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XII CJ'1'111fR l'1111'1'1w1c11'111' 111' '1'111f X1f11 'l'1c111z P11010 S11 ,lI,'l1'.N'Ull'l,lilJGl'f.Ill'QX'l'S 11111114 D11s1c.x, X 1v1'o1z1.1 li.114111f'1"1' 51 N11111, Iw1c'1 l,'l'X .1x1m I,.11u:1c 6211111 1' l,Ik"I'l Rl 1 1111-, l31,11x111 SIR 11111, Ia1.1xs'1'ox, I1.111No1s 114111, NIR. IJ1mw.11,1m I". S111111. S1111-:1:1'1s l.xr.14 11 1xc.s, .I,111x NU1,1111i1z I',Nr:R.11'1w1: C1111 1n1w1', L'111c'.1c:11, l1,1.1x111s PR1N'1'1x1: ,1x1v Hlxlnxcz, lfL'ux11,111' .'X1v1'121z'1'1s L'11111'.1v1', l111111 L'1'1'1', 1011.1 L111'1c1zs NI.1x1 1.11"1'1 RICIJ 111' 11115 S. K. S1111 L'11111x1v1', Q'1111'.1c:u, l1,1.1x111s A LOOK BAUK ADMlNlS'l'RA'l'l0N, F.kC'l'l.'l'Y. AND c'1'mm'x'l,l xl . . . I0 S'l'l'Dl'IN'l' um'r:1:xm-:x'r 28 Sl'1Ml-1'l'RRll'l'LAI! .xC'r1v1'1'u:s . S0 h slf:m'u'1-: Gnou-s .xxn CLUBS 72 A'l'lll.I'I'l'ICS . 84 sxsxums . 120 Vxln-:m'l,.xssr:s . 160 IN MEMORIAM . Echoes of 1960 ew Trzkr Townshgo Hgh School 1 + ,J-997 ! , X I f 111211 . l9Z ,I Lool' 12111312 lp Thr Elf I,wm1s n llrllld, 8. ,l1ln1i11is1rnfim1, 105 l'wlll'lIl1.1', 17. Stuzlolzt Cou11c'il,.f0,' Girls Cl11b,.i6,' Tri-Ship, 42. IJIYIIIIII, 52,5 .1l11.vi1', 56y,' 1Jl'llIIfl'. 6.15 Ijllblifllflllllf, 64. Sm"z'ivr Groups, 7-lg Clubs, 76. fl..l.,'l., S65 Sflorls Crlllzlizlx, U-1: lxllflfllllll, V65 Urns Country, 1111 ,' lflIJ'l'l'1llllll, 1112 ,' Sllllllllllllfl, 11165 lfwsllizzg, 1178: llj'Il1lIIlJ'fllA3', 1117: ,I'l'lIIllX, lIl,- 'frrzrl' Ill ,' llnsrlmll, 11-lf Golf, 1165 llllflllllllfllli, II7. Umrrrs, ljllllllllilffllf, flu., 122: Crnzrlizls, 12-1 ,' Thr Srnior Clam, 127. .llllllllf Clrm' Uf1frz'r.s',1'lr., 162,-,I1lfvi.vwr l,'ru11fv.s', 165. Snfwlmnmrr' fllrlxx Uflirwrx, 172 ,' nl1l1'i,v1'r fll'0llf7.f, 175. l"r1'.flm1rm Clrlxx Uflirrrx, 1.925 flrllfixrz' c:I'lIIlf?.Y, 185. 1 1060 Nliw 'l'RIliR graduate would find it hard to picture graduating from the New 'lirier of fill years years ago. To him, New 'lirier is a me- lange ot modern buildings, out-of-room per- mits, ability groupings, and special bulle- tins. llence, the New 'lirier of other years, the foundation of today's dynamic institu- tion, would be hardly recognizable to him. For New 'l'rier, its students, and its tradi- tions have undergone changes in every ref spect. The more obvious changes, especially the immense structural renovation of the past decade, speak for themselves. Yet other, more subtle changes, fads, and stu- dent attitudes characteristic of particular eras in New Trier's history are perhaps less obvious and more interesting. To give an 4 idea of New 'lirier as it was, five faculty members who are New 'lirier graduates have volunteered information recalled from their own high school experiences. They are: Mr. Miner Coburng Miss l,aura Dur- ging Hr. llichael fireenbaumg llr. Don- ald lckesg and Kliss .lean Kixhliller. From their recollections comes a picture of a New Trier High School very different and yet strangely similar to the school of the pres- ent. The New Trier student of the early l000's had no need to cope with the prob- lems of a unified student body. Because of small enrollments, it was common for one student to know every other student in his class, and for the class to Het as a social as well as an academic unit. A further unify- ing measure was the all-school assembly which began each school day. Students were assigned permanent assembly-seats which facilitated quick taking of the roll. There were no adviser chairmen in those early days, for the adviser system had not yet been initiated. A tardy student knew that he was to report straight to the dean and volubly explain the reason for his late arrival. Similarly, on the first day of school, program cards were distributed by the attendance ofhce rather than the adviser and were brought back there for correction of the inevitable mistakes. Although lack of advisers lent a degree of impersonality to the administration, the close-knit class groups achieved a type of friendliness and ffontinued on Page 61 LOOK EAC A Look Back CContinued from Page 41 camaraderie which large numbers render impossible today. just as the administrative system of the old New Trier would seem quaint to the student of the present, so would the modest physical set-up. In 1915 the old tower building, recently torn down, was the only school building. At the top of this tower was a tiny room with a peaked roof where English classes met, a far cry from the modern tower room which now serves pre- cisely the same purpose. VVhere students now use functional and spacious facilities, earlier students did research in a library no larger than the attendance office. lluch later, in 1951, New Trier-ites used the old auditorium where the seats faced each other and not the stage. And the huge front lawn, now restricted to students, was the site for boy 'scout camp-outs and later a special gathering place for seniors. VVhile actual distances within the town- ship have not changed, the student of an earlier era managed to make the long trelc to school without benefit of automobile transportation. Those who did not live in the more remote suburbs walked to school in all weather. Others, whose homes were Drzxs Rexmrml o I he Kingfs I"rf'r,l'le," 1928. 1 1 .wr Ji xi - 1 NDI I Q- 'l'l11 lsflllfllllfl T1 um, lflllf. The lfilfx lilfllll f1ffil't'l'.f, 1925. Vlllll' Hoff ,Ivl'Illll, IUZ5. inorc iliitnnt took thc North Short' ti':linN, hloonicrs which u'ci'c thc lll'1'Nl'l'll5l'1l FINA for tlia-rc we-rc nonc of thc school bnscs tunic fortln' playing lic-lil. l'ik'll0l-IS in lllli which Ulklilj' lint- lYinnctkzi ,'XX1'lllll'. Onc was :1 monthly lll1lQ11l7llll', running from Uc- ot flll'll105I' popnlzn' lnonlcs of tr:n1Npo1't:1tion tolwi' to -lnnc, :1 lI11llU'NlIllf Cflllllllllilfllbll ol to school was lwicyclingg riilc-rN pzirlu-il thc-ir tht- now Nl'lllll'Ill'1' pnlwliczitiom, lllfl'liIIll.l, thc lwicyclcs nlnring Nchool honrN in Nlll'll5 pro- .Ywzuv :intl lfcllorix lfi1'll. 'lihc first l55lIl viilcml hy Ncw 'l1l'lCl'. 'lllll'5l' Nha-tlN wcrc thc all-votcnl itsclf cntircly to lrcnlnnznig rlii l Mg, wpw only twisting "parking lotsl' for it was Nrill final lNNlll', lox' Nl'lIlUl'N only, una ilivii ' It It III 0 N sm 0 N to N11 ntlxclx ioi ix i Ni n -f N n w 14 ii i nf TIOIIN to lN ntx hi 1 X rt oni N nNu nn NN U N lllk N nil 1 c xx Q KS 1 N n ninant N n n N t mn 1 u muNNoi 1 fr mi 1 ic N - ont ff 7 .Lk Q ,it il- fi 1 The EH Lands 'l'lll'1 .l.A. INll,l'll4'l'I.l.Y Nll"l"l'l'INl'lD SOMlC'l'lllNG .kl40l7'l' 'l'Ill'I l,Al'li Ulf' MA- 'l'l'IRlAl. FOR 'l'Ill'I ICVIIUICS . . . 'VIIEN If llll'l.l'1 GRICEN MAN 'FOLD IIIM 0'l'lll'Il!NVlSl'I. l' The junior assistant stumbled into the l'lL'Il0IZS otliee during tenth period. "Hood grief," he cried. "How can we put out an interesting yearbook if nothing new ever happens in this school? lt's always the salue old building, the szuue old teachers, and the same old teams." Although the room was empty, he heard a voice from the the direetion of the gray metal file cabinet , as 43 Q 'mf .. in the far eorner of the rooiu. "lf you only 'I - ' ly- V 1 knew," said the voiee. mr eff,-. v. ,. phuj-a.z.,, With great eare and precision the as- f- !,ij X-,Q-' sistant tripped over two chairs and a waste jf? ' basket on his trip to the file cabinet, and ' ' when he managed to pick himself up, a , JW 'G V i small but very cute bearded, green-:uul-gray mtriped elf was glaring down at hini from about two feet in tuid air. "lJon't tell nie," - eried the junior awistant. "You're the spirit of l'iCIl0IiS.U A24 l 'lvln' l'l11'.vi1'.r 1.Il,l, IWW. ,, -: F Tr.. e, fa ,.' 4 4 ft? 1 Ny The lfn.rl'1'ff111ff 'l'if1m, lflllo-7. X f f' 1' ff X, , 'limi W x Ng P -if :QKKYI f 5' v 'St- ,:f,-Ti' 'law' in , Hand "Rightl" sereeehetl the little inun. "Pull up il ehstir. You look so stupid sitting in that waste basket. Now then, what seems ' I . ' D" V V Y to bl thi Tmlhh ' I . I ln' t2I'l'lll'SfIY1, IUUJ--I. "XVell, begun the j.:l., "nothing new ever happens :irounil here. lfyen l'iCHtHfS is always the same." fornietl four yezlrs before, zuul about the tly little ro:ul." "Ah, you just ilon't know," sighed the football tezun, whieh was indefinitely ilis- Our llero blusheil. little man. Ul'iL'll0liS was not always the bzuuleil beeuuse of injuries to the four best "VVhere the dining Imll now stzintls, was big, glossy-pzlgetl book you ehiltlren put out players." the zlthletie lielml. 'llhe luneh hull was the these tlays. ICillll'1'IIli'Illl7t'I'1lSClt'2ll'lyHSll "Say, this is getting interesting," re- basement, where the stutlents :ite their it were today that lleeeniber of nineteen- mztrketl Our Hero. "XVh:it was the sehool lunches throught from honu-J." :aught-four when the first l'iL'HOIiS ezuue like then ?" "'l'l1:1t's line :intl tlzuuly, but how about out. New 'l'rier was only four years oltl, "XVell," ZlllSXYi'l'Cll the little man, ztssuni- the stutlents ?" :intl lssue Number One was 11 7-by-S-ineh ing :i horizontal position :Above the j.:1.'s "l was just getting to that," szlicl the DZIDCI'-l7Ullllll booklet with nine pages of hezul, "New Vlirier hail only the builmling little nlzin, rather irritutecl by the young- stories, jokes, :intl sehool infornizltion. lt with the tower, surrounileal on the north, ster's inipzitienee. "ln IUU4 the entire en- wzls sort of Il literary Illllfllllllll' :intl :l news- east, :intl west by woods :intl swzunplzlnml. rollnient :lt New illrier wus one hnntlreil paper eonibinetl. lt hail :innouneenients Xlvinnetkzz Avenue, which you :intl your sixty students, not quite :ts nizlny :is you about the great growth of the 0lTl1l'Sfl'2l frientls use for ranting, was then but Il llllltl' lfontinnetl on Page 705 ,r AFV The Girls' lvnfffyluill 'l'1'r1n1, 1015. xl l'l,IlXX in l'fNll'lllfl, IWW. 9 .I .92 BASIS L1 GCHOGS ga X' "N1 i' i11l9Ur,s'11f1 Inu' Fifi. TJ'-353 FTIVJVW N24 VRlf'iI"5 EQWHU Z , I N1 552:25 5512. nfs UQH.!4: H. zz. M5-1. ' D -Egg: Av U, E Emu :li N E E55 Sl Q' 4 -'Z E .A.JDJ5ZEIJN'ISTIR,.A.TICJN2 FACULTY: 85 CURRICULUM I .4 S 'l'lllC IZOAIIII Ulf' l'Illl'K'.X'l'lUN Sl".'Yl'ICI3, In-it In right, urs' Mr. N11ll'Nh1lH R. lung, xviIlIlt'Ul': Mr. Rulwrt XY. Rugk'l'x, NViIzm'm-, prwidvntg amd Maw. XVillmm ll. Ihuglmtx, XYium-tku. S'l'.'XNI7INCi: Mr. l'lmrlmw R. Sprvml, cfIl'lll'Ul'Q Mr. Ixfllll R. Nlxrrx, iilvn- wwg llllil Mr. c.hill'l1"f R, K:1uhn:m, NVinm-tkax. 'lxhv wwnth rnrmlwr nf thc l1llZll'll, Mr, ih'ru'gc B. lingzlrt, Kl'IliIXKlll'Ill' ugh JIIINCHI. 'l'Ill'Z FIRST X-'l'. GILXIII KTIXG VILXSS HAD 'IWYU PERSONS: 'l'IllS YICXIFS N'll.I, IIXYIC ,KllUl"l' 050. 'l'lIlS IS UXLY I'kl!'l' UI" 'I'Ill'I l'IlAl.- l,l'IXGlC l".kI'lCll IH' .KlHlIXlS'l'I!K'I'l0N. I"Kf'- l'I.'l'Y. ,KND l'l'IINll'l'I,l'M Al"'I'l'1lI SIXTY YIC KRS UI' GNUW'I'll. .. '-PM 2 Sl . f r 5-Q ? 5 r 5' r' , A ,unsure "' " "' Y L, if fi: Y 'K i Mt- Nas' Q Ja' Q Lqmg I . 'fi i '-1 L- nr .4-v9'."!C --I ' l--if 'Chi-lull m x ' 1 'i"'?'1 --Ji II3. ,Tr pl-n KL' v .2 1 china -U :- ,.,. . Q f new -v 41' i A -snug wgw.unr N ' Yi bfi! F Quad ... " .' - . 2 EJ- 1 . :, , A ' 'ativan '..,iNh - , 'W W 1vu ' ' ' , rd ' 2 1 Q44-. -A-it -.-uh . . - 1W1MCl W' ,N ' M. 3 . ' ,Gil .7 . V. are , --33 D 1 rq gva Q LQ ' Aan g -fn -V , I 2 an mm. nu -I 'WD Wx 3191: I' I twlblllxltll nth am- l NM ihwaia-unwi E li- 1- i 139859 1 I ' ll it I! ' - -WI! oar'-an lhll. Elmo! 'll 'cur In 4 , '-111818 pic- nluwb-ss-Qmij -wr i.lQullf"'E- nm- af i ff! ,wg up -- W in-1 I. ' :iii ' -' 'Ir 'C l ij N. SVT' i lui il! B5 l '- .3-.zlgall llllllr BUIIIQWJ iii-if ill if iiH 13 .HH L ..... -4 .4 ...... .14 W .3 Miss 1-'. A. , IKRICDIN MR. R. WEHR l . Junior Boys Adv. Junior Girls Adv, Uhnm, fllllllll. DR. R. PI. GADSKIC llvun of Students The Malhemalzbs of Growth: MR, IU- A- MRS. V. K, JOIBST XVEI NGARTN ER SOIIIIOIIIOTI' Boys Adv, Chinn. Adv. Chinn. Sophoinorf- Girls MISS li. G. llAMII.'l'0N ht-nlor I-urls Adv Ulnnn. Asst. Dt-nn of Girls MR. L. I'. IRWIN MISS Ii. M. YEACH "rvslnnan Boys Adv. l"rt-slnnan Girls Adv. Ulnnn. Chinn. Qcontinued from Page 133 The curriculum in 1901 included ling- lish, French, German, Latin, Greek, mathe- matics, history, science, and freehand draw- ing. Greek dropped out years ago, and Spanish and Russian were added in turn. From time to time, new departments of in- struction have been established and in every department new courses have been added and others dropped in the effort to keep curricular offerings up to date. Now, I6 departments of instruction give 270 courses in -I-7 subjects. The comprehensive high school of today is expected to accommodate practically all of the youth of the community and to pro- vide suitable programs of study for a wide range of abilities, interests, and motivations. At New Trier this has meant the elabora- tion of courses, the thoroughgoing practice of ability or subject-level grouping, and care- M'R. R. Sv MR. II. G. SXVAIX MR. R. A. HARPER MR. D. XV. MR. V. XV. ULADER l'l"ll"RhUN UIII'Y'Il'IlIIIlIl Head of Math Dept. SHIVARIVR III-ad of St-ienre Ilead of Iiniglisli l'oordiimI0l' for Head of Son-inl D4-pt. Dept. Math. Dept. Studios Dept. !'Zf"" MR. H. F. M4-K1-IE MISS Ii. H. MR. I-'. I-I. MISS W. N. MISS PI. R. MR. V. 0. GRA'I'I'IR Hund of Indust' l'iNGIil'lIIARD'l' I'IUI4l4ANlJ GAHAGAN IAIIIIIEY Athlmil. Direcmr Arts Dept. Head of I-Ionic H1-nd of Art Dept. lit-ad of Speer-li and Head Librarian Et-on. Dt-pt. Drama Dept. I4 MISS H. li. MR. J. W. DK. S MA LUN EY GAS NAWAY STARK lNlA'N Dean and Uollege College Counselor Shift' l'syclioIogisl Vounselor for Girls Senior lloys Adv. 73 Plus 60 Equals 3 740 ful counseling through the adviser system. Failures have been reduced to a negligible amount, yet 92? of the graduates go on to college, where about 70W of them stay through graduation and many perform bril- liantly. The adviser system is almost as old as New Trier. After early experiments in as- signing faculty members as sponsors for groups of 12 to 15 students, the home room idea began to take effect in 1912. ln 1923, when Frederick lf. Clerk became superin- tendent, a thorough reorganization of the system was accomplished and the whole plan was named the adviser system. lfarlier, some women had been advisers to boys' groups, but in 1923 men advisers were assigned to boys' groups and women ad- visers to girls' groups. That practice has continued for 37 years. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the adviser system is the selection of the members of each adviser group by the fresh- man adviser chairmen. Great care is exer- cised to see that in each adviser group there is a cross-section of the student population. This insures that a student will benefit from the experience of working with a varied group of people. The adviser system, in addition to being a primary means of achieving home and school cooperation, is the key to the internal organization of the school and the management of a large num- ber of students as separate persons. College counseling, always an integral part of the work of advisers, adviser chair- men, and deans, has become more special- ized. The increasing competitiveness of col- lege admissions and the growing task of ad- vising large numbers of students have caused the school to establish two adminis- Ccontinued on Page 2-ll MR. 1 IIUNDQ Director. School- XVirle Test im: MISS ll. ll0IiZlNtllf1K Registrar l' I S'l' MRS. li. N. Kllvlldli lleud of Social Work llept. MR. I'. W. MR. J. W. RAI' IJR. XV. J. Mcll0Wl' Hom, of lgmim,,..S l'E'l'l'IRMAN Q ' lleiul of Foreign Dept. lleud of Music llept. MR' I"' N' Wllflilm MR' 1' U' "ll'b"b lnuu:uiu.:es Dept, Supervising lllngim-er Hook Store Minmger MR. ll. Sll0Wl.l'lY MISS 1. ll0l'li'l'0N MRS. W. MR. IQ. l:I.v MRS. ll. 'l'. BRUNO MRS. M. M. JAMES lleaul of lloys lleail of Girls S1H0l"Nl"5lH"Rl'hR MALIINBIXX Special Vocational l'resiil4-nt. Faculty Pliysicul Pldncntion Pllysicnl Education llend of llealtll Snpv., Driver Education l'onncil Dept. Dept. Dept. Education I5 l"Al'l'l.'l'Y l'UI'Xl'II. TOP ROVV: Mr. Brown, Mr. Jensen, Mr. WNehr, Mr. NV:-llington, Ur. Johnston, Mr. Larsen, Mr. VVeingartner, Mr. Fnnkhouser, Mr. Iekes, Mr. Shearer. BOTTOM ROVV: Dr. Corning, bliss VVhite, Miss Sleight, Mrs. Greeson, Mrs. james, Miss Kelso, Miss Reinhardt, Mr. Clader, Mr. Broun. 'lilllf S'l'lfDlfN'li L'Al3lNl'i'l' is a composite of all the leaders of New Trier's major organiza- tions and serves as a link between the faculty and the student body. Meeting once a week, the Cabinet discusses problems concerning the entire school. This year's cabinet has discussed such matters as litter in the halls, a tutorial system, the privileges of otiicers, and the handling of large assemblies. After making a decision on a problem or question, the Cabinet then advises the proper organization on hon' to deal with it. This is the first year that the Student Cabinet has played such an active role in student affairs. Pictured above are ftop roxvj Steve Doughty fchairmanl, Ken Pettigrew KN Clubl, Don Haider CTri-Shipl, Don liudinger Cl.hI.D, Klike Robinson f.Y4'-zzwl, Ronald Study fl'iCH0lZSD, Terry Camp- bell Qylunior Classl g Qbottom roxvj Ann Giallombardo CSenior Classj, Mary YVheatou Qiiirls' Clubl, Nlary Scott tpep Clubl, Stevie Aden fCi.A.A.J, Ann Toms Qfouneill, Bruce Thorsen QSophomore Classl, Bill Mcfiuire tSenior Classl, Mike Glaser Knew head, l'nity S Splflflv ,lim Svllllll lllvllll, Unity X Spiritl. I , The Faculty and Staff ew Trzkr Towhshgv Hgh School 1959 , 1960 ART MRS. E. 0. MISS H, MR. Ii. li. MII. II. II. MR. R. IC. IIRUWNH CASICLIIA I"I'IAIiIII'lIIII'IY GIIAVI4' KIIIGNNIGN Q BUSINESS 'j ICIJUCATION UH 1 MR. .l. I". MISS II. MRS. I-I. II. MR II. Ii. MRS. K. MII. Ii II. S'I'I'INYAI.I4 IIAIIIQ ISISIIOI' BROWN IIICICICSON IIICWIS DRI! I K LDUI A IIUN MISS ll. H. MR. M. xl. NIR. J. M. clfIlNllAIuJ'l' I-ZSAIUAIY MORGAN .91 ' fl . I - -- ,P LNGLISH , L - I I ,,' V 1 MII. Il. Il. MII. F. I-'. MR. R. J. IIOYIJG lslllcmil-:lc I'A3II'ISI-II.I. 74 , 5 .- MISS A. MISS II. W. MRS. S. K. ll0III'IIi'I'Y IIIIIUIIN FI'IIIDI'IIi 'Q S In MRS. R. M. hII4I'.S MII. II, II. MR. III. W. MR. W. li. N ICUMA N NY I Ii XI III! ZA N I'I'I'A Ki US MKS. iw. II. MISS IN. Il. MRS. K S. I'I,.XIPI'1Ii IPHAXII-IS Ilr.I.0Nli MR. Ii. 0, MI! II. M. GIIASICIQ IIOI.IlI"IN1II'IIi 8 al S I XIISS I-1. II. III-II.XIIi.XXII' XIII II I.. XIII XX' I'. IIII I' Ii. GUI I.Il IQIIICGIIIIX' Iil'l4IS'I' XIIIS S ,l, XIII. I. XIIIS. Ix II. XIII. .I. XV. IPII. XY. II. XIIIS. IC II. I.I-IXXIIIJ I.IIIII'I'fNI'lII XIAKICIIE XIr'1'I.USIiICY X11'I'0I.I.Y XI-'I'1I.II.X'I"l'XN 4 XIII ID If XIIIS K XI XIIIS G If XIII. A. 'I'. XIm'IiI'INII.XI.I. KI.INlII'III IXIUOIIIG UMOIIIINIJIIO as "II" X INN I XIII, II. H. XIIIS. K IS. WILSON XXIXKG XIIIS, Y. I-' XX'INliI.IiII XIINN In I. XIINN XI. I-, XIINN I-.. I. YIXXINDIP I1III'1IIPI'IXI5Xl'II III7I.I. .IND I'I4'X f'.XIISI'I XIIIN I1 1' XIIIS XI Xl XIII If XX, XIIIH I. I. XIIIS.I'1,I'1 ,IXXIICS .IICNSICN .IIIIINSUIN .IHKAY - X MISS G. I.. XIII. J. II ILXIII. IANIDICIIS XIISS I' I'. I.x X'I'IZZUIIIO XIIIS. M. I. XIMQIIIIIIG -ffl ' ..r. MII. II F. XIII. I. V, XIIIN .I, I-' PINK SI'IIWI'II'I'ZI'1II SXII"l'NI'1Y IVUIIICIHN 6 . I.ANGIIAGI'IS ,X W1 X XIIIS. .X XIII. II. Ii .XI,ILI-III'I' .XI.XIAlil'I'III XIISN X, IL. XIIIN Il. .I XIII II. II IHIXIIXXI MXN YXX II.IHII'I'II.XXIXIXII 'ny XIII Ii, XY. XIII .I II XIISS IC, XI IiAIII.I'1II I..-XILXIDIIC I,x I'4llI'I4I41 MISS I.. M. DR. II, R. MISS G. L. MR. II. R. MRS. M.-II. '1'. MISS E. NV. MR, Il. IC. MAIR MANAIIAN MOl'II1I.ER, MORICY MORRIS I'A'l"I'I'lRSUN QIIIlI'I'I"R. HOME lui UN OMIQ b MRS. .I. Ii. MR. .I. R. MR. II. S. MRS. In. M. MRS. In. 0. R.XI"l"IC'I"I'0 THOMSON ZVKOXYSKI IKUXIJ l'lIl'R'l'NI'IY MR, U. IG. MR. .I. A. MR.. NV. .I. MR, Il. II. MR. R. IC. MR. 0, A. 'ARI.S'l'ROM .IAFOISSON KOSICR LANIJWICR IIARSICN OAKS IN lllIS'l'RlAl. ARTS M ATI! li M A'l'll ZS W . MR. W. .I. MR. II. D. MRS, Il. I-I. MISS I'I. M. MISS M. H. MR. R. IC. MRS R. NSK'IlI'INIiAl'lI l'A'l'0N UIIIIIIPS I'URNI'II.I. IIONNICIII. H'l'NYRI'I ICWINKS MR. ID, K. MR. F. M. MRS Ii. M, MISS ll, I.. IIINKIIOVSICR ISAISI-II, 4iI'I'1S'I' IIARRIS I I Mlx I. I'. .IAMI-QS MISS IG. I. MR. li. Il. MR. R. .I. MR. l'. li. MR. A, I". Il IIII IIYIJII-'X KIIIIISU IQHLSU I.I'IYl'IRl'IN"'. . . . MH. .I. .I. A1l:..l, ld .ll-ixslcx .II'IHiI'I .A K J 1, S. b ,A 'l MISS II. .I. MISS .I. M. Mn' MILZ' I9 AIRS. .I I' XII'IIOI.SON , MIXS I MR S, A. MRS, IC. S. MISS N. H MR. Il. If. MISS III. Ii. MR. A, I4 I'.XI'NIICR SIIINI'1I4'I,I'lI SI,I'II4iI'I'I' SMl'l'II S'I'I'IlI-IR 'I'I'INNI'IY MFSI1' 'i MR. N. IC. MISS .I. IC. AIR. U. O. I'llI-I WAI? N ICR XY A'I'I'I RS MISS I4'. ,I MRS A. .I. MRS. A. W ANDERSON ILRAIJIGIARN IIAVICRY BUYS' PHYSIVAI. I'IIllTl7A'I'ION MR. I-'. A. MR 'l'. X mu, 5 A. mes. A. 11. mc. II. .1. M1e.R,K. nnuzrzs - ' H' ' ' RINXM RI'.IhIII'.hh SIPAENS IIARNICY I'RANII,I'l'I' v v . A A . , , MR. II I-. NIR I. A. MR. .I. .I. MR. IJ. NX. NIR. .. . MR. Il. In MR. 1. I'. ICSSIVK I"RAN'I'ZI'lN IIIAIILOMISARIIO IIIIS'l'AFSON IIURIIICY .IODA I..KI'I'1R XIII, .I.l XIVI-'AIIZ ISS M, ' NIR. 'I' MR Il II. ICAN NISISI'I'I' ROIII'IR'I'SON A. MISS A. U. MISS I', I. AI'I'I'2I,IIOI" IIROWN CRICSS GIRLS' PHYSICAL l'IlllIl7A'l'I0N 'H' NIR. I'I. Il. MR. I1 .I. NIR. K. II. SVIIAIIICII 'I'I'RNI-IR XYI'ILIIING'l'ON wolf 'BS x,x. MISS Y A . . MRS, M. H. MRS. Il. II. MISS J. M. FRAZIIGR IIOOI'I'IS JOHNSON JOHNSON MISS S Il. MISS II. J, MISS .l. II, MISS ll. A. MISS If K. MISS N. MRS. II. M IiI'l.X'I'lMG SK'llCNl'l'I MII. .l. M. IDIIIIIN I I MII. .I Ix. SWUAI' MR. M 'I' I'0IlI'IIN .','f I' MIC, .I, II. IIICICIIII MII. I-I. W. MR. Ii. Ii. MR. I". J. MR. II. R. KING MVVONNI-IIIII NIICMI ICAMSICY SURICXSUN Sl"I"I'UN MII I-I II. MI! Y. II ILXIIII-IY III'fI.II III'IiIlIXI'I VIIARK f'UMI"I'UN VKINIIUN xl1cs.A1.J. Am. II. II, mc. ma. xv. mc. ct I-'. me ri x' mms I s 11Ix1cI'r1l: now' Icm'No1Ins Icuvxrzv SMITII s'l'1-:xx.u:' SOFIAII S'l'lTllIl'IS mc. ms. II. Mus. s. Il. Mu. J. w. Miss M 1. mc w N. wwxrzlc xxuxlm wrzmzu mcrznrzumcx l:r'1fII'14:'1"l' 'W MISS M I MR. W. II. MRS. IJ. N. MR. IJ. .I MI! I'f, I'. MII IC H, 1'IlI'l'1'III-I'I"l' IIIXYIS IDICICICY IlI1'KM.KN I1I.I.IlVI"I' I'ZIIIIIS MR. M. MII. ID Il. MR I.. Ii MII Il. W. Ill! .X. .I MISSJ. I' HIiI'II'lXI'II3IXI'M IIAIIII IIICXIIICIISUN IVKI-IS .IUIINSTUX KIXMIIIIIICII A ,n I :IMI --J , - ffl' . .7 . -4 ' XIII, l'. XX. XIII. J. I" XIII. II. Ii. IiNl'I'I1'I'IIi I . MRS. II. U. WA'I'I'IICS LIBRARY MII. Ii. V. MISS I'. .L MII. II. J. MISS IC. NIAIIILXN MARX MI'I'I'III'II.I. NI'IWI'0NII1I-I I'I'I'I'I'lIiSON WAI.'I'X Sl'l'Ili1'H AND DRAMA MISS I". A. MHS. U. Ii. MR. Il. II. MR, R. V. MRS. Y. S. WIVII FK l'II I Ms'1II'II'1 RUDE 4 YIIYISAKICIQ .II 141 SOC 'IAL WVORK MISS Ii. V. MISS R. A, MISS IC. V. MISS M. IC. MR. II. I". IJIVKINSUN JOHNSON RESIIER AJAX ISRIIIIII Z' MUSICOLOGY IIIuALl'H MIC. Ii 'l'. XIII IC. I1'. MRS. J. IQ. MRS, E. A. MRS. II. II. IIUIIICIL IIANIIIQICN IIIIIIIIIGNSUN KIIJID SAVAGE All XILIAIIY A N D OFFII 'IC S'1'AFl+'S gy 'QM xx MRS. R. K. .VVKINS MRS. II.-IC. Ii.XII.I-IY MRS. I'. 'I'. IIICYAN MRS. K. IE. CAIQROIIII MRS. A. II. IDAIAiI'1'I'Y MRS Y. IIIIYINI- Secretary to Supl. Inlwrury Svc. lu III-nn of I"m-ulty Sl'4'I'0I1ll'yItlzxmslslllil. I5llsIll4'xxUlII4'1' Sv:-., lluyx' Adv. I'I1 IIIRS. II, I'. DUSUIIICII MRS. II. U. IWAIIIIICK MISS A. R. I"RANZI'ISI'I MRS, II. XV. FRAZIICR MKS. KI, IIICNIDICRSON MR. E. KINAST MISS Ii. A. I4I7KI' I I lh'm'o1'rIs 0I'Ii1-- nIn'Iu'y IIINI lim-4-Unis Uflico III-allh Oflive Asst. for Purvnlx Assn. Boys' Lovkor Ronin AIU-minlwo Oilive MRS. IC. II. AIRS. l'. A. M4-KI-II-I MRS. II. li MISS S. USIIANID MISS II, IS. MHS. RI 'l'. MRS. II. S. N""MH'I'AN Swim-IxImnr1I U'f'UNNP7'1l' Girls Imrkc-r Room PARKER IIKIIKIIIWII IUIIH':H'I'SUN Illxplivalling UITII-0 English Ihxpurtnlvnt Swrvtury to tho I':Ifn-In-rin IXIIIIIIILIUI' IIIINIIIPNN IXIllIlIlK'1 IM-muh UITII-v -I 've MR. J. Sl'IIINIl'I"I' MISS J. M. MRS. Q. MRS. A. II. SMITII MR. I'.vW.' MRS, II. TICIIIIIS Iloys lm:-kvr Ruonx N IINI"HH"R snow LPA Girls Gym OFIII-v 5UI'l'HA5 Ihnsinoss Ufliro Hunk Sturm- Su:-1-1-ln:-3 H035 Gym 0f'IIn-0 Ihmk Store' MK. R. 'l'. KI.I'1lN MR. H. D. MISS .Il'1Jl'l'H G. Driwr Edmmiun WAl,'1'Elili0ITSl-I IQAXTEIL Chnl M-xn.b Drivor Pldlu-ation Art 12nd M'llI.I Itlml SPIILI Sl'il'lIl'l' Fair: Exhibifor l'Xf7f1IiII.Y plant fl'3'f7lllI.ff'5 in fiahf. "I'l11'r4' ix no roynf rurnl In lf1lr11i11q." i n i "Fi-1'1'-111111 in Ihr l'0l'llI'l' fwm'l'1'l." .va ...fu ,un-. 4'1lsi""- Ap- llfumfi r il r1'i.v4 ifvlllm in t'0Ill'i1ll. "flow mrmy mlnrizxs' in II lgl'l1,VXl'!X .t'f7l'0Ilf.2H 37 Plus 60 fL'0Ilfil1ll1'li from Pzlgc' ISD trativc posts ahwotccl almost cntirn-ly to col- lcgc uounst-ling. Yisits to tht- school by many folic-gc admissions oHict-rs have mzitchcd visits hy tht- high st'hool's colh-gc comms:-lors to colh-gt-s and to coiift-i't-:in-s of admissions counsclors. The supc-rintvmlcnt, through his zlssocizltion with collcgc ofhvvrs :uid ofhciztls of the folk-gc lCnrmnt't- ICXZIIU- ination Board, has directed rht- expansion of College' tourist-ling at Nut' Trivr. Comph-tion of tht- new sficlict- clzissrooms and lahorzitorics, and thc I'Cflll'lliShi!Ig of tht' ohi ones, have vrizlhlvci tht- svhool to offvr chc-mistry, physics, hiology, :tml elec- tronics to illt'l'C1lSillg1 llllIl1hl'l'S of stumh-nts. Following rc-fresher courscs in volh-gcs and unix'crsitit's last 5llIIlIl1l'I', rht- physics teach- N ML an tim,---s ers completely revamped their courses to emphasize basic science instead of the tech- nological applications that had in the past cluttered textbooks and courses throughout the country. The new courses and the new methods of teaching follow the pioneering work of physicists led by Professor Zacha- rias of the blassachusetts lnstitute of Tech- nology. The mathematics curriculum introduced a new course in freshman algebra to several sections to test new materials developed by the School Mathematics Study Group of which blr. Swain of the New Trier faculty is a member. Development continued in higher level courses in the theory of sets, statistical probability, Boolean algebra, modern algebra, and symbolic logic. Ag.-. -n...... , 4 The social studies curriculum introduced two one-semester courses at the "2" subject level in the senior year. Labeled 20th Cen- tury l'.S. and 20th Century VVorld, they attracted large enrollments for new courses. They were written during the preceding summer by Klr. Shearer and llr. Knupfer of the New Trier faculty. A second year of special vocational edu- cation was offered this year for several New Trier students and for a few others from neighboring communities by contractual arrangement. The music courses were expanded to pro- vide work in musical composition and ad- vanced harmony and appreciation in addi- tion to the numerous performing groups at various levels of artistic development. School brass ZC'1'f4'0llll'5 xfmlcni body. H.NY07l' boys . . . lflectives were also increased. by the es- tablishment of a course in advertising in the business education program. Speech therapy became available for larger numbers of students, and every fresh- man was given a hearing test. Audio-visual supplements came into wider use to enrich instruction in estab- lished or developing courses. Closed-circuit television was again studied carefully but deemed not yet suitable for adoption at New Trier. A reading center was established with the employment of a new teacher to work with individual students, small classes, and, more importantly, with teachers in various departments for the improvement of read- ing in all areas of instruction. Rff. dom' his hi! for ll.l". 25 A Look Back Cfontinued from Page 75 supervision which the adroit students tried to evade by frantic note passing. The con- fusing maze of permits and red tape is also relatively new to New Trier. Happily, oral permission to leave the room was 'suffi- cicnt, and New 'liricr-ites did not have to worry about pink permits, lounge cards and inquisitive hall guards. The 19-l0's also marked the real beginning of the honor sys- tem. And Lagniappe started in l939. The primary Lagniappes bore no trace of the recent extravaganzas but were rather small amateur -shows. liven then, however, Lag- niappe was "the most important thing in the world." ln 1060, the New Trier-ite spends most of his four years working toward one goal -college acceptance. Similarly, the admin- istration has faced the increasingly difficult problem of admission by accelerating New 'l'rier's whole educational machine. Before 3:35 in 322 26 -wt- the pressure for college acceptance began to tighten, however, the quantity of assigned homework was markedly less, especially when compared to the loads of homework given todayls students. As a result, past students had more time to themselves, time which they could devote to extra-curricular activities or to just enjoying themselves. Classes, were not as hard or as comprehen- sive as at present, yet New Trier graduates have always managed to get through col- lege, and most have done well. Because of today's preoccupation with college, both as a stimulus and as a goal, students nowadays would feel out of place in one of New Trierls wartime classes. Graduates of classes during both world wars knew that they would step from high school graduation into active military serv- ice. College education, therefore, was com- pletely out of the picture, at least until a much later date. Although they knew that that their country was at war, New Trier- ites were reportedly not as cynical as their counterparts of 1960. They did, however, display the same apathy toward their sur- 471 'M R A . lfrizlgirzg ilu' gap. roundings, an attitude characteristic of most teens. The H360 New Trier student is subject to one of the eountry's most successful edu- eational and administrative systems. Such a system has taken years to form and is eon- stantly adjusting to meet the needs of the thousands of students now living in the township. New 'lirier has through the years kept its line faculty-student ratio. The adviser system, introduced around 1025 preserves the personal link between students and the administration. The per- sonal elements is further preserved by the many exeellent teaeher-student relationships which eontinue to exist despite increasing enrollment. VVhile the New Trier of today strides ahead of the New Trier of 60 years ago, past tradition plays a large part in the operation of the sehool. The ideas of su- perior edueational opportunities, student as- sumption of responsibility, and the encour- agement of individual development are rooted in New 'l'rier's past, upheld at the present and will Certainly continue in the future. ef I 1711, :lu firgxt mir in: llerzenf' :hi 27 LL T V' C Q! H L . I N5 gg N? FU Q if bi V-1 U E Q D901 01 0061 :1I1r1ap.f M I SIBOHOIBI SENJDL QLASJ FEA'1fURING?i P-L ml V QI C? Q 171. 1 FWZ? 