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x Nw 1" , 1 f + . , ' ,, v , ' A X .1-.Y - L - . I K, 'Q QQLV x 'M' CT., -M X ., A , 1--1545 .X '11-'VT rj 5 A ,QII ' Q I 1 J X Mfg I ' of 4 1 S I N v f' wx- 1 ,A Muff 2' P V ,JU L . wwf WM Q if Kg! 'gd J L:fN,:vAy!r jtffo ' M 0, Wow Gi Q Vflflbwv V0 4' ' ff - if Q up 5 3- zfjzpngzgy Wwfyxgiii K " , .2 X . A fx 'fig' fx. 'Rx N 2 Qi i x R1 av' , .K . ' ' 2 .1 " 1, Af 1 ,, , ' N X F ' fe x 1 I ' . . 1 w ' 1 - f, x . lx V 7-. X A f - - 'h ' x i . WW QU ff f V055 W I C1 I Gy AFR X X fo 6.5510 E 1 ' 3ryTY' JW QQ Q x WWE n ' I I ' L ,J I "' ' "V, 7 l.lvs.l -V ' EW Nw ""L"u33X-rtwigl '-ff'-- TK--ll-4 ,cf--1--Q, 4 ff' X M Nfmviw M ww . I X J L ' ' I ,. sp rv x ' Q Q +5 A ' 52 VN Q1 33 ' K , , J X5 ' OJ 1 X 2 ,f 1' af I I ff 'Wiki mix X if F5 I RN. -xxx A, Q ' ' if I if 5511 if ,. I XQE 1 ' f L67 Y Alf, 5 - 7 Q' f-KC' k ' ' ' EJ 2 Y ' V ,I 3 r 5 fx-,Nfl 'eg fm Yxlwrxuwzy, 1 A '. M K' ' f w 'uki L gf YSL R W 11' f f tx ff- - gk? E fi ,, i V -'I ,TQFL N , H Y 0 .,, Q., "' 'f"1 1 ru., mo, A 'f' ' niet 69.5553 Par 5 6 'K' 0 43 rg l. 31,1 39 X X ,V XXSQQQA 232 aff? V L XXAQXKXQ klijgwkjriv .,A,5, - ' NT in My MA x XR", g W" , N ' . ' 14" X ' -' . .1 f'-f ' A , xx 'Y V Lf, 1 H. hi . .1 'fb ' ,ab A K V A xX'Cf 'W D , Q 1 -1.3 'VC M,,6 afj ,I-4feA,y Q' 9 an-'K -D:-0-64.8200 , ff wi Qgfif M wi wg fygiflgffw 5 ygfy gqaa f - Xggijfggg wif fbfik gh R2 Q39 ff wb ,OO X WA fwfr MSM- ,XE 'Lg ., A 9,-f-fy fi 9 N-J ff f X 1 1 , , X ,ff N " . f QQ X R f , X I I X xx, . ,f XP f,p .- .X , ,. X 7 b ALL ABGARDT This was The year we huddled TogeTher To survive The EvansTon game blizzard-decoraTed our indispensable cash- meres wrTh medallion necklaces-laughed aT cerTaln lines Trom "lolanThe"-and brolce lvlorTon's 34-win basl4eTball sTrealc. Monday mornings and Friday aTTernoons were as Tedious as ever, The caTeTeria passageway as cold, elecTions as exclTing, and deTeaTs as discouraging. JusT anoTher year? Maybe, buT we'll never TorgeT iT. Here, connecTed by our Theme oT Trains and railroads, we presenT The highlighTs of The I952 New Trier Special. Our aim has been To depicT The deTails as well as The big Things ThaT made This year whaT iT was. We hope you'll like our innovaTions, ToleraTe our mis Talces, and have a pleasanT ride. -The EdiTors 'Zag 751'-' N. W 747y76-25.455 ygu Btfftk 7"lfll?'v4yx, 5a.,q,.J-04 T JM MW7 J"""""J0""'! "Gum: ,Z-Ze. if-J A ,l,,,,-e?f,waoC ....Zuf?..g,e,L,,,,4-,uf,,,,,.,.,5,.1.1 fee-4,-'J'v??7'!l-azfurawao-lu.,,,wl v-2-u.4'4!'m.0.... afwef'Ci,,bu4,z, QQ! ann, ,,,,,..,,,,,', ,gg4d1,,7,,,M,,,,,,g-. curbs fislnadqjf-eff-wsdfgsmwfigw-Q ' T X. , , -fijig , Jo' if vb. if if Milfs f "' J' wp "" ', 4 f w MQQMQWVW DQZQQWJQZQ' M fw ,ww wpmfyw M 6 0 G1IQIP2zEj1 SW E Houma D Y 311-qgg: 7---- ff ' CJLIR scHooL DAY ADVISER ISERIOD Q Q f fm " my VV I W 44 ..,. K SCHCOL'S OUT LOCKING UP 5'-"' : . , . ,X ..."': Sl ' ' ' !-4:1 ADMINISTRATIC - , In The Engine AsThelQew'TderSpedalpuHsunoThelndwn HHlS+a Hon, and The smoke graduaHy dears The crowd reahzes ThaT The happily waving engineer is our own MaTThew P. GaTTney, New Trier's superinTendenT. Famed Tor his abil- Hy To lead us MBT as eThdenHy as he has guided The Special inTo The sTaTion, Mr. GaTTney conTided To an in- quinng reporTer ThaT even he wiH have a hard Tune ac- comodaTing The ever-increasing populaTion oT New Trier in The nexT Ten years. Engineer G5aTTney sTaTed ThaT our enroHmenT wHl be heavbr Than ever before and ThaT TaciliTies will have To expand accordingly. One New Trier indispensable who can be expecTed To help liclc This and any oTher problems is our assisTanT superinTendenT, Mr. Wesley Brown. l-le looks Torward To possible building changes Tor beTTer ire proTecHon in The connng year l-lere, Trom The exclusive comparTmenTs, come Miss Ma- loney, Dean oT Girls, Mr. F. Kahler, Dean oT Boys, and Mr. Frisbie, The laTTer's assisTanT. This viTal Threesome has sold TiclceTs To Thousands OT The Special's passengers, giving Them invaluable help Tor Their posT-New Trier lives. Now we see Mr. LundguisT and Mr. Kelley, respecTively our Guidance TesTing DirecTor and VisiTing AdiusTmenT C:ounseHor. BoTh These rnen waTch Tor danger dgnak, and handle inTormaTion abouT The besT Track courses ahead. Leading our Board OT EducaTion Trom The conTer- ence car is Mr. Paul CuTler, iTs presidenT. l-lis associaTes are Mr. Hiram Belding, Mr. ChrisTian E. Jarchow, Mr. William l-lales, and lvlrs. Harry Williams. The mosT con- spicuous group To emerge Trom The Special is The seem- ingly endless line oT almosT 2,500 sTudenTs. Led by Mr. GaTTney and his incomparable associaTes, The New Trier Spedalcan nevergo wrong. MR. CUTLER MR. BELDING MR. HALES MR. JARCHOW MRS. WILLIAMS Page IO . KAHLER MALONEY BROWN HERRON RODBRO -wr ww ' 'Av 'QI LUNDQUIST FRISBIE ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTM ENT HEADS ASSISTANTS wif' ...uw WH-am, -.-009' 1-.gmt Q. Q '53 Nw 'wi 'QA aw- v Shu MURPHY RAU CARPENTER SMALL SCHOENENBERGER LIGHTER McKEE LIBBEY Ar+ Commerce EngIIsI1 Languages Healfh Home Economics IncIusIrIaI Arfs Library DEPARTMENT HEADS 5-hw QU. !1x+f Winn, L"vs.,w SNYDER BRADBURN MAGES SHOWLEY GRATER BOULTON WINDOES SHEARER MaII'1emaI'Ics Music Music Boys' Phys. Educ. AI'I'1IeIic Direcfor Girls' Phys. Educ. Science Social S+udIes ADVISER CHAIRMEN 8 , gf mi? sunk: is in Al KAHLER MALONEY WEHR BREDIN LIGHTNER HURST REAM HAMILTON Page I I English Department One ineviTable Tour-year side Trip as we Take The ldew Tner Spedaks cruke E ThaTinTo The Enghsh DeparTmenT. This year Mr. CarpenTer has Taken overasiTshead. Ahhough no new coumes have beeninhoduced This year, The old ones were sTudied wiTh greaTer enThuQasn1 Than ever. CDur deparhnenT ohers noT only The cusTomary liTeraTure, grammar, and com- posiTion Training, buT an unusual number oT unique courses. CDuTsTanding anwong These are The acceler- aTed or Hvu courses Tor aH years, and, oT course G-reaT Books. This year Two deparTmenT members were readers Tor The College EnTrance ExaminaTion Board, and were able To give seniors some viTal ad- vice and preparaTion Tor Treshrnan college work. CoHege preparahon m generalhas been The deh- nHe hend Thk yean wHh many ouTQde mdssuch as workbooks vocabubry Teds and TexTbooks and poinT raTing sysTems Tor composiTions. Mr. PeTer- son and Mr. LighTner Traded classes Tor one six weeks' period, giving Their respecTive classes an op- porTuniTy wiTh a diTTerenT specialisT. An elaboraTe progranuin reading hnprovernenT was ako carded on, wiTh The help oT The Guidance-TesTing DeparT- menT. Sncelhe Drama DeparhnenThasrnovediTshead- quarTers To The new building, iT has Travelled TurTher and even beTTer Than in previous years. Increased equiprnenT has permiTTed The exTension oT one- sernesTerTo TuH-year courses. Seniors,as usuah were aHowed To subshhhe The popuhr coumesin Eng- Ikh 4Ad and 4Bd and Pubhc Speabng TorTheu regubr coumes In addrHon,The Speech Depad- menT oTTered classes in Voice and DicTion and priv- aTe speechinsnucHon,and rewved a new second- semesTer course in Radio AcTing and Announcing. Page I2 MATHEMATICS MATHEMATICS Our head mafhemarical conducror is Mr. Sny- der who, wirh his sixreen able assis+anI's, offers us a guided four of his deparImenI, and hopes we'll like ir well enough 'ro slay. Firsl and besi- Iravelled are freshman algebra and plane geome- Iry, whose enihusiasis drink in Ihe knowledge Thai "x" is an unknown and Ihe Pyrhagoras is Jrhe idol of every sophomore. We pause nexl' aI' a door Io Algebra Ill, which may be enlered by 'rhose who gor A's or B's in elemenlary algebra. Olher popular one-semesier comparlmenrs are Solid Geomefry, Trigonomeiry, College Algebra, and Slide Rule. More and more of us are realiz- ing Ihar maih is fun, and deserves more Ihan Ihe cusromary Iwo-year ride. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Big news in 'rhe M. E. building is Ihe ins'ri'ru+ion iusl Ihis year of a compulsory course for sopho- more boys, called Minors ZS. Previously a mere hope in 'rhe minds of farsighied adulfs, Minors ZS is now quiie realisrically preparing our second- year men Io be in'relligen'r home owners of Ihe Iu+ure. Also as popular as ever This year are Ihe usual courses in Drawing, Melals, Aulomorives, and Woods. These classes are essenlial prepara- 'Hon for engineers-'ro-be and for any mechanic- ally inclined New Trier s'rudenI'. Allhough an overwhelming per cen+ of indusrrial arls sfudenis are males, even girls have venfured info Ihe awe- inspiring shop rooms. and have been sulzliicienily infrigued Io slay. To Ihe s+udenIs enrolled in mechanical courses Jrhey are regarded as one of New Trier's mos+ invaluable deparrmenrs. SNYDER CATON EVANS HARPER JONE S KELSO SLEIGHT SWAIN - UDE I DUSTRIAL RTS WEINGARTNER - I McKEE . FLANINGAM OAKS Page I3 WEILER LIGHTER Page I4 SOWERSBY BOND SOCIAL STUDIES Our Social STudies deparTmenT aimed Tor sTudenTs To be in- Tormed on The hisTorical background oT The world as well as on The heriTage OT Their counTry and communiTy. This year The em- phasis was shiTTed Trom memorizaTion work To an aTTempT Tor everybody To undersTand and careTully consider The maTerial. Movies, Tilm sTrips. and records were used oTTen To provide addi- Tional inTeresT. Even The reTiring people had ample oppOrTuniTy To express Their opinions Through panel and group discussions. WiTh The exTensive varieTy oT courses oTTered, and The careTul leadership oT Mr. Shearer and The insTrucTors, This year's work in Social STudies has been more Tun Than ever. HOME ECONOMICS WheTher she hopes To concenTraTe on Tull or parT Time home- making in The TuTure, any New Trier girl can equip herselT wiTh a solid domesTic backing by Taking our Home Economics courses. BoasTing an enTire secTion oT The TourTh Tloor. The deparTmenT's TaciliTies include an up-To-daTe Toods laboraTory, compleTe sew- ing and cooking accessories, and a TasTeTully decoraTed small aparTmenT. The laTTer. a viTal parT oT The deparTmenT, noT only serves as a class laboraTory, buT is used Tor TaculTy Teas and oTher social aTTairs. Foods classes someTimes provide reTreshmenTs Tor These parTies, and They also cook a wide varieTy oT dishes as They learn To appreciaTe The imporTance OT viTamins and nuTriTional values. Across The hall, CloThing sTudenTs can be seen sewing anyThing Trom simple aprons To graduaTion dresses. Also very popular are The courses in lnTerior DecoraTion and in Consumers' EducaTion. , g,, SCIENCE and COMMERCE Everyone has observed a number of young biologisTs dashing over The hockey Tield in search of rare dragonflies, or Telling The nauseaTing deTails of Trog dissecTion. Or iT mighT be ThaT you've chanced upon physics enThusiasTs sweaTing over plans Tor aTomic- power hoT rods. You may have poked your inquisiTive nose inTo The depThs of Science IV, where innocenT seniors learn whaT They don'T know already. UndoubTedly, you've smelled The unrnisTak- able 'fumes oT sulphur produced by our own budding chemisTs. lNoTe: all chemisTry sTudenTs are advised To geT sTudenT insurance policy.l Some oT us may dread The compulsory course in science, buT once They've enTered The deparTmenT, Tew leave volunTarily. There's never a dull momenT in This car. and iT Takes a skillTul engi- neer like Mr. Windoes To keep iT on The righT Track. IT you wanT To break down your moTher's sales resisTance, or secreTly aspire To be Mr. 6aTFney's privaTe secreTary, your place is in our Commerce DeparTmenT. The world's TasTesT TypisTs lIO words a minuTe, someTimesll and Tamed shorThand whizzes also geT Their Training here. Everybody will evenTually require a knowledge oT Typing, bookkeeping, salesmanship, or shorThand, and There's no beTTer place To learn Than in Mr. Rau's deparT- menT. -- rv WINDOES CH RISTENSEN CLADER CONDON EDWARDS HOYT REAM REYNOLDS SMITH Ui' G STEWART VAN DEURSEN VERNON RAU DOCKSTADER HADDEN HERRON REINHARDT I SMITH Page I5 . ,W Page I6 FCREIG LANGLI GES PARLEZ-VOUS ANYTHING? IT you don'T, you've missed ouT on one oT The happiesT experi- ences New Trier has To oTTer. The Language DeparTmenT, again under Dr. Small's smiling direcTion, has had an unusually educa- Tional I952. FirsT-year suTTerers have discovered The Tun oT mysTi- Tying Their parenTs wiTh such quainTly suggesTive expressions as "Puella Romana esT," and "Fermez la bouchel" Second and Third year sTudenTs have, as usual, seTTled down To prepare Tor college boards and The more immediaTe semesTer TesTs. The greaT nurn- ber OT sTudenTs who express Their enThusiasTic desires To learn anoTher Tongue, and Their laTe success in language Tields show ThaT our Language DeparTmenT gives more oT The school's ouT- sTanding opporTuniTies. MUSICOLOGY The climb To Room 4-I I is breaThTaking, buT The reward is even more so. l-lere, surrounded by hundreds oT musical insTrumenTs which she has collecTed Trom all over The world, Mrs. Kidd dir'ecTs her many aTTairs as our I-lead MusicologisT. We all appreciaTe The work she does To inTegraTe music inTo so many oTher courses, and also To make Musicale's ConcerT Series The success iT always is. THE DINER Everyone has sampled and enjoyed The wares oT Mrs. ReclciTT's lciTchen sTaTT. This Tireless group spends long hours behind The scenes in The caTeTeria, cuTTing, slicing, Tlavoring, boiling-making iT harder Than ever Tor us To lceep our dieTs. No banqueT could succeed wiThouT Them, nor could any lunch period. Why noT Talce a Trip To The lciTchen To see Tor yourselT how imporTanT The cooli- ing crew is? g MR. SCHUMACHER A viTal parT oT New Trier Tor 33 years, Mr. Schumacher con- Tinues Today To help us all as The AdminisTraTive AssisTanT. NOT only does he aTTend To many business deTails oT The main oTTices, buT he is The sponsor oT The Chess Club, and as such has helped many members To improve Their sTraTegies in ThaT game. MUSIC-ART LIBRARY-HE LTH MUSIC From The conducTor down, everyone knows all abouT The superior musical programs presenTed during New Trier's evenTTul TiTTy-TirsT year. Well over haIT The sTudenT body parTicipaTed in insTrumenTaI as well as choral pro- ducTions. Mrs. Bradburn, The deparTmenT's new head, and The resT oT The music TaculTy, deserves a greaT deal oT crediT Tor These successes, as well as ThaT OT The unTor- geTTable "IoIanThe." Nexr year, leT's all geT on The Track and ioin a musical group. You'll be surprised how Tal- enTed you really are. ART ConducTor Murphy oT The ArT pullman has announced The arrival oT new elecTric eguipmenT, a poTTer's wheel, and a glaze sprayer. These TaciIiTies are used in drawing, painTing, skeTching, and sculpTure classes, which are TaughT by Three capable assisTanT conducTors. AnoTher, Mr. STenvaIl, is on a year's absence leave To obTain his M.A. in jewelry. Upon his reTurn, we anTicipaTe The inauguraTion oT a iewelry-making course. LIBRARY Miss Libbey, who keeps our library car in Tine running condiTion, was assisTed This year by Mrs. Flood and Miss Richeimer. Under Their guidance The passengers wander aT will among The I-4,500 volumes, many currenT maga- zines, and The 800 Carnegie GranT recordings. AnoTher popular TeaTure oT The Library is The college caTalogue deparTmenT which boasTs inTormaTion abouT almosT every American insTiTuTion. HEALTH Hopping Trom car To car, Tew New Trier sTudenTs can avoid a Trip To car 309. Here Their various pains are healed by Two kindly whiTe-clad ladies, Mrs. Schoenen- berger and Mrs. Hendrick, whose assisTanTs are The Ser- vice Club girls. WiTh These people keeping us shipshape, iT's no wonder New Trier is The perTecT physical specimen iT is. ANDERSON REAM Y , LAVERY ERST FEARHEILEY HOLLAND SMITH LIBBEY FLOOD . RICHEIMER HENDRICK SCHOENENBERGER Page I7 BOULTON ABBOTT BYRNE HOOK I KING veAcH VOELZ zen: SHOWLEY GRATER CHILDS CRAMLET FRANTZEN GIALLOMBARDO H URLEY JACKSON JODA LAUER McFADZEAN ROBERTSON SCHMIDT OSLAND Page I8 PHYSICAL EDLICATIO GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION As fhe dazzling green gym suifs again doffed fhe norfh afhlefic fields, fhe Miss Boulfon's girls' physical educafion deparfmenf had a year of rare success. The previous feachers welcomed lhree newcomers, Miss I-look, Miss Voelz and Mrs. Zeff, and fhey all confinued fheir posifion of being friends fo every girl. Inferesl' wheels followed definife fracks. Fresh- man and sophomore acfivifies emphasized indi- vidual skills in group play. Juniors, foo, per- fc-cfed personal skills, buf were encouraged fo develop sfrafegy in feamwork. Time-worn senior gi.rls were given invaluable fraining fo prepare fhem for fhe fufure as well as fhe presenf. ATLASES IN THE MAKING This year 'rhe Boys' Physical Educafion Deparf- menl' sfarfed off fhe second fiffy years under fhe able leadership of Mr. Showley. Duke Childs, who has run fhe deparfmenf for fhe lasf forfy years, is largely responsible for if foday. To hirn goes all fhe real glory when we fhink of New Trier's greaf rafing among ofher schools, plus fhe realizafion of fhe deparfmenfs aims of de- veloping healfh, sfrengfh, and good cifizenship in all boys. To furfher fhis end, fhe coaches give fraining in all The mosf pracfical and popular sporfs so fhaf our boys will nof become weak- lings. Duke's unforgeffable iolo will long be re- membered by fhe Thousands of boys who have benefifed from his guidance. To Mr. Showley we exfend our besf wishes for success: may he confinue fo keep up 'rhe sfandards of fhe Boys' Physical Educafion Deparfmenf. Joe Schmidf and Mrs. Osland are offen over- looked when recognifion is fo be given, buf fhey do a greaf iob keeping fhe locker rooms on an even keel. They check ouf equipmenf which is used every day, make sure if's refurned, and keep if in order. Always around when we need fhem, fhey answer counfless guesfions, unlock doors, and do many fhings which are faken for granfed. Our fhanks go fo fhis wonderful pair for keeping our locker rooms and our school a pleasanfer place. . A.., ff? -s fs I I . ,V., 51535 ' S 'ji' GIBSON OFFICE FORCE No Train line can funcfion wiThouT a rnain office ThaT runs n'iosT of The line's business. NOT unlike The real railroads, The New Trier Special's pride is iTs RegisTrar's Office, which is dedgned To serve The dubs,The vanous deparTmenTs The ParenTs AssociaTion, and To handle The numerous drives Tak- ing pJace Throughouf The school year. C:onsBTing of boTh full and par'T Tirne workers, The office sTaff has such duTieS as progranw changing, aTTendance buHeHns, coHege Tran- scripTs, The school calendar, The swiTchboard and locker as- QgnrnenTs. hAhneographing, purchaing, and supervking of school affairs are also cleared Through The RegisTrar's Office. Under The direcTion of lvlr. I'Ierron, The RegisTrar, our ofhce sTaff serves noT orHy in The fronT ofhce, buT in The Physical EducaTion deparTmenTs, and in Mr. Brown's and The deans'ofHces Invaluable To The office sTaff are The volunTeer iunior and senior girls comprising The Girls' Office STaff, under Miss I-lolzinger's sponsorship. Giving Time from Their sTudy halls, These gids hsue Tardy shps fHe progranw cards, and Take care of The RegisTrar's Office counTer. GIRLS' OFFICE STAFF Anderson, Peuckart, Powers, Crenshaw, Kramer, McNicholas ATKINS BROWN COOPER DALGETY FRAKE HOLZINGER LANGE LARSEN LINDEEN NAY PARKER SCHMIDT SMITH SORENG Page I9 i SERVICE GROUPS ' Page 20 PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Row I: Ward, Smith, Wolfe Row I: Wendt, Pallisard, Schultz, McLirck, Clapp, Cox, Goldman Row 2: Curvey, Moore, Rosenbaum, Nicholls Row 2: Vincent, Berghoff, Moore, Gordon, Newell, Pietrowicz, Salerno, Miller These are The busTling, running, usually unseen porTers oT our vasT Train-The service groups. None oT us could accomplish much wiThouT Their necessary work. Social STudies and science classes would never be The same wiThouT movies and slides, which are shown To us by Mr. SmiTh's Visual Aid Corps. These boys devoTe a sTudy hall every day and run a sTaggering ToTal ol over l,OOO movies per year. AnoTher mechanical-minded group is The Public Address Corps, whose iob iT is To handle The sound and microphones Tor every perTormance in The audiTorium. Over in The library, Things would come To a sTandsTill wiThouT The Library AssisTanTs, who help in counTless ways To keep our liTeraTure in Top condi- Tion. The A.B.C. Corps is a group oT junior boys who see ThaT absence bulleTins are placed in every room every morning. Finally, we have The Service Club-Those whiTe-smoclced iunior and senior girls, headed by Doris FrankensTein and her board, who are invaluable in The nursels oTTice and all over The school Tor Their proiecTs. This year They broadened Their horizons To make scrapbooks and Tavors Tor hospiTalized veTerans. a t si e SERVICE CLUB Buzan, Myers, Birney, Sedenlond, Teegarden, Doig, Tool, Baker, Richards, Riva, Litsey, Elliott, Hovt, Cooper, Vaughan Ballman, McCloud, I. Van Alyea, Sparnon, Troch, Veeder, Lewis, Butler, Serena, , Hamilton, Unknown, Unknown, Porter, Madden, Strattan, Weidemann, Hopper, Row I: Went, Boshes, Pierre, Iones, McCormick, Holmes, Missner, Schramm, De Gryse, Kuhn, Row 2: Hendrick, Iackson, Parrish, Coffey, Hites, Sedgwick, Browning, E. Van Alyea, Linde Unknown, Coifey, Bean, Struve, Schmick, Frost, Braynen, Schoenenberger Row 3: Ellbogen, Lederer, Knapp, Coburn, Lathan, Watenberg, Pokin, Wescott, Hennessy, Burmeister, O'Neil, Moore, Unknown, Von Brauchitsch, Hamann, Tourtellot, Attebery, Schright, Unknown, Beacom, Iansons, McLaughlin, Blanchard, Spero, Feltes, Stuebner, Kaine, Haseltine, Langfitt, Harkness, Gunther ,A.dg, .,-, s Y If , 'I i s FACULTY Be-sl-Dressed . . . . . Mr. Gibson. Chuck Lauer, Mrs. Cavanauqln Besl-Informed . . Mr. Pelerson, Mrs. Slewarl, Mr. Frisbie Mos? Tacliul . , Miss Byrne, Mr. Wilson, Miss l-lamillon Mosl' Helpful . . . Mr. Coburn, Miss Veach, Mr. Condon Mosl Dashing . . . Mr. Windoes, Miss l-lavey, Mr. Liglwlner Besr Sense of Humor . Dr. Small, Mr. E. Kalwler, Miss Bredin Page 2l Q s. Y.. ,. 