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New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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'Haw Jfufm Jnwmhzgu .Sduwl Ctfbumfka, gllzhoia -I I l'l'l S NHIGH scnosn PRESENTS f x J Page 4 ,vnu- I ef? sw , 4. fs at wx tsl 5 1,3 if N ffm ' . ' ,ga mm wi ...,, If i-:-E-. - 'n W WW X gag: , R ,,, N Us S 3 ..,., ,. higfggg f s Y W ' x ,Nam P f , E , W Year f. . W f :X 'W gigs? "wx Wflgg 5 H ,, N I' f r p N M? 6 . Q if , ,, X A 7. an 1 fn f Y A-.W :Rx 4 F' , , . 4 H' n-w,,.A. xiii W A 41- J Page 6 i I Pg7 1 1 Q .3 fn l '? M ij ?M 2YQW' f fd P' f1f,f?af 5, W, " J' f Ak 1 Ik.: -W L: A V ,H 253335:SRSWW??'iif32f5-'9-+z"'TyQ-Hmm'VQHQXQSfZS1'i2k'fL.m,1'L , 5-ll, 5, Y . 'f ff + 'W' ,S A f - ig 7. V ' is ' k' -' 2531.4 -' .JLWHQ fr! 1 . - f...u if -....f'?:.' f , - 1 X -In , annuuusuw-w--1 ,........-...vm-r- A. .. ,Q- Page 9 W. Page II i partment ad Page I3 N9-I t""' is ww MR. CHILDS MRS. COTTON MR. HUTCHENS Head Emeritus, Head Emeritus, Head Emeritus, Boys' Physical Ed. Music Department English Department ""ilf""'E'- MR. CARPENTER MR. GADSKE MR. SHEARER DR. SMALL English Mathematics Social Studies Foreign Languages Department Department Department Department 'X-A0 K 0101-,-sy. Qu n"'Gln-..W,, .gigs MR, WINDOES MR. RAU MR. McKEE MISS MURPHY Science Business Industrial Arts Art Department K Department Department Department eg? MRS. BRADBURN MR. MAGES MRS. LIGHTER MISS LIBBEY Choral Division, Instrumental Div., Home Economics Head Music Department Music Department Department Librarian W MR. GRATER MR. SHOWLEY MISS BOULTON MRS. SCHOENENRERGER Athletic Boys' Physical Girls' Physical Health Director Education Department Education Department Department ' -f . :E w -. .1 arf... . W el. I .,,. -fr. is we MR. R, WEHR MISS BREDIN MR, LIGHTNER MlSS VEACH MR. R. REAM MISS HAMlL.FON Junior Boys' Adviser Junior Girls' Adviser Sophomore Boys' Adviser Sophomore Girls' Ad- Freshman Boys' Adviser Freshman Girls Adviser Chnmg Soc. Slud. Dept. Chm.1For. Languages Chm.g English Depl. viser Chm.g Girls' P, E. Clwmg Science Depi Chm English Depl MRS. ABBOTT Girls' Physical Education Dept. M RS. BORH EK Home Economics Depa rfmenf MR, CATON ' Mafhemelics Deparfmen? M RS. COOK English Deparlmenf MRS. CAVANAUEH Dramalic and Speech Deparlmeni MR., CLADER MR. COBURN Scrence Social Sfudies Department Dramalics A 'L SNES UIETRKCH MRS ECCKSTADE5? MISS UCPNHAM "MSS DLFRGLM, MISS DYE 'WF EDWARDS CSHECQ Emhene gbfihljq Language: Enqzisb iwfmm?c ,nd Effemzr L if-if I.vr.:""fe" Ueimrirfxs-'Y' 'ZLL-nimwff -Lfegr, Degfvirrwf let.-fvrf-fc' E MRS, EESLER MRSS EVANS Mi. FEAIZHEILEY MR. FLANINGAM' NESS FLEMfNGYON V155 PLENHE . Fifeisgfx Levwqueges Mnhemniica hrfs and ivdusiwui Arie. icuial Snrzlrm Wwe gf Luffy-.age Depqvtmkrd "Sc-nfrbmm-rf! Gemerqi Cfaiils Uenonmeff Cerswtmur f5QLf+?fe'.ee:? Mi? FRANTIEN Bows Phyngni MR MNKHOUSER WCS em-IAGAN Mvfhem tu marc IRS FLGOD 4-'RS FRA-.KE As Xian? ON ce r ' U cqfscv- Dep dmv? Delzdrwfw iieecf- Deg ww -, I ' Lafwifzw .. wff5f.vAq gv1 . qMgwm Nw." P J mis, GANNAWAY MFI, GIALLCJMBARDQ MR. G?BSON NR HARPER Ji HENDERSGN Sum: Shzdies Boys Physica Ecoksfeve M 'num' c en' f Sn Deparfmerzt icumffion Uecevtmer-i Manager foe Pwr: we Le: Pmurf w-W A L vvwemni cf 'VE ,za 'V' v-PENDRECK V-at f ep vfme 5 ,,., A " , NF. HJORYHAMMAR 4.436 WOLLANL' MESS HOLZENQEW MESS HCC! VR, HCYT MK, HJRLEY Foreign Lu-,gauges As? CYNQQ Ewa PDWSEQ-i Bierce Eau' ?hpsZwi k Department Dnfnimwf Sufi icJuM?on Demr1ms::1 Ierudmw' Ecwgftim. Uvcvrfrmf KNEE HURST mi, :RWEN MRA JOQA '-'YS JCHNS-,CN va JCNIES Mit E KAHLEE Sugiui Svudiez. Erfglhh Enya' P9-lysine' 'Wei-gf Lnngnfge: vnrerw.-ML: in Q gf. Lcfgugqes Depurtmmt Deg.-Mmm? Ecwmlcrp Depmfgmpf ill-p.1'?'v:en' l7enQfM'e'wf lecqffmg-N it I MISS KARL MISS KELSO MRS. KIDD MISS KING MISS KixMlLLER MISS KRAL English Mathematics Musicology Girls' Physical Social Studies Dramatic and Department Department Department Education Department Department Speech Department MR. LANDWER MISS LANGE MISS E. LARSEN MR. R. LARSEN MR. LAUER MRS. LAVERY Industrial Arts Office Office Industrial Arts Boys' Physical Music Department Staff Staff Department Education Department Department ,W .Kiel we MR. LEHMAN MRS. LENARD MR. MacLEAN MR. MALINSKY MR. MARZ MISS MAY English Department, English Department, English Department, Driver Social Studies Mathematics Dramatics Journalism Debate Training Department Department MR. MCDOWELL MR. MCFADZEAN MISS MILLER MISS MOELLER MR. MOREY MRS. MORRIS - Foreign Languages Boys' Physical Girls' Physical Foreign Languages Foreign Languages Foreign Languages Department Education Department Education Department Department Department Department ' . e se - ,.,,. X if I fr' " Fi -' i 'H' I ' - . . .figziiifiiziiig . -. vi ""15I. V I 'iii' A "I Y .Q af if g , ,, IQAA gwm J N 5. ,f -r -52. . V s .f 5 effv if -ri NEW .A .V nt gi 5 5' H f ' 5 ' 21155 'riff .iii ' V- ' if 5 5 V iw , 1 I fi' - g'fi.',., siglzyi g snag I MISS MIJDGETT MR. NAY MR. OAKS MRS. OSLAND MISS PARKER MISS PATTERSON Foreign Languages Social Studies Industrial Arts Supervisor, Girls' Office Foreign Languages Department Department Department Locker Room Staff Department MISS PAUL MR. PETERSON MR. PIFER MR. PINK MISS PYLE MRS. RAFFETTO Foreign Languages English English English Girls' Physical Foreign Languages Department Department Department Department Education Department Department V., MS 4 M ws, Q - ,ww v V . as wi Pip.,-M3,w5 MXH Vg AA' t f is :.f,, ,wx-Lg , Ma agggz ste'-f, aw, A , :MU Omvwrwwfy Mn ,I 'K heuvp gms H 2 1 ,- w "W: H: A ffm:-if-,L ' ' ,im . ,. , .4 ' .Qggex 5 R '-'fifL,i35A5 1-7 21219: 1 nlwdzv ' Q ' 531, 1 , "-F' 1- ' , Ev. 'I Q x',f1' A .J 1, , .. ' Q- 1' -A 1gv:':l'1'.lf if E 1 gi,-ef A ., 2?"Qwlr':+ V 5411- ,QM-f :WV -. wwf'-' I yiiiQ?i'f3:i 9.21 . W , ' ' If :Iggy -:fir ?'f'2z'sm.wsZm f :'E","J?'i1xs,.-,Egg 1 ?,"!'g v1H5LLj"g 5 4 111-.W 1-5Pr!1:'1 r 'sw 'H-,-::--.L -,Q 1 f -2595 3:LIf.?f:,2ic7,fI2'7 3 E-iQ?-E55 4 mg:saqfA:fggf1: 1 l'..l wr2'5v,.'1'.1'5w5, If yup' 511126 'if' S VH,-:a'uw6i5.:. ' 5 5 f'.fff?f .af - efgzzwz .f f 1 :V'Rff'f'?'rgf'Ca'-Q ,Q fffsL:5EQ2l2i47si" .2 5z3:,wm,.,z,. Q, 1 C'14!'ajvT3'27'f'Y71!iAx" gig':5,QL?g9f,igjj'fQlgX!E 6 ?1?55'7f3ifx Wi. 1 SHf'Qi+'M1g5wSimi"13 fx ff 4ff1:.i?7,g?2:g'L5-, ?25g2??541'i5k'5f5ffi ' Q fi ,S zqiifiiavggggggglv if, 44421266 z . -A :Vg R- 3 fV' 'Rig 5f'v23Q515ffG5?m- 3 if 3 fecfg J l14fwwcfL'f :wwf Gffffmhlmrx -1 fffFffkf1Qf?55f3?5 fi 'I M5146 IF ' 'ff' LQ K'.f7"ia5: 'i 1"-M gkafffyrs Af ?"l.S ff- S va x!ff'.Lb:-5 lrggfffg :f 1-.J' ' -. gylcgg ngwn, ':v"'i?' E'-'KJ'-'i legigya l?vQ'z9jXHf'12v3FM fwvferl-fmaaa f. 5J?:wv2"if5f?f7'.E 1v:JL?f2rLf'v4g:,4q E13i,'Fv?5??i?5?ahZ: x .z:fs1zi.,zfsl wa.-'-askfzigr-srli Ezfvtrwzu gf..f-,fi sfilfn ' ' 3412 +7l514.u: 9 Y-.E .. ii-5fl3f5?51'J , , fe: ziwiaifsl-'S df' ff wi w - 9 '- .,,, , w 6 ,., ., 1 aww . A N x mv ,gym . 3: em W Q1--5 riff ,WN "fr iwm '55 . JOHN BONGE President MARTHA BETSY DAVE CRAVEN NANCE STERRETT Vice-Presiden? Secretary Treasure TED BRADLEY Honor Sysfem STEPHEN GEORGE MARE-Gi BIRDLEBOUGH SPROULE PAINTER Honor Sfudy Halls Lunch Hal? Publacsfy Stud nt WWW Council ROGER SHERWOOD Recreahon STudenT Council is The one organizaTion in which every sTuclenT aT New Trier is represenTed. The chief jobs of Council are molding public opinion, helping The adminisTraTion To lceep ina Tormed OT sTudenT opinion, and providing a Torum Tor discussion oT sTudenT maTTers. This work is done by The represenTaTives elecTed by The sTudenTs. ln addiTion To These jobs, There are many commiTTees which handle speciTic phases oT school liTe. HAN NY SUSAN MASON JAMTSON DeW3TT Safeiy Service S c 1 Among iTs many TuncTions Council has charge OT acTiviTies TiclceTs, aclminisTers The honor sysTem, The sTudenT supervised sTudy halls, and The lunch hall: charTers The many school clubs: and passes legislaTion perTaining To a mulTiTude OT sTudenT acTiviTies. The sTudenTs are aided by Their TaculTy repre- senTaTives Miss Kelso and Mr. Vernon, and are guided by Their sponsor, lvlr. Van Deursen. Nwswwr COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Baiiy, Cunningham Anderson. Helms, Groves Qsborn, While, Schulz Cook, Crarn. Second Row: Colville, I-leuser, Eclnhouse, Caro, Tuille, Em bree' Lindblorn, O'Ca'la ghan, Siliig, Helper, Pear son, Doughly. Bofiom Row: Delierard, Sione, Wescol1, Moses, Challinor. COUNCIL COMMITTEES Top Row: Criiienion, Rirlen berg, Hoerdi, I-leiier, Pen iield, Peuclceri, Loomis Goldenberg, Tulrle, Palmer, Sullivan, McCloud, Peier sen, Schulz, Naidowslci, Hoi son, Ballrnan. Third Row: Rusnalc, Gaines Caro, Heuser, Naienberg Grarnrn, Sproule, Ernbree, McLaughlin, Jarniscn, Col lins, Pearson, Unger. Second Row: Ayery, Slarreil, Albrechi, Lindblorn, Siilig, I-lodsied, Veague, Lawrence, Ernrich, Doughiy. Boiiom Row: Campbell, Gree ley, Friend, Briclc, Ludgin McManus. The safely cornrniliee, under ihe guidance oi I-lanny Mason, was in charge oi issuing parlcing permiis 'ro sludenist besides 'rhis if sponsored pro- grams on safely, including driver-Training Iesis for lhe sophomores. Nancy DeWi++'s social cornmirlee sponsored many imporiani Iunciions, from The Frosh Parry Io ihe l'lallowe'en Parry. I+ also helped organize several new clubs wiih Ihe aid of Ihe Council oi Clubs. 'Xi' Ivlargoi Painier and her publicily connrniilee lcepl Ihe bulle-Tin board posled wiih council aclivilies, publicized College Day, and cooperafed wiih The News and 'rhe local I-lollisier publicalions on news oi council ac+ivi'ries. Under lhe leadership of Roger Sherwood, Ihe recreaiion commiiiee sponsored Ihe Salurday aller- noon programs oi roller slcaling, badrninion, ping pong, and baskeiball. I -.ri vw r r fllfzff Qiirtw W :sS3M1?1142 'illiilii Eff-5E '2f'. - ' I ,:, sirnzzgsisggwqvvgg mamaSazfzgswrrgzssiezwwillwfaziwwrg -if ' I Wi ' ' 'SITE f LLZLUWQQ '12,-I gwi afgggl .311 inmiiv if igg wigsrfgrf w ' ,,-ge1'2w- ,, I :mm .g,.. ,. ggmwg, ,,,s,fgg5,MZf32gs V A gwa- 4 ,,., lv -- T . as ' ages '-"' -'--- 7 " f fl lf .. ' jf 5' Q .,:,-:: ' 7'L'1fN fri I' m ' W" ' ' 3:"":2122.,:I:'E5Iff:' .,,.. . 'r . 1-'IH iff? . if A :sr "'-' ' ai 1, 7 ...,, T., ,V M, ,Q gl, VXI: ,V g r, ,V 1 ,. ,. ghuqz, V' - Aff -I W 4 g Q qawqf .g ...,. - 1,2 Q., A,A,, liz,-A, ,: -1 .::. In I - :msgs ,L ii ,, M in ggi? Km, Q ig-,H fu- - 1 "WF . ' 31735 , 'B ff . ' ' -' Sf ITM' ff f 32 22 fa Q, I - V , .. ,.,, I - ' gg vnuguf X? jr.-. 1-mi. 5 I, A VIE- 5:i. g.ai3 ,, If V , -1:"'s- 5- 9 , .,., :E lll- z Q-1 .. -,,-My-',a:,-f'.? a.3,::.2f-y.:,:.:55,5a- .153-. -j ::,h,e" -'-1-'Tj-,, 4. ..., 1 'QW - " " .. . .. I T ' i l "" ,,.., I ' -if fe, -'-" :j:j:, g,,:41:a2.j-5 . - ':,..,r.: :g' -: ' ., I .- .-.. , -ff:g:'., . - -3:5-5 KM -, -g T 2. I-:sg x - -'f ig: -' f'T -, 11 1 - ' 4 mas:-, ., ' ' 3 T ,. H , ..,,. , . , , .....,.... ,, , Q- Lggy j .- ag, 3 V, . :T-, :,:, , -:1 ':f I ,f'ff2i,:L:4,vS' 4. zz, ::. -, T f Y ,::f " -1 ':,g::'s. .L,2- V: - --- :ri wins-Razz 1- ' V """ T 2 , E '- 3 , -E " Y, 1 ,QfT.',i.': 'I 5351 7 1 ,gszffz T T' '3E32?ffZQ':Q' f ' , ---"" , nlqn WW I , as ,, , , . E, DISCUSSION LEADERS Top Row: Sowersby, Bradley, Bonge, O'NeiI. Boffom Row: -KronTeld, DeWiTT, Birdlebough, Leys. we E? 4w"17'W"1v' "vt W ' .WR 'M"'7'M The honor sysTem, supervised by Ted Bradley's honor commiTTee was operaTed in well over Three- TourThs oT all The classes This year, The sysTem pros ving more successTul Than ever beTore. STudenT-supervised sTudy halls were handled by STeve Birdlebough and his commiTTee. During The second semesTer There were Tive sTudenT-supervised sTudy halls, The mosT New Trier has ever had. Lead- ership-Training courses were given To The elecTed sTudenT supervisors. George Sproule's lunch-hall commiTTee TuncTioned To see ThaT Things wenT smooThly, and because of The cooperaTion oT The sTudenT body wiTh These man- agers, lunch-hall conducT was excellenT This year. In The course oT The year, Susie Jamison and her service commiTTee operaTed The sTudenT mail sysTem, inTroduced The Code of EThics To The Treshmen, and conducTed a very successTul College Day which was held This year in coniuncTion wiTh EvansTon High School. LUNCH HALL COMMITTEE slcy, Bradley, Sproule. enroTh, DeBerard, STruggles. Shapiro, Cohn, AllporT. COUNCIL OF CLUBS er, I-lunyady, Perlman. Cram, Ludgin. Top Row: Wahler, MuTher, STeT son, DeBerard, France, SalaT Second Row: Snell, Wynn, O born, DooliTTle, Farrell, Mack BoHom Row: OTIS, I-IamilTon Borre, Shanahan, Campbell STanding: SmiTh, Jordan, Spieclc SiTTing: I-leTTer, Caro, DeW1TT Page 22 Page 23 GENERAL SUPERVISORS Top Row: Swarfchiid, Beckman, Embree, Seiierl. Boflom Row: DeBe"ard, Andrew, Kirl., Keserl, Schwimmer. Honor Study Hall Is+ SEMESTER STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS Top Row: P. Srnilh, K. Smilh, l-larlshorne, Wendi, Gordon, Rinella, McCabe, Davidson, Conaughlon, Bohnen, Elienne. Fourlh Row: Morse, Sex, Gramm, Moses, DeBerard, Wilde, Alger, Underhill, Mable, Boodell, Kelehar, Ragland. Third Row: Slone, Reich, Tanner, Selinger, Marlin, l-ledges, McKinnon, l-loward, Kransz, Green, Truesdell, Brabeclc, McDowell. Second row: l-larris, Slruggles, Anderson, Shanahan, Anderson, Keserl, Nielsen, Coburn, l-lohllelder, Ferguson, Sherwood, Robinson, Smirlu Arlhur. BoHom Row: Fraser, Persons, l-lapp, l-lopper, Spence, Van Alyea, Alslrin, Powers, Maclean, Ford, Koenig, Lewis, Tuflle, Miller. 2nd SEMESTER STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS Top Row: Schwimmer, Ragland, Gordon, Wolf, McNeill, Lane, Kaslel, Davidson, Denny, I'-larlshorne, Groves, Morse, Elienne, Ollaviani. Fourfh Row: Lielzow, l-lusl, Turner, DeBerard, Alger, Rosenberg, Mason, Colburn, Porlmann, Slone, Osborn, Tanner, DeBerard, Allcinson, Bohnen Third Row: l-linlcle, Wilde, McKinnon, Kay, Lunde, France, Hinkley, Welch, Campbell, Smilh, McCally, Truesdell, Meyers, Tobey. Second Row: Wilson, Gudeman, Sludy, Sherwood, Yalie, Peuclcerf, Mann, O'Callaghan, Arnold, Colley, Nielsen, Anderson, Eckhouse, Sowersby Lewis. Bo'H'om Row: Magnussen, Unger, McKenzie, Lalhan, Slranne, Long, Forresler, Walworlh, Williams, Spencer, Eisendralh, Tullle, Murphy, Miller Bowen, Finlc. JON LIND, Presidenf CHARLES KNIGHT, Vice-Presidenf JAMES BURT, Secrefary THOMAS BOODELL, Treasurer BRUCE TRUESDELL, Dance GEORGE ATKINSON, Services ALLAN WENDT, Ticker JAMES SMITH, Traffic .... ..... I 5536 I ,.. ,:,,.:-., .- - , www I ,,.,,,. , 1:- , - We RICHARD BROWN, Lagniappe PETE SMITH, Lagniappe CHARLES JUNG, Public Relafions JAMES MABIE, Usher ,y!,LfG IK 'gig Kgs? If is f 555554, S 'gi J' , T F I ,WW ,. ...I..7:,,:. gr, gr: -:,."i2::'33riQ U 4 I I .,, -ff' EMS S' Sf vm M 1 ,,,,.,,,, , ,,, W-,W Z 3-I M.. I , W , ALFRED WARD, Clubroom JAMES HUST, Dinner DONALD MCNEILL, Junior Chairman STEPHEN WEIDEMANN, Sophomore Chairman TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Top Row: Offaviani, Simonds, Surpless, Rinella, Sproule, Wolf, Slaylon OHS, Jung. I Third Row: Tanner, Johns, Arrnsfrong, Roih, Truesclell, Kay, Lielzow, Coghill, Roewade, Drake. Second Row: Alqeo, Goodman, Harris, Eberharl, Allen, Alkinson, Bra beck. BoHom Row: Cunningham, Cram, Painier, Shanahan, Marsh, Brick, Wendi. TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Tallooi, Slaylon, McGrew, Mcffarlhy, Thomas, Hedberg Marlin, Allen, Tanner, I-loban. Third Row: Snow, Taylor, Kopeisch, Barnes, Salalsky, Reich, Sirnonds Lielzow, Hirsch. Second Row: Coghill, Davie, Conaqhan, Karlman, Powell, Blunl, Kurz Tobey. BoH'om Row: Nowak, Sfremrnel, Clemenls. Birnslein, Miller, Blech Shane, Eddy. - H5' "'WW i TRAFFIC SQUAD- JUNIORS Top Row: Osborn, Morava, STeTson, Ehr bar, McNeill, Rinella, Lechner, l-Tamil Ton, Lorch, Sex, Drake. Second Row: Wessel, Morse, Hedberg Tanner, Johns, Murphy, Selinger, Bud wig, Bender, Groves, l-lusT, Conover. Boffom Row: Segil, Allen, Trense, STrug gles, MarTin, PorTer, Shapiro, Calkins Morrison, l-larris, Anderson, Walfer, FeiT, Weidemann. TRAFFIC SQUAD- SENIORS Top Row: SrniTh, STillwell, Bradley, SmiTh OTis, Bohnen, Lind, Ragland, McCabe, WendT, Krause. Fif+h Row: KasTel, ETienne, Mabie PiTcher, PeTerson, Schwimmer, Ander son, Davidson, Denny, Gordon, Man dell. Deliierard, Lacroix, PorTrnann VVolT. FourTl'1 Row: Mason, Glezen, Drake, Mo ses, Ricker, Magie, McDowell, FlerberT, DeBe-rard, Wilson, DooliTTle, DoTy Rodgers, Sproule, ConaughTon, ATlfin son. Third Row: STone, l-linkle, STerreTT, Do herTy, Cunningham, Dowd, Gorham Wilde, T'larTshorne, Decarlo, Ward Colburn, Cody, Paden, Boodell, Under hill. Second Row: Farrell, Blalceslee, Burl STanTon, CourT, O'Neil, l-loward Spiecker, Bersbach, EberharT, Braberk Mccally, MackenroTh, Mergener. BoTTom Row: STewarT, CuTler, Bermeis Ter, Nunn, Snell, Meyers, YaTTe, l-lind man Gelb, Sherwood, Griesser, Tiues dell, SpiTzer, Brick, Sowersby. Page 25 The sTudenT direcTing TraTiic-The hall guard aT The TronT door-The posTers announcing a dance or banqueT-'The ushers aT The plays-everywhere aT New Trier, There is evidence oT The boys' Tri-Ship club aT work. More Than seven-hundred New Trier boys Tind Themselves engaged in Tri-Ship acTiviTies aT various Times during The school year. Every boy in The school belongs To Tri-Ship. The Tri-Ship club has Two major obiecTives. One is To perTorm iTs many services. The number oT These services and The degree OT responsibiliTy which They place upon The sTudenTs is unique among U.S. high schools. The oTher obiecTive is The promoTion oT The Three principles Tor which The club was named: ciTizenship, Tellowship, and sporTsmanship. This yearls board made iTs greaTesT conTribuTion To The ideals oT The club in The Tormularion oT a paper deTining sporTsmanship and iTs applicaTion aT New Trier, Thus adding To The promoTion OT The "Tri-ships" ThroughouT New Trier. Tri-Ship Y This year, Tri-Ship's services were handled by nine groups which included dance, dinner, services, club- room, public relaTions, TickeTs, usher, TraTTic, and Lagniappe commiTTees. ReporTing The cIub's acTivi- Ties To The sTudenT body was handled by The class chairmen Through The adviser-room represenTaTives. l"leads oT These commiTTees along wiTh The class chairmen and The oTFicers oT The club worked To- geTher on The execuTive board. The Tri-Ship dances were very successTuI This year as record aTTendances were observed. The sock hop was also a success and many sTudenTs in- dicaTed ThaT They would like The club To sponsor several each year. Dinner commiTTee's big banqueT of The year was Tor moThers and sons and a capaciTy crowd Turned ouT To hear speaker Marlin Perkins oT The Lincoln Park Zoo. Career NighT also