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"M, 4,5 'ef 12 ?,":.j ff ff + ' A . ,,1AL,1f"'.f' 11'233-Wijfi.-' f M1Qgg4A gg 1lQg ',. 5 g , g 1L r AQQLLEQ l l 4 sq m: 1 . ""'-04. , WWQ un' M Vx vi .E W ag . in - ffm. .ft ,fm S, 21 .K A , N, , TW 1 . ,,. , , f, .',, ,- .x.,.,v!.K Z ag V Jw! M if 'S l XI' 'I 'Qld 1 ...J i , 4-up w -. 4 ' s we ML 'E MR. ANDERSON MR. CUTLER MR. HINNERS MR. JARCHOW I MR. KOHLER .- T-KAHLERI if MALONEY I BROWN HERRON BIESEMEIER ADMINISTRATION O Due largely To The u4nTiring efforfs of The New Trier AdminisTraTion and The Board of EducaTion, New Trier is known ThroughouT The counTry for iTs ouTsTanding schoIasTic rafing. Under Their direc- Tion The school and iTs acTiviTies have been run smoofhly and well. A greaT deal of The credif for New Trier's fine record should righffully be given To MaTThew P. Gaffney, who, as principal of The school for The pasT sixTeen years, has worked consTanTIy To im- prove The schooI's faciIiTies, curriculum, and already superior faculfy. He has sTriven for friendly rela- Tionships beTween The sTudenTs and The facuITy and has Tried To see ThaT every sTudenT mighT receive The full benefiTs of all The opporTuniTies offered him aT New Trier. Aiding Mr. Gaffney in his successful eTforTs To make our school one of The besT in The counTry have been Mr. W. L. Brown, Business Manager and As- sisTanT Superinfendenf: Mr. I'I. I'I. I-Ierron. RegisTrar and OTfice Supervisor: Mr. F. A. Kahler. Dean of Boys: Miss Helen I-I. Maloney, Dean of Girls: Mr. R. F. L. Biesemeier, Su erinTendenT of Buildings and Grounds: all adviser Cijhairmen: deparTrnenT heads: and The sponsors of Tri-Ship. Girls' Club, and council. The Thanks and appreciafion of The enTire school are well deserved by The Board of EducaTion, which acfs as a link beTween New Trier and The villages and also sfrives in every way for The beTTermenI' of The school. Harold H. Anderson of KeniIworTh is The presidenT of The board. while The board mem- bers are ChrisTian E. Jarchow and Paul W. CuTIer of WilmeTTe. BerT M. Kohler of Glencoe, and Ralph G. I-Iinners of WinneTka. Page 12 IIAHLER MALONEY ' VERNON BREDIN I HAMILTON REAM y HURST GRINNELL Adviser Chairmen and Department Heads DEANS C Miss Maloney. 'rhe Dean of Girls, and Mr. Kahler, 'rhe Dean of Boys. are also Ihe Senior Adviser Chairmen. Any difficulries which in 'rhe iudgmeni' of Jrhe adviser should be referred 'ro The Adminisiraiion go Iirsr 'ro Ihe adviser chairman and from Ihere, on ro +he dean if nec- essary. A greai' deal of 'rhe deans' Iime is spenl' in col- lege conferences wiih Seniors and oiher upper classmen. The deans are familiar wiih Jrhe colleges and 'fry +o sug- gesr Those Thar will besr suir 'Ihe needs and desires of 'Ihe s'rudenI'. ADVISER CHAIRMEN The adviser chairmen direcr 'rhe program of adviser room work Ihroughoul' Ihe year and are also in charge of all class affairs, such as collecrions of class dues. elecrions, parfies. and appoin+men'rs of class commi++ees. Adviser room problems are discussed wifh Jrhe adviser chairmen who acl' as links beiween Ihe adviser rooms and Ihe ad- minisirarion. DEPARTMENT HEADS Every deparimeni' in New Trier is supervised by a de- parrmeni' head who besides Jreaching classes plans Ihe work in his deparimeni. The deparrmenr heads coordi- nare classes. secure subsiiiures in any emergency, and choose rhe rexibooks for 'rheir cleparimenis. MURPHY RAU HUTCHENS SMALL SCHOENEN- LIGHTER BIESEMEIER Ari' Commerce English Foreign Language BERGER Home Economics Indusfriel ArIs HeaI+h LIBBEY SNYDER COTTON ' CHILDS. BOULTON WINDOES ULLRICK 1 Library , Mafhemafics Music Boys' Physical Girls' Physical Science Social Siudies Educafion Educafion Page 13 HUTCHENS H CARPENTER COOK DEAMES DURGIN H HAMILTON LEHMAN LIGHTNER MeeLEAN McKINNIEs g PETERSON PIPER K. SMITH VAN KIRK A VLASTO WALKUP WHITE WHITFIELD V WILSON WRIGHT , 'STANWOOD VCAVANAUGH ,GAHAGAN GRIMES ENGLISH DEPARTMENT O Under +he able direc+ion of Mr. Huichens. The English Deparimenf has kepf up Hs high sfandards Ihis year. A new Ieacher and reiurned veleran. Mr. McKinnie, was added Io +he depariment Also, a new course, Journalism. was added. This class may replace +hird-year English. wiih +he aim of giving sfudenis knowledge and praclice in Ihis kind of wriling. which knowledge could be puf To use on 'rhe New Trier "News". I+ is hoped +ha+ evenlually all of +he "News" slaff will have had 'rhe Journalism course. Wi+h +ha+ addiiion, Ihe deparlmeni' con+inued all Hs former ac'rivi+ies in English preparaiion. The "Greal' Books" course, subsfifuled for 'lourih-year English, is s1'ill very popular wiI'h 'Ihe Seniors. The cuslomary depar+men+ Jresis were held. and 'rhe Juniors siruggled wifh Their Junior Jrhemes. The regular curriculum of +he English Depar+men+ is designed Io give us 'rraining and inslrucfion, which will form a firm foundafion in liieralure, oral and wriH'en expression. and college preparalrion. The impor- +ance of such a loundaiion is obvious when if is realized 'rhaf if musi' be used in all olher subiecis and in mosl' careers. We Ihank 'rhe English Deparfmenf for i+s valuable service. . DRAMA Slanwood. The Dramaric Deparimenl' has had a busy and profilable year. The sorry Io have losi' Mrs. Thurman, buf equally glad +o welcome Mrs. Grimes as leader of Ihe Choir a'nd lhe Tall Talkers. Olher courses offered are Dramalics, +he ever popu- Voice and Dicfion, and Choric Verse Speaking. Our Dramalic Deparimenl has been The of New Trier's fine dramalic producfions and will confinue 'ro inspire many EITHEI Page 15 MATHEMATICS O This year. The MaThemaTics DeparTmenT. under The compe- TenT leadership of Mr. Snyder. has again upheld The high sTand- ards which Tormer years oT excellenT work have seT Tor iT. The sTaTT members have been a greaT aid To The school in many ways. Examples of This are: Mr. Aschenbach. Mr. CaTon. and Mr. Funclchauser. all oT whom are TooTball coaches: Miss Gallie who is sponsor oT The KniTTing Club: Miss SleighT, head oT MaTh Club: Mr. Ude, head of TheoreTical Science Club: and Mr. WaTers, one oT ECHOES' sponsors. The deparTmenT deeply regreTs The loss oT Mr. Hoskins, who moved To CaliTornia lasT OcTober wiTh his wiTe, who was Taken ill. He will noT resume his Teaching There, buT will go inTo busi- ness. The place leTT by The resignaTion of Mr. Hoskins is being Taken by Mr. Erwin WeingarTner. He is a graduaTe oT NorTh- wesTern UniversiTy, and is worlcing Tor his MasTer's Degree There. Mr. WeingarTner also was a help as coach during The TooTball season. AnoTher addiTion To The deparTmenT is Mr. Richard Gadslce. He reTurned To The TaculTy lasT Fall aTTer serving as a Commander in The Navy Tor Tour years. Before being called To acTive duTy, he had been conferred The DocTor oT Philosophy degree Trom NorThwesTern UniversiTy and was Teaching There. No new courses have been oTFered This year. buT all of The old ones have been conTinued. They are: General MaTh and Algebra, which are offered To Freshmen: Plane GeomeTry Tor Sophomores: lnTermediaTe Algebra Tor Juniors. which, iT de- sired. can be Taken in one semesTer: and Then Tollowing This, The more advanced courses oT TrigonomeTry, Solid GeomeTry, Slide Rule, and College Algebra. all oT which are one semesTer courses. More and more sTudenTs are realizing The imporTance oT having a good background in MaThemaTics, which is proven by The large enrollmenT This year. Also, The veTerans who are re- Turning To New Trier seem especially eager To Take as much MaTh as possible, having found ouT 'from experience how useful iT is in a greaT many fields. 49 l cm' SNYDER ASCHENBACH CATON ' EVANS FUNKHOUSER GADSKE GALLIE GRATER HARPER JONES KELSO' SLEIGHT D. SMITH SWAIN UDE T .- gui. . li PN W .Zi..,. V... WATERS WEINGARTNER fcuerr ' comm QFLEMINGIQN. ' FRISBIE- T, 4 Y Heuosnson HURSTI I NAY GANNAWA SHEARER- V WALIZ wuens ' wen-in SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT O The Social STudies DeparTmenT, under The direcTion oT Miss Ullrick, has conTinued This year To Teach a wide varieTy oT subiecTs: Medieval l'lisTory, Geography, Eng- lish l'lisTory. AncienT l'lisTory, Civics, Economics. LaTin American HisTory, Modern l'lisTory, Sociology. and UniTed STaTes HisTory. One new course, Far EasTern His- Tory, has been added To The curriculum. Far EasTern His- Tory is TaughT by Miss WalTz, who has reTurned To New Trier afTer a year's leave of absence spenT in sTudying ThaT subiecT aT The UniversiTy of California. M.osT oT The Y 5... WEILER ULLRICK SIMONDS TATHAM hisTory sTudenTs parTicipaTed, as in previous years, in The "Time" CurrenT ATTairs TesT, and The Simpson Award dis- cussions oT modern world problems were again an impor- TanT iTem in The year's work. The HisTory Museum, which conTains many inTeresTing collecTions, and The ArT and Music lnTegraTion DeparTmenTs conTinued To give Their valuable aid To The sTudenTs. This deparTmenT sTrives, in every way, To esfablish a beTTer undersTanding on The parT of New Trier's sTudenTs of The economic, social, and poliTical problems ThaT conTronT The world Today. 019 f unix T Page 16 l WI NDOES ACHRISTENSEN CLADER A CONDON V EDWARDS HOYT l i l T A REAM . REYNOLDS SMITH STEWART VERNON VAN DEUIRSEN ld SCIENCE DEP O Under 'fhe Science rier sfudenfs of are General Science. The laffer is science adds up fo a very inferesfing Windoes, fhe each class. The Science. Physiology. combined wifh course. Biology and Radio are offered fo Sophomores, while Juniors may fake Chemisfry or Biology. Seniors fake eifher Physics or Advanced Radio. Biology is 'raughf af fhree levels, and Chemisfry and Physics af fwo levels. The Science Deparf- menf has been a greaf aid fo fhe school in many differenf ways by giving sfudenfs a foundafion in science and fhe scienfific mefhod. which can be carried on info ofher fields and fo col- lege. Each year since fhe war we see fhe imporfance of fhis background in our modern world. and as more sfudenfs recog- nize fhis facf fheir inferesf in science increases. COMMERCE DEPARTMENT O The Commerce Deparfmenf, led by Mr. Rau. has many courses 'ro offer New Trier sfudenfs which are helpful bofh fo- ward careers and foward college. Typing is especially popular because if is useful in bofh fields. This deparfmenf offers ex- perience by leffing some sfudenfs work in fhe Regisfrar's Office and af fhe swifchboarcl in connecfion wifh fhe Office Pracfice classes. This year fhe Commerce Deparfmenf had a general reorganizafion and increased ifs equipmenf so broader oppor- funifies would be offered fo all sfudenfs. Through fhe cleparf- menf. work can be obfained oufside of school for which creclifs besides a salary are given. ' RAU GRINNELL HADDEN HENNINGSEN HERRON PEITHMAN REINHARDT Page 17 SMALL BRADY BREDIN BREIDENBACH COLLINS DONHAM l EISLER FLENTYE E KAHLER McDOWELL MOELLER MORRIS MUDGETT M UNDELL PATTERSON PAUL . PRENDERGAST SHAW FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT O This year The Foreign Language DeparTmenT confinued under The able leadership of Dr. Small and again offered courses in Lafin, French, German. and Spanish. IT had been generally feIT ThaT The enrollmenT in The Spanish classes would decrease due To The end of The war. Quife To The conTrary, The number of sTudenTs has increased in The Spanish, and also in The German classes. Alfhough The enrollmenT in LaTin and French classes has noT shown marked increase, These courses are sTill very popular wiTh The sTudenTs. There are no new language courses offered This year. al- Though French is again available To Freshmen, enabling Those who wish To have four years of ThaT language while in high school. ConTinuing also This year is The Music InTegraTion pro- gram wiTh Mrs. Kidd. She meeTs wiTh various language classes abouT Twice a monTh and discusses wiTh Them The music of The counfry whose language The class is sTudying. This is a grand opporTuniTy for sTudenTs To geT acquainTed wiTh The music and some of The cusToms of The counTry in which They are infer- esfed. Even Those classes which do noi' enTer inTo The Music InTegraTion program have an opporTuniTy To learn abouT The music of These counTries, for many such classes learn and sing foreign songs in The classroom. Only one serious difficulTy has faced The Foreign Language DeparTmenT This year and Thaf is The problem of securing books. During The war, The publishers had a hard Time geTTing enough paper To prinf The TexTs. and of Those which have been prinTed, preference has been given To colleges and G.l.'s. DespiTe This seTback The deparTmenT has enjoyed a good year. Page Page 19 C T 4' '13 13 COTTON ANDERSON f BRADBURN LAVERY MAGES i REAM is ii -MURPHY CASELLA FEARHEILY HOLLAND 4 OTIS STENVALL MUSIC DEPARTMENT O The Music DeparTmenT oTTers many acTiviTies which are very popular among The sTudenTs, according To inTeresT and TalenT. The ouTsTanding choral groups are boys and girls Ensemble, The Choir. The Orchesfra, and The Band. The OrchesTra played for concerTs, plays. and Lagniappe, while The Band played Tor TooTball games, award assemblies, and gave Two concerTs of iTs own. BoTh Ensemble and Choir gave programs in and ouT of school. For The music deparTmenT. The highlighTs of The year are The ChrisTmas Con- cerT, The Spring ConcerT, and The GilberT and Sullivan Opera. which This year was "lolan'rhe". The resulT of all These acTiviTies was a year of high sTandards in New Trier music. ART DEPARTMENT O The ArT DeparTmenT This year has placed special emphasis on work in ceramics. The insTallaTion oT a large elecTric lciln and an adequaTely equipped ceramic sTudio has made This work possible. A new course in phoTography under The supervision of Mr. Donald SmiTh has also been added To The curriculum. The reTurn of Mr. John F. STenvall from The armed Torces To his arT and arT appreciaTion classes here aT New Trier has added much presTige To The deparTmenT. LIGHTER BOND BORHEK FOX LA METRE BIESEMEIER ARAM - FLANINGAM I LANDWER - OAKS LIBBEY FLOOD HANSEN HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT O The Home Economics DeparTmenT. headed by Mrs. LighTer, oTTers courses in InTeriorVDecoraTing. CloThing. Consumer EducaTion, and Foods. ln These classes The sTudenT learns The arT oT inTerior decoraTing, The skills oT sewing, The use of discreTion and iudgmenT in buying. and The planning and cooking of meals. An excellenT ToundaTion Tor TurTher work in This Tield or Tor The man- agemenT oT a home is received. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ing oT Mr Biesemeier oTTers Wood Shop which consisTs chneTly oT wood Turning and bench work: Machine Shop which is The sTudy oT machines and which enables The sTudenT To make parTs and gears oT machines AuTo Shop where mechanism. Theory. and parTs of The auTomobile are sTudied: and Mechanical Drawing. This course is espe- cially useTul To sTudenTs planning an engineering career. The oTher members oT The sTaTT in This deparTmenT O The lndusTrial ArTs DeparTmenT, under The able head- A equipmenT occupying almosT The enTire TourTh Tloor. A spacious living room. compleTe wiTh davenporT, desk. and upholsTered chairs, a small, cornTorTable library, and a small kiTchen are parT oT This equipmenT. There is a large laboraTory Tor cooking, which is divided inTo several uniT kiTchens, each kiTchen represenTing as nearly as possible The kiTchen in The home. And There is also a sewing room Tor Those Taking cloThing. Thus The sTudenT Taking Home Economics noT only learns whaT maTerials are necessary in The various Tields, buT also learns how To use Them To The besT advanTage. LIBRARY O Under The capable direcTion oT The head librarian, Miss Libbey, The library TuncTions smooThly and is of as- sisTance To every sTudenT. A lisT OT The new books pur- chased by The library is published and disTribuTed Twice a year To all adviser rooms. This lis+ is oT value To The sTu- denT in various ways-iT noT only informs him of The new 'Mrk' ThaT are available, buT also of subiecTs of currenT Mr. H. B. Aram. Mr. Orvil A. Oaks. Mr. G. H. ningam. and Mr. B. H. Landwer. ' The Home Economics DeparTmenT has Home Ecu ii inTeresT. The reserve book sysTem is especially helpTul To sTudenTs, and The college caTalogue secTion'is used ex- by all. Arts, Library A Page 20 ' ' as as eouuou Anson Ausrm CASTNER .e-IL T ' KAVANAGH KING VEACH CHILDS V CLAUSEN CRAMLET FRANTZEN GIALLOMBARDO JACKSON CAEETERIA O Miss Robson did a sIciIITul iob This year in serving nutri- tional as well as appetizing Toods in spite oT shorTages. HEALTH O Mrs. Schoenenberger. R. N., and Mrs. Hendrick, R. N., are in charge oT The health program aT New Trier. They check re- Turning sTudenTs who are absent due To illness, give First Aid during school hours. Teach Freshman Physiology and Red Cross X I Home Nursing, a preparatory course Tor Service Club, assisT S wiTh The Tuberculin TesTs and X-rays and The physical exami- I I ALSTROM naTions. MUSIC INTEGRATION O Music and academic subjects are correIaTed by Mrs. Kidd who has a museum of primitive, ancienT. and modern insTrumenTs. She also sponsors The Recorder Ensemble and Musicale Club. Our ConcerT Series, The only one oT its kind Tor sTudenTs in The country. is sponsored by Musicale Club. I BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION O During The war, The Boys' Physical EducaTion class program was good in building eTIicienT bodies. buT iT was wealc in ThaT iT had Tew games ThaT could be carried on aTTer The boys IeTT school. The aim now is To combine These Two goals Tor a beTTer deparTmenT. The head of The department is Mr. Childs. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION ' O The primary aim oT The Girls' DeparTmenT of Physical EducaTion is To assist The sTudenT Trom The sTandpoinT of ToTal growth To become a healthy and well-inTegraTed individual Through par-TIcipaTion in an acTiviTy program. Three addiTions To The deparTmenT. which is headed by Miss I. Boulton, are Miss A. Kavanagh, Mrs. V. Eorbis oT The oitice, and Mrs. I. Conner oT The locker room. I Music Integration, Cafeteria, Health Girls' Ph sical Edncatinn, Bn s' Physical Edncatinn Page 21 LAUER McFADZEAN SHOWLEY ROBSON KIDD SCHUMACHERI 1- - l I -.' , . lr '-Y .X V , Noi' ' fi 'Is .fri I DALGETY GIBSON I D. HENDRICKS F. HENDRICKS HOESCH HOLZINGER KOLL T e LINDEEN NAY PAGE PARKER PURSE WIDEN WEISE Uffice Staff OFFICE STAFF . Q The school oTTice sTaTT consisTs oT ThirTeen members under The able clirecTion of Ivlr. Herron. Regis- Trar. These sTaTF members are sTaTioned in The regisTrar's oTTice, The TronT oTFice, and in boTh The girls' and The boys' gym deparTmenTs. They do numerous Tasks which help To make a school oT New Trier's size run eTTicienTIy, parTicuIarIy in connecTion wiTh such TuncTions as The Tollowingz los+ and Tound, bul- Iefin boards, college TranscripTs, purchasing oT school supplies, swiTchboards, inTra-school mail, inTorma- Tion service, locker assignmenTs, TraTIic reguIaTions, The school calendar, aTTendance recorcls. Tee bill coIIecTion, and many oThers Too numerous To menTion. The policy of The school is To render service To all agencies and organizaTions in The school, boTh sTudenT and TacuITy. IT is hoped as Time goes on. ThaT greaTer sTudenT parTicipaTion in The use oT The oTFice TaciIiTies can be achieved, and ThaT more space and equipmenT can be provided. IT Those Tacili- Ties can be obTained, sTudenTs wishing To have Things done Tor various clubs or organizaTions in which They are inTeresTed can Then do mosT of The work Themselves. Student office siaff SCHMITT OSLAND STUDENT OFFICE STAFF GIRLS' OFFICE SERVICE STAFF Row I: Da schne , Glauner, Phelps, Hammerman, Cook, Emery, Phipps. - - Row 2: Neifhall, Sullivan, Maloney, Baumgardner, Browne. Spink, Bradshaw. . Each year Several 'l'Un'O' and .semcfr Row 3: Leipold, Bergdorf, Peforson, OTTaviani, Scheinfeld, Thompson. girls who wish To Work In The Reg:sTrars oTFice or The TronT oTTice are given oppor- TuniTy To do so. They help The regular of- Tice sTaTT members To perTorm many im- porTanT Tasks. This Type of work provides valuable experience Tor Them. These vol- unTeers assisT aT The counTer. aIphabeTize program cards. Tile maTeriaIs of many kinds, and generally render valuable ser- vice To The school. Page 22 Library I ssisiaiiis, isual Eduraiiuri LIBRARY Assisrfxnrs ' O Each semesTer, many sTudenTs aid New Trier by giving voIunTary assisTance in The library Tor one period each day. By supervising The Freshman Reading Room and by helping in The magazine and The reserve book secTions, These sTudenTs perform a valuable service Tor The school. SERVICE CLUB I Service Club, under The direcTion oT Mrs. K. Schoenenberger and Mrs. L. Hendrick, is one of The clubs mosT heIpTuI To New Trier sTucIen'Ts. In order To become a member oT The club, a girl musT be recommended by her adviser. ATTer compleTing The Red Cross Home Nursing course, each oT The sevenTy-Tive girls in The club devoTes Three periods a week To assisTing in The nurse's oTTice. Besides performing her regular duTies, a member oT Service Club may be called upon To assisT wiTh special proiecTs such as The Tuberculosis TesTs, x-rays. and physical examinaTions. VISUAL AIDS Q During each semesTer, beTween TwenTy and TwenTy-Tive boys voIunTeer To help in The proiecTion rooms Tor one period every day. No special Training is needed Tor This work, buT The Technique oT run- ning a proiecTor is TaughT To The new boys by Those who have had previous experience. Besides Their regular duTies, The boys assisT Mr. Smirh in Taking picTures oT The TooTbaII games which are held aT school, and They will operaTe machines Tor various groups in The communiTy. Our proiecTion rooms have all The equipmenT necessary Tor running Tilms, including Tour sound machines. Tive siIenT machines, and a TurnTabIe. Over I,OOO cliTTerenT educaTionaI subiecTs are run during The year. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS VISUAL EDUCATION Row I: McBain, Libbey, Brown. Row I: Goodman, Pikelney, Jersic. Row 2: Brooks, Mullins. Row 2: Hargreaves, Powell, SchmidT, Breed, Keller, Smifh senvice ciua ' Row I: Gilchrisi, Monfgomery, Phelps, Porier, Powell, STone, Rion, Berg, Mrs. Schoenenberger, Mrs. Hendrick, Prasse, Smiih, Lamme Grauer, Ross, Weber, Lind, Mercer. Row 2: DeviTT, Minns, Evans, Wessel, McCosh, Bergdorf, NaTenberg, Forbes, Gardiner, Carlson, McCreacIy, TegTmeyer, Gormley Shinnick, Reich, Bushman, Lovgren, Schawe. Row 3: Selck, McCarThy, LichTer, Holmes, SmiTl1, Elwood, Hypes, Jones, Barnes, Whife, RooT, Peferson, Gridley, Price, PrendergasT BooThe, SmiTh, Redmon, Brockell. Page 23 Hia. ,. QI we ameri? Miele .,. Service Club wr ' uf E 1 ' J 1 'ML bf 1 Q , , L - , 1' i Hgh - K . .ix A M, , ,f swf. K V, N. --Y. .i ' Q I j 5 Q5 t E f - s , L , 1 K V Vi f V ' , ' ' I 5 . x ,L - J, H f f I 5 4 , - , w , I X . 