New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL)

 - Class of 1958

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New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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V ', :" "'2 fg,'cl'v 1 A - 2125? 4 f . 33412115 fp - -f ' .V Vi., "QQ '32 , V V.,V,,.V-VVAMV-VQ-A - f ,. , -VV , I 1 -- ' ' 1 V , VV -f,V ,f wfxf nv--I , V VV ' g t - .- V I V V f if ECHCES of I958 New Trier Township High School Winnellca, Illinois June 6, I958 Edilor-in-Chief . . . Managing Edifor . . Assislanl' Edilor . . AFI' Co-Edilor . . Arl Co-Edi'I'or . . Wrife-up EcIiI'or . Manuscripl' Edilor . . Girls' Sporls Edilor . . Phologra phy Co-EcIiI'or . . Pholography Co-Edilor . . Joseph Lundy Harry lvleislahn Richard Donal Rebecca Brown Janel Harllce Barbara Gibson Sharon Wilson Marion Welch James Reeves David Milchell I:acuI'I'y Sponsor . Pholography Adviser . Miss Eclilh Bean Mr. D. F. Smifh Table of Conlenls III IV V VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. Facully, Adminislralion Classes ...... Underclasses . . Freshmen . . Sophomores . Juniors . . Seniors .... Sludenl' Aclivilies . . Sludenl Council . . Girls' Club . . Tri-Ship . Girls' Sporls . . Boys' Sporls .... Publicalions and Debale Drama . .... . Music...... Service Groups and Clubs Snapshols ..... Aclcnowledgmenls . Pages and 5-20 . 2 I-50 . 22-3 I . 32-4I . 42-50 . 5 I -78 . 79-96 . 80-85 . 86-89 . 90-96 . 97- I 04 . I05- I 30 . I3 I - I40 . I4 I - I 46 . I 47- I 54 I 55- I 68 . I 69- I 75 . I 76 THE TOWER DOORS EXEMPLIFY THE SIMPLE DIG-NITY OF THE NEW BUILDING L.. IICQ3 ' II I I X57 f-J J 2 I II, I I I Xi-iv Idf' Il U IIII IIII.I ITC 54 E If I XY . , I I is ,Q 4 Q' fi, UMM , I A2 IQ. IX, f KY Lf m 1 M I+ -fu ufefef I-bf DR. W. H. CORNOG MR. W. L. BROWN MR. R. H. CARPENTER ' Superinfendenl and Principal Assisfani Superiniendenf Dean of FacuITYi Dlfedof of S+'-'d'e5 Growing Faculty o The New Trier TaculTy and admini- sTraTion, under The direcTion oT Su- perinTendenT William I-I. Cornog, eT- TecTively uTilized The new TaciliTies and coped wiTh an increased enroll- menT To malce i957-58 an ouTsTanding school year. There were only Two adminisTraTive changes in The Tall. Mr. Jerry L. Kelley became The new Treshman boys' adviser chairman louT remained supervisor oT The work oT The visiTing adiusTmenT counselors. Mr. Carl W. Clader replaced Mr. Fred C. Windoes as head OT The science deparTmenT. A ToTal oT ThirTy-nine Teachers was added To The TaculTy This year.-f TwenTy oT These replaced Tormer Teachers and nineTeen were needed To care Tor The increased enrollmenT and increased number oT courses oT- Terred. Mrs. A. AlberT, Miss J. Clap- per, Miss A. DoherTy, Mr. W. P. Gregory, Mr. R. Gould. Mr. B. Guest Mrs. J. Jensch, Miss C. La- Grange, Mr. J. P. McCloskey, and Miss E. McElhaTTan are new To The English DeparTmenT. To The maThemaTics sTaTT were added Miss E. M. Cornell, Miss E. Donnell, Miss D. L. l-Iarris, Mr. J. F. Judge, Mr. R. J. LeverenTz, and Miss E. STrohmeier. Mr. J. L. Gerol and Mr. I-I. J. PeTerson are The new social sTudies Teachers. Miss G. M. STrasma and Mr. J. R. Thomson are Teaching MISS L. HOLZINGER MR. P. C. GOODRICH MISS L. G. HAMILTON MR. J. W. GANNAWAY MISS F. A. BREDIN MR. R. WEHR Regisfrar Business Manager Sr. Girls' Adv. Chairman Sr. Boys' Adv. Chairman Jr. Girls' Adv. Chairman Jr. Boys' Adv. Chairman MR. C. O. GIBSON MR. E. N. RODBRO MISS V. E. KRAL MR. E. A. WEINGARTNER MISS B. M. VEACH MR. J. L. KELLEY Assislant Business.Manager Supervising Engineer Soph. Girls' Adv. Chairman Soph. Boys' Adv. Chairman Frosh Girls' Adv. Chairman Frosh Boys' Adv. Chairman l MR. F. A. KAHLER Dean of Boys: Dlreclor of College Guidance Into languages. Newcomers To The sci- ence deparTmenT are Mr. F. J. Bur- dine, Mr. E. L. CompTon, Mr. P. B. Shoresman, Mr. E. V. SmiTh, and Mr. G. L. Wagner. Miss l. E..Anderson, Miss A. Brown, Miss C. K. Ramsey, Mrs. C. R. ScoTT, Miss N. -Sorenson,sand Mrs. L. W. SuTTon joined The girls' physical edu- caTion sTaliT. Mr. Farmer and Mr. T. NisbeT are insTrucTors on The boys physical educaTion,sTaTT. The driver educaTion depairTme'nT acquired Mr. J. M. Morgan and Mr. W. G. Zane- Talcos. Two deparTmenTs acquired only one new Teacher: arT, Miss M. ,V V Franlcenbergergy indusTrial arTs, Mr. BOARD OF EDUCATION MISS H. MALONEY Dean of Girls DR. R. E. GADSKE Dean of Sfudientsg Coordinafor of Activities y Cffic W. J. Koser. Miss D. A. Johnson ioined The library sTaTT. New members OT The oTTice sTaTT are Mrs. A. l-l. Berlcelman, Mrs. V. G. f1rCh'lase, Mrs. W. C. Dodge, Miss D. Domeniclq, Mrs. L. C. Fallek, Mrs. A. R. Franzese, Mrs. B. S. KasTel, Mrs. l-l. Maynard, Mrs. A. L. SmiTh, and Miss M. R. Thalman. Miss EThel Evans, Miss Ada Flem- 'ingTon, Mr. Chauncey Jones. Dean Frederick Kahler, Mr.-,John Nay, and Mr. l'larry PiTer.are reTiring aT The end oT This year. 1'-lhree 'Aili I Teachers reTurned Trom 'leaves oT absence: Mrs. B. Johnson, Mr. SweeT, and Mrs. Wehr. .if Mr. Shearer served as presidenT oT The l:aculTy Council OT l957-58, which worlcs wiTh The adminisTraTion To improve school condiTions. LasT year's WelTare CommiTTee, com- posed oT The heads oT maior sTudenT organizaTions and TaculTy sponsors and represenTaTives, has been changed To The STudenT CabineT To discuss sTu- denT problems aT New Trier and malce recommendaTions. Many deparTmenTs moved inTo new oTTices and brighT, well equipped classrooms in SepTember. AT long lasT The building maTches The high sTandard seT by The TaculTy aT New Trier, l958. Q, Lefl' ToxrighT: Mr. KauTman, WinneTl4a: Mr. Rogers, WilrneTTe7 Mr. Arnold, Glencoe: Mr. BogarT, KenilworThy Mrs. DoughTy,1 WinneTka1 Mr. Myers. Glencoe: Mr. Spacelc, WilmeTTe. F F' , ' V . V - H so "ms F"s'nf"' fi F fi'-i 3 ,fnfn 5 3 7"f'f1i , I nz., C ,. ,,l EFMINI ff+f7lllffWwf lg Ti' I-.. ag 51. L . I I L L lg 4531 I-,J 4 'RQQQ LJ L 161- MR. R. S. PETERSON MR. H. G. SWAIN MR. B. W. SHEARER Mr. C, W. CLADER MR. P. W. McDOWELL MR. J. W. RAU Head of English Head of Malhemalics Head of Social Sludies Head of Science Head of Foreign Head of Business Deparlmenl Deparlmenl' Deparlmenl' Deparlmenl Languages Deparlmenl' Deparlmenl' MISS W. N. GAHAC-AN MR. W. J. PETERMAN MR, F. A. HOLLAND MR. H. F. McKEE MRS. J. W. MULHOLAND MISS E. R. LIBBEY Head of Dramalics and Head of Music Head of Ari Deparlmeni' Head of lnduslrial Arls Head of Home Economics Head Librarian Speech Deparlmenl Deparlmenl Deparfmenl Deparlmenl MR. D. SHOWLEY MR. C. O. GRATER MISS l. BOULTON MRS. K. VV. MR. J, I.. KELLEY MR. C. J. LUNDQUISI' Head of Boys' Physical Alhlelic Direclor I-lead of Girls' Physical SCHOENENBERGER Head of Adluslmenl' Dlrecfror of Teslinq Educalion Deparlmenl Educalion Deparlrnenl Head of I-lealI'l'n Depl. Counselor Service FACULTY COUNCIL Top row: Mr. Clader, Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Lar- sen, Mr. Jensen, Mr. Malinslcy, Mr. Welwr. Bo'Hom row: Mr, Shearer, Miss Sleiqlfwl, Mrs. James, Miss Alex, Mrs. Greeson, Miss Ham- illon. I T 1 3 . ri, na ' - 11 1 3 wal PING-PONG PLAYBOYS WOMEN'S FACULTY INITIATES NEW LOUNGE I REALLY SHOULDN'T . . . BUT . . IT'S YOUR DEAL, MR. CHIPS 75 Vgvw T va ff if L .V I4 XX W N! X T T V1 FT. Ti T T ff rw ,ffmw 'T f A if R TX -,X -X V ,V 2 ' rf-NN lx rn? I FX T lfxx -NX L y,.JL X TJ ,xx -J ff I TH' T L4-ff,w TTTTQ-, T -T M Two A f-, ,f , T XV' T A-N T n N . YJ T fs Az xt g 1 T .J Lf' AQ 2.1 L.-. xX,.d wk-J L41 LL, X T X-ff X-as 34 FACULTY MEN MEET NEW MEMBERS AT DINNER W f, E ,K in wr fx, F: 1 'I N 1 ,UK fl ,f'xw -, 71 3 fly ' ,f!,f'H- . H. pw x T 1 L 'J T .xxlx LJ Xi! Xi!! 1 Ld W ,XLR x "X,k' X-I AJ 9 Thirty-Nin T h MRS. E. M. ABBOTT MISS M. E. AJAX MRS. A. ALBERT MR. B. C. ALMAGUER MISS F. J. ANDERSON I. E: ANDERSON Girls' Physical Educafion Adiusfmenl Counselor English, Foreign Languages Foreign Languages Music Girls Physical Educahon MR. W. J. ASCHENBACH MRS, R. K. ATKINS MISS G. BAHR MR. E. W. BAILEY MRS. L. E. BAILEY MR. F. A. BARNEY Malhemaiics Secretary fo Superinfendenf Business Science Library Slaff Boys' Physical Education MISS E. H. BEAN MR. E. P. BENNETT MRS. D. J. BERKEMEIER MR. J. W. BIRD MRS. H. H. BISHOP MRS. E. M. BOND English Art Girls' Gym Office Mathematics Business Home Economics MRS. H. C. BORHEK MR. R. R. BOYLE MRS. A. J. BRADBURN MISS E. L. BREIDENBACH MR. H. R. BROWN MR. H. F. BRULL Home Economics English Music Foreign Languages Business Adiusfmenf Counselor MR. C. F. BUERGER MR. W. N. BUFFETT MR. F. J. BURDINE MR. C. E. CARLSTROM MRS. K. B. CARROLL MISS G. CASELLA English Social Sfudies Science Industrial Arfs Business Office Arr E gg, , If I . fi I If y ig yi It y .4 I .4 Q. QQ-I xv, 'cg N,-I - V .4 'X X x ... .. N V . 1 ,L . - f-X ,-. A f-X, A IWQ , I I' I fx- L ,I I , , , I,-2 'R I I.,,I. I I I J Illllix I I C... Q2 4. ...I 1. I.-,X.,' 'X-J." ... SN MR. H. D. CATON MR. W. R. CHAPMAN MRS. V. G. CHASE MRS. D. E. CHILDS MR. H. R. CLARK MR. M. T. CGISURISI Malhemaiics Music Library Slafli Malhemalics Science Social Sluclles MR. E. L. COMPTON MR. V. I-I. CONDON MISS E. M. CORNELL MR. T. CRAMLET MISS M. I. CRITCHETT MRS. A. H. DALGETY Science Science Malhemalics Boys' Physical Educalrion Social Sfudies Business Office MR. VV. H. DAVIS MISS M. D. DEAMES MISS R. C. DICKINSON MISS A. DOHERTY MISS D. DOMENICK MISS V. B. DONHAM Social Sludies English Library Slaff English Office Slaff Foreign Languages MISS IEE E. DONNELL MRS. E. .P. DOSCHER MISS L. WSDURGIN MR, 61, ELLIS MR. M. M. ESAREY MRS. M. M. ESAREII Malhemaiics Office Slafl English Social Sludies Driver Educalion Office S'Ia'f'i I I I I I I Aa. I MISS E. M. EVANS MRS.. L. C. FALLEK MR. J. E. FARMER MR. R. R. FEARI-IEILEY MISS A. E. FLEMIINIGTOIXI 'MISS F. J. FLEISITVI: Malhemalics Library Slaff Boys' Physical Educalion Arls ancl Crafls Social Sludies Foreign Languages we-v-K, V.- H' '-' Jf ff?-e L , 3 .,. V ,-r l I ' ic K I I I I I 1 I . I -- f -- -- Iv 4.1 Je 17, 7 xfxl ' f - f"v+ - , I 1 r - G- ,.f'X I I ,I NJ If' L L. , 1 3 , N 'N L1 5 LX X ff 1 . Ngxxt X , IAN E 1 VV IV, :J A QQ J J ruff 5, ' L.. ' I lun 1 5 I I ' J: ' I , I 1 I J' . Q ,I I My I l 1 3 ' ,W I-jf A ,QD ff' l I lu '- . I I . . I . . I I ' , ' , I I 'X L. I ---fa VL. cc .-g.L- IL. lv. I-, llc-, . .1 , c- LI S ..+,,.. L.. L. sc-.. XHA,- MRS. E. M. FLOOD MISS K. 5. FORCK MR. F. A. FRANTZEN MISS A. R. FRANZESE MISS V. A. FRAZIER MR. D. K. FUNKI-IOUSER Library Slralf Social Sluclies Boys' Physical Educalicn Office Slaff Girls' Physical Educalion Malhemalics MRS. lvl. M. GALLIE MR. J. L. GEROL MR. J. J, GIALLOMBARDO MRS. C. B. GILL MR. R. T. GOBER MRS. K, GREESR Ma-lhemalics Social Sludies Boys' Physical Eclucalion Auclilorium Direclror Adiuslmenl Counselor Business MR. P. GREGORY MR. C. B. GUEST MR. D. W. GUSTAFSON MRS. D. J. GWYNINI MRS. M. J. HARPER MR. R. A. HARPER English English Boys' Physical Eclucalion Foreign Languages Science Mall-iema-H55 MISS D. I.. HARRIS MR. L. E. HENDERSON MRS. M. L. I-IEISIDERSON MR. R. l-I. I-IJORTHAMMAR MR. L. A. I-IOYT MR. A. A. I-IURLEY Malhemalics Social Sludies Parenls' Associalion Office Foreign Languages Science Boys' Phygigal Edugalion MR. I.. C. IRWIN MR. J. .IACOBSOIXI MRS. L. P. JACOBSOISI MR. B. P. JAMES MRS. M, M. JAMES MRS. J. A. English lnduslrial ,iris Office Slaff Mallwemalics Foreign Languages English, Foreign Languages 2 2 2 Z Z Q 2 4 2 4 2 2 , i 1 can n E 1 Os i 1 .5 . . 1 ,L f- O i ' . ix ,O g .V .K i i 1 f., H f J W.. W f- E , A Y L .L . - fi ' f- A I .f-XJ V ' . . 1 ' ' , FXS" ,--. , 'SN fa "- . l ' L f i . -. W ,f . i N f' . l L .L .L - . l - i i i - i i 7' ' 1 - as-. ' Y . " ' 1 i 1 ' ' Q ' ' ' ' . ' 2 Q i lb 'i . . i 2 WS 1 . .l Vw s V: MS - J l W!! X,-,X ...i ' sux ,V f., X 'guyz RN, -J s fi. -S ' ..,,,9 xl' Rx .f ---' -XM! NX, -Ng, X. L4 ... vx,, Lf MR. G.X1V. JENSEN MR. J. A. JENSEN MR. D. F. .IODA MRS. B. B. JOHNSON RUSS D. A. JOHNSON MISS E. JOHNSON English, Foreign Languages Mafllwemalics Boys' Physical Eclucaiion Girls' Pliysicai Educailon Library Slaif Office Siafi MRS. l. L. JOHNSON MR. A. J. JOHNSTON MR. C. H. JONES MR. J. F. JUDGE MR. E. W. KAHLER MISS G. L. KARL Foreign Languages Social Sludies lvlallwmallcs Ivla'l-hemallcs Foreign Languages English, Foreign Languages -.,...., -..... -...- . ., ,.,, ,.. .. 'V MISS J. P. KIXMILLER MR. W. J. KOSER MRS. R. N. KREIG MR. J. H. LABADIE MISS C. l.a6RANGE MR, E, l-l. LANDWER Social Sludies lnduslrial Arls Adiuslmenl' Counselor Foreign Languages English lndusirial Arls MISS E. M. LaPORTE MR. R. E. LARSEN MR. C. F. LAUER MRS. A. W. LAVERY MR. N. S. LEHMAN MRS. S. J. LEif,4,F11 Foreign Languages lnduslrial Arls Boys' Physical Educalion Music English Eriglisf' Q3 'T , 1f -I View cf F Vi F L-. ,fn-I 75 fra , r-I F-I 6 :ff l l i I I--1,-f ff-ax - f f I .lf-e., I I ,V--X, fa--a ,fxl .ff ,f'D'w fox, ,MAI ' !,fv Hs I W, xfl I I , ' I 1 1- , ' I ,"' I 'J I .4 ' sm 'yi , ,1,. ' X I If ff-X if lx I I v 2 "fx 1 ,f V, ' Q Nu ffllx fx' ' I l ,iQ I 'lf Ile-f' 1 g Xl,1-,li fi k N . i i.,x,,l M1 l CE? MISS I-I. M. LENNARDS MR. R. J. LEVERENTZ MR. L. LIGI-ITNER MR. C. G. LILL MISS S. B. LONGSWORTH MR. S. A. MAGES Foreign Languages Malhemalics English Malhemaiics English Music MRS E MALINSKY R. MANAHAN MR. J. F. MARRAN MR. H. G. MARZ MISS L. J. MAY Educalion Social Sludies Social Sludies Malhemalics MR. J. W. McCLOSKEY MRS. E. G. McELl-IATTAN MR. J. C. McFADZEAN MR. R. G. McGEE MR. D. F. McKENDALL MISS G. L. MOELLER English English Boys' Physical Educafion English English Foreign Languages lwwx . ,- I . MR. L. R. MOREY MR. J. M. MORGAN MRS. M. L. MORRIS MR. J. M. NAY MISS S. M. NELSON MR. L. H. NEUMAN Foreign Languages Driver Educafion Foreign Languages Social Sluclies Social Sludies Driver Education fum MR. T. NISSET MISS S. MIVLING MRS. A. H. INIORTHROP MR. O. A. OAKS MISS E. OBARA MRS. M. D. OLSON Boys' Physical Eclucalion Oiiice Sfafi Guidance Tesiing Office lnduslrial Aris Ari Book Siore J I FN! 1" 'I U I I V 'Nil I I l l I. I T ' lx " f V" T' T' "T if T I "TT l Iii TT' . 'YVVY if ln 'Tn' ITT' ' "-, ii E Q Iwi T T . mil 1 WY ,, .fl Q . w VTX-I S IL Vll I Fi FI Il I I II I I I fmill f' fw QI I Ifi If nfl .I I I ,J "fs-l ,l 'L l I l N nj l l I lngl gc, I l 'I -. f fl I J' I 1 I . l , X -f" I I ls " .Sf 3 . l -- J IN-ff Nx.!' "x..J I...I LJ ..l L..I l'-...,f4I Is,x X,j Lf" l...S Xl' liyflil Xx,,....I gwy E. ' V.. if ,AJ -1 ,Q-I MISS S. O. OSLAND MISS H. B. PARKER MISS E. YN, PATTERSON MR. H..J. PETERSON MR. I-I. PIFER MR. R. E. PINK Girls' Locker Room Office S'i'af'f Foreign Languages Social SI'ucI1es English English MISS S. POWELL MISS J. PURDUM MRS. J. L. RAFFETTO MISS C. K. RAMSEY MRS. A. G. REAM Girls' Educalion Home Economics Foreign Languages GirIs'PhysicaI Educalion lvlusic vIR M T I S H E REINHARDT MISS C. V. RESLER MR. G. VV. REYNOLDS MR. D. H. ROBERTSON MR. C. F. ROCKEY Cafeferxa Business Library Siaff Science Boys' Physical Educarion Science MRS. M. W. ROMANI MRS. E. R.. ROTTER MRZR. V. RUDE MRS. G, SAVAGE MR. J. SCI-IMITT MRS. C. R. SCOTT English Y Y English HETETICS and Speech Nurse Boys' Locker Room Girls' Physical Educalion MR. P. B. SI-IORESMAN MRS. M. D. SHOWLEY MISS N, G. SLEIGI-IT MR. D. F. SMITH MR. E. V. SMITH MRS. J. F. SMLITFXIY Science Boys' Gym Office Malhemalics MaI'hemaI'ics, Phoioqraphy Science English I I . . 1 'ii Q ri in fl . ,.,. , iff.. ,L I UL.-H 1 ,X T I, ri 7 X-K L. wi V,-S, T-V,-.K qqgfx. ,x,,,. Viffl ,!-J ' K.,-X! I g X I F--f-.VN F I 'Fi I if I ' if il I I ' fri I Cigna IFJ I I 'I WW Fx ini V-A I IXAI in "ASI Ii :Axl i I if- fl VFX! Fi I i IIS", Xi 4 I I I I W We he lil? I -. II L fe I I LN XJ II I I II I. I Q I I I IJ 'fs I lv' I LJ g,I .Ll ...H ,Q . . A.. - ,-1 ,Q Y I ' X-X, -gf S-SQXLQ I--I S'-S-,X-.I 'V Aix-,fi L-ix-,K IK? MISS N. SORENSON MRS. F. A. STEFFENS MR. J. F. STENVALL MRS. A. S. STEWART MISS 6. M. STRASMA MR. C. W. SULLIVAN Girls' Physical Eclucalion Office Siaff Ari Science Foreign Languages Book Slore MRS. L. W. SUTTON MR. R. B. SWEET MRS. L. TELLIS MISS M. R. TI-IALMAN MR. J. R. THOMSON MR. N. E. UDE Girls' Physical Educalion English Business Office Book Slore Foreign Languages Malhemalics . 'I g4.3,.xgg ., ..i, - f,:..z .L.,f.gfz- fr fi'49s'. ' ' fjff 4 6 MR. S. S. VERNON MR. G. L. WAGNER MRS. I-I. G. WAGNER MISS E. WALTZ MRS. S. I-I. WARD MISS G, R. WASYLOWSKY Science Science Girls' Physical Educalion Social Sludies Science Social Sludies MR. C. O. VVATERS MRS. L. O. WATERS MRS. F. YWEHR MISS F. A. WEILER MR. K. L. XNELLINGTON MISS M. WHEELER Malhc-ma'rics Social Sruclies Social SI'ucIies Social Sluclies Driver Educaiion Girls' Physical Educafion ,-5 MISS E. WI-IITE MRS. M. L. WILKENING MR. R. E. WILSON MRS. K. B. WING MR. VV. G. ZANETAKOS MR. W. S. 71I,IlqQW5l4I ' ' ' ' 1 K E Iish English Driver Educalion Foreign Iffvquages English Office Slefi Eng GRAY MAKES HIS REBUTTAL IN DEBATE CLASS -N xx XL S 5 fi , , I I I I "' 1 ' ,f'XI ' I W 1 L, I I V, ,fu ,Lk,T 'KN N , L1 SN, ,- .L LL 7 ,Y,, , I V I . IX I I I 1 X T ' ,- I fr,-,I Q Y Y W , I 5,-E '--- w W , 1 I I 1 I N! ,-X, , I I I L L. Q. A f'W ', I I I L- I , 4 I I I VHS' L I I I I Q .I ,Q .I J ,JJ .J LM ,J Q -Q ,J QM, -I ,O Vf I-VO L. I X GRAVITY WORKS EVEN IN PHYSICS LAB INTERIOR DECORATION CLASS ANALYZES NEW TRIER'S FURNISHINGS MRS. MORRIS'S FRENCH CLASS ESTABLISHES A SIDEWALK CAFE TRAINING FOR DO-IT-YOU RSELFERS . .. W -I ,-,v of----.Kw NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR PARTY i ri ff II f--. - f--L f-X I--I ff- I X f-V X. . . - A I 'I I. if f' I I 'r II', I I I i, I I I II , I I+QII'I I II!Il,'II IVI III IlyII I I I IIII III y T J , -X . .o L- - I I I I I ... I I T 'QQTI T T , if .-Q' I 3 LI I I KXT I AI II I I II I I I i, I I II. I I . I. I., I .JI I I I -as II xv,-,I . AVI I I' I 1 -V' , . I I pr... T-X AYKV Y, ,Y,,,,l I,....l I V . I-U-I Curricular deveIopmenTs aT New Trier Township T-Iigh School during The I957-58 school year included The esTabIishmenT oT a biology course Tor Treshmen, The exTension oT The Ad- vanced MaThemaTics course To in- clude The TwelTTh grade, The expan- sion oT oTTerings in The social sTudies courses, The TighTening oT examina- Tions in The English DeparTmenT, and TirsT sTeps in providing Tor Advanced PIacemenT courses in The Toreign Ian- guages. In addiTion, aT The begin- ning oT The second semesTer a series oT Seminars Tor unusually capable iuniors was seT up wiTh advanced in- sTrucTion in English, maThemaTics, chemisTry, and Toreign languages. The course in biology Tor Treshmen is now correIaTed in cerTain ways wiTh The courses in English and his- Tory Tor These sTudenTs. The correla- Tion, however, is noT so much in in- TegraTion oT subiecT maTTers as in combined eTTorTs To develop cerTain in+eIIecTual approaches To The worlc. One purpose oT esTablishing a biol- ogy course Tor excepTional sTudenTs in The ninTh grade is To prepare Them Tor a possible eIecTion oT chemisTry in The TenTh grade, oT physics in The elevenTh grade, and oT a college level course in any one oT The Three sciences in The TwelTTh grade. RELAYS PROVIDE EXCITING COMPETITION IN BOYS' GYM CLASSES TWT" I ' I 'TH1 I I I xg I ,I x,,,,, Y , H I I I I - I V W Y, I,,.i -.4 ,YV, ,.- 7I L, In The maThemaTics program The group oT sTudenTs who sTarTed as sophomores wiTh combined plane ge- omeTry, solid geomeTry, and a Tew elemenfs OT TrigonomeTry and calcu- lus has progressed Through The nor- mal high school maThemaTics course by The end OT The iunior year and has underTalcen a college Treshman- level course in analyTicaI geomeTry and calculus during The senior year. In The Social STudies DeparTmenT The course in Advanced LI. S. I'IisTory has been conTinued and expanded wiTh emphasis upon The inTeIlecTuaI assignmenTs and acTiviTies cusTomary in a college-level course in hisTory, MR. VERNON POINTS OUT THE SOURCE OF SINUS TROUBLE , - ,fx 1 ,X i A , X, ENGLISH CLASS FIELD TRIP Ii"q, it , 'iii l.'f' L ii I . l V-A -J I-A .- -.J XM,-. ,.. -. ,. Q, O , augmenTed by worlc in hisTOriogra- phy, bibliography, and Topical re- search. To The lisT OT courses avail- able Tor upperclass sTudenTs has been added a course in Advanced BriTish l-lisTOry, OTTered This year Tor The TirsT Time. ln The English DeparTmenT The TesTs given aT The end OT The Treshman and sophomore years have been cOnTin- ued. and The TesT in The iunior year has been made even more demand- ing in essay TesT wriTing. AT The end OT The senior year, a combined TesT OT essay wriTing and ObiecTive maTe- rials on grammar in usage has been given wiTh very sTricT grading OT The papers and The requiremenT ThaT any sTudenT who does poorly musT Talce anoTher course OT English in summer school. ln The Toreign languages TenTaTive plans have been made Tor pupils To begin eiTher French or German in The Treshman year so ThaT sTudenTs who wish To Take Tour years OT a Tor- eign language may choose any one OT The Tour languages ThaT New Trier OTTers. This posiTion is in line wiTh The increasing emphasis among col- leges upon The desirabiliTy OT Tour years OT one language as The besT preparaTion Tor college language worlc. One OT The mOsT inTeresTing de- velOpmenTs OT The year has been The esTablishmenT OT Junior Seminars Tor a group OT unusually capable sTu- ii ,xx ,. Lx fL.J iff- TX,,- i 'X-.ff '-N-,' fi- ... NL , Y X- ,,.. X-gy, FOURTH YEAR CLASS TRANSCRIBES READINGS IN LATIN AUTOMOTIVES PROVIDES PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE X fffx .,... L, .c.c ..,..-.L 5: i , . I I I TRIG IV OFF ON A TANGENT IN MINORS IIS THEY'RE BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT "HE PICKED UP HIS HAMMER AND SAW" PLANE GEOMETRY REQUIRES CONCENTRATION I I ' I I I I , -O 'n -E. W . . I RX.. Y Il-i TIT'- I I I IiiV.' ',AfI I- sa, 'T J -ix V I i ' I I '1 i I I I If mn in I I" si, I I I I Tffxy V I I ff, 1 ff I I I I 1 I I y I 1 I I I , , W I I denTs who, Toward The end oT The TirsT semesTer, respecTTully reguesTed ThaT They be given more exacTing worlc. Seminars in English, maThe- maTics, Toreign languages, and chem- isTry were ThereTore organized Tor The second semesTer. The worlc in each oT The areas was sTepped up. Bloclc scheduling oT cerTain periods on cerTain days was esTabIished. The sTudenTs concerned were given some IaTiTude in using Their Time in eiTher LA I I I I, I , M . ,I L--W .sr JJ' . WI ,Y The library or a special room seT up Tor Their sTudy, and They were re- quired To aTTend class less Than The Tive days a week ascribed Tor mosT courses. The evaluaTion OT The worlc oT The people in These Seminars was carried on in cooperaTion wiTh a Team OT TesTing experTs Trom The UniversiTy oT Chicago. The whole proiecT gives promise oT possible new arrangemenTs OT sTudenTs' Time as well as exciTing and demanding if-7 ,iljgfxiw , . new courses Tor especially able high school sTudenTs. All oT These innovaTions reTIecT The conTinuing inTeresT oT The school in sTrengThening iTs curriculum aT all levels. IT has been The experience oT all deparTmenTs ThaT new courses in- Troduced Tor The more capable peo- ple Tend To inTIuence The oTher courses in each deparTmenT so as To become a sTimuIaTing experience Tor Teachers and sTudenTs alike. HERE THE MAIN HALL, USUALLY ECHOING WITH ACTIVITY, IS CAPTURED IN A QUIET MOMENT , FI 111 '- F!-X gfxv ,A mf-X' VAJ T- fx ,3 ' - , I I I '- I ' A 'Q Ii FQ - I 1 Mi - , CQ ls- x- :,' xi- L,L wi 940 Freshm lnvad I CAREY COOK JUNE BRODERICK LINDA SONN FRANK PATTON ,Presidenf Vice-Presideni Secrefary Treasurer The incoming Treshman class This year was The second IargesT in New Trier's hisTory, numbering 940 sTu- denTs. ForTunaTeIy, The Treshmen were able To enTer a school now adapTed To Their size and The size OT The even larger classes To Tollow Them. The beneTiTs OT The new build- ing were Theirs Trom The sTarT, wiTh- ouT The Trials and inconveniences OT consTrucTion. A number OT evenTs were planned To help OrienT The newcomers. ShorT- Iy aTTer school opened, The annual Freshman-Senior Girls' ParTy was held To acquainT The Treshman girls wiTh One anoTher, The seniors, and The Girls' Club Board. G.A.A had a similar program OT games and spOrTs demonsTraTions. Meanwhile, Th-e boys were inTroduced To Tri- Ship and began To acquire The poinTs needed Tor membership Through par- TicipaTion in aThIeTics and exTra-cur- ricular acTiviTies. Girls' Club and The senior boys also provided Senior I-Ielpers who worked wiTh The Tresh- men in adviser rooms. The TirsT big evenT OT The year was Freshman Go-To-school Nighf on Oc- Tober 24. ParenTs aTTended shorT- ened classes wiTh Their sons and daughTers and Then reTurned To ad- viser rooms Tor discussions OT oppor- TuniTies aT New Trier. This was an exceIIenT, if somewhaT rigorous, way OT inTroducing Treshmen's parenTs To New Trier. Class oTTicers were eIecTed in The Tall. They worked in planning The FRESHMAN STEERING COMMITTEE Top row: Mr. Kelley, ScoTT, Goss, Odell, Jennings, Baer, CIiTTon. FITTI1 row: Townsend, Swinyard, Berkson, Beguelin, Drell, Isaacs, Frank, Miss Veach. FourTh row: STewarT, Weake, Solomon, Graham, NorcoTT, Sonn. Third row: Varney, Dworkin, Innis. Lampi, SmyTh, Broderick. Second row: MaTThias, Lindberg, Bald- win, KnopT, SmiTh, Cook. BoTTom row: WOITT, Fleig, Jacob, Bo- garT, Swansen, BoTh. year's acTiviTies wiTh The sTeering commiTTee and adviser chairmen, Miss Blanche Veach and Mr. Jerry Kelley, who was new To The posiTiOn This year. The TirsT class parTy, an inTormal, no-daTe aTTair, was held on Novem- ber I5 in The STudenT Lounge. There were games and mixers, reTreshmenTs, enTerTainmenT, and dancing. The Senior I-Ielpers assisTed The class ex- ecuTives in arranging The evening. "Cherry Tree CuTup," The second class parTy, Took place February ZI. IT was semi-Tormal and no-daTe. Some noveITy and Turn-abouT dances were TeaTurecI. The new second se- mesTer sTeering commiTTee was in charge OT The IasT parTy, held April 26. These Three dances were all eT- Trier in S pt. TecTive in creaTing solidariTy and spiriT. OTher social evenTs were The Frosh l-lag ParTy and The G.A.A. in- iTiaTion banqueT. The rigors oT iniTia- Tion and The picTuresgue apparel worn by The iniTiaTes were sources oT greaT amusemenT To The enTire sTu- denT body. The Treshmen showed greaT inTer- esT and abiliTy in plunging righT inTo school acTiviTies. In various proiecTs run during The year, such as The Magazine and UniTed Fund Drives, They generally led The oTher classes in conTribuTions. This was also a class oT considerable TalenT as evidenced in Lagniappe, dramaTic producTions, and various musical organizaTions. Some Tine singers and dancers gave promise oT ouTsTanding perTormances in years To come. In sporTs, The Treshman boys up- held The TradiTion oT winning Teams. The TooTball and swimming Teams won Suburban League TiTles wiTh un- deTeaTed records. The baskeTball, wresTling and gymnasTics Teams also showed wonderTul promise Tor The TuTure. New Trier has iusTiTiable hopes OT remaining aT The Top OT The Suburban League Tor aT leasT Three more years. The class oT I96I promises To meeT The challenge oT New Trier and To keep iT among The naTion's Top high schools. FRESHMAN BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top row: Tonk, Drick, Fagenholz, Simon, Kirchheimer, Mann, Grais, MiTchell, BuTzine, Cook, MaTThias. FourTh row: Brown, Varney, Drell, Bair, Joseph, Verne, CarpenTer, Berkson, Magera, Wells, Fine, LoeTTler, Shuey. Third row: Lyons, Kelly, McClaue, GoeTTsche, WolTT, Lawson, Bulkley, Depperman, Freedman, STillwell, Brook, Addis, Nord. Second row: Bloomberg, Coolidge, Bellairs, Tressel, Yackel, Beguelin, Jones, Abelson, Sakol, Franklin, MalmquisT, Henderson, Feldman. BoTTom row: PrenTiss, Applebaum, Barack, Frank, Selkoe, Barr, MeiTes, Myers, Rice, RosTon, Isaacs, PenningTon, Yudell. FRESHMAN GIRLS' HONOR GROUP Top row: Fox, Monroe, Neuman, Weake, Harvey, Clausen, Lang, Eiseman, Zagel, l-lamilTon. FiTTh row: Tomb, Snower, Marco, CoTTer, Pierchala, BoTh, Swansen, Fried ner, lnnis, Oliver, BelmonT, Toms, Schulz, Lammers, MarTin, Grimmer, Surpless, Herz, Tidema n, Myers, FourTh row: Weinhouse, Knope, MaTz, Graham, Dahlin, Saunders, Haddon, Solomon, STone, Reuben, Welch, McVey, Lawrence, Horner, Selzer, Mages, Flapp, Diller, DahlsTrom, Kolar. Third row: SmyTh, Zeigler, Kalrslake, BarreTT, Robin, Neal, Helms, Seashore, Maynard, SwarTz, Lucas, Beers, l-larTmann, Mages, Broderick, STanley, Sonn, GriTTiTh, Silverman, RoThschild. Second row: Grashorn, Raymond, Braun. Corcoran, SmiTh, Teeman, Gibson, Miller, McCoy, Borkan, Ray, Dolan, SelT, Fearheiley, Zoline, MeTzger, Dressler, Gorman, Baughn, Bigg. BoTTom row: CurTis, Gore, Dyer, EpsTein, Fisher, Eichengreen, FacTor, Kinzie, Terra, KriTche-yer, Ruck ,Garcia Moeller, Wendnagel, Vinnedge, Flesch, Levy, Gasa way, Wa rd. WHICH DOUGHNUT IS WHOSE? fzik I fx , 'JV I ff?-Xfgj ,f"',!!,"x Iv Kffii f!Ax ' I I J ' tx I EXE? '67-Tx , 'X I , - Q I I Q , A fx I I I If I I L4 T Lifef IJ I. Ku II I i Il I J: JI I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THAT ELEVATOR TICKET kPT"', PT' T Q 'T R114 'TWT-I L4 FROSH ENJOY GETTING ACOUAINTED AT CLASS PARTY FROSH SEEM TO HAVE GOT ACOUAINTED AT CLASS PARTY MY HELP COMETH FROM ABOVE V' I I I MRS. ANDERSON Top row: Tellef, Wrighl, Juergens, An drews, Swope, Hedberg, Riley. Third row: Anderson, Loveland, Mar shall, Grifiilh. Cavelr, Vogel, Borlcan. Second row: Baldwin, Rice, Dunning Teron, Wood, Williams, Mages, Jacob son. BoHom row: Mrs. Anderson, Gasaway Flesch, Cline, Shiman, Faclor, Morgan Carringlon. Absenh Arnodeo. tIVItleS re Plann cl MISS BAHR Top row: Blackwell, Colfer, l-lerz, Nel- son, Behrendl, Elmore, Barnard. Third row: Cloud, Gilgis, Long, Welch Wollum, Swansen, Grimmer. Second row: Grimshaw, Dolan, McCoy. Lamberl, Schulz, Bul-lon, Smilh, Ruland. BoHom row: Miss Bahr, l-lorrell, Sand- berg, Curlis, Eichengreen, Olin, Gar- cia, Morrison. Absenfz Dorgan. MR. BRULL Top row: Eliflandi, Rornane, Chalain, Reinwald, Sanlee, Quarnsfrom, Thiele. Second row: Abelson, Hofmann, Caslle Welbourne, Thilrnany, Jennings, Dep: perman, Nash. BoHom row: Mr. Brull, Grier, Prenliss, Applebaum, Norberg, Coolridge, Schramm, Diclcman. Absenf: Gance, Kelloclc, MacLean, Persh- ing, Priest Soccorso, Waller. MR. BU FFETT Top row: Klass, Reinwald, Malfhias, Paul Neiderberger, Lamson, Chrislrensen Bogue, Saunders. Second row: Deulsch, Yudell, Cullip Bair, Yaclcel, Saber, Wolff, Dresser Glaser. Bo++om row: Mr. Buffen, Kuhnerf, Sellcoe Thompson, Bloomfield, Froelich, Slraus Blood, Meiles. Absenl: Orlengren, Reimer. 1 MISS CORNELL Top row: Fox, Wrighl, Zagel. Third row: Bealon, I-Ienning, McGohan, Rheinsrrom, Neyharl, Oliver, Bolh. Schulz. Second row: I-Ianson, Sprigel, Bacon. Dawson, Tillle, Becuer, Morris, I-Iealy, Dowd. BoHom row: Miss Cornell, Levy, Greene- walI', Krilchever, Sala, Sinelc Schroe- der, I-larlwiclc, Gibson. Absenl: Chrisman, Tolnor. Frosh MISS DEAMES Top row: Rosencrans, Simpson, Reeves. Brandwein, Lammers, While, Surpless, Warlchow, Clausen. Second row: Peck, Fugel, Gilberl, Mc- Dougal, Innis, Goranson, Marfinson. Belmont Pierchala. BoI"Iom row: Miss Deames, Johnslon. Bevan, Long, I-Iolliday, Ray, Alexander, Jacobson, Bonnekamp. AI::sen'I': Besser, Vinnedge. MISS DOHERTY Top row: Blech, Burlce, Velde. Nelson. Erland, Eiseman, Belsey, Sleighl, Saper, Lang. Second row: I-Iapp, Melzger, Fell, James, I-Ieilrnan, Crockelr, Weinhouse, Mages, Rihherbusch, Schwarlz. Bo'H'om row: Miss Doherly, Connell, My- ers, Gore, Rovin, Mali, Kline, Smylh, Pope. MR. ESAREY Top row: I-Iauserman, Meyer, Boynlon, O'Shea, Mirchell, Sherman, Ewerlsen, Dan, Vxfells. Second row: VanKennen, Findley, I-Ioza, Gaarde, I-Iavel, I-Iedlund, Reed, Col'- Irell, Bullcley. BoHom row: Mr. Esarey, Larmee, SuI'Ion, Kaplan, Cohen, Loundy, Verne, I-Ien- derson, Goelfsche. Absenh Browne, Callin, Cliflon, Hed- lund. MR. ETNYRE Top row: Kindred, Krez, Colburn, Dem- mon, Greenspan, Moore. Third row: Smilh, Slern, Carriere, Wel- ler, Tonk, Erickson, Varney. Second row: Jacobson, Malmquislr Fischl, Swoger, Tiger, Margolis, Sal ran, Thorsen. Bo+I'om row: Mr. Ernyre, Penovich, Fein Ioerg, Carpenler, Slringliellow, Slein man, Rosenslein, Nash, Robbins. MRS. GREESON Top row: Toms, Weiller, Delaine, Rod- bro, Weake, Welcl'1, Harvey, Plaiz Baird. Second row: Bean, Spurway, Feuer Worlliing, Seashore, Kayser, Siulis Koza, Friedner, Hageman. Bo'H'om row: Mrs. Greeson, Carier, Lieb- erman, Fields, Menard, Kelly, Keni' Nelfleman, Norllwrop. Alosenf: Buesclw, Burrill, Cleveland, Wal- ker. 4 L -J L Y, L MR. GREGORY Top row: Brown, Hansen, Sclwreep, ScoH. Third row: Merrell, S1'ewar+, Freedman, Carlson, Berkson, Fragassi, Ferguson. Second row: Mercer, Beck, Siefien, Jes- persen, Barr, McClave, Posh Migel. BoH'om row: Mr. Gregory, Mack, Dia- mond, Terracina, Kanow, Myers, Blank- sfein, Kane, Moss. Absent Gould, McfXnul'ry, Reasner. MISS HARRIS Top row: Slone, Haddon, Berkeniield. Eason, lsgrig, Dielriclw, Young, Enchel- mayer, Brew. i Second row: Ennis, Zeigler, Higgins, Lampi, Neal, Collins, Sonn, Fleisclmman, Broderick, Davenpori. Boi-'Pom row: Miss Harris, Holcin, Trom, Jorgensen, Williams, Braun, Epslein Raymond, Moloney. Abseniz McEvoy, Pence, Samuels. MR. HURLEY Top row: Unger, Barneil, Rolls, Fraser, Wolff, Dunplwy, Clneris, Overlock, Pal'- ion. Second row: Jacobs, Brandell, Lien Johnsfon, Rossberger, Heineken, Ko- nigsford, Webb, Nelson, Sweel. BoHom row: Mr. Hurley, LeMire Sclwmidf. Winans, Penninqfon, Gordon Kelly, Levernier, Zimmerman. Abseni: Lawson, Sakol. 