saw a large aTTendance. For The Third consecuTive year, The club sponsored a Toreign exchange sTudenT under The American Field Service plan. This year's sTudenT was PeTer RiTTer oT Germany. Two new acTiviTies which The club handled were The college represenTaTive plan and The TooTbaIl homecoming recepTion which received enThusiasTic supporT. "On The T-louse" was The TiTle oT This year's pre- senTaTion oT Lagniappe, as The sTudenTs Turned ouT polished perTormances which were very well re- ceived. ProTiTs Trom The show, as all oT The club's proTiTs, were Turned over To Tri-Ship's scholarship Tund. INFORMATION DESK Mandell, Busscher, Milks, Gramm. Lunde, Mergener, STanTon, YalTe. LIBRARY MONITORS STanding: Johnson, Lorch, Meyers, Bleloch, Cr Iey, O'Brien, Carr. M arx, Cu rvey. SOPHOMORE ABSENCE BULLETIN CORPS Cohrs, Erickson, MacArThur, STraTTon. SchweiTzer, Lelewer, Kay. USHER CORPS Top Row: CourT, CuTler, EberharT, WolT, Wo STucksIager, Elrod, Mandell, PeTerson, BairsT Young, Rosenberg, Shanahan. Challinor. Top Row: Leonard, Schwimmer, Spalding, Barr BoTTom Row: Bersbach, Chambers, I-larTle, Bear ow- SiTTing: WolTe, Clancy, Creden, Belkin, I-IaighT, Top Row: Mulvaney, Corwine, Friend, STruve BoTTom Row: I-Iarris, Gordon, Glover, Lehman od, ow BoTTom Row: LyTle, Davenporli Colburn, DoTy, Mabie, Bohnen, Moses, JenneTT, Cunningham, Page 26 Leqniappe '53 presenlrs n the ouse produced by We boys' Tri-Ship club dire-cfed by Dick Brown and Pere Smifh LAGNIAPPE BOARD Top Row: Klein, Hlnlcfey, Budwq O Karfrnan, Scnr rn. Second Row: Johns, Scnocnf Bonqe, Arnord. Mackenro Wilbor, Doollfffe. Boffom Row: D'elNes, Smiflw Backes Brown Soffile Page 28 ,K W. - ,V ,ggi 31 ukw, 5 tvwiafax 1 X QW ifsffgif x ,251 - if wsmwi .A J . . y .Q-QE m.."y- L ...QW WI' ,SK Girl ' Club Girls' Club is one oT The mosT acTive organ- izaTions in school. lTs membership includes every girl in New Trier. As always, Girls' Club has done iTs besT To promoTe Triendliness aT New Trier and To raise money Tor worThy causes. Guided by The oTTicers, The board, and The sponsor, Miss Kixlvliller, Girls' Club conTinued To be an imporTanT parT oT New Trier during The pasT year. Through The excellenT work oT The represenTaTives all The girls in school were lcepf inTormed of The many happenings of The club. Each aTTair was doubly successTul Through The eTTorTs OT These girls and The publiciTy commiTTee. was lsf SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Meyer, Bohnen, Minx, Whipple, Welson, Williams, Milnor, Miller, Michels, Berg- man, Cramer, Knoff. Second Row: Cavallon, Siegel Larkin, Yager, Daliere, Johnson Van Weylr, Anderson, Dohse Veague, Clarlc, Viclcers, James Laurine. BOI'Io'm ROW: Alb'rechl,'La'm'r5rie'rs I-lollingbery, Williams, Marlin I-leilmann, Coolr, Websler Greene, Rislow, Gross. Is+ SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES Top Row: Doly, I-lollingbery Kronleld, Sweelman, Beclcman Mazzella, Donaldson, Fraser Redgwiclc, Solfile, Powers, Mc- Laughlin. Fourfh Row: Wyss, Schroeder Websler, Lange-nbach, Buller Kivland, Ford, Lalhan, Summer, Morris, Coffey, Langfill. Third Row: Schuell, Emrich Thompson, Dohse, Weinberg I-loward, Dawson, Barnelf, Rein- hollzen, Miller, Boshes, Meyer. Second Row: Shoresman, Wagner D'elles, I-ladler, Anderson, Mc- Callen, Finger, Risfow, Fwald, Palmer. Boflom Row: Allegan, Vyse, Kenl, Redgwiclr, Long, Roih, Sullon, Sprowl, Sluebner. Throughoul lhe year, lhe club sponsored many drives. The lirsr one, held in lhe fall, was lhe maga- zine drive. Due To bigger and beller prizes lor conresl winners, lhe girls broughr in over SI5,000. The profil, approximalely one-lhird ol The money, was added lo scholarship funds. , Anolher way lhal money was raised was lhrough The selling ol food. Al all 'lhe baseball, baslcelball. and loolball games, lhe financial commillee was on hand ro sell hor dogs, popcorn, spudnuls, colces, collee, and cider. The proceeds from lhis also wenl ro lhe scholarship lund. ' Page 3I GIRLS' CLUB CLASS MANAGERS Top Row: Becherer, Coleman. Bolfom Row: Fosler, Vaughn. CLUB OFFICE STAFF Top Row: FulTon, Fraser, Werhane SwarTc:hild, NaTenberq, Powers, Boo dell, Cramer. Covell. FourTh Row: WolTz, Caskey, Droba, Ah drew, Baum, WolTz, FenTield, Parrish Kingsbury. Third Row: Trainer, Davis, Heuser, Cooper, Dierkes, Renn, ReinholTzen Baker, DeuTch. Second Row: Kivland, Ewald, Gibbons Harwood, Teegarden, Dawes, Ander son, Lund, Sederlund. BoTTom Row: Blackburn, Gloria, Diebel PeuclcerT, Ford, FeTers. NURSERY SCHOOL STAFF Top Row: Roddick, Odell, Wollison, Wilson, Rose, Third Row: Davie, TorberT, Hollinqbery, MacLean, PaxTon, Second Row: Meier, Boshes, Halper, Larson, BuTler, Schulz. BoTTom Row: WaTers, Miller, KeiTh TourTelloT, Tichenor, Hall. RESERVE LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Top Row: Thulin, HoTTrnan, FrosT, BoTTom Row: ReinholTzen, Riva, Nelson. An imporTanT group was The arrange- menTs commiTTee oT which The nursery sTaTT, The library sTaTT, and The oTTiCe sTaTT are Three irnporTanT divisions. The TirsT helps Take care OT children aT The WinneTka nursery, The nexT supplernenTs The regular sTaTT in The New Trier library, and The laTTer assisTs The various secreTaries and clerks in The school's oTTices. The cornrniTTee did a wonderTul iob OT Tilling all These posiTions and giving The various duTie-S To as many girls as possible. Top Row: Clarlc, Newhall, Dowling, Nes Second Row: BaxTer, Johns, McCain BoHom Row: Fuller Crra Eason Hud Second Row: Adams, Fox, Day, Below. BoTTom Row: Berger, I-Ioerdf Weinberg Page 33 In coniuncTion wiTh TrifThip, Girls' Club sponsored a TivefTon Tood drive in The Tall, The Tood was Talcen To The INlorThwesTern SeTTlemenT I-louse so ThaT some oT The needy Tamilies mighT have ChrisTmas dinners. WiTh spring came The INIeTherIands Flood RelieT Drive in which The school collecTeo 593690. NexT was The Red Cross drive To which New Trier conTribuTed a ToTaI oT 5730. One OT The many chariTy proiecTs direcT- ed by The chariTy commiTTee oT Girls' Club was The supporT oT Two TosTer children, Jaques Levillion and Elaine Bouchoir, who live in France. CTher proiecTs included parTies given Tor The Parlq Ridge School Tor 2nd SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES biT, Selclc, Boodell, Wollison, Burgoyne Bullard, Thorne, Robinson. Spodnyalc, Connelly, Boesch, DeWiTT, SmiTh, WalTon, Calderini, Kivland. , y, , son, Lucas, Lindsley, WhiTeside Phelps, Appelbaum, Edgar, Robinson Sizer. 2nd SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES op Row: Avery, Edwards I-Iunyady, girls. Various sales, bazaars, and parTies supplied money Tor The many chariTies Tc which The club conTribuTed annually. The Girls' Club employmenT agency placed many girls in jobs ranging Trorn baloy-siTTing To sales and clerical worlc. Friendly Day and The Friendly BangueT were held in The Tall, and The Freshman- Senior parTy was also held early in The year To help The Treshmen girls and oTher new girls geT acguainTed wiTh The senior girls. The TradiTional TaTher-daughTer bangueT was This year held as The Daddy-DaughTer Dinner Dance which included dancing To PeTe SmiTh's Band as an addiTion To The usual program. we rx "' nllrnnn. 0 0 Lindolom Wollison, Ivladoer Middle' i Ton, Sewrey, NesT3iT, Fyeuchor' Ivlacf 3 g " M 1' A Loan Volers Morrs. V 8 ' T , X Q ourTh Row: Toornin T-lusTon, Greg-nf. F 'ii' G A Q ,, 'ME' MacLean, Schagei, Lawrence Casley 1 'A i . ' i wi, 1 STone, Taylor, Fade, Mayes, Larson Jaclcson. ' Y Third Row: Brown, Dononue, STeonens F G ,G Eisler Swidlor, I-Iarwood, Quick 04 I V ' X 5 STranne, NaTenl3erg, Robin Klnde man Persons, Coburn, DeuTch. Wood, Merrill, Mable, Loewy, STei reTT, Lange Wheeler, Schroeder, Wal green, McCloud. True, Pearson, Gilmour, Norcross Ruddock Pere-rson, Feclc, Salvanc Babize. mn 0 . T- Qs- Page 35 ls 5 . ,f T Q 4? 'l""Ws"gW, fs ,T -New Hmmm CHOIR Top Row: MaclcenroTh, Buclc, Wood, Deberarcl, Hanson, WorThingTon, Lochner, Morris, Olbrien, Farrell, Tichenor, Lechner FourTh Row: Helms, Hayman, Rasmussen, Ream, Arey, Pagliarulo, Barnburg, May, Huyler, Jarvis, Anderson, DahlquisT, Barr Third Row: BaiTy, Ross, STevenson, LoeTTell, Arnold, WescoTT, ScoTT, Hay, l-lamilTon, Feldon, Gode, Adams, FosTer, Arrhur Second Row: Brannan, EbberT, Vaughan, HigginboTham, Baclces, MacLean, Web-sTer, Mann, Donaldson, Embree, DeWiTT O'Callaghan, Dierlies. BoTTom Row: Spence, Wonderlic, Winburn, Young, CaTon, Snider, Gallicchio, HeTTer, Dawson, Windes, Merrill, Brennan . The vocal side oT New Trier's music deparTmenT has come man, Swiren. a long way since The days when There were only Three singing groups, Treble CleT, Chorus, and Glee Club. lT has snow- balled unTil Today There are nine such groups, some sub- divided inTo boys' and girls' groups. AT TirsT They gave iusT one ChrisTmas concerT in The audi- Torium. BuT soon They had To move To The gym. When The NorTh Shore Sunday Evening Club asked ThaT The concerl be repeaTed in The evening, The gym was paclced Tor Two perTormances and people were Turned away aT The doors. ln March, The Choir presenTed a program on Television wifh The Chicago Symphony 0rchesTra when They sang "The Angelus" led by Mrs. CoTTon and "The Cherubim Song" led by Mrs. Bradburn. SixTy members oT This group also did a commendable iob oT singing aT The lNlaTional Comference oT Chr'isTians and Jews on February I5 aT Thorne Hall in Chicago. BOYS' ENSEMBLE Top Row: Jarvis, ArThur, O'Brien, Brown, Lechner, Buck, King, ArrnsTrong. Second Row: Pagliarulo, Hayman, Farrell, MackenroTh, CourT, Newberry, VincenT, Helms. BoTTom Row: Brannan, Adams, Arey, MacLean, STevens, Dahl- quisT, Huyler. T 5. W T . . ww ...a.,.,..wwM VVQV ,mswuwsg I ,. if page 36 i Backes, Reeder, Wolrz. 0 C5 ii. Rilier, Drake, Groves, Wessel, Surpless, Mackenzie, Alger. O'Connell, Jenneli, Voorheis, Mccally, Armslrong, Hoffman, Conover, Johns, Pagliarulo, MacLean. Kurz, Newberry, Anderson, Rarney, Marlin, Felzer, Lamberl, l-luliman, Sievens, Nance, Brennan. Goldberg, Banker, Anderson, Moninger, Fulron, I-leimback, Reeder, Wafls, Wollz, Morris, Jackson, Noble, Goldenberg, Adams, Oldberg, Dlelles, Jones, Loomis, l-lauser, Keiih, Johnslone, Allagan, Persons, Schul- Group New 'l'rier's music deparrmenl iirsl began producing Gilberl and Sullivan operelras in I9I9. Because The opera group was working on The opera, ir was laler decided io give a spring concerl Jroward which The olher choral groups mighl work. The iirsr spring concerl was given in lhe audilorium, bui laler be- cause oi rhe crowds il was necessary +o give il in rhe Leslie Gales Gymnasium. I+ is now an annual evenl. Gilberl and Sullivan operas were originally given every olher year, Jrhen lwo nighis every year and now four nighls each year. And lhus grew one par? ol one oi lhe linesr high school music deparlmenls in lhe counlry. Glasses are laughr in harmony, apprecialion, and sighl reading. Gne oi lhe nvosr inlereslring oi lhese is second-year harmony in which considerable crearive work is done, including original composilions and arrangemenis for choral groups. All This would noi have been possible ii il weren'l lor an oulsrand- ing lacully which is now under lhe direclion ol Mrs. Adelaide Brad- burn, direclor oi Jrhe choral division: Mr. Samuel Mages, direclor oi lhe inslrumenlal division: and Mrs. Marian Gollon, head emerilus. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Top Row: Fullon, Arnold, Mann Loeiiell, Goss, Poppeil, l-lamil Ton, Marlin, Noble. Second Row: Dierkes, Walls, Windes, Winbuin Donaldson Bo+'rom Row: Goldberg, Swiren Young Llelles, Dawson, Merrill Anderson, Spence, il L 'Q l 4 N Page 37 'Y' ls+ GIRLS' OPERA GROUP Top Row: MacLean, Fullon, Woliz, Scoif, Wescoir, Nolole, Lamberl, Nance, Embree, DeWi++, Hay, Marlin. Third Row: Persons, Banker, Windes, Morris, Backes, Mann, Heimback, Websler, Hamillon, Feldon, O'Callaghan, Wallis, Goldberg. Second Row: Anderson, Goldenberq, Brennan, Adams, Wonderlic, Moninger, Merrill, Winburn, Reeder, Schulman, Vaughan, Spence. Boffom Row: Swiren, Loomis, D'elles, Johnsrone, Jones, Heller, Keiih, Gallicchio, Hiqginboiham, Dawson, Hauser. Is+ BOYS' OPERA GROUP Top Row: Jenneii, Tichenor, Hanson, Conover, Ream, DeBerard, Lechner, Rilfer, Groves, Wessel, Alger, Helms, Vincent Third Row: Gray, Slevenson, Anderson, Anderson, Lochner, Wood, Porler, Kurz, Jarvis, Worfhingfon, McCally. Second Row: Ross, Arey, Bamburg, Barr, Arlhur, Mackenzie, Johns, Rasmussen, O'Connell, Spilzer, Hayman, BoHom Row: Morris, McKeown, Hullman, MacLean, Dahlquisi, Adams, Ebberl, Brennan, Fosier, Huyler, May, Greer. 2nd GIRLS' OPERA GROUP Top Row: Fink, McWilliams, Haas, Pavlik, Barrell, Frisby, Wollison, Sommer, Lederer, Ausiin, Hollinqbery, Wolfz. Third Row: Buhse, Greg, Heier, Cone, Bick, Larsen, Schwem, Kibler, McCully, Brown, Sprowl, Lund. Second Row: Dick, Talboi, Miller, Baxier, Websier, Shearer, Hassenauer, Cookman, Renfield, O'Kiel3le, Caro, Froeschle, Bohkom Row: Madden, Toomin, Humphrey, Eckhouse, Johnson, Mifchell, Nilson, Donohue, Love, Krause, Long, LaMoHe. 2ncI BOYS' OPERA GROUP Top Row: Sennoil, Pifzner, Kleerup, Wolfe, Rosen, Tippens, Norman, Villiesse. Second Row: Joseph, Kashian, Walrers, Meiz, Howell, Moreen, Farnham, Wexler. BoH'om Row: Gross, Kolilai, Painfer, Lowrey, Binkley, Lusiqarlen, Waller, Mulvaney, Robison, Morrison. Page Isl GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row: I-laring, Avery, Maclinighl Wilson, Lindblom, LeVine, Williams, Bairslow, Dulhie, Bullard, Droegemueller, Frosl. Fourlh Row: Thalham, Schulz, Nesbil, Pyler, Gillespie, Taylor, Kirk, Collins, J, Slone, L. Slone, Smilh, Vollers, Addinglon, Sweelmen. Third Row: Cook, Riddell, Dorgan, Mcllvaine, Pelers, Langenbach, I-Ianson, Michels, Preslon, Slerling, Kolarik, Baughn, Marlin Gehrig. Second Row: Yager, Wheeler, Thompson, Redgwick, Crillenlon, Peck, Greene, Guindon, Gilberl, Videl, Anderson, Currier, Slanley, Schoenrock. A i Bollom Row: Williams, Morre, Booz, Chase, Wyman Brown, Ross, Debs, Beck, Weinberg, Sullivan, Zimmerman. COMBINED BOYS' GLEE CLUBS Top Row: G. Barr, Dunbeck, Taylor, King, Schoenbrod, Brown, Lechner, Leck, McNallin, F. Barr, Richmond, Schweilzer, Edwards. , Fourlh Row: lngleharl, Norse, Walerman, MacArlhur, Kahn, Slelson, Lillle, Reckill, Bolger, Kuhn, Nicholson, Clancy, I-lowell. ' Third Row: Lumley, Blech, Bauslerl, Avery, Blaney, Slaebler, Circuil, Waldmann, Norlh, Allen, Jones, Yurman, Dudman, Black. Second Row: Teich, Phillips, Maupin, Burns, Jones, Pelerson, I-laselline, MacLean, Porler, Rinker, I-libben, Slreicher, Bregslone. Bollom Row: Birdlebough, I-linman, Thompson, Broide, Berger, I-laan, Marlin, Moss, Bell, Wonderlic, Eddy, Sieloel. 2nd GIRLS' GLEE CLUB IIAII Top Row: Wessel, Vaos, Whil- laker, Besl, Schuleman, Mueller, Radlord, Macllall, Drick, Boyd, Seeley. Fourlh Row: Slellens, Kuppen- heimer, James, Glossberg, Bennell, McLick, Good- lriend, Reagan, Sleglich, Wheeler, Nilsson, Gaines. Third Row: Samuelson, Olson, Rickards, Parker, Twerdall, Vandercook, Sullivan, Doe- pel, Larson, Ames, Fosler, Sloll, Morris. Second Row: Markin, Dawes, Edel, Toms, Moore, l-loehn, Klingeman, Seilerl, Gibson. Bayless, Gallerl, Long, Wickman. Bollom Row: Crain, Van Weyk, Shoresman, Miner, DiClernenli, Cazel, Kay, Schuller. I-Iughes, Hawkin- son, Leber, Jones. 2nd GIRLS' GLEE CLUB IIBII Top Row: Boysen, Rosene, Cox, Wells, Sanderson, Crowe, Cross, Barker, Gal- lery, Walling. Fourlh Row: Showers, Peler- son, Shaw, Arnslein, I-lunl- ley, Dahlberg, Dielz, Veague, Garrell, Smilh, Graham, Beller, Lloyd, Pow- ell, Pelerson. Third Row: I-limellolau, Dema- ree, Peirce, Johnson, Holl- slad, Birney, Daliere, Clapp, Barlow, Dawes, Milnor, Mil- ler, Sillig, Ellioll, Pope. Second Row: Pinsol, Foy, Cor- nell, Knighl, Mackinnon, Appelbaum, Prangley, Bus- kens, Ewing, Culler, Wehr, Walson, Cannon, Eberharl, Sizer. Bcllom Row: Fider, Hager- man, Woods, Rumsey, Elv- gren, Edgar, Allison, Trom, Cleave, Scoll, Malone. Keok, Borg. Page 39 .I I I .4 3 2 5 5 E P i E I 2 I s 7 7, ,W , ,, , , .wmnmnnwzv-mbrbixskf wwzabfsvfw. 