'Y"I',.': . L' ' S KHNISTUDINTSYWW 5-1 ES? Q O E wif? Ed HE ZZ v-HH Rem' :bn and Re erendum 'l'lll'l S'l'UDl'IN'l' BODY l'Rl'ISSl'1D FOR MORE INFLITENCE IN COCNCII, AND GOT I'I'. Two of the primary ohjeetives of council this year were to inerease its methods of citizenship training and to adapt its activi- ties to New 'l'rier's inereased enrollment. llnder the leadership of this year's presi- dent, eouneil earried out the first major re- vision of its written philosophy in eleven years. The revision was made so that all students eould have a elearer understanding of eouneil's goals. Council also passed a hill which granted the students the right of referendum on all its legislation. The viee president was in eharge of all eouneil talks and eouneil eleetions. The see- retary took charge of eouneil's eorrespond- enee and kept minutes which were posted on hnlletin hoards throughout the school. ln addition to budgeting the activities tiek- et fund, the treasurer estahlished a new sys- tem of giving bi-weekly reports to keep the representatives informed concerning his de- partment. The study hall department was strength- ened by a Change from electing supervisors to appointing them. Also improved by a new system of selection and hy frequent staff meetings was the library supervisory staff. The heads of luneh hall earried out the task of reorganizing their Committee in aeeordance with the change from three luneh periods a day to four. A study of the problems in the two stu- dent parking lots was made by the safety department, and resulted in a Change in the method of eheeking parking permits. ln ac- eordanee with a hill passed by council, Card FIR ST SEMESTER RE PR E SEN'l'A'l'I V E S TOP ROVV: Srott, Rogers, Branden- burg, McPhee, Atkins, Naftzger, Mc- Donough, Vail, Bingham. THIRD ROVV: Percy, Lucey, Morava, Lewis, Bradley, Frank, Glaser, Vanllorne, Benet, Cummings, Proval, llutehinson. SECOND ROVV: VVhittemore, Reise, Toms, VVaterman, Giallomlwardo, Kin- naird, Rosser, Begley, Price, Guelieh, S. Perey. BOTTOIN1 ROXV: Lang- ford, Carlson, Revelle, Murray, Robin, Mr. U. Jensen CSponsorl, Miss li. Kelso lsponsorj, True, Gilhert, lihr- hart, l.ueas. sl DNPIY MARLANII llonoi' SHARON liliAlK So: ml KAIUCN Hl'4iHl'IY St-rvin-e GORDON MUINDNALIJ lh-en-al ion SECOND SlCMl'lS'l'lCH REPRES EN'l'A'l'l Y ICS TOP ROVVZ Provol, lNl1'l'liee, llugliey, Vail, McDonough, Bingham. l+'Ol'R'l'll ROXV: Cummings, A. Ovson, Stuela- ner, Fleming, D. Ovson, Al1elson,ilra- ham, Collield, Yanllorne, Branden- hurg, Passis, Rogers. THIRD ROVV: Priee, lleidhrink, Kinnaird, Bernstein, Baxter, Oliver, llieks, llueliseli, lfeld- man, Allini, Sliauley, Mel.ueas, llut- ehinson. SECOND ROXV: B. Ovson, Giallomhardo, Sheehan, Cohen, Otley, VVheeler, Ehrhart, lleitman, VVhite, YVhiteside, Ferris, Rosser, Uuelieh, ls- grig. BOTTOM RONV: lfonle, Re- velle, Murray, Mee, Loose, Pollack, Self, Gilhert, Kent, llutehinson, Beek- er, VVhittemore, Burehmore. A,-,Q-y, M Y ,-.-- pw ,v -. -, f. ,,..nvl. rf. v -W + STEVE DOUGHTY TOM SIPORIN President Vice President KEN CHILDS DICK OVSON Secretary Treasurer ANDY ADLER ROLF Public Relations HEINEMANN Safety playing was once again allowed in the stu- dent lounge, which continued to be super- vised by the recreation department. The head of the social department worked with the council of clubs to develop a schedule of club meeting dates which would lessen or- ganizational conllicts, and worked also with DICK MANDEL Study Hall DEE DEE WA'r'rs Study Hall RIE MOONEY Lunch Hall E ' '51 JIM ROME JIM SCHULZ Special Activities Unity Sa Spirit the head of recreation to plan the annual Halloween Party. VVith the help of the public relations de- partment, several members of the board re- vised council's Freshman Handbook. The honor department worked to develop a bet- CContinued on Page 35D Council Sponsor Gustafson. GEORGE DAVE WILKINSON SCHOENBROD Lunch Hall Assemblies l960 OFFICERS-SEATED: Anne Toms, secretary, and Pat Carlson, treasurer. STANDING: Whiif Jones, vice president, and Mike Scott, presi- dent. 3l COUNCIL IST SEMESTER COMMI'I'l'EI'IS, GROUP 1 TOP ROW: Howard, Lammers, Pren- tice, Porter, Hedberg, Price, Gundlach, Grossman, McDougall, Bradley, Ben- jamin, Morava, Percy. SIXTH ROW: Deutch, VanVVeyk, Kayser, Hughey, Garcia, Huntington, Maas, Moldt, Fos- ter, Newman, Both. FIFTH ROW: Mitchell, Kovas, Adelman, Oehler, Morgan, Shoop, Mason, Weiss, Patter- son, TenEyck, Allen, Potter, Fleisch- man, Isgrig, Glaser. FOCRTH ROW: Brandt, Dressler, Cole, Crosby, DeVry, Seashore, Bradford, Zitman, Komiss, Dahlin, Fenn, Ray, Stevens, Blossom, Rubens. THIRD ROVV: Luster, Nye, Foster, Fisher, Hartmann, Beringer, Bigelow, Salinger, Weisdorf, Cornyn, Lansing, Wood, Bigg, Sorenson, Rus- nak, Trenkmann. SECOND ROW: Griffith, Bodman, Karslake, Dyer, Gra- ham, Keyser, Grosman, Schachtel, Bar- nard, Wolfson, Rogers, Hampton, Per- kins, Aisner, Behm, Tittle, Martin, Hoffman, Carlson. BOTTOM ROW: Becker, Miller, Palaith, Connery, Stark, Matz, Vonesh, Ude, Morgan, Milnor, Olin, Curtis, Myers. COUNCIL IST SEMESTER COMMI'l'l'El'IS. GROVP 2 TOP ROW: Isgrig, Christoffersen, Miller, Weinrich, Zitman, Feldinger, Colburn, Radloff, Wiggers. SEV- ENTH ROW: Blackwell, Swansen, Foster, Sorenson, Bradford, Dunn, Huntington, Jensen, Alexander, Daw- son, Meek. SIXTH ROW: Menzel, Matzkin, Heaton, Leavitt, Kimball, Cook, Lansing, Seehafer, Carson, Ten- Eyck, Allen, Patterson, Innis, Bel- mont, Waterman, Weiss, Childs. FIFTII ROW: Kovas, Hettler, Levy, Ra mond, Perkins Shawger Bigg y l I I Fearheiley, Schachtel, Grosman, Cora- dini, Hicks, Clementson, Fisk, Wright, Burrill, LaCroix. FOCRTH ROVV2 Patton, Reed, Kelleher, Wallace, Wein- house, Robin, Lucas, Samuels, Cavett, Williams, McCoy, Paul, Morgan, Ac- tipes, Hauserman, Maas, Meloy. THIRD ROW: Olson, McPhee, Self, McKinney, Richheimer, Fisher, Dress- ler, Helms, J. Thomson, Rickards, S. Thomson, True, Woodhead, Tan, Thoma, Bitzer, Sawyer. SECOND ROVV: Eichengreen, Lynde, Bradley, Weiss, VanSchoor, Borkan, Sprigel, E. Vonesh, Green, S. Vonesh, Loose, Bod- man, Cohen, Friedman. BOTTOM ROW: Laird, Clauson, Kinnaird, Hope, joseph, McRol1erts, Hodge, Mac- Kenzie, Ball, Truesdale, Cherry. 32 PEP CLUB BOA RD TOP ROWS Scott, Dillon. BOTTOM ROVV: Paletti, Dietrich, Hampton, Breeden. FIRST Sl'1MES'l'I'1R LOVNGE MONITORS TOP ROXV: Beringer, Hapke, Harrington, llolland, Axhhaueher, Bingham, Lang, Neuman, Gibbons. SBC'- OND ROVV: Alder, VonAmmon, Tenliyck, Feuer, llartman, Bradford, Dietrich, Teeman. BOTTOM ROYV: Tredwell, Taylor, Redding, lloue, Grithth, llolliday, Cavett, Fields. Sl-IFOND SEMl'IS'l'l'IR l.0l'NGl'I MONITORS TOP ROVV: Barth, Meitee, Feinberg, Poet, Lund, llauserman, Deutsch, Krel. BOTTOM ROVVZ Lewis, Paulan, Redding, Zitman, Lang, Evans, llc-ineken, Snipes, Dunham. l'Ol'NC'll. 2ND Sl'1Xll'iS'l'lCR l'UMNll'l"l'l'1l'1S. GROVI' I Tut' ROVVZ Butler, llathauay, Altini, .It-nningx, lanllornc, Mark, Kanow, Barlow, lfisvltl, Spatl, Claire, Sipnrin, T. jones, Maclean. 'l'lllRD ROVV: Gordon, Gaardc, Grants, VanKcnneu, VVallwt', Gundlaeli, Riley, livans, Alllll'l'ilS, VVollf, Svltull, Sproul, Banoni. SECOND ROVV: Mt'- Phee, Spit-gel, Conner, SIUIIII, Spurnay, Bigg, Dahlin, Tan, VVilhelm, Martin, XViggs'rs, Langtord, Dorgan, llt-ekinger. BOTTOM ROVV2 l7rt'ssler, Fisher, 1.1-xy, Raymond, lfolt-5, cll11llIl1llt'N, But't'lt- HI!! rc, -It-melt, Sliaugt-r, llorhn, l,5m'h, Paul, Deutvlt. l'0l'Nl'll. 2NlD Sl'IXll'lS'I'l'll! K'UMMl'l"l'l'Il'lS. GROl'l' 2 TOP ROVV: l.angt-nlmavh, Cummings, Marland, Bingham, Golide, Sailstad, Dunham, Svott, Patton, lWt'C'l:lvt'. l'lUl'RTll ROXV: Yntttll-5l1et'l!. Gross- man, Neuman, VVt-inrirlt, Atttlrt-xuki, VVatt-rtnan, Au-nl, Breedvn, Dillon, Reasnt-r, Doyno, -lost-plt, Long. THIRD ROVV: Mitvln-ll, XVltitc, Perkins, Bodman, lft-nn, iluelivh, 'l't-itliwlt, IM-Vrv, Davhlin, Diller, Both, Dim-trieh, lxgrig, Uollinx. SlCC'OND ROX Stal lllttt o VZ Q 1 n ey, 1 "Non, ,It'ttwn, i'ot'eoratl, l.o se, Dorgan, Broderiek, Milnnr, Vl'attx, llalvorwn, Tomh, Yanih-ltlt-r, Nt-lwn, llampton. BOTTOM ROVV: Curtis, l'il'l'Nl1Cll'll, Button, lfiwlu-t', Levy, Tel- fer, Borltan, Brotlxlti, l-'arrt-ll, l'at't'3, lit-ekvr, l'ngcr, lds If i e 33 J -as Q97 I Cyp 'Iva' C5 FMD 'Q tx., KW' X51 'T IN'l' Nl'1NIl'lS'l'l'III STI IIY ll.Xl.l. SI'I'I'1IIYISlIIIS. .K.XI. 'l'Ul' RUXY: lfiwuizm, lIl'HHllIllg.Q, llgts- przu, lit-rg, llfuiglu-rti, Nlitvlu-ll, kinrr, NVitt1lt1wt'lt, Rimam, ll, lirmsn, lfzxrnrll, Vxtrlwti. SIXTH RUXY Kqmmx, Nlstr- titi, Tirtlv, Smith, llutmliinwn, I. Klillcr, lhIl'ciZIllI'IlIl, I". Nlillrr, Rug,gvi'N, li. lirmxtt, :Xtkiiix lfll"'I'll RUN' IM-lfatltwi, Hin- giv, Chmtlliiatli, XY.ixlrr, lk-ltlmam, linrg, lilutm-t1tl1.ll, Zztml, Nlzrrmx, lit-rlxwn, tin-vii, Krztgli, Nlitrlivll. lflll Rlll RUXYH Sammi- lrr, I.IllIl'l', NI. Nlillvr, limliiwv iirathxtrn, I,m':lxitt, I.1llIllIlk'l'S, llatrxvi, Sgtmult-rx, .Kru- Ntcili, cltlIlIt'I'Nl', l'hillipN, lfiiivlvrrg. 'l'lllRlD RUXV: l.t-vltm-r, Kimlmll, Rlwin- Ntrmn, lfiulwl, l,s-xinwn, liugatrt, :Kilt-n, llztukiiimii, Sniptw, XVi'vmlv, liwmnlic, llzthliu, i'ullwvrg, SIQVUNIJ RUXV: liimixltv, lVlmmr:', l'm1illi, Valxctt, lluuli- ham, lizlll, NIH-rs, klnmw, lfislit-r, l'iit'llt'll- gru-n, Slum-, Cilurlunzm, lamslmzm. HUT- TUIXI RUXVZ Cnlliiix, Smith, I.mwr, uvlt, Nlnvli, l.:1rlxin, llvvffmam, Wtmtl, lim-r, Nw, St-ll. IST SI'IXlI'ZS'l'I'IN N'l'l'llY Il Kl.l. Sl'l'I'INYISOIZS. l'.Nl. 'l'Ul' RUXXT Cnitmlmi, Nlurl-t, Nivlwti, lnxutr, NIt'C'lcll:m, Yatil, Vzttlin, lilumlwrg, l.:lC'ruix, l':lttrm. SIXTH RUXV: Vlif- Intl, liulklm, XVilxmi, Sl'IIlIt'Ix, Zsllifl, XVt'llt-N, Nlzirtin, Hu-rlnrk, Kuxpcr, Child- Nmith. l"llf'l'lI RUXVZ Rliim-strnm, Malm- qtlist, C'ullu-rg, Sulm-ll, Rulnt-, Krnin', Rt-ml, l'mt, Stump, lit-m'lu't'. l4lll'R'l'lI RUXV: CR-itlixlml, Nlzttliix, lirmxnlic, I.llL'ltNIIlSlIl, Suupt-, Cztllxmclm-r, IIl'l'IINIt'Ill, llrxttlhurv, lhuglwrti, Vzixtvlli, l':tNtlt', ll airing. 'l'lllRlJ RUXV: llill, Cimxtiiwii, l':iul:m, Vmwti, liztll, llztrtmzm, l-'ixlwig lNIt'i'l:tr- nzm, NTQ-xtlizllvr, lfixlt, I-'mn-r, lirimkwn. SICVUNID RUXVC Niult't'lwrgvt', Ile-zllv, lfnctur, Unltlingtii, .'XlllIl'l'il1', lilmwni, K'rmlu, Vnlivc, fIHl't'1It'IllI, llt-utvli, l'c'tt'r- Nun, I'utts. IiU'I"I'UNl RHXVZ Silt-cr, 'Sslmllu-rg, lfislwr, Irv, Clin-v, Nlm'Kiltm'y, Dani-, Yrztgur, II1lI'I'lNtIIl, l71'ut4'h, firms' mzm. IND SI'lNII'1S'I'I'III N'I'l'llY ll XI.l, SI'I'I'IIIYIS1IIIS. .X.NI. 'IIUI' RUXY' N14-l'ln-t-, XxI1lXlt'I', l7i4'lwu'r, IIIIIIIIIV, Nlillcr, Nlnmlrl, I'.I'l'l'CIlIIllIl, Kre- gcr, Caitlin, N'lt'i'lcll.m, Nlillvr, Kuxpc-r, Uslrriwn, l':lttuti. lfthl Rlll RUXV7 Stott, llzmtllt-r, lliltl, linltlnmn,, Rivlv :irtl-, l'mwll, I.1lIlf.ft'l1li.ll'Il, XYt-xtwlmlcl, Krrtlur, xlt'tIl'l'lN'l'Q.fl'l', 51 llll4'llIl'I', IXIVIIUII' Hugh, Cimr 'l'lllRlT RUXV' liticwlt, XVnltlr:llu, llillvr, .'Xrnxtt-in, lYt'l1'l1, Hvrl, lfrit-clm'r, IIVIIIIIIIQ1, .Xml1'x'wi1, Nlztrtitt, litfnjximin, llm-tcm i, Small-r. SIQFUND RUXY' I'IlllKt'llllt'll, Nlnrtilm-r, l.:mtm:m, XIX-iiilmtm-, Ihuxwit, Nl:-thx, XVright, Mist, l'm-tt-rwn, luurm, Xu-, llztixkmwn, l'.lu'tt, Irwin, 'liznlmi lilI'l"I'UNI RUXVZ liipcr, lizirrrtt, Allxu, I'lit'Ill'Ill.fIWl'l'll, lfichls, Sxtmllu-rg. Fellini, l':il:iith, llxtrtmamn, Gmc, Nlvnztrcl, liorntvlsl, Nlxwh. QXID Sl'l5ll'IS'l'lClC S'I'I'llY ll,XI.I. SI'I'I'IIIVISlIHS. I'.XI. llll, RUN" IXIUIII, NIm'K'l:tu-, l,ziuril', Qlflmw, C':trlwn, Sn-pln-mx' 'll-llix, lilx, Hur- riiigtmi, IxIIIltrlll'X, I". I'zt!tnn, lNlt'l'wiim'll. lfII7'l'll ROXV: flu-rix, lf. Smith, Mark, 'iIwn, fiI't't'll, l'1l'im'lxwi1, Stillurll, liulli- lu, SIIUCIIIIII, C':1rpvlm-r, Q ztrlwn, lhIJl4'lx1'll- ling l"rzmla. l"Hl'R'I'lI RHXVt Nlnurr, liitlgiw, liatrnhill, Mm, Mmm-llx, Krziglt, Sxtrgciit, .-Xlwlwti, ll:iuwrm.m, l':ttnpiun, Iilcin, liznnhurg. 'l'lllRlT RUN" NIC- I.t'4m, Svlirztrnm, 'l'r+Min:m, l.iningvr, Km'- wr, Stxmh, Y:ll1XYt-XL, I,l'I!IIl, l'ivH'l1:tl1l, Ring l'. I':lttui1, XYullw, Siimu'l'. SIX'- UNII RUN" llxlvix, lhlalixiit, llt-uliham, Ciztrfizi, 'lin-lnatn, liztrimrtl, Srliztvlitrl, Hig- ginx, limwn, Krul, lumix, NV1tllwr, XYil- hvlm, Strxtuw, Sktilnilt. liU'l"l'UNI RUIV: lilxlvlnxcll, Shun, Yixlwt, II.IQ'l', ling-Lgm, Srhulf, Smith, Rtigglt-N, lQx':ixlim'ii, I4-vy, llnpp' Xlilnnrv ilillllllllllllll, S'l'l'l7Y HALL GlCXl'IR.Kl. Sl'l'l'iRVlSUllS. IST Sl'1Xll'lS'l'HR Till' RUXV: lliken, Pinkerson, Trenkmann, lNliller. SFCOND ROVV: Martin, l.indl1t-rg, Martin, Maas, Dickinson, Kinnaird. BO'l"l'UM RUVV: Uvson, Cohn, llaunilton, Kent, Sagett, VVeissenl1erger, DeVry. S'l'l'lH' ll.Xl.l. GICNERAI. Sl'l'l'IRVlSORS. 2Nll SlCMES'l'l'IR v r l ' l:Il l 'I' Till' RUVVZ Lafroix, Sweet, Mitchell, lVIel7nugall. SECOND ROW I i Lindlierg, lireeden, Both, Kinnaird, llnward, XVilson. BOTTOM ' RUVV: Melxinney, furtis, Fisher, Sehroeder, Leavitt, Fisk, llughey. LIIINA RY GENICRA I, Sl'l'l'lRYlSORS TOP RUVV: Mark, Fleming, Anderson, Behrstoek. BU'l"l'UM ROXVI Fallek, Malmquist, Baer, XVanger, llendrey. l , 1 s Revzkzkm and Referendum Cfontiuued from Page .ill ter understanding of its goals among both students and faculty. The head of service looked after the general condition of the council ollice, organized the Freslunan Code of lfthics Assembly, and instituted discussions of the Code in Sophomore, ,lun- ior, and Senior lfnglish classes. ln addition to working with other stu- dent organizations on planning fall pep rallies and establishing the new Senior boys' cheering section, the head of unity and spirit helped bring hack the tradition of Senior hoys' sweat shirts. 'lille assemblies departtnent arranged all council assemblies, developed the new form of silnultaneous council ofhcer election assenihlies, and took charge of plans for the Northeast-North- l west District Council Convention, which was held at New 'l'rier in Noveinher. For his guidance and support of all coun- cil activities throughout the year, special thanks were due to fllr. David Gustafson, faculty sponsor. 35 ,- i iii HAR li GORIN Si-rvieo Asst. 'PRISHA S'l'l WKTON l4'i-ii-mlly Asst. JEAN MURRAY l'1inploynn-nl Asst. MAUDE ROSSER Financial Asst. SVR WHl'l"l'EMORl'1 DEI-I KIRBY Rep. Cliairinan Vive President MARY VVHEATON President MIMI XVEISDORF ANNE EDMUNDS Pnhlie Relations Frieililly SALLY STARK CHARI YOST Seeretary 'I'l'0l'l.Slll'Bl' SABINA M0l,D'l' ANNE MILNOR Serviee l'Iinployinent GIRLS' CI,l'B IST SIC3ll'lS'l'l'IR R HPR ESE N'l'.k'l'l V ES TOP ROVV: Snower, Hedberg, Hillner, Vlliggers, Beyer, McClory, Rosenberg, Sa- din, Pinsof, Lanahan. FOl'RTH ROVV: Nelson, DeVry, Bnsor, Porter, Sulkin, Schneider, Mann, VVhiteside, Brandwein, Allaerding, VVhipple. THIRD ROW: Rich- heimer, Button, Meythaler, Dix, llurd, Bur- rill, Bleeh, Baer, Mvl'ey, Garner, Eldredge. SECOND ROVV: Sprenger, Snorf, Mac- donald, Kent, Murphy, Bethune, Thomas, Lansing, Gathereoal, Broderiek. BOTTOM ROVV: Pershing, Kruger, liichengreen, Sehoen, Stern, Vonesh, Davidson, Cavett, Bershaeh, Levy, lilmer. GIRLS' CI.I'I3 ZND SI'lMl'lS'I'ER RE PR E S E N'l'.K'1'l VE S TOP ROVV: Friedner, Coolidge, Boylston, Sadin, Blatchley, Lehman, Desmond, Shaf- fer, Velde, Barnard, Hallum, Lager, Weh- ster, MacLean. TIIIRD ROVV: Hilde- brandt, Palmer, Braun, Haight, Burns, Thomas, Kornfeld, Strahorn, Steinert Thomson, johnson, Michals, Gain, Cohoon. SECOND ROVV: Weinrieh, Staub, Beers, Knott, I,ahhe, Decker, Factor, Cunningham, Clark, Cork, Taylor, Carey, Christiansen, Lammers. BOTTOM ROVV: Heitman, Davis, Iiichengreen, Hampton, VVQ-hh, Mil- ler, McSwain, Green, VVQ-ndnagel, Giallom- hardo, Milne, Davis, Petersen. v -- 37,.1ggn-,,.,,.Q..g-t-..-.a-- . -1- MARSHA NANCY HALVORSEN INGERSOLL Freshmen Art JOAN HUTCHESON Social -nv .- -i. PAT PETERSON JANET Charity MICHALS Projects CARYL ASCHBACHER Financial GIRLS' CLUB CLASS MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Langford, VVhipple, Hal- vorsen, VVhittemore. Fun and Frolzb GIRLS' CLUB INCREASED IN SIZE AND CONTINUED TO PROVIDE SERVICE AND ENJOYMENT TIIROUGII ITS BANQUETS. FUND -Mi!! Kirmillff r1f1dMiS-f DRIVES. AND PARTIES. W H9110 This year Girls' Club can look back with justifiable pride on its many accomplish- ments and successes. The year's events pro- vided fun and frolic for all New Trier girls beginning with the annual Freshman- Senior Party, which introduced freshman girls to New Trier. The next excitement was provided in Friendly VVeek and the culminating Friendly Banquet. Girls' Club projects deserve special men- tion. The magazine drive was the most lucrative ever held and brought in more than 531000, which yielded rich profits for the Girls Club Scholarship fund. Girls also sold refreshments at all home football games to earn still more for the scholar- ship fund. The bi-annual clothing drive jointly sponsored by Girls' Club and Tri- Ship topped its original goal of 1,960 tons by 2.4 tons. This year, in Rlarch, Girls' Club presented a mother-daughter banquet with entertainment provided by a profes- sional fashion show by llarshall Field's, and by mother-daughter acts. This event was a huge success and will be long remem- ber by those who attended it. Another drive sponsored by both Girls' Club and Tri-Ship was able to more than reach its goal: the United Fund Drive, held from llarch 21-28 surpassed its goal of 54,000 to collect an all-time high of Z5-l-,658.l8. The year was completed with the annual spring luncheon and fashion show, with New Trier girls as models, held on May 14. The addition of four sophomore assist- ants and the new Information Corps were changes which proved to be for the better. The continued and devoted guidance of the two sponsors, lNIis-s jean Kixmiller and Miss Joan VVagner, served to make the Girls' Club projects and parties successful. Girls' Club again fulfilled its purpose this year-to provide fun and enjoyment for all New Trier Girls. 37 i fx,. 1 .1 L ,Q 3 .2L'E'f21-,'WF'i+ ' E S' QM - 1 A ' 1 " T' . T .9 ' -lg 3 Y -A vt fl G' QQ 'A' Uf' qv A' ,As ,Y 4 U i Q f' m V4 Agp r. 3 3: Q, A . . .n 3-4 1 . ,U ' 'HV ',Q, ' , 1 S' w ' , K N I , Q Nw. . , - 4"' -xx!-7, If t . 9 A g f S ' ' X wi Q! . V 4 Q X N 8 I 0 'K A' fb 1,! fig ,Mer B-S15 .4- Q. Q 1 In 5, .. ' V. ,. Q I - an ' 54 v . ' '- 3 L . ' ,T ... ,Y It L. 'HJ' Q ' " Y? 'fx' -. 4 4 Q .'A " 'x K 7 V , 5. 1.1, p I3 f 9 - 'X .7 ,- vii x-if 5 Q 'I ',. .32 '. A :rv if 1-f? 4 , p if "- 'ff . ' W 'J A E" El " f"' -s ' A El 2 15 B V: l O Z.. at A' - , 4. A ,, x . W5 y ,, ki!! :ttf Q95 . it sv A . j ' L ' T'f s Y f 1 V W .i p. S X-J ,. QW y' . 7 A Q 'Tx . Q R - 'E X .J U ' 3. 1 -.6 x-Huff Sh-' Q ' L ' ' E I -ynie ' 1 M A in 'lg 'R 5. I X 5 X 7 4 GIRLS' CLUB IST SEMl'lS'I'l'IR COMMl'l"l'l'1l'lS. GROVP I TOP ROVV: Baxter, Stone, llagenah, Perev, Moore, Blettner, Shaffer, Snipes, Mathis, VVilk, King. SECOND ROVV: Breen, llurley, Sonn, Perkins, Cunningham, Thomas, Buchanan, Schraeger, Hickey, Dougherty, Shafer, Mages, Teeman, Foster. BOTTOM ROVV: Revelle, McKinney, Struggles, Davis, Kurz, Sandberg, Levy, Morris, Levy, Reinishi, Abbott, Vvhiteside, Syfert. GIRLS' CLUB IST SI'lMl'IS'l'l-IR COMMI'l"l'EES, GROCI' 2 TOP RONV: Saunders, Neuman, Burnham, Martin, Sachs, Priee, Manly, Matt, Lammers, Isgrig. FIFTH ROVV: Lordahl, Anderson, Gustafson, Smith, VanVVey k, DeVry, Stevens, Mussehl, Simpson, Shoxverman, Pren- tice. FOl'RTll RONV: Seehater, lnnis, Dressler, Cavett, Blackwell, Miller, Herz, Both, Taylor, Belsey. THIRD ROVV: Shauger, Moore, Cook, Klauke, Hanson, MeGohan, Smith, lleitman, Teeman, Kelly, Reuben. SECOND ROVV: Loose, XVhittemore, Kulbarsh, Sehultv, Brown, Thomas, Buckingham, VVilson, Halvorsen, Hayward, VVoodhead, Erland. BOTTOM ROXV: Pattisen, llarrison, Menard, VVard, XVittenberg, Moeller, Cline, Nettleman, Green, Speetor, Bernstein. N I ' R S E R Y STA Fl" TOP ROVV: Goldman, Coradini, Vogel, Kola, Vet-der, Nelson, llouston, bloldt. SECOND ROVV: Silverman, Grossman, Dehne, Bloom, Goranson, lleitman, Gorin, Solomon, l.anaban. BOTTOM RONV: Ovson, l':lCllt'lIgl'L'l'll, Piek, O'Connell, Silver, Larkin, Loose, Thornton, XVodi-. KPIHLS' CLIIB ZNID Sl'1XlES'l'l'IIC Cl7MXll'l'l'El'lS. GRUCI' l TOP ROVV: Nelson, Rosenberg, Gundlaelt, Brightman, Longeneeker, Blatehley, Cook, Xvebster, Deahl, Miehals, Nix, llanson, Velde, llair. lfOl'RTll ROVV2 Alford, Kent, Jensen, Tomb, VVatts, Peterson. Frankenstein, Liss, lfox, Connelly, Calla- way, Gustafson, Liebman, Delang. THIRD ROVV: Smith, Bernstein, Feldman, True, NValker, Foster, Lindberg, Powell, Milnor, Lee, Fleisehman, Lightner, Friedlen, Paul. SECOND ROVV: Sandberg, Peek, Menk, Keith, Crosby, Parker, Yom-sh, llultman, VVittenberg', Brookman, Turner, Self, Glass, Carson. BOTTOM ROVV: lleitman, lfair- bairn, Button, VVhitewell, Beesen, Silver, Eiehengreen, Lewis, Seaton, liberhart, Me- Guire, Stein, Pearson. GIRLS' Cl.l'll 2Nll Sl'1Ml'lS'I'lCR CUXlMl'l'l'l'll'IS. GRUl'l' 2 TOP ROVV: Strahorn, VVolf, Zimberoff, Campbell, lledberg, Thompson, VViggers, lN1aeLean, Littell. I7Ol'RTll ROVV: lliekf ey, Murphy, XVallaee, Diller, Sehmid, llar- per, Elliott, Dorgan, Partlan, VVl1ite, M4- Gowan, Eisenberg. TlllRD ROVV: llart, Thomson, Taylor, Lassar, Newmen, Mo- loney, Coneoran, Perkins, NVaterstradt, lloehn, McMahon, Drial, Savok. SECOND ROYV: Dressler, Fisher, Richheiiner, Robin, Telfer, Braun, Stephens, Gessner, Moore, VVard, Kirby, VVheeler, jones. BOTTOM ROVVZ Naiburg, Betts, Erwin, Flesch, Pru- sow, Bacon, Minter, McLean, llealy, Bald- win, lngersoll, Terra, Abbott. 39 GIRLS' 1'LI'I1 IST SI'IMI'lS'I'I'lR LIISRARY S'I'.kI"I" 'I'llI' RUIY: IIllII'l11ul1, Alu-rs, XY11, Gnllif In-ru. I"l1ro-r. Sndin, SIXTH RHW3 Sul lxlmry. Iim-lun. Ifrunlx. Ilnrrinutnn, I'I+-Iv I-rt, Gnrin, S1-Illuilll. III-Illmllt, NI'uIvl'llnlim-, IH-mfl'. I'nIlm-r. I-'II"'l'II IIUXY: I"nrnuln, Ihnlxin, Nnllmmnn. KI-lly. Ilnrt. Ilvvlu-l', Ih-rnxla-in, Iiownlu-1'L:. IIIuimln. RUM-nllml, Huy--r, Wilk. I'0I'lI'l'II ROW: Rudy. I'uul, IIIIUl'I'If', Vuttrl-ll. KIlIIIIlI4'I't'I', Sm-Imltn, Mon-I, IIIIUIQIIILIIIIIIII, Ilornv. AI- ln-rin, Ifnl'sIuIu-, Full-, 'I'II IRI! IIUXYI Iluplw, KnIImrsI1, Ilrnlnlm. I'uI1-lti, Xlixm-r, Ilrurlh-y, Znrhin, I'nHiwn, Huy-rl-II. 'I'Iwu' Iullnl, 'I'Ilul'u-ll, I"oxxI1'I', Vullinx, SICVUXIJ ROW: S1-IniI'f', Ilnvix. Hulflnmn, Allxu-iss, Ilnum. Wvimlnrf, Yue-um. Uumauuly. IM-vnu. l'xu'x'im:luxx, K1-IIy, 'I'IxIx-Io, IIO'I"I'UBI ICUXY: Ulwn. Svlmu-Iullmm. Vnlwn, Furl- Nun, Svluu-ll, NIuIum-y, IIIul'knIIA, Ifiugv, NI5' , 1 - I 4-rx, 1, Rm-Inns, Ix. Ixvlnus. GIRI.S' I'LI'I5 ZNID SI'I5II'IS'I'I'1R LI IRR A R Y s'l'.xlfl1' 'VIII' ROW: IIIlI'IAl'II. I'lik1-lIml'l1v1', th-rrl4-ll. Vmum-Ily, Iluir, Spfn-rt. I"I1-mmm, Mnjur. Sudan, Ii'-km-rl, Vl?lIKI'lI1'lIIIt'I', Wlxiiv. I"lI"'I'II ROW: Ilnrrnll. I,!IIllll'I'. I5l11'kim:- hum, WiImlI', Antulini, IXIv1Iowll11, Krunsv. XI'uonI. Vugm-I, Ilnrtun, Ilrowll, Ri1-I1In1l'U. I"Ul'II'I'II ROW: Mm-51-V, YnnSvImm'. Ilnrt, Ilnuvrty, III-lnnx. Vlnllull, XIIIIIIIIIIS, K4-lly. I"I'IlIIIx. Iilc-1114 IM-rm-I1-ill, l'urmu, III-II-nyi. 'I'IIllill ROW: Wilk, Hrttwll, Iluulihun, Slmuuvr. Iiunnm-rn-r, lim-rlim-r. SI1npiru, 'I'nn. Yue-una. Ilirl, KIIIIHIIXII, Mimvr. SICVUXIP RUW: Ilvrnnmia-L. Ulwn, I'I-l'- rymnn. lin-1-:II-ln, S4'In'u1n, MnrImI'l', Nulliru. XY1wl, IGVJIIHIIII. NIM-. IIIIIIIHI, Arie-IT, II'IuiIv. In-xxix. IIO'I"l'llNI RHXY3 Glove-I'. S1'I1iII'. Sf-Imvlnllnnn. ICI-In-r', Snlm-Intl-in, If Icl'IIIlls, Nlnlnm-y, tirullulu, VIII-M, Silva-r, IIIIQIIIIIQ, Iinxix. GIRLS' l'I.l'I! IST SI'lNII'IS'I'ICR 0I"I"Il ' IC S'I'.K I"I" 'I'l?I' IIUXY: X'uuW1-yk, IIuxxIxinxml. Yun, .Inv-muy. III-ntmm, Ifuxx, XIvl'Iul'nnn, .lau'uI+. I'rim'. I.ininL:vl', 'I'n4I1I, SIX'I'II ROIYZ XIIIIIII4'I'III1IIl. Hnlln-rvmll. I"uII. IIirIml'1Imn. llurwin. Rny, Iilnlmmn, Km'II'. I'nwInu. IH-lu-r. Ihurn. I"II"'I'II IIUXY: King I'IIIi- null, Iluuulml Ihnmu-1. .MnIn-l'!. 'I'nyIor, Run Innd. IIml:Iln'l'Ip, I"I'nllIwlulvilx. Ifislx. Slvllv. IIHIMIII, Kurmllll. I"Ul'Il'I'II RUXY2 I4'1-lfliuum-V, Ilurluivla, 'IIl'I'IIIlllI, Spurxxuy. Nlmlfnlu-mix. Ilnrnzn-aI, IIOI'Ill'I'U, Sm-Inn-Ins-I, XI:lImlv5'. Smm. ICQ-lllwn. Iim-IU-r. 'I'IIIIIIP IIUW: IE:n'1uu1'rI, 'I'urn-II, Nm-llmwp. I"va11'- Iwih-y. Ilrnun. 'I'nylm'. Wulfwn, Munn Iuvllm-l', Rmllxin, III-xxxulwl. I"u4lul'. I':1x'n-tl. Szlvhx, SI'I1'llXIb IHIXY: Imxxix, .II-nxvll. Imnw, Xlmurn-A INI4-, IM-XI'nIf, 'I'Ilnln:u, I'Inil Ilpx, Ilnuxxlw-lu. I,mnnn, Ilnrln-5. Ilif--Inu, I11l'I"I'UXI RUXX' Nw-:urn-l'. Iwvllxxmw, SI-If. XX'I1ilxxvlI, 1':u1'Ixmm, Ilm'Ix:u1A Il'-uxImwI1A NY.-i-A, XII-nur-I, Xlillvr, Svhulf. GIRLS' I'LI'II2Nl1 SICNlI'lS'I'I'IR UI-'I"Il ' IC S'I'.K I"I" 'FUI' IIUXY1 XI-umun. .lawuly I"1-Idiugvr, 'I'mI1I, I'rir'1'. Sulltvr. SIX'I'II RHXY2 VIII Inully. Iiurnv. Rixius, I'nxxI:ll1. Knw. KMA" wr, Nlvliinm-5, Iivllvy. II:-Illvr, Ifuuwln. Surph-xx, I'm't1-V, IIIII. I'nv1'l!, ,XrIolm:ll1. I-'I I"'I'II RUIY: XII-GI-I-, IIl'YIlll'. !Slo'IIl'. 'I'u3Im'4 IIl1rnu'ixln'l', Gnlwin, Z1-iulvr. Iim'fI'. Yyw. I'1-I4-rwnl XII-ytlunlx-r, Him-lmx, I"Iu-twin. .Iulmx1m. II, Imwix, Long, N. L1-mix, I4'UI'II'l'II IIUXY: Nm'IIurop. Slum. Klmlmulu-ulix, ICIIIUII, lliImm, Rudi. I"l'nm'n, III-It. Ri1'kul'1Ix. I"ixIi. I'ulxlvr, XIn-I- uivk. .Xlnlu-rag! IYu1uIIn-ml, Smith, Liv. IIm:I1--5 'I'IIIIiIl IIUXY: Iinvix. IIul'l'1lIl. Lumnn, In-Wulf, 'I'Imlmu, Vlllllipx. Mm-I In-V. IInrIIin. Loral, XIIIlllIIIl'IIII4'I', Mmm-. I,mm'. Ilnllulm, II:ll'tni1'Ix, In-nvitl, Iinsvllf In-ru. I"nII. SICVUXII IHIXY: IPux'vnpm'I. Iinvun. IMI-I1 Xlnrgllll, Ilumptml, IY4-IwIr, I'np4'. I'mu-II. IIul'In-rr, I"Im'xI1n-1111, Sl'IlII4'Il- tvl, M1-u1nr1I. YA-um-l'. ZIIIIIIIUYIIIJIII. I.4-VX. Ih-rlim-r, I1U'I"I'UNI ROW: Ilorrn-II, Im- vix, Iiuurkin, Iluhinwn. I'n-rrin. lim-r, llnrnnrd. Vnlm, Ray, 'I'1-lfm-V. III-vinmnu. .IuIl1lxtm1, S1-If. Wuixs, 3IiII1'l'. 40 rmh H1111 l,I1l'fl'f Ilan: IlllfiXIIlIIfHi1lll.Y. .llofllcrv llllf1l1l1Ilffllfl'l'X ut 1114 f4.wli'1'r lfnmv Y0l.l'X'l'l'1lCR lll'lHCAl' FUI' ROXYZ Km-um-r, Manson, C'mu'n, RiK'kIll'l,N, Y1mAl111r1mu, lmrvh, Dm-Vrx, Tllnrwn. THIRD RUXV: l,ightm'r, Kixwclmv- lulum, Irvin, Kicr, Xurdcnlwrg, Dudll, lingurt, Ynmkvrs. QIICONI7 RUVVZ Mulum-3, 'I'l1fn11:lN, tgllffill, Svhmimlm-r, Pick, Miller, lirnun, An1lu-rg. li0'I"I'0M RUVV: Michznlx, INN-, Cllrnplu-ll, Aricff, VV:lrd, Cir:1Nh11l'u, lipxtm-in, 'l'urm'k, Tittlc. I SPONSORS LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr. Frantz:-ll, Mr. Lightncr, Mr, jaunuw, Mr. jc-nsen, Mr. Ewan-3, Mr. Rude, Mr. Clark. KEN JOHN KELLY l'l'I'l"I'IHlH'IXV fllllh Service 5 HILL MQGUIRE 'l'r'ul'fi1v Squad lillli XIURICICN HURIJY ADAMS I11l!'liHl'l"' snpll 4'hmrmnu DUN IIAIDI-IH l'rm-xielont 'Q' ' 1 '-,.- ' 1, Y dir: M -ig DICK 1iIiI'I'S1'IIKli INDIA l'l'l'ZKiI4IRAI.IJ WI-INDY 1'.XIH'l'ZN'l'I'IR X14 4- l'r1-xlwh-nt Nwlw-Iul'x 'l'1'c:uul'1-r lllil H015 NKl'IRH0l"I" l'ubliv livlulmllm HEKKY MAGNICK 'VON PTIUVKNUN 'l'ir'kf-ts lkhor l'4n'ps Clothing Dri1w'.' So llzvrwfs my strifwd xhirt! l'HITl'K 1'0Wl'1I.I Vluh Iilll.-Ullnritiv 1'Ill'l'K ILXRNIIILI. Al'l'IlllLfl'Ill1'lllN llllll, Il ICNIWIIISON .Iuniur Vlmirnmn 'l'4 UI SA XYY HN lhlnm- IHUK XVOLFF Iiinnvr f? 4 "v A .1 .- 14 Buncflef and Banquets MEMBERS OI" TRI-Sllll' Sl'C'l'l'MBED TO THE ETERNAL DISTRACTION YET ACCOMPLISIIED THE Dl,"l'IES AND GOALS OF TIIE ALL-SCHOOL BOYS' ORGANIZATION. Let's face the facts. Although it would appear to an outsider on his first trip to New Trier that the members of Tri-Ship spent the greater percentage of their time flirting with the occupants of the adjoining Girls' Club oflice, they did accomplish a great deal of work on the side, if only be- cause a fairly solid wall separated the two offices. Actually, Tri-Ship, as usual, ac- complished a great deal. The Club hustled 21 tons of bundles in the biennial clothing drive, as well as 534,658.48 for the United Fund. Incidentally, both efforts were made in conjunction with Girls Club. On its own, Tri-Ship organized five dances, di- rected trallic on street corners, in the audi- torium, and in the halls, and still found time to listen to Mr. Gerald A. Newman, Consul-C ieneral of Canada at its father-son banquet. Responsibility for the coordination of Tri-Ships many activities fell on the shoul- ders of President Don Haider. Assisting him in the running of the club were Vice President, Dick Gritschke, Secretary, Bob Fitzgerald, and Treasurer, VVendy Carpen- ter. Completing the list of Tri-ship's elected ollicers were Bill Henderson, junior class chairman, and Gordy Adams, sophomore class chairman. The actual performance of Tri-Ship's various tasks and services was divided among numerous committees of the club. Responsibility for running the system of door guards, and coordinating the student employment system fell to john Kelley as head of the Tri-ship service committee. The usher corps, directed by Tom lfrick- son, provided ushers for New Trier's many productions, including Lagniappe and this year's opera, "Lady in the Dark." Handling public relations for the club was Bob llrinkerhoff. The Traflic squad TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES TOP ROVV: Magnuson, Browder, Stevens, Ellis, McPhee. THIRD ROVV: McGuire, Hendersen, Mercein, Phemister, Hope, Hurley, Lindhlad, Greengard, Burns, VVright, Weatherford, Sturlini, Trenkmann, Howard. SECOND ROVV: Stringfellow, Simpson, Yates, Michael, Ilutcheson, Swede, Sargent, VVilson, Kiefer, Dormody, Kurz, Farrell, Romack. BOTTONI ROVVZ Grant, Malmquist, jones, Borkan, Blankstein, Grossman, Cunningham, Marsh, Domeniek, McC0sh, Bernstein, Hatcher, Ceselli. was under the leadership of Bill Blclluire. This organization handled traflic at each of the year's events, as well as on school days. To Chuck Powell, as head of Tri-Ship's clubroom-charities committee, can be given a good part of the credit for the success of this year's charity drives. Tri-Ship's live annual dances were or- ganized by Tom Sawyer, head of the dance committee. He was responsible for the planning and running of each of the parties. Gerry Magner, as head of the ticket com- mittee, was responsible for the ticket sales for all Tri-Ship sponsored activities, includ- ing the dances and Lagniappe. The dinner committee, headed by Dick VVolf, handled all arrangements for Tri-Ships two largest animal banquets, the football banquet and the father-son banquet, as well as providing refreshments at each of the club's dances and parties. A group just recently created, the ar- rangements committee, under Chuck Barn- hill had the responsibility for handling all the extra odd jobs which came up during the year. Two such activities were career night and homecoming ceremonies. Finally, the "N" Club, composed of all New Trier's varsity and j.V. letter men, assisted the school by acting as ushers at each of the year's athletic events. President Ken Pettigrew controlled club activities. In addition to these students, several members of the faculty helped coordinate and run Tri-Ship's activities. lVlr. Lightner was general sponsor and supervisor. Assist- ing him were lllr. Clark, sponsor of the dance committee, lllr. lCsarey, of trallic squad, Illr. James, of usher corps, lllr. -len- sen, of the service committee, and hir. Frantzen, of N Club. 43 3' -dw . f--1' my ' W V M -'M U .. ,,:,"' - A luv' ,,. K' JM - "' ' , , 3 '--4 ' -'.L p ... K,-f- 1 My-I.-,,,,.-ff . --jf . . ,4,LT.-.vhiitx ., U 1. i Q ... v "" I thinking, rl- x..-.isbn-'qu--swf 'Wu' v-,ug ' ' 'A . j f "-1--9 1' -, -' . - " ' x I . ""-.rf-Af, - ' 1' ' ' 'J ' ' -'...f'.-Q, T -,..X - ' E - ., Y ,- 4 , ,. ,. - A Y K q- -Qrq-L .1-, - --enl- , J. -4- -- ,.-, -..-uf-12-24 9- L... . f . -iw .47 4..u:..J :f -. . -.g . ,- I , ' -...-1 ,, ' . ,-, ,--.1 . .. . gg' ' Q V K .. h s K 4 ' ..v - . f ,- '- ,s . 1. M .s-15 .' ,:.T' .',' , -.K ' " , -fy :-':,4,M? . ' -- '.l""-fi. K .