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S QPR P , 1 'V ill, . Y Hill I Tw y QQ I P ,' F5411 25 311-15 3"1fffsi.,g:ijgfg1 , ' ff aa. .Sim MW- ' A E -X,-iigg -Vi V -5f.,A,f5,5 11-.... H 1 ,- - 1.,., - ' ,L ,- f ,rf -',.5g:1.3fg,4.,,! 9-Wil .:f"J3ixf ,QE '7F'1'gfT"Z 35"'J2-,1 j 'i'5'ff-' N I S V- A i Sgr' fy: 1 R ,. !.,' , fu' i ' ' fl: QT! , , " s. :ff '?i'f wc. mg 5 fi., , :ga , ms -1 1' 3 A , y v L 'u -I 4 H as n w Y r ' :vm HT 9-,Z .V I I W , if ,Hp L 'efffl X- . '-... iff .SQ ge-1j.5.g,f v,,4Dh,,gj1.- .jfgn gg. ii 'mi-iii? , x 1'3" ,Mi igli gi- 'IT-zzz ff ' ' ' 'lf'3Q 1iif'f',:,35Fhaf'::: ar gWi. 5i1u' I QX'',7f2a"-f2'3'iZ2fflY'1f 4 .F Q J . . I - 1- H?-L ' ' , .. 1. 4 21' fi ' - if ' k ,-k fqli, 4 . 3 SQHHQ. Fifi-1 ' 5 11, V ' ., If f:F'fif'L V .MN 4 'QF . 'N if 1 I 4 . " ,W 5 . , 4 . . . 4, X wg 1' an 'W-fi-Q f JP . A If M' V, r ,, ' nfl was planned, wrillen, and designed by sludenls of New Trier Township l-ligh School, Winnelka, Illinois. Edilor-in-Chief . . . John Wieland Assislanl Edilor . . Mary Ellen Arnold Wrile-up Edilor . . . Carol Kirlc Sporls Edilor . . Daniel Wilder Manuscripl Edilor . . Jeanne Sewrey Ari Edilor . . Business Manager. . . Neele Slearns . Susan Lawrence Pholographer .... Frank Murphy Assislanl Pholographer . . John l-lales Cover Design. . . l-lerberl Kashian Facully Sponsor .... R. E. Wilson Supervisor ol Pholography . D. F. Srnilh W V an 1,4 ffl V ois ,jaw , A wa, fffffa' .. ... 1 my Liga! .. . ,. Hn -. ,.,i-li , ',,,?,. ., .. , .K 1 , - ,355 ' Q , ,,,., .A .,.. . f n honor of Dr. Gaffney, ReTiring SuperinTendenT of New Trier High School lvlaTThew Page GaTTney has served as superinTendenT OT New Trier Township High School Tor TwenTy-Three years, longer Than any OT his predecessors. Through depression, war, and prosperiTy he has led The school To a world-wide repuTaTion Tor excellence. ln The counTless decisions and acTions OT managing a large high school, Mr. Gaiciney has ever been a humane man. Every sTudenT, every Teacher, every paTron has been To him a disTincT individual, To be TreaTed wi+h sym- paThy, consideraTion, and kindness. The door To Mr. GaTTney's oTTice has always been open To anyone who soughT his counsel. No deTail has been Too peTTy and no problem Too Tormidable Tor him To accepT iT as a maTTer OT genuine concern. The auThoriTy OT his posiTion .has Tound expression Through The Torce OT his own personal con- ducT. l-le has noT relied upon regulaTions and pronouncemenTs. l'le has been accusTomed To requesT, noT To command. l-lis respecT Tor individuals has made Mr. GaTTney a sTaunch deTender when deTense was needed. l-le has consisTenTly reTused To be Torced inTo acTion by hysTerical pressure againsT his own judgemenT. l-le has insisTed ThaT every individual be given Tull opporTuniTy To prove his worTh. As a leader, lvlr. GaTTney has displayed imaginaTion and invenTiveness in puTTing high ideals inTo pracTice. l'le has noT hesiTaTed To delegaTe responsibiliTy and encourage people To Tind a way To meeT iT. The exTensive developmenT OT our STudenT Council, wiTh accompanying encouragemenT Tor oTher sTudenT organizaTions, may be aTTribuTed direcTly To him. lvlr. GiaTTney has Tound ways To develop maTure, civilized young men and women. While mainTaining The sTrong college preparaTory Tone OT our school, Mr. GaTTney has broadened iTs pro- gram TO provide Tor all adolescenTs in The communiTy and To enrich The liTe OT The school beyond academic reguiremenTs. l-le has had a signiTicanT parT in The liTe OT our communiTy, and he has been acTive in educaTional organizaTions OT The sTaTe and naTion. l'lis achievemenTs have been recognized by honorary docTor's degrees Trom ColgaTe, NorThwesTern, and Yale universiTies. The class OT 1954 is honored To graduaTe Trom New Trier wiTh such a man as MaTThew Page GaTTney. 'K' 36 fx Q,-:M fl '? 'LZY7 A vig? Eff life 'iii :fre SEQ? Mak- if ' iii .,,, ... M'-1 yy? -I -x f,15gf,.S 3 35535323 ff' wg K4 . -4 XQQ A+ e ffm' Nw X52 X sf. ,Q Q ini T15 W? viazwa .A-, OLD MAIN BUILDING TO BE RAZED THIS SUMMER SCHCCL and CAMPUS 1.- A J Since The very beginning oT New Trier Township l'ligh School on February 4, IQOI-53 years ago- The main Tower building has served in various Tunc- Tions as The Tocal poinT oT school operaTions. Through The years, The Tall, sTaTely sTrucTure, Topped by iTs conTinuously-running cloclc, which was The giTT oT The Class oT l926, has been a symbol oT New Trier's excellence in educaTion. I-Iowever, similar To The TaTe oT all buildings, iT has become ouTmoded, unsaTe, and inadeguaTe Tor an increasing enroll- menT. The Board oT EducaTion has ThereTore Talcen successTul sTeps To have The building Torn down and a new, more modern, and much bigger building con- sTrucTedvin iTs place. Also, a new audiTorium, con- Taining approximaTely Twice as many good seaTs as The presenT one, will be builT on The siTe OT Today's audiTorium. HISTORIC ENTRANCE TO 54-YEAR-OLD MAIN BUILDING Besides The new Tower building and audiTorium, The consTrucTion plans as approved provide Tor The replacemenT OT a heaTing boiler, The insTallaTion oT a new elecTrical sysTem, The building oT indoor cor- ridors To connecT all school buildings, and The expan- sion oT The caTeTeria To accomodaTe 400 more people aT one Time. Included in The new main building will be ThirTy- Tive classrooms and laboraTories and eighT sTudy halls. A memorial library and reading room will be presenT in The new building: and The school's easT wing, which aT presenT houses The library and Two sTudy halls, will be reTurned Tor physical educaTion use, The TuncTion iT originally served. OTher rooms This building will conTain are numerous conTerence rooms, adminisTraTive, business, and TaculTy oTTices, an enlarged book sTore, and addiTional loclcer, sTor- s'..Q ,,.S,T' --TW' '-'7' AS Ab "f'7'W.'.'-'ir'-'71 V C131 1 JL'-xi -N' ' 2521- dll' s " 'V M .ig ' "-fV.a.f'l..4i' ' LAST DAYS FOR WEST WALK FROM MAIN BUILDING TO LUNCH HALL OLD AUDITORIUM HAS SEEN ITS LAST ASSEMBLIES AND STATE PRODUCTIONS ,T We 3 ' 1 J V' 'ffffgi ', V-, f, 24- - auf f ,Lg .11 D? age, and museum space. A large lounge, supporTed in parT by class giTTs OT recenT years, will be IocaTed in The basemenT and run by sTudenTs Tor social acTiviTies similar To The Senior CanTeen in operaTiOn during The pasT Two years. The success in obTaining public approval Tor The building program was The resuIT OT many years OT careTuI planning by archiTecTs, The Board OT Educa- Tion, a special TacuITy building cOmmiTTee, and simi- lar groups. The Board worlced wiTh The archiTecTs in designing The new secTiOns and wiTh The TacuITy cOmmiTTee in worlcing on arrangemenTs Tor reIocaT- ing classes and oTher acTiviTies while consTrucTion is in progress. ATTer Traming The basic plans Tor The new Tower uniT and audiTorium, The quesTiOn was broughT To a voTe among The school disTricT residenTs in a special eIecTiOn on December I2, I953. The Board aslced The public permission To issue bonds amounTing To 55,875,000 in order To cOnsTrucT The new secTiOns and improve exisTing heaTing and elecTricaI sysTems. GONE WILL BE FAMILIAR AUDITORIUM WALK All measures were approved by a raTiO OT Tive To Two. WiTh The money available, acTuaI worlq was Then ready To begin. Commencing in March a Tempo- rary adminisTraTive building To house mOsT OT The oTFices Tormerly in The Tower building was begun. IT is IOcaTed norTh OT The school On The girls' aThleTic Tield, and is scheduled To be compleTed by The end OT This school year. According To plans, The moving OT all supplies Trom The Tower building is To Talce place beTween June I8 and July I, wiTh The demoli- Tion OT The Tower building beginning July 5 and end- ing SepTember I I, Two days beTore The sTarT OT The nexT school year. The razing OT The audiTorium will ToIIOw in OcTOber. During These monThs, deTails will be compleTed in The blueprinTs. Bids will be accepTed during Decem- ber, and The Tinal cOnTracTs will be drawn up in Time To begin consTrucTion OT The new main building by January I5, I955. IT is expecTed ThaT This building will be ready Tor use by April OT I957. , rg .7 .l5f5l'- 5' ur 49.7, Q, , L, I 4 ,Q 337 V ' U .1 . JY' T" ff ' if TW' W ,, -Sf., suse, M17 VT '?w,, T I if I, 21225 . 'W' I ' , I V , ,, I X .g, , , . I , ,fy ,,, 7 Q., A , y -x -4 -5Ex"Td. ., -X , A X -an fiff M ' 5'4'U, ' T 2, 1- - X I-ff " T' ' I ' 6 - ..,,. V., - I ss... ,- , ,fs as X S f fa, as A T' Q' , ' ,gf fy f ' I X ,f I , f- ... wk . v i . -. ig, .A , - 4, 2 I f g l be f x - 1 M jxxx - h ,r.5M5 All , If I 441, I , -'T , L , .1 Wa, Awvwk? , , , . , ., .,-,,f.-0 e +- ' wwf? --- Qxiwsizw -.-s: TX -5 ,M-,. I .-.f f I X A 5 PAINTING SUBWAY MISS CRITCHETT MR BENNETT QARTISTJ MISS SLEIGHT MR EDWARDS ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY BF'W'W"TT"',"'W2 'ii ' ' DR MATTHEW PAGE GAFFNEY MR. FRED KAHLER S P T de T Dean of Boys ADMINISTRATIVE HEADS New Trier is well-lcnown as being a modern, up-To- daTe school which is able To preserve wise TradiTions. Une OT The reasons iT has mainTained a Tine repuTa- Tion is because OT The exceIlenT choices OT TacuITy members who are always alerT To The problems and needs OT sTudenTs. By sTriving To Tind only The besT Teachers Tor The jobs, New Trier has cOnTinually excelled. The changes This year were comparaTively Tew when one considers ThaT The school's adminisTraTive TaculTy, and oiciice sTaTTs are composed OT I8I indi- viduals, nOT including members OT The Board OT EducaTion. On The New Trier Board OT EducaTion, Mr. John E. Arnold and Judge RoberT E. English began serv- ing along wiTh The Tive previous members, as pro- vided by a recenT sTaTe law requiring seven mem- bers on a board. In The adminisTraTion deparTmenT, Mr. I-larry I'I. I-Ierron was named To The newIy-insTi- TuTed OTTice OT assisTanT principal, while Miss Lou- ise I-Iolzinger Toolc over The iob OT regisTrar. Mr. Paul C. Goodrich came Trom WesT Alexandria I'ligh School in Ohio To become adminisTraTive assisTanT in AssisTanT SuperinTendenT BrOwn's OTTice. To help The deans, Mr. Ered Kahler and Miss I-Ielen Malo- ney, in The handling OT senior aTTairs, Mr. William Gannaway was made chairman OT senior acTiviTies. The addiTions in New Trier TaculTy This year were as Tollows: Mr. Edgar Bailey ioined The science de- parTmenT. In The business secTion, Mrs. Karol Gree- son was new, as was Mr. Roderic McLennan in maTh- emaTics. The language deparTmenT was represenTed by Spanish Teacher Miss Emma LaPOrTe and I.aTin insTrucTor Miss I-lelena Lennards. The English de- parTmenT gained Three new members: Miss Marjorie MISS HELEN MALONEY Dean of Girls MR. E. W. RODBRO MR. C. J. LUNDQUIST Supervising Director of Engineer Guidance Tesfing BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. William M. I-Iales, WinneTlca7 Mr. Leonard P. Spacelc, WilmeTTeg M . I-I J. W'II' K fl Th' M P IW C I P ' WiImeTTeg Mr. RoberT E. English, WinneTIca: Mr. I-Iiram I-I. Belding, C-Elencosg MEriJibhn E. Cflblnvclcije. I F au mi Ui er I reslclenill ADVISER CHAIRMEN SmiTh, Mr. RoberT SweeT, and Mrs. KaTherine Wing. The speech secTion received Miss Mary Rhodes, and Miss Cleo Resler Tilled a vacancy as a new librarian. Miss Barbara Byrne reTurned To The physical educa- Tion sTaTT aTTer having been on a leave oT absence Tor one year aT Columbia UniversiTy. Among Those who reTired Trom Teaching service This year were Mr. L. A. I-IuTchens, head emeriTus oT The English deparTmenT. LaTin insTrucTor Miss Mary I-Ielen Paul and Mr. Norman G. ChrisTensen, science Teacher, also reTired. OThers who leTT New Trier service were Mr. Floyd Crank oT The business deparTmenT and librarian Miss Mary Jane Richei- mer. ATTer The close oT The TirsT semesTer, Mr. E. Donald Erisbie oT The social sTudies deparTmenT re- Tired To Talce a iob wiTh a New Yorlc Travel agency. Three Teachers were granTed leaves oT absence. Mrs. I-Ielen Eisler, Spanish Teacher, is on leave Tor Travel. German Teacher Mr. Phillip McDowell re- ceived a I7-uIbrighT Tellowship To Teach in Trier, Ger- many, Tor one year: his duTies in The language de- parTmenT were Talcen over by Tormer English Tea- cher, Mr. Gordon Jensen. Miss I-Ielen Voelz oT The physical educaTion deparTmenT Toolc leave To begin working Tor her masTer's degree in dance. On The oTTice sTaTT, Mrs. KaThryn Carroll was made assisTanT secreTary To Mr. Brown and replac- ed in The iob oT aTTendance records by Mrs. Mil- dred Trevor. The posiTion oT assisTanT in dupIicaTing oTTice was Talcen by Miss PaTricia Tool, while Mrs. Marion Showley replaced Mrs. JaneT EausT as secre- Tary in The TesTing oTTice. Mr. I-Iarold BurmeisTer IeTT his posiTion as an oTTice assisTanT To enTer The miliTary service ,and Mrs. Kayser Toolc charge oT counTer service and losT-and-Tound service. ' I I T I I I V MR. F. A. KAHLER P MISS HELEN MALONEY I MR. J. W, GANNAWAY Senior Boys' Adviser Senior Girls' Adviser Senior Acfiyifies Chalfman Chairman Chairman I MISS B. M. VEACH MR. R. S. REAM MISS L G H Sophomore Girls' Freshman Boys' Freishmian igii-IIsPTON ' AdVlS9I' Chairman Adviser Chairman Adviser Chairman . 4,1 - 1' HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS ' MR. RAU MR. SHEARER MRS. SCHOENENBERC-BER MR. SHOWLEY I , DR.'SMALL MR WINDOES Business Social Heaifh Boys' Physica! I . , , Foreign ' ' , 'V Science , Studies ' Educafion - , 1 wLan,guages ' ' ,, FACULTY AND OFFICE STAFF MRS, ABBOTT MISS ANDERSON MR. ASCHENBACH MRS. ATKINS MR. BAILEY 1 MR, BENNETT Girls Physical Music: Mathematics: Secretary, Science Art Education Senior Adviser V Senior Adviser Office of Superinfendenf ' was-Q, MRS BOND MRS. BORHEK MR. BOWERMASTER MISS BREIDENBACH MRS6f?R JI "' 2, ' ,gg Home Economics Home Economics , BUSINESS: 'Fvreiqn LM19'-'ages - I V A'S : 1-.L--..-,- A.1.,:.-. ' Yi Bgyg PM--fyfji'-'rj.3:Y " " 'Y' - - f , 4 Maihemahcs Dramahcs and Speech' ns wmv. J o,a 4, . 8 "gl H4 f f fcf4z'..f MR. FUNKHQUSER MISS. GAHAGAN MRS, GALLIE MR. GIALLOMBARDO MR. GIBSON MRS. GREESON Merhemahfzsg Dramahcs and Speech Maihemaiicsg Boys' Physical Ed: Booksfore Manager Businessg . Senior Adviser Junior Adviser Freshman Adviser ' , ' Freshman Adviser MRS. KIDD MISS KING MISS KIXMILLER MRS. KORMAN MISS KRAL Musicology Girls' Physical Ed: Social Studies Englishg Dramatics and Speechg Sophomore Adviser Sophomore Adviser Junior Adviser MRS. KRIEG AdiusI'menI Counselorg Freshman Adviser MR. LEHMAN . ANDWER MISS L PORTE MR, LARSEN MRALAUER MRS LAVERY riimziuslrrial Ads' Foreign Lgnguagesg Indusfrial Arrsg Boys' Physical Edg MUSIW E Freshman Adviser Freshman Adviser Sophomore Adviser Freshman Adviser .1 Hwy, 13? J, fa-ag? MRS. LE.NARD MISS LENNARDS MR. MacLEAN MR. MALINSKY MR. MARZ English Foreign Languages English AuI'o Driving: Social Sfudiesg Junior Adviser Freshman Adviser MISS MAY Mathematics: Junior Adviser hae' MISS MOELLER Foreign Languages: Freshman Adviser MR. OAKS Indusfrial Arts: Senior Adviser MR. PETERSON English: Junior Adviser MR. McDOWELL MR. MCFADZEAN MR. McLENNAN MISS MILLER Foreign Languages Boys' Physical Ed: Maihemafics Girls' Physical Ed: Junior Adviser Freshman Adviser MR. MOREY MRS. MORRIS MRS. JAMES MR. NAY Foreign Languages: Foreign Languages: Foreign Languages: Social Siudiesg Junior Adviser Sophomore Adviser Junior Adviser Sophomore Adviser 441'-wg MRS. OLSON MISS OSLAND MISS PARKER MISS PATTERSON Booksfore Supervisor, Girls' Office of Foreign Languages: Locker Rooms Dean of Girls Freshman Adviser MR. PIFER MR. PINK MISS PYLE MRS. RAFFETTO English: English: Girls' Physical Ed: Foreign Languages Freshman Adviser Junior Adviser Sophomore Adviser Junior Adviser QQ- Y AMRS. RECKITT MISS REINHARDT MISS RESLER MR. REYNOLDS Cafeferia Manager Business: Assisfani' Librarian Science: I Senior Adviser Freshman Adviser nm. . . 3 . MISS RHODES MRZROBERTSON MR. SCHMIH MRS. SEMMERLING MISS SLEIGHTV MR. D. F. SMITH Speech Boys Physical Edg Supervisor, Boys' Regisfrar's Office Maihernaficsg Pholographyg Sophomore Adviser Locker Rooms Junior Adviser Sophomore Adviser MR. J. R. SMITH MRS, K. C. SMITH - MISS M. E. SMITH MRS. SOWERSBY MR. STENVALL MRS. STEWART Business Englishg Englishg Home Economics Ari' Scienceg Senior Adviser Freshman Adviser Sophomore Adviser MR. SWAIN MR. SWEET MRS. TATHAM Malhemaricsg English Social Studies: Freshman Adviser Senior Adviser MISS TOOL MRS. TREVOR MR. UDE Publicafions Office RegisIrar's Office Mafhemaficsg Senior Adviser M R. VERNON Science: Junior Adviser MR. VAN AMAN MR. VAN DEURSEN Boys' Physical Ed: Science Sophomore Adviser MISS WALTZ MR. WATERS MRS. F. WEHR Social Sfudies Mafhemaficsg Social Siudiesg Sophomore Adviser Sophomore Adviser MISS VOELZ ' MISS WALKUP MRS. WALSH Girls' Physical Ed. English Office of Asst Principal MISS WEILER MR WEINGARTNER MR WELLINGTON Social Studies Malhemahcs Auto Driving Junior Advisor Junior Adviser Freshman Adviser ev?-3 Miss WHITE Miss wi-INFIELD MR R WILSON Mlssw wiLsoN Mas WIN Englgsh. English English-Social Sludiesg English Enghs ,I G'n'Wza' r'WTi4'F1iiiW?21?32-'vista .luninr Ariilisor Junior AdViSeI' JUHIOY AdViS9I' R lilfll-VM W H Y STUDENT ip: ,wg W ' ,U ff 71 , f r I-HALL SUPERVISORS: BARBARA THORNE, LORIN SURPLESS, SUE HANEMAN .,v.v.., - i GORDON ANDERSON HELEN DOUGHTY MARGOT ECKHOUSE MIKE BAITY I8 Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Sec T y T asurer STUDENT CCUNCIL Sludenl Council is The one organizalion in New Trier in which all The sludenls are represenled. Under The leadership oT Presidenl Gordon Anderson, Vice-Presidenl Helen Dough- ly, Secrelary lvlargol Eclchouse, and Treasurer Mike Baily, Council was conlinually slriving To Tullill Three Tunclions Tor which il was Tounded: To sludy, discuss, and acl upon slu- denl problems, To promole good relalions loelween The slu- denls and Tacully, and To develop in The sludenls good cili- zenship Trails Through experience in democralic organizalion. During The pasl year,'Council made signiTicanT slrides Tor- ward in The success ol The Honor Syslem, managemenl ol The lunch hall, sludenl supervision oT sludy halls, oblaining driving privileges Tor upperclassmen, and in many olher ways. Through The ellorls ol Council, a plan was adopled allow- ing all upper-classmen To drive To school. In addilion, driver- Training Tesls were presenled To sophomores as a parl ol The plan To educale sludenls on saTeTy. An improved program oT Salurday roller-slcaling, baslqel- ball, and badminlon in The gyms was ellecled This year, and The Halloween and Treshrnan parlies were olher examples ol Council's work in promoling recrealional programs which provide Tor speciTic needs oT The sludenls, The school, and The communily. , ,, ,iw SPONSOR MR. VAN DEuRsEN WITH FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES MR, VERNON, MISS KELso, AND OFFICERS BAITY AND ANDERSON REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Andrew, Schmidt Pelerson, I-Ielms, Schulz, Cram, Goodman. Third Row: Morgan, Thulin, Randolph, Cook, Miller, Cannon. Second Row: Shearer, Alle- gan, Elmendort Thorsen, Robinson, I-ledges, I-larris. Bollom Row: Doughly, Miss Kelso, Mr. Vernon, Naidow- ski. SECOND SEMESTER COMMITTEES Top Row: Teich, Singer, Falk, Talbot Gunn, Smith, Cohrs, Pilzner, Arlhur, Cram, Clarke, I-ledges, Baily, Third Row: Ross, Yales, Dorgan, Burchmore, Randolph, Shuman. Miller, Turner, Wilson, Caro, Deulch, Shearer, Andrew, I-larris. Second Row: Franlrzen, Slone, I-loward, Cook, Miller, Andrews, Schmidt Pelerson, Sullon, Albrecht Eckhouse, Sweelman, Allegan, Feuer Botlom Row: Fink, Naidowski, Van Weyk, Smirh, Wonderlic, Rubel, Smilh, Robinson, Cannon, Scolt Miner, Endres. FIRST SEMESTER COMMITTEES Top Row: France, Srelson, Murray, Benlley, I-lamillon, Wynn, Maxwell, Marlin, Surpless, Lindslrorn, Eckhouse, I-Ielms. Fourlh Row: Dold, Amos, Goellsch, Bronslon, Osborn, Turner, O'Connor, Lochner, Caslerline, Wilder, Anderson, Weinberg, Third Row: Andrew, Welch, Cook, Ehrbar, Bergman, Weinberg, Greene, Graham, Donaldson, Rappaport Avery, Goodman, Shapiro. Second Row: Veague, Varney, Schulz, Smilh, I-Ianeman, Rieger, Davis, I-larris, Porler, Powell, James, Bullard, Tourlellot Bo'Hom Row: Fowler, Van Weyk, Wagner, Wagner, Philpolt I-loerdt Lloyd, Vyse, Anderson, Weinberg, Feder, Allison. l RSQXQL, M , T Many changes and advances were made in sTudenT-supervised sTudy halls This year. FirsT- semesTer Treshmen were admiTTed Tor The TirsT Time, making only Two ouT oT seven sTudy halls TaculTy-supervised. The leadership-Training pro- gram, aTTer Two years oT operaTion, has shown deTiniTe resulTs in beTTer sTudenT behavior and accepTance oT responsibiliTy in sTudyhall groups. The sTudenT-supervised lunch hall also showed a greaT improvemenT during The pasT year. Us- ing eTTecTive publiciTy, The commiTTee manag- ing and supervising The lunch hall made greaT sTrides in geTTing sTudenTs To cooperaTe in keep- ing The lunch hall clean and orderly. The '54 Council assumed Tull responsibiliTy second semesTer and has shown real progress already: during This Time The '53 board conTin- ued To work as an advisory board. WiTh The new group oT oTTicers, headed by Tex Randolph as president STudenT Council Taces a year oT challenge. AnoTher big change, This Time in sponsorship, will occur when Mr. ArT Van Deursen, aTTer TwenTy years as TaculTy adviser, will relinquish This posT in which he has helped To guide Coun- cil To a posiTion oT eminence and inTluence in school aTTairs. Mr. Paul Goodrich, adminisTra- Tive assisTanT, will Take over The iob oT guiding Council beginning nexT SepTember. SECOND SEMESTER GROUP Top IRow:l Gross, ChrisTie, Robinson, Jones, Sproule, Fisk, ArThur, MacMil- in, Ager. Fif+h Row: Oelerich, Shere, Morgan, MaTThias, Dorgan, l-larris, Gammie, CarTwrighT, DoughTy. FourTh Row: Eckhouse, Cook, Boodell, Andrew, Reagan, PeTerson, Andrews, l-ledges, BaiTy, Third Row: DeuTch, SmiTh, Allegan, Caro, Anderson, Goodman, RappaporT, ElmendorT, Shearer. Second Row: DoughTy, Sprowl, Phelps, James, l.indsTrom, Maclean, Foy, Friedner, Babize, Shoresman. BoTTom Row: Ellis, McCollisTer, Mr. Goodrich, Miss Kelso, Mr. Vernon Randolph, l-loban. COUNCIL OF CLUBS Top Row: BernsTein, SmiTh, WhiTe, Salisbury, Mc6rew, Cross. Middle Row: Young, PeTerson, DeuTch, AlbrechT, Reise, Cooper. BoTTom Row: l-Tales, Goodwin, Gode, BarneTT, Bender, GaTTer, STone. Discussion leaders Eckhouse and Rappaporh supervisors NesbiTT, MarTin, l-lollingbery, Lorch, Nilson, Morava, Lindblom, Kolarik, McKinnon, Kirk, Lane, and Miller. iiii X li., fps STUDENT- SUPERVISED STUDY HALLS STUDY-HALL GENERAL SUPERVISORS Top Row: Webb, Swirles, Thompson, Mohl, Walls Sludy. Middle Row: Slearns, Cook, Kram, Goodman Schulz, l-lammaker. TTIBD. FIRST SEMESTER STUDY-HALL SUPERVISORS Top Row: France, l-loban, Gunn, Friend, Lane, Orlaviani, Conover, Osborn, Sex, Srruve, Gessel, Ehrbar, Elnyre, Kennedy, Driggs, Wallace. Fourlh Row: Porlman, McKinnon, l-linkley, Taylor, Greeley, Beuder, While, Morava, Rosenbaum, Chrislie, Szonn, Cummings, Surpless, King, Marx. Third Row: Selinger, Keyser, Good, Gudeman, Campell, Crowley, Cramm, Armslrong, Siruggles, Anderson, Wollum, Kearns, Kolllai, Cook, Richeimer, Levin. Second Row: Carmody, Perlman, DeVry, Pelerson, Kirk, Cherlain, Boodell, Miller, O'Connell, Nesbill, Donaldson, Gross, DeWiH', Pelerson Addinglon, Wollz, Balkin, Miller. BoHom Row: Penlield, Donahue, Feuer, Smirh, Dohse, Edgar, Bradley, Nunn, Pelers, Salvarzo, Clark, Clarke, Cookman, Cornell, Borg, Foy, Eckhouse. v SECOND SEMESTER STUDY-HALL SUPERVISORS Top Row: Ellwine, Mohl, l-loban, l-linkley, Surpless, l-lelms, Cain, Lane, Myers, While, France, Sex, Sokol, Wallace, Wacker, Ely. Fourlh Row: Chrislie, Gudeman, Powell, Bender, Taylor, Marx, Szonn, Thompson, Simonds, Dunbeck, Wollum, Taylor, Snow, Selinger, Smiih, h Sc ulz, Third Row: Voss, Randoll, Cohn, l-lowensline, l-layman, Caslefline, Wineberg, Anderson, Kolllal, Lusrgarlen, Chaplin, Chrislopher, Mann, Kearns, Wilson. I Second Row: Foskell, McCready, l-lollingbery, Turlle, Donaldson, O'Connell, Coleman, Boodell, Schuleman, Edmonds, Thorsen, Edwards, Nielsen, Williams, Gaines, Slruggles. BoH'om Row: Klin eman, Ogilvie, DeVry, Risrow, Doughly, Fell, Teegarden, Edgar, Dohse, Smilh, Brown, Winburn, Clark, Lange, Gaklerl, Borg, ir-f:r:,,. I . L41 - 1 ' Bollom Row: Elmendorf, Daliere, Freeman, Cook- JIM HUST BOB STRUGGLES SHEP BENTLEY DON MCNEILL PI'ESideI1f Vice-PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer TRI-SHIP JOHN .22 CiTizenship, Tellowship, and sporTsmanship are The Three guiding principles oT New Trier's Tri-Ship Club. l-leaded by The execuTive board consisTing oT club oTTicers, class chairmen, and heads oT The Ten commiTTees, The remainder oT The direcTive membership oT Tri-Ship is composed oT adviser- group represenTaTives and commiTTee members. ln reviewing The year's successes, The dance com- miTTee was responsible Tor inTroducing a Treshman "Tri-Ship" aT The beginning oT The year in addiTion To The Tive big dances. This year's "Lagniappe" presenTaTion, "Eppa lngal," was The producT oT ex- cellenT planning, acTing, and sTage managemenT. The proTiTs Trom all TuncTions, including Lagniappe and The dances, enabled Tri-Ship To award scholar- ships To abouT ThirTy boys. Service commiTTee conTinued supplying library moniTors, door guards, inTormaTion-desk boys, and The sTudenT employmenT service. The Ticl4eT com- miTTee handled disTribuTion oT Ticl4eTs Tor "Lag- niappe" and Tri-Ship bangueTs besides The prinTing DICK MAC MCKINNON RON HEDBERG A A HIRAM HINKLEY 'WAYNE KING BILL MUTHER , TickeTs 'Traffic Lagniappe Laqniappe Public Relations oT TooTball game programs. In charge oT arrange- menTs Tor The l:aTher-Son bangueT and T-he Dad's Club TooTball bangueT, The dinner commiTTee also Tool: care oT reTreshmenTs aT dances, sock hops, and The l-lalloween, sophomore, and senior parTies. The club-room commiTTee provided use oT iTs Tele- vision seT Tor various occasions and supervised The use oT The club room Tor inTerviews wiTh college represenTaTives as well as oTher group meeTings. PubliciTy was The iob oT The public relaTions com- miTTee: running oT The annual Career NighT and The homecoming ceremonies wenT To The arrange- menTs commiTTee. The TraTTic squad direcTed over- Tlow TraTTic aT all major evenTs and beTore and aTTer school: and The usher corps members served aT more Than sixTy-Tive evenTs during The year. l-laving Tounded The organizaTion in I926, Mr. Donald Frisbie served as Tri-Ship's sponsor Tor Twen- Ty-seven years. Mr. William Gannaway assumed Tull sponsorship This Tall Tollowing Mr. Frisbie's re- TiremenT Trom This posT. COMMITTEES Top Row: Cummings, Mc:Na++in, Lanham, Dern, Blunl, Segil, Lochner, Dralce. Four+h Row: Jones, Freeman, Price, Meyers, Greeley, I-lerron, Cramer. Third Row: Wilder, Srruve, Waller, Allen, Jeffers, Chrislopher, Snow. Second Row: Wieland, Webb, Gladson, Shanahan, Sennofl, Murher, Morrison BoH'om Row: Cram, Buclwig, Porler, Funari, Painler. SPONSOR MR. GANNAWAY ASSISTANTS MR. KELLY, MR. BOWERMASTER, AND MR. MALINSKY REPRESENTATIVES ' Top Row: Slephens, Jones, Seelurih, Adams, Myers, Norman, Palmer, Macomber. Fourfh Row: Good, Kurz, G-oldsfein, Snow, Durham, Eddy, Nurr, Johnson. Third Row: Sfudy, Ade, Keyser, Bowman, Oehler, Van Esso, Andrew, Nicolazzi. Second Row: Webb, Morrison, Barron, Will, Maupin, Bushnell, Wiley, Chaplin. BoH'om Row: Mr. Gannaway, Everly, Schulz, l-liggenbolham, l-luyler, Tennanl, Doughly. l i , ..