2-.W W-K V-H SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Top Row: Pagliarulo, Hayman, While, Lechner, Maclcenrolh, Helms, Farrell. Fiffh Row: D. Olmsled, Spieclcer, Dahlquisl, Geiger, Ream, James, Hanson, Arlhur, Greenebaum, Arey, Huyler, Greer MacLean. Fourfh Row: Adams, Horrell, Barlell, Miclsey, Nance, Gaines, Hemrnenway, Hamillon, MacLean, Marlin, Baclces, Mann, Lamberl, Donaldson, J. Olmsled, Brannan. Third Row: Weymoulh, Frisloy, Collins, Dulhie, Frosl, Froeschle, Young, Walls, Anderson, Wolrz, Wonderlic, Schulle, Windes, Fullon, Spence. Second Row: Allegan, Peclc, Bradley, Pillca, Love, MacCorquodale, Grolll, Higginbolham, loomin, Gode, Goldenloerg. Winburn, Caro, Alexander, Alder. Boffom Row: Reise, Loomis, L, Goldberg, S. Goldberg, Heller, Hoehn, Merrill, Gallicchio, Booz, English, Spiegel, Magos, JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Top Row: Hill, Villiesse, Lederer, Havel, Turner, Schulmann, Collins, Frisby, Thalman, Reise, Phillips, Burns, Pendlelon. Fourlh Row: Whippel, Weymoulh, McWilliams, Blumberg, Bergman, Emrich, Barlell, Welch, Ruclc, True, Sellers, Rusnalc, Blaclc, Clissold. Third Row: Kemper, Shanohan, Gailerl, Toms, Holub, Wilson, Adams, Seigel, Clarlc, Brolman, Trom, Booz. Second Row: Chase, Elvgren, Madden, Long, Malone, Orelind, Hoehn, Peck, Keilh, Larlcin, Bauer, Johnson, Norcross Boffom Row: Babize, Higginloolham, Frosl, Lechner, English, Guindon. - TREBLE CLEF Top Row: Fox, Guyan, Johns, Ruellinger, Crane, Weymoulh, Nelson, Burgoyne, Hinlcle, Edens, Spaulding, Cohrs, Good- win, Cherry, Magos, Varney, O'Connor, Deulch. Fourlh Row: Balhriclc, Kling, Heclcel, Heller, Slerrell, King, Slone, Seiberling, Balcer, Below, Hager, Muhl, Lauer, Diller, Mabie, Berger, Schopen, Lucas. Third Row: Croisanl, Gordon, Pelerson, Friend, Horrell, MacMillan, Thalmann, Yormarlc, Larsen, Pease, Spero, Turner, Olson, Edelslein, Vennard, Nordblom, Eisler. Second Row: Whileside, Vyslcocil, Whileside, Wilson, Cunlz, Pelerson, Rubens, Banlcer, Alberding, Whipple, Fielsch, Hannon, Gordon, Hillner, Price, Dorband, Knobel, Selclc, McCain. Boffom Row: Peclc, Addenbroolce, Bryanl, Bamburg, Larlcin, Gilmour, Lindsley, Jesmer, Kemper, Arnold, Klalle, Nunn, Momenl, Babize, Siebel, Dohse, Williams, Quinn. Sleinleld, Keilh, Norcross, Reeder. fms1srs:eemqeozmwss5s,sfee1szefsmxam.L1fLHe:szi:'f'rrrf: W W. Y f -Y new-Y 'MMM 'W H Violin: Buh Ure: nd, P Cello' Wolff Top Row: Peirce, Pearcy, Edens, WolFr, Boifom Row: Filch, Wehr, Crain, Kraul- RECITAL CLUB Keirh. ier. ,sfff-'Ci ww' ww F., we 2.31: 7 ,sis s Plays, opera, Chrisrmas and spring concerls, ahd commenceneni are all on lhe agenda oi The New Trier symphony orchesrra, conducred by Mrs. Marian Collon. Throughoul lhe year a lull schedule lceeps every member ol lhe orcheslra on rhe iob. Much enioymenr is added lo every program in which rhe orchesrra parlicipales. Senior Music Club is a group lor rhose who play an inslrumenr or sing To gel experience in perform- ing and lo rneel olher music enrhusiasls. The mem- van' ,wa VU50' bers are sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and rhe group is sponsored by Mrs. Corlon and Mrs. Ream. Junior Music Club consisrs ol freshmen as well as upperclassmen. Each member is expecled ro per- lorm al leasl once during The school year. Mrs. Bradburn sponsors This club. Recilal Club gives rhose who are noi guilre as experienced as olhers an opporrunily lo have lun and gain confidence in Themselves. ll is sponsored by Miss Anderson. ORCHESTRA se, Donaldson, Posl, Geyer, Gode, Goransen l-lorrel l-lusron, Jones, Lanyf, Lede'er Les'i'ia, MacCorouodale Nasn Qlrnwed Qnmanlc, agliarulo Perlman, Pillca, Tlnorsen, Wallon Whi'ney, Viola: Alexander, Burgoyne, Geideera l-lildebrarl Larsen Scnulle, Shaver Windes. Allegan, Dulhie, Eoernarl, Fircn Pros' Clmsled. Ream Reise Wooliel' Zinmerman. Sfring Bass: Green-3ca,wn lc-defer, Moreen Norman Flufe: Alder, Maoos, Nessclrod, Spiecxer. Clarinefz Dowlirg, Re-io Slenrield While. Bassoon: Michey. Trumpet Elliiofr, Srorcli Trom- bone: l-lalghi l.echner, Pendeircn. French Horn: Bundy, James, Kavmar Glover. Percussion: Drake, Gudenwan, Tcomin. D CADET BAND FluTe: Bower, Dashow, l-lavel, LyTle, Rusnak, Scargle. ClarineT: Brown, Clissold, Gillespie, l-lepple, l-lolub, l-luTson, KlineTob, Knorr, Miller, Phillips Shane, SmiTh, STeenberg, Thalman, Welch, WhiTe. AlTo Saxophone: Berg, Miles, Larkin, PorTer. Tenor Saxophone: SchmidT. Cornef-TrumpeT: Ander son, Black, Crane, l-laverkampT, l-libben, l-licks, l-lowell, Johnson, KirkpaTrick, Osburne. Cboez Clark, James, Turner, Trombone: Day, Dudman KnoTT, PendleTon. BariTone Horn: Karraker. Shing Bass: WolTT. Sousaphone: Curvey, Gauger, MeTz, Rocker, SchweiTzer. Percussion: GraT, Johns Kinkaid, Lechner, Roewade, Sakol. ConcerT Band AssisTanTs: l-lorrell, McCally, Morse, Parker, PendleTon, Reid, SmiTh, Spiecker. Cn The march or in The audiTorium, The New Trier band, conducTed by Mr. Samuel A. Mages, has successTully carried ouT a Tull program This year. Many changes have been accomplished in The band ThroughouT The year, all oT which have helped To im- prove The organizaTion. A smaller concerT band, governed by a sTudenT commiTTee, has proved To be a saTisTacTory arrangemenT, enabling more advanced concerT work and precision marching. The concerT and cadeT bands gave several successTul concerTs ThroughouT The year. The concerT band marched aT all The home TooTball games. Also, They played aT mosT OT The iunior high schools on The NorTh Shore and perTormed aT several oTher high schools. CONCERT BAND FluTe: Alder, Alderman, Buch, Dunlap, Freeman, Magos, Nesselrod, Schramm, Spiecker. B Tlaf ClarineT: AlberTs, Alexander, BeaTTy, Davenporl, Dough- Ty, Dowling, FiTchmun, Fox, Goodwin, l-lorrell, l-lulTman, Johns, Michel, Morse, Nilles, Noble, Palmer, PeTers, Reid, Simonds, STeinTeld, Tanner, WhiTe Wollum. AlTo ClarineT: BeTTs, Nance. Bass Clarinet Morava, Van Anrooy. Bassoon: Mickey. AlTo Saxophone: Anderson, l-ledges, Lauer, Minx Tenor Saxophone: McCally. Barifone Saxophone: PaTTullo. Bass Saxophone: Morse. CorneT-TrumpeT: Bowman, EllicoTT, l-lales, Jones, MoTTern Parker, PorTman, Schildgren, Sellers, Shanahan, Shane, STevens. French Horn: Bundy, Glover, James, KarTman. Trombone: Erickson, Forbis, Kay McCollisTer, WrighT. BariTone Horn: Lechner, PendleTon, Voorheis. Sfring Bass: Greenebaum, Moreen, Bass: Grimm, SmiTh, Wagner. Percussion: Blaney, Drake, Gudeman, l-lennessy, Levin, James, l-lirsch, LyTle, Naidowski, Parker, SmiTh. 'Ulm Fbzatu nf 67mgamco," by GILBERT AND SULLIVAN Presenled by THE OPERA GROUP AND THE ORCHESTRA OF NEW TRIER HIGH SCHOOL Musical Direclor .... Marian Collon Slage Direclor . . Miner Coburn CAST Maior-General Slanley: Peler l-layman, David O'Brien. The Pirale King: John Arrnslrong, Rich- ard Brown. Samuel: Torn Jarvis, James l-luyler, Ron- ald Dahlquisl, John Adams. Frederic: Edgar Pagliarulo, John Lech- rlef. Sergeanl of Police: Gregory Farrell, Gordon Buclc. Mabel: Susan Walls, Celia Dierlces. Edilh: Susan Goldberg, Jean Mann. Kale: Paula Swiren, Mary Fullon. Isabel: Beverly Merrill. Rulh: Virginia Anderson, Belle Baclres, Angela Loellell. Gen. Slanley's Wards: Virginia Adarns, Rulh Ballman, Margarel Banker, Mar- cia Calon, Elinore Davie, Ann Dawson, Nancy DeWill, Suzanne Embree, Ju- dilh Eeldon, Nancy Felzer, Janel Gal- Iicchio, Elaine Goldenberg, l-lealher l-lamillon, Nancy l-lay, Lorella l-leller, Mary Higginbolharn, Palricia Jaclcson, Jeanne Johnslone, Alice Jones, Mar- gol Keilh, Elizabelh Knoll, Ann Larn- berl, Mary Loomis, Judilh Maclean, Karen Marlin, Karen Moninger, Karen Morris, Belsy Nance, Sarah Odell, Toni Persons, Jean Reeder, Suzanne Schulman, Gale Snider, Sarane Spence, Nancy Websler, Ann Wescoll, Jariel Winburn, Marion Windes, Barbara Wollz, Mary Lou Wonderlic. 'Ulm Pbzatm nf ppngalncd' CAST lconfinuedl Pira+es: David Arey, Rolaerr Anderson, Marvin Bamburg, Karl Barr, l-lerberf Blulenlhal, Jan Brannan, George Con- over, William Dralce, Don Eblnerl, Thomas Gray, John Helms, John Hull- man, James Jennerl, Roberl Kurz, l-larry Lochner, Malcolm Mackenzie, David Maclean, Ronald May, John McKeown, John Morava, Thomas Mor- ris, John Morrison, Desmond O'Con- nell, Fred Pifzner, James Ramey, Ron- ald Rasmussen, David Ream, Roberf Ross' Edward Slevens, James Sleven- son, Lorin Surpless, Marlin Tippens, James Waller, Slanley Wessel, Free- man Wood, Paul Worlhinqlon. Policemen: William Alger, Tom Arlhur, Ron Budwig, Dori DeBerard, Isaac Fosrer, Horner Groves, Roberr Han- son, l-liram l-linlrley, Larry l-lollman, John McCallv, Phil Porler, Pefer Ril- ler, Jaclc Tichenor. Dramatics The main plays produced This year were Ladies in ReTiremenT, The Wizard of Oz, Harvey, and TwelTTh NighT. One-acT plays produced in The Tell were Sorry, Wrong Number and WurTzel Flummery. ln The spring Three more one-acT plays were given. In all oT The plays The producTion crews worked behind The scenes wiThouT recogniTion so Tar as audiences were concerned, buT wiThouT whose ser- vices There could hardly have been any sTage pro- ducTions aT all. l-lank Miller's sTage crew was sponsored by Mr. l-larper, and The lighr crew was headed by Fred T T ' W . DRAMATIC CLUB BOARD Sfandingt O'Brien, Backes, King, l-larris, Krasberg, ArThur. SiTTing: Embree, Beckman. Joseph under The direcTion oT Mr. Jones. Props, headed by Jane Beckman wiTh Miss Kral's super- vision, and The make-up crew, co-headed by Gerrie Cooper and Eda Michel and aided by Miss Gahag- an, were Two oT The largesT crews. CosTumes Tor all The plays This year were under The direcTion oT Miss Gahagan and Miss Dye, aided by Their cosTume crew. As in all The oTher groups ex' cepT make-up, many oT The members oT The cosTume crew came Trom The sTage-producTion classes. These classes were an addiTion To The school curriculum This year. DRAMATIC CLUB Top Row: l-larris, SpiTzer, Jackson, Joseph, Wagner, STubbs, Tippens, Lane, Denson. FifTh Row: Ludgin, ElmendorT, Morse, l-layman, McCally, Pagliarulo, ArThur, Cloud, Wonderlic, Eddy, CasTerline, SchulTheis, Wilde, Finne, Tichenor, KarTman. FourTh Row: SchocheT, Andrews, Margolis, Wonderlic, Schoenrock, Eckhouse, LesTina, Dahlberg, PeTerson, Snyder, Rosene, Drick, Lloyd, Bradley, l-laneman, Wieland, Love, Edens, Lind. Third Row: Robinson, EdelsTein, Schulz, Currier, Brill, MarTin, Ross, SuTTon, STarreTT, Schager, Cook, McDonough, SeiTerT, Rieger, Arnold, Roddick, Cohn, Sprowl. Second Row: MeiTes, Sizer, Bernard, MelTzer, Mages, Pierre, Hauser, Wehr, Gallicchio, Myers, Krasberg, Snow, Lange, Reeder, Fink, Winburn, Taradash, Kirk, Jespersin. BoHom Row: Yager, Gaines, Fell, CuTler, WinsTon, l-lorberg, Backer, O'Brien, Klein, Mr. Coburn, Beckman, Unger, Cavallon, Moore MacMillan, KrauTTer, Cooper. FACULTY DRAMATIC PRODUCTION STAFF Standing: Mr. Jones, Mr. Holland, Mr. Lehman, Mr. Harper, Mr. Coburn. Si'Hing: Mrs. Cavanauglw, Miss Kral, Miss Galwa- gan, Miss Deames, Miss Dye. i Page 46 MAKE-UP CREW Top Row: Johnson, Fosdick, Kibler, Andrew, DeWi++, Michel, Wescoff, Roddick, Coffey, Gibson, Coburn Second Row: Fell, Addinglon, C-old, Schoenroclc, Thompson, C-rolil, Barneff, Ford, Eclclwouse, Klein, Borg BoH'om Row: Cooper, Finger. LIGHT CREW Top Row: Wlnifney, Hennessy, McNaHin, Josepln, Slocldon, Slwurnan. BoHom Row: Mr. Jones, Minns, Birdlebougli. ...,..4,,, . w p,,w 1 rl iw awe VERSE SPEAKING CHOIR Top Row: Brill, I-Iaas, Collfns, Lange, Rieqer, Ern- riclw, Anderson, Suffon, Richards. fxaff Second Row: I-Ieiricn, Krasberg, Reeder, Slarre-H, 'Q SQ ..., . , I, .D '??f:p v aw , f" 'H gf, ja J Z W I 2, ,I Sieqlicn, Wyss. I mm, f K, 16- is-fr Q , QQ Sw- ir 3 5, ,M 'f:"? www. 65'-Mwif'-5:4-' iff.: W ., 'ru if-ifffi 5542. 3 ma JI 3 wi J 'M .I 1,i:I H gf? F fill 'D I I I 'I 4 Q, Q Q 57 'L I R I Fil 'S ,. f mf 3 N W W., Q. .-.:L , I if sq ,Mgr TQ, W M F ,I X Q 5, 1 ii :gi ,sg if ,Q -ls 13 gig 'Q Wim 53? - Eg: Q fgi? af A " . ff' 'H 'mf A Zim lpS7i5'wffg4,:A,Z,,.. i ff wzwfw . Boffom Row: Horlsergl Einls, Lund, Pearson, Unger. " at DW, 'IP 'gr .A as 4, -I 3 g I 'Zi' 16 I :,', I, ,- ' .-'.. 7 QM ' , A 732713312 Qw 9 , r PROPERTIES CREW STAGE CREW Klrk, Beckman, Tnulln Sianding: Sfubbs, I-Iassel. Sifiing: Duclman, Sellers, Perry. COSTUME CREW SOUND CREW Sclwule, Sfranne, Wafkins, Williams. Wagner, Gaines, Mclfeown, Torberf. IWW SI I 'Q a play in llwree acls by Edward Percy Srnilli and Reginald Denlnam Under llne direclion ol NELSON SAYLER LEl-lMAN Casl ol Cliaraclers Lucy Gilliam Leonora Eiske Ellen Creed Allaerl Eeallier ..... Louisa Creed . . . Emily Creed , Sisler Theresa Assislanl lo llie Direclor . . 'Ulm 0020114 D! 033' by L. Frank Baum under llie direclion ol MINER COBURN Casl ol Cliaraclers . Mary Kale Sizer lFridayl Elizabelln Seilerl lSalurdayl . . . . . Sally Lind , Susie l-lorberg, Penny Winslon . . . . . Mary Love . . . Alice MacMillan . Myrna Edelslein . Mary Dawson . . Verdel Cook Dorolliy . Tolo ...... Munclikins ...... Good Wilcli ol llie Norlln . Wicked Wilcln ol lne Wesl . Glinda llne Good . . . Eloria ..... Lovely Lady . Susan Erslrom Drummer , . Arlene Naidowski Scarecrow . . . Sluarl Sccll Tin Woodman . Carl SCllulZ Cgwardly Lion . , . Carl Wonderlic Wizard ol Oz ..... . . . George Eddy Soldier willi llle Green Wliiskers ...... Slanley Bivens Guardian ol llie Gales .......,,... Barry Molnl Guards ..,... ' .... Holly Renoul and Sandy Wieland Soldiers in Glinda's Army: Eredi Andrews, Pauline Jespersen, Nancy Edens, Virginia Lloyd, Nancy Osborn, Linda Slioresrnan, Judilli Culler, Judilli Jenks, Elena Krauller, Nancy McDonough, Rew Price, Carole Taradasli Assislanl Direclors ...... . Kalli l-leiriclw and Rickie Yager Il 9 H ll lby permission ol llne Dramalisls Play Servicel Jean Reeder Palricia Brill , . Joan Krasberg, Belle Backes Jack Morse Nancy Klauke Judilli Snyder Mary Scliager Ricliard Brown we-vw' iw I W 25' fi 34? wiv "w,g,q?' X I sux km' w M l , . w K l ,, , t Sw is if H, 5 Q 352 L Q o ,. A if Q ,W .c s 6 I pw rw wrgnvx Z Q ,K W . .W SR ,Q w?sw?JQ?R??f x , , I www , i gf Q-."'m-3.-ws W, SEQ? WEf'fL'Q5? .WH ,pw x :awk-' +544 . 'fe ' 1 mfiu wb . N311 'J I ., MUSICALE CLUB Top Row: DexTer, Siegel, Lippman Winie, Larsen, BelTer, Nordblom Shaver. Middle Row: Berger, Mclieown, Bur goyne, MicldleTon, Wells, JaneTTe MoqilniTslcy, PorTer. BoHom Row: Anderson, Zaseybida, Eng lish, Loomis, Miller, PoTTs, Booz, Na lcaya. CONCERT COMMITTEE SiTTing: MogilniTslry, Larsen, Shaver Loomis, PoTTs. goyne, JaneTTe, PorTer. Musicology RECORDER GROUP SiTTing: Zeller, Mrs. Kidd, Nordblom. ST-ending: Anderson, Lloyd, Berger, Da- ley, Page 50 Bull. Musicale Club has a ThreeTold purpose: sponsoring The ConcerT Series: Taking Tield Trips To musical perTormances: and The enioymenT oT music. ln This club, The abiliTy To per- Torm is noT e requisiTe Tor membership: only appreciaTion oT music or an inTeresT in music is necessary. This year The ConcerT Series included The JaroTT Don Cos- saclqs: The Paganini STring QuarTeT: LuboshuTz and Nemen- OTT, duo-pianisTs: and The CincinnaTi Symphony OrchesTra. Field Trips have been made To The balleT, The opera, and To OrchesTra l-lall. The club sponsor is Mrs. ElizabeTh Kidd and oTTicers in- clude: President Paul JaneTTe: Vice-President John Mc- Keown: SecreTary, Zoe MogilniTslcy: and Treasurer, Marilyn Shaver. J..." ' , nun ,,4 sw4 Standing: Anderson, McKeown, Bur- bate New Trier has one ol Jrhe linesl high school debale groups in lhe counlry, and praclically all ils members are in The Nalional Forensic League. The group is divided info lhree divisions: varsily, sub- varsily, and beginners. They debale nol only in Illinois buf in neighboring slales as well. This year Sieve Birdlebough served as Caplain and Bob Barr as sludenl manager. As usual lhe New Trier Teams came oul on lop or as close conlenders for lirsl place in moslr of lhe many conlesls They enlered. Along wilh Them, Mr. Chesler MacLean, Their coach, deserves a greal deal of credil for his responsible guidance. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Sfandingz Porfer, Geller, Emery, l-lorlon, Doyno, O'Connor, Wagner, Rush, Arnold, McNal- lin, Weinberg, Howell, Wess- man, Chrislerisen. SiHing: Salaislcy, Birdlebough, Mr. MacLean, Barr, Finne. DEBATE TEAM Top Row: l-lamrnalcer, Doyno, O'Connor, McNa+'rin, Arnold, Wagner, Rush, Salafslcy, Einne, Weinberg, Hume. Second Row: Marlcin, Krall, Chrisiensen, Arey, Horlon, Wessman, Porler, Emery, Mr. MacLean. Bo'Hom Row: Howell, Barr, Birdle- bough, Adkins, Galler. Page Sl CH IC J U NG Co-EdiT0r-in-Chief COOKIE KREUTZER Co-EdiTor-in-Chief MARJORIE PERLMAN News EdiTor JAMES FLANNERY FeaTure EdiTor DON DeBERARD' SporTs Edifor BOB KURZ AdverTising Manager Besides Telling TrieriTes whaT's going on, The New Trier News is always Trying To im- prove iTs sTyle and Torm. This is evidenT in The rise OT The paper's raTing To second division, as opposed To The Third division oT Two years ago, according To Quill and Scroll evaluaTions. Changes in Torm include The new meThod oT prinTing and larger size page, which is one coulmn wider and abouT Tour inches longer Than lasT year. This allows much more space Tor news, TeaTures, and sporTs arTicles, conTrilouTed primarily by The iour- nalism class Trom which The ediTors Tor The N Tollowing year will be chosen. Usually The News is composed oT Tour- page ediTions, buT occasionally, when There is an unusual amounT oT news or adverTising, a six-page ediTion is puT ouT. The masTer'- piece oT all was The eighT-page ChrisTmas issue, which included Tour whole pages OT ChrisTmas TeaTures and special sTories. Under The direcTion OT Mrs. Lenard, This year's sTaTT has accomplished a greaT deal in providing The sTudenTs oT New Trier wiTh an inTormaTive as well as an enTerTaining paper. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF I-IaIes, Rlchheimer. ADVERTISING STAFF AIIe-n, SCOTI, Kurz, Smifh. SPORTS STAFF Sfandingz McManus. Meyers, Wafermam SlHlng: POWQII. Morrxson, I'IauqI1. MAILING STAFF Passman, Spero, SederIund. TYPING STAFF RI+Ienberq, AIIIson, Gaines, Mexander Loewy. EDITORIAL STAFF Smith, Mohardf, Scher. CIRCULATION STAFF Hadler, Anderson, S+e+son, Benfiey, McCaIIen. REPORTING STAFF Standing: Cloud, ScI1wei+zerA RI+Ie Kiesau, Mefzner. Si++ing: Paxfon, ArncId, Rleqer, LoeI3Ie Page 54 ,.,E f . , 1, As is The case wiTh each and every yearbook sTaTT, The I953 Echoes sTaTT has once again Tried To make This year's book The mosT original oT all. The TirsT change immediaTely apparenT To old-Timers is The abandonrnenT OT a Topical Theme in Tavor oT color, arrange- rnenT, and design as a uniTying rnoTiT. More and larger picTures, as well as a greaTer varieTy oT picTures, are used in This year's book To carry TurTher iTs purpose as a picTorial and represenTaTional record oT The year's acTiviTies. The phoTography classes under The direc- Tion oT lvlr. Don SmiTh made This achievemenT possible. The I953 Echoes was Turned ouT under The ediTorship oT The seniors, wiTh The guidance oT lvlr. R. Wilson, buT rnuch of The work was perTormed by members oT The iunior sTaTT under The leadership oT The senior ediTors. From This year's iunior sTaTF The ediTors oT The l954 Echoes have already been chosen and have begun work on The book Tor The com- ing year. Echoes TYPING STAFF Sewrey Ballmanl Arnold. BUSINESS STAFF Cloud, Wieland, Greeley, Prlce, ART STAFF Dlcus Heller, Lawrence Nilsen WRITE-UP STAFF Top Row: Waller, Arnold Rleqe Wilson Reddlclc. Boffom Row: Fender, l-lel+e KE'-lf, Paxlon. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF A Sfanding: l-lill, Strauss, Harvey, Mr. Smilhx Murplvy, Hlrsclv. Siffingz Lurrvley, Rlclwlweimer, Wolfe, Gvimse, Hunyady, Brldqewafer. 'Q an il! V 3, "2 A as ,Q if 4 I f . X is S RA , iff xi, , . as 5' J - Z . . ,. , . , 3 Q - ., 'Y ., - 2 .f2- A A 1 f " A, A 5 TQ, A ,., Q' 3 lil 3 l ' ,MW l gc ":', T ,O ' s.y, A f A A "' ' ' 1 T , ' --V:. Asif T , A slll v-'55 5 ART STAFF AT WORK Mr. Slerwall, Lawrence. Dicus, Nilson I anna, Elm . 