1.56.206 Thomas. Markham W. 1.50,168,207 Thomas, Tobin Lee 155,215 Thomas, William C. Ill 47,214 Thomashow, Andrew J. 200 Thomashow, Nancy Gay 205 Thompson, Ann 103,166,205 Thompson, Dawn H. 66,68,253 Thompson, Kirsten L. 70.215 Thompson. Mollv A. 68,219.253 Thomsen, Mrs. Gillian 188 Thomson, Mr. -lohn 180 Thorn, Vivian Marie 46.209 Thorne. Robert M. 67.150.206 Thorsen, Karen Marie 198 Ticho. Barry S. ■209 Ticho, Gabriel C. 70,161 Ticho, Joshua A. 213 Tilley, Kimberiy H. 197 Tilley, Laurel Ann 95,106, ' 253 Tillman, Christianne 217 Tillman, Thomas G. 1.58.198 Timmis. Mr. Thomas 179 Tindall, .Jenny Jean Tindall. Julie Tinkle. David H. 1% Tippens. E. Louise 66.198.202 Tippet. Susan C. 166.201.202 Tipping. Robert Glenn 51.152.201 Titterton. George 67.68.209 Tittle. Cathy E. 66.201 Tittle. Richard W. 212 Tobias. Paul J. 213 Tobin. James Brian 218 Tobin. Michael J. 48.199 Todd. James Thomas 212 Todd, Mrs. June 188 Todo, Tomoki 217 Tolford, .lames Scott 165.217 Tolpin. Maria Suzanne 218 Tomes. Robert Steel 72.73.210 Tomlin. Andrew C. 66.198 Tnmlin. Robert W. 67. ' 206 Tomhnson. Cvnthia A. 43.49.2,53 Tompkins. Jeffrey J. 196 Tompkins. Randi .S. 217 Toombs. Thomas M. 160.214 Towne. David Miller 66,201 Townsend, Kenneth H. 205 Townslev, Page C. 253 Townslev, Michael B. 204 TRACK 140 TRACK, GIRLS ' 147 Tracy, Mark Howard 194,195,202 Trainor. Nancy Ann 218 Trausch, Bnan James 1,59,168.213 Trausch. Diane 198 Trautman. Shawn Marie 102.103. 1.57.197 Treacher. Alison Jane 209 Treiber. Christian F. 198.169. 202 Treiber, Frederick 1,58,169,209 Tremavne, Christine A. 68,199 Trenholm, Derek Cole 205 Temholm, Shaun Peter 98,154,168, 195 Trieschmann, Heidi A. 157.166.212 TRI-SHIP 82.98 Trobaugh. Amv B. 2,53,2,56 Trompeter. Frank J. 220 Trompeler, James W. 73,217 , Ann .!17 Trotter, Charles Hugh 103,160,1% Tsrhudy, Carolyn M. 1.56,199 Tuchmann. Eugene T. 171.207 Tukev. Elizabeth Dunn 212 Tulloch. Mary-Anne 215 Tung. Lai Ching 196 Tung, Magdalena 212 Turban, Linda Sue 216 Turbin, Daniel Mever 213 Turbin, Maurice A. 103,106,2.53 Turcot. Mrs. Vivian 189 Turlev. Joanne 102.103. ' 20O Turner. Brad Henry 213 Turner. Gary Steven 216 Twiss. Craig W. 253 Kevin James 1.53.209 Turner. Sally J. 58, ■ Turner. Terry Dean 213 Turner. Tom B. 153 Tussing. Tanya Twilling. David I ewis 200 Twiss, Craig W. 253 Twiss, Kevin James 153,209 Tvner, Mr. Ronald 189,217 Tvrrell, Gerald M. 171,210 Tyrrell, Kevin James 1,50,195 Tvrrell, Mary Alice 2f.:i Uhbc; •■■ffrev W. 119,154,159,168. 202. i:.. 