- Q "k - - . - " ' ":"7'i-- 4 wflf. 1 " ' ' . - P sud-5-'5af.f.A - - S fig!! .-.f i"f'J1i3 "' - J 5-J V . 4 ' vu ' ' . 1 . ' Q -fr'-sg ,.z. pg. Ml, J' 'L 5.-M 'Ii , - 1 l , F El Dig' ' if 1- ..f ,' - . ' gk: I A-:-4'q-,iIL-Q fx". I K' ' 1 '5 'A 1 - .1 1 "1f.,g--. . .f.v . . - . ---r TMJ' -'A ---'dit J' . . " ,, ' -am - . - W7-.,,.. .j. Trnfffz' Sqllllllf fl filllr' lrzfm' jvir fun .vlmza X I1 ,INS-1' 1114 mln r. SUPIIUMUNIC NIICSSICXGICR FOHPS TOP ROXV: Rmcllxtrnck, Mic-m'r, N1c'K1-runn, licrmtcn, licll. SICCHNIU ROXV: I7llIIIQ'f', Fur- I'l'NtK'l', Bnrrv, l'lcislu'r, Sim-gel, lliilllikil, Spun, XVulIs, BU'l"I'ON1 ROXVZ Mulln-nlmch, Slrvznw, Rem-zulu-rg, Raleigh, Thumzm, Ignch, Mmningcr, liramnil1g, flxlyiml. 'FRI-Sllll' ,X'l"l'l'IXll.XXC'l'1 CTJNPS TUV RUXV: Szluynr, llzulgslu-s-, Clough, x1SlI1llSl5ICl', ciI'1lIlNII'lPITl, Ralclm, Milwl, x1l'Kl'l'll1lll, Cnhh, Bull, Pzmun. SICCOND RUVVZ liurru, l"ur1'cwtm', M:l1'l":n'l:lml, llllH1ll'd, XVillhitc, Yun! llmmrnu, Adxunx, Sicgel, VVhitrnnrv, Mill!-r, VVulwr, Frzswr. HU'I"I'UM ROXV: linuum, julmwn, 5l4lIlllL'. IM-vim. Rnln-ugh, lhvnnun, 1.5 nch, lirmxumg, fllll1lIllI1N, C Inlcl-, Nlaxrtm, SICXIUR SICHYIFIC GlHll'l' TOP ROXV: Ficlmls, Pl11r1pl11'r.x, Ciillettv, Uw- lzlnd, KL-llx, liiwrnzlu. HO'l"l'0M ROXV: Mun- uw, Ifixhcr, Clilwlwmy lirnmlrll, Day. 'N" l'l,I'lS FUI' RUXY: Halidvr, Blair, lwiiilhllllll, Uritsclmke, Sawyer, Laird, Cllliu-rg, Nfucllvr, Chzulscy, Nhlllilhilll, Um-ttsclw, l'liftun, Kil'kIZllll!, Brook. FIIVTII RUXV: Pzmun, Pvttigrvu, Nic-lwn, june-s, Mzlgm-r, Vail, Provul, Usher, Timm, Comion, Clniru, Kin-fer, VVm-lfcl, K'unningh:lm, lcidlu-ink, lfiwlml. If0l'R'I'll ROXV: Rivknrds, Deutsch, lluffstcd, Milnor, Fu-Ising, Morgan, Harm-tt, liusahmt, Cl1rismffL-rwn, McC'l1-ham, l'lvisI1cr, Dunphx, liurnlwcft, Brunnfn. THIRD ROVV: Mcfnnncll, Iinrnhill, T. Chrprntvr, Czlrnplwcll, Jennings, Mntvkin, Krugh, Altini, XV. Cnrpuntur, Kuvns, Mnrlnnd, Kleinfcld, Guldln-rg, Frank, llendcrwn, Grant. SECOND RUVV: Fe-nton, Schneider, Mzlmlcl, Harms, VVQ-sturhnld, l'umphr1-y, Reed, 'IQI'i'lllxlIlllIl, Hlutcnthnl, Prentiss, lluylcr, VVL-hater, Hodge, llmsnrd, Uvmn, Ilcrxhinmv, llikcn, Silfvn, l'mwll. B0'l"I'0lNI RUXVZ Uruis, Riu-, Rulllvn, Iirawkctt, Brzullwurp, Ire-vy, Portvr, Kotlor, Urussrnlln, May, VViIkvy, Rum:-, Zlllld, lyiilllllllld, Shorlnnll. lNl"KlRXl.X'l'lllX UICSK TOP RUXV: Mvfmmllcll, Rapp, K':lrpvlm'r, Bl'Zl7t'A', Hlll'5l'h, l,4'mh'l'cr, IM-ll, Iignn, vilffflll, IN-lnml, livrg, Vim-rL'v. B0'l"l'OM RUXV: Villlwl, xX'IlIlQ.1L'l', flu, llikuu, Ciulmling, Straws, iiuldrllznl, lxllfllll, Kclly, fullllili, Ifisncr. ljlflfllillfl flriwwp' "fluff f1Il'!'1',3L f7ft'I1fj' nmrw fi'1Il'lAt' fllix tYHll1'fl'UllI.U 45 l'UXlNll'l'l'lCl'1S 'l'Ul' RUNV: Yllil, Nlllj.flll'l', I,:1irtl, lirinltcr- hull, lilN1'll11lll, Sl'l1ll0HSll'l', lmm-, Mvyn, liutlcr, xxYillU'l', N1l'I'NlIIl. 'l'lllRD ROXV: iimwilialli, l,Ullt'1,IIlll, C':1rlstctlt, Sawyer, Irons, Dulu-rtp, Pzlssis, M1'l'hm'r, Limllmlncl, Pzittun, Stott, lyilllltfli, Stunivli. SICCUND RUXVC Svxillzm, Ifux, liingiss, Krngli, Divlt- -mi, Km-llv, Kuvns, Zzilul, Grulas, llmuircl, Uvwli, lxli'I,flllgZlll. BO'l"I'UlN1 ROXV: Rcul, Burg, Rmnc, Fislier, Rc-nn, l,t'Il'l'NOIl, Cullim, Yurmzm, flllllllflilljlw, Rulilcn, Kin- nzlirtl, Nll'ljDIlllllf.fl1, Urvcn. INFUR Gl'.KRDS TOP ROVV: Nuftzgcr, Kelly, Schneider, l'zittun, lim-rlzlml, Drzikc, Fricdrnzm, Finclley, Tlminpwn, VVillis, Struggles. THIRD RUXVZ tIX5l1lHllll'hCI', Grossman, Gross, VV:1l- tcr, l':1rlmn, N1L'YC'I', Mc'C'l:lx'4', llzlrt, Mclier- nam, 'l'nnk, llrccn, Helm. SECOND RUVVZ Rotlllvairtlt, XVcst, llzivcl, licck, lWcCarthy, Plaltl, ltllcr, VVintcr, lilltliiw, Muhl, Rogcrs, Dulivrtr. liO'l'TOM RDVV: VVilmn, My- vrx, XVomllnClx, Sluzme, XVeiss, Yusw, Uruig, llimlmnn, PSISSITHIII, hlairolss, l':1rkc-r, VVics- millvr, Mviitiigalli. 'l'l!Al"I"ll' SQVAD, GRUVI' l 'lilll' RUYV2 U'C'nnl1ur, liutlt-r, lVl1'rt'rin, Rum, l,ill, Vail, lfl'llllil'l'llllff, Clit-rry, Picplin, clZll'lSllll, lfOl'R'l'll RUVV: Rome, itlt llllRD ROW ntt Niulr-xluig,u llurss tiistclixtll X 'utcr l r 4 Nt-lwn, VVi , Kuxpcr, l.m-fllcr, Nord, Stru- Mitrllvll, I4-lain, lVl1ll'li1'll7lt', Krzigh, Kovzis, Fl " ' - , Dr", Ado. " 'I N lfll,VVl'-,."' '-'f", itz, ' ll Q zirr, linmlincft. Sl'lC'OND ROXVI Ru-tl, lnlalrclv, lxrunc, I,t-ipzig, lircvn, Pinkcrsun, ,liI'l'lllxlllIlIlll, Zuml, Burg, XxY1'l1Ntt'l', llcmlor- Till' RUVV: lvlilllll, Muir, fillllilllllll, Gingiw, Rem-n, Rcillx, Price, Sy- Ntcin, Marx, mlm-ll, Rnstmi, linutlrm-mix, llikt-11. 'l'H.kl"l"ll' SQIIKD. GNUVI' 2 Till' RUXXT Munn, Tcllis, Milli-r, lNlit1'llcll, limi:-galil. l+'0l'R'l'll RUXV: lludgc, Kirk, 'l'imm, llm-im-lwli, Rhvimtrntn, I,:1C'ruix, lirgulv, Scott, Mzlltcnlurt. 'l'llIRD ROVV: Stump, lllHX1ll'll, lirmxning, l'li'lllN'I, Deutsch, lloruitl, Simon, I4-lmin, Schull, tANl1l1lllll'llCI'. SICCUND ROVV: Kotlcr, Smith, Mrlluire, Olmlur, Yurlnzln, Rive, Svhnciclvr, llnpltins, fl2ll'l'li'l'1', .ll'l'll'l'j. li U 'I' 'l' 0 M R U VV S iirqlfc, ArmiN. Uilxlmm, DcXVulf, Rulwcl, Rcmivn, Ncnylnn, Stvrn, llrrshimm, Iillllll- 46 ff.. l.AGNl,kl'Pl'I BOARD TUP RUXV: Lansing, Sandler, Rusnak, Odell, Dan- iels, Preseott, Sehoenlwrod, Verne, Metelits, Kelleher liU'l"l'OlNl RUNV: Levin, Kaar, Snyder, Moreen, lN1r Rude lSponxorj, Seifert, Adler, llllI'lIlt'lSH'l', Shapiro, MeSwain. " umben Please. " This year's Lagniappe, entitled "Number Please", attained a new high in entertain- ment. The virtual elimination of a plot or theme made it possible to eoneentrate all work and effect toward using the available talent in the IIIOSI' effective manner. Variety was the byword of l.ag1niappe 1960. hlneh time was spent in cultivating new and original ideas, sneh as a Ciilbert l'Sll ICR FURPS and Snllixan-ty pe operetta met at Cape Ca- naveral, eomplete with a blamting rocket. liest remembered will probably be George "Dr, Cornogu lXIeDongall and -lake's skin- beaters: Donglity, Gordon, and Klenzel. Outstanding in the show was the mnsie, especially the orchestra led by Ray Rnsnak. The chorus was under Klike Verne, dance under Andy Adler, and aeting under Alan Cirler. Uireetors Sue Seitert and Hob hloreen, together with many others, did everything within their power to produce the show. The end result was one of the best l.a- gniappes ever, an entertaining show for the audienee, and an enjoy able and edneational experience for the nienibers of the show. TOP RUYV: Simon, Vobb, Stephens, joseph, Nlitehell, Kelly, lloerner, RadloH, Beierualtes, Kirkland, lirinkenhotf, Keitel, YanKenneo, Hurley, Oppen- heirn. Fll"'l'll RUXV: Patton, Fleiwher, Mathey, Lnkasik, Ferguson, Doherty, Rowenwtroek, Spero, Green, Anderson, Growrnan, blaeobsohn, Miller, Hodge, XXvhllIIl0l'k', Mitehell. l"Ul'R'l'll RUXVZ Rnmick, Oppenheimer, Kllfl, Vanllorne, Powell, Matzltin, Pinleerson, Hleeh, Gray, Sbanlex, Vognsell, Renn, Peterson, Kahn. 'l'lllRl3 RUNVI llendrey, Sargent, Baker, Morse, Thompson, Leipzig, Roston, lierbaeb, liowhart, lfriend, VVarhoxer, Rogers, Swarl- man, Stiefel, Fagel. SICVOND RONV: lN1el7onongh, Prentiss, lliken, -I. Gingiss, Rosen, Reilly, Priee, Howard, Poole, liley, R. Ciingiss, liner, Goodman, Reiehardt, lfleixher, llalnlmourger. lilYl'TUM RUNV: Gordon, llopkins, llandler, lleilemann, Sanderx, Fisher, Bard, XVeiw, Maehler, North, lirann, Koller, Lyneh, YValdrnan, Sloane. ,., fm 1, . ' . fit Fi V 1 mv 1 W IV 21 wi L . K -Q , +4 1' i 1P Yr 1 J' fi' if Q ,,,r .ff A is 5. A xnxx JSI 1 I Q47 , gi ' 4 lv H """""'f?'-'- gh : :A , In ---.Q-A A,-T.: 4 Q7 J I' 5... 1, fc 'ill 1 . :A K ., U "' ' N N, A Q1 , - f- lg - 5 ? :n. "'?W Vw 1 : vx 53 id' I A ' 'A . J I ' I I, 5 nf f 3 i 'wi -P in' . N 'Qu 5, ff 4 -4 3 S' "" :if s '- 3 s +,QE,,-i : iii. -mn i , 1 3,1 EP I ' Qu. , Q 25: .-.f f . In H2 If- -- - wus ,Tv 1435 3 .ng ' 0 sn. if U I x b'. Q- -up N l Q SIEIIMIII- C'CII2,R,ICTJ'I..A.IR. ACTIVITIES C1 CD G.353"1TC!!!?.- . ,SPE C FM- 0 :SZ-:EE E K., l-H Flqifx 21 CCI- II5 f F? Q9 ,101 oat Ixf-:j Ul HlHf7I.f L ff! 961 3901409 EQTIEPVE Efff ,U . f ygmalzbn f A nlggone SCIENCIC l"lC'l'l0X AND NNN' 'I'Rll'lR'S FIRST GREEK 'l'R.kGl'lDY XYEIHC NUT 'l'lII'Z ONLY NUYEI. OFFERINGS Ol" THE DRAMA l'I,l'B. 'l'lll'1 READING IlOl'R YYAS SOMl'l'l'llING Nl-INV. TOO. The New Trier Drama Department was remarkably active this year, serving the drama students and the school and com- munity at large. The students enrolled in the various drama classes showed examples of the year's work in a spring program. lllany of the students also were active in the extra-curricular Drama Club, which was led by Peter Grossman, presidentg l,ynn l.ebin, vice president, Leslie Aisner, secretary, and .lames Davis, treasurer. The Drama Club and several stray members of the department went to see a New Trier graduate, Ralph Bellamy in "Sunrise at Catnpobellof' Among the public activities sponsored by the Drama Department this year was some- thing completely new-a 'series of reading hours in which members of the faculty and drama students read poetry, drama, and prose selections. The fall play was "R.l.l.R.," a fantastic science fiction melodrama by Karel Capek. Klr. Buerger directed it, and the leading roles were played by Peter Grossman as Harry Daming .lan Soloman, Helena Glory: George lIcDougall, Dr. Gallg and David Odell, Dr. Hallemeir. DRA MA CLUB BOARD TOP ROVV: Mr. Rude. BOTTOM ROVV: Laufman, Mr. Coburn, Prescott, Aisner, Grossman, l.ebin. In December bliss Gahagan directed a production of Bernard Shaw's "Pygma- lion," the famous story of the Hower girl who is taken by professor Higgins and trained to speak and act like a lady. Diane Sherer and Dionne Laufman each took a turn as the tlower girl, lfliza Doolittle. .lobn Prescott play ed the phonetics expert, Henry Higgins, and James Brooks took the part of Col. Pickering. The spring production, "Antigone," by Sophocles, was the first Greek tragedy ever produced at New Trier. Dr. Reisberg of the Music Department composed some orig- inal music for the play, which was directed by hlr. Rude. Susan Seifert appeared as Antigone, james Brooks as Creon, and Deborah lfleig as lsmene. DRAMA CI.l'lS TOP ROXV: Silander, Metelits, l,ill, Gohde, NIcDougall, Goldberg, Odell, Carmichael, Brown, Cocroft, Ferguson, Regnier, l.auher. Fll"Tll ROVV: Oehl, Sinclair, Dashou, Arons, Miller, Salzman, Prescott, Traum, Yocum, Vaniielder, Hellmund, Delang, Salinger, Doyno, Becker, NVylie, Paul. FOl'R'l'H ROVV: Murray, Berkenstadt, Shaffer, Shapiro, Zimmerman, Kayser, M. M. Seifert, M. A. Seifert, Barthomay, S. A. Meyer, Hough, Rapport, S. H. Meyer, Gundlaeh, Meliowan, Gibson. THIRD ROVV: Levinson, Sherer, Rapport, Kendall, Kotler, Chandler, Alperin, Horwitv, Liteeky, Spiegel, liienenield, Richburg, Neuman, Steinberg, Born, Daniels, Meyer, Ingersoll. SECOND ROVV: Pollack, Kortf, Minkin, jones, Foley, Eckhouse, Prentiss, R. Goldberg, Koch, Shawger, Kopel, Kahn, Helms, Laufman, McDougall, Gartside. BOTTOM ROVV: Levin, Seifert, Johnstone, Missner, Mora, Oeh- ler, Mr. Rude lSpnnsorj, I.:-bin, Grossman, Mr. Coburn tSponsorl, Hillman, Kuh, Samuelson, Tucker, I.assar. 52 SENIOR 'l'l'll'llNli'Al, UIRICXV .ll'Nl0R S'l'AGIC FREXY TOP ROXVZ Cline, Birdlelwsmgh, Lill, Nlutelits. BUTTUN1 RUVV: TOP RUVV: lN1CNulty, Beierxxaxltex, Fuller, Uil'm-xaxrc. SICCUND RUVV lxlfflilllhlilllll, Ilnlluml, Porter, Uurnng. llnpke, Fox, Kane, Selzcr, llilmillfbll. BlYI"I'OM RUXV: M2lIll'h5, Stivkgulm Svhiff, Trilwlwy . l'llS'l'l'Ml'l l'Hl'lV' HXKIC-lvl' VIZICV' I.lfI"'l' T0 RIUIIT: Nk'lN4lIl,flll1llljl'Jll',RlIITll,SK'l1lIlllll. I.lilf'll TU Rll3ll'I': l'ic'r1'l1:ll11. l-Phill, l,.llYIlIl, Crmlwy Q00-lxvanmlb, Nls-yor HV: lltllll l , lxlllfll, Rciw. if FA Fl' l.'l'Y PRC DD l' l"l'ION STA FI" '1"0""3""l"'5S "'f"7W . 'rm' ROXV: Mr. Rum-, Mr. ram-rg.-r, Mr. 'IUI' RUVV: Cllillillll, Ch-lulmw, Gcurge, Ford, Farrell. BOTTOM ROVV: Cuhurn. BU'I'TOM ROXV: Mrs. Gill, Duvcr, llnugh, l'ull1urn, I.:1xx rcncc, Snyclcr. Mig Ugllmggln, 53 0 PXQl11lllf0l1'h 1.1211 fSl11'r1'rj 11r'1'11l11,s' of f11'1'o1l111111 Il frufy. l gi -- In , .' igullm'11111lx.' S1 lffff, lf11111,l',x,11111I lffr 111 l'1.,v.111111.v llflllj' Hifyflillx 93 igom' IIN, III Hl11'111.x11l MVSH' l'Ul'Nl'Il. TOP RUXVZ litlrrims, xxv1llIL'f, xxvt'SlIhl'l'fUI'Kl, Iluglicy, vlzivurc, Sznnpsun. THIRD RUXV: Cor- nug, lfrzinklin, llslssv, lizlrre, Arnold, Ryan, Rliciiislmiii, Ilivkiiismi. S li C 0 N D R U VK 2 Uliicklliuli, llalir, Nm-lsnn, Aki-rs, Collins, lirnw- mlt-r, iinmrr, l"i'it-elm-i', Uaistwirth. HUTTUIVI RUNV: Um, lit-riistt-iii, Mzigt-s, llcvht, l,:1utm:in, l5i':ull'm'il, lluutli, Uslwrii, linrinvistcr. M uszb 011 zz Grand Scale 'l'Ill'l URATONIO KING DAVID" AND 'l'lll'I Ml'SII'AL PLAY "LADY IN THE DARK" XVI-IRE lllGlll,lGll'I'S Ol-' Ml'Sll'Al, l'll0Ill'l"l'l0X. lil"l' l"lCS'l'IVAI.S .XXII l'UXf'l'IR'l'S llRUl'Gll'l' MVSH' TU NEW' 'l'lZIlCR ALI. YEAR. 'lilic iniisic ilcpmtiiiciit zittviiiprt-tl iliffcr- vnt typvs ut stzigm- prmlnctimi :intl ninslcal offcriiiggs tliis yczir. qjglypyl' Ulgpul-j5'1'lgAg flux' of tlw lllUl'K' llI1lNH'l'2llll' ul tht-sv XVZIS l,lClf'l' TU RIQEIIT: likmitli, Iiist-iilit-rg, l'lisnt'i', Iflzitvr, Ifrainiikel, lfnrknsh, Gut-st, tht- m':ltm'io, "King lJ:iviil." ln llllIll'QQl'I'. llvvlit, llmwll, Kzililt-r, Knntt, Nzitlixin, Piirtvr. lt was rlii- lirst m'zitm'io vu-1' pivsciitvtl at Xml' 'lii'ii'i'. l,l'Olt'S5l0ll1ll Pt'l'l1ll'l1ll'I'S .lUllll'll tln- Opt-rn Cimilp in its pi't'st'iit:itimi. 'lillcy n'i'i'4- flliss lg2lI'lWJlI'2l Ynrst-ll, suprziiio, Nlrs, lfx-:1 U. llzwpm-r, vrriltiwiltu, :intl Xlr. llfbllll Toiiis, tviior. Hr. :intl Xlrs. Rulaniil V. Kuala- tank Il2ll'l'1lTlllg1 mlvs. lligzliiist was Nliss Xl:ii',im'iv Klzirlsun. ililic rapt-i':i. "l,:iili in 'liliv lJ:ii'l4." wus il tc't'liiiit'zilly slitlicnlt pl'mllit'timi nliicli usvil lly ing sL'l'l1t'l'y :intl i-4-will ing Sf1lTt's on 1-itlwr sitlt- of tlic niuin stziggc. Xlost sum-in-s wc-rc cliziiiggul witli tlic uiii't:iin np. Stiiilcnts :il- ti-rnzm-il in li-:ailing rolvs on tliv 1-wiiiiigs of Klzircli 30 tlimngli April l. lint cliorus, tlzinccrs :intl oi't'l1csti':i took pzirt in :ill four pcrfmiiiziiicc-s. :Xt tlu- zinnnail Qllll'lSl'lll2lS :intl Spring lfvs- 4'-UWTI' 'UND rivals tlu- conibincil t'lim'i1si-s, mnsisting of Ffllirf liziir, liuwvii, NIlll!t'l'g, St-living, Sl'l'gK'Zllll, Sytlcll. Ulnux' lirmvtlcr. f.'l1Ifillt'f.' 1 lMn'iilms, lfiw-sv, llcmlt-rsmi, Mt-nwlitli, Ulivrr, Susnzl, Stn-rn, XVilhr.'lm, llitl. 51110 Su.vufflinm'.' Hrmxii, Mnrtz. 'l'r1mr SllA'l1f5llI1IIl',' Dickiiismi. Iinrilnm' Saxnffhomx' :ipproxinizitcly 890 stntlcnts, sung in the l,t-sliv I". Cizircs gyllllllwllllll to :iftcrnoon Slllll'l'5lll1lll. l.'urm'l,' Ali-xxilitlcig l'x'tl1'rsm-li, Phillips, Smith. lirlrllum' Hurn: ful- mil ulmnir : - '- :iiiilit-:ict-s. l lu- 1ll'CllL'Sfl'1l and ninrgzin. Su11,r11plmr11'.' Dii'l.iiisuii. I'rrr11.v.fin11.' Ellis, l:I'll'KlIIlZlIl,l,llli1lSlk, Rubin. 5 thc bziml playa-il :it lnotli fi-stivzils, :intl the cvviiiiig Ulwristnizis Llmici-i't wus lwm:ulc'ast sc-vc-i'z1l ll2lj'S lzitvi' on Rzitlin Station XVNKIP. Sunil- new nziinvs zippt-:1i't-tl in thi- music llc-p:ii'tinoiit. 'lilic junior girls' :intl junior boys' mist-iiililvs wc-i'v im--ii:i11it-il thi- Kins- cttvs :intl tht- rIil'UlllT1lll1ll'l'S i'c-spvftixi-ly. 'lille Cliziiiibc-i' Singcrs, :i :Acct-iitly Ul'g1IlIIlZCd groiip, sung :it si-xx-i'nl pt-i'tm'iimiict-s nut- siilt' tht- st-Iiml. 56 SICXIUH UNl'llI'1S'l'H.K l'mfir1.' .'XppIuhanni, HlIl'llI1'iNIl'l', linrriil, Huw, Davis, Uvan, Dnwlit-r, i"iIt'htnan, Ifmw, llatnhntirgti, lit-vkingt-r, Kallivk, Lt-hin, l.t-uix, IT. Nlagtw, VI, Niztgt-N, Nlnra, iXik'Uit'lllIlIl, Uhlwn, Parkur, Rnhin, Ratnnn, Rapport, Rngvix, Rnxin, Spt-rn, Spicgol, Stvphvn-, itxain, NYrip.:ht, Ynth-H. lilllfllf Fnllins, x1Ulll'Hk', St'lint'ith-r, Snpkin, Swain, XVuIhnn. Ifrllnf .'xI'IlNil'iII, liratlltw, Brmxth't', linvk, Cin-t-m-uxilt, Ilartnian, Nlritw, Smith. Shing Ilan' lirannt-n, lfnx, l.xttun, NIt'l,:trt-n, P. Marct-li, R, Nlnrt-ui, Shvrinan, lflulr. liradlt-y, Alpnkinx, Nigga, UlmwAl111gll.vl1 flflrll: Franklin, l.ntigt'iit't'kt't', XVt-It-h, If!ur1m'l.' Nlahin, Rn-nak, VN't'l'txiilt't', Satnpwn. I1f1.t.vuulr.' Hfllilllllill, Cragg. I"rt'ml1 llnru: .-Xltini, l7arkt-, iiingiw, Klaw. 'l'rnmprl: Hair, 'l'nrnt-r. 1'rnmlmm: Nvntmi, Iillllllf Stiiitl1,'Iil11u'st-li, I'r1v11.v5m1:.' Dcahl,llnII:ittti,l,,x1.m, D1-tigiitvx, llurjh' l'ai'rnll, llarpt-r. Izxlm ll'm1.lfu'1l1.l.v,' Mahin, Xiillrr, Rnhvnx '!'..'ff' vu. , .., .A -- K'UXl'l'1H'l' ISXXD lxlllftl' Ht-atnan, lirmxning, Hillman, Kelli-In-r, King, l,agt'r, I,t-tsiligt-r, Mavk, xvl'Ill4'i, XVindlitn'st, Znith-inan, St'lit'm-tlw, lflurl- nfl: Bard, lit-ltttrtt, lirntw, cwil.ll'llllN, llnllandur, Kahn, Nlwtttww, Rnht-nw, Sfiiit'l'lll1ll1, XYAIHI, xY1lfl'l'NII'.llif, XYh4-4-It-r. .lfln l.'lrunn'l. Wfttkim, Mttrrav. linss I.'lt11'111rl: lit-ninx, lfnstt-r. Ulmf: l,mtgt'1tw'kci', Nic'-lnltmtntu. Iffljjllllll' Funk, l?t'lt'I1kt'. ,lllu S1t.x'.' Uilhnv, Philipx, llstnnntl. 'l'1'1mr' Sum' ixi1lk'l.k'1lIl. lfurflum' N'a.x': llitl. 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Bt-an, Knxpcr. fllHll"l1ll,QlI.Yll llllfllf I,ntigvt1t't'ltvi', XV:-lt'h. lffl.f.Y1I1lll.' livnlatnin. Iliff .N'u.x'.' Nlahin, Olin. Tinnr Stix: Mann, Ruxnak. lfarrlnm' S11x.' Yccllitigl. f,'IlIAlIl'l.' ,-Xrfniwti, Hair, C'nht-n, fillllllllilh, l,ut't'x, Nlaxnarti, Nillfil, Rull, Su-wart, pl'llI'll0T, XVhitt'. FITIIIII llnrzli l5t'ak1', iiingiw. Trurlllmrnx' Nvutnn, Smith, 'l'h.ttt'lwr. linu- Y I lnllfx' I,cvy', Inrrvr, 'fqhtPI'NK'Il. Tizlfuf Tiinrwit, XVnIff. Irr't11.r,vm11f Urzthl, Haring.:, Hnlfanti, Imam, Mitvhtll, XVishatt. .hifllllllf lf4l.v.v.' SZ!I1liil'I'. SICNIUR VHUIR ftup pivturvi--'I'Ul' RUXV: Cutlip, Pmu-ll, liuhdc, Svhlirk, liclirstewk, Stn-iiilwi'ct'lim'r, I'vrry, Dunn, l'rt-st'utt, lirxltlx, Dunni--lx, fiiliitiiiligs, XVhitc, Knut-ll, Rvilh, lirzidhury, Muswy. THIRD ROVST Rngcrx, Uluvkmzm, Szillmam, Anim, Lightm-r, Iltitvlwwii, XVhitc, Zim- mt-rm.m, lfit-twh, Yllllixlllllltllt, Scih-rt, xxv1lIl'I'lllllIl, Slvight, Fcthlelt-r, ,Inuit-nsch, cwZll'II1il'h2ll'l, -I. C'l1riNttnI'fcim-li, 'I'rt-xwl. SICVUNID RUXV: Rtmks, Risiux, Maples, Bolt, Dunrkin, Tn-tint-Il, lirzindut-in, Sillllllh, lxgrig, lfrctmd, Bnughn, igQ'l'kt'l', Nivktvl, Picrvhzlht, lf llhFiNIHi'fi'l'NQ'l1, lung, Nlviiw. NUI IOM RHXY' lnlht-rt, 5l'fi1llK'N5, Nlyvlw, Rulzmtl, I,llIIliN'l'f, lizixtcr, Mt-Dmlggzlll, bvhrzim, Svhulv, Byrne, AlUilllS4lll, Xtnikt-rx, Iwill, I'x-ttingt-i', liiistatmn, Hlll'lIll'i5fk'I', Slu-rt-r, Krt-iisvr. ll'NltlR VHUIR llmtrtnn pivttlwb--'l'Ol' ROVVZ Patton, Ift-rgtismi, livrt-ttzi, Straus, Nimx, Kiwltliciltirr, Nlurw, Iltmnrtl, Tsirimff, XVt'xh'r, Shut- nmkvr, Ntwdlut, l"llf'l'll RUXV: l.:i-ki, Yost, Svhraimm, lfrirtlriw, XXX-zikc, lim-uit-ii, l.fvrtl:ihl, Nt-lwn, I,llI'Lf1lll, lim-wh, Statnlvy, K. XVrixlht, I-Am wr, lfUl'R'lill ROW" Mt'l.t':m, Nl. XVright, xxviliillllly, ixit'KillIll'f', lfllilltt, l't'tcrwn, l'l't'litic't', SIIIIXKCYA, I'1vrtt'r, AI. lixzinx. THIRD RUXV: llullitixu, S.llil1j.!K'I', lligginx, -lmpvy, jciiwn, lflvig, i"la'st'h, lik'l'kl'I', llrr, S, XXVHIHI, Ifnstt-i', Ifvzinx. SIQVUNI5 RUYV: Smith, Mul'till1e'r, Wfird, iixnvizn, lit-tliunc, li. Xvntuti, Uizigztii, lfcatrhcilcx, Svhvll, llzipp. l5U'l"l'UM RUNVZ .Miifvtit-vw, 'l'immn-rmzm, SIUIW, Vurtix, lfixlit-r, S, Smith, 'l't-l- fvr, Hlllilll, ihlllll, Kim-lh-1, Nlrtixird. -- "1 I . Y X, ,if-J. ,Lx Y- 1- -4 ..f'.!'.I SICNIHH IHDYS' l'1XSl'IMlH.l'1 SICXIIPH GIRLS' ICXSI-1XIlll.l'I Till' RUXY: lilzuir, Miirlziml, Ifrt-t-rnzin, Iillix, lirimn, limukx, NAIZIKIIQIIH TOP RUXV: litltwlic, lfcdth-It-r, Ilcdlu-t'g, Bair, lmlpl, ilmxdy. I"UI'R'I'II l"UI'Rl'll RUXV: Guldht-i'g, Catlin, Millcr, Hlmnlwrg, Smith, ling- RUXV: ihlHI'1lX'Zl, Yust,SI1410p, iilll'h1'IIIlZUt'I', Divkinwn, H1-llmimd.THIRD Ntrwrn, K'uIlwuru,NV:ildn. THIRD RUNV: S1liMlI,iX1L'll'liIN,i,4lI'll'l',Sl'1liIllIl, RUXV: St-ifcrr, S4'1l5il0l'k', Stthtllltlll, Nlviiuliziil, VlL'lllKillN, l,llIllll'I', Hoyt. Klint-, Rum, lit-tt1'ht-r. SIQVUNI3 RUXV: INZIIHN, liliitriitlml, ihIl'iiHh1lll, SICFUNIJ RUXV: Olson, Curr, Buggltw, Rm, lirmth, ZiIlllllt'l'IIlilll HOT- I. lixirr, l,ot'hm-r, l'i0rt't', l'ulhm'rg, Srhulv. l4U'l"l'UM RUNV: Zcvlnnzin, TOM RUXV: XV:trv, Laird, Svtrtt, Svhraun, lfie-his, I4urrm'istm't', .'xNl'hl1Clll'ilCl', Curling, H- B,H.,., Mmm-v Rulwns, Vt-rnv, Shias, Dtmghty. rv1t'ill2ll'iii. 58 UllURAl,ll'1RS TOP RUXV: lfnrrvll, Gumllacli, liumn, Rnithel, liciscr, lin- gclx, Sliuh-r, lnnis, Reiter, -lnhnwn, Percy, Rhcimtmm, ul, Nelsun, K. Nelson, l'c'drivk, Ketolal, Stork, Palmer, Cornell, Cnrcv, C'lirisrn:m, C':1vn-tt, lnlimtmi. SEFUND ROVV: Smith Blau, llilflllg, VVUH, cllllllllS, Dre-ll, Uluvklnnll, Ruthcrfurd, Shcrcr, Golnlinnn, lffillllm, Kimi:-, Kimball, llnir, l.elc-wer, Kuhn, llzimpmn, Rm-inm, Flurshciin. BOTTOM ROYV: Feit- Hlilll, lim-xzili, llulxtvvn, Munro, Schulz, Figgc, Cloud, Sznnuels, lN1:iyimrd, Ruhcm, Trum, Ruvin, Stringfcllmv, Ferris, Grif- fith, Kurf, l"1ll'l'l'll, lfivlmlw. MA DRIGALS TOP ROYVI llc-wx, lirickwn, St'Q'llIll-t'l', liraulfnrd, Lewis, lifllililll. liU'l"l'UM ROVV: Reclmlillg, Duke, Kin-fl, lim-r, Luster, VVuucl. Nl l'Sl'I'l"l'l-ZS 'l'Ul' RUXV: NllX'lll, Allison, l,:lga-r, l,:1mlwrt, llough, Broun, Nelson, iiuc'lit'h, lllcttxwr, Ucpne-r, Fmlwrw, Rilvlon, llslulvx, llutrhinv Spl'1lf,Illl', llftbllll, l,K'll'l'Nt'll, G1-wel. lill'l"l'0M RUNVI lhorwn, 'l'r:1um, liurnn-ixtcr, lluxton, llovhn, Friswll, XXVIIIT, Malxzlnt, Kllll71ll'Nll, Du Nlivllallson, Spit-gill, liurvlunorv, l:N'l'lIl1lll, lfllxlvltxwll, liunlmr, llzirtmxln. 'l'lHll'l5.KlNllIS 'l'Ul' RONV: Dunn, liurroux, Booth, Mclionough, lizlrr, llnni-gun, Lkjilllf, Bishop, ,l:n'orc, Sziuwr, Atlzunx 'l'1llllN'lN'l'. l3IlFllll'l'il', lllilllllfl tirzu, llutvlivson, C':ilhoun, 'l'oum-N, Sli-uhm-r, l:ZllVl't'. liO'l"l'OM ROXV: llixnn, Alwlt-r, Schultz, Graf, Yi-ldv, Burch, llurrh, fognu lNloningcr, liglt-ston, Dormotlx, lfish, Dim-ttx'it'li, Krln-gcr, Milks, Younglwrg, llust, Fox, l,lclCNZlI'l', lichm. UI'lCN.K GIHll'l' TOP RONV: Rln-inxtrom, K1lNNl'Il, lictlrlicr, Kvnt, C'olhurn, lillis, l,1lIllQ'lN, Pivr'-, 'it-u o. fl 3'Tll RUXV: Smith, il cn - ' -- .,.,,, it l lh l l l ut Ihll lxlnfl lu tul lwrg, Mzxrlzunl, linrr, l'll'illl1lt'll, XVnltlo, .-Xngcll, Ste-inlu'ot'ln-r, Pt-rrp, Goltllu-rg, Catlin. F0l'R'l'll RUXV: Moorv, Slow, fornog, lwunw, Vt-rm Rulwnx, St-lltnc, hlollcx, Z4-t'lun:u1, Lovlnu-r, ll. llnrr, Millvr, Portt-r, Arons. 'l'lllRl7 ROXV: xxllltilltlll, Yost, Roy, Divkinwn, XVntts, Szunpnon llutvlunson, Moltlr, llcllmuntl, I'oc'ot'k, l"e-tldclcr, 'lllClt'ITlilI!, Uutwlic, Cmvdy, -luvolmm. SECOND ROVVZ Solomon, Pzllnu-r, Ciustalfwn, lltnt, Sc-zuhorc, Rookx, M. Sc-ifert, Kreuser, lfinne, Freund, johnson, Zimmerman. BO'I"l'0M Nlwrs, l,k'Ifllll.ft'I', l,:1ircl, Mutshnivlt, .lxNK'lll31ll'llt'f', Olson, Scott, Struggles, lirotlsky, Booth, Phillips, liurmeister, VV:lre. s 4 WA 'E' cifcrt, Sl'lll'ZlHl, lloxw ROXV: Morgan, lxx EF fs! I hytzxk QQ Vx., n 1. "f. P". Q 2 1 Rf .X I M . X 'Y NN 4 K WN 'Lf'--1 -ri -'-9"-el' 13" -- 10' G '--l-' 9 P' 5 .. I .BJ 'I . xx Ln A. 'arf If ,r nffi 1 Y , ' s 1 hi Q X ' ' fq Q. xx I fx 6.12 Q .K I F1 Q , ' Q ,. V4 . " 7: L: f - xx . , "' L . A ' ' 'N 4 A ,g ' ' ',J -I I . I - r ,A 'JA X ' f 'fx' j 'jf r ' " K um, , 2 9' T alk Pays UH "Resolved: illlllll' the femlerzil government should substantially increase its regulation of lzrhor unions." This was the V759-1960 topie for tlehzite hy nienihers of the Na- tional Forensie l.Q'1lQll1'. At New Trier lust yezirls season plzleerl emphasis upon leg- islative procedure and llllllVlllll2ll speaking competition as well as upon eooperzitive teznn effort in trzulitionzil debate. lnereasecl interest in speech activities at New Trier has established :1 new state reeoril of ninety- six Nlfl, degrees for pzlrtieipzition in speeeh Zletivities. Uehuters won three titles, Speaker of the House, l'resi4lent of the Senate, :uul Out- , A -l VARSITY IH'1ll.X'l'l'1RS LEFT TU RIGIIT: Stein, Stiekgolcl, Sampson, liexiuehsimp, Mzielirytle, l'ir1'le. stzintling Representzitive, in the two Nlfl, Student Congresses. l,egislzltive debate and D2ll'll1lllll'llf2ll'y proeemlure resulted in the PZINMIKK' of several New Trier bills :intl reso- lutions. . . . Illllfl-ll t!III1fll.Vfllll . .. 5 I NATIUNAL FURENSH' I,l'lAGl'l'1 TOP ROXVZ Cohn, Gliek, Handler, Klen, Pennington, lxl1ll'BI'flll', Felclmzin, llolm- herg, Powell. THIRD RUXVZ Shapiro, Sweet, johnson, l':tlt'llTlIlIl, Kushner, Davis, Stiekgolrl, Nlr. Mellen-. SIQVONII RUXV: Bigelow, Ruston, Nc-xon, lierlsuncl, Reuben, Minnemzi, Sampson. BOTTOM ROVV: Stone, Circle, Iiehrstoek, Stein, llamson, Silver. 63 zine, this year hail a new sponsor, Klr. only one etlitor, this year 1I!l'fiIlfl5 was heatletl hy two eo-eilitors, .lessiea Cohler Zeller, anil this year for the first time 1111'- lir111.rll:nl a pnhlieity editor, Panl Regnier. These toni' people eomprisetl the largest elli- torial hoarsl in llll'fiIIIj.Y' history. pose: to provisle an ontlet tor creative tal- ent at New Trier, to give stntlents an itlea year extensleil to the art work, whieh eon- sistetl of original works not intentletl to il- vatetl hy' a theme. lz1l'!iny.v was also repro- ilneeil hx' a tliflerent process this rear, anil new anal interesting. ...-.-.--Nt --L INKLINGS SPKDNSKIR AND EDl'l'llRS l'Rl'1A'l'lVl'l NS'Nl'l'lXG Gliflfl' l,lCI"T TU RIGHT: Levin, Mr. Pink, sponsor, TOP ROVV: Mr. Pink, sponsor, Salzman, Goldsmith, Nexon, Teton, Tomh, Sehwall, Bassett. HOT- and Cohler. TOM ROVV: Clark, Kart, Drell, Mora, Levin, Cohler, Regnier, Zeller. The Creative Outlet ll1Hi11q.r, the New Trier literary maga- Rohert Pink. Though frequently having and Klillea l,evin. The art eilitor was Ragi ,lIl'lilIfl.V seeks to fnlliill a threefoltl pur- ol the kintl of work heing alone hy their eontemporaries, anil to nlevelop an interest in antl appreciation for erexltive writing within the stnnlent hotly. Speeilieally, lui- A firms attempts to print various types of ere- INKHNGS S,l,Au',F Mlm' writing' HS lm' HS this is Pollslstiillt TOP ROXV: Salzman, Bassett, Sehuall, Nexon, Nlora, Drell, Teton, Kart. BOTTOM RUXV: with maintaining a high stanilaril ot qnal- MI'-ViI1k.Zvllvf, I1l'Vi'l. f'ffl1l1'l', R1'2lHi1'I'- ity: hnmor, short stories, ereative essays antl poetry. lfmphasis on ereativity was this 1j,,,,,,.,,,,'I,,,,f,fl.. T1,i,,l.j lnstrate particular pieees of writing or moti- -,,0" rczeco N0 Longer In I-loc: ozhs Le Flambeau and Dzk Schreiberez' E LE FLA M BEAU STA F 1" TOP ROVVZ Freeman, Martin, Beauchamp. BOTTOM RUWV: Morgan, Cohler. I.:-vin. LE FLA MBNA U Le Flambeau, la revue franeaise, est dirige par Mme. Morris, professeur de francais ici a New Trier. La revue conti- ent des poesies, des essais, des contes, et des images comiques des etudiants de francais. Elle essaie de representer tous les niveaux du francais au lyceeg done, elle contient des oeuvres des commencants aussi bien que ceux des etudiants avances. blillea Levin et jess Cohler sont les reclactrices en chef de la revue cette annee. Leurs assistantes sont Susanne Caton et llarsha Lanyi. lfart est dirige par Bambi blorgan et le daetolographie par Debbi Lu- cas. George Beauchamp est charge des ventes, et Clary Martin dirige la mise-en- page. Le Flambeau est une fouction du Cercle Francais de New 'l'rier. La revue coute trente-cinq cents, et elle est vendue dans les classes de francais. PRAECO Libellum latinum, Pram-o Canglice The 114-raldl, Novis Trevoris a discipulis latinis quotaunis editum, poemata, orationes, fabu- las, translationes, pieturas, sententias, jocos continet. Illud hoc anno a Petro Sloss re- dactum auxilio Caroli Seitz, Cynthiae Ru- binson, Gari Cornog josephi Beckmann, Deborae Lucas, Noemi Rapport est. Qui- bus sponsor est Ciertruda Drake doctor. Ciceronis similes, editores Pr-ruwnzis pu- dice praetermittunt qualitatem eximiam egregiamque linguae latinae, qua viri, lib- eraliter educati, per duo milia annorum usi sunt ne se ulla invidia eorum qui sapientia linguae latinae studendae eareant ac vero istam mortuam esse dictitent attengere videatur. DIE SCHREIBEREI "Die Schreiberin ist eine Sammlung von Kleinen Anelcdoten Geschichten und lie- dichten die die Schueler der Deutschen Sprache sehreiben. Diese Klassenzeitung enstand vor vierund zwanzig .Iahren und seit der Zeit ist sie stets geivachsen. Heute wird "Die Sehrcibereiu nicht nur in New Trier herausgegeben, sondern es wird auch zu anderen Schuleu geschickt. Dieses .Iahr war die Redaktion von Don Becker und Bern Hapke geleited, und mit der Hilfe der Deutsehlehrer und der Buergschaft von Herrn fiordon Jensen war "Die Schrei- bereiu ein lfrfolg. I'IDI'l'0R'S NUTIC The editors regret that pictures of the publication staffs of Die Schreiberei and Praeco are not included on this page. Time and technical problems prevented it. In most eases, member- ship of a publication staff comes from the language club membership lsee page 781. 65 NANCY LYNCH Ed ilor '...s :Avi L, 4 t Y, J. - 6 DENNIS POTTS Technical LOTS HELLMUND Script KAREN MAAS l'nllliei!y Ill l CHA EL S1'O'l"l' Business Cnxkbfhi, 'Yo ,XS Xiigllqtrl. 66 gs fx WW.. I A ll -i- fb--ch --. fl -sfife ' f S 'iff K -7 QYU ff 4 E 20975 TIL v 1 I L-f?'ffWFf ,N ..... I PfIlj'b1lt'.L'J rover. I PLAYBACK COMMI'I'I'EE TOP ROVV: Doyno, Moore, Childs, Odell, Carmichael, Rumi, Howe. SECOND ROVV: Rosner, Jacobs, VViggers, Bur, VVeake, Sloss, Fuller, Roll, Horner. BOTTOM ROVV: llutchinson, Becker, Raymond, Gibson, Stephens, Brown, VVelch, Conney, Hoehn. Tl16f6jVK Been Some Changes Made Nancy Lynch, editor, Dennis Potts, technical, Lois Helllnund, script, Karen Blass, publicityg and lllike Scott, business, composed this year's Playback staff. Along with their two new sponsors, Mr. Greene- baum and llr. Klages, the staff worked diligently to produce this year's record. The theme of the record was based upon a typical script committee meeting, for this type of theme was the only one which would be Hexible enough to include every- one. The format for this year's record was something entirely different, for it con- tained humor, and did not follow in chron- ological orderg the incidents which ap- peared on the record were not just official school incidents, and there were several nar- rators. Along with the changes, the record still contained familiar school voices, and included something to appeal to the tastes of everyone. The cover and label were changed to make the record more interest- ing and inviting. This year's publicity campaign was also new, the P.A. system was used instead of making the familiar advisor room talks. The campaign tried not to lose the tradi- tional concepts, while at the same time bringing in ideas new and different. The Playback committee wrote their own constitution, thus becoming an ofiicial organization. The staff redecorated their office, and after printing the walls seemed to find disfavor with the administration. This year, too, Playback has a window in their door. On a more 'serious note, the staff got new equipment with which to pro- duce this year's new and different record. 