+J.Y..,st":?fN'3 "Y 4 X -ki 'A' 'N' INFORMATION DESK Top Row: Cleary, I-lavel, Ollavi- ani, Rosen, Nicklin, Sex, Thomp- son. Middle Row: Shanahan, Cramer, Bender, Caslerline, Orelind, Friend, Gross, Cohn. Bo+'Iom Row: Cook, Anderson, Ad- kins, Melzner, Grolil, Lewis, Mor- gan. LIBRARY MONITORS Top Row: Peacock, Simon, Milch- ell, Bowman, Farnham, Caslerline, I-Iazlehursl. BoHom Row: Yarle, Schwanles, I-I a r ri s, Crummer, Sanderson, Maupin, Salerno. SOIPHOIMORE ABSENCE- BULLETIN CORPS Top Row: Knulsen, Vander I-leiden, Flinl, Childs, Donnelley, Ruqgles Leck, Jensen, Beniarnin. Third Row: McArliI'Ie, Alsdorl While, Guepin, Allin, Breed Coon, Sherman. Second Row: Lanyi, Edwards, Gar- rison, Ariell, Dudman, Ruth Kelly, Morrison. Bollom Row: Wonderlic, Nason Buck, Burmeisler, Moses, Braun Nicolozzi. T4 I 1 YW HALL GUARDS Top Row: Ellis, Campbell, Mohl, Bonfig Barron, Lawson, Capone. Third Row: Johnson, Kay, Slrelow, Mc Manus, Olson, l-lelmer, Drake. Second Row: Coyno, Adkins, Chaplin l-luyler, Luslgarlen, l-larris, Alqeo Dini. BoHom Row: Wineberg, Mollly, Good rnan, Coleman, Corcoran, Fagel. USHER CORPS Top Row: Allen, Wood, Kleerup, Cavals lon, Arlhur, Jennell, Cramer. Middle Row: Anderson, Porler, Worlh- Englon, Marx, Dunbeck, Davenporl. BoHom Row: Porler, Adkins, Baify, Cal- kins, Cohn, Olmsled. Second Row Bennelf Srlls Bronslon Truesdell Bowman Porlman Chrislopher Pollak Pielrowie Weidemann McCullough, Coghill. BoH'om Row Pelerson Schullz Gross Granger Beal Paschen Miller Morrison Chambers Mussner Cook Shapiro Jelllers. Fi'F+h Row Armsfrong Powell Selinger Edmonds l-lepple Lorch Seqil France Ramsay Ollaviani Driqgs Morava Trense, Greenough. Fourlh Row Amos Tippens Lieliow Groves l-lusl Larsen Roewade Gladson Johns Anderson Benfley VanOs+erhou+ Dunn. Third Row Crowley Cain Anderson Kay Slephens l-larrls Murphy Allen Waller Cooper Gillis Allen Coleman Wieland. Second Row Goodman Kurz Mulh r Smifh Davis Slruggles Anderson Shanahan Slearns Webb Vlfineberg McKinnon, Morrison, Glos. BoHom Row Carmody Binkley Welch Slevens Boudreaux Sludy Hedberg Moilly Fell Budwig Chaplin Calkins Bender. hffvix, KLA- B MARY ANDERSON DEBBY HOLLINGBERY PEGGY COLEMAN NANCY TUTTLE Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelar y Treasurer I , ,. , .,. LYNN STARRETT GINNY NIELSEN LUCY LARSON SUZIE HADLER GEORGE ANN DOTY MAE CHETLAIN JACQUI D'ELLES Arrangements CI-iarily Employmenl Friendly Financial Social Publicily GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS AND SPONSOR, MISS KIX MILLER For lhe pasl lhirly-live years lhe Girls' Club ol New Trier has done an oulslanding iob, promoling lun and lriendship lor every girl al New Trier. Throughoul lhe lall monlhs, Girls' Club helped lreshmen and olher new girls lo become acguainled. The New Girls' Supper and lhe Friendly Banquel gave everyone a chance "lo make new lriends and keep lhe old." Fall lo Girls' Club also meanl "money- making lime," prolils going primarily inlo scholarships lor New Trier girls. The magazine drive nelled almosl 355,000 Sales ol cokes and spudnuls al sporls evenls broughl lhe lolal nel prolils up lo almosl 56,000 The spring lashion show provided anolher source ol income besides providing lalenled demonslra- lion ol lhe newesl clolhing slyles. The charily drives and adviser-room proiecls were examples ol lhe way? in which Girls' Club helped olhers less lorl- unale lhroughoul lhe Uniled Slales and in loreign lands. The clolhing drive, held in coniunclion wilh Tri-Ship, eslablished a new nalional record lor high-school colleclions wilh a lolal ol over lwenly- lwo lons ol clolhing collecled. Members ol lhe nursery-school slall, ollice slall, library slall, and lhe newly lormed absence-bullelin slall gave ol lheir lime lo lullill responsible chores which aided bolh school and commun- CLASS MANAGERS Top Row: Larkin, Edgar. Bollom Row: Coleman, Chellain. ily. Girl's Club also provided iobs lrom baby-silling lo salesmanship lor New Trier girls desiring employmenl. The Molher-Daughler Banguel, given early in lvlarch, gave Ivlom an opporlun- ily lo recall her high-school days. Throughoul lhe year, under lhe guid- ance ol sponsor Miss KixMiller, New Trier girls gol lun and relaxalion lrom Girls' Club, in addilion lo many hours ol work, everyone accepling lhe chal- lenge lo make I954 one ol lhe mosl successlul years in Girls' Club hislory. FIRST SEMESTER COMMITTEES TOP ROW: Rccfiscf. Cifke -', Cef' Ee'e's:', Ce de'fnI, R"'r-ef, Sei"-"' Rene" 3 cf- C: 42 - .. -, -.,' S:'age'. Four'II'1 Row: C3131 nec.-., Ce'c::", Sex-ues C:'c"'. L5'5cc L7ece"n" cc. I-I::s'eI S""' T J' MCCS. e e" M Sfedev. Third Row: Ed'--'e'os, E ef Genes, fake Cer f' NVQT H545 qc I-Ief'e" 'c S'e", ' Ke'se NCC: :"' :M--' Ness" 0 .-fr, Ecsref. Second Row: Refncef-. refme' wen :seen C7C'CC' .Ies"e' S""', I-I: Mes, :"s:: Me":--' Mcfleecg 21:5 -' Kesed W NV? Jams, Ve-vXfVexc De ey. BoH'om Row: Nc'c':ss T:u"e':' 3-:nes Cccvcec R 'Q Eau-.5 e 4:4 Ceeve fccse Sc:-. femrg, Age: fic: , Rcacjcck S SECOND SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: I-Id:-ren, XIVTICCX. Ecscfzk, Sccegef NVe 5, Rcsece Hdxme', Dew-e' Bfc.-.-, F: Ze' ?e'e's- . Tczmcscc - 'seine 33x Yen. Third Row: Wefo. Srcfe, Lengencece Jfficvscn, Sadness Scnccen, Eiefcs S:""e' Tex c' Gazer Ma"'e'-ns. Se-. Cave Schaefer Aoems. Second Row: Wnveoge, Thie e, Dey, Scfcem. Gccdwfr' Ezrfef, Vdgr, Refnecf S"T'n Eyes' Jcces, E'fe'c E""Ze" V-""e-sfae Ar, BoH'om Row: Deen. Bren.-fn. Rlwgfey, W::d'ccl, MfIIer 6'eef'e Teegafden, C':?se" Ticcencf I-Irceceq, Gcmsre :-'e 5 " Hg Gfwe' Rxcs X. FIRST SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Loci Ausrin, Danlberg. Aivefef, Tufne' MIIIef. VVys5, PeTe'Sc', Brown, Bu es, Vrcecge, S+c'e Fourfh Row: Sfnirn, I-Icenn, SI'enenen, I-Ifnkfe. S+erre'i Srexervs. THEIWISFTYT Dc-'cena EusIce'5, S"""', Krg I-Iecscn, 3-e'ge'. Third Row: Ugnrner, Dew, Garden, PuII'nen, Rcbeffs, McCfeedy. Jacobsen, Clark VVF?+ele'. C'csL':v Dfcbe, Nen sen, Lang E.-.:::z. Second Row: Grcsfnan, Jensen, PIwFIcc'f, Eeifbeirn. King, Scnwiefez-+, Page, RTTT-3TfC9fQ, Fe-e'se' B'ee" Bcccecen Mefemcrr, Mceef. Cochran Nab Bo'Hom Row: DI-IscoII. Mericrri, Madden, Norcross. Nunr. Cesde, Ruddock. Tfue, Eraser, Cece, Sauer, Marina Kefcef, Kferrer Mccfe Jones, Mer?-e' NURSERY SCHOOL STAFF Top Row: Gallery, Emrich, Bradley, An- derson, McLick, Wyss, Pailon, Porier, Anderson, S BoHom Row: Tichenor, Wagner, Murphy, Baughn, Caslle, Edel. I I ' ' s, anderson, Schulz, Bayless. Taylor, Rernberl, Fink, 28 RESERVE LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Top Row: Ford, Sweelman, Mages, Slranne, Cox, Trexler. BoH'om Row: Winburn, Ogilvie, Miller, Anderson, Ross. OFFICE STAFF Top Row: Keilh, Albrecht Jinkinson, Foskell, Mcllwain, Wollison, Brill, Brandenburg, Drick, Ross, Wyss, Peierson, Fuiorian. Third Row: Goodwin, Miller, Kalz, Deu+ch, Lieberman, Goodiriend, Doepel, Johnson, Boyls+on, Baughn, Schager, Dorgan. Second Row: Laun, Keserl, Drell, I-lallis, I-Iimelblau, Minx, Rillenberq, LaMo+l'e, Slanley, Dawes, Tour'I'elloI', Presion. Bofiom Row: Remloerl, Tichenor, Fink, Kirk, Lund, Peiers, McCready, Unger, Currier, Rassman, Walerslradl, Gilmour. SECOND SEMESTER COMMITTEES I W Top Row: I-Iuflman, O'ConmeII, Bullard, Brandenburg, Whillaker, Cross, Wollison, Donaldson, Edens, Coleman, Bick, Slrone, Schmidt Fourih Row: Miller, Brown, Langenbach, Ruskin, Jinkinson, Gaiieri, Slone, King, Johns, Whireside, Schell, Peiersen, Schwem. Third Row: I-Iusion, Addinqion, Baughn, Day, Maiewski, Davis, James, Bayless, I-Ioison, Kling, I-lager, Miller, Elliol, Daliere, Second Row: Rillenberg, Reinach, Trainer, Murphy, Allen, Maxwell, Pelers, Breen, Voigl, MacMellan, Addenbrooke, Devine, Flippo Mason, Cookman. BoH'om Row: Pullman, Moeller, Bradley, Moore, Beck, Nauioks, Whiieside, Jespersen, Garner, Chinberg, Jenks, Day, Alderman, Olson Young. Q T J., W X f , 'A' ' me M -1, Ei wx fp , H4 wi., T T :-ez: ZT fm, ,TD 2? 1 7 ,Tw aw ,W gf 5 ef if , ,fl , T Q af' X W .,, f f . T' ' 49" f JT, EDITING THE ECHOES RECORD: ETHEL CARO, BARBARA MARGOLIS, TOM ALLE N jan, 4 ,M ,,-My a , T-T-.T T' T N T f 23 fwj VT - fix TT T T V CT? T TTT T T if -" T T ' PC T T T T XT' X T T T T T 1 T T T T XQTT Ll T. Tm TT T T: TT T U T A TT T xy T Tl.T XQJ TQ LJ L Tk, XJ Q3 3 T-fgx .f"4 T Tj ,TITVT X T X - ffl TT T T Tw TT- T- '-1' L J T-li T' ' L: T f Ti T NEW TRIER NEWS AT The beginning oT The school year The News sTaTT was aware ThaT iTs principal eTTorT should be direcTed Towards preserving The gains accomplished by The l952-l953 sTaTT and, if possible, To con- Tinue The sTeady improvemenT achieved during The pasT years under The guidance oT Mrs. Sue Lenard. ConsTrucTive eTTorTs were made in several direcTions. FirsT oT all, emphasis was placed on making The News as nearly as possible an all-sTudenT publicaTion. Closer cooperaTion wiTh oTher school organi- zaTions, and sTudenT conTribuTions in The Torm oT leTTers To The edi- Tor and oTher arTicles were encouraged. SporTs sTories and evenTs were TeaTured, and sTrong sTudenT sup- porT Tor aThleTics was sTimulaTed. lnnovaTions in presenTing The news sTories were underTal4en and Tound useTul in reporTing graphic, up- To-daTe accounTs. A noTable addiTion was a weelcly column oT con- densed news presenTaTion. MosT oT all, The News endeavored To provide inTeresTing and in- TormaTive reading and To supporT The Tine TradiTion oT New Trier in every way possible. NEWS SUPPORTING HEADS AND ASSISTANTS Top Row: Walerman, Roddick, Sprowl, Rieger, Meyers. BoTTom Row: GroTT, Passman, Allison, Freeman, Mrs. Lenard lsponsorl, l-ligginboTham, Kurz, Magie, BalTe, Morrison, Jmm REPORTING STAFF Top Row: Tarranl, O'Connor Balie, Truesdell, Karralcer. Middle Row: Reardon, Lippman Manus. Bo++om Row: Bufler, Alderman Smilrh, Dexler, Lunsford, Talcoil' Kronwall, Teegarden. SUPPORTING STAFFS Top Row: Schullz, Goldman, Baile, Freeman, Middleron. Middle Row: Allison, Maremonl, Lunsford, Franden, Cooper. BoH'om Row: Booz, Burler, Bern, Smifh, Alderman. Smilh, Middlelon, Winie, Mc- al Meyers, l-laugh, Kurz, Arnold, Mrs. Lenard lsponsorl, Rieger, Lind, Larson, Wieland. Quill and Scroll is a nalional honorary sociery which recognizes rneril and achievemeni in Jrhe field of iournalism. By meeiing cerrain required sian- dards, qualified New Trier sludenis are nominaied ro rhe sociery in April or May oi each year. Sru- denis newly appoinred 'r-his year, as announced ar The Publicaiions Banquel on Thursday, May I3, were seniors Pele Groicl, Mary l-liqginborham, Carol Kirk, Sue Lawrence, Ed McManus, John Morrison, Rog Reardon, Ellen Roddiclc, Jeanne Sewrey, and Daniel Wilder, and iuniors Aviva Eulorian, lsadora Lipp- man, Angie Lunsford, Prudy Passman, Carole Smirh, Colby Smilh, Susie Teegarden, and Len Truesdell, represeniing News, Echoes, and lnklings. Business Manager 32 H lv-,4 ISI Q . H - i " " "" f' "' , .lg Mm ff H11 'f ....lY'2'M 'jr w Wil iwizfli MZ, ,, , ,,,, ECHOES or 1954 Each year The Echoes sTaT? aTTempTs To produce a be-TTer yearbook Than ThaT OT The previous year. TO make The l954 ediTiOn The besT OT all, The sTaTT in- cluded more picTures represenTaTiOnal OT The schOOl's sTudenTs and acTiviTies, more TacTual wriTe- ups, a more diversiTied and aTTracTive layOuT OT pages, and reTained The idea OT a modern, cOlOrTul cover design. In addiTiOn, The sTaTT wanTecl TO produce a book which Tive Or even TiTTy years Trom now could be reTerred TO as a reliable source OT inTOrmaTiOn. a book which would give a Tairly accuraTe picTure OT The school, sTudenTs, TaculTy, and acTiviTies during The year I953-I954. TO make The year's sTOry more compleTe, a sepa- raTe sTaTT was Tormed TO produce a recording which cOnTained Tamiliar sound OT some OT The more im- porTanT and OuTsTanding evenTs, This was included wiTh The I954 annual Tor Those who wished To pur- chase The recording as a supplemenT To The book. A parTicularly noTeworThy improvemenT in This year's book iTselT, however, is The inclusion, Tor The TirsT Time in Echoes hisTOry, OT picTures OT The gOlT, Tennis, spring Track, and baseball Teams OT The cur- renT year. For The TirsT Time also, The annual senior play presenTed in The spring Touncl a place in The book. AnOTher TeaTure expecTecl To be popular wiTh New Trier sTudenTs is an enlarged snapshoT secTiOn which presenTs some OT The lighTer side OT sTudenT acTiviTies bOTh in and OuT OT school. Under The guidance and direcTion OT lvlr. R. E. Wilson, sponsor, an enThusiasTic and capable sTaTT worked day and nighT, including week-ends and holi- days, TO produce an Echoes which, iT is hoped, will be The besT-received OT a long series OT successTul yearbooks. Sewrey, Truesclell, Lawrence, WaTerman, Kirk, Wielancl, Arnold. T l l l i l I i eXg . Mr. D. Smilh lsponsorl Murphy l-lunyady Allen Wes Lanyi, l-lill. Pholography Service was inauguraled laslr year chiefly lo provide piclures for Echoes and News, as well as "ou'rside" pub- licalions. Composed of advanced sludenls, Jrhe group does all lhe work involved in pro- ducing piclures, members worlcing during free periods and aller school developing negalives and preparing lhe hundreds upon hundreds ol prinls from which Echoes pic- Jrures are finally selecled. Sludenl pholo- grapher Paul Wesl look adviser-group and olher groups piclures for several monlhs during adviser period. Piclures of clubs, alhlelic leams, and mosl school evenls were lalien eller school hours by Franlc Murphy and John l-lales. Jim Allen developed all The negalives for Echoes, and Frank Hun- yady and Rhodes Myers did mosl ol lhe prinling. Mr. Don Smilh was supervisor. Top Row: Moreen Kashian 'lruesd ll Walerman Third Row: Lunsford Lippman Fisch r Fulorian Cohn Second Row: Dexler Greenl eld Dorgan S'nirh Bolfom Row: Teeoarden Aisn r Nob' G ii s K if 1-Qii-1 ECHOES RECORD AnoTher TirsT Tor New Trier! Sounds Tamiliar? OT course, Tor These are Tamiliar sounds recorded Tor posTeriTy and pre- senTed Tor The TirsT Time in coniuncTion wiTh The Echoes. As Tar as is known, This recording OT Re-Echoes enTiTled "Sounds Familiar," is The TirsT yearbook record produced by an Illinois high school. Working under The direcTion oT Mr. RoberT Pink, wiTh EThel Caro as head oT The recording group, an enThusiasTic sTaTT "picked up" many hours oT speeches, cheers, concerTs, plays, games, and chiT-chaT, ediTed down To I6 minuTes oT nosTalgic sounds, including The conTinuiTy. A special scripT commiTTee headed by Tom Allen pro- duced The narraTive which holds The "sTory" oT New Trier acTiviTies TogeTher. The scripT, wriTTen Tor ryThmic narra- Tion, was reciTed by The verse-speaking choir under The di- recTion oT Miss Virginia Kral. The parTicipaTion oT The verse- speaking choir added TurTher inTeresT To The already inTer- esTing experimenT oT presenTing The acTiviTies oT The school in sound. Depending upon iTs recepTion by The sTudenTs, The Echoes record will be bidding Tor a place among New Trier's many annual evenTs. ECHOES RECORD STAFF Top Row: Doyno, ScoTT, Mangel, Clancy Lanyi. Middle Row: WirTz, Margolis, Branden burg, Davis, Allen. BoTTom Row: Mr. Pink, BoylsTon, Caro Thiele, Lokensqard. SPONSOR MR. PETERSON, EDITOR JOAN DAVIS, CO-SPONSOR MR. SWEET INKLINGS lnklings has long been The maior ouTIeT Tor creaTive wriTing aT New Trier. l'liTTing a high poinT in sTaTT enThusiasm and liTerary ex- cellence, The magazine This year saw an upsurge in The guanTiTy and gualiTy OT sTudenT work. Under The co-sponsorship oT Mr. R. S. PeTerson and Mr. R. SweeT, The I954 sTaTT meT regularly To selecT The besT ThaT New Trier had To oTTer in sTories, poems, an essays, and To gain valuable consTrucTive criTicism concerning Their own wriTing. The pockeT-size book, iniTiaTed in 1953, proved so popular ThaT This Torm was repeaTed This year. I954 saw a deTiniTe rise in The quanTiTy and qualiTy oT creaTive wriTing aT New Trier. Judging Trom The TalenT exhibiTed This year, lnklings conTinued To provide valuable experience Tor sTudenTs inTer- esTed in wriTing. INKLINGS STAFF Top Row: PaxTon, Fosdick, Rieger, Cohn, Davis. Third Row: BenneTT, Long Nordblom, BrighTman, MelT zer, WolT, BalTe. Second Row: Doyno, Kuhles SmiTh, l-loTson, Schulz, SuT Ton, Moreen. BoTTom Row: Baker, Wonder lic, Passman, Gaines. LE FLAMBEAU Le Flambeau, The French maga- zine, was published in laTe May and consisTed oT a varieTy oT con- TribuTions Trom all French classes. SelecTions included inTeresTing French sTories, arTicles, poeTry, crossword puzzles, and iokes, A conTesT was held To choose The besT cover design: enTries noT chosen Tor The cover were used ThroughouT The magazine. Under The able ediTorship oT Carol Re- mien and The assisTance oT Mrs. M. L. Morris, a capable sTaTT handled eTTecTively The arT, publi- ciTy, rewriTe, Typing, assembling, and sales deparTmenTs, EL PREGUNTON STAFF Top Row: Bassman, Phelps, Woolard, l-lowell, CriTTenTon, Jenks. BoH'om Row: Currier, Mrs. James lsponsorl, l-ligginboTham, SrniTh. DIE SCHREIBEREI Since T936 when The magazine was TirsT published, Die Schreiberei has increased in populariTy each year. Under The sponsorship oT Mr. Gordon Jensen This year, The magazine sTimulaTes inTeresT in The German language by giving Ger- man sTudenTs a chance To express Themselves in a Toreign Tongue. EdiTed by Bill Alger, who was as- sisTed by an excellenT sTaTT, Die Schreiberei was composed oT sTo- ries, poems, essays, and puzzles chosen Trom conTribuTions Trom German sTudenTs oT all classes. 35 LE FLAMBEAU STAFF Fink, Gaines, Caro, Mrs, Morris, Remien, ATwaTer, Lelewer. EL PREGUNTON EI PregunTon, published annually by The Spanish deparTmenT, surpasses The oTher language magazines in sales wiTh almosT Tive hundred copies sold To sTudenTs in Spanish classes. Being The only Toreign language magazine To be prinTed raTher Than mimeographed, EI Pregunfon consisTs oT nearly ThirTy-Tive pages. All Spanish sTudenTs are required To submiT To The magazine an arTicle, poem, cover design, or puzzle. The superior conTribuTions are prinTed, and The arTisT OT The cover design which is used receives a prize. Mrs. Mar- gareT James is The TaculTy sponsor, while This year's ediTor-in-chieT was Mary Higgin- boTham. DIE SCHREIBEREI STAFF STanding: Goodman, Kearns, Mr. Jensen, Meyer, Krause, AlbrechT. DEBATE Goldman, Wessman, l-lowell, PorTer. Among high-school debaTers This year, The Topic under discussion was "Resolved: ThaT The PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes should be elecTed by a direcT voTe oT The people." DebaTing This guesTion in The March secTional TournamenT aT Waukegan, New Trier's var- siTy Took TiTTh place wi+h Three wins and Three losses, bringing Their season record To ThirTy-Three wins and TiTTeen losses. ln addiTion To secTional compeTiTion, The debaTers parTicipaTed in several inviTaTional TournamenTs. The beginner, sub-varsiTy, and varsiTy divisions placed TirsT aT La Grange, Tollowed by a TirsT place aT Niles Tor The beginner and varsiTy Teams. The beginners again capTured TirsT place aT Blue Island, wiTh The sub-varsiTy and varsiTy divisions Taking second. The varsiTy Team also debaTed in TournamenTs sponsored by The Uni- versiTy oT Illinois aT Navy Pier and by AugusTana Col- lege aT Rock Island, winning Tour ouT OT six and eighT ouT oT Twelve debaTes respecTively. The co-capTains oT The varsiTy division were Jack PorTer and Cal Wessman: The remainder oT The Team consisTeol oT John Emery, Dick Weinberg, John O'Con- ner, and l-lenri Rush. MosT oT This year's debaTers were members oT The NaTional Forensic League which is a speech honor socieTy having chapTers in more Than 500 schools ThroughouT The counTry. CrediT Tor New Trier's perennial inTeresT and suc- cess in debaTe musT go To Mr. C. E. lVlacLean who has coached New Trier Teams since I923. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Top Row: O'Conner, Lane, Rush, Arnold, Goldman. Middle Row: Howell, STone, Weinberg, Gibbons, PorTer. BoHom Row: Mr. MacLean, TennanT, Kirk, Wessman, BriTTon, KauTman. ll- 'S 3 T ' If 'ki DEBATE TEAM O'Connor, Weinberg. bons, KauTman, l-lowell l-lowell. BoTTom Row: Mr. MacLean Kirk, BriTTon, PorTer, Chris Tensen, STone, TennanT, GaT Ter. -.TL 36 141 WWE?