1 MR. IRWIN Top row: I-louck, Buesch, Dunlap. Third row: S+o+'r, Chambers, Milchell, Brazee, I-Ianlon, Profi, Kaufman, 'Heck- inger. Second row: Jones, Mori, Levin, I-IeiI- man, Frenzel, Fagel, Shand, Dini, Saun- ders. Bofiom row: Mr. Irwin, Palmer, Frank, Sirauss, Voss, Pilka, Evans, Fisher, Schulz. dvisers MRS. JENSCH Top row: I-laring, I-le'r'I'Ier, Neuman, Sel- zer, Thompson. Third row: I-leaion, Slrauss, Breeden, Cavanaugh, I-lorner, Snower, Tideman, Argenl. Second row: Slork, Orr, Fleig, Bimslein, Mehlman, Donahue, Ball, Pelerson, I-Iershman. BoHom row: Mrs. Jensch, Timmerman, Kinzie, Fisher, Corcoran, Palelli, Row- land, Wood, I-Iamplon. MRS. JOHNSON Top row: I-Ianson, Slenlz, Kolar, Hamil- Ion, I-lenningsen, Slarck. Third row: Perkins, Langford, Dodd, Wil- son, Fosler, Barnell, Oehler, Mail, Dover. Second row: Karslake, Byrne, Dworkin, Prenkerf, Lucas, Fairloank, I-Ioiles, I-Ielms. Boi-'rom row: Mrs. Johnson, Levin, Bers- bach, Burlon, Oliverii, Burns, Siring- Iellow, Smilh, Grashorn. Absenf: Alschuler. MR. LABADIE Top row: Passis, Wasem, Drick, Speak- man, Popper, Kassen. Third row: Siephens, Kahn, Miller, Bron- ner, Addis, Fagel, Baer. Second row: Wood, Flodin, Trom, Dosch- er, I-Ieidlorink, Schwariz, I-licks, I-IuIchi- SOD. BoHom row: Mr. Labadie, Norman. Lehmpuhl, I-Iolland, Gluckman, Powell, Alexander, I-Iollander, Kiefer. MISS LaGRANGE Top row: I-Iill, O'ConnelI, Lawrence Ford, Waierman. Third row: Misner, VanTreuren, Wilhelm Builerlield, Levin, Newman, While: house. Second row: Graham, Kelly, Dressler Robin, Morlimer, Slein, Boehnerl, En- gel. Bo'r'rom row: Miss LaGrange, VanSchoor Figge, Ruck, Odell, Thomson, Whir- well, Morris, Davis. Absent Jalle, Marks. MR. LANDWER Top row: Lavin, Laskay, Lindblom, Goss, Loman, Fleming, Mark, Fagenholz. Second row: Bloomberg, McCray, Flut- chinson, Altini, Andreas, Garrison Small, Geissler, Simon, Bottom row: Mr. Landwer, Hughes Marsh, Schmidt, Genender, Campbell Ruby, Wilson, Firestone. Absent: Becker, Beyer, Stein. ssist with Cri tation i 11- -lit 25? f TV' 'fi-A L .gy X -vvwn-I X ,, MR. LAUER Top row: Kirchheimer, Holmes, Gold- smith, Mercein, Rickards. Second row: Schopen, Bazzoni, Crow. Hathaway, Barnhill, Swinyard, Ade, Becker, Brook. Bottom row: Mr. Lauer, Roston, Fried- man, Leipzig, Neaylon, Fields, May, Rosenbaum, Fetzer. Absent: Cohee, Goldman, Spatz, Timm, Wickum. MR. LILL Top row: Nattzger, l-larrer, Smith, Dan- iels, Burrows. Third row: Longenecker, Schneider, Flas- kell, Kreger, l-larroun, Strohmeier, Gre- WGN. Second row: l-larbaugh, Lowry, Greene Ledloetter, Drell, Mitchell, Zopp. Bottom row: Mr. Lill, Barack, Palmer, Grate, May, Mackler, Cohn, McDoug- all, Mayer. Absent: Jones. MR. MARZ Top row: Fuller, Sawyer, West, Grais, At- kins, Kirkland, Barlow. Second row: Donnelly, Lancioni, Freihage White, Bequelin, Farll, Gardiner, Os- te rberg, J attray. Bottom row: Mr. Marz, Finkel, Gieg, Pick Lawrence, Schneider, Soper, Hooker Grant. Absent: Bellairs, Fisher, Magera, Reed. Upperclass E 3 f3 y: :Q ,L my, A 'S I 5 ,J .N,,-- 1 2 ,A .rdf A-- H I MRS. McELHATTAN Top row: Sampson, Weiss, Baumgarr, Gundlach. Third row: Kelly, Paul, Yohl, Baughn, Maynard, McVey, Rosenberg, Lind- berg, Green. Second row: Selhness, Drell, Johnson, Gorman, Bigg, Fiizsimons, Frank, Koss. BoHom row: Mrs. McElha'rran, Wendnag- el, Moeller, Schusrer, Lee, Borg, Eich- engreen, Florsheim, Childs. Absenfz I-iageriy. MISS OBARA Top row: Pope, Cunningham, Dahlquisr. Goeiiler, Parilan, Norcoii, Thalman, Daniels, Vlazny. Second row: Telfer, Bradley, Dickinson, Brown, Eli-ezer, Barreli, Reuben, Solo- mon, Liss, Symons. BoHom row: Miss Obara, Ward, Miller, Audy, Levinson, Jensen, Deuich, Lewis. Becker. Absenh l-luichinson, Schramm. MR. PETERSON Top row: l-larl, Meyn, Down, Beierwalies, Mann. Third row: W. Jones, LaFrameni'a, Gul- licksen, Buizine, Lear, l-loffslred, M. Jones. Second row: Wylie, Bliss, Carpenfer, Nash, Franklin, Shuey, Meyer, Joseph. BoHom row: Mr. Pererson, Woodlock. Shakman, l-lall, Rice, Siewarl, While, Donal, Passman. Absenh Brooks. MRS. ROTTER Top row: Simons, Flair, Anderson, Ellio'H', Crane, Pailon, Jacob, l-laverkampi, Lewis. Second row: Salinger, i-lenrich, Leaviii, Thalmann, Deuich, Shapiro, l-larimann, Conney, Saunders, McKinney. Bo'Hom row: Mrs. Ro+'rer, Dyer, Berliner. Smilh, Carey, Davidson, Larson, Rub- ens, McLean. Absenf: Gold, Goldenberg. MR. RUDE Top row: Campion, Vlfhiie, McRae, Fine Blackburn, Green, Berland, Brannen Odell. Second row: Langenbach, Liebert Fie- berg, Moriar+y, Maynard, McGauran Marino, Ricci, l-lowe. Kucera. BoHom row: Mr. Rude, Gould, Schneider, Barr, Wexler, Lyons, Orwig, Brown Winks. Abseni: Luensman, Srniih. P Mak Fro h at Hom Z ,,,, ,V V, . ,V , ' ' 'Q -"1 --20- n , .f-, , .gf 2 5 1 X -T' ' I 37' w- T451 ' "if S ' 5 ' S' A. f Vw.. VV Q., -g....Q . V V L V , il Vi V Qj - . V. AV VF " 'QL , Ai. " 2m3Q1jf,L s ,. gl, f 5 V, K 55 .4 ,f f f .1 , iflfi - r "" - - .- '- if ,T .peru c S via ar : sw W . if ff' .. ...X 1 , I I f 2 a I I' 3 Q. A 2 ' n - W . lP2ik?Q.L?"f" iii f' . , .-if VV , . .4 01 so Ig .f,.n1.VI,,V FV ,VQIYQLV V 3 r ii -1, f -1 -' ,:fnifff' J -' " 'V " 1 ' I' fi fs I '-wig , , . Iiggglyllvtiis, '.,, .M -g,li3lg,,x.'Y, ,, - ivf ' I - ,I ,. - V . V R, :VV I ,W V VV . - Lx. ,V V- .75 , A- A '-5 ff' Q I ' L, 'ag f V r - - Il""'---Mi IT, ff' 'I A lgfg1iiiS1 f- li I " -'.ifima.45lli'r 'ff I ld 1 A , , I-, ' , jk' ft - s VV V g m t :fax if mfg I1 Q . ., - J... I 7 I f ffsl rg-Q? ll 5 451-M31 i I as a 'Q 33, I . S - , iss! 31314 25 iff: H I 32 f ' ' fri' ""' ' f' ' ' - '-'-I ' , ' A K ,"" A .' U-"e9' T'f . ' MRS. SCOTT Top row: Porler, Leslie, Sauler, Gowdy, Rilsos, Snyder. Third row: Burmeisler, Carlsen, Ander- son, Dahlslrom, Lordahl, Wilhelm, Far- rell. Second row: Rolhschild, Silverman, Jos- pey, Knopl, Diller, Purlell, Cozad, El- Iioll. Boffom row: Mrs. Scoll, Slern, Morgan, I-Ierron, Wallace, Seilerl, Remus, WiId+, Krass. Absenlz Terra, Vizcarrondo. MISS STRASMA Top row: Lawrence, Ullrich, Braun, Fos- Ier, Savage, Evans. Third row: Turelc, Salerno, Niclcol, Swarlz, Solomon, Tomb, I-lapp. Second row: Rodlcin, Ahrens, Bingham, Webb, Befhune, Slanley, Mandel, Tee- man. BoHom row: Miss Slrasma, Glass, Davis. Coagan, Milne, Carlson, Jensen, My- ers, Zoline. Absenlz While. MRS. WEHR Top row: Dielrich, Olson, Doscher, Mar- co, Marlin, Campbell, Beniamin, Mon- roe, Radloll. Second row: Condon, Fearheiley, Schell, Bogarl, Wohlrab, Dahlin, I-Iarris, Beers. Bo'H'om row: Sell, Wood, Cornell, I-Iinlcle, Arnold, Richheimer, Cleave, I-Iurley, Brown. Absen'I': Moore, Smilh, Suqarman. MR. WELLINGTON Top row: Slillwell, Melelils, Domm, Dougherly, Sheehan, Buehler, Born- hoell, Loos, Slonich. Second row: Slewarl, Beckman, McCar'I'y, Troesler, Muench, Glazerl Robison, Meyer, Braclcell. BoH'om row: Mr. Wellinglon, Thomas, Downes, Burns, I-landler, Taylor, Prang- ley, Maclcey, lssacs. Absenl: Bloomfield, Spence. MR. WILSON Top row: Rowell, Nord, Levin, Georgell, Phemisler, Pellersen. Third row: Feldman, Wells, Marshall Coolc, Bennell, Loellller, Slewarl. Second row: Bamburg, Keck, Tressel James, DeKovenl Townsend, Newlon Thomas. BoHom row: Mr. Wilson, Cornog, Eberl Caslerline, Rasmussen, Jeffery, Falasco Lundy, Cohen. GORDON McDONALD President NANCY THOMA Vice-President MARY WH EATON Secrefary vw-4 fi Qiillfsrss .vig - S's'E':eT'T?lifZ25 s ssggxgga -ameri s have R JEFF PROVOL Treasurer The Tremendous Class oT l96O which swelled New Trier's populaTion Two years ago have shown promise in every under- Taking. In exTra-curricular acTiviTies Their parTicipaTion has been more Than worThy OT Their size. Guiding This varied and capable group were The adviser chairmen, Mr. Earl WeingarTner and Miss Virginia Kral, and The sophomore oTTicers-Gordon McDonald, presidenTg Nancy Thoma, vice- presidenT7 Mary WheaTon, secreTaryq and JeTT Provol, Treasurer. TogeTher They su- pervised The highly successTul class parTies and oTher sophomore acTiviTies. MeeTing TrequenTly To discuss and arrange coming evenTs, The sTeering commiTTee provided The link beTween These people and The adviser groups. The Two parTies, "Silver Bell Ball" and "RagTime Romp," were among The high spoTs oT The sophomore year. The enTer- TainmenT was careTully and enThusiasTically planned and perTormedg during The dance The mixers kepT everyone circulaTing as each sophomore goT To know his classmaTes beTTer. The earlier dance, "Silver Bell Ball," produced an hour oT enTerTainmenT builT around a cheerTul ploT, TreaTing iTs audience To a Lagniappe in miniaTure. Following The show in The audiTorium, ev- ery sophomore was paired wiTh a parT- ner Tor The grand march To The STudenT Lounge, his TirsT oTTicial opporTuniTy To bask in iTs ulTramodern luxury. The sophomores seemed To preTer This environmenT, Tor "RagTime Romp" was held enTirely in The lounge. The Roaring TwenTies provided a Theme Tor This dance, in The olecoraTions, enTerTainmenT, and cosTumes, as several wore ouTTiTs represenTaTive oT ThaT era. For an appropriaTe and lively climax, vari- ous sophomores ioined in anoTher carry- over Trom The TwenTies-a CharlesTon con- TesT, in which The mosT skillTul pair oT con- TesTanTs won prizes. ln addiTion To Their social aTTairs, The sophomores enThusiasTically observed or Took parT in each season's sporTs. In The Tall The boys won The championship Tor TooTball and laTer capTured The same honor in swimming: Their oTher sporTs also showed a marked improvemenT over previous years. The spiriT oT each Team was boosTed by The energy oT The newly selecTed sopho- more cheerleaders and by The crowd in The grandsTand who loyally cheered every game. ln addiTion To rooTing Tor school Teams, a greaT number oT girls were acTive in G.A.A. in Their own numerous sporTs, including hockey, volleyball, baskeTball, soTTball, and lacrosse. To compleTe a rounded course oT sTud- ies, every sophomore wiThouT previous arT experience as in previous years Took ArT AppreciaTion ll one day a week. The boys Took Minors lls To become capable "do-iT- yourselTers," and a large number oT boTh boys and girls TulTilled a long-TelT desire, Class of 1960 SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE Top row: Marland, BehrsTock, Clarke, Carmichael, Brown, Erickson, Shapiro, Beauchamp. Third row: Reilly, Cain, Elkin, T-laverkampT, Cohen, Reed, Grossman, Willauer. Second row: Reise, Kemper, Kirby, Ball, Osborn, Todd, Taylor, Edmonds, Wilk. BoTTom row: Zimmerman, Ude, Giallombardo, WheaTon, McDonald, Thoma, ClemenTson, Richardson, PeTerson. l SOPHOMORE BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top row: McConnell, Malzkin, Riman, Brown, Moreen, MacBryde, Sampson, Dell, Ferdinand, Slrahorn, Mercer, Walker, Willausch, Remer. Four-lh row: Siporin, Beally, Claire, Rosner, Browning, Kuyper, Ives, Circle, Brown, Schoenbrod, Johnson, Marlin, Ward, Clarke. Third row: Seilz, Mandel, Marland, l-loke, McDougall, Swain, McCausland, l-lorwilz, Freeman, Becker, Kavina, Marlin, Rubens, Erickson. Second row: Bernslein, Weiss, Doughly, Rome, Andersen, Johnson, Schuman, Naiburg, Sludy, Rice, Reed, Buck, Brillan, Hechl. Bollom row: Fisher, Sillen, Baumgarlen, Cunningham, Karl, Sloss, Kessler, Converse, Cline, Failek, Cohen, Howard, DeWoll. as well as a slale requiremenl, by enrolling in Driver Educalion. In lhe early lall, lollowing an eslalo- lished cuslom, every sophomore girls' adviser room look under ils wing a lreshman adviser group. To ease lhe lreshmen's lirsl experiences in a new and giganlic school and lo inlroduce lhemselves, each sophomore adviser room held a parly lor ils "lillle sis- lers," lealuring enlerlainmenl and home-baked relreshmenls. Though lhe sophomore boys realized lheir lreshman counlerparls would nol have apprecialed such parlies, lhey showed lheir sympalhy by ollering lo sell lhe lreshmen elevalor lickels. The Class ol i960 cerlainly did ils parl in supporling and parlicipaling in all-school evenls, as well as in ils own. A member ol lhe class was in every group open lo sophomores, lrom lhe smallesl commillee lo Slu- denl Council. They nol only enler- lained al lheir own parlies and dances, bul also acled, played, sang, or danced in many larger produc- lions, including New Trier's plays, concerls, Lagniappe, and "Okla- homai" Wilh an enlhusiasm more lhan equal lo ils greal size, lhe sophomore class can anlicipale a lhriving lulure al New Trier. .W , is ,Q F ii Q F i .riLilriiBLie3UrSTsiiliW Eufjlllkelliay GJUfff4,?a SOPHOMORE GIRLS' HONOR GROUP Top row: McGee, Gulsche, Benjamin, Lorch, Bradley, Sachs, Sloolmaker, Shapiro, Lillell, Behrendl. Fiflh row: Feldinger, Lewis, Aden, Friedman, Braun, Garcia, Goodyear, Lechner, Manly, Mason, Yosl, Shoop, L. Taylor, Reise, Kirby, l-linkle, Inger- soll, Parker. Fourlh row: Todd, Corwine, Verson, Goldberg, Miller, Pelerson, Marcus, Laulman Pilzer, l-lulcheson, O'Brien, Keenan, l-lunlley, Kier, Ball, Jenkins, Morava, Carroll, Edmonds. Third row: Trossrnan, Pallerson, Hughey, Kellehere, Zeller, Logan, VanAnrooy, Bers, Lynch, Thomas, Shaw, Glaloman, Levin, Arnslein, Rapperl, Sherer, Davis, Dehne. Second row: Harl, Allyn, Barrell, Bulz, Boolh, Slark, Gialiombardo, Perrin, Heyward, Mooney, Ehrharl, M. Taylor, Slanlon, Fields, Tredwell, Rusin, Coh- ler, Pick. Bollom row: Rosenlhal, Ware, Nisbel, Caballero, Jones, Rubinson, Levin, Smilh, Cohn, Barnard, Weisdorl, Spiegel, Sagell, Revelle, Ucle, Mach, Brodsk y. ACCORDION DUET AT THE RAGTIME ROMP I'-1 .ff "M I I If 'I ff I -E f I I I ,I ,A VI I , I I W CMI I I ,X XX 'fvxxx Ifxx- WFT? I W XXX-X E 'I I I I I ,f'xJ" I'-Ifi ,f"v' "ffm, .ky IJ! ff LX '-Y' If Il IU If-W I Q X I J W g I I X ff FAN: I f- K I,-Al R N , -' I I f'IXJ ,I . I I , ' .- I I ,AXE X I I I I I I I-- I K,-I I 1.1 I, -, eg' f El I I VJ .. ALI I LJ W4 ,I Iij IL ,LJ IM 'X-V7 I s fx' I' W SILVER BELL BALL A RING-ING SUCCESS ART APPRECIATION II If , , 2 I SOPHOMORE GIRLS RAISE MONEY FOR UNITED FUND DRIVE ROARING TWENTIES THEME AT SOPHOMORE PARTY CX' X-1 if fo , -xx if Y Y, ,Z -1 'V l l ,fi g L' i KCl l l fy cl h l . wi -T i i ri l Lg-, 1 fl i i F i i i L i f T f Q I X'-xg 411 CL-l 2-1 L4 Cl flu MR. BROWN Top row: Keirel, Fisher, l-lurley, Finzer l-laider, Wexler, Walker. Third row: Johnson, Schneider, Fooflik McDade, Priest Ceilhaml, Fleischman Nielsen. Second row: Ohle, Cummings, Carpen- Jrer, Carlson, Fenlon, Kline, l-lapke Rosner, Provol. BoH'om row: Mr. Brown, Rosen, Sle- phens, McClure, Corlrell, Baderrscher Weiss, Chess, Schoenberg. Absenlz Bell, Erickson, Schulfz. 1 , . ,- ca, l lid lily w l F l A I R. 3 LJ kd l li-Q .J MR. BUERGER Top row: Burke, Sfrahorn, Piepho, Mer- cer, Polls. Third row: l-laspray, Kenl, Ovson, Schoenbrod, Talham, l-lalcher, Wil- liams, Caskey. Second row: Bossharr, Gibbons, Boos, Freeman, Cummins, Robinson, Hol- land, Wood, l-loward, Bo++om row: Mr. Buerger, Rubel, Davis, Nein, Weiss, Slrauss, Chrisman, Elkin, Goldman. Abseni: Murdock, Topaz. MR. CARLSTROM Top row: Brinkerhohf, McEnery, Brooks. Willausch, Lill, Vail, Laird. Third row: Older, Wright Eiseman, Ka- vina, Wilkinson, Cary, Anderson, Rus- nak. Second row: Nelson, Runnfeldf, Dahl, Ly+'ron, Fox, Kovas, Carlin, McDon- ough, Clarke. BoHom row: Mr. Carlslrom, Dillz, Boyn- Ton, Howard, Golding, Baumgarfen, Engsrrom, Bouclreaux, Wanger. MISS CRITCHETT Top row: Evans, DeVry, Gainer, Gorr. Carroll. Third row: Kendall, Veeder, Meylhaler, l-loyl, Cram, Leslina, Reise, Slanlon. Second row: l-lowensline, Taylor, Dorne Crosby, Sherer, Dehne, Guslalson, Dougherly, Slaller. Bo'Hom row: Miss Crilchell, Fulrorian Roderick, Barrell, Vanderl-leiden Parry, Lord, Boolh, Scoll. Absenfz Alexander, Blossom. MR. ELLIS Top row: I-Ioiles, Thornlon, Taylor, P. Smilh, Remer, Slrong, Cherry, Done- gan. Third row: Lanq, Weslerhold, Aaron, Trenkmann, Becker, Mallenlorl, Sha- piro, Claire, Schochel. Second row: Rice, Wilkey, l-luyler, Borg, Websler, I-lerron, Nilsson, K. Smilh. Bo'Hom row: Mr. Ellis, Rados, Krugman. Sillen, Maloney, Fleming, McGuigan, Kenley, Kinnaird. Absenl: I-leggie, Srarrell. Class MISS FORCK Top row: McArlhur, I-Iellmund, Slroemer, Basserl, Sebben, I-larvey. Third row: I-Iunlley, Bealon, Bianchi, Kir- by, Rapporl, Sachs, Brownlie, Shoop, Benjamin. Second row: Schram, Bell, Bales, l-lawkin- son, I-lunl, Pfeiffer, Moore, Johnson. Bo'Hom row: Miss Forck, Slruggles, Zib- ble, Snyder, Mora, Powell, Franken- slein, Wenck, Gales. Absenl: Bradley, Pick, Shapiro. MISS FRAZIER Top row: Veller, Goldman, Davis, Rooks, Allen, Logan, Price, Bilzer, I-lass, I-less, Luensman. Second row: Verson, Nordenloerg, Jack- son, Fielsch, Saunders, I-loel, Bucking- ham, O'Brien, Pelersen, Bruno. BoHom row: Miss Frazier, Morgan, Miller, Powell, Michals, Cavell, Moskowilz, Bradley, Schlegman. Absenl: Brodsky, Richardson, Ross. MR. GIALLOMBARDO Top row: Vogel, McPhee, Bueler, Gorr, Runnleldl, Sawyer. Third row: Lawrie, Waller, Joseph, Slrug- gles, Weiss, McGauran, Kelly, Black- well, Pelligrew. Second row: Reicharcll, Rapp, Volland, Pionkowski, Sludy, Bridegroom, Grusin, Chaclsey. Bo'H'om row: Mr. Giallombardo, Reilly, Seilz, Schmicll, Price, Fox, Morgan I-larms, Egleslon. Al:asenI': Ka rl. MR. HARPER Top row: Kirk, Siporin, Beierwalles, Mac- kenzie, I-leinemann, McConnell, Tellis Third row: Mccausland, Porler, Ibis Marlin, Alexander, Komiss, Noble Schuman. Second row: M. Miller, Edwards, Sprowl Perry, Mc6ohan, I-Iaverkampli, Gingiss Ellis, Bushnell. Boll-om row: Mr. I-Iarper, Fisher, Massey W. Miller, Bradbury, Capps, Lochner Cline, Doughly. Absenlz King, Sydell. MRS. JAMES Top row: Sloormaker, Jones, Manly, Tide man, Zegers, Aldous. Third row: Yonkers, VanWeyk, Van Horne, Mason, Kudelko, Vyse, Perers McClarnan, l-lendry. Second row: Fields, Loman, Korrf, Fran co, Skolnik, Veeder, Andreae, Aden. Bo'H'om row: Mrs. James, Odh, Heyward Nudelman, Giallombardo, Bowren Prince, Aisner, Kelleher. Absenh Goldberg. 1 ff l-S fri , f"' l 1 1 l l fxf FN? vl r X figs, fha- K' l l 1, f"' K, ,'f'Xe.,k LXR fff1X, -. f-x, lx Er -s., ij i ,fwx ,A-f'x -J xvi dl l "s.. T l l l l iii!! lX4jl-J LJ ll MR. JENSEN Top row: Parker, Prescorr, Lawler, J Brown, Truesdale, l-l. Brown, Willhire Grirschke, Lederer. Second row: Willauer, Milnor, F. Brown Jones, Froh, Merelirs, Jorgensen Gohde, Beafly, Graham. BoH'om row: Mr. Jensen, Mann, Cunning ham, Tucker, Levy, Porler, Eisner, Col lins, Dickson. Absent Bayer, Thoresen. MISS LAPORTE Top row: Howensline, McLellan, Scho- pen, Wilk, Risley, Hadley, Zimmer mann, Anderson. Second row: Bradford, l-larlman, Burns Del-lerre. Bolin, Srarkwearher, Snipes Ensor, Wagner. BoH'om row: Miss LaPor+e, Lewis, Leyin Laird, Cohn, Colberr, l-lerbsr, Burz Mulshnick. Absenrz Ponfi, Roberrson. MR. LARSEN Top row: l-lilderbrand, Selzer, Mirchell Browning, l-laring, Brodf, Fox, Gold berg, S. Johnson. Second row: Gordon, Ball, McC5raJrh, Co hen, Collins, D'Ancona, Rupp, Lee Srrassburger. BoHom row: Mr. Larsen, Molner, Cain O'Rourke, Zechman, Fallek, W. John son, Berg, Andersen, Absenh Downes, Ehlen, Ely, Moir, O'Con nor, Peoples, Sargent I 1 We L ,f ,yijf g T QA we ,. , .W ri.. L as. L." MISS LaVEZZORIO Top row: Pelerson, Sharpe, Lebin, Sraub, Houslon, Cowen, Sorenson. Second row: Burmeisler, Laulman, Sop- kin, Weber, Marcus, Paiierson, Pilzer, VanHecl4e, Haddad. BoH'om row: Miss LaVezzorio, Harrison, Jones, Caballero, Lus'rer, Zeller, Allyn, Taylor, Grossman. Absenf: Conrad, Gulsche, Rickards, Wade. Soph MISS LONGSWORTH Top row: Friedman, Morava, Chorn, Slcolnilc, Korman, Yosl, Taylor, Minne- man, Hughey. Second row: King, Hallburg, Houlihan, Greenebaum, Levine, Freund, Roy, Pe- Jrerson, Vanfxnrooy. Boflom row: Miss Longsworlh, Ware, Slarlc, Wade, Meyer, Johnson, Dillon, Risius, Flowers. Absenh Hansen, Marhis, McSwain. MR. MARRAN Top row: Glanz, Foole, T. Rubens, Sall- ley, LaCroix, Rogers. Third row: Angell, MacBain, McPherson, Kaup, Sieinbrecher, Johnson, Blum- berg. Second row: Budinger, D. Rubens, Gamm, Slump, O'Shaughnessy, Ad- ams, Jordan, Goldsrein. BoHom row: Mr. Marran, Gaber, McDan- iel, Heller, Slern, McGuire, Schwall, Naiburg, Sperrus. Abseni': Cohen, Grolz, Waldo. MR. McGEE Top row: Moreen, Roll, Moir, Carlson. Davies. Manahan. Third row: Klafl, Bryanl, Fineberg, Flei- sher, Beauchamp, Dougherly, Morris, MacBryde, Srevens. Second row: Buck, Oguss, Grubs, Bluren- fhal, Brilran, Powell, l-lechr, Ward. BoHom row: Mr. McGee, May, Kessler, Sloss, Yale, Phillips, Carpenler, Gore, Lindsley. Absenh l-lodge. MR. McKENDALL Top row: Mafzkin, Weriymer, Hughes McAbee, Srurm. Third row: Thalman, Slrein, l-larringron, Carlson, Arrhur, Oppenheim, Quigley Circle. Second row: Frank, Glesner, Reed, Turn- er, l-lorwilz, S+iclcgold, Manchesrer, Levy, Sheldon. Bo'H'om row: Mr. McKendaII, Cohen, Mil- ler, Scher, Hershinow, Dolniclc, Fra- gassi, Landman, Heilemann. Absent Burmeisrer. MRS. MORRIS Top row: Trossman, Walls, Fowle, Diclc- inson, I-Iinlcle, Beringer, Janensch, I-Iauserman, LiI'IeII. Second row: Pancoasl, Murphy, Johnson, Mooney, I-Iarlray, Lanyi, Armslrong, Kaar, Garcia, Wenclq. Bo+'I'om row: Mrs. Morris, Comar, l-Iow- ard, Yeager, Meinardi, Cohler, Tred- well, Wood, Cole. Absenfz Feddeler, Kemper. Spon or Two Parti MISS NELSON ' Top row: Ingersoll, Komiss, Moldl, Slrauss, Gilman, I-Ieyn. Third row: Kreuser, Weissenloerger, Pren- Iice, Pos'I, Allen, Levin, Callender. Second row: Wheafon, I-Iorberg, Jensen, I-Iiclcey, Lower, Arnslein, I-Iarl, Miller. Bo+'rom row: Miss Nelson, Ovson, Mallon, Clemenlson, Aschbacher, Aclipes, Mach, Sagell, I-Iillman. AI:Jsen'I': Bers, Buhse, Gould. MR. NEUMAN Top row: Rammon, Kahn, Walling, Gill- arde, Culberg. Second row: Chrisloph, Grossman, Ru- miclc, Jackman, Miller, Rheinslrom, Timmons, Burlchardl, Sandler. Bo'I"I'om row: Mr. Neuman, Pouilly, Krase, Bloch, Danliorlh, Slancliicl, May, I-IoI- sleen, McDougall. Absenf: Couller, Raynor, Smilh. MISS PATTERSON Top row: Milchell, Engelbrechl, Levin Bair, Meloy. Third row: Wilson, Deahl, Dolce, Malen Kier, Jenlcins, Ball. Second row: Kimball, Grosman, Glassen- berg, O'Neil, I-Iaighl, Seehaler, Boyer Berg. BoHom row: Miss Pajrlerson, Weiss, Fer nau, Wolfson, Spiegel, Balcer, Loose Baxler, Kiper. Absenfz Warlman. 3 xy, MISS POWELL Top row: Finne, TenEyclc, Lechner, van- Ammon, Behrendl, Wrede, Osborn, Adler. Second row: Keyser, Ruggles, Mouzalceo- lis, Morgan, Coradini, l-lollman, Mallhews, Nicolazzi, Sleele. Bollom row: Miss Powell, Woodrull, Ariell, Smilh, Levin, Palailh, l-loerner, Baer, Woodhead. Absenl: Buck, Olson. Sop MISS PURDUM Top row: Keenan, Maas, Edmonds, MC- Gee, Brandl, Janus. Third row: Sergel, Garner, Snillen, Biesel, Smilh, Wasem, Braun. Second row: Zimmerman, Rusin, Davis, Slewarl, Melzger, Goldberg, Pallison, Lynch. Bollom row: Miss Purdum, Gerber, Whillemore, Green, Milnor, Seilerl, Gessner, Goldman, Glabman. Absenl: Nallira. MR. REYNOLDS Top row: Moeller, Anderson, Scoll, Mag- ner, Bingham, Will. Third rowz. l-lildebrandl, Miller, Finlc, Smilh, Dell, Marland, Lindblad. Second row: l-lolce, Pinkerson, Rome, Slein, Larson, Barr, Wiclcman, Ericlcson. Bollom row: Mr. Reynolds, l-liken, Moore, Converse, Osgood, Slade, De- Woll, Swain, Rau. Absenl: Buclcmasler, Pierce, MR. ROBERTSON Top row: Oseland, Neis, Lezama, Childs. Nischan, Schulz, Kremer, Finlcl. Third row: Wallcins, Day, Franden, Behr- sloclc, Mandel, McGuire, McDonald, Brady, McClellan. Second row: Packel, Birdlebough, Slur- lini, Beally, Baker, Lovell, Riman, Hop- lcins. Bollom row: Mr. Roberlson, Krone, Yure man, Finkel, Filzqerald, Bullon, Koller, Caslelli, Meier. Absenl: Carman, Pedriclc. MRS. ROMANI Top row: l-lowe, Corwine, Sleinberg, Segerslen, Long, Lininger, Hacker Lewis, Coolidge. Second row: Shaw, Mannheimer, Kresl Kahn, Sliclcler, Van!-Xlyea, Ehrharll Johnson, l-lulcheson. Bollom row: Mrs. Romani, Rosenlhal Zimmerman, Kagan, Thoma, Bell, Lu- becke, Perrin, Beclcell. Absenl: Delang, Weisdorl, Wodis. h T am Take Tit MR. SMITH Top row: Felsing, Callin, Orlegel, Tra gesser, Carmichael, Sampson. Third row: Menzel, McLean, Klein Schmus, Engels, Hendrey, Adams Schwall, Clouse. Second row: Berland, Gail, Prodromos Weiss, Arons, Slellens, Paquin, Marlin Bollom row: Mr. Smilh, Salzman, Mac- Arlhur, Bernslein, Garvey, Lebin, Soc- corso, Wrighl, Ploehn. Absenl: Ferdinand, Jackson. les MRS. STEWART Top row: Herrmann, Lord, Cornyn, Fislc. Born, Hunl, Parker, Marlin, Lorch. Third row: Phillips, Bowen, Bloom, Lipson Lewis, Miller, Palmer, Halvorsen. Second row: Hobbs, Johnslon, Harrison. Thomas, Galhercoal, Barnard, Lighlner, Larkin, Hicks. Bollom row: Mrs. Slewarl, Nisbel, Mc- Kinney, Rubinson, O'Connell, Gum- biner, Smilh, Ude, DeWoll. Absenl: Revelle. MISS WASYLOWSKY Top row: Felclinger, Lauer, Becker. Po- coclc, Todd, Adelman, Goodyear, Oman. Second row: Cobb. Chrisliansen, Bene- venli. Julclcola, Lager, Lansing, Coolf, Pawlan, Ellioll. Bollom row: Miss Wasylowslcy, Adler, Bells, Horne, Simmons, Ohlson, Hamil- lon, Fenlon, Gallo. Alnsenl: Happ, Pollock. MR. WATERS Top row: Brown, Kuyper, Miller, Woel- lel, Blair, Schuessler, Condon, Jones. Hope. Third row: Samuels, Robin, McRoberls Levine, Reasner, Wilson, Cozad Schoenbrod, Gray. Second row: Goodman, Delalco, Rolh Douglas, Scallan, Rosen, Tobin: Wrighl, Zand. Bollom row: Mr. Walers, Rillenberg Schwarlz, Zielke, Freels, Fehr, Collins Marlin, Baer. i K, Li,. . , ,g f X ,y ,V fi, K ff'- ,. .1 4, - - f Tr 2 1 , i 2 M f .. hp., JUDY ALLIN LEE HIGH JEANINE BABIZE PresidenT Vice-PresidenT Secreiary K' 5 f ' .rg ff ,zz f 0 X f 5 1 as We 2 fifliii BILL YAGER Treasurer 786 Juniors Promis ReTurning in SepTember, The Class OT l959 Tound iTselT in a luxurious, new seTTing. They are The TirsT jun- iors To be able To malce use oT The new sTudenT lounge and The oTher ad- vanTages provided by The compleTed building. The juniors inauguraTed and parTicipaTed in several social and scholasTic "TirsTs" aT New Trier. The Class oT '59 was The TirsT class To Take a baTTery oT junior TesTs com- pleTely diTTerenT Trom previous pro- grams. The TesTs, scored elecTroni- cally, were designed To show The sTu- denT's abiliTies in verbal and guanTi- TaTive areas and his achievemenT in various academic Tields. This spring Tor The TirsT Time, The IvleriT Scholarship TesTs were given To juniors. Formerly They had been given during The early Tall oT The senior year. Seven hundred and TiTTy juniors, almosT The enTire class, Turned ouT Tor The TesTs in an aTTempT To JUNIOR STEERING COMMITTEE Top row: Babize, Mangel, Lane, McNeill, Mr. Wehr, Cornog, Vanl-leclce, Palmer, Pegelow. Second row: Minx, SauTer, Claar, I-Ioward, Allin, Miss Breclin, Madigan, Borlcan, Anderson, O'Malley, Uebel- haclc. BoTTom row: Urban, Merz, Seng, Yager, Weber, Orr, High, Davis. win Tinancial aid and scholasTic rec- ogniTion. An Advanced STudy Group was Tormed aT The reguesT oT a group oT juniors in order To provide Those oT superior abiliTy wiTh courses on Their own level. The group, careTully se- lecTed, began The new series oT courses aT The sTarT oT The second semesTer, receiving insTrucTion in spe- cial English, maThemaTics, chemisTry, and language secTions. The Class oT I959 parTicipaTed in many acTiviTies ThaT were noT TirsTs aT New Trier. They provided The addi- Tional sTrengTh necessary Tor The var- siTy cross counTry and The varsiTy and junior varsiTy TooTball Teams To gain Suburban League championships in Their respecTive divisions, and Tor The varsiTy swimming Team To Talce The sTaTe swimming TiTle. The many oTher aThleTic Teams also beneTiTed Trom The supporT oT junior class aThleTes. The Class oT l959 also conTribuTed much To The sTudenT governmenTal organizaTions. AT The beginning oT The second semesTer, members oT The junior class assumed The leadership in deTermining The acTions and policies oT STudenT Council. Eleven juniors were given board posiTions and The Tour oTTicers, who were elecTed TirsT semesTer, were juniors. Many juniors also parTicipaTed in The producTions oT The drama and mu- sic deparTmenTs. There were many members oT The junior class in The casT and crews oT Oklahoma! ThroughouT The year, juniors parTici- paTed in The producTions oT The drama groups, The music deparTmenT, and Lagniappe. The junior year's acTiviTies began wiTh The elecTion oT class oTTicers. The elecTion was run by The junior class adviser chairmen, Miss Frances Bredin and Mr. Roland Wehr, whose help proved indispensable Through- ouT The year. The voTing resulTed in The choice oT Judy Allin, presidenTg Lee l'ligh, vice-presidenTp Jeannine Babize, secreTaryg and Bill Yager, Treasurer. AssisTed by The iunior sTeering commiTTee, They provided excellenT leadership Tor The class. The year's TirsT social evenT was a parTy in The lounge, The Junior Class Ball. The eTTorTs oT The commiTTees ThaT planned and arranged iT, The ex- ceIIen+ enTerTainmenT, and energeTic M,C,'s Bill Acle and Chris Ross made The Ball a greaT success. "GeTTing To Know You," The an- nual iunior girls' ValenTine's Day Dance, was a TurnabouT held aT The Glencoe Women's Library Club. The change OT scene made The good Tood and good music seem even beTTer. AnoTher big evenT in The iunior year was The elecTion oT senior class oTTicers in April. AlThough Those elecTed do noT Take oTTice unTil June, The choice among The candidaTes is one OT The iuniors' mosT imporTanT decisions. NexT year's oTTicers Tor The Class oT T959 will be John Kelley, presidenT7 Chris Ross, vice-presidenT: Dee Swansen, secreTaryg and Dick Avery, Treasurer. Bringing The year To a TiTTing close was The Junior Prom, "l-lere's Wish- ing." ln April planning began wiTh seven commiTTees hard aT work. The Prom and The acTiviTies ThaT pre- ceded iT made The iunior year a Tull one, buT The Class oT l959 can look Torward To a sTill more ambiTious and evenTTul senior year ahead. Future L cldership JUNIOR' BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top row: McNeill, P. Miller, Shuey, Lucas, Scargle, Green, Rinclfleisch, l-larper, ManasTer, ETnyre, Gessel. FourTh row: STirling, BernsTein, Rosenberg, Caskey, Walker, WhiTney, Shane, BlaTchTord, Sprowl, Anderson. Third row: Barr, Avery, Gordon, PenningTon, Belknap, EllioTT, Kearney, PorTes, Fried, Samuels, SeThness. Second row: Klein, Reinish, Pleck, Rovin, Irvine, S. Rosen, M. Rosen, Graham, Lahey, Murray. BoTTom row: Erenburg, Curci, STossel, Quale, BaTes, TakiTT, R. Miller, Baer, Freund, FanTl, l'larris. JUNIOR GIRLS' HONOR GROUP Top row: Rick, Madigan, Clausen, WolT, STokes, T-lerbenar, Maynard, King, Laser, KraTT, SybrandT, Brewer, MaTson, Freedman, Snyder, Johnson, Hanson, WrighT, l-laverkampT, Townsend. FourTh row: CarpenTer, McFadzean, Robinson, Taylor, Miller, Evans, Johnson, HoTTman, Hess, Pollack, Ecker, RunnsTrom, Sykes, Harris, Wack, OTley, Phillips, Drake, Wilson, STaebler. Thirdlrow: llglasse, May, Thorsen, Shelby, l-laines, OrTegel, Burns, Kessel, Lewis, Tenney, Wilson, STeadry, Braun, Swansen, Bergman, AlberTs, Oehl, Wi es, Co n. Second row: ShaTer, RosenThal, JohnsTon, Barr, Claar, Weinberg, Robin, Adler, l-lasselmann, Carlson, Babcock, ATkinson, Luecker, ClayTon, Lacey, Pieroni, Anderson, Schuyler. BoTTom row: RoThschild, Coyne, SchulTz, l-lamson, Moore, RusT, Black, Lindauer, Borkan, Gordon, Goldboss, Poehler, Bigg, Greenliielcl, Davenport Baur, PancoasT. I I I X X V ' X 1 S F I I I I I I I K A X I ' I -I W 'A Z 546-f,f1,ff 4 ,fi ,J 1-gf Oz: 5 ga 4' 7 I 6 Ie, Ian' , we aw ,f A " ,.,gw,,wf 45. , K, ,, X JUNIOR YEAR BRINGS EXTENSIVE TESTING PROGRAM NICHOLS G-ESSEL, VAN HEOKE, DAVIS ENTERTAIN JUNIORS DO RESEARCH FOR LONG THEME NEW LIBRARY FACILITATES RESEARCH WORK VA E I GS AT JUNIOR PARTY COMEDY KICKS OFF JUNIOR CLASS BALL CLASS PRESIDENT ROCKS AND ROL H Ml i 1 il l Q l J l T-A 'AJ i l 1 i l ,A , , N1 l lr , 'Wi l l l I for W2 ' , , '- l Q S -V.AA 1 l i l , l , l ' fi i FX l ff ,f aw, , A T i T l U A i i l l J l i l sv! "X..f' Ll l NXJ lx-X-,X il o.l l - Y J MR. ASCHENBACH Top row: Leavill, l-lansen, Obermeier Seng, Pullman, Berry, Luensman. Third row: Golcher, Pelerson, Donahue Applegale, Weimer, Gardner, Rosen- Jrhal, Krall. Second row: Tennanl, l-loldilch, Shana- han, Allweiss, Dunn, Glossbe-rg, Parker Baleman. BoHom row: Mr. Aschenbach, Pasfernack Mason, Crose, Lillie, Johnson, Merz Morrison, Reinish. Absenfz Dicus, Edmonds, Ghasfer, Klein. MISS BEAN Top row: Danielson, Vaicelc, Palmcr, Schwenn, Robinson. Third row: Orley, Bernslein, Buclc, Shai- er, Laser, Pope, Marlin, Second row: Morgan, Perlersen, Clauson, Margolis, Pollack, Vicior, Thorsen. l-lurchinson. BoH'om row: Miss Bean, Rindell, McLean, Sarlcacly, Leipzig, Knowllon, Anderson. Edmunds, l-lervey. Absenh Ray, Rolhbardl, Server. MR. CATON Top row: Jaffray, Bishop, Merar, Miss- ner, While, Kolehmainen. Third row: Mangel, Reeder, Morgan, Flynn, Prouiy, Berger, Gessel, Green, Rindlleisch. Second row: Kurland, Avery, Dini, Zim- mermann, Showley, Moullon, DeVries, Selhness. Boffom row: Mr. Caron, Weber, McFad- den, Granslrom, Leisch, Yager, Pefer- son, Zarloin, Klingeman. Absent Afwood. MR. DAVIS Top row: Feuer, l-lealy, l-lill, Wilson Campbell, Sennoll, l-larl, Smilh. Third row: Caslfey, Bezdelc, Graham Roolier, Whilney, Cunningham l-lolmes, Vanl-leclce. Second row: Woodloclc, Slaughler, Wex ler, Thoman, Libii, Meyer, Kaufman Orlengren, Crilchell. BoHom row: Mr. Davis, Shalfman, Cling man, Quale, S. Davenport l-l. Daven porl, Ruddock, Carlsiedl, Swelnarn. MR. FEARHEILEY Top row: Fried, Davidson, Srirling, Da- valos, Manasrer, Wing, Werner. Second row: Orr, Frank, Moran, Charna- les, Slrork, Del-lelre, Gviden, Kearney Woodruff. BoH'om row: Mr. Fearheiley, Curci, Kush- ner, Springer, R. Miller, Becker, La- Framenra, Thornfon, J. Miller. Absenfz Adams, Elflandl, Jennings Whirehead. MRS. GALLIE Top row: Kindred, Narhan, Sreifey, Ma+- son, Sward, Rifler, Clausen, Zagel. Second row: Marsh, Freeman, Oehl. King, Evans, Knorr, Becker, Seng, Raub. BoH'om row: Mrs. Sallie, Anderson, Mc- Gohan, Morrison, Srremrnel, Johnsron, Barr, Appleion, Purlell. Absenh Babize, Baker, LeVine, Maynard, Passman, Robin. MR. GUSTAFSON Top row: Riley, Sloddard, Harper Sleighr, Ray, l-lorlon. Third row: Anderson, Carlson, Weiler, Kovas, Goldowsky, Cornog, Belknap Blalchford, Sprowl. Second row: Wirrh, Berkelhamer, Dres- ner, Daulf, Campbell, Pleck, Pearlman, Knowles. BoHom row: Mr. Gusrafson, Baer, Ko- minsky, Barone, Figge, Harris, Lawson, Haupf, Bree. Absenh Adams, Erenburg, Hardl. -I L. A e, Cl A fe WL i CX l 1 N 'f'XfV y',. ,A NN rlffgw I 1 K VIP ey It F ff IVA, 2 F I y i l I M l i is U J ra lol ll cl Ll gi lrir ir . ll X l MRS. GWYNN Top row: Weinberg, Cox, Dorgan, By- ingron, l-laverkampf, Johnson, De- Rocco, Parron, Rieger. Third row: Harris, Bayless, Wood, Mil- chell, Howe, Lange, Anderson, Fair- bairn, Emerson. Second row: Berman, Cram, l-lamilron Corry, Page, l-less, Bergman, Nellis Claar. , Bo'Hom row: Mrs. Gwynn, l-lager+y Griffin, Bigg, l-lefrer, Hasselmann Babcock, Lacey, Pieroni. Absen+: Moorhead, Semrau. I - ET . . ea i u l , ff , V-,I-TX Q, ,!,'gxX, ,,,,f'Zl ' '. ,x'xs,,,, I, ,I !,,,f2 ,T ,,, ,,, r r , l , l r Q r fl l, L Il ...yy 3 , k , a , L, lx ,l , , r, r LJ 1.5 Rfk xl ,Lui LJ 1.112 MR. HENDERSON Top row: Delander, Culver, Gabbard Oser, Wohlrab, Nelson, Dellin. Third row: Young, Blarchley, Dohse, Diel- rich, Karraker, May, Halhaway, Wolf. Second row: Priebe, Berler, Bagby, Cars- Jren, O'Reilly, Hurlman, Lichrman, Fry, Elliorr. BoHom row: Mr. Henderson, Scher, Mor- ris, Corley, Samuels, Irvine, Dickman. Kelley, Heilman. MR. JACCBSON Top row: Ellis, Bernslein, Lucas, T. Miller, Liyingsfon, Nichols, Erikson, Scargle, D. Miller. Second row: S. Rosen, Scolf, B. Schaefer, K. Schaefer, Phibbs, Lane, M. Rosen, Houck. Boffom row: Mr. Jacobson, LeMire, Burg' dorf, Filzgerald, Farrell, Orion, Doepel, P. Anderson, Ade. Absenfz W. Anderson, McTigue, Refer- sen, Warersrradl, Wrighr. MISS KARL Top row: Vanderwicken, Reed, Hauser. Rick, Srokes, Moldauer, Shelby, Drake. Third row: Layron-Taylerson, Hoffman. Harrenberg, Schlurer, Mouzakeoris, Schuerr, Heineken, King, Godemann. Second row: Hesser, Rosenberg, Scheck- erman, Orlegel, Cook, Braun, DeBer- ard, Salvano. BoH'om row: Miss Karl, Sprigel, Lewis. Adler, Barack, Wolf, Bales, Rosenrhal, Alkinson. T Absenfz Treloar. ,N . ff? fi "' "Ss A fm . if fr- . , , T l Fr -ew' l 1 i X J m 1 M .1 1 , 1 r . -' f . '--f i or MISS KING Top row: Baughman, Buesch, Solon Goldman, Wolf. Third row: Hullman, Burns, Newell, Solo- mon, Renn, Edwards, Taylor, Truken- brod, Abramson. Second row: McGauran, McGee, Tenney Goldboss, Cone, Hufson, Mobley Micheler. BoHom row: Miss King, Rudy, O'Neill Cooksey, Arabia, Sreinfeld, Zoline Holmes, Allsebrooke. Absenf: Anderson, Baker. X ,fx i 5 V If , it V ivy i WX J l l l J i l l il ll fm ,ffl l lf' fn' fl" fn' A . 'Q'-v ,l i f ii X liAfljlfjiu',iH1WlVAlCNlm' llffllgli l l l A ' L ' i l , L L L 5 y I ,X , , a-fi Rf , ef , W, -X-fx , xx ix '.,,x,. lA., ,J 4 o f x,gJ -C ,, X.-, C. x.1- Ni Hxhffl 1 X, N, , LV, MR. MALINSKY Top row: Kallman, Lane, Sunderland Gray, l-lollweg, Sidney, Jeffers. Third row: Braun, Morgan, Cohen, Pow ell, Millman, Myers, Gordon, McCar fhy. Second row: Hoffman, Grube, Press Paclcel, Pearson, Kraff, Lehman, Pefer son, Merrick. Boffom row: Mr. Malinsky, Sfossel, Behm Byrne, Freund, Ford, Noble, l-lerberf Forresfer. Absenf: English, Goodwin, Kufz. MISS MAY Top row: Rubin, Sybrandf, Schreiber, lrv- ine, De-Mufh, Madigan, McFaclzean Carpenfer, Townsend. Third row: Lolcensgard, Browne, Day Ward, Gelfand, Hadley, l-lolzenlcamp Turner, Alberfs, Sholes. Second row: Lapperre, Cohn, Cooper Wenzel, Greenawalf, Meyer, Thomp- son, Czerwonlcy, Baur. Boffom row: Miss May, Kaplan, Rachlin Weinberg, Greenfield, Nanini, Gor: don, Sewell, Dashow. MR. McFADZEAN Top row: Porfes, McNeill, McCabe Shuey. Third row: Cooper, Noble, Wechfer, El- lioff, Deardorff, l-leifman, Kramer Boone, Carr. Second row: Talciff, Dolan, Rovin, Clif- ford, Nelson, Penningfon, Moore, Af- lcinson, Schach, Reinwald. Boffom row: Mr. McFadzean, Lewy, Self- zer, Barfh, Lahey, McConnell, Franfzen Werfh, Knapp. Absenf: Daiss, Fifzmaurice, Gillaspy, Gin- giss, Rink. MR. MOREY Top row: Riman, Fefzer, Meyers, Juer- gens, Neubauer, Prouf, Sauer, Carfer Efnyre. Third row: Anderson, Thorsen, Diehl Mifchell, Baker, Porfer, Garner, Posey Second row: Krueger, Urban, Depper man, Ferris, Rossloerger, LaMoffe Shane, Lindsfrom, Samuels. Boffom row: Mr. Morey, Keller, Winkless Broolcs, McLaughlin, Walgreen, Sec combe, Fried, l-liqh. Absenf: l-lanner. 1 i . espon ibi iti s Y l MR. PINK Top row: McNeil, Findley, Ledbelrfer, O'Connell, Muller, Rodgers, DeWiH'. Third row: Warner, Barr, Kelly, B, Led- erer, Naienberg, Engel, Neubauer, Myers. Second row: Robin, Finkelrnan, Davis, Walker, P. Lederer, Nisen, Bonsfelle, Winks, Goodwin. BoH1om row: Mr. Pink, Raffel, Boehm, Grung, Bales, Zeulschel, Vizcarrondo, Finzer, Murray. Absenh Debenham, Friedlander, Gers- dorf, Spaulding. MRS. RAFFETTO Top row: Hol'r, Gilchrisl, Wack, May, Ward. Third row: Roesing, Brechl, Shaver, Gal- lagher, Harris, Venema, Conser, Srnifh. Second row: FleH', Kennedy, Ecker, Rie- gel, Hafner, Buice, Johnson, Kaplil, Carlsen. BoH-om row: Mrs. Raffello, Huebsch. Aronson, Schrom, Goldman, Deufch, Poehler, Paley, Rainey. Absenl: Enchelmayer, Howard, Mueller, Tindall. MISS SLEIGHT Top row: Wrighl, Parsons, Dielerich, Wechsler, Berbach. Third row: Reich, Cooney, Wagner, Runnslrom, Hansen, Klauser, Slreeler. Second row: Luecker, Berliner, Pusareri, Pelerman, Barnes, Pegelow, Tenhune. Tinkham. Bo+'l'om row: Miss Sleighl, Kuhles, Gold- man, Yale, Carlson, Rosenfhal, Rech- loris, Wilkins, Sfeffen. Absenh Jinkinson, McCari'hy, Phalen, Ross, Slickralh, Taubensee. MRS. SMUTNY Top row: Wiles, Wilson, Oakley, Reed Coffin, Danielson, Miller. Third row: Follz, Larrnee, Harding, Pers- son, Franz, Prindiville, O'Malley, Fair- bank. Second row: Jones, Sireinman, Davenporf, Haines, Lee, Nordblom, Boyd, Swan- sen, Loginsky. BoHom row: Mrs. Smulny, Rusl, Harnson Gore, Norse, Schram, Gold, Meyer Wolf. Absenh Brewer, Prodrornos, Rolhering Prom Climax MRS. SUTTON Top row: Uebelhaclc, Phillips, I-Iarris, Se neco, Pelersen, Nelson. Third row: Krall, Spare, Sylces, Gohres Groii, Cowen, Parlon. Second row: Ray, Edelman, Sleadry, Wil- son, Norlh, Miller, Appel, Cashman BoI+om row: Mrs. Surlon, Goldberg Moore, Rolhschild, Love, I-Iahn, Clay- lon, Maluslca, McGrew. Absen'I': Diclcerl, Gelman, Nash. CI' MR. VERNON Top row: Mayer, Jones, Rosenberg, Fish- er, Gomez, Salisbury, McNeil, R. San- ders, Cassell. Second row: Kurlz, Peck, Perrine, Gish, Kimball, Pecka, M. Sanders, O'Con- nor, Marlens, Slixrood. Bo'Hom row: Mr. Vernon, Penovich, Pou- Ios, Macdonald, Anoii, Lerner, Froe- schle, Fanll, Seng. Absenfz I-Iarlwiclc, Sullivan, Weiler, MISS WEILER Top row: Wagner, Malzacher, I-lanson. Thomas, Ensor, I-Iasse. Third row: Hoffman, Elden, Minx, May- iield, Brown, Allison, Lauver. Second row: Wallace, Alford, Ash, Yafes, Nord, Breeden, Sleine, Cohen. Boflom row: Miss Weiler, Black, Meyer. Swanson, I-Iahn, Slaalc, Laslcay, Orle- gel, Kiesau. Absent Coyne, Olson, Pancoasl. MISS WHITE Top row: Siebel, I-Iowe, Fuller, Segen- reich, Engslrom, I-Ierbenar, C. Snyder Freedman, L. Snyder. Second row: Welch, Newmen, Moss, Wil- liams, Leow, Slceen, Kessel, Rumage Schuyler. Bohlom row: Miss While, Schullrz, Shane Borlcan, Allin, Bliss, Nelson, Fink, Ever- ell. Absen+: Lindauer, Marsh, Shanlcman Sloan, Slaebler. ff F T, ff Kg1,3T1XJWgi JI?" Q xx 1 1 M' ff Hx , ws f Il Y, ' hir! THIS TOWER GREW AS THE SENIORS GREW, I954-I958 GEORGE METZGER PresicIenT PEGGY SMITH Vice-Presidenf JUDY BINGHAM Secre-Tary DICK HART Treasurer Class of 1958 The Class oT l958, The TirsT To graduaTe Trom The recenTly renovaTed New Trier, seT a precedenT in leadership and academic achievemenT ThaT will noT be easily sur- passed. The excellenT senior spiriT was demonsTraTed aT all school evenTs and was an example To The resT OT The sTudenT body. The seniors' main concern ThrougouT The year was The choice oT a college. As parT oT Their preparaTion Tor admission, The sen- iors Took College EnTrance ExaminaTion Board TesTs, Advanced PlacemenT TesTs, and NaTional lVleriT Scholarship Exams. ThirTy-one OT Those TesTed qualiTied as lvleriT Scholarship TinalisTs, a mosT impres- sive record. Louis Cohen, Susan OTTO, James Perrin, and Marion Welch acTually won scholarships. One-hundred-TorTy-one sTudenTs made Senior l-lonor SocieTy wiTh seven semesTer averages oT 3.20 or beTTer. Adviser chairmen lvlr. William Gannaway and lvliss Louise l'lamilTon assisTed The class oTTicers and sTeering commiTTees in organiz- ing class acTiviTies. The annual ChrisTmas dances, "ArcTic Oasis" and "WinTerlude," were held December 26 and December 3l respecTively. All arrangemenTs and decora- Tions Tor The upperclass dances were han- dled by The seniors. Senior CanTeens, headed by Chuclc RuTh- erTord, The oTher oTTicers, and The board, provided several evenings OT enTerTainmenT and dancing Tor seniors and Their daTes. The lasT social acTiviTy oT The class as a whole was The Senior BanqueT on May 29. GraduaTion is June l2. SENIOR GIRLS' STEERING COMMITTEE Top row: Bingham, BrewsTer, Miss l-lamilTon, Moir, Blorngren, Coolidge, SmiTh, Reinclce. BoTTom row: Tyler, Lauer, Crean, Bishop, Lacey, Erland. SENIOR BOYS' STEERING COMMITTEE Top row: Willcey, WaTson, MeTzger, Boysen, Sieberling, Wallace. BoTTom row: Kun, Sawers, Baker, BaTson, Reilly, Dahl, Mr. Gannaway. I I 3 I I I me-I - , " or I I fr- va I A c 1 ' 'c c I 1 I R , if 'gi , ,A ,fsx I I I rr, -' I I C, , u if . , I I S, I I f ' 11 - , i I I' I , , X--, I 3 ., I ' ' I 1, K ' 1 ' , X 3 , gg' xx ix' V nn I ,M val 3 -X I 1 .X I ix .xv A I- I Y V, I 1 i L I ,if Cv, "L L, I Gif 4-J "-N-,fx MA' X-,' ...J 1,1 '- I- li I., L- gg .. SENIOR BOYS' FRESHMAN HELPERS Top row: Sellers, Sullivan, Wallace, Wolff, McLucas, Durhie, I-larris, Weis, Porrer. Bo+i'om row: Miller, Krueger, Ravenscrofl, Vreeland, Goodman, Campbell, Dorfman, McLean, Dunne, S'rul'rs, Mr. Kelley. SENIOR BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top row: Sauer, Srearns, Thomas, Kaplan, Orr, Srulrs, Maynard, Sieberling, Marlin, Kennan, Quarnsrrom. Four+h row: Rorhschild, Denning, Elliolr, Reichl, Appel, Freeman, Whirelaw, McLucas, Lawler, Sand, Gorin. Third row: Cohen, I-larris, Wesr, Nilson, MacLean, Saper, Boysen, Blanlcslein, Traxler, Sralnalcer, Dunne. Second row: Jaffe, Lenz, l-larvey, Richardson, Meislahn, Converse, SI'ree'r, Campbell, Lorz, Lundy. BoH'om row: Slein, Slern, Magnani, Goldman, Willcey, Rohlen, Landlield, Dorfman, Davenporr, Wallach, Jones SENIOR GIRLS' HONOR GROUP Top row: Young, Frosr, Burns, Coolidge, Chambliss, Wilhelm, Dory, Langford, Siuebner, Siivers, Wilson. Fiflh row: Moore. Gale, Cairns, I-lermann, I-Iulrman, Komiss, Welch, Leclcerbie, Voigl, Wyss, Keilh, Sharler, Trossman, Adams, Erickson, Yosr, Swanson Fourfh row: Lloyd, Traweek, Byinglon, Brandenburg, Reise, Murphy, Jacobs, l-larvey, Burler, Green. Emrich, McPherson, Anderson, Ragland, Newman Musgrove, Bowen, OHO. Third row: Feinberg, Perlman, Maloney, Lacey, Reineclce, Zeller, Weinberg, Kemper, Moses, Royer, Marcus, Alschuler, Parent Knapp, Parylq, Alex ander, Burnham. Second row: Rubin, Friedman, Pfeiler, Sedwiclc, Rose, Klalzl, Plarf, Lucas, Ude, Nordlol, Korri, Joseph, Baker, I-luberl, Perlmulrer, Unrad. BoH'om row: Goodman, Brown, Lauer, Tiffany, Gibson, Fine, Snow, Krueger, Pinsol, Romane, Miller, Gray, Tressel, Venriclc, Corcoran. I I GEORGE HAMILTON GETS WARM WELCOME FROM SENIOR BOYS NA? fr XX ,-I IZA-XXX I I ,V ,XX X V' "iz If: TQ I ff: I II, I X7 K I I 1 J -J I I I 1 I Q V I f"X I IIIIIIII Ifwv I bn III Q L 1 X K I J . I I ' V: Q I P+ I U JI -2 XL! -' X.,,- f Xx,f N41 I xwf gg I gg I:59 A.M. If I MIDNIGHT AND MAYHEM ON NEW YEAR'S EVE GRADUATION CEREMONY IS TRADITIONALLY BEAUTIFUL sENloRs AND DATES AT THE CANTEEN 5rAmwAY TO PARADISE A ,W -'1 "' 1 O my rx Z I rT,x ffm, E I Ifxi ,I E LN ri E 5 67 M n fwl W rw mm A fX ,n-f L L 'I J XV! '55 i K K U I Y I Q L A 'X X N i l XO I 1 1 x f thx O A a Qv, K T gfg l w 1 Y HJ J J X N ff WI NTERLUDE CLASS OF '58 FIRST SENIORS TO ENJOY LOUNGE PRIVILEGES HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY First Class to Graducl v KATHERINE P. WILLIAM V. MARGARET E. W. KIMBARK EDWIN W. MERLE R. ADAMS ALBRECHT ALDER ALDERMAN ALDOUS ALEXANDER ROBERT W. ALICE B. LINDA G. RICHARD N. ALAN W. SARAH A. ALLEN ALLISON ALSCHULER ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ROBERT s. MARY H. THELMA Y. JOHN c. DORCAS A. WJOHN L. T APPEL ASHTON AYRES BABcocK BAKER BAKER ul-XHUJ Hung W ..,-..- .......-.. uf-vun.n I UDR l , GEORGE R. KATHLEEN D. BONNIE A. JAMES L. ABAZZIQNI' RICIQEQ522 W' BELL BELL BELNAP BELOUNGY from N Building LESLIE L. ROGER H. WAYNE A. KAREN JEANINE JUDITH L. BELT BENEDICT BENJAMIN . BERGER BERN BINGHAM DONALD H. BARBARA J. I R. JAMES STUART A. JUDITH A. ELEANOR A. BIRNEY BISHOP BLAKE BLANKSTEIN BLEIMEHL BLELOCH BARBARA D. KENNEDY JEAN A. CHARLES E, JANE B. ELLIOTT C. BLOMGREN BLOOD BLOOMBERG BOEDEKER BOGART BOGOLUB WILLIAM T. DON W. WILLIAM C. H. JUDITH R. FRANK P. MARY BOLENDER BONESTEEL BOODELL BOROWITZ BOUDART BOWEN PAUL R. PETER A. RICHARD H, BARBARA R. Louls E, MAVIS E. aoYER BOYSEN BRACKETT BRADLEY BRADLEY BRADLEY S niors Completedf 1 GEORGE W. WARREN J. LEE N. MARGARET GAIL E. CARGLYN T. BURGOYNE BURKE BURNHAM BURNS BUSBY BUTLER YIRGINIA c. MARY A. TIMOTHY K. TYLER R. KATHRYN A. BARBARA AQ A A Tm BYINGTON RYRNE BYRNE CAIN cAIRNs cAI.I.owAY DONNA L. RICHARD P. ELIZA JAMES A. ELLEN F. DAVID A. CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CARY CATLIN CHAMBLISS CHRISTIE E. WINSTON MARY T. DEBORAH E. .IoHN F. MICHAEL w. JESARINE H. T CLARK CLEMENTSON CLIFFE CLUTE coFFIeI.o coHIaN I-fjbrcny and Loung LOUIS R. MORGAN w. WILLIAM R. STEPHEN R. PATRICK PATRICIA C COHEN COLE COLVILLE COMAR CoNAueI-IToN CONDON Q RICHARD I-I. CAROLE A. HAROLD A. GEORGE Ic. MARS . CUMMINGS CUNNINGHAM DAI-II. DAI-II.IN DAFEQ D sB?6:l-TER? I ROBERT M. DONALD w. WILLIAM A. EDWARD A. RICH DAVENPORT DAVIDSON DAVIES DAVIS DAACITS? J' IDAAJVSQOTQ' EI I A .. , 1x, ,.f., . . . Class mon trat R. DOUGLAS K. ELIZABETH DAVID W. JOAN S. JUDITH S. DALE E. DEAN De6RYSE DELAINE DELEVITT DELSON DENDTLER RICHARD S. LAURENCE CHARLES E. RICHARD R. THOMAS R. MARY L. DENNING DIAMOND DOMM DONAT DORFMAN DOTY CHARLES G. DONALD A, STEVEN T. - M. SUSAN R. LAWRENCE MICHAEL S. DOUGLAS DOWN DRESSER DUNBECK DUNLAP DUNNE ANGUS M. DUTHIE DYSART , .-':ffp' A... fy' 3. vw,-r,-M, ..-Q. ,W 1 .W-f,-v-,:'M,f' f I ff, 0 ww' ' ff f:.,r.f.-..,1, .W-ry'-7-H JOEL A. , . . 1, X A .455 , 'Mi ' ' .,w5i,fQ:gff2: .-,' ...i-!3'if?:,ff.lZ3-Q , . .7 , I My . . ,. ., M in , , .. M . L,ri.ViM.:g?2 . ..., . X .mf . ..,, V.. , .,., I , f ' ff fs ff, I 375' A , F' 4. , if K -f .. I ' , L ,,... .,.. . ,f,, ,,.,.... " Q A ' , ' I 1 5 :ff 15Z.1Z?t?Lf'I'. JAMES H. JAMES G. EGGERT EHLEN ANITA H. SHARON N. DIANE O. CHA-RLES L. EBERT EDDINGTON EDERER EDWARDS 'ff' w., ' , , 511 JI . IW. fn 4 fgffy, . 'Z-Tw M . 3, ff . 5, I ' '-" SUSAN M. EDWARD R. HELEN B, ELIZABETH J EIBER EISEMAN EISERT EISLER igh ademic bilit EDWARD N. JUDY JO TIMOTHY C. SUSAN K. WILLIAM L. JEAN C. ELLIOTT ELLIOTT ELLIOTT ELWOOD EMERSON EMRICH VIVIAN J. SYBIL J. THYRA L. DONNA M. JOHANNA E. WILLIAM B ERICKSON ERLAND EVANS FAHLBERG FAUST FAY SUSAN H. JOSEPH D. DALE A. JANET E. MARY D. ROGER L. FEINBERG FELL FELTMAN FERGUSON FINE ' FINK DONALD S. KENNY A. GERALD B. LLOYD B. JAMES M. CAROL F. FISHER FISHER FLEISCHMAN FLODIN FLORSHEIM FORBIS K, ff'-'-0 ZACHARY D. ANN V- RICHARD A- MARCIA B. SUSANNE FORD Foassene FORSYTHE FOUNTAIN Foy LIEIQZISKA 55 oy and 86 Girl Ati SUSAN M. DIANE L. LEE A. SHARY P. DAVID E. LINDA J. FRAZIER FREDERICK FREEMAN FRIEDMAN FRIEDRICH FROST MARYELLEN MARION C. DENISE CARYL H. PAUL A. GALE GANCE GANUN GARNER GASTWIRTH THOMAS F. BARBARA J. JOHN O'B. ROBERT D. BARBARA J. WILLIAM F. GATHERCOAL GAYNES GELDERMAN GERSTEN GIBSON GIEG W. STEPHEN WILLIAM ROGER C. DARROW M. RICHARD W. KAREN D. GILBOY GILL GILLIS GLOCKNER GLOEDE GOETTLER ibs ALICE SAMUEL HUNTLEY MICHAEL S. SYLVIA J. JOHN B. GOLDBERG GOLDMAN GOLDSMITH GOODMAN GOODMAN GORIN Make onor Soci ty FRANK L. ANN M. VIRGINIA WENDY K. DAVID L. HOLLIS J. GOULD GRAUMAN GRAY GREEN GREENWOOD GRIFFIN JOYCE A. DONALD S. LAURENCE C. WILLIAM G. JOHN T. KENNETH B. HAIMES HALLIDAY HAMMOND HANEMAN HARMAN HARPER ALTON B. LINDA HAROLD B. RICHARD B. JANET A. BONNIE L. HARRIS HARRIS HART HART HARTKE HARVEY 4.5 - , 3745? I T: Afegm A fWi,g,T?,fZf 324312, 'I'-iiiij' , 40' hlfgwff ui av ,2'11m Ewf RALPH E. H. CHARLES MARY NANCY E. RICHARD W. SUSAN E. HARVEY HASSEL HEDGES HEILMANN HEINMILLER HEITMANN 31 ualify erit GLENN E. BEATRICE M. FRANK F, BEVERLY A. LESTER L. BARBARA A. HENRIKSON HENSELMANN HERHOLD HERMANN HERSHINOW HESS M MARY c. STEPHEN T. JOHN J. THOMAS c. susAN J. J. ELIZABETH If HEUSER HEYMANN HOKIN HOPE HOSKING HOUCK 3 WILLIAM H, KATHERINE L. SUSAN F. STEPHANIE H. CHRISTINE C. DIANA B. HOUGH HOWARD HOWE HUBERT HULTMAN HUNT .- W JOHN A. CHRISTOPHER W. THOMAS L. MARILYN J. MICHAEL C. DONALD R. HUST HUSTON IRVINE JACKSON JACKSON JACOB , GAIL DARLENE J. LAURENCE J. JAY M. LOUIS A. HAROLD M. JACOBS JACOBSON JACOBSON JAFFE JAMES JENNINGS EARL T. FRANK S. THERESSE M. DAVID W. JOHN B. JUDITH K. JESPERSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES JONES BETTY E. NORBERT BARBARA A. JUDITH JOEL R. ROBERT J. JOSEPH JOST KAMIN KAMM KAPLAN KATZIN V CONSTANCE P. JANET ROBERT B. PAULAMARIE JENNY JULIE H. KAUFMAN KAUFMAN KAYSER KEATINGE KEIN KEITH JOAN M. BARBARA L. BARBARA S. BRUCE M. A, KAREN LYNN KELLOCK KELLY KEMPER KENNAN KINGHORN KIRCHHEIMER ,THOMAS E. NANCY L. IRENE J. WILLIAM C. MICHAEL J. JEAN M. KIRCHHEIMER KISCHER KLAFF KLATTE KLEIN KNAPP spon ibility L ader JOHN W. KNIGHT " 24- I ,yy X, .T - f , .... f ff ' . A If If ., 4 Q..- X v,', X A, ff 4 4 ,gf M... f-.mifs MERCEDES E. KREUTZER ii ' V,., . . 11 1 . fa.. 1 ' H. ,.,. , X .W ,Lf . 1 512.-.ff 1. - ft .. '-E" ,J 2- .aw , ,yr -f W L.-... Q 3 51' J. fy .,. X-2 . . fa?" 0 JOAN F. LACEY . X . 7 il:-2 337444 . -6, 1 f if l CAROL A. LARSON , , , ,. W, .. - ' ffiyxcfgfiiv I N ,i w 'Y9' "K , . NANCY A. LEE 2 ff ff .4 I W1 if ,, m VLKVV ,r ..ff,.' 5 V -522' - 53" r 'ff' 5'f.:fh5?l?Zf? - ,,L . I ""'?15PYg ' JLW2' ' 121- E62 ,gffplr-. an qfqc, ,....,A , fzfrwf is JILL A KOMISS ER CAROL RICHARD G. STEPHEN D. ELISABETH W. KORFF KOTL KRASHEN KRAUTTER A - 1. ,,R, .,. . 2 43 f f x A X X Wa' 4 ' W .. f 173.15 .gv ff 4- JOYCE J. KRUEGER WALTER W. KENNETH K. ELIZABETH A. RONALD W. KRUEGER KUHLES KUHN KURZ RICHARD JOHN K. LAWRENCE E. CAROL A. JOAN LANDFIELD LANE LANGDON LANGFORD LANSING DORIS J. LASER HEATH WILLIAM E. DENNIS M. LaVERNE E. LAUER LAWLER LEA LECHNER DAVID K. LARRY M. A. NICHOLAS CAROL L. LAWRENCE R. LELEWER LENON LENZ LESTINA LEVIN 4 LO hip ssum cl by Class ALAN M. DENNIS WILLIAM A. SUZANNE S. STEVEN E. E, ELAINE LEVINE LEVINSON LIETZOW LINDBERG LINDBLAD LINDBLOM WILLIAM O. LUCY E. GARY R. M. JEAN LOLA M. THOMAS A. LINDHOLM LINEBARGER LINSKY LITSEY LLOYD LOCHNER LYNNE CAROL A. LAUREL SUZANNE J. ROBERT BARBARA CHRIDGE LOCKERBIE LOFF LONG LOTZ LOWE BARBARA H. KERN S. JOSEPH R. KAREN S. JUDITH A. LUCAS LUCAS LUNDY MACDONALD MacFA'LL LEONARD J. LAWRENCE A. WILLIAM c, ARTHUR R. ANN M. GEORGE J. MQCGREGOR MACK MacLEAN MAGNANI MAHER MAHONEY School L oder Intro JUDITH L. MYRA J. ANN M. ROBERT A. E. MICHAEL KARON P., MALMQUIST MALONEY MARCUS MARGOLIS MARTIN MARTIN ,E ROBERT T. ROBERT J. ROBERT D. BONNIE I. ANDREW PAUL H.Y MARTIN MARTINEAU MATHEY MATZ MAWHINNEY MAYNARD A SUSAN L. RICHARD B. WILLIAM Y. FOWLER B. DORIS M. JOHN F. MCCALLUM MCCLELLAN MCCOMBS MCCONNELL MCCULLOUGH MCDANIEL 3 TITS BARBARA A. THOMAS JAMES M. CHARLES O. JASON DON H. MCOREW MHVER MCLEAN MCLELLAN MCLICK McLucAs VIRGINIA A. ROBERT C. LETITIA S. SUSAN J. HARRY S. MCPHERSON MCQUEEN MEEK MEIER MEISLAHN A Strong olici E LINDA R. JOHN B. JANE R. MARY ANN . NANETTE C. MARLEAN MELIN MELOY MENNEL MENNELL MERCEIN MERRELL E M. ANN GEORGE K. MICHAEL V. HELEN M. MELISSA MARY C. METTLER METZGER METZGER MEYN MEYTHALER MICHEL FLORENCE A. FRANK D. JAMES R. J. RANDALL MARY J. MARY O. I MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER I ROBERTTY ROBERT D. TIMOTHY A. DAVID A. LINDA cs. DONALD c. MILLER MILLER MILLER MITCHELL MITCHELL MITZEL r v' Mn FRANK J. LUCIA cz. DEE A. LOUISA Ia. DAVID ca. JAMES AA MIYA Mom MOORE MOORE MORIN6 MORRISON nior Tal nt Di pla EPHEN R. JILL E. JUDITH A. WALTER H. KATHLEEN L. K MORSE MOSES MOSES MOSES MOUZAKEOTIS VIANA M. MARGARET A, MARY L. JUDITH KAY 5. RAE s. TT' MULLER MURPHY MURRAY MUSGROVE MYERS NAJARIAN JULIA M. PATRICIA M. GEORGIA JOAN C. NANCY M. SUSAN L. NEITZERT NETZER NEUMAN NEWMAN NEWMAN NIGHBERT NILDLJIY Nuwwl-mu NUKULOI- NUVUINI UAIRIID UAKHILL MARY E. SHARON M. JOHN L. JOHN P. MOLLY ROBERT H. o'sRlEN O'CONNELL oDH OLDENDORE OLDER oLMsTEAD ed in Plays, Cpera nior th ELIZABETH F. DONALD K. PATRICIA A. POTTER PRENTISS PRICE LEE G. QUARNSTROM 1 251 ff 5 I , lv, 5 Q 7, 1 1 wear' -. . ., ., f A -- . Rx 41213-'15, 1 'gr f ,M f'2.:55i:?f W' ,, , , fi 5 J X 'Y f f if f 6,1 f QW , W, RICHARD L. ALTHEA M. CAROL J. PROCHNOW PRODROMOS PROVOL LORNA D. NORMA E. ROBERT B. WILLIAM A. PATRICIA A. IRRAIQIIIIZWL. RAMMON RASMUSEN RAVENSCROFT RAY REARDON REDA JAMES C. PETER GEORGE A. REEVES REICHL REILLY RUTH A. SUSAN A. M. ELIZABETH REINCKE REINCKE WILLIAM M. LEONA J. RENO REUTER WARD G. RICE REINECKE I "" Y .V A 1. an . A ..,. .V .- .2 ' , f M - , ' , , A2 if 5.3 1 M I ffff A . 2- , , 'e ,Aw gh -,aff . f ' Nw V ' af", 4 'fk' 125 4, u ' fvZ3"5" ' . mfwi 2 ANTHONY C. ROBERT A. RICH RICHARDSON 'Win Champion hip GRETCHEN L. JOHN H. NANCY L. DANIEL F. RICHARD A. LINDA P. RICHMOND RILEY RINKER ROBERTS ROBNETT RODBRO M. NANCY THOMAS P. JAY T. ROBERT C. MARY TOBY L. RODGERS ROHLEN ROHWER ROHWER ROMANE ROSE ELLEN F. CAROL B. THOMAS A. SHARON L. ELEANOR W. NADA R. ROSEN ROSS ROTHSCHILD ROTTLER ROYER RUBIN ,,.....-,.,,..WI,I ,DA JAMES H. WILLIAM F. CHARLES S. MARI A. RUBY RUNNFELDT RUPP RUTHERFORD RYAN Juom-I A. BETSY R. JAMES c. MICHAEL s. JON ROBERT TIMOTHY R SALERNO SALK SAND SAPER SAUER sAwERs 637 Will Graduat CONSTANCE L. LAURIE A. CARL D. LYNNE I. ROBERT K. ELIZABETH J. SAWYER SCHACHTMAN SCHAEFER SCHEYER SCHMID SCHMIDT SANDRA SUE SMITH .1 if , , 1 " . 47 Y f fy 'HC M I 71. yr.. 1 2 -i w ' 3 ' I' a , ' " ' ' If? M , .M f I ' JILL E. R, THOMAS MICHAEL A. SNOW SNYDER SOBEL with class of 1958 WILLIBOLD A. SPENCER O. EUGENE D. SOPER SPERTUS SOELDNER CHARLES R. ROBERT C. ROBERT D. STALNAKER STARKWEATHER ROBERT N. DAVID H. EILEEN JAMES D. DAVID MARY S. STEARNS STEELE STEFFENS STEIN STERN STIVERS MARGARET JOHN C. LINDA L. JAMES O. RICHARD L. MICHAEL W STOCKTON STONE STONE STREET STRYKER STUCKSLAGER MARY L. LAURENCE A, PHILIP I., FRANK R. PETER E. RICI-IARI337 STUEBNER sruus STUMP SULLIVAN SULLIVAN SUNDERLAND fry , , ff, DAVID B, JOSEPH B. KAREN L. YVONNE L. JAMES H. GAIL M, SUTTON SWANSON swANsoN swANsoN SWARTCHILD swoPE 92'7o Will Continu Edu MADELINE F. WILLIAM R. JOANNE E. JOHN W. EVELYNN E. ERNABETH E. TASKY TAUBER TAYLOR TAYLOR THALIN THEODORES JOSEPH F. ALLAN R. JOHN A. TERRILL A, SUSAN V. GAIR THOMAS THOMPSON THORSEN TIFFANY TOKARSKY TOURTELLOT YVIIHIVQKARAH L. JOSEPH H. MARY ELLEN MARLEY R. JOHN K. ROGER B, TRAWEEK TRAXLER TRESSELL TROSSMAN TRUE Tum-lore TI JOHN K SARAH J, CAROL J. CAREN E. LINDA J. M. PETER ' E UNRA vENEMA TURNER TUTTLE TYLER un D ELIZABETH L. RALPH E. VIRGINIA A. JUDITH L. BURTON D. JOHN A. VENRICK VERNE VILLIESSE VINK VISION VOGEL ation in th Fall NANCY L. JOHN H. DENNIS R. KARL FREDERICK R4ARY VOIGT VREELAND WAGNER WAGNER WAGNER NANCY L. JOHN W. SCOTT B. KEITH L. GAYLE E. WALD WALLACE WALLACE WALLACH WALLOWITZ ALEXANDER W. JOANNE GORDON O, DAVID R. JOAN F. WALTER WALTER WATSON WATTS WEINBERG DANIEL J. ANDREA E. WILLIAM D. MARION R. HELEN F. WEIS WEISS WEISSENBERG WELCH WERTHEIMER L , SARAH E. CHARLES E. B, ANN Juom-I c. MICQQET H wp-me WHITELAW wlEaoLDT WILEY Comm nt Jun 12 CAROL H. SUSAN J. KENNETH D. PHILIP T. DIANE M. RICHARD L. COLLINS WILHELM WILKEY WILLAUER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS PAUL MARCIA O. SANDRA M. JOANN E. ELLEN L. SHARON L. CORLEY WILLIAMSON WILLIAMSON WILMOT WILSON WILSON FREDRIC SHEILAH A. HAROLD J. RONALD L. EARL B. FREDERICK D. GOLDMAN WILSON WISCOMB WITT WODIS WOLF JAMES G. ROBERT A. WILLIAM R. ROBERTA G. ROBERT 6. TRUDY A. HARRE WOLFF WOLFF WOLLOCK WRIGHT WYSS .Q-.4 -'diff' ROBERT K. KARYL CAROLYN V. RAYNA S. VERENA RUSSELL E, PETERSON YOST YOUNG ZECHMAN ZELLER ZIMMERMAN H5 '55 a ffl ,V 2, fig! 55532 Ajiikfx -IETF QQIQ WWI HHQE I I mmm fl Nz 8 a "cf " J H' 1 PAST LEADERS OCCUPY A PLACE OF HONOR IN THE NEW GIRLS' CLUB OFFICE. STUIDEINIT ACTIVITIES I I I I I Council dopt Functi l i The STudenT Council, New 'l'rier's chief represenTaTive organizaTion, This year discussed, sTudied, and acTed upon many oT The mosT imporTanT problems oT The school and sTudenT body. Under The leadership oT Presi- denT Mike CoTlield, Vice-PresidenT Larry Dunlap, SecreTary Dave WaTTs, and Treasurer Bill MacLean, and wiTh The aid oT lvlr. David GusTaTson and Mr. Jaclc Bird, TaculTy sponsors, The '57-'58 Council accomplished such Things as The opening oT The new sTu- l MIKE CQFFIELD LARRY DUNLAP DAVE WATTS BILL MacLEAN Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Seqrgfary Treasurer denT lounge, The changing oT The senior represenTaTive sysTem, The es- TablishmenT oT provision Tor elecTion oT sTudy hall supervisors, The iniTiaTion oT a new plan Tor use oT parlcing Ta- ciliTies, The emphasizing oT a revised Code oT EThics, The change oT The voTing reguiremenTs Tor The I-lonor SysTem, and The incorporaTion oT Pep Club inTo Council as a new board posiTion. AI I-Iarris's and Nancy I-Ieilman's STudy I-lall DeparTmenT handled The Tremendous iob oT adminisTering Ten sTudy halls each period oT The day Tor boTh semesTers. The I-Ionor CommiTTee, headed by Joe Lundy, promoTed undersTanding oT The principles and bases oT The I-lonor SysTem. Pledge cards were placed in all The rooms oT The new building. Tom Rohlen headed The Recrea- Tion CommiTTee which worked on The Halloween parTy and sponsored gym- jams. I'Ie was also in charge oT The STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES- FIRST SEMESTER Top row: Appel, DieTrich, Belknap, Wilson, Ivloir, Pullman, RuTherTord. Third row: McConnell, Rome, Mandel, McDonald, Provol, Siporin, Avery, Townsend. Second row: SybrandT, Bradley, Pococlc Edmonds, YosT, Kelly, Wilhelm, ClemenTson. BoTTom row: Ovson, Jones, Bliss, Tenney, Maloney, JohnsTon, Swansen, Emrich, Ragland. -Mc l AL HARRIS NANcY HEILMAN Joe LUNDY Lou con-IEN -IIMLSWQRLCHILD, TOM Rolill-EN Sfudy Halls Sfudy Halls Honor Special Acfivifies unc all Reffeaflon l l I 'ii 'CX I lvl Fei i i I N viii-l air P f T3 TQ 1 ff? 'iii I I7 iii. 2 l , 'LXR 'xW- l l T I TX X pl l l 3 I I " Il I, Q I , ' ' " ' ' Q ' V I E 1 JL! I IJ-J IQ J J icy cad . iii, Q UI I I ,ii L," I STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-SECOND SEMESTER Top row: BenneTT, Provol, Ovson, Will, CriTchell, Sherman, RuTherTord, WhiTelaw, Appel, Wilson, Miller, Siporin. Third row: Frank, Browne, Fischl, Quale, DoughTy, Wilkey, English, Cummings, Mandel, Davis, Glaser, I-Iauserman. Second row: Oliver, WaTTs, Swansen, Enson, Toms, Emrich, Ross, Ragland, ClemenTson, MarTin, Bradley, Kelly, Wilhelm, Lucas, Bo'I'Tom row: Ovson, Carlson, WhiTTemore, Bingham, Passman, Rainey, Robin, EhrharT, Mooney, JohnsTon, Maloney, Swansen, T-larT. STUDENTS EXERCISE DEMOCRATIC RIGHT lounge moniTors and supervisors. Bob DavenporT and his Sa4TeTy CornmiTTee had The imporTanT iob oT devising and puTTing inTo eTTecT a sysTem oT sTickers Tor The parking areas available around The school. Lou Cohen, leading The Special AcTiviTies CommiTTee and The library moniTors and supervisors, Took over The huge iob OT supervising The new library. I958 COUNCIL OFFICERS The Lunch I-lall CommiTTee, head- ed by Jim SwarTchild, puT on a con- :enTraTed drive To keep The lunch hail clean, emphasizing The idea ThaT every person has a duTy To see ThaT iT works properly. Sarah Anderson single-handedly Took on The iob OT doing The secre- Tarial work Tor The Council and OT keeping The Council oTTice in respec- Table condiTion, a none-Too-easy as- LeTT To rigl'1T: Lee I-ligh, Gail SybrandT, PaT PeTerson, Mike Belknap. GINNY McPHERSON EOE DAVENPORT SARA!