4000 P110 05 Anyone entering the photography lab tluring the V750-00 season was immexliately impressed by the apparent lack ot activity pretlominating the area. The onmipresent quiet was broken only by the not infrequent squabbles among the many habitues of the lab, which more than once was turned into a verbal battleground royal by the constitu- ents of the various publications antl the freelancers constantly roaming the premises. lint amiml the chaos anml apparent lack ol protluctiyity, a prodigious amount of work was alone, inyolying both insliyinlual projects anal work contributing to l'lL'll0IiS, The .Ye-za' 'l'rier .Yrzciy and school publicity. Somewhere between 3,000 antl 4,000 pic- tures were turnetl out this year in the school's :3l2,000 tlarkroom. fllr. Uonaltl I". Smith, supervisor ot the photo lab, estimated that in amlmlition to the amount of lilm usetl, tlarkroom activities consumed approximately 1100 gallons of chemicals, 3,000 sheets ot paper, anal 1,500 llashbulbs in the course of the year. :Xml in using up these materials, the seemingly inert photography stall amassesl a total of some 3,o00 man-hours of work. Among the members of the stall are those who worketl primarily in support of some school activity. Peter Topaz, photography etlitor, xlim llicks, anml llob Loetller are the backbone of the l'iCHUliS photography stall. Une or more of them coultl have been seen posing groups in "cantlitl" shots either elur- ing tenth periotl or after school. lleaml ot the .Xvl'7C'.V photography stall was Sheltlon l,ytton, ably assisted by .loc Steinberg and liearnlsley Ruml. Steinberg and Ralph Schatl, sophomores, were the co-heads of the publicity stall, responsible for protluc- ing pitcures for such outside publications as the llollister papers. Supporting the ellorts ot these photographers, was the tlarkroom staff, heatletl by lfrank Hughes anal Aloe X l e rcer. Q S is is :cork .' l'llU'I'U SEICYIFIC TOP Rklxxvi Mr. Smith, Ruml, Steinberg, Franclen, Nlercer, VVeiss, Schatv. liU'l'- TOM RONV: lfiseu, VValker, Braun, l,oeH'ler, llieks, Kaplan, Rau, liosshart. 67 Pzzxlrllfr fimr. fa 'W SALLY MEYER GUY SA'l"l'Ll'IY VHAKLHS KAREN DAVIS Cu-N1-ws Edirol' Vu-News Editor lHH'I'IP5 ANfi!Hlll4'lll Nfiitul' MART! III'N'l'Ll-IX' U0 Vupy Hditul' JOHN LI'IDl'IRl'lN Awt. Sports Etlitux' ARIA I.l'l'l'1l'KY FUflflll'Q Staff ff x ,I I M SALZMAN Amt, Mmmgring Fhlilnr A , , t .xr ,4f ' Q SHELIION I.Y'I"l'0 N l'lmtm:rnpl1x-r l'A'l' XVALLAf'l'I Amt. Nvws Hflitol' MARY l'l4l'l'l'lliSPIN I"s-uturv Staff MARCIA STE I NBR l'II'Kl'IR l1'vatu1'e Editor , 3 1 , ex 1 HAHYI-XY I.I-IYIN Sportx Editor . W X , Y H014 DAHL Asst. Office Uffim- Mauagor IXIHIIRLZPI' i . J V ' tl MARIAN MILLER JIM SCIUYALL 1'irf-ulatiou Sc-niur Asst. NlilIlllLI'C'l' Q Y 'K PAM LUNG its-Urugxy Haiitm' M l NIC ROBINSON liditm'-ill-!'l1i4-f .I l ' DY lill'IfiI'1IL .Xwlwialtv lidiiur - 'L -. I S'I'l'1l'HAXll'1 MURA Mxumuing Editor K I1 0 fvlvzlgwzbfff pmplt' rwul Ihr Nfffcgv. Under I 0 NEW' IDEAS FAME XVITII NEB' SVR- RUUNDINGS AS "NEAR 'l'Rl'l'I" .lOl'R- NAIJSTS Pl1'KED l'P 'IWVU MORE ANYARIDS. Ql'll,L ANU SFIHFLI. TOP ROVV: Mr. Boyle, Goldberg, liosshart. lilYI"l'UM RUVV: Phillips, Rosenthal, Meyer. AHSICNTZ Study, Rosner. 'llurning out some .25 issues this year, the student-run Ne-rcs stall' put together several 'l'rue," ollending very' lew. unique publications. ln addition to two "Daily Northwestern makeup" issues lcharacterixed by stories running vertically. extending from the bottom of one column to the top ol the next, and organized under up, and repairing. general topicsl, the .Ywzc'.r published an April l"ool's issue which received hearty congratulations lrom students, faculty, and administration alike. l'nder the heading shelves,, lacking in .Yezcx ollices ol the past. "Near True News" this issue satirized lletore this ollice was completed, the stall l i , 1 D Q A. NX NENVS BVSINESS S'l'.Kl"F TOP ROVV2 Maltenlort, Sherman, Palmer, liiseman, Nlarco, Ford, lluebsch. BOTTOM RUNVZ R. Urais, l'armichael, Yale. NENYS Sl'l'l'illl'l'lNG STA FF TOP QRUVVZ Regnier, Steinman, Glick, Quarnstrom, Goldstein, Odell, fhatain, Carlin. l!U1'lUM RUXV: Henning, Levin, Slutfky, Sergei, Steinert, Rogers, Oehler, Monroe. many' groups and individuals around "New 'llhe staff is composed of some twelve editors, an equal number of reporters fsup- plied by' the journalism classl, and a sup- poi'ting stall in charge of mailing, cleaning Located under Study' Hall l0l, the X1'f:'.v ollice opened late in the fall. lt is equipped with special cupboards and used the closed oll southeastern section ol the Student Lounge. Averaging a closing time of 5:20 p.m. every' day, the stall had occasion to keep the orlice open until 10:30 p.m. at times during the lirst part ol the year. NVith more experience, the time was somewhat reduced. Sponsored by' Xlr. lioyle lalias the "per- mit signernl, the .N'rzc.r was awarded a lirst place certilicate by' the folumbia Scho- lastic Press Association and won the All- American award. Varying the page makeup from week to week, the news editors made special use ol alliteration in headlines to achieve interest. 'llhey' are responsible lor the lirst and third pages in the regular four-page issue. ln the tradition ol Hunk, Son ol liunk, and Squelch, a new column called Qwert lthe lirst live letters on the top line of ev- ery' typewriterl, ran for several months. The "l,ineup," a weekly series about sen- ior leaders, was discontinued in the middle ol the year, but came back again, containing not only' information about the leaders, but quotations to give voice to student opinion. lfditorials covered such subjects as inte- gration, referendum, idealism, and sophisti- cation. 'llhe referendum editorials came in conjunction with the appearance of the rel- erendum bill in Student Council. Both intramural and interscholastic sports were covered. A new column, "Sports Desk," ran throughout the winter season. Of special note are the scouting re- ports and other luture coverage techniques seldom employed in past years. lfarly' in Hay' the whole .X'ere.i' staff, in- cluding photographers, put on the fourth annual Gridiron Show at the Publications banquet. After the show editors from the journalism class were chosen for next y'ear's staff. This "junior staff" put out an issue of the .x'l'7l'.V themselves shortly' after the banquet to try' out their skill. 69 55 YOUR FREE ECHOES "Gel 'em 'zehile fh!'j'iV'l' hoffn "That one 1111 there d0FXlIif haw ll 1ll'Il1l.H PIUKING 'rim mzsa' Fnoyl Mo1'N'r.uxs or 1-le1'1'm:s .yxn Pufizn 5 was '1'lIl'1 yi.x.Io1: eoxemxx ifmm sizvrizyml-:R 'ro yur 1-'on .x J J 4 9 4 IIVRRIICD, IIARRIICIJ s'r.xFF. Any lost soul wandering in the basement of the school might run across a small room filled with people, pictures, and reams of paper. This is the l'iCHOES ofhce-the home of the school yearbook. Throughout the year, this otlice is alive with activityg for l'iL'H0liS work starts at the beginning of the school term and continues until summer va- cation. l'iCIl0l5S is manned entirely by near- ly' competent students and an always-har- "lf'o1'l',y'o11 110115. lr'.i' lllffl' 1111111 you fllillimi ried sponsor. The FCI-10123 staff is respon- sible for the scheduling, taking, and devel- oping of most of the pictures, and the com- piling, writing, and editing of all of the copy work in the yearbook. This yearls band of happy' warriors had the usual problems in turning out the book . . . Bernie Day s, lost pictures, new organi- zations to photograph, and the like. But this yearls staff was additionally taxed by' N. 70 v ' '-4-.. , XI, Huff ' :H T73 1 RJ the lack of an oflice for two months and by' the change in the format of the book. TCCHOES has attempted to add more interest to the annual through lay-out and the spe- cial section. l'iCHOI2S added this section to portray the highlights of sixty years as a tribute to to the school. l':CHOES of 1960 owes a special "thank you" to Ifarl Rosner and l,ee Goldberg for the stories in the special section. 'l'll E Il lCLl'.l"l' L H Ll" ffontinued from Page OJ have now. To make things more interest- ing for the students, two new courses were added that year, domestic science and ste- nography. Later that year, a senior class of l-l students was graduated, and get this: the following year the faculty' swelled to I3 membersf' "Just a sec, while I get a pencil," said the j.a., scampering around looking for something with which to take notes. Fin- ally' finding a dull crayon, he continued, "YVe've got quite a sports section in ECH- OIES. Surely' the old lfcllolis must have had some interesting tidbits on athletics." "C iood thinking, ladf' said the little man, executing a double reverse somersault. "Though not quite equal to your coverage, the old l':CH0lZS' carried a few bits of in- formation on sports at New Trier. Now, let me see. Hm, let me think, it was 1907, yes, yes, 1907. That year the Green and Gray' baseball team was given recognition ROSA lil? XV. STI' DY YICKI BARRETT STI' COHEN LEE GOLDBERG Co-Art Editor Co-Art Editor XVriteup Editor LOI'ISl'I ROSl'lN'l'HAI, Manuscript Editor Ed itor-in -Uhief PERRY BOSSHART Managing Editor in IQCHOIES for winning six games while los- ing only two. If I remember correctly the girls' basketball team didn't have such a good season, due to some difliculties in the completion of the new gym. Hut hear ye this: in 1908 a milestone in girls' athletics was reached when lfcnoias announced the results of the girls' inter-class track meet. As you might expect they were nothing spectacular. For example, the high jump record was four feet. But say, son, is there much emphasis on school spirit nowadays?" "Loads," the boy' answered sarcastically. "WVell, even the l9lO lifcttotis carried an article on school spirit, which was lacking at that time. The l':CH0lZS of I9l6 saw the creation of Student Council. Good grief! I almost forgot to tell you. The year be- fore that, the state passed a law making compulsory four years of physical educa- tionf' "That must have been the grimmest story that l':CHOES ever printed," moaned the boy. "But it must have paid off," the old man added, "because in WIS New Trier won the state basketball tournament at Joliet." He rubbed his nose and sniffed. "And so it went these first years. lVell, have to be off. "VVait, wait," exclaimed the j.a., "you've ,H yu got so much more to tell me But already the little green man was climbing inside a typewriter. just before he disappeared, he winked and chuckled, "Look it up in l':CHOES.ii The ,hhotogx and lheir hardtwzre. 1 l'l'I'l'Eli IRAIIACK Junior Asst. 4 R011 LUNDY .lnnior Asst, ju ' f LY N N 'l'l'I'l'0N Junior Asst. JIM HICKS T,ll0iU2'l'lllbll0l' ART lKl'lRNS'l'l'llN Sports Editor 1'i:'ri: 'roimz Photo Editor MARK comix MARTI HMU1 IWSNIGN ,,,,,,,,,, AN, Ht'N'1'1.i:Y Senior Asst. 6- YANUY SIMONS Junior Asst. .lNll.X PRINCE llead Typist H011 I.0l'1l"l"l.l'lIi l'liotournplier Senior Asst. .1 goody brings such great l'fl'Ilfi0ll ' 1 R x 3 f 1 f .643 'K CLUBS 41,4 ixuprizu QJJZNJ mf A C.L.XQJ,l5 5 - 3 : FEATURING! 2 1iL:fVg"FuIhgiiTg37wv .,. 'S ECXALH! he f C15 ' C5 'CII o cfa 'cn E on Q: U1 E S Q D1 Q 111 0 G 'U In FSF lc' E Q 73 Pl' lil,Il' ADIIRICSS VURPS TOP RUVV: Mr. Rocky QSponsorl, Newton, M:n'llryde, Rau. BOTTOM RUYV: R. Rau, l.ichtrnan. SIIICYIFIC l'l.l'li lOl' RUNV: Dolw, lloyr, Kim-r, llcaton, Adler, XVilk, licringer, Gilman, Mcythalcr llU'l'TllM RUXVZ Miss lfravivr, XVhitiwll, Arie-ll, Uumhinvr, Northrop, Mrs. 11ll'llClll1l'l',LICl', Taylor, llaight, lloulihan, Mrs. Savagr. 74 -r' Kl'lHl3-VISVAI. S'l'.kFl-' LEFT T0 RIGHT: Myers, Strivkgold, Johnson, hlrs. Dodge fSponsorl, Romane, jones, Nlann, llcicrualtrs, Mr. lckcs QSponsorl. Where Would We Be Wilhoul Them, The Publix' Atlmlrcss Corps sponsored by Klr. Rockvy is an vxtra-currirnlar organiza- tion. Ir is nlcsigncd primarily to provnlc :nnplifiers for various large groups at Xcw Trivr. The clutics of thc corps llaw rangt-cl from running ll10ll0llllQ1 shows to climbing thirty-foot poll-s at football gainvs. Al- though basically a scwicv organization, rhi- cliaractcr of tht- corps inhc-rcntly infra-ascs a inc-inbc-r's technical coinpvtcnvy. The Sc-rvicc Club is marli- up of thirty girls who spa-nil a portion of thi-ir tinw working in tht' nursi-'s otlivc. This group is sponsorvtl by hlrs. Savagv, rlw srhool nurse' anrl Mrs. Schom'iiviihc'i'gvi', lu-:ul of thc health mln-partincnt. The- olliccrs arv: Galt- flilinan, prcsitlvntg Xlary Taylor, x'irc-pri-sirlcntg llonnit' Arit-ff, tra-asin'cr anrl vorrcsponnling Sl'k'l'L'f2lI'yQ llorit' Acllcr, puh- lit-iryg anal Carol licringcr, program chair- znan. mls So-anil-So at school toslay ?" Ir woulil hc' harnl to 2lllSXYl'l' that if it U'l'l'1'l1'I' for tlu' .'Xl'Tt'Iltl1llll'C llnllvtin Corps. lr has rhi- rvgular anml vital joh of swing to it that t'x'i'ry tvzlrllvl' i1'n'cix'c's a Uopy of tht- list of zihsi-im-cs each mlay. 'llhcy corn-i' all vlass- rooins and inany ollivm-s tlironghout rhi- Sfllflfll. Ill'l.l.l'I'l'lX FORPS Till' RUXVZ Markinaon, Bin-ti-r, Kipp, -Ianin, Rlioziclcs, l.n'rsL'h. ISUTTUM RUXV: Sloane, Kln-in, U'l5.mnL'll, liranllu, lnnmlc, liutou, Kovll. N EN' TRIE R G l ' A RD 'FOP ROXV: Andreas, Townsend, C. lleitman, Mellougall, Meflave, Lawrie, VVright, Haumgart, Vinnedge, Graham, Zand, lirackett, D. Jones, Vanliennen. THIRD ROXV: Mr. Essick tCoachl, Brew, Heitman, Schroeder, VVheaton, Mcflarnan, Aden, Yost, Metvger, Hutcheson, Gilbert, Barrett, Loose, Mr. Robertson lfoachl. SECOND ROVV: XVolff, Reilly, Vincent, Nielsen, T. jones, Blutenthal, Pettigrew, Chadsey, Sawyer, lloward, Sheldon. BOTTOM ROVV: Schmidt, Goettsche, Kiefer, Sawyer, Fisher, Thomas, Shanley, Grant, llarrington, McGuigan, Boyd. The ew Trzkr Guam' Fifty boys and girls are the backbone of the New Trier swimming organization, the New Trier Guard. The members of this organization are chosen from 100 ap- plicants and are given a thorough training program in life saving techniques. They sub- sequently put in approximately three to seven hours a week serving the community and gaining valuable experience. Under the leadership of hir. Dave Robertson, swim- ming coach, and student heads, Pete Petti- grew and Chari Yost, the guard helps to conduct New Trier's effective swimming program. livery Saturday morning, they provide weekly instruction for grammar school stu- dentsg approximately 2500 children receive aid in one year. They also safeguard the lives of those who use the pool during the general swims every Yvednesday evening and at the frequent afternoon swimming sessions for New Trier boys. VVithout the help of the Guard, the school would not have the expanded swimming program of which all Trierites are proud. 75 .KQl'.XNll'M f'l,l'li FIIICSS Cl l'l5 'l'Ul' RUXV: Ruml, Proeluiou, Lilllfllklif, Usterlmerg. SIQCUNI7 RUVVZ S'l'ANl7INUg IM-pslt-r, lit-mlyrsoii, Mulleulagleh, Mr, Gt-rul, Cassell, Meredith, Miller, Vhzilmers, Yzuidergrzuil, Guest. BOTTOM Dr. Johnston, Ulskx. Sll.'Yl'I2D: Devine, Button, Pziul, RUNV: Dorlihos, Mr. Hoyt fSpousorb. Meiiuigalli, Beam. V ll-nun-1 For Those Scam! Hours of Lezkure rlxlll' New 'lirier stumleut is preseutenl yexir there were about -lil clubs. eoveriiigj zi elub. 'lihis year the eluh suppleiueuteml its ii ith :ui iuuueuse uuiuber of extr:i-eurrieu- wimle vziriety of interests, L'l1IllAfl'l'K'll by the usuzil progrzuu is ith :i visit to the iiuier l:ir :letivities for usiug up zuiy time wliieh Stutleut Council. xi'orkiiigs ot the Shesltl .'XKllI1lI'lllIU. the sehool's rigorous program may leave The Uhess club, sponsored by Ur. ilolui- Newly eh:u'tereil this yezu' was :Xlphu hiui. .Xuyoue who is sullieieutly iuggeuious stou, gave stunleuts :ui opportunity to ll'1ll'll Trieri. About teu stumleuts met regulxirly to eoiuplete his stuilies :uiil lezive himself :uul przletiee iu the iutriezite seieuee of the to shzire their kiiowletlgge oi IINYIAUIIOIII5 uu- uiore thzui the iuiuiiuuiu of time ueeileil for gzuue. mler the supervision ot Xlr. Uuliu. The 1-:ltiug :mil sleeping is sible to ehoose from ii Nlr. lloyt spousoreil the ,'Xqu:u'ium club, elub members built :i teleseope to be iuouut- list of :ietivities xvliieh is sure to iuelunle :it oue of severzil mleziliug with u:itur:il seieuee. eil ou the roof of the sehool for obserxutioii least one of his special interests. 'lihe elub employed one of the biology lzib- zuicl pliotogrzipliy ol lieziveiili' boilies. .X trip :X iunjor pzlrt of this list of activities is orzitories :is Z1 home for the tzuiks ol' tropiezil to Yerkes observzitory uns iuelumleml in the eouiposesl of New 'l'rier's uizuiy elubs. This lisli which provitlell the ehiel interest of the elub's progrzuu this year. Stuileuts iuteresteil in other seieuees hzul .xl.l'll,x 'l'lHl'll!l 21 variety of clubs to Choose from. The R21- l.lil"'l' 'VU RIUIITZ Reed, Yxiruer, llllssett, lfehr, Gordon, SfI'1llINY,X'1lll'. din Club' Slmngorml by Nh.. Rm-kcy' main, tziiueil lite "h:uu" trzuisluitters wliieh the elub members useil iii eoiituetiiig other 1ll'l'2ls of the lvuiteil States :uul foreign uzitious. lu zulmlitiou, stucleuts lezirueml mueh about rhe theory mul euustruetiou of the rmlio. The Rocket club, sponsoreil by Xlr. Qloiup- tou. iuvolvetl itself with both the theoretienl :uul przictiezil :ispeets of :uuziteur roeketry. The work ot the elub iuvolveil the perfect- ing of several suizill experiuieutzil rockets which were lziuiifheil tluriug the spring. For the more umtheuizitieailly iuimleil stuileut, three clubs were uizuutziiueil. The freshmen hrul their own Xlzith club, spou- soreml by Klr. l,ill, while lliss Cornell hezuleil the Hath elub for sophomores. l"Nl'ISllM.K N MA'l'll CLI' B Toi' RUNV2 Nvilenx, Nlr. l.ill Qspnnsurl, YVin- fieltl, Iaeolsson. liU'l"li0M RUXYZ Duerr, Siskel, Stiekgimlcl. lHN'KlC'l' l'I.l' ll l.lil"'l' T0 RICIll'l': Freeclinan, Fohen, Fin Longeneelter, Kuh, lxll'f'llIlllt'll, Davis, Alsehuler, Yaeltel, Mr. Coinpton tSponsorl. BICRNUI' l,l.I.k NS TOP RUXV: Tragesser, lferclinancl, XVnrcl, Klein, Horwitz, joseph. l5U'l"l'UM ROXV: Mr. l'aumer, Xvehh, llerv, Shak- man, Meiiuigan, Yudell. RADIO l'l.l'll TOP RUXV: Cutler, Diekinson, XVeher, Mage-ra, Shorte, U. johnson, hleyer, Klllss, 5. johnson, Arthur, TOM RUVV: Mr. Roeltey QSponsorJ, lfmerson, Avery, Newton, Sailstaml, Maelirytle, Fagenholz, Rau, Yaekel, Reed, Sosna, lhlt'Cl'Zl.Y. .luniors antl seniors were eonihinetl into one eluh, the liernoullians, designed to supple- ment the regular mathematies curriculum in the stunly of both theoretical and applied mathematics. Four of the languages offered at New Trier have clubs to supplement the regular curriculum. The purpose of eaeh is aclili- tional study of the language as well as a study of the eulture and history of eaeh nationality. The German eluh, under Klr. Cl. Jensen, in an effort to learn more about the German culture than eoultl be ohtained through ordinary classroom work, acltletl a study of liernian songs, games, :mtl food. lfaeh year, the eluh puhlishes its own maga- e, clllllillfll, livans, Freeman. BOT- Thf' Lnyfriirzjrjwe Rnrlwt. . , . . , Q . zine, 5l',Il'f'Illl'I'l'1. lhe l'reneh club, spon- sored hy Klrs. Morris, earrietl on a similar study of the Freneh people. This eluh also publishes a yearly magazine, Lv l"lnn1lu'1111. ln atlslition, there are eluhs representing the two other most popular languages of- ferenl at New Trier. illllk' l,atin eluh was sponsoreil hy Kliss llreitlenhaeh, anal put out a magazine ealleml l'rru'ru. The Spanish eluh was sponsored hy Kliss Hair. In a program of equal exchange, New 'lirier sent two stuclents to foreign eoun- tries, anil in return reeeiveal two foreign stmlents. Bill -lolmson was sent to Sweden for six months, anml Anne "Ric-" Mooney spent two months in Cierinany. l,orna Mellougall visitecl New Trier from lre- lantl, antl YValter Yeening of llollanml spent several months here. 'lihis program is lfontinuetl on Page 78D 77 GERMAN l'l,l'li TOP ROVV: Hughey, Alexander, Evers, Mr. Jensen lSponsorJ. BOT'l'OM ROVV: von Kruetlener, Ap- plelmum, Pershing, Freeman, Dresher, llzipke, Oppen- heim, Nettlemnn, Hamilton. l"Hl'INl'll l'l.l'l3 TOP ROXV: Davis, Zaigel, King, Colhurn, llerv, lfreernxin. SECOND ROXV: VVrede, Rooks, Furer, Szulin, Rulsinson, Gibson, Mellougzlll, Lzizair. BOT- TOM ROVV: llzirtmzinn, lfleseh, Sziuser, liorkzln, Mrs, Morris fSponsorl, Cohler, Levin, llillmnn, Arnstein. lfontinuetl from Page 775 the Cleogrziplw club sponsorell by Klvr. H. Club centered zirounml an iiwestigaition of sponsored internzitionzilly hy :in Ofgilllllil- Peterson. career opportunities in nursing :intl othtr tion known :is the Arnerierui lfielml Service. VVhile Clubs for all voezitionzil interests allied fields of niemlieine. The eluh haul Now completing its thiral year at New :ire not Chzirtereml at New Trier, there were three sponsors, Klrs. Savage, Xlrs. Sehoen Trier, AFS was sponsored hy Klr. Khflos- two such this year, the Future 'l1C?lL'lll'l'S of enherger, :incl Miss lirerlehorn. rlilll' FTA key. Une other eluh clezilt with hrozulening .All1CI'lL'Zl, and the Future Nurses of Amer- eluh followecl a siniilzn' line of interest in stlulent interest in worlal ZlH?llI'S. This was ien. The activities of the lfuture Nurses Cfontinneml on l'z1ge8Oj l,.K'l'lN l'l.l'l! S'l'."kNl7ING: hxvllfil, Uornog, Seitl, Rnlwinson, l'lt'llilI1ZlIHl Melionougli, l,'Ainorenux. SliA'l'lClJ: Dr. Drake lSpon- surl, Smxth, VVhite, lioehnert, Allweiss, Mnimnn, llnir, Miss Breiltlenlmeh QSpunsurj. 78 SPANISH l'l.l'l! TOP ROVV: Gohcle, liurrill, Becker, Carroll, jenkins, Ilinmnn. BOTTO ROVVZ Butz, Nlrixrnit, Frank, Niekol, Fitlsimons, lkfliss Muir lSponsorl. UEllGR.Kl'llY flllvli LEFT TO RIUHTT Nlr. l,tJlt'l'snIl, llnmil- mn, Martin, Ford, King, N1vi'lu-ry, Gzlrrml, Damn. l"l"l'I lIl'1'l'l'l.X1'Ill'INSUI-' .XNll'lRH'.X. GIHll'l' I 'l'Ul' RUXY: l,llHl.lll, Rulwrtwn, Zitmzln, Rllk'lIlNfl4lPlIl, Sfllllll, lin-gulrfml, Snipw, XY1'vmlv, llill, Nlsflnlx. lhlyllr' 52IlIIHl4'I'N' lhlglim-, Ilglm iltull. l'lllRl7 ROXV: llillm.m, lflliutt, Nlmwiwnm, ,l.lIIlL'N, lzwulmmn, Haight, ll.1r!, Dilln-1,, i1Zll'll'I', -I. I-Iliult, INN-In-r, XYi linux, Nlmm, liurrill. SICCUND RUXXY Mu-rx, liim'l1vr1gl'u-ll, Burt-111, Ruin, Clim-, lug ihrringtvuu, .Xllxn, N14-mural, llvlms, lluix, RllQI1'l'N, lung. IiUl"l'OM RUNY: Ulin, Uxsmu, llullmuml, xvt'lN'lK, UvNY1vlf, Nliw Mill, NIH. l7rl.1mg, I'irk, Vmznlirxi, Phillips, S1ll'lIN, l,urs'l1, N-lNlWL'l. .KHl'fHH'.KX l"H'II,ll Sl'IIH'H'l'I l'l.l'lI. Glflllwl' 2 lil' RUN" Flwlmwn, y1't'lllllK, :Xmm. llllI1'lllIlNlIIl, Mr. Nlci'lmkm lSp1mwrl, lilllvkrllzm. 'l'lllRl3 RUN' XXX-zxlw, lim-vlwr, Vzlrrull lrlwin, lmxxix, llzlxix, liigrlmx, liurns, llillvr, llvzllnll, Nalgvl, xx'lAL1Q.1l'I'N, Chmslx. SPVUXU RHXXT llllllflll, llllflllllllll, Slvin, Rfllkllllg, llumx, I,um:m, llmunul, Nh-D.111,L::lll, limmtll, fl1lI'l'lZl, Ilmlm, liuyrr. l5U'l'l'l7Nl RUXY: S. Ymuwlm, Sl'l1lY1'IIfl11lll'l', Daw, liulf, lflurlunaln, U1-hl llzllriwn, ,ll-llvr, lllllll1ilI', llillm.m, nlalplm, llffvlm. 'Ci' 1 'ziifpil' .a.f' 'KX . llannlton, l,ill. B01 IOM RUXV: Mr. 5woap tSponsorl, Kline, Yedar, Kaplan, Nettleinan, Qpieer, Yale, 'l'li:iteher, Arons. kYl.K'l'l0N 1'l,l'IR l'0l' RUXV: jordan, Perry, Uhliger, llzisse, IHVIHKNY f'l,l'lf liell, Koss, Uzilier, Young, Mr. lloyt lSponsorl, Morris, Zimlier, Guest. si. ui. S'l'.Klll' AND VUIX l'l,l'l5 Kaplan, Remien, l,iluit, Koyoll, Rolwin, Mr. Ne-uinan, Kneera. 80 lfontinned from Page 735 its respective field. Irs sponsor was Bliss Del .ong. The sehool greenhouse was lnaintained by the members of the Botany club. The nienihers of the club 'studied various species of the plant world under the gnitlznice of Klr. Hoyt. ln addition, eaeh ineinher did an individual projeet in hotany during the year. Students preferring dogs to flowers were able to join the Dog elnh, sponsored by 1112 XVagner, meeting frequently during the year for dog-training sessions. Colleeting enthusiasts enjoyed the aetixi- ties of the Stamp and Coin elnh, sponsored lay Klr. Neunian. The regular Illl'1'flIlQfS of the elnh involved discussion or leetnre about various topies in the field of interest. Also, meetings usually involved an :inetion or trading session. Several students under the supervision ot XIV. Swoap niet to disenss theory and the aetivities of the Aviation club including several field trips and a visit to Sky Harbor Jxirport. Other elnhs appealed to those who en- joyed outdoor sports. 'lxlll' Sailing club, sponsored hy lllr. Glaser, applied itself to a theoretieal study of sailing as well as to en- jovnient of the sport itself. ln addition, there was a elnb tor those stndents inter- ested in skiing, sponsored by Hr. Larsen, and the lloat club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Carlstrom. 'l'he Square Dance club, sponsored by fllrs. ll. johnson, provided an informal way of meeting new friends while learning. and participating in, square dancing. ln addition to its regular activities, the club held many special social events such as pic- nics and other outdoor activities. About 20 students found the Psychology club an outlet for their inner need tor spe- cial activities. The activities of the club centered around discussion and informal speeches both by lllr. llrull, the club spon- sor, and other members of the faculty. as well as occasional guest speakers. The club's activities were highlighted by a yisit to the Downey Yeterans Administration Mental llospital. The l,ens club met bi-weekly, centering its activities around discussion and mstruc- tion in various photographic techniques, under the auspices of Mr. Donald Smith. The club organized periodic showings ot its members' work, and in addition held one photo contest in each quarter of the year. A student interested in music in any form could choose from a wide variety of clubs. The Xlusicale club, sponsored by Miss Kidd, made a study of the sociological backgrounds for such music. Probably the largest clubs in the school were the junior SQl'AlHCllANI'I'1 l'l.l'l5 johnson, Sponsor tseatedl. SAILING l'l.l'l5 Thatcher, Darcy, M. Iloerner. l'SYC'lI0l.0GY i'l.l'l! Levy, Arons, XVard, Booth, Morris, Mrs. TOP ROXV: Ellis, R. lieierysaltes, MeC'lave, XV. Beierualtes, Meliernan, lloerner, Ruml. SECOND ROVV: Mullenbach, llerz, VVhite, Levinson, Connelly, Boylston, Crittenton, Levin. BOTTOM ROVV: Marshall, Kelly, Epstein, XVilson, VVindhorst, Lehman, . s.fN TOP ROVVZ Tragesser, Stoddard, Knight, Bassett, Mr. lirull fSponsorl. liO'I"l'OM RUXV2 M. vl. YVeiss, lfreeman, Todd, Merrell, M. ll. VW-iss. i and Senior Klnsic clubs. Any student play- ing an instrument or possessing singing ability was able to join one of these two clubs, depending upon his age and ability. Regular meetings of each club were held at which the students themselves performed and criticized each other. The clubs oper- ated on the theory that by playing before other students and also by criticism one in- creases one's musical ability. lfach student was required to perform at least once dur- ing the year. The junior Illusic club was 12 .J sponsored by Mrs. llradburn, the Senior Klusic club by Klrs. Ream. 'liwo clubs were ollercd for students in- terested in a creative art. 'lihe Model and Hobby club, sponsored by blr. Koser, pro- vided an outside activity for those with such interests as flying model airplanes and constructing scale model railroads. The Art l,eague, sponsored by Illr. Stenvall, continued its activities for students with artistic talents and interests. Sll'SlC'Al.l'I C'l.l'l5 STANDING: Osterherg, Ferdman, lleekinger, Mrs. Kidd. SICATIED: linehnert, Maekler, Maxam, Sloane. .ll'NllllC MVSH' l'l.l'B TOP ROXV: Zand, lleitman, Smith, Rubens, Dormody, Difesare, Alexander. FOl'RTll ROVV: lleinmiller, Rnsser, Kahler, Zimmerman, liair More-en, l.ongenen'ker, llair, Alperin. THIRD ROVVZ Nelson lpresidentj, Guelich QS:-eretary J, Sprague fSncial Chairmanl, Blettner, S5 tert, llaliday lNluhlenl1rueh, Zuidema, VVenzel, Genius, Cnllmrn. SECOND ROVV: Davis, Murray fSueial Chairmanb, Maxam, lluston, Petersen, llildehrandt Schroeder, Kimhall fViee Prexidentl, Malngen, lluehn, Mathisen, Blair. BOTTOM ROVV: King, Samuelann, lN1ejuhnstnn, Sergeant, XVolfe, Oehl Garrett, llnffmann, Sehuvain, VV:-nclnagel, Colmurgan. LENS l'l.l'l! W M Y 7' 'Y ' TOP ROVV2 Meyn, Lelvin, VValker, Mercer. SECOND ROVV: Mr. Smith 1Spmmwrj, Schatz, Steinberg, linrre, Doherty, Dallmeyer. HOT- TOM ROVV: Kaplan, Cnhee, Vllells, Risen, Rau, Lindhlom. Ruml at camera. y v 1 1 .KRT l,EAUl'E TOP ROVV: S. XVilk, Adler, Mr. Kuennen, Nlurgnn, Tlnulihnn, Hienenfeid. HOTTONI ROXVZ U. XVilk, I.. Uuitiherg, R. linldlwerg, Ziemer. SENIOR MVSII' i'l.l'B TOP ROVV: Thatcher, Browder, Klass, Hrnnnen, Sampson, Newton, Blumherg, Rubens. TIIIRD ROVV: Rammun, Swain lrinklin VVrl3,ht Hur Seifert, Ruggles, Sethness, Isgrig, Yudell, Turner, l.nngenec'ker, T. Mnhin. SECOND ROVV: Burmeister, Harper, Hil1m1n 'Hutshinck Arima Booth, Rrmks., Srhralm, llnrtmnnn, Gnthercunl, VanAnr0oy, Littell, jenkins, Nfnges. BOTTON1 ROVV: Kritvhcvcr, Kueh, R N Ru in Ohlsnn Rus: R Maureen, VV. Mnhin, Laiufmzin, Kiper, Reise, Hughey, Osborn. MODEI, l'l,l'lS TOP ROVVZ Nir. Kuser fSpr1nmr5, Mm'- Curqumlnle, Fzillek, Clzltqe, Have, Mvllmig- all, Mvfzirthy, Vzuidergruf, Flliwn, I.:lM':lr VVnlling. BOTTOM ROXV: Evers, john- wn, Truexdale, VVinficld, Spiegel, Spicer Mosby, Huffman, Thomas. . Q NG' - -. -uN'rx.!-su i .-...m...-M-U.. .r f Mm..-U.-. M. U. ,Y .V-Nr. ...