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New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Q51 W Us 5 V ' v-S' xxx Q We 133252 QV X1 . , vm if ff Xlpoyglybofx' .. .v X ik- Hs' Q cb, 'km s f ILC QQ Bmw v SN WWv 441 l -aux CN 'wimmmf X: A I - 1 I EI f , x- I i 1: . '4 Z. D. 1 r -hqmb d we Y MWWW Mmvgvgf Q 5? Qs1???w Few W 1 V' 1. , S QSM? K 555 In . WW M Wfyw www QL WPQ, mkjjww i ,ffgjffw ffycs 'W fl! ff ?",v . Q99 Q5 C2:xdC?1cQgxQy.k MUSIC, 'ff 'UV' QW 096 yfuxwge 'Y vi cf-ZVQUG' xx' QP' 0' L,-2 2,1-,'5-f?,Z,f U-dial! WW M ,- WAS' 99 were 9 9 Ns A pbxo uf" F5 D 2,0 ab . SML WXQN OX' Q169 1, 'Sf oy. ' ' f b ,QW 539 W 319' V NIM' VJ: Q uxqghkxb Q Ex 2 , , ,,,,f,-,,.. A . . , .., VJ., N b , W, .. ,,,,,, . 'wt' .IJ ' W , , hwy, 'sf .' -X, ' 7.13 1 1 H . , . 2 I -1 1 in 15 Yr- , Q 5 QQ 1 fag.. . r . fr- My wal: v I, , wwf WW., if v " 5.-"A fd?" M ' W I' 1 V. Ee A' V ' . : ,.-A 1 A A . xx lm! ' 1 X .X L 1 f I, I 1 N , U ,w . , , Q A x ., P 1 X 1 R X . l x , 1 4 Q . ..-X ng. ' 1 , 1 K' JM. ', ' 9" 2 I , f 4 , ' X 'f,.if.3R 4 5 . , , 1 , b:,J2H'r:3.r' Wig. X - , 1 'fl ' - we - Q v A 1 7,-. qfw,-A ,ff 4L'f-f'f'w - . 'Q , . " ,, 1 ., ., R -'91 wV!":w 1 A .4 . . . -ML, ,, . min v-ft 'kv H54-ku' - , . - wx. X, , .,.,',,k.,. Q., ,f - 1:5 y ,. M 1' s 1 w f, - '-- . ,.-ww --. K .V - Y. ,-f w-11' 1 a..1w,3f.m-A 1 +1 1. -.'.sm1:xfsc.m4M55fv,.w:a-2 , . " - ..:,?51llxJf-we .v,: g,'.,v..J..em-Y, .ffl-em,..:'w.'WHs',1-43 v. , 3 A QWW 0? UL. .N xx ' L N X X ! VAN sch-iMc KL 80h of I OCS 4 ff WDNNETMA ILLNOQ5 NN ' 'I Hoge Lkoux kcnvw, A x xwyf wx if V C? X013 C U Pm 'lb This is I '55 5' LL ' E., .aff r rf , n ag 3 if ' ff?s?,.5 Il II -I-.J Q1 I Qx-"'. -f'vf'f71f""4 ' -4. ,. . U 4 is Q ,I am., ...A N' 'A ,L - 4 H U A ,Q Q 5 A iv I , N 1 H an i.. .A 1 has Q38-Fgsvbveukvi - '-, . x .Nga - ' ' .. A, W 1 W fv:j21Q..' bQ.J'su-gif 1' .fun , JFi'wf:' In . .,,,A , ' I -rv ' an gf W , Nj vu. ,- ' - ., Q 'ff' A b . 1... 'I' 8 K s, -s .n . 1 l as A , -as K . 1,9404 as WM s W . x F' QF. 'jf .. n-Q.. R . , .-1:-... . F ' A .P Af 4, M g. H K . ' up N f' ' B' ' N A I' 'uri 5' "":.' 'b 0 ,, X 4 I .vw ' y . h, "" r-' 2' - LL N , ..- 3. I 'la , ' 'F' F. H 'NI H fl A r - J rang, .. .. . .,,. . .. . ., ., W . ', P'-we is -' -- 1 ' .. 5 'Q' -' A' 'N . - 0 - 1 Q4 . K . f- Miz .gh I , - A . ,f ' , in I A M 'Q' -1 . .. rm?-:faQaf L-'. wr.. Q., 'mfg 4 - ' A' in v Y . ,' ' '-lu-qv-0 can '..,,,,-,., "H -' Y -- 'gag' -A ' -4. 'U' . 'i ' , f ,.,,w -V A L+-' '7' -M 0 . A -8 " 7 x ,Nix v 0" "' ' i -4--1 , . I -F Us " 1 1 n s . ' ' -y 5, h ,L . Q1 5.1 I, , ' .1 A ' I .,, t. Q , . xi .di i lj . In Q Q . s I , W , - 4. 1. - tl' .,,""' ' 41 . 15,0 Whlr, ,,,-Q .M f ,,-Q ' ' - 'I 4 f v f - ' 1 ' f- .W w i f Q X ' ' "--- x , - LF' ' 'fo .. QF' fm -' , I . I . Q 1 'Nu A ' ' I - ffm .,J-nqjjklfq'-f'.L, vw?-I K I " If g . i A Mtg.: QQ 313551 may-N ' ll!! .t I . N. 'g g . 4 '-, S 1 ' f sh- ' . A " il 1 1 v , .3 'I N E " J , 4' . 1 4 a "' ' .s ,.f- ' ' tQ ,ff I ' -Q ' . K A Q I 1 YW- , Q ya f 5' if f X x , 5 Y .. an A M Q C I . Q at RW . rg.: V , ,a A .'M':'l N .vt 6 f :fix 4 F veg lb N. , v ' ' . .-n ,L 'J I ' , Y tr 0 1 ' lp' Q f K .., ks 'N , . 1 .5 P r .,.,. 3, M 7 A ' x N We xl ' H. , .4-l"'40.,,, Li, aivf ' .. -...,..- ---' ""' Q. 4, riffs- - - " gi --X, ,. , V . , A f I ,, x . A x I X. V if X c K 4 ' 1 A i X 595' A fi I 5 Q? 'Y' -. 'Q 7452 h. -.ya-h-M9 ' 1 1 I .. ' X' u --""' ew "- R 1 -,,. I ' w s I I' ' ' If ,- N I " 'INTRODUCING The World's Greatest ADMINISTRATION if V"'i9 xf,'.X li MR. ANDERSON MR. CUTLER MR. HINNERS M R. GAFFN EY ADMINISTR TIO ADMINlSTRATION C New Trier is considered one of +he foremosr high schools in fhe Unifed Sfaies. This fine repu'ra+ion is due, for fhe mos? parr, io Marfhew P. Gaffney, our principal for sevenfeen years, who is aided by 'rhe following: Mr. F. A. Kahler, Dean of Boys: Miss Helen H. Maloney, Dean of Girls: Mr. W. L. Brown, Busi- ness Manager and Assisranf Su eriniendeni: Mr. R. F. L. Biese- meier, Su erinfendenf of Buildings and Grounds: and all 'rhe adviser chairmen, depar'l'men+ heads and sponsors of Girls' Club, Tri-Ship and Council. Also credi+ is due 'lo fhe Board of Educalion. The Presidenl isl-larold H. Anderson and members are Chrisfian E. Jarchow, Ralph G. Hinners. Paul W. Curler, and Berl' M. Kohler. Someihing new has been added +o 'rhe adminisfralion 'rhis year: if is a general council made up of fhirfy-rwo parenfs from lhe adviser rooms. This is a small enough group so Thai' if makes if possible for bolh parenfs and s+uden+s +o come To- gerher +o discuss problems. Mr. Gaffney and rhe board haveybeen planning 'lor The fufure of New Trier. The are conferrin wi+h a school archi- gf' XI. MR. JARCHOW .MR. KOHLER lecl abouFbuil'Gnng plansfelans lo replacigfhe olE'bullE'ing and improve fhe building and grounds generally. The aim of 'rhe adminis+ra+ion of New Trier is +o creale a school 'ro develop cifizenship and characrer, 'ro provide oppor- +uni+ies for developmeni of in+eres+. Since eighfy per cenl: of 'rhe sfudenis go 'ro college, one main obiecfive is fo provide +he necessary college preparalion. Page 10 ,Q i . ,l' KAHLER MALONEY BROWN ,W HERRON BIESEMHER ADVISER CHAIRMEN AND DEANS O The Adviser Chairmen supervise lhe aclivilies ol lhe adviser rooms lhroughoul lhe school year. The boys' chairman and girls' chairman lor each class have charge ol eleclions, class dues, parlies and assemblies. Any scholaslic or disciplinary maller may be relerred lo lhe adviser chairman who is lhe link belween lhe adviser and lhe dean. The lreshman adviser chairman helps lreshmen sludenls make lhe adiuslmenls belween grade and high school. Miss Maloney and Mr. Kahler, lhe Deans, spend a greal parl ol lheir lime in college planning wilh lhe slu- denls. Filling oul blanks lor admission, and recommend- ing sludenls lo colleges are a parl ol lheir yearly lasks. All issues, social, academic or disciplinary, which can- nol be handled lhrough lhe Adviser Chairman, may be relerred lo lhe Dean. DEPARTMENT HEADS C ln addilion lo leaching his regular sched- uled classes, lhe head ol each deparlmenl has many olher responsibililies. Meeling wilh lhe olher leachers ol his deparlmenl, he discusses lhe year's curriculum and makes recommenda- lions. Togelher, lhey may make suggeslions lo lhe adminislralion regarding lexlbooks. ln professional mallers he is lhe leader ol his de- parlmenl. KAHLER MALONEY VERNON BREDIN CARPENTER HURST REAM HAMILTON Page MURPHY RAU HUTCHENS SMALL SCHOENBERGER LIGHTER BIESEMEIR Arl Commerce English Foreign Language Healfh Home Economics lnduslrial Arls LIBBEY SNYDER COTTON CHILDS BOULTON WINDOES ULLRICK Library Malhemelics ' Music Boys' Physical Girls' Physical Science Social Sluclles Educalion Educalion HUTCHENS CARPENTER COOK DEAMES M. DEAN HAMILTON LEHMAN LIGHTNER MacLEAN McKINNIE PETERSON PIFER SHIRLEY K. SMITH VAN KIRK VLASTO WALKUP WHITE WHITFIELD WILSON WRIGHT CAVANAUGH S. DEAN GAHAGAN KRAL ENGLISH DEPARTMENT O During The pasT year, The English DeparTmenT, under The capable direcTion oT Mr. l"luTchens, has oTFered The same 'Fine curriculum as ThaT of I946-47. The populariTy of The greaT books course lfor seniorsl conTinued ThroughouT boTh semesTers, alThough iT is a solid subiecT, and so are The books. Everyone has missed Miss Durgin This year, while she is Teaching in Sale, England. on an ex- change basis. Our Teacher from Sale is Miss Dean who has won The aTFecTionaTe regard of everybody. AnoTher addiTion To The English TaculTy is Mr. Shirley, a ColgaTe man, who Took over sponsorship of The "News" lMr. CarpenTer was The previous sponsorl second semesTer. The Treshman and sophomore English TesTs, as usual, showed everyone iusT whaT he didn'T know in Time Tor semesTer grades, buT The TesTs were really quiTe easy-ask any upper classman. BuT don'T men- Tion Themes and Tiling cards To The juniors, please! Much as we all love The subiecT, everyone is Thankful ThaT The English review classes don'T sTarT unTil June TourTeenTh. NeverTheless, we're glad ThaT There are some brave souls, namely English Teachers, who will puT up wiTh dangling parTiciples and spliT infin- iTives long enough To Teach us To undersTand and wriTe The good, correcT sorT of English. DRAMA DEPARTMENT O The Drama DeparTmenT, consisTing oT Mr. Van Kirk, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Miss Gahagan, Miss Kral, and Miss Shirley Dean, has once again This year oflered an excellenT varieTy oT courses. They are Voice and DicTion, Radio AcTing and Announcing, Choric Speaking, Verse Speaking Choir, DramaTics, Oral Reading, and Public Speaking. ExTra-curricular drama acTiviTies have been produced wiTh The help oT Mr. Coburn, Mr. Harper. Mr: Jones, Mrs. LighTer, Mrs, CoTTon, Mr. Lehman, and Mr. Holland. The plays This year have been "STage Door", "The Prince and The Pauper," and "You Can'T Take IT wiTh You". The opera, "The Mikado," was produced in'collaboraTion wiTh The Music DeparTmenT. HUTCHENS CARPENTER COOK DEAMES M. DEAN A HAMILTON LEHMAN NER M VAN KIRK VLASTO 'WALKUP WHITE ' WHITFIELD WILSON VVRIGHT .MCKINNIE . PETERSON PIPER SHIRLEY 'K. SMITH CAVANAUGH S. DEAN GAHAGAN T KRAL FUNK:-iousea I ewsxe ' GALLIE + GRATERVT 1 .T HARPER Jones msc SLEIGHTT ' SWAIN UDE WATERS I WEINGARTNER SNYDER ASCHENBACFI- . QATON EVANS Liu. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT I AlThough no maThemaTics courses are required Tor high school graduaTion, Two years of maTh are advised Tor all. New Trier sTudenTs and Their parenTs are realizing The necessiTy oT a sTrong ToundaTion in maThemaTics as preparaTion Tor eiTher college or business. This year Mr. Snyder. head oT The MaThemaTics DeparTmenT, and his sTaTT oTfered all oT The courses which were offered lasT year. A course in "Special MaThemaTics" was oTFered in summer school Tor incoming Treshmen who had been weak in maThemaTics. During The regular school year Tresh- men could Talce General MaTh IA and IB, or Algebra IA and IB, Plane GeomeTry 2A and 2B, and General MaTh ZA and 2B were oflered Tor sTudenTs in Their so ho- more year. Juniors who wished To go on wiTh maThemaTics Took Algebra 3A anj3B. Those sTudenTs whose Tinal average in Treshman algebra was "A" or "B" wiTh no grades below "C" Took Algebra Ill, an acceleraTed course which eliminaTes much of The review. The more advanced courses which were oTFered This year are Solid GeomeTr , TrigonomeTry. and College Algebra IV. Ali oT These are one-semesTer courses. Slicie Rule was oiiiered as a minor The second semesTer. and The classes meT once a week. Mr. Snyder Tells us ThaT This year mosT sTudenTs who are going To aTTend college have planned To Take aT leasT Three years oT maThemaTics. Those who besT appreciaTe iTs greaT im'porTance go on Through The more advanced courses. We are happy To say ThaT New Trier hasn'T losT any of The compeTenT maTh in- sTrucTors who were wiTh us lasT year. This year, as usual, The sTaTT members disTin- guished Themselves in many exTra-curricular acTiviTies. Mr. Aschenbach, Mr. CaTon, Mr. Gadslce, Mr. Funlchouser, and Mr. WeingarTner coached our Teams Through a successTul TooTball season. Mr. WaTers has been oT greaT service in s onsoring The ECI-IOES. Miss SleighT sponsored The MaTh Club. Miss Evans had charge of pre- paring sTudenTs for S. A. T. examinaTions. Miss Kelso was secreTary oT Women's FaculTy Club. Mrs. Gallie sponsored The popular KniTTing Club. Mr. Gadske has charge oT The evening school. Mr. GraTer is coordinaTor Tor baskeTball. Railroad sTaTion sTudenT supervision is under Mr. Swain's direcTion. Mr. SmiTh sponsored Lens Club and MoTion PicTure OperaTors' Club. Mr. Ude sponsored TheoreTical Science Club. Mr. Jones sponsored The LighT Crew. Mr. Harper sponsored STage Crew and ProperTies Crew. All maThemaTics Teachers. excepT The deparTmenT head. are regular sTudenT advisers. New Trier maThemaTics sTuclenTs are opular wiTh college and universiTy supervisors because oT Their excellenT preparaTion Ear college maThemaTics. MATHEMATICS NAY SHEARER SIMONDS TATHAM WALTZ V WATERS WEHR ' WEILER SCCIAL STUDIES THE SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT C The main aim oT The Social STudies deparTmenT is To give The sTudenTs in New Trier a beTTer knowledge of our world from iTs beginnings up To The Time in which we are living. This year The Social STuclies deparTmenT under The able direcTion of Miss Ullrich has given The sTudenTs oT New Trier a wealTh oT knowl- edge in AncienT I-IisTory, Civics, Economics, LaTin, American I-IisTory, Medieval I-IisTory, Modern I-IisTory, Sociology, Far EasTern T-lisTory, and UniTed STaTes I-IisTory. These courses give us a background of our worlcl. yesTerday and Today. To make The courses more inTeresTing, Mrs. Kidd oT The Music lnTegraTion deparTmenT shows sTudenTs ancienT insTrumenTs and sings The songs oT The period which They are sTudying. Mr. Holland gives lecTures on archiTecTure compleTe wiTh slides To make his Talks more inTeresTing and inTormaTive. MosT classes Took a clay OTF To sTudy currenT evenTs in The various publicaTions covering The news of The clay, Thereby learning hisTory in The making as well as knowing whaT happened in The pasT. The Simpson Award discussions oT currenT problems were held several Times This year, ancl produced some very heaTed debaTes. The Social STudies cleparTmenT is indeed TorTunaTe in having a museum Tilled wiTh inTeresTing relics. This museum helps The sTudenT visualize whaT They are s+udying. During This year one oT The big evenTs was The Republican NominaTing Con- venTion. IT was very inTeresTing To see who was nominaTed, especially in This year of The naTion-wide elecTion. Also This year The deparTmenT received The honor of being asked by The American Legion To send one OT iTs Teachers To help The Legion selecT worThy Tilms Tor high school sTudenTs. UnTorTunaTely none oT The Teachers goT To go abroad lasT summer because OT The Terrible condiTions in Europe, buT some oT Them are hoping To geT abroad This coming summer. Page 14 ART DEPARTMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT . Every New Trier sfudenf has an opporfunify fo fake up one or more courses in Science, regardless of his level or year. This deparfmenf, which is headed by Mr. F. L. Windoes, offers General Science, Physiology, and English-Science fo freshmen, Biology and Radio fo sophomores, and Biology and Chemisfry fo iun- iors. Seniors may fake Physics or Advanced Radio. This year a new course lisfed as Science IV has been faughf. This course is open fo seniors and deals wifh personal and family relafionships. The course has proved fo be so popular fhaf fhe number of classes increased from one fhe firsf semesfer fo four fhe second. WINDOES I ,CHRISTENSEN CLADER coNDoN ' Q EDWARDS HOYT WINDOES CHRISTENSEN CLADER CANDON EDWARDS HOYT REAM REYNOLDS J. R. SMITH STEWART VERNON VAN DEURSEN MURPHY CASELLA FEARHEILY HOLLAND D. SMITH STENVALL REAM REYNOLDS J. R. SMITH srswmzr VERNON VAN DEURSEN O The mosf oufsfanding proiecf of fhe Arf Deparfmenf confinues fo be fhe arf exhibifs. These exhibifions have been of such high caliber, and have proven so beneficial in promofing fine appreciafion of arf in fhe school, fhaf new Iighf- ing is being insfalled in fhe main corridor fo improve fheir display. A well equipped phofography sfudio and fhree phofography classes, as well as a flourishing phofography club, are recenf addifions fo fhe deparfmenf. Wifh fhe use of fhe fine machinery equipmenf in Mr. Fearheiley's shop, and fhe weaving looms in Mr. Sfenvall's sfudio, fhe Design Workshop classes offer ample opporfunify fo fhe sfudenf for worlc in various craffs. The splendid equip- menf in fhe Ceramic Sfudio is an added affracfion fo The deparfmenf. This year fhe Arf Deparfnnenf offered fiffeen classes, including Applied Arfs I, 2, 3, and 4, Phofography I and 2, and Design Workshop l and ll, besides fhe classes in arf appreciafion, and Mr. I-Iolland's infegrafed arf lecfures. Cafherine M. Murphy is head of fhe deparfmenf. Page 1 5 SMALL BRADY BREDIN BREIDENBACH COLLINS DONHAM EISLER FLENTYE E. KAHLER LOWREY McDOWELL MOELLER MORRIS MUDGETT PATTERSON PAUL SHAW THE LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT O The Foreign Language deparlmenf of The school has iusl complefed an- olher busy year under The able leadership of Doclor Small. Las+ year Spanish was highly a'H'rac'rive 'ro +he s'ruden+s and lhis year if has conlinued in i+s popularily, and yel' wilhoul apparenl loss in +he number Jralcing lhe olher languages: Lafin, French, and German. This year. as in lhe +wo preceding ones, French has been open lo The fresh- men as a 'four-year course. ln addifion a new French course. called French Civilizalion, has been opened +o sludenis who have had al' one 'rime or anolher fhree years of French. This course consisfs of exlensive reading in French liler- al'ure and runs parallel wilh senior French sludies. A change occurred in 'rhe organizafion of Senior Spanish 'fhis year. Pre- viously 'rhe lirsl semesler was mainly concerned wi1'h grammar and 'rhe second wi+h reading. Now, however, fhe sel'-up has been changed so +ha+ lhe grammar is sludied second semesler 'ro aid +hose who are faking 'rhe college board achievemen+ +es'rs. Because ol a large increase in availabilily of visual aids, 'rhese films, when suirable. were used lrequenlly for reaching. Aboul' +wice a monfh sludenls look advanlage of Mrs. Kidds' Music ln+egra'rion course 'rhal' deals wilh +he music of +he counlries sludied. ll' has been very valuable in +he knowledge of cusfoms and has aided in 'rhe pronunciaiion of lhe languages. , SMALL BRADY BREDIN BREIDENBACH i COLLINS DONHAM EISLER I FLENTYE ' E. KAHLER LOWREY McDOWELL MOELLER moms APATTERSON ' PAUL - SHAW Mu V GRINNELL HADDEN HENNINGSEN HERRON JOHNSON REINHARDT . COTTON ANDERSON BRADBURN LAVERY MAGES REAM COMMERCE AND MUSIC COMMERCE O The Commerce Deparfmenf, under fhe direcfion of Mr. Rau, offered many courses again This year which will prove helpful +o sfudenfs in fheir fufure col- lege and career work. Typing was a greaf favorife because of ifs usefulness in bofh fields. The book sfore adequafely filled ifs responsible posifion by carrying a complefe sfock of all books and supplies needed by fhe sfudenfs, and by having a fine sfaff of clerks, frained in 'rhe bookkeeping classes. Opporfunifies offered by fhe deparfmenr for work in fhe Rlegis'rrar's and Fronf Office give valuable experience. We 'rhank fhe Commerce Deparfmenf for ifs valuable service. MUSIC O The Music Deparfmenf is one of fhe largesf deparfmenfs af New Trier, in Thai' over IOOO sfudenfs parfake in some music group. The oufsfancling choral groups are fhe boys and girls Ensembles and fhe A Cappella Choir, made up of fhe vocal falenf in New Trier. The Orchesfra, one of rhe besf in 'rhe counfry's high schools, confinued ifs high sfandard and gave ifs services +o many impor- 'ranl' school funcfions. The Band played for foofball games and award assem- blies and gave concerfs of ifs own. All sfudenfs faking music courses parficipafed in The Chris+mas'and Spring Concerfs. The Opera Group presenfed 'rhe annual Gilberf and Sullivan Oper- e'H'a, which 'rhis year was "The Mikado". The Choir and Ensembles added even more presfige fo New Trier by giving brillianf performances when singing ouf of school for many prominenf organizafions in +he Chicago area. The resulf of all fhe acfivifies was anofher year of successful musical enferfainmenf and oppor- funifies.. Page 1 7 N .J Y ai,-L -ig. .1 ., mfg-N,-xgif, ,- -5, W'i2Li?mir? for 1 .im -if -fri-in gps-W , K :ii:1'Qe-. Y J '- Iiyi uf-s,fi:Q ,lrggp 'l '. i A 'Z'-:s22.'fffi fd" ' 'ii V 'L Y Q i M - - .1 ,ifigigiritg-ifsifif MQ' l .smF?wffL. :iv-54 .. :fm 'f5:xsg'ffTg.,.f:-fist-.I 1 ,. ,S -L .f J.if.iL1 S f "iff s'.s r - K 1 -S S' I ff'i 1 ' 3 A , ,p gf ,Ei i... mn:-rs Wg- -as-11 ...J-I ,- :.v9f.i',.- . was., . X, , if '- l , is-sw .1 T175 ii IT-'iffQ.i'f,i 362.7 isle' ,wks . .z 3 5. ,lc-1. 3 '-ef Q P 2 ff-.aunessamsmss. wal-12125 AQ X iff- 12155 me-..i.f.Ef1,B.RADBURN-.y-f:,i-f,f - ew. 19125-1. .gg ,qv -iffy.-A I '- g V., aux' Hikww fu 'H ew"-' ' 'UW' H f ffm ' x T is ' 4, 'x:ngf'f2-5215555 r ' 7' if f , : f:Q-sf iffff 1' -.'2fi5"1fQiXffTlfiiQl.1 as . Yi M131-a?9f5i563ilETf5L4'122 ,ff'1f.fiQ iff: -".' 5 "if EW' Q' ii 1 i LIGHTER BOND BORHEK LIBBEY FLOOD SCHOENENBERGER HENDRICK BIESMEIER ARAM FLANINGAM LANDWER OAKS HO E ECONOMICS - - LIBRARY HE LTH - - I IDUSTRI L ARTS HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT O The Home Economics Deparlmenl. headed by Mrs. Ligh+er, offers courses in ln+erior Decorafing. Consumer Educalion, Foods, and Cloihing. Such 'rhings as +he ar+ of inierior decoraiing, skills of sewing, knowledge in buying judgment and 'rhe planning and cooking of meals are all Iaughr +o 'rhe sludenis. The de- par+men+ also prepares 'rhe siudenis wi+h an excelleni- foundafion for 'furrher work in +his field and for 'Ihe rnanagemenl' of a home. CAFETERIA ' O Alrhough new 'ro +he school Ihis year, Mrs. Recki'r+ has done an excellenl iob of preparing nu+ri+ional and varied meals for 'rhe s+uden+s. INDUSTRIAL ARTS O Headed by Mr. Biesemeier. +he lndus+rial Arrs Deparrmenlr offers four courses which are au'ro shop, where +he s1'uden+s learn 'rhe paris, +heory, and mechanisms of +he aulomobileg Mechanical Drawing which provides a good basis for srudenls desiring engineering careers: wood shop. in which is Iaughi' wood- Iurning and bench work: and Machine Shop. which enables 'l'he sludenls 'ro sI'udy machines and +o make paris and gears of +he machines. The capable Ieaching s+a1CF includes Mr. Aram, Mr. Oaks, Mr. Landwer and Mr. Flanningham. LIBRARY DEPARTMENT O Our library, under 'Ihe direc+ion of Miss Eleanor Libbey wi+h The assisrance of Mrs. Flood and Miss Russell, confains abou+ I4,50O volumes and has such helpful fealures as books of li+era+ure wri++en in 'foreign languages: 'ihe college calalog secrion, coniaining 'rhe laiesl' bulleiins from almos+ every college in 'rhe counlry: and an exfensive file of periodicals. Very helpful +o 'rhe s+uden+s in finding books in which 'reachers have given assignmenrs is +he reserve sec'rion for Ihese books can be raken our only over nighi' which enables Ihem 'ro be circulared +0 .a large number of s+uden+s. A HEALTH DEPARTMENT O The Heal+h Deparrmenr is mainiained Io give iirsl-aid care and counseling +o s+uden'rs, and +0 supervise and follow up physical examina+ion and T. B. I'es+- ing programs. Sludenis abseni from school on accounr of heal+h reasons mus+ sign in Ihrough Ihe nurse's office as a precauiion againsi' ihe spread of confa- gious diseases. Two res+ rooms are provided for s+uden+s needing a res+ period. Page 18 Page PHYSICAL EDLICATIO GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION O By adapfing Iheir program Io Ihe s+udenI as she progresses Ihrough school and by presenring a wide variery of acriviries, The Girls' Deparimenr of Physical Educalion, under The direcrion of Miss Boulron, aIIem Is Io prepare The s+uden'r in every way Io become a skilled, healihy, and well-adiusred member of socieiy. This year a new co-recreaiional course for iuniors was offered. The following members were added I'o Ihe slaffz Miss ElizaIoe+h Van I-Iorn, Miss Barbara Byrne, and Miss Aago+ Duclcer in The locker room. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT O The Boys' Physical EducaIion DeparImenI', under Mr. Childs, believes Ihaf physical educaiion should play an imporfani parr in The program of every boy. Five periods per week of physical educaiion is required of all boys. A rich program of acriviries is carried on Ihroughoui' Ihe year. These ac+ivi+ies are of 'Three Iypes: 'formal mass ac+iviIies, Ieam sporis. and individual sporfs and recrearive acriviries which can be carried on in la+er years. Afrer school hours 'rhe physical educalion planl' is used To capaci+y for inrra- mural and inrerscholasric sporis. BOULTON ABBOTT AUSTIN BYRNE GILBERT KING VAN HORN VEACH CHILDS CLAUSEN CRAM LET FRANTZEN GIALLOMBARDO JACKSON LAUER McFADZEAN - SHOWLEY SCHUMACHER RECKITT KIDD HINES BOULTON ABBOTT I AUSTIN BYRNE GILBERT KING VAN HORN VEACH CHILDS ' CLAUSEN CRAMLET FRANTZEN GIALLOMBARDO JACKSON , A LAUER Mcmozem si-iowLeY SCHUMACHER I neoxm' nbos in-Innes L-.....,. ,. , ,. . , 19' OFFICE STAFF BARTLETT' DALGETY eissou D.HENoRlcKs Hogzmesn HALL - LINDEEN NAY PARKER L ' PHILLIPS PURSE WEISE A THE OFFICE STAFF O The office sTaff performs many Tasks which make'iT possible for The adminisTraTion of The school To be carried on more efficienTly. Among The mosT imporTanT of These are The seTTing up of The school calendar. effecTing program changes, Taking care of The swiTchboard, and The "IosT and found" deparTmenT. FurTher duTies include The handling of fee bills, college TranscripTs. aTTendance records, and The purchasing of school supplies. This sTaff consisTs of ThirTeen members who are sTaTionecl in various locaTions abouT The school. They are found in The fronT office, The RegisTrar's office, Mr. Brown's office, The Deans' offices, and The girls' and boys' gym deparTmenTs. This group of adminisTraTive workers carry ouT Their work under The direcTion of Mr. I-Ierron, The RegisTrar. In recenT years wilh The increase of sTudenT acTiviTies, The duTies of The various offices have become more exTensive. However, This work is easily absorbed inTo The efficienT sysTem which keeps The school in moTion. The main goal of The office is To give The maximum service possible To The sTudenTs, faculTy, and all oThers who use iTs services. GIRLS' OFFICE STAFF Row I: SchmidT, Baker, Curley, Selby, Siegel, Nefenberg, Myer Row 2: BeckerT, Galloway, Levy, PeTerson, Mayer, O'MalIey, Neu- mann, Newman, Wineman TI-IE STUDENT OFFICE STAFF O Every year. There are several junior and senior girls who work eiTher in The fronT office or in The regisTrar's office. These girls volunTeer for The jobs and are accepTed on Their adviser's recommendaTion. Through Their generous efforTs. They save The office sTaff a greaT deal of work. Their duTies, such as filing program cards, serving aT The office counTer, checking lisTs.,Typi,ng. issuing Tardy slips, assembling mimeo- graph maTerial' and The like, provide an excellenT opporTu- niTy for learning clerical work. I X rr Y ' , Q 'EI Cv LIBRARY ASSISTANTS PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS VISUAL AID Row I Haas, Spencer, Nellis, Krogh, Row I: Lundberg, Challinor, Mr. Smifh, Holub, Wafson Row I: Maurer, Pease, Vandenburg, Smilh, Harnsberger Chrisman Row 2: Arms, Rosenbaum, Perkins, Schroeder Pilcelny, Sherrill Row 2 Sloffers, Bennelf, Rosenbaum, Missing From Picfurex Buller Row 2: Hargreaves, Haworlh, Wiley, Meyers, Kulo, Farnham Prifchard, Gofh, Pair SERVICE CLUB Row I: Leichsenring, Lovgren, Schneider, McMas+er, Berner, Campbell, Nelson, Hammerman, Slown, Monfgomery, Gilchrisl, Meyers, Berg, Sullivan. Emrich, Ehrlich Row 2: Schoenenburger, Gosseff, Redmon, Frei, Powell, Nalenberg, Forbes, Wineman, Murphy, Shapiro, Devilf, Bushman, Goldberg, Barnes, Paschen, Filzpafriclr, Ross, Hendrick Row 3: Murray, Dolniclr, Bullard, Gould, Barrefl, Sfekoll, Evans. Shinniclr, O'MalIey, Reiley, Whife, James, Roof, Gray, B. Evans, Torrison Schmidf, Donohue, Pierre ...N ...K , ,..,x ,. L . X 3 ..,..:' .1 r 4 .A .u J .. 4 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Q The sfudenf assisfanfs are a very imporfanf parf of fhe library and help if fo funcfion smoofhly. They are quife necessary, since if fhey were noi' fhere fo help, ofhers would have fo do fhese iobs along wifh fheir own, or more like- ly, fhe jobs would go undone. These sfudenfs supervise fhe Fresh- man book room, fake care of fhe maga- zine secfion, affendance llibrary slipsl. and signing ouf. Ofhers help by fyping. filing, and pasfing new slips in books. There are also fhe monifors, iunior boys furnished by fhe Public Relafions Commiffee of Tri-Ship. When fhese boys become seniors, Mr. Frisbie selecfs some of fhem for 'rhe lnformafion Desk. This ear lhere were abouf sixfy helpers. all ofiwhom were volunfeers. As can be seen, all fhese sfudenfs are essenfial fo fhe proper funcfioning of fhe library. VISUAL AIDS O The Visual Aids Deparfmenf, head- ed by Mr. D. Smifh, is composed of a commiffee of feachers lone from each Page 21 . ,if . 1 i X. I , ,. ' 'Y If , i 1... , f .. .r ,f . . .....: .. . L.' deparfmenfl, fhirfy sfudenf operafors, and fwo sfudenf bookkeepers. Each of fhe operafors gives one period a day, and all are volunfeers. This year fhey were from all fhe grades and were al- mosl all boys. To order a film for his class, a feacher musi' firsf look in fhe source books fo gef an idea of, whaf he may have and fhen musf fill ouf an order blank for fhe film and furn fhis in fo The deparfmenf represenfafive af leasf fwo weeks before he wishes fhe film shown. He may also see a preview before if is shown fo fhe class. This year Visual Aids have played an imporfanf parf in fhe school, and films have been shown on approximafely l,OOO subiecfs. SERVICE CLUB O Service Club, direcfed by lvlrs. L. Hendrick and Mrs. K. Schoenenberger, is an organizafion of junior and senior girls who help wifh nursing and clerical work in fhe Healfh Deparfmenf. As preparafion, girls fake fhe Red Cross class, affer which fhey confinue 4 3 . ...- ....w . as acfive members of fhe club. Some of fheir special dufies are as- sisfing wifh fhe fuberculosis fesfing pro- gram, physicals, parenfs' nighfs, and school evenfs where large numbers of sfudenfs are involved. The social parf of fhe club fhis year included meefings held abouf every six weeks in fhe Girls' Club room. These business and social meefings were pre- sided over by Kenmar Bushman, fhe presidenf. Speakers on various subiecfs were included on fhese programs. The mosf imporfanf social evenf was lhe big parfy. This was enjoyed by all, as was The helpful work fhese girls did for fhe school. PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS C The boys of fhe Public Address Corps sef up and operafe fhe amplify- ing sysfem of 'rhe school. Adequafe audio amplificafion is essenfial fo fhe proper managemenf of large assemblies in fhe audiforium and fhe gymnasium. The faculfy sponsor of fhe Public Ad- dress Corps is J. R. Smifh. er as R 1. ffm Vwpy, ff! .offeivuf 4,1 1 Jn! r N- N-... , Y A IOLANTI-IE O New Trier's opera for Jrhe spring of I947 was "lolan'rhe". If was wriH'en by Gilberr and Sullivan, and ir includes many of 'rhe composers' mos? beau- iiful melodies and ca+chies'r +unes. There are a good many "leads" in "lolan+he", and mosl' of The major paris were double and even 'rriple casr, giving us a chance +o show off +he abun- danf musical and dramaiic lalenl' of New Trieriies. Of course, The singing leads are noi' all +ha+ "make" 'rhe opera. In fad, +he opera is +he mosr infricaie, difiiculr-+o-produce show given here year affer year. Wirhour 'rhe complere cooperalion of +he chorus, numerous crews and commiffees, and fac- ul+y members. ihe recurring success of lhe operas would noi be a sure Thing. Page 24 The chorus for "lolanlhe" was chosen from The lirsl opera group, and endured lenglhy rehearsals lo perlecl enlrances, exils, and mass inslead ol mob movemenl. The resull: a well coordinaled chorus duly commended on ils line exlras in The way of fairy dances and complicaled marches. ll The chorus worked hard, The orcheslra worked harder, and, direcled by Mrs. Collon, il poured lorlh musical accompanimenl llhe biggesl parl of an operal lhal was surely higher lhan high school caliber. Mr. l-larper's and lvlr. l'lolland's slage crew de- signed and conslrucled slrong and realislic scenery lor The opera. Any rough lines were skillfully hid- den by lvlr. Jones' lighling crew, which also handled lhe "spoils" for solo numbers and Those necessary changes from nighl lo day and day lo nighl. The props crew gol all lhe props 'rhere on lime, and The coslume crew loundgappropriale coslunhes lreally vilal propsl lor all lhd.aCl'ors.i We musl' nol lorgel' 'rhe make-up crew. ln "'lolanlhe'f beards and wigs and wings are plenlilul and hard fro pu+ on. Then lhere is lhe slandard llll rosy-cheeked, dark-eyed look lo be applied lo lhe' chorus 'sad leads. lvliss Slanwood direcled lhese lhree crews as well as direcling dramalics. All in all, il is plain lo see lhal lhe opera could nol go on wilhoul everyone's whole-hearled sup- porl. Nol' only "lolanlhe", bul every opera's suc- cess depends on everybody and is lhe produclr of many monlhs of hard work on everybody's parl. ls il worlh il? Ask anyone who has ever been lhere. Ask lvliss Slanwood. Even ask lvlrs. Collon. She lhinks il' is, loo. Page 25 TRACK I.asI Iouidoorl Irack season was a one for Coach "Unk" John Nay, his winning every home meei, and placing Iourih block fo an undefealed pui an end Io a long finally beai' us in Ihe league and siafe meeis, while we look second in The former. Seconds were also gained in many oiher big meeisz Ihe Oak Park Relays, Ihe Wheaion Re- lays, and finally The lvlooseheari Relays: while Ihe dis+ric+ was won by our favored and overpowering Trieriies. The ouisianding men of Iasi year were I-Iilliard and Roberison in Ihe dashes: Dold in +he 4407 Swanson in 'Ihe hurdles: and Jacobi, a dependable man in +he half-mile. Ofhers filling places in mosr of Ihe meeis were: Young, Misan+oni, and Munson in 'rhe shol' and discus, wiih Rennacker and Kempner in Ihe pole vauII'. Fisher helped ouI' in I'he half- mile, along wi+h Nile: while Gilberison excelled in 'rhe 440. In Irhe high iump, Allen and Anderson were proficient and Hilliard and Weldon Iook care of Ihe broad jump. Rerurning Ieiier men are few bui proficieni: Chuck Dold, Ron Allen, Tom I-Iilliard. Norwood Fisher, Craig Richardson Ia iuniorl, and finally, Harry Munson. VARSITY TRACK Row I: Hilliard, Kempner, Spaulding Rennaclrer, Herlocker Weldon, Jacobi Misanioni, Roberfson Gilberfson, Anderson Row 2: Baker, Macdonald, Herbon Wolff, Maher, Fisher Pierson, Lambarf McElroy, Swanson Sfeinberg, Erman Nay Row 3: Ingram, Crawford, Rummler Young, Gabel, Harris Lundin, Dold, Wafluns P. Gilberfson, McLaughlin. , .V I wi , FROSH-SOPH TRACK Row I: Burlingameg Carson, Appelbaum, Jacobs, Penfield, KIaH'e, Burr, Leach. Row 2: Forresf, Colfer, Keller, Belding, McDermoH', Woolfolk, Happ, Richardson, Spoehr, O+is, Dundar, Nay. Row 3: Johnson IManagerI, Cooksy. Baldwin, Armsfrong, Boyden, Kallman, Smifh, Ellis, Hoban, Dern, Huck, Barnes Coach Hoyf. I .ff . Page 26 n.. ' ...mmm- , i , I M , VARSITY BASEBALL Row I: Oakley, Massey, Barreff, Huebner, Robson, Traufwein, Chrisioph, Jones, Trom, JanoT+a, Snyder Row 2: Friedlander, MorgensTern, Brower, Marsh, Corns, Burnside, Davis, ChrisTensen, Moore, Grafer, Kranfz, Richmond, Clausen lCoachl SOPHOMORE BASEBALL, SPRING I947 McAIvey, Back Row: Cheflain, Teepee, Wood, Frazier, WalTers, D. Bergman, Gomperi, Kivland, Wiegman, B. Bergman, Spoehr, Parker, LighTner ICoachl Froni' Row: R. Chrisfoph, Nash, Wade, Pearson, Mackinnon, Green, Plamondon, Pair, Tebbefls VARSITY BASEBALL - I947 SCORES New Trier . . . 3 Maine .... . . O New Trier . . . IO Norfhbrook . . . . 4 New Trier . . IO Zion . . . . 2 New Trier . 5 La Grange . . I New Trier . I La Grange . . . 2 New Trier . 4 Highland Park . . 5 New Trier . 9 Waukegan . . . 3 New Trier . I Evansion . . . O New Trier . 4 Niles . . 5 New Trier . 5 ThornTon . . 7 New Trier . 5 Thornion . . . 8 New .Trier . 2 Oak Park . . . 4 New Trier . 5 Morion . . 4 New Trier . 3 MorTon . 6 New Trier . I Evansion . 0 New Trier . 7 Niles . . . . O New Trier . 4 Proviso . . . . I New Trier . . 4 Proviso . . . . 8 New Trier . . II Highland Park . . 2 New Trier . I2 Zion .... . I New Trier . 6 Oak Park . . . 4 New Trier . 8 Waukegan . 0 C During This I947 season, under The fine coaching of Dick Clausen, The New Trier nine finished in Third place in The Suburban League. The piTching chores were ably Taken care oi b PeTe Burnside, Fred Huebner, Bruce Marsh, and Dick graTer. BASEBA PeTe Burnside piTched nineTeen scoreless innings aT one sTreTch, and Fred Huebner piTched Two one-hiT games. Bruce Marsh and Dick GraTer also did some fine piTching. The infield was composed of LeTTy Moore aT TirsT, Ned JannoTTa aT second. Bob ChrisToph lcapTainl aT shorTsTop. Bud Trom aT Third, and Bob Lauer behind The plaTe. Danny Corns and John Brower also saw much duTy in The iniield. The regular ouTTieIders were Louie KranTz, Dick Chris- Tiansen. and Don McAIvey. wiTh Fred Huebner playing in The ouTTieId when he wasn'T piTching. Louie Kraniz led The hiTTers wiTh a near .400 average. OTher players To hiT' .300 or beTTer included Huebner, Trom, ChrisToph, Lauer, and McAIvey. Louie KranTz is classed as one of The besT ouTTieIders in high school baseball, and PeTe Burnside is a major league prospecT as a piTcher. AT The end of The season Bud Trom was elecTed cap- Tain Tor The I948 season aT The annual Baseball BanqueT. Bob Lauer was awarded The Sandvig Trophy. The I947 VarsiT was composed mainly of juniors wiTh Two sophomores piiaying regularly. IT hiT iTs sTride in The laTTer parr of The season, and iT looks 'Forward To a prom- ising campaign in I948. The managers, who incidenTalIy did an ouTsTanding iob, were Roger MorgensTern and Bill Rose. LL Page 27 FRESHMAN BASEBALL I947-48 ufler, Zweiner, Anderson, Griesser, Everly, Noe, Massey, Top Row: Merrifield, Bergman, Anderson, Surpless, Schmidf, B Smaha, Yafes, Burmasfer, Halversen, Calderini, Franfzen Bo'Hom Row: Smifh, Marshall, Branch, Clesfer, Bloom, Adam Rumsfeld, Prasse, Sfarre++ s, Miller, D. Smifh, Heicnsman, Podolsky, Lufz, Meyer, TENNIS and GOLF TENNIS AND GOLF C This year Jrhe fennis feam, under fhe guidance of Mr. Clader, was whal' could be fermed a mild disappoinfmenf. Sfarfing fhe season off wifh nine promising players, fhe feam was so hampered by iniuries fhaf if was never acfually af full sfrengfh. Heading fhe feam were co-capfains Phil Neilson and Reg Rice, bofh of whom had excellenf years. Neilson, alfhough bofhered by a froublesome knee, played his usual sparkling game, while Rice gained wide approval fhrough his fine, sfeady play. The resf of fhe boys, including Don Wolff, Pefe Pickard. Henry Brown, Holman Peffibone, Paul Zeigler, George Perkins, and Dave McCarn, alfhough play- ing fheir besf, had only mediocre seasons. In fhe Suburban League, fhe fennis feam landed Third place, quife a ways behind Oak Park, fhe winners. Even fhough none of fhe boys played in fhe Sfafe Finals, fhey worked hard and long all season, mak- ing fhe besf of confinual iniuries and unfavorable circumsfances. Mr. Aram's golf fearn had a very successful sea- son fhis year. They placed second in fhe Suburban League, winning six while losing only one mafch. righl' behind The leaders, Highland Park. For fhe sixfeen mafches played all year, 'rhe feam fook fhir- feen and losf fhree. Ted Taylor, who was elecfed capfain for nexf year, led fhe boys wifh an 83.69 sfroke average. Nexf came John Birkelund wifh a sfroke average of 86.83, and fhen Bob Bacon, wifh an 88. The enfire feam's average, including fhe scores of abouf eighf boys, was 86.82. Two ofher mainsfays of fhe feam, boys who played good, sfeady golf, were Joe Peffi and Dick Wood. On 'rhe feam also were Dick Peferson, Archie Wallen. Bud Wallen, and Pay Van Devenfer. Mr. Aram will counf heavily on fhe promising juniors 'ro carry fhe load of fhe feam once fhe seniors like Taylor, Birke- lund, and Bacon have graduafed. All in all, fhe golf feam had an inspiring season, and wifh fhe new hopes already found. fhey are looking forward fo an equally successful season nexf year. GOLF Row I: Aram, Taylor, Birlrelund, Ellis Row 2: Amdur, Bacon, Peferson, Peffi Page 28 T. N. T. C Above is a piciure of lasr year's T. N. T. mem- bers. The piciure is noi complefe, as several of 'lhe group were unable 'ro be presenr when if was raken. T. N. T, is an organizarion composed of sluclenrs who have made an oufsianding confribuiion To +he school in one or more fields. Each year Seniors are elecied To iis ranks, and They in 'rurn choose 'rhe I O O O Juniors who will comprise The elecforal board for 'rhar year. To become parr of +his group is one of rhe highesf honors a New Trier srudeni can aHain. Each year abou+ 'filly seniors are elecied +o iis ranks, and several iuniors are chosen as an Elecioral Board. Page 29 INTRAMURAL Wresiling Rya n I 38 lbs. .,..... Bob Shanahan I45 lbs. .,.. ..., A rni Nu+ini I54 lbs. ..., ... John Whi+e Io5 lbs. .,..,... Joe Dempsey I75 lbs. ...,., .Ben Misanioni Heavyweighi. . . Bob Reizinger Volleyball Hoyi' Champion ... ,.,. Clausen Sophomore ......,. Junior ................ Lauer Senior .... ...., C lausen Track Broad Jump ..... Rudy Carlson 50 Yard Dash .,..., Bob Jones High Jump ............ One Lap Relay .... Henderson Two Lap Relay ,.,.., Mclfinnie Three Lap Relay .,.... Gadske 50 Yard Shuiile Tom Aikinson CarIe+on Sco++ Frank Pendleion One Lap Run ....., Bob Jones Relay ..,..... Weingariner I Baskeiball 'Players League Freshman . ...... Iowa Champion ..... Texas Sophomore ..,. Cornell Junior ,. ..... Texas Lighfweighi Freshman-Sophomore . Sheaver Junior-Senior ........... Nay ihe Boys' In+ramu'raI Sporrs Program has been successfully carried oul' by Mr. Showley. The Inlramural in boys' a+hIe+ics. This program is designed +o give all boys a chance 'ro par+icipa+e in aihleirics, boih indi- Much credi+ should be given +o +he mem bers of +he Sporis Club who did mosi of +he oiiiciahng. Following sporrs carried on by +his iniramural program: Heavyweighr Freshman-Soph. . . . Henderson Junior-Senior . . . , . .Wehr Free Throws Dave Roberis Sof+baII Freshman .. .... Oaks Champion .,. ..... Iv1cKinnie Sophomore ..... Swain Junior . .. ..... Graier Senior . ..... Clausen Table Tennis Singles .......... Phil Neilson Handball Doubles ...... Phil Neilson and Singles .,... Howie Newman Bill Brown Golf Ned Hizer A Horseshoes Singles ..., Burnham Casferline Doubles. Sian Unger and Phil Alley Tennis Singles ..... Harold Goldsmiih Franklin Merril Doubles .... Harold Goldsmirh Singles ...... Roger Johnson and Perer BorIcovi'rz Squash Singles ...... Bill Haase I. M. TENNIS AND HORSESHOE I. M. SWIM CHAMPS ICIaderI ' TENNIS DOUBLES CHAMPS Row I: Vaughan, Cusiek, Jorganson, Lerch I Borkovifz Row I: Alley, Unger Row 2: Redding, Shaw, Gilberfson, Hammond, McKearnan LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL CHAMPS WRESTLING CHAMPS Row I: Johnson, Del Re, Kolflai Row I: Ryan, Pecka, Houghfon, Nuiini Row 2: Blackwell, Houghfon Row 2: Bishop, Shanahan, G. BenneH, J. While Page 3U Page 31 Row Row Row Row , G. A. A. SPRING SEASON I: Wideu, Hoyi, Taylor, Johnson 2: Lindberg, McAfee, McKenzie, Hodgson I: McKelder, Bushman, Kraelsch 2: Jones, Billow, Hodgson, J. While G. A. A.-I947 SPRING SEASON C G. A. A. broughi Hs year 'ro a close wi'rh a very successful spring season. Forgelling such lhings as semesier exams for ihe momeni, +he girls came our 'ro enjoy a varieiy of afler-school spor+s. The sporis ihemselves were ably direcied by iheir respeciive heads, who were as follows: Lois Ceder- berg, baseball: Shirley Paiclar, archery: Carolyn Jones, +ennis: Joan Widau, golf: Jean Billow, la- crosse. Alihough The wealher was noi very coopera+ive. all 'rhe baseball +ournamen+s were played olli. Those Row I: O'Gredy, J. While, Jones, Ross, Aclrley Row 2 : Weber, Levi, Dempsey, Rodgers, Hoerger Row I: Roof, Luffer, Levi, Hoerger, Lea+on Row 2: Tifus, J. While, O'Grady, Dempsey, S. Whiie G. A. A. who came oui for golf acquired some of 'rhe basic skills which ihey could pul' lo use during Ihe sum- mer. Archery and lacrosse each had enlhusiasiic supporiers. Tennis was organized inio iournamenis, which unfor'runa+ely could noi be played oil due io +he wealher. Riding, under Joan Kraeisch, con- Jrinued as usual. The high poini of Jrhe season came a+ ihe Spring Banquet when Edie Waikins, president announced her successor for +he coming year, Mary I-lelen Jones. Page 32 ,ww"""'W In wb' .W vf , .