-I ANDERSON SUE HEITIVLAELXI MARY MILL PubIiciTy SafeTy Service Sgcial Ungh, and Spy FIRST SEMESTER COMMITTEES Top row: Appel, Kurz, I-larl, Belknap, Freeman, Pyler, McDaniel, Sperlus, Wilson, Mahoney. Fif+h row: Seiberling, Pullman, Brinkerholll, Lelewer, Eiseman, Sleighl, Behm, Morrison, Mclver, Noble, Soper, Ford, Davis, Rohlen, Edwards, Schochel, Rosenberg, Berger, Rusnak, Zimmermann, Balson. Fourlh row: Jennings, Knighl, Ouale, Doughly, Baer, Florsheim, Komiss, Perlman, DeGryse, Bloomberg, Lauver, Wrighl, N. Wilson, Sybrancll, Mouza- keolis, Langlord, Marlin, Wagner, Allweiss, Dunn, Blalchlord, Schwall, Fay. Third row: Ehlen, Lucas, McPherson, Davis, Seng, I-Iughey, Sopkin, Sedwick, Werlheimer, Lorch, McGrew, Lockerbie, Phillips, Appel, Unrad, Miller, Olley, Oehl, Conser, Townsend, Barlell, Swarlchild. Second row: Clemenlson, O'Connell, Anderson, Ragland, Powell, Scoll, Fink, Schluler, Maloney, Radlord, Kellock, Wilson, Marcus, McMullen, Coss- man, Provol, Salerno, I-lerbenar, Bigg, Byinglon, Wagner. Bollom row: Walls, Emrich, Johnslon, Schneider, Ovson, I-Iuebsch, I-louck, Robin, Goodman, McKinney, Milnor, Clemenlson, Schram, Borkan, Bliss, Greenlield, Davenporl, Kaufman, Baur, Lauer, Olson. SECOND SEMESTER COMMITTEES Top row: I-licks, Anderson, Jinkinson, Sleadry, Fairbank, Langlorcl, Bolh, Everell, Fuller, I-larrison, Wenck, Woll, Wiles, Trukenbrod, Sybrandl, Appel, Olson. Fourlh row: Baleman, Pick, Frankenslein, Weissenberger, Fisk, Ingersoll, Behrendl, Gulsche, Cornyn, Born, Beckell, Venema, Conser, Blair, Zoline, I-Iallis, Slremmel. Third row: Baleman, Byinglon, Lauver, Olley, Schluler, Verson, Emrich, Oehl, Lucas, Long, Cornyn, Robinson, Pallon, Sauler, Wyss, Perlman, Lauer, Finne. Second row: Nighberl, Kaulman, Appel, Harris, Pollack, I-lasselmann, Robin, I-linkle, I-Iughey, Swansen, Dorgan, Solomon, I-larris, Roesing, Alberls, Schuyler, Wack, Barack. Bollom row: Black, Thoma, Goodman, Schram, Goldboss, Adler, Johnslon, Maloney, Bliss, Claar, Poehler, Lucas, Slone, Bigg, Carlson, Sloan, Cohn, Ware. SECOND SEMESTER COMMITTEES Top row: Porles, Gray, Evans, I-Ieilman, Harcll, Lelewer, Cain, I-lorlon, Fay, Swarlchild, Kelly, Blalchlord, Kearney. Third row: Fanll, Del-Ielre, Rusnak, Samuels, McGuire, Blackwell, Dunn, Porler, Baker, Appel, I-Iarl, Lane, Press, Pelerson. Second row: Rome, Hauserman, Schochel, Noble, Healy, Davis, McDonald, Avery, Culberg, Belknap, Barlell, Nichols, Carslen, Zand. Bollom row: Campbell, Slossel, Behm, Ehlen, English, Johnson, I-Iarris, Baumgarlen, Doughly, Ouale, Gingiss, Florsheim, Perrin, Rudnick. X I lf iq PUBLICITY PLAYS IMPORTANT PART IN CAMPAIGNS .5 W f A rj ,fr r"n V I X, N., I y I QT? if ij W- if L Q if KE I El I l ,-S.. Q f- ,A , ' I' I S ,X ' 4 ,J -' , 'I K1 li 1 l f J ,fi I 7 I I ,rx .Gill U93 If. EMUIUI 'MJll9ji'J L-, LJ ij cj Xxiil I I Qfj ' TT IJ cl 1. AJ I x4Q kJ.1 Pvc I gig FIRST SEMESTER S. H. SUPERVISORS-MORNING Top row: Gilboy, Cain, Rolhschild, Selhness, Lane, Bishop, Deardorll, Nalenberg, Blankslein, Bernslein, Missner, Sleighl, McCabe, Soeldner, Eried- rich, Weis. Third row: Thornlon, Davis, I-Iigh, Merrick, Urban, Sinclair, Nelson, Shane, Myers, Boodell, Eay, Davidson, Barlell, Lindholm, Reichl, Sperlus, Saper. Second row: Sobel, Morse, Beers, I-Iermann, Nellis, Carlson, Swansen, Komiss, Shafer, Kelly, I-Ieilmann, While, Gallagher, Evans, Pleiler, Poulos Mason, Babcock. Bo+'Iom row: Coyne, Anderson, I-Ioward, Adler, Schrom, I-Iarris, Seng, Appel, Cossman, Provol, Tihlany, Williamson, Bogarl, Kemper, Palelli, Salerno Cooper. FIRST SEMESTER S. H. SUPERVISORS-AFTERNOON Top row: I-Iarper, Bonslelle, Engel, Mangel, Carr, Miller, Mahoney, Knighl, Boodell, Cain, Barlell, Gilboy, Lelewer, Juergens, Jelllers, Carler, Williams Third row: Soper, Taylor, Pinsof, Edwards, Merz, Erank, Prenliss, Eleischman, Zimmerman, Greenwood, I-Iarman, Slarkwealher, Baleman, Belknap, Leh- man, Karraker, Sauer. Second row: Hadley, Ehlen, Reed, Cashman, Uebelhack, Miller, Sybrandl, Wagner, Slreeler, Wack, Swope, Robinson, McCullough, Langford, Bell Baker, Dunn. BoH'om row: Zechman, Rolhschild, Rainey, I-Ioward, Rinker, Sedwick, Edelman, Kinghorn, I-lesser, Musqrove, Bishop, Lokensgard, Thorsen, Waller Belnap, Williams, Wexler. J Y .,- i c, i . I ,,-X! 3 1 f-1 l . , i El l '-R""x'-"KN Tri "T, f'x Y'-E F' fxj f ,fhj-4 f X X I ' x1 i i T . n , -4 J as J jf' J c -41-4 gy -J Q o :gg is lj Q is ll SECOND SEMESTER S. H. SUPERVISORS-AFTERNOON Top row: Nichols, Cain, Gilboy, Fay, Pyler, Porler, Heilman, Sleighl, Seng, Rupp, Rodgers, Banesleel, Carler, Sauer, Malhey, Bishop. Fourlh row: Goodman, Ellioll, McDaniel, Werlh, Walker, Baleman, Meek, Blankenslein, Greenwood, Forsylhe, Appel, Lane, Jacobson, Taylor, Mcl.ucas, Applegale, Miller. Third row: Weber, Eranlzen, Crose, Poulos, Sobel, Ravenscroil, Seng, Kurlz, Wieboldl, Slivers, Shane, Ellioll, Slixrood, Delander, Healy, Rovin, Blake. Second row: Pellill, Weinberg, Thorsen, Doly, Sedwick, Pope, Olley, Marlin, Waller, Wagner, Lauver, Miller, Harvey, Welch, Pallon, Foy, Palyk, Sal- vano. Bollom row: Laskay, Rolhschild, Claylon, Venrick, Smilh, Bigg, Robin, Paley, Howard, Bern, Cram, Maynard, Johnson, Pelerman, Houck, Pallon, Nigh- erl. SECOND SEMESTER S. H. SUPERVISORS-MORNING Top row: Sullivan, Mangel, Alkinson, Reilly, Noble, Hollweg, Parker, Benedicl, Linsky, Merar, Marlin, Fay, Lelewer, Sawers, Pullman. Fourlh row: Prenliss, Davis, Sprowl, Dysarl, Young, Walls, Pelerson, Nilson, Slreel, McCarlhy, Filzmaurice, Hansen, Ellioll, Soeldner, Erikson. Third row: Mawhinney, Sellzer, Doepel, Beers, Kuhles, Marlin, Ford, Olmsled, Kelley, Davis, Yager, Edwards, Scully, Fleischman. Second row: Minx, Alberls, Browne, Snyder, Baker, Buck, Heilmann, Coolidge, Wilson, McEadzean, Sykes, Malmquisl, Eiserl, Olley. Bollom row: Nelson, Schram, Johnslon, Babize, O'Connell, Schrom, Musgrove, Rubin, Purlell, Solomon, King, Seng, Norlh, Hulchinson STUDY HALL GENERAL SUPERVISORS Top row: Oldendorl, Appel, Porles, Slirling, McNeill, Kurz, Lane, Eiseman. Second row: Slossel, English, Rosen, Campbell, Dunne, Emerson, Brackell, Dunn. Bollom row: Barr, Claar, Rick, Gordon, Anderson, Lindauer, Wack. signmenl. Wilh lhe aid ol her lwo commillees, she coordinaled lhe vis- ils ol college represenlalives and emphasized lhe Code ol Elhics. Ginny McPherson's Public Rela- lions Commillee inlormed lhe slu- denl body ol Council's aclivilies and worked wilh lhe News. Sue Heilman, head ol lhe Social Commillee, worked wilh lhe New Trier clubs and helped lo organize lheir aclivilies. She was also co-or- ganizer ol lhe Halloween parly. A new board posilion added lo lhis year's Council was Unily and Spiril. Mary Miller worked lo pro- mole enlhusiasm al alhlelic evenls and lo improve spiril in general. 1 J CD l l i 5 ii A i NA' Nl 'elw f irN'l Ai l C T i ,4 LU 5 p iy lil ki in i v ly l i ii-Q, l wi Q l . , -V ef , i , 7 , L. , -., J ,f , i ,Q ,i ' .ig 1 ' Yfilhn' l Q! XX-f-l'-J 'Ldxglix-Jil' LJ' i-iXa,"illbfilliLx" l COLLEGE CONFERENCE ASSISTANTS Top row: Brewer, Runnslrom, Grodland, Cairns, Chambliss, May, Lirsey. Raub, Reuler. Second row: Tressel, Weinberg, GaNun, Ude, Crean, Reinclce, Williams, Gale, Ueloelhaclc, l-lunl. Bo'Hom row: Arabia, Goodman, Barack, Cooper, Kessel, Anderson, I-loward, Alford, Viclor, l-less. STUDENT LOUNGE SUPERVISORS Top row: Glossberg, Harman, Miller l-larl', Carr, Mefzger, Mahoney, Riman Second row: Granslrom, Freund, Morri- son, Davis, Avery, Chamales, Willcey Walson. BoHom row: Bigg, Adler, Barack, Ma- loney, Swansen, Cossman, Alder, Rob- inson, LIBRARY STAFF Top row: Rosen, Goldowsky, Penninglon, Gardner, Boodell, Rosenlhal. Third row: Miller, Fisher, Baer, Sliclcgold, Roolcer, Crifchell, Vision, Thorsen, Gra- ham. Second row: Froelich, Rosslznerger, Pelers, l-loulihan, Perlman, Delang, Dielerich, Wollock, Comar, Boudreaux. BoHom row: Borlcan, Barrelr, Cole, En- chelmayer, Nighberl, Ellioll, l-less, Gus- Jrafson, Del-lelre. CONNIE SAWYER Presidenf JUDY MALMQUIST Vice-Presideni SUE PEN FIELD Secrelary NANCY RINKER Treasurer . .Girl ' Clg WMARGARET RAGLAND sue MCMULLEN SANDY WILLIAMSON NORMA RASMUSEN Charify Employmenr Financial Freshmen I GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES AND ALTERNATES-FIRST SEMESTER Top row: Blomgren, Palyk, Danielson, Lauver, Joseph, Harlman, Mennell, Lindberg, Miller, Haver- kampf. Fourlh row: I-ledberg, Coolidge, Mouzakeolis, Schulz, Fosler, Rammon, Laylon-Taylerson, Newell, Rumage, I-lallburg. i Third row: Bilzer, Bradley, VanWeyk, Prenlice, Wenck, Ball, Reise, Sachs, Diller, Johnson, I-louslon. Second row: Young, Goranson, Thalmann, Broderick, I-leilman, Long, Toms, Claylon, Kelloclc, Keenan. Boflom row: McKinney, Macdonald, Levinson, Corcoran, Smilh, Richheimer, Chrisliansen, Maynard, Slein. GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES AND ALTERNATES-SECOND SEMESTER Top row: Adelrnan, Moldauer, Campbell, Shaler, I-lolcleman, Velde, I-ledberg, Bloomberg, I'Iasse. Fourlh row: Richmond, Coolidge, Lansing, Phalen, Lange, Lindberg, DeVry, Parker, I'lellmund, Chorn, M. isner. Third row: Childs, Weinberg, Sholes, Appel, Tirlle, Webb, Corcoran, Fever, Musgrove, Meylhaler, Pellill. Second row: Trom, Loose, Powell, Schuyler, I-Ialner, Bradley, Young, Prenlice, Trossman, Marcus, Silverman. BoH'om row: l'lolliday, Lewis, Macdonald, Levinson, Grimshaw, Smilh, Slringlellow, Coolcsey, Schachl- man, Kelleher, Gessner. b I I oves to N Cffic MARI RYAN JANET FERGUSON LOIS BRANDENBURG SUE WILHELM Friendly Publicily Wilh ils mollo "Be lriendly" as lhe lheme ol all ils many aclivilies, Girls' Club has occupied ils spacious new quarlers belween lhe Tri-Ship and Council ollices lo creale new enlhusi- asm and bring aboul more ioinl proi- ecls wilh Tri-Ship. Girls' Club began ils highly aclive season in Seplember wilh lhe Fresh- man-Senior Parly lo inlroduce lhe lreshman girls lo lhe complex lile al New Trier. Laler in lhe lall G.C. es- lablished a widely acclaimed prece- denl, a parly wilh Tri-Ship lor new girls and boys. Selling lhe mood lor Chrislmas vacalion was one ol lhe Girls' Club's several delighllul and un- usual assemblies-a Sanla's worlcshop scene. Nexl on lhe schedule was "Friendly Weelc," ending wilh lhe Friendly Banquel. A highlighl ol lhe gg-gf-,nd semesler-"Famous Lasl Words," lhe lvlolher-Daughler Dinner FRIENDLY SISTERS Service Social held in lvlarch-displayed lhe phe- nomenal lalenls ol bolh moms and daughlers in lilleen superb acls. The lirsl lund-raising proiecl ol lhe Girls' Club was a mosl successlul sale ol lood and drinks lo lhe hungry spec- lalors ol lhe New Trier loolball games. Then came lhe club's magazine sub- scriplion drive which grossed S25,000, lhe prolils going lo lhe Girls' Club Scholarship Fund. The Clolhing Drive, held ioinlly wilh Tri-Ship, also succeed- ed in reaching ils quola ol more lhan 34,000 pounds. During lhe holiday sea- son, Girls' Club members worlced lo supply needy lamilies wilh Chrislmas dinners, and lo galher season's greel- ing cards lor lhe children al Counly l-lospilal. ln March came lhe Uniled Fund drive, including a massive all- school car wash. The lasl evenl ol lhe year was lhe Spring Proiecl-a lunch- eon lollowed by a lashion show. ...Ni 'iii MLLES. MAY AND KIXMILLER, SPONSORS MLLES. ADEN AND NELLIS, CLASS MANAGERS Top row: Cornyn, Dolce, Burns, l-lunl, Eiber, Woll, Townsend, Sauler, l-lamillon, Swanson, Edmonds, l'leyn. Fourlh row: Oman, Reise, DeVry, Ross, Pocock, Lauer, Nalhan, Blomgren, Unrad, Wrighl, Marlin, Adler, O'Brien. Third row: Crean, Lucas, Bishop, Verson, Korll, Minx, Levine, Veller, Walls, l-lughey, Slewarl, Bradford, Pilzer, l-lalner. Second row: lvlcSwain, Milnor, Bazzoni, Alexander, Robin, Johnslon, Venriclc, Lager, Lord, Larkin, Zeigler, Zeller, l-laddad, Davis, Rasmusen. Bollom row: Ovson, Flell, Tredwell, Wollson, Barrell, l-lasselmann, Allcinson, Plall, Williamson, Mouzalceolis, Shawger, Meylhaler, Cohn, Provol, Coss- l'T1Bl'1. Provol, Cossman, Harris, Lauer. F-vs-fifil-,vs-e-ff.-.,.,.-W. V. ... .,,.- I ., pm.. I gig- N L Ae gs r gg, r AA I uf, , YV AM? 4v,. l K ' - ' ,,,, ' , A ' ZA " -' 2 ' A, 5 .A V If .t- E p, . 57 , . .. K kg ,,,, . . . ,V 6 sc , . Q V F V . f, f V A gg wi ,A r , Q 'f A- ' ' , ,Vi Q yyr x W , M J, My . I ,V A ,ki A V zur M A 1 f M we ff .pf if - Q u f A WA A 'P' J " " iv ffif g 2 A QA z R , , A f 2 : ' f , '- M , A' Q V ,f 5. 3 1:,,,',l:vv ,V V 6, V 1 s 1 F' r A, .1 'N A AA ,..... A AAAAAA N AAAAA ' H L V , V, , w ,, 345 5 , N A 43 A A, ix, f A-A-, V isa it -L I r A.. , A f OFFICE STAFF AND BULLETIN CORPS-FI RST SEMESTER Top row: Rosen, Moore, Eiber, Lockerbie, Alberls, Palyk, Bowen, Jackson, Kaplil, Lang- ford, Shaffer. Third row: Feinberg, Rosenberg, Prodromos, Meyn, Sykes, Larmee, Buller, Laskay, May- field, Lucas, McPherson, Ecker, Kraurler. Second row: Wenzel, Villiesse, Harlke, Reincke, Theodores, Knapp, Frazier, Lindauer Calloway, Jacobs, Plalf, Marsh. BoHom row: Bogar+, Aronson, Scheyer, Delevill, Schachrman, Milchell, Naiarian, Bell Johnslon, Cohn, Rodgers, Weiss, Tokarsky. OFFICE STAFF AND BULLETIN CORPS-SECOND SEMESTER Top row: Heilmann, Lindberg, Tullle, Unrad, Tasky, Holzen- kamp, Richmond, Grodland, Nalhan. Four'lh row: Erland, Moir, Blomgren, Green, Voigl, Trossman, , . h Nelson, Wollock, Dielerlc . Third row: Byingfon, Bishop, Nordlof, Wald, Lansing, Fried- man, Jinkinson, Harvey, Danielson. Second row: Tressel, Page, Rosenlhal, Burns, Schoen, Bradley, BofH'om row: Bogarl, Cary, Scheyer, Schachlman, Barr, Clilile, Plail, Kellock, Villiesse. TI F F7 F1 N, Fl . r , ew PN l --W ,N 4 V V-cn Y XJ WT? l l r CR? l l " 5 1 fig LJ ,fl Cl , ,A y A T' fb l CT l i l l, lvl l l lil L E l l l lfxw lA lvl -fc A J l lT .Au A5 C Li ,C ,L ,Mc Q Q ,J l 53 D Vi gl sl L3 COMMITTEES-Fl RST SEMESTER Top row: McGrew, Schmidl, Wilson, Forbis, Richmond, Eiber, Langford, Burns, Gilchrisl, Parsons, Wolf, Byinglon, Turlle, Lorch, Aden, Taylor. Fourlh row: Fisk, Ensor, Ball, Coolidge, Solomon, Narhan, Knorr, Reincke, Paryk, Lucas, Buller, Cairns, Chambliss, While, Alder, Reise. Third row: McSwain, Garcia, Nisbel, Trukenbrod, Moss, Greenawall, Bliss, Taylor, Berman, Haimes, Tinkham, Nellis, Swansen, Rusin, Prenlice, Arabia, Comar. Second row: Nordenberg, Lighlner, Sleadry, Fairbairn, Pope, Harding, Hullman, Murphy, Marcus, McCullough, Tiffany, Herrmann, Pelerson, Kauf- man, Kimball, Veeder, Johnson. Bo'Hom row: Skeen, Ovson, Mali, Johnslon, Tenney, Claar, Nanini, Cohen, Gordon, Deulch, Baur, Clark, Gray, Rindell, Wald, Barack. COMMITTEES-SECOND SEMESTER Top row: Wilhelm, Childs, Heilman, Tilile, Yosl, Wenck, Wenck, Slroemer, Hellmund, Wrighl, Howensline, Wagner, Lauver. Fiffh row: Evans, Smilh, Musgrove, Wyss, Brandi, Bowen, Evans, Maison, Snower, Marco, Maynard, Dielerich, Besser, Bayless, Larmee, Harding, Ven- ema, Wack, Lord, O'Brien, Friedman, Eiber, Reuler, Madigan, Fourlh row: Zagel, Erland, Burnham, Dorgan, Brewer, Roesing, Haines, Bales, Poehler, Braun, Follz, Freund, Cooper, Goldberg, Lynch, Carlsen, Blackwell, Goldman, Friedner, Parker, Janus, Reise. Third row: Moldauer, Clemenlson, Tomb, Dorgan, Wenzel, Maynard, Mages, Kaufman, Haddad, Crosby, Davis, Doke, Wilson, Borkan, Weinhouse, Porler, Eberl, Emrich, Mayfield, Lordahl, Slrauss, Harlke. Second row: Seashore, Deulch, Slanley, Tredwell, S+ark, Burmeisler, Scolr, Nellleman, l-linkle, Beers, Glassenberg, Michals, Johnson, Smilh, O'ConnelI, Kellock, Shawger, Salerno, Greenawalr, Garcia. BoHom row: Mora, Glass, Flesch, Levinson, Dyer, Gore, Bersbach, Smilh, Black, Goodman, Weisdorf, Barnard, Wald, Schram, Goldboss, Adler, Davis, Prodromos, Hicks, Greenawall, Long. ,..,,,. , W, W FRESHMAN HELPERS Top row: Emrich, Burnham, Unrad, Lindberg, Eiber, Green, Langford, Dunbeclc, Brown. Second row: Alschuler, Lochridge, Young, Rasmusen, Price, Sloclclon, Founlain, Buller, Tillany. Bollom row: Bogarl, Goodman, Brown, Williamson, Murphy, Newman, Maloney, Venriclc, Nighberl. re Highly Succ ssful LIBRARY STAFF-Fl RST SEM ESTER Top row: Buller, Schreiber, Swope, Johnson, Pallon, Klauser, Swan- son, Korman, Wieboldl, Solon, Hauserman. Third row: Hughey, Evans, Pelerson, Kischer, Slone, O'Malley, Roesing, Smilh, Kier, Sorenson, Woodhead. Second row: Ware, McSwain, Vanllxlyea, Johnson, Rickards, Buck- ingham, Edelman, Beclcell, Houlihan, Viclor, Sherer, Heller. Bollom row: Woodrull, Bleloch, Miller, Lusler, Schmill, Marlin, Bells, Coolcsey, Claar, Nanini, Whealon. NURSERY SCHOOL STAFF LIBRARY STAFF-SECOND SEMESTER Top row: Smilh, Schreiber, Swope, Solon, Wieboldl, Henningsen, Saper, Bying- lon, Swanson, Neilzerl, Klauser. Third row: Borowilz, Roesing, O'Neil, Kier, Deahl, Buhse, Snower, Franz, Van- Heclce, Margolis, Kirby, Hauserman. Second row: Hess, Weinhouse, McSwain, Howe, Rickards, Pelerson, Pilzer, Had- dad, Miller, Houlihan, Boyd, Wood, Bergman. K Bollom row: Wooclrull, Hamson, Bleloch, VanSchoor, Ruclc, Allyn, Herron, Fisher, Becker, Melzger, Ware, Teeman, Karslalce, Heller. Top row: Founlain, Johnson,. Haverlcampl, Grodland, Lilsey, O'Brien, Lacey, Collin, Franz, Goldboss, Vanderwiclcen, Corry, Everell. Second row: Corcoran, Kealinge, Gaynes, Reinclce, Heller, Mueller. Bollom row: Brandenburg, Hulson, Mayfield, Goldman. RANDY MILLER President JOHN HUST Vice-Presidenf JOHN TRUE Secretary ED SELLERS Treasurer Tri-Ship Extend During The l957-I958 school year The New Trier Boys' Tri-Ship Club conTinued To perTorm iTs services Tor The school and To provide Through iTs Tund-raising acTiviTies scholarships Tor deserving boys. DirecTing all oT The Club's acTiviTies was PresidenT Randy Miller, assisTed by John I-lusT, vice- presidenT, who also acTed as chairman and direcTor oT The senior class repre- senTaTIves. SecreTary John True was responsible Tor keeping minuTes oT board meeTings and Tor all The Club's correspondence. Treasurer Ed Sellers Took on The Tremendous Task oT keep- ing The books sTraighT Tor drives, dances, and Lagniappe. The Treasur- er's records musT be especially accu- raTe because Tri-Ship is incorporaTed under Illinois laws. Along wiTh The oTTicers, The board members and represenTaTives worked hard during This, Tri-Ship's ThirTy-Third year, To help The Club promoTe iTs Three imporTanT principles: ciTizenship, Tellowship and sporTsmanship. Every boy was encouraged To become, TirsT, a conTribuTing ciTizen who willingly oT- Ters his services and greaTesT eTTorTs whenever They are neededg second. an example oT good Tellowship who is al- ways consideraTe and alerT To Tind ways oT helping oThersg and Third, a good sporT, who accepTs his defears wiThouT resenTmenT and vicTories wiTh humiliTy. The Two big all-Club proiecTs oT The year were The cloThing drive and The UniTed Fund chariTy drive, boTh oT which were sponsored cooperaTfvely wiTh Girls' Club. In November The goal Tor'The cloThing drive was seT aT 33,750 pounds, The combined weighTs oT The Tour championship TooTbalI Teams. The collecTed cloThing was senT To The Save-The-Children l:ederaTion, which disTribuTes cloThes To needy children all over The world. In lvlarch Tri-Ship joined The drive Tor The UniTed Fund and reached The goal oT 53300, approximaTely S33 per adviser room. On SaTurday, Ivlarch 29, a car wash helped To meeT This guoTa. Aiding The oTTicers oT The Club were The TourTeen deparTmenT heads, mem- bers oT The execuTive board. The Ser- vice Chairman, Frank Johnson, carried ouT Two imporTanT duTies oT managing The door guards and running The em- ploymenT service, which oTTers boys iob opporTuniTies. Zach Ford, head oT The Usher Corps, direcTed more Than one hundred boys who ushered aT such maior school Tunc- FRANK JOHNSON ZACH FORD Service Usher Corps HAL UENNINGS ANGUS DUTHIE Public ReIaTions Traffic Squad PETE SULLIVAN MIKE JACKSON DICK WILLIAMS VANCE ETNYRE Clubroom AcTiviTies Dance TlckeTs Dinner ff"Ni' Vi 'N Y f ,-- ,N .-fx.---, --,S --X, .9 fer -KS fi, '- - ,- -., .-, ,-,.,-- 77 -----. ' r- ---, , I, -- -- I ,AIN rwII,oiI f3,C3Ir:J E F,yfyI ,ewX,, QT so fmu, , 1 I I I , I , , X ' ST I I ' " ' " ' "f4l m--,II IUwx:f.iw ,lfven - u N f I I -fe, ,- N A X42 - XJ- 1 ' X-J X11 XJ,-X 'LJ 'SX-,X ! gl LI -.J Xl xi! xv, ..I fx I ' "X 1" I- Sinclair, Saper. Marland, Rogers. TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Top row: Seihness, Daliere, Einyre, Ken- nan, Bingham, McCabe, Linsl-iy, Ma- honey, Urlaen, Boodell. Second row: Harper, Bernsrein, Barlell, Lindblad, Meislahn, Schmid, Siewerr, Bo'I'+om row: Weber, Quale, Moore Wallace, Doughry, Brirran, Holcin, TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES Top row: Lehman, Caslcey, Sullivan, Dunlap, Green, Ray, Slonich, Engel, Grais, Berry, Remer, Third row: Peirigrew, Will, Provol, Wall- ing, Rohlen, Proii, Naiizger, Overloclc, Miller, Sherman, McCabe. Second row: Budinger, Jones, Ade, Brown, Ovson, Srurlini, Nieclerlznerger, Fleisher, Browning, Ramrnel, Migel. BoH'om row: Schneider, Curci, Holland, Norberg, Dilrz, Malmquisr, Garvey, Landman, Doughry, Scallan, Seng, CHUCK SETHNESS DAVE LELEWER BILL LEITZOW Arrangemenis Laqniappe Lagniappe TIM ELLIOTT STEVE WI-IITE CHUCK POWELL "N" Club Junior Class Chairman Sophomore Class Chairman ul 415. lr J- rgux. ff-:wars pi 11 ',.'L'.a Siern. ' 5953i 533 SEEQE 55353 J., -I. ss, ivrflglias T TRI-SHIP SPONSORS Top row: Mr. Rude, Mr. Clarlc, Mr. Kelley, areas 5333i 55555 BoH'om row: Mr. James, Mr. Lighlner, Mr. Esarey, Mr. Jensen. TRAFFIC SQUAD-FI RST GROUP Top row: STuckslager, Reilly, Boudell, WhiTelaw, Prochnow, Gilboy, Cain, Jennings, Lelewer, ETnyre, WhiTe, Williams, Weis, SwarTchild. Third row: Burgoyne, DysarT, Dunlap, Fell, Gray, Gould, STirling, EorsyThe, Bishop, Sidney, Lindholm, Heymann, l'lusTon, Phillips, l-lerhold. Second row: Goodman, CaTlin, Eleischman, SeThness, Urban, Merrick, PorTes, Kearney, BaTeman, Belknap, EllioTT, Bell, Barfell, Caskey. BoTTom row: Gloede, Siebel, l-laupT, FiTzgerald, Krueger, Doepel, True, DendTler, Wilkey, ThornTon, Noble, Pinsof, Taylor. TRAFFIC SQUAD-SECOND GROUP Top row: PorTer, Millman, MeTzger, Gieg, Sawers, Baker, Seiberling, JeTFers. FourTh row: Mack, Edmonds, Sullivan, Luensman, ProuT, Sullivan, Kayser, R. Miller, Harris, DuThie, McLucas, Coiziield. Third row: Reeves, EeTzer, Chamales, Freeman, Barr, Mangel, Davidson, RuTherTord, Daliere, McCabe, Johnson, Willauer, Eord. Second row: PrenTiss, English, Campbell, Nichols, J. Miller, DorTman, Palmer, Zimmerman, Donahue, BlanksTein, Reichl, Simonds, SperTus, Traxler. BoTTom row: RobneTT, Kuhles, Ehlen, DavenporT, Priebe, Jacobson, Edwards, Oakes, Morrison, ApplegaTe, McLick, Mason, Wilkey. y A NX , 1 i N-on VT Co, l . i , , "VT ,fx ,fda ' Ti , -,ri T rv . T fm'-1 l J fi 'Ai l f "ml f'i MTTT Ti l . T l l TTT!! ' ff?-gi fe---V l f rm cv- ci i i i i as ii cw Qw , i U X il U l io 1 :VD E LJ 4.4, any rpg ya 4 E T., xy, 1114 4 y TRI-SHIP TOPS TEAM'S TOTAL Tions as Lagniappe, Oklahomal, con- cerTs, and some sixTy oTher evenTs. The Public RelaTions DeparTmenT, headed by l'lal Jennings, publicized Tri-Ship's many acTiviTies in local pa- pers and The New Trier News. The Tremendous iob oT direcTing The TraTiic Sguad was handled by Angus DuThie. The boys oT The sguad direcT TraTTic noT only beTore and aTTer school every day during The year, buT also aT mosT oT The school's maior evenTs, and are responsible Tor auTomobile and pedesTrian saTeTy around The school. PeTe Sullivan, Clubroom and Chari- Ties Chairman, was responsible Tor The cloThing and UniTed Eund drives, and Tor keeping Tri-Ship's busy new oTiice in order. The Dance CommiTTee, under Mike Jackson, Took charge oT providing dec- oraTions, selecTing The band, and see- ing ThaT everyThing wenT smooThly aT The Tri-Ship dances. The February 22nd dance, Showdown, which Tea- Tured recording arTisT George Hamil- Ton IV, was one oT The highlighTs OT The year. The TickeT CommiTTee, headed by Dick Williams, handled The very de- Tailed job oT assigning and disTribuTing TickeTs Tor Tri-Ship's many evenTs and Tor The opera. The Three-year old board posiTion ArrangemenTs was headed by Chuck SeThness and included The planning oT homecoming and oTher odd iobs. The Dinner CommiTTee, under Vance EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Top row: Johnson, I'Ia+haway, RiIey, Avery. BoI"I'om row: Weber, Slrern, Lehman. INFORMATION DESK CORPS Top row: Pererson, Seng, Paquin, I'IaIIicIay, I-Ieinemann, I-Iarringlron Sampson. Third row: Burke, Shane, I-IerhoId, Posey, WaIIing, S+earns, Good- man, Pinkerson, Johnson. Second row: Krueger, Ko+Ier, Komiss, Shapiro, MiIIer, Sjrork, Sco++, McClellan, Rheinsfrom. Bof'I'om row: Fisher, Jespersen, Daniorih, Senescu, Baer, May, Ford Yager, , EI'nyre, IooIc care of arrangemenis for Tri-Ship dinner meelrings and Iarge banqueis and pro- vided reireshmenis for Ihe Tri-Ship dances. Heading a board posiiion new This year was I Tim EIIioH', presidenr of "N" CIub. As a pari of Tri-Ship, "N" CIub is now avaiIabIe for ser- vice Io Ihe schooI. The Iunior and sophomore cIass chairmen, SIeve Whi+e and Chuck PoweII, served as Ihe main IinIc beIween Iheir cIass represen+aIives and The execuiive board of Tri-Ship. Advising and encouraging Jrhe oiiicers and board members Ihroughour Ihe year were Ihe - eighr hard-working Tri-Ship sponsors: Mr. LighIner, Mr. FranIzen, Mr. James, Mr. Jensen, Mr. KeIIy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Esarey and Mr. CIarIc. HALL GUARDS Top row: Adams, Johnson, Rubens, Carlson, Frank, Joseph, Morris, C5eIderman. Third row: Wagner, Glesener, Aronson, I-Iough, Bolender, Traxler, Schneider, WaI'rer, Sfruggles. Second row: Andersen, I-Iarms, Rumick, Carpenier, Cummings, Beafiy, BerIand Lindblad, Barfell, Merrick. BoH'om row: Chess, Gusfaison, Chrisman, WiII4ey, McRoberIs, Carlin, Slrudy Lebin, I-Ieilemann. I I C3 Ir? FI f'X ' fax. I-I ' ia- ff- f--x , J I ' If " ' 'A ' L A , Tj I ICI ' I fe. x I , I-I ,I ,,f"X.y 'ci "T I I I Ifi , f I I I Ns. X I ,I Q yfl ,I Q I I It IQ I I3 I I I I. ,I ,I Q, I ,L I ,A I ,4 I I I I ,RQ I I I I I I I , --' IX I X - I I I I I I J I I I I I I N I I I I I . ICI C , CI I. f I. I I ,Is I I I I I I , I . if I I-I I ii 'xx.f'f I' xx' XXYJ xvl Tx Li' xl!! fl ILYTLI ,, IL All Rr! SOPHOMORE MESSENGER CORPS Top row: Tajrham, Brown, I-Ieinemann, FIeischman Kahn, Condon, Beierwallres, McAbee, Kline, Will. Four+h row: KeIIy, WoeIIeI, TruesdaIe, Peidrigrew, NieIsen, McPhee, WiIIhiIe, Burke, ChiIds, Kovas Third row: Fen+on, Schoenbrod, Kaup, S+evens Johnson, WaIdo, Weiss, Lawler, MaI'zIcin. Second row: GIesener, I'IorwiI'z, SI'icIcgoId, Mandel SandIer, Raynor, Por+er, Rheinsirom, Fineberg Cummings. BoHom row: Mann, Salzman, Kari Cunningham Eisner, Naiburg, Berg, LindsIey, ScaIIan. LAGNIAPPE BOARD Top row: Wagner, l-larT, Sullivan, Moses, Jones, Nongard, Down. Second row: Moss, Welch, l-larTke, BrewsTer, Burnham, LandTield, Gibson. BoTTom row: Dashowp Mr, Rude, KauTman, LieTzow, Lelewer, Wyss, Mr. Kelley, PTeiTer. Absent Maher. Lagniapp ature Tri-Ship's mosT imporTanT and exciT- ing Tund-raising proiecT is Lagniappe. On January 22 The cannon roared as The curTain rose on "Keep The Change." "KTC" was The producT oT nine monThs oT planning and rehearsing by The board, casT, and crews. This year The load was considerably lighTened by The compleTion oT The new audiTor- ium, eliminaTing The daily Trek To Glen- coe and The unsaTisTacTory working condiTions. The new possibiliTies in sTage craTT also proved To be an exTra challenge. USHER CORPS The sTory, a TwenTieTh cenTury Table, concerned a group oT American mil- lionaires, visiTing Paris, who deTermine To help The French by buying up Their war surplus. There are complicaTions and a near revoluTion, buT The ending is happy and The French are inviTed To "Keep The Change." Special TeaTures were The original musical score, The Tine Technical work done under Rich LandTield's direcTion, and a new dance uniT and original choreography brilli- anTly handled by Dance Dire-cTor Mari- lyn PTeiTer. Sue Lindberg and Bob Moreen were chosen "BeeTeaTers" This year Tor Their unselTish conTribuTions To The show's success. PeTe Sullivan and Wally Moses did an excellenT job wiTh The chorus and orchesTrag The resT oT The board did equally good work wiTh Their respecTive iobs. All Lagniappe's personnel owed Their Thanks To spon- sors Mr. Kelley and Mr. Rude Tor Their advice and encouragemenT and To direcTors Dave Lelewer and Bill LieT- zow, who proved ThaT "FiTTy Million Frenchmen Can'T Be Wrong." Top row: Sawers, Dohse, Nalrenberg, Denning, Miller, l-leiTman, l-lollweg, STearns, l-lassel, Berry, Moring, Kennan, Kurz, Gray, Grube. FourTh row: BluTenThal, Joseph, Alderman, Harman, Rammel, Fell, RoThschild, Jones, Saper, Wagner, l-larT, Gill, Feuer, Fried. Third row: Ford, Culberg, WaTson, Boysen, ForsyThe, BlanksTein, DysarT, Rosenberg, l-lilderbrand, MiTchell, BonsTelle, Noble, M. Rosen, STein, Rovin. Second row: Ehlen, Davis, BaTes, TakiTT, FanTl, Krueger, Andersen, FranTzen, Chamales, Goodman, Carlin, Fox, Fleisher, Rusnak. BcTTom row: Gloede, O'Shea, Lewy, l'laupT, J. Rosen, Wallace, Vreeland, OlmsTed, Meislahn, Pinkerson, Scallan, Merz, S. Rosen, Quale, Priebe. l PRODUCTION HEADS LELEWER, WYSS, LIETZOW, KAUFMAN Aw J I ffx' YI y-,fix I ff ff--. 3 X, x ,ff 1. F -A X, f"'f-V TAI ,AM I,1,Q XA WJ IQ , if I IV: I I ' I I 1 it X ? Saw II IX , ' gb, ROMANTIC LEADS MOUZAKEOTIS AND ROTHSCHILD CAN-CAN CAPTURES CAFE CROWD VISITING MILLIONAIRES REVEL AT PARIS NIGHTCLUB I I CAST RELAXES BACKSTAGE BETWEEN ACTS I I I I.. .,,. , I r 5. I I., I V i ,V K4 . I 7 I .f Inu' I ,. A I X ' , 1 I X T S "' f Sfwdffw I S-S I ,f-N ,ff-xx .1 ,---S !' X N I W I A f W ,fi I I lf- N fx! -I Ax X ,N Y rd! XX ,A fr, N, -XX , I 2 , I I I , I I I ' I , I I I . -4- , I I Y W V , I , XJ 3 I SM AU. I I I I I xQ,fX Q 4 4 T N-ff I I I 'J H -' I xv" -I XX.x SX, N f' L xE,,f' X., , I X,-, I ' I GRIMMER REHEARSES "FRANKIE AND JOHNNY" r "CRACKPOTS" DANIELSON AND HARVEY WALLY MOSES CONDUCTS ORCHESTRA MONSIEUR DANTON AND ASSISTANT DAVIS AND PFEIFER, DANCE DUO IN PARK "TO GET IN THE GROVE, TO BE ON THE MOVE" IQIRLSI RENOVATIONS OFFER GIRLS IMPROVED GYM FACILITIES Muu . A. A. E pand Intro MARY STEUBNER NANCY VOIGT ANN BRADLEY Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary REPRESENTATIVES-FIRST SEMESTER Top row: Slolfes, Freedman, Maynard, Meloy, Allison, Waclc, Cairns, Novolny, Parsons, Moore. Third row: Peck, Schramm, Loveland, Pellersen, Taylor, Morava, Lauer, Uebelhaclc, Burns, Tullle. Second row: Richardson, Taylor, Whillemore, I-licks, Slone, Neyharl, Fearheiley, Nellis, Hawlcinson, Hendry, Perrin. Bollom row: Glass, Menard, Selhness, Wildl, Lucas, Dorgan, Woll, Weinberg, Marlin, Suhmill. REPRESENTATIVES-SECOND SEMESTER ' Top row: Moore, Madigan, Corwine, Brownlie, Kindred, Anderson, Korll, l-lamillon, Freedman, Allen, Janus, Cornyn. Second row: Friedman, Pallon, Coller, Taylor, Poller, Fowle, Miller, l-lendry, Bradley, Riclcards, Thom- son, Mulshniclc. Bollom row: Beers, Rosencrans, Karslalce, Krauller, Epslein, Smylh, Barnard, Haines, Rainey, Marlin. SALLY HAINES Treasurer Taking advanlage ol lhe ex- panded physical educalion lacili- lies, New Trier girls parlicipaled in an exlensive program ol inlra- mural sporls and Girls' Alhlelic Associalion proiecls. Under lhe leadership ol Presidenl M a ry Slueloner, Vice-Presidenl Nancy Voigl, Secrelary Ann Bradley, Treasurer Sally I-laines, and Spon- sor Miss Kealing, new lile was added lo G.A.A.'s program lo ol- ler a year ol wholesome, heallh- lul and exciling sporls. The inlramural sporls program is sponsored by lhe Girls' Physical Educalion Deparlmenl wilh lhe assislance ol G.A.A. Miss Wheeler, lacully chairman ol inlramurals, worked wilh l-lunlley Goldsmilh lo coordinale all lhe sporls. The in- lramural loullelins, loullelin boards and publicalion lealured adapla- lions ol Dr. Seuss characlers done loy Karen Swanson, head ol arl. Valerie Nash, head ol proiecls, laroughl lhe "l'lall ol Fame" up lo dale and worlced wilh I-lead ol KAREN SWANSON BUNNY GOLDSMITH LINDA HARRIS MARION WELCH ANN SEDWICK MARY MICHEL A,-g Inf,-amuralg Membership Publicify Service Social , ' TT' U" FT' TTTTT I - I I f i I , I - of ' i T' i H I , ,i ,NY . i 4- T, V I7 W, by I in fn '- J. ' - T' i , I 2 i I., f1,1f'T""u'T' I' f ,A ' i -f ,- , ,,-.O , -xy ' ' ,f-1 ,fx , H, A, gbyilllllliliygy livxy 'Vljl fi. li, I -Lvfi i xv, I RL!! 