1 W 3 n klings INKLINGS EDITORS Balcer, Coburn. Since publicaTion oT The TirsT lnklings in l935, This liTer'ary magazine has become one of New Trier's main publicaTions. Under The sponsorship oT Mr. R. S. PeTerson, iT sTimulaTes creaTive wriTing by giving sTudenTs a chance To see Their worlc in prinT. ArT sTudenTs illusTraTe The sTories and poems which have been chosen. This year, as always, everyone was encouraged To submiT his composiTion Through English Teachers or bring Them To room 24l where The sTaTT ediTors made The selecTions. Members oT lasT year's sTaTT who weren'T seniors Tormed The nu- cleus oT This year's sTaTT and six or seven new people were added. Many Tormer New Trier sTudenTs have gone on To malce names Tor Themselves in liTeraTure and relaTed Tields. To name only a Tew, WhiTTield -Coolc is a Tine playwrighT, and Harlan Ware is a successTul auThor oT movies and novels. PeTer PuT-- nam, who wenT blind aTTer he leTT New Trier, wroTe a boolc abouT his rehabiliTaTion, "Keep Your Head Up, Mr. P'uTnam." Archibald MacLeish and Marjorie Bramer are ba+h poeTs oT noTe. INKLINGS STAFF Sfandingz RiTTe-nberg, Davis. SiTTing: Unger, Gaines, Baker, Coburn. Language Publications if Wwwfvn Standing: DeBerard, Scboenroclc, Miss Mudqe++, Bernsfein, Cloud, Berchem. SiHing: Mcllvaine, C5aYember+, Fergu- son, Hlqqinbofham. ofa jlamlmau Caro, Goodwin, Spence, Beckman. Quz Srhmzbmu Mickey, Heffer, Barnes, Mr. McDowell, Goeffsch, Grawurer. ng -ww W-Twg hmm- mm,,i,,,, wx ,1 .,..'5-Wm Page 59 Top Row: Ludgin, Grimm, Neill, Anderson. Bo'r+om Row: McWilliams, Mac- Lean, Mackenzie, Leonard, Jones, Rich. lld Sfandingz Mr. Swain, Kulbarsh, Bender, Azzi, Reise, Schulz, Slrauss, Thalmann. SiH-ing: Knoll, Hall, Baker. Ebzlaf Kwmafz Klub Bnafzd Top Row: Schroeder, Mrs. Ral- fello, Brady. BoHom Row: Sluebner, Poppell, Wescofl, Porler, Harwood, Mc- Nicholas. H120 Top Row: Spaulding, Mc6rew, Moore, Friend, Slralrlon. Second Row: Miss Flerninglon, Lehman, Peacock, While, Rad- ford, l-lunyady. BoH'om Row: Johnslon, Sweel- man, Voorhis. ywuian gm Top Row: Lowrey, Kuimm, Lar- sen, Dennis, May. Second Row: Price, Bailey, Lar- sen, Davenport Porler, Mr. l-loyl. BoHom Row: ,Schmilt Wonderlic, Miller, Long, Ford, Schwem. Pag Back Row: Bennell, Fowler, BOW- er, Brill, Gaines, Davis, Nick- lin Srniin, Casile, l-laqerrnan. Fronf Row: Sullivan, Passrnan, Slworesnian. and fain 61141: Sfanding: Mefzner, Woolard Baumann, l-lollweq, Springer Yurrnan, Mr, Pifer. Siffingz Garrison, Mackenzie Ludgin Srniflw, Goldboss. mm' 51111, Top Row: Laun, Currier, Bauglwn Andrew, Baker, Andrews, Friel Tnalrnann, James, Taradaslw Kline, Whipple, Lunsford, Ba- bize, Second Row: Kulriles, Hiqqinbollw- arn, Finger, Brill, Wing, Edens Nesbil, Porfer, Licnlery Middle- Tcn l-layel, Lloyd, Spero Ffeomer Baxler Kraufler. BoHom Row: Trexler, l-larnrrond Douglas. Chapman, Wnilesioe Wynian, Wliireside, Rislcw Pelersenv Caslle, Kay, Gray. ' I llazljarui, Klub Sfanding: Miller, Murray, Mr Landwer. Siffingz Nizolazzi, Plali Dornel 'ey l-lunqerlcrd Wlwile,Cran1. may mga gm Sfandingz Mr. Larsen, Ge-tzrer Treesdell, Young, Jensen Awien dna Griswald. SiHing: l-lassel Wni'e Koo-elsclw Sa isltury, Oalclnil' Waldfanr, Page bl i 6 KM Top Row: Garner, Gauger, Maher Blakeslee, Hoban, Bonge, Cross, No wak, Bennell, Elmendorl, Geiger. Third Row: Waller, Porler, Hunl, Jor- dan, Walerman, Schweilzer, Hassel Avery, Phillips, Baer. Second Row: Shepherd, Cohn, Neal Dashow, Meyers, Sleiner, Edwards Andrew, Hemersbach. Boffom Row: Mr, Carlsrrom, Hirsch Morrison, Mr. McKee, Top Row: Andrew, Avery, Maupin, Slew- arl, Mehegan, Thoelecke, Palrullo, Frey, O'Connell, Elmendorl, Benjamin Howell, Spiecker. Fouri-h Row: Mr, Larsen, Moses, Miller, Waller, Pendlelon, Drake, Brick, Jen- nell, Grube, Ellicoll, Bauslerr, Dau- berl, Geier. Third Row: Foskerf, Sullon, Adams, Gosling, Barker, Vollers, Boysen, Dick- ens, Farnham, Brinkhaus, Simon, Feld- mann, Pierre, Second Row: Pearson, McCoy, Shana- han, While, Gordon, Peirce, Van Al- yea, Turner, DeWil+, Millard, Deulch, Coyne, Appelbaum, Maclean, Beck. BoH'om Row: Jenks, Teeqarden, Minx, l-limelblau, Slurlini, Douglas, Brown, Brynoll, Eisler, Marshall, Williamson, Thorsen. .Iam Klub Top Row: Mr. Smirh, Warerman, Leder- er, Bridgewaler, Wolfe, Srubbs, Riller, Pinsof, Wesl, Hunyady, Jones, No- wak, Howell, Havel. Fourfh Row: Berger, Johnson, Hales, Baer, Price, Kleerup, Berchem, Vye, Murphy, Hanson, Third Row: Hirsch, Lumley, Freeman, Hassel, Fleming, Rasmussen, Srnilh, Airefl, Meliner, Dudman, Milkes. Second Row: Bonekarnp, Jesperson, Schramms, Carler, Albrechl, Hirsch, Leys, Miller, Cleave, Gray, Hammel. BoHom Row: Coleman, Smilh, Murphy, Thomas, Wood. HUM Huff Top Row: Freeman, O'Connor, Springer, Coe, McGrew, Bennelr, Gaul. Third Row: Phlaum, Dini, Lindemann. Ludgin, Joseph, Morgan. Second Row: Douglas, Klose, Chrislen- sen, Peacock, Plarr, Porrer, Marlin. BoH'om Row: Jones, Mackenzie, Mr. Schumacher, MacLean, Svrcek, Rod- nick. Page 62 Top Row: Rerkirr Jonnson, Borre, Den- scn Mills l'lOg'7'liVl, Hill, van der Graal Janelle MacLean, Jones, Ven- oeiaoolc, Bemncvn. Third Row: Alcrecnl Cherry, Newhouse, Dfruqlas, Denson, Mecliall, Blaclcburn, Lewis While, l-l.i'npnrey, Scoli, Ash. Gray Keilh Rubers. Second Row: Rapp Boyd, Bridgewaier, Bonelcnrnp. Morgan, Wells, B. Ball, L. Ball MacLean, Lurnley, Lewis, Wil- lianis, Cloeye, Alqeo, Leflerer. Boirom Row: Williarns, Maupin, Plaii, Arinui Pierre Shapiro Jackson, Mr. l?wsrQri1. Jordon Swylchild, Jones, Hurre Aolcins, Zeller lllood. Top Row:'l l-lunliey, Ewing, Sei- hcfiirq, Murphy Mr. Sfenvall, Rich. Jazgiiioi, Wlllierns Ashion, Cragq, Magus Lino, Feiicolas Helier. Third Row: Elyqren Crain, Garner, Lnnn, McKee, Milcnell, Wilson, Elrnen- doil Kinq, Arnold Love, l"lO'isOn, Al- hir-chi Arnold. Second Row: Dawson Dean, Gilmour, VV,-incurs lvlirlcin Krause, Eberl, 'QQ-i'1o Easrn, Mille' Rubel, Siurievanl. l3o+'rom Row: FEV Deus, l-lanernan. 5"m'-- Top Row: Noble Parker, Robinson, Marnie Wolle Miiller Bennefl, Badg- e-r Lewis Quivey Nicholls. Third Row: Thovias Rosenbaum, Moore, Dickey Nefmonnh Buck, Simon, Sel- es Simi-:E-Sl'S'V Wccdccclt. Second Row: Wlllaws McCully, Luci- nic- Grehani, Snufvien Meyers, Linde- 'nenr l-lazlenursr l-lulson. Bo++om Row: Nyder Scner, Ward, Mr. Srriilh Millcs, Jcsepn Feldman. ' Squafuz Qanca Klub Top Row: Sirncn Wilson, Pearcy, Sprowl, Brinklnaus Kreuqer, Will, MO- ran, King. Anderson. Second Row: Devine. Peirce, Elmendorf, Tcrns, Fosdick, Tnelnnann, Marshall, Rernien, Pease, Fielsch Miss Hoolr. BoHom Row: Thelin Elm, Phillips, Knuf- sen, Bronslon. DiClernen+i, Berger, Lindsley. W gm Tom Row: McCabe, Arkinson, Richard- son Ward, Kniqhl, DeBerard, Lechner, Davidson, Srillwell Jung, Denny, Sier- son, Boodell. Third Row: l-lernillon, Lind, Simonds, Underhill, Paden, Lindslrom, Colburn, Srnirh, Osborn, Schwirnmer, Lorch, l-lusi. Second Row: Clinton Snell, Smiih, Gle- zen, Dowd Mason, l-iarile, King, Nunn, Courf Anderson. Bo++om Row: Griesse' Mufher, Borre. Morris Bersbefn Pererson, Truesdell, Bram-rk Sc.-rerscy Jcrdan, Selinger. Page 63 yawn gm Top Row: Goellsclw, Kamenear, Rasmus! sen, Smilli, Bonge, Wolfe, Riller, Gul- lensolwn, Johnson, Wood, Peacock Dalnlquisl. Fourilx Row: Leonard, Baily, Anderson, Blunl, Crumrner, Freeman, Bussiager, Birnbaum, Vye. Third Row: J. Olmsled, Goodman, Mil- ler, Kassen, Auslin, Mickey, Sleglicli, Knobel, Smifli, Klose. Second Row: Scnwanles, Sclnildgen, D. Olmsled, l-lofgren, Burclwmore, Macn- ala, Ebberl. BoH'om Row: Mr. McDowell, Spiecker, l-lefler, Harris, Jolwns, Alger. Jfmnch Klub Tow Row: LaMoHe, Swarlclnild, Golden- lnerg, Burklnardl, Kronleld, Sinclair, Bullard, Sommer, Fornliam, Wolfz, Van Alyea, Mrs. Morris. Second Row: Price, Perlman, Pikelny, Ecklwouse, Winie, l-lunlly, Sprowl, Goodwin, Caro, Miller, Kirk, McCoy. Boffom Row: Vyse, Spiegel, Johnson, Spence, Wolcorcl, Boslies, Gold. Klub Top Row: Currier, Trexler, Addinglon, Pelersen, Rislow. Second Row: Mr. Morey, Finger, Spaulding, Wollison, Laun, Koenig, Mr. E. Kal1ler. BoHom Row: Wyman, Riflenberg, Davie l-ligginloollnam, Baxler, Slworesman. Top Row: Diller, Love, Spaulding, Rad- ford, Middlelon, Boyd, Alsclwuler. Second Row: Baxler, Gaull, l-lawkinson Leslina, Nordbloom, Borg, Fell, l-less, Miss Paul. Sealed af table: Cleave, Guindon, Reise, Marslmall, Grosman. Wulalic fnfzpn ofibmfuf Top Row: Shuman, Mr. Smifh, Dickey Nicholls Top Row OBrien Moore McCoy Murray Allpori' Paulus Salerno BoHom Row: Rosenbaum, Curvey, Moore Second Row Hemersbach lalcoll Heckl Thalrnan Goldman Noble ifzfwica Klub Top Row: Ross, Mueller, Bullard, Srar- relf, Kuppenheimer, Hopper, Madden Besf, Bradley, Brill, Lichfer, Spero. Third Row: Palmer, Sluebner, Feuer Deulch, Knapp, Finger, Sherman Murphy, Lanqenbach, Larson, Clarke Reinhollzen, Lewis. Second Row: Breen, Tool, Pelers, Caslle LaMoHe, Schoenrock, Miller, Kauf- man, Currier, Garner, Baker, Bernard Vickers, Wa+ers. Boffom Row: Ade, Anderson, Van Alyea Richards, Pierre, Mrs. Hendrick, Mrs Schoenenberger, Lanqlifl, Teegarden Sfephens, Sederlund, Hauser, Myers. Hula' fmw Club Top Row: Kenney, Burqoyne, Marlin Hennessy, Madden, Wollison, Powers Sfephens, Friesledl. Fourfh Row: Brill, Deulch, Sfuebner Bullard, Ross, Andrew, Bick, Arnold Clarke, Slarreff, Besl, Teeqarden. Third Row: Dawes, Harris, Addinqlon Brown, Williams, Paynler, Lanqenbach Peuer, Laun, Fink, Myers, Greene Schulz. Second Row: Fowler, Caslle, Bowen Currier, LaCroix, Finger, Rapp, Page Clapp, Murphy, Clark, Maqes, Van Al yea. BoHcm Row: Vyse. Brainard Anderson Kaufman, Trexler, Driscoll, Vickers Miller, Palme", B'een Larson Perers Ade. 65 ,41- wil 'F Ur, fr Q ',.,1.. Page 67 Led by coaches Aschenbach, CaTon, Gadske, and WeingarTner, The New Trier VarsiTy Team came Through To a perTecT-season championship in The Suburban League. The Team ToTaled 273 poinTs againsT 53 poinTs oT Their opponenTs. In The TirsT Three games alone I39 poinTs in I44 minuTes were ToTaIed. g WiTh Chuck KnighT and Bob Griesser as co-capTains, The Indians opened Their season in a non-league game againsT Schurz. The nexT SaTurday New Trier played Niles in The TirsT league game againsT Them in The hisTory oT The Suburban League. The high poinT oT The season was The game wiTh EvansTon where aTTer a Tense, hard-ToughT game, New Trier won The Suburban League champion- ship 27 To I4. This was New Trier's TirsT TooTball cham- pionship in Tour years. VarsiTy leTTermen included George ATkinson, Jaclr Balmes, Dave Bohnen, Tom Boodell, Richard Busscher, Dave Colburn, Ed ConaughTon, John CourT, Ed Denny, RoberT Griesser, William I-lamilTon, Dave I-larTle, Hoolc- SUBURBAN LEAGUE EVANSTON . . , . , . Varsity Football er I-IorTon, James I-IusT, WadsworTh Jones, Chic Jung, Wayne King, Charles KnighT, Jerry LindsTrom, Tom Lorch, I-IarringTon Mason, PeTer McCabe, Tom Morris, Ted Nunn, David Paden, John A. PeTerson, Paul Richard- son, Jim SmiTh, Terry STanTon, Laurie STeTson, Jaclc STill- well, Bruce Truesdell, RoberT Underhill, and Al Ward. Minor leTTers were awarded To Shephard BenTley, Tom Jarvis, Don McNeill, Alan Sex, Richard Simonds, and RoberT STudy.,f-, VARSITY SUBURBAN LEAGUE CHAMPS Top Row: ConaughTon, Busscher, Denny, STilIwell, KnighT, Colburn, McNeill, McCabe, LindsTrom, HorTon. Third Row: Richardson, Paden, ATkinson, Mason, Bohnen, HamilTon, STeTson, Lorch, Sex, BenTley. Second Row: Jung, SmiTh, Ward, Underhill, PeTerson, HusT, HarTle, King, Jarvis, Morris. Bo'H'om Row: Sowersby lmanagerl, Mr. Aschenbach Icoachl, Boodell, Balmes, STanTon, Truesdell, CourT, Griesser, MarTin, Tanner. CHAMPIONSHIP GAME NEW TRIER .,,.,,,., 27 New Trier A.., 39 Morion .. 7 New Trier .e.4 I3 Oak Park. . , 7 New Trier ..,. 32 Schurz .,,...4 0 New Trier .i.. 40 Highland Park . 0 New Trier ,,., 68 Niles ,,,.,.4. 0 New Trier ,... 28 Proviso .H .I2 New Trier . . ,2-5 Waukegan . , T I3 Page 69 The iunior varsiTy TooTball Team gave anoTher championship To New Trier by Topping The Surburb- an League. The Team played Tive league games and Two non-league games. All were won excepT Tor one non-league game. Coached by Mr. FranTzen and lead by cofcap- Tains Jack Snell and Jim Mabie, The Team opened The season by beaTing Maine, 26-O. In The nexT game The Indians racked up a win againsT MorTon, 39-2O. Oak Park was The nexT vicTim, 3 I-I3, Tollow- irwliww-mee J. . J. V. NT. opp ed by a Tremendous vicTory over Proviso, 39-7. The Maine . . 26 O VarsiTy Team oT WoodsTock dealT The New Trier J. MorTon . 39 20 V.'s Their only loss, 27-7, buT undaunTed by This de- Oak Park . 3l I3 TeaT The Indians beaT Waukegan The nexT SaTurday, Proviso . 39 7 I4-6. The climax oT The year was The decisive 34-7 WoodsTock 7 27 win over EvansTon which ended The season and es- Waukegan I4 6 Tablished The J,V.'s as The Suburban League champs. EvansTon . 34 7 J. V. SUBURBAN LEAGUE CHAMPS Top Row: ForTmann, Joseph, STearns, Borre, Ely, Cavallon, Lane, OTis, SenneTT, Mabie, France, Frey, Sproule, Osborn, Crowley, King, Wallach Third Row: Mr, Kahler lcoachl, Emery, Carmody, Young, Robinson, Thoelecke, Conover, I-loward, Shanahan, Allen, Brady, Blakeslee, Ream Sherwood, DooliTTle, PorTer, Carr, Marsh, YaTTe lmanagerl, Second Row: Mr. FranTzen lcoachl, Mehegan, Nelson, Pilz, Amos, Ward, Brick, Gorham, STruggIes, Chambers, Challinor, Hinkle, EberharT Kay, Simonds, Oelerich, Rindfleisch, Morrison. BoTTom Row: Mr. Fearheiley lcoachl, MohardT, Snell, DiClemenTi, Robson, Calkins, Cody, Wineberg, Farrell, MackenroTh, Gladson, Maxwell FeiT, Binkley, Anderson, STudy, Jones. Page 70 fi. FROSH-SOPH SUBURBAN LEAGUE CHAMPS Top Row: Mr. Lauer lcoachl, Gross, Hepburn, Slruve, Polloclc, Spolllce, Wollurn. Johnson Layden, Pierce, Loebe, Shere, Porlmann, Elnyre, R. Taylor. Third Row: Mr. l-lurley lcoachl. Caslerline, Neu, Jones, Braun Chrislopher, Swifl, Scholl, Allison, Myers, Lusfgarfen Crarn, Missner, Randolph, Wallace, Pefrowicz. Second Row: Mr. Malinslcy lcoachl, l-laqland, Wriqhf, Renqel Syeiyen, Salisbury, Oelerich. Marsh, D. Taylor, Everly, McCol- lisler, Borre, Gavin, Carr, Teich, Boflom Row: Schullheis, l-lasselrnan Coqhill Talbol, Chrisliansen. Ferzer, McCullough, l-loban, Pyle, Nelson, Sproule, Grilschlce, Szonn, Kolllal. QM "" Z ,., ' i 25 FROSH-SOPH FROSH N.T. Cop. NT. Con. Schurz. . 26 C Maine. . 7 O Niles . . 24 O Morlon . . I3 O lvlorlon . . lf? 9 Oalc Park. . 40 i2 Oalc Parlc . . 7 O Proviso . . . 26 6 Provisc . . . I9 O Highland Parlc . 32 fl l-li hland Park . 28 7 Wauke an . . Zl O Q Q Waukegan . . I3 7 Evanslon . . O o Evanslon . . 7 5 FROSH SUBURBAN LEAGUE CO-CHAMPS Top Row: Fox l-loyr, Knorr, Ricci Norro Thulin Rocker Nuff B. Thompson, Keily, Mendenhall, Boyd, Thulin, Alsdorl Rosenberg, Mag russen. Four'l'h Row: Shepard, Porler, MacLean, Alberfs Ross, Bealon. lvlcpherson, l-loel, Trainer, Blalce, Cooper, Ade, Blanchard, Mayo, Third Row: Sleenberger, Broide Elliolle, Morqan, VanEsso. Greeley. Jacob, Slelson, Conaqhan, Schrnidl, Kirkpalrick, Lillle Rinker Sfren nnel Pelerson. Second Row: Gilboy, Appleqare J. Thornpson Poqginsee Sleel, Kosa, Paulson lryine, Grillin, Kenline, l-lawlcinson, Dunne, Redson, Study Dressler. BoH'om Row: Murphy, Goldbvoss, Dashow, Glass, lvlallhias, l-liclcs, Oehler, Robison, Gillrner, Kahn, Sfone Penlield, Dold, Nlcholson. Scheib, Davie. Page 7I iii H si VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM LindsTrom, Lorch, Sex, ETienne, McNeill, Davidson, STillwell, KasTel, KnighT, LieTzow, Ragland, Ward. The l952-'53 varsiTy baskefball Team, coached by lvlr. Chuck Lauer, had a mosT successTul season. Finishing wiTh a I9-won, 6-losT record, The quinTeT placed second in The Suburban League and won consolaTion in The PonTiac TournamenT. They beaT Qak Park, The Suburban League champs, in The sec- Tional games, Then losT To Elgin To come wiThin one game oT compeTing in The sTaTe TournamenT. ln ad- diTion, The Indians held The undeTeaTed sTaTe champ, La Grange, To iTs narrowesT margin oT vicTory, 63- 54. The sTarTing line-up consisTed oT seniors Don Davidson and CapT. Jack STillwell as Torwards, senior Chuck KnighT and iunior Chuck LindsTrom as guards, T and junior Don McNeill as cenTer, wiTl'1 senior Dave ETienne as The "sixTh man." Filling in were senior guards AI Ward, Kirby SmiTh, and Ken Ragland. Forwards included iuniors Tom Lorch, Bob LieTzow, and Al Sex, and senior Gary KasTel aT cenTer. BoTh Davidson and STillwell were chosen on The All-Suburban Team, while Chuck KnighT received honorable menTion. STillwell also was selecTed on The All-Suburban Area Five, and Davidson was chosen on The second Team. ln Suburban compeTiTion, Davidson led all scorers wiTh 266 poinTs in TourTeen games, while STillwell Tinished second wiTh I89. ODP Ba k tball arsity and J. V. Sfandingz Mackinnon, 56-qii, Oriae vfani, Eiwrbaf, Groves Conover, Husi. Kneeiing: Waifer, Edmonds, Seiine 'Jer Giiiif Page 73 VARSITY J. V. Nj, Opp. proviso . . 55 53 Nfl' Riverside . , 58 54 iWaukegan . 62 Barringion Hiqkwiand Park . 37 43 Evansfon . . 56 Evansron . proviso , . . 64 44 Morion . . 74 Proviso . . Waukegan . . 76 60 Niles . . . 59 Waukegan Evansion . . . 46 44 Oak Park . . 45 proviso . . La Grange . . 54 63 ii-iiqniand Park . 75 Morion . Depue . , . 6I 66 1Evansfcn . . . 49 Oak Park Lakeview . . 76 58 Cariinviiie . . 26 25 iWaukeqan . . 6I QOak Park . . 77 Waukegan Evansfon . . Ckiesfer . . 75 57 Qificjin .... 70 Morfon . . Morfon . 56 58 'Fjonfiac Tournarneni Oak Park Niies .... 60 56 fOverrirne Oak Park . . 62 43 1ReqionaiS i-iigiviand Pefk . 60 44 Q5ecrIcneis 52 40 37 58 34 57 45 49 50 53 53 J. V. BASKETBALL Frosh and Frosh-Soph Basketball Barringlon Evansfon . . Evanslon . . Highland Park Highland Park proviso . . . Proviso . . Waukegan Waukegan Proviso. . Proviso . lvlorlon Morlon Niles Niles . . Oak Park . Oak Park . . Highland Park Highland Park Waukegan . Waukegan Evanslon . Evanslon . lvlorlon lvlorlon Niles Niles . . Oak Park . Oak Park . Ww, !4 FROSH-SOPH N.T. Opp, Riverside . . . 55 27 Highland Park . 52 49 Proviso .... 45 53 Waukegan . 34 50 Evanslon . . 40 37 La Grange . 55 40 Morlon . . 44 52 Niles .... 27 44 Oak Park . . . 35 3l Highland Park . 44 43 Proviso . . . 36 35 Waukegan . 45 47 Evanslon . 37 46 Morlon . 45 57 Niles . . . 42 38 Oak Park . . 36 46 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Slandingx Glass, lvlclnherson, Poggensee, Kahn, Magnuson, Darwenl, Koza, Boyd, Hawkinson, Harl, Ellioll, Mr. lvlarz. Kneeling: Weber, Elienne, Dald, Harn- maker, Mayo, Ade, Gillmer, Waller, l-laselline lrnanagerl, FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM Slanclingz Mr. Malinsky, Missner lmana- gerl, Weideman, Johnson, Marsh, Chrisliansen, Lavden, Chrislopher, Good. Levin lmanagerl. Kneeling: Pyle, Grilschke, Pelers, Slruve, Coghill, Payne, While, Schull'- heis. Page Page 75 GYMNASTICS GROUP Blaney, Morgan, KuTz, King, Buck, Ambrogi, Ramsay. In boosTing Their sTaTe championships To Two in a row, aTTer Talcing This year's TiTle on April 25 wiTh a ToTal oT 162 poinTs To second place ArlingTon l-leighTs' 9Ilf2 poinTs, The gymnasTics Team surpassed The mosT Tavorable predicTions Tor a successTul year. In a C.A.A.U. meeT, The squad placed second, whereas in The regular season They losT only To Senn, IO65 To ll55, and To Lindbloom, 500 To 550, while being vicTorious againsT ArlingTon l-leighTs Twice, 90 To 42 and IO4 To 52, and againsT UniversiTy High, 277 To 272. ln each meeT, There were Ten boys Trom each Team par- TicipaTing in seven iudged evenTs. From each squad Three were enTered in each oT The evenTs which include horizonTal and parallel bars, Tumbling and Trampoline, side horse and long horse, and Tlying rings. AT The sTaTe meeT on April 25, King scored TirsT place in Three evenTs. The parallel bars, The side horse, and The rings. KuTz won TirsT on The horizonTal bars, and second on The parallel bars and rings. Among The oTher members, 5Trei- cher placed TirsT, Ramsay 4Th, and Blaney 3rd in Tumbling and Trampoline. Morgan Toolc 3rd in The rings and 4Th in The side horse, and WalThouse Tinished 3rd in The parallel bars and 4+h in The horizonTal bars. GYMNASTICS TEAM Top Row: BarTz, Welch, l-lepple, Slay Ton, lvlccally, Rasmussen. BoTTom Row: Mr, Giallombardo, Bor- cherdT, May, KarTman, STreicher, Mil ler, LusTgarTen. Gymnastics VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM Top Row: Joseph, Armslroiig. Surpless, Tobey, Gavallon, Mad- igan, Benevenli, Creden, Rolh. Third Row: Mr. Condon, Mr. Van Aman, Wynn, Srone, Rinella, Lechner, Morse, Tanner, Bonge Mr. Roberlson. Second Row: Clinlon, Gordon, Glezen, Dowd, Slerrell, I.incI, Grubs, Gramm, Jordan. Bcflom Row: Campbell, Perdue, Wilson, Brabeck, Janelle, Lum- Iey Goodman, Guepin. Y 50 fb I Y T "S, .siiz 2.1 I., iw. sffvf Errata .ni2?i'1f1'f'ii .pi A yt ,P -1: . , an , 'ff' ifffmf ,rigs 31.55 gag , ffflfi -ff fa:-3:3 'mpg I 'sfgfrgf :Jai-fl K r"' 1, '. lwcw'-:f 141' qs' Q.