4- . .':,1 s? - 1 t 1 1 . A P 7 X Y .w.. .. .... , . TUDEN T55 LE ADERSHIP is 2 Clli 512121315 C1313 l CONAGHA 1 ?' il ig, N 2 Q mrgirdww Page 23 GIRLS CLUB Page 24 VOORHEIS PresidenT HICKS Vice-PresidenT NAUJOKS Secrefary REDMON Treasurer MCAFEE CI1ariTy NORTON Financial NELSON Employmenf CULBERTSON PubIiciTy HARTRAY Friendly RUMAGE Social WEIDEMANN Service FRANKENSTEIN Nursery This isn'T The ChaTTanooga or even The I'IousTon Choo-Choo-iusT The '52 model oT The Girls' Club sTreamliner, loaded wiTh proTiTable Tun Tor every New Trier Temale. Mary Clare Weidemann had com- pleTeIy redecoraTed The roundhouse, The clubroom. The TirsT Tri- umph was The Treshman girls' assembly, where bookleTs wiTh picTures OT The board members were disTribuTed. NexT came The new Girls' Supper on OcTober 9Th. Mary I'IarTray and Ann Rumage ouTdid Themselves and really made our new Triends Teel aT home. When everybody knew everybody, They Tormed an invincible Team To sell a marvelous quanTiTy OT magazines, wiTh veep Sheila I-Iicks as The guiding lighT. Barbara Koenig won The grand selling prize oT an evening bag conTaining a waTch, necklace, and a pair oT earrings. Mary and Ann Took over again wiTh The Friendly BanqueT. ATTer- dinner enTerTainmenT climaxed an enTire day which sTarTed New Trier's real Triendly spiriT ThaT lasTed all year. Anne Redmon was a busy girl aT This Time, Too. I-Iers was The arduous Task oT counTing proceeds Trom TooTbaIl hoT dog sales, iusT one oT The Treasurer's 'obs. l Judy McATee and Bill I-licks, represenTaTives oT Girls' Club and Tri-Ship, ioinTIy headed The magniTicenT display OT concern Tor oTh- ers in our November CloThing Drive. In one week we rallied To- geTher and won our TirsT sock hop as a reward Tor exceeding The IO- Ton cloThing quoTa and bringing in I7 Tons. Never idle, Girls' Club sTaged a Bake Sale on December I5, headed by Judy NorTon. AImosT every girl conTribuTed a producT oT her domesTic TaIenTs. ResuITing Tunds are being used Tor scholarships. This was only one aTTair made doubly successTuI by Lois CulberTson's unique pubIiciTy. Girls' Club conTribuTion To holiday Tun was an open house on De- cember 2I. ReTreshmenTs and reunions Tor TaculTy, alums, and sTu- denTs were given. Ginny Nelson saw To iT ThaT every ambiTious girl was provided wiTh iobs, chieTly baby-siTTing. Child-lovers also worked aT Doris FrankensTein's Nursery School. OTher new proiecTs, headed by Nancy Nauioks, were The Library and OTTice STaTTs. The MoTher-DaughTer BanqueT on March I2 was a graTiTying suc- cess in bringing girls, moThers, and school inTo one closer bond. The Tinal proiecT was The Red Cross Drive, sponsored ioinTIy wiTh Tri- Shi . glass managers were Nancy O'Neil, senior: Sue Jamieson, iunior: Mary Anderson, sophomore: and Joan Birney, Treshman. BuT The real conducTors oT This ouTsTanding car were iTs invaluable leaders: Miss KixMiller, The sponsor, and The presidenT, Jan Voorheis. Every girl in New Trier should be graTeTul To Them Tor sTeering her '52 club To The wonderTuI ride iT had. MISS KIXMILLER Sponsor MANAGERS ldrankenstein, Birney. Iamieson, O4Neil LIBRARY STAFF Row I: Leys, Richard, Pierre, Ard, Hauser, Harwood Ron' 2: Bellows, Kotchever, Odell, Iackson, Newton NURSERY SCHOOL Row I: Hales, Kanne, Anderson, Newton, lones, Harwood Mygdal Row 2: Hill, Kingsbury, Willey, O'Neil, Blanchard, Feltes, Doo'ittle, Bauman. GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES llst Semesterl Row 1: Appelbaum, Langenbach, Vaughan, Hauser, Keith, Drell, Elliott, Foster Row 2: Philp, Andrew, Roos, lohnson, Scott, Harris, Sprowl, Rassbach Row 3: Sederlund, Lewis, Hattis, Pope, Bick, Dennis, Kelly, Veeder, Daley GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES 12nd Semesterj Row I: Hattis. Garrett, Kenney, Clifton, Pope, Hauser, Ber- nard Row 2: Eberhardt, Gallicchio, Schweizer, Thulin, Iones, lones, Trexler Row 3: Toomin, Allegan, Borg, Knobel, Hassenauer, Gather- coal, Sederlund. Unger GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES llst Semesterl Row 1: Meyer. Barnett. McRoy, Pearson, Myers, Tatham, Anderson, MacDougall, Unknown, Gallicchio. Van Weyk McCall:n, Ristow, Klein, Ewald. Gore, Rome, Pegues, Larl son, Ferguson, Williams, Brown Row 2: Lind, Persons. Chinberg, Knoff, Kissock, Lewis, Un- known, Simons, Vaughan, Porter, Kelly, lohnson, Wolff, Sparnon. Kraus, Hovey, Koenig, Meneghello, Kramer, But- ler Lan enbich Nielsen Nance . , g Q , H. , Row 3: Siewert, Kingsbury, Bean, Litsey, Sandberg, Brady, D. lohnson, Haneman, Embree, Madigan, Lambert, C. Iohnson, MacLean, Blanchard, Tourtellot, Ashcraft, Peder- sen, Rieger, Paynter, Rasmussen, Spence, Langfitt, Andrew GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES 42nd Semesterj Row I: Magnussen, Howe, Vincent, Sittig, Kuhn, Pope, Franke, Curtiss. Witt, Hefter, Stanley, Trexler, Iames, Tourtellot, Doig. Elniendorf Row 2: Hohlfelder, Wales, Oldberg, Harris, Goss, Oxley, Wendt, Okin, Debs Ho er Unknown, Stiwell, Unknown, H PP 1 Snow, Woltz, Rembert Row 3: Katz, Droba. Meier, Davis, Edmonds, Dotter, Rod- dick, Hamann, Koplin, Schweizer, Covell, Chetlain, Olson, Hamilton, Hamilton, Goldenberg, Brown. Albrecht TRI-SHIP Page 26 TRI-SHIP OFFICERS KNOTT PresiclenT HUST Vice-PresfdenT HlCKS SecreTary HOLDEN Treasurer JENKS Clubroom KLING STuclenT Aid BARNETT Head Usher THOMAS Traffic BURKHARDT Lagniappe PASCHEN Public RelaTions McNEILL Peppers ADSIT Dance BURT Dinner MAURITZ Tickefs WEBER Service SMITH Arrangemenfs WARD Junior Chairman STRUGGLES Sophomore Chairman MARSH Freshman Chairman The by-words oT every New Trier boy's code, CiTizenship, Fellowship, and SporTsmanship, com- prise Tri-Ship's Three cars in The all-masculine secTion oT our Train. Manned by lvlr. Frisbie and Mr. Gan- naway, The sponsors, The cars were kepT on This year's Track by The board, wiTh Tom KnoTT The PresidenT. Tri-Ship claims To have Tinished The besT year in iTs hisTory: ThaT The AdsiT-planned dances, The FaTher-Son BanqueT, arranged by Dinner Chairman BurT, Career NighT, Paul BurkhardT's "Face The Music," and The smooTh Teamwork oT represenTa- Tives, Ushers, TraTTic Squadders, hall guards, inTo desk boys, library moniTors, and members oT all Tri- Ship commiTTees, has never reached such a peak. ln addiTion To The regular acTiviTies, This year's curriculum has had iTs innovaTions. One was The conTinuaTion oT lasT year's policy oT sponsoring a German boy on an inTernaTional scholarship. As a resulT oT This, lvlanTred Poddig became one oT our seniors. SecreTary Bill Hicks has been busy This year com- pleTing a paper on each OT The Three "ships". A crew oT boys has been selecTed To help college re- presenTaTives who come To visiT New Trier To Tell us abouT Their schools. These boys help The visiTors To schedule comferences, show Them around The school, make sure They don'T geT hungry, and assisT Them in any way They can. FRISBIE GANNAWAY Sponsors Tri-Ship has also sponsored a series of movies and discussions for upperclass boys enfiiled "Are You Ready for 'rhe Draf+'?" This series helped io explain The psychological, moral, and physical problems confronting boys aboui' lo enler ihe armed services. The all-iownship Clothing Drive, which raised six- leen ions of warmih for lhe Help Jrhe Children Foundation, was ihe ioinl' work of Tri-Ship and Girls' Club. Crher dual proiecls were ihe drives for The Red Cross and Winneilca Ambulance Fund, and lhe firsr rwo-sock-hops, in conneclion wilh ihe Cloihing and Red Cross funds. Behind 'rhese fabulous proiecls lies lhe coopera- lion of all 1'he board members. They had fun, loop as is evidenced by such blackboard noiices in 343 as "Won'+ someone please ask Adbul lo ihe dancef7", and +he parlies they had 'rhroughoul 'rhe year, borh planned and informal. The underlying drive Jrhal malces Tri-Ship rhe wonderful organiza- +ion ii always has been and was especially This year, is ihai if welcomes every New Trier boy info its ranlcs, and well succeeds in developing 'rhe "Three Ships" in everybody. TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Gavin, Allen, Iohnson, Armstrong, Lundie, Hersh Row 2: Licklem, Thompson, Horton, Murdock. Conover C -. ,fllii A v A TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Row I: Nuveen, Mauritz, Hurley, Heise, Struggles, Allan, O'Connel, Harris, Mehegan, Algeo, Clary, Braun, Ienks, Thornburg, Tones, Kling, Turle Row 2: Ward, Truesdale, Miya, Smith, Herbert, Surplus, Hust, Lind, Stetson, Cutler, Seifert, Weldon, Taylor, Kalm, Witt, Magie, Lief, Ulrick, Ables Row 3: Wilson, Eberhardt, Burt, Sterett, Hicks, Ralph, Knight, Horton, Rinella, Davidson, Glezen, Colburn, Smith, De- Berard, Harkness, Wendt, Underhill, Stone, Hust, Bennett, Owens, Challinor Page 27 Collier BarneTT's Usher Corps, one oT Tri-Ship's proudesT possessions, is responsible Tor The ssmooTh Tlow oT audiences aT all producTions given by or aT New Trier. They're on hand beTore and aTTer The shows, and during inTermissionss, To Tind seaTs and give any services They can. Free dinners aTTer They waiTed aT The Girls' Club BanqueTs and opporTu- niTies To see all The program aT which They served were The only rewards Tor Thee selecTed upperclass boys. These able "men in The liTTle black coaTs" deserve everybody's graTi- Tude. Have you ever wondered how The TraTTic Squad has main- Tained such a sTeady sTream oT TraTTic? Why They don'T Tor- geT and send cars crashing headlong inTo each oTher? Their exacTing iob requires deTailed explanaTions oT The various signals They use beTore They're permiTTed To sTand guard aT The corners around school. ln every varieTy oT weaTher we had This year, beTore bangueTs, plays, concerTs, meeTings, Lagniappe, and college day, They were There, and, says Ken Thomas, Their head, They served very well. "Go backl Go back! Go back To The woods!" As This and several oTher new cheers driTTed across Phelps Field and back again, The cheerleaders gave The TooTball season a real display oT school spiriT. Behind iT all was a campaign Tor bigger and beTTer enThusiasm on everybody's parT, which noT only added To The TooTball games, buT inspired several pep rallies and helped The baskeTball season, Too. There'll always be bulleTins aT New Trier, and as long as There are absenTees, we'll need an ATTendance BulleTin Corps. Composed This year oT sophomore boys who picked up The lisTs Trom all adviser rooms in The morning, This branch was headed by Jim Waller. Juniors carried The com- pleTed bulleTins To every room in The school, and were head- ed by l-loward Buhse unTil The Junior Corps was disconTinued second semesTer. ThaT's The reason second period sTudy halls have been pleasanTly disTurbed every day by The per- peTual call, "Seven boys To deliver The bulleTin?" The Library lvloniTors, Two oT whom worked every period, were known chieTly This year Tor Their eTTicienT delivery oT USHER CORPS Row 1: Lawlor, McNally, Cutler, Klapperich, Haider, Barnett, Salberg, Herschend, Way, Moses, Meyer Row 2: Clary, Bennett, Hicks, Thomas, Dold, Stone, Adsit, Fosdick, Smith, Eddert TRAFFIC SQUAD Row I: Wendt, Anderson, Mergener, Sherwood, Shoresman, Tomei, Spiecker, McConville, Clary, Abeles, Cohen, MacDonald, Carter, Braun, Nixon, Hudson, Seifert, Gaenslen, Hurley, Sowersby, Ebbert, Iames, lones, Sullivan, Ross Row 2: Salberg, Dold, Portmann, Bonge, Finneran, Matthias, Doty, Herbert, Iohnson, Eberhardt, Hackbarth, Struggles, Klaperich, Barnett, Heise, Wenot, Hinkle, Lane, Friedman, Mackenroth, De Berard, Thomas, Bennett, Smith, Meyer, Tones, Wilson, Coyle, Cunningham Row 3: Haider, Cody, Wright, De Berard, Moses, Tower, Doolittle, Herschend, Wolf, Truesdell, Mason, Borre, Denny, Carroll, Adsit, Decker, Liebman, lohntz, Sutton, Spertus, Stone, McNally, McConnell, Mundinger, Hicks, Nichols, Stone, lohnson, Svigussaar Page 28 CHEERLEADERS Ralph, Owens, Klapperich, Clinton IUNIOR ABSENCE BULLETIN CORPS Row I: Hindman, Anderson, Horrell HALL GUARDS Row I: Leonard, Simonds, Klapperich, Fetter, McConnell Row 2: Knobel, Lief, Carter, Smith, Kendall, Sutton LAGNIAPPE COMMITTEES Row 2: Beckman, Buhse, Fetchman Row I: Debbs, Hales, Kirk, Kuhn, Birney, Moser, Anderson Row 2: Okin, Haneman, Hennessy, Blanchard, Willey, S- Brown, N. Brown LIBRARY MONITORS Row I: Portman, Lind, Slayton Row 2: Challinor, McManus, Newberry green library slips To The sTudy halls, buT They also gaThered permiTs as sTudenTs enTered The library, sorTed Them, ran errands, and were on hand Tor iobs whenever The librarians needed Them. IT you've ever been sTopped in The halls during The lunch periods, and been aslced by an auThoriTaTive senior boy To "Show your permiT," you lcnow abouT The Tri-Ship-sponsored I-lall Guards. These boys work in groups oT Two or Three each period, and siT under The mysTic modern arT painTing To awaiT calls Tor duTy. They also deliver messages all around The school, and To sTudenTs in classrooms who've Tor- goTTen Their lunches or who've received noTes Trom home. SOPHOMORE ABSENCE BULLETIN CORPS Row I: Olson, May, Porter, Cohn, Norman, Waller, Beatty, At- kins Row 2: Blunt, Hoffman, Bender, Richards, Havel, Rosen, Trit- tipo, McManus Row 3: Byrkit, Dunlap, Weber, Parker, Orelind, Kurz, Vye, Cvroth Few Things are more Typical oT New Trier and oT Tri-Ship Than is Lagniappe. This year's "Face The Music," direcTed by Paul Burl4hardT, couldn'T have succeeded as iT did wiThouT The Tireless Business and Rehearsal commiTTees. l-leaded re- specTively by George Kendall and Jaclc Tindall, The com- miTTees were chosen and organized iusT beTore Lagniappe's TryouTs. The Business commiTTee had The iob oT Tilling The enTire program wiTh ads, which helped Tinance The produc- Tion cosTs, and Rehearsal workers helped To schedule re- hearsals and To mainTain The secrecy which was so viTal To "Face The Music" 's success. Page 29 Page 30 STLIDE T COUNCIL MATTHIAS Presidenl' TOMEI Vice-Presideni' GADSKE SecreTary McNALLY Treasurer DYER Lunch Hall ROSS Lunch Hall NUVEEN Honor LYNN PubliciTy SHO RESMAN Recreaiion FORD SafeTy S H EA RON Service TUCKER Social STONE Honor Sfudy Hall You've seen people running around The lunch hall in brighTly colored caps: you have your acTiviTies TickeT in your walleT righT now: you've signed The pledge on TesTs. You are a parT oT Council. This year's Board, wiTh Ruddy lvlaTThias The PresidenT, Took real sTrides To bring Council's acTiviTies closer To everybody in school. Ruddy was supporTed by PeTe Tomei, Vice-PresidenT, lviarTha Gadske, SecreTary, and Jim McNally, Treasurer. Miles of new Track have been laid Toward beTTer Honor STudy Halls. You and almosT I7OO oThers have sTudied There This year, and possibly had To go all The way To 29l Tor The privilege. This all-Time high in qualiTied sTudenTs is governed by a new Il-man advisory board, and The no-Talking rule is en- Torced under The new discipline sysTem. During '5I, Honor STudy Hall Head Fred STone esTablished a Leadership Training Course Tor supervisors, because a sTudy hall's success depends greaTly upon The capabiliTy oT These people. "TT your car is parked on WinneTka Avenue beTween Essex and Woodland, please move iT." As well as giving you a crisp breaTh oT ouTdoor air during TirsT period, This rule, enTorced by SaTeTy Head John Ford, Tried To proTecT The sTudenT. STricTer observance oT rules and possible new parking areas are included in The T952 saTeTy agenda. Would you like To organize a CapTain Video Space Club? Why noT Tind a sponsor, a Tew oTher Video Tans, and make your secreT dreams come True? Caryl Tucker, Social Head, has invesTigaTed sTudenT inTeresTs Tor The clubs, and has received a S200 appropriaTion Tor club use. We can'T say ThaT There was no dishonesTy This year, buT we are proud To reporT ThaT much oT whaT There was came To The aTTenTion oT Tim Nuveen's Honor DeparTmenT. As a resulT, we've come a long way Toward real inTegriTy and respecT Tor The pledge. VAN DEURSEN HADDEN VERNON LUNCH HALL MANAGERS Row I: Pleck, Thorsen, Howell, Koenig, lVlacDougall, Lund, Torbert, Leys, Swidler, Chwalisz, Hughes, Thomas, Smith, Trexler, DeGryse, Glorio Raw 2: Fuller, Elmenclorf, Tourtellot, Christensen, Dahlquist, Allen, Hennessy, Lockerble, Peuchert, Schulz, Porter, Homfelder, Crittenton, Gilbert, Pope Row 3: Dakin, Gorham, Teffers, Thalman, Herbert, Doty, Kling, Colby, Huban, Sternberg, Seifert, Lief, Knott, Pollak, Tones, Haight, Walters Bewitched and bewildered seniors had a good opportunity to straighten out college plans at October's College Day, attended by representatives trom schools all over the coun- try. This was only one ot the big iobs engineered by Service Head Jan Shearon. The tun we had in the gyms in atter-school hours and on Saturdays stems baclc to the persistent work ot Recreation l-lead Pete Shoresman, who planned dozens ot activities as a part ot his iob. Publicizing these and all other Council attairs in the cleverest way New Trier has seen tor a long time was Sue Lynn's Publicity Department. Posters and ban- ners mushroomed all over the school when Sue took over, and we all telt Council's importance and nearness. Not until we torgot to slip on nonexistent banana peels did we attribute the cleaner lunch halls to Ed Ross and Joan Dyer, who are responsible tor all the improvement. Several new methods ot entorcing lunch hall regulations were de- vised and used. The '52 Council board has assumed tull control tor the entire second semester, and has shown real progress already. lt they can duplicate the spirit and ability behind the suc- cess ot their predecessors, we can expect an even better Council. GENERAL SUPERVISORS Sitting: Dave DeBerard, Dicus, Tucker, Caton, Don DeBerard Standing: Sowersby, Fosclick, Dold, Gray, Borre Page 3l W STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS flst Semesterj Row I: Michel, Hennessy, Pape, Strong, Rassbach, Iohnson, Hopper, Lambert, Painter, Anderson, Weber, Schurman, Kuhn, Schulz, Moser, Veeder, Redmon, Iohnson Row 2: Mygdal, Porter, Howe, Wolfinger, Brabeck, Stetson, McClellan, Weber, Boodell, Bonge, Mundinger, Wendt, Smith, Bal- lard, Tindall, Dotter, Vollers, Doty Row 3: Fosdick, Kutz, Levi, Klingeman, Barnett, Smith, Lind, Sterrett, Itch, Knight, Davidson, Adsit, Larsen, Arab, Evers, Chance, Caro, Bohnen, Peterson, Bennett, Balls HONOR STUDY HALL SLIPERVISORS 12nd Semesterj Row 1: Ewald, Affeldt, Endres, Eisendrath, Hopper, Lewis, Koenig, Weckler, Kramer, Spero, Strattan, Redmon, Burmeister, O'Neil, Stube, France, Bolton, Weber, Moser, Kuhn, Vincent Row 2: Sowersby, Ballard, Hust, Shoresman, Borre, Turle, Hurley, Blakeslee, Clinch, Hammerman, Ianette, Kensler, Carey, Wroe, Fuhrer, Gordon, Ravenscroft, Tindall, Chinberg Row 3: Doty, Wendt, Herschend, Don DeBerard, Wright, Day, Great, Balls, Klapperich, Smith, Framberg, McNally, Challinor, Caro, Grubs, Struve, Dave DeBerard, Liebman, Hibben Row 4: Sproule, Bairstow, Smith, Stone, Gordon, Hanson, Colburn, Simonds, Sutton, Gramm Page 32 2 Good lo Busy Talking Reliable Smiling . ln Love X wa .J f- +1 'ai ALWAYS r a Laugh . . . . Pele Franlzen, Bob Wager, Commando Course . . . . Echoes' Sialli, Maria Piclcard, Ed Ravenscroll . ..... Lois Macllougal lunanimousl . . Carolyn Wollinger, N. T. News, Marshall Berman . Jeff Glass, Jan Burmeisier, Lynn Vandercook . . John Abeles, Nan Wolff, Nancy Kuhn 5? ang Page 33 Alllllllllll I lllll ll lllllllll I Il Ill A ll ll llh Illlllllllllll lllllllllllll Hllllllllllll FBUIBEEQI IRB 9 919 glg .gg ala ala an 010 ole ol 0 Ole ole ofa 910 elo aio :la ego ole ago slag' o Q L EILEEN CONACJHRN We re The End Mad Woman of Chaillo+ i .Qi is Q No Page 34 Hopalong Cassidy . Owner of l-ladacol . Ma Perkins . . . Archbishop ol Canlrerloury Einslein .... Red Slcellon . . . N EXT Tod Turle, Anne Madigan, Ralph Arnheirn . Bill Ballard, Mickey Leloer, Fred James Sue Dislcin, Liz McCollis'rer, Janel Tourlelloi . Jerry Maxey, Bill Hiclcs, Phil Hackbarlh Ted Sfruve, Manfred Poddig, Alison Pope Punlcy Owens, Punlcy Owens, Punlcy Owens lllll IIIIHI llllll il llll Allll llll Ill Alllll li ill lllll!li . llllllllllllll -llllllllllli. llllllll lllll lil ESEIEIUI l - illllll - Allll l ll l l A 1 B l I A u ' n - Q ' ii ' 9 o1a,o,loQe logolo,olo,:logo1o,olo1ol 0.01 solo dogrmo cl cz :nl crqop loiol o 11104055 - U- Eiceryv, coNAemN X x X SM? Q - ---Q:: as 4 K ka X r Y' H 5 X 2 - I,.ifAf? F . if Wag? V fff' if , '- l5ii"'Ri? J L ' .'.' -' 'F iz- 'iQ'4Qif'i,'iZ'iffP ifgfsifi l J 35 i - Tennis' AnY0"'e? Admiral Byrd's Girls Senior Hags Wlioopsl 9' ,Le ,I f .. 1 l Hold +I-nal Pose Wrong End '52 Models A W Cold Winler On Time . Loses Temper . Carries a Book Slays aller 3:30 Brings Supplies Gels a Haircul John Welch, Fred Warner, Jane l"laHs+aecl+ Ed Ross, Miss Fleminglon, Nancy Sparnon Ellis Mulher, Nancy Greene, John Ford "lolan'rhe" Casl, Marlha Gadslce, Janilors Pal Keele, Leroy Moore, Joan Chacharon Bill Carler, Barbara Jackson, Jaclc Palmer P75 I ..: . , .-i'3"3- - .-..g , f-.. 7, - A , 1- ' ' -'ix U ,v N .QT 1. '.', E. I ': . . . ,. L N F '. 1, 2 I -.' ' 1' 5 ' ' . , -, - 1 S n, f s , , Q W 1 ' A ' 1 ., ., 3 x s x ' .r 2 , 'n ' 1 I' ' ' I . . P Y 3 W 4.2 21 K . '. - o. u I- 1 . 4 xg A - ': '. , ' 'x A- -.,.,. 4 Xl , s :F-I: v-x4 x S x wx.. 4..