216 INDEX 27: UndcTOood, Mrs. Louise 189,201 Urban. Catherine J. 197 Urban, Elizabeth H. 253 Uriell, Michael F. 151.159,214 Uriell. William F. 158.208 Usher, Joan EHzabeth 197 V Vadeboncoeur, Brett A. 216 VanArsdale, Scott 201 Van Ameronjen. Ben 135,165.210 anatta. Tracv li)0 Vancleave, Brian 150 Vancleave. Theresa 254 Van De Graaff. James 67.72,208 Van De Graaff. Peter 72.216 Vandeveld, Curen C, 211 Vandeveld. Dirk John 150.196 Van Dewalle. Pamela 67.209 arduzer. Joseph E. 254 Vandyke. Allison M. 254 Vandvke. Lvnn Ann 157.203 Ja , Patri 205 A. 215 Heule. Thomas J. 102.254 Vanmeter. Judith Ann 67.207 ' anvlierbergen. Brian 213 Vanzevem. Nancv J- 254 Varlev. Elizabeth B. 68.102.254. 2,56.257 Varlev. Katherine R. 66.68,198 Varlev. Rachel M. 212 Vamev. George T. 209 Vamey. Kathleen H. 254 Vauzanges. Georges D. 72.214 Veit. Jodv 67.101.203 Veith. Miss Nancv 189.201 Velenzuela. Clara 212 Venner. Crvstal 46.67.209 Verbrvck. Karen E. 69,104,196 Verges. Linda Mary 209 Verges. Sonia 198 Vihnn. Laurie N, 2.54 Vincent. Mrs. Greta 189 Vitale. Lisa M. 198 Vitale. Tami Ann 101.199 Vogt. Lauren M, 254 Vogt. Mary L. 220 Vogt. Thomas T. 160,213 Volkmann, Thomas D. 113,150,162, 202,204 Volkmann, William H. 104,134,142. VOLLEYBALL 139,167 Voss, Andrew Sort 204 Voss, Karen Anne 201 w Wagener, Peggy Ann 49,199 Wegener, Sheila V. 254 Wagener, Wendy Louise 215 Wagner, Clark David 40,48,170,199 Wagner, Douglas N. 150,196,201 Wagner. Dr. James 257 Wagner. Julia Ellen 217 Wahlgren. William R. 70.206 Wahlund. Emil Joseph 254 Wahlund. Mary Colleen 197 Wahlund. Patty Ann 215 Waite. Leslie 206 Waitley. David W. 104.140.154,168, 2.54 Waitley, Jane S. 165,172,206 Waldschmidt, Mr. David 9,187,2.57 Waldstein. David J. 70.204 Walk. Randall Bruce 66.68.195 Walker. Thomas C. 218 Wall. Gregory Peter 198 Wall. Marvlou 102.104.254 Wallace, Beth Esther 211 Wallace, Jack C. 206 Walsh, Daniel F. 160,217 Walsh, Edmond E. 254 Walsh, Mrs. Katherine 189,217 Walsh, Michael J. 1% Walsh, Thomas M, 160,198,202 Walters, Jeanne M. 201 Walters. Theresa L, 206 Wang. Stewart 204 Ward. Anne Cecelia 157.217 Ward. Mr. Lucius 189 Ward. Mr. Robert Ware. William Jay 153.169.212 Waring. Dion L. 204 Warner. Douglas J. 153.169.209 Warren. James P. 2.54 Warren. .Julie 69.100.199 Warton. Jennifer J. 212 Wassmann. Ann Marie 99,254 Wassmann, Dan Paul 49.104,196 WATER BALLET 69 WATER POLO 133 Watkins, Ann E. 101,209 Watkins. David E. 214 Watson. Sarah B. 101.103.254 Watson. Susan Olive 215 Watson. William C. 214 Watts. Amy Louise 216 Watts. Merideth S™ia 215 Wavne. Miss Brenda 189 Weatherhead. Elizabeth 254,256 Weatherhead, Judith M. 213 Weatherlev. Lraig A. 198 Weatherlev. Glenn R, 216 Weaver. Anna Marie F, 212 Weaver. Connie H. 197 Webb. Jeffrey M. 68.198 Webb. Lisa Suzanne 217 Webber. Ellen R. 107.254.256 Webber. Shelly J, 2.54 Weber. Charles A. 199 Weber. Kent Reed 195 Weber. Scott P. 206 Webster, Donovan J. 98,150,196 Webster. Susan H. 66,254 Wedekind, Mr, Ronald 176,190 Weed, Mrs. Karolvn 190 Weed, Sheila Kay 66,1% Weed. Wendy Beth 67.202.205 Weeks. David K. 220.2.54 Weickert. Cadv Linda 206 Weil. Douglas Allen 214 Weil, m Edward S. 70.170.210 Weil. Kenny C. 254 