- xi' If a -Qggfbf " 3 f ' W M5 : Y Q f -A J, sv' x A A f -1 ff wh-.4 Y, ' WL MY 4 w WV f "'fE::ffiYyv ' ww ' ,y A , 5 1 W2 A .VK ,4 f wr. 5 Wji'z X .V ,sg A .z N KW W mf px S, 'H 5 ' Ju' Wt STLIDE T COUNCIL MR. VAN DEUSEN MISS HADDEN MR. WEHR STUDENT COUNCIL I O To aT leasT forTy New Trier sTudenTs, The num- ber 333 is a symbol, a reminder of a greaT many Things, some Trivial, buT mosfly imporfanf. You see. ninTh period in 333 is council Time for sTudenT offi- cers. represenfafives, commiTTee heads and anyone else who wanTs To see iusT whaT goes on behind The scenes of New Trier acfivifies. This year, for The firsf Time, 333 has wiTnessed meefings under The direcfion of Two sefs of sTudenT officers. During The firsT semesfer, The officers were ArT Dunne, pres- idenf: Ardis Miller, vice-presidenfg Ann Holling- bery, secreTary: and Phil BeThke, Treasurer. Sec- ond semesTer we elecTed Bill Ellis, presidenf: Dick Anderson, Treasurer: Carolyn Anderson, secrefary: and Dave Merrifield, vice-presidenT. BoTh groups of officers were assisTed by 32 represenTaTives and I6 alTernaTes, elecfed shorfly afTer The major elec- fions. All This elecTion business may seem like a sTrain To go Through during The lasT few weeks of The firsT semesTer, buf iT really provides a much more effi- cienf and pracfical sysTem fhan ThaT of holding elecTions in The spring. In June, so many repre- senTaTives and officers are being elecTed for various organizafions, ThaT The imporfance of The Council ballof easily could be overlooked. Also, spring elec- Tions meanf ThaT The new officers received lifTle or no guidance from The reTiring officers, and a loT of Time was wasTed in The fall when The successful candidafes were "learning The ropes" The hard way. Now officers and all oTher Council members go inTo office aT The beginning of The second semesfer and serve Through The firsT semesfer of The nexT school year. The main purpose of STudenT Council is To puf more and more leadership and school governmenf info The hands of fhe sTudenl's. This is done Through The eighf Council commiTTees. The heads of The commiTTees are chosen as soon as The new officers and represenfafives are elecTed and serve The same Term. Bob Whife, in charge of STude,nT Supervised "honor" Sfudy I-Ialls, did a grand job managing The many problems broughf up by The eighfy firsf semesfer supervisors, and promofing The idea of geTTing Those poor "R" To "Z" people ouT of I73. Now some of The "A" To "R" people know whaT a DUNNE MILLER HOLLINGBERY BETHKE McLAUGHLIN BILLOW KEMPNER REDMON DOLD NEILSON WHITE POWELL HARTRAY Page 34 Row Row Row Row COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Schaeffer, McCoy, B. Jones, Monk, J. Whi+e, Holmes, Engelhard Row 2: Kelso, Birkelund, McLaughlin, Bergman, Huck COUNCIL COMMITTEES I: Slown, PeasTer, Hammerman, Hollinqbery. SiTTiq. J. CulberTson, Emrich 2: Macdonald, Kelso, Halvorsen, Merrifield, Noonan, Wub, Taylor, R. Anderson, T. James, D, Shaw 3: McCoy, Nance, Wells, Evans, Monlr, Zeiss, Rouse. Vandrsoolr, J. WI'1iTe, Schladen, Mendes, Skyrm, RibleTT 4: Leichsenring, Holmes, Dushlrin, Woolfolk. Weiner, Chapin, Funlrhouser, Bulley, Taylor, Weber, Schaeffer, Kenney, B. Jones, Murray Ellmore Page 35 nice, brisk hike iT is To sTudy hall. Barbara Nielson and Bob Talley carried on and kepT up The good work second semesTer. Mack McLaughlin and Roger Brown, reTired and newly-elecTed leaders oT The Honor CommiTTee, agree ThaT This year The New TrieriTes are really caTching on To The whole honor sysTem and ThaT They are Trying hard To make iT a permanenT Thing. OT course, The Honor CommiTTee does more Than disTribuTe sign-up sheeTs for The honor sysTem. IT also "holds courT" and 'manages The honor sysTem in all phases oT New Trier liTe. Jean Billow and Mack Powell, heads oT Social and RecreaTion CommiTTees, combined Their jobs lTaken 'over by Ann Hollingbery and Joan Munson second semesTerl, and pooled Their eTTorTs This year. One oT Their biggesT responsibiliTies was The HalIowe'en ParTy. The parTy was a greaT success, due To Their work, and one of The innovaTions broughT TorTh OcTober 3I was The Clubway. aT which over halT The New Trier clubs were repre.senTed by booThs. For The mosT parT, clubs are handled by The Social ComrniTTee, which was in charge oT The Freshman Club Days lasT Tall. The RecreaTion CommiTTee handles The Gym-Jams, and This year assisTed wiTh The lnTer-school ParTy. We all musT eaT, and KaThy Redmon and Chuck Dold lIsT semesTerl and PaT Holmes and Pinky Pearson l2nd semesTerl are even more concerned wiTh Tood--especially lunch-Than mosT people, Tor They were, and are, heads OT The Dining Hall Com- miTTee. IT is hard To waTch your Triends eaT, Then scream aT Them To Take back Their Trays and milk boTTles. The supervisors say ThaT This year The lunch hall has been neaTesT in years, and ThaT many Thanks go To The adviser-room managers, Too. The Service CommiTTee, headed by Barbara Nielson, was very busy lasT Tall wiTh The College Day. This commiTTee ran The whole Thing, and TelT ThaT iT was worTh The Trouble. ThaT Teeling was magniTied by mosT all The sTudenTs and parenTs who aTTended, and aTTer College Day was over some consTrucTive suggesTions were received which will beneTiT nexT year's College Day, headed by -Roxie Miller. Roxie is The new head oT Service CommiT- Tee, and is doing a good job handling miscellaneous STUDE T CCJLINCIL Cont. correspondence and preparing Tor The '48 College Day. 2300 high-schoolers could be dangerous, buT nor aT New Trier. We have a SaTeTy CommiTTee. Yes, you guessed iT-iT's one oT The Council EighT. For The TirsT half oT The year we were proI'ecTed by Jean Kempner, Then by Bill Cooksey. These boys may noT become policemen when They grow up. buT aTTer such a liberal educaTion in saTeTy, They've goT a good sTarT. Jean and Bill are The guieT souls who leap ouT screaming "do noT run To The lunch hall" aT innocenT Treshmen in search of room 485. For some reason, The PubliciTy CommiTTee is al- ways wriTTen up lasT. People iusT Take publiciTy Tor granTed, buT where would Council be wiThouT iT? Ask Jack l-IarTray or Nancy McCoy. PosTers, secref signs on blackboards and even whispering cam- paigns originaTe wiTh The PubliciTy CommiTTee. This is publiciTy. lT's a big job, and almosT crediTless. Thanks To Council, Science IV is oTfered This year, we have a special bulleTin board in The main hall, and Tour new baske+ball leagues have been organ- STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS-SECOND SEMESTER Row I: Edwards, Taylor. Jones, BeHs, Kimbark. Culberfson, Cederberg, Paidar, Billow, Miller Row 2: Nash, Wade, Clingman, LeaTon, Harvey, Turle, Koch, Bishop, Wells, Chapin, Schupp Row 3: Fear on, Surpless, Tucker, Boyden, Harfshorne, Cl1risTensen, Dunne, Smifhson, Magie Warren, Gelderman, Shannon ized. lT's noT only ThaT, however, which makes Council such a viTal parT of New Trier. Council makes iT possible Tor The sTudenTs To serve The school, and The school To serve The sTudenTs. This is a Two-way proposiTion Thar is one oT The mosT nec- essary sTeps in The building oT a successful school governmenT. Q LUNCH HALL MANAGERS Row I: Barnes, Freeman, Paschen, Hinkle, Joyce, Na+enberg, Hollis, Dowd, Gilberh King, NuHing, Slown, Cheney, Murphy, Vogel, Oldberg, Beaffy, Wineman, Reiley, Lindberg, Barreff Row 2: Chrisman, Barker, Allison, Weiner, Jones, Biggerf, McCoy, Clark, Paxfon, Whife, Hass, DeFores+, Donaldson, Munson, Lawson, Greeley, ReckiH, Kline, Macdonald, Hamilfon, Schneider ROW 32 PG'H'9l'50n. W00lf0llf. Cl-lf1f1lf19l1dff1. 5CTlOpen, Hershaw, Suriano, Henry, Kelso, Harkness, ScoH', Conner, King, Coafes, Corns, Dempsey, Munson, Burns, Carson, Brennan A STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS-FIRST SEMESTER Row I: Barnes, Leafon, McCoy, Hughes, Taylor, Lusfgarien, Hurlbuf, Beffs, Schifflin, McCaIIen, Miller, Culberfson, Ribl:aH-, Cederberg, Schaeffer, Miller, Funkhouser, Hanser, Koch. Bigelow, Schladen Row 2: Warren. Cooksy, Traufwein, Macey, Del Re, Layer, Manierre, Haselfine, Jones, Rumsfeld, Merriam, Hass, Bishop, Mendes, Clark, Clingman, Sfeel, Shanahan. Green, Leafon Row 3: JannoHa, Mackonnon, Ross, Magie, Allen, Richardson, Calkins, Kelso, Moore, Davis, Ellis, Clark, JenneH', Johnson, Talley, Shannon, I Elliff, Baldweene, Evans, Benson, Spies Page 36 TRI-SHIP OFFICERS REDDING Presideni GLASS Vice-Presidenf DAVIS Secrefary-Treasurer PETERS STudenT Aid Chairman HAMMOND Publicify Chairman LAYER Club Room SHANNON MR. Dance CHAMBERLIN Traffic Squad BALL Lagniappe CRANE Lagniappe MARTIN Cheerleader MOORE Dinner OTIS ArrangemenTs CALKINS Junior McGINN Sophomore JACOBS Freshman MR. GANNAWAY I .I ,Y M ja. pw' T Lf raar! A L 1-'T' TRI-SHIP ,AT .J TRI-SHIP , 1. jwf? O During The year I947-48. Tri-Ship presenTed a 'X ,. program of varied and exTensive acTiviTies, Through! I jf , which iT worked consTanTIy To esTabIish iTs ideal oTI I f ciTizenship. sporTsmanship. and TeIIowship among The boys oT New Trier. WiTh The cIub headed by ,T Bill Redding, presidenT: Brad GIass, vice-presidenTZ and Aldy Davis, secreTary-Treasurer, The TwenTy- Third year oT Tri-Ship was one oT The besT on record. AT The beginning oT The school year, The Tresh- man boys were acquainTed wITh The club and iTs purposes. Every boy was given'a booIcIeT describ- ing The TuncTions oT Tri-Ship, and The oTFIcers oT The club Talked To The new sTudenTs in order To clear up any quesTions. A group of senior boys also helped The iirosh advisers un+iI The new boys were some- whaT used To The school. I BRADLEY GLASS. Tri-Ship Award Winner Page 37 TRI-SHIP Row Row Row Row Row TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES Brzezinslri, Shade, Rose, Nash, Ellis, PoHs, Ellmore, Wanner, Hifes, Ofis, Davis Krasberg, Hughes, While, Gilmer, James, Covell, Harfne1'+, Halsey, Jenneff, Talley, Aishion TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Pearson, Ross, Piclrard, Ellis. Ballman, Trom, Robson, Nash, Price, Nelson, Tomei, Wade, Rumsfeld, Jannofia, Harfray, Braun Maclcinnon, Lambar+, Frazier, Benson, Elliff, Brower, McGraw, Brown, Kivland, Dempsey, Massey, Paddoclr, Arfhur Scoff, Talley, James, Lyons, Huclz, Ellis, Hells+rom, Yus+, Gomperf, Birlxelund, Harineif, Cusick, Bergman, Bacon The plan of sending a small group of senior boys io ihe Wilmeiie Rolary every Wednesday was con- iinued ihis year very successfully. In This way The boys are able io learn someihing of civic life oui- side ihe school. Tri-Ship, in cooperaiion wiih Girls' Club, carried on a cloihing drive ai Jrhe firsi of ihe year of which every New Trieriie can be proud. Fiiieen and one- half 'ions of cloihing were collecied for European couniries. This is 'fhe besf record ever made by any high school in 'ihe Uniied S'ra+es. A successful money drive for Europe and ihe annual Red Cross drive were also carried on. A+ +he end of ihe fooiball season 'rhe Fooibail Banquei proved io be very popular. The speaker was Marshall Goldberg, s+ar halfback on 'rhe Chi- cago Cardinals. l.a'rer in ihe year. +he boys broughi 'rheir faihers io +he bi-annual Faiher-Son Banquet which was enjoyed by all. Aiiendance records were broken a+ 'rhe five Tri- Ship dances, probably because of fhe excellen+ pub- lici+y and ihe good bands which were provided. I N I P90 USHER CORPS Row I: Richmond, Monlgomery, Jenne++, Shanahan, Sanders, Aishlon, Kolllaf, Weisman, Felfes Row 2: Segil, Fagan, Susen, Taylor, Wrighf, Brower, Gabel, Slinson, Rice Row 3: Fox, Craven, Bray, Lindsay, Ives, Allen, Baldwin, Brigham, Cahn LAGNIAPPE COMMITTEES Row I: Dollar, Paxlon, Clarlre, Arms, Harmas, Simmons, Fox, O'Neil, Susan, Dunn Row 2: Brown, Brady, McCarn, James, Hass, Taylor, Leisch, Erwin, Loewe, Buhai, Hanser Row 3: Murray, Fiizpafriclr, A. Miller, Rible++, Penney, Roesing, Billow, Bushman, Burr, Peasfer TRAFFIC SQUAD Row I: Challinor, Belnap, Bond, Tomassene, Allen, Baldwin, Brigham, Kahn, Gable, Lealon, Balrer, Johnson, Hargreaves Kolflaf, Polls, De Carlo, Wright Calkins Row 2: Rice, Hinlrley, Pesaluro, Gelderman, Hiles, Elliff, Bray, Birlrelund, McLaughlin, Humphrys, Alexander Schaeffer Baumgardner, Brower, Magie, Ellis Row 3: Draslaerg. Shelion, Blind, Coales, Fox, Taylor, Logsdon, Templelon, Noonan, Dold, Kelso, Brooks, Aishlon McKee Gershman, Benson, Lambarf Page 39 Belween semesiers The sludenf ialenr show, Lag- niappe. was presenied lo four difiereni audiences. A new meihod oi selling riclcels, whereby every slu- denr had an equal chance, was inauguraied. The show proved 'ro be a howling success. The Tri-Ship room was given new lighiing This year, and ihe old 'rrophy case was exchanged for a new and larger one. The Siudeni Aid Commiliee again provided a varieiy of iobs, such as window-washing or snow- shoveling, for any boy who soughl' worlc. This com- miiiee is also in charge of giving ihe scholarships for which The grealer perl of Tri-Ship's money is used. During I947-'48 aboul a dozen scholarships were given lo deserving New Trier boys. lrnporianl services were rendered by The Library Monilors and lhe boys al lhe lnlormaiion Desk. These groups were handled by ihe Public Relalions Commiliee, which also loolc charge of all publicily for Tri-Ship. Two oiher commiiiees, Traiiic Regulalions and l'lall Guards, made ihe running ol: New Trier easier ,,f3,,PE by Their eTIorTs. The boys on These commiTTees helped prevenT TraTTic jams beTore and aTTer school, and IcepT The halls Tree Trom IoiTerers during Iunch periods. The boys oT The Usher Corps were in popular de- mand This year, as usual, and could be seen aT all The school's principal evenTs, such as plays, concerTs, and Lagniappe. The Cheerleaders did a wonderTuI job oT keeping school spiriT high aT The TooTbaII and basIceTbaII games. The cheering was beTTer Than ever, due largely To The organizaTion oT The Peppers socieTy, a group oT sTudenTs who came ouT To every game, wearing Their green and grey caps, and yelled Their heads oTT. All TicIceTs Tor Tri-Ship TuncTions, such as The Ban- queTs, were ably handled by The Class Chairmen. LIBRARY MONITORS These boys were responsible Tor relaying inTorma- Tion concerning The organizaTion back To The advi- ser-room represenTaTives, Through whom every boy in The school learned wha+ was going on. Any news or suggesTions Trom The adviser-rooms To The Board was also Taken care oT by The Class Chairmen. A new cornmiTTee was organized This year, The ArrangemenTs CommiTTee, which Takes on any iobs ouTside The Tields oT The oTher commiTTees. The new commiTTee proved a greaT help in The running oT Tri-Ship. OT course, a large parT oT The cIub's success is due To The inTeresT and assisTance oT The Two spon- sors, Mr. Frisbie and Mr. Gannaway. WiThouT Their help, Tri-Ship would noT be The successTuI organiza- Tion which iT is. INFORMATION DESK Row I Lafimer, TripIeTT, WaTTs Row I: Oalzley, Bufler, KoIfIa+, Seaberg, Aishfon Row 2 Fever, Helper, RoberTson, DuT+er Row 2: Parfiff. Ives. Weisman, Fox, Humphrys - CHEERLEADERS HALL GUARDS Row I Roeddiger, Sealy, Sfaub, Coolidge Row I: Kresberg, Kellogg, Cahn, Mariin, McDermo+T Row 2 Jones, Tucker, Wiley, Free, Rufh Row 2: Codes, Humphrys, Aish'I'on, AIIen Iheadl, Claris, Gershman, Sa nders, Seeberg Page 40 GIRLS CLUB if MISS WRIGHT MARY HELEN JONES. D. A. R. Award Winner Page 41 ' shi!! . I Q., . GIRLS' CLUB I Every girl. on enlering New Trier, becomes a member ol Girls' Club. The board is made up ol lour ollicers and seven board members. Each girls' adviser-room has a represenlalive who goes lo lhe weekly meelings in lhe Girls' Club room and reporls lhe aclivilies ol lhe club lo lhe girls. The sponsor is Miss Wrighl. The ollicers lhis year were Lois Cederberg, presidenl: Kenmar Bushman. vice-presidenl: Shirley Paidar, secrelary: and Jane Meacham. lreasurer. Kenmar Bushman and her commillee look care of lhe annual magazine drive. Free "Echoes" were awarded lo lhe lourleen girls who sold lhe mosl magazines. and lor len days a box ol candy was GIRLS' CLUB CEDERBERG Presidenl BUSH MAN Vice-Presidenl PAIDER Secrelary M EAC HAM Treasurer MONK Financial SCHAEFFER Employmenl WAKELEY Charily EVANS PubIici+y ' ' "Jw 1' I . ' .i ,, ., , i BIGELOW Arrangemenls LINDBERG Friendly WHITAKER Social given daily lo lhe winning adviser-room. Also, spe- cial prizes were given lo lhe girls who sold lhe mosl Curlis magazines. The money lrom lhis drive is used mainly lor lhe scholarships lhal lhe club awards each year. The Employmenl Commillee, headed by Belly Schaeller. did a splendid job lhis year. They lound all lcinds ol jobs lor lhe girls. There were more iobs lhan girls lo fill lhem, bul lhe commillee really worked hard and achieved a lol. Ann Bigelow's Arrangemenls Commillee had charge ol lhe club room and ollice. The club room al one lime or anolher serves everyone in lhe school, Tor iT is used as a meeTing place Tor The clubs, as a senior girls' honor sTudy hall second semesTer, Tor adviser-room parTies and Teas, and by oTher school organizaTions. Marylynn Ivlonlcs Financial CornmiTTee sold hoT dogs and cokes as usual aT The TooTbalI games. They also sold saIT waTer candy in The lunch hall iusT be- Tore ChrisTmas. The ChariTy ConnrniTTee, headed by lNIaTalie Walceley, had a big job This year. IT handled The usual Red Cross drive and The cIoThing drive. IT Tried an innovaTion when a group oT exchange leT- Ters Trom English schools arrived. Girls' Club Tound "pen-pals" Tor The English children. Jane Evans and her Publicilry ComrniTTee have Talcen care OT all Girls' Club adverlrising. This in- cluded malcing posTers and banners and wriTing news arTicles. -' The Friendly and Social CommiTTees, headed by Nancy Lindberg and Connie WhiTaI4er, respecTiveIy, Took care oT Triendly and social evenTs. Such evenTs as The Treshman-senior parTy, The Friendly Banquet and The New Girls' Supper Toolc place TirsT sernesTer. The annual ChrisTr'nas open house was given iusT be- Tore ChrisTrnas vacaTion. The girls enTerTained Their moThers aT The IvIoTher-DaughTer BanqueT second semesTer. GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Bowman, Poehler, Jacobson, Talbof, Donohue, Marcy, Young, Gilchrist Troul' Row 2: McCoy, Whife, Bowler, Pollock, Appely, Jones, Hamilfon, STerreTT, Riggs, Merriam, Monfgomery GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES Row I Sherman, Burdick, McGraw, Culberison, Emrich, Mohardf, Dowd, Holden, Priebe, Cusfard, Pierson, Hammond Row 2 Snell, KnoH', Dunne, Clingmen, Zeiss, Alfheimer, Johnson, Gill, Langfiff, Jones, Lindberg, Chapin, Murphy Page 42 HJQQJ M , W, , 1 51.21 : 14 i n 4 I f A". SQ 405 S02 wmv THE ECHOES O This year l'he ECHOES slaff has worked espe- cially hard. under +he leadership of Jay Gelderman and Doroihy Jirgal, co-edilors. 'lo bring you a com- plefe piciure of The year. ECHOES is The mosl popular publicaiion a+ New Trier. because if noi only conlains Jrhe piclures of every siudenl' and every school aclivily. bul' il also conlains pages of snapsho+s showing Jrhe s+uden+s' exlra-curricular ac- livilies. THE I948 O ECHOES - SPONSORS McKinnie, Wnfers Jay Gelderman has done a fine iob as co-edi+or in charge of The lay-our slaff, and Dorofhy Jirgal. co-edi+or. has very ably direclecl +he wri+e-up srafli. Bofh of lhese groups have worked very hard and have cooperaled wi+h each olher. Sarah lv1cCarn, +he ar'r edilor. has done a greal' deal along wi+h Jack Wrighf. who is associale ediror in charge of business. Special recognilion should go +o lvlary Ann Kenney. who has done ou+s+anding work as an assislanl' edifor. ECHOES - EDITORS Wrighf, Jirgal. Gelderman Page 44 ECHGES Recognirion for Ihe picfures of Iarge groups and individuals goes +o Bernie's Srudio. The engraving, which was so promprly done, is due +o Ihe Ponriac Elecirorype and Engraving Company, and our beauriful covers were done by Ihe A. I'loIum and Sons Company. The prinring was done by +he Econ- omy Adverrising Company of Iowa Ciiy, Iowa. ECHOES - WRITE-UP STAFF Row I: Hagan, Kenney, New- man, Cambridge, Jones, Pas chen Row 2: Widau, Taylor, Nafen berg, Bryanr, Chapin, Wolf PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Sharpe, Kahn ECHOES-ASST. EDITORS Row I: Jacobs, Helper, Whife Row 2: Feuer, Van, Schaack, Ek- Iund, 4Beglen The Iacuiry heads of ECHOES are Mr. IvIcKinnie and Mr. Warers who have given a Ioi' of 'rheir 'Iime 'ro Jrhe publicarion. ' Bob Sharpe. who is associafe eciiror in charge of phorography, did an excellenr iob on all 'rhe divi- sion pages and small groups. He deserves special recognirion, since The Iask was so difficulr and he spenr so much Time on ir. Page 45 A li ii ,tv -. 4 , '.i 'R . .V f V b. fl V. 2 ' x - f , a , x . , k , , , ,,,,. .Y V ' 1 sus.-ll ' i ' U. MR, SHIRLEY MR. CARPENTER I THE EWS NEWS EDITORS Yusi, Paddock ALT' X 'f -- "T-1'-fi' is Ruled' THE NEWS C The New Trier News, pul ou+ weekly by a line slaff, did an excellenl job +his year. Because of lhe increased prinling cos+, +he co-edifors, Larry Yusl and Sfeve Paddock, inlroducecl lhis year a new +ype sheel called phololilhography. This eighl- page magazine-newspaper meanl a lol of work, for lhe make-up had lo be done al school, buf work or no work, if was a delinire improvemenl over lhe old issues. Wilh +his new slyle paper, line cur draw- ings could be used a+ a cheaper cos+. John Mas- sey conrribufed many fine, rimely carloons. The paper did i+s besl +o cover all school evenlsz sporfs, Tri-Ship, Girls' Club, G. A. A., Council, Dramalics. efc. In aclcli+ion, excellenl ediforials ap- peared in each issue. The slaff included Jeannine Peasler, edilor of a calchy fea+ure page: Jim Zeisel and Lyle Rich- mond, sporls edilors: Bev Cannon, lailhful lyping head: Chuck Allen and Don McKee, managers of business and adverlisingg Gerr Bishop, copy desk head: and Connie Kraelsch, circulalion head. Louie Kranlz and Tubby Bacon also conlribufed a large parl of +heir lime before baskelball season 'ro lhe sporls and news seclions. The paper could no+ have been issued so regu- larly, or wilh so few mis+akes, wilhoul +he cheerful assislance of Mr. Carpenler, +he sponsor for +he lirsl semesfer, and Mr. Shirley, who 'look his place al 'rhe beginning of lhe lasl semesler. r ' 5-.. N V , , T , , J i 1- .4 "f ww' il ' H ' L - P K5.JHIYQ'm' Page 4 6 NEWS EDITORS Row I: Krae'rsch, Yusf, Paddock, Peasier Row 2: Cannon, Zeisel, Chapin, Bishop, Hagan, McKee FEATURE STAFF Row I: Slamin, Peas+er, Roo+ Row 2: Hammerman, Chrismen, Jacobs, Chapin, SmI+h NEWS REPORTERS Row I: Fry, Spence, Taylor, Dushlrin Row 2: Kimbarlr, Peasier, Mayer, Arnheim, L. Peasier COPY DESK, ADVERTISING, CIRCULATION, ART Row I: RibIeH', Rossberger, Murray, Rosenihal Row 2: Magie, Liebman, Sowersby, Bushman, Jacobs, Em- rich 'SLG .,. Q ' . .. , . -nail Jwxfc ul :nm - IM' :Mmm ,R 5: OA Page 47 MR. PETERSON IN KLINGS C ATTer a declara+ion ThaT There would be no T948 Inlclings unless The qualiTy oT The work im- proved Trom ThaT of The maTerial conTribuTed lasT year. a '48 issue was published ThaT is really worTh reading. Perhaps The criTicism acTed as a challenge To New TrieriTes, buT aT any raTe, mosT of The sTories and poems and arTicles submiTTed were excellenT. Freshmen, Seniors, and everyone beTween "wroTe Tor lnlclings" aT The suggesTion oT Their Teachers and The clever posTers done by PaT Mooney. The conTribuTions, due any Time before spring vacaTion, were sorTed and judged by an unusually large sTaTT. These girls and boys, who represenTed The Tour classes aT school, spenT long and Tedious aTTernoons reading all sorTs oT masTerpieces, Trying To decide which were The besT. This year The "besT" was someTimes humorous, buT The sTaTT Tried To in- clude more serious sTories Than in previous years. I KLINGS When The maTerial had been graded, and a size- able number of liTerary works chosen To be prinTed, several hecTic days were spenT in proof-reading. Then The sTories were placed on separaTe pages in The way They would be published, wiTh plenTy oT New Trier ArT DeparTmenT illusTraTions scaTTered ThroughouT The wriTTen subiecT maTTer. IT may be added here ThaT The cover design Tor lnlclings was done by one of The many enTranTs in The lnlclings Cover ConTesT. The prize Tor This conTesT was The supreme saTisTacTion of having The design on The '48 cover. The lnlclings sTaTF owes a loT To iTs TaculTy spon- sor, Mr. PeTerson, and iTs co-ediTors, Marion and Gerry Clark, who dished ouT reading assignmenTs and answered The inTricaTe. complicaTed grammar quesTions ThaT even The sTaTT sophomores couIdn'T Tigure ouT. INKLINGS Row I: Lynn, Rosenfhal, Chapin, Penney, Cormany, Burlingame, HoyT Row 2: Chavlrin, McCabe, Mer- rill, Trense, Piclcard, Leisch, Bu- hai, M. Clerk Missinq From PicTure: G. Clark, Rubin, Jonas Page 48 -. fl.... I-JK, 'I LE' FLAMBEAU Row I: Kenney, Levy Row 2: Allison, Monlgomery SCl'lRElBEREl Row I: Merrill, Korlh Row 2: Klein, Lynn X ,fxigy I N X A LE FLAMBEALI--SCHREIBERI C This year. as usual, French Club pul oul lhe annual magazine. "Le Flambeauf' conlaining slories, poems, crossword puzzles, and jokes, all in French. The proceeds lrom lhe sale ol lhe magazine go lo help lhe school which lhe Club is sponsoring in France. The edilor ol lhis year's "Le Flambeau" was Mary Ann Kenney, wilh Belly l-lurlbul as assislanl, Cece Allison as head ol arl, Louise Monlgomery in charge ol sales, and Faire Levy as lyping head.. C Schreiberei is lhe magazine composed ol'slu- denls' original work in lhe German classes. The malerial il conlains includes puzzles, plays, arlicles, and slories, all ol which are in German. The Ger- man Club assisls in lhe publicalion ol lhis annual lilerary magazine. This was lhe lwelllh conseculive year ol publicalion, This year lhe members ol lhe Schreiberei slall were Margarel Klein, Tom Simmons, Peler Merrill, Janice Lynn, and l-lelen Korlh. The arl edilor was Jack Harlray. The magazine was complelely slu- denl-produced. supervised by Mr. McDowell. The edilors and wrilers have produced an excel- lenl publicalion, allhough il was hard lo choose lhe besl from all lhe malerial submilled. They have produced an inleresling and enlerlaining magazine. Page 49 4 "lo W' 'vgvdkfihiti' 4 ,kxwzgf In ui' 5 A. .1 9- , I 1' .,.f. - 4 x XM , I X 'N l K' x,,,sv I f 4 1. 