- .r-- .anus- : f CTI 1'r1Es 1+ Page 38 T NO NAME BOARD Burgess, Brady, Nuveen, Carter, Bonqe, Feltes, DeBerard TCLLIBS ATTer TooTball, baslceTball, swimming, plays, operas-in TacT, almosT anyTime, The place To go This year was The remodeled No Name lnn. Managed by Bill CarTer, our recreaTion cenTer had more aTmosphere and more Tun This year Than ever beTore. Good dance music was always an imporTanT drawing card, wiTh several big- names on The year's schedule. Among innovaTions were The second semesTer decision ThaT boys could wear jeans lalThough girls couldn'Tl and ThaT more and more people Toolc advanTage oT The Tun. The happy group you see below la Berman-special picTurel is responsible Tor The improved and expanded club program ThaT made all The organizaTions so much more eTlecTive This year. Councils Social l-leads, Caryl Tucker and Nancy DeWiTT, led The Council OT Clubs in iTs proiecTs. Every club presidenT was a member, and helped To plan such inTeresT-sTarTers as The all-school square dance, The ArT League-Lens Club co-ordinaTe din- ner, and several oTher occasions. Every club could reporT a big increase in parTicipaTion aT The end oT The year, and looked Torward To bigger and beTTer Things when The Councils exTensive schedule really maTerializes. COUNCIL OF CLUBS Row I: Saunders, Beacom, Embree, Lane, Decker, Turle Row 2: Nuveen, Kensler, Coburn, Caro, Hefter, Anderson, Wolfinger, Mygdal, Hill, Tucker LATIN CLUB Row I: Paul, Robison, Trainer, Thalmann. McPhee Row 2: Gomez, Schultz, Torbert, Paul, Hor- berg, Hanson, Appelbaum SPANISH CLUB Row I: Knapp, E. Kahler, Lehman, Hacller, Laun Row 2: Hassenauer, Hales, Myqdal, Krueger, Gillis, Trexler, Day, Martin, Clarke Row 3: Myers, Iohnson, Hodson, Thorsen, Newell, Boesch, Leber, Acle GERMAN CLUB Row I: Kamenear, Anderson, Hume, Spiecker, Garrett, Dahlquist Row 2: McDowell, Pocldig, Caro, Liebman Fosclick, Siefert, Burgess, Hostettler Row 3: Fender, Happ, Werhane, Meyer, Zim- meran, Helter SENIOR FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Veeder, Crane, Kramer, Raffetto, Gold- man, Spero, Moorhead, Markus Row 2: Levy, Cvallicchio, Street, Ashcraft Coyle, Moore, Howard, Reincke, Nuveen Row 3: Trexler, Elliott, Kuhn, Feltes, Saund- ers, Howe, Gillis, Hattstaedt, Rapp IUNIOR FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Spence, Go'denl3erg, Beckman, Morris, Poppell, Van Alyea, Lewis, Swiren Row 2: Howe, Robin, Iohnson, Farnham, Em- bree, Michel, DeWitt, Haring, Kronfeld Row 3: Iones, Miller, Colville, Perlman, Ell- hoqen, Halper, Boshes, Rome v l l Page 39 Page 40 STAMP AND COIN CLUB Row I: Mackenzie, Ludgin, Springer Kerr, White Row 2: Hofgren, Kamenear, Wool- arcl, Pifer, Metzner, Walgreen F. T. A. Row I: Swain, Hall, Strong, New- ton, Nance, Dick Row 2: Chaukin, Seifert, Garrett, Nuveen, Robin, Dowling, Reeder CHESS CLUB Row I: Goldman, Freeman, Bolger, Karraker, MacLean Row 2: Fulton, Hall, Linsey, Mead, Smith, Iones Row 3: Schwantes, Bottorff, Smith, Beatty, Garrett, Christensen, Platt, Iames, Ioseph, Cohen RADIO CLUB Row I: Andersen, Garner, Salerno, Nyder, Welch, Rappaport, Burch- ' more, Henry, Sheesley Row 2: Sellers, Martin, Helms, Han- son, Preston, Davis, Linick, Lewis, Blakeslee, Metz, Berg Row 3: Dickey, Lane, Buck, Wolfe, Havel, Arnheim, Ioseph, Robinson, Ballard, Kanne, I. Smith Row 4: Spellman, Maloney, Koepp- Baker, Curvey, Moore, Kanne, Thoresen, Emery, Rosenbaum, Ga- rard, Stockton LENS CLUB One oi ihe mosi popular clubs in New Trier is ihe Lens Club. Presided over by Roy Larsen, ii offers a varied program including ouiside guesi speakers, siudeni spealc ers, movies, and coniesis. One oi ihe mosi remembered evenis is ihe combined supper wiih ihe Ari League held on April sevenieenih, which was a loi oi iun. The Lens Club allows shuiier enihusiasis io broaden iheir experi- ence wiih photography, 'ro meei oihers inieresied in ihe same ihing, and, incidenially, io have a good lime. ART LEAGUE This club's schedule was one oi The busiesi in school On ihis year's agenda were a beach slreiching pariy, dec- oraiions for ihe l-lallowe'en gym-iam, ihe annual Chrisi-V mas card coniesi and pariy, and a iallc by a renowned ariisi who iold of ups and downs in an ariisiic career. Loreiia Heiier, President, also headed ihe League in malcing publiciiy for many oiher organizaiions in ihe school, and being useful whenever ari ialeni was needed. SQUARE DANCE CLUB "All join hands, and circle io ihe lefi-" This and doz- ens of other rollicking calls summoned ihe enihusiasiic members of ihis year's Square Dance Club, co-presided by Tod Turle and Barb l-leimbeclc. Due io ihe many other aciiviiies on Friday nighis, lihe club's usual pariy iimel aiiendance was small ai iirsi. However, many more of us caughi ihe wonderful spirii oi square dancing, and hur- ried io ioin, especially aiier the club's all-school square dance in ihe spring, sponsored by Council and Tri-Ship. LENS CLUB Members: Anderson, Berman, Cleaye, Erens, Fleming, Hales, Havel, Hin- shaw, Hirsch, Kleerup, Larsen, Leys, Meyers, Milkes, P. Milkes, Mur- phy, Price, Rasmussen, Smith, Stack, Thomas, Turle, Wickman, Wood ART LEAGUE Row I: Bennett, Dicus, Palmer, Keith, Conaghan, Hefter Row 2: Iacobi, Rich, Donaldson, Taylor, Fisher, Arnold, Albright, Ebert SQUARE DANCE CLUB Row I: Veeder, Moulding, Cone, Bronston, Rieger, Meneghello, Mygdal Row 2: Iohnson, Boling, Elmendorf, Anderson, Kraft, Rosene, Wilson, Hinshaw, Helms, Precio, Nuyeen, Allen, Byrne, Turle Page 4l GEOGRAPHY CLUB All lhose loving "lar away places wilh slrange sound! ing names" should be sure lo ioin Geography Club. imaginary lrips are laken lo many lascinaling counlries. On lhese lrips one learns aboul lhe people and cusloms in loreign lands, and also gels a broader view ol lhe world in general. Dave Kloepler is lhe presidenl ol lhe Geography Club, which also varies ils aclivilies by showing movies, having inleresling speakers, and in general carrying oul an inler- esling program lhe whole year lhrough. SKI CLUB Ski Club can'l deny lhal ills responsible lor nnany ol lhe casls and crulches lhal appear around school when snow lalls, bul ills proud lo slale, correspondingly, lhal ils members have wonderlul limes al every meeling or excursion. Under Presidenl Ed Ross, lhe club look lrips lo several nearby and inexpensive skiing resorls, bolh weekend and all-day varielies. Whalever lhe deslinalion, our amaleur Olympic champs gel plenly ol lresh air and plenly ol experience. RAILFANS CLUB The maiorily ol Raillans Club's lime and money is de- voled lo ils pride and ioy, lhe HO gauge model railroad. Roger Anderson, Presidenl, reporled al press lime lhal a lable lor lhe minialure railroad was almosl compleled, and was ready lor lrack laying and wiring. Raillans also lake lield lrips, such as lhis yearls lo lhe yards in and around Waukegan, and use lheir meelings lor slides, movies, or discussions ol model railroads. ln- leresled members lorm a crew which works on lhe clubls model on non-meeling allernoons. ll's always been said lhal you'll lind no lriendlier group ol people lhan a group ol railroad enlhusiasls. Our club is a living example ol lhal slalemenl. Page 42 GEOGRAPHY CLUB Row I: Cook, Pikelny, Stratton, Tee- garden, Flemington, Kloepfer Row 2: Hunyady, Iohnston, Bick, White, Sweetman, Bradley, Sow- ersby SKI CLUB Koepp-Baker, Stuebner, Baity, Iohn- son, Hudson, Kreutzer, Pearson, Mac- Lean, Martin, Porter, Stone, Maupin, Ross, Hadley, Gimsey, Mandell, Frost, Van Alyea, Feldon, Iohnson, Mygdal, H. Greer, S. Greer, Hart, Hill, Kramer, Schweitzer, Knott, Loebe, Roose, Rohan, Phelps RAILFANS CLUB Row I: Mitchell, Arey, Adkins, An' dcrson, Hungerford, Etnyre Row 2: Landwer, Murray, Mandell, Miller, White, Bonlig KNITTING CLUB Red Cross yarn dolls provided the year's tirst Knitting Club project, and gave its some 5O members an oppor- tunity to help others in a unique and enjoyable way. Later, says Anne Coburn, President, the club met tre- quently iust to knit Christmas argyles and other articles. Meetings ot this group are always a lot ot tun, with triendly conversation abounding and socks and sweaters lengthening. RADIO CLUB New Trier's is not only a tine Radio Club, but it also boasts ot being the largest in the worldl Ot its 65 mem- bers, 35 hold Federal licenses. Throughout the year they had tive speakers, several movies, a radio parts auction, and took excursions to Chicago and the DeForest Acad- emy. The year's high spot was the tirst annual Radio Club Dinner, attended by two hundred and emceed by President Marvin Lane. KNITTING CLUB Koenig, Tourtellot, Coburn GIRLS' CAREER BOARD Row I: Nelson, Culbertson, Voorheis Row 2: Pleck, Thomas, Priebe, Mo- ser, Sparnon GARDEN CLUB Row I: Lowrey, Wonderlic, Long, Rusch, Schwem Row 2: Lindsey, Bailey, Coe, Hoyt, Hoffmann, Porter, Davenport "N" CLUB Row I: Dowd, Davidson, Atkinson, Brabek, Bennett, Mauritz, Kendall, Smith, Taylor, Wolf, McNeill, Ross, Hibben, Weymouth Row 2: Knight, Clinton, Stetson, Thornburgh, Kling, Struve, Hicks, Knott, lenks, Bartell, Adsit, Dolcl, Muther, Karslake Row 3: Frantzen, Lind, Griesser, Smith, Barnett, Hust, Weber, Lech- ner, Truesdale, Boodell, Harrison, Curtis, Warnecke, Wendt, Berman Row 4: Matthias, Stillwell, Munns, Witt, Finneran, Glass, Harkness, Smith, Ralph, lung, Owens, Kahn, McCabe, Gleason GARDEN CLUB When lvlr. Hoyt, the sponsor, published notices about the institution ot our Garden Club at the beginning ot this year, many ot us discovered that our innocent ap- pearing thumbs were guite green underneath. Eddie Hottman was elected President. The club met trequently throughout the year, using the greenhouse ott room l3O as a laboratory. It also remodeled the central courtyard, and used it as a setting tor its products, F. T. A. New Trier's inspiring taculty may be the torce behind this year's up-and-coming Future Teachers ot America Club. At any rate, many ot us did join this organization, and have never regretted it. President Georgia Dick leads the club in its meetings, which teature talks by out- side speakers and torums on education. With people like these at blackboards ot the tuture, our children can't go wrong. Page 43 Page 44 RECITAL CLUB Row I: Varney, Bartell, Bloom, Iohnson, Dawson, Blumberg, Gaffert Row 2: Williamson, Snyder, Gaines, Kibler, Miller IUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Sittzrzg: Gode, Perlman, Hoehn, New, Merrill, Hill, VVonderlic, Love, Siegle Standing: Allegan, Reeder, Hayman, Schulte, Frisby, Mickey, A. Gaines, Watts, Caro, Loewrey SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Row I: Goldberg, Stube, McRoy, Tatham, Broide, Gallicchio, Strong, Doty, Swiren, Merrill, Howell, Mead, Spiegel Gode, Allegan, Magos, Steinfeld, Alder, Perlman, MacCorquodale, VVindes, Pilka, Halper, Grofl Row 2: Pape, Hauser, Greer, Nelson, Loeffell, Goldenberg, Dowling, MacLean, Michel, Watts, Arnold, Donaldson Brown, Gallicchio, Bairstow, Lambert, Dietz, Schulte, Schweizer, Gaines, Street, Fulton, Brown, Froeschle, Rumage A Wolfinger, Kimbark, Hattstaedt Row 3: Mackenroth, Braun, Lindsey, Kartman, Platt, Warner, Ream, Turle, Caro, Hibben, Rosene, lung, Lechner, Lieb- man, Ross, Smith, Arthur, Murray, Mills, Salberg, Macdonald, Greenebaum, Braun, Fuhrer, Horrell, Erens Page 46 Row I: sen Row 2: nor, Row I: Row 2: Row 3: FORENSIC BOARD Row I: Mcllvaine, MacLean, Barr Row 2: Bircllebough, Shaykin, Clary FORENSIC LEAGUE Row I: Birdlebough, Shaykin, Mcllvaine, McLean, Barr, Weinberg Row 2: Christensen, Doyne, Kensler, O'Connor, Clary, Porter DEBATE TEAM Gatter, Kaufman, Wessmazi, Martin, MacLean, Burgess, Adkins, Christen- Porter, Every, Doyno, Birdlebough, Arnold, Barr, Shaykin, Marx, O'Con- Clary, Hume DEBATE CLUB Porter, Bleloch, Cvatter, MacLean, Burgess, Christensen, Kaufman Kuhn, Kenslerf Shaykin, Wager, Barr, Mcllvaine, Birdlebough, O'Conner Weinberg, Doyno, Barnes, Wessman, Martin, Marx, Clary, Every, Hume Debate We've always had supe- rior debaTe Teams, and we've oTTen won champion- ships. BuT noT many records equalled ThaT oT lasT spring's Team, which noT only cap- Tured The lllinois sTaTe TiTle, buT Travelled To Los Angeles To place very high in The na- Tional TournamenT. lvlr. lvlac- Lean led This group, which included Owen Frislay, STeve Birclleloough, Jim Arnold, and Ned Simon. This year's Team, wiTh STeve Birdlebough The neg- aTive capTain and Kevin Clary The aTTirrnaTive cap- Tain, did iusT as well. OTher varsiTy memloers were Bolo lvlcllvaine and Bob Barr, aT- TirmaTive, and Diclc Shaylcin and Calvin Wessman, nega- Tive. The Team enTered 250 inviTaTional TournamenTs, and deloaTed wiTh schools Trom all over The rnidwesT. Again iT enTered The sTaTe meeT, and belonged To The NorTh- WesT DebaTe League, whose championship iT has Taken Tor Three years. Much oT The crediT Tor New Trier's long-sTanding high raTing in The debaTe Tield is due lvlr. ChesTer MacLean, The coach. LasT spring lvlr. MacLean was given The NaTional Forensic League's Diamond Key Tor ouTsTanding worlc, and ciTed as one oT Three Top Ameri- can coaches. Musicology The welcome relief from eighih and ninlh period classes when Musicale pre- senled one olilsfioncerl Sedes was lhm year doubw appredaled. The QSZQ olihe dudenr body whkh Qgned up for ims lhis yearls series agrees complelely wilh Mrs. Kidd, Musicology l-lead, lhal lhis yeans conceds were The besishe can re- member. Arlisls who broughl down our audHodum wHh apphuse werelva KHch ew conuc dancer,+he St Louh Synwphony lwilh which Barbara English, a New Trier freshman, was soloisi in Januaryl, Virluosi di Ronm hemember lhe lace peeong ihrough lhe cuHain7l and Vronsky and Babin, a duo-piano leam. The force behind lhk sedes and aH olher musicology aciiviiies was lhe Musicale Club, predded over TNS year by SheHa Saunders wHh BeHy KnoH,+he Wce pred- denl, Jane lloward, rhe secrelary, and Beirly Burgoyne, The lreasurer. As well as planning The series and greeling guesl arl- ids dub memberslooklwo hew ldpslo Chicago and had several parries Through- oui ihe year. More lhan ever, Musicale has well fulfilled ils lwo aims: lo presenl fine music lo lhe sludenl body, and lo en- lerlain music-loving sludenls wilh iis own progranw. CONCERT COMMITTEE Row 1, Kramer, Saunders, Burgoyne Row 2: McKeown, Howard, Iannette MUSICALE Row I: Keith, Loomis, Al- schuler, Kidd, Mare, Patto, Preston Row 2: Larsen, McKeown, Ianette. Burgoyne, Saunders, Howard, Hamilton, Kramer Row 3: Allison, English. Moninger, Albrecht, Fischer, Mackey Page 47 Sponsors: Mr, Wilson, Mr. Waters When we assumed lhe argumenls, work, lour llighls ol slairs, work, lun, and work lhal every Echoes slall is heir lo, we were delermined lhal al all cosls we'd make our linished producl original. We selecled our lrain lheme as a means ol making Echoes as eye-appealing and as reminiscenl ol l95l-'52's real llavor as we could. l-lere il is--lo whal ex- lenl we've approached success is lor you lo decide. Whalever lhe resulls may be, we'll always remember whal we've gone lhrough lo produce il. Surrounded by original Shaw and Berman canvases and dealened by unworldly shrieks lrom lhe neighboring News ollice, we've had many rnomenls when we've wished lo spend one allernoon, iusl one, elsewhere lhan in 408. Bul ils alluring spell lnol lo men- lion lhe genlle lhreals ol lhe edilorsl always recalled us. We've seen Chris l-lodson, Typing Edilor, rnuller unprinlable commenls aboul people who wrile "Dimples Von lVlinsky" on ID cards, and grimaced lo walch Ted Shaw, Business Edilor, disappear al lhe mosl inopporlune limes lor play re- hearsals. We've picked up Associale Edilor Jane l-loward's keyring a lhousand limes when she lell il behind, and lried lo undersland when Pholographer Marshall Berman called us oul ol bed al lhe crack ol dawn lo lake exclusive shols in lronl ol school. Cerlainly we'll never lorgel seeing Bill Hudson, Edilor-in-Chiel, neally packaged land, lor all we knew, slrangledl in an Army blankel, wilh only his hood-booled leel prolruding. 408, our sanclum sanclorum, has had a colorlul year. lls shaky blackboards have been plaslered wilh lhousands ol all-loo-original skelches and wil- licisms. ll's heard long and involved conlerences aboul lhe besl shade ol red lor lhe cover design, walched us compose dozens ol bullelin nolices pleading lor snapshols and Junior Wrile-Up Slall arlicles, and seen lhe birlh and ullimale lullillmenl ol lhe Senior Superlalive Conlesl idea. This was lhe lasl ol ils lourleen years as lhe aller-school head- quarlers ol Mr. Walers, who is leaving his posilion as sponsor lo Mr. Wilson, who also advised us lhis year. Page 48 We're also indebled lo our prinlers, lhe Economy Adver- lising Company: our engravers, lhe Ponliac Engraving Com- pany: our pholographers, Bernie Sludio: and our cover manulaclurers, DeLuxe Crall. The conlinually palienl co- operalion and line gualily ol work given by all our associ- ales has brighlened lhe usual yearbook drudgery and made our jobs enioyable. ECHCJES Editors: Hodson, Hudson, Howard, Shaw ECHOES PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Myer, Krensky, Hirsch, Berman ECHOES ART STAFF Estes, Conaghan, Shaw SEIQIIOTZ EDITORIAL Row I: Brown, Hodson, Hudson, Howard, Willey Row 2: Thorsen, Krensky, Mag- nus, Buchanan LAYOUT STAFF Row 1: Fender, Haneman, Arnold Row 2: Anderson, Iones, Springer, MacLean WRITE-LIP STAFF Row I: Gaines, McLean, Kron- feld, Coburn, Heitmann, Brady Row 2: Kreutzer, Swiren, Stueb- ner, Leys, Dick Page 49 Page 50 MRS. LENARD Sponsor Feeling immensely superior To "oTher publicaTions" who don'T al- ways sTay unTil 7:30 Monday eve- nings, This year's News sTaTfs have shown perseverance, as well as originaliTy and a quesTionable sense oT humor. On The counTs oT inTormaTion, influence, enTerTainmenT, and busi- ness success, The News has made Tremendous sTeps. O b v i o u s changes are The more inTeresTing sTyle oT news wriTing and The all- school "scoops" on inTormaTion oT viTal imporTance. Less osTensibly conTribuTing To The News' improvement however, have been The smaller Type adopT- ed To presenT more and beTTer news, and The small leTTers used in headlines, also in keeping wiTh The modernisTic Trend. EdiTors This year were PeTe WrighT, ediTor-in-chieTg D u lc e l-lusT, sporTs ediTorg STeve Birdle- bough, business manager: Eddie Cohn, assisTanT business manager: BeTsy VincenT, circulaTion mana- ger: Nancy Greene, Typing head: Joe Ross, phoTographer: and Ei- leen Conaghan, arT ediTor. Ron lngleharT began as TeaTure ediTor, buT resigned and willed his posT To Charley Magnus, who was suc- ceeded as News ediTor by Mag- gie Silsbee. THE I952 NEW This incomparable group, under Mrs. Lenard's paTienT sponsorship, has had more Than iTs quoTa oT The spiriT and abiliTy necessary To send The News well on iTs way To TirsT place. We wish The incom- ing sTaTT even TurTher success. EDITORIAL STAFF Row I: Birdlebough, Cohn, Greene, Silsbee, Gaenslen Row 2: Magnus, Wright, Inglehart, Hust TRIER NEWS TYPING STAFF Happ, Weber, Kreutzer FEATURE STAFF Okin, Howard, Magnus, Kreutzer SPORTS STAFF Pietrowicz, Osborn, Meyers, Iones CIRCULATION STAFF Row I: Debs, Sederlund, Williams Row 2: Keefe, Olson, Hacller HEADLINES Row I: Ogilvie, Bottorph, Torbert, Cook, Futorian, I-leirich Row 2: Arnstein, Inglehart, Gessel, Gaines, Bull Page Sl Page 52 M R. PETERSON Sponsor KLINCS When Mr. Pelerson announced lale in lhe lirsl semesler lhal lryouls would be held lor slall places on lhe revived lnklings Workshop, many ol New Trie-r's ablesl scribblers lurned oul, and decided lo make lnklings ol I952 one ol lhe besl ever. Aweslricken al lirsl by lhe comlorlalole almosphere ol Room 241, lhey recovered in plenly ol lime lo carry oul lheir schedule ol ac- livilies. Meeling every Wednesday, lhis nucleus ol our lilerary magazine mel lo hash over lhe school's wriling lalenls, and lo decide which ol lhe many slories and poems submilled should make lhe grade. They also lound lime lo crili- cize lconslruclively, ol coursel lheir own wriling allempls, and lo absorb Mr. Pelersorfs advice and inlormalion aboul pulling ideas on paper. Our 1952 lnklings is a well-lhumbed prool ol lheir delerminalion lo publish a good magazine. INKLINGS STAFF Row I: Baker, Coburn, Kreutzer, Gaines, Caro, Howard, Davis, Buchanan Row 2: Unger, DeGryse, Thorsen, Roddick, Rittenberg, Lind, Fink LANGLI GE MAGAZINES LE FLAMBEAU Swiren, Beckman, Kronfelcl, Embree EL PREGUNTON Row I: DeBerard, Day, Mygdal, Kanne, DeBerard Row 2: Doig, Cohen, Lawlor, Cloud, Erens A LE FLAMBEAU When Teachers gave ouT The annual creaTive assignmenTs in French lasT March, sTudenTs pored over Their "Anglais- Erancais" dicTionaries Tor long hours, wiTh good resulTs. -Even The seniors, wiTh College Boards Tresh in Their minds, conTribuTed generously. The resulTs of all This, aTTer being careTully prooTread by members oT The Junior French Club, were published in The annually popular "Le Flambeauf' which all Francais enThusiasTs boughT Tor The 5.25 Tee. Edi- Tor Ellie KronTeld had The disTincTion oT being The TirsT junior in Thal' posiTion, because The enTire Elarnbeau was Taken over by The iunior club. We wish success To all The TorThcoming FlambeauisTs, who so well succeed in wriTing Their adopTed Tongue. EL PREGUNTON This was a "TirsT"' year Tor El PregunTon, our polished magazine published by Spanish-speaking sTudenTs and ed- iTed This year by KaThy lvlygdal. The biggesT change was in The acTual publicaTion: insTead oT Tollowing The TooTsTeps oT previous PregunTons and being mimeographed, This year's issue was prinTed. This innovaTion made way Tor several oThers, among Them The addiTion oT phoTographs and various oTher illusTraTions which were before impossible To include. Aspiring arTisTs compeTed Tor The cover design conTesT, and a prize was awarded To The winner. Everybody had Tun on "El PregunTon," and The producT iTselT is well worTh reading. Page 53 DRAMATICS Each semesTer, The DramaTics Club TeaTured a nighT oT Three one-acT plays wiTh record crowds aTTending. All These gave op- porTuniTies Tor many new members To TulTill The club enTrance reguiremenT: parTicipaTion in aT leasT one school producTion, eiTher as a casT or crew member. This year The board, wiTh Gail lvioncrieTT as presidenT, Dave O'Brien as vice-presidenT, Judy DoTy as secreTary, and Ed KarT- man as Treasurer, has sTarTed a new sysTem allowing people who To succeed, a DramaTic Club play musT noT only have The un- divided eTTorTs oT The casT, buT The backing oT The New Trier crews. The sTage crew, headed by Jim EsTes, is assisTed by The arT deparTmenT in iTs work of building and painTing The seTs. Un- der lvir. l'larper's sponsorship, iT also shiTTs scenery and spends many unrecognized hours preparing Tor The shows. Mr. Jones' lighT crew is responsible Tor The impressive aTmosphere each play eT This year has had had. Lawrence STranne headed The lighT don'T make play casTs To parTicipaTe Through commiTTee work. workers. FACULTY PRODUCTION STAFF Sitting: Lehman, Coburn Standing: Kral, Cavanaugh, Lighter, Tones, Harper, Gahagan, Hol- land DRAMATIC CLUB BOARD Row I: Kartman, Moncrieff, O'Brien, Doty Row 2: Vincent, Crane, Greer, Backes, Arthur, Seifert, Estes, Klein, Buchanan, Gadske DRAMATIC CLUB Row 1: Klein, Fink, Meier, Lund, Pape, Conaghan, Broide, Cooper, Stube, Wolff, Doty, Moncreiff, Buchanan, Happ, Pierre, Rome, Eckhouse, Heirich, Roth, Lange, Schulz, Green Row 2: Coburn, Inglehart, Pearson, Coffey, Porter, Gadske, Brady, Starrett, Brill, Roddick, Willey, Gallicchio, Newell, Arnold, Schulz, Sutton, Arnold, Lehman, Ballman, Winburn, Roos, Margolis, McCally, Goldman Row 3: Cloud, Poddig, Hayman, Fosse, Magnus, Shaw, Palmen, Wolf, Arthur, Markus, Lane, Burg, jackson, Kartman, O'Brien, Seifert, Stubbs, Fuh- rer, Macdonald, Cohn, Lief, Spitzer, Greenebaum, Wehr, Berman, Estes Page 54 COSTUME CREW Row 1: Street, Newell, Stranne, Ballman Row 2: Watkins, Feuer, Gatherwall, Williams, Bernard PROPS CREW Row I: Moulding, Robinson, Dickert, Fink Row 2: Beckman, Thulin, Starrett, Arnold STAGE CREW Sitting: Cloud, Estes, Mitzel Standing: Pilz, Page, Rassmussen, Miller, Wolf, Spitzer LIGHT CREW Wertheimer, Bridgewater, Iones, Ioseph, Leonard, Stockton, Hennessey Every actor knows the importance ot the costume and makeup crews. Sally Roos' costume crew' aided by Mrs. Terhune, is responsible tor seeing that every costume is clean, pressed, well-mended, and that it tits the actor. In the tall, the reserve makeup crew is selected trom over IOO aqer aspirants who've successtully made each other resemble dottering old ladies, villains, and sweet-ancl- simple straight characters. Janet Bauman, Maria Pickard. and Ellen Rome headed this crew, and Miss Gahagan is the sponsor. Some shows require the work ot Mrs. Cavanaugh's sound crew, which is in charge ot ottstage sound ettects. Who can torget the realistic rumbling ot the pneumatic drill in "My Sister Eileenu? With the increasing population and ability in Dramatic Club, and the continued invaluable help ot Mr. Coburn, the sponsor, we may expect even better pertormances next year. Page 55 Page 56 ARSENIC AND CLD LACE Abby BrewsTer The Rev. Dr. Harper . Teddy BrewsTer . OTTicer Brophy . OTTicer Klein . Ma rTha BrewsTer Elaine Harper . MorTimer BrewsTer Mr. Gibbs . . JonaThan BrewsTer Dr. EinsTein . OTlicer O'l-Tara . LieuTenanT Rooney Mr. WiTherspoon . . Mr. l-loslcins . Mr. Spenalzo ' Judy Broide Gail MoncrieTT Marshall Berman Paul BurlchardT , . Bill l-leiser . Jim Palmer Lois Pape Marian Pierre . Judy DoTy ' if Suzy Klein . Todd LieT . Tom ArThur . . Jim Burg ManTred Poddig . Ted Shaw Charles Magnus Bruce MacDonald . Don Sherrill John BuclcsTaTT DramaTic Club's TirsT producTion oT The year was The beloved "Arsenic," direcTed by Mr. Coburn wiTh assisTance Trom Chuckie STube, Crary Pearson, and Marilyn l'lapp. This delighTTully grue- some play cenTered around The various members oT The BrewsTer Tamily, and all Their liTTle peculiariTies. Miss Abby BrewsTer, played alTernaTely by Judy Broide and Gail MoncrieTT, is a sweeT old maiden lady who engaged herselT in all sorTs oT chariTable ac- TiviTies. Living wiTh her in The sTaTely Tamily residence is her sisTer, Miss MarTha, porTrayed by Lois Pape and Marian Pierre. To- geTher, The Two liTTle ladies parTicipaTe in a raTher unusual acTiviTy -poisoning elderly genTlemen, buT always wiTh humane reasons. Teddy BrewsTer sTaunchly believed ThaT he was T. RoosevelT, and among his enThusiasTic campaigns were The consTrucTion oT The Panama Canal in The house's basemenT, and The burying oT his sisTers' old genTlemen in The canal locks. ll-le ThoughT They were yellow Tever vicTims.l All wenT well unTil JonaThan BrewsTer, a long-losT black sheep, reTurned home, bringing wiTh him his personal plasTic surgeon, Dr. EinsTein. These Two also dealT in murders, and during Jona- Than's unwelcome visiT, They compeTed To see who could "dispose" oT mosT people. By The play's end There were TwenTy-Tour deli- cious slaughTers and Ten Times as many laughs Tor The audience. OUR MISS BROCJKS This year The annual Frosh-Soph Play, now called The WinTer Play, was under The able direcTion oT Miss Wimfred Gahagan. The producTion was "Our Miss Brooks," based on The popular radio program oT The same name. Joan Krasberg was To be Miss Brooks, The modern, man-chasing "schoolmarm" who always had aT leasT a Thousand problems aT once. However, a very unTimely case oT The measles made iT necessary Tor Gail MoncrieTF To Take over The parT. Gail had already been helping Miss Gahagan as assisTanT direcTor, buT iumping in and learning The role in one shorT week was srill quiTe a TeaT. Gail did a wonderful job Though, and despiTe The disappoinTmenT, The play managed To be a whopping success. The play's ploT was woven around all oT Miss Brooks' Trials and TribulaTions in direcTing The annual high school play. Dealing wiTh cerTain TluTTery and woe-begone members OT The TaculTy, subdu- ing The school principal, and suTTering under The chairman of The school board and her uppiTy daughTer kepT Miss Brooks mighTy busy. Her own inTeresT in The handsome baskeTball coach, and Trying To convince him ThaT she would be a delighTTul sailing com- panion when he wenT sailing around The Caribbean Sea in The summer lshe knew noThing abouT sailingl, was also somewhaT dis- concerTing. In The end, however, The school play was a success, Miss Brooks helped The leading lady caTch a very desirable lead- ing man, and The coach suddenly decided To be more coopera- Tive. The Trosh and sophs really proved Their worTh, Tor "Our Miss Brooks" was really a loT oT Tun. Miss Brooks . Ted . . . Miss Finch . Elsie . . Elaine . . . Jane Drew . Hugo Longacre Sylvia . . Mr. WadsworTh Doris . . STanley . Marge . FaiTh . . . Rhoda Allen . Miss Audubon CAST Joan Krasberg Gail MoncrieTT PeTer Hayman KaThy Heirich Adrienne Lange . Jean Sprowl Rickie Yager . Bill Lane . Lynn RoTh MarTin Tippens Susan Horberg . Bob Fosse . Carol Lund MargoT Eckhouse Beverly Reinhold JaneT Winburn I f Tom ArThur l BaskeTball Players . . Sam Harris Norman WaiTe MarTin . . . . Bill Larner Mrs. Allen . . Jean Reeder Page 57 Page 58 LAGNIAPPE BOARD Row I: Heizer, Conaghan, Wolf, Burkhart, Broicle, lVIcCollister, Braun Row 2: Tindall, Miya, Weber, lnglehart, Olson, Smith, Bonge, Harmas, Owens, Kendall John Adams Andy Adsir Belh Ann Alberding Andy Allen Helen Alslrin Joe Arnold Sue Arnold Tom Arihur Janei' Bauman Judy Bowe Jan Brannan Judy Broide Dick Brown Ron Budwig Jim Burg Kim Cannon Bill Carler Ron Chase Donna Chinberg Howie Clinch Joan Coghill Mary Crane Jim Cunningham Henry Curliss Cindy Curler Bill Dakin Bruce Dean Bonnie Dhonau Judy Doiy Lyman Drake Greg Farrell Tom Feller Mickie Fink Bob Finne Margo France Bruce Frederick Mary Fullon Lagniappe Marlha Gadske Judy Gilberl Barbara Gillis Irene Gimse Sue Goldberg Horner Greer Sara Greer Bob Gramm Jon Gudeman Pal Hansen Ken Harkness Janie Ha'r+sl'aedl' Connie Hauser Bill Heiser Tom Hibben Sheila Hicks Hiram Hinkley Ron lngleharl Bob Jacob Fred James Doris Johnson DoHie Johnson Curl Jones Bob Kay Suzy Kelly George Kendall Wayne King Frank Klapperich Suzy Klein Roy Larsen Larry Lauer Bill Lawlor Mickey Leber John Liebman Todd Lief Angela Loelilell Sue Lynn LAGNIAPPE CAST Bruce MacDonald Buzz Mackenrolh Charles Magnus John McAllis+er John McCally Rhoda McCleary Bob McClellan Liz McCollisl'er Tom McNeill Pal Milks Dave Mills Dick Miya Janer Moorhead Allan Murray Belsy Nance Nancy Neuioks Dick Newberry Tim Nuveen Dave O'Brien Janel O'Callahan Barbara Olson John O'Neil Jean O'Neil Clyde Owens Herb Paschen Bun Pavlik Marian Pierre Bill Plall' Margo Pleck Diana Pollock Joy Porier Carolyn Rapp Eddie Ravenscroll' Dave Reed Edward Ross Joe Ross Bob Salberg Mary Schmick Nancy Schocel Sondra Schrom Joan Schueli Jim Sedgwick Charles Seilerl Diane Seyler Ted Shaw Joan Sollile Nancy Sparnon Sarane Spence Jill Spero Ronald Spilzer Mason Srephens Dick Srorch Charlene Slube Judy Tarham Jack Tindall Marilyn Trexler Bill Troul' Tod Turle Dick Unger John Van Rysselberg Marlha Vaughn Bob Vinceni Anne Weckler John Welch Bob Weldon Ted Weymoulh Ronald While Almeda Wilbur Jerry Will Joan Wolf Nancy Wolf Carolyn Wolfinger Joan Wood Sarah Woolsey THERE'S NO BUSINESS . . Anyone who was slcepTical oT The widespread rumors abouT "Face The Music" could Tell as soon as The curTain came up on Those Tour unTorgeTTable mid-semesTer evenings ThaT rumors weren'T wrong. The casT was The mosT TalenTed, The Techniques The mosT original, and The sellouT The mosT compleTe oT any pre- ceding TalenT show. Paul BurlchardT, direcTor, had worked on This producTion almosT consTanTly since his appo enT in lvlay. WiTh his careTully- selecTed board, Paul spenT is summer planning and revising and wriTing. ReTurning To school, we were all lcepT aware OT Lagni- appe's progress as iTs milesTones were gradually passed. ATTer rigorous TryouTs, where almosT one Thousand sTudenTs hopeTully oTTered Their acTs, The casT OT l5O was chosen, as were The com- miTTees and producTion crews. SemesTer TesTs and grades as- sumed secondary imporTance Tor These TorTunaTe Tew, and Tor Them, ChrisTmas vacaTion was Ii+TIe more Than one conTinuous rehearsal. When adviser room TiclceT orders were Tilled ouT, we all waiTed loreaThlessly and hoped Tor seaTs elsewhere Than under The side balconies. ExciTemenT mounTed and rehearsals grew longer, and Tinally, on January 3OTh, The curTain rose Tor opening nighT. By SaTurday nighT everyone in "Face The Music" Tancied himselT a miniaTure lvlary lVlarTin, and wished iT didn'T have To end. The casT parTy climaxed The monThs oT worlc. "Face The Music," however, wenT on long aTTer The lasT curTain call. The show's besT acTs were presenTed To several ouTside groups, on Television, and in a special program Tor EvansTon l-ligh School, which reciprocaTed in The spring wiTh a Tea dance Tor casT members. The original hiT songs, "Face The Music" and "The Summer ls Gone," were hummed nosTalgically and played over and over on phonographs, because real records were sold aTTer The perTormances. This Lagniappe, in TacT, can never end. lT's esTablished already, in The memories oT The Three hundred who made iT whaT iT was, as a hardworking, hilarious, exacTing, wone derTul memory. Page 59 Firsl Violins Marilyn Pearlman Concerlmeisler Palsy Gode Judilh Doly Belsy Donaldson Judilh MacCorquodale Frederick Warner Bea Pilka Sylvia Frosl Ralph Nash Second Violins Alice Jones Principal Gordon Geiger Terry l-luslon Marro Pavlik Joan Buhse Elaine Thorsen Lynda Wallon Jerry Olmslead Margarel Leslina Edward Tower Violas William Caro Principal Louise Goldberg Pally Windes Lloyd Larson Marilyn Shaver Janel Schulle Cellos Mimi Allegan Principal David Ream ORCHESTRA Barbara Frosl David Olmslead Nancy Reise Norene Dulhie Ann Zimmerman Basses Ann Lamberl Principal Edward Greenebaum Denis Noreen Renny Norman Flules Edward Lindsay Principal Susan Alder Alice Magos William Spiecker Clarinels Mary lsabel Sleinleld Principal David Reed Anne Dowling Bassoons Roland Ross Wilda Mickey Principal Oboes Alan Garrell Principal John O'Neal Trumpels Jordan Braun Principal Richard Slorch Tromloones Tom l-libben Principal Allen l-laighl French Horns Edward Karlman Principal Cynlhia Coolidge Percussion James Goldberg Edward Ravenscroll Pianos Gaines vid Mills Flules Susan Alder, Leader Elizabelh Alderman' Gordon Anderson Kalie Bowen Charles Bronslon' George Ann Doly David Dunlap Michael Freeman Cl-iaris Gorlner' Nevin Gorlner Edward Lindsey, Leader Alice Magos Barbara Nesselrod Charles Reincke' William Speicker Clarinels Willa Alexander Calvin Beally' l-louslon Clinch John Davenporl John E. Davis Anne Dowling Douglas Filchman Judy Gallerl Jacklyn Goodwini' Michael l-lorrell John l-lullman Gordon Johns Craig Klinelob' Tom Knorr' David Mann' Mark Mason' Anlhony Michel Page 60 CADET AND CONCERT BANDS lNo Piclure ol Concerl Band Availablel Raymond Nilles James Palmer John Pelers Sue Remberl David Reid Edward Rosenbaum Paul Salisburyi' Richard Simonds Lynwood Smilh' Isabel Sleinleld, Leader Roberl Tanner Michael Welch' William While Arlhur Wollum' Denis Wrighl' Allo Clarinels Tom Bells Belsy Nance Bass Clarinels Joh n Morava Joe Quick David Van Anrooy' Oboe Alan Garrell, Leader Bassoons Wilda Mickey Joe Ross Allo Saxophones Jim Anderson John Berg' Jimmy Bronslon' Jack Carey, Leader Lloyd Hedges Larry Lauer Richard Miles' Carol Minx' John Porleri' Tenor Saxophones John Auslin' David Colburn Jim l-laugh John McCally Barilone Saxophones Jack Morse l-lal Pallullo Cornels Andy Adsil John Beally' Dave Bowman' Jordan Braun, Leader Jim Cunningham Ted Ellicoll William Gauger' John l-lales Ben l-larris' Jim l-lusl Clyde Jones' Fred Karlin Gary Kaslel Chuck Kenyon Bill Lawlor Louis Melz' Warren Meyer l-lugh Mollern David Parker 'Member ol Concerl Band David Perlman' William Schildgren' Dan Schopen Frank Schweilzerx Richard Shane Richard Slorch Mason Slevens' Lorin Surpless Dan Woodhead Paul Worlhinglon French Horns Cynlhia Coolidge Jack Glover David James Ed Karlman, Leader Trombones Bruce Clinlon Jon Culberlson, Leader Bill Dakin Tom Ericksonx Allan l-laighl Tom l-libben John Kaya' Frier McCollisler" Richard Pearson John Welch Franklin Wrighll' Barilone Horns Glenn Frank' Dave Karraker' Bob Kay John Lechner Bernie Magnussen' Dan O'Neil Richard Pendlelon, Leader Jim Voorheis' Basses Bob Curvey' Bob Grimm Bill l-lollman Pepper Lowrey Pele Smilh, Leader George Wagner Slring Bass Ed Greenebaum Percussion l-lugh Blaney' Lyman Drake Jim Goldberg, Leader Jon Gudeman Dick l'lennessey Sleve l-lirsch' Bob Jamesx Sleve Levin John Lylle Arlene Nadiowski Jim Parker' Eddie Ravenscroll, Leader Sludenl- Direclors Pele Smilh Ed Karlman Drum Maior Joe Ross LISIC The sopranos Trilled nosTalgically ThaT Their hearTs were back in Napoli, The enTire chorus swelled To Wagner's "Hail, BrighT Abode," and The New Trier T952 music season came To a melodi- ous conclusion. This Spring ConcerT, however, was only one oT The year's Triumphs schemed in The 28O's. The Township goT iTs real TasTe oT holiday spiriT aT The Two-perTormance ChrisTmas pro- gram, whose mosT memorable pieces were A Cappella Choir's "Jingle Bells," The Girls' Ensembles "Ave Maria," and The Boys' Ensembles "You'll Never Walk Alone," and The enTire chorus and orchesTra in The perennial "T'lalleluiah Chorus". The peak oT The year was GilberT and Sullivan's opereTTa "IolanThe," which survived The ineviiable TaunTs abouT iTs characTers immediaTeIy, and wenT on To become a near-proTessional producTion. In sTarring roles were Jane l-laTTsTaedT, Barbara Nelson, Chick Jung, Dave O'Brien, BOYS' ENSEMBLE Chuckie STube, Nancy WOITT, Paul BurkhardT, Bruce MacDonald, Tom ArThur, BeTTy Backes, Judy Broide, Dick Brown, Celia Dierkes, Bill Heiser, Dick Kuhnen, John Liebman, Sue Lynn, Georgiana lvlarinis, Lois Pape, Dick Richards, Joe Ross, and Lee Winberg. InsTrumenTally, Too, This year was a good one. Mr. Mages had several new ideas puT inTo pracTice in The band and orchesTra. BoTh oT These groups gave inTormal Sunday aTTernoon concerTs, provided overTures Trom plays. SeparaTely, The orchesTra com- bined wiTh gradeschool groups Tor oTher concerTs, and The band added iTs sTirring Touch To The TooTball season. The enThusiasm and TalenT oT every musician in New Trier, Trom Mrs. Bradburn To members oT The Chorus, have made i952 an- oTher year oT superior enTerTainmenT. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Row I: Greer, Cotton Sitting: Mead, Anderson Row 2: Mackenroth, Burkhardt, Witt, King, Brown, Mills, Weldon, Row 2: Mann, Loeffell, Arnold, Dietz, Bairstow, Preston, Backes, Nel- Heizer, Miya, Nuveen son, Marinis, Cutler Row 3: Stevens, Salberg, lung, Lechner, Bradley, O'Brien, Karslake, Row 3: Dierkes, Tatham, Hattstaedt, Fulton, Bauman, Vollers, Broide, Kuhnen Swiren, Stube Row 4: Baity, Winberg, Court, Macdonald, Pagiallario, Vincent, Hoff- man CHOIR Row I: Tatham, Marinis, Allen, Madden, Wolff, Dierkes, Broide, McCollister, Merrill, Howell, Mead, Moorhead, Naujoks, Leber, Wendt, Birney, Caton Gadske Vincent, Stube, Swiren Row 2: writ, Strong, Hauser, Greer, Iohnson, Cottingham, Heirns, Embree, Voorheis, Dietz, Bairstow, Lambert, Brown, Iohnson, Arnold, Loefliell, Sottile, Pippel, Sparnon, Pape, Hattstaedt, Kimbark, Shryock, Iohnstone Row 3: Hultman, Adams, Wher, O'Brien, Brown, Karslake, Murray, Seifert, Rosene, Carroll, Tung, Lechner, Stone, Burg, Ross, Liebman, Ream, Mills, Hibben, Salberg, Linick, Levy, Baity, Foster, Greer Row 4: Tindall, Ioseph, McNally, Winberg, Nuveen, Klapperich, Mackenroth, Helmes, Hammerman, Macdonald, Fuher, Turle, Mackenzie, Ross Page 61 V . - , , an. -. , rf V ff R. - 3 l at H , is L V , ., g gg , WV , 9 , J tiiti V 1l P if , , ' , , L A VM , in... . z...., ' X, . Q Q 'A--. Am . Q 0 19 W'1,,,, 7 I ' A V' L' , -- -. , A , A xi V ., , - 3' ::A '. ' it i -. NJ ,ATE lvlkv,-' 'Avg-Y FIRST GIRLS' OPERA GROUP Row I: Leber, Strong, Tatham, Wolff, Broide, Madden, Swiren, Tindall, Gramm, Doolittle, Vincent, Shryock, Merrill, Marinis, Gossett Row 2: Naujoks, Greer, Pape, Hattstaedt, Kimbark, Moorhead, Sedgwick, Pippel, Sparnon, Dierkes, Witt, Gadske, Iohnstone, Iohnson, Fetter Row 3: Stube, Sottile, Cottingham, Heims, Mann, Loeffell, Embree, Dietz, Bairstow, Lambert, Voorheis, Fulton, Moore, Iohnson, Brown, Arnold FIRST BOYS' OPERA GROUP Row I: Winberg, Greer, Hultman, Foster, Ross, Baity, Adams, Dahlquist, Estes, Ramey, Helms, Hayman, Huyler, Macdonald, Ioseph Row 2: Vincent, Wehr, McKeown, Nuveen, Mackenroth, Hoffman, Arthu 1', Hammerman, Levy, Linick, Salberg, Mills, Ream, Klapperich, Waite, Car- ter, Helms, Mackenzie, Tindall, Fuhrer Row 3: King, McNally, Rosene, Liebman, O'Brien, Groves, Carroll, lung, Lechner, Stone, Burg, Ross, Brown, Karslake, Seifert, Murray, Turle SECOND GIRLS' OPERA GROUP Row 1: Vandercook, Persons, Oldberg, Dawson, Ewald, Painter, Wales, Street, Knotf, Gross, Hefter, Peuckert, Watts, Reeder, Vaughan, Koenig Anderson, Veeder, Coleman, Simmons Row 2: Brennan, Scott, Rose, O'Callaghan, McKenzie, Meneghello, Oxley, Goss, Feldon, Gallicchio, Wonderlic, Nellson, Alstrin, Spence, Werhane Howe, Happ, Thorsen, Hodson, Gimse Row 3: Woltz, Poppell, Farnham, Ashcraft, Gallicchio, DeWitt, Pollock, Wolcolf, Attebery, Wescott, Bain, Martin, Newell, Howard, Saunders Michel, MacLean, Fetzer, Kingsbury Page 62 1 1 SECOND BOYS' OPERA GROUP Row I: Binkley, Blutenthal, Gray, Ehbert, Henrich, Stevenson, Cook, Anderson, O'Connell, Portmann Row 2: Kurz, Iennett, Lochner, Barker, Drake, Rasmunssen, Iarvis, Amos, Alger Row 3: Coon, Conover, Wood, Rosen, Iohns, I-Iartshorne, Pitzner, Springer, DeBerard, Stone GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Higginbotham, Winburn, George, Hollingbery, Allen, Barnett, Froeschle. Wells, Dowling, Allegan, Windes, Noble, Toomin, Vyse, Kirk Row 2: Humphrey, Droba, D'elles, Gode, Koenig, Young, Schwem, Davis, Iones, Moninger, Loomis, Groff, Garner, Woltz, Waters Row 3: Butler, Banker, Diebel, Ballman, Donaldson, Ball, Heimback, Haneman, Wollison, McLaughlin, Hay, Stuebner, Fishton, Mann, Brown, Ad- ams, Rembert BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row I: Blaney, Streicher, Robison, Brannan, Arey, Thomas, Wolfinger, Lustgarten, Schmitt, Painter, Kane, MacArthur, Maupin, Lowrey, Iones, Anderson, Adams, Waller, Wright Row 2: McCLillough, Moreen, Morrison, Roewade, Howell, Lustgarten, Walters, Stevens, Richmond, Szonn, Bolger, Metz, Rengel, Kelley, Wollum, Ioseph, ewis Row 3: Roth, Ross, Gritschke, Taylor, Tippens, Norman, Wallace, Leonard, Wolfe, Kleerup, Green, Buck, Cross, Berchem, Morava, Goettsch Page 63 an 32 F5 fa fmQeeCw,l-,-ym,, L an 9 f 'F' "' v W V Q P 0 gap H 1 , 2 3' , GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row I: Williams, VVagner, Keith, Anderson, Hanson, Grotz, Ross, Madden, Lund, Cookman, Hurley, Kreutzer, Drell, Shearer, Krasberg, Stanley, Krause, Cunningham, Vishers, Martin, Gilbert, Moore, Zimmerman Row 2: Gold, Vidal, Donohue, Rasmussen, Katz, Swartchild, Margolis, Wyman, Droegemueller, Mitchell, Grotz, Moore, Sweetman, Meyer, Peu- chert, Davie, Boesch, Knapp, Schoenrock, Elmendorf, Gaines, Clark, O'KieiTe, McWilliams Row 3: Cooper, Maxwell, Tatham, Blumberg, Lederer, Goldman, Bullard, Hemmenway, Frisby, Austin, Haring, Burgoyne, Schulte, Bairstow, Frost, Chetlain, Coleman, Wolson, Olson, Hurley, Starrett, Roddick, Addington GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row I: Williamson, Yager, Stone, McCallen, Ferguson, Sittig, Fowler, Anderson, Lange, Teegarden, Sullivan, Booz, Reston, Long, Doughty, Fink, Schochet, Rusnak, Peters, Brezezinski, Crittenton, Huston Row 2: Hughes, johnson, Satinover, Murphy, Meier, Bick, Currier, Vandercook, Baughn, Thorsen, Kolarik, Greene, Meltzer, Redgwick, Iames, Buhse, Bartell, Schmitt, Kibler, Galante Row 3: Avery, Sterling, Edwards, Pyfer, Cone, Peterson, Boyd, Mueller, Le Vine, Kraft, Duthie, Lindblom, Edmonds, Lichter, Paynter, Wyss, Sprowl, Williams, McLick, Wessel, Stone, Reagan TREBLE CLEF Row I: Fuller, Woodbury, Rickards, Love, LaMotte, Philpott, Cleave, Spiegel, Weinberg, Palmer, Luby, Quaintance, Futorian, Riddell, Klok, Prang- ley, Cook, Crain, Dohse, Hagerman, Miller, Feuer, Castle, Debs, Van Weyk Row 2: Clark, Borg, Howard, Muhl, Erickson, Hadler, Langenbach, Olson, Morris, Powell, Seeley, Barnett, Ebert, Best, Smith, Kuppenheimer, Dietz. Gillespie, Ross, Davis, Walling, Collins, Veague, Foskett, Hotson, Pope, Burgess, Trainer Row 3: Schuller, Iohnson, Glaser, Cox, Samuelson, Weymouth, Hans, Saikin, Goodfriend, Schulz, Hass, Whittaker, Anderson, MacFall, Sanderson, Koplin, Bennett, Boysen, Rosene, Graham, Glossberg, Goodwin, Garrett, Albrecht, Smith, Iohnson, Kotler, Gaines Page 64 mll"lUll l llll'l llllilllllll Alll llllll Alllllllllli 1IllIllll!ll, Alllllllllllll lllllllllllln. llllllllllllll ESRI ' - A lllll . A l . I . 5 I 1 , , , I - EQ - im " ' oiologvlvle loLol0.ol0,1l9L010.0l0Zol ul coolo flvgola el an uniauqo loin o nlOLQAQ -bi- EILE FN CONAQINRN Af S M5931 is R " 21 5' N- e. , i 'Wig K 5? it ' , we Q, l W' P Q Q Q Y it X ,, W. 'S P VM ,W,,QF ,Qi , ' ,n v , pdl l 9 ., ' gi f i"j',r' Firsl Love Dream Girl 1 af lv Sl1e's Hard Up - How! fly' f:l?07fQ 'Zio sore are M J P , P 9 . . J + J i , iq Charles Aflas Afler W ,A Az: , 7 Grand-maw Pilfall Smile Car Voice . l-laircul . Couple Nose CUTEST J eef. S, iw ,mlVA J, .4 1 A .is Tailspin . . Bill Jenlcs, Miss Crilclwell, Judy Glanz . . Phil Nixon's, l-lerb Pasclwens, Jo Vollers' Margie Elwrenreiclw, Ron lnqlelwarl, Babs Olson . Rudy lvlalllwias, Judy Troclw, Lois Freeman lvliya 84 Kirk, Tindall 8: Mead, Voice 8: Diclion Jon Culberlson, Jane lvlaslerson, Sheila Saunders ragga, '41 Page 65 4.-v uf 1 "'. . 