'x..1 gy x ,, ., , , . V XA, X-,i iii... L11 SPORTS BOARD Top row: Townsend, CarpenTer, WOIT, Wyss, SchmidT, Crean, ByingTOn, Doke, Weinberg, Siebel, GOIdsmiTh. BoTTom row: Taylor, Lacey, Wilson, Ward, Oehl, Rainey, Fine, Lechner, Nash, Miss KeaTing. INITIATES SWALLOW PRIDE FOR G.A.A. Service Ann Sedwick and her assisTanT, Marjorie De Rocco, On The year's oTher G.AA. services, including The indis- pensable Page Girls. PubIiciTy Tor G.A.A., including Ech- oes work, was handled by Marion Welch. Mary Michel, assisTed by ChrisTina Ross, planned The year's Two bangueTs and The oTher social acTivi- Ties. AT The Frosh-New Girls' parTy dur- ing The TirsT week OT school IasT Tall. Linda I-Iarris, head OT membership, and Nancy Wilson, assisTanT, meT many OT The girls who were laTer iniTiaTed inTO G.A.A. lniTiaTion proceedings gOT under way February 7 wiTh an assembly in The sTage gymnasium. SkiT group meeTings, The iniTiaTiOn masquerade, and The memorable early-morning cal-' isThenics session led TO The Tormal lniTi- aTion BanqueT On February 20. i The biennial waTer baIIeT, "Rainbow RippIes," was presenTed April I9 un- der The iOinT sponsorship OT The Girls' Physical EducaTiOn DeparTmenT and G.A.A. EIizabeTh SchmidT, head OT swimming, and Trudy Wyss, head OT POOI Guard, worked wiTh The TacuITy, The G.A.A. board, The POOI Guard and The swimmers and cOmmiTTees To pro- duce a skiIITuI demOnsTraTiOn. Records OT The pOinTs Tor all spOrTs were kepT in The new Kardex Tile by Nancy VOigT and her vice-presidenT's cOmmiTTee. On The basis OT These rec- ords, 43 300-pOinT, I3 700-pOinT and 7 IOOO-pOinT winners received awards aT The winTer assembly. Many more awards were presenTed aT The spring assembly, which preceded The Spring Award BanqueT, The climax OT The year's TuncTiOns. CLASS MANAGERS Top row: GuTsche, I-larris, Rosen, I-leineken, I-Iasse, FrosT, MaThis, STeadry, I-IarTray, Buhse. Bo'H'om row: Ingersoll, Moore, Aden, Mooney, Kirby, Roderick, SrniTh, STivers, Burns. , H,-,. 4 GI RLS' POOL GUARD Top row: Alder, Harris, Ward, Doly, Wilson, Yosl, Wolf, Wyss, Brown, Madigan, Sch- micll. Bo'Hom row: Naslm, Rinlqer, Seclwiclc, Marsli, Lucas, Price, Weinberg, Harris, Solomon, Brandenburg, Traweelc. Eiwmi . "T fo N1 E F fi 1 fs I-J 1 TI 1 IW fini C7 f1frff1 . 517 1, 1 1 U ffl m ,I A I 1 I 1 I , 1 I , 1 I I I I 1 I 1 I I I IL1 I I ' I I XX, I ff I ' I Q' I I ' I ' I 1 I 1 1 Av C 1 - 1 1 X-ef I I Q- Lf-1, I 1 I ' me 2 1 I C, 2, ,. I I -. I-cf .vi Xgy Q14 ,,, ...I 1,.a N. L.J R, , J 4 ' X f 4 I-I x f' -J H 1 +f Lf . G-.A.A. OFFICIALS TIMERS AND SCORERS Top row: Kaplan, Fine, Weinberg, Carroll, l-larlray, Wooclruicl. Lefl' fo rigl1+: Snyder, Bruno, Warlclwow, Eiclwengreen. Bo'Hom row: Wolf, Srokes, Cox, Alexander, Dielericlw. G.A.A. COMMITTEES COACHES Top row: l-lalvorsen, Allaerls, Fuller, DeRocco, Uebellwaclc, Parenl, Sybranclr, Top row: Mrs- Anderson' M155 Keafingl M155 Wheeler' Miss Ram- Fallon. sey, Miss Powell, Miss Frazier, Miss Sorenson, Mrs. Scoll. Second row: l-Iarr, l-larnillon, Jolwnslon, Wlweafon, Niglwberf, Kisclrier, Bergman, BOH-om row: Mfg, Johnson, Mrs, Sullon, Miss King, Miss Boullon, Pollaclc, Boyer, Bruno. Mrs. Abborr, Miss Brown. Bo'Hom row: Ward, Scliullz, l-larrison, Slruggles, Black, Rorhscliild, Love, Hassel- rnann, Baraclc. . fi IW ef gf ,T ..... ,, W 7, PAGE GIRLS Top row: Beclcer, Weinberg Vanl-lorne, Bilzer, Marlin Cashman, Malhis, Welch VanAlyea, Salerno. BoHom row: Arielll, I-Iassel mann, Loose, Gessner, Mir- chell, Bigg, Plalz. Exciting omp tition 300 POINT WINNERS Top row: Weinberg, Bayless, I-Iawkinson, Ehrharf, Slokes, Carpenler, Carroll, Kindred, Berg. Bo'Hom row: Allin, Bliss, Aron- son, Marsh, Aden, O'Brien, Dolce, Cram, Trukenbrocl. l000 POINT WINNERS 700 POINT WINNERS Fronl' row: Fine, Moore, Blelach. Top row: I-Iariray, Welch, Goldsmilh, Carroll. Back row: Ueioelhaclc, I-Iarlray. I Bo'Hom row: Gale, Wilson, Sfeadry, Fine. 9' C? fs' 2 , ,ly 37 M s I A. 7 Q .1 5 FALL TENNIS CHAMPIONS Top row: Ryan, LangTorcl, Belnap. Bo++om row: I-laTTis, Cohn. WiTh added gym space This year, The inTramural insTrucTors and G.A.A. experimenTed wiTh several new sporTs. One was advanced hockey under The sTudenT direc- Tion oT Mary Fine and The TaculTy leadership oT Miss Wheeler. 0Ther hockey evenTs were The TasT exhi- biTion game beTween The Welsh Touring Team and The NorTh Shore Field l'lockey AssociaTion Team on OcTober 22 and The hi- larious annual conTesT beTween The varsiTy TooTball Team and The girls' senior hockey Team. CaTherine WolT, assisTed by Di- ane Doke, direcTed The adviser room soccer TournamenT, won by Mrs. McElhaTTon's room. Susan CarpenTer was The head OT Tennis, MRS. McELHATTON'S SOCCER WINNERS Top row: SchusTer, Drell, Paul, Koss, McVey, Maynard, Yahl. BoTTom row: Moeller, Kelly, SeThness, Bigg, Borg, Wendnagel. while Lee Ward and Georgianne Luecker direcTed riding. Seniors parTicipaTed in Two new sporTs This year, Tigure skaTing and Tencing, while Tumbling and recre- aTional games also proved popu- lar under BeTsy Taylor and Joan Lacey, respecTively. The dancers, headed by Laverne Lechner and her assisTanT, Kalrherine l-loward, concenTraTed on group choreogra- rhy- Many parTicipaTed in volleyball and baskeTball games during The winTer. Mrs. I. Anderson's and Miss Obara's Treshman Teams, Miss Purdum's sophomores, Miss PaTTer- son's and Mrs. Gwynn's iuniors, and Miss Lennards's seniors emerged vicTorious in The adviser room volleyball TournamenT, seT up by Sandra Townsend. Geraldine Crean was The head oT baskeTball in which Miss Bahr's and Miss STrasma's Treshman Teams, Miss Nelson's and Miss Powell's sopho- more Teams, iunior squad Three, and Mrs. Wing's seniors were The TournamenT winners. The senior TirsT class Team, undeTeaTed in The lively class TournamenT, were The champions. Several ouTdoor sporTs were re- sumed during The spring. Riding conTinued as in The Tall. This spring Susan CarpenTer divided The Tennis TournarnenT inTo Three divisions oT skill To make compeTi- Tion more nearly equal. I 4 EET WTI 55,721 ll M U I I Top row: l-leiTrnan, Walker, Beers, l-lagenah, Wilhelm, Welch, Juergens. BoTTom row: Glass, Alschuler, Arnold, Zoline, Gorman, Baughn, Swansen. 'T ,W rn I N in IMD , X , J 1 fs Lf-. i io ,I ,ck ,W .fs ,ns I N 3 hi F TT ff fc TX l f"' I I e A I K 'T lTTi"Ti. I. "'xXll II illill 'lf'll illi'l"I xx M-M x, ' x..-i Y IN, 2 X,-'Mi l ' , ',Ix.fX -if ' l I I l I lil N Q'-4' Yi .XiJf Q ' I KiM," do 4 ff' -. ff' M--A L.o l..J LX-,-' SENIOR HOCKEY-FIRST TEAM FRESHMAN SOCCER Top row: Gale, Rosen, Welch, ClemenTson, LangTord, BoTTom row: Bleloch, Fine, BelT, KrauTTer, Kinghorn, Laser. . Q , 7 4. 'UT ' T "' T v - ' 'LZ' , .' ' f 71' . ' 'Q L . , ' ' ,-'- if ,.', is 'rss' .7 . I .6 s ,V -- 'T ip-I -. N 5 W, I-'EQ' . fs- gif fs' -i':f-f-'Tis v ' 7 .TY . I ' I rsrs rrssr' TITT. WTI-.itf Q, 'I ,f 1 ,117 I TT, , ' 5,--'iw'-'W - If I, . wav- , 1, ,M-V9 5 f ,, -,mf ,A f I ,, -4 - K s T Y f"fr I ge- . '-Q , gf ,Y ,, 33' 5 'T' L- I y 4 wk , I ,:5f?f fi .-... S Jn arsr . , . T 5 ,zigfili sss.ff3i5f,. af? " 'Iir f j .Q 1 vlfihiiisi A f . if? . 1 ' - r f- ' '62 f .4 I F ve-f , 'Q ? cas ,fisigb 2541, GAA ADVANCED DANCE Top row: Hallis, Cossman, Herrmann, Thorsen, Evans, Lechner, Rapporl, Four+h row: Pfeiler, Kiper, Bern, Buck, Sherer, Haines, Howe, Glabman, Third row: Palailh, Gore, Spiegel, Cohn, Scoll, Shaw, Gessner, Provol. Robin, Moses, Second row: BoHom row: Delanq, Shafer, Shelby, Wyss, Reuler. Lighlner, Thompson. Corcoran, Coyne, Ware, Griffin, Yeager, Adler. Howard, Miss Kealing lSponsorl, Lechner, Werlheimer. 1 tx i Y 'YE ,Lf , ,,,4- , A , A U , ,4,,,, M A r,,, I e, ,,,r f rr,, 'arr haf I Aeeo 3 ,al hru, Q I l I r l ycfyl I I rf I I r ,, I . , .,,,, A .V 1, 5:3 ,, f f. 4-H114 ., , 5 V , Q:p,z,2,-V,-2.-mug,,, W:-,SV , ,. VV V , 0- 1 ff.- ww M-Vf,f:.f-,..v,,4 ,.,,,, , ,, ,A ,,,,, 4-, ,,-, , ., - A-' f:-wwf 495,-WV ge wi' 5593- 595:-7: Pf'5iPf:'Zi4, K'Vf-121,225:mg,.--4-,i7gy,':gf11: n f- -5' 4' .-,' kV-M,LZ:,':?yfg.,.,5Q452,n.H ,Z , V V., ,, ,, : .if , , w f f f ,ftfifj 'gyffjfffy-',4'1 .-,,f5'M5M"15 '-1"-1-1?-'-:bv ,,.'- 2 ff,- , .V -V -", ..,' --'r - - ' V f . ,,"' ,. , , ,.,. ...a s .V Vf,..,.,.-4, ,ff-sf. WV 4-IVV -.f-. 09776, Vafg V V- 1. .VA V 4 ,V f Vw ,Vf f -I, f,-ejmfmf-Ve ff, - V .,,-' . '. ' ,az "" . -, ' .", . I' " '," --Ii I ' .- - - VV Q1,1.f'f-VI .',- V.f.:-.-'Mus -' ,. ly .-1'-43. .' 315 ' yifafz-v f-" f 'ayf-iZ.AVfgizzfsv,fa-'gViV-'hz-3i4.: 'Y' 4.46 ' f V , U V 'V ,f ' 5. V -"' f ' I W 2, r .. -I 47: 12: Q, gi .. ,VQ - . A: gg . V f A ,- .r", -1 . vi , ,,.,.,, ,. ,M sv, iw. W ,.V v nj,ffVf,?Z,V,,Vi,5m,fy g,,'.,3,,,H ,Z :J Q , :, 4. ., .' "fu f ' .7 ' V 'K , ' ' --ew-we fa. If ff f,f,f62z,v-'.V:ff 1:V ? " V 6 'Z 1- , , If f V- '- V ,Q f.: - 1 .,.. ,,, , ,,, '. ' ' ' 49 3 " . V- A ""' V- ' I ' 1 ,,,, f- ,V V ' -,'f.V'."1:e'I1 'ai .- ,, "i.ff'4 "" 'A -:Ni w"--- -' ' 155'-iff. 'A .3 f" , V, P'fE'.'Z'4,I"f.5'. , n 159544 I lil- If "5- f-ff-f V V ,. "'1 ' I TUMBLING PROVIDES WINTER RECREATION I APRIL WATER BALLET WAS A MAJOR PRODUCTION FENCING GROUPS FORMED THIS YEAR ,744 .,.f,:ff:' v I ,,., V K I A . . f4 c,.-V.- I, ,ge 'eg-.s". I 7, 21 I , g zlxjfyv . H X mg' ,f -va.-, - "'- , 1 .1:,f'.- 1V if . 5 , f'V -fV ' ., 'f f1-:le ff ' 3 f ' :, y1fV-1.12 -" -f., V .eff Y, Y ' ' f ' ' K f' .ff V ' I' fi ' I ' ' ' . , . Ii- -Vi ' 'ff ' -I P, - yff-MM46V,414. ,- ,.,, ,V .4sfmVMVy -4 .A VVAJW . -ve.,-,f,..,. ,4 W -"" 0 '-'-- W ig, ,. .1 Q-Vg59-,f,,,iV,.-V.,4 - 54-VV,-I,-,Vff,VM,. ,of ,,,,V,0!440,.V,.., , V- A , 1 - 'A 1 -,q Mp: ic?-i'f"f,41Zf - ' 4'-6114, . Q,-'j .f ., , 'f ,A 3 'Z .. V ' ' 1 3 f y f , SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Top row: Crean, Welch, Goldsmilh, Heilmann, Wilhelm. Boflom row: Malrnquisl, Lacey, Krauller, Kinghorn. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Top row: Kaplan, Allin, Rainey, Moore. Absenf: Townsend. BoH'om row: King, Schwenn, Wolf, Maynard. --f ' 1"'s1f"X' "ref r-1 1-- ,free 1 . 1 f A I 1 1 1 A 1 L 1 W' , 1 I 1 1 ' 1 11 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1-1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , 1 1 ,.... 1 e ,1 1 1 1 V1 1 1 V. 1 1 1,1 L+-1' .X-,sg 1, Lil .,-,I ' Ll, f1w', 1. xl,,,f Lacrosse and archery reTurned This year un- der The sTudenT supervision oT Lorna Wilson and JaneT Siebel, respecTively. In archery, open To all classes, a spiriTed adviser room Tourna- rnenT was held. The soTTball TournamenTs under The supervision OT Mary Rainey were well aT- Tended and very exciTing. Joan Weinberg, head oT oTTicials, and Vir- ginia ByingTon, head oT Timers and scorers, di- recTed Their sTaTTs ThroughouT The year. WiTh The compIeTion oT The spring Tourna- menTs, The Girls' Physical EducaTion DeparT- menT and G,A.A. marked The end oT a success- Tul year's inTramuraI program, Through which New Trier girls received The opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in a wide range oT aTTer-school sporTs and To Talce parT in The varied pro1ecTs oT The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion. ,f"iX 1 1 Y-"X, f'7 f ,f-X 1 1 ' 11 K 1 y 1, -1 1 c 1 1 J I ' , 1 If ,f' 'N ,f 'Ne ,KX X, fi , , ,-. 1 1 ,1 , ,1 ,fx 1 1' I I1 1 11 ,A1 11 1 'Q 11 1, 1, QQ 1 T 4 f V been 1 1, 1 iw '11 TX 1 l 3 xx.,-,,...f X-,fl Ll- ffl L.. 'xii l.aCROSSE ' Top row: McGee, Wiles, BrandT, BehrendT, Bradley. Second row: STeadry, Carroll, Buhse, Rosen, Edwards, Hadley. BoTTom row: Lacey, I-IarT, BeIT, I-larTray, Fine, Wore. AT IeTT: Moore, Wilson. ARCHERY TENNIS FINALISTS Top row: Siebel, Cashman, Shelby, McGee, King, Uebelhaclf. Top row: Mason, MeTzger, Cornyn. BoTTom row: Bleloch, Brodsky, Miller, Kiesau, Nordenberg, BrandT. BoTTom row: Cohn, Mooney, Newman. RIDING Le'f+ To righT: l.uecI4er, Wiles, Mennel, Manly, Hadley, Ward, Wasem, Keyser, SchulTz. 1- ' 1 r T l 1 N 1 r N 4...-1 --w THE OLD LIBRARY IS REMODELLED TO ACCOMMODATE THE EXPANDED INTRAMURAL PROGRAM T EM ,V,f'f-LM ,XR ff-J if JF ' 1 YI W ' . ,'.' ' . Y lv" 'iff' ' xv' T in -T C? fl:- T K, UAH' NN -TJ M L N Xfx J' Q! ,XT it T 1 'X . , T , , . 9 Kc.-Q' ' X- U 'li VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Top row: BernsTein, I-lough, Daliere, CoTTield, SwarTchild, I-lorTon, McCabe, SIeighT, Seng, Kolehrnainen, Seiberling. Third row: DuThie, BarTelI, DieTrich, Freeman, Dunlap, Boysen, Jacob, Soeldner, Miller, Willauer, Rosen. Second row: EIlioTT, Dunne, Mason, Caskey, WaTson, I-IusT lCapT.l, Harris, Johnson lCapT.l, BaTeman, Merrick, DavenporT lMgr.l. BoI'Tom row: Mr. Aschenbach, Wilkey, Leisch, Davis, Baker, I-Ierberf, Bell, Campbell, Frank, Soper, SmiTh. Var ity In 3-Way Ti ELLIOTT AROUND END Led by co-capTains Frank Johnson and John I'IusT, The New Trier var- siTy TooTball Team gained a Three way Tie wiTh Waukegan and Evans- Ton Tor The Suburban League champ- ionship. The Three Teams Tinished Their sea- sons wiTh league records oT six wins and one deTeaT. IT was The TirsT S. L. championship since l954 Tor The Indians, who were coached by Ivlr. WalTer J. Aschenbach and his assisT- anTs, lvlr. I-I. D. CaTon, Mr. E. G. Ellis, and Ivlr. E. A. WeingarTner. The Green Wave opened Their season wiTh a surprising 46 To 20 rouT oT I-larrison. In This game George Bell scored The TirsT six poinTs oT The I98 ThaT New Trier collecTed during The season. The Tollowing week Tine line play helped Them beaT a sTubborn Niles squad 28 To O and To regisTer a vicTory in Their TirsT S. L. conTesT oT The year. A lasT minuTe iump pass Trom Tim lfllioTT To PeTe Boysen en- abled New Trier To come Trom be- hind To squeeze by Oak Park I2 To 7. I-lighland Park was The nexT vic- Tim, buT They bowed a liTTle more easily, 46 To O. EllioTT paced The scoring in This game wiTh Two Touch- downs. I-lomecoming was a happy evenT Tor New Trier parTisa'ns as The varsiTy overpowered IvlorTon 39 To 7. On The Tollowing SaTurday, The In- dians Iosr a hearTbreaker To EvansTon, I3 To 7. In The Tinal seconds oT The TirsT haIT, New Trier peneTraTed To wiThin inches OT The WildkiTs' goal line buT could never quiTe produce a second Touchdown. Jim BarTell, Randy Miller, Boysen, and I-IusT all played a greaT deTensive game. WiThouT a doubT The highlighT oT The season was The 32 To 7 beaTing handed To previously undeTeaTed and unscored upon Waukegan. N.T. con- Tinuously ripped The Bulldogs' line To shreds and backs Tound wide holes To go Through Tor long runs. The Indians scored Tour Touchdowns in The Third quarTer To Turn a close TirsT halT baTTle inTo a 34 To 7 scalping oT Proviso in The Tinal game. AgainsT Proviso, Johnson scored Three Touch- downs, marking The Third Time dur- ing The season ThaT he had accom- plished This TeaT. This raised his sea- son's ToTal To 66 poinTs and made him The leading scorer in The Sub- urban League. Willie Soeldner did a Tine iob oT kicking exTra poinTs ThroughouT The season, and Johnson did The kicking OTT. I CHEERLEADERS ABOARD LOLLIPOP FLOAT IN HOMECOMING PARADE For S. L. Titl Johnson, EllioTT, Miller, and Boysen made The S. L. TirsT Team. I-IusT, BarTeII, Ken Willqey, and WOIT DieTrich placed in The sec- ond squad. Dick BernsTein re ceived an honorable menTion. WiTh Ten oT I957's varsiTy leTTer winners reTurning nexT year, The TooTbaII ouTIooIc is brighT. These juniors are Lee BaTernan and Diclc BernsTein, nexT year's co-capTains, and AI Caslcey, WolT DieTrich, Tom Frank, Bob I-IerberT, Ned Ma- son, George McCabe, STeve Mer- VARSITY SCORES N.T. Opp rick, and Tom Seng. Ellison I i 23 CornrnenTed Head Coach Asch- O k ' ' ' enbach abouT The I957 Team, ? ar ' ' ' ' I2 , 7 "The boys had a greaT desire To Hlghland Park ' ' 46 0 win, and aIThough They were noT Morlion ' ' ' ' 39 0 as good physically as lasT year's EVGHSTOI1 ' - 7 I3 Team, They won by playing To- Waukegan - - 32 7 geTher as a Team." Proviso . . 34 7 AN INDIAN THROUGH THE LINE IN MORTON GAME 4 THE ACTION WAS ROUGH AT WAUKEGAN GIRLS' CLUB BOARD PLAYS FIREMAN AT HOMECOMING VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Sfandingz Wagner, Olson, Davenport Miller. KneeIIng: Lauer, Greenfield, RacI'1Iin, Garner JACOB SNAGS IT JOHNSON DOWN FIELD NEW TRIER PLAYERS CLOSE IN AGAINST OAK PARK I I , + I ' ,- I 'X Ig Y If-X ff Y , I If- -1 IV I W FI VI QI A I ff I I I I I I I I I I I 'Lf ' 5 fa! IJfIIIC,I.IIJ W 47 4g ,W .M ' ,V ,,,. ,Ig LYS, g,:I-I Ig gk, SJ, i fx" , ' ., f- Tas.. 1 4, ' - S N f,-,Q 'N i Wh T-XJ . V y ,N N W Q i 1 y . T i 1 i . .- T VT i , l . Jax O J if i , K il ef T i as T X Xi! V , , VH .vs .4 ' Li ix,-,,-f ' SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Top row: Mr. ETnyre lCoachl, Heinemann, Kuyper, Thalman, Hurley, Erickson, WerTmyre, Ely, OrTegal, Vail, Glesener, Blair, Haring. Fourfh row: Mr. James lCoachl, Hodge, Will, Goldberg, Moeller, Baer, Fox, STurlini, Hope, MaTzkin, Wilkinson, CeiThaml, WoelTel. Third row: Mr. Hurley lCoachl, Williams, Culberg, BeaTTy, A. Carlson, FenTon, Glanz, Browning, MiTchell, McDonald, STruggles, Gray, Walling, Mc- RoberTs lMgr.l. Second row: Mr. Lauer lCoachl, Proh, Rome, Trenkrnann, MarTin, D'fXncona, Peoples, Aaron, Mandel, Ovson, Howard, D. Carlson, Schoenbrod. BoTTom row: Zeilke, BaumgarTen, Cunningham, Gingiss, KoTler, McGuire, Haider, Pinkerson, Wilkey, Rice, Reed, Megohan, Grossman. A TOUCHDOWN PASS FOR THE SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS The sophomore TooTball Team deTeaTed Proviso 2O To 6 in The Tinal game oT The season To win The Suburban League TiTle. New Trier Tinished wiTh a 6-I record while second place Proviso boasTed a 5-I-I mark. The Ponies were capTained by Bill McGuire and Don Haider, and coached by Mr. Chuck Lauer. The sophs deTeaTed Niles 21 To O To open The season, as Wally Wilkey and Marshall Goldberg each Tossed long Touchdown passes. Then They Toppled Oak Park 25 To 6 in a game ThaT was highlighTed by McGuire's long Touchdown run wiTh a blocked punT. The Tollow- ing week Highland Park handed The Ponies a surprising 34 To 6 upseT, as New Trier was wiThouT LeTT To righT: Shoop, Morgan, Buggies, Powell, WheaTon, Shaw, Thoma, Olson, Spiegel. almosT iTs enTire TirsT sTring back- Tield. The Ponies bounced back To celebraTe homecoming wiTh a 20 To 6 romp over rugged MorTon. Two TourTh guarTer Touchdowns by Dick Mandel provided The win- ning margin. Three TirsT halT Touchdowns by Conrad Will helped The Team humble EvansTon 27 To 6. Jim Rome's 75-yard pass inTercep- Tion paced New Trier To a 26 To I2 vicTory over winless Waukegan. Wally Wilkey scored Twice To help beaT Proviso in The all-imporTanT season's Tinale. "The Team had The mosT hearl' since The l948 squad, who were also ouTclassed physically, buT also wenT on To win The championship," said Coach Lauer. SOPHOMORE SCORES N.T. Opp. Niles . . . 2I O Oak Park . . . 25 6 Highland Park . 6 34 MorTon . . . 20 6 EvansTon . . 27 6 Waukegan . 26 I2 Proviso . 20 6 J. V. FOOTBALL TEAM Top row: Mr. T'larTbarger lCoachl, PorTer, DeardorTT, Riman, Davidson, Bishop, KraTT, JeTTers, STirling, WhiTe, MaThey, Gomez, Davis. Third row: Miller, Parker, Lederer, Prochnow, FeTzer, Sullivan, JaTTe, Adams, McCarThy, Gould, BlaTchley, Donahue. Second row: Mr. Fearheiley lCoachl, KlaTTe, Birney, Bangs, l-ligh, STulTs, KurTz, Zarbin, PorTes, Perrine, GhasTer, PeTerson, Miller. BoTTom row: Mr, FranTzen lCoachl, JohnsTon, Weber, Gloede, FranTzen, ApplegaTe, Scully, Lehman, CriTchell, Krueger, l:orsyThe, ThornTon, OrTengren. TT iilii' Y f-Ns ,ffm x1 f-5 XTX? rms!-X i 1 is Roi Ti l T Till' lie' T ic, mi Q fl T cfi ri fi! is -jd TJ ul wjai U LJ L, 1,1 T TXVJ LJ L JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES OPP- Under The able guidance oT Coach kegan. Proviso finished second in The 3 PeTer l:ranTzen and CapTain Don Bir- league wiTh a 2-O-l record. MorTon I3 ney, The iunior varsiTy TooTball squad As in oTher years, The Treshman "AH - 2 TurThered Their sTring oT seasons wiTh- Team won The championship. Coach proviso , 20 ouT deTeaT which was sTarTed in l955. RoberT Malinsky's boys piled up T69 FRESHMAN ,,A,. TEAM Opp The season's disappoinTmenT was The poinTs in seven games on Their way To Niles ..... 0 20 To 20 Tie wiTh Proviso in The Tinal an uncleTeaTed season. The I2 To O g9khIPa11P-k - - 8 game. The JV's, who averaged I8 vicTory over Niles and The I3, To 7 Mgfaann Tr i 7 poinTs a game, breezed pasT Oak Park win over MorTon proved To be The EVGHSTOH - f 5 and Glenbrook in The TirsT Two ames. onl close baTTles OT The ear. l-li h- Wa ke an 0 g Y Y Q proyisogl v . y 7 MorTon and Proviso proved To be land Park, whom They had beaTen 24 rougher opponenTs, as each losT by To O, Tinished second. ATTer losing The " " O EITHNTAN. B- TEAM' ff only a Touchdown. A lasT minuTe 54- opener To Niles I3 To O, The "B" squad Oak Park . 0 yard Touchdown run on a double re- came back wiTh Tour shuTouTs over Evansmn ' 0 verse by Bill Lederer helped New Trier Their nexT Tour opponenTs Tor The un- Waukegan . 0 D . I Proviso . 0 squeak ouT a 7 To 6 Triumph over Wau- dispuTed championship. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM Top row: Mr. Funkhouser lCoachl, Brannen, PhemisTer, l-lolmes, PaTTon, Kirkland, STonich, Barlow, ATkins, MaTThias, Sawyer, Drick, Fleming, Buehler, BornhoeTT, Fagenholz, Campion, Mann, WolTT. FourTh row: Mr. Larsen lCoachl, Schreep, OrTengren, Overlock, Green, Mark, Sherman, Mercein, NaTTzger, Merrell, Houck, BenneTT, Grewen, ProTT, Acle, Cook, Laskay, Timm, Grais lMgr.l. l Third row: Mr. Shoresman Coachl, CliTTon, McRae, Gaber, Fisher, Rickards, Carlson, BrackeTT, l-laThaway, STewarT, Miller, STephens, l-lowe, Lalzra- menTa, Schneider, Domm, MiTchell, Goldman, Jennings, Reasner lMgr.l. Second row: Mr. Malinsky lCoachl, Migel, l-lauserman, O'Shea, l-loTTsTed, Swinyard, Kindred, Fraser, SweeT, Lancioni, Gaarde, AlTini, Meyer, l'luTchin- son, Swoger, Robison, CarpenTer, Crow, Krez. BoTTom row: Mr. CramleT lCoachl, Dunphy, Kucera, Frenzel, l-leidbrink, MalmquisT, STeTTen, l-loza, STewarT, VanKennen, Kellock, Jacobs, CasTle, Barn- hill, Fields, Campbell, Lundy, Diamond, Browne, BarneTT. ..,' f"- ,A I IPI fa-'T ij , ' " Y I l -xi-T I I ' ,,il,,X,,i I "ii sxrfiif-ik' ll ig,,ill I -Xdy Ll N-,,.- I , , Ji i , ,I ' I. L I M I I " LL' .4 . l...' xv,-' A 814- ' WILLIAMS REBOUNDING New Trier's varsily baslcelball leam wenl Ihrough Ihe season wilh a 5 won and a 9 losl record Io wind up in sixlh place in a highly compelilive Suburban League race. ln overall sea- son play, excluding Ihe slale regional game, They compiled a IO and IO rec- ord, bealing Riverside and losing Io Maine in preseason Iills, and winning VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM i l JUMP SHOT BY ELLIOTT Ihe Ponliac Tournamenl wilh a 4-O record. This invilalional conlesl, which lhe varsily won by bealing Flora, Al- Ion, Bradley and linally Princelon, was The high spol of Ihe season, lor il showed lhal, wilhoul' 'rhe bad brealcs and injuries of Ihe Suburban League compelilion, lhe leam would have compleled a much more successful 1, I, ' L.. . X-. LL. A -L-- CAPTAIN ORTEGAL SCORES year. This year The varsily and junior var- sily learns worlced Jrogelher as one sguad allhough Ihey played separale schedules. The season opened wilh Bob Orlegal, caplaing Vance Elnyre, Dee Wing, Sheldon Erilcson, Nelson Lehman, Woll Dielrich, and Pele Mil- ler worlcing al forward: Tim Ellioll, Baclt row: Pelerson lMgr,l, Mr. Morgan, Depperman, Davis, Lehman, Kearney, Miller, Bishop, Dielrich, Ellioll, Willauer, Mr. Nisbel. Fronl' row: Gloede lMgr.l, Jellers, Erikson, McNeill, Melzger, Cassell, Williams, Orlegel, Elnyre, Sauer, Wing, Forsylhe lMgr.l. VARSITY SCORES N.T. Opp. Riverside . . 63 47 Maine . 45 62 Evanslon . 46 56 Morlon . 48 56 Niles . 4I 3'8 'Flora . . 80 45 'Allen . . 57 SI 'Bradley . . 66 63 'kPrince'ron . . . 5I 46 Oak Park . . . . 54 58 Highland Park . . 5I 47 Proviso . . . 52 59 Waukegan . 34 56 Evanslon . 29 47 Morlon . 37 46 Niles . . . 6I 42 Oak Park . . . 5I 60 Highland Park . . . 47 38 Proviso ...... 52 48 Waukegan ..... 48 77 1"PonIiac Tournamenl' held al' Poniiac, Illinois, January 2, 3 and 4. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES N.T Opp. B6l'FIhg'I'OI'l . NEW TRIER TAKES THE TIP Evanslon . 45 46 Mor+on . . . 64 46 Niles . . . . 48 49 Oak Park . . . 46 78 Highland Park . . 39 40 Proviso . . . . 68 65 Effelsfon. ' Skip Willauer, John Kearney, Mike Waukegan . . 54 SI Gessel, Dave Davis, Sieve Merrick, and ,ifjtkiafl ' Bob Jeffers al guard: and Dick Wil- Waukegan . 48 45 Iiams, Jon Sauer, Frank Cassell, and IMT iN '-7 "7 T--'I I I A. I or A.. Is I.. I If be I 4 I krii I -Qi I f I a I I I .I LI I We l ,I I -az fa ' I .L NEW COACH MR. TOM NISBET 2 POINTS FOR KEARNEY Bob McNeill al cenler. Four relurning Iellermen were Orlegal, Ellioll, Wil- Iauer, and Williams. Caplain Bob Or- legal led lhe league in scoring Tor a ID F27 I U PFD I I ' I I I I ix! I .If-5 " g? -V' ., good parl oi The season bui because oi iniuries was passed by Wendell Johnson ol: Proviso. The varsiIy's new coach Ihis year was Mr. Torn Nisbel, formerly of Thornlon High School. Mr. Nisbel' had coached ai' Thornlon for len years be- iore coming lo New Trier and com- piled an impressive record. I.asl year his 'ream finished second in Ihe Soulh Suburban conference. Assisling Mr. Nisbel was Mr. Jerry Morgan, also new Ihis year. The iunior varsily Ieam, playing a shorler schedule lhan Ihe varsily, earned an all season score similar lo lhe varsily's Suburban League record, winning five and Iosing eighli The Suburban League season Ially was 3 and 8, and lhe J.V.'s losl lheir one pre- season game lo Barringlon, 55 Io 99. Al Ihe annual baskelball awards banguel in April, iuniors Vance Elnyre, Dee Wing, John Kearney, Sheldon Erikson and Frank Cassell were varsily Ieiler winners along wiih seniors George Melzger and Jon Sauer. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Top row: Morgan, Willauer, Provol, Gray, Kelly, Powell, Wilkey, WebsTer lMgr.l. BoTTom row: Pedrick, STrahorn, Haider, Schuessler, Bingham, GriTschke, Erickson, Mr. Jacobson lCoachl POWELL DRIBBLES IN SOPHOMORE SCORES N.T. Opp. Riverside . . 55 47 Maine . . 42 36 EvansTon . . 37 49 MorTon . 35 34 Niles . . . . 3l 27 Oak Park . . . 5I 4I Highland Park . . 4I 37 Proviso . . . . 39 45 Waukegan . . 45 49 EvansTon . 44 43 Mor'Ton . 42 4l Niles . . . 4l 38 Oak Park . . . 45 42 Highland Park . . 44 6I Proviso . . . . 42 48 Waukegan . . . . 32 33 The sophomore baskeTball Team, coached by Mr. John Jacobson, com- pleTeol a successTul I958 season by - . i 1 compiling an eighT won and six losT Suburban League record To Tinish Third in The league. For The enTire season The Team's record was Ten and six, Riverside and Maine being beaTen in Two preseason TilTs by scores oT 55-47 and 42-36, respecTively. These Two non-league vicTories were Tollowed by a disappoinTing loss To EvansTon in The regular season opener by a score OT 49-37, This seTback was Tollowed by Tour sTraighT vicTories over MorTon, Niles, Oak Park, and Highland Park. NexT came Two losses To Proviso and Waukegan and anoTher Tour sTraighT vicTories, This Time over EvansTon, Mor- Ton, Niles, and Calc Park. The season WILLAUER ON A FADE-AWAY JUMP closed wiTh Three losses, The lasT being a hearTbreaker To Waukegan, 33-32. AlThough They Tinished Third in The league, The sophomores showed greaT spiriT. CompeTiTion, moreover, was es- pecially Tough This season wiTh High- land Park and Proviso Tying Tor TirsT wiTh idenTical records oT I2 and 2. A. L., Zi J , J l a g ,Yi ,WX i ,--.. i,--X ,-M ---, i--s ---2 -l i ii' 2 ---. N, 1- i f' 1 G-- - i ,f ,, , i, 'X -- f i , i ,M , X , ,il'ii.,l ill' X, ' l i Al. 1 Yi' , 1 'W L i 2 -,if i J E , , , i Q 3 i .Mi ,J 4 ,J 1.4 ig .. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Top row: Mr. Esarey lCoachl, Schreep, Holmes, OrTengren, ATkins, STonich, Overlock, Mr. ETnyre lCoachl. Second row: Mercein, Green, NaTTzger, McRae, MaTThias, WOITT, ProTT. BoTTom row: Hollander lMgr.l, Grewen, Cook, Depperman, Fraser, Crow, Barnhill, BenneTT lMgr.l MCRAE JUMPS FROM OUT IN FRONT 7-f T ,fm A SHOT FROM THE SIDE 'ff'-5, T'-' i' - . I i 1 l l . Li, ,fi fi, l , of NX ylfxx 'XZ l r i 1 ix V , X, , Q i X 1 , ' i , . , fo, ,il Q 1 Lg , O THAQC The Two Treshman baskeTball Teams, The "A" squad and The "B" squad, Tinished in TirsT and second place, re- specTively, in The Suburban League. Under The leadership OT coach Mr. Roy ETnyre, The "A" squad compiled an impressive IO-2 won-losT record To cop The Suburban League TiTle. The season opened wiTh a close non-league conTesT wiTh BarringTon which The Trosh losT, 43-42. The only losses dur- ing conTerence play were To Proviso and Waukegan. The Trosh "B" Team, coached by Mr. M. Esarey, compleTed a very success- T lg Tul season wiTh an 8 won and 2 losT record, Tinishing second in The Subur- ban League. BoTh The "A" and The "B" squads did excepTionally well in The Suburban League This year and gave greaT prom- ise OT success in The Three years ahead. FRESHMAN "A" TEAM SCORES N.T. Opp. BarringTon . . 42 43 Eva nsTon . 49 28 MorTon . 49 34 Niles . . . 52 20 Oak Park . . . 44 32 Highland Park . . 46 30 Proviso . . . . 47 50 l ON THE WAY TO ANOTHER BASKET ff'-'N if . as if X 1 X ivy A Q 1 il T TL, Lg N.T. Opp EvansTon . 40 26 Niles . . 46 33 Waukegan . . 35 4l Oak Park . . 39 32 Proviso . . 47 35 Waukegan . 49 48 FRESHMAN "B" TEAM SCORES N.T. Opp. EvansTon ...... 30 2I MorTon . . . 35 33 Oak Park . . . 38 37 Highland Park . . 38 25 Proviso . . . . 52 23 EvansTon . . 43 I3 Niles . . 36 2l Waukegan . . 33 43 Oak Park . . 36 42 Proviso . . . 45 35 Waukegan . . 34 46 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM Top row: Wolll, Taylor, Davies, Moring, Lederer, Noble, I-Iollweg, Myers, Rosenberg, J. Lane, Carslen. Third row: Mr. Farmer IAss'l Coachl, Shane, Ellioll, Sleele, Muller, Pullman, Manasler, Juergens, S. Lane, Wilson, Burlce. Second row: Mr. Condon ICoachl, Alderman, Phillips, Woll, Marlin, Braclcell, Reilly, Boysen, McDaniel, Marlin, Mr. Roberlson ICoachl. Bollom row: Thorsen, Maclc, Lewy, Merz, Slaughler, Kovas, I-Ieilman, Prenliss, Urban, Woodloclc, Goodman, .fi W f W- y-'ij 'fx ,fax 1 of IVI INN I ,II JI IMI , ws, ffl Vw I X., I', VF7 V-fxmmsx lIIf'a- -nj fry II I' 'III' I" jf A"f'N' Rr- "' " ,fxfi "' 'fx' X , I ,f , , Ia ,FI I n ,fa I I Q, I I ,fe I QI I If If j ,fa I IX ,L f I , E, I-J I fx I N , I, I , I I I I I I , .4-4, I I , I , I ,N N I X 'T W 1 J , fl fl Q I I I I I I I I I I I Is I I I I W I If I -J I I I- I T7 NX-,1 LJ .-I . LCJ L..l xl LX,,f iw-I' X- I Xi! 'x I x-,f ,J X "x,.fI' I CO-CAPTAINS BRACKETT, WOLF, AND MARTIN STAND POISED AND READY Clinlon . Peoria . Waulregan Culver . Evanslon Morlon . Janesville Niles . Wauwaulosa . Oak Park . 'Evanslon . . "Highland Parlr . VARSITY SCORES Opp. I9 Highland Park I7 Proviso . . I I Maine . . I4 Elmwood Park 48 Nolre Dame . 2I Riverside IBIcfd.l 24 fEvanslon . . I9 iEvanslon . 