- rn. Yu. . rw- S V00 S'l'lllIl'l'SS10', if ..9.':'l2'J.'5-FHJITSZP f .??EC?!f!1 'H 84 1-4 E cn O F2 Q ll-fl-:Q Iii 922 K Q: Li 43 H2 E? I1 961 01 0061 E524 "'fi",,LL'Q,,, A 'ng S30HD3I EQISWR EG? I2 .ATI-ILIETICS STEPHAN 1 E ADEN President BARR E H RHART Vice President, SHIRLEY DOKE Secretary CHRISTINA SWAN SON Treasurer 86 1 i J EAN G UTSUHE lnmuiurals A N N BRADLEY Service HOLLI E H IUKS lilenihersliip DALE WARE Social HIJIEN HRODSKY l'uhlicity T! 123557 DIANNE DUKE Projects Tk G . I . G G.A.A. PROVIDES A FI'LL YEAR-AROUND PROGRAM OF ATHLI'I'I'IC' PARTICI. PATIOX FOR N-T GIRLS. During the 1959-1960 school year, the Girls' Athletic Association had an extreme- ly successful sports program with active par- ticipation in all seasons. The board, led by President Stephanie Aden, Vice President Barbara Erhardt, Treasurer Cristina Swanson, and Secretary Shirley Doke, co- ordinated all the GAA events from the opening freshman demonstration to the final spring banquet on June 2 at which the new board was announced. Some of the major changes in GAA in- cluded a slightly revised constitution, a new booklet, and the introduction of a new board postion, head of projects, which was filled by Dianne Doke. Two highlights of the year were the GAA conference playday on January 16 in which seven schools par- ticipated, and an eighth grade playday to introduce GAA to representatives from the local grade schools. These and many other events in GAA were supervised by the girls' physical edu- cation department faculty. Bliss lris Boul- ton is head of the department, and Bliss Suzanne Keating sponsors GAA. The in- tramural board was advised by Blrs. Ann Stevens, who helped Jean Gutsche, head of intramurals, in co-ordinating the after school sports program. Other members of the girls' physical education faculty are: Bliss Mary Appelhof, Bliss Carolyn Cress, Miss Vivian Frazier, Blrs. Blargaret Hoopes, Blrs. Barbara Johnson, Bliss Joan Lvl 5 . -Y, . i ,f PATRICIA ISEHRENDT Art COMMITTEES Johnson, Bliss Betty King, Bliss Dorothy Niemi, Bliss Janice BlcConnell, Bliss Con- stance Ramsey, Bliss Nancy Sorenson and Blrs. Lenore Sutton. Blembership week, co-ordinated by Holly Hicks, head of membership and Dale VVare, head of social, was a fun-filled ex- perience for over 400 girls who became GAA members. A gym-jam, skit group meetings, and a sumptuous banquet with candle-lighting ceremony were part of the week's festivities. ln the winter award assembly over 200 girls received recognition for particpation in GAA activities. There were 33 girls who received 300-point awards, seven earned 700-point awards, and the 1,000- point award went to four GAA members. A freshman, Blarcia Blerrick, won the 300-point award, and a spohomore, Judith Stalnaker, won her 1,000-point award. For- ty-seven girls received numerals for being on a first class team, and 35 girls earned chevrons for second class team perform- ances. A new custom was established of giving recognition to girls who had already received class team awards and deserved them again. Participation awards to indi- vidual adviser rooms went to senior Blorris, junior Browne, sophomore Raffetto, and freshman Bredehorn. "Chicago Swimphonyf' the water ballet held on April 30, was the major event in GAA this year. Deborah Barrett, head of in 1 TOP ROW: Decker, Hagenah, Herz, Rapport, Morava, Wilhelm. BOT- TOM ROVV: Garcia, Telfer, Bingham, VVhipple, Dahlheimer, Rutherford. FLASS MANAGERS l , SPORTS ROA R D 'rot' ROXVI Nielsen, llalliday, llerl, NVilson, XVhite. BOTTOM TOP Rf,xxYi Duke, Sehramm, Stalnaker, VVelch, Brandt. SECOND ROVV ROXV: Collins, Ferris, Chrisman, Gilbert, XYenek, YVohlrah, Kahn, Tiffany, Sherer, Booth, Barrett, XVelch, Karslake, Lord, O'Brien. BOTTOM swinuning, and her assistant, Susan Schroe- der, under the sponsorship of Klrs. Stevens, assisted by flliss Sorenson, organized the water ballet with the capable assistance of the pool guard. Over lqll swimmers worked hard for many afternoons to per- fect their numbers. The theme of the water show was Chicago, and the numbers symbolized many aspects of life in Chicago. An added feature was a dance nlunher dur- ing the program which was planned by Margot l'alaith and Diane Sherer, heads of dance. FALL The tcani sports in the fall offered spir- ited competition to all girls. Hockey, lt-tl by Margaret O'Brien and her managers, Mary -lane l'etersen, l,ynn lfleisclunan, and Gretchen YVolf, and soccer, headed by Ciail Raymond and her assistant Linda Tiffany, with manager l,ee llultnian, saw active participation all season. The seniot' hockey team played the varsity football team and somehow lost -l-0. Ciail l,ord su- pervised the husy tennis tournament with the help of managers ,ludith Allen, Kathe- rine Baird, and l,inda Ferris. Co-ed had- niinton under Melinda Tinunerman was co-ordinated along with the bots' intra- mural program and was very successful. Riding was directed hy Charlotte Booth and her assistant Susan Lewis. Many unique classes were held in advanced horses hanship and jumping. A riding demonstra- tion was held for parents and friends of the girls riding on November 23. lfontinued on Page Slll TOP ROXV: Burehmore, VVeake, lrice, Nix, llerhenar, lVluhlenbruch, Saunders, Stalnaker, v ROVV: Yinnedge, Schroeder, Raymond, Palaith, Struggles, Lewis, Timmer man, Niilne, Gutsche. IST SEXll'1S'l'ER REPRESl'1X'l'.K'l'lVl'IS Y Ammon, Martin. FOVRTII ROVV: Neuman, VVilson, Cornvn, Corwine, Simpson, Riblon, Boyd Morava, Raithel, Partlan, Surpless, liessel. THIRD ROVV: lleitman, Rothschild, Maynard Butz, Halliday, Anderson, Breeden, Caton, VVilson, lidmonds, llorne. SICCONIJ ROVV: farson Miller, Abbott, llouard, Robertson, Barrett, llorberg, Metv, llenrieh, lilliott, Redding, Zimmer- man. BOTTOM ROVV: Collins, Kart, Berry, Milne, N. Garrett, S. Garrett, ll. Morris, Shank- man, Schulz, Berg, B. Morris. Z" 2ND Sl'lMl'1S'l'EN NEPNl'lSl-IN'l'A'l'lYICS TOI' RONV: Butz, lilmore, llalidav, llauserman, Martin, Sleight, llynes, llt-ss, Staluaker llerhenar, Muhlenhrueh, Alford. TIIIRI3 ROXV: Brandwein, Anderson, Alexander, VVilson Stover, Nix, Feuer, Mcl.aren, lfenn, Farnum, Klauke, Bornor, Kitnhall. Sl'fl'ONl7 ROXVZ llokin Olson, Metz, llorherg, Allen, lidmonds, Zimmerman, Vhandler, Paneoast, llenrieh, Neutnan llaukinson, vonAmmon. BOTTOM ROXV: liichengreen, Tiinnn-rman, Burg, Berry, Miller llressler, Schulz, Kritchever, Cioldenherg, Milne, Bigg, Betts, Kiper. 87 Ull- N! 09' ,f- 3 l'0Af'llES Mrs. lluupcs, Miss Nicmi, Niiss Renting, Nirs, Suttnn, Niiss jnhnsnn, Miss Surf-nsfm, Miss Appr-lhnf, Miss Rnrnsc-3, Miss lfrzuicr, Mrs. -lohnsrm, Miss Mcfnlirwll, Nirs. lirmsn, Mises Cress, Mrs. Doughty uf the Bnzlrd nf Fcillvzltiml, Miss Boulton, hcaul uf physical cclllvaltiull fur girls. l'.kGl'i GIRLS TOP RUNVZ Braid, Cuhvn, Si fert, Cin-pncr, liuyvr, Ba-Ism, Michzlls, Gnlrllwrg, Rumi, XVic'ks, Broun. SIZCUND RUXY: SI:-in, Nm-Isun, 'i'uc'krr, Si'ilL'lI1Zlll, Ka-tulzl, Vallrnvr, Kuvh, Nuthmmm, ShL'l'Yl'lZlll, Gore, Daniels. BOTTOM RUXV: NVUHI- nngul, l.m-wis, SllllliiN'l'Q.f, livrggn-r, Srhulv, Vzirm-x, Mcty, Ncttlelnzm, Louis, Hmmi. up E0 r 0 ,H ' im . r , W uw ami .M if UI-'I"ll'I.Kl.S . 't ! .l 'QV 'iii' 1 - ' r. iwif f 1 5. N w . . A ff' V ' ,M -.1 PUOI, GVARID HH' RUXV: llnmiltnn, Bair, Brmsll, SIZlill1lixi'I', Oliphzmt, Hcggs, Bam- TOP ROXV: iiZlQ.fL'Illlh, XYilsun, Mctvger, i.lIl'llY, Knrff, XXVJIYUITIIJIII, Mn-lm, iN'i'gK'l', KIll'NiIlkk'. liU'l"l'UM ROXVZ Slutzlq, VVnlf, Millie, Morris, i:4lNfC'I'. SICCOND RUVV: Gillu-rt, Svhrm-cle-r, S. Ilcitmnn, l"inm', cifililii, Nt'lIit'lll1lll, iik'l'll1IIllil'l, ciilfivill. Hicks, VV1-lick. BU'I"l'UM RUNV: Rllflfllllld, Kurv, Imnsc, C. liK'iUIlilll, Barrett. 88 AIYVANFICII llURSl'lllAl'K RIDING Lewis QAssistant lln-add, johnson, Markofl, Merrick, Tclfcr, Beaman, Derlacki, johnson, I.:-onharcl, Sprcngcr, Riley, Svhrm-alt-r, Booth flluacll, liassctt Qfontinuvml from Page 373 MID-SICASCIN llaslwthall was cnjoycml hy many vnthnsi- oi astic girls who participatm-tl in the t0lll'll2l- -47 nu-nts. lllarno Nlilnc was lwail of tht- sport with thc ht-lp of Carolyn Collins, Ann XVhirt-, llriscilla Wvilson, :intl lllary lfllcn l'olito. 'llhi' winners of the rlass train tour- nann-nt wt-rv rln- sophoinorcs. linnhling :intl apparatus uinlcr Alica- Klaynarcl we-rc also oHa-rcml. The parallvl hars, the horsu, anal othcr cquipincnt were usvml bb' tht' Dzwticipants. Recreational l"lH'3SllM-'N Sofifllcll fill-HIPS . . .. , " w '- I 'f s-. 'g'- 5- - '-4 -, '- Swlmmmg and rldlng WCW Uthcr actwc lwtll ROW 1 l.dinontls, llllllllllLIlill, llyny, Ql-im, ul itolip Horn, lxs im Hill IUN1 RUVK Cicarhart, inn-ttlcr, l'rn-tllun, Colwn, l'lati'r, lgstlv, lllrliklll. sports this st-ason. llancc was ln-hl for hc- ginncr, intc-l'nw4li:1tv, and Qnlvziiicctl mem- hcrs. Volleyball was vxtrcincly popular nluring tht- winter season. This sport, llcanlcml hy Susan Yiiiimlgv :intl her IIIZUIZIQCVS, lfliza- bt-th l,vwis, Sigriil llvohlrah, -lost-phinv Saracino, :intl llarhara .llll'l'QI,l'llS, was playcil with thi- new rulcs which manic thc games own inoru 1-xciting. Syiiclwoiiixvtl swim- Kfontiinn-il on Pagc 'lll ' I of , , S0l'll0XlUl!l'I llUl'li EY VHA BIPS lN'laiman, Alwrs. liO'l"l'UNl RUXY: Clarrvtt, Sprcnigcr, Spin-gvl, Vox l'car-son, Carlson, lfarrrll, llavis, llarilin. SENIOR llUl'lil'IY CILKMPS 'roi' ROVVZ liradlev, Morava, :Mlm-li, 0'Brie-n, Petersen, Bair. BOTTOM ROVVZ Dokc, Kirnlwall, liairns, Miller, Barrett, llartray. 89 .H Till' ROVV: l:I'l'l'lll1lIl, lll'll'l'5K'll, iii-piivr, liurnn-istcr, lirown, Dralw, 'l'l'M BLING AND A l'PARATl'S TOP ROVV: Wolf, Engel, Keane, Hultman, Oliphant, Stalnaker, May- nard, jones. BOTTOM ROVV: Pfeifer, Minkin, Turner, Timmerman, li. Morris, ll. Morris, Hreeden, VVebl1. SOPIIOMORE BASKlC'l'BALL CHAMPS TOP ROVV: Boyer, Dahlheimer, Brown, Stalnaker, Oliphant. BOT- TOM ROVV: Pattison, Schovain, Derlzcki. SENIOR BASKE'l'ISAl.L UIIAMPS TOP ROVV: NVilk,!ell, jack, Frost. BOTTOM ROVV: Lewis, Thornton, Burns. FROSII BASKETBALL UIIAMPS TOP ROVV: Cohen, Bair, Merrick, Polito. BOTTOM ROVV: Beman, Nai burg. JI ' NIOR BASKE'l'l5ALL CHAMPS TOP ROVV: Dahlstrom, Schramm, Evans, Horner, llery. BOTTOM ROVV Milne, Blackwell, Garcia, Telfer. C? .IVNIOR BASKE'l'IiAI.l. ALL STARS TOP ROVV: Herz, Breeclen, Evans, Horner, VVilliams. BOTTOM ROW Milne, Carlson, Feuer Qiwaptainl, Garcia, Maynard. Y 90 Thr' girls' lnzslwtlfzlll HYIIII, IQU7-19178. I 8 , G.A.A. CContinued from Page 89D ming and water ballet practice also were vital this season. The swimming managers were Joanna VVeuck, Judith Gilbert, Jean Nielson, and VVinefred Unger. Fencing for juniors and seniors under Stephanie Strug- gles and ice skating under Starr Brandt were other unique individual sports. SPRING During the spring season, softball, ten- nis, and archery were the main sports of- fered. Sarah VV:-lch headed softball with her managers, Helen Hartray, lllargaret Herz and Roberta Halliday. The head of archery was Carol Schramm. Tennis was in the form of instruction rather than tour- nament games. Lacrosse, an unusual sport, was led by Klargaret O'Brien and her man- agers, Lee Ann Chrisman and Nancy Kahn. Spring riding also offered girls a chance to participate in GAA activities. During all seasons, the otlicials and timers and scorers under Katherine Karslake and Judith Stal- naker helped greatly in the after-school sports program. 3-qv sn-f' ' -sf ' :qu ,F '1'- A---94111. Qgifit A at . is 7 lv.. ,-l ' .Srl Sr E l a 9 v A A DVA NVED IJANUH TOP ROVV: Stokes, Stein- hrecher, llaliday, llarper Dolce, Blettner, VVeinhouse Northrop, Butz, Keating BOTTOM ROVV: Mages Mora, Gluckman, Miller Bernstein, Yeager, Beau- champ, Drell, llenn, Bur- meister. IOOO l'UlN'l' YYINNERS XVeIch, Stalnaker. T00 POINT YYINXERS xffk A TOP ROXV: Haring, Stalnaker, Maynard. BOTTOM ROVV: Karslake, Milne, Lewis. 300 POINT XVI NXER S TOP ROVV: Sherer, Burns, Oliphant, Taylor, Growdy, Evans. BOTTOM ROVVZ Yvolf, Dworkin, Sprenger, Derlacki, Zimmerman, llarper. JUNIOR IST CLASS VOLLEYBALL 'l'EAlNl TOP ROVV: VVilliz1ms, Cotter, Evans, Herz. BOTTOM ROVV: Garcia, Carlson, Maynard, Feuer. .ll'NlOR-SENIOR VOLLEYBALL 'l'Ol'RNAMEN'l' WINNERS fJl'NlOR TEAM! TOP ROVV: Maisner, Lang, Anderson, VVil- linms. BOTTOM ROVV: VVelch, Levinson, Carlson, Fetzer. Ol'l'lR.K DANFE GROLI' TOP ROVV: Spiegel, Kiper, Fowle, l.z1uhnnn, Lielwman, Pattison, Sherer, Rapport, Literky, lloerner. BOTTOM ROXV: Davis, Fohn, Adler, Sherer, Pnlnith, Amodeo, Gasaway, VVood. 92 B l SOPIIOMORE IST CLASS VOLLEYBALL TEAM TOP ROVV: Major, Doke, Oliphant, Schillo, Brown. BOTTOM ROVV: Nelson, Derlacki, Stalnaker, Dahlheimer. SOPIIOMORE VOLLEYBALL 'l'OI'RNAMEN'I' XVINNERS TOP ROVV: Lager, Lamlmrt, Oliphant, Gue- lich, Gessel, Cook. BOTTOM ROW: Hrudka, lloehn, Hauserman, Longenecker, VVebster. FRESIIMAN IST CLASS VOLLEYBALL TEAM TOP ROVV: Taylor, Polito, Merrick, llerhenar, Bair. BOTTOM ROXV: llultman, Milne. FRESHMAN YOLLEYBA LL 'l'OI'RN.kMEN'l' NVINNERS TOP ROVV: Edmonds, Hynes, Cohn, jacob. BOTTOM ROVVZ Tucker, Cohen lfnptninj, Flater ffo-captainl, Ouettler. s. lab- G gif 4, We Q3 .v an nn :WB I Q nf . , Q X 3 R l i O -.. .AA YA RSl'l'Y FUI l'l'l!A Ll. TOP RUXV: lludge, Cullverg, Sherman, Patton, Rohlen, lily, Trenlxmann, Fleming, Blair, Vail, Phemister, Grais 1ManagerH. THIRD RONV: Eriek- son, l'liristoh'ersen, Stonieh, Jennings, Uverlnek, Reed, Browning, Sawyer, llrick, Hraekett, Mercein, Mefonnell fManagerJ. SECOND RUVV: lleid- hrinlx, Sebring, Uvson, Fraser, Clifton, Ploehn, Matzkin, Kotler, Mefluire, Glanv, liuiler. ISOTTONI ROXVI Proft, Barnhill, Ivy, Ade, lleinemann Qfaptainh, llaider QC'aptainB, Riee, VVillte5, Rome, Kleinfeld, Moeller, Asehenhaeh Qfoae Wa H LZ Moral Wklor . A GUUII LINE. SIIANI' INIHYIIIIQKI. PLAY. AND l"0l'R GUOD XYIXS lNlN"l' Sl' A DlS.kS'l'R0l'S SEASON. ffrllrr IIIIVI'-1' , fm-rx f Ir'1'z'5i.vtil1le form' wx. illllllflfllllft' objerl. 96 New 'l'rier, suliering from injuries and tumble-itis, wound up its season with a mediocre -l---l- over-all reeord, 3--l in the Suburban League. 'llhe fourth place finish of the lndians was especially disappointing in light of their pre-season exhihition game defeat of Vllest Suhurhan l,eague power Hinsdale hy an overwhelming 35-0 seore. ln this game, fullhaeks Chuek Hereein and -Ioel lileinfeld tallied 2 touehdowns apieee to lead the scoring. The Nfll. defense was unyielding as they held llinsdale scoreless. The following Saturday the llreen lVave, missing lileinfeld's explosive power as he suffered an injury and was unahle to play, and hampered hy funihles at erueial moments, lost to a surprisingly strong and inspired Highland Park squad, li-13. The uext weekend Nlorton, held scoreless through most ot the game, scored on a punt return to hand Nfl. its second heartbreak- ing loss in a row, 7-6. The Indians trav- elled to lfvanston the following week where they received their worst loss of the season, a 20-0 defeat. 'llhe lfvanston haeks demon- strated tremendous speed and nianeux'era- bility as they slid away from New 'llrier taeklers time after tiine. 'llhe following weekend Nfll. Came bark to stun Wvauke- gan l-l-6, in the Clreen VVax'e's first S.l,. victory of the season. .luniors .lohn Ade, Paul Stonieh, and Uverloelc all turned in excellent performances ou offense, and the N.T. defense proved praetieally im- movable. On the next Saturday the Indians waded through the niud to win a thriller YA RSITY Ull l-ZEN l.EADl'IRS l,lfF'l' TU RIGHT: Shan, Suansen, Rodman, Lightuer, Ruggles, Spiegel, Dillon. from a tough Niles team, I3-7. In its next action N.'l'. overwhelmed the defending Suburban League champions, Proviso lfast, .25-6, to even up its S.l,. rec- ord with 3 wins and 5 losses. In this game New Trier once again came alive as a team and showed the ability which had not been fully displayed since the opening victory over Hinsdale. The defense once again was strong, and, despite the mud, the ln- dian backs showed drive, speed. and decep- tion. .lim Rome, senior quarterback, did a fine job of calling plays, as well as inter- cepting a l'roviso pass. Klercein was the workhorse in this game as he tallied twice and piled up terrific yardage. ln the final game of the season New Trier. after lead- ing through most of the game, lost to Oak Park by a score of I7-l-l. lfullback Mer- cein once again did much of the running, aided by Kleinfeld's power up the middle. Injuries to key players, including first string center Harley Ciaber and co-captain Don llaider, hurt N.'l'.'s chances this year. SFURI-is opp, sir. ulxsu.u.i: ..., , u :zz lllHllI.ANll mick . . in iz: hlllli'l'UN .... 7 ti nvassrox . zu u w.u'Ki:u,xN . es 1-1 mcoviso . In an sim-:s . . 7 iz: out mick . , , I7 I1 Nevertheless, several players turned in out- standing performances throughout the sea- son. Un offense, llerccin showed great improvement toward the end of the year, and VVally XVilkey did an excellent job in game after game. Defensively, Ciaber and co-captain Rolfe Heineman led one of the toughest lines in the 5.11. W'ith many re- turning junior lettermen, including next year's co-coptains, Gaber and jack Heihrink, New Trier is looking to regain its status asa Suburban League football power. Hrs! font forward free hofn New Trier-llhuleyarz 111-zen party. . V3 Fzrsi zu Suburban League The New Trier -lunior Varsity football squad, under the able coaching of Pete Frautzen and his staff, once again was N.'l'.'s only football championship-winning team this year. Outstanding play by junior tailback Bill Henderson helped the Indians achieve their fine fi won, l lost record, but SUORES it was a team effort that gained the cham- , . lilll'lNl5li0Ul'i . . 0 Pl0l1Shll1- Moieros . . . 14 A well-balanced team, both offensively WAUKEHAN . . o and defensively, was highlighted by fine in- "Rm'lS0 - - - 18 oAK PARK . . . 7 dividual performances by various players throughout the season. ln their first game, the .l,V.'ers triumphed over Glenbrook by a score of 20-0. This victory was followed by a I9-l-l whipping of lvlorton, the 30th straight victory for New Trier junior Var- sity football teams. Next, the .I.V.'s Opp. 5.1 110 19 44 6 14 blanked XVaukegan -l-l-0, the offense and defense functioning with equal effectiveness in this smashing win. lfvanston forfeited to the Trier-itesg but in their next game the -I.V.'s lost an 18-6 thriller to a mixed var- sity-.l.V. squad from Proviso lfast. After another forfeit victory, this time over Niles, N.'I'. defeated Oak Park 14-7 in the sea- son's finale. Several ,I.V. players, including junior Bill Henderson, were moved up to the var- sity for the last several games of the season. Nevertheless, the fine attitudes of the play- ers, the great team spirit, and the coaching of Pete Frantzen came through to wind up another successful season for the Junior Varsity football squad. lfiillff. Y Y A . ..-verve.--nv on . -we , .IVXIOR VARSITY l"00'l'BAI.l, TEAM TOP RUVV: Moore, Dunphy, Iloffsted, Sturlini, Fenton, Popper, Grant, Demmon, Alhni, Meyn, Dunham, Butler. THIRD ROVV: Mr. Fearheiley lCoach7, Maloney, Ilaring, May, Brannen, Scott, Pinkerson, Hoza, Deutsch, Blackburn, Mann, Bennett, Scott. SECOND ROVVI Mr. Kahler lCoachl, lloward, Ovson, VVoelfel, Aaron, Rindlleisch, Bornhoeft, Hathaway, Diamond, Fischl, Malmquist, Naftzger, Stewart, VValdmann lManagerj. BOT- TOM ROVV: Mr. Frantven lCoachJ, VVelles, Pumphry, Claire, Henderson, Kragh, Baumgarten lCaptainl, Cunningham lifaptainj, Lawrence, Kreger, Rickards, Campion, Gibbons. 98 Uvherr 'x the ball? Sophomore Foo boil The sophomore football squad fought hard against larger opponents throughout the season and managed to give a good ae- eount of themselves in the majority of their eellent running as he led the Pony offense. After losses to Xlorton and lfvanston the Ponies evened up their league record at 2-2 by smashing lVaukegan 21-0. The Trier- gf -1 Bw--1 Q Q ..-f"" X4 ch ,-' Aw o -29 Slll'HflMflRE l'lIl'IERl.l'IAlH'IRS TOP TO BOTTOM: Chamales, True, Rhodu lul rick, Pa rker, Green. flames. ln the ohening exhihition game, the ites tied Proviso lfast 20-20, and then went 5"""'1S U Ponies found themselves outplayed as they on to defeat Niles and Oak Park in the last HINHDAHI I I I E suffered 1133-7 defeat at the hands of Hins- two games, giving the sophomores a -l-2-l ,,l.,,,,,,tN,, I-ARK . ,, dale. The Trier-ites bounced back in their reeord in S.l,. competition. Sophomore NILHS . . . U first S.l,. game to overcome Highland Park Coach Chuck Lauer felt that his team Pleoyviso l.AS'I' . zo fi-0. ln hoth of these games, as in most of showed steady improvement as the season ' the Sophomore games this year, fullhaeli progressed and gave the squad much credit ,i0lcfI.g,x Q' h Dick lVillhite was the workhorse, doing ex- for the effort it showed. O.-KK PARK . li SOPIIOMOR E I-'OO'l'l!Al.l. TEAM TOP ROVV: XVeatherford, Forrester, Cole, Shauger, Short, llattis, Voigts, Shoemaker, Carlsteat, Muhl, Grossman, Lyneh, Vanllorne, Kuehnle, Nichols, Stuehner lManagerl. TlllRD ROVV: Mr. james fCoachl, Mr. Lightner fC'oaehJ, D. Domeniek, VVarhover, Mee, Mathey, Oppenheimer, Pettitt, Barnieke, Marsh, Cote, VVolehen, Meyers, MeLeod, Powell, llust, Bleeh fManagerJ. SECOND ROVV: Mr. Zanetakos fC'oaelil, Sanders, O'Kieffe, linehylmyer, llaugsness, Kurz, Mclfarlan, llurtt, Peterson, Frazer, Kruger, johnson, O'Connel, VV. Domeniek, lflanigan CManagerJ. HOT- TOM ROVV: Mr, Lauer qCoaehl, Mr. llurley Qfloachj, Nanini, Osborne, llawkinson, llollander, Borre, Booth, Ade ffaptainj, Xvlltsoll, flolmli, Tho- man, Barr, Thorsen, Fox, Pieree lManagerb. 99 Soplmnzore 1g!l!'lIil'd'l' rzrozmzl end. Frosh B Goes Undefeated The lfreslunen A squad, coached by lNIr. lilalinsky, had a good season this year, FRI'lSlIillAlXi A l"lfPlSlllYlAN B boasting a J won, 2 lost record. A well- Om, A 0, balanced team possessing excellent speed HIGHLAND i-ARK , . o HIGHLAND PARK . . made up for New Trier's usual lack of MUWVUN - ' - - U NORTON - - - - size. N.T. won its hrst three games, de- fxlirlox " HANISI-MDN I . , . u ' 'FIGAN . . . zo WAI' ' :oi .' . . lt-ating Highland .P.llls, lloiton, and ,,,m,,,S,, EAST I 1 34 NHIES ' . V ' luvanston. betore losing to VVaulcegan 26-I NUAHS , , A , 1, OAK PARK ' 1 , and Proviso lfast 3-l-0. In their final two om: PARK . . o games the Braves triumphed over Niles and Oak Park. The Frosh B squad, under Coach Funk- houser, had an excellent season, winning 6 games and losing none, being the only N.T. football team of the year to go through an undefeated season. FR ESII MA X FOOTBA Ll. 'FEA M TOP ROVV: Lewis lCoachl, Larsen lCoachl, Devin, Simpson, Scott, Adims, Bryant, Brothers, Thorsen, Lazzara, Fountain, Sidney, Collield, Mag- IlllS0ll, Dear, VVeatherford. FOVRTH ROVV: Mr. Funkhnuser lfoachl, Gall: QManagerl, Erickson fManagerl, Buesch, Rasmussen, Buenger, James Nlereein, faselli, Flilford, Goldberg, VVhitehurst, Keitel, Holdredge, VVilliams, Kessler, Vail. THIRD ROVV: Malinsky, Pritikin lManagerl, Dep- perman, VVinick, Marcus, VVheeler, Foster, Henderson, Major, Bridges, Johnson, Donegan, Fox, Smart, Hitz, B. Tauber. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cramlet Cfoachl, Harper, Stolkin lManagerl, J. jellinek, Baylor, T. jellinek, Gilhoy, VVilhelm, Syfert, Hicks, Kindred, Amodeo, Sebel, Lewis, Bern- stein, Hall, Baxter. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Swoap Cfoachj, Kaufman QManagerl, Ryan, Allen, Nilsson, Spies, Diltz, Shoresman, Gastwirth, Mc- Bride, Cecil, Macdonald, Reiter, Migel, Hoel, Romak. l00 The Biggest Year l 111 the Long Run 'lillis yt-:ug tlu- CVUSS-k'0llllfI'j tt-nm, t'o:u'lu-ml hy Hr. llc-li .'xlHlZlgIlIl'l', wmi its first stsm- t-llzunpionsliip. L'omplc-ting suluirbzui lt'1lQ1lIi' umiipctitimi witlumt mlm-fmt, tlu- lizlrria-i's won tlu- Suh- lll'lW1lll l,c:iglu- nu-vt twc-:ity-six points :ilu-:ul of tlu- l'lllll1t'l"llP, IIYIIIISTUII. :Utc-r xi xivtory in tlu- tlistriut nu-vt, tlu- tt-:mi l'UlllIlll'll out :in lllult-fa-situ-tl svsismi by cup- turing tlu- stntt- nu-vt curly in lYUYt'IIll'It'l'. ln tlu- mu- rzuw- wt tlu' nu-ct, at tlistzxiuw- ot lfl mth-s, St'Yl'll New ,lil'll'l' nu-ii l'1lll zigninst ai lu-ltl of IN? :ithlt-tvs l't'PH'St'Ill'lllQ num- than tux-:ity srluumls. Ut' tlu- sc-vt-ii, 7 hu- hmslu-tl in tlu- tup flll' l'lll1lN'l'5. - lX,iVl'flHll1, lll1f4'IIt'l', tivo Cnr l'lIfl'l'.Y, IIIIII Uflfllllll nlx. twm-ntx' pt-in-lit of ll xxvtwllltlllfll liirklzuul tuuk first plzuw- in tlu- stam- with 21 tinu- ut lltlllf tm' tlu- tlis- YZIHCC, AIX SQ'k'0llllS UX'l'l' flll' Sfilfl' l'K'k'0l'll. Dain- llsitflu-1' plzux-sl vlt-xx-iitli in tlu- lu-lil. ff. w lihhy Lzirpt-ntct toiii'tt-1-11tl1, lllll Ohh' niiu-tt-t-nth, mul XXI-iulcll Lllll'Dt'llI't'lA, tt-:im uziptmn, pl:u'c-tl twcnty '-SUCH iul. 'lihis st-:lson was t'1lSlly tlu- most s1u'ct-s:1- tul that tlu- tt-nm his haul in tlu- six-xt-:ir history of New 'l'iui's PZIITICIDIIYIOII in in- tm-rsulurlalstit't'i'nss-will1ti'y :uul fuzicli .-Xlmnf gnu-r cmisult-rt-tl this Yl'lll'lS tt-:im to be tlu- lu-st yn-t prruliu'c'4l hx Nt-W 'liric-r. SFUHICS Upp, N.'l'. UXK l'.XllK . . ,lli Ili I.ANl'1'I'I'lt'll. . BH L27 VHUYISH l'f.XS'l' I! Ili f Nll1l'1S - - - W l-1 FHQTSII-SfH'lI YHIYSS f'fll'N'l'HY 'l'l-IAM wMlKl'lll'lx ' 'W I'-' TOP ROVVZ Nlnnzister, BI'Illlllt'l1lHlll'2l', Kzltfn-lilu-i'gm'r, llixnxn, llslrpt-r, 'l'l'l'1l2lNl1'll, Wlllllillx' "ll li ll1lI1'lN'l', Rm-nn. liU'I"l'UM RUXV: Nliltulzilt, .-Xrmisrm, Hm'i'r, SK'lllllll1lll, Stivklrr, l41Y.XNN'l'UN , . ll' I7 lgllflillll, Nislwt, lfrv.-clnzlii. IlI1iIII.ANIrl'.Xli LIU 241 .Qxhhll .5 .f 5 SNII1' lillllllllfl 1KYif',l'!Illllf l VANSl'l'Y FIHISS l'lll'N'l'RY 'l'l'l.KXl TOP RUVVZ Pzittersmi, Shi-1-him, Martin, K6IlIlt'llj', N11llHll'l, XVhitc, Mt'C':irty, De-ppt-rtnzin, VV. C':irpt-ntt-r tfnptxiinl, Uole tM:nmgcrl. litYI"l'0M ROVV: Mr. .'xlITl1lLfllt'l' fflfl2ll'hl, Kuhn, llzitvlu-r, Nlilllilhllll, 'lf flilI'Pt'IlIt'!', Brooks, MUl'lt-llzln, Cziinplu-ll, Kirltlalul, Ohh: Squad Short-Tall Sport 'l'Ill'I 'l'E.KM LOST HAM!-ZS ISY A IIICAII ililll' New ,l1l'ii'l' Yllrsity' llzlslwtlwzlll l'l'2lIl1 lllllvvll alxtll Ill rlll' bllllllfllilll l.L'2ly1lIt' U'lfll il I'lll'1't' yy'on Zllltl Il lost l'K'L'Ul'll. 'l'llvil' 0Yl'l'llll I'l'k'0I'll was liw won 1lII4l I5 lost. Oni' lllzljol' ITJISUII flil' rllc 4llSL'0lIl'2lQlll,Lf svn- eoll was rlll- ll1tli1lllS' lzlck of llvigllr, llllylllg only' olll' Dl1lyQ'l' ill tllc srzlrtlng lillc-np on-ll ll' 2" tslll. Ill- was Dick fhitsflllu-, :ill- Sllllllfllllll lxzlgglll' lol'yy'lll'll. Chitsvllkc yvzls il Slllllklllllf :lll Sl'1lS0ll, scoring 273 points ill ll'1lQlll' plaly :lnll l3lIll'lllQ Sl't'0I1ll in llllollllll- ing ill rllc S.l.. Illll' to tllc lilll- plzlyillg of fllwrsclllu' :lllll cxccllvllt L'U2lk'l1ll1g of NIV. 'lllllll Nislwt Illlll Hr. Qlvrry' xlllllfllll, tllv ta-:llll was Zlllll' to slloyy' lIl1ll'liCll llllpl'oy'c'- lllcllr royvzllwl rllv cnll. 'lille lll4ll1ll1S sr:ll'rm'll tllc svzlsoll by losing :l lIl'1ll'fl5l'l'2llil'l' to xlilllll' 3-l-32 ill il llfillhll' V f - , v oy'vl'tllll4'. lllc lg'l'l2lll1'I'S split tllc llvxt llllll' QQJIIIIUS, winning owl' Nik-S Zlllll Ozlk l':ll'k Zlllkl tll'0pplllj,f QIRIIIICS to Horton Zlllll Killi- liZllil'1'. Vlllli- rcsr of tllv swlsoll was kl2ll'li for rllc lllllizllls, yyllo won only' Ulll' 0fl1i'l' lC2lQ1ll1' KLIIIIC, Ill-30 ovcl' Xill-s. :lllll ollc IlUIl-k'lHl- --- . ,. ll'l'l'lIk'l' ylilllll' WW-Nl UVUI' Nflffll llllwlggo. lll tllv stllrm' f0lIl'l12lI1li'lll' tllc' X'2ll'Slfy won of-:Vl owl' lllyllllilllll l,Zll'li, Ullly to llc clini- lllilfvll ill rllc lll'Xf QSIIIIC. llroppillg il 50-33 TllI'llll'l' to l'iX'2lHSf0II. 4' ffilzv fllfflllflfl flu' nil Y.KHSl'I'Y ll,KSlilC'l'l!.Kl.l. 'l'lC.Kll 'l'Ul' RUXV: l,l-wis if'U1Il'lll, liritwll- kv, l,1lllj.flll'I'fY, SfI'1ll1lll'll, Kuhn, Ston- ivll, XVnll'l, Nislu-I lC'o:lm'lll. HOT- TUM RUVV: Ka-itvl Qlylzlllzlgcrl, lit- llyrc, Di-ppl-rlllzlll, Fowl-ll, Coolidge, NVol-lfvl fM:lll:lg:'l'J. I02 AT tha' Zlllllllill lvzlwkvrbzlll bzulqm-I, Sm-nim fzlptaliu lhitwlmkm' I'k'L'k'iX'l'll tlw I'l'lT0lllllHllQs :mal frm' TIIIUXY tmplmivs. Ynraity ll'ffl'l'5 wvlw' zlxxallulm-al ru Dann' fmmlillgc, Srvu I,l'PlN'I'lIl1lll, l':111l IJmxgln'1'ty', Scutt lftmrm- Jim Hulnws, Daw Khan, Paul Srmxich, jim Sfl'IlllHI'll. :mel xllllllj Uhlff. Varsity n'1'tlf1v:ltvs XYl'I'l' gn-Un to lust yawn' s lvrtvr- nwn, U1'itwl1km- nun! stan' QIIZIVI1 kqllllklx Pmmvll, Alim Hulluvs :md I,JIK'l' Umliflgg XYUH' UIIUNCII llNk'2ll1IJlillx Of HUXI fl'llI"N f1',lIll. SVUIHCS um! N 1 KI Xl X l'1 '-I UL WvlI'l'uX lp? Ix.XXli,Xlil'1I'1 X- 3 K XILICN Aw E UNK I'.XIIlx f n-1 llll.lH..XNlP l'.XHlx . T-tl ll MllC'l'H l'llll'.X1i1l HI if VIUYX ISU lC.XN'l' . TH IH XKQXI KICQLXN 4, UI lCX,XXS'l'1IX , 1 KX NlUIi'l'UN I lx X Nll.l-'S n ul OAK l'.XIIlx '-1 IIIHIIIAXID IHXHK n Kin l'I!4lYlSU l'I.XNl' v it NNAXI'Kl'11i.XX , 1 rv' ILIANINI T51 TQ IiXXXS'I'1iX T1 ' Tully hy l'jfllYl'l't' llllffllll for our .vizlrf But They Bea! Evanston IYith a two won and nine Iost season, the .Innior Varsity hasIcethaII realli pIaee1I eighth in the Snhnrhan League. As with the varsity, the major hantiieap of the teain was Iaek of height. The sqnatl started the season hy Iosing a elose one 31:-54. After Iosses to NiIes, Oak Park, and IIighIz1ntI Park, they won their onIy two victories of the season, heating a strong l'rox'iso Ifast team -I2-38, anal down' ing areh rivaI Ifvanstan -I3--II. The rest ot the season was hlaek for the team, as they lost their last five in a row. -Iinnoi Xarsity Ietters were awarth-tl to I.arry Atkins, Dave frow, Chester Green, Dave Xlsntnier, Stan Hiller, "Restless" I,es Ux'erIoek, Ilon Prott, antl IIlIIy Hen- tlerson. A .Innior Varsity eertifieate was given to AIIIII Condon. This year the teznn was eoaeheti hy NIV. Rex I,ewis. I04 '. BASIC C" I lIS.XI.l A IFFT T0 RIGIII: Ilenderson, Prott, Crow, IN Atkins, C'ontIon, Maytnier, Loos, Overloek, Ste Morgan tfoaehb XIIIIITOX . XILICS I'IlHYIMl I- I'IX'.XXS'l'lIN XIUICTUN I U.XIx I XIIK XY.Xl'IiI-'1' XY I-.X .NNN rox . SFOIII' N UAK PARK IIIHIILAXIJ PARK . MXN 'l' . lip-sy daisy. . Nfl .tl ii S ISI mu I.. I2 IS iiti III Ill HT Froslz Show lv Best 171 1960 The Freshman A basketball team fared second best of all New Trier's B-ball teams this year, finishing fourth in the Suburban League. The team accomplished this with a 7 won and -l lost zrinning record. During the season the team recorded wins over Alorton, Niles, Uak Park twice, Highland Park, VVaukegan, and lfvanston. The Freshman A team was under the able guid- ance of Coach Ray lftnyre. New Trier finally won a championship in basketball! The Freshman B squad nn- der the exceptionally able guidance of Mr. Alelvin lfsarey won the S.l.. Crown. This tremendous feat was achieved with a l0 won, l lost, record. Their lone defeat was at the hands of Proviso lfast, 35-26. As proof of their championship abilities the team later defeated this same Proviso lfast squad, 4-8-26. The sophomore basketball team played to a -l- won, 10 lost record to place eighth in the Suburban League. The teamls overall season record was six wins and eleven loss- es. The sophomores started out the season very well, winning five of the hrst seven games they played. These games included wins over Alaine, Kankakee, Niles, High- land Park, and North Chicago. Lvnfortu- nately, the team only won one other game, a 51-49 defeat of Niles, in the remainder of the season. At the basketball banquet Coach John Jacobson awarded sophomore letters to Gordy Adams, Craig Claugh, lid D'An- cona, Harvey Fox, Tom Griggs, Bill Jurtt, Arnie Lordahn, Dave Lynch, Tom Alanaster, lfddie Klee, Bob Aleier, Al Up- penheimer, lfric Shauger, and Dick VVill- hite. SUPHOMURE BASK E'I'RAl.l. TEAAI TOP ROVV: Brandenburg, Op- penheimer, Fox, D'Aneona, Clough. SECOND ROVV: Mee, Lordahl, Manaster, VVillhite, Adams, Mr. Jacobson fCoachJ. BOTTOM ROVV: Hurtt, Meier, Lynch, Braun fManagerJ, La- zar Qhlanagerb, Griggs. FRESIIMAN I!ASKE'l'BAl.l. 'YEAH TOP ROVV: VVeatherford, Voysey, Dear, Magnuson, Gillis, Gowdy, Goodman, Grisamore, Stringfellnw. SECOND ROVV: Mr. Etnyre CCoaehl, Stolkin, Kremer, Sauer, Lazzara, Swisher, Maltenfort, Goldman, Fountain, Graham, Berger. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Esarey tCoaehJ, Nishet, Johnston, Johnsen, Matt, Ovson, McCosh, Major, llenderson, Smart, Stephens, XVilliams. SOPIIUMOR E SCORES BIAINH . NloR'l'uN . KAXKAKPIH . NILHS . . OAK PARK . , . HIGHLAND PARK NORTH t'lllf'AGO PROYISO l'IAS'l' . WAl'Kl'ItiAN . ICYANSTON . 3lolt'I'oN . . Nll.l-IS ,,., OAK PARK. . . llIlilll,ANll PARK PROYISO l'IAS'I' . XVAI'Kl'IliAN . HLOONI . . HYAXSTON . AIolt'l'oN . , Nlltl-,S .... OAK PARK. . . lll4illl.ANlP PARK PROYISO l'1AS'I' . IQYANSTON . . NORTON, . OAK PARK . PROYISO I-IAS'l' . XVACKKGAN . ICYAXSTON . FR ESIIMA N NORTON. . XILHS . . OAK PARK . . . HIGHLAND PARK PROYIHO EAST . l-IVANSTON . . NORTON . . . OAK PARK . . PROYISO I-1AN'l' . WAl'Kl'IHAN . HYAXSTON . Opp. . 47 . 58 . 425 . 42 . 56 . Ill . 50 . Bl , 47 . 78 , S6 . 451 . ti!! . 44 . 56 . 54 . 75 . 515 N.'l 58 47 48 4.1 42 43 55 34 41 47 50 51 55 52 41, 54 Ill 4 51 FR HSIIMAN A SCORES Opp. N.l . -li! . -ln . 