4 f-, A ' . , , 4 1 I' 1 " ' ' v" . -1 ' ,- 'W nw I Qr'WIP'53iV N, THE GONDOLIERS To The sTrains oT "Taking a Pair oT Sparkling Eyes" and "We're Called Gondolierif' GilberT and Sullivan made Their annual invasion oT New Trier lasT spring. Simulraneously, The school's aThleTic heroes losT public esTeem, replaced by The mosT TalenTed singers. Every aTTernoon aT 3:30, music- ally-inclined sTudenTs disappeared Tor long, Tedious hours inTo The audiTorium. "Mama," The music deparTmenT, and a Tew capable ouTsiders Tinally announced The winners oT The coveTed lead roles, and ThaT There would be Two separaTe casTs. This all poinTed To one goal, and "The Gondoliersf' The TirsT oT whose Tour perTormances came on March 30, was one OT The besT producTions seen on New Trier's sTage. The sTory ploT is Typically GilberT and Sullivan. Two Gon- doliers, Marco lChic Hinkley and Chuck Crowel and Giu- seppe lPhil Mayer and STeve Sizerl had gone To Venice To choose Their brides. ATTer much ado, They selecTed Two preTTy conTadine, GianeTTa lJudy Murphy and Jackie Kingl and Tessa ll-larlene PloTkin and Nancy WolTTl. Then The Duke oT Plaza-Toro lDan ScheinTeld and Bill Yowelll arrives wiTh his Duchess lSue Arnold and Louise Ealll and daughTer Casilda lPaTTy l'ToTTman and Chuckie STubel, and drummer- boy lpaul l3urkharT and Ken SchulTzl To announce ThaT one oT The recenTly married gondolieri was, insTead, The King QT BaraTerial UnTil The righTTul claimanT To This TiTle was de- cided upon, They musT boTh go There, buT wiThouT Their newly-acquired wives. IT was also revealed ThaT Casilda had been beTroThed To The King in her inTancy. As she was in love wiTh The drummer boy, This complicaTion proved mosT unwelcome. Then The Don Alhambra llVlarTy Burns and Dave lvlainl came, and explained aT lengTh how he had sTolen The inTanT king, whose presenT idenTiTy would remain a secreT unTil his old nurse arrived. Amid a Tlurry oT Tarewells and general conTusion, The TirsT acT ended. ln The second, The gondolieri were sharing The reign oT BaraTeria, and guiTe musically agreeing wiTh Their courTiers lall Tormer gondolieril ThaT iT was very lonesome wiThouT conTadine, who were now Their wives. AT This momenT The wives walked in, and in- spired a ball TeaTuring The opereTTa's highlighT ,The Tamed Spanish cachucha dance. ln The midsT oT These TesTiviTies, The Don walked in, and broke up The parTy. l-le was Tollowed by The Duke and Duchess, one oT whose proiecTs, is seemed, was To Teach manners To The gondolieri. ATTer a Tedious session in genTlemanliness, The gondoliers sTarTed Talking To Casilda, and miserably wondering which one oT Them she had, however, unknowingly, made a bigamisT. ln The Tinale, The Teeble nurse lBlair lVlcElroy and Sue Lynnl enTered, and announced The BaraTaria's King was noT a gondolier aT all, buT The drummer boyl Thus everyone concerned was per- miTTed To marry, or To remain married, wiTh The real obiecT oT his aTTecTions. BoTh "Gondoliers" casTs received un- counTed curTain calls, and The assurance ThaT They had well upheld New Trier's superb musical TradiTions. Page 68 CAST Wally Bregman Lou Calching Dan Cunningham Greg Dawson Vinlon Deming John Derby Janel Droba Bob Friedlander Bob Garver Ismael Gomez-Mira Mike Greenebaum Chic Hinkley Erilz Kaempler Bill Ramsay Bob Richardson Belle Jean Robinson Clark Robson Pele Sawers Dan Scheinleld Barbara Schullz Eliol Smilh Pal Smilh SENIGR PLAY "My Sisler Eileen," I95l's senior play, was presenled on lhe evenings ol May II and I2. This modern, lasl-moving comedy deals wilh lhe advenlures ol lhe Sherwood sislers, who have come lo Greenwich Village lrom Ohio, wilh all lheir aspiralions ol an arlislic lile. Rulh, lhe homelier ol lhe lwo lBarbara Schullzl hopes lo be a reporler, and Eileen lBelle Jean Robinsonl wanls lo be an aclress. The play's enlire aclion occurs in a goldlish bowl basemenl aparlmenl, bul lhe audi- ence never lired ol lhis scene. Many unusual people lilled lhe slageg among lhem Mr. Appopalous, lhe landlord lBob Eriedlanderl, who immedialely lalls lor Eileen: Frank Lippincoll, a soda jerk who is also an admirer lMike Greenebauml, and "Ramblin' Wreck lrom Georgia Tech" lEliol Smilhl, who seems lo iron clolhes beller lhan he plays loolball. When Eileen is lollowed home, under cerlain mislaken impressions, by ollicers ol lhe Brazilian navy, lhe play's heighl is reached. The sailors creale a Conga line and nearly cause a riol. Miss Gahagan, lhe play's direclor, was assisled by Dorolhy Kress and Lynn Eloun. Miss Byrne and Miss Havey helped wilh lhe Conga line and Porluguese accenls, and greafly added lo lhe almosphere. E 2 e 'f 53 . 3 X 5 A is ff' u ,,,, 7? " Y N if . T 3 7.-0-. , 'H 'K ,,,.,,., Z I 4 P ,. Page 69 Page 70 G. A. A. Spring Tever, a chronic New Trier malady, was almosT cured lasT year in The cases oT G.A.A. mem- bers. As soon as weaTher permiTTed, They moved ouT onTo The aThleTic Tields wiTh all Their equipmenT, and opened The Spring Season. Many ouTleTs Tor Their energy were oTTered. "Bull's-eye!" was a TrequenT exclamaTion when CynThia Hannah, head oT Archery, pulled ouT The TargeTs and arrows. Her poTenTial Robin Hoods enjoyed alTernaTe periods oT pracTice and compe- TiTion. Baseball, perennially popular, was even more so wiTh JoAnne WiThrow as head. The inTerclass TournamenT, won by The juniors, Tinished The season. Down The Tield were seen enThusiasTs oT GOIT, whose head was Diane Seyler, or oT LaCrosse, one sporT which came under The leadership oT SelecTed AcTiviTies Head Barbara Olson. Theres no Time like springTime Tor Riding. PaTri- cio KeeTe headed This acTiviTy, and classiTied iTs parTicipanTs inTo Beginners, lnTermediaTes, and Ad- vanced. Scene oT riding was The NorThwesTern STa- bles. Closer To home lin our own pool, in TacTl were BeTTy Burgess' swimmers. Having signed up Tor LiTe-Saving, These girls worked hard To improve skills, speeds, and Techniques. AnoTher highlighT oT The season was "l.eT's Dance," The biannual program, headed by Judy STeinberg and Carolyn Wolfinger. ITS casT oT Il2 girls very graceTully explained iTs Theme quesTions: WhaT is Dance, and Why Dance? G.A.A. members could be Tound on The Tennis courTs almosT any aTTernoon. Joan Coghill, head of Tennis, arranged a mixed Tennis doubles Tourna- menT Tor iuniors and seniors, and singles Tor Tresh- men and sophomores. All These acTiviTies Took place a year ago, buT we haven'T yeT TorgoTTen The Tun every G.A.A. member had in The Spring Season. GAA BASEBALL GAA RIDING Row I: Mead, Pegues, Iones Krasberg, Mann, Kronfeld, Olson, Harkness, Simmons Row 2: Norton, Wolcoff, Leber GAA ARCHERY Keith, Iones, Bain, Poppell, Hennessey, Michel, Colville, Baker GAA TENNIS Row I: Iones, Halper, Coghill, Eisendrath, Schaack Row 2: Coleman, Baker, Culbertson, Langfitt, McKenzie, Iohnson GAA GOLF Vandercook, Kuhn, Gallicchio, Bean, Litsey, Seyler, Donagher, Wickman, Moser, Hovey, Broide Page 7I I TRAMURALS 1 I Page 72 PLAYERS LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPS Wager, McConnell, Reynolds SWIM CHAMPS Row I: Ziegler, Lindholm Row 2: Wagner, Krueger HANDBALL Framberg, Tindall IM WRESTLERS Row I: Baity, Corcoran, Robinson, Spacek Row 2: Blakeslee, Conaughton, Wolf, Ingle hart TRACK Row I: Study, Trittipo, Osborn, Patrick Row 2: Harris, Murdock, McNeill, Hubbard TRACK AlThough The l95I Track Team was noT The besT in New Trier's hisTory, lasT spring's varsiTy squad was very well rep- resenTed in cerTain evenTs. Coached by John Nay, The TrieriTes placed TourTh againsT Tough compeTiTion in The Sub- urban League. Ahead oT Them were Oak Park, EvansTon, and Proviso. AT The sTaTe championship in Champaign, Al Wai'd enTered The win column Tor New Trier by Taking The 440 yard dash. ln The Suburban League meeT, Joe Harrison Took second in The broad jump and low hurdles, while George Kendall cap- Tured Third place in The high hurdles. Findlay BarTell placed in The shoT puT and discus Throwing evenTs, and Dane Macomber was an ouTsTanding miler ThroughouT The season. The Trosh-soph aggregaTe demonsTraTed iTs proTiciency by Taking second place in The Suburban League behind EvansTon and Oak Park, who Tied Tor TirsT. Dez Paden displayed his skill 0 ' Ii". H-'x :..w 3 - 7-13' '-74' 'Pa2i2'tf:f':g7 s!r',-J M f - '-if J'-fr" .-,gn - ix' . wx G7 4, C C XT E.s1'c.5 by Taking The 440, wiTh Fred Schwimmer capTuring Third in ThaT evenT. Also, Chuck Fisk ran very well in The 880. AnoTher consisTenT poinT winner was Charles Jung, who Threw The discus Tar enough To seT a new ouTdoor record. In addiTion, Don and Dave Deberard showed greaT promise in The high iump. WiTh so many Tine sTars on Their way up, New Trier looks Torward To even more winning Track Teams. VARSITY Row I: Stahl, Knott, Iacob, Nixon. Kensler, Iacoby, Sick, Preston, Ballard, Sekiquaptewa, Lindenburg Row 2: Nay, Chase, Gillespie, Montgomery, Simonds, Macomber, Ward, Hibben, Kendall, Bartell, Adsit, Berman Row 3: McFadzean, Weber, Weldon, Mills, Nichols, Smith, Brown, Caro, Kerr, Owens, Rosene, Brunning, Hoyt Page 73 1 l ' a f e l gk? i' Q N X Zn- XQX X Q BASEBALL In shooTing Tor Their TourTh consecuTive League TiTle, New Trier's l95I varsiTy baseball squad Tell iusT shorT oT The mark. They did Tinish The season wiTh an ad- mirable record oT Ten vicTories and Tour deTeaTs, To wind up in a Tie Tor second place in Suburban sTandings. Winning some very Tough games, The squad ended wiTh a ToTal record oT Twelve won, six losT, and Two Tied. ln The sTaTe Tourna- menT, New Trier losT To Niles in a close 2-0 decision. ThroughouT The season, The Team produced many individual sTars. OuTTielder Tom Bowen and TirsT baseman Dick Wiley mainTained averages well above The 300 mark WiTh a baTTing average oT 308 and TourTeen runs baTTed in, capTain- elecT Len l-lallqunsT proved a Tremendous ouTTield asseT. The piTching deparT- menT was ably handled by Fred Hasselman and Ronnie Oien, who was on var- siTy Three oT his Tour years here CapTain Bob Diebel provided sTrong supporT4 lachind The plaTe OTher squad members were ouTTielders Ken Thompson, Ron lvlauer and Laurie Becker inTielder John lvlackinnon, and caTcher STeve RuTh. WiTh holdovers Trom lasT years squad and many ouTsTanding ball players coming up The indians look Torward To anoTher championship Team in The near TuTure New Triers sophorrore nine Tinished The year wiTh a Tive and Tour record againsT STITT League compeTiTion VARSITY BASEBALL 5 . X - x I ' Row I: Alder, Sowersby, Allans, Dembeck, Becker, Ruth, Diebel, Curtiss, Klingeman, Witt, Lane, Irwin Row 2: Matthias, Hallquist, Thompson, Mauer, Wiley, Hasselman, Gosling, Munns, Harkness, Cleveland, Bowen, Finneran, Klapperich, Gaenslen, Miller, Lightner SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Row I: Sowersby lMgr.J, Peterson, Sterrett, Hinkle, Lunde, Wilson, Herbert, Brabeck, Selinger, Marshall, Moses, Hirsch lMgr.j Row 2: Nunn, Peterson, Bradell, Atkinson, Denny, Conaughton lMgr.j, Burns, Bradley, Etienne, Doolittle, Mabie, Green, Grantzen fri? gfr I . C I . ,..3..,.'-Q2-1 .. --'. 'r'-- .' ,N-, 'eu . lk.bA1..b" -.4 ,vb gui.. ,. w,..r .:-.. --. -f..'.v"TV ":'."'1?-' ' 1: . " - . "Thi l "W ' ' Estes GOLF Sitting: Mazetta, Castor, Baity Standing: Dearborn, Krueger, Aram TENNIS Row I: Taylor, White, Paley, Karlin, Rogers Row 2: Clader, Pritchard, Ben- nett, Price, Bott FRESHMAN BASEBALL Row I: Lorch, McNeill, Ed- monds, Thornton, Allen, Hust, Webb Row 2: Olson, Lietzow, Tan- ner, Segil, Ely, Short, Birn- baum, Boudreaux, Fink Row 3: Muther, McKee, Balmes, Walters, Struggles, Anderson, Weinberg GOLF AND TENN S Coached by Harry Aram and Ray Fearheiley, the l95I linlcsters had one ot the most successtul seasons in years, tying tor the Suburban League match play championship. Ozzie Mazzetta, Bob Krueger, Frank Kastor, Andy Wylie, and Luther Dearborn then went on to Champaign to take New Trier's tirst lllinois championship. Also instrumental in the good season were John Baity, Allan Wendt, and Ted Weymouth. The Racqueteers tinished tourth in the league, winning three out ot six dual meets. The Clader-coached netmen also took tourth in the Suburban Tourna- ment, and third in state and district meets. Individual stars were Bob Paley and Paul Bennett, who were runners-up tor the Illinois doubles championship. Others on the 'SI squad were Tom Pritchard, Terry White, and Forbes Taylor. Page 75 Cpen House on NT's 50th Birthda , as I I m...W. Jn 7 'QP kna- V 1 M19 iff' ff' I , 1 ,ff f' ,ff f, rf fr, L5f"f,f 5 ,Q Tiff wwff' ' gfdi' 'pw 'lf --fmzfm 4-M5 SSW 1 VW 493 f 4 x . Hi-IEJ Page 76 Food . Course Sporl Acfor Book . Movie Slar FAVORITE . . . . horsemeal, yogurl, hominy grifs . Physics, Aufomoiives, English 4Bv . . . Baslcelloall, Sleeping, Body Mechanics . . . . . . Todd Liel, The Two Gails "Pogo", "The Boblosey Twins", "Marriage for Modems" . . . Margarel O'Brien, Monlry Cliff, Doris Day Page 77 22 Md,g9f,,Qgz95w4w4.44mmAmvQfa.4f,zw4vA.o6wf1u5hJ fAdh!JuJ.,m39Jo0U .iLJaZ,b l 7MMJ ,izwp ,,,,.w4,,7a4,-,U .Awww4,f2u.xL.4,.J ' ' ' ' Juan' ,.,,,!au, .away Q ..,w,,,,,uy adam,-cw,.J,,aJJ mmm QLSWJJ' Wwifww. 733 WM WW aff f"'f'WgJb6'Z"a'f,74Q,,.df'f.1,'ffu5u!? ffm, Mwmwfamaiyfwp. JWMMWWM, WWQ 4 vb? if fjhnuvmzu. aa! ' .Au,a.f. .J-um-cw Zane, -.uluu 7110. 06uu.4, JJ1aaf.,Zf..3.,4u-A044 1, 040 eww Juufwdu . -JL-Lao-ng! zu .. F, -JK!-05.1 - -uv ' ' ' 'K HJ-V v ,uloblf 77 CMJ-CZ ,danwal ilu .Xue ATHLETICS L VARSITY FOOTBALL . Our varsify gridders, led by Joe Harrison and Findlay Barfell, broke even in fheir eighf sfarfs, and finished fhird wifh a Suburban record of fwo wins and four losses. Coaches Aschenbach, Cafon, Weingarfner, and Gadske inifiafed fhe fwo- plafoon sysfem for fhe lndians fhis year, resulfing from our depfh in reserves. The powerful forward wall proved one of our biggesf assefs, as iniuries dis- abled many key players, especially in fhe defensive back deparfmenf. The feam suffered greafly wifh injuries fo Hooker Horfon, Dave lvlills, Jere We- ber, Ron Hicks, Barry Gavin, Budge Afkinson, and Ken Harkness. The Indians sfarfed off like world-beafers in piling up fhree sfraighf wins, alfhough fhey were all pulled ouf of fhe fire in fhe second half. We opened wifh a I6-7 Scurz scalping, and followed by an I8-6 conquesf over Niles, a new League school which didn'f enfer compefifion unfil fhe baskefball season. Overcoming a I2 poinf deficif, New Trier roared fo a 20-l2 lvlorfon vicfory in fhe League opener. Af fhis fime New Trier, Evansfon, and Oak Park were fied for firsf place, buf we losf foofing when Oak Park's defense in fhe nexf game proved foo much, and we were downed 28-7. A valianf fighf againsf Proviso's Pirafes leff us leff us on fhe wrong end of a 27-O score. Then New Trier fook a breafher and frounced Highland Park, as Barfell showed fhaf one performer could kick 6 P.A.T.'s and fwo field goals in one game. We had a 48-O vicfory, buf fell fo Waukegan fhe nexf week, 2 l-I9. Evansfon climaxed New Trier's card by adminisfering a 40-O shellacking on a snowswepf Wildkif gridiron. Jacob, Ward, Boodell, and Harkness made up fhe offensive backfield, wifh Knoff, Denny, Harrison, Smifh, Paden, and Afkinson also seeing acfion. The defense unif saw Ward, Knoff, and Denny doing double dufy along wifh Finneran, Barneff, and Weber. Offensive ends were Knighf, Kahn, and Munns, wifh Dold, Glass, Ross, and Busscher defensive flankers. Tacklewise, we had plenfy of beef in Barfell, Jung, Wolf, McNeill, Paschen, lvlufher, and Horfon. In fhe guard line lndians offered Sfruve, Bruning, Gavin and Curfiss. GC ' f - 76 ' ' I I ," J 0 V 0 ' 0155" 1 N 1 Q fr 1 0 I N 1 ei Q ' l Q 'f A ' C 'U 'ln I 1 C , 'um 1' nr 1 1 Q: nuf- x L- " ' ESTGS Ruddy Maffhias handled fhe cenfer chores on of- fensive and Bob Griesser held fhe defense posifion. Prospecfs for nexf year's feam, capfained by Oriesser and Knighf, look promising. There are I4 refurning leffermen, one of fhe largesf veferan crops in several years, and some good producfs of Chuck Lauer's soph confingenf, which will provide Aschenbach wifh bounfiful maferial, VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: Stanton, Court, Gavin, Bruning, Weber, Carter, Hampton, Muther, Griesser, DeCarlo, Hartle, Iacob, Knott Row 2: Tichenor, Pearson, Truesdell, Barnett, Curtiss, Struve, Harkness, W. Smith, Munns, Bartell, Harrison, Finneran, Dold, Kahn, Matthias, T. Smith, Hicks, Boodell, Lane Row 3: Aschenbach, Atkinson, Colburn, Knight, Paden, Glass, Adsit, Fisk, Ross, McNeill, Horton, Wolf, Lindstrom, Tung, Paschen, Denny, McCabe, Ward, Busscher, Peterson, Heise Page 80 Co-capTained by PeTe Tomei and Ron SrniTh, This year's Junior VarsiTy could boasT oT being The only TooTball Team To beaT any EvansTon squad during The l95l season. Cn The lasT day, we edged ouT ETT-lS's champion JVs Three To noThing. The Team improved consisTenTly all season, wiTh an enviable Tinal record oT Three wins, Two losses, and one Tie. The usual JV TighTing spiriT prevailed all Tall. We opened The season by deTeaTing Maine I5-l2. The JVs Then suTTered Their Two league deTeaTs, being ouTplayed by MorTon aT I4-6 and Oak Park aT I4-l3. The Green-Gray came back sTrong nexT week To Tie Proviso 6-6. By virTue oT a saTeTy, we Then broke inTo The league vicTory column by downing Waukegan 9-7. The year's Tinal conTesT proved The besT, boTh oTTensively and deTensively. In The TourTh quarTer, ConaughTon dropped back To The WildcaT 23 yard line and kicked a Three poinT Tield goal To win The game. Coaches Franizen, Fearheiley, and Kahler ciTed The Tollowing boys as having been insTrurnenTal in New Trier's Tine season: SmiTh and Tomei, McClellan, Moore, Shoresnnan, Clary, McConnell, Nunn, Wroe, Sedgwick, Thalrnan, Con- aughTon, Fisk, Allen, STeine, Mason, STilwell, CarTer. Mehegan, l-larTle, and DiClemenTi. IUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: Thoelecke, King, Chambers, Di Clementi, Challinor, Clary, Sherwood, Shoresman, Abeles, Miller Row 2: Birnbaum, Klapperich, Robson, Gorham, Eberhardt, Nunn, Foster, Allen, Ward, Steine, Merriam, Spiser, Blakeslee Row 3: Moore, Salberg, Dungan, Kerr, Stilwell, Brown, Otis, Conaughton, R. Smith, McConnell, Bohnen, Fisk, Smith, Farrier, H. Iohnson Row 4M Frantzen, Porter, Meyers, Iohnson, Kincaid, Ream, Clinch, Mabie, Green, Tomei, McClellan, Thalman, Carter, Hinchman, Mehegan, Iones, ason, Underhill. Fearheiley, Kahler FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Row I: Gavin, Weidemann, Nelson, Coghill, Cain, Ieffers, Wallace, Struve, McCullough, Sproule, Christiansen, Pile, Iohnson, Fung, Mason, Voor- heis Row 2: Hoban, Swirles, Felton, Plamondon, Taylor, Frank, Fisk, Spottke, Wollum, Pollak, Ellis, White, Casterline, Talbot, Hepburn, Thomas, Schulz, Snow, George Row 3: Haglund, Truesdell, Eberly, Randolph, Iacobson, Wakeman, Kolflat, Rengel, Iones, Gritschke, Lobby, Wright, Barr, Allison, Levin, Christo- pher, Cram, Lustgarden, Layden FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Coached by Pele FranHen,+he l95l FrodvSoph foo+baH leam proved rhemsewes of channjondnp cahbre by surging lhrough seven undefealed conieds beforelodng To Evansionin a ddving snowsrornm l9-7,+o connjeie The season in second place. Clhuck Lindslronw ar quarierback, Dick Sinwonds and Dick Selinger ar lefr half, Jim l'lus'r al righl hall, and Tom Lorch air full- back dkpiayed a specracubr ogendve ddve +ha+roHed up I74 ponds whHe a 'forward wall of Borre, Murdock, McKee, l-lamillon, Mulher, Palelri, and Quick slopped all opposirion wilh 69 poinls. A Aher houndng Scum 26f7 and NHes 28-O,+he Pomes won Hmu Hrd league Jrilr againsr Morlon, 27-7, wirh Lorch Twice, Simonds and Quick rally- ing every period. Oak Park was Jrhe nexi viciim, 20-l2, wilh Selinger lhrow- ing for all lhree Jrouchdowns. Proviso fell lo The Trevians in a Tough I3-6 game. Nexl' week Jrhe ieam ramed lronia I2-6 haH+nne dehcH'lo bear Higbnd Park 20-I2. The bsl vicrory came over Waukegan, 28-6. Sirong newfrnaienalis expecred for bolh varniy and JV foo+baH lroniihh year's able Pony squad. . w .H Nr! . 1 Q 1 ESTCS FROSH-SOPI-I FOOTBALL Row 1: Hust, Muther, France, Edmonds, Hurley, Lauer Row 2: Selinger, Lorch, Amos, Oelrich, Simons, Shanahan, Allen, Iarvis, Gillis, Anderson, Struggles, Bentley Row 3: Palletti, Murdock, Trittiop, Hamilton, Crowley, Sex, King, Webb, Brady, Kay, Balmes, McKee Row 4: Gladson, Pitzner, Quick, Borre, Conover, McNeill, Morris, Flynn, Tanner, Stetson, Hoffman Row 5: Welsh, Woodhead, Young, Sennott, Wilder, Alger, Calkins, Baum, Hoffman, Morrison, Lane, Martin Row 6: Segil, Storch, Feit, Harris, Wineburg, Ely, Carr, Carmody, Birkley, Emery, Marsh, Sternes Page 82 meet, and Hed for Third place. Glen Borre won the championship ai IO3, and co-captain Sieve Kling, undefeated all season, 'rook the stale I27 crown. Jack Snell, a junior, and Bob Thornburgh, a senior, wrestled at II2 and l20, K N Our varsity wresHers, defending their stale title, sent seven men to the slate W R E S T L I N G and both look second places in Hue Waukegan secfionals. Co-captain Bill Mauritz was undefeated at I33 until the sectional finals. l-le lost +o the undefeated state champ. Bill lvluiher, a soph wrestling varsily, had a good record ai I38, but lost in the Z' .- V 0... N kd seciionals. John O'Neil, a junior, also wrestled at I38. Both will help bolster Hue 'yu- '52-'53 team. 1 I I I. S- Y Terry Stanton won third downsuale at I45, and in Hue seclionals came in sec- 5 . . I ond to a three-year winner. LX xx N N' Senior Ted Struve won Hue IS4 seciionals, but was eliminated in Jrhe stale .li f l tournament. Barry Gavin 'rook a third aut Waukegan ai I65, ai which Paul Rich- fl' ,fyfs -,. M ardson also wresHed. Richardson, Al Steine, and John Pelerson weni at I65 and . K F11 175. 