-5,1 ,e-yi 4,1-Q1 ,tgp ,,A.ffL,., 1-,gs if, ff ur- gfgfru are . ,ra ,fi 111' 1,4541 g-,gf ,j 145, :qu -:uw : ifigi will ,- 2-4: 114.5 :ze-af: ir--if im,-.,i.,, ,owl Q Q io.. I I I 1. I I ii. ,wr ff-ff we-: :fiery wmv- :zqfjg yigmg 'quj,yf.'.-iifkfa uf.aLIiik-+:.f .J "' may mul 31 '.xs.g,:I me www :LM WWPPMJ i-i..xvm.24 The backbone of Ihe New Trier Swimming Organizalion is The Guard. The head guard is Dave Sie-rrell and The assislanl head guard is Don Dowd. The Iwenly-five boys in Ihis group help conduclr The many phases of swimming Ihroughoul Ihe year. By Ihe lime a boy has been on Ihe Guard Tor Ihree years he will have helped several hundred grammar school children learn how To swim, besides knowing how Io direcl inlra-mural swimming meels and life saving classes. VARSITY N,T. Opp. Ifvansron . . 73 68 Peoria . . . 54 35 l.a5alle-Peru . 9 Proviso . . . . 47 28 Clinron llowal . . 53 22 Maine . . . . 30 45 Waukegan . 50 25 lvlorlon ..... 66 9 Kenosha lWis.l . . 43 40 Niles ..... 50 25 I-Iammond lInd.I . . 52 I4 I-lighland Park . . 59 I6 Evanslon .... I9 56 Easl Rockford . . 44 32 Wesr Rockford . 3I Oak Park . . . 50 25 NEW TRIER GUARD Top Row: I-Iirsch, Bronslon, Cre- den, I'-Iarris, Pallerson, Bennell, Campbell, I-Iennessy, Slevenson, Miller. Second Row: Mr. Van Aman, Guepin, Goodman, Surpless, Rinella, Lechner, Tobey, Wynn, Tanner, Roberlson. Bcllom Row: Clinlon, Glezen, Bonge, Dowd, Slerrell, Lind, Gordon, Jordan, Srone. lilo Q FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM Top Row: Feidman, Rosenberg Pemfield, I-Iill, Paulson, Rinker Allind, Thompson, SchrnidT Braug, Burns, Kinkaid, I-Iibben Rusnak, Klein. Third Row: Mr. Condon, Mr. Van Aman, NorTh, BolTon, Long Neill, Lederer, STeele, Robison Neill, I'-Ticks, I-Iowarcl, Mr. Pob erTson. Second Row: Fox, Rogers, Cas key, Klose, Lechner, GriTTin Kearns, Risins, Lewy. BoTTom Row: Siebel Schuyler Teich, Thulin, Meany, Thulin, NuTT, Tucker, Griswald, Mor- dock, Kendler. New Trier sTarTed oTT The season wiTh a close vicTory over EvansTon in an all-relay meeT. The mermen increased Their winning margins ThroughouT The season largely Through The improvemenT oT boys who had been swimming The 3rd and 4-Th spoTs lasT year. AlThough They Taced all The maior Teams in Iliinois and The sTaTe champions Trom Three oTher sTaTes, New Trier Tinished behind in only Two oT iTs TourTeen meeTs. This year in The Surburban League and in The sTaTe meeTs, New Trier Tinished second behind The WildkiTs oT EvansTon. This year's varsiTy was led by 200-yard Tree sTyler Dave STerreTT and backsTroker Don Dowd. Don won The sTaTe back- sTroke championship, and wiTh his Time oT I:O2.3 he was The TasTesT backsTroker in The hisTory oT New Trier. OTher seniors ThaT carried a big load This year were Jon Lind, 3rd in The sTaTe IOO-yard Tree sTyle. Dick Bersbach, Jon Glezen, Bruce ClinTon, and divers Bill Jordan, Jim BenevenTi, and Paul Grubs. One oT The highlighTs oT The season was The Tying oT The SOPHOMORE SWIMMING TEAM Top Row: BeaTTy, Schroeder, MacArThur, Kennedy, Richf mond, Corey, Sokol, Barnes, Jones. Third Row: Mr. Condon, Mr. Van Aman, Thomas, Drake, Swirles, I-Iennessy. Brown, McFadden, Tyld, McCollisTer, Mr. Robert son. Second Row: BenneTT, Hirsch, Sills, I-Iarris, PaTTerson, Bron- sTon, Miller, Maupin, STevenson. BoTTom Row: I-Iendry, Kane, Olm- sTed, Jacobson, OlmsTed, STInes Turner, Ramsey. sTaTe ISO-yard medley relay record oT l:2I.7 by The Trio oT Don Dowd, sophomore Mike Silis, and Jon Lind. The soph swimming Team, led by co-capTains Charles BronsTon and Ben Harris, won all buT one oT Their meeTs. The season progressed well wiTh Tive sophomores making The sTaTe meeT line-up. Don PaTTerson placed 3rd in The 50 Tree. Charles BronsTon placed 5Th in The 200 Tree, Mike Siils swam breasTsTroke on The medley relay Team which Tied The sTaTe record. Jim STevenson did well in The diving, and STeve I-Iirsch, who was a double winner in The Surburban League meeT, swam The ISO individual medley. Freshman Chuck Lechner wiTh an ouTsTanding I:O5.6 placed 6Th in The back- sTroke. The Treshman swimming Team had a very Tine season. They were undeTeaTed in dual meeT compeTiTion and also became The TirsT New Trier Team To win The Suburban League swim- ming meeT. Top poinTfgeTTers Tor The Treshmen were Bill GriTTin, Chuck Lechner, Bill Jacob, Woody Klose, Malcolm Caskey, Chuck Hill, and John I-Iicks. I953 VARSITY TRACK TEAM Top Row: Paden, Dern, Osborn, Schwimmer, I-IorTon, Jung, McCabe, PaleTTi, OrTIlinski, Milks, Ely, Conover, Mr. FranTzen. Second Row: Mr. Nay, Lerner, FiTchmun, Morrison, DeBerard, Johns, Simonds, MoTTern, Rodgers, TriTTIpo, SmiTh, I-layman, Bleloch. BoHom Row: Farrell, Davis, CourT, Shanahan, Sills, MarTin, Ferrarini Mohl. Winte Track The I953 varsiTy winTer Track Team coached by Mr. Nay opened iTs season wiTh a second place in a Triangular meeT againsT AusTin and Oak Park. The varsiTy Then wenT on To beaT Proviso, Maine, and Schurz. LaTer in anoTher Triangular meeT, New Tr?er placed second To EvansTon by The small margin OT Z poinT. In The Surburban League meeT, The varsiTv Team Trom TirsT place. In The Suburban, Osborn Took TirsT in The 880-yard run, Rodgers was second in The 60-yard high hurdles and also The 60-yard low hurdles, and CourT placed TirsT in The broad jump. AnoTher TirsT was Taken by New Trier in The mile relay. The Trosh-soph Team also placed Third in The Suburban League meeT. Taking TirsT honors Tor New VARSITY Oa P 76' N.T. 56' AusTin 5 New T 'er 73' 2' Proviso 25' 2 New Trier 77' Maine 23 New Trier 74' Schurz 26 EvansTon 663A4' N.T. 66' 2' Proviso 27 Oak Park 54' 2' EvansTon 48' LaGrange bana 1538- I-lighlancl Park I5 riangular meeTs Oak Park Relays Trier were Dick Szonn in The shoT puT John Hoban in The 50-yard dash and Ralph LusTgarTen in he pole vaulT. Top Row: Corwine, Waldmann, Farnham, SmiTh, TalboT, IfTnyre, Wallace, Gessel, I-Iasselmann, Fisk, Knorr, Jones, Risser, SybrandT, Mr. Nay Second Row: STone, WhiTney, Tasky, Randolph, Granger, Cunningham, James, King, Szonn. Snow, Bowman, Robison, PeTerson, Nason, PorTer BoHom Row: MarTin, Bell, Gillespie, Osborne, Dini, AlberTs, McNaTTin, Shellman, I-Iobbs, Lindblom, 5Taebler, Penfield, Ross, Moss. T k ark, , , , ,3 F' - f- I f T I - I fr . , I I f- I - . placed Third wiTh only Tour poinTs separaTing The 3OV8g Phillips, 3O'f2: New Trier, I6, Ur- TT I , I T I953 FROSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM I sm --" Page 79 Spring Track AlThough New Trier's varsiTy Track Team ranked only TourTh in The I952 sTaTe meeT lasT spring, The hard-ToughT season broughT ouT a Tremendous show oT Team spiriT and cooperaTion which has carried over To This year. LasT spring TracksTers placed TiTTh in The WheaTon relays, beaTing eighT ouT oT The Twelve high schools enTered. Then The Green Wave swepT on To Top a Tield oT TwenTy-seven schools aT The annual Moose- hearT relays. Ten men qualiTied Tor The I952 sTaTe meeT when New Trier's TracksTers IOST by I-IX3 poinTs To Evan- sTon. The end oT The season came wiTh The Surburb- an League meeT held in Highland Parkin which The N. T. Track Team rolled To a Tinish in second place. New Trier's Trosh-soph Track Team oT I952 climax- ed a promising season by placing TourTh in The Sur- burban League meeT aTTer Taking all buT Three TirsTs ouT oT ThirTeen earlier meeTs. A second place was laTer capTured by New Trier when The Trosh-soph TracksTers journeyed To Waukegan Tor a Triangular meeT wiTh Waukegan and l-lighland Park. ln I953, aTTer deThroning EvansTon in The varsiTy NorTh Shore lnviTaTional MeeT, by rolling up a To- Tal oT 68 poinTs To second place EvansTon's 44lf4, I952 VARSITY TRACK TEAM STanding: Mr. Nay, Mason, l-larrison, Osborn, Jung, l-lorTon, AdsiT, l-licks, Simonds, McCabe, Mr. Mclzadzean. Kneeling: SmiTh, Simonds, Jacobs, Ward, Rosene, Chase, Kendall, Ballard, Nix- on, Caro. I952 FROSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM Top Row: Mr. McFadZean, SmiTh, Mur- dock, Johns, Gessel, Osborn, Simonds, Wallace, GrriTschke, TalboT, Fisk, Gross, Conover. Second Row: STudy, Szonn, Sills, SmiTh, France, ETnyre, Cross, Shanahan, Mohl, Clancy. BoTTom Row: McCullough, Snow, l-len- rich, Spicer, Granger, Welch, Ran- dolph, New, Morrison. New Trier wenT on To Take second in The disTricT and TiTTh in The sTaTe meeT. AT The WheaTon Relays, The TracksTers Took TourTh place. New Trier came ouT wiTh TirsT places in The discus and The Two-mile relay. An impressive individual showing was made aT The MoosehearT Relays, in which The Terriers were led by co-capTains Dez Paden and Bruce Rodgers, Chic Jung, and Carl RalleTTi. lT was There ThaT Jung seT The new record in The discus and PalleTTi Took TirsT in The shoT puT. Rodgers Took second in The high hurdles, and TiTTh in The lows, and Paden helped The Terriers in To second place in The Two- mile relay and Third in The one-mile. W"Cl9"WIv152i7fWT'AV"'X5"'?'.as"?'iiM'Iblfi'WWG5'vLi3"fN-?-Wb4IILi'??'ZK9N T555 5- ?Ii?i57'i"w""fT?w'iBzSf13ii.Ii.r .:g1',3gamy,a,z,5resn.-'sesgs,g'MM' vgfgmg-5fmf..rxT 'Rf+w1gfpx1ggn-ggi I953 VARSITY N,T. Opp. LaGrange . . 6 6 AusTin . . I6 3 Lane , . . 3 7 Oak Park . . . 6 I Oak Park . . . 6 2 Highland Park . I2 O Proviso . . . 7 6 Proviso . . 8 3 EvansTon . . 7 4 NIIGS . . 9 4 Niles . . . I9 7 lVIorTon . . . 4 O Highland Park . 6 5 LiberTyville . . I2 O lDisTricTl Highland Park . 5 6 lDisTricTl EvansTon. . . 4 8 Waukegan . . 6 5 I952 J. V. BASEBALL TEAM STanding: Lunde, Klingeman, Cunningham, Booclell, SmiTh, Brabeck, Gorham SiTTing: D. PeTerson, Moses, Blakeslee, Ream, J. PeTerson, Marshall, Chambers The I953 varsiTy baseball Team proved iTselT ouTsTanding by winning all of iTs TirsT Twelve games in The Suburban League, clinching The TiTle when The Team beaT Highland Park Tor The second.Time. AlThough They looked like pos- sible sTaTe champions, The Team dropped in The disTricT playoTTs by losing To Highland Park, 6 To 5, aTTer having beaTen The same Team Twice in League compeTiTion, 6 To 5 and I2 To O. This year's varsiTy Team had as a sTrong backbone six members oT The l952 varsiTy Team, Budge ATkinson, Eddie ConaughTon, Dave Bohnen, Ed Denny, Ted Bradley, and Ted HerberT. The rosTer was Tilled ouT by members oT The sTrong I952 iunior varsiTy Team. Led by capTain Budge ATkinson, They made an ouTsTanding record, losing only one non-league game, one league game, and The disTricT game wiTh High- land Park. During The l952 season, in a schedule of I4 varsiTy games, New Trier losT only Tour To end up Tied wiTh lvIorTon and Proviso Tor The Suburban League +i+Ie. The Team Then wenT on To capTure The disTricT Trophy, buT losT To Waukegan in The secTional game. I952 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM a STanc.Iing: LindsTrom, Selinger, ATkinson, ConaughTon, Bohnen, Denny, SmiTh, Bradley, I-IerberT, Mr. LighTner. SiTTing: Lane lmanagerl, Allans, Finneran, WiTT, I-lallquisT, lvlunns, Reif, Wager, MaTThias l952 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL TEAM STanding: Mr. FranTzen, Tanner, Bayden, Ely, Lorch, Rinella, McNeill, Sex, Se- gil, l-TusT, Edmonds. SiTTing: Birnbaum lmanagerl, Lie-Tzow. Anderson, Jarvis, STruggles, Thomp- son, Fergie, Webb, Woodhead, STearns. ATTer TerminaTing The T952 sophomore baseball season wiTh a Tive-win, Two-loss record, and a second place in league sTandings, The Terriers came up wiTh anoTher good season. This year Their league record consisTed OT Tour wins and Two losses, while in The ToTal season They won Tive and losT only Tour. The deciding game OT The l953 campaign came when The sophs iosT a hearTbrealcer To Proviso in The Tinal inning. A win would have puT Them righT up on Top wiTh a Tinal sTanding oT Tive wins and one loss in league compeTiTion. The Team was lcepT on a high level oT playing by brillianT per- Tormances OT members such as Johnson, wiTh ll sTolen bases: Weideman, wiTh The leading baT- Ting average OT The Team OT 385. Good was close behind wiTh a .333 average. PiTcher JeTFers ended up wiTh a I.82 earned run average. OTher capable players included Wollum, Franlc, Cook, SchulTheis, and Mcphearson. ball I 952 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM STanding: WinsTon lmanagerj, Johnson Van Anrooy, Franlc, Ross, Thomas. Swirles, Pyle, Coghill, T-Tasselrnann, WrighT, King, FeTzer, YaTTe lrnana- gerl, Mr. Funlchouser. SiTTing: Levin, Good, Jegers. Chambers, Pollalc, Marsh, Wollum, Coolc, SelTzer, VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Top Row: Mr. Clader, Sludy, Allen, Bells, Cooper, Boone, Moore, Jensen, Worlhinglon, Wilder, I-lendrichs, Boudreaux, Mr. I-lurley. Second Row: Gray, Slanlon, Morris, I-lamillon, Sleison, Benlley, Peterson, Pilzner, I-loward, Freeman. Bo'Hom Row: Rappaporl, Shapiro, Borre, Robinson, O'Neil, Snell, Mulher, McCarThy, Morrison, Sowersby. S g VARSITY The varsily wresllers broughl a slale championship lo New Trier lor lhe NT' Opp' lhird 'lime in live years. ln addilion lo This accomplishmenl, lhe grapplers I-eYde"I ' ' 5' 3 won Suburban League and seclional championships wilh an amazing season Joliel' . record of I4 wins and one loss. Tilden , , Senior John O'Neil, l45 pounds, and junior Bill Mulher, l38 pounds, won -I-hormion i individual slale championships al lheir respeclive weighls. Co-caplain Terry Cham . . . . . . palgn Slanlon, who placed second in lhe slale meel, was undelealed unhl his Iinal , malch al l54 pounds. Jack Snell, wreslling al IZO pounds, won lhird place. Elgm ' ' ln winning The seclionals, New Trier accounled for six champions and Ihree Maine - - runners-up, all ol whom qualified lor Ihe slale championship. Laurie Slelson, Morlon . heavyweighly Slanlon, I547 O'Neil, l45: Mulher, l38q Tom Robinson, I331 Hirsch , and co-caplain Glen Borre, IIZ pounds, won firsl places in lhe seclionals, Evansmn Q while Snell, Sowersby, and Shapiro won seconds. W k , , au egan Wreslling Teams coached by Mr. I-lurley, assisled by Mr. Clader, have , compiled in lhe pasl live years lhree slale championships, four slraighl Sub- Molme ' urban League lilles, and Tour seclional championships, lying for Ihe seclional Rock Island championship once. Proviso - FROSH-SOPH WRESTLING TEAM Top Row: Kaulman, Slremmel, O'Neil, Joseph, Blugerman, Kenline, Whileside, Roolcer, Bennell, Oehler, Rosenberg, Blech, Blugerman A Sludy, Morgan, Knoll, Blalce, Dressler, Bimslein, Jensen, Mr. Giallombardo. Second Row: Toomin, I-lanson, Van Anrooy, Keyser, Munz, Frank, Shinbach, Sloll, Shere, Chambers, Lynn, Dewar, Kelly, MacMillan Braun Hom Row: I-lol'lman, Sveiven, Borre, Gavin, Nelson, Sproule lcaplainl, Ellis, Luslgarlen, Krall, Pellinger, Marlinson, Branno r,...,. YY,,, W-, I952 VARSITY eoLF 5 TEAM " Top Row: Mr. Eearheiley, Payne, DoTy, Ellis, Lind, WeymouTh. WendT, Arm- '99 sTrong, Gordon. ,,!2g' , BoTTom Row: I-laugh, I Chaplin, Lewis, Bowman, Magnussen, Sowersby, Friedman, Cummings. The I952 golT Team, under The guidance oT Coach Fearheily, Tied Tor TirsT place wiTh Highland Park in The Suburban League. Third place was Taken in The All-Suburban League meeT, and The golT Team also placed Third in The disTricT meeT aT MT. Pros- pecT. Members oT The I952 Team included Bernie Golf Magnussen, Jack Ellis, Ted WeymouTh, Al WendT, Tag Bowman, John Payne, Bill Cummings, Jon Lind, Franlc Friedman, and Jim ArmsTrong. C I952 FROSH-SOPH TENNIS TEAM n n I 'op Row: PorTer, Gudeman, Weinberg, Greeley. Mr. Clader. oTTom Row: STorch, Budwig, PiTzner, Anderson, Lauer. The I952 Tennis Team, coached by Mr. Clader, placed second in The disTricT TournamenT, Third in The Suburban League, and Third in The Suburban League TournamenT. Paul BenneTT was The only member oT The squad To reach The semi-Tinals in The sTaTe TournamenT, There, however, he was deTeaTed, by SoITieId oT Oak Park, who Tools second place. In The Suburban League The Team won Tive maTches and losT Two: These laTTer were To EvansTon and Oak Parlc. Members oT The I952 squad included Warren Meyer, Vandy Chrislfie, Chuclc KnighT, Don Davidson, Ken Ragland, I-Ierb Braun, Bill PlaTT, Bob Mcllvaine, and John Nichols, oT whom KnighT, Davidson, and Ragland were sTill wiTh The Team Tor The I953 spring season. I952 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM o Row: hs , , c s, fre, Mr. Clader. Sl 4 "i,!g"i 71 BoTTom Row: Meyer, KnighT, Davidson, Pagland, I 4 Page 83 , 1 IM SWIMMING CO-CHAMPS IM SWIMMING CO-CHAMPS Standing: Blech, BoITon, Lederer, Caslcey, BansTerT. I-IoTTman, Dern, G-Iadson. Kneeling: I-Ioppe, Schuyler. Under The able guidance and direcTion oT The physical educaTion sTaTT, The inTramuraI sporTs pro- gram This year has oTTered To all New Trier boys a wide varieTy oT individual and Team acTiviTies. Everyone is urged To parTicipaTe and may do so by signing up Tor any sporT Through The adviser room aThleTic manager. The inTramural acTiviTies help in promoTing slcills, good sporTsmanship, and in geTTing boys inTeresTed in exTra-curricular acTiviTies. In Touch TooTbaIl This year, guided by Mr. Cram- IeT and Mr, CarlsTrom, There was a large TurnouT oT Teams Trom which Mr. Jones's advisees emerged as The school champions. BaslceTbaIl, under The di- recTion oT Mr. GraTer, Mr. CramIeT, and Mr. Carl- sTrom, Turned ouT Three class championships since FRESHMAN IM BASKETBALL There was no play-OTT among The class Teams. The freshman, sophomore, and junior Team honors wenT To Nay's, P'inl4's and FranTzen's adviser rooms, re- specTively. Co-champs in swimming were Van Aman's and FranTzen's adviser rooms, respecTively. Mr. RoberT- son and Mr. Van Aman, who direcTed The swimming, also Toolc charge oT ghosT ball, liTesaving, and waTer saTeTy. WresTIing and gymnasTics were guided by Mr. I-Iurley and Mr. Giallombardo. AcTive sTudenT inTeresT and parTicipaTion were promoTed in Team sporTs such as soccer, volleyball, soTTbalI, and Traclc relays, and in individual sporTs such as handball, horseshoes, Tennis, golT, Table Ten- nis, and badminTon. CHAMPS SOPHOMORE IM BASKETBALL CHAMPS JUNIOR IM BASKETBALL CHAMPS Top Row Klose, Donnelley,Alexander, Moss. STanding: I-larTTield, Jacobson. Top Row: B. I-loTTman, Dern, Hinkley BoTTom Row: LyTle, Kaufman, Wiley. Si'ITing: WalTers, WhiTehursT, Bussiager, I-lunyady. BoHom Row: Clancy, L. I-loTTman Cramer I952 IM WRESTLING CHAMPS Freeman, Grey, Lindsirom, Corcoran Brennan l952 IM VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Schenker, Bonqe, Shayfon Knight Eisenheuerx Sfubcs, Rud m If C BoHom Row: NeIscn, Spicef. IM FOOTBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Reich, Schwirnrner, Efienne Rodgers, Adams. Boiiom Row: NilIes, Barre, Coe. Sei qel. "?T?S'?'51 T'5'7f'4" NW 'Y 'I Efifff:-1 11- ,,g- W-. ,W- QMLX .www-,w,4. Q ,N , .. M . f-, - 1 W , A ' V 1 , V v ff ,f,,Jf-4354, k x , v '-, , A, .zwvy - ,T-gtk,-5 ,K ,Y iff,-rl Y. 45 r I ,1 . A.