-.QE Top Row: Goldman, Lane, Rush, Arnold, BenneTT, Middle Row: Van WolT, Wess- man, Emery, Doyno, Gib- sv V7 If 4 fe ,YQ Rf' w VA .5 , . f '10 P? . f , ,gg , ,ww f , , f 1 ff-Q 9 . f , QI . ' 1 24 ff , 1 , AJ 2 Qi 12 1' :Q .. gui? 5.5, Ez, Q 4 af ,521 if p 39 gf 1 Z 9 ? ??'ff I 1 , ,ms 5925, wiv' ng? in , gh 5 'W 'Y 'S 'ff VM ff 407 ' 1 :Qi 11-fm bisque 'fl' '52-Z If H-wyav' -2 wr may M -, f '4,-, A BASS VIOL TRlO: ED G-REENEBAUM, MIKE LEDERER, ROBERTA WOLFF ' ' 11- 1 I N x H ' , 1 , N 2 R 1 'X ' w I 4 W X 1 , , , , , , ' 1 X , , w L 4 1 - ,A "-Q',, LQ, .Q Qi,-1 113 , ff-T' giijy 1' , j if :iff C1 1, V ,fin Y ,fix . y ' , , ,J N I ,X N N 1 N , N ' wwf' V F , 1 M ' m , , - - W, L, , Y, ,,,, ,, ,, 4, A ,J Y V W gn Top Row: Wood, Lochner, Powell, PiTzner, Kleerup, Magnuson, Groves, Lechner, WolTe, Wessel, Alger, SennoTT, Tippens, Buck, Taylor. FiTTh Row: Waldmann, GoeTTsch, Berchem, Bolger, ArThur, Rasmussen, Voss, Ramey, l-lulTman, Nicholson, BluTenThal, Jarvis, Kurz, Morava, Morris, WorThing- Ton Helms, Arey, Drake, FourTh Rdw: Burns, KolTlaT, STevenson, Joseph, Moreen, Kashian, ReckiTT, Clissolcl, May, Robison, Bell, Taylor, STevens, Binkley, Lenz, Villiesse, l-layman, Byr- kir, LiTTle. Third Row: Taylor, Kibler, Rieger, AusTin, Wilcox, DuThie, MacKnighT, Brown, Nance, Frisby, Blumberg, McWilliams, Noble, Gode, Wonderlic, Windes, Add- ingTon, Emrich Pavlik. Second Row: Love, Bprowl, BarTell, Cone, Moninger, D'Elles, T-ligginboTham, LaMoTTe, TalboT, Loomis, BarneTT, Schoenrock, WebsTer, Sullivan, Schwem, George, Schulz Caro BoTTom Rowi Williams, Eckhouse, Thorne, Krause, Miller, Winburn, Madden, Long, Lind, Reeder, KeiTh, MiTchell, Shearer, Mccready, Young, Vidal, Adams, FrosT. The year i954 was a memorable one in New Trier's music de- parTmenT, boTh vocally and insTrumenTally. Under The leadership oT Mrs. Marian CoTTcn, head emeriTa, Mrs. Adelaide Bradburn, head oT The choral division, and Mr. Samuel Mages, head oT The insTrumenTal division, The deparTmenT experienced a successTul and ouTsTanding year. Gpening The season was The annual ChrisTmas concerT, wiTh more Than one Thousand sTudenTs parTicipaTing in eiTher vocal or insTrumenTal capaciTies. The Boys' Ensembles "Bells oT SainT Mary's," The "JubilaTe Deo" oT The chorus, The "Lord's Prayer" sung by The Girls' En- semble, and Dvorak's "New World Symphony" as played by The v"'4!t f g z ,T , , N 5 orchesTra were among The unTorgeTTable numbers. The old audiTorium held iTs lasT opera This spring. Running Tor Tour nighTs, "The Mikado" was presenTed To capaciTy audiences. This was "Mama" CoTTon's lasT opera: her 35 years OT Tormer successes helped To make This year's opera one oT The besT. The orchesTra was an imporTanT parTicipanT in boTh concerTs and The opera. ln addiTion, iT provided The opening music aT every play This year. BoTh The cadeT and concerT bands, under The direcTion oT Mr. Mages, perTormed aT several junior high schools in The area as well as aT The TooTball games. They also held several very successTul concerTs which were Thoroughly en- ioyed by all who aTTended. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Top Row: Van WolT, Nance, Wilcox, Donaldson, Frisby, Noble, Taylor. Third Row: Cone, MiTchell, Adams, George, Aus- Tin, Blumberg, Loomis. Second Row: Gode, MarTin, Schwem, BarTell, Win- burn, GilberT, Moninger. BoTTom Row: Madden, Johnson, Reeder, Krause KeiTh, Young. BOYS' ENSEMBLE Top Row: T-linkley, Lochner, Conover, Drake, Lech- ner, Wood, Johns, l-lelms, Third Row: Mulvaney, Morris, Waldmann, Bolger, Jarvis, ArThur. Second Row: STevenson, Arey, Joseph, ByrkiT, Voorheis, JenneTT, l-luyler. BoTTom Row: EbberT, May, Taylor, BaiTy, Clissold. Rf, - Q, , 38 1 f m, K i GIRLS' Isl' OPERA GROUP Top Row: Schulz, Reeder, Emrich, Thorne Williams, MacKnighT, Noble, Rieger, Ausi lin, Nance. Fourfh Row: Caro, McWilliams, Windes Love, Adams, Prisby, Wilcox, George Cone, Mirchell. Third Row: Kibler, l-ligginboiham, Sprowl Taylor, Addingion, Schwem, Blumberg Pavlilc, Barlell, Brown. . Second Row: Shearer, LaMoHe, Talbor, Viclc ers, Barnell, Winburn, McCready, Eclr house, Websler, Sullivan, Schoenroclc. BoHom Row: Wonderlic, Moninqer, Madden Long, Lund, Krause, Loomis, Miller, Keilhi Young, Vidal. BOYS' Is'r OPERA GROUP V Top Row: Wood, Lochner, Kleerup, Dralce, Groves, Taylor, Lechner, Coleman, Wolfe, Pirzner, Morava, Wessel, Tippens. Third Row: Jarvis, Blurenrhal, Sennoli, l-lelms, Ramey, Buck, Farnham, Arlhur, Morris, Berchem, Nicholson, Kashian, Reclciii. Second Row: Morgan, Morrison, Anderson, Lirlle, Slevens, Villiesse, Powell, Rasmussen, Byrlcil, Joseph, Burns, Kurz, Arey, Moreen Bo'Hom Row: Voss, Waller, Bell, Olson, Wonderlic, May, Lenz, Trees, Blech, Binlcley, Robison, Kollilal. GIRLS' 2nd OPERA GROUTP Top Row: Parlon, Klaulce, Crowe, Maclzall Collins, Slone, Bairsrow, Vollers, Cross Gillespie, Brandenburg, Mueller, Veague Fourlh Row: Slone, Smilh, Schager, Dorgan Besr, Graham, Miller, Coleman, Droege: mueller, Avery, l-laas, Shaw, Seiberling. Third Row: l-lanson, Pelerson, Sleiliens, Pylier Seiierl, Sweelman, l-loward, Goodiriend Schmiil, Conrad, Taiham, Knoloel, Buhse. Second Row: Lolcensgard, Peclc, Fisher, Guin- don, Wheeler, England, Williams, Mell- zer, Olson, Riclcards, Wyman, Yaqer Meyer. Boiiom Row: Ouainrance, Slanley, Booz Coolc, Zimmerman, Williamson, Smiih, Ba' sile, Chase, Moore, Weinberg, Brown. BOYS' 2nd OPERA GROUP Top Row: Barr, MacArrhur, Robinson, Lech- ner, McNaHin, Richmond, Wallace, Barr Third Row: Pererson, l-lill, Schoenbrod, War erman, Jones, King, Allen, Wallers, Algeo Second Row: Phillips, Morgan, Jones, Norse Renqel, Dunbeclc, Rinlcer, Clancy, Luslqar Ten. Bohlom Row: l-linman, Brode, Bregslone Shere, Dresner, Moss, Teich, l-libben, Pen field. 39 ly. , V, .., ,,f.,, e 2 V -7- --,L-L, .--.. ,I se C- MN-. .-.10 v-we wp 'Y :I-, 1 BOYS' Isl GLEE CLUB Top Row: Embree, Jones Slaebler, CircuiI', Slrub lurlh, Barnes, McCuIly. Middle Row: Wilson, Yurman Anderson, I-Iowell, Avery man, Eddy, Birdlebough. burg, Sloss, Armslrong ler, Berger, Dressler. BOYS' 2nd GLEE CLUB lersfrom, Baker, Magee, Young, Jenkins. Third Row: Gammie, Slone, While, King, Nash, Guepin, Surpless, Andrew, O'Brien. Second Row: Graham, Vee- der, Fink, Johnson, Czer- wonky, Mangel, Sanderson, Gelbespan, I-Iubbard, Boo- dell. Bollom Row: Paschen, Fazio, Melelils, Arlhur, Smilh, Jones, Boden, Loveland, Moorhead. GIRLS' CHORUS Top Row: Bernslein, Schneider, Slewarl, Wrighl, Braun, Brinkhaus, Glaeser, Folzer, Taylor, Thorman, Goodall, Williams, Ehrharl, Loos, Irvine, Newlon, Fourlh Row: Schmid, Sergenl, Devine, Flippo, Baker, Brighlman, Morgan, Zaipc, Davis, Reimonl, Marshall, Racine, I-Iolson, Van Weyk, Sehell, Sinclair. Third Row: Aronson, Dean, Bess, Cookman, Kulz, I-Iandler, Reinach, Slearns, Kay, Pearson, Marshall, Burchmore, Lindslrom, Barnes, Smilh, Miller. Second Row: Grung, Price, Van Benscholen, Hoehn, Koch, Slubbs, Keserl, Ferguson, Purcell, Alwood, Leonard, Smilh, Driscoll, Congdon, Ward, Chrislensen, Besser. Bo'I"Iom Row: Bernslein, Weslrich, Kuhnerl, Miller, Rueand, Cramer, Nauioks, James, Murphy, Goodliriend, Blumberg, Levin, Morrison, Slurlevanl, Grung, Ovson. Refi- ch Y' 5 , l I f' , ig ' 4: Y' " A ij' , Ee, ,v " Y 5s . 1 5 n, I .. . f . I' I "Fl I if- ,HJ In .Si M' I-I ' ' was I 1' in K . A N i an ,EJ . .L , If ,K 1 :J V A12 ' , V Vf N1 .A -4 ' ' . fy I fx H G "'3z? W- S, ,T . 1- ' A , , A ,, . 4 f 1 2 , L ' I . 4 , . I . ffl, eg g , ' , I K., 1 ff. Y, . . 3, V my Z ,I g G 4 , rd , 1 , ,A I I S Z , . N. r , -. , A ' - if A ff - ., ' ay- I ' ' I -f '-+1 A ,Y , A, , gf f GIRLS' 2nd GLEE CLUB Top Row: Ne-ier, Daniels, I-loward, Ross, LeVine, Feldman, Parker, Baker, Cohrs, Burgoyne, Muhl, Kauperl, I-lager. Fiffh Row: Fairbairn, Friedner, Kling, Lucas, Mueller, Eisler, Tenhune, Leirner, Milchell, Gordon, Alberding, Cohn, Condon, 'Wood Deulch, Larson. Fourlh Row: I-leller, I-leckel, I-linkle, Wilson, Lehman, Bryant Binkley, Chinberg, MacMillan, Wieland, Fosdick, Marlin, Brodshaug, Addinglon, Yosl, Reiley, Der mod , Karslake. Third Rowcy Bayer, Bergholl, Knobel, Lighlner, I-linkle, Buesch, Pearcy, Crane, Ingersoll, Madden, Goldberg, Kullberg, Nisen, Slerrell, Moninger, Feldman Cragg, Varney, Gordon. Second Row: Peck, Jesmer, Garner, Rosenberg, Baxler, Addenbrooks, Sribgen, Ferguson, Pancoasl, Edwards, Blumberg, I-Iassel, Larsen, Cox, Miller, Pelerson Anderson, Dcrband. Bollom Row: Vyskocil, Rubel, Barnburg, Menard, Kuhles, Fall, Ellmore, Wonderlic, Kemper, Ryerson, True, Fraser, Robinson, Roewade, Bradlield, Dickey, Crain Dow, Fielsch, Klalle. Darwenl, Rapp, Dold, See- Porler, Wilson, I-Iaan, Dud- Bollom Row: Woolard, Rich- I Yonkers, Schoenrock, I-Iuy- Top Row: Lawler, de Tarnow- sky, Wilson, Elmendorli, Ol- . 1, Q -. -, W .. v w - Ia I Is k I . . X I, ,. I, VI I, f I-KI I, ' I 'I I - ' , ' ' 'Cl -V' 'TIM -JV WW 'wif-ZW WV V fII V V , V I , I - ' ew 'I -I W fi I- . I si W' , II fI, ,ri ff ,II ,1:fQI I II I I I I ' . II 44? I S I vf sfs Iff 'fd f II iff, I I'?fffI'I I ry I I I MI I ,PI II II -M I - - ' - 'C I 'I' " 'X I ' 'f Aw, I IM " I' ff 'I "T Z5 "" 7 'ff I , II 'gi' , 1,2 ' Q' 'f I" ' " ,I " ,' f I IIN II ' ' ' k.,I IQI -2 'M rf 'Q I"A,,,I"' I' I.f, 2 ' ' I, ' If ' I 4 ' I2 ,' - I L - X 24 , I X'Z4Ififllf-I4,1'?5':2W?55Q5 V , ,I I VV., yV 4 7,944 V VV , . V, f f,,,V f Wo. 3 , I, V Qi! IV Q .V V gy., JV VV , ', I - x' ' AJ :If ' ' . TI VV 4' , V fg' f ,I f ' . ' 1:4 ,, 31' V 1 V , ,KI I ew, . , I' ,, ff, f If , , .41 W I ,, I If..,II 4 ,V V V If , Q ,H 1593: V V II- WL. ,V 5 Vf M14 II ,ana VHS, , VI, V V., , ,, ,ru :L VV V V, W I ' w .' HI, 4 II fx, z I -, I . I M I Mn., ,, ,ff H557 I ,C 1, ,- -I V . V V ,I I ..,, I II' I ' ' II '3 fffffu I MII, I ' I I 'i , ,, fI Iff' I, II 1. f I ' 1 ' ' f ' I Y ' ' ' I 1 If - I - , ,,. , I , M, I, , . Y I, I III1 I V, is I Im I . . .I :,, fi ia . I , If '- I II . I Q, I ,I I, 441 w f ,' ',f 4, I1 fx .I f . .I I, I, ,, . Q . I 1 I. . . . . I, .fe I I M . I I ii I' I I I WI -Q I I I . I I I ' H, if I ' fi? I :II I ex ' ' fl .I K? ffl? 'iff ,M ff' fi II YI I 1 of 1 I f. I I 5 I. ,. . I ,, . ' ' III I TREBLE CLEF Top Row: Bern, Roll, I-leinemann, Cook, Rammon, Dern, Van Wolf, Salisbury, McConnell, O'Brien, Renouf, Andrews, Smilh, Leonard, Blass, Beles, Friel. FourI'I'1 Row: Bradley, Vinnedge, Byler, Klemperer, Lockell, Roberls, Taradash, Ghasler, King, Sloops, Chapman, Mifchell, Williams, Gordon, Clark, Smilh, Blair, Siemon. Third Row: McLaughlin, Liel, Lang, Smilh, Oakhill, Ferrer, Rosenlhal, Keirh, Eason, Belknap, I-Iurlman, Bullerlield, Johnson, Franrzen, I-lenrich, Schram, Schweil- zer, Schroeder. Second Row: Wesllake, Kirby, Levilelz, Edmonds, Yager, Greenfield, Barnell, While, Johnson, Bellcher, Moeller, Weslerman, Tenney, Nicholls, Pullman, McCloud, Kenney, Zimmerman, Bollom Row: Delzalco, Dunning, I-ladaway, Aisner, I-li3z, Campbell, Bauer, Jespersen, Gray, Sedgwick, I-Iunyady, Ja- cobson, Wilson, Kulbarsh, Kase, Orwig, Roberlson, Gilmour, Glaser, Nelson. SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Top Row: Davenporl, Greenebaum, Geiger, Voss, I-lullman, Lochner, James, Lechner, Drake, Lederer, Wood, Larsen, Villiesse, I-layman. Fourlh Row: Nance, Dulhie, Bradley, Barlell, Byrkil, Joseph, May, Noble, Wrighl,Bundy, Olmsled, Nash, Olmsled, Moreen, Sprowl, Alexander, Milchell. Third Row: Peck, Carler, Mickey, Sullivan, Wohcl, Cone, Wonderlic, Bergman, Welch, Goodwin, Rieger, Blumberg, I-luslon, Frisby, Caro, I-ligginbolham, New- hall, Basile. Second Row: Olson, LaMoIIe, English, Guindon, Whipple, Orelind, Toms, True, Pilka, Perlman, Speigel, Greene, Reise, Madden, Booz, Chase, Kemper, Babize. Bolfom Row: Fros'I', Loomis, Love, Krause, Adams, Wilcox, Donaldson, Allegan, Goldberg, Gode, Reeder, Winburn, Moninger, Noble, Keilh, Schullz, I-loehn, Grolil. GIRLS' Isl GLEE CLUB Top Row: Reagan, Thornlon, Lloyd, Boyd, Bennell, Rosens, Sullivan, Turner, Wessel, Drick, Schuleman, Wells. Fourlh Row: Peirce, Showers, Winler, Orelind, Bayless, Gallery, Toms, Lund, Dawes, Culler, Klingeman, Glossberg, Boysen. Third Row: Wheeler, Milchell, Gaines, Eberharl, Scoll, Mackinnon, Knighl, Frandzn, Morris, Kay, Garlerl, Walson, Kassen. f f-' ,, I ' ., , of ' , , WY! II ' .22 Second Row: Malone Sizer, Feder, Phel s, Beller, Wehr, Pinsoi, I-la erman, Driscoll, I-Ioehn, Allison, Dohse, Demaree. .V V P Q V V V V V V Bollrom Row: I-less, Gilmour, Nunn, Wlckman, Shoresman, Elvgren, Larkin, DiCle1nenli, Deming, Crain, Miner, Pelerson, Ebrey. ".' 'f I if srrr ' I ,' W' 5' SIL 'anal .ffiZ"j'fi9" " 'iffniif " "' ii Lf? f-'Z'Wi?' " , .f ' '22 ,f ' i i 4775" I I -"9 k',p4f' ., rf' I II II: iff- W ,,- I' J ' I ' -I 1 I, II 1 ' 1, .- V V y f , I .I ,IV,V,I,, V . , , V ., V V . V V,,V, I V ., .,, , V,., ,fi -if iI mu' .I I I IffII- .- - I s- ' f I- IAM , -f,,..- 'if I , If ' f ' I I I " I . s"' I I I If .. - -. ' ' .I . ,, ,, X I ,V fI ,V I -I .VV. fr: ,IQ I, ,If V gg! QI X I 7 W' fn' ., ' -' , I ,Q I V ,QI , ,VW VI V I V V I 2, . , V ,VVV 1,VV V . V, .I . If IV , ' ifffv ' LC G91 . . " fkf -' 'I ff" 4 I, ' if I I, ,, If ' L ' 'A I 'I ' I i"' i 47.6.3 , I W. ' WI e Q -5755113 W ,,IVj'.f QI "WI V I- ,, , , X IW QQ-I ii . FV I '- ii' fi Q . ii, ., ,. 5- I : X I ,If 'Wy I ,I I i B In 4 ' I . rf 'QE 'I if I' . L' I' . If WU I I Ie GIRLS' znd GLEE "A" ' ' I ' I , w I , , Top Row: Johnson, DeWill, , ,I ' 2 5 I 5154? 'I I f' E , I Dahlberg Rueflinger Car- II f II . 5' fr! f' ,fI . , I , I, .. I . I 1 V ' V V, VV VV , ,,If ,,V.,...,.V V V V I, VVVV V V, I ' V13 ,, . V35 I ,.c . VV -,.,V.I V V , 1 'V V , :V I '. QV IIV, . V ler, Magos, O Connor, King, V .V. I I V' ,Inf ' " 4 ., , V 1 ,VL . ' Q Speroi Goodwin Edelslein, V Z! ' " I' ' 41 I V ' 1' 7I II 5? I L I ' ff f' 'li ' 'I ly-Q, " K' V IVV ,,: If ,f-,, . f y I fga Yormark Dielz - I ' I ' ' . Q I I 4 Y F Ih Row: C ans, Arnsleln, ', 7. I , , ,I QI 1 olkilll P F B f if I kia, i I fi' fi' 7 4 If , . ,, I I I er, allerson, erger, . I If- V, .I I 4 f,,M,, I I I I II ,If I of Pease, Milnor, Selck, Below. ., ij VV V ? VV V VV 'V V . I , 'Q f' 47 VV X Buskens, Barlow, Ga rrell. i ,.V,, V . , X " V , .. I if ., , ,. 07" fr-f If f , I I 'I emef-f:2:I-IIS4 I'fILf?.If.ff' ,--r I ww.-II If . III? I' If I , X I If I CI , I I , I I,II:,f,I,II,fI9gX I " f ' I Third Row: Clark S k a r d a , - iii 1 J '-.' ,gf 3 ' W f ' Gm' A V - ', -,wgfg,IIzyI Ig, ,.., Ig,gIQI,II I ffV' V.f. I , V ,I,,I,III,f , ,,I, f,.. II -I Smilh, Cox, Daliere, Peler- V 5 . . V IfIgI,IfI' I " f". , V V,gI:4,IViIVVI' -I f, , IE .ff ' A " f"vIi3' " I ff I ffif I f I 4 QIIIVI, I 3,5 I 6? 'i 'A IICIU 7 . . I . "1 lI"'fflI SON. Schroeder. NSISOVI. GG- ' I f,,. 1 If ' ' I , nun, Adams, B e r g rn a n , 4 f ' 'I' If. .V IM 1' 9 I K 1 Cu nlz Nordblom. , I ,I-I ge... ' 'Izw - I I f 2 MI , I ,, I , .f 1 . 'I .MI , . I IIIII , IIII. 'I Wx? . Second Row: Banker, l-lorrell, . XI '- fl ' , I ' V f .W I , ? ,VZZI I I - 21, .I I. 4, I' I In I I ' ,Ii .' is ' I' I I I II I f' I fl ' Mable I-Iillner. Sacco Swid- I I IM' ff I I I- f ',wIf fr? 'ff , 4 QW Ia 'iff ler, I-Iammond, Douglas. f V V , V V VV .V . fV V I , Whileside, Drake, McCain, I V V7 , II - Lmdsley' Wlqlpple' Clefave' , i ' II A Boflrom Row: Guyan, Croisanl, ' ' ' I' V ' , "I V ff" Y' 2 " V' ff Y' - ff' " ' I Trom, Thalin, Whileside, Al- ' LVL ,I gi 2' V. , .I,I ,V V V ' VV VV V geo, Gorman, R u m s e y, V ,V V .V V yi .Vi , ,.. f ,. V VVV VV ,,, VV , V Q , V V I I 'i .-".f' " i ll 1' 35' V LI' ' '. ' 1 2 1' " IGI I L, s ' ,. - - I - "'I ' 7 ' ,. .V 57 " fff ' ,I II 'ff' I-I, i? f Woods, Ba bize, Brush. V I V I VI 1 , I VVVVV V -I If ,f 4 ,QV I V, ,lf y VVVVVVV I , ' -5 Is"-. I ,I 1475 . -I II Z f III 4 7 U I II I- 9 of 1 V, 4 ,I.,VV V VI -M V, I., fI- N, , I, ,W 1 W f 'KI I 4I 5 . I , I. I I I II I , . I If JL P ' ZIMIII . I I :I " I . 1' I I Is .- I5 VVV JVVVVV VII-I I f 9 I , II If wa- fi Q ff f I if I 2 I ., "'I i X . L I I , , Top Row urry an e Middle Row Fisher Bowland Su+l'1erland Sargenlr Lokensgard OConnell SuHon Sherman Slmonds b Bo'Hom Row Kubla ogar e RECITAL CLUB Top Row: Newlron, FeHer Handler, Fall, Orwig. BoHom Row: Leach, Blum berg, Cookman, Ryerson. E 42 ---W CADET BAND Flufes: Bauer, Braun, Irvine, Kaufman, Lyrle, Mason, Slarr, Whirney. B-flal Clarinefsz Adams, Aden, Alexander, Bennerl, Coolcrnan. Dashow, Engel, Garri son, Gillespie, Kendall, Lloyd, Noble, Salisbury, Spero, Sleenberg, Sreglich, White. Oboe: Lloyd. Bassoon: Beller, Alro Saxophones: Andrews, Wie bell. Tenor Saxophone: Clark. Barifone Saxophone: Berg. Cornels-Trumpe'I's: Crane, Goodyear, l-ligginborham, l-loulihan, Johnson, Swarrz. French Horn Lunsford. Trombones: Alexander, Blackwell, Bliss, Dudrnan, Neis, Websrer. Barifone Horn: Anderson. Shing Basses: Greenebaurn, Moreen. Basses: Cur VeV'gbi-lxlAil 1.'pcpfiuiinhi.i.f1?"',Jfi,f,, Flf""ly:,'!"' llafnb, McAuliffe, Nieman, Salrol, Sherman. CONCERT COMMITTEE STanding: Anderson, PorTer. SiTTing: Booz, MogilniTslcy, Winie, English. RECORDER GROUP Top Row: Zeller, Voss, Kidd, Willy, Anderson. BoTTom Row: Nordblom, Lloyd. MUSIC INTEGRATION The deparTmenT oT musicology provides insTrucTional work Tor The inTegraTion oT music in Toreign language, social sTudies, English, and dramaTic classes. The sTudenT acTiviTies oT The deparTmenT are concenTraTed in The Musicale Club, The concerT series, and The Recorder Group oT insTrumenTal players, which presenTs programs Tor a number oT clubs and schools in The communiTy as well as Tor New Trier English classes. Under The sponsorship oT Ivlrs. ElizabeTh Kidd, Musicale I Club provided Tield Trips To programs and concerTs in I Chicago. For This year's concerT series, sponsored by The club, I73I sTudenTs signed up To hear Tine programs presenTed by pianisT ErnsT Lazlo, The Depaur InTanTry Chorus, The Salzburg IvlarioneTTe TheaTer, and violinisT Ricardo Odnoposo1'T. l.m-1- ,, , . sw.,w,,..,.,-Kf,,,.,Wwmmw 44 MUSICALE CLUB Top Row: Miller, PorTer, lvlcgilniTslcy, Klemperer, Winie, MornenT. Middle Row: Booz, BelTer, I-lunTley, Clarlce, Goodall, English, Anderson BoTTom Row: Irvine, Showley, EhrharT, Blumberg, Weiss, I.IeT. fl? Ev? in fm Y e K4 wg il 5?-f l 5 gg P , 15? fi? QTY fn a WEL: V3 53112 535215 Qfgk i? , QM, ,Q N3 555,31 yn! S1 H13 , 4 - 4 ffd ' , , .9 fy? 1 1 za I x r kg as if 31' x s in E ef A 'fgiw Ji QPF E fa' 13 'W 9 A41 J 1 Q Q H E if 533 sf ,Q Zig: W . MAKE-UP FOR DRAMATIO PRESENTATION: JOAN KRASBER6 AND ELLEN RODDIOK ,DRAMATIC GRCU PS 1 i Une oT The largesT clubs aT New Trier, The DramaTic Club can boasT oT over 300 members, all oT whom have served The club in producTion or acTing capaciTies. Under The sponsorship oT Mr. Miner Coburn, The mem- bers oT The club have encouraged a more widespread inTeresT in The sTage. Tom ArThur, presidenT oT The DramaTic Club, PeTer l-layman, vice-presidenT and Treasurer, and Jean Reeder, secreTary, have sTriven successTully Tor a wider sTudenT inTeresT in dramaTic acTiviTies Through work on commiTTees and crews, and Through compeTiTive Try-ouTs and parTici- paTion in experimenTal one-acTs as well as maior plays. The experT sTaging oT The dramaTic group's own sTage producTions, Tour maior plays and Tive one-acT plays, would have been impossible wi+hau+ The aid oT The unseen buT invaluable behind-The-scenes crew. Under The supervision oT Mr. RoberT l-larper and sTage- crew head Doug Buck, The sTagehands spenT many hours- DRAMATIC CLUB BOARD Top Row: Mr. Coburn, Ar- Thur, l-laneman, Buck, Cas- Terline. BoT'rom Row: Schager, Slar- reTT, Rieger, Winburn, Ree- der. in consTrucTing, seTTing up, and moving diTl7iculT seTs. Mr. Frank l-lolland oT The arT deparTmenT supervised The de- signing and painTing oT some oT The more lavish backgrounds. ' DirecTed by Mr. C. l-l. Jones, The lighT crew, headed by Wickham Minns, creaTed impressive lighTing eTTecTs Tor The various plays. Miss Virginia Kral helped Lynn STarreTT and her props crew To Tind The righT eguipmenT Tor sTage seTTings, while Mrs. Beverly Cornell assisTed Priscilla STranne and her group To secure cosTumes and To keep Them in readiness Tor every perTormance. DirecTed by Miss WiniTred Gahagan, The co-heads oT make-up, Kay Kibler and MargoT Eckhouse, were assisTed by a compeTenT crew which worked aT all plays. Sound crew, headed by MargoT 'l'orberT and sponsored by Mrs. ElizabeTh Cavanaugh, helped To creaTe necessary eTTecTs Trom backsTage. DRAMATIC CLUB Top Row: Spiecker, Goldman, l-lume, Wells, Adkins, ElmendorT, STOTT, lngleharjr, Buck, WaTerman, Tippens, Gudeman, Greenebaum, Gunn. Fi'fTh Row: Wonderlic, Wilson, CasTerline, Phillips, l-lenning, WirTz, Zeller, l-larris, SuTherland, WinsTon, Eddy, Dudman, Neal, l-laneman, SuTTon, Roddick, Krasberg Lloyd, Arnold. FourTh Row: James, Kronwall, Krasberg, Feuer, Finger, fxddingTon, Wehr, Schulz, Reinhold, Van WolT, Sizer. Third Row: Siebel, Lang, Nehlsen, YaTes, BoylsTon, SeiTerT, Mabie, Robinson, Mages, Morgan, LoeTller, Bamburg, PenTield. Eckhouse, Lind, Gaines, l-layes, Nance, Corgan, Schager, Kirk, Rieger, Winbum N'VaTson, Baker, Coyne, Lange, Forgan, Varney, Nordblom, Goldberg, Melfzer Second Row: Wagner, English, RueTTinger, Alexander, Miller, Wieland, Magos, EdelsTein, Cook, O'Brien, Schmidl, Af1dVeWS. MCDODOUQTT. Wyss, PeTerson, Dahl- berg, Wheeler, LesTina, Lloyd, ScoTT, KrauTTer, WinsTon. BoTTom Row: Taradash, Kuhles, Bradlield, GoodTriend, Murphy, Ford, LeaviTT, sen, Wonderlic, Schoenrock, Williams. 46 Ryerson, Reeder, l-layman, Mr. Coburn, ArThur, 'l'orberT, Bradley, Cleave, Jesper. FACULTY PRODUCTION STAFF Top Row: Mr. I-larper, Mr Lehman, Mr. Coburn, Mr Pinlc, BoHom Row: Miss Gahagan Mrs. Cavanaugh, Miss Kral Mrs. Cornell, Miss Rhodes COSTUME AND PROPS CREW Top Row: S+arre++, Ruellin- ger, Jacobi, Balmer, Spero. Third Row: Dahlberg, Mages Torloerl, Decker, Guincxon Rusk. Second Row: Schullz, Preslon Lind, Fisher, Slranne. Bo++om Row: Siebel, Miner Wonderlic, Kemper, Booz. Fourlh Row G-eruldson Laun Mable Walson Miller Wheeler Dorgan, l-loerdi. Third Row Schoenroclc Johnson Phelps Baughn Finger Addinglon, Kennedy, .iin 1, sw- ,..,,,Q,.,, .... NW W VERSE-SPEAKING CHOIR Top Row: Diller, Anderson Rieger, l-laas, Collins, Wyss Third Row: Fosler, Alwaler Reeder, Sclwaqer, Sullon, Second Row: Slegliclw, Kay Slnearer, Guindon, Andrews Robinson. BoHom Row: Unger, Teegar- den, l-lorberg, Prangley Lange. 7 39.1 af: .5 49 4 A . f 9 74 2. V if 5, ,, fx? 64 U if , J. , , ,. Q N gm? , . 4 4 ff? :Z 5 ' i' Q is 3 'E 7 K , 2 A f 4 f Q ff 'ahljlj 7 Lic' 3 ? :V 123 fix ' 3 Z f. 1 Q' 'f 4 A i PM iff fi l Q 2, -Y af gr 5 z 1 1 4 4 4 1, 4 s 5 , 3 , V ffff ' A 2? N W yep, V477 'l OPENING CURTAIN LAGNIAPPE Befween sernesfers, Lagniappe's all-sfudenf pro- ducfion of "Eppa Ingal" broughf fo a climax eighf rnonfhs of planning and hard work by direcfors I-Iir- am I-Iinkley and Wayne King and fhe Lagniappe board, under fhe sponsorship of Mr. Jerry Kelley. The acfion fook place on Eppa Ingal, a myfhical Pacific isle where a company of U.S. soldiers was sfafioned. The owner of fhe island, his daughfer, a secref invesfigafor, and a froupe of USG. girls broughf cornplicafions fo fhe sfory. Affer four performances before packed houses, Lagniappe closed ifs l954 edifion, wifh fop honors going fo Kay Long and Doering Murray. who re- ceived fhe honorary "Beef-Eafersu award for co- operafion and efforf, fo Ed Greenebaum as con- ducfor of fhe orchesfra, and fo Judy Gilberf as an oufsfanding sfage personalify. DRILL TEAM: JOHNS, McCOLLISTER, GLADSON, MARTIN, STORCH, MORRISON FOOTBALL FOUR: HUST, STEARNS, BIRNBAUM, PALETTI 50 A ' w "GENTLEMEN OF THE ROAD DAVIS FEUER 2, , ,M f 3 f xy Z fi 1' ' M, K 1 -vm I00 EASY WAYS TO LOSE A MAN": WHITESIDE TWINS "PAUL REVERE": BUDWIG, HAYMAN, CONOVER ,fn OODLES OF NOODLES": HEDGES I "A BIT OF BANJO": WESSEL "SWING": GILBERT AND CHORUS ,'?3'k', ' , 1 ZZ? yy--sims., Q. s -Q I Q, -- -. X- ,, "THE CRIMINAL CRIED": NANKI-POO'S EXECUTION IS DESCRIBED "THE MIKADO" To Ilie slrains ol "A Wandering Ivlinslrel, I" and "N'Villow, Til Willow," Gilberl and Sullivan made Ilieir annual lvlarclsi visil Io New Trier, bringing wilrlw Iliem Ilwis lime "Tl'ie Mikado." Try-ouls liad been lield in January, willi lead roles finally assigned Io Iwenly-Iour in double and Iriple oasling. Tlie parl ol Nanlqi-Poo was given Io Fred Waldmann and Ronnie lvlay, and Yum-Yum was played by Saundra Wilcox, Joan lvladden, and Fern Frisbie. The role ol Ko-Ko was assigned Io Refer I-layman and Randy Winslon, wliile lvlarlin Tippens and Tom Jarvis played Pooli-Bali. Qllier imporlanl parls were played by Slyvia Frosl, Janel Winburn, and Jean Reeder as Kalisliaq lvlargol Keillw, Barbara Jolwnson, and Carol Blumberg as Rilli-Sing, Virginia Adams, Connie Sclwulz, and Mary Scliager as Reep-Bo, J. D. I-Ielms and Richard Byr- kil as Rislw-Tuslwq and I-Ial Loclwner as Go-To. Willw eiglily o'rl'1ers in Ilie boys' and girls' olior- uses, sixly in Ilfie orclieslra, and over Tilly members ol Ilsie malce-up, slage, props, coslume, and liglil crews, Ilwe number of aclive parlicipanls in Jrlwe opera amounled Io nearly Ien percenl of Ilwe en- Iire sludenl body. "A MORE HUMANE MlKADO": JOSEPH AND REEDER WINSTON AND MAY I 7,,f!f..i.,, ,.. a KO-KO TRIES TO PERSUADE NANKI-POO NOT TO COMMIT SUICIDE KO-KO AND KATISHA IN FINALE: WINSTON AND WINBURN wi WERE YOU NOT TO KO KO PLIGHTED I AM SO PROUD JARVIS HAYMAN AND BYRKIT BRAID THE RAVEN HAIR KEITH FRISBIE SCHAGER AND GIRLS' CHORUS -H 31 'fx I Th! 4, F ' 5 . ,. ,Y iii, J ur" 1 P -1-135, X Q ,kfg,-,,,1- ' f' 3 MQ 'T' E' 'f,1j,:Q,I Z1...f " gm Q ' Hu., J "DEAR BRUTUS": STARRETT, SCHULZ, RAPPAPORT, KRASBERG, GREER, RIEGER, WESSEL This year The DramaTic Club presenTed an inTeresTing and enioy- able series oT plays in The Torm oT Tour Tull-lengTh producTions and Two nighTs oT one-acT plays. The TirsT semesTer began wiTh a lighT and delighTTul comedy, "The Gossipy Sex," direcTed by Mr. Coburn, which concerned an inTrigu- ing man who could noT conTrol his urge To gossip. The resulTing mis- undersTandings among The guesTs aT a garden parTy lcepT The audi- ences guessing unTil The lasT curTain. lmporTanT parTs were Talcen by Randy WinsTon, MarTin Tippens, JaneT Winburn, and BeTsy Nance. "Kind Lady," The clulo's winTer play. direcTed by lvlr. Lehman, had iTs seTTing in The dismal home oT elderly, lonely Miss l'lerries who soon Tound herselT under The compleTe conTrol OT an unscrupulous buT engaging scoundrel, l-lenry AbboTT. Some sinisTer and awesome evenTs occured To lceep audiences amused and mysTiTied beTore The plans OT Mr. AbboTT were exposed. Leading roles in "Kind Lady" were played by Joan Krasberg, lvlary Schager, and Tom ArThur, wiTh an excellenT supporTing casT. l DRAMATIC PLAYS "KIND LADY' NSTON, HUME, REEDER 'GOSSIPY sEx"1 INGLEHART, REINHOLD, WINSTON "KIND LADY": HUME. REEDER. KRASBERG, ARTHUR GARDEN PARTY": CAVALLON, SCHULZ, CLEARY, "WELCH, TIPPENS "GOSSIPY SEX": TIPPENS AND GOLDMAN "SLAVE WITH TWO FACES": HAR- RIS, KRONWALL, NEHLSEN, WIRTZ, YATES. "OVERTONES": ECKHOUSE, SHAW, VAN WOLF The TirsT series oT one-acT plays were experimenTal in naTure and unusually inTeresTing. "The Slave wiTh Two Faces," direcTed by Mr. Coburn, was a dramaTized allegory oT how LiTe, personified by Sam Harris, aTTecTed Two women as porTrayed by Linda BradTield and Melinda Murphy. "OverTones" employed Two acTresses Tor each characTer,ishowing The audience whaT each characTer appeared To be as well as whaT each really was like. Mr. Pink direcTed This comedy which sTarred Gloria BoylsTon, Valerie Van WolT, AniTa Shaw, and MargoT Eckhouse. "The Garden ParTy," an experimenT in chamber TheaTer, employed a narraTor, MarTin Tippens, The ploT being en- acTed on an unseT sTage and in The audience. CharacTerizaTions in This mov- ing play were porTrayed by Judy Rieger, Mike Cavallon, Sharon Welch, Sandy Johnson, and Mike Cleary. DirecTion was by Miss Gahagan. ' BeauTiTully and movinqly done, "Remember The Day," was presenTed early in The second semesTer by Treshmen and sophomores under The direcTion oT Miss Kral. The Tlashback Technique was employed in Telling The sTory oT Teacher Nora Trinnell and one oT her sTudenTs, Dewey RoberTs. Fredi An- drews, Bruce Wilson, Tom Embree, and a sTrong supporTin casT did sensiTive porTrayals. 