Weil. Kimberly Ann 51.194 Weil. Lvnda J. 2.54 Weiler. April Lvnn 194 Weiler. Randy Keith 151,216 Weinberg, Lvnne J. 106,107,254 Weinberg. Nancy 51.95.2,54.257 Weingartner. Mr, Erwin 106.178 Weinstein. Elizabeth 157,215 Weinzimmer, Laurence 214 Weinzimmer, Linda C. 254 Weisbacher, John 201 Weisbard, .Jonathan F. 160,210 Weiss. Mrs. Louise 190.217 Weiss. Richard M, Welch. .John H. 152.168.195 Welch. Keith Alan 151.216 Welch. Marlene V, 2.54 Weldon. Lisa C. 101.199 Weldon. Theodore T. 216 Wellington. Mr. Kenneth 106.178 Wells. Jerrold P. 254 Welpott. Timothy T. 2.54 Wendnagel. Charles E. 214.254 Wendnagel. Elizabeth 101.103 Wendnagel. Jill A. 194 Wengler. Frank R. 170.2,54 Wengler, .Joseph T. 70,160,214 Wengler, Susan T. 69,206 W ' emer. Karen Lea 215 W e , Ste ■ J. 2.54 Werth. Christina C. 67.202 Wertheimer. Leslie A. 208 Wesner. Wendy Sue 70.205 West. Brooks David 196 West. John Redford 209 West. Michael James 216 West. Peter Elliott 216 Western. Peggy Rae 67.209 Westler. Theresa C. 209 Weston. Brian Arthur 209 Weston. Jennifer 68.104.2,54 Weston, Matthew Loren 199 Weston, Melissa 68.199 Wettersten, Scott 255 Wheeler, John Stewart 195 Wheeler, Karen Jensen 69,207 Wheeler, Robert L. 170,175,255 Wheeler. Ross L. . Whelan. Alison Jean 66.199 Whipple. Dr. Robert 190.218 W hipple. Mrs. Sandra 190,257 Whitchurch, James C. 1,50,169,207 White. Blair Wallace 150,206 White, Chel Gregory 1% White, David Weston 214 White, Dennis William 47,166,217 White. Mr. .Jon 190.201 While. Laurence L. 70.195 White. Marianne 70.213 White. Melissa Helen 67,69.209 White. Michael T. 106,158.224.255, 257 White. Molly Ann 255 White. Robert W. Jr 151.217 White. Susan Draper 105.197,202 White, Timothy C. 210 Whitehand, Lori M. 205 Whitford. Lori 165.255 Whitman. Kathy Lee 67.103,138,166, 206 W ' hitmore, Ann 2.55 Whittemore, William H. 98,104,255 Wickham, John W. 213 Widermann, Maria E. 218 Widran, Sanford Louis 210 Wiele, Julie Ann 200 Wiele, Susan Mane 212 Wiemer, Mr. Wayne 149.190.191 W ' iersema. Catherine R. 255 Wiese. Deborah Lvnn 70.198 Wiggins. Mrs. Helene 190 Wijas. Thomas S. 162.255 Wilcox. David W. 70,72,255,256 Wilder, Jeffrey P. 169.197 Wildman, Jeanne Marie 6 " 72, 207 Wiley, Jean B. 103,255 Wiley, John Andrew 210 Wiley, John Howard 205 Willens, Eric Alan 255 Willey, Christine 215 Williams, Amy 216 Williams, Anthony F. 255 Wilhams, Berkeley C. 70,72,73, 152.255 Williams. Catherine 67.208 WiUiams. Christopher 48.150.171,207 Williams. David L. 217 Williams. Gordon J. 73.217 Williams. Ingrid M. 72.166.212 Williams. Lawrence J. 196 Williams. Michael W, 169.213 Williams. Neale A. 153 Williams. Patrick B. 152.201 Williams. Robert M. 208 Williams. Susan K. 49,106,255 Williams. Thomas V. 153.204 Willian. James Gordon 195 WiUian, .Jeffrey L. 1.53.216 Willis. Catherine M. 68.255,257 Wilson, Ann Hillerv 200 