--ri '14 f mv 1.,., ,Y ,4'ff.f Q v, - O. nf? 'J' ' " f V, .1 , ', -X" -- " ' " 'J K 1'-My 'J' -3.- Q A, V 1 - f ., . . . ' ' ',."f" - ' ,w ,, M .,v,Wff912iA 11,.+'gwf:'f,gw -wb: -, -Q. Q' 4. -. 'V 1 W 1- A H 1. - ff-11 v X. , - - , . . .- I f- . -1 ,N x. , Q .. . :,f:1w5g'mfz1,m ' W" L"QJ,,fSLpQ.LL1.:.w.,gQ.S..:. 44,45-:.nM4.'1wm-, , Mum, ,W-.-,:. Maw. .M ., ,M QMQs.-Mfg.J5Em,e4.44-.1.MswgL,ALfaV,g., :.a,..Qku,l:M, L. ,,.ii,mM,g.4:,mJ1.',14.v:.,.,.fLN,,-.-,p.,pM1,wLaQ,7i,f',nf Q., M., N' 2- 4 L. MJ' 5 A 8 1? an 4 x v 'S f liiiz- SPORTS BOARD AND Top Row' l--lughes, CriTTenTon, Brown SoTTile, Poppell, l-laider, WolcoTT, l-larlcness, Andrew, l-lowe l-lauser. BOTTom Row. l-lalper, Donahue OKieTTe Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion oT-Ticers, PresidenT Susan Arnold, Vice-presidenT Gracie lvlclienzie, Treasurer MarTy Spencer, and SecreTary Barbara l:Osl4eTT coordinaTed The sporTs program To provide Tun and acTiviTy Tor The New Trier girls. The execuTive board members vvorlqed wiTh The ohficers. The chairman OT inTramural sporTs, lrene l-lennessy, assisTed by her cOmmiTTee and The heads OT spOrTs and The class and adviser room managers, promoTed a successful inTrar.1ur5l pro- gram. Anne Colville, chairrran OT oTiicials, aided by Karen O'KieTTe, her assisTanT and Lynn l-lughes, who was in charge OT Timers and scorers, saw ThaT games ran smooThly. The G.A.A. ohice was kepT neaT and The page girl schedule was l4epT in Order by Eda lvlichel, chairman OT The service commiTTee, and her assisTanT, Jean Reeder. CynThia CoTiey, chairman OT The social commiTTee, planned all The G.A.A. parTies wiTh VicToria Andrew assisTing. ASSISTANTS Reeder, CoTTey, Ford, Debs Teddy Dicus, chairman OT arT, and Marcia CaTon, chairman OT publiciTy, l4epT The bulleTin boards aT- TracTive and The public inTormed. The TirsT weelc OT school G.A.A. gave an assem- bly and parTy Tor The Treshmen and new girls To acguainT Them wiTh G.A.A. Early in March The iniTi- aTes donned Their usual cosTumes. The Tun culmi- naTed wiTh The winTer award assembly, depicTing The hisTory OT G.A.A., which was Tollowed by The iniTiaTes' supper in The evening. G.A.A. also spon- sored an assembly on The Olympic Games OT l952, on which occasion PrOTessor Leon Kranz, head OT The DeparTmenT OT l-lygiene and Physical EducaTiOn aT lXlOrThwesTern UniversiTy spoke To all OT The iunior and senior boys and girls. ln lvlay, G.A.A. held a play day Tor neighboring schools. The climax OT The year came laTe in May wiTh a bangueT and The an- nOuncemenT OT new oTTicers and board. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY Sfandingz Mrs. Larsen, Miss Miller, Miss Voelz, Miss Hook, Miss Veach, Mrs. ZeTT. SiHing: Mrs. AbboTT, Miss Pyle, Miss BoulTon, Miss King, Mrs, Forbis. The success oT This year's G.A.A. was due To The combined eTTorTs OT The oTTicers, board members, commiTTees, represenTa- Tives, class and adviser-room managers, service groups, and all The girls who par- TicipaTed. Guidance Tor The organizaTion has been given To The group by Miss Iris BoulTcn, sponsor, Miss Mary Louise I-look, in charge OT The inTramural acTiviTies, and The mem- bers oT The physical educaTion sTaTT who have assisTed wiTh The coaching and spe- cial acTiviTies: Miss Ella AbboTT, Miss BeTTy King, Miss EsTelle Miller, Miss BeaTrice Pyle, Miss I-lelen Voelz, and Mrs. Deborah ZeTT. Each sTudenT oTTicial aTTended classes Tor one weelr and passed a wriTTen TesT beTore STUDENT COACHES Sfandingz Larson, Ross, WolcoTT, CoTTey, Goodwin. SiTTing: Debs, Naidowslci, G-aTTer, New, Nielsen. oTTiciaTing aTTer school games. The large sporTs program could noT TuncTion wiThouT The assisTance oT The girls who oTTiciaTed in every Team acTiviTy. Anne Colville, assisTed by Karen O'KieTTe, headed This group. Girls who Tor some physical reason were unable To parTicipaTe acTively in sporTs were able To Time and score and earn Their G.A.f-X. crediT. Lynn Hughes headed The Timers and scorers, which was an indispen- sable help To The enTire program. This year a new posiTion was added To The G.A.A. board. Donna WolcoTT was ap- poinTed head oT coaches. The coaches aT- Tended classes To learn how To Teach slcills and Then assisTed wiTh coaching aTTer school. STUDENT OFFICIALS, TIMERS AND SCORERS Top Row: Walling, Harris, 6aTTerT BoTTom Row: PaynTer, Ehrbar, . r,o.xr1 . BoTTom Row: I-Ieirich, SmiTh, Feuer, Debs, Law- COMMITTEES Top Row: Palmer, KeiTh, Caro, Birney, Seiberling Kay, Maxwell, Dawson, Lund. Page 90 ComrniTTee members assisTed The execul'ive board in many ways. PainTing posTers and banners, planning parTies, cleaning up, and keeping records and sTaTisTics were some oT The iobs These girls accomplished. GJNA. represenTaTives meT every Wednesday TenTh period. These sTudenTs are The linlc beTween all members and G.A.A., lceeping all girls inTorrned oT acTiviTies and evenTs and presenTing new ideas To The board Tor consideraTion. BoTTom Row: I-ligginboThan'i, Ferguson, Finlc SwarThchild, Coburn, I-Iaring, Lawrence, Spence Bradley. REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Meier, ReinholTzen, SchueTT, Andrews Farland, McCloud, Maclean, Ferguson, Neilson EvensTad. Second Row: Peclc, Klingeman, Barlow, Dunbar Nelson, McMillan, CriTTenTon, TalboT, New. BoHom Row: I-Ieirich, SmiTh, PeulcerT, Larson Remien, I-Ioehn, EhrsTrom, Burgess. CLASS MANAGERS Top Row: Finger, SchueTT, PaynTer, RoTh, Sewrey. Fraser, Vollers, Graham, Cannon' Wheeler. mendorT, New, Buzan, Johnson. , PAGE GIRLS Top Row: CasTle, I-Iarris, Powell, SwarTchiId, Por- Ter, I-Iayes, Wyssl I-IoTTsTed, Laun. Second Row: SmiTh, I-Iadler, BuTler, Reeder, Brad- Tield, Donohue, Alderman. I7 i CheTlain, WalworTh, I-lamiITon, I-laring, Mac- BoTTom Row: Boling, Klolc, Broderick, Remien, EI- rence, Edwards, Finlc. The class managers worlced wiTh The heads oT sporTs and coordinaTed The services oT The adviser- room managers. Class managers were in charge OT aTTendance records and assisTed wiTh class TryouTs and The selecTion oT class Teams. The page girls perTormed a muITiTude oT services in The physical educaTion oTTice during Their Tree periods. Eda Michel, head oT service, and Jean Reeder, assisTanT, seT up The page-girl schedule. ,,,.,,w.,,,,,zen .Bayless SZTTIQ ,S M I000 To I500 POINT AWARDS 700 POINT AWARDS Top Row: McKenzie, CoTTey. Top Row: PeuckerT, O'KieTTe, PaynTer, Noble, Edwards, New, BoTTom Row: Colville, I-Ienessy, GaTTer, BoTTom Row: Ferguson, Debs, Broderick, Ross, I-lagerTy. This year, Tor The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT G.A.A., a junior, Ouida GaTTer, won The I500-looinT award. The Tradi- Tional red rose was given To all Tour OT The I500-poinT win- ners. There was only one winner of The IOOO-poinT award and TourTeen who won 700-poinT awards. Five poinTs are given Tor every aTTernoon OT sporTs parTiCipaTion. SixTy-nine girls won numerals, which are given To Those 300 POINT AWARDS who make a TirsT Team Tor The TirsT Time. FiTTy-Two girls were awarded chevrons Tor making a second Team Tor The TirsT Time. Miss King's adviser room won The parTicipaTion award by having 96 percenT of The girls of ThaT group parTicipaTing aT leasT six Times in aTTer-school sporTs. Top Row: SmiTh, Kay, Gilmour, Klok, Borg, Knoloel, Dohse, Weinberg, PorTer, SmiTh, GaTTerT, Daley, SmiTh, Tool. Second Row: Powell, Dickens, SchueTT, I-Iohff sTed, Walling, Mueller, PeTerson, ReinholT- , , ..,, .,,, , ,,,,, ,vc,,, 4,.s,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M,,, Boffom Row: Shoresman, Veaigue, Johnson. Teegarden, Price, Edgar, Ehrbar, Miller, Ris- , Tow, BaThrick. I PARTICIPATION CHAMPS Top Row: C-eruldsen, Lind, WhiTeside, Corser, I'IeTTer, Peirce, Toms, Lindenberg, Coombs. Second Row: Cvrosman, Fosdick, CvaNun, Ren- ouT, Cohrs, O'Brien, I-lapp, Miller, Showers, Leber. Boffom Row: FvensTad, Binkley, Arnold, Thor- sen, Fowler, Kullberg, GvaulT, I-less. Page 9I ARCHERY Sfanding: Minx, Veague, Michel, Kronleld, Smilh, Howe, SiHing: Kay, Keilh, Borg, Hans, Caslle, Loewy, Shoresman. Spring Sports LACROSSE Siandingc Cafon, Debs, Smilh, Leys, Hennessy. Kneeling: Corley. From Jrhe mosl highly skilled sluclenls class archery reams are chosen. The sophomore "Robin Hoods," who were lasl year's winners, were oul' lo defend Jrheir laurels. Head ol archery, Susan Howe, was assisled by Juclilh Paynler, junior manager, Donna Schuell, sophomore manager, and Barbara Johnson, freshman manager. Lacrosse was olllered again This year under The manage- menr of Kay Delcs. Alrer much praclice, when slcill was al- lainecl, lhe girls played inler-class games, Each year a high- ly slcilled lacrosse player comes To give +he girls lips on lhe game. Class managers were Mary Hiles, senior, Ouida Geller, iunior, and Lynn Rolrh, sophomore. Page 92 SENIOR BASEBALL Top Row: Sfephens, Peuckerl, Kronleld, Robin, I-Iowe. Boffom Row: I-Ioyl, Lamrners, Zimmer! mann, New, Tool. Every year afler praclice sessions and adviser room Iournarnenls, Class baseball Teams are chosen and inler-class games are played. This year fhe baseball season was headed by Joan Donohue and her managers, Belly New, senior: Janel Elmendorl, junior: and Joan Buhse, sophomore. Ann Poppell, head oi golf, laid plans for spring praclice af lhe "S+op and Sock" and also for a novel Iournamenl. In spring Iennis, There were singles, doubles, and mixed doubles Iournamenls. Sunny wealher and a warm spring aided 'rhe girls in an exlensive program. SENIOR GOLF SPRING TENNIS WINNERS Robin, Ashfon, Ernbree, Lambert Poppell, MacLean. Bennet Swarfhchild, Remien, I-Ialper ADVANCED DANCE Top Row: James, Reinhollzen, Spence, Peferson, Michel, Arnold, Cramer, Schocher, Coyne, Colvilie, Copelio, Evensiad Second Row: Seiclc, I-Ianson, I-Iauser, Deuich, Kirlc, Kling, Leys. BoHom Row: Winsfon, Balhriclc, Davis, Borg, Alsirin. This year a dance program was given on April I8. The advanced dancers, headed by Consiance Hauser and her assisrani, Carolyn Leys, composed The dances. Any girI who wished +o be in Jrhe pro- gram could parricipare. The dances porrrayed dif- Tereni phases oi life in Chicago. Volleyball had a very successiul season under The leadership of Belfry Ann McCaIIen and her mana- gers, Colleen McNichoIas, Anne Finger, Virginia Broderick, and Doro+hy Banker. The Senior I ream won The inlerclass Iournamenr. The adviser-room Iournamenls were won by Miss I:Ieming+on's iuniors SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Winter and Miss MudgeI+'s sophomores. Mrs. S+ewar+'s A Team, Miss Evans' girls, Miss VoeIz's advisees, and Miss Donham's A Team Jried for Jrhe freshman chann- pionship. Girls from The sophomore and iunior class reams, as well as The slrudeni volleyball ollii- cials, were inviled Io a playday ai Evanslron. Kay Debs and her managers, Mary I-lifes, Ouida Galler, Lynn Roih, and Marlha Graham, used all Jrhe available space on Friday afiernoon Tor "rec" games. Table Tennis, volleyball, badminlon, horse- shoes, paddle darlrs, iump-rope, bowling, and shui- Tle board were offered. RECREATIONAL GAMES Top Raw: Persons, I-Ioyr, Lammers, New. Top Row: Gailer, Graham, Andrews, McKenzie, I-Iennessy, Roih, Murphy, Wood, BoHom Row: McKenzie, I-Iennessy, Co- KUITIGS' burn BoHom Ro on, Jesperson, Miller, Debs, New, Kaufman, Deming. 3i ,i ww rf 1 SENIOR BASKETBALL Top Row: Olcerson, l-lennessy, STephens. BoTTom Row: BernsTein, LangTiTT, New. TUMBLING Top Row: True. Second Row: KnighT, Below. BoTTom Row: Meyer, Edwards, Whipple, STanley. ctivities ATTer a pracTice period in baslceTball, adviser- room games, TryouTs, and class games were played. JaneT Ford, head, and her managers, Mary Buzan, Mary Mcllvaine, Virginia Vollers, and Karen KnuT- sen, made plans Tor a sTudenT-TaculTy game. Miss Lola May capTained The lively TaculTy Team in a very successTul "Tun" game. Winners oT The ad- viser room TournamenTs had good compeTiTion, buT The Tollowing were vicTorious: Treshmen: Miss Don- ham's.A Team, Miss DeMinT's B Team, Miss Voelz's B Team: sophomores. Miss Cavanaugh's A Team: and iuniors: Miss K. SmiTh's Team, Mrs. Ream's Team. Carol CoTTey, assisTed by Kay Debs, worlced wiTh The Tumblers This year. Advanced and inTermediaTe groups were Tormed. BeTween The halves OT The sTudenT-TaculTy baslceTball game, The advanced group gave a demonsTraTion. RecreaTional, synchronized, speed swimming, and liTe saving were The phases oT swimming offered This year. Form swimming was an added evenT To The class swimming meeT held on March IB. Carol l-laider, head oT swimming, was assisTed by class managers JudiTh MacLean, George-Ann DoTy, Elizal::eTh Wheeler, and Elizal:eTh STerreTT. SWIMMTNG Top Row: Elvgren, Drake, Maclcinnon, BarneTT, Noble. BoTTom Row: Alberding, Friel, Lund, Wie- land, Reinclce. Page, i95 FALL TENNIS WINNERS Halper, CoFFey, Langfill, McKenzie. all Sports Helene Halper, head ol lennis, Joan Fraser, Kay Boling, and Sally Si++ig ran a successful fall season in spile ol The facl Jrhal lhe lournamenls were nol cornplelecl. The iunior iournamenl was lhe only one +o reach fhe finals. Gail Swarlchild won Jrhe doubles. Nancy Brown, head of hoclcey, and her mana- gers, Ann Slueloner, Jeanne Sewrey, and Mary Klok, led a successful hockey season lhis fall. Miss Cavanaugh's adviser group won lhe sophomore Jrournarnenl. Crilcheli-Wehr ancl Reinhardl-Taiham learns Tied for firsl place in Jrhe junior-senior four- narnenl. In lhe Jrraclilional boys-versus-girls hoclcey game, allhough Jrhe girls were leading al The hall, l-O, Jrhe boys of Jrhe senior varsily loolball learn came fhrough +o win Jrhe game by one point HOCKEY WINNERS Top Row: McKenzie, MacLean, Hennessy, Powers, New BoHom Row: Jones, DeWiTl, Corley, Coffey, Lammers. Top Row: Dorband, Simon, Pearcy, Brinlchaus, Edel- Second Row: McCain, Baker, Chapman, Douglas, BoTTom Row: Ash, Orelind, Woods, ErsTrom, Bae GIRLS POOL GUARD rod, GaTTer. Second Row: I-IiTes, Arnold, I-las elTine, Pierre, Woolsey, Ross The girls' pool guard. headed by Lynne I-lasel- Tine, assisTed wiTh Teaching swimming aTTer school. Synchronized swimming, racing, and Torm swimming were some oT The Techniques TaughT. This spring They assisTed wiTh a course in liTe saving. During The auTumn SGGSOD, beginning riders learned To posT and canTer. InTermediaTes im- proved general horsemanship, and masTered The TroT and canTer. The advanced riders jumped low hurdles. CynThia I-Iarlcness, head, and Carol CriT- TenTon, assisTanT, planned reporTs which were given CaTon. Boffom Row: G-imse, Seeley MacLean, McLaughlin, WolcoTT I-larlcness, Wood. ADVANCED RIDING Mounfedz STone, WhiTe, Crois anT, I-Iarlcness. STanding: Osborn, King, WaTson Barlow, Noble. To The riders To poinT ouT Their weaknesses and how To improve Them. A new sysTem To enable more girls To play soccer more oTTen was seT up by Joan SoTTile, head of soc- cer, and her managers, Lynn Drova, Carol Rernien, and Joan Cannon. Miss Kings adviser room won The Field I TournamenT, and The Field ll TournamenT was won by Miss Evans's room. Miss Voelz's girls won The league championship Tor compiling The rnosT poinTs in boTh TournamenTs. ADVISER ROOM SOCCER CHAMPIONS sTein, Thalmann, Johnson. WaTson, Yormarlc, Davis. bize. Top Row: Wheeler, Spencer, Mc! Callen, AusTin, Swiren, Nessel- Page 99 DICK PETERSON Presidenl ELOISE EBERHART Vice-Presideni' PAM CONDON Secrelary CHUCK SCHMIDT Treasurer Class of 1956 FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP-BOYS Top Row: Donnelly, Ruggles, Coleman, Darwenl, Waldmann. Third Row: Seelurlh, Lindblom, Wesl, Lederer, Grawoig, Sleenberg, Shuman, l-lobbs, Elmendorl, l-lanson Gaul, Greeley. Second Row: Lylle, Whilney, Avery, Miller, lVlcCully, Fisher, Graham, Johnson, Rinker, lvlallhias, Dunne Slewarl, Alberls. Boflom Row: Wilson, Feldman, Sakol, Noble, Blake, Doughly, Schuyler, Wald, Lewy, Berger, Phillips, Slone Birnslein, Bell, Durham. FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP - GIRLS Top Row: Friedner, Friel, Seifert Crowe, Persons, Flirsch, Edens, l-linkle, Goldberg, Yormark, Cherry, Welch Ruck, Carler, Reinecke. x Fourlh Row: Lind, Olson, Cook, Laun, Whipple, Fox, McDonough, Schroeder, Edelslein, Baker, Slone, Wolll, Deulch, Will, Speris, lvluhl, Nelson, Nordblom. Third Row: Shanahan, Diller, Long, l-lorrell, Cragg, l-leinemann, Drake, Kirby, Brynolf, Below, Crain, Banker Quigley, Cannon, Dawes, Walson, MacKinnon. Second Row: Coyne, Wieland, Johns, McCain, Cook, Algeo, Kling, King, Guyan, Larkin, Chase, Babize Kemper, Friedman, Eberharl, Maclvlillan, Deming. Broffom Row: Pelicolas, Kuhles, Jacobs, Lloyd, Davis, l-less, Bayer, Kulbarsh, Winslon, Gray, Ash, Osgood Grosman, Arnold, Elvgren, Orelind, Cavallon. 