15512521 1 Laurie Stetson, a sophomore, and l-lerb Paschen, a senior, were our heavy- D ,f weights. Stetson look third in Hue seclionals. L I iiii , Number two men in their weights were Larry McCarthy, Torn Robinson, Ted sv V Nunn, Carier Howard, and Charles Carroll. - Glen Borre and Terry Sianiron were elected I952-3's co-caplains and hope to tire! produce a strong HHe contention. VARSITY WRESTLING Row 1: Thornburg, Robinson, Snell, Mauritz, Gavin, Strub, Stalin, Muther, Kling, McCarthy, Sowersby, Borre Row 2: Clader, Olson, Howard, Hinkle, Richardson, Paschen, Stetson, Peterson, Steine, Moore, Robson, Blakeslee, O'Neil FROSH-SOPH WRESTLING Row I: Stetson, Allen, Morris, Hendricks, Harris, Betts, Bentley, Hamilton, Hoffman, Pitzner, Cooper, Gladson, Lustgarten Row 2: Giallombardo, Balkin, Baity, Hall, Haight, Lammers, Anderson, Boudreaux, Goldman, Baum. Thomas, Morrisfm. Stott, Gavin, Bokhof, Pet tinger Row 3: Ross, Coe, Sproule, Greenough, Ellbogen, Cohrs, Morgan, Frank, Nelson, Amos, Renyel, Shinbach, Michel, Iames, MacMillan, Hedges, Borre, Euelly, Wineberg, Hoban, Chambers, Nash, Gauger, Freeman, Kearns Page 83 VARSITY-SCPH BASKETBALL Vvnh good progrew and deady deveh3pmenTTo a wrong hnBh,The New Tder Sophornore baskeTbaH TeanwlnghHghTed iTsseason by a surpdse 53-59 vicTory over EvansTon. This was The league champs' only deTeaT all season. The Sophs were handicapped by imurws unTH weH kno The season, and much oT The Tine Team and individual play developed by Coach lvlalinsky was delayed unTil hard ToughT games were losT. Two oT The lasf Tive games, Those wiTh EvansTon and Waukegan, were won by widegnargins and The remaining Three, while noT vicTories, were hard ToughT games againsT sTiTT compeTiTion. Guards Chuck LindsTrom and Tom Lorch, Torwards Al Sex and Bob LeiTzow wiTh CapTain Don McNeill aT cenTer, consTiTuTed The TirsT Team aT The end oT The season. Guards CapTain l-larry WalTer, Dick Selinger, CurT ChrisTiansen, Bill Ed- monds, and Tom Jarvis: Torwards Joe Quick, George Conover, and Dick Segil7 cenTers Doug Murdock and Val OTTaviani served as alTernaTes and re- phcemenk. cclwwyw fa fi' , lib Q ov" i 'ian Cafes Page 84 VARSITY BASKETBALL R010 If DaVidS0I1. Gosling, Weber, Glass, Stillwell Row 2: Weymouth, Holden, Smith, Kuhn, Rief, Knight, Bradley SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Row I: Iarvis, Christiansen, Hust, Edmonds, Selinger, Lietzow, Walter, Kurz Row 2: Malinsky, Conover, Lorch, Quick, McNeill, Murdock, Sex, Ottaviani, Haugh J. V. - FROSH BASKE l BALL Coached by Lyle Henderson, this year's J.V. suburban champions made an , . impressive record of 9 wins against 2 losses with an 8-2 league record. I Easily finishing ahead of Proviso and Waukegan wi+h 6-4 and 6-5 records, ihe Trevians 'roialed 486 points against 'rhe opposi+ion's 410. Kirby Smiih, Chuck Knight, Dave Colburn, Al Ward, George Sproule, Dave Elienne, and Ken Ragland were the regulars lhroughoui ihe season along wiih Dave Ream, Gary Kaslel, Tom Boodell, Jim Ivlabie, Norm Ander- son, and Dave Stroud. Alier defeating Barrington, 45-30, the team downed Proviso, 52-50, and Waukegan fell before Jrhe Green, 45-4l. In lhe final seconds, the 'team losi io Evansion, 48-49: the Trevians then felled lvlorlon, 52-46, Oak Park, 46-29, and then Proviso again, 5l-47, successively. The leam revenged the Wildkits at Evansion, 57-38, in a return baffle. Faliering before Morion, 37-43, Jrhe season ended at Oak Park wi'lh a 44-35 viclrory. Our freshman +eam's record of four wins and eight losses, while not im- pressive, has a lol of lighting spirit behind il. Confronied wiih a tough schedule, ihe irosh played iheir firsi Two and lasi' four games away. Their opponenrs were Highland Park, Proviso, Waukegan, Evanston, Niles, and Oak Park, whom they played lwice. The irosh also had a B team, ro give inexperi- enced boys a chance to show their ability. This method was in close con- iunclrion wiih the Player's League, which provides opporruniiies for all boys io participaire in athleiics. I.V. BASKETBALL - : ww 1 ff9N SI gf 6' '- If 4' . I I ' If f " X ? A "i v f I ',,H,n y l ,' ' 'Wax J M If s I Q A X -. , l I J X ll, X I 1 , ' N 5 SQZ Row I: Sproule, Smith, Straud, Anderson, Boodell Row 2: Mabie, Ward, Colby, Etienne, Ream, Henderson S NV' E Sfcs '5.!-".- Q-'iii LU A - FROSH BASKETBALL Row 1: Christie, Cook, Good, Iohnson, Ieffers, Schulteis, Gross, Van Anyooy, Christopher Row 2: E. Kahler lcoachl, Peters, Layden, White, Struve, Coghill, Gritschke, Ellis, Smith lcoachj Page 85 i . ff -Ldfbsflff-A412 i ' I ,c..A-,,,,.qcMQ,. . K'Z.Q,u,yQ-u! 61,41 ,ya-M dflfgull-1 Those of us who came TaiThTully To SaTurday morning swimming classes as grammar school children remember ThaT awesome group oT l-ligh School Boys who held us as we Thr'usT our Taces in The waTer. Now we realize ThaT 10,409 , This organizaTion, The New Trier Guard, noT only Teaches younger children To swim, buT promoTes and Teaches swimming Tor high school sTudenTs and adulTs, assisTs wi+h LiTe Saving and WaTer SaTeTy courses. and is always -' presenT aT aTTer-school recreaTional swimming. They help wiTh The Sum- T mer Swimming School, which annually regisTers over I,5OO grammar school W children Trom The Township. 'As Head Guard and AssisTanT l-lead, Bill STeTson and Dave STerreTT ranked higher This year even Than The varsiTy capTains. The Guard iTselT p holds more imporTance Than any oTher swimmers and divers in The school. 4 U To Them is due The crediT Tor a good parT oT our unequaled swimming pro- 9 ' -W gram and enviable sTaTe and naTional raTing. Once again, our hafs go oTT V To These superior swimmers and superior ciTizens-To-loe. 5 fi "" ' C " i fr :ii Aw. 'lrr lqvjnigj ,,I.'u""1up-ul' ' A X in N4 'Q' v, ebfdb ' ' I, ,,., Q .1 r L f- S-ff' -rm" g .T ff T .fi , f ' X" , ff' im,,,4"f ,fum ,' Q' f f ffil M. g, ,,ff yv,"i' ii. ,V f T! i X ff U ' F f f' 7. -, T-J V ,,' f f f , T .TTT f ai, fs aff T H if f , f X A f. f T' .,ZfT4g - iTTM'fT'l T ff,fYT 4fT ffl 'f il- .fii ,fTTfMi ' 1'Tjwyi TSN T ' -l 'il .1 ,iii 1 V ,, Y f ff I s - ,fi "i 'film if "ix li! 'ffl f' 'Vf' K ' .' iiii ' . ll :al.."9ii- 'il if ITT: iff. i Page 86 . X A - , , POOL GUARD Row 1: Hust, Kanne, Tones, Hicks, Stetson, Sterrett, Ienks, Karslake, Ralph Row 2: Iackson, Clinton, Bersbach, Bonge, Glezen, Gordon, Lind, Guepin, Robertson Row 3: Lustgarten, Campbell, Surpless, Lechner, Rinella, Creden, Pope flfii. 7 II 4 03 SWIMMING i ,l,fDJ, I ix A gzx, Esfc .5 Displaying lhe qualilies lhal enabled lhem lo lake lour previous Illinois lilles, lhe New Trier swimmers have done il again. In relaining lhe plague, lhe I952 squad paid linal homage lo reliring Coach Edgar B. Jackson, who slaled lhal his grealesl lhrill in lhe meel came when we look lhe linal relay. Wilh lhe Indians linally emerging on lop, 42-30, lhe meel was primarily a New Trier-Evanslon ballle. Bill Slelson won New Trier's only individual lirsl by laking lhe 200 yard lree slyle in 2:03.43 anolher New Trier slal- warl, Bill Jenks, placed lhird in lhal evenl. In lhe I00 lree, Duke I-Iusl and Jon Lind caplured second and lhird place respeclively. Wilh a lime ol I:39.6 lhe speeding quarlel ol Slelson, Lind, Jenks, and I-lusl, combined ellorls lo rack up lhe number one spol in lhe 200 yard lree slyle relay. John Lechner, a sophomore, proved an invaluable assel by laking second in lhe I00 yard breasl. In addi- lion, John Taylor came in lhird in lhe I50 yard individual medley. Our medley relay enlry, comprised ol Lech- ner, Don Dowd, and Dick Karslake, linished second lo Evanslon in lhe I50 yard evenl. Taking lwelve oul ol lourleen meels, lhe Indians came in second lo Evanslon in lhe League slandings. In linishing second, Trier mermen made an excellenl showing in lhe Suburban meel. In lhe IOO lree, Slelson and I-Iusl look lirsl and second: Slelson eslablishing a new record lime ol 55.0. Jenks caplured a lirsl in lhe 200 lree, and Dave Slerrell, a consislenl winner lhroughoul lhe season, look lhird. Olher poinls in lhe meel were racked up by Lind, laking lhird in lhe 50 lree, and Taylor, who look lhird in lhe I50 yard individual medley. Dowd, Bruce Warnecke, and I-lusl look 2nd in lhe medley relay. The meel was climaxed wilh lhe viclory ol lhe 200 yard relay leam ol Slelson, Lind, Karslake, and Slerrell. Ivluch credil is due lhe lollowing lor sleady work lhroughoul lhe season: Warnecke in lhe breasl slroke, Bruce Clinlon and Bob Ralph in lhe back slroke, divers Jordan and Benevenli, and John Glezen in lhe individual medley. I-lusl and Jenks were honorary leam caplains. In conclusion, we congralulale coaches Edgar B. Jackson, Dave Roberlson, and Verne Condon, and espe- cially lhe swimmers lhemselves, one ol our linesl compelilive aggregalions. VARSITY SWIMMING Row 1: Clinton, Starrett, Karslake, Hust, Stetson, Ienks, Taylor, Ralph, Lind Row 2: Kanne, Clements, Tones, I-licks, Glezen, Beneventi, Doty, Gordon, Price, Bersbach, I-Iamrnerman, Kanne Row 3: Ianette, Klok, Bonge, Wilson, Gramm, Hinshaw, Grubs, Clinch, Ioseph, Brabeck, I-Iammerman Page 87 FRGSH-SGPH SWIMMING This year'slreshman and sophomores really deserved lhe congralu- lalions lheir squad always gels lor ils perenially line performances. Dudng lhe regMarseason,lhey won aH lhen dualrneeh wHh lhe excephon ollhe Evandon meet lnlhe Suburban League meellhey Hed wHh Evandon al 43 pohns apbce. John Lechner was ebcled lhe honoraryleanicaplam. lnlhe Suburban League meelldew Tderlooksecond phcein bolh lhe medley relay and in lhe 200 yard lree slyle relay. Tom Wynn, Benne RmeHa, Lonn Surpkss and Jack Ckeden made up lhe hee slwe rday leam. Theinedby leam had Bob Tannen Lechnen and BiH Pallerson. In lhe crawl deparlmenl, VVynn look second in lhe 50 yard lree slwe. ln lhe IOO yard event Surpbss and RineHa pbced lhhd and lourlh respeclively. Caplain Lechner look lirsl in his specially, lhe 50 yard breasl- Mroke. ln doing so, he eslabhshed a newfleague record ol 29.5. John also swam lhe slale meel, where he look second in lhe IOO yard breasl slroke and also conlribuled lo lhe medley relay's success. New Trier collecled lhe resl ol lhe poinls on Tanner's lhird place in lhe 50 yard back droke,and lhe second and lhhd phcesin lhe individual medley, which Meyer Rolh and Sleve Hirsch conlribuled. CHher vduabb lmnhsoph mermen were heshmen Nhke Sms and Ben Hards andsophomoresJacklAome,BHlPope,John Armshong and Norm VVaHe .. ,ig 5 . 1 N P if QA- Esfcs i- - 55 FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING Row I: Perdue, Campbell, Barnes, MacArthur, Harris, Sills, Hirsch, Patterson, Olmsted, Beatty, Ramsay, Miller Row 2: Iackson, Pope, Tanner, Surpless, Morse, Lechner, Wynn, Rinella, Creden, Waite, Roth Row 3: Robertson, Bronston, Thomas, Wallace, Brown, Larner, McCollister, Richmond, Bennett, Madigan, Ioseph, Goodman, Lust- garten Row 4: Kane, Stines, Hales, Sokol, Kennedy, Taylor, Swirles, Corey, Tones, Tacobson, Stevenson, Guepin Page 88 HighlighTs OT The gymnasTics Team's I95I season were iTs parTicipaTion in The CenTral AAU meeT and The annual presenTaTion oT The ThaTcher Gym nasTics Award ln The AAU compeTiTion, New Trier's Team, under The experT coaching oT Mr. Giallombardo, won The Novice Division Trophy Tor The TirsT Time. William SchmidT received The highesT honor accordable To a gymnasT in it GYMNASTICS y 'Q' C . ff' x , is This school, The ThaTcher GymnasTics Award. The l952 season opened wiTh a dual meeT aT Senn High School where Don HampTon Toolc TirsT place in The Championship Division side-horse compeTi- Tion. NexT, New Trier's gymnasTics squad Taced UniversiTy High OT The Univer- siTy oT Chicago. ln This meeT Charles King capTured TirsT-place honors in The long-horse evenT. On April IZ, The Team enTers The High School Division-CenTral AAU meeT aT Navy Pier. For The TirsT Time since The War, The lllinois AThleTic AssociaTion is spon- soring a sTaTe-wide gymnasTics meeT. On May 3, New Trier enTers Ten Team- members in This concluding compeTiTion oT The season. Three large Trophies and six medals are awarded: aTTer The meeT, Tood and soTT drinlcs will be served aT a gaThering where all conTesTanTs will have an opporTuniTy To loe- come beTTer acquainTed wiTh one anoTher. As has been The case in previous years, The presenTaTion oT The ThaTcher Award closes The season Tor The gymnasTics Team. This season's squad was a sTrong and well-balanced uniT wiTh Tine prospecTs Tor nexT season. This is illusTraTed by The TacT ThaT iTs Tour mosT ouTsTanding perTormers were Don HampTon, who represenTed New Trier in The Champion- ship Division: Charles King, a junior and leader in The InTermediaTe Division: John Morgan, an ouTsTanding perTormer and a sophomore: and John STreicher, Trampoline arTisT and an experT Tumbler-a Treshman. A T 3TTT2i ?a'tcs GYMNASTICS Row I: Tones, Iohnson, Mandell, Mackenroth, Macdonald, Buck, Coyle Row 2: Culbertson, Kartman, Challinor, Day, Wetzel, Stone, Hampton, Meyer, Greeley Row 3: Day, King, Walthouse, Larsen, Trout, Pagliarulo, Ravenscroft Page 89 "Uncle John" Nay, Jim lvlclzadzean, and Peie Franlzen combined lheir coaching talents to produce this win+er's greaily improved varsiiy track ieam. Captained by Al Ward, ihe iracksiers demonstrated their power in the league meet, where lhey beal every team excepl Evanston, who turned previous tables to win 53-46'f2. However, the Green Wave's real proof of its strength came in ihe Oak Park Re- lays, where ihey triumphed over all coniending schools. Vital to the season's success were John Courl, Tom Knoll, and Joe Harrison, sprintersy Phil Nixon, Tim Nuveen, Dez Paden, Mike Simmonds, and Ward, long distance runnersg Harrison and Bruce Rodgers, hurdlersy Findlay Bariell and Buzz Bruning, shol putters: and Don Deberard and Torn Hibben, high iump arlisis. Coach Mclzaclzean reporls thai The varsity +eam's skiil and sportsmanship were duplicated in his lrosh-soph squad, which caplrured a well-earned third place in the league meet. Among his consislenl poinl-geiters were Captain Guy Osborn, Kent Clancy, George Conover, Dave Mohl, John Morrison, Hugh lvloltern, Dick Shanahan, Bill Sills, Dick Simonds, and Bob Study. VARSITY TRACK Row I: Nixon, Dean, Hibben, DeBerard, Milds, Paulman, Paden, Smith, Berman Row 2: Caro, Rosene, Schwimmer, Adsit, Ferrarini, Ballard, Iacob, Knott, Shane, lung, McCabe Row 3: Frantzen, Kahn, Hicks, Fitchmun, Kendall, McDowell, Rodgers, Chase, Harrison, Court, Mason, Hatton, Nay, McFadze2in FROSH-SOPH TRACK Row I: Robison, Shanahan, Wanstun, Cross, Iames, McCollough, Talbot, Roberts, Szolin, Morrison, Mohl Row 2: Gleason, Henrich, Gessel, Granger, Gross, Smith, New, Randolph, Fisk, Etnyre, Fung Row 3: McFadzean, Sills, Smirt, Allen, Mottern, France, Iohns, Ely, Flynn, Osborn, R. Simonds, Clancy, Cam, Crowley, Corwine, Bleloch Page 90 INTRAMURAL SPORTS When asked aboui ihe pas? IM spori season, Mr. Showley spoke in superlalrives-"Ex'rensive parlicipafion-biggesl' +urnou'r ever-very successful"--buf we can be more specific. For example, 37 leams enfered in Jrouch foolball, in which Mr. Jones' iunior adviser room emerged champions. In Jrhe fall handball, Norm Framberg won Jrhe handball singles and worked wifh Jack Tindall +o 'rake Jrhe doubles. In baslcefball Mr. Fearheiley's boys were freshman champs, Mr. Ude's sophomores, Mr. Lauer's juniors, and Mr. Walrers' seniors. Track also received good pariicipafion, as did wresiling, which had I36 enlrhusiasls. Volleyball had fhe bigges+ enlry lis+ ever, wifh 594 signups and 39 Teams, of which 'the four winners were Mr. McFadzean's freshmen, Mr. I-loy+'s sophomores, Mr. Swain's iuniors, and Mr. Wafers' seniors. Mr. Gra+er's seniors were fhe school champ swimmers, wi+h 43 poinrs. Soflball, closing ihe year, had an equally impre- sive +urnou+, as did lhe oiher spring sporisz +ennis, horseshoes, and golf. If every year's crop of boys 'rurns ou+ for infra- mural sporls wi+h fhe enlhusiassm and abilily shown Jrhis year, Charles Alias will no longer hold his preseni' iiile. INTRAMURAL SPORTS Row I: Tindall, Walthouse, Svei- ven Row 2: Slayton, Framberg IONES' CHAMPS Row I: Fosse, Hindman, Nilles, Anderson, Adams Row 2: Flannery, Siegel, Schwim- mer, Rodgers, Peterson FALL BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row 1: Haugh, Schulteis, Farn- ham, Cunningham, Kuhn Row 2: Pierce, Bowman, Carey, Yaffe Page 9I v -ea , Q , , .S ' .l sr H. 1- v.. M 7- , -- -ez" ' ff,-1 , Page 92 The lun and exercise rhree-lillhs ol New Trier girls gol from G.fX.A. This year is Presidenl OLSON Vice Presldeni' if G A A ' ssei u s MCCOLLISTER N g . - . '1,51,M, :ZZ QQ - largely due lo lhe unlailing worlc ol Jrhe board, headed by Presidenr Elizabelh lvlc- Collisrer, Vice-Preidenl Barbara Olson, Treasurer Gracia lvlclfenzie, and Secrelary Carol l'laider. The execulive board also played a ma- ior role in keeping GAA. running smoolh- ly. Palricia Keele, Service l-lead, saw lhar 'rhe page girl schedules and clubroom were in perlecl order. Diane Seyler headed lnlramural Sporls, which were regulaled by Carolyn Reinclce's officials. This year was lhe lirsl lhar our oriicials compeled lor nalional ralings. Maria Piclcard lcepl The public informed of 6.A.A. acliviries as Publiciry l-lead, and worlced closely wilh Margarel l-lagerly, lhe l-lead ol Arr, who planned and execuled all lhe alrracrive bullelin boards. Firsr on fhe year's schedule was lhe Scollish hockey demonsrrarion. ln March we enjoyed an award assembly and iniri- ares' supper. lvlay broughr The year's real climax, as more awards were given and a banquel presenled where '53's board was announced. All These parries were planned by Joan Coghill, Social Head. l+'s rhe combined and persislenr eriorls of Jrhe officers, boards, commillees, lac- ulry, represenlalives, and, mosr of all, lhe members, lhal malce GAA. whar if is. MCKENZIE Treasurer HAIDER Secrelary HAGERTY Arf SEYLER lnlramural Sporls REINCKE Officials PICKARD Publicify KEEFE Service COGHILL Social .1 Nr ,ir W! ""'!v .J-H-,if an A SPORTS BOARD Row I: Caton, Butler, Burgess, Kraus. Colville Row 2: Hart, Schweizer, Hennessy, Sandberg, Hansen Row 3: Veeder, DeWitt, Poppell, Arnold, Dicus, Hauser Page 93 REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Affeldt, Anderson, Wales, Emrich Foskett, Powell, Thorsen, Painter Row 2: Buhse, Smith, Poppell, Attebery, Mcf Ilvaine, Swartchild, Edwards, Murphy Row 3: Salvano, Sweetman, Hales, Schroeder Persons, Redgwick, Walton, Nunn COMMITTEE MEMBERS Row I: Kelly, Chinberg, Thorpe, Priebe, Doty Ellis Row 2: Leber, Haneman, Willey, Drake Brown, Brady, Debs, Price Row 3: Greer, Lathan, Moorhead, Hohlfelder Goss, Reeder CLASS MANAGERS Row I: I-lalper, Copello, Iones, Hutzmann Schmick, Roth, Donohue Row 2: I-Iollingbery, Mcllvaine, MacLean Newell, Bullard, Schulz, Sottile Row 3: Broderick, Keith, Brown, Zimmermann Stuebner, Spence, Ford, McCallen PAGE GIRLS Row I: Pikelny, Eisendrath, Ristow, McCal- len, Colville, Debs, Feuer Row 2: Petersen, Moser, Goss, Poppell, Brady McGookin, Noble Row 3: Gold, Harwood, Caro, Tourtellot Dawes, Fink Page 94 1000 POINT AWARDS Row I Attebery, Hennessy, Reincke Row 2: Coghill, McKenzie, Colville 700 POINT AWARDS Row I: Garter, Iones, Womack, Baker, Caton, Koenig Row 2: Kirk, Kuhn, Kronfeld, Coburn, Schweizer, Coffey, Howe 300 POINT AWARDS Row I.- Cookman, Wagner, Nielsen, Greene, Reeder, Weinberg, Pearson Row 2: Woolsey, Robin, Wolf, Ferguson, Noble, Turtle, Sprowl, Goodwin, DeWitt Row 3: Laun, Andrew, Kolarik, Zimmermann, O'Kieifc, Caro, Schoenrock, Najdowski, Kauf- man - PARTICIPATION CHAMPS Row 1: Bradley, Wickman, Iames, Bull, Dohse. Cornell, Fell Row 2: Conrad, Feairheiley, Gallery, Bairstow, Sanderson, Bowes, Dickens Page 95 FRESHMAN FIRST SPEEDBALL TEAM Sitting: Ienks Row I: Reclgwick, Minx, Broderick, Remien, Iohn- son Row 2: Buhse, Galante, I-Ieaton, Walling, Birney, Bayless HOCKEY Row I: Coghill, Kelly, Womack Row 2: Pleck, Peques, Attebery, Kuhn, Iohnson, v D. RECREATIONAL GAMES Row I: Seigal, Sittig, Petersen, Ristow, Crowder Row 2: Stuebner, Bullard, MacLean, Attebery, DeWitt, Powell MODERN DANCE Row I: Iohnson, Borg, Leys, Kirk, Coghill, Pleck, Wollinger, Hauser, Olson, Tatham, McCollister, Conaghan, Fink, Keefe Row 2: Connor, Schmick, Alstrin, Greer, Pierre, Lathan, Seyler Preston, Haider, Peterson, Ar- nold, Poppell, Michel, Saunders, Spence, Spero, Chinberg, Schodat OFFICIALS Row I: McRoy, Caro, Iones, Thomas Row 2: Goldenberg, MacLean, Attebery, Iohnson, Okin Page 96 FIGURE SKATING Row I: Meyer, Pearson, Coffey, Kramer, Watts Row 2: Ballrnan, Stuebner, Martin, Keefe, Casky SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Goodwin, Huffman, Ferguson, Ross Row 2: Cookman, Kesert, McCa1len, Najdowski BASKETBALL Row I: Embree, Hennessy, Lambert, Ford TUMBLING On knees: Swidler, Coffee On back: Edwards, Olson Standing: Sanborg, Veeder, Peters, Peueuckert, Marcy, Iones POOL GUARD Row I: Spencer, Shearon, Tucker, Gatter Row 2: Caton, Haseltine, Okin, Burgess, Pierre, Wolfinger, Keefe Row 3: Horton, Brown, Wolcoff, Haider, Pollock, Hites, Hicks Page MEN, IA9-9-4,ws9LQfQ . M N -H,Af6MwM1aQ1V-WluKvm -Czbwl, 6: WWW-VWMMJ 'VX"'VwvQn9- ' ' sd WAV ffgffvx QP L.ovNq10Df3XlVUx,v,5M.g 1 WQQXQMQIFQAQQJM wwmlwgmmfk UQMUM'-BA . , SfwMMw-Mvjigumgl WMMYWMW wqwwvdwun.. ,EMM M QM. wil WW Mfx,xP2,x11 vfQ xfgmfffyp fa W' Www fx vowiia K , x QR .f . ..' ' 1 u ' x - - . K h Y . . I ,-u, , . xv ,. D. lg. ' ' N "".., -445 ILM-, 5 u , - "- - . ' . .J A 4 if '.' -il' " I ,. ".2,, ' - . -x .',u 'Vgf' "fW-5 p - 2 -,, V ,Ay f .- ' g.- . . -' ' S:.:'.w6lL."L,s-,. nf ..u .N V-:,-'. ' -HT. Qu wx. QM '43, , JH5, ,'-' iff?-ff 5 5 CLASSES g"f9"vf57. ox i9:'Aa-9'0,vyX 96, W W X XE? if if 5 gf .2 I T 5 1 '1 W 4 . sg 5, ff ' s 5 f + .1 f Kg fi Q A 1 4, Y F W 1 W , , 3' Q . 'X av ff 1 fy. G '19 W. 5 k D . w 1 A 2,3 S 1 A Y A v' iff , r 3--, T315 gf: I" . king." W , . O ., Q . . I . Q a .553 7 L is Q5fx.?'?Pf. fp K ver .. gy., 61 .W Q,.z.+.i1 E? N- N' 1 'v .M f. ,af my 13 .5 2 K' 1 fi lg 'K lf t. . A g 3, , ll , K . ,R ,Q-fx 5 .' s f. . 