56 "REMEMBER THE DAY": ANDREWS "WHERE THE CROSS IS MADE": JOHNSON, HAYES, ZELLER, MORGAN, EDDY, MCCULLY. "REMEMBER THE DAY": WILSON, ZIMMERMAN, SPIECKER, JAMES In The second series oT one-acTs, sTudenT JaneT SchulTe direcTed capably "A Sunny Morning," The sTory oT Two elderly people who meT aTTer a long absence and dis- cussed each oTher's IiTe. These were played by Marilyn Taylor and Richard Goldman. O'Neill's "Where The Cross Is Made," direcTed by Mr. Lehman, was The Tasci- naTing sTory oT an insane wriTer, his insane seaman TaTher, his daughTer, and The ghosTs oT Tormer sailors. Principal roles in This suspenseTuI mysTery were played by George Eddy, Jack I-Iayes, and Sandy Johnson. ACT II oT "The Torch Bearers" was presenTed as The Tinal one-acT and was direcTed by Miss Kral. This hilar- ious baclcsTage comedy included a large casT wiTh Ber- nie Rinella and Randy WinsTon playing The chieT characTers. "Dear BruTus" was The senior dramaTic presenTaTion and was direcTed by Miss Gahagan. PerTormed wiTh aImosT proTessional skill beTore Two recepTive audiences, "Dear BruTus" was The TanciTuI sTory oT an eITin crea- Ture named I.ob who seemed To change The lives oT all The people around him by showing Them whaT mighT have been iT evenTs in Their pasTs had been diTTerenT. Lob was played by Homer Greer and Don Shapiro: an happy arTisT, Tom ArThur and MarTin Tippensg The arTisT's wiTe, MargoT Eclchouse and Judy Riegerg oThers in an excepTionaIIy well-balanced casT were Sandy Wes- sel, Bill Lane, Milce Cavallon, Milce RapaporT, Sam I-Iarris, Mary Unger, I-Ielen Schulz, Beverly Reinhold, Carol Kirk, Lynn STarreT, and Joan Krasberg. "THE TORCH BEARERSH: WIE- LAND, LIND, LANGE, HEDGES, HORBERG, RINELLA, WEISMAN, BRADFIELD, WINSTON, STETSON lin foregroundj. """"ln, SERVICE CLUB SERVICE: JACKIE MILLER, JANE GOODWIN, KARIN CASTLE, DAN SCHUYLER Eifjm IF? Gif L, A, Ig EIUWIQI fx-:vs 'W---W.-uri, ax -A Y-.,,.,.,... I I I .VMI l'?.,z'ii35. IMI E, ..l., I 1 S ,ig 11 I I Aj X 3 1 I f 1 1 ,, 4,5 . -L - H v- - Y4W.W..,.q W-W wqpvwmwwwtf. ,Q Mr 347,55-I2-9-,rjgm , K , Q we . H rl KX N ,Q ' N AWK V "N" CLUB - Top Row: Driggs, l-loban, McNeill, LindsTrom, Szonn, MarTin, STorch, Carr. FourTh Row: Budwig, Payne, l-lepburn, STruve, Rinella, Pifzner, Pyle, Sproule, ChrisTiansen, Morrison. Third Row: Conover, Lorch, BenTley, l-lamilTon, Lechner, STeTson, Segil, Simonds, Johns, Clancy, l-lusT. Second Row: Wallum, Jarvis, l-lirsch, Greeley, Cavallon, Magnussen, Cummings, Shapiro, STudy, LieTzow. BoTTom Row: Mr. FranTzen lsponsori, Selinger, MoTTern, Dern, Sex, SmiTh, Edmonds, MuTher, Shanhan, Bleloch. Among New Trier's many exTra-curricular acTiviTies, clubs enable sTudenTs To geT TogeTher, have Tun, and exchange ideas concerning muTual inTeresTs, hobbies or service avocaTions, Through Their varied programs, These organizaTions also have The purpose oT TurThering good ciTizenship, sporTsmanship, Tellowship, and encour- aging The sTudenTs' individual TalenTs. ' ln February The Council oT Clubs, composed oT all club presidenTs, sponsored a "club week" program de- signed To promoTe inTeresT in club acTiviTies and en- courage membership. MosT oT The clubs presenTed inTeresTing programs and had special evenTs in which members and guesTs parTici- paTed. Geography Club, wiTh iTs numerous meeTings aT which various speakers, movies, and lecTures were pre- senTed, is a good example. The French Club also was acTive in various ways: iT gave a ChrisTmas program which included a play in French, heard a Frenchman speak abouT his counTry, and Took a Tield Trip which in- cluded lunch aT a French resTauranT in Chicago and a viewing oT The French painTings in The ArT lnsTiTuTe. A group enTerprise on The parT oT The language or- ganizaTions was in The Torrn oT a bangueT held on April 6. All members oT The Spanish, French, LaTin, and Ger- man clubs were inviTed To aTTend The dinner, which was Tollowed by skiTs presenTed by members oT each club. Lens Club held sTudio nighTs several Times during The year in which phoTographs were Taken oT various models, and conTesTs were held To iudge The besT enTries. The ouTsTanding evenT OT The year as Tar as Ski Club was concerned was The Three-day Trip Taken To MT. Tel- marck over Lincoln's BirThday. The Model Railroads Club visiTed Mr. RavenscroTT's l'l.O.-guage layouT and received Trom Their hosT a liTe membership in The NaTional Model Railroad AssociaTion. Climaxing a year oT inTeresTing "ham" broadcasTs, The Radio Club held a bangueT Tor members and guesTs on April 27. These were only a Tew oT The many varied and valuable experiences oTTered by some oT The clubs dur- ing The pasT year. SKI CLUB Top Row: l-TolsTead, Phipps. Flint, Loebe, Flmendorli, PaTTullo, Bolger, Benjamin, Magee, Bradley, Feldman, KlineTob, Avery. Third Row: l-laan, Greer, Adkins, Waller, Richheimer, Brynoli, CliTTon, Drick, Taylor, LindsTrom, Olson, ArmsTrong, Ward, Yonkers, Berger Second Row: Brighirman, Glaeser, Greene, Morris, Nichols, Ward, BelmonT, Ernrich, Racine, l-leinemann, Cragg, Taylor, Glos, Kennedy Miller Ryerson BoTTom Row: Olson, Lloyd, STone, Van BenschoTen, STearns, PancoasT, Cooper, SmiTh, Mr. Larsen, Bern, GaTTerT, Teegarden, Thorsen, MaremonT ART LEAGUE ' Top Row: Cavallon, Elmendorf, Leavilf, Albrechl, Frishman, l-leflebower. BoHom Row: Mr. Slenvall, Weiss, Behrslock, Newlon, Showley, Or- wig, Brolman, Murphy, KNITTING CLUB Top Row: Eiber, Wyss, Lauer Boyd, l-layes, Blackburn, Love Fairbairn, Lynch. Middle Row: Edmonds, Ferguson Mrs. Gallie, Williams, Gordon, l-lilz, Fisher. BoHom Row: Clinlon, Drick, Slone Appelbaum, Larson, Decker Whilney. Sfanclingx Knorr, Sills, Ramsey Mr Calvo Mr Kahler Miss LaPor're Mr Morey Mr l-llorlhammer Reagan Cook Dor band, Van Ooslerhoul SiHing: Sieberling, Wheeler English Slurlevanl Loel'Fler l-llgginbolham Morgan Powell Slandlng Mr H Swain Deming Levine Drake SiH'ing Thalmann Slewar Samuels Woll Bender Kuloarsl' Loeialer Morgan 1, Top Row Anderson Baieman Kauperl Lange Slrerllng Crowe Carler Maclarland, Ruclc, Kling, Paul, Coyne. Middle Row Evenslad Barden Ford Goodlriend Babrze Lladaway Long Crowder, Berns'lein,Shapiro. FRENCH CLUB Top Row: l-lunlley, Mrs. Morris, Deulch. Third Row: Williams, McCully, Sproul, Argenlo, Kenney, Bullard, Winie. Second Row: Peirce, Piclcards, Caro, Deulch, Lippman, Alwarer, l-lunfley. Bolrlom Row: Loundy, l-lanson, Vyse, l-lorberg, Gaines, Talcoll, Meiles, Finlc. LATIN CLUB Top Row: Vanderwiclcen, Spaulding, Young, Diller. Middle Row: Marshall, l-lozelhursl, Burn- ham, Reise. BoHom Row: Miss Lennards, Long, MC- Causland, Gray, l-lawlcinson, l-less. GERMAN CLUB Top Row: Wilson, Elmendorf, Wolfe, Da- show, Kay, Moreen. Third Row: Brewer, Slearns, Flinl, Zeller l-larris, Guepin. Second Row: Mr. Jensen, Jolgren, Free man, Olrnsledl Schwanles, Olrnslred. BoHom Row: Golfer, Krause, Kassen Meyer, Miclcey, Albrecht 60 GEOGRAPHY CLUB Lasi' Row: While, Friend Fourfh Row: Miss Flem inglon, Lenz, Moore. Third Row: Miss Walfz, Magnus, Voorhis Sweeiman. Second Row: Miss Kur oda, Folzer, Feifenberg Varney, Rides. Froni . Row: Mc6rew Walsh, Ellbogen, Leh man. Speaker: Mr. Kuroda. MODEL RAILROAD CLUB Back Row: Richmond Corwine, Whiiney Joslin, Joner, Good year, Willey, Sander- son, I-Ierz, Mr. Land wer. Froni' Row: While, Nic olazzi, Willard, James, Fleisher. RADIO CLUB Top Row: Eckhouse, Badger, Robinson, I-Iechl, Slryker Dickey, Lewis, Simon, Kenl dall. Third Row: Shuman, Flinl Cohn, Andrew, Palailh, Mar: lin, Parker, Moore, Sellers. Second Row: I-Iazelhursf, Gra- ham, I-Iemersbach, Nicholls Sergeant I-Iazelhursi, Paulus Baler, Chrisrensen. Bofaom Row: Mr. Smiih, Loveland, Berger, Noble, Thomas, Shoop, Roberison, STAMP AND COIN CLUB Top Row: Jackson, Finkel, Ben- nelr, Smiih, Young, Guepin Third Row: Grild, Loveland Vxfoolard, Woolard, Dahlin. Second Row: Mr. Piier I-Iarpe, Coiirell, Ebberi Sergearrr, Fink. Boifom Row: Wieboldi, Izlern ing, Parsons, Shoenrock Resnick. 6I I I INTRO-SPECTORS X PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS Top Row: Albrechl, Dickey, Jacobi, Mickey, Nicholls. Top Row: Thomas, Mr. Smilh, Shurman. Middle Row: Gaines, DeWi+l', Miller, Keilh, Love. Bo'Hom Row: Nicholls, Dickey. Bc++om Row: Mr. Kelly, Passman, Rillenberg, Paul, Applebaum. MATH CLUB Top Row: Dorfman, Walsh, Drake, Miller, Marlin, Mur- phy. Middle Row: Mr. McLennan, Wilson, Baer, Benjamin, Ny- der, Clancy. BoHom Row: Miss Sleighl, Slone, l-lildebrandi, Rubens, Gelbspan. GARDEN CLUB Taradash, Goldman, Schmill Mr. l-loyl, Davenporl, Garner Goldman, Joseph. Top Row Dunbeck Cross Keerup Drggs Gullensolwn Loebe Magee, Walerman. Mldclle Row Wallace Flemrnq Baer Kay Mrssner Kaufman Wlwllney. BoH'om Row Recklrl l-lem rsbaclr Allen Slreglrcln Kayser Yonkers Porler, Murry. Top Row Mr Barley Wrlson l-leclwl Kaufman Doreman Smlllw Grube. BoH'om Row Kung Wrrglxl Ka 'rel Gulrensolwn Sloss Blnss Lammers,Scl'1wanles LENS CLUB Top Row: Kolllal, l-lill, Lanyi, Palmer, Milks, De Campi, Raymond. BoHom Row: Takill, Feldman Myers, Daslwow, Ariellf, Saunl ders, Block. CHESS CLUB Sfanding: Porler, D r a ke Pnlaum, Rosso, Mr. Jolnns- Jron, Kaufman, Bennell, Wal lace, Brooker, Joseph, Gold man, Falk. SiHing: Wirlz, Ball, Peacock Goldman. SQUARE DANCE CLUB Top Row: Allen, Wirlz, Weller, Young, Wallace, Miller. Second Row: Smilh, l-lamillon, Saliloury, Feldmon, Baker. I Boflorn Row: Miss Byrne, Romack, Johnson, Brown, Brush. 7 p A fr A ? 'Y Q f 2, SERVICE CLUB Top Row: Besi, Mueller, Bullard, Mcllwain, McLick, Dahlberg, Marz, Cross, Foskell, Dickens, Clarke. Third Row: Schoenrock, Johnslon, Anderson, Casile, Cliflon, Powell, Glaser, Finger, Dohse, Lederer. Second Row: Breen, Miller, Langenbach, Maxwell, I-loehn, Erickson, Teegarden, Moore, Alderman, Srnilh, Feder. BoH'om Row: Kaufman, Naidowski, Currier, Vickers, Mrs. l-lendrick, Mrs. Schoenenberger, Kalz, Feuer, LaMo++e, Pelers. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB Top Row: Veague, Dorgan, Boodell, l-layes, Reckill, Slone, Drick, Wollison, Cross, Schuleman, Powell, Wyss, McLick, Feldman, Paylav, Kenney, Fourlh Row: Smirh, Cohn, Dickens, Dahlberg, Clarke, Sprowl, Arnslein, Ogilyie, Seiberling, Daliere, Slone, Brown, Alderman, Cleave, Addingion, Allison. Third Row: Greene, Afwaler, Wheeler, Rosene, Boyd, Clii+on, Mcllwain, Goodlriend, Feuer, Foskefi, Edgar, Brodsky, Walerslradl, Skarda, Neilsen, Larson Finger. Second Row: Vickers, Feder, Gaines, Maxwell, Miller, Kaufman, Caslle, Currier, l-larris, Naiowski, Rislow, Gumhiner, l-lorberg, Lederer, Johnson, l-loehn. Bo++om Row: ilieeoarden, Mccfeady, Lieberman, Droba, Buller, Jacobson, l-lolling'oery, Williams, Schmick, Friesledl, Dohse, Gilmour, Smiih, Shoresman, Free man, Fhilpolr, Schoenrock, Eberl. , , H -., ..,, ,QL WY f Q fy? ff ff V, f W' W? 1 7 W . ,7 , 1. sf WRESTLING CO CAPTAINS BILL MUTHER AND LAWRIE STETSON N E 4 W V4 XXX: L- ' wi ff L? 1 N I ' ' 5 byxd tj LES! 'MD Asif' L2 L 'xxil M42 1, X21 f W N R jf, fxx Li' L M51 Lx J f wi XX NJ U wwf Q9 17 , Schurz ..... Nnles ,..,,.. 45 Mofron .... 7 Oak Park .... 26 Proviso ,..... 29 Highland Park.42 Waukegan ..,2O Evans+on ..,. 20 VARSITY FOOTBALL A VARSITY SCORES Opp 6 0 20 I4 30 ua I2 20 IZO ON THE OFFENSIVE Backfieldz Simonds, Lorclw, Jarvis, Hush Line: Berwley, Sproule, Paleldi, Sfefson, Hamiffon, Balmes, McNeill. MORTON AT NEW TRIER NEW TRIER AT NILES This year's varsiTy TooTball squad added anoTher good season To New Trier's pasT record oT Tine perTormances. ExperTly coached by Mr. Aschenbach, lvlr. CaTon, Mr. Gadske, and lvlr. WeingarTner, and led by capTain Jim l-lusT, The Triermen baTTled Their way To Tive wins, Two losses, and one Tie Tor The season record, while in league play They racked up Tour wins, Two losses, and one Tie Tor a second place raTing in Suburban League. The '53 grid season opened againsT Schurz, one oT The ciTy's Top Teams This year. New Trier pulled ouT on Top oT a close score by The virTue oT Szonn's P.A.T. On The Tollowing week end, Aschenbach's men ran over a comparaTively weak Niles eleven, buT on The nexT SaTurday meT a rugged and unusually sTrong Team Trom lvlorTon. The lvlorToniTes eTTecTively ThroTTled Trier's passing aTTack while counTing Three markers on Their own passes To provide The margin oT vicTory. Playing beTore a capaciTy homecoming crowd, The Trevians proved Themselves once again by overcoming a good Oak Park Team. Touchdowns by Shana- han and l'lusT in The TirsT halT and Two by "Brahma" Lorch, one on a 63-yard sprinT, in The second halT made The Oak Park l-lus- kies TasTe Their second deTeaT. A second halT scoring spurT puT TT- f , A vi,. i CAPTAIN JIM HUST AND COACH ASCHENBACH New Trier ahead oT Proviso, The league champions, buT a lasT minuTe Touchdown resulTed in a hearTbreaking deTeaT Tor The ln- dians by one poinT. They had To come Trom behind in The sec- ond halT oT Highland Park game, To Take The LiTTle GianTs aT Their homecoming. Waukegan was The nexT vicTim aTTer They gave The Triermen a scare by sTaging a second halT rally, which New Trier overcame. The one Tie OT The season came aT The hands oT EvansTon. WiTh The I954 season gone buT noT TorgoT- Ten, New Trier looks Torward To a Team nexT Tall ThaT will be one oT The ToughesT in The Suburban League. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: YaTTe, Mgr: Sproule, PaleTTi, STruve, Pyle, ChrisTiansen, STeTson, l-lamilTon, Flynn. FourTh Row: Gauger, Mgr., GriTscke, Wallace, Layden, McNeill, Cavallon, Szonn, Lorch, BenTley. Third Row: l-loban, SpoTTke, Morris, l-lasselrnan, Brady, Hepburn, Carr, l-lagland, Birnbaum, l-lead Mgr. Second Row: Allen, Shanahan, Nelson, Simonds, Wollum, STruggles, MarTin, Kay, Norse, Mgr. BoTTom Row: Mr, l-lurley, Mr. Larsen, STudy, Oelerich, Balmes, l-lusT, Sex, Jarvis, Borre, Mr. Aschenbach, Mr. WeingarTner. 45I1HWI :l4 Zami? E I-'sf .f ,, , QM f - - ' ' sei f2,'l :Sl K S gl , ' ,VT ,gg -V y . eff ig . T I f xg, fc J. V. FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: Clancy, Mgr, Morava, Meyers, Pollak, Coghill, Ehrbar, Lane, Knorr, France, Marsh, Gross, l-loTTman. FourTh Row: Friend, Mgrq ProTman, FeTZer, McCullough, Kenley, TaboT, Van Anroy, TriTTipo, King, Cram, WrighT, WhiTehursT. Third Row: WhiTe, McColIisTer, Taylor, Olerich, PieTrovicz, Welch, Ely, Jones, ChrisTopher, Salisbury, Levin, Granger. Second Row: Gleason, Allen, Frank, I-luyler, Bolger, STorch, Glaclson, CapT1 Wineberg, FeiT, Maxwell, Webb, FelTon. BoTTom Row: Randolph, Bowman, Carr, Jensen, Calkins, I-lall, Carmody, Binkley, Coaches FranTzen, Fearheiley, Kahler. J. V. SCORES N.T. Opp. Maine .....,. 20 O Schurz ...... I2 O MorTon ...... 45 6 Oak Park ..,. I4 6 Proviso ...,.. 6 O Maine ....,.. 26 6 Vfaukegan . . . 2 O EvansTon ..., 26 O FROSH SCORES N.T. Opp. Maine ...,.. 37 7 MorTon ...... I9 O Oak Park ,... 26 7 Proviso ...... O O -Highland Park. 7 Waukegan ...47 7 EvansTon .,.. 7 6 JUNIOR VARSITY Coached by Mr. FranTzen, Mr. Fearheiley, and Mr. E. Kahler, The J.V.'s ouTplayed all opposiTion This year by racking up a ToTaI OT ISI poinTs againsT Their opponenTs' I8, resulT- ing in a season record oT 8 wins and no losses. Thus The J.V.'s have conTinued Their winning sTreak To I7 consecuTive games. In a Tough and deciding game OT This year's campaign, a recovered Tumble deep in Proviso's TerriTory led To The only score oT The game and a win Tor New Trier. Sharp and rugged Iineplay was The chieT TacTor in The success oT The J.V.'s during The season. NOT only did iT show The way Tor The backTield buT iT also helped immeasurably To scaTTer The opponenTs' only Three Touchdowns among MorTon, Oak Park, and Maine. Lines- men were France, WhiTe, Marsh, Ely, Car- mody, Binkley, Webb, McCullough, and WrighT. In The backTieId Coghill did a Tine job oT quarTerbacking wiTh Gross, STorch, Jensen, Frank, and Gladson doing,The running and ChrisTopher The passing. FRESHMEN WiTh greaT Team spiriT and co-ordinaTion, The Frosh gridders, coached by Mr. McFad- zean, wenT Through The season wiThouT a loss, chalking up Their second sTraighT Suburban League championship. Co-capTains P'aT Lay- den and Jim WhiTe wiTh such Top perTormers as Tom SingleTon, I-Ioward Will, Mike Pyle, and Chick Anderson showed The Team The way To vicTory. H 'Til' XQ.,,,,, ,, ,, T . X J FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: ATkins, Sommer, Baker, WiTz, FeITon, I-lolrnes, WhiTe, SingleTon, Pyle, ScoTT, STreeTer, Shamberg, Sullivan, FourTh Row: Anderson, Wilson, Richburg, Joseph, I-liken, Yeakley, Gray, Naidowski, Alexander, Jump, Reasner, Engel. Third Row: Baby, SmiTh, Bender, Simonds, Goodyear, O'Connell, Layden, Dorgan, Lamb, DeRocco, Will, D'Ancona. Second Row: Mehlman, Buck, Blom, Saikin, Randolph, I-Iendrey, PeTersen, DubrovilleT, I-lildner, Kemper, Bosher, PeasTer. BoTTom Row: O'Brien, Boodell, Paschen, Reed, CarTwrighT, Oien, I-Iubbard, DeTarnowsky, Kearney, Mills, O'KieTTe. In In SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL I-lead coach Chuck Lauer and assisTanTs Ken WeIlingTon and Bob Malinsky Turned ouT a sTrong well-balanced sophomore TooTbaII Team This year. The sophs played an unbeaTabIe brand oT TooTbaIl ThroughouT The season, buT unexpecTedly ran inTo an aIerT EvansTon eleven on The Tinal SaTurday ThaT won The game by one Touchdown, Thus dropping The New Trier soph Team To second place in The Suburban League Tor I953. ATTer crushing Schurz and Niles, The Ponies swamped MorTon. AT The end oT The TirsT haIT, New Trier was ahead by virTue oT Touchdowns by Irvine, The Team's leading scorer, Jaeger, and PenTieId. Scores by GriTTin and PenTieId in The second haIT puT The game on ice while PeTe STeeI converTed on Tour ouT oT Tive Tries. A Tally by GriTTin and Two by Gilmer gave New Trier The vicTory over a Tough Oak Park Team, and SOPH SCORES N.T. Opp. Schurz ..,... 37 6 Niles .....,. 33 7 MorTon ...... 34 I2 Oak Park .... 20 6 Proviso ...,.. 28 0 Highland Park 34 I3 Waukegan ...27 7 EvansTon .... 6 I2 The Tollowing SaTurday saw The Ponies shuT ouT Proviso on scores by Jaeger, Irvine, Gilmer, and EIlioTT wiTh Tour conversions by STeel. The sophomores Then whipped Highland Park as Irvine and Jaeger sTarred, boTh scoring Two Touch- downs each. QuarTerback Poggensee Tossed a pass To Robison Tor The TiTTh score. Waukegan also rneT deTeaT on Two scores by GriTTin and a score by guard JeTI Kahn, who picked up a Tumble and wenT over Tor The Tally. In The championship game wiTh EvansTon a re- covered Tumble by I'Iicks in The second haIT led To New Trier's only score on a plunge by Jaeger. EvansTon was a IiTTIe Too much as New Trier IosT I2 To 6. Lineman were Magnussen, Glass, AppIegaTe, STeTson, Shibe, I-licks, Kahn, Koza, STudy, Morgan, Fox, and Conaghan. NEW TRIER SOPHS AT EVANSTON SOPH FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: Gross, KnoTT, I-IoTTrnan, Gilboy, I-loel, Ricci, Rapp, Murphy, Erskine, JohnsTon, Dunphy, Burns. FITTI1 Row: STeenberg, Oehler, PencIleTon, STeele, Jones, Nicholson, STeiner, McInTyre, Breed, SmiTh, McPherson. Fourfh Row: Brodie, Thompson, Van Esso, ApplegaTe, Rosenberg, Bleck, WI1iTeside, KirkpaTrick, MaTThias, SchrnidT, Kearns, Brainard SrniTh Third Row: I-IarT, Greeley, Cooper, ElIioTT, Kenline, EnglebrechT, Mayo, LiTTle, Paulson, BolTon, Dunne, NorTh, Mr. Malinsky Icoachl. Second Row: Mr. Lauer Icoachl, WalTer, Glass, STudy, PenTield, STremmel, Scheib, I-licks, Dolcl, Conaghan, Jacob, Morgan, Brewer. BoTTom Row: Kahn, Gillmer, GriTTin, Koza, Jaeger, Fox IcapTainI, Robison, Magnuson, Irvine, STeTson, Poggensee, Shepard Imanager I VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM STanding: Sex, STruve, McNeill lcapTainl, Groves, LieTzow, Lorch. Kneeling: Magnuson, Clancy, Gillis, Layden, Johnson, LindsTrom. VARSITY BASKETBALL NILES AT New TRIER, LAYDEN snoonne MCNEILL HITS FOR TWO A well-balanced varsiTy Team wenT Through The I953-54 league baskeTball season wiTh a record OT six wins and eighT losses giving New Trier TourTh place in The Suburban League. ln overall season play They won eleven and losT eleven while aT The regionals They won againsT Zion buT losT in an over- Time period To EvansTon. The boys showed greaT abiliTy and sporTsmanship all during The year on and OTT The courT. A greaT deal OT The crediT Tor mould- ing This year's sguad goes To Coach Chuck Lauer and his assisTanT Lyle Henderson, who did much To help The boys increase Their baskeTball abiliTy. Accompanying The good Teamwork were some Top noTch individual perTormances. CapTain Don McNeill, while neTTing a ToTal oT I86 poinTs Tor Third place in league scoring, won The annual Trophy Tor leadership and all-around characTer. Don also won The rebounding Trophy. Playing aT The guard posiTions were Chuck Lind- sTrom, a good Tloor leader and deTensive man who won The Tree-Throw Trophy, Bob LieTzow, winner oT The assisTs Trophy, who conTribuTed speed, good shooTing, and Tine deTensive work To The Team eTTorTg Mike Layden, Tireman oT The squad and also nexT year's capTain, who was a good cluTch man- power, increasing The Team's deTense and Teamwork: and lvlarTy JohnsTon, who added speed To The squad. Forwards were Tom Lorch, a good scorer Taking up The clock in many games: KenT Clancy, who was good on Teamwork and rebounding: l-lomer Groves, who added speed and good rebounding: Alan Sex, a hard worker ThroughouT The season, and Bill STruve, one oT The mosT improved players aT The end oT The year. John Magnuson, The TirsT sopho- more To play on The varsiTy Team since I923, added Tremendous punch in rebounding and scoring. VARSITY SCORES N.T. OPP. La Grange ....., 55 64 Riverside . .... 72 47 Proviso . ..,. 73 5I Waukegan .... 46 48 EvansTon . .... 37 39 MorTon ...,..... 52 66 'Carlinville ,... ., 78 I5 'Braidwood ...... 68 5I xBloom .... .,.. 5 5 59 TDanville ,. ..., 76 43 Niles ...,...... 44 56 Oak Park .....,. 70 66 Highland Park , . . 66 48 Proviso ..4...... 48 50 Waukegan .4,,.. 70 58 EvansTon .. .,., 5I 60 MorTon . .... 43 60 Niles .....,..... 55 59 Oak Park .,..... 79 60 Highland Park 58 41 TZion ............ 56 49 TEvansTon ,,....,. 