4 .A I .I J' 4 v3 Qu WL- fr K Eli. I if :fame DRAMATICS CLUB Row I Chavkin, Marcus, Lee, Burlingame, Myer, Blake, Berner, Burr, Hammerman, Peasfer, Effelson, Brady, Sfelhn, Culberfson, Engelhard Moharcll, Coburn, Paschen. Freeman Row 2: Susan, Fever, Paxlon, Berg, Loeffell, Levy, Peterson, M. Clark, Fraker, Hennessy, Housfon, Rouse, Pavlilr, Clerk, McCarn, Ney, Brown Swifl, Rose, Roberfs, Cunninqham, Mr. Coburn Row 3: Gelderrnan, Harlray, O'NeiI, Simmons. Van Scheack, Barnich, Clerlca, Gershman, McLaughlin, Eisenberg, Tregnih, Pickup, Heworfh Johnson, Coales, Arms, Bray. Elrlund, Ohlson, Ludgin ACTORS' GUILD Row I: Burr, Culberlson, While, Rouse, Hennessy, Brady, Hoy? DRAMATICS CLUB BOARD Row I: Gelderman, Slamin, Susen Row 2: Loewe, Maison, Van Schaaclr, Yeager, O'NeiI, Rose, Coburn Row 2: Maison, Paxlon, McCarn Burr DRAMATIC CLUB C This year, lhe Dramalic Club, under lhe ca- pable sponsorship of Mr. Coburn, had a mosl suc- cessful season. Three plays were presenledz "Slage Door," "The Prince and The Pauperf' and "You Can'I Take ll Wilh You". Membership in lhis club is open lo anyone who has appeared in one play al' New Trier. The following ollicers gave lheir lime and lalenl lo help make lhis an oulslanding year for Dramalic Club: John Susen, presidenlt Glenn Paxlon, vice-presidenli and Mary Engelhard. secrelary. The various commillee heads should also be remembered for lheir conlribulions. ACTORS' GUILD O One ol New Trier's mosl basic and imporlanl dramalic organizalions is Aclors' Guild. This club consisls of sludenls who have appeared in one or more of lhe many and varied lypes of one-acl plays which Aclors' Guild presenls lhroughoul lhe school year. Such plays enable sludenls desiring lo ap- pear in major produclions Io acquire invaluable ex- perience and lraining on lhe slage. Guided by Miss Kral, lhe ollicers have achieved a mosi suc- cessful and enjoyable year lor lhe club members. The ollicers were as follows: Dick O'Neil, presidenlg Lillian Pelerson, program chairman: Virginia Hen- nessy, vice-presidenl: Marion Clark, secrelary- lreasurerz Eric Van Schaack and I-larrief Burr, play- reading chairmen: Marshall Maison, newspaper publicily chairman: Joanne Burlingame, posler pub- licily chairman: Bud Rose, Iickeis and ushers: and Joanne Rouse, scrapbook. Page 53 MAKE-UP CREW Row I: Rosenfhal, Barancilc, Breg- sfone, Phipps, Morrison, Wilh- row, McMahon Row 2: Roberson, G. Clarlm, Jones, Lovering, M. Clark, Brady lheadl, Olis, Hinlrle, Helmer Row 3: Nichols, Dolniclc, Lowell, Loeffell, Delanfy, Peferson, Alt- heimer, Rouse lasstl, Flana- gan, Schneider, Casad, Loewe Chavlrin VERSE SPEAKING CHOIR Row I: Bufler, Wrighl, Beck- mann, Reagan, Elfelson, Ham- merma n, Rosenlhal Row 2: Coburn, Price, Cam- bridge, Nay, Brady, Berg Missing From Picfure: Freeman, Pavlili STAGE CREW Row I: DoHer, Lundberg, Mr. H a r p e r , Clarke, Challinor, Kaempfar Row 2: Crofooi, Arms, Van Zandf, Brown, Fox, Lucchesi PROPS CREW Row I: Duclman, Harper, Burr Row 2: Berg, Schladen, Vedovell, Lee LIGHT CREW Row I: Simmons, Jones. Brown Row 2: Kemper, Slreel, Niese CAST FOR "THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER" CASTS FROSH-SOPH PLAY C The Freshmen and sophomores added a major ingredienl' 'ro rhe recipe of a successful dramalic year, when +hey presenled Mark Twain's exciling slory, "The Prince and +he Pauper". The play, under fhe direclion oi Miss Virginia Kral, was sfaged wilh all rhe color. vigor, and ex- ciremenl of The period from which il' was Taken. The cosfumes were colorful, and 'lhe scenery was unique. We owe a greal' big "Congral'ula+ions" lo our sophs for a job well done. Indeed, an evening a+ New Trier's "Prince and The Pauper" was an eve- ning well spenl. Prince . . . Pauper . . . John Canfy . Mrs. Canfy . Miles Hendon Lord Sl. John . Lord Herfiord Princess Elizabeih Lady Jane Grey Lady Ursula . Lady Caroline Margery Chancellor , Archbishop . King's Champion Roberl l-lamilfon . Archie Brown Sianley Johnson Arden Rappaporf Richard Sievens . Roger Ludgin Jervis Cunningham . . . . Eva Sieflan Shirley Aschenbach . Pafricia Loder . Suzanne Tobey Ann Chrislensen Gregory Dawson . Ken? Parlrer . Roberl Jaeger Will . Bel . Nan . . Sheriff . . Be+'s Mofher . Hall . . Hugo . Black Bess Maggie . Ruffler . Yolcel . . Marlrel' Woman Isl Guard . 2nd Guard . Page . . . Bugler . . . Sherihvs Assisfanf Servirors Lords and Ladies of The Courr Trumpeler . . . Peier Sawers Befie Jean Robinson . l-larlene Ploflcin Michael Schwimmer . Mary Schneider Daniel Scheinfeld . Siephen Rich . . Joy Pavlik . Susan Brown . Paul Armsfrong . Richard Swift . Barbara Jarvis . . David Bolger . Roger Murdoch . Roberl Nellis Daniel Scheinfeld . Roberf l-larfwell William Chrisfopher Leigh? Miller Richard O'Kee'ie David Pease James Wanner Willard Wheeler Marilyn Beclcrnan Suzanne Binner Judilh Murphy Joansue Simon Marilyn Wood Larry Afleberry Donald Weissman William Yafes . William Perrin Page 54 STAGE DOOR O The New Trier clramafic season opened Novem- ber 6+h and 7+h wirh fhe presenlalion of "S+age Door", by George Kaufman and Edna Farber. The produclion was given by +he Dramafic Club and was direcled by Miss Winifred Gahagan. "S+age Door" is a s+ory of Broadway--of lhe many who come and fhe few who slay. The play is full of laughs, human inleresi, and dramaiic mo- men+s. The casl of +hir'ry-one characlers was se- lecfed from open fryouls held for upper-classmen. The slage characlers ranged from ihe boarding- house keeper 'ro beauliful, career-seeking girls. siruggling aciors, publicily men, glamorous molion piclure producers. and ordinary business men. Special men+ion should be made of +he oufsfand- ing performances of Sue Loelell and Ru'rh Chavkin as Terry Randall, Sarah McCarnv as ihe wise-crack- ing Jucliih, and Mac McLaughlin as lhe playwrighf who goes Hollywood. CASTS CAST Olga Brandi' ..... Peggy Weiner Bernice Niemeyer ..... Jone Pavlik Susan Paige . . . . . Jean EH'elson Malfie ...... Joanne Burlingame Mary Harper lBig Maryl . . Mary Engelhard Mary McCune lLiHle Maryl . Virginia Hennessy Madeleine Vauclain .... Sally Houslon Judifh Canfield . . . . Sarah McCam Ann Braddock . . Jacquelyn Lemon Mrs. Orcu++ . Kaye Hamil+on Pa+ Devine . Jean Mairlancl Bobby Melrose Louise Milchell Frank . . Kendall Adams Terry Randall Sam Hasiings Jimmy Deverea Fred Powell . Lou Milhauser . David Kingsley Keifh Burgess Dr. Randall Tony Gilleffe Ellen Fenwick Larry Wesfcoil Billy . ' . . Adolphe Grerzl . Judifh Blake Geraldine Clark Gloria Marcus Audrey Fraker Marie Freeman Susan Schlegel John Hariray . Marion Clark . Suse'r+e Loelllell and Ru+h Chavkin Lowell Pickup ux . . Roberr Johnson Harold Eisenberg . John Slamin . . . Richard Gershman . . Leigh'ron McLaughlin . John Susen Pafricia Berner Helen Coburn Slevens Seaberg Marshall Maison Richard Roberis Page 55 i MUSICALE Row I: Huvey, Bullen, Powell, Bevier, Ticlmor, Davis, Lee Row 2: Moody, Legner, Allen, Wells, Mills, Devine, Sfeinberger, Korfh, Mrs. Kidd, Mr. Hines Row 3: Wolf, Chapin, Brooks, HBWOYIIT, O'NeiI, O'Asaro, Baker, Becker, Bullard, Bevier MUSIC INTEGRATION Q Members of English, lwisiory, science. ancl lor- lenl colleciion of ancienl and modern insirumenls eign language groups benefil from The Music lnie- and Mrs. Kidd's especially compiled foreign lan- graiion program conducied by Mrs. Kidd and a guage song books, ine sl'udenl's inleresl and appre- new Ieaclwer, Mr. Hines. Wiiln ilne aid of ilne excel- ciaiion of his academic subiecls are increased. RECORDER QUARTET Row I: Kemper, Broolrs, Rosenbaum Row 2: Bullen, Mr. Hines, Mrs. Kidd, Whiffen CONCERT COMMITTEES Brooks, Powell, Sleinberger, Korlh, O'NeiI Page 56 Page 57 DEBATE TEAM O The New Trier DebaTe Team enjoyed anoTher very successTul year. Under capTain Mark Crane, The Team appeared in over Three hundred debalres. and was ranked as one oT The besT Teams in The sTaTe. Besides The regular debaTes, our Team ap- peared in many TournamenTs, including The Tourna- menTs held aT Hammond. La Grange, De Kalb, Elgin, Lake ForesT, AugusTana, La PorTe, Riverside, and The sTaTe debaTe TournamenT as a climax To iTs successTul season. Each year members oT The Team who have been ouTsTanding in debaTe are elecTed To The NaTional Forensic Honor SocieTy, which has over TorTy Thou- sand members, and Tour hundredland TiTTy chapTer5. one locaTed righT here aT New Trier. The members son, Ofis, Bullen Cooper Row I: Beclrer, Crane DEBATE TEAM clerson, Ofis, Bullen Cooper. MecDougall 'X of-The NaTional Forensic Honor SocieTy on The Team This year were: Gordon MacDougall, Mark Crane, and Craig Henderson. Arrangemenfs Tor These debaTes and exTempora- neous conTesTs have been made by The Forensic Board under The direcTion oT Their coach, Mr. C. E. MacLean. In February one oT The hardesT ToughT exTemporaneous conTesTs was held aT New Trier High School wiTh some oT The sTrongesT schools In The MidwesT compeTing. One of The big evenTs of The year was The pre- senTaTion oT The HilTon Ira Jones award To The mosT ouTsTanding debaTer, The Solon Reiley award Tor excellence in speech, and The Elmer Baker award Tor loyalTy and cooperaTion. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Row I: Himes, MacDougelI, Maclean Hender Row 2: Nesselrod, Frisby, Wagner Wiley Crane NATIONAL FORENSIC BOARD Row 2: McDougall, C. E. MecLe n Henderson Row I: Himes, Chrisman, Brown, MacLean Hen Row 2: Nesselrod, Frisby, Wagner Crane Wiley COMBINED BANDS i FLUTES-PICCOLOS: Befsy Bray, William Coafes, Allan Conney, Waller Johnson, Sally McKeighan, John Mills, Jerry Nesselrod, Sally O'NeiI, Kennefh Robson, Claire Siewerl. OBOES: Dorofhea Bayles, Marshall Maison, Judifh Weinsiein. BASSOONS: Ted Bolle, Nancy Welch. B-FLAT CLARINETS: Harvey Bruecks, Michael Buck, Craig Campbell, Charles Crowe, Peier De Beer, Pafricia Dofy, Eugene Ederer, James Ellmore, Richard Fabian, Richard Kemper, Charles Lobb, Bruce McDonald, Ralph Norfon, Anfonefle Paffullo, Bruce Posey, Jeanneffe Richmond, Daniel Scheinfeld, Ivan ScoH', Bremer Simpson, George Sfoesslein. ALTO CLARINETS: Dane Macomber, William Sherrill. BASS CLARINET: Roberf Harfwell. ALTO SAXOPHONES: George Bray, John Large, Richard Peierson. TENOR SAXOPHONES: Harold Nelson, George Weeks. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Bruce Macomber. CORNETS-TRUMPETS: Ted Borhek, Charles Burch, George Carey, Thomas Craig, John Hagerman, Roberf Harnsberger, Kenne+h Henning, Norman Jumisko, Richard Krohl, Ralph Lindahl, Reber? Luiz, Philip Mayer, James McDaniel, David Monigomery, Maurice Pair, William Perrin, William Piiney, Richard Rix. Edmund Schneider, Richard Wiley, Sfephen Winfer- nih, Dorwen Wrighf. FRENCH HORNS: James Bolle, John Haworfh, Kent Parker, Richard Sievens, Viclor Traufwein, Thomas Waller, Herman Wire. TROMBONES: James Arnold, Thomas Kroschell, Richard Lyons, Richard Morgensiern, Joseph Poffs, Peler Sawers, John Worfhingfon. BARITONE HORNS: Kenneih Jacobs, Roberi Krasberg, Siephen Monfgomery, James Wanner, James Weis. TUBAS: James Brooks, Jay Jacobs, David Main. STRING BASSES: Donald McCoy, Richard O'NeiI. PERCUSSION: Roberl- Blomberg, Richard Cody, Robert Fisher, Nancy Hendrickson, Donald Keller, William Nelson, John Parker, Roberf Pfuhenruefer, Arihur Siade. LIBRARIAN: James Bolle. SECRE- TARIES: James Brooks, Richard Kemper, Ted Bolle, Eugene Ederer. DRUM MAJOR: Roberf Pfuhenrueler. NEW TRIER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Isf VIOLINS: Nancy Zeiss lConcerlmis+ressl, Anne Townsend, Richard Calkins, Calvin Sanders, Mary Englehardi, Mary Helen Jones, Barbara Buchanan, Jane Goddard, Rosemary Roe, Elizaberh Zimmerman, Eugenia Carrol, Hervy Hicks. 2nd VIOLINS: Marilyn Jacobson lPrincipall, Richard McCaIly, Blair McElroy, Ann Bollard, Nadia Dushkin, Eva Sfeffan, Belly Jean Robinson, Heaiher Presfon, Virginia Booz, Ancella Weinsfein, Barbara Jarvis, Shirley Aschenbach, Mary Doherty, Anne Cobb. VIOLAS: James Brooks lPrincipall, George Holsiead, David Gorrner. VIOLONCELLOS: Kairina Schmidi lPrincipall, Guinivere Jones, Joan Shaykin, Lelah Dushkin, Marianne Labeson. STRING BASSES: R4chard O'NeiI lPrincipaIl, Donald McCoy, Michael Greenebaum, Dale Hinsman, Charlene Coupe. FLUTES: William Coafes, Alan Conney, Jerry Nesselrod. .OBOES: Marshall Maison, Dorfhea Bayless. CLARINETS: Bruce Posey, Jeanelfe Richmond, An+oneHe Paffollo, Bremer Simpson, Ralph Norfon. BASSOONS: Nancy Welch, Ted Bolle, Jr. HORNS: James Bolle, John Haworih, Kenf Parker. TRUMPETS: Theodore Borkek, Kenne+h Henning, Dorween Wright TROMBONES: Poe PoHs, Tom Kroeschall, James Arnold. TYMPANI: Robert Pfufzen- reuier. PERCUSSION: John Parker, Arihur Slade. PIANO: Judy Gordon. . 2 -1 , . 3 ,ns F' ,r Q. I-, ii fy ' I, , N, , . f., i I ' L-" 1. Nrwf CONCERT BAND O The New Trier Conceri Band, under ihe compe- 'reni direciion oi Ivlr. lvlages, has compleiecl a high- ly successful year. Every New Trier siudenl was proud of iis excelleni performance ai aihleiic evenis and assemblies, and oi irs oulsranding Band Con- ceri. Conceri Band is open 'ro anyone who is skillful enough 'ro pass iis enirance examinaiion. The more advanced players make up ihe wind and percussion seciions of lhe senior orchesira. The members oi Conceri Band musl' learn marches, school songs. popular numbers, and symphonic pieces, as well as drilling on field maneuvers. Our lhanks io Ihem and io Mr. Ivlages for iheir service. SENIOR ORCHESTRA O The Senior Orchesira has coniinued io sei a higher siandard of performance each year. The work of iis members has been indispensable. This year lhey played for lhe opera, boih concerls, Lagniappe. and several plays. The orchesrra has added a greal' deal +o New Trier's dramaiic ac+iv- iiies. A greal' deal is required of The players, boih in eiiori and in skill. They meel' every day during school. as well as aiiending many exlra rehearsals. Mrs. Colron, assisied by Mrs. Lavery, has conlrib- uied greaily +o The splendid success of 'rhe orches- Ira. ...,.....................i...... ...N ..,..-......a,......,..-s.......,.........,....-.........-..............A...... .. -A ..s.:g... --YY Ae.....a,:- Aa ... .B-..-L-9--V, -----e-.....W.4-Ga - -- -- - Page 58 Row I: Row 2: ENSEMBLES AND CHOIR Q One oT The mosT soughT-aTTer honors aT New Trier is membership in an Ensemble. The Girls' En- semble, led by Miss Anderson, and The Boys' En- semble, under The direcTion OT Mrs. CoTTon, are composed oT The school's TinesT singing voices. These groups are careTuIly selecTed, and Though preTerence is given To upperclassmen, anyone wiTh an excelIenT voice is eligible Tor admission. This year, The size oT boTh The Ensembles and The Choir has been increased. The A Cappella Choir, under The direcTion of Mrs. Bradburn, is also composed oT superior voices. Because The membership was exceedingly large This year, The Choir was divided inTo Two groups-The Inner and OuTer Choirs. This is The TirsT year such a GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Engelhard, Gamble, Peasfer, Chubb, Wolf, Nolan, Rice, Carey Ellmore, Sosna, Lindberg, Meacham, Wild, Spence, Rodg- ers, Wakeley, Davis, Abrams, Nance Missing From Picfure: McCarn, Murphy Row I: Row 2: Row 3: division has been made. Though mosT oT The lead- ing roles in The opereTTa are given To members oT The Ensembles, oTTen someone in Choir will be given one oT These parTs. Besides singing aT such school aTTairs as The ChrisTmas and Spring ConcerTs and graduaTion, The Ensembles and The Choir have sung aT many places in Chicago and on The NorTh Shore. Among These are The STevens, Congress, and Moraine Horels, The RoTary Club, and OrchesTra Hall. These Two organ- izaTions are becoming increasingly well lcnown in MeTropoliTan Chicago, and have conTribuTed greal- ly To The repuTaTion and The achievemenTs OT our school. BOYS' ENSEMBLE Row I: Sizer, Leahy, Lindahl, Craig, Brooks, Marfin, Free Row 2: Sfephenson, Monfgomer, AIIen, Conner, Craven, Rice, Paxfon, Cahn Missing From Picfurez McDermoTT, Clark, Chrisman, Bray, Hinkley CHOIR Holmes, A+kinson, Nolan, Anderson, Barnes, Gamble, Dushkin, Chapin, Carey, Musson, Mackenrofh, Sosna, Burr, Hammerman, Peasfer, Engelhard, Murphey, Ellmore, Fish, Taylor, Abrams, Weiner, Lindberg, Manierre McCoy, Harvey, Schaeffer, Leisch, Meacham, Swindell, LaTimer, Shepard, Marfin, Braafen, Craig, Poffs, Lindahl, Sfaub, Sfade, O'NeiI, Paxfon, A. Johnson, Cahn, S. Johnson, Drew, Free, Donnelly, Rose, STinson, Kroeschell, Brooks, Schmidf, Fraker, Hufh, Nance, Davis, Warner, Gofcher Zeiss, Wakeley, Rodgers, Roe, Brawn, Pfufzenreufer, Parker, Noonan, Shannon, J. Rice, Hinkley, Bray, Monfgomery, Craven, King, Conner, Allen, Clark, Humphrys, Aishfon, Sfephenson, Segil, Gershman, Harfshorne, Brooks, McDermoTT, T. Taylor, Anderson, Reiley, Rouse, Wild, Spence, A. A. Rice Page 59 OPERA GROUPS O To make Opera Group is lhe goal ol every aspiring Yum-Yum .... I. Jeanine Peasler, Joan ryiurphy, Vivian Sosna vocalisl al New Trier. ln order lo lake Care ol lhe in- Fgfyjifgffjqr - - ASQ? Q:gj?m5flGHNg1ijGLlf3Qfrge-hjgjyngnggmgj creasi-ng numbers, lhe group is divided inlo iwo secllons. Kamha I I g . . Sally Hougfonv Marcia Nankel Mary Abrams The Firsl Opera Group aclually presenls lhe opera, while Na,,1,3.pOO , ,,,,,,,. John Mcpemoff, Ralph Lindahl lhe members ol Second Opera Group are held in reserve Ko'Ko . . . . Roger Hinkley, Howard Marlin, Jim Rice and assured ol careful consideralion should lhere be a P90l"B5lT -'--'-- GQOWBG Connefi Sieve Bray- Ron Allen Vac n - Hn h S Push-Tush ....... Bruce Macornber, John Clark, Larry Yusl a Cy In e C Oru ' Mikado . . John Monlgomery, Claylon -Slephenson, Win Craven This year lhe Opera Group presenled "The Mikado". The enlire casl, lhe orcheslra, lhe slage and make-up one ol Gilberl and Sullivan s besl known operellas. The Crews, and, Iasl bul nol leasl, Mrs. Collon and her de- prnncipals, carefully selecled aller many lry-ouls and parlmenl, all conlribuled greally lo make lhe opera one much excilemenl, were as lollows: Oi line biggegl evenls Ol -the year, V GIRLS'- OPERA GROUP Row I: Cambridge, Cloud, Miller, Gamble, Carey, Arnheime, Penny, Bullen, Misch, Nay, Gleason, Beckerl, Swinney, Walker, Cook, Rodell, Weiner, Holmes, Anderson, Baird, Alkinson, Frei, Murray, Ellmore Row 2: Allen, Hollis. Monlgomery, Thompson, Taylor, McCoy, Mead, Bells, Mackenrolh, Kimbark, Musson, Rion, G. Powell, Dushkin, P. Powell, Hammerman, Peasler, Engelhard, Murphy, D. Berg, N. Fish, Mohardl, Marcus, A. Taylor, Kuh, Nolan, Choale, Schladen, Kraelsch Row 3: Coburn, Young, Newman, Donohue, Pauley, Grimm, Barnes, Pelerson, Lealon, Ackley, McGrew, Ticknor, Rubin, Lovgren, Walser, Bullard, Harvey, Blake, Schaffer, Buller, Heberling, Leggill, Hulh, Manierre, Kenyon, S. While, B. Johnson, Warner, J. Loewe, Roberson, Lawson, Chapin, M. Campbell, Paider, Billow, Tilus, Borgaan, Chavkin, Jones, Riblell, Gossell Row 4: Slory, Danner, Salberg, Hinlernhoff, Krueger, Clark, Koch, Sleinberger, Golcher, Davis, Lindberg, Nance, Rice, Slrallon, Hans, Houslon, Silver, Leisch, Wakeley, Reiley, Rouse, Wild, Newmann, Toubus, Rodgers, J. While, Fraker, Jones, Spence, Swindell, Sherman, Korlh, Clark, Wells, Devine, Gelhman BOYS' OPERA GROUP Row I: Cunningham, Donnelly, Tucker, Kroeschell, Slade, Marlin, Braalen, Weimer, Ellmore, Bullman, Doughly, Brooks, Hicks, Polls, Lindahl, Craig, Slinson, Sizer, Rose, Drew, Rice, Chrislopher, Scheinfeld, Clark Row 2: Ludgin, Anderson, O'Neil, Allen, Trense, Johnson, McDermoll, Shepard, Johnson, Free, Paxlon, Parker, Noonan, Crowe, Shannon, Smilh, Barlz, Yowell, Wagner, McDonald, Collar, Fry, Merrill, Slaub Row 3: Brooks, Brown, Fursl, Hinkley, Bray, Monlgomery, Craven, Slephenson, Macomber, Humphrys, Harlshorne, King, Allen, Clark, Conner Amos, Plangdon, Aishlon, Wallace, Yales, Taylor, Scoll, Segil Page 60 2nd GIRLS' GLEE CLUB IPeriod BI Row I: J. Buchanan, C. Bu- chanan, Shinnick, S h a n n o n, Hawkinson, J. Smith, Lerch, Rilfer, Riiiersporn, Nuffing, Cookman, Ricker, Hendry Row 2: Smifh, Ballanfyne, Miller, Spodnyak, Donker, Groves, Hoffman, Meyer, Grimm, Farr, Ro+h, Talbof, Priebe, Dudman, Penfield Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Isf GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Joyce, Springer, Droba, Drechsler, Carlson, P. Smifh, Cormany, Gods, Gordon, Barancik, Dowd, Webb, Meyers, Peasier, Ripley, Siegel McCallen, While, Sherwood, Eccles, Bauman, Mirchell, Booz Weber, Hodson, Hammond, Turner, Kilroy, Hinman, Luffer, Ives, Price, Rees, Nauioks, Schneider, Riggs, Wallace, Wineman, Gran? Radunz, W.olleng, Shapiro, Barnelr, Snell, Koch, Slorch, B. Jones, Hicks, Williams, Howe, Curley, N. Williams Maichle, J. Smiih, Allegan, Skyrm, Berry, Ely, Pererson, Lambar+, Sfillwell, Elmendorf, Hunfer, Gufhridge, Paxfon, Carroll, Nuveen Bar+hold, Bossch, Donaldson, Benfley, Smiihers, Aior, Berry, Edwards, Gould, Clausen 2nd GIRLS' GLEE CLUB lPeriod 3l Roddick, Norris, Leber, Wahl, Cole, Orfegel, Buchholz, Reed, Siliig, Goodkind, Blackburn, Rubel, Ticknor, Ploikin, Wylie, King Chrisrensen, Rehfeld, DeSwarle, Billow Chrisfensen, Robison, Beal, Rosenberger, Williams, Yoriis, Borre, McBain, LangiT++, Coifield, Kilroy, Talbol, Kno++, Doiy, Fay, Macken- rofh, Affmann, Sfevens, Welch, Jarvis, Olson Lindberg, Bryani-, Barrerf, Rusch, Sfekoll, Sherman, Sundblom, Zeddies, Appley, Broadhursl, Alfheimer, Johnson, Marlin, Murphy Reiley, Peacock, Woleben, Reling, Jacobs, Milchell, Fiske BOYS' GLEE CLUB Van Schaack, Suriano, Ball, Perrin, Moses, Roeddiger, Merrifield, Weimer, Spiher, Bally, Allison, Fabian, Funari, Sowersby, Kafz Mayer, Umbach, Barfhell, Wallen, Bulley, Pease, Fields, Cornell, Deming, Galey Paiferson, Terrill, Tebbe++s, Richardson, Belding, HoIs+ead, Alley, Liebman, Simmons, Geppera, Rasmussen. Pilka, Luensman, Farnham Morand, Li+chfield, Vernooy, De Beer, Gillespie, Hammerman, Cummins, Mon+gomery, Below, Burns, Branch, Bergman, Smalley, Nash Bull Ringley, Kramer, Abi, Currie, Ward, Manzelmann, Windes, Koerber, Harkness, Barnes, Meyers, Main, Gilmer, Deih. Breed, Weiller Morgensiern, Worfhingfon, Davis, Zwiener, Sundi, Kleerup, Sinclair, Fenner, Felies, Krueger, Grigsby, Bergs+en YYYbC1qe D717 H SIDE SHCJWS ' -rr, 7 ,1-" . . .- n ,xx mx 1 Y, , -. ,Ax 1 q ,. , 4 U , A if 1 g? F ,vid 41' ,, 5 r ,. X, fx A ,f S I fl 4 I , J I .sv..xf RECITAL GROUP Row I: Oldberg, WiThrow, Emery, Ploflrin, Blumberg, She'FTe, Bcwmen Row 2: Bloom, McCabe, Robison, Rolh, McKeighan, Hannah, Hamilfon, DeForesf, Siewerf, WhiHen, Foley, Collins, Nedved RECITAL CLUB O The ReciTal Club, under The direcTion oT Miss Ander- son, is The sTepping-sTone To Junior and Senior Music Clubs. IT is open only To Freshmen. No TryouTs are necessary, The only requiremenTs Tor membership being ThaT The sTudenTs musT be Talcing lessons. Regular meeT- ings are held, where members have The opporTuniTy To perTorm before an audience. SENIOR MUSIC CLUB O TryouTs were held early in The Tall Tor admiTTance To Senior Music Club, buT all members oT orchesTra and The ensembles were admiTTed auTomaTically. This year Tor The TirsT Time dinner meeTings were held once a monTh in The TaculTy dining-room. This club, sponsored by Mrs. CoTTon and Mrs. Ream, is inTended Tor The enioymenT oT music- ally minded sTudenTs. The oTTicers were BeTTy Schaeffer, president I-lowie MarTin, vice-presidenT: Mary Engel- hard, secreTary: and Ronald Allen, Treasurer. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB O This club is a gaThering place Tor Those New TrieriTes inTeresTed in music. AT The meeTings, programs are pre- senTed by The members and reTreshmenTs are served. Aided by Mrs. Bradburn, The club endeavors To give iTs members an advanced appreciaTion oT music. The oTTi- cers This year were EThel Clingman, presidenT: GreTchen STorch, vice-presidenTg Diane Tanner, secreTary: Mary Dee I-lammond, Treasurer: and Cary Kimbark and CynThia Cox, social chairmen. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Row I: Swinney, Tanner, Hagan, Ferris, Leber, Poffenberger, RiTTersporn, Blackburn, Walker, Kimbark, Anderson, O'Neil Row 2: Hammond, McMahon, Coupe, LeggiTT, Chapin, TaIbo+, Nance, Hoffman, Turner, Young, Gordon, Bamburg, Mrs. Bradburn Row 3: TalboT, Clingman, Koch, Housfon, Siewerf, HamiITon, Sfeinberger, Groves, Cox, Cambridge, SmiTh, WhiTTen .SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Row I: Hammond, Ellmore, Chapin, Jacobson, Fung, Granf, Weiner, Lebeson, Musson, Schaeffer, Dushlrin, Mohardf, Burr, PeasTer, Hammer- man, Buchanan. Gordon, Enqelhard, Murphy, Fish, Holmes Row 2: Gamble, Carey, McElroy, Clingman, Housfon, Zeiss, Roe, Rodgers, Leisch, Sfeinberger, Wild, Carroll, Spence, PaTfullo, Walzeley, Harvey, Cox, Jones, Cambridge, Davis, Abrams. Anderson. Lindberg Row 3: Nance, Sforch, Brooks, Greenebaum, Sander, Paxfon, Fox, Craven, Bray, Monfgomery, Conner, Allen, Macomber, Bolle, J. Broolrs, Free, McCoy, O'Neil, Marfin. Rice, Taylor Page 64 QUILL CLUB NEWCOMERS CLUB Row I: McKeighar, Binner, OTor, Chapin Row I: Krumm, Lovering, Allen, Curley, Grubbs Row 2: Barone, Shinnick, DoherTy Row 2: Baker, Becker, Johnson, Rice, Delanfy, McKinnie GIRLS' CAREER CLUB BOARD ART LEAGUE Row I: Bushman, Kenyon, CuIberTson, Koch Row I: HunT, Tarman, Sfenvall, PeTerson, Van Deusen, Converse, Hoehne Row 2: Reclmon, Evans, Bigelow, Clarlz Row 2: Campbell, Taylor, Chapin, OTis, Binner, Bevier, Dushlrin, Barone Wilson QUILL CLUB Kenmar Bushman: secreTary. Jane Evans: Treasurer, C Quill Club is a club Tor sTudenTs who are inTer- esTed in improving Their wriTing abiliTy. The pur- pose oT The Club is To sTudy Tamous wriTers, and To criTicize each oTher's work. In previous years The Club was open only To Treshmeniand sophomores. buT since There was no club Tor upper classmen any longer, This year juniors and seniors were also in- viTed To join. As a resulT oT This, Quill Club has really increased iTs membership This year. Several Times a year The club asks adulTs To speak on and explain problems and prospecTs in creaTive wriTing. Quill Club is sponsored by Miss Wilson. This year's olTicers were: presiclenT, Diana Chapini secreTary, Barbara Jarvis, and Treasurer, Sue Binner. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB C Open To every junior and senior girl desiring To learn abouT various proTessions open To women, is Girls' Career Club. This club, capably sponsored by Miss I-lenningsen and Miss Weiler, meeTs Tive nighTs a semesTer. AT These meeTings diTTerenT speakers are presenTed in order To Tell The girls abouT Their respecTive occupaTions and careers. This year Girls' Career Club presenTed a wide and inTeresTing scope oT speakers including Those Trom The Tields oT journalism, adverTising. Toreign service, colleges, nursing, dramaTics, employmenT, home economics, along wiTh a Tashion show. Now more Than ever beTore The club is oT greaTer inTeresT and value because each year an increasing number oT girls enTers a vocaTional Tield and They Tind The ad- vice given by Career Club moST useTul. The oTTi- cers are presidenT, KaThy Redmon: vice-presidenT, Anne Bigelow. The board consisTs oT CynThia Ken- yon, Marion Clark, Jean Koch, heads oT member- ship, program, and social commiTTees respecTively. ART LEAGUE C ArT League is open To everyone-ThaT is, everyone inTeresTed in arT. NoT meaning To imply ThaT The members aren'T good arTisTs, There is nev- erTheless The TacT ThaT you clon'T have To be a Rem- brandT. a Dali, or even a STenvall To join The club. This year The oTTicers were presidenT, Lillian PeTer- son: vice-presidenT, Joyce Lowell: secreTary-Treas- urer, Joan Murphy: and program chairman, Jim Conley. The TaculTy sponsor was Mr. STenvall. Among The many and varied acTiviTies oT The ArT League This year were special speakers, movies, and parTies. The meeTings were held on Fridays jusT oTTen enough To make ever one a welcome sighT. AnoTher Thing which conTribuTed To This was Thal- The rneeTing roorn, 3Ol, was always decoraTed in Tune wiTh The occasion oT The meeTing. All in all, ArT League has had a very successTul year-ask any member. NEWCOMERS' CLUB I The Newcomers' Club oT New Trier was esTab- lished in l945 Tor The purpose OT aiding sTuclenTs who enTer New Trier aTTer Their Treshman year in becoming acquainTed wiTh The school and iTs acTiv- iTies. The club inviTes many guesT speakers Trom oTher organizaTions during The year and is enTer- Tained by oTher clubs. Each new sTudenT may be a member oi This club Tor a year and a halT. Mr. McKinnie is The TaculTy sponsor and Barbara Grubs is This year's presidenT. Page 65 CLUBS GERMAN CLUB C Organized by sTudenTs, sponsored by Mr. Mc- Dowell, and presided over by Don McKee, The presidenT, German Club's programs This year have been inTeresTing and enTerTaining. T The purpose of The club is To learn more abouT German cuITure, German people, and To secure conversaTionaI pracTice in The language. MeeTings This year have included plays, puppeT TheaTer shows, Talks, programs oT music, arT, and IiTeraTure, and programs abouT German scienTisTs and scienTiTic conTribuTions. This year The vice-presidenT was Audree WiTT, and The secreTary was Joanne Morrison. Finances were handled by Mahlon Barnes, and order was mainTained aT meeTings by Clark Dean. All The club's parIiamenTary procedure and much oT The conversaTion is in German. MeeTings are held every second and TiTTh Wednesday of each grade period. Three imporTanT meeTings This year were The ChrisTmas parTy, The annual picnic, and The Trip To The German movie in Chicago. LATIN CLUB Row I: Mannix, Taylor, Rosen- Thal, Miss Paul, Shinniclr, Mey- ers, Brown Row 2: Coburn, Jones, Van Deu- sen, Hoehne, Rusch, Levy, Koch, Cambridge, Nay, Sigel, Lee, Nylund, Cook, NuTTing Cole LATIN CLUB Q LaTin Club, one oT New Trier's ancienT Ian- guage clubs, has had a very inTeresTing year learn- ing abouT The hisTory and The IiTe oT The Roman people. ITs purpose is To allow sTudenTs inTeresTed in LaTin To TurTher Their knowledge oT The language oTher Than from a TexT book. Backed by Miss Paul and Miss Breidenbach, The club's guiding IighTs, iT has presenTed plays abouT Rome, given parTies, and held oTher inTeresTing evenTs. The oTTicers Tor The I947-48 year were as Tollows: The Twin oTficers oT consul or presidenT were held by BeTsy Jones and Donna STeinberger: The QuaesTor, oTherwise known as Treasurer, was Jeanne Miles: Scribe, or Secre- Tary, JaneT Widau: PraeTor and Aedile, The social chairmen, RuTh Koch and Jane Cook: and Tribune, or head of reTreshmenTs, Mariorie Lee. These oTFi- cers ioin TogeTher wiTh The club members once every six weeks grade period Tor a meeTing. As The club's members know, LaTin Truly is noT a dead language. GERMAN CLUB Row I: Klein, Hicks, Radunz, WiTI', KorTh, Morrison, Rober- son, STraTTon, Barnes, Brady, Slown, S+eFFan, Jarvis, Lynn, Row 2: Sfaub, Chrisfopher, Black- well, Herfrey. Bu'I'Ier, Lowrey, EiTeI, Rosenbaum, Segil, Gihres, McKee, Merrill, Free, McDowell Row 3: Kleinschmidf, Gafes, Di- gel, Brooks, Trense, Brown, Ha- worfh, Schneider, C o n n e y, Barnes, Charles, Halsey, Dean Page 66 Row I: Schifflin, LuTTer, Taylor, Row 2: Shinnick, Berry, B. Evans, Row 3: Wineman, Nixon, Schia- Row I: Cook, Lee, Murphy, Hurl- Rowi 2: Van Deusen, Torrison, SPANISH CLUB I If you have Taken land passedl one year of Spanish, and are sTill progressing upward and ouT- ward, Spanish Club welcomes you as a member. All The meefings are exfra-special, and especially The Chrisfmas meefing which is always complefe wifh a pinaTa or Two. Ofher meefings, held in The Girls' Club Room, are based on Spanish drama, arf, movies, and music. One of The club's innovafions This ear was The addifion of boys To The lisT of members. Affer all, boys here do Take Spanish Too. and The female members of The club decided ThaT They should noT be deprived of The pleasures of joining. The business parf of every meeTing is con- ducTed in Spanish, and offen The whole program is in Spanish. So, you see, The officers musf be preTTy good Spanish sTudenTs. Those claiming These high posifions for This year are presidenf, Kaye Mc- Lafchieq vice- residenf, Diane Schladen: secrefary, Laura Donagher: Treasurer, Bob Core: publicify chairman, Diana Chapin: and refreshmenfs chair- man. Nancy Lindberg. Miss MudgeTT, who is The faculfy s onsor, and The refiring officers meeT wiTh The newlif-elecTed officers for The nexT year lall elecfed aT The lasT spring meefing-wifh The ex- cepTion of vice-presidenT and Treasurerl. They de- cide on The firsf program and make general plans for The following year. SPANISH CLUB Burr, Rosenfhal. Ross, Berner, Hammerman, Moherdf, Thomp- son, Kenf, Kraefsch, Bigelow Donagher, Roe, Evans, J. WhiTe, Johnson, C o o p e r, PeTerson, Masferman, McAfee, L e a T h, Gray. Chapin den, B. Jones, Granf, Nay, S. Whi+e, Lindberg, Kline, James, Torrison, McKenzie, McLaTchie, Pavlik, Bushman FRENCH CLUB ' buf, Kenney, Jirgal, Mooney, Mannix, Arey, Frei, Monfgom- ery Koch, Levy, Sfeinberger, Jones, Rouse, Vanderscook, M. Clark, Meacham, G. Clark 1 FRENCH CLUB I The French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Morris, This year was based upon a sysfem differenf from years previous. IT included a membership of fiffy sTudenTs, bofh boys and girls. The programs were conducfed complefely in French, including The reading of The minufes and The Talks given by visiT- ing speakers. The obiecf oT The club is To promofe French conversaTion and To familiarize The sTudenTs wiTh French cusfoms. Each year a magazine wriTTen complefely in French, called "Le Flambeau", is puf ouT by The club wiTh The help of The sTudenTs in The French classes. IT confains poems. sfories, games, jokes, eTc. The profifs from The magazine are senT To aid The ecole du Buisson-Corblin, a school in Flers de l'Orne, France. This year The officers of The club were: Presidenf -Jane Meacham, Vice-Presidenf--Dorofhy Jirgal, SecreTary-Treasurer-Gerry Clark, and Social Chairman-BeTTy Hurlbuf. Page 67 CLUBS TI-IE RIFLE CLUB O The RiTle Club is open To boys and girls who wanT To learn To shooT. Under The supervision of Mr. Fearhieley experT insTrucTion is given. The greaTesT degree of saTeTy is insured in The handling oT Tirearms. The club is aTTili- aTed wi+h The NaTional RiTle AssociaTion and members shooT Tor The N. R. A. cerTiTicaTes and leTTers. TI-IE STAMP CLUB I ln I92O, The STarnp Club was organized To give inTer- esTed collecTors an opporTuniTy To exchange sTamps and To buy oThers aT aucTion, and To make a sTudy OT This hobby. AT presenT, The members hear Talks by NorTh Shore colIecTors, and They visiT sTamp exhibiTs in Chi- cago. The oTTicers oT The club are as Tollows: president Larry Aronsong vice-presidenT and chieT aucTioneer, Carl Spero: and secreTary-Treasurer, Fred Wagner. RIFLE CLUB Row I: Lipman, McNeil, Kay, Schmidf, Fearheiley, Fry, Ruih, Geier, Johnsfon Row 2: Lynn, Wonderlic, Springer Row 3: Haas, McNicl1ols, Rosen- baum, Chrisfopher, Miller, Efrense, McCally, Susen, Dal- as STAMP CLUB Row I: Slcysguoy, STapelTon, Miller, Crowe Row 2: Wagner, Whiffield, Main, Nedvicl Page 68 CI-IESS CLUB . C Chess Club, under lhe leadership ol Mr. Schumacher, provides an opporlunily lor sludenls lo play and im- prove lheir game ol chess. The purpose of lhe club is lo promole guiclc lhinlcing and sporlsmanship as well as skill in playing: lhe len lop ranlcing players conslilule The leam lhal plays olher schools. MAGIC CLUB I I Sponsored by Mr. Simonds, Magic Club has had, as usual, an evenllul year. The club is made up ol members who hold a sincere inleresl in lhe arl ol magic. Ils pur- pose is lo provide a place for exchanging ideas, lrying oul new lriclcs, and lor improving sleighl-of-hand lech- niques. CHESS CLUB Row I: Nelson, Leach, Schumacher, Henderson, Parlrer Row 2: Prilcharcl, Whileside, Aronson, Haworlh, Weiller MAGIC CLUB Row I: Picllard, Mr. Simonds, Gordon Row 2: Rubin, Roberlson, Lasswell KNITTING CLUB C Knilling is one ol lhe mosl popular aclivilies ol The girls here al New Trier. Because ol ils popularily a club was formed wilh lhe main purposes ol emphasizing friendship and learning lo lcnir. This year, under lhe lead- ership ol ils Presidenl-Anne Torrison, Secrelary-I-lelen McKenzie, Treasurer-Eleanor Granl, Social Chairman- Pal Cambridge, and sponsor-Mrs. Gallie, lhe club has a membership of Iwo hundred girls. Meelings are held every Iwo weelcs in lhe Girls' Club Room. RAILFANS CLUB C The scale model railway has cerlainly grown lhis year. Many cars and engines and cabooses and lunnels and bridges have been added lo lhe firmly esiablished lraclcs and lrains ol '47. The club members malce all ol lhese properlies by hand. Mr. Landwer is 'lacully spon- sor ol lhe club and Bruce Slowe is lhe secreIary-lreas- urer. Slanley Barriger, whose lalher manages lhe Monon Railroad, is a member ol lhe club. I'le and his lalher have been very helplul and one ol lhe highlighls of lhe year was a lallc given by Mr. Barriger. He said lhal lhere is a greal need for apprenlices lo learn railroading. Experience gained in lhe club is exlremely valuable. KNITTING BOARD Row I: Torrison, McKenzie Row 2: Granl, Cambridge RAILFANS CLUB Row I: Walls, Mr. Landwer Row 2: Barriger, Gorlmer CLUBS LENS CLUB C Lens Club. under The direcTion OT lvlr. D. SmiTh, is almosT enTirely sTudenT operaTed. These sTudenTs plan Their meeTings, excursions, and The various phoTographic conTesTs held during The year. ConTesTs, given every Tive weeks, are judged by The members of The club. This year some OT Them were "VacaTion PicTures," "AuTumn Scenes," "ChrisTmas Cards," and "Snow Scenes." The club's TaciliTies have been greaTly improved This year by The addiTion oT a large, well-equipped darlcroom. IT is Lens Club's purpose To provide a hobby which iTs members can conTinue To enioy ThroughouT Their lives. SCIENCE CLUB C The purpose oT The Science Club is To supply special science inTeresTs To The sTudenTs who wanT more. This is accomplished by The regular meeT- ings, Tield Trips, special spealcers wiTh demonsTra- Tions Tor assemblies Tor all science sTudenTs, and science movies. STudenTs Trom all classes are eli- gible Tor membership. The club is sponsored by Mr. ChrisTensen. LENS CLUB Row I: Pease, Vandenburg, Hammerman, Moses, Alder, James, STewarT Row 2: Mayer, Campbell, Bryanf, SmiTh, Rodell, Weber, PoT'rer, Sherwood Row 3: SwifT, Lenz, Farnham, Lifchfield, Kenna, Wiley, Coffin, Schwimmer, Yowell, Rasmusson, Kemper, Sherrill MATI-I CLUB C The MaTh Club, sponsored by Miss SleighT, is de- signed Tor sTudenTs who are especially inTeresTed in maTh- emaTics. The club Takes up The sTudy oT maTerial Tor which no provision can be made in The regular course. This year The meeTings were held Twice a grade period. Each meeTing had a problem session during which a prob- lem broughT in by a member was discussed. Then a shorT Tallc was given by a member on some phase OT maThe- maTics. The oTTicers were Jim Brooks, presidenT: John l-laworTh, program chairman: and Mary Alice Bullen, publiciTy chairman. AERONAUTICS CLUB O The New Trier AeronauTics Club consisTs OT sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in subjecTs concerning The arT and mechanics of Tlying. The members spend much OT Their Time consTrucTing and assembling model lanes. The club has had Talks on The various aspecTs OTD Tlying and The possibiliTies oT using iT as a career. The TaculTy sponsor OT This club is Mr. Clader and This year's presidenT is Franlc l-lochmuller. THEORETICAL SCIENCE CLUB Row I: Bullen, Rosenbaum, Brown, Larry, VanZandT Row 2: Ude, BuTler, Broolrs, Fagen, Moody MATH CLUB SCIENCE CLUB Row I: Cook, Haworfh, Brooks Row I: Shapiro, SundT, Jarvis, Bufler, Slown Row 2: Slrinberger, Leach, Fagen Row 2: ChrisTopher, Haas, Lowrey, Rosenbaum, Hamilion, Brown Page 70 RADIO CLUB I The Radio Club daTes Trom I924. The principal acTiviTy oT The club consisTs oT building and oper- aTing amaTeur radio sTaTion equipment From The club sTaTion, W9EDC, in room IO6, communicaTions are carried on daily wiTh oTher amaTeur sTaTions ThroughouT The world. Radio Club members also work TogeTher prepar- ing Tor The Federal amaTeur license examinaTion. The course, Radio 2B and ZA, is given To help sTu- denTs geT ready Tor This examinaTion, and gives major crediT. AmaTeur radio has many women in iTs ranks. New Trier girls, as well as boys. are urged To con- sider amaTeur radio as a hobby. and are cordially inviTed To ioin The Radio Club. ARCI-IEOLOGY CLUB C Archeology Club is made up oT a small group oT sTudenTs who are especially inTeresTed in arche- ology. They discuss archeological problems aT Their meeTings and They go on Tield Trips To museums. This year was highlighTed by a Trip To The Indian burial grounds on The Fox River. The Club is spon- sored by Mr. Lehman and This year's oTTicers were Dien Ward, presidenT, and Guinevere Jones, secre- Tary-Treasurer. A OUT T0 LUNCH QLLQ '25 RADIO CLUB AA il AVA NTI V - ' MP Row I: Umbach, BuTIer, Richardson, Samuelson, WaTson, Holub, Hassan Row 2: FauIsTiclr, Challinor, Digel, S+ahl, Arms, Smifh, Blind, Wilson Fagen A 1 , ARCHEOLOGY CLUB Row I: Coburn, Chapin Row 2: Cambridge, Ward, Nay Missing From PicTure: Bray, Jones Page 71 'inf'-Q-I V .ala-5 sf s 0 N THLETICS A ' , fe r af ...NA ,44 .1 .fm xx' .EN ,iff , as Q A ,S .- 'I' , ' A vi' S ' Q . J ," ' MX .La . I ' i- W QF' F f IJ if Q fb' .fM v 1 gf I ' A Il i X 1 . x Vw' 1 x If a - h Q ruff! . 1 ' , , M 'Y . -1 VE ff' 1.1 K' 'g ag fn , VARSITY FOOTBALL O This year Jrhe Green Wave compleled a suc- cessful season under The direcI'ion of i'rs veleran counselor, Coach Waller J. Aschenbach, wilh Jrhe annual vicfory over Evansfon in 'rhe 'rradilional man- ner. Allhough I'he season's record was marred by Iwo defeals al Ihe hands of Oak Park and Schurz High School of Chicago, six viclories appear on Ihe good side of 'rhe ledger. Highland Park was even more of a pushover 'rhis year, wi'rh a score of 28-O. Olher winning scores were all high wilh 'Ihe exceplion of 'rhe Evanslon game score which was 7-6 in New Trier's favor. VARSITY FOOTBALL fs I Q Q51 GDN . , N RSP -h I I 1 5 L VARSITY FOOTBALL The s'rar+ing lineup for 'Ihe Green-Gray line, un- der 'rhe direcfion of lvlr. Caron and Mr. Gadslce, consis+ed of Phil Belhlce and Bob While as ends. Caplain Brad Glass al righ'r Iaclcle and Moose Dunne or Dave Lyons al' leII', Bill Redding and Doug Vaughan as Iefl and righ+ guards, plus Jaclc Jorgenson or Bob Talley al' cenler posilion. The back field posilions were played by eilher Ned Janoila, Jack Dempsey, or Dan Corns, who also punled, al' Iefl' half, Bud Layer al quarlerbaclc, John Pelers al' righl' half, and Val De Carlo a+ fullback. Don Brigham and Jim OI'is were some of I'he olhers +ha+ played consisI'enI'Iy Ihroughoul 'rhe games. Row I Befhlre, Layer, Dempsey, Pefers, Redding, Vaughan, De Carlo, Jorgensen, Glass, Lyons, Dunne, While Row 2 Pearson, JanoHa, PeH'i, Oiis, Brigham, Allen, Spies, Spoeher, Corns, Whife, Cusick, Young, Tripicchio Row 3 Cafon, Spiegel, Baldwin, Leason, EIIIFF, Pesafuro, Ives, Ellis, Horn, Benneff, Huck, Bruce, Cross lMgr.I, Aschenbach Page 74 Page 75 VARSITY FOOTBALL STANDINGS New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Schurz . . 8 Morfon . . 8 Waukegan . . O Highland Park . 0 Proviso . . . O Oak Park . . . 23 Thornion . . 6 Evansion . . . 6 J. V. FOOTBALL Top Row: Jewel, PeTerson, Collison, Lucchesf, ScoTT, FelTer, Elwood Rice, HarTshorne, Chapin, ForresT, Benson, Jacobs, Cahn, Burke, Hemphill, Phibbs, Baver, Gibbons Middle Row: Del Re, Wildeman, Moore, Haag, Williamson, WrighT, Noonan, Spies, Weisman, Shepard, Hunf, Hoffman, Gibson BoT+om Row: Johnson, Thornfon, Brower, TrauTwein, Kerr, Boyden, Chamberlain, Robson, Papierski, Aden, Schopen, Kolsfad, LeviTeTz FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Row I: Mr. McFadzean, Cookman, Hasselman, MeneTTa, Harris, FelTes, Rushing, Gray, Conagahn, O'Kelley, Hoffman, Brzezinski Row 2: Mr. Ude, Fisher, Jeangerard, Monfgomery, Jacobi, Olen, Merrifield, Sfahl, Hinkley, Terrell, BoTT, Fabian, Jacobs, DiClemenTi, Wagner, RuTh Nellis, Allison Row 3: Mr. Shearer, Fleck, KasTor, Nelson, Moss, McLain, ScoTT, Bregman, SchmidT, Fenner, Shaver, Hickey, Whife, Tebbrls, Krueger, -, Below, Mayo, BaiTy, Mackinnon, Dearborn, BarThell, Weimer, Mr. Henderson JAY VEE FOOTBALL O Mr. Funkhouser's I947 Jayvees were The TinesT in New Trier's hisTory. ATTer being edged ouT by a slighTly heavier MorTon eleven, They wenT on a rampage, beaTing ThornTon and Waukegan, and Tying Proviso. Oak Park was a hurdle which The TrieriTes could noT quiTe clear, losing by The score oT I4-6. The season's Tinale wiTh EvansTon proved To be a Thriller, New Trier winning 7-6 on Evans- Ton's snow-covered Tield. Roy KolsTaT, Bruce l-larTshorne, Bill Kerr, and Ted Burke aT The Tackles were Tlanked by ends Dick HunT, Hugh Gibson, Jack Powers, and Gerry Allen. The guards. headed by CapTain John Robson, were Larry Boydon, Ken Jacobs, and Dave Evans. The cenTers were AI Chamberlain, who did The kicking- OTT, and Mike Benson. Bernie Papierski, Gene Baur, John Brower, and Vic TrauTwine excelled in The backfield wiTh Jim Chapin, Jerry Wiseman, Ray Johnson, and Paul Spies acTing as subsTiTuTes. Herb Shoepen, Bill Wildeman, and Bob ThornTon were specTacular as deTensive backs. Scores New Trier O MorTon . New Trier 6 Waukegan New Trier 6 Proviso . New Trier . . 6 Oak Park New Trier . . 20 ThornTon . New Trier . . 7 EvansTon . Won LosT Tied OP New Trier 3 2 I 44 FRESH MAN FOOTBALL O The Freshmen again had a good year under The excellenT coaching oT Jim McFadzean. The Team won Three, losT Two, and Tied one. The TirsT game oT The season showed New Trier whipping MorTon I8-O. The nexT game was wiTh Waukegan, and The New TrieriTes won by a score oT 20-6. However. The nexT game, againsT Proviso, was a hard ToughT baTTle, ending 6-6. The following week The TrieriTes losT 7-6 To Oak Park. Then New Trier had a breaTher againsT ThornTon, winning 25-7. The lasT game oT The season was againsT EvansTon, and a sTrong Team. coupled wiTh bad weaTher condiTions, beaT The Freshmen I3-O. The hard charging line consisTed oT Hasselman and Canaghan aT ends, Gray and MazzeTTa aT Tackles, FelTes aT cenTer. co-capTain Harris and Rushing aT guards. For The backfield was FiTzpaT- rick aT quarTerback, co-capTain O'KeIley. Cookman, and Hoffman aT halTbacks, and Brzezinski aT Tull- back. Pczge 76 FRESH-SOPH FOOTB LL FROSI-l-SOPH FOOTBALL ' O The Frosh-Soph foofball feam. under fhe direcfion of Coach Chuck Lauer, again ended fheir season successfully and fhe Ponies finished in a fie for second place in fhe Suburban League race. The Frosh-Soph opened 'rheir season wifh a I4-7 vicfory over a sfrong Schurz feam and defeafed lvlorfon 'rhe 'Following week I9-O. The Ponies opened fheir league play againsf Waukegan wifh a 6-6 fie. and fhe following weeks frounced Proviso 26-6 and Highland Park. In a hard foughf game, New Trier losf fo Oak Park, fhe even- fual champions, I6-l2. I-lowever. New Trier's fighfing Ponies came back fo whip Thornfon and Evansfon fhe following fwo weeks, 33-O. and I3-6. New Trier dropped Evansfon from firsf fo fourfh place by virfue of fhis win. This year's Frosh-Soph had an excepfionally fine squad, feafuring a very sfrong line and a good offense. Ted James and Tom Covell played fhe flanks and fhe sfrong fackles were headed by Sfuarf Currie and Dick Spies. The guard posifions were held down by Nick Marshall and Chuck Calder-ini, while John Griesser played fhe cenfer posifion. The backfield had a very fine running affack and fo add fo ifs honors. Dick O'Keefe fook fhe Frosh-Soph scoring championship wifh 38 poinfs. O'Keefe. Ned Hoban, Caird Currie, and Bob Brymer headed fhe running affack. while Capfain Dave Merrifield called fhe plays af quarferback. The sfandings of fhe feams: Scores W L Oak Park 5 I New Trier 4 I Waukegan 4 I Evansfon 4 2 Highland Pk. 2 3 Morfon 2 4 Proviso I 4 Thornion 0 6 P OP 55 38 IIO 46 72 3I 7I 4I 76 84 38 63 34 66 I3 97 Page 77 VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL I Under The guidance of Coach Chuck Lauer. The varsiTy baskeTball Team This year had a Tine, in- spiring season. Winning alTogeTher ThirTeen games while losing only Three. and in league games winning Twelve while losing Two, The Team seT up a record Tor many TuTure New Trier quinTeTs To live up To. Even Coach Lauer, who is noT 'given To loud and boasTTul uTTerings, said ThaT This Team was The besT he had seen in Ten, TiTTeen years. His reasons Tor Their success were--excellenT Teamwork, accuraTe passing. good rebounding, and superb defensive work. However, The Thing ThaT really made Them click was Their co-operaTion wiTh Their coaches, and Their abiliTy To play well wiTh each oTher as a Team. and noT as individual sTars. The oTTensive game, The game ThaT is waTched by all specTaTors, was bril- lianT and Tull oT Tricky Tloor work, TasT passing, and quick shoTs. AT all Times There was good conTrol OT The ball, which really makes The diTTerence beTween a good, and i'usT an average Team. ATTer Three pre-season, non-league games wiTh Riverside, Niles, and La Grange respecTively, New Trier righT away Tound iTselT and quickly played Twelve sTraighT league games, marred only by Two losses To Waukegan. These Two games were noT run-aways, buT The ably coached Waukegan Team. using a Tall cenTer pivoT man, worked well-execuTed plays around him and beaT New Trier by The scores oT 39-30 and 39-29. The wins included Two over each oT The Tollowing Teams: Highland Park, Oak Page 78 Park. Morion, Thornion. Evansron, and Proviso. ln- ciden+ally, +his was rhe firsr lime in +wen'ry years 'rhar we have bealen Morion rwice in 'lhe same season. The members of 'rhis year's 'iirsi' slring five were: guards. Whiiey Gomperr and Pere Burnside: for- wards, Dick Chrisriansen and Louie Kranlzg cenrer. Leliry Moore. As 'rhis is being wrirlen, Chrisriansen holds firsr place and Kranlz Third place in scoring honors for rhe Suburban League, while all +he five are among lhe Tirsr rwenry scorers. Dropping old cusroms, +he rearn elecred Kranrz 'rheir capfain for +he second srraighl' year. an honor never yer shared by anorher man. Lefry Moore again proved him- self ro be one of rhe ablesr defensive players in +he Srare, wi'rh his fine, sready play. Borh Burnside and Gomperr were 'rhe chief rebounders for The 'ream and held excepiionally high scoring records for guards. Those boys +ha+ mean so much 'ro 'rhe suc- cess of a Team and are rarely appreciared. rhe managers. were Bill Wynekoop and John Massey. A+ 'rhis wriiing, New Trier has 'rwo more league games and srill The Regionals, Secrionals and finally rhe Srare Finals lefr ro go. Le+'s hope Thar rhey play +he same brand of baskerball lhere 'rhar 'rhey have been showing us all season. If 'rhey do, well, who knows! New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Scores Won Los'r I3 3 . 