Wilson, Jeffrey Allen 201 Wilson. Kari K. 215 Wilson, Katherine J. 148,165,173, 255 Wilson, Leslie L. 201 Wilson. Sarah L. 194.221 Wilson. Thomas Paul 213 Wilson. Timothy Scott 206 Winberg. Lisa Marie 197 VVinberg. Michael H. 151.214 Winkler. Randee D. 211 Winkler. Renee S. 209 Winkler. Robin Lvnn 199 Winsberg. Debby 96.209 Winter. James 197 Wintemitz. Lynn Sue 200 Winton. Caroiyn B. 66.68.219,255 Winton, Steven Keene 218 Wippman. Tom Dand 51,196 Wirpel, Steven D. 106,255 Wirtz, Mary Lynn 69,198 Witcoff, Lisa Ann 101,204 Witort, Mary Bridget 255 Witt, Douglas E. 73,152,158,201,202 Witt, Ronald 204 Wittebort, Thomas J. 47.51.198 WNTH 38.46 Wolf. Mr. James 190.210 Wolf, Mitchell Scott 208 Wolfe, Nancy J. 69.218 Wolfe. Stephen R. 69.104.255 Wolff. Susan Kim 66.199 Wolff. Mr. William 164.190.257 Wolfman, Marjorie 217 Wolter. Mr. James 180 Wood, Catherine M. 203 Wood, Jennifer W. 209 Wood, Leslie L. 255 Wood, Miss Pamela 190,221 Woodall, Jeffrey 205 Woodruff. Lisa 66,68.2.55 Woods. David Kimball 216 Woods. .James D. W ' oods. Lawrence H. 161.204 Woolard. Andrea L. 49.51.198 Woolson. Robert M. 204 WORKING 94 Workman. Mr. J. Clark 163.165.190 Worthington. Lagrange 195 Worthington. Claudia 211 V.TIESTLING 132.162 Wright. David 219.2.55 Wright. .Jennifer 207 Wright. Katherine 170,172,198 Wright, Mrs. Martha 190,257 Wright, Robert T. 150,202,208 Wright, Stephanie 210 Wright. Theron W. 218 Wronski. Erich T. 169.213 Wussler. Robert J. 171,215 Wussler, Rosemary C. 212 Wyco, Marie H. 206 Wyco. Mark Joseph 213 Wynne. Barbara L. 51.255,256 Wvse, Jeanine Marie 156,203 Wyse, Roger Joseph 70,72,73,201 Yale, Mary Porter 69,215 Yaworskv, John T. %,220,255 Yelton, trey M. 113,151,169,216 Yetkin, Esin 107,167,255 Yi Kei-Mu 212 Yobe, Donald W. 200 Young, Carol Ann 68,219.255 Young. Mary Ann 201 Young, Todd M. Youngdahl. William E,198 Yunker. Barbara M. 199 Zacharv. Barry C. 255 Zacharv. Howard S. 153,207 Zacharv, Robin Sue 201 Zanzucchi, Nancy L. 255 Zeddies, Maryan 68,197 Zeh. James C. 169,216 Zehner, Cindy Ann 204 Zimmerer, Gerald R. 265,256 , Amy 1.57,213 , Daniel J. 69,210 Zipperman. Laura Jean 200 ■ Zucco. .Janet Faith 217 I Zuckerman. Miss Joan 190 1 Zuke. Karen Louise,212 Zuke. Thomas Michael 204 Zuraw. Benjamin C. 48,105.255.256 Zuraw, John M. 48,106,195 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS— James Woods and Randall Padgitt, adviser room directory photos; Cheryl Koppel, cover photographv: Robert Hardy, cover design; James Woods. Randall Padgitt. Richard Doughty, and Cheryl Koppel, color photography; Mary Heller, division pages artwork- Kimberlv Weil and Thomas Wittebort. artwork; Mr. Robert Moorhead and the Walsworth publishing com- panv, Marceline, Missouri; Mr. John Werner and the San- ford studio, Evanston. 272 .. .DEX

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