32 35 TPonTiac Tour'namenT Tllegional TournamenT OAK PARK AT NEW TRIER, LIETZOW DRIBBLING SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Sophomore hoopsTers, playing above-average baskeTball all season, made a record oT eighT wins and six losses To Tinish Third in Suburban League compeTiTion. Their over-all record Tor The reason was Ten wins and seven losses. Wi+h Bob Malinsky in his Third year as coach, The boys displayed well-coordinaTed Teamwork wiTh a good scoring punch, handicapped chieTly in Their rebounding eTTorTs. There -were some Tine individual perTormances along wiTh The excellenT Team eTTorT. Greg AlsdorT, playing regularly aT guard, and Dick DarwenT aT cenTer were in Top Torm SOPH SCORES A ThroughouT The season, boTh conTribuTing considerably wiTh Their scoring, deTense, and good Team spiriT. The high poinT oT The sophomore season was The greaT upseT over a Tough Proviso Tive, League champions. This was Proviso's only deTeaT oT The season and iT was a hearT- breaker aT 50-49. The Ponies also scored Two saTisTying vic- Tories over EvansTon. LeTTers were awarded To Buzz Alexander, Greg AlsdorT, Dick DarwenT, Mike EllioTT, Mike Gilboy, and Dave Mayo. N.T. OPP. La Grange ,...... 45 43 Riverside .. .... 30 28 Proviso . . ..,. 37 59 Waukegan . .,,. 39 35 EvansTon . .... 38 35 MorTon .... .... 4 3 4l BarringTon . .... 38 42 Niles .......,.... 40 32 Oak Park ........ 38 47 Highland Park ,,.. 34 52 Proviso .......... 50 49 Waukegan . ,.,. 39 5l EvansTon . ..,. 50 39 MorTon ........,, 46 40 Niles .........,.. 47 22 Oak Park ,,....,. 42 46 Highland Park .... 28 49 SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Malinsky, EllioTT, Alexander, DarwenT, Rapp, Kahn, McPherson, Mayo, Middle Row: HarT, Gilboy, Glass, WalTer, Gillmer, Hammaker. 7' BoTTom Row: Wiley, AlsdorT, Poggensee, ETienne, LyTIe lmgr.l. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL J. V. SCORES BarringTon . .... 40 Proviso .. .... 4I Waukegan . .... 3I EvansTon 48 OakPark... ....49 Proviso .. .... 34 Waukegan . .... 59 EvansTon ... . . . . 45 OakPark... ....62 J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM STanding: Bussiager, Chrisliansen, PeTers, Cvessel, GriTschke, Payne. Kneeling: Cook, ChrisTopher, Weideman, Magnusson, Good. Coached by Lyle I-Ienderson, The J.V.'s broke even in Their games during The season wiTh Tour wins and Tour losses in Suburban League compeTiTion. Boys who played during mosT oT The season were John Bussiager, Kim Cook, co-capTains STeve Weideman and Pal- mer WhiTe, Tom ChrisTopher, Jim Good, John PeTers, and John Oessel and CurT ChrisTiansen, boTh oT whom worked wiTh The varsiTy during The lasT Tew games. ChrisTiansen was The J.V.'s leading scorer wiTh I34 poinTs. l'IighlighTs oT The season were Two Triumphs over Oak Park, while The oTher vicTories came in games wiTh EvansTon and Waukegan. One oT The mosT exc:iTing games Tor The iunior Team was The TilT wiTh Proviso which ended in deTeaT Tor New Trier by a single poinT. New Trier Treshman hoopsTers TerminaTed Their season wiTh a record oT 4 wins and 9 losses. AlThough Their league record was 3 and 9, iT is no indicaTion oT The progress oT The Team. The squad showed a greaT deal oT cooperaTion, com- peTiTive spiriT, and eagerness To work ThroughouT The sea- son. Coach I-Ioward Marz poinTed ouT ThaT The Team's chieT diTTiculTy was a somewhaT weak deTense. A hard-ToughT 4I-40 win over Proviso was The high poinT OT The Treshman campaign. They also had vicTories againsT BarringTon, a non-league Toe, Niles, and aT The end oT The season, I-lighland Park. Regulars on The sguad were Sullivan, l:elTon, Riley, ETnyre, I-lildner, Layden, Pyle, and STrub. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL N.T. OPP FROSH SCORES N.T. OPP. BarringTon 38 37 Proviso . . . 3I 55 Waukegan 22 56 EvansTon . . 3l 63 Niles ....... 20 22 Oak Park ....... , 34 60 Highland Park I9 37 Niles ...,... 36 22 Proviso ..... 4I 40 Waukegan , . I4 23 EvansTon ..,. 29 43 Oak Park . .. 49 64 Highland Park 43 3I 72 FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Mr. Marz, Ouick, Sullivan. STrub, OTTersTrom, Pyle, I-lerbenar, Riley. Middle Row: D'Ancona, ETnyre, WhiTe, Mills, I3elTon, Repke, Anderson. BoTTom Row: Boshes lmgr.l, Layden, PeTersen, SingleTon, O'Connell, Bugess. INDOOR TRACK New Trier Thinclads have produced an overwhelming rec- ord Tor l954 indoor Traclc. Losing only one dual meeT This year, Coach John Nay's Tracl4sTers came Through wiTh a Tremendous vicTory in The Suburban League meeT. ln This meeT New Trier scored Tive TirsTs, one second, Tive Thirds, and Tour TourThs To neT Them 53 poinTs, 9 more Than Their closesT rival, EvansTon. In The Tinal meeT oT The season, The Oak Park relays, New Trier's I6-lap relay Team esTablished a record oT 7:l4.6, erasing The old sTandard oT 7:I5.2 esTablished by I.a Grange in I952. The New Trier Toursome was composed oT KenT Clancy, Gordon Johns, Guy Osborne, and Bruce Dern. The Team also produced many Tine individual perTormers during The season. In The dashes were Simonds, wiTh a Time oT 5.5 seconds, I-loban and Tobin. Fisk and Conover ran The hurdles, The Tormer having a Time ol 6.5 seconds Tor The highs. Two oT The besT guarTer-milers and halT-milers were Dern and Osborn. Dern seT The record oT 2:O3.7 Tor The halT, while Osborn had an excellenT Time oT 153.7 Tor The guarTer. The sophomores, coached by Mr. McFadzean, had a good average Team. O'uTsTanding in The halT mile was I-Iahn, while oTher TirsT sTringers were Gillespie, I-Iemmersbach, 5Taebler, Gross, Lindbloom, and Waldman. I VARSITY INDOOR TRACK TEAM Top Row: Conover, Wallace, Simonds, SmiTh, France, TalboT, Johns, James, Shanahan, I-lasselman, PaleTTi, WrighT. Middle Row: Tobin, I-IusT, Snow, Granger, Dern, Osborne, MoTTern, Sills, Fisk, I-loban, Bleloch, Jones. BoTTom Row: Morrison, 5miTh, l.usTgarTen, Szonn, Bowman, Gross, FTriyre, Michel. FROSH-SOPH INDOOR TRACK TEAM Top Row: Jenlcins, Lolqensgard, STrylcer, Jones, Greeley, Murphy, McNaTTin, AlberTs, Sleenberg, Kendall, I-lolmes, Wilson. Third Row: DeRocco, Applegale, PalaiTh, I-lobbs, Waldmann, 5Taebler, Lindblom, I-lousTon, I-lemersbach, SybrandT, Lochhead, Mr. McFadzean lcoachl. Second Row: I-lirsch, Gillespie, Gross, STone, Mallegg, Myers, FlinT, Young, Fox, I-Iahn. Bc-Hom Row: I-loward, Niclcel, CarTwrighT, Kubialc, Moulding, BaTes, Paschen, Fisher, Singer. 55 5 FREE-STYLE: RINELLA, cszeozn, PATTERSON VARSITY SCORES N.T. OPP. N.T, OPP. EvansTon ......... 64 56 EvansTon ..,,. 26 49 Oak Park ..,. .. 23 Eenger . ..,., 54 2I Peoria ........,.. 47 28 MorTon ... .... . 66 9 Highland Park ,.., 53 22 WauwauTosa ..... 55 20 Maine ...,....,.. 43 32 Niles ............ 57 I8 ClinTon, Iowa ...I 42 33 EasT RockTord .... 56 I2 Proviso ......,... 54 2I WesT RockTord ... 28 Waukegan ....... 66 9 Oak Park .,..... 39 36 Janesville, Wis. ...44 3I Culver ..... ,.... 5 I 24 SWIMMING VarsiTy swimmers, losing only Two regular meeTs This sea- son, came Through wiTh an excelIenT record and a repuTaTion as one oT The besT Teams New Trier has produced in recenT years. Even Though iT Took only second place in boTh The Suburban League meeT and in The sTaTe meeT This year, iT was considered a TasTer Team Than The championship Teams oT eiTher '49 or '50, a TacT which TesTiTies To The excellence oT much-improved compeTiTion, raTher Than any decline in The caliber oT swimmers developed by New Trier. JusT as The Suburban League compeTiTion ended wiTh EvansTon TirsT and New Trier second, so also were They The Two Top Teams in The sTaTe meeT, EvansTon wiTh 67 poinTs, New Trier wiTh 56. Coached by Dave RoberTson and ArT Van Aman, and led by co-capTains Tom Wynn and Bernie Rinella, The Team showed considerable power in boTh individual perTormances and group evenTs. The sTaTe championship in The IOO-yard Tree sTyIe wenT To Don PaTTerson, and The sTaTe record Tell in The ZOO-yard Tree sTyIe relay when The Team oT Rinella, Wynn, John Lech- ner, and PaTTerson, Took The sTaTe championship in The record-breaking Time oT I:37.3. OTher poinTs were scored in The sTaTe meeT by John Lech- ner, Lorin'SurpIess, and co-capTain Wynn in The 50-yard Tree sTyle3 co-capTain Rinella in The IOO-yard Tree: Jack VARSITY TEAM 'Top Row: Sills, Jones, Shinbach, Taylor, Barnes, Richmond, Kennedy, Brooker, Maupin, SmiTh, Jacobson, Morrison. Second Row: Mr. Van Aman, I-Iirsch, Schroeder, I-Iarris, I-Iennessy, PaTTerson, Brown, Sokol, BenneTT, Swirles, Mr. RoberTson. BoTTom Row: Condon, Ramsey, Dauber, Lechner, Wynn, Rinella, Creden, Morse, Surpless, STevenson. H 2' UA R ed' TW4' Ts TT. . . T. .-, , if ITT, .NJC . IU- 'U' ,.., ITTTTTT WTTITUARQ M490 ' f I . S in is GUAM iwTR'fg..r 16 L ,GUARUMGUTTTTZZGUTRU A NEW TRIER GUARD Top Row: Teich, Lewy, Risius, Long, Lechner, Rogers, Tucker, Schuyler, SrniTh. Second Row: Mr. Van Aman, Hirsch, Schroeder, Barnes, BenneTT, I-Iennessy, Brown, Sokol, I-Iarris, PaTTerson, Mr. RoberTson. BoTTom Row: Goodman, Ramsey, Wynn, Lechner, Creden, Rinella, Surpless, Jacobson, STevenson. SOPHOMORE TEAM To Row: Griswold, Feldman, Klein, l-loward, Forbis, Meany, Rusnak, Lewy, Mordock, Schuyler. Mid le Row: Mr. Condon, Mr. Van Aman, Rinker, Thulin, Rog- ers, Long, Jacob, PeTerson, Thompson, Tucker, l-lendrey, Mr. RoberTson. BoTTom Row: Teich, Risius, Caskey, Baeckeler, Lechner, GriTTin, l-lowe, Kearns, Thulin. l Creden, Dave Ramsey, and Charlie BronsTOn in The ZOO- yard Tree, Mike Sills and STeve l-lirsh in The IOO-yard back sTrokeg l-lirsh and Chuck Lechner in The l5O-yard individual medley: Chuck l-lill in diving: and The relay Team OT Jack Morse, Mike Sills, Chuck Lechner, and Dave Dauber in The I5O-yard medley. Dave Ramsey in The ZOO-yard Tree sTyle, Jim Sokol in The IOO-yard breasT sTroke, and Jim STevenson and Roger Mau- pin in diving also were consisTenT perTOrmers Tor New Trier ThroughouT The season. Sophomore swimmers were undeTeaTed This year, proving Themselves worThy candidaTes Tor The varsiTy OT Tomorrow. In The Suburban League meeT They seT one record and Tied anOTher To win The meeT wiTh 66 poinTs compared To The 3I OT Their closesT rival, EvansTon. SeTTing a new league record OT l 143.5 in The ZOO-yard Tree-sTyle relay were GriTTin, Jacob, Boeckler, and Dave Thulin. OTher Tree-sTylers were Kearns, Chuck Thulin, and Rinker. Chuck Lechner, swimming The 50-yard backsTroke, Tied The league record OT :29.I in This evenT. Also swimming The backsTrOke were Risius, Mordock, PeTersOn, Breed, and Rogers. ln The breasTsTroke were Caskey and Tucker. Long and l-lowe perTOrmed in The individual medley, while The individual medley relay Team consisTed OT Lechner, Cas- key, and Kearns. Divers were l'lill, Lewy, and Teich. For The Treshmen The imporTanT meeT was The Niles Invi- TaTiOnal which The Trosh won by a single poinT. New Trier scored 50, EvansTOn 49, and Highland Park was nexT high wiTh 37. Gordon SuTTon broke The 50-yard crawl record, Macomber won in backsTroke, Robinson in breasTsTrOke. OTher TirsTs wenT TO The medley relay Team OT Macomber, Robinson, and 5uTTon, and TO The 200-yard relay Team OT Ebrey, Kane, DeTarnOwsky, and Dick MuTher. AlThOugh swimming perTOrmances OT The Three swimming Teams received The plaudiTs and The publiciTy, iT was The work OT The swimmers as members OT The New Trier Guard which provided The basis Tor The success OT The enTire swim- ming program. Headed by Jack Creden and Tom Wynn, The Guard cOnTinued The service Tor which iT was esTablished in l936. lT provided sTudenT insTrucTiOn and assisTance in The SaTurday morning classes Tor grammar-school pupils and in The recreaTiOnal swimming program Tor adulTs, as well as in all gym swimming classes, in inTramural compeTiTion, and in liTe-saving courses. T FRESHMAN TEAM wimie, Kane, B ro O k e r ler, ArmsTrong. Third Row: Mr. Condon Lowe, Van BrandriTsch, An clrew, Wiseman, Shamberg Cohn, Garrison, Joseph Saikin, Mr. RoberTson. Second Row: Ward, Surpless Embree, McGee, Macom ber, SuTTon, Robinson, Tar wowsky, Ebrey. BoTTom Row: Boodell, ROberT son, Veeder, Raub, wil liams, l-luyler, Carlson, Vee der, BOrcherdT. 75 me Top Row: Mr. Van Aman, Ga- Moore, Merz, Fink, Boecke- GYMNASTICS JOHN MORGAN ON THE PARALLEL BARS WiTh gymnasTics growing in populariTy as a compeTiTive sporT among Illinois high schools, New Trier Tools only a close second To Lindblom in The sTaTe meeT held This year in May aT Champaign, Illinois. ln an earlier dual meeT wiTh Lindblom, The New Trier gymnasTs came Through wiTh vicTory by a margin oT one poinT. ln The sTaTe meeT, Morgan Toolc TirsT on parallel bars, Third on horizonTal bar and rings, and TiTTh on side horse. Lumley placed second on hori- zonTal bar and TourTh on rings. Amos won TourTh on horizonTal bar, while Goodman capTured Two TiTTh places on parallel bars and rings. ln oTher meeTs OT The year, New Trier was Twice vicTorious over Arling- Ton l'leighTs, 88-66 and 82-685 Twice over Leyden, 82-52 and 79-53. ThroughouT The regular season, The mosT ouTsTanding member oT This year's squad was John Morgan who led The Team in high-bar, parallel- bars, long-horse, side-horse, and Tumbling evenTs. Lumley, Amos, and l-lepple were also on The high bar, while besT on parallel bars were Good- man, Welch, and Lumley. Cn The rings were Goodman, Lumley, l-ledburg, and Fields, on The side-horse or long-horse were Welch, Amos, l-lepple, and Buclcg on Tram- poline, Buclc, 8orcherdT, and Cleary: and in Tumbling, Lumley and Amos. RON HEDBERG, BOB AMBROGI, JIM GOODMAN GYMNASTICS TEAM Top Row: Miller, Turner, Borre, l-lunyady, Cavallon Cleary, WhiTehursT, l-led- berg, Amos, Mr. Giallorn- bardo. Middle Row: 8orcherdT Balmes, Jensen, l-lume, Oak- hill, Fields, Ambrogi, Ed- wards. BoTTom Row: Nash, OlmsTed Goodman, OlmsTed, Welch Waller, Lumley, Morgan. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Top Row: Morris, McMillan, T-loTTman, Sproule, STeTson, Pyle, PiTzner, Boone, Ellis, Cramer, Van An- VOOYT Mr. Hurley iwacii. VARSITY ScoRES Middle Row: Freeman, Keyser, Nelson, Wilder, Kelly, WorThingTon, Schulz, I-lendricks, LusTgarTen, MuTher, STudy. NT, OPP BoTTom Row: Shapiro, KraTT', Shere, Boudreaux, Lewis, Chambers, I-Tall, Toomin, Morrison, MarTinson WRESTLING VarSiTy grapplers, coached by AT l'Turley and Carl Clader, made a Tremendous showing This season, even Though The Team placed only second in The Suburban League, wiTh Two losses in regular meeTs. Tn The secTionals aT ArTingTon T-leighTs, New Trier capTured second place wiTh 50 poinTsg in The sTaTe meeT aT Proviso, The wresTTerS scored T5 poinTs To Take sixTh place. Co-CapTain Rolls MuTher, one oT The besT wresTlers New Trier has seen, was undeTeaTed aT T38 pounds, Taking TirsT in The sTaTe meeT and becoming The TirsT wresTTer here To Take sTaTe championship Twice in a row. l'le placed TirST in The secTionals. Too. Also Taking TirsT in The secTionals were undeTeaTed Sophomore MarTinson, 95 pounds, Morrison, I T2 pounds, PiTzner, T54 pounds, and co-CapTain Lawrie STeTson, heavyweighT. Shapiro, T03 pounds, and Boudreaux, T20 pounds, Took seconds in The secTionals. Third aT T75 pounds was Sproule while l-len- dricks, T33 pounds, and Wilder, T45 pounds, Took TourThs. OThers in The SecTionals were KraTT, T27 pounds, and l'ToTTman, T65 pounds. AddiTional regulars were Lewis, T33 pounds, and BenTley, T65. The sophomores, probably The besT sophomore Team in The sTaTe, were coached by Ken Welling- Ton To The Suburban League championship, going undeTeaTed during The T954 season. UnbeaTen ThroughouT The campaign were T-ToTTman, T20 pounds, STremmel, T27 pounds, CapTain Blech, T33 pounds, and Will, T75 pounds. ' Leyden .... ....47 ThornTon ......... 30 Champaign .,..... 35 Niles .,,... Elgin .... Proviso Maine .. Tilden .... Oak Lawn ,, JolieT ....,. ....43 ....35 .,..27 ....28 T7 ....20 .,..32 Waukegan .....,, T8 Glenbrook . EvansTon . .. MorTon , .. SOPH Leyden ThornTon . Niles Elgin . Proviso Maine Tilden .,.. JolieT ..... Waukegan , Glenbrook . Evansion MorTon .. ..,..,-40 ....3T ....35 SCORES N.T. ....5O ....26 ....56 ..,.47 ....4O ....38 ....42 .,.,4-2 ...,..36 ......45 -..33 ,...47 5 T7 TT 8 TT T5 I4 25 T7 6 22 5 T3 T3 OPP 7 T8 O 5 6 5 6 6 T2 TI I3 2 T FROSH-SOPH WRESTLING TEAM Top Row: Dunphy, STreeTer, I-licks, DoughTy, I-llavacek, SperTus, Morrison, Edwards, STeTson, BausTerT. FourTh Row: Brewer, Blake, MacLean, Beacom, Engel, Eisenberg, Miller, Buck, Oien, Miller, STudy, Liebman. Third Row: TakiTT, Conagan, PlunkeTT. O'KieTTe, Dorgan, Siebel, James, Blom, STone, Cehler, Mr. WellingTon, Second Row: Arieizi, SchmidT, Trees, Dressler, KauTman, Granger, Thompson, BriTTan, T-liken, Eckhouse. BoTTom Row: Jaeger, Will, T-Toizliman, Blech, Robinson, STremmel, Kivlarid, T-Tubbard, BimsTein. 77 I SUBURBAN LEAGUE TRACK CHAMPIONS On SaTurday, May 22, New Trier's Track Team won The Suburban League cham- pionship by an I8lf4-poinT margin over Their closesT rival, EvansTon. This bore ouT earlier showings in league compeTiTion during The 1954 spring season. In Their TirsT meeT, The NorTh Shore InviTaTional, They won by 20 poinTs over EvansTon. The Tollowing weekend New Trier played hosT To La Grange, sTaTe champs, and Waukegan, sTaTe runners-up. In This meeT The Green and Gray came ouT on Top wiTh 60 poinTs as La Grange and Waukegan were second and Third respecTively wiTh 48 and 40 poinTs apiece. In The disTricT meeT, New Trier was Tavored To win and They did wiTh a score OT 50lf2 poinTs. I8 more Than second-place EvansTon. New Trier guaIiTied Ten indi- viduals and Two relay Teams Tor The sTaTe meeT. AT Champaign, however, New Trier Took eighTh place wiTh only seven poinTs. Bouncing back, The Trevians besTed some oT Their sTaTe compeTiTors and proceeded To Take The Suburban League TiTle. In The dashes New Trier's Top man was Simonds, while MoTTern won The pole- vaulT evenT in The league, N.I.T., and disTricT meeTs. PaIeTTi did some Tine shoT X puTTing as he Took Third in sTaTe and seT a new record in The league meeT. POLE-VAU LTER MOTTERN 1 VARSITY OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM Top Row: James, Johns, Tobin, Gunn, Cohrs, Rinella, Osborn, Gessel, Simonds, Conover, ETnyre, I-Iasselman, Mr. Nay. Middle Row: GriTschke, Coghill, Wallace, SmiTh, Clancy, Snow, LusTgarTen, Fisk, Szonn, PaleTTi, MoTTern, Jones, Dern. BoTTom Row: Morrison, Bowman, Granger, Gross, France lrnanagerl, SmiTh, Shanahan, I-Ioban, Kimberly, Bleloch, Sills. FROSH-SOPH OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM Top Row: Singer, Joseph, Wilson, Spence, Beniamin, Finkel, Kendall, Wilson, Magie, Magnuson, STryker, Jacob, I-licks, Dold, PeTerson, McNicholas, N' k I, ST I . Middle Roos: AEElZgaTe, Young, Lochhead, AlberTs, I-IousTon, Jones, FlinT, Waldmann, Mallegg, I-Iobbs, STaebler, Greeley,AETnyre, Nicholson, STeen- Io BoTTom eligwz I-lolmes, I-Ioward, I-liken, CarTwrighT, STone, Gross, Myers, I-Iemersbach, Bell, Lokensgard, RadTord, BaTes, Phillips, Fisher, Thulin. GOLF New Trier's varsiTy golTers made The besf showing in The Suburban League This year and appeared To be The besT Team in The sTaTe, buT neverTheless They wound up wiTh a disappoinTing loss To Waukegan in disTricT compeTiTion on The Waukegan home course and Tailed To reach sTaTe play- oTTs. LaTer on They beaT Waukegan's disTricT champs on The same course, 8 To 7, buT This one "didn'T counT". In oTher Top meeTs oT The year, They meT and conquered Highland Park, IasT year's sTaTe champs, 8 To 7, and They also won againsT Hinsdale, I954 sTaTe champs, 9 To 6. Seniors play- ing Tor New Trier were Segil, Campbell, ArmsTrong, Flynn, I-laugh, I-IuTTman, WaI+ers, Chaplain, Kurz, and Driggs. VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Top Row: Anderson, Whi+e, PiTzner Farnham, Weinberg, PorTer. Tie, Budwig, Greeley, Freeman. FROSH-SOPH TENNIS TEAM Top Row: KauTman, Klein, Robinson, Mangel, Kirk, Miller, Anderson. TENNIS Winning six maTches and losing only Two, The varsiTy Ten- nis Team played briIlianTIy ThroughouT The I954 spring sea- son. In one oT Their six wins, a single poinT ended EvansTon's vicTory sTring oT more Than 50 consecuTive vicTories. Vandie ChrisTie, a iunior, was Top singles man, Taking seconds in boTh disTricT and Suburban League. BeaTing The Top-seeded player in The TirsT round oT The sTaTe TournamenT, he reached buT didn'T survive The semi-Tinals, The Weinberg and Bud- wig doubles Team Took second in The disTricT and wenT To The sTaTe meeT buT IosT in The TirsT round. ProspecTs Tor The I955 varsiTy looked brighTer wiTh a Top noTch soph Team capTur- ing The Suburban League TiTIe. I fa VARSITY GOLF TEAM Toip Row: Bowman, 'Magnusson, Segil, Kurz, I-IoTTman, Ellis, Payne, Cummings, Flynn, ArmsTrong, I-laugh, FTienne Middle Row: Chaplin, ArmsTrong, Feldman, Garnmie, Driggs, Naidowski, Neal, Sellers, Campbell, Waller. BoTTom Row: Salvano, Brainarcl, I-Ianson, Rinker, Goldboss, Mann, Shepherd. 79 BoTTom Row: Lelewer, Gudeman, Chris- FImendorT, Lane, EllioTT, Olson, SmiTh. BoTTom Row: Thompson, Schuyler, Levin, BATTI NG PRACTICE L. SELINGER AT BAT 80 VARSITY TEAM Top Row: LighTner lcoachl, Marsh, Frank, Wineberg, LieTzow, Layden, I-IusT, Selinger. Middle Row: Poggensee, Thompson, Edmonds, Ely, LindsTrom, Lorch, McNeill, Allen. BoTTom Row: Glas, Weidemanri, Chambers, Good, ChrisTopher, John- son. BASEBALL CHAMPIONS In one oT The mosT briIlianT seasons in New Trier baseball hisTory, The varsiTy wenT Through 23 games wiTh only Two losses, winding up The season as Suburban League cham- pions, disTricT Champions, and seCTionaI champions, and go- ing on To play Tor The sTaTe championship aT Peoria. Re- sulTs oT This TournamenT were noT known as Echoes wenT To press. When The Suburban League season opened, Proviso and New Trier spliT a double-header. New Trier won The nexT eighT games handily behind The piTching oT Edmonds, Lay- den, LindsTrom, and Thompson. The second loss Tor The Trevians was aT The hands OT second-place Waukegan. AI- Though Edmonds piTched greaT ball, Waukegan pushed a run across in The I3Th inning To win, I To O. When New Trier meT Waukegan in league play again, The Green and Gray walked away wiTh The Championship, 8 To O. Three Toes were subdued in The disTricT playoTTs. The championship game was played againsT Waukegan, New Trier winning, 4 To I. In The secTionals aT Belvidere, WesT RockTord Tell in The Tinal game, 8 To 2, New Trier Thus quali- Tying Tor The sTaTe-championship playoTTs. Regulars oT The I954 season were LieTzow aT TirsT base. Poggensee aT second, Selinger aT shorT, and Lorch or Lay- den aT Third, The ouTTield consisTing oT Lorch, Weidemann, Johnson, and McNeill, and a greaT piTching sTaTT composed oT Edmonds, Layden, LindsTrom and Thompson. VARSITY SCORES N.T. AusTin ,,,, 6 Proviso . ., ..,. 6 2 Schurz ......,... .... 7 Highland Park IO Lane Tech .... .... 9 Niles ... ..,. 6 3 EvansTon .... 2 IvlorTon . .... 4 7 Waukegan ...A O Oak Park 6 9 Highland Park .. .... I2 ,'EvansTon .,..... ..., 5 'Highland Park .. 6 EvansTon ,..... .... 5 xWaukegan ,. 4 8 TIvlcHenry ...... .... I 2 TWesT RockTord ... .. 8 TMarmion .,..... .... 9 xDisTricT TSecTionals OPP. 2 9 I 3 I 2 3 2 O 2 I I O 6 2 O 5 2 I O I 2 O My CO-CAPTAINS LIETZOW AND LINDSTROM aaa ' in EDMONDS PITCHING SOIPHOMORE SCORES N.T. Proviso .... 2 Niles . . .... IO Evansfon . .... 2 IvlorTon .. .. 3 Waukegan 2 Oak Park ...... .... 6 Glenbrook .,,... ,... 4 Highland Park .. 5 Glenbrook ...., .... 6 EvansTon ..... .... O Waukegan . .... 2 OPP. 3 3 5 9 O 5 5 5 I2 4 3 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL The sophomore squad Tinished The season wiTh a league record oT 4-5, while in overall season play They recorded a 5-7 record. AcTually The only Team ThaT showed consid- erable power againsT New Trier was MorTon. The lasT Two games oT The season were really hearT-breakers, boTh being nine-inning losses, one To EvansTon in a game which was scoreless unTil The ninTh, and The oTher To Waukegan when Waukegan came Trom behind To win on a Tew bloop singles. Sophomore hiTTing was greaT as seven men were above The .300 mark, SchmidT wiTh .552, I-Iibben wiTh .429. Kann had a 5-I piTching record and a .75 earned run average. The sTarTing lineup consisTed oT WalTer, caTcher7 inTielders, Hammaker, AlsdorT, Ade lcapTainl, Gilboy, 5ingleTong 5TeTson, Irvine, Kahn. SOPHOMORE TEAM Top Row: Rosenberg, Lindblom, Gray, HolsTead, Thompson, Redson, lvlennel, Robison, Gillespie, l.iTTle, Parson, Ivlr. Irwin Middle Row: Hubbard, STeTson, Irvine, Gillmer, WalTer, Riley, SingleTon, Gilboy, Kahn, Blanchard, Herbenar, AlsdorT. n,11,,Y , ,.-. V,,,,.,,n,.,Ri,,..a.