1 Six hundred lilly-seven freshmen cle- scended on New Trier lasl Tall. Aller en- during lhe lirsl 'lew grueling weeks, They sellled down and began on lheir road lo success. The freshman allairs commillee, pal- Jrerned aller rhe senior sleering commillee, was more aclive lhis year lhan ever before. The annual Freshman Parry was a lremen- dous success as was Jrhe Freshman l-lag Parry. ln The field of sporls, wonderful parlici- palion in G.A.A. was shown loy Jrhe girls. Our halrs go oll lo lhe boys' lerrilic 'Tool- ball leam which lied 'lor rhe league cham- pionship. ln lhe Girls' Clubls annual magazine drive, The freshmen led all olher classes, selling S4879 worlh of magazines. Nexl lhey moved inlo dramalics, music, and Jrhe New Trier club program. Led by four enlhusiaslic ollicers, wilh Jrhe aid ol Miss l-lamillon and Mr. Ream, Jrhe freshmen sei up a line record which augures well for Jrheir lulure accomplish- menls. V-HMWWM Wsiwiszsfsrmrfmwm . ' ir Mfewvwfw we f it amen' rs 2' w aevdvlwbiiv mf"hwT22?""'N"1" A Page IOO 97711. Bow Top Row: Sreiner, Jones, Deven- ham, Jonnson, Kriesanf, Faui' sfick, Gebner, Hawkirmson, Whir- ney. Third Row: Weid, Durham, Ben iamin Test Sreenberq Koieh, 'nainen Naiarian, Aliin, Second Row: Beii Sraeoier, Mor- rison Seizer C0bL1rn,Trom, For. bis, porief. Bofiom Row: Mr, Bowerrnasfer Shane, Parent Hoifmann, Mar- rn, Marrlnson. mf.. gmzwwm To Row: Grawoiq, Wagner, AHF P seorooke, Kirkparrick, Lindblorn Benner? Widmer Joseph, Sai- aisky Gaui. Third Row: McCuiiy, Enqelbrechr Mciniyre, Sreger, Kinlcaid, Bea- fon, Erienne, Eddy. Second Row: LaRoi, Cohn, Mi- chals, Dini, Mann, Heel, Payne Bo'Hom Row: Mr. Carisrrorn Bridqwafer, Neison, Minus Burmeisfer, Bianchard. Braun Buchanan. fmf.. gem Top Row: Whi+eside, Dold, Sher- man, Aiberfs, Housron, Dar' wenr, Gr-eeiey Eiliorr, Giass Benneff. Third Row: Bmqerman, iryine Peferson, Johnsronl Burns, Harn- maicer. Mayo, Van Esso. Second Row: Wairer, Risius, Fib- ben, Avery Dashow, Srremmei Sherman. BoHom Row: Mr, Ciader, Breg- srone Moses. Giiiespie. Gray Piiz Howard. 'Wlum Q1971ud Top Row: Hendry Cook, Larson Varney, Schmidt Muhi, Kochs Hinhie, Cherry, Third Row: Barnerf, Eberharr Taylor, Andrews, McKee, Ruck Anderson, Sfone. Second Row: Lauer, Scarf, Quifn- bash, Kiafre, Curier, Larkin Perrigrew, Devine, Dawes. Boffom Row: Miss DeMin+, Gray Chase, Gorman, Kuhies, Pelti- coias Rurnsey. 'YYLLZA Qnnham Top Row: Hoisfeen, Lederer Sorenson, Baker, Reinecke Wing Ofjonnor, Krueger Peferson. Third Row: Hammond, Schram Mircheii Pease, Whippie Coyne, Heinemann, Tenhune. Second Row: Rubens, Srevens Corrie, Jcnnson, Beiknap Fiersch, Eason, Onrhank, Boifom Row: Miss Donham Eiy dren Kemper Lcehfier fiber? Aisner Krawfgi, Winsren Page IOI 9754.4 0111 Top Row: Beller, Clark, Nevvlriall Wol l..aur1, Rilfer Mfelcli, Bergman, Berger Third ROW: Vlflrileside Friedner Gror don, Wooo Ewing, Nelson, Brzezinski Brynolf. Second Row: Garner. Morgar, Nllnalir Levine, Filcn Slnaw, Jeneen, BoH'om Row: lvlisv Dv-5, Brornnan, Jesper sen, Demirq. QWMA fvww Top Row: Dunbar, Peler-son, Milclnel. Spero, Kauperl, Crowe, Deulcli, Ball Lloyd. Third Row: Kenlay, Colin, Hirscli, Ma- bie, Vennard, Williams, Van Oosler- lwoul, Hoslnick, Second Row: Bryanl, Drake, Goldberg Noble, Below Sizer, Alberdinq. BoH0m Row: Miss Evans, Gore, Knur sen, Addenbrooke, True, Ruddock. 972114. Jams! Top Row: Seilerl, Jolins, Milnor Srnkli, Wielarld, Wilson, Mcllonougli, De-rn Weedon. Third Row: Jazobb, Coleman, Cunt Gordon, Cannon, Craqq, King, Mac- iarland. Second Row: Milier Crain Osgood, Nav Son, Banker, Greenfield, Quigley. Boffom Row: Mrs. Fausl, Slurlevanl, Malone, Paul, Bamburq, Clark. 97111. Top Row: Sreison, Young, Magnus Jones, Lill, Waldrnann, Hobbs, Elrnen- dorf, Norlln, Third Row: Porler, Tucker, Hicks Dau- ber, Lane, Slewarl, Hollingbery, Blu- german. Second Row: Woodcock, Griswold, Jer- Sen, Sellers, Wnile Jolinson, Andrew Osborne. Boifom Row: Haweli, Voornig, Ferry Miller, Black, Lewy Douqlnly. Page l02 Pu 97111. Top Row: McPherson, Palailh, Hari, Lochridqe, Kopelsch, Poggensee, Lil'- rle, Grirlin, Ruqqles. Third Row: Phlaum, Null, Wilson, Hulch- inson Graf l-laselline, Slone, Guepin Second Row: Talcirl, Shepherd, Buck. Zeller, Siebel, Rornaclc, Zaiati, Graf. Boi-rom Row: Mr. Jensen, Blake. Paulus VVa?o, Berqef, Rosenberg,-Dresner. mmm Carler, G'aNun Cohrs, O'Brien, Ren- Top Row: Miller, l-lapp, Lindenberg owl, Showers. Third Row: Shanahan, Fosdiclr, Toms. Corser Kullberq, Peirce, Heller Coorn bs. Second Row: l-Iorrell, Gresman, Geruld- sen, Whifeside, Lind, Guyan, Binkley. BoHom Row: Miss King, l-less, Thorsen Lebef, Gaull Fowler, Arnold. 77111. Top Row: Anderson, Weber, Rycrofl, Sccll, Magnuson, Oils, Kola, Sfeele Boyd. Third Row: May, Schfnidl, Acle. Mal'- lhias Thompson, Sfewari, Cooper, Gil- boy. Second Row: Feldman, Broide, Crane Mennel, Arnendola Goldboss, Men- denhall. BoHom Row: Mr. Larsen, Gross, Ecl- wards McAulil5e, Scarqle, Perry, Ken- dler, Olson. 977111. 'Wlofuub Top Row: Day, Moir, Wilkinson, Wafer- sfradl, Hannah, Schroeder, Wiener, Condon, Nordblorn. Third Row: Mifchell, Zajac, Kling, Hill- ner. Swidler, Lucas, Buslrens, Diller. Second Row: Bayer, Dean, Perlman Kirby, Newhouse, MacMillan, Becker. Zaseybida, Boffom Row: Mrs. Morris, Bergholil, Jes- rnef Bauer Clwinberq, Slrauss, Long. Page IO3 A f -iid Nigga 97111. Top Row: Dunne, Alsdorl Paul son, Conaqlnan, Newcomb Rogers, Felerson, Klose Don nelley, Alexander. Third Row: Lylle, Wiley, McCoy Ford, Fireslone, Kafzin, Mean ey, Marlcin. Second Row: Brainard, Ross, No ble, Moss, Dressler, Knapp, Vin Cenl. BoHom Row: Mr. Nay, Phillips Reuler, Kaufman, Wonderlic Nason, Nason. Top Row: Moran, Will, Micliels Magos, l-lavel, Turner, Bur- qoyne, Lund, Bear. Third Row: Barlow, Beroer, Gor- don, Jones, Fron, Marslwall Green, Anderson. Second Row: Siebel, Vyskocil Sclnaeler, Bernslein, Baxler, Lev- ilerz, Pelerso n. l BoH'om Row: Miss Pyle, DiCie- rnenli, Marlell, Rubel. 97111. Qjmifh Top Row: Hanson, Oenler, Cir- cuil, Roolcer, Coleman, McNal- lin, Badger, l-lolslead, O'Neil. Third Row: l-lufson, l-larrnan, Burnell, VVesl, Malier, Long, Lanyi, Breed. Second Row: Mr. D. Srnilli, Da- vie, Gillmer, Geier, Dunpliy, Murphy, de Carnpi. Boflom Row: Marlin, Myers, Bard, Dudman, Barry, Fislief. 97111. Jinlvmbwn Top Row: Bundy, l-lill, Knoll, Reclcill, Leclnner, Ariell, Barr, Rinlcer, MacLean. Third Row: llwulin, Trainer, Pen- lield, Gralwarn, Rusnalc, l-lassel, Yurman, Second Row: Salcol, Nicolazzi, Teiclw, Knulsen, llwulin, Beren- ern, Klein. BoH'om Row: Mr. Roberlson 'lliornpson Dralce, Van Alyea Birdlebouqli, Cramer, Broolcirs. Page IO4 .,Sf.o.wa!d Top Row: Aden: Sfegenw 90' 'QW Scick Haaef Eoens ,ine- E-iciub CQCK Persons, Fix. Third Row: Ness-e 'fd Encziisn Dfszo Nicnzgg Brisbine Ffiffi Leivnan Winief i-iawiqinbon, Second Row: Ffiedrnan Dcrnen fic, Parclen Lioyd Vfsfiii Mackinnitn Law-en, Fisiieu Bcifom Row: Mx Sfeviiw, firn dew Fiaqkw, Nanci' perk CU'iE+EUSf3D Aiigifii Q-we icirz, 77711. Uandman Top Row: Kunnbefa, Caskey, Wo senbe-rg, Re-dson LSCK Ledefer Baumann, Mcfaan Boifon. Third Row: Pendieion, Coon Baumer? Fcx Saivanc, Ricci Siudy Pniiiiibs, Second Row: Kew, Douclas Ross Hcyt Fisdnef, Sfecn Sneinnan Mini. Boffom Row: MH Van Annan Hoppe Haan, Jer-sian Cay S'a'k Szcufe' Recs. 77'lllM U ,QI 0 3 Top Row: S"ncn, Jcvscn, Mc- Cain, Peat, Tnannann Edei vein Qscn, Gnasfef Brink- Fame. Third Row: Genscwg Kningini Ycfnnaw, Cragynen, jorbafid Pevefscn, Hake' Warscn. Second Row: Aff Davis Efsvsfn O'Si'YG Ride' Wccos Dcuq- Bs. BoHom Row: Mis: Vee 1, Ficwys Ku bafsin Bacize Nose-, 97111. ltklhzjm Top Row: Rcsiscn Cnioe Sy- 'rfanm Schein Hefvnince' Nci Kann Nfnoiscn Jaccb. Third Row: Shmnan Kfman Brine Nei Fin' Bc-,id Keafni Snni'n. Second Row: Nea Ciismd Hinerifard' Saffiscn QM? Cfkiiii' Kening BoHom Row: Mn VVa'e'5 I-iefriv 'ne' C 'Te Ni'S'ZE", 57102-in Anne-if Mffd'-gp Page iO5 STU WALLACE Pr6Sid6r1T Vice-PresidenT BUN PAVLIK BOB NELSON SecreTary Treasurer Class of 1955 The sophomore class has proved To beia greaT class in every way. ATTer organizing The sTeering commiTTee, The sophs seTTled down To sell magazines, To help wiTh The Tood drive Tor needy Tamilies, and To sell more sTudenT accidenT insurance Than any oTher class. Early in The school year came The championship Trosh-soph TooTball Team and The big sock hop aTTer The EvansTon vicTory. Sophornores began To geT places on STudenT Council and Tri-Ship commiTTees and To become known To The upperclassmen as individuals wiTh deTiniTe TalenTs. Early during The winTer season, The Trosh-soph play, Wizard of Oz, was beauTiTully presenTed and aTTer ThaT, Tor some lucky sophs, came The TirsT dizzying TasTe oT parTicipaTion in Lagniappe. Then in laTe winTer, wiTh The encouragemenT and help oT The sophomore adviser chairmen, Miss Veach and Mr. LighTner, There was The Sophomore ParTy. Now a TradiTional evenT as a combinaTion TalenT show and dance, This year's was one oT The ouTsTanding soph par'Ties oT all Time. So The end oT a hecTic buT wonderTul sophomore year has come-upperclassmen aT lasTl SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP - GIRLS Top Row: Mickey, Buhse, PeTer son, Lindblom, DuThie, Schule man, ErosT, Jacobi, Rich, Kelbe l-layes, Boysen, English, Blum berg, Azzi. Third Row: Siegel, Larsen, Sulli- van, Shaver, DieTz, Wyss, STOTT CroisanT, TaTham, Emrich, Gu- indon, Powell, Remien, Schulz MeiTes, Reise, Sprowl. Second Row: Allison, Lippman Vining, Fuller, SmiTh, Knobel Borg, Hagerman, l-loehn, Edgar l-lanson, TalcoTT, Rickards, Luns- Tord, Nesselrod, GaTTerT, Thomp- SOFT. BoH'om Row: Bradley, Shoresman Booz, MomenT, Yager, Varney Fell, l-lorberg, Gaines, Ke'Th, Braun, l-lirnelblau, Riddell, Pass- man, Teegarden. SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP - BOYS Top Row: Barnes, Taylor, Wal- lace, GriTschke, Cross, Brown, BenneTT, Cohrs, McGraw, Erick- son, .lames, Paulman. FourTh Row: SmiTh, Mangel, Mac- ArThur, Geiger, BoTTorTT, Blakes- lee, VanAnrooy, O'Connor, Mo- reen, Reincke, Keller, ScoTT, Walsh. Third Row: Truesdell, Lelewer, Ellbogen, WhiTehursT, Hepburn, WaTerrnan, Allen, Garner, STraT- Ton, l-laug, McCollisTer, Allison, Miles, Oakhill. Second Row: PlaTT, Kashian, Baer, Se-lTzer, Gordon, l-lirsch, Shin- bach, Keyser, Gross, Cook, ChrisTopher, l-lelms, WaTTs, . Tasky,cCh,rjsTl.e. .- N., .. ,J . BoTTom Row: Sanderson, Wil- liams, LusTgarTen, KolTlaT, BeaT- Ty, KauTman, l-lanson, Nash, OlmsTed, Jensen, l-loTgren, l-lammaker, Williams, l-larris, Randolph. Page I06 W "N" 'mm " 'WEE ' ' 5153ifciilgwwfWN?'NW'55ZE??5'i2?JswW31?NHw12ymBeG5SfEfZi'-2Y3?37f9N'A"N' """99 MARY LOU EMRICH 97711. faion Top Row: Michel, l-lanris, Arnold Slfiivi- Kinrx .lame-3, Gessel, Slonn. Third Row: Ros, Harman, Wollum Smile, l-l --lean lvlanqel, Ferrgro Blfflsllxf. ' Second Row: Ml. Calm, Poore, Beaffy Border Bra.-.'vlan,OeleriQl1. Bo++om Row: Janres Chambers, Wixom Top Row: Dickens, Collins, Vollers Bowes, Bair-slow, Sanderson, Cooper Crane, Calderini. Third Row: Wheeler-, Fosfer, Conrad lzeldroann Boll, Efnricln, James, Mac- Lean. Second Row: Sghuller, Dohse, Keni, Taf- haow Cczfnel l-luqhes, Fell, Johnson. BoHom Row: Mrs, Cavanaugh, Wiclc nan Bradlev Norcross, Buller. omg Top Row: Braun, Kenley, Corey, Grilsch ke, Robinson Kalzin, Gavin, Taylor. Third Row: Keller, Kochlell, Carr, Kel ,ey Gross Nelson Borre. Second Row: Mr, Cramlet Hofgren l-lolsread Slalnekef, Porler, Sellers Sfh":1ee'v BoHom Row: locrnin, Hlnman, Kolflaf Swversor Bleius, Ebberf. 'Wlmj Top Row: Farnham, Speelcman, Schull- eis i-lasselwlan, Fallerson, Payne Bulls. Third Row: Mi. Pearheiley, Haug, Gau :ev Ellbogen Sokol, Risser, Moreen. Second Row: Luslqarlen, Fulfon, Bow- den KGYWW, pielrowiiz Snow. Parker BoHom Row: Yalfe Pierce, Missner Aainrs Sa Kuff' Jensen. '177fm. Hallie Top Row: Sprowl, Pyfer, Rueffinger Hayes Kvalf Gosling Smifh, Sfone Sl17'T'7'YlQli. Third Row: Morris Dafiere, Anderson Bower B11-rrel' Gaines, Alschuler l-lim.ard. Second Row: Booz, Baxler, Alexander ST: Clddsee prize Edmonds. Bohlom Row: Mrs, Sallie, Cook, Klolc A HMV eww. Page IO7 Top Row: Bariell, Mcllwairi, Seel ey, Massey, Jacobi, Dennis Arns+ein, Tliorsen. Third Row: Blurnloerg, Good friend, Garreii, Boyd, Albreclil Jolnnson, Smiiii, Miller. Second Row: Miss Karl, Freeman Walron, Ogilyie, Kay, Berger l-lusion. BoH'om Row: Gilmour, Gurnbiner Day, Croisanl, Passman, Sirug- gles. Top Row: Frosi, Walling, Kolbe, Frisby, Snyder, Dricic, Reclciii, l-laas, Pavlilc, Daiilloerg. Third Row: Larsen, Slnearer, Friend, Bowman, Foslceii, Sieg- licii, Cdegaard, Moulding. Second Row: Elwood, Fischer, Fuiorian, Reise, Lesiina, Yager. Bo'Hom Row: Miss Kral, l-lorberg, Teegarden, Moore, Appleloaum, Smirli, Slcarda. 977114. Top Row: Brodsky, Sclnopen, Fl- lioil, Kreer, Spaulding, Lind- blom, Wyss, Sciimirr, Wlweeler. Third Row: Lange, Redgwiclc, l-loiisled, Veague, Cliilon, Gala anre, Azzi, Auslin. Second Row: Wyman, Alderman, Robinson, Srurlini, Driscoll, No- lan, Novofny. BoHom Row: Mrs. Lenard, Luiclc, l-leiricii, Lunsford, Delfoss. WIA. Top Row: Spofike, Miles, Fiilandi, Taylor, Pelers, Geiger, Barnes, Sand, l-lunl. Third Row: Goodrich, Heppner, McCarTi1y, Levin, Jeiiers, Good, Rengel. Second Row: Miller, Swifr, Wil- liams, Lindernann, Kaufman, Goldman. BoH'om Row: Mr. Malinslcy, Kane, Borrorii, Scliwanles, Slreicnef. Page I08 Top Row: Zinif Gorfnor, Behr erdi Kiauke, Befke' Goodwir Rea tar, Reinncifzen, Love. Third Row: Hoghm Mc-Heb, Han ser, Long, Dairey Weinbovq Gorham Pcbinbcn. Second Row: Ledevev Bonnfyn W3 gvecn Srwvenm Moon: Keifh Baihrici. Boffom Row: Mix May, Williani son, Ffgoef, Madden Frandfgn Caiei, Quainr-ancw. fmf.. myfwgwl Top Row: Frank ify Kennedy C231 Rom, Fink Sorouifa ini bi' Cn' Wenger. Third Row: MAcfXr+nL,' Marsh Mcfciiirer Daiss, Corwi Pete" Magrusgen Robert. Second Row: Mr. Mciladi-air Wisni' Le Scncii, H-Sip cur, prices Koepp-Baker. Boffom Row: Penfrger Rerofwnh Se 'Ze' Semen Boknsi. mf.. mm, Top Row: Crurnrner, Schwab Bennerr, Pyie, Tissen, Wallace Erickson, Burrneisier. Third Row: New, Keiiey, Keira Iver, MacMiliin, Scoii. Jones Mefz, Sninbach, Second. Row: Mr. Morey, Lynn Granger, Bieirne-hi, Hirsch, Beai Gordon. Boifom Row: Macnam, I-Iazie hind, i-iarrib Wriqhf Dewar Parmay. Top Row: Grahany French, Roni ien Hcwor Dmnie, Sefberifnq Svrlhw Anuewor Ricicavds. Third Row: i-iaqerrnan Wfzy' 'v-:mn fviinx iayicv Sionv, Tai iv' Gulrocn iarasiuk. Second Row: Qcqerg, Phcips, Pin nf, Canaan Knobef Pcck, Boriom Row: Mira Mudrgei? Hvr 'ef Brew Eijvey, Nunr. Page IO9 97711. dlzfcfzaon Top Row: Lewis, Oalclwill, Smllli, Coqlwill Rilclney, While, Everly, Knorr, Wene. Third Row: Garner, Milclwell, Mulvaney Schroeder, Reinclce, Weidemann Cram, Jolwnson. Second Row: Mr. Pelerson, Kay, Arey Walls, Sloclclon, Sloll, Auslin. Bo'H'0m Row: Bonelqamp, Wollinger Mollnerwell, Lenrnan, Turner, Rosen- baum, organ. Win. P0111 Top Row: Ailcman, l-lunyady, Fellon, McGrew, Wnllel-iursl, Krlppes, Ben- ne'l"l, Loebe, l-lerron. Third Row: Wlwileliursl, Slines, Lucinio Wallers, Ballceslee, Bussiager, Kaslwian, Porler, Glover. Second Row: Mr, Pink, Blake, Jacobson, Hall, Blaney, Troclw, Krall, Allen, Bvflom Row: Smilln, Buslwnell, l-larllield, Berg, Niemann, Olmsled, Proll, Olm- sled. WZM.. Top Row: Wells, Sullivan, Gibson, Lipp- man, Wessel, MacFall, Radlord, Adams, Edmonds. Third Rowzl Rollw, Johnson, Taradasli, Tliompson, Garlside, l-lunlly, Slwave' S'chue,H, ., Second.Rovi: Zimmermann, Brown, VVa- K 1'ers'fradlr,'lQl3radlield, Riddell, l-lalfis, A 'Comply Q BoHom"'Row: Mrs. Rallello, Miner Crowder,'3Jenlcs, Fuller, Clinlon. 77711. Umnon Top Row: Tlwomas, Allison, Drake, Colwrs, O'Connor, Susen, McCullough. Third ROW: Simon, larranl, Keyser, Blv- ens, Salisbury, Sveiven, lruesclell. Second Row: Mr. Vernon, l-lelrns, Pea- coclc, Williams, Sanderson, Burclwmore. Boffom Row: Brannon, Anderson, Fields, Kuhn, Naslw. Page llO Top Row: Ganeri. Schulz, Thompson Cross Scnulennan, Middleion, Millard Ruelie. Third Row: Enrlaar Klingeman, Pope Dexfer Reimer, Sloil, Dieiz. Second Row: CBrien, Garner, Borrc Kassen, Earrrness Siegel, Braun Plunkefi, Bo++om Row: Miss Vlfeiler, Varney Jones, Thalcrian Eridres. Trom, Shores- VTTGVT. '177f1.Lcl' Top Row: Layoen, Ellis, Myers, Brown Wriqhl Barr S?raifon,Pollal1. Third Row: Casferline, Van Anrooy, Armstrong, Paulman, Cummings, Jo- sepn, Porlrnann Ueberroih. Second Row: Mr. Weingeriner, Allen, Voorheis l-lales Jones, Chrislie. Bollom Row: Sheesley, Lenz, Sievens. Shere Valve' Morrison. 'WZLM Ctfhch Top Row: Mccfck Ullrich Powell, Ro- sene, Mickey Blackburn Porier, Nick- lin Bafnefr. 1 Third Row: Thcrnas, DeWi+i, Anderson, Sleek Glossbefq Cohn, Whiliaker, Tweftlldlnl. ' Second Row: Krcriwall. l-llegacelc, Clark Miicnelf Snag Winle Paul, Cox. BoHom Row: Miss While, Cleave, Nes- selfcd Vrinc: McLeurin, fMornenl. 