37 'Riverside . . 47 "Niles . . . 47 "'LaGrange . . 55 Highland Park . 46 Evanslon . . . 30 Waukegan . . 42 Oak Park . . 50 Proviso . . 52 Thornion . . 59 Morion . . . 56 Highland Park . 60 Evansron . . . 29 Waukegan . . 50 Oak Park . . 64 Proviso . . . 52 Thornron . 'Non-league games VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row: Fischer, Jenness, Sex, Bergquisr, G. Smirh, Leason, Richburg, Cheflain, McGraw, Mackinnon BoHom Row: Hellsrrom, Bacon, Moore, Chrisfiansen, Kranrz lCap+.l, Burnside, Gomperr, Haclrbarih, Muns Oh Page 79 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL Row I: Smifh lMgr.l, Cody, Everly, Smaha, Covell, Chrisloph, Greenlees Row 2: Franhen, PeHi, RowleH, Halvorsen, Anderson, Lyons, Mabie, Savage, Brymer, Merrifield, James, Presse FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Row I: Rufh lAss'l' Mgr.l, Nash, Burns, Shaver, Hasselman, Felles, Hickey, Rice, Diebel, Mauer Row 2: Hinkley, Nelson Cramler, Rogers, S+arlr, Jeangerard, Weimar, Sinclair, O'MalIey, While, Fi+zpa+riclz, Chamberlain, Maclxinnon, FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL 3, " 5 ' A .Y- :mu rvmssq .-If-3 -'-'.- I-If-I-J-:-I-Sr:-5" -'-'-' If-I-I' 4 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL Q This year lhe Frosh-Soph baskelloall ieam won 'rwelve games oul of sevenieenq ihe League score was nine won oui of lourreen played. Alihough The leam was excep+ionally good, if had 'rough compeli- lion. Some of ihe besi 'reams lhe Suburban'League has seen in a long lime were Waukegan and Mor- Ton. 'rhe former's score being I4-O. 'rhe laiiers, I2-2. The Green-Gray sfaried oil The year wi+h a bang, nosing our iis lirsi' four opponenls. However, if was crushed by ils nexr lwo. The mosl excifing mo- meni' of 'rhe year was in ihe lasl few seconds of The game wilh Waukegan, when Covel 'fied The score. 29-29. Finally Waukegan s'role a poinl and won. 30-29. Forwards Anderson and Halvorson. cenrers Smaha, Massey. and Covel, and guards Lyons and Merrifield paced lhe Sophs. The players +ha+ saw lhe rnosl aclion were Lyons, Merrifield, Covel, An- derson, and Halvorson. To Top il all off, Anderson was picked as a guard on ihe Soph All-Siar 'ream and Lyons was elecied honorary cap+ain. Page 80 NEW TRIER WRESTLING I This year's VarsiTy grapplers, under The superb handling oT Coach Dick Clausen, enjoyed one oT Their mosT successTuI seasons. In The pasT New Trier's wresTling sTaIwarTs have made a name Tor Themselves in boTh suburban and sTaTe compeTiTion. The '47-'48 Team was no excep- Tion. The individual performances oT such sTars as Glass, SchmiTz, Ellis. CIinTon, Price, SmiTh, Moore, Layer, STeeI, and Vyskocil have added raTher Than deTracTed Trom Their laurels. Opposing Them in Their dual meeTs were such powerTuI aggregaTions as JoIieT, Tilden, and Rock Island. By narrow margins, New Trier ouT-poinTed each one. New Trier suTTered one oT iTs Tew meeT deTeaTs aT The hands oT Proviso's sTrong men. aTTer The IaTTer had previously Tallen beTore Coach CIausen's men. The compleTe record oT The Team Tor a year of keen compeTiTion was an impressive I7 vicTories, againsT only 2 seTbacks. ATTer The regular sea- son, New Trier parTicipaTed in The secTionaI wresTling TournamenT aT Maine Township High School. The wresTlers Trom WinneTka placed nine TirsTs and one second, enabling The enTire Team oT Ten To comp-eTe in The greaT STaTe TournamenT aT Champaign. AT The TournarnenT, where The TinesT Teams in Illinois baTTIed, New Trier Tied Tor second, Vyskocil and Glass winning sTaTe championships in The I03-pound and heavyweighT classes, respecTively. For Coach Clausen, who This year piloTed The WresTIing Team Tor The IasT Time aT New Trier, The perTormance oT his grapplers was The besT oT going-away presenTs. WRESTLING FROSH-SOPH WRESTLING C From The ranks oT The Treshman and sophomore classes, There came a hosT oT wresTIing candidaTes ThaT made This year one oT The brighTesT Tor New Trier. CapTained by Mills and Waggener, The New Trier Frosh-Soph WresTIing Team equaled The Tine record compiled by The VarsiTy. Riverside, Waukegan, Tilden, Proviso, and EvansTon all suf- Tered decisive deTeaTs. Under The coaching oT Mr. Joe Giallambardo. HeImsTader, Weber, Miller, SuTTIe, and counTIess oThers, along wiTh RumsTeld, Mills, and Waggener, presenTed New Trier wiTh The Sub- urban League TiTIe in The Frosh-Soph division. Judging by The nine vic- Tories in eleven conTesTs ThaT The Frosh-Soph garnered, The TuTure oT New Trier wresTIing is sound and promising. VARSITY WRESTLING Row I: Johnson, Rix, Prue, Ellis, CIinTon, Vyskocil, Lindwall, KiTazaki Row 2: Rubin, Drew, Bishop, TeIabeTTs, Shaw, Schmidt Levi'TeTz, Borkovifz Row 3: Clausen, Ackermann, Abegg, Craven, Thiessen, Shelion, Lyons, Holifman, Glass, Moore, Layer, Smifh, STeeI, Schmifz, Boyden, Giallombardo ' FROSH-SOPH WRESTLING Row I: Peacock, Dallas, Jones, Kesfor, STrassheim, Hirsch Row 2: Trees, Waggener, Lindholm, Barker, Miller, Su'H'Ie, Glenn, McDaniel, Oien, Bucklin Row 3: hCgornnc'I,bTe:beTTs, Hagerman, Parsons, Jaeger, HeImsTad'Ter, Bergman, Rumsfeld, Mills, LuTz, Ingleharf, Hovey, no om ar o ' Page 81 'bm f M a. 6'-SQ, X , Q C, 'Jtfji ' j ,ai , .ef 57' ,, V - .Al "- Q T' VARSITY SWIMMING C By winning all lheir dual meels New Trier's Var- sily Swimming Team made I+ eighly-four consecu- live Iriumphs in +he pasl seven years. I-lowever. 'rheir grea+es+ lrium h was 'rhe winning of +he S+a+e Ti+le from 27 schooE including Lane Tech. Buddy Wallen was The oulslanding individual slar. I-le won all his evenls in +he 200 yard free slyle in all lhe dual meels. and also won I+ in The League meel. Bob Kivland also wenl undefealed in all 'I'he dual meels and League meel in 'rhe IOO yard back- slrolce. Olher consislenl winners were Tom Kroe- schell, IOO yard breasl' slrolceq Doug Green, Fred Sealy, George I-larlnell, and Bud Bond. 'free slyle evenls. In lhe diving division Wilson Slaub, Tom Tucker. and E. Pesaluro were 'lhe mainslays. Wilson Slaub look fourlh place in Slale Meel. which is very commendable lor a Junior. In 'rhe Slale Meel New Trier defealed Lane by live poinls. Here again Buddy Wallen, who was chosen honorary caplain lor his fine record, won +he 200 yard free sl le and swam anchor man in ISO Medley Relay, which also look a iirsl place. Bob Kivlancl +ook second in +he IOO yard 'free slyle while WiIson'S+aub gol a fourlh. The 200 yard Relay composed of Green. I-larlnell. Sealy and Bond also look a second place. Tom Kroeschell was +he eighlh man who helped win lhe Slale 'lille by swimming lhe breasl slrolce and by winning I5O yard Medley Relay wilh Kivland and Wallen. ln summing up. New Trier had a very successful year. VARSITY su, if-2 xl'-If I ll ml Page 82 SW I MMI N G VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES New Trier . . . New Trier . . . Crane . New Trier . . New Trier . . New Trier . New Trier . . . New Trier . . . Easr Rockford New Trier . . . New Trier . . . New Trier . . New Trier . . 56 Maine Township . I0 SIeinmeIz . . . I6 New Trier . . 50 Oak Park . . . 25 Schurz .... 24 New Trier . 56 Highland Park . . I9 I5 Iiriangle meeri New Trier . . 45 CIinIon .... 2I Peoria .... I8 Ilowa SIaIe Champs Thornron .... 29 New Trier . . 47 Danville .... I9 Waukegan . . . 25 I Mor+on .... 25 Wes+ Rockford . 34 I5 U-riangle rnee-I-I LEAGUE MEET STATE MEET Proviso .... 28 New Trier . . . 53 New Trier . . . 3I Evansion .... I9 Proviso .... 40 Lane Tech . . . 26 Danville . . I5 Oak Park . . . 33 Proviso . . . 25 VARSITY SWIMMING Row I: Jackson, Green, SI'aub, Tucker, Seaiy, Kroescheil, Barker, HarIneII', Pfuhenreu+er, Kivland, Gabei Row 2: Goffman, WaI+ers, Wiseman, Wolf, Bond, Bergman, Elwood, KoIfIa+, Condon, Roberfson Row 3: Taylor, ParIiH, Warren, Sampson, Templeion, Pickup, Rosberg, Pesaiuro, Shannon, Hargreaves Page 83 FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING , Row I: Mullins, Bergdoll, Pleck, Vaughan, Hicks, Mayer, Harnsberger, Taylor, Hammerman, Goodman, Sirauss Row : Jackson, Sizer, Pifney, Luensman, Beaven, Schroeder, McDonald, D. Smifh, Pope, R. WyaH', Condon Row : Yowell, Gray, Yernoor, Branch, Kleerup, Bergsien, Dieh, Krasberg, Mayo, Fox, Crowe, Ruth, Macomber 2 Row 3: Robertson, Adams, Sokol, Ford, J. Wyaff, Weldon, Wa+son, Spies, Wallen, Wilson, Gepper+, Waliers 4 5 Row : Scoif, Moore, Langfry, Bar'I'heII, J. Smifh, Chrisman, Ballard, Wales, Scribner, Ellmore, Whiiehair, Ramsay, Keaiinge, Jackson, Krueger FROSH-SOPH-SWIMMING FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING I This year's Frosh-Soph Swimming Team again won all 'rheir dual meeis and also Ihe League rneei. Archie Wallen, who was chosen honorary co-cap- iain, swam ihe free sIyIe in Ihe beginning of 'rhe season, buf in order 'ro slrengihen Ihe backsfroke even+. he swifched over +o if in ihe middle of 'rhe season. As a resuI+ he broke Bob Kivland's 50 yard backsiroke League record from :3O.8 Io :3O.2. John Sokol, 'rhe oiher honorary co-capiain, was a very consisieni winner in ihe 50 yard breasl' sI'ro'ke and was ihe only Sophomore To swim in 'rhe prelims of ihe SI'a+e MeeI'. Jim Ford. who was a Freshman. did a very fine iob in 'rhe fiiiy-yard free sryle in +he dual meels. I-le also look ihird place in I'he League meei. Jim Gepperl, who 'rook a 'rhird in The League diving, and Jim WaI+ers, a freshman, who 'rook iif+h in League diving, were 'rhe individual diving siars. All in all 'rhe Frosh-Soph had anoiher greai season. FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING SCORES New Trier . . . 32 Sieinmeiz . . . 25 New Trier . . . 36 Schurz . . ,. . 29 Crane . . I7 liriangle meeil New Trier . . . 5I Thornion . . . New Trier . . 4I Waukegan . New Trier . . . 54 Morlon . . . New Trier . . . 33 Easi Rockford . Wesl' Rockford . . 9 liriangle meeil New Trier . . . 43 Proviso . . . New Trier . . . 35 ' Evanslon . . . New Trier . . 46 Maine Township New Trier . . 34 Oak Park . . . New Trier . . 53 Highland Park . LEAGU E MEET New Trier . . . 42 Evansion, . . 34 Oak Park . . 28 Page 84 NEW TRIER GUARD I Probably one of The leasT known and less glori- Tied organizaTions in school is The New Trier Guard. However, This organizaTion is considered The back- bone of The enTire Swimming OrganizaTion. Mem- bers pledge Themselves To whole-hearTed service To The New Trier sTudenT body and The grammar school children of The Township. They also unselfish- ly give up SaTurday mornings and Wednesday nighTs To serve The school and communiTy. To be chosen Head Guard by Mr. Jackson is probably The greaTesT honor Tor any boy in The organizaTion. Bob Rosberg was Head Guard. while Tom Tucker was AssisTanT. ln conclusion. we musT remember Thai' a greaT deal of success of New Trier's Swim- ming OrganizaTion comes from This guard. GUARD Row I: Jackson, Wiseman, ParfiTT, Shannon, Taylor, Tucker lAssT. Head Guardl, Rosberg lHead Guardl, Gabel, Pickup, Spies, Mayo Row 2: Sfaub, Hargreaves, Mullins, Wolf, Warren, HarTneH, PfuTzenreuTer, Barker, Wallen, Rolaerfson T sh Y ii 1 eww Page 85 -, i 'l T RAC K VARSITY TRACK I Uncle John Nay's I948 varsiTy Track Team opened iTs indoor season by losing To EvansTon. WiTh Tour reTurning leTTermen and a group oT promising juniors, coaches Nay, HoyT, and McFad- zean were Taced wiTh The problem oT developing This bunch inTo championship maTerial. The Nay- men were capTained by Tom Hilliard, who com- peTes in The broad jump and The 50-yard dash, and Chuck Dold, a 440 man. The field evenTs were handled by Tour seniors: Harry Munson and Bill Erman in The shoTpuT, Jean Kempner in The pole vaulT, and Ron Allen in The high jump. Norwood Fisher was New Trier's besT halT-miler, and Herb Carson and Bruce lvlacomber ran The mile Tor N. T. The resl' oT The Team was composed oT juniors. Bob Kallman, Craig Richardson, ArT Haag, Jim SpechT, and Bill Cooksy compeTed in The hurdles and John McDermoTT, Fred Bruce and Dick Don- nelly in The 440-yard dash. Dick Calkins in The broad jump and Dave MacDonald in The half mile are Two of The more promising juniors. As The ECHOES goes To press, The ouTlook Tor The Naymen is growing brighTer. New Trier Tin- ished Third in The Suburban League Indoor MeeT. buT This does noT presenT a very clear picTure of Their power because of The close compeTiTion in The league This year. VARSITY TRACK Row I: Shannon, Nor+on, Bruce, Langfry, Wolff, Dold, Hilliard, Kempner, Richardson, Carson, Macdonald, Donnelly, Coolcsy Row 2: Hoyf, Piclrard, Haag, Munson, Spechf, Smifhson, Kallman, Dunne, Grasefl-, Allen, Hoban, Smaha, Dorn, Ma- comber, Erman, Fisher, Calkins, Nay . . , YA ra. FROSH-SOPH TRACK Row I: Burlingame, Klaffe, Colfer, Keller, Sundf, Kirchberg, O'KelIey, Wagner, Lindenberg Row 2: Dunbar, Nay. Bar+z, Goih, Gilmer, Smaha, Drake, Hoban, Barnes, Dern, James, Currie, Cook, Coolrman, Belding, Hoyf FRGSH-SOPH TRACK FROSH-SOPH TRACK C The I'-747-48 Frosh-Soph fraclc feam has done fairly well fhis year. If finished fhird in fhe Sub- urban League lndoor Meef and won a maiorify of ifs meefs. Ned l-loben, oufsfanding sophomore dash-man, donafed mosf of his services fo fhe Var- sify, so fhe Naymen relied on Eddie O'KelIy and Bob Cookman. fwo freshmen. for poinfs in fhe dashes. Jack Pern. Bill Barnes, and Bob Drake rep- resenfecl fhe Green Wave in fhe 660, and Don Keller, who foolc a firsf and a second in fhe league meef. and George Coffer in fhe hurdles. The pole vaulf was handled by Ted James, who ioined wifh Sfeve Currie fo puf fhe shof for fhe Ponies. Ron Smaha was a consisfenf winner in fhe high iump and proved himself good enough fo compefe in fhe Varsify division. O'Kelley and Cookman, who com- pefed in broad lump besides fhe dash, feamed up wifh .John Kirchberg and Jack Wagner fo form one of The besf freshman relay feams New Trier has ever had. Page 87 l l lg GYMNASTICS Row I: Macey, Vyskocil, Peacoclr. Ryan, Annoreno, Hagerman Row 2: Suriano, Shaw, Sealaerg, Sealy, Slade, Seashore, Corrigan, Lieloman Row 3: Lambarir, Homan, Sfaplelon, Zebold, Cleary, Bray, Engels, Couller, Hiies, Wildeman. Bergman, Mills GYMNASTICS NEW TRIER C-BYMNASTIC LEADERS O The New Trier Leaders are a special group or- ganized during fhe lirsl semesler of This school year. The purpose of ihis group is lo acl as sludenl inslruciors lor The physical educalion classes in gymnaslics. The leaders aliain. besides qualiiies ol good form in lhe leals ihey perform, experience and Technique in reaching oihers. A+ a ceriain period in each semesier each group, A, B, or C. meels in lhe Soulh Gym for inslruclion in gymnaslics. In each class a selecl group of five or six leaders serve one period a day as coaches and inslruclors 'ro mainlain inieresl and enihusiasm. The varieiy ol s'run+s and aciiviiies is adapled +o almosl all 'iypes ol sludenls, including boys in re- slricred classes. Thus lhese classes make everyone feel 'rhai' he is able lo parlicipale in some Physical Educalion aclivily. I. M. SPORTS . O Again I'his year I'he iniramural sporrs program has been successful. Under 'Ihe able direcrion of Mr. Showley, assisred by Ihe iunior and senior class Inrramural Chairmen, Sfeven Arndus and Andy TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPS I-, - A, I TRA s Aishron, 'I'his inI'ramuraI program was enjoyed by man boys. Alrhough varsily sporrs Ioolc up mos+ of 'rhe space provided for a'IhIe'rics, a compleie sporis program for all boys was available. The champions in Ihe various sporfs are as follows: INDIVIDUAL I. M. CHAMPS Row I: Corrigan, Schmiiz Row I: Shepard, Chrisrnan, Miller, Core, RandeII Row 2: Blind, Thorpe Row 2: Grigsby, Conney, Zlivelz, Wood, Gofh, Bergman, Pair ATHLETIC MANAGERS Row I: TebbeI+s, Wiley, Mayer, Jones, Rice, Maver, Riedler Row 2: Alley, McNichoIas, Manzelman, PaIrfiH, Price, Rich, Nowosel, Besr, Thalman Page 89 SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPS JUNIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPS LIGHTWEIGHT Row I: Papie,-ski' Wrighf lHenderson and Gannawayl BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row 2: Scholl' Chapin' gum, Row I: Pair, Bergman Row I: Koeber, SuHIe Row 2: Foresler, Wiley, Do++er Row 2: Hovey, Slevens I TRAMURALS TOUCH FOOTBALL Freshman - Clausen Sophomore - Funlzhouser Junior- Reynolds Senior- Fearheiley School- Fearheiley FALL BASKETBALL Lighfweighfs - Freshman - Weingar+ner Ligh+weigh+s - Sophomore - Franlzen Heavyweighls - Sophomore - McDowell GOLF Freshman - Ivan Scoll- Junior - Jim Wood Senior - Dick Chrisliansen School- Jim Wood HORSESHOE SINGLES Freshman - Tom Buclrlin Sophomore - Ma++ Nowosel Junior - Ronald Gersdof Senior - Bill Ross School- Ronald Gersdof FOOTBALL SKILLS Drop kicking - Reese Pair Punling for disfance - Don Hurley Punfing for accuracy-Jack Taylor BADMINTON SINGLES Freshman - Lynn Tuffle Sophomore - Murray Randall Junior - Jim Wood Senior - Charles Weiler School- Murray Randall BADMINTON DOUBLES Freshman - Thomas Gillespie and Roberl' Alslrin Sophomore- Lawrence Kiiley and James Yafes Junior - Pefer Newmann and James While School- Pefer Newmann and James While TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Freshman - Leigh Miller Sophomore - Roberl' Myers Junior - Sfeven Swain Senior - Allan Conney School- Allan Conney HORSESHOE DOUBLES Junior --WaI+er Balmes and Ronald Gersdof Sanior -- R. Schmiiz and F. Engels School -Waller Balmes and Ronald Gersdof Page 90 TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES WINTER TABLE TENNIS Freshman- Leigh Miller and William Grigsby Sophomore - Roberl Myers and Geary Leason School- Leigh Miller and William Grigsby TENNIS SINGLES Junior - Bob Core Senior - Jim Spiesman School- Bob Core TENNIS DOUBLES Freshman - Bill Griqsby and Bob Alslrin Sophomore- Pe+er Mayor and Howie Smilh Junior- Blair Woolfollr and Ken McGrew Senior- Norwood Fisher and Pele Lindsay School- Norwood Fisher and Pele Lindsay WINTER TABLE TENNIS Freshman - Daniel Cunningham and Sophomore - Peler Mayor and Junior-Donald Bergman and Freshman - John Minlrler Sophomore - Lesl-er Junior- Bill Weigman Senior - Allan Conney School- Allan Conney Senior- Richard Blackwell and D. MacDonald School- Donald Bergman and Roberl' Shepard SENIOR PLAYERS' GROUP CHAMPS Row I: Burke, Ross, Papierslzi, Traulwein, Richmond Row 2: Powers, Redding, Wrighl, Whillaher JUNIOR PLAYERS' GROUP CHAMPS Row I: Teeple, Jacobs Row 2: Brown, Harriss, Wood JUNIOR I. M. MANAGER Amdur Page 91 .ia-1. .J S I JONES RITTER CANNON PresiclenT SecreTary Publicify DAVIDSON DEMPSEY WEBER Vice-Presiclenf Social Chairman Officials SCHMIDT ERWIN LOWELL Treasurer Service Ari RIBLETT lnTra-mural lPicTure omiTTec.ll G. A. A. O IT is unanimously agreed ThaT The besT way To make The besT friends is To meeT Them Through The Girls' AThleTic Associafion of New Trier. Mary Helen Jones, The Presidenf, and her execufive board, besides hundreds of oTher girls giving Their service. have been successful in making This an im- porTanT year. Mary Davidson, The Vice-President has The difficulf buT imporTanT iob of keeping The poinTs in order and issuing awards. KaTrina,SchmidT is The Treasurer of G. A. A. and she keeps The finances in order and balances The budgef. BeTTy RiTTer, as Secrefary, Takes minufes of all The meeT- ings. One of The biggesT iobs is Thai' of The lnframural SporTs Chairman, Sally RibleTT. The officials, under Jeanne Weber, are essenTial in order To have suc- cessful sporTs. The page girls whose service is in- valuable, are under Nancy Erwin, head of Service. who also assisTs wiTh The gym-jams. The Social Chairman is Carol Dempsey, who has made The Two banquefs of The year so successful. This year's pub- liciTy sfaff, headed by Beverly Cannon, has been working very hard. Joyce Lowell, head of ArT, has done an ouTsTanding iob wiTh The bullefin boards, posTers and decorafions around The school. This year's board held a parTy for Their parenfs and also igvifed Their moThers To The Winfer Banquef, a new i ea. The Tall season confained Tour maior sporTs This year. Hockey, in which The seniors were The cham- pions, was headed by Kaye McLaTchie, who also had charge of The Figure SkaTing group, The firsT of v s- I iTs kind aT New Trier. A combined Team of iuniors and seniors won The speedball Tournament This sporT was under Sandra Buhai, who also headed Size, Shape and Condifioning. Tennis, under Jeanne BarneTT, and Riding, under Connie Kraefsch lassisf- ed by RuTh Ann Woodenl, were The ofher Two Tall sporfs. The mid-season oTfered Volleyball, headed by Mary Ann Kenney, and again iT was The seniors who won The Tinal Tournamenf. Also in This quarfer were Recreafional Games whose head is Helen McKen- zie. Sally Rodgers, Sue Ackley, June Chrisfenson and Margaref Ross were The sporT head's. of Swim- ming, BaskeTball. Modern Dance and Tumbling, re- specTively, sporTs ThaT made up The schedule of The winTer quarfer. Joan Bulley, also, was The head of a very imporTanT group, The Pool Guard. The heads of The spring-season sporTs were Joanne Rouse, Baseball: Margof Hodgson, La Crosse: Dor- oThy Kenf. Golf, and Veronica Rossberger, Archery. One of The greaTesT highlighfs of The acTiviTies This year was The "Mardi Gras" swimming pageanT which was given by I25 girls. The colorful evenT was held on The 3OTh of April. The WinTer Banquef This year was held on The I9Th of February and The following adviser rooms won The parTicipaTion awards: for The seniors, Mrs. Eisler's: The iuniors, Miss WhiTfield's: The sophomores, Miss ReinhardT's: and for The freshmen, Miss WhiTe's. On May 27Th The second banquef was held and affer The awards were given ouT, The long-awaifed announcemenT of nexT year's board was made. Page 92 SPORTS BOARD Row I: Ross, Chrisiensen, McLa+chie, McKenzie BarneH, Kraefsch, Kenf Row 2: Aclrley, Bulley, Buhai, Spence, Rouse Rodgers, Rossberger, Wooden, Kenney G. A. A. COMMITTEE Row I: EHelson, Mooney, Wilson, Merriam, Bie- low, Dushhin, Hurlbui' Row 2: Hoerger, Young, Slcyrm, Jones, Berry, Tor- rison, LuHer, Jordan G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Tanner, Isaac, Huyler, Gode, Fuller, Nau- iolzs, Anderson, Mifchell Ivabsenf from picfurel Row 2: Williams, Monigomery, Bryanf, LuHer Penney, Billow, Bauer Row 3: Hoerger, Loewe, Elmendorf, Gebharf Fiske, Roddewig, Flanagan, B. Grimm, Clarlr N. Grimm, Greeley G. A. A. MANAGERS Row I: Bufler, Sherman, Pierson, Elmendorf, Mil- lar, Anderson Row 2: Schifflin, Holmes, Shannon, McKeldin, Wil- son, Smifh, Manierre Row 3: Sforch, Ermeling, SIerreH', Taylor, Whiie, Roddewig, Velzing, Clark, Hicks G. A. OFFICIALS Row I: Crowley, Levy, Smiih, Lowrey, Hickey, Krogh, Carroll, Meyer Row 2: Thompson, Joyce, Pauley, Wineman, Wil- son, Bregsione, Shannon, Buchanan, Rif- Ier, Choaie Page 93 R ' lx ' Q. AOD-,AO . qui K nj 'I Q jf ii In .' 