5 VVQ- . , 'L K T Y ,k,Vi' if' 1. In X Q A Q 4 .Q ' .5 x X 3 I 5 MN 1 Page I02 FRESHMAN WALLACE BRODERICK PresidenT Vice-PresidenT 7OO Treshmen malce a big, big class, and when This year's neophyTes came lasT Tall we were enough im- pressed wiTh Their number To TorgeT To TempT Them wiTh elevaTor TiclceTs. Soon, however, They proved ThaT in qualiTy as well as in guanTiTy They had ear- marlcs of a good class. Their oTTicers were PresidenT STu Wallace, vice presidenT Ginny Broderick, secre- Tary BeTTy BarneTT, and Treasurer Tom Cargill. WiTh TradiTional Treshman enThusiasm This class en- Tered all The school's acTiviTies, and wenT on To add several Touches oT Their own. Under The advice of Miss l-lamilTon and Mr. Ream They selecTed The TirsT Treshman ailairs commiTTee, which TuncTioned in BARNETT COGHILL Secreiary Treasurer much The same manner as The Senior STeering group. ln February They sTaged The TirsT Freshman l-lag ParTy, held aT No Name and Topped oTF by TalenTed Treshman women doing every imaginable Type OT acT. More superior enTerTainmenT was given aT The Fresh- man ParTy in March, which was a Tar cry Trom The usual uninTeresTing gym iam. l-lere a carnival Theme brighTened The evening, and every Treshman preseni goT a real TasTe oT class spiriT. IT The abiliTy and enThusiasm oT The class of '55 has already shown conTinues, we can expecT greaT Things oT Them. V FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP Row I: English, Bloom, Allison, Rickarcls, Horrell, Nesselrod, Heirich, Hoehn, Booz, Cleave, Freeman, Shoresman, Fell, Moore, Yager, Gaines, Dohse, Shearer, Braun, Futorian, Borg, Hanson, Minx, Moment, Croisant, Hagerman, Wood- bury Row 2: Gilmour, Gaffert, Redgwick, Thalmann, Ruelle, Bjornson, Winje, Reise, Boysen, Goodfriend, Mickey, Frost, Lipp- man, Sprowl, Taylor, Veague, Schubman, Grisby, Smith, Walling, Lindblom, Snyder, Atwater, Drick, Wyss, Buhse, Bradfield, Remien, Dahlberg, Gibson, Graham, Lestina, Knobel, Kronwall Row 3: Barnett, Thompson, Kashian, Bottorff, Platt, Shere, Christopher, Bolger, Goldman, Hirsch, Koepp-Baker, Hepburn, Lelewer, Cunningham, Randolph, Kelley, Barbes, Watts, Cook, Nash, Good, Van Anrooy, Helms, Maupin, Ham- maker, Seltzer, Busjager, I. Olmsted, Arey, Blake, D. Olmsted, Talcott, Seigel Row 4: Tasky, Roberts, O'Connor, Moreen, Szonn, Iames, Christiansen, White, Cross, Gritschke, Paulman, Allen, Cor- wine, Kamm, Smith, Keyser, Gross, Geiger CATON Row I: Wixorn, Oelerich, Hall, Bolger, ' Caton, Chambers, Iames, Bronston, Kreines, Richheimer Row 2: Ross, Ferraro, Swirles, George, Struve, Michel, Hoban, Harris, Iames, Sozonn Row 3: Beatty, Bowman, Poore, Man- gel, Wolltiin, Arnold, Gessel, Kanne, Henrich CRAMLET Row 1: Kolflat, Toomin, Baer, Thomas, Cramlet, Stevenson, Schildgen, Wiri- ston, Ebbert Row 2: Braun, Nelson, Gavin, Tasky, Corey, Schoenbrod, Gritschke, Robin- son, Taylor Row 3: Borre, Keller, Sellers, Clarke, Iames, Porter, Carr, Kelley FEARHEILEY Row I: Sarlene, Snow, Haug, Fearheil- ey, Bowman, Pierce, Lustgarten, Ful- ton Row 2: Farnham, Whitehouse, Moreen, Ellbogen, Buck, Stone, Sheakman, Payne, Risser Row 3: Adams, Gauger, Plamondon, Pictrowiez, Husselman, Patterson, Kamm, Sokol, Parker GALLI E Row I: Klok, Price, Clausen, Ames, Gallie, Allison, Alexander, English Hoehn, Cook, Booz ow 2 Daliere Bennett Stone Goslin R r , , , Q, Kraft, Hayes, Smith, Anderson, Atwa- ter, Borg Row 3: Broderick, Shipley, Howard, Sprowl, Gaines, Pyfer, Boysen, Mor- ris, Edmonds, Lane, Collins HOLLEY Row I: Hartlielcl, Olmsted, D. Olm- sted, Troch, Iacobson, Holley, Kraft Proft, Niemann, Smith Row 2: Hunyady, Loebe, McGrew Krippes, Felton, Whitehurst, Bennett, Aikman, Walters, Blakeslee Row 3: Porter, Bussjager, Kashian, Her- ron, Blake, Whitehurst, Blaney, Stines Berg KARL Row I: Huston, Gilmour, Kay, Strug- gles, Karl, Croisant, Passman, Free- man, Gumbiner Row 2: Garrett, Albrecht, Goodfriend Mcllwain Iacobi Bo d Dennis, Bar- , , y , tell, Blumberg, Thorsen Row 3: Ogilvie, Berger, Miller, Smith Arnstein, Seeley, Walton, Iohnson Day KELLY Row I: Schwantes, Vich, Kane. Hepp- ner, Kelley, Malinisky, Kaufman Streicher, Miller, Nowosel Row 2: Ieffers, Miles, Elflandt, Teegen Spottke, Peters, Pulver, Taylor, Ren- gel, Hunt Row 3: Bottoff, Good, Goodrich, Levin, Gei er Barnes Sand, Linneman, Mc- Q v V Carthy, Goldman v Page IO3 Page IO4 KRAL Row I: Flowers, Teegarden, Prangley Elwood, Moore, Kral, Yager, Fischer Skarda, Feth, Horberg Row 2: Appelbaum, Frost, Rettinger Frisby, Kolbe, Snyder, Reckitt, Wall- ing, Drick, Haas, Dahlberg, Odegaard Bloom Row 3: Lestina, Reise, Friend, Foy Foskett, Pavlik, Pallisard, Larsen Steglich, Miller, Bowman, Shearer Futorian LENARD Row I: Nolan, Moore, Heirich, Redg- wick, Lenard, Woodbury, DeVoss, Austin, Luick Row 2: Brodsky, Schopen, Veague, Wyso, Spaulding, Kalk, Lindblom, Clifton, Kreer, Elliott Row 3: Lange, Sturlini, Galante, Hoff- sted, Schmitt, Azzi, Driscoll, Alder- man, Nyman MAY Row I: Quaintance, Franden, William- son, Moore, May, Hughes, Keith, Ca- zel, Feder, Madden Row 2: Heaton, Barker, Klauke, Behr- endt, P. Smith, Goodwin, Reagan, Gortner, Reinholtzen, Love Row 3: Zink, Hanson, Meites, Wein- berg, Forham, Bohnen, Robinson, Wil- liams, Daley, Lederer, Walgreen MCFADZEAN Row I: Bokhoff, O'Keefe, Sorensen, McArthur, McFadzean, Lelewer, Selt- zer, Weshart, Pettinger Row 2: Fetzer, McCollister, Fisk, Cross, Daiss, Corome, Marsh, Gordon, Koepp-Baker Row 3: Magnussen, Roberts, Christian- sen, Cain, Talbot, Frank, Kennedy, Ely, Hepburn, Randolph MOREY Row 1: Harris, Dewar, Gordon, New, Morey, Lynn, Hersch, Granger, Moc- late, Ramsay, Row 2: Wright, Burmeister, Erickson, Etnyre, Bennett, Tissen, Wallace, Pyle, Schwab, Iones. Row 3: Karraker, MacMillin, Scott, Crummer, Schmitt, Metz, Kenlay, Shinbach, Kelley, Blumehl, Beal MUDGETT Row 1: Nunn, Horrell, Ebrey, Brown, Kotler, Mudgett, Phelps, Tarasiuk, Hotson, Minx, Rodgers Row 2: Doyle, Seiberling, Peterson, Smith, Duthie, Anderson, Graham, Taylor, Clauson, Hagerman, Guindon Row 3: Weymouth, Bemien, Iones, Long, French, Stone, Talcobb, Kno- bel, Richards, Peck, Pinsef PETERSON Row I: Malony, Bonekamp, Mother- well, Lehman, Peterson, Stott, Stock- ton, Austin, Wolfinger, Garner Row 2: Reincke, White, Goghill, Ritch- ey, Knorr, Eyerly, Smith, Oakhill Row 3: Kay, Iohnson, Weidemann, Wene, Cram, Malyaney, Mitchell, Arey, Watts 1 y y RAFFETTO Row I: Anderson, Fuller, Waddill Huntley, johnson, Riddell, Brownl Rach, Zimmerman, Ienks Row 2: Buhse, Gibson, Lippman, Wes- sel, Edmonds, MacFall, Radford Wells, Adams, Sullivan Row 3: Thompson, Waterstradt, Camph, Taradash, Roth, Shaver, Clin- ton, Hattis, Schuett, Smith VEACH Row I: Norcross, Bradley, Butler, Fos- ter, Hughes, Cornell, Veach, Schroed- er, Schuller, Iohnson, Wickman, Fell Row 2: Calderini, Crane, Feldmann Vollers, Collins, Rich, Bairstow, San- derson, Gallery, Feairhiller ,Cooper Birney, Tatham. Row 3: Wheeler, Cohse, Dickens, Kent Maclean, Emrich, Bayless, Iames Conrad, Bull, Dawson VERNON Row I: Goldman, Anderson, Kirk, Tar- rent, Fields, Sanderson, Nash, Bran- H311 Row 2: O'Connor, Susen, Cohrs, Hag- land, McCullough, Thomas, Finy Drake, Allison Row 3: Truesdell Garard, Ke ser Sal Y - , , isbury, Sveiven, Spicer, Peacock, Burchmore, Rains WEILER Row I: Miner, Bartmess, O'Brien Wells, Siegel, Endres, Borre, Varney Trom, Shoresman Row 2: Dietz, Ruelle, Millard, Middle- ton, Schuleman, Cross, Schulz, Smith Gaffert, Ehrbar Row 3: Plunkett, Thalmann, Stott Klingeman, Thompson, Pope, Dexter Braun, Kassen, McPhee WEINGARTNER Row I: Morrison, Mason, Sheesley, Ste- vens, Voorheis, Weingartner, Strat- ton, Gherg, Lenz, Painter Row 2: Paulman, Casterline, Wright Myers, Layden, Ellis, Brown, Pollak Armstrong, Allen, Ioseph Row 3: Hales, Ueberroth, Van Ansoog Cummings, Barr, Thoresen, Story Iones, Shere, Christie, Portmann WHITE Row I: Tee en, Moment Thoman Q v 1 Mitchell, White, Nesselrod, Hlavecek, Cronwall, Cleave Row 2: Barnett, Ulrich, Whittaker Mickey, DeWitt, Anderson, McLick Nicklain, Porter, Cohn Row 3: Glossberg, Cox, Winge, Rosene Powell, Twerdahl, Clark, Sittig, Bjorn- son, Vining WILSON Row I: Hanson, Cook, Robison, Mc- Arthur, Hammaker, Wilson, Harvey Hendry, Platt, Christopher Row 2: Kivland, Walsh, Schweitzer Richmond, Friend, Hennessy, White Grindle, Doyno Row 3: Schulz, Clancy, Allen, Olden- 3 dorf, Gross, Gottschalk, Sills, Ingle- 1 hart, Cunningham, Maupin 1 Q 1 , v v 1 , i Page I05 SOPHO ORES HARRIS ANDERSON President Vice-Presici'enT The sophs shrug modesTly when praised Tor The smooTh and promising enTrance They made inTo Their second year oT high school. Beginning The year wiTh a deTerminaTion To ouTdo all oTher sophomore classes, They Thinlc Their suc- cess has been due, in parT, To Their oTTicers. Early in The year They elecTed Sam l-larris presidenT, Mary Anderson "veep," Sue Hadler secreTary, and Bernie Rinella Treas- urer. WiTh The paTienT and invaluable guidance oT Miss RINELLA HADLER Treasurer Secretary l-lursT and Mr. LighTner, These oTTicers have led Them Through a year oT Tun and worlc. They won'T TorgeT Their sophomore parTy wiTh Hiram Hinkley leading The TalenT show. Their crowded honor roll picTures, Their enThusiasm Tor exTra-curricular acTiviTies, Their prowess in sporTs have all made Them realize Their place in The New Trier scheme. SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP Row I: McKinnon, Fleming, Birnbaum, Gudeman, Miller, McKee, Waller, Morrison, Nyder, Goodman, Rappaport, Baum, Ander- son, Blutenthal, Paulus, Greeley, Walter, Orelind, Hall, Blunt, Mohl Row 2: Paynter, Anderson, Gatter, Smith, Harris, Bowen, Satinover, Long, Castle, Gode, Debs, Higginbotham, Keith, O'Kieffe, Murphy, Crittenton, Schoenrock, Stanley, Krasberg, Boling, Reeder, Trainer, Donohoe, McCallen, Kaufman, Feuer, Nielsen, Winburn, Eckhouse, Unger, Caro, Burgess Row 3: Porter, Anderson, Greenough, Deutch, Perlman, Olson, Schulte, Avery, Torbert, Addington, Starrett, Arnold, Lieberman, Doty, Walworth, Roddick, Wollison, Bullard, Koplin, Droegemueller, Goodwin, Mogilnitsky, Kenney, Tourtellot, Lawrence, Ross, Rasmussen, Williams, Schwem, Erickson, Loomis, Patton, Rittenberg, Fisher, Dunn, Martin, Shanahan, Stearns Row 4: Armstrong, Price, Waite, Coleman, Wagner, Eisendrath, Butler, Pikelny, Spiegel, Langenbach, Iacobson, Stranne, Clark, Kirk, Adams, MacCorquodale, Goldberg, D'elles, Currier, Katz, Kesert, Brown, Lind, Finger, Weinberg, Kearns, Weinberg, Bailey, Chaplin Row 5: Lochner, Greenebaum, Tohns, Wood, Kleerup, Alger, Simonds, Tanons, Coe, McNeill, Cavallon, Beagle, Murdock, Segil, Murray, Lorch, Ottaviani, Bentley, Norman, Iarvis, Marx, Amos Page IO6 ANDERSON Row 1: Britten, Rembert, Barnett. Cookman, Wells, Anderson, Mc- Cliary, Preston, Gilbert, MacCor- quodale, Bowen Row 2: Bick, Mogilnitsky. Adding- ton Haneman Haider Prout Le , , , Y, - Vine, Mcllvaine, Hurley, Proch- now, Saikin Row 3: Talbot, Goldberg, Gillespie Froeschle, Lieberman, A d a in s Code. Butler, Reeder, Webster Gale-mbert ASCHENBACH Row I: Porter, Lewis, Balkin, Wild- er, Aschenbach, Howell, Balmes Webb, Hendricks Row 2: Tanner, Morris, Segil, Otta- viani, Murdock, Stetson, Lorch Moravia, Iohns, Creedon, Kraus Bender Row 3: Weber, Calkins, Grube Kearns, Street, Roth, Waite, Oeler- ich, Cleary, Iensen, Struggles Haight, Byrkit CASELLA Row I: Crain, Ross, Crittenton, Mar- iotti, Casella, Nilson, D'Elles, Smith Un er 1 9 Row 2: Lawrence, Katz, Brill, Lich- ter, Wilde, Nugent, Swartchild, Meltzer, Taylor, Meyer, Barton Row 3: Leuth, Palmer, McVVilliams, Allsebrooke, Currier, Baughn, Had- ler, Langenbach, Anderson, Kolar- ik, Ade CONDON Row I: Cohn, Hultman, Nicholls, Welch, Condon, Kurz, Hedges, Lammers, Woolard Row 2: Rindell, Kiesaw, Rosen, Moistz, Madson, Hubbard, Coe, Pope, Budwig, Armstrong Row 3: McKinley, Sillais, McCoy, Dauber, France, Peterson, O'Brien, Fosse, Study, Gudeman DOCKSTADER Row I: Ford, Pikelny, Burgess, Krause. Dockstader, McKee, Lind, Williams, Vidal Row 2: Friestedt, Tuttle, Olson, Coleman, Robison, O'Connell, Hoeke, Austin, Noble, Torbert, Wilson, Ebert Row 3: Perlman, Murphy, Moninger, Hollingbery, Arnold, Fisher, Pilka, Breen, Trainer, Gordon, Messing FLEMINGTON Row I: Wagner, Kaufman, Satin- over, Miller, Flemington, Penfield, Vickers, Long, Brainard, Babcock Row 2: Andrew, Nance, Iohnston, Rieger, Roddick, Donaldson, Doty. Sprowl, Ferguson, Kibler, Sweet- man, O'Kieffe Row 3: Philpott, Baum, Elmendorf, Paxton, Fosdick, Droegemueller, Droba, Hurley, Higgonbotham, Vandercook, Reinhold. Fawler, Markin FRANTZEN Row I: Freeman, Hoffman, Feit, Carlock, Frantzen, Muther, Carr, Stevens, Cramer, Pitcher, Storch Row 2: Clancy, Allen, Potts, Scar- lett, Otis, Sex, Nicklin, Paletti, Borre, Trittipo, Madigan Row 3: Gladson, Gillen, Young, Boore, Hinkley, Hust, Hoffman, Smith, Engel, Lindstrom, Ioseph v Page I07 Page I08 FUNKHOUSER Row I: Curvey, Stearns, Chaplin, Ramsay, Barkeo, Funkhouser, Gree- ley, Newman, Hill, Anderson, Low- rey Row 2: Betts, Scott, Heckel, Murray, Rinella, Lechner, Pinsof, Flynn, Lane, Iohnson, Lietzow, Miller Row 3: Strelors, Kay, Mottern, Murphy, McManus, Lochner, Hep- ple, Jarvis, Crowley, Platt, Paulus GADSKE Row I: Borcherdt, Baity, Rippberger, Wessman, Gadske, Ellicott, Boud- reaux, Rappaport, Groff, Bleloch Row 2: Allen, Wallach, Marsh, Drake, Surpless, Pitzner, Bentley, Groves, Rapp, Amos Row 3: Rumsey, Vincent, Weinberg, Trense, Wineberg, Selzer, Orelind, Weeks, Funari, Bartz HOYT Row I: Payne, Greer, Christensen, Spellman, Klinetob, Hoyt, Every, Ramey, Huyler, Glas, Mann Row 2: Martin, Kemper, Bonner, Coflielcl, Miller, Simonds, McNeill, Hamilton, Tippens, Selinger, Price, Gillis Row 3: May, McDaniel, Beatty, Flowers, Hayman, Marks, Daven- port, Iennett, Walter, O'Brien, Wilson, Birnbaum, Binkley KAHLER Row I: Gotcher, Helfer, Adkins, Fleming, Gleason, Kahler, Algeo, Blunt, Dunn, Carmody, Anderson Row 2: Van Oosterhout, Meyers, Osborn, VVessel, Murphy, Wynn, Sennott, Wood, King, Moore, Al- ger Row 3: Parker, Mohl, Stuckslager, Dickey, Greenough, Goettsch, Bern- stein, Cain, Pattullo, Bridgewater, Vye, Halbrook KELSO Row I: Doughty, Spencer, Allegan, Kesert, Kelso, Murry, Driscoll, Dawes, Vyse, Salvano Row 2: Davis, Meier, Paynter, Best, Rusch, Wollison, Mueller, Drake, Dietz, Avery, Hans Row 3: Williams, Eckhouse, Mc- Cready, Larson, Mauer, Nilsson, Tourtellot, Kirk, Wonderlic, Can- non, Keith McDOWELL Row I: Nyder, Borre, Huntley, Campbell, Waller, McDowell, Har- ris, Morgan, Bogie, Perlman, Bron- ston Row 2: Guttensohn, Larner, Helmer, Hens, Cavallon, Richards, Stephens, Wagner, Wolfe, Thompson, Oxley, Prout Row 3: Corcoran, Lindsey, Powell, Faulstick, Cooper, Bonfig, Worth- ington, Edmonds, Greenebaum, Harris, Rayburn, Gray, Lustgarten OAKS Row 1: Reardon, Blutenthal, Cole- man, McKinnon, Lauer, Oaks, Metzner, Wilson, Perozzo, Baum, Dooley Row 2: Tobey, LeClaire, Norman, Balfe, Havel, Klefstad, Scharff, Io- seph, Leipold, Golden, Hoffmann, Woodhead Row 3: Murphy, Dunlap, Milks, Borre, Brady, Newton, Braun, Vollmann, Buzan, Gathercoal, Mil- ler, Perdue REINHARDT Row I: Feuer, Debs, Finley, Finger, Loomis, Iacobson, Lund, Peters, Mulvaney Row 2: Clapp, Deutch, Sutton, Wil- liams, Bullard, Rotterson, Sewrey, Sterling, Meier, Alexander Row 3: Schmick, Eisendrath, Erick- son, Tuveson, Greene, Winburn, Allen, Brown, Samuelson, Waters SMITH Rowllr Boling, Castle, Young, Van Weyk, Smith, Martin, Brzezinski, Prendergast, Weinberg Row 2: Kenney, Rasmussen, Ross, Starrett, Eiber, Madden, Kuppen- heimer, Miller, Maxwell, Groff Row 3: Caro, Davie, Clarke, Cone, Windes, Drell, Nielsen, Krasberg, Sullivan TATHAM Row I: Demma, Gatter, Edel, Kalmes, Farborn, Williams, Ander- son, De Voss, Potts Row 2: Ball, Coupe, Iones, Burgoyne, Huffman, Wilson, Wolworth, Ed- wards, Harris, Schochet Row 3: Luby, Thomson, Schulz, Laun, Pateon, Schwietert, Stranne, Olson, La Mott, Fink, Hart TERHUNE Row 1: Najdowski, Tichenor, Krie- sant, Ristow, Terhune, McCallen, Wagner, Spiegel, Beinlich, Clark Row 2: Petersen, Schwem, Good- win, Muhl, Chetlain, Koplin, Brad- ley, Colclough, Schulte, Frake, Hemesath Row 3: Margolis, Rittenberg, Grotz, Roberts, George, Grotz, Clark, Skarsgor, Schoenrock, Trexler, Donohue UDE Row I: Nelson, McKee, Edwards, Shanahan, Ude, Olson, Freeman, Goodman, Hausfeld, Hume, Sha- piro Row 2: Ely, Hedberg, Thornton, Quick, Tanons, Ehrbar, Kleerup, Hollweg, Coon, Farsen, Arthur, Rasmussen Row 3: W. Anderson, G. Anderson, Rindlieisch, Kuhn, Moore, Hall, Bailey, La Roi, Roewade, Goldman, Morrison, Haugh Pagef 109 Page lI0 JLI IORS POLLOCK BOODELL Presidem' Vice-Presideni' Juniors? ThaT car over There, msis. Where Miss Bredin and Mr. Wehr are signing spring vacaTion noTices, where The girls are borrowing each oThers' sweaTers, and where everybody's geTTing ready To make The class' senior year as Tabulous as This one was. Yes, They're wearing shmoo coaTs-elves and elephanTs wenT ouT wiTh The lasT clique. ThaT's Diana Pollock in The presidenT's seaT. She did a greaT iob, and so did The oTher oTTicers. Tom Boodell was veep, Sue Harwood secreTary, and Dave Robson Treasurer. The Prom, The Junior Tea, and a hundred oTher responsibiliTies Tell on Their hardy HARWOOD ROBSON SecreTary Treasurer shoulders, buT They handled iT all easily. No, They aren'T ius,T a parTy class, Though. Bird walks, iunior Themes, logariThms--wiTh inspiraTion like ThaT, how could anybody Tail? They were also The TirsT class To elecT Their sTeering commiTTee in The junior year. SporTs? These kids have conTribuTed a loT To our championships, and have promise oT making nexT year a greaT one. Already They've Taken over all The school's organizaTions. This year's seniors have no doubT ThaT Their successors will do wonderTul iobs. Well, whaT are you waiTing Tor? Go ioin The class oT '53-youlll like 'emi IUNIOR HONOR GROUP Row I: Beckman, Anderson, Marchini, Rodgers, Dahlquist, Hindman, Cloud, Sowersby, Snell, Mohardt, Kartman, Hinch- man, Scher, Wilde Row 2: Banker, Woolsey, Craven, Painter, Gold, Halper, Ellis, Coleman, Vaughan, Pearson, New, Spence, Colville, Swi- ren, Pold, Baker, Kreutzer, Hall, Fenton, Klein, Richards, Hoyt, Helter, McCloud Row 3: Bernstein, Spence, Beckman, Rassbach, Oxley, Dowling, Hohlfelder, Robin, Alder, Watts, Seifert, Poppell, Em- bree, Coburn, Lambert, Wescott, Martin, Sappenfield, Anderson, Cvolclenberg, Stanton, Marcy, Coffey, Lammers, Feldon, Robinson, Werhane, Davis, Natenberg Row 4: Arnold, Pollock, McKenzie, Wales, White, MacLean, Stuebner, DeWitt, Dicus, Kronfeld, Steinfeld, Ford, Tones, Merrill, Lockerbie, Gaines, Laurine, Ellbogen, Miller, Ballman, Gallicchio, Leys, Caton, Kivland, Boesch, Knapp, Tool, Glorio Row 5: Hanson, Wolf, Lind, Sterrett, Boodell, Mabie, Springer, Bonge, Barnes, Barr, Bairstow, Leonard, Peterson, Brown, Wendt, Hirsch, Herbert, Smith, Reid, Cunningham, Mackenroth, Birdlebough CRITCHETT Row I: Tool, Hauser, New, Al- strin, Critchet, Heuser, Wilbor, Dini, Hoyt Row 2: Ard, Spence, MacLean. Embree, Hennessy, Coburn, Kronfeld, Kaine, Backes, Merrill Row 3: Brunn, Baker, Lammers, Schopen, Kann, Hadley, Pierre, Robinson, Lathan, Schulman DEAMES Row I: Hefter, Magos, Hassen- auer, Ford, Deames, Okerson, Oldberg, Steinfeld, Snider Row 2: Parrish, Werhane, Kings- bury, Beckman, Mazzetta, Cra- mer, Lambert, Wood, Stephens, Coffey Row 3: Colville, Kivland, Ander- son, Miller, Rassbach, Peuckert, Glen, Hohlfelder, Happ, Fender DURGIN Row I: Rusnak, Copello, Bern- stein, Knapp, Durgin, B. Nelson, N. Nelson, Dick, Bernard Row 2: Chwalisz, Haring, Seifert, Spero, Hunyady, Lacy, Mann, Fulton, Heitmann, Harkness, Langfitt Row 3: Lindholm, Swidler, La- Croex, Dowling, Hoffman, Gold- enberg, Schvett, Oxley, Sim- mons, Schroeder, Kohan GANNAWAY Row I: Stewart, Sowersby, Ian- ette, Cloud, Challinor, Canna- way, Farrell, Leuth, Marchini, Allport, Diclementi Row 2: Wilde, Paulman, Krueger, Savage, Ragland, Otis, Iohnson, Denson, Miller, Doty, Hirsch, Hicks Row 3: Eberhart, Clements, Thoe- lecke. Hanson, Sterrett, Green. Stults, Herbert, Magie, Hinch- man, White, Birdlebough, Olson Page I I2 HAVEY Row 1: Toomin, Iohnstone, Grass, Spence, Havey, Iones, Watkins, White Row 2: Weis, Pedersen, Gaines, Peacock, Nolan, Gimse, Wol- co ff, McNichoIaus, Ashton Row 3: McCoy, Lederer, Diebel, Bernstein, Palliard, Robin, Af- felot, Glorio HENDERSON Row I: Meyers, Mohardt, Scher, Carlsen, Pendleton, MacLean, Hunter, Newberry, Kelehar, Bamburg Row 2: Bradley, Elrod, Denny, Mandell, Bairstow, Kastil, Bohn- en, Neiweem, Leonard, King, Brick Row 3: Snell, Gorham, Wineman, Moses, Cody, Ward, Smythe, Griesser, MacKenzie, Iones, Sherwood HURLEY Row I: McCarthy, Meclrow, Mc- Keown, Campbell, Hurley, Rein- wald, Robinson, Shane, Fietsch Row 2: Server, Gramm, Dave De- Berard, Mason, Lindstrom, Hoff- suemmer, McCabe, Armstrong, Don DeBerard, Hartle Row 3: Ioseph, Chaplin, Spitzer, DeCarlo, Steiner, Mackenroth, Hartfield, Ricker, Tichenor IRWIN Row I: Ambrosi, Beckman, Thal- man, Stanton, Irwin, Kartman, Nunn, Fitchmun, Haug Row 2: Fuller, Fietsch, Day, Un- derhill, McAuliffe, Anderson, Busscher, Pearson, Lind, Milks Row 3: Moore, Anderson, Bra- beck, Schultheis, Pitcher, Lez- ama, Burmeister, Patch, Gelb JONES Row I: Pfosen, Hindman, Wex- ler, Greeley, Iones, Reich, Nilles, Adams, Borre, Anderson Row 2: Burt, Paden, Colby, Ragg- h i a n t t , Riemenschneider, Schwimmer, Etienne, Spaulding, Sieg, Boodell, LaCroix Row 3: Flannery, Reimenschnei- der, Roberts, Patton, Rodgers, Posse, Brown, McCarthy, Dick- ens, Kotz, Peterson V KIXMILLER Row 1: Humphrey, Ferrarini, Poole, KixMiller, Ford, Pold, Doepel Row 2: Hay, Kraus, Michel. Sap- penfield, Arnold, Porter, lack- son, Dillon, Harwood Row 3: Field, Buzan, Alder, Pet- rauskas, Magnussen, McKenzie, Patterson, Persons LANDWER Row I: Moyer, Sorg, Arneson, G r u b s , Landwer, Marshall, Dowd, Howard, Ross Row 2: Wendt, Schick, Richard- son, A n d e r s o n, Davidson, O'Neil, Gortner, Frey, Peterson Row 3: Svrcek, Zibble, Salafsky, McCally, Gordon, Page, King. , Walthouse i LAUER Row I: Lauer, Ford, Guepin, Spa- cek, Pennington, McDowell, , Cutler, Lowenbach, Pilz Row 2: Lytle, Wilson, Mabie, Bohnen, Conaughton, Robison, Fisk, Vandorgraaf, Barnes, Burgess Row 3: Palmer, Steine, Portmann, Balmes, Buck, Young, Cunning- ham, Ward. Robson, Carey MOELLER Row I: Sederland, Wales, Fenton, Davis, Moeller, Dawson, Klein, Perlman, Boeshes Row 2: Goetz, Sottile. Goldman, Pence, Sorenson, Martin, Hallo- well, Pollock, Wolf, Rose, Christensen. Row 3: Baker, Howard, Bailey, O'Callaghan, McGookin, Gallic- chio, Goldberg, Hill, Schromm, Hanover PATTERSON Row 1: lames, Klein, Gold, Gar- ner, Patterson, Meyer, Iones, Eastland, Willialns Row 2: Perry, Brennan, Brady, Odell, Lockerbie, Wescott, Powers, Marcy, Frost, Dicus, Woolsey Row 3: Gaton, Redgwick, Siewert, Porter, Vaos, Dierkes, Richards, Mann, Hudson, Snow PIFER Row I: Hungerford, Newberry lordan, Scott, Pifer, Sveiven Ludgin, Perry, L. Newberry Row 2: Hoffman, Gray, Barr lung, Straud, Hayes, Atkinson Bear, Peterson, Doolittle Row 3: Nowak, Klauke, Porter K. Barr, Drake, Smith, Bohnen Iohnson, Chambers REYNOLDS Row I: Berghofl, Walgreeii, Do- herty, Spieker, Vtfeicensang, An- derson, Jones, Dahlquist Row 2: Binford, Grimm, Rope Smith, Stillwell, Peterson, Ream, Stone, Buhse Row 3: Mehegan, Cole, Wolf, Court, Beneventi, Rosenberg, llegelow, Klok, M e r g c n e r, O'Connell SWAIN Row I: Kamenear, Pagliarulo, Yaffe, Strauss, Swain, Rich- mond, Blakeslee, Buzan, Ferrar- ini Row 2: Stubbs, Slayton, Knight, Sproule, Schneider, Wagiier, Woodruff, O'Neil, I a c o h s, O'Brien Row 3: Nelson, Reid, Lunde, Eisenhauer, Kransz, Bonge, Schenker, Finne, Kahn, Spicer WEHR Row I: Ellis, Cooper, Teegarden, McCormick, Kreutzer, VVehr, Leys, Endres, Myers, Hall Row 2: Zimmermann, Wolf, Na- tenborg, Goldsmith, Hamilton, Heimback, Roppell, Covell, Ell- bogen, Schwalb Row 3: Gibbons, Laurine, Lewis, Goss, Chinberg, Coffey, Hasel- tine, Howe, Boesch, Vaughan, Hagerty WHITFIELD Row I: Ewald, Swiren, Van Al- yea. Koenig, Vxfhitfield, Eisen- drath, Chavkin, Craven, Rear son Row 2: Ballman, Stuebner, Fel- don, Caskey, Fetzer, Mclsauqh- lin, Thulin, Iohnson, Loeffell, Ball, Farnham, VVoltz Row 3: Reinholtzen, Stephens, Spodnyak, Maclean, Schramm, Iamison, Watts, De Witt, Knoff, McCloud, Banker, Loewy llllllllll 1 mllli illlllil . llllll illll Ili nlllll-!i. Illlllllllllll lllllllllllll. lllllllll lll V li' . lllll' . illlll . llllll . . lllll l'll: . . . ll. - I3 E EJ U1 - im ' ' OTOIO.OldeloQolo,olo,llep1o,olo1ol ul ololo o!o,olo4elo'c-to'dosqooloiolo nlagqpylm Eu.ESN CONAC-MAN Ou+ on a Limb wiih Love .N i wgkzsq , - - s Q .2 sl P M,,?,,Q.,.,, , Y X 3-if is 2-e-.isiiffkff-fees iv? f sf' 5 igsg wfv, W 4,151 Q W. f fflsffwf ilf -- s llllllllelll , mmlbi , S . 