5 I 4' 2 u ' 'mf 4' ' 1 L 1. 1, K ' .1 'A , , X A K A It A x J ' "J X in :KI xi a r x ln A Sum All Tume Alfheumer Maggy Dome " ..M"'- ...,..f' , ' -I ww , 5 ' xA 'A aw?-, 'I' '?"9u.q-.- I 2-nW-C' ,J em- . ..s:.0 . ,Z ,...Av!' 4 'Per Fun X S0fhe -3- H re Noi Ou? on 5 Limb Deserfed L8ad of aan Gfoss , 90360 V I Dream of Ginny 1 Bob's B6H'er Half Temper, Temperl .1-'UQ' AUM!! 01,50 oo x 56 O Ooxgxae 0 '95 'fb fwydeo VOA ' Qc All Broken Up Defeai Garden Wha+'sr So Fqnny, George? .Aw lr' 4' 7fi7.iZ.'.,. , 2 E -M-ns.,4' Wrapped Aiieniion 7Y . gullvv ---- ' ll wel V L Suo Fuff Hold Thai Linel 1 2 S: HQA ' Looking io ihe Lower Lefi, Boys? Vx 4 Pfwfw H229 ,wwe A ,AN W1,y No f wdfcl, ,he G b'f'vl5Ia.... .. ..,,..,.. , -- She Shore , Feilesl There ls? 4 ' U U Vqisiov Hnaflousq N 4 if af :ST Y-10" Ma Q rdcfo Oui of Place Sieady Nowl '5- 'fzix 1 " Of, x X MM""'I?w .x-" K K1 V rm A V ans 1 ff 2 , ,LQ "lf, f, 5 Moi, fiififff Rrrrrfa-UF! 4-v ' , P-ff no We . GQ! W . ks V' ' Evbrqbqaq vlan Q x Queen of Spades Ouf of Gag W 1 X 1 :N ,, X fi qs 55 in 151 1 ,Q 1 1 v 3. fi -4 1 1 4 I J 4 s 3' W QQ 4 Ho: ' 35 ,E . A 5 Qi , 'r' i ii n 3, A fl: J Y E 3 fi fl 55 Ei bg -1 all ' 4 -Kg Q vi Q33 , Nj 1 xg , M 'JSA my 'iff' .z',,,, i'1""f' I 1 u 'wnffi f' 5 A ,:mw:fff- ,WN Fai, ,iwkl ,iq if .-M.. , . vm., wg :,fiv'q:rf'4uH91f C52 ' .H ww-V 'lky-PWM'1'?4?a',f,b4 wffx U a,q2j4.f'- f.V.ggi1,yw',5.f ' ,Ali V21 , 1 xvz,-1w'1'Lw1 .WL 3. w 5 L 5.11 ' is , 3 M W I 05 L19 , ul mo, a V . L n0"" 'f --f-mmwin, ... ' I r t VP AIS --'---..., Mgn PA Rklnc cursm ONLY of Disfinciion -... -.....,..-Q..,,, -N- Y-LJ... Boone io Hu ,ri mamW ff. wvii , A Sfe t Qraq wwf' 5 ' 619 C 0,13 ffucfion oh Lgfg wdfcl, H, S . Game ,mf J..-x - iw 0 . .m,,, tif' ' , . M5495 PM Y . W-'lL.42W Geiiing Ahead in The World PerS0"'mY ln Shea P3 Cl Offubg uh.uh-um wxew we hm 'WB Rough 'wg'Qe1 dqliiegk Ouf of li. T x esoad- BW BXQV' 1 Beifer Monkey Bars TI-,an qlaflon og KMC 1 . Workingm on fha R. R. New Order s The Splifs Uninferesfed Where DQ We Go from Here? N10 ' '4 Howdy, Howdy! -4 I'm So . . . Bur 'F Hey There! lf'r-,- , ' , J ., , I . 3' . 4 II ' I . ue" ' 11. ' ,A -X -.4545 "7""'5g.,,, ,, , raaxx Ib . .. . .,.,, Y , in g,' 'i"E5t ' Aw, Come On ' Puffy, Puiiy 1 Hfw. ., ,Y' H' Efiqueife lBsp 'M Our Hero Life Can Be Beaufiful Il 'al' , , . , x . - ' ' View of Skokie Play I Frame Up 1 h Down Begg Friends Did fha J, 'ws Wm? oX ids from scho Three Uwe Ma U Riding HI Ill Ffohfl I for Ripley 9h X ACT 1 Spring Comes to 5 NEW Trier QTZW ri.. , I T Q . if I , r k ' ' r , D ,f - v , A ' Af 4' K rbhxl-z , if I Nr rr r I! :w ,, X r TRI-SHIP AN DAPL D. A. R. AND TRI-SHIP AWARDS I LasT spring, The boys aT New Trier again selecTed The boy whom They ThoughT mosT worThy of The Tri-Ship Award, The highesT award ThaT can be aTTained by a boy aT New Trier. To be nominaTed Tor This award a boy musT have ouTsTanding qualiTies oT Tellowship, sporTsmanship, and ciTizenship. The winner oT The award is given a silver cup and his name is en- graved on The plaque in The Tri-Ship Club Room. The corresponding award given To a girl is The D. A. R. Award. The nominees Tor This award musT possess The quali- Ties OT dependabiliTy, service, leadership, and paTrioTism. The girl receiving The award may be chosen a represenTaTive Tor The NaTional Conference. . .T. BOARD STOWERS BEAVEN HADDEN WINDOES I As a reward Tor susTained, ouTsTanding service and parTicipaTion in New Trier acTiviTies, abouT ThirTy-Tive Seniors are elecTed each year To T. N. T. SocieTy. T. N. T. sTands Tor Tenox, Nobilis, Triumphans. Three LaTin words meaning sTead- TasT, noble, TriumphanT. ElecTion To T. N. T. is The highesT honor, besides The Tri-Ship and D. A. R. awards, ThaT a Senior can receive and is highly prized aT New Trier. SelecTions are made on recommendaTions from sponsors oT New Trier organizaTions. A Junior To be elecied To The elecTion board musT have made ouTsTanding conTribuTions in aT leasT one Tield, and he musT conTinue To give consTrucTive service during his senior year in order To be recognized oTTicially as a member oT T. N. T. A Senior musT have conTribuTed in Two or more Tields To be recommended. ATTer recommendaTions are submiTTed, The board Trorn The previous year meeTs wiTh Miss l-ladden and Mr. Windoes To consider The candidaTes. The Seniors who are To receive T. N. T. keys and The Juniors who will serve on The nexT year's board are selecTed by secreT balloT in These meeTings. JUNIOR ELECTORAL BOARD TT. N. T., Row I: Waflcins, Burns, Morrill, Schmidf, Meyers, Hollingbery, Nuveen, Middleion. Row 2: RoberTson, Crawford, Brown, Geniesse, McMarTin, Ramsey, Nielsen. Page 42 BUY L FAMILY THE RCYAL FAMILY Q The l945-46 dramalic season al New Trier was broughl lo a 'Filling climax and close wilh ihe presenlalion of 'rhe Senior play, "The Royal Family." Ably direcfed by Miss Gahagan, lhis play broughl 'ro our slage a very compelenf group of aclors and aclresses. Wrillen by George Kaufman and Edna Ferber, "The Royal Family" is in many ways a play aboul lhe Barrymores. The main characlers are pallerned afler members of lhal' well-known and illuslrious family. As her real-life counlerparl Julie Cavendish has Elhel Barrymore. Tony Cavendish is a very close copy of John Barrymore. Fanny Cavendish is modeled afler an aunl of Elhel and John wilh whom lhey lived. E+hel's daughler is represenled by Gwen, Julie's daughler. The Cavendishes live in a large aparl- menl in a fashionable aparfmenl-hoiel. ln lhe New Trier presenlalion, fhe parl of Fanny Cavendish was 1'al4en one nighl each by Barbara Naylor and Janel Williams. Margaref Bond played Julie Cavendish, while Harold Ames was her brolher, Tony. Gwen Cavendish, Julie's daughfer, was acled by Geraldine Lind: Herberl Dean by William Blaclc: and Kifly Dean, HerberJr's wife, by Marilyn Frazier. Olhers in The casl were Hugh Melvoin as Oscar Wolfe, a friend of Jrhe family and business manager: William McKnigh+ as Perry Slewarr. Gwen's hearl- infereslp Allison Augur as Gilberl Marshall, Julie's suilorq Kalherine Lloyd as Della, Jrhe maid: Sluarl' Law as Jo, lhe bullerq Ernesl Campbell as McDermo++g Roy Marlins and Vincenl Yager as Bell Hops: Roger Drew as 'rhe chauffeur: and Donald Brown as Gunga, a nalive from India whom Tony brings home from his world four. Rulh Reich was lhe prompler. Page 43 UPEH PIRATES OF PENZANCE Q As usual, The annual opera oT The spring oT l946 was by GilberT and Sullivan. Given by The Music DeparTmenT aT New Trier, lasT year's opera was a brillianT and memorable climax To a Tine musical year. "The PiraTes oT Penzance" or "The Slave oT DuTy" was also The TirsT opera To be Triple casT. The scene oT "The PiraTes oT Penzance" is laid on The coasT oT Cornwall in I879. The Theme is a saTire on BriTish respecTabiliTy and The exaggeraTed moral sense oT The VicTorian era. In ACT One, The piraTes celebraTe The TwenTy-TirsT birThday oT Frederick, whose apprenTiceship To Them is ended. The piraTes, being orphans, Teel compelled To be kind To oTher orphans, and as The TacT is known, all Their vicTims claim exempTion Trom robbery or malTreaTmenT upon The ground oT common orphanhood. RuTh, an ugly Temale piraTe, expecTs To marry Frederick. When General STanley's beauTi- Tul daughTers arrive, Frederick meeTs Mabel, and iT is love aT TirsT sighT wiTh The Two. ln AcT Two, The police arrive To help Frederick in his conscienTious plan To exTerminaTe his Triends, The piraTes, and Frederick bids Mabel good-bye. The police aTTack The piraTes, buT are deTeaTed. In The end, OT course, Frederick marries Mabel. Mrs. CoTTon, direcTor, said ThaT along wiTh "Yeomen oT The Guard", This opera was The mosT Finished, and one oT our TinesT producTions. :ei Page 44 Page PIRATES OF PENZANCE 'A cAsr Richard, a Piraie chief . . Samuel, his lieufenanl . Frederick, a Pirare Apprenlice . . . Major General Sranley of lhe Brilish Army Edward. a Serge-anr ol Police Mabel. General S+anley's youngesf daughler Edirh A . .... . ' . General Slanley's daughlers . Kale Isabel ....... Ru1'h,a Pirarical "Maid of all Work" Q Jay Buck 5 Roger Johnson John Mills William Paxlon Roberr Coafes William Blackburn . 4 William Gries Reber? Kohler if William Whirehead l James Ramsey Q Richard Leipold - John Lagerlof l Allin Proudfoor Q Alice Gibbons - -f Parricia Lord l Charlene Main K Barbara Broadhursr Virginia Vernon il Cindy Small Dorofhy Belnap Sharon Linick Dolly Piu+zenreu'rer . June Gadske S Leonrine Jameson N Donna Wolf l Gloria Fish 45 SPT T' IIE VARSITY TR! O Lasi' spring's Mr. Hoy+, was Suburban League The s'rars of +he Clark, I00 dash in The Varsiiy meer, and hurdles in I'he Varsiiy mee+. by Mr. Nay and :I in Ihe indoor came in fourih in The 220 in 'rhe s+a+e mee+ Bob Kunzelman, who The 'ream was composed mos'rIy of Juniors, among whom were: George Jacobi, John Roberfson. Jim Swanson, Hunier Gilberison, Chuck Young. and Ben Misanfoni. Lasl' spring's Frosh-Soph Team came in second in 'rhe indoor league and four+I'1 in 'rhe ourdoor league. VARSITY INDOOR TRACK SCORES New Trier 59 lvlorion . . 36 New Trier 50 Evansion . 45 New Trier 58 Maine . . 28 New Trier 49 Oak Park . 99 New Trier 36 Shurz . . . 60 New Trier 57 Evanslon . . 38 New Trier 47If2 Evans+on . 47If2 New Trier 47If2 Highland Park I3 New Trier 7IIf2 Highland Park I6If2 LEAGUE MEET AT OAK PARK New Trier 27 Oak Park . 59 New Trier 27 Proviso . . 24 OAK PARK RELAYS New Trier 27 Oak Park . 52.6 Maine- . . 35 TRACK Row I: Gilberfson, Snorf, Baker: Hilliard, Herlocker, Weldon ICo-Cap+.I, Spaulding, Roberison. Row 2: Ingram, Gabel, Jacobi ICo-Cap+.I, Pierson. Lundin, Maher. Erman. Page 46 ,QQN SPRING BASEBALL NEW TRIER BASEBALL--I946 O Alfhough handicapped by a lack of consislenf hi++ing, Coach Dick CIausen's I946 varsify baseball Team finished Ihe season wilh a record of I3 wins and I I losses +o place fourlh in 'rhe Suburban League race. A fine defensive unit +he 'ream was sparked by Capfain Bud Bray, hard hilling second baseman: Ray Michinard. firsf baseman: and Jack Lockyer. Gene Selby. and Roy Pavlik, all oufslanding hurlers. Three juniors, Bob Chrisloph. Bob Lauer, and Don Iv1cAIvey, played fine ball and showed greal promise for anofher year. AI' Ihe close of Ihe season Bud Bray was chosen by sporlswrilers and coaches +o play on an all-sfar aggregalion al Wrigley Field. - The Frosh-Soph Ieam. under Ihe direcfion of Coach Lionel Lighlner, en- joyed a very successful season, losing only Ihree games. Loaded wilh some very fine 'ralen'r, fhe club was Ied by Capfain Louis Kranlz. An oulslanding Freshman 'ream was developed under Ihe Iulelage of Coach Will AIs+rom. Composed of some of 'rhe mos'r promising maferial Io play af New Trier in several years. They played an II-game schedule wilhouf a defeal. fi' ' 1 Qc Qi' U 5 wiser , I if in-q! Q II . of 1 I Page 47 A Row I: McAIvey, Barfhold, Chrisfoph, Mayer, Capiain Bray, Jones, Friecllander, Rifiersporn, Uhl, Cowhill. Row 2: Rose IMgr.I. Barrelf, Pavlik, Marsh. Selby, Michinarcl, Lauer, Lockyer, Gra+er, Leahy, Coach Clausen. New New New New New New New New New New New New New rier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier ALL 0 3 0 5 O 3 4 4 3 4 O 2 6 SCORES Lane Tech Riverside Grange Grange Grange rside Highland Highland Thornlon Thorn'I'on Evansion Zion . . Oak Park Oak Park Waukegan Niles . . Evansion Proviso . Proviso . Argo . . UMMEP1 B SEB LL SUMMER SCHOOL BASEBALL-I946 TADVANCED GROUPI Row I: Pair, TebbeTs, Lulreman, Bacon, KranTz, Marsh, Brigham. Row 2: Plamondon, Frazier, Meckinnon, Wade, Nash, Green, Brower. Row 3: Conney, Richardson, Richmond, ChrisToph, Spoehr, Walfers, Corns. Row 4: Rindslropf, BarreTT, Jones, Papierslni, JannoTTa, Trom, King. Row 5: SchmiTT lSupervisorl, LighTner iCoachl, Mayer, Rummler, Moore, STone, Clausen lCoachl. SUMMER SCHOOL BASEBALL O For The second successive year baseball was a regular parT oT The summer school curriculum. Under The direcTion oT coaches Diclc Clausen, Lionel LighTner, and Joe SchmiTT, any boy regardless oT abiliTy or experience was welcome To regisTer and receive eighT weeks oT baseball insTrucTion. FundamenTal drills were given in baTTing, Throwing, baserunning. and Tielding Techniques. For sixTy incoming Freshmen, a league was formed and a six weelc championship schedule drawn up. The league TiTle was won by The Cubs under CapTain Dick ChrisToph. The mosT valuable player award wenT To Diclc Luensman. In addiTion To The regular schedule, Teams from The league played Teams Trom surrounding villages. The advanced group-approximaTely TorTy boys--received inTensive drills in all aspecTs oT TundamenTal baseball besides playing a regular schedule oT games wiTh ouTside Teams. In addiTion, Trom This group a squad was chosen by The WinneTka American Legion To enTer TournamenT compeTiTion. This Team won The disTricT championship and only losT in The semi-Tinals oT The sTaTe Tournament AT The close oT The season, Fred Huebner, Bruce Marsh, and Louis KranTz played in an all-sTar game aT Comiskey Park. Page 48 TENNIS A TI f Q Clif' TENNIS SQUAD Nielsen, Brown, Rice. Wolf, Adams, McCarn 0 , TENNIS C Coach Clader's I946 Tennis Team proved To be real sulTans oT swaT as iT swepT Through an undeTeaTed dual meeT season, beaTing all suburban league compeTiTion. and Tollowing This by placing Third in The STaTe meeT aT Champaign in May. Kilner, McGanney. and Brown ably handled The singles conTesTs, while daring duos oT Nielson and Myers. and Rice and Ziegler, wreaked havoc on enemy neTmen. AT The STaTe Tourney Brown and McGanney reached The doubles Tinals only To be IoeaTen in a hearTbreaker Tor The coveTecl championship. These players had able assisTance Trom a score oT oTher Tine prospecTs To produce The TinesT season in recenT New Trier Tennis hisTory. VARSITY GOLF-I 946 New Trier I7 Bensenville . New Trier 3 Hinsdale . . New Trier 5 Maine . . New Trier 2 Maine . . New Trier 4V2 Highland Parlc , New Trier 7V2 Waukegan . New Trier I4lf2 Proviso . . New Trier I3 ThornTon . New Trier I5 ' GOLF . New Trier I5 Row I: Mr. Aram, Crew- . ford. New Trier Row 2: Weldon. BarneTT. New Trier TGYIOY- New Trier New Trier VARSITY GOLF C Our varsiTy golf Team lasI' year Tied Tor second place in The suburban league by maTching Waukegan. In ThirTeen games our opponenTs gaThered a ToTaI of sevenTy poinTs againsT our one hundred and ThirTy-Tour poinTs. This year The Team hopes To enTer ...SH The sTaTe TournamenT. ' Page 49 l I5 IO I6 IOV2 7'f2 V2 2 2V 5 70 I THAMUPI L INTRAMURAL 0 As always in The pasl, lnlramural sporfs have been a mainslay in +he boys' alhlelic program. The evenls are carefully planned under Mr. Showley's direclion. Some sporls, such as sollloall and wreslling, have almosl doubled in aclive parlicipalion I'his year. The whole program could nol' funclion if ir were noi: for Ihe sludenl managers and referees who have done a magnificenl iolo. The fol- lowing is a lisr of 'rhe winners in Ihe various sporisx 95Ib IO3 lb Il2 llo l2Ollo 127 lb I33 lb Duane Sherman Richard Haughlon John Sleel Kei+h Karlrnan Bill Thalman Roberl Lee Class Champions- Freshman: Swain Sophomore: Gralrer Wreslling U Volleyball ' '38 'b' Mark Bale: Cliilsiiniifi-p'i3lSfEeSOn siiiiiif iiilfiiiliieii l45 lb Winfield Craven So homore: Clader School cham ion: McDowell is4 Ib criaf si p p - ' OWGVS Runnerup: Lauer l65 lb John Pelers Golf Joe Schmilz George S-fone Heavyweighl-Reg Rice Tennis Sol-Iball Junior: Clausen Senior: Franlzen School champion: Fra n+zen Runnerup: Graler l. M. SWIMMING CHAMPS-CLADER Theis, Corns, Lerch, Vaughan, Tomassene Singles-Mark Wells Doubles-John Williams, Marlin Sleinberg Franklin Merrill Memorial Tennis Singles Tournamenl'--George Perlcins Horseshoes Singles-Bradley Glass Doubles-Don Shure, Bruce Rider INDIVIDUAL CHAMPS Row l: Slone lGol'fl, Wells lTennis Singlesl. Row 2: Williams ITennis Doublesl, Perkins IMerriH Tennisl. Missing from piclure: Glass, Johns+on, Cas+erline lHorseshoesl, Steinberg lTennisl. I GRATER'S SOFTBALL I. M. WRESTLING CHAMPS Row I: Parfiif, Robson, Traufwein, Tomei. Pelers. Lee, Rice, Thalman Row 2: Burlxe, Davis, Hellslrom, Posey. Page 50 GA. . G. A. A. - I946 0 During fhe spring season many girls fook advanfage of G. A. A.'s varied acfivifies. There was keen compefifion on fhe loaskefball Courfs buf fhe Seniors mef fhe challenge and won fhe class fournamenf. The Freshman adviser room fournamenf ended in a 'rie be- fween Miss Cri+cheff's and Miss Gahagan's rooms, while Miss Bredin's adviser room won fhe Junior championship. "Vacafion Varie+ies," a wafer pageanf presenfed 'rhrough fhe combined efforfs of fhe gym deparfmenf and G. A. A.. was a high- lighf of fhe spring season. Over I5O girls parficipafed in' fhis gala presenfafion, eifher swimming, dancing, or fumbling. The Theme was a vacafion in Europe wi+h visifs 'ro many poinfs of inferesf, including a fashion show in Paris and a Carnival in Spain. Alfhough fhere were no class games in LaCrosse or any planned fournamenf in Archery fhere was a fairly large furnouf of girls inferesfed in learning how fo improve fheir fechnique in fhese sporfs. ' The golfers frequenfed fhe golf courses on weekends where fhey pui' info pracfice 'rhe skills fhey had learned in fheir affer-school prac+ices. Pracfice games in Baseball were held for several weeks before The adviser room games and class games. The Sophomores won fhe class fournamenf. The final climax of fhe spring season was The Spring loanquef when Nancy Edwards presenfed fhe gavel io Edie Wafkins, fhe new presidenf. RIDING BASEBALL Row I: Weinsfein, C. Kreeisch, Kinsloe, Cook. Row I: Cederberg, Wallace, Dempsey, Adler, Burr, Billow. Row 2: Powell, Koch, J. Kraefsch, Ehrhardf, Forbes. Row 2: Campbell, Zipprodf, Bishop, Falk, Seyler, Scoff, Hoerger. x" IN Page 51 ARCHERY TENNIS Row I: Weber, Shapiro, LeRoy, ShinneI:, Rossberger. Row I: Schuyler, CIoucI, Selby. Row 2: Levy, Peferson, Paidar, Miller. Row 2: Harkness, Lenord, Jones, McCoy. LACROSSE BASKETBALL Row I: Emrich, Lind, Queenan, Billow. Row I: Gufhrie, Bushman, Jones. Row 2: Omori, Jones, Barnes, Ferraro. Row 2: Hoerger, Zipprodf, Dempsey. . A cunt. Page 52 X . Aera Leadership et New Trier def Page 53 V i 1' NIELSEN Presidenf MCMARTIN Vice-Presideni' and Publicify WHITE Treasurer SPIELMAN N Socrefary GENIESSE Sfudy Hall BURNS Siudy Hall STEELE Honor NUVEEN Social YOUNG Dining Hall MORRILL Dining Hall POWELL Safefy JONES Service MERKLE Assembly STUDENT C O 3:30 is fhe o all sfudenfs of New Trier buf 2 o of some 50 sfu- denfs who comprise period in 333 has seen everyfhing from parfles fo rabid argumenfs on fhe merifs of fhe honor or of skirfs versus blue ieans. Mon- day, Wednesday, and Friday of each week fhe enfire Council assem- bles. The presidenf, Phil Nielson, keepsieveryfhing in good parlia- menfary order even if if does mean knocking fhe varnish off fhe desk wifh his gavel. The meefing gefs under way while Bev Spielmann fries fo decipher lasf week's nofes and Bob Whife affempfs fo recruif volunfeers, "iusf fo work a liffle while affer school" lsorfing a few hundred adviser room blanksi. Vice-presidenf Nancy Mciviarfin has fo regu- iafe business in fhe evenf of Phil's absence-also convince some of her grinning friends fhaf she really is serious. ' Affer everyone has figured ouf whefher we're on scheduled. un- finished, new, or old business, plans begin fo fake shape and fhe underlying policy of Council becomes a pracfical program insfead of iusf a 'rheorefical sfafemenf. This policy of democracy and cifizen- ship has always been fhe fheme of Sfudenf Council, buf if made Council face 'rhe problem of 'rranslafing fhese infangible words info a fraining ground where real cifizenship could be pracficed. Wifh fhe belief fhaf good sound cifizens build a beffer democracy Council has affempfed fo use every possible mefhod so fhaf fhe sfudenfs could learn 'rhese principles by pracfising fhem. Many opporfunifies presenfed fhernselves of which Council fook full advanfage. Each sfudenf was faughf self-sufficiency and an ap- preciafion of cleanliness by faking his furn in keeping fhe dining hall in order. The esfablishmenf of one over-all honor sysfem faughf sfu- denfs a new respecf for honesfy and gave fhem a chance fo beffer fhemselves morally and spirifually. MR. VAN DEURSEN MISS HADDEN MR. WEHR Page 54 COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Miller, Taylor, McCoy, Fosfer, Funkhouser, Meacham, Loewe, Robinson, KnoH. Row 2: Jenness, Benson, Nielsen, Grimm, Wakeley, Nuveen, Anderson, Clingman, Nance. McGinn, Tucker. Row 3: Wafkins, Showers, Naciler, Ellis, Dunne, Amos, Marsh, Halvorsen, Griesser, Hires. COUNCIL COMMITTEES Row I: G. Clerk, Bushman, Fosfer, Greller, Miller, Wilson, Burr, Taylor, Kenney, Loewe, Erwin. Row 2: Weiner, Nielsen, Snell, McCoy, Clingman, Funkhouser, Grimm, Meacham, Clark, M. Shinnick, Billow, Walreley, Robinson, Zeiss. Row 3: Roo+, Nadler, Benson, Jenness, Hiies, Clark, Wafkins, Ellis, Showers, Marsh, Erman, Tucker. Scribner. Clubs, whose membership numbers aboui' half of New Trier,halls, including well over 5O'fQ of Jrhe siudenis, provided 'rhe expanded Jrhe capaciiies of +he individual while honor siudyvery basis of cooperaiive democraiic living. To guide Hs work Council ouilined iis "pla+iorm" for I946-I947 as ihe following: I. BeH'er undersianding of naiiorial and world affairs. 2. Wider coniacis wi+h iaculiy, parenfs, and ihe communiiies in conneciion wiih i'rs work. 3. Broader reporis +o 'rhe sludenis regarding ihe work of Council. 4. Use of referendums 'ro siudenis on imporiani quesiions. 5. Expanded efioris in +he paihs of scholarship and safeiv. Much, of Council's work is divided among i+s Deparimenis. Bill Merkle, head of ihe Assembly Deparimeni, organizes and puis on Council assemblies and forums: The Dining Hall Deparimenr, managed by co-heads Ada Morrill and Chuck Young, supervises 'rhe dining hall: +he "Pledge Honor Sys+em", devised 'ro curb scholasiic dishonesiy, is direcred by Ted Sieele and The Honor Deparrmenip Nancy Mclvlariin, vice-presideni' of Council, and her Publiciiy Deparimenr keep busy publicizing Council aciiviries ihrough bullerin noiices, posfers. ariicles in 'rhe New Trier "News" and ihe I-Iollisier Publicaiionsg saieiy promoiion, 'ihrough posiers, assemblies, movies, bullerin noiices, and oiher means is 'rhe job of Mac Powell, direc'ror of ihe Safeiy Depari- Page 55 QIAZT. ' i , -.