97722. H. ltfllaon Top Row: Whire. Walerman, Munz, Friend, Walsh, Schweilzer, Hennessy. Third Row: Schulz, Gross, Sills, Cunning- ham lnglehari, Allen, Doyno. Second Row: Harvey, Robison, Cook. Chrislopher, Flair, Clancy, Hendrey. Boflom Row: Mr, R. Wilson, McArihur, l-larnrnakef l-lanson Pikelny. Page Ill Class of 195 WiTh The arrival oT June, The iuniors are looking back over a greaT year oT work and Tun. Under The able leadership oT Their Tour class oTlicers, and wiTh valuable assisTance Trorn Miss Bredin and Mr. Wehr, These juniors have seT high sTandards Tor Their successors, The sTeerinq cornmiTTee did an ouTsTanding iob. Their eTTorTs were evidenT in The New Trier- EvansTon Junior ParTy, The Junior Tea Dance, and The Junior Prom. ThroughouT The year They did a grand iob, working To sTrengThen and uniTe The class. Cn The masculine side, many iuniors conTribuTed a greaT deal To New Trier's iunior varsiTy TooT- ball championship Team. They're looking Torward To anoTher championship Team under The varsiTy capTaincy oT Jim I-IusT nexT year. GTher ouTsTandinq accomplishmenTs oT This class which come To mind are iTs conTribuTion To "Laqniappe," a STudenT Council which did iTs iob well, a homecoming-game TloaT which sparkled, and an acTive Girls' Club and Tri-Ship ThaT measured up To any in The schools hisTory. Truly The class oT '54 can well reTlecT on The success oT many iobs well done. 4 ' VIRGINIA NIELSEN PresidenT JERRY AMOS Vice-Presidenf PAT EDWARDS SecreTary GEORGE CONOVER Treasurer JUNIOR HONOR GROUP - GIRLS Top Row: Clark, Olson, SwarT- child, NesbiTT, AddingTon, Caro, Koplin, Eckhouse, Brill. Fourfh Row: Bullard, Mcllvaine, Droeqemueller, DeRoss, Wilson, Burgoyne, Wollison, Arnold SchulTe, Kirk, I-larris, Greene, STarreTT, BesT, l-lollinqbery. Third Row: GroTT, SchwieTerT, Nielsen, KeserT, Lawrence, Gla- ser, PeTersen, Roddick, Schwem Goodwin, RaynTer, DeuTch Kenney, Rieqer, Murphy' Fin- qer, DoTy, Second Row: STanley, Trexler, Krause,Trainer, Mccully, Meier, Gode, McWilliams, Eeuer, KeiTh, Currier, Fowler, Higgin- boTharn, Laun, Winburn, Mc- Callen. BoHom Row: Bowen, Ford, Vyze, Naidowski, Alleqan, Unger, Neumann, Crain, Ross, Reeder, Goldberg, KauTman, Debs, Schrnick, Donohue, JUNIOR HONOR GROUP - BOYS Top Row: Lanham, Segil, Wood, Kleerup, Lochner, Wieland, Creden, Cavallon, PinsoT, Mur- ray, Tobey, GuTTensohn, Powell, Alger. Third Row: Orelind, Mohl, Mc- Kinnon, Wilson, JenneTT, Bailey, I-layman, TriTTipo, Larsen. Driqqs, Miller, Williams, Nick- Iin, Simonds, Johns. Second Row: BlunT, Price, Flem- inq, Murphy, MarTin, Greeley, Wilder, Birnbaum, I-Iall, Chap- lin, McManus, RorTer, Greene- baum, Gudeman, Weinberg, Meyers. BoTTom Row: Anderson, Keys, Glos, RappaporT, PorTer, Wess- rnan, Waller, Shanahan, STearns, Cohn, I-lulTrnan, Freeman, Ern- ery, I-laugh, Kurz. Page II2 5 'Wlum n Top Row: Bick, Mclivaine, Hail der, Sommer, LeVine, Proury, Hanenrien, Wolfz, Giiiespie. Third Row: Cookrnan, Brown, Micneis, Galernberi, Prodnnow, Addinqron, Thorne, Taibor, Adams. Second Row: Lieberman, Saikin, Froesciwie, Brirfinv Bowen, Bar- nerr, Reeder, Goidberg. Bo+fom Row: Miss Anderson, Rennberf, Presion, Websrer. Burier, Gode, Maccorquodaie, Eckerson, Top Row: Srerson, Lawson, Loren, Moreva, Oiraviani, Jonns, Se- gii! Weis'nan, Srreer. Fourfkm Row: Morris, Oeiericn. Rem, Creden Bender, Cieary Tanner, Garnercoai. Third Row: Lewis, Kearns, Byrkir, Webb, Sfruqqies, Jensen, We- ber, Grube. Second Row: Mr. Aschenbaun, Haiqni, Wilder. Balrnes, Hen- dricks, Kraus. Bofrom Row: Porrer, Belkin, Cel- kins, Howeii. Top Row: Tayior, Lawrence, Nu qenr, Boodeil, Wiide, Licnrer Swarrciniid, MCWiiiiams, Briii. Third Row: Katz, Koiarik Srnirln Lanqenktacn Hadier, Currier Bouonn Meyer, Second Row: Palmer, Leufii Cri' Tervon, Anoerson, Diiiiies Nii sor Aiisecrooke. Bofiom Row: Miss Caseiia Ross Mifiirri, Uneer Crain, Page II3 'IWJL fnndon Top Row: Madson, Balckerno, Hubbard France, Morilz, Rosen, Berclnern, Dau ber, McCoy. Third Row:' Sludy, Gudeman, Budwig Kurz, Armslrong, Kiesau, Kuniholrn. Second Row: Rindell, Welch, Woolard McKinley, l-ledges, Sills, O'Brien, Bo'Hom Row: Mr. Condon, Lamrners Hulfman, Nicholls, Colm. 771114. Q12 Top ROW: Torberl, Arnold, Flslwer, No- ble, O'Connell, Auslin, Dorgan, Wil, son, Moninger. Second Row: Burgess, Perlrnan, Tralner, Slanley, Tullle, Pillqa, Lind, Murplmy. Boifom Row: Mrs. Doclcslader, Gordon, Breen, Krause, Ford, McKee, Williams. Q I 'YIZMA jlfumnqtnn Top Row: Rodcllcls, Droegennueller, Pax- fon, Sweelrnan, Donaldson, Nesbil, Klbler, Dofy, Jolnnslon. Third Row: Fowler, l-liqginbollnam, El- mendorf, O'Kle15fe, Baum, Sprawl, An- drew, Ferguson. Second Row: MISS Flernlnglon, Brain- ard, Kaufman, Nance, Miller, Plnilpall, Penfield, Wagner. Boffom Row: Vandercook, Droba, Vlclc- ers, Long, l-lurley, lvlarlcin, Reinhold. Top Row: Madigan, l-lusf, Palelfi, Sex, Polls, Newlon, Maxwell, Borre, Clancy. Third Row: Niclclln, Trilllpo, l-lollman, Lanham, Dern, Boone, Engel, Allen. Second Row: Fell, Sfevens, Crarner. Lindsfrom, l-lorlrnan, Young, Smillw, Evlaclrson. BoHom Row: Mr. Franlzen, Edmonds, Carr, Pifclver, Marlin, Joseph, Klose, Slorcelw. Page H4 fm. Jmldwuw Top Row: Ivlorlerr Flynn Pinsof, Mur- ray, Lechner, l2irel'e Lane, Morse Johnson. Third Row: Lierzow, Miller, Sfrelow Plalf, l-lepple, Jarvis, Crowley, Mur- DN- Second Row: Kay, Bem Greeley, Mc- Manus, Wielend, Lccnner, McManus Curvey, Boffom Row: M r, Funknouser, Lowrey Anderson, Slearns Chaplin, Lumley l-lill Wh. Hadmb Top Row: Rapp, Ivlarsn Surpless, Piiz- ner, Drake, Benlley Groves, Wein- berg, Vincenr. Third Row: Baily, Eliicorr, Moiifly, Sel- zef, Allen, Orelind, Afnos, Rippberger Second Row: Runnsey, Wessman, Trense Wineberg, Boudreaux, Davis, Rappa- ccrf. Boflom Row: Mr. Gaoslce Funari, Groh' 5Ei'iZ Borcherdf Be Cid mn. army Top Row: Sifnonczs Twne' Miller, Ham- 'fcn, McNeill, Ccfieo Bonner, Tip- Cens Ccncvef. Fourfh Row: Price McDaniel, Gillis, Marx Wilson Wane' hluyler, Seling- EC Third Row: Dayenocr' l-layman, Kem- oer Jennefl, Durcecx Flowers, Birn- CBLVTT. Second Row: Mr, Flex" Spellman, OBrien. Binl-cley Ivlarfir Glos, Mann Bo++om Row: Cnriyerser Payne, Em- e'y, Schnaedver Gfeef Klinefob. Top Row: Barron Moore, Sennofl, Gold- en Wynn, Osborr Weesel, Paffullo Meyers Murphy, Third Row: Cerrncoy Vondercoolc Goellsch, Keyser Kinq, Alger, Cain Bernslein, Gleason. Second Row: l-l-eller, weed, Bridgewa- fer Ven Oosrerheul Vye, Dickey, Al- qeo, Blunl Gardner, Smckslager. Boffom Row: Mr. E. Kahler, Anderson l-lolbrcolc, Fleming Monl Parlter, Ad: kins, Dunn. Page H5 sire 1 H few? ew, E13 Top Row: Davis, Meier, Paynler Rusch, Wollison, Mueller, Besi Dierz, Avery. Third Row: Dawes, Nilsson, Lar son, Kese-rl, Kirk Galvin, Vlfil liams, lvVonde"liC. Second Row: Eckhouse, Driscoll I-loerdf Vyse Spencer, Allegan Boffom Row: Mfss Kelso, Tour+el lol, Dcughfy, Salvano, Keifh 97111. 'Wlrmnwnll Top Row: Cooper, Bonfig, Heli mer, VVolie, Cavallon, Sfeph- ens, Thompson, Gulfensohn l-lens. Third Row: Faulslick, Proul, Ray- burn, Bogie, Larner, Worlhing- Ton, Lindsey, Greene-baum Harris. Second Row: Lusiqarien, Hunl- ley, Gray, Williams, Powell Campbell, Morgan, Waller. BoHom Row: Mr. McDowell, Cor- coran, Nyder, Borre, Perlman l-larris, Bronslon. 77711. Unltd Top Row: Milks, Miller, Brady Tobey, Joseph, l-loltimann, Nor- man, l-lavel, Baile, Second Row: Porler, Lauer, Braun. Vollmann, Dunlap, Per- due, Perozzo, McKinnon. BoHom Row: Mr. Oaks, Mefzner, Wilson, Bluienfhal, Dooley, Baum, Wallers, Coleman, Rear- don. '7l1lm.h'2am Top Row: Glaser, Goodwin, George, Chellain, l-lemesalh, Muhl, Koplin, Bradley. Third Row: Mcflleary, Clark, Schwem, Pefersen, Margolis, Grofz, Grolz. Second Row: Slanley, Naidowski, Donohue, McCallen, Schoen- rock, Trexier. Soffom Row: Mrs. Ream, Bein- ligh. Rislow, Tichenor, Wagner. Page H6 Top Row: Greene, S+er1ing, Bui- iard, Sewrey, Daiferson, Vlii- iiarns, Deuicn Brown, Suffon. Third Row: Jacobson, Meier, Fo!- zer, Finger, Erickson, Sarnueison, Claop, Scinaqer. Second Row: Winburn, Loornis, Feuer, Debs Eirn, Alexander, Alien, Bofiom Row: Miss Reinnaror, Muivaney, Scnrnidf, Peiers, Lund. Top Row: Ross, Rasmussen, Siar- reri, Madden. Eiber, Kuppen- neimer, Miller, Kenney, Mc- Cully, Third Row: Forresrer, Caro, Windes, Cone, Ciarice, Davie, Maxweii, Krurnnn. Second Row: Marrin, Krasberg, Suliivan, Dreli, Groiil Casiie, Young. BoHom Row: Vifeinberq, Neu- rnann, VanWeyk, Brzezinski, Nielsen, Boiing. Wbm. jatham Top Row: Siranne, Harris, Wai- woriin, Burqoyne, Wiison, 'Ed- wards, Crosby. Laun. Third Row: Luicy, Scnwiererr, Kaimes, Tnornpson, Doepei, Maqes, Barrett Second Row: Anderson, i-iarr, Poiis, Fink, La Morre, Edel Schulz. Boiiom Row: Mrs. Taiinarn, Denn- rna, Oison, Parron, Garier. 'Wbr.'Llda Top Row: Moore, Eiy, Driqqs Holiweq, Kieerup, Quick. Tnorn ron, Hedberg. Third Row: Freeman, Rasmussen Bailey, Arrnur Larsen, I.aP.oi Coon, Haii, Rindneiscn, Ander son. Second Row: Besser, Edwards Anderson, Morrison, Kuhn, Roe wade, Hauqn Goldman, Errr bar. Bo'Hom Row: Mr. Ude Snapiro Srnirri, Snananar, Hume, Good rnan Oisin, Neison. Page II7 Page II9 CHIC JUNG JOANNE PARRISH FRAN HOPPER GEORGE MOSES Presiclenl Vice-Presidenl' Secrelary Treasurer Class of 1953 Aller four 'lun-filled years al New Trier, The class of '53 will nexl weelc leave lhe school 'lor The Iasl lime as New Trier sludenls and enler inlo The realm ol New Trier alumni. Throughoul Iheir years al N.T., Ihey rose from Tumbling freshmen lo sophislicalecl seniors. Led by Iheir able oiclicers, and The members ol The sleering commillee, lhe class of '53 bolh gave Io The school and gained from ily invaluable assislance was re- ceived lrom The deans, Miss Maloney and Mr. Kahler. Council, Tri-Ship, Girls' Club, and G.A.A. fared well under The able leadership of The seniors as did Lagniappe, The opera, and olher various produclions. They also led Ihe school in an unusu- ally successiul sporls year, I953 being a memorable one when il began wilh The varsily Toolball leam's SENIOR GIRLS' STEERING COMMITTEE Slandingz Rusnalc, Calon, I-lalper Painler, Becherer, Craven. SiHing: Jamison, I-lopper, Par- rish, Arnold, Wood, I-larwood. SENIOR BOYS' STEERING COMMITTEE Slanclingz Slerrell, Jung, I-Iorlon, Bonge. Silling: Robson! Dowd, Slanlon, Moses. SENIOR GIRLS' HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: FulTon, SeiTerT, Pollock, Lock erbie, Burgoyne, Bain, WescoTT, A nold, Peppell, Embree, Michel, WITT. FourTh Row: I-IamilTon, I-Iowe, Mac Lean, FrosT, CoTTey, Gaines, SoTTIle CoTTey, Robin, Dowling, Alder. Third Row: Merrill, Knapp, Ballman Woalse , Lewis, S ence, Goldenberg P Kaine, yMcKenzie, Kronfeld, Beckman STuebner. Second Row: Klein, I-Ialper, Ellis. Perl man, KreuTzer, Baker, Dicus, Banker Pikelny, Pold, Leys, Gallicchio, CaTon BoTTom Row: Richards, Swiren, PainTer, I-Iill, Vaughan, Davis, I-IeTTer, STein Teld Boshes, Colville, Dick. SENIOR BOYS HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Rodgers, Schwimmer, Bonge Barr, BairsTow, Coe, Lind, Boo e Leonard. Third Row: Birdlebough, Buck, STerreTT WOIT, Magie, Brown, SmiTh, WendT, Springer, I-Iirsch. Second Row: I-IerberT, Wilde, Paulus Svrcek, Moses, MackenroTh, I-IarTTield Cunningham, Drake, Marchini. Bo'ITom Row: Nowak, Anderson, Beck man, DahlquisT, Bamburg, Sowerslty I-Iaug, Cloud, MacLean, Meyers. 41959 winning The Suburban League championship. The social liTe oT The class was Tar Trom dull. The Senior CanTeen was organized This year as a place Tor The seniors To meeT wiTh Their daTes. The ban- gueT in The spring May 29Th To be exacT will be remembered as The climax oT Their Tour years. Now They are all eagerly awaiTing The one lasT geT-To- geTher aT The recepTion Tollowing commencement As New Trier says goodbye To The Class oT 53 so do we The seniors wisTTully say goodbye To The school in which we someTimes happily and some- Times grumblingly spenT The Iasr Tour years. x'Er"' ADVISER ROOM SENIOR ASSISTANTS Top Row: DooliTTle, Mason, Col burn, Truesdell. Third Row: PainTer, ChrisTensen CoTTey, Beckman, FulTon, Ander son, Colville. Second Row: FrosT, Embree, Wol COTT, Persons, PorTer, SeiTerT. JOHN A. sAMuEu. A. sr-um.Ee M. ' susm E. WALTER F. M ADAMS ADAMS AFFELDT Y X ALDER ALLPORT Page I22 Page I23 GLEN V., JANET C. GARY K. K FRED E. ' PATRICIA A BORRE BOSHES BRABECK BRADLEY BRADY MARYWYNNE - WILLIAM C. RICHARD I. ANNA A. GORDON BRENNAN BRICK BROWN BRUNN BUCK MARY M. DOUGLAS S. ALAN , GLORIA JEAN MARCIA BUZAN CAMPBELL CARLSEN CASKEY CATON JOAN F. DAVID I BRUCE E. ROGER C. ANNE C. ' CHWALISZ CLEMENTS CLINTON I CLOUD COBURN PETER M. l ROBERT A. ' CAROL M. CYNTHIA K. DAVID E. , CODY COE COFFEY Y COFFEY COLBURN Page I24 Pa e l25 5 1 S E E E 1 E 5 3 E E E 9 NANCY J. GEORGIA M. BURT J. .JANE E. THEODOSIA DeWlTT DICK DICKENS DICKERT DICUS 1 DORIS E. CELIA B, JEANNE K. ALBERTO MARTHA E. DIEBEL DIERKES DILLON DINI DOEPEL DONALD M. ANNE C. DOHERTY DOOLITTLE ' DOTY DOWD DOWLING DRAKE K' EXsfffArJb 'IsIaEiI-IXR? EISENDRATH QEEIII-Ixuxih ALICE R. ANITA A SCOTT M. SUZANNE JUDITH L. ELLBOGEN ELLIS ELROD EMBREE ENDRES DAVID N, JOHN B. SUSAN MARY B. I I GREGORY R. ETIENNE EVANS EWALD FARNHAM FARRELL 'Www M,- S' JUDITH B. MARILYN J. MARY O. CAROLYN L. DONALD P. FELDON FENDER FENTON, FERRARINI FERRARINI Page I26 Page I27 - . .:,,.. NANCY S. SANDRA FETZER FIELD JAMES G, JANET M. FLANNERY FORD 'CN-14' JAMES M. JOAN A. FOSTER FRASER X, MARY E. ANN S. FULTON GAINES MFDNQ IRENE R SUSAN GIMSE GLEN I2 s MARLENE SUSAN I, GOLD GOLDBER6 I Emma 'W V-ww-pl 'A7' A NJ"'AWww3Kz,g M I I .., A 'ri I SOAS A A ff-,Y . ' .S'. ' A 3223 ,WWSQ39 FRANKLIN W. ROBERT M. DOUGLAS R. FIETSCH FINNE FITCHMUN JUDITH A. JOHN R. ISAAC F. FORD FORD FOSTER WILLIAM C. BARBARA J. MICHAEL C. FREY FROST FULLER mm JANET W. KATHERINE JOY JOYCE D. GALLICCHIO GARNER GIBBONS 'il' -'bf 11 JOHN G. MARY N. MARTHA E. GLEZEN GLORIO GOETZ ,eva ELAINE N. DAVIDA JOAN L. GOLDENBERG GOLDMAN G-OLDSMITH sf 1 Q 15 X3 L is II Page I28 Page I29 wx? ,vb vw 'Y-Z"? 1 JV M 1 2 NANCY JANE LORETTA A. BARBARA L. CARYL B, JUDITH HAY HEFTER HEIMBACK HEITMANN HEMMENWAY AFV AW? IRENE E, JUDITH C. THEODORE IRENE B. EMILY HENNESSY HERBERT HERBERT HEUSER HILL 089' wb,- fm,-X 'TT' PAUL L. DAVID F, WILLIAM J. WILLIAM R, JAMES C. HILL HINCHMAN HINDMAN HINKLE HINMAN OBERT L, MARY E. JUDITH A. RALPH G. MATTHEW HIRSCH HITES HOFFMAN HOFFMAN HOFFSUEMMER ,pn-"N, MARILYNN FRANCES A MICHAEL E, HOOKER W, CARTER A. HOHLFELDER I-IOPPER HORRELL HORTON HOWARD USAN P DONNA GRACE CAROL L. GEORGIANA O. FRANCES HOWE HOYT HUBBARD HUDSON HUMPHREY Page I30 Page I3I JON R. CAROL A. JERRY P. PHYLLIS M. ANGELA B UND LINDHOLM LINDSTROM LOCKERBIE LOEFFELL Page I32 Page I33 GEORGE S. BAXTER W. MARILYN FUGIKO CAROL J. MOSES MOYER MYERS NAKAYA NATENBERG N Page I34 Page I35 NANCY J. DONALD L. HENRY HENRY CORNELIA G PATTERSON PATTON PAULMAN PAULUS PEACOCK A. CRARY RAE M. ALAN J. LYNETTE M. RICHARD W. E ERSEN PEG-ELOW PENCE PENDLETO PEARSON P D N RICHARD C. MARJORIE GEORGE E. ANTOINETTE DONALD E, PENNINGTON PERLMAN PERRY PERSONS ww :qt JAMES A JOHN A, JOHN R. DOLORES VIVIAN P. PETERSON PETERSON PETERSON PETRAUSKAS nu-. wk WW' MARIAN SHOSHANA KENT W. JAMES SIRJE PIERRE PIKELNY PILZ PITCHER FOLD DIANA ANN S. JOY PHILIP L, PETER M. POLLOCK POPPELI. PORTER PORTER PORTMANN Page I36 Page I37 fig. FRE SCHWIMMER E V RICHARD I, WARREN E. CAROL SALLY ROGER DANIEL G, SUSAN D. F. DOWNING JAMES P. KIRBY W. SIEGEL SIMMONS SLAYTON SMITH SMITH PETER A. JACK E. A GALE W. JULIA JANE LYN E. COLA P. DONALD J. NANCY L, WANDA MARY NANCY L. NDRA M. JOAN A. SUE J. RICHARD K. M. BEVERLY DERICK R, S. HEATHER SANDRA L. SHIRLEY A. DAVID L. SCOTT SEDERLUND SEIFERT S R ER SHERMAN il f., ff' L .cs wk ' SMITH SNELL SNIDER SNOW SORENSEN JOSEPH V. JOAN A. ' DAVID W. ROSS D. KATHRYN A. SORG SOTTILE A SOWERSBY SPALDING SPENCE SARANE ANN R, WILLIAM F. A RONALD A. SUZANNE B. SPENCE SPE-R0 SPIECKER SPITZER SPODNYAK Page I38 Page I39 m an ...N f':.."'5 ROBERT SARA PAULA K. JANE E. RICHARD P SWEIGERT SWIDLER SWIREN TEEGARDEN THALMAN , peg.. ,gm vw L. WILLIAM GENE M. JACK B. PATRICIA M. MARCIA J. THOELECKE, THULIN TICHENOR TOOL TOOMIN -:mia , , gl 1 .K-2. gf -I A. BRUCE ROBERT N. JULIE WIM RICHARD T TRUESDELL UNDERHILL VAN ALYEA VANDER GRAAF VAN WMI' i Ii ,A W, Q' 'Q ' MARINA MARTHA LOUIS A. GEORGE L. CHARLES R VAOS VAUGHAN VIGLIETTI 'ww-W THOMAS C ALFRED R. WILLIAM RUTH E. SUSAN E. WALTHOUSE WARD WARD WATKINS ,env JANET P. E, ALLAN STEPHEN NANCY ANN NEIL M. WEBSTER WEICENSANG WEIS WENDT WENDT hw 3' 'W EUNICE M. ANN L. GRAHAM H. EMANUEL J. V WERHANE WESCOTT WETZEL WEXLER Page I40 SLN 9.15 a Page I42 gil 'Wlemwziam Mr. Joseph C. Schumacher, who passed away May IO, l953, was a Teacher aT New Trier Tor ThirTy-Three years. During a large porTion oT ThaT Time he was direcTor oT The band and a Teacher oT band insTru- menTs. "Joe," as he was aTTecTionaTely known by his associaTes on The TaculTy, was disTinguished by his superb generosiTy. l-le seemed always willing To help anyone who needed help. To him, doing Tor oThers gave a real pleasure and saTisTacTion. As a Teacher he showed a greaT devoTion To his sTudenTs and during The years oT his Teaching he inspired many a boy and girl To gain a real inTeresT in worThwhile music. This inTeresT has enriched The lives oT large numbers oT sTudenTs who have gone Trom The school To Take Their places in The adulT world. l'lis years oT service aT New Trier will always be considered as one oT The conTribuTions ThaT have helped To make The school greaT. FaculTy, alumni, and sTudenTs who knew Mr. Schumacher will miss his kindly clevoTion To The school. 9 Archery, Girls' .... ..,. 9 2 Arr League ............ . . 63 Absence BuIIeI'in Corps .... .. 26 Bands ,............. . . . -. . 42 Baseball ..... -. . .... 80, 8I Baseball, Girls' .. .... 93 Baslcelball ...... .... 7 2-74 Baskelball, Girls' .. .... 95 Board of Educalion. .. .. I2 Career Club, GirIs'. .. ,... 60, 65 Chess Club ....... .... 6 2 Council of Clubs ..... .... 2 2 Dance, Girls' ... . . .. 94 Debale ...... ...... 5 I Dramalics ..... . . -. .45-47 Dramalic Club .... .... 4 5 Echoes ............. .... 5 4, 55 Engineering Club .... .,.. 6 2 Facully ......., ..., I O-I7 Fencing Club ... ..., .. 63 Foolball ,... . . ..., 68-7I French Club ........ ..,,.. 6 4 Freshmen .............,. ,.. IOO-IO5 Fulure Teachers of America. . . ..., . . 60 Garden Club ...,...... .... 6 O Geography Club .,,.... ..., 6 O German Club ............ .... 6 4 Girls' A+hIeIic Associarion .... .... 8 6-9I Girls' Club .............. .... 3 O-33 Golf .................. .... 8 3 Golf. Girls' .. .... 93 Gymnasrics . .. . . 75 I-Ioclcey, Girls' ......... .... 9 6 I-Ionor Socielies, Senior .... .... I 2I Honor Sludy Halls ...... .. 23 Inlormalion Deslc .... .... 2 6 Inlramurals, Boys' .... .... 8 4, 85 Juniors ......... .... I I2-I I9 Knilling Club ... .... 6I Lacrosse, Girls' .... .... 9 2 Lagniappe ..... ,... 2 7-29 Lalin Club ..... .. 64 Lens Club ........ .. 6.2 Library Assislanls .... .. 65 Library Monifors ....... .. 26 Lunch-hall Commillees .... ., 22 Magazines ............... .... 5 6, 57 Dei Schreiberei lGermanl ..,. . . 57 EI Pregunlon lSpanishl Inlclings llileraryl ...... Le Flambeau lFrenchl Models' Club ......... Model Cralls Club. .. Music Clubs ......, Music Groups . . Choir .,.., Ensembles . . , Glee Clubs .,., Opera Groups . .. Treble Clel .... Musicale Club N Club ..... News .... Operella . . Orcheslra ..... . . Plays ................. "Ladies in ReI'iremen'r" "TweIl'Ih Nigl'il" .. .. "Wizard of Oz" .. Pool Guard, Girls' .... Public Address Corps. .. Radio Club ........ Raillans' Club .......... Recilal Club ...,....... Recreaiional arres Gir s' G . , I Riding. Girls' .......... Science Club ..,. Seniors .,,...... Service Club .... Ski Club ....., Soccer, Girls' ......... . Sophomores ........... Sophomore Absence Bulle Spanish Club .......... Square Dance Club ...... Sramp and Coin Club... Sludenl Council .,..... Swimming ....,.... Swimming, Girls' . .. Tennis .....,.. Tennis, Girls' .. Track ..,........ Tri-Ship Club .... Tumbling, Girls' .... Usher Corps ..... Volleyball, Girls' ..... Verse-Speaking Choir .. Wreslling ......,.. 57 56 57 6I 6I 40 .....36-40 -.36,37 .....36,37 39 38 40 50 63 .....52,53 .....43,44 4I ,....48,49 48 49 48 97 65 63 6I 4I 94 97 60 I2O-I4I 65 62 97 IO6-III 'rin Corps .......... 26 64 63 6I 20 .....76,77 95 83 .....93,96 ...,.78,79 .,...24-26 94 26 94 47 82 lub dgwlr was prinled by Economy Adverlising Company, Iowa Cily, Iowa: The en- gravings were made by Ponliac Engraving and Eleclrolype Company, Chicago, Illinois: The cover was produced by lhe Deluxe Crall' Com- pany, Chicago, Illinois: and professional pholog- raphy was performed by lhe Bernie Sludio, Evans- lon, Illinois. All design, layoul, and non-proIes- sional pholography was done by Echoes slafl members, New Trier I-Iigh School, Winnellqa, Illinois. y i

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