'X S 'Wxs 9 S g ll l l 2 x, H .W ' L , 5 llll ,, W J 1 1 2 ,E 1 it K 5 as 5 f' I Second Childhood Wha+'s Up? 'Q dll' of '+L ' i , Qi -.QV C ,. ,E Q,-T5 I -fel s i' is .. Q effvfe - L i s ii"'f-' 'sl' ,Q sl ,s yr-L .R egex , f i - N gy! ., 1 me ,pg 'u is ,. f . rdf - vt M 5: K V ff' av- ini aC. , F' eg". digg, . L 'J 'Be A. L4 .- S .L E , fg,l.:'d:", Q '. -ff' ' uf - ' 'N u " -. ' , A he A Lonely Boy 17 ' a y 2125 gage, , ., I, ..J.,..u,.-.-.V 4 F ' .. Q Souihern "Beau" I Li-ike il! Likely lo Succeed Failhlul lo Boy Sco Poised . . . ' Friendly . Indispensable . Unprediclable . '1 1 ul ideals Modern Arl MOST Monkey . Fred Slone, lvlr. Gaffney, Chuckie Slube . . Tim Nuveen, Bill Troul, Red Wendi . . Bobby Nelson, Sheila l-licks, Duke l-lusl . . . Julie Newell, Ley Buller, Girls' Club Regislrafs office, Science IV, banquel spaqhelli . . . Dick Miya, Ski Club, college plans Page II5 BARNETT CONAGHAN Presiden+ Vice-Presidenf JON ES JACOB ' Secrefary Treasurer SENIORS We slipped our class rings firmly on our fingers, declared if was only yesferday when we were frosh, and enfered our senior year reioicing fhaf we'd elecfed such compefenf officers .Collier Bar- neff, Eileen Conaghan, Nancy Jones and Bob Jacobs had a big and difficulf iobe before Ihem. To assisf fhem, fhey chose a supe- rior sfeering commiffee and had, as we all did, fhe invaluable advice of Miss Maloney and Mr. Kahler. In frying fo fill ouf college applicafions, we discovered fhaf if's nof so easy fo wrife one's lifes "hopes, experiences, ambirions, and plans" on a sfaring whife sheef. And we winced af The popu- lar rumor fhaf seniors have no homework, as we worlced harder 'rhan ever before. Fun, foo, was a vifal parf of our senior year. No female '52-er will forgef being dragged ouf of bed af sunrise fhaf crisp fall morning fo affend our Senior I-lag Brealcfasf. All of us remember our class banquef as fhe climax of our four years here, as fhe spirif grew fo a peak and we received our awards. Scaffered fhrough fhe year were enough parries and dances fo disprove fhe myfh fhaf senior girls don'I' dafe. We haven'f been perfecf, buf we've fried. New Trier has re- ceived our sincere besf efforfs, and has falcen our share of sporfs championship, falenf in every field, and friendliness we hope will remain affer we've gone. From a bunch of 'rerrified freshmen, we of I952 have undergone a four-year process fhaf leaves us a real, unified, and, we fhinlc, wonderful class. SENIOR ADVISERS BYRNE GIALLOMBARDO GRATER HARPER HOLLAND KING MORRIS ' NAY ' REAM ROBERTSON Page I I 6 SMITH STEWART WATERS STEERING COMMITTEE Row I: Kelly, Iones, McAfee, Hansen, Conaghan, Hartray, Spero, McCollister Row 2: Feltes, Voorheis, Holden. Stone, Hicks, Barnett, Reincke, Gadske Row 3: Knott, Mauritz, McNally, Weber, Tomei, Iacob, Ravenscroft BOYS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Hammaker, Erens, Magnus, Lane, Shoresman, Tindall, Garrett, Cohen, Meyer, Lief, Cohn, Klapperich Row 2: Tomei, Hicks, Spertus, Haug, McNally, Mundinger, Stranne, Wilson, Helms, Klingeman, Barnett, Wright Row 3: Caro, Fosdick, Mcllvaine, Guertin, McNeill, Stone, Gray, Suigussaar, Carroll, Day, Struve, Wehr l GIRLS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Leber, Conaghan, Lynn, Reclrnon, Buchanan, Mead, Pleck, Mygdal, Butler, Weidemann, Silverman, Hart, Olson, Doty, Sparnon, Browning Row 2: Rapp, Elliott, Seyler, Hansen, Kirk, Spero, Pope, Hodson, Stuhe, Moorhead, Marcus, Hagerty, Frankenstein, Iohnson, Gil- lis, Kimbark, Hattstaedt, McCollister Row 3: Schulz, McAfee, Street, Voorheis, Willey, Attebery, Pickard, Saunders, Gallicchio, Burmeister, Schweizer, Bean, Reincke, Blanchard, Brown, Howe Page II7 JOHN S. ABELES MARY C. ANDERSON DON NA F. ATTEBERY M. CONSTANCE BEACOM Page II8 CLARICE A. ALLEN SS MARY E. RALPH f BARBARA .L . ANDERSON ARNHEIM ASHCRAFT . JOHN M. CAROL A. B. DENNIS - A MIM! WILLIAM F. ATWATER AUSTIN AUTH BAIRSTOW BALLARD JUDITH - ROGER BARBARA A. A , PAUL MARSHALL P. BEAN I BEITZEL V BELLOINS A , BENNETT BERMAN, JR. CATHERINE JACK DOUGLAS J. JOAN L. DARLENE G. NANCY C. BIEDERER BIGELOW BINTLIFF K BIRNEY BLACK BLANCHARD DONALD R. PAMELA W. DIANE R. JAMES A. BOHNEN V BOLTON BORRE BORRE JUDITH JORDAN C. BARBARA M. THERESA L. ELIZABETH JUD1TH H. BOWE BRAUN BRAYNEN BRIDA BRINKHAUS BROIDE DAVID M. MARTHA A. SUSAN E. CONSUELO HERBERT F. BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWNING BRUNING llv " JANET M. BUCHANAN BURDICK BURG BURGESS BURKHARDT BURMEISTER Page II9 ..iQQ?4iLx 22? iwgfw HWMEWWVQRQ i iWEW? I 1 . J CL- PAISLEY' B. THOMAS K. WILLIAM A. WILLIAM H. NANCY DONALD GENE JOANNE RONALD CAWELTI CHACHARON CHASE CARTER CATHCART STEPHANIE BARBARA M. KEVIN RONALD CLEVEN ,r-v JOAN DONALD E. EDMOND MIRIAM M. CYNTHIA F. LOLITA COGHILL COHEN COHN COLEMAN COOLIDGE COLLYER EILEEN RAY E. NORMA PHILIP E. JOAN MARY CONAGHAN CONVERSE COOPER COYLE CRANE CRANE Page I2O M SHFRQN -MAFIH6 A 9QNAAA P9EAAM Au,4AME5AU. HENRY suv asmuce s. NORMAN w, ' aoNNrs J, ' JAMES c. MARGARET M. nvsevolo oeenvse oemsscsc on-uoNAu DICKERT , nnsmcl-I DOROTHEA SUZANNE BRUCE LORNA JOHN A. JANE K. DIETZ 5 DISKIN DODSON DOIG 'DOLD DOOLITTLE Page I2I JANICE KATHERINE JUDITH A. - MAVIS A BERTRAM J. NEIL P. DONAGHER DOTTER DOTY DOWD NANCY C. ELAINE M. JAY JAMES R. KATHRYN J, PAUL E, ELLIOTT ELLIS ERENS ESTES ETIENNE FARRIER, JR Page I22 MARGOT N. SHARON C. DORIS A. BRUCE R. LGIS A. FRANK H. FRANCE FRANKE FRANKENSTEIN FREDERICK FREEMAN FRIEDMAN CL SS 'lk ANNE E. MARTHA J. 'GENE JOAN ALAN C. MARJORIE L. FULLER GADSKE GAENSLEN ' GALLICCHIO GARRETT GATHERCOAL I 95 .sv A A BARRY J. SANDRA L. JAMES F. BARBARA A. GAVIN ' GEORGE GILLEN GILLIS lg, fi- f, JUDITH L. GEOFFREY MARGARET A. MIRIAM L. JAMES M. MITZI GLANZ GLASS GLAUNER I GOCKEL HINDA M. SHILA MARIJO L. AUDREY L. GOLDMAN GOLDMAN GOMEZ GORDON V DURIE L. NANCY J, SARA JAMES GOSSETT GREENE GREER GROSSMAN GOLDBERG LAWERENCE D. SHEILA B. GORDON GORE A f f? E- , -ff -.J ,fif- A. THOMAS C GUERTIN sus-m Page IZ3 MARGOTAW. PHILIP M. MARGARET M. THOMAS F. V LYNN C. CAROLYN A. GUNTH ER HACKBARTH HAGERTY I HAIDER HALES HALL HALLQUIST HAMANN HAMILTON HAMILTON I ROBERT M. HERBERT L. DONALD KENNETH K, HAMMAKER HAMMERMAN HAMPTON HARKNESS ELLEN M. JOSEPH C. ANDREA B. MARY K. b JANE A. HARMAS- HARRIS HARRISON HART HARTRAY HATTSTAEDT A EUGENE D. JOHN w. , WILLIAM D. HOWARD D. JACK c. PETER F. HAUG HEISE HEISER HELMS HENDRICKS HERSCHEND Page I24 CL SS THOMAS M. SHEILA A. HIBBEN HICKS OF5 CHARLES R. CHRISTINE HINSHAW HODSON JAMES H. , A DOROTHY M. HARVEY R. SUZANNE HOLDEN HOLMES HOTH HOVEY .1-sw '-'Cf JANE T. ' BARBARA W. BARBARA L. WILLIAM J. DOROTHY H HOWARD HOWE , HOWELL HUDSON, JR. HUEBNER HUGUENIN BENJAMIN JAMES W. , GEORGE A. A MARGARET RONALD F. BARBARA A. HUME HURLEY HUST HUTZMANN INGLEHART JACKSON E EI I. 'QL f 'Ig ,.. ROBERT L, RICHARD K. FRED S. INA WILLIAM P. ' GERALD E. JACOB JACOBSEN 1 JAMES JANSONS JENKS JENSEN Page I25 45?-5' fm JETER . JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON GEORGIA BRUCE M. DORIS E. DOROTHY A. DOROTHY L. EDWARD T. CLA TRACY E. CURTIS J. DAVID R. JOHNSON JOHNTZ JONES JONES flax NANCY L. PAULINE L. PETER F. SUSAN JOYCE STEPHEN L. JONES JONES KAHN KAHN KAMIN KANNE -ag., 464 FRED J. RICHARD C. PATRICIA A, SUZANNE CATHERINE A. GEORGE P. KARLIN I KARSLAKE KEEFE KELLY KEMPER KENDALL -Q, E Q. ,J fff, Q. ,mn g . My gg 4 ' I LIII ,men MQMQEM -Q-K 'ii MQW 'TQIN ROBERT LORNE M. CHARLES R. KENNETH R. HELEN G. JACK G. KENSLER KENT ' ' KENYON KERR KIMBARK KINCAID Page I26 TY OF5 h , . ww ,ell . W ifi ? 5435545 SHEILA A. BARBARA FRANK L. KIRK KISSOCK STEPHEN C. PETER C. ik? K. PETER KNOBEL KNOTT, JR. KOENI6 KLAPPERICH, JR. KLING KLINGEMAN L. THOMAS BARBARA 'S DAVID E. KLOEPFER SUZANNE C. KOEPP-BAKER 'EN "Qui 'Q' CAROL A. NORMA JEAN SONDRA J. BARBARA S. BETTY RICHARD M. KOERBER KOPLIN KOTCHEVER KRAMER KRAUS KREINES f? aw , Fggxq-I . , -' rw :if . ROBERT W. TRUDY L. SALLY J. JOHN P. NANCY F. RICHARD G. KRENSKY KRILOFF KRUEGER KUHN KUHN KUHNEN fm -:QW ww A MARJORIE MARVIN M. ROY K. LIDIA KUSCH LAMB LANE LARSEN LATTANZI WILLIAM J. LAWLOR Page I27 SERENA S. EDITH S. CAROL A. ' JAMES A. FRANK MARY E. LEBER LEHMAN LEVITETZ LEVY LEWIS LEWIS fQR"f"""'f PATRICIA JOHN R. TODD LIBERIORE LIEBMAN LIEF H. DAVID EDWARD A. EVAN F, NAN M. JAMES R. SUSAN LINDEEN LINDSEY LINICK LITSEY LOYACONO LYNN if ff- "il JAMES D. BRUCE N. LOIS M. ETHEL M, PATRICIA M. LYONS MACDONALD MacDOUGALL MACKEY I MacNICHOLAS MADDEN . SUSAN L. ANNE CHARLES A. ' DAVID L. D. GAYE WAYNE L, MADDEN MADIGAN MAGNUS MALONEY MANGOLD MANSBERGER Page I28 J. GEORGIANA Z. ROBERT JANE MARCUS MARINIS MARKUS ' MARTELL MASTERSON RUSSELL H. ' MAITHIAS WILLIAM W. GERALD A. LOIS H. MAURITZ MAXEY MAYER JUDITH A. JOHN W. ROBERT F. MCAFEE MCALISTER MCCLELLAN ELIZABETH A. JOHN N. G. TERRANCE MCCOLLISTER MCCONNELL McCONVILLE ROBERT W. JAMES C. THOMAS B. MCILVAINE MCNALLY MCNEILL NANCY H. ADRIENNE A. ANITA P. MCROY MEAD MENEGHELLO CHARLES E. WARREN KARL T, MERRIAM MEYER MILLER QS- SHIRLEY M. DAVID A. CLAIRE MILLER MILLS I MISSNER Page l29 MARCIA M, ROBERT B, MITCHELL MITZEL MouLmNe MUNNNCER RICHARD GAIL KATH RYN M. LeROY MIYA MONCREIFF MOORE MOORE MUNNS MURRAY MUTHER MYGDAL NANCY M, BARBARA J, NAUJOKS NELSON VIRGINIA ' . JULIE C. BEULAH L. STEPHEN NELSON NEWELL NEWTON 1 NICHOLS PHILLIP JUDITH A. NIXON NORTON Page I3O JOHN S. JUNE JOHN S, PATRICIA S NUVEEN ODEGAARD ODIORNE OEHLER MARIA D. JEAN R. WILLIAM K. MARGARET H. MANFRED ALISON S. PICKARD PIPPEL K PLATT PLECK PODDIG . V POPE BONNIE M. ' MALCOLM M. HENRY M. MARTHA HEDLEY J. MATTIE PRESTON I PRESTON PRICE PRIEBE PROUT PUSH 'Page I3I ' ROBERT M. CAROLYN F. EDWARD A. I ANNE EDWARD N. CAROLYN A. N V RALPH RAPP RAVENSCROFT, JR. REDMON REIF REINCKE CLASS JOHN AVROM PATRICK J. A PATRICIA RENNOLDS ROBERTS ROHN ROHN ELLEN SALLY D. ROBERT W. NANCY A. ROME ROOS ROSENE ROSS ROSS RUDOLPH ANN J. ROBERT JANICE H. SHEILA B. KATHERINEG. SALLY A. RUMAGE SALBERG SANDBERG SAUNDERS SCOTT SCHAACK 1 DOROTHY J. MARY M, THOMAS M. CORNELIA M. SUE A HEIDI H. SCHINLER SCHMICK SCHNEIDER SCHULZ SCI-IURMAN SCHWEIZER x Page I32 SEDGWICK SEIFERT SELCK SELTZER JAMES H. CHARLES M. SUZANNE LI. EDWAR SHEARON Jan- A WNV DIANE L. SEYLER W. TED SHAW JANET E. ALBERT PETER B. ELEANOR SHORESMAN SI-IRYOCK MARGARET A. SUSAN M. PHILIP A. RlM.lCH- - DAVID C. J. HARRISON run-u RONALD E. WILLIAM NANCY A. JILL C. PHILIP SMITH SPARNON SPERO PATRICIA -4712 DONALD A. WILLIAM C. FRED D. LAWRENCE V. MARGARET R. CAROL A. STERNBERG STETSON, JR. STONE STRANNE STRATTAN STREET Page I33 ELIZABETH THEODORE A. CHARLENE STRONG- STRUVE STUBE 352 'FP' MARY A. - PAMELA S. JUDITH A. SWEETMAN TALBOT TATHAM WD' BERNARD J. DIANEJ. THALMAN THALMAN JOHN W. ROBERT E. MARY ANNE MARY ANN K. , ' . EDWARD N. MARILYN M. TO W E R T R EX L E R Pa g e I 3 4 JUDITH E. TROCH f VELLO JOHN W. WOOD SUIGUSSAAR SULLIVAN SUTTON JOHN G. TAYLOR MARY LOU DIAN KENNETH E. THAYER THOMAS A THOMAS CLASS Jo:-IN F . I PETER A. JANET L. TINDALL roumeuor WILLIAM H. CARYLJ. TOD TROUT TUCKER TURLE NANCY 6 RICHARD C.. ELIZABETH WILLIAM H. , TUTTLE UNGER OF 52 If if LYNN RICHARD T. VAN ALYEA VAN BENSCHOTEN VANDERCOOK VAN KIRK GEORGE GRETCHEN A MARY A. ' JOHN VAN OOSTERHAUT VAN RYSSELBERGE VAN VALKENBURGH VEEDER KATRINA JOHN E. ELIZABETH A. JOSEPHINE KATHRYN JAN ROBERT J. BERNICE M. BRUCE M, FREDERICK CHARLOTTE J. JERE R. WAGER WALSH NANCY A. ANNE E. WEBER WECKLER WARNECKE WEBER WEBER ROBERT A, MARY CLARE JOHN ROBERT K. A WEHR WEIDEMANN WELCH WELDON Page I35 3 def TI 'I .3 222 I 'igififefii-f BETTEJ STEPHEN A WENDT ROBERT E Nuke! LEE H. . BARBARA WINBERG WINJE NANCY . OMACK 9? MARSHALL STEPHEN BOUDREAUX DAY Page use H.. JOAN A HARRY P A THOMAS GRAHAM H WERHANE W T ER HEIMER WETH WETZEL MARY RHODA L RICHARDT JAMESD WILLEY WILSON 43" EARL JEERY RICHARD WITT WITT WOLFF CAROLYN L. WOLFI NGER PETER GERALD S. JOYCE M. JERALDINE WRIGHT WROE YOUNG ZEAL AVRUM MARILYN ELLEN GRAY LORETTE OXLEY ilu emnrg ANNE ALESHIRE Nof many of us lcnew Anne well, for she had been in our school for only one semesfer. Alfhough her hearf was parfly in California, her previous home, she had made herself lcnown af New Trier, and had found close friends among us. We remember her as always being full of fun, wifh a fwinlfle in her eye and a smile on her face. She seemed rafher shy on firsf acguainfance, buf fhe shyness soon was gone, and in ifs place appeared a warm, lovable person- alify. Words are idle fhings fhaf cannof well express fhe beaufy ofa person as gracious and as glowing as Anne was. Buf if we remember her fall, willowy figure, her sparkling darlc eyes, her curly blaclc hair, and, mosf of all, her dear personalify . . . fhe fhings fhaf made Anne whaf she was . . . we will lceep her wifh us forever. lvlarfha Crenshaw JOYCE MONK Joyce has leff a place behind her which can never be filled. She excelled in everyfhing she un- derfoolc, for if was Joyce who was Presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council af junior high, who foolc fhe lead in our plays, and who sang so beaufifully fhaf her voice was in consfanf demand for choirs and parfies. Joyce made everyone feel af ease, and her house was always alive wifh acfivify. To fhinlc wifhouf passion or sadness is very hard, for Joyce was nof made fo die. She was nof efher- eal or even lighf, buf vifal, vibranf, and command- ing of respecf. We recognized her desfiny as achievemenf and fame. We can be consoled fo re- member her way of life, paved wifh reason, faifh, and love, for by remembering we realize fhaf as long as we who loved her need her sfrengfh of characfer, perfecf leadership, and faifh in God, Joyce will be here. Nancy Blanchard and Ann Rumage Page I37 THE Voice . . .... Joan Gallicchio, John Liebman, Mr. Carpenfer Musclemen . . Tom McNeill, Herb Paschen, Ed Ross Coach . . AI Garrelrh Pere Wrighf, Mr. Ude Sporf . . . Gene Gaenslen, Marbles, Mr. Gadslce Eyes . . . Bob Thornburgln, Kay Moore, Nan Wolff Sense of Humor Page l38 . Bob Wehr, Henry Price, Mimi FeHes lllllllllllll nllllllllllll lllllllllllll nllllllllln illllllllllh alllllllllllli.. Allllllllllm tllllllllllh mllllllllln ,.z..f IBEJUI oZo!o1o oje ego op ogyogo op 01610311010 0lOQ0l0,0l0'b'0't'O10l0Q0l0f6 onlegagp L1- EILEEN CONAGHHN There's a Man Behind You Q V , X Q u , 5 of ,TQ ft ei , ,Lk- if W.. ,hm' I .L i 4 Q 4 .s iz-f I I.. -1 T , f J clccy T 4 T 'Pi' f ere L - ' L J 1 f Liv Af K , gf' Y K 'f ,eh ' W' jar. We .. ,.,, 4 ., . 1' ,L We-sg, 9 V Where's +he Grass Skiri? ,f .A , if i A,- -il! . K A 5 .Y , e fwi n., if AA' A This is Living 7 Tummy Ache Gel Sei I' ,W Here Comes +he Pi+ch 1 .X 'fa Good Quesiion Brookfield Zoo Try a Bromo, Our Jeanie THEY LOVE Dancing . . . . . Chuclc Seiierl, Jill Spero, Howie Helms Bull Sessions . . John Ford, Bill Srnilh, Judy McAfee Flirlinq . . . Rhoda Willey, Paul Farrier, Tom Guerlin The Birds . . .... Sue Lynn, Nancy Kuhn, Ted Slruve Solilude . . To Be Diiclereni Larry Gorden, Norm Dernloeclc, Cindy Coolidge . . . Bill Cunlz, Lynn Hales, Sheila Gore Page I39 NBGZX A- - 'fate-Kin' Wigiffg-a , lesiiffgf - , - .55 Q Y N irpi 1 , s ,seji iw -H W si' L" ' 4 liilil .A G ,, .M 1? , M efiil ' Samba V No Wind Today Hillbillie- Foreign Affairs Conquering Hero Memories M Male or Female? Dressed . . . Sense of Humor . . Influence on New Trier Grooved Grey Mailer Apple Polisher . . Poliiician . . Page l40 BEST . . Ginny Nelson, Teol Shaw, Paul Benneii Mary l-lariray, Jerry Will, Greiclien Veeoler Pele Slworesrnan, Doris Franlcensiein, Leap Year Eleanor Slwryoclc, Tom McNeill, Charley Magnus . Jolwn Liebman, Don Cohen, Sue Sclwurman Kevin Clary, Frank Klappericlw, Nancy Nauioks Q Olympic Hero Millionaire . To Reach Moon Brideqroom . Bride . . To Volunreer FIRST Ken l-larlcness, Findlay Barlell, Bill Slelson . . Mr, Rau, Roger Beilzel, Pele Kahn . John Kuhn, Lorna Doig, Dave Brown John Taylor, Franlc Lennon, Bob l-lammalcer Margo Pleclc, Theresa Bride, Jean Pippel Eileen Conaqhan, Sara Greer, Diclc Karslalqe Page I4l Allllflllllll llllllIlll'r llllilmml alllillllllll Allllllllllll llllllllllllla. llllllllllllll illllllllllln. Ullllllllllll I IBEEEGI I I A I I A I I I ' I I - I 'im ' ' gjolaplopln,olo,olo,elop1o9l0Iol 0.01 0.0l0 olo.oxn4eluu.'-1 Gfb1o,oloZolo nlogakoylu- El LEFN CONAYJHRN The Champ Sad Memories ' ... Q' T ' x . ,i rw, i i . of i is W V L H' :A Iwi- X F K, i , ii l 'EFT i si . r K 5- A . ' ffl X' ' ig i ' 't p f !,kA 3 .Qs ia.ffifQ . . JW if 'K'. .iw as . il i Rear View Honor Sfudy Choir Lofl' Sludious Pliologenic Prepared . Forgellable Annoying Bashful . Page I42 -aw., Ob- 33 ml-'sb-49, l i Shrubbery Ammon LEAST 56-Sf sf g A Couniry Hicks . . . V Group, Pele Tomei, Jill Spero . Wood Suilon, verlebrae, adviser rooms Bella Ann Alberding, Jim Sedgwick, Girl Scouis Kendall 81 Co., "Tovaricl1," surprise brealcfasl . Dick Slwaylcin, Lidia Lallanzi, Turnabouls Pele Kahn, lbby Van Alyea, Margie l-lulzrnann L I ww.. Absenf Bullefin Corps ..... Adminisfrafion 20 Adminisfrafion Assisfanfs ...,.. I I Advisor Chairmen Deparfmenf Heads Mr. Gaffney ,.... School Board .... Arf Deparfmenf ..., Arf League ,...,. Band .... Baseball . . , Baslcefball , . Chess Club .,..,... Commerce Deparfmenf . ,. Cosfume Crew ,.... Council of Clubs .... Debafe .......,.., Drama Deparfmenf . Dramafics Club ,... Driver Training ... Echoes . ,.......... English Deparfmenf . E.T.A. ,.,.. ,.... . Eoofball ..,........ Foreign Language Deparfmenf French Clubs ..,... Ereshmen Class .,....... Honor Group ..,. Officers .,.s... G.A.A. Class Managers Commiffees .,..,. Execufive Board . . Officials Page Girls ....... Parficipafion Champs .. Poinf Awards .,.. Pool Guards ... Represenfafives Spring Sporfs ,, Sporfs Board , , . Geography Club .,. German Club ,... Girls Club .,.. ..,..24, ,..,II .,..I0 ....IO ....I7 4I 60 .74, 75 84, 85 40 I5 55 38 46 I2 54 I9 48,49 I2 40 ..80-82 I6 39 I03-I05 ....I02 ....I02 94 94 93 96 ,. .... 94 95 95 96 94 .70,7I' 93 42 39 25 I DEX Golf ....., .. 75 Gymnasfics . . . ., .. 89 Healfh Deparfmenf .... .. I7 Home Economics . . .... I4 Honor Sociefy . , .... I I7 Indusfrial Arfs .... ,, I3 Informafion Deslc , . ...... 29 Inlclings .,........ ....,..., 5 2 Inframural Sporfs. .. ,... 72, 9I, 92 Juniors Classes . .... III-II4 Officers ...... .... I I0 Honor Group ,..,IIO Junior Music Club .,,, ... 45 Kniffing Club Board .... .. . 43 Lagniappi ..,.,.. ...58, 59 Language Magazines ... 53 Lafin Club .,.,... . , 39 Lens Club .,..,..... . , 4I Library Deparfmenf ,.., .. I7 Library Assisfanfs ..,. . . . 20 Lighf Crew .,.,,,,.. .,, 55 Lunch Hall Managers . .,, 32 Malceeup Crew ........,.,., .. 55 Mafhemafics Deparfmenf ,... .. . I3 Memorial ..........,.. ..., I 37 Music Deparfmenf ..... . , I7 Musical Club ,....,...., .. 47 Musicology Deparfmenf . .. , . 47 Music Groups Choir ,...,., . . . 6I Ensembles ... ..,, 6I Glee Clubs ..... .... 6 3, 64 Opera Groups. .. .... 62, 63 Treble Clef . . . . . . . 64 NCIub... .,..43 News ......,....,.. .... 5 O, 5I New Trier Guard ..... ,,,. 8 6 No-name Board ... ... 38 Office Sfaff ,.., ,. I9 Open House .. 73 Orchesfra . . . 60 Opera . .. . 68 Physical Educafion . Plays Picfures ...,. Senior Play ...... Props Crew ...,.... Public Address Corps .... Radio Club ... Railfans Club Recifal Club ,... Science Deparfmenf . Senior Advisors . .. Seniors Class .......,.. Officers ,.,...... Senior Music Club, .. Service Club .,,.... I8 ,,.,56, 57 69 ...55 20 40 42 45 .. ...I5 .....II6 ....II8-I36 ...II6 45 43 Ski Club ...,..,........, r . .. 42 Social Sfudies Deparfmenf ......,. I4 Sophomores Class ,................,, I07-I09 Honor Group .,.....,.,..,.., I06 Officers ..,....., ..,I06 Snapshofs .,.. ,.,. 2 I, 33-35, 65, 77, I I5, I38-l42 Spanish Club .,.........,....... 39 Speech Deparfmenf ,.. .... .. I2 Sporf Snaps ...,.s., ..., 9 8, 99 Square Dance Club ..., Sfage Crew ......, Sfamp Club ...... Sfeering Commiffee Sfudenf Council Board ...., Commiffees .. Represenfafives . 4I 55 40 .....II7 30 3I 3I Sfudy Hall Supervisors .,.. 3I, 32 Swimming .,,...., Tennis ..... Traclc .......... Traffic Squad . .. Tri-Ship ,.,.,. Usher Corps ,. Visual Aicles .... Wresfling ,, ....87, 88 75 ...,78, 90 28 ....26-29 28 20 83 Page I43 4 W . A f--ff-V1--. mf- ,4ln,1K- .,-,fr V - .ll- I' Q ,, - . 5- W -ffyfn,-env-w -f ,,m..Yf-grvn-v-f:ff- ,'sqf- - H7---ffvzf-T-l-1--nf 'fw----.-F'--vw--F' Y 'f 1 , ,f NL ., ru, ' lf F' SDL- 5 .',, -w- I , . 'V Tw-www A e. 2 ' ' A b Fl W. ' ' f 71 1 gf ,f -1 . ik, ' 1 , Aww Cf-QQ, QHQ,vg.'bT.Q'L'... TSI'-M -a-..,:5:e-J , vez., qs:-Rim x-Awami gf-'ecfl we QQDSSK C.,,N9,:1 cg,-:,,,,m,-Q QE' 'ru .q,,S,N.,E?W.qk WXQQB C RXQQ, ummm KQQR an -LQ - -'eymf-.-we. -Rn-.Q., gg:-a's.?'??D MQ-hx' 0'5f "X'-D Sq-'r:'4sa QQQNRQQ M238 waxir ww '-' ,nsgvx Q,:5a,'ll + onkgk Vasa, 1 N .- Xclwed , 41 'LQ 'U 'fu-gf-XY X5 usa 'kiwi' AQQJ "' 0351.5 is-3".nu.-SXQQTL' wx xhcgsg Qg:,k,.f,,. QSM Ne.. 'ge-Mask CR QMS.-' o..3v.f1. QBQCM SBE- -..:s"E-Jfre QSEK Ybimiu mwzzw..-b. 1 Nx-CQNQ. QQ WEN. mms- Swv'-W Kd WYWN LTQW A " 'J :Rum Qin, MQ, Q13-rw nj-JH -af?-QQ 5'5c:'l'hx-xmi' M -Af.. 62 MBU :ff WL W ,I 'lib'-2,X'aCLnX n V ' A . my M Q V, ,IMA if . , F, rl L . W : . V A I , W . N .I , ,ls - ' , Q 471-,A . L ' ' ' , i ,H . I V 6 'A E an ,'Q, ,g gaf -,f'f i"' V--I W.. I-X,,', ' 3? mf5i,'a,, ii V J ' i".'fm -mi l -5 , ,' 335 f ,, A. .,fil lf,, A ,- WI " ,QQ 11,4,h g 7 , ff,,A, -3. , ! " l Q .,- , .,,.',' i,- iff? ,Vw . gig 4

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