-LIQQTLQ Hibben, Ade, PeTerson, Paulson, Hammaker, Kann, Schmidt Kelly, SeeTurTh. ..i,i,-l,-Tis ,., I l I-,.fi,,-'lf-'is , ,i-l I FROSH TEAM Top Row: Mr. Funkhouser lcoachl, D'Ancona, l-lallen- borg, I-liildner, I-I ir s c h , Morse, Sullivan, DeRocco, I-lendrey, O'Brien. Middle Row: DubrouilleT, DavenporT, Paschen, Plunk- JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Top Row: Mr. Marz lcoachl, 5elTzer, King, WrighT, FeTzer, Swirles, ChrisTiansen, STreeT, McKinnon. Middle Row: Becker, Friend lmgr.I, Levin, Pollak, Oelerich, Wallach, Shere, Van Anrooy, Wallace, Walker lmgr.I. BoTTom Row: STruggles, Jarvis, Cook, Cram. JUNIOR VARSITY AND Junior varsiTy baseballers had an average season This year, winding up wiTh Tour wins and six deTeaTs. In Their TirsT game OT The season They were vicTorious over Schurz, I I To 8, buT Their nexT game They suTTered a drubbing by Lane Tech, I To I7. The nexT game was wiTh EvansTon, and New Trier came ouT on The shorT end oT a 6 To 5 loss, buT They Tollowed up by shellacking EvansTon in Their nexT game, I5 To 3. ThaT some week The J.V.'s won a close piTchers' duel over Wau- kegan, 2 To I, buT in The reTurn game, The Bulldogs pulled ouT on Top, 4 To 3. Then They suTTered some reverses as Two games were dropped To Proviso, IO To 4 and 2 To I. Adding a Tinal Touch To The season were Two games againsT Niles, in which The Trier men Took a vicTory in The TirsT, 8 To 6, and dropped The second, 6 To IO. 5TreeT had The besT OT The piTchers' record wiTh Three wins and one loss, while Van Anrooy, TirsT baseman, was The lead- ing hiTTer. Playing caTcher This year were WrighT and Oelerich: sec- ond base, ChrisTianseng and The resT oT The inTield, Swirles aT Third base and SelTzer aT shorT sTop. OuTTielders were Pol- TRI Qi .4 .uma FROSH BASEBALL lak, Cram, King, I:eTzer, Shere, and Jarvis. Freshman baseballers also had an average season as They came Through wiTh Three wins and Tive losses. AT The begin- ning oT The season IIO Treshmen showed up, and This un- manageable sguad had To be cuT down To 22 members. 5TarTing ouT in Tine Tashion, They Took Their TirsT Three games, The TirsT againsT Proviso 5 To 35 The second Trom Niles, I4 To I lg and The Third againsT EvansTon, 8 To 5. However, in The nexT Tixe games, The Trosh meT wiTh de- TeaT aT The hands oT lvlorTon, 3 To 5, Waukegan, I To II, and Oak Park, O To I6g and in reTurn games wiTh EvansTon and Waukegan, They IosT by 3 To 4 and I To II scores, respecTiveIy. The sTarTing lineups Tor The Treshmen consisTed oT Quick, caTcher and leading baTTerg Will, TirsT base: Anderson, sec- ond baseg STrahorn and I'Iildner, shorT sTopsQ WebsTer, Third baseg Sullivan, IeTT Tieldq Riley, cenTer Tieldy and D'Ancona, righT Tield. PiTchers were I-lallenborg, Riley, I'Iirsh, and Brandl. OTher sguad members were Pyle, Morse, Paschen, and Layden. TT. Cien, Layden, STrahorn, , Q Ivfiiffffilg, T A Pichburg, Brandl, SuTher- A ' 7 my lan 5 ' " ii? r is f I ' Tl 5 BoTTom Row: Pyle, SmiTh, Pe- K igqud, 4 if Tersen, WhiTe, Quick, Bea- , 3. ' Tx 'I . ' 'nw -, . I com, Will, Anderson, Web- 9' U x Qi .3 T' h W T X ,. 'Q' get . 'Vim K icq 'img 53 TEL N iq V354 ,Q f- -we f- A I 1 I A 6 Ti'Ti A f i s if I ...f f A A 82 PLAYOFFS FOR ADVISER-GROUP VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP -E F-,Y 'KC Y, fx XFX MTX! V: L we ff fwfw 15 w Wx 2 4 2-31 f W -L , f XJ Xl mf! mv L- .L .H L.: - XLAFXLQ xv! Ng L4 f5 .llf NL !JJ 5'i ' NXTN .J my UNL V 2 , L E f . 4 LQ VJ Efiggsfi KSQ' ivihg 1, V 2 1 .ywg A L 15:5 83 84 InTramurals aT New Trier are designed To enalole all boys To parTicipaTe in various compeTiTive sporTs eiTher on an individual Ioasis or in adviser-group compeTiTion. The adviser-group aThleTic manager encourages everyone To Take parT in The program. Di- recTor oT arranging and scheduling These sporTs is lvlr. Showley, head OT boys' phys- ical educaTion deparTmenT. This year's Touch TooTball, under The di- recTion oT lvlr. CramleT, was hoTly conTesT- ed in The Tall. Adviser-group class cham- pions were Landwer, Treshman: Nay, soph- omoreg lvlalinslcy, iuniorg and l:ranTzen, sen- ior. l:ranTzen's advisees became all-school champions. Swimming, also oTTered in The Tall, was under The direcTion oT lvlr. RoberTson and Mr. Van Aman and saw some keen compe- TiTion. Freshman conTesTs were so close ThaT The resulT was a Tie beTween Hender- son's and Lauer's advisees. OTher class champions were Van Aman, sophomore: Morey, iuniorg and Kahler, senior. Again a senior group won when Mr. Kahler's group Tools The school TiTle. ADVISER-GROUP COMPETITION IN BASKETBALL I ,-we , , of I 4 ' c.'-' f T' 'I f i B " i "'ii T ,,, 3? :af fi-Z i , ci..--- ' f "-, , fl ' ,, K f f ,,,,-.- , fi f" ' . , T .,.. 2 ', f f :mf A '4 ,i' ' S i f Tii I I i I I rir4,r, 'I ivi ""' I 4 , - ' ' lf -5 . -,. , W f -7' "fm Q , - f fisi f. f A fr jf I 'nz wwf f f f W? , I 'W .. , ? f '-"' 5 V-f , .I ',-.. 1 'T ll I -,,, . ' . ww , iiiiiii I as iiil I I -lr ,X "W f , n f, fiff ' r f. 1 " IZ' gf: ' " T"T I I I I E1 5 lf? fi S T I li T 'fail 1 'T 'I 2.5 V 1 2 , I. 'f I S as j 5 wma 'V TI'IS,iI,I?4l 5 ! VV ROBERTSON'S SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL CHAMLPIONS Top Row: I-Iowe, Lechner, Rinlcer, Bundy, BoiTom Row: Klein, Thulin, Thulin, Thompson. I FEARHEILEY'S JUNIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS LAUER'S FRESHMAN BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Top Row: Bowman, PaTTerson, Farnham. Top Row: Lolcensgard, McGee, Wiseman, BarTleTT. BoTTom Row: LusTgarTen, Snow, lvlissner. BoTTom Row: Slrrassheim, PlunlceTT, Burgess, ArmsTrong. T?fA AQ T ii igfls I enum-zr mis Tiiqxi fi' r ' , 3 F, T 'ls W'K' fff A TWP? aM? CLASSES IN WRESTLING FOR ALL BOYS lnTramural Tennis, headed by Mr. Cla- der, broughT TorTh some valuable maTerial Tor The varsiTy and sophomore Tennis squads, Klein, Levin, Robinson, and SmiTh were The Trosh Tennis winners, while Elmen- dorT, Michel, and Lumley were The sopho- more, iunior, and senior class Tennis cham- pions respecTively. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior horseshoe singles champions were Driggs, Salvano, SmiTh, and Reardon in ThaT order. ln handball doubles, sophomore champs were Roolqer and l-lanson, while iunior champs were Miller and JeTTers. lnTramural baslceTball, under The direc- Tion oT Mr. Marz, produced some close compeTiTion during The winTer monThs, each Team compeTing wiTh The oTher class Teams in a double eliminaTion TournamenT. Among The Treshmen, Lauer's advisees won The championship by beaTing The men Trom Marz Twice, I6-I5 and I9-I7. The sopho- more vicTors were RoberTson's advisees who won The winner's braclceT againsT Van Aman 35-I6 and conTinued in The Tinals To beaT Nay 44-I8. The iunior TournamenT saw a much TighTer Tinish wiTh Fearheiley and Mclzadzean baTTling iT ouT. Fearheiley won The winner's bracl4eT 27-I9 buT losT The TirsT game oT The playoTTs 26-23. They came baclc To win The championship ZI-I7. Advisees oT Mr. Lauer, Mr. Clader, Mr. WeingarTner, and Mr. Gadslce emerged as The Treshman, sophomore, iunior, and sen- ior volleyball class champions respecTively. McFadzean's adviser group, however, aTTer Talqing The iunior runner-up TiTle, baTTled Their way To The school championship. WresTling, organized and run by Mr. Hurley, produced Twelve school champions in Their respecTive weighTs. They were James, Schulz, Baby, Wiley, BregsTone, BolchoT, l-lerbon, Miller, McKinnon, Wynn, Oelerich, and PaTullo. FRANTZEN'S FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Top Row: Dern, KaTzin, l-loTTman, Madigan, Young. BoTTom Row: Cramer, Joseph, Edmonds, Freeman, STevens 15? ASCT-lENBACH'S I953 BASEBALL RUNNERS UP Top Row: Wilder, Oelerich, RoTh, Creden, Cleary. BoTTom Row: ByrlciT, Bender, Calkins, Morava, STreeT , .M ,ws ff ..,V U ' ' 4 Zed? Q, Wx-fm.. v:.,r 1v' VV.. wa," ' A 1 - 1 p M A ,I ,V,,, , l Q lid f - A ' ' .L- L"f' I ' ff , 7 ,..,, ,V AVA, i ' ff .ff ff in 1? .-if, lil Qi ,., f f Q ,','4 3, -, -, .. m'--H KZ- sl f e w, 'i ' ' 1' ' . 5 ,, ' - , fry- ff ', if V' -,r" W' f V, f,7' , , r , f , I W. f ef My ,V MM, ,bi ' V 'Q W, , 4, ,I ' aw,-,gf f,,. ,I gm A ' gs? , QW' f A A f l ff' , ,,, ,, , Q mmwf ' I.M. WRESTLING CHAMPS McFADZEAN'S l.M. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Bokhof, Paiiulo, McKinnon. Top Row: Cross, Kennedy, Felzer, Chrisjriansen, Hepburn, Magnussen Cain Bokhol Middle Row: Schulz, Wiley, l-lerbon, BoHom Row: Randolph, McCollisier, Wisharl, Sellzer, Marsh, Wolfson, Frank Bo++om Row: James, Bregslone. GfADSKE'S H953 l.M. GHOSTBALL CHAMPS Sfancling: Wallach, Pirzner, Davis, Drake, B e n 'r l e y Groves, Vincenr, Surpless. Kneeling: Marsh, Ellicoil, Rappaporr, Trense, Bleoch Groicl, Orelincl. . S KAl'lLER'S CHAMPION l.M. SWIM TEAM Top Row: Palullo, Sennoli, Osborn, Blunl, Bollom Row: Adkins, Alger, Goellsch. INDIVIDUAL SWIMMING CHAMPS Smilh, Macomber, Boeclcler, McKinnon, Howe, Dewar WATER BALLET: G.A.A.'S DEMONSTRATION OF SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING GIRLS' ATHLETICS BETTY ANN McCALLEN LEA FERGUSON SUE WOOD BEECHER VOLLERS Presideni' Vice-PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer Since iTs Tounding in I9l3, Girls' AThleTic AssOciaTion has grown unTil Today iT is one OT The largesT girls' Organiza- Tions aT New Trier. Under The leadership OT iTs OTTicers and The guidance OT sponsor Miss Iris BoulTOn and adviser Miss Mary Louise l-look, I954 became one OT The mosT success- Tul years in G.A.A.'s hisTOry. Adviser-room represenTaTives provided The closesT link beTween The GAA board and The members. The inTramural spOrTs program opened The season, pro- viding Tun and exercise Tor any girl desiring TO parTicipaTe. The courses Tor OTTicials gave girls an oppOrTuniTy To learn more abOuT The spOrTs, while The program Tor Timers and scorers OTTered OTher's a chance To parTicipaTe. AlThOugh mosT OT G.A.A.'s acTiviTies TOOk place On The aThleTic Tield, The OrganizaTiOn also served The school and cOmmuniTy. ThroughOuT The year The page girls perTOrmed errands Tor The physical-educaTion deparTmenT. As a com- muniTy service, sOme OT The board members wenT TO The Lake BluTT Qrphanage every Friday aTTernOOn To provide enTerTainmenT Tor The children. The March award assembly gave deserved recOgniTiOn To many OT The girls who parTicipaTed in G.A.A.'s acTiviTies. The lniTiaTes' Supper Tollowed, where The iniTiaTes received Their Tormal iniTiaTion inTO The organizaTion. G.A.A.'s wriTTen publiciTy helped To keep The comrnuniTy iTormed OT G.A.A.'s acTiviTies, while clever, eye-caTching bulleTin boards and posTers provided addiTional inTOrmaTiOn Tor The school. An imporTanT addiTion This year was The beginning OT The Hall OT Fame, which, when compleTed, will cOnsisT OT a per- manenT display OT picTures and snapshOTs OT G.A.A. OTTicers and sporTs daTing back To The early years OT New Trier. The year was climaxed by The spring award assembly and The Spring BangueT, held On June 3, where The new board and OTTicers were announced. 'NSSEF ' ali- in i' ' ""' 'H..F'.' Lila 'www' -, W :AH .A. A. SPORTS BOARD Top Row: Daley, GaTTer Broderick, Kirk. Middle Row: Doepel, Ed- wards, Sewrey, PeTersOn Emrich, BoTTom Row: SchueTT, BarneTT l-laider, l.ichTer, Ross, CriT TenTon. REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: VVhi'reside, I-Iapp, Drake Anderson, Fairbairn, Bradley Blurnberg. Second Row: Miller, Woods, Leon- ard, Yares, Sprowl, Lippman Finger, Long. BoHom Row: Cramer, Levilelz Kirby, Keilh, Braun, Robinson James, Burkharl, Goodrich. COMMITTEES Top Row: Andrews, Sieberling Varney, Kent Dohse, Guyan. Third Row: Friel, Bennell, Yales Weedon, Eberl, O'KieIfe, Avery Second Row: Deulch, Boylslon Eberharl, Banker, Wheeler, Keilh Feuer, Tourlellol. BoH'om Row: Knuslen, Kling, Lloyd Klok, Borg, Quainlance. PAGE GIRLS Top Row: French, I-Iaas, Besl, Eb- er'i', Wielancl, True, Perlman. Second Row: Thorsen, Weinberg Weinberg, Seiberling, I. a u n Smilh. Bofforn Row: Evenslad, Reinholl- zen, Lipprnan, Dexler. 89 -0 - . i , --Me..u,..,,., ,- . TIMERS AND SCORERS Top Row: Taylor, Wlelend Srone Cragg. BoHom Row: Ringley Cooley R bens, Purcell. Slanding: Elvgren, Whipple, Thorne, Arnold, Edwards, Coleman, l-laider. Smilh, Swarfchild, Garrside, Nielsen, Auslen Spencer Arnold. SiH'ing: Wood, Johnson, Galilerr, Ross, l-ladler, lvlcCallen, Donahue, Geller, Slerreli, Seeley. OFFICIALS Top Row: Walson, Wieland, Baker, Cook, Will, Wilkinson, Tenhune Smilh, Whipple, Scofl. Boffom Row: Friedman, Rumsey, Peck, Drake, Debs, Veaque Goldberg, Arnold, Cayallon Bagley. COACHES Top Row: Laun, Sommer, Daley, Teegarden, Miller, Bradley, Schu err. Middle Row: Kenney, l-limelblau, l-laliis, Johnson, LeVine, Dulhie, Dickens. Boffom Row: Klok, Currier, Porler, Ross, Smilh, Dahlberg, Powell. 90 f 'bf .1 'WW' f 2 amen C , Bo om Row: Fink, Racine, Edgar, Miller, James Wonderlic. SENIOR HOCKEY-FIRST TEAM To Row Laun, Muhl, Mcllvaine, Mueller, Brandenburg, Noble, Lawrence. BoTTom Row GaTTer, Fowler, KeiTh, Ferguson, Langenbach, Kenney. FALL SPGRTS Early in The Tall The inTramural sporTs began. Mary Doepel, head oT hockey, and her class managers, Carolyn Kenny, Polly Edgar, and VicToria Kling, com- pleTed a successTul season wiTh Mrs. Cornell's Team, a combinaTion Team made up oT Miss Karl's and Miss Kral's adviser groups, and Miss ElemingTon's Team winning The Three TournamenTs. The hockey season ended wiTh The annual BeauTy versus Brawn game beTween The senior girls' TirsT Team and The boys' varsiTy TooTball Team in which The boys Tinally Triumphed wiTh a score oT 3 To I. Head OT soccer Virginia Broderick and her managers, Jane Goodwin, Judy GaTTerT, Nancy Edens, and Jane LighTner, Tound ThaT soccer was becoming increasingly popular. The only TournamenT was played by The Treshmen in which Miss Byrne's adviser room won. Tennis, under The leadership oT Jeanne Sewrey and her managers, Mirella Meier, MargareT Redgwiclc and Marilyn Coyne, seT up TournamenTs which were noT' compleTed because oT bad weaTher. EnThusiasTic riders, headed by Carol CriTTenTon and her assisTanT Lynn l-lughes, were divided inTo Three groups: The beginners learned To posT and TroT, The inTermediaTe rnasTered more advanced skills, and advanced riders polished up on The Tine poinTs oT jumping. FROSH SOCCER-FIRST TEAM T Top Row CurTis, Gray, BrighTman, LighTner, , LindsTrom, Hinlcle, Glos. 5fLw v7f?41h1lXl9i'f3'f..a .se QEL.fAQx..JHQNUh9Ekf1 2?H SWIMMERS HAIDER, SWARTCHILD, ROSS WINTER ACTIVITIES if I. "'fI" " ' 'H .ffffm-II . .,.,,. .,.. .,,, ,. KG' WIIIIIIII -WMI ,V W K 'Q Q,,.,,,, ,.,,,,, , ,r,.,,,,,,,W,,,y,,5 .I II . , I , J eff If V. , I , J JIIIQ, A .H ,I T"W"A ,jeg 4 .4 !V-L , 5.7, I I I ,I wk-If-I f- - Z .,,' . ffvyr I I I7 I,I.I,.,,,I,,I,, - T Il ' I .I iff.-9 z:I21.QI,I, ' II I , ' ' VIQ 'I sf 5 ' 7 ' .,, ,f s Ii:-,. 1-'.g.,.5q,:: 5 1 w,,,yI, I yi f-f-.- I ., J H , fI,,I,,. ,,fIM.f,9Q,7,y,,,:I ,,,, WI . Q 4, , I. ,.,,. , ,ig ,,,- ,, I ' Q -' ' I ,.I III -f,, I 0 eII:If:fI 1: fpy- df I ,--L- Ig I-:ff-II I-'-'- " I F .. ---- i ' , "II I , , ,,II 'I ' I. aww' IQSII-fI?,Ifff 'WW II4'f,ffIIfb,1-'60TJf' - " ' W f""9fW'7!ff -: I' 22+ Y Ii X f'I'ff: I "fI I I 4 ',. I ,"I I "II J 1 ,Q -: I f,I1I I,I.I,fII, ,f fmII! II! f MII MI- ..I,I, , , ,wf M, I, 4 If 3 II I ' IIQIIII 11,7 sm, KI 7I -1-'f4I:fI.'IIGIQ-'1-535.1,IA-I M yww, . , ', ' ,. gif: A+' .I-35'J27'IQ7:-Z?,y5I,, 4G?3I-Qw'7f7uiIiI I,-- ",'Q24fl6fI-I, ' F ' fn-W' - 'L,l"f' ' ,-ff-'KI-XII-f ' "VK,Ir'IfQffIiIfJfffQ,? are , new Iff-Iv I--I ,ff ,, II KI , wif 6 , I "f' I ' GIRLS' BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM Top Row: TourTelloT, Mueller, Crosby, ElmendorT. BoTTom Row: Naidowski, PaynTer, GaTTer. ', ,' 74' in I In ,,,j"I ffZ ' 'lj ' ' Fl' 'ff 1 ,, II -I ..., .I I , .I , 4 ' Q X X , 4' . , ,.I. I , , I 1' If-I' ,fII I - ,Iv I' . , I, I 4.0 3' I . N-21 , , .IW I. , I if ' f- 4 g'I f'wI ..'I' I ff-I.-f- ..f.'.' - I 'I , 1I,i f W3 fII' ' I fs' fi I A.-' , f 1 so ,.., ,WI - WI fsfffgf ,4,,5Q,I wfsf-AI I-IIMQI 4.,I ,QJQIIMIW If! I . I I- I ' -Q "'., I., II,I. ,I I. II,fI'I II ,QI wwf ,,I.I 4 xf ffjr, f.I, I-,I ,A an y ?gwW',I'mI 1, I,., MX. ISII J 5 I s PT 1 I .1 'f':Iff7'I'21I 'I'fI'ffk " , 1 W Q. 1 -I I-I-I ,. I I I .I,. , f. , F I.,,. I ,I,IIfI:fffT ,I Y VI" x 'L f I.I. - II'I fi, sw " Fas. 94 If4fI"I I I' ii' I --fs aww, ,yr-I, If-fs, I ,I K, , ,I ,. ,,f,f,I.. ' : 4? s- ,iw-,I,-II,"p.z' I' :If'f:IfI'pI-II. f4Xf,!.f " " I I I ' J , . ,V 4 V, I ,,.., , SENIOR VOLLEYBALL FIRST TEAM Top Row: Mueller, Sewrey, Noble, Zinn. BoTTom Row: O'KieTTe, 6aTTer, Samuelson, Ferguson. 92 WiTh The arrival oT cold weaTher, G.A.A. embarked on iTs indoor program. Three volleyball class Tourna- menTs were held, headed by ElizabeTh BarneTT and her class managers, Maraya McCully, Rosemary Long, Robin Lloyd, and Jane KeiTh, Tollowecl by an inTerclass TournamenT, won by The Freshmen 3B Team. Dance, headed by Carol Kirk and her assisTanT Suellen PeTerson, saw many girls coming ouT Tor The Treshman and upperclass dance Iessons. PaTricia Edwards and Nancy Daley worked wiTh The Tumblers This year. il-leaded by Ouida GaTTer and assisTed by Anne Fin- ger, Jane Weinberg, ElizabeTh STerreTT, and Barbara I-lager, a varieTy oT recreaTional games was oTTered in The program oT Table Tennis, badminTon, shuTTIe board, horseshoes, deck Tennis, paddle darTs, and duck pins. BaskeTball replaced volleyball as a TournamenT sporT under The direcTion oT JudiTh PaynTer and her class managers, Arlene Nadiowski, Phillipa Bayless, Joan Cann, and Jean SToops. Following The Three class Tour- namenTs, The Junior I Team won The inTerclass conTesT. BASKETBALLERS CROSBY, MUELLER, BAYLESS, TATHAM i TUMBLING Top Row: Pearson, Gray, Keillu, Yosl. BoHom Row: Daley, Cobb, True, Boyls- ion, Kaufman. Ad RECREATIONAL ,GAMES Top Row: Lang, Liglwlner, Edgar, Cohrs, Sierreli, l-lager, Corser. Middle Row: Weinberg, Fink, Gray, Eolzer, Daley, Racine, Robinson, Lindslrom. BoHom Row: Cur+is, Rubens, Gai- +er, Loeilller, Caslrle. ffm ,rf zwmf f, 1 . 8 if ax: 4' ,i ' ., fl ky 7' -f ,65f,7w 4, .' ,af 1 wc han, Davis. Condon, ADVANCED DANCE Top Row: Smillfi, Kling, Deuc Borg, Rislow, Boylslon. Middle Row: Collins, Coyne Era ser, Cliinberg, l-lanson, Fink Ro BoHom Row: Addenbrooke, Drake, Peierson, Kirlc, Eyensfad, Deming I .f. .Q f - Q, V, 1 Q, -W N- Q.. ,, 4 Y, ,, ' ,..' w M' f ' " r . . ' 'A 222 4 ff , be ff ,, , 4- f I N, 2 f XXX! 5 f , fi ,1 f M f 1: 1 4 I ,B K I , ,f , ,. 1 , f fu-. ff ' M101 ' , - if ,, Z , E f if X 90 X 1 in 'E my all D, ' f' E , , ' f X I f WL? ' Q ' ' ,ffgiw any v ' ,. , ,,.- ff' J ' W, A 2 ,K , 4 'fr' Q1 '. f . f- , , Q' f ' , ' A we ,Q f , G ' K +4 1 ' Q'-fig , y , 1 f Qsl' ' Q 4b . 4 - E 1 f 'f 1 ll f fl 7 I n ' , xl f , 1-RPM, KW' I f-,,,,,fv. A 1 V r r if of f A 1 A E ' A , 'fy ff-Q--f f :TAP f' 45329 ' X- ' ' nr, ff ,M 'v-A A 2 ,ff if Y. "'i 1- ' f ' f' 7, - ,,,,, ,mmf f,.,, . me ,- A- , ww ,,zw,5,q-fgQ,f,,,, A., q ' "'-WV'-fr, . eff , ,, -HH! ,!'?f,fiv"f W' fu ,fffd ,fy , . f K4 f A ,f2V,fgy"f 'gf 5j4,y,Wy-gfL,, f, , , 'gf igyfz v M , I ',, l y ' . QL..,i7.f,,5,,? .w V I if , ,, Z z' W, . v 9 -1 few LA CROSSE PLAYERS This spring G.A.A. again moved ouldoors lo lalce advan- lage ol lhe warm wealher. The- aclive program included goll, headed by Colelle Lichler, and archery, headed by Donna Schuell and her class managers, Pal Kay, I-Iallie Will, and Sarah Lind. Une ol lhe mosl popular sporls was lennis, headed by Jeanne Sewrey and assisled by her class managers, Mirella Meier, Margarel Redgwiclq, and Marilyn Coyne. Riding, headed by Carol Crillenlon and her assislanl, Lynn I-Iughes, was conlinued wilh renewed inleresl. Ouida Galler and her class managers, Anne Einger, Jane Wein- berg, Elizabelh Slerrell, and Barbara I-lager headed Ia- crosse. Baseball was headed lhis year by Mary Lou Emrich and her class managers, Deborah Eowler, Sylvia Phelps, and Pamela Condon. Aller praclice games, lhe adviser room lournamenls were held, lollowed by lhe class-leam games. The waler ballel, presenled Salurday, April 24, was an SPRING SPORTS oulslanding demonslralion ol swimming slcills. Direcled by Carol I-Iaider, head ol Pool Guard, and Belly Wheeler, head ol swimming, each scene in lhe "World ol Waler" depicled a dillerenl counlry, wilh addilional acls done by lhe advanced dancers and lhelumblers. The swimming class managers, Mary Ellen Arnold, Colby Smilh, and Jane Bar- nell, lhe members ol lhe Pool Guard, and many olher "be- hind lhe scene" worlcers were indispensable lo lhe success ol lhe demonslralion. I953 BASEBALL CHAMPIONS TENNIS Top Row: Samuelson, Sweelman, Mueller, Ferguson, Edwards. Top Row: Bennell, Walling, Coyne Bollom Row: Galler, Donohue, Elmendorl, Risrow. Bollom Row: Remien, Drake, Wing ,gm zamrg 'Z' ii GOLF Top Row: Poppell, Lichler, Philpoll, Lalvlofle BoHom Row: Adams, Lange-nbach, Geller Elm. RIDING Crilnienlon, Fisher, Croisanl, l-lughes, Eisler, Connelly, Walson, Onlhanx, Mcflallen. ARCHERY Sfandingz Lind, Ewing, Will, Deulch, Schuell, Minx, Kay, Johnson SiHing: Wood, Veague, Shoresman, Sleglich, Dohse. 95 96 C5.A.A. AWARDS A+ The winler award assembly March 4, 234 6.A.A. awards were presenled lo 9I freshmen, sophomores, iuniors and seniors who had come oul for sporls 60 limes or more lo win Jrhe 300-poinl award. Filleen girls earned 700 poinls by parlicipaling I40 limes, while seven olhers received Jrhe G.A.A. pennanl signifying I000 poinls. Allhough The I500- poinl award is officially lhe highesl presenled by G.A.A., special honors were given This year lo Ouida Galler, sen- ior, for being Jrhe lirsl girl in G.A.A. hislory lo win a Jrolal of 2000 poinls. An innovalion recenlly eslablished +o provide recognilion of award winners and olher pasl and presenl G.A.A. groups was 'rhe l-lall ol Fame. This proiecl will be a permanenl dis- play of pholos mounled in frames donaled by lhe New Trier Dads' Club. HALL OF FAME COMMITTEE Mcllvaine, Beck, Lawrence, Keilh. I000-POINT AWARD WINNERS Ferguson, Ross, OlKiS'l:lS, Debs. 700-POINT AWARD WINNERS Top Row: Kay, Sleglich, Mueller, Daley. BoH'om Row: Smilh, Fowler, Dohse, l-larris. 300-POINT AWARD WINNERS Top Row: l-lorberg. Allison, l-loehn, Klingeman, Alschuler, Andrews, Tenhune, Pierce, Wafson, Evenslad, Thorsen Third Row: Will, Miller, Baker, l-lolub, Jacobi, Cohrs, Kochs, Laun, Kirby, Bamburg. Second Row: Condon, Nordblom, Cragg, Racine, Lind, Lloyd, Marshall, Coyne, Maclrinnon, Whipple, Corser. Boflom Row: Drake, Smilh, Pelerson, Algeo, Addenbroolse, Rumsey. CANDID IN CERAMICS: PETE GROFF, HERB KASHIAN, ANN HOWARD, MARY WHEELER SNAPSHOTS HERE and THERE DOWN HAS ANYONE HERE SEEN KELLEY7 DOWN' 1 WQGW72 YIQISQWQMQ WWW-, ' we A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD SMELL AS SWEET EDUCATION AS ADVERTISED 1 1 Y DUDE RANCH CHEESECAKE -- -f HOW DO YOU DO? ROPE TRICK WITH NO ROPE few 490' , .51 A E 4299 f ff? J . BATHING BEAUTY ff ,Q af f J J' ZQEEP HIM DANGLING FRESHMAN CLASS-WITH PARENTS HOW'S THE WATER? HOM ECOM ING FLOATS TRY BLUSTER DREAM SHAMPOO AFTER THE GAME GIRLS' CLUB CHRISTMAS CHARITY PROJECT IOO A W X fx. QQ? ni S Y AEN 4 :5::,,:v,: .,.,. , vw, :Q W 1 I "ffl ' IT I ' ' 1 if V M3 I ' .,' P' ' I mfg T 5:25. 5, A A i Eff" 'Q T595 2'-ww' :H f . I N 2 ,Q 4 A A Sf' ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME I W :,LI,Zd2dfsl7" f"hif'fW?."?" V "Z"""' "?"T?,:7"" SYJLJ G fl 'ZLL 'T I REFREHMENTS AT ONE OF THE "TRI-SHIPS" INFRACTION OF TRAINING RULES N uv Tx'-L, WW JOHN AND MARY ELLEN AT A TRI SHIP DANCE - ' 7'z '?KW ' TW? DAISY MAES AT SOPHOMORE PARTY , LITTLE MAN, WHAT NOW? TH E STAY-AT-H OM ES NO-NAME ROMEO5 MR. AND MRS. GAFFNEY AT A FACULTY TEA MELLER DRAMMFR 4 x 2 "Q-LWXQ ffiw fw? M--1.11. -1 mf 'f xg -- .f ff .,,, , A , ' 4?,,,....p.a ., -9' gag? Wsy ,gs my .2 I we 5 qc 9 . ,ZA . Cru, ,J ,ffggfgg y N-x 5? ' f'I- ima, Z., ,ya , I .- V E. -M , PLANNERS OF A GALA OCCASION BON VOYAGE STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONEERING- THERE'S MUSIC IN THE AIR DABBLING IN ART KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL "Illini ' ' If ,n 1-0, XM? 3? kai .sf ,9f'f' X.-W X ww la Wmfw, X ix Q ik .-u-11 - me FALL ELECTIONS AN OLD, OLD sronv LLLL O B TOO GOOD TO MISS BE PREPARED THERE'S NO BASE LIKE HOME RECOGNIZE ANYONE? L V! V L I if .1 - gp 47. L ix - , K . an -5. 5. " 'U ' ' ,Mk L K Lkx,f,..,.,,m up , , wg, .Q-,. WL,,1m,., - ,fig . Vu-gk. V j ,, as A -A.