'y G. A. A. 800 AND I000 POINT AWARD Row I: Ross, Loewe, Spence, Dempsey, Wilson Row 2: Kraelsch, Rilsleff, Bulley, Paider, Hoerger, Weber, Wein- sfein 6. A. A. 600-POINT AWARDS Row I: Emrich, Levy, Mooney, Wilson, Forbes, Ross, Hurlbuf, RiHer Row 2: Chrisfensen, Luifer, Harf, Riggs, Vendercook, Offaviani, James, SCQII, Barne'I+, McKen- zie, McKeIdin G. A. A. 300-POINT AWARDS Row I: Butler, Bradshaw, Man- nix, Dofy, Dreclnsler, J. Smifh, Huyler, Holden, Langfih' Row 2: Mifchell, Tanner, Crow- Iey, Hoerger, Hicks, McKeIdin, Hinman, Brown, Dushlcin Row 3: Thompson, Gill, M. Smiih, Woleben, Zecldies, Erilr- sen, Ermeling, Kenyon, Ma- Ioney, Bullard 6. A. A. PAGE GIRLS Row I: Roo+, M. Smiih, Lowrey, Maurih, Jones, Gould, Levy, J. Smiflw Row 2: Cullaerfson, Emriclw, Can- non, Reagen, Barreff, M. Smifh, Mayer, Jordan, Kenf, Maier, Hoyf, Kimbarlc I I 4- Pcxqe 94 . A. A. FRESHMEN PARTICIPATION Row I: Robinson, Blumberg Chrisfensen, Harier, Leber Renfeld, Grigsby Row 2: Sie el, Collins, Cody 9 Whife, Bray, Droba, Macken- ro+I1, Cookman Row 3: Augusius, Greeley Brown, Richards, BrideII, Rap- pa porf, PoIIocIr, Phipps SOPHOMORE PARTICIPATION Row I: Springer, PoHer, Holden Langfift Shannon, Borre, RH- Ier Row 2: Kin Miller Tuff Nu- Qn 1 u veen, Grimm, Reling, Roof JUNIOR PARTICIPATION Row I: Chapin, Whiifield, O+is Row 2: B. Meyers, C. Ruggio N. Reiley, A. Campbell, MI Mead SENIOR PARTICIPATION Row I: Mcnfgomery, Emrich, Bradshaw, Whife, Thorp Row 2: Leaion, Maloney, Ed- wards, Masferman, Warner I I Page 95 ,f'1mY... ,x j 5126 Ji 57'1'w,4'gijg, gi 5",5.1Wi4:4k'-x Z' E 53 I 'fr' .431 .V -'ff ui, 'Ti ,- f 'I Q- ' o ' "Fil X7 -- .L X W, I I .f 2 we I VOLLEY BALL Row I: Ross, Hoerger, Weber, Leefon Row 2: LuI'+er, RibIeH', Merriam, Whife, Torrison TELEGRAPHIC SWIMMING TEAM Row I: Weinsfein, BerneH, Hinman, Pollock, Nurfing, Cederberg Row 2: Wessel, Penningfon, Jones, Afkinson, Pefer son, Davidson, Wallen Row 3: Meichle, KnoH', Barneif, Mellen, Heberling Taylor, Zeddies, Hari, McKeIdin, Kennedy RECREATIONAL GAMES Row I: Crowley, Elmendorf, Langfifr, Billow, Kraefsch Norris, Wilson, Hagan Row 2: Whife, Gill, Cody, Ives, Wallace, McKenzie ' Huyler, Hoerger, McKeIcIin Row 3: Mackenzie, Winemen, J. Loewe, Lambarf, I Boesch, Herberf, Biggerf, R. Hicks, Hickey, Hin- richs DANCE Row I: Rosen+I1aI, CuIber+son, Levy Row 2: Webb, McCaIIen, Weinsfein Row 3: Roberson, Sigel, Heberiing, LuHer, Cbrisfen- Sen Page 96 ,J G. A. A. ICE SKATING Row I: Emrich, Taylor, Aclrley, Mooney, Murphy Shapiro. Hoyf Row 2: Ribleff, Kraeisch, Wilson, Walser, Buehler B. Jones, Bullard, McLalchie, Powell Row 3: G. Clarlr, I. Van Deusen, M. Clarlx, Rouse Heberling, James, Gould, Maloney POOL GUARD Row I: Cederberg, Mead, Barnoff, KnoH, Davidson Hurlbul' Row 2: Cannon, Penning+on, Gould, Aflrinson, Bul- ley, Weber, Maloney, Warner Row 3: Wilson, Harl, Spence, C. Merriam, Mueller, Paidar, Woleben, B. Merriam, Meacham TUMBLING Row I: Roddiclr, Bufler, Nauioclrs, Coupe, Beclcerf, Priebe, Wilson, Lusigarien Row 2: Teagan, Huck, Williams, Lowrey, Ross, GoeHsch, Lambar+, Ives, Newman Row 3: Tanner, Vype, McDonald, Brown, Krogh, Boesch, Biggerf, Smifh, Taff, McKeldin ARCHERY Row I: Wilson, BeaH'y, Paiclar, Shapiro, Thompson Row 2: Forbes, Gould, Velzing, Roddewig, Neumann, Jones, Weber U Page 97 SNAPSHCTS x 1 '.Sl f ' . A4 Q ,M ' Q , s , . Q . W. W , Q . If ' 4 Q f Ex I3 X N" 1 A08 nh-C4 1,4 Cffy? . "' 2. A' ' t0ot6x09 Ak 5 'ill '- Q 35" Op S' 'hy foo Caged in W. 2, W, , - ,....,,...'.. f.4w,-www-M ff. J ,,, f ,,,-,..,. - -r T mv, P Vulgar boaimen f shb Ped! 'W N c. of ax Hs ihe man who pays aa' QK9 qi Sn-a fch Chafqe XN hc: s v4'xW Sue ' P. lckefs all! lell Gln . , 8 ggyiboy Ai home Cu He Boom P afxel hi' The beginning ofif all B'9 'han 'An 1'x9e Hqflg Me gred fes 1 Y' R O0 wwaks fx Tb ere musf be SIGI' W ,P- af! dh ea ' fdon'f bebbve V Hn , e I-2s""u B 'L x ox .Nr x Die . . . effing? soo -P' A .WJAQ Y' V- ,Oc x 1- v.T"'1 X ,ox So xx dXx.'nJY xg wxm XNYxcrc's. WC: pop, peppers: J,-pf .4-mx OK C xhjydxfp Qualcef EUSHCQ lf! 9 Plbs 'Surg' 'V51o'5 Hxaf coming? 1943 lx, KJ .V n 1 Y V 3 ' A ,J ' + 1 ., , U A , ' f If rlvf . ,cor E !n I frgfsh C,edl.f? bud , . Pasefmg We V - 'R Y- u N IT' . VA 957 ' . . . V Vh ,As U Aki T2 l Wlwafk he Say? A g Murder Hwe ump! bfiffhdey' John vw S ws on J FQ X36 0 C- K ON 'K e 'R wi" ow 052 co boo d o ids, . su '77fr,er,,l.m H70 bwd, , ,T ew N3 mi wifi? X Ok o . P. Scores M ri , QC 1' ll dn H0054 A SINKER Asif .- For birds only :ll ,HHN , 5' J' gl . -' -' , . " ' sv Wlxen we gel fogcflwef Mad lxousw .. N' by VM, ., 'Sha'-aumw-9-.r' "VQ?4:, ,f Y-,' . 75' . , ,- . wr.. '-'4 ' fv"'9 rr..-IL-' ..'....:wQ,, Ou? on a limb ' Y' 'W my merry Oldsmobilcl' Blow hard v 'Qs Y H+ X? X59 Q5-J CLASSES 4? Qi' Af 0, . , f ,A f , ' " . v3 . 1 M I .I - 'a B + 11x ' A I- ' iff" iv FQ J" . K I . . x Ati,-Off". 'x i 'V Hai' ,jvj QQ, .Q- 5 ,mn , 1 I' , X 'ya '4 -f' ' f f 4 if ga ' pg fxtxgt 'ff " mg? fan! dba f-sn 15,- MONTGOMERY POLLACK GRIMM HASSELMAN PresidenT Vice-PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer FRESHMAN FRESHMAN CLASS O As usual, The brighT-eyed Freshmen have all The upperclassmen panTing in order To keep up wiTh Them. This year They wasTed very liT+Ie Time wiTh preliminaries, and soon became acTive in Girls' Club, Tri-Ship, Council, G. A. A.. and all our oTher organizaTions. For helping The Freshmen adiusT so quickly, Thanks goes To lvliss l'lamilTon and Mr. Ream, The adviser chairmen, and To all The excel- lenT Freshman advisers. The Freshmen girls' adviser rooms were enTer- Tained by The sophomores aT "big sisTer" parTies, and They Themselves enTerTained Their moThers aT adviser room Teas. The boys, on The oTher hand. held mixers Tor Their dads. And, oT course, The en- Tire class Turned ouT Tor Freshman P. T. A. nighT. Many Freshmen have been ouTsTanding in sporTs. dramaTics, and music. Their grand parTicipaTion in G. A. A., l. M., and varsiTy sporTs is an indicaTion oT Their eagerness and inTeresT. All The sTudenT organizaTions and clubs are graTeTul To The Fresh- man Class Tor a number oT new ideas as well as new members. WiTh so many new Taces. The selecTion oT class oTFicers was diTFiculT, buT in every case 'The choice was an excellenT one. The oTTicers are as Tollows: presidenT. Bill lvlonTgomery: vice-presidenT, Jeanne Pollack: secreTary, Nancy Grimm: and Treasurer. Fred Hasselman. FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP-FIRST SEMESTER Row I: WiThrow, Williams, Cody, McMahon, Ruskin, Lyons, Ferris, NuTTing, Rehfeld, RiTTersporn, Gooslrind, Leber, McDougal, Bowman giilbegf, Swiren, Dolniclr, Siegel, WeinsTein, GeTschow, Algee, Jacobson, Sparling, King, Oldberg, Bayless, Bullard, MonTgomery' Tein erg Row 2: Grimm, Murray, Shinnick, Rusch, Sfrodel, Edens, Pollack, ATor, MacKenzie, LeVine, McDonald, HamiITon, Damih, DeForesT, Greeley Row 3: Sowersby, Wanner, Allison, BaiTy, Nelson, MerriT1elcl, Siclr, Borre, Mohl, EverdT, Hughes, Rufh, Burns, Berglund, Kleerup, Harris, Pleclc Hogrhaug, Groves, Sieglich, McKeigl'1an, Hawkinson, Bowler, AugusTus, Van Deusen, Billow, Macl:enroTh, Collins, Hinlrle, Elmendorf: c roy Ford, Hammerman. Lenz. Dawson, MonTgomery, STahl, Zimmerman, Kah, Geier I Page 115 y,.,.,gL. E "x':.rl BORHEK Isl' row: Shinnick, McCabe, Hari, Wylie, Mrs Borhek, Nickel, Nu++ing, Snider, Ricker. 2nd row: Van Deusen, Ruskin, Smiih, McKeigh- an, Sfrong, Pavlik, Effiandf, Dewey. 3rd row: Zibble, Nylund, Farr, Murray, Brod- shaug, Sieweri, Robison, Hannah. BYRNE lsf row: Norris, Jacobson, Jonas, Camphausen Gefchow, Miss Byrne, Young, Frinberg, Banks Clissold. 2nd row: Pyle, Diamond, King, Jones, Halsey Fiske. 3rd row: Caldenburg, Alimann, McElroy, Asch- lan, Troley, Poggensee, Ehrhardf, DeFores+. CATON Isl row: Roberis, Fesier, Siler, Mann, Mr Ca+on, Jones, Wanner, Ambrose, Parker Gidolli. 2nd row: Pavlick, Hikey, S+einberger, Felfes Terrill, Harris, TuHle, Arnold, Balmes. 3rd row: Ruih, Paley, Pope, Kriesanf, Weimer Allison, Greenebaum, Diebel, Pleck, Schein- feld. CLAUSEN lsr row: McDonald, Fegers, Sfrassheim, Pooleil Mr. Clausen, Mackinnon, Bucklin, Nadler Barriger, Lipian. 2ncl row: Lenz, Frisbip, Noerenberg, Main Morgensiern, Hoffman, Rice, Kleerup, Ram- say. 3rd row: Moller, Sawers, Jeangerard, Moore Coffin, McDaniel, Gerraro, Schaack, Mifchell COBURN lsr row: Sowersby, Hammerman, Adler, Ed- wards, Mr. Coburn, Roeddiger, Tayler, Sick Bauer, ScoH'. 2nd row: Mayer, Veafinge, Augur, Sfraifon Slubbs, Kuchberg, Prifchard, Henry, Uorso Oien. 3rd row: Bauer, Puefz, Wifi, Schroeder, Wiley McNicklus, Nelson, Ramey, Arnold, Koelling CONDON Isl' row: Hauser, Golclsfein, Brown, Bulley, Mr Condon, Clavey, Buck, Arnningham, Ober- miur. 2nd row: Rubensiein, Berglund, Beaueu, Rainer Hughes, Gilmer, Krasberg, Holub, Wiese. 3rd row: Becker, Gray, Schwall, Schmidf, Men- eghello, Vernooy, Sesferhenn, Vollmann, S+ru eff, Fly. E S H M E51 CRAM LET Row I: Harris, Brenneck, Bauer, Hirsch, John- slon,Cramlel, Geier, Borre, Nelson, Wallen Row 2: Jones, Glenn, Richardson. Jacobs, Rushing, McNeal, Sullon, Moss, McLean, Hinckley, Carey Row 3: Macomber, Karslake, Bregman, Bolle, Cookman, Anderson, Tebbells, Sinclair, Everell GALLIE Isl row: Ticknor, Dolnick, Glaser, Hunl, Mrs. Sallie, Bowman, Plolkin, Morrison, Ferris. 2nd row: Cooper, Weinslein, Swiren, Billow, Williams, Gelberl, Young, Penfield. 3rd row: Reiley, Jones, Plamanclen, Slerrell, Dushkin, Ziegler, Himes, Bullard, Haidea. KRAL Isl row: Edwards, Cobb, Buchanan, Miss Kral, Flinl, Simon, Sparling, Rapp, Isaac. 2nd row: Galemberl, Preslon, Murphy, Coller, Spiecker, Cory, Alger, While, King, Hodgson. 3rd row: Sleglich, Hansen, Arndl, Mackenzie, Hawkinson, Rolh, Wilson, Sublelle, Becker. MacFADZEAN Isl row: Rogers, Kaslor, Schneider, Larsen, Jackson, Zimmerman, Crilchlield, Lindenberg, Fabisn. 2nd row: D. Kramer, Conaghan, T. Shaver, Mazzella, Hall, Gorlner, Brzezinski, Nash, Sharsgor, Chamberlain, Scoll. 3rd row: Below, Monlgomery, Brahos, Simmons. Ford, Farnham, Fields, Slahl, Moses, Pease. PATTERSON Isl row: Wilson, Kivland, Radung, Crolls, Sherle, Miss Pallerson, Blackburn, Lundberg, Emery, Hersporn. 2nd row: Tillle, Wahlslrom, Miller, Wilhrow, Goudsmil, Hollman, Helrner, Bloom, McMa- hon. 3rd row: Slaplelon, LeVine, Slrodel, Hamillon, Templelon, Davidson, Elmendorl, Hinkle. PETERSEN Row I: Marslon, Dearborn, Miller, Harnsber- ger, Mr. Pelerson, Jones, Kaempler, Rob- son, Rach Row 2: Alslrin, Winlernilz, While, Whillield, Bond, Bruhn, Balaban, Yowell, Grigsby Row 3: Lillle, Robson, Gillespie, Crowe, Cum- mins, Fox, Di Clemenli, Flelcher, Baily Page 117 TATHAM Isl' row: Silver, Keller, Hallburg, Hagan, Mrs Talham, Gordon, Lyons, Hungerford, Beck- mann, Deffman. 2nd row: Meinig, Kahn, Winship, Coles, Mc- Cabe, Karkow, Talbol, Bevier, Grolz, Morilz 3rd row: Slevenson, Wallen, Thalman, Williams Iverman, Tuffle, Alor, Hedges. VEACH Isl row: Steinberg, Clark, Mudge, Gebharl Miss Veach, Goldsmifh, McDougal, Moni- gomery, Williams, Avery. 2nd row: Exlrom, Lypscomb, Ford, Sherman Fall, Loewy, Doherty, Boyne, Bayless. 3rd row: Drew, Klefslad, Manning, Taylor Groves, Collrill, Bowler, Whillen, Crowe. WEHR lsr row: Remien, Kalz, Wylie, Lalimer, Mr. Wehr, Hohlfelder, Ross, Perrien, Dallas, Zieg- ler. 2nd row: Krueger, O'Malley, Spilzer, Mendes. Donaldson, Zeirel, Rich, Fry, Carey, Galel. Hicks. 3rd row: Haas, Linslholm, May, BoH', Kemosr, Filzpalrick, Langry, Smith, Ball, McRenny. WEILER Isl row: Oldberg, Richburg, Walker, Schuilz, Miss Weiler, Poewhler, Sfernberg, Bennelf, Evers. 2nd row: Huck, Kransz, Spencer, Porfmann, Aronson, Nedved, Goodkind. 3rd row: Bilfield, Ridolfe, Casad, Edens, Grimm, McDonald, Rusch, Wessel. WEINGARTNER Isl row: Barfhell, Lindwall, Slrobel, Clark, Mr. Weingarlner, Slark, Rengel, Slaffers, Simon, Moore. 2nd row: DcBeer, Kenna, Borre, Fenner, Scho- pen, Fisher, Wagner, Worlhingion, Gofh. 3rd row: Rooney, Slralfon, Liebman, Walfers, Pa++erson, Maner, Mohl, O'Kelley, Bohnen. WHITE Isl row: Blumberg, Bonnem, PoFienberger, Harfer, Miss While, Cookman, Leber, Droba, Law, Robinson. 2nd row: Grigsby, Siegel, Chrisiensen, Collins, Bray, Augusfus, Conrad, Rebfeld. 3rd row: Phipps, Brown, Richards, Pelerson, Cody, Pollock, Greeley, Mackinroih, Gordon. L . sw - J 51 '- iifizsfw pf sgxgf -' A: iff" i ' W., f-145 .ze Jsji, , SEASHORE STORCH NUVEEN HALVORSEN Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrefary Treasurer SO PHOMO RES C 'Under lhe guidance of lheir advisers, Miss l'lurs+ and Mr. Grinnell, whose dulies were assumed by Mr. Carpenler second semesler, +he Sopho- mores have conlinued in lhe line way +ha+ lhey be- gan as Freshmen. They excelled in sporls, music, dramaiics, scholarship, club parlicipalion, and in school governmenl. Earlier in 'rhe fall lhe Sophomore girls gave 'lheir "big sisl'er" parlies. These parlies were given 'ro help 'Freshman irls gel acquainled. All lhe girls had a wonderfuT lime. In sporls lhis year 'rhe foolball leam made a very good showing, and lied for second place wilh Wau- lcegan. The baslcelball 'ream had a good year, al- lhough +hey had some prelly 'rough compelilion. The girls were aclively inleresled in G. A. A., and made a fine showing in all Jrhe inlramural sporis. Of course +he big evenl' of lhe year for The Sophomores was lhe Sophomore parly. The Sophs lhemselves provided l'he enlerlainmenl' in +he form of slcils and individual +alen+. Then everyone joined in +he grand march inlo +he dining hall. Music for 'lhe parly was provided by Bill Erman, and several of lhe seniors ac+ed as mixers. Much credil lor +he success of lhis affair goes 'ro lhe capable social commi++ee led by lheir able officers: presidenl. Chuck Seashore: vice-presidenl, Grelchen Slorchg secrelary, Anne Nuveen: and lreasurer, Marley Halverson. Row I: Row 2: Row 3: SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP-FIRST SEMESTER Kno+l', Gill, Sherman, Smilh, McBain, Smilh, Young, Talbof, Holden, Reed, Bufler, Snell, J. Smilh, Sleffen, Klein, Springer, Buchanan, Gods, Cormany, While, Joyce, Marcy, Jarvis, Spillla Seiden, Rubin, Umbach, Brown, Crowley, Teegen, Drochsler, J. Smifh, Mifchell, Lowrey, Hensmann, Hass, McCoy, Mueller, Hanssen Berry, Nuveen, Cox, Meyer, Carroll, Jensen, Velzing, Rice, Nance, Lambert Howe, Woleben, Hicks, Hamilfon, Trees, Baldwin Nelson, Broolrs, Lilchfield, Colfer, Gepperl, Fisher, Cunningham, McNally, Macomber, Weldon, Mullins, R. Anderson, Bergman, BeaHy, Bowen, Mabie, Slephenson, O'KieFfe, Cocly, Tenller, Oneal, Merrifield, Kuenzli, Seashore, Nesselrod, Fagan, Burr, Wales, Slewerr, Klalle, Goodman I T A L51 Lf1ll"lf" ui-l '11- 7y - 1- 11-111 1 - , Page 119 ANDERSON ' 'L I S ii Is+ row: Gode, Paddoclc, Maner Lerch, Miss Anderson, Cole, Hall- burg, Meyers, Heffer, Weicensang 2nd row: Becker, Bregsfone, Bar- nard, Hammond, Joyce, Goeifsch Smiih, Hiclrs, While. 3rd row: Cox, Broadhursf, Carroll Appley, Mueller, Sherman, Koch Herbuveaux, Peferson, Wallace Hinman. ASCHENBACH lsr row: Richardson, Sherrill, Mc- Ginn, Payner, Bergdoll, Mr. Asch- enbach, Doughfy, R. Swiif, B. Mor- and, Ballard, L. Appelbaum. 2nd row: Helinsfodler, SfarreH', Ly- ons, Hoban, Barnes, Beck, Wafsons, Ellis, WyaH'. 3rd row: McCally, Rapp, Curfis, Kiplre, Cassell, Woody, Crowe, J Wyaff, A. Wire, Ringley. CASELLA ls'r row: Winlrler, McLean, Huyler, Woolfollr, Miss Casella, Jaclrson, Ammer, Rosenberger, Siory, Blaul. 2nd row: Bloom, Spencer, lves, Tal- bof, Criffenfon, Williams, Rubin, Zeu+schel, Joyce, Bamburg. 3rd row: Coburn, Sf. Amanf, Rem- berf, Jensen, Binner, Bloch, Benf- ley, Ermeling, Johnson, Berg, Hod- son. FLEMINGTON ls+ row: Dofy, Sforch, Peasfer, Sin- glefon, Mauren, Coffield, Nauiolrs. Shere, Young, Brown. 2nd row: Miss Fleminglon, Pehrson, Schneider, McKeldin, MacDonald, Spodnyak, Berry, Williams, Marcy. 3rd row: Hiclcs, Zeddies, Burgoon, Fowler, Vance, Dunne, Olson, Boesch, Chrisiensen, Marlin. FRANTZEN lsr row: Su'Hle, O'Keefe, Buclnman, Keller, Bloom, Mr. Franhen, Oneal, Junuslzo, Mills, Marshall, Ballen- fine. 2nd row: Melzer, Dirn, Halvorsen, Smaha, Masxey, Windes, Spies, Sievens, Kulo. 3rd row: Carlson, Koerber, Anna- reno, Whifing, Havey, Runisfelf, Weis, Hagerman, Trom, Harlwell. FUNKHOUSER lsr row: Hawes, Burlingame, Nichol- son, Volini, Chesfer, Mr. Funlr- houser, Peacoclr, Seiden, Weber, Ballman, Ellmore. 2nd row: Branch, Seashore, Beiizel, Manzelmann, Goebel, Bergman, Pillra, Lind, Goelz. Y GADSKE Isl' row: Higbee, Kilazalxi, Brown Wolff, Mr. Gadslue, Kelley, Penfield Scholz, Funari, Waggener. 2nd row: Brodericlr, Scholl, Tenller, J Yafes, Burmeisrer, Barfz, Belding Ryno, S+ewar+, Myers, Morgan. 3rd row: W. Yafes, Sollill, McCabe Amos, Drake, Covell, Meyers, Calder ini, Harshaw. GILBERT Isl row: Kerber, Sleffan, Weslrich Dowd, Miss Gilberf. Sherman, Buller, Gleason, Gordan, Smifh. 2nd row: SiHig, Clinlon, Snell, Yanlis Milchell, Rufher, Myers, Weber. 3rd row: Maynard, Radunz, Bushnell Woleben, Kenoe, Cross, Anderson Aliheimer, Hass, Flanagan, Hans mann. HENNINGSEN Isl row: Wood, Kirschl, McCullough Chriofiz, Miss Henningsen, Wong Kriesanlr, Beal, Barone, Sfephens. 2nd row: Rice, Donlxer, Vyse. Sydney Swinney, Priebe, Carlson, Lowrey Tanner, Klein. 3rd row: Nance, Smifh, Rees, Wilson Meyer, Cerls, McCurdy, Sundblom Riggs, Biggerf. HOYT lsr row: Wynlcoop, Mullins, Trees Kelly, Mr. Hoyf, Haas, Hellsfrom Day, Smilh, Towle. 2nd row: Kuenzli, Parsons, Smifh O'KieFfe, Merrifield, Chrisloph, lrvine Miller, Frederick, Rugen, Bergslen. 3rd row: Derlin, Prasse, Hughes, Arm- sfrong, Everly, Barnes, Mable, BeaH'y. Weiller. E. KAHLER lsf row: Gepperl, Carmochy, Vyslxocil Chrisman, Scribner, Kahler, Brooks Willard, Wheeler, Bloomberg, Lilch- lield, Slrobel. 2nd row: Zimmerman, Armsfrong, Vm- bach, Rogers, Kilroy, Lobb, Janelle Kinfner, Wales. 3rd row: Abf, Dealrins, Bolger, Kearney Dunbar, Showerman, Lindahl, Rafeilre Klaulre. KELSO Isl' row: Wendell, Barancilr, Hudson Yiflrin, Miss Kelso, Sweerman, Fuller Forslund, Van Schaaclr, Devine. 2nd row: Adler, McBain, Andersen Drechsler, Cheney, Jarvis, Rainer Weclxler. 3rd row: Tale, Crowley, Craig, Velzing Jacobs, Tobey, Thompson, Merriaril. Page 1 20 Page 121 SOPHOMORES McDOWELL Isl row: Sargenl, Prangley, Oppenheimer Rulin, Slephens, Mr. McDowell, Kay Barker, Samson, Smilh, Rohr. 2nd row: Yahl, Schmidl, Wolicke, Rowlell Myers, Lulz, Coller, Burch. 3rd row: Campbell, Filch, Leahy, Henry Andersen, Noe, Horsh, Smilh, Mayo, Ras- ITIUSSSH OAKS Isl row: Bevier, Weber, McGowan, Ned- ved, Baldwin, Luensman, Cunningham Gehres, Brown, Weimer. 2nd row: Greenies, Surpless, Carrie, Bry- mer, Dielz, Robson, Harkness, Savage Bowen, Ward. 3rd row: Lewis, Davis, Wilson, Johnson Faulslick, Heslon, Weldon, Morre. PAUL Isl row: Prendergasl, Mackey, Rubel, Phil- lips, Smilh, Brand, Willcox, Sherwood Friedman, Orlegel. 2nd row: Fay, Beal, Lanphear, Bales, Smilh Pierson, Barnell, Beckmann, Lynn, Welch 3rd row: Brown, Heizer, Mifchell, McCoy I-:owe, Olson, Rilchie, Loder, Shipman Ey. REINHARDT Isl row: Berry, Shannon, Smilh, Holden Miss Reinhardl, King, Riller, Vogil, Borre Herbon. 2nd row: Dudman, Cormany, Kendrick Poller, Springer, Spilka, Rool, Tall, Booz Ragland. 3rd row: Langlill, Miller, Smilhers, Nuveen Hanssen, Rihl, Munson, Reling, Maichle Grimm. D. SMITH Isl row: Buller, lllium, Goodman, Church Mr. Smilh, B. Neiweem, G. Bengslon Tulliano, H. Adams, A. Nelson. 2nd row: MacNicholas, lngleharl, Kaufman Nesselrod, Nelli, Colburn, Cunningham. 3rd row: Schwimmer, Murdock, Powell Ford, Rusch, B. Jaeger, Bridges, Seul Currie, Waller. K. SMITH Isl row: Neumann, Jordan, Presbrey, Won- derlic, Mrs. K. Smilh, Aschenbach, Borre Roddick, Reed, Smilh. 2nd row: Addenbrooke, Lund, Lillle, Wa- lers, Ward, Teegen, Turner, Wyman McCosh. 3rd row: Knoll, Ballanlyne, Lovin, Peacock Lovering, Myren, Donaldson, O'NeiI, Gill Hoerger, Smalley, Ferrelli. UDE Isl row: Meier, Hamillon, Schmidl, Whil- laker, Mr. Ude, Pelli, Pecka, Block, Rodg- ers. 2nd row: Parsons, Ryan, Klale, Blaul, Sundl Ludgin, Fagen, Korle, Cody, Burr, Larson Seaman. 3rd row: Allebery, Podolsky, Randell Slephenson, Vandenburgh, Miller, Wag: ner, Thalman, Smalley. o I McCOY HUCK FELDON PresudenT Vice-Presideni' SecreTary JU IORS TI-IE JUNIOR CLASS O The Junior class sTarTed oTT The year by eIecT- ing Tour Tine oTFicers: presidenT, Nancy McCoy! vice-presidenT, Jack Huck: secreTary, Nancy Feldon, and Treasurer, Jim I.eaTon. As always, The high spoT oT The year was The Junior Prom, which was organized by The oTTicers and puT on by The sTudenTs. Everyone worked hard To make The dance a huge success. Probably The mosT signiTicanT evenT Tor This year's class was The choice oT a junior as presidenT oT Council, due To The changed sysTem of eIecTions. IT was a big responsibiIiTy, and up un+iI ThaT Time was an oTTice held by seniors. Besides placing many juniors in Council and on The Council Board, The girls have Taken an ,acTive LEATON Treasurer parT in Girls' Club and G. A. A., ably led by Miss Bredin, adviser chairman oT junior girls. The boys have done Their parT Too, along wiTh Ivlr. Vernon. by keeping The juniors well represenTecI in Tri-Ship and parTicipaTing on varsiTy squads and on adviser- room inTramuraI Teams. Aside Trom G. A. A.. Girls' Club, Tri-Ship, and sporTs, many juniors were seen in Lagniappe, The Mikado, The various dramaTic producTions and all oTher acTiviTies which are of- Tered aT New Trier, I Toward The end oT The year several members oT The class were eIecTed To The Junior T. N. T. Board. IT will be Their duTy To seIecT The members oT T. N. T. Tor The Tollowing year, and They Too may become members if They keep up Their acTiviTies. JUNIOR HONOR GROUP-FIRST SEMESTER ow Mayer, Wessel, GiIberT, Burlingame, Townsend, Shaykin, BeT+s, Kenney, Allison, Webb, Dushlrin, Trou+, HurIbuT, Anderson, Rosenihal, Taylor, Hendry, Mannix, Coburn, Arey, Peschen, Schmidt Chrisiensen, Lemon Row 2 Schififlin, Vogel, Roesing, McCoy, N. Jones, Powers, Reckiff, Levy, Schmiff, Koch, Slcyrm, Hiclrey, Nay, Donagher, Sfeinberger, Rouse, Reiley, Spence, Clark, Krueger, Clingman, GranT, B. Jones, Andersen, Bryan+, Roddewig, Jamison, Maurih, Obermeier, Hess Row 3 Misanfoni, Sfaub, Halper, WhiTe, Seng, Gibbons, Donnelly, Sfade, Swaim, ScoTT, Harris, Rice, Langdon, Hoffman, Tragnih, Elclund, Sex BesT, Cooper, Frazier, Warren, Bray, Van Schaaclr, Rose Page 1 23 JUNIORS COOK Isl row: Hendriclcson, Grilzbaugh, Maher McCallen, Luslgarien, Baker, Webb Fihgerald, Shapiro, Raymond. 