-fa .pi - Row I: Gray, Calvi, Gefman, Elmer, Evans, Brown, Bray, Gram, While, Morrison, Price, Persson, Barneff, McGrew, Forbes, Jones, Dempsey, Davidson, Redmon, Weber, Fish. Row I: G. Claris, Erwin, Dabrohua Forbes, Reagan, Miller, Keni, Jaclcson, Taylor, Schullz, Melvoin, Pelers, Da vidson, Gray, Dempsey. STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS Row 2: Ferris, Hargreaves, Nielsen, Ramsey, Ball, Fischer, Weisman, McCarn, Leafon, Ofis, Schmidl, Monlc, Bigelow, McCready, Flaclr, Shaw, Kempner, Haase, Gabel, Corns KolFIa+, Kurschner. SECOND SEMESTER Row 2: Shaw, Haase, Johnson, Middle- +on, Spencer, Walreley, Flaclx, Rice, Collins, Evans, Hari, Lagerlof, Nielsen, Fischer. Row 3: Shanahan, Ross, Hires, Brower, Craw ford, Rennaclier, Gordon, Barham, Birlzeluncl Jorgenson, Jacobi, Morgenslern, Burnside Ives, Monrgomery, Showers, Davis, Noonan McLaughlin, Tomassene. Row 3: Rennaclxer, Elia, Greene, Elliff, McDonald, Munch, Clark, McLaugh- lin, Roberfs, Lindsay, Mueller, Nadler, Williams, Blackwell. moni: The Service Deparinnenl under Mary Helen Jones handles odd jobs, sponsors Building and Grounds clean-ups, healih cam- paigns, and supervises bullelin looardsg Margie Nuveen's Social Deparlrnenl' is in charge of ihe eniire club program al' New Trier ll' also runs The Gym-Jams in cooperalion wilh 'rhe Service Depa rimenl. Every year il presenls freshman club day io acquaini freshmen wiih New Trier's many clubs. Since Council is a represeniarive Jrype oi governmenl, each class elecls iour boys and four girls To serve in Council. Council aclually coordinaies lhe exira-curricular aciiviiies and gives ihe pupil a chance for seli-governrnenl. Much oi 'rhe credil, how- ever, musl go io Ihe inielligeni and undersianding guidance of Mr. Van Deursen, Miss I-ladden, and Mr. Wehr. Wiihoui iheir assisiance and syrnpaihy Council could never have airained lhe posiiion il holds Ioday. Student Council icnnl. Page ..-nv' MR. FRISBIE ' MR. GANNAWAY TRI-SHIP Q This year Tri-Ship again lived up +o iis high slandards in developing sporismanship, fellowship, and ciiizenship among Hs members. The developmeni' of fhese lhree ideals was carried oul' Through Tri-Ship's many commillees and organiza- +ions. 'rhe work of which is ceriainly worihy of meniion. Alihough The war was over, +he boys of New Trier had +wo drives which were bofh marked successes and of which' The school can be proud. The firsi was a clo+hing drive for +he school children of Europe during which Jrhree and a half ions of clo+hing were collecfed. The second drive was for money 'ro help +he schools which Tri-Ship is sponsoring in Holland and Belgium, for which +he boys collec+ed aboui a 'rhousand dollars. A very successful efforf was made To acquain+ senior boys wi'rh 'rhe work of Roiary Clubs. A selecied group wen'r each week +o 'rhe Wilmeife Rolary Club and acied as femporary Roiarians. ROBERTSON ' Presideni' i- HOBAN Vice-Presidenf CRAWFORD Secrefary-Treasurer MEYERS Club Room RICE lnferscholasfic Relafions REDDING Dinner HAMMOND Junior Class BRUCE Sophomore McGlNN Freshman HODGSON Head Usher HOSBEIN Dance HAASE Heed Cheerleader McKEE Service Regisfer WELDON Public Relefions RAMSEY Lagniappe BLACKBURN Lagniappe FERRIS Traffic Regulnfions 57 4 - A .. .ml .. L ' " A -. " 3 TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Row I: Chamberlain, Talley, Olis, Spoehr, Fischer, Spaulding, Carlson, Bender, Seeley, Burr, Barham, Tomassene, Ross, Robson, Jannolla. Brown, Seashore, Harlray, Miller. Row 2: Hurley, Young, Rennaclxer, McElroy, Kempner, Kranlz, S. Smifh, Glass, Maher, Birlcelund, Haclrbarfh, Shannon, Noonan, Friedlander, Richmond, Pierson, Halvorsen, Hinrichs, Herloclrer, Sullivan, Marshall, McCarn, Barnelf. Row 3: Davis, Ellis, Anderson, Srone, Lanphear, Porler, Moore, Lindsay, Sfeele, Mahan, Jacobi, Pellibone, Marsh, Ellilif, Sampson, Showers, Swanson, Thalman, Dern, Cusick, While. USHER CORPS Row I: McCarn, Rice, Mahan, Seashore, Craven, Aishlon, Roos, Heizer, McDonald, Elxman, Hoban, Haase, Willenberg. Row 2: Greene, Geniesse, Weldon, Friedlander, Harlray, McKee lAssl'. Head Usherl, Sullivan, Miller, Nielsen, Paxfon, Fischer, Barne++, Sfeele, Brigham. Row 3: Ferris, Lanphear, Bowler, Showers, Johnslon, Lundin, Clarlr, Green, Malof, Wells, Williams, McElroy, Brower, Baldwin. Absenl from piclure: Hodgson lHead Usherl. TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Lagerlof, Hamillon, Rusch, Oppenheimer, Nash, Polls, Wong, Marshall. Row 2: Young, Barnes, Paddock, Sreele, Pfulzenreuler, Showers, Lowrey, Munch. Row 3: Ofis, Lyons, Marlin, Seashore, Harlray, Salmen, Calderini, Callring, Worfhinglon. In cooperalion wilh 'rhe Dads' Club, 'rhe annual Foolball Banquel was exceedingly successful. The speaker was Jimmy Conzelman, coach ol Ihe Chicago Cardinals. The bi-annual Molher and Son Banquel was also a success. During Chrislmas vacalion unusual 'rhings were occurring in room 343 and 343A llhe Tri-Ship offical, and al' 'rhe close of vacalion lhe sludenls were greeled wilh a room newly decoraled in green, wilh a filed floor, curlains, and a mural on +he wall depicling imporlanl evenls of The war years. This room was done as a memorial lo lhe boys of Jrhe class of I943, by lhe Barraclcs' Breeze Dads' Commillee. Thus lhere hangs in lhe room a large plaque wilh lhe names of all The boys who parlicipaled in lhe war and wilh piclures of 'lhose who losl Jrheir lives in lhe service ol our counlry. , 0 o 0 Pc1qe58 'Q - an TRAFFIC REGULATING COMMITTEE Row I: Arfhur, Weldon, McCarn, Sullivan, Mr. Gannaway, Ferris, GroTThus, Bemus, Jochum, Bruce. Row 2: NewTon, Elia, STowe, Copello, Drechsler, Harfray, Friedlander, Williams, Wells. Row 3: Eisenberg, Humphry, Humphrys, Lundin, Mau, Showers, Rice, Hoban, Johnsion. The five always popular Tri-Ship dances were well aTTended This year. All had excellenT bands and were well publi- cized, drawing many sTudenTs. H Lagniappe, The annual sTudenT Tale-nT show, was presenTed beTween semesTers, and proved To be an unparalleled success, playing beTore Tour Tull houses. This show is wriTTen, acTed, direcTed, and produced by The sTudenTs. The Service RegisTer CommiTTee was busy This year making a permanenT memorial plaque Tor The school. This plaque was dedicaTed aT an all-school assembly on May 8, V. E. Day. A group oi senior boys was selecTed To help in The Treshman adviser rooms. These boys help The Treshman advisers and help The 'Freshman boys wiTh regisTraTion and oTher imporTanT acTiviTies. To The senior boys was given The privilege oT using The Tri-Ship room as an honor sTudy hall. This is deTiniTely a privilege as The club room conTains modern TurniTure. game Tables. and a radio, so ThaT The boys can eiTher relax or sTudy. The school, The commiTTee, and The residenTs oi New Trier Township all beneTiTed from The STudenT Employment STudenTs desiring worlc were noTiTied oi people who wanTed boys Tor jobs such as shoveling snow, doing garden worlc, or doing house cleaning. LIBRARY MONITORS ITRI-SHIPI INFORMATION DESK ITRI-SHIPI Row I: Sherman, Paddock, Fox, Humphrys, Price. Row I: - Haines, Spaulding, WiTTenl::erg, Drechsler, Carlson, Fischer. Row 2: Layer, Magie, McDougal, Scheyer, ShafTon, Brooks Row 2: Johns+on, Levy, PeTTibone, McDonald, Nadler, Jacobi, Weldon . . . Tri-Ship cunt. Tri-Ship Icom. The Class Chairmen were lcepr busy carrying back 'ro The adviser room represenlalives parriculars aboul' coming evenls such as dinners and dances, which 'rhe represenlalives in lurn carried back 'lo +heir adviser rooms. The grealesf responsibili+y of The chairmen was Io dislribule Iiclcels for banquels Io all 'rhe boys, a iob carried oul' carefully by all fha chairmen. The work of +he service commiI'I'ees is deeply apprecialed by all, for wilhour +hem lhe school would ceriainly nel' be run as efficienrly. The school was proud lo be able I'o depend on +hese commi+I'ees: Ihe newly organized and successful Traffic Squad, 'rhe Hall Guards, 'rhose boys a+ 'rhe lnformarion desk, +he Library lvlonirors, and lhe Cheer Leaders. Words cannol' express 'rhe appreciaI'ion and credil due +o Jrhe sponsors of Tri-Ship, Mr. Frisbie and Mr. Gannaway. The success of Ihe organizalion lies grearly in Iheir inleresr and help Ihroughoul +he year. LAGNIAPPE COMMITTEES Row I: Chapin, Lind, Burr, Miller, Rible++, Rossberger, Calvi. Row 2: Kemper, Sullivan, Alfheimer, Bond, Branch, Newfon, Seashore, Elia, Brown. Row 3: Coafes, Loclrerbie, Geniesse, Green, Roos, Mau, Drechsler, Weldon. CHEER LEADERS DOOR GUARDS Row I: Nelson, Jones, Sraub. Row I: Mercer, Jackson, Drury, Belkin, Drechsler. Row 2: Haase, Marfin, Coolidge. Row 2: Allen, Mau, Roos, Levy. Page 60 If and progressive organiza- high school is auTomaT- ically a iTs acTiviTies, oTFicers, a board, adviser rooms are chosen. A To encourage The guiding IighTs. This iob is WrighT, who keynoTes every year wiTh a haIT- humorous buT by no means half-hearTed speech. Throughoui' The year her suggesTions and help prove invaluable To The oTTicers and The enTire club. During The lasT year, one of The sTrongesT beams of The afore- menTioned "IighTs" was The presidenT. Mary Jean Brown, who super- vised all acTiviTies and meeTings. She was ably assisTed by vice- presidenT BeTsy Hollingbery. who was in charge oT The magazine drive. This drive is one oT The main TuncTions oT Girls' Club, and as a resulT of iT money is obTained Tor scholarships. The drive iTseIT ex- Tended ThroughouT The enTire year and proved To be one of The mosT successTuI Girls' Club underTaIcings. A compIeTe record of These acTiviTies was compiled by The Tireless pen of Rosima SchmidT, while The Tinances were handled by Joanne Schumacher, an experT Tinancier. The lighTer side oT The picTure-namely, parTies and banqueTs- is The job of The Social and Friendly CommiTTees headed by Diana Bray and Nancy Turner. They presenTed The annual "Friendly Ban- queT" and The Freshman-Senior parTy in The Tall, and a FaTher- DaughTer BanqueT in February. OTher TesTiviTies included a parTy Tor The PenTangIe Club oT EvansTon and a Tew board parTies. Tions aT Trier sponsor is well Tilled by MISS WRIGHT Page 61 W BROWN Presideni' HOLLINGBERY Vice-Presideni SCHUMACHER Treasurer SCHMIDT Secreiary BRAY Social- TURNER Friendly BROWN ArrangemenTs MILLER PubIiciTy RICE EmpIoymenT SHERMAN Financial TOMEI .ChariTy ' 'J' K I: . fl: - - I9 auf' if"i"TW 21v ' 4 , Ri- M2 1 - -fe-2-,, M-.- 4 fi .nilziea T T if ' T f 7:35 K T , ,E r 77 Tl? I C3 f I . .X LT lx 'Z f I 5 . "5f":"'5Q'A IKLL X Wu.. avillixl ' J " '.4g2gg,f,. ' 3... if: GIRLS' CLUB commimes I Row I: Cloud, Schuyler, Miller, Jirgal, Holmes, Barfhell, KraeTsch, Burr, Funkhouser, Dyer, Snell, Buckingham, Newhall. Row 2: Redman, WiTikar, Deugheriy, Evans, McAfee, Na+, Gridley, Dickson, Lowell, Marschall, Persson, Clark, Kenney. Row 3: Mink, Rosberger, Cannon, Carlson, Flack, Rowe, FulTon, Branch, Rye, OTis, Collins, Freeman, Bauer. GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Rice, GuThrie, DoTy, Cheney, Kimbark, Lundeen, SiTTig, Jones, Ross, Selby, Hoffmeyer, Ackley, Phipps,, l'loyT, Musson. Row 2: WhiTe, Frankenberger, Sowell, Dempsey, STekoll, Dunne, Nuveen, Skodacek, Moore, Vandercook, Remy, Koch, Paidar, ZeiTner. Collins. Row 3: PorTes, Rossberger, SmiTh, Gill, Swinney, Peacock, Powers, Lindsey, Kemler, Kenney, Selck, McCallen, Donnelly, Edwards, Bauman, Wooden. ln order To make all These acTiviTies possible Alida Sherman headed a Tinancial commiTTee which sold sandwiches The TirsT days OT school and haf dogs and cokes aT The TooTball games. LaTer in The year iT sold scarves and peanuTs, Tinally ToTaling an amounT oT money ThaT surpassed ThaT received in any oTher year. ThaT green sTuTl was puT To good use in scholarships To girls who could noT aTTend college oTherwise. lvlira Lee Tomei and her ChariTy CommiTTee also used some oT iT. Since our "son" is old enough To Take care Tor himselT we adopTed a daughTer To whom we send checks, leTTers, and presenTs. In addiTion The ChariTy CommiTTee had charge of The drives Tor The Red Cross, The French and Russian war reliefs, and giTTs Tor hospiTalized servicemen. IT planned enTer- TainmenT Tor servicemen aT The CommuniTy I-louse and Waukegan-all in The line of duTy, naTurally-and in shorT had a very Tull and chariTable year. AnoTher busy commiTTee headed by Rosalie Brown is ArrangemenTs which has charge oi keeping The club room and oTTice neaT aT all Times. Since boTh were used almosT daily This represenTed a greaT deal oT Time wiTh The broom and dusT cloTh. The club room has looked nicer This year Than ever before. For oTher hard workers The EmploymenT CommiTTee Tound ample opporTuniTies Tor allowance padding. Under The enThusiasTic leadership oT Ommye Rice, girls were Tound To Till The urgenT jobs on hand during The school year and sum- mer monThs. To aid These various acTiviTies and sTimulaTe inTeresT in Girls' Club, Barbara lvliller and her PubliciTy CommiTTee were kep'l' busy drawing banners and posTers and wriTing news arTicIes. Through Them Girls' Club was able To reach The general public and Through The represenTaTives was able To have a more personal link beTween The organizaTion and The indi- vidual. These represenTaTives meT once a week To discuss problems and gain inTormaTion To reporT To Their adviser rooms. Thus every girl should Teel proud ThaT she parTicipaTed in a program ThaT accomplished such a record Tor so much well done. Girls' Club lliuni. Page 62 4 X fff H- !EXET3 Puhlicatiulls at New Trier 3-:lc W THE I EHUES f cb ECHOES "' O ATTer The curTain comes down each year onirew Trier's acTiviTies, ECHOES. our yearbook, re-enacTs all The various scenes oT New Trier liTe wiTh picTures, names, and inTormaTion so ThaT in years To come, sTudenTs can look back wiTh pleasure upon Their high school days. This year John Williams was EdiTor-in-chieT, Nancy Kenney was AssociaTe EdiTor in charge oT wriTe-ups, Tom Fisher was AssociaTe EdiTor in charge oT business, Barbara Branch was Typing EdiTor, BeTTy Roeddiger and PaT I-IollisTer were ArT EdiTors, and The phoTographers were BurdeTTe IvIarTin, Dave Kahn, and Bob Sharpe. The ediTors were greaTly indebTed To each oTher, To The phoTographers, and To The compeTenT sTaTFs Tor all The hard work done in making The I947 book. I This year ECHOES had a new sponsor. Mr. lvlcKinnie. who is back Trom The Armed Services. I I-Ie spenTl mosT of The year geTTing acquainTed wiTh The mechanics oT making up our yearbook. As sponsor of The arT work so necessary To ECHOES, Mr. Holland conTinued To give his excellenT aid. Mr. WaTers conTinued To be The oTher sponsor, wiThouT whose indispensable and cheerful help, The many problems oT The year would noT have been solved. For This, The ediTors Thank him wiTh sincere appreciaTion. ECHOES SPONSORS ECHOES EDITORS McKinnie, WaTers, Holland KENNEY, WILLIAMS, FISCHER Page 64 STAFFS A word of Thanks is exTencIed To Mr. Bernie Tor The Senior class, underclass oTTicers, TacuITy, and IargesT group picTuresg To The PonTiac Engraving and EIecTroType Company Tor The engraving: To The Economy Adverjrising Company Tor The prinTingg ancI To The Sheiby CraTTco Company Tor The covers. ASSISTANT EDITORS Monfgomery, Wrighf, Gelderman ECHOES ART EDITORS H H, + R dd, ECHOES WRITE-UPS 0 is er' oe 'ger Row I: Donaldson, McCarn, Loewe. Row 2: Hanser, McDonnell, Branch, Freeman, Jirgal. ECHOES PHOTOGRAPHERS Missing from picfure: Grauer, Leafhers, Selclr, M. Clarlc, Hari' MarTin, Kahn, Sharpe Schaeffer. Page 65 f e snag NEWS EDITORS Row I: Warden, Middlefon, Robinson. Row 2: Mercer, Goodsmifh, Yusf, Rig- ler, McDonald, Meacham. Missing from picfure: Paddock, Massey. THE NEWS O One of New Trier's biggesi' aciivifies is The "News". This year ii has been more diilficuli 'ro publish ihan in previous years because if cosis more money. and The priniers are farlher away. Because of 'rhis 'rhe issues have come our some- whai' irregularly, and ihey were four pages long insiead of eighi. Through 'rhese difiiculiies 'rhe siaiii has been helped by iis sponsor, Mr. Carpenier. who has, as always, been on declc io encourage and io aid in solving problems. The ediior oi The "News", Ann Middleion. who has done a sieady. capable job, is ably supporied by News Ediior Sieve Paddock, Copy Desk Edifor Harrieiie GoodSmi+h, Ari Ediior John Massey, Fealure Ediior Barb Robinson, Sporis Ediior Torn Rigler, Business Manager John McDonald, Circulaiion Manager Jane Meacham, Aclverlising Manager Sally Warden, Typing l-lead Honey Mercer, and Phoiographers Hal Eisenberg and Dave Kahn. Spreading informaiion abou'r New Trier, 'rhe "News" adveriises and boosis New Trier aciiviiies. For insiance, pre- views of plays are given, aihleiic even'rs are reporied, club news is published, and ihe aci'ivii'ies of Tri-Ship, Council. T U X JM JA f fi is 7 Q J, ,QI ld Q 1 fs r K ' f AQ . , , ,. - . ja ' 55 51 12 wg' ' ' , -'Q .ami q S as i ' To B f viii X K ' . 4,11- l D: f fn ,if Qs f X I -1-s 5i"' ' l X 75 s ,Q s Z 757 04" ff? 47 '05 '.:v 'L' Zuwgn 5 T MR. CARPENTER Page 66 NEWS REPORTERS Row I: Mayer, Greller, Hammerman, Peasler, Arnhoim. Row 2: Dushlcin, Pallal-, Shinniclc, Wein- er, Chapin, Leichsenring. COPY DESK Row I: Bishop, Lemme. Row 2: Scribner, Ribleff, Flaclr. FEATU RE STAFF Row I: Peasfer, Barihell. Row 2: Drew, Dyer. TYPING AND ADVERTISING STAFFS Row I: Snell, Sherman. Row 2: Leichsenring, Kahn, Morrill. Page 67 Girls' Club, and G. A. A. are lold. Besides news, There are several leaiure columns To provide humorous en+er+ainmen'r 'ro ihe readers. and +he columns giving brief biog- raphies ol aclive Seniors were coniinued again. lvlrl Carpeni'er's iournalism classes have helped lhis year by somerimes handling all rhe arlicles excepr 'rhe 'learure columns. This year Jrhe s+afF has had a larger proporiion of boys, including several on +he varsiry ieams. There is a lor of clrudgery and hard work in pullring oul' Ihe paper, bul 'rhe slarl al+oge+her has done an enleriaining and "newsy" iob. P34553 qs- in ' gr .Q - -' ""f'fi Wh' Y 87' "Y INKLINGS O "lnklings," New Trier's li+erary magazine, represenirs +he besl' +alen+ of rhe year. H' is made up of srories, poems, and essays which have been con- +ribu+ed by The s+uden+s and approved by +he edirorial board. This board sfudies all confriburions carefully, correcrs errors, and somerimes makes re- visions. The sfaff is selecied al' The beginning of 'rhe second semesfer by Mr. Pelerson, 'rhe sponsor of "lnklings", on +he recommendafion of olher English reachers. ln addilrion, +hose srudenrs wishing To be on +he sfaff mus+ fake an Jrhe members of +he s+afF are chosen, 'rhey elecl' one person among 'lhem 'ro be rhe ediror. "Inlclings" gives enioymenl' and experience ro many people in differenlr ways. ln lhe 'Firsr place, i+ inspires srudenrs 'ro do more crearive wrifing by giving Jrhem an opporrunify 'ro display 'rheir work. Fur+hermore, The ar+ classes, under +he direc+ion of Miss Murphy, also have a chance 'ro show off rheir +alen+ by means of rhe excellenr illusfrarions which 'rhey provide. Lasfly, rhe edilorial board gains valuable pracrice in ediling and crificizing l'he work We of orhers. The ioinlr efforfs of all resull' in +he yearly publica+ion of "Inlclings", which is read and enioyed by all New Trier srudenls. K examinalion and submil' a rheme as an example of Jrheir wri+ing abilil'y. Afrer MR. PETERSON INKLINGS STAFF Row I: Gelderman. Broclrell, Peasfen hdooney, Rosen+haL Reich, Chavluin. 1 Row 2: Merrill, Alfheimer, Spence, Nafenberg, Buhai, G. Clark. Row 3: Branch, Scheinfeld, Leisch, Erwin, M. Clark, Scribner, Cha- pm. Page .L ACT 4 Music and Drama at 4---1-"""""i' f New Trier ' r W! UHAMATIES DRAMATIC CLUB C Under 'rhe sponsorship of Miss Sfanwood, The Dramaric Club again compleied a successful year. The officers were: James Ramsey, President Mark Crane, Vice-Presicleni: Barbara Robinson, Secreiaryp Rollin Thompson, Publiciiy Chairman: Daniel Liirle, Program Chairman: and Mary Englehard, Social Chairman. The Dramaiic Club Board plays a very imporrani' pari' in The acfiviries of New Trier, direcling Ihe affairs of Jrhe club. The plays 'rhis year were as follows: "If I Were King," a romaniic drama aboul' Francois Villon, direcied by Mr. Van Kirk: "The Docior of Lonesome Folk," a Chrisfmas faniasy, and "The Play of Sainf George," a quainr old mummer-'s play, direcred by Mr. Coburn and Miss Gahagan. respeciively: and "The Cal and The Canary," a chilling mys+ery, clirecied by Mr. Coburn. Membership in 'rhe New Trier Dramaric Club is open +o siudenis who have pariicipaied in a Dramaric Club play. The meeiings are highlighred by guesi speakers, previews of 'forihcoming plays, preseniarion of new members, and refreshmenis. DRAMATIC CLUB BOARD Row I: Clingman, Engelhard, Robinson. Row 2: Roos, Ramsey, Drechsler. DRAMATICS CLUB Row I: Chavlrin, Anderson, Wolf, Mink, Gadslre, Reagan, Burr, Hamrnerman, Peasfer, Noble, Brown, Loewe, Rice, Galanie, Myer, Nay, McCreacIy. Row 2: Keen, Rose, Brooks, Maison, McCarn, Clarlz, Miles, Peferson, Bond, Fulfon, O'I'is, Paschen, O'NeiI, Susen, Luclgin, Cunningham, Rusch, Swiff. Row 3: Logan, Van Schaaclr, Paxfon, Copello, Drechsler, Elia, Eklund, Newron, Mau, Roos, Tragnifz, Thompson, Beebe, Bray, Thom, Crane, Kemper, Phipps, Gelderman, Feuer. Page 70 STAGE, LIGHTING, MAKE-UP. AND PROPS CREWS I Behind The scenes of all DramaTic Club producTions, several crews work To make The plays run smooThly. The boys on The sTage crew, under The direcTion of Mr. Harper, consTrucT and painT The seTs Tor The plays and move The TlaTs be- Tween scenes. AT The same Time, The lighTing crew, direcTed by Mr. Jones, seTs up and regulaTes The lighTing eTTecTs Tor The plays. Tom Roos was head OT sTage crew, and Jim Drechsler, head of lighTing crew. Make-up crew, under Miss Gahagan's direcTion, was divided inTo Two secTions. The senior crew, headed by Joan Johannesen and PaT Mink, helped wiTh DramaTic Club plays, while The iunior crew. headed by PaT FulTon, Took care oT AcTor's Guild plays. This year The regular props crew, direcTed by Joyce Clingrnan, organized a second crew To help wiTh AcTor's Guild plays. The regular props crew worked on The DramaTic Club plays. All crews aided also in The producTion oT The opera. STAGE CREW Row I: Brenchley, Mendenhall, Arms, Clarke, Seashore. STAGE LIGHTING CREW Row I: Bowen, Brown, Jones, Whil-ehair, Kemper. Row 2: Bercew, Drechsler, Sea- shore, Simmons, Phipps. MAKE-UP CREWS Row I: Lind, Donaldson, Mink ICQ-Headl, Morrison, Gadske, Brady, Sherman, Nichols. Row 2: Lowell, Salberg, Fulfon, Rouse, Peferson, Gridley, BooThe, Becker, Johannesen. PROPS CREW Row I: LuTTer, Kenf, Clingman Headl, Burr IAss'r. Headl, Chubb. Row 2: Obermeier, Schladen, Lee, Miles, Bond, Vedovell. Page 71 Uramatics Icom. ACTO RS' GUILD O Anolher very imporI'an+ dramalic organizalion is Ac+or's Guild, sponsored by Mrs. Grimes. I+ presenls many one-acl' plays during Ihe year and provides Jrhose sI'uden'rs who wish Io appear in 'rhe major plays wilh valuable experience and Iraining in acling. Membership in The club is granled 'Io 'Ihe aclors in Ihe plays. The officers are: Mary Lou Loewe, Presidenl: William Paxlron, Vice-Presiden+: Mira Lee Tomei, Secrelary: Joyce Clingman, Social Chairman: Mark Crane, Playreading Chairman: Anila Dabrohua, Newspaper Publicily Chairman: Palricia Mink, Posler Publicily Chairman: and Barbara Robinson, Relreshmenl Chairman. VERSE SPEAKING CHOIR O The Verse Speaking Choir, direcfed by Mrs. Grimes, was organized for 'rhose sludenls who wish +o develop Iheir inierprelive abilily, increase lheir underslanding of poelry, and serve lheir communily by providing enlerlainmenl' al' various programs Ihroughoul' Ihe year. AI Iryouis held Iwice a year, mem- bers are chosen from 'rhe sludenis faking Choric Verse Speaking. ACTORS' GUILD Row l: Phipps, Mink Corning, Chavlrin, Burl ingeme, Loewe, Scheib, 1 Rosenlhal, Webb, Cling i man, Bauer. Row 2: Logan, Fever, Niel sen, Greller, Fulfon Rouse, Beebe, Thompson Hennessy, Bond, Branch Thom, Gelderman. Row 3: Van Schaeck, Rose Tomei, Anderson, Sigel, Dabrohue, O'Heviani, Clark, L. Peferson, Da vis, A. Pelerson, Lowell Maison. VERSE CHOIR Row I: Myer, Berg Pallaf, Reich, Gadske, Hummer- men, P e a s I e r Bauer, Noble. Row 2: Loewe, Ross- berger. Droege mueller, Branch, Bond, F u l I' o n , Gridley, Cling- men, Brady. Page 72 Casts Francois Villon . Louis XI . . . Trisfan l'Hermi+e Olivier le Dain . Thibaur d'Aussigny Noel le Jolys . Rene cle Moniigny Guy Tabarie . Colin de Cayeulx Jehan le Loup . Casin Cholei . Robin Turgis . Ka+herine de Vaucelles . Morher Villon . Huguerre . Jehanneion . Blanche . . Guillemeire lsabeau . Denise . . The Queen ...... Toison d'Or, Burgundian Herald . . Moniioye, French Herald . . . French Capiain Trois Eschellesl S piamgmeg it Peili Jean l . Daniel LiHle . John Susen Richard O'Neil George Chrisrensen Richard Gershman . Ralph Beebe . John Phipps . Roger Eklund . Leon Drew Donn Tragniiz Marshall Maison . John Slamin Anne Noble June Gadske June Gadske Anne Noble . Caroline Culberlson Barbara Regan Sarah McCarn Ani+a Dabrohua Sara Jane Davis . Sharon Linick Shirlee Hammond Jay Gelderman David McDonald Rodney Buchanan jMeyer Pinsof lHarold Sherman Townspeople . Donald Ohlson, Carl Spero. Jasper King, Richard Pope. Joan Widau, Cynihia Corning, Geraldine Clark, Dora Jane Nay, Diana Chapin French Soldiers . Sfuarf Feuer, Frank Logan. Harry Thom, William Paxion, Larry Alferbury, Emil Barnich, Richard Kemper Scoiiish Archers . . Carl Spero, Arnold Simonson Servanl +o Kaiherine ..... Glen Paxion Pages .... David Brooks, Roberr Doherry Roger Crosby . . . Mammy Pleasanl . . Harry Blyrhe . . Cicily Young . Susan Sillsby . Page 73 Richard Gershman Sara Jane Davis Parricia Thompson Richard Sirangler .I Jacqueline Leaihers Mary Engelhard i Margarei' Bond Erminie Bauer THE PLAY OF SAINT GEORGE Faiher Chrisimas ..... George Bray Sainr George ..... Willard Rusch Valianl Soldier . . Roger Ludgin Turkish Knighl' . . Richard Sievens Docror . . . . Frank Logan The Saracen . Jervis Cunningham William Keen A H . . Orse Alan Hesion Jack Finney . . Richard Swifi Hosr . . . . Donn Tragnilz Hosiess ...... Carol Broadhursi Dancers . Barbara Jarvis, Mar Van Devenrer, Barbara Holmes, Margarei Gallaway, Mary Schneider, Befsy Jones, Rufh Mehren, Mary Kay Nelson, Jane+ Smiih, Sally O'Neil, Pairicia Loder, Marilyn Beckmann Guesis . Robin Beal, Susan Riggs, Dawn Weber, Susan Brown, Jean Crowley, Joan Grimes, Sally Sweerman, Lois Rosenihal, Fern Wineman, Joyce Sundi, Jan Troui THE DOCTOR OF LONESOME FOLK The Policeman .... Donald Karslake The Thief ....... Lois Myers The Ragged Girl . . Nancy Galanie The Gossip . . . Dora Jane Nay The Husband . . . Glenn Paxion The Wife . . . . Caroline Paschen The Dancer . . . . SuzeHe Loefell The Man Aboui Town . . Emil Barnich The Poer . . . . Carl Rose The Newsboy . . . . Eva Sreffan The Miser ..... Eric Van Schaack The Mo'rher ...... Jeanne Miles The Docfor of Lonesome Folk . Ru+h Chavkin Assislanr +o 'rhe Direc'ror . . . Sarah Brown THE CAT AND THE CANARY Charlie Wilder . Paul Jones . . Annabelle Wesi' . Hendricks ., . Dr. Parierson . . Assis'ran+s +o Docror . Ernsi Liebman . John Haworlh ' iTerry Hammond 2Ann Flowers . . John Phipps James Jeiiierson D iSarah Brown lLois Myers BOYS' ENSEMBLE Row I: Lagerlof Seeley, Rigler Ramsey lPresi: cIenTI, Herlocker lVice - PresidenTI Rice, H. Marfin Brown. Row 2: CoaTes Kohler, Li+TIe Beebe, Allen Monfgom- ery, Clark, B MarTin, PaxTon Ziclek. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Row I: PaIIa+, Sos- na, PeasTer, No- ble, RoberTson Murphy, Gadskei D r o e g e - mueller, FaII. Row 2: Linick, Per- rin, Browne, Mann, Wakeley, Chris - Tian, Brown, Funk houser, Peferson. Seely. 4 ...JA A A CHOIR AND ENSEMBLE I The Girls' Ensemble, under The direcTion oT Miss Anderson, and The Boys' Ensemble. led by Mrs. CoTTon, are composed oT New Trier's Top sing- ing voices. They are selecTed wiTh greaT care, and each member has worked hard To aTTain The honor. While preTerence is given To The upperclassmen Tor These groups, anyone wiTh a superior voice can be admiTTed. The A Cappella Choir, under The direcTion of Mrs. Bradburn, is a large group. There, Too. are carefully selecTed voices. While mosT oT The lead- ing roles in The opereTTa are given To members oT The ensembles, occasionally someone in The choir is given one oT These parTs. The Ensembles and The Choir, as well as singing aT such school aTTairs as The ChrisTmas and Spring ConcerTs and graduaTion, have also sung aT many places in Chicago and on The NorTh Shore. Among These are Marshall Eield's, The KenilworTh Club, Church SocieTies, The RoTary Club, The OpTimisTs' Club, Women's Clubs, and The Sunday Evening Club in Chicago. To be a member oT such groups as These is one oT New Trier's mosT highly prized honors. CHOIR Row I Browne Noble McMahon Sosna Lawson Busby Scheib, Fall, Roberfson, Wanner, Murphy, PeasTer, Linick, Thomas, Funkhouser, Row 2 Traufweln Zldek Rigler Brown Paxton G Mann Harff, Harlshorne, Walser, ChrisTian, Pererson, Collins, Meyer, Barnes, Wakeley, Schmidi' Mercer AIThelmer Fraker D Smrlh Lindberg Peacock, MacMiIIin, Free, STaub, Rice. . Row 3 Badger Cannon Lagerlof Herlocker Paxlon B Coafes, Williams, Humphrys, Monfgomery, Clark, Roos, Snyder, LiTTIe, Beebe, Poling, Kohler ScoTT Craven McDermoTT Parker H Marhn Drew, Sex, Brooks. Missing from plcTure Bray Hinkley BausTerT Seely Greene Logan. Cahn, B. Snyder, McLaTchie, L. Piaf, Brooks. , Page 74 OPERA GROUPS O This year The number of members in Opera Group increased because of The amounr of s+u- denls inreresred in singing and rhe number of good voices. Second Opera Group was conlinued for Jrhose who did noi' gel inro Firsr Opera Group. lr is Jrhe Firsl Opera Group, under lhe direc- 'rion of Mrs. Coilon, which presenis 'rhe opera each year. However, if for any reason Jrhere is need of more members for ihe casl, Second Opera Group is ready and only loo willing io help. Afrer rhe preseniarion of Jrhe Chrisimas Concerr, Opera Group slarled working on rhis year's opera, which is Gilberr and Sullivan's "lolan+he", a siory abou? a 'fairy courl. Following The choice of principals, ihe choruses were chosen. The principals were as follows: Phyllis-Elizabelh Perrin, June Gadske, Anne Noble Iolanrhe-Vivian Sosna, Joan Droegemueller Queen-Sharon Linick, Mary Mann, Dennis Barnes Leila-Claire Collins, Louise Brown, Mary Jane Abrams Celia-Jeannine Peasier, Ann Peierson, Joan Murphy Srrephon-Jim Ramsey, Bill Paxron Lord Chancellor-Bill Blackburn, Dan LiH'le Earl of Mounlararal-Bob Coales, Howard Marlin Lord Tolloller-Mickey Seeley, Bob Kohler Senrry-John Lagerlof, Fred l-lerlocker Wirh 'rhese fine singers in Arhe lead paris and rhe choruses working under The able direcrion of Mrs. Coilon and Jrhe enrire Music Deparimenr, "lolan+he" could nor help bur be a huge success. BOYS' OPERA GROUP Row I: Casferline, MacMillin, Shaw, Smifh, Rose, Paxfon, Parker, Logan, Maison, Ballman, Zidek, Slade Salmon Cahn Marhn Donnelly, Sfaub, Large, Brown, Rigler. Row 2: Peferson, Paxfon, Cannon, Ohlson, Mercer, Shannon, Ramsey, Lagerlof, Hurklem, Sco'H, McDermo'f+ Johnson Molner Sex She ard, Johnson, Drew, Cogswell, Free, Sfinson. Row 3: Seaberg, Brooks, Beebe, Liffle, Coafes, Bray, Haclrbarfh, Monfgomery, Humphrys, Roos, Snyder, Clark Allen Craven King Sfephenson, Sampson, Kohler, Aishion, Janis, Fursf, Johnson. F3574 15. ' 2 . ' GIRLS' FIRST OPERA GROUP Row I: Busby, Harfshorne, Windes, Phelps, Wanner, Carey, Sosna, Linick, Burr, Kuh, Murphy, Peasier, Hammerman Mead Thomas Fall, Perrin, Gadske, Pallaf, Ticlrnor, Fish, Brown. Row 2: Cady, Gardiner, Middlefon, Nuveen, Burns, Peierson, Collins, McMahon, Scheib, Abrams, Calvi Snell Funkhouser Mann Browne, Salberg, Droegemueller, Lindberg, Paidar, Schaeffer, Billow, Kemler, Harff, McCoy, Noble, Buckingham Row 3: Morrison, Chrisfian, Lawson, McCosh, Hendericlr, Wilson, Walser, Smiih, J. Korih, Ehrhardr, D. Smifh Suylrer Barnes Leisch Fralzer, Meyer, Alfheimer, Gridley, Housfon, Walteley, Bauer, Arkinson, Schmidf, Peacock, Mercer, Roberison Page 75 GLEE CLUBS GIRLS' SECOND OPERA GROUP Row I: LaRoy, Kenney, Schuller, M. Campbell, Frei, Keller, Broclcell, Marfens, Leichsenring, Kimbarlr, Mooney, Monfgomery, KraeTsch, Emrich, J. Thompson, Musson, Hurlbuf, Anderson, Hollingbery, Wolf, Flowers. Row 2: Newman, Bullen, Danlr, Elmer, Collins, iWnde, Hans, Silver, Harvey, Spencer, Pavlilc, Peferson, Schmidf, Rodgers, Wilson, Sergean'I', Sherman, Jones, Moore, Smifh, Tegimeyer, Braue, Rice, Marcus, Jung, Hawes, CusTard. Row 3: PorTer, Forbes, Barnes, Schifflin, Davis, McGrew, Chapin, Meacham, Barneff, Erwin, Glaser, Marr, Monk, Bond, Miller, Bruce, LeggiT'I', Thompson, Nay, Gridley, Bulley, Branch, Selclz, Wild, Dowd, McCready, Lichfer, King. 'ef f-q, . . Q . I. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row I: Penfeeld, Brown, Trees, KiTezalri, McNally, Chrisman, ChrisTopher, BraaTen. Row 2: KiaTTe, Breed, Ludgin, BeaTTy, Lind, Jamieson, Broolrs, CoTTer, Johnson. Row 3: Gepperf, Anderson, Belding, Barfz, Diefz, Amos, Langdon, Merrill, Allen. GLEE CLUBS O The Tive glee clubs conTain more Than one-half of all The members oT The New Trier music groups. The maior proiecTs oT The glee clubs are New Trier's Two annual concerTs-The ChrisTmas concerT and The spring concerT. These popular groups oTTer excellenT opporTuniTies Tor experience and advancemenT To higher groups. TI-IE CONCERTS O Each year, The Music DeparTmenT, headed by "Mama" CoTTon, presenTs Two concerTs, one aT ChrisTmas, and The oTher in The Spring. All The music groups parTicipaTe in These concerTs. Among The numbers sung aT The ChrisTmas concerT were "Now Thank We All Our God", "For UnTo Us a Child ls Born," and The "Hallelujah Chorus." The numbers in The Spring concerT included "Preludes To ETer- niTy" by LiszT, "I"lalleIujah-Praise The Lord" by Lewandowslci, a medley of VicTor l'IerberT TavoriTes, and a special requesT number, PeTer WiIhouslcy's arrangemenT of "BaTTIe Hymn of The Republic." Spe- cial numbers were sung aT boi-I1 concerTs by The ensembles and The choir. BoTh The concerTs were very beauTiTul, and marked Two more greaT successes Tor The Music DeparTmenT. Page 76 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Isl GIRLS' GLEE : Cannon, Lealon, Loewe, Clingman, Loeflell, Roddick, Grimm, Danner, Parkin, Buller, Jones, Weber, Trees, Wilson, Selby. : Cook, Mackenrolh, Bells, Lovgren, Powell, Manierre, Arnheim, Pasinalo, Rion, Taylor, Auslin, Mohardl, Dushkin, Young, Berg Gilchrisl, Meyer, Beally, Wylie, Nolan, Holmes, Slowers. : Miller, Cloud, Pauley, Roesing, Dolnick, Donohue, Schoeneck, Gillies, Chubb, Penney, Wells, Hollis, Clark, M. Riblell, Davidson Cederberg, While, Bauer, Kline, Johnlz, Smilh, Bigelow, Ackley, Swindell. 1 J- CIBFIK. HUIIW. KfU999F. KOCIW. Spence. McCarn, Reiley, G. Clark, Kenyon, Pelerson, Jones, Miles, Rouse, Sleinberger, Robinson Wells, Bullard, Neumann, Toubus, Cambridge, Solberg, Schladen, Tilus. 2nd GIRLS' GLEE : Wonderlic, Webb, Springer, Rice, Nauioks, Hunler, Gleason, Smilh, Slown, Selecman, Gossell, Peck, Rippberger, Shapiro Carlson, Porler, Slory, Snell. : Ives, Drechsler, Howe, Hughes, Myer, Ambler, Smilh, Koch, Hinman, DeVilaIis, Bushman, Jones, Swinney, Gould, Granl Turner, Hodson, Peasler, Roberson. : Price, Slillwell, Slryrm, O'Grady, Ely, Berry, Donaldson, Boesch, Barlhold, Gordon, Thompson, Pelerson, Devill, McKenzie, Shaw Torrison, Young, Maichle, Radunz. , ,' . , , I , f Ll '. .I '. I 'I .., ' ' I.. 4 gig., A ' 1 Page 77 2nd GLEE CLUB-8lh PERIOD Row Ig Daly, Jarvis, Rihghie, lakes, Loven, Vodog, Baum, Luslgarlen, Segil, Buckholz, Gershovilz, Slephen, Cole, Milchell, Wallace While, Joyce, Sillig, Sherman. - Row,2: Engel, Granl, Carroll, Cleveland, Haselline, Hicks, Reling, Sowell, Anderson, Mueller, Appley, Allheimer, Benlley, Berg, Riggs Hammond, Slekoll, Broadhursl, Sundblom. Row 3: Roddick, Reed, Weber, Taylor, Sherwood, Woleben, Fay, Murphy, Langlill, Schneider, Lambarl, Chrisliansen, Cross, Nuveen Tory, Wineman, Knoll, Rosenberger, Hagen, Coburn. Tl'lE ORCHESTRA I The orcheslra, conducled by Mrs. Collon, assisled by Mrs. Lavery, has conlribuled greally lo mosl ol lhe all-school aclivilies. They accompanied lhe music groups al' bolh ol lhe concerls, and also played a special number in each concerl. Many ol lhe members played lor lhe annual opera, lor Lagniappe, and lor several ol lhe sludenl plays. The orcheslra conlinues lo sel a higher slandard each year lor cooperalion and playing- FLUTES Coaies Conney Logan Mills Mink Sheer Taff Taylor B-FLAT CLARINETS Barfholomew Braa+en Bridges Bruecks Burlingame Carlson Cloos Doly Elrod Fiorio Lobb Macey MacMillan Norfon O'NeaI PaI"IuIIo Peferson Peilibone Posey Richmond Schmifz ScoH Sherrill Simpson Sfoesslein Unger Williams Yahl ALTO CLARINETS Johnson Wolff BASS CLARINETS Kahn Hariwell OBOES Maison Weinsfein BASSOONS Roos Welch BAND ALTO SAXOPHONES Bray Keen TENOR SAXOPHONES Nelson Trom BARITONE SAXOPHONE Macomber BASS SAXOPHONE Corrigan FRENCH HORNS Bolle D'Asa ro Haworlh Rusch Sfevens Tra u'Iwein Wire CORNETS Bem us Borhek Burch Craig Gordon Henning Jumisko Krohl Lindahl Maxwell Monigomery Pair Peferson Pifney Rice Rix Wolf Wrighl' TROMBONES Ambler Kroeschell Lagerlof Polls Worfhingion BARITONES Jacobs Kraslaerg Monfgomery Weis SOUSAPHONES Brooks Luiz Lyons Newion STRING BASS O'NeiII TYMPANI Parker Pfufzenreufer PERCUSSION Besf Bloomberg Fisher Henrickson Levilefz Parker Pfufzenreurer Roberis Schmiiz Sfade Isf VIOLINS Snell Pinkham Phipps Zeiss Gadske Engelhardf Orfh Jones, M. A. Jones, M. H. Roe Goddard Oloerg Calkins 2nd VIOLINS Townsend Zimmerman Ickes Sanders Spiesman Ziesil McCaIIy Ford Carrol Booz Sfeffan Aschenbach Jarvis FLUTES Logan Coaies Mink ORCHESTRA OBOES Maison Weinsfein CLARINETS Posey Carlson PeHibone BASSOON Roos PERCUSSION Pfuizenreuier Parker VIOLAS Brooks Thompson Gefhman CELLOS Schmidf Jones Shaykin Duskin Lebeson BASSES O'NeiI Smiih TRUMPETS Borhek Henning HORNS Haworlh Bolle Trauiwein Sfevens TROMBONES Monigomery Kroeschell ACCOMPANIST Wanner Page 78 . X ii..-1 1 -11.11 A3 ,Q IL L. Page 79 ACT 5 Sports at NeWTrie1? .' ' y ,QR r Ill R f in K H1 ' HSTTY FUUTB LL FOOTBALL I946 ediTion oT The Green Wave compIeTed a successful season under The direcTion oT iTs menTor, Coach WalTer E. Aschenbach, wiTh a well earned vicTory over EvansTon in The Tradi- game baTTIe. AIThough The season's record was marred by Two deTeaTs aT The hands oT and Oak Park, seven vicTories appear on The good side of The ledger. High School oT Chicago presenTed a Tough hurdle Tor The Wave in iTs opener. LasT year's had dropped iTs opener To a Schurz Team which had pracTically The same personnel. This year, however, The Grey-Green was noT To be deTeaTed, and iT Turned back All-STaTe Johnny Miller and company by a I3-I2 score. Bob Lauer's kick, which barely cleared The uprighTs, was The deciding TacTor. V EasT Aurora was a breeze, as The 32-O Tinal score indicaTes, buT The nexT game proved iusT a biT Tougher. The boys wenT all ouT To beaT IvIorTon I3-6. AT ThornTon, because oT The TerriTic line play of boTh sides, The New Trier quarTerbacks Tried many Tancy plays. Chuck Young scored on iusT such a play, The Tamed double pass. AT This poinT, The Waukegan Bulldogs pulled Their upseT and The TrieriTes Toppled, 7-O. Bouncing back The nexT week, The Wave crushed Highland Park, I8-O, and Then Took SCORES New Trier . . I3 Schurz . . . I2 New Trier . . 32 EasT Aurora . . 0 New Trier . . I3 MorTon . . . 6 New Trier . . 20 ThornTon . . 6 New Trier . . O Waukegan . . . 7 New Trier . . I8 Highland Park . . . O New Trier . . . 26 Proviso . . . I2 New Trier . . ' 7 Oak Park . . 25 New Trier . . I4 EvansTon ..... 6 , W L T OP P New Trier . . 7 2 O 74 I43 Q Page 80 VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: Weldon. Rich, Willams, Ross. Geniesse, MisanToni, Lauer, Young, Lyons, Mahan, Reif, Meyers, PeTers, Hoban. Row 2: Vaughan, Clark, Befhke, Hinrichs, Hifes, Porfer, Layer, Rice, Bowler, Redding, Snorf, Dunne, Glass, GraTer, ThornTon. Row 3: Ryan jMgr.I, Dempsey, Whi+e, Showers, Lindsay, Allen, Elliff, Tripicchio, Jorgensen, Corns, Ives, Munson, Young, Bender, Rennacker, Thalman, Cafon, Franfzen. The measure oT Proviso, 26-12. AlThough The TirsT score was made by New Trier, The Huskies oT Oak Park came back To whip The Grey-Green in The nexT game and eliminaTed all hopes oT bringing back The Suburban League TiTle To New Trier in I946. Besides sTarTing ends Chuck Hoban and Don Weldon, who called signals mosT OT The Time, Coach PeTe FranTzen produced Two oTher good Tlankmen in Charley Snorf and Phil BeThke. Holding down The pivoT posT in sixTy-minuTe Tashion nearly every game was All-League Bob Lauer. The resT of The line, under The direcTion of Mr. CaTon, numbered such perTormers as John Mahan, Bob Geniesse, and Brad Glass aT Tackles. and Ben IvlisanToni, Davey Lyons, Bill Redding, and Doug Vaughn aT guards. On defense, Fred RieT handled The quarTerback's chores, and Al Ross played ThaT posiTion on offense. Jack Meyers and Kenny Rich alTernaTed aT The Tailback spoT wiTh boTh seeing major acTion in The New Trier oTTense. AlThough Chuck "Bronco" Young was The regular fullback. Val DeCarlo played a major share of The Time. because of Chuck's injuries. SupporTing This casT were Jim Williams, hard-hiTTing line backer: Jack ThornTon, able wingbackp John Lindsay, and John PeTers beTore he was injured. KickoTFs were handled in a big way by Val DeCarlo, and Reed Hinrichs and Bob Lauer used Their educaTed Toes To 'furnish The exTra poinTs. . U..- .4 - .A LA, Page 81 JVT JUNIOR V O The Junior Mr. Weingarfner ular league comp faced every feam in Affer defeafing I sfruck, and sfruck hard. Mr. Funkhouser, season of reg- place. New Trier and Highland Park. fo O in fhe firsf game, misforfune Waukegan game, fhe second of fhe season, Co-Capfain Bernie Papierski suffered a broken leg, and Waukegan wenf on fo win, 20 fo 6. The iniury ridden Jay Vees fhen dropped fhree fough games fo Norfh Shore, Proviso, and Oak Park, before bouncing back fo fie Evansfon in fhe season finale. Mafof, Sfone, Anderson, Wiffenberg, and Lamphear were fhe mainsfays of fhe forward wall, wifh juniors Braun, Papierski, Robson, Thomassene, and Chamberlain showing greaf promise. Brigham, Errnan, Baldwin, Moore, and Pesafuro, along wifh Co- Capfain Swanson, Wells, and Jones saw mosf of fhe acfion in fhe backfield. New New New New New New New SCORES Trier . . I4 Thornfon . . O Trier . . 6 Waukegan . . 20 Trier . . O Norfh Shore . . I8 Trier . . O Proviso . . . 20 Trier . . O Oak Park . . . I8 Trier . . . O Eva nsfon . . . . O W L T OP I P Trier . . I 4 I 76 20 QW' .Wx ' Z wr' ' , K x 4 ff A , , - y Z ' 'fig My I I Q III ..-.e-i9-f'- V J fa J. V. FOOTBALL Row I: Robson, Cahn, Sfone, Wesfrich, Swanson, Anderson, Pesafuro, Davis, Chamberlain, Rummler, Lanphear, Baldwin, Tomassene. Row 2: Salmon, Wrighf, Spies, Levi+e+z, Moore, Vaughan, Young. Hunt Babcock. Drew. Mafof. Braun. Brower. Taller. Strauss. Row 3: Papierski, S+rueH', Greene, Jones, Chapin, BarreH, Del Re. Hoss, Hosak, Johnson, Heizer, Carlson, Worf ingfon, Wiffenberg, Birkelung Brigham, Mr. Funkhouser. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Row l: S. Currie, Covell, James, C. Currie, McGinn, Brymer, Hoban, Merrifield, Calderini, Griesser, Marshall, Chrisioph, Spies, Barnes, Wafson. Row 2: SmiTh, Weis, Curiis, Davis, Zweiner, Woody, Anderson, ChesTer, Manzelman, Rumsfeld, Wheeler, Dern, SmiTh, Surpless, O'KieTfe, Lyons, Mr. Ude. Row 3: Branch, Adams, Vaughan, Harshaw, Morand, Fagen, Wynlroop, Wickless, Chrisman, Koerber, Peacock, Weber, Grimm, Rapp, Ryno, lrvine, BuTler, Kininer, Hogerman, SuTTle, Amos, TenTler. Row 4: Drake, Leahy, SmiTh, Armsfrong, SolliT+, Oneal, Ellis, Belding, Harfley, Burmeisler, Hels+adTer, Bell, Sfevens, Sfephenson, Halvorsen Bergman, Noe, McNally. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Row I: Richardson, Spechf, Bruce, Jannofla, Moore, Spoehr, Pearson, Ofis, PeTTi, Tally, Ellis, Maclrinnon, Calkins, Blaise. Row 2: Gefschow, Kivland, Bergman, ShelTon, Horen, Thiessen, Spiegel, Evans, Jacobs, Whife, Welch, GaTl1ercoal, Richburg, Bennelf, English, McCarTh Wade Row 3: King, Baliines, Huck, Jewell, Fischer, PeTerson, George, Forrest Tebbeffs, Green, Van Devenier, Shepard, Hosson, GoTTmann, Sex, Cooksy, ScoT'l-, Hoffman, Carson, Allen, Megowen, Boyden, Johnson. my 7 QW X S Z X f. A-f Q 9 S1 MMM ' NX FRESHMAN FOOTBALL O Under The Tine coaching of Jim McFadzean. The Freshmen Tielcled a vicTories, no losses, and one Tie won Them The TirsT Freshman TooTball The Terrific line play of John Griesser, Chuck Calderini, Nick Marshall. James. A sTrong backfield of Dave Merrifield, Dick ChrisToph, Caird FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL O For The second sTraighT year The Suburban League championship was broughT home To New Trier by Coach Chuck Lauer's Frosh-Soph squad. Their season's record shows eighT wins and one loss. Their Team spiriT was ouTsTanding-iT was The Team ThaT scored The Touch- downs. Much of Their success can be aTTribuTed To The magniTicenT line play of CapTain Jim OTis. Joe PeTTi, and Pinkie Pearson aT guards. Pinkie demonsTraTed his versaTiliTy midway Through The season when he gladly converTecl To spinnerback To Till in 'For The iniured Fred Bruce. Bill Ellis, Fred Balmes, PeTe Spoehr, and Joe Gairhercoal played good ball aT Tackle. OuTsTancling was The work oT Bob Talley T End posiTions were held down by Bergman. while TeaTure cog in The of- back. AnoTher speed demon Calkins, righT halfback. ln and all of Them parTici- and Howie Welch al' cen er. Craig Richardson, Jim Bob Moore excelled aT Tense was Ned JannoT+a, a andsan excelleni pass The role of fullback, Fred Bruce was ouTsTanding. All of The Tour sTrings were paTed in every game. During The year. The Team gained I73 poinTs To iTs Their record oT Tive ConTribuTing was l-loban, and Ted The Team. FPTUSH- SUPH Page 83 The year was held aT Highland Park.. AT The end oT regu- . ln The overTime, Holman PeTTibone made a baskeT The ouTsTanding players were Holman PeTTibone, Bill Hodg- The game aT La Grange was a major vicTory Tor The :use La Grange was The WesT Suburban League leader aT ThaT Time. They came wiTh a 44-29 vicTory. ln This game, Bill Hodgson ToTaled I8 poinTs Tor Chuck Lauer's Team. AT The La Grange TournamenT on New Year's Day New Trier scored a 42 To 34 vicTory over JolieT. Though Waukegan, so Tar The Top Team in The sTaTe, was expecTed To win by a large margin. New Trier led unTil The Third quarTer, when Waukegan caughT up and won wiTh a score oT 33-25 in Their TirsT meeTing. In a second conTesT, Waukegan nosed ouT our boys 35-34 in The lasT second of play. In The TirsT game agair1sT Proviso we scored a 37-26 win Tor our second League vicTory. The vicTory over EvansTon was welcomed, be- cause They had been in The running Tor The League Championship. This was a Team vicTory raTher Than a case of individual sTarring. IT was a Top game Tor uniTy and defensive play. Dick ChrisTiansen, Bob Lauer, PeTe Burnside, Louie KranTz, and Bill Hodgson played pracTi- cally The enTire game. son, and Louie B SEETB LL Page Y VARSITY BASKETBALL Row I: Cannon fMgr.l, ChrisTiansen, Lauer, Kraniz, Hodgson, PeTTibone, Clark, MorgansTern iMgr.,. Row 2: Richmond, Bacon, PoTers, Birkelund, Johnson, Hellsfrom, Davis, HackbarTh, Marsh, GraTer, Myers. AbsenT from picTure: Munson. The Dads' Club oT New Trier is sponsoring an award Tor The besT Tree Thrower during The season. AT The presenT, Tour boys are in The running for This award: Dick ChrisTiansen, PeTe Burnside, Bob Lauer, and Bill Hodgson. The mosT consisTenT players This year were Bob Lauer, who is an excepTionally good guard and rebounder: Bill Hodgson, a high- scoring Torward and an ouTsTanding defensive player: Holman PeTTibone, one oT The Team's besT cenTersg Louie KranTz and Dick ChrisTiansen, boTh very good Torwards and "ball hawks", and Guard PeTe Burnside, The Team's mosT promising player in many years. Louie KranTz, a junior, was The elecTed capTain of This year's squad. ATTer The EvansTon game iT looks as Though The Team will win a maioriTy of iTs Tour remaining games, and land in The upper division oT The new eighT Team Suburban League. . Page 85 FHUSH-SUPH B SHETBALL FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL O Allhough +his year's Frosh-Soph baslcerball feam was very good, rhey had 'lough compefilion in lhe League. The Oak Parlc, Evanslon, and Morlon leams were some of 'l'he besl' Jrhe Suburban League has seen in a long lime. One of lhe basl players, Whifey Gomperi, injured his shoulder. and l'he 'ream missed his good playing. One of ihe rnosl exciring games for Pele Fran'rzen's 'ream was againsl' Morlon. There were IV2 minules lo go in 'lhe overlime, and New Trier was in 'rhe lead by six poinls. Morfon caughl' up, 'ro make il l'heir vic- 'rory. The mosl consisrenl players on 'rhe Jream were Lefly Moore, a forward, and Ned Jannolia, a guard, who are bolh very good a+ handling +he ball. ln The game againsl Highland Park, Jrhe Jream came Through wi'rh a score of 31-28. They made 44 poinls againsl' Niles' 22. The players who were in mosl of +he 'rime were Al Jenness, a forward: Ned Jannolra, a guard: Joe Pelli, a forward: Whiiey Gomperf, cenler: James Spechl, a guard: Lefly Moore, a forward: l-larold Berquisl, a forward: and Pele MacKinnon, a guard. FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL Row I: Franfzen, O'Neal lMgr.l, Polls, Nelson, Jannoffa, MacKinnon, Pelfi, Berquisf, Sex, Pair, Brown, Sfevens lMgr.l. Row 2: Bergman, Spechf, Jenness, Pope, D. Bergman, Gomperl, Karslelre, Moore, Wood, Fischer, Frazier, Cheflain, Wiclcman, McGraw. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Row I: Breed, McGinn, Rumsfeld, Prasse, Smilh, PeHi, Myers, Marshall, Henry. Row 2: Savage, Samaha, Currie, Lyons, Halverson, Chris+oph, Brymer, Merrifield, James. Greenlees, Anderson. Page 86 GUARD Row I: E. B. Jackson, Hosbein, Rigler, Parfiff iAssisTanT Head Guardl, Hargreaves fHead Guardl, Seeley, McKee, Jackson, Roberfson Row 2: Warren, Barker, Hildrefh, Wolf, Sampson, Pickup, Wiseman, Wesfrich, Templefon, Rosberg. Row 3: Tucker, Sfaub, Burr, Gabel, A. Wallen, B. Hargreaves, B. Wallen, PTuTzenreuTer, Shannon. GUARD Q Since OcTober, I936, when The New Trier Guard was TirsT organized This group has always done an excellenT iob. This year was no excepTion. The Guard is considered The backbone oT The enTire swim- ming organizaTion here aT New Trier. The members OT This imporTanT group are composed of boys who are willing To give generously oT Their Time and service To help oThers learn The arT oT swimming and To acT as sTudenT swimming assisTanTs. These boys help aTTer school, aT nighT, on SaTurdays, and aT any oTher Time when They are needed. No awards or leTTers oT any kind are given To This group as iT is purely a service organizaTion. To be chosen head guard by Coach Jackson is The highesT honor ThaT one can receive in The swimming organizaTion. This year ThaT posT is held by Jim Hargreaves, and The assisTanT head guard is Tom ParTiTT. OThers on The guardifinclude: Dan Barker, George Burr, Ronald Gabel, Bob Hargreaves, Ned l-lildreTh, Jim Hosbein, Edwin Jackson, Peirce McKee. Bob PTuTzenreuTer, Lowell Pickup, Jr., Tom Rigler, Bob Rosberg, Donald Sampson, Mickey Seeley, Bill Shannon, Wilson STaub, PeTer TempelTon, Tom Tucker, Archie Wallen, Bud Wallen, GilberT Warren, Jack WesTrich, Chuck Wiseman, and Paul Wolf. SWIMMI G GUARD V!-IHSI CAPTAIN JOHN SNYDER IVII G Q VARSITY SWIMMING I This year has proven Io be anolher highly successful year 'for New Trier's varsily swimming Jream. New Trier managed Io win all of Ihe dual meels, +hus securing 'rhe Suburban League Championship again. Oak Park furnished The siifliesl compeiifion. Some of ihe oulslanding varsily swimmers are John Snyder, who has won all his even+s in rhe IOO yard breasl' slrolce in Ihe dual meels and eslablished a new League record of l:O6.6 in The IOO yard breasl slrolceg Tom Parfi'l'r and Bill Shannon have won a good share of The back sfroke races: Jim Porler has been 'rhe winning swimming male of John Snyder in +he breasl slrolceg McKee. Gable, and Seeley have done exceplionally well in ihe dislance swim of 200 yards: MacTaggar+, I-Iinrichs, Ambler, Suriano. and Shine have ably guarded 'rhe Tree s+yle sprinlrs, and I-losbein, S+eeIe. Haase. and Bowler have won consisienlly in diving. New Trier Iosl' Ihe Slale Ivieel' Io Lane Tech by a hearl-breaking one poinl' in one of The closesl' slale meels in years. However, New Trier's 'ream Iurnecl in some nolable achievemenls. John Snyder, who was elecred ihis year's honorary caplain. brolce Ihe sIaI'e record by six-Ienlhs of a second by swimming Ihe IOO yard breasl' slrolce in I:O6.2. Ted Sleele is 'rhe new sI'aI'e diving champion wiI'h Bill I'Iaase coming in second and Bob Bowler fhird. This was The 'firsl' slaie meer in which under-classmen compeled and placed. All in all, rhe Ieam has had a very successful season. Page 88 ' VARSITY SWIMMING Row I: Jackson, MacTaggar'I', Parliil, Gebel, Shannon, Hosbein, Snyder, Lechner, McKee, Porfer, Hinrichs, Seeley Condon Row 2: Brown, SI'eele, Wiseman, HiIdreI'l'I, Alger, Lowell, Rosberg, Pickup, Allen, Ryan, Showers, Hease, Shnne Roberlson Row 3: Bowler, Harf, Rigler, Weere, Burr, Nadler, Levy, Jaclrson, Bond, Ambler, Wesfricla, Surieno, Copello Del Re VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES New Trier . . 53 Crane Tecl'I . . 22 New Trier . . 55 Sleinmelz . . 20 New Trier . . 5I Danville . . . I5 EI New Trier . . 58 Morlon .... I7 X X New Trier . . 48 Wesi' Rockford . 27 Easi Rockford . . I5 ITriangle Meell New Trier . . 56 Proviso .... I9 New Trier . . 57 Tlwornfon . . I8 New Trier . . 46 Maine . . . 29 New Trier . . 58 Waukegan . . I7 New Trier . . 56 Evansion . . I9 New Trier . . 42 Danville . . . 24 New Trier . . 40 Oak Parlc . . 35 LEAGUE MEET STATE MEET ,1,,,N Isl' New Trier . . . . 48 Isl Lane Teclw . . . 40 2nd Oalc Park .- . . 37 2nd New Trier . . 39 3rd Highland Park . . . 28 3rcl Schurz . . IO Page 89 C CAD 1 SH-SUPH SWT MI Ii FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING Row I: J. WyaH', Grimm, Goodman, B. Barker, Smifh, Ballard, Chrisman, Tucker, Elwood, Sfrauss. Row 2: E. B. Jackson, Goffmann, Warren, Walrers, Sealy, Kivland, Kroeschell, Green, B. Wallen, Pfuhenreufer, Templefon, Derby Condon. Row 3: Sampson. Mills, Wafson, Halsey, Barnes, Barker, Wolf, Noe, Har+neH', Johnson, Dieh, Spies, Mayo, Jewell, Roberfson. Row 4: Luensman, Langrry, R. Wyarr, Lind, Gepper+, Branch, Bergsfen, Pifney, Adams, Weldon, A. WaIIen, Lindahl, Campbell Har greaves. FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING C This year's Frosh-Soph swimming ieam has been ihe finesi in New Trier's hisI'ory. The especially fine 'ream ihis year of Frosh-Soph swimmers, plus some very fine iuniors. poini' To a sirong varsiiy ieam nexi year. The Frosh-Soph ieam, like I'he varsiiy ieam, won aII Jrheir dual meeis, and are 'rhe I946-47 Suburban League Champions. Some of ihe ouisranding swimmers on Ihis year's Team which have led 'rhe league are: Tom Kroeschell, who fied 'rhe league record in 'rhe breasi siroke: Bob Kiviand, who esiablished a new Ieague record of 30.8 in The back siroke division: Wilson Siaub, who won 'Ihe Ieague cham- pionship in diving: and Doug Green, Buddy Wallen, Fred Sealy, and Bob Pfuizenreuier along wiih iwo freshmen, Archie WaIIen and Dick Spies, in ihe free s+yIe. The medley relay ieam of Kiviand. Kroescheli and Green broke ihe league record by 2.3 seconds. 'rhe new New Trier record being I:28.2. Doug Green, Bob Kiviand, Tom Kroeschell, and Bud Wallen were chosen honorary capiains. 1 New New New New New New New New New SWIMMING MEET SCORES Trier . . 42 Crane Tech Trier . . 49 Sieinmeiz . Trier . . 52 Mor'I'on . Trier . . 54 Proviso . Trier . . 42 Thornion . Trier . . 54 Maine . Trier . . 50 Waukegan . Trier . . 47 Evansion . Trier . . 45 Oak Park . LEAGUE MEET SCORES Is+ New Trier . . . 58 2nd Evansion . . . 27 3rd Oak Park . . . 25 Page 90 WRESTLING I In iTs Third year oT exisTence, The New Trier wresTling Team had a Tine record. The wresTIing season goT under way wiTh The end oT TooTIoall, and a good many oT The TooTball boys decided To Try Their luck wiTh The grappling arT. AlTogeTher I85 boys reporTed Tor squad TryouTs, and Coach Dick Clausen kepT 50 as regular squad members. OThers were given regular insTruc- Tion in physical educaTion classes Tor a 6 weeks period. Bol- sTered wiTh veTeran leTTermen, The Team goT OTT To an impres- sive sTarT and appeared To be one of The TinesT squads in The sTaTe. However, illness and iniury sidelined I945 sTaTe TinalisTs STan CIin+on and Dick SchmiTz, which severely cuT The Team's scoring abiliTy. Even so, The Team did very well wiTh heavy- weighT Brad Glass beaTing all comers To win his way inTo The sTaTe Tinals, KenT Ellis and John STeeI winning TirsTs in The sec- Tionals To also qualify Tor The sTaTe, and Dick Price, Spencer SmiTh, Dick Ferris, and Don Moore placing in The secTional Tournament OTher sTaIwarTs oT The Team included Win Craven aT I45 pounds, Bud Layer aT I65, Davey Lyons aT I75, Leonard Vyscosil aT 95 and Jack BarThoIornew aT I45. ProspecTs Tor nexT year's squad are The brighTesT Tor any Team aT New Trier, since only Two boys will be losT Through graduaTion. New New New New New New New New New New New New New Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier SEASON RECORD 35 MorTon . . . 30 La Grange . 32 Proviso . . 25 Racine . . 36 Schurz . . I9 Tilden . . 27 Racine . I I IvlorTon . . . 32 ThornTon . . 20 Tilden . . I5 La Grange . . I6 JolieT . I5 Proviso . WRESTLING Row I: LeaTon, Thompson, GroTThuss, KiTazaki, Shaw, Vyskocil, J. Kifazaki, Cunningham, Hawes, LeviTeTz, Suffle. Row 2: Ellis, Sfeel, HarTray, Coolidge, BarTI1oIomew, CIinTon, Boudreaux, Drew, Bevier, Scl1midT, Hogerman, BernThouse, Layer Row 3: Zidek, Moore, ScoTT, Johnson, CouITer, Salmen, SmiTh, Price, Merrill, Roso, Ferris, Schmih, KarTman. Showerman, Casferlme Row 4: T. SchmiTz, Craven, Shelfon, Lyons, Dunne, Glass, Rindskopf, Newman, Wildeman. Page 91 WIEIESTLT E TRADE TRACK I As ECHOES goes To press, iT appears ThaT New Trier will have one oT iTs beTTer years in Track. Weakness in some oT The field evenTs and in The longer disTances may limiT The chances Tor a sTaTe or league championship. The Team will be a conTender Tor every crown, however, Thanks To excellence in deparTmenTs such as The 440-yard dash. The cindermen are led by co-capTains George Jacobi and Don Weldon, who compeTe in The halT mile and broad jump respecTiveIy. Two oTher boys on whom coach John Nay is counTing heavily are hurdler Jim Swanson and versaTile HunTer GiIberTson. John RoberTson is Swanson's running maTe in The hurdles, while Dick STeTTy, John Spaulding, and Chuck Dold all compeTe wiTh GiIberTson in The 44-O-yard dash. Don McElroy presses Jacobi in The halT mile. Besides Weldon, oTher good Green Wave broad iumpers are Ray Herbon, Ken Rich, and Tom I-lilliard, The Top sprinTer. Chuck Young and Ben IviisanToni are The Team's mosT eTTecTive weighT-men. The Top pole vaulTer is Ted. Ren- nacker, while George Lundin is The sole miler worThy oT noTe. Thus, New Trier will provide sTiTF opposiTion Tor Their Toes in boTh The indoor and ouTdoor seasons. The Green- Grey on The oTher hand will have Teams Trom all over Illinois in such meeTs as The Oak Park Relays, The WheaTon Relays, The Proviso Relays, and The sTaTe meeT. VARSITY TRACK Row I: Hilliard, Kempner, Spaulding, Rennaclner, Herlocker, Weldon, Jacobi, MisanToni, RoberTson, Gilberfson, Anderson. Row 2: Balmer, Macdonald, Herbon, Wolff, Maher, Fisher, Pierson, LambnrT, McElroy, Swanson, Sfeinberg, Erman, Nay Row 3: Ingram, Crawford, Rummler, Young, Gabel, Harris, P. GiIberTson, i McLaughlin. FROSH-SOPH TRACK y Row I: Burlingame, Carson, Appelbaum. Jacobs, Penlield, KIeTTe, Burr, Leach. Row 2: ForresT, CoTTer, Keller, Belding, McDermoTT, Woolfolk, Happ, Richardson, Spoehr, OTis, Dunclar, Nay. Row 3: Johnson lManagerI, Coolrsy, Baldwin, ArmsTrong, Boyden, Kallman, i Smifh, Ellis, Hoban. Dern, Huck, Barnes, Conch HoyT. Page 92 Lundin, Dold, WaTkins, J? am 116' INDIVIDUAL CHAMPS TOUCH FOOTBALL-PRENDERGAST Row I: Barfz, Lurie. Row I: Spaulding, Johnson, EsTes, McAIvey. Row 2: Brown, Johnsfon. Row 2: Elia, Binforcl, Jacobi, Slcyrm, Copello. SPORTS CLUB ADVISER ROOM ATHLETIC MANAGERS Row I: Johnson, CasTerIine,ZicIeIr, Showley, Mercer, Zimmerman. Row I: Zimmerman, Kaufman, Morancl, Sfrauss, Ballman, Row 2: Binford, Wells, STone, Pefersen, Newman, SuTers, Badger. Seng, Beglen, Burch, Dunn. Row 2: Smifh, Wiffenberg, Shelfon, Lerch, Dieiz, Amos, Levy, Kahn, Chapin. INTRAMURAL SPORTS AND SPORTS CLUB O The I-M SporTs program gives boys an opporTuniTy To compeTe in a wide varieTy oT sporTs and games. Many sporTs are offered To adviser groups, including soccer, Touch TooTball, baskeTball, volley ball, soTTball, and Track relays. Championships were won in Tall baskeTball by Mr. Shearer's adviser room's lighTweigh+ Team and by Mr. l'lenderson's heavyweighTs. In Touch TooTball, Mr. Prender- gasT's adviser room Team came up Trom second in The Senior class To win The school championship. The one-lap relay was won by Mr. I-lenderson's adviser room. Also, individual sporTs are offered To The boys. Some OT The school champions are Russell BarTz. in horseshoe singles: Don JohnsTon and Burnham CasTerline, in horseshoe doubles: George Perkins, Tennis singles: Phil Nielsen, Table Tennis singles: Bill Brown and Phil Nielsen, Table Tennis doubles: Joe Carson, golf: KurT Gabel, in The B80-yard ouTdoor run. In TooTball skills, championships wenT To Don Hurley, punTing Tor disTance: Bob CrisToph, punTing Tor accuracy: Burnham CasTerline, drop kicking: and Ken Wilson, in TooTball run Tor Time. The inTramural sporTs program is under The supervision OT Mr. Showley, who has been helped a greaT deal This year by Earl SuTers, Senior I-M manager, and Burnham CasTerline, presidenT oT Spor-Ts Club. The obiecTives of SporTs Club are To promoTe and conducT inTramural sporTs, To learn meThods oT play and oTficiaTing Techniques, and To develop sporTsmanship and a spiriT oT 'Fair play among players, officials, and specTaTors. The oTficers This year are Burnham CasTerline, PresidenT: Bob Jones, Vice- PresidenT: Howie Newman, SecreTary-Treasurer. IT is sponsored by Mr. Showley. Members earn poinTs oTFiciaTing games or by working in The I-lvi oTiice. GraduaTing seniors who have acquired six hundred poinTs or more receive special silver medals. I THAMUBZIL il Page 95 WATKINS LIND MONK HURLBUT PETERSON Presidenl' Vice-Presidenf Treasurer Secrefary lniramural Sporfs CALVI HOY KENNEY KOCH Olilicials Publicily Service Social GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION O This year, under 'rhe combined leadership of Edilh Waikins, president and Belly Lind. vice-presideni. G. A. A. had a very profirable year. Marylynn Monk, The Treasurer, kepr a careful accouni of lhe financial end. while Beiiy Hurlbur, ihe secrelary, held up her end wilh accounls of 'rhe various meeiings. lniramural sporis were managed by Ann Peierson. The very hard working officials were headed by Margarei Calvi wilh Sandra Buhai assisling, while Jeanne Pierre look charge ol: Jrhe limers and scorers. Jane Hoy. wi'rh lhe aid of her Publicily Commiilee, especially Peggy Rye and Jean Weil, managed To keep +he girls posfed on iorihcoming evenls. The mid-winier banque+ feaiured skiis on a circus Jrheme and afforded a grea+ deal of amusemeni +o Jrhose who allended. The spring banquei, and especially ihe pre- ceding week, caused many a laugh. bu+ all Ihe iniliaied were pleased wilh The oulcome of iheir skiis. Barbara Koch and her Social Commillee con+ribu+ed a lor of lime +o ihe banquels as well as rhe olher social evenls 'rhroughour ihe year, while Kalherine Kenney and her Service Commiliee did everylhing from organizing page girls 'ro keeping lhe G. A. A. oilice spic and span. The annual gel-'rogelher in 'rhe fall for Freshmen was arranged, and +he new girls warched exhibi- 'rion hockey and speedball games. ATHLE ""' IILIITIU A. A. Grunt. SPORTS BOARD CLASS MANAGERS : - ' L I B-H . Row I Kenney, Sherman, Weber, Cloud, Drechsler, Smifh. sow :rfmh:lLqecgrbergwTLbIe+R1Pa'dag aivson l ow Row 2: Barihold, Rouse, Barnes, Nafenberg, Branch, Bulley, Barneff. ow ' "C" U M' 'am' ' au' eyer' 'unmg' Row 3- Scheinfeld, Obermeier, Aclrley, McKenzie, Shannon, Meacham, Row 3: Kraersch, Chrisfensen, Erwin, Jones, Elwood, Turle. Row COMMITTEES Row Row I: Pallaf, Cannon, Malh, Kraefsch, Burr. Row 2: Dearborn, Dempsey. Schmidf, Bigelow. Row I. 2. 3: Jocelyn. G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Schawe, Sherman, King, Emrich, Cannon, Smifh, Burr. Schmidf, Schifflin, Zeddies, Spence, Block, Barfholcl, Broadhursf, Wilson. Mallen, Torrey, OrTh, Diclrson, Merriam. Young, Torrison, Miller. The Tall sporTs-hoclcey. headed by Sally Turle: speedbali. led by EdiTh Meyer: Tennis, Carolyn Jones: riding, di- recTed by Joan KraeTsch wiTh The assisTance oT Jean Koch: and swimming. headed by Barbara Bruning-had a big Turn- ouT. When The class games were played. The Juniors ran OTT wiTh bo+h The speedball and hoclcey championships. Second quarTer acTiviTies-volleyball, direcTed by Sally RibleTT7 recreaTional games. Nancy Erwin: rhyThms, Iole Lawson assisTecl by June ChrisTensen, swimming: and riding-were popular and had a large TurnouT. The very able Juniors again ouTdid Themselves by copping The volleyball championship, while Miss Paul's adviser room won The Fresh- man volleyball TournamenT, and Miss Deames' and Miss Moeller's adviser rooms Tied in The Sophomore TournamenT. The waTer rugby games were a greaT success wiTh Miss GilberT's adviser room winning The Freshman games, and Miss SleighT's room, The Sophomore TournamenT. During The winTer monThs G. A. A. helped Council wiTh The gym-jams by issuing The equipmenT Tor The Table Tennis and badminTon games. Tumbling, headed by BeTTy Lou Gram: baskeTball, Kay Bramhall: rhyThrns: and swimming were The winTer sporTs oTTered. Adviser room and class baskeTball TournamenTs were held. as well as The various swimming meeTs, in which many Page 96 girls excelled. A new affer-school acfivify was infroduced-Size, Shape, and Condilioning under Sally Price as head of spori. This course gave girls who fell Ihe need for dififerenf measuremenrs an oppor- Iuniiy 'ro fry Io achieve Ihem. In order Io creaie inieresl in modern dancing and Io give New Trier sfudenis an appor+uni+y Io see Iwo very accomplished professionals, G. A. A. sponsored Ihe Graff Baller. This performance was a forerunner +o Ihe dance program Ihai was given Iarer in Ihe spring by Ihe rhyfhms groups in cooperaiion wilh 'Ihe whole physical educafion deparrmeni. 300 POINT WINNERS 300 POINT WINNERS Row I: Bulley' Paida,-, Row I: Walser, Loewe, Kenney, Bushman, Levy, Mooney, Kuh, Barneff. Row 2: Cdlvi- Billow' Row 2: Barfhold, Spinlu, Hurlbuf, McTaggarI, Bager, Rion, Reclmon, Chris fensen. Row 3: Rumsfeld, Gardiner, Bishop, Scribner, Rouse, Walreley, Salberg McKenzie. 600 POINT WINNERS OFFICIALS Row I: Loewe' Weber' K,-aefschl Turle. Row I: Ross, Goldberg, Rosenihal, Kimbarlr, Malfz, Emrich, I Row 2: Bulley, Billow, Branch, Ribleff. Burlingame. Wilson- H09f99f- Row 2: Wineman, Sfelmoll, Buhai, Spence, Rouse, Ofis, Hans. Gram, Schawe. Row 3: Loewe, Roberson, Reclriff, Shinniclr, James, Remy, Calvi, Paidar, Ribleff. Page 97 Waldorf. TEAM Schuller. Berg, Levy. den. Amid many brulal whacks, lacrosse, headed by Jean Billow, was off Io a rousing s+arI'. Along wilh lacrosse were Ihe orher spring sporls-baseball, direcled by Lois Ceclerbergp archery, by Shirley Paidar: golf, Joan Widaug swimming: Iennisp and riding. The G. A. A. ollice was redecoraled and new drapes and slipcovers were made. All 'rhe board members enjoyed a weekend a+ Joan Krae+sch's counlry home, and we hear Ihal' Ihere wasn"r much work produced Ihal weekend. Miss Boullon and Miss Casrner, lhe sponsors, wilrh Jrhe assislance of 'rhe olher Iacully members of Ihe physical educalion deparlmenl' and Miss Moeller of Ihe language deparlmenl, who assisled wilh riding, and The page girls, pool guard, and swimming assislanls also aided in making G. A. A.'s year a success. The represenlalives and Ihe class and adviser room managers, who served as a link belween G. A. A. and ilrs members, had a dirliculf job and really did il' well. . .A Cmnt. ADVANCED RIDERS Row I: Raymond, Rowe, C. Kraelsch, Powell, Ehr- hardf, McCaIIen. Row 2: J. Kraelsch, Jones, Buller, Marcus, Wooden, JUNIOR FIRST HOCKEY Row I: Billow, Emrich, Schaeffer, B us h m a n, Dempsey, Hoerger. Row 2: Mooney, Gillies, Peferson, O'Grady, OI- +aviani. Rumsfeld, Turle. PAGE GIRLS Row I: Burlingame, Rich- burg, Hughes, Biggs, Bil- low, Badger, Laurine, Row 2: Hanser, Koch, McDonnell, Hass, Free- man, BeaH'y, Chavlxin, Row 3: Murray, Rumsfeld, Jones, Brady, Barnes, Schiliflin, Leggifl, Schlu- Page 98 VOLLEYBALL Row I: Youngberg, Weber, Da- vidson, Hoerger, Billow. Row 2: Meacham, Walreley, Pai- dar, Gram, RibIeH', Jones. JUNIOR FIRST SPEEDBALL TEAM Row I: Youngberg, Ross, BuIIey, Kraefsch, Weber. Row 2: RibIeH', Paidar, Spencer, George, Kline, Wakeley, Ceder- berg. RHYTHMS Row I: Weins+ein, L e a I h e r s Chrisfensen, Ausfin, Thompson Hafowski. Row 2: Shinniclc, Tomei, Rye, OI- Iaviani, WIH, Gram, Lawson. RECREATIONAL GAMES Row I: Kenney, Tanner, Nauioks Ri'Her, Shannon, Lambarf. Row 2: McKenzie, Weber, Car roll, Erwin, Buchanan, Ausfin. Row 3: Bushman, Hoerger, BII Iow, Rouse, Ferraro, Hammond Page 99 IN TENNIS Row I: Shannon, Sherman, Smi+h. Row 2: Jones, Spencer Barneif. 