2I 27 'Indian Relays 97 lSuburban League 79 islale Meel N.T. 46 59 56 59 67 50 74 68 V2 Opp. 40 20 30 27 I9 35 7' V2 6I COACH ROBERTSON FIRES STARTING GUN The varsily swimming leam won lheir lenlh slale championship lhis year. ll was lhe lhird one in a row lor lhem under l'lead Coach Dave Roberl- son. Coach Roberlson was assisled by lirsl-year man Mr. Jerry Farmer and diving Coach Verne Condon. Co-caplains Diclc Braclcell, Milce Marlin, and Fred Woll led lhe Indians very capably lhroughoul lhe season. Woll sel nalional records in lhe 200, 220, 400, and 440 yard lreeslyles. Braclcell sel N.T. records in lhe I00 bullerlly and I50 individual medley, and Marlin anchored lhe lreeslyle re- I 1 SOPHOMORE SWIMMING TEAM I I Top row: Macdonald lMgr.I, Reinish lMgr.I, PenningTon IMgr.I, Levy, Sheldon, Lawrie, Rogers, Mackenzie, BIuTenThaI, Cummings, Landman. Third row: Mr. Condon lCoachI, Mr. Farmer ICoachI, Fox, Bryant Kovas, Brooks, Moir, McGuire, Waldo, May, Mr. Roberfson lCoachl. Second row: Gorr, I-loiles, Jones, Laird, PeTTigrew, Nielsen, Chadsey, Sawyer. BoTTom row: I-Ieilemann, Klein, Reilly. FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM Top row: Donnelly, Doscher, McCIave, Brown, Demmon, Simon, Abelson, Barr, Thomas. Third row: Mr. Farmer lAss'T Coachl, Burns, James, I-IeiTman, W. Jones, BrackeTT, Berkson, Joseph, Haskell, Fisher, Mr. RoberTson ICoachI. Second row: Mr. Condon lCoachl, SchmidT, Andreas, Grant WOITT, Kiefer, GoeTTsche, Lavin, Townsend. BoTTom row: Mack, B. Jones, VanKennen, D, Jones, Keck, STrauss, PenningTon, Gordon. Frosh, Soph Unb at lay Team ThaT broughT home The sTaTe championship. The varsiTy losT only one meeT ThroughouT The season, ThaT one being To EvansTon in December, 48 To 38. They IaTer losT The Indian Relays To The WiIdkiTs also. The Indians Then came back To win The Suburban League meeT 74 To 7IIf2 and Tie EvansTon Tor The Suburban League TiTIe. i AT EvansTon in The sTaTe meeT, N.T. was vicTorious over The same EvansTon Team, 68If2 To 6I. WolT won boTh The 400 Tree and The IOO back. BrackeTT won The IOO buTTerTIy and Tinished sec- ond in The I5O individual medley. OThers who placed in some evenT were PeTe I-IeiTman, John Kovas, Chip Laird, MarTin, Don Merz, Jerry Reilly, and Jack SIaughTer. The sophomores won all Their league conTesTs and beaT I-Iighland Park in The league meeT, 92If2 To 72If2. S.L. champions were Dave I-Ioiles, Ron Ko- vas, Tom Sawyer, and PeTe PeTTigrew. The Treshmen also remained unbeaTen, and They downed EvansTon in The league meet 89 To 86. J. D. James and Fred SchmidT were The only indi- vidual winners. 10 Wrestl in Di trict F ,, ..., ..,. .. , VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Top row: Mr. I-Iurley lCoachl, Porfer, Engel, SleighT, Seng, SchaeTer, LeaviTT, Kramer, KraTT, Houck. Second row: Crose, Morrison, Ruddock, Ade, Shanahan, Lane, English, Poulos, McFadden. BoTTom row: Behm, McConnell, Mason, SchaeTer, BaTeman, Freeman, Dunne, I-lershinow, S+osseI. VARSITY SCORES Reavis . . N. Chicago . M'or'I'on . . . ThornTon Twp. . . Niles . . . . Maine . . Oak Park . . . Highland Park . . 'Oak Lawn . . Proviso . . Eva nsTon . Waukegan . Glenbrook .... Tilden ...... "'QuadranguIar meel' aT N.T. Opp. 30 I2 I9 I9 I5 22 I6 I I '84 20 22 33 29 I5 The varsiTy wresTling squad, ham- pered by iniuries ThroughouT The sea- son, Tinished TourTh in The Suburban League. CapTain Jim Blake and I-lead Coach Mr. AI I-Iurley led The Team To a seven and six season's record. Mr. William ZaneTakos was assisTanT coach. ATTer suffering The worsT deTeaT in N.T. hisTory To Reavis, 30 To I4, The maTmen bounced back To win Tour in a row beTore losing To Maine, 22 To I9. ATTer Tinishing The S.L. season wiTh a Tour and Three record, N.T. quaIiTied Ten wres+Iers in The disTricT meeT. They were Lee BaTeman, Ken Behm, Jim Blake, Mike Dunne, Les I-lerschinow, Luke I'Iiken, Ned Mason, Chuck Mc- Connell, Carl SchaeTer, and Tom STos- sell. OT These BaTeman, Behm, Blake, and I-lerschinow quaIiTied Tor The sTaTe meeT in The secTionals. Waukegan, conqueror oT N.T. earlier in The season, won The sTaTe meeT. BaTeman and Ma- son were narnecl as nexT year's co-cap- Tains aT The banqueT aT The end OT The season. The J.V. Team won one, IosT one, and Tied one in Their Three-meeT season. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE WRESTLING TEAM Top row: Volland, Blackwell, Sheehan, Milnor, McDonald, Irons, Lang, Trenkmann, WesTerhold. Third row: Mr. WelIingTon lCoachl, I-Ieineken, May, DeWolT, SilTen, Marsh, J. Frank, PrenTiss, KuhnerT, Gamm lMgr.l, Mr. ZaneTakos lCoachl. Second row: Margolis lMgr.l, PhemisTer, PaTTon, CaTlin, L. Frank, BornhoeT'I', Becker, Blackburn, I-lodge, Will, Culberg. BoTTom row: Tucker, Glanz, I-IechT, Ade, Borg, I-lershinow, BIanksTein, Diamond, SmiTh, I-liken, Schneider. BENCH SHOWS TENSION BEFORE THE MATCH STOSSELL WORKS FOR PIN DOUBLE FEATURE FOR wREsn.iNe FANS AT New TRIER I X ' -ff '-'- ij N 'F' IWTNI TN I I ' I fin i fnffaffa- ,F I X' "A I ' I I , I I I I I I I Q if ' I I ' X- I ik! N L., I I I I I I ' I I Ld I I 1 I J f I I ' I xg , uf I X xl i , J Y .V , 1 I I , ,I ,J YI ,I Y , W, , 1 ,HQ I4 ,,,. ---I , ,,, , , , I FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE SCORES N.T. Opp. Reavis . . . 26 22 N. Chicago . 4I I3 Morfon . . I8 27 Thornfon . 27 I I Niles . . 3I I6 Maine . . . 25 I9 Oak Park . . . 43 0 HighIand Park . . 39 5 Proviso . . . 25 I5 Evansfon . 32 I2 Waukegan . . 26 2I GIenbrooIc . . 40 6 TiIden . . 38 IO The sophomore wresfIing feam fied Iviorfon for firsf pIace in fhe Suburban League. A win over Waukegan, 26 fo 2I, in fheir final Ieague confesf of fhe year enabled fhe grappIers fo gain a share of fhe fifie. The sophomores won all six of 'Iheir non-Ieague mafches, fhe hardesf being a close 26 fo 22 decision over Reavis. They suffered fheir onIy Ioss of fhe season fo Iviorfon in fhe S.L. opener, 27 fo I8. Affer fhaf fhey won fheir nexf six Ieague meefs fairly easiIy. The coach of fhe sophs was Mr. Ken Wellingfon. Connie WiII, who wres- fled af I54 pounds for mosf of fhe year, finished fhe season wifh a sfring of I2 sfraighf wins. The freshman feam Iosf four ouf of fheir five meefs. Their onIy win was a 29-I9 decision over Waukegan. 7 fq ,.f"'-x'T, If' A fix. I I ,TTI I I x If IT XJ 1 I R. w x.f3 1 ry 1 L ,FJ .. EQ. .8742 ,X F k,.' by , W ----X fr'-N1 . , I I I., r if-I -f -,'- -W-. fe, f' - "'- --- 'f' V - ' I ' -- I I' - .I ,N .. .. as s, , I L.. ' I I , I I --. I I , , 'X M ,X -- '. . I , i XX-,H O. ic ,.. xi -N-,. i I '- :I , " I Pii I' IX- XI fi if-, ii fe I rf-X ' 'TNIEI QN' I ' - -I ,fn - I I ' I 1 I I i I I " is ' 2 s- I '- on I i I , I I fi Iwi U Ii- 5 ir I-45 , A J. I I I - in I X gl LI I -I XX-, NX-,ff bil S-,nj IV- 2 I I I .JI VARSITY G-YMNASTICS TEAM Lefi' 'Io rigI1'I': Mr. Giallornbardo ICoachI, Erenburg, Richardson, Mawhinney, I-Iadiey, Verne, Phil- Iips, Beniamin, LawIer, Sperfus, Goicher, Sprowl, Lochner, I-Iar- man, Rohwer. BILL LAWLER STATE SIDE-HORSE CHAMPION FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GYMNASTICS TEAM Top row: LawIer, Srniih, Felsing, Priesr, SIiIIweII, FIeisher, Rice. Second row: Mr. Giailombardo, Grubs, PorIer, Verne, Sperrus, Beguelin, PhiIIips, Maynard. SaIcoI, Bradbury. BoH'om row: Isaacs, Kanow, Levy, Mann, Pick, MiIIer, Kinnaird. I ! . I-Iampered by Ihe Ioss of oursianding qymnasr Ray I-IacIIey, New Treir's gym- nas'rics Ieam pIaced Iourih in The sIaIe meer. I'IadIey was ruied ineIigibIe because he had parricipaied in a gymnasiics cIinic in Sarasolra, Florida, Ihai had noi been sanclrioned by Ihe IIIinois I-Iigh School Associajrion. I-IadIey was Ihe defending siaie champion in four of Ihe seven evenis. N.-I. had beaien Proviso, Ihe Ieam Thar won The sIaIe championship, in 'Iwo pre- vious duai meers by scores of 66If2 Io 65If2 and 67V2 'Io 64If2. Bill LawIer pIaced Iirsi' in sIaIe on Ihe side horse, and olrher New Trieriies, Gene Sperius, Mark Eren- burg, Joe MiIIer, Ron Kanow, John I-Iar- man, and Drew Mawhinney aIso pIaced in some evenr. The Irosh-soph Ieam had a Iour and Iour season's record. Mr. Joe Gi- ailombardo coached Iooih Iearns very abIy. HADLEY EXECUTES THE IRON CROSS VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Top row: Krashen, Dunn, Harper, Werner, ETnyre, STaInaker, S. Wallace, Shelby, McLucas. BcTTom row: Mr. Almaguer lCoachl, J. Wallace, Meyer, DavenporT, IvIoulTon, EIlioTT lCapT.I, WhiTeIaw, Weis, Eiseman. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM LeTT To rigI'1T: Wylie, Fischl, Schuman, Glaser, Ohle, CarpenTer, HaTcher, Hilderbrand, Rusnak. fifw ,-I 57 u , , ' J f l -'N fo foe T I fy flxs foe f f'T'7 , X Tx ly T, l t,fQxVf fs, Qi , , X- y STIXQW, 5 I K yf Lol T L4 A y Fw y T QI LJ y i i Q , L y ,.,, T, aV,kl,,q3, 3 3 -fn 5 T, ,rg TL, ,M IJ ktxu ,mffl Lx,-4 L, , .4 -,,f ,,.L-I L, I-, .-,.. ans -,,-,-.I -J I--x -24,1 -L-, COLL -s,,Y,,f- -eY,-..J Ptj ,I VA, egg, CAPTAIN NED ELLIOTT WITH COACH ALMAGUER ' wn .1-1 V-' ,v. ,,..ux The cross counTry Team ToughT back Trom a bouT wiTh The Tlu To whip Pro- viso in Their Tinal meeT oT The season and To win The Suburban League championship. Coach Ben Almaguer and CapTain Ned EIIioTT led The harriers To a win- ning 6-O-I season in The Suburban League. New Trier deTeaTed Niles I5- 48 in The opener and Then gained vic- Tories over Oak Park and Highland Park by idenTicaI I5-50 scores. AgainsT Oak Park, CapTain EIlioTT was Timed in a record shaTTering 9:I2 Time over The L85 mile course aT Skokie PIayTieId. IT was eighTeen seconds TasTer Than The 9:30 record he seT as a iunior. EIlioTT Took his TourTh sTraighT TirsT place as N.T. Toppled IvIorTon, I8-44, buT he caughT The Tlu and missed boTh The EvansTon meeT, a 28-28 Tie, and The S.L. meeT, won by Proviso. N.T. was second in The League meeT, N.T. failed To guaIiTy a single man Tor The sTaTe meeT because OT The Tlu epidemic. , In Their Tinal meeT The harriers beaT a sTrong Proviso Team, 26-30, Tor The S.L. championship. A Tew days IaTer Proviso won The sTaTe championship. lvlr. James lVIcI:adzean's Trosh-soph Team Tied Tor 4Th place in The Subur- ban League wiTh a 3-4 record. VARSITY SCORES N.T. Opp. Niles . . . . I5 48 Oak Park . . . . I5 50 Highland Park . . I5 50 MorTon . . . I8 4-4 EvansTon . . . 28 28 'Proviso . . 2 I Waukegan . . . . I7 45 Proviso ...... 26 30 'Places in Suburban League mee+ held aT Proviso I I "" I Y' QTWTT 1 i -I , , , , I i --1. f- .V -YN , ff- . ll ,P 1, ,L , A ,, g,1fp 1 il, IQITT , , , , L, 1- ii, fl I l l l LTIXI l li ii Fl ' l I I I l il I '. I I T'-ll I I 1 Il I ' !-- ' 1 , 1 -C' x C. X ,J 3 A -V 3, -sv, 1' V 1 A 1. ,JA .X H, .K X V, , .K A. 2 V, c.I .J xx,,,4 XY XY 1 I I I . I-Xxx 1 :Xi 1,,. .4 'Q-9,1 , -Xlf' I.. so-,C .1 . RN., VARSITY INDOOR TRACK TEAM Top row: I-lorTon, Eiseman, Delaine, Werner, I-Iarper. Second row: Merrick, Fried, I-IuTTman, STaInalcer, Langdon, Shelby, Fisher, KnighT, STump. Third row: Miller, SwarTchild, Dunlap, Young, Lederer, O'ReilIy, Dunn, Rocker, Gillaspy. FourTh row: Dean, G. Johnson, ThornTon, Meyer, DorTman, Orr, Campbell, F. Johnson, Soeldner, Rupp. BoTTom row: Mr. Nay lCoachI, Perrin, I-Iarris, Wallace, ElIioTT, Berlcelhamer, Krashen, Kelley, Lindblad. New Trier's varsiTy indoor Track Team Tinished wiTh a Two and Three Suburban League marlc and Then placed Third in The S.L. meeT. In The EvansTon relays They Toolc a TourTh place. The Team came in sixTh in The Oak Park relays, a conTesT generally regarded as The unoTTiciaI indoor sTaTe championship FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE INDOOR TRACK TEAM meeT. The Trosh-soph Team also com- piled a 2 won and 3 IosT record This season. Those who Turned in Tine perTorm- ances ThroughouT The shorT season were Chuck Douglas in The pole vauIT, dash- ers Franlc Johnson, Zach Ford, Phil STump, STu Fried, and Ron I-lorTon: Top row: Mercein, PaTTon, Condon, Blair, Berland, Manahan. FourTh row: Brook, Lamson, BucIcmasTer, Fox, McClellan, Goldberg, Neis, Kirkland, BeierwaITes. Third row: STump, I-Ioward, Aaron, Ovson, Trenlcmann, Zancl, Miller, Rusnalc, Marland, CeiThaml. Second row: Ohle, Berc, Kassen, Schneider, J. STewarT, W. STewarT, Niederberger, Buehler, McGra BoTTom row: Thomas, Orwig, Rosenbaum, I-Ienderson, CasTle, Jennings, I-Ieidbrinlc, Frenzel, CarpenTer, McCarTy. disTance men Ed Eiseman, Ned EIIioTT, and Dave I-IaTcherg high jumper Wes Sidney: and shoT puTTer Willie Soeld- ner. AIThough iT was a somewhaT dis- couraging season compared To IasT year's, The TraclcsTers were desTined To improve in The ouTdoor Traclc season. Th, McLean, I-IaTcher. ,.. VARSITY OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM Top row: ETnyre, Delaine, Seng, McNeill, SchaeTer, Sauer, Miller, Eiseman, Langdon. Third row: STump, Lederer, Fried, Douglas, ElliOTT, Shelby, Merrick, HorTOn, Fisher, KnighT. Second row: Lane, Harper, Perrin, Ford, Johnson, Young, Meyer, DOrTman, O'Reilly, Werner. BoHom row: Berkelhamer, Orr, High, Kelley, Johnson, Harris, Dean, Krashen, Dunn, STalnaker. ,...., 'T ig,--NR ,AW A A 1-T 3 ' -6 , 1 ' A-' M r V" 71 my fi l This-?i-ff il T Ti r'ffff'i- . or-T fe T lllr TT' l as lj , , A i ik v T ,A - 5 T , R Lf X 2 1 f. 3 T I Ty L! 5 T l 4 ,Axim 3 X L- ,X rv, K e ca, ci ig. il Q L -O cl ig-: pa ,ol -..all ,Q T QSO al ,J la TQ X, KJ New Trier's varsiTy ouTdoor Track Team, sTrOng in boTh Track and Tield evenTs, parTicipaTed in Three relays-New Trier, Wauke- gan and MoosehearT-during The i958 season, as well as in STaTe and Suburban League compeTiTion laTer in The year. The Indians Took Their TirsT meeT aT home wiTh a score OT 53'f2, surprising Maine and EvansTon wiTh scores OT 5llf2 and 45, respecTively. The meeT was held On April I9. On April 26 The Team placed second in The Waukegan relays wiTh a score OT SOV2, Tinishing behind Oak Park's 93lf2. Under The leadership OT co- capTains Ned EllioTT and Chuck FORD TAKES A PRACTICE START f l 7 Tl li l T TXT , ,TY . eff! l Douglas and The Tine coaching OT Mr. John Nay, Mr. PeTer FranTzen and Mr. Ben Almaguer, New Trier's Track and Tield men Tinished second behind a sTrong Bloom Team in The sTaTe meeT on May l7. Zach Ford Tied The sTaTe record Tor The IOO-yard dash aT The Evan- sTon disTricT meeT wiTh a Time OT 109.6 The Trosh-soph Team beaT Wau- kegan SO To 38 in a dual meeT on April I7 and Two days laTer Took a Three-way meeT Trom EvansTon and Maine. l.aTer The Team racked up anoTher Three-way win over Highland Park and Wauke- gan. FRESH MAN-SOPHOMORE OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM Top row: Fox, GriTschke, Peoples, Brook, Loos, BeierwalTes, Kirk- land, Mercein, Mark, PaTTon. FourTh row: Miller, Lamson, Wa- sem, CeiThaml, Claire, ChrisTOT- Tersen, Neis, PhemisTer, Condon, Blair, Piepho. Third row: l.aFrarnenTa, WolTT, MC- Lean, Dunphy, Jennings, Nieder- berger, STump, Aaron, Howard, McClellan, Manahan, Sherman. lin, Culberg, Rapp, Nash, Ohle O'Shea, Trenkmann, K a s 5 e n WhiTe, Reed. is l T T 4 l 6 ww, gg I! ,-S' ve, gem 'wp if ,f 1 Q W J 4 I , T iw 1 ri A A il f , if 2 Q E ' 2 X BoTTom row: HaverkampT, Berg Kennen, Dickman, Isaacs, Orwig Reilly, Woodlock. Second row: Zand, BossharT, Car- MeTeliTs, McCarTy, Frenzel. Van- N tm ' or Good VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Top row: Mr. Kahler lCoachl, Seiberling, WhiTe, Reichl. BoTTom row: Mr. Davis lCoachl, Ehlen, FiTzgerald, Phillips, WaTTs, Rohlen, Ap- pel, Belknap, Friedlander, Avery. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE TENNIS TEAM Top row: Joseph, Saber, Nel- son, Jones, SweeT, Blumberg, Lindblad, Eiseman, Mr. Kah- I IC hl er oac . BoTTom row: Mr. Davis lCoachl, Rice, Zimmerman, Pick, SilTen, Miller. FIRST SINGLES MAN DICK WILLIAMS ReTurning To lead The varsiTy Tennis Team oT I958 were IeTTer winners Dave WaTTs, Tom Rohlen, I-lerb Phillips, Bob Appel, and Dick Williams, all oT whom are seniors. The season's opener was a maTch wiTh ArlingTon I-IeighTs in which New Trier emerged vicTorious by a score OT 3 To 2. The varsiTy won boTh oT Their nexT Two maTches by a score OT 5 To O, beaTing Lake l:oresT and Maine. The TirsT deTeaT OT The year was suTTered aT The hands OT a sTrong Hinsdale Team, 4 To l. The regular Suburban League season be- gan very auspiciously wiTh Three wins over Proviso, I-Iighland Park, and Niles, each by a score oT 5 To O. These were Tollowed by a 4-O win over Maine, a 5-O loss To a sTrong EvansTon Team and anoTher Ioss To I-linsdale, 3 To 2. WiTh The season more Than haIT over aT press Time, The only apparenT handi- cap Trom which The Team suTTered was a lack oT maTch play experience. Pros- pecTs look brighT in This respecT, how- ever, because oT several sophomores on This year's varsiTy. The new coach oT The varsiTy Team This year was Mr. I-I. Davis and The capTain was Dave WaTTs. Playing TirsT singles was Dick Williams, Tollowed by Dick Avery and Mike Belknap. The TirsT and second doubles Teams were I3iTzgerald and WaTTs, and Rohlen and Seiberling, respecTiveIy. The sophomore Tennis Team had com- piled a 7, I, and 2 record aT press Time, winning Three Suburban League MaTch- es and losing only one. Charles Phillips played TirsT singles Tor The sophs Tol- lowed by Jerry Magner and Tom Sil- Ten. Eiseman and SweeT made up The TirsT doubles Team. OTher boys on The Team were STeve Saber, Wally Jones, Ron Kovas, Andy Lindblad, I-Ial Migel, Bill Rice and Willoughby Welling. The coach oT The sophomore Team was Mr. E. Kahler. Mahoney, Mangel, CarTer, Magner, Wing, Williams, , A I I VARSITY GOLF TEAM Back row: Mr. Fearheiley lCoachl, LeaviTT, Boone, NaTenberg, J. HarT, Schmid, D. HarT, MeTzger, PorTer, Mr. LeverenTz lCoachl. FronT row: Sunderland, Chamales, BlaTchTord, SelTzer, Ruddock, Provol, Kurz, Domm, Feuer. I SCHMID DRIVES FROM THE TEE aff-MN , lf'-i FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GOLF TEAM Top row: Bronner, Grais, Moir, Clarke, Rogers, Donegan, CaTlin. Second row: Mr. CarlsTrom lCoachl, McGuire, Barr, Burg, Day, R. Cohen, Harms, WrighT. BoTTom row: L. Cohen, Margolis, Hollander, Wanger, Feldman, DonaT, Fruhage, CasTle. ,...... --1 y- .Y fi ' I T .A J f I I . J O, fd , iri ij ,N nj A X, , rg, ral I fx T. ,T rw F,-nu, C, Qx I I, A Ein i E7 il ,TI lk' l I T , rf, Ll i-1 Ti Tl :C il i 'lllv 'Til A' Xi TV V i IJ I IT I Ll LQ iTTTIA,.lTl l -fi lg T-fig ,,lr .,a.l 7 ld iq Qi,-l I l-dj I The varsiTy golT Team, led by seniors Ty PorTer and Bob Schmid, veTerans OT lasT year's sTaTe Tour- namenT aT Champaign, and by junior John Chamales, Tinished TourTh in This year's sTaTe compe- TiTion on May I6. They opened regular season play by beaTing Hinsdale, Iblfz To 7lf2. 0Ther wins Tollowed over PalaTine, Niles, and Hinsdale in a reTurn maTch. During The season The Team losT Twice To JolieT CaTholic, who laTer won The sTaTe championship. Al- Though The New Trier Team did noT win The disTricT qualiTying meeT on May 9, They were able To send a sTrong Team down sTaTe. In The compeTiTion aT Champaign on May I6, The Team compiled an aggregaTe score oT 64I To Tinish TourTh in The sTaTe. Coaches are Mr. Fearheiley and Mr. LeverenTz. AT press Time The Trosh-soph golT Team had played only Two maTches, one wiTh PalaTine and one wiTh Niles. They won The TirsT by a score oT 9 To I and The sec- ond, 8 To 2. The coaches are lvlr. C. CarlsTrom and Mr. C. C-5raTer. VARSITY GOLFERS PORTER AND SCHMID ON THE GREEN E77 Y fr 1 ffryr V V 1 L I f I I , ' ' . 1' WE, W .. .. ' I I . . ixw , V E., l , ' . , I . If A 1 I I f H 1, I- 1 -- -fi fn -A f ff , I X , --i - I E f- , - -. I 'ff-a Y A H ' i FJ' I I -I H I I c I I I I I I I iw 1 H I ,H I fs - ' ,f 4, I , so ,I , lg I , I , ,EX , I ,, I I fx , g I I , I , , ,I .V -J I X- 1 I I , -J i. , 5 , W, , . I , , I , , , -4 V, I , , ' -- , , -A' X-..,' N-if ...J -- ,f ,,-,f ...I ii. -.I ' X-J ,ii 4 X-,f sis ., 1. XX-,I -X., 1 1 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Top row: Mr. LighTner lCoachl, Cohen IMgr.I, Traxler, DieTrich, Gessel, Weimer, KraTT, Erilcson, Adams, Yager, Weber, Zarbin lMgr.l, Mr. HarT- barger. BoTTom row: Mclver, Wagner, Krueger, Heymann, Davidson, BarTeIl, Willauer, ElIioTT, Bell, OrTegeI, Reno, Flodin. AbsenT: HerberT, Zimmermann, ThornTon. BuiIT around a core OT Tive reTurning I IeTTermen, The varsiTy baseball Team had challced up a 6-IO won-losT record Tor The season when Echoes wenT To press, winning Tour and losing eighT in league compeTiTion. AlTernaTing piTch- ing and TirsT-base duTies Tor mosT oT The season were George Bell and Bob OrTegeI. Bill Reno Toolc over The caTch- ing chores early in The season wiTh Tim EIlioTT aT second and CapTain Skip Willauer aT Third. Milce Gessel Tools over aT shorT when Reno moved To caTcher. The ouTTield was covered by Denny Wagner, Bob HerberT and Wally Krueger. VarsiTy coaches were Mr. LighTner and Ivlr. Harlrbarger. The I Team won The disTricT by beaTing Ev- ansTon and Highland Park by scores OT 9 To 7 and 9 To 6, respecTiveIy. The Sedionals were played on May IQ and DAVIDSON MAKES A VALIANT TRY SOUTHPAW GEORGE BELL wARMs UP 20. VARSITY SCORES N.T. Opp. 'I'PaIaTine . . . 6 4 "'NoTre Dame . . 9 8 "Lane Tech . . 4 6 TN. Chicago . . . 6 9 Highland Park . . 4 2 Proviso . . I I6 Proviso . . . '8 9 EvansT'on . - 3 I0 Niles . - 4 I Niles . . . 0 I Waukegan . . 4 6 MorTon . . . I9 I MorTon . . . . 0 I2 Highland Park . . 6 I Oak Park . . - 7 I2 Oak Park . . . 6 7 Highland Park - 9 7 TEvansTon . . . 9 6 THighIancI Park . . . 9 7 'Non-league games f-we TDisTric+ qualifying games BATTING PRACTICE DEVELOPS A KEEN EYE Fro h, Soph SOPHOMORE TEAM N.T. Opp. N. Chicago ..... 4 I Proviso . . . . 8 6 EvansTon . . 4 5 Niles . . 2 4 Waukegan . . . 8 7 MorTon . . . . 3 O Highland Park . . . I 2 Oak Park . . . . . 4 2 NoTre Dame ..... 5 2 FRESHMAN "A" TEAM N.T. Opp. N. Chicago . . . . I 7 Proviso . . . 2 II EvansTon . 8 9 Niles . . . 5 2 Waukegan . . . I0 I I Mor'I'on . . . . 3 6 Highland Park ..... 9 O Oak Park ...... 6 5 FRESH MAN "B" TEAM N.T. Opp. Niles ...... 6 4 Niles . . 6 I7 A large sophomore baseball Team, ably coached by Mr. Larry Irwin and Mr. Ted CramleT, began pracTice in The middle OT March Tor The TirsT game oT The season on SaTurday, April I2, aT NorTh Chicago. The Team's prep- araTion was well rewarded as They Took This non-league conTesT by a score OT 4 To I. On The Tollowing SaTurday, April I9, They opened Their Suburban League compeTiTion wiTh a win over Proviso, 8 To 6. On Wednesday, April 23, The Ponies played a non-league conTesT away aT EvansTon, which, al- Though iT proved To be Their TirsT loss, was an exTremely close game, 5 To 4. In anoTher SaTurday morning game, This Time on April 26 aT Niles, The sophs losT again. The Troians scored all oT Their Tour runs in The TirsT inning and Then managed To hold New Trier To Two runs during The resT OT The game. As Echoes wenT To press, The sophs had beafen Waukegan, lVlorTon, Oak Park, and NoTre Dame, and had losT To Highland Park. AlThough The Ponies have had only a shorT Time To display Their abiliTy, They seemed mosT capable oT improving upon Their 4 and 3 Suburban League record. The ThirTy-Tour man Treshman base- ball Team, divided inTo The "A" and "B" squads, were greaTly hampered l26 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL TEAM Top row: Glanz, Erickson, Carlson, Burke, Pierce, lvy, OrTegel, WerTymer, WebsTer, STruggles, I-laider, Ely. Second row: l-lope lMgr.l, SargenT lMgr.I, BernsTein, Gingiss, Dahl, McDougall, Menzel, LaCroix, lv1iTchell, ManchesTer, Kelly, STurlini lMgr.I, Mr. Irwin lCoachI. BoTTom row: Siporin, Goodman, Wilkey, Rome, Powell, Packel, Carlson, MaTzkin, Cummings, Marland, Mandel, Willauer. during The l958 season by Their lack OT playing experience. The "A" squad, coached by Mr. Calvin Lill, began The season wiTh a disappoinTing loss To NorTh Chicago There by a score oT 7 To I. In The Suburban League opener wiTh Proviso, The Trosh again losT, This Time by a score oT I I To 2. In a close game aT EvansTon, The Team suTTered iTs Third sTraighT loss, 9 To 8. The re- FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM mainder oT The season was more suc- cessTul, and by press Time The Team had compiled a 3-5 League record. The "B" squad, coached by Mr. William ZaneTakos, had only Two games on Their schedule This year. The TirsT game, which was played aT home againsT Niles, Tell To The "B" squad, 6 To 4. They losT The second game To Niles, I7 To 6. Top row: I-loTTsTed, STonich, Green, WOITT, Overlock, Levin, Fleming, Campion, MaTThias, Buehler, ScoTT, Mann IMgr.l. Second row: Mr. Lill lCoachI, McRae, ProTT, Lawrence, CarpenTer, BenneTT, MiTchell, Varney, Doscher, Rickards, Glaser, Depperman, Mr. Zanelrakos lCoachl. BoTTom row: Crow, PriesT, Townsend, Bazzoni, Kellock, I-Ieidbrink, I-lenderson, Barnhill, Elodin, Camp- bell, Cook, Schneider. lnTramural SporTs compleTed iTs sec- ond year as a sTudenT supervised or- ganizaTion wiTh a sizeable increase in parTicipaTion. The IM board was com- prised oT Three seniors and Tive Tuniors. The seniors were l-lead Manager BurT Vision, David STern, and David SuTTon. Pe-Te Gingiss, John l'loldiTch, Eric Knowles, Jay Berlcelhamer, and Jay l'leiTman were The Tuniors. Each boy was in charge oT approximaTely Three sporTs during The school year. The di- recTor and inspiraTion Tor These boys was Mr. Fred Barney. Under him in Two years The lnTramural sTaTT has grown To ThirTy-Tive boys. Many changes marlced This year as a very signiTicanT one Tor The IM de- parTmenT. These were made in a never-ending aTTempT To creaTe more inTeresT on The parT oT The boys com- peTing in The program. The mosT no- Ticeable alTeraTions were TIT elimina- Tion oT TorTeiTs, TZT abolishmenT oT Tines, T3T revisions oT enTrance proce- dures, and T4T relaxed eligibiliTy rules. These policies were puT inTo operaTion aT The sTarT oT The second semesTer and proved To be very popular. Touch TooTball sTarTed oTT The IM season. PeTerson's, Brown's, Vernon's and Ude's groups emerged Trom The sTiTT compeTiTion as class champions. Mr. Ude's senior adviser room was The evenTual winner oT The school cham- pionship. The Tall golT TournamenT de- Termined ThaT Jim Bronner, Ron Oguss, Dave l:orresTer, and Lloyd Flodin were class winners. The Treshman Tall Tennis T i -7 r-M 'bw f .fA-- f ffm .fm-' ff---, ' 1 ' ,-X ' ,- - ' ' f fx' T' 1 fr i T iifl T iq Q V , my V Tw T. .J me . , X-A ,X,f- c.,.. so ,f INTRAMU RAL MANAGERS Top row: Urban, Fleischman, MacLean, Wohl- rab, Magner, Schuessler, l-lealy, Rosenberg Sawers. FOUFH1 row: Burgoyne, Venema, Lederer Blanl4sTein, Schmid, MeTzger, Reichl, JaTTe Third row: Glaser, FooTlilc, Del-leTre, Meyn SmiTh, Siporin, Leisch, MaTzlcin, McPhee. Second row: Genender, McDougall, PorTer, Ford, BarTh, Campbell, Kucera, Reinish Lee. Older. BoTTom row: Gould, l-landler, STrauss, STein- man, Soper, Cohen, Levin, l-lollander, STern BarneTrT, Pick. MR. UDE'S IM FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS MR. VERNON'S IM FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Back row: Sawers, Kennan, PorTer, Olson, Snyder. Top row: Rosenberg, MarTens, Peek. FronT row: Davidson, I-lolcin, Harman, Kuhles, GusTaTson, Albrecht STern. BoTTom row: FanTl, Macdonald, Mayer. I A-X NX jffj ICT jifjj f ..e,.-N, .W , ,WWI I , .X ,Ai I 2 I I A , , ,Ae I .X I I I F if IFS r Ura n av I I I IGI in L, .sj L54 Ijgf 5,4 if lj io all D , ,Cf ICJ I L I I gi MR. BROWN'S IM FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Top row: Cummings, FooTlilc. BoTTom row: Wexler, Fisher, Chess, Fleischman, KeiTel. MR. PETERSON'S IM FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Top row: Down, BeierwalTes, BuTzine, BoTTom row: Rice, STewarT, Broolcs, Woodloclc. singles maTches were won by Bill Rice. David Komiss won The sophomore TiTle. There was a Tie in The senior division beTween Alan Levine and PeTer Reichl. In The doubles TournamenT Bill Reno and Bob Schmid were vicTorious. I-lorseshoes winners were Treshman Ed STeinman, sophomore Bruce Yurman, junior MaTT STorl4, and senior Ted Al- dous. The baslcejrball TournamenT ran over a period oT Three monThs This year. Mr. McFadzean's junior adviser room came Trom behind in The second half oT The championship game To deTeaT Mr. Condon's senior champs. In The consolaTion game Mr. RoberTson's sophomores won in a sudden dearh overTime Trom Mr. Landwer's Treshmen. The IM handball TournamenT was cjuiTe successTul This year because OT a large TurnouT and much enThusiasm. The Treshman champion was Larry Beclcmang The sophomore TiTle was Taken by John Murdock: Dave Del- ander Toolf The school and junior cham- pionships, and Frank Sullivan capTured The honors in The senior class. Alan Levine, The senior individual Table Ten- nis champ, deTeaTed Sheldon Zimmer- man, The Treshman winner, Tor The school championship. Charles Phillips and Rich RorTes were The sophomore and junior class champs, respecTively. Tj l ix li .,-1 f I, i I JUMP BALL! Probably The mosT successTul sporT oT The year was volleyball. In Three shorT weelcs Ten league champions emerged. This number was narrowed clown To Tour, The class champions. Mr. Malinslcy's adviser room won The school championship. A surprising second was Mr. McKendall's sophomores who beaT Mr. Clarlcs senior winners and even Toolc a Temporary lead in The Third and deciding game Tor The school championship. Mr. lrwin's ad- viser room Toolc The Treshman honors. AnoTher sporT during The year was indoor Track, in which The adviser rooms oT Mr. Labadie, Mr. McGee, Mr. Fearheiley, and Mr. Ude were class winners. There was also The bas- lceTball Tree Throw conTesT wiTh a Three- way Tie Tor TirsT place. Sophomore l V' ' ,. ,. In A. - . . T i c ff l R i , Ny , .xx L. .cn Y Li, X y X 'ff-XS F. -- T .T-,jf - rf-XX 5. ,. ,Te-X ,.--.K T ,.. fx FT ly T lr lf yf i x J Q 3 W7 l T 1 E fl T Q fifj 9 C3 H, is db TJ T l T he x 'hp T b J l TT cf. f T T T T i Tj l. 1 l i A l QJ "x,,f A TJ x.f' 14 k,,2 'Lf g.l l 4 Y T xi J : l X51 gvy x T TRUE LOOKS FOR A RECEIVER FIGHTING FOR THE REBOUND Top row: Komiss, l'leiTman, Murdock, Reichl. BoTTom row: Yurman, STorlc, Bronner, Rice, Zimmerman. ATTEMPTED SIT-O UT 1 is I 3 31.1 K . , , ff I 3 ug' I I I' ' .L Q . MR. MALINSKY'S IM VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Top row: Kallman, PeTerson, JeTTers lCapT.l, Press, Cohen. BoTTom row: 5Tossel, Behm, Paclcel, English, HoTTman, HerberT. s f 1 . K q 1 LRW' fiifj nL,fJ Q- , A ,LL, .m p h K, If J Y . H QYA I 5510. -zz' fx il 1 x Q, Q, r,L' V X HANDBALL CHAMPS IN ACTION I FROSH PING-PONG CHAMP ZIMMERMAN GOOD TEAMWORK SETS UP A POINT hx T 3-1 .fx N I ' ,' if--., ' A, - ,A E I I I I M. W if-we N' R- 'I H J ' 717 , ' - - I I I 1 4- I, I, I I , I I , ,N Ln! I J W W 1 , I I I H-W , I I. I 1 I ' I I lx.f"x I ' I I I -W , I I I I I i T , I,, Li ILYC' John Raynor, junior and deTending school champion Jay l-leiTman, and senior Jerry Fleischman all made 43 ouT oT 50 Tosses. Jim Bronner was Treshman vicTor wiTh 40 Throws ouT oT 50. AbouT 260 boys enTered The evenT. The Tinal Two Team sporTs were hand- ball and Table Tennis. These sporTs were also run on an individual basis earlier in The year. Two singles and one doubles maTch deTermined The winner. Team handball champions were Mr. WellingTon's Treshmen, Mr. McKendall's sophomores, and Mr. Fearheiley's iuniors. Team Table Ten- nis winners Turned ouT To be The ad- viser rooms oT Two physical educaTion insTrucTors and one aThleTic coach. They were The Teams oT Coach ETnyre, Mr. RoberTson, and Mr. Mclzadzean, respecTively, Trom Treshman To iunior. There were no senior TournamenTs held in eiTher sporT. School wresTling champs were de- cided in Twelve diTTerenT weighT divi- sions Trom 95 pounds To heavyweighT. VicTors were Eddie Maclc and James Piclc, Richard 5Traus, John Gaarde. Ar- 'I '-fx. .fx-X "', "'x I l 77.7. ' CAI I I I F! LL K T s W, L ,Yi ,f -- x, ,s nold Kushner, RoberT ManchesTer, and Charles Moore. OTher winners were John McDaniel, Frank Brown, George Bell, James BarTell, Alan Caslcey, and George McCabe. ApproximaTely 200 boys parTicipaTed in The TournamenT. Spring sporTs included badminTon, gymnasTics, soTTball, Franlclin MeriTT Tennis, and The second annual IM bilce race. AT lasT TabulaTion The poinT leaders were ETnyre's Treshmen, Mr. McGee's sophomores, Mr. l:earheiley's juniors, and Mr. Boyle's seniors. ECHOES FINDS THE NEW OFFICE A WELCOME CHANGE FROM THE FIELD HOUSE f--w, ff vj V3 ' fffxjxfl f',l EZ' 1211 V fl? WMM H 'J H H V H E pw: w Vw gm fix F i fu H M YL! OJ L..'ll' L X-1 Q- O J 'gff N, NX, 7, V KY V53 ? -T XX T' J wiiwdhw Fwy' - W ,fm 12 1 'W 5 " J K' ,f:.R, ' 'I-'I J IL-14", Lf Xl. V rr 2-1 .,. gh, sf f' X , I I I I I I I I JOE LU NDY EdiTor-in-ChieT HARRY M EISLAI-IN Ma naginq EdiTor DICK DOIXIAT AssisTanI' Eciiisor MARION xME1-QH BARBARA GIBSON SHARON WILSOINI Girls' SporI's EoIiTor WrI're-up EdiI'or Ivlanuscripi Edi'ror STAFF CONFERENCE ON ART POLICY The Class OT l958 will be The TirsT To graduaTe Trom The newly compleTed addi- Tion To New Trier. For This reason, The sTaTT chose The new building as The uniTy- ing Theme Tor Echoes oT l958 wiTh pic- Tures oT The building TeaTured on division pages and on The cover. Since IasT year's book won an All-American raTing, The '58 sTaTT seT ouT To reach The same goal. In producing Echoes oT l958, The sTaTT's primary purposes were To provide recogni- Tion Tor service, To presenT The sTory oT The year, and To creaTe a book worThy oT New Trier in all ways. In accordance wiTh The wishes oT mosT OT The sTudenT body, a snapshoT secTion was included in This year's boolq To bring The ToTal number oT pages To I76. The building secTion was replaced by division pages. SeparaTe secTions were seT up Tor The seniors and Tor The music and drama deparTmenTs. g pig V '!V,,iXXxAx W5 f fi I Q, ,f-- ' L15 , f-xx fffxsx ,fi ,f"X fl 1 I I I X T I , ,I ,, 'I ' X, ., ,f ff , -y I v f for ix -N 4 s., , --C I K ITT T ' I I I l I TI I -I T - il I I I I I I " I I I I I I I Ii ' xo- I I I ,T I ' I '7 I I I J -y .VA I I I x,f ' Lfyt X-I I -C., , J i ,gf I YM, ., ,,,, ,ni LY X ' X Y ,f f ,J Y ggg, .1 O g AWN. "rid V . ' ...rx ,- .