45 . 117 . flh . 525 . 57 . 44 .42 . 40 . 49 I! SCUR ES Opp. . ill .124 AK . Sli! . il 5 lr- ,.1 .n-5 . Eli . IKO . 29 f r XB 0312 77 42 34 42 59 55 36 42 64 N.'l 25 27 48 40 L26 47 515 T, .ta 42 38 IOS 1 1 A Re ard- ITLZIIKTZT1 Year 1960 SAW VARSITY SWVIMMERS SET NEW ' "' N-T MARKS. TVMBLE TWVO STATE REC- ORDS, AND BEAT TIIE RIVALS TO THE S0l"I'lI FOR TIIE SYBVRBAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. The varsity 'swimming team this year was the fastest ever produced at New Trier, every varsity record was broken. State records were set in the 50-yard free style by Chip Laird and in the 100-yard butterfly by Fred Schmidt. A national rec- ord was made by the hledley Relay team consisting of Roger Goettsche, Fred Schmidt, Chip Laird, and Bill Chadsey. New Trier records were set by Dave Lyons in the 100, 200, and 400-yard freestyle, by Roger Goettsche in the 100-yard back- stroke, by Dale Kiefer in the 220-yard indi- vidual medley, by Bill Chadsey in the 100- yard breaststroke, and by the 200-yard re- lay team composed of Van Kennan, Pete Pettigrew, Bob Lavin, and Chip Laird. Under the capable hands of the coaches Dave Robertson, Ray Essick, and Verne Condon, and headed by the co-captains, Pete Pettigrew, Bill Chadsey, and Ron Kovas, the swimming team brought to New Trier the Suburban League Championship. They won the championship over a very STATE MEET TEAINI TOP ROW: Townsend, Mr. Essick CCoachl, Mr. Robertson fCoachj, Mr. Condon fC0aChJ, Goettsche. SECOND ROVV: Lavin, Lyons, Schmidt, Pettigrew, Chadsey, Kovas, Laird, D. Kiefer. BOTTOM ROVV: VanKennen, Hendrey, j. Kiefer, Mc- Dougall, Burson, Hutcheson. strong Evanston team by a score of 93 to 89. The team also won all of the dual meets except one to Evanston, which they redeemed by beating Evanston in the Rock- ford East Relays by a score of 84 to 70. At the Indian Relays, the New Trier swimmers placed second following Evan- ston by the small margin of ZH points, and they placed second following Evanston in the state meet. Topping OH the season was the phenomenal showing of the New Trier swimming team by placing fifth in the National A. A. U. swimming team meet held at New Haven, Connecticut. Roger Goettsche took two fourth places in the 100-yard backstroke in 56.2, and in the 220-yard backstroke in 2:l8.2. He also teamed up with Bill Chadsey, Fred Schmidt, and Dave Lyons to take fifth place in the -I-00-yard medley in 3 52.6. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM TOP ROW: Sheldon, Doscher, Rogers, Vincent, T. jones, Brown, McClave, Stillwell, VValdo, Berkson, Keck, Hinman, Lawrie, Haskell, Blutenthal, Gordon, Bloomfield. W. Jones, Townsend, Lavin, VanKennen, OND ROW: Goettsche, Kiefer, Hendrey, -TOM ROVV: Levy, Simon, Lund, Bulkley, I06 THIRD ROW: Mr. Essick QCoachJ, Mr. Condon fCoachJ, Fisher, Andreas, VVoltT, Schmidt, McDougall, Zand, Burns, Howard, Friedman, Mr. Robertson fCoachJ. SEC- Nielsen, Pettigrew, Chadsey, Kovas, Laird, Sawyer, McGuire, Lyons, Landman. BOT- Abelson, Krone, Dellow, Brackett, Reilly, Mack, Strauss, Pennington. VARSITY MAINE . . YVAUKEGAN . EVANSTON . YVAITVVATOSA . . PROVISO EAST . ELNIIYOOIJ PARK . JANl'lSVll.ltl'I . . OAK PARK , . . EVANSTON' . NILES . . PEORIA . . CLINTON , HINSDALI-I , NIORTON . . EVANS'l'0N'5' . PIVANSTONI . EVANSTONE . . . 'Rovkforwl Exist Relays TSuburlmu lwmguu- hh-vt Ismm M.-t-r Rllltlltlll Relays Opp, N-T 20 50 6 Trl 52 34 I6 70 l-I 72 435 43 13 30 I0 T0 To ri-1 :li 4N Ili T0 I5 Tl 29 57 20 615 HE! SIS! Sli 00 WT as SOPIIOMORES Opp. MAINE . . lil WAUKl'ItlAN El I'lYANS'l'ON . 236 XYAI'XVA'l'0SA . . L25 PROVISO EAST . I5 EIIMWOOD PARK 215 .IANESYIIIIIIC . . 12 HIGHLAND PARK 19 OAK PARK . . "ti NIIIES . I7 PEORIA . Iii CIIINTON . 9 IIINSDALE . . 53 MORTON . . 123 GIIENIRRDOK . . 40 l'IVANS'l'ON' . . H2 3' Suburban Leanne M wt IN-'I 73 'iii 50 lil li! til H22 67 00 ti-A Til 74 ill till 46 923 FR ESIIM EN Opp, N-'l Il'AI'KI':liAX . l0 159 l'lVANS'l'0X . . 4i ZH PROYISO EAST . Ili 70 HIGHLAND PARK 23 till OAK PARK . . 27 59 IIIJIXIIROOK , , IH 68 HINSDAIIH . 44 42 l'lYANS'l'ON 512 254 MAINE . . Ili 4N MORTON . I4 71 IGIIICNISIIOOK . 43 41 l'lVAXS'l'OX" . . T5 95 " SlllJlIl'llHll In-agile M4-vt SUPIIOMORE SWVIM MIXG TEA M TOP ROVV: Shanley, lloward, Hattis, Harrington, Granstrom, Berns, Fish, Dil- lingham, Levine, Gefl-inger, Kittner, Stock- ton. THIRD ROVV: Mr. Essick fC0achl, Mr. Condon fCoachJ, Mciluigan, Jones, Hempstead, Lucas, Matson, Rubinson, May, Mr. Robertson fC0achl. SECOND ROVV: Hutcheson, Boyd, Gray, Lechner, Mundhenk, Miller, Sawyer, Walker, Pritzker, Fisher, Traweek. BOTTOM ROVV: Stott, Meier, Post. FRE SIIMA N SXVIMMING TEAINI TOP ROVV: Tomb, Glabman, Neer, Phillips, VVhipple, Vail, Szymanski, Hoobler, Petersen, I-licks, Troyer, Pedersen, Lafferty, Reed. THIRD ROW: Mr. Essick CCoachJ, Mr. Condon fCoachJ, Ballantine, McCabe, Fischer, Isgrig, Thomas, Oliver, Dunn, Bershach, Holland, Kleinfeld, Friedman, Yeoman, Fosse, Vllertymer, Marcus, Patterson, Mr. Robertson CCoach7. SECOND ROVV: K. Kaufman, G. Jones, J. Kaufman, Bryant, Kiefer, Burson, Kindred, Jachym, Rothermel, Yost, Klein, Pocock. BOTTOM ROVV: Castle, Steinberg, McDougal, McLaren, Reiter, Cooper- man, Stern, Varner, Borden, VVolFf, Clingman, R. jones. Gmpplers Uk For Hrs! I 71 S , 'l'llRl'Il'l XVNl'lS'l'I,lCRS LED 'HIE 'l'l'IAM TO .K li-I IHCFUICID IN l,l'IAGl'E f'OXll'l'I'l'l'l'lON The varsity grapplers this year brought home a tie for the buburban League crown The lfvanston meet was one of the most exciting of the year, with New 'llrier com- SFOR with a lm won, l lost league record. The ing out on top. Yictories were recorded by "W wrestlers' overall season record was I0-3. Prentiss, Rubel, Hiken, Les Lawrence, The wrestlers, lid Rubel at llfl lbs., Hershinow, Don Cllanz and Sandy 'l'II.l1I'3N'l'H4'Il. . , H l,uke lliken, 127 lbs., and Sheldon "Chub- Hodge. Somewhat of a let-down came as lilllllilllll ' by" Hershinow, were undefeated in most of the lndians lost a non-S.l,. meet to Glen- OAK PARK . . . 23 their meets. Hiken did not lose a match brook 20-10. Klorton handed NewTrier its ?:A,l,lm:V,Ql,',,,,,k ' until the semi-finals of the state meet, while only Suburban League loss on the follow- 'l'lH1liN'I'HN . . , .IS Rubel and Hershinow did not lost a match ing weekend as several close matches de- A ' until the l.ith meet of the season, against cided the meet in fXIorton's favor. The l4ZY.XNS'I'0N . IT Horton. llershinow beat the YVaukegan grapplers came back, however, and defeated wrestler who went on to take first place in tough Yvaukegan in a real thriller to tie WAI'KH1iAN . lf' the state at H5 lbs. Rubel defeated Norm llorton for the championship. l'arker of Highland Park to capture first place in the district lneet, but was elimi- nated in the semi-finals of the sectional tournament, while Parker advanced to take second in the state at llll lbs. lliken, in the roughest weight class in the state, captured fourth in the state meet, while -Iunior Bob Prentiss, at '73 lbs., went on to take second place in the state. After losing a close meet with Rear is, the grapplers smashed Lake lforest and North Chicago. In its first N.S.l,. meet the squad defeated tough tealns from Niles and Oak Park. Highland Park was an easy victory for N.T., as was last year's state champion team, Thornton. Proviso lfast and Oak l.awn fell to New Trier as the grapplers prepared for a key meet against lfvanston. "Ju qui! it! ,v0ll,!'!' pulling my Ivy." l VA RSITY YV l11S'l'l.lNG TEA ll TOP ROVV: Mr. NV:-llington QC'oachj, Heineken, Frank, Krez, Phemister, Long, Hurley, Burke, VVill, Mr. Hurley fi'oachJ. SECOND ROVV: Marsh, Bernstein, Hathaway, Lawrence, Ade, Brown, Eisner, Gibbons, j. Frank, lilankstein. BOTTOM ROVV: Re-nn, Rubel, llershinow, lleeht, l7eVVolf, lliken, VVishart, Prentiss. I08 FRESIIMAN AND SUPIIOMURE N'Rl'lS'l'l.INU TOP ROVV: Carrington 1ManagerH, Miller, Arons, Thorsen, llershinow, Spatz, YVatson, YVQ-inhoff, Blatehford, Carr, Nordlof, Cohen, Rodman, Mr. Turner Lfoaehl. SECOND ROVV: Poulos, Dilty, liorre, Behm, Braun, Osborne, Domeniek, Forrester, Ade, Shoemaker, Kruger, Ilaugsness, Anderson, Garrod. BOTTOM ROYV: Nlarquis, Drew, Alexander, Stuart, Uastwirth, Harris, Eustis, Neuman, NVill, Keitel, Bueseh, Scott, Kenna. A Brealefven Season O The sophomore wrestling team had a SUVIIUMUNHS - . . o , N-'I' fair season, breaking even in dual meets. RIQWW ill' H lqnder their new eoaeh, Bill lurner, the LAKE pumqstl- . 1 ,Q .H hors learned mueh in wrestling, fundamen- 'lflldmx "'m'H- - ' 3 5" ' . , , MIRTH n'llu'.xoo . . su .azs tals and sportsmanship. Several boys in NIIJ-IS ..,,, h 354 134 particular turned in outstanding perform- 1R'fY:f'Uf'f ' ' ' 15 1:1 . x . A ...., . 5 if anees throughout the year. Don Behxn, riuqniutyp mme , , IT 37 Tim Ade and lim Haugsness espeeiallv Tllmlximx ' ' 21' ff -I ' mam Iso EAST . 222 is look to be varsity prospects next year. i41vAxs'1'ox . 23 to Coach Turner felt that lack of experience i ' was the major l'HlllillC1lD to the squad, while wAI'Ki-:GAS . as 13 willingness to try and ability to learn was the asset that most helped the team during the season. YVith several experienced fresh- Rl,fl,n,l,'5 lmximm. men to help, lNIr. Turner feels that next year's squad will have a good chance to win many Il10l'l' meets. IPR ESI! M I-I N Opp. X-'I' NILES . . 23 Bti EVA NSTON . . 230 IT XYAIVKICGAN . . ZH Ill l'IYANS'I'ON . . . . Ill IT NORTH CIIIUAHO . N I-N GLPINISIIOOK . . i IS 'T 1. i Selnzeizlrr trier for II pin in zz J.l'. rontrxi. '?9. ti-nth on rho high har, -lim Cirzif pizicc-ii Succesylul Season For the Gymnayls 'iihv QNIIXIIZINUL' tvxuii took zulxsiiitzigv ut its ivziiziiifv :uni iivpth tu hziw :i NlIl'Cl'SNilli swisoii this yvur, winning 7 uhilt- iosiug 4. Thi- iligiliigjilfs of thc' st-:isuu ui-rc' zi fourth pina' iu tht- 30-school Nurtiu-ru lmitzitimi- :li 'iiUlll'll2llll1'lli', :uni at sixth pizifc' in the stzitv iuvvt. in rht- Nortiwru lmitzttiouzii -luhn Szikoi, Toni ixiilllll, Huh Spf-rtus, Huh Bi'j,Ill1'iilI, Uou ifrzuihury, :uni ixu Iszizivs pizivcti. :Xt thc state nu-rt, Bob Spcrtus placvmi first in tht- high hair, tlohu Sakoi was fifth un tht- suit' horsc, Roh Bcgiiviiii piziccxi sn'vc'nth ou the trzuupoiiiw, zuui lszizits plain-ii tc-nth in tht- :iii-zmmiiiui. :Xt tht- :iwzmi bzuiquct, Paul ifcxy :uni Dun Hrzulhury, this yc:ir's cziptuius, yichicti thvir uthccs to Barry Hutvhiusou :uni Bob B1'g1'llK'iil1. l':iui ixvy was 2lU2lI'lit'li thi' 'hiizitviii-i' Nlciuorizii 'l'r0phy for his ic':uh'r- ship :mtl uhility. VA RSITY flYXl NA S'l'If'S TUV ROXV: Gould, Iiniery, Hutchinson, Xvnod, Niervcr, Felsiiig, Lziuh-r, YVitt:iusCh XVmuile-tt, Mr. Gizillomhnrclu tfualchb. SIQFOND RUXV: lxvy Ll':ipt:iiui, lszlxlvs, Pivk, Sp:-rtus, Strcvhrncier, licguelin, Flcishi-r, Smith. BU'l"l'0M RUXV: lirxuihurv ifaip- tzliui, Munn, Purtrr, fustle, Cummings, Nilssnu, Sllklli, Massa-x. i . 1 7 .MX 1- . -1, Y -V taint, vi. Cirzif fC':iptziini, Schultz, fi1lhi'l!HZlll, Ahlcr, Prim-, Purte, XVuulh-tt, iI:1t1'hrr, Thumps 'ummmyx H H",-'H'f' lfitrh, Mr. Srhxihm-I KC'u:u'hJ, IIO 1 ,f "4 ..".P Y ' P,fs. 4 '- T l"ROSll-SUP!! GYM N.kS'l'H'S 1 'FUI' RUXV: Pullnk, Picruni, Spriiigvr, Martin, Hicks, Tinkhmn, Rmiixivk, Bt-rnstviu, Snsna, Dvppc. SICCUNI3 RUVV: Nizirtiu, Sivhei, jniilisnii, Svhueicivr, Kaufman, lizirpvr, llzishuu, Eisner, XVillis, 'l'. Graf, furry, fzirey, 1.1-islier. BOTTOM ROXVC Ruscn, YViIsuu, North, King Lfzlp- on, 9-91 FROSII-SOPII TENNIS .4395 .4 TOP ROVV: Mr. Tenney Qfoaehl, Hutcheson, Abramson, Vail, Fox, Adams, Maltenfort, Uowdy, Miller, Mr. Kahler lfoaehl. BOTTOM ROXV: Leber, Migel, llnelwseh, jones, Kaufman, Borden, Oliver, Hunter. VARSITY 'FE N NIS 'wk "J '5'1i5.L' . . . earlier qroumlitorl' TOP ROVV: Mr. Morgan lC'oaehl, Troesten, Lindhlad, Stevens, Eiseman, Kovas, lkfagner, Ewen, Frank, jones, Mr. Davis Qfoaehl. BOTTOM ROVV: VVilson, Brandell, liaraek, Fitzgerald, Sweet, Silfen, Riee, Pick, Abelson. Tennzk Team A Terror The varsity tennis team, led hy Coaches Hugh llayis and -lerry Morgan, has made a very impressive reeord this year. XVith the season more than half over at press time, the tennis team had won ll of its ll dnal meets. The netmen started off the season hy taking a 5-0 win over Arlington Heights. 'lilie next mateh was with the strong state champions, Hinsdale. New Trier won this mateh hy a score of 3-2, with Yvally lfiseman putting up an amaz- ing fight against the state singles cham- pion, fllarty Riessen. The tennis team also beat the strong Hinsdale team later in the season by the same seore. The netmen eontinned to win after that, defeating two yery strong teams, Oak Park and Highland Park, both by a seore of -l-l. New 'l'rier's only defeat eame at the hands of lfyanston, who, with an ex- ceptionally line team, won 5-ll. Other seores were: N.T. 5, VVaukegan 03 N.T. 5, llorton Og N.T. -l, l,ake Forest lg N.T. 3, Maine 25 N.T. 5, Arlington Heights ll, and N.T. 5, Proviso 0. At the district, which was held at lfyan- ston this year, the team placed second with 7 points to lfvanston, but did not qualify any one for the state meet. The tennis team this year was led by the Tmckmen Run Of VWU1 Trolvhzks XVith victories in the Suburban I,eague indoor track meet at Oak Park and in the Oak Bark Relays, the New Trier varsity track team sped to the best indoor track 'season they have had in many years. Ifven Bloom Township High School, last year's defending state champions, fell at the heels of the New Trier cindermen. One of the major reasons for N-T's victories was the tremendous depth displayed in all the dis- tance running events, although the meets could not have been won without the reli- able help of the boys in field events and sprints. Contrary to past years the N.T. track- men this year managed to maintain a rec- ord that included many more wins than losses. Smaller meets with Illaine and Oak Park early in the season resulted in a poor showing for New Trier, but wins over Illorton, Proviso Ifast, Yvaukegan, Ifvan- ston, and later Oak Park certainly gave the team a chance to show some depth that has been rare for N.T. teams in the past. New Trier displayed its tremendous team strength against the seven other Sub- urban League schools at the indoor S.L. meet. By taking six first places, two second places, and three thirds, N.'l'. overcame its nearest opponent Priviso Ifast by the score of SOM to 39M. The first place winners were: Charles Illercein, shot put, VVey- mouth Kirkland, mile run, VVencleII Car- penter, 440-yard dash, Richard Gritschke, pole vault, David Hatcher, S80-yard run, and the S-lap relay team, Tibbs Car- penter. Ed Illartin, John Christoffersen, and VV. Carpenter. Credit should also be given to the 4-lap relay team, Richard Illandel, Kfartin, john Heidbrink, and Herbert Timm, as well as sprinter George Pumphrey, hurdler Ted Claire, pole vault- er NViIIiam Rapp, soph high jumper Dick Wlillhite, and miler VViIliam Ohle. In the lfvanston Relays, one of the most exciting high school races ever witnessed by Coach Ben Almaguer land several hun- dred thrilled spectatorsj was run. AI- though the two-mile relay team of T. Car- penter, Ohle, XV. Carpenter, and Hatcher broke the existing record set by last year's N-T team, the mile relay team of lid Blar- tin, john Christophersen, and the two Car- penters staged such a great battle against a strong Bloom team that not a single person in the crowd was sitting down. Iilzie Hig- genbottom Clast year's -lf-l0-yard state championj outstepped VVendy Carpenter in the last few yards of the race to win for Bloom. New Trier lost the meet to Bloom by only 6I4 points. The winning of the Oak Park Relays gave the Trier-ites unquestioned supremacy over all the teams in the state of Illinois, beating runner-up Bloom by a score of -I6 to 38. Although the lo-lap relay team and pole vaulter Gritsehke were the only Hrst place winners for N-T, the Indian squad managed enough second and third places in the other events to capture the meet. The tremendous victory of the OP Re- lays was certainly a most Htting climax to a great indoor track season, and seemed a bright omen for the track team's chances in the state meet. VARSITY TRACK TOP ROVV: Hatcher, Ivy, Carlson, Kirkland, Mercein, Berland, Manahan, Blair, Ely. SECOND ROVV: McCarty, Brady, Rapp, Buckmaster, McClellan, Christoffersen, VV. Carpenter, Brook, Stiefel, Cole lManagerj. BOTTOM ROVV: Finkel, Ileidbrink, Campbell, Martin, Zinkil, Mandel, Aaron, T. Carpenter, VVhite. SCCYRES Up! X-'l Allllfllilx . . . -lr 52 MAINE ..,. 3912 -NVQ OAIQ PARK . . . 33' Hill PROYISO EAST . 221 79 XYAIIKICGAN . . . 'll Til l'IVANS'l'ON ..... 25' Tl' SVBURIIAN lil'I.Uil'I'l . C5912 .itll l'IVANS'l'ON R EIIAYS . 56 49' OAK PARK RICLAYS . Zh -Ili IIZ FROSII-SOPII TRACK TOP ROVV: Sublett, Sidney, Hamilton, Leisner, Vanllorne, Booth, VVeatherford, Voss, Burrows. FOYRTH ROVV: Doherty CManagerj, Barnieke, Radlolf, Kaffenberger, Hagenah, Goldman, MC- Leod, Clayton, Hixon, Kurz, Teegarden. THIRD ROVV: Stuebner, Vllarhover, Fox, Swede, Miner, Sullivan, Davidson, Safran, Harper, Lev. SECOND ROVV: Michael, Roston, Blatehford, Tauher, Dome-nick, Mikulak, Baxter, Bagge, Zimber, Vetter. BOTTOM ROVV: J. jellinek, VVesterman, VViniek, Cormany, Goldenherg, Pearlman, Amodeo, Borkan, Ostrow, F. Jellinek. YA ll Sl'l'Y TNA C ' K 'IDP RUXV: lirannen, Gritschke, Mercein, Christotlersen, llaicler, Blair, llurley, Patton, Trenkmann, Claire, Stump. 'l'lllRl7 RUVV2 Ceithaml, Rohlen, l:llgl'llllllll, NleC'arty', Brooks, Martin, Kirkland, Berlantl, YVaxler, Brady. SICVOND RUVV: Ox-son, Marlancl, VVhite, Metelits, linekmaster, l'tnnplirey', Mandel, Aaron, Manahan, XV. Carpenter, Kleinfeltl, Cole tManagerJ. ISUTTUM RUXV: T. Cai- penter, Carnphell, Uarlson, 'l'innn, lleiclhrink, Alle, l'rolt, Sehring, Rapp, Zinkil, liarnieke. . , . Ana' Then Some More Varsity 'llrack Coach lien :Xlmagner letl an outstanding team to another tlistrict track crown. Rolling np an impressive fmlllg points to llighlantl l'ark's 25 points, l-l intliritlnal cintlermen antl two relay teams placetl in the meet. 'l'he New 'l'rier lwoys who helpetl to pile np points Ill the tllSfI'lk'l' meet were as tol- lows: Sitlney Klarlantl, lirst in the hroatl jump: 'l'etl Claire, seeontl in the halt mileg Roy Zinkil, secontl in the low hnrtllesg VVeymonth liirklantl, lirst in the mile: llerhert 'l'imm, secontl in the 220-y'artl . . . . . slash: anal RlCll1ll'tl kll'll'SL'l1liL', hrst in the pole vault. .-Xltlionglt' results were not l,m,Sn-SUPH ,l.RAu.K fltfHl11blf' Ht llrms Umc- lf was cxlwlircll that TOP ROXV1 Tomb, lleisner, llagenah, Mel.eotl, Ryan, l,anara, Fountain, Swisher, liallantine, Siclney a strong llloom 'llownshlh High School Slfflllxll RUVV1 Uflkitla. lllllfllff. l'l1'fllllWl1. lr- ,l4'llilI1'ly. ll1H'P1'f. ,l- .l1'llilH'li. Wl"f1"'m2llI. f"'W"l Vlayton, Bridges, liixon, Radlolf. liU'I"I'0M RUVV: Teegarclen, H1'lllll, Ustroyy, liorkan, VVINHIISIN tcmn wmllll Omit' ilgillll Ohm' NNY I rlcl' Uortnany, Goltlenlyerg, Vetter, lieatlle, Zimher, Baxter, lilatchtortl. the must competition in the state meet. Ar the lirst meet ot the onttloor season, a triangular meet with lzvanston anal lfll3'iI!1'.S'X mul uf lhe 2-mile relay ft'rllll.' flnfwl ll' far ellter, IIllfl',Il'I'.' fllllfflllllj Ullfr, and 'I'. Itlllf- f I' llighlanil Park, N.'l'. walketl off with the ,,,.,,,,-,fl honors. Un a rain-soaketl track in -lil tle- gree weather, accompanietl hy' a coltl wintl, the lmlian 'lnmtl-men" provetl their ahility at splashing through stretches of three- inch-tleep mml hy heating all other teams by a great margin. liloom fell a tlistant . . . V ff. . , sixth in that meet, wlnle New lrler mth- yitlnals antl relay' teams took lite lirsts aml plaeetl high in all other events. Once again nntler poor running eontlitions New ft. V lrier tlonnnatetl all the other teams pres- ent at the Nlooseheart Relays on Slay 1. 'l'he frosh-soph track team, heatletl hy' its new coach, Hr. :Xrtlmr Umohnntlro, faretl poorly this year, although sneh soph- omores as Rtchartl llarmcke antl Rtchartl lvillhite were excellent yarsity prospects, II3 Hushrd rrozcd tensfly watches N-T bunt. Well The Pzkclzzhg Was Good This year the varsity baseball squad has had its ups and downs, winning several well-fought games, and occasionally losing rather badly. The highlight of the season was New Trier's first sweep of a double- header in several years, defeating Oak Park 5 to 3 and 9 to 6 in a twin bill. Coach Lionel "Tige" Lightner and assist- ant coach Clarence Gable have been faced were eliminated from the state meet. The Trierites played a good game against Highland Park in the field, but a lack of hitting fN.T. got nonej caused the loss. Coact Lightner has used a team com- posed mainly of juniors and several sopho- mores, so the outlook for the squad in fu- ture years is bright, as these experienced ballplayers return. VAR SITY with a lack of consistency on the part of The mainstays of the varsity pitching S"h0"l the ballplayers. Captain Chuck Powell's staff this year were hlel Burke, Bill Hen- X::IS:i?:AN ' leadership proved an invaluable asset in the derson, and Steve Depperman. Nfike HIGHLASD PARK I'CZilll,S record. Doscher was used often in relief. Aside OAK PARK ln the Suburban League, N.T. fared from occasional wildness, the pitching staff OAK PARK . . rather poorly, losing the major portion of was relatively effective throughout the EVANSTON- - WAUKEGAN , its games. After defeating Glenbrook in the first round of the District tournament, season. Lack of hitting and fielding errors were problems that the squad faced. the Indians lost to Highland Park and Qty" Mft 2 " 7 VARSITY BASEBALL TOP ROW: Scott, Langenbach, Campion, Townsend, Doscher, Wolff, Overlock, Fleming, Depperman, Flodin, Bazzoni, Frese QManagerJ. SECOND ROW: Remien, Erickson, Rome, Webster, Powell, Matzkin, Burke, R. Mitchell, Siporin, D. Mitchell, Kelly. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Lightner QCoachl, Kellock, Henderson, Alexander, Murz, Lynch, Green, Adams. II4 Opp. N.T 8 5 1 0 11 4 3 5 6 9 6 1 12 2 Sophs Sujferea' From Thzhned Ranks The sophomore baseball team has fared about the same as the rest of the N.T. baseball organization. The team probably would have done better, but several of the sophomore players were elected to the var- sity squad. After tying l.ane Tech, the sophomores tronnced Palatine I0-l. Another tie game, this time with XVaukegan, was followed by successive losses to fliorton, North Chi- cago, Oak Park, and Evanston. Then vic- tories were recorded over Proviso and VVaukegan. The freshman baseball team started the season by winning a close game from Lane Tech, 5-4. After this the squad was de- feated by Wzlilkegaim, IlIorton, and North Chicago in rather one-sided games before triumphing over Oak Park and Ifvanston. Proviso edged the Trierites I3-5, but once again N.T. bounced back to conquer lVaukegan 8-5. SOPIIOMORI-IS School Opp. N.'l'. LANE TECH . , ZZ ZZ l'AIiA'l'INE . . . l I0 WAUKEGAN . . C! Il MORTON .... . I2 2 NORTH UHIUAGO . . 6 I OAK PARK . . . . 8 4 EVANSTON . . . 3 2 PROYISO . . , 8 9 WAFKEGAN . 2 8 School LANE 'l'EC'li XVAVKEGAN MORTON . NORTH PHI OA K PARK EVANSTON PROVISO WAUKEGAN FRESH M EN Opp 4 I0 5 UAGO . . 13 2 2 ll! 5 l i SUPIIOMORE BASEBALL TOP ROVV: Mr. Irwin ffoachl, Friedman, VViener, Nordlof, Cole, B. Fox, Weatherford, Lordahl, Shauger, Suhlett. SEC- OND ROVV: Borre, Greengard, Swede, Nelson, Miners, Voigts, Oppenheimer, Horne, Haugsness, D'ancona. BOTTOM ROVV: Douglas, Tokarsky, Thoman, S. Fox, Schneider, VVarhover, Leahy, Johnson. F R ESII MA N BA S EBALL TOP ROVV: Stephens, VVhipple, Stolkin, Davis, Kremer, Berger, Grishmore. THIRD ROVV: Becker, Hicks, johnson, john- sen, Major, Hinkle, Smart, Ryan, VVilliams. SECOND ROW: Nilsson, Hartfield, Lalferty, Parsons, McC'osh, Bernstein, Clark, Fox, Ovson. BOTTOM ROW: Cornyn CManagerl, Poulos, Fenton, Nishet, Romack, Hogan, Hoel, Matt, Bersbach, Macdon- ald, Mr. Klein CCoachD. I,IIffl'l.Y lfIllIIllt'l', llfvfin, Cllllllfll, Zufvfv, and H111 fm. II6 A So f So Sim f- . fa. . . lhe New lrier varsity golt team, led hy .luniors Fred lfischl and -lim lirouner. had achieved a three-won and three-lost record at press time. The first two meets of the season were with .loliet Catholic. Ar ,loliet's home course the team lost SH to IWQ. Un one of New 'llrier's home eourses, XVestmoreland Country Club, the varsity lost by the identical score of SM to NL. At the next meet, New Trier played host to Blaine VVest and defeated them de- cisively, I3 to 2. The opening league meet with Oak Park proved to be the most exciting match of the early season. junior Golfer .lim lironner led his closest teammate by eleven strokes to place first in the meet and assure New Trier's close 8 to 7 victory. New Trier's hole-in-one history repeated itself tor the third time as lirouner scored an act ou a IQO-yartl par three hole. The next meet was lost to league leading Highland Park hy a score of ll to fm. The l'roviso lfast Meet was played in extremely we and cold weather but New Trier over whelmed the visitors l3,'Q to l,'fQ. l"red lfischl who, last year, won seeond plaee in the state meet at Champaign, qualiliea with low medalist honors this year at Sko kie Playfield in the district meet. The var sity golf team was coached by illr. Ray- mond Fearheiley and hir. Rodney Lever- entz. The frosh-soph team, coached hy Xlr Clinton Carlstrom and hir. C. O. Cirater had a l-2 record. The team lost to Oak Park and Blaine lfast. The vietory was recorded over Proviso 10 to 0. Y A R Sl'l'Y G1 I L I" TOP ROVV: Margolis, Zopp, Brunner, Coolidge, Catlin, Yudell, Mr. Fearheiley fCoaehj. BOTTOM ROVV: Devin, Nanini, llarms, Provol, Fisehl, Cohen. l"Rl'ISllMAN-SOPIIOMURIC GULF TOP ROVV: Mr. Carlstrom QCnaeh7, jaeohsohn, Goldman, Clough, Meyers, Rogers, Beretta. BOTTOM ROVV: Gross, Klein, Freeman, Patterson, Stultv, Kaplan. , M Went Bi Dine IN'I'RAMl'RAI. SPORTS ADDI-ID MORE A'I'III.IC'I'Il' PROGRAMS FUR AI.I. BOYS. SFIIUUII I'AR'l'Il'II'A'I'ION INl'RI'IASI-ID IX I.M. T00 AS I.M. GRICAY. In tour short years as a student-run or- ganization, intramural sports has grown in size and importance to beeome one of the largest organizations in the school. This year much more was required of the intra- mural board and these challenges were met successfully. Ifaculty sponsor Mr. I"red Ilarney, with his assistants, Klr. Ifarl Scha- bel and Air. Avilliam Ifoser, were invalu- able in helping to guide the whole staff. The board had ten members. The growth of the department was man- ifested in several phases of New Trier life. Third place honors were won on the staflus lirst lloat attempt. The intramural bike race has grown to such importance that it has been expanded into an all-school field day. CI.A.A. joined the intramural depart- ment for added support in this race. The controversial subject in the Rep. meetings was participation. VVhich should be more important-the quality of adviser room play or the number of boys partici- pating in each advisor room? The board decided that participation was more impor- tant. The chance to play should be encour- aged. The most recent tabulation showed that 73 W of all New Trier boys partici- pated in some intramural event. FALL S I'UR'I'S Football started off the year and was run by Judd Rosen. Competition and the lfontinued on Page IIQJ g W2 ew fl V1 ir l.I-Illill I'AQI'IN DUN .IOSI-IPII l'IIlI' XAIIIVIUQ mints I'oints I'nIxIir-ity lPiI'1-ctw' INUN I4I'IlI NGICIL KI-IN I"ISIII'IR RON FISIIICI-I NEAL I'OO'I'I.IK K -:- .IOIC KO'I'I.I'1IC Sports Ilead Sports Ilend Sports II:-ml Sports Ilond .Il'IlIl RUSICN Sports Ilelld FR I-ISIIMA N. SUPIIOMOR IC MANAGERS TOP ROVVt Bennett, Clough, Mee, Ewen, Graves. TIIIRD ROVV: Iierns, McI.eod, Fish, D. Davis, McNulty, R. Davis, Iiosshart, Tarnoff, Traweek. SECOND ROVV: Johnsen, Pasinato, Goldberg, Granat, Poole, Kzlllick, LeMire, Burch, Behm. BOTTOM ROVV: Arons, Fox, Elliott, Vetter, McCaIeb, Nystrom, Eustis, Braun, May. IJA Y IC W KISS Sports Ilend GA M I'l Sl' PICRYISURS l i l i .II'Nl0R. SENIOR MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGIIT: Iiehm, Gingiss, Tarnotf, Kaplan, Feldman, Ewen, TOP ROVV: VVittausCh, johnson, Beierwaltes, Maytnier, Keitel, Lamson, Iieekmanu, Meyu, Doy no, Iiloomberg. lNIelaugh, lN1cGauran, lN1iIIer. SIECOND ROVV: Sherman, Ilova, Nord, Fields, VVhite, Kragh, Fagel, Rosenstein, Nilsson. IIOTTOM ROVV: Porter, McRoberts, Miller, Remien, Yurman, Mack, l,emire, jaeohs, VVilson. II7 MN. l'll,l.lS' SVIIOOI, l"lNYl'B.Kl.l. l'll.KMl'S NIR. GI.Kl.l.UMl3.KNDU'S SENIOR l3.KSKE'l'll.Kl,l4 l'll.KHl'S TOP ROXV: Raw, Strung, Rcrnur, XVQ-luster, Miller. ISOTTOM ROXV: TOP ROXV: XVeiw, Nlfcllllllllll, XV:1t1-rxtrudt, Rupp. liO'I"l'ON1 ROXV: Shzlpirn, Nilswn, Silfcn, Burg, IEOIIEHZIII, Schm'hvt. Harms, RL-ichzlrdt, Prim-, Morgan. .4 A TW,- r p , 1 If TWV. A , ' I- 1' , " 1 1 MR. LA ll.kIlll'l'S .llvxlfllf R.KSKl':'l'l3.KI.l, VIIABIPS BIN. IlflY'l"S SKYPIIKYXIKIRH li.KSKl'1'l'lf.Kl,l1 VIIAMPS 'POP ROVV: Stcphcm, Iiutlcr, lirnllm-r, Drirk. BOTTOM ROXVI Mum- TOP ROVV: Garner, x1L'I.l'1Nl, -Iawulvwhn, Tallxlwmec. liO'I1'l'OlNI g4lllN'I4X, Ilcidlmrink. RONV: XXYLIISUII, Marsh, c1'KL-Q-fe. F114Ilffj'-Xflllifllf llflXl'l'fllIl!f arzzmn MR. Fl'1ARllf'1lI.lCY'S FRESIIMAN l!,KSKl'I'l'll.Kl,l. FIIAMPS TOP ROXV: Sidm-V, Guyufskv, IM-vin, Aclalrns, lim-rslmzlvlm. liO'l"l'ONf ROXV: Kuverzl, Nftrurn, llunfer, lillis. II8 MR. ELLIS' PING-PUXG FIIAMPS LEFT TO RIGHT: Shapiro, Silfeu, Nilsson, Kase. 7e?79f'-F5195 -' Wf1'?ft'f.f -W if 7 xr 1 1 1 X 4 'ruby X f' ' MR. ELLIS' llANlDl3.Kl,I. 1'll.KMl'S N fjzx LEFT TU RIGll'l': WVilkey, Kleinfeld, Shapiro, Silfen. lfontinued from Page 1171 weather were both rough, Son1e eliampion- sltip games were played in tl1e snow. T'illll'I'f1lIlQ' as vietors for tl1e classes were tl1e advisor rooms ot Xlr. T'i01lI'lll'ill'j' for tl1e fresluuen, Hr. lioser for tl1e sophomores, a11d lllr. l,auer for tl1e juniors in tl1e Cllillll- pionsliip playoff. Ken l"isl1er l1eaded fall tennis, wl1iel1 was greatly l1an1pered by tl1e rainy weatlier. Golf was lieaded by Neal lfootlik a11d most tl1e tl1e tournament was played on soggy grounds. Ron Fisller headed l10l'SCSl10t'S i11 wl1iel1 Dave l41lIlQ0lll5ZlL'l1 took tl1e junior title, Steve lieluu tl1e sophomore title, and Bill Hoak tl1e freshman liouors. EARLY YVIN'l'I'lR SPIPRTS Individual handball llllll table tennis, swimming. gyninasties and basketball n10ved tl1e attention indoors for tl1e winter season. Table l'K'lllllS is a single eli111i11atio11 tour- nament and was run this year by Ron l"isl1- er. Tom Silten, a senior, won the tourna- lllfllf. lndiyidual llillltlbllll also was won bv Tom Silfen. Ile and NVQ-ndy Carpenter battled for two and a half liours before Sil- fen emerged was run by Aloe Kotler. SH'lllllllll!2 Dave TV:-iss were l1elped by tl1e faeulty eoael1es of tl1e teams. liaslcetball sport a11d tl1e ing tl1e early adviser room tition and beat the juniors i11 tl1e playoffs. For tl1e lirst time there was an all-star game between tl1e juniors and tl1e seniors. 