1 ,I ', UIQ 5 5, PooL GUARD 1 Row I: Har+, Bulley, Kroeschell, Miller, NeIIIs, Hurl- Xxx! ' V, ' bu+, Davidson, Cederberg, Barfhell. I I' Row 2: Turle, Meacham, Hoy, Bruning, Mercer, EI- wood, Wilson, Branch, Burns, Pererson. SWIMMING ASSISTANTS Harf, Bulley, Kroeschell, TurIe, Miller, Davidson, Bar+heIl '15 l pf Q f A v - ,A N. ' J . r y I I X X , fa J I G A A I b 1 u I 1 fl... Page 100 M ACT B Clubs at New Trier 4 QQ U ff IW 2 J ,!.,f' Xa, S x OOQQJ DEBATE TEAM QUILL CLUB Row I MacLean, Birlrelund, Johnsion, Henderson, Schmidf, Merrill, Ramsay, Becker, Ruck. Row I: Jarvis, Hagan, Kimbark, STeTfan. Row 2 Gelderman, Elrlund, Wiley, Crane, Thompson, Johnson, Williams. Row 2: Coburn, Mcliain, Chapin, Jordan. Row 3 Weber, Wagner, Bridges, Rosenbaum, MacDougalI, Lafimer, Baldwin. FORENSIC BOARD N. F. L. Row I: Thompson, MacLean, Williams. Row I: Henderson, Baldwin, MacLean, Birlrelund, JohnsTon. Row 2: Henderson, Crane, JohnsTon. Row 2: Merrill, Crane, Thompson, MacDougell, Becker, Williams. QUILL CLUB 0 Organized especially Tor underclassmen who are inTeresTed in wriTing, Quill Club is a liTerary organ- izaTion which gives iTs members an opporTuniTy To read Their creaTive wriTing beTore a small audience made up oT Those having like inTeresTs. AT leasT one guesT speaker is inviTed To appear beTore The club each year, aT which Time The members receive adulT commenT on problems having To do wiTh creaTive work. Miss Wilson, who is The sponsor of Quill Club, and The oTTicers are always glad To welcome inTeresTed underclassmen. DEBATE O The New Trier DebaTe Team, I945-46 STaTe Champions, was ably led To anoTher successTul year by Their coach and sponsor, Mr. C. E. MacLean. John Williams was Team capTain-elecT, assisTed by Rollin Thompson, chairman OT Forensic Board, and Don JohnsTon. Treasurer. I AlThough all The members oT lasT year's championship Team graduaTed, This year's Team sTill showed noTiceable sTrengTh. The New Trier debaTers Took TirsT place in The TirsT Two TournamenTs oT The season. One oT The highlighTs oT The season was an exhibiTion debaTe aT Purdue. Here The Michigan STaTe Championships meT a New Trier Team consisiing oT Joseph Baldwin and Don JohnsTon. ThroughouT This season The Team engaged in numerous TournamenTs including M. D. U., La PorTe, Hammond, La Grange, Crown PoinT, and WesT Aurora. IT also appeared before numerous service and communiTy organizaTions. ArrangemenTs were also made To enTer The Team again in sTaTe compeTiTion. buT, because oT The loss oT so many veTerans, Mr. MacLean Teels ThaT iT will be diTTiculT To duplicaTe The I946 record. llluhs Tcnni. Page 102 JUNIOR AND SENIOR MUSIC CLUBS C This year The New Trier counTerparT oT The Spike Jones CiTy Slickers has Turned The Trend oT musical appreciaTion by making classical music popular. AiThough some sTudenTs here may noT appreciaTe classical music, The very TacT ThaT we have Two such acTive music clubs under The inspireTional supervision oT Mrs. CoTTon and Mrs. Bradburn assures us ThaT many oT our Tellow sTudenTs have progressed TarTher Than chopsTicks. The enThusiasTic members ol boTh clubs develop Their musical TalenT by providing The enTerTainmenT aT meeTings. Each member musT aT some Time during The year exhibiT his parTicular abiliTy Tor The enioymenT of The oThers. As a general rule members graduaTe Trom Junior To Senior Music Club by submiTTing Their TalenT Tor consideraTion. The meeTings are made doubly enioyable when The TaculTy demonsTraTe whaT They have been Teaching The sTudenTs To achieve. This encourages The sTudenTs and seTs higher goals oT success. The close relaTionship beTween TacuITy and members is due noT only To Their common inTeresT buT also To The cooperaTion and abiliTy of The oTTicers. LasT year I-Ielen Snell Tiddled her way inTo The presidency, while Alice Wanner, New Trier's quieT Rachmaninohf, was chosen as The vice- presidenT and program chairman. The Tinancial worries were enTrusTed To James Bolle, who was helped by The club's able secreTary, New Trier's noT-so- quieT Rachmaninoff, Glenn PaxTon. These eTTorTs were equalled, however, in Junior Music Club wiTh Jeannine PeasTer as The presidenT and Donna as The vice-presidenT. Joan Murphy kep+ a record oT The meeTings and acTiviTies, while JeaneTTe Richmond collecTed dues, which were principally used by Mary EngIehardT, social chairman, Tor reTreshmenTs and necessary supplies. All in all, The music clubs came Through wiTh anoTher year oT Tun and work, enriching The members wiTh Their hard- working musical spiriT. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Row I: Hammond, YanTis, Ackley, Carey, Anderson, Kimbarlr, Engelhard, PiaTT, Bamburg. Row 2: Hagan, Cox, Booz, Taylor, PaT+ullo, LeggiTT, Wolf, Koch, Chapin, Gray, GranT, Woleben. Row 3: Tanner, Sforch, Richmond, Clingman, HousTon, Leisch, Wild, Sfeinberger, Carroll, Cam- bridge, Young. I' . , I ri SENIOR MUSIC CLUB , Row I: Burr, MonTgomery, PeasTer, Engelhard, Snell, Schaeffer, Funkhouser, Gadske, Wanner, Rob- erTson, Linick, Hendrickson, Shaykin, Phipps, Fung, Townsend, Lebeson, Orfh. Row 2: Weiner, McMahon, ChrisTian, Collins, Peacock, Smifh, Droegemueller, Gray, Abrams, Leisch, Middlefon, Walreley, Pavlik, Meacham, Perrin, Brown, Mann, Murphy, Brown, Granf. Row 3: Jones, Walser, Peferson, Noble, G. PaxTon, Ramsey, Logan, Bray, Monfgomery, Beebe, Allen, Li++Ie, Pinkham, B. PaxTon, H. MarTin, Rice, Roe, Rodgers, Harff, Fish. Page 1 U3 Clubs Cmnt. FRENCH CLUB C The French Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Morris, aTTempTs To sTimulaTe inTeresT in The French language and in French cus- Toms. The club again had a successTuI year under The leadership of iTs olliicers: Joan OTis, PresidenTg Honey Mercer, Vice-Presi- denT: Jane Meacham, SecreTary-Treasurer: and Marylynn Monk, Social Chairman. The regular meeTings are devoTed To programs of French songs, sTories, plays, and all The meeTings are conducTed in French. Each year The annual French magazine, "Le Flambeauf' is pub- lished by a volunTeer commiTTee, TogeTher wiTh The oTFicers oi The French Club. The pages of This publicaiion are devoTed exclu- sively To sTories, poems, puzzles, iokes, and book reporTs wriTTen in French by sTudenTs in The French classes. 'v' I ITT- ' -.. SPANISH CLUB C The Spanish Club has enjoyed anoTher proTiTabIe year since iTs re-organizaTion Two years ago. Under The excellenT leadership oT Miss M. E. MudgeT, The members of The group meT once every six weeks. The purposes of The club are To organize a group oT sTudenTs inTeresTed in Spanish liTe and in The Spanish language and also To oTTer social opporTuniTies To This group. Since The enTire business meeTing is conducTed in Spanish, only sTudenTs who are sTudying The second year are eligible To ioin The club. The Mexi- can ChrisTmas program was The high poinT oT This year's acTiviTies. AT ThaT meeTing The members played Spanish games including The game where a clay pinaTa, Tilled wiTh candy, was hung Trom The ceiling and aTTer many aTTempTs was broken wiTh a long pole. The club's oTTicers were: PresidenT, Joyce Flack: Vice-President Ann Torrisonq SecreTary, Ann PeTerson: and Treasurer, KaThy Redman. LE FLAMBEAU Row I: Burlingame, Hurlbuf, Mon+gomery, Allison. Row 2: Mercer, Nafenberg, Bauer, Kenyon. SPANISH CLUB Row I: Briggs, Reclmon, McLaIchie, Gunlher, Spink, Wessel, Gilchrist Kuh, Kenf, Hammerman, Peasier, Selecman, Mohard+, Davidson, Thomas, Brockell, Kraefsch, Bushman, Burr, Cannon, DeviTT. Row 2: Schuller, Schoeneck, Greller, Adams, Evans, Noble, Braun, Dempsey, Remy, Shinnick, Glaser, McDonnell, Leipold, Pavlik, Bigelow, BarneH, Billow, Faiclar, Torrison, Loewe, McKenzie. Row 3: Erwin, Smifh, Silver, Collins, Meyer, Gridlay, Flack, Bond, Fulfon, Mayer, Barnes, Scribner, Carlson, Solberg, Rice, Falk, Branch, Korfh, Holmes, Lindberg, McAfee, Donagher. FRENCH CLUB Row I: McGraw, Meacham, Gufhrie, Leichsenring, Emery, Kenney, HurlbuT, Jirkil, Ackley, Montgomery, Schaeffer, HaTowski, Linick, Rich, Grauer, Alfheimer, Phipps, Goldberg, Levy. Row 2: Nelson, Smifh, Scheinfeld, Alfvin, Parsons, Mercer, Jones, Clark, Ribblef, Lowell, Calvi, P. Nafenberg, Howes, BeaTTy, Wilson, Bauer, Dolnick, Ehrlich, Langendorf, Paschen. Row 3: Weber, Nuveen, Ofis, Scribner, Clark, Harvey, Jones, Rouse, Barnes, Monk, Wakely, M. Nafenberg, Buhai, Bower, Bishop, Fox, Vandercook, Harf, Kenyon, Parken. I I . ix., . i is I ...E 'M Page 104 T ' ' .' ,, , . I ,, .- -rf rw -' - . L . rl - 1 , ' -' '. , 1' 4- GERMAN CLUB ' Row I: Blackwell, Merrill, Zidek, Cessna, Korfh, Acfon, McDow- , I I ell, WiTI', HarFF, Morrison, Free, Dean, Johnson, Sfeinberg. Row 2: Thalman, Birkelund, Charles, Barnes, McKee, Hoch- muller, Harfray, Drury, WiHen- berg, Harf, Brown, Rosenbaum, Simmons, Kadyk. Row 3: Segil, Conney, Bond, Thom, Krafsch, Roos, Pinsof, Levy, Brooks, Jackson, Necller, Schneidzrsfadf, Thiessen, Janis, Walsey. LATIN CLUB Row I: Mennix, Nay, Kenney, Nielsen, Miles, Corning, Dubro- hua. Row 2: Hagan, Taylor, Widau, Koch, Jones, Levy, Rosenfhal, Nafenberg, Wineman, Loewe, Murray, Cook, Meyers. Row 3: Van Deusen, Sigel, Skyrm, Marshall, HousTon, Clingman, ' Roddewig, Lee, Nickol. GERMAN CLUB C The school year oT I946-47 was un- usually acTive Tor The members oT Ger- SCHREIBEREI man Club. The membership hiT a new Row lr Hdrff. KOHI1- high of 55 which showed a renewed in- Rogf 2: Dean- MCKSS- ' Imh1OhS. TeresT in inTernaTional aTTairs and par- Ticularly in posT-war Germany. The language and cusToms oT old Germany were sTudied Through songs, games, skiTs, movies, and Talks. Such acTiviTies sTimulaTed The ouTlook To- ward Toreign naTions and cerTainIy broadened The knowledge oT The members abouT The cuITure, people, and poliTics of Germany. Many viewpoinTs Tound wriTTen pubIiciTy in The IiTerary maga- zine, "Schreiberei." This pubIicaTion is prinTed enTireIy in German and is composed oT sTudenTs' original composiTions. Published once a year, iT presenTs inTeresTing arTicIes, puzzles, plays, and all Types of prose and poeTry Tor public view. The members of German Club are iusTIy proud OT Their organi- zaTion and publicaTion which are under The sponsorship oT Mr. McDowell. In cooperaTion wiTh The TaculTy sponsor The oTTicers preside aT meeTings held enTirely in German The second and TiTTh Wednesdays oT each grade period and also Take charge oT The oTher club acTiviTies. PresidenT Allan Janis and Vice-PresidenT Florence l'IarTT head The execuTive deparTmenT aided by The secreTary, John Kadyk. Money maTTers, including dues and selling copies of The paper, are in The hands of Don McKee. RoberT Charles is The sergeanT-aT-arms who makes sure ThaT meeTings are orderly and guieT. CooperaTion and hard work made a successTul program and year Tor German Club. LATIN CLUB O Members oT The LaTin Club have gaThered once each monTh during The pasT year To become beTTer acquainTed wiTh Roman liTe and cusToms. The club, sponsored by Miss Paul and Miss Breidenbach, is open To boys and girls who are sTudying any year oT LaTin. SPQR, The senaTe and The Roman people, is The oTTiciaI name oT The club, and even The oTTices are organized like Those oT The old Roman sTaTe. InsTead OT a presidenT The club has Two consuls, Barbara Nielson and Jean Miles, and Two praeTors, Sarah Davis and BeTTy Lind who, corresponding To The Roman judges, have charge OT The program Tor each meeTing. In The same manner Two Tribunes, who in Roman days would have looked aTTer The welTare of The people, arrange Tor relreshmenTs, while Two aediles provide enTerTainmenT. The records oT each meeTing are kepT by a scribe, AniTa Dabrohua, insTead oT a secreTary. MAGIC CLUB P. A. CORPS Row I: Mullins, Rubin, Lobb, Seaman. Row I: Sharpe, Hari, Kadylr, Bercaw, Builer, Lundberg. Row 2: McDougal, Kahn, Monfgomery, Mr. Simonds. Row 2: Drechsler, Coafes, J. R. Smifh, Schroeder, Challinor, Phipps. NEWCOMERS CLUB Row I: Boorman, Omori, Cusfard, Jaclrson, De Har+, Kenf, Yesmenies, BIoun+, Yerkes, Grubs. Row 2: McKinnie, Banlra, Robinson, Acion, Hen- nessy, Toubus, Nelson, Zemke, Cleary, Slryrm, Mender, MacMiIIin, Gil- lies, Evans, Maxwell. MAGIC CLUB O The purpose of The Magic Club, which is sponsored by Mr. Simonds, is 'ro increase Jrhe knowledge of magic among Hs mem- bers. This club meels regularly, and many magic exhibirions are given by members boih seeking and giving each ofher infor- maiion. The officers are: president Fred McDougal: vice-presi- deni, Siuarl Gordon: and secreiary-Treasurer, Jim Rice. ART LEAGUE Row I: Masferman, Yes- menfes, Sfewarf, Hoff- man, Evans, La Roy, Madden. Row 2: Bender, Conley. Pe+erson, Mr. Sfenvall, Rofh, McCarn, Banlra. ART LEAGUE ' C The Ari League is open io all Ihose siudenrs who are infer- esied in ari' and who wish 'ro learn more abour i+. H' is com- posed oi members from all classes, and one does noi necessarily have lo be an exceplional arlisi +o join. The year's aciivilies include speakers and irips To various arf sludios. One of Jrhe Clubs Cmnt. NEWCOMERS' CLUB 0 The Newcomers' Club was organized by Siudenl Council 'io help new siudenis become acquainied wiih New Trier and i+s ac+ivi+ies. All newcomers excepi Freshmen are eligible for membership. Programs during Jrhe year ieaiure speakers from lhe various organizafions of New Trier and fours of ihe school. Barbara Robinson was Jrhe presidenr and Mr. McKinnie. 'rhe iacully sponsor. oulsranding Jrrips Jrhis year was 'ro +he Chicago Daily News Arr Deparrmeni. This club is sponsored by Mr. Slenvall, and fhe officers were: president Mary Louise Roihq vice-presideni, Mary Evans: secrerary-ireasurer, Lillian Pefersonq and social chairman, Joyce Lowell. RADIO CLUB C The Radio CIub's chieT acTiviTy consisTs oT building and operaTing amaTeur radio sTaTion equipmenT. Club operaTors and The sTaTion, W9EDC, are licensed by The Federal governmenT. OTher amaTeur sTaTions in various parTs oT The world are "worked" from W9EDC. lvlr. J. R. SmiTh is The sponsor of Radio Club, and The oTTicers were: PresidenT, Jim I-larTg Vice-PresidenT, Bill BuTIer7 Treasurer, Joe Schroeder: SecreTary, John Phipps: and ChieT OperaTor, John Kadyk. SCIENCE CLUB I The Science Club is devoTed To The srudy oT The various physical and naTural sciences. IT is divided inTo many sub- groups who specialize in Their respecTive inTeresTs. Speakers Trom ouTsTanding scienTiTic organizaTions are presenTed by The club aT assemblies Tor science classes. There are Tour oTTicers: Don McKee, presidenT: Don ScoTT, vice-presidenT: Ned Rubin, secreTary-Treasurer: and Liz Perrin, corresponding secreTary, while The TacuITy co-sponsors are lvlr. ChrisTen- sen and Ivlrs. STewarT. LENS CLUB I The Lens Club, presided over by David Cahn and sponsored by Mr. D. F. SmiTh, was Tormed To Teach good phoTog- raphy To sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in amaTeur phoTography and To provide Them wiTh a hobby ThaT will be a relaxaTion ThroughouT liTe. The club is very well equipped wiTh Two dark rooms. BoTh The advanced and beginners groups hold monThly conTesTs and an annual exhibiTion which are iudged by New Trier Teachers. RADIO CLUB Row I: Hassan, Bufler, Kadylr, I Har+, Phipps, Schroeder, Sharpe. I Row 2: Blind, Sfahl, SmiTl'1son. I Arms, Challinson, Wulson, Pigel, Smifh. Row 3: Bercaw, Samuelson, Fau- sTiclr, Colburn, Coafes, Drechs- Ier, Ross, Umbach, Brown. SCIENCE CLUB Row I: BisI1op,SIown,Sunc.lT, Sha- piro, Bufler. Row 2: Brown, Berger, Bowen, Leisch, Perrin, Conney, ScoTT. Langdon, Kaufman. Row 3: Sprague, Rubin, Bray, Rosenbaum, Ribble, MayTham, McKee, Moody. LENS CLUB Row I: Rodell, Weber, Campbell, N. BenneTT, Barancilx, Rubel, Bryant Row 2: Lifchfield, Halperin, Mc- Kee, Conney, J. BenneTT, Perk- ins, Affebery, Kahn, Flack, Sfewarf, SmiTh. Row 3: Cunningham, Kuilren, Cooper, Bergman, Parsons, Schmidlr, Lobb, Baldwin, Good- man. Page 107 Clubs Ccunl. MUSICALE-CONCERT COMMITTEE-RECORDER GROUP O Musicale was eslablished for lhe purpose of providing a place where sludenls can go lo hear good music. Allend- ance is nor compulsory and no roll is lalcen. Meeling every Monday, Musicale allerna+es belween lhe general group, which hears ligh+ music and opereilas, and The inner group, which lislens io longer composilions. Relreshmenls are served a+ every meeling while lhere is an informal discussion ol lhe program. Mrs. Kidd is sponsor, and 'lhe officers were: Presidenr, Tom Levernier: Vice-President Des Slroedelz Secreiary, Peggy Powell: Treasurer, Florence Legner. Musicale has quilre a colleclrion oi records and albums, and ils library is increasing rapidly. Under 'rhe chairmanship of Dick O'Neil, The Concerl Commi'r+ee has arranged some very line programs Jrhis year. The series included Josh While, The Trapp Family, lhe Don Cossaclcs, and lrhe Lillie Philharmonic Orcheslra. The Recorder Group, headed by Mrs. Kidd, is a club whose members are iniereslecl in playing an unusual insiru- menl, Jrhe recorder. The selecrions played are usually lighl, bul very beaulilul and creaie a grealr deal of enioymenl among lhe members. RECORDER QUARTET CONCERT COMMITTEE Row I: Mrs. Kidd, Kemper. Row I: Legner, Mrs. Kidd, Korlh. Row 2: Rosenbaum, Ludgin. Row 2: Levernier, Ludgin, Broolrs. MUSICALE Row I: Ticlmor, Bullard, Coburn, Gershovih, Mrs. Kidd, Beal, Powell, Schmidl, Wolf. Row 2: Korlh, Cambridge, Chapin, Sfeinberger, Miles, Davis, Ehrhardl, Hull, Legner, Bullen, Powell. Row 3: Bevier, Brooks, Merrill, Cogswell, Beebe, Haworlh, J. Broolrs, O'NeiI, Levemier, Ludgin, Slrobel. Page 108 MODEL RAILWAY CLUB Row I: Moser, Slowe, Goelz, Goebel. Row 2: Mr. Landwer, Leach, Himes. THEORETICAL SCIENCE CLUB Row I: Sfahl, Janis, Hari, Kadylc. Row 2: Rosenbaum, Thompson, Brooks, Ude. MATH CLUB Row I: Henderson, F a g e n, Sleighf, Brown, MacDougall, Kadylr. Row 2: Janis, Mau, Roos, Thomp- son, Hari. Phipps. SCALE MODEL RAILWAY CLUB I In 'rhe Scale Model Railway Club almosl every phase of railroads is sludied, including Ihe proieci of building a model railway syslem wilh 'rrains and scenery. The gauge is 3.5 mm. Io Jrhe fool. Mr. Landwer is +he Iacully sponsor. The officers of 'rhe club are: president Ted Goeiz. and secrelary-Ireasurer, Dick Moser. ' Tl-IEORETICAL SCIENCE CLUB C The Theorelical Science Club was formed by Mr. Ude To provide an oullel for infer-change of ideas by people inleresled in chemislry and physics who wish lo go beyond regular Science Club work. An impor+an+ experimenl Jrhis year was The delermina- +ion of graviiy wilh a pendulum which was hung from Ihe 'rhird 'ro fhe firsl floor. Anyone inferesied in Iheorelical science is eligible for membership. The presideni was John Kadylc. MATH CLUB C The Malh Club was organized lasl' year for 'rhe purpose of giving inleresled sfudenis a chance Io sludy and discuss Topics of malhemalics which are no+ usually included in 'rhe regular courses. Many inleresling problems are presenied and speeches are given by sludenls, members of Ihe Iaculiy, or guesis. Bill Brown was lhe Presidenl' of Malh Club, and 'lhe sponsor has been Miss Sleighl. Page 109 RIFLE CLUB RIFLE CLUB Row I: Susen, Umbach, Derby WhiTTalcer, L. Boorman, Lynn YaTes. Row 2: Binford, Brennan, Savage Kahn, Wells, Marr, Lea'F, Fear: heiley. Row 3: Sufers, Miller, Thomas Powell, Rosenbaum, ChrisTo- pher, Krasberg, Trense, Thom YaTes. RECITAL CLUB Row I: Whife, Coupe, RaTner Deune, PeasTer, Swinney, Turn- er, ChoaTe, Borre. Row 2: Priebe, Nance, Buchanan Cambridge, Cole, Meyers, My- ers, Sundblom, STephens, Her- buveaux, Rosenberger. AERONAUTICS CLUB Row I: R. Macomber, C. Macom- ber, Jones, Hochmuller, Powell Row 2: PaynTer, Chrisfopher Jackson, Sleclr, Purvis, Clader. I RiTle Club Teaches sTudenTs To handle a riTle. IT is accrediTed wiTh The NaTional RiTle AssociaTion, and many members have re- ceived N. R. A. awards. The execuTive commiTTee, composed oT PeTe Rosenbaum and Ronald Trense, did The work oT running The club wiTh The aid oT Mr. Fearheiley. The TaculTy sponsor. RECITAL CLUB O The ReciTal Club, sponsored by Miss Anderson, was Tormed To give each member The audience To prepare The members Tor enTrance inTo Junior Music Club. IT is only open To AERONAUTICS CLUB C The AeronauTics Club, wiTh The very able help oT Mr. Clader, has had a mosT proTiTable Tallcs on various aspecTs oT Tlying and possible posiTions in The aviaTion Tield. To help Them assemble model airplanes. Clubs Cmnt. opporTuniTy oT perTorming before an Treshmen and no TryouTs are needed. year. The members have heard some in Their observaTions They make and Page 110 1 v KNITTING CLUB I LasT year The KniTTing Club was organized To encourage The hobby oT kniTTing by providing The opporTuniTy To learn how To kni+ and To exchange ideas. This year abouT l5O girls, ouT oT The membership of approximaTely ZOO, meT every oTher Wednesday aTTernoon in The Girls' Club Room. This year's oTTicers were: presidenT, Barb Branch: secreTary-Treas- urer, Ann PeTerson: and social chairman, NaTalie Wakely. The oTFicers and members wanT To Thank Mrs. Gallie, Their sponsor, Tor her help and cooperaTion during The pasT year. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB O Girls' Career Club, under The sponsorship oT Miss Weiler and Miss l-Ienningsen, is open To any Junior or Senior girl who is inTeresTed in hearing abouT diTFerenT proTessions ThaT are open To women. The club meeTs Tive nighTs every semesTer and presenTs speakers on various vocaTions previously chosen by The club members. Thus, This year Miss Val Lauder oT The Keen Teen's column spoke on journalism: Mrs. McComas oT The Colonial TexTile Company on inTerior decoraTing: Mrs. Davis G. McCarn, Counselor To Women, NorThwesTern UniversiTy, on marriage: Miss PaTricia STevens, The PaTricia STevens Finishing School oT Professional Models, on modeling: and Mrs. Marion SchmidT, Reliance Manu- TacTuring Company, on adverTising. The oTTicers This year are: Alida Sherman, PresidenT: Kenmar Bushman, Vice-PresidenT: Francine Murphy, SecreTary: Joan Donaldson, Treasurer. The commiTTee heads are: JoAnn Funkhouser, program: Sally Price, publiciTy: PaT Sheehan, social: Joan Droegemueller, aTTendance. BOYS' CAREER CLUB U All Junior and Senior boys are members oT Boys' Career Club, buT aTTendance aT The meeTings is opTional. The club has iTs meeTing in The evenings and hears speakers discuss various vocaTions. They also have a Tew Trips To visiT indusTrial esTablishmenTs. AT The TirsT meeTing This year, There was a grand discussion oT college enTrance problems given by Mr. GaTTney, Dean Kahler, and Mr. Reiley, assisTanT DirecTor oT Admissions aT NorThwesTern UniversiTy. Mr. Simonds sponsors The club and The presenT oTTicers are Bob Geniesse, PresidenT: Jack ThornTon, Vice-PresidenT: Les WiTTenberg, SecreTary: Chuck Hoban, Treasurer. Members oT The board include: Juniors: RolT KolTlaT, Doug Vaughan, STeve Bray, John Brower, Win Craven, Jean Kempner, Louis KranTz, Bob Drew, Phil BeThke, Bob Bacon. Seniors: Denny BarreTT, John Williams, Bill Friedlander, STeve Zidek, Burnham CasTerline. Mr. CramleT, Mr. Funkhouser, and Mr. Coburn assisT The club aT various Times. KNITTING CLUB BOARD Branch, PeTerson sms' CAREER cLus some ,enbmgu Row I Donaldson, Funkhouser, Bushman. Row 2 Droegemueller, Sheehan, Evans, Sherman. Williams. Page 111 BOYS' CAREER CLUB BOARD Row I: ThornTon, Hoban, Simonds, KranTz WIT Row 2: BarreTT, Bacon, Brower, Friedlander ill llllll l ll 4 an U-:QW J, ' 4 '- EEA" ' 'v4'1',,."'g ,' 'wi 1: .-W--.. W 1 ,gs , ff wa Wm. ' -D I , 1 f 4 L , f 11 - 'A ,M M. R' ' 21 1a??.'fWiM 'tk , fff, .' my- ., or, .fggqy Jw., 'gtk f If QP ' 1 7' XE, ,ww Lyn., lf' ji. . Q5 ' 11 WEE.: H , .QR 4 1 ' fx V , , 'N ,wr 1 Y- 4 fi ' rig' ,dv W7 ' W I , , LJ. 111555531 ,f- A-Q 5, 'I -A . SM w W-Q" ' ' A, A 1, .V .2 7511 , 3,-,L vyfzf. ' 1 . A fv Lf va' QJYQ' , ' fig 4:'li, bf.-jf" M' Zi- P' - N , Lv 'ff ' . r Akf .fb , A., M! 1.6447 7, AW Q' 4 v .- 1 '1 f' f T fif5f'f '?! 4i' ,-'f, -'H ,: g ff 'fy urge . wg. . A 'I I t V , Arif' , 1 V' f ' F-.M ghd f- . fy. "Mn--' g ' X , .M"Lf"" X , ,, n 7 I , 1 1 v ,W rn ""'w..,-, A -. '0 3 ,, , N lr M.... :g " l Q 4 'Y Ml 7 vw fr. ':,' A 1 M f. 4 A- -. " , if: 1 i . I M' -1 I Q K' xnfs S 1 'fn -Q N -. ' e F- -Q. ' A A iff ' I yn. X iiwkf ,Y 1 Qi, 'S ey A 'HX' A' ' XS I ' wkwvmlxf 1' 1 -.., I s r' N., A .. -wg ' v, ,-.4 7 ,H N"-- L' ,X - 41' f "f 1 CAST freshmen sophomores juniors sooiors FRESHMAN Q The Freshmen Tully and have been greaTly maTics, music, Girls' acTiviTies. ATTer a series oT discussion meeTings oT The moThers of each ad- visor room, The Freshman girls held adviser room Teas Tor Their moTh- ers in The Girls' Club Room. The TaThers and sons, on The oTher hand, held several mixers which proved very popular. The suburban league Freshman TooTball championship was won by New Trier's Freshman Team This year. The Team was coached by Mr. McFadzean and There were many ouTsTanding players. IT is cusTomary Tor every class aT New Trier To hold a class parTy. and This year's Freshmen were no excepTion. Second semesTer The STudenT Council sponsored a gym iam Tor The Freshman class. The Freshman advisers have done a splendid iob in helping The . W rier mosT success school. They have represe-nT,ed in clubs, sporTs, dra- Council and all oTher New Trier Freshmen To become acclimaTed To New Trier. They have been greaTly aided by The adviser chairmen, who are Miss HamilTon and Mr. Ream. Among These advisers are Mr. Oaks and Mr. Gadske who ' r have iusT reTurned To New Trier aTTer service in The UniTed STaTes ',-' NafKTlTer The h d TT' ' ' ' ' 7 V M 47 y a su ncnenT Time To become acqua1nTed wiTh one 4.5, y W .1 anoTher and wiTh New Trier, The Freshmen selecTed Their Tour class- f .-'A JI Q maTes who were To serve as Their class oTTicers. Dave Merrifield was 'V' 4 t N -ft elecTed presidenT: Judy Nauiolcs, vice-presidenT: Jean Shannon, sec- QQ." X X- ,. reTary: and Tom Covell, Treasurer. The selecTion was a wise one Tor M' I .-' I 5 The oriicers proved in every way ThaT They were capable leaders. , ' . A Q T FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP Row I: Rusch, Rumsfeld, Fagen, KlaH'e, Seiden, Wales, Block, Trees, Pikelny, Baldwin, DoughTy, Vyskocil, Kay, Keen, Oppenheimer, Brooks, STewarT. Row 2: Cofiield, Drechsler, Nauioks, HarTsTein, Young, Sherman, Peirce, Rice, TalboT, Turner, Paddock, MiTchell, Smirh, Klein, Jordan, Wong, Lynn, Mackey, A. Beal, Jarvis, Buchanan, HarTsTein, Mesirow, SmiTh, Aschenbach, While, Ragland. Row 3: Merriam, Crowley, Brown, Velzing, Fay, Meyer, GoeTTsch, Kendrick, Hanssen, Wilson, Lowrey, Hass, Hansmann, Grimm, ST. AmanT, Carroll, M. Smifh, McCoy, J. SmiTh, Gill, Tanner, Casad, Mueller, Anderson, Sowell, Kilroy, Riggs, Hicks, Ives. Row 4: RooT, Jensen, Cox, Loder, CoTTer, Gepperr, Anderson, Ford, BeaTTy, Aifebery, Zwiener, Bergman, Merrifield, O'Kielife, Seashore, Sfephenson, Calderini, Prasse, Grimm, Mullins, Kaufman, Lambarr, Joyce, Donaldson, Nance. ' - - q 4 4 4 L 4 4 Page 114 ANDERSON Row I: While, Buckholz, Gode, Ma- her, lckes, Meyers, Hinman, Smilh, Cole. Row 2: Anderson, Herbuveaux, Brag- sfone, Apphey, Goeflsch, Carroll Sherman, Mueller, Koch, Pelerson. Row 3: Lerch, Gingles, Hicks, Wal- lace, Weicensang, Cox, Hammond ASCHENBACH Row I: Richardson, Sherril, Smith Swiff, Painler, Ballard, Applebaum Doughly, Bore. Row 2: McGinn, Beck, Hoban Barnes, Ellis, Lyons, Helmsladler Walson. Broaclhursf. Row 3: Rapp, Morand, McNally Cassel, Curlis, Wire, Woody, B WyaH', J. Wyall. G CASELLA Row I: Rosenberger, Hopkins, Mc- Lean, Hoyler, Woolfolk, Slory Ammer, Vanover, Bamburg. Row 2: Miss Casella, Johnson, Jen- sen, Benlley, Bloch, Amanl, Rem- berf, Joyce, Talbol, Crillenlon. Row 3: Ermeling, Glassman, Cassel Mesirow, Jackson, Blaul, Ives, Wil- liams, Zeufschel, Hodson, Binner. FLEMINGTON Row I: Share, Peasler, McKeIdin Vance, Young, Brown, Pehrson MacDonald, Nauioks. Row 2: Doly, Schneider, Dunne, Ol- son, Zeddies, Slorch, Burgoon Boesch, Arnold, Marlin. Row 3: Hicks, Spodnyak, Coflield Williams, Chrislensen, Singlelon Ambler, Fowler, Lambarl. Q FRANUEN Row I: Melzer, Koerber, Mills, Kel- Ier, Sullle, Kagerman, Oneal, Ju- misko. Row 2: Franlzen, Kulo, Carlson Dern, Spies, Smaha, Halvorsen. Row 3: Weis, Trom, Crablree. Mas- sey, Windes, H a r 'f w e I I, Bell Slrauss. FUNKHOUSER Row I: Choloski, Goeiz, Lind, Sea- shore, McNaIly, Campbell, Vaughn, Branch, Pilney. Row 2: Mr. Funkhouser, Bergman Bielzel, Brennan, Pilka, Goebel Hansen, Manselmann, Grimm. Row 3: Nicholson, Hawes, Chrisfo- pher, Peacock, Burlingame, Seiden Ballman, Weber, Chesler. GADSKE Row I: Ryno, Waggoner, Jacobsen Schafz, Brown, Funari, Slewarl' Wolff, Kelley. Row 2: Mr. Gadske, Covell, Sollill McCabe, Risley, Drake, Amos Breed, W. Yales. Row 3: Barlz, Meyers, Burmeisler Higbee, Broderick, Tenller, J Yates, Calclerini. Page 115 GILBERT Row I: Sfeffan, Sherman, Snell, Dowd, Wesfrich, SiHig, Gleason, Gordon, Weber. Row 2: Schmidr, Hun+, Woleben, Alfheimer, Cross, Anderson, Hans- mann, Smilh, Bushnell. Row 3: Radung, Maynard, Jordan, Myers, Ellicoff, Hass, Flanagan, Yanfis. HENNINGSEN Row I: Chrisfie, Kriesanf, Wong, Beal, Barone, Klein, Sfephens, Mc- Cullough. Row 2: Rice, Riggs, Donlcer, Nance, Casad, Leaf, Lowrey, Wilson, Meyer. Row 3: Carlson, Smifh, Priebe, Swin- ney, Sundblom, Tanner, Gerfs, Kirschf. HOYT Row I: Derby, Parsons, R. Smiih Armsfron, Everly, Merrifield g . O'Kieffe, Chrisfoph, J. Smifh, Berg- X sfen, Rugin, Mabie. Row 2: Mr. Hoyf, Day, Wiclcless Goodsmirh, Belding, Wynlroop Barnes, Thomas, Zwiener, Beaffy Miller, Weiller, Morgensfern ISr Asshl. Row 3: Mullins, Haas, Trees, Kelly, Hughes, Towle, Irvine, Frederick Prasse, Hellsrrom. E. KAHLER Row I: Wales, Lindahl, Vyslrocil Bloomberg, Wheeler, Chrisman Dealrins, Lifchfield, Sfrobel. Row 2: Mr. Kahler, Rogers, Scribner, Zimmerman, Dunbar, Showerman Griersen, Anderson, ScoH', Solo. Row 3: Janelle, Kinfner, Gepperf Bolger, Bufler, Ralreilue, MacKins+ry Lobb, Armsfrong, Broolrs. C KELSO Row I: Harlslein, Barancilt, Swai- man, Viflrin, Deane, Fuller, Fors- Iund, Coupe, Wilson. Row 2: Tobey, Velzing, Drechsler Van Schaaclr, Cheney, Thompson Merriam, Craig, Jacobs, Jarvis Peirce. Row 3: Wendell, Adler, McBain Harfslein, Hudson, Dance, Crow- Iey, Weclrler, Porfer, Rainer. McDOWELL Row I: Myers, Oppenheimer, Kay Sfephens, Samson, Prangley, Barlcer Keen, Smirh. Row 2: Fifch, Kleinschmidf, Noe RowleH', Waclcman, Yahl, Fralre Luiz, Horsch. Row 3: Leahy, Woliclri, Andersen Colfer, Walker, Henry, Sargenf Mayo, B. Smifh, Rasmussen, Beich Page 116 OAKS Row I: Baldwin, Brown, Bevier. John- son, Weiner, Luensman, Weber, Gehres. Row 2: Guinlees, Diefz, Harlmess, Savage, Curie, Brymer, Surpless. Row 3: Lewis, Cunningham, Bowen, Wilson, Macomber, Weldon,Ward. PAUL Row I: Maclzey, Beclmmann, Rubel, Phillips, Smiih, Mehren, Pierson, Loder, Prendergasf. Row 2: Fay, Fisher, Howe, Heizer, Ely, Sowell, Rilchie, McCay, Swan- son. Row 3: Beal, Milchell, Olson, Bar- neif, Smiih, Engel, Lynn, Lanpheer, Shipman. REINHARDT Row I: Smifh, Borre, Langfilf, Riller, King, Holden, Herbon, Booz, Dud- mdn. Row 2: Munson, Grimm, Rihl, Nu- veen, Smiihers, Reling, Hansson, Maichle. Row 3: Berry, Roof, Shannon, Van Devenier, Polfer, Miller, Springer, Ragland. D. SMITH Row I: Church, Bengs+on, Nelli, Nei- weem, Goodman, Tulliano, Aikelny, Illium, Nelson. Row 2: Smilh, Whifehair, Seul, Ford, James, Schmidf, McManus, Currie. Row 3: Adams, Rusch, Powell, Jae- ger, MacNichoIas, Cunningham, Colburn, Rusch. K. SMITH Row I: McCosh, Amburg, Wonder- Iic, Reed, Aschenbach, Roddiclr, Borre, Gill, Piail. Row 2: Mrs. Smilh, Addenbroolre, Teegen, Murphy, Peacoclr, Ferrefii, Ballanlyne, Smalley, Donaldson. Row 3: Myren, Walers, Knoll, Smi+h, Turner, Jorden, Hoergen, Lovine, Riclrfer. UDE Row I: Seaman, Hamilion, Ryan, Pe++i, Poclolslry, Peclma, Whillaker, Schmidf, Block. Row 2: Rendell, Blaul, Affebery, Sfephenson, Vandenburgh, Larson, Cook, Miller, Sund+. Row 3: Parsons, Meier, Flaclc, Fagen, Ludgin, Burr, Kloife, Thalman, Wagner, Smalley. SUPHUMUHES SOPHOMORE CLASS O WiTh The helpTul guidance of Their advisers and adviser chair- men, The Sophomores have conTinued To malce a way Tor Themselves in New Trier acTiviTies. Members oT The class have been acTively inTeresTed in The many clubs here aT New Trier, in music and dra- maTics, in a+hIeTics, and in The big Tour: STudenT Council, Tri-Ship, G. A. A., and Girls' Club. Sophomores were seen in many school producTions. including "Lagniappe". The Sophomores have carried on The high sTandard oT scholasTic achievemenT which They seT Tor Themselves as Freshmen. The Frosh-Soph FooTball Squad Tinished up in a Tie Tor TirsT place wiTh Oak Park. The baslceTball Team made an excellenT showing in The league where compeTiTion was unusually sTiTT. Among The acTiviTies oT The Sophomore class This year were several special assemblies and, oT course, The annual Sophomore ParTy. The parTy was given on March l5. Music was Turnished by The well- lcnown nine piece orchesTra Trom The EdgewaTer Beach l'ToTel, and several seniors acTed as "mixers". ElecTed by The Sophomores as Their class presidenT was Bob Talley, while Their Three oTher oTTicers Tor This year were vice-presidenT, Carolyn WaldorT: secreTary, KaTrina SchmiclT: and Treasurer, PeTe Spoehr. The mosT imporTanT iob OT The year Tor These oTTicers was The planning oT The Sophomore ParTy wiTh The aid oT The Sophomore Adviser Chairmen, Miss l-lursT and Mr. Grinnell. The Sophs were luclcy in losing no advisers during The year excepT Tor Miss Gahagan's adviser group being spliT up among oTher groups. For a period oT abouT Two monThs righT aTTer ChrisTmas Miss Moeller's adviser room was Taken over by Mrs. Lowry while Miss Moeller was in Mexico. Each Sophomore girls' adviser room played hosTess To one Freshman girls' adviser room aT a series oT "big sisTer" parTies in The early Tall. SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP TALLEY WALDORF SCHMIDT SPOEHR Row I: La+imer, Sfaub, Paxfon. Free, Misanioni, Seng, R0berTson, Helper, Rubin, Washburn, Core, Gibbons, Go'H'mann, Schupp, Sfade. Row 2: LeggiH-, McCoy, Donohue, Newman, Mead, Lee, Dofy, Bryanf, SundT, Raymond, N. Jones, RosenThal, Dushlrin, HurlburT, Kenney, Allison, Meyers, Burlingame, Cook, GranT, Donagher, Mannix, Robinson, Taylor, Richmond. Row 3: Rye, Franlrenberger, Sfeinberger, Gould, Maurifz, Chapin, Slcyrm, Andersen, KoeTz, Levy, Powers, Spence, Miles, Rouse, Wells, Hickey, HuTh, Clark, Krueger, Koch, Vennard, ChrisTensen, Hess, Paschen, Jones, Widau, Webb. Row 4: Cooper, Langdon, Randau, G. H. Cooper, Sprague, Baldwin, Magie, Scoff, Harris, Jenness, Ellis, Hoffman, Tragnih, Pope, Wallace, Halsey, Huck, Eklund, Bray, Kemper, CheTlain, Parker, Dean, WaTTs, Logan, Merrill, Samuelson, Mafson. -W--1 f... 1- .,...-.. ,. .4-is s , Page 118 Page 119 COOK Row I: Carey, Lusfgarien, Raymond, Hendrickson, Fiizgerald, Webb, Shapiro, Van Devenier, Dauli. Row 2: Mrs. Cook, Grimm, Mclnioslx, Sergeanr, Hodgson, Allegan, De- vine, Spence, Feairheller, Wild. Row 3: McCalIen, Roesing, Pauley, Meincke, Gamble, Maher, Williams, Rose, Boorman, Anderson, Swanson. Absenf from piciurez Grifzbaugh, CRITCHETT Row I: Selby, Wrighf, Nickol, Cloud, Eckarf, Fleiclmer, Taylor, Nay, Nc- Ian, Prasinos. Row 2: Crilclleif, Clingman, Eriksen, Paxion, Cowles, Miles, Rouse, Zim- mermann, Doiy, Skyrm, Sergenf, Mendes. Row 3: Eldred, Wolberg, Torrey, McBain, ScI1midI, Donagher, Price, McCoy, Daugheriy, Jones, Van- Valkenburgh. Swindell. DEAMES Row I: Bauman, Hovey, Wolf, Pow- ell, Sigel, Miller, Thompson, Hunl- er, Fargo, Scoff. Row 2: Deames, Marshall, Lundsfrom, Herberf, Berry, Peierson, Toubus, Sclimidf, Bosch, Clark. Row 3: Sfevens, Beinlicls, Godell, Andersen, Cambridge, Wifi, Ga- vin, Krueger, Linnig, Rogers, Ven- nord. DURGIN Row I: Goodman, Nafenberg, He- berling, Rippberger, Richburg, Holmes, Sroker, Weis, Wiggles- worilu. Row 2: Geiluman, Swarre, Levy, Borre, Brown, Bufler, Hess, Rosen- 'I'I1al, Lee, Rye, Howard. Row 3: Lindberg, Robinson, Cusfard, Penney, Powers, Jung, Gallaway, Holwlfelder, Sfeinberger, Houslon, Wells. GANNAWAY Row I: Pacini, Schildgen, Koelling, Shaw, Weis, Burke, Sleel, Wash- burn, Tucker. Row 2: Hoffman, Kallman, Karslake, Wiley, Graseff, Bruecks, J. Sroess- Iein, Ellis, Magie, Dof+er. Row 3: Bray, Johnson, Pererson, Lo- gan, Maison, Spiegel, Spoel-ir, Jan- noHa, Talley, WI-rife. HENDERSON Row I: Cooksy, Horen, Rose, Braaf- en, Moser, Spellman, Ferrefii Schupp, Monfgomery, Pasinafo. Row 2: Henderson, Leason, Scoff Moore, Bergman, Diefericli, Con- ner, Wlwife, Pair, Coleman. Row 3: Fischer, Calkins, Evans, Happ Bruce, Bray, Kolslad, Wiegman Langdon, Berquisf. JONES Row I: Maxwell, Misanloni, Borko- viI1, Gollman, Bemus, Carson, Aufh, Neumann, Riedler. Row 2: Mr. Jones, Olson, Barnich, Goldsmifh, Schmidf, Pinsof, Gos- ling, Simonsen, Kulz, Helke. Row 3: Sharpe, Barker, Blaise, For- resf, Lederle, Harris, Fisher, While, Logsdon, George, Slewarl. Absenl from piclurez D'Asaro. C LIGHTNER Row I: Geier, Burkhardf, Slaub, Pax- lon, Wrighl, Cooper, Wade, Levi- felz, Wood, Beglen. Row 2: Kerr, Krohl, Kroeschell, Paler- son, Gafhercoal, King, Perkins Schumacher, Doherfy. Row 3: Amdur, Van Schaack, Dalfon Kuiken, O'Brien, Walson, Wrighl MacKinnon, Janney. MOELLER Row I: Granf, Kelley, Wahl, Caley Buckingham, Ripley, Mackenrolh Rowe, Townsend, Sparberg. Row 2: Buller, Slekoll, Gould, Frank- enberger, McDonald, Wolf, Dono- hue, Haselline, Weare, Shuyler, Andrews. Row 3: Maurilz, Obermeier, Davis, Kalmes, Johnson, Wineman, Mayer, Sundf, Widau, Hagan, Fung. MUDGETT Row I: Sherman, Wells, Lebeson Grey, Linn, Babcock, Musson, Cum- mings, Hollingbery, Sfowers. Row 2: Wesser, Jones, Hinfernhoff Leggill, Troul, Huck, Andrews Hedges, Hulh, Cleveland. Row 3: Schifflin, Arnheim, Misch James, Becker, Manierre, Dushkin Lemon, Meling, Harris, Granf. PIFER Row I: Jamieson, Gersdorf, Gross Lindeen, Cessna, Jersic, Craig Levy, Lealon, Thompson. I l Row 2: Hayes, Madson, Mclver Tragnifz, Huck, Allen, Simpson, Ek: lund, Abegg, Merrill. Row 3: Hargreaves, Drew, Belmes Huyler, Jewell, Slade, Rukin Wong, Plamondon, Unger. C REYNOLDS Row I: Core, Jones, Berghoff, Trip- leH' Free G Bennell Bisho Ack- I I - r P. erman, Large, Benson. Row 2: Mr. Reynolds, Brown, Scoff Langfry, Pope, Sampson, N. Ben- ne'r+, Gomperf, Smifh, Krumm Ryan, Schmidl. Row 3: Snook, Dielz, Pearson, Sloess- Iein, Berger, Granf, Hasley, Thies- sen, Ofis, Hinshaw Page 120 Page 121 SHEARER Row I: While, Samuelson, Shel- +on, TebbeHs, PoIIs, Burgoyne Kifazaki, Croll, Wong, Swaim. Row 2: Wallen, Frazier, Fuller Templefon, Cross, Bolle, Misan- Ioni, Nelson. Row 3: Bafes, Coolidge, Boyle Wallace, McGraw, T. Johnson: Norman, Beinlick, Teeple. U susle-HT Row I: Rodell, Chrislensen, Shay- kin, Rainer, Belfs, Anderson Gilberr, Hurlbuf, Choaie. Row 2: Miss Sleighf, Chapman Hickey, ScoH, Danner, SchmiI+ Van Deusen, Burgess, Hunler. Row 3: Nielsen, Edwards, Hin- richs, Koch, Holmes, Allison Paschen, Johnson, Wilson, Gulh- ridge. Parkin. C SWAIN Row I: Anderson, Wallers, Has- san, Seng, Elwood, Walls, Pefii Jacobs, Ollaviani, Farrand. Row 2: Mr. Swain, Wickman Sfreefer, Harlneif, S 'I r e e I Pfuizenreufer, Eifel, Balmes Welch, Digel, Lucchesi, Mc- Dermoll. Row 3: Warion, Donnelly, Green F e v e r, Carson, Kanagawa Fischer, Sfeffens, Sfangler, Mc- Carfhy, Jenness, Chrisfensen Jorioria n. VLASTO Row I: Coburn, Hollis, Eberle Siegel, Barlon, Schneider, Ma- +o+, Myer, Galanfe. Row 2: Miss Vlasfo, Sfillwell, Bin- ner, Koeiz, Roddewig, Ausiin Clinlon, Salberg, Schladen, El- rod, Jones. Row 3: Cook, Hendry, Afkinson Baird, Schoenock, Warnecke Newman, Kenney, Mallen, Nix- on, Berg, Hoffmann, Kemler. C. O. WATERS Row I: Sander, Zeisel, Roberlson Molner, Gibbons, Lyons, Besf Nash, Peacock, Vifi. Row 2: Mr. Waiers, Cheliam Rulh, Wolf, Megowan, Felfes Bercaw, Conrad, Gibson, Cooke Row 3: Johnson, Mickey, Sex Sprague, Wallers, Specl-II, Rich- burg, Pressman, G i I I e s pie Leach, Heinzen. WHITFIELD Row I: Oiis, Meyers, Kimbark Ruggio, Mead, Skidmore, Peck Munns, Penninglon, Burlingame Row 2: Miss Whilfield, McMich ael, Reckill, Jamison, Loeffell Waldorf, Marshall, Wooden Buchanan, Loewe, Barlhold. Row 3: Lynch, Reiley, Funkhouser Barreff, Fihpairick, Jones, Rod dick, Chavkin, Chapin, Clausen Vodoz, Hughs, Feldon. T JUNIOR CLASS Q ln one of The Class chose Their To Connie WhiT- aker, while PeTe acTed in The capaciTy money maTTers. The highlighT of The year Tor The Juniors This year. as always, was The Junior Prom held near The end oT The year. This parTy was planned by The oTTicers oT The class along wiTh The adviser chairmen and a represenTaTive Trom each adviser room. The class kepT up The high represenTaTion in clubs, dramaTics, mu- sic, Girls' Club, Tri-Ship, Council, G. A. A., and oTher acTiviTies which They carried on in previous years. PosiTions on The boards oT STudenT Council, G. A. A., and Tri-Ship wenT To several members oT The Junior Class. A group oT Junior girls assisTed in The Sophomore dance classes. EighT members oT The class acTed as exTras in a CoroneT insTrucTional Tilm. Every year when Seniors are elecTed To membership in T. N. T., a This year's Junior Sally RibleTT and ArT Dunne was in charge oT 'H' sk I. WHITAKER BALDWIN Tew Juniors are elecTed To The ElecToral Board. ln This capaciTy They DUNN RIB'-E1-T will choose The members oT T. N. T. Tor The Tollowing year and will Themselves be elecTed To T. N. T. in Their senior year if They keep up - 9 Their acTiviTies. Q 4' 6 There were a Tew changes in iunior advisers This year. Miss AusTin T replaced Miss Klein who leTT New Trier To be married and Mr. ' . i f McKinnie reTurned Trom The service To Take over The adviser grou ,A . Q oT Mr. AllsTrom who passed away lasT summer. P Lira Q , Miss Bredin and Mr. Vernon have done a wonderful iob as The 5 - 'S 13? Aga L I adviser chairmen. WiTh Their aid The advisers have helped To keep inf i The sTandards of The class up To Their previous heughTs. 7 H5555 A 1 0 W Q 1 Q Q ' I JUNIOR HONOR snow' TLS Row I: Allen. Beckman, Shaffon, Brigham, Robson, Baker, MisanToni. Cahn, Zelznick, Price, Spero, Horwifch, Craig, Fagen, Lerch. Row 2: Evans, G. Clark, Cannon, Shinnick, Remy, Torrison, Taylor, Ackley, Schaeffer, Bushman, HaTowski, Slown, Burr, Meyer, Jirgal, Ehrlich, ChrisTenson, Weber, Billow, Rion, CulberTson, ETTelson, Hanser. Row 3: Rible'H-, HarT, Young, Korfh, Jones, Spencer, M. Clark, James, J. SmiTh, Leisch, Rumsfeld, Vandercook, Wakeley, Peierson, Davis, Monk, McAfee, Masi-erman, Gram, Silver, Erwin, Meacham, McDonnell, Lowell, Abrams, Gray, Freeman, Bullard, Zipprodf. Row 4: McKee, Scheyer, Martin, Liebman, Crane, Barnes, O'Neil, Paddock, Brooks, Powell, McDougal, YusT, Ribble, Aishfon, Fox, Arms, Posey, Richmond, Hemphill, Craven, Simmons, Rosenbaum, Erman. ZH" "" ' ""' Mlw-'li 2322. ' I l""4 . A L T - .