-xpurwa -'- ww 4 :f:I:i PC-I--., DI- '- '.,..i I-.u Senior Ii'is'is' r" 335 I-f1.i.CDOIXIALD FPIIL LIWIINIGSTDIXY LINDA ALE'-ERTS JANE BARACI-5 :enior ,T ssis"'a"" Eioys' SporTs Junior ,5.ssisTanT Junior AssisTanT Junior AssisTanT I .IANET HARTKE HECKY BROWN DAVE MITCHELL JIM REEVES Ar? Co-EdiTor The Echoes sTaTT, along wiTh many oTher organizaTions This year, Tound iT- selT in a new locaTion. Everyone Tor- goT The ausTere aTmosphere OT The field house, The Torrner locaTion oT The Echoes oTTice, as all became accus- Tomed To The clean, brighT, spacious, and, Tor The mosT parT, organized new oT'Fice in The basemenT oT The new building. The propinguiTy oT The phoTo lab, wiTh compleTe picTure-making eguipmenT, made liTe much simpler. Along wiTh The new TaciliTies came a new sponsor Tor Echoes This year. Miss EdiTh Bean Took over The huge Task OT sponsorship Trom Mr. R. E. Wilson. Taking care OT scheduling picTures and "Bernie Days" was I-larry Meis- lahn, Managing EdiTor. Beck Brown and JaneT I-larTke did The arT work. The cover design, an original waTer color, is Becky's work. Dick DonaT han- dled subscrip,Tions and scheduling OT senior picTures. Barb Gibson was WriTe-up Edi+or. Dave MiTchell and Jim Reeves were heads OT phoTogra- phy, and Sharon Wilson handled Typ- ing and manuscripT checking. Joe Lundy was EdiTor-in-ChieT. Aff C0.EdI-I-of Phoroqraphy Co-Edifor PLwi'OQraDIII' CO-EGITOF VMANUSCRIPT STAFF FAIRBAIRN, LEOW, ROSENTHAL, AND WILSON TYPE AND CHECK EVERY WORD EDITOR AND MEMBERS OF THE ART STAFF CHECK THE PROGRESS OF THE DUMMY ff ff E---X A , --I ,. . I I I I A , I ,I T I I I, I 4--'N-, -3- f fl l-1 ri Vfi I----Ifj -'X-. l X I 'T ii fd ITD Lfl X 'fi 'f T i I If "" xl "WI r"I ' ff" T" Li' IH 'XI l Tl I- l ' If ,li IO iI Ts il Ill Ll I lk Il l l l ' l I .' 'ni l l I FAT I I' VTTI ,Q 1 I 3 , I . I I I I I I f- I Y I I .-4 X, I QI , , l I , , I I I I I , I I I ' I I I ,x -J I I - K I I I I fc , , .N I L,--R Y ,X f X H, I is -- I I --' sX,... IJ Ld so J,-' L," I4 I-- XJ--I AI cu l-,f..I Q Q eve- L4 4 'QI I - , , - JIM GREEN PETE TOPAZ I J II I ' II 5 -- mlg' If I1 I I I I If I xy-fv,::, ' I II LARRY MYERS Miss BEAN AND EDITORS REVIEW ECHOES OF Ivsa Junior AssfsTanT PI'IoTography STaf'I PhoToqrapl'Iy STaIf I-EE QUARNSTRONI TOIVI DORFMAN JOHN RILEY HERB PHILLIPS Ediior-in-Chief Assaciaie Ediior Managing EcIiIor News Co-Ediior MPN V-' 'OX I ,f"XL I , I I 5 XX I xxx xs ff? r I x I I' I , I XX, I N X ff? -5-X ,yr ff- ,rf-w I Il N f-X V- ,fa ,-11-5 f I , I ' I XI I I If II' I QS I I J I IDI IIT EI! U I f XI IQ I I I, C7 I I ff I "Sf Of I I I ' I II IX I II' +I -I I .J .J -xg? 'Off I'-XI XL.-ff I-X.,-'X I I 'XX-,..I WM ANDI WEISS MADELINE TASKY .IOE FELL JIM PERRIN KEN WILKEY FRANK MIYA Assisianm' News Edifor Assf. Ediiorial Page Edifor Business Manager Sporis Edifor Assisiani' Spor'I's Ediior Ari' Edifor I I I M057 I I I GUY SATTLEY l BONNIE BENJAMIN BOB MARTIN HELEN WERTHEIMER JOE CULBERG DAN ROBERTS Office Manager Assisrani' Office Manager Circulaiion Librarian Senior Assisiani Senior Assis'IanI THE STAFF WORKS IN A RELAXED ATMOSPHERE NEWS ASSISTS IN PRODUCTION OF INSTRUCTIONAL FILM rn-fx I W, ? I JIM SANDS News Co-Editor Again in l958, The New Trier News was acclaimed one oT The Top high school newspapers in The counTry as The NaTional ScholasTic Press Associa- Tion granTed iT an All-American award Tor The TourTh consecuTive year. Un- der The guidance oT iTs sponsor, Mr. R. R. Boyle, The News received special recogniTion Tor ediTorials, TeaTures, news coverage, and phoTography. This year proved To be The mosT conTroversial in News hisTory as a re- sulT oT The ediTorial campaign dealing wiTh "individualism, The Mark oT Edu- caTion," and TeaTuring correspondence wiTh college presidenTs ThroughouT The counTry and a "depTh poll" origi- naTed Tor Tse News by moTivaTion re- search experT Mr. Louis Cheska. CoordinaTing The campaign, news coverage, and The Technical aspecTs was EcliTor-in-ChieT QuarnsTrom. The news collecTed by iunior reporTers was arranged by News EdiTors Sand and Phillips, assisTed by Andi Weiss. Asso- SUPPORTING STAFF Top row: Benjamin, Weinberg, Riley, Riman, Baker, Nisen, Wilkey, Levin, Maas, DeVry, Bishop. BoTTom row: Miller, Long, King, Cooksey, l-laimes, SageTT, Safes, Oehier, Richardson, Vee- der, WerTheimer. X ----41 ANN FORSBERG HAL JENNINGS MARYELLEN GALE Ediforial Page Co-Editor Ediforial Page Co-Edifor Copy Edifor erican Rating ciaTe EdiTor Dorfman and Managing AssisTing wiTh TeaTures were Madeline EdiTor Riley helped wiTh The ediTorial policy. Riley also handled The phoTog- raphy. The ediTorial and TeaTure pages Tasky and ArT EdiTor Frank Miya. Maryellen Gale, Copy EdiTor, re- ceived crediT Trom The N.S.P.A. Tor were supervised by FeaTure Co-EdiTors her work in re-wriTe. Jim Perrin and Forsberg and Jennings. Riley and Jen- Ken Wilkey covered sporTs. The busi- ness and Tinancial aTTairs were handled by Joe Fell. nings managed The Two weekly col- umns, "Under The Tower" and "Bunk" QUILL AND SCROLL Standing: Lundy, Meislahn, Phillips, Gibson. SeaTed: Brown, Wilson, l-larTke, Jennings, Mr. Boyle, Gale, Miss Bean, . 'I ie: c. ,. ..... ,,, REPORTING STAFF Top row: Sprigel, GriTHn, l-leTTer, Lindauer, Adler, Zoline. BoTTom row: Keller, Cone, Gelfand, Macdonald, Rie- ger, l-larT. , ,. f ,.f f-,WT ,- . i -. We, 5 I ,I i ,J , W7 s..u Yu v AW7, W, ,gY, ,V-i an Y, -x Y ' . A, +1f1 -., f-X , -v i ,fx v- r- f-1 , ' T' l l I fy' pf-cy W fx 'Ui' 'xi 1' X ir i i I fciiiiiifllliiii . .i is l il i, I Fl , wx, i , , -.f N, , ' ' Q 5,-.i ,-, , , 1 V Y E , i . ,,, , X X , , , , f 2 U ' i ,- x A . I K , I , sn., lg '-. s--A ., -f sc, I PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE MYERS AND TOPAZ PLAN DAY'S WORK Back row: L. Myers, Topaz, Mr. SrniTh, Iv1iTcheIl, Reeves CO-HEADS REEVES AND MITCHELL Fronf row: D. Myers, Raman. RIMAN INSPECTS PICTURES IN WASH WHILE MYERS USES D.llER New Trier's new building program blessed The phojrography deparTmenT wiTh some exceIlenT new TaciIiTies This year. Eive rooms in The basemenT now house much new equipment including sTainless sTeeI sinlcs, a negaTive dryer, a prinT dryer, and several enlargers. There are darlcrooms Tor processing color Tilnn and Tor Echoes worlc. NOT only are The phoTographers happy wiTh Their new quarTers, buT The much-phoTographed sTudenT body Tound The phoTo Iab's aTmosphere con- siderably more agreeable Than ThaT oT The Tield house where adviser room picTures previously had To be Talcen. Wayne Beniamin and PeTe Topaz Tol- eraTed The early-morning eccenTriciTies oT Treshmen, sophomores, and juniors Tor The Tour-monTh series oT adviser room picTures. Jim Reeves and Dave IvIiTcheII were in charge oT all Echoes phoTography. These boys and Their sTaTT spenT many hours processing more Than a Thousand picTures. Echoes worlc malces up only abouT a Third OT The ToTal eTTorTs oT The pho- Tography service, however. The ad- vanced sTudenTs are responsible Tor picTures Tor The News and Tor school publiciTy. Sponsor Mr. Donald SmiTh l4epT everyThing running smooThly. INKLINGS STAFF Top row: RosenThal, MarTin, Cohen, Muller, Drell, Levin. Bo'I'Tom row: Weiss, Mora, Mr. Lehman, Brown, Moore, Cohler. STAFF MEMBERS EDIT MATERIAL 5" i VI fi In I958, Inlclings again served as a means oT giving recogniTion To ouTsTanding cre- aTive wriTing, boTh poeTry and prose, by New Trier sTudenTs. As in The pasT, The group aTTempTed To seek ouT and publish maTerial which was noT only maTure and represenTaTive oT high inTellecTual achieve- menT, buT also ThoughTTul and comprehen- sible aT The high school level. Under The guidance oT EdiTors Viana Muller and Louis Cohen and Sponsor Mr. N. S. Lehman, The sTaTT held meeTings aT which conTribuTions and plans Tor design and conTenT oT The magazine were dis- cussed. The annual publicaTion served Tor many sTudenTs as The culminaTion oT a year's eTTorTs in The Tield oT creaTive wriT- ing. Again This year lnlclings conTained drawings and sl4eTches To balance The wriT- Ten secTions oT The magazine. ArT EdiTor Beclcy Brown and her sTaTT chose as The cenTral Theme oT The arT work "lnsecT LiTe." They submiTTed a number oT clever original drawings To enhance The eTTecT of I958's Inlclings. The chieT goal oT The sTaTT was To pre- senT To The school and To The public in gen- eral a represenTaTive collecTion oT The besT liTerary eTTorTs oT New Trier and To provide Tor The sTudenTs an ouTleT and showcase Tor TheiriTalenTs in The Tield oT creaTive wriTing. The readers oT lnlclings oT I958 would un- douloTedly agree ThaT This goal had been mosT successTully aTTained. Mr. Lehman also conTinued his proiecT, sTarTed lasT year, oT meeTing wiTh all sTu- denTs inTeresTed in creaTive wriTing To help Them wiTh Their wriTing problems. Ivlany sTudenTs had a chance To conTinue The en- grossing experience under experT leader- ship. Thus, Those sTudenTs enjoyed The privilege oT personal TuTelage. F' V7 A , ,I 1, l 1 r-ifxv, l , V ,.-f-'a- .f-as l lil , vi! W ,-frali ,f'X, lix lii' i, ii hill ffl lv! L1 ,fx ff'---. I fi H :Q if I Fi Fi lid? i Q T ,il fa iri. I D TT F, fl'ii Q I ff l l I l l XX' l I l-I l I-A I I T 'X H I I I i X y i I I 1 - T 1 l il ii.. XY4 i r f ,i rv. T I , X -.ff ,kvi NX,-'X l-.-1 'YJLQ Qi sc-,.g ,fl MR. LEHMAN GUIDES STUDENTS IN DEVELOPING TASTE AND SKILL IN CREATIVE WRITING , L I I ' 4 i I 1 ' , R i v K ,I , T I" -1 A I ,J--L, ,' li- 4.1 .,. X. -, X, ff" Kg., PLAYBACK BOARD I.eTT To rigl1T: Jones, Samuels, Venrick, Klein, Moore, Mr. McKendall. PLAYBACK NARRATORS AND TECHNICIANS LeTT To righT: PTeiTer, Carmen, Samuels, Klein. -f-- -1 -E X i 14 1 PT i TTT W I 1 , W lg 1 X 1 ' --' 1 f ' ,A 1 1 f- 1 . 1 , , 1 11, X11 W, , 1, i 1 1,1 N , Nc., ' ,X , .J 1 , 1' 1 -nam fi fl lfw fD's"'T ray lf," T l ff", 1 i I l T ll l l l l al I l 1 ,Wi a g, . , Y, , W., , ,Yes I!!-. 1 1 X. PLAYBACK PUBLICITY COMMITTEE LefT To righT: Black, Johnson, Brown, MaTTson, Moore, Cohn. During The Tive years since The TirsT Playback appeared, The organizaTion has undergone numerous revisions. The l958 sTaTT TelT ThaT This year The record needed To cover an even greaTer varieTy oT acTiviTies. They worked Tor new heighTs in sound qual- iTy, conTenT, and disTribuTion. To reach These goals, TirsT, Playback ob- Tained an oTTice oT iTs own. Second, Playback became a separaTe organiza- Tion Trom Echoes and Thus gained con- Trol oT iTs own Tunds. Third, The price oT The record was increased TiTTy cenTs in order To cover cosTs and To pur- chase new recording equipmenT. Mr. David McKendall was The new TaculTy sponsor oT Playback This year. This year's ediTor, BeTTy Venrick, worked wiTh Mr. McKendall To coordi- PLAYBACK SCRIPT COMMITTEE LeTT To righT: Browne, Lucas, Jones, Lynch. 4 1 "xxx KAR, 5 WAX, f-J l v,f'X, ""f'x,X ,H ,U ,, pc y, ry ,. 1 i I i i , I 4 l 1 l l l i .il . 1 , l 'A ILM 1 lv! ' LT I I K-f ' x.f l ' ' 1 1 ,aii ,ix f ,cojg cl ic. -wa ,JN Li Lu nj naTe The various commiTTees. ln The Tall a guesTionnaire asking Tor suggesTions and commenTs was dis- TribuTed To Twelve adviser groups. The scripT commiTTee, under John Jones'S direcTion, Tried To Tollow The wishes oT The sTudenTs. Mike Kline and his Tech- nical sTaTT recorded school acTiviTies ThroughouT The year. Dee Moore, as publiciTy head, supervised an exTensive publiciTy campaign in February. A Playback Week highlighT was narraTor Try-ouTsq Tom Carmen and Marilyn PTeiTer were chosen. Rich Samuels headed The business commiTTee which organized and recorded subscripTion cards and handled disTribuTion oT The Tinished producT on June 6. LE FLAM BEAU STAFF l i STanding: Zoline, Morgan, Siebel, Adler, l-lanson, Mrs. Morris, SchaTTer, Bloomberg, Reise, Rick, DeGryse, WrighT, Tressel. SeaTed: PerlmuTTer, Gibson. Languag Magazines Once again This year many OT New Trier's Toreign language sTudenTs had The opporTuniTy To enploy Their special slcills Through The annual language publicaTions. These magazines, selecT- ing maTerial Trom among The conTri- buTions oT Their respecTive language classes, provided sTudenTs wiTh a val- uable chance To express Themselves in a Toreign language and wiTh inTeresT- ing experience in all phases oT pub- lishing a magazine. Le Flambeau, The French magazine, was sponsored again This year by Mrs. M. l.. Morris. Along wiTh EdiTor Mim PerlmuTTer, a capable sTaTT produced a varied and inTeresTing magazine. A prize was given To The TirsT class wiTh one hundred per cenT subscrip- Tion, Miss Donham's French 4D class. The cover design This year was The worlc oT Jean STol4es. Die Schreiberei, The German publi- caTion which TirsT appeared in I936, I DIE SCH REIBEREI STAFF LeTT To righT: Kessel, Venema, lrvine, Mr. Jensen, MacLean, I-Teinelcen. has grown sTeadily in populariTy ever since. Mr. Gordon Jensen, sponsor, and The sTaTT did a splen- did iob This year in compiling, se- lecTing and ediTing maTerial Tor The magazine. UnTorTunaTely, due To The illness oT Miss l-l. M. Lennards, sponsor oT Praeco, The l.aTin magazine was noT published This year. LaTin sTu- denTs are loolcing Torward, how- ever, To iTs reappearance nexT year. Also missing This year Trom The regular line-up was EI Pregun- Ton, The Spanish language annual. AlThough iT surpassed all oT New Trier's oTher Toreign language magazines in sales Tor several years, iT has noT been published since l956. New Trier's Toreign language magazines saTisTy The need oT all language sTudenTs To read and wriTe maTerial which can be en- ioyed Tor iTs own value wiThouT The sTresses oT required assignmenTs. Because They oTTer These oppor- TuniTies To The sTudenTs, The lan- guage publicaTions are among The mosT worThwhile oT New Trier's exTra-curricular acTiviTies. DEBATE TEAM LeTT To righT: Rosen, Graham, Ivliller, Cohen, Mr. McGee. New Trier debaTers enioyed Their TinesT year on record in l958, boTh in debaTe and in individual evenTs. DebaTing The Topic, "Resolved ThaT Toreign aid should be subsTanTiaIIy increased," The varsiTy compiled a ToTaI record Tor The year oT sevenTy-Tour wins and eleven losses. Under The inspiraTion and leadership oT Ivlr. Ralph McGee, in his Third year as coach oT The debaTe, The Team won iTs league compeTiTion, The IvleTropoliTan De- baTe Union, and TirsT place Trophies in many individual TournamenTs. NoTable among These were TournamenTs held by The UniversiTy oT Illinois, NorThern Illinois Uni- versiTy aT DeKalb, and AugusTana College in Roclc Islancl. New Trier won This Tourna- menT Tor The TirsT Time in hisTory, surpassing TorTy oTher schools. Tffmxw W ,A I O Fw I I I ' ,A, I LN ,L I I ,ss I L,-I I J We -X I I ,N I I 3 s I , I ,Q-s - Iyar, I L, TTC- fig I fs, - , ,ii I ,A 4 inf fl 7 , I I ,f I I I I , I--4 I I I I I I I 'TX N, 1 ls,A ,f- . I I I I I I I icy' 1 1 J- I I M I I are f I A ll Ji fl f L L V I I The varsiTy, consisTing oT Marc Rosen and James Graham on The aTTirmaTive and Ralph Miller and Louis Cohen on The nega- Tive, compleTed The year by winning The NaTional Forensic League sTaTe champion- ship. This qualiTied Them To represenT New Trier aT The NaTional TournamenT in June. In Illinois sTaTe individual compeTiTion New Trier enTered more people Than ever beTore, and several were ouTsTandingIy suc- cessTuI. KenT BriTTan in ATTer Dinner Speak- ing and Marc Rosen in Serious Play Read- ing made disTinguished perTormances in Their evenTs. James Graham won sixTh place in The sTaTe in exTemporaneous speak- ing, and Louis Cohen won The sTaTe cham- pionship in original oraTory wiTh an oraTion enTiTIed "Bread and Circusesf' A porTenT oT good Things was seen when The sub-varsiTy Team, consisTing primarily oT sophomores and iuniors was able To win TirsT place in league compeTiTion as well as in a TournamenT held aT EasT I-Iigh School in Aurora. The younger debaTers seemed To possess The spiriT and abiliTy which has characTerized New Trier Teams in pasT years. In adcliTion To conTesT worlc, The varsiTy Team gave demonsTraTion debaTes beTore The WiImeTTe RoTary Club and The Glencoe Junior I-Iigh School. Several debaTers par- TicipaTed in The GpTimisT Club spealcing con- TesT. The year's acTiviTies enhanced New Trier's repuTaTion noT only among The de- baTe Teams oT Illinois, buT among local organizaTions as well. Ll ' rf, -LN, NJ ,Q -,G-g,,f ce 'Gs .4 F , , I Back row: Cohen, Berland, Graham, Rosen, Sampson, Gray, Mr. McGee. Second row: Kaplan, BernsTein, BriTTon, Franz, Laser, Ensor, Ivlinnema. FronT row: Enchelmayer, Miller, Boos, Johnson, STicl4gold, Circle. DEBATERS DO RESEARCH ON '58 TOPIC, FOREIGN AID L fx xx N Q LJ W , 4. ,X f"A f ig Jill Q "" qixxg THE MATTHEW P. GAFFNEY AUDITORIUM HOUSES THE VARIED PERFORMANCES BY NEW TRIER'S DRAMA DEPARTMENT. FACULTY PRODUCTION STAFF LeTT To righT: Mr, Gregory, Mr. Buerger, Mr. Rude, Miss Gahagan, Miss Kral, Mrs. Gill, Mr. Coburn. AbsenT: Mr. Lehman. l , ,,Y,,,,,,,, DRAMA CLU B BOARD Top row: Lange, Graham. Dashow, Berman, Riley. Second row: Winlcless, McCausland, Baker, Frazier, Mr. Rude. BoTTom row: Mr. Coburn, SennoTT, GriTTin, PTeiTer. Leading The Drama Club venTures This year were Marilyn PTeiTer, presi- denT: Mike SennoTT, vice-presidenT7 Wendi GriTTin, secreTaryg and JeTT Winkless, Treasurer. DramaTic presen- TaTions during This l957-58 season reached an all-Time high wiTh The com- pleTion oT The new MaTThew P. GaTT- ney AudiTorium, which oTTered new challenges in producTion meThods. ln November "An Evening oT Amer- ican TheaTer," presenTed by The Music and Drama DeparTmenTs and The dance group was The TirsT show To ex- plore The audiTorium's limiTless possi- biliTies. The TirsT Two scenes oT "Dark oT The Moon," by l-loward Richardson and William Berney, were direcTed by Miss Gahagan and were perTormed by The casT led by Madeline PinsoT and Ty PorTer. lnsTead oT The TradiTional Trosh-soph casT Tor The December producTion, sTu- denTs Trom all classes played in "The Soldi Gold Cadillac," by Teichman and KauTman. Under The direcTion oT Mr. Buerger, The sTory was Told by a Brooklynese narraTor, played by Roger Fink. Sue Frazier, The elderly and charming Mrs. Laura ParTridge, played opposiTe Randy Miller as big Ed Mc- Keever, The General ProducTs Tycoon senT To Till a governmenT posT while ,... W T. T C' rf if ff? f l ,Xl i friii , VT ra T 1' L T: in-ii F D7 ri l T5 'i L ln r My Mgff ,ri-,lifglll.Jii1l.l'l,,lriyiL lc C., my gm, -jay '.,j--i D Li :cj Q .J .gm Lg -1 ag as DRAMA CLUB Top row: Rovin, STein, MeTeliTs, Freeman, Mahoney, Reichl, PorTer, Rosen, Jones, Carmichael, M. Fever, Danielson, Gohres, F. Fever, Friedman. Third row: May, Kelly, Burnham, Adler, Lynch, SrnyTh, RapporT, Bergman, AlberTs, l-loyT, Friedman, Baer, Lewis, LayTon-Taylerson, S. SeiTerT, M. SeiTerT. Second row: Bleloch, BoehnerT, Gordon, Logan, Miller, Kelleher, Meyer, Mora, LauTman, Lindauer, I-leTTer, Zoline, Amodeo, MuTshniclc. BoTTom row: Mr. Coburn, Mr. Rude, Berman, Graham, Lange, SennoTT, PTeiTer, Winkless, GriTTin, Dashow, Frazier, Baker, Rubin, LeVine, l-lowensTine. iri i 1 X! The Four Ugly CorporaTion DirecTors, played by John Jones, Milce CoTTield, John l-lusT, and Mike Carmichael, wroughT havoc wiTh The company. An excepTionally sTrong supporTing casT also Turned in a Tine perTormance. New and diTTerenT Techniques in sTaging were The ouTsTanding TacTors in This year's Two evenings oT one-acT plays. The TirsT, February's "Experi- menTal TheaTer," included GeoTTrey Chaucer's "Pardoner's Tale," direcTed by Mr. William Gregory: an excerpT Trom The conTemporary play, "Twelve Angry Women," by Reginald Rose, un- der The direcTion oT Mr. Buergerq and The very unusual and modernisTic "The Adding Machine," by Elmer Rice and direcTed by Mr. Nelson Lehman. This was a real opporTuniTy To demonsTraTe The prowess oT Those behind The scenes and The imporTance oT Technical crews To The success oT a show. ProducTion DirecTor Mrs. Gill and NEW AUDITORIUM CONVENIENTLY ACCOMODATES AUDIENCE OF I800 STage Manager ScoTT McCausland handled The sTaging, wiTh crews who worlced cooperaTively and and eTTici- enTly, sTimulaTed by The improved Ta- ciliTies oT The new audiTorium. Props crew, under Linda Ude, helped malce The necessary quiclc scene changes and Turnished The seTs wiTh everyThing in- cluding a roclcing horse. Joan LeVine and Nada Rubin managed The cos- Tume crew. The Technical crews used eTTecTs made possible by The new lighT board To show The make-up iobs To The besT advanTage. The special green- ish complexions in "The Adding Ma- chine" proved guiTe a challenge To Co- heads Barbara Lucas and Carol Provol oT malce-up crew, and Their sponsor, Miss Gahagan. STage crew, under Robin Converse, builT and shiTTed seTs: The sound was provided by Milce Klein and his crew. The second evening oT one-acT plays, "ShorT STory TheaTer," presenTed in March, was direcTed by Mr. Rude, who inTroduced The chamber TheaTer meThod. The TirsT oT The Tour excep- Tionally well dramaTized sTories was James Joyce's "Eveline," which com- bined dance, drama, a shorT sTory scripT, and a narraTor who Tooli several parTs. "Demon Lover," by ElizabeTh Bowen, wiTh iTs casT oT Two, was an rs Great P ssibiliti s MAKE-UP CREW Top row: Reise, Vyse, Cashman, Loclcerbie, Shoop, Maher, Trossman. Second row: PTeiTer, Taslcy, MuTshniclc, Meyer, Nordenberg, Howe, Crosby, KorTT. BoTTom row: Passman, Black, LusTer, Provol lCo-headl, Robin, Adler, Mora. AbsenT: Lucas lCo-head l . eerie, haunTing perTormance. As a change oT pace, Max Schulman's "Bare- TooT Boy wiTh Cheek" presenTed iTs rioTous humor To a very responsive au- dience. Finally, D. I-I. Lawrence's "Rocking l-lorse Winner," wiTh iTs dra- maTic lighTing aT The end, builT up To a powerTul emoTional climax. This year drama enThusiasTs had The opporTuniTy To aT'Tend The Goodman TheaTer series. The Drama Club also sponsored a December Trip To Lerner and Lowe's hiT show, "My Fair Lady." The casTs and The crews oT This year's shows seT a new high sTan- dard Tor sTudenT TheaTrical produc- Tions. New Trier audiences can reason- ably expecT ThaT The GaTTney Audi- Torium's splendid TaciliTies will conTinue To enhance The qualiTy oT dramaTic ex- pression aT New Trier in years To come. PROPS CREW Leff 'Io rigI'lI': Zegers, Taylor, Fislc, Berman, Norse, Ude, I-Iillrnan, Blaclc. APPRENTICE TECHNICAL CREW Top row: SmiI'I1, Rowell, Waller, LIII, Roolcer. Second row: Dresser, IvIeI'elH's, Bloomberg, Goss, Jolinson. BoHom row: Troesler, Cornog, Barr, Cline, Kaplan. SENIOR TECHNICAL CREW Top row: McCausIand, Iv1acBrycIe. Seconcl row: Klein, Converse, Slickgolcl, Ivlangel. Bo'I'+om row: Ivlrs. Gill. Seilz, I-Iollancl, Birdlelaouglw, MeIeIiI's. Fres COSTUME CREW CORPORATION BOARD MEETING OPENS SOLID GOLD CADILLAC Top row: Lange, Shapiro, Goodyear, Mall, LeVine, Howensline. BoHom row: Alexander, Rubin, I'IagerI'y, Lee, Milclnell. INTER-ACT CROWD IN NEW AUDITORIUM'S LOBBY TRUDY WYS5 AGES JOHN JONES THEATER PRACTICE GROUP ENJOYS NEW STAGE FACILITIES I f" ' fdxxy 5-yi Y ,fin I I fe: Y 'fi'-I "XTX X f"'x TK' 1 'fx I Q I I Il I 'AN I I I I I I p F I Q fi I I3 If I Im I I Iv I I if-I Q I I Iv I V I LA! I i X. Ix, K IV, Ik xvq W- VIII N X ,FI I IX KVI' xy X XJI I 'X-1' XJ I ' I xg!! N.-J X,-2 S M- ji Xsy' Q2 'gf-I BACKSTAGE BUSINESS IN NEW MAKE-UP ROOM SUE FRAZIER LEADS IN FALL PLAY ROMANTIC LEADS IN SOLID GOLD CADILLAC A BROOKLYNESE NARRATOR TELLS A MODERN BED-TIME STORY I ' ' I AS "K ff' - 3- -AC , -. ,-.,f- L1 .fx L I LI I ' T ITT' A i I FDC "MM TDC- I I I I I I I X- I I I I I I I ' I I I I I 2 ,L I I I CI I T, I Msg: L, I I I, , Tw, I, 2, I I I, 1,4 7 Ig' Y -.I C Y Oyfi- i .g -, , f :X K, Lx KX , XX! X4 I I ' 7 NM4 "EVELINE" UNITES FACULTY AND STUDENT TALENT DRAMA AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS PRODUCE "EVENING OF AMERICAN THEATER" ' I I I I I SALLY LAYTON-TAYLERSON AND MR. BUERGER IN STARK SETTINGS ARE TYPICAL OF CHAMBER MR. RUDE INTRODUCES CHAMBER THEATER TO "DEMON LOVER" THEATER NEW TRIER 'DARK OF THE MOON" TELLS BALLAD'S STORY THE MUSIC BUILDING'S FACADE HARMONIZES WITH THE NEW ADDITIONS V in nw Ip,-fIIIa If QM I .-'T i X ,ff N ' ef- -ew G fe l ' ff- f---A fw- ,f I I me .fx H-,T--. JI I ID I ,fx 1 I , I , A--. I ,--.l X , l ,f-N , ,O Y. ,. Fl IQ I i '- U, Q X : .., -, L il 1 -1, , I , ,T T kj, ISV, l,Afi3 lX',JTi,4,.V,l rlwqlh 'Q IT :D wi ' bil li I J J 1- i " ' I I T- s , - I Cuff I CJ' NJ-.I Q. XC., gi . ,I ' , ' 'X ' f I K., 'rgfk ' i XA-,Y I f -. MASSED ORCHESTRAS AND CHORUSES FILL GYM WITH CHRISTMAS MUSIC The major innovaTiOns in The Music DeparTmenT This year were The com- bining OT The Drama. Music and Dance DeparTmenTs Tor a Tall perTormance and The co-sponsorship OT The dance group by The Music and Girls' Physical EducaTion DeparTmenTs. On November I and 2 The Music DeparTmenT presenTed, as The Third parT OT "An Evening OT American The- aTer," The conTemporary musical, "Down in The Valley." The show was perTOrmed by a separaTe casT each nighT. The annual ChrisTmas ConcerT was given on December I6. Over 1200 sTudenTs parTicipaTed, perTorming in choral and insTrumenTal groups. The SENIOR ORCHESTRA Spring I:esTival was May I8. Barbara Bradley and Judy Perlman were The senior sOloisTs and The Junior Girls' En- semble were The TeaTured perTormers. The year was also sprinkled wiTh de- lighTTul smaller' perTormances. The Senior Ensembles were The TirsT groups To perTorm in The new audiTorium, sing- ing aT The DedicaTiOn Ceremony on SepTember 8. They also gave a con- cerT wiTh The choir and band in Febru- ary. The Choir gave Two ChrisTmas programs aT Old Orchard and sang aT The Civic Opera I-louse May I I Tor The NaTiOnal ConTerence on Social Wel- Tare. The iunior music organizaTiOns gave concerTs in November and April. WanTing a show worThy OT The won- derTul new audiTorium, Dr. William J. PeTerman decided on "OklahOmaI" as The spring opera. IT was performed March I9-22 wiTh magniTicenT scenery, cosTumes and dancing. Double casTs produced Tour evenings OT sparkling music. WiTh The advanTages OT The huge sTage and splendid acOusTics OT The GaTTney AudiTOrium, "OklahomaI" became one OT New Trier's greaTesT musical producTions. The New Trier Band perTormed aT TooTball games and gave concerTs ThroughOuT The year: They will Tinish wiTh one in The WilmeTTe Bowl June 8. The orchesTra TOO perTOrmed on sev- eral Occasions and will give a program on June 6. FirsT Violins: Baker, Clausen, Corcoran, KnowlTon, Ohlson, Rapport RiTTer, Rammon, Rumage, Rusin, RusT, Swain, Zeller. Second Violins: Childs, Dahl- sTrom, Dickinson, Lebin, Mages, Mora, Moore, Phillips, RosenThal, Sakol, Tredwell, Yudell. Violas: Berger, Collins, Levin, Maynard, Page, VicTor. Cellosz Alder, ArnsTein, Aschbacher, Bair, Bradley, Buck, I-IarTmann, SmiTh, Snyder, STeinTield. STring Basses: Brannan, Byrne, Fox, Gillis, Lloyd, LyT- Ton, Moreen, ProuT, Sandler. FIuTes: Brown, DickerT, FrosT. Oboes: Franklin, Rieger. CIarineTs: Goldman, JaTTe, LaMoTTe, MoulTon. Bassoons: Mack, Nordblom. French Horns: AlTini, Anderson, RolTs. TrumpeTs: AlbrechT, Diehl, Glockner, LichTman. Trombones: P. SmiTh, S. SmiTh, YosT. Tuba: Moses. Percussion: EllioTT, Maynard, Newell, ChrisTie. Piano: Caballero. - il o fl ll 'El g - , . - i' " H' ' 1 r' " '7 " " ' ' "" V- T V, , jxii e -.1 N 3 , l ij If L, ,-l , ,fy , if , , ' 3 - ,fy , - .f ,X A, 1 .A .-. , ii . " V ? A A , ' in ' ' i l ' L ii ' l 'N ' ' i ZTQL l L , l l ' ' , ' f ,i is 9 , , , , i , , fs , , , , of L L H L. l . L i if L.. fx'-f 1 ,, ,fm I we ij l i ,J Lg L-. sL,"' . , XJ, lt xx-,,,,, L, .- c., gig, I - l i i i SENIOR BOYS' ENSEMBLE Top row: Margolis, Sennolf, Sinclair, Rammel, Sprowl, Nelson, Nichols, Lielzow, Serhness, Langdon, Rorhschild, Lelewer, While. Bo1"l'om row: Culberg, Sullivan, Vanl-leclce, Baker, English, Byrne, Ouale, Landiield, Doepel, Davenporl, Herberl, Sprowl, Warson, Walls, Eelzer. SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Top row: Greenawalr, Grorf, Braun, Long, Price, Reise, Shaver, Wagner, l-lulrman, Trulcenbrod, Sleadry, Maruslca, Dorgan, Olson. BoHom row: McGohan, Mifchell, Romane, Traweelc, I-lurson, Penfield, Miller, Alschuler, Sawyer, Ude, Venriclc, Bazzoni, Gibson, l-lahn, Poehler, Mouza keoris. CONCERT BAND Flufesx Barrerr, Bigg, Bradley, Buhse, Diclcerr, Harrenberg, Jenkins, Kiper, Mages, Rusr, Sloormalcer, Sybrandr, Weinberg. Bb Clarinefsz Behm, Blood, Ellis, Gingiss, Goldman, Greenebaum, l-ledges, Jones, Kuyper, LaMo++e, Lerner, Meyer, Miller, Ovson, Quale, Rubens, Rusnali, Sampson, Sheldon, Srivers, Sfrong, Sunderland, Toms, Welch, Werrymer. Al+o Clarinefsc Anderson, Moreen. Bass Clarine+s: Carlin, Reeder. Oboes: Longeneclcer, Rieger. Bassoons: Benjamin, Nordblom. Al+o Saxophones: Gillaspy, Glossberg, Kaufman, Neis, Verne, Wrighl. Tenor Saxophones: Goodman, Sam- uels, Srrolces. Barilone Saxophone: Morse. French Horns: Alfini, Anderson, Fry, Klass, Rolfs, Anderson. Sfring Basses: Bingham, Moses, Thorsen, Wollzli. Corners-Trumpe+s: Albrechl, Bair, Boyer, Carlson, Diehl, Healy, l-lendriclison, Lichrman, Meyers, Nelson, Noble, Penninglon, Pullman, Rome, Smirh, Tourrellor, Turner, Urban, Wagner, While, Wolf, Wolff. Trombones: Dresner, Froeschle, Juergens, Lenon, Moeller, P. Smirh, S. Smirh, Yosr, Young. Barirone Horns: Beniamin, Ferris, Feuer, l-laighl, Levy, Porler. PerCUSSiOrl: Chrislie, Dean, Doughly, Elliofr, Holland, Karzin, Kennan, May- nard, Menzell, Newell, Silfen, Thorsen. Bells: Deahl, Srreerer. Major: l'l6-Gly. "-"xx i -A ,N , , , V- , C: , 7- -e -H ,fx , Y A A, 1 DJ iff" fK'i'f1' if . . for I fir W PM I rr, I llufiliiDi,Q,imrd I I -4 V-f M' ' A-v , I I I I I--J I I ' I I I lg' ,IQ I I I Ii Iso -A Q .Q . -, .deff ' .xfaj Lal ,sl , ,,Yv , anal fi gil A4 v.,fL4l QXJ " I,-1 "i rw . , f I SENIOR CHOIR Top row: Posey, Pelerson, Oser, I-larl, Glockner. Fourrh row: Keller, Macdonald, Senescu, Noble, Davis, Barr, Anderson, Sinclair, Felzer, Nichols, DeVries, Lederer, Sullon, Reilly. Third row: Adams, Pallon, Raub, Cowen, Gilchrisr, Wrighl, Swansen, Nellis, Fairbank, Michel, Price, Coolidge, Dory, Irvine, Slokes. Second row: Gorr, Collins, Nordlol, Ude, Baker, Traweek, Sawyer, Miller, Newman, Cornyn, Frederick, Villiesse, Young, Bowen. BoHom row: Allin, Lesrina, Muhlenbruch, Goldberg, Yales, Bazzoni, Black, Laser, Emrich, Bradley, Reise, Lacey, Long, Wood. JUNIOR CHOIR Top row: Diamond, Nelson, Clule, Manasler, Schulz, Gardner, Kelly. Fiflh row: Moore, Lewy, Wexler, Murray, Del-lelre, Anderson, l'laneman Morgan, Fleisher, Whirney, Krueger, Applegale, I-lollweg, Noble, Pelerson, Reeder, Engel. Fourfh row: Lindberg, Daley, Long, Schuyler, Kindred, Reed, Salerno, Wilson, Phillips, Fairbank, Pegelow, Ward, Fairbairn, Grodland, Rodbro. Third row: Aldous, I-loll, Lokensgard, Engslrom, Kaufman, Snyder, Segenreich, L. Evans, Malson, I-lenselmann, McCallum, Myers, Miller, Solon, DeMulh, Pelersen. Second row: Jackson, Tindall, Eddinglon, Jones, Allin Slrremmel, Klalzl, Tressel, McCar'rhy, DeGryse, Kemper, I-larllce, Erland, I-Iun+, Cary, Kealinge, Schneider. BoH'om row: Luecker, Marlin, Macdonald Aronson, Eldredge, Fink, Czerwonky, Rodgers, Swanson, Pieroni, Lockerbie, Ayres, Theodores, D. Evans, Haines, Kennedy. 