'lilll' seniors won by a large inargin. This senior team also beat tl1e faculty in tl1e an- HCVOIIH' ou, l,l'ffiflf'l"IL'.l Left' gel if o7'r'r'." RIN. Gl.Kl.l,UllBAHIHVS VUl.l.l'lYl'n.Kl.l, UIIAMPS TOP RUVVZ Sawyer, Rindfleiseh, XVaterstradt, Pumphrey, MePhee, Pet- tigrew. BOTTOM RUVV: VVL-iss, Reilly, Priee, fullllllllilljls, Rapp. lfresliman Zlllll sophoniore basketball was vietorious. The tournament ru11 by Aloe Kotler. Hr. Hoyt's advisor roon1 won tl1e sopliomore title and lxlr. and gymnastics were run by T"l'2lI'lll'lll'y'S won tl1e freslunan title. ln tl1e and Neal Footlilc lllltl tl1ey playoffs, Klr. l"earl1eiley's fresltman beat tl1e SOl3l10l110l'l'S. EARLY SPRING? Sl'flR'l'5 XVrestling, free flllAUN', a11d volleyball is tl1e n1ost popular winter juniors and seniors play dur- winter. Klr. Ciiallombardds are l1eld in tl1e early spring. lfree tl1row is was first i11 the senior eompe- a four-day fOlll'll1llIN'lll' in wl1iel1 eael1 boy lllily enter onee. The tournament was run by Dave XYeiss. Senior Don lilanz wo11 tl1e eyent. Wvrestliiig is a tl1ree-week tournanient a11d flll boys e11tered. l'o111petitio11 was nual studeiit-faeulty game. Tl1e tou1'na- very stiff. Tl1e St'll00l eliamps were Alan lllvllf was l'lll1 by Dave Xveiss. l,A'l'lC XVINTICR SPKIRTS l"I'0SllIIl1lll Rouen, l,ee liordon, Uon l,2lI'1lllll1', :Xl Kin- lay. :Xee Reielmrt, Norin xx7l'Sfl'l'lIOlIl, fliris Stephens, .lay lillltllllilll, Don liudin- and sophomore basketball, gger, Gordon lirowning, lliek Trenknian, team table te1111is and team handball 2ll'l' and Dare Kludhenk. The tournament w as offered i11 tl1e late wi11ter. Both l'L'2llll lland- ball and table te1u11s XX'l'l'l' won bv llr, Inl- lis' advisor room. Table tennis was run by -ludd Rosen and l1a11dball was run by Ron lfisller. l3otl1 l'llI1 by Neal Footlik. ' Q Volleyball was run during Xlarelt Illlll Klr. lliallombardo's adviser room eaptured tl1e seliool title by beating all senior eonipe- are round-robin tournaments. tition and tl1e class eliampions. II9 I20 SIEJNIORS .L .JgS'.l'.l .E'I.H :Emma f Clj 151.545 ,g-5 SEQ :E :Q C arm C15 gi CD FEATURING : 2 S 1"'1'STUDB!lTSV"" A 2 SYPECQAL. nur 5 E C7 3 1 GSE V6 br' ff? 2l Wll.I.IAKI Mc12I'IRI'1 I'r1-snlent, .--. Q 'XFQX ANNE KSIALLOIXIIIAIIIDO Vice I'l'k'SI4It'III, UAROI. BITUK Si-erelary R015 ICICI' li l Nli HAM 'Vreusn rer Collegg SCIIUUL DAYS YVITII S'l'I'IlIES, I'.KR- TIES. .IND l'UI.I.I'lGI'l ASl'IRA'l'IOXS. SENIOR GIRLS' STEERING i'OMXII'I"l'ICI'I TOP ROVV: Frankenstein, Pocoek, Hoyt, llinkle, Ensor, Price, Lynch, VanVVeyk, Olson, Burmeister, lliekey, Miss Hamilton iSponsorJ. BOTTOM ROXY: Buck, Shrmger, Thoma, Giallomhardo, Harrison, McSuain. SENIOR BUYS' S'I'ICICRING f'UXIXII'I'I'I'II'I TOP ROVV: Culberg, Beauchamp, Browning, Reed, Strahorn, B, Melluire, Catlin, XVilkey, Mr. Gunna- way fSponsor5. SECOND ROVVZ Carlson, Kennedy, O. Meiiuire, Seallan, liaurngarten. BOTTOM ROVV2 I,oehner, Miller, LaCroix, Harms, Krone. Here We Come THE SENIURS WUIVND lil' 'l"'EU' 'HGH The Class of lqoll, a grand total of 960 lege conferences, the majority of seniors seniors, was the largest grailiiating class in took the College lfntrance lfxaniination New Trim-r's history. lioarils. Many took Atlxanceil I'lacenient Choice of a college was probably the sen- tests in their lielils of concentration. Thir- ior's foremost concern, and the class felt ty-four seniors qualified for the NIerit more than ever the increasing diHicnlty of Scholarship finals, while four, Alice Bair, college acceptance. Having been aiileil in Bruce Irons, Iiill johnson, anil an unnamed their choices by New 'I'rier's system of col- Qfontinueil on Page ll-lj 322 SENIOR BOYS' .KIIYISI-IRS TOP ROXV: Mr. Larson, Mr. Bucrgrr, Mr. Nvmnnn, Mr. Smith, Mr. ji-use-li, Mr. Ruin-rtsnm. liO'I"l'OM ROVV: Mr. Niviivr, Mr. Qi1lfiNIl'lllI1, Mr. Mnrrntl, Mr. VVntt-rs, Mr. iiixillmnhnrtlu, Mr. llatrpnfr, Mr. Oauinxusxiy. SENIOR GIRLS' A DYISERS TOP ROVV: Mrs. Stn-wart, iwiss I,:ll'm'tc, Miss Vritchvtt, Miss Mm-llvr, Niiss Sh-igllt, Miss VVhit0, Nirs. James, Niiss IIRIIICTNUII, Niiss l,2lVk'l7lll'ilD. liO'l'- TOM ROXV: Niiss Ifrzuicr, Mrs. Realm, iN1iss Karl, Miss ilznniltnn, Niiss Kvlsn, Miss Durgin. SENIOR GIRLS' l"RflSll lll':l.l'l':RS TOP ROXV: llalvorsvn, Vzirlsun, lla-llinuml, fzlrrnll Crmlidgc, Prentice, Mains, Mvtlgcr, M1'Arthur, Cook: Pitver, Divkinsnn, Sum-lizlfur, jziliulisvli, Yunkt-rs, Sta-Ill-. BOTTOM RONVZ lizlll, M1-ythnlcr, Mzltthcws, Sur- cnson, Ninorc, Ohlsnn, Butz, llalrrison, Purrin, Aisnvr lizlrnnrd, Nt-lsmi, K'li-rm-ntsnn, RL-aiding. SENIOR BOYS' FROSII Ill'II.I'l'IRS TOP ROVV: Mziltcnfurt, l.:iCroix, I'it'I'liillillHi, Bing- ham, Blair. BO'l"I'OM ROVV: liillgiss, Mnmlcl . Bruwti, I i:lsp!'1lX . I23 v 3:31 jun. QContinued from Page 1225 student, actually won scholarships. In ad- dition, Senior Bob VVard brought honor to New Trier by placing first in the State mathematics exam. The members of the Class of l960 were active socially as well as academically. Ifarly in the year, the senior steering com- mittee gave a party to welcome the new senior students. The annual Christmas for- mals, "The Queen's Ball" and "Fan Fare," took place on December 28 and 31, respec- tively. All arrangements and decorations for these dances were handled by the senior class. Senior activities were discussed and planned by the four class officers and the members of the senior steering committee. Faculty guidance was provided by the sen- ior adviser chairmen, bliss Louise Hamil- ton and blr. VVilliam fiannaway. Because of the mammoth size of this year's graduating class, conflicts arose over graduation procedures. In a senior assem- bly, Dr. Cornog outlined the four possible alternatives for the graduation ceremony. A double ceremony, however, would keep graduation on New Trier grounds, with- out spending money for expensive addi- tions. The lioard of lfducation later de- cided to accept the double ceremony, draw- ing lots to determine how to divide the class. Commencement was scheduled for June 16, in the gymnasium. I24 g Le K i . Physirs students obserzve tcrzw motions I ,Q ' e--. 'H ' J ,JV :F Y R 4,1 J- , 'fs'-' N - L,- 3' 222.5 ? ' 9 ' ' . f' Y' 1 NATIONAL M l'lRI'l' l"INAI.IS'l'S BACK ROVV: Sattley, INIacBr5de, VVard, Mc- Connell, VValdo, Irons, Circle, Rosner, Riman, Carmichael, Schulz. SECOND ROXV: Samp- son, Oppenlleim, Horwitz, McDougal, Free- man, Grossman, jorgenson, Sloss, Spertus, Mc- Causland, Kart, johnson. FIRST ROVV: Dr. Cornog, Ruliinson, Ilorlwerg, Cohler, Hillman, Levin, Ball, Riese, Bair, Minnema, Rapport. SENIOR ROYS' HONOR GROITP TOP ROXV: Piepho, Ruml, Freeman, Kantor, Raynor, Chadsey, Ceithaml, Blair, johnson, VVittausch, Schuessler, Hoyt, Martin, Silfen. FIFTH ROW: Pinkerson, Spertus, Circle, McDougall, Manahan, McConnell, Brown, Veening, MacBryde, Anderson, Sampson, XVard, Shapiro. FOl'RTH ROVV: Seitz, Vail, Yale, joseph, Stickgold, Bushnell, Dell, Riman, Komiss, NVilson, Cummins, Boos, McGuigan, Powell, NVesterhold. THIRD ROVV: Reed, Rogers, Marland, Kovas, Schlick, Mullenbach, Horwitz, Becker, Fleisher, Lawrie, Provol, Trenkmann, Kavina, Sherman. SECOND ROVV: Sloss, Naihurg, Mc- Guire, Beatty, Crippen, Nletelits, Strauss, Baer, Yurman, INIartin, VVright, Heller, Cohen, lfallek. BOTTONI ROYV: Doughty, M. VVeiss, NI. D. YVeiss, Cain, Howard, Grossman, VVilkey, Mandel, Gingiss, Krugman, Stern, Becker, Fisher. SENIOR GIRLS' HONOR GROUP TOP ROVV: Zegers, Feddeler, Fall, Todd, Shapiro, Bair, DeVry, Mason, Ingersoll, Parker, Sachs. SIXTH ROXV: Yost, Pat Peterson, VVrede, Paula Peterson, Hartman, Adler, McClory, Reise, Ball, Corwine, Davis, Lewis, Carroll, Hass, Bitzer, VVenck. FIFTH ROVV: Arnstein, Richardson, Vyse, Aden, O'Brien, Bc-ringer, Garcia, Hinkle, Smith, Rapport, Cowen, Komiss, Benjamin, Adelman. FOVRTH ROVV: Gutsche, Kirby, Buck, Marcus, Korff, Tross- man, Hutcheson, Bigelow, Litecky, VVatts, VVoodhead, Cornyn, Kimball, Cook, Hoyt, Finne. THIRD ROW: Edmonds, Horherg, Green, Moore, Kiper, Mach, Ilamilton, Kresl, Mutshnick, McKinney, Tredwell, Harrison, Laufman, Roy, Rooks. SECOND ROVV: Clementson, Halvorsen, Mora, Butz, Udc, Brodsky, Allyn, DeVVolf, Elliott, Dehne, Kaar, Bowen, Kennedy, Milnor, Wilson, VonAmmon. BOTTOM ROW: Seifert, Revelle, Keyser, Ware, Yeager, Luster, Miller, Kelleher, Baer, Pick, Hicks, Nishet, B. Ovson, Barrett, Rosenthal. I26 l'lx.XNlxI.lfN U, ll!!-IN ' ' ' ' In N. N'l'.XNlIUl'l4I ANI Pl-IN .ULXXIH AIll'II.N.XN 4 .X XIIUX .Xl"l'l lltllililli XY. l.l-.Nl,Ih .X. SVSAX S. Jl'll1'l'll NI .XllI.l'Ili Cy, DHEA SVH S'l'l'Il'll.XNII'l ,XXIYIIICA 1 XII lS.XRl4.XR.K li. NANVX .KLLYN .KNIDICMN ,xlsxl-tl: .xl.r:X,xx1xmc .x1.1.r:xA ' .x a A IxUl.l,IxI h li. lXI.laR 'YXXVN ,KYIll4fl'Nll ' -' " ' ' ' J, 1'Il.'kliI.P1N1I, ANlil11I,lN x 'N .XNIJLMNDN ,KNDI'.HSHN ,XYIlRlf.U" KN il'TI.l, Al'UN'Il7l ,.4 I.1b'xfNIl'. l'. NXXVN A 5l,XlU'l.X K ' ' .f ' ' " Xhll'.l-l- .XlIXlS'l'IlU. MH II Uxll H. ALAN I. VAIH I, I NH .XliNS'l'I'IlN ,KNOBS AXICTIIIAIK ASf'lll1.U IH h , -rv I-Qi Y' 5 xx .'. . x I-lahl I.. SIIwXl.l.I'. .IAMHS IJ. NANVY I.. Al Ill l 'lII!.KI'1'lll-ill l!.Xlll-IR'l'S1'IlI'IH ILXI-I1'Hl.IN HAICR IQAICII ilAIAR IIKIIXII X XIKI I1ASSl'I'I"l' IiA'I'I-IS Ii.XI'5IfiAli'I'l'IX I2AX'l'l'Ili ILXYICH lil'IA'l' DONNA AI. Kilfllilililf li. SVSANN V. l'YN'l'IIlA A. JAMES S, IHCILORAII ll IIAIQHK IHAIAIA IZAIAI. IZAKNAKID HANK IIAHIH I I ,v.- , ew-rvv,M FAX ID li. XXILIAIANI NY, HIHIIUGIC R. DONALD A. MARY .IAY N'I'I'Il'lIl'1N I ' 'Ph Ililxll llllxlh I-l'.Al IX lll'.Al IX YHCAI CIIANII' I1l'1f'Ix I ' 1'1" ' -il li' - A U' 51 ' ' . . ' 1 ' '. Ii 'l'IlUMA.' KATIIRYN M. SANDRA lll'IllRlCNlVl' I1I'IlIllN'I'KN'K lH'Ill'1ICNYAl,'I'l'IS IRIGLI. lH'fl.'l' Hl'.Nl'IYI'Nll IHVNNIIC VARUI. 1'llAliI.l'1S I' V. U , . '. ' 6 . ' . 'I ll'IN.lAN I C-I Ci IZICIUI Ul'IlilXHl'IK ILICIIINHHII l1I'IlII.A NIAIQIIC li ANXIC 'l'. RONALD N. NAXVY A. A ' . -1 , .. . H51 UH I Xl ON I.XlIl1.Xl1,X lx, 1'l'.hiiX A. JOHN H. XIEIIH 11 Ir 1.1 xx .1 1:u1a1c1"l' Z l'lfx1.-N1 1 1111 4. ANI'-I , ll-QS. 41' Q A 3 hUl,I',hl 4- Nlll HXl'l XX l'XRl'Xl' . , .. -, -. LX .L I:I:I'1'l-T A. IIINMIIAXI llllilllll-IILUI lvl! lzl'1'Z1-114 lilhxllf , Y . . . JOHN IC. I!I.I"I'l'IX'I'H.Xl. IIIADUXI HIJHNSUXI l1l,I'MI!l'ZlCG Q- n SHUI! I,I..X 1 Z "1 .U DN T.. IH lll.lN'H VARY D. 1--n h r R - , 9: 4 I .IXNH XYH.l.l.K1l 'I' IHIIJMXX H008 lH.XlII.U'l"l'I" I. .X .XXIJHI-IW Xll-ILINILX J. R. l'lCliRY IZHIAVPI .N ILUNNIIC VI. lL1Nl'l'll IHDIUG HORN ILUHSIIAIVI' MOI IlHl'I.KI'X IIUXX ICN .l l NXNVX' J. INHXALU 'I' SVNXY I. .XXX SVNXN IC JOHN V, IHPXYIIICX lllC.KllIll'IlX liR.Xlll"ORll l!li.XllI.I'IY Illi.KlDl.l'IY IZIIAIPY I. SI.XI.II IDI.XNI'. Ia, .IHSICPII XY. IlIil'1'I-I ll. IHDILICIFI' 0. ICIIIIICN IIILKNIVI' I!II.XI'X IIIII-IIC IEIQIIJIQHIHHINI l5ICIXIiI'IICIIUI"I-' IZIQUIDHKY .I XX lI,I.I XM I .IAAIHN 15 ICIIWIN S I4'II.XXIi .M II.XIIX'I'1Y ,X .IP1ICKUl.Il I l1IIHll'l' ILIUHIKS JH. ISICHXXN IZIIUXYN ILIIUXXX ISIUBXXN MUIIINPX I- NlI',I'II.XXII'I NN IJUIHl'l'IIX VAIIUI. I. NICLSUX I1 NIXICIXX X IZIIUXXXINKG I1IIHXXNI.II'1 I1III'XH ILIVIQ IilA1'Ii Ill'1'lxIXhIIXXI ... 1-A 'ff' 1:- I..XXXIiI'IM'I'1 li IHDX.XI.Ib X IiI'IXNI'I'l'II II I1l1'IiXI.XS'I'ICIZ ISI Illkl-IIII lllAI"'lkI"Ii I..KXXliI4.N4'IC II. MICIAIN IC. .XI.I.I'1N IC , . IiI'IH. IEVIIKH .III l1I'IiNII'1IS'l'I'IIi .-.:' , .5 , an ' 3 . J Jn., NANUY II. S . .. . ,. . I -I , , I S. IilIRMl'llS'l'I'Ili BURNS HPSIINEIIII IiII'I'I'0N I5l"l'Z PAIN VSAN .ION I, IAXNII-'Q XY ISXRPXRX K IEKRRY 7 1 ,:.. :L -1 SALLY li. .IANIICS Z, R. IIROO '.' I . , , . I. .V . IYXIIIIAXIJICIQ 1'.Xl'l.lX l'.Xl'l'S JR. VAIIIIIN 1'AIlI,SON 1'Al:l,suN f 1 137' DONALD II. .IOIIN KI. MIUIIAICI, I-', IQICOIQKEIC KI WIQXIPIQIII. XX. KA'I'III'IIilINI'I 1'.xl1l.:4uN 1'.xItl.suN l'AIiNIIl'IIAI'Il, l'.XIH'I'IN'l'I-III l'.XIiI'I'INl'I'IH 1'.XICICOl.l, 'er .lf- v I YIIHIINIA II. l"IiI'INl'II S. JOIIX U. I.Ol'IS .I, NX'II,I.I.XXI XY. SVZANNI' I CARY Ill QIKSKICY C'AS'I'I'II.I.I IXXTIIIN 1',X'l'OX l'.XYI'I'I"I' TW-J ' 34' -A Q". 1 -L CARI, S XYIIIIIIANI II, NYAII'I'I'1Ii I,. AIAIISIIAIIII l'. KICNNI-1'I'II A KA'I'lIIII'II'IN V, l'I'Il'I'II.XRIII l'IIAIlSI'IX' UIIICIIIIY VIIICSS VIIILIDS VHOHN A-R1 Q 'J 45 I-, THOMAS II. SVSAN A. JOHN E, ALAN I,. EIJWARIJ XV. SARAH Ii. CIIHISMAN JR. l'IIlHS'l'lANSI'IN CHRIS'l'Ol-'I-'I'lRSI'IN i'lIU'I.H 1'I.AIRI'I 4'I4I'IMI'IN'l'SON I3I vp. 0' ttqmi 3 ....I'. l IJ S'I'lCI'IIIiN M. .IUYVIC VIRGINIA IRA I1 III! IIAIIII .l, ' ' ' VUIIICN vullrlx '. ' ',0I'SI'I umm, s'1'l'.xl:'l' lc. ,lrisslxxx I-1. Iml:0'l'liY L. slmlmx lk xx. uxlrrix' 1'.XII1ll.X'X .l.XXl4 VUIIICN 1'HIlI.IHIII unix Vol F VHLIIINS 4' 2 f I W 41 S , V 1' 5 . Q, U X. " xg , , A Ax I I ld, Kldvlx Il-11-'I-'I-Ilcsux 4' xvII.I.I,xNI P, Lois lm, .lull-is H. . . A . m'u1.l.lNs m'ol.l,lxs 4'm,l,1xs l'UfNI.XIi voxlmx umxx 1-zlcsri .,.' 1 X'.XI.I-ZIIII-I ICI.IZ.XI2I-I'I'II m.m:.x Ii i:.xlc1:Alc.x A. KA'I'IIIII'1I'1N lc. MARY l.III-1 I-.IDXX xlclm 1.. mmli VUIIIIIIIIIIC m'ul:.xlmIxl 1'ul:xYx rolcwlxl-1 1'U'l"I'lCI'Yl1I1 .,,1L,.,L ,.,. .1-.. l"Y"' I'I'I'I'I'III II SXILXII X, IJI.I.0S M. PAT L S ,IUIIN . " ' ' 'HONEY VOZAID CUIIIIICRG l'I'MMIMiS I IIIN1 In I.. VUXYICN Ilxll I I N I l32 KEICUII I 'I . K'l'NlNllfNS Jll. 1'l'NXIMiIl.XM l'l.,KlHl'I DICIINI-I H' I1.xX'ls rf ,. l 'T' 'Z' . , ' . .. . DONNA Sll'.l'lH'1X A. ILKYIID X IDICXNIS H 1'l'NXINllIl.XNl' IPXIII. lD.XNI"lrIl'I'H ILXXIIIN rv- , 1.43 1 1 Q 'Ns na 35 J ' ' i- 1 V af 'QR .. i z , 1 K 1 , -. ' .. 15 3 5815 'i f' ,.. uh . KXIH-IN .l. 'l'Il1lXI.XS I-' .XXX l..XNl.Xli .KX'l'IlHfxN .I UXYIF ILXX IPILXIII. IMI-'.XI.l'U A 4 X E fvn. . .. . X 1. KIXHUI. J. VIIICICIIIF Ii XXIl.I.lAM1' Iml-ZLAM. Ir!-11.1. IHYHY IPIXXUIJ' lnXXul.l-' QP 'YPD' LY""' 1'- "unv- .rl', KAN: Q l'.XI'l. .IAXII-IS If I'.X'I'lIIl'I.X .X .IAXII-IS 12 llAX'lll M. llll'Ixl4INS0N IDIVIQOXI-III IIIVKSON IJILIMX Ibll.'l'X IPINI QQ- ' i ., 'a .. 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I"l'IDIJI,l'IR I"l'1l.llING1 'wx I ILXX Ilr .I, l'I41I.NIX1G NIICPIIICN V. .IXNIICS Il 1'II,XIiI,I'IS A. IIXI-'lililfh I-'IXK I-'INKIHIII if ,Il'IDI'l'II IIYXN 'I'IIllXI.XN I'. NIAIIK II SVSAN I.. Sl SKY 1' IIIIIDN l'Il"I'Nl'II IAICNIUN I-'I-IYIWPN I-'ICIIIJIN l'II.XIII.IC I-'IXIiI. -1 ' NNI-I'I'lI II Ii0X.XI.IJ Ii, IIUI'ISI'I I.. IiUIZI'IIi'I I"ISIII'IIl FISIIICII VISK Q,-1 I" I 'I'Z1G I'fI Xl'..Xl, Rl lI..XIxI'.51 I-I I-1. GARY W. 1IIl'II.XI'I I"U0'l'l.I K FOX III I-'HX VOX 3 .XXII " 'II .' S XY, JUAN XI I! I!I'IIC'I'IC.KNI 'W. l'II.XICI.I'1S II 4'.KIIUI,INI'I LXIIIY I"I.I'IISIII-'Il I'I.HXYI'IIIS QQ I. lx, ,llbllx I, I-'Ii.U..XSsI Q4-. 1 ,mammal M 4 I'A'l'HI1'IA I"II.KN1'lb rx -r SlI'fI'III'IN Ii III'1I'I II. SPZANNIC A. .IAMICS IS, 'l'IIOXlAS S. IJUNNA II. I'IIANlll'1N I"I!.XNK I"IIANIiI'IXS'I'I'IIN Ig'IiI'II'IIIS I"IiI'II'IMAN IVIIICIINIJ l35 'T' IIXIIUI, I, DAX Ill A I'I1IIiIlXI.XX I-'ICUII v .IIANIIX HINICXII, . NIIAIII IL IIIVIIAIIII I.. l'I2II'.Il L. 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FOI R'I'II ROXY: Cizlsaluznx, XViIIi:1mx, I,lll'1IN, fiilwmn, IIJIIIINITUIII, Salinger, Mum-, Innis, Ilnwlwr, Ilullidzu, R4lNL'llIll'I'p1, Rubin, Svhulz, Kinlic. TIIIRI7 RllXVt Iliggim, Mzunzlrcl, I,lllIjlIHl'lI, I'icrvIx:lIz1, I7r1'II, Imu, Suzlrtl, IIIIIVCIQ, I.L':u'itt, IxIl'I.K'lIII, Sl'lINIIlll'C', Ii:lII, NIc'I7uug:lI, NIVYM. SIQCUNIJ RUXVZ IIur- Iry, C'm'vu1'11l1, IIICUIIIZIII, RIi'IIIIL'IITIK'I', Iiigg, Ilclmx, Svhrm-cIur, Cinrv, Szunm-I5, I':luI, IXYZIIIIIN, Purtlmm, liar- rvtt, Iinuix. IiO'I"I'UINI RUXV: Iiurkzln, I,ipp, I"IL-WI1, Olin, Snmllwrg, Rzurnulld, VV:lrLI, NK'IfI1'lllllll, Iiznld- uin, NI4't7gv1', I,.Xl'l', Ii:ll'sI:1Iu', Irv. ex! Year 'l'UGI'1'l'lll'IR N'I'l'll l'AR'l'llCS XXI! 'VIIUSE FIRST l'lll4I,l'lGl'1 PIAXNS. .IVXIURS IEICGXX Tl, 'IKKKE QYYICN l.l'l.KlYlCllSllll' IX S'l'l'lHCN'l' .Kf"l'lYl'l'll':S. JVNHYR VLASS S'l'l'Il'INlNli f'UMXll'l'l'l'Il'1 TOP RUYV: llcifman, Tliornals, f'xlNlI't'SlN, Malmquisf. lfUl'R'lllI RUVV: Vooliclgc, C':nn- pion, liL'Illlt'II, Galwr, llviillyrink, YV. AlUIll'N. 'I'lllRl7 RUVKT llolnufs, K'alnprlI, Stony-, Aiulrcyys, Both, Mcllnugall, li. ,lUllK'N, Cornog. SICVUNIJ RUVV: farlwn, Rolilon, Rivhf lu-imcr, lfallsvh, Pvrkinx, lil'HKll'l'li'ly, l"m'tcrsnn. l'lU'l"l'UlN'l RUVV: Mr. Xv1'lll', llapp, Gras- hnrn, Nlillvr, Button, lilnu-r, llaxtlnann, Scfluuws, Miw lircslin. lxaulcmlyip, social avfiyitics, :uul vollcgc' y'c'inlu'r 7, in flu' Sfllllvllf l,oungx'. 'lllu' cn- l"ixlu'r, rc'frc'sl1uu'nfsg Naiivy' clflflllilll :uul plans yvvrc tlu- local point of flu- yvar for ti'rfainnu'nf anil ilccoratiom consiafcnr with -Iuily' Scliulv, lioypitalifyg Nlarilyn l"ru'il- tlu' Class of l'llil. iiuiilcil by :ulviscr chair- flu' party 's Beatnik flu'nu' niaili' flu- cyvningg ncr :nul Sum' X,lllllt'llQ1l', pulmlirity 3 anil Annu' nu'n, Kliss l"raiu'c's lircilin :uul Xlr. 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'I Lvlllllllif 1f1'1'fjw1.' fill llllffjllfl' fm1.f.w'.v I64 Thr l'IH't' lmmfs mzzzznlfvz' to Ihr' shin bonr-junior llinlogj ffontinued from Page 1631 signed for students interested in applying for early admission to colleges. A great number of juniors took the College lfn- trance lfxamination Board Tests and the National hlerit Scholarship Qualifying Tests. Also, this year a new college guid- ance program for students and parents was held on Tuesday night, February 9th, The RUSS ANDERSQIN TOP ROVV: Tellef, YVright, Andrews, lled- herg, Swope, Riley. TlllRD ROVV: Teton, NVood, -laeolvson, Ander- son, Mages, Vogel, XVilliams, Marshall. SECOND ROVV: Borkan, Silver, Factor, Bald- win, Carrington, Griffith, Topping, Cavett, Slutvky. BOTTOM ROXVZ Miss Anderson, Amodeo, Flesch, Reitfel, Cline, Gasaway, Shiman, Bram- litt, Morgan. ABSENT: Duuning,.Riee. TWISS BAIIR TOP ROVV: ller1, Orinuner, Nelson, Behrendt, lilmore. TlllRD ROVV: Cloud, Vllelch, Dorgan, Swan- sen, Borre, Vklollum, Blackwell, Cotter, SECOND ROVV: Sfhllll, McCoy, Button, Do- lan, Sznulherg, Garcia, Smith, NVright, Rulaud. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Bahr, llorrcll, Curtis, liiehengreen, Olin, Ayres, l.amlsert, Goldman, Nlorrison. ABSICNT: Barnard, Brown. MHS. ISISIIOI' TOP ROVV: Foster, Ray. I'llrieh, Swartz, Law- rence, Braun, Tomb, livans. SECOND ROXV: Salerno, Ruppert, Canter, Mandel, Solomon, llapp, Dahlquist, YVhite, Teeman. BOTTOM ROVV: Glass, Milne, Carlson, jen- sen, Turek, Coagan, XVehla, Rodkin, Bethune. ABSENT: Ahrens, Bingham, Davis, Niekol, Stanley. M RS. BRO WV NE TOP ROXV: Symons, Thalman, I.iss, Solomon, Sehramm, llutchinson, Goettler, Vlazny. SECOND ROVV: Elieler, Jensen, Pope, Schnei- der, Reuhen, Barrett, Dickinson, Jennings, Chandler. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Browne, Levinson, Lewis, Deutch, lVliller, YVard, Becker, Bradley, Telfer. ABSENT: Daniels, Partlan. program topic was "So You're Going To College. XVhere? NVhy There?" which was a question and answer session with two panels, one of four students and the other of four parents. lr was moderated by Dr. Coruog, Kliss Maloney, and Xlr. fian- naway. fllemhers of the student panel were Susan Schroeder, Blair Both, Klichael fila- ser, and .lim Frank. During the second semester, juniors he- gan to assume a larger part in the principal school activities in preparation for heading the various school activities during the sen- ior year. l65 fy 0 1 K s pg' 1 I 1 5 6,16 7I!i1i l I66 C-' M M R. BRULL TOP ROVV2 Sehramm, Blllalnlt, Reinwald, Santee, lVl1lClt'flll, Chatain, Romane, Quarnstrom SECOND ROVV: C'ollins, Divkman, Castle, Jen- nings, Kelloek, Ahclson, Depperman, Coolidge Ilofmann. BOTTOM ROVV: lN1r. Brull, Pershing, Grier Applebaum, Miller, Prentiss, Socvorso, Thil- many, Koepp. ABSIENT: Norherg, Priest, VVelhourne. M R . BUFFIi'l'l' TOP ROVV: Reinwald, Paul, Clarke, Bogue Lamson, Fhristensen, Bair, VVolH:, Long, Ryan. SECOND ROVV: Yudell, Galwr, Cutlip, Gran- strom, Dresser, NVilson, Deutsch, Glaser, Klass Niederlmerger. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Buffett, Kuhnert, Straus, Bloomfield, Blood, Meies, Ynckel, Selkoe, Thompson. ABSENT2 Flowers, Froelivh. MISS CORNELL TOP ROVVZ MCGohan, Rheinstrom, I.uCas, Lyons, Sehulv, llenning, Both, XVright, Black- man, Zagel, SECOND ROVV: Bacon, llealy, Cunningham, Deutsvh, Schroeder, Dawson, Becker, llanson, Melniek. BO'l'TOlW ROVV: lN1iss Cornell, Greenaualt, Kritchever, Levy, Sprigel, llartuivk, Gilxson, Chrisman, Tolmor. ABSENT: Beesen, Morris, Sinek. BIISS DICAMES TOP ROVV: Gilbert, Surpless, XVhite, Lam- mers, Clausen. SECOND ROVV: Vinneclge, Fausvh, lWeDoug:ll, Goranson, lnnis, Martinson, Piervhala, Belmont, Branclwein. BOTTOM ROVV: lxllss ITVLIIIIUS, Long, Lipp, Bevan, Rai, -lohnston, jacohson, llolliclay, Bonneltarnp. ABSIENT: lwartin, Reeves BTISS IDCJPIERTY TOP ROVV: VVu, Velde, Sli-ight, Lang, liise- l'Il1ll1. SECOND ROVV: Lee, jaunes, Magi-s, XVein- house, lleitman, Fuget, Blevh, lfell, Belsey. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Doherty, Rovin, Kline, Gore, Matz, lVl1-tiger, Rogers, Glaser, llapp. ABSBNT: lirlancl, livans, Myers, Nelson, Smy th, Stevens 1 y M R. ICSARICY TOP ROVV: Fintlley, Ewertsen, lledlund, Boy n- tnn, O'Connor, VVells, Dan, Sherman, Meyer Mitehell. SECOND ROXV: Zinkil, llavel, Catlin, Van- Kennen, Gnettsehe, llenelerson, Sutton, linlkley Sigman, llova. BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Iisarey, I.armee, Verne VVaxler, Kaplan, liron ne, Gaarcle, l,onncl3 Cohen. ABSICNTZ Clifton, llanserman, Runnfelclt. NIR. ETNYRE TOP ROVV: Margolis, Krev, Colhurn, Green span. THIRD ROVV: Tonk, Carriere, XVeller, Dem- mon, Erickson, Dunham, Moore, Rosenstein. SECOND ROXV: Stern, Rolmhins, jaeolason Tiger, lfisehl, Thorsen, Carpenter, XVhite, l.nnil BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. lltnyre, Penovieh, XVQ-hh lwalmquist, Smith, lfeinlwerg, Swoger, Steinman Safran. ABSICNTI Kind recl, Stringfellow. MRS. QIIIICICSONY TOP ROVVI Delaine, XVeake, Platz, llarvey. THIRD ROXV: linrrill, Kayser, Bueseh, Toms Tlagenah, Friedner, XVeiller, XVL-leh. SECOND ROVV: Stnlts, Seashore, .lorgensen Koia, Peek, XValker, Perkins, Ifener, Spnrway. BOTTOM RONV: Mrs. Ureeson, Carter, lfiellls Kelly, Menarcl, Bean, Nettleman, Kent, North- rop. A HSliNT: Cleveland, Liehermann. MR. GRlCUfTRY TOP RONV: lierkson, Carlson, Seott, Mereer Steuart, MeClave, XVeed, Brown, lNle.'Xln1lty Ferguson. SECOND ROXVZ Mack, ihfoss, Kane, Mnrtz Post, Beele, Reasner, Freedman, hlerrell, lfra- gllssi. BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Gregory, Gould, Dia- mond, Maness, Myers, lilankstein, Kanou, NVil- son, XVoxlverg. AISSICNTZ lialirle, liarr, Sehreep. MISS HARRIS TOP ROXV: Stone, lladtlon, Eason, Iierken- tielml, Brew, linehelmayer, Isgrig, 1,5 man, Chris- totfersen. SECOND ROXV: Zeigler, Samuels, lirocleriek Collins, Penee, Lampi, Braun, Davenport Fleishman. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss llarris, llokin, Jorgen- sen, VVilliams, Trom, lipstein, Caplan, Moloney Ennis. ABSICNT: Dietrieh, Higgins, Raymond, Sonn Young. v v v MR. IIURLEY TOP ROVV: Rolfs, Heineken, Dunphy, Sweet Overloek, Cnger, Ilayskar, Patton. SECOND ROVV: Sakol, Brandell, Cheris, Bar- nett, Frawer, Pauly, VVoll'f, Nelxon, Ros:-lu-rger. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Hurley, Gordon, I.e Mire, VVinans, Lien, Zimmerman, I.evernier Konigaford, Pennington. ABSFNT: Patterson, Sehmidt, Viti. MRS. .IlJHNSfJN TOP ROVV: Dover, Hanson, Matt, lleuningsen Hamilton. THIRD ROIV2 Dodd, Oehler, Langford, Stentz Raithel, Ohliger, Stover. SICCOND ROVV: Ilelmx, Tittle, Lucas, Alwhn- ler, Karwowski, Foster, Karalake, Shafer. BOTTOM ROXV5 Mrs. B. johnson, Bersliaeh Oliverii, Levin, Burton, Orashorn, Smith, Dxxor- kin, Bt rne. ABSICNTZ Frenkert, Starek, Stringfellou, XVil- NOII. DIR. LAISADIIC TOP ROVV: Temple, Passis, Miller, Bronner Do-Cher, Butler, Stephenw, Addie, Popper. SECOND ROXV: Alexander, Hieks, Iflodin Kiefer, Schwartz, Ifagel, Kahn, Kamen, Hol- lander. BOTTOM RONV: Mr. I,alvadie, llolland Ciluekman, Brosten, Heidlmrink, Hutchison, Pou- ell, Trom, Montgomery. ABSIENT: Driek, Moser. INR. I.ANDWVl'iR TOP ROXV: Lzukax, l.indlnlom, llutehinwon Fleming, Mark, Small, Droege, lfagenholz. SECOND ROXV: Bloomberg, Beeker, Geissler Firestone, Sehmidt, Andreaw, Simon, I.oman Garrison. BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Landuer, llughes, Cie-n ender, Moore, Natkin, MeCra5, VVilson, Camp- hell, Alfini. ABSIQNT: Beyer, Gow, l,avin, Marsh, XVra3. NIR. LAYER TOP RONV: Brook, Kirchheimer, Goldsmith llolmew, Mereein. THIRD ROYV: Timm, Suinyard, Downes Crou, Spatz, Fields, Riekardx Freihage. SECOND ROXVZ Barnhill, May, Bazzoni, Seho- pen, Leipzig, Ilathaway, Kragh, Ade, Becker. BOTTOBI ROVV: Mr. I.auer, Barth, Ifiseher Friedman, Neaylon, Fewer, Cohee, Ruston, Rof senlwa um. l ' MRS. LENARD ' TOP RUXVI Ritsus, XVilhclm, Uuwcly. - 2 Q 'Q -.- THIRD ROVV: Anclcrsun, cl1ll'lSL'll, Fzlrrcll, I in I.lll'llllhlY llctcnyi, licslic, l'urtcr, Snyder. N .-f srivuwn Ruw: sm.-I-1, nillvr, Kms, Dahl- ' 2 strum, l'urt1-ll, lflliutt, l'zill:iw:ii', Cuhuun, Cuzzul BU'l"I'OM RUVV1 Mrs. l,cn:1rd, Stern, llcrrun I Q' Morgan, SllYL'l'lIlZlll, VVilmlt, liurlncister, Remus, 4- X Rutllsvllilml. ABSICNTZ kluspci, SllllIl'I', Terra. DIN. LILL Till' RUNVZ Strulnnvivr, llzirruun, Kruger, llzislwll, ll:u'ri'r, Zupp, Smith, Daniels, Bnrruxss, Nnltlgvr. SICCONIJ ROXVZ Mcl5uug:ill, lk-llun', Tzltcl, Cuhn, Url-ll, Mitvlicll, lil'l'l'llt', Srlnwillcr, Lung- cln'1'lwr. liU'l"l'UlNl RUXY: Mr. l,ill, Mawklvr, Non- 1-umls, llrnlv, l':llmvr, Mau, -llll'lll1N, Mziicr, -lunl-s. Al5SlfN'l': B2ll'ill'lx, Lzlvvlluriu DIR. MARZ Till' RUXV: Dunn, lilflxlllllll, liurluw, Atkins, tiI'illN, Nlzlitllim-r, N'l:igvr:l, NVcst. SICFUND RUXV: XVhitc, Kllivk, Svhllciclcr, King, HQ'lllIll'N, Ustcrlwrg, l"nllm'r, Uruclic, Phil- lips. l3U'l"IiOlVl RUXV: Nlr. Nlurv, Rel-ll, Pivk, lillfll lfinlwl, Dunnm-lly, l.:ln'rcln'r, licguclin, Grunt. AliSliN'l': l'l:irksun, l,lllll'll7Ill, SilXYf'l'l', Super. Till' RUXV: Gnrclm-r, lxllfll, Gullickscn, Mry- l' 11 ill' 'll' 'lllll Mn. l'li'l'lCRSON :Pl ' Q' inf vr, Dunn, l,ill'iI'illlR'llI1l, Munn, llurt, licicr- uzlllcs, lluffstvll. SICCUNIT RUXYZ l':irp1-im-r, -lun:-s, Su-nzirt, VV1-st, liutvim-, Dunant, Rivc, XVyliv, XVhin'. liO'l"I'0M RUXV: Mr. Pctl-rsun, xxvlllllllllflx, Uunm-ri, Bliss, llull, Pzissmzin, lfr:mklin, Shaik- mnn, jusupli. AliSlfN'l': lisscnprvis. . , ' l DIR. PINK , l TOP RUXV: Dini, Irvin, l'iI'l'lllL'l, lluuvk, l ilxflll, Mitvlicll, lim-srli, Stott, Dunlap, llvvk- ingcr. SICCUND RONV: l'iisln'r, lirzwcc, Sticfl-I, Murf, Pruft, Schull, Snumlcrs, Clizunlwrs, Ifzigcl. l3U'l"l'UlVl RUXVZ Nlr. Pink, Xvilsun, Strauss, Fralnll, l':1lnn-r, Pillui, Vuss, Gunvulcy, junes. .'XliSl'fN'l': Caiprun, lfvzins, llnnlun, llvlllllllll, Killlllllllll. ll MISS REINHARDT TOP ROVV: Lawrence, Ford, VVaterman. THIRD ROVV: Alexander, Dunn, Huntington, Misner, Levin, Newman, Hill, O'Connell. SECOND ROVV: Odell, VVhitwell, Dressler, Robin, Kelly, Engel, Boehnert, VanTreuren, Butterfield. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Reinhardt, Figge, Mor- ris, Graham, Elmer, Davis, VanSehoor, Mor- timer, Ruck. ABSENT: Jaffe, VVhitehouse, VVilhelm. DIR. RITDE TOP ROVV: Howe, White, Campion, Brannen, Green, Berland, Highland, Blackburn, Odell. SECOND ROVV: Lyons, Maynard, Moriarty, Liebert, Fieberg, MeGauran, Kucera, Fine, Gane. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Rude, Schneider, Arm- strong, Orwig, Wexler, Brown, Barr, Marino, Langenhach. ABSENTt Gould, McRae, Smith. MRS. SIIINEFLITCP TOP ROVV: Baumgart, Sampson, Gundlach, Thompson. TlllRD ROVV: Kelly, Yahl, Frank, Maynard, johnson, Vileiss, Green, Lindberg. SECOND ROVV: Sethness, Fitvsimons, Flor- sheim, Bigg, Baughn, Rosenberg, Paul, McVey, Hagerty. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Shineflug, Saunders, VVendnagel, Moeller, Eiehengreen, Lee, Borg, Gorman, Drell. ABSENT: Koss. MRS. SMIT'l'NY TOP ROVV: Jacob, Saunders, llaverkampf, Lewis. THIRD ROVVZ Shapiro, Leavitt, VVolf, MC- Kinnev, Platt, Simons, Deuteh, Anderson, Pat- ton. SECOND ROVV: Rubens, Gold, Knoehel, Ber- liner, Hartmann, Thalmann, llenrieh, McLean, Salinger. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Smutny, Dyer, Golden- berg, Smith, Buzan, Davidson, Larson, Cooney, Carey. IWIRS. WEIIII TOP ROVV: Doscher, Reiter, Martin, Graham, Campbell, Radlofl, Moore, Monroe. SECOND ROVV: llurley, Condon, llinkle, Har- ris, VVohlrab, Dahlin, Bogart, Olson, Marco. BOTTOM ROVV: Traee, VVood, Self, Cleave, Cornell, Fearheiley, Brown, Sehell, Riehheimer. ABSENT: Amberg, Benjamin. NIR. YS'l'Il4l.lNli'l'0N TOP RUVV: Allen, Dougherty, Lows, Trm-stvr THIRD RUXV: Bornhocft, N1t'CZl!'Ij', Shrclmzln N1lIl'lll'h, Bn-cklnunn, Ginn-r, Mn-telits, Stonivh. SECOND RUVV: Ummm, Nfcyer, Pinto, Stewart Robison, ElIll'I'j', Rohlcn, Bruvkctt, Prungley. BOTTOM RUXV: Mr. XVellington, Stzlutrnvis- tcr, Grass, Xsvilllhllllll, Burns, Isaacs, Mawkcy llzlndlcr, Hloomtivld. ABSIZNT: Downes, Rntlitf, Stillxwll, Tlmmzls. M R. YVILSUN TOP ROXV: Phcmistcr, Moore, Goldstein. THIRD RUVV: l,ot-Hier, 1.1-vin, Pcttcrsen, Non-cl Row:-ll, Townsvmi, Fw-rs, D1-Kovvn. SECOND RUVV: Bvlnwtt, Thomas, Cohen Baunlxurg, lit-cklrtzllmll, RZISHIUSSYII, Newton, Stcw- 1ll'I, Keck. B0'I"l'UM RONV: Mr. XViIson, Cornog, Fal- nsvo, Iilwrt, jznm-s, 'l'rn-ssvl, Muhin, Ifcltlmxm jcffcry. ABSICNT: Lumly. MRS. YVINU TOP ROVV: lla-nton, llettlur, Svlu-ilu, Thorscn lIZll'illj.f, Argcnt, Ncurnzm, llorncr, 'l'idCIl'l1lll St-lvcr. SECOND ROXV: Yost, Orr, Hall, Kinlic, lfleig Pctcrson, lhcvmlcll, Strauss, Snowcr, Bimstv,-in. li0'l"l'UlVI ROXVL Mrs. XVing, Vlxilllll1t'l'lll1ll! Vvuotl, Fisher, Hampton, Corvornn, Browne xIt'hl!HlllI, Stork. ABSIENT: lla-rshmnn, Long, Pulctti, Rowlnntl Aplvrenlzkerhgv I Over SUl'llUMUIH'lS l'lIl-Il'.klH'IID 'l'U Nll'1lC'I' 'l'lll'I Alllllill NICSPUNSIIlIl.I'I'll'lS UI" l'l'l'lCR-l'I..KSSMICN. 'llhc class of lflfml sliuwc-tl grczit iutc'i'vst ZXIIIIIHSYCI' ti'c:1si1rvi'. l'l2lL'llOfI'l1L' flllffj'-Olli' lu-Id un IJl'L'l'111lWl' ll, wax ham-tl un 1 in tlu- :wtivitim-s in which it has pzwticipzitvtl IAUOIIIS st-If-crcrl :1 1'vpi'i-sclitzitivc to thc stccr- Qllll'lSTll12lS fllK'IIl1' fl'2lflll'lllQ' :1 vnricty ol cn this yt'1ll', :uul tliruuggli this pmticipzitimi ing coiuluittcc. The olliucrs :uul the cuui- tcrtzliiuucut. "Kl:irnli Urns" took plain' on l12l5l'CYl'2llK'tl lf5llIll'illl1llify. 