2nd row: Carey, Meineke, Will, Mclniosh Julian, Allegan, Boorman, Krumm, Curley Rose, Williams, Gamble. 3rd row: Allen, Devine, Anderson, Swanson Hodgson, Roesing, Grimm, Pauley Spence, Delanry, Swindell. CRITCHETT lsr row: Nellis, Flelcher, Nichol, Prasinos Miss Crifchelf, Taylor, McBain, Rich- mond, Nolan, Eclrarl. 2nd row: Daugheriy, Clarlr, B. Jones Wrighf, Wolberg, Schmifl, Dofy, Price Sargent 3rd row: Donagher, Clingman, Nay, Cowles Paxlon, Rouse, Miles, Zimmerman, Erilsen Mendes, Slryrm. DEAMES lsr row: Godell, Wolf, Sledz, Miss Deames Thompson, Miller, Bauman, Hovey Greene. 2nd row: Hunrer, Beinlich, Srevens, Will Kransz, Marshall, Rodgers, Krueger. 3rd row: Anderson, Bosch, Vennard, Clarlr Cambridge, Schmidf, Herberl, Herrsch- ner, S+raHon, Messing. DEAN lsf row: Borre, Efron, Goodman, Sfenfi- ford, Miss Dean, Lindberg, Cuslard, Ur- ban, Heberling, Richburg. 2nd row: Weis, P. Nalenberg, Brown, Hess Howard, DeSwarle, Lee, Rosenihal, Buf- ler, Rambeau. 3rd row: Gallaway, Wennerberg, Robinson Hohlfelder, Houslon, F. Levy, Sreinberger Penney, Powers, Jung. GANNAWAY Is+ row: Schneiler, W. Schildgen, Koelling Weis, Mr. Gannaway, Washburn, J. Sieel While. 2nd row: Tuclrer, Whiiiscder, Sloesslein Johnson, Gefschow, Magie, Bray, Maison Do'Her, Talley, Jannoffa. 3rd row: Spiegel, Hoffman, Bruecks, Gras- e++, Ellis, Kallman, McCasliy, Wiley, War- ren, Burlre. HENDERSON Isl' row: Kolsfad, Calkins, Schupp, Ferrelli Mr. Henderson, Rose, Moser, Pasinafo Coolrsy, Monlgomery. 2nd row: Pair, Langdon, Rice, Wiegman Evans, Bergman, Leason, Boyden, Conner Sanford. 3rd row: Scolf, Fischer, Dieferich, Richard- son, Bruce, Foresier, Bray, Moore, Elliof J UNIORS JONES Isl row: Maxwell, Bishop, Misanfoni, Borko- vifz, Gofimann, Mr. Jones, D'Asaro, Ried- ler, Neumann, Rufh. 2nd row: Sharpe, Parker, Barker, Slewarf Forresr, Goldsmilh, Logsdon, Kuiz, Fisher Haag. 3rd row: Simonson, Alexander, Ohlson, Bar- nich, Harris, Pinsof, Gosling, Helke, Le- derle, While, Blaise. LIGHTNER lsr row: Van Schaak, Beglen, Slaub, Levi- felz, Mr. Lighlner, Wade, Mackinnon Dalion, Kroeschell. 2nd row: Pelerson, Amdur, Moody, Kuiken Cooper, Dean, Paxlon, Slubbs, Wrighi' Lalimer. 3rd row: Kerr, Carlslrom, Krohl, O'Brien Galhercoal, Wood, Perkins, Schumacher Geier. ' MOELLER Isl row: Wolf, Wahl, Mackenrolh, Town- send, Miss Moeller, Ripley, Schuyler, Kel- ley, Fung, Hagan. 2nd row: J. Granl, Sparberg, Mayer, Kalmes, Widau, Donohue, Wineman Buckingham, Haselline, Weare. 3rd row: Breen, Davis, Sfekoll, Franken berger, Obermeier, Johnson, Mauriiz, Gould, Krogh, McDonald. MUDGETT Isl row: Schifflin, Linn, James, Hollingbery Miss Mudgell, Babcock, Troul, Arey, Musson, Dushkin. Znd row: Lebeson, Lemon, Arnheim, Misch Mannix, Manierre, Bryanf, Beckerf, Hin- lernhoff, Gauin, Cleveland, Cummings. 3rd row: Wessel, Granr, Hedges, Andrews Ausham, Huck, Heberling, Sherman, Aus lin, Hulh, Harris, Meling. PIFER lsl' row: Gross, Craig, Rubin, Jamieson Mr, Pifer, Unger, Alley, Lindeen, Lealon 2nd row: Hayes, Huyler, Huck, Abeg, Har- greaves, Gersdorf, Kivland, Sealy. 3rd row: Balmes, Thompson, Jewell, Trag- nifz, Eklund, Simpson, Allen, Madson Merrill. REYNOLDS Isl row: Ber hoff Gran? W. Jones Ben Q f . . ' ne++, Core, Mr. Reynolds, Schmidl, Trip- lell, Ackermann, Helper, Large. 2nd row: Ryan, D. Jones, Gomperl, Smifh Pope, Diefz, Halsey, Sampson, Thiessen Berger, Sfoesslein, Van Bennel. 3rd row: Krumm, Hulseman, Hinshaw, Langlry, Ludovice, Brown, Bergman, Scoil, Snook, Bishop, Free, Olis, Benson, Pear- son. Page 124 Page 125 JUNIORS SHEARER Isl row: Swain, Nelson, Coolidge, Kilazalri Burgoyne, Mr. Shearer, Polls, Croll, Beinl lich, Misa nloni. 2nd row: George, Frazier, While, Pelers, Baldwin, Teeple, Tebbells, H. Shellon, Samuelson. 3rd row: Wallen, McGrew, Woollollc, Kem- per, Wallace, Templelon, Cross, Bolle, Scalbom, S. Norma n. SLEIGHT Isl row: Ralner, Gilberl, Anderson, Rodell, Miss Sleighl, Shaylrin, Bells, Eccles, Wil- son. 2nd row: Paschen, Van Deusen, Chrislensen, Scoll, Allison, Holmes, Schmill, Marcus, Choale. 3rd row: Koch, Denner, Chapman, Hunler, Burgess, Gulhridge, Hiclrey, Hinrichs, Ed- wards, Nielsen. SWAIN Isl row: Wallers, Joriorian, Pelli, Farrand, Mr. Swain, Seng, Walls, Donnelly, Has- san, Coleman. 2nd row: Elwood, Wiclmman, R. Allen, Digel, Shanpson, Green, Feuer, Plulzenreuler, McDermoll, Welch, H. Balmes. 3rd row: Slreeler, Ollaviani, Chrislensen, R. Lucchesi. R. Horlon, N. Slrael, Eilel, Anderson, D. Slellens, McCarlhy, K. Ja- cobs. VLASTO Isl row: Trom, Hoffmann, Hendry, Adler, Miss Vlaslo, Hoyl, Nixon, Mellen, Coolr, Kenney. 2nd row: Newman, Malol, Flowers, Hollis, Myer, Coburn, Barlon, Galanle, Allrinson, Siegel, Schneider. 3rd row: Schoeneclr, Jones, Berg, War- neclre, Slillwell, Koelz, Pelerson, Binner, Elrod, Clinlon, Schladen, Rocldewig, Sal- berg. WATERS Isl row: Sander, Nash, Pressman, Molner, Mr. Walers, Lyons, Besl, Gibbons, Cool:- man, Zeisel. 2nd row: Gillespie, Bridges, Peacock, Leach, Roberlson, Sex, Rulh, Yohe, Hein- zen, Johnson, Rix. 3rd row: Lovering, Hahn, Richburg, Spechl, Megowen, Felles, Klelslad, Bercaw, P. Wolf, Cooke. WHITFIELD Isl row: Oakes, Kimbarlc, Mead, Peclr, Miss Whillield, Meyers, Brown, Brand, Munns, Lynch. 2nd row: Funlrhouser, Ruggio, Burlingame, Buchanan, Clausen, Marshall, Penninglon, Olis, Feldon, Loewe, Chapin. 3rd row: Price, Vodoz, Barrall, Reclrill, Jamison, Reiley, Campbell, Barlhold, Wooden, Jones, Hughes, Roddick, Chav- lcin. T. N. T. BOARD Row I: Engelhard, Jones, Billow, Wakeley, Monk, Miller, Riblelf Row 2: Harlray, Redding, Whire, Dunne, Crane, Hammond Missing From Piclurez Glass, Ball SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE Row I: Sosna, Schaeffer Hammerman Ross, Roslsberger, Jones: Murphy, Miller, Pavlilr Row 2: Cannon, Masferman, Lowell, Ribleif, Cederberg, Ellis Row 3: Redding, Kelso, Dunne, Kempner, McLaughlin, Craven . . . BOARD T. N. T. O One of Ihe highesr honors a New Trier siudenl can a++ain is membership in T. N. T. This organizalion is com- posed oi people who have given oulslanding service +o Ihe school. T. N. T. siands for Jrhree Laiin words meaning sreadiasi, noble and lriumphanl. Seleciions are made on recommendaiions from spon- sors ol school organizalions. In order Io be eligible for eleciion, a Junior musi have made an ouisianding coniri- buiion in a+ Ieasi' one field and a Senior in iwo or more fields. ' Afier Ihe recommendalions have been submiiled, Ihe board, consisling of Ihe previous year's Juniors, meeis wiih Miss Hadden and Mr. Windoes and elecis by secrei balloi rhe Seniors who are io receive keys and 'rhe Juniors HO OR HONOR SOCIETY O Honor Socieiy is one of Ihe oldesl' and mosi' prominenr organizalions ai New Trier. I'r was founded in order Io give recogniiion Io ihose sI'u- denis who have done ouislanding academic work. One of Ihe highesi honors a siucleni can aiiain is membership in Ihis socieiy. who will serve as nexi year's board. SOCIETY I+ is composed oi Seniors who have an average of 3.20 or above. In order Io be eligible 'lor This or- qanizaiion, a sludenl musi have ailended New Trier lor al' leasi ihree semesiers and only grades ob- iained ai' New Trier are counled. Honor Socieiy is one of 'rhe linesi examples oi New Trier Iradilion. BOYS' HONOR SOCIETY I Row I: Tomei, Seaberg, Chapin, Rice, Price, Kolflaf, Misenioni, Craig, Macdonald, Henderson, Balmer, Zelznick, McKee, Brigham, Crofoof, Scheyer Row 2: Erman, Crane, O'NeiI, Sherman, Simmons, Trense, Allen, Haclrbarfh, Birlrelund, Coaies, Craven, Fagen, Susen, Beckman, Worlhingfon, MacDougalI Row 3: Richmond, Belnap, Paddoclr, Barnes, Taylor, Clarke, Brown, Powell, Yusl, Smifhson, Fox, Segil, Broolrs, Piclrerd, Aishion, Lowrey, Cooper GIRLS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Buehler, Ellmore, Hanser, Ribleff, Schaeffer, Taylor, Burr, Hammerman, Jirgal, Mooney, Bushman, Sosna, Ehrlich, Chrisrenson , Row 2: klegglff, Davis, Haug, Shinniclr, Har+, Young, Sundi, Freeman, Korlh, Cannon, G. Clarlr, Lowell, Spencer, Harvey, cA ee Row 3: Evans, Jones, Silver, Smilh, Walceley, Leisch, Wells, Hennessy, Offaviani, Lincleman, James, Monlr, Maslerman, Erwin Page 126 ADVISERS Auslin Cavaneuqh Cleder Donham Eisler Evans Fearheiley Greler Hadclen Harper Holland King Lauer Lehman McKinnie Morris Nay Simonds Sfewarl A HARTRAY ROSS Presidenf Vice-Presidenl ROSSBERGER KEMPNER Secreiary , Treasurer SENIGR OFFICERS O This year's Senior Class has proven ilsell more +han capable ol handling +he momenious res onsibiliiies connecied wilh being lhe leaders ol such a large schoolland wilh delermining fhe conducl' and acrivilies lor The olher classes 'lo follow, The class members have made many oulslanding conlribulions To 'rhe school, lo +he commu- ni+y, and 'ro Themselves as members of 'rheir class. They have put on many major dramalic produclions, bolh as aclors and as back-siage helpers, lhe opera, "Lagniappe," and ihe Senior Class play. They have conlribuled lo +he cornmuni+y lhrough +he Red Cross, The numerous clolhing drives, +he adopiion of European children, and olher charily drives. In 1'he lilerary field, +hey have worked 'rogelher successfully lo produce 'rhe "New Trier News", "lnklings," "Echoes," and newspapers of diflerenr language clubs. The major organiza- lions which are headed by members of lhe senior class are as fel' lows: Tri-Ship, G. A. A., and Girls' Club. Each year, Tri-Ship pre- senls a Tri-Ship cup lo some senior boy lor par+icipa+ion. Also, lhe D. A. R. award is given +o lhe senior girl who is considered lhe besf cilizen. The Sieering Commiliee, composed of senior boys and girls, noi only handles all class affairs bur aims 'ro build school morale. This year's officers were as follows: Presidenr, Jack l-larlrayq Vice- Presideni, Ronnie Rossberger: Secrelary, Margarel Rossg and Treas- urer, Jean Kempner. LYNNE MARY J. MARION L.' EDWARD S. NANCY WOODBURY S. ABRAHMS A ABRAMS ACKLEY ADAMS ADLER AGAR eniom ANDREW W. RICHARD H. CHARLES R. RONALD L. AISHTON ALGER ALLEN A ALLEN JULIUS L. JOHN M. LAWRENCE M. THOMAS ROBERT H. WILLIAM S. ANDREWS ARMS ARONSON ARTHUR BACON BAKER PETER D. I 'JOHN F. MAHLON W. SHIRLEY C. I- JEAN DOROTHY A. BALDWIN BALL BARNES BARNES BARNETT BASSLER ' I JOHN E. AUDREY H. EUGENE F. . ROBERT D. GLORIA L. EUGENE M. BAUMGARDNER BAUER BAUR V BAZELON4 BEATTY BECKER DAVID N. JACOUELINE NUEL D. CLINTON DONA C. HOWARD G. BECKMAN BECKMANN BELNAP ' BENNETT . BERG BERGDOLL 194 PATRISIA A. PATRICIA J. JOYCE A. PHILIP M. ' BERGDORF BERNER BERRY BETHKE 'aw W --" 'sr EVANS ANNE E. JEAN JOHN P. GERTRUDEA. CONSTANCE D.x 'I BEVIER BIGELOW BILLOW BIRKELUND BISHOP I BLACK RICHARD G. JUDITH A. ' ERNEST C. JVIVIAN A. PATRICIA L. L. WAYNE BLACKWELL BLAKE BLIND BOGGS BOLTON BOND lv' I"'I" ROBERT A. I JEANNE N. THEODORE J. JOANQI.-.' CATHLEEN A. DONALD A. I BOND BORCHARD . BORHEK ' BRADSHAW A BRADY . BRAUN I NANCY M. STEPHEN F. ROBERT DON M. JAMES O. JOHN P. BRAUN BRAY v BRENNECK BRIGHAM BROOKS BROWER eniom BRUCE M. LOREN H. JOHN W. MIGNON Y. BROWN BROWN BUCHER ' BUEHLER JOSEPH J. SANDRA H. DON W. EUGENE E. JEAN W. MARY ALICE BUENA ' BUHAI ' BULLARD BULLARD BULLARD BULLEN JOAN BARBARA EDMOND W. PETER W. HARRIET ' KENMAR J. BULLEY BURDICK BURKE BURNSIDE BURR ' BUSHMAN GERALDINE WILLIAM F. WARNER L. -- STANLEY M. MARY C. SHIRLEY P. BUTLER BUTLER BYRUM ' , CAHN CAMPBELL CAMPBELL BEVERLY 'LOIS J. b JOHN E. ALBERT E. JAMES A. A . ROBERT E. CANNON CEDERBERG CHALLINOR CHAMBERLAIN CHAPIN CHARLES 194 JUNE E. MARY LOU RICHARD JAMES E. ' CHRISTENSEN CHRISTENSON CHRISTIANSEN CHRISTOPHER DOLORES I GERALDINE f I JOHN M. MARION ROBERT B. VIRGIL V. CHUBB ' CLARK CLARK- CLARK' . CLARKE CLARY RAYMOND C. JAMESIM. ' STANFORD BETTY J ANE WILLIAM D. BARBARA CLAUSEN CLEARY CLINTON , CLOOS COATES COLE . , V - . 4. - .wr 4, , . - - IJULIEN H. . ARTHUR A. . Aqgmgfs T 'E R. LALLAN-H. Lucn.Le COLLINS. JR. c:ou.lsoN ' Q' 3JfpgA,A.gL.fI,gQQNL5Y I , I --CQNNEY I . -comvense I I I T. 'Eiii' -A-' ,..E '.f. . , I w ,..f-.?S""' A-'vw L,-M an ,vn- ' .s 6' 'r 4. ' -v. ici ,N P-'Nr Q -5, tl P4 -. . 0' '-W..u' 1 Maw- '+ 4.4 'QU' , q , :- li' ... " ifff"v" +-,g gf? WL J' DOROTHY N. ' EVA M. CHARLES N. NADINE ROBERT E. ARTHUR L. DEVITT ' DINI, DOLD DOLNICK Q DREW DUNNE , 794 I Y. I . I . K i V JOHN J. HELENE B. HAROLD JAMES I DUNN EHRLICH EISENBERG , EISENBERG , , if fy' I JOHN B. KENT S. JOANNE M. ELIZABETH MARY - FRANK J. ELLIFF ELLIS ELLMORE EMRICH ENGELHARD ENGELS WILLIAM H. I I WILLIAM T.' V I NANCY A. ' SARA JEAN BETTY J. I JANE E. . ERICSSON ERMAN -' A' AERWIN ETTELSON EVANS EVANS DAMON F, RAMONIA, EDWAkD'A., N 'X BEVERLY IJ. ' LEoNoRA cmo J. -.gy5NsTAD EVENSTADW 4T 4 ,EFAGENI FALK VFERRARO Homo .Mg . af ri' vi , V, K it ,,1 , ' I " QS L I I ff I 7? BRUCE A. STUART J. LORNA DEE BARBARA A. ELAINE BARBARA GORDON GORDON GOSSETT GOTCHER GRAY GRUBS ' Y' Clif I .I F H X F ,I If f Q. . . VPAU'L.J.',, Q CLAIRE ALFRED E. THOMAS K. GREELEY sur:-me HACKBARTH HALLS I-11 A ENID H. INA P. DONALD B. NORMAN B. DAVID W. HELENE S. HAMMERMAN HAMMERMAN HAMMOND HAMMOND HANCOCK HANS 'Min GRETCHEN B. CAROL V. KEARNEY E. CHARLES H. BARBARA JEAN JOHN F. HANSEN HANSER HARMAS HARRISON HART HARTRAY JUNE E. HELEN , IRENE L. MARY J. I CAROL JOHN C. HARVEY u HASS -HATOWSKI - HAUG . HAWES HAWORTH JOANNE H. WARD JAMES D. CRAIG H. VIRGINIA KENNETH C HEINZEN HELLSTROM HEMPHILL HENDERSON HENNESSY HENNING GEORGE H. BALLARD V. THOMAS L. ROGER W. HESS HIGBEE HILLIARD HINKLEY F M Q V.:, . . A -K 'II I 2 I 'w?g.:4I Q I , , if IIIS' 0, Cai ' HARRY S. JOHN N. FRANK C. ALAN F. NANCY L. RALPH D. HITES HOAG HOCHMULLER HOMAN HOERGER HORN ROBERT M. RICHARD H. FREDERICK J. JUNE A. JOHN W. RICHARD H HORWITCH HOUGHTON HUEBNER HULL HUMPHRYS - HUNT DONALD P. ,LAWRENCE M. CLIFFORD A ANTHONY S. JERRY E. BARBARA L. HURLEY' - , I-IUSAK' . . IYES ' I .JAcoss I JAQOBY. A JAMES .......-W... .... .,. . ,., ,. , . . . .. ... ..J.. ..... . .L . , . , . ...,. , V X PHYLLIS BERNARD P. DOROTHY E. R. FLORENCE ROBERT A. ROBERT M. JANNES JENNETT JIRGAL JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON 194 ' MARY JO BARBARA A. JOANN D. MARY HELEN . JOHNTZ JONES JONES JONES ROBERT G. JOHN DAVID J. MARY E. SARAH JANE WILLIAM K. JONES - JORGENSEN KAHN KAUFMANN KELLER KELLOGG 0 5' . 'I Mx 'tw' HARRISON M. M. CONSTANCE JEAN AMANDA E. GRIFF W. SHIRLEY S. KELSO ' KEMLER KEMPNER KENDRICK KENDRICK KENNA MARY c. . ' Donor:-IY A. CYNTHIA J. KAY P. A I I ,JEAN M. ELIZABETH KENNEDY NKEN-f ,V .I,, . -IQLINE .5KOCHI KOCHLEFL ROLF S. HELEN M. CONNIE LOUIS E. ROBERT W. CHARLES KOLFLAT KORTH. KRAETSCH KRANTZ KRASBERG KRATSCH eniom JAMES A. PATRICIA L. HELEN E. GILBERT w. KRIPPES KUBIAK KUI-I ' IcuRscI-INER ' ERIC C. MARY ANN RUSSELL A. MARGARET R. WILLIAM H. F. ANNE LAM BERT LARSEN LARSON LAWSON LAYER LEATH JOANNE NANCY FLORENCE D. CAROL E. BETTY-LOU JOHN' J. LEATON LEGGITT LEGNER LEICHSENRING LEISCH LENHART NORMAN D. GRANT H. THOMAS J. HOWARD G. CAROL ERNST LERCH , LEVERNIER LEVERNIERA I .LEVITETZ I I LEVY 'I LIEBMAN CAROL I. NANCY J. BARBARA A. EUGENE A. PATRICIA EVERETT W. LIEPOLD LINDBERG LINDEMAN LINDSAY LINEBERGER LITTELL T' CARLYN JOYCE W. ERLEND R. JOHN B. LOVGREN LOWELL LOWREY LUCAS i' HAROLD H. WILLIAM L. JOYCE M. DOROTHY J. DAVID R. DAVID E. LUNDBERG 'LURIE LUSTGARTEN LUTTER MACDONALD LYONS GORDON BREWSTER H. GORDON E. BRUCE E. CLARK C. LORETTA A. MacDOUGALL MACEY MacKENSIE MACOMBER MACOMBER MALONEY NANCY J. GEORGE HOWARD V JOHN V. JUDY HELENE B. MARILOUISE H MARR A MARTIN MASSEY MASTERMAN ' MAYER MAYER WALTER MARCIA J. SARAH ELIZABETH W. DONALD R. SUSAN C. MAYTHAM McAFEEI McCARN McCLELLAN McCOY McDONELL I 8lfLiOl"f5 LOU ANN CLAIRE DONALD M.- HELEN R. McGINN McGREW McKEE ' McKENZIE A KAYE LEIGHTON B. SUSANNE I E. JANE CAROL ROSEMARIE A. McLATCHIE McLAUGHLIN McMASTER MEACHAM MERRIAM MEYER THOMSON L. JEANNE ARDIS A. DOROTHY M. JOHN G. JOHN .W. ' MEYERS MILES MILLER MILLER MILLS MISANTONI LINDA MONA ' MARYLYNN JOHNRI. T A LOUISE MARION l.' 3 MISANTONI MOHARDT MONK MONTGOMERY. MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY :T I ' ' I ll 19' Liwzmm 436 'pf 1 , --1 -1 1 ,V 1, f -.1- W ww, -511 ,4 Lf-.-1 .M ,W 'wi UL. V'f.M,f!lMf1 , xL,3Qg!.flXlq .X gfxmfiz .. I , x A gif VW.-'H-V , ,HJ if-,.,HL1,2 S Q3-,lf ny!-1' .W 5 ggi " x.'f1...x., X. fswmyl ..flnax,,....r -I mx. .x, 'mv X',.'V.Q , - . Ml. . SHIRLEY J. BERNARD K. THOMAS E. ' 1 , JAMES PAIDAR PAPIERSKI 4 PAARFITT . PARSONS ,hw ...UAA .,. V f. ANTONETTE M. I M. JONE IMARILYN J. JEANNINE FRANK C. BETSY ANN I PATTULLO PAVLIK PEACOCK PEASTER PENDLETON PERLSTEIN EMIL W. I JOHN J. BARBARA I. LILLIAN E. x PESATU RO PETERS PETERSON PETERSON eniom MARCIA A. ' RODERIC H. PETER H. LOWELL JEANNE LOUIS W. PHELPS PHIBBS IPICKARD ' PICKUP ' b PIERRE , - PIERSON BEVERLY 'HARPER .JAMES C. I I BRUCE G. MALCOLM R. MARGUERITE W PLUMER POLINC-5 ' PORTIS POSEY I POWELL ' g POWELL .lol-IN G. I MARTHA J. j. . ' Powens - .Palceggg ,L GRIER WILLIAM E PURVIS ' RACH n LFECQJN A 2iUiFQEEl1i5 , ROE EQQUT' i Tif1fDS!3i.EIlr: .flflfbilixi ffl,-'RL.5 'USF' . mg gn, K Y 1 J? '-QQ 3,4 ,S Ljggf jg., ' J '-,Q ry "W 1'fr1n",' 1' V --Vp I .. .,,. KLW4 J. 1.f..JLzN.., Hui . ...J..'1 ,Wir-XM xxf..2iwL.nm ... xf. T Il, in muz'f , A w,f1z-L1,'xM H. 'VERONIQAWAQQA . A, J.. , VJQANH. Hema ' moss w Waossagaeea ' '. ff 'Ll4.gig5+ fRVucK,, 1 , ' , g,,Bl4MSFEL0 ' SAKAKURA l ., Mail,QQ,gi,..Q.Q,M gQ1g5.3ffgsiifi'iff 'fliggi1i1,,.g1,g,,,gQ1,Ilgg4,Agggg gQ4g,,w A"A' lQkgag,g' 'sz4522 Q' , 14 ....,. . 4 lx! DONALD E. RICHARD K. BETTY J. CHARLES E. STUART R. SUSAN M. SALMEN A SANDERS SCHAEFFER SCHAEFFER SCHEYER SCHLEGEL A 8lfLL0lf'f5 MARIE A. PHYLLIS I. CHARLOTTE M. RICHARD P. SCHMIDT ' SCHMIDT SCHMITZ SCHMITZ THOMAS HOWARD C. JOHN H. JOHN F. HERBERT N. JOSEPH J. SCHMITZ SCHNEIDER SCHNEIDER SCHOLL SCHOPEN SCHROEDER ROBERT G. CARLTON P. MARIAN F. STEVENS F. ARTHUR W. SUZANNE V SCHWARTING SCOTT SCOTT SEABERG SEGIL SELECMAN I was JOANNA G. JOAN R. ROBERT E. I I WILLIAM V. DONALD G. BARBARA J. SELKREGG SEVERSON SHANAHAN , SHANNON. . SHAW SHEPPARD' 'Q-'I -M HAROLD L. , MARY E. MALCOLM N. ' LORETTA J. THOMAS H. JOHN F. SHERMAN SHINNICK SIEGEL SILVER SIMMONS f SLAMIN 7 948 V SUSAN C. MARGUERITE G. H. SPENCER JOAN S. SLOWN SMALL SMITH SMITH 'W v T 'v R . 1-1 ' .1 '- .4 ,, 'K K,1,jwf'I Y 'K 0 Q -' SALLY P. STEPHEN W. SCOTT B. VIVIAN F. SUSAN M. CARL V. SMITH V SMITH SMITHSON SOSNA SPENCER SPERO 9 PAUL A. ' JAMES R. WILLIAM D. IJ. ROBERT MARY ANN T. SHIRLEY A. 'SPIES SPIESMAN I I STAHL STAPLETON STEFFENS STEFFENS SHIRLEY C. ROBERT W. , ROSEMARY E. BRUCE W. ROI-AND C- MARIE C- STEWART STINSON STONE ' STOWE ' STROM ASULLIVAN .KDHN Vxf. .".Q-E9LUEJ1 li. EEETSYB. ,IM ' Sllbtix? ' "i',"kYl.l "E2'KYLQ5?. U ' !!LI-!Alxfi N. LARRY J. JZ' MLM AN THALEVMIN! N , A ,'f.iY!N T. Kf5CiHiEiY,il'wIlfE f4I'lff1.NCES C. mLQs5:EiL'i' C. DH X Ti'Lffli"ZNf'f7iC. 'THUYL "i'CDGl3f E ' 'i'ff,7LI'vf ' .'f.iNlNE IZ. h VICTOR .JOMNINEE Q. EiCf'D5'-MII N NIJ R ! SO N TRf54.LVl"v'x' Ei N TR TN EN , s,: .m9f ' , PATRICIA Afm- . Rulfus P. , zgvcfzmz,-1 mxm 1 v,ANDERcooK VAN ZANDT , lr WHT.. .-1:11. .. JOANNE A. CHARLES B. NATALIE A. MARION L. ANNETTE G. JEANNE M. VEDOVELL VOORHIS U WAKELEY WALLOWITZ , WALSER WEBER GEORGE J. RICHARD CHARLES PEGGY J. WEEKS ' I WEHRHEIM WEILER WEINER JUDITH JEROME E. PETER R. JO ANN C. SALLY A. JACK I. WEINSTEIN , WEISMAN WELCH WELLS WELLS WESTRICH NANCY J. 'CONSTANCE I NORMA JO ROBERT F. , SHERILYN LEE ROBERT B. WEYL WHITAKER WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITTAKER ELIZABETH A. - WILLIAM J. l GEORGE DOROTHY.L. I KENNETH C. PATRICIA E. WIDMER WILDEMAN WILLIAMSON ' , WILSON ,WILSON LWILSON f X ' sux., , f ,uf wswlx ' X f 1 x fdltf 1 H4 , 1 71 X ' VN H I ' 1 A Ink! 'X ,v fwlxlx "J 4 A , , '1 1 1 va "3 '5' 1" x lk f Wg' f ' fwg N 7,?f1"i3'x51 Acfors' Guild .,....,4 . . . Adminisfrafion Adminisfrafive Group . . . . . . Adviser Chairmen . . Deparfmenf Heads . . Mr. Gaffney ....... School Board ..... Archeology Club . . . Arf Deparfmenf . . , Ari' League ....... Baseball Il947I .,..... Baskefball IVarsi+yl .... Baskefball lFrosh-Sophl Boys' Physical Educafion Deparfmenf Cafeferla ......,...........,... Career Club Board lGirlsI ........ Cheerleaders ............. .... Chess Club ............ . . , Choir ...............,... .. . Commerce Depa rfmenf Concerf Band ........., . . . Concerl' Commiffee . Debafe Team . . . .Door Guards .... Dramafic Club .i.. Board .........., Casfs ..,.,........ . . . Dramafics Deparfmenf ECHOES Edifors ..,. ECHOES Sfaffs .... English Deparfmenf . . . . . . Ensemble lBoys'I .... Ensemble IGirls'I .... Foofball lVarsi'ryI . . . Foofball IJ. V.I ....., Foofball lFroshI ......... . . , . . Foofball lFrosh-Sophl ...,........ Foreign Language Deparfmenf ..... Forensic Board ,..,. . .,........ . French Club .... Freshman Class Adviser Rooms . . . Honor Group . . . Officers ...... G.- A. A. Class Managers . . Commiffees ..... Execufive Board . . . Officials ...... Page Girls ,,.. Parficipafion .. Poinf Awards .,.. Pool'Guard . . . Represenfafives Sporfs Board .... Index Spring II947l ..... Teams. ............ Telegraphic Team . . German Club ,.,.. . Girls' Club Boa rd ....... 3I .96-97 96 66 4I Commiffees ,..... . . . 42 Represenfafives .... . . . 42 Girls' Physical Educafion Deparfmenf I9 Glee Clubs Boys' ............ Girls' Firsf .....,.. Girls' Second lPd. 3l Girls' Second lPd. 8l Golf II947I ....,,... Gym Assisfanfs . . . Gymnasfics .,.... Healfh Deparfmenl' .. Home Economics Deparfmenf. . . Honor Sociefy ....,......,.., IM Sporfs IBoys'l ..,... ...... IM Sporfs lI947l ............. lndusfrial Arfs Deparfmenf ..... lnformafion Desk ,... lnklings ....,... Junior Class Adviser Rooms . . . Honor Group .... Officers ......... Junior Music Club .... Kniffing Club Board ., Lagniappe Commiffees Lafin Club ......... Le Flambeau ... Lens Club .....,. Library Assisfanfs .... Library Deparfmenf . . Library Monifors .,.. Lighf Crew ........ Lunch Hall Managers . Make-up Crews ... Magic Club ......... Mafh Club .............. Mafhemafics Deparfmenf . . . Music Deparfmenf .....,. Musncale ............. Musicology Deparfmenf . . . Nafional Forensic League .... Newcomers Club .......,. NEWS Edifors . . NEWS Sfaffs . . . Office Sfaff .... Opera ll947I .... 6I 6l 6l 6I 28 20 88 I8 I8 ...I26 . 89-9 I 30 I8 40 48 l23-I25 ...I22 ...I22 64 69 39 66 49 70 2I I8 40 53 36 53 69 70 I3 I7 56 56 57 65 46 47 20 24 Opera Groups Boys' ....... Girls' . .. Orchesfra .......... Props Crew ........... Public Address Corps ..... Quill club ..........., Radio Club ... Railfans Club .... Recifal Club .... Recorder Group . . . Rifle Club ...... Schreiberei ....... Science Club ....... Science Deparfmenf . .. Senior Class Advisers ..... Officers ...... ...... Picfures ...,...... . . 8 Senior Music Club ..,. ...... Service Club ........ . ..... . Snapshofs ..........,...... IO2 Social Sfudies Deparfmenf ........ Sophomore Class Adviser Rooms . . .... I I9 Honor Group . .. Officers ...... Spanish Club .... Sfage Crew .,... Sfamp Club ...... Sfeering Commiffee . Sfudenf Council Board ........ Commiffees .... Represenfafives . . . Sfudenf Office Sfaff .... Sfudy Hall Supervisors . . Swimming lVarsifyl ..... Swimming lFrosh-Sophl .. Swimming Guard .,.... Tennis Il947l ............. Theorefical Science Club . . . T. N. T. Elecforal Board .... T. N. T. lSpringl .....,.. Track II947I .... Track IVarsifyI ........,... Track IFrosh-Sophl .......,...... Traffic Regulafion Commiffee Tri-Ship Board ................. Commiffees . . Represenfafives Usher Corps ........ Verse Speaking Choir. .. Visual Educafion . . . Wresfling . , . W W4 X' WW WMM xp 60,5 SM P-L rv w DQ? ,S-44.7K ifwfh b 1 , 'V A 4 ' 'Y ' fum. lffyb Q, S vb-' Vw. N9 P'lUSlG i ,bv ,P I -2 4 4 , ,V A v M ' " ,aff-s.u..m

Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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