-i- w . Page 122 AUSTIN Row I: Muller, Mohardl, Mooney, Jones, Lawson, Boolcmann, Sieffens, Slewari, Bassler. Row 2: Miss Ausiin, Evans, Claric, Rob- erfson, Glaser, WIH, Shinniclc, Brody, Wallowiiz. Row 3: Murphy, Gufhrie, Ferraro, Lov- gran, Schaeffer, Zipprodf, Braun, Cull, Bullen. CAVANAUGH Row I: Johnfz, Boggs, Bergdorf, Sione, Kubiak, Greller, Burr, Barr, Powell. Row 2: BenneH, Mayer, Buchler, Clark, Hass, Fallr, Lindeman, Mason. Row 3: Riblell, Peacoclr, Turner, Taylor, Morrison, Lusfgarfner, Leipold, Nelson, Smith. CLADER Row I: Hammond, Brenneclr, Marfin, Shaw, Corns, Burr, Baumgarclner, Cahn, Wilson. Row 2: Mr. Clacler, Tanani, Borhek, Conney, Arndf, Lechner, Rosberg, Hackbarfh, Agar, Whilialrer. Row 3: Byrum, Vaughan, Bond, Bariholo- mew, Dold, Lerch, Wildeman, Polinq, Spieseman. DONHAM Row I: Sfeffens, Selecman, Whifaizer, Berry, Liplon, Jirgal, Culberfson, Kauf- man. Row 2: Miss Donham, Sheppard, Smiih, Buhai, Perlsfein, Mayer, Tobbe, Bige- low, Torrison, Deviif. Row 3: Pavlilr, Schmilz, Cloos, Chrislen- son, Gross, Reagan, Weiner, Walser. EISLER Row I: Fish, Monlgomery, Wylie, Wein- siein, Berg, Emrich, Black, White, Hoerger. Row 2: Miss Eisler, Gray, McGinn, Mer- riam, Seyler, Offaviani, Kenna, Leisch, Davis, Scoii, Prims, Pnilullo. Row 3: Culberfson, Teegen, Maloney, Lindberger, Widmer, Kochlefl, Iredale, Leaion, Hanser, Masierman, Bradshaw, Ticlcnor. EVANS Row I: Freiler, Murphy, Small, Wilson, Hansen, Dini, Youngberg, Weyl, Plu- YTIBF. Row 2: Miss Evans, O'MaIley, Wells, Gram, Rodgers, Pelerson, James, Glahe, Korlh, Silver. Row 3: Moriiz, Boihum, Kline, Mc- Lafchie, Hari, Barneii, Heinlen, Remy, Lowell, Bullard, Miller. FEARHEILEY Row I: Chamberlain, Husain, Goldrich Thorpe, Kurschner, Becker, Schmidf Arfhur, Massey. Row 2: Mr. Fearheiley, Jones, Ericsson Bacon, Noonan, Kahn, Leyda, Smifh- SOI1. Row 3: Blind, Schmilz, Corrigan, Mc- Laughlin, Spero, Liflell, Trense, Engels Suriano. GRATER Row I: Siegel, Shaffon, Gabel, Rob- son, Traulwein, Gaylord, Belhlre Moore, Hammand. Row 2: Mr. Graler, Kripps, Eisen- berg, Nelson, Hess, Benner, Han- coclr, Arms, Slaumin, Bazilon. Row 3: McCay, Dempsey, Layer, Jennelf, Burlro, Davis, Posey, Par- filf, Ross, Tomei, Dunn. HADDEN Row I: Frei, McMas'ler, Ceclerberg Peasler, Larson, Helowslri, Hoff- man, Thalman, Kraelsch. Row 2: Chubb, Kuh, Billow, Bushman Aclrley, Freeman, Harvey, Phelps Bauer, Erwin. Row 3: Pierre, Murray, Levy, Beally Meacham, Redmon, Paidar, Can- non, Abrams. HARPER Row I: Clauson, J. Devine, Price Hochmuller, Henclerson, Clarke Levilefz, Lurie, Halls. Row 2: Sfowe L ons Kralsch Sim- l Y I I mons, Hermes, Challinor, Lowrey Drury, Gimbel, Crofool, Crane. Row 3: O'Neil, Fenner, Schopen Gary, Drew, Smilh, Greeley, Clin- fon, Ellis, Hoag, Theis, Craig. C HOLLAND Row I: R. Evenslacl, Misanloni, Bul- Ier, Sherman, Bevier, Crilchlield Harrison, Purvis, Harlray. Row 2: Mr. Holland, Maylham Fursl, Bray, While, Aishlon, Cleary Meyers, Bucher, Aronson, Moni- gomery. Row 3: Phibbs, Sco'H, Schaeffer Thalman, Parsons, Weslrich, Pesa- luro, Scheyer, D. Evensfad, Gonza- lez, Bullard. C KING Row I: Engelhard, Trees, Ross, Ha- gen, Legner, Pasinalo, Yesmenles Behrenclf, Schmicll. Row 2: Miss King, Hawes, Jones, McDonnell, Tilus, Bulley, Denforfh, Veclovell, Vanclercoolr, Coolr. Row 3: Murphy, Goldberg, Jensen Brannen, McCarn, O'Grady, Gil: lies, Robinson, Gimse, Sosna, Ehr- Iich. LAUER Row I: Wehrheim, Jacobs, Schneid- er, Roberfs, Barham, Hilliard, Ball Rice, Schwarling. Row 2: Mr. Lauer, Brigham, Schmilz Weiler, Hemphill, Burnsicle, Mc: Dougal, Chrisliansen, Pefers, Ives Kelso. Row 3: Thornfon, Brower, Braun, Tom- assene, Pencllelon, Gelderman, Le- vernier, Freclericlcson, Hiles, Crowe De Carlo, Conley, Lambarl, Baur. Page 124 K7 Page 125 LEHMAN Row I: Mills, Siinson, Chapin Wrighf, Collison, Fiorio, MacDoug: all, Fagen. Row 2: Larson, Wilson, Salmen, Ma- cey, Robson, Pickup, Ambler. Row 3: Buena, Scholl, Dalkin, KranI'z Taylor, Tripicchio, Johnson, Len: har+. MCKINNIE Row I: Zelznick, Ebberl, Horwifch Shanahan, Sanders, Erman, Lund- berg, Mills, Gilberlson. Row 2: McKinnie, Andrews, Clary Chris+opher, Coulfer, Spies, Kemp- ner, B. Gordon, Gershman. Row 3: Barnes, Schroeder, Paddock Liebman, Rice, Ramsay, Susan Sfrom, Oakley. MORRIS Row l: Rumsfeld, Kenyon, Piall, Gil chris+, Meyer, McGraw, Sullivan Campbell. Row 2: Marr, Hammerman, Nichols McAfee, Jones, Hans, Lealh, Mc- Kenzie. C NAY Row I: Del Re, Taylor, Baker, Mac- donald, McKonzie, Becker, Hough- Ion, Hildrelh, Johnson. Row 2: Mr. Nay, Lucas, Higbee Eisenberg, Elliff, Dunne, C. Ma- comber, B. Macomber, Allen, Bald- win, Haworlh, Brooks, Snorf. Row 3: Shannon, Bond, Blackwell Hinkley, Schneider, Pierson, Lind- say, Richmond, Mills, Wiseman Belnap, Fishor. SIMONDS Row I: Jacobs, Rosenbaum, Charles McKee, Krasberg, Halperin, Wolff McCormick. Row 2: Mr. Simonds, Ribble, Hen- ning, Clark, Tyler, Yus+, Alger Wolf, Allen, Weismann. Row 3: Coafes, Walkins, Adams Sfahl, Powell, Powers, Hurley, Cral ven, Kahn, Thalmann. STEWART Row I: Berner, Rossberger, Forbes Rion, Effelson, Hammerman, Bolfon Slown, Moore. Row 2: Mrs. Sfewarf, Evans, Roe Zeiss, Whife, Fraker, Wakeley, Hen nessy, Roof, Bishop, Jannes. Row 3: Kenr, Luffer, Misanloni, Se- verson, Gosseff, Murray, Dearborn Dempsey, Chris+ensen, Selkregg Turle, Hang. Honor Suciet SENIOR CLASS O Upon The members oT The Senior class Talls The responsibiIiTy oT being The leaders in school acTiviTies and seTTing The pace in parTicipaTion and conducT Tor The oTher classes To Tollow. This year's class has shown iTseIT capable oT meeTing The siTuaTion and masTering iT. The class members have been exTremeIy acTive in and have made ouTsTanding conTribu- Tions To The dramaTic producTions, The opera, and Lagniappe boTh as acTors and as members oT crews: To The Red Cross, cIoThing, and other chariTy drives: To The IiTerary pubIicaTions-"Echoes," "News," "InIcIings," and The language club pubIicaTions: To all The banqueTs: To STudenT Council, Tri-Ship, Girls' Club, and G. A. A.: and To all The language clubs, music groups, and oTher groups and organizaTions aT New Trier. To The STeering CommiTTee were reTerred any problems ThaT arose wiThin The class. This group consisTs oT The oTTicers oT The class and a represenTaTive Trom each senior adviser room: The presidenTs oT Girls' Club and G. A. A. are honorary members OT The Girls' STeering CommiTTee. The jobs OT coIIecTing class dues, arranging Tor The class giTT, and organizing The Senior I-lop, which This year They planned To hold on June 7 aT The EdgewaTer Beach I'IoTeI, go To The STeering CommiTTee. Those Seniors who have an average Tor seven semesTers oT aT leasT 3.20 become members oT The Honor SocieTy. Sfrudgms who have noT been aT New Trier all Tour years musT have aTTended The school Tor aT leasT Three semesTers To be eng: e. BOYS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Drechsler, HarT, STrobeI, Spaulding, Fischer, Balkin, Sfeinberg, Seeley, Nielsen, PaxTon, Mendenhall. Row 2: Janis, Wells, Williams, Crawford, Weldon, BarreTT, Friedlander, Copello, Johnson. Row 3: Thompson, Geniesse, Rice, McKee, Snyder, Loclrerbie, Levy, CuTIer, Kahn. Missing 'From picTure: McCarn. GIRLS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Funlrhouser, Snell, Noble, Laurine, Omori, De HarT, Wanner, Fodor, Barfhell, Liniclr, Grauer, Kenney, Bremer, Evans, Fonder, Busby, G dl: B I a s e, ease . Row 2: Schawe, Alfheymer, Calvi, Sherman, Nuveen, Burns, Oberg, Langendorf, Broolrs, Orfh, Snider, Hoy, Clingman, Bond, Rice, Selclr, Davis, Loewe, Dalarohua. Row 3: MiddleTon, Rowe, Sepp, Meyer, Peirce, AcTon, Elwood, OTis, Rye, Barnes, Nafanberg, Branch, Widau, SmiTh, Pope, Parsons, Jones, Gridley, Scheinfeld, Robinson. ' I , , l, ,, A, ' - xi r Membership in T. N. T. is awarded ever year To The group oT Senior boys and girls who have conTribuTed mosT To Their class and To The school in Two or more Tiields. T. N. T. sTands Tor The LaTin words Tenox, Nobilis, Triumphans, which mean sTeadTasT, noble, TriumphanT. SixTeen members oT This year's class were chosen members oT The T. N. T. EIecToraI Board as Juniors. IT is Their duTy To seIecT The members OT T. N. T. Tor This ear. IT They have conTinued To uphold The records ThaT originally broughT Them membership on The EIecToraI Board, They Themselves may be eIecTed To T. N. T. in Their Senior year. Page 126 Senior Ufficers and dvisers .l2"i' sk AJ, V - ,ip .a i.'3'i' 3-'fxdkm gmziri ' LIS '- T HOSBEIN To The Senior boy who in The esTimaTion of all The New Trier boys has made The mosT ouT- sTanding conTribuTions in sporTsmanship, Tel- lowship, and ciTizenship each year is presenTed The Tri-Ship Award. Corresponding To The Tri-Ship Award Tor boys is The D. A. R. Award which is presenTed To The Senior girl elecTed by The oTher girls in her class as being The mosT deserving Tor her qualiTies oT ciTizenship, Tellowship, sporTsmanship. and dependabiliTy. The TinalisTs Tor The Tri-Ship award were Philip Nielsen, Bob Lauer. and William Hodgson, and Tor The D. A. R. Award, Mary Jean Brown and Rosina SchmidT. From These, William Hodgson and Rosina SchmidT were chosen. Carrying on in The True New Trier TradiTion, The maioriTy oT The members of This class will go on To college and Then ouT inTo The world oT business where Their background aT New Trier will be an invaluable asseT in every underTal4ing. The graduaTing class oT I'-747 will never TorgeT all Thai' New Trier has meanT To Them, nor will New Trier TorgeT all ThaT They have given To The school. WiThouT The aid oT Their advisers and The Senior adviser chairmen, Miss Maloney and Mr. Kahler, The Seniors would have been un- able To achieve a greaT man oT The accom- plishmenTs ThaT are crecliTed! To Them. The class is profoundly Thankful Tor This willing and essenTial aid. Page 127 HILTON MORRILL O SWANSON BORHEK CATON CLAUSEN COBU RN CONDON L.. ' CRAMLET GALLIE . GRIMES LA METRE PATTERSON ' 1 s V A . -JW. I, N i PETERSON PRENPERGAST TATHAM VEACH L. WATERS 'F' WEHR WEILER WEINGARTNER WHITE I Si . .- .' .riuguieif DOROTHY PATRICIA EDITH A. ENIO PATRICK F. J. THOMAS ACTON ALFVIN ALTHEIMER AMICI ANDERSON ATKINSON ' LMI: MI Q ,,-I. MARY ALICE THOMAS C. SAMUEL C. J AARON I. FRED J. WILLIAM J. ' AUSTIN BABCOCK BADGER BALKIN BALMES BANKS ,fvfjff ' I I' I . . .1 JOANNE M. DENIS T. THOMAS K. JAMES N. DENNIS K. LENORE BARENBRUGGE BARNES BARNETT BARNTHOUSE BARRETT BARROW i -4-i-i DONA C. MARGARET ANN JANE BETTY J. I BAUSTERT BAXTER BEASLEY BECKER I., ' - mm 'II FLORENCE C. PATRICIA DE FOREST ERMINIE A. CAROL A. BARTHELL BARTON BAUER BAUMGARDNER ivxqfx HELENETIA RALPH P. FRANK ANN M. ANSON L. JOHN BEEBE BEEBE BEICH - BELDING BEMAN BENDER If-yr f BARBARA W. JAMES S. BETTY MARIE SHIRLEY J. EDWARD BARBARA A. BENGSTON BERCAW BERGDORF BERLIN BEUCHER BEUTTAS fi I BINFORD BLACKBURN BLOUNT ROBERT A. ROBERT S. ANN C. KATHERINE A. - I BOWLER BOWSER BOYLE BRAM HALL BARBARA KATHARINE E. DIANA C. SIONYA L. BRANCH BRAUE BRAY . BREMER BARRIE WILLIAM V. JULIANNE MARGARET E. NANCY H. DON S. BOND BOOTHE BOUDREAUX I I In--M 69 5 3 , H sa A? 5? A, , ? ,V.A .QL if . ,A w 1-an L 1, qwgg .se xy ,I - ff' 36 K A --141 -1 if Q , M 5 Q Q- spa.- , x . 1 , r 1 'mf :.,: 1 4 w v xv: I 1 ,... , , X ,.. wt , ,,. . A 1 ,,k 1 f 1 MARION T WALTER R CHARLES A CAMPBELL CANNON CAREY JEANNETTE BURNHAM KENNETH K BARBARA L JENNY D GEORGE W CASAD CASTERLINE CHALMERS CHERNIN CHILIKAS CHRISTENSEN JOANNE CHRISTIAN iq '1 ROBERT S. RALPH J CLAIRE COATES COGSWELL COLLINS I TED E. COLLYER f 5, :W , 1 .Q .ji " C5 W"W'L f W K, in i 1, 'q,.'3,'X. K . 1- ,.,. wg-,l V2 .-,,...:f..,l:.,, .,',.,1-wi. 4 ' 1 V 1. rlgg 'wwf 1.x 'K 1vf1'f Uxllliqlflb 5'fljfX,1k1 UU' if 'IX ' ff , , ,ga ,A . , I H www . 1. ,w Lv .f.:1. uf, . J, .awfm J, .,f1,.1 QQ. l mb.: X..,.s,.. IA! ,. Lf'-,....,l..1x IJ,-.1 ' -. ,H '. V'ff1',',"af?1'N'! EflNx'KIL.Q1i 1 IQ, fyxfii, 1-ifffffii-3 4 w1l 3i1x'.' IH! V.w',liA,, Jgi, 1. ..4.I.,4I.L . K v v n 1'A W 1r.nh1'M, 1 ml 'K' A 1 1 A x l s In.n1X r 1 'I ,ak'Jxf, 1 .11 -1 LU-Hifi 1 AP-FIA ws 'lf-:'A.1,5.,,'ui C?,ffxv.:!,, T,.wXf..5f.zKlt 4iu,'lJ.!,..kM."f!, ,X W ' 55? Ex' 1 5 , , W , ,. M-,Z . .f , , .4 .n,,:.1A .. LZ"fLk:,,XF..LPlIX!x,. isp. H1'XfN L. . J ' . .. g.X.V, ,, .J :,,,,',:,:7,,An ,N ,. X 4:,w'ZI"!f1,i.'gw,,.1f3 fp 1:1li.1L-,a mfg: fmxf, f,:...'E:Iw.,-.1-F 1 X ll I . X rzwgrjym, 'f 'f --wx n,,, A ..-..1,.i J, 411. liIk,1II1xlxI-y U. r."1,nfu.1P! 1 M1-f.,1,f.z... L,u2x1,e-!,,f.J1X! w.'KLwil..1.1 9 E' '. " '1"f'f, , z. ,-..'.".fZ, nw, YJJJL. .ny x -'Q ..""'l91-X - '..f'Y1111! L" ' 1 ',.sK k,,. Q-,n.f,f in k,'axL.i.:,.L-l 1 , 1 fi 'f .L -. VKHA NUI 1' 1. VJI, .xxN. .. K r. ..x 'V ' A.. Ari? 11 -wif l'sK1'.'l1f" .M v u ,Uk , V 4 X44 MAI . 1-1-' K,-nw.:.I fy x ' 'M-'um!3e-1.i 1 W Q I I W' N '4 A. 1 l-K.-wtf ' f 4 "Z lL4x.,. I ev, E , I V dig: . . ,Ax Y A f Q ,,,ywfA1y . ' X If-Z X -5' ff' - , 4. Wim- irlff'-1 . ' . A, Q f 4? in M Q wb, .M 2' . QE. h 2 5 .M H -f Nw: . Q4 1 Y JV km ' , Aw L 4 'X , 11 rl' A+. :A ' I1,k I I N Ui" 1 1 I n w ' . l rf , , 1uKx..1..-...' n 1 ,J w' nr 'litvirxiii' I-. 2415.1'lh1 5 R vwpl DOROTHY J. C. DONALD MARY ROSE HAROLD F. I BETTY M. ALVIN J. KIVLAND KLAUKE KLEIN KLOCK KNOBEL KNOX BARBARA JOHN J. FRED R. ROBERT W. WILLIAM W. JOAN KOCH KOELLING KOERBER KOHLER KORSGREN ' KRAETSCH I JEAN DONNA MAE L. CLELLA M. JOHN W. - 'VIRGINIA E. ROSALYN KROESCHELL j KULLBERG T T LAFFERTY LAGERLOF I LAMME LANGENDORF I ALBERT L. JA:QUELIN, ROBERT E. I JOAN M. UF LANPHEAR LA ROY ' LAUER LAURINE IOLE M. JACQUELINE .ROBERT R. EWAN LAWSON LEATHERS LEE LEIPOLD V I' IIN -A 'I. ii' liz-I' 'K "ff ff ' I' ' -L I ...IM51 .INPIL AI. LIP I..II-,-'.III.. 'Im ,, YV V- ,-, JL,-::I.,-I :IQ-nxI,..IQ . P ,, 'am 'I 1 -, fr WI Ffftsfmf- , - , -II ww n. . , xy' I I ., ' . X 'K ' ' IIXIK-If. ::1fxIxC7IXI 1..-MIX-..DI-riI 1' I "xr Xi- -H ww wvnfxif 'I,ICI'II:II:I.II , .'1 .,.l I,...I, -.1 . .fix A.. A I ,. ., mf'-IILIQ VV. DONALD H. , ' .IIJARNE VIR6 . I IIJWILI- LUDGIN I LUND LUIX F NCI L, DAVID M. KENNETH C. PATRICIA L. AWIIIS IPI' I-.fIz.cIv1 I LLI III NI ei CTAGGA RT IMIAUDEN iOI'IIXI 'v'v'.I HARRY Cg I QDOLORES H. IWAIPI' H. I MAI-IAN, MAHER, I .MALTZ MANN JANET A. R. BRUCE PHYLLIS B. MARSH 'MARSH MARSCHALL BURDETTE H. ELIZABETH A. EDWARD J. MARTIN MASTERMAN MATOT DAVIS B. GRACE NANCY McCARN McCARTHY McCOSH l 7"T"I QIIIQQUHE Im 4 5, . 'X r, f a 5 I BETTY ANN MARTENS DOLORES PATRICIA M. MARTENS MARTENS 'ig GEORGE W. RICHARD H. DONALD E. .MAU MAYER McALVEY BARBARA J. McCREADY l. ELINOR, R. DOROTHY M McCURDY McDERMOTT I. w A , I I Tj I JOHN M. DONALD K. JEAN M. PEIRCE McDONALD McELROY McKAHAN McKEE ELIZABETH K. NANCY ROBERT S. PAULINE M. McMAHON McMARTIN MENDENHALL MENGHINELLI CHARLES P. FLORENCE R. ' JOHN EDITH L. JOHN A. PATRICIA D. MERCER MERCER MERCER MEYER MEYERS MEYERS 1, :' I . . A I ' 1 I -Ll: ' I I I ANN JOAN BARBARA L. I CAROL J. DAVID D. MARGARET F. MIDDLETON MIDDLETON MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER PATRICIA A. MARGARET A. BENJAMIN P. JOSEPH A. RICHARD ROBERT E. MINK MINNS MISANTONI MOLLER MONTGOMERY MOON GIIIIIIIIQII I JANET E. , PATRICIA L. ROGER L. TSUTOMU MOORE MOORE MORGENSTERN MORIHIRO I I I WDP I IIIKII ADA N. MAXINE A. ELMER J. THOMAS H. MORRILL V MORRISON MORTENSON MUELLER I.......... CHARLES F AKIRA MURIEL T DOROTHY M NANCY ANN N NEWHALL RD F LYMAN F PHILIP R ANNE SHIRLEY ARNOLD MARGARET NUVEEN 1 . ,,,, , I JOAN OTIS A I v fffl WILLIAM G. PAXTON MARY I JOAN E GEORGE P I. ELIZABETH PEACOCK PEIRCE PERKINS PERRIN I HELEN K. PERSSON IA ANN CARL I HOLMAN D. ELLA E. BARBARA C. PETERSON PETERSON PETTIBONE PHELPS PHIPPS JOHN P. J. DOUGLAS PHIPPS PINKHAM EARLE POLING I WUUJ, JAMES J. JOHN T. A PORTER PORTER MIRIAM PORTES I JOAN POLLEN VIRGINIA DOLLY J. POPE PORTER II. CAROL A. PRASSE STANLEY J. DOROTHY I. NUGENT A. JAMES F. 1 PSENICKA RADKE , RAGLAND RAMSEY, JR. PEGGY ANN THOR RUTH FRED H. RANDALL ' RASMUSSEN REICH REIF THERESA C. SARA JANE PRENDERGAST PRICE QINILI RUF 1947 VIE' 1 HELEN REINHARDT ' THEODORE -ROBERT M. OMMYE P. REGINALD W. KENNETH J. RENNACKER RETZINGER RICE RICE RICH N3-Q I " lf,-'fx .. . , . 1 W L , 'I' N , 4. I 3 IQ. I I WILLIAM D. MODESTA R. ALBERT F. RUTH J. THOMAS C. RICHARD RICHARDSON RIGLER RINDSKOPF RINDSKOPF RIVA ROBERTS DAVID F. JAMES F. JOHN B. LUCILLE J. ' BARBARA ANN DANIEL W. ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON ROBERTSON A ROBINSON ROBSON I IQENI UH? UF IMI DAVID N. BETTY ANN THOMAS B. WILLIAM L. ROCKCASTLE ROEDDIGER ROOS ROSE H. RICHARD ALLAN M. MARY LOUISE H. DONALD ROSNAGLE I ROSS ROTH ROWE X . P I . , my ."nl"xIX I vl- OV! E uf. . . , JOANNE E. 3AI.BIERG DORGTI-:E fs. RLJSENSTEIN NANCY L. SCI-IAWE FREDERICK B. IvLf5.RI1' S. Vw'ILI.IfKIvI EIviIviI'fi'I ' x:L.:' J RUMIVILER RYAN R .ZRIXI GLORIA P. RUTH EI. T?fRIlI5AIQ,'-". C. SCHIEIB SCHIEIPIIZIELIU iiC'lI'IL.x. X I in JEROME J. ROSE MARY PI IYLLIS .TIE-iw' .X . SCI-IIwII'4'Z' SClIfII'.fIITZ SCI'-Ih!IEIlQJz2.1 392 ,. ,. . I I W , . I I ' .I 1 - ' I 1 V, 1' . ks' H. .I .d,OI5i2Iw1'1' ".'. S. ,IO.'-.IXIIXILE fff'I.I'2I'-fix! I Q.ClI'IIJLL'I'EI2Ii'. :'3C.flI ILIM.f'A,1I IEA JCI I'w",".m I f I N ... ,", 3 O I' lx 1 - I .-I , 1.IAIlI.If Illfk J. IIQI I xIxl.J VV. n.f1Il-.i1v II. If ..xQ.,.I, I SCIJLLY vm' V pw' x SIE,'IXSI'ICDIIE DI:x:I..Ifx .JmIiI:I.1 135 I af f JOANNE SELCK - ' 4, .. ' j,..h7, ,z , ., , - v- I' 1 W1 , , I 3 1' I .,I' .IW ERIC J. SHOWERS DONNA SMITH 1' wr u , I A SIIVIII YTIIF IMI PATRICIA A PATRICIA M PATRICIA J ALIDA W EDWARD A. SEPP SHAW SHEEHAN SHERMAN SHINE .LL f FLORENCE P., SHOWERS ' HELENE J. SMITH JAMES R. I DAVID W. 'I IRENE E. ' JAMES M. ASIBLEY SIECK SKODACEK u SKYRM 4 I MARION L. . SMITH STUART HELEN NANCY L. I SMITH SNELL SNIDER I ELIZABETH R. JOHN B. SALLY S. - BARBARA J SNYDER SNYDER 1 SOLLITT SOPER I JOHN S. BEVERLY K. JOAN E. WILMA P. SPAULDING A SPIELMANN I SPINK STAAK SHIRLIE I. WILLIAM L. THEODORE . RICHARD D. STANCOE STARKEL STEELE STEFFEY - WILLIAM. L. ROGER T. GEORGE A. I F. DES STEINHOFF I STEPHENS STONE STROEBEL MARTIN D. JOSEPH STEINBERG STEINFELDT Louis A. I SALLY srrzum sruu. 61 LEWIS G. EARL S. BETTY JAMES E. ROBERT B. AMY M. SULLIVAN SUTERS. JR. SUYKER SWANSON GWENDOLYN L. HARRY JOAN E. EDNA TEGTMEYER THOM THOMAS THOMPSON PATRICIA E ROLLIN S WARREN P JOHN R TAFT TANI MII i THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THORNTON Q MIRA LEE TOMEI MILDRED A. ROGER D. JAMES M. EDNA M. LOIS A. TROM UNDERHILL URICE VANDEVREDE VAN ZUYLEN RICHARD H. ELIZABETH R. MARGOT J. ALICE M. SARAH ANN DONALD B. VAUGHAN .WADE WALSER WANNER WARDEN WARNER s ' his x V xv ,NCI 'If' 0 In ' ' wf'eeSafI I Ii f nr , . In . .,. 1. BARBARA JANICE C. JEAN DONALD M. EDITH L. F. MASON WATKINS WEARE I mg. UQ III1' WEBER WECKLER WEIL WELDON l MARK B. CHARLES R. VIRGINIA K. VIRGINIA M. WELLS WELTER WENTWORTH WERNER ' 'I ,-w1r,35?,5e:'5: fi. DOLORES M. RICHARD JOAN H. CHARLES WESSEL WHITE WIDAU . WIEMERS v 'Sy I I ...I JOSEPHINE JAMES M. JOHN C. GEORGE W. WILDER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON JOYCE E. WILLIAMSON JOAN WILSON NANCY L. GERTRUDE M. LOUISE C. LESTER H. RICHARD L. RENEE D WILSON WINDES WITT WITTENBERG WOOD WOODRUFF BARBARA J. NANCY ANN DICKSON S. CHARLES P. GILBERT A WOODS WROE YERKES YOUNG YOUNG ZEMPKE STEPHEN C. PAUL- ' NANCY J. ' PAUL D. I ZIDEK ZIEGLER TURNER ROBERTSON EDGAR F. EDWARD J. GEORGE HEIZER KAHN I Q STEINMETZ Acfors' Guild .......... 72 Adminisfrafion Adminisfrafive Group .... . .. I2 Adviser Chairmen ..... . . . I3 Deparfmenl' Heads . . . . .. I3 Mr. Gaffney ....... .. . I2 School Board .... ..... I 2 Aeronaufics Club ... .... .I I0 Arl' Deparfmenl' .... . .. I9 Arf League ............ ..... I 06 Baseball lI946I ............ 47 Baseball lSummer Schooll .... 48 Baskefball lVarsifyI ......... . . . 84 Baskefball lFrosh-Soph and Freshmanl ........ . .......... 86 Boys' Physical Educafion Deparfmenf 2I Cafeferia ..................... 2l Career Club Board lBoys'I ........ I II Career Club Board lGirIs'l ........ I I I Cheerleaders ............. . . . 60 Chess Club .......... ..... I 09 Choir ................. . . . 74 Commerce Deparfmenl' . .. .. . I7 Concerl' Band ........ ..... 7 8 Concerf Commiffee .... ..... I 08 D. A. R. Award II946I .... ..... 4 2 Debafe Team ......... ..... I O2 Door Guards .,.. .. . 60 Dramafic Club ... ... 70 Board .....,.... . . . 70 Casfs ............... . . . 73 Senior Play lI946I ..... 43 Dramafic Deparfmenf . . . . . . I4 ECHOES Edifors . . . .. . 64 ECHOES Sfaffs .... . 65 English Deparfmenl' ... ... I4 Ensemble lBoys'I . . . . .. 74 Ensemble lGirls'l . .. . .. 74 Foofball lVarsiI'yl . . . . . . 80 Foofball IJ. V.I ................. 82 Foofball lFrosh-Sophl ........... 83 Foreign Language Deparfmenf .... I8 Forensic Board ................. I02 French Club ................... IO4 Freshman Class Adviser Rooms . .. .... I I5-I I7 Honor Group .... ....... I I4 Officers ..... ..... I I4 G. A. A. Class Managers .. . 96 Commilfees ....... . . . 96 Execufive Board .... . . . 95 Officials ........ . . . 97 Page Girls .... 98 Poinf Awards .. ... 97 Pool Guard . .. .... . I00 Represenfafives . . . . . 96 Index Sporfs Heads ...... .. ' Spring lI946I ........... Swimming Assisfamfs Teams .... ......... . .. Germa n Club .... Girls' Club Boa rd .... Commiffees ...... Represenfafives ........... Girls' Physical Educafio Glee Clubs Boys' ............ n Depf 96 .5I-52 ...IOO .98-IOO ...IO5 6I 62 62 . .... 2 I 76 Girls' Firsf .......... 77 Girls' Second lPd. 3I .... .... 7 7 Girls' Second lPd. 8l .... .... 7 7 Golf lI946l ........... .... 4 9 Gym Assisfanfs ................ 22 Home Economics Depa Healfh Deparfmenf ............. 20 rfmenf ..... 20 Honor Sociefy ................. I 26 IM Sporfs lBoys'l ......... IM Sporfs lSpring I946I ..... Indusfrial Arfs Deparlmenf ........ 20 Inforrnafion Desk .......... Inklings ................ Junior Class Adviser Rooms .... Honor Group ... Officers ........ Junior Music Club .... 93 50 59 68 I23-I25 ......I22 Kniffing Club Board .... Lagniappe Commiffees Lafin Club ........... Le Flambeau ........ Lens Club ........... Library Assisfanfs . .. Libra ry Depa rfmenf .... Library Monilors .... Lighf Crew ........... Lunch Hall Managers ..... Make-up Crews ....... Magic Club .......... ....I22 ....IO3 60 ....I05 ...,IO4 ....I07 23 20 59 7I 56 7I ....IO6 ....I09 Mafh Club ............. Mafhemafics Deparfmenl' . . . Model Railway Club ............. IO9 Music Deparfmenf .,............ I9 M usic I nfeg rafion Depa rfmenf. I5 2I Musicale ...................,.. IOS Nafional Forensic League.. Newcomers Club ...... "News" Edifors ,... "News" Sfaffs ... Office Sfaff ..... Opera ll946l . .. Opera Groups ....IO2 ....IO6 66 67 22 44 Boys' ...... Girls' Firsf ...... Girls' Second . .. Orchesfra ...... Props Crew .......... Public Address Corps .... Quill Club ......... Radio Club ..... Recifal Club ...... Recorder Group .... Rifle Club Schreiberei ....... Science Club ...... Science Deparfmenf .. Senior Class Advisers . . . Officers ........ Picfures ........... Senior Music Club ..... Service Club ....... .... Snapshofs ................... .. 75 .. 75 76 78 7I ....IO6 ....lO2 ....I07 ....IIO ....IO8 ....IIO ....IO5 ....IO7 I7 ....I27 ......l27 ....I28-I49 ......I03 23 26-39 Social Sfudies Deparfmenf ........ I6 Sophomore Class Adviser Rooms . . . Honor Group .... A Officers ........ Spanish Club Sporfs Club .... Sfage Crew . .. Sfamp Club ...... Sfudenf Council Board ....... Commiffees .... Represenfafives . . Sfudenf Office Sfaff . . . Sfudy Hall Supervisors Swimming lVarsiI'yI ...... Swimming lFrosh-Sophl .... Swimming Guard ....... Tennis ll946I ......... l ..... Theorefical Science Club .... T. N. T. Elecforal Board lI946I Track lI946I .............. Track lVarsi+yl ............. Track lFrosh-Sophl ......... Traffic Regulafion Commiffee Tri-ship Board ..... . .... . Commiffees ...... Represenfafives .... Tri-Ship Award lI946l .... Usher Corps ....... Verse Speaking Choir . . Visual Educafion .... Wresfling . . ....II9-I2I ......II8 ....II8 ....IO4 93 7I ....IO9 54 55 55 22 56 88 90 .. 87 49 .....IO9 42 46 92 92 59 57 58 58 42 58 72 23 9I AUTOGRAPHS M n 1 V w 1. y, E 4 hx: B1 5 , 1 I C 12. LSR 'E 1:2 4. Lb 1 r 8 'I w 5 4 'C , s Fd. , k A K it . 2 ,L ': 53: .5 1 Ji is A Q W 'ENUM PTIUiMaZVJllY'Hi'Hh'!-:H45V'k'9!HfMV1IB!1'L!?Y'1 5 Xidlhhl-WX ' 1- i9'i:-QRJQIKSRI ZU . . Ui Q , N VZQWA 1 A W NX XC' . u Q4 SHR'-5 0 KILRO WIYSN HERE lwefelis N0 EUSWQSS X N Y 1 . I 1 .. '-fvNVVVk-R fa 'fx nC'ffm'iFb AJ 0 ...Y S -zz., GAA. ..1Z.X 4 fi? -, . - - W r Q . . ,iw . . ' . V -x - ' ' ' W . I Y ' " "'1 7: ' .' Y Y ' X ' ' . - 1 'il ' vw K ., . . h ' . I :V , , .' ' W K , 1, 'yf' HN' 'lim ' '.g,J : ul:-Qffllqa., mfff - . X . 1 A' "1 3-, ' V - ' . ' ' 1' .ff ' LJR1, ,:if53,.:mfimff.r.51+'mam-.:mm.maA,M+L,5g2:ew,,Q,mam..w,Gx:f.41Lfkiual,v.Q44M4mQ..a.ualrb,x.uswh,qiQ..:,1k1.wL1484+L19:ML1fe:wfmfy1if fJf:,.11 44,.-, ,A-M A u . A . 1 WM

Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

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