1 I CHORALI ERS Top row: Parsons, Taubensee, Berbach, Zagel, Palmer, Townsend, Sauler, Nelson, McI:adzean, Johnson, Runnslrom, Cohen, Robinson, Wack, Ross, Tinkham. Third row: Siebel, Becker, Lauver, Knorr, Reed, Buck, Marlin, Sward, McGrew, I-lulfman, Conser, Cox, Browne, Roesing, Brewer. Second row: Wallace, T. Johnson, Freeman, J. Johnson, Lewis, Shane, Skeen, Bleloch, Norlh, Lacey, Sleilen, Hasselmann, Wiles. BoI'I'om row: Passman, Rolh- schild, Gore, Sewell, Dickinson, Gordon, Alkinson, Robin, Johnslon, Seilerl, Slaak, Prindiville. 'fill' 1... W pt . -ordinat J JUNIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Top row: Fields, Hoyl', Roy, Ruggles, Bers, DeHe+re, Mason, Gulsche, Liflell, Long, Shoop, Lechner, Lighlner, Ohlson, Nordenberg, Taylor. Bo'H'om row: Smilh, Olson, Burmeisfer, Aschbacher, Mulshnick, Zimmerman, Schram, Boolh, Halvorsen, Herrmann, Harir, Scofl, Hulcheson, Thoma, Shaw, Laird. l ?, i JUNIOR BOYS' ENSEMBLE Top row: Willhile, Callin, Goldberg ,Cherry, lvlagner, Pierce, Carmichael, Blumberg, Waldo. Second row: Mr. Chapman, Franden, Srnilh, Kline, Becker, Arons, Melelils, Barr, Freeman. Boflom row: Sloss, Rubens, Grossman, Blulenlhal, Bossharl, Doughfy, Zechman, Engslrom, Miller. THE SOPHOMORE CHORUS Top row: Bradbury, Gail, Porler, Day, Marlin, Tragesser, Timmons, Brown, Wilson, Howard. Four+h row: Weber, Miller, Clark, Herhold, Ray, Klaff, Fielsch, Risius, Lord, Hickey, Bradford, VanderHeiden, Milchell, Carroll, Greenebaum. Third row: Pollack, Johnson, Pelersen, Barnard, Mallon, Sag- e+i', Janensch, Lubecke, Freund, Mefzger, lvlichals, Gumbiner, Johnson, Kaar, McSwain, Callander, Frankenslein. Second row: Whillemore, Hoerner, Sleinberg, Levine, Slickler, Trossman, Miller, Giallombardo, Meylhaler, Flowers, Aden, Taylor, Yonkers, Pefers. BoHom row: Gafhercoal, Bell, Seb- ben, Meinardi, Howensline, VanAlyea, Palfison, Allen, Behrendl, Becker, Bulz, Thomas, Revelle. H ' " X. r"' M f ,. , f- T M , i , ff i. Y ,K i , ' XR - i ' L' I ' R' a - ' lr 1, C fb- H. 'mr , f'n' , i X X ,X lf'-Hs. ,,f'J 1 - I -'H l ' 1 . . ,R ,, L , f ,Q Ll L li WJ l , se, rea i 2 is J ie J X , -. l X l l N . . X J sX.f'-' ig, . . Q4 .... .L R-k. CADET ORCH ESTRA W W? Violins: Applebaum, Baumgarl, Doscher, Heckinger, Koss, Lawson, Monroe, Morris, Nellleman, Swanson, Wollum, Wrighl. Violas: Bair, Browne. Cellos: Greenwall, Meiles. Slring Basses: Bean, Moore. Flules: Buesch, Jacobson, Mark, Selhness. Clarinels: Mackler, Rallel, Swanson. Trumpel: Kaplan. Trombone: Newlon. Drums: Sillen. Pianos: Daniels, Neal. Direclors: Mrs. Lavery, Mr. Mages. CADET BAND Flules: Alexander, Baldwin, Bowen, Buhse, Dresser, Fosler, Haganeh, Jacobson, Levin, Leslina, Mages, McCray, Pick, Price. Clarinels: Bean, Carring- lon, Cunningham, Gordon, Grale, Hamillon, Healy, Herz, Lamson, Marsh, Marlin, McCarly, Olin, Sanlee, Sawyer, Schneider, Ward. Bass Clarinel: Carlson. Allo Saxophones: Berg, Bircllebough, Grube, Larson, Marlinson, Ricci, McEnery. Tenor Saxophones: Clillon, Mann. French Horn: Jones. Trombones: Barr, C l ,Bo Y l. B 'l : Ch D'k ' - ' arson r wn, os arl ones o ee, ic man, Fine, Hollsled, Thorsen. Tubas. Fields, Pallon. Cornels-Trumpels: Barlh, Cohen, Cozad, Domm, Ferdinand, Findley, Glazer, Howe, Kucera, Jacobs, Maynard, Milchell, Morris, Naylon, Neiderberger, Prangley, Press, Raynor, W. Rob- inson, M. Robinson, Roll, Schopen, Slewarl, Williams. Percussion: Alexander, Carman, Garvey, Goldsmilh, Gordon, Haring, Milchell, Nash, Schwall, Sheean, Slewarl, Tucker, Webb. OPERA GROUP Top row: Nichols, Walson, Schmid, Rolhschild, Sullon, Rammel, Sinclair, , Byrne, Pelerson, O'Shea, MacGregor, James, Olmsled, Davenporl, Sprowl, Jones, Lockner, Dielrich, Sullivan, McLucas, Lelewer, Sennoll. Fourlh row: Felzer, Doepel, Quale, Bowen, Cornyn, Hansen, Dorgan, Krall, Young, Luensman, MacLean. Third row: Landlield, Olson, Trukenbrod, Calloway, Slone, Hess, Shaver, Anderson, Groll, Traweek, Wagner son, Braun, Penlield, Schluller, Adams, VanHecke. Second row: Breeden, Wilson, Sawyer, Marcus, Miller, Reise, Bogarl, Maluska Newman, Fellman, Prodromos, Norse, Sleadry, McGohan, Greenawall. Poehler, Bingham, Naiarian, Heller, Hulson, Hahn, Romane, Venrick, Alschuler, Gibson. Langdon, Miller, Linsky. Fillh row: Boodell, Lielzow, Davis, Macdonald Novolny, Burns, Wieboldl, Nelson, Walls, Rulherlord, Margolis, Eiseman, , Foy, Hullman, Emer- , Ucle, Nordlol, Long, Bollom row: Bazzoni, Schullz, Caballero, Flell, Arabia, Leslina, Greenlield, V Ll to Comm nt "ALL OR NOTHIN' "-BINGHAM AND BAKER SETHNESS AND LECHNER IN DREAM BALLET "LET PEOPLE SAY WE'RE IN LOVE ,f - 3. "EVERYTHING'S UP TO DATE IN KANSAS CITY" KAREN GROFF AS ADO ANNIE ENTIRE CAST JOINS IN GRAND FINALE JONES TELLS COWBOY CHORUS "IT'S A SCANDAL" I '- , , I x ' GESSEL AND SINCLAIR AS JUD AND CURLY SHOW'S HIGHLIGHT IS CHORUS SINGING "OKLAHOMA!" ROMANE WITH GIRLS' cHoRus smes "our OF MY DREAMS" THE NEW LIBRARY OFFERS STUDENTS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE. SERVICE AWD I AUDIO-VISUAL STAFF PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS Lefi' I'o rigI'1I': Jones, Cohn, Sliclcgold, Myers, Taylor, Mann, Mrs. Dodge, Drell. Top row: Barone, Noble, Carman, Rau. BoI'I'om row: Mr. Roclcey, Down, Nongard, McLaugl1Iin. Servic Group , Guard FINE ARTS ROOM SUPERVISORS Bonesleel, Walker, Day. Ielc, Edwards, Morrison, Slein. loorn. ' I 'gm , ,gf 'W I is i f 5 idifgx f fi 5. ,y 1. T' X' .mf SERVICE CLUB man, Fallon, O'BrIen. Second row: Morrison, Baxfer, Krueger Yales, Hess, Sclwoen, Meyn. loclm, Delson, Ruby, Mrs. Savage. Top row: Wiscomla, Rowell, Sficlcgold, Drell, Second row: Tliorsen, Mackler, Casfelli, Fal- Bo'I'Iom row: Allison, Laulman, I-Iarvey, SIooI'- malcer, Garner, I-Ioulihan, Guslafson, Os- Top row: Komiss, Rosen, Calloway, Freed- Bo+'rom row: Mrs. Sclmoenenloerger, Bigg, Ble- N.T. GUARD INSTRUCTS SATURDAY MORNING CLASSES I i LONG HOURS OF SERVICE INSURE SAFETY IN THE POOL ssum spon ibility A mosT imporTanT parT oT exTra-cur- ricular acTiviTy aT New Trier is The clubs program. All clubs are under The direcTion oT STudenT CounciI's Council oT Clubs, which coordinaTes club acTiv- iTies, direcTs pubIiciTy drives, and spon- sors new clubs when sTudenTs show suT- TicienT inTeresT in Torming Them. Among The widely varied organiza- Tions are Those devoTed To serving The NEW TRIER GUARD school. They include The Visual Aids STaTF, The Public Address Corps, The newly organized Fine ArTs Room Su- pervisors, and The Service Club, which is composed oT girls Trained To assisT in The nurses' oTTice. AnoTher service organizaTion is The New Trier Guard. DirecTed by Swim- ming Coach Dave RoberTson and headed by Trudy Wyss, Bill WOITT, and assisTanT Dave STeeIe, The Guard is composed oT I6 girls and 30 boys, all Trained in IiTe saving. They Teach swimming on SaTurday mornings To grade school classes and guard on Wednesday evenings while aduITs in The communiTy swim. The boys also supervise aTTer school. The Guard is The baclcbone oT The New Trier Swim- ming OrganizaTion. Top row: ClemenTson, Sedwiclc, K. YosT, Rosenberg, Kovas, Juergens, ElIioTT, IvIanasTer, Noble, PenningTon, I-IeiTman, Merz, Lewy. Third row: IvIarTin, Adams, C. WolT, Brown, Robinson, Fairbairn, Wyss, C, YosT, Reineclce, I-IaTTis, Corry, I'Iahn, EvereTT. Second row: Mr. Farmer lAss'T Coachl, Jacobson, Lederer, Davies, Alderman, WOITT lI'Ieadl, STeele lAss'T I-Ieadl, BraclceTT, Reilly, F. WoIT, Mr. Rob- C h erTson I oac BoTTom row: Friedrich, Sawyer, Gorr, Jones, SIaughTer, Goodman, Chadsey, Sinclair, I-Ioiles, Moring, PeTTigrew. .. ., . .,.- ew. , :..w.wa-.m- - -- f wa me M , . . . . sfa1 xqmI.l-nmg,ff ff fy W- -a 1 f H H e-ec P as J , ,Aa l l K ci T l fa--... l i ,Lv ... l ,H ,X ty i 1, f,.X F., pq, , ,,-Nl , 5 is ' i l l i fK ' ' i' J-' L F re J 1 X fx. 1 L, L 1 i 1 , J 3 XT J' l l i D A L i ' i. l f 1 ,W ,'-'yi l , l . .S , f, , , 1 l X . i i l k nw, ee 4 pr C c L., L ,LC C ....' Q, la i '-cj, X, i N N CLUB Top row: Whilelaw, Porler, Jacob, Appel, Eiseman, Swarlchild, Jackson, Orlegel, Williams, Merrick. Fourlh row: Dunne, Smilh, Dunlap, Selhness, Bernslein, Soeldner, Sidney, McCabe, Cohen, l-lusl, l-larris, Dulhie, Collield, Daliere. Th.d . . . . . . . ur row. Baleman, Barlell, Dielrich, Walls, Hough, Seng, Seiberling, Elnyre, Weis, Werner, Freeman, Ellioll, Lindblad, Miller. Second row: Mason, Blake, English, Rolanell, Campbell, Eggerl, Davenporl, Hadley, Rohlen, Frank, Caskey, Bell, Sunderland, Provol, Boysen. Bollom row: Davis, Miller, Meyer, Perrin, Douglas, Schmid, Wilkey, Sinclair, Slump, Ellioll, Dunn, Carpenler, Walson, McLucas. NEW MEMBERS OF N CLUB Top row: Taylor, Sperlus, Shane Lane, McDaniel, Moring, Reilly Sauer. Bollom row: l-liken, Behrn, Lewy Woocllock, Poulos, Verne, Merz Dorlman, SKI CLUB blad, Barlell, Siewerl, Lochner Porler, Smilh. Third row: Rickards, Becker, Jones phire, Morgan, While. Second row: Jenkins, Yonkers ker, Koza, lckes, Sinek. Bollom row: Jones, Bigg, Robin Keyser, Rowland, Robin, Schram Cohn, Johnson. X-f Top row: Pick, Slein, Eisner, Lind- 1 r Fairbank, King, Wallher, Sap- Prenlice, Manly, Meylhaler, Wal: i FR N Cf - 1 "' -"i V-vi " -- ' -- ff- y-4 -- H ,X .-- , -- -- - - X- - - , , fo- i ,fl , , , ,A L -1 I hs , ,-, , fc 3 , -N A - - T A N, ,+ , i ' 1 ,..i N ij l 1 1 T 1 T i T ' i ' ' 1 i T 1 1 1 ' .Y W ' , , , i QV, -x l. - , , ,N ' , J E ' i --- , ' ,Y ' -N ' f ' , . , , , , Y 3 cgi XX-J X Y XX i Z NX Ax 1 l , , , y W X , , ix , ,X ..., C,-jf' , ,I 'X ,- s,,'i, xv. -Cf.- N-- .. NX,,- C.. L.- L, "N" Club, whose presidenl, Tim El- lioll, is a member ol lhe Tri-Ship Board, is made up ol all lhose boys who have won lellers in any sporl sponsored by New Trier. Under Tri- Ship il has become a service group, lilling in wherever il is needed. Mr. Franlzen and Mr. l-larlbarger are lhe "N" Club sponsors. Ski Club, under lhe leadership ol Mr. Larsen and Presidenl Dwighl Smilh, is open lo all skiing enlhusiasls. Meelings were held during lhe lall and winler lo plan lhis year's lrip lo Ml. Telemark, a highly successlul expedi- lm' MATH-ENGINEERING cLuB There BFG several I'T16l'l1eFT16'liCS clubs Lell lo righl: Milchell, Rammel, Rosen, Koller, Mr. Rockey, Cohen, Mr. Jones. al New Trier. They serve lo supple- menl class work and lo permil slu- denls lo sludy lields ol special inler- esl. A lollow-up ol Mr. Lill's Freshman Malh Club, Sophomore Malh Club, sponsored by Miss Cornell and headed by Tom Rubens, is inlenclecl lo slimu- lale inleresl in lields nol covered in sophomore classes. This year members look a lield lrip lo lhe Museum ol Sci- ence and lnduslry. The Engineering- Malh Club is open lo sludenls inler- esled in American lechnology and lhe applicalion ol malhemalics lo modern lile. The club visiled lhe Allis Chal- mers planl and mel lhroughoul lhe FRESHMAN MATH CLUB Lell lo righl: Mr. Lill, l-lerz, Yudell, Welch. SOPHOMORE MATH CLUB Lefl lo righl: Rubens lPres,l, Marlin, Ward, Clark, Schwall, McC5uigan. -....... .sl SPANISH CLUB W C A S'l'anding: Woodruicl, l-leyward, Carroll, Schachfman, l-larlray, O'Malley, Hasse, Murray, Mc- Lellan, Franco, Sealed: Mr. Zukowski. Stud nt ev year. Presidenl Richard Koller and sponsors Mr. Rockey and Mr. Jones led lhe group. Every foreign language laughlr al New Trier is represenled by a club. These groups have been organized lo give language sludenls Jrhe opporlu- nily lo praclice speaking Jrheir lan- guages. Spanish Club, under Mr. Zu- kowski and Nick Murray, held lreguenl rneelrings during Jrhe year, al which There were games and conversalion A highlighl was Jrhe Chrislmas parly. Lalin Club, open lo all Lalin sludenls saw slides of Europe and had a Chrisl- mas parry and a spring banguel Mary Schwenn and Sue Ollo were co- consuls and Miss Breidenbach and Mrs. Kidd co-sponsors. German Club, sponsored by Mr. Jensen and presided over by Mary Lou Heineken, had a elop In LATIN CLUB Fronl' row: Ash, Berbach, Miss Breidenbach, Mrs. Kidd, Rosenlhal, Miller, Todd, Lee, Second row: Slokes, Mrs. Johnson, Rubinson, Dr. Manahan, Ward, Schwenn. Sfandingc l-lasse, Burnham, Miss Pallerson, Miss Lennards, Lahey, Sloss, Bonslelle, Shuey. GERMAN CLUB Top row: Luensman, Rindlleisch, Dellin, MacBryde, lrvine. i i l i i Second row: Mr. G. Jensen, Gardner, Jackman, Mafzkin, Horwilz, Becker, Hapke, Mar+in, Werfh, Holland, Reichl, MacLean, Noble, Nilson, Capps, Cunningham, Mr. McDowell. BoHom row: Edmunds, Wood, Semrau, Mooney, Heineken, Henselmann, Kessel, Becker, Lenz, Sullon, Sunderland. ,-AX fx, V. 4- X lg i L2 --.Vw l FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB CHRISTMAS PLAY Top row: Reichl, Tressel, Oehl, Johnson, Hillman, Arnslein, l-laclcer, Bloomberg. BoH'om row: Musgrove, Frazier, Kealinge, Pfeifer, Cohler, Mrs. Morris. '-"'X f z fm' 7 , T 'W lv 'I 'Y il ri .fmw lv! Al fa- ldxi il fi fx? ff-el Wi Cvr, Flj , X-X i LTI C, l ,f--do ' N yy W W Y X ' 1 rj , f' " 1 ' ,X F. I ' Y ' X .A R X ' X l ' Y 6 ,NJ Li Bxiy xi,-'l iN Tl 'Dy vJ il LJ ii XX-,fy L-l LJ l 1 WT n7A.T4i'l- l FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA l Top row: Freedman, Schreiber, Froslr, Wollock, Coicfin, Fallon, Goldman, Crain, Ensor, l-laverlcampf, Zagel, Berbach. Fourfh row: Fellman, l-loFFman, Baker, Sirinslcy, Lange, O'Malley, King, Wagner, Lauver, Solon, Harvey. Third row: Jacobson, l-lasselmann, Schoen, Franlc, Claylon, Mueller, l-less, Pollaclc, Eclcer, Marsh, Kiesau, Norlh. Second row: Cary, Baader, Rindell, Morrison, Robin, Schram, Gordon, Cohn, Feinberg, Delson, Kirchheimer. Bo'H'om row: Zechman, Delevill, Mrs. Smulny, Bloomberg, Taslcy, Unrad, Provol, Forsberg, Schachlman, Milchell, Deulch. similarly aclive program. Mrs. Morris and Presidenl Mary Ellen Gale of French Club conducled The group Jrhrough a Chrisrmas play, a program of slides of Mrs. Morris' Jrrip around The world and a luncheon. F.T.A., associared wi'rh The Nalional Fu'rure Teachers of America, is a rela- rively new club sponsored by Mrs. Smulny. F.T.A. mel monlhly wi'rh speakers from all fields and levels of educarion. The presidenl was Linda Unrad. Junior and Senior Music Clubs are designed io promolre musical inleresl, lo give recilal experience To perform- ers, and To give musicians a chance lo hear one anolher. Junior Music Club is sponsored by Mrs. Bradburn and headed by Donnie Lauicman. Their monlhly meelrings culminared in Par- enls' Nighr and a Family Nighlr of mus- sic. Senior Music Club, for juniors and seniors, presenled Jazz Nighl, in April, and ended a year's musical aclivilries wilh Parenrs' Nighl honoring ilrs sen- iors. Lola Lloyd was presidenr and Mrs. Ream sponsor. Musicale Club, under sponsor Mrs. Kidd and Presidenl' Judy Garhercoal, is dedicared To The enioymenr of music by non-performers. The club had Lalin American and Scorlish programs and saw an opera. I SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Top row: MoulTon, LichTman, Samuels, Rubens, WrighT, Samuels, Thorsen, Posey, Rammon, Gabbard, Cvloclcner, Johnson, STossel. FourTI1 row: Trukenbrod, Long, Traweelc, Reise, CvroTl:, MuTshniclc, SmiTh, Alder, Rieger, Baker, STolces, Shafer, YosT. Third row: I-Iess,' Miller, Venriclc, Alschuler, Ohlson, KnowlTon, I-lahn, VicTor STeadry, SchluTer Becker, Ude Johnson RiTTer Second row: STeinTeld, Muhlenbruch, Goldberg, BurmeisTer, Laufman, I-lulTmlan, Frazier, Nordlol, Rumage, Rage, Kiper, Rusiin, I-IuTson, Nordblom. BoTTom row: I3leTT, Caballero, RusT, Schram, Byrne, Lloyd lPres.l, Anderson lTreas.l, Bradley IV,-Pres.l, RavenscroTT lSec.l, Perlman, Greenawallg Romane, Aschbacher. N Ji ff-I. I , l j I'-iq ,fx VF I f'X X! f. Xl' f' , I!-xxl i I l ll! I l 'bl ld I il, If-xx L li! Q If lx l i -X 'C lx, I- U-A Kg I I 1 'X ix-,X If ' , ly Q 'ix . I xx lx I , Q Q --if IJ L .J 'J L aa., Ll sl Q, ya slj VJ RU Q, Eager collecTors are eligible To ioin The STamp and Coin Club, which meeTs Twice each grade period. Members exchange Their own sTamps and coins, view colIecTions assembled by aduIT enThusiasTs, and hold TreguenT auc- Tions. Mr. Pilar is sponsor and Bob Macdonald presidenT. Chess Club is open To sTudenTs wish- ing To learn and To play The game. Under Sponsor Mr. JohnsTon and Presidenlr Jim STein, The Team played maTches wiTh oTher norTheasTern Illinois high schools and parTicipaTed in a league TournamenT in May. The American Field Service Club was organized only This year. The aims OT The club are To publicize The A.I:.S. program, To help in The orienTa- Tion oT exchange sTudenTs, and To be- come well acguainTed wiTh Those in This area. Mr. McCIosl4y is The sponsor. Mr. Landwer and Judd Rosen headed The CreaTive I-lobby Club. The club Tried To sTimuIaTe inTeresT in such Things as designing and building models oT wood, meTal, and plaslic, using New Trier's shop eguipmenT. Lens Club is inTeresTed in giving sTudenTs a chance To-worlc aT pho- Tography. The club held sTudio nighTs each monTh, displaying a varieTy oT subiecTs. I:irsT semesTer's presidenT was Sheldon LyTTon7 second semesTer's was Chuclc Finlcel. Mr. D. SmiTh is sponsor. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Top row: Welch, MeiTes, Gluclcman, Lawson Franlclin, Bair, Becker, Kline, Waferman. Third row: Mages, Koss, McGohan, GusTaT- son, Reise, Osborn, BaumgarT, Sampson Monroe, Bair. Second row: Greenawalt SeThness, Kelleher, I"larTmann, Kahn, BooTh, Greenebaum, I-loyT, STeinberg, Lansing, WrighT. BoT'Iom row: SchusTer, KriTcheyer, Ball, Lau'I- man, RosenThal, WrighT, Bers, Hughey Vinneclge, Carlson. STAMP AND COIN CLUB Top row: Mr. Piler, Jackman, Heckinger, Sallley, Milcliell, Klein, Rosenllial, Neuman. Bollom row: Flynn, Heller, Ward, Prenliss, Macdonald, Harl, Clarke. CHESS CLUB Top row: Mr. Jolinslon, Meiles, Haskell, Yu dell. Second row: Slein, Beyer, Dickman, Heck inger, McGuigan, Fried. Bollom row: Palmer, Ruby, Mackler, Jack man. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE CLUB Top row: Emriclw, Slarkweallwer, Benjamin, Baird, Barg, Muller, Slein, Hullman, Marlin, Third row: Goldman, Daniels, Fisk, Walls, Goodyear, Keenan, Allison, Davis, Wriglil. Second row: Musgrove, Garcia, Kaar, Colwn, Adler, Gordon, Barack, Lewis, Logan, Gale, Henselmann. Bollom row: Rubinson, Coliler, Seilerl, Murplwy, Risius, Mooney, Black, Kimball, Harrison, Jones, Goellsclwe, Mr. McCloskey. ,f-Nw fl . A-Xi ,ffl 'J f'-,fx-. 'H f-mf' ,f'X"T IFA" ,-fi! ' ,r ,--'X 7- 'i e-5 I ,f-X., +,f1 if-X 1.4-- ,few 3 L fi fl! KW will l l All Al lf 'T 2 l l VM ci in ci nl C i fi, L fl x ,A i N. i ex. ' ' X i , i J i , ' , , , ' i ' " 1 Q '-' 2 ' ' i H- h 'X ly-1 I , ,N ., lx ,XJ X, , ,V , ,V l ,A ,Vg lx XJ., l 1 ,N M: lx ,dvi V i 1 .W V, , l , ,T ,AX LR! c,-J .L La ,J LN,-J' L K,V.J 5 - X, L, XGA- -J ,L ., .2 , 4 -4, 1.4.1 , gi,-, CREATIVE HOBBY CLUB Top row: Peck, Swinyard, Burrows, Hofmann,Scl1ramrn, Posh Loman, Colburn. BoHom row: Mr. Koser, Si- mon, Sclwulz, Weller, Fallek, Moss, Yudell, Rosen, Mr. Landwer. LENS CLUB Top row: Mr. SmH'l'1, Hicks, Edwards, Kavina, Loefller. Second row: Tiger, Riman, Soper, Fagel. BoH'om row: Gordon, Margo- lis, Finkel, Lyrlon, Myers. rsh. .JL L i A L L ,V -di fn ,,lf' A L, W x E -. f fs- ' i , , ,, LM, L L V5 f' X, i' if i l l l L 'll, lr' U i l Q 43, N i a l U ox, 'A ii ,Lf -,,f f A Yi 'A ,,oo Q af F is f' ,Q i ART LEAGUE Sfanding: Zimmerman, Malwoney, Bloomberg, Belknap, Smulrz, Mr. Slenvall, Allison, Manly, Palmer, Ross. Around lable: Pollack, Goldberg, Rodbro, Rodbro, Hunlley, Zibble, Milcliell, Sclneckerman, Huebscln, Blelocli, Hasselmann. x - -it-.1-if BERNOULLIANS Top row: Shuey, Wolf, KoTler, WechTer, Chamales, Weimer, Gabbard, LiloiT. BoTTom row: Lenon, l-lmclman, l-lenselmann, Dickman, Noble, Robin, Curci, Tressel, Allweiss, Friedlander, Klein, Mr. Jones. l BOAT CLUB Top row: Porler, ChrisTensen, MoriarTy, Levin, Osgood. BoH'om row: Mr. CarlsTrom, McDonough, Older, RunnTeldT, Fagel, Walgreen Tl ,ffmp 71- l l - - - f- - W A f U N ,f N f Nf . X ' 'f ,f' i rf-fi ,fel ri ,fam EE li, nh T- ff- ll 3Jf QQ i vcd lj X. vi ll-4 i i Ll 1 . GEOGRAPHY CLUB Top row, 'froni' To back: Phillips lsTandingl, Saunders, NeTTlernan, Mr. PeTerson, Miss FlemingTon. Third row: Ward, Logan, Risley, Reich. Second row: Klauser, Swain, Edwards, Wohlrab, Wiscomb. BoTTom row: l-lildebrandT, MarTin, I-lamilTon, Gill. The ArT League wishes To inTeresT sTudenTs in arT and To encourage Tal- enTed sTudenTs. The group had a ChrisTmas parTy and visiTed arT gal- leries in The Chicago area. AT monTh- ly meeTings They learned Techniques Tor working wiTh various media includ- ing clay, waTer colors, and pen and ink. Jean Bloomberg was presidenT and Mr. STenvall sponsor. The maThemaTics club Tor upper- classmen is The group called The Ber- noullians. This club oTFers sTudenTs a chance To sTudy and To discuss ad- vanced phases oT maThemaTics noT in- cluded in The regularly scheduled M l. LE Q11 courses. MeeTings were held once each grade period. Mr. Jones is The sponsor. Increasing The knowledge oT boaTing saTeTy, exchanging boaTing inTorma- Tion, and increasing inTeresT in all Types oT boaTing acTiviTy are The aims oT The BoaT Club. Under Commodore James DilTz and Sponsor Mr. Carl- sTrom, The club held meeTings and made an all day cruise on The Chain oT Lakes, Fox Lake, Illinois. All sTudenTs inTeresTed in The world and iTs peoples are welcome in The Geography Club. New Trier sTudenTs who have lived and Traveled in The US. or Toreign counTries are inviTed To speak and show picTures. Members W , 5 i i T ii 7 ..-- C. ,+ r-, i. fe V-X-L i hi E i i H1 , c -, i X i F W i I A ff' r i i i i i i I I y 1.1 L , , , i , . by ,K X: i X R 1 'X i -X i , L, ' ' Mr -' PQ ' ,Ax ,X XXHJIJ i!,ii h i L 'Nr ro" H 1 L. C -' XX.f f -X., 1' X! ,,f' BRIDGE CLUB Sfanding: Kreurzer, Graham. Seafedz Miller, Goidowsky, Rosen, Kess ier. PSYCHOLOGY 30I Top row: Kennan, Morgan, Denning Sfein, Wilkinson, Srudy. Third row: Fink, Bloomberg, Hoideman Reed, Muller, McCallum. Second row: Mr. Brull, Hicks, Roderick Miller, Logan, Hess. Bo'Hom row: Bimsfein, Reuben, Klahi, Feinberg, Johnson. HI FI CLUB Top row: Whirney, Mircheil, Bair, Caf- lin, Moreen, Srevens. Second row: Burkhardr, Sfudy, Prescorr, Jones, Plarz, O'Neil, Moir. Boffom row: Mr. Chapman, Rafiei, Hahn, Bares, Schoenberg, Dolnick. rganiz This ar have laken occasional lield lrips in lhe Chicago area. A Chrislmas parly was held lhis year in accordance wilh a club lradilion. Laurie Klauser was presidenl and Miss Fleminglon is spon- sor. The Bridge Club is anolher new group. ll gives bridge lans a chance lo play and lo learn lundamenlals ol lhe game wilh olher inleresled slu- denls. An organizalional meeling was held in lhe lall, and lhere were several lollow-up meelings. The s l u d e n l lounge ollered a mosl congenial sel- ling lor lhe club's aclivilies. All sludenls inleresled in psychology ASTRONAUTICAL AND ROCKET SOCIETY Top row: Paguin, Fine, Addis, Saunders, Marlin, I-larringlon, Fagenholz. Second row: Yackel, Longenecker, Nelson, Arons, Colburn, Peck, Gail. Third row: Gaber, Moore, Capps, Penninglon, Cunningham, Jacobsen, Wrighl. Bollom row: Mr. Complon, Lenon, Kaller, Cohen, Benjamin, Circle. l GARDEN CLUB Lefl' lo righl: Gaber, Budinger, Garner, l"lenrikson, Mayer, Lucas, Powell, Mr. Hoyl. are eligible lo join Psychology 301. Co- Chairmen Richard Denning and Richard Morgan and Sponsor Mr. Brull guided club aclivilies. Mr. Burdine, Mr. Kelley, a psy- chologisl, and a caseworker gave leclures al various meelings. Ann Bales is presidenl and Mr. Chap- man is sponsor ol lhe l'li-Fi Club, which promoles and encourages inleresl in high- lidelily sound and eguipmenl and in good lislening. The New Trier Aslronaulical and Rockel Sociely, anolher newcomer lhis year, is lor lhose seriously inleresled in rockelry. The club, under lhe guidance ol Mr. Complon and Presidenl Sluarl Cohen, drew up a plan lor designing, conslrucling, and lesl- ing a rockel. Members ol lhe Garden Club devoled sludy hall periods lo lending lhe green- house. AI Lucas, club presidenl, made a lime-lapse lilm showing some llower blos- soms opening. Mr. l-loyl is lheir sponsor. The New Trier Radio Club, sponsored by Mr. Rockey and headed by Dick Nongard, received some new eguipmenl, added sev- eral amaleur slalions, and lixed up lhe "ham shack." There were lwo clubs newly organized lhis year, bul nol piclured here. The lirsl, Greek Club, began in lhe lall wilh lwenly- live members and Mr. James Marran as sponsor, lo enable sludenls lo learn aboul lhe language, lile, and ideas ol lhe ancienl Greeks. Chemislry Club, lhe olher new organizalion under Mr. E. Smilh, sponsor, and Mike Rosenlhal, presidenl, is inlended lo supplemenl class work and cover areas nol included in lhe slandard course. RADIO CLUB bens, Burkharcll, Fagenholz. Weiss, M. J. Weiss, Noble, l-lanlon ninglon, Schmicll. Bollom row: Mr. Rockey, Ravenscroll Barone, Melzger, Nongard, Down, Rau Robnell, Boyer, McLaughlin. Top row: Jackman, Scoll, Boynlon, Marlin, Waller, Slarrell, Johnson, Ru- Second row: Kessler, Boehnerl, M. D. Schoenberg, Meyer, Saunders, Pen: THIS IS THE PRESIDENT OF SENIOR CANTEEN Run enTireIy by and Tor members OT The CIass OT '58, Senior CanTeen provided movies, dancing, reTreshmenTs, and enTer- TainmenT Tor seniors and Their daTes. The head OT CanTeen Tor I957-I958 was Chuck RuTherTord, who, assisTed by The Board and iTs commiTTees, arranged and ran Three successTuI parTies. fi .fx PARENTS HELP WITH THE REFRESHMENTS AND CHAPARONING The TirsT was "EI CanTino," heId on OcTober 26, "EI CanTino" Tea- Tured an ITaIian Theme, pizza and cokes, and The movie, Viva ZapaTa. Bob RavenscroTT's combo pIayed. "The NighT ATTer" was The Theme OT The second canTeen which Took pIace on February I5. The evening TeaTured The decora- Tions borrowed Trom The Junior GirIs' VaIenTine Dance, dancing, and rioTous "magic" show. "The CrypT" was on May I7. The new Iounge was The casuaI seTTing OT Two canTeens. The OTTicers OT The Senior Can- Teen, who backed PresidenT RuTh- erTord, were Peggy SmiTh, vice- presidenTg Barbara Reise, secre- Taryg and Bob AppeI, Treasurer. KaThy IVIOuzakeoTis and Ty PorTer were in charge OT all decoraTing work and eiTher boughT or bor- rowed The necessary maTeriaIs. CaroI PrOvOI had The iob OT sup- plying reTreshmenTs, and John Ba- ker handled TickeT saIes, Bob Re- venscroTT was in charge OT ar- rangemenTs, parTicuIarIy Those Tor The music. John McDanieI did The pubIiciTy Tor all The CanTeens. I.asT, buT deTiniTeIy noT IeasT, was EnTerTainmenT I-Iead I'IaI Jennings, who provided CanTeen goers wiTh memories OT many hilarious com- edy rouTines. Bill MacLean and Chuck RuTherTord IenT him abIe assisTance. The I958 Board de- serves greaT crediT Tor This year's Senior CanTeens. i ' f XL CI , if-I I Tfxi H' f ,f3i-3 I yfyp p ,iw ,Is fvfIi I ,s U fi I I5 I eiiwfiiw ii, I I Li HU my I I-I I U-QJ KG? RELAXED ATMOSPHERE PREVAILS IN STUDENT LOUNGE Yi! 'V SENIOR CANTEEN OFFICERS AND BOARD Top row: RuTherTorcI, PorTer, RavenscroTT, IvIcDanieI. BoTTom r ow: AppeI, SmiTh, Reise, PrOvoI, Jennings. lin I VV .lf A? I - I I K. VX ,ni S ,Z V .M J-Y L I- - -:inf T T fi DX ,fix J 49 HJ 5? by Uxlwfxpbyu FOOTBALL SEASON BROUGHT OUT STYLISH HEADGEAR -off-Nfwnwy Wm' ,JQVE-EWZH WM h.,Mnn-wlwfnmqnlrsywmwj FOOD FOR THOUGHT OOOOW' l FW xx .fx 7"'X ,fxx F 'W fhxw ff ,X N , , J HT X, T ,e F gf QT -M. VT H N T T Tf ,AT gy Til 63 rw f cfs .g, , V , 1 J xx I N Q , T I S X M J X , . ,f f T l , XX A W T f I i -ff V T v My l VT f 351 ,f , ku Tx, T LTK LA T X 35 . , T T fJ T' ' TT LV' TV Q X X-J' H-O-ff 1 -XJ xx, LT fi, HJ! Q WMA! HUZZAH! HUZZAHI HAVE YOU GOT THAT SPIRIT? YEA, MAN! H V N E WILL lT RAlN? our at N. T. THE BRUSH-OFF EMRICH, REICHL, FROSTY, MCLEAN, MUSGROVE GEORGE HAMILTON IV SHOWS UP AT SHOW DOWN SKI mppggg LAGNIAPPE BORED BREAKFAST suNNY CLAAR, THE TEDDY BEAR A JL .L I- TJ I ,M -WS jf , I I HM H - V I I I I I I -I - IS gif iii ,G I I Af gf D IT L C 1 ff xxx- ff ,X ug' ' I ' XXI ' I 1 I Y I E Yk-., X' I W I SJ! ' I X In 'T' X Y I I I l I .QI ,,,fQ Q L V, Lkjjf 1l,E Lg I! V I kj VL-I Xl X THE INDIANS LOST ONE AND WE DID! THE LOUNGE WAS A "LEARNING EXPERIENCE" 5 I I f i I I ONE FOOT, TWO FOOT- A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A KLEENEX STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOULDER .. ,,.,,, Enjoy ork and Play I I' BEAN ON DECK 44' EVERYBODY WANTS TO GET INTO THE ACT "YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG." NO PICTURES, PLEASE THIS WAS THE SHOW-DOWN PISCIS IMMENSUS MUSH I mum FLOAT FLOWERS FATIGUE FANS Musr-4 II A j Peruoolc RUSH E MUSH Ill .uf,, , f ii I F WHERE'S THAT DONKEY? LOOK, MA, NO HANDS! DON'T FENCE ME IN I SLUMBER? PARTY! , I 1,Q.L:1f1.vJ,g.,.hQ4: AND THIS LITTLE PIG I MR. JOHNSTON'S KILTS BECOME TRADITION TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER SWEET AND LOVELIES IWa Trier, 1958 I I . SOUAWS ROOT WHILE INDIANS ROUT I SCYLLA I I I v I I I I I I 'Ti2T3i5 f-G Q: Aclcnowleclgmc-anTs ECI-IOES OT I958 was prinTed by The Clio Press, Economy AdverTising Company, Iowa CiTy, Iowa. ProTes- sional phoTographs, which include mosT OT The individual porTraiTs and large- group picTures, were Taken by The Bernie STudio, EvansTon, Illinois. En- gravings were made by The Jahn and Qllier Engraving Company, Chicago, Illinois: The covers by The Shelby CraTTco Company, Chicago, Illinois. The cover design is an original waTer color by Beclcy Brown. All design, lay- ouT, wriTe-ups, and non-proTessional phoTography are The work oT The sTu- cIenTs oT New Trier Township I-Iigh School, WinneTlca, Illinois. 4 x 3' .r' H' -' '. ' -H I ,. X. .r. qs. ,.. gg fgewgyr7s.5 W 'ir A ' v , if Q ,LM -4,4 -. .1 - 4 ' 'M -- '- "1vV'pQ:g75,5? A f '- W: faaiz A53- 12 '1,,,M gg.-31,52-,AQ,f . . A .5 5: I :ff Iv nf f v 1. V.-Lf gy -21.93. ifyyg15,- . 33,111 ff--1.1 51. f. Eff. - ...,z,. .fl-,.5,.A-5 1. .. . 'Fi 1 Z., ' Fe- ',i.f' f. 4 - w n A my , iffy, . ...P ,zu-:mf 1.5. vfw fe" -1. -. l J f . ' ,Q . , ' "lf 'ff 'fizhf 'M-K -. ,iffsiia in -,f f , 1:21 Q3 Xp., Q 'wk-21,2 gig . , f Q, in 1 ami '3E?j'L,f-,'-I al.. 15-Wg-. 1- . .-" , 'PQ dm' " 17 n. W"x.1:'r. ' '. . 1 5 "fi 1445? a-:VJ-ffl Vf?3f?.21'i. 151 ' V er-3 ' fm 33. 12.14 , .ez 5v1Q,,g,.-.k.v.,F,, L u .5314 :Q ,, fix fav EL Qufv-J-,:1'Qf'ff:fsw Wi. -.-Q 3 ' 'L':5'I5Lf'5Z', Ia?-it.:3l3ENf1,frf -fffiw 'P 4 1 Vf f 1- f 1-wo: f mx' .12 . J - J .. ' "' '?-3Twfvf'E'?Ew??1r+ - - . , ' , 4' 1- ,ima .frwwev ,. f. . "fri ,s1QwiW'5fi24f - -fi WM.-, fr .L .sLfQ".w, . 1 ---fi -L:,: : - " ' ' . f . . ' 1.1 in ' if P1415 . 1' Arg-QW . ?e f . A .I f Ma-,1g1.,1 .fin-L-V-'ef.Q X- -" ,. ff? H EX. V ' ' 1.4 . . ,,,1-.3fUwg.LsV.w- ur.. 31:42 +1.13 5 Q-qw-fm 4 ':4g1...+1, vm' . - '-2.1 1' u -11' 1-A., ,,' 142, .env Vg 5 Niiq'Ya1-,i 1341,pq-ff--1-',ffJjfQegr-aw,1 " I nw X A-:gg Aw QA ke g-4. L A 'f'Hlfif'?5. ifZ'E54fE,i2' l f if Y' ' M L' " - ' . . -,,-,Q-15 f:'w:-L... ' 4 4551 " 4 'navy -1 ,I .1152 M4 Jn? 1 Y L ,. f.zan..:,,. +3 Afeujask- , agxfwa-Q 4.5, -vgfifswf ,Q Y. -35?-gp X . 'F ' ,-fm A :J 1 V .5 JAP 1 7 ' It f N 3 w E A ,1 1 1 E r 1 E I ,,,.n... - I E 2 -S 'Q Q W A S X r Y- Q 5 79 Q32 1. .f A-. hx uf' v 'Wy X M66 J A R51 gJJN35 ,Fair . J W QUPV. 15 A. wr" -X.. 'B' . 5.2 Ui? I fx wi' 5 9 I gd 'E ,, , in mf 6 ' V 3 ffjyfw M6 !W X ffu J L lfQ,H.fffJ ,1Lf'U' 4 mx! 6? Q My M jf Q Jw ,f xx W W , U ffg J' Mg " W,ffsfx"'. Q Q. X . LJ f7"Wlb x Jap ' L- ' 44' sff X M P Q ff' QQ Aj 3 X is fp 7 X V -f SQ WA in ibm? y'xf u5WJJ if I gf fl' f ,W x 's i. W ei. ' A ,.. 5 X, ,V E a ixfiiiqg M I it v ..nfa-fig, 3: .,,,3' , f 7 ,f's,W2s+'f5n 'YW ' X f .if its " Q fifffgdiikgf - A I , pw" Y 1 1 In il V ' X i . 2 A if A X ,,J"'r' 9 ,if ' H ef W - . bf' 'P-SF-44 fi W wfikxsbbg f yy 33 850935 0 7 x NN IJ I . fa' fm ,935-3 qiovjxmyx, it JW - . 'PM y QL, 2 V J - ' 1 ra b Q L+ , ,J ,fu i jj f ja MW ,nf 2 Z Q 4 M slang jim! fx QMW F, 06, Wy ff yy QM W if f 1,15 J GM lm ,Qi S K5 sk my ,x foo, F., 4 iw iq Q cf b 4 ,gf ,.,.,.-..,,, -.-1 4 .Y

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New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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