'llhc twoclzlss iuittcm- with rho zissistzlllcc of tht- zulx'isc'r, Xlzircli ll zuul was lwlil in thc' Sflllli' pnrtivs ha-lil :luring tht- yr-zu' In-lpvml to bring ClHlll'lIll'll, Hrs. Virginia -Iolwst zuul Hr. Louuggc, wlu-rc tht- guests crijuycrl ar vziriati rlw suplioiuorcs ClUSQ'l'f0Ql'fll1'l'. Soon zlltcr lfrwiu xXvl'lllg1Zll'fl1l'l', si1cn'cL'rlval iu pruluot- show. Ron 'l'lll'l1l'l'l5 bzuul luruishcml rht rm-turning tu wliuul iu tlu' full, they haul ing class lizuwuouy zuul spirit. music for thc pzirty. flu-ir 1-lm-ctiuu ol class ollivcrs. lgI'llCK"I1llUl'- 'lllic two vlziss pzzrtivs, "l'mlcr thc- Mis- Thi- SOpl10llI0l'l'S pmticipzitc-rl iu umm sou was rliuscu prcsimlvut, Yal l'crvy rift- tlctoi-H zuul Uwlzirmli fiI'2lS,HIl1CI' with great :ilhsvlioul zictivitivs. Klviiihc-rs ol thc' Clzlsx pri-sitlvrit, Slmruu l'1-rry sc-crm-tziry, :uul Tour slum-ss. The lirst, HllIlllCl' thc fNIistlc'tov," worm- :iutivv iu Tri-Ship, Girls' Club, Stu Sill'lHYXllllH'1 S'l'l'1l'1NlNG l'llXlMl'l"l'lCl'1 Till' RUXV: Axle, Pvttitt, 'l'l1urscli, lwuus, lilzulvu, Stvililuivk, Muhrmaiu, Mauizistvr. THIRD RUNVZ 5100, funk, SIL'iIl, Grail, I5ii'u:irc, Kl'lll'LI1'l', Atlzunx, l,l'fl'!'N0ll. SICVUNIJ RUVV: lil:ltm'l1lL-5, Y:nnlI:illuu, l.urigcm1'', Svhmiclt, S. llclvx, Y. IH-rvy, Sprzlgiiv, Nzigcl, 'l':iulwuwc. li0'l"l'UM RUXY: lxlI'N. -lulist lflll1lll'lDIlIll, lfmtm-i', Davis, liurvliniurm-, Pitlcr, llillmziu, Duvk- cr, filllllllllll'I', Mr. xxvk'lllf.fZll'lIlL'I' ffllllllf- uiuul. I72 SCH'lIflMllRE BIYYS' HUNIYH GR0l'l' KOI'l'0Sl'l'l'IJ TOP ROVVI lil-mulvxg Allison, Drzllw, fVlCl3:mnm1gl1, Brmsning, xllll1I'lTl1lll. THIRD ROXV lilcrh, MUIA-ml, Y1IllllIH'Ill', lirzlmlcnlmrg, Sfllllll, McNulty, Steilllwzlvlx, linen, O'Mzllley Dahl, Harm-r, lluglwx. SIQUUNIJ ROXVZ Allison, l.e:1l1v, lfleislwr, Lelwr, lfishcr, Rlll'llT11ll1 Fra-uml, l'il'lt'lllilllLll'l', Ilirncly, Curr, lllllIlll'llUI', ll1llIllNlllI'jil'T, VV:lrhovcr, Siegel. BOTTOM RUVVZ l,l'Ylllt', l'il't'L'IllllIl, XVcim-r, Nvxnn, Cogvwll, Sl'l1XNIll'fl, Clhlllllilll, Shzlttil, jnhnwn Rilf, l,IlI'lIllHlf, jmws, Admins. SUIWIUMURH GIRLS' HONOR GRUl'l' lUl'l'0SlTlCl TOP RUVV: liurnhnm, Knight, lirmxn, Taylor, Rhcimgcn, Tlwlnpwn, Mn'l,arun, I.l'l'llI'lClll M. lfuulc, Mvnlx. l'tOl'RTll ROYVZ llzlrpcr, Granger, Akers, I,1lITIl51ll'I, Pimof, Burns, Oli- pllzmt, Slml'lcr, Mc'C'lury, lil:m'hlm, llmxakcr, True, Sulzemrvin. THIRD ROXV: Mc'lN1:Ilmn l'1-ck, lluston, licggx, flK'l'Kll'll, livlwrr, Rnthscllilll, Rfrsscr, Guclich, Roy, Blc'ttm'r, Roc-xillg Ni.-xml, s. lfmslu. slawxn Row: 1.. Dawix, 1x11-wp, Swrmrlwl. Huh. IM-rlm-ki. Mlxaw-n blnplm, Koch, Hn-rmtoin, NVum'lx, 4Xll'orcl, Venn, Thursen, Gzllmer. BOTTOM RUVV: Ifmtvr Butlcr, vUlll'Sll, Morris, Rcnville, i':1rlwn, Unrrm-tt, liornur, N. Dnvix, Murray, Urnvlm, Rnwn Ml1'll1ll54lll. Illll'1'l'I 'VIIUICNICX Y.Xl. I'l'llU'Y l'l'n-xlvlvlll X lm- l'l'n-mln-Ill Sll A RUN l'l'1lU 'Y 'HMI RIA NAS'l'l'llC Sw-I1-111143 'l'l'1-anlllw-I' all-nt L'0llllL'll, Zlllll Cl..-X..'X. Klum sopllu- Ill0I'l'S :acts-al, mug, :xml llaumwl In Nvu' llll'll'l"S n'0m'cl'rs, play s, l.1lg1lIlilDPl', :mal tlw opcrzl. Tlu- Clam of llllvl 1-:mu-ll :ln nut- stzuuling rcputxlriun of zlcmnmplislmmcnt in all plmsc-s ot sclmul lifv, Zlllll its xnvnmlwrs am- rcmly to :lcvvpr rlw lczulcrslmlp :mul rc- spccmlmiliry of uppwclzusslmwlx. .I SfIf7lIUllI0l'l' Stroll: lfviffllwllf' In Sian' SIHTI. lf.x UIIIIX . . lllll fvfwm lfr 1114111 rain" I74 1954 . 1' .L IA' .YU'I'.' ll'.v ll .Vlf7Il0llI0H f7lll'fj'.! lgllfk to lzeori, l'i111li4's! DIR. ASl'Hl':Nl5iKl'H TOP ROVV: Oppenheimer, Cate, Schatz, VViley, Drake, Granatrom, Seul, Fiteh, Prochnow. SECOND ROVV: jenmen, Augdahl, VVoltz, Poole, Pettitt, Forrester, johnson, Thompson, VVeinherger. BOTTOM RONV: Mr. Asehenhaeh, llindman, May, Tokaraky, Cormany, VVoodrufT, Field, Vllilaon, Cashman. ABSENT: Ooodfellow, Hamilton, Hoffman, McRae. MRS. A'lWVfTfl1l TOP ROVV: Busby, Olson, Percy, Berg. TlllRD ROVV: Harper, lilettner, Nothmann, Hawley, Rihlon, Koppel, Nagel, Joslyn. SECOND ROVV: Niederherger, Alperin, Droha, Kimball, Renouf, Rutherford, Zopp, Campbell, VVhiteside. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Atwood, Green, Park- er, Beesen, Kuh, lleitman, Ferraro, Sternherg, Evans. ABSENT: Stevens. NIR. CLARK TOP ROVV: Spero, Sailstad, Hughey, Mahru, Browning, Halperin. THIRD RONV: Reiehardt, Halaska, Lordahl Sourhwick, Youngherg, Berns, Doyno, janin. SECOND ROVV: Priee, Miller, Steigauf, Wag- . ner, Dormody, Danley, Kuzoll, Harper, Carpen- l ' ter. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Clark, Mullenhach Fisehl, Meredith, Neumark, Schuman, DiCesare, f Heydrirk, Domeniek. ABSENT: Gifford, Zuska. 'V A ,R MRS. CllUR'l'NPIY TOP ROVV: Nielsen, Alliwon, Major, lien, Davidson, Boyer, Karuoxuki, Stein, NViggers, llalr. SECOND ROVV: Rehm, llartman, Collins, Eustis, Ilouartl, Traum, Malugen, XVintlhorst, Scheyer, lfoule, Ritter. BOTTONI ROVV: lWrs. Courtney, Schiff, Mi- ehalson, lN1iller, Blair, Spiegel, Raymond, Cot- trell, Markham. n ABSENT: lloffman. IVIISS CRICSS TOP ROVV2 Nleek, Tneker, Raymond, Farnum, llorne, hlagitlson, Vonliruetlener, Emlwree, Cook, Sergeant. SECOND ROVV: llrudka, I.oewenher1, XVilwon, Thomas, Stoekton, Andrews, Turner, Robertson, Furer. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Crew, Cohen, VVhitte- more, Kaye, Davis, Gerling, Sitl, Koeh, True. ABSENT: Granger, Pitt. DIRS. IIE IAJNG TOP ROVV: VVells, Sherman, Aron, Goldsmith, lleinmiller, Robertson, Leuiw, Cook. SECOND ROVV: Sehmitl, Rosenlwrg, Mitehell. BI'7l'IillSlil, llalitlay, Coyne, Glasser, Limlholm Keith. i BOTTOIN1 ROXV: Mrs., Sehlutv, Mor- ris, Foxter, lN1cVe5, tioettler, Bronnlie, Young- husliand, Yveltl. ABSIENT: Finlei, Mael.ean, Renville. MISS IKJNNELL TOP ROVV: Atlamw, Ilorton, Deeker, johnsen XVikol'l, Tliateher, T:l'lFSlIt'llIl, Letsinger, Boyls- ton, Pinsof. SECOND ROXV: Marshall, lN1aek, Rulxinolf, lloehn, Meier, Coolidge, VW.-st, Butz, Salislulry. BOTTOM ROVV: Mixs Donnell, l,1'l'I'fIll2lll, Remnx, Goodman, Farrell, Dean, Trililmep, Chznnales, Bradley. ABSENT: llutehinxon, japha, Kahn. SIR. ESSICK TOP ROVV: Meiinigan, Allison, Meyers, Miehael, Bossliart, Talniaalge, Ruin, Cooney, Fraser, Cole. SECOND ROXV: litlmomls, Krueger, Moninger, Collim, Sheehan, Sehneicler, Rom-rx, Bleek, Bley. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Ewiek, Catini, Drewhcr, Sigrnan, Kalixh, Belin, Kunan, Keating, Barml. ABSENT: Cook, Fowler, lVlill'fl'll'- DTR. I"RAN'l'ZEN TOP ROVV: Fox, Nlzitlicy, Cnlmlv, Bennett. THIRD ROVV: Nun-ll, Iitnyrc, llagenah Bishnp, lxNl'lII31ll'lI1'l', Vclclc, Grossman, YVylic. SECOND ROVVZ Peterson, Shanlcy, Miner Dcimcl, llamlmnrgcr, Davidwn, Ilnxt, Kurz ITUIIUHZIII. BOTTOM RONV: Mr. Frantlcn, Stcin, Spin-r Borclu-rot, Nanini, Culwn, Park, llnlinlwrg Rc-nn. ABSICNT: Arrnstrnng, Kirwht. MR. FUNKHOUSER TOP ROXV: Mohrman, Matson, Bradshaw Iilivlwlinalyl-l', VVuatlicrfurd, IIt'II1PSIl'1IlI, Allison Hopkins, Lnunsman, Brandcnhnrg. SECOND RONV: Fish, Braun, Pritzker, Fallu- way, I.uL'L'y, fllII'Vl'f', YVull'I, Pattnn, Iflanigan Martinuk. BOTTOM ROIV: Mr. Funklwuser, llenn Ilamsnn, Ilaulwr, Davis, I.elwr, Fagan, Parker Brittin. ABSIENT: Len. MRS. GUICST TOP ROXV: Klaukc, Bruce, Rowln-5, Koch Rothschild, livans, Maiman, Oliphant, Taylor Adams. SECOND ROXVZ Blackwell, Barry, Hoffmann Svlnwidcr, Rhodes, Q'nrm'll, Km-mla, Ninnsnn I.i1-Inman, -Innes. BOTTOIW RONV: lNIrs. Guest, Svhavhtman Iickur, Fairlwairn, Davia, Iirgang, Bunnctt Burtl, Uarrvtt. MR. HUY'l' TOP ROVV: VValtvr, IVICIIIIIIUIIQLII, 'Ii1IIll5t'll5l'1'. THIRD ROVV: lNlc'l'arthy, O'Kc'cfc', Freund lVIcI.4-od, Zin-Ike, Goldman, Shoemaker, XXIIIINOII Hurtt, Carlstvdt. SICUOND ROVV: Arnnson, Freeman, Lukasik Lvahy, Marsh, Baker, Ilastiu, llardt, jacnlmsohn BOTTOM RONVZ Mr. Ilnyt, Dmsnea, North Smcktmi, Dashmv, Ohligur, Zimring, Sanders, VVQ-inlwl'p,'. ABSICNT: Garner. MR. JAIVIES TOP ROVV2 llcckcl, Ifwcn, Ilucrncr. THIRD ROVV: NValker, Harris, Hutcheson, Sn-inIwrg, VVhitmurc, Gray, Yanllorne, Miller Dunn, McCarthy. SECOND ROXV: Iiiscn, Zeller, Johmnn, Ald- ridgv, llcrshinnnv, Radas, Voigts, Swarzman Bcrla:u'h. BOTTOM RONV: Mr. jarnes, Lasky, He-ileman, Porte, Bohm, Cole, Cngswell, VVarhover, Ray. ABSIENT: Adams. 1 v v v Q y v v u v 1 Q la-.A P X l78 MISS JOIINSON TOP ROVV: Evans, Sprague, l.ehman, Rosen- thal, Rheintgen, Schillo, Siever. SECOND ROW: Rusnak, Jensen, Thiele, Sche- man, Darcy, Fowler, Weehter, Bates, Douglas. BOTTOM ROXV: Miss J. Johnson, Olson, Dee, Remus, King, Oolweil, Phillips, Navin, llodge. ABSENT: Abbott, Brandt, Burmeister, Carlson. DR. JOHNSTON TOP ROW: Voss, McPhee, Mackenzie, Rosen- strock, Short, Erickson. THIRD ROVV: Kushner, Abler, Cummings, Corry, Ade, Ilixon, Snell, Leitner, Barr, O'Mal- ley. SECOND ROW: Raleigh, Bree, Koss, Braun, King, Burch, Gorman, Greengard, Nexon. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Johnston, Rosenberg, Kohn, Warfield, McClure, Behm, Freeman, Debs, Devine. ABSENT: llurtt. MR. KAIILER TOP ROVV: Kaffenberger, Radloff, VVolehen, lVIcLoney. TIIIRD ROW: Anderson, Siegel, Steinback, Platz, Armstrong, Patterson, VVells, J. Fox, Goodwin, Boyd. SECOND ROVV: Levitt, Burch, Martin, Cloud, Cohen, Clauson, Jones, Morse, Muhl. BOTTOM ROVVZ Mr. Kahler, Penovich, Far- rell, Frese, Lee, Lindblom, S. Fox, Boudart, Vvoollett. ABSENT: Alexander, Bell. MR. KfJSER TOP ROVV: Bernsten, llaugsness, Knapp. THIRD ROVV: llerhold, Nlerson, Deletzke, Manaster, Clough, Powell, Meier, Bassett. SECOND ROVV: Jacobson, Coelln, Fleisher, Bladen, Rauch, lloward, Maefarlatltl, VVinter, Idler. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Koser, Erenburg, VVei- ner, Hollander, Braun, Chukerman, Childs, Vandergraaf, Schwartz. ABSENT: Rothbardt, D. VVeinberg, M. VVein- berg. MR. LEYVIS TOP ROVV: Friedman, Smith, Kuehnle, Bell, Mcliernan. THIRD ROVV: llawkinson, VVQ-ber, Melford, Swede, Raflel, Lavender, llill, Gross, Brady. SECOND ROVV: Erenberg, I.echner, Fisher, Howard, Traweek, Adams, Nichols, Peacock,, Keefe. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Lewis, Douglas, John- son, Mosby, Buchanan, Begley, Gethnger, Van- Schoor, Levine. ABSENT: Freund. MISS MAIR TOP ROYV: llenrikson, Enenhach, Sadin, Eikel- harner, Sergel, Carlson, Stalnaker, Erickson. SECOND ROVV: Buchanan, Rodenberger, Wolf, Ferris, Freeman, VVilson, Addis, Rottman, Beau- champ. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Mair, Pattison, Gaber Seitz, Sauser, Berk, Capps, Erskine, Allweiss. ABSENT: Dunbar, Sehraeger, Vreeland. MISS MAY 1 TOP ROW: Christensen, Dodson, Roesing, Al- herding, Mussehl, Kammerer, Lager, Burns, Ges- sel. SECOND ROVV: Carlson, Guttman, Thomas, Cole, lluston, VanGallow, Rosser, Tiffany, Nel- son. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss May, Klein, Rosen, Pedriek, Bornor, Parry, Sanders, Schultz, Kul- harsh. AHSENT: Menk, VValters. MRS. lWl'lillllRE TOP ROVV: Masessa, Crittenton, Kennedy r Callender, Gaertner, YVilson, Randle, Peterson, Lelewer, Shaffer. SECOND ROVV: Cunningham, Thorsen, Fenn, Motel, Derlaeki, Stronaeh, Brown, Butow, Drell BOTTOM ROWV: Mrs. McGuire, Macdonald Kurl, Thompson, Zarhin, Schoden, Rosenthal Baker, llonaker. ABSENT: Shankman, XVatkins. MISS MIl'HI'Il.Kl'I iMfS- Klilliiffl TOP ROXV: Spiegel, Colhurn, Stoddard, Mc- Clory, Knight, Rawlings, Finkl, Petitelair. SECOND RONV: Aldridge, Spector, Feldman Gillett, Maxant, VVhituell, Sullivan, Palmer Burehmore, VanGelder. n D BOTTOM ROYV: Miss hliehellie, Sehoen, Mer- rell, Salvenstein, Sturmthal, Negley, Gluekman, Klein, Stein. A BSENT: Frou. MII. MORGAN TOP ROVV: Barnieke, Shauger, G. jones. THIRD ROVV: Root, D. Jones, Carr, Milks, Rion, Booth, Simpson, NVillhite. SECOND ROVV: Botthof, Gingiss, VVerner, Os- l rn , Ifr lltnl r, P1 rc , R ht , B tt vo e ' ict A me ie e et' oris ere a Sullivan. v BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Morgan, Trehy, Rex, Borre, Cummins, Blatehford, Graf, Nelson, Griggs. ABSENT: Case, Kellogg, McNulty, McQueen. 11 ,I 1 t l I80 MR . NIS BICT TOP ROVVZ llvclign-x', lNIc'c, lfnx, lirnwdvr, Ja- vore, Cooper. SECOND ROXV: VVim-sinillur, Rnvhlin, Dilling- ham, SIllt'l1IlK'l', llnwnlwrg, Aclzunw, litlrrmss Calhoun, Nnrdluf. liO'I"I'OlVl ROVV: Mr. Nislwt, Slnnnc, l':tul NIQ-ltler, YVciss, Slmttil, Sliznnlu-rg, lirvns, O'Cnn- ncll. ABSIENTZ I7t'llKlt'I'5l'l1, l.nt':iw, Tm-dt, YVish:1rt VVnnmlhc-ml. M RS . R A F I"I'1'l'l'U TOP ROVV: Finler, I,0llKl'lN'l'lxl'I', Duke, Lum- lmart, Rny, Stukus, I,l'1llit', linda-rnnnn. SECOND ROVV: Manny, Alfurd, johnson, liner, lNInrrison, MvlN1nlwn, Min-II, llzlllum, lieggx. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Rziffcttn, llnrdin, Pour- mn, Grzwh, Vunvsli, lintler, Cizirrctt, Ruskin, Goldberg. ABSICNTZ liornuv, lligg, Eddy, Pnllzlk. BIISS RAMSICY TOP ROVV: VVet1cl, I.nl1p.ff1n'd, IIllt'lIl'l1, VVhit0 lN1t'rric'k, lVlc'l.:1rc-n, Brown, Gnrin. SECOND ROXV: l7er'lwt', Amlvrscn, Carson Pitler, Ray, Shcrvr, Runen, Sp fvrt, Uvrden. BOTTOINI ROVV: lN1iws R1llIlSl'j', Baum, Then- lmld, Center, l,ynde, Stcincr, Cox, Sprcnger, lln rt. ABS ENT: RKIIIY. MISS STI' DER TOP ROYVZ llair, Svlimidt, Stc'ii1lu'vvlwr, jor- dan, linrnhnm, Ilenrivkw. SECOND ROXV: lvlcycixoii, XXY1ll'Ix, llzirringtnn Dnnnully, l'c-tc-rscri, Foulc, VV1-listvr, l'ert'y, llal- lidzly. liOT'I'OlNI ROVVC lNIiw Stndvr, lfux, Chou Schrmvztili, l5r:icllc-y, Kuhn, Rlindtw, Snralcino lVICC:lrthy. ABSENT: fxI1KIt'l'lI1Illl, Gillexpiv, Ciinslmnrg, Goldman, llnuscrmun. MR. CDE TOP ROYV: lNIl'KC'lghIlll, lieringer, Kruger D'nncon:i. THIRD ROVV: Dnllrneqwr, llnnlnn, Dnlil Prnuua, 'I'rmnux, Thoraen, Mnndhenk, Gillis. SECOND ROVV: Thnnmmn, 'I11ll'IlOI:f, Lyons, Clayton, I.2lllllZll'l"l, I.ll'llIlI'l1llI, Owen, liurre lingvl. BOTTON1 ROVV: Mr. Vdc, Bartlett, Kittncr, Thnmnn, Schultz, Rulminson, lN1zu'Arthnr, llaines, Shnles, llnguennr, n 1 MISS YVAUNER TOP RUVV: llapkc, lirightman, Silnpsun, Sla- f ter, Divk, Thrmrnpsmnll, Walk. SECOND ROXV: Linstvr, Freeman, Bingham, Fishvr, llillman, Killllllll'fl'F, Rankin, Pritikin, Iivkcrt. BU'l"l'UM ROXV: Miss -I. XVagncr, l'rl1z-mx', Friasell, Graham, Maloney, Lugan, Murray, Ynvuln, Isaacson. ABSICNT: l.vvy, May Held, XVZIIT. MISS N' l'Ill.lCR TOP RUVV: Rikor, Hough, Stingl, Shmmcrxnan, lilatrhlcy, Varlupiuu, Genius, Dahlheixm-r. SECOND ROXVZ YVhipplc, Fcltrnan, Reinish, Nelson, Ba-arnan, Schrcilwr, SIt'lll'j', Gcpnvr, Akrrs. H0'l"l'0M ROXV: Miw XXX-ilcr, Simon, Mark- nff, Lvunhard, Sicgcl, Rudy, llalvurscn, Bern- NIt'ill, Hivlwy. AliSl'fN'l': lllilllihllll, Mublcy. M R. ZANICTAKQTS TOP RUXV: Sublctt, Frandrn, Fnrgan, Hlsvh. THIRD ROXV: I.ym'h, Dolwrty, XVim-ner, Ash' lmuchvr, livrg, llarringtun, Miller. SICUOND RUXV: YVillis, Burrill, Sauycr, Bod- man, Ymxllglwrg, Browning, I'd1-sky, lids-lman, xvK'll'h. lilYl"l'UM RONV: Mr. Zallctzlknw, llulme-s I'.1liX'l'l', IAIISIT, Lupcr, lfglcstolm, Umm-nick, Irv- inwn, Dim-ttrivh. ABSICNT: Graf, Pollack. l8I .f uv "' ya. 541 Sw' llfl wi!..vp1f1l- no fwif, lnnr nn 1 They ie Calchzhg Q71 .kS'I'l"I'IC I"III'ISIIMI'IN I"UII.ICD 'I'III'I SALE UI" I'II,I'l- VA'I'UII I'I'IIIlII'I'S AND 'I'III'I I'I'I'I'IIH'I..kSS STAND- .KIID UI' LIVING I"I'lI,I, 'I'O .KX ALI.-'I'I5II'I LUNY. Ihe elass ol l'9lm.l hetrer known as the v Yeaeh or to fIIr. I,arry Irwin, freshmen lfresluuan Class, spent their lirst semester adviser ehairmen. in getting adjusted to sehool life, and their The freshmen also had senior adviser seeond in taking an aetire part in sehool helpers who gave the henelit of their experi- life. Those who eouldn't heeome eomplete- enee to the many beguiled freshmen. The ly orientated on Orientation Day, Septem- senior helpers also assisted freshmen in her l lth, still had several plaees to turn, as planning some of their dances. The "Spook- the faeulty, upperelassmeu, and sehool or-- Strut" was one of the parties with which ganizations all were willing to help. the seniors helped. The freshman girls 'lihe freshman eould take his day-hy-day were entertained hy their sophomore big problems to his adviser, and lie eould take sisters at another party. his more eomplieated ones to Miss Blanehe Ifven during the lirst few weeks of the sehool term the freshmen began to take part in the aetivities of the sehool organiza- tions. 'lihe hoys learned ahout 'liri-Ship and worked on aeeumulating the points re- quired for initiation. The girls, after at- tending the CI.A.A. demonstration at the beginning of the year, heeame the organiza- tion's most enthusiastie supporters. Ar the Freshman-Senior party the girls were intro- dueed to CIirl's Club. By the seeond semester the lfreslunen Class heeame self-governing. Boh Ilateher, IFIRICSIINIAN BOYS' IIONOR GROITI' TOP I'ICTI'RIi-TOP ROVV: Ilieks, Stringfellow, Brothers, Voysey, VVeinhoH:, VVileox. FOCRTII ROVV: Buenger, Ferdman, YVu, Garrod, Klein, Bernstein, Ilenderson, Kessler, Klee, Rasmussen, MeI.ueas, Tomb, Alsehuler. TIIIRD ROVV: johnsen, Depperman, XVilhelm, MeDougal, Ceeil, Fradin, Swain, Berger, lluehseh, Ilitz, llunter, Ilarris, Dickinson. SECOND ROVV: Freeman, Stuart, A. Stern, Eustis, Goldenlverg, Catlett, Slegel, IIoel, Kauf- mann, G. Stern, Vetter, livers, Ilenderson, VVright. BOTTOM RONV: VVinHeld, Sonnehorn, Auth, Nislwet, jones, Marcus, Ewald, Porte, Alexander, Friedman, Steadry, Kaufman, Nystrom. I"RICSIIlII.KN GIRLS' IIUNUII GROVI' BOTTOM I'ICTI'RI2-TOP ROVV: Gore, Bowen, Braden, Pllaumer, McGowan, Kirby, Mann, Ilillner, Goldberg, Murray, Howard, VVicks, Bair, Ilerst, Bull, Zimmerman, Kahler. FOVRTII ROVV: jones, Ilorwitz, Burrill, Everitt, Magidson, Polito, Salk, VVyss, Boyd, Spertus, Moreen, Dieterich, Bry- ant, Lundquist, Sheehan, Thelmaud. TIIIRD ROVV: I,assar, Pollaek, Sennett, Sinclair, MacKinnon, VVoIlf, Rapport, Iickhouse, Keith, Shawger, Martin, Sy- dell, I,eslie, Parker, KorH, Keane, Portes. SECOND ROXV: Anderson, Griggs, Samuelson, Nolan, C. Kirlmy, Minkin, Kessel, Hoffmann, Berkelhamer, K, Miller, llanna, C. Miller, Sehroeder, Ilildehrandt, DeVries, Cossman. BOTTOM ROVV: Gartside, Mejohnstnn, Falmen, Missner, Breeden, Beman, Vvheaton, Yale, Calderon, Naihurg, King, Foley. l82 FRHSIIMAN S'l'El'lRlNG l'UMXlI'l'l'l'1l'I TOP ROXVZ Swisher, Stephens, Uoozllriziri, Raslnnssen, lloldredge, Stezulry, hlellinek, Klein. SICVUND RUVVZ Bair, Born, Palmer, XVoItf, Cohen, lieers, VVheeler, Heg- gie, Bryant. liU'I"I'OM ROVV: Hanson, 'l'ueker, Hrad- lev Utlu liartholornay, Vohen, llieks, Foster, Iliekin- . 1 son, XVeiss, Kirlvy. Igllfl' to Il orly kifldi ---.-1 V- val: I .:.z:1.' A4599 V rx .' ll 3 s-3 .i. i lf? 5-SL.:- 1 Illll! Il.Yl'1'lll'1li KA'l'llY IRPIVKPIIQ l,l'l'Nlll1'Ill Yiee l'rn-sirlent ...MS A:--yt-1-,, A l'Al LA NXHI'..X'l'0N l'HARl.l'IS KINIIIHCU Si-eretnry 'l'reusnrer Paula NVheaton, Kathy Becker, and Charles Kindred were eleeted class olheers. The freshmen then went on to great heights at New Trier. They foiled the attempts of many upperelassmen to lead them astray. The freshmen no longer bought elevator permits and free lunch passes. The Fresh- man Class finished this year well prepared to earry on the grave and heavy responsihil- ities of the Sophomore class. 3 .195 Spf :'l1lfnr.vhij'. I84 l"ro.fh hay f1rn'ly.' KlII'll,llll'I'.1' loo rlfnsf' to fnfnlif il1l'IIfifIvt'IlfflllI. .'llf-.wlmnf11.vs1n1l1Iy.' fffillllll I1 111m II front MRS. Al.BER'l' TOP ROW: Flater, Windhorst, Bair, Denis. TIIIRD ROVV: Katz, Cohn, Cain, Mainzer Johnson, Stryker, Gundlaeh, Miller. SECOND ROW: Moskowitz, Lerseh, Bailey Pritchard, DeVries, Jacobs, Ketola, Stephens Press. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Albert, VVebb, Sand- ford, Ash, Calderon, Kruger, Gearhart, Rosner Fagel, ABSENT: Stixrood. MISS Blfl'IIlI'IllflRN TOP ROVV: Dix, Brown, Eisenberg, Nlerriek Seibold, Boyd, Bamberger, Landon, VVicks Schneider. SECOND ROVV: Ruml, Johnston, Jaekel, lid- wards, Self, Newton, Tueker, Orillith, Allen Goldberg, Gore. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Bredehorn, Johnstone Knott, Cone, Colmorgan, Fields, Ramsey, Staub jones. ABSIENT: Eldridge. MR. VATUN TOP ROVV: XVesterman, Maelinin, Ketter Goldberg, Mintz, Sauer, Ryan, Stringfellow Murtv. SECOND ROVV: Newman, jellinek, Thomas Prouty, Chalmers, Dawson, Rubin, lN1aeCorquo- dale, Dornbos, Allen. BOTTOM ROVVI Mr. Caton, Bloomfield, Cat- lett, VVells, Alexander, Ellison, Beam, Stickler llapke, Kaufmann. ABSIENTZ Gilmour, llarris. MRS . CHILDS TOP RONV: Thompson, Cohen, Steinberg, Jos- lyn, Koza, Austin, llillner, Tartellot, Desmond Connelly. SECOND ROVV: Brooks, Rapport, Klein, Gel- fand, Patterson, Ahrberg, llanna, Guthaus Berkenstadt. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Childs, Yeager, Light Slaughter, Sehoenbrod, Foringer, Griggs, Ed- wards, Oblson. ABSICNT: Nluhlenbrueh. v v 1 1 ! l' ff' llleitlliif Cl ,.. L 'SP he 566 MR. DAVIS TOP ROVV: MacFall, Grisamore, Fischer, Is- grig. THIRD ROVV: Dickinson, Halperin, Petersen, Calhoun, Turner, Tanvmann, Davis, Swisher. SECOND ROVV: Borden, Good, Brown, Baylor, Macdonald, Bernstein, Pasternaek, Meyers, Sav- age. BOTTOM ROVVI Mr. Davis, Rosen, Vverfy- mer, Knoehber, Fenton, Shellist, VVelch, Earle, Siskel. ABSENT: Martin, Rubom. MRS. DERRY TOP ROVV: Minter, Spertus, Culbertson, Gel- van, Rentner, Deppe, Lersch, Steinberg, Glover, Korman. SECOND ROVV: Citron, Norwood, Hirt, Davis, Alsdorf, Baumann, Bradley, Mathisen, Shawger, Brackett. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Derry, Vllnlfe, New- men, Yale, Hecht, Snorf, Paquin, Miller, Cork. ABSENT: Fox, Hynes. MRS. EWING TOP ROVV: Wilson, Otley, Churchill, Kern. THIRD ROVV: Hildebrandt, Coyne, Silver, Antolini, Papas, Mann, Howard, Harris. SECOND ROVV: Mee, Levinson, Baer, Grau- man, Unger, Brookman, Crosby, Guettler, Kes- sel. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Ewing, Sloan, Schrom, Breeden, Naiburg, Kirk, Cossman, Samuelson, Hernandez. MR. FEARPIICILEY TOP ROVV: Brothers, Gillis, Magnuson, Has- pray. THIRD ROVV: Hunter, Samuels, Hornbrook, Guzofsky, Safran, Stephens, Devin, Adams, Sidney. SECOND ROVV: Sosna, Ellis, Kucera, Jaman, Bershach, Diltz, Bradley, Deppe, Gordon. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Fearheiley, Betts, Mar- cus, Unseth, Yeoman, Nystrom, Holsman, War- ren, Paul. MRS. FELDER TOP ROVV: Schraeger, Gallagher, Strahorn, Neuman, Krause, Anderson, York, Magera, Bethke, Giden. SECOND ROW: Fueshmann, Seaton, Nolan, Butow, Kelly, Burdick, Engel, Goodman, Patera. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Felder, Pershing, Berk- son, Foley, Levinson, jones, Turner, Johnson, Beman. ABSENT: Levine, Murchison. M R. HERO l'. TOP ROVV: Dunean, Gordon, Kueera, Eustis, johnson, Major, Bridges, Buenger, Goodman, Reid. SECOND ROVV: Friedman, Borkan, Gran, Goynshor, XVelles, Olsky, MeI.aren, Zeutsehel, Spatl, Fraenkel, llitz, BO'l"l'OM ROXV: hir. Gerol, Russell, Kahan Berger, jones, Stiekgold, Mallon, Sehneider, Shoresinan. ABSENT: Curei. MIC. UULDFINGER 'FOI' ROVV: Burson, johnson, Dini. 'l'lllRl7 ROXVZ Oppenheim, llaxskins, Chris- tiansen, Klee, XVu, 'l'ee-garden, Scott, Bryant Kahn, l.ev. SECOND RONV: Elliott, Stuart, Thoma, Mae- Arthur, Miller, jones, llateher, Pedersen, Free- man. BO'l"l'OM ROVV: Mr. Goldfinger, Emerson Kaplan, Pieroni, Santostefano, Crum, Lakin Brown, Cassel. ABSENT: Sorkin. MR. GUULD 'FOP ROVVZ Stepelton, Yates, Short, hiatt, Ru- bin, XVallinpj, Bueseh, Fox, Mt-laugh, Bender, Clute. SECOND ROXV: Cohen, Augustus, Bagge, Zielke, NVilhelm, Marens, Klein, Hoffman, Kal- liek, llasse. BU'lvl'OlNl ROVV2 lNlr. Gould, Stickgold, Rau- liauser, Evans, Mieno, Palmer, Barg, Hooker, Goodfriend. ABSENT: 'l'aulmer. M R. G Rl'Il'INEBAUM I sej. 'FOI ROVV: Campbell, Kenna, Silander, Voy- 1 l 1 s I f 5 THIRD ROVV: Klingeman, Rout-ll, Roston, llooluler, Farrell, Peterson, Everett, Bueter. SECOND ROYV: Siegel, Slaek, Alexander, lloak, Reiter, Toluin, Laflerty, Johnsen, Ovson. BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Greenelmaum, Cohen, Baumgarten, Patterson, Kaplan, Bulkley, Fagan, Varner, Clark. MR. GUSTAFSON TOP ROVV: Alsehuler, Coflield, Fountain. TIIIRD ROVV: Steinberg, Gofl, Maekranon Croft, MeLneas, Vail, Atkinson, Stolkin, Simp- son. SECOND RONV: Burgdorf, Fox, Migel, llicks Eisner, Reineeke, lluelwseh, MaeI.ean, Osterberg, johnson. BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Gustafson, Poeoek, Gil- lis, Marquis, Sonnelaorn, Oliver, Freeman, Do- ver, Reed. ,I Q-is gi I Y'lf ' 'I '35 f 2 E ,jf 1. . b, 5 2 -Q .... I87 1 2 I I , . I 4 !l'llHl"lll . sf Q Jill' ls iiflltl El t I88 MRS. GWVYNN TOP ROVV: VVaterstradt, Ziemer, Bartholomay, Koss. THIRD ROVV: Kotler, Seifert, Laskay, Bienen- feld, Sheehan, Howell, Lundquist, Sulkin. SECOND ROVV: Leslie, Parker, Ilaeon, llar- rah, Thebaud, Sebring, Oldenburg, Gregory, Gorman. BOTTOM ROYV3 Mrs. Gwynn, Bernstein, Berg, VVest, Robin, Berkelhamer, Digre, Milne, Thorp. ABSENT: Shapiro. MISS HELMKAMP TOP ROVV: Townsend, Meliernan, Porter, Pflaumer. THIRD ROVV: MHIISHEIKI, Boyd, Dieterieh, Salk, VVinston, Palmer, Fitehmun, Nix. SECOND ROVV: Pendleton, Horwitz, Gordon, Keane, Eldredge, Epstein, VVhite, Evers, I.arkin. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss llelmkamp, Giallom- bardo, Sydell, Eberhart, Beers, Robin, Button, jones, Nilles. MII. HPINIJPIRSUN TOP ROVV: Davis, Kipp, Rothermel, Tomb, Phillips. THIRD ROVV: Jablo, Arnold, Foster, Kling, Spies, Cowen, Henderson, Kremer, jachym, VVhipple. SECOND ROVV: Addis, McBride, Mille-r, Pow- ers, Sobel, Hoel, Gilboy, Cutler, Harper. BOTTOM RONV: Mr. Henderson, Siebel, Drew, Zegers, Duerr, Franz, Bagge, Libit, Charous. DIR. ICKICS TOP ROVV: Eriekson, Caselli, I.utton, YVein- hoff, Ragusi, Fugard, Fragassi, Kessler, Glah- man, Ballantine. SECOND ROVV: Stultz, Arons, VViniek, jelli- nek, McDougal, Hartfield, Kamenear, Rau, Evers, Middleton. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. Iekes, I.indauer, Fargo, Ennis, Auth, Clingman, Nisbet, Kaufman, Harper. ABSENT: Fosse, Kudelko. MR. JACOISSUN TOP ROVV: Button, Goldman, INIeCabe, Mal- tenfort. THIRD ROXV: I.'Amoreaux, Coeroft, Phalen, Godshalk, Kiefer, Done-gan, Graves, Carlson. SECOND ROVV: Castle, Beadle, Rosen, Sosna, Jacobson, Mikulak, Rosberg, Kaup, llulsh. BOTTOM ROVV: Mr. jaeobson, Kleinfeld, Spiegel, Stillerman, Silberbe-rg, Porte, Tinkham, Ewald, Gerber. ABSENT: llooker, IVleCosh. M RS. .IUKAY TOP RONV: Shi-rman, Fricdlcn, xl avulu Phlauln, Dick, Mamlurin, XViIlhitc, Blavhcr, liull Daniels, SECOND RUXV: YViwclm'r, x11ll'Killllfbl!, llurd I.upman, Svhrnidt, Kirby, Rivhman, XValdu, Fcu- tun, Railuv. l3O'l"I'OM RUXVZ Mrs. jukay, Kart, Pfcifcr llcnn, ilutvhinwn, l'ulr-nian, Pollack. liruin VVh1-aton. .'Xl!SliN'l': Urtun. MISS KING TUV RUXVS Irv, Harris, Nluir, Mivhals, Dcahl Uarlscn, B1'Ill'Yt'llIi, Cragg, jilvrgcllx. SECOND RUNV: iilliiillsixj, Iingcls, llcnricli Fry, lluntington, Martin, Iiveritt, -IUIICN, Hiv- mnlt, Bryant. BO'I"I'OM RUNV: Miw King, Mann, Stivkrath PLIIICURISI, llvftvr, Vantl, Svhmmm'cr', Zuidcma ML-yor. ABSICNT: Bell, Ifielil. lull. KNlTl'l"lCR TOP RONVI I,l'iNlll'l', livrgcr, Sturgix, Carcy. THIRD RUNV: Garrml, Lang, NVhcclm-r, I,a- ycar, Kauiman, Muhl, XVhitchurat, Sl'hlIl'ilil'l'. SFUUNI3 RUXVZ Littlv, Alt'lll1iIlgS, llcatoll Yzwkcl, Fawn-ll, NVilmx, Nathan, Davis, Kerr. B0'l"l'0M RUNV: Mr. Knupfcr, Pollak, Rc- micn, lfca-Icy, Bohm, Dauvr. Stvzldrx, Rumack Nil'f'1liL'i1. ABSICNTI Uaxtuirth, Hicks. DIR. l.l'IYl'IRlCN'l'Z TOP ROVV: Smart, Rxierniiswn, Lcuis, Mark Pritikin, Yust, Stnrin, Km-itcl, NL-cr, Ulwn. SECOND RUXV: Bcrgcr, Fradin, 'l'rum-sdalc, llamiltnn, Limlhlmn, Ft'!'gllNl!ll, Rulwnx, llinklc, Smith, Harding. B0'l"l'OM ROVV: Mr, l,cvercnt1, Martin Bl'l'ix1'l', Frivdrnan, Guest, -libillliltlll, Yum-r, Ccril Zimlwr. ABSICNTZ Harper, jnlws, Yvdur. DIISS NIl'f'llNNlCl.L TOP RUXV: Graham, Taplavr, Butlinc, licll Niurray, lioblw, Mc.-Xnulty. SECOND RUVVZ Estlc, Kurif, Yvulff, Kcllvhcr, Clark, Martin, Un-llman, liurrill, llughvs. BOTTOM RUXV: Miss Mcfuiirwll, lluifmann Eil'hL'llgl't'L'll, Miwrwr, NVilwn, Rcilm-r, Garden Kvllcy, Magill. ABSIQNTZ Brody, lh-ttlvr, Masun, 0'l4rien NVirichcrg. v - n 1 I I we QE yu--0-4 Q., 'A DIR. MCFADZEAN TOP ROVV: lloldredge, Selzer, Graham, Dear. THIRD ROVV: Friend, Dihert, Luecker, Pasi- 111110, Mortimer, Szymanski, Meflenahan, Wil- linms, Alhert. SECOND ROW: Poulos, Cornyn, Amodeo, VVill, Syfert, May, Clark, Dt-pperman, Ilolland. BOTTOIW ROW: Mr. Mcliadzean, Springer, North, Reed, Bossen, Miller, llogan, Loper, Stern. MISS MILZ TOP ROVV: Keith, Zitman, Porter, Meier, Bloom, Knochel, Iirikson, Barnett, Ilerhenar, Palmer. SECOND ROW: McGuire, Miller, Portes, Hultman, King, Hassel, Cutler, Kessler, VVyss, Manahan. BOTTOINI ROW: Miss Mill, Goodman, O'Connell, Blumberg, Lahbe, Minkin, Schroeder, Jensen, Oehl. ABSENT: Zimmerman. MR. MOREY TOP ROVV: Lauher, Gilmore, Clifford, Wag- ner, James, llamilton. THIRD ROVV: Baxter, Robin, Becker, Granat, Dickinson, Troyer, lloffman, Boone. SECOND ROVV: Mullin, Evans, Nilsson, Gold- enherpf, VV:-lls, VVolff, Swain, VVright, Ferdman. BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Morey, Chrisman, Mar- tin, Byrne, XVeinherg, Ostrow, Thomas, Kreger, Stern. IYIISS NEWWICOMBE TOP ROVV: Born, Rogers, Monroe, Saunders. THIRD ROVV: Edmonds, Meythaler, Nelson, Eisen, Braun, YVatt-rfall, Browder, Trocky. SECOND ROVV: llerst, Price, Rothschild, Greenberg, Bronner, johnson, VVilliamson, Kuehler, Milnor. BOTTOM ROVV: Nliss Neweotnlve, Klein, Southwick, Marti, Mages, D'Eath, Berger, An- derson, Ford. IVIISS NIEMI TOP ROVV: Pollaro, Kidd, McGowan, Chorn, Behrendt, Borre, Rotmztn, Beyer, VVenzel, An- derson. SECOND RONV: llalllu-rg, llirseh, Sennett, Sinclair, Lassar, Kopel, Tucker, VVeiss, Metz, Booty. BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Niemi, Sergeant, Schaefer, INlCCarthy, Syyirxn, Stauh, Lyon, Young, Goodman. ABSENT: Marks. MR. PAUMER TOP ROW: Phillips, Briggs, Gowdy, Weather- ford. THIRD ROW: Allen, Thomas, Kindred Abramson, Goodman, Thorsen, Lazzara, Mer- cein. SECOND ROW: Luhliner, Hall, Spencer, Dix- on, Woznicki, Dunn, Carrington, Ross, LeMire. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Paumer, VVinchell, Win- field, Avery, Eichengreen, llolmgren, Cooper- man, Ploehn, Pearlman. ABSENT: Henderson, Osmond, Star. MRS . SUTTON TOP ROW: llerhold, Dolnick, Goldberg, Hynes, Kalk, Schreiner, Salstone, Thomas. SECOND ROW: Loose, Beguelin, Becker, Reu- ben, Marshall, Eckhouse, Franden, Braden Moreen. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Sutton, Jones, Bogart Prentiss, VVendnagel, Mcjohnston, Fahen, Kirby Hawkinson. ABSENT: Focht, Johnson, Kahler, Mannheimer, Viezhicke. MRS. WVINII LER TOP ROW: Richburg, Bowen, Massman, Mag- idson, Polito, Goldberg, Kahn, Anderson, Dan- ielson, Meyer. SECOND ROVV: Forkosh, l'nger, Button, Tap- lor, Greaves, Eldredge, Rhodes, Masessa, Mori- l artv. BOTTOM ROVV: Mrs. Wlingler, Beers, Berry VVilliams, Gartside, lleggie, Elliott, Ingersoll Culver. ABSENT: Kuch, Palmer. u v v u"""M all , Will P , I Memonkzm Q 9 eq' I -anh- I if HINAIAIJ 'l'. RYAN JR. ILX Vlllws nf l!Hi0 fl!! "-11? If VID l'. lbllflliill' ' ss of 19150 Qu-X 'Qs DKX Ill XX Ill S'l NVANIAHY ll. ISOIHCINIAX 1 . Flu N of Iwi" Plum of IEIG2 N . .. 'E , l xx JOHN V. lDANI"0li'I'll 1'A'l'KIl'K Y. LAIIIX 1 v Flaws of 19152 Vlum nf I .WZ U A N , V Q N Q A H U . . . . --ggg.:.::.. ....Y::...... :.,.:::..g.:... ,..:.::::::g,L...L.2.Z12.2,2::ZL1L:f:--L-,...,..............-.................,.........,., A va 'l """""' - .. - ...-.-.. ..-................... .....-..- .........--..........-....,............-...,,.,.......--'-'H " ' " ' "' , .. .......:................- ......r. . ......... .. .-. ' ... " """'-v-----n................,...........u-u - , ,, L -........7m-,,:...'3!!I....,........ ...............3..........r:.f....................................,......................,.....:.:............... -, :............,.,...,.......,.......f.7.,......."""..Z.. 'L""'1'-N' '-f-------............--.......................-w v--1327 H'-'--""g .. ' - . t In U I .,................................,.. .,...,.....,.,1,f,.. - I nw .- 'M .,. ... ... ...- .... .L-. ..... ...N ..l.u- ...A ..... ..... t ...N . ., . ,, 1. 1- . -Y ,...fH.V4-,,,-Q. , ,4-- -. ' - - ' '--- ' - ' ' .... ...., . . C Q . . t 1 11 A

Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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