-we 1: 1-,-Q1-Q la-'EY' , 5 Q M Q, , LOOKS LIKE A THRILLER FOR A CHANGE 5 f ' THE TRUANT OFFICER IS LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS , 33? GIRLS' CLUB SNACK BAR TOO MANY VITAMINS OR SOMETHING I ...A+ IM PEEK A BOO BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? THE END FRESHMAN JIMMY WHITE, SOPHOMORE AL STAEBLER, JUNIOR PALMER WHITE FROSH, SQPHS, and JUNIORS PARKER PALMER SUSAN MILLER JUDY BULES .CHARLES ANDERSON Pre-siclenT Vice-PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer THE CLASS OF l957 LasT Tall 688 Treshmen came To New Trier' as a group OT bewildered buT exciTed and enThusiasTic sTudenTs. ATTer only one week oT conTusion, however, They sTarTed on Their road To success. Organizing The Freshman ATTairs CommiTTee on The paT- Tern oT The Senior STeering CommiTTee, The class laid plans Tor The enTire year. The girls were inTroduced To social liTe aT New Trier Through The annual Freshman-Senior ParTy, Tollowed by The Lirrle-Sis+er parTies given by The sophomore adviser groups. The boys, on The oTher hand, were busy in every sporT, organizing ouTsTanding Teams. Led by able oTTicers, under The guidance oT adviser chair- men Miss Louise l'lamilTon and Mr, RoberT Ream, The Tresh- men have earned a repuTaTion as ouTsTanding individuals and as a Tine class, a repuTaTion which will Tollow Them ThroughouT Their TuTure years aT New Trier. BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top Row: Moore, Neis, Klauke, Finkel, Robinson, SingleTon, l-lechT, Palmer, Pyle, Mooney, Young, McLick, DorTman, Allen. Third Row: Everly, MeTeliTs, l-lazlehursT, Brooker, Bliss, l-liken, Kirk, GuerTin, PorTer, Wallace, Garrison, SergeanT, Burnham, Plonsker. Second Row: PorTer, CarTwrighT, WirTz, I-loward, Shoop, BriTTan, Walker, Eisenberg, Fleisher, Levin, Falk, McCausland, Spero, KapliT. BoTTom Row: RoberTson, Paschen, Warren, Adams, Miller, SmiTh, Kayser, Freeman, Boshes, Schulz, Siebel, KauTman, l-lenning, Sharpe. l eims' I-ioNoR e-Rour Top Row: l-Toward, Thorman, Berkemlield, Blair, Rammon, Sinclair, Williams, l-lamilTon, Parshall, YaTes, Daniels, LeVine, WolT, Morrison, YaTes, Jones. FifTh Row: WrighT, Kenney, Garrison, LoveTT, GoeTz, Byler, FranTzen, PorTe, Massey, Uermody, Barnes, MeiTes, Ruland, GoodTriend, WesTlake, Ferguson, Mare- monT, Racine, Fourfh Row: Shawley, KeiTh, Kay, AddingTon, Grung, Grung, McCloud, MeTz, Third Row: Pullman, Robinson, PTaelzen, Glaeser, Klemperer, Ross, Kennedy, Spacek, SmiTh, Second Row: Fink, FelTen, KnappsTein, l-lenrich, Spangenberg, MarTin, Bules, Lang. BoTTom Row: Fall, Miller, Barker, Buchanan, RosenThal, McLaughlin, Molzocher, ger, Romach, BradTield. - Dow, Fraser, Murphy, Kase, BuTTerTield, Gordon, Johnson, WechTer, Goodrich, SchweiTzer, Allen, LindsTrom, LighTner, Eolzer, Blumberg, YosT, Krasberg, Forgan, CurTis, Edgar, Leonard, Hoover, Glass, l-leTlebower, SelTen, Merrick, Brodghaug, Gale, PanniTch, BurkharT, Quigley, PancoasT, Grinker, Grinker, Orwig, Harnsber- MISS BYRNE Top Row: Berlcenlield, Brad- ley, Feldman, Blair, Brod- shaug, Schweilzer, Allen, I-lamillon, Lighlner. Third Row: Lydeclcer, Cole- man, Moses, Terman, Wech- Ier, Cobb, Mueller, Slubbs. Second Row: Karslalce, Slew! arl, Kulz, Slerling, Beclcer, McCloud, Maievvslci, Van Benschoren, Marshall. BoH'om Row: Miss Byrne, Ba- ker, Seqil, Ovson, Miller, Pearson, Malzacher, Gold- man, Piersanli. MISS CRITCHETT Top Row: Marlin, Spacelc, Parlcs, Lindslrom, Irvine, Franlzen, Byler, Schell. Third Row: Gordon, Kay, Mayer, Braun, Prince, Kase. Spanqenberg, Rainey. Second Row: Kennedy, Cooley, Pancoasl, Moninger, Rinqley, Forgan, Parshall, Roloerlson. Boflom Row: Miss Crilchell, Whilney, James, Ellmore, Dow, Fall, Ryerson, Leonard. MISS DEAMES Top Row: Brighlman, I-lorle, Sinclair, Smilh, Vinnedge, Scoll, I-lechl, Krasberq. Third Row: Lovell, Jenner, Congdon, Lang, Oalchill, Reminqlron, Goelz. Second Row: Johnson, Mason, Keilh, Morris, Baer, Roe- wade, I-lunyady. Boilom Row: Miss Deames, Kucera, Orwig, Cramer, Price, Ruland. MISS DURGIN Top Row: Barnes, Thiele, Ed- gar, Taylor, Slibqen, Wolf, Parker, Slarr. Third Row: Plaelzer, Brown, Schroeder, Smilh Ferrer, I-lellebower, Newlon, Gale. Second Row: Samuels, Saler- no, Nelson, Wilson, Wriqhl Pullman, Robinson, Besser. Bollrom Row: Miss Durgin Wonderlic, Moeller, Meires I-ladaway, Mora, Levin Diclcey. IO9 I, WY wgvurumrg KYYVV YY MR. GIALLOMBARDO Top Row: Sulherland, Fazio Golclslein, Sullivan, Joslin Rehm, While, Rosso. Third Row: Radford, Websler Kane, Naiowski, Peasler Gray, Borre, Pearson. Second Row: Freeman, Frank Swarlz, Rubens, Kivland Rrochnow, Kaine, Demaree. Bo'Hom Row: Mr. Giallombar- clo, Brandi, Veeder, Cum- mings, l-loulihan, Sward l-lindman, Kenlay. MRS. GREESON iiop Row: Schleman, l.eVine, Nisen, Williams, Jones, Roll, Weiller, Smilh. Third Row: lngersoll, Bern- slein, l-lolson, Davis, Ehr- harl, Wesllake, Alkisson. Second Row: Buesch, l-lassel, l-linkle, King, Rainer, Campbell. BoH'om Row: Adams, Grung, Grinker, Rohan, Yale, Men- ard, Burkharf. MR. HENDERSON Top Row: Magie, Macomber, Beacom, Magee, Kearney, Moore, Clarke, Embree. Third Row: von Brauchiisch, Nickel, O'Brien, Gueriin, Brooker, Garner, Plonsker, Miller. Second Row: Sperlus, Rich- burg, Dorgan, Kirk, Yonkers, Ward, l-lopper, Boodell. BoHom Row: Mr. Henderson, Warren, Eisenberg, Arlhur, Veeder, Ripploerger, Roberl- son, Bogarl. MR. HURLEY Top Row: Lloyd, Goodyear, Lowe, Will, Slrub, Mulher, Jackson, l-leinekon. Third Row: King, Doriman O'Brien, l-liken, l-lildner, Trees, Oien. Second Row Bender, McCabe, Meyer, Smaha, Rodgers, Ku- biak, Moulding, Simonds. Bo'Hom Row: Mr. l-lurley, Raub, Baby, James, Resnick, Kaufman. i MR. IRWIN Top Row: Vanderwiclcen, Kanrf Re-mer, Sfreeler, Miller Singleron, Taylor, Harlan- berg. Third Row: Davenporr, Coolc, Bali, Howard, Burnham, Ar- nold, Finlc. Second Row: Sharpe, Blorn Paschen, Parsons, Schoenv roclc, Graham, McDavicl, Bloch. BoHom Row: Mr. Irwin, Huy- ler, Borcherdl, Wieholdl, Randolph, Siebel, Jones. MRS. KRIEG Top Row: Beclcer, Jones, Bliss. Ferguson, Ross, Burchmore, Glaeser, Yares, Third Row: Morrison, Brown, Nicholls, Cooper, Grung, Melz, Smifh. Second Row: Salzman, Van Weyk, We-lbourne, Goodall, Sloops, Purcell, Keserr. BoHom Row: Mrs. Krieg, Mer- ar, Rornaclc, Maremonr, Vig- Iielri, Blumberg. MR. LANDWER Top Row: Eckhouse, Adams Slrylcer, Rasmussen, Poulosl Vaos, Robinson, McCabe. Third Row: Fermann, Liebe man, Allen, Herzog, Wal- lace, Bagge, Sleglich, Hal- Ienborg. Second Row: Engel, Fleisher Klein,Gri1CIin, Kemper, Johnl son, Dubrouiller. Bo'Hom Row: Mr, Landwer Shoop, Smirh, Berger, Ross Gardner, Sloss, Boeclceler. MISS LA PORTE Top Row: McConnell, Salis- bury, Leach, Knobel, Leirner Braun, Clarlce, Nehlsen. Third Row: Kaslel, Driscoll Finlc, Knappsfein, Sergenr Schmid, Quigley. Second Row: Goodrich, Zib ble, Pleus, Harnsberger, De Falco, Wrighr. BoHorn Row: Miss Lalaorle Zimmerman, Blumberg, Fra ser, McKeown, Floun. MR. LAUER Top Row: Micldlelon, Mills, Kendall, McGee, Welzel, Pyle, Wiseman, Sharnberg. Third Row: Crow, Anderson I-lerberl, I-Ilavacek, Berlel Lokensgard, Chrislensen Saikin. Second Row: Surron, Jump Layden, O'KieI'le, Spero Mangel, Burgess, Fliggin- loolham. Bolfom Row: M r. Lauer Fisher, Arrnslrong, Porler Slrassheim, Reed, Rlunkell Willard. MR. MARZ Top Row: Ollerslrrom, Palmer Beierwalfes, Riley, Wilz I-lolmes, Srone, I-lerhenar, Third Row: Murry, Morse Mehlman, Rodenberger Bradley, Kimball, Smiih. Second Row: Woolard, Bak- kemo, Becker, Williams Goldsmifh, Wenck, Russell Levin. BoHom Row: Mr. Marz, Kirk- land, Bliss, Beinlich, I-lelfer Carlson, Raynor. MISS MILLER Top Row: Thorrnan, Leavirr Van Wolf, Grossberg, Erich: elrnayer, Srnilh, Belmonr Fairloairn. Third Row: Yosl, Kaufman Bern, Weld, I-lorlon, Fisher: Jordon, Slearns. Second Row: Curlis, Showley, Ovson, Sedgwick, Slrassheim, Campion, Behrslock, Neilsen. BoH'om Row: Miss Miller, Brady, Buchanan, I-lolmes, Finne, Brush, Weiss. MISS MOELLER Top Row: Loos, Frishman, Dan- iels, Bradley, Massey, Smilh, Bules, I-Iurirnan. Third Row: I"lenrich, Merrick, Feldman, Rasmussen, Kenney Wilson, Lasky. Second Row: I-landler, Taylor, Burrerlield, Porlre, Tenney, Edmonds, Wolfi, I-loover. BoHom Row: Miss Moeller, Server, Bleser, Grinker, Mc- Laughlin, Goodlriend. MISS PATTERSCDN Top Row: Rammon, Leonard, Ruskin, Derrnody, Glos, Lockelr, Lewis, I-loehn, Third Row: Bellcher, Crane, Ferguson, Schneider, Schmidl, Levernier, Reinach. Second Row: Rorler, Black, Morrison, Pinkerson, Yager, Rosenlhal, Barker. Bolrom Row: Miss Rarlerson, Olson, Glaser, Kolchever, Liel, Nauioks. II2 MR. PIFER Top Row: Replce, I-Iirsch, Tru- lcenbrod, Bean, I-Iechi, Baker Cohn, Wilson. Third Row: Yealcley, Sargeni Carroll, Eyerly, Driggs, Reas- ner, Moorhead. Second Row: Charlion, Bud! inger, Sanderson, Engel, Mil- ler, Gordon, Bowland, Bales Bo+'I'om Row: Mr. Pifer, Col- lins, Fesier, Miller, Kayser Aden. MR. REYNOLDS Top Row: Ibis, McLicl4, Melin Wilson, Moore, DeTarnowsIcy Falla, Alexander. Third Row: Surpless, Willy Joseph, Sherman, O'ConneIl Czerwonlcy, Gammie. Second Row: Mr. Johnslon Granger, Brilian, Peiersen Mandes, Oehlerl. BoI'+om Row: Mr. Reynolds Buck, Gould, Coiirell, Smiih Boyd, Boshes, Graves. MISS M. SMITH Top Row: Blass, Reilly, Koch Yaies, Racine, Buesch, Gray Lighl. Third Row: Klemperer, An- drews, Folzer, Coolcman, Ro- berls, Marshall, Madden. Second Row: Uebelhaclc, Ad din 'ron Adams Trom Cox Q . I I Wesierman, Edwards, Dun- ning. BoH'om Row: Miss M. Smiih Swanson, Bradfield, I-Ioman Wesirich, Gilmour, Murphy Panniich. MR. SWAIN Top Row: Cawelri, I-layes Quiclc, Jenkins, Gibbons Einyre, Dahlin, Garrison. Third Row: Drake, Wells Quick, Nash, Ailcins, Lamb D'Ancona, Schumaclcer, Love- land. Second Row: Tennani, Wiriz Cariwrighl, I-Ierz, I-Iorlh Saunders, Shinbach, Rorler Fleming. BoH'om Row: Mr. Swain, Ka- berg, Ball, Sirahorn, Gude- man, Ebrey, I-Ienning. MR. WELLINGTON Top Row: Neis, Pavloici, An- derson, Spence, Scoll, Som- mer, Young, Felion. Third Row: Andrew, Meieliis DeRoc,co, Groiri, Spare Weller, Sewrey. Second Row: I-Iendrey, Blaclc- well, Singer, Kaplil, l-IazIe- hursf, Case, McCausIand Izielcl. BoHom Row: Mr, Wellingion I-Iaines, Wallcer, Schoden Pegoraro, Zibble, Boden. GIRLS' HONOR GROUP JOHN HICKS JOAN CANNON SUE MACKINNON MIKE OEHLER PresidenT Vice-PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer THE CLASS OF l956 Following elecTion oT oTTicers early in The Tall, The Sopho- more Class, wiTh iTs large membership oT 67l sTudenTs, be- gan plans Tor The TirsT soph parTy, "The Snow-Ball," under The guidance oT adviser chairmen Miss Blanche Veach and Mr. Lionel LighTner. The success oT The minsTrel show enTer- TainmenT and dance was so greaT ThaT popular demand re- sulTed in anoTher soph parTy laTer in The spring. ParTicipaTion by sophomores in oTher acTiviTies was noT lacking, eiTher. Work by The sophomore girls in The Girls' Club drives conTribuTed greaTly To The success oT These enTerprises. Many girls were iniTiaTed inTo G.A.A., and The sophomore boys polished up Tine Teams in all sporTs. Using To good advanTage The experience oT Lagniappe, sophomores also did an ouTsTanding iob wiTh The Trosh-soph play, "Remember The Day," and a Tew TalenTed individuals also had The good TorTune To be chosen Tor imporTanT roles in The opera. WiTh These excellenT beginnings, The Class oT l956 can look Torward To a promising TuTure oT anoTher Two ouT- sTanding years oT achievemenT aT New Trier. Top Row: Persons, Cook, Reinecke, Mc- Donough, Spero, Yormark, CarTer, Lauer, Will, MaTThews, Wilkinson Cook, Baker, Moran. FourTh Row: PaTTerson, SeiTerT, Cragg BaTeman, Nordblom, BelTer, Hine- mann, DeuTch, Dawes, Below, Johns Pefarcy, Laun. Third Row: Ruck, Friedner, WaTson Berman Welch Decker Whi le Q 1 I . I Newhouse, Coyne, Lind, Diller, Hill- ner, Devine, Wieland. Second Row: Chase, Cambell, Ash Kirby, Algeo, Addenbrook, Bamburg Cavallon, Schram, Tenhune, Fosdick Brynohc, Hawkinson, Jacobs, Kemper. BoTTom Row: PeTicolas, Malone, Fried- man, Grosman, Babize, ScoTT, Larkin EvensTad, Arnold, Hess, Crain, Bayer Deming, Siebel, Long. BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top Row: Waldmann, Cloeman, Dohn- elly, Ruggles, ElmendorT, Childs, Men- nel, Jones, Hanson. FourTh Row: Shuman, Hobbs, Neal, WesT, FlinT, Lederer, Zeller, Rinker, Alexander, Miller, Young. Third Row: l-larnrnel, Birdlebough, Pe- Terson, McCully, STaebler, Anderson, AlberTs, Slreenberg, Fisher, WhiTney, Bundy, AlsdorT. Second Row: Lewy, Graham, Dressler, STone, BimsTein, Bell, Janensch, Gil- lespie, Hahn, Hemersbach, BolTon, Brown, Durham. BoTTom Row: Noble, Phillips, Bridg- waTer, Wald, Wilson, Green, Ander- son, Amendola, Feldman, DoughTy, Thompson, Trom. II4 MR. BOWERMASTER Top Row: Kriesanl, Faulsiiclc, Vander Heiden, Slaebler, Debenham, Jones, Whilneyi Kolehmainen. Third Row: Allin, Gebner, Ben- iamin, Johnson, Sieenberg. Ross, Marlin, Forbis. Second Row: Sfearns, Porier, Sleiner, Tesf, Holzliman, Trom, Bell, Durham. BoH'om Row: Mr. BowermGS- Jrer, Mariinson, Gelbspan. Friedman, Green, Shane. Morrison. MR. CARLSTROM Tap Row: Benne++, Salafslcy, Joseph, Lindbloom, Grawoig, Kirlqpalriclc, Bealon, Payne. Third Row: Mann, Englebrechl, Dini, Sfeger, Eddy, Michals. Second Row: McCully, Mcln- 'lyre, Braun, Hahn, Hoel. Bridgewaler, Burmeisler. BoH'om Row: Mr. Carlslrom, Cohn, Blanchard, Nelson, Minns, Buchanan. MR. CLADER Top Row: Darwenlq Johnslon, Houslon, Greeley, Irvine, Glass, Mayo, Ellio'r+. Third Row: Allinerfs, Bennell, Burns, Hammalcer, Dolcl, Whileside, Applegale, Van Esso. Second Row: Sherman, Da- show, Avery, Pelerson, Sher- man, Risius, Gray, Waller, Slremmel. BoHom Row: Mr, Clader, Howard, Johnson, Gillespie, Pilz, Hibben, Moses, Breg- slone. MRS. CORNELL Top Row: Jensen, Nelson, Bel- Ter, Wolhi, Brynoli, Welch, Bergman, Berger. Third Row: Sacco, Wood, Laun, Clark, Ewing, Brzezin- slri, Newhall, Gordon. Second Row: Cohee, Barden, Mallhews, Friedner, While- side, Shaw, Filch, Jesperson. BoHom Row: Mrs. Cornell, Thalin, Morgan, Levine, De- maree, Garner, Brolman, Noble. MISS DONHAM Top Row: Reineclce, O'Conner, Wing, Baker, Pelerson, Mc- Kee, Goranson, Tenhune, Third Row: Lederer, Coyne Pease, Holsleen, Onlhanlc Whipple, Schram. Second Row: Hammond, Bel- knap, Rubens, Johnson, Mil- chell, Fieisch, Coille, Eberl Bo'r+om Row: Miss Donham Aisner, Krauifer, Loehiler Kemper, Elvgren, Winslon. II5 ' MISS EVANS Top Row: Williams, Spero. Deulch, Milchell, Crowe, Van Oosierhaur, Pfeiier Kau pe rl. Third Row: Bryanl, Ruck, Dun- bar, Sizer, Pelerson, Vennard, Cohn, l-lirsch, Lloyd. Second Row: Knulsen, While, Noble, Goldberg, Below, Mabie, Alberding, Eisler. BoHom Row: Miss Evans, Rud- dock, True, Drake, Decker, Ward, Addenbrooke, Kenlay. MRS. FAUST Top Row: Maciarland, Wie- land, l-leckel, Thompson, Wilson, McDonough, Wee- don, Dern, Cunfz. Third Row: Schenker, Pierce, Milnor, Cannon, Srni+h, Baleman, King, Seilierl. Second Row: Sfurrevanl, Quigley, Jacobs, Greenfield, Coleman, Gordon, Cragg, Osgood, Nason. BoH'om Row: Mrs. Eausl, Paul, Malone, Clark, Miller, Crain, Barnburg, Banker. MR. HARPER Top Row: Elmendori, McNuH' Walclmann, Lill, Lane, Jones Porler, Jensen. Third Row: Magnus, Young Clarke, l-lowell, Slewarl l-licks, Sleison. Second Row: Andrew, While Norlh, Osborne, Dauber l-lobbs, Miller, Wilson. BoHom Row: Mr. l-larper Black, Johnson, Lewy, Sel- lers, Voorhis, Griswold Doughly. MR. JENSEN Top Row: Palailh, Poggensee l-larl, Gririin, Kopelsch, Mo- gilnilsky, Anderson, McPher- son. Third Row: Lawler, Guepin Lillie, Graf, Zaiac, Zeller 'l'aki'B, Null. Second Row: Adle, Buck Fhlaum, Shepherd, Wilson Slone, Brown, Wald. BoHom Row: Mr. Jensen Graf, Paulus, Blake, Ro mack, Dresner, Rosenberg Berger. MISS KING Top Row: Cohrs, GaNun C'Brien, Carier, l-lapp, Lin denberq, Renoui, Showers. Third Row: Miller, l-leifer Glazer, Bardusk, Corser, Fos- dick, Shanahan. Second Row: Lind, Kullberg Guyan, Whireside, Scherfres l-lorrell, Grossman, Geruld- SGH. BoHom Row: Miss King, l-less, Arnold, Sault Evensrad, Thorsen, Leber, Fowler, MRS. KORMAN Top Row: Lauer, Muhl, Kochs, Larson, Varney, Andrews, Hendry. Third Row: Cook, l-linkle, Schmidt Anderson, Taylor, Srone, Eberharf, Chase. Second Row: Peirigrew, Quirn- bach, Devine, Cufler, Bar- neldr, Dawes, Klaile. BoHom Row: Mrs. Korman, Larkin, Gray, Scofr, Gorman, Pelicolas, Kuhles, Rumsey. MR. LARSEN Top Row: Magnuson, Oiis, Scoll, Koza, Rycroflr, Coop- er, Anderson, May. Third Row: Mennel, Crane, MaH'hias, Hemersbach, Ada Gillooy, S'rewar+, Thompson. Second Row: Feldman, Amen- dola, Golclboss, Broide Scargle, Weber, Edwards. BoHom Row: Mr. Larsen Schmidl, Gross, McAuli1aFel Perry, Olson, Gross. MRS. MORRIS Top Row: l-lannah, Schroeder Condon, Day, Buskens, Dill ler, Wiener, Wafersiradi, Third Row: Duslerdieck, Lucas Swidler, Zaiac, l-lillnes Nordblom, Kling, Dean. Second Row: Becker, Varney Miichell, Newhouse, Perll man, MacMillan, Bayer Chinberq. BoHom Row: Mrs. Morris, Kir- by, Bergholii, Jesmer, Bauer Slrauss, Long. II7 I 1 T NBR Top Row: Dunne, Conaghan Paulson, Newcomb, Rapp Villiesse, Pelerson, Alexand er, Donnelley. Third Row: Phillips, Lylle, MC- Coy, Rogers, Alsdorl, Kal- zin, Loclchead, Ford. Second Row: Wiley, Dressler Fireslone, Meany, Ross Wonderlic, MOSS, Bollom Row: Mr. Nay, Nason Johnson, Noble, Reuler Brainard Kaulman, Nason. MISS PYLE Top Row: Burgoyne, Turner, l-lavel, Magos, Michels, Will, Flippo, Anderson. Third Row: Lund, Moran, Mar- shall, Kenna, Barlow, Bink- Iey, Campbell, Baxler, Second Row: Fron, Gordon, Berger, Pelerson, Levilelz, Lindsley, Green, Rubel. Bollom Row: Miss Pyle, Schae- ler, Bernslein, Kosl, Siebel, McLean, Marlell, DiClemenli MR. ROBERTSON Top Row: Thulin, l-lowe, Barr Lechner, Thulin, Riclcill, Macl Lean, Schmill. Third Row: l-lill, Rinlfer, Ariell, Brown, Yurman, Salcol, Nico- lazzi, Erskine, Second Row: Knulsen, Rusnalc Graham, Raymond, Trainer: Cramer, Penlield, Knoll. Bollom Row: Mr. Roberlson, Van Alyea, Broolcins, Thomp- son, Klein, Bridlebough, Teich, Berchem. MR. D. SMITH Top Row: Lanyi, Circuil, Bad- ger, Coleman, McNallin Ambrogi, l-lolsled. Third Row: Barry, l-larman Long, Murphy, Breed, Mill chell, de Campi, l-lanson. Second Row: Wesl, O'Neil l-lulson, Gillmer, Davie Geier, Maher. Bollom Row: Mr, Smilh, Mor- gan, Myers, Marlin, Dun- phy, Fisher, Roolcer. lm' MRS. STEWART Top Row: Brisbine, Sleliens Persons, Edens, Selclc, l-lager Cook, Adams. Third Row: Friel, Slerrellr, Leh- man, Nichols, MacKinnon Friedman, English. Second Row: Lloyd, Larsen Domeniclc, Wehr, l-lilz Drozd, Fisher, Chrisjrensen. BoHom Row: Mrs. Slewari Cavallon, Franden, Nessel- rod, Wadell, l-lawkinson, Al- geo, Bagley. MR. VAN AMAN Top Row: Redson, Leclc, Bau- man, Baeclcler, Mohl, Rosen berg, Lederer, Jaeger. Third Row: Powell, Sleele, Bol- fon, Coon, Bauslerl, Salvano, Ricci. Second Row: Blech, Shellman, Douglas, Hoyr, Slrudy. Ja- nensch, Fox, Ross. BoH'om Row: Mr. Van Aman Phillips, l-laan, S+ar+, Kelly: Day, Fischer, Schuyler. MR. WATERS Top Row: Childs, Scheib Kahn, Robison, Nicholson Kaplan, l-lemminger, See- fu r'rh. Third Row: DeLaney, Sybrandi, Jacob, Shuman, Boyd, Flin'r Smilh, Ruih. Second Row: Braue, Kearns . Kenline, Brewer, Haver- lcampf, Neal, Garrison. BoH'om Row: Mr. Waiers, Nei- Zer, l-lildebrandi, Clissold l-larnmel, Bimsiein, Mordock Clirie. MRS. WEHR Top Row: Simon, Yormarlc Edelsiein, Thornion, Molziaf Rearcy, Brinkhaus, Krueger. Third Row: Thalman, Dorband Pelerson, Knight Wafson Balcer, McCain. Second Row: Douglas, Raffer- son, Chapman, Bohm, Ore- lind, Siewari, Woods, Rider Bo'Hom Row: Flowers, Davis Ash, Basile, Shapiro, Babize Kulbarsh. lI9 I 1 THE CLA CF I955 I:uTure alumni looking back upon "The good old days" will undoubTedly Think oT The Class oT 1955 as a small one liusT 575i compared To laTer groups which will mosT likely number well over 600. BUT iT's a well-known adage ThaT "good Things corne in small packages," and The Junior Class cerTainIy looked like a good one in many oT iTs ac- complishmenTs ThroughouT The pasT school year. Led by Their class oTTicers, and The Junior STeering Com- miTTee under The guidance OT adviser chairmen Miss Frances Bredin and Mr. Rowland Wehr, The Class OT '55 proved ThaT iT really worked well as a group. Early in January The jun- iors organized wiTh EvansTon The Junior Swap I-Iop, "WinTer Wonderland," a huge success in every wayI Then on The TirsT oT May, The iuniors "did iT again," The annual iunior girls' dance, "Well oT The Sea." Amid The under-waTer dec- oraTions They all agreed, "This is really cool!" Looking back on her iunior year aT New Trier, no girl will TorgeT The iunior hag parTy aT The end oT May-who can Top an early-morning beach breakTasT? Then in June, To climax Their social liTe, The Class oT '55 planned and organ- ized The Junior Prom. Here, They proved noT only To Them- selves buT also To The graduaTing seniors ThaT They, as a class, could organize a prom To equal or beTTer any prom held in The pasT. BUT parTies were noT The only acTiviTies oT This year's JUNIOR CLASS STEERING COMMITTEE Top Row Salisbury PeTers, Fisk, McGrew, Szonn, Shinbach. Middle Row Graham Thorson, Mulvaney, KolTlaT, Morrison, SrniTh. BoTTom Row Alderman Lederer, Johnson, Dohse, MiTcheIl, Daliere. 3 rr P l l i l Junior Class. In The audiTorium a greaTer number played imporTanT parTs in The '54 Lagniappe or became leads in This year's opera. Cn The exclusively masculine side, The JV TooTball squad, composed mosTly oT juniors, capTured The Suburban League TiTle while The varsiTy Tied Tor second place wiTh Highland Parlc. New Trier's varsiTy swimming Team, which included several junior boys, Tinished second only To EvansTon in The sTaTe meeT. ln addiTion To The exTra-curricular acTiviTies, The juniors were, as usual, conTronTed wiTh The "Junior Theme." BuT again members oT The Class oT I955 were able To beaT Trouble, and surprisingly Tew were aTTlicTed wiTh The peren- nial disease, "junior ThemeiTis," on The day Theirs was due. As upperclassmen The Class oT '55 had greaTer responsi- biliries To meeT in order To lceep up The high sTandards oT Their school. In December Tour junior boys were elecTed as oTTicers oT STudenT Council. The Tollowing monTh, Council board posiTions were also given To members oT The Junior Class. Then in May and June The Top posiTions in Girls' Club, Tri-Ship, G.A.A.,and oTher organizaTions were Talcen over by The Class oT '55, NexT year The presenT juniors will be seniors, Taced wiTh The challenge oT providing The leadership necessary To main- Tain New Trier's high sTandards in every Tield under The diTTiculT condiTions resulTing Trom a resTricTion oT TaciliTies. STudenT Council, Lagniappe, The annual opera, The dramaTic plays, The New Trier News, and The I955 Echoes-all aT- TecTed by The Tearing down oT The main building and audi- Torium-musT go on. Under somewhaT Trying condiTions, The Senior Class oT I955 will be Taced wiTh The responsi- biliTy oT conTinuing The TradiTions oT superior scholarship, sporTsmanship, and good conducT which has always been The pride oT New Trier. lT is a challenge which The Class oT I955 can meeT. BOYS' HONOR GROUP Top Row: Taylor, James, WhiTe, Brooker, Radov, GriTschlce, Bussjager, Walsh, McGraw, Richmond, Keller. Third Row: Randolph, WaTTs, Gross, WaTerman, Doyno, Lelewer, VanAnrooy, Paulman, O'Connor, BenneTT, SmiTh, Hepburn, Kelley. Second Row: Oelerich, Gordon, BoTTorTT, Joseph, Kamm, LusTgarTen, Herron, PlaTT, Schildgen, lvloreen, Kashian, Greenebaum, Geiger, Nash. BoTTom Row: Weidemann, Good, Cook, OlmsTed, Lenz, Freels, Shere, Baer, Olson, Bowman, Jensen, HoTgren, KauTman, Sellers. GIRLS' HONOR GROUP Top Row: DeVViTT, Boysen, BarneTT, Edmonds, STone, Collins, Vollers, DuThie, Lindblom, Schuleman, Sanderson, Driclc, Cross. FifTh Row: FuTorian, Robinson, Bone, Taylor, Schulz, Thorsen, Graham, Smi+h, DieTz, Glossberg, Hagerman, Reise, Spaulding, FrosT, PeTerson. Fourfh Row: NeiTes, l.esTina, Siegel, Sullivan, GoodTriend, Daliere, Seeley, Dahlberg, Ruelle, AlbrechT, Schopen, Pavlilc, Cohn, Blumberg, Knobel. Third Row: Remien, English, Guinclon, Lippman, Robinson, FosTer, Edgar, Wheeler, GaTTerT, Johnson, England, Hanson, Yager, ATwaTer, Wheeler. Second Row: Phelps, Klingeman, Gaines, lv1omenT, PinsoT, VoigT, KenT, Sprowl, Sommer, Wyss, McNurlen, Alschuler, Hayes, HoTson, l.unsTord, HusTon. BoTTom Row: Bradley, Greene, Booz, Cleave, Shoresman, Fell, Hughes, Nunn, CroisanT, KeiTh, Klolc, Horberg, Redgwiclc, SmiTh, Howhn, Jones, Teegarden. I2l MR. CATON Top Row: l-larris, l-loloan Michel, Swirles, Slruve, Ar- nold, Gessel. Third Row: Szonn, King, Man- qel, Bennelr, Brooker. Second Row: Ferraro, Bolger, Chambers, Oelerich, Wollum, l-larman. Bolrom Row: Mr. Caron, Rich- heimer, Kreines, Bowman, James, Bronslon. MRS. CAVANAUGH Top Row: Fosler, Dickens, Feldman, Sanderson, Bair- s+ow, Vollers, Bayless, Mac- Lean. Fourrh Row: Voighr, Bull, Wheeler, l-limellinlau, Kenl, Cornell, Dohse. Third Row: Tarham, Gallery, Collins, Calderini, Conrad, Dawson, Crane. Second Row: Emrich, England, l-lughes, Norcross, Bradley, Schuller. BoHom Row: Mrs. Cavanaugh, Johnson, Fell, Burler, Wiclc- man, James. MR. CRAM LET Top Row: Robinson, Grilschlce Taylor, Collield, McFadden, Keller, Schoenlarod, Carr. Third Row: Sellers, Nelson, Kenlay, Gross, Schildgen, Kochlefl, Gambacorla. Second Row: Shevenson, Tas- lcy, Kolllar, Winslon, Slalna- lcer, l-lolslead, Kelley. Bo+'l'om Row: Mr. Cramle'l', Toomin, Porrer, l-lofgren, Baer, l-linman, Ebberl. MR. FEARHEILEY Top Row: Payne, l-lasselman Buck, Solcol, Whilehouse. Third Row: Moreen, Kamm Snow, Bowman, Ellloogen Parlrerson. Second Row: Pierrowicz, l-laug Missner, Gauqer, Adams. Borlom Row: Mr. Fearheiley Salerno, Jensen, Yarlie Lusrgarfen, MRS. GALLIE Top Row: Ruellinger, Ander- son, Pyler, Boysen, Benner? Slone, Smilh, Krall. Fourlh Row: Alschuler, Mor- ris, Krashen, Afwalerl Sprowl, Hayes, Gaines. Third Row: Edgar, Daliere, Sommer, Howard, Edmonds, English. Second Row: Allison, Cook. Brodericlc, Borg, Day. BoHom Row: Mrs. Gallie, Bax- ler, Klolc, Booz, Loundy. MISS KARL Top Row: Boyd, Goodlriend, Mcllwain, Seeley, Blumberg, Thorsen. Third Row: Ogilvie, Barlell, Miller, Argenlo, Holmes, Arnslein, Johnson. Second Row: Miss Karl, Free- man, Wallon, Garrell, Smilh, Slruggles, Berger. BoH'om Row: Jacobi, Gumbin- er, Passman, Kay, Gilmour, Croisanl, Albrechi. MISS KRAL Top Row: Colbe, Frisby, Frosl, Reclcill, Dahlberg, Paylilc. Third Row: Driclc, Foslcell, Friend, Leslina, Fulorian, Fischer. Second Row: Prangley, Shear- er, Moore, Yager, Reise, Foy, Sleglich. BoHom Row: Miss Kral, Tee- garden, Slcarda, Horberg. Smilh. MR. MALINSKY Top Row: Teegen, Pelers Spollke, Cardwell, Taylor Geiger. Third Row: Eicllandl, McCar- lhy, Sand, Rengel, Barnes Miles. Second Row: Jehlers, Schwan- Jres, Goldman, Kaufman Heppner, Levin. Bolriom Row: Mr. Malinslcy Miller, Swift Goodrich Hunl, Good. i I23 MISS MAY Top Row: Hanson, Gorlner, Meires, Reinhollzen, Rea- gan, Wilson, Klaulce, Good- win. Third Row: Franden, Bohnen, Brillin, Keilh, Love, Wein- berg,Zinlc. Second Row: Long, Lederer, Feder, Moore, Walgreen. BoH'om Row: Miss May, Wil- liamson, Robinson, Daley, Madden. MR. McFADZEAN Top Row: Ely, Kennedy, Sproule, Cain, Cross, Tal- bof, Fislc, Rush. Third Row: Marsh ,McCollis- Jrer, Hepburn, Coelln, Mag- nussen, MacArJrhur, Felzer, Chrisliansen, Second Row: Bolqholi, Frank, Wisharr, Phipps, Sellzer, Lelewer. BoHom Row: Mr. Mclzadzean, Daiss, Peflinger, Koepp-Ba- lcer, Wolfson, Randolf, Roberls. MR. MOREY Top Row: Bleimehl, Einyre, Wallace, Pyle, ScoH', Erick- son, Crummer. Third Row: Beal, Bennell, Mac- Millin, Jones, Kelley, Kar- ralcer. Second Row: Gordon, Russell, Shinbach, Hirsch, Casey, Ka- herg, Granger. Bo++om Row: Mr. Morey, Ha- zlehursf, Harris, Dewar, Nichols, Machala. MRS. JAMES Top Row: Johnson, Anderson Smirh, Slone, Weymoufh Seiberlinq, Dulhie, Pelerson Third Row: Minx, Talco+'r, Guindon, Holson, Braun French, Taylor. Second Row: Hagerman, Kol- ler, Knoloel, Phelps, Clau- son, Riclcards, Remien, Pin- sof. Borlom Row: Mrs. James Horrell, Ebrey, Rogers Nunn, Peck, Reifenberg. l ll L. r l i l l i I l l l l l l l 1 l l l l V MR. PETERSON Top Row: Everly, Coqhil Smilh, Oakhill, Radov, Whirf Knorr. Third Row: Slorl, Johnson, Rc senbaum, Milchell, Reincke Lewis, Weidemann. Second Row: Schroeder, Cranr Gleeson, Slocklon, Lehmar Garner, BoH'om Row: Mr. Pelersor Mulvaney, Arey, Kay, Tux ner, Olson, Bonekarnp. MR. PINK Top Row: Blakeslee. Bennell Lloyd, Loebe, McGrew Whilehursl, l-lunyady, Fellon Third Row: Kashian, Blake Proll, Wallers, Whirehursl l-lerron, Bussiager. Second Row: Lucinio, Krall Jacobson, l-lall, Trock, Glo ver, Krippes. Boifom Row: Mr. Pink, Berg Olmsled, l-larlrlield, Nei mann, Olrnsled, Bushnell Porler. MRS. RAFFETTO Top Row: Lippman, Shaver Wessel, Rolh, Adams, Ed- monds, Davies. Third Row: Walerslradl, l-lale l-lunlley, Sullivan, Wells Garfside, Schuelf. Second Row: Gibson, Tara- dash, Brown, Buhse, Clinlon, Johnson, Bradlield. BoHom Row: Mrs. Rarlello Zimmerman, l-Iealh, Miner Jenks, Crowder, Moore, l-lar TIS. MISS SLEIGHT Top Row: Goldman, Spauld ing, Lindblom, Clillon, Gal anTe, l-lorlslecl. Third Row: Veague, Lange Schmi+T, Robinson, Schnei der, Driscoll, Brodsky. Second Row: Lunsford, Whee ler, Mudge, Robinson, Aus lin, Thalman, Schopen, Wyss BoH'om Row: Miss Sleigh? Luick, Redqwick, DeVoss Novolny, Alderman, Wyman Slurlini. II MR. VERNON Top Row: Drake, O'Connor Salisbury, l-lagland, Bivens, Cohrs. Third Row: Tarranl, Truesdell, Keyser, McCullough, Pea- cock. Second Row: Fagel, Greene- baum, Kuhn, Sanderson, Si- mon. Bohlom Row: Mr. Vernon, Fields, Burchmore, Nash, Andersen, Junlenen. MISS WEILER Top Row: Dielz, Ruelle, Tu- veson, Schulz, Cross, Middle- lon. Third Row: Pope, Siegel, Kas- sen, Barlmess, Reimer, Gal- lerl, Schuleman. Second Row: Greene, Dexler, Ehrbar, Schinler, Klingeman. BoH'om Row: Miss Weiler, Endres, Varney, Jones, Sloll, Trom, Shoresman. MR. WEINSARTNER Top Row: Barr, Myers, Ellis, Brown, Layden, Wriqhl, Cummings. Third Row: Caslerline, Pollak, Armslrong, Gardner, Jones, Ueberrolh, Paulman. Second Row: l-lales, Norse, Van Anrooy, Voorheis, Chris- Tie, Porlmann, Allen. Bo'Hom Row: Mr. Weingarl- ner, Shere, Lens, Friel, Mor- rison, Painler, Joseph. MISS WHITE Top Row: Anderson, DeWiH, Blackburn, Ullrich, Porler, Whillaker, Nicklin. Third Row: Glossberg, Bar- nell, Rosene, Powell, Mickey, Cohn. Second Row: Cox, Nesselrod, Momenl, Milchelll Sillig, Paul, Winie. BoH'om Row: Miss While, Clark, Thomas, Cleave, Tee- gen, Kronwall, l-llavacek. MR. WILSON Top Row: Walerman, Parker Walsh, Schweilzer, Friend Richmond, Hennessy. Third Row: Cunningham, Ol- dendorf, Allen, Sills, While Doyne, Second Row: lngleharl, Cook Plall, Schulz, Chrislopher Gross. Boflom Row: Mr. Wilgqn l-lendrey, l-lamrnaker, Roloi- son, Maupin, Clancy. A ww 2-, w xl ' Q Aw F5 X if V fy V kv,- .v iii: Qiznxix - J Eiga Sl? N - - -X RA 'W A N : 1 r W ,Q JA N N I r F W N 1 I 1 F5 ,P lk? THE GRADUATING SENICRS SENIORS HAL LOCHNER, MARY SCHAG-ER, BARBARA BAUGHN, DICK SIMONDS BERNIE RINELLA CECY BOODELL PresicIenT Vice-Pres'denT MARY VICKERS HOMER GROVES SecreTary Treasurer THE CLASS OF I954 The graduaTion oT The Class oT I954 will, in a sense, mark The end oT an era in The hisTory oT New Trier. NexT Tall The old buildings which have sTood Tor more Than TiTTy years will be Torn down and work will have begun on new con- sTrucTion. In addiTion, Mr. MaTThew P. GaTTney, who has served as superinTendenT oT New Trier since I93I, will have reTired. For "old New Trier," The Senior Class has Tried To make I954 a memorable year in every way. The Tall Term began wiTh The usual Thrill oT iusT being sen- iors, buT soon The class became conscious oT The work oT iTs Tour class oTTicers and The Senior STeering CommiTTee in promoTing senior social evenTs. Then, Tar Too soon, busy seniors were Tilling ouT college appIicaTion blanks as They sTruggIed To keep up Their grades. ChrisTmas crepT up quickly, Tollowed by The shadow oT college boards. ThroughouT The enTire year, The seniors were Truly graTeTuI To The deans, Miss I-Ielen Maloney and Mr. Fred Kahler, Tor Their invaluable help and guidance. The achievemenTs oT The class were many. Seniors han- dled The reins oT Girls' Club, Tri-Ship, G.A.A., and STudenT Council wiTh inTegriTy and skill. They showed Their abiIiTy To assume TurTher responsibiIiTy in The senior Tri-Ship and Girls' Club sTudy halls. The TalenT oT The seniors was seen in Lagniappe, The opera, The senior play, and various oTher producTions. Senior CanTeen was conTinuecI Tor The second year, pro- viding memorable evenings Tor seniors and Their daTes. The ChrisTmas dances, under senior supervision, were well aT- Tended and enjoyed by all. The Senior BangueT, held early in June, provided The Tinal social evenT oT Tour Tun-Tilled years. As The 582 graduaTing seniors leave New Trier, They can look back on The pasT Tour years wiTh pride. AIThough The members oT The class will be separaTed nexT year, Triend- ships and memories will sTiII remain. Through consTanT eTTorT, The Class oT '54 has mainTained The TradiTions and sTandards oT Their school and seT new goals Tor succeeding classes To meeT. SENIOR GIRLS' STEERING COMMITTEE Top Row: Edwards, Dorgan, DeuTch, Boodell, Droba, Nielsen, Vickers. BoTTom Row: Anderson, Spencer, Mc- Callen, SmiTh, Cookman, DoughTy. . rv" Z...a-F' . . ."'. . ZiKR lWZhX'? 1: SENIOR BOYS' STEERING COMMITTEE Top Row: I-IusT, Simonds, BenTIey, Groves, Anderson, I-Iarris. BoTTom Row: STorch, Armsirrong, Rinella, STeTson, Anderson, Goodman. I28 I SENIOR ADVISER ASSISTANTS Top Row: Fosdick, Wilson, Simoncls, Oelerich, Osborn, Cavallon, Alger, Madden, Muhl. Third Row: Avery, Bullard, Amos, Calkins, Shapiro, Torberr, Droegemueller, Wollz. Second Row: Trainer, Mages, O'Kie1Lle, Addinglon, Thorne, Goodwin, Tourlellol, Murphy, Swarlchild. Boirom Row: Unger, Keserr, Delos, Anderson, Boling, Mariolli, Wagner, Kenney. Y 1 3, SENIOR GIRLS' HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Pallon, Srranne, Williams, Schulle, Mcllyaine, Kenney, Avery, Droegemueller, Erickson. Fourfh Row: Fosdick, Bullard, Mogilnifsky, Lawrence, Roddick, Boodell, Deulch, McCully, Swarlchild, Ross. Third Row: Adams, Crilrenlon, Torlserl, Currier, Arnold, Addingion, Buller, Olson, I-Iarris, Murphy, Paynler, Second Row: Goldberg, Sade, I-ligginbolham, Lind, Kesserl, Allegan, Kirk, Laun, Caro, Feuer, Keilh, Boling. BoHom Row: Wagner, Naidowski, Long, Reinhold, Bowen, Reeder, Winburn, Krasloerg, Geller, Slanley, Spiegel, Eckhouse. SENIOR BOYS' HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Wieland, Cavallon, Murray, McNeill, Lorch, Blunl, Lochner, Lanham. Third Row: Dunlap, Weinberg, Norman, Bailey, Blulenfhal, Johns, Kleerup, Driggs, Wilder, Second Row: Fleming, I-Iall, Greenebaum, Gudeman, Kay, Mohl, Price, Anderson, Greeley, Alger. BoHom Row: McKinnon, I-lullman, Marlin, Orelind, McManus, Morrison, Slearns, Nyder, Rappaporl, Porler, Emery, I-ledges. C A VIRGINIA MARY v, DANDRA N. CHARLIE D. A ' , L WH-I-A J- ADAMS ADDINGTON ADE A ADKINS ALEXANDER 'Af R f W ,E W 2 f QARAAAW AAR eff A fifiw ATRLWA Q MA ' ' "fYf"6,-.'9:' 'L 11 ' - 'N gb WV'-4125319 , A , , , ,, 4 ,f Q r ,, Ry, 4, ,. , .4,, , ,j, f, V2 " E442 fb? 4,21-vp ,VV,,,7g14,7,2?, .L l3O , .,,f,,, 1 ALGEO ALGER ALLEGAN ALLEN M. DALE ROBERT E. ALLEN AM BROGI GORDON W. ANDERSON VICTORIA W. JOHN D. ' MARY ANDREW , ARMSTRONG ' ARTHUR AUSTIN THOMAS H. ' MARCIA R, NANCY WILLIAM E. HARVEY A. GEORGE A. GEORGE E. Avggy BABCOCK BAILEY BAITY R "'f" BEISY ARNET NANCY L. W, Y . BARRETT BARRON W i L , 4 :Qgjg ' f MARY H. DANIEL w. . ROBERT r. JAMES P. MG, a BOODELL zooms noRcHeRoT some ' 1 'VW f 4 f 4' f 1 " f - f,4,1L1 fei m f.f M4 , 'f fm-' wwf 4:mwgwzva-zywi-,M gm.. ,W , 1 . 2 16 '41 W. 91" ' 1 4, -m fwfsfzw !32 JAMEs T, ' w1NcHELL KARIN A. MICHEL F. DAVID R, ' fn CARR CARROLL CASTLE CAVALLQN ' NANCY J, ROBERT O. JOAN L. RICHARD L. SUE P. DAVIS DAVIS DAWES ,,'J5...,. .1.A13 ,,,, ' mi '- W '15 . . . v:f":f"s.'-fee-My 1. A X Q 'X 1 fvi 'bifrffaf-'FEI' ' fr, Fil- 'I ff f -' f ' bas : I33 JACKLYN C. WILLIAM L. PATRICIA A. THOMAS H , llnnrnr Q1 :nm :nunmnc cnxuuwnc FDDVAIQFDQ ' V f gf,n,'L'i'.M L f , , f , -,fy ff f A ,IQ,fm,z5,,, , 1 "fi?,Y"1 "UQ " In ' f aw f f 1 - vngg-X"X,, ai . ,, L . W, A Q 1 Z f in X f I qv fu In 1' f X fw M 91? If fff fz,Qf1Q','4LfiiZQf EDWARD L 29 - nizf v ' ' , f ' x If I- 4, f l ffiw , I , "',, " .Ip ff f-M ff ' w f-ww f I-'V f' :-'41 M 'wwf , , , . ' I M In . 1 I 'L,L, I X nw, ww 1- .1 4:2 4 , , h , ' V' ff , 759, ' .f I , 3' , ,.., :L 3' . 1 ' ' -'.,1f1,. L --ffff: 1:g.:,',-hc' .ww ,5 U 1 I .1-gag, f Ja., 1,2-M . .v-W. : -1 ff ,ff I. , I ,, , I "'f ff, I , , - v ff , f ,,.- f -fiaf .- f- . '-f.. , f A' Q -6:0 :- ' I 4' 74 A , !!!g.f?f,. , X , - -,g,g.:-,pf-,.f,,,: -ff.,-,1fg4?,ff,54,wfw wa, 1:-..,f.JQ , 1 , 1 , 4. ,. .- 4z.,m,f . w'-Iwi' f-5-f,21Qffs9' if . I MELVIN cf ' L I JOHN H- amen ANET JOH p LEA RIAM ........-H.. v-In-1.1.1-1-.1 f- E ' GAYLE P. FRI ESTEDT MES M ,,WM,, M. 1 H if 4,L,:.f,f RICHARD D. OUIDA . ANNIE L. fAll:LAn::u1' ILATUCDPAAI IZATTCD f:AVn.l I l35 f - IM W 1-:OMER c. WILLIAM L, JON E. ALEXANDER N, , , , ,z f saovss Gauss GUDEMAN GUNN 5 A f ALLEN . WILUAM HAIDER ' HAIGHT HALL HAMILTON LN' ' iRf""'e: sez A lf 5,337554:--fl5'i5f?4'w"'-Z: '?f'-27" TT'-T? "M ' S' 112. .af 1241251 'xv-fr ,212 My 'gf ,: g,:ewru. :V A -: Je , fsw5i?.y,Q,.,m.1, 564,-aw-gp, f ?: " fi ' I37 "jk ff 126 fffg' wr' ,Q . 92 1 'if' J' 4 M ' f 1 A M.4,. '--' ffrigf k 'f 3' f Qygyf Zgfwff ,M W, , I38 ,zxsmn "'n:4v'1 "'a?A?S'Eaf" , E1 ., 6+ C K AROLYN SUSAN J. KAY s. DAVID J. M WAYNE ENNEY Kesm xmas KIESAU KING j V'j1,i'LUCY M, ,. LARRY J, GINA . susAN E, 'A A 'gijfgiffg A A 1 LARSON LAUER LAUN LAWRENCE 5 4 AW I 39 Q A vfrpzvwf''f:wng:m5:7Qqnvc71qw-r -A-fyfqf V-AVA, - u A , y-.,- " .4LLuLLa.M',AaLyLf,.LZ .1 '.i.l..L4Ju,Ll.1..'-L..JL.,',,.QdLz.c,L,.L4n.. 1 .7 f',' , ,A , .A H ,,,, in f? bw, BARBARA JL GLORIA A. ROBERT L. ALBERT Ai V pAuLA MARGOLIS ' MARIOTTI 5' MARSH ' , MARTA H f ' A -EN L 1, f 3 - Eh ':" . J WILLIAM A. WALTER B. BARBARA' A ROBERT S. A ELIZABETH A. MARTIN MARX MAXWELL MCCALLEN DOUGLAS A. SUSAN MARAYA D E. V MARY C. MCCOY MCCREADY MCCULLY Mc AN IEL MclLVAlNE CAROL A. MALCOLM W. EDWARD M. ROBERT L. V DONALD P. McKEE MCKINNON MCMANUS McMANUS MCNEILL ' CAROL E. MIRELLA A. SHEILA D. MARNIE M. C. HENRY MCWILLIAMS MEIER MEIER ' MELTZER METZNER ANNELIESE A. JAMES D. Cukrss JEROME GORDON R. JACQUELYN A MEYER Mevens Mu.Ks Mmek Muuan , ffy, W f ,.,, ,.75,.M f,k- vvf-uvu:N rx. vv. rclcrx WILLIAM I. LUC L' A .gi gf M 1 LLER M 1 LLER M OFFLY M OG 1 LN ITS KY ff :V -f:1T'..i'-'fi '11 Wfiifffz 5'Y'f'7IVj'772'Q2'f'2'f"?u4'7'f1lT77L"17' '37 '77 f7?' 4 X WI -ml' 'Vi ,ln-2.1 wa? 4i,f:ff4W-M elf.-iw.,-ff ,Q :fff,2 w,' if ,,az,fZzfmf,fQffEw iwdfggzazcgfmiazfz f.. ff, vw- w.a-f,4M.-w- m x ' ffj 376.55 "jf 'vjfqfil 55.6151 ZQY Q 44.1,f.fQ.,,QYM,mff Laczpu I 42 l NICHOLLS NICKLQN NHELSEN NILSOVTQ . . f., , f'7HgyiP2!'3'gvyyj ,f,4,fy5c,A.,5 px I . A W . ,W VERA JO RENNY S. RIEMORE E. RICHARD C. NOBLE NUGENT NYDER JAMES E. VIRGINIA A. FRANK J. ' O'BRIEN O'CONNBI-L OELERICH V O'KIEFFE 'VALENTINO - vERA A SHERRIE ' I CARL W. OTTAYIANI OWENS ' I APAGE PALETTI ,, .,,I. ,,,... PATTULLO PAXTON PAYNTER vs- f f f5""QiZZff'f,- 27,715 Ulf I f If .zll ,II ll, ?,,f7.,,,E W ,.,, ,,3V:,7.7,:Hk,,,,, .7,.Y,,W:,, ,45V,,,V,7:.,?,V. ,zgffg,WI3frg'eMazf2'4y- 2- 'afgfzamigfw , M., Mg ,VW .J,f,..f f-W.. yxvf Q-N4 "im-Zeygfm,-f'f11L.f6e" fi iv-affurff 21:5 gc., Zfpzwgi ,:'.-546.52 ' ffmhrg,-f,, ,,,.fi, , Wffpizf, y5,:w,fW? ff .f ., f ref: rr-ra ,f I44 NANCY D. A MARILYN F. M. JAY OMERO E. N BEVERLY A, PENFIELD ' PERLMAN PERLMAN, PEROZZO PEWERS FRANK Lf ' Rossa T, ' JEAN E. BEVERLY ' ANN s, RAYBURN N REARDON Reeusa REINHO! n DCXULDCPT K 15,1-gym-fifff .M f-W.,,,,, L, ' -1110? M! 4- hf, i 'Q Ai? ij? R JUDITH A, BERNARD B. ROLLIN R. EUZABETH L. RIEG ' ER RINELLA RIPPBERGER RISTOW FELICE E. ELLEN H. PAUL W. ELL!OTT D. ITTENBERC-5 RODDICK ROEWADE ROSEN DIANA , NANCY S. MEYER B. WILLIAM A. ROSS ROSS ROTH RUMSEY L9 JANET M. ' NOEL . JAY JOANNE D. RuscH RUSSELL 'SALVANO sAMursLsoN MARY M. ' rANN 5 NANCY L. ' Juonm A. A 313' JANET HELEN D. SALLY E, " V T , SCHULTE SCHULZ SCHWEM 5 'S 5 I 1 55325 KM JUNE M. J ROBERT RICHARD HQ A C. RICHARD SCHWIETERT SCOTT SEGIL ' SELINGER ALAN R I I WILLIAM H. RICHARD D. SILLS MONDS KATHLEEN RTHA J ROBERTA SOMMER LYNN NEELE E. PETER LOUISE M. STARRETT V STEARNS STEPHENS STERLIN Roaear M CYNTHIA M, arc:-man L. PRISCILLA G. , STEVENS sfome sToRcH STRA'f'.f'? A A E A ' I . N , . .AM yry, , CHARLES F, , SHARON G. V WALTER E, ' ,.,,,, , L V ' ' ' TRENSE, TREXLER TRHTIPO of 52:43 VYYWQ 4 "-9 CHARLES H. NANCY J. MARY F. TU RN ER TUTTLE SARAH GEORGE WILLIAM H. OOSTERHOUT GAY KARLA NEIL E. WAGNER JAMES W. HARRY G. RILEY J. SUSANNE SYLVIA A. WALLER WALTER WALTERS WALWORTH WATERS- I DANIEL F, JOHN P. M. PATRICIA MARILYN RICHARD S, WEBB WEBER WEBSTER WEINBERG WEINBERG wwe H. F. MICHAEL STANLEY L. cALvlN K, JOHN F. WEISMAN WELCH WESSEL WESSM,f-N4 Xj'?fiF.MF? m 2.4 :Luv f as M MX Xgiiim xwg H. V :Eng -.fa 3:-p w' nw , 5 ' Q51 V MQ !W1.fQ.m.m22fZQ 25265131 5? X gm mad ...N A x.x.2A,N.., ff. ,f.,.?:g..z.T52.:N, 1042 J., if eff, fimff ,nv wi Hawk? M M' 4, , 1? Y WM, A N X1 ' Y ' g gf? f Z J, QJ fy AM5 Q , , . 2 ' H In Memoriam Lawrence Pelersen was a sophomore al New Trier when he was lcilled on May 27, l952, in a Jrrarlic accidenr. A member of Jrhe class o1C'54, Jrhis year's gradualing class, Larry was an able sludenl of line promise. During his Two years here, he acquired many friends among bolh sludenlrs and lacully. Because of his enlhusiasrn and helpful allilude in Jrhe Radio Club, a memorial plaque was donared by members ol Jrhe group. Each year lhis plaque is awarded +o a member of The Radio Club who besl fulfills Larry's characlerisrics of courresy, friendliness, enlhusiasm, and perseverance. l-lis name will nor be lorqollen and, wirh The perpelualion of The name ol Larry Pelerson in Jrhe Radio Club, his many fine qualilries will be a source of inspiralion lo ol'her New Trier boys in rhe years lo come. Acknowledgemenls .. .. Adminislralion .,.....,... Adminislralive Heads ,,., Adviser Chairmen .. Board of Educalion ...... Deparlmenl Heads ., .. Building Views ..i. .. Audirorium ....... . Audilorium Walk ... Main Building .... School Enlrance . Wesl Walk .. Campus ..,.. .,........ .152 10-12 . 10 . 11 . 11 . 12 ..5-8 . 7 .' 8 , 5 . 6 . 7 ..2-3 Clubs and Service Groups. .57-64 Arr League ..,...,......, 59 Chess Club ...... ... 63 Dramalic Club .... ... 46 Engineering C1u'b 63 Forensic League .,... 36 French Club ......,...... 60 Fulure Teachers of America 59 Garden Club ......,..... 62 Geography Club .. .. .61 German Club .,..,,...... 60 Girls' Career Club .....,.. 64 lnlrospeclors ....,.....,.. 62 Junior Music Club ,....,.. 42 Knilling Club .... ... 59 Lalin Club ..., ... 60 Lens Club .......... ... 63 Malh Club .......,...... 62 Model Railroad Club ,..... 61 Musicale Club ....,,..... 44 N Club ...........,..... 58 Public Address Corps ..... 62 Ouill and Scroll .,.... 31 Radio Club ..... 61 Reciral Club ..... 42 Science Club ....... 63 Senior Music Club ........ 41 Service Club ...,...... 57-64 Ski Club ......,.. 58 Spanish Club ....... 59 Square Dance Club ....... 64 - Slamp and Coin Club ..... 61 Concerl Commilfee . . ... 44 Debale ..,...... .. . 36 Dramalic Groups ......... 45-48 Coslume and Props Crew.. 47 Dramalic Club Board ..... 46 Pacully Produclion Slaii. .. 47 Lighl Crew ............,. 48 Make-up Crew ... .... 45, 47 Slage Crew ....,,.. 48 Verse-Speaking Choir 48 Dramalic Plays "Dear Bru+us" .....54-56 . ..... 54 Garden Parry" .. ..... 55 "Gossipy Sex" . .... 54, 55 "Kind Lady" ,......... 54,55 "Over'rones" .....,...... . 55 "Remember 1'he Day". . . .. 56 "Slave wilh Two Faces". . .. 55 "The Torch Bearers" ..... . 56 i 4 Where Ihe Cross Is Made" 56 INDEX Facully Members ... ,.., 12-16 Mrs. Collon and Mrs. Bradburn ,,.....,. 103 Eacully and Painling ,..... 9 Mr. Franlzen ,,,......,... 100 Mr. and Mrs. Gariney .,.,. 102 Mr. Ed Kahler .4.,.....,., 105 Freshmen ..,.....,..... 108-113 Boys' Honor Group ,..,.,. 108 Girls' Honor Group ....,.. 108 Oh5cers ,............,... 108 Parenls in Class . ..,. 100 Parenls' Nighl .... .... 1 05 G.A.A. .. . .... 88-96 Board ........ .. . 88 Class Managers . .. 89 Coaches ,... .... 9 0 Commillees . . 89 Olzlicers ... ... 88 Ofiicials .A... ..., 9 0 Page Girls ..,...... ..., 8 9 Poin+-Award Winners ...., 96 Pool Guard ... ....,.. .. 90 Represenlarives .. 89 Sporls Board ..... .. 88 Timers and Scorers ,....... 90 Girls' Club .............. 26-28 Board ....A,..,.,...,... 26 Chrislmas Charily Proiec1..100 Class Managers .......... 26 Commirfees, Isl Semeslerm 27 Commillees, 2nd Semesler. 28 Library Reserve Assislanls.. 27 Nursery School Slaizi A,..... 28 O1CHce Slafi ........ ..,. 2 8 Officers ...,. ,... 2 6 Represenlalives .... 27 Snack Bar ....106 Sponsor . ..., 26 Homecoming Homecoming Floals . . 100, 101 Planners ..,.. .. ,... 103 In Memoriam ....150 Juniors ....,........... 120-126 Boys' Honor Group ,...... 121 Girls' Honor Group ....... 121 Officers ...,,.,.....,..., 120 Sleering Commillee .... 120 Lagniappe ......,.. ,...49-51 Lagniappe Board ... .... 24 Library Monilors ....,..... .... 2 4 Reserve Assislanls .. .... 27 Sludenl' Assislanrs . . .... 60 Music Organizalions ...,.. 37-44 lnslrumenlal Groups Band, Cadel .........,. 43 Ba.nd, Concerr .,s.... 43, 98 Bass Viol Trio .... ..., 3 7 Orcheslra ...,... .... 4 3 Recorder Group ,,..... 44 Vocal Groups Boys' Chorus .. ... 42 Boys' Ensemble .. ... 38 Boys' Isl Glee.. ... 40 Boys' Isl' Opera.. ... 39 Boys' 2nd Glee .,.. . . . 40 Boys' 2nd Opera. , ... 39 Choir ......... . , . 38 Girls' Chorus .... ... 40 Girls' Ensemble .. ... 38 Girls' 1s'I Glee .... ... 41 Girls' Isl Opera .A...,.. 39 Girls' 2nd Glee "A' ,.,. 41 Girls' 2nd Glee "B" ,... . 40 Girls' 2nd Opera .,..... 39 Treble Clel ..... ... 41 Office Slafi ........... 12-16 Operelia l"Mikado"l . 52-53 Pholography .. ...... 33, 97 Publicalions .. 30-35 Echoes . . . .... 32, 33 Edilors ...... .,.. 3 2, 33 Pholo Service . . .... 33 Record ..,.. . .. 34 Sponsor .. , .. 33 Srari ....... ..... 3 3 Echoes Record . Flambeau, Le ...... Inklings Sponsors and Edilor. S1'aiC1 New Trier News ...,.. Ed :Io rs ........... .. ..., 29,34 35 34 34 34 30-31 30 Heads and Assisranls .... 30 Reporrers ..... ,... Supporling Slaris . Pregun+on, EI ...... Schreiberei, Die . .. 31 31 35 35 Seniors ...,..........., 127-149 Adviser Room Assis1ran+s..129 Boys' Honor Sociely ....,, 129 Girls' Honor Sociely ....,. 129 Oflicers ...............,. 128 Sleering Commillees ...., 128 Snapshol: .... 97-106 Sophomores ,........... 115-119 Absence-Bu11e'1'in Corps ... 24 Boys' Honor Group ....... 114 Girls' Honor Group ....... 114 Officers . ,... ....... . . .1 14 Soph Parry ...102 Sporls, Girls' . .. Archery Baseball Baskelball .. Dance Golf Hockey, Senior .. LaCrosse ......... Recrearional Games . 87-96 95 94 92 93 95 91 94 93 Riding .,.......,.. ... 95 Soccer ... .,.. .. 91 Swimming .. ..... 87, 92 Tennis .,,,,94 Tumbling 93 Volleyball, Senior .. Sporrs, Inlerscholaslic .... Baseball ......... .... Erosh Team ... J.V. Team .. Soph Team ... Varsily Team Baskelball ,.... Frosh Team .. J.V. Team .. Soph Team... Varsiry Team . ..... .. Eoolball ..,............ .. 92 65-82 80-82 .. 82 , . 82 .. 81 .. 80 . . . .70-72 72 .. 72 .. 71 70, 71 66-69 Caprain and Coach .. 67 Erosh Team .,.,,....... 68 c1.V. Team . . .. 68 Soph Team .. 69 Varsily Team ... .. 67 Golf .......... . . 79 Gymnaslics ... ,. 76 Swimming ..... .... 7 4-75 Erosh Team ... .. 75 N.T. Guard .. 74 Soph Team ... .. 74 Varsiry Team . .. .. 74 Tennis ....,....... .. 79 Erosh-Soph Team ... .. 79 Varsily Team ... .. 79 Track, Indoor ..,... ,. 73 Frosh-Soph Team ... .. 73 Varsily Team .,.. .. 73 Track, Ouldoor ... .. 78 Wreslling ............. 65, 77 Frosh-Soph Squad .. .. 77 Varsily Squad ... .. 77 Sporls, Inlramural .. .,,. 83-86 Baskelball .,.. .. 84 Ghoslball ... .... 83, 86 Sollball ...... . , 85 Swimming ...... .. 86 Touch Foolball ... .. 85 Wreslling ,..... .... 8 5, 86 Volleyball .... .. 86 Srudenr Council ... .... 17-21 Board .......... .. 18 Commillees ...... . . 19 Council of Clubs... .. 20 Elecrioneering ,... . . 103 Oiclicers ....,..,... . , 18 Represenlalives ...... .. 19 2nd Semesler Group ...... 20 Sponsors ............ . . 18 Sludy-Hall General Supervisors ..........,. 21 Sludy-Hall Supervisors 17, 21 Tri-Ship ....,............ 22-25 Board .. ,, 22 Commillees ...... 23 Dances ...,. .... 1 01,104 Hall Guards ..... ...... 2 5 lnlormalion Desk ... . .. 24 Library Monilors . ... 24 Officers ..,... .. , 22 Represenlalives ,., 23 Sponsors ....... ... 23 Trailic Squad ... .., 25 Usher Corps ...., 25 Verse-Speaking Choir . ... 48 151 Acknowledgemenls ECI-IOES ol I954 was prinled by Jrhe Econ- omy Adverlising Company, Iowa Cily, Iowa: The engravings were made by Jahn and Ol- lien Engraving Company, Chicago, lllinois: professional pholography lindividual porlrails and large-group picluresl was performed by lhe Bernie Sludio, Evanslon, Illinois, and Jrhe aerial view of Jrhe school and campus appear- ing on The lille pages was Jralcen by Jrhe Chi- cago Aerial Survey Company, Chicago, Illi- nois. All design, layout and non-professional pholography were done by members of Jrhe ECHOES slafi, New Trier Township High School, Winnellca, Illinois. , 1. - ' '- --F -wif?

Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

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